Ukiah High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Ukiah, CA)

 - Class of 1959

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Ukiah High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Ukiah, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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x wfk-.,r'Luudf T"'l' 4 - 4 'Q "J " g..-fy, rf A 1 fy f I ,AJ X.- K.- X xr I , ,Q- ff ff- 4,1 QQ' ,Iv J 5 f " , psf' 1 A - x li V v , - f , -f rg' . - - , ' -f-f , bf-1, , 2- , , V, , , V , JVM, V . V Vi, V VV V . V M4 V . VV ,V -' - -, .' ,if ,4 '-1 , L '. . 1 ' - . f" f - 4,5-,Q , . 1 , , 1 , - ' I, , " ' Y M 1 , V VQV A . , , . . . - . ' 5 ' L73 M L L ,. VV - V, 4 . L . ', ,. - ' ' - - V - V . , - 7 1 f ,V -' ' , ' , i 4' , ' '- - X 1 . .' Y - V pv V I V , , .U -1. .H , V VV V , . 1 -, Q L VV V ' -'XM V , , - ,. , - L- L- -- 'V .W .. VHVV V .V V V V , V V , A 1- - ' ' bw' K' 7' 1 -. , . : v VV V x' , V f , . V . V V V X. , ' V L' --A- , , V .. L, L , fx- .V V - K, , ' i' V X -- X ' . J ' ' , - u . 1,' -- . -, - Q 1 - . V' N V iq L' '- J , , - . , I 1 J L-' xv VV K1 V x ' f I 'xx L QIL' nu. V ,. x. .VH X L "' K' Q 1 l Q ' ' W - ' lx J V 4 K' 1,5 b . JV. .V VX, ,lv V V YV. V - , Xe L y , N -L v' - X - ,. 1. ,I , , 7 .V V0 V , L L, L 1.6. g,V A, ,V , w. V , - 4' ' Q . V? f ' 1 ', x. lf f -' 2 , V . V, .XV HV L V V U V1 '- K, H . ' , km V 44, -1 , -, I -7 ffy' ,-m V, I , , f 1 f ff" , ,- LT-'V , . x" A fff' if I! la ,M fb A x' A V , , . " f , .f-4' In .' -V,-QI - ' ,. "NP L' x V ' ' ' 5' ' f'-I" L fi' " ' " Q" , ' 'A ' ,A ,V -3' V- ' V , 5,5 ..-in , X, VV VVVV VVAV V V 374, ' V - .-V A .M ,. --,A V : V Vx .V VX .1 VV H, , ,Fu VV A , Vex, VV! VL,VV4,,.V PV! X 1 X, VVL . - - N' ' f ,r VL V14 V -- ,VV IL - U - X' ' - ' 5 Af X17 -" 5- . -' , L 1 V V X, V V X V V VJ V ,- MV. V 7 KJV 0.5, ,ff .VV- A ,V. Vi, , V , - , , , . . V - . .VV LJ- V V , , VV ,, , ,..j V 4, , V. V V , 1, '- X- ,gr x ' ,- ,f , ' ,V 4-w -f ' . .ff 1" ' 1 NVE, -J . - V A :V - 4 - 1 ,. ,I . ,V -w f , . -V V, t ,- ,-' ,,: f ', W " f V V 3, A L' V N Af :VX fx ,A-L", xv -q , x -R K, X -Q' ffl' '7 ' xv Q -- -M - - X ,V ,rf X f , , - V , M V V,V , x w "I I ' x 4 . V XJ I JV I 1 V X - ' IV' Vx .V K Vw- ' i X 1 X, 2 J I 4' X VV V 1, V V V V V . ' 'V - J x. V ' ' f -V2 - Z- , X N V A ,-NX, W Lf .. W ' 1' -- J' . X , . 4 f H' X .df U K X, f 1 - Q V. , X VIL: ggi,-a 7 sr Y - Q I 5 . , , J x ,L N -", - N' NX Q, 4-. 'U N- 5 rf 'J P5 X ' " , r 'kjf , V V v K' 1- ' A .. 1 N Q 5 , N f ,'TWJx'1 1 J 4, . YA1 in X. I'v.?: xx 7:17 - ,, K x Fi 1' V, x 'J QJ X ix. L YQ Ak "xx IN AY N' -X' x x LX ' ' - X 1, J X, -K jf? ,,' A . .' K A -X. W. , ' , , , TT' -v- P, J' H ' ' P, fx A ,- L if Xi, :Q fb r-.1 ,X gf, x Aj' VD - XJ" 0 f- 'N Y 'fx - Ri" A gf -f f J A fb Q- 5 ' -x X, , 5 N X , 'N ' 'V ' - 'X A , . , IC' N' X ZA 'V Q 4 J F , ' Yi, , 'L . "' - L V mf' Q- , 1, , V V , ,V , N 4 4 . WWW' -5.1 A '- i 9, lf , -Y f . 1 X' ' Lf J f 1 X 2, 1' 4 f Q , f- - - y' ,Q . 1 x 0 X , - i 'Ng' 'IJ X f" " ,y . . A A - +-' A .5 x f V ,Wg . J V , " V . Y' JQ 1' w Q J Q . - . . . - K4 , , , ,x L , V A. . f . A .I , -.f 4 - . ' 'X' LX ', Lf' ' X' 5-' , V A , 4 MMM NMV Vw y KPQ TE,-4 -0 3' ,-.2 I JN x , f 'fi ff V' X-, .lr ' , V D, C.. . 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W- 5 Aa! 4,4,,.4-,,rvfnQ,N, S hqglp P J, iomabwcnmauca mfg ltpumouilaqood u cfuc.wsQ.cocdJu HDQLTDQU oiocwd factored 431 C4 and JQJQL Jl.9.0-fc..LtL"f".1,3 ITL S! si W3 Y yTgi WU' 3, 'Ss S 'Q io Qfonci Fofwwofwf .s L a man s short tenure here In thus world may be looked upon as a drop of water unto the sea of llvmg then hrs actnvntues here and the friends and assoclates that he has may well be consndered the waves that he sets In orbit The stronger has actlvlty the stronger the waves But wlthout the waves to recelve the Influence of hrs actnvuty such actlvuty IS lost We must know the people wlth whom we work and they In turn must know us Only by that means can there be productuve actlvlty and progressuve receptlvlty The Uklah Union Hugh School produces a new genera hon of students each year and this Annual IS a recordlng of the students of this graduatmg generation and of the following generatlons yet to graduate These are the fruends and associates who have a common tue In putting Into operataon their golnt and lndlvldual actnvltles that their waves may be felt In thenr chosen Innes of adult endeavors WAYNE P BURKE President of the Board if ix . ti. , Y ,XL . ,V x Q N . 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W -Ja , f 15 , A x x -Y-, ,4 A Nsx., xwp D , f' " Sefwlom C6444 Ulf ' FRONT ROW Secretary Maxine Jensen Treasurer Arlene Naumann Cltlzenshlp Committee Representa tlve Pat Enoch BACK ROW Presudent Doug Penmngton Student Councll Representatlve Duck Bennett Vice President Joe Harlan Cvtlzenshlp Committee Representatwe John Scott Adviser Ira Glllland : I I - . : , - I I ' 5+-.Q l' Muchael Adcox Patrlcla Anne Amadlo Joy Anderson Q Kenneth Lee Anderson Zoe Lynn Anderson Darlene Barnes x 9 -it: -1' S Jean Bartlett Irma Bass Bill Beaufort ye lv ix Virginia Bechtol ,uv- X 8 X X ,, N Bob Bivin 5 Dick Bennett Victor Bergstrom l i 4 Glenda Blankenship Brent Blasi fx 'x R Margaret Bold 'xf' T17 Lyle Braae .lean Bradley Ii fig, H15 wi Ann Bradshaw William E Brakeblll Nancy Brlsfer I3 QU! 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I A . . . i u ,I Q 1 1 - n I T . . ., 1 . l - ' -1 i . . , T l . . . . . . ., i l I C' As we the Class of 1959 take our departure from Uksahs we revsew wsth susts fsable prsde our endeavors and achsevements dursng our hsgh school careers Our freshman year found us equspped wsth more self confsdence than ss charac tersstsc of most underclassmen We were undaunted by the rasllery of the msghty sensors but went along wsth thesr pranks to play upon thesr ego Our roster of offs cers for thss fsrst year was as follows Pressdent Zoe Anderson Vsce Pressdent Becky Stewart Secretary Judy McElroy Treasurer Fuzzy Molder Student Councsl Represen tatsve Jsm Walton Demerst Commsttee Representatsves Lsnda Schmstz and Joe Harlan As freshmen we sponsored two successful dances a Chrsstmas dance and a dance wsth the theme House of Blue Lsghts We also gave able asssstance sn supportsng an all school carnsval whsch gave a gratsfysng boost to our fsnancsal status In our sophomore year we chose the followsng capable leaders Pressdent Jere Starks Vsce Pressdent Barbara Hesntz Secretary Patty Jo Peters Treasurer Becky Stewart Student Councsl Representatsve Jansce Robertson Cstszenshsp Commsttee Rep resentatsves Jsm DeWstt and Bsll Parduccs Havsng had a year of expersence as student body members we were a more mature and seasoned group capable of maksng greater contrsbutsons to Uksahs School spsrst ran hsgh and we sparked st to the extent that we won the coveted Spsrst Bell presented to the most spsrsted class dursng spsrst week We extended cordsal hospstalsty to the freshmen at the tradstsonal welcomsng dance ln addstson to our class actsvstses we supported the school as Student Councsl and servsce club members As sunsors we delsghted sn the awesome respect shown us by admsrsng under classmen and the new found glory stsmulated us to even greater efforts than we had prevsously dssplayed Our talent show met wsth great success Dursng the year we sponsored two dances and helped wsth the Student Body Carnsval All these socsal actsvstses asded greatly sn swellsng the coffers and provsdsng necessary funds for the most glamorous occasson of the year our Junsor Prom The theme for thss gala event was Sous La Mer and the underwater decoratsons provsded a settsng for a delsghtful and memorable occasson Much of the credst for thss prosperous year we owe to our class offscers who were the followsng Pressdent Patty Jo Peters Vsce Pressdent Doug Pennsngton Secretary Juds Nschols Treasurer Mary Lousse Ekenberg Cstszenshsp Commsttee Representatsves Judy Chamberlasn and Mary Ann Wrsght Student Councsl Representatsve Marslyn Owen and Prom Chasrman Judy McElroy We assumed the role of msghty sensors wsth confidence realszsng however that thss long awasted dsstsnctson smposed great responssbslsty At the helm were the followsng offscers Pressdent Doug Pennsngton Vsce Pressdent Joe Harlan Treasurer Arlene Naumann Secretary Moxsne Jensen Student Councsl Representatsve Dsck Bennett Cstszenshsp Commsttee Representatsves Pat Enoch and John Scott As un dssputed leaders of the school we carrsed on a spsrsted campasgn for the student body offsces ln consunctson wsth the Key Club we publsshed the fsrst student tele phone dsrectory sn the school s hsstory Our rsotous Sensor Class Play The Bsshop Mssbehaves was hsghly successful We approached the fsnal week of our sensor year wsth eager antscspatson Our class worked tsrelessly to make the Sensor Ball a clsmax to four wonderful and profstable years lt was a fabulous event Our baccalaureate servsce and graduatson exercsses were meansngful and smpresssve occassons tsnged wsth moments of sadness for the good frsends and teachers we left behsnd Yet we felt eager and wsllsng to meet the challenge that lses ahead for us as adults Our four years at Uksahs have prepared us well for whatever courses we msght choose to follow Zoe Anderson 1 1 1 ' 2 , - 1 1 1 ' , . 1 . ,, . ,, . . . . I . 1 ' 1 1 1 , ' I 1 ' 1 ss -- ss - - I . . . 1 , . ss ss - - - 1 1 5 1 ' 1 1 I 1 I . U . . ,, . . . . 1 5 1 ' 1 1 1 r - - . . , . . . ,, . ' r . ,, . , . 1 I4 fair X NX gffx -Q www IW' 'se' .asf C Q15 .44-4"'7 W 4,7-401'H MN I x f 'x V'-,A,' 1 s 1 f- XL Cxvjluli-, JY MIX, .. T! , 1 r' 1 -,.. V-J 1 Q- 'v '1 t ' Y W, ,,.,. 1 --+A -A A ff X X, . .V ,A ,,, '74 it X, . A 19 v 43-'Y - ,f CV, R yvvx f fV 0 Y ,, ' Y 4 ' - L V My ' , . f M' Av, ' A- , s. -41 " . .x -f A .L R '11, ,V , i ff' ' .I x. ll, ' '.1,f J ,'v QAM-t iv -Jw' L-V , . . X ff- I ,,N . Y I ' ,1 A 4 rf s v'!J Y 1 'l V 'wx V X I 4 , 1, w Jwfwm C6444 DM ....L... FRONT ROW Secretary Claudia Wrlson Crtnzenshlp Committee Representatlve Nancy Davls Treasurer Pat Muller BACK ROW Cltlzenshlp Commlttee Representatlve Hap Wheale Vrce Presldent Fred Chili! Presldent Rlchard Hutchlson Student Council Representative Terry Dyckman The Junlor Class perhaps havmg more responsubulutnes than ever before has had a very prosperous year Our offucers have been more than competent Under theur leadershlp the Jumor Class has been successful wnth varuous and sundry prolects Early In the year, wnth a re enacted football game as a slut, the Junnor Class cap tured the longed for "Splut Bell " Of course, the many dances of the year were a prelude to the wonderful Junuor Prom Wuth these fme accomplnshments the Jumor Class can now look forward to a very prosperous year as sensors 'Auf I I , A 'l 1 .,. ,vu 1' .V . ,W s '-61.-rv, ' A ,, e xl , , D t A ll " , . . , .L .,,."7! 1 J- 35 l' Q-nr L 215 Q..-5 f"' 1 as 5, 1-v 'sv if l qw: 'Y Ruth Anne Alexandlf Rose Mary Allen Judith Anderson ,Robert Anderson N ..L-tis' K, Yu Av SX X KJ... JRC n.. N I s.. Robert Argroves Donna Arnold My Daneta Baker sh' K' v Dennls Balthazar N K' ki -D-J ,-Q! kk. iv 'Y Ronald Barnes Carole Barnette Ronald Barnetle Reginald Bateman X-bl Pau Bates Earl Beck Jeffery Beck EI-mum aukwnh l N' s X wb Rst Donald Behneke Tonya Benmngs Paulette Berkland Muchael Berman xx A x Deanna Buvun Gerald Boesel Ken Boutelle Grace Braae Nh " 4 T in g . x 5 ff' -l 2 ,QQQ ' E ' 3 , ' R , A x N I Cui tveli .!4, v VV X V . v u I A ' , Q xl: 45+ "Q '- bk ' r x - 'V ' 'ls ' K? 3 v sv ,bg L sf ,, '? - A R . R -, 175 . fy Y' tb' x ,B X x I :N Vx , A U A1 h Q ' A E. x -.fe y ' H ,I 'X1'j'Nx.:f KVTKIPKK 0, il V -. l iklgl s S B , , N 4 A "' A a A - 1 xx 4' , 1 - ' A - . ,, ' p,, . V l ,gs ,, r SL ?..."n sf '41 X X -. , Y xi' D V X' S 1 -xg is A XA: .l is - l f- 's,j' ...stir . .,yg, 1. B, W x A K 4- az- I . Qi A x .K 0 sf . . K Q "rs" XL? 1 A 'lj - P 4 1. Q K'l . I' 7 , x - ,, 1 x H K ' X' - ' . l-xx-:'k.- W '."X , " 50 A v ' 'xLx K F ' 'f is . s A uf , l A X A l Slit U 1 V- Q la TRN 'QXIY' i ,x" G ' ' , . I b 4' E- ' R - . K Q - ne. "E . Askkx 'S L - A . ' -' , ' ,xx A li ,, . , A 1 , V 47A f M -K ' B, ' ,481 iv '7' 12' if 5, ddr' if ,36 i T? M166 i B- av' 5 ,- ? 'C' 4' 8 , s x y1N,1 xi" if Us -0-J' Delrlah Bracken Kenneth Branson Michael Brashear John Brown Marilyn Brown Russell Brown Kathy Buckles John Charles Bugley Donna Bull .ludrfh Lee Burns Noel Burt Marfha Butow Pam Campbell Joseph Canlaronr Pafrrua Caouerre Martin Carlson Rulh Ann Carr Tom Casebrer Gary Ceccarellr Dennis Chamberlain Blllue Mae Chambers Bobby Chambers Fred Chase Aldred Chavez W QQ Ov no Zol- Q9 b ' ii an Q i L 1 4 bf' fx David Chrlslensen Ronal Close Patnck Collms Theresa Collms Dellon Cooper Harvey Couch Joan Cover? Robert Glen Cox Janlce Crawford James Crofoot Nancy Dau! Nancy Davls Sandra Davus Phlllrp Debler Sandra Delam Jlmmy Dobbins Marla Maxine Donluns Harrneffe Donaldson Rulh Duke Terry Allan Dyckman James Egan Carolyn Elllolt Douglas Charles Ely Elleen Evans 1 . . y ff 9' I I - 4- E E' L '1 f l"s'.w.. l M B sf I V .. ' v lj 4 l f ls ,lr , , ,ll . 4. 6 or I 7-3 ' 1 fe, y E gs at , 1 ' ,E Q ' tang- .. E 5' 5, uf dr . X I K v' '-,' -4' Q Ny 'lf5' N gp! N E. - if V X Al Gig , , 5 X 'ef ' 1:1 ll , . l X 'X YAX ,Q tr, 9:5 uav A X Randal Falk Kathy Fitch Robin Flemlng Rrchard Flores Mack Ford Nlcky Ford Shirley Ann Fortner Bull Foster Carolyn Foutz George Fowler Jack Franks Thoreen Fravel Peter Frey Erlyne Fullerton Georgette Garney Douglas Gardner JoAnne Goodwln Judith Anne Graham Carmen Gravel Edna Gray Charles Green Genalee Green Larry Green George Grover L- isa-' ,. 14 L' 1 and 1 3 IT 15 50' snnf' XZ' 1- C' YV 5 X 1 Marne Guntly Bob Guherrez JoAnn Gutlerrez Wllluam Ham Ernest Hansen Patrlck Harmon Walter Haydon Muchael Hayes Charles Heafherly Robert Heffelfmger Myrna Humes James Holmes Charlotte Hook Lunda Hooper Roberta Horr Charles Hudson Michael Hughes Jerry Hunt Ronald Hunt Beryl Inscho Ralph Jackson Michael Jenkins David Johnson Sharon Johnson is-v E 4 j' ll ft QQ ,ax Q 3' 50' 'sn Sue Johnson Donald Johnstone Donald Jones Judrth Jones 2 Mrckey Jordan John Kelley James Keyes John Klnney Janeen Knoles llah Knutson Lovell Kruger Rodney Kruke s-1 Douglas lance Tommy Lawrence Q X Sylvia Laymon Joanne Leard Wanda Lee Barbara Levy Patrrcra Levy C" Lunda Duane Lewus Ronald Leyone Margaret lrttle George Lollos Gary Lowell 5 52 s Diane Lundershausen Rosemary Macdonald Cary Madison Donna Magee Roberl Manlynen Ruchard Mars David Marshall David Maxwell Roberi McCaa Tyler McCabe Daryl McCIendon Susan McCombs Allen McConnell Carol McConnell Pamela McDonald Bruce McElroy Byron Mclennan Corwin Muller James Muller Pamcla Muller Peggy Maller .hmmle Mmfon Elnzabefh Mnchell Genevleve Moore 'qw' jun" as Y' -5? ,lm -v. 4 pu if-W, 54 17 T7 ff Q--" ,, 6 4-gf T 36 'suv' i' Ann Moms Tanya Mofon Belh Munday Davnd Murphy Jack Nagel Dana Newell Joseph Nlderosl Mlnnle Nlx Leslle Norgard Russell Oakley Rodney Olllenbruns Ollvna Ono Lee Whefslone Carol Ollon larry Pearson Michael Pelers Jack Pelersen Billy Pierce Rex Pine Rachel Pinnell Sharon Piver Lewayne Ponsonby Dolores Ponies Annie Quan 195: 1 3' 1' -41' 4 W 335 X Q cus . 1.1 so e - r ww' . "' Q - I I" a Pamela Radcllffe Dee Rama Janet Rawles Loretta Reed Linda Relschman Aaron Remlngion Wnlllam Renfro John Rlceltl Vernon Richey Fehx Rnggs Marlorle Rnfchey John Rlva Danny Rogma Robert Ross Lewls Ruddlck Marvm Soter Jack Scott Ken Scollo Samuel Senfeney Ronnie Severson Shirley Seymour Dave Sharrock Daryll Shear Don Shear VS g""" E 14 if 6 x ? L-.....ll4a Robert Sheets Betty Shields Ed Slbbett Gregg Simpson Doug Slaven Terry Smith Steven Snelder Susan Spencer John Stafford Gene Starks Janrce Stunehoff Brenda Stone Donald Stover Susan Swann Stanley Sweene Ann Sword Kenneth Taanlng Mark Tatum Coleen Taylor Sue Taylor Thomas Thies Martha Thompson Joanadel Thyarks Martin Tilley Genre Tamar Ed Toflen Barbara Towne Donald Trouelle Mary Twining John Vassar Alan Vogel Jerry Wallace Alex Warden Jon Weeks George Weger Gene Weis! Sharon Weston Hap Wheale Patricia A. Williams Palricia Williams Claudia Wilson Linda Wilson Neva Wright Sharon Young Johnny Allsup Richard Hufchison Rodney Palmer X P x ,L 1 l'Q Ll GBX 3 LQLPA, if ' UNXXS 4:61 'Fwd 58 -41 P - . T f .0Zz43a,q1J,j, k X! 7 up . L, A, I K. f 'x , . , ...M .K 4 AQ A Lk!! A Rx A rf is xy i 65" r v Elk -1. I 'AAN K 71. 2 X ,f 3 , C+ 4 IL 'ny' "-' xg w X 'E 4 X , 1 A A I N f I , A: f J - kg 2 'j Qt T . ,341 ,Affvlfg , ' f 'rv ' 'I R : gb Q. " Q 7 f Q X1 1 . 'I' X .K - X NN' R-X , ,f - 4 ,lf ' 'Q -X -., ' X' f 42jO-,f'- A0042 J , . n I X -R -Q fl: Qc tl' X- V xii. -f'1,f1 O. ha Y N QQ.. X, X- X X 16' ., 4 f' U K A -A qw X .CI A , ' ' f X1 ' x. Y Y 5 4 S i A ,O " ,nv A s 1 Q NA' 4 A x ' ,aug-.L V f' J-, 'r . h v' . ij, , mf., , 241 , M f 1 .. ,N I 4 A 4 N' --- fn! fzjzwu 51 V f - Qk . . "" i 1, A ', x- C ' v 7 7 O 45,2 . ' , sg Q if A1,,Q,Lf C 1 Q , As- . ,QV M , , X' 1-1 V" If L " , 'nh' , X' , .W,4,U 4-4 - - S M A N' X , mx? x K if ' A R 'w 4 K uk f '1 LN 11 K ' N' X ,1 X x NJ .. x X , xv l N.. R K ES mu O if 5 "' ...sif- FIRST ROW Pat Fmnegan Dorothy Naumann Gaul Evans Karen Qurck Randall Hays SECOND ROW Walter Brown Gary Smith Don Crawford David Ford Our sophomore class offncers for the post year were as follows Presldent David Ford Vece Presndent Walter Brown Secretary Gall Evans Treasurer Karen Quick Representatuves to the Cmzenshnp Commuttee Pat Fmnegan and Don Crawford Rep resentatlves to the Student Council Dorothy Naumann and Gary Smnth Under their Ieadershnp we presented the Christmas Dance The decoratuons consnsted ofthe tradu honal Chnstmas tree beauhfully shown by colored spotlnghts Our class was represented nn the Callfornla Scholarshup Federatuon by the follow mg ten students Rlchard Auger Frank Brown Walter Brown Terry Buchholz Klt Cle land Wrlllam Cody Fred Duncan Kathleen Johnson Tom Lagomarsmo and Karen Seydel The sophomore class has been actwe nn athlehcs student affaars and an such worthy causes as the March of Dames druve In whuch we placed fsrst and second nn the selllng of peanuts We were also proud to have a hugh percentage of our class purchase thelr class rmgs Juduth Alexander Betty Jo Anderson Ruchard Auger Edward Austin Alfred Daugherty Jeanette Babcock John Bach Polly Barley Vlrglma Barley Russell Ball Donald Banks Ronald Banta Dale Beck Rnckey Belcher Cheryl Berentus Donna Bergstrom Marulyn Bertsch Frances Bogner John Bookout Donna Boyd Lester Bradford Jlmmy Brashear Robert Brighten Steven Brower X "Wa, if ,fs -r" ol 'T Ron Bolger Duane Brown Frank Brown Waller Brown Barbara Bryant John Burger Geneva Burrell Jenme Cannon Llnda Carmlchael Marlone Carpenler Gary Casleel Charles Ceccarellu lmda Challand Susan Chamberlam Howard Chambers Delores Chavez Jane Chnshe Aaron Clark Shnrley Clark KH Cleland Charles Clvburn Wulllam Cody Duane Coker Carol Collms Gene Colomblm Jam Conlln Don Connolly Carolee Conner Judy Conroy Phrlrp Cooper Clement Coughlan Carolyn Coveney Winifred Cowles Carold Crawford Don Crawford Clifford Creekmore Robert Danlelson Charloire Damiano Pal Damon Linda Dane Susan Dau? Carl Davenport Doug Davma Joan Dovrs Lmdo Dovns Glenda Dean Peter DeBernardl Kay DeVaughn "Cf 5 5 . -3 iw- b-v' Q-s C? T 5: 1.45 s -vN quo L XX Ruth Dibble James Dildine Edward Dobbins Norman Dorman Jeanne Duarte Yvonne Duke Fredrick Duncan Sharon Duncan Dolores Dunsmg Joanne Eldruck Jo Ann Ellls Margarel Ellis Eleanor Erlcksen Charlene Eruksen Dora Esles Glenn Elter Gall Evans Jam Fanrbcnlm Pat Finnegan Wally Flon David Ford Roberta Fronklm Linda Frasslnello Richard Fnsbse .Q- if 'W ?-0 tl 1-0- 9 64 git .1 Q -1 Q-v 1-1 1.1-.4-"'!!l M xeem Judrth Ganter Nancy Ganter Albert Garboccr Donald Gatllng Mnke Grazzon Davtd Grese Dolores Gowan Susan Grady Judtth Grayson DnAnne Graztam Paulette Gnffln Sandy Gnffm Bull Groom Gary Gwln Ellen Halr Judith Halr Brenda Ha Ronald Hallman Dean Hampton Dolores Hamnck Robert Hay Randall Hays Steven Heady Charlene Henry Ny! 'iv W T' V ' if L if -Z' li' 'r Xl pn, Sharon Hesseltine Leslie Heth Wulllom Hackey Dale Huggins Donna Hugh Make Hall Linda Hinds Donna Hobbs Douglas Holmes Shrrley Honeycutt Kathy Hopkans Donna Hughs Carol Irmer Janet Johnson Kathleen Johnson Lmda Johnson Marc Johnson Mane Jones Wallace Kemp Wayne Kern Robert Keys James Knmes Robert Kang Don Klapperuch 4115 1' I' 5 av' 1 A5 lu cali' 'Nw -J 11 1 1 SQ" gh Y su' Q 1 Kenneth Knight Ronald Knudsen Sandra Kussow Shirley LaFlure Tom Lagomarsmo Leland La Malfa Gary Lancaster Mary Land Barbara Lane Judnh Lane Bull Lange Sylvia Lange Franune Lawrence Elsie Ledger Evelyn Lee Rose Lee Ronald Lemmerz Judy Locafelll Donald Loftus Robert Lombard Duane Lovell Warren Luce Harvey Lundershausen Janrce Madlson 1-X Q3 4v""' 1' 11 :af Q-' 3 9 35 Gu-v L Mlke Madison Mary Maraspmn James Markus Phyllus Marhn Pamela Matthews .lam Maxey Dorfhy Mayfield Arthur McChesney Marilyn MzConnell Nyla McConnell Barbara McFarland Dennls McMahon Norma Morse Parker McNenII Dennis Meyer Carolyn Mulam Kevm Muley Lmda Muller Tony Muller Elmer Mutchell Clint Mobley Douglas Modrell Caroline Monlgam Charles Moon GVY 1-4 'C' 'Q 4-9 75343 Hua.: i I f ZW QQ Q 1 if tb' 11' 29" 4:7 'S' X .., bf' 'CTP Q 7 I", 44' 1 '36 or Il, an fl Robert Postal Margorue Quan Malcolm Quarles Karen Qunck Gene Quugley Wrlfred Radler Robert Ratfety Betty lou Ray Rose Mary Ray Susan Rea Tom Richardson Ray Rlnaldo Janne Robertson Joan Rose Sharon Ross Kenneth Rowley Ronald Rucker Terry Sanderson Gary Sater Don Scaufe Sharon Scott Wendell Seablom Damel Senteney Marsha Severn ' ,Q A A U . . A 0 L Q - R ' 'life ' .I R X , - 4 I x ' fo .x A Q Q4 , . - A l 1 . Q L, 5 0' .4 ' 9 .I i :V , v 4' 'R A? l R R 6' R " " i are - l N' 1' ' : X. ' 'f X 1 C' D' 1 . . as ' lv l fl lk: ' HO' 1' 1 Karen Seydel Leslne Shank Dan Sheets Paulette Shrabel Mary Simon Donald Sanger Gary Smith Gaye Smnth Irene Smnth Kayrene Smith Leslie Smnth Michael Smith Joan Snyder Kenneth Speers Ronald Stafford Lewns Stanley Earl Stem Richard Stem Cherry Strlcklan Carl Stromberg Galen Sutten Sharon Swearengun Robert Swinton Penny Thatcher l 15 lb Cl i i' is 1' .e" is i 'gu- 17 uv i Renee Thornhill David Thornton Bill Thrasher Tom Timar Allen Toal Charles Tollini Donna Tolman Fdwm Turner Mabel Turner Margery Twining Robert Vander Stoep Pete Vandervort Linda Van Patten Robert Wallis Susan Walsh Jim Walters Harold Ward Marilynn Watkins Richard Wlldberger Dennis Willey Jerry Williams Larry Williams Joyce Winsby Cynthia Withrow l .1-5 Q6 U ing 1 qv- . -A fv- Shurley Bare ?"" John Wonder Arthur Woodall Laurelia Woodruff Frederick wflghf Charlue Youell Albert Young Jo Anne Young James Rhodes ,I 1. 'V , fi LL ,LL J JL , , , ' p if L, V I' L 1 Lv I 5' . il-, LK-1' XIJALLV N I ,X , 21, N if I' , 5, all I l 'il t . 1 , 2' X U -L J 'J Y ' , L! e if 1, - - 1 SHM N if' f L L f QL ll J I' I I lx v n 1 L L 4 '. - L' "JL y Q ' , I" Q Nw I K V H H r j - LEU! 'L ' 04' L '1 4M ' :L A . ' ' f - jf' Nifb it J J' L . I I x X , F AA xx 1, Y 1 X t , W' X f ,xf -W f i i . 4 'X' 'l 1 I 7 f -I ' K ,N A' fx T X X in . X N- r 4 A A '-5 X . A I X X NJ J 4 ,K ' 'J l- 'VL , -J. rx 1 I V Lr J W , ,Nix ,V -qu r AJ 'dv . x A 'H ' M, A 'f , ' H w x X4 QV XX, AW ' -1 KA , ' X ' A x xf A 1 . Y xg 7 cw, ogg 1 4 FIRST ROW Representatrve to Demerrt Commrllee Arlene Wymer Secretary Chrrssy Cook SECOND ROW Representative to Demerlt Committee John Scudero President Franz Schwarm TOP ROW Vice Presrdent Alex Zbrtnoff Representatives to Student Councrl Doug Clarke and Denms Maxwell NOT PICTURED Treasurer Tams Spencer Uknah s Frosh Class of 1959 began nts hugh school career chalkung up several malor accomplishments These Included wrnnmg lomt partnership of the Spmt Bell wlth the Junlors durmg the football sea son Freshmen masqueraded as Wildcats In the fall and as Senror Men for the Sprung Spurlt Week One partucularly successful venture was the Frosh Splrnt Week Hop held In November Nme Freshmen qualnfred for membershlp to the Callfornla Scholar shlp Federation Many more partlcupated In sports and student government actnvltles Freshmen were represented rn other school orgamzatnons and rn the Student Body Play The class offlcers are Pres: dent Franz Schwarm, Vrce Presudent Alex Zbutnoff Secretary Chrrssy Cook Treasurer Tanls Spencer Representatrves to Student Councrl Denms Maxwell and Doug Clarke Representatives to Demerrt Com mittee Arlene Wymer and John Scudero F I "fa 5 lf , ,F .K ' M. ,. , u ' e-W , 3 , , r .' ' K s lv ' 1 . A I : . . . I - I : . . . I - . : I . : . , . . . . . . . ,, . . ,, . . . . .- ,, . ,, . . . . 1 I ,, . ,, . . . . . ' I I o I - X 1 an E' ,Q 9' it in I! l C' qu-r 3' P 1 Terrell Abshure Lonny Adalr Judy Allen Leonard Allen Ted Almuda Illa Andrews Delbert Avanfs Max Babcock Barbara Barley Burfon Banzhaf Robert Barnes Randall Barneffe Vnrgunla Barrett Denms Barron Karen Barihelmes Genevneve Barton Ken Baum Joe Koslba Joyce Blakley Larry Blankenshnp Pamela Bloom Ingrid Blumke Ann Boer Marvun Boesel 21 4311 '175' l all F' 6' 2 if of' 1 'C' lvnym ,gla- 'U' L. -1 A6 Robert Boobar Linda Bradford Curtis Bradley Darlene Bragg Mervln Brltton Leland Brooks Sheula Brooks Bob Burns Ronald Burns vlfglnlil Burt Charles Butterfield Colleen Buxton Chrlstlne Camp Gary Contrall Ruth Carrnlchael Kenneth Carr Janet Carver Brenda Casebrer Keith Coslake Gaul Ceccarellu Connle Center Shlrley Chambers Alden Clark Carmen Chnsty rf' 45" ht' C"' Q36 Douglas Clarke Gary Coffey Jack Cohen Nancy Cole Carolyn Colombml Chnshne Cook Lynn Crawford Everett Creekmore Joyce Crow Carmen Cudlamal Muriel Cudramat Gary Cunnmgham Bob Shoemake Wullnam Lee Damel i 1 I Tl? 'bv James Davenport Melvin De Angelus James Debler Sandra Delulno Judy Drednch Pafncla Docklns George Dorsey Paula Drlvell Gerry Drlver Charles Dunlap if Qv .0 Q., A50 Q , 1 Keith Eland Bernice Elmer Don Elmer Karen Elting Roy Ely Lyle Ferbrache Sally Flatt Dorothy Foote 4- Harold Ford 1 Jim Ford i- gn, ff' 'Ui fp-f . 1 ,fl 'ZA John Ford John A Ford William Foster Dewey Fragie Louella Francis Annette Franklin Robert Frassinella Bob Fruit Gerry Furman Jccquelin Galyean Thomas Giles Berry Gill Billy Gillespie Terry Goodwin Jean Goudge Tom Gower Harrlet Granuccn Edward Graumann Patncna Graumann Mrkel Gray Raymond Graznano Barbara Gnfhn Jesse Gnmes Roger Grondorf Linda Haur Patrma Hall Mary Hampton Jeanette Hanna Jam Hannah Joyze Hanson Chnstune Hare Robert Harkms Harold Harrmgton Jrm Harrls Andrea Haun Kent Hows Pat Grover Barbara Haydon Mackey Hees Barbara Hefte Karen Hodges Ken Holmes Charles Hoover "X 3 Robert Hopkins Marsha Hull Ken Hunt Bernadette lngraffla Gaul Isborn Stephen Isle Jerry Jackson Sandra Jenne Geraldune Jensen Earl Johnson Wayne Johnson Nanny Underhill John Jones Cynthia Joseph Peter Josse Robert Kartes James Kelley Leroy Kelley Ted Krmball Ronald Kung Maurmea Krrk Jackre Klssee Larry Klssee Kenneth Koch Parrrcra Kucz Susan Kurzer Jlm Lake Leslle Lambert Vrcrorla Lavrletra Duane Lawrence Ron Ledford Beverly Lentz Ball Lewis Don Leyone Mercedes Localelln Ronald Locatellr Rexnne Loftus Jay Long Bob Marshall Gwendolyn Marhn lonnle Mason Duck Maurer Dennis Maxwell l Jim May xii ls" 5-" 1' 12 f .0 :ML it vw? ii' 5 Jean Mayo Michael McCabe Ronnie McGregor Leon McG rew Wendy McKeehan Murgarer McNeill Richard Michelem Mary Middleton Paul Miley Alvin Ted Muller Anita Miller Billy Williams George Miller Sharon Miller Jerry Mills Betty Minion Larry Mitchell Jimmy Mohley Carl Moore Ralph Mork Sandra Moschellr David Murdock CY' 'Y lm-u. If M' ,ab 19" -1-1 'V .4-v Q il? mia 1 X 15 'S'-' 'X x ai' T. QV l Olefa Myers Tummy Near Mrke Nrchols Gary Nrckerson James Nrderosr Danny Norfolk Lynn Oakley Lmda Oglesby Drone Olhrser Ronald Oman Dolores Pankey Donna Parduccr Larry Parduccr Janet Parker Sandra Pamck Bully Pearson Judy Perrrne Brlly Pelersen Edna Perry Ronald Phrllrps Gerald Porlerfreld Gmo Porno Charles Prrce John Prrngle paw 1,1 Floyd Quigley Kathryn Rugsdale Marulyn Rama Dennis Remstedv Robert Rhodes Tom Rlcefll Michael Richards Sieve Richards Jacquelme Rnzkel June Riddle Lloyd Rnchey Palrlck Roach Ev: Romnger Sharon Kay Ross Eloise Rovera Anna Safford Suzann Salusbury Janice Sanm Blllle Sampley Karen Satre Warren Sawyers Linda Searle John Scalmamnl Doug Scarberry I 41' if 1 Us ug' ki -gf i9'X 3 9 Franz Schwarm John Scudero Judy Seats Beverly Setak Lnnda Shaffer Barbara Shawgo Lorena Sholes Marulyn Sandra Shartrsdge Ron Shrum Paul Slmonclm Beverly Slzemore Richard Eugene Skinner Kent Smlth linda Smith Martm Smnh Constance Solis Betty Solomon Tams Spencer Albert Slambaugh John Starbock Susie Stein Rollin Stephens Donald Stipp Cheryl Stoughton inf 35 415 I Yi ir" I ag 'LPS ei!-91 3:-vw? an-1 -1' 91" .0 ,po i if ur i.- -1 r QM PRX I fx fp Q 86 l i .0' Y' Nuna Sunen Penny Swann Marvun Tate Frank Tenfer Sandro Thompson Brenda Thornion Wayne Thornton John Talley Curhs Toler Brenda Townsend Gale Townsend Mary Tracy Beverly Turker Ross Vall Mary Vandervori Paul Van Gullder Doug Verduccn Wullnam Wada Jane! Wanmo Clyda Warren Doreen Washburn Susan Washburn Ruta Weger John Wehrman wr' ,J-'mf' ,,r Q - i ""w-q-1 'af' ,. 5x Jeffrey Welch Mnchael Wesolowsku Linda Wheale Sue Whnaker Pamela Wuegand Teddy Wllcox Ruth Wlles Joyce Wllley Delnlah Wnlllams Don Wnlllams Juanna Wnllnams Kalhleen Margle Wlllls Claylon Wilson Palrlcla Wnlson Dorelfa Woodrum Cherl Wnghl Jeff Wright Arlene Wymer Danvel Yates James Young Donna Zachary Joan Zackuse Alex Zbilnaff Joann Giazzon f4 R ' I v " ,., , Tx' 1 X Y -' ' V L' 'n X xx I 'Ll .Hx "L , A x V Y ,I ' :A I X , I I V 1 yi W X I 'ILL V A L u l 1' A V 1. I . -p Q ,L ,X -,Ml A L. , 5 Q' fr . ' L xx V ' 4' I' 'LL ik' N 1 :I Lu 1 . ' ' V , x m A ., C N T rf- .V Y I . -Ax V .1 K ,. ' X S I. M , , ' ,J 1 L I 1 y 1 . I V I . V Q , , A 1 X ' , . X ,N , I , 1 . 7 I z . n 1 , , rf .N f, 1 ' x 4 I I . X 5 J' - Y r' f . . A MA, -X 4 v -L M ' ' f . b , ,H . , 1 ,- .Q ,J H , . ,J 45 1 4 ' , . 4 ' I 1 N A ' J , . f x ,g I ', . N rd, A, , x - '. 1 X . , ' A sa H A p - -A ' ,il X I V . ' 5 5.5. -. 1 'Y 5. fp s "AL-ln BACK ROW Claudia Wnlson Pam Muller Susan Spencer Joanne Goodwm FRONT ROW Charlotte Hook Tonya Moten Nancy Davls Dana Newell r in Zoe Anderson Judy Chumberla n ff' a ty J Peiers Judy McElroy V LEFT TO RIGHT Sharon Duncan Ruth Dlbble and Renee WILLIE The Wlldcal Ann Moms Sue McComb: Sue Johnson Svc Chamberlain Thornhill FRONT ROW Penny Swann Pattu Campbell Lmda Schmntz Dorothy Naumann Donna Bull SECOND ROW Franz Schwarm Dorothy Foote Peggy Muller Patty Jo Peters Ann Morris BACK ROW Duck Bennett Jlm DeWitt John Muller Joe Harlan Randall Hays Garry Smith Davld Ford FRONT ROW Secretary Path Campbell Treasurer Lunda Schrmtz SECOND ROW Vlce President John Muller Advnser Mr Wnlllam Tully President Jlm DeWltt 3 1 1 1 1 - 3 1 1 1 1 - 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 - I 1 . : - 1 - , Auudly FRONT ROW Leah McGee Pal Muller Juannla Wulllams Carolyn Colomblnl Manly Allen Maxine Jensen Zoe An derson Darlene Thomas Arlene Naumann Judy McElroy Joan Mayfield Susan McCombs Fred Chase Wayne Ol huser Muke Hayes Tom Tlmar THIRD ROW Gary Safer Bull Brokeblll Connue Solus Barbara Hemlz Nancy Davns Marla Dockms Ray Crublree Gary Jerald Mason Dovld Chruslensen Quan Mlke Hunter Jlm Wallers well LAST ROW Doug Pennxnglon Brown Joellyn Wlse Carol Ollon Johnson Smnh FOURTH ROW Pal Funnegan Anme Ed Grazuano Wayne Parducn Davld Max Brenda Slone Waller Susan Swann Allen Vuce Presudenl Maxine Jensen Presldenl Joellyn Wlse Treasurer Zoe Anderson Secretary Susan McCornbs SECOFJD ROW: Ralph Mork, Delilah Brackell, Chrissy Cookl Thornlon. Rirhurd Hvlrhison, Larry ', ' - l l ' ' ' ofmmiuw J r Ry K 1 G ire NY- .. yi 2 , S 95 E 0 1 g , , FRONT ROW Don Crawford Pat Finnegan John Scudero Pat Enoch Miss Mary Oliver SECOND ROW John Scott Hap Wheale Nancy Davis Pam Radcliffe Mr John A Johnson AM Montgomery Mr Donithorne SECOND ROW Robert Boobar Mickey Hees Lyle Braae Randell Bar nette Gary Cantrall THIRD ROW Leonard Allen Richard Micheletti Alon Vogel Doug Clarke Doug Ely Reggie Bateman FOURTH ROW Pat Enoch Ken Hunt Don Stipp Larry Lister Bob Raftety David Johnson " ' 'ss'-1' FRONT ROW: Ken Anderson, Billie Scmpley, Judy McKeehan, Carol Otton, Alden Hinds, Caroline I f?" BOTTOM ROW Officers President Linda Schmitz Vlce Presr dent Joy Anderson Rally Commrssroners Januce Robertson Patty Rea Secretary Daphne Rawles Treasurer Arlene Nau mann Publrclty Manager Sue Chamberlaln SECOND ROW Marrlyn Owen Leah McGee Charlotte Hook Jud: Nlchols JoAnne Goodwin Mary Louise Ekenberg Sue Brown Betty Krnman Judy McElroy Lmda Hooper Darlene Thomas Zoe Anderson THIRD ROW Bonnie Henry Tanya Moton Martha Butow Mary Twmvng Joyce Kulula Judy Chamberlann Patty Jo Peters Genevieve Moore Fatt: Campbell Adviser Mrs Ida Mrddleton FOURTH ROW Genre Tamar Donna Bull Susan McCombs Evelyn Longstatf Ella Mae Parker Lewayne Ponson by FIFTH ROW Joanadel Thyarks Sharon Johnson Carol Otton Kathy Frtch Beth Munday TOP ROW Dorothy Abbott Ruth Carr Ann Moms Cathre Sullrvan Pat Enoch Erlyne Fullerton Kathy Shanyfelt .loellyn Wlse 'Y BOTTOM ROW Manly Allen Sandy Patnclc Karen Satre Mary Srmon Wlnufred Cowles Eleanor Errcksen Sharon Scott Rexme Loftus Carol lrmer Linda Frasslnello SECOND ROW Barham Grlttm Karen Hodges Penny Swann Dorothy Foote Dolores Chavez Sandy Grrttm Geneva Burrell Doreen Prtfero Judy Ganter THIRD ROW Joan Snyder Charlene Henry Dorothy Naumann Donna Hobbs Sharon Duncan Renee Thornhrll Judy Alexander Sharon Hesseltme Marrlynn Wat kms FOURTH ROW Nancy Cole Judy Conroy Lmda Van L44 Patten Duane Lovell Mary Maraspmr Kathy Johnson Nyla McConnell Janet Johnson Dorthy Mayfield Judlth Locatelll FIFTH ROW Barbara Hette Chnstrne Camp Karen Barthelmes Sandra Kussow Duana Hopkins Sue Whutaker Jacquelvne Rrckel Phyllrs Martin TOP ROW Frances Bogner Charlotte Damnano Lznda Wheale Judy Dredrnch Lynn Crawford Dor etta Woodrum Chrlstrne Cook Mercedes Locatelll Colleen Buxton X 7 ' If . Q ' . 'Q U J I 1 , S - Q X ,.n X . Q . ' C I 9 ' . 1 I . ' 6 'E v .T V' v I , . , v ' .rr 5 , : . I . . . I . - - I . . I I I z : - . 1 , t 1 ' ' A 2 I , . - ' , , . , - 1 . . I I I V I ' Z I ' : l I I I I ' . I. . -ur L, ,J I 1 '4 " T 4 4 " , . , ' ' r . 6 - I . 9 f . Y -o I v 4 S Y Nl x T A Q ' 7 'X L -'Z' J," ' I 5 4 v ' -5 , , I'. S I ' . ,L - 4 ' V . Q , ,K A L e 4 Yue R - - ef - P' U 4 1 " - " M 2 l ' I ll t . I , 1 . Q 1 s I I I A I I 1 I I I I 1 I I r A 5 I ' 2 I I . I I I I - . , , . , , I I I - ' - 1 . . w- Dav d John Danny Norfo k A an Voge Raffety Robert Brown Russe Don thorne BOTTOM ROW Mr T1 Caro Burt A den H nds J m M nton Noe Judy M:Keehan Denn s McMahon Dave Harget SON Bar Rande Robert Boobar Gary Cantra Chrs Ph br ck 995 :key H SE ontgomery Ken Twnng Caro Otton Margery Samp ey 8 Fred Dav s W n fred Cow es Ly e Braae ette S mpson Georg Gregg Char es Garner TH RD ROW R :hard M che ett Janet Wa n o Anderson Rose Doug E y Ken Ho mes Lew s Leonard A en Reg na d Bateman Howard Chambers 005 Ken Hunt Dona d St pp Enoch Pat Johnson Ear L ster TOP ROW Larry Lane Kerren ary A en Doug as Norfo k b Ross Mary Derr ck John R :ett Bo ll I I 4 , xv ' J ' I I , 1.0: U. . i I -.-- I- .- I 1 1 I 1 .- Q 5' ' . U 1. K- .. rl : : U- O .'. o -- ' . z -- -Q. , u s I ' . f - N 2' S: :E I I , II T T 1 I II ' n I Hi mr SEATED Mrs Ruth Beaufort STANDING Sharon Young Ray Yreldlng Susan Spencer Wayne Olhrser Aaron Remington lfall edltorl Rosemary Allen lsprlng edrtorl Bob Mantynen Margaret Bold Kathy Frtch Judy Chamberlam Potty Jo Peters Hr Talk Advrser Mrs Ruth Beaufort X 1 NP 40. Hn Talk has enloyed a good clrculctlon laround 5001 durung the l958 1959 school year mdncatlng that nts readers have approved the staff polncy under the edrtorshaps of Aaron Remington and Rosemary Allen The paper has been enluvened throughout the year by numerous polls Other popular features of former years have been retalned Todays Glrl and Today s Boy Dottie Frx Fun wnth Names Jokes Crossword Puzzle and the Hnssler In all Ukuah H: Talk has enloyed a very pros perous year : . . : , , 1 1 , , 1 r r r ' ' i -ills , f1"T7fllfQ, M :Crit - ' 1 - .' ' .Le - 1 . , . , . . . - 1 1 1 r I - 1 T ' FRONT ROW Muckey Hees Kathy Hopkms Sue Brown Nancy Cole Sandra Patnck Marilyn Bertsch Sharon Young Judy Perry SECOND ROW Rose Mary Allen Barbara Hefte Kathy Fitch Sandra Kus sow Carolee Connor Roberta Horr Vnrgmln Bechtol Pete Josse THIRD ROW Carol Otton Mana Dock ms Bonnie Mason Jo Wlse Cathle Sullivan Belly Tolllm Karen Johnson 0 -1 FRONT ROW Advnser Mrs Mary June Posey SECOND ROW Secretary Betty Tollmu Presndent Jo Wrse Vlce President Pete Josse Treasurer Sharon Young 'WSQ FMZZAU Queen 'fi' XIX- O lf, A 11' 'v Quebuxx Uowxfi "? Pot Rec fi Bcrboro HCIHTZ 'SI' gf' L Moxlne Jensen X Bonnie Henry Betty Klnmcn --L We E604 llll ,- l02 FRONT ROW Advnser Mr Tatum John Scott Jum DeWntt James Muller Larry Snoen Jerry Wallace Woody White Jerald Mason Bob Warner Dan McCracken SECOND ROW Tom Rrchardson Joe Harlan Larry Venturu Johnny Muller Rlch Hutchrson Chrls Phllbrlck Daryl McClendon Doug Norfolk Alden Hmds Davld Maxwell Rnck Wnssmath THIRD ROW Bob Ryder Bill Plerce Muke Adcox Ken Anderson Muke Hayes Don Shear Felux Riggs Marc Johnson Bull Snook Ron Severson Hap Wheale BACK ROW Ray Crabtree Dave Brown Carl Johnson Ralph Malze Vernon Rlchey Ed Grazlano Jrm Walton Do,ug Penmngston Bull Parduccr Bob Argroves Ralph Jackson The Block U Society guided thus year by Mr Tatum, carrned on a number of OCTIVITICS The orgamzatuon donated S250 toward the doctor bulls of a member who had broken has leg un football Thus money was ralsed by members of the Block U by playmg the faculty un two basketball games Money was also raused by sellmg programs at the football and basketball games and from the annual Block U Boxung Show whlch becomes more successful each year Later an the year the Block U members went on a sk: trlp to Squaw Valley 5.--x EZMAUS Q hm 'ffxnib Hifw GAA FIRST ROW Dorthy Mayfreld Margre Rutchey Janet Rawles Martha Melba Trngley Frances Bogner Gall Evans Dorothy Abbott Judy Thompson Leah McGee Joyce Kulala Edna Hays Sue Taylor Lmda McKeehan Delllah Butterfreld Brenda Stone Cathre Sullivan Joellyn Johnson SECOND ROW Sandra Kussow Sharon Ross Lynn Craw Wlse Carol Otton Loretta Reed Susan Swann Susan McCombs ford Vrrgrma Burt Geraldme Jensen Sue Walsh Kathy Frtch Sue Beth Munday Peggy Muller Donna Bull Brown Anna Ruggs Mane Guntly THIRD ROW Joan Mayfreld The G A A , under the supervlslon of Mass Patrlcla Walsh cansnsted thus year of some frfty members partlcrpatmg ln badminton tumbling volleyball basketball tennls, and softball Other club actwmes Included sponsormg color days, and attend mg Sports Days at Wllluts and Cloverdale The mann event of the year was a Playday Sportsday held un Ukuah February 28th to whnch several Mendocuno County Hugh Schools were unvrted The fnne cooperatuon of all club members and offucers helped make thrs a very successful year 104 I Q . I I' 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 3 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 . . . , 1 1 1 1 - I , . LEFT TO RIGHT: Treasurer Sue Walsh, Secretary Susan McCombs, President Leah McGee, Vice President Melba Tingley, Publicity Manager Donna Bull. LEFT T0 RIGHT Senior Sue Brown Freshman Virginia Burt Sophomore Sandra Kussow Junior Janet Rawles LEFT TO RIGHT Treasurer Dorthy Mayfield Vice President Edna Hays President Joan Mayfield Publicity Manager Susan McCornbs Secretary Kathy Fitch 0? FIRST ROW Maxlne Jensen Kathy Fitch Genre Trmar Llnda THIRD ROW Frank Johnson Tom Lagomarslno Wllllam Cody l'l"'d5 Bfenda Hall 5lW'9f' Y0U"9 KU'9'1 5eYd'l GUY' 5""'h Duck Bennett Walter Brown Allen Johnson Don Jameson David SECOND ROW Rosemary Allen Melba Trngley Karen Johnson Mgxwell Te,-ry Butlllwll K., Cleland Loretta Reed Susan Swann Mary Twmlng Mrs Jeanette Hovey DAANSA California Scholarshnp Federatlon Chapter l59 N started the school year wath a membershup of 28 whlch was Increased to 46 for the second semester Fifteen of these are semors, and eight of the sensors have made llfe memberships Socnal actuvntues for the year have mcluded a breakfast meetmg each semester at the Palace Hotel at whlch tnme the new members were welcomed The Northern Das trlct Conference, In Sacramento Aprul 24 25, and a trap to San Francisco In May were other Interesting events I e r s OFFICERS President Allen Johnson, Treasurer Susan Swann, Secretary Maxme Jensen, Vlce President Bull Beaufort . C, ,i my ':: ' f? H A Q 2 ',.- 3 X, : 1 ' ' A g A Q 4. ' fx lk . S . A I e 2-3 il? ti il I su Q af, I 4 ezf U 1 25 ' I 1 . I . I . . l .' 2 r . I I . , V V I V ' . , I I ' I 1 , ' . , , , ' . I I , - - I I I I . . . . I - I . , . I 1 - ' I . a i IO6 FIRST ROW Vlrglnla Bechtol Lynn Cole Margaret McNerll mary Allen Melba Tmgley Karen Johnson Loretta Reed Sue Chnstme Cook Shella Brooks Kathleen Johnson Zoe Anderson Taylor Susan Swann Betty Tollml Cathle Sullrvan FOURTH Maxine Jensen Robln Fleming SECOND ROW Glenda Blanken ROW Stephen lsle Franz Schwarm Tom Lagomarsmo Wrllram ship Barbara Hette Jean Bartlett Kathy Frtch Penny Swann Cody Jeff Beck Duck Bennett Allen Johnson Alex Zbrtnoff Barbara Levy Sharon Johnson Sharon Young Karen Seydel Pat Walter Brown Jack Obucuna Frank Johnson Don Jameson Levy Mrs Jeanette Hovey THIRD ROW Michael Rlchards Rose Davrd Maxwell Terry Buchholz Krt Cleland Servuce has been rendered by the members nn varlous ways Some members have been tutormg students who needed help In mathematics, foreign languages, and English Thus asslstance was arranged by the counselors, and was guven before school, after school, or durrng study hours Two C S F members took charge of the peanut selllng campargn for the polro fund dnve CS F has been represented an student body offlces, cheer leading plays, and sports Student Assembly Representative Allen Johnson Treasurer Zoe Ander son Secretary Loretta Reed President Maxine Jensen Vlce President Duck Bennett Zag 4 4 J F i I c ll e 2 r S 107 0444 FRONT ROW Officers Presldent Karren Lone Secretary Norma Hughs Treasurer Arlene Naumann Rally Commlssloners Susan Rea and Janne Robertson SECOND ROW Mary Lourse Ekenberg Marilyn Owen lrana Kern June Frnney Jud: Nichols Margaret Nlchols Ruth Dunsmg Ruth Alexander Ann Sword Martha Bu tow Pat Campbell Sherry Weston THIRD ROW Carolyn Dough erty Sherry Llmpert Judlth Anderson Margie Ritchey Lewayne Ponsonby Anme Quan Coleen Harklns Patsy McDonald Mary Wnght Bonme Henry Donna Lockart FOURTH ROW Lynn Cole Genales Green Glenda Blankenship Edna Hays Edna Gray Betty Tollmr Barbara Levy Carole Barnette TOP ROW Mr Lyle Thunen Pam Radclrffe Katle Jo Johnson Jean Pearson Katherine Shanyfelt Blllle Chambers Pat Levy Patty Amadlo Mr Ben Farmer i I BOTTOM ROW Offrcers Publmty Manager Ruth Dunsmg Treas urer Glenda Blankenshrp President Edna Hays, Vuce Presudent Coleen Harkms, Secretory Jud: Nrchols SECOND ROW Dora Estes, Jean Mayo, Llnda Frasslnello, Juanita Wrlllams, Dolores Dunslng, Carol Mllanl, Rosemary Ray, Dolores Pankey, Jeraldune Jensen THIRD ROW Bettv Anderson, Nancy Ganter, Jeanne 108 Duarte Eleanor Erlcksen Sharon Scott Donna Hughs Dolores Chavez Cherl Hesseltme Dot Mayfleld, Judith Perrme TOP ROW Carolnne Montgomery, Susan Grady, Barbara Lane, Nyla Mc Connell, Geneva Burrell, Charlene Henry, Suzl Rea, Marllynn Wat kms, Janne Robertson, Vlrglnla Burt, Marllyn McConnell I A A 4 5 4 ll 4 - 4 I ' l 0 , . - q K , s Q 5 4 - - . A ' Y AU . 'T : " 1 - 1 Q Q . . 2 O V' I H Y . ' - Y W 4, V , J L A ' 5 .1 Q I 1 I s V l - , 1 SNL , . y-'-'--e .,' I .. I 2 , . 1 A , - ' 'Y , f A . ' 4 A . l lbll, L 7' I -Y 'v' . x f S -Q., Q. T ,if X " fl M I : ' z ' , V ' , ' r , . , ' ' , ' . - 1 , ' . : ' , I l 1 , I ' . , ' , ' ' , , , - 1 - ' I D I y I ' I I I I f , : - , V I 1 - I . I . , . . I I N .. .,"1N : ' 7 ' ' ' I ' I ' 1 1 . I I . I I ' Z Key CM TOP ROW Tom Lagomarsuno Duck Bennett Mr Beseda Dan McCracken Jerald Mason Jeff Beck BOT TOM ROW Bob Capell Ray Yueldung Doug Davuna Noel Burt Not puctured Doug Gardner Sunce the sprung of 1958 when the Key Club was recognuzed by the Ukuah Unuon Hugh School Student Councul as a regular student body club ut has been a leader un all school actuvutues Many of the Key Club members are out standung athletes on Ukuah Hughs athletuc teams One of uts most successful accomplush ments durung thus school year was uts co Unuon Hugh School Student Durectory The durectory has proved to be very popular wuth students and faculty Currently the Key Club us spearheadung the organuzatuon of a constututuonal conven tuon for the purpose of makung Ukuah Unuon Hugh Schools Constututuon a more modern and functuonal document lf they have the same success wuth the latter prouect as they have had wuth all others theur goal of pro ducung an up to date workable constututuon wull be achueved Advuser Mr Beseda Sophomore Durector Tom Lagomarsuno Presudent Duck Bennett Treasurer Jerold Mason Secretary Jeff Beck Senior Durector Ray Yueldung sponsorship with the senior class ofthe Ukiah CW The Ukuah Unuon Hugh School Student Body adopted a new constututuon un February 1959 Thus constututuon was the result of the combuned efforts of the student body student commuttees student representatuves faculty representatuves and the school s admunustratuon Our new constututuon us not orugunal Many of uts provusuons were borrowed from our prevuous constututuon and constututuons of other schools However some of uts provusuons are orugunal For example The candudates for the followung of fuces must have a B average presudents and vuce presudents of the classes Assocauted Stu dent Body presudent vuce presudent secretary and treasurer We feel that thus latter provusuon us revolutuonary un student government and that ut wull result un more competutuve spurut among our candudates We belueve that Ukuah Unuon Hugh School s student government can and wull be a huge suc cess uf the enture student body takes an actuve unterest un supportung ut Our student government operates on the premuse that the only way stu dent government wull satusfy students needs us for the student to make these needs known to hus elected repersentatuves The followung chart Student Government for Ukuah Unuon Hugh School wull guve an udea of the framework of our student government PRINCWAL L,uRu.s' 'omscroe 0? CDUNJELOR STUDENT KlT1vITl Vue: PRINUPAL Swuocuu Bonv STUDENT HSSLMBLY REOfzE'sEmTRuuvES df cum? ns SOL! VIUCN9 C.,CMPCsu1D ck SuL,DExuT QCD! Ot-HQERQ Du'L'?guDntst'u'S TWU We: '5u1Y5ul7ENl't5 ck 'nL1cLPuQxu1s Qv WSC gguxsmu W Hg CXTYU- UZL HPJIMUZAIS mm Haut mm Qtouzuf SEJXMTILCS COMMISYZ UH!! CCMUISSILAIEIIS rl HNMLY WBUQJW Tumvuuusvoumruouu, HND Pcguug l2muNTuuMY ,Xiiumf cCu,NCuz. uyfpggub gk 5TLOEAf'f GIDY r, FHLEQS QQESVQCMT5 RNQ glgi ptxfglgglllg gk mn LUZSMZ S , . . . . . . u I I I I - , . . . . . . 1 . - uu -u . . uu : , V . . . . . . ,, . . . ' r ' I I - I I : ,., .. " - ' 5 B . uv , 5 I ' ' . - t -- 1 - ', 'V . u "' T , .-... ' 1 X X 3 . 1 V , P' , 9, f, .., ., -. - ' . ' u . - -- X .Nl - x u ' 5 A X r V ,c. 3 . ' uf X .N - ..A N '? K X B Q 7- , ,- -f 1 W' , F017 Ney " J 'Mew " CAST Jon Weeks Barbara Towne Dave Johnson Denms Balt Bull Beaufort Ron Parducu Sandy Palnck Jerald Mason Doro hazar Jum Conlln Duck Bennett Maxine Jensen Marilyn Brown thy Foote and Chrissy Cook The members of the Gage famlly seek peace In an old farmhouse Mother remodels the house whale Father trles to wnte a best seller novel In a blitz of mterruptlon mstead of un that country qunet he sought In the confusuon he ignores the arrlval of the Rockwoods who have a rrght to Iwe In the Gage home No one worries about that clause an the deed sznce the Rockwoods were supposed to be dead Even before the second act began the Student Body Play January Thaw could be termed a success The entire student body can be very proud of the l959 Student Body Play t : , , , ' - ' 1 .1 'f 1 I. .I . I . I . ' I I . . . ,, ,,. . . . , . ll ' ll I 1 I lll Chrissy Cook and Bull Beaufort Mrs Louise Thompson Ron Parduccl Duck Bennet? and Maxine Jensen Marilyn Brown Jlm Conhn and Bull Beauforf Sandy Pairlck and Doroihy Fooie Dove Johnson and Jon Weeks 4 We KW Www LEFT T0 RIGHT Gerald Muller Trm Cuneo Bob Ryder John Scott Nelll Murphy and lynn Cole The Bishop Mlsbehaves was a fast movmg combmatlon of comedy and mys tery unvolvlng a bushop has suster and several soft hearted crooks The plot develops when the bushop accidentally discovers a theft Through mgemous methods he outwlts the crooks and turns them over to the authorltres Under the guldance of Mrs Hovey and Mr Gullland every semor can be very proud of has sensor play lt was a sparkling success ln every vmagnnable way MMC Gerald Muller Joellyn Wise John Scot! Lynn Cole 4:-.p rar- Edward Totten y Pearson Rona d Stafford B Ed Aust n Terry Sanderson T ROW Jerry Reeves James Lane Dona d Loft s Da e Beck R :hard Fr sb e SECOND ROW James Rhodes Ross Va spe Jack Mou der Dav d Haro d Ford Kent Sm th Dav d Marsha Rusk ROW James TH RD Shear 'Y Da chrab e Henry Absh re val I1 Gene Tore Dona d P Hman Kenneth Baum A en Toa Pete Vandervorf FRONT ROW Dona d Gal ng Kenne h Garner Larry B ankensh p SECOND ROW Harod Herr nglon John Sfafford Dona d Leyone Bob Cox TH RD ROW Merv n Br H n Ar! Slambaugh Tam Gower James Dobb ns A ben R clrey Be cher Larry Andrews Marv n Tafe Jack Sfarback Denn s W ey 9Y , I' Q' ' 'I .' 57. , 1 - . .L -M IH iff . 0 1 I Ii , , II I, I i , , I I , . I I I , I I , I . i I , i , I , , . I : i i i , W II, i it, Jim Mobl , , I , , i ill . Oh Dou d Dav ooda UWM FRONT ROW Cup Bull Welch Malor Rlchard McDonald Cap Roger L Wren ll lavern Halton Malor George Lang SECOND ROW Ll Glenn DeKeno Ll Alvln Trlpp Ll Gary Lowell Ll Rickey Flores Ll Charles Green 2741 K FRONT ROW Malor Rnchard McDonald Furs! U Edward Pulerbaugh Capt Bull Welch SECOND ROW Cp Tom Gower Sgl Jlm Dobbins Master Sgt Daryll Shear CFC Wnllnam Renfro CFC Gene Tale 6 ' ,. Lx ' lu -G Y .. C ' iw '4 .1 l 1 v , E1 -f 6 L l , 1 ' nv Y f . L' Y ...A tv 5 : . ' , ' ' , . . , . ' , ' . : . , . . . , . ' , . . J r : ' ' 1 A - , . ' . : . , . ' , . , ' ' , . Jn If BOY Qpfzbd I y "" f zff1c ,f W Q R W 5 f M940 fd p My AQ? ,af ,wiv J AQJZDQI , UA' ' ' dw, QA, ,QLD 7 -,yay 211 :Zf-for ?-L41-U fffwcz. qt 119 .V Y I L 4 , 4 2 L fr X VA 5 L Y ' 3:2 ff 3 'I Y f , , ,- X I ,, I,,. f . W , - I , f2" W 5 ' 'L' -1 1 rf, ' X ..,-V 'V 17M Q 'R ff V ,fx ' , dk' A4 ' I6 J , ' , 7 1 A "',J, 1 f ' ' , 'cl' . X K-If 'A -.J Q x LINE Dave Brown Bob Warner Bull Pierce Dave Maxwell Larry Venwrl John Seo!! and larry Lynch BACKFIELD Joe Harlan Fred Scanfe Jum Dewm and Jrm Walron M41-ly Foolgndf Coach Fred lien LINE Doug Pennington Ron Severson Dan McCracken larry Snoen and Sian Banks BACKFIELD Johnnie Muller Ray Crabiree Jerry Hunt James Maller Bob Argroves and Terry Dyckman 1 I I I I I I ' : I I I ' : I I I I ' : I Y I I I ' LINE Tyler McCabe Hap Wheale Jerry Wallace Rlckey Wlssmath Doug Norfolk Bull Snook Carl Johnson BACKFIELD Byron Mclennan Ralph Jackson Fuzzy Moulder Pete Frey We can never completely measure the success of a football season by a team s won lost record We must take unto consideration at least two more factors the team s splrlt and the school s support of the team The success ofthe 1958 varslty season must be measured to dlscount any one of them The won lost record of the 58 season was dlsapponntmg To the contrary however the spurlt of both the team and the school was never hugh er At every game our cheerleaders and songleaders re flected the splrlt of the entlre school lt IS a great credut to the team and school to make a successful season out of a winless one Coach Marshall leve LINE George Weger Cary Madison Don Shear George LOIIOS Russell Porterfleld IACKFIELD .llrn 0 Connor Fuzzy Moulder Daryll Shear Bob Gutierrez Byron Mclennan Ralph Jackson Q . . .l ff with these three factors an mlnd. We should not attempt . , ' J V FMZZAM ra if BOTTOM ROW Aaron Clark Robert Bnghtenstme Eddie Tur Sutten Don Connolly Leland LaMalfa David Ford Doug Mod ner John Bookout Terry Sanderson Jim Walters Pete Josse rell Manager Jack Cohen TOP ROW Bob Shoemaker Ron Miller Dan Norfolk Sklp Lombard Dennis Maxwell Gary Smith Dick Maurer Charles Youell Dean Hampton Ron Parker Marvin Wally Kemp SECOND ROW James Harris Don Klapperlch Don Boesel Ralph Mork Ed Austin Jack Pearce Pug Radler Don Scalfe Bob Harktns Shirley Clark Don Williams Don Gatlmg Banks Jim May Bill Hickey Bull Thrasher Lewts Stanley Charles Tolllnl Galen o This year the Junior Varsity football squad showed that the prospects in football at Uklahl are bright The team compiled a 5 wm and a 3 loss one of the top J V performances in recent years Their overall teamwork not only in offense but an an excellent defense as well helped the team to a rewarding season Credit must be given to the team as a umt Seldom has Uktaha ever been prouder of the Junior Varsity squad 122 0 I , ! 1 I E 1 , 7 S lu' e ' Sn 4 if A , P, . X, , . . I - J , , , 75 J , ao James Rhodes, Bill Groom, Randall' Hays, Roberl Myers, Bill Buskh, Mike Madison, Doub Clarke, Ron Ledford, Tom Timor, ' 1 I 1410 -f4-""'.-9.4.4 -2' Foollna ff., , --4 I .',. if I ' A Q :' 'J-We -'s,' fi." Arg. , ,., --Q: ,t,J.4V,,,'j 'x- J A 91 'I R Liv , Laffy C -T in v- V A mmf 'ibn- f'4 J.,-4 04044 0444A 'ID dc BOTTOM ROW Doug Gardner Jerald Mason Bob Ryder Ken Anderson TOP ROW Mike Hayes Fellx Rlggs Marc Johnson Tom Richardson Joe Sanchez Thus year the Ukuah Hugh Cross Country Team was coached under the watchful eye of Mr Jerry Cook At Tamalpnas un the first meet of the year the team made a tremendous showlng placmg sux men In the flrst mne out of freld of fifty four runners From there they went on to wun fuve straught North Bay League meets but lost the N B L Champuonshup by only mne pomts Even though they lost the champuonshup the team averaged l9 pomts per race better than the champuons Tamalpnas On Frnday November 21 the top seven traveled to Palo Alto to run In the North Coast Section Race The team made a fme shownng by placing sixteenth out of forty four schools In all the Cross Country Team traveled 2000 mules to wm mne out of twelve meets a very fme record Coach Jerry Cook 6 A Emkddnd ML Q71 DD AHW nA 1 iz? Q 1 5 5 9 ' 5 'Q I 4 I C h M h k I nina. l 1 F use Russ Brown , ' ny -mi , K ' T. ff Bob Britton x nx -. A N .a 'r ix qi U 4 1, -2' le' Av .f -P A A - C , ,ff fr ' fx XLA ' ' x A f A I - J rom L.fQfQn,, Rich Huefhason non Kms Dave Maxwell Burt Banzhaf Varsuty basketball was In the rebulldlng stage thrs season Because of the loss of the key men and lack of any real height the Wildcats mvssed expenence and re bounding power One of the key attributes they dnd have was that of a scrappy de fense which has caused gruef for many teams Scormg was faurly even between Sensors Ed Grazuano and Bob Britton wrth 168 and 153 respectively Juniors Russ Brown Rach Hutchlson Tom Lawrence Don Behneke Dave Maxwell and Fred Chase also con trlbuted many pomts for the Wildcats Doug Crane Wayne Norman Don Behneke D"' Fwd Manager Ralph Mark EMMZZIJZ 4 FRONT ROW Ricky Wnldberger Melvin De Anglls Kit Cleland Gary Gwen Miko Hill MIDDLE ROW Pat Harmon Chris Philbrick Doug Modrell Mike Hayes Carl Stromberg Dennis Maxwell TOP ROW Fred Maize Charles Tollini Daryl McClendon Don Jameson Jlm Croloot Jack Pearce Coach De Hart "B" basketball was also rebuilding this season. Under a very rough schedule, the "B" team has proved that in the next few years, basketball at Ukiahi will be of top rating. The top scorers on the team were Doug Modrell wtih l58 points, Chris Philbrick with 149 points, and Charlie Tollini with 75 points. Top performances from Daryl McClendon, Carl Stromberg, Kit Cleland, and Jack Pearce were also valuable. From an inexperienced club at the beginning of the season, the "B" team greatly improved as the season progressed. wwlly EMMAM FRONT ROW Corl Johnson Fuzzy Moulder Ed Grazlano Ed Turner Bob Argroves Ralph Malze Rickey Wlssmuth Gone Worst SECOND ROW Bob Warner Larry Luster Larry Lynch Gary Borgna Dave Sharrock Johnny Muller Dave Brown Coach Ruben Beseda The 1959 Uklah Wildcat varsity baseball team promised to be one of the best If not the best In our history Led by Gary Borgna Ralph Mauze and Fuzzy Moulder a strong tno of putchers our baseball team must deflnltely rank as one of the finest teams un Northern Calufornla Gary Borgna only a lunlor thus year has turned Ralph Maize a member of the varsnty baseball team has freshman year has compnled a wonderful won lost record In these four years The only southpaw on our pltchmg staff IS Fuzzy Moulder the man wlth the wlcked curve ball Provldmg both power and spark Dave Brown the battmg cham plon of the league tn hls tumor year has been a stand out at third base Ed Grazlano and Rickey Wlssmuth or Bob Argroves have been mvaluable as the keystone comblnatlon Our three outflelders Larry Lynch Carl Johnson and Johnny Muller certamly have provuded plenty of power at the plate All three have figured prominently both at bat and on the fleld In the wmmng streak at the flrst of the season Under the guudance of Coach Ruben Beseda the varslty baseball team represents Uklah Hugh School at nts athletic best lt IS a team of which we can be very proud f'Vt Coach Beseda 1 : ,H H I ' I 1 I l I I I I . I I 4 . v 1 ll gy i . 1 1 I ' a I I I . . 1 I . . . I In outstanding performances, made greater by stiff compehtnon. I I - - - - n vu . I ll ' . II I T I ' . I I I I I I EMMA 7"WK75Q -as---ug, 2:5 JVBMMAZZ FRONT ROW Eddle Aushn Sieve Bollmger John Scudero Reber! Harluns Marc Johnson Larry Parduccu Don Connolly Pal Damon Pa? Flnnegan Robert Lombard Richard Maurer Max Babcock lloyd Ritchey Manager BACK ROW Fred Wrlghl James Rhodes Ron Hallman Jam Walters Don Gallnng Alvm Daugherty Gary Gwnn Reber? Myers Doug Modrell Carl Slromberg Randall Hays Charles Tollmu James Young Coach Mr Yokum Thus years lumor varslfy baseball team was coached by Mr Yokum Under has watchful eye the team promises to enloy a very successful season Coach Yokum "Fl" Tweak I T 132 - FRONT ROW Alden Hands Jerald Mason George Lang Ron Barnes Doug Slaven Woodrow Whlte Charles Lovell Nell Murphy Pete Jose Chrls Cllburn MIDDLE ROW Dean Hampton Bull Snook Vuctor Bergstrom Leland La Malfa Ron Guthrue Jerry Hunt .lun Crofoot Terry Dyckman Ken Anderson Jose Sanchez TOP ROW Charles Heatherly Ed Totten Galen Sutten Ron Kung Doug Norfolk Bull Pnerce Don Severson Lewis Stanley Blll Muller Doug Holmes 1,-"""'z ,v-fr'-1 Coach ten Coached by Fred lten the A track team has enloyed one of the best track seasons un recent years Especlally strong In the long drstances our track team has provlded rough competntlon for the many fine track teams nn Northern Callforma The 1959 track season was hrghllghted by several outstandung performances Ken Anderson one of the standouts on the cross country team won has flrst four 880 races ofthe year Bob Ryder has also dnstlngulshed himself as a long distance r ner Vlctorlous In ny of has mule runs hls best time as been A 51 Provudmg speed on the team Alden Hinds our hugh hurdler and Woodrow Whrte a sprmter greatly lncreased the total Ukuah ponnts nn every meet All In all, our A track team has well represented Uklahu and as such us a great credut to Uklahn , C tx 1 '. I I ' 1 '- . l . 4 'x 1 - A . 41 1' I Y ' X 'r I 2 ' , , , , , ' f I . I V . . ' 1 I V , , . , 1 t , . I 1 r I I I r , , 1 - ll X ' fA..,g Q,"- , dnl' ' 2. I '1- lx .4-f,' , , I ' , , 1 Un h . . . me . . . . h , I I I I - .. .. . . 1 , . QKX' vids wok lk s A- Ii "K" Tfmck .LH ... l l34 BOTTOM ROW Warren Luce Bull Cody Pug Radler Don Klapperlch Gary Smlth Tom Lagomarsmo Bull Hnckey John Bookout MIDDLE ROW John Jones Byron McLennan Tom Casebler Lewls Ruddlck Felux Ruggs Ken Rowley George Fowler Bob Wallus Allen Toal TOP ROW Rod Palmer Denms McMahon Fred Duncan .lack Pearce Aaron Clark Reggae Baleman Pele Vandervort Pele Frey Terry Sanderson Terry Buchholz Charles Youell The B team this year was a well balanced squad wtuh em phasvs partlcularly In the mlddle dlstance and long dnstance runmng e by Felux Rlggs one of the top l32O runners nn Northern Calnfornla Rod Palmer top rated hugh lumper and Alan Toal pole vaulter In addltnon to Reggle Bateman a top dustance runner the B track team certainly can be proud of a successful season of-ck FRONT ROW Larry Nrxon Tom Richardson Dave Douthn Ted Muller Jlm lake Charles Buherfreld Terry Goodwrn Rrckae Flores Larry Mrfchell TOP ROW Ray Grazuano Bull Thrasher Tom Rrcem Howard Chambers Leslie Shank Larry Wlllrams Curtis Toler Bull Foster Walter Haydon C Trackmen do not have the opportunuty to run In as many meets as the A s or B s But an the meets they do run they galn valuable experlence for future years Top men on thas year s squad are sprmter Dave Douthut 660 runner Tom Rrchardson and pole vaulter Howard Chambers 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 11 - ' ' . 1 1 6 I FRONT ROW: Jim Miller, Terrell Abshire, Mickey Hees, Bob Cortes, John Ricetli, Tom Ricelti, Tam Timar, Pug Radler, Gary Smith, Ray Graziano, Ed Graziano, Jerry Wallace. SECOND ROW: Jim Kelly, Pat Harmon, Phil Debler, Jim Flatt, Rod Ollienbruns, Bob Myers, Joe Kosiba, Larry Snoen, Aaron Clark, Don Leyone. BACK ROW: Bill Heintz, Daryll Shear, Clem Coughlin, Jim Ford, John Scott, Chris Cliburn, Joe Canturonl, Don Loftis. Coach Tatum The annual boxing show sponsored by the Block U ns one of the top intramural sports actlvutles un school This years show was no exception There were l7 headline events cllmaxed by James Muller s K O victory enabling hum to capture the heavyweight championship Other events from flyweught to light heavyweight were featured Many of the boys could barely come out of their corners for the last round due to heavy battling un the previous rounds Thanks to Coach Tatum and members of the Block U the boxing shows seem to be improving with age FRONT ROW Don Stlpp Jerry Boesel Don Crawford Daryl McClendon Doug Clarke Jack Cohen BACK This year the Ukiahu golf team had cz very successful season Midway through the season the team looked very good and had not yet lost a meet Among the most promising of the veterans were Dave Thornton and Don Crawford sophomores and Chris Phnlbruck Daryl McClendon and Mike Hayes rumors In the up and coming department freshmen Doug Clarke Franz Schwarm Mike Hill and Dennis Meyer showed a great degree of skill for their experience ROW: Franz grhwarm, Mike Hayes, Mille Hill, Chris Philbrick, Dave Thornlon, Denny Meyer. i xl UI its N F 'H H XQXNX Y A I f! I f' I . JSI' VV A 1 clj.: ex 0 1' , r',T'fi'f 'Jw i 5 4 Jsjtg 4 A' -zqdf-'nan 1 1 i z' for-wh ""'L.. keg l 44 i 'Uh'-ra' 14 MRL FRONT ROW Genre Tumor Martha Thompson Janet Rawles Beth Mundoy Leah McGee Cathne Sullivan Carol Otton Susan McCombs Anna Rlggs Morgue Rltchey Joyce Kulala BACK ROW Muller Donna Bull Loretta Reed Brenda Stone FRONT ROW Janet Johnson Sharon Ross Dorthy Mayfueld Frances Bogner Bermce Elmer Vlrgmla Burt BACK ROW Lnnda Johnson Susan Walsh Sandra Kussow Gall Evans Linda Frasslnello Marllyn Watknns Donna Hughs X 16 I4 fy Joan Mayfield, Dorothy Rhyne, Marie 'Guntly, Sharon Johnson, Kothly Fitch, SusanlSwain, Peggy l 4 FIRST ROW Delulah Buiferfleld Rosemary Allen Joyce Kuyula Linda Hooper Joellyn Wlse The Spider SECOND RCSW: Melba Tingley, Michal Boggs, Sue'Brown, Sondra'Kussow, Irma Bgss. K2 4 xa QOUWQUU JUNIORS FRONT ROW Mariha Thompson Sue Taylor Peggy Muller Donna Bull Beih Munday Janet Rawles Paffy Muller BACK ROW Margie Rnchey Carol Olion Sharon Johnson Kathy Futch Duane Lunderhausen Lorena Reed Susan McCombs Marne Gunfly x.,-NRL 45X SENIORS FRONT ROW Leah McGee Irma Bass Edna Hays Anna Ruggs BACK ROW Delilah Butter field Kathy Shanyfelt Joan Mayfneld Melba Tmgley I4 . V 'A X . . 41' 4- .1 T A X, K' E Q, E , ,R HQ X V ' O. :X Q 1 4 X A i . ,T i aa a X -. x af - , , 1f"- FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORES FRONT ROW Jane! Johnson Sharon Ross Dorihy Mayfield Frances Bogner Bernice lynn Walkms Donna Hughs w Elmer, Virginia Burt. BACK ROlN: Linda Johnson, Sue Walsll, Sandra Kussow, Gail Evans,'Linda Frassinellh, Mari- I P xfx AN Ll FRONT ROW Sue Taylor Leah McGee Susan McComb: Martha Thompson Donna Bull BACK ROW Margie Ritchey Joan Mayfield Irma Bass Edna Hays Carol 0Non FRONT ROW: Joyce Kuiula, Anna Riggs, Sue Brown, Janet Rawles, Pa! Miller. BACK ROW: Susan Swain, Kaihy Fitch, Delilah Bimerfield, Pa! Bass, Lorem: Reed. FRONT ROW Martha Thompson Leah McGee Joyce Kulala Anna Rrggs BACK ROW Calhre Sullrvan Joan Mayfreld Zoe Anderson Margre Rrfchey Edna Hayes FRONT ROW Marsha Hull Anlla Mlller Lynn Crawford Jackie Rrckel Barbara Grrffrn BACK ROW Sandra Kussow Karen Qurck Sue Walsh Frances Bogner Dorrhy Mayfield Renee Thornhrll Sharon Duncan I I I . V . l : . . I I I r - .4 , . I l s , , K X, xv ' I 'V' Y- E , 3 x x ' A Hr W - Y sf ff ' M1 I . ' X J : V . . I I . . , . . . : V l I I I r V They ve had theur Muypom And dnd you hear Have ball wlll Oravel What me worry?" A This is the way lo do it' Will if or won'O if??? What do doctors recommend? X ANTON'S ANTONS PROPANE GAS SERVICE South Highway Phone HO 2 3858 BEACON DRIVE IN The Place To Go After The Show Meet the Gang At The Beacon For A Beacon Burger THE UKIAH NEWS Ukrah s Famrly Newspaper Job Prmtmg HO 2 3808 Best Wushes To The Class of 59 BERLIN S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY 106 South State St HO 2 3683 Prescrlptrons Cosmetlcs SCHWARM S PAINT STORE Dunne s Pamts Duck Schwarm 210 South Mann Street We Operate Our Own Cleanlng Plant EDDINGTON CLEANERS 1205 South Hughway Ukloh Calrfomla Phone HO 2 3728 1 I We Give S 8. H Green Stamps 9 Redwood Appliance 8. TV 721 South State Street HO 2 3003 Servuce After the Sale Dave SPENCER SHOES Now an our new locatlon 101 South State Street Phone HO 2 3166 Palace Sport 8. Hobby Shop Everythung Good an Sportlng Goods Duck Fltzgerald Ed Groves 510 South State Street HO 2 3348 Congratulotlons class of 59 MYRA S BEAUTY SHOP 211 West Standley Street Ukuah Callforma Phone HO 2 5183 Della Day Top Quality Dlamonds and Watches Falr Prices H D Roberts Jeweler 106 West Standley Street Uklah 6 Congratulattons to e class of 59 UKIAH AUTO PARTS Uklah Callfornla Phone HO 2 2918 PALACE BEAUTY SHOP lPalace Hotel Buuldmgl West Smlth Street Uklah Calufornla NELLA TULLY Propruetor Telephone HO 2 4471 I ,S I v 1 1 P X f . . ' th Look y 4 Don't Get Best wishes to class of '59 Twice! . F0011-rd - - - Get Ukuah s One Stop Shopping Center 3 R MARKET UKIAH FOSTER FREEZE Nonh H'9hwaY Next to Hnghway Patrol HO 2 4131 GROCERIES Faults ERNIE S HARDWARE PRQDUCE 307 South Mann Street HO 2 2405 We gave S 8- H Green Stamps Henry Oscar 81 Pete Ward's 8g Wllclberger s Groceries Frults vegetables Mews HO 2 2988 JEROME STUDIO 512 South State HO 2 8440 UKIAH CALIFORNIA Chase Garage Whlte Cottage Cafe 515 South State Street 403 South State H0 2 3894 Uknah Cohfornua I5 1395010 3' PIYMO'-'II' Open 24 hours except Sunday 7 N . , . I I I ' 1 V f XY K X A D is -1 "2fff4'l3Qi.g , we of-'fmgfif , 'tqkqm R? . it .A ':.' 5. Q K ' V ' 5 I 1' - l ' Q . I Cf 0 - . , . - RASCO S RASCO S Uklah s Largest TOY STORE Vonely Depcmmenl Store Uklah s Largest Selection Dependable Quahly of Toys and Wheel Goods at Rasco s Low Pruces 114 NORTH SCHOOL STREET 120 WEST STANDLEY STREET CITY BAKERY for the best ln bakery goods I Go to Ukrah s CITY BAKERY 111 South State HO 2 4127 Uklah Callfornla PORTLOCK HARDWARE S M 6 Fuller Paints Housewares WW Wi SPEED QUEEN uk 5 ,f Washers and Dryers 'E Q-:ii FOSTER S 5 10 15 CENTS sToRE Wnshes the best of Luck to the Graduates 206 South State HO 2 3935 MEDICO DRUG CO H 81 H FURNITURE Prescrnptlon Speclalnsts Uk'C'l" V0ll9Y 5 State and Standley Street Funest Selection of Furniture Open dglly 8 Q m fg 10 p m 209 Somh School Ho 2 3493 Sundays and Holidays 9 a m to 9 p m Phone HO 2 3815 5 7 I 1 l , . XS-' Ig. ' V . :gf X ' 74' X. ' 4 - ' ,P'- -S 1 1 . . . x ' A ' I x I I'-LJ ' . gl g g g W g H l ll ,F . - 393223 .1 fr .tfrg3gy'E. 3.1 1 , ,ti?2Qffi:1::.g Plumbing 8: Electrical Supplies -1 'P -13,1 . ,S y 7 ,..s s,:,.5: r. .sr .- .lfffff 'sew' A I T 'I , 2' -' . -- fre ,- . , Sf " 5 - Q , Y " di, sq I 11 , , N, 4 , O ' I 158 HANSEN S UKIAH FURNITURE CO Church and School Streets Phone HO 2 5644 UKIAH CALIFORNIA You re gomg In the rlght dnrectuon Insure Wlth BOB JARDINE INSURANCE 570 North State Street UKIAH CALIFORNIA Awnings Auto Tops Truck Cushaons Seat Covers ACME Auto Tnm and Awnlng Co 962 North State HO 2 3169 PRESCRIPTION CENTER Nom HAND Professional Pharmacnsts Chevron Gas Station 710 South State State 8. Stephenson Streets Uklah Cahfornla Phone H0 2 6143 Phone Ho 2 5163 UKIAH CALIFORNIA R O N E S Candy and Ice Cream Phone HO 2-5661 582 North State Street UKIAH I ' 1 A I HO 2-2994 'rw I .1 I LINDSEY REAL ESTATE 731 South State 2 3736 Uklah Calrfomla BuIler's Tlme Center Jewelry Watches 8- Gifts Reparrs of all Kmds 411 South State Ukrah Calrforma HO 2 7085 DUNNING morons M-X 6, T IA Congratulations 'Q' .- , I Z cass X Q 1 of 59 'Q'-1 DAVIS APPLIANCES THE ICE BURGIE Congratulations Across from Redwood Tree Service Statlon Io dass of 59 Hamburgers 8. Mrlkshakes 25c Congratulations to the class of '59 THE CHEF 0 I . I . . I I l ,, ,ir ,M X fT R T1 wiv- 'V .mx ' I urn! 'r ull ' - - F I .MXN 5 rx ' Y . Y R- Q K- gg Io H- -,fi if" -.1177 4 " ' ' E ' ' I, N- I 2 - - K - - 0 MENDOCINO COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Enjoy the Pause that Re reshes Home of Photography Natlonally Advertised Clothmg Betty s Dress Shoppe 122 West Standley Street D 0 N C F 0 R D Phone HO 2 2031 Alleen Vinson FORTRAN COMMERCIAL WEDDING Phone HO 2 5449 107 West Church Uklah Callfomla l I i Congratulatvons to HCYBS Music 8 CCITISYCS Class of '59 200 South State Street H0 2 3739 EVERSOLE MORTUARY Ukiah, Califomia Uklahf California Congratulations to Class of '59 I: ' A l l ' C . I 3 , Doug Pennington, Na y B ' t d Artie Tracy l I - by l Luil I 1 161 Mendocino Van 81 Storage Agent Allied van Lines Arnold 81 Ed Bogner 169 Mason Street HO. 2-3754 PIONEER COMPANY Furniture-Appliances Fuel Oils-Propane Gas 245 EAST STANDLEY Congratulations to Class of '59 Highway House of Music Everything in Music Exclusive dealer for Conn, LeBlanc and Selmer Band Instruments 1205 South Highway HO. 2-2407 Q. isa, Q-1 K" , 1 -rv 1 N-':flV"w.' .. 1 Q fjiz. fe 5' ' fi at-Q .iiiigliu is f 5' iiqp--"'f'i.' 1 t j ri i 'f H Q r .- - wi. 1' Ukiah Rexall Drug Store Open every day including Sunday Until 10 p.m. MacNAB'S sHoEs-An-iienc WEAR GENE DAL POZZO cHEvRoN GAS srAnoN U.S. 101 South Ukiah, California HO. 2-6517 221 Nonh Slate Ho' 2-2767 ATLAS Batteries, Tires 8. Accessories Aircraft Maintenance 8. Overhaul Student Instruction 8. Charter Crop Dusting-Spraying Fertilizing-Seeding Lampson Flying Service Municipal Airport, Ukiah HO. 2-4527 Lampson Field, Lakeport CO. 3-4345 B lAl..l.--.. ll......--- A l We also give Gold Bond Stamps AHISIIC BGUUIY SUION Electrlc Heating Speclallst Something Conversational Sam R Davlna Elem-,C In HGH' DFGSSUWQ Llcensed Contractor MR DARRELL Supplles Appliances H0 2 2753 892 North State Ukiah Calufornla 179 Seminary Avenue Uklah Callfornla HQ 2 3939 367 North State HO 2 4289 FAIR MART Complete Food Center 1005 North State Uklah Cahforma 15 Congratulations to the Class of 59 STATE MARKET Fresh Meats Fresh Produce Groceries Frozen Foods ai Lee H Whlte Albertson Insurance Agency 117 South State Ukiah California HO 2 6621 All kmds of Insurance Uklah s Oldest Insurance Servlce Marion's Reliable Mill Supply Co. DANCE sruolo Redwood Highway North, Ukiah 325 N0fll1 51019 HO. 2 5566 lMallillg. a':Zg95l 8H Fmest Instruction By I Mr Gene Yerves 0 0 o o o o . - . I . . . I . 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I 4 I f sz, f -lv-,r:.,, ,.,.4 dur k , , A -'vii'-Pi' i -"' ., , . N 4 E 5fI,.Q:ag,..,-I V. ANTONI TRANSPORTATION SERVICE INC Wood Chlps for Masonlte Board made from Waste A F ANTONI HO 2 4728 Uklah Callfornla MENDO MILL 81 LUMBER Best Wishes to Class of 59 P BARTLETT ou. H0 2 5771 a plygUkhVllyt I ma b byt 309 North State HOQVERS PROPANE UKIAH FEED sronz GAS ssnvlcs GM, SPP, Sp , P Propane Gas H 26866 O 8. Appliances M1 Good Luck to the Class of 59 M ,fwf M3 www NYM MARKS REG MASONITE CORPORATION Ukiah Plant , ., I ' . - . I . . CO. ' ' Located 2 miles north o iah on Orr S rings Road Sup in ia a e wi h all types of bui ding terials. Lum er he piece or carload. 7 r en u ies- Feeds- Seeds- ra s Leather Goods - Hardware - Power Equi ment , f f 'l' M 5 by v , .t X9 'J 7 N :K N v C' '1 xl YN-7O'41il19 n ,fx ,lf X f fl Q7 X UQ 'QMJXW Q3 fl' Q Q F v sv ' ' T fflf VJ p X O W ,LQ Q 1 X V 7 X3 Q of STA ION Y 8. 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Suggestions in the Ukiah High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Ukiah, CA) collection:

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