Uhrichsville High School - Yearbook (Uhrichsville, OH)

 - Class of 1937

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Uhrichsville High School - Yearbook (Uhrichsville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Cover

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s " 515,11 1:25.-ku 1 '-If 1' ' . 11 1 1-11.111n 1111m1 1 1 r 14, H. .1 :1:11cJ1l 11 11, , 1 ' .,1, wx A 1,, M V 4. img, gl- 'Y . .aw . 1, . 1,1, , X W. , 'rn , :rf A K L I ' 5 ' - 3 'v : if- -1.f5',, 1 ' 1 ' f,,,1 ,'1if1lQ'i1,1 Q T , 11.-1 1 ,,,. qw 1, 1 ,11-1 '1:1i111,1,, W111yM J:1f141111W11191111411151 11 11111 111111 W1rwv1W 1, 1 W 'NW12 L1- 1""-N1 ,MJ-'WV 1",u,J,1'v11w1'1111'111, 1 -1 , gf ' , M11 n:1-91411, A vw .Wg ,11 1, J, ,1w11,,---111W ,J -I-4 11 , N 45 1 ,M 11,-, , L 'ff' 1: vw 'V-1" ' l - -,r ' lm . ' . if-K.-T1-,.i'.1-MA' ,. if .F L, .qi---1 1 Qfw- - -ff' U, , Lf, , ,K ,, , . In-1r"-P-Y , - , G.: " I ,M A ,1 17, 1' " 'M 1wp?M1, '1s 111'.11"1'i!'!'1,3'N 1: ,.11.u,,17 11:11 -1g11,1- ,, " 1 U 1 :j1:1 '1 1123 H :EEF SQ!M'v1 .N 1. H M. . W 1 W1 lwqt, N15 5,5 1, 11,1 . U X -. :.,1Pw, L,-1 1 I - A1 1 5 . 1 ,,1 Q., ,, l1fWf6'l+L'3, 65214.11 - , ' ig. I -. . N V .1 W " -1 sf- K . -. - .. , 1:41 "7l5 'f-f.1tg 'if ' . , fp .w V5-.1 K J P . gg1-e-1,1f,1...- -' M 1-m,I.r. , WW"1'1"W111"i1'1QV"'1'1 1' U' "H':"T1W1"'I' 11Pc3e29"'4 '1"n 1 ,j h,1,,1L1 15 1 ,, 1 N, 11, 9 '11 411 fu'1f1 i'1:1:11 - e ' ' X 1 1 " 1 H.-,jk , K If ' :vi 1, ,Luz uw 1 11 141 1, S fy ' ' . 1 . ' ' E' r ' , -1' :' -e AS- . 1 1111Q11g1 1sm1 y,m 1 1 1 K . 11W1 1 1 ,1 .1 mf '11,,,'1g..2 Q '11 ' 1' ' V' 1 1 ,, 1 1 - 1 1 ' " 'N " I 1 fx v,. .J , 1 1 5 Q . 1,0 ,Q '41 K P? 3? S' ' .1 wi , ,.ggw -,, .A . ,L Y.. 3 ' if 'Hu- '-C 1 G. X 'T ri? ,N W 111. , 11 ,f ':1,!u1,'5Q:1-E11 jx .11gw3'M1q111i1fE51gW2w2,Q.lg1pg1Nge-EWim .. ja j ,N l,"Jq1"g?'M'. 1 , + 2w1,1u 11f1w1,y1' 5 1 . ,. ,JM , . ,,,1 ..,1 - 1 1 1 . .r 4-3 PM ff Av .5 L,p,,, 'x 1.'1" '1U'1x .'1 w A W , . Q.. Lu. . . V :LIL A' ' , ' . ,. 5 r A "'f " Aw 13 dw 'vw X2 W" , ' gy, ,,,,1u,,111 ,1:,m,,1J! N,11.1!,1 ,1. 11, .,11I",WJ1u'..'.. ,1 H , N K 1 1- 6 ' 1 1, M ..-5, A.h,3Q" , . 4- . ., s all ,fg I , J' 1 bf. 'S' P 3,--a, ' 'A"57laJ 'QSMJ N l -'qv' . T - ,142 gk 'S "' .. , fre. ' 1 Q 'f3?,1a--. , . " his X- 5. M' w X , -Jafqg '24 " I 3- 4 gg ' .9 N 3 ,P . 1- .1--Y 1 - 1 lm 6 , 45 1, U ff 11,9 L. b Yi .' i wx, , 4 Q W fm , '- 'JW - 1 , "'Ef"41 4, 1"','g1!'MQw- 5' g 1 W "'g'3",,- 31 - -, , , '. A" wfgfii. -3- 'f , : , " " "5'E,' . -'f' gfggf' .. -2357! , ' . f 41? ' V .V 1' ...N f ,M E , . .1 ll-i'a?,i 4 -,V f ,ii .4 -254' . : f, x. 1. .. , X 4 rm ' ' W-W.. t'E,13:W1, A ' " ww" , A W -V . , Q., MK. A , 4. V f 1 1 , Y . t A 31 Q, . . ' rl? I , ,M , lub- , N , f, .wg l ix. 7 V 1 V . E U' 2 r M YI 'M vt J. 1, ' 'L N' , 3. , ' -Q 1 . , - ' ' -,Y , .L 4 , "EV ' . .' 15, J' '5 ,Wfij '33 If Y ' 5 ',-- Egalmijlx 1 " Qi qfwifh -1mq,?1Q1w ,W ,' , X gf. 7 f-My r .. , H .,, ,, J. - PM . , "J ,Qu "" ' ' ' , , , g . ,j Q :Sf- may V , if 2 M ,f , , f l-, ' ,. '5x ,ggi . fA'5' ,,. V, ,z 3: Y , V. ,A ,. mg, far. f Wm -,Qs Q. . ., , i, aww , , W , .5-1L4 . 1 14.5.9 , . A W"h?5l5, ,fi N 1 , 5- IQ: :L fi 1 " ,Jg.,3'i:1fY 4 aw 4. -, 17. I 'ffl 1 , I 2. iff J . " Lv? W" ' 3? M117 1 . Tif' ,' jf,j'1brL,. ,J N , ' W. M, rawikgww 35- ,M z. W A ,,,g,,-My 'NAME LL x.,:, 'Ng , mx- -gg, ,- w a, ,,w,H'v5Lw.,,w!. M ,,,-..LgX:',:w,, , "H A Q . . I Q rl Zi. , A. Y , ., rf" in JF- , ,,'x',:1'-: f .. Q . - w .4 ' ,,, . ' 1 A i 2 , xx: f .-A. - 1 Q 'Aww ,.A.-X2 me W 1 mi N W - 4 ,I : ,Hn 4, V V A L, J N - w u , 1 1' ,, j,,5sfQ, 'I X wr -, hz, ,N WP gf, ,wr 3 X Q 3' AQ 1 ,1 J ww -' W' ' ww I 1 wll 'r fag w 'ff GA HM Ilfi'l2II'I'U F oREwoRo As we leave our high school days forever behind us, we also leave this record, so that in days to come, when memories grow dim, our class and classes to follow will recall and enjoy again the many happy days spent in as- sociation with our teachers and friends. To those who have made possible the publication of this book, we wish to express our gratitude, and we wish also to thank each patron for his generous financial con- tribution. -2-, DEffI.C'dfI'0H To MR. JOHN RIFFER Friend and Instructor We, the Class of 1937, Do Dedicate This Volume of The "Echo" ,3, UI-IRICHSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL S -. .--, n n H THE 'iecnot' STAFF I Edztor-zn-Clzzef ................................ Betty Cmtes Business Manager ..................,....... Robert Huffman Business Staff ..................... james Steen, Eugene Miller Editorial Staff: Wilma Peters, Frances Lytle, Dorothy lVlcClave, Ruth Litzinger, Hilda lVlcCue, Lida Carmack, and Helen Russell. 3,, x f H. B. GALBRAITH Superintendent of 4, , Schools SAMUEL SHIMP Principal of High School sg, A ggjgj ,V 4. 3. 2 ,. A 15 1, J' 1 iii A M. I-l. B. Galbraith Samuel Shimp . Adella McCann Ralph E. Covert Charles Aplin . . Clifford Blair .... john Rilifer .... jason Mitchell . Ethel McCollam Clayton Kessler W. B. Cory . . . J. W. Brown . . Martha Thomas Mildred Lenk . . Phyllis Devine . Barbara Starbuck .... FACU LTY ..... A. B. LL. B.--Ohio Northern ... B. S. Mt. Uniong M. A. Ohio State ... B. S. Muskingumg M. A. Ohio State .......................A.B.Ohio .. .. . A. B. Muskingurng M. A. Ohio State . . . . B. A. Muskingumg Ohio State ........ A. B. Thielg Ohio State . . . B. S. in Ed. Wilmingtong Miami . . . . . . . . B. M. Bethanyg Oberlin ..............B.s.inEd.,ohi0 . . . . A. B. Woosterg M. A. Ohio State ......... B. S. Ohiog Columbia ............B.S.inEd.Ohio .... A. B. Ohiog A. M. Cincinnati B.S. inEd. OhioState ....... A. B.g B. S. in Ed. Ohio State D. E. Greco ............................. Instrumental Music l-luges Barnes .... Marietta College A. B.g M. A. Indiana University Mildred I-lursey ...................... B. S. in Ed. Kent State Paul Coulter ..... ........ B . S. in Ed. Ohio Eola Hummel .... ................ B . S. in Ed. Ohio Robert Wiand .... . . . B. S. in Ed. Ohio,' M. A. Ohio State mg.. MF7ll0l'l'HlH Marie was our classmate, For almost ten years, A time of swift passing, Of smiles and of tears. And although she has left us For peace and for rest, We'll always remember, Our friend, Marie West. -Helen Russell 7 'CILAJFJFIEJF SENIOR CLASS ORGANIZATION President . . . . Robert Huffman Vice President ...... . . Eugene Heck Secretary - Treasurer . . , . . Carl Harper Sponsors-Miss McCann, Mr. Aplin, Nlr. Blair and Miss Lenk Alma Andreatta Mary Armstrong Rebecca Baltzell Clarice Barnhill Margaret E. Bliss Geraldine Cappel June Capper Lida Carmack Helen Cooper Marie Cox Betty Crites Mary Davis Bernice Dill Cleo J. Fawcett V.'Paul1ne Errlngton A. Jean Fisher Dorothy Greenberg Dorothy Huber Anna Dell Hunt Marjorie M. James Gladys Kinsey Melva Lanning Nancy J. Lehew Teddy Lefkovitz Maxine Little Ruth Litzinger Frances Lytle Dorothy McClave Hilda McCue Vivian McGrew Alice McKlbben Mary McMullen Wilma P. Peters Class F lower-Tea Rose Class Colors-Rose and Silver Rose Porotti Betty E. Pyle B. Lucille Randolph Ruth Rapport Helen Reed H. Lucille Rlngler Helen Russell Clara Schulte Thelma E. Shamel Beulah Shaw Veda Shuss Beulah Staneart Phyllis E. Thomas Mabel Tipton Maxine L. Trushel Lucille Wanamaker Bessie Welsh Betty Wentz Louise West Jean Wilcoxon Rebecca Yant Carlene Gerkin Dale Mitchell Clarence E. Barkley James Basles James A. Birney George Carmack Robert Craigo Leroy Dickinson John Dooley Frank Dudziak Harry Edwards Jack Fisher -12- Thomas Foltz Earl Fuller Merle Fuller Roscce Galbraith Harold Gilmore Robert Green William Green John Greenwalt Carl B. Harper Albert Harshey Eugene Heck Robert Huffman Dcan Kinsey Casimir Kleski Michael Maher Eugene Miller Donald Morgan Russell Morris Henry Naber Marion Newton Lloyd Northam Ralph W. Otto Walter Patterson Jesse Reese John Rhoads Sam Romig Bruce Shamel George Simpson William Smith John Sproul Ed. Visintainer James Steen Victor West ALMA ANDREATTA "Silence is better than empty chatter? JAMES BASLES Football Squad 3. 4: Debate Club 4: Current Event Club 4, Biology Club 2. REBECCA BALTZELL "True to her work, her word, and her friends." GEORGE CARMACK Biology Club 2: Hi-Y 2, 3. 43 Civics Club 42 Short Story Club 4. CLARENCE BARKLEY Civics Club 4. MARY ARMSTRONG G. R. 2, 4: Latin Club 2, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 1: Dramatics Club 4. JAMES BIRNEY Civics Club 4: Scholar- ship Team CLARICE BARNHILL Biology Club 2: Li brary 4. MARGARET ELLEN BLISS Immaculate Concep- tion High School 1, 2: G. A. A. 3: V. Pres. 4: G. R. 3, 4: Dramatics 4. LEROY DICKINSON Leroy "Supcrbus" Are one and the same, For fair play to others He gained a good name JUNE CAPPER Glee Club 1: G. R. 4: Black and Gold 4: Bi- clogy Club 2. FRANK DUDZIAK With a sly smile, Would anyone guess. The honesty and loyalty That inside of him rest. ROBERT CRAIGO Civics Club 4: Track Squad 1, 2: Var. 3, 4: Drum Major of Band 4: Pep Club 1, 2, 3: Foot- ball Squad 4: Basketball Squad 1, 2, 3: Wrestling Team 2. GERALDINE CAPPEL - Latin Club 2: Pep Club 1, 2, 3: Biology Club 2: Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 2, 3, 4: G. R. 2, 3, 4: Dramatics Club. JOHN DOOLEY Basketball 1, 2: Radio Club 4: Biology Club 2: Pep Club 2. LIDA CARMACK Orchestra 4: Oflicer Glee Club, 1, 3, 4: Black and Gold 2, 3: Biology Club 2: Pep Club 1: Civ- ics Club 4: Ofllcer Latin Club 2: Scholarship Team: Echo Staff. HELEN COOPER Pep Club 1, 2, 3: Latin Club 2: Biology Club 2: Glee Club 1, 2: G. A. A. 2, 4: Ex. Bd. 3: Dramat- ics Club 4: G. R. 2, 3: V. Pres. 4. THOMAS FOLTZ Radio Club 4. BETTY CRITES G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: G. R. 2, 3: Cab. 4: Pep Club 1, 2: V. Pres. 3: Biology Club 2: Omcer Latin Club 2: Dramatics Club 4 V. Pres.: Glee Club l: Cheer Leader 4: Echo Staff, Editor-in-Chief. MERLE FULLER Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Pep Club Club 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3, Var. 4: Dramatics Club 4: Biology Club 2: Math. Club 4: Golf 2, 3. 4. JACK FISHER Dramatics Club 4: Pep Club 1, 2. MARIE COX G. A. A. 2. 3, Ex. Bd. 4: Biology Club 2: Latin Club 1: Civics Club 42 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. EARL FULLER Pep Club 1, 2, 3: Foot- ball Var. 3, 4: Basketball 1. 2, Var. 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3. Oillcer 4: Track 1: Bl- ology Club 2: Civics Club 4. MARY DAVIS G. R. 2, 3: Latin Club 2: Athletic Council 1: Biology Club 2: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Black and Gold 4: Scholarship Team. BERNICE DILL 'Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Bi- ology Club 2: G. R. 4. ROSCOE GALBREATH R0scoe's a farmer It is well known. But never a sound Of misgiving is shown. PAULINE ERRINGTON Dennison High School 1. Bowerston High School 2: Pep Club 3: G. A. A. 4: Black and Gold 4: Glee Club 4: Penmanship Club 4. ' ROBERT GREEN Football 1, Mgr. 2, 3, 4, Basketball Squad 1. 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Hi-Y 2. 3, 4: Pep Club 1, 2, 3: Ra- dio Club 4: Wrestling 2: Boxing 3, 4: Biology Club 2. HARRY EDWARDS Mean and Contempt To him is unknown. The opposite virtues By him have been shown. CLEO FAWCETT Glee Club 2, 3. 4: G. R. 2, 3. 4: Biology Club 2: Pep Club 1, 2, 3: Black and Gold 4: Penman- ship Club 4. HAROLD G ILMORE Pep Club 1, 2. 3: Bi- ology Club 2 Ofhcer: Science Club 2: Black and Gold 4: Dramatics Club 4: Athletic Coun- cil 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Pres. 2. JEAN FISHER G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: G. R. 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 1, 2, 3: Biology Club 2: Black and Gold 4: Penman- ship Club 4: Glee Club 3. 4. CLARENE GERKIN Pep Club 1. 2. 3: G. R. 2, 3. 43 G. A. A. 1, 4, Ex. Bd. 2. 3: Black and Gold 4: Dramatics Club 43 Civics Club 43 Latin Club 2: Scholarship Team. JOHN GREENWALT Basketball Var. 3. 4. DOROTHY HUBER Pep Club 1, 2, 3: Bl- ology Club 2g Glee Club 1.2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 2, Ex. Bd. 3, 4: G. R. 2. 3, 4: Dramatics Club 4: Asst. Librarian 4. ALBERT HARSHEY Pep Club 2, 35 Latin Club 23 Hi-Y 3, 43 Foot- ball 3, 43 Track 2, 33 Bi- ology Club 2. WILLIAM GREEN Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Football 1. 2. 3, 4: Track Mgr. 3, 4: Pep Club 1, 23 Biology Club 2g Wrestling 2, 3. DOROTHY GREENBERG Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: G. R. 4. CARL HARPER Football 1, 2, Var. 3, 41 Dramatics Club 4: Hi-Y 3 .4: Track 2, 3: Biology Club 2: Latin Club 21 Class Oiiicer 3, 4. ANNA DELL HUNT Civics Club 4: Glee Club 3, 4. MARJORIE JAMES Glee Club 1: Black and Gold 4: Dramatics Club 4. ROBERT HUFFMAN I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 4: Basketball Mgr. 1, 2, 3, 4: Athletic Council 2, 3: Biology Club 2: Latin Club 2: Class Pres. 3, 4: Pep Club l, 2, 3: Dramatics Club 4: Football Squad 1, 2: Echo Staff, Bus. Mgr. MELVA LANNING Home Economic Club 4: Glee Club 4. CASIMIR KLESKI Football Var. Captain 4: Civics Club 4: Motion Picture Club 4. EUGENE HECK Football Squad 1, Var. 2, 3, 4: Basketball Squad 1, Var. 2. 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, Pres. 4: Track Manager 2: Athletic Council 2: Pep Club 1, 2, 3: Class Officer 4. GLADYS KINSEY Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Bi- ology Club 2: Black and Gold 4. DEAN KINSEY Radio Club 4, NANCY LEI-IEW Pep Club 1, 2, 3: Bi- ology Club 2: G. A. A. 1, 2: Ex. Bd. 3, Pres. 4: G. R. 2: Cab. 3, 4: Dra- matics Club 4: Black and Gold 4: Athletic Council 4. DOROTHY McCLAVE G.R.2, 3, Cab.43 G. A. A. 1, 2, Ex. Bd. 3, 43 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 21 Biology Club 23 Dra matics Club 43 Echo Staff, MARION NEWTON Current Events 41 Wrestling 23 Boxing 4. VIVIAN McGREW Debate 4: G. R. 4. RALPH OTTO Basketball Squad 1: Track Squad 13 Pep Club 1, 23 Biology Club 23 Radio Club 43 Civics Club 4. HENRY NABER Orchestra 2, 33 Band 43 Biology Club 23 Scl- ence Club 2: Scholarship Team. HILDA McCUE Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 42 Dramatics Club 43 Black and Gold 3, Editor 43 Echo Staff. I Lnovn NORTHAM Latin Club 23 Biology Club 23 Civics Club 43 Scholarship Team. ALICE McKIBBEN Home Economic Club 4 TEDDY LEFKOVITZ Canton McKinley High School 1, 2: G. R. 4. EUGENE MILLER Pep Club 1, 2, 3: Black and Gold 1, 2, 3, Asst. Editor: Latin Club 2, V. Pres.: Hi-Y 2. 3, 4: Bi- ology Club 2 Pres.: Echo Staff 5 Penmansh"p Club 4. RUTH LITZIN GER , Pep Club 1, 2: Biology Club 2: Black and Gold 2, 4: G. R. 4: Dramatics Club 4: Echo Staff. RUSSELL MORRIS Pep Club 1, 2, 3: Bl- ology Club 2: HLY 3, 4: Footbtall Squad 2, Var. 3, 4: Basketball Squad 1, 2, 3, Var. 4: Track Squad 1, Var. 2: Golf Team 4: Varsity U. 2, 3. REBECCA YANT Pep Club 1, 2, 33 G. R. 2. 3. 4' Biology Club 2: Civics Club 4: Black and Gold 4. MAXINE LITTLE Home Economics Club 4: Glee Club 1. DONALD MORGAN Donald it seems Is a pal to all boys, To help out his class- mates Is what he enjoys. FRANCES LYTLE G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: G. R. 2, Cab. 3, 4: Pep Club 1, 2, 3: Athletic Council 1, 2: Dramatics Club 4: Latin Club 2: Biology Club 2: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Echo Staff. MARY McMULLEN Home Economics Club 4. JESSE REESE New Phila. High School 1, 2: Dennison High 1: Hi-Y 4. WVILMA PETERS G. R. 2, 3. Cab. 43 G. A. A. 1, Ex. Bd. 2, 3. 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Psp Club 1, 2, 3: Biology Club 2 V. Pres.: Dramatics Club 4 Ofiiceri Class Ofhcer 2: Echo Staff. SAM ROMIG Hi-Y 2. 3, V. Pres 41 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4: Latin Club 2 Officer: Biology Club 2 Pres.: Mathematics Club 4 Pres.g Dramatics Club 4. WALTER PATTERSON Football Squad 1, 2. Var. 4: Basketball Squad 3, Var. 43 Biology Club 2: Golf 3, 4. DALE MITCHELL Latin Club 2: Biology Club 2: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 G. R. 2, 3, Pres 43 Dramatics Club 43 Glee Club 1. 2. 4: Pep Club 1, 2. 3. JOHN RHOADES Rhoades is the name. But when speaking of John There lsn't a rut To prevent riding on. ROSE POROTTI Home Economics Club 4: Latin Club 2: Glee Club 1. BETTY PYLE Glee Club 3, 43 Civics Club 4: G. R. 4. GEORGE SIMPSON Radio Club 43 Civics Club 4. RUTH RAPPORT G. R. 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 2: Dramatics Club 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. JOHN SPROUL Hi-Y 3, 4: Biology Club 2: Pep Club 1. BRUCE SHAMEL Jewett High School 2 3: Basketball Varsity 45, Football Varsity 4. LUCILLE RANDOLPH Freeport High School 1, 2: G. A. A. 3, Ex. Bd. 4: Glee Club 3. WILLIAM SMITH Hi-Y 45 Band 45 Radio Club 4: Track 2, 3. 4. HELEN REED Glee Club 1, 3: Home Economics Club 4: Bi- ology Club 2. LUCILLE RINGLER Magnolia High School 1, 2, 3. J AME S STEEN Hi-Y 2, 3. Oflicer 4: Bi- ology Club 23 Latin Club 25 Class Oflicer 35 Ath- letic Council 43 Basket- ball Varsity 4: Track Squad 1, Var. 2, 3, 42 School Treasurer: Echo Staff. CLARA SCHULTE Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: G. R. 2, 3. 43 Black and Gold 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 2: Scholarship Team. BEULAH SHAW G. A. A. 2, 3, 41 Pep Club 1, 2. 3. VEDA Sl-IUSS Black and Gold 4: Dra- matics Club 4. EDWARD VI SINTAINER "If quietness indicated wisdom, He would be a library. HELEN RUSSELL Latin Club 1: Dramat- ics Club 4 Pres.: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, Ex. Bd. 43 G. R, 2, 3, Cab. 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Biology Club 2: Pep Club 1, 23 Class Omcer 2: Scholarship Team: Echo Staff. VICTOR WEST A boy who is called One of the best, Is none other 'than Our friend Victor West. THELMA SHAMEL Debate Club 45 Home Economics Club 4: Bi- ology Club 2: Glee Club 3, 4. BEULAH STANEART Glee Club 3, 4: Home Economics Club 4: Pep Club 1, 2, 3. PHYLLIS THOMAS Civics Club 4. MAXINE TRUSHEL Pep Club 1, 2, 33 G. R. 2, 3, 4, Black and Gold 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Dramatlcs Club 43 Needlework Club 4. BESSIE WELCH Glee Club 1, 23 Black and Gold 4, G. R. 43 Civ- ics Club 4: Biology Club 2. LOUISE WEST Home Economics Club 43 Biology Club 25 Glee Club 1. M ABLE TIPTON Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Debate Club 4: G. R. 43 Scholarship Team. LUCILLE WANAMAKER G. R. 2, 3, 45 Black and Gold 45 Dramatics Club 43 Civics Club 4: Latin Club 2: Pep Club 1, 2, 3. BETTY WENTZ Glee Club 1, 23 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 G. R. 2, 3, 43 Dramatics Club 43 Black and Gold 43 Civ- ics Club 4. JEAN WILCOXON G .R. 2, 3, 43 Black and Gold 43 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Biology Club 2. MICHAEL MAI-IER Football Squad 1, 2, Var. 3, 43 Biology Club 25 Pep Club 25 Radio Club 4. CLASS HISTORY OF 1937 ln the year "l933" a group of gleeful girls and boys entered up- on an adventure which will linger in our memories as a series of brief, vivid pictures--a cinema played by the class of "37". We entered- gay, carefree, we have finished, ready to don our caps and gowns, aware that we have a purpose before us, a battle to fight, a course to keep. We have played only one small part in the dramatic career of classes which have made this red-brick school building their refuge in times of intellectual storms, of classes gone before and yet to come. "Too seek, to find, and not to yield", has been our motto through these four short years, and we have found the future alive in the pres- ent-a courageous "something" to lead us forward through the darlc- ness ofthe night we do not see. As we leave the school to return no more, we wish success to thosewho occupy the stage, in years to come, and carry on the stand- ards that we have somehow thought of as our own. -Hilda McCue. JUNIOR CLASS President .... . . William Bender Vice President . . . . Charles Hufford Secretary and Treasurer . . . . Kenneth Gilmore Sponsors-Mr. Riffer, Miss Thomas, Miss I-lummell, Mr. Barnes Marguerite Bagby Leona Barnes Evelyn Bean Dorothy Berkley Lois Berkshire Mary Buffington Etta Burdette Maryon Craig Dorothy Creager Ruth Dietrich Betty Dunlap June Edwards Betty Elvin Mildred Erskine Frances L. Fantin Ruth Ferrell Loretta Ferrell Lena Mary Gendice Emellne Gray Eileen Green Jean Guthrie Virginia Harmon Louella Hodklnson Maxine Howard Betty Howell Estella Kall Kathryn Kopp June Leidner Pauline Mahaffy Irma Marstrelli Nora McCauley Isabelle Metcalf Margaret Merriman Luella Miller Louise Morton Betty Pittis Helen D. Plotts Dorothy Price Ella Reed Margery Robinson Theo Schwab Lillie Simpson Dorothy Spillman Thyra Stoner Betty Taylor Anna May Thompson Dorothy Winrod Kathryn Witting Clarence Bacca David Baldwin Bill Barry Bill Bender Bud Benedum Phillip Beltz Dean Bowditch Harold Bower Gerald Brown George Chapman Robert L. Cox Thomas L. Cox Eugene Dauterman Harold Errington George Fahner Pete Fantin Robert Fisher Howard Galbreath Kenneth Gilmore Charles Gowlns - Earl Gram George Gray Charles Grilfen James Harris Emerson Herndon Harold Heter Lloyd Hooker Charles Hufford Robert Hunt Kenneth Jackson Fred King Richard Long Henry Mannini Harold Myers Tony Natale Glenn Norris Kenneth Otto Bill Page Donald Perry Doyle Price Charles Quimby Edward Rankin Morris Rapport Roy Renwick Robert Ridgeway Roy Ronald Lester Roth Jack Salmon Bill Schulze Robert Schwab Charles Shearn Harold Smith William Smith Arthur Sproul Donald Tharp Eugene Treacle Louis Trepln Richard Veley Richard Werner Gail West JUNIOR CLASS SOPI-IOMORE CLASS Sponsors-Mr. Cory, Miss Hursey, Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Brown Miss Starbuck. Dorothy Allensworth Josephine Andreatta Thelma Estella Andrews Ina Belle Baltzell Gladys M. Balllett Martha Berkley June Berkshire Teresa Besozzi Mary Bouscher Olive Branch Eileen Cecil Jessie Craft Helene Craigo Mabel Louise Creager Bertha A. Ciunmings Jane Alice Cummings Beatrice Davis Evelyn M. Davis Eileen Dickson Maxine Edwards Marjorie Fairall Josephine Ferrai Charlotte E. Fisher Thelma Fowler Helen Frye Josephine Garland Irene Gatchell Helen Gladman Mabel Ellen Gilbert Ethel Gram Evelyn Lucille Gram Nova Marie Green Lillie Ruth Harshey Hilda Hayes Lois Helter Grace E. Henry Kathryn Nora Henry Betty Jean Hines Verna M. Humrighouse Margaret L. Hunt Martha Jeanne Johnson Evelyn Margaret Jones Emmabelle Kail Ruth Mildred Kauffman Betty LaPorte Betty La.Tourrette Marjorie Lehew Louise McConkey Eileen McCue Ruth M. McCue Clara McMillen Joan McMillen Shirley MacPhee Bernice Meek Ellouise Miller Grace Miller Marjorie Narney Lucy Norris Capitola O'Guin Vesta Orr Helen Phillips Kathryn Pittis Dorothy Poulson Janie Quimby Anna Mae Rose Geneva Rush Eleanor Schnieder Virginia Servison Wilda Sharp Esther Lucille Simpson Katherine M. Smith Margaret Staley Miriam Joan Staneart Ruth Stull Mary Swaim Elizabeth Eileen Taylor Doris J. Tedrick Mary Louise Treadway Martha Wardell Gaynelle Waters Phyllis Welsch Ruth Juanita West Shirley Irene Wetzel Catherine E. White Lucille White Jane Wiers , Gloria Woodruff Elaine Young Anna Mae Zavasky Jim Armstrong James Baker Roy Barkley William Barnes Clarence L. Beaver Ralph Bender John Besozzi John Brakebill Harry Bricker Warren Cecil Jim Daugherty Edward Davis Donald Devore Bob Dickerson Stanley Dunlap Edwin Faucett -23.- Joe Fisher William Ghezzi Dean Gilmore Bill Gates Irwin Greenberg Charles Greenlee Howard Hayward Wendell Herman Dean Heter Junior Hicks Owen Hicks Robert Hite William Hite Dick Hodkinson David Hunt Glenn Hunt Vance Hurless Howard James Henry Johnson Eugene Kilpatrick Oliver Leidner Donald Mallernee Donald McBride Richard Metzger Roger Miller Jim Natoli Charles Negri Ralph Northam Raymond Orr Albert Palen John Parrish Terrence Postel Fred Price Robert Rectanus Robert Randolph Ted Rogus Richard Rosenberry David Ross Edward Reed Robert Reed William Ruffini Dan Smith Keith Sowers Bill Sproul Edward Starkey George Swaney Edward Treacle Andy Vanecko George Weaver John White Howard Work Pius Zanon SOPHOMORE CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS .Sponsors-Mr. Covert, Mr. Kessler, Mr Marie Anderson Martha Anderson Peggy Andreas Erma Andreatta Hazel Armstrong Eileen Barkley Marilyn Beckett Emma Jo Brown Phyllis Buffington Mary Burdette Evelyn P. Calusa Bertha Carpenter Irene P. Cattanl Dorothy M. Cecil Ruth Clark Clara Jane Cox Ethel B. Creager Carriet Cummings Thelma V. DeLucas Josephine J. Devore Doris M. Dunlap Merle Dunlap Verna Dupper June E. Edwards Eileen Engstrom Margaret Ervin Fay Opal Fatherree Jean Ferrell Lois R. Figley Wilma L. Finical Amelia M. Fisher Betty Jane Galbreath Marjorie Mae Glass Irene Hadley Faye L. Haver Virginia R. Helter Wilma Howard Betty Huebner Martha Huston Dorothy Johnson Vera M. Johnson Helen M. Leldner Evelyn Lester Betty McCue Eileen McDonald M. Faye McMillen Ruth McPeek Peggy Marsh Kathleen J. Miller Jeanne F. Morgan Helen Morris Mary Lois Nelson Maxine Northam Coulter. Jane O'Connor Nevalou O'Guin Betty Rose Parker Helen Pavalus Jeanne Perkins Mary Jane Petty Betty M. Postel Marjorie Price Myrtle Quillen Marilyn Rectanus Kathryn J. Reese Leverda M. Ridgway Mavis Rippeth Lenora Robart Florence Ruffini Ulonda Scoffidi Ruth Schwartz Doras Scott Betty Smitley Irene Staley Betty Jean Staneart Edna Starkey Florence Stellarni Eloise Stoner Mary Ann Stucin Marie Tidrick Ethel E. Tocoian Marguerite Turney Josephine M. Vesco Kathleen H. Vickers Eileen J. Wagstaff Betty Watson Vivian V. White Wilma Whitehouse Betty Lee Wilcoxon Betty Jean Witting Saia Xenos Norman Adkins Lloyd Baldwin Raymond Beitzel Howard Brown John Cecil Robert Chapman Don Coventry Robert Cox William Cox Albert Dalpiaz William Davis Herman Devore Junior Dryden Delbert Edwards Carl Fisher Clyde Frye Miss Devine, Mr. Wiand Robert Fuller William Gambs William Gowins Charles Hefling Arthur Hicks Raymond Hunt Billy Jones William C. Kashner John Kleski Donald Kobelt Edwin Kuecher Eugene Langdon Earl Lanning Foster Lewis Keene Marstrelli Junior Lindsay Robert Long James McClave Sam McClave Albert Marigoni Walter Maurer Joe Mitchell Harold Morris Dale Morton Joe Natoli Dean Newton Rollin Newton Doyle Peoples Robert Peoples Joe Plckenstein Lester Rapport Carl Richardson Raymond Roth Richard Schneider Kenneth Schreiner Carl Scott Steve Sentz James Shivers Frances Sinden Edwin Snedeker Granville Swagart Robert Thrush Lee Tippett Albert Truman Robert Veley Robert Waud Cletus Welsch Gerald Wetzel Charles White Doyle Willoughby Donald Wires Will Wright Iona Oyster ! FRESHMEN CLASS A-Athlete . . . SENIOR ALPHABET . . .. Gene Heck B-Bashful ........... Dean Kinsey C... D-Dignified . . E-Entertaining F-Friendly ...... G-Gay ...... H-Handsome l-Intelligent . -I-Jolly K-Kind . . . L-Little ..... M-Nlusical . . Classy ...... Dorothy Greenberg . . . . Rebecca Yant Harold Gilmore Dorothy McClave Gladys Kinsey . . . . Carl Harper . . . Lida Carmack . . . . Dorothy Huber .. Margaret Bliss . . . . Cleo Fawcett lilary Armstrong N-Nice ..... O-Ubedient P- Pleasant .... Q-Quiet .... R-Romantic . S--Sleepy . . . T-Talkative . . . U-Understanding, V-Vivacious ....... W--Witty . . . . . . X- ......... Y-Youthful .... Z-Zealous . . . DO YOU REMEMBER ? When Uhrichsville won a football game? When Mr. Shimp's chair collapsed in the auditorium? Carlene Gerkin Leroy Dickinson . . . . Marie Cox .. Louise West Earl Fuller . . . . Jim Basles Jean Wilcoxon Edward Visintainer . Wilma Peters Donald Morgan Newton . . . . Sam Romig . . . . James Birney When Mr. Riffer fell over the water bucket at the football game? When Mr. Blair forgot to make an assignment? When the Class of "37" held their "Sophomore Party"? When our class was "intiated" ? When we attended our first jr.-Sr. Prom? A When Gene Heck didn't go with Faye Craigo? When Mr. Poling told the class that all absentees should put their names on the board? When Miss McCann didn't ask you to pick up the paper in her study hall? The day Mr. Aplin put on his coat and hat and was ready to go home after the 3rd period? GIRUS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION G. A. A. EXECUTIVE BOARD GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Under the guidance of the sponsors, Miss Lenk, Miss Hummell and Miss Starbuck, the Girl's Athletic Association promotes interest in sportsmanship and athletics for the girls of U. H. S. OFFICERS Presiderzt ..... ,................ N ancy Lehew Vice President . . . ........., Margaret Ellen Bliss Secretary ........... .........' W ilma Peters Treasurer ..................,.. Dorothy McClave Other members of the Executive Board are: Helen Russell, Dor- othy Huber, Marie Cox, Helen Craigo, Ruth Ferrell, Charlotte Fish- er, Kathryn Pittis, Eleanor Schneider, Lucille Randolph, Louise Mc- Conkey, Betty Howell, Mary Bufhngton. .,, .13 'Sh GIRL RESERVES V GIRL RICSERVIC IIAISINET THE GIRL RESERVES Seven years ago, the Girl Reserves Club, a national branch of the Y. W. C. A., was organized to build up higher standards and Chris- tian character. For the past two years the U. H. S. club has been sponsored by Nliss Thomas. OFFICERS President ...... ....i,.. . . . Dale Mitchell Vice President .... . , . Helen Cooper Secretary ....... . . . Betty Crites Treasurer ........................ Wilma Peters Other cabinet members are: Helen Russell, Frances Lytle, Dor- othy lVlcClave, Nancy Lehew, Betty Elvin, and Mildred Erskine. 137' DEBATE CLUB THE DEBATE CLUB After an absence ol some years from U. H. S., the Debate Club was reorganized under the supervision of Nlr. Wiand. The purpose of this club is to promote and develop interest in debating and effect- ive speaking. Zlll OFFICERS President ........................ Harold Smith Vice President' ............... . . . Charles Morgan Secretary-Treasurer ..,............... Bill Bender CIVICS LEAGUE CLUB The Civics League Club was organized as a means ol' studying understanding civics problems. lVlr. Wiand is the club sponsor. OFFICERS President ....,.......,....... . . . Lida Carmack Vice President ..,............ ....... R alph Otto Secrelary - Treasurer ,,.. . . . Clarence Barkley 8 FRENCH CLUB FRENCH CLUB The purpose of the French Club is to stimulate interest in the French language, a new subject added to our school curriculum. Miss Starbuck is the club sponsor. OFFICERS Prcsitient Ruth Dietrich Secret ri Dorothy' Spilhnan X ire President Nlarioric Robinson lrciisiircr Glenn Norris HOME ECONOMICS CLUB This club was organized to help the girls solve their everyday problems and to give them accurate information on home economics. Miss Hursey sponsors the organization, which is divided into the Senior Club and Freshman Club. SENIOR CLUB Presitient Mabel 'Tipton Secretary Beulah Stancgirt Vive President Helen Ret-ti Treasurer Grace Miller FRESHMAN CLUB Presiticiit Verna Duppcr Secretary Florciice Stellarini Trmsnrtr Ethel Crcager ,go- DRAMATICS CLUB DRAMATICS CLUBS The three Dramatics Clubs have given many short plays this year. The success of these clubs can be attributed to Miss Devine, their sponsor. GUILD PLAYERS President ........................ Vice President Secretary .... Helen Russell ..............,.......BettyCrites U-TI-IESPIANS President ...................... Vice President Secretary .................. President .... Vice President Secretary .... Treasurer . . . DRACOMTRA Wilma Peters Kathryn Witting Mary Bultington Anna Mae Thompson ,loan McMillen Ellen Lou Green . . Virginia Servison Janie Quimby BLACK AND GOLD The Black and Gold, our school paper, is conducted by a capable student staff and advised by Mr. Aplin and Miss Hummell. lt is pub- lished weekly by "The Evening Chronicle." EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief .... Assistant Editor . . . Society Editor ..... Recorder .......... Assistant Recorder . Sports Editor ...... Literary Editor .... Columnist ........ Girls Sports Reporter Hilda McCue . . . . . Kathyn Witting . . . . . . Mildred Erskine . . . . Anna Mae Thompson . . . . . Ruth Kauffman Harry Bricker GraceMiller . . . . Dorothy Allensworth jeanFisher BLACK AND GOLD STAFF M ALL SCHOOL ASSEMBLY One of the features of the new activity program this year was an all school assembly held in the auditorium on Thursday of each week. On some occasions it proved more convenient to hold the assembly on Friday. The whole year program is as follows: SEPTEMBER Sept. I0-Explanation of Acti- vity Program Sept. I7--Football Rally. Sept. 24--Glee Club, First Pro- gram. OCTOBER Oct. l-Moving picture of Boul- der Dam. Oct. Q-High School Band. Oct. I5--Picture. Oct. 23--Puppet Show, Taming of the Shrew. Oct. 29-Glee Club, 2nd Pro- gram. NOVEMBER Nov. 6--Shakespeare's Play, julius Caesar. Nov. 12-Latin Club, Behind the Shadows. Nov. 19-Picture. Nov. 26-Thanksgiving Day. DECEMBER Dec. 3---Basketball Rally. Dec. IO-Explanation of Sat- urday Evening Post Contest. Dec. I7-Explanation of Le- gion Essay Contest QW. T. Lattoj. JANUARY jan. 7-Dramatics Club Play. jan. I5-l-li School Orchestra. jan. 21--Girl Reserves Initia- tion. jan. 28-Glee Club, Third Pro- gram. FEBRUARY Feb. 4-Debate by Debate Club Feb. I0-Musical Matinee for Band Benefit. Feb. 18-Biology Club Play. Feb. 25-French Club Play. MARCH March 4-G. A. A. Tumbling Team. March l--Legion Essay Awards March 18-Civics and Current Events Play. . March 25-Glee Club, Fourth Program. APRIL April 2--jr. Band. April 15--Course of Study, by Mr. Shimp. April 22-Picture, Lady of the Lake. MAY May I3-Track Rally. May 20-Style Show, by Miss Hursey. -43- HI-Y ' The Hi-Y Club under the leadership of Mr. j. W. Brown, is a branch of the Y. M. C. A. The purpose of the club is to create higher moral and Christian standards among the boys of U. H. S. OFFICERS President ........ ........ . . . Eugene Heck Vice President .... . . . Sam Romig Secretary ....... . . . Earl Fuller Treasurer .... .... j ames Steen CURRENT EVENTS CLUB The Current Events Club was organized this year by Miss Mc- Cann. At the meetings, discussions of current events are led by ap- pointed members of the club. It has brought to our students a reali- zation of the problems confronting our nation today. BIOLOGY CLUB The purpose of the Biology Club, sponsored by Mr. Barnes, is to create a greater interest in nature study. OFFICERS Wednesday President ................... . . . Bob Dickerson Vice President ..... ,...... ...... N o va Green Secretary ....... .......... .... W i llie Ghezzi Friday President ......................... Warren Cecil Vice President .... ........... j ames Daugherty Secretary .... ..... . Marjorie Lehew HI-Y CLUB BIOLOGY CLUB LATIN CLUB LATIN CLUB The Latin Club was organized this year under the sponsorship of Miss Lenk. The Club aims to learn of Roman customs, life and art. OFFICERS Consuls. .Kathryn Pittis, Kathryn Reese, Kathleen Norris Secretary ............................ Irene Staley Treasurer ..............,............ Warren Cecil SCHOLARSHIP TEAM This year nine of our Seniors took the county Senior Scholarship Test given April 3, at New Philadelphia. Those taking part were: Lida Carmack, Clara Schulte, Mabel Tipton, Mary Davis, Henry Naber, Lloyd Northam, james Birney, Carlene Gerkin, and Helen Russell. -4H PENMANSHIP CLUB PENMANSI-llp CLUB This club was organized for the purpose of improving the pen manship of the students. Mr. Aplin sponsors the club. President ........ Vice President .... The members ofthe club are as follows: Albert Harshey William Hite Glenn Hunt Richard Metzger Edwin Fawcett Hilda Hayes Nova Green Thomas Foltz Clarence Beaver Jean Fisher Eileen McDonald Jean Wilcoxon Mary Brown Shirley Wetzel Pauline Errington Etta Burdette Nora Henry Marguerite Turney Eileen Wagstaif Rebecca Yant Veda Shuss Beulah Shaw Marjorie James Nancy Lehew Sam Romig Dorothy Berkley Dan Smith Norman Adkins SHORT STORY CLUB The purpose of this club is to create a greater interest in literature Mr Mitchell is the club sponsor. . . . Bill Page Helen Cooper Cleo Fawcett Junior Lindsay William Kashner Raymond Roth Lucille Randolph Glenn Norris William Green Jane Wires Bill Page Charles Hulfard Allen Maurer Anna Dell Hunt Jack Marstrelli Eugene Miller Helen Cooper President ............. . . Jeanne Perkins Secretary . . ..... . . Marjorie Glass 43, MIXED CHORUS GIRLS' CHORUS GLEE CLUB The Glee Clubs. under the direction of Miss lVlcCollam, meet twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday morning. This year the club has been enlarged and now includes a group of boys to constitute a mixed chorus. This group has had charge of the assembly program several times during the past year. The Hrst semester they gave a program of Southern Melodies and followed this with a Christmas program. ln the second semester the club contributed an Easter pro- gram. These special programs all proved to be very entertaining and instructive. Accompanists--lVlary Armstrong and Nlildred Erskin - -50- ORCHESTRA THE ORCHESTRA The Orchestra conducted by Mr. Dominic Greco has taken an ac- tive part in the assembly program and also at other important school functions. President - Sam Romig Secretary - Lida Carmack The personnel of the orchestra is as follows: Vzolms-Irvin Greenberg, Katherine Witting, Mary Armstrong, john Cecil, Richard Schneider, Roger Miller, joan Papinorth, Geor- gia Parhas and Steve Zenos. Fello-gIVlarilynMRectanus. . rench orn- arguerite Fisher. Saxophone-Richard Veley and jack Marstrell. lglute-jagrxfzs gVlcCIelave ang!! Phillip Beltz. larinet to - ary j. aurer. Clarinets-Edward Reed, Foster Lewis, and Robert Schwab. Trumpets-Charles guimby, Sam lVlcClave, Sam Romig. Bassoon-Romaine ulford. Trombone-Charles White. Drums-james Baker. Piano-Lida Carmack. U HRICHSVILLE BAND The Board of Education took over the Kiwanis Club Band last summer. lt is now operated as a strictly school band under the direc- tion of Mr. Dominic Greco, who has organized the instrumental pu- pils into Senior, junior and Beginners Band and Orchestra. The personnel of the Senior Band is as follows: Drum Major--Robert Craigo. F lute--Phillip Beltz, james McClave, and Fred Bower, jr. B Flat Clarinet-Robert Schwab, Edward Reed, Eugene Kuecher, Bill Wright, Robert Veley, Foster Lewis, Robert Thrush, Charles Heffling, Anne McClave, Robert Gilmore, Tony Webner, Tony Robey, and Leland Turney. Alto Clarinet-Mary Maurer. Bass Clarinet-Lucille Romig. Trumpet-Sam NlcClave, Charles Quimby, john Cecil, Marie And- erson, Ruth A. Carnes, and Robert Hite. Baritone--john White. Lonrinned on Page S4 D527 I an I dt., 4 A ,v ?fl .v.,.' s' 51 uf r 'VU' ' fig-Q-I 3" J. U. H. S. BAND Trombone-Charles White, Keene Nlarstrell, Wilma Howard, Dean Gilmore, Norman Lewis, and Evelyn Shipton. French Horn-Marguerite Fisher, Dean Winrod, and Richard Lewis. E Flat Saxophone-jack Furbav and ,lack Staneart Tenor Saxophone-jack Nlarstelli. Bass-Richard Veley, -lohn Brakebill, William Smith, and Dick Whitehouse. Drums-james Baker, joe Haverfield, and Charles Henry. Bassoon-Romaine Hufford. Oboe-Betty Schwab. Cornet-Tommy Haverfield, Clara Ross, Duane Hale, Dick lVlcClave, and Hetty White. Bass Drum-Kenneth Gilmore. Cymbals-Bob Waud. THE SENIOR YEAR The Senior Year is the students' last year of high school. For them it involves hard work, much studying, and brings a mixture of sadness and gladness. They receive their class rings of which they are very proud. Certain senior students constitute the Echo Staff. They do the work for the year book. so that the students of the high school can have this book to remember their high school days. Gther senior students begin studying many different subjects around Christmas time. Later they form the Scholarship Team. The last two weeks are perhaps the happiest time of the whole year. The Senior Play or Gperetta is presented, and the junior-Senior Dance is held. On Sunday evening before graduation, at the Baccalaureate Serv- ice, the seniors march down the aisle to the platform, where they lis- ten to a sermon given by one of the prominent preachers. When graduation night arrives, the seniors are found to be sit- ting on the platform in their dignified caps and gowns, wishing that once again they were Freshmen, with all the happy years yet to come. They listen while the Valedictorian and Historian make their speeches, then they step forward and receive their diplomas, which they have worked very hard to receive. A few days later, as a tribute to the seniors, the Alumni Banquet and Dance is held. This makes the senior feel that he really is some- one and helps him to start on his long path of life. -Wilma Peters. . -54- Jf ID 'U ID WF JF -f-Sh FOOTBALL SQUAD BASKETBALL RESERVES FGOTBALL The football season was not very successful. The team showed plenty of scrap at times during the season. Their best game was play- ed against Orrville. Those earning Varsity awards are: Eugene Heck, end, senior, Earl Fuller, end, senior, Walter Patterson, tackle, senior, Casimir Kleski, tackle, senior, Bruce Shamel, guard, senior, Carl Harper, guard, senior, Lloyd Hooker, center, junior, Harold Morris, guard, freshman, William Ruffini, end, sophomore, joe Peckinstein, back- field, freshman, Bill Page, backfield, junior, Dick Long, backfield, junior, Russell Morris, backfield, senior, Charles Hufford, backfield, junior, Bill Green, backfield, senior, and Bob Green, Manager, senior. Jim Basles, backfleld, Senior. A A 1 V TRACK TEAM-1936 TRACK 1936 Although the Black and Gold Track Team had only two meets, they were out-classed by only Bellaire and Barnesville. The first meet of the season was held in the first part of May with the Alumni. We badly out-classed them by the score of 110 to 22. On May 16, the annual Eastern Ohio District meet was held at New Concord. U. H. S. -took third by a score of forty-two points. The events, those taking part and places are as follows: Pole Vault-Myers, secondg Dunn, third. javelin Throw-Newton, lirstg Myers, third. Mile Run-Steen, second. Half Mile--Pancher, second. Discus-Steen, fifth. Shot Put-Dunn, fourth. High Hurdles-Branch, third. Low Hurdles--Gilmore, fourthg Craigo, fifth. Medley Relay--second. 880 Relay-third. Mile Relay--fourth. c,Ul1Illllli'Cl on Page 60 ,5g, The class meet was held the following week and the results were as follows: Sophomores, 79 3-43 Seniors, 72, juniors, 63 3-4, and Freshmen, 10 I-2. BASKETBALL The Basketball season progressed rather slowly this year, but ended successfully with our team advancing to the semi-finals of the Eastern Ohio Tournament. Those receiving Varsity awards are: Earl Fuller, forward, senior, Dick Long, forward, iunior: Bruce Shamel, forward, senior, Eugene Heck, center, senior, Lloyd Hooker, guard, junior, Walter Patterson, guard, senior, john Greenwalt, guard, senior, Bill Page, guard, ju- niorg Bob Huffman, manager, senior. BASKETBALL RECORD First Team I-U. H. S. ... ..... 18 Midvale ......... . . . .35 2-U. H. S. . . . ..... 20 Dover St. joseph .... . . . .23 3-U.H. S. ...l5 Tuscrawas .... . ....25 4-U. H. S. . . . ..... 28 Newcomerstown .... . . . .31 5-U. H. S. . . . ..... 23 Canton Lehman .... . . . .34 6-U. H. S. ... ..... 28 Dennison ...... . . . .26 c iiii fanned on Page 62 -QOH COACH KESSLER ASSISTANT COACH COULTER CHEER LEADERS CRITES MORRIS BOVVER J. CUMMINGS U. H. S. .. ill. H. S. .. U.H.S. .. U.H.S. .. U .H.S. .. -U.H.S. .. U.H.S. .. U.H.S. .. U.H.S. .. U.H.S... U.H.S... U.H.S. ., U H.S... Tournament Tournament F. A. A. TUlNIBLERS . . . IQ Tuscarawas ....... .... l 8 .. .15 New Philadelphia .... .... 2 7 ...iQ Dover .....,.... ....43 ...I7 Canton Lehman... 25 . . .13 New Philadelphia ... ....43 . . .23 St. Clairsville .. ....lQ . . , I4 Dennison .... .... 2 8 . . .35 Millersburg .............. .31 . . 29 Coshocton fSacred Heartsj . . I6 . . .28 Zanesville ............... .40 . . .25 Newcomerstown .... .... 2 8 ...30 Dover .......... ....38 ...25 Dover St.joseph... ....l5 . . .28 Newcomerstown . . . . . . .25 ...IS Dover .......... ....22 02 THE NEW STADIUM ADVERTISEMENTS OF SENIGRS Cream of the Crop .... Seniors. Ever Ready .... Ruth Litzinger. Time to Retire .... Marion Newton. Eventually, Why Not Now-Graduation. School Girl Complexion .... Nancy Lehew. They Satisfy .... Bob Huffman and Helen Russell. Onward Always--Echo Staff. Refreshing .... Vacations. Will Stick like a Brother-james Basles. Style with a Smile .... Maxine Trushel. Two is Company .... Bill Page and Cleo Fawcett. Setting Standards for the World .... U. H. S. Always Fresh-Freshman. There is no Substitute .... james Steen. A Man in the Making .... Dean Kinsey. Dated .... Geraldine Cappel. Even your best friend won't tell .... Answers in Mr. Blair's Class. Smile of Beauty .... Dorothy McClave. Magic Eye .... Mr. Blair. Good to the Last Drop-Miss Hursey's Chili. As Quiet as a Mouse .... Mr. Coulter's Geography Class. Be kind to your throat .... Miss McCollam's Chorus. IDEAL SENIOR GIRL L IDEAL SENIOR BOY Eyes like-Pauline Errington Eyes like--Earl Fuller. Hair like-Lucille Wanamaker Hair like--jim Steen Personality like-Nancy Lehew Personality like-George Carmack Smile like-june Capper . Smile like--Casmir Kleski. Feet like-Helen Russell Feet like-Albert Harshey Dignity like-Alice McKibben Dignity like-Frank Dudziak Wit like--Frances Lytle. Wit like--Unk Patterson Brains like-Clara Schulte. .Brains like-Clarence Barkley Disposition like-jerry Cappel Disposition like-Merl Fuller Line like-lVlabel Tipton Line like-Eugene Miller Popularity like-Betty Crites Popularity like-Bob Huffman Complexion like-Rebecca Yant Complexion like-Russell Morris Hands like-Dale Mitchell Hands like-john Greenwalt Devoted like-Ruth Litzinger. Devoted like-William Smith -64,- JI 'D Ili IE JF JOKES lVlr. Cory-lt's the law of gravity that keeps us on earth. Shamel-How did we stick before the law was passed? Senior-My dad is an Elk, a Lion, a Moose, and an Eagle. Sophomore-Gee! What does it cost to see him? Teacher-Fools can ask more questions in a minute than wise men can answer in a year. Student--That's why so many of us flunk an examination. Surely the man who said "There's music in the air" never happened to be around room 7 when the boys' chorus was practicing. lVlr. Cory fin Physicsj-Give the law of motion. Frances L.--Every little movement has a meaning all its own. lVlr. Shimp-What is your daily income? Pete Basles-About ll A. lVl. lVlr. Blair perceiving Robert Craigo to be sleeping peacefully, ad- dresses a question to him. Confused and bewildered, Robert Craigo bent his ear low to catch stage whispers of his friends about him. Mr. Blair-"Well, you ought to be able to answer with all the aid you are receiving back there." Robert Craigo-"Nlr. Blair, I could, but there's a difference of opin- ion." Eugene Miller-You haven't anything in the Echo about me, have you? Betty Crites-No, we haven't started on the jokes yet. Freshman-l think this school is haunted. Senior-Why? Freshman-Because lVlr. Shimp is always talking about school spirit. Cleo and Bill went out into the country to pick flowers and Cleo's mother went toog so they picked flowers. Clara Schulte-Do you know l've never been kissed. ' Senior Boys-Are you boasting or begging? Nlr. Aplin-Tomorrow we will take the life of Shakespeare, please come prepared. Bob Huffman--What do we call a man who keeps on talking when no one is listening? jim Steen-A school teacher. -66- Casimir Kleski-What is water? George Carmack--A colorless liquid that turns black when you put your hands in it. Mr. Cory-What is the most potent poison? Donald Morgan-An airplane-one drop and you're dead. Gene Heck-What is that lump you have on your head? Sam Romig-Oh, that's where a thought struck me. There are 3 classes of girls-the beautiful, the intellectual, and the majority. Pupil-When I sing I get tears in my eyes, what can I do for this? Miss McCo'llam-Stuff cotton in your ears. Mary Armstrong-When we walk out of doors on a cold winter morn- ing and look about us, what do we see on every hand? Mary Davis-Gloves. Freshman-Oh, I have an idea! Senior-Beginners luck! Some people are like blotters--soak up everything but get it all back- wards. Now-adays everybody wants to talk, but few want to think and no- body wants to listen. With Apologies to Longfellow Lives of Seniors all remind us We can make our lives sublime, And departing leave behind us Papers in the desks of time Papers that perhaps another, Toiling through the High School's four, A forlorn and Hunking brother, Finding, may hand in once more. Perpetual motion is here Yes! it's come, just watch Rebecca Baltzell Chewing Spearmint gum. -67- EXTRA EDITION OF THE UHRICHSVILLE NEWS August 12, 1950 Excitement ran high in Uhrichsville yesterday in expectation of the greatest social event of the season. Notables from all parts of the world arrived to attend the reunion of the Uhrichsville High School Class '37. At six o'clock yesterday evening the ballroom of the Fuller Hotel, owned and operated by Merle and Earl Fuller, presented a gorgeous scene when the orchestra, conducted by the world famous director, Robert Craigo, began to play the high school song, and all the old U. H. S. '37 seniors once again felt the thrill of seeing and talking to each other. Mr. Eugene Heck and his wife, nee Betty Crites, acted as host and hostess. june Capper, private secretary of the Governor of Ohio, Dorothy Greenberg, operator of a beauty salon in Cleveland and Mrs. Eugenie Miller, formerly Helen Cooper, greeted the guests as they arrive . The ladies were dressed in very attractive evening gowns, and the men in tuxedos. A murmur of excitement was caused by the en- trance of Helen Russell and Rebecca Yant escorted by Carl Harper and Albert Harshey. These two ladies are very famous in the fash- ion world of Paris. Their arrival was quite unexpected. At 6:15 o'cIock, after all the guests had arrived, the master of ceremonies, Mr. Robert Huffman, president of a prominent bank in the city of New York, and Miss Dale Mitchell, manager of the Mit- chell Book Concern in Cincinnati, led the grand promenade to the din- ing room. This dining room is one of the most attractive in the State, having been designed by Count Casimir Kleski and Countess Betty Pyle. On the walls are two famous paintings by Alice McKibben and Melva Lanning. One is a pastoral scene and the other a portrait of the beautiful Metropolitan Opera Singer, Madame Wilma Peter. The long table which seated about one hundred guests was very beautifully arranged and adorned with large baskets of roses donated by james Birney, a well-known florist. At 6:30 o'clock the banquet began. The food was so delicious that everyone insisted on seeing the chefs and were not surprised when Robert and William Green entered with their white aprons and caps made by Rose Porotti, who is the best tailoress in Uhrichsville. Music for the evening was furnished by the orchestra consisting of Sam Romig, manager of a Zoo in Chicagog Rev. Russell Morris, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Buffalo, New York, Henry Naber, Professor of Chemistry in Palo Alto University, Mr. William Smith and his wife, nee Ruth Litzinger, prominent residents of this 663, cityg Mary Armstrong, versatile pianist of New Yorkg john Sproul and George Simpson, cooperators in a department store in Denver, Coloradog Clarice Barnhill, stenographer for a Canton attorneyg Ma- rie Cox, a librarian in the Uhrichsville Public Libraryg Dean Kinsey, a trapeze performer in the Ringling Brothers Circusg Mary McMullen, a toe dancer in Vaudevilleg and Lucille Ringler, the manager of an ice cream parlor in Columbus, Ohio. Although few in number, these musicians thrilled the audience with their skill. Between the first and second courses Harold Gilmore, a radio comedian of the Uhrichsville Broadcasting Company, acted as toast- master and opened the program by introducing the internationally known sextettes, consisting of Misses Mabel Tipton, Bessie Welsh, Nacy Lehew and Helen Reed, and Messrs. Michael Maher and jesse Reese. Their first selection was "Memories of U. H. S." written es- pecially for the occasion by Dorothy Huber, renowned poetess and composer. james Steen, a prominent doctor in Labrador gave a very interesting talk on his experiences in the frozen north. The next feature on the program was a skillful acrobatic stunt performed by the "Easy S's", Schulte tClaraj, Shamel tThelmaj, Shaw tBeulahJ, Shuss tVedaJ, and Staneart tBeulahD. After the second course, the program continued. The speakers were intrtoduced by the toastmistress, Frances Lytle, superintendent of Fellowship Hospital in Tampa, Florida. Vivian McGrew and Bruce Shamel delivered the orations with which they won the place of foremost orators of the world. Hilda McCue, winner of the 1949 Nobel Prize in Literature, was present and told about her work as Professor of American Literature in a well-known University in the East. Sir james Basles of the Nobility of Australia and owner of the magnificent Basles Cathedral told of his airplane flight from Australia to Uhrichsville in order to be present at the reunion of his high school class. The turkeys for the banquet were furnished by George Carmack, owner of a large farm near Uhrichsville, and the fruit was donated by james Barkley, manager of the Barkley Fruit Co. After the third course, Dorothy McClave, Margaret Bliss, and Geraldine Cappel, instructors in the primary schools in the Philippine Commonwealth, told of the life of the Filipinos and the condition of their government. Eugene Miller, State representative of Ohio, was unable to be presentg however, he composed a poem called "Reminiscence," which was read by Donald Morgan, his private secretary. john Greenwalt and his wife, the former Lucille Wanamakei, -69- john Rhoades, and Thomas"Foltz, all of whom are famed architects, gave a very vivid description of the beauty and magnificence of the French Napoleonic Castle which they designed and which has mer- ited great praise from the most famous architects of the world. just then a Western Union boy brought a telegram from Carlene Gerkin and Betty Wentz, who sent their regrets at not being able to be present because of business which forced them to leave immediately for Cuba. Mary Davis and jean Fisher, teachers of foreign languages in the Uhrichsville High School, told of the changes and improvements which had taken place in the high school during the past thirteen years. Ed. Visintainer, Victor West, and Harry Edwards, who comprise a magician troupe employed by the King and Cgueen of Hungary for their amusement, displayed their talent to the elight of everyone. Gladys Kinsey, a very famous movie actress in Hollywood, told her old classmates of her rise to stardom and how she was inspired to become an actress after having seen Shakespeare's drama, "Mac- beth." She employs Alma Andreatta and Cleo Fawcett. The next part of the program consisted of beautiful dances by jean Wilcoxon, Louise West, Phyllis Thomas, Maxine Trushel, Marj- orie james and Pauline Errington. These ladies have received an of- fer to go to Hollywood and are leaving next week. Ralph W. Otto, owner of the "Otto Auto Company," entertained the audience with a description of modes of travel fifty years from now. Employed as his chief mechanics are Marion Newton and Wal- ter Patterson, and his head electrician is jack Fisher. Lloyd Northam, the editor of the Washington Post, Roscoe Gal- braith, and Frank Dudziak, forest rangers in Montana, and Leroy Dickinson, a Texas ranchman, were unable to attend. Rebecca Baltzell and Bernice Dill, stenographers in the Acme Steel Co. in Philadelphia, told of their trip to Greenland, a Christmas pres- ent from their boss, john Dooley. One of the most thrilling features of the evening was the stirring account of the adventures of five women who went, unaccompanied, into the jungles of Africa and returned with some of the rarest and most valuable treasures, which are owned by the Smithsonian Insti- tute. These ladies were Maxine Little, Anna Dell Hunt, Ruth Rap- port, Teddy Lefkovitz, and Lucille Randolph. Everyone had a grand time! Old friendships were renewed, and plans were made to make the banquet an annual affair. North, South, East or West, Of all the high schools, U. H. S .... the best! -Lida Carmack -t -ro- Football teams-stumble. Basketball teams-fumble. G. A. A. girls--tumble. Students-mumble. Teachers-grumble. 222 222 ak 3 Senior Yell Coalition of Erudition Oggregation or Cognovition Assimilation of Education Bring recognition and . . . Presentation of Diploma :Zz :lc :Ie :Ze What wonderful hours we once enjoyed! How sweet their memory still! But they have left an aching void, the world Can never hll! sg :lc :Ze :Zi Dear Classmates: We, the Echo Staff, with the help of the faculty advisers and the assistance of our patrons, have brought you this "Echo" as a monu- ment to the activities, hopes and ambitions, of the Senior Class of 1937. We hope it may always serve as an inspiration and beacon to you to "go forward" through the school life that is before you. We sincerely hope that in the future as you recall your school days by reading these pages your memories will be pleasant when you think of your associations and good times enjoyed with the mem- bers of the Class of '37. We trust that this 1937 annual has given you as much pleasure as it gave us, the Echo Staff, to bring it to you. And so, kind friends and classmates, we close the pages of our "Echo" and in bidding you adieu let me say good bye, good luck, and best wishes, to our classmates and all future seniors. V -Betty Crites, Editor. 471 ,, J. S. Beck Hunt Shoe Co. Cox 81 Romig Baker Drug Co. G. J. Morgan Greenberg's Fruit Market D. J. Cooper Al Schwartz E. J. Bietler Dean Hooker J. E. Smith Metropolitan Store City News Stand D. V. Heck Klien's Grocery Store Twin City Greenhouse Kopp Bros. Bakery McGowan Bros. Westhafer's Hardware Store Schumacher Barber Shop Dr. Hammersley W. J. Weymer Furbay's Insurance Purdy's Studio Twin City Electric Henry Spring P. G. Lanning 81 Sons G. W. Reed City Auto Co. Wiest Shoe Store Don Marshall Dr. P. H. Miller W. A. Rectanus Ashelman's Market Johnson Hardware Co. Twin City Grocery Co. Kleanall Kleaning Co. McCollam 81 Son The Smart Shop Mrs. J. C. Rayl M. 81 K. Meat Market PATRONS M. 81 K. Grocery Spear's News Agency Gibbs Chevrolet Sales Brownls Music Shop Joe Sandry Scott Harrison, Atty. at Law Wilcoxen Hardware Co. Romig Insurance Co. McMillen Plumbing Co. Browning Garage Purser's Store Paul Reed Dr. Rainsberger Latto Conwell Dr. Johnson Dr. Stewart Rentch Bros. W. O. Riggs A. C. Sullivan Ludwig Ries, Jr. Roll Lytle Evans 81 Livingston Grocery Daily Paragraph Green's Restaurant T. Lanning Co. . ' Dr. Alvin Greenlee Scott Insurance Haas Hardware Co. John Gardner First National Bank Lindsey Funeral Home Miller's Restaurant Mary Ann's Grocery Twin City Shoe Repair I.ouis Tolloty Twin City Lunch Star Store Twin City Hardware The Vogue Shop L. L. Simpson C. gl M. Radio 81 App. Co. -72- F. Bagby Barber Shop job s Barber Shop D. C. Peoples Charles E. Laporte j. W. Lytle F. A. Mazurie Frock Shop The Town Club The Farm Bureau Ed. Uhrich KOPP Candy Co. Clantz's Service Station White Drug Store F. D. Natale Potts Barber Shop Disher Candy Co. Dr. Bowers Laporte 81 Son Xville Shooting Gallery Peoples Building Loan Blue Moon Service No. 2 Peoples 5 81 lOc Store Coca Cola Bottling Co, Igliclcs Co. ti water Cla Products o. jack's Grill Y C C. E. Molesworth Pittis Meat Market Fred Fairall Construction Co, PATRONS Chronicle Twin City Theatre Co. Dr. Wolfe H. G. Clark Prov. Co. Robinson 8a Son Sewer Pipe Roanoke Auto Sales H. j. Uhrich 81 Sons Francis M. Dunn Greenlee's Grocery Herbert Crites 'Wade Electric Dennison Meat Market Parr's Twin City Dry Cleaning Co. Ohio Power Co. Mrs. Anna M. Steen Great Atlantic 8: Pacific Tea Co H. O. Snyder 8a Son ' Dr. Sheppard F. B. Maurer Ringlette Beauty Shoppe Superior Clay Corp. Dennison Sewer Pipe Co. Uhrichsville lce Co. - Buckeye Hotel E. R. Campbell, Tailor Clay City Pipe Co. Evans Pipe Co. Senhauser Clothing Co. Prim New Philadelphi mx L..g,,..J "fi fav Dauglau ED' Say 'igliugsr -73.. l S ONG AN OUTSTANDING OONTRIBUTOR TO TI-IE BEST IN COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOKS I A I ECONOMY PLUS QUALITY AND SERVICE SINCE 1906. 'I 9 . a

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