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Ulysses S Grant High School - Shield Yearbook (Van Nuys, CA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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Ill'ljllliiili ; . , . V H .vr imwanxn,N.?uikkmiWKe.?.uas PI? ,. r , V , ,. 14 i Mu .V N ; ' V 3.... H - 0U! Ilyji ., 3,9042 1 "Fl $25 14ng UVM 'A ' 1 7 X! 11 ' 3U . 1 ' ha N S I EL D 0 ' 5 RR N R. "N x N bk 0 hx KT 1 - N K x v x k , R xx 0 x V N V x N 0 1 VJ . N .4: b x; 0 7. - 0 C?.X x XJ 00 m Nx-J N x x . Presented by the Annual Staff of Ulysses S. Grant High School 13000 Oxnard 51., Van Nuys, Calif. DEDICA TION As students of Grant High School, we are extremely fortunate to be given so many opportunities. Foremost among these is the opportunity to learn, but also of immeasurable sig- nificance is the opportunity to serve. As we strive for excellence in every facet of school life, we are proud of each student who has contributed to this excellence. And who are these students? Look around, there are many. Look for extra effort and de- votion, and for a vigorous exhibition of school spirit. These distinguish the students who serve and thereby bring honor to Grant High. To all of you who have served so well, our thanks-for it is to you that this '63 SHIELD is dedicated. The Shield staff should be complimented for dedicafing This fourth edition to our service organizations. The students and sponsors who make up these service groups perform much necessary work for the school. Often such contribu- tions go unnoticed. This annual serves as a public recognifion of these many conscienfious, school spirited individuals. Service to others is a noble activity. lfs rewards grow out of the process itself. Its satisfactions must come day by day for service is 0 never completed task. I wish to join the annual staff in thanking all those students who in so many ways have served our school. Sincerely, :12 H. O. Dyck Principal It is with pIeasure that I accept the invitation of the Shield staff to pay tribute to our service or- ganizations and their sponsors. Members of these groups have helped establish and maintain our high standards and our meaningful traditions. They have created for us an efficient, friendly atmos- phere. Every phase of our life at Grant depends in some way on their unselfish, quiet work. It is fitting that this fourth volume of the Shield be dedicated to them. In truth, the opportunity for school service is not restricted to the members of a few organizations. All of us know some of the joy of serving our school well if we are enthusiastic, onaI, honorable repre- sentatives of Grant at all times! Frances Donovan GirIs' Vice Principal The Shield presents for all to see, a pictoriaI review of what it means to be a student at Grant High SchooI. I am sure that you and I feel proud of this great schooI as we review these pages. I com- mend the staff. My congratulations and best wishes to the. graduates of I963. May their futures be successful! Maurice A. Ives Boys' Vice-PrincipaI FACULTY 8: STAFF MR. HARRY BERKOWITZ MR. MERRILL KONISH Head Counselor Registrar MR. MURRAY ALBOHER MR. CHARLES ALLEN MR. ROY ANDERSON MR. HAL ARTHUR MR. LOUIS BARAK English Math Social Studies Special Classes Social Studies MR. HARLAN BARBANELL MRS. VIRGINIA BARRAGAR MRS. FLORA BECK DR. VAGHARSH BEDOIAN MRS. MARY BENDER Driver Ed. Social Studies Guidance Science Girls' P.E. MR. JULES BURG MR. FADON CARDAMENIS MR. JOHN CERVANTES MISS MILDRED CLINE MR. FRANCIS COUSENS Business Language Language English English MR. ROBERT CRAlN MR. FREDERICK CULWICK MISS MARGARET DAVIES MR. HAROLD DENNER MISS DIXIE DENT Social Studies Math English Guidance Counselor MR. ARTHUR EADES MRS. HELEN FAIRBAIRN MR. JOSEPH FEINSTEIN MR. PAUL FELDMAN MRS. VIRGINIA FREEMAN Business Science English English Business MR4 CARL FRIEDMAN MRS. MARY GAGNE MRS. MARGERY GEILER MR. HARRY GINOZA MISS CAROLYN GLASIER Social Studies Language English An Girls' P.E. MRS. NANCY GOFFREDO MR. LEO GOODMAN MR. JOSEPH GORDON MRS. CAROL GORTON MRS. VCYNIH!A GREEN Ari Counselor Boys' D.E. Homemaking " Eng'lish E ; MRS. BLANCHE GREENBERG MR. BEN HALPERN MR. ROBERT HAMMOND MR. MOSS HAWKINS MISS MELVA HEINSOHN Language Industrial Ed. Business Malh Girls' P.E. MR. LAWRENCE HIBARGER MR. RICHARD HUBBARD MRS. DORIS JENKINS MR. EDWARD JESPERSON MR. ESTEL JOHNSON Industrial Ed. Boys' P.E. English Industrial Ed. Boys' P.E. MR. NORMAN JOHNSTON MRS. STELLA KATZ MR. SAM KATZMAN MR. RICHARD KAZIE MR. JOHN KLOMP Science Librarian Industrial Ed. Social Studies Science MISS ROXIE KRICORIAN MR. ROBERT LA FONTAINE MR. MICHAEL LARRABEE MR. LEONARD LEFITZ MR. JULIUS LEVINE Language Music Math English Language MR5. RUTH LEWIS MR. FIDEL LOA MISS JOAN MCCORMICK MR. WILLIAM MCKEE MR. WALTER MACINTOSH Ari Language English Boys' P.E. Math 1 MR. DONALD MADSON MRS. JEAN MARTIN MR. HAROLD MARZ MR. TOM MATULA MR. ERNEST MAYER Science English Science Boys' P.E. Language MR. MELVIN MENKIN MR. RAY MEYER MRS. ELIZABETH MILLIKEN MR. SOLOMON MODELL MR. JOHN MOORE Arl Math Business Social Studies Counselor MRS. IRENE NEMETH MR. MILTON NEMIROFF MISS JANET NUNN MR. HUGH O'LEARY MR. JOHN PALMER Language Boys' P.E. Girls' P.E. Driver Ed. Math MRS. SUZANNE PATRUSKY MISS PATSY PESTERFIELD MR. HAROLD PHELPS MR. MICHAEL POLITO MRS. ELSIE PRENN English Homemaking Language Social Studies Business MR. STANLEY PUGH MR. WILLIAM QUIRK MRS. MARIANNE REEVES MISS LYRIC ROBINSON MRS. BARBARA ROEMMICH Industrial Ed. Industrial Ed. Girls' P.E. Business Girls' P.E. MR. FRED ROSSOW MRS. KATHRYN SANDER MR. ROBERT SANDERS MR. EDWARD SAVLUK MR. JACK SINGER Science Homemaking Math Social Studies Industrial Ed. MISS BARBARA STEPHENS MR. GEORGE STUART MR. THOMAS SYDES MRS. OLA VORSTER MR5. MARION WALKER Social Studies Math English Language English MR. ALLEN WATSON Science MR. RALPH WARNER Math MR. STANFORD WELBOURN MR. JOHN WESTERVELT MR5. LEILANI WINDHAM MR. ROBERT WINSLOW Science Science Girls' P.E. Music MRS. RODNA WISHAM MR. GERT WOSSNER English English MR. JOHN ZOEGER Science Mr. Dyck s Secrefury Mrs. Lessor COUNSELOR'S OFFICE L-R: Mrs. Siegel, Mr. Friedman, Mr. Feldman, Miss Dent, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Moore, Mr. Goodman. ATTENDANCE OFFICE L-R: Mr. Anderson, Mr. Konish, Mr. Malula. Seated: Mrs. Guudio, Mrs. Conklin: MAIN OFFICE 12 Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Govenor SCHOOL NURSE Mrs. Lohr TEXTBOOK ROOM Bruce Tepper, Mrs. Jacobsohn, Bob Becker. Mrs. Sass LIBRARY Janet Gabriel, Mrs. Ludwig, Mrs. Kafz, Jon Ellsworth, Jerry Schoenburg. Financial Manager Mr. Anderson GARDENERS L-R: T. Sawyer, l. Kolinow, J. Forlizzi, W. Reynar. BUILDING ENGINEER Leonard Brownlie CAFETERIA STAFF L-R: J. Crawford, Caf. Mgr., M. Gardner, 5. Broder, H. Levine, M. Slrandness, M. Huin, D. McDowell, D. Lewis, R. Pearson, R. Radcliffe, D. Higby, V. Hughes, l. Sieger. CUSTODIANS BOTTOM ROW, L-R: W. Blukely, Sr. Custodian, L Gray, E. Greene, J. Cozzo, W. James, H. Howard, Supervising Custodian. TOP ROW: C. Brahum, T. Underwood, M. Lyles, M. Nelson, A. Bolthon, R. Smilh, W. Buchanan. SENIORS 15 We, the Class of W'63, have departed from Grant High, but we have left a profound impression. We have had a tremendous opportunity to inaugurate many of this school's traditions. Under our leadership 0 Senior Day and a Winter Grad Night Party were initiated. We, the Chalcideans, are proud to have been instrumental in Grant's growth. Many members of our graduating class are now continuing their educa- tion in a college or university. Many others are in the world of business. All Chalcideans, however, have one aim in common: Vision to See Faith to Believe Courage to Do. Vic Antola Cholcidean Class President 16 OFFICERS-W'63 L-R: Vic Anlolu, President; Doug Cooper, Vite President; Clare Karlslud, Secretary; Caro Weiss, Historian; Marly Kucher, Treasurer. OFFICERS S'62 KNEELING, L-R: Marty Kucher, Treasurer; Marilyn King, His toriun. STANDING: Gail Klynn, Secretary; Brian Pelrunich, President; Vic Antola, Vice President; Mr. Lefilz, Sponsor. A-12 STEERING COMMITTEE 3-12 STEERING COMMITTEE A L. BILL ABBOTT GEORGE ACE JIM ACKLEY BRUCE ALBERT! CHER! ALBRIGHT 3-12 Sfr. Comm., Track, Rec. Day, Band. ROBERT ALLMANN CHERYL ANGEL VICTOR ANTOLA JACK ARNOLD PENNY BADLER Songleader, A41 5". A - 12 Pres., B - 12 V.P., Physics Club, Debate. Comm, GivI-of-ihe-Month. Seal Bearer, Goff. SALLIE BAILEY BETSY BAKER ARLEEN BALL REBECCA BALL NANCY BARTON Prom Comm. Chorus Rec. Day, Grad. Comm., Urgirls, G.L. Board. BONNIE BELL MICHAEL BERRY GERALD BLAKE ANDREA BRONSON SANDRA BRONSTEN l. R. Club Orch., Chess Club, A42 Drill Team Drill Tm., Ltrgirls, GAA, Sr. SIr. Comm. Elect. Comm. HARRIS BROTMAN CAROL BROWN PATRICIA BURR STEVE CADENA RICKY CHAIKEN Debate, Spanish Club. Drama. SQ. Body Treus., Pres. Span. Club, Orch. GLORIA CHARIG CATHERINE CHELSON ALAN COLEMAN LEONARD COOK DOUG COOPER Choir, Girls' Glee. Louie the Lancer, Ushers, A-12 V.P., Knights, Var. JV Bsklball. Flball, Var. Swim. L. DIANE CRUM GAIL CURTIS RICK CURTIS ROXANA BEARING JEANNETTE DENNY Ladies, CSF, Girls' League Orchestra GAA, House of Rep. Graduation Comm. Board KAREN DERMER JAY DIAMOND CAROLE DOBRY CAROL DOWNIE VICTORIA DOYLE Gruduuiion Comm., Break- Drill Team, GAA, Choir, CSF, Choir, Arf Scholarship fast Comm. A-'l2 Sir. Comm. SUSAN DUCKAT LORI DUNLAP MELODY EATON LARRY EISEBRAUN JANICE ELLSWORTH CSF, A- 12 Sir. Comm., Drill Team, Girls' Glee. Girls' Glee, Library Service. Chair. Gifl Comm. MARILYN EVANGELISTA BILL FARMER COLLEEN FERGUSON BILL FORBRIGER WALLY FOSTER CSF Drill Team, Girls' League JV Basketball Rep., A-12 Sir. Comm. MARDI FOX MICHAEL FRIEDMAN KATHY FROEHLICH MARTY GABLER JANET GABRIEL Var. Fiball., Track, Baseball Sir. Comm, CSF L LARRY GAGOSIAN VICKI GARDNER PATRICIA GARRETT MINNETTE GERSH MICHAEL GOLDBERG Var. Swim., Treas. Latin GAA, Grad. Comm., Sr. Comm. Brd., House of Rep., Forensic Club, FTA, Ligirls, A-12 Sir. Comm. Club Day G.L. Council Rep. GAA A LARRY GOLDEN HELAINE GOLDMAN SHEILA GORDON NANCY GOULD GARY GRATE A-12 Sir. Comm., Ftball., Attendance Office Recognition Day House of Rep., Drill Tm., Var. Ftball. Cap., Pres. Track, House of Rep. GAA Sir. Comm. Llrmen., Var. Baseball JON GRAYSON LESLIE GREEN MARTHA GREENWALD ART GRUBEL ROBERT EVAN HAAZ Drill Tm., GAA, Pep Club Drill Team, GAA Parliamenlariun, Track, De- A-l2 Sir. Comm., Band bate. Rec Dav DIANE HARRIS DARLENE HERSH FRANK HOFFMAN JOLLY HOFFMAN JOAN HOLDEN GAA, A-12 Slr. Comm., Rec. Day, Art Production Dances 8: Spls. Night Bd. .4 DAVE HOLDRIDGE JO HOLLANDER CHARLES L. HOLZBAND JOHN HONEA CAROL HORNBECKER Drill Te a m, Graduation Rec. Day, Medical Club B Football, Band, Orchestra ngirl Sec., D ri ll Team, Comm. House of Rep., Ann. Stf. JANE HUBBARD ELAINE ILSLEY PATTY IVORY JEFF KAHAN CLAIRE KARLSTAD Choir, Girls' Glee Boys' Glee, Choir A-12 Sen, CSF Treas., Seal- bearer, Ladies LORRAINE KAYE ALLAN KELSEY MIKE KESNER JOE KIDWILER MARILYN KING 3-12 Sir. Comm, House of Track, B Football Ladies 3- 'I2 Hist, Slr. Rep. Comm., Drill Team : .. L GREGORY KIRSANOFF RICHARD KLEIN SANDRA KLEINMAN GAIL KLYNN STEVE KRASIK Letterman's Club, Flbull., Odyssey Sift, GAA, CSF, B-'l2 Sec., Ladies, Seul- Track Folk Song Club bearer, Sec. House of Rep. ROSALIND KREVITZ MARTIN KUCHER SHIRLEY KURZ EUGENE lABOWlTZ KEN lADON 8-12 8: A-12 Treasurer Choir, Drill Tm., House of Tennis, Chess Club, Wresl. Rep., Folk Song Club Club, Play Prod. TOM LAMONT NEIL LANDAU PAT LASHER RICHARD LASHEVER MICHAEL LAUFE Football, Track Band, CSF, Physics Club Band, House of Rep. XL , ' ' I JUDI LEEDS MARSHA LEVINE ALAN lITROWNIK KATHY LUDWIG DOROTHY McANDREW Sir. Comm., G.L. Rep., Var. Basketball, Knighis, Pres. 8: Trees. CSF, V.P., House of Rep., Rec. Day Boys' Cab., Cheerldr. Ladies, Drill Tm,, Orch. A- MIKE MCCORMICK JOEL MAlIK FRED MANDELL CANDY MATLOW SANDY S. MAYER Rec. Day, Sir. Comm, House Band, 3-12 Str. Comm. of Rep. A MARINA MEYEN CAROL MEZO KEITH MILLER BRUCE CARLIN MIROVICH MARK MITOCK German Club 3-12 at A-12 Sir. Comm. Shield 8: Odyssey Phoiog- CSF, Boys' Glee, St. Serv., rapher, Coun. Off. A-'l2 Gift Comm. JEFF MOONITZ RICHARD MORGAN LARRY MORSE DENNIS MOWER MIKE NATHAN CSF, House of Rep., Rec. Mudrigals C h o i r, Boys' Managers Club, Ltrmen. Day, Grad. Comm. Glee, Std. Store ,M RAACHEL NATHAN CLAIRE NATHANSON CAROL NEDELMAN PHIL NEUSCHOTZ TERRY NIELSON Seulbeurer, Ladies, CSF, House of Rep., Girls' Spanish Club, Dances 8r Scholarship, Chouinurd Ari G.L. Exec. Brd. League Sports Night Comm. School NANCY NOTTBUSCH TERRY OLSEN JOHN OTEY MARIE PAJARINEN BRIAN PETRUNICH Girls' league Rep., Grad. Student Store, Physics Club, Track, Cross Country Sr. B Pres., Var. FIbalI., Comm. Chess Club llrmun, Knights Pres. BARBARA PHAFF DON PHILLIPS DAVID PIERCE SUSAN PIERCE AL PLOTKINS Choir, Span. Club, Folk Cafeteria Senior Day, Comm. Brd. B Football., JV Baseball, Song Club Urman. Club m ,Al JOSEPH PODALL DENNIS POHLMAN JOHN PORTER CANDY POTVIN MARCIA RANDAZZO Band, Boys' Activity, Comm. Track, Health Office CSF Choir, P I a y Prod., Sn. Brd. Comm. w w LAURA REMSON RICHARD RHOADS DEBBY RING MARILYN ROSE MARSHA ROSE Ladies Sec. Treas., Odyssey, Football CSF, Senior Day Drill Team G.L. Rep., Sr. Day, Club Sealbearer Comm. Brd. STEVE RUBIN KATHI RUDSER WAYNE RUWET Drill Team, GAA Stud. Store, Science Fair, Physics Club CAROL SAILORS MARK SANDERS JEFFREY SAX Comm. Noon Act, Dances Truck Band 8: Sports Nites, House of Rep. J , L A MARCIA SHERMAN ROBERT SELTZER STEVE SHOLL House of Rep., I.R. Club, Folk Song Club GALE SAHL Play Production LYNN SADJA Rec. Day, Sr. Day, GAA, Assemblies Comm. STEVEN SCHEINGART MICHAEL SEGAL Student Store PAUL SIEGEL BOB SIGARS SI. Body Pres. 8. V.P. Var. Tennis Team Ftball, Knights A BONNIE SILVERMAN STEVE SILVERMAN CHARLES SINGER Drill Tm., GAA Exec. Brd., Art Work in SI. Showcase CSF Quiz Tm., DebuIe Trn. LIrgirl, House of Rep. Nat. Merit Finals g. BETTY SOGOLOW Debate, Odyssey Staff DAVID SMITH Senior Sir. Comm., House of Rep. A JOHN SOLOMON Hd. Chrldr., Knights, All- Cify Swim, A-H Class Chrm. 24 JERRY SOLOMON Literature Club GREG SORRELL LEO SPAN PATRICK SPIVEY Cafeteria B 8 Var. Ftbull, Knights. Ushers MIKE STERN SUZANNE STOCKTON JIM SUERKEN JEAN TAMBORELLO LINDA TANENBAUM LR. 8 Wresf. Club Pres., 15? Place ASTME Drafting Orch., Pep Club, Folksong Folksong Club 8. Russ. Club Contest Club, G. Glee MICHAEL TARTAGLIA STAN TAUBMAN BRUCE TEPPER DENNIS TUCH BEN URAM CSF, Treas. Comm. Board Band Shield Co- Ed., CSF, Str. Comm, House of Rep. A JUDITH URAM JULIE URBAN JIM VADJA WILLIAM WADSWORTH NORA JEAN WALD CSF, 3-12 Str. Comm., Var. Flbull, Jr. Var. Tennis Track, Cross-Country, J.V. Ladies, Drill Team AIl-Vulley FLORENCE WEIGHT JUNE WEINSTOCK CARA WEISS ELAINE WEISS MARILYN WIATT Ladies Pres., CSF, Seal- Play Production, A-'l2 Class G.L., Prom Comm, Grad. bearer, Choir Historian Comm, Ann. Slf. WALDON WILLIAMS MIKE WINNEGUTH GLENN WINTERS BARBARA WOSKOW MARLA WURMSER All City Gymnastic finals CSF, Sir. Comm, Physics Club, Band HELEN ZAUSS CHERYL ZEH CARL ZITKOVITCH LINDA POPOFF 3-12 Str. Comm., Chalci- CSF, Cafeteria JV Baseball, Band, Var. dean Song Flball. GRADUA TION! SENIOR BANQUET The Ephebians are the outstanding students of the senior class. They are voted on by the Faculty and the Chalcideun class, and presented at the Senior banquet. Paul Siegel received a special honor as recipient of the Kiwanis Trophy. Mr. Goodman preparing to present the Ephebituns of the Chalcidean class. EPHEBIANS L-R Victor Antola, Gail Klynn, Claire Kurlstad, June Weinstock, Laura Remson, Paul Seigel. Mr. Richard Hotop presenting the Kiwanis Trophy to Paul Seigel. First showing of the Chalcidean sweater. Senior combo at the Crescendo. RECOGNITION Cruisin' Bob's. 28 Seniors 90 heat. Our Leader. Recogniiion Day program for the new Chulcideuns. DAY Mine fits, does your's? Receiving our new Chulcidean sweuiers. . The Lincoln: perform at Grant. SENIOR Where Ihe balloon goes nobody knows. Seniors display their skill at volleyball. Here we go loop-de-Ioop. The HSenior Crawlers." Our new Drill Team featuring our Senior boys. 31 The first half of the twentieth century has brought forth tremendous advances in technological fields. Unfortunately, there is c: tendency today to regard the future with complacency, and to rest on past achievements. But, there are still great discoveries to be made-oll the work has not been done for us. We, the Elitian class of Summer 1963, are aware of the promise of the second half of the twentieth century. We realize that we cannot sit back and claim that all has been done, for we are dedicated to progress. We intend "to give the future a little more than the post has given us." Ray Appleboum 32 A-12 OFFICERS S '63 Craig Smith, Pres.; Toby Cowan, Vice-Pres.; Jeanne Dumbauld, Sec'y; Kulhy Roe, Treas.; Nancy Conle, Historian. 3-12 OFFICERS-W '63 Ray Applebaum, Pres.; Louise Ames, Hist; Kathy Roe, Sec.; Rhea Wilson, Treas.; Linda Worobow, Vice Pres. A-12 Steering Committee 8-12 Steering Comminee Ag RICHARD ABLON JOEL ABRAHAMS AL ACKERMAN BOBBIE ADAMS RICHARD ADLER Medical Club. GAA, Senior Day, CSF. Knights, Var. Gym., CSF, Comm. 8rd. MICHELE ALBANO HAROLD ALLEN PAT ALLEN STEVE ALLEN STEVE Al-I-ESHOUSE 3-12 Slr. Comm, All. Off. DON ALLISON LOUISE AMES PATRICIA AMES RICK AMEZOLA RAYMOND APPLEBAUM 3-12 Hist, CSF, House of Var. Baseball, J.V. 8- 3 8-12 Pres., Knights, CSF, Repq G. l- Rep. Basketball. Forensics, A-'l'l Sh. Comm. GAIL ARNOW WENDY AVERRILL MARY BAILEY GARY BAIM JIM BAIRD Senior Day, A -'l'l Slr. Girls' Glee GAA CSF, Pres.-Forensi:s, Span- Commh Fnll: cm... nus. ish Club. JUDY BALL JACK BALLOUGH DENNIS BANCHOFF LINDA BANDY HAROLD BARAN Sec. - Forensics, House of Var. Swim Team. Pep Club. Rep., Comm. Brd. 34 JAN BARD MARTHA BARDWELL TERRY BARKER BARRY BARNHOLTZ RICHARD BARONI Drill Team, House of Rep. A-H Sfr. Comm, GAA, I. JV Basketball, JV Baseball. Literature Club. R. Club, Folk Song Club. JANE BARRO ROBERT BATTERSBY BOB BAUER ROBERT BEARD PAULINE BEECROFT Folk Song Club, GAA. HOUSE Of RePu Var. F'bGHA P.E. Office, Boys' Glee. CSF, GAA. 8- Truck. GARY BENVENUTO GAR BERKE ELLEN BERLIN BARBARA BERMAN SANDY BETSALEL Spanish Award. CSF, GAA. Play Prod., 3-12, Sir. Drill Team, GAA. Comm., GAA-ngirl. h 41. WILLIAM BIGELSON RUSS BILLINGS REX BLAKE JERRY BLATT JEFFERY BLEAMAN Var. mean, Tennis, Span- Activities Chairman of Ra- Comm. Boys' Activities, Goll ish Club. dio Club. Team. A BARBARA BLOOM STEWART BLUMSACK LARRY BOHANAN sue BOKAL DON aouscuwmsn CSF, Club Comm. Board. Knights, Track 8- Cross Knights, Forensics, Sir. Club Comm. Board. Country, letterman Club. Comm, Physics Club. DIANE BORAD ANDY BORAH JOSEPH BOSCO LINDA BOWER ROBERT BOWER Drill Team, Girls' Glee, Comm. School Sen, Rec. WresIling Club. Girls' Glee, Chorus, Sir. Pep Club, Printer. Senior Day. Day, Drill Tm., Odyssey. Comm, Sf. Store. FRANK BOWLES JOSEPH BOXERMAN LEANNE BRAND ALLEN BRICKMAN BRIAN BRICKMAN Var. Football. CSF, Runner-up NMSQT Girls' Glee, Girls Week Adivily. ALAN BRIMFIELD TED BRINK BRENDA BRITTON MICHAEL BROMBERG TOM BROWN CSF. Gymnastics, B - 12 Str. Comm. KATHLEEN BROWNE CHRISTY BRUCE PHILIP BRUDER LANA BRYAR DIANE BUHRER G.L. Ex. Brd., GAA, Drill Drill Tm., Latin Club Pres. B, JV 8. Var. Basketball, ChOPUSI 3'12 Sir. Comm. Tm., Comm. Brd. 8- Sec., Comm. 8rd. Baseball. BOBBIE BULKLEY MARILYN BURAK CAROL BURGHARDT BEVERLY BURKE JIMMY BUSNACH Choir, Madriguls. Drill Team, Library. Latin Club, CSF. BOB CADIGAN TERRY CALDWELL SANDIE CANTRELL BEVERLY CAPOBIANCO ANN CARLTON Sound Crew, Stage Crew, 8. Football. G. L, Ligirls, GAA, G. L. Girls' League Rep., House Comm. of Clubs, GAA, G. Proieclionist. Rep. of Rep. L. Rep., Orch. PAT CASEY LAURIE CAZDEN STEPHEN CHANIN PAT CHARLTON CAROLYN CHERNOS Drill Tm., Sr. Day, G. L. Rep. STEPHEN cnssm BONNIE CLARK DON CLARK KAREN CLARY SUSAN CLAY Stud. Service, Coin Club. Madriguls, Choir, House of Rum, G. L. iik MICHAEL CLEAVER BOB COHEN SUSAN COHEN ADELE COHl BARBARA COLLIER Ann. Staff, Stud. Store, CSF, G. L. Rep. Pep Club. Printing Slf. .4; STEVE COLLINS SHIRLEY CONNOLLY DAVID COOPER LARRY COOPER Capt. Var. Football. G. L. Rep., Odyssey, Creat- Tennis Team. ive Writing Club. Xj$ A - L Mu NANCY COTTLE TOBY COWAN CHASE CRAIG EILEEN CRANE GAA, Drill Tm., G. L. Rep., Chrldr., Rec. Day, Vice-Chr. Band, Ofchq CSF, Dance Orchestra, Girls' Glee. Girls' Glee. House of Rep. Band. BILL CRITCHFIELD TERESA CRYSTAL CAROLYN CUMMING ARLENE CUPO SALLY CURTIS Track, Basketball. CSF. French Club, Luiin Songleader, GAA Officer. Club, Math Club. KATHLEEN DALY IRA DAUBERMAN BARBARA DAVIS CATHY DAVIS HEATHER DAVIS Girls' Glee. Cross COUMPY, letterman. Chorus. Drill Tm., lfgirls., GAA Exec. Bid. aoasnr DEAHN DEBORAH DEAN DON DEGROOTE BARRlE DEIGHT ARDITH DENOFF Ladies, CSF. Ligirls. Varsity Football, Choir, A-H, 8-12 Sir. c5;- Comm. stvm- X, pa CURT DENOVE DARREL DEPUE RICHARD DEUEL SANDI DEWAAL Choir. Gymnastics. Var. Bsktball., Knights, A- 11, 8-12 Slr. Comm. PETER DEYELI. EDWARD DIAMOND IRENE DI CONTI ROSLYN DIENER JIM DILBECK Var. Cross Country, Llrman., Pep Club. Ushers. FRAN DONNER BILL DORAN CONNIE DOUGLAS SHERIE DRAIMIN KEITH DROSIN House of Rep., Band, LIgirls. Madrigals, Choir, Sports 8 8. C Track. Corr. 4. KA ' ; u :- LORNE DUBINSKY ALEX DUCCINI ROCHELLE DUCKER JEANNE DUMBAULD MARC EASTMAN A-l'l 8. 3-12 Sir. Comm. JV Bskfbull., Var. Track. Head Songleader, GAA, Chess Club, Radio Club, Sec. 8. Trans. Ligirls. Sports Inf. Club. A JIM EDMUND KATHLEEN EGGERS MIKE EISENBERG JOHN ELLIOTT MARGIE ELLIOTT Cross Country, Track. Play Production, Drama. -- X JO ANN ELY FERN ENDMAN MARTHA ENGBARTH LEE EPSTEIN SANDRA EVANS Ladies, L19irls., Drill Tm., Drill Team. FTA. Ab PAUL EVENSON SANDE FAGNANO FRED FARMER TINA FEDERICO JERRY FEE Band. Drill Team, Choir. Track, Cupl. JV Cross GAA. Sf. Body VP, CSF, Hd. Chrldr., Lfrmun. CAROL FEINFIELD JEFF FERGUSON GIL FERMAN DAVE FICHTENBERG DIANE FIELD School Service, Choir, Span. Choir. Play Production. Band, Orch., GAA, Span. Award. Club. Kitchen SN. MARK FIELDS BRUCE FIGOTEN EILENE FINK TERRY FISCHER PAT FISHER Forensics Club, Senior Day. Drill Team, Pep Club, GAA Choir. Slr. Comm., Choir, Girls' Off. Manager. League. MARTIN FLAM MIKE FLYNN LINDA FOSTER STUART FRANKLIN Band, LR. Club. Knighls, Var. Track and Choir, GAA, Girls' Glee. Spanish Club. Flball, Urman. JUDY FREDERICK SHARON FRIED KAREN FRIEDMAN ROBERT FRIEDMAN TOM FRISINA CSF, Drill Team. 40 JUDY FRISK MIKE GALLAGHER I JAY M. GARNER LOUISE l. GATES MIKE GEIGER Drill Team, GAA, Spanish Club. JEROME S. GELLIS CAROL GEMMA BRUCE ALLAN GIETZEN JUDY GISH HOWARD GLAZER Ushers Club. RICHARD G. GLYNN RUTHANNE GLYNN GORDON GODFRED MARY GOLD SUSAN GOLD Band. Leilergirls, GAA, Spanish Var. Flbull. 8. Track Lener- Choir, Girls' Glee Pres. Club. Pep Club. man. Girls' Glee. 5 L EVELYN GOLDSTEIN HELEN GOLDSTEIN JOANNE GOLUB Odyssey, Comm. Brd., Folk FTA, Forensic Club. GAA Bowling. Song, 3 LR. Club. KITTY M. GOOD EDWARD N. GOODFIELD BARBARA GOODMAN PENNY ELLEN GOODMAN JIM B. GORDON Ltgirl. Pres., Drill Team, B- Var. Swim. Team, Bond, Girls' League. Play Prod., Choir, G. L. Band Drum Maior, House of 12 Sir. Comm, GAA. Dance Band, Hrman. House of Rep. Rep., Orch., Concert Band. ,R MARION GORDON MARSHALL GORDON SALLY GORDON JAMES GOTTESMAN ROBERT GOULD CSF, Drill Team. ClB Track, Ltrman., 8-12 Madrigals, Choir, Girls' Basketball, CSF. Str. Comm. Glee, Sr. Day. BOB GRAEME HARVEY GRANT ILEANA GRASSI BARTON GRAT'I' lYNNE GRAYSEN Choir. Band, ngirls., Spanish Club. Swim Team. Comm. Assem. 8- Noon Act, Drill Tm. L25. RUSS GREEN WARREN GREEN JOEL GREENBERG MAXINE GREENBERG MYRON GREENBERG Football, Letterman. Dance Band. HbGII-I detk. Library 58"- L SYLVIA GRIMES CARL GROCH JEFF GROSSMAN BONITA GRUBER IRIS GRUBERG Usher, Swim Team. Play Prod., G. L. Rep., French Club. ROGER GRUEN RONALD GUY BERNARD HAFTER PHYLLIS HALEY MIKE HALPERN German CIUb: SChOOI Pho- 3'12 Steering Comm. Ari Produdion. Knights, Forensics, Comm. Iographer, Ann. Slf. Halls S Grounds. FRED HANKE CLAUDIA HANSEN DOUGLAS HANSON LINDA HARRIS MARILYN HARRIS B Football, Track, Band. Var. 8. B Swim., JV Bas- House of Rep., G. L., A". Drill Team, Girls' Glee. ketball, Sr. Day. Off., Comm. Brd. CAROLYN HARTLEY PAUL HASSELBACH EILEEN HAUGEN MARILYN HAUSNER DENNIS HAUZE Drill Team, Comm. Brd., Var. Baseball. Senior Day, GAA. GAA Tennis. 32L KATE HAY CAROLE HEIDEN PAULETTE HEIMEL ANDREA HELLER RON HENTELEFF Comm. Board, House of Var. Swimming Llrman., Rep. Track. SHARON HERSH DON HERSHFELD LINDA HERTWIG SUSAN HESS JOHN HEYDEN Student Service, Pep Club. Senior Day. Band. DIANE HILLMAN RICHARD HULBERT TONI HOLIDAY RICHARD HORNSTEIN PATTI HOUSE Madrgl., Choir, Girl of the Rec. Day, Sr. Day, GAA, G. A-H Str. Comm, Pep. Monlh. l.. Rep. Club, House of Rep. AL. A Aw; DOREEN HOWARD KEITH HOWELL LARRY HURWITZ THOMAS HYATT WENDY ION House of Rep., Span. Club, Ladies, Drill Team, G. L, A". Off. House of Rep., CSF. MARILYN ISACSON JACQUELINE JACKSON JANA JANCZAREK MARGARET JANOWITZ DAN JENKINS GAA, Spun. Club. Choir, Girls' Glee, Pep Sfr. Comm, Drill Tm., House French Club. Club. of Rep., Madrigals. JUDITH JENS JUDI JOHNSON MICHAEL JOHNSON ROBERTA JOHNSON TRUDY JOHNSON G. L. Rep., Sr. Day, French 8-12 Sir. Comm, Speech 6AA. Club. Awards. TYLER JOHNSON JUDY JONES CRAIG JORGENSEN MARK JUREY RIITTA KAARTINEN Chess Club, Band, Track, Band, Orch. Drill Team. Ftboll. PAM KAFTON ROBERT KAHAN CLARE KARNBACH WILLIAM KARP ALAN KARPEL Orch., GAA, Student Ser. Trutk, Math. Club, Folk Choir, Madrigals, GAA, NMSOT Runner-up. Choir Accompanisl, Mad- Song Club. ngirls, Drill Tm, drigals. A. JERRY KARPEL STUART KARPEL CHERYL KASSAN NORMAN KATUNA MICHAEL KATZ Usher, Malh Club, LR. Club. Medical Club. Math Club, Band, Usher. PAUL KATZ STEVE KATZ TERESA KAUFMAN DIANE KELLER JOHN KELLEY Printing Staff, Choir, Stud. Pep Club. B F!ball., CSF, Tickel Takers. Store. KRISTEN KENNARD KIT KETURI BEVERLY KEYS CHRISTINE KING CHERYL KINGSTON GAA. Forensics. Senior Day, Rec. Day. Stud. Coun., Drill Tm., Odyssey, Rec. Day. w . JAYMIE KINSLER LESLIE KITE CONNIE KLEIN ROBERT KLEIN STEPHEN KLEIN A-H Slr. Comm, Choir. Latin Club, G. L. Rep., Ticket Taker, JV Basketball. House of Rep. - ; A a WAYNE KLUGMAN PHILIP KNOX PAMELA KORBIN RICKEY KOEHLER RON KOLLER Var. Bsktball., Truck, VP, Var. Ftball., Baseball,Slr. Girls' Glee, G.I.. Rep" Knights, Rec. Day. Comm, House of Rep. House of Rep. SUE KORBER PAULETTE KOSBERG HARVEY KOSTICH ABBY KRASNICK LLOYD KRAVITZ Girls' Glee. Odyssey, CSF, Choir, Drill Proieclion Crew. Tm. L I AL KENNETH KRICH CHRIS KUNZE MARTY KURLAND BEVERLY KURTZ JEANNE lAFOND Capt. Quiz Tm., Debate, Knights, Ltrman., Orch. Usher, Math Club. G. I.., Girls' Gle, Choir, Chorus, Senior Day. Orch. Forensics, GAA. LINDA SUE LASDON NANCY LEBOWITZ LINDA LEICHMAN RONNA lEO ROBERTA lERMAN Choir, GAA, Girls' Glee, Senior Day. Band, Drill Tm., CSF, LR. Club. A z, - NORA LESSER HAIiRIET LEVA TOBY LEVENSON lAUREN E. LEVENTHAL RONNA LEVIN CSF, Ladies, Quix Team, Ladies, CSF, Drill Tm., 3-12 off, Manager GAA, Span. 8n Pep Club, F Orch. . Sir. Comm. ngirls., 5.R. Day. BRUCE LEVITTA IRWIN LEVY GREGORY LEWIS PATRICIA lEWlS PHILIP lIBERSON Band, Stage Crew, Sound Ladies, Choir, GAA, Ltgirls. Crew. 7W M TONI lIEBER JANE LIMONICK RICH LIPNER DON LITTLEFIELD JOAN LIVINGSTONE Forensics, FTA, Comm. 8rd,, Songleader, Girls' League. Var. Basketball, Urmun., Var. Track, Bsktball., Ltrman., Drill Team, GAA. French Cluh Forensics. Choir. A NANCY LOCHRIDGE THOMAS LOCKE SUSAN LOCKHART GAA, Pep Club. CSF, Radio Club, Physics Senior Day, Rec. Day. GAA. Club, Chess Club. ROGER LOVEGREN DONNA LUBOVISKI BETH LYON BRUCE MacLEOD WILLIAM McGLANAHAN Var. Baseball, JV Baseball. VP Wrestling Club. ELLEN McDERMOTT JOY McGARRAHAN BARBARA McKENNON SUZANNE McKENZIE RUSSELL McLEAN House of Rep., Girls' Senior Day,Choir. Girls' Glee, Choir, Mod. Finance Off., A". Off., League. Dance, 3-12 Sir. Comm. Comm. Brd., Pep Club. A JON MACK PAMELA MAHE GARRY MALONE LAURA MANKOFSKY Odyssey, Forensics, CSF, 47 Choir. MARSHA MARIOTT DARYL MARTIN MARTI MARTINI MARK BERKELEY MAYER STUART A. MEDAL GAA, G.L Rep., House of Rep. MARTY MERCY ED MERRIN ED MEYER PAULA MEYER JOYCE A. MEYERS Ushers Club. GAA, G. l.. Art Board. PENNY MICHLIN ANDREA MILLER LINDA MILLER JOYCE MINTER GAIL MITCHELL House of Rep., GAA, Lener- CSF, Drill Team, Comm. Brd. Pep Club. Drill Team, Girls' Glee. girls. X L, ls SHARON LEE MOELI. DENNIS MOLUS JAMES E. MONTGOMERY SUSAN MORSE GAIL MOSELEY Track, Ticket Takers. JEFFREY P. MUNROE THOMAS MURPHY JAN MURRAY JOAN MUSICANT LOUIS NAVAL 8-12 Slr. Comm, School Senior Day, GAA. B Chrldr., Odyssey, Pep Ser., Folk Song Club. 48 Club, Lalin Club. JUD NEALON LISA NEEDLEMAN DICK NEILSON GREG NELSON LEON NEUMANN Girls' Glee, Senior Day. X DON NEWBAUER ROBERT NEWMAN MIKE NEWMARK KAREN NIELSEN MIKE NOWLIN B Foolball. Mod. Dance, Play Prod., Drama Festival. AA V. I . NM ROBERT LEE OATEY ROSEMARIE ODA SALLY OGDEN MARY OHDE BRIAN OLIVER Var. Football, House of DriIle., GAA Brd.,Ltgirls., House of Rep., Pep Club, Track, Math Club, Chess Rep. l. R. 8. Latin Club. Cup. 8. Gown Comm. Club, Usher. RICHARD ORDWAY KATHERINE ORLOFF SYMME OSTROFF WILBERT OTSTOT RICHARD OZAR Drill Tm. Capt, Ladies, B Basketball. Parl., Comm. School Ser. ;L.L. L3... LARRY PACHECO MARK PAlLY CHUCK PARKISON DONALD PARMANN RITA PASCH Gymnastics, Ltrman. 5 Football. JANET PATTERSON DAWNE PERDUE JON D. PEVNA MICHAEL PILE MARILYN PIPPIN G. L. Pres., CSF, Drill Tm., Sfr. Comm., House of Rep. Band, Orch. CSF, House of G. L. Rep., Drill Tm., Rec. 8 Sir. Comm. Chrm. Rep., French Club. Sr. Day. d... DAN PISTER SUSAN PLOTKIN MARK POLON RICHARD POPPERS ALAN PORTER Cross Counfrry, Track. House of Rep., Rec. Day. Forensics. Var. Swim Team. Pres. Math Club, A-H Sir. Comm, CSF. DON POST SUE PRESS DIANE PRICE PETE PRICE HARRY PRITIKIN Track, Foolball. Orchestra. SHELLEY PRONK ED PROVENCAL JUDY QUACKENBUSH RESA QUART PATRICIA QUIGLEY 5?. Body Hist, Sr. Day, Rec. Gymnastics. Rec. Day. 6. l. Exec. Brd., House of Day, Annual Staff. Rep. GAYLA RABIN KEITH RAPAPORT CAROL REAMES STEVE REEVES Drill Team, House of Rep., GAA, Pep Club, Chorus. C Player of the Year, Var. Hist, Rec. Day, Ann. Stf. 50 Basketball, Letterman. DEAN REICHLE CAROLE REINHART RITA REINHOLD JEFFREY RESNIK PAMELA REXROAD Sir. Comm., Usher. AM .A LARRY RICE FRED RISHE HAROLD RISHE MARSHA ROBBINS CHRISTOPHER ROBINSON Annual Staff, Senior Day. St. Body Sec., Comm. Clubs, Swim Team, Urman., Band. Drill Tm., Slr. Comm, CSF. Orch. Mega CATHY ROCHE KATHY ROE CAROL ROHLFSEN ROCHELLE ROSE MARSHALL ROSEMAN B-12 Sec., CSF, Choir, Drill G. L. Exec. 3rd,, Choir, Sir. Choir, Girls' Glee. House of Rep., Pep Club. Team. Comm., Drill Team. ARLENE ROSEN JANICE ROSEN IRENE G. ROSENBAUM CARA ROSENBERG GRACE ROSENBERG Ladies, CSF, Pres. FTA, Drill GAA. House of Rep., Sr. Day, G. Team. L. Rep. gL STEPHANIE H. ROTH HOWARD ROTHENBACH RICHARD A. ROUSE ALLAN ROWE FRANK RUBESA ladies, Debate, CSF, VP Bronze Ser. Award, Llrman., All Cify Swim Tm. Art Production. Sir. Comm. FTA. Pep Club. KAREN M. RUSSELL STEVE SADOWSKY JANICA SALTMAN LUCY SAMOOS LOUISE SAMUELS Drill Team. Var. Football. G.A.A., Pep Club, Dance House of Rep., Drill Tm., House of Rep., Pep Club. and Sports Nites Comm. Rec. and Sr. Day, Girls' Brd. Glee. m? CLAY SANDERS LINDA JO SAPINO ALEX SATIN MARIANN SATIN ANN SCHEFFLER JV Baseball, Letterman. Senior Day. School Photographer. GAA, Lettergirls. KATHIE SCHIFF CAROL SCHMIDT GENE SCHNEIDER LORA JUANITA SCHRADER SHERRY SCHREIBER CSF, Orch., G.L., House of G.L., GAA. Span. Club, Track Mgr., G.L. Exec. Brd., Comm Brd. Ladies, CSF, Slr. Comm, Rep. Spts. Inceres! Club. Band, Orch. BARBARA SCHUBERT ROBERT SCHULLER ARNOLD SCHWARTZ MARSHALL SCHWARTZ LINDA SCOTT House of Rep. CSF, Drill Tm., Ladies, Madrigals. NATALIE J. SEGAL SUSAN SEGAL JOANNE SELTZER DENNIS SESAR GREGORY SHAVER CSF, Drill Team, G.L. Rep. Drill Tm., House of Rep., CSF. Var. Baseball. 8-12 Sm Comm, Sr. Day. , IQ JOAN SHELDON LORRAINE SHOMER DAVE SHONMAN MARCIA SHORT RICK SILVERMAN Pep Club, GAA. Annual Stuff, Pep Club, Track, German Club. Var. Bskfball, B 8. C Bskf- Senior Day. ball. STEVE SILVERN JUDY SIMON SANDY SIPOS SHARON SISSON PAULA SLANSKY Calif. Boys' Stale Del., Edifor of the Odyssey, Slu- Choir, Girls' Glee, Voice. Rec. Day, Spun. Club, Folk Knights, Debate. den! Council. Song Club, GAA. ROBIN SLAVKIN MARIE SLOANE CHARLES SMALLEY KENNETH SMERNOFF BONNIE DOREEN SMITH GAA, Drill Team. Choir, Madrigals. Physics Club, Math Club, Chess Club, Radio Club. CRAIG SMITH RICHARD SMITH SANDRA SMITH ELAINE SNYDER STEVE SOBER 8-12 Slr. Comm, House of In Charge of Noon Movie. Drill Team. Var. 8: B Swim. Rep, Gymnuslits. CAROL SODEMAN RITA LEE SOFFERN RANDI SOLOFF KATHIE SOLOMAN RONNA SOLOMON Annual Staff, GAA, Pep Girls' Glee. Creative Writing Club. Club. LINDA SOUTH JIM SPAR ANNETTE SPARKS JAMES SPARKS JOYCE SPEZMAN JV Cross Country, C Track. Drill Team, Pep Club, School Service. SCOTT SPOLIN DIANE BERNICE SPRIGG TONI STABILE BETSEY STEIN HERB STEIN Arl Production, Scholastic B Football. Art Award. A A JOHN 515mm SHARON STEINFELD ROBERT STEINMETZ MARGARETTE STEPHENS LOIS sravsns VGP- TWCk, Var. Bsklball. Girls' League Rep. Drill Tm., Sir. Comm, GAA 8. ngirls Ex. 8rd. 3 m RICK STEWART ROBERT STIEBER PAULA STOCKER LOUIS STOKES JEFFREY STONE C Basketball. TickeI Taker, Forensics. Songleuder, G.A.A., G.L. Rep. 3 Basketball. Vdf- F'bdll-I VOP- Track, Knights, Sir. Comm. LYNDA STONE BRUCE STOOL WILLIAM STRAUSS PHILIP SUGAR BERNIE SUMOSKI Pep Club, Publicity Comm. Letterman, VP of Llrman., Ann. 5",, Lfrman., Mgr. Physics, l.R., Creal. Writ, Brd. Var. Foolball. Var Bskfbull. Lit. Clubs, Forensics. JAN SUSSMAN ANN SWINGLER LYNDIE S. TAFT PATTY L. TAFT JOHN TANCIAR Annual Staff, Folk Song GAA, Sr. Day, Comm. Brd., VP ngirls., Drill Tm., Slr. Drill Team, GAA. CSF, Track. Club. House of Rep. Comm, Sr. Day. JOHN TANNER SHARYN TAYLOR WAYNE H. TAYLOR MARC TEITELBAUM YVONNE TEOFAN Annual Staff. Knights, Sealbearer, CSF. Var. Basketball. IRVYNE TEPPER PAM TERPENNING CAROLYN THOMAS JEFF muus KATHLEEN TREAR Comm. Dance 8- Sports Drill Team. Pep Club. Swim Team, cny Rec. 100 Drill Team, 3-12 5n. Comm. Nifes, Span. Club, CSF. Backstroke. M ,, ,z' 4 NANCY TREPANIER BROOKE TURNER SHARON JOY UDKOFF SHERI lEE UHL TOM ULMER 5"- Comma HOUSE 0f Rep., Shield Ed., Ugirls., Drill Tm., Rec. Day, Senior Day, AI- Var. Ftbull., Truck, Foren- Arl Prod., Rec. Day. House of Rep. fendance Office. sits, House of Rep. DIANA LORRAINE URBAN MARY ANN VAN DEGRIET CARROLL L. VAUGHAN NORM VOGEL BILL WAGNER ltgirls., GAA, Pep Club. Recognilion Day. Sports Interest Club, Track. Knights, Mgrs. Club, Ur- 55 mans. Club. m CHER! WAGNER STEVEN CLARK WALDMAN JUDITH WARD SUSAN WATERMAN DIANE WATSON GirlsA Glee, GAA. Drill Team. Girls' Glee, Chorus, Drill Choir, Madriguls. Team. BRUCE WEINBERGER MARILYN WEISBERG LOUISE WEISMAN BENITA L. WEISS GREG J. WEISS Track. Odyssey, CSF, G.L. Rep. House of Rep., Girls' Glee, B Football, JV Baseball. Sr. Election Comm. l TERRY WEISS MARK WEITZ JUDY ANN WELSCH SUSAN WENDTE STEVE WHALEN Cheerleader, Knight Ltgirls. Treus., GAA, Girls' GAA President, Ligirls., Var. 8. JV Football. Glee. German Club. 4A WENDY WICKSTROM DIANNE WlLL ATHALIE WILLIAMS DAVID WILSON PETER WILSON Homecoming Queen, Drill Lelfergirls, GAA, CSF. Football. Team, GAA. RHEA WILSON HELENE WINKLER DIANNA WISTERT ANDY WIZOREK GLORIA WOLFSON 3-12 Treas., NMSQT, Rec. G.I.. Rep., GAA, Comm. House of Rep., Ligirls., Math Club, I.R. Club. Drill Team, CSF, Chorus. Day, Choir, CSF. Board. Girls' Glee, Comm. Brd. RUSSELL S. WOODWARD LINDA WOROBOW HANS W. WYNHOLDS JANE YUDIS DOROTHY JANE ZELLER Track, Forensics, Sr. Day, Sr. "B" VP, Odyssey, French VP of Knights, CSF, Optimis! Girls' Glee. CSF, Sh'. Comm., Sr. Day, Rec. Day, Usher. Club. Apprec. Award. Rec. Day, Span. Club. V MARLENE E. ZIMBAL ROBERTA C. ZIMMERMAN LARRY ZIPPERMAN C Truck. ACCELERATED SENIORS BARBARA BALCH ADRIENNE BLANCHARD Girls' Slate, CSF, GL VP., GL Exec. Brd., House of Sw aler Comm GAA. Rep., Dance Prod. BARBARA BLOCH ANDI COOPER CAROLE CURB MARIE DE GRUCCIO ARLENE GOODMAN Ladies, Odyssey, Ltgirls., Choir, Mudriguls, Dance GL Sec., Ladies, CSF, Girl Comm. of Clubs., CSF, Girl of the Month, Choir. CSF. Band, Or:h., House of Rep. of the Month. House of Rep. GL. ; LINDA GRAHAM BETTIJO HEWITT SHARIE MOHR KERRY OSWALD ED SCHNEIDER CSF, GAA. Girl of the Month. A-12 Sir. Comm, Cup 8. CSF. Gown Comm, House of Rep. "Ain't she sweet." One of the musical numbers. Revealing of lhe swealer. Mama and Papa Bear. Sudism, Sadism, Sadismlll Are Dhey or aren't they? S TUDEN T SERVICE 59 STUDENT COUNCIL STUDENT COUNCIL SPRlNG ROW 1, L-R: Andy Boruh, Comm. of Assemblies; Gayle Rubin, Historian; Wayne Klugmcn, Vice-Pres.; Trudi Ferguson, Treus.; Penny Goodman, Secretary; Ray Applebuum, Pres.; Carol Grossman, Comm. of Dances and Sports Nights; Kathie Brown, Comm. of School Service; Mr. Savluk, Sponsor. ROW 2: June Limonick, Head Song Leader; Lynne Graysen, Comm. of Publicity; Kathy Grody, Comm. of Noon Activities; Rich Adler, Head Yell Leader; Kathy Orloff, Editor of Odyssey; Eric Sherman, Comm. of Halls 8: Grounds; Jerry Fee, Par. Iiamenlurian; Craig Smith, Elilian Pres.; John Frank, Durdanian Pres.; John Luber, Comm. of Boys' Activities; Rick Deuel, Comm. of Athletics. STUDENT COUNCIL-FALL ROW 1, L-R: Paul Siegel, Pres.; Jerry Fee, Vice-Pres.; Marsha Robbins, Secretary; Sieve Cadena Chavez, Treus.; Mr. Savluk, Sponsor. MIDDLE ROW: Judy Simon, Editor of Odyssey; Shelley Pronk, Historian; Andy Borah, Comm. of School Service; Jan Punerson, G.l.. Pres.; Ann Carlton, Comm. of Clubs; Jeanne Dumbauld, Head Song Leader; John Solomon,Head Yell Leader; Lynne Graysen, Comm. of Noon Activities; Kathy Orloff, Parliamentarian. TOP ROW: Ray Applebuum, Elifian Pres.; Carol Sailors, Comm. of Dances 8. Sports Nights; Cheryl Kingston, Comm. of Assemblies; Jeff Bleamun, Comm. of Boys' Activities; Wayne Klugman, Comm. of Athletics; Greg Messigian, Publicity; Mike Halpem, Comm. of Halls 8: Grounds; Vic Anlola, Chulcideun Pres. 60 LADIES-FALL BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Laura Remson, June Weinslock, Dorothy McAndrew. ROW 2: Fern Endman, Diane Crum, Linda Scott, Marilyn King, Wendy Ion, Sherry Schreiber, Stephanie Roth, Deborah Dean. ROW 3: Jun Rosen, Pat Lewis, Rauchel Nathan, Gail Klynn, Harriet Leva, LADIES SPRlNG Kathy Orloff, Nora Lesser, Judiih Urum, Marsha Rob- ROW 1, L-R: Officers, Marsha Robbins, Sherry Schriebar, Harrier levu, b'm' Judy Simon. ROW 2: Elissa Sway, Pal Lewis, Kathy Roe, Linda Scott, Kathy Orloff, Jenny Larvick, Elaine Kraus, Cheryl Kingston, Carole Curb. ROW 3: Jun Rosen, Fern Endman, Roberta Sleinberg, Dorothy Zeller, Judy Frederick, Nora Lesser, Theresa Crystal, Debi Dean, Wendy Ion, Stephanie Roth, Barbara Bloch. KNIGHTS SPRING ROW 1, L-R: Mike Flynn, Hans Wynholds, Steve Klein. ROW 2: Rich Adler, Ray Applebuum, Slewart Blumsack, Jeff Stone, Jeff Bleaman, Toby Cowan, Wayne Klugman, Jerry Fee. ROW 3: Bill Wagner, Rick Silvermun, Gag Messigian,Mike Halpern, Wayne Taylor, Steve Silvern, Chris Kunze, Mr. Ives. ROW 4: John Kelley, Rick Deuel, Larry Bohunan, Terry Weiss, KNIGHTS-FALL Craig Smith, Flip Knox. BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Hans Wynholds, Brian Petrunich, Mike Flynn. ROW 2: Bill Wagner, Patrick Spivey, Al Lifrownik, Flip Knox, Jeff Stone, Ray Applebaum, Paul Siegel, Stewart Blumsuzk, John Solomon, Rich Adler ROW 3: Mr. Ives, Jerry Cooper, Wayne Klugmun, Terry Weiss, Chris 61 Kunze, Mike Hulpern, Sieve Silvern, Wayne Taylor, Vic Anlolu, Rick Deuel, Larry Bohanun. CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION Our school can be very proud of the 140 mem- bers comprising the local chapter of the C.S.F. These students not only have excellent scholastic records, but are dedicated to the ideal of service as well. Throughout the school year many of our members otter their time, energy, and abilities to other Grant students who need help. This coaching program is a genuine amrmation of the C.S.F. motto: chholarship and Service". OFFICERS AND SEAL-BEARERS-SPRING ROW 1, L-R: Eric Sherman, Joanie Jampel, Nora Lesser, Jim Moore, Paul Israel. ROW 2: Ray Appleboum, Linda Scott, Jon Mack, Harriet Leva, Rhea Wilson, Kathy Orloff, Susie Cohen, Judy Frederick, Wendy Ion. ROW 3: Theresa Crystal, Sherry Schreiber, Marsha Robbins, Deborah Dean, Louise Weisman, Stephanie Roth, Hons Wynholds, Ken Krich, Alan Porter, Wayne Taylor. C.S.F. MEMBERSe-FALL OFFICERS: Eric Sherman, Coaching chairman; Dorothy McAndrews, Pres.; Nora Lesser, Vice-Pres.; June Weinstock, Sec'y; Claire Kurlstad, Trees. 62 STAGE DESIGN-FALL BOTTOM ROW, L-R: S. Freeman, D. Pisurev. TOP ROW: Mr. Wilson, G. Lewis, B. Cadigun, A. Boss, B. Turner. ART PRODUCTION FALL BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Betsey Stein, Marcia Shorf, Karen Ferris, Jane Limonizk, Keith Wahl, Barry Glusman, Ken Walker, Phyllis Haley. TOP ROW: Jack Peel, Nancy Trepunier, Ellen Klein, Elaine Ilsley, John Tate, Greg Messigiun, Andy Herbert, Neil Reichline. ART PRODUCTION SPRIN G ROW 1, L-R: Carole Reinhurf, Betti Stein, Marcia Short, Ki? Keturi, Jane Limonick, Karen Ferris, Poul Mason. ROW 2: Lynne Graywn, David Harte, Phyllis Haley, Howard Levy, Jim Hill, Lisa Foster, Nancy Trepanier, Sally Curtis. ROW 3: Dave Anderson, Lois Mc Govern, Wendy Brooks, Gary Porfh, Andy Herbert, Larry Wright, Lee Epstein, STAGE DESIGN SPRlNG Mr. Atkinson ROW 1, L-R: David Pisarev, Sid Freeman. ROW 2: Bob Turner, 63 Andy Bass, Al Salvage, Bob Cadigun, Greg Lewis, Mr. Wilson. GIRLS' LEAGUE EXECUTIVE BOARD-SPRING '63 ROW 1, L-R: Terrie Sladnick, Treus.; Jo Anne Horowitz, Sec.; Sue Sieinberg, Hist; Jah Rosen, V-P.; Wendy Ion, Pres. ROW 2: Judy Frederick, Elaine Kraus, Bobbi Steinberg, Maria DeGruccio, Helene Winkler, Judy Simon, Elissa Sway, Carol Rohlfson. ROW 3: Sandie Cantrell, Louise Gates, Marsha Robbins, Nancy Bertu, Denise Hamilton, Cynthia Young, Claudia Joseph, Jun Patterson. GIRLS' LEAGUE REPRESENTATIVES-SPRING '63 ROW 1, L-R: Stephanie Crvane, Janet Govenar, Nancy Robertson, MelleMe Pol- lack, Marilyn Phillips, Carol Corner, Sharon Wong, Martha Kaplan, Paula Boguev, Audie Leshner, Jan Rosen. ROW 2: Cindy Rule, Lynn Roth, lee Durr, Kathie Browne, Kay Hodges, Kathy Grady, Kristie King, Paula Bernstein, Sue Zweig, Sue Fromin. ROW 3: Lois Stevens, Barbara Bloch, Jill Fine, Carol Wil- liamson, Pam Benham, Linda Williamson, Andi Miller, Marsha Robbins. GIRLS' LEAGUE EXECUTIVE BOARD-FALL BOTTOM ROW, L-R: T. Ferguson, Treas.; CA Curb, Sec'y; J. Patterson, Pres.; B. Belch, Vice-Pres.; K. Grady, Hisloriun. ROW 2: Mrs. Gieler, K. Browne, S. Fago, M. De Gruccio, L Schrader, P. Quigley, C. Rholfson. TOP ROW: J. Weldon, 0. Hamilton, A. Blanchard, S. Cantrell, W. Ion, R. Nathan. GIRLS' LEAGUE REPRESENTATIVES-FALL KNEELING, L-R: Jan Patterson, Carole Curb. MIDDLE ROW: Kay Piva, Diane Hart, Judy Jens, Marsha Rose, Bev Kurlz, Kay Hodges, Kathy Sobel, Cue Puivu, Marianne Rapport, Kathy Roe, Sue Clay, Crystal Seger. TOP ROW: Pot Fisher, Shirley Connoly, Penny Goodman, Lee Durr, Marilyn Phillips, Valerie Mitchell, Denise Hamilton, Cindy Rule, Pam Benham, Elaine Gale, Jill Rosenberg, Nancy Conle, Parris Munchon. 64 STUDENT STORE GIRLS' LEAGUE STANDARDS BOARD FALL ROW 1, L-R: Paul Kalz, Gene Goldsmith, Dan Rosen, Mrs. Townsley, Mr. Anderson, ROW 1, L-R: K. Browne, T. Ferguson, B. Belch, K. Grady, Rita Shapiro. Gina Maslow. TOP ROW: June Davenport, Steve Katz, Steve Chesler, C. Rholfson. TOP ROW: Mrs. Katz, C. Curb, D. Hamilton, Steve Frank, Lynne Osfroff, Marty Williams, Dan Walstein. A. Blanchard, W. Ion, R. Nathan. LETTERGIRLS SPRlNG BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Clare Karnbach, Jeanne Dumbuuld, Kitty Good, Ileana Grassi. ROW 2: Carol Rohlfson, Fern Endman, Sharon Udkoff, Put Lewis, Sue Fago, Terrie Brown, Devru lsserman, Pam Shepard, Ruthie Glynn, Sue Wendie, Ronna Levin, Lois Stevens, Lynda Bush. ROW 3: Mary Jane Shannon, Linnea Katz, Paula Eisenberg, Barbara Collier, Kaihy Grady, Judy Sobel, Jenny Lurvick, Nancy Bowman, Marge Thomas, Phyllis Stern, Laura Stein, Mona Due, Estella Rush, Sue Bray, Barbara Hauland. TOP ROW: Doreen Boorsfein, Ku'hy McQuinn, Sue Lungenberg, Liz Crawford, Dale Vance, Ellen Helfercl, Rickey Koehler, Andi Miller, Debby Dean, Wisly, Marsha Robbins, Gail Lewis, Barbara Bloch. JOSANS-SPRING '63 ROW 1, L-R: B. Bond, 8. Holley, N. Bushnell, R. Maiofis, M. Jacobson, S. Friedman, R. Nixon, S. Mitchem, L. Carson, Z. Slinson. ROW 2: S. Valentino, I. Mabel, S. Mulin, S. Berger, M. Kamins, S. Bagford, L. Koerler, L. Wicksfrom, L. Schermer, S. Kodimer, E. Harris, M. Josephson, D. Luchman. ROW 3: J. Watkins, A. Jacoby, N. Zacuio, S. Hirsch, V. Brooks, 0. Siurk, C. Wapner, F. Deufsth, R. Friedman, L. Neisler, C. Border, l. Kurland, A. Siunfon, L. Juhnke. ROW 4: N. Lusky, B. Bond, B. Rudser, C. Horback, 8. Dale, S. Bloom, D. Woolf, MA Joyner, K. Alberts, B. Simmons, M. Bernstein, N. LeVine, K. Morgan, L. Wilson. ODYSSEY STAFF FALL BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Miss Mc Cormick, Kaihy Orloff, Barbara Cobain, Abby Krusnitk, Andy Boruh, Betty Sogolow, Donna Beckman, Laura Remson, Evelyn Goldstein, Judy Simon, Ednin-Chief. ROW 2: Cheryl Kingston, Linda Worobow, Marlene Pacheco, Louise Weismon, Shirley Connolly, Valory Mikhell, Mark Panikh, Jon Muck, Larry Morse. TOP ROW: Andy Gelz, Neil Reichline, Louis Naval, Bob Ross, John Frank, Barbara Bloch, Willy Levenfhal. PLAY PRODUCTION SPRlNG ROW 1, L-R: Miss Wisham, Mani Monini, Jean Picke", Barbara Collier, Kathy Grody, Kay Hodges, Elizabeth Cervan'es, Diane Laurie, Bonnie Gruber, Barbara Naidifch, Carole Reinharf. ROW 2: Don Post, Steve Jacques, Lanny Koufer, Rich Perlman, Karen Nielsen, Jud Whyte, David Harte, Larry Samelson. 66 ODYSSEY STAFF SPRING ROW 1, L-R: Miss Mc Cormick, Kathy Orloff, Ed., Shirley Connolly, Louise Weismun, Steve Silver. ROW 2: Willy Leventhal, Ty Johnson, Jon Muck, Robert Ross, Neil Reichline, Bob Monica. PLAY PRODUCTION-FALL BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Carole Reinharl, Barbara Nuiditch, Marcia Rondazzo, Bonnie Gruber, Liz Cervantes, Kay Hodges, Barbi Bermon. ROW 2: Leigh Kahan, Mrs. Rodna Wishum, Barbara Collier, Dooreen Dowkins, Mike Eisenberg, Kathy Grody, David Harte, Penny Goodman, Larry Sumelsom TOP ROW: Jud Whyle. Ken Luyden, Lanny Kaufer, Karen Nielsen, $9eve Jacques, Gayle Saul, Don Post. TlCKET-TAKERS FALL TICKET TAKERS Spring ROW 1, LR: B. Weiss, S. Kalz, Mr. Arvhur, Oswald, ROW 1, L-R: Mr. Arthur, Bob Sfeber, Jerry Morphis, B. Sfieber. ROW 2: J. Kelley, S. Main Sieve Katz, June Davenporf, Carol Rohlfsen. ROW 2: John Kelley, Dave Wilson, Steve Klein, Donald WoIs'ein. USHERS-SPRING USHERS FALL KNEELING: Alan Taster. ROW 1, L-R: James Stevens, Bill Weinstein, Frank ROW 1, L-R: Kchan, Leigh. ROW 2: Bill Nathan, Jon lrsfeld. EHin, Leigh Kuhan, Sieve Soskins, Steve Robbins, Sandy Tushnet. ROW 2: Chris Richard Rosenbla", Jon Becker, Alan Alpert, Bob Elson, Phil Williams, Dave Punerson, Jon Becker, Phil Aidikoff, Bob Monico, Perry Hoffman, Arroyo, Ulrich Bragger, John Cutler. ROW 3: Jon Moore, Richard RosenbluH, Dean Reichle, Gary Bernard. ROW 3: Mr. Barbanell, San- George L. Hirsch, Marc Levilan, Gary Bernard, Rich Greenberg, ford Tanenbaum, Ulrich Brogger, Donald Wotsiein, Bob Elsen, Pete Burro, Tom Rith Schor, Howard Kay, Norm Kulla, Brian Oliver, Dan Smith, Russell, David Birnbuum, Stuart Shapiro. Mr. Barbanell. ROW 4: Eric Sherman, Doug Patterson, Chris Williams, Alon Foster, Mike Kafz, Dan Gerber, Ed Mervin, Russ Woodward, Gory Grate. 67 FORENSIC CLUB Awarded a charter in the National Forensic League, Grunt orators have become strong con- fenders in every phase of speech competition. Rick Flam, an outstanding debater, will represent Southern California in the summer, at the National Student Congress in Texas. Ken Krich, Jon Mack, Howard Schwab, Jim Baird, and Mark Ponifch have all contributed to the continuing excellence of the Grant Forensic group. FORENSIC CLUB-SPRING ROW 1, L-R: Joe Mulkin, Marc Slrassman, Ray Applebuum, Gary Bernard, Mark Punitch, Rick Kleimon, Jon Muck, Rick Flam, Judy Bull. ROW 2: Alan Foster, Stephanie Roth, Ken Krich, Greg Messigian, Jeff Kubakoff, Carolyn Youm, Barren Knudsen, Rick Skxmbul, Russ Woodward, Mr. Alboher. SOUND CREWhFALL 8. SPRING BOYS' CABINET BOARD-FALL 68 L-R: Mr. Quirk, Ron Long, Andy Boss, Paul llsley, Bob Cadigan, Greg ROW 1, L-R: Brian Pehunich, Gary Grate, Wayne Klugman, Jeff Lewis. Bleaman, Paul Siegel, Al Litrownik, John Solomon. ACTIVITIES 69 Gifts for Operation Happiness Lancers at a Sporl's Nighl Our half-lime favorilies, Dhe Marching Band and Drill Team. Coach Johnson and his ski ubcxmzlion" Winners in the Girls' League Cuke-Buking comes? Our parents came lo Open House A victory rally on campus 71 PLA Y-PRODUCTION Two scenes from the uDiary of Anne Frank", performed before capacity audiences during 'he fall semester. An assembly performance of the "Importance of Being Earnest" SENIOR DAY And the winner is??? Over the net it goes! Remember the rumble??? Senior girls get together. Here we come! 73 Ringing of victory bell sets a new fradiHon a! Grant. Princesses: Sally Curtis and Cheryl Angel. Homecoming Oueen-1962: Wendy Wicks'rom. Crowning of the first "Homecoming Queen," Grant comes out on lop. 74 ErinCeSSES: chllzny Kesiellot and eunne um O . SONG LEADERS AND CHEER-LEADERS FALL ROW 1: Trudi Ferguson, June Limonick, Cheryl Angel, Sally Curtis. ROW 2: AI Litrownik, Jeanne Dumbald. ROW 3: Toby Cowan, HLouie" Heonard CooH, John Solomon. HLOUIE THE LANCER" '5; Ming -4; SONG LEADERS AND CHEER-LEADERS- "B" CHEER-LEADERS Row 1: Sue Fago, Diane Crum. ROW 2: Lenny Smith, Jenny SPRING Larvitk, Louis NaVul. KNEELING: Jane Limonitk, Rich Adler. TOP ROW: Jim Gordon, Linda Arrico, Lennie Smith, Jo Ann Ely, Greg Messigian, Paula Tilds, Larry Weifzman, uLouie." 75 MUSIC 76 CHOIR ROSTER: Albright, Dave; Albright, Donna; Barge, Chris; Berke, Gar; Berman, Murcia; Brown, Terrie; Brickman, Brian; Bulkley, Bobbie; Chelson, Cathy; Clay, Susan; Cody, Bob; Cooper, Andi; Cravitz, Mike; Denove, Curt; Dodge, Dale; Downie, Carol; Doyle, Vicki; Draimin, Sherrie; Dunning, Gene; Ferman, Gil; Fischer, Terrry; Fisher, Pat,- Foster, Linda; Frank, Les; Gardner, Karen; Gillihun, Michael; Gold, Mary; Goodman, Arlene; Goodman, Penny; Gordon, Sully; Grant, Harvey; Hillman, Diane; Hothian, Barbara; Hubbard, Jane; Jackson, Jacky; Janczarek, Jana; John- son, Mike; Kaliff, Roselyn; Kahan, Jeff; Kurnback, Clare; Karpel, Alan; Kutz, Paul; Kelly, Pat; Kelman, Allen; Kemper, Linda; Kinsler, Jaymie; Kleiman, Richard; Knox, Dave; Krugen, Les; Kurz, Shirley; Lam, Nate; Lusden, Linda; Lewis, Patricia; lukas, Frances; Metty, Tony; McKenzie, Suzanne; McSweeney, Cathy; Mower, Dennis; Myers, Bill; Needelman, Rich; Pacheco, Larry; Phaff, Barbara; Pippin, Marilyn; Polan, Eileen; Randuzzo, Marcia; Rexroad, Pam; Roe, Kathy; Rohlfsen, Carol; Rose, Rochelle; Ross, Barbara; Schepps, Jeff; Schwartze, Michael; Scott, Linda; Sisson, Sharon; Slaughter, Jackie; Smalley, Chuck; Spencer, Steven; Wald, Nora Jean; Watson, Dianne; Weiner, Alan; Wright, Valerie; Young, Teri. Mr. La Fontaine, sponsor. We can all be proud of the continuing success of our school's music groups. The exciting performances of the Marching Band and the other memorable orchestral and vocal concerts presented throughout the school year, have placed Grant in the fore-front of musical organizations throughout the Los Angeles area. 77 ROSTER: Wind instruments Diane Field, Ellen Helfred, Sherry Schreiber, Jill Schuyler, Ken Krich, Connie Goldman, Sue Langenburg, Marc Gold, Chris Kunze, Mark Jurey, Marty Lusker, Martin Reiad, Carl Sipols, Lynn Franklin, Howard Lusher, Toim Mitchell, Mario Gardner, Andy Gefz, John Honeu; Percussion-Paul Beress, Rick Brenner, Alan Estes, Ken Kline, Chris Robinson; Strings-Leslie Chelsey, Eileen Crane, Bridge! Ezell, Clifford Fraser, Norman Katz, Dorothy McAndrew, Jim Moore, ORCHESTRA Lorayn Tiffany, Warren BLumenfeld, Melody BormasIer, Barbara Dale, Ken Einstein, Debbie Gunz, Ernest Musserman, Karen Morgan, Myra Larrwer, Melanie Stein, lindu Tunenbaum, Judy Wells, Rick Curtis, Ruenu Christensen, Terry Crystal, Sue Shapiro, Greg Cull, Norman Cooper, Michael Goldberg, Barbara Haaland, Ralph Meyer, Gregg Sampson; Piano-Marilyn Field, Cynthia Foster, Pat Jacobson, Bill Korbholz. Mr. Winslow, sponsor. BAND ROSTER: Jim Ackley, Barry Barowilz, Paul Beress, Bob Berman, Steve Blair, Alex Bloom, Stu Blumberg, Bruce Bransby, Mark Brenner, Rick Brenner, Steve Cody, John Choate, Bob Camden, Bob Corff, Chase Craig, Ken Dale, Clarence Damiiz, Larry Dick, Evan Diner, Fran Donner, Renee DuCasse, Gene Dunning, Mike Durst, Tom Easierday, Steve Ehlrich, Alan Estes, Diane Field, Ron Fishman, Marty Flam, Marty Frank, Lynn Franklin, Michael Fresco, Mike Gallagher, Grant Geyer, Richard Glynn, Micheal Goldberg, Connie Goldman, an Goldstein, Jim Gordon, Joel Greenberg, Phillip Griggs, Laurie Hamburg, Neal Handel, Clark Hawley, John Heyden, Lyle Hill, Carlton Hollander, John Honeu, Paul Hyman, Barry Ives, Mark Jurey, Dave Knox, James Kositchek, Henry Kraft, Richard Krohn, Henry Lanum, Glenn Leichman, Linda Leichman, Meredith Leighton, David Levi, Diane Levine, Greg Lewis, Bob Light, Howard Lusher, Lawrence Lust, Per Mauso, Larry Mugid, Mara Mar- golis, Dan Mallut, Barry Melton, Steve Mezey, Barry Muriello, Bob Oblaih, Mike Oshan, Wilbert O1stol, Greg Poulson, Jon Pevnu, Max Pfefer, Bob Plann, Dennis Pchlmun, Steve Rappaporf, Les Reed, Martin Reed, Barry Risberg, Dun Roach, Terry Robf, Barry Roberts, Chris Robinson, Danny Rosen, Ron Ruff, Peter Satin, Sherry Schreiber, Lynn Segal, Eddie Selher, Eric Sherman, Steve Sherman, Sieve Sloan, Harry Short, Carolyn Stahl, Mark Stone, Randy Sultan, Warren Swem, Sue Tiffany, Torn Vergne, Keith Wahl, Dave Warner, Marry Williams, William Zeko. Mr. Winslow, sponsor. 78 CHORUS ROSTER: Agusiun, Irene; Albanc, Michele; Baker, Holly; Barabash, Bonnie; Bauer, Bob; Beauiuit, Cheryl; Bicker, Pam; Beidermun, Judi; Billner, Murcia; Brown, Gary; Budish, Barbara; Cohen, Shelli; Cooper, Larry; Come, Nancy; Erickson, Kafhleen; Evenson, Jean; Fullis, Teri; Goodman, Elinor; Hansen, Claudia; Herkal, Colleen; Hodges, Kay; Hornback, Carol; Horne, David; Hur- witz, Ellen; Ingram, Barbara; Jacobs, Allen; Kaufman, Joanne; Kerman, Dell; Keys, Beverly; Knuack, Nancy; Koropp, Diane; LaFond, Jeanne; Lieber, Toni; Lilsky, Barbara; Linlefield, Don; McKay, Pom; McKinnon, Jerry; GIRLS' ROSTER: Ackley, Sandi; Averill, Winnie; Baiz, Pauline; Belanger, Edna; Bell, Christine; Berg, Carolyn; Berg- man, Janie; Blake, Sandra; Board, Diane; Bower, Linda; Brand, Leanne; Briggs, Susan; Brondell, Cheryl; Carey, Melinda; Chelson, Cathy; Crane, Eileen; Cross- ley, Diane; Duly, Judy; Duly, Kathleen; Donner, Fran- cis; Draimin, Micki; Eaton, Melody; Ellswor'h, Jan; Fosfer, Linda; Froman, Susan; Gold, Mary; Goldburg, Geryl; Goodman, Carolyn;- Goodman, Penny; Graf, Sharon; Green, Linda; Harris, Marilyn; Harvey, Sharon; Hawkins, Nancy; Helgeson, Susan; Herring, Diane; Hubbard, June; Jones, Judy; Karlfon, Barbara; Keturi, Kit; King, Chris; Kinsler, Juymie; Krich, Claudia; KurIz, Beverly; Lebowitz, Nancy; Leo, Ronna; Levin, Marsha; Malin, Shere; Mammen, Cheryl; Mark, Barbara; Markin, Olivia; Martini, Marti; Mathews, linda; Maxwell, Lance; Meny, Antoinette; Morgan, Bari; Nicholson, linda; Oley, John; Pacheco, Larry; Persichino, Darnell; Pines, Florence; Plolkin, Susan; Post, Don; Rapaport, Marianne; Reames, Carol; Rodin, Penee; Prylli, Michele; Schendler, Andi; Schrager, Ellen; Schultz, Enid; Small, Dan; Sobel, Judy; Slinson, Zella; Tafone, Gruziella; Thacker, Val- erie; Valentino,l Suzanne; Walker, Rob; Winslon, Sharon; Woodrow, Jean; Welch, Linda. Mr. La Fon- taine, sponsor. GLEE lewis, Gail; Lowien, Sandee; Lyons, Geri; Maltin, Pum- ela; Munchon, Parris; Mario, Sheryl; Maslow, Gina; McGurrahan, Hope; McKenney, Edi; Miller, Nancy; Mitchell, Gail; Needlemen, Lisa; Oslrowsky, Janet Pickell, Marianne; Remson, Laura; Rexroad, Pam; Rose, Shelly; Rosenblum, Paula; Roth, Susan; Schafer, Steph- anie; Schenhol'z, Diane; Schriber, Suzi; Shapiro, Caryn; Silver, Sue; Steele, Linda; Stein, Carole; Stevens, Lois; Tanenbaum, Linda; Thompson, Jeri; Towle, Nancy; Wagner, Cheri; Wald, Nora Jean; Wallace, Sandy; Waterman, Sue; Weinstein, Brenda; Weinstein, Linda; Welsch, Judy; Wethercld, Lane; Wildman, Cathie; Wil- son, Linda; Winston, Sharon; Wisler', Dianna; Yudis, Jane. Mr. Harry, sponsor. BOYS' GLEE BOTTOM ROW, L-R: B. Bauer, B. Kalb, P. Hoffman. ROW 2: H. Grant, J. lrsfeld, P. Puig. ROW 3: D. Mower, B. Kassel, G. Dunning, G. Gales, R. Hughson. ROW 4: D. Penfield, T. Frisina, D. Metcalfe, S. Waldman, S. Waldman, D. Hortze. TOP ROW: R. Hamuii, J. Kuhan, M. Milock, D. Post. DANCE BAND BOTTOM ROW, L-R: E. Goodfield, Kenny Dale, Jon Pevna, J. Tamborello, Jim Ackley, Bob Camden, C. Robinson. ROW 2: S. Schreiber, J. Kosacheck, L. Reed. TOP ROW: Mr. Winslow, Chase, Graig, B. Bransby, Andi Cooper, L. Franklin, 5. Bain, J. Greenberg, T Crystal. MADRIGALS SEATED, L-R: D. Hillman, L. Kemper, J. Janczarek, Sally Gordon, Sue Clay, Diane Watson, linda Scarf, Andi Cooper, Sher- rie Drumin. STANDING: Gene Dunning, Nate Lam, Gar Berke, Dennis Mower, Brian Brickman, Alan Kezman, Chuck Smalley, Bob Cody, Al Karper. 80 GERMAN CLUB ROW 1, L-R: Nora Jean Wald, Angela Roberts, Cathie Chelson, Pal Lewis, Debbie Spitz, Susan Wendie. ROW 2: Steve Kurzius, Craig Murckwordt, Vicki Doyle, Gail Lewis, Bob Ross, Mrs. Gugne. SPANISH CLUB ROW 1, L-R: Esteban Chavez, Pres., Marsha Robbins, Sec., Chubela Cervantes, VP., Micaele Shulmun, Trees. ROW 2: Mar: Slrossman, Kathy Grody, Marianne Rapaport, Judy Frederick, Arl Caplan, Louise Curry, Paula Eisenberg, Arlene Heinowitz, Carol Carver, Sue Fried- man, Martha Engburth, Carol Cook, Judy Joiner, Joe Malkin, June Bergman. ROW 3: Lauree Yale, Mary Callaghan, Nancy Donphey, Carol Williamson, Rinnu Levin, Suzanne Hulpert, Merle Jacobson, Carol Grossman, Ann Swingler, Steve Katzman, Oscar Salgerdo, Sal Chavez, Jenny Lorvick, Mr. Lou. ROW 4: Barre" Knudsen, Richard Fishmun, Lorne Dubinsky, Gordon Blonsky, Bonnie Gross, Gale Ben- sussen, Cloris Schaeffe, Fred Folvory, Ben Bockhuus, Diana Indele- osky, Stephanie Roth, Karen Morgan, Donna Albrighf, Darlene Feusel. LATIN CLUB RUSSIAN LANGUAGE CLUB ROW 1, L-R: Ashley Banle, Rick Kleinman, Howard Schwab, Michael ROW 1, L-R: Kathy Nason, Jodie Greenberg, Marc Sirassmcn, Earnest Goldberg, JOh" Hancock 30b MOTbS, JOHN MONEH- ROW 2: Toni Masserman, Mrs. Vorsier, Glenn Gates, Terry Lyons, Richard Fishmcn, Lieber, Rosemary Odo, Paula Eisenberg, Linda ScoH, Pat McDueH, Roberl Ross, Chris Brute, Carol Sodemon, Terry Chrystal, Bernie Sodemcn, Leslie 82 Kite. FRENCH CLUB ROSTER, FALL '62: B. E1ell, Pres., L. Oliver, Vice-Pres., G. Gold- man, Sec., J. Roseri, B. Naiditch, M. Kaplan, C. Beats, T. Sladnick, M. Bormasler, S. Friedman, L. Adler, A. Weiner, I. Goodfield, C. Carver, M. Albano, J. Jens, Mr. Mayer, A. Mosier, R. Nathan, D. Isserman, G. Mitchell, C. Stein, T. Crystal, H. Leva, S. Kurz, M. Bardwell, T. Moore, E. Sherman, L. Crawford, 5. Schreiber, J. Boxerman, C. Craig, F. Donner, T. Pevnu, M. Kravilz, T. Rosen- berg. CHESS CLUB BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Joe Mulkin, Greg Chursenoff, Ronald Kerbes, Alan Weiner, Art Douglas, Sieve Bardwell, Mike Slawson, Art Caplay, Sleve Brour, George Hirsch. ROW 2: Michael Sandler, Don Connely, Ken Smernoff, Mike Oshun, Stuart Shapiro, Pele Giannini, Mark Feldman, Joe Boxermun, Joel Rofhman, Jack Bowman, Mr. Allen. ROW 3: Alan Jumpal, Mark Soskin, Chris Bowles, Barry Melton, Ken Krich, Tom Locke, Bob Ross, Marshall Rieger, Kenny Dule, Chris Kunze. FUTURE TEACHERS BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Jan Rosen, Barbara Naiditch, Fern Endman. Michele Jeffery, Toni Lieber, Roberfa Sfeinberg, Sue Friedman, Carol Carver, Ida Goodfield, Kay Hodges, Gail Mitchell, Elaine Kruvs. ROW 2: Put McDuell, Ann Swingler, Terry Crystal, Sandra Reader, Liz Crawford, Stephanie Rolh, Carolyn Chernos, Jill Fine, Barbara Belch, Fran Donner. 83 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS BOTTOM ROW, LwR: Barbara Nuidifch, Martha Coplan, Evelyn Gold- stein, Cathy Nason, Laura Remson, Rose Oda, Terrie Brown, Pat Lewis, Melody Bormaster, Eileen Gold, Sue Sleinberg, Val Mifchell, Mr. Crain. ROW 2: Judy Tannenbaum, Beverly Kurz, Sue Shapiro, Raachel Nathan, Bonnie Foodim, Ellen Birnboum, Rachel Robin, Judy Friedman, Nancy Marsden, Jodi Greenberg, Deborah Dean, Andy Wizorek. ROW 3: Ray Appelbaum, Lee Sadie, Richard Rosenblatf, Steve Shall, Phillip Sugar, Dave Fichtenberg, Alan Foster, Barry Mel- ton, Richard Bontems, Mike Rubinfield, Andy Gefz, Mike Stern WresJ FOLKSONG CLUB BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Dennis Eulrich, Dave Fichfenberg, Mark Panikh, Andy Gefz, Steve Sholl, Philip Sugar. ROW 2: Barbara Naidifch, Evelyn Goldstein, Michele Jeffery, Laura Remson, Sue Feldmun, Claudia Krich, Terrie Brown, Helen Abeles, Marlha Kaplun, Cheryl Del Beale, Terrie Sludnick, Carol Carver. ROW 3: Donna Beckman, Judy Tannebuum, Dana Cartin, Bonnie Foodim, Ellen Birnbaum, Barbara Phoff, Devera lssermun, Lee Fiizgerell, Shirley Kurz, Harrie! Levu. ROW 4: Rhea Wilson, Dorothy Zeller, Valory Mitchell, Liz Crawford, Deborah Dean, Barbara Bloch, Leslie Hyman. MATH CLUB BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Ken Smernoff, Dorothy Zeller, Nora Lesser, Rhea Wilson, Charles Singer, Michael Sandler, Sfewarf Blumsuck, Ira Dau- berman, Bridget Ezell, Carol Cook, Joe Malkin. ROW 2: Afan Porter WresJ, Jerry Karpel, Marty Kurland, Andy Wizorek, Bill Schz, Hans Wynholds, Mark Soskin, Chris Bowles, Mike Kalz, Brian Oliver, Joe Boxermun, Dave Fichtenberg. 84 CREATIVE WRITING CLUB BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Barbara Naidikh, June Bergman, Evelyn Gold- stein, Terrie Brown,CIaudia Krich, Sue Freedman, Carol Carver, Donna Beckman, Judy Tunnenbaum. ROW 2: Phil Esfrin, Angela Roberfs, Annette Holtzmun, Sue Smith, Kathy Grady, Pat McDuell, Cloris Schaeffer, Philip Sugar, Phil Udkoff, Alan Foster, Mr. Cousens. PHYSICS CLUB BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Ken Smernoff, Joe Boxer- man, Charles Singer, Michael Sundler, Ray Appelbaum, Mark Levilan. TOP ROW: Alan Foster, Glenn Winters. Chris Kunze, Mr. Stuart. RADIO CLUB BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Alan Weiner, Steve Salz- man, Robert Berman, Mark Pollock, Michael Sandler Wice-PresJ, Ken Smernoff. TOP ROW: Rex Blake Mclivily Choirmanh John Hancock, Paul Tiffany, Torn Locke, Gene Raniune. WRESTLING CLUB BOTTOM ROW, L-R: R. Myers, M. Lieberman, P. Fine, B. McClenahan, R. Darnell. TOP ROW: A. FosIer, Kapiuin! , Mr. Hammond. LETTERMEN MANAGERts CLUB KNEELING: Gory Grate IPresJ. BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Ron Kenyon, ROW 1, L-R: Roger Boers, Barry London, Couch McKee, Bill Strauss, David Al Plotkins, Stewart Blumsack, Howard Rothenback, Gary Grate, Gill. iPresJ, Bruce Stool, tV.PJ, Ed Goodfield. ROW 2: Russ Green, Dan Gerber, Paul Tiffany, Alan Snow, John Luber, John Giccatti. TOP ROW: Benny Samuel, Mike Flynn, Wayne Klugman, Larry Brown, Neil Reichline, Rick Deuel. PEP CLUB Under the sponsorship of Mr. McIntosh, the cheer-leaders and song-leaders tin the front rowt together with tLouie the Lancer, tLeonard Cook, a Chalcideunt, sparked the Pep Club to many exciting rallies. Card stunts were introduced this past season and these enabled the Pep Club to bring out more school spirit than ever before. 86 G. A. A. 8: DRILL-TEAM 87 G.A.A. ATHLETIC COMMITTEE BOTTOM ROW, L-R: M. Beach, B. Coilier, H. Davis, P. Lewis, S. Wendte, L. Katz, T. Brown, V. Mitchell. TOP ROW: J. Larvick, Mrs. Windham, R. Odu, l. Grassi, L. Stevens, P. Burbank, D. Wistert, K. Good, S. Page. The Girls Athletic Association was established to foster spirit, loyalty, and cooperation both for participating in and out of the organization. To further co-curricular physical education, a wide variety of sports are oftered at Grant High School. The members are able to choose among the following: Archery, Badminton, Bowling, Golf, Team Sports, Beginning and Advanced Tennis. Gala events of the year are Annual Awards Nights; N ,w Officers and Awards are presented. Susan Wenclte, G.A.A. President Winter '63 Semester 88 LETTER-GIRLS BOTTOM ROW, L-R: J. Welsch, S. Wendie, K. Good, Miss Heinsohn, L. Toff, I Stevens, 5. Centre", C. Hornbecker. ROW 2: F. Endmun, R. Odo, S. Udkoff, F. Lewis, T. Brown, S. Fago, J. Dumbauld, l. Grassi, R. Glynn, R. Levin, D. Urban. ROW 3: J. Lurvick, A. Scheffler, V. Mitchell, C. Rucven, R. Koehler, A. Williams, D. Dean, A. Miller, C. Karnbach. TOP ROW: H. Davis, B. Bermon, D. Wisterf, P. Burbank, B. Bloch. G.A.A. CHEERLEADERS: L-R: Sue Fugo, Jenny Larvick. 89 TENNIS BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Linda Bermon, Elissa Sway, Elaine Bordon, Sue Obersler, Marilyn Slohl, Sue Smith, Deena Logsdon, Annette Hollmen, Phyllis Klien. TOP ROW: Miss Nunn, Peggy Burbank, Renata Maiofis, Diana Lilly, Jon Lester, Barbara Rubin, Suzanne Halperl, Anne Kurppinen, Sandro Blake, Beverly Kurtz. BADMINTON BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Linnea Katz, Carolyn Slahl, Nancy Shubert, Lissa Jackson, Sandi Yops, Vick Word, Nancy Marsden, Ronna Levin, Robin Miller, Mrs. Reeves. TOP ROW: Marge Thoms, Laura Stein, Carol Raaven, Phyllis Stern, Estella Rush, Suzette Ferte, Sheryl Mitchem, Becky Colglazier. 90 -......,v "-mmw "W, -r:.v.e-.::...-W , 1...... . SPEED AWAY BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Laurel Cohn, Chris Bell, Rose Fester, Ruthie Glynn, Pam Shepard, Mona Due, Stephanie Noble, Carol Horback, Sandi Nedler, Jenny Dielz, Chery Mondhein, Leslie Larson. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Reeves, Mary June Shannen, Ki! Keluri, Judy Weisch, Aihulie Williams, Barbe Holley, Diane Bai- ro, Nancy Wagner, Marilyn Zuslov, BeHy Rudser, Judy Sobel, Sue Mclniie, Ellen Hekeit, Diana Wister, Kathy Kolmier, Dorlhy Mooe, Pom McKay, linda Williamson. TOP ROW: Linnea Kalz, Claudie Krich, Donna Barthel, Pom Becker, Myra Rylsis, Barbara Dale, Diane Indelevsky, Culhy Liffering, Pam Ben- ham, Robynn Nixen, Jill Sthuyler, Kathy Mc- Quinn, Sue Langberg, Debbie Dean, Karen Morgan, Elanie Schwartz, Fran Donner. ARCHERY L-R: Edie Koller, Pauline Beecroff, Susan Rolh, Jackie PhiHips, Christine Beecroff, Bonnie Wheller, Aleta Clark, Greta DeMichele, Linda Allen, Arlene Heinowifz, Judy Joiner, Carol Reams, Sue Bag- ford, Mrs. Roemmich. ADVANCED TENNIS BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Ardene Tamarin, Linda Bush, Ileana Grassi, Sundee Lonien, Kathy Jacobi, Susan Wendie. TOP ROW: Mithele Bernsiein, Val Mikhell, Bev Bockhaus, Susan Bray, Andy Miller, Paula Por- Ier, Miss Glusier. BOWLING BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Bev Blake, Paula Eisenberg, Deena Logdson, Arlene Heinowilz, Leslie Brown, Sue Karpinin, Tina Federico, Sue Roth. TOP ROW: Miss Roemmich, Chris Denii, Barbara Fine, Edie Keller, Wende Diehl, Andrea Krusoe, Marsha Kraviiz, Becky Colglazier. GOLF L-R: Carol Reams, Deena Logdson, Christine Denli, Barbara Fine, Nancy Saunders, Sandy Cantrell. 91 DRILL TEAM BOTTOM ROW, L-R: A. Borah, L. Oliver, N. Sexson, D. Vance, L. Stevens, K. Orloff, E. Polan, C. Karnbach, M. Robbins, C. Kingston, L. Taft, P. Anihony. ROW 2: M. Shulman, D. Rabies, R. Oda, L. Miller, E. Cervantes, C. Carver, C. Del Beafo, F. Ostroga, J. Bard, G. Rabin, 5. F090, G. Rutman, P. Lewis, S. Friedman, J. Strauss, R. Steinberg, C. Stein, 5. Udkoff, F. Lukas, J. Junczurek, J. Leeds, M. Sloane, R. Kaariinen. ROW 3: G. Greenspan, C. Rohlfson, H. Davis, S. Manns, L. Steele, P. Truman, L. Pedersen, E. Palm, W. Wicksirom, L. Whitaker, L. Filzgerrell, S. Waterman, G. Mitchell, C. Hartley, D. lsserman, K. Roe, P. Taft, B. Cation, D. Laurie, J. Hargrave, T. Brown, M. Gordon, F. Endman. ROW 4: M. Eaton, K. Grody, L. Curry, B. Radslone, S. Armond, M. Beach, P. McDuell, E. Hellersiein, P. Jacobson, S. Shaw, S. Schreiber, J. Fredrick, B. Koleda, P. Terpenning, C. Hornbecker, J. Ward, K. Good, C. Johannes, S. Folick, S. Segal, L. Greene, M. Sainz. ROW 5: M. Barmasier, W. Ion, A. Bronson, R. Koehler, L. Crawford, C. Bruce, 5. Garner, J. Welden, G. Lewis, C. Chernos, M. Rose, C. Bentley, L. Gates, P. Burbank, M. Harris, J. Ruskin, J. Livingstone, L. Wetherald, D. Boorsiein, J. Larvick, M. McCorkle, C. Downie. DRILL TEAM STEERING COMMITTEE Kmhy Orloff, Eileen Polun. DRILL TEAM CAPTAIN AND CO-CAPTAIN LEFT: Kathy Orloff, Polan, Co-cuplain. Captain. RIGHT: Eileen STANDING L-R: Andy Borah, Nancy Sexson, Lyndie Taft, Cheryl Kingston, Lois Stevens, Clare Karnbach, Marsha Robbins, Dale Vance, Lyn Oliver, Patsy Anthony. KNEELING: ATHLETICS 93 VARSITY FOOTBALL TOP ROW, L-R: B. Battersby, J. Gicani, l. Coleman, J. Connors, B. Long, J Pool, B. Dixon, P. Donabeu, T. Lamont, J Williams, F. Bowles, G. Grate. ROW 2: S. Whalen, D. Cooper, G. James, R. Meyen, N. Reichline, D. Stukes, P. Price, G. Godfred, D. DeGroote, 5. Collins, B. Pefrunich. ROW 3: T. Ulmer, P. Knox, L RingeHe, M. Gubler, C. Zitkovich, M. Characky, L. Brown, S. Sudowski, M. Flynn, J. Guedel, D. Barker, P. Spivey. ROW 4: Manager, J. losue, J. Stone, J. Pentlund, R. McMackin, J. Bokul, S. Bendes, P. Siegel. VARSITY DEFENSE BOTTOM ROW, L-R: L. Brown, 5. Collins, D. De Groofe, C. Zitkovich ,MIDDLE ROW: P. Donabed, B, Buttersby, S. Sudowsky, G. Grate. TOP ROW: B. Petrunich, R. McMackin, D. Cooper. VARSITY OFFENSE BOTTOM ROW, L-R: F, Bowles, B. Dixson, S. Sadowsky, D. De Groote, G. Godfred, S. Collins, G. Grate. TOP ROW: B. Samuels, P. Siegel, 8. Long, M. Gabler. GRANT vs NOTRE DAME Grant, led by its outstanding iunior Quarterback Bob. Long and senior halfback Flip Knox,rambled to within one point of defeating Notre Dame 28-27. Scoring tor the Lon- cers came early in the second period as Flip Knox mode touchdowns, and later in the third period Benny Somuels and Mike Flynn also scored. GRANT vs SAN FERNANDO Grant, scoring fourteen points in the final period, tied San Fernando 19-19. The game was evenly matched until the fourth quarter when the Lancers, led by JeFf Pentland, scored the final and tieing touchdown. Earlier, Paul Siegel and halfback Marty Gabler scored for the Lancers. GRANT VS MONROE Bob Long, leading Grant's passing attack, met the league leading Monroe Vikings. Grant battled to hold on to a tie but a blocked punt gave Monroe the ball on the Grant twenty with a minute to go in the game. Monroe then scored to win the game 19-13. Poul Siegel and Bob Long scored for the Lancers. GRANT VS SYLMAR Grant defeated Sylmar 26-6. Leading only 6-0 at the half, Grant tallied for three touchdowns in the final half to roll over Sylmar. Quarterback Jeff Pentlond showed tine rushing ability, scoring two of Grantls touchdowns; Bob Long and John Pool also scored for the Lancers. GRANT vs VAN NUYS Siegel led the Lancers over the rival Wolves 13-7. Poul Siegel, scored two touchdowns and rushed over 113 yds., leading a fine attack which brought defeat to Van Nuys. With this victory Grant moved to within one game of the league-leoding Parrots. GRANT vs POLY Lancers lead the league after the 13-6 defeat over the Parrots. With a fine rushing attack and c1 powerful defense Grant held Poly even until the final quarter when Bob Long went 4 yds. tor the winning score. Poul Siegel also led the attack with the whole Lancer team close behind. GRANT vs LAS VEGAS Grant was trampled 38-0 on a ioy ride. Grant, playing Western High in a non-Ieague contest found its foes hard to penetrate. The Lancers were held to short yardage and never threatened. Like many others, the Lancers also found it hard to win at Vegas. GRANT vs NORTH HOLLYWOOD Grant captured its first league crown with a 26-0 win over the Huskies. With Paul Siegel scoring two touchdowns and Bob Long rushing for 103 yds., Grant dominated the entire game. The Lancers defense, again was great, holding the Huskies scoreless. The defense was led by Steve Sodow- sky, Don De Groote, and Bob Battersby. LINCOLN PLAY-OFF Grant was overpowered 18-14. The Lincoln Tigers scored two quick touchdowns to move ahead of Grant 12-0 at the half. The second half was again dominated by the Tigers until the last quarter, when Grant moved to within points of the Tigers on touchdowns by Benny Samuels and Marty Gobler. The game ended with a Tiger victory. The 1962 season was a fine one for the Lancers. Besides winning the East Valley League Championship, Grant had five All-Valley Candidates and the coach of the year, Mr. Sanders. Benny Sumuels set c: Valley Record for yardage pass-catching, and Bob Long set a record for the most yardage by one player in c season. Other first team All- Valley members were Poul Siegel and Don De Groote. Gary Grate mode the second team defense. Other outstanding players were Steve Sudowsky, Bob Battersby, Steve Collins, Jeff Pentland, Marty Gabler, Ron McMockin, and Gordon Godfred. 1962 SCOREBOARD LANCERS OPPONENTS 27 Notre Dame 28 13 Monroe 19 19 San Fernando 19 26 Sylmar 6 13 Van Nuys 7 0 Las Vegas 38 13 Poly 6 26 North Hollywood 0 LEAGUE PLAY-OFF 14 Lincoln 18 98 B" FOOTBALL ROW 1, L-R: R. Walker, M. Ogiens, R. Graefsfrom, B. Wolf, F. Nufhanson, G. Mackenzie, A. Macenski, M. Wenmeyer, A. Hartman, R. Sagermun M. Salsberg, J. Schroeder, B. Eisen, S. Williams. ROW 2: ManageH P. Rhineharl, S. Oliver, S. Leibermcn, J. Ulz, B. Carr, R. Ruffu, P. Manning, R. Greene, A. Louenslein, E. Lackey, G. Brown, E. Holmbeck, J. Canter, R. Taft, B. Baker. ROW 3: B. Safir, A. Anderson, B. Turner, M. Schwartz, R. Knight, 8. Buch, B. Mellon, B. Crassi, R. Thirlwell, L. De Casse, A. Denes, L. Frank, R. Boyd, A. Mieren, P. Fieldman. ROW 4: Manageri S. Krokn, S. Heu, C. Dough- erfy, W. BenneMe, B. Blue, A. Plotkins, J. Honea, B. Skaff, Mr. Malulc, Mr. Gordon, R. Watson, T. Sfukes, C. Parkinson, F. Hanke, B. Lockmun, J. Minion. HB" OFFENSE BOTTOM ROW, L-R: J. Schroeder, A. Hartman,J. Honea. J. Ulz, A. Plotkins, B. Turner, G. Mackenzie. TOP ROW, L-R: R. Tuff, P. Manning, T. Sfukes, R. WaMson. "B" DEFENSE BOTTOM ROW, L-R: B. Wolf, F. Hanke, B. Blue, 5. Oliver, A. Louensfein, E. Lucky, R. Walker. TOP ROW: C. Parkinson, R. Knight, B. Curr, A. Mosenski. THE BEE TEAM IN ACTION "B" FOOTBALL Even though the Bee football team finished the season in fifth place in the East Valley League, they never stopped trying and pro- vided many exciting moments of play for the fans. Coach Gordon and Coach Matula felt this season's team was one of the best at Grant and that the league was very evenly matched. For the record, the Bees played one exhibition game and six league games, winning two, losing four, and tying one. The excellent caliber of the Bees was recognized by the selections for All East-Valley honors. John Honea and Richard Wattson made the first team and honorable mentions went to Jim Utz, Ron Taft, and Paul Manning. Seniors on the team were Honeo, AI Plotkins, and Chuck Parkinson. 100 This year's Cross-Counfry team, led by Terry Cheever and Fred. Reich, tried hard in a strong East Valley League, but there are many good prospects for next year. Leading juniors and 10th graders, fine hopes for next year, are Ron Ken- yon, Frank Tepper, and Dan May. CROSS COUNTRY CROSS-COUNTRY VARSITY BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Pesier, Kenyon, Chunk, Deyell. TOP ROW: Kohl, Cheever, Reich, Siinson, Tiffany, Coach Johnson. CROSS-COUNTRY J.V. BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Duubermun, Blumsack, Runder, levitan. TOP ROW: Logan, Riesen, Halter, Ofey, Luber, Peter, Kay. CROSS-COUNTRY 'lth GRADE BOTTOM ROW, L-R: McIntyre, Powell, Ingra, Tarine, Hong, Tepper, May. TOP ROW: Wileam, Mukowski, Arrowo, Wright, Birge, Purkhers, Peplun, Damilz. Phil Bruder Steeve Reeves Wayne Klugman Dave Albrighl . THE VARSITY Captain AI Litrownik Rick Deuel All East Valley Jim Nielsen Rick Silverman Rich Lipner Marc Teifelbaum John Steiner THE VARSITY The pause During the 1962-63 basketball season, the fast and ag- gressive Grant Varsity provided many exciting and outstanding moments. Leading the team was All-East Valley Rick Deuel and Captain AI Lifrownik. Deuel was the team's top scorer, with a 14.0 average, and rebounder. Litrownik and Jim Nielsen, a sopho- more, won Honorable Meniion. Grant finished in a tie for fourth place with Van Nuys in one of the most evenly matched seasons in East Valley League history. An easy score Going, going . . . THE J-V,s J-V BASKETBALL BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Nick Kopyn, Don Epstein, Rick Podell, Jim Snipper, Gordon Blonsky, Martin Leid, Greg Messigian. TOP ROW: Bill Strauss, tmanagert, Coach McKee, Bill Doyle, Dale Windrow, Joel Rosenbaum, Scott Purcell, Greg Sutherland, Honus Wagner, tmanagert. J-V BASKETBALL In the 1962-63 season, Grant produced its first championship Junior Varsity team. In contrast with last year's team, it was well experienced and had good depth. East Valley League Player of the Year, Rich Rosenthal, led the team while breaking every Grant JV basketball record. AIl-East Valley players, Joel Rosen- baum and Rick Podell, and Honorable Mention Scott Purcell were most instrumental in the earning of the championship. These league champs should provide high hopes for a good varsity next year. Who's got the ball? Rich Rosenthal 'I 04 PIayer-of-the-Year THE BEE TEAM BEE BASKETBALL BOTTOM ROW, L-R: McBride, Mgr.; Tarne, Mayer, Bomberg, LiMIefieId, Ozar, Campbell, Mgr. TOP ROW: Coach Hubbard, Finer, Astor, Cole, Bracken, Snow, Eaker. In a year which Coach Hubbard called "One of he most successful in Grant's history," the Bee team won the East Valley trophy for the second straight season. Led by AIl-Leugue Rick Mayer plus Honorable Mention choices Alan Snow, Larry Finer, Eric Brockef, and Jerry Cole, the Bee's record was 10-2. Another lwo-poinler? 1 05 What next? THE CEE TEAM CEE BASKETBALL BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Wolfe, LeWinter, Malkin, Zwerlien, Wynholds, Lamke, Lin- son, Bromberg. TOP ROW: Couch Hub- bard, Halpern, Gottfried, Wickern, Weiss, Tempkin, Root, London, Mgr. A strong second in the East Valley League, the Cee W team finished with a 9-3 record, behind San Fernando. L e L Outstanding players were All-League guard Jeff Le- Ninter, Mike Zwerlien, and Bruce Tempkin. a , We get two! n WW t :1 , 9 ij Evading the enemy! 106 SEASON REVIEW .mya. Cheers, Cheers! Two points on the way. Will he make if? Coach McKee plans lhe attack. 107 SPRING SPORTS VARSITY TRACK BOTTOM ROW, L-R: K. Weiskopf, H. Chunlz, J. Allen, S. Lieberman, J. Stone, M. Gordon. ROW 2: W. Klugman, D. Linlefield, N. Kopyn, T. Cheever, B. Becker, M. Characky, D. Sloan, B. Ouley. ROW 3: Coach Sanders, J. Knapp, P. Price, 8. BaHersby, D. Albright, J. Steiner, R. Markman, J. Williams, T4 Mitchell. TOP ROW: A. Macenski, J. Luber, F. Reich, G. James, J. Wright, D.Purkhursl, J. Monf- gomery, P. Arroyo. VARSITY TRACK Coach Sanders' and Coach Johnson's 1963 Varsity frock Team has provided us with many exciting moments. On our team are many of the Leaguehs finest athlefes. These include Pete Price, Terry Cheever, and Dave Albright. Other out- standing members of the team are Bob Becker, Steve Collins, Sfeve Lieberman, Dennis Parkhursf, Fred Reich, John Luber, and John Steiner. Our two top sprinters will be returning next year; however, most of the team are seniors. Already puffing forth many fine showings, the Team will continue to represent Grant wifh other outstanding performances. 109 A final lunge by Becker. The winning Cheever stride. Steiner and Reich show their form. ., 7M. ,wwgwwuw Up and over with Albright. Collins lets one fly. Klugman soars! The baton changes hands. "B" TRACK BOTTOM ROW, L-R: J. Smith, J. Glade, E. Schiff, P. Feldman, H. Kay, P. Beress. ROW 2: Coach Sanders, F. Morse, M. Tame, R. Knight, D. McFadden, M. Burge, F. Scobie, H. Fremer, S. Rander, Coach Johnson. ROW 3: J. Robbins, D. Warmee, G. Stigtile, C. Taylor, P. Zabarsky, G. Stigile, A. Raff, P. Tiffany, M. DeAngelis. TOP ROW: D. Bruce, M. Peplow, S. Wilcomb, M. Hymanson, B. Garcia, B. Grassi, G. Litvinoff, J. Makowski, B. Temkin, H. Levy, L. Horvitz. "B" TRACK A determined, hurd-working ttBh team faced strong East Valley competition all season. Although the team as a whole was not Up among the leaders of the league, we saw many fine performers. Larry Sweetland led the team along with Phil Zabarsky, John Smith, Howard Levy, and the Stigile brothers. 112 A close race far Sweelland. Ed Schiff and Mike Tarne in ha 220. An exciting 660 finish. nC" TRACK BOTTOM ROW, L-R: S. Hurabediun, M. Frug, S. Kur- zius, J. Garfield, T. Mclntyer, M. Levilan, A. Korse, D. Boles. ROW 2-. Coach Sanders, F. Tapper, M. Rose, D. Finslad, M. Morey, A. Denes, E. Linkmeyer, D. Carrasco, D. May, Coach Johnson. ROW 3: J. lu- Win're, J. Minion, M. Schwartz, R. Greenberg, R. Kenyon, P. Tame, T. Bernard, B. Blue, B. Zitkovich. TOP ROW: T. Heiden, J. House, 6. Lamke, J. Koch, D. Birnbuum, J. Weiss, N. Vogel, B. Frye, R. Murkey, P. Hoffman. HC" TRACK Grant's C" track teams are always strong East Valley League competitors and the 1963 team continues in this tradition. Leading the team in its victories were Ron Kenyon, Marc Leviton, Frank Tepper, Duane Finstad, Danny May, Norm Vogel, and Mike Rose. The many fine showings this year provide fine hopes for Grant's track future. 114 Rick Greenberg waits for the gun. Pete Tame sprints lo a victory. John Smith in Qhe I320. On your marks! VARSITY BASEBALL BOTTOM ROW, L-R: D. Wheeler, mgr., A. Mieren, R. McMackin, R. Amezola, D. Gross, G. Shaver, J. Penflund, W. Levanlhol, L. Buss, mgr. TOP ROW: P. Knox, B. Samuel, T. Barker, T. Grifin, 5. Klein, P. Hasselbach, P. Bruder, J. Schroeder, B. Mcleod, Coach Gordon. A meeHng at the mound. H6 VARSITY BASEBALL With the best pitching staff in the League and a strong offense, Grant's 1963 Varsity baseball team is again one of the strongest con- tenders for the championship. Jeff Pentland and John Schroeder, both iuniors, have shut out many of the opposing teams with their fine pitching. Rick Amezola and Greg Shaver, seniors, and Ben Samuel and Rom McMackin, iuniors, lead our team's aggressive offense and hard- playing defense. Composed of many outstanding iuniors, Coach Gordon's Varsity baseball team will next year again be strong in the East Valley League. Fire-ball coming! 1 I x g WI : A glove-man at work Wham! Up and out! Digging in I I7 V8 lbtAuW 17f J-V BASEBALL BOTTOM ROW, L-R: D. Weiss, D. Epstein, G. Brown, P. Griggs, R. Raffa, D. Greene, A. Go"- fried, B. Carr, J. Marino, R. Spence, l. Heringmun, R. Bears. TOP ROW: D. Rosen, D. McCorkIe, D. Parkhursi, R. Nathanson, P. Bernstein, B. O'Hara, S. Purcell, A. Wishnow, D. Sfukes, J. Euker, G. MucKenzie, D. Eisman, Couch Pinkston. Purcell coming through 118 J-V BASEBALL The new Junior Varsity baseball coach, Mr. Paf Pinksfon, with a Talented and well balanced team, has hopes of enough vic- tories to clinch the East Valley title. Fine pitching from Scott Purcell, consistent hit- ting from Paul Bernstein, and all around strong team play assures a successful season. Where did it go? 52 $5; 1 v w?! I s. K I 2.3: .44 d? w x . . ???Vat v 53 Did he or did he not? Practice makes perfect VARSITY TENNIS BOTTOM ROW, L-R: D. Leviloff, A. Hertz, R. Mayer, S. Silvern, E. Merill, B. Kcssel, R. 1 Bernstein. TOP ROW: Coach Nemiroff, J. Malcolm, E. Wolfe, R. Walker, 5. Elliot, E. Shapiro, H. Resnick, S. Mezey. Some of our . . . J-V TENNIS BOTTOM ROW, L-R: S. Joyner, H, Schwartz, N. Millard, B. Risberg, W- Ravven. TOP ROW: D. Steil, D. Salzmun, G. Halley, B. McRea, R. Danckwerth, Coach Nemiroff. TENNIS Improving with each match, the Grant netters were determined to make another good showing in a strong league. Silvern, Mayer, Hertz, Mezey, Leviloff, as well as the rest of the players, continue the tradition of excellent Lancer tennis teams. i rm; WM" uwwmm Wm , . . . lancer net-men show their form vawwwww W' W" 7V GOLF Led by the veteran Winston, our golfers have been close to the top of the league all season. And with many members of the squad shooting in the low 70's, our prospects for next season look equally good. GOLF BOTTOM ROW, L-R: G. Chase, N. Kutz, R. Mandel, J. Goodman, M. Price. TOP ROW: M. Feldman, R. Winston, B. Glichfeld, C. Kunze, R. Peter. GYMNASTICS BOTTOM ROW, L-R: R. McCarthy, D. Warren, G. Davidson, S. Chavez, .l. Tumborello, B. Korechoff. ROW 2: G. Diamond, M. Comstock, B. Smith, R. Halpern, R. Steven, M. Young, G. Thompson, D. Quuschnik, L. Pacheco, S. Reiss, Coach McKee. ROW 3: D. Eaton, N. Boucher, R. Ruff, H. Wettl, G. Nelson, 5. Rozuy, D. DePue, C. Smith, 3. Stephens, A. Battle, R. Meyen. TOP ROW: H. Wagner, Mgr., T. Brown, E. Seltzer, B. Roberts, D. Ma, G. Bar- chart, G. Lombardi, D. Connelly, R. Stone, D. Pisareau, 8. Weight, D. McMenomin, R. Bowsmun. GYMNASTICS The 1963 Gymnastics team, with many impressive meets behind them, has valid hopes for the East Valley League Championship. Leading the team is two-yeor City competitor Darryl DePue, participating in tumbling, free HX", the high bar, parallel bars, and long horse. Larry Pacheco heads our fine rope climbers. Gary Thompson and Craig Smith are on the rings, Rich Halpern, long horse, and Henry Wettyt, Mike Young, and Rich Steven, sidehorse. Gary Diamond in 5 events leads the 10th graders, giving the team depth. With a combination of t outstanding seniors, juniors, and 10th graders, Coach L , McKee's team will continue to be a strong contender in . 2 ?:Ei I r: the Valley as well as in the City. I ; Our top rope-climbers 122 ...ishow... ...wewin... 123 SWIMMING t VARSITY BOTTOM ROW, L-R: P. Mitgrom, Man, J. Tinius, B. Edwards, 3. Gratt, J. Levine, E. Lackey, R. Rouse, L. Val. TOP ROW: 5. Stinson, J. Spicer, G. Riesen, E. Goodfield, B. Oblath, D. Hanson, M. Rosemun, Mgr., Couch Hubbard. SWIMMING Coach Hubbard's 'tfin-men" are in a good position to sweep all three league titles this season. Strong perform- ances in Varsity, HB," and ttC" competition have established the Lancer swim teams as a leading power in the Valley. Some of . . . . our leading . . . I24 SWIMMING "BEE" BOTTOM ROW, L-R: J. Curley, T. Shuberf, G. Diamond, V. DeMuneg, M. Lieberman, 5. Free- man, M. Hong, R. Gayler, P. Rinehart. TOP ROW Coach Hubbard, B. Berkowitz, G. Ben Sussen, J. Folick, B. Myers, R. Battle", 5. Tutor, J. Dixon. . . . swimmers . . . . in action SWIMMING "CEE" BOTTOM ROW, L-R: B. Downey, l. Campbell, B. GoMlieb, R. Fishman, L. Sadia, G. Mulkin. TOP ROW: 5. Goldman, N. Handel, 5. Cody, S. Cruz, J. Becker, Couch Hubbard. 125 Winning teams in the Dads and Daughters Dinner dance contest. Drama class performances during the Shakespeare Assembly. i g g i EPHEBIANS 5'63 Ray Applebaum Rick Deuel Jerry Fee Mike Halpern Wendy Ion Clara Karnbach Ken Krich Nora Lesser Harriet Leva Kafhy Orloff Jan Patterson Cathy Roe Marsha Robbins Judy Simon Rhea Wilson Hans Wynholds KIWANIS AWARD Jerry Fee Jan Patterson 127 WINTER STAFF TOP ROW, L-R: Pete Giannini, Tom Grafioffori, Don Fox, Larry Rice, Bob Cohen, Bruce Mirovich, Bill Strauss, Mr. Menkin. BOTTOM ROW: Dale Green, Shelley Pronk, Carol Hornbecker, Sharyn Taylor, Sharon Udkoff, Ben Uram, Jan Sussman, Randi Soloff, Lorraine Shomer. SPRING STAFF TOP ROW, L-R: Larry Grenville, Karen Thomas, Carlene Knezevich, Rich Schor, Les'er Solomon. BOTTOM ROW: Larry Rice, Sharon Udkoff, Guyla Rabin, Lorraine Shomer, Barbara Fine, Caren Galpern, Shelley Pronk, Dennis Reed. 128 "SHIELD" STAFF EDITOR: Sharon Udkoff ASSISTANT EDITORS: Ben Uram and Carlene Knezevich SPORTS: Rich Klein, Steve Lieberman, Bill Strauss. ART: Steve Lieberman MUSIC: Pete Giannini and Carlene Knezevich SENIORS: Lorraine Shomer, Shelley Pronk, Jan Sussmun, Randi Soloff G.A.A.: Carol Hornbecker CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS: Pete Giannini and Carlene Knezevich STUDENT BODY: Barbara Fine, Lester Solomon, Goyla Rabin, Caren Galpern, Karen Thomas. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Larry Grenville, Roger Gruen, Bruce Mirovich, Dennis Reed, Rich Schor, John Tanner. Special thanks to White's Studios and Mirro- Grophic Yearbooks. STUDENT-BODY 129 B-12 DARDANIANS SENIOR "B" STEERING COMMITTEE 8-12 OFFICERS ROW 1, LR: Peggy Burbank, Treas.; Lynda Bush, L-R: Peggy Burbank, Treas.; Michele Jeffery, Sea; Sue Fugo, V- Hist; Sue Fago, V-Pres.; Michele Jeffery, Sec. ROW Pres.; Lynda Bush, Historian. 2: Calhy Forbriger, Lune Weiheruld, Dale Dodge, Bob Plann, Jenny Larvick. ROW 3: Lanny Kaufer, Jerry Drucker, Rich Colman, Don Heist. Helen Abeles Robert Altagen Bob Arellano Linda Arrico Pauline Baiz D. Beachum Bob Becker M. Bernslein P. Bernstein P. Bernstein D. Birnerant Joe Bloomer D. Boorslein Torn Bowles LIA '"1 Susan Briggs Edyna Brodsky lorry Brown Bill Combs Iris Corwin Diana Delu Sam Diamond John Debbie Dale Dodge Jerry Drucker Bill Edwards Harold Ehrlich Fran Ellis 130 linda Ellis Judy Franklin John GiccaHi Ina Grossman Sieve Gulko R 3 x11! . ,1 A? . , V , . , Chuck Hall Don Heis! F. Handler K. HibbiHs C. Hollander Paul llsley Devra lssermun M. Jeffery B. Kurlton Leo Karppinen Lanny Kuufar Dave Kelsey Esther Kerbes Sandi Knifke C. Kochsmeier Ron Luuces Howard Lusher Henry Kraft Elaine Kraus Steve Krause Jenny M. Messelh G. Messigian R. Muzinger V. Mitchell Rick Mogil D. Monagle Sue Nasi Grog Nelson An Nuwmun Larry Novck Mark Panitch Jack Peurlman M. Peckell Bob Plunn Bunny Press Carole Rowen Sandra Reader Neil Roichline Gail Runick 1 31 Lynn RingueHe R. P. Ross Ron Ruff Gail Rutmun Steve Scharf Ed Schifi QA; I Donna Surhove Elissa Sway mm Sanders Sharon Segel Marge Thomas Cumea Taller Pat Tennis Viv, a J res ' V ; w: w.'. 9x 5', vi: " , .03" Paul Tiffany Many Topper Jim Vaughn R. Winston L. Welheruld Po- .1", . Bill Wilkman Susi Woolley Karol Wilson J. Weingarien Neal Weisbly Steve Weisberg Bob Woods R. Weinberger Cafhy Young Sun Zweig 1 32 .Rm Moluzoff x. L J was. w ,.. A Cheryl Abbey Susanne Abel Mike Adler Marc Aronson Barry Axelrod George Batu Roger Boers M. Baigal C. Beecroft Karen Bender Wayne Bennett Gale Bensussen C. Benlley Nancy Bentley Nancy Bercu Rick Bemm Paul Beress Marcia Berman A. Bernstein T. Berryman Steve Bendes Alan Bills Edward Binder Gloria Blonsky G. Blonsky Sharon Bloom Jeri Blurn Sharon Bone R. Bon'erns Phil Boodman ,4 Ah 3, M. Bormasfer Jack Bowman Nancy Bowman Gwen Boyd 5. Jo Boysen Janice Brager Suzun Bray louise Bremer Sue Bronn Neil Brody M. Brons'ein Monte Brooks Mike Brophy M. Brothers Carol Brown La Verne Brown Bob Brownell Steve Browning David Bryan? Bob E. Buch 133 Larry Caris Dale Cass L. Castellucci Rick Cafhoway Barbara Cation E. Cervantes Mike Characky Jeff Charlson Lynn Chosen R. Christensen C. Christie Bob Cohen Ira Coleman 3. Colglazier Bob Camden M. Sue Candi! Carol Cook Norm Cooper Bonnie Coral Mike Craviiz Jim Crawford Liz Crawford Bonnie Creed Don Crenshaw Terry Crissey lon Cross Chris Crossley John Crum Jack Curley louiso Curry Dana Curfin Austin Duch .l. Davenport Janet Dawson 8. DeGaorge C. DelBeafo Arnold Den Bruce D'Errico Toni DeWaal Barbara Dexter Bill Dixon Phil Donabed N. Donahey A. Douglas Bill Doyle M. Draimin H. Ducker Gene Dunning Lee Durr Darrel Ewan C. Edwards N. Eisaman P. Eisenberg Don Eismun Steve Elliot Gay Ellis A1 Ricki Ellis Ed Emerick Lois Epsiein Dennis Erlich Alan Esies Susan Esiin Bridget Ezell Benny Faucet! Darlene Feasel Tom Foo S. Feinsinger Trudi Ferguson Karen Ferris Barbara Fine Lorry Finer Virginia Fink R. Fishman Ginny Finn: L. Fitzgerrell B. Forthal Cynthia Foster Lisa Foster Susan Foster les Frank ,.Wf; Marty Frank Mike Frankel Sieve Franklin Clifford Fraser Mike Fraynd Steven Fredman H. Friedlander Sue Fri -' Marc Gumson Tim Gansko Karen Gardner Mario Gardner Joel Garfield Ralph Gayler Eric Gelber Maggi Gelman Dan Gerber Paul Gerber Grant Gayer Pele Giannini Mike Gibbons Glenn Gilman M. Giov-un Mike Giovan R. Goddard A. Goldberg Lee Goldberg M. Goldberg Richard Golden C. Goldman K. Goldslein M. Goldstein Gay Gamer Ida Goodfield Barry Gordon Jim Gordon M. Gorowitz Michael Grab" Susan Gmf Ron Graslrom Tom GronufioriAnn Greenberg R. Greenberg G. Greenspan Kim Gregory E. Griese Maxine Gross Susan Gross C. Grossman Fran Grossman S. Grossman Mike Gmener Judy Gunde B. Halpern Jeff Halter Rusty Hama'i I35 Jeff Hamelau D. Hamilton 5. Hamilfun Steve Handler Mike Hansen M. Hansen Pam Harris David Harte Nancy Hawkins Dan Haynes Cindy Heiden Kenny Heier A. Heinowiiz E. Hellerstein Una Hermann Allen Hertz J. Heifbrink Jim Hill R. Hillermann John Hinton Ann Hirsch George Hirsch Kay Hodges Laura Hoffman Lee Hoffman k, J. Horowitz Louie Horvitx Della Hoskins Helen Hoy! Sandy Hunt Leslie Hyman Barbara lnsley Paul Israel Barry Ives Bill Jackson :IMR .- 4 E. Jacobson M. Jacobson Joanie Jampel G. Jankay Ed Jewe" C. Johannes Jeri Johnson Judy Joiner William Jones Steve Josse J. Kabukoff Roselyn Kaciff Leigh Kahun Mickey Kulish Lois Kaplan Martha Kaplun Larry Kurns Tony Karo Bruce Kussel Linnea Kan Norman Kalz Doug Kauman Howard Kay Sheldon Kay Suzi Kaye Judy Kuzerman Ronald Kecting Pal Kelly - a 5 . . Allen Kelmun Paul Kelson Linda Kemper Ron Kenyon Ronald Kerbes Duny Kesieloo! Bob Kilpatrick Geri King Rick Kleimgn Bob Kline A236: 7 L 3?- Ellen Klein Jim Klein Helene Klevs Steven Knapp C. Knezevich Charlotte Knoll Dave Knox B. Knudsen C. Knutson James Koehn Terry Kohl Penny Kondos Bob Korechoff Sarilyn Koren R. Korthoff Jim Kosilchek Maria Kovacs Les Kragen Nanci Kramer Ron Kruvifz Perry Kressh Curt Krelchman Kathi Krouse Rich Kurkiian R. Kurzenberger Edward Lackey Clare Lake Nule Lam Slave Lane Rick Lange S. Lungenberg P. Lapmus Bryan Larson Leslie Larson D. Lashever Merle Lashever Marry Lusker Diane Laurie w $3 , Nu, Judy Luvell Jackie Lear Tom Leigh Linda Leiter Dena Lekas Chuck Leonard Penny Leopold Larry Lepow W. Leven'hal Dennis Leviloff G. Lieberman 5. Lieberman J. Lieboni'z Carol Linden Steve Lipton John Logan' Murc Levilan Gail lewis Barry London Sandee Lonien Andrew Lowe John Luber Mariane Lubra Frances Lukas C. Luscombe Howard Lyons Russ Lyons J. McAllisIer MK Kathy McQuinn Bob Mabel Pol McCall Ron McCarthy 5. McDorman Pat McDuell H. McGarrahun J. McLaughlin Ron McMuckin A. McPhee WW 1 LL A 15kg V 'il'? Sharron Manns M. Mardirossian Jack Marine g Olivia Markin Carol Marko Shirley Marks B. Marshall Paul Mason Richard Mayer Syd Mayer Randi Medull Jim Meier Ed Merrill Ralph Meyen Steve Mezey Al Mieren Louis Mikila Nancy Miller Peggy Miller Phyllis Miller Scott Miller B. Minghini Pam Moell Richard Moffie S. Mondheim Bob Monico Jim Moore Kris Moore Sandi Moore Sam Morabifo Jim Morell Mike Morey Karen Morgan G. Morrow Lynn Muir Heather Nagel B. Naiditch J. Nathan 1 Jim Nolan Robert Oblalh Lin Oliver J. Oslrowsky Donna Palmer Smurf Pase D. Pallerson Marlena Pecel Lynda Pedersen Jack Peal Jeff Peniland Roberl pug: ix nxk Egg ; Ea Paul Peters N. Peterson Mal Pfefer Alan Phillips M. Phillips David Pisurev H. Poin'ar Eileen Polan Bill Polansky 138 R. Popiel Pal Potter Sue Foiler Greg Poulsey Sco" Purcell Kathy Ouigley Randy Rackin B. Radsfone L. Randuzzo Darryl Rana Mike Rankin f: x i? "h S. Ruppaport L. Rawlinson J. Reasoner Tim Reed Dave Reicher Saul Reiss Linda Reiiman Hal Reznick W. Richards Gary Rioson A x 3 lee Ringuette Dun Roach Barry Rubens Bobbi Roberts Slevi Rodin Hurlene Roen Don Rosen Joan Rosen J. Rosenbaum Jill Rosenberg R. Rosen'hul Barbara Ross Judy Ross Robert Ross T. Rothenbach Sam Rosay M. Rubinfeld Dennis Rudge Es'ellu Rush Jo Ann Ruskin Michael Ryan Paul Safran Mary Sainz Livia Salomon linda Summons G. Sampson Bennv Samuel D. Sanders Ron Sandler Valerie Surver Susan Saxe C. Schaeffer S. Schafer H. Schlosberg W. Schoenbrun Rich Schor Suzi Schreiber Karen Schubert S. Schumack D. Schumaker A. Schusler Jill Schuyler Sieve Schwcnm M. Schwarlze Kirt Sechooler Renie Seid Merryll Seigel Brian Sellers Jerrell Selner C. Selznick Dana Senil Alex Sevanian Nancy Sexson Cathy Shufton M. Shame: Judy Shapiro Sandy Shaw Judy Shanon 139 Eric Sherman Jim Sherwood Dave Shilmun Mike Shipley Ron Shriver N. Shuben Miki Shulman M. Shvarizmun Ken Sigul John Silver Q 5. Silver Gail Silverman Judy Simle Jim Simonds Tom Simonian Carl Sipofs Sharon Siry Bob Skaff Linda Sklov luura Skoller JVHQ 5 Terrie Sladnick Nancy Slavin Mike Slawson Marc Sloan Dennis Sloan Jackie Slofsky Dan Smith Gary Smith Gregg Smith Jean Smith r 3 4k Q $35 hm; . A .. A , . John Smith Lenny Smiih Penny Smith Phyllis Smith Allan Snow Cheryl Snyder Judi Snyder R. Sorenson Linda Sorvino ,5: ,u" :9! Ronnie Spence R. Slambul Sue Slarbird Carole SIein Laura Stein Rick Stein ; L 14! t Randy Sultan Furry! Suplin XXVI AyiA , Slave Suplin M. Suprenan' Louis Sussman A r; , Nanci Swift Nancy Swope Kip Tagger! Gary Suiler Rue SuHon L. Sweelland L -3 v I a r J. Tamborello S. Tunenbaum J. Tannenbaum Patrick Teague Kitty Teller Bruce Temkin 140 x Jeffry Temkin Lila Terry Alan Tesler M. Thomas Arlene Turk Iarburu Turnar Wayne Thomas Gail Throop Carol Toppins Gary Treece Denise Trelun Gloria Troinoff Pat Trueman Jo Ellen Tullis r e 44-x Bob Turner S. Turofskv Ronald Udkoff Ida Ullou Jim UIz Dale Vance Tina Velpoux Tom Vergne Paul Volchok lorry Wuilsman 2 Kathy Wulberf Rab Walker J. Wallerslein Worchowsky a $1,; 9 Henry WeHI B. Wheeler Linda Whitaker Jud Whyle C. Wildman Don Wilkins C. Williams Jeff Williams Linda Williams M. Williams Ina Win D. Windrow B. Winegardner Alan Wishnow G. W R. Woollen .3 . I Larry Wright Valerie Wrighl Lauree Yale Barbara Young Cynthia Young Carolyn Youni Lynne Zamsky Ellen Zarsky Bill Zeko Arthur Zierold Fredda Zucker 141 B- 1 1 S G. Aarnaes Alan Alpert Phyllis Aquila Lynn Aron Jay Astor Bill Baker Bruce Barth m Bruce Burthol Ray Barrley Paula Baxley Michael Bethal Carolyn Berg Janie Bergman Gary Bernard ; A n i "5,4: Steven Black R. Bloksburg Alex Bloom Rick Borin Chris Bowles Craig Brendon Lynne Brown J. Brockman Dean Bruce Mike Bryan Sue Burl E. Calmenson Sherry Caplun John Cherep Roz Chersky Lynne Cocheni Rhoda Cohen Mendie Cohn Shphon Colo Judy Collins 5. Crane Mary Craven Sieve Crons Bill Culver Drew Daniels Robert Darnell Bill Davis Michele Davis Judy Dngolman Jackie Diver Vince Dornisch J. Dungan Mike Durst Caryl Dyberg John Eaker Bob Edmund Jerry Eklm Maureen FeeleyRoberl Feldman Mike Fields Jill Fine Al Fischem Belle Fruckl lloyd Frodkln Dlano Friedman Rebecca Furgol Elaine Gale Al Gardner Melinda Garner Laura Garvey 142 C. Goodman Stun Gulch Deedee Gould Jane! Govenur Joe Grande Randy Green Ira Greenberg Richard Greene Dave Gross Judy Grubmun B. Gutmcn Harold Hall Rick Halpern 1g 2. John Hancock Bob Hansen Elaine Harris Pam Hawley Ken Healing Sue Helgeson M. Hoffman Peter Hoffman Barri Holhian Linda Howie Sherry Hoyt Ron Hamburg John Hunt Gale Jaffee Greg James Alan Jampol Paul Junke Doreen Karp Carol Kaufman Bill Kelley Kerry Kerwin Renie Kimel Marilyn Klein Ann Klippel Lila Krowech Norm Kulla Lynn Lundman Greg Leidig Jerome levin Judy Levine Linda Levine Marlene Levin Jeff Lewinter J. McKennon Jim Nielsen Sue Oberstar Tim O'Donnell Judy Ofslein Susan Olds Lynne Ostroff J. Oversfreel D. Penfield Carolyn Rabin Steve Render Martin Reed Put Reed M. Reinman John Robbins N. Robertson R. Rosenbla" R. Rosenthal Judy Rosen Diane Rossman Sue Rofhman 143 'LIIFSVXNV Lois Sahl AI Salvage l. Sarkesiun J. Schroeder M. Schwum Crystal Seger Eddie Seltzer Rik: Serota Sieve Shepard Sid Shniad Sue Shock Bonnie Simon Robert Simon gs; Janet Skuro Bev Silversmith Jocarole Smith Kathy Sobel Jerri Sober Linda Solomon Cindy Stephen Rich Sieven George Sfigilo Gerald S'igila S. Tahmizian Karen Thomas J. Thompson L. Tiffany Sue Tiffany Tony Totten Jim Volun Keith Wahl Ken Walker Barbara Ward R. Warrick Bob Webb S. Weisberg Larry Weisel Lynn While Jerry Whinon Jim Wilhife Liza Wilkie C. Wiliamson L. Wlliumson S. Yellin Mike Young Pam Young John Zemansky Mike Zwirlein 1 44 Phil Aidikoff D. Albright Jeri Amber Debbi Asdel Becky Baeza Susan Bugford Diane Buiro Holly Baker Laurette Ball Mike Balter B. Barabash S. Bardwell B. Barowilz A4 4 ' x ii? .V ' .fk Donna Barthol Rick Bartlett Bill Bartling laurie Basile Jay Bauer Barry Bauling Leslie Bayard C. Beaufail Jon Becker Pummee Becker Linda Beer E. Belanger Christine Bell Jim Beller Ruth Bellin Pam Benham Steffi Berg S. Bloksberg Brian Blue Robert Blum S. Blumberg W. Blumenfeld J. Blumenthul Bev Bockhaus Bruce Boehner K. Bohnsuck Richard Bokal Dale Bales G. Borchari Vivian Boucher R. Bowsman Rich Boyd Janie Bozian U. Braegger linda Bramy Mack Brenner Jim Bron? 145 Sieve Brody D. Bromberg P. Brown Linda Bruce Donna Bryan Ken Bryant B. Budish Toni Buis Michael Burge Tina Burns Pete Burro Sleve Cady Caplan Pat Carey David Carlson Brenl Carr Dave Carrasco Lynda Carson Jody Champion P. Charleston Iris Chalzklin Sal Chavez Greg Cheever Lesli Chelsey Robert Chesler John Choate B. Chuddy Aleia Clark Bill Clark Diane Cletro Sue Coffin Jean Cohen Marvin Cohen Robert Cohen Laurel Cohn Pat Colburn James Coleman Cordi Coles Roberi Coliri Jim Colwell Kathy Cook Rober' Corff Marc Corfine raw R Michael Cunha John CuHer Barbara Dale Joanne Dale Ken Dale Judy Duly C. Damifz R. Danckwerfh Greg Davidson Jane Day M L M. de Angelis Mark Dearing Jerry Dents D. Dela Pena G. DeMichele V. DeMunck Andy Denes R. De Vicariis G. Diamond Wendy Diehl 146 Jennifer Diet: Evan Diner C. DiskunI Barbara Doran C. Dougheriy S. Douglas Rober' Downie Rose Drexler M. Ann Driskel J. Dubinsky Renee Du Casse Arlene Ducker Ellen Dulkin J. Duronsle! T. Easterday T. Edelberg Barry Edwards John Eger Ken Einstein Bill Eisen Bob Elson Greg Engel M. Engelien Don Epstein Bob Erickson K. Ericson Eric Essman Phil Estrin J; , : gags: Frank Enin Janet Evans Judy Evans Jean Evenson Cheryl Faber Teri Fallis Loren Farell Sumner Fein J. Feldman P. Feldman SuzeHe Ferte Rose Fesier Marilyn Field Wayne Fields Dave Fierman Rori Finder Paul Fine Raymond Fink D. Fishman Sherry Firm: 5. Fitzgerald Dennis Flinn Andy Fogliano Jeff Folick Garry Fordyce Larry Fordyce Bob Foss HiIIOI'Y FOX lru Fox Keith Fox Harold Frener Mike Fresco J. Friedman Susan Fromin S. Froscello Burnev Frve Debbie Ganz Robert Garcia Arthur Gardner D. Garofalo Alenn Gates ,1. Gemeson David Gill Marianne Gill D. Gillespie Cheryl Gilmore Mike Gillihan Dale Givner Robert Gldsser 147 B. Glickfeld Fred Goeringer Eileen Gold Marc Gold Susan Gold J. Goldberg S. Goldenberg J. Goldstein E. Goodman J. Goodman J. Goodman Elaine Gordon Marsha Gordon A. Gorman Al Gottfried Bob Golllieb S'eve Graham Bob Grassi Gail Grate Tammy Granon Linda Green J. Greenberg Don Greene W. Griffith Phillip Griggs M. Grinzeiger M. Gutierrez Hg Darlene Haber Ferne Habush Grant Halley H. Halpern Sara Hulpern Neal Handel Linda Hannah Dave Harbison Pal Harris Diane Han Alan Hartman Clark Hawley Janis Hearn Rober' Hein Robin He" L. Henchey L. Henderson J. Hendler Shelly Herson Barbara Hill Lyle Hill Linda Hoffman Bob Hogbin Barbara Holley Earl Holmbeck Renee Ho" A. Hollzman Mike Hong Carol Horbuck M. Horowitz Joel House Larry Howard D. Hughes Michael Hunler Jeff Hupperf Ellen Hurwitz Paul Hyman M. Hymunson D. lndelevsky Barbara Ingram Frank lnliso D. Jackson Toni Jackson J. Jacobius Allen Jacobs B. Jacobson Rita Jacoby liisa Jakonen 148 Chris Jensen N. Johnston Cynihia Jones Pam Jordan M. Josephson Sue Julian Ben Kalb R. Kallenbach Ann Kumln Andes Kane Judy Kanler Ken Kurlstad Mike Kurp A. Karppinen Sheila Kassan Ina Kan Larry Katz E. Kauman J. A. Kaufman Sherry Kayne Jim Keach Lauren Kean M. Kecskemethy G. Kennard Kulhy Kent Dell Kermun B. Kingston 3. Kirkpalrick P. Kirschenslein Gerri Kleber H. Kleirnan Phyllis Klein M. Kleinhall Mary Klinck Ken Kline Lorraine Klolz Steve Klugman Nancy Knaack Ronnie Knell Ron Knight J. Knowles A. Koehler Ediu Koller D. Kopeikin Bill Korbholz Dean Koropp Laurie Kosof K. Kruemer Robert Kramer TracY Kramer Ht" Myra Lariver Paul Lasker Jill Kraye Claudia Krich T. Krusiewicz Steve Kurzius Diane Lachman Bob Lamkin M. Landsberg B. Lavick B. lederman Judy Leff G. Leichman Val Leone Audie Leshner Roy Lesowiiz Jon Lester David Levi l Jeff Levine Lynda Levine Nancy Le Vine Marsha Levin Barbara Lewis Corky Lewis Henry Lieber M. Lieberman Bob light Diana Lilly 149 James Lindsey L ,J' xx 5. McKinnon C. Mammen Rick Marpet Nina Meerson Eileen Miller D. Mifrovich Nancy Marsden Gina T. Lindsey Ed Linkmeyer Lee Linson Bill Lipsher Barbara Litsky M. Lmenberg John Langley Al Lowenstein M. Lowenlhal ATM Lawrence Lus! Geri Lyons Mike McBride S. McIntyre Tom McIntyre Pam McKay Edi McKenny Don McKenzie W. McKinley Dale Mu Per Maaso Irene Mabel A. Mucenski G. Mackenzie R. Maiofis J. Makowski Sherie Malin Glenn Malkin Gary Mundell N. Mankofsky Sue Manning B. Maranz Allen Murder Mara Margolis Phill Mario" Lois Markley R. Marklin Maslow Mike Mathis Ron Maison J. MuNes L. Mallhews Dan May P. Mayors Bruce Mcduniel Bill Mellon Pal Mellxer Joyce Menges Sue Mennen Marc Merrick Duane Melcalfe Jane Meyer Pete Milgrom Neal Millard Lynne Miller Marcy Miller Robin Miller Shirley Miller R. Milliron John Minion les Mint! Torn Mitchell 5. Mikham IQ C. Mondheim Emmy Montoya Bari Morgan R. Morris 150 Fred Morse Sally Morse Jeff Moss Alan Mulmun N. Mursef J Rob Myers Sandy Nadler Joann Nanas Linda Nash Cuihy Nuson Bill Nathan R. Nathanson R. Needelman Bruce Nefl Mike Ness , ,. ML , Len Newman Bob Nicholson Joy Nicholson Diane Nilkin Robynn Nixon Dennis Nolan Terry Normand Ron Novick Harry Ober Mike Ogiens Bruce O'Hara Steve Oliver D. Olivieri Sharon Onik Mike Oshan Cue Paivu Mark Pallozk m '3F : Murdi Parent D. Parkhurst John Parkman Bill PaNerson Melody Paxton D. Pedersen Joe Pensanti R. Peppermcn Ann Perdue J. Persichino ;x 3. Peterson B. Pierce Flossie Pines Jim Pisler C. Powell Don Pritchard Francisco Puig IX 3'! Sue Rudovich Rocky Raffa Gene Runlunen Cindy Reed R. Reinhart Lisa Richner M. Rieger Pele Rinehun Barry Risberg a Gary Ritchie C. Robbins A. Roberts Robert Roberfs Rachel Robin Joan Robinson Bob Robles Penee Rodin David Rogers M. Rogers 9 Jean Roley Judy Romuni Garry Root Mike Rose Dan Rosen Mickey Rosen l. Rosenfeld Marilyn Rosow Mark Ross Martin Ross 151 Sharon Ross Roxanne Roler Susan Roth Joe! Roiman Jeffrey RoIkin Barbara Rubin Jeff Rubin Joan Rubin lorry Rubin LWMI , g Betty Rudser Cindy Rule Jim Ruse Myra Rylsis lorry Sackey Lee Sadia Jan Sadlo Oscar Salgudo Carol Sullo Marv Salsberg Mike Salxberg David Sulzmun Ellen Samuel: Jane Sandler AI Saner Peter Satin N. Saunders Dianne Saxon J. Scarborough A; ' 1132;, 1 . Gerrie Scheer Sid Schiff A. Schindler C. Schindler J. Schiro B. Schmidl L. Schneidermun K. Schnepple Sam Schorr Enid Schuiz ,mmW R. Schwudron E. Schwartz H. Schwartz Ron Schwartz S. Schwartz Vicki Seim Michael Selic laura Selwyn Paul Senfi Brian Serra Roberta Shafer Mary Shannon Caryn Shapiro Rilc Shapiro R. Shapiro ,mc dA1 A Stuart Shapiro Susan Shapiro Barbara Shaw .l. Sheufor Fran Shekfer Judy Shenkmun Evelyn Sherry Nancy Shipley Steve Shorr Harry Short ' "a Sieve Shrevo Tom Shubon M. Shulman Rex Sieferl Maureen Siegel Tamra Silver Sue Singer 5. Simmons Renneo Sklur Diane Smith 152 MM 1 lindu Smith Richard Smiih Sue Smith Jim Snipper S. Snitkoff Tracy Solomon 8. Soloski Steve Soskins Gary Spicer Linda Spiegl Debbie Spitz Carolyn Sfuhl Marilyn Slahl Pam Stark Joyce Sleckler Terry Slegner Bob Stein Melanie Stein Peggy Steiner R. Sleinhardt S. Steinhordl Calhy Stevens Rich Stevens Zellu Slinson Durline Stokes Patricia Stoliur Lynn Slonc Mark Ston- Ray Stone Robert Stone Tina Slopeck M. Strassman Bobbie Straus Derrell Slokes G. Sutherland P. Sutherland Mike Tame Pu. Tam. G. Tatone Steve Tutor larry Taylor Frank Tepper V. Thucker Jeri Thompson Linda Trupp John Trask l. Tuborman W. Ulrich S. Valentino P. Vanlon Sonia Von": M. Vickler Vince Vitals E. V. Gmmbkow Bob Wochbri' Harold Wadlu N. Wagoner J. Waldman S. Walker Billie Wallace Sandi Wallace Vicki Ward D. Warren S. Wassermun Dave Walton M. Wuymln Andes Weilar Alan N. WeinerAlan S. Weiner L. Weinstein A. Weisbrof F. Weisman Chel'Yl Weiss ' J9" Weiss Rich Weiss 5' Wolllnglon 153 C. Wes'rick B. Wheatley W. Wickern waiqg R. Wiechman Sieve Wilcomb Linda Wilson Tom Wilson Sieve Winard Richard Wi" 1E, Erwin Wolf Tory Wolfe James Wrighl H. Wynholds Sandy Yops C. Younglove P. Zabursky Elaine Zulkin M. Zasluv S. Zimmerman Chris Ziielman S. Zogrufus 154 Alex Aberborn Vida Abrams Susan Adler B- 1 O s S. Alevizos 5. Alexander M. Andrade Sieve Aneur Bill Arkin David Buiz Eileen Baron K. Barton Ed Baxter R. Beilharz Candy Bell Ron Bennen Richard Berg P. Bernstein Brenda Bem Sue Bite J. Bilezikiian D. Birnbaum D. Blefferman Sue Bloom Barbara Bond Beny Bond Carol Border Jerry Bout Sue Bowman 5. M. Bowman Doug Brahm Bruce Brewer E. Bronslon Vicki Brooks liz Brotman Gary Brown M. Brown Jan Bunch S. Burbune John Burns" Randy Cooper Steve Craig Bill Crow Cindy Crystal D. Cummings Celia Curlis Lynn De Smith E. Deulchman Fran Deutsch B. Diamond Linda Dlomer Ken Digncrd Jan Dixon A. Donchiun B. Doremun Care Doss Leon DuCasse C. Dwoskin Stun Edwards Carol Edmund 155 Gloria Elias Larry Elins E. Enlenmann Bob Esther M. Feldmun Arlene Ferm M. Figofen Sue Fink Hurry Fischer Sieve Fischer Tom Fisher Jeff Fisk Paul Fisk. Joyce Fire Bill Fowler D. Franklin Cindy Frazin If; B. Freedman T. Freedman Ellen Friedman R. Friedman Masha Friend Mike Frug Sue Fulcher Abby Furgol Karen Gardens Skip Garvin aw 0'" . R. Ginsburg M. Goldberg E. Goldsmith R. Goldstein Sue Goldstein Suzl Goodman Cheryl Gordon Jill Greenberg Nancy Greene Dave Grey Barbara Griese Tom Griffin Mike Gross Martha Guest L. Halulian Ron Halper Pal Hamilton J. Harding John Healey Chrisline Hegel Ira Heringmun Gary Herman M. Herzberg Sieve Heu Mike Hill Sue Hirsch Neil Hiss Perry Hoffman Geoff Hull 5. Horoszxu John Hurley M. Jacobson M. Jacobson A. Jucoby Elaine Junnis Marsha Joyner S. Joyner L. Juhnke M. Kamln: Ruben Kunter 1 56 Ann Kai: Mel Kaye Kathi Kelly Sieve King K. Kinkle Larry Kim: M. Klotzman Dick Knapp Sheila Kodimer Lou Koehler ...A Linda Korber Arihur Korse Jeanne Kravitx Sharon Krevitz Andrea Krusoe Ina Kurland Jim Kurkoske Ginni Kurtzweil 1 Larry Kush William Lackey Nancy Lusky Mark Lebovitz Nancy Lent Stan Levy Ann Lifvinoff Greg Lilvinoff Linda lifvinoff Sue Laue ; . . L h . M. lowenslein B. Luckerman Bob Malone Richard Mandel Nancy Manes H. Murcovikh Sieve Murkman Bill Marks Ron Mason Bruce Mutlaf P. Mindlin Brooks Miser Helena Mitchell Kim Moore Judy Moss Larry Moss J. Mueller Diane Nace Tonv Naloli lvnn Neisler mgaw My 79-- g.,w R. Neustaedter M. Newmeyer Furley Noel Jenny Norman Kathy O'Day Marc Okrund Ilene Olshen Todd Owens Pat Patton Mike Peplow David Perren John Peters Terry Penom Rizh Pfeffer Marc Plan Sheila Polisky MelleHe Pollack Lory Poller 157 B. Paulson Bernie Poster Steve Ribnick R. Rosenkiur R. Sagermun Lynn Segal Sieve Silver R. Spiegel Sue Stocking Pam Poulsen D. Richards Doris Rosner B. Samuelson Allen Selner 3. Simmons Reeve Stacy Riki Sione larry Price Debby Richman Arlene Ross Jim SauIer Wayne Serin Janie Singmun A. Stanton J. Sugarman A. Rabnowitz T. Rabinowitz mt Shari Robles Sally Rogers Lynda Ross Don Rossl Bari Jo Suxe Leslie Schermer Fred Sistilli Dolly Sklar Debbie Stark Wes Sumner Dick Suzar 158 Wally Ravven N. Razanski Jim Read 5. Redstone Richard Rose Steve Roseman P. Rosenblum S. Rosenblum Lynn Roth T. Rothschild J. Rowland Kitten Ruehl G. Schiavelli B. Schneiderman J. Schlosberg Robert Scott Ellen Skurku A. Slavkin Harvey Smy'he Blanche Soho 5 $5535 :s.$ Steven Rhodes .3 $1"; x5 H. Rosenfeld Tommy Russell Tom Scon Beth Solow Joan SOein D. Steinfeld Bob Sterling James Stevens Chuck Stewart Diane Taggan Marilyn Taylor Chuck Thucker Gary Tharp Pam Thueson ,, N In; Elaine Tolchin R. Treasure J. Troiano Dianne Tron A. Turkheimer S. Tushnef Robert Valery Fred Vickier Geoff Wahl Kathy Walowif Jack Walter Dave Warmee Janice Warner M. Warner M. Warner Donn Wurshow Jane Watkins Dave Weber Bill Weigh! Shelly Weiner Trudy Weinper W. Weinstein Debi Weldon Riki Wells Roger Wells John Wenzell M. Werdesheim Dave Wes? L Wickstrom D. Wilford Rick Wilkmun S. Williams R. Woolsey B. Wolfson Gary Wood P. Wrighl Sue Wrighf Randi Yablon Aaron Yortiss Jeff Young Nina Zacuio Linda Zaharis Joel Zauss Bob Zilkovich B. Zolnierczyki 1 59 ELITIANS ..................... STUDENT SERVICE .............. ACTIVITIES .................... MUSIC ....................... CLUBS ....................... p LATE ACTIVITIES ................ 'pSHIELD" STAFF ................ STUDENT-BODY SECTION ........ .............. p. 32 .............. p. 59 .............. p 69 .............. p 74 .............. p 76 .............. p 81 .............. p 87 .............. p. 126 .............. y ............. Mfg Ki M IN MEMORIAM jg p John losue 'b 191;: Marianne Rappaporf Cathleen Roche A 3 I .4Ax NAM Robert Slafter 3 , I d .. T . . : .. . i 1 x. i 1.. :1 2 u .1... ,x! 11 xx! 1 iovldovpjggwuguuiii V1111? .l luf.,. VF. h; 49 x .' A

Suggestions in the Ulysses S Grant High School - Shield Yearbook (Van Nuys, CA) collection:

Ulysses S Grant High School - Shield Yearbook (Van Nuys, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Ulysses S Grant High School - Shield Yearbook (Van Nuys, CA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Ulysses S Grant High School - Shield Yearbook (Van Nuys, CA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Ulysses S Grant High School - Shield Yearbook (Van Nuys, CA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


Ulysses S Grant High School - Shield Yearbook (Van Nuys, CA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 158

1963, pg 158

Ulysses S Grant High School - Shield Yearbook (Van Nuys, CA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 131

1963, pg 131

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