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J' rt 'i .l We, the Senior class of 1951, wish to dedicate our yearbook, The UISTERETTE, to Mr. Theodore Keir, our plufsicll education instructor, who has helped us so much during our last two years of high school. As our sponsor during our Junior year, he willing- ly gave his time in helping us to make our play and Ha11owe'en party both successes. Therefore to show our appreciation for all he has done for us, we dedicate this issue of the ULSTERETTE to him. ADMINISTRATION Zi., I I i E , ,... I, . 'J I, 'r I V. WK 6 I , 4- , .LW E C E I il 3- E i -1 .4 I P 1 f"l First Row: Anna Perryg Ava Weeksg Elizabeth O'Hearn' Eunice Go , . . r rellg Mabel Seigwortng Louise McCarty. , Second Row: Joseph Youngg Irene Kelloggg Theodore Keirg Max Cooleyg Edward Drabinskig Rachel Rossg Eugene Ayer MAX COOLEY Business B.S. Blnomsburg M.A. Columbia EDWARD DRABINSKI Science B.S. Mansfield HARRY E. AYER English and History B.S. Bucknell JOSEPH YOUNG Mathematics B.S. Bucknell KATHRYN SKELLY Music dest Chester LOUISE MCCARTY Eighth Grade B.S. West Chester ULSTER FACULTY IRENE KELLOGG Seventh Grade B.S. in Ed. West Chester ELIZABETH O'HEARN Sixth Grade Summer school at State C AVA WEEKS Fifth Grade B.S. Mansfield MABEL SEIGWORTH Fourth Grade Clarion EUNICE GORREL Third Grade Mansfield ANNA PERRY Second Grade Mansfield RACHEL ROSS First Grade Lock Haven L 'wif' fd f x xp SENIDRS 49,41 K . J, ,Aff my' 7 r xxx V, , 5 , f . N ' ,, wi o CARLENE HILL WCookieH Glee Club 1 2' Class Plays 3, Hg Operetta 2, Uistez-tts. staff 3 L+, Totem surf 2, 3, M, Basketball 1, 2, ciass Officer 1, 2, 3. UCookieU has been the head of most of Our class projects. Besides having a high nI.Q.n, she is exceptional in all sports. Whenever there is drawin writin or rin ELVEHNON GRAIN llnikell Glee Club l 2 3 My Class Plays 3 H' Op- eretta 25 Ulsterette Staff Hg Soccer H: Elvernon Crain is the tall guy with light curly hair who is always joking with someone. UMikeH has always taken an active part in most of the activities of the school. He likes outdoor sports-his fav- orites being hunting and skiing. Everyone wishes Elvernon lots of luck in whatever career he chooses. S 8 P - ,, ting to be done, nCookien,always willing to help, gets the 'Job. Although Carlene has not yet chosen her career we know her fu- ture will be successful ,A ow- sg v Sbpsimigyj S N. ' S RALPH DARRCW HJuniorU Glee Club 1 2 3 45 Class Plays 3 M' - eretta 2, Uistareize staff ug Toten 5 og, ,Baseball l 2, 3 M5 County Festival 35 Soccer Hg faseball 1, 2, 3, Hg Class Officer 2, 33 Junior, our sports editor has been very active in his high school years in both music and sports, basketball being his favorite. He wants to work at the Eastman Kodak Company after graduation. we are all sure he will make good and wish him success. DONALD HUBBARD WHubbieW ESQ Glaa Club l, 2, 3, L., Class Plays 1.5 Ul- 'sterette Staff Ag County Festival 3, L5 Basketball 2. easy, Don Hubbard is the joker of the class. When you hear someone laughing you look and see that Don has cracked a joke, He is a favorite with the girls and he likes one especially. HHubbieW is the trumpet player of the class and plans to go on to college to take up music. JUNE KING 'Shorty' Glee Club 1, ug Class Plays 3, by Operetta 23 Ulsterette Staff Lg Totem Staff 2, 3, Lg Class Officer ug Cheerleader 2, 3, L. June is the shorty of the Senior class and has kept it alive all year. She is rough and very much alive and has brains when she wants to use them. She will be an excellent wife for George. She wants a dozen kids, how about it, June? 5 Larry Johnson npop,upn ,aa Glee Club l, 2, Class Plays 3, Lg Ulster- ? 3 anna staff 3, Lg Baseball l, 2, 3, bg ' Hhsketball 1, 2, 3, L. ,,, Larry is our star of the basketball 'ftjjs' court. He has been active in all other sports and is a good student. Larry has a great sense of humor and is well-liked by everyone. He is a great baseball fan and is a real promise. to the big leagues, especially the Indians. ll .3 l -Qu vv' "V , ,, GEORGE LANTZ HGEGRGIEH Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Hg Class Plays 3 bg U1- sterette Staff Hg Soccer Hg Baseball. George is ther quiet one of the class, and is easy to get along with. He likes to drive and work on the farm. He plans to continue working on the farm and someday hopes to settle down on his own little ranch with a pretty wife and several children. PHYLLIS LEARN 'Fil1yW Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Lg Cheerleader bg Class Plays 3, Lg Operetta 23 Ulsterette Staff L3 Totem Staff 35 Basketball 1. 'Filly', the fickle one of the class, is full of fun and is always the life of the party. She is an excellent cheerleader and dancer. There is a certain boy in Sayre that she likes. She plans to work in the Allan Wales at Ithaca after she graduates. We all hope that she will be a success in the job which she prefers to do. U sian ,f"' Bos LEARN Hnobinn Class Plays 3,45 Ulsterette Staff My Base- ball 3 My Basketball l, 2, 3, H. Uhobinn is a player of the varsity basketball team, and is a lover of all -.9 sports. when he is out of school he plan -N... to apply for work at the Ingersoll Rand. We know that he will be a success in whatever he undertakes. 4-dui jk to do. INA MAE ROBERTS 'Gertie' Class Plays 3, Lg Operetta 23 Ulsterette Staff by Totem Staff 2, 3, Lg Class Officer bg Cheerleader A. Ina has been active in several plays and many other activities in her high school years. Ina is always willing to give a helping hand whenever it is needed. She plans to be a housewife and we know she will succeed in being a good one. E lf., 'rom McKEE rvfronyn Glee Club l, 2, 3, bg Class Plays 3, ug Ul- 'sterette Staff bg Totem Staff 35 Baseball 2, 3, bg Soccer by Basketball l, 2, 3, L. Tom is the lover boy of the Senior Class. He is the tallest boy in our school being 6'3N and weighing 162 lbs. Tom has participated in three plays. He has played basketball for four years but his favorite sport is hunting. We are sure that Tom will be a success in whatever he chooses ii, X LARRY SEARFOSS 'SpicketW 'Glee Club Ulsterette Opereeta 2, 1: 2: 3: bi Larry pitcher of active in other sports. He is a tenor in the mixed chorus and has acted in many plays. Larry likes doing photographic work but plans to make baseball his career. We all wish him success. 1, 2, 3, by Class Plays 3, Lg Staff 3, Ag County Festival 35 Basketball 1, 2, 3, Lg Baseball Totem Staff 33 Class Officer 3. is the fast, speedy southpaw our baseball team and is also in Q as TOM SMITH 'TubbyW Class Plays Lg Ulsterette Staff Lg Totem Staff 25 Soccer ug Basketball 2, 3, Lg Class Officer 1. Tommy, the angel with horns, is realy one of our smartest students although you would never suspect it to see him running around looking for mischief to get into. If Tommy doesn't get blown up in Chemistry class some day, we are sure he will be a 5UCC935.lS a hobo. JOYCE WILBUR 'KittenW Glee Club 1 2, 3, bi Class Plays 3, bg Operetta 1, 23 Ulsterette Staff Lg Totem Staff 1, 2, 3, bg County Festival 1, 2, 3, by Basketball 1, 2, Class Officer 1, 2, 3, Cheerleader 3, Lg Joyce our soprano singer has been known throughout her high school years as having the ambition of being a nurse. She likes friendly people and sports. She has participated in many operettas and plays. We know that she will be a success in nur- sing or whatever career she chooses. 9-u. 'L X., X EVERT SLCCUM WSquirtW Plae Club 3, L, Class Plays 3, ulsterette Etaff bg Totem Staff 2, 33 Basketballmar- ager L. Evert Slocum is the fun-loving and carefree fellow of the Senior class. He enjoys hunting and fishing. Evert is well- liked by everyone that knows him. Whatever career he chooses when he finishes high school we know he will get along fineand be a success. SENIOR CLASS HISTORY In the fall of l9h7, twenty uneasy yet proud students entered the Fresh- man Class of Ulster High. The new Freshmen were: Phyllis Jennings, Ina Mae Roberts, Carlene Hill, Phyllis Learn, Joyce Wilbur, June King, Charlotte Darrow, Joan Rean Carol Ammerman, Larry Johnson, Larry Searfoss, George Lantz, Tom Smith, Tom McKee, Bob Learn, Evert Slocum, Kenneth Vanderpoel, El- vernon Crain Donald Davidson and Sam Kasson. The officers elected that year were! President-Joan Regn, Vice President- gom Smith, Secretary-Joyce Wilbur, Treasurer-Carlene Hill, Reporter-Larry earfoss. On September 22nd, the long dreaded event took rlace with nineteen shaky Freshmen being introduced to initiation. fLarry Johnson was absent? After school had been in session only a short time we lost one of our class members, Kenneth Vanderpoel, who left due to illness in his family. We gained one new member, Ralrh Darrow, who came from Endicott, N.Y. Mrs. Huff was our class sponsor. In our Sophomore year we lost another member, Phyllis Jennings, and gain- ed a new one-Donald Hubbard. We had several class parties during the year and all were successful. The class officers were: President-Joyce Wilbur, Vice President-Donald Davidson, Secretary-Carlene Hill, Treasurer'June King, Reporter-Ralph Darrow. Miss Jane Niles was our class sponsor. We began our Junior year by electing the following class officers: Presi- dent-Carlene Hill, Vice President-Larry Searfoss Secretary-Joyce Wilbur, Treasurer-Ralph Darrow Reporter-Tom McKee. Mr. Keir was our class sponsor and also directed us ln our play, nThat Crazy Smith Familyn. We lost two classmates, Charlotte Darrow and Joan Rern, and gained one, John Wilbur. We published the Totem this year and also put on the annual Hallow'een Party which was a huce success. The Class of 1951 entered our most important year with fifteen Seniors. During the summer we had lost four members, three of whom had married-Carol Ammerman C now Mrs. John Wilbur D John Wilbur, and Sam Kasson. Donald David- son moved to California. As usual we elected class officers who are as follows: President-June Kina, Vice President-Georce Lantz, Secretaryllna Mae Roberts, Treasurer-Tom McKee. Our sronsor is Mr. Eucene Ayers. Our first activity this year was to put on the Senior Play, HThe Case of the Missinc Heirsu. It was directed by Mr. Ayers. In November we boucht class rins and bracelets, then ordered our grafua- tion announcements. We took a joyful trip to Sayre and had some beautiful pictures taken. After the rroduction of our yearbook, the next big events will be Class Nivht, Baccalaureate, the Junior-Senior Banquet, and finally, the biggest event of them all, Commencement. 'H'-us.Q' Xfs"'J Tom Smith's 10th Birthday Party Larry J. Ton M. Tom S. Carlene, Jan- ice Case: Phyllis J., Don D., Ina Mae, Sylvia Shultz. CLQED HILL We, the Senior Class of 1951, being well-mannered and of more than average intelligence, do will and bequeath our outstanding characteristics as follows. I, June King, will my small'feet to Ssther Keir. I, Ina Mae Roberts, will my love to my brother to Lois Lantz. I, Carlene Hill, will my brillant mind to Clarice Young. I, Phyllis Learn, will my sunny.disposition to Marie Tuhro. I, Joyce Nilbur, will my beautiful eyes to Joe Lantz. I, Larry Johnson, will ny ability to play basketball to Donald Mueller. I, Larry dearfoss, will ny girls from Sayre to Bob Vanderpoel. I, Tom Smith, will my engagement to Bill Bennett. I, Tom Iciee, will my love for Jackie Robinson to Mr. Baity. I, Ralph Darrow, will my love to Virginia Jillians. I, George Lantz, will my tardiness to Shirley Buffington. I, Lvert Slocum, will my love of South Towanda to Allen Matthews. I, Robert Learn, will my love for Chemung to Hr.Ayer. I, Donald Hubbard, will my corny jokes to Virginia Ellis. I, Jlvernon Crain will my horse-laugh to Janet Horton. I, June Xing, will my shortness to Shirley Buffington. I, Ina Ihe Roberts, will my typing ability to Dick Hill. I, Carlene Hill, will my driving ability to Charles Imynard. I, Phyllis Learn, will my ability to talk to Lewis Uandell. I, Joyce Wilbur, will my love for football games to Verna Driesbaugh. I, Larry Johnson, will my smile to Marlene Rockwell. I, Larry dearfoss, will my brush-cut to Melvin Bennett. I, Tom HcKee, will ny tallness to Loyce Eiffert. I, Ralph Darrow, will my old red hat to Tom Bennett. I, Tom Smith, will my brush-cut to Joyce Eiffert. I, George Lantz, will my meer stories to Bill Franklin. I, Qvert Slocum, will my hunting ability to Ed Farr. I, Robert Learn, will xy laziness to Kenny Kasson. I, Donald Hubbard, will my musical ability to Philip Learn. I, Alvernon Crain will my coon stories to Bunny Cole. I, June King, will my temper to Doris Horton. We,the Senior Class, will our way of getting things none to the Junior Class. 'I,Nr. Ayer, will the.5enior Class to anyone who wants them. Larry J., Evert S., Tom M., Ralph D. Donald and Elvernon CLASS PROPHECY Ten years ago, flying saucers were just rumors but now they are as popular as automobiles. I was feeling very sad and lonesome for my good old school days, so I decided to go visit my old classmates. I got into my saucer and gli- ded away. First I went back to Ulster and landed on the new airport. It was the old parking place-the flats. I got out and walked over to the street where the old school had stood. I came upon a familiar sight-one of Hill's trucks over to Chamberlain's. Carlene Hill had married Charles Chamberlain after finding she didn't like the idea of working. She had two cute little boys, I discovered after she had washed the coal dust off them. Next door lived Joyce Johnson, the former Joyce Wilbur. I would never have known there was a house there for the diapers and baby clothes hanging on the line. Joyce had become a registered nurse before she married, then she settled down to be a darn good nurse to her six small children. When I got ready to leave I discovered my flying saucer would fly no more, so instead of going to see my classmates I settled down for a chat with Carlene and Joyce. Phyllis is living in Florida with her husband, Wally. She is just as devilish as always. She stayed down there after she got out of the Marines, which she joined although Carlene wouldn't go with her. Ina Mae lives in Troy with her three children and guess who her husband is- Bud Kennedy. She is living in a beautiful house, her dream home come true and she is very happy. As you know I didn't see Tom Smith but the girls gave me all the news about him. He is in the Navy and just as much of a flirt as always-a typical sailor with a girl in every port. h Bob Learn unlike Tommy, doesn't have a girl, but a drink in every port. He as been in the Navy since the law was passed drafting eighteen year olds and expects to stay there until they kick him out because of old age. Tom McKee, like the other two, had joined the Navy as he said he would and was doing okay although he got pretty sea sick at first. He is now typing in an office, as Mr. Cooley had predicted, and doing all right. George Lantz is a successful farmer up in Ghent. He is Married to Carmita Williams and has a half dozen boys that are bound to grow up to be just like their daddy. Elvernon had also become a prosperous farmer and had bought up most of Saco. He is still not married but has an eye out for all pretty women, and is waiting for that certain someone. Evert is a night foreman in the I.R. when He comes in to see how his m- en are doing SPLASH ! He yets a pail of water in his face. He just smiles tho- ugh because he did the same thing to his foreman. WCompany, halt.N They are Ra1ph's famous words. The boys hear it day after day. He is a sergent in the infantry. He and Virginia are living in a hotel near his camp. He plans to go to Rochester and work in Eastman Kodak Film Company as soon as he is discharged. Donald Hubbard went to college and soon after he became a second Harry James. I remember how we swooned over him, and to think that now teenagers all over the world really are. After chatting half the day we paused to get our breath and turned the radio on. WStrike three, you're out! Searfoss is striking them out right and left.' Yes, that's our Larry. He is now pitching for the Yanks. He's a good pitcher and he has Loyce rooting for him up in the bleachers. What more could you ask for? We turned the dial. WJohnson swings ---- their it goes---a long drive deep out into center field---going---going---gone.W Joyce told me that she saw in a sports magazine a picture of Larry, Celia and their two husky sons. He is doing well with the Indians and is making a big name for himself. I went down to the garage to get my flying saucer and started home to George, my thirteen children and my job as a hula dancer in the circus. 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Qgh... ' ,J f 514 X X ' ' .Qi Q wg, F. '4 uv fag- A an if .r N- , I ' .Q V! 5' ff Q., vu .J I . 'S 3 5:4 W' aff QB ff ff 6 fffff ' IUNIDRS in 2 f 1 X A V xv PP In X A. Front Row-Esther Keirg Allan vhtthewsg Doris Ammermang Doris Horton, John Blend, Vireinia Eilliams. Second Wow-Jilliam Bennett, Bob Vanderpoolg Paul Cotterg Tom Ben- nett, Joe Lantzg Ar. Heir. JUNICR CLASS The class of '52 has twelve members. Our first class meeting was held in the Science Room. The officers elected are as follows: President-Robert Vanderpool Vice President-Tom Bennett Secretary-Allan Matthews Treasurer-Virginia Jilliams Reporter-Doris Ammerman The Junior Ha1lowe'en Party was held in the gym on October 31. The evening recreation consisted of a fish pond, spook house, fortune teller. Refreshments were doughnuts, cider, hot dogs, pies, popcorn and fudge. Paul Cotter was Mas- ter of Ceremonies. Je received our class rings Dec. 8. Je were all very excited to ret them. Paul Cotter plays on the Varsity basket-ball team this year. Tom and Bill Wennett play on the Junior Varsity. dsther Peir is e member of the band. Je are preparing to present our play nNearlv Sixteenu, sometime in the early sprinn. Mr. Keir is our sponsor. Xi' SOPHOMORES aw" gag xx X 4 gf R ,A ' C fagijif s -,1 f First How-Annabelle Slocum, Betty Gavetteg Shirley Buffingtong Mary Vanderpoel, Verna Driesbaugh Second How-Mr. Young, Eugene Rice, Richard Ludwigg John Wilkinson, Philip Learn, Marie Tuhro Third Row-Celia Harrisg Joan Collinsg Dick Hill, Clarice Young. SOPHOMOHE CLASS The Sophomore Class this year is made up of sixteen members. Soon after school started, we elected our class officers. President-Dick Hill Vice President-Shirley Buffington Secretary-Betty Gavette Treasurer-Celia Harris Reporter-Dick Ludwig So far this year the Sophomores have had t l , wo c ass parties. Almost everyone attended the first one which was held in the gym. We played basketball most of the time and later had pop, hotdogs, and ice cream. The second party was also held in the gym. This time we again played basketball. Mr. Young, our class sponsor, was injured, having a chunk of his nose removed by his wife while playing basketball. The same refreshments were served at this party. We are trying to make money for future years in High School by sell- ing popcorn and fudge at school and pop at the games. We are not doing too bad and hope to be the most suc f l ' ' cess u class in school in the next couple of years. X X , 4 FRESHMEN -1 Aft Rx Y P- X 1 First How: Faith Lantzg Leonard Covey, Lewis Nandellg Wilbur Paine, Melvin Bennett, Lovce Eiffertg Barbara Spaulding, William Lane. B Second Row: Lois Lantzg Joyce Eiffertg Janet Horton, Ed rrankling Kenneth Kassong Eugene Roberts, Dick Loomisg Virginia Ellis, Janice Benningerg Don Mueller. Third ROW! Charles Maynard, Ted Keir, Hila Beers, Joyce Cole, Carol Nilkinsong Emily Roberts, Marlene Rockwellg Shir- ley Titus, Charles Coleg Leo Norton. FRESHMAN CLASS Cn September 5, thirty freshmen gathered in Ulster High. We held our first class meeting in the study hall. The class officers elected were: President-Charles Cole Vice President-Dick Loomis Treasurer-Shirley Titus Secretary-Virginia Ellis Reporter-Theodore Keir Our sponsor was Mr. Baity. During October we were initiated into the high school. We were all dressed up for the occasion in dresses,funny hats with cosmetics all over our face, hands, and legs. All of us were forced to do some kind of a stunt which was very funny to everybody. We now consider ourselves full-fledged freshmen. We lost five members of our original class and gained three. Clair Rogers, Robert Bourdette, and Warren Smith are enrolled in the Athens High School while Georgene Graw moved to Towanda and Walter Lane to Tunkhannock. The three gained were Barbara Spaulding, Joyce Cole, and Wilber Payne caming from Rome. The boys who play basketball from the Freshman class are Charles Cole, Charles Maynard, Dick Loomis, Ted Keir, Kenneth Kasson, David Roberts, and Ed- ward Franklin. All of these boys plus William Lane played on the soccer team. The members who are in the mixed-chorus are Hila Beers, Shirley Titus, Willia Lane, and Lois Lanzt. William Lane is on the safety patrol. m SEVENTH GRADE Teacher - Irene M. Kellogg EIGHTH GRADE Teacher - Louise G. McCarty FI Teacher - Ava H.W eeks FTH GRADE Teacher - Elizabeth O' Hern SIXTH GRADE THIRD GRADE Teacher - Eunice Gorrell FOURTH GRADE Teacher - Mabel Seigworth Substitute Teacher- Pauline Horton Teacher - Rachel T. Ross FIRST GRADE Teacher - Anna Perry SECOND GRADE QQ 1-5 4 If U1 ff X, f' 'X xl Qf, X ATHLETICS Q ff' ' f '-B ' ' "J fiff' A fH'yfA v X f 1 'X ,f K. 5.959 Frent Row: Tom Smith, Larry Johnson, Robert Learn. Back Row: Paul Cotter, Coach Keir, Ralph Darrow, Tom McKee, Larry Searfossg Man- ager Slocumg Dick Hill. VARSITY This year's varsity squad is made up of eight players, six of whom are seniors. The starting line-up consists of Tom McKee and Paul Cotter-forwards, Larry Johnson-center Larry Searfoss and Dick Hill-guards, while the able sub- stitutes are Robert Learn, Ralph Darrow and Tom Smith. The team started the 1950-51 season by playing New Albany on the New Albany court and losing out by the close score of 30-38. Later they beat New Albany 62-H2 on the Ulster court. Of the four league games played to date, they have won one, losing the others by small margins. The scores of the league games: WE THEY Jan. 5 Rome Chomeb H7 52 Jan. 12 LeRaysvi1le Cawayb M2 H9 Jan. 19 Smithfield Chomel H1 H5 Jan. 25 St. Agnes Cawayl 52 3k Individual scoring: NAME POINTS GAMES Paul Cotter, forward 120 12 Tom McKee, forward 3 12 Tom Smith, forward 1 7 Larry Johnson, center 225 12 Robert Learn, guard 8 12 Dick Hill, guard 57 12 Larry Searfoss, guard 13 12 Ralph Darrow, guard 11 10 First Row: Ed Frankling ertsg Philip second Row: Coach Keirg Cotterg Dick Kenneth Kassong Charles Coleg Eugene Rob- Learng Dick Loomis. Ted Keirg Tom Bennettg Bill Bennettg Bill Ludwigg Charles Haynardg Duane Parks, Mgr. JUNIOR VARSITY The Junior Varsity this year is made up mostly of Freshmen and Sophmores with two Juniors and an eighth grader. High scorer for the team was Philip Learn a Sophomore. After losing their first six games they won their next four games, one being an overtime game to East Smithfield. he scores of their games are: New Albany Wyalusing Loyalsock Loyalsock Home LeRaysville Covington Smithfield New Albany St. Agnes Rome LeRaysville Covington St. Agnes Smithfield WE THEY 12 22 14 I+? in 35 ll 28 26 38 ll 20 26 19 37 31+ as 25 38 19 26 31 12 31 19 -5 as io 17 29 Back Row: Mary Vanderpoolg Joyce HilbUr,Captaing Phyllis Learn Front Row: Ina Mae Robertsg June King. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Four Senior girls and one Sophomore girl make up our Varsity Cheerleading squad for the SO-Sl basket-ball season. Since the peppy quintet has not had the responsibility of chcerleadivg for the Jnumior Varsity Team as in past years their cheers and motions have improved. Several members of this squad can turn heart-wheelsH,and can do Hflipsn'-- and Hback-bendsn vhich have been worked into the cheers, mahing them full of ac- tion and attractive. The e'eerlsulers'g undying spirit and love for their team encouraged the morale of the Varsity pl- ayers, helping-them to make a good show- ing in each and every game. asf' I JUNIOR VARSITY CH ERLEADERS Ulster High has a new squad of cheerleadera for the 50-Sl basket-ball season. This was the first year there has been a Junior Varsity squad. They have bright new uniforms, of yellow satin blouses and red full skirts. The three cheerleaders-- Joan Collins, Verna Driesbaugh and Louis Lantz have worked out many effective cheers and put some to music. The peppy trio has lead their team to several victories and we know they will continue to do so through out the year. uef gi f3 his S52 r X . f 15.1 we ig .-we K sk X r is , K y Q- Q in ,Qt 'fgggsslr 323 2 as K, , X t-smwza- . . X Joan Coach - Ted Keir C' BASEBALL Coach - Ted Keir SOCCER MM ACTIVITIES , 'ig X ff! .p-A"- First Row: Joyce Wilbur, June Kingg Carlene Hillg Ina Mae Roberts, Larry Johnson. Second Row: Ted Keir, Ralph Darrow, Virginia Hilliamsg Larry Sear- fossg Doris Ammermang Dick Ludwig, Bob Vanderpoelg Tom McKee, Bob Learn, George Lantzg Allan Matthews, Mr. Ayer Phyllis Learn. ULSTERETTE STAFF The Ulsterette Staff is composed of all Seniors except for class reporters and three assistants from the Junior Class who will take over the yearbook next year. The reporters are: Theodore Keir, Freshman reporter, Richard Ludwig, Sophomore reporter, Doris Ammerman, Junior reporter. The assistants are :Allan Matthews, assistant editorg Robert Vanderpool, assistant advertising managerg Virginia Williams, assistant business manager. The Seniors who through their cooperation and diligent work have made this yearbook possible are: Editor - Carlene Hill Assistant Editor - Allan Matthews Business Manager - Larry Searfoss Assistant Business Manager - Virginia Williams Advertising Manager - Larry Johnson Assistant Advertising Manager - Robert Vanderpool Photograph Editor - Ina Mae Roberts Class Historian - Joyce Wilbur Class Will - Tom Smith, Bob Learn Class Prophecy - Evert Slocum, Elvernon Crain Humor Editor - Donald HUbbard, George Lantz Athletic Editor - Tom McKee Art Editor - June King, Phyllis Learn srl Seated: Paul Cotter: Celia Herrisg Doris Ammermang Allan Matthews: John Blendg Joan Collinag Virginia Williamsg Dick Hill. Standing: Joyce Wilbur: Richard Ludwlgg Eugene Riceg Mary Vander- poelg Tom Bennettg Annabel Slocum: Esther Keirg Doris Hortong Bob Vanderpoolg Mr. Youngg Ina Mae Roberts! TOTEM STAFF The Totem, formerly a Junior paper, is now a hibh school project. Many changes in errangenent and style have been iafe. This year ve have added adver- tisement pages and have omittcf the Losslp page. Mr. Young is our advisor. In the near future ve plan to improve our paper even more so that we can send a copy of the nTotemH to the HQu11l and Scrollu, an international honorary society for high school periodicals. Our editorial staff is na5e ug of the folloving Students: Editor-in-chief - Allen Matthews Assistant Editor - Celia Harris High School Editor - Robert Vsnderpool Grade School Editor - Doris Ammerman Scorts Editor - Don Davidson Honor - Tom Bennett Art - John Blend Exchange - Esther Keir Hejorters are: Mary Vanderpoel Ri charo Ludwi gy Eugene Rice Doris Horton Director - Kathryn Skelly BAND Teacher - Kathryn Skelly MIXED CHORUS ,Is Q Q 3 x 'X , ETX:-N I 5 ' J N XL A,,, X' fiv' XXX Jw ADVERTISING ' ,, "X, 436 X , Xxfx yy' Fr! ' 'Rf' Congra fufafizm S Zlolike CRELSS of 17517 from FA R F? Panera? Home f72zfa?fJ Cav Service Ph YU If 4' 0716 S er COYnpfx'meP7QiS of Cavl W. H i U Lumber Manufacturer We 026362 Zee we phone UZSZLSV Q W!! Comp zI'772GT2Z.S GAL1uP5 bRocfRY TREELZLS 'Groceries Gas -0 1' 2 U23 fcw-J Pa. Compliment-S up Community GMU A or EUAY1S"uCJLld'p1FC'C Johnvs 'Place ,-'20 main St' The Fr-iendlf P2ace. 'Revnem ber It affcv TOLUHYLCIGJ the Cjhmefl fpa. 505mam St. T5wanJa, we grecnalnse an fpa drcSSeS 'Fav J-uYxioYS Conqraihfafmws 'Co like Cfass of 257 Vlvcipk fvlarffel Hmm -Way. WRDSUMNER Wm fompfe fe SPOHLSAOP fnsurawce fer vice 5P0'f"'f Goals ewes 3l5 5,731.71 Sf. 93'1'5MA'N5I ATHENS, PA. ATHENS, PA an 5 DQI7 C0mfQny Q1J62!1'7Qv QV Ddtfryf lDr00,uc7g 717 Hur 375,JfAT your DOO, " pA0n6 rl-ffl! Sdyrgjfoq, Comfli me nts UlsIerl'1arl6f Place ,me ats-Groceri e5 - Dry' GOOJS Ufsfef, 77a Ph 33 KLINES Service Szfaflon UMYZES Maujagr f-S80 ga? K C0"qY:C?3f far Uasfzzny 5 fwzmomzmq Bm Mgr fzfabfe Giocenes' 5 fevg Pa, Phone LUFHZ CHARLES MVA TKIIJS Lum QE R BUILDINESUFPL 155 UISZTU, Pa. 'Phonc1"f'R'1Z Dau Herfyi 8 Seruilce Station Ba H?T0'73 CvffCH5'D0f' Gmi1.ZEZ,i,, G Voceyigs Cllevrofer Service. AND UZSTE 10 Ice Cream Ulster, ,Pa Com ,D Z Qmen ZS Compizrmenfs BRA DLE 7 5 GULF DY WJ Store Sevvfce Sfabon 0. Brig ?Ejf Aiken gi, U? s Cer, 121. "5vC0f1'ff'2Of- Valfer Ffbaffee Confracfor and Builder 1Qz:1,Z7erzZ.Zj-1?-I I Pfumbirzg Z Hea fin? 5uPP21E3 Elini -Wszfgoafoer-Hardware Compffwze nfs FIRST NATIONALBANK IREmbCV0flL-8CIETd! DCPUSIZL IWSUTQHCG COYPora tion U25 Compfzmenfs of D. P NORTH gl SON JGLJQIGTS ATHENS, PA, Zeng Pa. our QBTICCY BCSQUIISLCS, gvevf Boy AND Giw-I K m Une sclnaol The SNL-Oval' PI. LcnTJ,Me T Comp ZHNEUZES of UZSZCY Cooper 3151.116 SGW 155, jpg U 2915 cr, Pa, C0mp1 1 menfs Compfz menzts 0 of ffzesfzequzn EVANS GENERAL STORE DEPARTMENT Sromf George E60 MEUR 0f,e,,Eve.,,...,S Afhens, Ra. The PM t0ClYElP ll S ULSTE1 EGETIE Lent? Sinai. saw, Pa. C0717 ZETYICMZ-S Qmflzmenfs' EF of Ubi' TH YJ DR. JC, BLACK Ce a We Denim' Omplny Ear? loomis Afhefw, R1 uzgtcv, Pd. Sn'LOVC?,S and Schwic-ici FbrJ, HCYUUT3LJNCOZH -Raw ancfzfga. Phone 61 C avg hTvucK9 Traders XPC Y Y Y Comphmevlts Cheurolef Inc. of Tartan Sneavfoss Ties: Accessorreg S'a.26.S AND SQYUSCQS 'Phone - GaS022'T1e -QGYUI ce u2StCv,!Pa. Rwanda E819 GMC 3q'R'2, HND King D Sfwts wear TowamJa,'pa. egg wifi. fR T . I Y S out C il 6 at F-me Furniture, 'The price wjau. Laynpgahdwuws CRY! afford I U fr? Z' ' F gfacnng THE Hub fR C HQY' in Ephoh -7-6uJaY'lCIa..7'pa.. Q dr,0F:4,cy Garage. A The n S , Pa. CAf,Jfer Pym.,UfA Safe, H Wberc fervice 1-S277-A Sfblcbngv Piave Day-4121971 Milf-83303 Com p1a'men1,'S of yg'n3'S My-C1 E- W-Hgfoww 401 mm sz. Ffoorqw wan Coverings Rwanda, CIPF7iances,7'?acIi0s fpa' -Elcuision 1 'BYHJ QSZL. 1 fpghohe AL, Gas q"d gjfji-fl'Cd2 Towandafpa. GFP ,dnces U6 Lutz? Le gzacl '6o11QY1J2e our 'Viewer Rhcl 'FZHYIZE OTCICYS QI' M525-Grand Uicnnlfr CHP? uf cfivect -Rwanda IOIL Jack Zlaujlm UQ ugfmk Weavers Fovmcv-If FOQHLAJCHS T-Owahclayfpd. ,. n .5 ,Xb .f

Suggestions in the Ulster High School - Ulsterette Yearbook (Ulster, PA) collection:

Ulster High School - Ulsterette Yearbook (Ulster, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 11

1951, pg 11

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1951, pg 76

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1951, pg 30

Ulster High School - Ulsterette Yearbook (Ulster, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 26

1951, pg 26

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