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5 Q E E s K 3 f, 4 A, 3 fi Z E 2 5 2 14 5 9 5 nv, 3 5. LQ Q 3: i r 34 ii ii ,r F 2- x ,. ff 1: 1 1 5 i Q 03 X, I my .awk RQ' XX . f' QEDKQQ fx 551 L Q3' N sw W9 WW' ODD RAJQJ Ujzwi QW U pf? 'WJ' LGJ ' K -W X I f Nik! wfffbk M ' x Uullf CJ yy A Q fx XCUYQAD I qv u Q E U.,x19bpfXiy,, A Lf' jjvi, ipjxp F5 JWJVJ VF' A A,,. 1 J L . f ' X-li Q- , 2 ,M M ' Q? J , Q' E 3 Q-,E XJ! R X . 25' O, OQY ,why 'Q A ng " , - ks V 5 if , DX f- , ,,hfLkrjZx 1l,fV5f! f5,4,lff9ff'g 3 ' umm ,vm T ll U-Q? kg!! "" y Aj! r 'Fl K QUQXX urs N05-YQYXI +R' il A VAvi:ff,b7Z1 Y' A IQ, gt?-Cx Wx .:'7'rM' bg 2 'U 'Q Manx xiqc. Mi: ,liar bt.. M' , f - x Ut x. "N" .am 1' xy. X' Kwik J J' ANP? ' . N XWWI WU Rx -QQXSXJ Q6 ' Q ji Vg V I 1' 'R W X VY- N g EX fb U9 E535 M W Q ' X 4 ' W " . 0 - ' kb-C5'Q.kx 3 iw X Qiwygwfw? WN X Dfw wi 1 , Rf ' E WIA! VDWJM P KJ H fu - limi? iLfa,,i'3 Dix gfL .yx SVS Q, TJ' Nxyrl 'lvh jj M SW f' M N '30, Qlajlfvix ff 'I f r ' fvwwpv .EW fb WMM! K 1. if V 9 ' SLN lffgplix. P ' A 'J x fax J 5 11 I f VA J' , A, iff 6W'fil0fjl Ciarwfi , CA 1 km Uv-X J"""3 V-4 ' W J 1 -.jf-,.w.,f" J '-1 f Yi if SEQ 'S 4 DJJ , -V ,I -A 5 vwcb E4 ?' f f' J f',11'5.vw1- f-WI,. W my f, f-ff . ' A .fg5'A0'WE LJ: J Mk xi . , Xt, .... Q S N U X... ..,, ...., . i .Xa , . xxx X ' -' c K 1' '4fQY5ssfif'in-1575-fffislhisf iiikrzissrar- WW Q 'ss 5 Y K it s Rs? s W WNRW i s fx ,X - A .i 3 ii s itttsi 5 , iii? Ulm American High School eu Ulm, West German Class, spirit, academics, sports, togetherness are a few things that make up our school. Through our high school years we are touched by these things and more. Through daily contact with school life We are changed forever. As Well as being touched, we also touch others by our participation in events at UHS. Our input inevitably alters the outcome of these events. Every Marauder on these pages of this yearbook has affected our lives. All of this is the "Marauder Touch"-Amy Uuereb, Editor. X. Q Y: X 1 ix 3? sw X NS sstwesssss MS In or out of school, Ulm is a beautiful place to live and relax. Pictures Clockwiseg QD Downtown Ulm, a great place to shop C21 The back of the Elementary School, before construction. C35 The crowded lunchline C45 The temporary portable C55 The famous trash can, it was removed because of the construction. C65 Wiley Field during a football game. C75 Ulm Banhof Q81 The Donau River from the McDona1d's bridge. Touch Of lm alll f 4 X X .55 TABLE OF CONTENTS Facuhy Seniors Senior High Junior High Spons Special Events Clubs 8a Organizations Student Life Credits Pg 5 Pg13 Pg17 Pg27 Pg37 Pg47 Pg51 Pg61 Pg81 Ulm Says Hello! S 5 f S 5 A hello and a smile is what makes Ulm so special. Here are some students who think so too! Top Right: Tanya Manibusan says a classic hello from the Leipheim bus. Left: Stephanie R. waves from a classroom window while Mrs. Moore, Kristen M., Simone C., and Cindy J. say hi from the hallway. Top Left: Tanya Walley and Jenny Jimmenz smile from Mr. Stewart's room to a friend below. W JWWM fa Mr. Gordon G. Gartner, Principal Mr. Gartner has been principal of the high school since the opening in 1981. He would like to wish the class of 1986 the best of luck and good fortune in the future years to come. The Fabulous Faculty! Norman J affee Assistant Principal Larry Hart Education Program Manager Deb Johnson High School Counselor MW! Nancy Abernathy Elementary Secretary Sonja Blassengame High School Secretary Diane Cash Principal's Secretary Mary Beth Arnot World History, Government, Psychology, Social Studies, Tennis Coach. Stu Arnot Learning Development, Vollyball Coach. Bob Brockmann Math, Algebra, Science, 9th Grade Sponsor. Bill Christie Science, Biology, Chemistry Tom Edgar Geometry, General Math, English, Pre-Algebra, Yearbook. Mary Frank Librarian, Basketball Coach, 7th Grade Sponsor. l Mary Frederick ' ' Computers, Business Lab, Typing, FBLA. Margaret Haupt Home Ec, Science, Student Council, Sophomore Class Advisor. Betty King English, Newspaper, Drama. Teachers Show Class! Ms. Slattery points out new students to Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Werner. , 1 vnvr ,,,,,, - wr' ' ,, Ei 2 56 va if .4 L W f W 3 g f.. , A. r 5 , f f , f A9 6 M f V a 4 gb! 1 W - hi W if in ing, V , H, , t M' We , V ' ,vv me 5 ,"' fy" ' V L . f l , K ii 3 g i 1 i aluminum unsung Kkii tsunami unsung r' Mr. Moore looks like he is ready to get anything that is headed for him. Teachers! I Bobby King English, US History, Sports Director, Golf Coach, Soccer Coach. Denise King English, Spanish, French, Senior Class Sponsor, NHS. Dean Larison Industrial Arts, Math, Jr. Class Sponsor. Marjorie Larison Social Studies, US Histo Class Sponsor. Maggie Larson YY P.E., Nova Tanz, Health, Basketball Coach. Lou Moore Social Studies, English, Cheerleading Coach. Joe Moore Algebra, Science, Physics, Advanced Math, Football Coach, Basketball Coach. Dennis Nesheim Art, Video Arts, Honor Art Society. Richard Peter Band, Guitar, Choir. Vickie Ruble School Nurse, Outdoor Club. Mary Slattery Reading, Testing, 8th Grade Sponsor. Bob Stewart German, World Regions. Glenda Werner Cooperative Work Experience CCWED. Madiline Wheeler Library Aide. Ulm Facult ! Either in the classroom or after school activities, Ulm's Staff is ready to help the students anyway they can. Mrs. Cash looks up a phone number for Mrs. King. was Teachers, like students, enjoy a break from the set schedule. Pep rallies and extra-curricular ac- tivities are very popular with the staff. Top Left: Miss Larson tells her dance class which way to dance. football team at a pep rally. Top Right: Mr. and Mrs. King introduce Mr. Rosser and his Mr. Nesheim shows Tracy Sherman how to thread a loom. Breath Of Mormngl Top Left: Michelle Krebill and J oeylynn Shaw rush to school. Top Right: Van Boone stops to remember if he locked the door or not. Above: Pia Greenwall walks in to school smiling but the day ahead might not always be as happy. Right: Michelle Richardson tries to beat the crowded hallways but it is even worse outside. QLNXW School begins each morning at 8:20. Students stream in by different modes of transportation. Some arrive by bus after a long ride from Memmingen or Gunzberg, while others walk or ride from Vorfeld Housing area. Clockwise: D Chris Degler decides on needed supplies for the day. 27 Phil Jones escorts a new "girl" to school. 35 The Memmingen bus. 45 Ira Briggs rolls in for another day. gem! wplmlls O S OLI In H .IGP if if Clockwise: ll Senior Hall is always one of the centers of activity. 25 Students enjoy the hallway bustle for as many seconds as they can squeeze from the clock before entering the classroom door. 31 Gina Pennington and Kirsten Miller share a laugh before class. ell" 1' MW i Qlfl'i5i,gQ,Qj.:-,"V.f'i' :- Keeping In Touch In The Halls Almost 116 hours of the average students day is spent in the halls of UHS. That's longer than any class period. The time is not wasted but is used to keep up on all the news of the day. We all keep in touch in the halls. Seniors! Top: Kristy and James say hello to each other. Above: Jackie dreams about the warm beaches of Puerto Rico. Right: i'What, more homework?" Tony asks. The senior class showed their spirit in everything they did. They all worked toward graduation but they definatly left their mark at UHAS. Good Luck Class of 1986! Ssvio Glu, ll 'Swio 11 13 Seniors seem to smile and laugh more than the lower classmen. The class officers fright topl, Mitch Jaffey, Mike Wilkins, Joanna Jerome, and Jackie Rivera join fellow classmen fright bottoml Cathy Daugherty, Kristen Lucas, and James Cable in their knowing grins. X: . Smiling Seniors Senior year is full of challenge and triumphs. It is a time of just rewards and hopeful anticipation. It is also a time of mischief and it takes a good smile to get out of trouble. Jenifer Stephens displays the smile that gets her out of trou- ble. frightl Studious Seniors It's not all smiles though. Mitch Jaffey and Kelli Cathey show another side of senior life. QQQQM Senior life is not always fun. The future weighs heavy on the shoulders of a senior. Graduation is great but it comes with a TOUCH of reality. Kelli Cathey, Sharyn Howard, Jackie Rivera, Jenifer Stephens, Julie Szilagyi, and Sydney Jones show humor smoothes the roughest roads. 1 , ".k YW! pr' E? A. 'V W, 6 . ff. 5? gs , ,A , ff 5 A ' , . , f ,,.:.6v,,f,, Q ,,, . SENIOR SUPERLATIVES! Moet Likely to Succede: Kelli C, Mitch J. Q James Claes Clown: Jackie R. 8 Mike W. Best Looking: Joanna J. 5 Rob R. Moet Athletic: Pam T. 8 James N. Best Dressed: Syd J. 8 Leon C. Beet Personality: Sharyn H. 8 Tony M. 4 4.-I-f, .N .,,' i g il ...... we l ,I Seniors James Cableul Ski Week Hinterbrand Model United Nations Year- book TAG Basketball Statistician and Manager. Reach out and touch the world and youll never lose. Thanks mom and dad and all those who care. Kelli Cathey Drama Speech Team Pep Club Soccer Volleyball Stu- dent Council Model United Nations Ski Week. Life is a series of experiences each one of which makes us bigger even though some times it is hard to realize this. -Henry Ford. Thanks Dad and Julie Leon Cooper Jr. Football Basketball Track. Mistakes aren t so bad until they become the only thing Sharyn Howard Varsity Swim Team Chorus Homecoming Court Basket- ball Manager Pep Club Na- tional Junior Honor Society. Mitch J affee Concert Band Cross Country Tennis Senior Class Pres. Hinterbrand MUN JSHS Ski Week National Honor Society Student Council. -Keep reaching for the stars but if you only make it to the clouds look down and enjoy the view. Thanks Mom and Dad. Joanna Jerome Gymnastics Volleyball Cheerleader Sophomore Class Officer Senior Class Of- ficer STUCO Rep. Yearbook Newspaper. Not everything that is faced can be changed but nothing can be changed until it is faced. Thanks mom and dad for all the patience. , , , Y Y .. Y Y! , , YY Y 7 , , , , H , , , H KL YY Y Y KK Y Y U you can call your own. , , Y , , , , Y Y , , , 3 an , , 37 U H Y Y , Y , , , H , 77 H Y U Sydney Jones Cheerleader, Ski Week, Ten- nis, Honor Art Society, Stu- dent Council. "Everybody's a star, but your shine is as bright as your mind." "Thanks Mom and Henry, I love you." Kristy Mackenzie SCA Representative, French Club, Drill Team, Flag Corps, Basketball Manager, FBLA, DECA, Choir. Tony Malone Football, Basketball, Soccer, Band, Model United Nations, Yearbook, Newspaper, Powder Puff Cheerleader. James Nichols Football Basketball Manager Soccer Wrestling Ski Week Hinterbrand Robert Perales Football Powder Puff Cheerleader To the seniors of 87 work hard and your time will come Robert P the Hammer J ackie Rivera I U Y 7 9 Y is . y . n ,. H? U rt? -qt l Class Of 1986 Rob Russell Football Soccer Powder Puff Cheerleader J ennlfer Stephens Track Cross Country Newspaper Yearbook CWE YABA Well always be together ln our memorles Thanks to Ms Larson and everyone else who made thls year specral to me Good Luck Andrew I hope you have as much fun as I dxd Leroy Taylor Football Track Baseball ROTC Dr1ll Team Color Guard Wow' I can t beheve I made It I m a graduate Pam Thornton ROTC Softball Basketball Happmess lsnt somethmg you find 1ts somethmg you create Thanks mom and dad for puttmg up with me all these years I love you very much M1ke Wrlkms Soccer Football Computer Club FBLA Presldent GMC Mxhtary Dnll Team CWE Don t thmk about lt just do t Good Luck Adam and Kevm but especlally Amy 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 sr 1 - 1 ' 11 1 1 1 1 1 :A 1 - - 1 11 1 1 1 4: ' ' 1 - . , . 1 11 u 11 1 1 1 1 , . H , . . . - 11 rc l . ' ' 11 , . Smiling Seniors-'86 CLOCKWISE: Rob, Robert, and Tony hide their faces in shameg A group shot of hard-working seniors in government class-Sharyn, Jackie, Jennifer, Sydney, Juli, Mitch, Kelli, and John, a lonely junior! Juli, a perfect example of an organized person. Joanna shows class in her jeans jacket. it 'f Class! It has been said that clothes make the person, but we here at Ulm High School know that that is not always true. Our unique per- sonalities and friendliness touch many lives proving that we have true class. Top: Hi Mom! Left: Members of the Junior and Freshman Powder Puff team showing their spirit. Right: Sleak, slick, Chajuana Smith enjoying life. 93 HI .IO 1131 17 Marcos Andujar John Blum Van Boone Cynthia Bramlett Ira Briggs if Ling Gramling Robert Haro Lynne Howard Jenny Jimenez Phil Jones Amy Kenneally Lisa Kitter Tony Krebill Kevin Lackey Jimmy Loveless Kristen Lucas Gina Martin Doug McNeal Jazzy Juniors 2 2 , ,fy , A 23.3. 7 Kari Miller Melinda Mineo Jon Pece Brenda Rivera Verena Sexton Chajuana Smith David Sparks Amy Uuereb Sherrie Walker Jonathan Williams Doug Zook JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS! Bottom Row: Karen Daugherty, VPg Kristen Lucas, Pres.g Kari Miller, Secretary. Top Row: Ling Gramling, Treasg Bob Haro, Class Rep. Sophisticated Sophomores--Class Of '88' Eduardo Andujar Robert Borrego Tony Boutwell Michelle Bragg Julie Brusegaard Joyce Christian Latanya Corbins Damian Fitzsimmons Bridget Germain William Hampton Amaicure Harris Samuel Jackson Harold J imenezfGuyJ Derek King Barry Mason Dana fGoodenl McDaniel an 1' AX! Jens McDaniel Heather Mitchell Gina Pennington Anthony Rangel Tina Reed Stephanie Reichert Michelle Richardson Tracy Rose Kristen Schultz Tracy Sherman Sean Slenkamp Erical Smith Amy Southerland Lisa Sullivan Matthew Wall Tanya Walley Laura Wortman Marauders YES Top Left: Few of the fresh Maraudere crew. Top Right: Sophomore Class Officers-Pres: TeeCee Corbins, Vice Pres: Stephanie Reichert, Sec!Treas: Eduardo Andujar, Class Rep: Michelle Bragg. Bottom Left: Pete Lovo caught in the act. Bottom Right: Members of the M.L. Band Aid Club lipping out. Sherry Ackerman Pam Adams H . li. Pam Atencio Claudla Baler Angela Ballard Heather Bonanoml Donme Boone Albertha Bradley Kevm Brown Bonme Carter Anthony Cheeks Todd Clcllese Crescent Creekmur R153 Ewlngs J esslca Garland Claudme Germaln Trudx Gxlfilllan Marc Graham Paul Hackney Serbnna Hale Chris Criswell Mlchelle Halpm Joe Haro Ben Jones E n Enca Jones Norman Kane Steve Lee Brlan Malone Angela McDame1 Roy McNeal Klrstan Mlller Katle Moore Nrchelle Moore Beccl Orona Mlke Patten Rlchard Patterson Greg Pece Steve Poe Ramon Rodreguez Mlke Ruckert Ron Sapp ,walkman The Fine Class Of '89 Becci Shafer Michael Sexton Jimmy Shaw Erika Sims Kevin Slarb Mary Steele Heather Stewart Irvin Taylor Darnell Thames Mike Uuereb Demetric Walton Missi Wheeler Darlene Williams Don Williams From left to right: President: Claudine Germain Vice President: Erica Jones Secretary!Treasurer: Darlene Williams Student Council Rep.: Yari Andujar The Freshman Class brought a tinge of "fresh" ideas and energy to the upper classes. Their enthusiasm showed through in sports, academics, and day-to- day life. Their continued spirit will help them be superior sophomores in the year ahead. Time For Class! Right: Phil Jones, ready to get away from class any way possible. Below: Kristen Lucas, helping Mitch Jaffee with an equation in trigonometry. Bottom Right: Kirstan Miller takes a break in typing. All work and no play makes Ulm students bored. Everyone gets serious about school work but that doesn't mean they don't have fun too! Asahi 'li s , r s N-,NN L 1? Q Sharp! The junior high classes show vigor and spunk when taxed with difficult situations, which prepare them to enter high school. Above: Getting ready for a pep-rally. Left: Sangdow Lawter says hello. Right: Laura Bare and Tania Fitz- simmons enduring the day. tmp I .IO qfil ' 27 Excellent Eighth Grade Laura Bare Kim Berthanume Tammy Blum Sonja Briggs Dwayne Brown Tammi Brusegaard Simone Corbett Adam Davis Odell Deveaux Angela Dilyard Patty Dunlavey Michelle Erwin Deanna Etheridge Krista Ferrell Tatiana Fitzsimmons Joann Garland Julia Getting Lynnwood Gilbert Hazel Harris Alonza Haynes LNW, . affix ' Marvin Haynes Richard Highfill Thomas Hill Emmit Hines Annis Hodgkins Jennifer Hodgkins Edward Justice Sharon Kenneally Frank Kotowski Kelli Lackey Sangdow Lawter Vernon Loree Stephanie Lucas Della Malone Tanya Manibusan Larunda McKnight Joey Meeks Eric Mitchell Sean McDonnell Leonard Orona Todd Pickins Roberto Rivera Jason Sandlin Kelly Schultz Ron Scolton Miyoshi Simmons Kim Slarb Johnathan Smith Andrew Stephens Seschan Taft Darryl Thames Carl Thomas III Micki Wall Martin Walsh Kenny Young SEVENTH GRADE RETAKES John Anderson Deunee Gagnon Deanne Haro Aaron Herrera John Kenneally Kerry Newberry Brandon Nolke Chris Riggs Eight Grade Class Officers President-Stephanie Lucas, VP-Simone Corbett, Secretary!Treasurer-Patty Dunlavey, Student Council Rep.-Sharon Kenneally Sens1t1ve Seventh Graders David Ackerman Bryon Adams Camie Bench Jeff Brockman Jennifer Boughton Eric Brogren Kristen Brungard Lewis Burks Thritha Davis Jenny Fields w- Kevin George Georgette Germain Tina Gillis Larry Gramling Olandis Hale Dana Haro Eric Heard Ulysses Hill Michelle Krebill Bianca Kotowski Shawn Jason Kiniki Lew' i ,,,,O,,, we Michael Mahoney Sharon Manning Ralph McDaniel Henry McFadden Cathy Nath J olina Owens Jesus Paez III Ryan Patterson Matthew Perry Chuck Plowman Bonnie Reichert Jess Reno Wally Schafer Dianne Serrano Joey Lynn Shaw Shundrella Simmons Chad Smith Shelly Speaks Michael Steel Patrick Steele Whitney Stewart Greg Strong Brandi Tanner Ron Textor Michael Waite Dorothy Wanner Shone Warren Helen Watford Tiffanie Watkins Uganda White Adam Wilkins Elizabeth Woosly Misty Wortman Shante Young CLASS OFFICERS Georgette Germain President Greg Strong-Sec!Treas Pete Lovo-Class Rep Jess Reno-Vice President Senior High Superlatives! BIGGEST FLIRTS: Tanya Walley 8: Tony Boutwell CLASS CLOWNS: Gina Martin KL Irving Taylor MOST ATHLETIC: Amacure iii Harris Sz Kristen Lucas BEST EYES: Kari Miller 8a Anthony RanGel BEST BODIES: Yad Yari Andujar Sn Eduardo Andujar in gr , Il wwf In fn a ,W .ag XZ. if if , ff ZS -,f wx W s 4 5 -1 X Q X wi 1' 3 Everyone picked as superlatives were voted on by grades 9, 10, and 11. f W wffweiego mx! if The Student Faculty Volleyball game was held to raise money for MUN so they could go to the Netherlands. The girls' volleyball team was a tough opponent for the rugged faculty team. The game was fun for all. Top: Miss Larson looks like she has the game under control as referee. Above: Michelle Halpin helps her teammates cover the court. Left: That must of been some shot, Mrs. King! Student Faculty Volleyball Having fun is one of the things that Ulm High is all about. Our school is filled with many happy faces that reflect contentment which is vital to the learning pro- cess. From cheezin' it up to goofing off, our unique atmosphere enriches the spirit at our school. Having Fun Top: Tara H. tells the photographer, "You ain't gonna worry me, just hurry up and take the picture!" Left: Juli and Syd displaying op- posite emotions. Right: Leroy Hammin' it up. Above: Jessie P. and Patrick S. clowning around. Right: Ron S., Irvin T., and William H. stripping for the camera. ,p,,.J .,.. .-,,, ww v W 5 .QQ fit' V -. K QU' 'M ff ll., gf ' A' 07 mf., .. mf M Q5 '1 S YE. - Ei " - .- ports As a major factor of extra-curricular ac- tivities, sports are enjoyed by eyeryone. Either on the court or on the sidelines, they are a definite part of our school. Top: Leon makes a touchdown. Above: Volleyball rallies for a victory. Left: Ulm tips the ball in for a basket. C'- m LT v-+1 "U O CD P-s C-i 37 Leon Cooper outsmarts a Giessen defender for a large gain. Jim my Loveless offers additional protection. Coach Klemmer and Coach Moore watch anxiously from the sidelines. Throw that football, Anthony Rangel! James Nichols takes a water break. The Krash Krue! Left: Amacure Harris fighting off defenders to make yardage Below: Gina Martin asks the magical question: "Water anyone?" ULM MARAUDER FOOTBALL TEAM Us 13 21 18 15 15 31 8 RECORD 1-6 SCOREBOARD Opponent Karlsruhe Giessen Bamberg Bad K. Augsburg Fulda Vilseck Them 18 43 27 20 49 30 20 A. Harris, A. Rangel, L. Gramling, V. Boone, J. Haro, B. Haro, L Cooper, J. Loveless, R. Rodriguez, M. Wall, D. King, J. Nichols R. Russel, L. Taylor, R. Perales, D. Sparks, B. Malone, T. Malone M. Wilkins, W. Hampton, S. Jackson, J. MacDaniels, G. J imenez, . D. McNeal, M. Andujar, D. Boone, D. Wanner, T. Boutwell , Assistants: Gina Martin and Kari Miller. Coaches: Mr. Rosser and Mr. Moore. The tennis team changed seasons from a spring to a fall sport. With the exception of Juli and Sydney, the team consists of mostly freshmen. The team didn't have a victorious season but they show lots of promise for next fall. Bottom row: Tammi Brusegaard, Jennifer King. 2nd Row: Tiffany Pickins, Stephanie Lucas, Heather Nets And Tees Stewart, Becky Orona. Top Row: Ben Jones, Syd Jones, Juli Szilagyi, Angela Ballard, Sherry Ackerman, Todd Pickins, David Ackerman, Mrs. Arnot. Right: Tiffany P. Waits for the return Below: Becky practices with the "Lobster" naw. Above: The Tennis Team rallies for a victory. The very first season for the Ulm Golf team proved to be successful. Tony Krebill placed 5th in Germany and Brian Malone, who had never played golf before, did very well also. Mr. Kingls excellent guidance was a major factor in this team's success. 9 H Y X x my The Spikers From Left to Right: Kelli Cathey, Tanya Walley, Tracy Sherman, Whitney Stewart QMJ, Yari Andujar, Becci Schafer, Michelle Halpin, Jenny Jimenez, Cathy Daugherty, Kristen Lucas fCaptainJ. Top of photo: Mr. Arnot cheering with his team. Left: Cathy D. waiting to return a set. IW Left Middle: A power bump by Tanya Walley. Left Bottom: Cynthia Bramlett follows through on a good return. Above: Kristen L. sets the ball over the net. The girls vollyball team coached by Mr. Ar- in ew not had a successful season. The team went to Small Schools Championships and brought home 6th place. The Stars and Stripes players from Ulm were Kristen Lucas and Tanya Walley. Congratulations to the whole team! fa' The Boys Basketball team showed much improvement this year. They worked hard as a team and proved that they are true Marauders, withou a doubt. Leon Cooper was choosen for all-conference. Marauders, we are proud of you! Right: Mr. Moore gives his team the winning plays! Boys Basketball The team is: Van Boone, Jimmy Matt Wall, Leon Cooper fCapt.J CPoo Bearj Loveless, Robert Chip McNeal, Harry Morgan and Borrego, Anthony Rangel, GinaMartinfMgr.D Amacure Harris, Coach Moore, rl Lost Won Lost Lost Lost Won Won Scoreboard Opponent Fulda Bamberg Glessen Bad K Karlsruhe Augsburg Vilseck a Won Won Lost Lost Won Lost Lost 1 F ' S t Left: "I don't know about all this. . ." is Anthony RanGel's remark after Coach Moore sends him in. Below: Leon Cooper waits for Marcos Andujar to make his free shot. ,,. ,,,r.m,, , - N, . f , H .fs new kkri l - r .ls Leon shoots a free shot. Giessen wonders where the Ulm hid the basketball. The Girls Jump For The Top! Still one of the most popular sports at UHS, the ladies basketball team cranked out a winning season. The girls worked more as a team this year to make the games fun for all. Top: Tracy, Pia, and Andrea wait to be subbed in while managers Tara and Risa keek stats. Right: Cynthia goes for a jump ball. Below: Verena shoots for the extra point. 4,-fn 44 Fresh As Always . . . N as if his NMR N N may S NN-.L ff!! Nm Fulda Fulda g Bamberg Bamberg 5 Giessen Giessen Bad K. Bad K. Karlsruhe Karlsruhe Augsburg Augsburg Vilseck Vilseck Fulda Ms. Larson tells the team the plan of attack. Friday Saturday Friday Saturday Friday Saturday Friday Saturday Friday Saturday Knon-conf.J Cnon-conf.J Friday Saturday fplay-offb Lost Won Lost Won Won Won Won Won Won Won Lost Lost Lost Lost Lost Women's Basketball Team Record: 8 7 Ms. Larson CCoachJ, Kristen Shultz, Lisa Kitter, Kirsten Lucas Attencio, Verena Sexton, Lynn Howard, Cynthia Bramlett fCapt.J, Pam Thorten fCapt.J,Michelle Halpin,Angrea Kotowski, Michelle Bragg, Yari Andujar, Pia Greenwall, Joyce Christian Tara Hemingway fMgr.l, Ms. Frank fCoachJ, Tracy Rose, Pam Risa Ewings QMgr.J ' 3 Glrls Basketball The at Slappers! The Ulm wrestling team, coached by Mr. Rosser this year was small. The team didn't win any meets because they didn't have a full team. However, they proved that they were true Marauders by winning most, if not all of their matches at each meet. The Ulm Wrestlers are: Capt. James Nichols, Bob Haro, Joe Haro, Greg Pece, Ramon Rogregiuz, Emmit Hines, Stoney Hanes. Managers: Jenny Jimenz, Kari Miller. Top: Joe Haro battles it out with a competitor. Middle Left: Emrnitt viciously attacks his victim. Middle Right: The Ulm Wrestling team warms up for a match. Above: Stoney prepares to meet his foe. Right: James is victorious over his Karlsruhe opponent. j l if it G...-W lluw to ilgfzwwi i LM? must be WW' . of A-Qt, r i and safety . UE Bruxdancinq j Special Events Very few weeks pass without at least one special event to break up a set routine. These interruptions make life at UHS less regimented and more fun. Clockwise: 11 Students listen to a Christmas concert. 21 Roy McNeal and Tammy Brusgaard get into Switch Day. 35 A sign of the times. Homecoming court starting with 7th grade, left to right: Bianca Bottom left: Michelle Bragg and Derek King The Shade Kotowski, Tanya Manabushan, Claudine Germain, TeeCee Cor- Brigade. bins, Kristen Lucas, Juli Szilagyi, Sharyn Howard, and Joanna Bottom rightg What does the L stand for Bridget? Jerome. Homecoming '85 had Marauders in Mo- tion as it's theme. Students depicted the theme using deep, dark jungles, hot air balloons among other things. The theme was also used as a guideline to decorate wagons as floats, a new idea this year. Juniors won lst prize for their hall and the seniors captured top honors for their float. The week began with Switch Day, followed by 50's Day, Rambo Day, Senior Diction Day. Thursday, an exciting powder puff football game was played in which the juniorffreshman team blanked the seniorfsophomore team, 12-0. Thursday evening a huge bonfire roared behind the school. The fire and Friday's boisterous pep rally provided the necessary shove for the football team victory over Fulda, 31-30 in a real nail-biter. The girls were also victorious in volleyball, assuring themselves a berth in the championships. Marauders In Motion 4 if s s, x 5' sz' 6 k ,i Q0 Z-95 1 !: . ., u ggi ,ff 5 N". ' H3 -Q I X as W . 73 MTH.: 309 if Homecoming Craziness Abounds 1. At right-Mikki Wall doing Homecoming Court, left to right: some serious thinking. Rob Russell, Juli Szylagyi, Leon 2. Below left-Kari Miller lO0ki1'1g Cooper-King, Joanna for a future in the World Series. J erome-Queen, Sharyn Howard, 3. Below right-Our Senior Robert Perales, wi? 4. Above-Bonnie Carter is very interested in her subject. 5. Tony Boutwell-Business as usual! .iiigi .V ,,,.4. K I 4, 1. V k V. v . . ri 1 5 i . --3. ' wg "Si .. W ' 22.515 . W1 X if iw? .. ..l,g' Em Lv, w ,. , .mg il, i,,... VI? . rw . H iv 1 ...frlil W2 Left to right: Class of 89 shows the "Marauder Touch". Kevin Brown, Donnie Boone, Roy McNeal, and Irving Taylor on "Fifties Day". ,n t Q QW 551' ,,. Lf' 1" I 1 5'-'uh '......, 1- . ' - , W' Joyce Christian dashes around the outstretched arm of Sherry Ackerman. Yari Andujar is pursued by Dana Gooden and TeeCee Corbins. Campus Life A friendly smile is always easy to 2. Below-Simone Corbette flashes find on the ULM Campus. a friendly smile! 1. Right-Derek King, William 3. Below right-Miss Larson's Hampton, and Matt Lovo discuss famous gym class! Derek's taste in dress. .,x 4. Kristen Lucas-Going for the Gold-and a touchdown! 5. Right-Rob Russell and Matt Wall trying a new step! X X X 1 L. . -t . , eeeeo . f xr e -is A J 'f if 5,21 Q. Qs Q f W 3. .i,:ih, , Sw li i . X SK X f.. l ,LA7 K In ,K 3 f J 11 . i.. W gi l, X? 1. .fist j -it-M. Top: Bob Haro, Marcos Andujar and Chip McNeal-"Where were you born?" Bottom Left: Ira Briggs helping out. Bottom Right: Michelle, Dana and Demetric take a break. The Classroom Touch Left: Here is what happens on our football team, William H. is a perfect example. Below: The typical German class. Lisa S. sleeping while Tanya W., Heather M., and Sean S. take a break. Middle Left: Chajuana Smith the perfect example of a girl out of time. Well, actually it is just 50's Day. Bottom Right: Tina R. and Damian F. in- tently listening to the lecture Cwell maybe with a little distraction . . . SNAPD Bottom Left: Tammy B. and Jennifer K. live near the world, but Derek K. lives under the world. ,aft A .5 At Ulm High School, the classroom touches Sometimes events outside the classroom everyone in a different way. When the invade the class giving a carnival-like students enter their classrooms, they find atmosphere. learning, humor, drama, or perhaps sleep. Y I W r x l 1 r E Q t t he-' ..... . N 'YKK t X wg. .S I 5- 55-px A4 N X X ' 1 f r vi Slim x ks Wx ag, Q15 S -75 5 X '51- ?"Qm,j if 'jg . ,W sr. ,, .. Q :aw X X , X K' NNANR ie- ,, u,?,l7X gin high A Q ' K- , .. 1 1 Q A .pn - s si: ---- K -sseirgrri-:,g s A 1- s . . in 1 ' 'T m: If if f. , .g.:" If es 3' Fi is Q5 Af-Q R. T X551 ' M W if NT-'fMqS1fff?'i Q L. , . -. - r. ,11,, r, ,. ,, A Variety Here at Ulm High School, we offer a wide variety of clubs and organizations for the students to chose from. The clubs and organizations, however, are nothing without the participation of the student body. They are the ones who make activities worthwhile. Clockwise: Drama club hams it up. 'tWe sure do love these new Wigs, Mrs. Moore." "They expect us to go on after that? ra A Hint Of Politics Student Council is: Yari Andujar, Claudine Germain, Kelli Cathey fPresidentJ, Kristen Lucas, Bob Haro, Cathy Daughtery, fSec!Treas.J, Gina Martin QVPJ, Jackie Rivera, Mitch J affee, Stephanie Lucas, Sharon Kennelly, Michelle Bragg, TeeCee Corbins, Pete Lovo, Georgette Germain. Advisor: Mrs. Haupt. Top: Kelli gets involved in a debate. Left: Haupt. Members put in their ideas. Student Council is made up of class presidents and 1 rep from each class. They sponsored the Sadie Hawkins dance along with other terrific projects. Model United Nations WW im' -ss, ssgsfss. , I This year the MUN students represented the country of East Germany. Jon Pece was ambassador and the delegation consisted of 10 members. The students did research on East German opinions of world issues so they might be able to participate in MUN activities at the Congresgebouw in The Hague, Netherlands. Pictured are: Ambassador Jon Pece, Bob Haro, Kelli Cathey, Ling Gremling, Kristen Lucas, Mitch J affee, Heather Mitchell, Amy Uuereb, Karen Daugherty, Cathy Daugherty, James Cable, Michelle Bragg, Kari Miller, Kristy Shepard, Tiffany Pickens, Gina Martin. Advisor: Nancy Yoder. Above Left: Karen, Cathy, Leon and Jon say hello. Above: The Netherlands Congresgebouw. A Touch Cf Spirit The power force of cheerleaders showed their spirit through energetic cheers and chants. From pep rallies to homecoming their enthusiasm has infected the stu- dent body tremendously. From left to right: Joanne Garland CAD, Claudine Germain, Nicki Spencer, Julie Brusgaard, Risa Ewings, Lisa Kitter, Amy Southerland, and Joanna Jerrome KAP- Right: Julie showing her usual creative self. Below, left: Claudine asks the crowd, "Are team is what?" 1 Above: The girls showing their spirit at a pep rally. Right: The Cheerleaders showing their 'tSuccess" pyramid. ' 'U' ' V z'viw,..M,e f fLc,,:efew,. f'1r4mfv2w1'4mef2zaf.wsefsrwzemlwiM'ivmwwxmf'?W'ef+'ff"m - Wmter Cheerleaders The basketball cheerleaders had a tough act to follow. Lots of problems and loss of crowd support seemed to major in the begining but the girls shone through by the end of the season. Six hours of cheering a weekend and a lot of practice proved to be very effective in the long run. All the cheerleaders thank Mrs. Moore for all her time and support. From Top to Bottom: Claudine Germain, Tiffany Pickens, Amy Uuereb, Sherry Ackerman, Bridget Germain, Cindy Jones. Above: Advisor Lou Moore joins in too on a cheer. Tiffany, Bridget, Sherry and Amy finish a cheer while hoping for a Marauder victory. 41 f, Top Left: Miss Larson teaching a new dance routine. Top Right: A flying routine to the "Bird", Above: Stephanie Lucas stretches out. Right: I wonder what Santa,s Helpers are look- ing at? Nova Tanz Dances To The Stars! cw I Nova Tanz is a jazzy, dance group that performs at halftime during football and basketball games. Under the direction of Miss Maggie Larson, the group is con- sidered having the best dance style in Europe. Their performance at camp last September brought them home with superior ratings and the respect of other drill teams and dance groups in Europe. Bottom Row: Tara Hemingway, Stephanie Lucas. 2nd Row: Risa Ewings, Amy Uuereb, Heather Stewart, SukHee Kim, Lynn Howard, Stephaniee Reichert, Julie Brussegard. 3rd Row: Brenda Rivera, Chris Criswell, Yary Andujar. Top Row: Darlene Williams, Irving Taylor, Colleen Steel, Michelle Erwin. Not Pictured: Syd Jones, Erica Sims and Barbara Parker. Below: SukHee reaching for the top. Bottom Right: Tara H., Brenda R., Colleen S., SukHee K., Lynn H., and Stephanie R. lined up for the halftime performance. Bottom Left: What is that ghost doing with Tara Hemingway's earmuffs on? A ,ta .1 'I I Band has had a very successful year. Besides performing in concert, they also played at pep assemblies and home football games. Above, left to right: Mr. Peter fdirectorb, Karen Daugherty, Nicky Moore, Ben Jones, Patty Dunlavy, Joanne Garland, Erical Smith, Paul Hackney. 2nd Row: Katie Moore, Erica Jones, Colleen Steel, Pam Atencio, Tiffany Pickins, Lamont Mason. Top Row: Steven Poe, Jimmy Shaw, Brian Malone, Paul Hansen, Della Malone, John Smith. Not pictured: Jenifer King, Becky Orona, Semetric Walton. Top right: Paul Hackney playing his heart out. Right: Mr. Peter conducting the band at a concert. ,WM er... . .. . ttt. ZZA , . Ma, 1, . .. . ww-W .. wwsow ,. . A Touch Cf Music ,faffwf ' " f. ' Touch Cf Song Top: The chorus class from left to right top row, Sharon H., Julie S., Laura B., Tania F., Tina G., Shelly S., Walley S., Eric M., Jonathon W., Adam W. Front row: Christy, Tracy F., Deanna E., Tanya M., Brenda R., Kimberly B., Tammy B., Bianca K., JoeyLynn S., Michelle R., Knot pictured Leon C., and Jenifer SJ and the conductor Mr. Peters. Left: Singing makes the world go round, or so says our chorus class in their first concert. Right: You should be singing instead of day dreaming Leon. Sao qg As .IO H 3 s Don Williams, Chris Degler and Mike Richert are all absorb- ed in the Drama Club's production of "Video Christmasf' fTop Leftl Right Left: The cast and crew of "Video Christmasn present Mrs. King with a bouquet of flowers after the final performance. Bottom Right: Jennifer King as Grandma. As a new club to UAHS, Drama club has put a definite mark in the school and community. Not only with their Christmas production but also in helping put together a video of our school. Drama Club is: Todd Cicilese, Jeff Brockman, Patty Dunlevy, Arthur Plowman, Angela Ballard, Heather Bonanomi, Sherry Ackerman, Claudine Germain, Ami Ken- neally, Tiffany Pickins, Tina Gills, Ben Jones, Pam Adams, Mike Uuereb. Advisor: Mrs. King Honor Art Soc1ety And Outdoor Club HAS is: Colleen Steel, Tracy Sherman, Gina Martin, Sangdow Lawter, Simone Corbett, Claudine Germain. Not Pictured: Kevin Lackey, Doug Zook, Amy Brown. Advisor: Dennis Nesheim. HAS is made up of students that exceed in art or video art. They helped complete a model of our school, after construction. Outdoor Club is: Brenda Rivera, Amy Uuereb, Michelle Krebill, Todd Pickens, Cathy Nath, Bonnie Reiter, Mike Mahoney, Eric Brogan, Michael Steel, Camie Bench, Tiffany Pickens, Jeff Brockman, Shelly Speaks, Brandon Nolke, Henry McFadden, Aaron Herrera. Advisors: Mrs. Yoder and Ms. Ruble. Outdoor Club is responsible for raising money to go to Hinterbrand Lodge, the ultimate outdoor experience. J , R Vw-li-s..., , if .1 l 61 Right: Damian Fitzsimmons and Tony Boutwell showing off their expert photography skills. Bottom: "Should we really use that layout?" Amy Uuereb asks. Yearbook Staff: Joanna Jerome-Senior Editor, Amy Uuereb-Editor, Dana Gooden-Business Manager, Michelle Bragg-Photo Editor, Ami Kennelly-Editor, Patty Dunlavey, Tee Cee Corbins, Sandow Lawter, Damain Fitzsimmons, Tina Reed, Pam Adams, Tony Boutwell, Heather Mitchell, Michelle Richardson. Not Pictured-Gina Martin, Katie Moore. Advisor: Thomas Edgar. A Touch Of Journalism . . . Yearbook Staff The yearbook staff took on a new challenge this year. Not only was the staff under a new ad- visor, they had no experience either. They work- ed weekends and holidays along with after school to meet the deadlines and hassels to bring you the HMARAUDER TOUCH." Newspaper And FBLA THE ULM MARAUDER STAFF IS: Amy Uuereb, Editorg Jon Pece, Layout, Joanna Jerome, Senior writer, Katie Moore, Artworkg Tiffany Pickins, Krista Ferrel, Ben Jones, Adam Wilkins, Steve Poe, Nicki Moore, Patty Dunlavey, Shelly Speaks, Michelle Krebill, Mrs. B. King, Advisor. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA IS: Mike Wilkins, Pres.g Tony Boutwell, VPQ Tara Hemingway, Treas.g Damian Fitzsimmons, Heather Stewart, Michelle Bragg, Tina Reed, Adam Wilkins, Claudine Germain, Jessie Paiez, Brandon Steel. Advisor: Mrs. Fredrick. Top: Adam Wilkins makes a deal with a customer. Right: Tara types away. Left: Tiffany decides what to write next. Top Left: An old friend bites the dust for new addition. Top Right: A true work horse ready to help out. consmuc so sue i i i ' TRESSPASSWG FORBIUUEN ments Rssmnsnms Pon a e d tntt 'lm N H t t t t te Y YY 1 Construction for our three million dollar additions began Oc- and a photo lab. Also, we will have several major renovation pro- tober 30, 1985. Construction is to be completed before school jects that will improve various areas within the present school opens next year. The additions will include several classrooms, building itself. xwnamasnm, Student Life! The halls of UHS echo with laughter and complaining. Marauder life, like life everywhere, is filled with ups and downs. Some days everything is great while other days are not so good. Even the bad seems a little better, though, because you are a Marauder! Top: Lunchtime is munchtime! Left: Students in Mr. Edgar's class resist the temptation to read during SSR. Above: Ling's Famous Look. .IS H919 Q- DSI 19111 65 Above Right: Joyce C. has the most spirit in this crowd. Don't you think so? Above: A Homecoming skit by Nova Tanz. Lady T. Love, 1Tara Hemingwayl inter- views Coach Moore. fBrenda Riverab Bottom Right: The revised Ulm Marauder cheerleaders doing their most difficult pyramid with Derek K., Rob R., Tony M., Matt W., and William H. Pep Rallies are generally held the Friday before a home game. Students crowd in the high school gym the last period of the day to listen to the coaches praise their teams, learn a chant from the energetic cheerleaders, and get fired up for the up- coming game. One of the highlights is wat- ching Nova Tanz performing a new dance routine. To some students, the best part of the pep rallies is the early dismissal from school! A Punch Of Pep! fu... -wk' ww ww' SNNVHN' A Crash Cf Cheers! Left: Bridget Germain leads a football team waits for Coach cheer. Rosser to call them into the center Below: Part of the Marauder to be introduced. Middle Left: Michelle, TeeCee and Dana everyone by popping up from behind are the most reliable for getting a cheer a-graveyard? In all, pep rallies were very started. successful this year. Above: Nova Tanz ghosts surprised Top: Cindy Jones and James Nichols having a friendly chat. Top right: If you couldn't tell, it's Ami Kennelly's birthday. Right: We want our food and we want it now! Break is a very popular part of the Marauder student day. Nor- mally at 10:15, the students are given a 15 minute break during which organizations sell anything from hotdogs for 506, to miniature candy bars for 15112. The Gym- nasium Hallway, the library, and the Junior!Senior Hall are the most popular places to eat and talk. The least desireable place is in the "crushing crowd" in front of the break sales table. 2 iff :ff,2W?W S V Q' f K' A Short Pause. Field trips are one exciting way to get away from school for a day or more. German, French, and CWE are a few of the classes that went on trips this year. The basketball overnights, the leader- ship conference, MUN conference, Ski Week and Hinterbrand were the major trips that organizations went on. To all, they were a lot of fun. Top: Well Kari, what do you want to do? Above: Tara jammin' on the bus to Giessen. Bottom: Barry, Tanya, Julie Matt and Cathy having a friendly lunch in N iirnberg. A Dash Of Deutschland. I Above: James Cable, Claudine Ger- main, Jennifer King, Julie Brusegaard, Tanya Walley, and Whitney Stewart model new trends in skiing . . . sunbathing! Top Right: Derik King and Georgette Germain head up the slopes. Right: William Hampton and Rob Russel show off their GQ look while Jennifer King falls at their feet. Ski Week 86 was held the first week of February in Ber- chtesgaden. 35 students and Mr. and Mrs. King went to the Skitop Ski School to either learn to ski or learn to ski better. Ski Week wasn't all fun though. An hour of homework and a 9 P.M. curfew every night was required of everyone. When the kids weren't skiing, they played in the snow and talked in the ski lodge. On Friday, the ski races were held. Everyone was split up by his or her ability. Overall, Ulm placed in over half of the winner slots. Everyone though, learned how to ski better and had a fabulous time. -- Enjoy H ing A White VFW ssssmw NE Ski Week '86! Even though skiing was the main activity, everyone went shop- Walker, or just enjoyed the ping at the sport store, had a soda beautiful View and the fresh air of in the Bavarian Bar of the General the Bavarian Alps. f ,ggi Top Left: Kevin Lackey learns acrobatics on skis or is that him falling? Middle Left: Shawn Slencamp, Matt Wall, and Matt Lovo show their approval of Ski Week. Bottom Left: Bridget Bermain and Heather Stewart go up the slope ready to conquer We any challenge that lies ahead. Top Left: Amy Uuereb and friend get some sleep after a hard day of skiing. Above: Michelle Halpin and Tiffany Pickens look over the slope and decide which way to go first. S And Jr. HS NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY IS: Jon Pece lpresj, Karen Daugherty, Cathy Daugherty, Mitch Jaffee, Kristen Lucas, Kari Miller, Tony Malone, Gina Martin, Cynthia Bramlett, William Hampton, Derek King, Tina Reed, Stephanie Reichert. JR. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY IS: Simone Corbett, Chris Degler, Patty Dunlavey, Risa Ewings, Erica Jones, Jennifer King, Sandow Lawter, Stephanie Lucas, Kristin Miller, Becky Orona, Leonard Orona, Greg Pece, Colleen Steele, Claudine Germain, Heather Stewart, Brian Malone, Trudy Giliillian, Angela Ballard, Stoney Haynes, Annis Hogdkins, Jennifer Hodgkins, Vemon Loree, Kelly Schultz, Jeff Brockmann, Eric Brogren, Kristen Brungard, Georgette Germain, Bianca Kotowski, Kerry Newberry, Dianne Serrano. Advisor: Mrs. Denise King. Left: New members read the NHS Promise. Top Right: Jennifer King and Mrs. King smile as Derek King is inducted into the NHS. Bottom Right: Claudine Germain keeps on her toes to read her part in the ceremony. Sw NW 5 if .R I nic ' If x. als. In order to be considered for membership in the National Honor Society, a student must achieve a cummulative grade point average of 3.3. Students are then further judged on several other factors including character and citizenship. Once in, the Society, members must maintain a 3.0 average and con- tinuously demonstrate characteristics befitting the Society. To be asked to join is truly a touching honor. Top: New members being inducted. Left: Colleen Steele lights a candle as Mr. Gartner and Col. Eskew watch. Right: Current members wait for the ceremony to begin. Headlines Of 1985-86 On January 28, 1986, the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded 20 miles above Cape Canaveral killing all eight of its passengers. In November of '85, President Reagan and Premier Gorbachev held a summit in Geneva, Switzerland. They talked about nuclear arms control and world peace. In the Philippines, President Marcos was caught in election fraud causing the country to split into two factions. Mrs. Aquino eventually claimed victory. Apartheid still is in control in South Africa. Riots, bombings, and bloodshed happened everyday. A few recording stars got together and wrote the song "Sun City". All the money raised was to help bring an end to Apartheid. Terrorism was a main issue, especially in Europe. The Achille Laurel hijacking was one form and the bombings at Rhein Main airfield and the Rome and Vienna airports were another. Reagan declared all out war against terrorism. Three years after the Tylenol poisoning, a woman died after taking Tylenol capsules laced with cyanide. The company stopped making the capsules all together. AIDS is still the most talked about disease. After Rock Hudson's death, Elizabeth Taylor started raising money for research. Fourteen year old Ryan White was barred from school because he had contacted the disease from a blood transfusion. LOCAL NEWS The mark rate dropped drastically causing problems for the Americans in Germany. In less than a year, the Deutschmark dropped over a mark per dollar. On December 5th, a new Burger King restaurant opened its doors in Neu Ulm. It is just like those back home. It hired over 100 people. Since N eu Ulm is a model installation, it has been going through major changes. Construction can be seen everywhere you look. Some of the places under renovation are: The Rec Center, the Chapel, and our school. 4! 5 FA moves from Wiley Barracks to Ft. Riley KS. SPORTS In the World series, the Kansas City Royals came out on top in a tough fight against the St. Louis Cardinals. Superbowl XX was an easy victory for the Chicago Bears. They were 10 point favorites over the New England Patriots. They completed the season with only one loss. TOP MOVIES Rambo, First Blood Part 2, The Color Purple, Out of Africa, St. Elmo's Fire, Rocky IV, White Nights, Teen Wolf, Back to the Future, Jewel of the Nile, Romancing the Stone, Part 2. TOP SONGS The Superbowl Shuffle, the Chicago Bears, Count Me Out, New Edition, We Built this City, Starshipg Party all the Time, Eddie Murphy, Friends, Dionne Warick and Friends, Smoking in the Boys Room, Motley Crue, Cherish, Kool and the Gang, Say You, Say Me, Lionel Richie. GAMES AND TOYS Transformers are still popular this year. Rambo Dolls and Carebear Cousins are new this year. Cabbage Patch Kids are favorites among little girls and Trivial Pursuit is the most popular game on the market. FASHION TRENDS Girls: Tight Skirts, Stirrup Pants, Oversized Sweaters, Long Blouses, and Teddy Bear Coats are the fashion styles. Pastels were very popular, even for winter. Paisley was the kind of shapes and designs found on fabric. Guys: Long coats, Nike hi-tops and polo shirts are what every guy is wearing. Almost every guy, especially skiers, would.n't be caught without their sunglasses. Right Left: Kari Miller writes a letter to President Reagan expressing her feelings about the Summit. Bottom Left: Mr. Peter, Mr. Moore and Mr. Hart talk about how good the food is at Burger King. Below: Part of the construction of our school. Bottom Right: Rob thinks about playing in the Superbowl, rather than the homecoming game. WI R tsglll A Flair Of Fashion! Marauders have set the pace. They definitely know the latest in fashion, makeup and hairstyle. We get a little bit crazy but if we didn't who would the other schools and Germans copy? We have the basics in fashion and hair but we have a tendency to stretch it out. To understand this, you must venture into the halls and listen to what the students are talking about. There is only one way you can dress like a Marauder. You must be one! Far Left, Top: Heather Mitchell wears the basic Marauder dress: jeans, shirt and a Marauder letter jacket. Far Left, Bottom: New fashions in Nerd Wear is shown by Tony B. and Damain F. Bottom Center: Derek K. proves that Toga Dress is the hit of the season. Notice the natural headdress and white socks. Center: Girls wearing guys clothes seem to be quite popular at UHS. Julie and Stephanie really get into it! Mini skirts, ski hats, and sunglasses are enjoyed by the male gender lately. Rob Peralis, Rob Russel, and Tony Malone really love it. Living in a military community and with the recent release of Rambo has prompted army fashion, especially with 7th grader Walley Schafer. GDNGRATIILATIDNS mums from YGUR Yearbook Staff 04d Malfoy ILO? 'ff ZQQQ5 ff. PW 1.4 f r W 'EQ li Lifflggf KA 31711.07 ,a1'2'p1uv C th 1' :5PMS t. 9 30 SL 12 30 S P t t t11AM8z3PMS Ristorante Pizzeria , .4-:"w"?'I' ..-. -,,-C'- ,g,:.r.f. ,sg-fr 'if'.1f:'32'f' X 'ii 1. s .Sim 4?:f"' -14: - .4 i . 1 ,. u.yn4.g.v , ,-Q., 'Q V -gf -, Flat, i .. '.- 0 . 4. , W if ' f - - . 'VA if-ur :-vivlgfif-i ',g'1g.g:-f. ff' " --" 1: ' 5? ,a gff.,i,Aqf-H-1:-fi... ,- . . X . ,4 . ' vi . M - if Q' w az H '- Q 'liiiiqf' V" git' 's - , 3 - 2 - 'A ' 1 Q 1:11. ' 1' 11, .. 2 At, 1 ' all .s ' ,'-I' 1.- E,-. '!':g,, Q :Lf gr-I I. 1.4 T11 - j . . Q in i ,UI . 'Q - '- J .. it J . QF. , gebffnet von Bahnhofstr. 2 , 7910 NEU ULM 1100 blS 1400 PM 0731,79274 und 1630 bis 2330 Dienstag Ruhetug Guten Appetit wlinscht lhnen Fam. Benedetti O0 5 WJ t siwtare AQ Jr, I-loNoLD fffflse 0 Visit Us For Fast Courteous Service In Travel Arrangements XII , este? 1 D e stone Q-ts,.,,.,,,+-A HONOLD -Q -, New-Ulm, Ludwvgstr 54 56 Tel, 0731-7 6011 FRANK 's VIDEO CORNEI5 -I for U. S. ID cardholders only I ann aaa"a'." Quang. caan. iiiiig aria 1-was wana :aff 7 I Wishes The Class Cf 86 The Best Of Luck In The Future! T ln Augsburg, Longemarckslr. 62, near Centerville, PX, T l f0812j 406865 IN Ull?fff43l lEE5 ff T I 107311 722792 ' ' il .mmf Insurance Z ZURICH INSURANCE sq DEUTSCHER LLOYD Contact: Mr. Brusco Memmingstrasse 50 7910 Neu Ulm phone: 0731-81691 Officefs And Civiliarfs Wives Club A nual Scholarsh p C mmunity Support Holiday B MSA N e lm The Morale Support Activities Division CMSAD1 USMCA Neu Ulm provides recreation services for you and your family. A wide range of programs and activities are conducted daily to provide entertainment and enjoyment during your leisure hours. There is something of interest for every age group. Our programs are expandable to meet your needs and interests. If there is an activity that is of particular interest to you and you are not sure that we offer it, then ask us. We are always receptive to new ideas that will improve or expand our programs and activities. Here is a list of some of the many facilities and programs available through your Morale Support Activities. LIBRARY CTel. NUM 64021 Access to more than 2 Million Volumes, USAREUR-Wide X Music Recordings X Over 100 Current Magazines and Newspapers X Videocassettes on Many Subjects X News Bank X Microfiche Files X Leisure Reading Materials X Films Available for Special Programs X Research Assistance X Copy Machine Available to Public, 106 per copy X Special Programs. SPORTS fTel. NUM 65661 Gymnasium X Racquetball Courts X Nautilus Fitness Room X Global Fitness Room X Weight Rooms X All Weather Track X Softball Field X Football Field X Soccer Fields X Tennis Courts X Volleyball Courts X C All Purpose Court X Sauna X Company Level Intramural Sports such as Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Flag Football Community Level Sports such as Boxing, Cross-Country, Powerlifting, Soccer, Swimming, and Diving, Wrestling, Golf, Tennis, Racquetball, Fast Pitch Softball, Track and Field, Marathon, Body Building, Handball X Aerobic Exercise Classes XTennis Lessons X Run for Your Life Program X Racquetball Lessons. OUTDOOR RECREATION CTel. NUM 62611 Alpine Sports Store X Record and Tape Shop X Rubber Rafts X Hiking and Camping Equipment X Bicycles X Ski Trips and Ski Lessons X Horse Shoe Pitching X Windsurfing and Windsurfing Lessons X Grass Skiing X Scuba Diving Lessons. BOWLING CTel. NUM 66031 Snack Bar X Locker Rental X Video Machines X Open Bowling X League Bowling X Kids League Bowling fages 8-12 years1 X Teen Bowling Cages 13-18 years1 X Open Tournament X League Tournament. MUSIC Sz THEATER CTel. NUM 66071 DOD Overseas Shows X Neu Ulm Players X Performers X Network X Community Productions. MULTI CRAFTS CTel. NUM 63121 X PHOTO HOBBYCENTER CTel. NUM 63121 X AUTO CRAFT SHOP fTel. NUM 62971 Tools X Instructions and Classes X Advice X A Place To Work X We will help you develop film and make prints, fix your car, make or repair some of the other things that will help you make your life more enjoyable. YOUTH ACTIVITIES fTel. NUM 64701 Serving the needs of young people, 6-19 X Soccer X Basketball X Baseball X Cheerleading X Horseback Riding X Gymnastics X Dances X Parties X Arts Sz Crafts X Ballet X Tours and Travel X Special Interest Classes X Swimming. TERRACE RECREATION CENTER CTel. NUM 63121 X INFORMATION TOURS gl TRAVEL CTel. NUC 737461 Table Games X Billiards X Table Tennis X Recreation and Information Leisure Services X Community Information X Cultural Information X Day and Weekend and Longer Tours X Concert Tickets X Tour Planning Assistance X Flight Tickets. Z Phone No 1000 BERLIN 62 2ffmRa'ff3,j0wj5,gf'1i,g05 7952 MUNDERKINGEN Ph 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 2 + "' vw wumwa ""' , gg if mms-lnauaamuggm M mmm x mx , -1 I ng Zlinldliligil I ' Q- f. EQ 5 Si 1 -ff gf FB ,fwf"f1 44444444444444444444444 94 444 1 Congratulatlons Class Of 1986 'Qi fm McD0h8ld's "' From Your Neu Ulm McDonalds Augsburger Platz Llcensee D W11113mS I " i K V M . I 2 V I A ' -I Vrv, v . 4 Z H VVV7 x ,.... U HW A dk 'Mi Fridays are the most popular days at UHS. Not much gets ac- complishedbut a pep rally because everyone has better things to think about: the weekend! rr..L Top: Harry Morgan dreams about his plans for the weekend while Middle Right: Tina Reed is ready to tackle the weekend ahead. Heather Mitchell tells Tanya Walley her plans. fMiddle Leftj Above: The cheerleaders watch Nova Tanz at a pep rally. T.G.I.F.! A Few Goodbyes At the end of the day students and teachers leave the school either by bus, car or feet. Right: A cleaning lady vacuums Mr. Edgar's room. Below: Students leaving a pep rally. Bottom Right: William Hampton gets all his books together to take home. p p Z,,. 3 , M66 45dQ, pd 'M mwaq QJQKQQNK KOvJ MCD X100 0 Gm dnixvfne! gw 30667901660 'md Wy N50 XO XO Wwxikfba QQ gwi Qi cQvD fm CQQGXW wrw0,0 050 H9010 3' G QQ QWKJ-X 6 WSW? qc Wwwi We Did It! The Marauder Touch was printed by Newsfoto Yearbooks. It is 96 pages on enamel paper and includes 8 pages of color. 175 copies were printed. The cover is a custom 2 color Csilver and whitel silkscreen design on red hand tooled grain. The artwork was done by Damian Fitzsimmons. We would like to give special thanks to Jim Johnson, Larry Hart, Denise King, and Mrs. Perkins for photo contributions. An extra special thanks to editor Amy Uuereb. Her hard work and persistence made this book a reality. The staff would also like to thank Melissa Johnson for her technical advice. 1 Q- UMLQ- Jifmbd, vE1fQu VWCLXQLQ Mm QQQ Maggy who B Clank Qwm wdezaiomd at ww all lb ww as doesnt MQW ,mga mmf lb dwg www Um www, Uvfqfsf Ou OUU2 Ok MQJL ' 1 gg GD me L!Q3'rYWqlO.d LQAQQQ7 UUQ9 LUCK , QOQJAQ L1Qulf6luz LUHQ qgu QWU3 CMCLQT MCL-to . . fffflyii VA . I 2 x59,3myxY.WQx W iifpmjjsae H ' Qi A Q Q W wwf JUW' Kwufdk 'WW WW? fjiww WJ 9 !Lw4,.,A. x03PJ QJZLJ fffihr :,':.j,.,4E,..f My Y w Vx qs-, . I! -Z' ,- A, 'aifwgr M 'Mix 13 . M If I f 5 V , flw-ML nf , ' P' wwf Wwfffffwk W,,z..: if Ma M fmflj iw ala' HQJJL uy4Lf1,f. ULN-f'1f i 0 L U wi, J .Y J' SWQLLAJ Oli? Q' 3 K Udfofyv LbL15"v'y Www? ' bb Sapa ,Bm Qefwfv W fYW'? Kham iwlj 'iUUJU,1,!Q I A, QM , g NvMCifll.fwf,1vHM ELL jim U-5 , MW VQ I0 mid wtf? ' f1'LQf,,Lt Wig! ' K' W ff' iff'i?Zlj" W N WJMM-f wrt J' bl, l , w X , M . ww f' fffLL,.ULfML ,I KL! D 5:2 . Lfz' fN L H, 4, l fi ' fb ArSSgc lllffdffu 4 LM Mvfff UU

Suggestions in the Ulm American High School - Marauder Touch Yearbook (Neu Ulm, Germany) collection:

Ulm American High School - Marauder Touch Yearbook (Neu Ulm, Germany) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 31

1986, pg 31

Ulm American High School - Marauder Touch Yearbook (Neu Ulm, Germany) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 27

1986, pg 27

Ulm American High School - Marauder Touch Yearbook (Neu Ulm, Germany) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 20

1986, pg 20

Ulm American High School - Marauder Touch Yearbook (Neu Ulm, Germany) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 8

1986, pg 8

Ulm American High School - Marauder Touch Yearbook (Neu Ulm, Germany) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 58

1986, pg 58

Ulm American High School - Marauder Touch Yearbook (Neu Ulm, Germany) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 48

1986, pg 48

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