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' , ' 1984 Wildcat Ukiah High School 1 000 Low Gap Road Ukiah, California 95482 Volume 59 5 % Title Page • 1 2 • Table of Contents Table of Contents Opening 4 Seniors. ' T . 18 Underclassmen .62 Activities. . . .100 Sports . .rr " . ... 1 22 Organizations .168 Academics ...190 Ads ...210 Index . . .228 Closind . . . . . . .234 9d ' V l Table of Contents amaia iaumuiitmmmin 4 • The Town The Town From the hills surrounding the small town, Ukioh looks peaceful, untouched. This place, Yokayo to the Indians, is known to its modern-day settlers as the Ukioh valley. The volley seems almost unchanged to those who see it every day. Those who visit here once in a while see its changes both in physical structure and attitudes. Newcomers arrive every day, bringing their ideas to those who have inhabited the valley for generations. A closer look at the community shows how busy it really is. People, shopping centers, MTA buses — all these and other things help moke it a small city. Still, some see the area as a small town formed by traditions and clinging to them. Traditions such as the logging and timber industry, cattle and sheep ranches, and the pride of knowing that one can still find the comfort of a small stream or forest, a quiet place to sit and reminisce about the old times. Others embrace any change, whether it be shopping centers, the Hometown Fes- tival, more urban apartments, or the clear- ing of trees for parking lots and stores. A peacful place, Ukioh presents a vari- ety of offerings to both long-time and new Ukiahans. But it is the intermingling of both the old and the new that makes most Ukiahans call this place " Our Town. " The Town • 5 PRIDE, COMMITMENT, EXCELLENCE. The sfu AN APPLE A DAY. Students are exposed to some dents at Ukiah High School hove grown to enjoy the high-powered learning by the installation of almost diversity of a basically rural campus with many urban one hundred Apple Computers luxuries. NO MAN ' S LAND. Usually a busy place, the quad aports a new student information center this year, 6 • The School The School White on white, the buildings rise out of the landscape and nearly overwhiem it. Some new students find themselves so in- timidated by the gigantic maze of almost windowless buildings that they become disoriented. After stumbling to the gym for orientation, one freshman found the place hod given her the chills. " It made me feel insignificant, " she said. New students become lost. Even oldtim- ers sometimes have trouble getting from class to class in seven minutes — or so they tell their teachers. Still, everybody soon adjusts and discards the map and the excuses. Nearly everybody begins to feel at home and embarks on the round of classes and activities available here. For most teen-agers their school cam- pus is where they spend most of every weekday. They hove special places where they talk between classes, study for tests or have lunch. The campus almost be- comes a mini-town that the students are OS familiar with as any citizen is with his community. Ukiah High School, one of the more beautiful campuses in California, offers to its students not only a wide range of activi- ties from sports to government, but also quality education. " I feel that the classes I have taken over the post years hove pre- pared me not only for college, but for so- cial life as well, " one senior remarked. The School • 7 8 • The Students The Students Our school, so quiet and solemn on this brisk Sunday afternoon. Walking along the hallways, usually full of laughter and screams, one realizes how different it is here today without students. During the week people gather, talking and sharing secrets, walking around just to pass the time, or standing by the cafetorium trying to gulp enough food to last them through the day. Today they are gone. The " wall " where the row of cowboys usually sits is now occupied by a flock of birds. It looks lonely. The area between the pool and the vending machines, the old smoking area, is devoid of cigarette butts. Where smoke once lingered in the air and provoked the school board and student-parent groups to hold many discussions, there is now . . . well, cleanliness. The Tri looks like the heart of the school. The place where students gather to eat, talk and lough is now just an empty pit in the middle of campus. Without the students the school is quiet and undisturbed. The students, with all of their energy, shake the gym during rallies and make the school come olive with their joy and pain. The huge white buildings with orange doors was built for students. Without them the buildings are just that: buildings. School will come olive again on Mon- day, and emotion will once more fill these empty, lifeless buildings. The students THE ROYAL COUPLE. Mary Zama and Sfeve Gehring proudly accept their title of Homecoming Queen and King WE WIN! In triumph for the second year in a row, Doug Drennan raises the Spirit Bell. Moments later other members of the class of ' 86 poured out of the stands to mob him in wild celebration 10 • The Ceremony — iJL A CASUAL DINNER? The Wilcat Den furnished the relaxing dinner that these candidates from Ukiohilite and the band enjoyed before their big moment GEE, I WONDER WHO ' S GOING TO WIN? Awaiting halttime of the big game, Rick Shippey, Alexia Lopes, and Mary Zaina look preoccupied. The Ceremony Despite a few minor mixups, the Home- coming ceremony, the first ever held in our new stadium, was a success. Courtney DeSclvatore, who choired the group from Student Leadership which organized the evening, introduced a few changes. The couples ate in the Wildcat Den instead of a local restaurant, and Homecoming was moved up several weeks to avoid rain. Most of those present rated the evening a success. One candidate remarked, " There were a lot of changes in this year ' s ceremonies. Even though we didn ' t win, the experience was awesome, " The evening began with the introduc- tion of the candidate couples as they ar- rived before the new home stands in cars lent by various dealers and private citizens. Keenan Nelson and Dede Mayfield, the evening ' s emcees, intro- duced the anxious couples as they took their special seats. As the first half of the game ended, our award-winning band marched onto the field to perform. After they quieted, the couples took their places on the track be- fore an expectant audience. The father of each queen candidate presented his daughter with a box containing a flower, a tradition started only last year. Although there was a mixup in the col- ors of the flowers, the confusion was set- tled quickly; and Mary Zaina and Steve Gehring from Block U were crowned King and Queen. Konelle McDermott and Howard Hayes of French Club were first runners-up, and Lisa Sciochetti and Brian White of FFA were second runners-up. Other candidates included Rick Shippey and Alexia Lopes, CSF; Tammy Oman and Scott Grodin, Bond: Angle Argall and Eric Brouwer, Annual; Tami Moyer and Nick Norton, Commercial Club; Julie Vedollo and Fred Heolly, American Indian Youth; Ana Carillo and Roger Melendrez, MAYO, and Jamie Menzmer and Ken Spurlock, Ukiahlite. The Ceremony • 11 12 • The Rallies SHA BOOM, SHA BOOM. Freshmen Brian Arneson, Del Fross, Gil Tournour, ond Curt Cosh perform their favorite cheer to show their spirit for the doss of ' 87. KING OF BEERS. Budman, olios Bob Beltrami, saves the varsity from Russian spies during the senior skit. t . THE V The Rallies After long nights of anticipation and preparation by all the classes, the Sopho- more class won the 1983 Homecoming Spirit Bell. It was an exciting Homecoming week. More students than usual attended the rallies, and even through some tough competition there was a sense of together- ness. The whole student body came together to cheer the Wildcat Varsity against Analy. Although Analy won, Ukiah fans kept their spirits up. The freshman class did well to take fourth place without a class advisor. The sophomores, advised by Mrs. Johnson, seem to be following in the footsteps of the class of 1982 by trying to keep the Spirit Bell in their hands every year. The juniors, advised by Mrs. Engnew, were in stiff competition with the sopho- mores and kept them on their toes. The class of 1985 is ready to move in on the glory of having the Spirit Bell. The class of 1984, led by Budman, pulled together more than ever this year. During their senior year they hove come together for that lost year of awesome fun! With the help of Mr. Richardson you can see the togetherness and senior glory in their eyes. The Rallies • 13 14 • The Game The Game As the thrill of victory was settling in for the Homecoming King and Queen, the football team was slowly succumbing to the agony of defeat against the Analy Ti- gers. The crowd grew excited when they knew we had a chance to win. In the first quarter Analy got a touchdown in the first three minutes of the game. Then Shawn Hook had a 21 yard return which made us feel we could score and win the game. On the 5 yard line Joe Bartolomei took a hand off and went in for a touchdown. We missed the extra point, but we were thrilled that the score was close. The second quarter was scoreless. We went into halftime behind 6-7. In the third quarter we started a drive which was mov- ing well until a devestating fumble turned the ball over to Analy. We never threatened again. Analy scored one more touchdown to ice the game, and we had lost our first Homecoming in the new sta- dium. The Game • 15 The Ukiah Valley has long been a changing place. The members of our community have adjusted to accepting the new while valuing the old. The stu- dents here have adopted this tradition of acceptance from the Ukiohans. At Ukiah High we have become accustomed to the many traditions such as the Homecoming festivities, saving the net from the last basketball game, and the prom. But this year we The Dedication have also enjoyed such beginnings as a trainer for our football team, our own stadium, dances after every home foot- ball game, and the installation of new computers. The students of Ukiah High School hove learned from the members of our community to take the best advantage of both old and new. Ukich has kept open a window to the past by restoring its older buildings, keeping alive its agri- cultural business, and maintaining the quality and charm of small town living. Our community has also incorporated new ideas like the shopping centers, the new homes being built, and the Home- town Festival. We, the annual staff of Ukiah High School, are formally dedicating this book to the people who have taught us to appreciate the new and cherish the old: the citizens of Ukiah. - U ;; : S- %m y - id m Ill Dedication •I? Seniors • Seniors • Seniors i 1 4 y :1 m Seniors • Seniors • Seniors 18 •Seniors ti ' xmufiitammmiiam Seniors • Seniors • Seniors Seniors • Seniors • Seniors Seniors 19 Remembering yesterday, dreaming of tomorrow The class of 1984 has been set in their ways since they set foot on this campus as freshmen four years ago. The class of ' 84 ' entered Ukiah High divided into groups or cliques of friends and now they are leaving divided. Class presidents repeatedly took on the challenge of uniting this class — always with the same results. " Just because we aren ' t graduating united doesn ' t mean we aren ' t graduating proud. " Bob Beltrami ' s speech to the class of ' 84 ' rang true for all seniors. " Our class is very unique. We are the only class to go through all four years and only win one activity, homecoming. The class of ' 84 ' holds this record at Ukiah High and no other class will beat it unless, of course, they don ' t even win homecoming. " The class has been not only divided internally but also cut off from most relations with the rest of the school. Each class president successively from Jenny Sparks, freshman year; Bob Beltrami, sophomore; Geoff Howard, junior; and Bob Beltrami, senior; all gave it their best shot to unite this class, but never succeeded. All senior classes, however, have some things in com- mon. One thing that all seniors share is their desire to succeed, following different paths, pointing themselves in different directions toward success. Each senior ' s view of graduation includes something different. Seniors weigh the differences between marriage, fulltime jobs, college and the service. The year progresses and " senioritis " sets in. Teachers notice that some students just stare off into space while others talk about parties, past and present. The senior scram, graduation and one last summer are prominent issues for seniors. Whether we have been to- gether since kindergarden or just the past few years, we will feel the pain as we go separate ways. Parting from each other but still having a special bond that will hold us together in a special way, forever. 20 • Seniors ■ Oir Y , { (■ ' ! . ( oi ' . ui - (i . ( ir ' ; i ' ' JJ ' - ( ' ( ' ' ' ■ ' ' 1 ' " U ' ( , ( 1I UI, i kwa lScc ' A r t f r At z ar iA, iAr . [A 7 ; S( t ■ L A w ' iJ f lf Seniors • 21 .Samara eyinetf f t if ficrfy , . 0 t i M m j ' JSS f- ■ m p«. ' -Th i ' I W H C ' V lljgf 11 .( n f fr fic a il li a ! ) ' i c ' Mot icr GArissu Qia er- Q aiim ' dBo ttm ton, jf:iaro ( oUani arme i yorown Q)uio- tdSrouw J ySr C aro e yBrucA er ori yBurtjrer . ort ' dBurtofi . f Avy ' tSuU u • ( v iA Ay Oa ton Ca t ! 6€ 22 • Seniors GIMME A " U " ! The class of ••84 " shouts their hardest to help their class toward a victory during Homecoming week. . IJic iae G ' a ar io n )c uu.s C ' w S( c ( i(Wi a Seniors • 23 SENIOR POWER. Seniors show their class spirit by participating in the Homecoming skit, AND A ONE, AND A TWO. Doing a little work from Warriner ' s in English, Kim Jackson finds something to smile about. ?fe ' ,i t ; ' . i y tT ( ' (jra O ' cun tt [_ )(■ ■ ( ' [ )i ( ' ' •M y .uy JTlnm ( ' y.s - J if( .i ( ' ' w.if W ( ' t ' C ( 7h yy ( ( ( art ' c (j m ( {Ai i Oa c 24 • Seniors ■■fTiRsatnnMH »ye Gnxz (j trts Ou n6oiV QBrtan Gurrtc f o ifi ( u :u fi ' i {J)a e( f Seniors • 25 Sae y){efniJ{ ,Y ' ' ' ' A f y y . o y a i [.do y m i [Arin i af y)( ' t(re i )r Ac j{!le uu a Qiima ifrv Q)u i a Gonme um WAe ucUo i 9ltiri a djicA ier 26 • Seniors 1 (£ - - ' [I «J1 [£L) i VOTE ANGIE AND ERIK. Teresa Farmer gets involved to help campaign for Angle and Eril , who vi ere representing the Annual Staff during Homecoming, WHERE DO WE GO NOW? Ricl Shippey draws a rough draft of the daily schedule for a friend, AH, MORE BOOKS! Chris Haifley enjoys reading experimental fiction during his third period English class. Seniors • 27 MicAad9vH rat S ' ( A ' y ar nirti . 7 Aa Warre i ffa etti G a tOf i an ier 28 • Seniors 0 ' 1 ' . uv ■ OflU »in oi ■ afi:a c. ' i ! u ' ,Oor oi tiu io w kOouxi i Jcott • ' rac Ao. xu ut£ i razui u [y6rf ' ' v . i ini c ! (( (M 07irt.s ' Jtti ay . a(r aa AaAc Seniors • 29 WOW! Senior girls gather in the Tri at lunch to exchange information on the new boy attending Ukioh High. LET ' S GO HAWAIIAN. Returning from Hawaii, Aaron O ' Brien shows off his tan. .ia 9(a. . ac c ! ((! . ' itv . If c n ' c f ia Y zon . f r r ' f (a YV-i (f i 9iam:i HiMn er J7 erf S atoAcs LSr{ ci a S ato i.uoori t iHMirt S ar i Uricia la € 30 • Seniors 4Hlkm ri( ! ((■( I . (irr i : (, I ( 7 i ! ■ ,- s ' (, ■■,■ ■ . tw ,M- ! ((7-f ( ! ( (■ z JIf c (c Tcra I hi : ( ■ Mii fi f o awi J iaiDfi ' J(ooJ{ t ( ii ! l i ( M , u a ti . ' ( h ' hn ,n ! ( GAriA i iaMvi lAiir cA ' Jlo i erfic i i iicur i ' Jlo t crAc i J)ea i j o, ' Uerfmm ,77ora (otmin .( co Viowan ' . {at (o€A eoi i 9(o liw a (w Seniors • 31 32 • Seniors i ASflKmranvB AUSSIE POWER. In his year here Brendan Jones found much to smile about, but especially in the last few days before returning to the land down under. ' Jtofi c . isa eo mn f Hiwi ofie Seniors • 33 em ' UHS • e uia auie Ga cc i M ' rft l e u a Vt A ' tvt t r Y - A eaza o s u !:3xe ' . o€ ' ' m za f y wi iie _ fJm: ona ( iRq er . (Jac ic i , J i i -Martin SretcAen IJaiirer e( e . lfa iW( i i t ' . l a ati J attJJ .M c 34 • Seniors - 1. SENIORS 1. Rhonda Higgins shows her spirit during Homecoming by yelling for the senior class. HA! HA! HA! Kristin Valente relaxes with laughter during her spare time. YOU ARE THE BEST CLASS ... Ken Spurlock acts surprised while playing the role of Dr. Spence during the senior skit. Seniors • 35 LOOK! LOOK! Senior students participate in class during Homecoming week. TAG, YOU ' RE IT! Fun end games during fiftti period luncti. Q)e H raJfc(jutcAeofv a ie e .( cQ)erf ioff Q)u m ' . lie. I h mc ' loijie Jle em rez ff orta JIc i( ( za amie ile i: icr Q)uma . Ifer ier (!. :ii t . U c n i- c f f . IJ 7a tiAar een . llize 36 • Seniors esse . florench . lIl ' A-i.U! . llof Ofl ,77 . [ iH lV • J)a tc . Ifo ' . LU v y; lAitncA . f e v ' nee iiui . elio i . l Ci . o -{of iaro i O ' ijSntvi f t ' ciwi LMozi Seniors • 37 Qiame le Or i mim. . onarc Om ntu i . ■{ t r a Oro-zco ' f ia mofi iSa e a i if ticAard iBan ucci RoStrt i scoe 0OMf ( l r : o % i i%v ' le Siren i as ee 38 • Seniors (lui irco i cs ■ Ortyony l ' vrrofic G irts : unente c rwiAc l z i ie af lPov Jluj l ho e ' f t(i i i !i e ' •J)m ui t Hw SaM ' i lwn.iay ' :Au i(in ' : (i n.u ■ h . ' cw y :uf ia to i - ' i m ' T eze Uoi Seniors • 39 AWESOME SENIORS 40 •Se 4 WE ARE H Seniors • 41 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Gretchen Maurer and Ken Spurlock CLASS COUPLE Shelly Harmon and Einar Nyborg m« inAof os diad ' . fftioa fTl Z Of { l ( .i ii8re i( a ' ; ) y G iar atfe iTli e raci. . ' Rioa l UricA y? ) ie y m Go Zee i 9? 5 (fid Q)a ' li Ae (S i tulZ 42 • Seniors CLASS FLIRTS Roxanne Graziano and Matt Hewitt BEST PERSONALITY Kelly Iverson and Aaron O ' Brien W IOi ' Jl ' w ioi ' )a.r(m yt rt ' • I (■ {■ ■ • . l u itic ' k u ( (f fA ' , jj:A, z lia ( idocc icftt Seniors • 43 CLASS ATHLETES Mary Zaina and Warren Galletti MOST LOVABLE Rhonda Higgins and Rick Shippcy ticAtS u i ' ' y l arA ' l A I l (!(• ' I ( fuw ii i c I it f rist€ i tj u r 44 • Seniors CLASS COWBOY COWGIRL Lisa Sciocchetti and Brian White CLASS ARTISTS Priscilla Hawksworth and Curtis Knight Y Ulz rr ' S M f ffcu orte ' Steotn ( 7uir c c ■ Ihnrr fA m zt • l w VocA l )c • l r f hi u j ■ ihicfer- i i y cTiig art ' iJ rai cTii y or -{ ? ye a ' ftar nicA rTix c cTm Zot- Seniors • 45 MOST DEPENDABLE Glenna Louie and Geoff Howard PARTY FAVORITES Kathy Berry and Steve Gehring 9(rtJi e £ Sa ne a e scAattf so iTe fo m T ofnoA Stejb e i cTln f 46 • Seniors i c uirc UTraiHS I a • Tre tAo Am roiiettf CLASS ACTOR ACTRESS Kathie Scott and Ron Lee CLASS MUSICIANS Tammy Oman and Scott Gradin [Art.s ' l ' ,i tv - 9iin " J ' (i i crsf ( ■ fTrames ' Ihsi o i os , c ' ' I Mo a ' Pictor- Vera o in iu ' Pi Aujfomfs Staay Ulu a ( ( (■ (• ' K ircft oficr ' q ianc H e ir,7 umi ' ICcin- Seniors • 47 umA g[|L 4» Wm. ' ' 4 mL .■ :■■ wK . ' .y f -g ; . 2 ate _ , - __. .. 4 J- - •!? BEST BODY Mindy Duna and Doug Denny MOST FASHIONABLE Kandis Juetten and Thomas Hernandez mcrt fy ' 11 a ytv DON ' T TAKE MY PICTURE!! Danelle McDermott is upset about being ptiotographied. MOST SPIRITED Dede Mayfield and Bobby Beltrami 48 • Seniors ' it(i € i Hi ad i n r . ioti N - U ca a it ■ i icrrtc ll caotr li (imvi 11 coo ij6na i ' H ' ule Sea i fCA U cTere.m H( ' Uf cr J)iirt 11 ta a l d ' c HCn uf y uin io t ' f( ' u{ M [ e iee •((I Zm- f Ta A IfM, f zAi- ' ICdu . { uAa ' Ifi Ai . Ala naneA ' fiiue Ofil Woo A ustm Hi aif J iojy ' Zcuna ' Ou io ' lonu Zxuuno n Seniors • 49 Senior Accomplishments Aranas, Sean: Boxing 1 1 ; Football 1 2. Future Plans: Become all of the following — Amateur athlete (Olympics), Professional athlete (basket- ball, football, boxing, PKA). Asher, Shannon: CSF 9- 1 2; Musical — Anything Goes 12; Choir 9-12; Treasurer for Choral Club 1 0; Drama 1 2. Future Plans: I plan to go to Men- docino Community College. Baarsch, Brian: Band 9-11. Future Plans: I plan to go to a trade school. Barker, Matt: FFA 11-12; California Trappers As- sociation 9- 1 2. Future Plans: I plan to work for Fish Wildlife Services or become a professional trapper and white water raft guide. Bartolomei, Carrie: Cross country 9-11; Track 9, 1 0, 1 2; C.S.F. 9; Block " U " 1 0; Musical 1 0. Future Plans: I want to go to San Diego State University. Barringer, Tony: Football 9,10; Basketball 9-12; Track 10-12. Future Plans: Go to college. Beard, Barbara: Marching and Symphonic Band 9- 1 2; French Club 1 1 . Future Plans; I want to go to Sacramento State College. Baxter, Kathleen: Commercial Club 1 0; Band 9- 12. Beltrami, Bob: Marching and Symphonic Band 9- 12; Class President 10,12; Band President 12; Substance Abuse 1 0; Leadership 1 2; journalism 12; Student Council 10,12; Junior talent show emcee 1 l;Senior ' trip chairman 12; Cross country 9; Guys and Dolls 9; No No Nannette 1 0; Annie Get Your Gun 1 1; Peer Counseling 12. Future Plans: Attend C.S.U. Sacramento. Major in Ad- ministration of justice. Bennett, Dan: Baseball 9-12; Football 10-12; Most Improved-Football 10. Future plans: I plan to go to Long Beach State University to play base- ball and become an X-r ay technician. Bennett, Doug: Football 9, 1 0; Baseball 9- 1 2; Bas- ketball; 9- 1 2; CSF 1 2; Block " U " 1 2. Future Plans: Attend U.C. Davis and study mathematics and economics. Go into teaching or banking. Bivin, Willie: Boxing 1 0, 1 1 ; Football 9- 1 2; Wres- tling 1 1. Bogner, Chrissy: Swim team 9-11; Most Inspira- tional, swim team 1 0; journalism 1 1 . Future Plans; Go to Sacramento in the summer and then to college in the fall. Carldn, Tom: VICA — Auto 1 2; Band 9- 1 2. Future Plans: Become an auto mechanic. Carter, Ginger: Choir 10,12; Home Ec 9,12; DECA 10,1 1; Commercial Club 1 1; Musical Annie Get Your Gun 1 1 . Future Plans: I plan to get a certificate in child psychology. Get married and own a day care center. Chroisty, Magnus: Soccer 1 2; Football 1 2; Block " U " 1 2; Musical, Anything Goes 1 2. Future Plans: I want to open a business in California and be a salesman. Clarke, Kay: CSF 9-11; Swimming 1 2; Tennis 1 2. Denny, Douglas: Tennis 9, 1 2; Drug abuse 9- 1 2; 50 • Seniors HI, MY NAME IS CHUBBY. Senior Keith Gordon reads quietly during his Engiish class. THANK GOD IT ' S FRIDAY. Amongst the crowd of over anxious seniors, Steve Gehring pushes his way toward freedom Basketball 10: Student Council 1 1. Best Body 12. Future Plans: Off to U.C. San Diego. Laton, Mike: Baseball 9- 1 2: Future Plans: Attend college at S.R.J.C. and become a Highway Patrol Officer or work for the Department of Correc- tions. Eller, Todd: Football 9,10: Future Plans: Move to Redding and become a mechanic. Engman, Steve: Tennis 9,1 1,12; Softball 9; Stu- dent Council 9, 10; Choir 9: Volleyball 10;VICA 12. Everett, Cory: Volleyball 1 0; Tennis 9. 1 1 . 1 2; Soft- ball 12; VICA President 12; Choir 9; Student Council 9, 1 0; DECA 1 0; FHA 1 0; Peer Counseling 1 2. Future Plans: I plan to further my education in nursing. Ferguson, Sheri: Band 9- 1 2; Commercial Club 1 1. Future Plans: I plan to go to college and take business classes. Ford, Anna: Tall Flags 9, 1 0: Diving 1 0; Swimming 10-12. Future Plans: Work for a year then go to a junior college. Fort, Mike: Track 9; Wrestling 1 0. Future Plans: Go to a junior college for two years than head off to a University where I will major in electronic engi- neering. Galletti, Warren: Baseball 9- 1 2; Frosh baseball M.V.P.; J.V. baseball Most Inspirational 10; Varsity baseball Most Improved (2nd team NBL 3rd base); Basketball 9- 1 2; Frosh basketball MVP and captain; Varsity basketball Most Improved. Future Plans: I plan on attending a junior college and playing basketball and or baseball. I would like to be a teacher and a coach. I am hoping to get a baseball scholarship. Gehring, Stephen: Basketball 9; Tennis 9; Drug abuse 9- 1 2; Student Council 9- 1 2; Soccer 11,12 Class party favorite 12; Homecoming King 12 Rep. to Board of Education 12. Future Plan U.C.S.B. Gordon, Keith: Baseball 10-12; Football 11,12; Most Inspirational, Football 1 1 . Future Plans: I plan to go to college, majoring in accounting. Gradin, Scott: Band 9- 1 2; Track 9-11; Soccer 1 1 ; Golf 1 2. Future Plans: College. Seniors • 51 A FACE ONLY A MOTHER COULD LOVE. Even after a through make -up job at the Winter Festival rally, senior David Christensen still isn ' t present- able. Griffin, Bret: Baseball 9, 1 0. Haas, Laurale: FFA 9- 1 2. Future Plans: Study and work with animals (training, showing, and pos- sibly becoming a vet. Haifley, Chris: J.V. wrestling 1 1 ; Journalism 11,12. Future Plans: I plan to attend Foothill Col- lege and then go on to a state college. I will study writing and film making. Hansen, Julie: F.F.A. 9-11; Tennis 9,10; Sub- stance Abuse Committee 1 2. Future Plans: Get a degree in animal science. D.V.M. Hansen, Rachel: American Indian Youth Club 9- 12 (12th President) (1 1th Vice-President); Deca 10,1 1; FHA 1 1; Student Leadership 12. Future Plans: Go to Humbolt University and major in ac- counting. Harmon, Shelley: Baseball 9; Basketball 1 0; CSF 1 0, 1 1 ; Winter Festival Candidate. Hawksworth, Prisdlla: French and Enjope Stud- ies 10-12; Class artist 1 2; Swimming 1 0; Bank of America art award 1 2. Future Plans: Go to Europe to study and become an artist and learn other customs and cultures. Study herbs and wild plants. Hernandez, Thomas: Football 9,10; Basketball 9, 1 1 ; Track 9, 1 0. Future Plans: College. I want to be a sports therapist or business manager. Hewitt, Matt: Football 9-12; (Frosh football and varsity football captain); Track 1 0, 1 1 ; Golf 1 2, Stu- dent Council I 2; Drug abuse 1 1,12; Peer coun- seling 12; Block " U " ; Class flirt 12. Future Plans: Go to Fresno State, try and play football; if that fails, I will become a Playgirl centerfold. Hlggins, Rhonda: Track 9; Spanish club 9-11; Deca 9-11; Commercial club 9; American Indian Youth 9- 1 2; ( 1 1 th treasurer) Annual Staff 1 2; Var- sity cheerleader 12; Student of the month 1 1. Future Plans: I plan to attend a junior college for two years majoring in the architectural field. Hoek, Keith: Soccer 1 2; Swimming 1 1,12; Auto wrecking 10-12; Most Improved Player, Soccer. Future Plans: Major in engineering at college. Get married and have three kids. Holden, Chris: Drug abuse 1 2; VICA 1 2; Soccer 1 1; Student council 1 1; Spanish club 10. Future 52 • Seniors Plans: Go to college U.C. Santa Cruz, or Sonoma State, or Santa Rosa J.C. Howard, Flora: CSF 9. 1 1 . 1 2: Musical, Annie Get Your Gun I 1 : Anything Goes I 2; Choir i 1, 12; Fall Play, Hardesty Parit 1 2. Future Plans: I will be at- tending Seattle Pacific University majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Music (vocal) and possibly Theater Arts. Howard, Geoff: Basketball 9-11; Tennis 9-11; Cross country 9-11; Track 1 1,12; Student council 9- 1 2; Junior class president 1 1 ; CSF 9- 1 2; Block " U " 12; Spanish Club 12; Journalism club 1 1,12; Committee to rewrite school constitution 10; Winter Festival co-chairman 10. Future plans: Go to law school, become an ultra-conservative right wing capitalist, and live past 50, so I can collect my five dollars plus yearly compound interest from Inman. Hulsman, John: Band 9- 1 2. Future Plans: Go into the army. James, Katharine: DECA 1 0; FHA — HERO 9, 1 0; FHA — HERO regional officer 10; Musical Annie Get Your Gun 1 1. Future Plans: Attend S.R.J.C. two years, then four years at Sacramento State. Then I plan to get married and be a physical therapist. Johnson, Tiffany: Freshman vice-president 9; Annual staff 1 1,12. Future Plans: Go to Chico State and party!! iClIck, Bob: Baseball 9- 1 2. La Delle, Sandra: State convention 1 1. Future Plans: Go to S.R.J.C. and become an R.N. Uridn, Bill: Band 9- 1 2; Football 9- 1 2; Track 9- 1 2. Future Plans: Go to college. Larson, Kelly: Musical No No Nannette 1 0; Guardian Angels (wrestling stats) 10. Future Plans: Attend Sonoma State University. Lawrence, Duane: Band 9- 1 2; Track 9- 1 0; Wres- tling 9. Lee, Greg: CSF. 9- 1 2; Spanish Club 9; DECA 10; Student Council 9, 1 0; Student of the month 1 I . Future Plans: Go to U.C. Berkeley and major in engineering. Otherwise I ' ll buy the Raiders Fran- chise and write a book on how to con people and beat the I.R.S. in 1001 ways using innovative techniques. Lee, Ron: Deca 10; Stage tech. 10-12; No No Nannette 1 0; Annie Get Your gun 1 1 ; Anything Goes 1 2; Choir 1 1,12; Marching Band 1 0. Future Plans: To work in the film industry. Next year: go to England as a foreign exchange student. Liberty, Colleen: Band 9-12; French Club 9,10. Future Plans: College at Mendocino and study business and possibly early child development. Lindsteadt, Jerry: Golf team 1 2. Future Plans; Mendocino College for one year then transfer to Chico State. Mahan, Darin: Pro trapper 9-12. Future Plans: Professional trapper and guide for hunting and fishing. Maine, Patty: DECA 10, 1 1: Business classes 9- 12. Mayhew, Noelle: DECA 11,12; Journalism 11,12; Volleyball 9, 1 0; Softball 9; Track 9; DECA secretary 12; Student Council 9,10: Honor choir 9. Future Plans: Attend college and keep dreaming. McDermott, Danelle: Drama Dirty Work at the Crossroads 1 0; The Bat 1 I ; Annie Get Your Gun 1 1; Dance Commissioner 12; Student assistant director Anything Goes 1 2; Hardesty Park 1 2; Ashland Shakespearean Festival trip 10-12; Dance 10,1 1; Treasurer, freshman class 9; Choir 1 0, 1 1 ; CSF 11,12; Tennis 1 1 . Future Plans: I plan to leave and never come back. Actually, I ' m going Seniors • 53 to U.C. Santa Cruz where I will study foreign lan- guages (French. Spanish, Russian, and Japanese). Then I will travel around the world, return to the U.S. and either become a hippie or join some friends in an under-populated area to establish a Utopia. McMichael, Dan: Soccer (most inspirational) 1 1 ; Soccer blanket 1 2. Odiozil, Kevin: Future Plans: Go to Chico State and major in pre-law or political science. Parducd, Richard: Track 9-11; VICA participant 1 2, Future Plans: Go to a junior college and study welding. Pascoe, Rob: Future Plans: Auto mechanic. Melendrez, Roger: Annual staff 1 2; MAYO Club member 9- 1 2; Student leadership 1 2. Future Plans: Become a pharmacist and go to school in Santa Rosa. Menzmer, |amie: Tennis 10-12; Class secretary 1 1 ; Spanish Club secretary 1 2; junior talent show director 1 1; Leadership 10,1 1; Uldahilite page editor 11,12; Election commissioner 12; Block " U " 1 2; CSF 9, 1 1,12; Homecoming candidate 1 2; Chairman ASB political convention 1 0, 1 1 ; Execu- tive Council 1 1,12, Future Plans: I plan to study under the major of International Relations at U.C. Davis and eventually work for the U.S. govern- ment in foreign nations. Moore, Robin: Swimming 9; Track 10; Drug abuse 11,12; F.F.A. 10-12. Future Plans: Go to ju- nior college for G.E., then get a degree to practice animal science. I ' m going to Hawaii for two years to visit friends and relatives. Goals: Open an ani- mal shelter for large animals. I want to be happily married and to travel lots. Moreno, Jessie: Track 10-12; Cross country 1 0- 1 2; Swimming 1 2. Future Plans: Attend H.S.U. Nelson, Kennan: Student Council 1 1,12; Drama U.P.A. 9, 1 0. Future Plans: Medical school. Pennington, Diane: Tennis 1 0, 1 2; Student Coun- cil 12; Journalism 12; Student leadership 10,12; Drug abuse 10; Rally commissioner 12; English honors 9- 1 2; American history honors 1 1 ; Hi-4H 9. Pile, |ulie: Swimming 9, 1 1,12; Diving 1 1 ; Mock wedding 10. Pinnell, Franite: Commercial Club 1 1,12; Home- coming committee 1 1,12; convention 1 1 . Future Plans: Go to Sonoma State and become an R.N. Poole, Lisa: Substance Abuse 1 1 ; Ukiaiii-lite 11.12; Swim team 1 0: DECA 10-12; Commercial Club 9-11; Musical Annie Get Your Gun 1 0; Youth Action Committee 10; Spanish Club 9; Guardian Angels 1 1. Presley, Lisa: Softball 9; DECA 1 0, 1 1 ; Art 1 1 . Fu- ture Plans: I plan to go to a culinary school and open my own restaurant. Also, get married. Puleo, Sonja: Choir 9,10; Band (Tall Flag unit member) 11,12; Tall Flag captain 12; U.P.A. pro- ductions 10-12; Accolades for excellence award 1 2; CSF member; Participated in junior talent show. Future Plans: Attend California State Uni- versity in Sacramento and become a certified ac- countant for a corporation. Nyborg, Einar: Swimming 9- 1 2; Student of the month 1 0; English honors 9- 1 2. Future Plans: At- tend California Maritime Academy for four years, then proceed to a career as an officer at sea. At the same, I hope to continue grape ranching. Quiniiven, Patti: Band 9- 1 2; Commercial Club 9- 1 2. Future Plans: Get a degree in business. Reynolds, Jessie: VICA 1 2. Future Plans: Go to U.T.I, in Arizona and become a diesel mechanic. 54 • Seniors BfEmaKKEnM Riley, Charlotte: Home ec 11.12; Computer 1 1,12; Graphic arts 9-11. Future Plans: Become a professional make-up artist. Riva, Stade: Commercial Club 1 1 : Home ec 1 0; Aid for young parents. Riva, Trade: Home ec 9; DECA 10; Commercial Club 1 1 ; Art 1 1 . Rosengren, Patrick: Musical Anything Goes 1 2. Future Plans: Going back to Sweden to finisfi my two years of college 1 have left. Ross, Colleen: Student representative 1 2; Choir 9, 1 J 2; President of choir 1 2; Musical 1 1 . Future plans: 1 plan to further my education in special education and computers. Saxon, James: VICA — auto 1 2. Future Plans: I plan to become a 4-wheel drive and VW me- chanic. Schnieter, Jeff: Swimming 9- 1 2; U.S. festival 1 1 . Future Plans: Attend U.T.I, in 1 985 and hopefully work in a car dealership or independent shop. Scott, Kathie: Volleyball 1 1 ; Swimming 11,12; Musicals 9- 1 2; Guardian Angels 1 0. 1 1 : Block " U " 11; Junior talent show 9,11,12. Future Plans: SLAP ME FIVE. Clowning around and catching seniontis are two of senior Rick Stiippey ' s favorite pastimes, SWEET LIHLE INNOCENT ME? At a recent Sub stance Abuse meeting senior Dan Bennett seems to be demonstrating some kind of new tectinique. Chico State University, majoring in Biology. I want to become independently wealthy. Scott, Bob: Football 1 0; Tennis 10-12; Block " U " ; Student leadership 10,1 1. Shippey, Ricit: Soccer 1 1,12; Swimming 9-12; Executive Council 1 0, 1 1 ; Wrestling 9; Substance Abuse 12; Student Council 1 1; Spanish club 10; CSF 9- 1 2. Future Plans: Be adopted by Huge Hef- ner and take over his kingdom. Silva, Mark: Boxing 10-12. Silva, Mike: VICA club 1 2. Future Plans: Finish high school and work at my father ' s garage and go to business school. Snyder, Kris: Softball 9; French Club 9- 1 2 Jour- nalism 1 2; Band 9, 1 0; Student Council 1 2; Class officer 1 2, French Club vice-president. Future Plans: I plan on going to the University of San Diego to major in elementary education so that I will be able to teach overseas at either an Ameri- can embassy or in a foreign school. Spurlock, Ken: ASB president 1 2; A.S.B. treeisurer 1 1; Spanish Club 12; Block " U " 12; CSF 11,12; Seniors • 55 Annual staff (sports editor) 1 1 ; Newspaper (sports editor) 1 2; Tracl 9-11; Cross country 9- 1 1 . Future Plans: Go to an academy, fight in war, become a general or admiral, run for president and become president of the United States. Steele, Chellie: Journalism 10-12; Home ec 9- 12. Future plans: After I graduate I will probably work full time and then go on to college, but I haven ' t decided on a major yet. Studer, Sandi: Nursing class 1 2; Student Council 10. Future Plans: Go to a junior college and be- come a medical assistant or a pediatric nurse. I want to get married and live happily ever after with Bobby. Taggart, Jenny: Student of the month 1 2; CSF 9, 1 1 , 1 2; VICA 1 2; AIYC 1 1 , 1 2. Future Plans: Study nursing at Chico State, become an R.N. and travel all over the world. Taylor, Todd: FFA 9- 1 2; CHSRA 1 1 , 1 2; FFA trea- surer, Future Plans: Study at Santa Rosa J.C. Telschow, Pam: Tennis 9, 1 1 , 1 2; Basketball 9- 1 2; Peer counseling 1 2; Block " U " ; CSF 9- 1 2; Spanish Club 1 2. Future Plans: Major in civil engineering in college. And have an international career as an engineer. Trenholm, Paul: Football 9- 1 2; Swimming 1 0; Wrestling 1 1 ; VICA 1 2. Future Plans: Cabinet maker and fire-fighter. Mendocino College. Trouette, Amy: Band 9-12; Swimming 9,10; Wrestling stats 9-11; French club 9, 1 0. Future Plans: I plan on majoring in nursing and specializ- ing in the OB-GYN field at Sacramento State. Valente, Kristin: Swim team 9; PTSO student representative 1 0; Chairman of first annual politi- cal convention 10; Photography editor, annual 12; ASB election commissioner 12; junior talent show committee member 1 1 ; Prom chairman 1 1 . Future Plans: Attend University of Santa Clara. Area of study: Spanish and political science. Grad- uate school: Georgetown school of foreign ser- vice. Work in International Relations on a political or industrial level. Vasllopoulos, Frances: Political convention del- egate 10; French Club 10-12; French Club presi- dent 11,12; Commerical Club 12; Election committee 12; journalism 12; Peer counselor 12. Future Plans: For the next four years I will attend U.C. Riverside, and hope to become an English teacher in a foreign country, preferably Greece. Before my 25th birthday I will get married and live in a house on the Aegean Sea. Travel around the world before age 80. Whittier, Teresa: Varsity cheerleader 1 2; CSF 1 0- 1 2; Spring production, Annie Get Your Gun 1 1 ; Drama Club 1 1 ; Student of the month 1 2. Future Plans: Attend California State University at Sacra- mento, majoring in business. Ware, Bill: Football 9-12; Baseball 9,10; Track 1 1,12. Future Plans: College. WIeden, Darin: Marching Band 9- 1 2; Football 9; Wrestling 9; Cross country 1 1 ; Symphonic Band 56 • Seniors 10.11,12: Stage Band 12; C.S.F. 12; Block " U " 11,12. Future Plans: Attend a junior college for two years: then attend California State University, preferably Cal Poly. Wieiing, Mike: Future Plans: Corps and become a cop. Join the Marine With, Annika: Musical Anything Goes 1 2: Choir 1 2. Future Plans: When I go to Sweden, I am go- ing to college for three years. I want to become a teacher. Zaina, Mary: Volleyball 10-12: Basketball 9-12: Softball 9- 1 2: Block " U " 10-12: CSF 10-12: Peer counseling 10-12: Substance abuse 1 2: Student of the month year 1 1 : Girls State Representative 1983 11. Future Plans: Shasta Junior College, Chico State University. Major: Education. Zunino, Tony: Band 9- 1 2: Drum major I 2: Base- ball 9-12: Football 10: Track 1 1: Leadership 12: Emcee Winter Festival 1 2: Chairperson, senior trip 12. Future Plans: Attend San Diego State Univer- sity and become rich and famous. CATCHING RAYS IN EARLY SPRING. Raymond Vega, Ignacio Guetierrez and Javier Rodrigues " smile pretty " for an annual staff photographer. EAT YOUR HEART OUT, CHIPPENDALES. Swedish exchange student Magnus Chroisty struts his stuff during a rehearsal for Anything Goes. Seniors • 57 y ■ % AREN ' T YOU GLAD YOU USE DIAL? Ron Lee Shannon Asher and Magnus Chroisty perform in the musical. " LET THE MUSIC PLAY. " During a winter rally Donnie Miatt and Jim MacDonald demonstrate break danc- ing, EUPHORIA. Stephanie Siminoe enjoys entertaining the crowd at halftime during Winter Festival. 58 • Seniors !» ' • ■? . k. ' V GOING FOR IT. During an early season meet Bill Larl in hurtles down the njnway. IN THE SPOTLIGHT. Patrick Rosengren (Moon- face Martin) and Flora Howard (Reno Sweeney) play a scene in the spring musical Anything Goes. WE ' VE GOT THE BEAT. Under the direction of director Tony Zunino, drummers Darin Wieden, LK Bob Mercado, Scott Gradin and Paul Bud- row hammer out a tune during a rally. LOCKER BLUES. Geoff Howard goes money hunting during break. Seniors • 59 Je e ioTr- v%m- " 60 • Seniors m A rt 1. 1 H 1 1 L 1 m 4 J,i,tHir mi . ' ■ JfJ ' J J Seniors • 61 Underclassmen •Underclassmen t Underclassmen •Underclassmen 4 62 • Underclassmen A Underclassmen •Underclassmen Underclassmen •Underc assmen Underclassmen • 63 United we stand The class of 1985 was unique. They were made up of smaH groups; but when the times got tough, they put aside their differences and united as one. Stuck with trying to pull off an unplanned homecoming skit, almost the entire class went down to sprawl out on the gym floor as beach bums. The skit didn ' t make much sense but it proved that, when fellow classmates needed help, the cavalry of ' 85 came through. One junior said it best when he remarked, " We are a group of many individuals, but we all stick together and make the best of what comes along. " Junior class officers: President Erik Coursey, Vice President Jeff Bennett, Secretary Yuri Ma- kino and Treasurer Elizabeth Sorensen. Class of ' 85 Lori Aaron Cindy Adams Renee Alexander Lynda Allen Albert Ames Axel Anderholm Alex AnzllottI Audrey Ault Stephanie Ayon Robin Baarsch Matt Babcock Matthew Banta Marie Barnes Denlse Barron Joey Bartolomel Anthony Baughman Paul Bechtel Kim Belden 64 • Juniors ' Vdi ij£iU ' v nikii L mA ' V Glen Bellach Hank Belllston Charlotte Bennett Jeff Bennett Sean Bennett MIchaele Bergera Adam Blake Heather Blake Samantha Borday Lorl Bowers Leisa Bradbury Jeffery Brockrog Melissa Brown Brian Burleson Tina Burrls Lisa Butterileld Christine Butterworth Kelly Buzzard Scott Cadogan Chris Cake Sean Carnahan James Carte John Case Bruce Chiang Brad Chick Diana Chilton Mathew demons John Cole Darin Colomblnl Sheila Conoly Lisa Cook Erik Coursey Amy Curran Kristlne Dallegge Richard Daskam Matt Davenport Susan Davidson Katie Davis Marcia Davis Debl DeChalne Doris Delp Courtney De Salvatore Juniors • 65 Tracy Desroches John Dodds Wayne Dodson Dirk Dooley Marie Dougherty MichaelDunn Randy Edgar Eric Edison Scott Eichner Julie Eilcins Troy Eiier Mariln Eiiiott Renee Eiiiott Milce Eimore ingrid Engstrom Tonya ErTclcson Tracy Ericicson Adrlenne Etter Christina Evitt Maryanne Favaiora Shariene Fay Ben Feinman Sheena Feiiz Ronaid Ferrer Dannette Fitch Bonnie Foley Kathy Foley David Ford Marc Fortin Diane Freese John Frey Efigenio Fuentes Robert Gabel Debbie Garner Karen Garner Anne-Marie Giberson Tim Giberson LaDonna GIbney Paul Gibson Ten Giiley Despina Giumeill Robbie Giuntoll 66 • Juniors MIN Maria Gonzales Lupe Gonzalez Angle Gordon Scott Graeber Grady Gra ham Bill Green Chuck Green Jim Griffin JeanGulbransen Nadlne Gupta Tina Haas Michelle Haggerty Erik Hahn Sally Haines Chris Hale Chuck Hall Brad Hallman Kim Harrison Cheryl Hasslock Darcell Hausauer Ron Haydon Robert Hell Ginger Hensley Karie Herden IT FEELS LIKE MONDAY MORNING. Ukiah High student struggles to get from one class to another, YOU ' VE GOT TO BE KIDDING. Tanya Kessler casts a doubting look at friends during lunch. Juniors • 67 THE LAST STRAW. Jill Masterson and Paul Trenholm enjoy their favorite past-time by playing with a straw and relaxing in the sun. 68 • Juniors KfTESKtOMnaBI DawnHerdon Robert HIatt Craig Hill Melody Hill John Hilton Karen HInkle SusI Holmes Tim Holmes Mike Hopper Theresa Howland Robin Huey Trina Huey Amy Hunt Ron Hunter Jim Irvin Marilyn Ivanovlch Dan Jackness Mette Jacobsen Leanna Jarvis KIrsten Johnsen Chris Jones Kelly Jones Lisa Jordon Jim Keenan Didl Kelley Diana Kepllnger Raymond Kerr Tim Kesselring Tanya Kessler David Keyser Nancy King Tom King Kyle KIrcher Karin Koch Erich Kroeger David Land Carolle Langton Elena Larkin Everett Laster Laura Laswell Jim Lauteren Brian Laurie Carmeila LeTourneau PleterLeas Eddie Lee Barbara Leek Greg Leffert JohnLelh Charlie Lemons Julie Lincoln Ronald Lincoln Roy Lincoln Staria Link Grant Lockle Tim Looney Deanna Lopez Elodla Lopez Martha Lopez DIna LucchesI Jason Luther Christine Lyie Stephanie Lyiy Steve Lynch Juniors • 69 Jim MacDonald Richard Mack Graham MacMllllan Stacy Madrazo Andrea Maize Darrell Maize Yuri Makino David Maldonado Debra Maiek Robert Manning Sergio Martinez Masterson erg JiTi Josie Mata Tina Matacin Midge Mather NaomiMcBroom Heidi McCailum Hoiiy McCoard Kevin McFarlane Jeff McGee Richard McGuire Chris Mcintyre Jeanne McManus Robert McMurray Ramon Mendoza Carlo Miiler Chris Mliler Cy Miiler Michael Mliler Mark Mobiey Kelly Moreno Kathleen Montgomery Steve Moore Peari Moreno Tammy Nelson Gary Netherton Skeeter Norrls Eric Norton Steve Norton Phyllis Nunnemaker Steve Nunnemaker RobNutt 70 • Juniors CHECK IT OUT. Juniors relax in the " Caribbean Comer " of Ukiah High ' s Gymnasium. WRITER ' S BLOCK. Tom Hogland looks perplexed at the fact that he has a pen in his hand. A ' flAf, Sherrllynn Oakley David Osbourn Derek Paoll Merrllee Parsons Mike Passof Sue Paton Lynette Pearson Rasean Pennock Larry Peoples John Perry Denise Phillips Lance Phillips Michelle Phillips Shelly Phillips Cory PIckner Scott Pierce Jeff PIttelkau Bill Plummer Rene Polk Christy Poole Lisa Poalo Kim Price Diane Proctor Leata Pryse Juniors • 71 MY BODY GUARD. Kyle Kircher sticks close be- hind Larry Brooks to avoid being trannpled during passing time. I WOULD PREFER NOT TO. Wtiile watching Frank Siering play tennis, Yuri Makino discusses " Bartleby " with an English teacher. J ' ' -«- Kseft ' ' « .v; Michael Pugh Tabitha Pugh Wendy Purcell Rhonda Ramsey Lennete Rankin Janis Ranta Sean Rawles Diane Reaves Jeff RIckard PattI RIcketts Raymond Roach LIzette Robblns Masetona Rodriguez Rogello Rodriguez Todd Rones Ken Ronk Steven Ruonavaara Dan Rus 72 • Juniors f Steven Rust Russell Sallee Karen Scalf Tracy Sctiuette PattI Scott Vernon Seabolt § S5 t Naomi Seddon Helen Senteney Janyce Settera Kendall Stiugart Ramon Sierra Mark Simpson V di David Slater Sean Smyth Ellzabetti Soreoson Steve Stangland Tim Starback Glenn Stark Mia Sutten Cassy Taaning Jim Taylor Benlta Temple Gina Testa Tauflq Ttiawerbhoy Tom Thompson Matt Thornton Mary Thurman Angela Tilley Efrain Torres Barbie Totten JImTralna Bonnie Travis DebblTuttle Edith Valenzuela Denise Van Wyhe Joey Vargas Lino Vargas Mario Varaas Theodora Vasllopoulos Lawrence Vlale Fred Villagomes Chris Vinding Juniors • 73 Kelly Vogel Michelle WaTlls GIdget Walston Cherlta Ward Jennifer Ward Todd Warner Bob Welch JodI Lynn Whipkey Steve Whitmlll Dan Whitted Andy Williams Michelle Williams Terry Wilson Keith Winters Mike Wiseman StacI Wood Woodra Woodward MIkeYoder Sarah Young Charlie Zaneila Moria Zimblckl Devvi Allen Jim Allen Richard Amersfoort Michael Baggett Mike Beam Barbara Berry George Brenard Becki Briggs Larry Brooks Amy Burke Jason Burns Brian Burrell Brooks Burrell Becky Carrliio Christina Castiemen Angelina Chappel JenChewnlng Robert Clare Eric Clarke Angle Cost Diana Crispin Jerry Cudlomat Cheryl Dare Juniors not pictured Richard Daskam MIchele Davis Carrie Dipman Laurie Durand Joseph Espinoia Debbie Evans Ray Fahey Tabltha Falrchiid Mike Fessier Nathaniel Frey Joe GarboccI Peter Garlaeft Jenny Gee Clinton Grant Christy Grijaiva Mike Habgood Erik Hahn Liz Hamburg Terrell Harpe Kenny Harwood Theresa Hill Tom Hogland Mary Hudson Mike Inong Joel Jensen Joseph Keiiey Diana Keplinger Carrie Kerr Ron Keys Edward KIrchmeler Robert Kiee Dan Knight Stan Laird David Luran Ignacio Maclas Snannon McCabe Pam McCord Ai McCoy Lisa McCoy Irene Mendoza Elmer Mitchell Laura Moore Keisuke Nakano DanNaumann Chris Neese Aaron Nelson Laura Petty Tracy Randolph Robyn Rape Ron Rape Mathew Rauch Mike Rea Angle Rice Dennis Schimka Aiana Schoonover Matt Sims Kathy Snyder Kevin Spears David Stacy David Steely Mystra Tiiiotson Gerry Tripp Patrick Ward Marc Wentworth Troy Wentworth Armand West Trina Wecter Stuart Zeiiir JeHZIrbes 74 • Juniors FUN IN THE SUN. Junior girls catch some rays end get up to date on ttie latest gossip as tfiey eat their lunch. LOADED. Elodia Lopez and Adrienne Etter carry ! home books for a full afternoon of homework. Juniors • 75 Spirit sliines All day long Miles Gordon, Doug Drennon, Chris Eppright and Doug Teach wore their tuxedos. That night, at the Homecoming half time, Dede May- field announced the Spirit Bell winners. Doug and Chris ran down to the field to receive the Bell. They hugged each other OS they held up the Bell together. Most of the sophomores who were in the stands ran down to the field and gathered around Doug and Chris while chanting, " Eighty-six, eighty-six, eighty- six. " Mrs. Johnson, the sophomore class advisor has some very positive feelings towards the class of ' 86: " The class works very well together, especially to pro- mote more student spirit. They are a very united class. " When asked about the class officers she said, " They work hard to achieve their goals. " SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS. President Chris Eppright, Vice President Doug Drenr an, Secretary Catherine Puckering and Treasurer Miles Gordon. Class of ' 86 Jorge Acevedo Jennifer Adoins Kelly Aitken Kate Albrecht Angle Allen Arlond Allen Jenny Allen Jon Allen Craig Anderson Darrel Anderson Robert Anderson Ronald Andrade Yolanda Annis Keri Antoni Tony Armanjno Robert Arroyo Donnette Baarsch Brian Banzhaf ' fS ' % 76 • Sophomores m V Tonia Barber Annie Barnes Bill Bauah Megan Bechtel Ken Bell Clinton Bennett 1. i z:- - . ■ ' ' f ' " Rictiard Benoy Ctirlsty Benson Kattiy Berganclano Samanttia Berens Bryan Bethards Dudley Blvin Adam BJorkqulst Bill Blaker Robert Blanchard David Blomeyer Bill Boatwrlght Lleslia Boek Todd Boek Gerald Boesel Diana Bolton Ctiristlne Bourke Charles Boyd Bronwen Boynton Kathy Bradshaw Ctiristlne Brakebill Mike Brazil Mictielle Brenner Darren Brewster Beth Brown Jim Brown Kirt Brown William Brown John Bruchler Ann Bullard Richard Burke mm i_L.. James Bums Jason Buck Joy Buzzard Matt Byers Voeilnda Byers Phillip Caldera Sophomores • 77 Benajmin Cardenas Marcj Carlson Laura Carpenter Bobby Cassells Robert Caudillo London Chase Michael Chiang Oawna Chinn Darin Christensen Huelli Chu NealClampitt Mike Clark Sean Clark Kathy Clemens Chris Cliburn Roger Clowers Estal Cole Shannon Collette Missy Condos Corine Conrad Gary Conzel man Kelll Conzelman Thomas Cook Shelly Craig Charleena Crawford Robert Cupp Cathy Dailey Rosa Damian Pamela Davenport Dana Davis Mandi Davis Christopher Dawe John Deckard Rodney Defazio Bobby Delgado Nancy Dellett Kristi Denny Charles Derr Jennifer Des Jardins Jonathan DeVolst Darin Dooley Sean Dorman 78 • Sophomores 2 ' . ' Mary Oucey Terri Duncan Matthew Dunkan Christine Ounlavy Jill Dunsing Stephanie Dwyer Ruth Edison Mark Eldridge NoleEldridge Brian Emerton Ana Encinas Chris Eppright Allen Eschenbach Chris Esplnola Trad Evans Linda Fetrer Jeftrey Fllimore Lisa Finch Dena Finn Thomas Fletcher Yvonne Fort Mary Elien Freese Laurie French Paige GallettI BUZZZ. Miles Gordon and Chris Eppright " bug " Tommv Cook, who dreamt his way through the sophomore skit. Sophomores • 79 Jamie Gandola Lisa Garcia Chriece Gardner Tina Gardner Adriana Garza Kenneth Gentry Leanna Gibson Kim Gillen Darren Ginoctiio Sarah Ginsl ey Miles Gordon Cherie Gore Jacl Gouber Jennifer Gove Troy Gowan Tiffany Graeber Julie Grayson Agnes Gruenebaum Butch Gupta Ignacio Gutierrez Margarita Guzman Bryan Haas Patricia Halpin ReginaHamer a o LAYIN ' BACK AND BEING COOL. A sophomore waits for a ride on one of tlie nice days of winter, STAGE FRIGHT. Soptiomores get a ctiance to be an- nouncers for ttie day (Roy Kesey, Jennifer Adams, Valerie Ricetti, and Jamie Gandola). 80 • Sophomores ft m -M ' • ' s ft El lcia Hammond Michael Harpe Janet Hartley Karl Hartman Julie Hasslock Christy Hawkes Lisa Hayes Brenda Heady Billy Hegenbart Julie Hendrix Amanda Henrie Irene Herden Melissa Hill Shelly Hill Venus Hoaglen Alison Holznauser Joseph Hook Pom Hosterman Mellnda Hunter Julie Hutchlns Carmen Jacinto Lisa Jasso Cathy Johnson Debbie Johnson Nick Johnson Paul Johnson Michelle Johnston Natalie Jones Stephanie Jones Sherry Juszczak Christlaan Kelly Roy Kesey Erin King Janelle Kinney Steven KIrby Aimee KIrcher Tim Klick Scott Knudsen Geraldine Kollenbom Robin Kraus lia Kuck Eric Landheer Sophomores • 81 Michael Lanier Tal Lonning Tracy Larkin Carol Lawrence Jennifer Laws Linda Layton Hon Mun Lee Gregory Lewis Linda Lewis Margaret Lewis Bryan Long Chris Lopez George Lopez Jesse Lopez Jose Lopez Amy Louks John Louks Bonnie Lowden Lorl Lyie Alisa Lynch Michelle Mack Craig Maize Tami Martin Gregory Martyn George Mason MattMaurer Susan Mayfield Greg McCord Karen McCoy Michael McGrew Sean McGrew Kevin Mclnerney Teresa McMlchaei Tori McPherson Danny McQueen Adella Melendrez Jesus Mendoza M k DougMenzmer Robert Mercado r V - ¥1 Patrick Mergner " V Michael Mertle - ¥ Michael Milovina T ) Bill Miranda Santos Modesto " KImberly Mohn Denlse Moore Lesley Moore Serafin Mora Charles Morris Brian Mucklow Sheila Myatt ShellieNeal Natalie Nellson Kimberlee Nesmlth James Newcomb Derek Nielsen Vicky Nolan Abraham Norfleet Curtis Norgard GIna Noriega Bo Norris Tawney Norton Janette Oakley 1 ♦ A rk t ' .i] 82 • Sophomores 1 WHAT A FEELING. Ken Gentry makes sure everything is in place, STRONG ENOUGH FOR A MAN, BUT MADE FOR A WOMAN. Fnjit-of-ttie-Loonn guy Tonn Fletcher and Ukiah High " Cheerleader " Bill Brown show enthusiastic reactions. Sophomores • 83 Leslie Olson Debbie Oresco Brigette Pallesen Michelle Parks Dawn Payne Patricia Peaslee Jeannie Peery Elaina Peterson Shelly Peterson Brian Pethel Lance Phillips Mickey Phillips Sheryl Pimentel Elena Placio Ethan Ponedel Randy Powell Clifford Prosser Mary Pryse Sandra Pryse Catherine Puckering Jennifer Puser Robert Quillen Peter Quinliven John Ranken INDENTITY CRISIS. Sophomores need to make a sign to remember wtio ttiey are? 84 • Sophomores Robert Rankin Tony Rash Theresa Remstedt Donna Reynolds Linda Reynolds Duane Rhynes Valerie Ricetti David Rickard Kevin Roach Mary Roberts Jimmy Rodriquez Christine Rust Troy Satterwhite Craig Saunders Kevin Saunders Tim Saylor Karl Selgler Marne Settera Kristine Seuferer Rhonda Shannon Kenneth Sharp Michael Shea Yvonne Sherman Bert Silver Brian Silver Brett Simmons David Simms John Slootweg Deanna Smith Laurel SnarskI Michael Snyder Kathy Snyder JaydeneSpangler JohnSparkes Tammy Spllman Dan Spliethof Stacy Squire Michael Stanley Woodrow Steel Donald Strickland Ellen Strong Debby Studer Sophomores • 85 Jenny Stuefen Dawn Stutsman Chris Swinney Kim Taylor MIcheal Taylor Doug Teach Jennifer Teal Patty Tellstrom Brian Thompson Tina Marie Thompson Melsha Thomsen Cherle Thornhlll Terry Toste Tina Townsend MIcheal Trenholm Todd Troedel Brian Trouette Kami Trough Russ Troxler Jenni Tuttle GIna Valente Maria Vargas William Vasllopoulos Deana Venturl April Vincent Mike VIndIng Don Vinson David Waddlngton Jimmy Wade Greg Walker Shane Wallace Sherry Wallen GIdget Walston Damon Ward MarkusWard Melani Warden Elizabeth Watklns Michael Watklns Donna Weaver Sean Webber Steve White Lisa Wheeler 86 • Sophomores .v» David Weston Jeff Whitman Debbie Wilcox Julie Wilson Kenny Wilson Catrtna Wood Ctirls Wood Arttiur Wortrubo Verba Wrlgtit Rick Yde Sophomores not pictured Mike Alpers Diego Alvarez Don Anderson Camllle Astorga Alejandro Ayon Marilyn Azblll Anna Bench Kathy Berganclano Laurie Bohm Kathy Bradshaw Russell Brandes Deanne Brayman Michelle Brenner Elizabeth Brown Steve Butler Charles Caravetta Richard Carey Tim Castleman Lance Chrlstensen Jeff Creel Kathy Cummlngs Bradly Currle Vita Devalltl Jonathan Devolst Douglas Drennan Brent Duna Jennifer Duncan Janet Dunlgan Lin Dye Dennlse Elledge Crystal Fogelsanger Kelly Forltz Chuck Gamer Shawn Gaynor David Gee Shelly Grandl Gary Gravelle Brenda Hale Stephanie Harris Amy Hewitt Andy Howard Nancy locertl DIna King September Kolander Christina LaBoube Cindy Land Mark Lanier Ann Larramendy Paul Larramendy Lisa Logan John McArdle lltamae McBroom Timothy McQueary Tracy Miles Vicky MIsklll Brian Mitchell Dominic Nicholson GIna Parducci Troy Passmore Lisa Pepltone Teresa Potter Joseph Quarles Teddy Ramos Dean Rape Ron Roberts James Robotham Missy Romo Erin Rucldirck Sharon Ryan Troy Satterwhite Tamara Schneider Angela Shaffer Tim Shaskan Steven Shields Burt Sliver Brian Silver Ronald Smith Kelly Spargo John Taylor Sean Vanlenzlano Carolyn Varnell Amy VIdmar Markus Ward Warren Ward Jill Wardlow Thad Williams Eric Wilson Bob Worley Toby Worley Sophomores • 87 iS ?S CAUGHT OFF GUARD. Students get spied on — - while ttiey reiax in front of the school. ■« •• Class of ' 87 Roberto Acevedo Jennifer Adams Paul Agullar Terry Allen Jo Anderson Doug Annis Anna Anzllotti Brian Arneson Laura Ayon Todd Azevedo Timothy Baarsh Elfrego Barajas KrIstI Barnard Lorl Barnes Randl Bastion Corey Baugtin Laura BazzanI Darcle Beaumont 88 • Freshmen Brian Bechtol Tina BertozzI Keith Boucher AlleenBoyd Deanna Brennon Sarah Breschlnl Heather Brewen Cathy Briggs Brooke BrTghatn Jerry Brown Melissa Brown RIc Brown c% r ■ W " Jason Buck Paul Budrow Amy Bunting Claire Cake Richard Callahan Sheerl Cape H Tracy Capps H ; B StaclCarfl ■ . m Bobby Carllle V H Kathryn Carpenter . M Jim Carter • -i i Lisa Case E if Curt Cash George Castaneda Byron Cavender Jesus Ceja Dawn Center Aaron Chamberlain Lome Chase Laura Cheatham Brent Chrlstensen Jerlann Chrlstensen William Chrlstensen Tony CInqulnl Kim Clark Genal Cornell Jose Coronado Justin Coursey Jason Carver Scoot Creekmore Freshmen • 89 THE TRUTH COMES OUT. Freshmen dressed as either angels or devils to show spirit during the Homecoming parade. GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT. Gil Toumour dresses as a cheerleader and performs a routine during the Fresh Homecoming skit. 90 • Freshmen TV l V W Blaine Cristando StasI Cunningham Anne Curran Antonla Damlan Brenda Day Julienne Debler Eric De Chalne Julia D Jong Jon-Paul Delapo Jeanette Dement JamI Denham Paul Denna Lorl Devast Wendy Dickens Kendra Docklns Richard Dosten Julie Dougherty Brent Duna Donovan Dutro Deborah Dwight Kim Dye Michelle Eastlick Marlssa Edsall Tiffany Engle Kelt! Enrlght Cella Esqivel Michelle Estep Amy Evans Charlotte Fackrell Abigail Falk Kenneth Fransworth Tracy Facteau Karen Fellz Jill Ferguson Jeff Finch Robert Fleming David Fletcher Mark Florence Guy Ford Ann Forrester Steve Foster Jimmy Frenlere Del Fross Shea Garvin Mary Jo Gaston Kelly Gibson Raymond GIfford Mike GlovannettI Lorl Glasscock Carlos Gonzales Steven Gonzales David Gowan Jaquellne Gravmann Joellle Grazlano Robert Griffith Sarah Guevara Mark Habgood Michelle Halfley Shelbl Hall Catrlna Hamilton Jill Harlan Terrell Harpe Donald Harper Freshmen • 91 Jeffrey Harris Karen Hartje Veronica Hartman Bruce Hartshorn Ken Hassler Brandy Hawks Biily Haydon Bruce Hayes Robert Hayes Jili Hays Chris Heath Fred Hendrix Cottean Henry Lisa Henseii Micheiie Higgins l Aike Higgins Neii Hiidebrand Mathew Hiiton Tonya Holmes Teresa Horn Mike Hosterman Robert Howard Mia Hubbard Jim Hudson Mike Hugo Daron Humphrey Neil Hunt Maria Hunter Barbara Hutto Bradley Ingram Joseph Inong Sam Jackson Julie James James Jones Jon Joscelyn Adam Judd Jon Kaeser KerstI Kaldveer Trad Kelley Sherry Kelly Bill Kendall Elizabeth Kendall 92 • Freshmen DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? Celia Esquivel spots an Annual photographer taking candids In Mrs. Johnson ' s typing class, F, F, F, SPACE. Typing drills are known to many at Ukiah High, yet are not received with much enthu- siasm as shown by this student. Michelle Kephail Stephanie Kephart Becky Kerr Jamie Kesselring Tracy Kerwood Suzanne Keys James Kile Jennifer King Monica KIrsch Martha Klemm Kira Klyse Mike Knight Tammy Knight Becky Kohler ErIkKummert Kristin Laurie Tammy Lavenduskey Rodney Leach Wendell Leas MIchealLemmen Jennifer Le Tourneau Nicole Le Tourneau Patrick Liberty Michelle Llnderman Freshmen • 93 LOOK AT THAT. On one of a series of unseason- ably warm January days, two freshnnen chat in front of the sctiool while they wait for rides. Connie Lopez Michelle Lopez DIann Lynch Aaron Mac Leitch Rosa Maria Martinez Davette Mathews Angela Maxon Sherrle McCarter Suezanne McClure Ton! McCoy Chris McCuen David McGrath Jennifer McKee Dawnette McKell Eddy McKiernan Heather McLeud JohnMcMullen Melissa Heath Honey Meek Bradley Meier Luis Mendez Michelle Merrlfleld George Miller Laurie Miller V » 94 • Freshmen Shawn Miller Tim Miller Kelly Mobley Jason Montagne Shannon Momoya JennI Monts Roslta Mora Shawn Moreno Yedda Morrison Anita Mothershed KImberly Mucklow Trad Myers Jennifer Nelson Lisa Nelson Shellle Nelson Aaron NIderest Erica NIssen Eddie Norton Sheila Norton Keith Nunnemaker Corey Parker TerrI Patterson Jason Peery Denlse Peregrine Julie Phlpps VIckl Pickering KImberly Pierce Brett PInson Julie PIttelkau Alice Powell Brian Prax George Prosser Kenneth Ramsey John Raspperry Tim Redfearn Shannon Reed Allsha Reha GIna Relnler Shane Rhynes Kim RIckel AnneRlpke John Roach Freshmen • 95 Alicia Robbins Zachary Robinson Dorothy Ronk George Rowe Diane Ruelle Dennis Ryan Billy Sager Leanne Saunders Rhonda Schlieker Patti Schwank James Scott Robert Scott ( . Tammi Shaffer Raylene Shepherd Jon Shippey Jason Shugari Bob SiTver Kelly Silver J " k i ' M t ' ' Harold Smith Krista Smith Mark Smith Veronica Soto Kelly Spargo Danny Spears Shannon Speer Pamela Spers Tracey Spencer Tamra Standley Paul Standridge Pete Starback Monica Stensgaard John Stevens Glenn Stutsman Maggie Swift Mike Taaning Tonya Taylor Eric Tele Maria Testa Stacy Thomsen Richard Thornton ToniaTorkelson GIIToumour 96 • Freshmen 5CI Ti Samatha Tracy Isaac Trenholm Kimberly Tripp Shannon Trissal GaryTrouette Devin Tucker Jamie Vallo Alphons Van Adrichem Lewis Van Curen Lisa Vanderstoep Maria Vega Paula Ann Verdot Kathryn Wallace Greg Wallaert Joyce Walston Otto Walston Stephanie Wallls Beau Washington N Beth Watson Mark Webb Paul Weger Troy Wentworth Kristin Weslowski Sabrina Whicker V. FRESHMEN, GIMME A " U " . Confetti flies as the freshimen shiow ttieir spirit during a rally FOOTBALL PHONIES. During ttieir Homecoming skit the freshmen introduce a revised version of Ukioh High ' s varsity football team. Freshmen • 97 Cheri White Johnna White JoAnna White Katherine Whitmarsh Joyce Williams Richard Willis Becky Witte Daniel Wood Tom Wotruba Paul Wright Miguel Zazueta Lisa Zeppegno Freshmen not pictured Adam Aikman Gary Aikman Berndt Akerstrom Robert Alleman Terry Allen John Andersen Rana Apple Troy Argail Betty Arnald Margie Arreguin Laura Barny Roddy Bartholf Ernie Beck Michele Benard Aileen Bennette David Bennette Darren Brannan Dan Briggs Josepheritton Chris Brown Scotty Brown Dawn Butcher Toni Chaconas Richard Chapman Alex Coleman Victoria Coon Gary Cooper Mark Davis Michael Davis Donna Dellette NIkki Derr Colleen Dickson Scott DIpman Susan Drinnon Tasha Dunn Ricky Egbert Nora Ellsia Brian Elledge Mike Elmer Gerald Erickson Christopher Espinola Erin Feeney Sonja Frey Joseph Fry Aleta Gardner David Gherkin Teresa Giberson Heather Glenn Jill Gray Elaine Groth Tom Hamrick Lorl Hanson Shawn Harmon Lauren Harpe Judy Hartiip Samantha Harvey Michael Hatfield Gary Hegenbart Charles Hensley Sean Hill Richard Hodges Tiffany Hook Stanley Horstman Bradley Hunt Carlos Jacinto Angela Jacobs Jasen Jacobsen Sonja Jaquay Annette Johnson Jay Joscelyn Herbert Kendall Stephanie Kendall Walter Kerr Michael Kitchen TammleLende William Loney Lee Long Arturo Lopez Gary Martin William Martin Veronica Martinez William Mason Carol Matacin Karen McDaniel David McQueary Clark Miller Casey Minton Matthew Mitchell John Munford Miguel Muniz Dawn Murray Alma Noriega Michelle Olson GIna Opperman Michael Orozco Bryan Osborn Victor Osborn Donna Osbourn Brigette Pallesen Shawn Parker Quentin Pate Debra Pearson Creedence Perkins Janna Peterson Tammy Petty Michelle Phillips Ronnie Piver Christie Polsley Belinda Poplin Cryst al Pulldo GIna Quinones Ryan Randall Erin Reaves Tanya Rodriguez Mary Rubalcava Patty Sampson Bob Samuels Paula Sauls David Schimka David Schnapp Ed Schuette Erik Senteney Candace Sexton Marie Shepherd Mike Silveria Gary Slater Kim Sloan Kirt Smith Lara Smith Billy Sopp Pamela Spaletta Christopher Spliethof Michael Stanley Victoria Starrett Mychell Stevens William Studer Paul Swensen Christian Terkelsen Waheeda Thawerbhoy Christophe Thomas Melissa Thomason Kyle Throop Lisa Townsend Frank VanCuren Javier Vargas Brian Vassar Josh Vero Pauline Verdot Gus Vlale Chrlstena Wallace Joyce Walston 98 • Freshmen Freshmen • 99 Activities • Activities • Activities Activities • Activities • Activities 100 • Activities Activities • Activities • Activities Activities • Activities • Activities Activities • 101 New ideas bring cinange Under the careful eye of Student Ac- tivities Director Ardis Campbell, several changes vjere initiated this year in stu- dent activites by the executive and gen- eral student councils. From meetings that were held before school, until the end of the year, this group of students was involved with the decision-making process that eventually affected the en- tire student body. The first major change that was brought about by student government dealt with the ASB stamps. In an effort to make student activities more affordable for the student, it was proposed that the ASB stamp cover more than discounts to a few stores and discounts for game and dance tickets. As it turned out, the ASB stamp allowed its holder free ad- mittance to football and basketball games and the dances that followed. The second noticeable difference in this year ' s activities was that there were many more dances held this year than in previous years. Even though most of the dances lacked live bands, the stu- dent council decided to continue with the record dances as long as there was strong student support. The third major change was in Winter Festival. It was decided that instead of judging the classes by their skits, an- nouncements and yells, the judging would be based on new competitions such as relays and races which would be held during the rally. The classes were also assigned colors for their class dress-up days, and they were each given plots in the cafetorium in which to construct a display dealing with the overall Winter Festival theme. Aside from these changes, the stu- dent council conducted business as usual, such as advising clubs, coming to the financial aid of s everal campus groups and holding meetings to inform the students and receive new ideas. The executive council was made up of elected officials and appointed commissioners. The general council consisted of one representative from every first period class. Overall, this year ' s student govern- ment remained very active by trying to meet the needs of the students, improv- ing student activities and conducting business as usual. ;- ' " ' WSi ' 102 • Student Government mm 1 • LAID BACK. Student Representative to ttie Board, Rick Stiippey cotchies up on thte school ' s issues from ttie UKiahilite. WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY? Ardis Camp bell keeps ttie executive council on ttie topic un- der discussion. RIGHT ON TIME, tvlrs. Campbell strolls into ttie ex- ecutive council m eeting late. DAYDREAMER. Monica Stensgaard ttiinks about somettiing ottier ttian student council during ttie general meeting. NOW, BOB! Mrs. Campbell explains tier point of view to senior class president Bob Beltrami. Student Government • 103 GET WITH IT! Rally commissioner Dede Mayfield tries to arouse ttie crowd during a rally. 104 • Student Government AND FURTHERMORE. Tonya Erickson, spirit commissioner, briefs the council on the charges in Winter Festival. Student Government • 105 FIRECRACKER FIRECRACKER. Imitating a ctieer leader, Del Fross acts like a typical frestimen. 106 •Activities WRANGLER ROW. Freshmen and sophomore cowboys en- joy their lunch on ' the wall " . A2 + B2 = C2.LeannaJarvls tries to figure out the Pythogo- rean Theorem. Activities 107 Wild relays replace skits TRANSPORTATION OF THE FUTURE. Junior Marci Davis makes o valiant attempt to win ttie race at our Winter Festival rally. TURN FOR THE WORSE. Jotin Slootweg, from ttie soptiomore class, spins out, Ttie frestimen sped by to take over ttie sopti ' s Spirit Bell. SENIORITIS. As ttiey v atch ttieir team dovi n on ttie gym floor, Dani Ornbaun and ttie rest of ttie senior class get radical. 108 • Winter Festival Rally 1 — " iA 1 WATCH OUT, HERE COMES BRUCEi Winter Festival King Bruce Hartshorn smiles a convincing smile, as he gets ready to pour chocolate syrup over a teammate ' s head. A BASKET CASE. Kathie Scott finds riding in a laundry basket quite amusing, POLAR PIG. In one of the relays, freshman Jason Montagne stuffs his face with apple pie to help his class win the Spirit Bell. I ' M HOT! Aaron O ' Brien shows off his awesome body to the entire school. ' I 1 Winter Festival Rally • 109 Classes compete in new way The leadership class and Mrs. Camp- bell went out on a limb this year by changing the format of Winter Festival. Part of the competition was held through displays rather than skits this year. Students liked the idea of displays better because everyone could get in- volved. The participation was higher than it has been in past skits. The overall theme was the " Thrill of Victory " and all of the classes showed displays portraying the Winter Olympics. The displays were supposed to be up for one week but the cafetorium was needed and the displays had to be taken down after only a day and a half. Junior Tonya Eirckson and senior Kathy Warren, were in charge of the dis- plays. The scores were sophomores, 207; seniors 180; freshmen and juniors, 172. WINTER WILDCAT OLYMPICS. Willie Wildcat lights ttie torcti of victory for the sophomore dis- play. FANCY FOOT WORK ON ICE. After seeing Willie Wildcat ' s fancy foot work, David Christensen shows surprise. t? 1 110 • Winter Festival Displays ,1 SETTING UP. Miles Gordon and William Vasilo- poulous arrange Olympic rings for sophomore class. JUNIOR OLYMPICS. Juniors put finishing touches « on their Winter Festival display. THE BIG JUMP. Diane Ruelle and fellow freshmen work on a ski jump area in their drive for the spirit bell. Winter Festival Displays • 111 Winter Festival King and Queen K " S?LV SfiSS° ' ' ° ' Freshman pair are surprise winners The freshman class of 1987 were repre- sented well this year with Diann Lynch and Bruce Hartshorn winning the 1984 Winter Festival connpetition. This is the first time in six years that a freshmen couple has won. Other couples were Dede Moyfield and Matt Hewitt re- presenting seniors; Dina Lucchesi and Brad Chick, juniors; and Keri Antoni and Brett Simmons, sophomores. The couples were kept busy compet- ing in the rally and getting ready for Fri- day nights game against Petaluma. The couples ate dinner at the Coocl House Restaurant this year and were kep under close supervision because o some problems last year. Overall, each class was representee with enthusiastic couples. 112 •Winter Festival Royalty Class of 1984 Dede Mayfield and Matt Hewitt Class of 1985 Dine Lucchesi and Brad Chiick Class of 1986 Keri Antoni and Brett Simmons Class of 1987 Diann Lynchi and Bruce Hartstiorn Winter Festival Royalty •US HUMKKBBI MAGIC SHOW. Warren Galletti. commonly known as The Wizard, fakes out a Trojan player in the Winter Festival game. The Trojans squeaked by with a victory over the Wildcats. UNH! A Wildcat player blocks o would be basket for the Trojans. FRESHMEN FREAK OUT. The class of 1987 go wild when they are presented with the Spirit Bell Wildcats lose in final moments The Winter Festival game against Pet- aluma was a roller coaster ride of ex- pectations. The first quarter was tight and low scoring for both our team and Petaluma ' s but raised hope and expec- tations for the second quarter. The first quarter seemed a simple warm-up compared to the second. The building excitement was justified by a halftime score of Petaluma 18, Wildcats 16. Halftime festivities were almost as ex- citing as the first half of the game. First the freshmen couple, Bruce and Diane, were crowned King and Queen, and then the freshman class took the Spirit Bell for the past week ' s competitions. The second half of the game was close thanks to the sharp outside shoot- ing of Aaron O ' Brien and numerous drives to the hoop by Warren Galletti and John Hilton. Rebounding by sopho- more Adam Bjorquist and senior Dave Christensen kept Petaluma from getting the valuable " second shot. " Still, the team ' s best efforts were not enough. They were beaten at the buzzer by an offensive rebound by a Petaluma player. MOMENT OF PRAYER. Emcees Marjorie Stevens and Tony Zunino appear to be praying before they announce ttie 1984 Winter Festival King and Queen. SMILE, YOU ' RE ON CANDID CAMERA. Waiting for the results, Bruce Hartshorn and Dina Lucchesi flash some sexy smiles. Winter Festival Game 115 Having the best of both worlds With ten foreign exchange students here, the most ever at Ukiah High, we got a chance to learn about a variety of cultures. At the same time, the teenage foreigners learned much about the United States. Some, like Brendan Jones, v ho returned to Australia at semester time, saw a great deal of the country. Others stayed closer to " home " . They came from West Germany, Swe- den, Japan and Australia; some said they would come back if and when they got the opportunity. All of them wanted to leave short messages for their friends here. ERIK BROUWER, SWEDEN: I want to thank my host family for taking care of me during this year, MAGNUS CHRIOSTY, SWEDEN: Thanks for all the support and love I ' ve been given. Special thanks to my fantastic host parents, Jim and Jean Davis. I ' m going to miss you all. TRACY HIND, AUSTRALIA: I like Ukiah High because the people are really friendly and life seems really easy go- ing. PAULINE HURYNOWICZ, SWEDEN: My year here in the U.S. is a wonderful mem- ory forever. Thanks to everyone who made it wonderful. I will miss you all. YUKIKO INUI, JAPAN: I ve had a great stay in the U.S. It was an educational ex- perience for me indeed. I ' m sure 1983- 84 will be my best time in my life and I will never forget it. I love Ukiah and I ' ll miss this country and the people a lot after I go back to Japan. KEITA KAJAJAMA, JAPAN: I like Ukiah High School and I feel many differences between Japanese and American high schools and their customs. KEISUKE NAKANO, JAPAN: I loved my stay at Ukiah. The people are great here. PATRICK ROSENGREN, SWEDEN: Id like to thank my family and all my friends for making this year very special. Ukiah will always be a special place to me. I would like to retire here. FRANK SIERING, WEST GERMAN: At Ukian High I love sports activities, the school, and the people, especially the girl with a cute nose. I think I am going to miss a lot of people. You have good people here. I ' ll miss you, Yuri! ANNIKA WITH, SOUTH SWEDEN: I have really enjoyed my stay here. I hope that I can come back one day and visit all my friends. 116 • Foreign Exchange Students Front row: Keita KajQama, Kelsuke Nakano, Yukiko Inui a nd Patrick Rosengren. Back row: Tro- cey Hind, Magnus Chroisty, Erik Brouwerand Frank Siering. SWEET SWEDES. Swedish students stiow their pur- ple and gold spirit during the homecoming pa- rade. i t ' f i ' • ' MY VOICE BELONGS TO MR. CARTER BUT MY HEART BELONGS TO PATRICK. Lovable Patrick Rosengren and Kathy Scott snuggle up during ploy practice. LOOK AT IT THIS WAY. Pauline Hurynowicz and friends discuss ttie Winter Festival game against the Trojans. Foreign Exchange Students • 117 Small turnout disappoints dedicated cast Even though the cast spent six weeks of hard work getting ready for Har- desty Park, they didn ' t care that it wasn ' t as great a success as they had anticipated. The players all agreed that it was an exciting and worthwhile expe - rience. Ms. Rita Meyer, who has been directing plays here for nine years, said that the attendance was a little disap- pointing and that it was too bad more people couldn ' t have seen the play. The cast members were especially grateful to Mr. Tom Carter, Mr. Jim Hewlett, and the Stage Tech class, who put a lot of time and effort into making sets for the play. The play concerns an elderly man named Fletcher Hardesty, (Ron Lee], who is very rich and owns an estate na- med Hardesty Park. Because of his age, Mr. Hardesty is looking for a trustworthy, responsible person who can take over Hardesty Park after he dies. Patricia Clark (Kathie Scott] is a young, beautiful woman who is the top editor of a New York paper. Fletcher likes Patricia very much and offers her the job. Much to Mr. Hardesty ' s disappointment, Patricia does not accept the offer because she is engaged to be married to Roger Morris (Sean Weber). Patricia, however, convinces Fletcher that Roger is a re- spectable man and can be trusted with Hardesty Park, Hardesty Park is then given to Roger Morris, and Patricia and Roger get mar- ried, They all life happily until Roger finds out that the estate was first given to his wife. Roger now feels inferior to his wife and can ' t accept the fact that his wife had to convince Fletcher Hardesty to give him the estate. This conflict threatens their marriage, but all is re- solved in the end. The cast members were as follows: Fletcher Hardesty Ron Lee Patricia Clark Kathie Scott Roger Morris Sean Weber Mrs. Hardesty Christine Butterworth Lyiy Carroll Danelle McDermotf Perry Gilmore Mike Kitchen Celeste Gilmore Flora Howard Chaplain Eric Brouwer 118 •Fall Ploy IF LOOKS COULD KILL. Blanche Hardesty (Christine) casts a disapproving gaze upon her husband. DECISIONS, DECISIONS. Fletcher Hardesty (Ron) tries to convince Patricia Clark (Kathie) to be his successor. ADMIT IT, YOU WANT ME. Evil Seductress Lyiy Carroll (Dannelle] tries to vi ' oo I oger Morris (Sean) avi ay from his vi ife, FAME IN AMERICA. Swedish Foreign exchange student Erik Brouwer in his role as a chauffer. GO AHEAD, LAUGH! Patricia (Kathie) endures another horrible pun from Hardesty (Ron). Fall Play •IIP For some students Anything Imagine practicing until sometimes 11 :30 at night, going home to do home- work, then waking up early to start an- other day. Sound like fun? If so, maybe you should try out for next year ' s musical. This year ' s musical comedy. Anything Goes, written by Cole Porter, showed how much drive and determination stu- dents at Ukiah High really have, Scott Knudsen and Jenny Stuefen both said, " It was a lot of hard work, but well worth it in the end. " The cast gave a great performance and handled even unexpected prob- lems well. When Patrick Rosengren, one of the five foreign exchange students from Sweden, gave Ron Lee a bloody nose on opening night, Patrick (Moon- face Martin] was trying to cheer up Ron (Billy Crocker] by tickling his face, Pa- trick grabbed Ron ' s nose " just a little too hard " and had to ad lib when Ron left the stage. The act took place on the cafetorium stage with the stage resembling a ship. Over fifty students were involved, along with teachers and parents. They re- hearsed from January until the opening in March. Directed by Mr. Carter and Mr. Hewlett, the sixth musical in the history of Ukiahi has been another success. The hard work paid off, and the large audi- ences felt they had gotten their money ' s worth. TWO OF RENO ' S ANGELS. Kate Albrecht and Debi DeChaine stajt their stuff to " Heaven Hop " . LOVE STINKS. Bad guy Moonface tVlartin tries to cheer up his friend Billy Crocker. 120 • Musical GET ON YOUR FEET. Dancers wear their casuals during rehearsal. THE REFORMER. When not enjoying the " night life " , Reno Sweeney (Flora Howard) preaches. LH ' S STEP OUT. In Anything Goes, Kathie Scott sings the lead to one of the many great songs. Reno Sweeney . . Flora Howard Billy Crocker , , . , . . . .Ron Lee tvloonface Martin . . Patrick Rosengren Hope Harcourt , , . , . .Catherine Puckering t lrs. Harcourt .... Allie Blocher Sir Evelyn . . . .Jerry Denham Bonnie . . . .Kathie Scott Angels Kate Albrecht Bronwen Boynton Kdthy Bradshaw Debi DeChaine Captain Magnus Chroisty Hank Belleston Whitney Purser Don Dutro Bishop , . , .Erik Brouwer Steward Ben Feinman Cameraman. . . , Sonja Puleo Stage Director . . . . . .Mr. Carter Music Director. . . . . . .Mr. Hewlett Student Director . Danelle McDermott Pianists Mrs. Cardwell Jackie Roscoe Costume Design. Joanne McMillan Choreographer . . . . .Meri Hunt Make-up . . . .Rita Meyer Dancers. Sam Berens, Missy Condos, Wendy Dickens, Lynn Enemark, Jamie Gondola, Maria Hunter, Carolle Langton, Dede Mayfield, Yedda Morrison, Ronda Schlieker, Tammie Schneider, Margie Stevens, Jenny Stuefen, and Amy Vidmar, Passengers. Shannon Asher, Christine BrakebilL Erik Brouwer, Dawna Chinn, Deb- bie Chinn, Jeri Ann Christensen, Jennifer Des Jardins, Shea Garvin, Patty Halpin, Ca- terina Hamilton, 1 ene Herden. Lisa Hensell, Paulina Hurynowicz, Lisa Jasso, Erin King, Kris Laurie, Linda Layton, lltamae McBroom, Sonja Puleo, Tracy Spencer, and Annika With. Sports • Sports • Sports • Sports Sports • Sports • Sports • Sports 122 • Sports Sports • Sports • Sports • Sports i WjMH Sports • Sports • Sports • Sports Sports • 123 Down, but not out The football team was down but not out. They underwent many hardships, one of which was injuries. In the first gome against Folsom, the score was 21- 0, Ukiah ' s favor, The Cats were on the 35 yard line, ready to score again, when Eric Clarke ran 15 yards. While he was trying to keep his balance, a Folsom player hit him from behind. Result; one dislocated shoulder, Colton Campbell took over as the quarterback and fin- ished off the Folsom game, 26-6. Throughout the season there were players missing because of injuries, Matt Hewitt went out during preseason prac- tice with a broken forearm. Atter return- ing he rebroke it and was out for a few more games, but returned later on in the season. In the Cardinal Newman game Jeff Bennett was hit with a forearm shot that broke his helmet and his nose. He returned for the last game against Santa Rosa. Because of injuries, the gradual elimination of some of the best players made it even harder to win; but the de- fense kept Wildcat hopes and team spirit alive. Despite the many injuries, they were known throughout the league for their rough and hard-hitting defense, espe- cially Craig Hill, Shawn Hook, Dine Brown, John Dallegge, Billy Larkin, James Ojanpera and John Hilton. A strong defense however, was not enough. " The league was the best it has been in years and there were some of the best quarterbacks I had ever seen, " said Coach Pat Wilson. As a result, Ukiah was down but never out. 124 • Varsity Football A FREE RIDE. Kyle Kircher gives flying lessons to a sorry Roncho Cotote player. LET ' S DANCE. John Hilton does a little soft stioe in a middle of o play, DYNAMITE COMES IN SMALL PACKAGES. Jeff Ben nett, who gave his all this season, tries for extra yard- age before getting stuck. ONE OF THOSE DAYS. An upset Joe Bartolomei stands on the sidelines. CONFERENCE TIME. Linebacker Kyle Kircher talks over plays vi ith Coach Jim Larson. ANTICIPATION. Dino Brown, John Dallegge, and fel- low Wildcats cheer on their offense in a time of trou- ble. Varsiiy Football •125 MOVING IN FOR THE KILL. Mike Elmore blows away a Tomalpais runningback. DOWN FOR THE COUNT. Chris Hale had no trou- ble in handling this player by himself. WITH A LIHLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS. Dino Brown needs assistance in bringing down one tough dude! 126 •Varsity Football HURRAY, TEAM? Larry Peoples and Vernon Seobolt warm the bench and watch as the offense works towards a victory. VARSITY FOOTBALL. Front row: Killy Larkin. Kyle Kircher, Chris Vinding, Vernon Seabolt, Dino Brown, Keith Gordon, Joe Bartolomei, Craig Hill, and Mike Elmore, Row two: Coach Ed Schweitzer, Joe Die- trick, David Barnes, James Ojanpera, Jeff Bennett, John Hilton, Dan Rus, Derek Paoli, and Scott Eichner. Row three: Coach Larry MacLeitch, Pat Wilson, Mike Beam, Lorry Peoples, Grant Lockie, Sean Aranas, Dan Bennett, Bill Ware, Mark Mobley, John Dallegge, and Dan Nauman, Back row: Coach Jim Larson, Chris Hale, Eric Kroeger, Seen White, Curt Knight, Paul Trenholm, Harvey Eichner, Shawn Hook, Colton Campbell, Brad Chick and Jeff Zirbes, Not pictured: Eric Clarke, Magnus Chroisty, Matt Hewitt and Lorry Brooks. Ukiah Opponent Folsom Tamaipals Healdsburg El Molino Analy Petaiuma Rancho Cotcrte Cardinal Newman Montgomery Santa Rosa Varsity Football •127 Success proven Through tough competition and many painful nights the junior varsity football team proved to be successful with a sea- son record of 7-2-1. The thirty-five sophomores and three ju- niors were revved up and ready to go as they won their first two games. The next game ended in a tie and seemed to lower team confidence. The next two games were lost, and morale continued to drop. They squeaked by in the sixth game with a 3-2 win over El Molino. But bad luck seemed to trail them as the homecoming game against Analy slip- ped through their fingers. Then with a strong comeback they won all the next games except one. The fine efforts of quarterback Rob Caudillo and his teammates Brett Sim- mons, Jack Gouber, Mike Clark, London Chase and William Vasilopolous made up for the losses. Most of the boys will be moving on to join the varsity team next year and rumor has it the coaches are glad! FIGHTING FOR YARDAGE. Trying to gain a first down. Jack Gouber runs over the fvlontgomery de- fense, FLYING THROUGH THE AIR. Fred Villagomes at tempts to block a field goal and is stuck hiard by a hungry opponent. S t 128 •JV Football MOVIN ' IN FOR THE KILL. Defensive tackle Mike Mertle is ready to demolish his opponent at a Montgonnery gome in which the Wildcats were victorious. CAN7 BE STOPPED. Running bock Mike Clar1 looks unstop- pable as he runs down the field to gain precious yardage. Uklah Opponent 24 Folsom 6 41 7 3 Tamalpais 6 Healdsburg 7 El Molino 2 7 21 Analy 10 Petaiuma 3 3 Rancho Cotcrte 6 41 Cardinal Newman 22 14 Montgomery Santa Rosa JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL. Front row: Brian Thompson, John Sparics, Tom Fletcher, Tim Shaskan, Sean Camahon, William Vasilopoulous, Mike Mertle, Brett Simmons, Glenn Stari , Row two: Jack Gouber, Mike Clark, Nachio Mocias, Jeff Whitman, Patrick Mergner, Ken Gentry, Chris Swinny, Darin Dooley, Tony Rash, Bo Norris, Row ttiree: Coach Ray Kessler, Shane Wallace, Jeff Creel, Bill Boatwright, Mike Standley, London Chase, Robert Caudillo, Rich Benoy, Don Strickland, Bill Brown, Steve White, Coach Ken Clari . Back row: Rus Troxler, Dan McQueen, Arthur Wotruba, Doug Teoch, Bob Cassells, John Taylor, David Weston. J - J ' A JV Football • 129 Freshmen hit highs, lows This year the freshman team faced many ups and downs but came through the season with a respectable record. Three wins end four losses placed the team fourth in their league. Things lool ed dim at the beginning of the season for the freshmen. Most of the team had never played together before and some had never piayed of all. Jus- tin Coursey, a rool ie quarterback, stated " I never thought I would go as far as I did. " But, the team wasn ' t intimidat- ed by other teams, and continually fought to the wire on each and every game, never giving up. Coach Bill Hook commented, " The team improved from a three ring circus to a football team. " Brad Meier, a veteran football player of six years, thoug ht the season " was dis- appointing. " A good example of the highs faced by the freshman team this year was the Rancho Cotate game. Brent Christen- son blocked a punt, Justin Coursey completed three of four pass attempts for nineteen yards, and Brad Meier kept hitting hard. Neal Hildebrand kicked a twenty-five yard field goal and com- pleted a conversion. Bruce Hartshorn tallied two touchdowns [one by running bock a ninety yard kick-off return] and had fifty-four yards rushing on thirteen carries. All were plays to be more than proud of. On the other hand, a fifty-four yard punt return by Tim Redfern was nullified by penalty and the Wildcats were penalized many times there after for ille- gal motion and procedure. Unfortunate- ly, the frosh came short of a win by two points, leaving the score Rancho Co- tate 18 — Ukiah 16. MOVIN ' IN FOR THE KILL. Jason Montagne, usu- ally quarterback for the Frosti, goes in for Ue tackle wfiile teammate Robert Fleming looks on. MASS CONFUSION. In the chaos of the game, running back Bruce Hartshome struggles to gain | j m extra yardage for a first down, " - 130 •Frosh Football PUniN- ON THE MOVES. Blaine Cristando, who went from tackle to running back, uses some fancy footwork. Opponent El Molino Healdsburg Cardinal Newman Petaluma Casa Grande Rancho Cotate Sonoma FRESHMAN FOOTBALL. Front row: Stiawn Parker, Brian Ameson, Neil Hlldebrand. Jeff Finch, Jim Carter, Jeff Harris, Chris Heath, Ricky Chapman, Mike Taaning, Billy Soger, Chris Brown, and Justin Coursey. Row two: Jon Paul Delapo, Brad Meier, Sam Jackson, Jason Montagne, Shane Rhynes, James Jones, Scott Brown, David Fletcher, Tim Redfem, and Adam Aikman. Back row: Coach Van Gentry, Dell Fross, Brent Christensen, Bruce Hartshorn, Robert Fleming, Blaine Cristando, Bill Sopp, Paul Weger, Brett Pinson, Robert Hayes, Chris Sliethof, Joe Fry, Coach Bob Warner, and Head Coach Bill Hook. Frosh Football • 131 ■ " ■ " " " ■ " " Young team shows poise, promise In only two years, the Ukiot High soc- cer team has developed fronn nothing to a team with the potential to defeat any other NBL team. The " young " team ' s began with six grueling practice games. The results: one win, four losses and one tie. After 10 NBL games the team had a record of 2 and 8. Coach Colin Miller summarized the season: " Our boys, I think, finished the season in a good frame of mind, knowing that they have had a good season, if at times a luckless, injury- riddled on. You ' d have thought we were a winning team. " Outstanding pl ayers such as Frank Siering and Luis Mendez helped the team a great deal. Siering scored a season total of ten goals and Mendez was right behind him with seven. Injuries to key players like Magnus Chroisty and Dan McMicheal hurt the group. Still, even with discouraging odds against them, the team proved that good sportsmanship can be as reward- ing as any undefeated season. FLYING WILDCAT. Willie West liked to be a step above the crowd. He played offense along witti Frank Siering and Luis Mendez, CUTTING IN. Foreign exct ange student Magnus Ctiroisty struggles to gam control of ttie ball Magnus played mid-fielder and was co-captain along witti Victor Vera, 132 • Soccer DEFENDING GOAL. Goalie Chuck Green did a good job throughout the whole league. This was his second season as a varsity goalie. TAKE THAT! A sneak attack kick seems to be the way to go as Frank Siering gives his all. Frank was the team ' s top scorer with 10 goals. TAKING CHARGE. In a home game against Sonoma, exchange student Frank Siering takes charge of the ball. It was an exciting game with a 1-1 score. Ukiah Opponent Santa Rosa Montgomery Rancho Cotate Cardinal Newman Petaluma Santa Rosa Montgomery Rancho Cotate Cardinal Newman Petaluma ' W: I Soccer • 133 Xitty Litter ' motivates teams Cat guts? Kitty litter? At a volleyball game? Well . . . yeah, Wildcat fans chanted these and other bizarre origi- nals this year. Coach Rick Phillips came up with the idea for the chants, He wanted to build the spirit and mental strength of the JV and varsity by using a " blood and guts theory, " Whether the idea worked or not, the chants amused the players, and must have given op- posing fans something to think about. The Wildcat varsity, led by co- captains Lisa Jordon and Mar Zaina, finished the season with five wins and five losses, Jordon, she of the killer spikes, and Zania, known for her excel- lent defensive floor coverage, provided enthusiasm — as well as fine play. The JV ' s had an even better season. Michelle Mack and Verba Wright turned in " outstanding performances, " using their skills and tactics to " pick up " their team during difficult moments. Amy Hewitt was a strong setter and solid on offense and defense, Jenny Gee ' s " floor game " and Benito Temple ' s serving helped secure a 7-3 season. Guided by their two coaches. Rick Phillips and Ken Franklin, the teams re- lied on friendship, hard work, and some " off-the-wall " chants to motivate them- selves and finish successful seasons, READY? Gretchen Maurer analyzes her oppo- nents looking for a weak spot. A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED. Mary Zaina lends a iielping tiand to a not-toli-enougli Lisa Jordon. 134 • Volleyball VARSITY VOLLEYBALL, Front row: Woody Woodward, Gretchen Maurer, Trina Huey, Lisa Jordan, end Kathy War- ren, Back row: Coach Ken Franklin, Tammy Martin, Nancy King, KrIstI Dallege, Mary Zaina, and Coach Rick Phillips, UP, UP AND AWAY. Mary Zaina dinks the ball over a Mont- gomery players head, JUNIOR VARSITY VOLLEYBALL, Front row: Jenny Gee, Kelli Conzelman, Amy Hewitt, Leisa Vanderstoep, Kim Mohn, Janie Kesselrlng and Lori Devoist. Back row: Coach Rick Phillips, Kim Taylor. Benita Temple, Michelle Mack, Verba Wright, Debi Johnson. Alisha Reha and Coach Ken Franklin. Opponent Santa Rosa Montgomery Ursuline Petaluma Ranctio Cotate Santa Rosa Montgomery Ursuline Petaluma Rancho Cotate Volleyball • 135 Harriers endure personal pain Cross Country runners ore definitely a different breed, The typical hiarrier cov- ers about ten nniles in a single workout. He pushes his body to its limit and de- velops a tolerance for pain that de- mands complete physical and mental discipline. Many people view cross country running as a masochistic activ- ity lacking in any real purpose or value. But for the avid runner, a rigorous train- ing program is more than just an activity, it ' sa way of life. Although cross country running can be a very satisfying personal experi- ence, on a team level the feeling wasn ' t quite the same this year. Sophomore Charlie Boyd said, " The enthusiasm of the team was very heartening. I was only disappointed in the overall perfor- mance at NBL ' s. " At Spring Lake the varsity girls ad- vanced to NCS because of their plac- ings in the NBL ' s. Jessie Moreno finished first for Ukiah High and seventh overall. Freshman Aileen Boyd placed four- teenth; Ann Giberson seventeenth. The varsity boys suffered from the lack of Charlie Boyd and John Leigh. At NBL ' s the freshmen finished fifth, girls varsity third, boys varsity fourth. DAYDREAMER. Taking a break from her home- work, Yuri Makino anticipates what might happen at the upcoming cross country meet. TAKIN ' IT ON THE RUN. Bryan Haas gains speed as he takes the lead in a tough race against Anoly. THE RIGHT STUFF. Cross country runner shows oft a little before the meet starts. 136 •Cross Country J rf •« 4 - 1 m -4 K %- .. J J i iw i 1 1 ? " ; TV- .J 1 mm a H • ? DOUBLE TIME, DOUBLE VISION. Ukiah High Cross Country team members continue ttieir long drilling race at Spring Lake, CONFERENCE TIME. Coocln Bill Kubran gives ad- vice to a girls varsity runner at one of ttie ten meets ttiey had. Crosscountry •IS? Swingers net second The Ukiah High girl netters had a " close but not quite " season. With eight wins and two losses, the girls placed second in N.B.L, standings. Although the team was led by such " never say die " players as Pam Tels- chow, Mario Vargas, Dena Finn, Tanya Kesslerand freshnnan Laurie Miller, Ursu- line outplayed them 5-2 in the first match and 7-0 in the last. In the first match against Ursuline, junior Tanya Kessler won 6-7 on a 7-3 tiebreaker, lost a 3-6 second set and then lost the final set in a 5-7 struggle. In doubles Aimee Kircher and Kay Clarke and Dena Finn and Susan May- field came close but not close enough to overturn Ursuline. Aimee and Kay lost 5-7, came back to win 6-3, and lost by the same margin. Susan and Dena played the thriller of the day, losing 5-7, winning 10-8, and closing out the match losing 6-7. Top seed Pam Telschow and her part- ner, second seed Maria Vargas, repre- sented the North Bay League in N.C.S. Championship doubles. Although the girls played a strong season, it wasn ' t quite good enough to top undefeated Ursuline. GEniNG DOWN TO BUSINESS. Lisa Hayes follows through with a forehand return. HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT. Jamie IVIenzmer anticipates her opponent ' s next move. m mm I i -sfM r pB ' ' ♦ ' • ♦ 4 ?■ A i s«( 4: » ' r ' " tw jfii MtU ' 0Mmm . 138 •Girls ' Tennis I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN. Pam Telschow apprehen- sively waits for the ball to come into hitting range. UP FOR THE SERVE. Fifth-ranked Laurie Miller gets ready to bash the ball over the net in a warm up before the match. Girls ' Tennis • 139 WHAT A DAY FOR A DAYDREAM! Four ot the Varsity ctieerleaders find time in ttieir busy sctiedule to daydream, THE UKIAH HIGH WILDCAT VARSITY CHEERLEADERS. Teri Gilley. Denae Drake, Steptianie SIminoe, Teresa Wtiittler. Staci Kinyoun, Andrea Cook, Rtionda Higgins, and Amy Butcher. 140 • Varsity Cheerleaders Girls suffer through season Through bad weather, long prac- tices, sore muscles, and bad tennpers, the varsity cheerleaders once again ful- filled their obligations to audiences throughout the fall and spring season. Last summer, before the season be- gan, the cheerleaders attended one of the many United Spirit Association cheerleading songleading camps at Santa Cruz University where they won a spirit stick. They also went to Concord in February with sixteen other squads and placed sixteenth. Even with the help of advisor Nanette Sanchez, the squad never quite seemed to generate enough energy to motivate school spirit from everyone. Ju- nior Teri Gelley said, " It was a lot of fun at first, but by the time basketball season started, everyone was tired of it. " WE ' VE GOT THE SPIRIT, SO LET ' S HEAR IT! Amy Butcher and Rhonda Higglns cheer on the Wildcat team. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Cheerleaders prac tice their routines while students observe. Varsity Cheerleaders • 141 Six spunky sophs stay excited The JV cheerleaders found it easy to get rowdy as both their football and basketball teams tore through winning seasons. To get off on the right foot, the six sophomores — Jamie Gondola, Amy Vidmar, Kothy Bradshaw, Jennifer Puser, Cathy Daily and Amanda Henrie — at- tended a USA camp where they learned a variety of cheers and a few routines. In addition, a few of the girls drove down to San Francisco, where they cheered and performed a half- time routine with other cheerleading squads at a 49er game. The girls worked well together and en- joyed the sometimes thankless task of cheerleading. When asked what they enjoyed most this year, the majority said it was the late-night bus rides to and from the away gomes. " It was a total blast cheering for such an awesome bunch of guys, " Jamie Gondola said. The girls ' advisor, Nanette Sanchez, is a part-time special ed teachers ' aide. She ' s only on the campus Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. She en- joys working with the girls, although be- ing a teacher and an advisor for fourteen teenage girls, is a lot of hard work. Overall, these six girls hove been great cheerleaders. Ukioh High is proud to have these spunky sophomore gals representing our school. CLASS OF 1986. The JV cineerleaders help their class to show off that sophomore spirit. JV CHEERLEADERS. Standing: Cathy Daily. Amy Vidmar, Kathy Bradshaw and Jamie Gandola. Sitting: Jennifer Puser and Amanda Henrie. 142 • JV Cheerteaders ROCK THIS TOWN. Jamie Gondola shows her enthusiasm in the middle of the gym floor at one of Ukian High ' s " awe- some " rallies. SMILING WITH PRIDE. At the tootball awards banquet, the JV cheerleaders happily accept recognition from their win- ning football team. JV Cheerleaders • 143 Hawaiian trip higiniiglitsseason Pale, tired from the flighit and psychied for their tournament, the team arrived in Hawaii and looked forward to sun, fun, and basketball. They lost their first duel to Mid-Pacific 68 to 65 In what Coach Bill Heath called a " No au- topsy, no foul gome. " During the week before their next game, they went to college basketball games and on tours. Learning from their first game that Hawaiian basketball is physical, the Cats pulled together for a one point victory over Maryknoll. The team then left for home with big smiles and tanned faces. During the regular season the Wild- cats didn ' t do quite as well, placing fifth in the NBL and playing many " close but not quite games. " The team blamed some of their weaknesses on pre-season " accidents " which diverted would-be starting center Shannon Wil- liams from playing and injured Aaron O ' Brien, David Christensen, and Doug Bennett. Veterans Warren Galetti and Jim Dunlap led the team, which overcame their problems, to victories over Car- dinal Newman, a big upset, and Santa Rosa. The team improved over the course of the season, losing their first league game to Montgomery by twenty points and then losing their second to the Vik- ings by four. Although they won only three out of ten NBL games, the team played nearly every opponent " tough. " More- over, they con look back on the unfor- gettable memory of Hawaii, a memory which will make their season seem great. BOYS ' VARSITY. Front row: John Hilton, Aaron letti, Tony Barringer, and Erioh Kroeger. Back O ' Brien, Darin Colombini, and Doug Bennett, row: Adam Bjorl quist, David Ctiristensen,Coacln Row two: Trainer, Steve Jackson, Warren Gal- Bill Heathi, David Deiapo, and Jim Dunlap. 144 •Varsity Basketball LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON. Keeping a keen eye on the game, little Kyle Heath sits on his dad ' s lap. UP HERE ON MY OWN. Forward Dave Christensen drives for a shot in a game against Cardinal Newman. THE " WIZARD " USES SOME MAGIC. Guard Warren Galletti uses his " magic touch " to earn another tv o points for his " needy " Varsity team. PASS AND GO. With great intensity, point guard Aaron O ' Brien fires the ball to Warren Galletti. UKIAH . OPPONENT Montgomery Santa Rosa Rancho Cotate Cardinal Newman Petaluma Montgomery Santa Rosa Rancho Cotate Cardinal Newman Petaluma Varsity Basketball • 145 J V ' s take league Thejunior varsity basketball team had one of thieir best seasons. They started and finished the season winning. They won 8 out of 10 league games, a record which made them NBL Champions. They had an overall record of 20-2. Led by the great coaching skills of Ray Chadwick for the past three years, the JV ' s have not only had winning sea- sons but also have learned other values as well. This year ' s team had no pressure in the beginning of the season. " A lot of people said we weren ' t going to do as well as we did, " said Kevin Mclnerney. The JV ' s have always been thought of as the " little guys " who will someday be- come the all-star varsity players. This year, though, the " little guys " worked to- gether just as well as any experienced varsity team and won by doing it. Cardinal Newman provided the team ' s severest test. " Playing Newman will show how good we really are, " said Mclnerney. The team beat Car- dinal Newman 64-43, showing who was " the best " this year. JUST A LinLE FARTHER. Most valuable player - Kevin Mclnerney tries to make anottier two points, BREAK THROUGH. Even though outnumbered two to one Kevin Mclnerney breaks through for a basket. 146 • Junior Varsity Basketball PLEASE, GOD! Coach Ray Chadwick seems to be praying for another win, STRETCH. Robert Caudillo makes sure Montgomery does not make another basket. Ukiah Opponent 76 Willits 20 4 4 8 5 Fort Bragg 30 Casa Grande 39 S3 Rancho Cotate 31 7 4 Terra Linda 53 79 57 Fort Bragg 26 Casa Grande 36 6 5 9 6 Heaidsburg 43 El Moiino 39 41 52 Analy 37 Piner 39 4 9 Sonoma 50 6 5 2 6 Montgomery 62 Santa Rosa 37 47 Rancho Cotate 33 64 Cardinal Newman 43 44 Petaluma 43 38 34 Montgomery 36 Santa Rosa 35 55 Rancho Cotate 45 54 Cardinal Newman 46 57 Petaluma 48 I U l A JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL. Front row: Cole and Robert Caudillo Back row: Craig Kevin Mclnemey, London Chase and Coach Maize, Brad Hallman, Derek Nielson and Matt Ray Chadwick, Row two: Chris Eppright, Estal Maurer, Junior Varsity Basl etball • 147 Freshman depth saves season Lots of talent gave this years freshiman team and their third year coach, Collin Miller, another winning season. The team of young Wildcats consisted of several players of about equal talent. Because of this, the outcome of the games did not depend solely on the ac- tions of one star. Instead, every player had a hand in the outcome of the game. The high scorers v ere different in every game. Usually Scott Dipman, Mike Higgins, Credence Perkins or Mike Hugo led the team in scoring by a mar- gin of less than two points. With the rest of the team helping in the scoring, the freshmen averaged 45 points a game. The freshmen played several pre- season games and a few tournaments. In their pre-season games they often faced anotherschool ' s junior varsity. The fact that they were playing older oppo- nents did not phase thiem; the games usually ended in their favor. The fresh were not able to get a winning streak as last year ' s team did, so they took their victories wherever they could. After los- ing their opener to Mendocino JV ' s, the Cats bounced back to win the next three before suffering their next loss to Casa Grande. Then they won the next three before losing to Analy, With the whole team sharing the load. Coach Miller and his squad were able to produce an eight and five record, an- other winning season. v bjll ill -|(kllteAfe-i FRESHMAN BASKETBALL. Front row. Tyler Williams, Justin Coursey, Mike Higgins , Creedence Perkins, Ronnie Piver, Rich Doster, Shawn Harmon and Coach Collin Miller. Back row. Bruce Hartshorn, John Stevens, Chris McCuen, Mike Hugo. Lome Chase, Scott Dipman and John Paul DeLapo. ON THE MOVE. Mike Higgins scrambles around a Trojan to set up the play, OUT OF REACH. Keeping the ball away from Cardnal New- man claws, Scott Dipman pulls up for a jumper. INCHES AWAY. Richard Doster takes a shot over the out- stretched hands of his opponent. RUBBING SHOULDERS. Center Mike Hugo maneuvers for position against his Petaluma foe. 148 • Freshmen Basketball Jl Ukiah Opponent 33 Mendocino JV 38 58 Point Arena 41 45 Fort Bragg 25 43 Fort Bragg 41 44 Casa Grande 58 34 Healdsburg 30 37 El Molino 28 66 Anaiy 40 46 Sonoma 54 48 Rancho Cotate 29 42 Cardinal Newman 48 38 Petaluma 53 43 Ranctio Cotate 41 Freshman Basketball • 149 Girls finish an agonizing second For the last three years the girls varsity basketball team has beer in the top three of the North Bay League. This year they were number two because of an initial loss to Montgomery, They trium- phed in the second encounter. If Mont- gomery had lost only one of the last three games, Ukiah would have taken the top spot and, as the NBL ' s top team, gone to the playoffs. In addition, they would have had the satisfaction of be- ing number one. These winning seasons have been the work of Coach Bill Brunemeyer. After coaching thirteen years of boys ' basket- ball, Mr. B experienced quite a change in moving to girls ' basketball, He said that girls Iry harder, are more coopera- tive, follow instructions and don ' t think they know everything. " After three years with players like Lisa Jordon and Mary Zaina, his team has become known throughout the league for tough play. The whole team shows their respect and devotion to Mr. B either at practice or in a game. " If you look at the team individually, each person is talented, " said Lisa Jor- don. Katrina Huey, Kathy Warren, Woo- dra Woodward, Mary Zaina and Lisa Jordan were also members of the Vol- leyball team. Lisa and Mary played to- gether for three years now. Both knew every move the other would make. Lisa and the other girls bid a heart and sor- rowful goodbye to Mary at the end of her final season. «f% 4 VARSITY GIRLS ' BASKETBALL. Front row: Lisa Scioc- ward, Monica Stensgaard, Mary Zaina, Pam Telschow chetii, Katrina Huey, Lisa Jordon and Kathy Warren, Back and Coacfi Bill Brunemeyer, row: Tonya Kessler, Renee Alexander, Woodra Wood- 150 • Varsity Girls ' Basketball Opponent Cloverdale Willits Redwood Carmel Casa Grande Healdsburg El Molino Anal y Prner Sonoma Montgomery Santa Rosa Rancho Cotate Ursuline Petaluma Montgomery Santa Rosa Rancho Cotate Ursuline Petaluma RISE ABOVE. Tonya Kessler makes an extra point witti ease. JUMP FOR IT. Before an Ursuline player moves in, Renee Alexander tries to save a run away ball, A COKE AND A FROWN. Extiausted, Renee Alexander takes time out for a cold drink. JUMP! Mary Zaina easily makes a basket against first place Montgomery. Varsity Girls Basketball • 151 Girls hang tough Finishing the season with a 13 and 9 record, the JV girls basketballers had many close games. After adjusting to a new coach, Al Snarski, the team turned it on. Because of the lack of good shooting the girls had to play a strong defensive game. They guarded man to man, hop- ing to intimidate their opponents and cause turnovers. The team came close to victories in many of their games, They played over- time with Rancho Cotate twice. In the first gome at home Verba Wright tied the score with two free throws; Ukiah managed to win the contest. Unfortuna- tely, the second meeting with Rancho wasn ' t as rewarding. Although the team was half freshmen and half sophomores, the starting five were all experienced sophomores. Laurel Snarski, Verba Wright, and Jenni Tuttle took the team to a five and five record in the NBL. When some of the players were asked about the season they all agreed that they had fun. Staci Carfi said, " It was an okay season but a lot of fun. " BRINGING IT DOWN. Tami Martin and Laurie French ploy catch, trying to " throw off " a Peta- luma defender, USING YOUR ASSETS. Laurel Snarski blocks out for the rebound of Jenni Tuttle ' s shot, REACHING FOR THE TOP. Center forward Jenni Tuttle out jumps her Petalumo opponent, GIRLS JV HOOPSHOOTERS. Front row: Stacy Carfi, Valerie Ricetti, Kelli Conzelman, Laurie Miller and Jill Dunsing, Row two: Tami Martin, Laurie French, Jenni Tuttle, Erin King, Verba Wright and Jennifer King. Back row: Coach Ai- Snarski, Shea Garvin, Laurel Snarski, Jennifer Monts, Me linda Hunter and Julie Wilson, ■( ' N if 152 • JV Girls ' Basketball WW i GETTIN ' LOOSE. The team warms up for an overtime duel with Rancho Cotate, which Ukiah won. m •• Ukiah Opponent 24 Cioverdale 25 42 Point Arena 2 3 31 Souttt Forl 1 34 Clearlalce 2 6 59 34 Potter Valley Wlllits 9 22 37 Casa Grande 18 14 30 Healdsburg El Molino 47 12 16 37 Analy Piner 23 29 25 Sonoma 43 29 23 Montgomery Santa Rosa 31 22 35 Rancho Cotate 30 22 Ursuline 25 28 Petaluma 11 24 22 Montgomery Santa Rosa 13 42 25 Rancho Cotate 31 19 Ursuline 33 30 Petaluma 23 .■ ««», Young graplers pin all but one Losing their only individual competi- tion to perennial powerhouse Rancho Cotate, a young Wildcat squad finished second in the North Bay League. " I never expected them to do as well as they did, " said head coach Jerry Aikman. " We were a very young team, with only two seniors, " he added. The team had a chance to tie the first- place Rancho crew by winning the league tourney but came up ten points shy. Still, the squad put in a fine effort; twelve of their thirteen wrestlers man- aged fourth place or better. Three (Chopper Cupp, Tony Cinquini and Shawn Hook] won individual titles. Along with them, Larry Peoples, who placed second, qualified for North Coast Sec- tions. Early in the season, the squad went to several tournaments, such as Rancho Cotate ' s and the Clearlake Invitational. They also hosted the annual Ukiah tour- ney. Those tournaments helped them gain valuable experience which aided tnem in league competition. " We were more of a dual meet team than a tour- nament team, " said Aikman. From the results of the tournament it looked as though the Wildcats would not do so well this year, but " We always manage to do well, " said Aikman. The team kept a tradition and began to peak around the Interlock Tournament, a tourney where teams are able to compete against other teams not in the same league, The timing of the peak was right on schedule, allowing Ukiah to fare well in the league tourney. -xs $ f Ukiah Opponent Petaluma Rancho Cotate Cardinal Newman Montgomery Santa Rosa 154 •Wrestling ji: » r •• s i x1 SvV ALMOST THERE. Chopper Cupp puts the final moves on his competition. JUNIOR VARSITY WRESTLING. Front row: Tom Wotnjba. Donnie Harper, Phillip Coldera, Rich Thorton and Adam Aikman. Back row: Tom Fletcher, John Taylor, Mii e Taan- ing, Brian Ameson, Larry Viale and Denny Schimka. y VARSITY WRESTLING. Front row: Tony Cinquini, Chopper Cupp, Mark Klaproth, Ken Bell, Jason Montagne, Lorry Peoples and Chris Brown. Back row: Coach Jerry Aikman, John Leigh, Scott Eich- ner. Mike Clark, Harvey Eichner, Shawn Hook and Jeff Zirbes ONE, TWO, THREE, GO! Waiting for the whistle to blow, Harvey Eichner gets in position. Wrestling • 155 TAKING THE TAPE. Colfon Campbell cruises across the finish line, easily winning the 400 at Piner, FLYING HIGH. Junior Larry Peoples bounds to new distances in the triple jump. Runners good, not numerous Limited only in numbers, this year ' s track team depended heavily on new talent as well as returning ajnners. League scheduling and favorable weather conditions allowed the track- sters to begin training five weeks earlier than in previous years. The Cats took ad- vantage of their extra training time and improved their showing in pre-season meets. The extra time also gave the track coach the opportunity to improve the Cats ' times and increase the strength of his distance runners. The athletes were able to find the event in which they felt most comfortable and concentrate on large invitational meets to gain experi- ence. All three teams — varsity, JV ' s and girls — consisted of fewer than sixty ath- letes; and as a result, the efforts of every team member was utilized. The short- age of runners made it common for a runner to run four events in one meet and also for there to be events in which Ukiah was not represented at all. Plagued by small numbers, the track- sters wor1 ed hard to better personal times and reach individual goals. BOYS TRACK. Front row: Chris Brown, Justin Coursey, Tony CInquini, Hon Mun Lee, Tom Cook, Coach Bill Hook, Aaron MacLeitch, Mark Eldrige, Randy Scott, Tom Wortruba and Jeff Harris, Mid- dle row: Jerry Cudimot, Rich Benoy, John Stevens, Estal Cole, David Richard, Dwayne Ryans, Chris- tian Kelly, William Vosilopolous, Larry Peoples, Derek Paoli, Wendell Leas, Bill Sopp and John Tay- lor. Back row: Coach Rich Wortruba, Coach Bill Johnson. Colton Campbell, Jason Montagne, Chris Coke, Darren Brewster, Geoff Howard, Aaron O ' Brien, Ken Spurlock, Bill Ware, Adam Bjorkquist. Erich Kroger, Shawn Hook and Marcus Nelson. GIRLS TRACK. Front row: Missy Rome, Andrea Cook, LaDonna Gibney, Didi Kelley, Liesha Boek, Aileen Byd, and Julie Debler. Back row: Elena Placio, shelly Neal, Sheri Wallen, Jill Hays, Karen Hinkle, Carrie Bartolmei and Stephanie Dwyer, r f Q 156 Track BUSTIN ' OUT. Dina Lucchesi bursts out of the blocks in the 200 meters. STRIDING AROUND THE CORNER. Aaron O ' Brien rounds the last turn o( the quarter mile. Track • 157 ' : ' r f ' Team expects to contend for title The varsity baseball team was ex- pected to be a contender in NBL ' s with players like Bret Griffen, Warren Galletti and Don Meyers. The team concentrated on their de- fense and pitching this year. Bob Klick and Mike Eaton the main pitchers were described as " big and strong with good control and fast and strong throwing " by coach Bill Heath. After a break of one day between the end of basketball sea- son and the beginning of baseball sea- son, Heath started the team working hard on increasing their strength on offense and still keep a strong defense. LET ' S GET ' EM! Dan Bennett comes out swinging. WATCH OUT. Wtiile keeping a watchful eye on ttie infield, Danny Myers tags up. VARSITY BASEBALL. Front row: Brad Chick Darin Colombini, Jeff Bennett, Joey Bartlomel and Keith Gordon. Row two: Mike Eaton, John Hilton. Danny Myers, Bret Griffen and Dan Bennett, Back row: Jimmy Dunlap, Ron Hunter, Coach Bill Heath, Bob Kllck and Warren Galletti. «, « - 158 • Varsity Baseball Hi HERE COMES TROUBLE. Coach Bill Heath sizes up the op- ponent. TAKE THAT! Pitcher Bob Klicl fires one of his famous fast J balls. Varsity Baseball • 159 Good ploy, sun shine on baseball With the beautiful weather that greeted the baseball season, the JV and Frosh teams both went to work. Returning to the JV ' s from last year were Craig Maize, Ken Gentry and Mike Clark to name a few. Players on the Frosh team had previously played on the 13-14 summer league. Pitchers for the Frosh were abundant, while the JV ' s weren ' t so lucky. Neil Hildebrand, Rich Doster, Del Fross and Rick Chapman gave Frosh coach Ken Clark a lot to work with, JV coach Bob Myers had Brett Simmons for basic mound duty. JV BASEBALL TEAM. Front row: Ken Gentry. Cory Baughn, Bo Noms, Mike Higgins, Bnjce Hartshorn, Donnie Strickland and Clint Bennett, Back row: Coach Terry Baughn, Greg Martin, Mike Mertle, Craig Maize, Brett Simmons, Brian White, Mike Clar1 and Coach Bob Myers, ONE, TWO, THREE STRIKES YOU ' RE OUT. Frosh Chris Espinola closes his eyes and takes a cut in practice. ;4: m • ■ . mm 160 •JV, Frosh Baseball .« - v VV ' • ■ vj ' r y CAUGHT YA! Bo Norris eyeballs the photo- grapher FROSH BASEBALL. Front row: Chris Esplnola, Neil Hildebrand. Brian Ameson, Creedence Perkins, Paul Standridge and David Bennett. Back row: Glenn Stutsman, Bill Temple, Rich Doster, Ricky Chapman, Del Fross, Ron Piner, Adam Aikman, Mark Davis, James Jomes and Coach Ken Clark, Doing business as usual Walks, solid hits, sturdy pitching and all-around play helped this years JV and varsity softballers get the job done. With veteran coaches Bill Brunemeyer and Micky Howard, the teams were very comfortable on the field. The JV ' s began the season with a real squeaker. Leading 11 to 5 in the seventh inning, Ukiah had just about sewn up their game with El Molino. In the top of the seventh inning the Lions came on strong and scored five runs before Ukiah retired the side and took the win. Walks helped the varsity go into extra innings with Analy. Lisa Jordan relieved Tami Martin in the fourth inning which helped the Tigers to 8 runs, In the seventh Martin returned to the mound for four up and three down. Base hits and walks helped Ukiah score four in the eighth and ice the win. W 7 ♦■ " ; 4 h m 162 • Softball JV SOFTBALLERS. Front row: Laurie DeVoist, Diane Lynch, Jill Dunsing, Gina Quinones, Keli Conzelman, Mia Hubbard, Michelle Merrifield and Coach Mikey Howard, Back row: Marissa Edsoll, Valerie Ricetti, Beth Brown, Jennifer King, Maria Vargas, Paig e Golletti and Cheryl Pinnell. COMING HOME. Starting first baseman Deborah McCutcheon scores after nailing a triple, BANGO. Lisa Jordon a,l ,a. L,J. hits the ball down the third base line. t-X Softball • 163 Swimmers a im at second title Living up to the NBL Champion swim- ming team of 1983 seemed a difficult prospect for the 1984 team. There was new and different coaching with Gor- don Johnson and assistant Rita Carmi- chael. Johnson had si ills for even part of the team. For the divers who did not lose strength from the outgoing seniors, he seemed to offer more knowledge about diving. For the boys, who lost many strong swimmers, he pushed much harder. And the girls, who lost a few people, were being pushed to their limits. " We don ' t get to goof around as much. " This explains Johnson ' s theory of hard work and drive. With strong swimmers like Einar Ny- borg, Gretchen Maurer and Scott Graeber the team is of championship caliber, but they knew they would have to work hard to break out strong rival Petaluma. 164 • Swimming UP FOR AIR. Doing the butterify, Gretchen Maurer takes a few practice laps, A CONCERNED FRIEND. Taking a few minutes to rest and also keeping an eye on a friend, team captain Gretchen Maurer waits her turn. BEST HAND FORWARD. Sophomore diver Amanda Henrie tries to Improve her form at a practice. SPLASHDANCE LOOK. Experienced swimmer EInar Nyborg tries to decrease his lap time. STRAIGHT AS AN ARROW. First year diver Gina Valente works hard In practice to try to increase diving points for the Uklahl swim team, MAN FROM ATLANTIS RETURNS. Veterian swimmer Rick Shippey has built a reputation of a stro ng swimmer for the last four years at Uklah High UKIAH HIGH ' S SWIMMING TEAM. Swimming • 165 In a class by themselves For the first time, Ukiah was favored to wir the league championship in tennis. This year ' s team was composed of most- ly underclassmen and played with a va- riety of styles. Ukiah ' s number one seed, Chris Ep- prlght, relied on his quickness, while the number two player, foreign exchange student Frank Seiring, emphasized top spin. Sophomore John Slootweg count- ed on accuracy to win his matches. Before the season started , many of the players took advantage of the good weather and played whenever they could. By working long and hard, the team developed a strong singles lad- der and doubles teams. " Many of our doubles players could play singles on another team, " said Frank Sierlng. The Wildcats had no trouble defeating their opponents in pre-season matches, and it appeared that they would have no trouble with the other teams in their league. In more ways than one, this year ' s tennis team was in a class by itself. AANGH! Exchange student Frank Slering ham- mers one of his bullet serves. TENNIS. Front row: Bruce Chiang, Chris Epprlght, Mike Chang, Mike Mllovlna and Doug Menzmer. Back row: Steve Rust, London Chose, Robert Coudlllo, Kevin Mclnerny, Ron Ferrer, Fronk Siering, Mike Yoder ond Coach Collin Miller. -.-aaSiKsiKsr:! ;- IS y : i I X DOUBLE TROUBLE. Doubles teom of Mike Yoder ond Ron Ferrier combine their talents to overcome opponents. 166 •Tennis !■■ A- •r«iJ Team grows with interest Many firsts and changes con be seen in this year ' s golf teann. Interest in the sport has grown tremendously and was clearly represented in the size of the team, which consisted of twenty five stu- dents, This was the largest golf team in the history of the new high school. The interest was not within one year or class or one sex. For the first time tlie team hod a female member. To coach the large team of golfers, two new coaches, Pat Wilson and Rowland Neilson, were hired. Good weather allowed the golfers to practice more and polish their strokes making them a large force to be dealt with inleague this year. ONE OF A KIND. Patty Schiwank, the only female golfer on the team, practices on the putting green. ONE ON ONE. Rowland Neilson explains the basics to Brad Hallman at the driving range, FORE! Derrik Neilson and Miek Passof practice teeing off under the care ful eye of Coach Neilson, Golf •167 Organizations •Organizations k;. - ' x ' " - V ' • ' .. .v ' Organizations • Organizations 168 • Organizations AJOT Organizations • Organizations i» f w Organizations • Organizations Organizations • 169 staff stuck in the middle Inexperience and lack of dedication plagued the Wildcat staff during the beginning of the year. As the second and third deadlines passed, it seemed that the staff of thirty-two students were digging themselves deeper and deep- er into a hole and that the yearbook might not make it. Early on some of the staff accompa- nied the journalism staff to a JEA con- vention in Fresno in hopes of quickly learning the tricks of the trade. Still they struggled with deadlines and worried about money. Ad sales and yearbook sales were both down from last year ' s totals. " The financial bind gave me something else to blame my insomnia on, " said second year advisor Mark Al- brecht. Despite these problems, the pages were slowly starting to be produced. With only three members from last year ' s staff, the class struggled along through a trial and error process that all staffs go through in an effort to find out what " chemistry " works. The questions were whether they could find the right mixture and, if so, whether they would find it on time. When two new photographers and last year ' s sports section editor joined the staff at semester time, the an- swer seemed to be yes. f «jr ANNUAL STAFF. Front row: Rhonda Hig gins. Angle Argall, Tiffany Johnson, Jean Gulbransen, Karen Koch and Karen Sauls. Row two: Diana Mergner, Lynn Enemork, Kristin Valente, Angle Gordon, Heidi Mc- Coiium, Kathy Berry and Teresa Farmer. Row three: Kim Jackson, Benlta Temple, Elodia Lopez, Marie Dougherty, Naomi 170 • Annual Seddon, Debbie Stanley and Deonna Fane. Back row: Advisor Mark Albrecht, Roger Melendrez, Erik Brouwer, Anna Ford, Juan Alvarez, Tabltha Fairchid and Patrick Myers. Not pictured: Ken Spurlock, Chris Carr, Courtney DeSalva- tore, Lisa Jordon, Stacy Madrazo, Kevin Roach and Karen Gamer. ENTERING THE FOOTBALL STADIUM. At half time the cou pie of annual staff, Angle Argall and Erik Brouwer, proceed to greet the audience at Homecoming. THE OPPORTUNITY TO LISTEN TO A DUET. During class time Choir members spend time to enjoy the sound of music. _A. ' P ' CHOIR MEMBERS. Front row: September Kolander, Shelly Smith, Jerryann Studder, Ctieryl Clover, Flora Howard, De- nae Drake, Debbie Shieets, Joeletta Anderson, and Stiar- leen Mize, Row two: Lynda Layton, Stielia White, Doris Delp, Dana Beckman, Doris Hemdon, lltamae McBroom, Sheri Stometta, Dawn Hemdon and Cathy Briggs. Row three: Linda Cost, Dennise Alexander, Shannon Asher, Cherry Hawkes, Ginger Hensly, Shea Garvin, Collen Ross, Lisa Jasso, and Naomi McBroom, Back row: Advisor Jim Howlett, Ron Lee, Patrick Rosengren, Jerry Denham, Randy Foley and Dean Rape. A SONG OF FRIENDSHIP. Seniors Ron Lee and Patrick Ro- sengren perform a duet during class time so that they con exercise their vocal cords. Singers hear La Traviata Although the Choral Club was in- volved in some typical fund-raising ac- tivities like their taco tosses, the members wanted to earn the money so they could hear others sing. In October they boarded a bus bound for San Fran- cisco where they took in the San Fran- cisco Opera Company ' s version of the Italian Opera La Traviata. " There was everything but dancing in the aisles on the way down, " said Senior Ron Lee, a two year member of the club. Mr. Howlett, the eleven year advisor to the club, commented, " Although this year ' s club was fairly large, the number of experienced students was limited. " Still, he seemed pleased with the efforts of the group. Choral • 171 WORKING 9 to 5. As distributing day nears, junior Yuri Makino stays late to tinisti the paper. WHISTLE WHILE YOU WORK. While pasting up an issue, Laurie Durand smiles at her work, EARTH CALLING MIKE. The sometimes monoto- nous job of writing copy seems to have lulled Mike Passof into a different world. 172 Ukiahilite Proud writers spread news Attending the Journalism Convention in Fresno in October, the Ukiahilite staff won fourth place. While there they at- tended various v orkshops dealing with subjects fronn lead writing to photogra- phy. An evoluotion of the paper led to a new name plate and an informational news brief box. The staff was led by editors Marjorie Stevens, first semester, and Yoshi Mak- ino, second semester. They along with advisor Pat Wilson make sure the various editors and staff members fulfilled their obligations. The staff mode sure the final paste-up pages were ready to be sent to the Ukioh Daily Journal for printing. Later in the year, the staff received the opportunity to attend the Regional Jour- nalism Education Association Conven- tion in Phoenix. First semester editor Marjorie Stevens said, " Ukiah High should be proud to be the home of such a great newspaper. " GOOD STUFF, MAYNARD. Enjoying a break from the tough jobs endured by the Hllite staff, Lynn Enemoi eats her favorite ice cream, SNIP, SNIP, SNIP. Second semester editor-in-chief Yoshi Makino clips negatives for a future issue. » f «vi Ukiahilite at 73 MAYO funds scholarships The Mexican American Youtli Organi- zation welconnes all races, creeds and colors. Their most important goal is to achieve large funds so the club can provide wo scholarships to any gradu- ates who are capable of furthering their education. The types of fund raisers inlcude their cmual dinner, and other traditional fund raisers like bake sales, and car washes. This year ' s officers were President Ro- ger Melendrez, Vice-President Lupe Gonzales, Secretary Anna Gonzales and Treasurer Juan Alvarez. RAZA UNIDA PARA SIEMPRE (JOINED TO- GETHER ALWAYS). Carlos Gonzales, Adella, Lupe Gonzales, Anna Gonzales, and Roger Me- lendrez some officers and other members come together for a club candid. MAYO MEMBERS. Front row: Adella Melendrez Lupe Gonzales, Elodia Lopez, Camille Astorga and Becky Carillo, Row two: Laura Ayon, Christy Griljalvo, Ana Enclnas, Jesus Mendoza, and Ja- vier Ceja. Row ttiree: Ms. Sharon Crone, Anna Gonzales, Alex Ayon, and Ana Carillo. Back row: Roger Melendrez Carlos Gonzales, Jesse Lopez, Diego Alvarez and Chris Lopez. Not pictured: Juan Alvarez, George Casteneda, Angelina Coppell, Jorge Lopez, Martha Lopez, Sera Mora, Pearl Moreno, Javier Rodriguez. Rogelio Rodri- guez, Mary Roberts, Yolanda Rojas, Lucina Lopez, Griselda Vega, Ramon Vega, Salvador Rojas, Martin Ochoay Oyostristes and Simon Ese. 174 • MAYO . ' • ' %u CAUGHT ON ALL FOURS. Mayo members strike an unusual pose, during Homecoming week. AMERICAN INDIAN YOUTH CLUB MEMBERS. Ju lie Vedolla, Deanna Smith, Venus Hoaglen and Julie Hendrix. Row Two: Rachiel Hansen, Sabrina Wtiicker, Raylene Shepard, Amy Trouette and Ad- visor Barbara Feliz. Row three: Advisor Mr, Ernie Merrifield, Ctiris Ttiomas, Teresa Horn, Hank Brenard and Jenny Taggert. Back row: Dean Mit- ctiel, Fred Hendrix, Steve Gonzalez and Clinton Grant, Not pictured: Kathleen Knight, Mike Brit- ton, Tammy Ramos, Mark Silvo, Michelle Camp- bell, Fred Mealy, Rhonda Higgins, Joe Idica, Melinda Hunter, Jon Paul Delapo, Cecila Esquivel, David Delapo, Jill Dunsing, Brain Mitchel, Donny Villagomes, Sherine Brown and Advisor Bill Motts- son. AIY • 175 From 9 to 5 The Commercial Club is an organized group of business students thiat helps prepare students for the modem busi- ness world. To be in the club a student must have at least one business class. The group participates in many community events such as the canned food drive. Salva- tion Army bell ringing at Christmas, Ca- reer Day, March of Dimes, and thei r annual Fashion Shovj. They raised funds by selling candy from October until December, held a bake sale in March and a car wash in May. Club officers this year were Kathy Warren, president; Dina Luchessi, vice president; Debbi Stanley, secretary; and Tami Moyer, treasurer. Tami Moyer and Nick Norton were the Homecoming candidates. " Commercial Club accomplishes many different events in the community and in the school by supporting local charities, " said Lisa Testa, " We also help to broaden the image of the business world for high school students. " ASTUTE AND READY TO LEARN. Junior Brad Chick seems very interested in learning at a Stu- dent Council meeting. CSF. Front row: Brady Nadell. Janet Hartley, Jolie Anderson, Yuri Makino, Teresa Wtiittier, Andra Cook, Maria Vorgas, Alison Holzhauser, Frances Vasilopoulos, Jenny Toggart and Danelle McDer- mott. Row two: Hon Mun Lee. Chiuck Green, Yostii Makino, Janis Ranta, Flora Howard, Glenna Louie, Kristin, Kristin Valente and Kay Clarke, Row ttiree: Mark Eldridge. Gretctien Maurer, Jeff Bennett. Brad Chick, Kathleen Montgomery, Miles Gordon, Kris Laurie, Michelle Johnston, Valerie Ricetti Amanda Henrie and Kate Albrecht. Row four: Bronwen Boynton, Erin King. John Slootweg, Wil- liam Vasilopoulos, Dena Finn, Julie Lincoln, Jamie Menzmer, Lnyy Enemark, Tiffany Graeber and El- len Strong. Back row: Bill Baugh. Kris Snyder, Verba Wright, Debi DeChaine, Donnie Strickland, Rick Shippey, Elizabeth Watkins. Keith Wills, Scott Duncan, Ron Ferrer and Tracy Ford. 176 • CSF, Commercial Club FROM RICHES TO RAGS. Advisor Debbie John- son shows her support by displaying dress-up spirit during Homecoming, HOURS SEEM LIKE MINUTES. Senior Gienna Louie, secretary of Student Council, takes notes at a meeting. V . • • • « jt ' Wf , COMMERCIAL CLUB. Front row: Julie Fol ey, Jen- nifer McKee, Michelle Collins, Danielle Ombaun, Lisa Testa, Tami Moyer, Advisor Debbie Johnson, Stephanie Saegert, Frankie Pinnell and Debbie Stanley. Row two: Tina Nissen, Lynette Pearson, Tracy Erickson, Frances Vasilopoulos, Pom Speers, Wendy Thawherboy, Linda Layton, Renee Willis and Debbie Chinn. Row three: Dina Lucchesi, Leanna Jarvis, Marci Davis, Flora Howard, Carol Bruchler, Angela Starbock, Theodora Vasilo- poulos, Christine Lyie, and Christy Duncun. Back row: Stacy Madrazo, Heidi McCallum, Courtney DeSalvatore, Mia Sutten, Susan Davidson, Elaina Peterson, Tammy Martin, Michelle Wallis, Amy Burgess, Tanya Flint and Patti Hake. CSF, Commercial Club •177 DECA, Spanish pack bags This year DECA members were " on their toes. " They attended many confer- ences, such as the State Delegate Con- ference which was held in Oxnard on February 10 and the Career District Con- ference held here at Ukiah. Mr. Titen was very proud of his mem- bers for a job well done in selling goods from candy to novelty gifts and keeping the club active. Improving their knowledge of the Spanish language, Spanish and His- panic culture and having fun while do- ing it were the goals of the Spanish Club. During the winter the club, along with their advisor Robert Taylor, went on a ski trip to the Tahoe area. Other activities Included a trip to a Santa Rosa Mexican restaurant, cooking Mexican dinners for the club and a drawing which was to be held later in the school year, This year officers were Yuri Makino, president; Jamie Menzmer, secretary; and Ken Spurlock, treasurer. WHADDAYA MEAN, I DON ' T DO WORK HERE? Advisor Hal Titen tal es a sl ort breal while rear- ranging his classroom. WORKING HARD AGAIN. Junior Janyce Settera gets back to work as she recuperates from the summer. SPANISH CLUB. Front row: Julie Lincoln, Yuri Makino and Yoshi Makino. Row two: Elizabeth Watkins, Lynn Enemark and Janis Ranta. Row tliree: Kelly Vogel, Jamie Menzmer and Clinton Grant, Back row: Miles Gordon, Greg McCord, Chris Wood and Missy Condos. Not pictured: Bronwen Boynton, Jim Casey, Paul Denna, Dena Finn, Geoff Howard. Tim Kesslering, Tanya Kessler, Marc Kirby, Aimee Kircher, Kris Laurie, John Leih, Jenny LeTomear, Nicky LeTournear, Kim Mohn, Shellie Neal, Elena Palacio, Creedence Perkins. Christy Poole, Catherine Puckering, Jennifer Puser, Ken Spurlock, Pam Telschow and Amy Vidmar 178 •DECA, Spanish Club SILENCE IS GOLDEN. Junior honor student Yuri Makino gets in o little reading after sctiool. DECA CLUB. Front row: Michelle Waggoner, Cathy Johnson, Nadine Gupta, Tammy Nelson and Advisor Hal Titen. Row two: Melissa Hill, Cheryl Dare, Jami Holcomb, Patricia Hayes and Sharleen Mize, Row three: Julie Vedolla, Noelle Mayhew, Staria Link, Robin Rape, Dana Beck- man, Josie Mata, Tracy Erickson and Richard Doskam. Back row: Jason Bums, Raymond Kerr, Karen Scalf, Alana Schoonover, Chrissy Bogner, Leanna Jarvis and Thomas Hernandez. Not pic- tured: Melody Hill, Jeanne McManus, Dion Beck- man, Tina Hass, Jim Kennon, Shelly Hill, Tracy Larkin, Nancy Incerti, Dawn Payne, Kelly Monroe, Janyce Sattera, Elizabeth Hamburg, Kim Nesmith, Elaina Peterson, Ladonna Gibney, Linda Lewis and Marilyn Ivanovich. MORNING DAZE. Marie Bams takes some time out to relax her mind as she stares away from class work. DECA, Spanish Club 179 Future Farmers weather bunch rot Like most folks in agriculture, FFA members worried near grape i arvest time. The weather was unseasonably wet, and bunch rot was a major con- cern. FFA was lucky, however. With team effort they salvaged most of the crop and sold it to Fetzer Vineyards. One of the largest and most active clubs on campus, FFA kept its members active in public speaking, committee work and conferences. They received a great deal of support from the adminis- tration, parents, individual ranchers and the agriculture advisory committee. FFA MEMBERS. Front row: Kim Taylor, Debbie Tut- tle, Kelly Iverson, Robin Moore and Jennie Tuttle, How two: Angela Tilley, Roannie Weagont, Julie Elkins, Erin Ruddick and Christy Seuferer. Row three: Mike Brazil, Tammy Martin, Cassie Tanning, Missy Condos and Lisa Logan, Row four: Megan Bectitel, Laurall Haas, Carrie Dipman and Theresa Christe. Row five: Shawn Raukes, Marcus Mard and Paul Larramendy, Back row: Russel Sallee, Jimmy Lozano, Steve Moore and Matt Barker, 180 •FFA ky " ■ a LEADERS STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE. Front row: Debbie Tuftle, Brian White, Lisa Sciocchetti and PIGS IN SPACE LAND ON EARTH. Raising a pig Robin Moore. Back row: Kim Taylor and Jennie ' or fair time is a lot of work, but Cassie Taaning Tuttle, doesn ' t seem to mind. FFA«181 BLOCK U. Front row: Nancy King, Kathie Scott, Tanya Kessler, Advisor Biil Bajnemeyer, Jamie Menzmer, Katherine Huey and Tonya Erickson. Row two: Mary Zaina, Kristi Dailegge, Pamela Teishow, Lisa Jordon, and Chuck Green. Row ttiree: Amy Butcher, Dina Lucchesi, Magnus Chroisty and Tammy Martin. Row four: Brendan Jones, Joey Bartolomei, Ken Spurlock, and Kyle Kircher, Row five: Jeff Bennett, Erich Kroeger, Erik Coursey and Brad Chick. Back row: Tim Kesseiring. FHA. Front row: Advisor Betty Bov les, Maryanne Favoiara, Regina Linden- burger, Michelle Philips and Diana Bums. Back row: Lisa Peoples, Bar- bara Berry, Cherly Hasslock and Kathy Snyder. 182 • Block U, FHA •«23s VICA. Front row: Dirk Dooley, James Saxon, Kathy Johnson and Beth Brown. Row two: Jesse Reynolds, Mike Silva, Chris Holden and Paul Trenholm. Back row: Cory Everett, Advisor Charles Roberts and Joe Dietrick. FRENCH CLUB. Front row: David Rickard. David Schnapp, Lisa Wheeler, Andrea Cook, Advisor Kent Porter, Chuck Green, Kristi Dallegge, Theodora Vasilopoulos and Davi n Butcher, Row two: Ntamae McBroom, April Vincent. Eric DeChaine, Merille Parsons, Diane Keplinger, Trina Huey, Nancy Incerti, Mickey Mc- Caow an and Kris Snyder. Row ttiree: Ken Gentry, Bill Baugh, Mike Harpe, Sarah Ginsky, Debi DeChaine, Jenny Steufen, Cathy Dailey and Naomi McBroom. Back row: Howard Hayes, Debbie Johnson, Alison Holzhauer, Erin King, Aaron Niderost, Steve Rust, Kris Snyder and Marjorie Stevens. VICA, French Club •183 Band beats the streets UHS musicians marched onto the field in football season under new drum ma- jor Tony Zunino to take us through a year of sports and marching competition. Fri- day night after Friday night, band mem- bers, clad in new uniforms, performed half-time shows to the delight of many audiences. Long practices under the guidance of their director, Rowland Nielsen, paid off in sweet benefits as the marchers took many prizes in band reviews. With in- creasing skill they continued to entertain audiences throughout the year in con- certs. All of this painstaking work was leading them to the event of the year: Canada. As the trip grew closer, the excitement showed in the energy that poured out of the band is everything they did, from practicing to fund raising. All of us will remember the special touch of class they added to our activities all year long. BEACH BUMMIN ' . Band member Scott Gradin takes some time to do what tie likes best, relaxing. I.D. UNIT. Front row: Yvonne Shierman, Lisa Butterfield and Lori Bohim. Back row. Carolle Langton, Carmella Le Tour- neau, Tina Matocin and Cindy Adorns. CRIPPLED CROWD. Tammy Oman, Joy Buzzard and Teresa Remstedt stand idly by to watcti ttieir friends prepare to march. 184 •Band • Ifl PAINTING THE TOWN. Foreign ex change student Magnus Chroisty gets a tour of Santo Cnjz from Adrienne Et- ter. BARITONE. Tom Hogland, TUBAS. Peiter Leas and Tony Zunino. TRUMPETS. Front row. Bobby Del- gado, John Dodds, Sheri Ferguson, Mike Miller and Sean Giberson. Back row. Steve Stangland, Tracy Ford, Crolg Anderson, Greg Lewis and Joe Hook, Band 185 SAXOPHONES. Jack Gouber, Warren Ward, John Curzon, Scott Gradin, Axel Anderfiolm, Kevin Mc- Farlane. Bob Beltrami, Tammy Oman and Mike Watkins. -- jM .)k S FRENCH HORNS. Bob Blanctiard, Lorenzo Torres, Merrilee Parsons and Matt Maurer. MAKING TIME FLY. Bond trips are a lot of work but as Derrik Neilson and Ken Bell demonstrate they can also be a lot of fun. BASS CLARINETS. Darren Weiden, Tammy Ben- net, Adrienne Etter, and Debbie Johnson. 186 •Band ■ " T AHENTION!. The Ukiah High Marching Band, led by Drum Major Tony Zunino, ore ready to step off and present their award winning sound power. WE DID IT!. Proud Drum Major Tony Zunino holds up the band ' s hard earned trophy after winning Grand Sweep- stakes in the Concord Band Review, TALL FLAGS. Cherie Gore, Krista Eisbrenner, Christine Lyie, Rhonda Ramsey, Moria Zimbicki, Jennifer Teal, Sonja Puleo and Michelle Bergner. Band •IS? FLUTES. Christine Brakebill, Kathy Bradshaw, Vicky Miskill. Sue Paton, Amy Curran, Tracy Desroches, Laurie French, Kate Albrecht, Elicio Hammond, Wendy Purcell, Sarah Young, Theresa Remstedt, Amy Trouette, Teresa Howland and Tina Burris. DOING THEIR THING. The Tall Flag girls perform their com- petition routine during a rally. CLARINETS. Julie Wilson, Lisa Finch, Barbara Beard, Denise Barron, Chris Clibum, Hank Belliston, Kevin Spears, Kathy Bax- ter, Michelle Johnston, Nancy Dellett, Patti Quinliven, Venus Hogland, Dede Kelley and Mary Ellen Freese. SALUTE! Drum Major, Tall Flag captains, and l,D, Unit cap- tains, salute the host band at the Concord parade. 188 •Band PIER . . . ?. Band members spend all day long playing at Pier 39 after working hard on ttieir busy schedule. TROMBONES. Derrick Nielsen, Rob Hile, Les Moore, Dan Ripke, Ken Bell, Valerie Ricetti and Paul Denna. PERCUSSION. Brad Hallman, Tom Carkin, Rob Mercado, Lome Hennigan, Colton Cambell, Ron Haydon, Tori McPher- son and Paul Budrow. WE DID IT! Lisa Butterfleld and Carolle Langton are over- joyed at winning Music Sweepstakes at Santa Cruz. Band •ISP Academics • Academics Academics • Academics 190 • Academics Academics • Academics Academics • Academics Academics • 191 Dr. James Spence Principal Mrs. Evelyn Broaddus Assistant Principal Instruction Mr. Chet Hardin Assistant Principal Discipline IT ' S LIKE THIS. Assistant Principal Charley Meyers discusses attendance witti Mr. Deering and Mrs. Bartolomei. IT MERELY STATES. Mrs. Broaddus gets ttie low down on how the job is done from Dr. Spence. Mr. Chiarley Meyers Assistant Principal Counseling, Scheduling and Attendance Mrs. Pat Gein Head of ROP Program 192 • Administration Working from the outside in " A school that looks this good on the outside has to be just as good on the inside, " said one parent. This kind of comment was music to the ears of the administration, who have been work- ing to better both the campus and cur- riculum, But with higher expectations came some doubts. Mr. Meyers, a na- tive Ukiahan and a graduate of the old high school, said " I never thought I ' d see the day when a new stadium would be built at Ukiah High. " Well, the day has come, and the new Ukiah Hiah Stadium has been completed. Many new traditions were added to our school. The credits required for graduation were raised from 210 to 230; WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges] judged our new school for the first time; and the career center installed an Apple II E computer to help students. Ukiah High School worked to require its students to take more academic courses. All graduates after 1984 must have 230 credits. This requirement leaves little room for student error. For the first time at the new high school WASC evaluated us. They wanted to encourage school improve- ment through a process of continuous self-study and evaluation and make a judgement about how well the school was doing what it claimed to be do- ing. They gave their commendations and recommendations to the staff, stu- dents and communitv. The career center installed an Apple II E computer to help students prepare for the future. The computer has many discs to help students: a career search disc, a college scan disc, a financial aid disc, and a vocational school disc. In addition, the career center planned to update all of the books for junior col- leges, state colleges and universities. MAKING FRIENDS. Mr, Hardin admires Pott! Telestrom ' s spirit during Homecoming week. Administration • 193 B " Sl l B7lf ' ' ' ' f H J Kx ' iAH ft ' ' 1 B L Joyce Banker Principal ' s Secretary Theresa Bartolomei Counseling Office Carmon Brittain Asst, Principal ' s Secretary Carole Day Asst, Principal ' s Secretary Barbara Feliz Title IV Coordinator Pearlene Hernandez Bilingual Secretary BartDora King Registrar Mary Lindley Attendance Office Barbara McLean Attendance Office Ellie Nagel Student Activities Nancy Smitti Career Center Coordinator Shirley Valentini Asst. Principal ' s Secretary 194 • Secretaries " NOW, SHIRLEY, DO IT RIGHT THIS TIME. " Mary Lindley ex- plains the program to Shirley Valentini for the " Sixtieth " time, THAT ' S RIGHT, ROOM H-6. Shirley Valentini goes through the regular routine of giving keys and Scan-Tron sheets to a substi- tute teacher, BONY FINGERS. Working her fingers to the bone, Theresa Bar- tolomei goes through the attendance sheets day after day. PLEASE HOLD. Substitute switch board operator Carole Day shows that she can handle " odd " jobs. Secretaries • 195 Once counselors, now called deans Dean Deering? Dean Selim? Dean Richardson? Dean? According to the administration this is the new name for those who were formerly coun- seiors. The district office created the new name and the change in job descrip- tion to " provide a broader base for applicants " and describe their job more accurately. Some people on campus, however, including a few deans, wondered if the new title would make them seem more like disciplinarians than helpers. Most stu- dents seemed unaware of the change and continued to call their counselors (uh, deans] counselors. Along with the title change came two other changes. Assistant princi- pal Charley Myers assumed the du- ties of directing the deans, duties formerly performed by Mrs. Rita Hayden. Also, Ms. Olga Nevarez, our newest dean, came to UHS from Win- ters and said she was happy about the move. The students were happy to see her, especially since she was bilingual and friendly. NEW DEAN HARD AT WORK. Olga Nevarez works hard to make sure her seniors are on their way to a better future. ENDLESS WORK. The continual job of comfort- ing concerned parents keeps Dean Selim on her toes. 196 • Deans THAT WAS THE PUNCH LINE? Mr Richardson takes time out from counseling to joke around witti a passing student, SEARCH CONTINUES. Dean Gawel and Dean Richardson look for a lost paper among the ajins of an office. Francine Selim Dean Deans • 197 198 • District Board DEEP IN THOUGHT. While an important matter is being discussed at a board meeting, Joe Di Geronimo, Don DeMartini and Jack Daniels take a moment to ttiink it over, BUSY AS BEES. George Gustafson and Gregory Nelson discuss an important matter at a board meeting. District Board 199 Friends offer help to friends Going through an early midlife crisis? Now you can see your own peer coun- selor. This year a new program was intro- duced to Ukiah High, called Peer Conseling. Even though peer counsel- ing started last year with the help of Mac McKennley and Francine Selim, there was only one peer counselor left from the original three. Rick Phillips, Pot Wilson, Francine Selim and Bob Boltuch devised a plan to revitalize the pro- gram. The first step was to explain the pro- gram to students through class talks. As a result of these talks, over 250 students signed up to be interviewed as peer counselors. Since the response from the student body was much more enthusias- tic than expected, teachers were asked to narrow down the lists. Only eighty were scheduled for interviews; thirty-five went through the three day training. Peer counseling is a system of students helping other students get through tough times, such as problems at home, school, work, boyfriends or girlfriends, friends, drugs, alcohol, and suicide. There are four ways peer counseling will work: regular counseling (friends talking to friends). Target counseling [one to one], a new student orientation and academic tutoring. Jerry Aikman Mark Albrecht Ray Alexander Bob Bender Sid Bishop P.E. Annual English Wood shop Auto shop Math Gordon Bourke Computer 200 • Peer Counseling IZ H WORKING DILIGENTLY. Art Wotruba tests his problem solving skills at a peer counseling meet- ing. PEER COUNSELORS. Ttioughi small in size Ms group is big at heart, ADVISING THE ADVISOR. While going over the first Peer Counseling agenda, first year advisor Rick Phillips helps out Mendo-Youth project director Bob Boltuch to prepare for the first meet- ing. SCRIBBLE, SCRIBBLE, SCRIBBLE. Andrea Cook, Rob Quillen and Laurie Debler hurry to finish an assignment during a peer counseling meeting. Betty Bowles Young Adult Tom Bov les Ag. Science Don Britfingham Histoiv Forestry Peer Counseling • 201 Diane William Ardis Campbell Dale Carter Tom Carter Gary Covender John Brunemeyer Brunemeyer Leadership English Geograpliy Drama English Math Biology Chocholak P.E, History Auto Jerry Cook Biology CalCrabill Sharon Crane Dorothy Croghan Hal Curtis Cecilia DeMartini Math Spanish Typing English Spanish ESL 202 • Teachers ' w i James Wanda DuBose Barbara Duke Chris Egnew Marvin Elder Ron Ford Stephen Geiger Denham Reading Nursing Learning Center Math Reading English Special Math Biology Education Curtis Williann Gorton Dick Hamilton Jennifer Harris Bill Heath Glasscock History Art Health Science English Math Pat Hildebrand Jim Hewlett Young Drafting Math Parent Clothing QUESTION-ANSWER PERIOD. Mr Kubran jokes while answering a question from Doug Teach. TABLES TURNED ON PHOTOGRAPHERS. Mr Kuck and a student photographer examine a proof sheet. Teachers • 203 Steve Jackson Debbie Johnson Steve Johnson Emil Kafrouni ArleenKeefe John Kramer Bill Kubran Ath. Trainer Typing Math Reading Acc. Bus. Math Spanish Computers Science Health George Kuck Pat Larkin Photography Computers James Larson Nadjak Larson Gary Macomber Gail Marshik Bill Mattsson Moth P.E. Metal Shop Reading Soc. Reading lab stud. " COACH " JOHNSON GETS FIRED UP. Sopho more class advisor Mrs, Debbie Johnson looks more lil e a coach as she tells Verba Wright her strategy for winning the relay 204 • Teachers Terry McKeon Ernie Merrifield Rita Meyer Reading English Eriglish Reading English Helene Miller Randy Moehnke Maralyn Moore Charia Neilson English Math Sp eech Therapy P.E. Drivers ' Ed. Rowland Neilson Band Jim Owen Welding Rick Phillips Opportunity Class Kent Porter Les Ridgway Charles Roberts Garry Schoen French Food Service Construction English JUST STROLLING ALONG. Mr Ford and Mrs Moore cosually push their way through the crowd to admire the Homecoming floats and candi- dates, FRESHMEN SHOCK UKIAH HIGH. At the Winter Festival rally the freshmen shocked not only Dr. Spence and Mr, Wi Ison but the rest of the school by dominating the relay races. Teachers • 205 Ed Schweitzer RonSelim Dennis Smart Al Snarski Charles Stevens Robert Taylor P.E. History Geography P.E. Typing Off. Mach. Spanish 206 • Teachers iSi ' ' —■ifl J 1 Future nurses help the helpless The Student Nursing Program, under the direction of Barbara Duke, trains ju- niors and seniors interested in a nursing career to care for people of all ages with physical problems ranging from the minor to the critical. The class is a mean- ingful learning experience. It teaches the importance of cooper- ation with classmates because it takes a lot of responsibility to accomplish nurs- ing tasks and there isn ' t any room for bad feelings. Student nurses learn everything from making a bed " hospital-style " to caring for a person who is completely helpless. The course requires a great deal of time and concern. A student does everything that the experienced LVN ' s and RN ' s do except for giving injections and distri- buting medication. Duties range from bathing, shaving and brushing the patients ' teeth, clean- ing the unit (room], making beds, help- ing with use of the commode, bed pans and urinals and taking the patients ' vital signs. Students are also responsibile for DEAD OR ALIVE. The nurses do a demonstration on an " undead " patient during a class period. CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS. The nurses tal e pride in their appearance. Kelli Iverson puts the finishing touches on her shoes. walking patients and encouraging them to do things they don ' t want to do. The students ' sole responsibility is to care for the patients and make them as com- fortable as possible, no matter what condition they may be in. This has to be done with the best of ability without get- ting too involved. Students in the program spend three days a week in acute hospitals, such as Ukiah Community, and convalescent hospitals like Ukiah Convalescent and Driftwood, and study in the classroom two days a week after completing the course, they take a state board exam, If they pass, they become Certified Nurs- ing Assistants with certificates and pins and are qualified for jobs at any hospi- tal. Graduate Franke Pinnell said, " I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in nursing because at the same time you ' re getting school credits, you are learning a skill that will be useful for the rest of your life. " HEART AND SOUL. The nursing program teaches not only the basic skills but more advanced skills too. Diane Proctor and Jill Masterson demonstrate their skills. NOT THAT, NO. Uncooperative patient Dani Om- baun gives nurse-to-be Lisa Sciochetti a chance to test herself. Harold Titen Dick VanWyhe Pat Wilson Vivian Wren ROP Retail Mdse. Health Chemistry Journalism Psych Nurse Nanette Sanchez Cheerleader Adv. Teachers 207 DEDICATION. Custodians Dan Loughry and Ken Morgan take a break from their busy schieduie for a quick photo. GOTCHA. Olga Huddleston nabs freshman Del Fross while cutting class. WHAT ' S IN YOUR LIP? Campus supervisors Shar- ron Betherds, Reta Carmicheal, and Olga Hud- dleston help keep organization on the campus. SETTING UP. As opening night of the musical draws closer head custodian Burt Cohen super- vises preparation. 208 • Support Services fei Having a job as a custodian is often dirty, usually hard and sometimes inter- esting. The custodians here constantly walk around cleaning things up. Thanks to them we can see what makes our campus one of the most beautiful in northern California. The cafeteria workers take pride in their work, knowing that the student body ' s nutrition is in their hands. They not only make food for all of us, but also Ukiah High ' s backbone? prepare the food for the elementary schools in the area. The Wildcat Den, with it ' s quiet, simple atmosphere, is an added feature that is incomparable. The campus supervisors help to en- force school rules and keep our campus a peaceful place. The supervisors all en- joy kids very much; and as a symbol of their feelings, some of them wear " I V KIDS " buttons. FOOD SERVICE. Cafeteria workers at Ukiah High. THE FEW, THE PROUD . . . Wildcat Den workers and advisor Les Ridgway show their pride with their smiles. Support Services • 209 Curt Knight President mbW ©if 0@(q] Chumh David Myatl Vice President Chns Terklesen Treasurer Margaret Lewis Secretary Kim Jackson Public Relations Lehman and Lois Myatt Pastor Youth officers having a good time! Gregg and Beverly Wiegel Associate Pastor Don and Lona Knight Youth Sponsors 210 • Ads Mary and Howard Jackson Youth Sponsors Gregg Beverly Wiegel, and Geoffrey Youth Pastor Leroy and Bea Terklesen Youth Sponsors " We would like to congratulate the class of ' 84 in their achievements and invite all the youth of our community to come be a part of our Gang! " Dale and Mary Hinshaw Youth Sponsors ' ' V 485-7301 STEAK HOUSE , -J, Our Specialty — " " •i t? Juicy steaks and - ' ». Barbequed dinners Broiled in our Oakwood Pit ' ! % Finest restourant ' and cocktail lounge in Mendocino ' County! Congratulations to the Class of ' 84 open every day 4-11, Sun. 3-11. 400 Uva Dr. Redwood Valley 7 mi. north of Ukioh Turn on Uva or School Way and follow signs. Timber Realization Company EESl WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1984 FROM @ P.O. Box 97, Calpella, CA 95418 JCPenney Congratulations to the Class of 1984! 205 N. Orchard Avenue 468-5415 Ads •211 CHUCK SANDERS SHOP 462-970a oanaers olecfric, Jnc. Electrccau Work of All Types LICENSE 385156 920 WaUGH 1_ANE UKIAH. CA BSABZ PHONE (707) 468-1481 ANNIE FRANKLIN TAX SERVICE 775 SOUTH STATE STREET UKIAH, CALIFORNIA 95482 BOOKKEEPING CXJR PIZZA IS THE BEST IN REDWOOD VALLEY JIM ' S PIZZA • PICA • CHICKEN • RIBS • BURGERS . SPAGHEHI • TACOS BEER WINE OP€N 7 DAYS BREAKFAST FROM 6 A.M. ORDERS TO GO 485-0667 6951 EAST RD. REDWOOD VLY Quality Service 8t Products Major Muffler Tail Pipes EXPERT BRAKEWORK TUNEUPS WILLIAM W. (BILL) FLOYD Owner Operator 777 So. State St. Ukiah, CA 95482 Telephone (707) 462-9644 FnRm BURenu n uRnncG PEOPLE WHO CARE . . . SERVING YOU WITH PRIDE! LIFE — HEALTH — AUTO — LIABILITY — FIRE Diane Mackinnon Bill Mohn James E. Burton Star Roberts 303 B Talmage Rd. 462-6606 70V 462-3847 SCHULER ' S SURPLUS SALES SLEEPING BAGS - JACKETS HARDWARE - CLOTHING - SPORTING GOODS WM. ALEXANDER CATHERINE ALEXANDER Owners BA So. State St. UKIAH. CA 95483 r Home (707) 485-7557 Bus. (707)485-8417 BLACKLOCK ' S FURNITURE at BARGAIN LANE N 7 miles north of UKIAH, on 101 Highway Jerry Blacklock, Proprietor New Used Furniture 9001 Highway 101, Redwood Valley, Ca. 95470 V J 212 • Ads r UKIAH SAW SHOP COMPUCTK SHARPKNINO SCXVICCS POI Al.l_ YOUR NEBDS 722 South State Pete Bushby. Don Johnson Ukiah.Ca 95482 Owners DFl.l EXPRESS Hf I K A VMN( ON A Of I- SAI ( • K I I I IN t Of Ml I S ( Hf h t 468-TOGO 72HA SOUTH STA TE STHtLT STAN RYNKARSON BARnAUA SOl ' .A UKIAH, CALIFORNIA (707) 485-54S7 CLASr:, COMMERCIAL - RESIDENTIAL " iit,o Glass SiJtcij.isL Cdrousel Industrial Pari. GARY CONNELL, owner 3903 N Stale St - Bidg 18-B License No i ' S ' MSB Bus: 462-1717 Res: 462-8947 2350 No. Stale St. P.O. Box 1405 Ukiah. CA 95482 AUTO • TRUCK SALES MICHAEL SLAUGHTER Sales Manager V»S AGRICULTURAL SERVICES J V CONSULTING • SOIL, WATER. TISSUE ANALYSIS • PEST MANAGEMENT FERTILIZER SALES • EQUIPMENT RENTAL • FARM CONSTRUCTION P.O. BOX 246 TALMAGE.CA 95481 (707)468-9277 A r MENDO-LAKE OmCE PRODUCTS 205 South State St. UKIAH. CA 9S4ea PmONE 707 -462-8786 MARTIN ' S ELECTRIC MOTOR SERVICE (707)463-1800 Motor Repair and Rewinding Al ' rnator and Starter Rebuilding Electric Tool Repair Authorized Sale Service Center Onan, Kohler. Winco. General 920C Waugh Lane Ukiah. CA Ads • 213 PORTLOCK HARDWARE Lmbr Bldg Matis Congratulations to the class of " 84 " 955 N. State Clkiah UKIAH AUTO PARTS Premium Quality Auto Parts Accessories 462-2918 1 15 S. State Street, Ukiah, CA 95482 Plenty of parking in rear. AARON COMPTON. Tax Service CoMPUEiTE Income Tax and bookkeeping SERVICE Modern In-House computer 737-A S. STATE ST. UKIAH. CA 954aa MARGE COMPTON 0 NEH (70V) 462-0100 205 South State St. Ukiah. CA. 95482 Phone (707) 462-8786 MENDO-LAKE Office Products f}= Hong IKKong Resfauranl Chinese Ameriain Cunches IDinners The only Chinese restaurant in Ukiah with a cook ' s diploma issued by the Cooking Institute o( Hong Kong. You are welcome to taste our Chinese dishes. our certificate is always ready for your inspection Thank you! Herri IVinc Smrd Zake-Out Or das Jrce Parkhi ' j Open daily 11 am- 10pm 462-9316 765 !«. Stalf St. Ikiah , J l " .». - ' . ' " .UT " UKIAH SAW SHOP COMPI.rrK SHARPCNINO SOWICES FOR AU. VOUR NKBDS 722 SOUTH STATK UKIAH. CA SB aa (707) 4eS-S3e9 p. A A. BU8HBY. OWNCRS Sales — Service — Parts EQUIPMENT CO. 5 Saws — Mowers — Tillers ,|C.w Tractors — Pumps — Generators AVl ! y 1 198 N. State, Ukiah 462-6626 214 • Ads ! -1-«4ft Ql AIJTY Nni ' and I sed Parts ir Accessories CONSIGNMENT SALES FREEDOM CYCLES (707) 61-1299 OWNER BILL NASH 751 SO STATE ST UKIAH CA 9S482 it C Cushioned Insole Shoes fm ' Open Thursday Night Til 9PM 1 0 . SBICCA California Styled For The Young And Young At Heart vrsA 1 V ' Bringing Fashion To A Uniform World 101 S.SchoulSt. % 462-3166 Congratulations to the Class of 1984 nWUK3i 10 OM-Tpai SUNDAY 1 303 N. STATE ST., UKIAH D G AUTOMOTIVE DONALD F. WILES GARY L. WILES 61S Talmaoe RD. UKIAH. CA 9S4e2 462-101 1 DELI EXPRESS BtfR4»l K • )N»Off ' i lf • HIT 1 INF Of Mt TS 4 fHFKStS 468-TOGO 72SA SOUTH STA TE STREET STAN RYNEARSON BARBAR SOL ' ZA POWER TOOL A B M ' e . A OIVItlOM or FINANCIAL MANAOCHCNT SC VIC» JAMESD. SHUPE, JR. GENERAL MANAGER P BOX 518 • UKIAH CA 95482 • 707 463-1306 I — 7 SONSHINE I Iglabs . .. STAINED GLASS eSt. • Supplies Ukiah,C A 951 82 •Lessons 468-5601 ' Custom Work ' Gifts Ads • 215 Mendo — Lake Honda — Isuzu Congratulates Ukiah High ' s Debbi Stanley and the Class of " 84 " ISUZU 4x4 ©AHM Honda CjvicCRX 468-9215 1400 Hastings Road Ukiah off Talmage, behind Best Western 216 • Ads PHONE (707) 468-1481 ANNIE FRANKLIN TAX SERVICE 775 SOUTH STATE STREET UKIAH, CALIFORNIA 95482 BOOKKEEPING Jiijnn s Mair Janiasy Hair Styling for Men. Women a Children NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY WED. a THURS. EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY ZOZ N. STATE ST. UKIAH. CA 95 82 707-.462-2003 LIVINGSTONS DISCOUNT TOOLS was .so much older then. I ' m younger than that now. Dylan 1280 North Stale Street Uktah. California 95482 (707) 462-7343 ...YOUB KITCHEN VJI Itiiiri Why wait for your dream kitchen? KAGELIN KABINETS 263-0133 6-2 SODA BAY RD. P.O. BOX 1427 LAKEPORT 95453 XBALr, DEREK G. ROSS m Manager Associate — Insurance Broker 695 l-B East Road MLS P.O. Box 425 Redwood Valley, CA 95470 Bus: (707) 485-7607 RES: (707) 485-7067 Ed Knotts ' General Store MORB THAN EVER ARE SHOPPING AT. 741 Highway 175 Hopland -44-10( 6 Ads • 217 6101 NO. STATE CALPELLA.CA 95416 (707)485-8021 1037 SO. MAIN WILLITS.CA 95490 (707)459-4140 LINDBERG LUMBER CO. LUMBER • BLDG. MATERIAL • TRUE VALUE PLW OOD • ELECTRICAL • PLUMBING BILLNEESE V Congratulations, Graduate! See all our cards and gifts for graduation giving! MARY ' S STORE HOURS 10-6 DAILY 10-9 THURS. 12-4 SUNDAY PU THEE SHOPPING CENTER OntuiK 21 LES RYAN REALTY n 495A E. Perkins Street Ukiah (707) 468-0423 Mendocino County Farm Supply Co. 303 Talmage Road Ukiah, California 462-1492 Foster ' s Tire Service NEW TIRES - RECAPPING - ROAD SERVICE OFF ROAD TIRE SERVICE - FARM TIRE SERVICE § B. F. GOODRICH 462-8644 SALES SERVICE 970 N. State Street UKIAH, CALIFORNIA 218 • Ads j - INDUSTRIAL ELECTRIC SERVICE CO Afcjia Crescent City AndersOfi Ukan Congratulations, Lynn and the rest of the class of ' 84. LEE ENEMARK BOOK SELLER 536 E PERKINS UKiAH, CA 95482 07) 462-3577 WINE CELLARS iSB ' sw ' Mendocino County Wines Congratulations To The Class Of " 84 " 501PARDUCCI ROAD. UKIAH. Ca 95482 • (707)462-3828 RedvNood Valley Faim Supply for all your feeds livestock needs pet garden supplies .too Nick Ellyn Stark 485-8750 667 Road A Hwy, 20 East Rd, TOWN COUNTRY MARKET Congratulations To The Class of " 84 " 1691 Talmage Road Ikiah, CA 95482 462-4033 A r Congratulations to the class of 1984 Complete Automotive Service 4 Repair Talmage Rd Ukiah 462-3 093 Phone 707 462-7511 UKIAH ( DRUG Registered Pharmacists On Duty At All Times JOHN KEEFE Registered Pharmacist Manager 107 SOUTH state ST UKIAH. CALIF 95482 Ads • 219 763-B SOUTH STATE ST. UKIAH. CA 95482 (707) 462-2677 " r SPECIALIZING IN Men and Women ' s Haircuts m m r RANDY PACHECO Owner lJk Bearing C ear Co. 1068 North State St.. Ukiah. CA 9S482 TRUCK PARTS BUS. (707) .468-0291 ROD NIESEN AjOTOR SALES ROD NIESEN. Owner VJE. BUY. SELL. OR TRADE ANY MAKE OR MODEL CAR OR TRUCK 1 100 N. STATE ST. UKIAH. CA 95482 BUS. (707I 462-7895 RES. (707) 462-8319 StanJinq Ouations Fashions at Applaudable Prices 367 North State Street Ukiah, California 95482 (707) 462-8262 Ralph Linda Strong Pioneer Furniture Congratulation.s To The Class Of " 84 " 245 E. Stanley St. Ukiah Ca. 220 • Ads " " ViH AUTO SUPPLY CO ihm Congratulations To The Class Of " 84 " RETAIL - WHOLESALE AUTO (DOMESTIC IMPORT) ■ TRUCK AND TRACTOR PARTS AND SUPPLIES VISA " QUALITY and SERVICE SINCE 1932 " 2 LOCATIONS IN UKIAH TO SERVE YOU 462-4795 468-0246 375 S. MAIN 1400 LOVERS LANE HRS: 8-5:30 MON THRU FRI 8-5 SATURDAY ' ' WE HELP KEEP AMERICA MOVING " Ads • 221 r KUBOTH VVc rc looking lor work I I CHARLIE HALE WAYNE GUELLETTE UkJah Ford Tractor 950 Waugh Lane Uklah. Calif. 95482 BUS: (707) 462-1427 RES: (707) 462-7361 Mendocino Animal Hospital 1851 South State Street Ukiah, California 95482 (707) 462-8833 Sara F. Rice V.M.D. Katv, L. Sommers D.V.M. Fresh Meat Quality Produce Liquor Beer Wines SUPERMARKET Open Daily 9-9 Sunday 10-7 Speedy Check Out — Friendly Service i :... " BLUE BIRD CAFE Bill KstluT Tiaina l.illO Highway 101 lloplancl. C.A »r 149 (707)744-1065 Established 1936 Corner of School Smith P.O. Box 90 Ukiah. CA 95482 (707) 462-3730 222 • Ads « ■ ' ««5i! Mac Nab ' s Men ' s Wear 111 N. STATE ST. UKIAH, CA. 95482 707 -462-2767 JOHN MAC NAB SANDY MAC NAB BILL MAC NAB PAT PATTERSON •HAYES ' MUSIC •RK " ORPS« TAPts LARGE SELECTION OF ROCK COUNTRY JAZZ CLASSICAL iPi «i custms I iuc« HEIIIS luai ItfIS ucissoins ASK ABOUT OUR MUSIC CLUB BUY 10 GET 1 FREE 462-3739 200SO STATt UKIAH DOWNTOWN Congratulations To The Class Of " 84 " REDWOOD VALLEY SHOPPING CENTER Grocery Meat — Deli — Gas Redwood Vallev, CA 95470 Savings Bank OF Mf:N[X)CIN() COUiN TV Congratulations To The Class Of " 84 " r ROBERT LEUSCHNER Manager MIRACLE AUTO PAINTING AND BODY REPAIR 3907 No. Stale Street. BIdg. No. 6 Ukiah, California 95482 (707) 485-0338 • ENGINE OVERHAULS • TUNEUPS • ETC. BILL SILVA ' S AUTO REPAIR (7G7) 485-0496 BILL SILVA OWNER 3907 N. STATE ST. 7 B UKIAH. CA 95482 y V Ads • 223 DORSEY ' S AUTO REPAIR » BODY SHOP SERVING " AH SINCE 1 5 ' ' Congratulation s to Melissa Morton and to the Class of 1984! FOREIGN noMESTIC AUTOS « TftUCKS • TUNE-UPS • ENGINE OVERHAULS • BRAKES SHOCKS • SERVICE REPAIRS • ELECTRICAL WORK ninier chatg V7S4 (® COMPLETE BODY SHOP ESTIMATES INSURANCE WORK AAA 24 HOUR TOWINO 1211 N. State ST. UKIAH BODY SHOP 46ii-2231 2-4 HR. TowiNO Bob Dorsey. Sr. OV NttH MANAOCR Towing 462-6273 AUTO REPAIR 468-5505 224 • Ads Construction Foreman, Ernie Wipf MATTERN SAND GRAVEL " A READY MIX CONCRETE EQUIPMENT RENTAL GENERAL ENGINERING CONTRACTORS 951 TALMAGE RO. UKIAH, CA 954Ba a A NER — RICH MATTERM OFFICE t7Q7) «46S-B7 »1 HOME CTOT) »6S-5364 PORTLOCK HARD A ARE Lumber Building Materials 955 N. State 462-6603 oiA nypdri; SWIMMING, SKIING. TENNIS TEAM GENERAL SPORTSWEAR EQUIPMENT SUSAN MIKE SPENCER 180 S SCHOOL ST UKIAH, CA 95482 707-462-1 If ddin JBOUr SHOP Congratulations Patti Hake From Barb Steue 195 Gobbi Street • Ukiah, California 95482 (707) 468-0902 Ads • 225 WILDBERGER ' S Home Delivery Pleasing Prices on Fresh Produce and Fine Foods 120W. Standle " 462-29«8 ■ qpCW ENGRAVING • TROPHIES • GIFTS HOT STAMPING • PLASTIC ENGRAVING 280 S STATE ST UKIAH CA SS4a2 (7071 4880710 =«aA M= €hE luorg Palace PIANO ORGAN Sales • Rentals • Service • Instruction Three free piano lessons to any Ukiah High School student if this ad is mentioned! ! 462-8863 Hours: AAon.-Sat. 10:00-5:00 462-TUNE 203 S. State Street. Ukrdh r WILDBERGER ' S Pleasing prices on fresh produce and fine food. HOME DELIVERY!! 120 W. Standley 462-2988 468-1278 630 Kmgi Ct. ?08, LMioh In Orchord Ploia Office Pofk kSind King ' i Office Suppltet po ORCHARD V AQUARIUM Aquatic Peti Fre»h Salt Wotw Fiifi Aquariums Supplies Pets Supplies Birds MONfB 10-6 SAT 10-5 SUN 12-4 llano VINEYARDS WINERY 14594 South Highway 101 • Hopland, California 95449 (707) 744-1396 Levis, Wranglers Custom Belts TKLCFVOn a071 4«a-347T ( ' i , , t 1 ■ ISM MOKTs fTATi •■mrrTR l i 226 • Ads THE SUPERETTE Mfiil inai ' kt-t and Deli 6199 N. State St, Calpella [MH L ' I z m HFfigldaire • AhoDSJCOSi. • MAYIAG 1204 North State Street ■ Ukiah, CA. 95482 (707)462-7525 ATLAS TRUCK PARTS PARTS ♦ SERVICE REPAIRS SP(CI LIZINC IN THE RtPAtfl 1 SCRVICC Of CLASS B CMESCL TRUCKS INCLU04NC PETERSILT KENWORTH rR(»CHTLIN€R ETC AUTHOniZtO DtJkLtHS fOR ■ CUMWIMt • ANCHORLO ' WOULD •CSTOS 485-7644 ' TELEPHONE (7071 Aea-iSAe GUNTER SMAILUS. DOS. Congratulations to the Class 1 984! Yokayo Shopping Center, Ukiah ESI=PxlT REMEMBER Your valid student body card is worth a 10% discount on all regular priced 1 1 Fashionable Women ' s Apparel " Complete Bridal Salon Tier Corner Perkins State St. 468-0231 JULIO PARDINI DAVE BOOKOUT ¥a[Uz Ji u LUz vodxij Watcnti, J.t.wtl u gifu. dLocL sUU V39-C South State Street UKIAH. CA 9S4e2 462-d636 BEAUTIFUL THINGS 125 NORTH STATE STRfET UKIAH, CAIIFORNIA 9S 82 TONI ONORI • PROPRIflOR 707 462.9600 Ads • 227 COMPANY For Making Roads For People To Travel Just Head On Down To Ford Gravel V James E. Ford P.O. Box 746 900 Talmage Road (707) 462-5251 228 • Ads FTeN FOWLER MOTORS PONTIAC y SALES k LEASIN6 PAr.TS k SERVICE USED CARS « TRUCKS DAILY RENTALS 468-0101 M ha M (■) K mi 1850 N. State Sinwt, Dldoi, I — — 1. 462-1 toyL model PHILIP JENKINS • Stor6 Manager 1 69 Orchard Plaza - Ukiah, CA 95482 - (707)462-2979 r Bridal Gift Registry Congratulations and best wishes from all of us at Kinney ' s as you begin the fun, adventure, and prepa- ration for life after graduation! If your plans include getting married soon, we would like to invite you to use our helpful service for brides and grooms, " The Bridal Registry. " Do come in! A record will be made of your gift preferences and the gifts you already have in your hope chest, so there will be no duplications in the selection of gifts for you. This thoughtfulness on your part will be appreci- ated by friends and family. Discover the com- plimentary gifts and discounts for all registering cou- ples. IClnney ' 6 Comer of Standley Downtown Ukiah, Ca. FREE GIFT WRAP DELIVERY COMPUMENTAi, . G:FT FOB REGISTERING iXnJPLES DON BAARSCH KEN KING AIRPORJ AXMO, SALES INC. 1290 SOUTH STATE ST. UKIAH, CA 95482 (707) 463-0423 ' T E5ni=fci L J " JjemqaVAuxiA Where Everybody Saves Congratulations to the graduating class of 1 9B4 Best wishes for another outstanding year to all Ukiah High students. Ads • 229 t- USED CARS Buy • Sell • Trade 175 WABASH ST (across Ifom the airport) (oil S SiaieSi ) P O Box 1237 UKIAH CA 95482 (707) 468-5635 Dot Al Vic ' s Place Best wishes to the class of 1 334! B501 East Rd. Redwood Valley 4B5-S422 680 So. State St. UkiahXA. 462-6591 FOR SO MANY THINGS YOU BUY! CONGRA TULA TIONS CLASS OF 1984! 230 • Ads Vi Do De Trucking Loyal Stanley Roll-off Soaciall Job-ttte delivery PUC CALT 115-737 (707)744-1325 Hopland.CA ls.1 Kfbo20 3Rrstauritnt Aub 2 ortillas JFactnry COprii Sam. - Spm. Clllsr Iflrbiirsftaus ISlll . :§ ' tatc :§t. llkiali. IL ' A y3I82 yiuiiic (niri 162-8101 MEXICAN T4 Sarco ' s MODEO ' DAY FACTORY OUTLET m NAME BRANDS FOR LESS AT SABCO MON-SAT 10-6 SUNDAYS 12-5 Free parking in front of store! Sarco ILPINE car audio systems ® THE JWUSie HUT Congratulates Angela Starback and the class of 1984! Ads • 231 Meet the freshest, best-tasting pizza in f 4: town. Its generously topped with just-picked vegetables, fine natural cheeses and the leanest meats, baked on a fresh-rolled crust. Definitely, a pizza with a fresh viewpoint! HminbTiible Pizza Restaurants 160 W. Stephenson St. Ukiah 462-8866 TEWAY TO LAKE fSfENDOClNO RESTAURANT- LOUNGE GENERAL STORE 1 5 North SlaU ' Street k aM.CA 954tt? STEVE BOGAR- {IOT 485-8630 Kefitmirant ji ttu Mexican fieataurant 463-1330 1631 f o. fbmt f . IBkiali. Ola. 954B2 XEROX is LOCAL Authorized Xerox Sales Agent XEROX. .. 7,=S9S ml)i Sial.-. V1.u. i Rentals • Lease • Financing Supplies for Copiers and Memory writers Big 5 Drive-in Congratulations to John Curzon Good Luck to The Class of 1984! 13600 Mountain House Rd. HoplancICA ih c ia o f c c f ' l( 7( c(f ■ ' i l - ' oc u (U t Ac fo t nr ; a v .i z r-wr-y cr u n nt( ( -s fn o ■i ) ) ' a .y .)■ cirr. Ii Y foaf () foc u ' ou i ( )( ' • fA. (i n nc { ' (irooo i . lie t( )f cr c ( ' yew ■ ) ) )r ( W c ■ic ioo a u (wreyca oo ! . M ? . . . { oa r: . u oc ' li y . IJci nnycr 232 • Ads " tV » Aaron, Lori 59, V » ft Abernathay, Duane Acevedo, lorge 76 Acevedo, Roberto 88 Adams. Cindy 59. 64 Adams, Jennifer 80, 88 Adams, Jennifer 76 Agullar. Paul 88 Ail man, Adam 98, 1 3 1 Ail .man, Jerry 155,200 Aiti en, Gary Aitken, Kelly 76 Akerstrom, Berndt 98 Albrecht, Kate 76, 1 20, 1 Albrecht. Mark 200 Alexander, Ray 200 Alexander, Renee 59. 64 Alleman, Bobby 98 Allen, Angle 76 Allen, Arlond 76 Allen, Danny II Allen, Dewi 74 ' Allen, Gary 2 1 Allen, Jenny 76 Allen, )im 74 Allen. Jon 76 Allen. Lynda 59, 64 Allen, Terry 88, 98 Alpers, Mike87 Alvarez. Diego 87 AKarez,|uan 21 Amersfoort, Karia 2 1 Amersfoort, Richard Ames, Albert 59, 64 Anderholm, Axel 59. 64 Andersen. John 88. 98 Anderson, Craig 76 Anderson. Darrell 76 Anderson. Don 87 Anderson. John Anderson. Joletta Anderson, Jolie 2 1 Anderson, Robert 76 Andrade. Ronald 76 tAnnis. Doug 88 Annis. Yolanda 76 Antoni. Keri 76. 107 Anzilotti. Alex 59. 64 Anzilotti, Anna 88 Apple, Rana 98 Aranas, Sean 21, 127 Argali, Angle 2 1 Argall, Troy 98 Armanino. Tony 76 155 21 150. Arnald. Betty 98 Arneson, Brian 1 3. 88, 1 3 1 . 1 55 Arreguin. Margie 98 Arsfoort. Richard 74 Arroyo, Robert 76 Asher, Shannon 2 1 Astorga, Camille 87 Ault. Audrey 59. 64 Ayon. Alejandra 87 Ayon, Jeremie Ayon, Laura 88 -f Ayon, Stephanie 59, 64 Azbil, Marilyn 87 Azevedo. Todd 88 B Baarsch, Brian 2 1 Baarsch. Donnette 76 Baarsch, Robin 59. 64 Baarsch. Timothy 88 Babcock. Matt 59, 64 Baggett. Michael 74 Banker. Joyce 194 Banta, Matt 59, 64 Banzhaf, Brian 76 Barajas. Elfrego 88 Barber, Tonia 77 Barker, Matt 2 1 Barnard. Kristi 88 Barnes, Annie 77 Barnes, David 2 1 . 127 Barnes. Lori 88 Barnes, Marie 59, 64 Barnett, Julie 2 1 Barney, Laure 98 Barerra, Charles 2 1 Barringer, Tony 2 1 Barron, Denise 59, 64 Bartholf, Roddy 98 Bartolomei, Carrie I 56 Bartolomei. Joey 59, 64, 121, 125. 127. 158 Bartolomei. Theresa 192. 194. 195 Bastion, Miranda Bastion, Randi 88 Baugh, Bill 77 Baughman, Anthony 59, 64 Baughn, Corey 88 Baxter, Kathleen 2 1 Baz2:ani, Laura 88 Beam. Mike 12.74, 107, 127 Beard, Barbara Beaumont. Darcie 88 Bechtel, Megan 77 Bechtel, Paul 59, 64 Bechtol. Brian 89 Beck. Ernie 98 Beckmann, Dana 2 1 Beckmann, Dion Bednar, Michele Bednar, Ric 2 1 Belden, Kim 59, 64, 106 Bell, Ken 77, 155 Bellach. Glen 60. 65 Belliston, Hank60, 65 Beltrami, Bob 13,21.33,48 Benard. Michelle 98 Bench, Anna 87 Bender. Bob 200 Bennan. Deanna Bennett. Aileen Bennett. Charlotte 65 Bennett, Clint 77 Bennett, Dan 2 1 . 1 58 Bennett. David 98 Bennett, Doug 2 1 Bennett, Jeff 1 2. 60, 64. 65, 125, I 27. 158 Bennett. Sean 60. 65, 127 Bennett, Tamara 22 Benoy. Richard 77. 129. 156 Benson, Christy 77 Berens. Samantha 77 Berganciano. Kathy 77, 87 Bergera, Michaele 60, 65 Berry. Barbara 74 Beriy,Kathy22,46 Bertozzi. Kristina Bertozzi, Tina 89 Bethards, Grover 22 Bethards. Bryan 77 Bewley, Phillip Bishop. Sid 200 Bivin, Dudley 77 Bivin,WiiUe22 Bjorkquist. Adam 77. 1 56 Blake. Adam 60, 65 Blake. Heather 60. 65 Blaker, Bill77 Blanchard, Robert 77 Blocher,Allle22, 121 Blomeyer, David 77 Boatwright, Bill77, 129 Boek, Liesha77, 156 Boek,Todd77 Boesel, Gerald 77 Bogner, Chrissy 22 Bohannon, Dawn 22 Bohm, Laurie 87 Bolton. Diana 77 Boltuch. Bob201 Borday, Samantha 60, 65 Bottani,Marc22 Index • 233 Boucher, Keith 89 Bourke, C hristine 77 Bouri e, Gordon 200 Bowers. Lori 60, 65 Bowles, Betty 201 Bowles, Tom 20 1 Boyd, Aileen 89. 1 56 Boyd. Charles 77 Boynton, Bronwen 77 Boynton, Phil 20 1 Bradbury, Leisa 60, 65 Bradshaw, Kathy 77. 87. 142 Brady, Heather Brakebill. Christine 77 Brandes, Russell 87 Brannan, Darren 98 Brassfleld,Doyal22 Brayman, Deanne 87 Brazil, Mike 77 Brenard, George 74 Brennan, Darren Brennan, Deanna 89 Brenner, Michelle 77, 87 Breschini, Sarah 89 Brewen, Heather 89 Brewster, Darren 77, 1 56 Briggs. Becki 74 Briggs, Cathy 89 Briggs, Dan 98 Brigham. Brooke 89 Brittain, Carnnen 1 94 Brittingham. Don201 Britton. Joseph 98 Broaddus, Evelyn 1 92 Brockrog, Jeffery 60, 65 Brodsky,Tom201 Brooks, Larry 74, 1 27 Brooks. Sheila 201 Brouwer, Erik 22, 1 19 Brown. Beth 77 Brown, Carmen 22 Brown. Chris 1 29. 1 55, 1 56, 1 98 Brown, Dino 22. 1 25, 1 26, 1 27 Brown, Elizabeth 87 Brown, Gerald Brown, jerry 89 Brown, )im 77 Brown, |odi 22 Brown, Kirt 77 Brown, Melissa 60, 65, 89 Brown, Michael Brown, Ric 89 Brown, Scotty 1 3 1 , 1 98 Brown, Bill 77, 129 Bruchler, Carole 22 Bruchler, |ohn 77 Brunemeyer, Bill 1 50. 202 Brunemeyer. Diane 202 Buck, Jason 77, 89 Budrow. Paul 89 Bullard,Ann77 Bunting, Amy 89 Burger, Lori 22 Burke, Amy 74 Burke, Richard 77 Burleson, Brian 60, 65 Burns, James 77 Burns, Jason 74 Burreil, Brian 74 Burrell, Brooks 74 Burris.Tina60, 65 Burton, Lori 22 Bush, Charles 22 Bush. Jason Butcher, Amy 22, 1 40, 1 4 1 Butcher, Dawn 98 Butler, Sarah 22 Butler, Steven 87 Butterfieid, Lisa60, 65 Buttenvorth, Christine 60, 65, 107 Buzzard, Joy 77 Buzzard. Kelly 60, 65 Byers, Matt 77 Byers, Voelinda 77 c Cadogan. Scott 60. 65 Cake, Chris 60, 65, 1 56 Cake, Claire 89 Caldera, Phillip 77, 155 Callahan, Richard 89 Campbell, Ardis 202, 204 Campbell, Colton 22, 1 27, 1 56 Campbell, Michelle 23 Cantrell, Denice Cape, Scott 23 Cape, Sherri 89 .- Capps. Tracy 89 Caravetta, Charles 87 Cardenas, Benjamin 78 Carey. Richard 87 Carfi, Staci 89. 99, 1 52 Carkin, Tom Carlile, Bobby 89 Carlile, Kenneth 23 Carlson, Marci 78 Carnahan, Sean 60, 65. 1 29 Carpenter. Kathryn 89 Carpenter, Laura 78 Carr, Chris Carr, Marty 23 Carrillo, Ana 23 Carrillo, Becky 74 166 Carte. James Dean 60. 65 Carter, Dale 202 Carter, Ginger Carter, james 89, 131 Carter, Tom 202 Case, johnny 60, 65 Case. Lisa 89 Casey, James 23 Cash, Curt 1 3, 89 Cassells, Bobby 78, 1 29 Castenada, George 89 Castillo, Richard 23 Castleman, Christina 74 Castleman, Tim 87 Caudillo. Robert 78, 129, 147 Cavender, Byron 89 Cavender, Gary 202 Cavender, Jason 23 Cedarholm,Jeff23 Cedarholm, Mike Brian Ceja, Jesus 89 Center, Dawn 89 Chaconas, Toni 98 Chadwick, Ray 1 47 Chamberlain, Aaron 89 Chan, Dennis 23 Chandler, Bonnie 23 Chang, Bruce 1 66 Chapman, Richard 98, 1 3 1 Chappell, Angelina 74 Chase, Landon 78, 129. 147. Chase. Lome 89, 1 55 Chase, Renee 24 Cheatham, Laura 89 Chewning, Jeff 74 Chiang, Bruce 60, 65 Chaing, Michael 78, 166 Chick, Brad 1 2. 60. 65. 1 07, 1 27. 1 58 Chilton. Diana 60, 65 Chinn, Dawna 78 Chinn, Debbie 24 Chocholak, John 202 Christensen, Brent 1 3 1 , 89 Christensen, David 24, 1 1 1 Christensen, Darin 78 Christensen, Jeriann 89 Christensen, Lance 87 Christensen, William 89 Christie, Teresa 24 Chrolsty, Magnus 24, 127, 132 Chu,Hueill78 Cinquinl. Tony 89, 1 55, 1 56 Clampitt, Craig 24 Clampitt, Neal 78 Clare. Robert 74 Clark. Ken 1 29. 202 Clark. Kim 89 Clark, Mike 78. 1 29, 1 56. 204 166 234 • Index HH ■ " ' B 56 Clark, Sean Clarke, Eric 74. 127 Clarke, Kay 24 Claunch, Cheryl 24 demons, Anne 78 demons. Matt 60, 65 Cliburn, Chris 78 Cloud, LaRee 24 Clowers, Roger 78 Colby, Audrey Cole, Alan 24 Cole. Estal 78, 147 Cole,)ohn60, 65 Coleman, Alex 98 Collerte. Shannon 78 Collins, Deanna Collins, MIchele 25 Colombini. Darin 60, 65, 1 58 Condos,andl25 Condos, Melissa 78 Conlulght,Maiy25 Conoly. Sheila 60, 65 Conrad, Corine 78 Conzelman, Gaiy 78 Conzelman, Kelii 78, 1 35, 1 52 Cook, Andrea 25, 140, 156,201 Cook, Jerry 202 Cook, John Cook, Lisa 60, 1 65 Cook, Thomas 78, 79, 1 56 Coon, Victoria 98 Cooper, Gary 98 Cornell, Genai 89 Comwell, Arthur Coronado, Jose 89 Cost. Angle 74 Cost, |ohn25 Costin,PhUllp25 Coursey, Erik 60, 64, 65 Coursey, Justin 131, 149, 189 Coursey, Linda 198 Crabil, Cal 202 Craig, Shelly 78 Crane, Sharon 202 Craver, Jason 89 Crawford, Charleena 78 Creekmore, Scott 89 Creel. Jeff 87, 129 1 Creel, Wayne 25 Crispin, Diana 74 Cristando, Blaine 90, 131 Croghan, Dorothy 202 Crumlne, Darin 25 Cruz, lorge 25 Cudiamat, Jerry 74, 1 56 Cumbow, Chris 25 Cummings, Kathy 87 Cunningham, Staci 90 I m Cupp, Chopper 78, 1 55 Curran, Amy 60, 65 Curran, Anne 90 Currie, Bradley 87 Currie, Brian 25 Curtis, Hal 202 Curzon, |ohn 25 f ' 0 V » UenI tL Er Den! D Dailey, Cathy 78, 142 Dallegge,|on25, 125, 127 Dallegge, Kristi 60. 65, 135 Dalton, Tori 26 Damian, Antonia 26, 90 Damian, Rosa 78 Dang, Huy Quoc Daniels, Jack 199 Dare. Cheryl 74 Daskam, Richard 60, 65, 74 Davenport, Matt 60, 65 Davenport, Pamela 78 Davidson, Michael Davidson, Susan 60, 65 Davis, Dana 78 Davis, Lsther 26 Davis, Katie 60, 65 Davis, Mandi 78 Davis, Marci 60, 65. 1 08 Davis, Mark 98 " 4 Davis, Michael 98 Davis, Michele 74 Dawe, Christopher 78 Day, Brenda 90 Day, Carole 194, 195 Debler, Julie 156 Deip, Doris 60 Debler, Laura 26, 20 1 ; DeChaine, Debbie 60, 65, 1 20, 1 2 1 DeChaine, Eric 90 Deckard,John 78 Deems, Jennifer 26 Deering, Lowell 192, 196 Defazio, Rodney 78 Dejong, Julia 90 Delapo, David 26 Delapo, Jon Paul 90, 131. 148 Delgado, Bobby 78 Delgado, Jessy 26 Delette, Donna 98 Dellett, Nancy 78 Delp, Doris 65 De Martini, Cecilia 202 De Martini, Don 1 99 Dement, Jeanette 90 Denham, Gerald 26, 1 2 1 f enham, James 203 Denham, jami 90 Denna, Paul 90 Denny, Doug 26, 48 Denny, Kristi 78 Derr, Charles 78 Derr, Nikki 98 Des Jardins, Jennifer 78 De Salvatore, Courtney 60, Desroches, Tracy 6 1 , 66 Devaliti, Vita 87 Devast. Lori 90 Devoist, Jonathan 78, 87 Devoist, Lori 135 Diaz, Bart 26 Dickens, Wendy 90 Dickson, Colleen 98 Dletrlck,|oe26, 127 Di Geronimo, Joe 199 Dipman, Carrie 74 Dipman, Scott 98, 1 48 DIsomma, Martin Dittus, Don 1 96 Dockins, Kendra 90 Dodds,john61,66 Dodson, Wayne 6 1 , 66 Doering, John 26 Dooley, Darin 78, 129 Dooley, Dirk61,66 Dorman, Norman 26 Dorman, Sean 78 Doster, Richard 90, ( 48 Doty, David 26 Dougherty, Julie 90 Dougherty, Marie 6 1 , 66 Drake, Denae 26, 1 40 Drennan, Doug 10, 76, 87 Drinnon, Susan 98 DuBose, Wanda 203 Ducey, Mary 79 Duke, Barbara 203 Duna, Brent 87, 190 Duna, MIndy 26, 48 Duncan, Scott Duncan, Jennifer 87 Duncan, Terri 79 Dunigan, Janet 87 Dunken, Matt 79 Dunlap, |lm 26, 1 58 Dunlavy, Christine 79 Dunn, Michail 61, 66 Dunn,Tasha98 Dunsing, Jill 79, 152 Durand, Laurie 74. 1 72 Dutro, Donovan 91 Duwe, Robert Dwight, Deborah 91 Dwyer, Connie 26 1 I I Index • 235 Dwyer, Stephanie 79, 1 56 Dye, Kim 9 1 Dye, Lin 87 Evitt, Christina 66 F E Eastlicl , Michele 9 1 Eaton, Mike 26, 1 58 Edgar, Randy 66 Egbert, Ricky 98 Egnew, Chris 203 Edison, Eric 66 Edison, Ruth 79 Edsali, Marissa91 Eichner, Harvey 26, 1 27, 1 55 Eichner, Scott 66, 127, 155 Eisbrenner, Krista 28 Elder, Marvin 203 Eldridge, Mark 79, 1 56 Eldridge, Nole 79 Elisaia, Nora 98 Elkins, Julie 66 Eliedge, Brian 98 Elledge, Denise 87 Eller,To ld28 Eller, Troy 66 Elliott, Marlin 66 Elliott, Renee 66 Elmer, Mike 98 Elmore, Mike 66, 126, 127 LIsberry, Brenda Emerton, Brian 79 Encinas, Ana 79 Lnemark, Lynn 28, 1 73, 2 1 9 Engle, Christine Engle, Tiffany 9 1 Engman, Steven Engstrom, Ingrid 66 Enright, Kelli91 Eppright, Chris 76, 79, 1 47, 1 66 Erickson, Gerald 98 Erickson, Tonya 66 Erickson, Tracy 66 Eschenbach, Allen 79 Espinola, Christopher 79, 98 Espinola, Joseph 74 Espuivel,Celia91,93 Estep, Michelle 91 Etter, Adrienne 66, 75 Evans, Amy 9 1 Evans, Debbie 74 Evans, Tami Evans, Traci 79 Everett, Cory 28 Fackrell, Charlotte 9 1 Facteau, Tracy 9 1 Fahey, Ray 74 Fairchild,Tabitha74 Falk, Abigail 91 Fane, Deanna 28 Farmer, Teresa 27, 28 Famsworth, Ken 9 1 Favaiora, Maryanne 66 Fay, Sharlene 66 Fecteau, Dennis Fecteau, Tracy Feeney, Erin 98 Feinman, Benjamin 66 Feliz, Barbara 1 94 Feliz, Karen 91 Feliz, Sheena 66 Ferguson, Jill 91 Ferguson, Sheri Lynn 28 Ferrer, Ronald 66, 1 66 Fessier, Chris Fessier, Ken Fessier, Mike 74 Fetzer, Linda 79 Fil lmore, |eff 79 Finch, |eff 91, 131 Finch, Lisa 79 Finley, Matt Finn, Dena 79 Finnegan.TIm 28 Fitch, Danette 66 Fleming, Robert 9 1 , 1 30, 1 3 1 Fleming, Tracee 28 Fletcher, David 91,131 Fletcher, Tom 79, 83. 1 29, 1 55 Florence, Mark 91 Fogelsanger, Crystal 87 Foley, Bonnie 66 Foley, Julie 28 Foley, Kathy 66 Foley, Randy 28 Ford,Ana28, 29 Ford, David 66 Ford, Guy 91 Ford, Kelly 28 Ford, Ron 203, 205 Ford, Tracy Foritz, Kelly 87 Forrester, Ann 9 1 Fort, Mike 28 Fort, Yvonne 79 Fortin, Marc 66 Foster, Steven 91 Foutz, Kelly Framke, Troy 28 Franklin, Ken 135 Freese, Diane 66 Freese, Mary Ellen 79 French, Laurie 79, 1 52 Freniere, James 91 Frey, John 66 Frey, Nathaniel 74 Frey, Sonja 98 Fross, Del 13,91, 106, 131 Fry, Joseph 98, 131 Fuentes, Efigenio 66 Fulks, Barbara 28 G Gabel, Robert 66 Galletti, Paige 79 Galletd, Warren 28, 44, 1 1 4, 1 58 Gandola, Jamie 80, 142, 143 Garbocci, Joe 74 Garcia, Lisa 80 ' Gardner, Aleta 98 Gardner, Chriece 80 Gardner, Chuck 87 Gardner, Clayton 28 Gardner, Shawntina Gardner, Tina 80 Gariaeff, Peter 74 Garner, Debbie 66 Gamer, Karen 66 Garner, Ricky Garvin, Shea 91 Garza, Adriana 80 Gaston, Maty Jo 91 Gawel,Glen 196, 197 Gaynor, Shawn 87 Gee, David 87 Gee, Jenny 74, 1 35 Geliring, Steve 1 0, 29, 46, 1 98 Geiger, Stephen 203 Gein, Pat 1 92 Gentry, Ken 80, 83. 129 Gentry, Van 131 Gherkin, David 98 Giberson, Ann Marie 66 Giberson, Teresa 98 Giberson, Timothy 66 Gibney, Ladonna 66, 1 56 Gibson, Kelley 91 Gibson, Leanna 80 Gibson, Paul 66 Gifford, Raymond 9 1 236 •Index hOM IBM " »W Gillen, Kim 80 Gllley, Kelly 29 Gilley. Teri 66, 1 40 Cinochio, Darren 80 Ginskey, Sarah 80 Giovannetti, Mike 9 1 Giumelli. Despina 66 Giuntoli, Robbie 66 Glasscock, Curtis 203 Glasscock, Lori 9 1 Glenn, Heather 98 Gong, Kenny 29 Gonzales. Carlos 9 1 Gonzales, Lourdes 29 Gonzales, Lupe 67 Gonzales, Maria 67 Gonzales, Steven 9 1 Goodes, Troy Gordon. Angle 67 Gordon, Keith 29, 1 27, 1 58 Gordon, Miles 76, 79. 80. 11 Gore, Cherie 80 Gorton, Williann 203 Gott, Patsy Gouber, jack 80. 1 28. 1 29 Gove, Jennifer 80 Gowan. David 9 1 Gowan, Simone 29 Gowan. Troy 80 Gradin, Scott 29, 47 Graber, Scott 67 Graeber, Tifany 80 Graham, Grady 67 Gramann, jaqueiine 91 Grandi. Shelly 87 Grant, Clinton 74 Grauman. Jacqueline 91 Gravelle. Gary 87 Gray. Jill 98 Grayson. Julie 80 Graziano. Joellie 91 Grazlano, Roxanne 29, 43 Green. Chuck 67. 133 Green, William 67 Griffin, Bret 29. 1 58 Griffin, James 67 Griffith, Robert 91 Grijalva, Christy 74 Grothe, Elaine 98 Grubaugh, Charies Gruenebaum, Agnes 80 Guevara. Sarah 9 1 Gulbransen. Jean 67 Gupta. Nadine 67 Gupta. Butch 80 Gustafson. George 1 98. 1 99 Gutierrez. Ignacio 80 Guzman. Margarita 80 H Haas. Bryan 80. 1 36 Haas, Laurale 29 Haas, Tina 67 Habgood, Mark91 Habgood, Mike 74 Haggerty, Michelle 67 Hahn, Erik67. 74 Hamey,Chris27.29 Haifley, Michelle 91 Hail,Shelbi91 Haines, Sally 67 Hake, Patty 29. 225 Hale, Brenda 87 Hale. Chris 67. 126, 127 Hall, Charies 67 Hall, Sheibi Hallman. Brad 67. 147 Halpin, Patricia 80 Hamburg. Elizabeth 74 Hamer, Regina 80 Hamilton, Caterina 91 Hamilton, Richard 203 Hamm, |ackie Hammond, Elicia 81 Hamrick, Tom 98 Hamson, Lisa Handy, Chad Hansen, |ulie Hansen, Rachel 30 Hanson, Lisa 30 Hanson, Lori 98 Hardin, Chet 192, 193 Harlan, Jill 9 1 Harmon, Shelly 30, 42 Harmon, Shawn 98, 1 48 Harmon, Shelly 30, 42 Harms, Gerald Harpe, Lauren 98 Harpe,Mike81 Harpe, Terrell 74, 91 Harper, Donny 91, 155 Harrington, Cindy Harris, Jeff 92, 131, 156 Harris, Jennifer 203 Harris, Michelle 30 Harris, Ralph 30 Harris, Stephanie 87 Harrison, Kim 67 Hartje, Karen 92 Hartley, Janet 81 Hartley, Pat 1 98 Hartlip, Jody 98 Hartman, Kari 81 Hartman, Veronica 92 Hartshorn, Bruce 92. 1 07. 1 09. I 1 5 130. 131. 148 Harvey. Samantha 98 Harwood. Ken 74 Hassler, Joanne 30 Hassler, Ken 92 Hasslock, Cheryl 67 Hasslock. Julie 81 Hatfield, Michael 98- Hausauer. Darcell 67 Hawkes, Brandy 92 Hawkes. Christy 81 Hawkes, Sheri 30 Hawksworth, Pricllla 30. 45 Hayden. Robert 1 98 Haydon. Billy 92 Haydon. Ronald 67 Hayes. Bruce 92 Hayes, Howard 30 Hayes, Lisa 8 1 , 138 Hayes, Patricia 30 Hayes, Robert 92. Hays, Jill 92. 156 Heady, Brenda 8 Heaiy, Fred 3 1 Heath. Bill 1 58, 1 59, 203 Heath, Chris 92, 1 3 1 Heath, Melissa 94 Hegenbart. Billy 81 Hegenbart. Gary 98 Hell, Robert 67 Hempsmyer, Don Hendrix, Fred 92 Hendrix. Julie 81 Hennigan, Lorrie 3 1 Henrie, Amanda 81. 1 42 Henry. Colleen 92 Hensley, Charies 3 1 . 98 Hensley. Ginger 67 Herden, Irene 81 Herden, Karie 67 Hernandez. Pearlene 194 Hernandez, Thomas 3 1 , 48 Herndon. Dawn 69 Herndon. Doris Herrera, Miguel 3 1 Heth.Mike Hewitt. Amy 87. 135 Hewitt, Matt 3 1.43, 107, 127 Hiatt. Robert 69 Hickson, Joe Higgi ns. Michelle 92 Higgins, Mike92, 148 Higgins, Rhonda 3 1 . 35. 44. 1 40. 141 High. Michael Hllbert, Tamara 3 1 Hildebrand. Neil 92. 131 165 Index • 237 158 Hildebrand, Pat 203 Hill, Craig 69, 127 Hill, Melissa 81 Hill. Melody 69 Hill, Rodney Earl 3 1 Hill, Sean 98 Hill, Shelly 81 Hill, Theresa 74 Hilton, |ohn 69, 125, 127 Hilton, Matthew 92 Hinkle, Karen 69, 1 56 Hoaglen. Venus 8 1 Hodges, Richard 98 Hoek, Keith 3 1 Hogland, Tom 69, 74 Holcomb, lami 3 1 Holden, Chris 3 1 Hoiderness, Patrick 3 1 Holgersen, Karen 3 1 Holliday, Alan Holmes, Susan 69 Holmes, Timothy 69 Holmes, Tonya 92 Holt, Kevin 3 1 Holzhauser, Alison 8 1 Hook, Bill 1 3 1 . 1 56 Hook, Joseph 81 Hook, Shawn 3 1 , 1 27. 1 55, 1 56 Hook. Tiffany 98 Hopper, Mike 69 Horn, Teresa 92 Horstman. Stanley 98 Hosterman, Dean 3 1 Hosterman, Michael 92 ' Hosterman. Pamela 8 1 Hove, Richard Howard, Andy 87 Howard, Flora 31,120 Howard, Geoff 3 1 . 46, 156 Howard. Robert 92 Howland, Teresa 69 Howlett,]im203 Hoyt, Son|a 3 1 Hubbard, Mia 92 Hudson, )im 92 Hudson, Mary 74 Huey, Dennis 198 Huey, Robin 69 Huey, Trina 69, 135 Huggett, Lisa 32 Hughey, Brian 32 Hugo, Mike 92, 148 Hulsmann, |ohn 32 Humphrey, Daron 92 Hunt, Amy 69 Hunt, Bradley 98 Hunt, Neil 92 Hunter, Maria 92 150 Hunter, Melinda 81, 152 Hunter, Ron 69, 1 58 Hurynowicz, Paulina 32 Hutto, Barbara 92 Hutchins, |ulie81 I ldica,|oe32 Imerone, Brenda32 Incerti, Nancy 87 Ingram, Bradley 92 inman, Bruce 32 Inong, Joseph 92 Inong, Mike 74 lnui,Yukiko32 Irvin, |im 69 Ivanovich, Marilyn 69 iverson, Kelly 32, 43, 207 lvey,Mike32 ) Jacinto, Carlos 98 [acinto, Carmen 81 jackness, Daniel 69 lackson. Amy Jackson, Kim 24, 32 Jackson. Sam 92, 131 |acson, Steve 204 lacobs, Angela 98 Jacobsen, jasen 98 jacobsen. Mette 69 lames, Julie 92 James, Kathy 32 Jaquay, Sonja 98 Jarvis, Leanna 69, 107 Jasso, Lisa 8 1 Jensen, Joel 74 Johnson, Annette 98 Johnson, Bill 1 56 Johnson, Cathy 81 Johnson, Debbie 204 Johnson, Debbie 81. 135 Johnson. Kirsten 69 Johnson, Nick 81 Johnson, Paul 81 Johnson, Steve 204 Johnson, Tiffany 32 Johnson, Valerie 32 Johnston, Michelle 8 1 Jones, Brendan 32, 33 Jones, Chris 69 Jones, James 92, 131 Jones, Kelly 69 Jones, Natalie 8 1 Jones, Stephanie 8 1 Jones, Todd 32 jordon, Lisa 69, 134, 135, 150 Joscelyn, Jay 98 Joscelyn. Jon 92 Jose, Staci Iudd,Adam92 Judd,Joe32, 38 Jutten, Kandis 32, 48 juszczak, Sherry 81 K Kaeser, jon 92 Kafrouni, Emil 204 Kajuyama, Keita Kaldveer, Kersti 92 Keefe, Arleen 204 Keenan, Jim 69 Kelly, Didi 69, 1 56 Kelley, Joseph 74 Kelley, Traci 92 Kelly, Christiaan 81, 156 Kelly. Sherry 92 Kendall, Bill 92 Kendall, Elizabeth 92 Kendall. Herbert 98 Kendall, Stephanie 98 Kennon, Jim Kephart, Michelle 93 Kephart, Stephanie 93 Keplinger, Diana 69, 74 Kern, Jeanette Kerr, Carrie 74 j Kerr, Raymond 69 Kerr, Rebecca 93 Kerr, V alter 98 Kerwood, Tracy 93 Kesey, Roy 80, 8 1 Kesselring, Janie 93, 135 Kesselring, Tim 69 Kessler, Ray 1 29 Kessler, Tanya 67, 150. 151 Keys, Ron 74 Keys, Suzanne 93 Keyser, David 69 Kile. James 93 King. Barbara 194 King. Dina87 King. Erin 81. 152 King. Jennifer 93. 152 King, Nancy 69, 135 238 • Index • ' -- ' vn King. Tommy 69 Kinney, janelle 81 Kinyoun,Staci32. 140 Kirby.Marc32 Kirby. Steven 8 1 Kircher. Aimee 81 Kircher, Kyle 69. 125, 127 Kirchmeir. Edward 74 Kirsch. Monica 93 Kitchen. Michael 98 Klaproth. Mark 1 55 Klee. Robert 74 Klemm. Martha 93 Kllck, Bob 33. 1 58. 1 59 Klick.Tim81 Kllngbell, Gaylene 33 Klyse. Kira 93 Knight. Curtis 27, 33, 45 Knight. Dan 74 Knight. Kathleen Knight, Mike 93 Knight, Tammy 93 Knipping, Carl 33 Knudsen, Scott 81 Koch. Karin 69 Kohler. Rebecca 93 Kolander. September 87 Kollenborn. Geraldine 81 Kramer, John 204 Kraus. Robin 81 Kroeger. Erich 12,69, 127, 156 Kubran, Bill 137,204 Kuck, George 203. 204 Kuck, Ila81 Kummert, Erik 93 L La Boube. Christina 87 Ladelle, Sandra 33 Laird. Stan 74 Land. Cindy 87 Land. David 69 Landheer, Eric 87 Langton, Carolle 69 Lanier, Mark 82. 87 Lanier, Michael Lanning. Tal 82 Larkln, Clyde 33. 127 Larkin. Elena 69 Larkin, Pat 204 Larkin, Tracy 82 Larramendy. Ann 87 Larramendy. Paul 87 Ursen, Kelly 33 Larson. Jim 127,204 Larson. Nadjah 204 Laster. Everett 69 Laswell, Laura 69 Laurie. Brain 69 Laurie. Kristin 93 Lauteren, Jim 69 Lavenduskey. Tammy 93 Lawrence, Carol 82 Lawrence, Duane 33 Laws. Jenifer 82 Lawson. Todd Layton. Linda 82 Leach. Rodney 93 Leas, Pieter69 Leas, Wendell 93. 156 Lee, Eddie 69 Lee, Greg 33. 82 Lee. HonMun82. 156 Lee, Ron 33, 47. 1 19 Leek, Barbara 69 Leffert. Greg 69 Leigh. John 69, 155 Lemmerz, Michael 93 Lemons, Charlie 69 Lende, Steven Lende, Tammie 98 Leonard, Lisa 33 Leone, Kevin 33 LeTourneau, Carmelia 69 LeTourneau, Jennifer 93 LeTourneau, Nicole 93 Lewis, Gregory Lewis, Linda 82 Lewis, Margaret 82 Lewis, Terri 34 Liberty, Colleen 34 Liberty, Patrick 69 Lincoln, Julie 93 Lincoln, Ronald 69 Lincoln, Roy 69 LIndenberger, Regina 34 Linderman, Michelle 93 Lindley, Mary i 94, 1 95 LIndsteadt, jerry 34 wL Lindsteadt, Terri Link, Staria 69 Lockie, Grant 69, 127 Logan, Lisa 87 Loney. William 98 Long. Bryan 82 Long. Lee 98 Looney. Tim 69 Lopes, Alexia 1 1 , 34 Lopez, Arturo 98 Lopez, Chris 82 Lopez, Connie 94 Lopez, Deanna 69 ] Lopez, Elodia69, 75 Lopez, George 82 Lopez, Jesse 82 Lopez. Jorge 82 Lopez. Martha 69 Lopez. Michelle 94 Loucks. Amy 82 Loucks. John 82 Louie, Glenna 34. 46 Love, Buzzle 34 Lowden, Bonnie 82 Lozano, |immy 34 Lucchesi, Dina 69, 1 07, 1 1 5. 1 57 Luran, David 74 Luther, Jason 69 Lyie, Christine 69 Lyie, Lori 82 Lyiy, Stephanie 69 Lynch, Alisa 82 Lynch, Diann 94, 1 07 Lynch, Steve 69 M Macdonald, jim 70 Mac Donald, Lonnie 34 Machen, Roger 34 Macias, Ignacio 74, 1 29 Mack, Michelle 82, 135 Mack. Richard 70 Macklln, Patricia 34 Mac Leitch, Aaron 94. 1 56 Mac Leitch, Larry 127 MacMillan, Graham 70 Macomber. Gary 204 MadiU,|eff34 Madrazo, Stacy 70 Mahan, Darin 34 Maine, Patricia 34 Maize, Andrea 70 Maize, Craig 82, 147 Maize, Darrell 70 Maklno,Yoshl34, 173 Makino, Yuri 64, 70, 136, 172 Maldonado, David 70 Maiek, Debra 70 Manning. Robert 70 Marsh, Sammie Marshal, Leann Marshik, Gail 204 Martin, Gary 98 Martin, John 34 Martin, Tami 82, 135, 152 Martin, William 98 Martinez, Rosa Maria 94 Martinez. Sergio 70 m M ' Ad Index • 239 Martinez, Veronica 98 Martyn, Greg 82 Mason, George 82 Mason, William 98 Masterson, |ill 68, 70, 207 Mata,)osie70 Matacin, Carol 98 Matacin, Tina 70 Mather, Midge 70 Mathews, Davette 94 Mattsson, Bill 204 Maurer, Cretchen 34, 42, 1 34, 1 35, 165 Maurer, Matt 82, 147 Maxson, Angela 94 Mayfield, Dede 23, 34, 48, 1 07 Mayfield, Susan 82 Mayhew, Noelle 34 McArdle, John McArdle, Matthew 34, 87 McBroom, lltamae 87 McBroom, Naomi 70 McCabe, Shannon 74 McCallum, Heidi 70 McCarter, Sherrie 94 McClure, Suezanne 94 McCoard, Holly 70 McCord, Greg 82 McCord, Pam 74 McCown, Connie McCoy, Al 74 McCoy, Karen 82 McCoy, Lisa 74 McCoy, Toni 94 McCuen, Chris 94, 148 McCutchion, Deborah 36 McDaniel, Karen 98 McDennott, Danelle 48, 36, 1 1 9 McFarlane, Kevin 70 McGee,|eff70 McGrath, David 94 McGrew, Michail 82 McGrew, Sean 82 McGuire, Richard 70 Mclnerney, Kevin 82, 1 46, 1 66 Mclntyre, Chris 70 McKee, Jennifer 94 McKell, Dawnette 94 McKeon, Terry 205 McKiernan, Eddy 94 McLean, Barbara 1 94 McLeod, Heather 94 McManus, Jeanne 70 McMichaei, Dan 36 McMichael, Teresa 82 McMullen, John94 McMurray, Robert 70 McPherson,Tori82 McQueary, David 87, 198 McQueary, Tim McQueen, Dan 82, 1 29 Meath, Melissa Meek, Honey 94 Meier, Brad 1 3 1 , 1 94 Melendrez,Adella82 Melendrez, Roger 36 Mendez, Luis 94, 1 32 Mendoza, Gloria 36 Mendoza, Irene 74 Mendoza, jesus 82 Mendoza, Ramon 70 Menzmer, Doug 82, 1 66 Menzmer, lamle 36, 138 Mercado, Robert 82 Mergner, Patrick 82, 1 29 Mergner, Diana 36 Merrifield, Ernie 205 Merrifield, Michelle 94 Mertle, Mike 82, 1 29 Meyer, Raymond Meyer, Rita 205 Meyers, Charley 1 92 Michaei, Elizabeth 36 Milani,Troy 36 Miles, Tracy 87 Miller, Caria 70 Miller, Chris 70 Miller, Clark 98 Miller, Collin 148, 166 Miller, Cy 70 Miller, George 94 Miller, Helene 205 Miller, Laurie 94, 1 39, 1 52 Miller, Michael 70 Miller, Shawn 95 Miller, Tim 95 Milovina, Mike 82, 1 66 Minton, Casey 98 Miranda, Bill 82 Miskill, Vicky 87 Mitchell, Brian 87 Mitchell, Elmer 74 Mitchell, Matthew 98 Mize, Sherleen 36 Mobley, Kelly 95 Mobley, Mark 70, 106, 127 Modesto, Santos 82 Moehnke, Randy 205 Mohn, Kim82, 135 Monlires, Bryan 37 Monroe, Kelly 1 06 Montagne, Jason 95, 109, 130, 131 155, 156 Montgomery, Kathleen 70 Montoya, Shannon 95 Monts, Jennifer 95, 152 Monts,Mike37 Moore, Denise 82 Moore, Laura 74 Moore, Lesley 82 Moore, Maralyn 205 Moore, Robin 37 Moore, Steve 70 Mora, Maria 37 Mora, Rosita 95 Mora, Serafin 82 Moreno, Jesse 37 Moreno, Kelly 70 Moreno, Pearl 70 Moreno, Shawn 95 Morris, Charles 82 Morrison, Yedda Morrison, Leonard Morton, Meiissa 37, 224 Mothershed, Anita 95 Mothershed, April Moyer, Tami 37 Mucklow, Brian 82 Mucklow, Kimberly 95 Mumford, John 98 Muniz, Miguel 98 Murray, Dawn 98 Myatt, Sheila 82 Myers, Daniei 37, 1 58, 1 59 Myers, Patrick 37 Myers, Traci 95 Nadell, Brady Nagel, Ellie 1 94 Nakano, Keisuke 74 Naumann, Dan 74, 127 Neal, Shelly 82, 1 56 Neese, Chris 74 Neilson, Charla 205 Neilson, Natalie 82 Nelson, Aaron 74 Nelson, Gregory 198, 199 Nelson, Jennifer 95 Nelson, Keenan 37 Nelson, Lisa 95 Nelson, Marcus 1 56 Nelson, Shellie 95 Nelson, Tammy 70 Nesmith, Kimberlee 82 Netherton, Gary 70 fP Nevarez, Olga 1 96, 1 97 Newcomb, James 82 Nicholson, Dominic 87 240 • Index Niderost. Aaron 95 Nielson. Derek 82, 147 Nielson. Rowland 205 Nissen, Erica 95 Nlssen,Tlna37 Nolan. Vicky 82 Norfleet. Abraham 82 Norgard. Curtis 82 Noriega. Alma 98 Noriega. Gina82 Norris. Bo82. 129 Norris, Jeanne Norris, Skeeter 70 Norton. Eddie 95 Norton, Eric 70 Norton, Nick 37 Norton, Sheila 95 Norton, Steve 70 Norton, Tawney 82 Nunnemaker, Keith 95 Nunnemaker, Phyllis 70 Nunnemaker, Steven 70 Nutt, Rob 70 Nyborg,Einar42, 165 o Oakley. |annette 82 Oakley, Sherrilynn 7 1 O ' Brien, Aaron 30, 37, 43. 1 09, 1 56. 157 Odiozil, Kevin 37 Ogorman, Richard Ojanpera, |ames 38. 127 Olimon. Miguel Oliver. John Olson. Leslie 84 Olson. Michelle 98 Oman, Tammy 38. 47 Opperman. Gina 98 Oresco. Debbie 84 Ornbaun, Danielle 38, 1 08 Ornbaun, Leonard 38 Orozco, Angela 38 Orozco. Michael 98 Ortiz. Rafael Osborn. Bryan 98 Osborn. Victor 98 Osbourn. David 7 1 Osbourn. Donna 98 Oseguera. Martin Osterhout, )eff Owen, Jim 205 -£ 207 Page, Shannon 38 Palacio, Elena 84. 1 56 Pallesen. Brigette 84. 98 Palllni,Tia38 Paoli, Derek 7 1 . 127. 156 Parducci. Gina 87 Parducd, Richard 38 Parker. Corey 95 Parker. Shawn 98. 1 3 1 Parks. Michelle 84 Parsons, Merriiee 7 1 Pascoe, Robert 38 Passmore. Troy 87 Passof, Mike 7 1 Pate, Quentin 98 Paton, Sue 7 1 Patterson, Terri 95 Payne, Dawn 84 Payne, Donald 38 Payne, Erik 38 Pearson, Debra 98 Pearson, Lynette 7 1 Peaslee, Karen 38 Peaslee. Patricia 84 Peaslee, Teresa 39 Peery. Jason 95 Peery. Jeannie 84 Pena, Greg Pennington, Diane 1 2, 39 Pennock, Rasean 7 1 Peoples, Larry 7 1 , 1 27, 1 55, 1 56 Peoples, Lisa 39 Pepitone, Lisa 87 Peregrina, Denise 95 Perkins, Creedence 98. 1 48 Perrone, Gregory 39 Perry. John 71 Peterson. Elaine 84 Peterson. Janna 98 Peterson. Shelly 84 Pethel, Brian 84 Petty. Laura 74 Petty. Tammy 98 Phillips. Denise 7 1 Phillips. Lance 7 1 , 84 Phillips. Michelle 7 1 Phillips. Michelle 98 Phillips, Mickey 84 Phillips. Shelly 7 1 Phillips, Rick 135,201,205 Phipps, Julie 95 Pickering, Vicki 95 Pickner. Cory 7 1 Pierce. Kimberly 95 Pierce. Scott 7 1 Pile,)uliann39 Pimentei, Chris 39 Pimentel, Sheryl 84 Pinneil, Franke 39 Pinson, Brett 95 Pittelkau, Jeff 7 1 Pittelkau, Julie 95 Piver, Ronnie 98, 1 48 Plummer, Bill 7 1 Poplin, Brenda 98 Porter, Kent 205 Porzio. Lisa 7 1 Potter, Dana Potter. Teresa 87 Poulsen, Barbara Powell. Alice 95 Powell, Diana 39 Powell, Randy 84 Prax, Brian Presley, Lisa 39 Price, Kim 7 1 Proctor, Diane 7 1 , 207 Pronsolino, Robin Prosser, Clifford 84 Prosser, George 95 Ptyse, Leata 7 1 Pryse, Mary 84 Ptyse, Sandrs 84 Puckering, Catherine 76, 84 Puckering, David 39 Pugh, Michael 39, 72 Pugh,Tabitha72 Puelo, Sonja 39 Pulido, Crystal 98 Purcell, Wendy 72 Puser, Jennifer 84, 142, 143 Q Quarles, Joseph 87 Quillen, Rob84, 201 QuInIMn, Patti 39 Quinliven, Peter 84 Quinones, Gina 98 R Ramos, Tammy Ramos, Teddy 87 Ramsey, Kenneth 95 Ramsey, Patty 39 Ramsey, Rhonda 72 index • 241 Ramsey, Richard 39 Randall, Ryan 98 Randolph, Tracy 74 Rankin, John 84 Rankin, Lennete 72 Rankin, Robert 85 Ranta, |anis 72 Rape, Dean 87 Rape, Robyn 74 Rape, Ron 74 Rash, Anthony 85, 1 29 Rasperry, )ohn 95 Rauch, Matthew 74 Rawles, Sean 72 Ray, Sunni 39 Rea, Mike 74 Reaves, Diane 72 Reaves, Erin 98 Redfearn, Tim 131,95 Reed, Shannon 95 Reha, Alisha 95, 135 Reinier, Gina95 Remstedt, Theresa 85 Rex, Paulette Reynolds, Donna 85 Reynolds, Jesse 39 Reynolds, Linda 85 Rezentes, Lea 39 Rhodes, James 42 Rhynes, Duane 85 Rynes, Shane 1 3 1 , 95 Rice, Angle 74 Ricetti, Ricky Ricetti, Valerie 80, 85, 152 Richard, David 72, 85. I 56 Richardson, Darwin 1 97 Rickard, Jeffrey Rickel, Kim 95 Ricketts, Patty 72 Ridgway, Les 205 Riggs, Timothy 42 Riley, Brenda 42 Riley, Chariotte 42 Ripke, Anne95 Ripke, Dan 42 Riva, Staci 42 RIva, Trad 42 Roach, Kevin 85 Roach, )ohn 95 Roach, Raymond 72 Robbins, Alicia 96 Robbins, Lizette 72 Roberts, Charlie 205 Roberts, Mary 85 Roberts, Ron 87 Robinson, Zachary 96 Robatham, )ames 87 Rodriguez, Margarita Rodriguez, Javier Rodriguez, Jimmy 85 Rodriguez, Masetona 72 Rodriguez, Rogelio 72 Rodriguez, Tanya 98 Romo, Missy 87, 1 56 Rones, Todd 72 Ronk, Dorothy 96 Ronk, Ken 72 Rosales, Jonathan Rosengren, Patrick 42 Ross, Colleen 42 Rowe, George 96 Rubalcava, Mary 98 Ruddick, Erin 87 Ruelle, Diane 96, 1 1 Ruiz, Elfego 42 Ruonavaara, James 43, 72 Ruonavaara, Steven Rus,Dan72, 127 Rust, Christine 85 Rust, Steven 73. 166 Ryan, Dennis 96 Ryan, Sharon 87 Ryans, Dwayne 1 56 s Saegert, Stephanie 43 Sager. Billy 96, 1 3 1 Sallee, Russell 73 Sampson, Patty 98 Samuels, Bob 98 Sanabia, Eric 43 Sanchez, Nanette 207 Satterwhite, Troy 85, 87 Sauls, Karen 43 Sauls. Paula 98 Saunders, Craig 85 Saunders, Kevin 85 Saunders, Leanne 96 Sawyers, Bill 43 Saxon, James 43 Saylor. Tim 85 Scalf, Karen 73 Schimka. David 98 Schimka. Denny 74, 1 55 Schlieker, Ronda 96 Schnapp, David 98 Schneider, Tamara 87 Schneiter, Jeffrey 43 Schoen, Garry 205 Schoonover, Alana 74 Schuette, Ed 98 Schuette, Michael 43 Schuette, Tracy 73 Schultz, lap 43 Schwank, Patricia 96 Schweitzer, Ed 127, 206 Sciocchetti, Lisa 43, 45, 1 50, 207 Scott, James 96 Scott, Kathie 44, 47, 109. 1 19, 120 Scott, Patti 73 Scott, Randy 1 56 Scott, Robert 96 Scott, Robert 44 Seabolt, Vernon 73, 1 27 Seddon, Naomi 73 Seifert, Mike Seigler, Karl 85 Selim, Francine 196, 197 Selim, Ron 206 Senteney, Erik 98 Senteney. Helen 73 Settera, Janyce 73 Settera, Marne 85 Seuferer, Kristine 85 Sexton. Candace 98 Shaffer, Angela 87 Shaffer, Tammi 96 Shannon, Rhonda 85 Sharp, Candy 44 Sharp, Kenneth 85 Shaskan, Jonathan 44 Shaskan,Tim87, 129 Shea, Michael 85 Shepherd, Marie 98 Shepherd, Raylene 96 Sherman, Yvonne 85 Shields, Scotty 44 Shields, Steven 87 Shippey, Jonathan 96 Shippey,Rick 11.27,44, 165 Shortridge, Tammy Shugart. jason 96 Shugart. Kendall 73 Siemon. Jeff Sierra. Ramon 73 Siering, Frank 132, 133, 166 Sihra, Mark 44 Siiva, Michael 44 Silva. Sue Ann Silver, Bert 85, 87 Silver, Brian 85, 87 Silver. Kelly 96 Silver. Bob 96 Sllveria, Mike 98 Simlnoe, Stephanie 44. 1 40 j Simmons. Brett 85. 107. 129 Simms, David 85 Simpson. Mark 73 Sims. Matt 74 Slater, David 73 Slater, Gary 98 242 • Index Sloan, Kim 98 Slootweg. |ohn 85. 108 Slotte, Shawn Smart, Dennis 206 Smith, Deanna85 Smith. Harold 96 Smith. Klrt98 Smith, Lara 98 Smith, Marl 96 Smith, Nancy 194 Smith, Ronald 87 Smyth. Sean 73 Snarski, Al 206 Snarski, Laurel 85, 1 52 Snyder, Michael Snyder. Kathleen 74 Snyder, Kristin 44 Snyder, Michael 85 Sopp, Billy 98, 131, 156 Sorensen, Elizabeth 64, 73 Soto, Veronica 96 Spaletta, Pamela 98 Spangle, jaydene 85 Spargo, Kelly 87, 96 Sparltes, Jennifer 45 Saprkes,)ohn85, 129 Spears, Danny 96 Spears, Kevin 74 Speer, Shannon 96 Speers, Pamela 96 Spence, James 192,205 Spencer, Tracy 96 Spicer, Charlene 45 Spilman, Tammy 85 Spliethof, Christopher 98, 131 Spliethof, Dan 85 Spurtocit, Ken 35, 42, 45, 1 56 Squire. Stacy 85 St. Charles, Ivan Stacy, David 74 Standley, Mike 85. 1 29 Standley. Tammy 96 Standridge. Paul 96 Stangland, Steve 73 Stanley, Debbi 45 Stanley, Mike 98 Starbacl(, Angela 45, 23 1 Starback, Pete 96 Starback, Tim 73 Stark, Glenn 73, 129 Starrett, Victoria 98 Steel, Woodrow 85 j Steely, Cliellie T Steely. David 74 Stensgaard, Monica 96, 1 50 Stevens, Charles 206 Stevens, )ohn 96. 148, 156 Stevens, Marjorie 45.115 Stevens. Mychell 98 Stoipe, Eric 1 98 Strickland, Donny 85, 1 29 Strong, Ellen 85 Studer, Debby 85 Studer, Sandi 45 Studer, William 98 Stuefen, Jennifer 86 Stutsman, Dawn 86 Stutsman, Glen 96 Sutten, Mia73 Swensen, Paul 98 Swift, Maggie 96 Swinney, Chris 86, 1 29 T Taaning, Gassy 73 Taaning, Mike 96, 131. 155 Taggart, |enny 45 Tanner, Idonna Taylor, Brad 45 Taylor, James 73 Taylor, John 87, 129, 155, 156 Taylor, Kim 86, 135 Taylor, Mark Taylor, Michael 86 Taylor, Robert 206 Taylor, Todd 45 Taylor. Tonya 96 Taylor, Doug Teach, Doug 86, 129.203 Teague, William Teal, Jennifer 86 Teel, Brian Tele, Eric 46. 96 Tellstrom. Patricia 86, 235 Telschow, Pamela 46, 1 39, 1 50 Temple. Benita 73, 135 Terkelsen, Christian 98 Testa. Gina 73 Testa, Lisa 46 Testa, Maria 96 Thawerbhoy, Taufiq Thawerbhoy. Waheeda 73, 98 Thomas. Christopher 98 Thomas, Tim 46 Thomason. Melissa 98 Thompson. Brian 86, 1 29 Thompson, Thomas 73 Thompson. Tina Thomsen, Michelle 86 Thomsen, Stacey 96 Thornhill. Cherie86 Thornton. Matt 73 Thornton. Rich 96. 155 Throop, Kyle 98 Thurman, Mary Ellen 73 Tilley, Angela 73 Tillotson, Mystra 74 Titen, Harold 207 Todd, Stephen Torkelson, Tonia 96 Torres, Efrain 73 Torres, Lorenzo 46 Tosh, Thomas Toste, Terry 86 Totten, Barbie 73 Tournour, Gil 13,89. 13 Townsend, Lisa 98 Townsend. Tina86 Tracy. Samantha 97 Traina, James 73 Travis, Bonnie 73 Travis, Laura 46 Travis, Richard 46 Trenholm, Isaac 97 Trenholm, Michael 86 Trenholm, Paul 46, 68. 1 27 Tripp. Gerry 74 Tripp, Kimberly 97 Trissal, Shannon 97 Troedel, Todd 86 Trouette, Amy 46 Trouette, Bary 97 Trouette. Brian 86 Trough, Kami 86 Troxler, Russell 86, 1 29 Tucker, Devin 97 Tuttle, Debbi 73 Tuttle, jenni 86. 1 52 1 V Valente. Gina 86. 1 65 Valente, Kristin 35, 47 Valentini, Shirley 1 94, 1 95 Valenziano, Shanti Valenzuela, Edith 73 Vallo, Jamie 97 Van Adrichem. Alphons 97 Van Curen, Frank 98 Van Curen, Lewis 97 Vanderstoep, Ken 47 Vanderstoep, Lisa 97, 135 Vanlinziano, Sean 87 Van Wyhe, Denise 73 Van Wyhe. Dick 207 Vargas. Javier 73. 98 Vargas, Joseph 73 Index • 243 Vargas, Lino 73 Vargas. Maria 86 Vargas, Mario 73 Varnell, Carolyn 87 Vasilopoulos, Frances 47 Vasilopoulos, Theodora 73 Vasilopoulos, William 86, 11 0, 1 29, 156 Vassar, Brian 98 Vedolla, Julie 47 Vega, Maria 97 Vega, Raymond 47 Veno, )osh 98 Venturi, Deana 86 Vera, Victor 47 Verdot, Puala 97 Verdot, Pauline 98 Viale, Gus 98 Viale, Urry 73, 155 Vidmar,Amy87, 142 Villagomes, Fred 73, 128 Vlllagomes, Johnny 47 Vincent, April 86 Vinding, Chris 73, 127 Vinding, Mike 86 Vinson, David Vinson, Don 86 Vogel, Kelly 74 W Wada, Stacy 47 Waddington, David 86 Wade, Jimmy 86 Waggoner, Michelle 47 Walker, Greg 86 Walker, Shawn Wallace, Christena 98 Wallace, Kathryn Wallace, Shane 86, 1 29 Wallaert, Greg 97 Wallen, Sherry 86, 1 56 Wallis, Michelle 74 Wallis, Stephanie 97 Walston, Gidget 74, 86 Walston, )oyce 97, 98 Walston, Otto 97 Ward, Cherita 74 Ward, Damon 86 Ward, Jennifer 74 Ward, Markus 86, 87 Ward, Patrick 74 Ward, Warren 87 Warden, Mellani 86 Wardlow, Jill 87 Ware, William 47, 1 27. 1 56 Warner, Bob 1 3 1 Warner, Todd 74 Warren, Kathy 48. 1 35, 1 50 Washburn, Steven 49 Washington, Beau 97 Watkins, Elizabeth 86 Watkins, Mike 86 Watson, Beth 97 Weagant, Roamie 49 Weaver, Donna 86 Weaver, Sherrie 49 Webb, Mark 97 Webb, Warren 49 Webber, Sean 86, 1 1 9 Wecter, Trina 74 Weger, Paul 97, 1 3 1 Welch, Bob 74 Wentworth, Marc 74 Wentworth, Troy 74, 97 Wesolowski, Kristin 97 Wesolowski, Leonard West, Armand 74 Weston, David 86, 1 29 Wheeler, Lisa 86 Whicker, Sabrina 97 Whicker, Trina Whipkey, Jodi 74 White, Brian 45, 49 White, Cheri 98 White, Jo Anna 98 White, Johnna 98 White, Sean 42, 49, 127 White, Steve 1 29 Whitman, Jeff 1 29 Whitmarsh, Katherine 98 Whitmill, Steve 75 Whitted, Dan 74 Whittier, Teresa 48, 49, 1 40 WIeden, Darin 49, 1 56 Wieling, Mike 49 Wilbur, Richard Wilcox, Candace 49 Wilcox, Debbie Williams, Andy 74 Williams, Cindy Williams, Joyce 98 Williams, Michelle 74 Williams, Pete Williams, Shannon 49 Williams, Thad 87 Williams, Tyler 1 48 Willis, Renee 49 Willis, Richard Wills, Keith 49 Wilson, Eric 87 Wilson, Julie 152 Wilson, Kenny Wilson, Pat 127,205,207 Wilson, Russ 49 Wilson, Terry 74 Wilt, Roseanna Winters, Keith 74 Wiseman, Michael 74 With,Annika49, 74 Witte, Raymond 49 Witte, Rebecca 98 Wood, Catrina Wood, Christophe Wood, Daniel 98 Wood, Stacy Wood,Toni49 Woodward, Woody 74, 1 35, 1 50 Worley, Bob 87 Worley, Toby Wotruba,Art 129,201 Wotruba, Rich 1 56 Wotruba, Tom 98, 1 55, 1 56 Wren, Vivian 207 Wright, Paul 98 Wright, Tim Wright, Verba 1 35, 1 52, 204 Wyatt, Justin 49 t ft Yde, Ricky Yoder, Mike 74, Young, Daniel Young, Sarah 74 Yull, Christina 166 Z Zaina, Mary 1 1 , 44, 49, 1 34, 135, 150, 151 Zanella, Charlie 74 Zazueta, Miguel 98 Zeller, Stuart 74 Zeppegno, Lisa 98 Zimbicki, Moria Zirbes, Jeff 74, 127, 155 Zunino, Anthony 49, 1 1 5 This page sponsored by Jack Spilman, General Contractor, 161 W. School Way, Redwood Valley 95470 (707] 485-7019 Equipment Rentals. (A-lic 410890] 244 • Index B kis has been a dijfictyili year for the an- ni ial siajf. We have had iu face many deadlines and other probieyns thai were hard to get through. Bi it, even with an inexperienced staff, we were able to work them ot t and produtce a book to outr best ability. The 13 Wildcat was loicky to receive help from, many people. As editor, 1 wot ild like to thank the following on behalf of outr entire staff: Mr. George Kuck, who took the senior groap portrait and allowed ouir photographers to uise his ROP darkroom. The entire facility for letting Wildcat staff mem.bers oi it of class to comiplete deadlines. Mrs. Nagefand her assistants, for selling year- books and keeping tabs on our books. All the businesses in our commiunity who ad- vertised in this yearbook. Without your support we could not put out a yearbook. The folks at Triple S, who really helped us out in a crunch. Wildcat staff members Juan Alvarez, Jean Culbranson, Elodia Lopez, Courtney DeSalva- tore, Pat Myers I Kristin Valente, and Debbi Stan- ley, who put in tikne and did their duties with the comimitment that got the yearbook f ' nished. Mr. Hanxilton, for the use of his roomi. Mrs. Broaddus and Mrs. Day, for supplying us with a typewriter. And Mr. Mark Albrecht, who often threw fits yet never gave up on us. So, what I ami trying to say, is that this book was put together by miore than just students who gathered in E- 5 at eight o ' clock in the miorning. It was a comibination of different ideas, abilities, and beliefs that gave to you this yearbook. We hope you enjoy it as miuch in the years to comie as you do now. Thanks and have a great sumivner! Tiffany Johnson 13 4 Wildcat Editor-in-Chief 13 4 Wildcat Siajf Editor — Tiffany Johnson Artist — Ji ian Alvarez Advertising — Jt an Alverez (Manager), Benita Temple, and Diana Mergner. BMiness Managers — Tracee Fleming, Connie Dw er, and Kim Jackson. Copy Editors — Debbi Stanley and Lynn Enemark. Photographers — Kristin Valente (Photography Editor), Pat Myers, Kevin Roach, Dan Knight, and Robert Clare. Theme — Tiffany Johnson (Editor), Deanna Fane, and Chris Carr. Seniors — Teresa Farmer (Editor), Angie Argall, and Rhonda Higgins. Underclassmen — Elodia Lopez (Editor), Marie Douigh- erty, Anna Ford, and Naornii Seddon. Sports — Karin Koch (Editor), Jean Ci lbransen, Erik Bromwer, Benita Temple, Kim Jackson, Ken Spi rtock, Stacy Madrazo, and Kathy Berry. Academics — Angie Cordon (Editor), and Lisa Jordon. Activities — Stacy Madrazo (Editor), Heidi McCalluim, Courtney DeSalvatore, Elodia Lopez, Marie Doi gherty, Naomi Seddon, and Ken Spuirlock. Organizations — Roger Melendrez (Editor), Tabitha Fairchild, Karen Sai ils, and Anna Ford. Index — Couirtney DeSalvatore (Editor) Writers — Debbi Stanley and Karen Garner. Thank Yous • 245 What ' s hot I I I I I I I Anything ESPRIT; 50rs Older Men; Senior Girls Block Hills Gold; Pearls Tight Wranglers; Partying Los Angeles Raiders; Sweats The Channel; 4x4 ' s; Porsches Alabama; Duron Duron The Olympics; Def Leppord Michael Jackson; Tom Cruise Joan Collins; Teddy Bears Scops; Pizza; Parking Simon Simon; Mr. T Where ' s the Beef? " ; Vuarnets Skiing; The Lake; Top Siders Wheoties Commercials; Izod Shirts Von Helen; MTV; Ties Chippendale Dancers; Pumps Gentleman ' s Quarterly; 1984 ' ' 246 • Closing pgcj; «BS I I I What ' s Not , Leg Warmers; Smoking The USFL; Record Dances Freshman Year; Clogs After Class Rallies; Cruising Going to the Show; Disco Russians; Lip Gloss; Warts Bo Derek; REO Speedwagon Split Lunch; Bubble Gum Gauchos; Chereokees; Skating Valley Girls; Moccasins French Braids; Velour Shirts Blue Light Specials; " Happy Days ' ' Jordache Jeans; Homework Bell Bottoms; Shaun Cassidy Cheerleading; Living at Home The Draft; Ronald Reagan Nuclear Arms; Quitting School Rainbows; Diet Pills Closing • 247 Parting Closing • 248

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