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1 . 3- -n. - 111, .vu ' ' rs, ,1 -L : ' 'x . .J X 1 ' ' li- iv V: ' Y: - 11 Z .1 , il-nj 1, V: H 111 ,V A1 " - g. 5 . l. .. , r - 'v V A-'gl IIKIHHI-IH4H Published by fhe S+uden+s of Ukiah Union High School June. l94O WH! Edifor ...........,..... ........... J acl: Penland Assisfanf Edifor .... ........ K aihleen Thursfon Manager ......,x. ......... J een Abboff 1 w HA , I 1 4 MMA .fauide Mcfbanaili School leacher al' lilfeen, homesleader af +wen+y-fhree. Louise McDonald is an exemplificafion of Jrhe unselfish life., She explains her accomplishmenf in eslablish- ing +he Ulciah High School Museum, valued af well over S5,000, as being due lo a "pack ral ins+inc+." Such an ins'rinc+, ihen, has led her +o collecf such oddilies as Jrhe lyre birds' fails, valued al SI,OOO. no less. Her inleresls are by no means resfricied 'ro 'rhe museum. however. ln her possession is a piece of l-lardanger embroidery, which look hir 'three hundred hours To make. Among her ofher accomplishmenls and hobbies are her pollery and a zesl for carpenlry. She now has +wen+y-six pieces of pollery in hcr colleciion, made by her- self. Too, she has wriflen Three work-books on biology for grade schools. To her, founder of The museum, UKlAl'll sfalif voices i+s aclmiralion. May "Her ways be ways of pleasanfness And all her palhs be peace." I. ' Q... wflig 3 . 415 ' .355 ' -H1 w-qs NFME4 Q' ,1 QQWWTQ W iff M gyji , Q Fi? sum. Galemlaa School Opening .......................... Sept Sophomore Class Dance ............ Nov. CSF Hail and Farewell Pariy ....,. Feb. Firsf Issue of Ulciah Hi Tall: ........ Nov. Foofball .......................... Oct I4-Nov. C and D Baslzeiball ............ Sept-Nov. :arm 1-L vw K -A ' 1: 3 4, ' E , -, igxgvb- - 6 . - Jimia? 9 :inffvl-lf' 7' 'J-Q-SH' ' gf Pi. w- " L +- w ,. Q2 315 Lfffiif Q: aj ,gp . '5 5'V'sfQ?2u3:v. , 'IHTQFQT' J v ji :elf kg,xzLv?if'Q?7y 1355 Q, if 1 J .S -NE K 1 ,K 'lsnxrgg 65221, H ,, Wim .SQ 'if LEANORD SMITH fn Mylwdfdhl HENRY VARNEY ln loving memory of Leanord Smifh and Henry Varney. bofh members of fhe class of l94I. "They passed away like morning dew Before fhe sun was high: So brief fheir lime, fhey scarcely knew The meaning of a sigh." Bail l Mr. C. M. Fullerson 'A Mr. Paul Bsauforf Mr. W. A. Chessall Mr. E. B. Chrislensen Mrs. Nell Cox Mrs. Evelyn Eilers l l l A Mr. Carl Goin l Miss Vivian Giles l Mrs. Geralding Granf' l i ww' ON A MONDAY AFTERNOON WM ir' lf-Ts ' ' sg? res f"sJfwC f 'iff if-if .Vx Miss Audrey Hollenbeck Miss Laura Kaiser Miss Barbara Kohler ff, V 0 L- -ui, .MP- Mr. Paul Edward Lange Miss Louise McDonald Miss Shirley Perry Mr. J. C. Roberis Mr. Roberr L. Sharp Mrs. Fern Busch amy., Miss Marhea Dahlberg Secrerary I3 Nix Nix xc Ng Tux Presidenis Harp and Thu rsfon smwz Aw, Brealcing all precedenTs in Ukiah High School's record, KaThleen ThursTon was elecTed The TirsT girl sTudenT body presidenT. AnoTher coincidence was ThaT Two sisTers. Margie and Mildred Kirby, were elecTed vice presidenT and secreTary re- specTively. To conTinue wiTh The breaking of records. This year The sTudenT body OT Ukiah High School was The largesT ever recorded in The hisTory of The school. In The TirsT semesTer, Bill Harp, ably assisfed by Jean AbboTT. proved To be an acTive and progressive president To TurTher 'faciliTaTe more eTficienT handling of sTudenT body publiciTy and sTage management Two new offices were creaTed--publicify manager and sTage manager. 'Again as in The pasT. a TuTile aTTempT was made To adopT a poinT sysTem. The uesfion of changing school colors was broughT up again. buf was immediaTely voTed down by sTaunch purple and gold supporTers. AcTing on experience of pasT years, The sTudenT body sponsored an opereTTa. "ln Old Vienna," which grossed approximaTely SIOO. New faces and new voices in The producTion proved To be an assef for furfher roles in TuTure opereTTas. 744 Firsi Row: Beily Moore. June Ruiler. Raylene Pearl. Gloria Pacini. Bessie Parks. Lois Mor- by. Second Row: Kalh- leen Reiners. Frances Oldridge. Marciel Ryan. Ruth Sousa. Geneva Wise. Third Row: Philip Robarlson. Bill Musiard. Bob Knudsen. Bob Rob- erfs. Allan Mills. Fourih Row: Floyd Roberison. Bob Mason, George Miller. Bill Reeder. lr- win Richey. David Rob- erison. Flrsi Row: Verna Salis bury. Rhea Wenglein. Lorraine Thompson. Jac- queline 'Shul'rz. Gloria Sluliz. Second Row: Norma Viarengo, Elaine Wailcins. Mary Sanford, Josephine Wriqhl, Eve- lyn Trimeloni. Third Row: Harold Snoolr. Richard Silver. Charles Knighi. Roberi Sand- lrulla. Sidney Williams. Fourih Row: Bradford Scoli. John Van Dyke. Norman Williamson. Harold Talso. David Slory. David Saqehorn. Charles Wilherell. I6 5 Firsl Row: Opal Dam- gaard. Bernice Coals. Slella Brogqi. Alice Cooper, Dora Barlola- mei, Dorollny Clemenls. Giovanna Bricarelli. Sec. ond Row: Ellie Chelli, Amelia Cake. Mary Buhn. Lena Dalnm. Edilh Brush. Gerlrude Ander- son. Third Row: Robert Bunler. Willis Balmer. Marlin Bakker. Bill Broaddus. Pal Cunning- ham. Leo Barlolomei. Jim Branscomb. Jim Brower. Neal Anlcer. Earl Alexander. Kennelh Closs. Clay Denham. Byron Bishop, George Burnham, Lesler Ban- fill. Firsl Row: Belly Hiclcs. Rulli Haclrell, Evelyn Goodwin. Jaclclyn Ho- gan. Faye Hull. Jean- nelle Garzini. Second Row: Belly Lowe. Nor- ma Garavenla. Belly Farnsworlh, Ma rio rie Huffman. Marylou Hil' drelh. Carline Hinds. Belly Lebsaclc. Third Row: Lloyd Hull, Jim Lamberl. David Hudl- loll. Fred Garzini. Wal- ler Kallio, James Lolon- is. Fourih Row: Allred Gullickson. Billy Jordan. Kennelh Harp. Roberl Guidi, Alberl Laulclcare Roy Kolila. Edward Poilz. S S John Van Dylre Our T'irsT acTiviTy which proved To be quiTe amusing was The Ii++Ie enTerTainmenT called The "Freshman IniTiaTion." which Tinally came To an end aTTer an exciTing day of laughs and embarrassmenT lfor The Treshmenl. The sophomore hop furnished spiriT for a TooTball game which we were To play wiTh Analy The nexT day. Colorful goal posTs adorned each end of The hall, and a dummy of an Analy player hung Trom The ceiling. Music was by The "CaliTornians." G-erTrude Anderson, Giovanna Bricarelli, Carline Hinds, Jacklyn Hogan, and Nor- man Williamson braugh+ home The scholasTic honors. while Bob Sandlculla. "Sure- shoT" Knudsen. Bob RoberTs, RoberT Guidi. Charles KnighT, Byron Bishop. and Bob Mason conTribuTed Their services mosT earnesTly in aThleTics. Thus we have finished anoTher lap of our high school career, buT noT wiThouT The helpful guidance of John Van Dyke and his mosT capable assisTanTs. Elaine Bell llaTer changed To Irwin Richey when Elaine moved awayl. Alice Cooper, Norman William- son, Bob Roberfs, and Ken Harp. John Van Dyke Kenneih Harp Alice Cooper Irwin Richey Norman Williamson Holly Onomiya 6.5.4. -- 4all Gee. are They all smarT'I Well, son, aT leasT They re all in The C. S. F. "They" means The sTudenTs who repre- 'senT The school in The CaliTornia Scholarship FederaTion. This group was one of The largesT and mosT acTive. Under The guiding hand QT Mrs. Evelyn Eilers The C. S. F. blos- somed inTo doing Things The way They should be done. Under acTiviTies The "smarTies" sold soda pop aT The ForT BraggiTooTball game. Jack' Penland headed The cornmiTTee ThaT disTribuTed ChrisTrnas baslceTs To The needy. One of The mosT unique parTies ever given was The Hail and Farewell ParTy given To boTh old and new members oT The scholarship. In March The group Traveled To Analy Tor The annual disTricT convenTion. FirsT Row: H. Cnomiya, R. Pearl, R. Wenglein. B. German. B. LaFranchi. J. Boyd. Second Row: K. Davis. G. Bricarelli, M. Lucchesi, P. Wise. M. Lowe. A. MazzoTTi. Third Row: K. ThursTon, M. Mes- sick, J. AbboTT, M. Wright B. Dunham, M lngels, C. Sweeney. G. Anderson. Fourfh Row: K. Leonard. J. Fravel, J. Jacobs. J. Penland. B. Broaddus, N. Williamson. P. Cunningham, M. ValenTini. Hughey snming for nsws Kafie covers a game Teeny composes heads Miss Giles-fha Thursday , nighf shifl' Q Zlkmh 0414 7416 The 8 a. m. Friday morning shiff Wagner's gof a siory! Tafman. Nelson, Salmonsen. Rampone. Hughey, Abboff. Thursfon, Giles. Ginochio, Wise, Mills, Hurley. Sanderson. Davis. Lyon, Wagner f We!! fwdm awe fo Amen Raalifr H o 9017 - --vw WN! -Q.. -.- E 53 -, L1 , . .., - , v x -,.,z, . v .:Ef'1,,-Q-gfA,.'ff?: . Q 4 "j,1g:y4 f ' :,i ,., mi. .,.,, E! 515 . : L H ' sf. W ' ,I. A ::::'e,-:T az: . i '1'f:..""?5'Y ff . - A ' ' pigs ., S 1 5 ' aw an H' f . , fwgwva ki 41 Q,-.Qilggafi v. H-fz,::M 1, , j,,,QY- ?'f.,Q'.'f'. . fig 2' Bill Harp He, en. 6,5500 Cox Wada w, A Q. ,iL,. Qffi Q wfefi of ei Lm.L if 1 X Q.LV.LQ1w: ,m,11:A..: . .. if E57 ' ' -. V,.: , , ., .. , is .ull if ,- L V i M: :el :ff ,gy ,G few- I UKIAH 0 FORT BRAGG 26 As if was The firsf game of fhe season and many of 'rhe players were inexperienced. Ulmiah played ragged ball fhroughoui' 'rhe game. losing 26 'ro O. Cox in lhe baclcfield and Penland and Barlolomei in lhe line were ou+s+andin'g lor Ulciah. 1939 UKIAH 26 HEALDSBU RG 6 The following Salurday Ulciah beal lhe Grey- hounds from Healdsburg 26 to 6. ln 'rhal game Ulciah showed Hs polenlial power, bolh in ol- lense and defense. Lale in Jrhe firslr quarfer a pass from Luiz +o Wada was complefed for a fouchdown. ln fhe second quarfer Luiz made a brillianl 55 yard run, which gave us our second louchdown. ln fhe 'rhird quarfer Cox plunged over for a Touchdown, culminafing an 85 yard suslained drive by 'rhe Wildcals. Lale in The fhird quarler l-lealdsburg scored 'rheir only lally of fhe game. ln fhe final quarler Cox made anolher Touchdown. Wada and Luiz were oul- sfanding in The baclclield and Jacobs in +he line. UKIAH 0 FORT BRAGG I8 Ukiah. afier playing a brilliani firsi half and keeping fhe score 0-O. crumbled under Fori Bragg's reserve power in Ihe second half. Af+er .Forf Bragg scored a Touchdown on a long pass. Ukiah's morale was broken. Forl' Bragg scored fwo more Iouchdowns before ihe game ended. Ukiah's insufiicienf reserve power was a deciding facfor in The loss. Swann UKIAH I9 ANALY I3 Ukiah avenged Ihe crushing deieai' oi The year before, and beaf Analy I9 'ro I3 in one of I'he mosi exciiing games seen for a long Iime. ln Ihe iirsi quarfer Joe Luiz scored on a 45-yard punf reiurn behind perfeci blocking. In 'rhe second quarier Willie Wada iniercepied an Analy pass and ran 40 yards for ihe second fouchdown, ending The half I3-O. Because of fhe overconiidence of fhe Ukiah Ieam, Analy came back in fhe second half fo 'rie The score. On a lasf minuI'e play Ukiah's Wrighi 'rhrew a pass Io Wada. who was downed on Analy's 3 yard line. In Ihe remaining seconds of play Cox plunged over for Ukiah's lasf and winning Iouchdown. "Chief" Wrigh'I"and Norman B'uhn were ouf- sfanding in +he game. Copsey. Allen. Sanford, Johnsfon. Mason. Luiz. Wada. Cox. Wright Harp. Gain. Broadclus. Pacini. Barfolomei. Alexander. Musfard. Milchell. Scoif, Niderosi. Jordan. Parclini. York. Smifh. Denham. Davis. Jacobs. Buhn. Marcheschi. Laukkare. Wilsey. Williamson. Qwzfddl Managers Copsey and Pardini Coach Carl Gein Wada. Cox, Wrighl, Luiz. Johnsfon. Smifh. York. Jacobs. Buhn. Marcheschi. Pacim Coach ChrisTensen Donald Wymore Rene Sanchez Bob Roberis Eddie Sanderson Bing Wong Herbert Rogers Bob'Knudsen Gamlfbgaafwidall The Ulciah C basl4eTball squad had a mediocre season. buT played brillianTly when The chips were down by beaTing WilliTs. enabling Them To play ForT Bragg Tor The championship. They losT This exciTing Tussle by 3 poinTs. Sandlculla played such brillianT ball on The C squad ThaT he was promoTed To TirsT sTring B. Ulciah's D baslceTball squad esTablished an enviable record by winning all The games in Their schedule. They losT To ForT Bragg in The championship game by 4 poinTs. The Treshmen on The Team showed prospecTs of being good maTerial in TuTure years. Rene Sanchez. The TaTher oT The squad. by proTecTing his brood earned The righT To be called The mosT valuable player on The hardwood. Coach ChrisTensen Charles KnighT Howard Goddard Bob Sandlculla Ralph Hogan Bob Bonnifield Norval Nelson Jim Dowlen Leno Valenfini N .ai 5 W gg 'iff 'fi . 14 - - fgqk .-J H1 , . ,,:3x,,.,xx, ' f-fm v f 'fhv - .1 ,f fax J, fwwg: - . W ,Q vf -- g l Q ' A f ' 1 v S -.WW mm I Galemlaa Freshman Class Dance ......... .......... D ec. Senior Class Play ........... .....,............... D ec. A and B Baslcefball ...................... Nov. 22-Dec. Chrisfmas Vacafion ....... ........... D ec. 22-Jan. Ul:iaHi Sfall Named ......... ......... N ov. fir:-4 -' -1.5 fl, 'CJ-i?Z , YY? M ff,f ff. Q gg' i -gy ,, f ,nw gt ' ,ex Bill Wafson ,if , Q -. s, " , ., . .., .,, ,...,, ' . a s ' Q.. 3' ..:f3'?"' fir H. if ' lj ', S ,, . - A If-is-giagggg KL .. as.. V., a... ,RA giligiwag ' ' ' All 35 N- .7 315 . 1- A 5. is. 1. fi-.galil W r-5sgHgfqifk,.sfi . i . sg . A , sl if - r X m ay QE ..., . . , , x K QQ K a is vi Q xx as F Q 3 s Q Q 4 Qwlau Wifh fhe longesf class membership in The school. over I3O. fhe freshman class sfarfed fhe year of I94O by elecfing Bill Wafson presidenf of fhe class, Dwighf Gib- son vice presidenf, Delma Thomas secre- fary, Hing Wong Treasurer. Georgeann Lane demerif represenfafive. and Rufh Kasch sfudenf council represenfafive. The usual inifiafion fook place on fhe football field made fo order by fhe ever presenf sophomores and ended in a grand free-for-all wifh bofh freshmen and sophomores equally dirfy. akfgfssfss s- . Members chosen for fhe C. S. F. were Georgeann Lane. Bill Wafson, Rufh Kasch, Kay Venfuri. Louis Marfinelli. and Helen Salls. Under The capable guidance of Dwighf Gibson and Rodney Zimmerman. assisfed by Georgeann Lane. Roger Smifh, Barbara Wise, Gloria Gilgen, Norval Nelson. Nancy Shores. Helen Salls. Iris Tull, Rosalie Monfgomery. Opal Vinson. Beffy Hery- ford, Phyllis Davis. Richard Hovey, Arnold Ford. Jerry Poulos. Donald Wymore. Juel Wifhrow, and Freddie Goudge, fhe freshman dance. held on December 8. was a greaf success. ,Red and green banners. holly, evergreen boughs, red and green balloons, and misflefoe gave fhe affair an air of Chrisfmas. Hing Wong. Leno Valenfini, Bing Wong. Ed Sanderson. Alfred Schwarm, Donald Wymore. Ralph Thomas, Jimmy Dowlen. Herberf Rogers, and Norval Nelson dis- played oufsfanding abilify in afhlefics. A block "U" was awarded fo Dick Niderosf for his oufsfanding playing on The foof- ball feam. Dick was fhe only freshman boy 'ro play on fhe firsf sfring. . William Parker. Carolyn Ford Winners in American Essay Contest 3I '7!w Firsf Row: Barbara Wise. Nancy Shores. Mary Wada, Kafherine Ven- furi, Delma Thomas. Helen Salls. Second Row: Jean Russell, Mar- garef Vanni. Mildred Woodruff. Iris Tull, Ros- alie Monfgomery. Belly Kyle. Lena Ven+uri. Third Row: William Par- ker. Lucille Gilbert Lynn Mclnfyra, Georgefle Ry- an. Fourilw Row: Henry Ford. Sranley Skaggs. Jerold Poulos, Leno Val- eniini, Norval Nelson Jimmy Sozzoni. Fifflw Row: Ray Reed. Curfi: Parker. Barney Wilson Tommy Tucker. Oscar Ford. Flrsl Row: Barbara Hol- laday. Dorofhy Green. Clarabel Gulhrie, Bar- bara Ann Hooper, Ruth Kasclw. Virginia Morris. Second Row: Marie La- foref. Demefra Lolonis. Georgeann Lane, Gloria Gilqen, Belly Herylord. Jeanne rMaissonneuve. Joyce Ledeboer. Third Row: R o b e rl Mossi. Richard Jones. Miss Kaiser. Lewis Marfinelli, Roberr Meek. Miss Mc- Donald. Howard God- dard, James Mahan, Eugene Malerbi. Fourfh Row: Allan Jamison. Landis Morgan, Frank Hooper, Richard l-lovey. Freddie Goudge,Dwigh1 Gibson. Arnold Ford. 4 rs? Row: Carolyn Ford initaWinches'rer. Alice ae Thompson. Ruth liles. I r e n e Shupe. pal Vincenl. Melva imeloni. Second Row: da Richey. Elizabeih azzolli, Rocelia Fern- sclr. Faye Freeman. Joy i me. Nellie Rossi'fer.' adeline Yeager. Aud- y Faas, Rose Sampie- o. Third Row: Juel filherell, Lee Richey, oycl Venfuri, Richard 'imeloni. Bill Walson, arvey Slocum. Roger 'nil'h. Rodney Zimmer- an. Donald Wymore. alph Thomas. Fourlh ow: Edward Sanderson. lerberl' Rogers, Domi- 'c Niderosl. Archie 'ndall, Roberl Stam- augh. Robert Varney. ingWong. l-lingWong. ichard Niderost, Don- ld Schuler. Freddie ollini. Fifih Row: Al- erf Turri, Donald Well- ICN. Firsf Row: Karina Carlson. Ruby Alexander. Lorraine Babcock. Na- omi Bruclrer, Emma Belle Brush, Mary Barbara Broadclus. Marvis Hazellon. Second Row: Shirley Clendenin. Efhel Albonico. Joyce Bishop. Phyllis Davis. Irene Grandi, Gloria Ledeboer. Juanita Thomp- son. Jacqueline Ostini. Third Row: Harold Brown, Kennelh Dillon Johnny Accornero, Robert Brown. Gerald Cox, James Dowlen. lra Campbell. Georqe Bold. Fourih Row: Gene Dunn. Robert Signeil. Don Carmichael. Coach Chrisien- sen. Ralph Banlill. Larry Dawson. Bob While. 33 Gein Penland Kohler Lone Harp Neuhaus CITIZENSHIP COMMITTEE l The leasl recognized, yer lhe mosl' conscienrious of fha sfanding commiffees, fhis l group mer regularly every Monday morning io review and decide upon demeriis fha? l had been given during rhe course of ihe pasr week. In early April a plan was proposed To do away wirh The giving of demerils and l fo subsfirufe an honor sysrem. - PEP COMMITTEE "Peppy. Short buf Sweet" was The Pep CommiHee's slogan This year. This com- ' i miilee under rhe guidance of Mervin Blaclcson. 'Fall 'rerm chairman, and Norman Buhn, l spring lerm chairman. provided zip and pep fo arouse lhe "good ole school spiri+" by holding rallies and parades before games, and sponsoring a "School Color Week" during which rhey sold arricles of purple and gold. They also insured more aflendance 4 a+ games by selling sporls season liclceis ai a greal bargain. l l Blaclrson, Pacini, Knight Buhn, Sanderson. Kirby, Gibson had z Edifor ........,,.,,,........ .,...,. J acl: Penland Business Manager ....., .....,,,..... J ean Abl::o+f Assisianf Edifor .......................... Kaflwleen Thursion Assisianr Manager .............................. Jaclr Jacobs Feaiures ........ Kaihleen Davis. Mary Helen lngels Aciivilies .v......,.........,...........,........... Richard Hurley Organizafions ,... Holly Onomiya. Julia Sarqeniini Ari ,,... . .,..........,.,... Myrle Wright Ruih Sanderson Sporfs ...... .,...... N orman Bul1n, Virginia Skaggs. Seniors ..,,., ..... Juniors ..... , ....,. .. Soplwomoresu, ,,. Freshmen .,,,,, ,.. ...... Advisors ,,... M r. W. A. Ciwessall. Jean Abboff. Jack Jacobs. Jack Penland. Kafhleen Thursion William Wada Melba Lucchesi ,Philip Crawford . .,,, David Saqelworn s...Ge0rqeanii Lane ,.Miss Vivian Giles, Miss Barbara Kohler Walfer Lord. Richard Hurley, Jean Abboff, Myrle Wrighr K JackIJacobs. Kathleen Davis. Larkin Younce Myrle Wrighf and Baby Busch Walier Lord afhleen Davis Larkin Younce, Richard Hurley, Kafhleen Thursfon. Jean Abboif. Barbara Musfard. Melba Lucchesi, Vir- ginia Skaggs. Barbara Scofr. dw? 3 1 Je-4 XXX 5 QQ I sw .X au Mai? :fill " 4 ff T hx. .' Tr 3' i . ff f- 'ahh T f 46 Z l kllllx T4 :Mfr ff if ujj 'N- NJ N . Myrle WrighT. WalTer Lord. Richard Hurley. Jacl: Jacobs. Jean AbboTT. Larkin Younce. Jack Penland, KaThleen ThursTon. KaThleen Davis. Barbara ScoTT, Melba Lucchesi. Barbara Musfard, Virginia Skaggs. l . l l -fC'? IYJZXS . ' :ZQX T Q f f 373 T .1 'QQ . 4 SX . f , - . F 'Q CQQDYD fury, ! Xl' fx QV' n - rr cl 2 pulze ad, Une fbfuuen Snow lllfff "She's purTy as a leerle bird." said Leander as he L dreamily gazed aT The beauTy of PuriTy. fi. -? Myrle WrighT as PuriTy and WalTer Lord as Leander Q gave The audience a grand evening of enTerTainmenT. , 'M Jaclc Jacobs in disguise as MorTimer FroThingham-The l f Xp! reason why girls leave home-leTT The audience quiTe -7Q 6 breaThless by his villainous mannerisms. , X-,1 And ThaT. dear readers, is a descripTion of The melo- 4 I drama presenred by The Senior class on December I. 5 Swerving Trom The usual Types of school producTions. figiw l ' sewage. "Pure as The Driven Snow" was chosen To give The ap- ffif?-i'y'e'gh, L we preciaTive audience someThing ouT of The ordinary. The -J is business manager was proud To sTaTe ThaT The melodrama I L neTTed approximaTely SIOODO. A DirecTor. W. A. Chessall: cosTumes. Nell Cox. W l ' lag Jazz JQZZZL eegxlf' ff - ., ere- en' Nao I if T x ff xv aL 55:13 ' 1' ly x -f - f 552 f""" - 5 f .ff M . I N 5-' 11.1.4 ,Mu ' X A svff f fxtskQA,:x X N AB Wifh seven experienced players on 'rhe squad, ihe rafrers rang wifh high hopes for a championship ream. Tackling a schedule which included S. F. S'ra're l45 s. U. C. L. A. l45's and Cal I30's, 'rhe unlimifed squad hung up Their suirs wi'rh a very impressive record. Minus fwo firsi s+ringers, ihe Wildcafs in a championship game wi+h Fori Bragg losr in a one-sided coniesf. "Chief" Wrighf scored 235 poinis +hroughou+ +he year. fhus ending his las+ season in a blaze of glory. Ulciah Wildcars won fourreen of 'rhe rwenry-one games fhey played. They piled up a iolal of 587 poinis io 'rheir opponenis' 500. as X Manager Ed Carmicha Marlin Casile Jacl: Penland Herberf Wrighf Waller Lord Roderick Clark Coach E. B. Chrislense Beverly Broaddus Adolph Parducci John Howland Bob Guidi Bill Broaddus Kenneih Harp "chase wfagm 2 2 Coach Chrishansen V Rene Sanchez William Wada Bill Harp Ed Sanford Angelo Pardini Hing Wong Bob Sandlrulla Coach Gain Bill Erilcsen Waller Kallio Ralph Hogan Clarence Sackeff Alberf Laukkare Keirh Leonard 39 EB Playing good ball one nigh+ and bad ball +he nexf. 'rhe Ulciah B leam s+ruggled fhrough fhe season and fool: second place behind Hopland in 'rhe valley seciion of fhe N. W. L. - A hard driving 'ream was buill around Sanford and Wada. and Coach Carl Gein may fake a bow for a well-'rrained squad. In 'rhe B division +he iunior Wildcafs won a maioriry of fheir games also. len of fhe sevenieen garnes played. They scored 347 poinfs ro Their opponenls' 335. JUNIOR HIGH POINTERS Barbara Allen, Margaret Scanlon SENIORS-Baclr Row: R. Hol- lin, C. Ford. J. Abbott W. Vaughan. A. Mazzolli. M. Wright B. Musfard. Hellen- becli, M. Kirby. D. Nelson. L. Wagner. M. Shupe. Froni' Row: V. Skaggs. J. Sargenlini, P. Wise. M. Lucchesi. J. Broqqi, M. Lowrey, R. Sander- son. 40 SENIOR HIGH POINTERS Rulh Sanderson, Virginia Skaggs JUNIORS-Back Row: L. Rom- er, J. Sweei. D. Porfer, B. Johnson, M. Buclrrnas+er, Hol- lenbeclc. B. German. Fronf Row: A. Hoyerdalil. M. Kirby. M. Vaughan, M. Scanlon. B. Allen, V. Moen. F. Green. glvffr N .X 'K ag S? Wir :gm gi. 5 Q fi' wk i tg 5. -5 ES- Y .H:.1w.a- wma Q 5 Q33 ,, 99 I X N. QS: 1' 5 WS Q 1 ss. , 2 1. XR L K. 42 if 5 s X KR 'f . - My ... Maw FRESHMAN HIGH POINTERS Lynn Mclnfyre. Rocelia Fernbeck FRESHMEN-Back Row: R. Fernbaclc. L. Mcln- fyre, G. Ryan. G. Gil- gen, G. Lane. P. Davis. M. .Vanni. Hollenbeclc. R. Sampiefro. Fronf Row: M. Woodruff. N. Ford, N. Rossifer. J. Ledeboer. K. Venfuri,J. Lane.,H. Salls. P. Free- man. L. Veniuri. Q' -..'.-' SV LAQZ:- 'JI ' :. ' " X-f., RFQ A. ff 931. ' ' ,.L. .-- Q - N.. -.'x 3 'W:,k' ' A :A E 1 . .., M 1 ' S1315-5,1 Q ' ' .... ..... Q... y.. , ,,. . ...M .,.. ...E . .... ' 5 Q .Q . . 1 35,1 8 v f SIN K x . 1 1 1 4 . , 1 -:inf ,ff-f '.. - .. -5. 5 . Tifff is . 1 '-.3 . .,F:..3:,,,,.b. - 'f -. ' H: N W1 -ZQ ' V -, te: 2- L ' " ' 5 5 ,Y .,.. .-. - - S45 SOPHOMORE HIGH POINTERS Carline Hinds, Mary Lou Hildrefh SOPHOMORES - Back Row: B. Coafs. A. Cake. M. Ryan. S. Broggi. O. Damqaard, M. Hildrefh. J. Hogan, R. Pearl, D. Bar- Tolomei, G. Pacini. B. Leb- sack. Fronf Row: M. San- ford, L. Thompson. E. Watkins, L. Dalwm. J. Gar- zini, R. Hackeff, N. Viar- enqo. C. Hinds, R. Weng- iein, A. Albonico. 41 BLOCK "U" WEARERS derson. Jean Broggi. BeTTy Musfard Virginia Skaggs. We gals have a swell coach, by qolly She's noT one To puT up wifh Tolly: Her Temper is sunny: Her car is a "honey." Her name is--you've guessed if!- Qhh' Span' Paaaefe EnrollmenT in girls' gym was large This year. No small number oT girls crawled ouT of Their warm beds an hour earlier To sTand in line Tor The newly-inTroduced eighT o'cloclc period. Girls swam. collided in speed-ball, swung aT shuTTle-cocks, skinned knees on The hockey Tield, sunk baskeTs, high iumped, hif The bull's eye. had Tun wiTh a Tennis racquet hiT homers, volleyed The ball, dodged pins. denTed ping-pong balls, sTreTched limbs, and danced. The eighT o'clock sleep-walkers came up on Top in speedball. Volleyball was won by Third period, buT The enThusiasTic second period won in baskeTball Tinals. Seniors were champs in boTh volleyball and speedball class finals. Juniors deserve Tour bells Tor squeezing a glorified vicTory 'from The seniors in baskeTball. Freshmen and sophomores were losT in The rush. Lefi To Righf: Margarei' Scanlon. Bar- bara Allen. Margie Lowrey. Ruih San- iusT "Holly."-Virginia Skaggs. CIRCLE "U" WEARERS Top Row: Winona Vaughan, Jean AbboTT. MargareT Vaughan. Cleo Ford. Boiiom Row: Julia Sarqervrini, Myrle Wright Jean Sweet Phyllis Wise. ""! 45 21953 K Q 1 X-A 'S ww f .3--.2Q:m, QQ -f Q Q ,gg-k",,.!V . .1-J I ,S- . f gw,,Wm.wQ- Nl .2Q:y ' K. J 4. ,Q4 . K - T2 "W .ylw-1''9'ffXlT"Qi'S,'figg,StX' .. A 'w f' 1-121 Aff V . fftfv . .W x. 35- jiw: - ' 'ff'-L S Y ' : f' 3fQ?"wfz: 1 v3.sf:4 K HTL-'i.g Q' 7' f fiff, ' - K' A Q-' 'fy' fc -. . . "V '. fi' ?2PY'4'Q -f L' I .Q K-1- - Jr: Huh. M fx ' X 32-1 . qu xiii 0+ vw .ag 4 , . , 1' e o Q . 4 ig., Bmw 1-xxx I' s A AJ' ,L -'51 if fr. ouuauuu su a nu iunudwr sd: i f ' f' wa sg SK .,1,.m as if Mssfis.. XQFLQQ' SQ' ,ww +3521 KR 'QV . ' . . A i ,Y E . Koo .,... A Mixes Qxoqc-,, C5612 Mosque Coded Oqowxxa ......,. ......, P+ Q sf'-.s-Exo fre-Seb ......, ..,. ..... 35 Q -q xx UIDY- P091 000-ledisoo ...,,, yhsgv Q ......,y-QQ bg-N-A Kwai- ...,,.,. L ,. Q W -5 Ralph Hogan Presideni' 763 J Q v vt, if QQ: if Riff, is ,J,,.4: ,ty v af RQ: ie Z ig nfl vggdvf 5 S " 'ye K W JT d e , Q, ,ru Sandelin. Neuhaus. .Allen. Hogan, Pacini Then we cleaned fha gym and decoraied if Firsf we made some candy, had a "few" candy sales. and made some money . M AND THEN WE GAVE OUR DANCE! Pacini and his band "ln An Old Duich Garden Firsi Row: Morgan. Peaslee. Lolonis. Purdy. Moen. Kirby. Second Row: Kohler, Norris. Melander. Norlon. Johnson. Laforel. Johnson. Third Row: Pelers, Leonard. Loveqreen. Nelson. Parducci. Mifchell. Marcheschi. Moroni. Fourlh Row: Pecini. King. Mills. Lyon, Neuhaus. Ni derosl. Johnslon. Howland. Firsf Row: Clarke. Snyder. Sweel. Williams. Riesland. Sfarlne, Ripley. Eversole. Second Row: Rampone. Vaughan, Scanlon. Sioberq. Sioberg. Shields. Wood, Briggs. Third Row: Sheldon. Wada. Sandelin, Smiih. Sanchez, Giles, Wilsey. York. Fourlh Row: Rowley, Slelani, Saunders. Bowen. Torngren. Richey. Zimmerman. Rampone. Saclceil, Anderson. Shields. Hickey. Firsl Row: Bricarelli. Ford. Folsom. Allen. Alexander German. Second Row: Care penfer, Cecconi. Boyd Bucl:masler.Dunham. Briggs Giannoni. Third Row:Grani' Hoyerdahl. Gowan. Hum- phrey. Gulliclcson, Gibson Gowan. G re e n. Hovey Fourih Row: Hogan. Hugh ey. Clendienin. Davis.Brood dus. D a vis, Bonnifield Crawford. Fravel. 5I ' 5 ' 1 1 ' Presidenf Virginia Skaggs Qhh' feaque Sponsor Miss Hollenbeck "LeT's make money!" was The aim oT The Girls' League when They sponsored The movie "WinTer Carnival" and neTTed nearly 590. The nexT advance of The League was To disTribuTe Their annual ChrisTmas baskeTs To The needy. April 27 was an imporTanT day on The school acTiviTies calendar, Tor The Girls' League ConvenTion was held in Ukiah. IT was a grand day crammed Tull oT Tun and knowledge Tor The girls of every school ThaT aTTended The convenTion. Every girl aTTending The convenTion was challenged To concenTraTe on The Topic of The day, "I94O Challenges The American Girl." and The resulT was successful. The lasT acTiviTy checked off on The Girls' League calendar was Mrs. Helen Averill's Dance ReciTal, which They sponsored. YeT To come is The annual Playday, June I. where The League will enTerTain girls Trom surrounding counTies aT an all-day program of sporTs. OFFICERS ' Beck Row: Helen Salls. Rufh Kasch. Marciel Ryan. Rhea Weng- lein. Fronf Row: Mildred Buck- masTer. Jean Broggi, Winona Vaughan. Virginia Skaggs. Helen Gibson. ,ggi 'N-Q '1 .55 sw- .L-h -iff 5155? gk sas as A F f?? l B R. L. Sharp B. Allen. L. Allen. A. Barber. Beverly Broaddus. Bill Broaddus. J. Brower. H. Campbell. B. Carpenier. K. Closs. L. Dawson. L. Dunn. E. Goodwin. F. Goudge. F. Green. B. Guidi. B. Harp. K. Harp. C. Hinds. J. Hovey. F. Hull. J. Jacobs. K. Leonard. D. Lolonis. G. Lane. M. Messick. F. Niderosf. R. Nelson. G. Pecini. R. Pacini. B. Parker. E. Poiiz. B. Purdy. C. Ransdell. E. Richey. I. Richey. R. Richey. D. Roberfson. M. Ruddiclc. R. Sanchez. B. Smifh. B. Sfefani. D. Sfory. G. Sfuliz. M. Taiman. B. Wafson. H. Williams. P. Wise. H. Wood. H. Wrighf. J. Zimmerman. Wifh Mildred Tarman and Mildred Kirby as drum-maioreiies and Virginia Moen as drum-maior +he band made many appearances in marching formafion. The 'Music Deparfmenf sponsored fwo moiion piciures. "They Shall Have Music." and "The Greer Vicior Herbert" As an added affracrion, +he band played on The 'rheafer siege for bofh picfures. The band members were faiihful speciafors as well as encouraging rooiers ai fool'- ball and baslcefball games. They wen? 'lo For'r Bragg +o parficipafe in ihe Music Feslival. played ai ihe Fall and Spring Conceris. and wen'r +o Davis on April 20. They were also asked 'io play for 'rhe dedicafion of The new iail and lire house. A bell-lyre. mefronome. cymbals, and an A clarinei were added as new insrru- menis. Oiher new insfrumenrs were boughf +o replace old ones. DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS MEMBERS N. Anker. N. Garavenia. D. Gibson. G. Gilgen. D. Haswell. B. Hereford. M. Hildrefh. V. Humphrey. R. Kasch. K. Carlson. B. James. B. Wise. A. Cake. I. Campbell. B. Coais. R. Cook. A. Giannoni. F. Hooper. J. Hovey. M. Ingels. B. Mitchell. J. Russell. D. Wymore. R. Zimmerman. Direcfor 55 FINALE FROM "IN OLD VIENNA" '7fze Gyuneifa Gaul William Rampone-Hans Maier, Proprielor of Wurfzepraeler Inn. Barbara James-Louisa. a waiirress. Bob Sandelin-Capiain Kinski, Chief of Defecfive Bureau of Vienna. Rene Sanchez, Kennelh Harp-Kinski's Assisianls Keiih Leonard-J. Jennison Jones, an adverfising experf. Rodney Pacini-Jigo. a Hungarian Gypsy. Mary Buhn-llona, a Gypsy girl. John Van Dyke-Arlhur Crefonl, an American ar'ris'r. Mary Lou Hildrefh-June Penninglon, an American heiress. Norman Williamson-Jonas H. Penningfon. proprielor of "Pe+er Piper Pickles." Kaihleen Thurslon-Lady Vivian Delaney. an English widow. The operefla was clirecied by Mr. R. L. Sharp and. Miss Laura Kaiser. A SCENE FROM "lN OLD VIENNA" CHORUS Back Row: B. Salisbury. G. Lane. N. Garavenfa. E. Laforef. B. Dunham. M. Vaughan. R. Norfon. W. Vaughan. O. Damgaard. B. Coafs. V. Cecconi. F. Green. Second Row: D. Green. B. Johnson. M. Shupe. E. Fracchia. G. Wise. C. Hinds. D. Pefty. R. Pearl. G. Pacini. V. Humphrey. M. Hildrefh. F. Green. R. Hockeff. V. Moen. M. Buhn. A. Albonico. G. Gilqen, B. Purdy. D. Thomas. Third Row: K. Carlson. J. Lane. A. Richey. R. Wenglein. M. Morgan. A. Giannoni. J. Hogan, J. Sweet L. Romer. B. Allen. J. Shulfz. Fronf Row: L. Lolonis. A. Hoyerdahl. R. Ford. A. Sfefani. J. Garzini. E. Hudfloff. R. Porzio. J. Boyd. V. Alexander. ORCHESTRA V. Alexander. J. Boyd. B. Bunfer. H. Campbell, J. Copsey. B. Dunham. M. Hildreih, F. Hooper. R Kasch, A. Melander. V. Moen. E. Neuhaus. R. Porzio, E..Richey. J. Sargeniini. B. Sfefani. M. Vaughan W. Vaughan, H. Wood, R. Zimmerman. TORCH BEARERS OF C. S. F. Melba Lucchesi. Caroline Sweeney. Margaref Lows SEAL BEARERS Kafhleen Thursion Mary Messick Holly Onomiya 6. 3. 4. -- The C. S. F. are proud +o presenf 'rheir Scholars of Scholars. 'Kafhleen Thurslon. Holly Onomiya. and Mary Messick, who earned lhe privilege +o wear 'rhe coveled seal-bearer's pin for being in 'rhe C. S. F..'for six semesfers. Melba Lucchesi. Caroline Sweeney, and Margaref Lowe are fhe proud wearers of The lorch-bearers' pin. for 'lhey were in lhe C. S. F. for four semeslers. Firsf Row: H. Onomiya. K. Venluri, G. Bricarelli. J. Hogan. R. Kasch. H. Salls. Sec. ond Row: M. Lucchesi. M. Messick. P. Wise. A. Mazzoffi. M. Lowe. C. Hinds. Third Row: Mrs. Eilers. B. James. K. Thursfon. G. Lane. B. Dunham. C. Sweeney. G. Ander- son. Fourfh Row: B. Walson. N. Williamson. B. Broaddus, K. Leonard. L. Marlinelli. Spring Semesfer Mary Messiclr . i Ira Campbell Alberf Laukkare Byron Bishop Paul Fox Fuiio Wada Richard Silver Norval Nelson Bob Parker Herberi' Rogers James Holzhauser 59 '7aack The Ukiah unlimifed frack Team opened 'the season ambifiously by winning 'the fri-counfy meef: Ukiah 42. Healdsburg 34. For? Bragg 26. Mendocino 2I. Lakeporf 20. The following Salurday fhe ieam fraveled fo S+. Helena 'ro compeie in 'the 20th Annual S+. Helena lnvifafional Track Meet There. compeling wifh seven+een ofher schools, Ukiah fiedffor 'lhird place. Af Healdsburg in a 'three-way meei. Ukiah 'look second behind Healdsburg. Ukiah was greaily hampered by fhe loss of Jacobs. Wright and Ruddick. who could have faken imporfani poinis in fheir respecfive evenis. A+ fhe N. W. L. early in May Ukiah walked away wiih ihe A class, and six new N. W. L. records were esfablished. Jacobs in The high and low hurdles sei a new record. and The Ukiah relay 'team broke lhe old fime. Winning The Healdsburg Meef 'rhe C squad weni down lo second place in 'lhe N. W. L. fo Ferl' Bragg's first Ukiah's relay Team, however. sei' a new record 'lime in 'Phe C division. Vernon Parducci Roderick Clark Norman Buhn Edward Sanford Herber+ Wrighf Morgan Ruddick Coach Chrisfensen Leon Hooper Jack Jacobs Jack Fravel Fujio Wada -i ff N 1 W sw L 9 Ffa 4- A -N " - SQ. f Q i fi?i323T?5k9f55ffX55 L ' f, 32 'i' .i 7 ul' ...,v, i K 1 If fi i s f .- 'fifzz 1 ::,- i.: ii f N522 T. 2, f . gwgw f 2 2: ,. MSHA .Q ' k 'f x ' 3 iilfi A ,u?'WS7 -EZ: f is . , ' L., ,V S f N - 5 ' . '.' ' ' 5 H i n l::,:Q1 -. X Y 4 ' A A 2' Q Vg., Sf: X 4 3 Q. ,I . H iw. VVXL ., fx ' d ix 1' . , A A ., - ' .A ' ' I s- E 55? ' 51, Q5 f f fffkxzfv' Q' 2 C , gg, 4 , A f, M ,-,. 5 4 , f .. V ,.-A , - mga i 'V 37 'S 'fx ' ,A ri 'fit- 5 if' - ik.. I L q ww f 'M' Q "5-I-4 A Q- -M 2: N . ' - f X ,Sinai mf f Xyfir W -A X, V: 4" A-'Q A ' ' W 4 1 Tim Ly f ,ig V! ,Q .J 'f X T ff AW' I J, f-wf f.fws,, QP' fY.w?5,.x :yr and 565 5555. rl' S7 1, A .f . A . 0 X . , ,. Q ,, 1 - I , .6 V, 1 -' v , "Q . L., - 7 sr. . "- - .f,.'.4:,.i5rx.A A E7 f . 1-2 mr, '12, ,r , Q . ,, ,. '- , P ii, 55" A 'A .1 - ,. . 4 . . ' , f g - 47 '. c fre ' '1 , , -if -r ' f.,..sf: 1.-3 Hifi-5 345, ' .15 ' 'igfiig-25-5" . , 1 ,- -- 1 -.fy-f 1 wiv. R 53.4 . , +- ,v . ., W, .. . L .,. ,mv X get ., K . , , l.,.f'. ' Y'. V-1 Q"-'T' V -- . N,-s 2' 1 - 3, ,e 4.1"5'Q.x,3.1.f. . -3 '.,:. , 4 -v, . .',,f :nz K .pviiw J' -. .f,,gN:f.f. gf , . wi- We .f 5:-sr ww ,V 4fff,r'bg:1i'1-fe'-W Lf ' "N, -. 'f ww . . .fr .a:'- in il N-1--fv,Vff?e?: - , 1 :ff J: 5512 'ff L Nil,-za: idxggggfgggx: A ' "K, , Q fs., 5, :if kip' via. J, Fai, ,ri M2'1,rgr',U 5Y3Q'Q,1,3:'?.,'i '- A gf. , Hge?Zaaaf:W" -. f fi 1371 , 71-21:Qf.',gg x . , I 51 iw Mi:-1.'te1,.L.1 -- .Q 'A 'X r "' . .W-.1"5 if-" xii? , "3'-Q"1l'-1?E'?2:'-2:X'::-5"21E'1,f5??--- ik-Hf'43-V"'L'iJv:flip-if , ,, M. , , M.. , ,-, ,X . I.,-ff ,. S--.jpff .p.-,gg-qw .- V fm.-.e.siQ-aug:-.Mv.x--.fwzffffmf--z f-f-,-Zi. 1-,Q wif' A ,-'fi' ? 3- ki- ' "2f'i.,ff, ', , Z'.iTf'f'7?'11RQftr"W,4,F,?'f-5f'Q1'1"'!Q'?'3S2-Iff"i"IE,2,i'gfT4,NQ-,Z 1' '- 2 -.Eff ' '- , ,ag ,rg :F-av"1l,f:E2E?-fzieasimta ' ,, .-gginff' '22 .' .fI?1rL'11fif1?1i2i:f T-fi - 1 aw- 41:1 53 5, mf!-M' -. :gp K 141315 , ff: . 4 ' :ff gggzrf, ,gf ff' 'Q 2: ,f ,Q 'sfibzs A :.'1,-sg ?vE'if'Z"?i:'3rx,i'f'Ef'5f'?, , .. .- - ' n ..f:,f,f:g-+i:'gw'w:A'- - - am.-,,.+?!1fef,4+-.,:e" Lggfrt-1-rg'-gfagfgi. g , - ,. .-L- 4 V ,. fffew - -.-,MAG-5'igQ?5,i32A:D':fQ. f.p2'frn-.-frf?--1--'- L ' ,f '. , .qzx-11,-'.'fggi1: 1-ps:35.f'A'+2p-:grad-xffg,-myffg,--,V-,Q ,- . f 1 7 -47!gg"1'f55i"iv'2':'-f-v- ' fi "fCs9?i'1"'E' ff9'?f'f':!?s , - ' ,. '., ff -.. Q.Q,,,A.+4,-ww ' N ' 41552 v' W , 55-A111 af,5.f?1:? Y ,uf we Q .1 fi1,'fifz,.g,j,.1,. - 'F:f"" 10 Jil. . LM 'J 5. 'x X. 'x w,-..V .Q Jack Penland, Barbara Scoii. Jack Jacobs '7!wS' Af Lasf ....- Ah, af lasf June has come and wifh if graduafion--wirh all of i+s misgivings and emorions. ' As we graduales of '40 walk nervously across +he plafform +o receive our hard earned diplomas, we will recall lhe 'iirsl day of school ar Ukiah High. where we had been ushered in by laughing and wisecracking sophomores. During our four years here. we graduaies of foday-buf 'Freshmen of yesrerday- affended fooiball games, rooied our feams 'ro vicfory. danced ai fhe balls and proms. and read +he weekly Ukiah Hi Talk. Many hours were spenf srudying in our library, or hurrying abouf rhe school grounds af noon. or leisurely lounging aboul on fhe cool lawns, kidding wi+h one anoiher. During our Ukiah High days, we witnessed rhe purchase of new school buses. wafched 'rhe progress of our school, and have welcomed some new faculfy members. All 'fhis we recall as we walk our across 'rhe siage 'lo receive our reward. And now we are ready +o graduaie--Here we are! A Angeline Accornero Barbara Anderson Jimmy Aqgi Jean Lorraine Abboif 66 Roberf Alvin Barbar 1 gi ee 5 Buddy Bassler 1 1 1 23 Q Telmc Bariolomei 1 1 Velma Mae Alexander 1 1 1 Leonard D. Allen 1 Julia May Boyd Be'Hy Ca rfer Roberf H. Copsay Jeanne Broggi V V Norman Buhn Jr. Mariin Casile 1 n Marvin Eugene Blackson 67 Ed Carmichael Roderick C. Clark Roberla Mae Dalsirom Grace De Cerli Julius Dionne Roberl Dance Audree Dane Gllman E. C01 68 Helen Kalhleen Davis Henry- Forcl Cleo Helen Ford Le Roy Ford - jg Vi fr, ' K sam- r- f V 665 " WLS. 353 Lf , vi ,L Nadine Frasier Paul Fox John K. Ford 69 Jack Fravel Edu Margarei Fracchia Mario Fracchia Freeda Anne Green Dorofhy Ann Ginochio Rufll Hollin . 551 I Virginia Hull James Holzhauser Joanne Groihe 70 Richard Hurley Jack Jacobs Mary Helen lngels Leon L. Hooper Jr. Ernesfine Hudiloff V i r 1 K r I Mariorie Ella Kirby Q . Margie E. Lowrey Dominic Lucchesi L, .. .. Elizabeih Yolalee La Franchi , Walfer Lord Barbara Lynell James 11 Margaref Lowe K . r Roberf MaHern Melba Evelyn Lucchesn ,, . ,K K 1? . E r r ff Mary Messick Holly Haru y6 Onomiya Barbara Elaine Musiard Angelo Pardini iii IX , 3, rr XE -fi' f 'IQ Roberi' McKee Parker Vernon Parducci Ehzabe+h Jane Mushrd AMII9 M. MBUOHI 72 Dgng Nelggn Beverly Pool Ruih Sanderson Rosa M. Porzio Jack Penland 73 Edward Sanford Roberf A. Richey A 212- E Mg, .. fm? Q . f Barbara Ellen ScoH Julia N. Sargeniini sr an lm r- f x Bxf qaa if-if R - 1 wig X pi mag.-1. X ,A 'e 'N A wr ' als Q .ff fl. Morgan Ruddick -. QQ? ff fi? .fvwgh I , Virginia Skaggs Alma Marie Sfefani June Caroline Smifh Marciel Smiih Mary Souoni Mildred Grace Taiman Sarah Caroline Sweeney Mary Ireia Shupe Guy Sfarke Mario Valeniini Lois Marilyn Wagner Margie Van Horn Lois Kaihleen Thursfon 75 Phyllis Elaine Wise Winona Vaughan Fuiio J. Wada Larkin Younce Luella Myrle Wrighi i , W' X0 5 M , 7 N ' - N111 5 K 4 2 0 5 s 1 9 I 0 .I If VL S 6 J i 4 S 'xkox - Q0 . k " 4 wx, w QL S Q , in ' wig 3' 9 s K I 5, 6 5 f I Q 5 Q - Y' X -" e f'- - IIXV X 3 1- . F f 1V S. a A ' x X KP J W E Waller Lord Mr. Paul Beauforf Paul Fox Dads' Night celebrafed Friday. May IO, was lhe big even? in Boys' League affairs 'rhis year. Boxing marches, 'rwo orclmeslras. and lols of refreshmenfs were ifems on llwe program. Among fheir noble achievemenls for +l1e year can be lisfed renovafion of lhe "U" and Hwe aclop+ion of a new conslilufion. A dance, ioinlly sponsored by The Boys' and Girls' Leagues. is in flue offing. 78 Rodney Zimmerman, Gerald Cox. Mark King. Carlion Clarke. Roderick Clark Golf me vwa Ukiah High's golfers will aHemp'r fo caplure Their 'rhird consecufive N. W. L. cham- pionship. Leading golfers are Roderick Clark and Carlfon Clarke. Three marches are scheduled: fwo wi+h Healdsburg and The N. W. L. meef a+ Lucerne. Alfhough +he 'rurnoui' for rennis was comparalively small, +he Team was composed of such veferans as Sanchez. Wada. and Sandkulla. Larkin Younce was fhe only in- experienced player ro break info 'rhe upper bracket Due 'ro +he dying in+eres+ of ofher schools in +ennis. Coach Gein was unable lo schedule any definire mafches. The N. W. L. meer was sei' 'for May l8. Coach G-ein. William Wada. Gilman Cox. Larkin Younce. Richard Hurley. Clarence Sackeff. Robert Sandkulla, Rene Sanchez. Charles Knight Bob Sandelin. Rodney Pacim Morgan Ruddncl: Bob Mason Mervnn Blaclcson Paul Fox. Charles Fravel. .-S' The swimming ieam, losing only lwo men from lhe I939 squad loolcs ahead for a very successful season. Those refurning mermen are Blaclcson In lhe 220 Jack Fravel in lhe 50, Fox in 'ihe IOO. Sandelin in +he breasf sfrolce Charles Fravel an The back sirolce. and Charles Knighl in diving. of . X- A W sis gtk if ' fires iff' K 5 :xg -.-. 1 -1 1 - an A if ' R . ig X , lj-ff lifalrliri i 1 ' "' s J eg ' -Ii-. .- . ' ,.,, , , A s iles as s 12-of ..... ,,,.- sw-.,1w:-quun-'H f J, . sf Q .N ,,w,., , , , ,W 47- 5 WiIcIberger's Groceferia DELIVERY FIVE TIMES DAILY Phone 480 Pioneer Oil 8: Burner Co. R. F. CLARKE O 3I5 No. Siaie Sf.. Phone 33I-J Ulciah. CaIifornia MERK'S RADIO SHOP SALES . SERVICING O Ukiah, California CRYSTAL PHARMACY On Ihe Corner O A. L. GOBALET Phone 2 Irwin Richey '42 O Ukiah, California We Wish Io Extend Our Bes+ Wishes fo Ihe Faculfy and Sfudenis of UKIAH UNION HIGH SCHOOL THE MAPLE CAFE And FOUNTAIN H. L. Bonnifield-'32 Bob Bonniiield-'4-I M 4 QQ. ,ffW:, -me 1 fA.VL .gY,::,1.1i.QafM...ig4W,,m.v.w THE DIAMOND MATCH CO THE HOME YOU WOULD LOVE TO OWN L e M Mapes Mg MITCHELL S CREAMERY N+hS+f .U' MENDOCINO COUNTY S LARGEST DAIRY DELIVERY SERVICE DR R D WITHROW DENTIST R p bl g WEBER BUICK COMPANY d Se J P WEBER COMPLIMENTS OF EVERSOLE MORTUARY A WHITE COTTAGE eM'r e I WHERE THE YOUNG FOLKS MEET AND EAT COMPLIMENTS OF RECHNITZER GROCERY a+dS Pn86 CHARLES KASCH OOF I Refall Lumber 407 or ae S+. Iuah F 1 ' Groceries e . D , r. I . I Sales an rvice e u Ican Press Bld . ' ' Phone 446 Phone 23-J Ukiah TI1 os -a of 'III Besf-a for he Leasf- E. . Eversole I , I. . . . Bldg. W nu an prmg Ukiah, Cali ornia, ho e 3 I THE UKIAH FARMERS I CLUB, INC. We Carry Everylhing 'lor +I1e Farmer or Builder Call 723 H A N S E N , S Qualify Courfesy I Service REFRIGERATION , Rlcl1ardson's Meaf Marlxei' f Qualify Gas and Elecfric Appliances Ulrieh. California Choicesl' of Meals IN ROODS GROCERY Free Delivery Consfanl' Applicafion +0 Your Siudies Is 'fhe Principal Sfep In ' ' Your March Io Achievemenl' - LON GIBSON. Disiribuior Q O R. o. Fosren TALMAGE Um 27 "'meWi,,i,,s Zo., R. A. ENRIGHT Everyfhing Elecirical FRIGIDAIRE SALES and SERVICE I Phone 700 - II5 No. Sfaie S+.. Ulciah 83 Baffernes Tlres and Tubes W L BROWN Texaco Servxce Siahon Phone 490 Sfafe and Semunary Ukuah GI ss s Fffed p+c T DR C E ROBERTS Opfomefrusf Excluslve Phone 285 Ukah Calf STATE MARKET Oualfy Me 'rs a d G FREE DELIVERY Phone 34 3 N Sfafe S+ Uk h MORRIS DRUG CO Save Wnfh Safefy A+ You REXALL STORE Uk h Cal fo I' COMPLIMENTS OF BROWNIE S DRIVE IN MARKET Soufh Highway Uklah Cahf DAVIS BROWNBILT SHOE STORE Learn fo Buy Shoes From A Shoe S+ore THERES A REASON SAFEWAY STORES UKIAH, CALIFORNIA COMPLIMENTS or J C PENNEY CO Uklah, California ' ' a e i OrIho I rea? I' . . O I O . u ' l . i . iorniu I a n roceries , Fresh Fruifs and' Vegefables O ia . i rnia 20 . ., ia I . I 3 O UKIAH GARAGE Chrysler Plymoufh lnrernahonal Trucks RUSSELL FORD DICK WILLIAMS S IHSII' 'I' COMPLIMENTS OF FOSTER S 5IOI5cSTORE 206 208 S S+ fe S+ UKIAH CALIFORNIA UKIAH FLORAL NURSERY K N I-IENGEVELD 8: SON e 290 C Flowers for AII Occasions COM PLIMENTS of H1 WHITE HOUSE UKIAH CALIFORNIA O 4 O - o. a . O ou a e S reel' Ukiah Phone 608 e O hon Ukiah, aIif. ' O UKIAH HOME 'LAUNDRY .I OCALLAGHAN Pop 6 COHQFBTUIBTIOHS To UKIAI-II STAFF SPROUSE REITZ CO COM PLIMENTS OF CALIFORNIA GRAPE PRODUCTS CO I' I e CLASS OF 40 UKIAH ELECTRIC LAUNDRY J ISNARD Th 'I' 'r L B EC GENERAL ELECTRIC DEALER TEL 620 S U BARKER HARDWARE CO SPORTING eooos PHONE 32 ROOD S MARKET OUICK CONGENIAL SERVICE We Del e I U P H JOSEPH Op+ D JEWELER OPTOMETRIST h . ' . r . ' O Phon 87 Ukiah Complimen s o Th Nor S a e and Ford S+reei's. Tel. 98 R . . K E R As Near As Your Telephone S. W. Wa+son' Prop. 73l . Sf Ie Sf.. Iciah I Q 9 g l o iv r ' SOUIIW S BIG. Iciah Phone 24 - Ukia , Calif. Slncerely Wishing +I1e l940 GRADUATES A Life of Success and Prosperfry FRED A NASSIE Insurance Agency UKIAH BEAUTICIANS' ASSOCIATION Offers You fhe Ne asf I Pe sonalnzed Hal Sfyles ARTISTIC BEAUTY SHOPPE Florence Smrih ART WAVE BEAUTY SHOPPE OrIeH'a Hawn PALACE BEAUTY SHOPPE Carrie Blackson EMPIRE BEAUTY SHOPPE Bernice Gnlgen COURT BEAUTY SHOPPE Rufh Manklns ROSE BEAUTY SHOP Rose Copsey COMPLIMENTS OF NORMAN G BUHN Counfy Agrnculfural Commissioner H M BURKE Coun'l'y CIerI: D C SMITH Counfy Treasurer and Public Admmnsfrafor JAMES E BUSCH Dnsfruci' AH'orney KIRK FORD Assessor G W DAVIS Tax CoIlecI'or A D SCOTT Probahon Officer J. W. TAYLOR, Superinfenclenf of ScI1ooIs W. A. CHESSALL, Vice Principal, UIciaI1 Union High School BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL WOMEN'S CLUB wnr' 'r . . . . .- P I .. , . .. .. , .- . I I .. , . . .. , "Bes1' for Less" 'Nuff Said Make An Appoinimem' Today DETRlCK'S STUDIO IO6 W. Church Si. Ukiah. California J. NEWELL REA D. D. S. Morris Drug Building COMPUMENTS or UKIAH DAIRY COMPLIMENTS or UKIAH BAKERY E 3 5 1 if .1 4 W If I' 4 5 a 5 I a ', J : i .S A Z 5 '1 E 3. E S ff ,T ,I A .-J If 3 'gf 'ffm ' ' ,.: AQ 1 - 5 I '19, 1,1 , 'i-Qs:-' ft: Q A151 f.I , " 2 -'fy .: 1 V 1 51-5 QV?

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