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U IAHI B O f UKIAH UNION HIGH SCHCDCL UKTAH CAIIFORNIA V11iwl1i1hf'CilN'y' H10 S T U D E N T D Y cn FGREVVQRD Another year ot our 1 te has paseed us by and as we travel tht ouan the paaee of thrs Annual we ee the events and occur rences that made 1945 and 1947 a mernorable year at Ukranr We nope that throuatt our ettorte wc nat e created anotherrnernorabte wear many tnnee away when you ,hall aaarn unfold the Cvonts ot your youth L V 3 . r. , , . , ' f 5' . A D s. ,, ,, ' ' A J L. f , , 1 1 - ' ' f ' .. I , . , ,fc ,. , f if - ' f f Ye A 1 , 5 , , f 2 , L DEDICATICDN TCD MR. DIETTERLE We take this opportunity to thank you for all the fine things you have done for us during our stay at Ukiahi.. You can be sure that you are appreciated by the entire Student Body, not only as a teacher and coach, but also as a special friend of ours. lt has been our good fortune to have had a friend who gave so much time and energy for our benefit. With sincere gratitude, We affection- ately dedicate this year's Annual to you. v MR DIETTERLE FACULTY MR. PAUL BEAUFORT MR. WILLIAM CHESSALL MRS. NELL COX MR. GEORGE DIE'I'I'ERLE MISS HAZEL EGGE'I'I' MRS. EVELYN EILERS MR. CHARLES FULKERSON MRS. SYBIL GILLOGLY MISS MARGARET HANSON MR. HAROLD LAWRENCE FACULTY MRS NELLE LEONARD MR IOHN C MAHONEY MISS MARY OLIVER MISS SHIRLEY PERRY MR WILLIAM A PIEDMONT MRS THERESA RAY MR IACK ROBERTS MISS GRACE TOLES MISS MARGIE VINSON MR. MORTON MUROV NOW B9tPQM.Q2?RMUtD"?iH?tffftt f I 1 , M W i L 1 r 1 L r .. ' s it alarm 2,3 g rf 'it MONE TOMORROW ""i1-- i Q , AA -f V , A FR , e o right: auline Smi h, Senior Representative: Nelc ne Smith, Freshman Re reseniative: Francine Douglass, o more Representative: Mar aret Bur , Co Editor: Geor e Gilkison, Edi or: ick Smi h, Business Manager: Eleanor Shaw, Girls' Spor s Editor: Miss Hanson, Advisor. : oann Cates. Ar ior: Martin B sh. Boys' Spors Editor: allace Hoo er, Circulation Manager: er u e. Iunior R entati e: Ga! adclifie, Assistant Business Manager. I ANNUAL STAFF ONT ROW 1 tt t P t y p t S ph q t py q t D t SECOND ROW I t Edt t W p B yl R p P Y R Tl-IE ANNUAL STAFF The Annual Staff has been enlarged this year to glve you the Student Body, a blgger and better Annual Because of the War, the last few annuals have been small, but this year, Wlth the liftrng of wart1me restnctlons and the general ava1lab1l1ty of materrals We hope to publrsh an outstandlng Annual Mrss Margaret Hanson was our advlser, and we wish to take thls opportunlty to thank her greatly for her tlme and help We have enloyed worklng wlth her very much Much credit 1S due to the Ed1tor, George Gllkrson, for h1s splendid orgamzatron and h1s assrgnment of dutles to vanous members ot the Staff The busrness attalrs were ably managed by Drck Smlth, Buslness Manager, and Wllh the full cooperahon ot the ent1re Staff, we have been able to complete the work ot the Annual on schedule Wlth these last words, We present you your Annual Uk1ah1 l9-47 W gas if QA? CLASSES x . NJ, ss Q .L , 1 Q! I' 6' ig N f L X Q f , Km' I X' .Q , - Q A -i 1 'Muna 1 i I A i -1g I ! ! J 1 1 JoumQn-tc: LETTER TO SENIQRS To the Class of 1947 I w1sh to congratulate you on your success in com pleting your high school program The time you have spent here has been under abnormal conditions You entered high school When War was raging through out the World and you are leaving when the struggle to attain World peace is at 1ts height changes are in progress in social cond1t1ons and political thinking lt is my sincere hope that the trarn 1ng you have received here will qualify you to meet these situations successfully Sincerely yours Cl-IARLESM PULKERSON Principal This is a transition period. Great and rapid IACK GERMAN President LEFT TO RIGHT Ted 1-Znksen Parlxamenturmn Norma Lucchesx Student Council Representative Shirley Freese Demertt Committee Representative Hugh Preston Vice President NOT PICTURED Louise Delany Secretary Larry Brown Treasurer SENICDR HISTCDRY We came to high school in September 1943 ready to make the rest of the world sit up and take notice As our first day went on we found out that we werent quite so important as we had anticipated After our initiation we were more subdued than ever However our spirits were greatly revived when we arrived at the Frosh Reception for the upper classmen treated us as though we really belonged at Uklahi We gave our Freshman Dance in December and it was a huge success applauded by all Our second year at Ukiahi arrived and as sophomores we tried to act more distinguished for We were now sophisticated morons The theme for our Soph Dance in November was autumn and we decorated the gym with brightly colored leaves and branches to carry out the idea One of our first tasks as juniors was to pick out our class rings which we thought were the best we had ever seen. Our lunior Prom El Trocadero tropical night club was given in the spring. lt proved to be one of the best dances ever witnessed by Ukiahi. By the time lune came our education had advanced considerably. We were looking forward to our senior year which we knew would be very eventful. We came back in the fall of l946 for our final year of high school. Some of our classmates had dropped out along the way but others had come to take their places. We were well represented in sports the CSF. the Student Body and in other organizations. The Senior Play A Date with Iudy turned out so well that it will probably be remembered as one of the best plays ever given by a senior class. Our last dance, the Senior Ball, was another feather in our cap. The last week of school was filled with many events that mark the end ofa senior's life at high school. We left school on lune l3, feeling that our time spent at Ukiahi had been very worthwhile and that we had been well pre- pared for the future. SENIOR CLASS Olfr ICERS ADDOR, EUGENE General Course Stage Manager '45-'47 F'.F.A. '43-'45 ANDERSON CORA BETH College Prep Course Student Body Play 46 Semor Play Semor Ball Commrttee Block U tsmalll BARTOLOMEI LAURA IEAN Commercxal Course Malorette 44 45 BLAIR RUTH Commercral Course Transfer from Arrzona m 45 BROWN LARRY College Prep Course Presrdent of Freshman Class Student Councxl Rep of Iunlor Class Treasurer of Semor Class Parllamentarlan ol Student Body 46 Iumor Prom Commxttee Football 45 B Basketball 45 45 ALEXANDER. EVA Commercial Courle Choral '43-'46 BARTOLOMEI HARRY General Course Vine President of Student Body 4! Baseball 44 47 Football 46 Trafk 47 Cadets 46 4! BISHOP GLORIA General Course Matolette 45 47 Yell Leader 45 Choral 45 46 BROWN IOY College Prep Course Band 45 46 llroral 46 41 Senlol Play General Course Band 44 4! Orvhestra 4? 44 46 4! Cadets 45 46 B Basketball 45 4! Football 45 46 Track 45 47 Vrce Pres1dent ot Blork Annual Staff 47 . nnusr-1, MARTIN H H I I I '46 l BURT. MARGARET College Prep Course Student Body Play '46 Senior Play Secretary of Student Body '46 Secretary of Sophomore Class Band '43-'47 Treasurer ot Girls League '45 President of Girls League 4 Annual Staff 47 Block U" tsmalll Class Night Committee COUCH DONNA LEE General Course Choral 43 47 Transfer from Oakland m 43 CUMMINS KENNETH General Course Entered the MGIIHSS in 44 DELANY LOUISE College Prep Course C S F 45 46 Senior Class Secretary ERICKSON BEATRICE Commercial Course Choral 43 45 Senior Play CAYA. IOYCE General Course Vice-President of Student Body '46 Vice-President of Girls' League '46 Vice-President of Sophomore Class Vice-President of Iunior Class Secretary oi Student Body '4 Choral 45-'47 Band 43-'45 Annual Staff '46 Block 'U' CUMMINS EDITH Colleqe Prep Course DAVIDSON DAWNEE Commerclal Course CSF 44 46 DUMAS RONALD General Course Orchestra 44 47 RIKSEN THEODORE General Course Presldent of Student Body 46 V1cePres1dent of Sophomore Class 44 Pres1dent of Sophomore Class Parliamentarian of Senior Class Senior Play Editor of H1 Talk 46 C S F 47 Business Manager of Student Body Play 47 Class Night Chairman ' 5 I I 7 ' Senior Play---Script Girl Bend '44-'47 E . , '45 1 . .I . FORD RUTH General Course Semor Play Choral 46 FURBER CAROLES General Course Cadets 44 47 General Course Athletu Bepresentatlve of Student Body Football 44 46 Basketball 43 47 HELMAN PAUL General Course Band 43 47 Cadets 45 47 Student Body Play 46 HENRICHS DORIS College Prep Course Student Body Play 44 47 C S F 44 47 Graduated m three years Block U fsmalll I-'REESE SHIRLEY Commercial Course Secretary of Gxrls League 46 ecretary of Iumor Class Treasurer of Sophomore Class Demerzt Committee Repre sentattve of Semor Class Mayorette 44 47 ell Leader 46 GERMAN lACK College Prep Course Presldent of Semor Class Secretary ofSophomoreClass Parllamentarlan of Student Body 46 Semor Play Football 44 46 B Basketball 44 46 A Basketball 46 47 Baseball 44 47 Trac 45 Publlclty Manager of Block GILKISON GEORGE College Prep Course C S F 45 47 Student Body Play 46 Semor Play Band 45 47 Boys State 46 Busmess Manager of Student Body Play 47 Transfer from San Franclsco ln 45 HENDERSON FRANK General Course Transfer from San Fernando IH 44 HOOPER WALLACE College Prep Course B Basketball 45 46 A Basketball 46 47 Presldent of Block U 46 t . S I Y I. L V . "U" '46 GIBBSI CARLETON Editor of Annual '47 t t KIRK IOANNA College Prep Course Band 43 47 Orchestra 45 46 LOCKHART LEOLA General Course Orchestra 45 47 Choral 46 47 LOWE IANET Commercial Course Treasurer ofG1rls League 45 PUlJllC1lY Manager of Glrls L ague 47 Semor Play Scrlpt Glrl Band 44 45 Bloc-k U MCCULLOCH BARBARA General Course MORRIS ELVA General Course CSF 46 Orchestra 43 47 KIELDSEN KARLYNN Colleqo Prop Couru Vxce Pres1dent of Glrls League 47 LOLONIS PEIROS College Prop Course B Basketball 44 46 A Basketball 46 47 LUCCHESI N ORMA Commercial Course Secretary of Gxrls League 46 Student Councxl Represent ahve of Semor Class Demerxt Commlttee Repre Orchestra 43 45 Block U MILLER CORNELL Colloqe Prep Ccuru Transfer from Fort Bragg 46 Entered Navy 43 PACINI DORA WESELSKY General Course Publ1c1ty Manager of Student Body 46 Student Body Play 46 Semor Play Class Representatlve ol Gxrls League 43 46 Publlcxty Manager of Glrls League 46 Yell Leader 45 46 Ed1tor of H1 Talk 46 Choral 45 47 Block U C S F 45 46 I . 7 7 I , . . e ' , , , , sentative oflunior Class l . 3 , , . I . , . .V I PAI.I.lNl EDWARD General Course Cadets 46 PRBTON HUGH College Prep Course Vlce Presrdent of Senior Class Student Counctl Represent atlve of Sophomore Class B Basketball 44 45 A Basketball 46 47 Iumor Prom COmmlll99 Presxdent ot Block U 47 RAINWATER WILLIAM General Course Band 43 47 Orchestra 44 47 Prestdent oi Sophomore Class RICHEY MARGARET College Prep Course Semor Play Block U RUSSELL. ROBERT College Prep Course Treasurer of Sophomore Class Student Councll Represent atxve of Freshman Class Iumor Prom Commnttee Chalrman ol Semor Ball Commrttee Busmess Manager of Semor Play Football 46 B Basketball 44 45 A Basketball 45 47 Parlzamentartan of Student Body 47 Class Ntqht Commxttee :QM FORTLOCK GEORGE General Course Football 46 Track 44 47 Cadets 46 4! Transfer from Redwood 1n 43 RADCLIFFE GARY College Prep Course Football 46 Basketball 46 47 Annual Staff 47 Cnty Vlce Presrdent of Block U Transfer from Colorado ln 46 RICHARDSON GENE General Course Band 40 43 46 47 Entered Navy m 43 FCGERS SALLY College Prep Course SHAW ELEANOR College Prep Courle L S F 46 Class Hepresentattve of Gul League 46 47 Band 44 45 Orchestra 43 44 Semor Play Semor Ball Commlttee Annual Stall 47 Block U SINGLEY GEORGE General Course F F A 43 45 SMITH PAULINE College Prep Course Presldent of Glrls League Treasurer of Iumor Class Senror Play Annual Staff Chalrman of lumor Prom Commrttee Semor Ball Commrttee Block U SPRECKELSEN DAVID General Course Football 46 47 TACKABERRY RICHARD General Course Football 46 Basketball 46 47 Transfer from Rtversrd 1n 45 THOMPSON RALPH General Course Football 46 FFA 43 45 Publrclty Manager of Block U 7 SMITH IAMES General Course Entered Army rn 44 SMITH RICHARD C Ileqe Prep Course CS F 45 47 Bu mess Manager ol Annual 47 Student body Play 6 Sentor Play Class Nlqltt Commtttee STARKE PATRICIA General Course Ma1orette 45 47 THOMPSON CHARLES General Course Cadets TILTON OLIVE General Course Choral 43 47 VALENTINI ROBERT College Prep Course Presxdent of Student Body Presxdent of lumor Class Athletlc Representative of Student Body 46 Deme-r1t Commxttee Hepre sentattve of Freshman Class Semor Play SGUIOF Ball Committee B Basketball 43 44 A Basketball 44 45 46 47 Baseball 44 47 Football 4? 46 WALLETI' BONNIE General Course Transfer from Cloverdale ln 47 WILSON ROBERT General Course Football 45 Transfer from Arcadxa ln 44 WRIGHT CHARLES General Course B Basketball 46 Track 46 47 Band 46 NOT PICTURED PORTLOCK LLOYD General Course Cadets 43 46 F F A 43 45 WADA AGNES Commercial Course C S F 46 47 Transfer from Colorado tn 46 Block U tsmalll WlCKSTROM ENIDA Commercxal Course WONG HERSCHEL College Prep Course WRIGHT KATE General Course Choral 45 46 SENICDR W1LL A 1 fv-1 y, -.. X 1-"ff ":1 131711 A 1. T 'Q . 1 ' : 1 1 1111-:1 111 1 11.11-1111'111 f 1, If 1 11 11 1 ' 1. 1 .. - 1 1 1. 51. : ' 1' fi 1' 511 1 1. -i ' 1 ' ' J 1: '1' ' ' 1' J 1' : I1 T4 1 11111111'11' 1 1 5 1 111 11, 1 1 1 :.: 11211 11 11 1 -A 1 1.11111111' 11' 1'1111 1 .',1, '1, jf 1,' fl Q41 jg, 111 ' 1 1 111.11 171111 111' 121 '1 ', 1 1.11 1.11'1."1 1 J 111 1 11 111 31 ' 1 1131 1 ?1.'111'1-111 . .1 j 1 ' ,, 1 1 ' 152 1 , 4-1 11- 'T.1.L 5 1 1.11 . . .. .. . . 31 . , , ,, , 1 11711,-1-1 . . V 11 .V . 1 7 . :I . 1 1. 11 - .1 . 1 1 1'.1,111'17 1'11 1 ' 1. 1' f' Q' " 1111 1 .1.,111.1111111. '1.1.11111 .1 .1 11111, 1.1.1111 1 111 '1 1 51 : ' 1 'J 1 1.' : -1 'Z' 11 ' 1 "' 1" 1 1 11:11.1 1 ' "11"' 1 1' '-1 1 1'.1 ' ' 1 ' 11' 2 ' 'j ,j 311 1 L ,..-x .,1..,...3 .1.,. ,,.. ::,,.,. L.. ..1..-. . : gunz .W . M. . 1,.,.. 1 111 2111111.11 If 1 1 '11 1 11' '.1.1'1 111' 1 111111111 1116" '1 11 ' 11111111 1 T". 1111 f1'!r1.' 1 1 ' 11 1' '1 13,1 11 1'1'11.1 1 11 1.1. -111 .1 1 .1 , ,, 1 1. - .11 ,. . . 1 ,, 1 1 1 11' 11 . .. ' . y ' 1 1 1 '1 1 1 111 1". . .1 , N 1. 1 . - 1 1 . . ' 1. 1 '1'1 1 1' 1 1 1 Y 1 Z1"x 1- 1- - --N --Y . 1.-' - 1 ...-,-i. 1 l'..- Y' . L,11,4,.,1"i'f111f1., 1'v1..I1.5 .1fQ.X-V, fr. 1.'If..'.,Q1:ff'1'f fx 4 1'. fi 1.-ffffxtfw 1 '111' 1111C1' :1'11 ' .1 .1 'I-11 .1 11' 1 11 1111 1 N, ,,v . 11 1. 1 Q 1 11.11 111 :.:,.. 1-.11 ,1.1.g' 11 71. .11 i1 1 1 11111 11 1 1 1 1 1 -1 1 - 1 T- 1 1 -. 1111131111 I "1 " If ' 1'.1 ' ."111. 1 1111'111'111111 11 1 ' '1 ' 1 '91 1' I : "1r11 71 1-11 1 ' 1 1 11'111111.'1 1 1 ' 111111-111 1 '. "1 ' ' I 1' : ' 11 .1 11' 11 'I I 1-, ,1,, ,1 1. . 1. . ,, 1. 1 , 1:1 111-11:1 '11 ' 11' " 1 1' ' 1 1' 1f'1 " 1 1 1 1 - 1. 1 1 1111111 " . ' ' ' " Z ' SENIGR WI Vi. ' L , " ,, 1, ,, . , . ,, , I 1 1 .. ,A ... 1 A . 1. ' 11 V ' . . Jw, It - .. . I I, i 7 .. I , N, 1' 1,1 - ,, . 'W 1 1-1 .. , , . . . 'I . . 1 , 1 1 11 1: 1.1 11 1 1 1:1 " ' r-11 1 9 1 1 1 1 . , , ' . - . . ., ,. ,. ,, M 1' 1,1 'J -' "1i"'1'TT1 'A "' - N 'f V 1,11 .fi - 11 '- ' -Y 41v1-v ' A ' " H 1 . ' 1 " 11.1' , ' I, 111 1' ' ' f'1fY'.' 1':11 ' 1 :fy :5"'1.1-,1' 1 1 1 1 1 - , ., , . ", 4 ,. A, ,, . ., , . .. .. . If ,,, nl , SENICDR HQROSC CPE xi 1 .4 mp Hn B. . Nome Und Nxcknumf. Nolod for Ambmon Dc -xhnctlon JUNIOR CLASS GFFICERS JULY-'S LEGIER Pres dent FRONT ROW left to nqht Iucquelyn Douglass Vxce Presxdent Ruth Scham ber Secretary Lors Schamber Demer1tComm1ttee Representcxtxve SECOND ROW Bxll Sccxghottl Treasurer George Wzldberqer StudentCounc1lRepre sentutlve JUNIOR CLASS I-IISTGRY We have always been known as Cl happy Q0 lucky fun lovlng group but th1s year as usual we have shown our serlous slde too wxth good representatxon on the C S F and 1n other school organrzatrons lules Legrer our class Presrdent carned us through a very successful year and We were able to accomphsh much busrness dunng our class meetmgs We were represented 1n the Student Body by Beryl Rupe who was Secretary the f1rst semes ter and by Lorralne Bartolomer who took over thrs Job durmg the second semester Iules Legrer and Ioan Moore represented us as Parhamentarrans durrng the year We were fortunate to have had such able athletes as to name a few Lloyd Books Hank de Lotty Wllbur Gassaway and Ernle Prffero Our Junror bralnstorms Crnembers of the C S F7 were George McG1msey Betty Harper Ioan Moore Yvonne Lynn Boy Beck and Earl Thurston Of course the mam event of our 1un1or year was the Prom live had a dandy rdea for a theme th1s year Moonm1st and the dance turned out very successfully as a result of the hard work of all the Junlors lnvolved We ralsed money for our Prom by holdmg raffles selllng pom porns and by gettlng the concess1on rrghts at several of the Student Body games All 1n all we really emoyed our Jun1or year and we hope our senror year wxll be as successful 1f not more so 5 - - I - I I I I I ' I I I I I . . . I l V ' V I ' I l I all enjoyed his leadership. Our other class officers proved themselves very capable, and We I . I I V ll ll I I I I I I I ' u I II u Il . , , 1 I B , - , gf gy 3 ' al Q itil f , ,Ji 1 .G 135 .2 I gv Q" , . . ' Q 4 2 if rf Wm 3 YQ! WV Q ga I 5 N' X' x K ' if S375 f 4 5 l , 4 x x fp 3,2 F i all f, v . x X! I ,ig-Q ,.-f , W' " f"' Aw S lf" SOPHCMORE CLASS OFFICERS ELWOOD HACKMAN Presxdant FRONT HOW left to rxqht B111 Portlock Vice Presxdent Pat Walsh Secre tary Marilyn Hooper Treasurer SECOND HOW Don Loosley Demerxt Com mittee Hepresentutxve Gmc Mlchelettx Student Councxl Hepresentatxvo SGPHCMCRE CLASS HISTCRY On the second Frrday of our school year we held the rmtratron of the lll fated frosh on the football turf wrth the freshmen decorated wlth everythtng from the usual lrpstrclc to axle grease and lumrnous parnt Ftrst the frosh paraded around the held and bowed rn front of Krng Hach man After th1s they performed a number of stunts such as hurdle Jumptng and onron pushrng ln the grand frnale the frosh hada tug of war and were soaked wrth a hose All rn all every one emoyed the fun even the mcornmg freshmen At our frrst class meetlng we elected offrcers to represent us through the year Elwood 1-lach man became our able Presldent wrth the rest of the offrcers as follows B111 Portloclc Vrce PIGSI dent Pat Walsh Secretary Marrlyn Hooper Treasurer Grno Mrchelletl Student Counc11 Repre sentatxve and Don Loosley Demer1tComm1ttee Representatrve Our meetmgs were concerned mostly wlth our Sophomore Dance On November 1 1946 the sophomores were the center of everyone s attentron The gym was decked out for our dance 1n festrve orange and black streamers and the Splfll of Halloween pre domrnated Scary pumpkm lanterns and tall cornstalks completed the prcture of our dance The couples whrrled around to the musrc of Greeott s Orchestra and a wonderful trme was had by all The Sophomore Class was well represented on the CS F lh1S year We made up more than our share of the membershrp ,... . ...,.1.t... ,Z 1 , 1 1 ' 7 1 ' I , . I 1 ' I 1 - 1 1 . . . . . 11 . 11 . , ' . , . 1 ' ' 1 - 1 ' , . 1 A ' . , ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 - 1 . 1 1 - I - . . 1 1 , . 5 . ,4-A. f r 1 ,I qi 7 5. ' AY-M 1 fg i fig, Q 1 I X af 'if E, I! H V YS ' N-f' Q f 4 I 'v F RESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS BEVERLY BRANNAN Pres1dent FRONT ROW lett to rxqht lack Bell Student Councxl Representative Ken neth Iohnson Treasurer Iohnny Garner V1cePres1dent Nelcyne Smxth Secretary SECOND ROW Ilmmy Busch Sergeant at arms Wlllxam Neese Demerxt Commxttee Representative Barbara Blaxr Sergeant at arms FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY We entered h1gh school on September l9 1946 lO5 strong Before we had become accustomed to hlgh school rout1ne the sophomores marched us down to the turt where they held our so dreaded 1n1t1at1on They pamted us up and we were made to bow down rn front of the Oh S B1g sophomore Presldent and say Salamll We had to get down on our hands and knees and wrth our hands behmd our back roll an onlon across the turf wlth our noses The person who got there t1rst got a swell prlze a huge omon' We also had a tug otwar and the soph omores were handy w1th a hose to shower the slde that was los1ng CCont1dent1ally 1t was funll That evenlng wlth some ot the palnt st1ll 1n our halr and hpstlck 1n our eyebrows we attend ed the Freshman Beceptlon held 1n the gymna slum whrch was glven by the Student Body In the mlddle ot the floor was a baby cr1b wrth several toys rn 1t Baby motlts were used through out the decorat1ons On December 20 the Freshman Class gave the1r Chrrstmas Dance There were Chnstmas trees along the s1des ot the gymnas1um w1tl'1 reed and gr en crepe paper and mrstletoe decoral mg the rest of the gymnaslum Gr eott s Orchestra played tor us and a huge crowd turned out All th1s helped make 1t a very successful dance Ianuary 31 the Freshman Class sponsored by Mrs Glllogly s Socral Studles Class presented the Student Body w1th an amateur rad1o program lt was a varrety program w1th smgmg tap dancmg comedy acrobats and several mstru mental numbers The name ot the program was Gertle s Double Bubble Gum Hour ot Mrsery fstrrctly orrgmalll The program was enthus1as tlcally recerved and there was much comment of the talent rn the Freshman Class if qw 1 I 1 ' I 1 I 1 ' ' - 1 1 - 1 . , O , , 11 . 11 1 1 1 - , . L ' - . I . . , . I I I T t , . , . . ' ' Q - O . . 1 Q . V . , . , 1 . . 1 1 - 1 - 1 I I I ' 11 . 1 . 11 . . 1 . , . Q 'sw .nf LH! is mg xv! 'iii sf gs Q . gk? QQ? 1 'Q-Vg " ur , Q 'ff f , M I fig 5 ' 1 Q ,1 " AL I 3 ad' ii, 0 1 0 my 'K X . K X 75351511 1 .P 4+ J' .6 i I 4 C 1? WW V..-V J ACTIVITIES r F I df jak J L I 116 5' cw - Q. '- -A lllll Q' 4- 1 ' U 1 J...-D Cn., JD TED ERIKSEN BOB VALENTINI Presldent Fall Presrdenl Sprxng STUDENT BGDY HISTCDBY Under the trrm leadershrp ot Ted Bnkeen rn the f1rst semester and Bob Valen t1n1 1n the second our Student Body undertook 1ts actrvltres Wlth a great deal of enthusrasm Jules Leq1er and lack German were appomted Parllamentarrans durmq the frrst semester and Ioan Moore and Bob Russell dunnq the second semester Dora Weselsky Pac1n1 Glorra Brshop Iohn Garner and hm Bell acted as Yell Leaders durrnq the tall and were succeeded rn the sprrnq by Beverly Brannon and Barbara Blarr The Student Body was entertarned by a varlety of professronal performers mcludmq a concert pxamst several vocalrsts and others Such act1v1t1es as rattles pep ralhes and the trad1t1onal Student Body pro ductlon called The More the Merrler were promoted M1ss Toles dlrected the Student Body Play and much credrt IS qrven to her for rts success We really feel that the Student Body meetmqs have rmproved thrs year and that we have accornphshed more than usual For thrs much ot the credlt IS due to the Student Councrl FALL STUDENT BODY OFFICERS SPRING STUDENT BODY OFFICERS FRONT ROW lei! to rlght Dora Weselsky Pacxnx Puhlxcliy Manager FRONT ROW left to rxqht Ioan Moore Parllamenlarxan Harry Bar Beryl Rupe Secretary Ioyce Caya V1cePres1deni SECOND ROW tolomem VxcePres1den1 Lorraine Bartolomex Secretary SECOND Eugene Addor Stage Manager Carllon Gxbbs Alhlehc Representa ROW Mr Chessall Treasurer Bob Russell Parlxamenlarxan Eugene uve Iules Legrer Parlxamentanan Jack German Parlramentarran Addor Stage Manager Lloyd Books Athlehc Representahve .Q 9' FALL STUDENT COUNCIL FRONT ROW, left to right: lack Bell, Ted Eriksen, Beryl Rupe, George Wildberqer. SECOND ROW: Norma Lucchesi, Eugene Addor, Carlton Gibbs, Gino Micheletti, Joyce Caya. STUDENT COUNCIL HISTORY This year, as never before, the Student Council really "got going." We met every Tuesday and were very proud to have been the first Student Council to have worked for and to have accomplished so much for our students and school. The members of the Council consisted of all the Student Body officers, one representative selected from each class, and Mr. Dietterle. Our duties were to take care of all things of general student concern, and reports were made by one of the members of the Council at each Student Body meeting. In fact, we took care of everything that heretofore had been left either to the Stu- dent Body President or to Mr. Fulkerson. We feel We improved school spirit generally. We organized Student Body meetings, got the committee representatives together, gathered ite ms of business, which were handed to the Stu- dent Body Secretary for presentation at Student Body meetings. We did our part in athletics by decorating the goal posts, organizing Pep Committees, and presenting skits before games. One of our newest activities was appointing a Flag Committee for raising and lowering the flag before and after school. SPRING STUDENT COUNCIL FRONT ROW, leltto right: George Wildberqer, Norma Lucchesi, Ioan Moore. Bob Valentini, Lor- raine Bartolomei, Barbara Dumas, lack Bell. SECOND ROW: Gino Micheletti, Lloyd Books, Bob Russell, Eugene Addor, Harry Bartolomoi. CADETS FRONT ROW, lett to right: Capt. George Portlock, Bill Ornbaun. Byron Rainwater, Byron Heite, George Sampietro, Harold Dock ins, Kenneth Harrington, Sgt. Wil bur Gassaway. SECOND ROW Lloyd Books, Iames Hamilton Herman Mattern, Charles Guntly Rcnald Allenhy, Bob Hollander Lecn Miller, Herbert Adams, Norman Stevens, Gene Coleman, Don Fredrickson. THIRD ROW: Delbert Phelps, Wilford Hall. Douglas Grant, Lawrence Rupe Aubrey Shultz. Craig Gibson Norman McCoy. HOME NURSING The Home Nursing Class is the newest of the courses offered to students at Ulciah l-ligh School. Mrs. Ray, the school nurse and in- structor of the Home Nursing Class, teaches her students first aid, the proper way to make a bed, bathing babies and patients, and all things connected with the care of sick persons in the horne. The course is open not only to girls who wish to go into a nursing career, but also to all girls who are interested and wish to learn. lt is such a useful course that all girls would profit by taking it. CADET CORPS The Cadet Corps is to be coiiiniended for its fine showing this year. Advised by Mr. Beaufort, and under the very capable leader- ship of Cadet Captain George Portlock, Cadet Lieutenant Caroles Furber, and Cadet Second lieutenant Paul Helinan, the cadets functioned better than they ever have in the past. ln February, the cadets held a bivouac which proved to be a very interesting ven- ture. One detail of cadets was sent into the hills to guard a waterhole, while another de- tail tried to capture it from theni. Later on in the year, the cadets held a dress review be- fore the public and also before the Student Body. The success of these activities has no doubt led to a much stronger organization. HOME NURSING FRONT ROW, left to right: Beryl Hupe, Ioann Cates. Dorothy Guntly, Pat Tierney, Elaine Hiatt. SECOND ROW: Ruth Blair, Emily Tsarnas, Mrs. Ray. Pat Kurt. Norma Penny. i' PAULINE SMITH MARGARET BURT Presxdent Fall Presndent Sprmq GIRLS LEAGUE I-IISTCDRY We ot the Glrls League extended our welcome to Mrs Grlloqly who became our new advrsor Under her supervrsron and able leadershtp of Presrdents Paulrne Smrth and Margaret Burt we led a very successful year Durrna an rmpressrve ceremony at one ot our Student Body meettnas Mr Chessall gave out Block U awards to the qrrls Dora Weselsky Pacrnr recerved the Wrldcat wlfuch rs qrven to the senror qrrl earnrng the lmqhest number of pornts Maror awards were also qrven to Paulrne Smrth Eleanor Shaw Norma Luccbesl Ianet Lowe Margaret Rrchey and loyce Caya On March 7 the Grrls Leaque spon sored a Sadre Hawlcrns Day and Dance the tbeme bernq a loq cabrn scene The students were dressed rn Darsy Mae and L1 l Abner costumes tor the event The year was topped Ott by a carnrval wh1cl'1 provxded lots of fun and was en Joyed by everyone GIRLS LEAGUE OFFICERS FRONT ROW left to rxqht Elorse Wada hrst semester Treasurer Donna Myers hrst semester Sec retary Ioyce Caya hrst semes ter Vice Presxdent Karylnn Kjeld sen second semester Vlce Presr dent Beryl Rupe second semes terSecretary FrancmeDouglass second semester Treasurer SEC OND ROW Nancy Ford Junior Representative Eleanor Shaw Senior Representatwe Ianet Lowe second semester Publrcrty Manager Betty Boulware Fresh man Representative Donna Par ker Sophomore Representative Not Prctured DORA WESELSKY PACINI Frrst Semester Publlclty Manager J, ,. Xt, 31 'S-f K T5 .L ' A , ,x W 5 F. . e I Y . V . - f ' -1 , . , , . H H . . . . , - 1 , 1 , . . , I 1 ' I E . . f . . A , . . . ., I - . 1 . z . r I : , ' - I . . : , ' 7 . , . . I 1 ' , . t k ,, . WALLACE HOOPER HUGH PRESTON President, Fall President, Spring BLOCK NU" HISTORY The Block "U" Society started the school year under the leadership of Presi- dent Wally Hooper. Qne of our first jobs was to help the faculty improve con- ditions at the football games. We boosted our financial standing by selling "pop" and "hot dogs" at the l-lealdsburg game. ln December, we ordered purple and gold beanies, which we sold to the students, Another of our activities was to usher at all of the large-attendance basketball games. The second semester got under way with Hugh Preston as President. Plans were immediately started for our annual initiation for all new members. As there has been no method of telling what the score of a football game was in the past, five members built a much needed scoreboard to be placed on the field. We are very grateful for the assistance of Mr. Piedmont, our advisor, and hope our next year will be as successful. Valentlni. BLOCK "U" FRONT ROW, left to right Ralph Thompson, Ernie Pilfero Dick Tackaberry, Gary Radcliiie Mar tin Brush, Charles Sassenrath E'.wood Hachman, lack German SECOND ROW: Bob Wilson Bob Iackson, Ronnie Ward Harry Bcrrtolomei. William Schultz Don Loosley, Gale Brumhack Nor man Wright. THIRD HOW Gor don Hanson, George Porilock Petros Lolonis, Darby Cohen Iules Legier, Bill Winchester Lloyd Books. FOURTH ROW Don Cromwell, David Spreckelsen Corky Lower, Bob Russell Bob MAIORETTES MR. MUROV MAIORETTES Shirley Freese, Beverly Brannon Band Leader Gloria Bishop, Pat Starke BAND HISTORY This year the band has proved itselt to be a very active organization with about titty en- thusiastic students enrolled. Our annual Christmas and Spring Concerts were very entertaining and quite successful. Exchange musical programs were held with l-lealdsburg and Lakeport, and, in this way, we have tried to create close relationships among the various music depart- ments in the schools near and about Ukiah. The pep bands ot Ukiah and Willits combined their talents at the basketball game. The outstanding event oi the year was the Spring Music Festival, which was held at Fort Bragg in May. Since many schools were represented there, the event proved very enjoyable by all who attended. FRONT ROW, left tovriqht: Pat Starke, Beverly Brannon, Gloria B'shop. SECOND ROW: Alyce Eby, Lois lean Schamher, Floyd Ross. THIRD HOW: Carol Cohen, Veva Iohnson, Mildred Ross, Betty Lou Bouware, Mary Kunzler, Bob York, Audrey Brown, lone Field, Arlene Gillette, Betty Harper. FOURTH ROW: Roy Beck, Ioanna Kirk, Lorna Kirk, Margaret Burt, Don Zeek, Grace Henderson, Lucille Rovera, Gino Micheletti. FIFTH ROW: Ernie Piftero, George Gilkison, George McGimsey, Donald Cromwell, Bill Rain- water, Richard Hall, Charles Guntly. SIXTH ROW: Ronnie Shultz, Bill Schultz, Bob Wright, George Wildberqer, Aubrey Shultz, Bill Scaqliotti, Shirley Call, Wally Mitchell. SEVENTH ROW: Mr. Murov, Earl Thurston, Paul Helman, Don Millard, Corky Lower, Ronnie Ward, Martin Brush, Don Loosley, Bob Burt, Lawrence Rupe, Jimmy Lindsay. ORCHESTRA FRONT ROW, lettto right: Mary Kunzler Ioan Cates, Rubye Salisbury, Elva Mor ris. SECOND ROW: Leola Lockhart Donna Harper, Grace Henderson, Beth Banks, Betty Lou Boulware, Richard Hall, Mr. Murov. THIRD ROW: Bill Rain water, Iim Goudqe, Martin Brush, Bill Schultz. Ronald Dumas. CHORAL FRONT ROW. left to right: Stella Kelsen. Carol Grant, loy Brown, Kathryn Parker, Stella Pacini, Ludy Standley, Vondalee Cyphers,Dianne Hooker.SECOND ROW: Ioyce Enzler, loyce Sturtevant, Beryl Rupe, Pat Tierney, Leola Lockhart, Don- na Brown, Lorraine Bartolomei, Alirieda Smith, Nancy Ford, Mary Breen, Nancy Richwine, Pat Kurt. THIRD ROW: Ro- berta Anderson, Kathleen Garner, Da Vonna lones, Iackie Cornell, Betty Iune Dye, Dorothy Hunt, Betty Greeott. Dor- othy Guntly, Donna Hamilton. FOURTH ROW: Ardith Iames, Nina Larson. Georgia Dutiey, Margie Hosheit, Yvonne Lynn, Ioyce Cates, Arlene Gilette, Mar- qaretllichey. YIFTHROW: Norma Penny, Barbara Smith, Betty Goodwin, Elaine Wilcox. Lois Barker, Gloria Wiles,Nancy Guter. SIXTH ROW: Dora Weselsky Pacini, loyce Caya, Marilyn Hooper, Bonnie Vinson, Betty Pacini, Emily Tsarnas, Iackie Smith. SEVENTH ROW: Doris Hartman, Romayne Squier. Peggy Tilton, Olive Tilton, Donna Couch. Evelyn McGraw, Wilma Rawles, Nancy Lewis. CDRCHESTRA Under the direction of Mr.Murov,our school orchestra successfully carried out through the year a series of programs and entertainment before an enthusiastic Student Body and public. The Senior Play gave us our first opportun- ity to perform in public, and later in the year we combined with the community orchestra in presenting our annual Christmas Concert and later, the Spring Concert. When March came, the orchestra and Girls' Choral Class entertained l-lealdsburg, repaying their visit to Ukiahi earlier in the year. One of the programs we enjoyed most was the annual Spring Music Festival, held at fort Bragg this year. We feel this was one of the best opportunities we had of getting to- gether with other schools, participating in group entertainment, and putting on a really large program. CHGRAL At the beginning of the 1946-1947 school term an unusually large group of sixty-five girls gathered in the auditorium during seventh period for Choral. Under the direction of Mr. Murov, they prepared and put on sev- eral entertaining numbers before the apprec- iative Student Body. They also participated in the Spring and Christmas Concerts, and were well received hy the public. A smaller group of these girls was chosen to sing at the annual Spring Festival at Fort Bragg in May. The success of this year's Choral Class has led Mr. Murov to try out the idea among the boys. lf everything works out as planned, Boys' Choral should become a permanent feature at Ukiahi. it 'N DORIS HENRICHS GEORGE GILKISON President, Fall President, Spring THE CALIFCRNIA SCHCLARSHIP FEDERATICN We in the C.S.F. were very glad to Welcome Mrs. Eilers back again as our advisor. Under her direction, we had a very successful year. The officers elected for the first semester Were, Presi- dent, Doris Henrichs, Vice-President, loan Moor eg Secretary, Francine Douglass, Treasurer, Don- ald Zeeky and Publicity Manager, Arline Gillette. The second semester officers were, President, George Gilkisonp Vice-President, Yvonne Lynng Secretary, Ioan Moore, Treasurer, Dick Smith: and Publicity Manager, Betty Boulware. Every one had a good time at the initiation party for the new members, which was held in the school cafeteria. Another one of our activities was the bingo booth which we ran at the Girls' League Carnival. The Ukiah Chapter of the California Scholarship Federation was invited to attend the Big C.S.l:'. convention held at Napa, California, on February 22. A large group of our members at- tended, and it proved to be very instructive and interesting. FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER FRONT ROW, left to right: Francine Douglass, Doris Henrichs, FRONT ROW, left to right: Patty Brown, Eloise Wada, Fran- Eleanor Shaw, Pat Walsh,Yvonne Lynn.SECOND ROW: Agnes cine Douglass, Doris Henrichs, Yvonne Lynn, Gayle Metzler, Wada, Mary Kunzler, George Gilkison, Dick Smith, Arlene Betty Harper. SECOND ROW: Ioan Moore, Agnes Wada, Mary Gillette, Ioan Moore. THIRD ROW: Betty Harper, Louise Dee Kunzler, Betty Lou Boulware, Nancy Ford. THIRD ROW: Wal' laney, George McGimsey, Donald Zeek, lone Field, Eloise lace Mitchell, Earl Thurston, George Gilkison, Roy Beck, Dick Wada. Smith, Walter Holladay, Ted Eriksen. .N-no W GLORIA MARTINELLI CAROL BROWN Acting President, Fall President, Spring FUTURE I-ICMEMAKERS CF AMERICA A local organization of the Future Hornemakers of America was organized in November. This is a national organization of students in the junior and senior high schools of the United States. The purpose of this organization is to prepare the girls for the responsibilities of the home so that they may be equipped to be good home makers. The motto of the Pl-l.A. is "Toward New Horizons." Under the guidance of our Presidents, lune Watkins and Carol Brown, We have been active in the earning of necessary funds for our organization. We held a pie and cake raffle, and we sold concessions at the Cloverdale game. Mrs. Cox, our advisor, gave us much assistance in our presentation of the Spring Fashion Show before the Student Body. Each member of the organization treasures her silver pin, the official emblem of the Future Homemakers of America. FRONT ROW, lett to right: Donna Brown, Dorothy Guntly, Betty Greeott, Carol Brown, Gloria Martinelli, Ioan Moore, Betty Good- win, Patty Brown. SECOND ROW: Delores Shields, Vandalee Cyphers. Dianne Hooker, Verna Guidi, Cleo Philips, Patty Brown. Ruth Ford, lane bmansky. THIRD ROW: Audrey Brown, Pat Tierney, Leola Lockhart, Rubye Salisbury, Ioy Iohnson,Gloria Rovera, Grace Henderson, Beverly Morby. FOURTH ROW: Barbara McCulloch, Iosephine Fornasero, Ireta Shupe, Barbara Smith, Lucille Wright, Mary Lou Pribkett, Stella Kelsen. FIFTH ROW: Francine Douglass, Pat Walsh, Ardell Shaul, Georgia Duily, Lois Barker, Connie Moschetti. Peggy Tilton. SIXTH ROW: Donna Patterson, Marian Rupe, Evelyn McGrew. Iackie Smith, Romcxyne Squier. SENIOR PLAY CAST FRONT ROW, lelt to right: lack German, Ted Eriksen, Mar- garet Burt, George Gilkison, Ioy Brown, Margaret Richey, Ianet Lowe, Louise Delany, Eleanor Shaw, Pauline Smith. SECOND ROW: Ruth Ford. Cora Beth Anderson, Dick Smith, Bob Valentini. NOT PICTURED: Beatrice Erickson, Dora Weselsky Pacini. SENIGR PLAY On December l3, the Senior Class presented one ot the most delightful and entertaining plays that Ukiahi has ever seen. The play, "A Date with Iudy," which was adapted from the famous radio program ot the same name, told of the trials and tribulations of an average American family with teen-age children. Mrs. Leonard, who directed the play, is to be highly congratulated tor its tre- mendous success, The cast included the tollowtng: Margaret Burt as ludy Poster, a teen-age miss, Dick Smith and Dora Weselsky Pocini as her parents, Melvin and Dora Foster, Ted Eriksen as Randolph Foster her younger brother, Margaret Bichey as Hannah, the maid, Eleanor Shaw as Barbara Vtfinsocket, lucly's friend, George Gilkison as Oogie Pringle, the man in ludy's lite, Pauline Smith as Mitzi Hoit- man, another ot ludy's lriends, lack German as Mr. Martindale, a tamous theatrical producer, Beatrice Erickson as Mrs. Hotchkiss, the laundry Woman, Ioy Brown as Eloise, Mrs. Hotchkiss' elocuting daughter, Cora Beth Anderson as Mrs. Shlutzhammer, a P.-T.A. lady, Bobert Valentini as Buford Meridith O'Con- nor, a new boy in the neighborhood, and Ruth Ford as Susie, Bexs little sister. SENIOR PLAY CAST LEFT TO RIGHT: Cora Beth Anderson, Pauline Smith. Ioy Brown, Eleanor Shaw, Margaret Burt, Ruth Ford, George Gilkison, Dick Smith, Bob Valentini, Ted Eriksen, lack German. FRONT ROW, l STUDENT BODY PLAY CAST FRONT ROW, left lo right: Francine Douglass Pal Walsh loann Cates, Don Millard, Margaret Burl. SECOND ROW Bob Roumas, David Porter, Lloyd Books, George Wildberqer George McGimsey. THIRD ROW: lone Field Yvonne Lynn Elaine Hiatt, Beryl Rupe, Veva Iohnson, Mildred Ross Tl-IE STUDENT BGDY PLAY This year's Student Body production was a comedy in three acts called, "The More the Merrier." lt was put on in the school auditorium on Friday, March 21. The play was about a teen-age boy who gets into many predicaments while his parents are away on a trip. After many hilarious antics on his part and others to straighten out his troubles, he comes out successfully in the end. The cast included David Porter as limmie, the teen-age boy always in trouble: George McGimsey and Margaret Burt as George and Mary Hunter, his parents: lone Field as Barbara, his older sister: lacauelyn Douglass as Ellie, his little sister: Francine Douglass as Mrs. Green, the next-door neighbor: Beryl Bupe as Gloria, her daughter: Yvonne Lynn as lifiy Peyton, tomboy friend of limmie's: Lloyd Books as Hank Robbins, limmie's shadow: Robert Boumas as Iudge Wash- burn, Iudge ot the Iuvenile Court: George Wildberger as Ierry Washburn, his nephew: Ioan Cates as Harriet Sheldon, a visiting celebrity: Elaine Hiatt as Louise Nash: Patricia Walsh as Dot Hogan: and Herb Allen, played by Don Millard, all three, members of limmie's gang. The play was very ably directed by Miss Toles with the assistance ot Mrs. Gillogly and Mrs. Leonard. lt was a delightful comedy and was enjoyed by all who witnessed it. Due to unexpected illnesses, four ot the original cast were not able to appear lor the performance, and Doris Henrichs, Mildred Boss, Iules Legier, and Ioyce Gates took over their roles. SECOND ROW: Robert Roumas, George Widberger Beryl STUDENT BODY PLAY CAST Ruoe, Lloyd Books, George McGimsey, Margaret Burt NOT elt to right: Francine Douglass. Ioonn Cates, PICTURED: Doris Henricbs, Iules Legler Joyce Cates Pat Yvonne Lynn, lone Field, David Porter. Iacquelyn Douglass. Walsh, Elaine Hia!! UKIAHI-TALK STAFF TED ERIKSEN FRONT ROW left to right: Pat Ford, Icxne Singley, Dorothy Guntly, Mr. Mahoney, Ted I-Iriksen,Evelyn Mcxttern. E'-'mo' Fan SECOND ROW Irxcquelyn Douglass, Dorothy Billehus, lone Field, Iune Patterson. Bonnie Wnllett, Barbara DOROTHY GUNTLY Dumas. Edltor Sprlnq Tl-lE UKIAI-ll-TALK The Hi-Talk was successfully brought through l9-46 and l947 by the lournalisrn Class under their able advisor, Mr. I. C. Mahoney. The Editors, Ted Eriksen and Dorothy Guntly, With the assistance ot News Editors Dora Weselsky Pacini and lacquelyn Douglass, guided the Hi-Talk through the year without any serious mishaps. Despite the attempts made to get the Hi-Talk printed this year, it was necessary to have it mimeographed again. This year the Ulciah Hi-Talk joined the Quill and Scroll Society, which is a national organization. This society is open tor membership to members ot the lournalisrn Class Who tultill certain requirements. When they have done all that is required, they receive a pin to signity their membership. This society otters many opportunities tor members to broaden their journalistic abilities. The exchange column soared sky high this last year. The number oi school papers exchanged was almost doubled from the previous year. As our Annual goes to press, the lournalisrn Class is planning a dance similar to the one they gave last year. They will have a dinner tor statt members and their guests before the dance, which they will give for the Student Body. FLAG RAISING CGMMITTEE LEFT TO RIGHT: Wallace Hoop- er, Charles Wright, Bill Portlock, Gary Radcliffe, Earl Thursion. Bob Hollander. DEMERIT COMMITTEE FRONT ROW, left io right: Miss Oliver, Lois Schamber, Mr.Murov. SECOND ROW: Don Loosley,Wil- liam Noose. NOT PICTURED: Shirley Freese. REBUILDING COMMITTEE LEFT TO RIGHT: Ted Eriksen. Carlton Gibbs, David Spreckel' son, Bob Russell, Dick Smith, Bob Valenlini. JUNIOR PROM With the theme of "Moonmist," we pre- sented our lunior Prom this year on April ll, and it was one of the most beautiful dances ever given in our school. Under a setting of dark blue skies and shining stars, the dancers whirled around a fountain in the center of the floor with a mist rising from its midst. The soft blue light giving out its rays contributed to the atmosphere of romance. We were sur- prised and very pleased by the special en- tertainment which was provided by local and out-of-town musicians. Everyone had a perfect time, and we felt we had presented one of Ukiahi's most suc- cessful dances. IUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE FRONT ROW, lei! to right: Bev- erly Morby, Iacquelyn Douglass, Yvonne Lynn, Carol Brown, lone Field. SECOND ROW: Bob Rou- mas, Lloyd Books, Bill Scagliotli. Iules Legier. Don Millard, Ronnie Ward. THIRD HOW: Gale Brum- back, La Vada Scrogqins, Ruth Schamber, Lois Schamber, George Wildberqer. SEN ICDR BALL One of the most festive occasions of the year was our Senior Ball, which was held in the gym on lune ll. lt was the last chance that our seniors had to put on a dance before leaving high school, and they really went all out for a huge success. For the theme, they chose the idea of New Qrlean's famous Mardi Gras, and decked out the gym in gay crepe paper and masks, all very suggestive of that gala event. The Senior Ball has always been a famous tradition at Ukiahi, and this year's Senior Class is to be congratulated for giving us a splendid showing. SENIOR BALL COMMITTEE FRONT ROW, left to riqht: Eleae nor Shaw, Cora Beth Anderson, Pauline Smith. SECOND ROW: lack German, Bob Valentini, Bob Russell. IOHNNY GARNER Yell Leader, Fall xsmw rem. LEADERS tspnngi N- ry X X T1 N . lf MTX :P .55 :, . . . Q. ' " N. 24:1 3'?':' Wxii .' Beverly Brannon, Barbara Blair YELL LEADERS As usual, the tryouts for Yell Leaders were held before the Student Body at the beginning of the term. ln the election that followed, the team of Dora Weselsky Pacini, Gloria Bishop, Iohnny Garner, and limmy Bell was chosen. This team showed its stuff at all of our foot- ball games, and really created a good school spirit. For various reasons, three of the team resigned before the semester was over, and lohnny Garner carried on until the new team of Beverly Brannon and Barbara Blair was elected for the spring semester. They proved as successful as their predecessors, and led our yells during the remainder of our cage season, and at all of the baseball games and track events. RALLY COMMITTEE The duty of the Bally Committee is to inject a lot of spirit and pep into the activities ot the school. This year it has worked hard sell- ing tickets for each and every game. Lots of enthusiasm was shown at the big bonfire rally held the night before the Fort Bragg football game, but it didn't compare with the excite- ment of the next day. Gay posters were made and spread throughout the school and town to get a big crowd at the games. The Committee also organized many other successful rallies which were held in the gym and the auditorium to promote spirit for our games. 33" RALLY COMMITTEE FRONT ROW, lelt to right: lane Sinqley, Beverly Morby, Bill Orn- baum, Eleanor Shaw, lol-in Gar- ner, Margaret Burt, Evelyn Ma!- lern. SECOND ROW: Barbara Blair, Pat Walsh, Betty Lou Boul- ware, Nelcyne Smith. Roberta Anderson, Mildred Ross. THIRD ROW: Dick Tackaberry, Don Loosley, Henri De Lotty, Paul Helman, George Gilkison, Don Zeek. 1:6 1 -4 SPCDRTS ! ! Pap,- XP B 'BPH Y Juunn Gd!! A1 A I A1 ,6.h 0 K 4 ,Q Q, I 4' 9' - . 'fi Y we 'Aff mek YQ:4ll!. . e ' 4 1 X . X 1? . X W ,jf x A XX X .,f,N.,,.Q: .t ,. . M... . M. Q 1 1 M ' A f v 4 'N' an mf' -- LAST wx sw. 'N ,, ,xx M. BUY S xi xx x"x Nix N ssx xx .W -Q. X, Q SQQQM .Yi amwmww -Si TX v , wi A' Wh 'NJ -Q -..x ,H ','s-, Ns. - , .-XA Y " "awww 'Y-.xx , 'N X I .xx I ti . 5 Hnsh. ,NAM-i New to .v 'v tyre MR. PIEDMONT STARTING LINEUP Football Coach FRONT ROW, left to right: Martin Brush, Wilbur Gassaway, Harry Bartolomei. Bob Russell Lloyd Books Ralph Thompson, George Portlock. SECOND ROW: Dick Tackaberry, lack German Carlton Gibbs Robert UKIAH UKIAHB Q UKIAH UKIAH UKIAH UKIAH UKIAH Valentini. FQCDTBALL . SAN RAFAEL MILITARY ACADEMY 13 7 ., ORLAND ....s ...s.. ,,,rrr , . , . . FORTUNA. .Y,rsss,,, , . . O 6 6 . , .20 FORT BRAGG 7 7 14 HEALDSBURG .,r,r,,,sr ., .. . ., , O .31 ST. VINCENTS ACADEMY . U 6 ARCATA . ., .., , . 6 Football started a week before school with a turnout of forty-eight fellows From these players, Mr. Piedmont chose his team, and he worked with untiring effort to produce a clean-playing football team. His efforts were not in vain, for after the first two defeats, the team came back to beat Fort Bragg for the first time in seventeen years. The winning streak continued and three more victories were added before the season ended with a tie against Arcata for one of the most successful seasons in many years, a tribute of the team to the school and to its coaches. FRONT ROW, left to right: Ronnie Ward, Elwood Hackman, Don Millard, Iim Nason, George Wildberger, Rob- ert Hollander, lack Bell. Gary Radcliffe, Dick Tackaberry, Don Loosley, Norman Wright. SECOND ROW: Mr. Piedmont, Lloyd Books, Wilbur Gassaway, Gordon Hanson, Martin Brush. Bill Portlock. Ralph Thompson. Hurry Bartolomei, Bill Schultz, Bill Neese, Charles Sassenrath, Mr. Dietterle. THIRD ROW: Bill Scaqliotti. lim Goudge, George Portlock. Darby Cohen, Bob Valentini, Carlton Gibbs, Paul Andersen, David Spreckelsen. Bob Russell. Bob Roumas, lack German. SENIOR PLAYERS HARRY BARTOLOMEI , fs MARTIN BRUSH . JACK GERMAN ROBERT VALENTINI RALPH THOMPSON DICK TACKABERRY '58 Wm X . .. mm, . ' b i q V . Wu if M 'Q X- , CARLTON GIBBS GEORGE PORTLOCK GARY RADCLIFFE BOB RUSSELL DAVID SPRECKELSEN . wi, .Jkt 5 MR. PIEDMONT STARTING LINEUP Basketball Coach FRONT ROW, left to right: Gary Radclilie, Robert Valentini, Iack Germa , UKIAH UKIAH UKIAH UKIAH UKIAH UKIAH UKIAH UKIAH U KIAH UKIAH UKIAH UKIAH UKIAH SECOND ROW: Hugh Preston, Wally Hooper, Carlton Gibbs. BASKETBALL SCORES uAu L, N20 L , ,33 L ,, ,12 L M17 , 86 20 Q 11 19 L L , L, L24 ,L L L41 Y 25 L L25 , ,49 TEAM UPPER LAKE GEYSERVILLE U. OF C. "13U' CLOVERDALE UPPER LAKE L FORT BRAGG CLOVERDALE WILLITS L SH HEALDSBURG , GEYSERVILLE FORT BRAGG WILLITS ,L , TOMALES 332 WON 5 LOST 8 FRONT ROW, lelt to right: Robert Valentini, Dick Tackaberry, Petros Lolonis, Gary lack German, Bob Russell. SECOND ROW: George Wildberger, Mgr.: lim Goudg Preston, Carlton Gibbs, Corky Lower, Wally Hooper, Gailard Radcliffe, Don Ha n Petrcs L0lOhlS. Radclilfe, Lloyd Books, Qarby Cohen, Hugh , lim Nason, Mgr. L .aa TRACK FRONT ROW, lett to right: Iim Nason, Tommy Way, Kenneth Iohnson, Don Fredrickson, Mickey Vanoven, SECOND ROW: Martin Brush, Charles Sassenrath, Iules Le Lloyd Myers, Bob Roumas, Gary Radclitte, Petros Lolon Floyd Ross, Donald Earley, George Sampietro, Gordon Grant, Bill Zimmerman, Paul Anderson, Aubrey Schultz, Don Loosley, Gino Micheletti, Wallace Mitchell. TRACK At the time this Annual went to press, Coach Dietterle was already working hard to round out his very inexperienced squad tor the tough season that lay ahead. The pro- posed schedule went as follows: March 29 -Santa Rosa and Vallejo at Santa Rosa. April 2 Calistoaa at Ukiah. April l2 St. Helena at St. Helena. April l8 Healdsburq and Sonoma at Healdsburq. April 26 San Rafael and Tamalpais at San Rafael. May lU Fortuna and Ferndale at Fortuna. gier, Bill Winchester, Earl Thurston. Darby Cohen, is, Bill Portlock, Harry Bartolomei. THIRD ROW: BASEBALL Due to the tact that Ulciah did not have an available diamond to play and practice on until early May, Coach Piedmont has conf fined baseball to an intra-mural basis for in- structional purposes in order to keep the in- terest oi the aame up. Numerous intramural and practice games have been held in order to build up future teams at our hiqh school. lt is hoped that Ulciahi will be able to participate in a reqular season ot baseball next year. BASEBALL FRONT ROW, leit to right: Larry White, Norman McCoy, Gordon Hanson, Dick Tackaberry, lack German, Iim Busch. Adolph Lucchesi, Byron Hefte. SECOND ROW: Ioseph Moroni, Frank Henderson, Bob Valentini. Gene Dal Pozzo, Louis Clark, Harry Bartolomei, Gary Radcliffe, Darby Cohen. THIRD ROW: Bill Ornbaun, Seymour Brush, lim Gray, Bob Roumas. Bob Bryan, Bob Burt, Albert Niderost, Lloyd Stanley, Paul Ander- son. David Spreckelsen, Charles Sassenrath, Bill Schultz, Ronald Allenby, Benny Addor. 'Nl IF v 1 . -Q4-nqn-Q if -Q 3 w TENNIS FRONT ROW, left to right: Carol Grant. Sophia Lolonis, Barbara Blair, Nancy Gator. SECOND HOW: lackio Hall, Donna Mao Parker, loan Moore, Lorraine Bartolornoi. Alfreida Smith, Blvorly Brannon, Both Banks. Kathryn Parker, Patty Brown, Betty Goodwin.Tl-IIHD ROW: Patty Brown.Yvonno Lynn, Margaret Burt, Ianot Lows, Ioyco Caya, Paulina Smith, Ellanor Shaw, lano Sinqley, Pat Walsh, Roberta Andarlon, Margaret Richey, Batty Lou Boulwaro, Barbara Smith. SENIOR BOWLING TEAM LEFT TO RIGHT: Pauline Smith, Elcanor Shaw, Ioy Brown, Ianot Lowa. NOT PIC- TURED: Dora Wolollky Pacini. IUNIOR BOWLING TEAM LEFT T0 RIGHT: Loi: Schambcr, Lorraine Bartolomoi, Yvonne Lynn, Evelyn Mattorn, Batty Goodwin. GIRLS SPCDRTS GIRLS SPORTS HIGH POINTERS LEFT TO RIGHT Rubye Salxsbury Clance Fernbach Marguerxte Garzxm Pauline Sn-nth NOT PICLURED Dora Weselsky acxnx BIG BLOCK U FRONT ROW lelt to rxghl Margaret Rxchey lanet Lowe Eleanor Shaw Pauline Smith SECOND ROW Ioyce Caya Norma Luc Pacxnl SMALL BLOCK U FRONT ROW left to right Cora Beth Ander son Yvonne Lynn Margaret Burt Clance Fernbach Kale Wright Don: Hennchs SECOND ROW Barbara Duma: Betty Good win Regina Hansen Marguonte Garzmx Agnes Wada Lorraine Bartolomex ll ll ami. Nor ricrungn: Dain wnmxqf ll ll BEST WISHES TC THE CLASS CDE 47 WARDS AND VVILDBERGERS MARKET W S S UKIAH CALIFORNIA VA 5 est tcmle THE SPORT CENTER R A MILL!-XRD Everythmq tor the Athlete Flshermcm cmd Hunter GUN REPAIRING 255 North State Street UKIAH Phone 700 CALIFQRNTA w i w 1 , . ..... I CONCRA TULATTONS TC THE ORADUATTNG CLASS OT UKTAHT PALACE HOTEL PALACE HOTEL KOEEEE KUPP PALACE HOTEL GARAGE PAT ACE HOTEL REDVVOOD ROOM PALACE HOTEL BARBER SHOP PALACE HOTEL NEWS STAND AH Under One RQQT UKIAH CAT IEORNIA PALACE HOTEL BEAUTY SHOP A COMPLETE PI-IOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE h P VIALES B 477173 GFARY BLVD SAN IRANCISCO I8 CALIF 9795 RICHARDSON S ROOD S MEAT MARKET GROCERIES Fresh Meot Seo Food Fresh Vegetables Phone 191 Phone 675 SOUTH STATE STREET UKIAH CALIFORNIA Free Dehvery .service cmd Quality at C1 Reosono Ie rice or lllh Avenue FI '- RA ', ., , I I I BEST WISHES CLASS CF 47 UKIAH CALIFORNIA LUCK mmf SENICRS BRCWNIE S DRIVE IN MARKET South State Street Phone 805 KJ ' 7 -qu, 1 I lo In lllllf .foo 'lla GQQD fi' -...,,, CONGRATU- LATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS HOFMAN S W1-IQLESALE CIGARS TOBACCO AND CANDY MERCURY LINCOLN Sales cmd Servlce MENDOCINO MOTOR SALES South State ctt M111 Street Phone 400 F FORD GOOD LUCK CLASS OP 47 ERASSINELLC S MARKET FRESH MEAT AND VEGETABLES Phone 405 South State Street BEST WISHES SENIORS DAVIS SHQE STORE IF ITS P012 THE SCHQQL, WERE PGH IT ,.... V . ,... , , .ff , Q Q f 1f'M4uas1.,, ' 4' . Cy L, WY V .. v Ki U 25 T A , 1 1 , . v CONGRATU LATICNS TC THE was SENICR CLASS PCRTLCCK HARDWARE GENERAL HARDWARE Pdmts EIectr1cdI cmd Ptumbmq Supphes Rootmq Sportmcg Goods Phone IO4 107 South Stdte Street THE UKIAH FARMERS CLUB EVERYTHING FOR THE FARMER' GROCERIES FERTILIZER FEED HARDWARE IMPLEMENTS CEMENT LUMBER BUILDING MATERIALS PRESSURE SYSTEMS IRRIGATICN PUMPS SPRINKLER SYSTEMS SPRAYERS When You Need Any F otrm Equipment Come to the Club First Buy tt AII m One Stop Lots ot Pdrkmq Spctce A ' ' - Y , ' 5 .. W - . . . FORREST HUGHES 585 North Stote Street UKIAH CALIFORNIA I OHN S STUDIO 24 Hour Servx e OD Kodok Work Portrouts Llve Forever COMMERCIAL AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY IU7 West Church Street SENIORS MCICNAB S MEN S WEAR 205 North Stote Street Telephone 17II UKIAH CALIFORNIA THE CI ASS OF 42 ROD AND DORA PACINI The Sc hooI Store Formerly Cfreeott S Grocery MANY GOOD WISHES BEST WISHES TO Rodlos Phohoqrophs Records BARTLETT OIL AND BURNER CO 300 North Stote Street UKIAH CALIFORNIA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS EOSTERS 5 I0 I5 Cerlt Store 200 208 South S ote Street LKIAH CALIFORNIA Good Luck Semors from Bob ond DeI KNUDSEN AND MUNSON UKIAH CALIFORNIA FRACA HARDWARE Your Locol Hordwore Deoler PHONE 74 Hordwore Pomts Sportmq C oods 427 North Stote Street , ' 21 COMPLIMENTS MEDICO DRUG CO. PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS On the Comer UKIAH CALIFORNIA Cohqrotulotiohs to the CIQSS of '47 TI-IE MAPLE CAFE Where the Gong Meets Fountom CGHCIIGS Dmners I-IANSEN S UKIAI-I FURNITURE CO Church cmd SChooI Street UKIAH CALIFORNIA Best Wlshes MORRIS DRUG CO Your RexoII Store UKIAI-I CALIFORNIA X Roy Dretetrcs DR C A CALL DC PhC CHIROPRACTOR 435 North Stote Street Ukroh HANSEN S STATIONERY 110 North SchooI Street Phone 759 UKIAI-I CALIFORNIA FIWOSCODIC AND MUSIC sHoP Ittt I I

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