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UKIAHI 1945 Published by of Ukloh Unlon Hugh School the Student Body DEDICATION X I lI11lllll' slx,htpr0ll1plU.llh19 Llulxu mon Xlr C huslll xx llkllljw clnxxn lhL stnrxx IV lftnr sdxool lllkxng to om 1 our llun x rcturmd xntcrm 1 Lollngu xuulmt sought Ill fI'Il.I1llShlpbV our llumm I trulx gn It tcm IIIOINII for hm cxullcnt tmahmg 1nd trumng lll our ulxool Hls llllLlLI'SllIlLllIlg md mtcrut lil our xxc.H1rL mould not lx mom Lloquultly told WL ll lust Sly Here s To You Mr. Chessall . 'A ' .1 Y x '. ' "1 A Z . . f .A . ' I V . I 1 ' .1 1 A x X. . 1 . ' . 11' 4 mihg - - '- 4 ,Q ' ' '. ' .21 lxusincssmnn. VVC lvclicvc the fact that hc is contimmllx' - x x 1 x . .' ' K- 8-1 V. I CLASSES FRESHMEN Class History The Class of '48 started its long climb toward graduation on September 18, 1944. The following Friday we were beautifully initiated-according to the Sopho- mores, Iuniors, and Seniors. The Freshmen thought otherwise, but we soon had the egg out of our hair and the lipstick off our faces. The Student Body gave us a reception dance the same night. When we walked into the gym, play pens and baby buggies caught our eye. The decoration we'll remember longest is the greeting, "Welcome, Frosh", hanging from the ceiling on diapers. The Freshmen Class gave a Christmas dance on December 8, 1944. Our decora- tions were all-out for Christmas and winter. A large, red bell was placed at the top of the gym ceiling. A snowman standing in one corner helped greatly in giving a wintry atmosphere. The orchestra, the decorations, and the good humor of the Ukiah High students all added up to a successful dance. The Class of '48 give thanks to the students and faculty of Ukiah High for making our Freshman year one so happy to remember. rL-RJ: Represen tad Ur' OFFICERS RONNIE WARD, Dvmwll fonmntlzr IUNF, WATKINS, T1'c't1.ruru ERNIE PIFFERO, Prc'xfdc'nl GEORGE WILDHERGER V114 P14 mfr nt LOU ANN BELL, Student Council Not pictured: AUDRIQY BROWN Srcnltuy N yn up ""l' QQ A, x .WN ,it ,, +110 QW xl vffwx Q Q A irlNv',,lA56z, hi Q. mbsf px a :Q ' x ,ww ,A ..:4.....,....,,.a,r,, fx-X eff: I lx, 'via f Q 1 ' x Zz 22 FRESHMAN CLASS X 1 1 1 1 Ill!! IU!! lfllll L N ll!! 11111 1 ll 1 11 1 11 1 Ill' 1111 11 51111 18 X KUUI 1011 X Rl 151 1 11 I IlflUHfl11 1 s IL 1 1 1 lll llll Ill 11111 51111111 S 1 I1 1 111 R11111rt 11 11111211 1 1 1111 s 1r 11 1 1 1 KL s 1111 11 S11 X LS 1 D 131 X1111111 111111 Dons 11111 X 111111 s 1 N111 1111 S 11111111011 I I1 11111111 L11 11 1 lllll 111 IS 1111111 111r lffnfmrz I I1 1 1 11r111N11r 1 X TX N11C1111 XIII 'N111111 171111 11 r 111 1 r 111111 11 111011 I 1 1311111I11.1111s1111 01111111 1111 XV1 111rC11ss111 IX R1 11111118 11111 R1 111r111111 l"f'1,1'f 11111' fl. R15 1'.111'11'141 111111 11, 11.11'11411'11 1,llIllJlS. XXIII '1' 15111'11. 17411111' 17111'11. 1'1'1I1' 17111I'1'111'11. 1.1111 .XIII l!1'1l.111.1111T111-1 .311 f ' '11, Kjj 1111111f.1111111-111,C14111- I11'1111111111'11. N1 4 1711 '1i1l1. , 1.111'1'.11111' 11.1r111111111111. 111111' 1711111. 111111 111111' 1711-.1T111'111 1f11111'11. 1.111111 11111111s. 11-1111 1f1111'1114111 'l71" ' 'fl.l'1: 1711114111 if1'1 1111111. 111I.lI'1L'5 111'1111'11. 1111121 .Xl11'L'11l1ll1. 1.111'1'111111' 111'11111111.1f1.111'1' 131111. x1.lI'11' 1J.lIl11'1S, K1111'11ss 17111 11. 13111 lfl r1' lf1l1!' '1111' ll,l'1.' 11.1111 .X11111'1's1111. R111' 111111. 11111111111 1"41111'1'.f111'11 1T1. 111111 l'f1.1'f 11111' fl. R13 1'1,I'I1k'Nl l'1l1111'11. 171111111-1. S1111'111s..X11'1'1'111.1 SI111l11. 1,11111' XV -1' 11. R11111111- NY1 411. f1111ll'11'S SLlNN1'l1I'Ll11l, N111111111 Russ. .11111 111lI'1iS. 1 1 r Y1'11'1'1'1' .11 X' 'fl.l'j: fl1-111'g1- XY1111111'1'g1'1', 13111 S1'11g1i11111. 1LlllL' XV11111i11s. R11s1 N1LlI'1k' XV111s1111. N1L1FgilI'Cl '11 111111 '1411111's11111, 1111' ' ' S1111'11'1'11111. IQ111111' '1's11r1111s. 1",ll1LI XY1s1'. -111-11 I'1 -111s '71f' ' ' .l',.' 111111 R111 11. 11111 1l.llIk'I'.'UII, 1111 ' l'11111'rs1111, R1111 N11111- S1'11Ll1111l1'F. 1.01,' 1114 S1'11Q 1111 R11 11' A 1l:11'r1'11 .':111s1111r1'. Y 'r 1111 1,11 '. - '1111 l'11'l' ' 'fl,fl'j.' R1111 1'11g11. 17 11 V1'11111g, 1'f111111' Y111.'1111, 1111- P- r Il ', N11 ry S11 II1 1-13. 12111 '111 -.'1 1111 l"1'111'f 11111' fl,l'1.' 141111 I I11111i111111. 11111' C111111111111, 11r1sl11111r11111s, ' ' 1 1 1 1 S. 1111111 1 1 N111r11111'1'i111'C111rz1111. .Xr111111 1111111'.', C11'11rg1 . ' 1' s1'1' A'l,. . ,I F 131 ' "CQ1111111', 1C1'1'1y11 X1llIL'fI1. 11111111111 11z111s1'11, N11111 1.:1rs' . Y1111 I1 ' 1,4'I1I1. C1111r111fN1q1r1i111'111.1J11 1 N1y".'.1'111'114.'111111. ' I 1 111'r "7'. , ,ff 72-. 11111'.' 1.1'3g11'r. 1'1111 N1CXV1L'2lI', li " ' . 1 rib. . 11'r1'i11 N1'11'1 1f. 1. . ' 'r' '. 111" .11 ' 111 . 1-C111 11 '11111 111., , ,I 1,172-. '11' Q .1 11' ' 'll 1: 'Q 11: . Y1' ". I1 1 L1 a N S 1 F Ai K X X ,..,..,,, ,Q I x N - K , f K Sh X E 'Af 1 mf XY? 3 w .,.,,, NX. , b XX K Q M Q f N X Q ga X X 3 K sy If by X tk X . Sw ii :W , .5 O Si Q.::.k15gE E: n Q RN F5 g Q vs, wi if ' , X S952 Y g m Q gag Q? .F ,X x 3 X X XS' A . K A M xx wi ,gm 1 b 5 ' A M4 3' 1 1 V X X , . Gif? , ' S E5-'f X sv N f Nl-ii A Y x X. . Q f X Q - X1 , - 'L A x Q-X .,., . .5 Q Q Qs: N ' A if - x Mm Q Q T Nm F , yi x ,ll I gk 1-. X -1 "' A ,W 5 Qigegistggy x Q X S S .ywga-1 i s ig Q X x + -, x V x , X K 1 X9 ' S 5 x ' " is . X C S N aw X - Q 5 X 5 ,k - XS Q J , 5 X V .R Q K+ Q , Q f V X lf Q ,, f A x SN X va f x A wi NS, S Q ' rx . 5 i X" - Af Q . jg E s 5,1 1 5. df.. . of g 'Q W1 Q I X Q A 1 X as. ' ,K Q X wx L ix. A W ' a K .1 J. yr Q tk gl A W 1 x s X xx Q X J D x is x A i :Es-:::,: 'QI Y SN 'ig 'S WS 4 1 if q fi ' if ,F Y 4 X .. X X X if Q xx X, N . . X W F A Q S ., is 1 Q K NS wi' SOPHOMORES Class History The Class of '47 began the school year by electing Bill Rainwater, President: Ted Eriksen, Vice President: Iack German, Secretary: Bob Russell. Treasurer: Rodney Pence, Demerit Representativeg and Hugh Preston, Student Council Representative. At the end of the second week of school, we gave the freshmen their annual initiation-much to the freshmen's dislike: but the happiness of the sophomores was supreme. On the night ofthe initiation day we gave a reception dance for the freshmen in the gymnasium with baby diapers and baby cribs for decoration. On November third, the Sophomore Class gave their annual dance. which was ll barn dance: and it enabled everyone who attended to let his hair down and have a good time. The gym was gaily decorated with enormous orange pumpkins and pale yellow cornstalks. The music was by Wes Greott and his band. Everyone agreed the Sophomore Class had made a big affair with their annual contribu- tions tothe social life ofthe school. At the beginning of the second semester, the sophomores elected new officers. They were as follows: Ted Eriksen, President: Ioyce Caya, Vice President: Margaret Burt, Secretary: Shirley Freese, Treasurer: Iean Winkler, Demerit Rcprescntitne ind can Icflries Student Council Representative. OFFICERS Front row KL-RI: R. PENCE, Dem. Rep. lst. Sem.: I. WINK- LHR, Dem. Com. Rep. 2nd Sem.: I. CAYA, Y. P. 2nd Sec.: M. HURT, Sec't. Ind Sem.: FREESE, Treas.. 2nd Sem. Back ron' IL-RI: T. ERlKSEN, V.P.. lst Sem. and Pres. 2nd Sem.: H. PRESTON, St. Council Rep. lst Sem.: li. RAINWATER, Pres. lst Sem.: li. RUSSELL. Treas. lst Sem.: I. GERMAN. Sec't. lst Sem. Not pictured, IEAN IEF- FRIES, St. Council Rep. 2nd Sem. SOPHOMORE CLASS r ll! I I IIN Ilk r I I I rl L I I X ISI! I KNx LL KN f I K I S K K r X rf II I x vm N I K I 1 1 I III In IMI IIIIIII IJlXIkISIIItkIxLINLII I IIIIILN II111111I1s1 lm !UI1'fl. RIS luy II 111111. IIIIIII I5u1'sI, I",lIgk'IIL' .X1I1Iur, II.1wl1r1- II.1xi1I-,1 II. 'lk-II If 'IX 1-11. SI1' 'I '1 I"r'ww, I.q111r.1 I5.1rluIu1111'i HHN' 'IH' IC If I.11IXCQ1-1'111.111, II.llIIIIl4' IIm.11I1I11s, IUINL'fI.lI'.l,fIl'.lskk' 4II.II'Ix. IAIIINL' I7uI.1l11. XI.IIg.II'L'I II111'l. I'-,N.l .XIl'X.lIllIL'I', I I.11'1'x II.II'IlIIl 1111-1 ,fluff 11111 ff. ,III XI.II'IIII IS111xI1, I..lIII I1111xx11, fQI111'1.1 IIINIIHIY, Klum II1'II1 ,X111Iv' 11. IJ111111.1il111'I1, If1I:1I1l'11111111111x. .X1'1I1L' IQIWIX fffgrfffy 1n11'ff.fx'f.' Iiu11.1I1I II11l11.1x, fI.lI'IIUII CiiI1Iw,4'.1r11I1-N I'.lIII5L'IA f f11J1'ffm'lf. ffl' .XII1I.I XIIIIU.II.1rI1.11.1NI1lI11IImI1,In1.11111.1 IQHIX. xI.lIIL'I.' I1Iw. I2Ix.1 Hurrix, I,u1I.1I.c11'I4.11'l.Xc11'111.1I.11' I1 '1 Nc1u!1I1f1lI'ff.lxII' XI'.II.11'1' II1111I111,W.1I11-1' II11II.I1I.l1. xI.lI'P1.lI'Cl Ri1'I11w.liIif.1l1-:Im IQIIIIL1,I.lIICI I,mw. Ii.1'I1'11l1 Ii1uI1I1-11.140111-1 IT1111- ff1.ffff'nr'fl. lx'I,' H1111III-.1r11.Iii1I1,111lNIQCQ1-1-11.IH-1msI.11I1111is,IUIH1 Is11.111I.II11I1I'11xwII. IILIIII IIk'IIlI.lII. IQ111111i1' l'1-1'1'm11- I 1:1r.'fI fff1z'Il.lx'2 I IIIQII II11'-111111, i'I1,11I1w XI1CQ1'm1. IEIII Il.1il1xx.1l1-1, I 1I1I11 I'.1IIII1I I nw," fr' lf. lx'lJ I7.IIIII.I S11ff11111, If1111I.1 XY11I4slm111, III 'UII11 Yg1Ic1'I. IIl111l11 SIIIIIJI. I'.1 XY.1Ag111'1'. I'ivri11.1X41i11.1.I.w11p1'I'i111I.1II f1f!1wf'rl.lC1: Y11'g1111.1 SIXL-II1-1. Ilmxn XXX-s4'IsIq', I',.Ik'.lIIUI' SI1.1x1. Ii.1I1' XVIIQQIH, IL'.lII XY111IxIc1'. II.IllIIII4' 5111iII1, C IIIXL' VIIIIIHII, I,.lI XI.IIIHXk'II l11af1!ffm' ff, IU: IIII 'II XXQIIWI1. i'I1.11I1-S XY1'1gI1l. Il.1I11I1 VIQIIUIIIIINUII, I!11I1XX'1I 1111, IMI SIIIIIQIIC. I311I1Y11Iu11IIl11. IIc'1'vI11'I XVI IIQ ffffz 1n1z'ff.fx'I.' fI'1Vg'S g', VASI, "" ill Qm 'Q F X, ' V 5 Q ., ' 495 ,Q X K kv A 3 vi N-wwb . F x Xvbgig x ' iw nn i. 3 Q-N Qs E' gf, 'sf F his Y x- Xx, X, ,X , f'f-' E .,..Q N i ' x- r. ,if SAX k x x NS! F ff T Qi. I E S y X H wi my nf L im 1 EJ e Y sw x NK X A A A' A Q Q Z Q 5 nas? mu x B4 , -.xv xx i Q wi ,, V YN x N x NSE PA ' i Nix if L x 6 U N .fx E .. 'fi X gp IM, f ii? . 55 58,2 ,XX ,- Ag, ... gg f R . ' .fwg-fl, E F sf iv K Ag. , rNQ,i,. QQ e JUNIORS Class History As high schoolers we started our career in a wild rush of first day miseries. On November 6, 1942, we were formally initiated into the society of teen-agers, and in the evening we were received in style. We were ably led through the freshman year by our president, Betty Brooke. Our first dance was held on December 4, 1942, and was a great success, a fact agreed upon by all. This was followed on November 5, 1945, by our Sophomore Dance, an even greater success. We were aided through the exhausting paths of lower division by our presi- dent, lay Lee Smith. Our entry as juniors was shadowed by the loss of Frances Robuson, a member of the Scholarship Federation and the possessor of the most likeable personality in the class. Her death was closely followed by the death of Beverly Lake, the class artist and friend. Despite these early heartbreaks we rallied to great heights for our Iunior Prom. The decorations were set to a Spanish Garden theme complete with "Moonlight and Roses." We thank Carl Sprecklesen for leading us through this year of trials and triumphs as we look eagerly on to the year ahead. KL-RQ: HA IIM GARAVENTA, Demult FONZNZIUCC Rcprescnml1'ue Rc'prz'5c'l1Zat1'vc' OFFICFRS CHUCK PITTMAN, ljlild Plc ldlllf CARL SPRECKFLSEN Pie Ida nt MARY ANGELO, Sl'l'I'L'IllIy V1RC'1N1 AX C'1LL T i'c-r 1.11111 EDDIE Mc1NERNliY, Stud: nt Comm! 5 -fx x X. . ' OX XR .MS X X x v X N X Q X X X X Q X XX fx X XX X A XX X N x X X X X X X X1 XXX f wx Mx X XX MX SX X x Q X X BS QX X XQX XXX X X X Q X X X NSX N p w - XXX XM X XX 'JAX A , YY X XNXXXXXS XXX .X X Serv X X X X X XX X X '+,XXXX gy, X Kaiser' X ihiggjfi s, Q Xlvgwiwg x X Q X X x K. .N...Xw- X-.XXXX M N 3 ,X I S 'N . X Q Q i ,,.X WM , mm' - 1 XX x xx if x qi VX QW N as XXN K S X A e N1 .- 'Q U + -w L N.-X Nl X X513 4 N , T' Q ' I! X. Z X, x . X X X X rig X X x X. S 3,n-X 31 6 wx XQ, ...XX v s 'J' thx www X ww. 'NWS 49" .hs-'...,..n-TQ 35:....,,,-V,"' X fs . .W -wwf' JT. .4 I xQ S5 ' ...N,,,N ui .,::.5 X Q3 8 uw 5 . 8 'X I U 'XT sw hi 4 fx sr 5' R l is JUNIOR C A I1 I I In K I I.'IfII'1II.Ix'I III'lII XI.lL' I"IRII.IN.IItlI1lIIIX IIIIIII. I.k'HII.III.lIk'II.IIII. XI.IIIIII'II I-IIIIIIIIII. 'I III IIw.I IQIIIIIII III. I'.IIxI IIIIIII1 I IIIIII I II III N 'ff1IIIfI!Il.lXII' XI.III I,IrlI IHIIIIIII. IIVIII IIIIIIIIII, XIIIIIIIIIJIIIIIIYVII,I'I1gL'III lIII.IIIIIIII. X.I IIIIIII If wx. I7II'.IIIIIIII IIIIIIlI'I'. XI.lIX XIIQIII I I' ffm II. ICI KX IIII.IIII IIIII III.III, I.IIIIIIII- ID IIIIIx.C'II.II'II I II.lII.I, IIkIlI I1IIII.I XIII I1I.IxIII. I"I'.IIIIx IIIII I II I III IHII' I I. ICI' I'IIIIII- NII'IIII'IIII'I, I IIIII'I.I I.lPk'Ix.III, IJ 'II.I lIIIIIlII,iII.IIIIx I IIIII. xI.IIX I',IIL'lI IILIXVI XIIUILI I.IIII-III'sI. XI.IIII'II'.III IIIIILIIVNI NIIfI1IIII1I'rl,lI'I: XII'I'IIIsI' I IIIIIIII.III, XI.II'jgI'I'I' IIIIIQN, IJIIILIIII I IIIIQIII, YII'gIIII.I CQIII, YIIIX IIIIIIIIII, I",II'IIII IiL'I'II, I',,I.IIIIl' IIIIIII IIII II III fI1rz'II. IU: Im :III IFI.IfI.IIIII. I..IIIII IIIIIIIII-Ig IIIIIII XIIVIN, II'L'IIl' II.III. IJIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIII. III! II'IL'N IIIIIIII I I IIJIA' 'II Ill. III' I'lIQk'IIk' I IIIII. I.lIIIL'N K I.II'.III IIl.I. I I.IIIIIII XI.lIxII.III. I'IIIIwI I IIIII '1IIfwII'II.flI'J' IIIIIIIIIIX IQIIIIIIIN, Ilggy XYIIIKIIL' III, I:I'.IlI 'ox NYIIIQIIIAIIIII. XI.II'gII' X-II IIII. xI.II'I' IIIIII' SI.IIIIIIII. Ii.IIIII'III XIIIIX, Sl III.I I'IIII-III NI I IIHII1 nz' I I. IU' I,I'I.I 5.IIINI7llII, CII.III' IiI'II.I, I,IlIN XIIIINUII,IIL'l'.IIII1IIk'IIIIV. I".IIIIIII' I'II-NIIIII, 4f.II'III SIIIIIII1 I I" I'IIIII.I ILII Inn' II. ICI' '. f "Iv I'II. I.II I.I'I' SIIIIIII. I7I'.III NIIILIIQ. CIIIIIIII I'IIlIII.III. I I.II'I'x' IIIIII.II'II Il I III X r IIIINIIIIIIII N N N L IN I Xl W U sk N New Testaments I. IIIi'I"I'Y IIRUUIQIC. Iw- LIIICLIIII lo .Xmln NIIIIU' mx' Q-rc'l.1C'gu'Im ILIIVIII. I, IX IN I"Ill ISI, Iwquc4IlI1 In Ilusscll XV.1Ism1 mY 1I.lllIIY In-II.II L'Xll'c'IHlIlL'S. w I. NIXIIY IIUYIQY. Iw- KllIl'.lIII In In Iirmvn my iw! Your Hgmu .lIwiIIIY. I, IVIJIDII C NMINIQRNICY, In-qI1c.1lIx1m'I1cigI1tloI3iII':lIr1'. I, CIIMXIJYS IIlII.I., mln rm! Im llIIl'. t'kllIL'.lIII CI.u'I In any I. Ill III VI I.XSI'I, I1L'xll1L'.llIl lu IJ'm'm'n' ID1xuIw11 mx' SLIIIUILISIIL' mln' llslx. I, YIUIMX I,l'4flTIIIiSI. Iu'qun'.l1I1 lu IInl'ry IIgll'luI- mm" I my LIIIIVIIIVSN. 'N I. I".S'l'UN I"Il".I.lJ. 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X ' kg x i 9 S X A I v ak I A , N if .. mr 'a-X-"S if U -Q Q N.. 4 . mfr'--3 f x. f J- ,ge S Q i Q-,4 X x N X E fa x M N QW V? W V gl A QW Q- sw 'H D 5 Q A-5 X v if. , F' ff A I N we l , :,,, 2 ..... a ' , 1 is . H C 4 N, fi F " A , ,iw Q Q2 V qnu "" gf w ' gm- Q x1Af'4l sv W 5 a Q xv V ' A zl: .Q i 3 r F R as K 5 X wi X ,. . . tx wk 'W 2' ' ' A B f iv A :-: W: ,Sip 45 's Qi 'K in 5 sw be if x::" f"k 4 I . . , Q an , 3? ' wi , ' wr " fi fl a wx hi 2 ff' , , ,,. W 'Q C ,, gi 3 , 2' , up 1 , - 'T Xi am E J Wf ' ps jf , F ,., P f 5 V- . ,iQ 1- f 6 9 ,AT-5 fa .5 Q 5 . ,, ' ' as , 4- Q W - ' ULN ,vw we v .R .M - JW' 'L .rw q, , , nf I! .E A w-A0 N Q KW!! f lr 'W' ,Q , x .. QW mf I Umar S J? "LW 'N A Ng. K x , 7 1 , X 1 V ' s x .v ' X - 2 as as ,,- 1 , ,H if? W-ww ,F 1 X H , K f M My Mr www ,,,. Q img . XM? X51 ms iq! Q I ki fw?f' E f NJ Mw 2 W , ,, if .1 'HW sk W SPCDRTS waxy gigs! 5 31283 sf 4 1 qs. ' x-1 X A A . , V ri g -A-A1 I., -'WQ r Q X K A 1 , .:.: ,.L,,, I E1 ' fb ' Q ' gg-7 . iw "'-, 1 ,sy W l i " f Q xx is X ff if ff 6 ,ve ,Q fs A .. , 912. E ,,., f 'F 21 gf 5 x 3? HQ fi: om W' x f 'flur- ' x 4 Q 1" mf 1 ff.-Q. L fl 'FWWRV - 1 ZS Q f"""x V3 A Af,7,qw,ezx 5 f 'WW Wi . Ml 2 ,,v'v,.,x K 'Qi ,J Que, K ia N4 0 'Q 'K' ,ri 7 ,..:. U ' X ' A ..,. if .. M. X, X , K V ::,.. ,, ...,.,. vv,.- WWW .. : ,--,, I i . 'ff' s z W ,Q ..,, f 5 , W' 55 BASKETBALL The "A," "B," and "C" teams had a very successful season and drew some ofthe largest and most enthusiastic crowds ever to attend home games. Though all teams were strong competition for their opponents, top honors go to the B team. Employing a fast-breaking offense and a versatile man-for-man and zone defense, the B's swept to the N. W. L. Championship without the loss of a league game. Spear-headed by the deadly accuracy of Hogan, Graziano, and Barra, and hacked up by the stellar guarding and shooting of German and Preston, the Bs developed into a well-coordinated, closely-knit quintet. Showing promise for next year's"'5"were Beasley,Chase,Russell,and Coleman. "A" Basketball Team fl.-IU: Coaeh Chandler, lack Vllinkler, George Allen, lliek Zimmerman, Carl Spreekelsen, Chuck Pittman, liean Nlowak, llenry Carxini, lioh Yalentini, Chuck llarra, Iohn Myers, .Xrt Campbell, Holding the liall, Carlton Cihlws Nor I'ir'rnr1'1l.' llill llrumhaek, Dale 'l'atman, Ray l.ogsdon -----'--- "B" Basketball Team f1,lc1f J"--yr row: lack German, Pete Barra. loe Craziano, llonald l logan, lf. hlellrew, lletros l.olonis Sl'r'0llIf1'fIll'f llugh Preston, lloh Russell, llill Coleman, Neil Beasley Not Pictured: lloh Chase "C" Basketball Team Q LYRI' Nelson Redding, Donald Cromwell. Larry Brown, Bob hleYiear, lohn lsnard, Martin lirush, Donald Hearn, VVallaee Hooper, Charles Vllright In the center holding the hall: lirnie l'ill'ero I I I I I I I I I I I BASKETBALL SCORES I I I Xhlnmnl II1lIcshln 5 Ill xtsl IIIN Fl XXIIMIS I ILL umm XX1IhIs nxsnrx Url NA!o'1 9 Xhlunu os tlnxnnlln Team I :kg mmm s 1ll xc I'I XX1Ihls I IBL Nun Lxinrxm I orlIi Lb Ioxcrd VVon 8 xxnhu C Lxs1rx1H4 I :LL urn Team Lost 4 I'I I ILL H I Icnt Br LL RndumunIX Iinchxcnmd X I :LI 1 H !"!" Team VVon 2 Lost 4 BASEBALL ILN ILS 7 , - ,r X ,Q RX 1 x 1 x X N f' A 44" "N, X 'R y W Wg . 4 i Rf 1 x V I ", , x -sv f A .:.,, . X S, xii? X 1 XI . E F ' SQ! A x 5 S X x x. f W X 5 h f wr QQ Q. . 5-F 5 XY Q K . X A .A x mv QCX ev Q: QRS ? .z K x ,S - ,- V'-" ' 4 J Q 5 QS N " sf x " X 2 X wr x. 5, .Mx Q Q -- 'x .W xx x x 'X fy ' .- X A f S b f R, SE ' sf X - X 5 . . x N 9 X ' Qfige EQ: S .X rg ' "W '99 ' 4 9 ' W 7 3 S Yag 'F N' 'K ga . Q ' Q 1. 5 - - if ,gg Q ll ll kim ff f Sf X X X ' s -. .- Q H K 5 2 1 5 sg Q1 Q 4 ' -L A K' xi K ,P ' 5 Q 35 if 1 if--as Q 1 I I 4 Q Q q ,K 3 s, X Q Q gk X 9 'QW XQW x 4 X - f Ns 5 CLASS CDF '45 .XIJIIIIQNNIC IXXVI5 I'L'I'NHll.lIIIX l'IuIw. I"II Illlllill I'xIul11iHmm1IlII M-II I,I.uII-1. I"II IW NIXIJISUIXI IXXYIS vI'l.lx'Ix. l"Il -I5 .XIIIIIIII Ihp,I'u1.Ix.u I YJINIIX IVInIlI1.nII. I"I5 IIiIfNI". Illiiil II I,l'INHIl.IIIIX 1'IuIs. l"II lumm I'I-fm l umlmllw NI.XRCJ.XRI-1" . 'Inn -Lu In ,, ,. IIi'l'.1IIxI'kI1Im', I'I II l.5.I-. klmulm SI lIIlI.l'1Y IJUXLXS SIUIIV 'In fx' '. . ix','.-Lg-'x', . llu . .. f. LIN' I-'UIIID I"mrIIv.lII. I'I-I9 II I"IIIlll'1I NJXK. I'I I3 l'.XlIl.INIi IPILXSSINI-fI.I.1J lflun-.1l. I'III I5 Ulm:-lI.1, Sllmlllllv. II' I9 II.lIIlI. I"'II 'IW NI.XIlS'l't .' I . . 'I' U lfIm1.lI, IIIII -I5 II.mmI. I"I4 I3 I,uIIn t.uI. KIII-I. IIIII IJUN UUIIIJCII5. fur n'I.xx 4.x .x MIA, , lTI..XIliIi CDIIUII II". lum-In I 11,111.1 Inu.. I 'II . , I . x In . .. I'lIIIIxlI .XlIIIX. I"I:1 IiUIIIfII'I' II.XI.I. NIIIII. I I.lw I'lIw.. I" If K'.S.I", NIVIIIIYL I Ifl'NIKfli IIXNSI-IN III 'l'.uIIx S1.nlI. I" II I3 Smggm Il:-wr.1I1-rm I 57 1 4 ,Jeff-f'f I l,lIKfII,l,I-', IIXNSIVN Ili 'I'.1IIX Sl.nlI'. IUIII -I? 5I.l.Q4' Iln-x1.ll1Iu11N I5If'I"I'Y I.Ul' III.X,IUI Illllltvl' I'lum 1'-un.. I" II Ili 'l'.ulIx SLIII. I" I5 MXXINIC IIINIDS II.Ill1I, I"II I9 l'.S.I". XII-nllul' '-I1 lun. 'I1.num.m. I'I mn. 'fag X N Q3 l ' Q 5 X: X gig? rbi I I ,B 0 ff? A I SN ' XXX x xxwy xt V N-. ' K Q3 ' S. , as is '.. .M Q wx' 5. .Af I til 4 I IilJISIiR'I' SAIINIDIIIQS IIUIIIVIII l.UllIIk'II I XVII N1 llh N M--r I'III um' I'I.nx lim 'N , . . . , I,llxIxX hul. .Xwl. Inu NIM' I"'IW CI,.'XRI',NiT 'I " I SNIIIII X.II'NlIX IwmlIv.1II. IIIII I5 N1 I'nl nm I'I.u. I".1I S IIurIx IAMI X Girl." IUI5 HS SIXIIII I I'unlIv.lII. I'I'I'I IiI,Ii.XN Ml u Il1I.xIIIH.I'II L.. URIQ .' "" NUI II'Il mln-I Slmw. III II mllI1 I"'I I lnrlx I.1'.lQlIL'IIllIlIlxlIK XI 1 I"II nn' "u I IIIIII III IIII lIIIIlIIIIl'l I"II IJ.XI.Ii 'I' NI.1x Sun .X'I'NI.XN In- Inu-. II.mlImum. I" II Inn! Ii.-mlx I'u-mlmnl I"II XJINIIX I'1nmIIv.lII. I"I4 IW C , I',l1ln'lm'II NJN, I 'IW I.l IIS 'I'I IUMIISUN ur I'mm IMIIIIIIIIIVA' I" II Ium 4 , l.5,I X lu' I'l4XlLIn'l1I. II' II Sul Ilfl 1I'I.u IMI-1.1114-1: I m I II XIARY IURNICIQ IIIUL' 1 m N1 'I' I, INIIII Iv1lni.r.uIu.uIu w I4Ik'IIl IIIHIX Sul':'I.l1'x IIII I tINIL1III.I..I4Ill'S.u I 'II " lm. 1 Stu , . 1 Ill .Iv ..,.u,. ., x uv ..L. IMTIQ WINIQIIIR Im-xI1K' IlIlNI1II'IlI. I'III I' Su uIr .X I 1 IwIIv.1II IL'.lIII. I"II I9 ul Ihnlx I'nwuIm11I I"I5 . x lI",.XI7I'. XVISIC .Xulw NIL xIl.IIlIx I.I1IYII YXIQIIIUIIICIII IIn'I'.1lIX I',1IlIwI. IUI5 II "NI .nlw Inxv. IIIIII. Iullm. I" II s .XMIQS YORK Iumm' I I.nw I r II' I -I II II-xxx I.v.1-'luv I'1uuIrnI I'I II um l I.lxx IIIKNIIIVIII. I"II I5 IJUILX fXI.XIi YOU. l',S.If. NI Stl SVI! In v rmlu' ,, . ,, x. I , l Y DICK ZIMMICRN. A X Sruil v . 1 . 'nm 1. , w II II.u. II.uuI Imrrllu' I"II S111-If-lmllhnlxI'.uI1.1lm-llllxlm I" I I Wfff S x XS Q' WY Q I x 4 ,Q X, . . Eli' - " 1 , 1 f"" 0143 IQ. 'Q -vw .,,.,, . Z 'il' s s. 'W -x fx . -M Q HENRY GARZINI Lieutenant in Czulet Corps. 1944-45 lmsketlmll team. 1944-45 IEANETTE FRACCHIA Stage Work Hi-Talk Staff, 1944-45 Annual Art liclitur. 1945 DONALD HUMPHREY luniur Class English plays, 1943-44 Drummer in Drum Corps, 1944-45 HELEN SMITH Iuninr Prom Floor Show Chziirluiin. 19-14 Ghurail. 1942-44 Girlzicmles of 1943 :intl 1944 Class Officers C1-rj Renee Call, Secretary, Dick Zimmermin Demerit Committee Representative, Dale Burt Vice President g lim York, President: lack Wink ler, Treasurer, and Alice Pittman, Student Council Representative. Seniors Not Pictured Are FELIX ADDOR GEORGE ALLEN HAL BISHOP RAY LOGSDON GILBERT MOSSI - ff CLETIS PHILLIPS E OD! ' GENE RICHARDSON Entered Navy, 1944 ROBERT STEEN Entered Navy, 1945 '14,

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