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I l It J 4 'VUE My E I This page is spolzsorcrl by The lfwzns Pipe Cmnpruzy Q DING BUIL E HIGH SCHOOL TH Dedication MR. HARRY VVILSON We, the Class of 1949, proudly ded- icate this "Echo" to Mr. Harry Wil- son, our teacher, friend, and guide. During our four years at Uhrichs- ville High School, he has been an inspiration to us, This page is sponsorffrl by The Hotel Hll!'L'I'AYP J lhis przgv is SllUl1.SUl'!'ll by Hollins -1 THE ECHO STAFF Echo Staff F IJITUH-IN-CTH INF Gwald Holtz ASSUC1ATI'l I'lDI'l'UHS BUSINESS MANACI Mzwtlm Latto Jzxmcs Anson IIz11'1'lm,eL James Oils BZLVIICU, Paul Mishlcl' Harrold 1,m1g Doris Bcnclvr BUSINESS STA If if Donald Hillyel Jay Hare Joseph Mcfizulln x AH'1'IS'l'S Ilnlmn-1'1 Ilurm Lciglllou Ault-Duylc Mulzgur Sponsors-Miss Enlwzllwls and Mr. Shimp This prlgz' is .wpu11.wl'1'fl fry 'Hu' lDvl'f'lIil1g lfllrolzivlc' IIIIII Hunt Shoe Cunzpruzy 5 GLENN W. ZELLER Superintendent of Schools DOMINIC GHECO Director of Inaatruinental Music SAMUEL SHIMP Principal of the High School IWW MRS. RUTH MORGAN Director of Vocal Music This page is .SlIl0IlS0l'f"IZ by The Mfzzuric Furniture Company H. D. "Chick" MAURER JASON J. MITCHELL Physical Education and Head Coach English JACK MILGATE CLAYTON F. WOLFE Commercial Civics and Basketball Coach This page is sponsorezl by The City Loan and Boml Shoe Store 7 MISS MARILYN BRADEN MRS. ALICE CHARMAN Spanish and English Biology and Physical Education CHARLES COSS ROBERT MCFADDEN Manual Arts and Printing ' Mathematics Assistant Coach Band Assistant This page is sporzsorezl by Cox Clothing 8 .9 MRS. EDYTHE BROWN MISS MARY LOU HINICS Commercial Secretary JOHN HARSTINE MISS MARY LENK History and Faculty Manager Latin and Home Economics This page is sponsorwl by Ur. Wm. lf. Mellor 9 MISS MILDRED HURSEY MISS FRANCES EDWARDS Home Economics Librarian and English I X rw ':,. ,g f. V ",, . , ,v'. 'fl i1,. i ii f HARRY WILSON RALPH E. CUVERT Science Manual Arts This page is sponsored by The folmsori H urflware and Spvarys News Agency IU Glenn Zeller .... Samuel Shimp. . . Faculty B, S. in Ed., M. A. Ohio State . . . .B. S. Mt. Uniong M. A. Ohio State, Wisconsin Alice Charman .... .............. R. E. Covert ..... J. Woods Brown ........... Frances Edwards. D. E. Greco ..... John Harstine. . . Mildred Hursey. . B. S. Mount Union . . . .A. B. Ohio University, Kent State . .B. S. Ohio, M. A. Columbia . . . . .B. S. in Ed., Ohio University, Western Reserve Muskingum, Instrumental Music . . . .B. A. Muskingum, M. A. Ohio State B. S. in Ed., Kent State Mary Lenk .... Ohio Wesleyan, Kent State, A. B. Cincinnati, New York H. D. Maurer .... Jason Mitchell. . . Ruth Morgan .... Harry Wilson ..... Marilyn Braden. . Clayton Wolfe. . . Robert McFadden .... .B. S. in Ed., Ohio University . . . .B. S. in Ed., Wilmington, Miami. U. . . . .B. S. in Ed.. Ohio State University B. Muskingum A. Baldwin Wallace, Ohio State . . . . .B. S. in Social Science, Otterbein Charles Coss. ...................... . ......B. S, Muskingum .... .B. S. in Ed., Ohio State John Milgate ...... B. S. in Ed., Ohio University, New York University Edythe Brownt B. A., Ohio Wesleyan, Bliss Business College, Columbia Mary Lou Hines ..................................... Secretary Iona Craft 'W . . . .... Secretary it replaced J. Woods Brown replaced Mary Lou Hines This page is sponsored by T he Ben Franklin Store 11 J. R. NORRIS Attendance Officer J. R. "Holley" Norris, our genial Attendance Officer, has been with us for the past four years. If it hadn't been for Ropey, some of us would have never made the grade. T his page is .sponsored by The State Theatre 12 ?K?i?i3 'X QVEJV5 -" Q1 5 SCHOOL cobveee 47' 4 L?i'i 'J Q Xi K--ff?" ""' K H - LQ. - fXMf-,T j AMBLII f K if ,-VX ff HA 5 ,A fAGT0"f f- if 5 EXECU-NVE 1 NO Q R5 Q f i EEA X N 5 lf 23 X WNRESV BY Mevz ev XX xgxgezxz 2 This prlgv is spmzsorrvl by The l'vI'0l'A' Shop Senior Class President ...... .... P utty Blackwell Vice President .,.,. .... D onald Hillyer Secretary-Treasurer .... --- ............. Harold Long Sponsors .........,. ---Mr. ,Vlilgate and Mr. McFadden Class Colors-Green and White Class Flower-White Carnation Class Motto-"Ambition has no res Wanda J. Albaugli James H. Anson Verna F. Arnold Vernon R. Arnold Lei,9,'li-ton .I. Ault Otis R. Barnett Doris Jean B6llid6l' Dorothy L. Birney Patricia A. Blackwell Gerald E. Holtz Thelma J. Cady Richard L. Colvin Paul D. Cromley Matilda A. Dalpiaz Ro-bert Dempster Robert E. Dunn Dena Failoni Betty I. Fawcett Shirley A. Fonts Mary M. Galbreatli Walter J. Gowins Stella G. Guthrie Barbara J. Guy Betty L. Hamilton Robert. W. Harding CLASS LIST Jay W. Hare Ella Mae Heavilin Donald P. Hillyer Marjorie J. Hillycr Naomi D. Holmes Lois A. Hurray Harriet E. James Mary G. Just H. Doyle Kinsey Joanne Mary Kowars Martha Latto Harold C. Long Edna E. Leonhard Norma Jean Mahaffey Mary J. Markovich James F. Maurer Jacquelyn Maxwell John J. McCauley Adeline L. McPeak Doyle F. Metzger David C. Miles Marjorie A. lVIiller Phyllis I. Miller Paul E. Mishler Dorothy E. Motley Emma L. Page I. 73 u. Frances E. Patterson Anna I. Ffeister Delores M. Preston .Ioan A. Prosser Charles J. Ringler Anna Jane Ripley James M. Rose Lois Ellen Schwab Mary E. Scott Marjorie L. Shamel Gavin R. Shaw John F. Sheeley Helen Jo Shipton Shirley Ann Snider Jack C. Spear Betty Lou Staley Marguerite Steve Kenneth L. Stevens Mildred .Ioan Stocker Harold T. Ueltschy Lola Mae Vickers Dorothy L. Watson Wilda Grace Wiest Lester A. Wilson Vivian Lucille Wilson This page is sponsored by Gibbs Chevrolet I-I WANDA ALBAUGH LEIGHTON AULT Home Ee. 1. 2. 3, 43 G. A. A. 13 S. Tri 23 Trac-k 33 Boys' Chor. 1. Echo Staff. F' 'l, ' . In Q Chnlus 1 Long. lean, and handy with a drawing penci'. A maiden never bold. of spirits still and quiet. DORIS BENDER JAMES ANaON G. A. A. 13 S. Tri 2, 3, 43 D1'2lC0lllli'i1 13 F. Hi-Y 2, 3, Treas. 4: Track 1, 3, 43 Basketball T- IN- PWS. 43 E11S9I1llll6 2, 3. 43 A Capella 3, 1, 2, 33 Football Mgr, 3, 43 Spec. Chor. 13 Boys' 43 Girls' Chorusg Scholarship 1, 2, 3, 43 Bus. Chorus 1, 2. 43 A Capella 2, 43 Jr. Class Sec.3 Mflll P19110 Siilffl S12 SCh01Hl'Sl1il1- Etlho Stun' The milclest manners and the brightest mind. As gnucl as the best, but better than thc- rest. OTIS R. BARN ETT VERNA ARN0'-D F. T. A. 4, Football 1, 2, Var. 3, 4, Basketball IL K Hy' 1' 2' 3, 4. 1, 2, Var. 3, 43 Truck 1, Var. 2, 43 Mixed wmv ' Chorus 43 J1'. Class Pl'6S.Q Echo Staff. lf quietness indicated wisdom, Verna would be n library. The way to friends--is to he ax friend. VERNON ARNOLD DOROTHY BIRNEY U. H. gg' 1, 2, 3, 4, Tippecanoe 1. 2, 33 A Capella 43 Girls' Chor- us Sec-Trens. 43 F. T. A. 4. The world's no better if we worry3 life's no longer if we hurry, Tall of stature, short of speech. This page is sponsorerl by Coopefs Dry' Cleaning 15 Q-- -ian . ,., .L - PATTY BLACKWELL .. PAUL CROMLEY G. A. A. 13 S. Tri 2, 3, Cab. 43 Dracolxitra Hi-Y 43 Football 2, 3, Var. 43 Basketball 1, 23 F. T. A. 43 Black and Gold 43 Scholar- 23 Spec. Cho1'us 13 Music 2, 3, 4. ship 13 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Orch. 2, 43 Ensemble , , , A 2 .5 4. A Ca-Dena 2 2 4, qppc Choruq 1, A born optimist, he takes life as it comes. Girls' Chorus 1. 3, 43 Pep Club 23 Sr. Class President. nolrfiernsesense and common sense, and some room for MATH-DA DAL-PIAZ Home Er-. 1, 2, 3, 4. GERALD BOLTZ One who never fails to see the amusing side of life. Hi-Y 3, V. Pres. 43 Dracomtra 33 Spec. Chorus 13 A Capella 2, 43 Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 13 Scholarsmhip 2, 33 Editor of Echo. ROBERT A. DEMPSTER Few things are impossible to diligence and skill. F. T. A. 43 Football 2, 43 Spec. Chorus 1. THELNIA CADY A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men. Home Ec. 1, 2, 3. 4. I Life is one-fourth work, and three-fourths fun. l take the three-fourths for my share. DENA FAILONI F. T. A. 43 Special Chorus 13 A Capella. 2. RICHARD COLVIN 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, Pres. 43 Ensemble 2, 3, 4. U. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4. With gentle, yet prevailing force, Intent upon her Every man has his devilish moments. destined course. This page is sponsored by Cainps Infant and Chilzlrerfs Store 16 B ETTY FAWCETT G. A. A. 15 S. Tri 2, 23, 45 lJ1'Z1CO.l1lll'E1 15 Al- lied Youth 15 Girls' Chorus 1. i w STELLA GUTHRIE Home EC. 45 Mixed Chorus 1. 5, Thy modesty is a candle to thy merit. Happy am I5 from care l'm free-- Why can't they all be as happy as I? ROBERT DUNN Hi'Y 2, 3, 45 Black and Cold 2, 35 Boys' Chorus 1, 3, 45 A Capella. 2, 45 Special Chorus I5 Echo Staff. Bob should be a great scientist-he has found the BARBARA GUY Allied Youth Trens. 15 Home Ea. 1, 2, 3. 45 Spec. Chorus 15 A Capella 2, 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 2, 45 Ensemble 2, " 4'G A A 1'S'l'1'i2214. -1, , . ... ,n. , , Her smile for everyone, Her heart for one. correct formula for mixing knowledge and nonsense. SHIRLEY FOUTS Home Fic. 1, 2, 3, Silence is one great art of conversation. u BETTY HAMILTON G. A. A. 15 S. Tri 2, 3, 45 Dl'ilCf0Illltl'8. 15 Pep Club 25 Home Eic. 1, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Spec. ' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 25 A Capella .p. 4. Let's be gay while we may. JIM GOWINS Football 1, 2, Vur. Zi, 45 Basketball 1. 2, Var. Il, 45 Truck 1, 2, Vai. 3. ELLA HEAVILIN G. A. A. 15 S. Tri 25 Home Ec. 1, 2, 2, 4. Though modest, on his unembarrassed brow nature Quiet as the day is long. has written Gentleman. This page is sponsored by fudge J. S. Hare 1 7 l i MARJORIE HILLYER G. A. A. 15 S. Tri 2, Cab. 3, Pres. 45 Dra- comtra 1, Sec-Treas. 25 Pep Club 25 Scholar- ship 1, 2, 3, 45 Sr. Scholarshipg Spec. Chorus 1, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: A Capella 2, 3, 45 Orch. 1. 2, 3, 45 Baud 1, 2, 3, 45 Drum Major- ette 2, 3, Head Drum lVlajorette 4. No matter what happens, she comes smiling through. JAY HARE Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Football 2, 35 Track 15 Spec. Chorus 15 A Capella 2, 3, 45 Echo Stuff. To jay, life is just three words, Live, Love, and Laugh. NAOMI HOLMES G. A. A. 15 S. Tri 2, Sec. 3. V. Pres. 45 Scholarship 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Spec. Chorus 15 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 A Capella 2, 3, 45 Ensemble 2. 3, 4. As frank as rain on cherry blossoms. DONALD HILLYER Hi-Y 2, 3, Pres. 45 Football 1, 2, Var. 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, Var. 35 Track lvlgr. 2, 35 Black and Gold 25 Band 1, 25 Orch. 1, 25 Spec. Chor- us 15 A Capella 35 V-Pres. Jr. Class5 V-Pres. Sr. Class5 Echo Staffg Football Captain. Greater men than I have lived, but I don't believe ir LOIS HURRAY Canton South 1, 2, 35 S. T1'i 4. Though skies may darken, the sun still shines for ever in her heart. HARRIETT JAMES C. A. A. 15 S. Tri 2. 3, 45 1Jl'tlC'0lllfl'1l 1 Cab 2, P1-es. 4, Allied Youth 1, F. T. A. 43 Pep Club 2, 35 Scholarship 1, 2, 3, 45 Echo Staff. Wimzxt is life without an argument? MARY JUST G. A. A. 15 S. Tri 2, 3, 45 Scholarship 3. Fair was she to behold, that maiden of seventeen summers. JANIE KOWARS G. A. A. 15 S. Tri 2, 3, 45 F. T. A. V. Pres. 45 Pep Club Treas. 2, 35 Band 15 Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Spec. Chorus 15 A Capella 2, Lib. 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Ensemble 2, 3, 4. Full of wit and pep is she. This page is sponsorezl by The Tufin City Greenhouse MARTHA LATTO G. A. A. 1: S. Tri 2, 3, 4: F. T. A. Cab. 43 Spec. Chorus lg Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 4, A Capella 2, 3, 43 Ensemble 2, 3, 43 Scholar- ship 1. 2, 3, 45 Senior Scholarship, Echo Staff. Nothing is impossible to a willing mind. DOYLE KINSEY Track 3. The more we study, the more we see our ignorance, then why study? EDNA LEONHARD G. A. A. 1, S. Tri 2, 3, Cab. 4, Pep Club 33 Dracomtra 43 Girls' Chorus 1, Lib. 2, 3, 4, Spec. Chorus 15 A Capella 2, 3, 43 Ensemble 2, 3, 4. Full of spirit, gets around, and has fun. HAROLD LONG 43 Football 2, Var. 3, Co-Capt. 2, Var. 3, 4, Track Var. 2, 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, Sec. 4g Basketball 1, 45 Spec. Chorus lg Music 25 A Capella 43 Sr. JIM MAURER 43 Spec. Chorus 1, Boys' Black and Gold 2. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, A Capella 2, 3, 4. Ricky keeps Spanish class lively. NORNIA MAHAFFEY Home Ec. 1, 2, 3, 4. Her very smile a blessing sent. JOE MCCAULEY Hi-Y 2, 3, Chap. 4, Football 2, Var. 4: Track 1, 2, Var. 3, 43 Band 1, 25 Orch. 13 Spec. Chor- us 1, A Capella 2, 3, 43 Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, Echo Staff. Little joe, a happy-go-lucky guy, who brings smiles from everyone. MARY MARKOVICH G. A. A. 1, S. Tri 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Home Ee. 4, Special Chorus lj Girls' Chorus Class Sec.-Treas.g Echo Staff. 1, 2, A Capella 3, 4. Most great men are dying, l dQn'f feel wgll myself, lf my heart were not light, l would die. This page is sponsored by I. J. McCauley and Son and The Farm Bureau Cooperative 19 JACQUELYN MAXWELL G. A. A. 15 S. Tri 2, 3, 45 Dl'E1Kf01l'IU'Il 1, 45 Home Ec. 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 2. All things come 'round to him who will but wait. DOYLE IVIETZGER U. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 43 Echo Staff. Men of few words are the best men. MARJORIE MILLER Allied Ymith 1: S. Tri 3, 43 Hom 43 Mixed Chorus 3. Q Exo. 1, 2. 3, The girl who has a smile for everyone. DAVID MILES Football 1, 2, 3, Var. 45 Bafskeihall 1, Truck Var. 3, 4. Small things are not small, if great things come out of them. fo This page islsponsored by 20 PHYLLIS MILLER S, 'Fri 2, 3, 43 Home ldv. 1, 2, 3, 4, Continued cheerfulness-A sign of wisdom. DOROTHY IVIOTLEY S. Tri 23 Home EC. 1, 2, 3, 4. Give me excitement or give me death. f EIVIIVIA LEE PAGE U. l'l. S. 1, 2, 3, 4. Words! Words! Words! FRANCES PATTERSON U. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4. l'm not of the talking sort, let my deeds speak r IYIP. Morris Clefzners ANNA PFEISTER G. A. A. 13 S. Tri 2, Pep Club 3. Honor lies in honest toil. PAUL MISHLER iii- Y 2. P23 Football 2, Var. 3, 4, Basketball 2, Var. 3: Track Var. 2, 3, 43 A Capella 43 Echo Staff. He got his letter in athletics, 'Though he's not so husky and big, ln life he'll be a success, 'cause He's always ready to dig. DELORES PRESTON Home En-. 1, 2, 3, 4. Quiet smile and twinkling eye, Life is short and so am l. JAMES ROSE Pep Club 33 Black and Gold 23 Basketball Mgr. 3, 43 Buys' Chorus 15 Suliolarsliip 3. A good manager if there ever was one. This page is sponsored 21 l JOAN PROSSER Mixed Cliorus 2, 3, 4. One whose spirit you cannot down. ANNA JANE RIPLEY G. A. A. 13 S. 'l'l'i 2, 3, 45 Allied Youth 15 Black and Gold 3, Ed. 4. May fortune repay in the afterwhile, The girl who always has time to smile. LOIS SCHWAB G. A. A. 13 S. Tri 2, 3, 43 Special Cliorus 13 A Capella 2, 3, 43 Girls' Cliorus, Asst. Sec. 1, 2, 3, 45 Ensemble 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orch. 1, 2, 3, 4. Good natured even when the laugh's on her. MARY SCOTT Music 3 4. She' who brings sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from herself. by Grilfs Jewelry MARJOFIIE SHAMEL S. Tl'i 2, 3. Like a quiet lake, unruffled by the wind. ROBERT SHAW Basketball 1, 2, 33 Track, 1, il. Why vex our souls with care? HELEN SHIPTON G. A. A. 13 S. Tri 2, 3, Cub. 43 Dracomtra 1, 23 Pep Club 2, 33 F. T. A. Sec.-Treas. 43 Band 1, 2, 33 Orch. 1, 2, 33 Spec. Ch01'. 13 Music 23 Girls' Chor. 1, 2, 43 A Capella 4. Laugh! There may be a time when you can't. JOHN SHEELEY Hi-Y 3, 43 Football Var. 43 Basketball 1, 23 Track Var. 3, 43 Special Chorus 13 Boys' Chor- us 3, 43 A Capella 2, 3, 4. I take life as it comes: and3 if it docsn't come, l take it anyway. JOHN C. SPEAR Hi-Y 3, 43 Football Mgr. 1, 2, 3 Worry and I have never met. SHIRLEY SNIDER G. A. A. 13 S. T1'i 2, 3, 43 Dracomtra 13 Black and Gold 3, C0-ed. 43 Spec. Chor. 13 Girls' Clior. 1, 23 A Capella 2, 3. There is a voice of mirth beneath hcr dignity. KENNETH STEVENS Football 43 Basketball 33 Track 3. Many men have accumulated millions minding their own business. BETTY STALEY G. A. A. 13 S. Tri 2, 3, 43 Home Etc. 1, 2, 3, 43 Spec. Chor. 1, Music 2, 3. Let us then be what we are and speak what we think. This page is sponsored by Staleyfs Store l MARGUERITE STEVE G. A. A. 13 Allied Youth 13 Pep Club 2, 33 Musiu 1. A booster of our class A leader in the gym, Chubby's middle name is pep. ln life, success she'll win. HAROLD UELTSCHY Basketball 1, 23 Track 1, 23 Spec. Chor. 13 Buys' Chor. 13 A Capella 2. God bless the man who invented sleep. JOAN STOCKER G. A. A. 13 S. Tri 2, 3, Cab. 43 Draeomtra 13 F. T. A. 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Spec. Chor. 13 Girls' Chor. 1. 2, 3, 43 Ensemble 2, 3, 43 A Capella 2, 3, 43 Scholarship 33 Jr. Class Treas. She is as fair as she is cleverg To miss some fun? Oh, never! LESTER WILSON Buys' Chor. 13 Music 2. Worth makes the man. LOLA VICKERS S. Tri 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 33 Home Eu. 1, 2, 3, 4. To be content is an accomplishment. DOROTHY WATSON G. A. A. 13 S. Tri 2. 3, 43 Home Ea. 1, 2, 3, 43 Spec. Chor. 13 Music 2, 3, 4. Whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well. WILDA WIEST G. A. A. 13 S. Tri 2, 3. 43 llrzieoiutra 13 Pep Club 23 F. T. A. 43 Bland 1, 2, 3, 43 Orc-h. 1, 2, 3. 43 Girls' Chor. 1, 2, 33 A Capella 2, 3, 43 Spec. Chor. 13 Ensemble 2, 3, 43 Scholarship 1, 2, 33 Senior Sifl10l211'Sl1lD. Work first, then rest. VIVIAN WILSON S. Tri 2, 3, 43 Draeomtra 13 F. T. A. Cab. 43 G. A. A. 13 Spec. Chor. 13 Girls' Chor. 1, 2, See. 3, Lib. 43 A Capella 2, 3, 43 Ensemble 2, 3, 4. Viv-Ah! That melodious voice! This page is sponsored by Quimbyas Bakery MARY GALBREATH ADELINE MCPEAK G. A. A. 13 S. Tri 23 Home Eu. 1, 2, 3, 45 Home Eu. 1, 2, 3. Spec. Chorus 1. A modest, crimson-tipped flower. Never cross and never snappy, Always sweet and always happy. WAYNE HARDING CHARLES RINGLER U H S 1 2 3 Football Var. 43 Track 3, 4. A d, 'll- ' d fll h ' - To worry little. to study less, goo d mmm e ow W os mp5 That's my idea of happiness X l J 1 ' K1 ' This page is sponsored by Bakefs Drug 24 in football Q Y Tfpg 11 H gsfs f'SfX ji R K N C' VN' L L P C . q E l,,,,11114 2 ., Flin ,f fx :I N. 1' x XXX ' 1 Q ml wx f, ,-f 5' ' ll, IU + L h Xgg, Q Y Y Y-n-Y g K f14'F fd! 2' T?-Si ' 'FY-NN vljmup X ff' f fix f M, ' N QYXS XX SEX .f-"f""j O O X Q S iikxxax x dbyTh S Avl+ , X g Y p Ll y C 1 L President .... Vice President. . Secretary .... Treasurer . . Sponsors . . Charles Ammous Richard Biddle Lewis E. Bigler James Blackwell Vernon L. Baldwin Robert Brown Leslie Carter Dean C. Coventry Jack W. Deinnstcr Charles R, Dauue John W. Davis Thomas IG. Erlwnrds William IC. Gainbs Walter Gllillllldll Kenneth D. Hull James liulmriell Donald A. Jones John L. Kilpatrick Robert A. Lint Jerry L. Marsh Harold R. lVlcMillan Kenneth McMillan Robert G. Morgan Thomas O. Nloulton Charles W. Newton VVude R. Norris George R. Pocock Charles Preston Robert E. Rainsberger John W. Reed Eddie Robinson James Singerman David L. Shelley Thomas Stubbins Norman F. Taylor Donald K. Telle Junior Class OFFICERS Dean Coventry Robert Morgan . . Lewis Bigler John Kilpatrick ..Mr. Wolfe and Mr. Coss CLASS LIST Arnold Tyler Richard L. Waddington Selwyn T. Werner Kenneth E. West Robert E. Wharton Donald D. Williams Larry R. Winrod Ronnie L. Winrod Eugene C. Young Jack L. Hess Kenneth Cotlerman John R. Patterson Dorothy Aeschliman Donna Andcregg llarriet Arnistrong Nancy JG. Arnistrong Sue Arthurs Mary Baker Norma Barnes Majorie Beitler Joyce Bender Joanne Ceschini Norma Di'-vore Maximo Doane Louise Donaldson Mary Dunlap Shirley Eichel Esther Failoni Ruth Failoni Alma Fowler Velma Frye Grave Fuller Patty Given Janet Gold Bi:l1'blll'll. Gray Emma Hassenwn llarbara Henderson lvlary H. Henry Dona Holcomb Joanne Kilpatrick Janet Kinsey Norma Kinsey Dorla Jackson Lois Leggett Barbara Long Peggy iViI'C01lllll1 Sara L. McC.:n11ell llelen McCue Maxine Mehol-1 Irene Milburn Joyce Moore Norma, Norris Peggy fyljljllllill' lierllia lhzrsons lfllsio Ponggratz Mary Renieker Gloria Roniitg Jean Sanrlrv Ilevorly Szinloo Loretta Schwartz Alexandra Sedaros Lois Singgerman Beverly Sloan Murtlia Smith Nancy Staneurt Joan TilO1l11lSUll Joan Varally Norma VVatson Charlotte WVeiss Doris White Betty xvhltlllttll Tlielnia. Wright This page is sponsorell by The C. D. Haas Hardware Company Z6 This page is sponsored by Garzlr1 er'.s Jewelry Store 27 JUNIOR GIRLS This page is .sponsored by The Uh1'iclL.s1Jille Ice Company 23 JUNIOR BOYS This page is sponsored by P. C. Lamzing mul Son 29 SOPHOMORE GIRLS Marjorie Abbuhl Berni:-e Andrews Betty AllS'0ll Norma Al'lllS1'l'4lllg Doris Baker Mary Bartholow Patrirfia Bennett Esther Cargnel Marion Clomnn Shirley Collins M1n'52,'nerite Crenger Sninulra Culbertsin Anna Dnlc-onm, Mary Davis Peggy Dodds Janet Edwards Helen Fuwr-ett Rose M. Gintller Doris Gladlnan Lois Gladnian June Glosser Ovedzi, Hardesty Connie Hurray Connie Jones Shirley Matczhett Virginia lVIeCauley Patty Mc'Glu.1nphy Martha Metefllt' Virginia Miller Janis Mock Rose Morber leleue Morton llla Morton Guinevere Page Margaret Parlias .lnnet Piltis Sophomore Class Sponsor-Mr. Covert R1ll'llZll'fl Poulson Virginia, Probert Susan Ruinsberger Pzlnlzt Reiss Ruth Rine '.Vlui'gnret Svlilieidei' Ann Srott Barbara Sliziffor Ardith Shinaberry Patty Slensby Dorothy Smith Wanda Spurlork Peggy Stevenson Sandro Stontt Glndys Streeiter Clara. Striker Murg':u'et Tutmnn Grave Tedrovv Glorin Terukedis Nancy Treherne Barbara Urban Ruth Voshall Constance Vvfullnc-o Btn'barn Wells Donna Whitman NJll'lll21 Jean Young Gary Adams Oliver Armstrong Jack Beans Jerry Besozzi Robert Brewer Lloyd Buckniaster Laurell Burdette Glenn Burrowziy David Bush Gerald Byrd Donald Ceril Paul Fnnti filiarles Fouts Robert Freeland .izlnies Hines Derton Hite Everett Hodkinscn Hvrry Huffman Gene ll'llIll'il'll Gene Jenkins .lnuies Jones .Liines Legg Rob Lineberger ltonnld lvlnrczilvlti .Inc-lt lVIatc-hett VVilliun1 Mc'Penli Ted Morris Snnnny Natoli .lznnes Norris John Ong Dzxrrell Pnmzlier Ted Peek ,itunes Peoinles Jznnes Reed Garry Svott .Tuck Slensby Robert Starr Virgil Stewart Dean Sutton Gerald VVea.ver William West Leroy Willison Raymond Willoughby Jessie Heaviliu This page is sponsorerl by Henry Spring 30 This page is sponsored by HST, Taxi 31 SOPHOMORE BOYS Mina Beamer Shirley Besozzi Marilyn Besozzi Nancy Burnet-t Nellie Burroway Ann Campbell Donna Crossley Kathryn Devore Del-ores Edwards Sara Failoni Dorothy Fawcett Mary Gilmore Ruth Gowins Valerie Hale Joanne Hodkinson Fay Holoomb Donna. Huff Terry J-ones Twyla Jones Eileen Johnson Harriet Johnson Daisy Joseph Hazel Lehigh Lillian Litzinger Janice Long Nancy Long Majorie Wlahaffey M ary Jean Maurer Darleen Merryman Dema Morehead Marjorie Morgan Janet lVlorris Martha Murphy Jeneanne Page Carmellia Parcell Margaret Pfeister Janice Plotts Freshman Class Sponsor-Miss Edwards Reeda Mae Poletti Joyce Pongratz Nelda Ridgeway Jean Romig Jean Roth Evelyn Schwartz Barbara Seiber Patty Shamel lVlary Thayer Beverly Walker Alma Watson Loretta Weaver Mary Anne Williams Mary Lou Williams -11.1116 Wills Kenneth Albbuhl Marion Armstrong.: William Armstrong R-obert Ault James Bowe Melvin Bowe Tho-mas Bower Thomas Bradley Jack Brindley Jack Burns Donald Carpenter Max Cherrington William Cooper Fred Gramer Jerry Dague .Ion Dudziak Ralph Edwards VValdron Fnrbay Robert Galbreath Lewis Garrett Wallace Gold Frank Gowins Jack Griffin Kenneth Hamilton John Haugh Jack Henry John Heston Harry Hicks Ronald Hill Clark Hooker James Hutt' Wilbur Hughes Richard Hunt George Joseph Dick Lupi William McCauley Ronald McPeek Alyn Marvin Lawrence Meier Lester lVlehok Robert Millburn William Milligan Jack Neiswonger Ancil Orr Glenn Page Ollie Patterson Robert Patterson David Probert James Seevers Donald Severn Dean Shearn Daniel Spring John Tulak Jay Veley Russell Walters Dean Watson Robert White Harold Willison Theron Wright This page is sponsored by Westhafer Hardware 32 This page is sponsored by Paufs Burgerola 3? RLS IUMEN GI FRES T his page is sponsorezl by George Creagpr 34 BOYS FRESHMEN f f f f ...,., .Z X 3-' X 5f Q S: Q-8' " -. ""-S., YNX. K -::' 3:- 9 Vik? '21 ff' 'C-13? 3 VTR f ' " Zf7 'w ,, 3169? , ? gfx fw f an!-M QHUH ,W 5? fpfw, DQ ""M"" W air L, 'S QW W E ,, , V--Fff- f H K - - s H ci ,732 - v U " aff ,., M J ,1 71' w ff ,ff X 'flz IM' j x :Q 432' K Q., I If! This page is sponsored by The Dennison Coca Cola Botllilzg COIIIPIIII-Y This page is sponsored by Go01ling's Market 36 THE SIGMA TRI THE SIGMA TRI CABINET Sigma Tri Under the excellent leadership of Mrs. Charman and Miss Braden, the members of the Sigma Tri this year have worked and played to- gether to make the organization a big success. The club has given Thanksgiving baskets to the needy people in the community. The girls have had many good times at the social functions, which included a barn dance, a hay ride, a Christmas Dance, a sledding party, and, of course, the Spring Formal. Interesting programs, including both musical numbers and lec- tures, have been presented at the regular Monday meetings. OFFICERS I'1-esident, ....,,- ............. - -- Marjorie llillyel' Vice President .... .... N aoini Holmes Secretary ...... ......... J ean Sandry Treasurer ........ .... D orothy Aeschliman Music Chairinan .............. ---Alexandra Sefdares Ways and Means Chairman .... ...,. J oanne Varally Publicity Chairinan ........................ Joan Stocker Program Chairmen ...... Edna Leonhard and Patty Given Service Chairman ....... ........ .......... H e len Shipton Social Chairman .s.. ..... P atty Blackwell . This page is sponsored by Vance and Hines Sales and Service 37 This page is sponsored by The United Bank 38 SENIOR HOME ECONOMICS CLASS Home Economics Teacher: Mildred Hursey Senior Clothing Class The work of the Senior Home Economics Class is divided into three quarters. The first quarter is devoted to the requirement and select- ion of homes and furnishingsg the second quarter, to running a cafet- eria, which feeds on an average of 100 dailyg and the third quarter, to the construction of garments. These girls are wearing their con- structed garments. Wanda Albaugh-Blue wool suit dress trimmed with silver buttons. Verna Arnold and Shirley Fouts-Blue Gardner wool dresses. Trim- med with covered buttons, unpressed pleats and a large bow in the back. Thelma Cady-Aqua all wool dress with fine black pin stripes and trimming, Matilda Dalpiaz-Boxy unlined two-tone brown pinwale corduroy suit. Velma Frye-Navy blue two piece spun rayon dress with Swing skirt and trimmed with silver buttons. Mary Margaret Galbreath-Red wool dress trimmed with gold. Stella Guthrie-Grey wool suit dress. Barbara Guy-Aqua taffeta formal with bustle and lace trimming. Norma Mahaffey-Deep emerald wool covert interlined Chesterfield. Mary Jean Markovich-Red pinwale corduroy full skirt. White rayon satin blouse trimmed with initials, Jacqueline Maxwell-Red pinwale corduroy jumper. Marjorie Miller-Grey pinwale swirl, high waisted skirt. Pink ray- unstitched blue "Parker Wilder" plaid skirt. on silk blouse trimmed with pearl buttons. Phyllis Miller-Blue shetland type all wool, lined boxy jacket. Wool. Dorothy Motley-Red wool ballerina skirt, with red and black plaid Eisenhower jacket. Gold buttons. Delores Preston-Melon wool flannel unlined suit with unstitched pleated skirt. Trimmed with clear button. Marjorie Shamel--Pink taffeta formal with gold trimming. Betty Lou Staley-Light blue, narrow wale swirl, high waisted skirt. Peach rayon silk blouse. Lola Vickers-Medium brown four gore swing skirt. Yellow rayon silk blouse with gold initials. Dorothy Watson-Green and brown "Fairloom" wool plaid dress trimmed with gold. Betty Lou Hamilton-Green narrow wale corduroy jumper. Marguerite Steve-Black Indian head dress with unstitched pleates, trimmed with green cloth-of-gold. SPECIAL AWARDS were given for excellence in sewing to Phyllis Miller, Norma Mahaffey, Mary Margaret Galbreath, Shirley Fouts, and Marjorie Miller. HONOR CERTIFICATE. The "Home Makers' Certificate of Honor" is presented each year to the girl on Commencement night who has the highest grades for four years in Home Economics. Phyllis Miller has the highest average this year. This page is sponsored by the Weiss Alito Wrecking Company 39 1 w 1 i This page is sponsored by Zelpfnffs, Ull7'il.'lL.SUiHl? and Cosfzoclorz 40 CLASS ECONGMICS JUNIOR HOME Junior Clothing Class Teacher: Mildred Hursey The work of the Junior Home Economics Class is divided into three quarters. The first quarter is devoted to Home Livingg the second quarter, to the chemistry and experimentation of foodsg and the third quarter, to the construction of garments. These girls are wearing their constructed gaments. Sue Arthurs and Mary Baker-Blue wool two-pieced dresses with cavalier collars and silver trimming, Norma Barnes-Green wool two-piece wool dress trimmed with sil- ver buttons. It features a flared all-around peplin. Norma Devore--Yellow and plaid blue wool dress trimmed with gold. Maxine Doane-Box pleated pink and aqua wool skirt and white wool blousette trimmed with black initials. Esther and Ruth Failoni-Two piece unlined blue and yellow plaid suits, emphasizing the whittled Waistline and rippling skirt. Alma Fowler4Red plaid swing skirt and pink cotton blouse. Janet Gold-Sheer white green dotted swiss evening gown with bustle and lace trimming, Barbara Gray-Red plaid wool dress with silver trimming. Patty Given-Brown all wool worsted gaberdine lined suit. Barbara Henderson-All wool green flannel lined suit with flaps on the hip line. Donna Holcomb-All wool red swing skirt and White cotton blouse. Joan Kilpatrick-Dark green all wool slim skirt, slit hem and all wool white blousette. Norma Kinsey-Pink and aqua plaid wool dress with gold trimming. Lois Leggett-Blue twill weave rayon flannel dress. Crease resis- tant. Trimmed with eyelet embroidery. Barbara Long-Boxy grey pinwale corduroy jacket. Maxine Mehok-Grey Wool two-piece basic dress with surplice neck- line. Trimmed in black. Elsie Pongratz-Wool contrast dress. Full green and navy plaid skirt, with plain black waist. Betty Whitman-Wool contrast dress. Full black and white plaid skirt, with plain black waist. Beverly Sloan-Blue pinwale corduroy two-piece dress. Jacket has a nipped in waist. Swing skirt and gold buttons. Joan Thompson-Brown Wool two-piece dress with gold trimming. It emphasizes the poet's collar. Norma Watson-Brown wool plaid dress. Circular skirt. Trimmed with gold. SPECIAL AWARDS were given for excellence in sewing to Patty Given, Barbara Henderson, Sue Arthurs, Maxine Mehok, Barbara Gray, Mary Baker, Esther Failoni, and Ruth Failoni, This page is sponsored by The Fred Fairall COIlSZI'll'Cli0lL Company 41 This page is sponsored by Millefs Restaurant 42 SOPHOMORE CLOTHING CLASSES Home Economics Sophomore Clothing Classes Teachers: Mildred Hursey and Mary Lenk The work of the Sophomore Home Economics Classes is divided into quarters The first quarter is devoted to the study of Textiles and Clothing Selectiong the second quarter, to foods for the family, foods for the sick, and dinner foodsg and the third quarter, to the construct- ion of garments. These girls are Wearing their constructed garments. Wash Dresses-Norma Amstrong, Doris Baker, Mary Ann Bartho- low, Shirley Collins, Virginia Miller, Ardith Shinaberry, Gladys Street- er, and Gloria Terakedis. Pajamas-Marjorie Beitler, Joyce Bender, Patricia Bennett, Esther Cargnel, Virginia McCauley, and Ann Scott. Corduroy Jumpers-Helen Fawcett, Connie Jones, and lla Morton. Rayon Serge Jumpers-Barbara Poulson and Grace Tedrow, Plaid Rayon Jumper-Barbara Urban. Spun Rayon Dresses-Marguerite Creager and Virginia Probert. Blue Rayon Negligee--Doris Gladman. Rayon Moire Silk Dress-Dorothy Smith. Rayon Skirts and Blouses-Margaret Tatman, Mary Lois Gladman, and Martha Metcalf. SPECIAL AWARDS were given for excellence in sewing to Doris Gladman, Ardith Shinaberry, Dorothy Smith, Grace Tedrow, and Es- ther Cargnel. This page is sponsored by Macflonalrl Diamond Shop 43 This page is sponsorerl by The Scott Coal Company 441 THE HI-Y CLUB Hi-Y Hi-Y is a national organization for boys in the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades of high school. It's purpose is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christ- tian character. With the help of our hard working sponsor, Mr. Mitchell, the club has had a very successful year. 4 The program for the past year has included dances, Thanksgiving charity, the selling of programs at football games, and a formal init- iation service at the Methodist Church. The club has a regular meeting every two weeks, and church at- tendance once a month is one of its requirements. The officers of the Hi-Y this year are as follows: l'l't'SlIl0lli --.-- Y-- Don llillyei' Vim"-l'1'esicle11t -- -- Gerald llallz Secretary U, -- llzlrold Long 'l're:isui'ei' ,U Y----lllll Anson This page is spozisorml by The lliiclzcorlf Trucking Compruzy 45 This page is sponsored by Twin City Dry Cleaning 46 THE A CAPPELLA CHOIR A Cappella Choir The A Cappella Choir is composed of students from the three up- per classes. It was organized two years ago under the direction of Mrs. Morgan. ' The officers are: V President ..,.. ...s D ena Fziiloni Vice-President Q-- .... lvlnrthn Lntto ' Secretary .....r...... --- Dorothy Bn-ney Assistant Secretary ,... .---t ,............. T--Lois Sehwnh Libl'1lriu11s.. ............. Sandy Stoutt and Dorothy Sinith On March 26, the choir gave a concert that was enjoyed by every- one. The choir also had charge of several assembly' programs during the year, C Girl's Chorus The Gir1's Chorus is composed of members from the A Cappella Choir. The girls meet the fifth period on Tuesday afternoons. The chorus combined with the A Cappella Choir to help with sev- eral assembly programs during the year. The officers are: President ...... ..... D ena. Fniloni Vice-President --- .... Martha Laito Sec'1'etu1'y ....... .... D orothy Birney Assistant Secretary- .r.-....,.,....,,- Lois Sq-hwnh Lib1'a1'ians ........ .... S andy Sioutt. Dorothy Smith Senior Girl's Ensemle The Senior Girl's Ensemble was organized in 1948 under the dir- ection of Mrs. Morgan. The ensemble is composed of 12 girls and an accompanist. The members are: Sopranos: Vivian Wilson, Joan'Stocker, Dena Failoni, and Janie Kowars. Second Sopranos: Barbara Guy, Patty Blackwell, Edna Leonhard, and Lois Schwab. - Altos: Martha Latto, Naomi Holmes, Margie Hillyer, and Doris Bender, Accompanist: Wilda Wiest. When called upon, the ensemble sings for clubs and various other organizations. This page is sponsored by Marshalfs Quality Food Store 47 GIRLS' CHORUS SENIOR GIRLS' ENSEMBLE This page is sponsored by Laportv mul Suns 48 This page is xponsorezl by I.iILtISIly F umarul llumn 49 MIXED CHORUS FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA ' ,.,L ,, , . BOYS' CHORUS This Ilflgl' is .ZTIJOIISOIPIZ by The Clay City Pipe Line 50 Future Teachers of America This year a new club has been organized in our school called the Fannie Taggart Club of the Future Teachers of America. The name, Fannie Taggart, was given to honor the memory of Miss Fannie Tag- gart, deceased sixth grade teacher. F.T.A. is nation-Wide organization and the purpose of the club is to learn about opportunities in teaching, to cultivate the qualities es- sential to a good teacher, to study the lives of great teachers, and to foster the development of student leadership. Under the direction of Mr, Harstine, the members have assisted teachers in grading papers and in doing routine reports. The senior members have acted as substitute teachers. The club's other activities have included: ushering, making posters, selling stationery and cards, and serving as filing clerks at the local selective service office. OFFICERS President ....A.. .s......s.,. . . .,s,. Doris Jean Bender Vice President ss.. .s,,.. . lainie Kowars Secretrwy ,.... ,.s. l 'Ielen Shipion Historian ........ ,..,. lX lartlni Latto Public-ity Cl'l1lll'lllLil1--- .... Viviun VVilson - Boy's Glee Club The Boy's Glee Club is under the capable direction of Mrs. Mor- gan. The club meets every Monday during activity period. The members are: Tum E1lW:n'rls--- ---Gerald Bollz Norman Taylor ---- ---- . lay Hare David Shelley ---- ---- B oh Morgan .lim Peoples-- ---- .lim Anson .lim lVIznn'ei' ---- ----------- - --.lohn Sheeley Jack Henry This page is sponsored by The Stillwater Clay Proflurts Conzpany 51 This przgv is SIIOIIXOIYJIZ by IJ. L. SIIIIIIVIII 52 THE HIGH SCHOOL BAND Senior Band The excellent leadership of Mr. Greco and Mr. McFadden and the many hours devoted to hard practice have given to the Uhrichsville High School Band one of its most successful seasons, The Concert Band not only gave several concerts for the public, but also competed in the State Music Auditions. Many members of the band entered the music contests as soloists and in ensembles. The Band also entertained the Dover and New Philadelphia High Schools in exchange assembly programs. The flashy marching band was always well received between halves of the football games last fall. The highlight of the season was the Band's journey to Cleveland to march for the Cleveland Browns -Baltimore Colts football game. Director-Mr. D. E. Greco, Drum Majorette-Marjorie Hillyer. Assistant Majorettes-Peggy Parhas, Barbara Creager, Joyce Mock, Patty Given, Jean Roth. Color Bearers-Walter Gladman, Arnold Tyler. Flutes-Shirley Matchett. Clarinets-Nancy Armstrong, Patty Blackwell, Peggy Brindley, Rose M. Ginther, Shirley Eichel, Angelo Demis, Donna Goethal, Mar- jorie Hillyer, Joan Huston, Mary J, Markovich, Bill McCauley, Nancy Staneart, Marjorie West, Wilda Wiest, Janet Marshall, Kate Disher, Donna Johnson, Nancy Eichel, Betty Hamilton, Barbara Merryman. Alto Clarinets-Jean Norris, Mary J. Maurer. E. flat Clarinet--Sue Rainsberger. Bass Clarinets-Joan Stocker, Daisy Joseph. Alto Saxophones-Barbara Shaffer, Beverly Santee, Ronny Colaner. Tenor Saxophone-Joan Varally. Baritone Saxophone-Loretta Weaver, Cornets-Bob Archer, Laurell Burdette, Bill Cooper, Saundra Culbertson, Dorothy Fawcett, Jack Ong, Jim Greenlee. Trumpets-Rose M. Morber, Bill Daberko, Jim Pocock. French Horns-Sue Arthurs, Sara Failoni, Lois Schwab, Peggy Weaver, Barbara Wells, Jane Wells, Naomi Holmes. Trombones-Grace Fuller, Bob Morgan, Bill Milligan, Jack Sev- ern, Carl Morgan. Baritone Horns-Tom Edwards, Jack Matchett, Dave Shelley, Oboe-Peggy Parhas, Bassons-Joyce Mock, Patty Given. Bass Horns-Paul Fanti, Charles Shelley, Norman Taylor, Jack Henry. Cymbols-Bob Lineberger. Drums-Fred Cramer, Robert Brewer. Tympani-Jean Roth. Bass Drum-David Bush. This page is sponsored by The Buckeye Confectionery 53 This page is .sponsored by Earl ASILZGIILCNI 54 THE JUNIOR BAND Junior Band There are 73 members in the Junior Band-twelve freshmen and 61 grade school students. The band practices Tuesday and Thursday mornings and holds re- hearsals after school. At the contest in the spring the band has always received a first or superior rating. This fall the Junior Band received the old Senior Band uniforms. If the Junior Bands to come are as good as the one we have at pre- sent, we will always have talented musicians ready for the Senior Band. Clarinets-Peggy Brindley, Angelo Demis, Nancy Eichel, Donna Goethal, Joan Huston, Donna Johnson, Janet Marshall, Bill McCauley, Barbara Merryman, Marjorie West, Charlene Cherrington, Janie Fur- bay, Billy Bailey, Glenda Meek, Kay Carmichal, Alice McDevit, Hel- en Brown, Ronny Carmichal, Jerry Pittis, Tom Sippel, Lois Williams, Kate Ann Disher, Danny Peck. Oboe-Mary Lee Shipton. Flutes-Patty Gooding, Marjorie Wagner, Lynn Burrell. Alto Clarinet-Mary Jean Maurer, Bass Clarinet-Daisy Joseph. Bastsoons-Joyce Mock, Donna McCauley. Saxophones-Donna McCauley, Beverly Santee, Ronny Colaner, Eugene Brown. French Horns-Peggy Weaver, Jane Wells, Sara Failoni. Baritone Saxophone-Loretta Weaver. Baritones-Donna Lee Treacle, Carl Copeland, Donny Hale. Trombones-Jack Severn, Bill Milligan, John Zeller, Carl Morgan, Vanda Zeller. Basses-Charles Shelley, Jack Henry, Gary Maurer, Drums-Jean Roth, Barbara Creager, Fred Cramer, Ronnie Will- iams, Margaret Fawcett, Jolm Walton, Cornets and Trumpets-Bill Cooper, Dorothy Fawcett Jim G1'een- lee, Bill Daberko, Iris Farlowe, Jim Pocock, Cheryl Copeland, Joyce Greenwalt, Marie Fanti, Lee Sherer, Sheila Morris, Janet Klassner, Judy Freshwater, Kenny Cross, Barbara Watkins. This page is sponsored by The Rornig Insurance Agency 55 DRUM MAJORETTES l f This year at the head of the snappy Uhrichsville High School Band was the very capable Marjorie Hillyer. Marjorie had a very difficult job, but she successfully led the band through many excellent perfor- mances. Under Marjorie marched Peg Parhas, Barbara Ann Creager, Pat Given and the two newcomers, Jean Ann Roth and Joyce Mock. At the half-time these six gave their best in strutting and baton twirling. Something else new has been added for our majorettes. This year they sported new uniforms. The white, circular skirts with the gold satin lining and the smart bell-hop jackets were really eye-catchers as they went swirling by. This page is sponsored by The White Drug Company 56 THE BLACK AND GOLD This club, which edits the school paper every six Weeks, meets each Wednesday and Friday afternoon. Papers are exchanged with seven other high schools. Each year the club has a supper for the members, and at this time new members are welcomed into the organization. The club sponsored an original poetry contest and gave prizes for the two best poems. There are 20 active members in the club and 199 subscriptions were sold. The officers for 1948-1949 are: Editor ...,,................. -v-Allllll Jlllll' llipley Co-Eiditor -- Y- Shirley Snider Co-Editor .......................... --- Jean Sundry The other members of the Staff are: .luck Henry Juno Ulosser Bob Morgan Beverly Walker Toni Edwards Joyee Moore Alexandra Sedares Peggy PLl1'llLlS Sue Rainsherger Wilbert Hughes Sandra Stoutt Richard Hunt Jim Maurer Patty Iilaekwell Evelyn Schwartz The sponsors for the club are Mr, Milgate and Miss Edwards. This page is sponsored by The Pla Mor Bowling Alley 57 This page is .sponsorcrl by The F. H. Morgan Insurance Agemy 53 TRA OM DRAC E TH Dracomtra OFFICERS President ..... ............... - --Harriett James Vice-President .... ....... D orothy Smith SCOPEtiill'Y-TI'6H.Slll'6l' ...........,.... lVlargaret Schneider Recording Sec.-Properties Custodian -- Emma Hasseman Dracomtra, whose name is taken from the first three letters of the word DRAma, COMedy, and TRAgedy, was under the capable spon- sorship of Mrs. Brown. Although the club was organized for the purpose of studying and presenting the drama, it had three social events this year, including a successful dance. At the meetings the members present and criticize readings and skits. The club presented a one act play, "Uncle Bob's Bride", in assem- bly early in April. The cast was as follows: Uncle Bob ............................... Norman Taylor Stella, Uncle Bobs Bride .... ---Shirley Mutcllett Miss Arnold, interior decorator--- ---- Harriett James Betty -- 2 -----.--- Barbara Long Sara --- Uncle Bolfs Nieccs - ,---Saundra Culbertson Frances i S 'Emma Lou Hasseman Aunt Eldora, Aunt of Uncle Bob's -.--.-.. Dorothy Smith Annie, the maid ----.-------------- ---Bernice Andrews This page is sponsored by The Twin City Hardware Company 59 SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP TEAM P The representatives of the class of '49 who took part in the Tus- carawas County Senior Scholarship Contest made a very enviable re- cord. There were 108 contestants from the various schools in the county. The four Uhrichsville seniors who entered the contest all placed in the first ten honor positions. The divisions of the test were literature, history mathematics, grammar, reading comprehension, current events and science. The participants and their ratings in the county competition were: Doris Jean Bender, secondg Martha Latto and Margie Hillyer, tied for fifth, and Wilda West, eighth. Uhrichsville High School was the only school entry to place more than one in first ten. T his page is sponsored by The Pittis Market 60 1 fi 3 XX if c if xx ff I Hal mm X "3-'X 71 lg 1 lb I 1 r r i ! ,-i' my I5 w ln W 'li lg, 1f M MM ly M WML! LM , , W , YA fi lllll! -Xmw - yTlF!Vl11 1 8 '--x E S' Track l948 The first track meet of the year was with St. Clairsville. St. Clairsville was just too fast for the Tigers and they won by a decisive score. In the Annual Invitation Track Meet, the Tigers tried hard, but couldn't get any pionts. Canton McKinley took first place, and Cleve- land Rhodes won the runners-up trophy. Cambridge beat the Tigers by a score of 731!2 to 441f2 but the fol- lowing week, Uhrichsville showed that they could run by taking Barnes- ville in a dual meet with a score of 79 to 39. In the Uhrichsville-Dennison Dual Track Meet, the Tigers beat the Railroaders by a score of 72 to 46. It was a great meet and we should be very proud of our boys. Little Eddie Robinson, The Tigers sopho- more flash, fell down while running the 440 yard run, but got up and managed to finish second behind his running mate, Ted Morris, who is also a sophomore. Uhrichsville beat Dover 70 to 48 in the final dual meet of the year. Beating Dover made the Tigers undefeated in county competition. In the District Meet the Tigers finished eighth but gave good ac- count of themselves in every event. Martins Ferry took first place with 50.2 points and Bellaire was runner-up with 47.7 points. l'l1is page is sponsored by The Stillwater Clay Products Co. 62 This page is SIDOIISOFPIZ by The Pffflr Cyvlff Slmp 63 VARSITY TRACK TEAM ! .........- ........-v I 1 THE 1948 TRACK SQUAD 5 i This page is sponsorccl by IWOVQIIIIES Rvxfzll Drugs 64 UAD SQ OTBALL FO E 1949 TH Football With only four returning lettermen in football, Coaches Chic Maurer and Pete Wolfe were faced with a tremendous rebuilding job. The inexperienced, but willing aspirants to varsity positions were con- tinually handicapped by injuries during the season, just when it seemed about to click as a unit. However, in spite of a definitely losing percentage with only three games won against six lost, too much cannot be said for the spirit and fight of the boys in the face of insurmountable odds. To add to the troubles of this past season, our schedule included four teams which were mentioned in the top teams of the state, with Louisville and Canton South having undefeated seasons, Dover ranking high in the Central Ohio League and New Philadelphia rating as ninth team in the state. Following is the record of the games won and lost in the 1948 season: Louisville-26 ....... --- Uhrichsville- 0 Dover-39 ......,...... .... U hrichsville- 0 Newcomerstown-0 .... .... U hrichsville-20 Canton Southf53 ...... .... U hrichsville- 0 Cadiz-46 ............ .... U hrichsviile- 0 DBIllllSOllf19 .....,.. ..., U hriclisville- 0 Dresden-0 ............ .... U hrichsville-12 New Philadelphia-49 ............ .. ..,.. Uhricihsville- 0 Bl'idg.eD0l'1--G ......................... Uhrichsville-20 DEAN COVENTRY Dean stepped right into the shoes of his brothers, and the best proof of how well he filled them is shown by his selection as guard on the United Press All Ohio Second Team. He richly deserved the honor and the school is both proud of him and happy to have him around another year. Dean showed his versatility by performing equally well at fullback and guard. LEWIS BIGLER "Lum" began the year as varsity tackle with very little experience, but the way he responded to his assignments, made the tackle problem much less difficult for 1949. He has another year at U.H.S. JIM ANSON-Sr. Football Manager Jim was the "boss man" of the managerial corps and gave an ex- cellent account of himself in the various duties assigned to him. He is also a member of the U.H.S, track team and his cooperative spirit will be missed both in his capacity of Senior Manager and his active participation in track. DON HILLYER-Captain "Pot" was our dependable center who played steadily and well in all games. Popular with the team and the fans, he was elected Cap- tain ofthe 1948 team at the end of the season. He will be missed next fall. JIM GOWINS When Jim was not sitting one out because of an injury, his addit- ion to the team added a definite spark both on offense and defense. He patrolled the back field, playing equally well in any position. His place will be hard to fill next season. This page is .sponsored by V6fIl8,S Dairy 65 "k"'5 ' ' Y ft n FOOTBALLSQUAD VARHTY N3 3' Sl. Cl: 'J Q UQ fb gf. .n fn E Q Z D: D 'S fb R. U' "-Q 'S D' CB 5 W C0 fb Z fl: Q Z Cl: 'C' Q 'C UQ E' Cb 'I 5 5 T5 5 3. UQ C5 P 1 I 6 1 I 66 PAUL CROMLEY Paul was a capable substitute at tackle, and we are sorry the ex- perience he gained this year will not be available next season. He graduates this June. JACK DEMPSTER Jack participated in his first year of football at U.H.S. and is being relied upon to perform in the guard position next year. His competi- tive spirit, his Willingness to learn and improve were decided assets, and U.H.S. will expect his best next year, TED MORRIS Ted is a sincere and hard working end and his year's experience will provide the background for the fine performance we expect of him next season. PAUL MISHLER Paul was the fastest man on the squad and one of the lightest. The team will greatly miss his speed and constantly colorful perfor- mance. DAVE MILES Dave was small, but he asked no quarter from the biggest oppon- ents he met. His performance in the Dover game caused many fine comments from the fans of both teams. We are sorry to lose him by graduation, JOE MCCAULEY When Otis Barnett, our fullback was injured in the Dover game, Coach Maurer asked on the way home, "Which of you boys want to be our fullback?" It was indicative of the spirit of these boys that one of the smallest, Joe McCauley was one of the first volunteers. Joe was a steady, hard worker at guard and a fine competitor. He graduates this year. JERRY MARSH Jerry was an end whom we hated to lose because of injuries. His progress was steady and apparent and it is hoped he will be pronounc- ed fit to help U.H.S. on the gridiron next season. "HUDDO" LONG Although "Huddo", another former letterman, was seriously handi capped most of the season by an arm injury, when he was with the team the offense was greatly improved by his passing ability and all- around playing, "Huddo" was elected Co-Captain at the end of the season and he will be missed in 1949. JOHN KILPATRICK Johnny probably weighed 120 lbs, when soaking Wet, but lack of size was not indicative of his performance. John lined up to the Kil- patrick tradition of small but mighty. He'll be in there swinging next year. BOB LINT This was Bob's first year at Uhrichsville as he is a transfer student from Dennison. He gained the position of starting end with the var- sity and gave an excellent account of himself at all times. His return next year will be welcomed by both players and coaches. GEORGE POCOCK Playing his first year of varsity football, George showed promise of being a valuable addition to the 1949 team. His pitching arm pro- vides a treat for a more diversified offense next year. This page is sponsored by The Watkins Trucking Company 67 This page is sponsorfvl by The 62 Taxi 68 AD BALL SQU FOOT HOOL OR HIGH SC JUNI TED PECK After the first game, "Pittsburgh," was heard to say, "I didn't know a guy could do so many things the wrong way." However, with every garr1ref'lE:d improved and the tackle position will be in capable hands next a . WADE NORRIS Wade made up for lack of weight with desire and a fighting spirit, and his presence on the line next year will bolster that unit in no small degree. OTIS BARNETT The fine things expected of "Otey" were brought to an abrupt end with a serious fracture of his arm in the second game of the season, played at Dover. His loss was keenly felt by the team as he was one of the four returning lettermen. RONNIE WlNROD This was Ronnie's first year of Varsity football, and he played very well at quarterback and end. In spite of a back injury suffered during the season, he showed definite promise and it is hoped he will be fully recovered by next fall. JOHN SHEELEY John played guard in a capable manner and his constant efforts to improve his performances were commendable traits. He will be lost to the '49 team this June. GARY SCOTT The coaching staff was definitely pleased with Gary's performance on many occasions when the injuries to key players placed him in many difficult postions. With the experience he has gained, we expect great things of him next year. CHARLES RINGLER Charlie, although a senior, played his first year of varsity football. He was counted upon to carry the responsibility of a veteran and capably fulfilled the requirements. He will graduate in June. JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL 1948 was the first year of organized Junior High football at Uhrichsville. Is was supervised by Coach Charles Coss and four scheduled games were played, resulting in two ties with Dennison and two wins from Millersburg. Several members of this squad are prospective varsity material for next year and will add strength to the Tiger team of 1949. A total of 23 boys comprised this squad, whose picture is shown on page 68, Scores: U. J. H. S.- 0 --, ,... lJennison-- U U. J. H. S.-31 --- .... Millersburg-21 L. J. H. S.- 7 --- .... Dennison- 7 U. J. H. S.-20 --- .... Millersburg-20 69 THE CHEERLEADERS CHEERLEADERS Janie Kowars-Senior Janet Pittis-Junior Maxine Doane-Junior Barbara Long-Junior Kenneth Huff- Junior These cheerleaders have been faithful in attendance at the games and have given the team much encouragement throughout the year. Several years have elapsed since U. H. S. had a boy as a cheer- leader. We hope Kenny has inspired others to try out. The costumes of the cheerleaders represent the school colors, Black and Gold. T11 is page is .sponsorezl by The H. L. Green Conzpzuzy formerly The Metropolitan TU This page i5 .sponsurerl by The C. lf. !W0lf'3IUUl'llL Conzpnny 7l THE BASKETBALL SQUAD Highlights of l948-49 Basketball Season Coshocton, defending District Champions, were hot on both burners as they walloped the Tigers 52-24 in the season's opener. The Tigers beat the Trojans of Newcomerstown 39-20 for their first win of the season. It was a busy night for Jim Peoples who took scor- ing honors in both games. The Tigers were beaten by Millersburg by a score of 43-36, but Uhrichsville came back strong to beat Cadiz 42-25. The tall Barnesville team were just too much for the Tigers. The Shamrocks won 63-49. The Tigers fouled their way to a 66-36 defeat at New Phila. They lost their entire first team on fouls, A fourth period rally failed for the Tigers as Newcomerstown edged them 38-37. An inspired Tiger cage team, sensational on offense and defense, beat the Dennison Railroaders 43-34. The second Coshocton game was a repeat of the first game. Red- skins won 52-27. Steubenville, victor over powerful Canton McKinley, trailed most of the game but rallied in the second half to beat the Tigers 43-33. The Tigers rallied after a slow start but couldn't overtake Spring- field Twp. Springfield won 46-40. The Louisville Leopards got an early lead and coasted the rest of the game. The final score was 44-33, New Phila, rallied to beat the Tigers 44-37. The Tiger offense folded in the last period. The Tiger cagers made a final period rally in vain, but St. Clairs- ville recovered and won 40-34. The Dover Tornadoes trampled the Tigers 49-25. The Tigers went 16 minutes and 15 seconds without scoring. Dennison avenged its first loss by beating the Tigers 52-30, DISTRICT TOURNAMENT The Tigers brought down the curtain on its 1948-49 cage season when New Phila. beat them 86-46. Varsity letters were awarded to Otis Barnett, CCaptainJg Jim Gowins, "Hud" Long, Ronnie Winrod George Pocock, Jim Peoples and Pete Huffman. This page is .sponsored by Dunlap Electric 72 BASKETBALL VARSITY BASKETBALL RESERVES This pugr' is sponsorwl by The Twin Cily LIIIIIIIUI' Cllllllllllly 73 Otis Barnet Center Basketball Summary t-Our rebound expert and one hand shot artist. He will be hard to replace next year. The boys elected him Captain, an honor he very much deserved. Jim Gowins-Small-fast-mighty. A good set shot and good defense Guard man, Held back all season by injuries. We'll miss Jim next year. Huddo Long-A good competitor - Our tough luck shooter - always Guard rolling off the rim, He will be hard to replace next year. George Pocock-A Junior. We are looking forward to big things from Forward him next year. He is a good "plugger." Ron Winrod-Another Junior that we expect much from next year. Forward Our hook-shot artist and second high scorer. Injuries bothered Ron too! Jim Peoples-A Sophomore. Jim was our first line replacement, and Forward he did a good job at it too. Glad you'll be back. Pete Huffman-Another sophomore with lots of promise. Keep Guard plugging for next year. The sc RESERVE AND FRESHMAN BASKETBALL ores were as follows: CUSlllll7iOll'N-:iff ..,,,,. --, Uliriuhsville-Z2 NeWcoiiierstown--259 --- --- Uliriclisville 23 Millersburg-211 ..... --- Uhrichsville 25 Caclizv22 ,,,,.... --- Ulirichsville 25 Barnesville--37 .... --- Uhrichsville431 New Phila -36 ..,,,.s, ..-A Ul11'ichsvillo4 S ,NE-lWCOlIlOl'Sl.0Wll719 Uhrichsville-32 Harnesville-A25 .... --- Uhrichsville 29 Dennison--ill --- Uliriclisville 21 Coshoctonf35 .... -,- Uhrielisville 15 Steubenville-40 -H --- Uhrichsville- 7 Louisville--37 G... --- Uhrichsville 34 New Phila-37 --- --- Uhrichsville 26 St. Clairsville-23 Ulii'ichsville438 Dover--C20 ...,.. -H Uhrichsville 39 Dennison-21 --- Uhrichsville-20 The freshmen played seven games and won two. This squad was coached by Chick Maurer, This page is sponsored by Johnson Kc Norris Pure Oil Station and The f. E. Smith Store 74 COACHES and FACULTY MANAGER "Chuck" Coss, the 1'1ew reserve coach, led his squad to five victories, The record doesn't show the spirit of his junior Tigers. They showed promise of good material coming up for the varsity. The above picture shows "Chuck" Coss conferring with basketball coach "Pete" Wolfe and Faculty Manager Harstine. No doubt they are figuring on better teams for 1949-1950. This page is sponsored by The Ross Clay Products Company and The F. B. Maurer Market -7,- IJ HOME COMING QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS g 're . ,,. x ,, .--his :il , Q: h ' w-v G This year the student body elected Doris Jean Bender as "Booster Queenf' Her attendants were Janie Kowars, Helen Shipton, Marjorie Hillyer, and Vivian Wilson. The following night, at the Dresden football game, the "queen" and her attendants were escorted into the stadium by Walter Hines in an Oldsmobile convertible. After being driven around the einder track, the beauties were given a seat of honor from which to watch the football game, At half time, Miss Bender and her attendants received beautiful bouquets of chrysanthemums. After the game at a dance sponsored by the Booster Club, Doris Jean and her attendants voiced appreciation for the honors bestowed up-on them. This page is .wporzsorfvl by C. fl. llelzflvl' 76 'Q 'QS Aff ,W will ,-1' S lv--1 if P... This page is sponsored by Reliable Radiator mul Square Deal Auto Ports CLARENCE C. FAWCETT Head Custodian in charge HAROLD, HETER of maintenance, c l e a n in g B01l6I' F1I'CH'13l'1 and repairs. Th is HERMAN R. AESCHLIMAN Caretaker of High School Stadium and Swimming Pool, and Assistant Janitor of High School Building during the winter months. page is sponsored by R. cfs M. Home Auto Supply and Browrfs Music Shoppe 78 FRESHMEN BASKETBALL TEAM Class Will I, Doris Jean Bender will my scholastic ability to Sandra Stoutt. I, Don Hillyer will my shyness to Wade Norris, We, Phyllis and Margie Miller will our close friendship to Bertha Parsons and Peggy O'Connor. I, Dena Failoni will my quietness to my sister Sara. I, Otis Barnett will my ability to play basketball to George Pocock. I, Vivian Wilson will my singing voice to Nancy Armstrong. I, Shirley Snider will my impish look and laugh to Rose Marlene Ginther. I. Paul Cromley will my ability to sleep sound to Jack Dempster. I, Joe McCauley will my title of "Little Joe" to "Little Hammer Kilpatrick." I, Huddo Long will my address book to Buck Lint. We, Dorothy Motley SL Emily Page will all our giggles to Elsie Pongratz and Betty Whitman. I, Doyle Kinsey will my three hours detention to anybody that wants it. I, Jay Hare will my shining locks to Gary Adams. I, Lois Schwab will my long eye lashes to Twyla Jones. I, Jack Spear will my skillful driving to Bob Wharton. I, Bob Dempster will my ability to get into trouble to Richard Biddle. 1, Bob Dunn will my humorous disposition to Bob Morgan, I, Betty Staley will my pretty blond hair to Beverly Walker. I, Joan Stocker will my good nature to Peggy McCollam. I, Patty Blackwell will my blue eyes to Shirley Matchett. I, Jim Maurer will my ability to play the piano to Selwyn Werner. This page is sponsored by The Krantzheim Dairy and W esfs Pastry Shop 79 Echo Patrons The ECHO patrons have been exceptionally generous this year, and their donations have made possible the publication of this year- book. ll. 62 A. Drug Store Hainiltoii Locker Service Sales Dcpaitiliciit Store Nicklcs Bakery 'llhc United lJOIJ2ll'lllll'lll Store lVIc-tzgci' Heal Estate The llivks lfluriiiturc Coinpaiiy Uhrir-li 'l'i'ausfci' Scott ll2ll'l'lSUll Giwciilec-'s Store liofliii's llauiidry K-Hill's Stcani Jenny The Vogue Shop fllllllllllg3,',S Mai'kct ll. G. Clark Provisioii floinpany Western Auto Associate Store Job's Barber Shop The City News Avon Lake Pottery, Inc. l3arr's Garage Wilcoxon's Hardware E. J, Beitler The Wells Body Company Nicola Beauty Shop Starkey Auto Parts J. H. D, Shop Browning's Garage Kopp Candy Company Pott's Barber Shop Keystone Shoe Store Nedele Studio Burnie Rower Paul F. Reed Elmer's Tire Shop THE PHOTO ENGRAVINGS USED IN THIS BOOK Produced By THE NORTHERN ENGRAVING AND ELECTROTYPE CO. Canton, Ohio 80 4 4

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