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 - Class of 1942

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year to Wm h1S Amerxca and to gone from the1r CADET CARL A GEIN WIHQS ln the Army of the Unlted States ot all sons of Uklah Un1on I-hgh School who hav posltlons ln order to keep thlS happmess ours We dedlcate thls book UKIAH 94 Pubhshed by the Student Body X V To Carl A. Gein, teacher, coach, and friend who left during the I Meer Um 6-'malty we FRONT ROW left to nght MISS ELIZABETH NORTON Biology English I and II Iournalism MRS NELL COX Foods Elementary and Advanced Clothing and Tailoring Hostess and Entertainment MISS BARBARA KOI-ILFR Art Iunior Business Training Typing MISS SHIRLEY PERRY Typing Bookkeeplng Commercial Geography and Law Stenography I and II MRS EVELYN EILERS Latin I and II French I and II English I MISS LAURA KAISER English I II and IV Business English Public Speaking and Dramatic MISS ZADA ALEXANDER Our ever faithful office girl MISS AUDREY HOLLENBECK Girls Physical Education World History Spanish Social Studies MISS CATHLEEN HANSEN English I II and III Business English ROW II lelt to nght GEORGE DIETTERLE World History Social Studies United States History English II Boys Physical Education HENRY GUSTAFSON Boys Physical Education Economics and Civics United States History ROBERT FLETCHER Algebra I and II Geometry Practical Math . PAUL LANGE: Chemistry, Physics Applied Science Algebra I. . LAWRENCE RANES: Agriculture, Farm Mechanics, Business Arithmetic. . CHARLES M. FULKERSON1 Our Principal. ROW III left to right: . PAUL BEAUFORT' Manual Training I and II, Mechanical Drawing. . IACK ROBERTS: Auto Mechanics. . ROBERT SHARP: Iunior and Senior Band, Choral, Music Appreciation, Instrument. . WILLIAM CHESSALL: Vice Principal, United States History Economics' and Civicr Advirory. to pictured above but very much one of us-MRS. FERN BUSCH Home Nursing and Firrt Aid, You will find her picture on the snap pages. if PRESIDENT NORMAN WILLIAMSON You have the hght you have the f1re Success W111 be yours Good luck' HAIL AND FAREWELL J 0m Ugwm IN FRONT B111 Iordan Dernerlt Representatue Ruth Sousa ecretary BACK ROW left to nghi Don Arneit Student Councll Representatlve Iohn Van Dyke Page 'Three I I4 ' O : . ,s ' A I r I I Vice President Irwin Rrchey, Treasurer. I , x I ,Z Q- If I Z. ,6"t' I' ANDRINA AI BONICO 57afJr1 Ml? TALL AI IXANDIR GERTRUDI2 ANDERSON NEIL AN R DONARNETT I f MARTIN BAKKER Ni AQ. LFSTER BANPILL UYRGN BISHOP ix 51.8 MARIE BOLIOU IAMES NSCOMB GIOVANNA BRICARELLI " JVW , A I BILL BROADDUS 6245 STELLA BROCGI MARY BUHN BOB BUN ESX IUNE COLLINS PAT CUNNINGHAM NORVA CURTIS OPAL DAMCIAARD wi g CLAY DENHAM BETTY FARNSWORTH NORMA GARAVENTA ffff If J-7 FRED GARZINI IEAN TE GARZINI PA a .V J ff' ROBFRT GUIDI ALFRED GULLICKSON F RUTH HACKL TT WWW MARYI OU HH DRFTH My ul this CNARLINE HINDS aMAvwV I L 5 x . , If L W CLOHINFI H SPIN LLOYD HULL 7 ' w K f 'X '1-- -Q ., Q IAQKLYN HOGAN c hi-6-91 -caffx 1, Q6-Cff 'N DAVID HUDTLQFF FAYF HULL 0009144 Omg. RHI IORDAN WALTER KALLIO Iwub CHARLES KNIGHT ROY KOTILA IAMES MBERT ALBERT LAUKKARE WLAN VIRGINIA LOCATELLI JAMES LOLONIS ELIZABETH IAOW E X, 41 -f IACK MQCNAB :MW ROBERT MASON GEORGE MILLER ALLAN MILLS Ififlf' BETTY MOORE Page S I, N I ,f ff'-ffm ,Y " K YI. 1- r. ow E LOIS IVIORBY GLORIA PACINI .If fldlff -fx RAYI I NI PFARL WCTYL I D POITZ FLOYD I ORI IITQOI W Qu I 111 IU E RUTLER DAVID SAGEI-IORN BOB SANDKULLA MARY SANFORD IRWIN RICHFY fJf0I- O, . J x 'II RHIIIIII ITOIXVIITTOII BIQADPQRD SCQTT f. ff 'N I I I + IACKIE SHULTZ 1-IAROLD SNOOK HQAJ4-Ol RUTI-I SOUSA HAROLD TALSO EVELYN TRIMELONI IOHN VAN DYKE s.ZL ,L NORMA VIARENGO n MD' W. ELAINE WATKINS Qgmwy RI-IEA WFNGLEIN k., SIDNEY WILLIAMS GENEVA WISE j,yx!Af"" CHARLES WITHERELL Page N1 e A f WM, XL , N I 5 ' ' I W ff I Y S- 0144 Gawain Le to Rlghf T ea ure B k ira W1 o Se ro' 1 e y Hsryford Dernern B p f 1 Kc onex Pre 1dent DWIQLIT G1k1 on Btndent CCNIIILI Bepre entatlve Harvcy Slocn co pl? 1dfr1I Howard Coddard These guys cmd gals have everythmg pep abxlxfy ongmalxty and responslbllxty They showed us what u real dcmce was FRONT ROW left to rxght Lorralne Babcock Ralph Banfnl Brown lrv1n Brown Low Buckrnaslcr Marletta Burnham Karlna Carlson Bllly Clary Shlrley Clende-n1n ROW II left to nght Gerald Cox Dorothy Cummm Phyll1sl3av1 Larry Dawson Iarnes Dowlen Kenneth D1llon Roceha Fern bach Arnold Ford Carolyn Ford Henry Ford N1la Ford HOW III left to nght Oscar Ford Faye Freeman DWIQHT Grb on L11c1le G1lbert Glorla G1lgen Howard Goddard lack Goldf 1 Fred Goudge Irene Grandl BACK ROW left to nght Patr1c1a Harvey Boity Horyford Barham Hooper Frank Hooper Fflchard Hovey f NXJL1, 'tg k Page Tm J 41 I Q E ft I Z F. :Z r ar :Q 1: , C .1 ry B It 2 , , . sk r lawn alive Hnne-th y l ,fs , F 1 'wx ,rr -E -. rs ,, 1 ' lil, V1 , vm' - George Bold, Mary Barbara Broaddus, lloloree Brooks, Harold . - - I I Y , , , , F :S , K A x 2 - , Y X . W 5 1 .4 " -' 'Z .x , ' - . A RX FRONT ROW left to right: Kenneth Iones, Ruth Kasch, Betty Kyle, Marie Laforet, Georgeanne Lane, loy Lane, Marie Lang. ROW II left to right: Ioyce Ledeboer, Demetra Lolonis, Lewis Mar- tinelli, Elizabeth Mazzotti, Olive McDonald, Robert Meek. ROW III left to right: Rosalie Montgomery, Robert Mossi, Betty Munson, Delbert Munson, lacqueline Ostini, William Parker. BACK ROW left to right: lerold Poulos, Ray Reed, Ada Richey, Herbert Rogers, lean Russell, FRONT ROW left to right: Helen Salls, Rose Sampietro, Ed Sanderson, Irene Sliupe, Harvey Slocum, lim Sozzoni, Roger Smith, Robert Stambaugh, Alice Mae Thompson. ROW II left to right: Bette Thompson, Melba Trimeloni, Iris Tull, Glenn Twitchell, Leno Valentini, Robert Varney, Kay Venturi, Lena Venturi, Lloyd Venturi. ROW left to right: Eulene Vinson, Mary Wada, Bill Watson, Ruth Wileis, Barbara ise, Iuel Witherell, Donald Wymore, Rodney Zimmerman. Page Eleven "' llhu-iiuuip-.Q Um 0Mwea4 FRONT ROW left to right qw retdrx B 1 l ir 1 llditloii Trea iirer Bonnte Gielow Vice Pr id 1t H1c'l1ard Ford BACK ROW left to right Pre ident L land l n n i ent C tincil lirprf f 1 Minn M Dernerit Rf pre entati Bob Brodddi A bit wiggly these but they ll get there Ander on Barbara Ballon Betty Lott Bank Yxonnt liidvvcll Hlcliard Foster Bob Black on Hielmrd Ford ROW II left to nght Lawrence Bold Bob Broaddti lack Hunter Dorothy Clnquinl Helen Clo Patricta Cravvtord lyle Carpenter Richard Brunton llfwllfll CNt1"1DlTtOltn1 1 ROW III left to right Carl Doclcm A tn D111 C' r ld ltiixall Wayne Enck Miraaret Fnqlt l B t l7'1r1al1t ll r Ord BACK ROW left to right Stanley Ford Barbara B dnar Calvin Barra C8 40,7 C 1, eh ' :e,C.tj1rqfc H , - 1: . Q , I r-,Q wr ,. - ' I 15' , Q1 0 ,aft , Sttde o 2 1:12:17 tivo 1 111 ill.:, I FRONT ROW left to right: Maxine Aldrich, Eileen Ar1di1r.:m1, Sain ,' I tix: 'Ji ' : Q sz, 11.21 t 'fs Je ti ' , O , , 1 V, , . K 1: 1, 0 Ty ,. , Irnf- lj, . ' : , tt , , ' . ', f Nt K-5- fl fv 1 'l W .4- '-1 1 FRONT ROW left to right Wallace Fr r111an Clayton 111614031 Leland lfn KN Donald C 11111111 Nora Lcr l-11111101 Lena M1 11df7 V11a11 C11 611 Frank Hkillflf 1 Donal L 1 W Il left to rlght Qralq lame 15 n11d 11 111 O11 1 L10 Peaay 11 111 icev 0111119 1e ow 1111c axle 1 Franu L o KN lack om 1-lo Q9 W III left to rlght N 1111a L CQ111 1 P1y11 MCC 11 don M16 1 lack 1111 11111 lean M11101 Maman M111 13111 Montqomerv U1ona11 N151 rn ROW IV left to nght B111 Nowak Robert H111 FRONT ROW left to nght H nry S1q11f1t Ge'1ex1r-11 RlLFll1 R P T1111 Lxn1e11a W1 f1 1 a S1 trun 1 cn Qlllllpli ro c11 ar ROW II left to right A1111 rt Pa1d1n1 lnvelyn qmqlev B1 'tv Mae S1111111 13111 Q11 en anr 71111111cr111an lenrno Stolanl Dalla qtlpp ROW Ill left to nght 11011011 Swa1n Robcrt T1111o 1 Robe rt T1nda11 131111011 Ro 101 1NL1da Varney Ed1t11 Ventur1 Lloyd R1c11ey Fa not W1 e Clarence W 1Q1l T11eodo1e Sou a ROW IV left to right Robert Paclnl Gene Yeo Stnder Cordon S11er111an 11114 T111rl1 111 U- K v .W Y . .5- .. ' A1 ' : , 11 , ' 1 , ,. 1 :11 , T 1 , 11 , , , 1 v., V' 1 1 1 1 , d G1111111vc'1 1111 RO ' : ' ' 11, o 1 11 X: 111111112 M11'1 11, 1 ' 1 lvy, lo A111 LL B '. G' 1 , 11 1:1 L ' 11111 '11 o gulf, L,"'1, 1111111121 d ,S RO ' : o 11 ' 1:1 , 1 15 QT 111 , lose 1 'S -v, Mc- ' : E2 r, 1,".'f , of: ,'11 l10lQ111:1011, 1o::ep111no Tollini, Da 1 Sl1i?T111G1 , Raj1:1o:1 'fs k, 71 E: C' , wt , 111112111 P ks, ' : A 1 V ' ', . . V Q 5 .A, -. , , ' , L - , 1 2 ' : . ' , 1 ' :ss , 2 ' , 1 . :s::'1 , 'N , ', ' - , . 1 1: fr ,, 1 . 1'Y 1 , l I V 4, , , , J , Xi 1 - ,. 4 if 'W 1 4 A , ,X 1 ,, - ,, if '50- W. 10 014714 Uffccyui FRONT Pc1de'1l IV 1 W II 1911 1 gm 1 ft W III left to nght V1 l LII Smooth worlcmg mdustnous Have taken hugh school m thexr strxde FRONT HOW left to nght Donald f31ow 1 Clm le Co wdvl lre f f ll 111 f y 011111 1eld 1 mm 1 ll 1 Ve 1lc:1n Enck llonnld Brlqg ROW II left to nght ldd Mae F1dnk Adrlenne IUCIVI plillllllfi Choi e Carol Brlqg Yvonne Burqe Opal Gutlme MIIXIIIF ClG1y ROW III left to nght George Allen Albe1t GGTZIHI l-Idl B1 hop Plllllp Bold L1n Ford Icxmee B1own Fellx Addor Clcure Grothe ROW IV left to nght Kenneth Cumrmns Donald Goudgr- Robert Benz Glenn Albnght Hlchcrd Banker l.1g1' 1If11f!u1'11 'Aix 1 ,,,. fy is FRONT ROW left to right: Robert Hall, Eunice Hansen, Lucille Hansen, Maxine Hindi: Lenita Hughes, Iulia Robuson, Ieanne Humphrey, Barbara lohnson, Henry Garzini. ROW II: Warren Learn, Clarence Loclcart, Ray Logsdon, Vasilike Lolonis, Frances Mc- Clendon, Leona McCoy, Angelo Marcheschi, Andrew Mattern, lames McCullock. HOW III: Gilbert Mossi, Cletis Phillips, Grace Micheletti, Raymond Robinson, George Richey, Alired Ringstrom, Floyd Prichard, Gene Richardson. ROW IV: Minnie Morris, Nora Morris, Voda Dean Nielsen, Donald Humphrey. FRONT HOW lelt to right: Lois Salisbury, Mildred Sanderson, lack Winkler, lack Schwarm, gihomasg Nichelsen, Vernon Shields, Louie Zaina, Marvin Silva, Lois Thompson, e en mith. ROW II: Robert Wymore, Iames Stone, Darlene Sutton, Eleanore Sotter, Clarence Smith, Charles Turri, Alice Clare Wilsey, Patricia Wenglein, ROW III: Lloyd Yarbrough, Reade Wise, Dale Tatman, Robert Saunders, lames Smith, Iames York, Richard Zimmerman, Paulina Zaina. PICS FRCDM THF CI ICKS QP VQUR CAMERAS if? WINNERS CF THE SNAP CONTEST DWIGHT GTBSQN cf BILL WMSQN 711 em ow M, HQWARD GQDDARD 7,14 ,GUAM ik J A C K M A C N A B - 7fze Red! Qenefzaf eaffecfion a rw - -- a in ' Betty Lowe mid Pliillip Bobertsou - Oli, you beautiful dolls? Bob BLACKsoii. Pot Harvey Lets go to Holloridl Wlio is slie, boys? Down Slieriiiou fClic1rode stor in Girls' leoque sliowc-Z5 Lklllznftwanv Hulo Gllil? Tlie loiiq cmd tlie sliort ol it. Betty Forriswortli Country liickl l-love CI poir. Swell lit, Poulosl Professor Poul 'lpertect Pointer" Lcmge. Wliotl No luck girls? +Q 'Q Georgeohhe olrmg her chormsr. Who ore you rooting lor, Rocelio? Poll Molls ARF longer, eh Wolfson? Sun too bright, Glovormo? The GoddordfSlocum version of octivlty on Shop Doy. Dorrt you dore lough, Normo. lusl oll hond --- Dorrl tell meg guess who! Dorrt look so Coy, Bclrboro, We olorrt blome you, Chuck. 'lll1ol F11llw1':ro:1. lVlf1flc11110 ll1l0I':S AI1Oll1CT B llrondclus Cliobl. Cmft you l111d llllll, Slollop ll1Cl1oy o11 lop ol ll1e world. l11d1m1s vs G1l1:2or1. Mrws. FQIKN lPlOI'6IlCG N1ql1t111golQ" B11fscl1. flwlocmsc :see Faculty motel. Wl1ot's the 111c11tor9 Did you forget to sztorl, Hooerfl llfilll BCGl1lOIxl'l H11tl1 KosCl1 Nico no? Action shot ol Ilrst pe-rlor111or1Ce ol 'lSove11tee11l . "Come 011 W1ldColsl" 3? xv? dl' Wu! lf' If lil if m - I hum Going soinewliere, Shirley? Over tlie top! Want a leaning post, girls? Noontirne gabfest. Come on, throw it, Mason! Miss Hansen, a perfect dramatic clirectress as sliown by her job on "Seventeen". lnterestingg isnt it, Marian? Was it that bacl, Betty? Bet you miss the next ball! Going for a ride or just looking, boys? lt's a swell song but come closer Heleng we can't read it. Dont drop that ball, Claireg it rniglit bounce! Don't let us interrupt you two. Whats the attraction, Faculty? K J? 0 aio: n jo' . x . a f gm- f Jw in , 5 Q 9 z X y -f 690999 7' 'nfl .M M uv W ON QP ff s 7 I I X MN 6 1 i .?fg 2 X 4 ' Qi' 2 2 x'e " S ' -:.,g v Q 4,99 sink 7 1 "au "fb ' t N' ' A 3 A Qs X wx Q Ax 6 Qs in X 'WV A t , Q, A 1' " 211,38 'N I, N . ., -1 Bank: -K sbt fm' at f swear Aw, Norman Wtlltam on rrght P flrst semester Earl Alexandf f Pre tdent second emester IN EOREGROUND Bob Sandkulla Athletlc Representattve Georgeanne Lane Secretary THE NEXT THREE left to rtght Marylou Htldreth Publtctty Manager Ruth Kasch THOSE SEATED ABOVE left to llght Betty Farnsworth Pubhcrty Manager lune Follrns Publrclty Manager Bob Guldl Stage Manager Al Laukkare Stage Manager Pat Cunntngham Parllamentartan Bob Mason Athlettc Bepresen tatrve Mr W A Chessall Treasurer Bull Iordan Chairman of the Demertt Commtttee STANDING left to nght Earl Alexander Prestdent Norman Wlllramson Presldent STUDENT BODY ORGANIZATIONS Constttuhon was Worked over from cover to cover some amendments bemg passed and many berng rejected U Comrntttee had pleasure of bu1ld1ng up the U only to be ordered to black 1t out Student Body me ttngs brtsk most of the ttme vtolent d1s agreement relgnmg many t1mes Not to go Wtthout rnentton IS the STUDENT COUNCHJ actrve for the ltrst ttme tn a long Whtle under Earl Alexander Mr Sharp advrstng fbemeful eamnuffee Often blamed but always smcere and honest Kept us tn hand the year through Deserves a btg hand for so capably handltng a tough and thankle s Job LEFT ROW fRead1ng Upl Blll lordan Charrman Mtss Barbara Kohlfr Advt or Kenneth lones lunlor Bepresentattve Robert Saunder Ere lt man Bepresentattve RIGHT ROW Kflecxdmg Upl Btll Broaddus Charrman CShar1ng tht p ltrot wrth Blll lordan for the yearl Bob Broaddus Sophomore Represcntattve Mr Henry Gustafson Advlsor Pam Tu utlx tu 0 L , 1 ATV? lf A--'. ,! ' Nm . , W I K l - V v KAW! -, 'M .1 4 ' -O' , . el , . ,X Y, 5 ' ' s , ' render T J ' g g g 5 fr, le Secretaryg Bill Broaddus, Chairman of the Demerit Committee. I K l i I I O l ' 3 ' ,I A r 'tl 0:1 ' Y Front Row left to nght Clorlne Hansen Art Georgeanne Lane Iunlor Class lune Colllns Gtrls Sports Betty Farnsworth Sentor Class Mtss Norton Advlsor 0 Kneellng lett to rlght Betty Lowe asststant wlth Features Dawn Sherman Sophomore Class Rhea Wenglem Organ1zat1ons 0 Standtng left to rtght lack Wlnkler Freshman Class Mr Chessall F1nanc1alAdv1sor Ph1ll1pVV' Robertson Edttor Bob Roberts FFA B1llBroaddus Buslne s Manaaer Floyd Robertson Asslstant Edltor Pat Cunmngham Ass1stantBus1ness Manager Marylou Hlldreth ACl1Vll16N Mtss Kohler Art Adv1sor Ruth Sousa not plctured above took care ot leatures Food sales rummage sales candy and cold drlnk sales alumnl basketball games SOX ot return ot Student Body Productlon all other profttable means to ra1se money tried by staff Miss Norton btttng all hnger natls off because no wrtte up handed rn on ttme results ot the Annual ot 1942 here for your IH pectton What do you thlnk ot 1t7 BL CA IO Fdttors Iune Colltns top lett and Harold Snook not ptctured News Edttors Dawn Sherman to the rtght of Iune and Phtlhp Robertson Advtsor MISS Norton Staff group Clymg down left to r1ghtJ Betty Lowe Shtrley Clendenln Phtlltp Robertson Ruth Sousa Elatne Watklns Ruth Hackett Others lett to rtght Bob Mason Clay Denham Chuck Kntght Edltor pulltng her ha1r statl torgettlng to wrlte stones Thursday ntght Workouts last mlnute rushe s nevertheless always a paper on Frtdays Fash1ons Sports Song T1tles and GOSSID no prtnted paper thls year mtmeographed wtth colored sheets on spectal occaslons always latest new av v .qv 519 o K0 " an ww 'elle X591 Q50 0 xx +259 Q9 xx: N965 Elo-'5 Q, X s '79 Nr? 'fgo . .. Q? we C ' 4, I 3 19 S . , 9- 5 , 9 sr E. ,. ' QQ, 0 5 A 1 ' ' , - F ax I. ' .Ska x 1 ,fy 5' I n x .1 mai QI 9 o E 'R I 7 ' ff Ti a, Q N 1 -4, K . Y' ,bi l ,Qs- ,X S to 'X l 9' X' t- , X . N . .Q 9,9 C1 ' ggvf Q '30, Nw 4 . .xi K Wl' I . .Q .lv ' .fic Ko? A wk X0 -x K FIR-P-N . ' ' in . -f f R s M 61- 729 . ' Page cTZAVt"Ilfj"ll1Tr'C FRONT ROW left to nght lack Wlnkler B111 Wateon Dennm Cunnlngham Larry Dawson ROW II Eulene VIHSOD Mary Wada Barbara Wlse Kay Venturl Ruth Kasch Nora Lee Hayter Yvonne Bldwell Dawn Sherman ROW III Mrs Elle-rs Helen Salle Carltne l-lmds Gtovanna Br1carell1 Maxlne l-ltnds Betty Enrtght Jeannette Garzmx Gertrude Anderson ROW IV Mrldred Woodruff Norma Vtarengo Norma Garaventa Patrrcla Harvey Rhea Wengletn Raymona ol trunk Glorta Pacml Bonnxe Gtelow The Cahfornla Scholarshlp Federahon membersh1pwasn1neteen tn the fall and twenty three ln the sprlng Betty Farnsworth and Norma Garaventa respectlve tall and sprlng prestdents led the club 1n the acttvttres under the d1rect1on of Mrs Ellers The Seal bearers those of hlghest scholastlc standlng were Gertrude Anderson Carllne Hlnds and Rhea Wengleln 5 X I , . . Tit W ' . , V . vi , 1' V, . I MIS! A , ' : . I L-q.w . l . . . . V I C I S I I 1 I - I I I I ' P1 L Tltt'7llf"flt7lLT i .sb SEATED left to right Mary Lou Hrldrc th Bob Knud en Raylet P rrl Robert Sandkull 1 Norrnan W lharn on Iteklt Hoaat Bull Iordxn Earl Alcxindcr STANDING left to nght Don Arnett I ck Golden Pwt Cunntnatnt R tw F tl h t S THE SENIOR PLAY Blackout afternoon pt rtorrnance evfryone down hearted Sevfnte ffl by Booth Tarktngton M Han en I tdxl or ann lm etre a ter all dl tcu he big ucce cnnc Wat ln t rre c ln ro e DIRECTOR OF SETS Mxss Barbara Kohler SEATED left to nght P 1tr1e1a Harvey Helen Sall Betty Herytord M1 Kalser D iwn Sher mn Barbara Wwe M 1rv Buhn STANDING lelt to nght MISS Kohler Inn Lambert Rodney ZlTIll'Y1PTlIlfIll Ruth Ka eh Blll Wat on llalla Stlpp Howard Goddard Dwtght Glb on Btll lordan THE STUDENT BODY PRODUCTION Gxluhid Iode pre ented by Student Body M1 Karser dlrmtrf Son Galahad cltallenqlng Bla Olaf rather lone llOOllT1Q ttreworkx Watson and Znnrnerrnan Furnt tuna laugh ceond perlonnancr lor the ur at Wlllll no blackout tln tnne went xrnootmy J O O I s.'1 'A'1d' 6 Cl! . 5.15 '7!w Bam! FRONT ROW left to nght Tatman Salls G1elow Wrse Dawson Brshop Carlson Heryford Hackett Broggr ROW ll left lo right Dlrector Robert Sharp Purdy Lolonls Hudtlolf Lane Banks C Ford Davls Chase G Pac1n1 ROW III left to rxght Bunter Yarbrough G Anderson C Hrnds D Sherman Supp Parker ROW IV leh to nght F Hull Foster Guldl G1lgen D Munson Wymore Iackson G1annecch1n1 TOP Green Always on Deck Backed War Stamp Sale Apple Show Band Concert A Musrcade Musrc Festlval Parades Galore All Excellentl' audaagancf FRONT ROW leit to nght Lane Daut Mllchell l-l1nd's ROW II Ballou Sahsbury I Humphrey Lacev Hughes Nleleen Smlth Dock1ns R Wymore ROW III I Zlmmerman Sotter Grothe Logs don Glannecchlnl D Goudge Roblnson McCoy G Rlchey ROW IV I Blshop B Bunter Bonmheld Law tance P Iuley Rlchardson ROW V Mr Sharp L Hlchey D Brown I Smlth Page Tu entx mx WNV.,- i X LIKILIKI , nrrrfr' V G11 9.1491 L ,-,V wr ' Q45 s.',nJA r for rf V Ayn 44 fi."f'7' 34.4.1 'L v V' S .-'1 V 4, 5 V V V V V - V V V V V 5 - V V -V V V V . , , , , , 5 V V - V - V - V 5 - V V V V - V V - V - V V V 5 V - V - V .1 V V - V V , . . - A - V - V V ' I . , . , V V 1 v '-Q' rav- FRONT ROW left to nght Gordon Sherman Irwm Rlchey Ed POIIZ Karma CarIxon Byron BINIIOD Carhne Hlnds Glorla Pacrnl Dawn Sherman Phylh Davn BACK ROW lelt to nght Vlfgll Green Betty Munson Ada Rlchey Betty Mae Smlth Larry Dawson Bonnu Glelow Lloyd Yarbrough Glorla Gllgen Georaeanne Lane Alwaye there at games and raII1es Helped students create echool spmt wmth the cooperatron ol the yell leadere Played the rnuslc of our school hghhng songs and made us cheer our teams on to vlctory Took over IH audnonum to pep up and mcrease Qale of War Ronde and Stamps Made up ol SIXISSD tuclents from the hrgh sciool band the Pep Band was under the leader Inp of Mr Robert Sharp A FITTING PRELUDE TO SPORTS pep .feacfmfi THIS THRILL OF SPORTS IS HEIGHT FNFD BY THE SPIRIT GF SUCH AS THFSI C crrlfadcr C orm L Iqf 1 Mayc rr ttf SteIIa Rroaal Watf r boy Vorlan I uk Mayors ttf Ruth Han Iteti Major Dah Tatman and Malorelte 1 I Fort R aaa v UICIGII Il7ootbaIII Photo I1n1 h I Iiltalno I1VaTIcTn:T, and Iuhc- C1c1vIIinA:sI II ' w ' N N f LI - A A I if -' 4 , N .. 5, H . . HQI XI SalI::. 6, r Q fs . 7 ss . Boyd' Spofdii Captain Rodney Zimmerman Norman Williamson Center Earl Alexander Left End Byron Brshop Rlght Half B111 Broaddus Left Tackle Bob Broaddus Quarterback Right Tackle Leno Valentml Left Half Ed Sanderson Rlght End Al Laukkare Rlght Guard Chuck Kmght Left Guard lack Golden B111 Iordan Quarterback JW Right End A! f N x ' ' x . -v SL sf X .X .nl FRONT ROW left to nghi B111 Iordan Leno Valentlm Byron Bxshop Charles Kmght Al Laukkare Norman Wrllramson Gerald Cox Irmmy Dowlen Elmer Ford Arnold Ford I1m Smrth BACK ROW left to nght Pat Cunnlngham KMQHQQGTJ Dallas Supp B111 Mustard B111 Broaddus Fred Goudge Rodney Zrmmerman Iclck Golden Ed Sanderson Earl Alex ander Gordon Sherman Bob Broaddus Robert Brown Bob Sandkulla fManager1 FCCTBALL UKIAH UKIAH UKIAH UKIAH UKIAH UKIAH 744 Recon! HEALDSBURG 14 ST HELENA ARCATA 13 TOMALES U HEALDSBURG O 0 FORT BBAGG Page 'Twenty mnc 7 7 . 6 14 O 18 21 7 wwf, BOTTOM ROW lelt to nght B111 Iordan Glenn TWl1Cll9l1 O car Ford Harvey Slocum Charles Knrght HOW ll left to nght lack Golden B111 M11 tard Dale Tatman Robert Sand 1c1111a ROW III left to nght Herbert Rogers R1c11ard Zlrnmerman R1chard Banker TOP ROW lelt to nght Glenn A1br1ght and Donald Golden T lTlX' of W' FRONT ROW left to nght Brown Wymore Parker Dowlen BACK HOW left to nght Coach D1e-tterle Moser Goddard Ventun Slocum Barra Manager Robertbon 6 66014 FRONT ROW left to nght Wyrnore Yarbrough Zlmmerman BACK ROW left to nght Coach D1etterle M0551 Venturl Rrchardson Manager Rob eHson 257mm FRONT ROW left to nght R Ford Srlva Ger ITICIU BACK ROW left to nght Coach Dlellerle Brown Golden Grannecclunr Manager Rob edxon 14 '7eam KNEELING left to nght Strlder Lavlletta Golden Lauklcare VGlOllllIll Kallro STANDING left to nght Coaglr Gustafwon Mun on Broadduk. 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Front Row left to nght Ienme Stetant Dor otlry Ctnquml Edlth Venturl Back Row left to nght Bose Tull Genevreve RlC9ll1 Ioseplnne Toll1n1 Clalre Purdy 261111 Front Row left to r1ght Paullne Chase Carol Brugge Mrldred Sanderson Barbara lean Daut Slnrley Dumas lda Mae Frank Back Row left to nght Lots Sallsbury Voda Dean Nrelsen Barbara lohnson lane 71111 merrnan Leona McCoy Paulma Yarna . 1 1 I 1 1 1 A1 1 1 ' I . - 1 1 1 1 , . 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