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QD WMV Ui Iii-Il '943 bl shed I S STUDENT BODY of UKIAH UNION HIGH SCHOOL 1. Y Pu i by I1 UKIAH, CALIFORNIA ,M 2 Q The lulure lwolds in uncerliun deslrny nol only for llwe qracllnllnq class ol l946 but lor llle wlnolc world The spocl icular unureeodenled scnenluluc 1 vaneenwenls suclw 1 llwf ilonwc bomb ,el propulslon an ra ar explorallon dl llwe unv r c lmo llwe ley lu worle Lnrly on unnversal peace llwo prrce ol World Wir II was qroal bul llwe lesson learned was mlndeclness and respecl lor ll'le rlqlnls and yrlv leqes ol our lellow man slwould pvevawl over lqnorance lqolrw an sen s nr e lwereby deolcale llms annual lo a peaceful pro oerous and lwarmon ous lulure lor ull rnanlond Wnllw ll'ns declrcilron we sly Ma ln world lwave been H eller place or our lwavunq een err ff S , . L ' el . . , e l li K- V - , , 1 X - Q I V, X , s , 'H " ed 'V X ' eS ef ' , ' f , d cd l e n l Q 5. 1 ld e l 1 l ' d I C V A. x qrealer. We musl realize llnal Common sense, lceon judgment broad' ' s 1 X - H ' ,f Q 3 'X ' 'r ' L b' cl ell ll W A' ll 1 , 5 , 1 I' ' Q ' . ' ' e ' 1 ' . 5 , " .y lo ' .H e b eel 5' bex lm E." JDf1wg1mMgr9 6 During your Time in high school The world has been in a sTaTe OT Turmoil. When you enTered, The mosT Terrible war oT hisTory was being waged. and now, aT The end of your Training period here, The world is aTTempTing To solve The problems of TransiTion Trom a war condiTion To ThaT oT peace. Social unresT, parTicularly beTween employers and employees, is now wide spread and The eTTecTs ol: These condiTions aTTecT every indi- vidual ciTizen personally. You have meT These abnormal condiTions wiTh a saTisTacTory degree of success. You have been acTive in all communiTy enTerprises, such as war bond drives, collecTion oT cloThing Tor The desTiTuTe in Europe, Red Cross drives, eTc.. and your eTTorTs have con- TribuTed maTerially To The success oT all OT These proiecTs. ln oTher words you have demon- sTraTed ThaT you can meeT The responsibiliTies OT ciTizenship in our greaT democracy. ln The years ahead many problems will arise ThaT will require clear and sane Thinking. Do noT allow yourselves To be misled. Do your own Thinking and Tollow your own con- vicTions. This is your heriTage as ciTizens oT a Tree republic. May success come To each of you. Sincerely yours. Cl-TAS. lvl. FULKERSON MR. CHARLES M. FULKERSON, Principal MR. WILLIAM A. CHESSALL, Vice Principal MISS MARGARET HANSEN MRS. BARBARA ZIMMERMAN MR. GEORGE DIETTERLE MR. WILLIAM. A. PIEDMONT MRS. HULDA WEGER MRS. EVELYN EILERS MRS THERESA RAY MR HAROLD LAWERANCE MR MORTON MOROV MRS. NELL MISS VASILIKE LOLONIS MR JOHN C MAHONEY MISS SHIRLEY PERRY MR. HAROLD Judy. ' Under The firm leadership ol Carl Spreclcelsen and Charles Barra, our Sludenl Body allaclred wilh vigor the aclivilies lacing il. John lsnard and Don l-logan acled as appoinled parliamenlarians during lhe lirsl semesler and Larry Brown and Don Hogan acled during lhe second sernesler. Joyce Porna wilh her assislanls Slella Pillero, Dora Weselslry, and June Wallcins led 'rhe pep rallies lor lhe on-coming games and were succeeded by Shirley Freese and her assislanls Gloria Bishop and Eddie lvlclnerney. The Sludenl Body was enlerlained by a variely ol professional performers including rnagicians, a vocal soloisl, a religious pronnoler, and a concerl pianisl. Such aclivilies as revision ol lhe Conslilulion, rallles, and lhe lradilional Sludenl Body Produclion which was called "Calch lhal Thiel" were prornoled. The direclion ol lhe Sludenl Body Play was under lhe supervision of Miss loles and rnuch credil is given lo her lor her erlorls in ils success. vw? STUDENT BODY OFFICERS FRONT ROW: Marqarel Burl, Znd semesler Secrefaryg Efhel Neese, Znd semesler Vice Pres- idenfg Mr. Chessall, lsf and Ind sernesler Treasurerg Charles Barra, 2nd semesler Prexidenlg Margie Jones, Isl semesler Vice Presidenlg Joyce Caya, lst se- mesler Secralary. SECOND ROW: Bob Valenilni, 2nd semesler Alhlelic Repre- senlafiveg Joyce Poma, 2nd se- mesler Publlclly Manager: Bill Coleman, Isl semesler Allslelic Represenlallvej Mary Ellen Hovey, Isl sernesfer Publiclfy Manaqerg Larry Brown, 2nd Se- mesler Parliamenlarian. NOT PICTUREDI Carl Spreckel- sen, lsl semesler Presldenl. STUDENT COUNCIL Bill Ornbaun, Larry Brown, Charles Barra, Mary June Scan- lon, Donna Parker. TOP ROW: Mrs, Marchand, advisory Eddie Mclnerney, Assislanr Business Manager, Don Hogan, Circulalion Manager' , Edifor: Eslon Field, Sporls Edilorg Mr. H. C. Chandler, advisor. BOTTOM ROW: Joyce Caya, Junior Represenfaliveg Mary EVELYN KERN June Scanlon, Copy Editor, Evelyn Kern, Ediforg Neil Beasley, Business Managarg Beffy Harper, Sophomore Represen- falive. NOT SHOWN: Francine Douglass, Freshman Represenlafive. Business Manager From a group ol sludenls chosen by 'rhe lacully, you, lhe Sludenl Body, elecieo Evelyn Kern, edilor, and Neil Beasley, business manager of lhe I946 Annual. Mrs. Marchand and Mr. Chandler were advisors for our slail, and upon lhe deparlure of Mrs. Marchand, Mr. Chandler loolc over lhe enlire worlc. We are greally indebled lo bolh oi lhem, and we wish lo slress our gralilude lo Mr. Chandler who succeeded lo 'rhe posilion as advisor conquering lhe dulies wilh lillle previous experience. This year due 'ro lhe cessafion of lhe war, fhe annual has been expanded from previous years. We would lilce lo poinl oul 'rhe emphasis on school and exlrafcurricular aclivilies in lhis bool: and lhe addilion of "Day al School," which we hope you will lilce. For publicily and financial reasons lhe boosler seclion has been resumed aller a few years absence. Wilh lhese parling words lhe Annual Slail presenls your boolc-Ulciahi I946. NEIL BEASLEY MARGIE VINSON Presidenf Firsi Semexler MARY JUNE SCANLON Vice Presideni Second Semesier 8 FIRST ROW: Gladys Hull, Mary June Scanlon, Leia Salisbury, Margie Vinson, Merdise Hoffman Da nee Da idson SECOND ROW: Viola Lucchesi, Mary Kunzler, Arlene Gilelie, Yvonne Lynn, Louise Delany, Joan Moore THIRD ROW George McGimsey, Geraldine Rupe, Dick Smiih, Joyce Poma, George Gilkison L3 5-3- The "brains" of The school began The year wiTh a pie and calce raTTle. The organizaTion was advised by Mr. Lawerence who, being new To The posiTion, led The socieTy success- Tully Through The year. Presiding over The body of over sevenTeen members were Margie Vinson, President and Gladys l-lull, Vice PresidenT Tor The TirsT semesTer and Pal' l:osTer, President and Mary June Scanlon, Vice PresidenT Tor The second semesTer. A regional convenTion was held in The spring wiTh many oTher schools parTicipaTing. The aTTair was new To This year's scholars as due To The war iT had been prohibiTed. Life membership pins were presenTed To Mary June Scanlon and PaTsy FosTer Tor being on The scholarship six semesTers, one in The senior year. The biggesT and proudesT evenT of The C. S. F. was The l-lonorary Science Award presenTed by The UniversiTy of Calimfornia Tor ouTsTanding worlc done by Tormer members of The school. .. ff JOHN MYERS BILL COLEMAN MARY LOU MAGUIRE NEIL BEASLEY LAIR'D HOORER Pros dan! V ce Presideni Secrelary Treasurer Demernf Commiifee Re preseniafive '1z,f!au,0Micm,4, Tha? dreaded day! ln Ocfober l942 a hundred lrighlened people became Freshmen al Ulciah Union High School. On November 6, l942, we were greeled wifh an iniliafion, and in 'rhe evening wi+h The smell of onions sfill on our noses and wifh lipsliclc in our hair, we became full-fledged high-schoolers. Our Freshman Dance af Chrislmas-lime was applauded by all. Now "wise fools" we were in a vindicfive spiril and lruly made 'rhe on-coming Fresh- men suffer. Then-Upper-Classmenl Class rings, raffles, and 'rhe Junior Prom were lhe body ol our Junior year. Wifh Hlvloonlighf and Roses" as fhe lheme and dancing +o lhe slrains of GreoH's Orcheslra, our repufalion for fine dances soared even higher. The lop af lasfl We sfarled The year sadly in need of funds. Wilh Charles Pilfman as chairman of lhe Ways and Means Commiflee a bean conlesl was held. Pop was sold af dances and games, and food sales were held. The iewel of our career was fhe Senior Play. Much credil is given +o Miss Toles and Mr. Chessall for lhe record breaking success of 'rhe produclion. We closed fhe door on High School wilh lhe 'rradilional Baccalaureale, Class Night and Senior Ball. On June 2l, I946, we were ushered info adullhood. 'Q -Q Ni MARY JUNE SCANLON Sfudenf Co Re L, , MARY ANGELO PETER BARRA MARY LOU BOWEN MARILYN BROWN LEONA CATENACCI CHARLES BARRA NEIL BEASLEY DOROTHY BOYD ELEANORE IUNYER EUGENE CHARLTON ROBERT CHASE LONNIE DOCKINS DONALD ESTON FIELD DUANE FOSTER NANCYLYN FOX BILL COLEMAN EARLE EBY MARJORIE FINFROCK PATSY FOSTER BETTY MAE FREITAS JAMES GARAVENTA PATTY GIELOW JOE GRAZIANO IRENE HALL CHARLES HOFMAN ARTHUR GHIRINGHELLI DOROTHY GILBERT DELLA GUNTLY MERDISE HOFFMAN DONALD HOGAN LAIRD HOOPER ERNEST HULL GLADY5 HULL EVELYN KERN MAIELEAN LUCCHESI MARY ELLEN HOVEY EUGENE HULL MARGERY JONES NICK LOLONIS VIOLA LUCCHESI MARY LOU MAGUIRE JOHN MYERS DEAN NOWAK CHARLES PITTMAN EUN ICE PRESTON 'vs ,vw EDDIE McINERNEY ETHEL NEESE STELLA PIFFERO JOYCE POMA GRACE REHA HARRY RICHARDSON CAROL SADLER LETA SALISBURY JAY LEE SMITH, JR. NIARGIE VINSON BETTY LOU ROBERTS GERALDINE RUPE MARY JUNE SCANLON CARL SPRECKELSEN DONNA WARD PEGGY WINCHESTER ANABELLE SMITH -3 FRANCES WICKSTOM Graduate in Absenfia Alum Rock Sanifarium KATHRYN ZINK IRENE VAN OVEN lam, 89? JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS FRONT ROW Joyce Caya Vrce Pres den? Bob Valenllnl Presldenl Sh rley Freese Secrerary SECOND ROW Norma Lucchesl Demernl Represenla e Larry Bro Sludenl Councl Pauline Smnlh Treasurer N"'f"9WIf.i' The hrsl umporlanl decnsnon we Junuors had lo make aller The begnnnung of school was maklng lhe choice ol class rmngs The rungs were selecled very carefully bolh for lhe sake of appearance and durabnllly We Juniors were represenled In Sludcnl Body Sporls and on lhe Cal lornua Scholashc Federahon We were represenled IH Sludenl Body by Joyce Caya who was Secrelary larsl sernesler and by lvlargarel Burl Secrelary second semesler John lsnard and Larry Brown served as Parluamenlaruans during The larsl and second semeslers respechvely Our mosl noled sporlsmen were Bolo Valenhnu Jack German Carllon Gubbs Bob Russell l-lugh Preslon Larry Brown John lsnard l-larry Barlolomen and George Porllock Louuse Delany Dawnee Davidson Duck Srnulh and George Gulklnson proved lo be our four besl sludenls by allamung membership an 'rhe C S F Wulh Pauhne Smllh as chaurrnan one of lhe besl Junuor Proms an lhe pasl lew years was glven on April I2 l946 The lheme EI Trocodero was one of lhe mos? orugunal idea ever presenled Under lhe leadership of Bob Valenhnu as Presldenl we Junuors enyoyed a pleasanl und successful year 0 ? x In B 1 1 ,JL .X if Nw .W r W 1 f ,S . . A 1 . 1 L X L f 4 i I Z . .' . ' 2 -i - 'M wiv: l -5151, l , V' V A AN! A - , if M, I ' ' 1 3 ,I fm' ,. B.. FIRST ROW: Delany, Ford R.: Brown, J., Freese, Davidson, Cummins, Beecher, Barfolomei, L. SECOND ROW: Burf, Bishop, Alexander, Couch, Arani, An- derson J., Clark, Dic . 'IHIRD ROW: Addor, Brown, L., Caya, Anderson, C. B., Erickson, Blair, Brush, Eriksen. FOURTH ROW: Barlolomei, H., Henderson, Gibbs, Helman, Gilkison, Is- nard, Furber, Jackson. wr' 'fix 'ii FIRST ROW: Shaw, Smith, P., Miller, Kirk, Sfarke, Roqers, Scrifchfield, Kieldsen. SECOND POW: Reddina, Morris luc- chesi, Lowe, Richey, Leschke, McCulloch, Porllock, L. THIRD ROW: Rainwafer, Lolonis, Porflock G Russell in e , .. . S QI v. Preslon, Dumas. FOURTH ROW: Spraque, Spreckelsen, Smivh, D., Pallini, Hooper, Holliday Perrone. FIRST ROW: Tackaberv Wesol- skv, Wicksfrom, Wriqhl, K. Tilion, Vanoven, Wafs'n. SECA OND ROW: Thompson, Valen- lini, Wilsfn, Wonq, Thompson C, Wriqhl, C. sppfwmm gm saw SOPHOMORE CLASS OFHCERS FRONT ROW June Walk ns Secrelary George Wlldber er Presdenl lone Field Vnce Presudenf Bull Ornbaun Sludenl Councl Carol Cohen Treasur er Charles Sassenralh Demenl Repre senfahve J-dl' The lrolmcs were held on lhe hrsl Friday afler school began Wulh lhe gurls ln QIQTGIIS and lhe boys wulh sloclcungs on lhenr heads lhe Freshmen were paraded lhrough molasses around lhe gymnasuum They were dressed xn lhenr falher s shnrls and old leans Everyone walched The murlh excnledly Due lo an unnnlenlnonal accudenl lhe resl of lhe unuhalnon was dnspensed wulh The Sophomore class held lhc lnmelughl on November 3 l945 by guvung lhesr annual dance Since The leshve spnrnl of l-lallowe en prevanled The gym was decoraled wnlh lhe seasonal colors orange and black Tall sun browned cornslallcs surrounded Greolls Orcheslra The muslcuans were dressed as hull bullies adding charm and color lo lhe dance Dons l-lenruclcs and Joan Moore duly represenled The Clas on 'rhe C S F O 1 s. .4 GL 1 i : i , 3 ' Q . i 1 . . i : . I I J O f 1 is ..... 1 A, h-- . ,,,,, ., A 1:-nu N ' MM' . T 1 n . . . . . . . . ' ' s Y . . . x RX! Srl 'N Q X ggfvx f fi NY w iT,A, yd' QQ MN ft? wg .A X xg ,Ms .ASQ pg, VN ggffwq N E? tx quuu S V X K sf-4 , by Nrxx X v ,GAA hwMiQV:k N 'sa A , X Q W K my , fkgmfp, V9 1 QNX N yummy! tKX. w?-'7"Q 9 5 N hx r X j P lr If 3, sf lf 5 E II n ,Q was 9' Q- - Q "' sg A Q K . x M gg WN ' i 53 55 'rx as N avr Q2 Q N 1 x . L X EQ .Q E sal' 't A4 L V QUE I X Q xt . x E W. Q fi" fll AA 'i N 1 'tg U I. X-, - Qwf' w- I' if Q-3 ki M. jf. ' xx VN S4 5.4, if xx., , K K . x av . wi x - - L Nw ' , . K j. Q .X w N K sf 3 "Rss X .-Q.. Qs A t A . Y , , ., gs' - RP wNYQQ A 5 -QQ. XY mr, X .. .Q qs ...F 6 F ' b X x ' x . I ' , 9 F5 is NN ,fxwgx x x x -OD W FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS FIRST ROW Pa? Walsh Lmo Nl olo Presldenf Don Loosley SECOND ROW Dianne Hooker Treasurer Jane Snngley Demerr Represeniaf e Bar bara Toller Siudenf Counc I Our TrughTTul vu :ons oT hwqh school soon became realuTues on SepTember 24 I945 BeTore The qreenness oT grammar school had worn off we were escorTed To The gymnasium Tor our paunT Iolos We were lusT sTarTung To parade around and bow To Those oh so bug upper classmen when due To a rnnsTorTune :T was all IH The pasT In The evenung we learned The nice snde oT hugh school The Freshman Recephon was held an The qymnasuurn which was decoraTed In a paper doll Theme The queshons un our rneehngs perTafned To our Freshman dance whnch was on December I4 The decorahons were colorTul blue whuTe and green crepe paper Tapers There was a bug l:ghTed ChrssTnnas Tree placed nnvmTn gly ID The cenTer oT The gyrnnaslurn GreoTT s orchesTra Turnrshed The rnusuc We Tunushod The year successTully by beunq advanced To The ranlc oT Sophomores 3 T af at . M? E ,W Sa," ., -0 W IT 'AM we ' X x -I: 5' I , ff 'T I' : 5 ' 'v , ' z , i ' iv . , i. FIRST ROW: Breen, Cornell Fernbach Anderson Duffe G . - Y. r. Gillerfe, Badolomei, J., Davis, Cafes. SECOND ROW: Freifas, Gunfly, Crawford, Goudqe Ford, En1Ier, J., Enzler, E. Barrolomei, C. THIRD ROW Gibson, Dunham, Dal Pouo, Gray, Ashford. I FIRST ROW: Johnson, Kirk, Layioref, Hiefala, M., Hieiala, L., McGraw, Kunzler, Larsen, Hall. SECOND ROW: Maifern, Hamilfon, Hilion, Hooper, Kindinger, Hunf, Hooker, Ma- han. THIRD ROW: Lucchesi, Lampson, Hachmann, Mathews, Nivolo, MicheIeNi. FOURTH ROW: Hansen, Hanson, Neese, Loosley. FIRST ROW: Siandley, Parker, Wriqhf, Shaul, Rovera, PoIIer, Richwine, Pacini. SECOND ROW: Sacchi, Terry, Rupe, M., Sinqley, Walsh, Vinson, Toller, Smith, Soraque. THIRD ROW: Sfone, Zimmerman, Adams, Quick, Wong, Winchesfer, Zeek. POURTL4 ROW: Rupe, A ,, rickle, Scriichfield, Regina, Vanoven. "A SAILOR COMES HOME" FIRST ROW: Kalhryn Zink, Earle Eby, Bubbles Roberls, Margie Vinson, Carl Spreclzelsen, Pai' Fosler, Eddie Mcln- erney, Mary Ellen Hovey. SECOND ROW: Gladys Hull, Marqie Finirock, Nancylyn Fox, Efhel Neese, Marilyr Brown, Margie Jones. THIRD ROW: Dorolhy Boyd, Eleanore Bunler, Bill Coleman, Leona Calenacci. "MY HERO!" Pai Fosler, Leona Calenacci, Marqie Finfrock, Eleanore Bunler, Bubbles Rob- erfs, Nancylyn Fox, Kalhryn Zink, Gladys Hull, Marilyn Brown, Eihel Neese, Carl Spreckelsen, Dorofhy Boyd, Margie Jones, Margie Vinson. ll M ll 'F Jhat Jlliflff' "CATCH THAT THIEF' FRONT ROW: Marqarel Burl, Dora Weselslry, Cora Belh Anderson, Jac- queie Douqlass, Belly Finfrock. SEC- OND ROW: Paul Helman, Dick Smilh, Jules Legier, Marvin McCleery, George Gillmison. NOT PICTURED: Bubbles Rob- eris, Eddie Mclnerney, Neil Beasley. BAND FRONT ROW: Brown, J., Dielrich Smilh, Goodwin, Brown, A., Burl, Hen derson, Ross, Finfroclr, B., Calenacci Freeze. SECOND ROW: Kirk, J., Kirk L., Hall, Beasley, Grazino, Eby, Brush Rovera. THIRD ROW: Helman, Michel elli, Rainwaler, Ward, Beck, Richard son, Smilh, J. L., Dumas, Wildburqer FOURTH ROW: Monlgomery, Lower Millard, Mr. Murov. ORCHESTRA FRONT ROW: Morris, Lucchesi, N., Kunzler, Loclrharl, L., Malhews, Ford, P. SECOND ROW: Mr. Murov, Souone, Loosely, Zeelr, Gilelle, Rainwaier, Monfqomery, Harper, Kirk, J. CHORAL FRONT ROW: Ford, N., Boyd, Brown, M., Garner, Smilh, A., Goudqe, Beech- er, Wilcox. SECOND ROW: Bell, Stur- levanf, Squier, Larson, Valeri, Caya, Weselslry, McGuire, Gilelle. THIRD ROW: Lynn, Hooper, Curry, Vinson, B., Wriqhf, K., Vanoven. FOURTH ROW: Calenacci, Ford, R., Alexander Couch, Tillon, O., Bishop. YELL LEADERS Sfella Pilfero, Joyce Poma, Dora Wesol- sky, June Wafkins. CADETS FIRST ROW: Richardson, Redding Brush, Cromwell, Phelps, Porilock Hamilfon, Ornbaun, Thompson, SEC: OND ROW: Myers, Barra, C., Barra, P., Holman, Porllock, Chase, Eby, Brumback, Charlfon, Books, Piffman. DEMERIT COMMITTEE REPRESENTATIVES Mr, Chandler, advisor, Jane Sinqley, Charles Barra, Laird Hooper, Norma Lucchesl, Charles Sassenrarh, JOYCE POMA Presidenf Firsi Semesfer ETHEL NEESE Vice Presidenf Firsf Semesier GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS FRONT ROW: June Warkins, firsr semesfer Treasurerg Erhel Neese, firsf semesier Vice Presidenig Joyce Poma, firsi semesfer Presidenig Mrs. Weqer, Advisorg Margie Jones, second semesrer Presidenfg Mary June Scanlon, second semesier Vice President: Shirley Freese, firs! semesier Secrefary.. SECOND ROW: Mabelean Lucchesi Senior Represenfaiiveg Donna Parker, Freshman Represeniaiiveg Norma Lucchesi, second semester Secreraryi Dora Weselsky, Junior Represenfafiveg Nancy Ford, Sophomore Represeniaiiyeg Evelyn Maiiern, second SQYTIQSIQI' Treasurer. fb. wail Oii lo a Iale slarl, lhe Girls' League held a major pari in school aciivilies Ihis year. Bloclc "U" awards were presenied io: Margie Jones, Joyce Caya and higher awards oi slars were presenied lo lhe following who had over a ihousand poinis: Viola Lucchesi, Maybele-an Lucchesi, Joyce Joma, Siella Pilriero, Leia Salisbury. AI lhe lurn of Ihe iirsi semesler a beauiiiul candlelighi ceremony was held for Ihe insiallaiion oi newly elecied officers. On February 8, I946, a Sadie Hawkins day and dance was sponsored by the Girls' League. In 'rhe aiiernoon we gaihered in Ihe gym io choose fhe iypical Daisy Mae and li'I Abner. Donna Parlcer and Marvin Mccleery loolc Ihe prizes oi Cream oi Wheal. Miss Cross and Mr. Dieiierle were lhe besl coslumed Ieacherz. Moclc marriages, hog calling conlesls and saclc races were held. The noise of Iliff crowd expressed lheir merrimenf. Thai nighi a dance was held which proved Ic- be very successful. MARGIE JONES Presideni Second Semesfer MARY JUNE SCANLON Vice Presidenl Second Semesier -1 'QQ Jw, K imztr JOHN MYERS FIRST ROW: Charles Piflman, John Myers, Mr. Chandler, advisor, Charles Barra, Peler Barra. SECOND ROW: CHARLES Firsl Semester Presidenl Neil Beasley, Jack German, George Porllock, Bob Valenlini, Bob Russell, Don Hoqan. THIRD ROW: Harry Second Somoslor Richardson, Dean Nowak, Bill Coleman, Esfon Field, Joe Graziano, Ar? Ghiringhelli, Bob Chan. FOURTH CHARLES PITTMAN ROW: Lloyd Books, Gala Brumback, Don Cromwell, Carllon Gibbs, Larry Brown, Harry Barlolomai, Laird PETER BARRA First Semester Vice Hooper, Martin Brush. 5lC0'ld Simliflf VK! Presidenl Prliidlrll Blorlz, " "Society, l-laving been revived Trom previous years, The Block "U" SocieTy, under The supervision oTlv1r. l-l. M. Chandler, has done many Things To TurTher school splriT. The socieTy is composed only of winners oT block "U's." The TooTball season was Topped oTT wi+h a dance given by The socieTy on November I7, I945. lniTiaTion Tor This year's newcomers was held in The school caTeTeria, wilh such sTunTs as worm Teeds and blind boxing. All presenT enjoyed The inTeresTing Tallcs given by lvlr. PiedmonT and lvlr. DieTTerle on sporTs in The war. The Blocls "U" SocieTy promoled publiciTy Tor school games Through sponsored programs, provided announcers Tor games, sold soda pop and candy, ushered aT TooTball and baslceTball games, and held a raTTle. All in all The socieTy has done very well in Their aim which is To Turlher The inTeresT OT aThleTic acTiviTies in The school. 4 'Q' 'H Day, A new fearure has been added ro Jrhe annual Jrhis year which is "A Day ar School." A girl and boy were chosen from lhe Sophomore and Junior classes represenling an average day al school for fhe average sludenr. The slu- denls are shown as fhey arrived a+ school and were followed lhrough lhe day and when leaving al Jrhe close of school. The honored sludenls are Barbara Dumas and Bob Russell. dt L" Barbara, beside being sfudious and hardworking in whalever she docs, is quile aclive in her Sophomore Class and in Girls' Sporls. She is quile popular and has much To do wilh social evenls of Ulciahi. Bob, on lhe olhor hand, is a good sporfsman and is very popular among the crowd, l-le is chairman of fhe decoraling commilfee of The Junior Prom, Publicily Manager of Bloclc "U" Sociely, and played guard on lhe "A" baslcelball +eann. MARGIE JONES Edilor First Semexler DORA WESELSKY Edilor Second Semesler 32 UKlAHl-TALK STAFF FRONT ROW: Eddie Mclnerny, Dora Weselsky, Mr. Mahoney, advisor, Margie Jones, Laird Hooper Marque Vinson. SECOND ROW: Mary Ellen Hovey, Donna Ward, Marqie Finfrock, June Pallerson, Peqqy Winchesler THIRD ROW: Pal Cheshire, Dorothy Gunlly, Earle Eby, Eleanore Bunler, Shirley Freese jim ..-Jam Under lhe careful guidance ol our edilors, Margie Jones, and Dora Weselslcy, and our advisor, Mr. J. C. Mahoney, lhe iournalism class ediled and published The Ulaiahi- Tallc successfully lhrough lhe year l945 and I946. The l-li-Tallc lhis year was mirrieo- graphed due lo our unsuccessful ellorls lo have il prinled. Our Chrislmas and Easier issues were oulslanding because of our prinled covers. Our June and lasl issue was a complele prinled issue mainly wilh piclures and farewell noles lo lhe gradualing seniors. Wilh funds we raised selling our monlhly papers, lhe slall sponsored a dinner and dance on May 24. The dinner was exclusively lor lhe slalli members and one guesl each. while lhe Sludenl Body was inviled lo lhe dance. There was small change in our slaihl lor lhe second semesler. Dora Weselslcy succeeded lo lhe posilion ol Edilor. Our Business and Circulalion was combined al which Margie Vinson was al lhe head. Laird Hooper did an excellenl iob as Sporls Edilor. . MR. W. A. PIEDMONT FIRST ROW: Richardson, Pilfman, Hull, Wilson, Beasley, Gibbs, Spreclrelsen. SECOND ROW Coach Hlackmann, Gorman, Valenlini, Myers. Jnnfball. FIRST ROW: Hull, Richardson, Piifman, Gibbs, Myers, Valenlini, German, Coleman, Field, Spreckelsen, C., Haclrmann, Anderson. SECOND ROW: Tackebery IManagerl, Lucchesi, Spreclrelson, D., Beasley, Brumback, Books, Wilson, Hansen, lsnard, Brown, Brush, Sassonralh, Jackson, Siagliolli, Winchesler. TOP ROW: Richardson, Pilfman, Hull, Wilson, Gibbs, Spreclcelsen. MIDDLE ROW: Beasley H lr G VI 9 M I B b k UKIAI-I UKIAH UKIAH UKIAH UKIAH UKIAH a an ini, yers, Field. BOTTOM ROW: Coleman, snard, Books, rum I4 COLUSA O: 7 PETALUMA .. O FORT BRASS ,O O FORTUNA O 32 CLARKSBURG 34 HEALDSBURC5 H M CHANDLER FRONT ROW: Pefe Barra, John Myers, Chal B SECOND ROW D H q N C h Carlfon Gibbs, Bob Russell, Harry R h d BASKETBALL SCORES I945-I946 "A" TEAM UKIAI-I SEYSERVILLE UKIAH ALUMNI L UKIAH KELSEYVILLE, UKIAH PETALUMA UKIAH COLUSA 7 , UKIAI-I HEALDSBURS UKIAH FORT BRASS UKIAH UPPER LAKE UKIAH WILLITS UKiAH BOONVILLE UKIAH LAKEPORT UKIAH KELSEYVILLE UKIAH SEYSERVILLE UKIAH FORT BRASS UKIAH TOWN B's H, UKIAH WILLITS UKIAI-I LAKEPORT LOST 6 OU wi" ' rio me me FRONT ROW: Jack German, Jack Dielriclr, Ronnie Ward, Don Cromwell. SECOND ROW: Pefros Lolonis, MR W A PIEDMONT Larry Brown Gale Brumback John lsnard Wallace Hooper Marlin Brush UKlAl-l UKIAH UKlAl-l UKIAH UKIAH UKIAH UKIAH UKlAl-l UKlAl-l UKlAl-l UKIAH UKIAH UKIAH UKIAH UKIAH UIQQIAH BASKETBALL SCORES l945-I946 "B" TEAM GEYERSVILLE UKIAH C's , KELSEYWLLE PETALUMA COLUSA l-IEALDSBURG FORT BRAGG UPPER LAKE WILLITS BOONVILLE LAKEPORT KELSEYVILLE GEYSERVILLE FORT BRAGG WILLITS LAKEPORT WON 8-LOST 8 46'wm6alL A+ Ihe lime 'rhis annual wenr Io press The Baseball season had nor ye+ opened. We feel conlidenl, however, Ihal our boys will malce a name for Ihemselves in meeling Ihe following Teams on Ihe dia- mond Ihis year in home and away games. They are as follows: Geyserville, Willils, For? Bragg, and Layfonville. FIRST ROW: Enzler, Maffern, Spraqua, S., Hull, J., Barfolomei, C., Lockhart SECOND ROW: Lucchosi, Porflock, W., Bariolomei, H., ScagIioIIi, German Brumback, Sassenrafh. THIRD ROW: Schulh, Nowak, Pifiman, Myers, Valen- Iini, Ghirinqhelli, Richardson. FIRST ROW: Cromwell, Myers, Grazino, Coleman, Field, Valenfini. SECOND ROW: Maffern, Sassenrafh, Rupe, Ger- man, Richardson, Scanlioffi, Coleman, ., Hu . jmck AI Ihe lime Ihis annual wenl Io press Ihe Iraclc season had no'r yel srarfed. However, we believe Ihal our boys will malce a good showing when Ihey meer 'rhe Alumni, S+. Helena, and I-lealdsburg on Ihe cinders. Also 'rhose winning poinls in 'rhe N.W.L. meer will go Io Berkeley Io The N.C.S. meel Io represenf our school. mmm VOLLEYBALL FRONT ROW: Norma Lucchesi, Dora Weselsky, Kale Wriqhr. SECOND ROW: Pauline Srnifh, Eleanor Shaw, Beafrice Erikson, Marqarol Richey. BASKETBALL FRONT ROW: Margie Jonas, Viola Luc- chesi, Efhel Neese, Sfella Piffero, Mabelean Lucchesi. SECOND ROW: Lara Salisbury, Evelyn Kern, Marqie Vinson, Joyce Poma. BASEBALL FRONT ROW: Befly Goodwin, Rose Marie Walson, Yvonne Lynn, Lorraine Barfolomei. SECOND ROW Gloria Mar- linelli, Norma Dockins, Nancy Ford, Marquerille Garzini, Regina Hansen. TENNIS FRONT ROW: Pauline Srnilh, Eleanor Shaw, Marqie Jonas. SECOND ROW: Margaret Burl, Mary Anqelo, Efhel Neuse, Evelyn Kern, Mary Juno Scanlon. 'tt-J C4 to Y gf? li 9 f ,ik wi f Vw K emi'- REETINGSH WESTERN STORE Is The Center For SPORTING GOODS SCHOOL CLOTHES AUTO ACCESSORIES MCALLASTER 81 WILLFORD A Complete Pbotogngbbzl' ..S2'l'I'1L'L' o YEARBOOKS o GRADUATION Q CLUBS and LODGES o BABIES 0 WEDDINGS Q COPIES s dU ly fe bl 1 Vialef B. STUDIO 472I-23 GEARY BLVD. of IIIIw Avenue San Francisco IB, California s. EVergreen 5829 Phone Bfxyv 2295 "N Good Luck Class of '46 . Q..-M my I FRASSINELLO S I MARKET Fresh Meat and Vegetables SOUTH STATE STREET UKIAH, CALIFORNIA PHONE 405 Best Wishes Class of 46 H O F M A N S WHOLESALE CIGARS TOBACCO AND CANDY Xxx , MN. If Congratulations to the Class of 46 BROWNIE'S DRIVE IN MARKET SOUTH STATE STREET PHONE eos X V A S - 1 I I .K .if xg' Q its W . mf! I A BME? N sf XA f 'A' :am 2 A A1 Q , ' I - - ROOD SMARKET RICHARDSON S M E AT M A R K E T Groceries Fresh Vegetables Fresh Meat Sea Food PHONE 675 PHONE I9I SOUTH STATE STREET UKIAH CALIFORNIA FREE DELIVERY and PORTLOCK HARDWARE General Hardware PAINTS ELECTRICAL AND PLUMBING SUPPLIES ROOFING SPORTING GOODS PHONE IO4 I07 SOUTH STATE STREET I I o I ' ' 1 A A 'im M .I .. I Q 1 I ,. wbmHu+.' Co gat lato s To The Se o Class WARD S AND WILDBERGER S MARKET FRAGA HARDWARE BestWshes You Local Ho dwore Deole PHONE 74 To the Class of 46 FOSTER'S HARDWARE PAINTS 5-'I 0-'I 5C SPORTING OOOOS zoe. zoa SOUTH STATE STREET UKIAH CALIFORNIA S A I T- A O A .NM OO n r u i n ni r 'From 1 I i I f f f DISTRIBUTOR The GENERAL Tlre MYERS TIRE SERVICE ROBERT MYERS P p + UKIAH CALIFORNIA NEW and USED TIRES RECAPPINC5 REPAIRING Best Wishes to the Class of 46 fVfl'.EY5' Compliments of ANTON S PROPANE GAS SERVICE LAKE AND MENDOCINO COUNTIES LIOUID GAS APPLIANCES BOX 535 PHONE 209 UKIAH CALIFORNIA C omphments of MORRIS DRUG CO BUCHANAN S BARBER SHOP J NEWELL REA DENTIST CITY BAKERY VALLEY TIME SERVICE R D WITHROW DENTIST BORDEN'S CREAMERY LEN WESELSKY'S ASSOCIATED STATION I , ro rie or 902 South State Street Phone I I I f C F I I I I I 0 Q I I 0 I . G R E E O T T ' S For All Musical Requirements EXPERT REPAIRING LACOUERING PLATING 700 WALNUT AVE PHONE 380 J We Wish to Extend our Best Wrshes To the Class of 46 THE MAPLE CAFE AND FOUNTAIN Our Congratulations Class of 46 Portraits Llve Forever 24 HOUR SERVICE ON KODAK WORK JOHN S STUDIO I07 WEST CHURCH STREET UKIAH CALIFORNIA MEET ME FACE TO FACE MORTY'S TI-IE HOUSE OF OUALITY Opposite Palace Ho+eI UKIAH CALIFORNIA I I ' If A I 5 .V I IFormerIy Detriclcsj I ANGELA'S RESTAURANT "We Never Close" DINNERS SANDWICHES FOUNTAIN SERVICE Congratulations Class of 7946 372 NORTH STATE STREET UKIAH, CALIFORNIA PHONE I93-J UKIAH CALIFORNIA With Many Good Wishes to the Class of '46 ESTHER'S SHOPPE ESTHER M REDWINE P p + Modern Portraiture MALCOLM NEWMAN HOME MARKET GROCERIES FRUITS VEGETABLES MEATS F SH UKIAH CALIFORNIA HANSEN S UKIAH FURNITURE CO CHURCH AND SCHOOL STREETS UKIAH CALIFORNIA PHJOS H Jewelers and Optometrusts UKIAH CALIFORNIA LEARN TO DANCE Angela s School of Dancing STEIERT HALL PRIVATE AND CLASS LESSONS TAP BALLET TOE SOCIAL PHONE FOR APPOINTME . , ro rie or I I o I93-J NT iw aa ' ra uzuusco,,1Nc.

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