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.. Y , -1" :rf II ,5Q,.Ji-IV .- V. -1.' eV - . If ,. 5 V .' 'f' 'G 2 1 . 1 'fl' - . ,- ' ' I ...' -5 V' fi" .Ir ' ' ... - a .., as M 1 1'- I v -QV V ., x 1. I- ,. ' A"' 4. 1 il.,-. 3 , ITIQ I . II. I .INI. . III I . I IIII I N' - . xl - .TIII I f- .3 ,..- n., I i.'..- Vs -- ?'b:.'ff ,. :b A ., A. VJ-L ei" ...VV v 4... gf -.I,V. . , .I..-... IIN- r, .V 'c,.4--re.,- -'.-v.1V ,"K' - " na 1 . ' - 'f V'y' -5 .I..I. ' 'Ji U-fs. .- -' Pr,-F-2. :I- ,:' g H...-II J-'-'if' 11-:rw -. Im- . , 1.-,V V. --1 -- ,. I,, ,. . fl- V rf. . a. .II .4 I-Li. ' ,-. ,LI ' 4"'."e 2. I, I II,II.II , ill -Q a. J. '- .3 V.1.,' 1 I V If. '. V Y-1 ' ' .A- x n . V , Vx-V I .:IV-. VgV. ' L- ' I L ., II I I .II .I I,, .. ..I. .. I i .. -V - V. ...V gl .. 1 - . . ,. 'fa' "N ,rm - . . pm. -f. - V ,. , ..' -,- V... I - ,f xv --..V .Q .. I , - .If - Yu . I .. .VI ,' 1 . , 7-'.-' . I-. V -4M V ' -rf. 3 If ""- -.IV ' .I I I 4-4 ,' ,I . - "- - ,'X. .yf . LV '-.+,I. . - f J' .- . I . I. , . ,. V .. - .. . W ' K- ' ui' - 'r .. I - . . ' .I ' 1 L. ,. .- . -.Q ... ,.I. '. V ,- 5 . . -. - . I I... 1 I -t . 5, I... . I ,, I . I . . ' ', .-.----I V" VV -r J . ,'. II" I .. I-. I. I r.fI II II, II .2 . V, ff. ' f. "-' - xr . . 1 I , f-. .f"'.- -'ar 1 V- va, I I -. I, If I . I - I ,V V- . V ' ' .,' v P, ' ' ,- .e -Q f 5- L.-I .V V . , .4 ,II IV -1 I V .- - . ,-. In, f .I.. , ' N' ', "g.' 1, ,. ' ff'-'lf' " - -5 . I .- I I ra ' ..--I V-.. I III V I '- ,-,',II1- 3 --VW . ix "fl :V- ' ' " .5 3, I f. 1 -I --VV- - V .I .V.f .'-l'f' '- 'A r. 1 .' - '-., ' I -- .- ,., 1 .I I-III -. ,I'r, V, ,II ' f. ' " . IIA1 . V'-. ,T s . . . -.F . 15" I"' V. .' "A -' V-Q-'A ' V X V V " V'-fi.: -f F' 1' L- if . V V' I'1. ' .- -, . ,..- ,--V., 'n . 5' " .- . -' f ' "1 I 'HWY ., " - 1. I. . QI. I Vf-I+- 4... . , . V' f "' .x . .'-.-"2,I .,.',.'- Ir- V V ...- I .- .T - . ' 1. ' - . . I .I IC . AW, I, - V "I - 'S' V H" ' . ,f - .. V - if I . II .IV I V II, if . ,..? 1 ni.-"-. I ' V' l rf . .mx .NN , ' ' . nf A : ..' ' -- '.' - V , V VV V -- -s v.. . - - . , I I . I I, , . , nu - . V V m . V - - -. V .1 LV , I I .I .5. ,MIM II II II y-V sl' ' ... f"'.:ff' V . .A I I - - .V.V . 4 . -Lg .' -5 .,..-SI." ', " ' '."'i . "5 ,I .I..I II . ' xahf' .. -V . -. .. am . V- +V- ...a- I. I .I : - ,pu J- -f, V V . ' "--V ...QP .V .' ' 'M-fl' - -L ,, 1 ' , IIIQ 2. f. - .3 -". . '- .I' A 'IJ QI . IIT Iv I . . . . ,III,II., II. ,I .I 'V - :I I IIgI.I-. V, 1. 5.2 - ' -ia. F - - ,' '-",,.- . ' - . -if .-' 4' -V -' - . V-- ,Q-. I ..'Vf. .I .I Vw , x . 'V af . .,m,'. I .- 35,1 V I Ii, -II.l. IV14'. Z- ' ,I- . II . I,II 55. , I- ,gg- ..f,V-- -' 'IL 1 , ,. 'im -Jw. . ' -xg..-r1I. r , I, . ..g.' ' 'V .W VI -Ar . I -...-2.13 . 1.4 " f- , . . 53.5, - '-"- 9.81 .' .pl XV' fl-T .. .7 V, . 1 '- I,I I III . -. IIIII 1 - uni V , gi IIIII II - II. . IIA .I II I , ,QI 1 1- '51, I SQA 1' 'J " - A . J' ' . ' . -'M' 6'-... ' ' ' . -'-lf. V V -1' IM-I :I1l"'IfV-II-' I ,I .- , .. -.1 'k 15.9. il V xg? , V.:,i. , , Nfiffr .- A-r11.i?--.V,-1 ' ' .- - - , LU. 1 . 4 - 'lv' 1 - . ' .vi -. iff'-5 5' 1' 31 , ..V,- I ,- i1a'L'5!!,giE1kR -52 " Xriif' , V - -. A .Q I. '. .' . .- I..t.,.Vf:-gIV .I- I. -I .- I. - -- . .4 .-- .. .I. VV --II I I . I I ' --1.-.-44- w- '. . ' - V V ' - I. ' .I "2 I I ,:II.,I.II 33.1, . v , I fi I , II : I .,- .I I I. II I I ,I I I II I 1 Q... .'5g.1.I , -4I I - ' 'gn-I I, I I 'I zu.. T-.I V - '1-i..I'. If,"-. . "YQ 'W X 15? 732.1 . - '-F ' V- 4 'V ' ' N' ' ,' ' . 'I v ' . .MV .T . 2 1- II - .1 V.: in .III-.QIIII ,I- Vs., III . .1 . I -V - --,ff ., .. , ,- . . .I. -1. , I fy ,-.V. V I 4, I Ir, . - V -V ' 1 " :' .-px.. -. ! , " . ' -. --. ' . 1 - - -V ' 1"-' .Y . f ' K4 KY"2'fcVff VM., . . . 1 V .ff Ig, .I ' p .,-.5-.I I - .1 ,,1,-.I.:. -. .Ir Y -- I -.3 V 3 jf ' 7" wiv--i'f:'f'.iJ'-' 'T 9 'SPT M' vV . r 1 . V ' V .I V. ' Q'-5- - ., ' ,, s... V ' -1: - .ya 1 II N VV f. '.. 3 '. 4, . ..- - 1 V X , ?m.la.n.dL!EGi,.M..:lf-' -- 1 -. . .. f 'A71.xil'lr.'mf.l1KJ nted by Douglass 8: Son, Uhrichswlle, A The Echo CU. fl-1. S. Echo of 1925 of Llhrichsuille Hiih School Published by the Senior Class of 1925 U. H. S. 1872 Oh The Echo The Echo CONTENTS 5 Title Page The Home ofU H S Table of Contents The Staf Dedication The Faculty Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Athletics Organizations The Alumni Jokes Advertising QQLTIM2 Echo Q The Echo .453--"f Q Egwgzf' 4-5 ECHO STAFF Editor-in-Chief Lucille Van Lehn Business Manager George Creager ASSOCIATE MANAGERS Bill McCollam Ellen Kinsey John Derry George Hays ASSOCIATE EDITORS Seniors Edna Kummer, Dorothy Woodborne, Helen Forster Athletics Margaret Patterson, Kenneth Robinson Organizations Lida Johnson Alumni Mary A. Campbell Jokes Nora Gooding, Martha Kennedy FACULTY COMMITTEE Mr. Shimp, Miss Mercer, Miss Smythe, Miss Ilflinnich A The Echo T0 MISS MERCER The Class of ,25 dedicates this "Echo.', As a Teacher, an Able Instructor. As a Friend, true and loyal. As our Sponsor, whole-heartedly co-operating in all activities. ll J mT1'1Q Echo lg Q mmm WX The Echo MR. H. B. CALBRAITH Superintendent of Schools The Echo PRINCIPAL SAMUEL SHIMP The Echo M. ADELLA McCANN Muskingum College. N. B. Sc. Ohio State University M. A. Doylestown High School. Malvern High School. Lake High School. JAMES R. ROBINSON Alliance High School, 1918, Mt. Union College. B. S. 1922. Uhrichsville High School, Algebra, 1922-25. MARY A. MORGAN Uhrichsville High School, l89l. Scio College. Elliott School, Wheeling, West Virginia. Canton Actual Business College. Uhrichsville Public Schools, l893-l900. Principal Yocum Business College, Findlay, Uhrichsville and New Philadelphia. Douglass College. Canton Actual Business College. Uhrichsville High School, l9l3-I9. New Philadelphia High School, l920-23. Uhrichsville High School, Bookkeeping, 1925-25 EDWIN R. ROE Zanesville High School, l9l8. Denison University, B. S,, l922. Ohio State University. Kenmore jr. High School, Akron. Granville High School. Uhrichsville High School, Science, l924-25. GEORGE LA PORTE 1 Uhrichsville High School, l9l9. Ohio Wesleyan University, B., l923. V Uhrichsville High School, Science, 1923-27. Uhrichsville High School, Mathematics. l9l8-25. ' The Echo ELIZABETH SMYTHE Dennison High School, 1916. Oberlin Business College, 1917-1918. Oberlin Business College, Summer, 1921. Woodville High School, 1918-19. Llhrichsville High School, Stenography, 1921-25. DEBORAH G EORG E Newcomerstown High School, 1920. Ohio State University, B. S., 1924. Llhrichsville High School, Home Economics, 1924-2 5. H ELEN BATES Worthington High School. 1920. Ohio State University, B. S. 1924. Lhrichsville High School, English, 1924-25. ELMA RAINS Grandview lligh School, 1918. Ohio State University, B. S., 1922. Lfhrichsville High School, Latin. 1922-25. BERNICE HARPER Antioch Academy, 1917. Ohio Wesleyan University, A. B., 1921. Bellbrook lligh School, 1921-23. South Webster High School. 1923-24. Lfhrichsville High School. History and English 1924-25. The Echo LUCILLE MERCER McConnellsville High School, l9l9. Ohio State University. B. S. it 1973. Uhrichsville High School, Spanish, l9Z3-25. BEATRICE MlNNlCll Uhrichsville High School, l9l6, Ohio State University, A. B., l9Z3. Bolivar High School. l920-Zl. Uhrichsville High School, English and American History, l923-25. ROSS M. Vl RTUE Hanover High School, 1918. Muskingum College, A. B., 1924. Uhrichsville High School, l924-25. History, Economics and Civics. RU'l'H SPECK WAUD Uhrichsville High School, l9l7. Ohio University, l9l8-l9. National Summer School of Music, l9l9, Chautauqua, New York, 1920-24. Supervisor of Music, Uhrichsville Schools, l9l9-21, l9Z3-25. MARCELLA C-RllfFl'l'H Washington, C. xH., High School, l92lJ. Ohio Wesleyan University, B, A. 192 l. Uhrichsville High School, English l924-25. Qyflme Echo M Q SE was T , I F f Y Rfk 1 5 K -if I I, U! sw The Echo Edith Arbogast Florence Bender lrma Best Mary A. Campbell Ada Carrothers julia Chadwell lrene Cowan Catherine Danner Phyllis Devine Hyla Edie Helen Forster Hazel Furbay Agnes Galbraith Mary Galbraith Nora Gooding Tina Belle Gower Mildred Green Mary E. Harvey Madelon Herron Esther lngalls Lida johnson Evelyn jones Avalene Kaiser Martha Kennedy Ellen Kinsey Edna Kummer Evelyn Lindsey Mary C. Morrison Luella Morrow Senior Class Ojjicers President ---- - - - joi-:N DERRY Vice President ---------- GEORGE HAYS Secretary-Treasurer ---- DCROTHY WOODBORNE Historian --------- MILDRED WEAVER Sponsors - MR. EDWIN ROE, Miss ELIZABETH SMYTHE, and Miss LUCILLE MERCER Class Flower - Yellow Tea Rose. Class Colors - Yellow and White Senior Class Roll Florence Morton Mary E. Murphy Margaret Patterson Gladys Pocock jeannette Preston Freda Retzler Ora Roth Lena Schumaker Gladys Sharp Hazel Simpson Mononia Sloan Hattie Swain Mary Stoutt Ella Trueman Lucille Van Lehn Ruth Walcott Carrie Wardell Mildred Weaver Dorothy Woodborne Mary Wright Leona Zimmerman Marian Marchand Alva Ashcraft Charles Barr Wayne Barr Brade Blackwell Franklin Clark George Creager john Derry Frank Foster E. Noel Gartrell john Green George Hays Stewart Henry Gordon Hensel Ronald Hillyer Delmar Hollingsworth Clarence james Paul johnson Ray Kauffman Howard Kobelt Ralph La Porte john Maxwell Carrell McBeth Bill McCollam Edward Miller Forrest Myers jay Peoples Donald Price Kenneth Robinson Robert Ronald Franklin Schaffer Chester Wagner George Wentz Henry Wilson Paul Wright Kenneth Davidson . ly ' The Echo EDITH ARBOGAST Latin Club, Orchestra C29 C39 C47. "Smiling, frowning ever more Thou art perfect in love-lore." Edith is one of our most helpful Seniors.. She is always willing to improve the spirit ot our parties with her saxophone. ALVA ASHCRAFT "Be silent and safe. Silence never betrays you." Alva ista new student 'this year. He spends much time on his studies and we are glad to have him a member of "ZS," FLORENCE BENDER Spanish Club. Latin Club. Glee Club OJ, 143. E Club 123, OD. "She fills with pleasures The listener's eyes, and ears with melody." One of those girls who assumes responsibility and always makes the most of her time. CHARLES BARR 'A little nonsense now and then, Is relished by the best of men." Charles believes too much studying is a dangerous thing. He never misses a good laugh. lRlVlA BEST "The mildest manners ana' gentlest heart. A quiet, unassuming girl who goes about her lessons with an air of diligence and a will to succeed. WAYNE BARR 'Still they gage and still the wonder grew That one small head could carry all he knew." His stock of knowledge must be large or how could words so fluently flow. CPJ The Echo MARY ALICE CAMPBELL Echo Staff, Pres. of Spanish Club, Latin Club, E. Club 119, 123, 135, 143. "Holy fair and wise is she The heavens such grace did lend her That she might admired be." Another brillant pupil and energentic Senior. BRADE BLACKWELL 'Why vex our souls with care." This certainly characterizes Brade. He never lets care weigh heavy on his shoulders whether in class room or study hall. ADA CARROTHERS Spanish Club, B. B., 125, Varsity 145. "She is fair as she is clever, To mzss some fun? Oh, never!" Ada is the other forward on the girl's B. B. team, and is popular with her classmates. FRANKLIN CLARK "I never with important air, In conversation overbearf' Franklin has great ability as we have discover- ed, but he never boasts about it." ,IULIA CHADWELL Glee Club 133. "No magic can sever Thy music from thee." Altho music is her greatest accomplishment, she has mnany other talents. 1Conversation and tardlness 1ncluded.D GEORGE CREAGER Business Manager of Echo. "He seeks for fame, for fortune, for space in the w0rld's thoughts, and domain over his fellow men." George will make a success of his life. He never shirks his duty, and is always willing to lend a helping hand. ' A The Echo IRENE COWAN "Happy am I,' from care I'm free, Why are they not all content like nie?" One would go a long way to find another with lrene's ready wit. JOHN DERRY Class Pres. Ol, C4J. Football OJ, Varsity C41 B. B. Ol. Track CZJ, OJ, 649. Echo Staff, Spanish Club, Latin Club, .E Club Cll, 423. "He 'thiseth is who only gives True to himself, the best he can," As class president john has surely proven him- self worth-while: and without a doubt he will make a success in life." CATHERINE DANNER 'Fair was she to behold that maiden of seventeen summers." Catherine scatters cheerfulness where'er she goes and dull care vanishes in her presence. FRANK FOSTER "Frank Foster is my name From Tippecanoe I came,- Altho I'1n taller than the average l'll get there just the same." PHYLLIS DEVINE Spanish Club. Latin Club, Glee Club 135. "She was a phantom of delight When first she gleamed upon my sight." Phyllis possesses a sweet lovable character which draws to her a host of friends. ESTHER INGALLS Olee Club 137 445. "She did the 'work she found to do." Esther tends to her own affairs and lets others do the same. The Echo NORA GOODING Echo Staff. Latin Club, Glee Club 631, "llere's an iizwentnr wh0's certain to win Shes irzwented the truly perpetual grin." Nora is one of our clever seniors who brightens up many a dull day with her ready wit and humor. GORDON HENSEL llootball UB, Varsity f4l. "He was indeed the glass Wherein the noble youth did dress them- selves." lle never attempts a task without finishing it. TINA BELLE GOWER "A certain grace there was uf movevrzent And a beauty in the face." Tina Belle is always ready to do all she can to make our school activities a success. RONALD HILLYER "He was full of joke and jest." Ron is always bubblinglover with mirth. and can manufacture a good joke on short notice. AGNES GALBRAITH "Silence is most perfect herald of joy I were but little happy zi I could say how much." We never hear Agnes complain of long lessons or hard tasks. STEWART HENRY Basketball 439, Varsity C-ll. Football Varsity 143. Track Ol, C4l. "That aft in field with target and shield Did make my foe to sweat." Witltoxit "Stews" help the black and gold would probably not have gained so many victories this year. ' A The Echo HYLA EDIE "There is no Christian duty that is not to be seasoned and to be set 017 by cheerful- ness." Hyla's smiles have been a source of much en- couragement to her class mates on blue Mon- days. E. NEOL GAR FRELL "An affable and courteous gentleman." ln a quietl unassuming way Neol goes about his work .with that determination and consider- ation which results in something worth-while. HELEN FORSTER Echo Staff, Latin Club, Glee Club 147, Orches- tra 1l7. 127, 137. 147, E Club 117. "Helen is jolly and never blue, And to her friends ever true." She's just naturally a good friend to everyone and always sees the sunny side of life. JOHN GREEN Football Varsity 1l7, 127. 137, 147. A mighty athlete is he." john is among the credible few who have made such a record in football. Ile is well liked among his class mates who wish him even great- er success. HAZEL FURBAY Spanish Club. Glee Club 147. "How sweet and gracious t?'LE'l1 in common speech ls that fine sense which men call courtesy." Never need we ask for Hazel's cooperation and help--she always cheerfully extends it. GEORGE HAYS licho Staff, Football 117. 1271 137, Varsity 147. 'lrack 127, 137. 147, Manager 147. Spanish Club. B. B. Manager 147, Athletic Asst. Treas. 147. "Oh, you all know him The fine gentleman they all talk so much about." "Hep" takes an active interest in all athletic activities. He is a good sport and takes victory or defeat equally well. The Echo AYALINE KAISFR Spanish Club. Glee Club 135. Orchestra 123. UI, l4L. Latin Club. ilffopnlar everywhere she goes lhzs brofurn-eyed girl." Avalene is one of our most talented musicians. always ready to help out at our parties. We predict that her charming personality will help her a great deal toward the goal of success. HOWARD KOBELT "For manners are not idle But ,the fruit of a loyal nature And a noble mind." Howard- puts forth a good deal of effort in everything he attempts. LIDA ,IOHNSON Echo Staff, Spanish Club, Glee Club OJ, 143, Orchestra 85, C41, E Club ill, UD. 'Love to one, Friendship to many, good-will toward all". Good in all her classes but she excels in "For- restryf' RALPH LAPORTE Football Manager Ol, Assistant CZD. "Speak to him ladies and see if you can move hi1n.." Bernoy is no ladies' mang he has escaped that so-called-contagious disease. His first interest is athletics. EVELYN JONES C-lee Club Q35, Spanish Club. "Always happy, free from care To rnzss a dance, she'd never dare!" Here you have one of our jolliest classmates. who is always too ready to share our good times. She is ever ready to lend a hand toward making our parties a success. JOHN MAXWELL Football GJ. "It is an accomplishnzent to be content." john cannot be accused of studying too much. He is always present when there is any excite- ment. Who knows? some day he may be a great athlete! A The Echo Q MILDRED GREEN Glee Club Cil. Spanish Club, B. B. Varsity UD, fell, E, Club Cll, C2l, Ul. "Ever in motion, blithsome and cheery," Altho Mildred is one of our best students she is always looking for a good time and usually finds it. RAY KAUFFMAN "COHl611l171E11l is a pearl of great price." Ray is content to take his studies as they come and never grumbles. We wish him a successful career, MAD ELON H E R RON "It is good to be merry and wise, It is good to be honest and true." Madelon believes in the old saying, "Silence is better than empty chatter." I PAUL ,IOHNSON "Death is the end of life Ah. 'why should life all labor be? llere is one of the outstanding wits of our class. For study hall disturbance we bestow upon "Fat" the medal. MARY ESTELLE HARVEY "lf it were not for excitement I would die." MaryVEstelle craves excitement and wherever she goes she takes it with her. No party is dull with her present, DELMAR HOl-l-lNGSWOR'l'H "Shall I, wasting in despair, Die, because a womaifs fair?" Delmar is not bothered by the troubles most young men have, The fair sex does not keep him from studying. The Echo ' Q MARY CATHERINE MORRISON Spanish Club, Latin Club, Orchestra Ill, 127, 435. C41 ' A queen 'with rosy cheeks and bold black eyes." This is another of "Z5" charming young ladies who never lets too much study interfere with her good times. FORREST MYERS Spanish Club. Orchestra CZD, OD, 143. ".lizd when a lady's in the case, You knows, all other things give place." Forrest is an industrious student who does not be.Leve tn wasting hts time. EVELYN LINDSEY "She gains the prize who never shirks, Who 'waits and 'watches and always works." Evelyn is a loyal member of IUZS. She is al- ways willing to do anything that is asked of her. IAY PEOPLES Basketball Ol. Varsity C4l, Football 623, til, Varsity C-Il. "Most great men are dying, "I doift feel well myself." IIere's one we could not afford to lose. Not Olll'! on l.oor or field Ixus jay helped to make athletics a success, but by his persuasive sale of tickets. LUELLA MOKROW Glee Club 135. "Gentle words where such were few, Softening blame where blame was true Praising where small praise was due." DONALD PRICE Spanish Club. "With graceful step he walks the street And smiles on all the maidens fu'e4t." "Don" has a nleasing oersonality which attracts hath the students and the Faculty, A The Echo Q EDNA KUMMER lfrho Staff. Spanish Club, Latin Club, Glee Club Ul, E Club CZD, UD. "We have nice girls in our High School And good looking too, But to had one like our Edna Would be very hard to do." Rarely do we hnd combined in one such a charming personality and real scholastic ability. CARRELL MCBETH "Worry and I have never nzetf Cirrell never grieves a'fl'o he has broken more Lhemistry apparatus than six or seven other men." MARTHA KENNEDY Ififho Stall, Spanish Club. G'ee Club OJ, C41 B, B. 125. 133. Varsity f4l, Secretary and Treas- urer CID. "In her eyes the nziehief twinkles Always in for loads of lun." Yes. this is "Mart" Our forward on the B. B, team and a leader in all school activities. Nothing is complete without Martha present. EDWARD MILLER "Ile that is slow to anger is better than the mighty. and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh the city." Edward devotes much of his time to studies, but he is not too studious to attend our parties. ELLEN KINSEY licho Staff. Latin Club, Clee Club 139, 141. "Her blue affrayed eyes wide open shone." Ellen is one of our typical seniors. A staunch and loyal stand-by of the Senior Class of l'25". With her winning ways and open countenance she will be sure to succeed. WlLLlAlVl MCCOLLAM CBILLT Iieho Staff. Spanish Club. "Tho modest, on his unfiiibarrassed brim' Nature has written-gentleman." A reliable Senior. always on deck whether it be a class or party. The Echo FREDA RETZLER ?The most precious things are discovered ate." Freda just came to 'us from Port Washington. She has become quite a treasure and we are glad to have her among our graduates. KENNETH ROBINSON Echo Staff, Manager Football c4l, Basket Ball 625, Ql, C41 Varsity C23 C35 C4l, Track 121, Ol, L4l, Treasurer Spanish Club. 'Yeh, he's a dandy fellow, You are hearing near and far, Ana' when it comes to basket-ball He surely is a star." GLADYS POCOCK Spanish Club, Latin Club, Glee Club Ol, C4J. "Though skies may darken Yet the sun still shines Forever in her heart." just good natured, that's all, and not preten- tious. JEANNETTE PRESTON "To be efficient in a quiet way That is my aint thru each day." An energetic worker and a reliable girl. GEORGE WENTZ "l never dare to be as funny as I can." George has come to us from Gnadenhutten and brought the wit and good humor which has helped to make our Senior year enjoyable. LENA SCHUMAKER Spanish Club. Glee Club Ol, 645. 'Charm strikes the sight but merit wins the soul". Lena has a kind and gentle disposition with 3 kind word for everyone. ' A The Echo Q MARGARET PATTERSON Iivhv Staff, Spanish Club, B. B. Varsity CZJ, OD 143. Captain 143. "Shes a nice girl and we like ber too.' No doubt you've heard of her beforeg Shes well-known to the High-School for When someone shoots a basket right, She simply can't stay off the floor. 1 CHESTER WAGNER "Let us then be what we are And speak what we think." One of those young men with a determined spirit who is never afraid to express his opinion. FLORENCE MORTON "Warm of heart and clear of brain." The quotation "A friend in need is a friend in- deed!" surely appiics to Florence. Wh-never anyone needs a friend she is always ready to help them. FRANKUN SCHAFFER '0h, how sweet is lowes' young dream." Wlien ones heart is depressed with cares lhe mist is dlspelled when a woman appears. MARY MURPHY "Our deeds determine us as nznch as we deternzzne our deeds." Mary came to U. H. S. from Pleasant Valley. ln the two years she has been with us she has made many friends. ORA ROTH Spanish Club, Glee Club OJ, 645. "Unconscious as the sunshine, Simple, sweet and graczous as that." She does little kindnesses which others leave undone or despise, I The Echo llA'I"l'IE SWAIN Glee Club 135. "She has a voice of gladness and a sniile of eloquence and beauty." .Iust.as the sunshine brightens the darkness, I-Iatt1e's smile dispells the gloom about her. PAUL WRIGHT "A good scout with a strong right arm." A most reliable chap. He has a pleasing voice modulated to please a feminine ear and a cheer- ful disposition which even rain cannot dampen. IVIONONIA SLOAN Glee Club 133. "A girl in whom there is no guile Her gray eyes greet you with a smile." She has made her own circle of friends who proclaim her a good sport. GLADYS SHARP "We live in deeds not years, In thoughts, not breaths In feelings not in figures on a dial." HENRY WILSON Spanish Club. Latin Club, Orchestra C4l. "Give me the liberty to know, to think, to believe and to utter freely, according to conscience above all other liberties." From present indications Henry will be one of the accomplished linguists of the tuture. HAZEL SIMPSON Spanish Club, Latin Club, Orchestra tlj, CZJ, 137, I4D- "To those who know thee not, No 'words can paintg To those who know thee Words are faint." ' A The Echo LUCILLE VAN LEHN Editor Echo, Secretary-Treasurer Ol, Secretary Spanish Club, Latin Club, E Club CID, CZD, C31 143, Glee Club OD. "With malice toward none, Friendship toward all" just the Editor of the Echo. CLARENCE -IAMES Spanish Club, "He ,spake and into every heart his words Carried new thought and strength." young man of sterling qualities, a conscien- tious worker who will make a name for himself. MILDRED WEAVER Spanish Club, Latin Club, Glee Club GD, Or- chestra CD. "In all her grace and lovliness With smiles for a certain one.' She is quite clever as an entertainer and has added much enjoyment to our parties." RUTH WALCOTT "Wee, modest, crimson tipp'd flower" Ile hair is indeed the crowning glory of one who is thoughful of all. ROBERT RONALD 'AUp! Up! My friend and quit your books Ur surely yon'll grow doubleg Up! Up! My friend, and clear your looks. Why all this and trouble?" ELLA TRUEMAN "Whatever is worth doing at all Is worth doing well." Ella intends to take up medical work. The good wishes of "ZS" go with her. The Echo Q DOROTHY WOODBORNE Echo Staff, Spanish Club, Latin Club. Glee 633, E Club 617. 633. B, B. 637, Varsity 645. Secretary and Treas. 625, 643. ffiizfe nie one friend, just one who meets lhe needs of all my 'varying nioodsfl Dot is admired by all because of the rare sweet- ness and Iovableness of her disposition which is displayed in athletics as well as in her other activities. MARY GALBRAITH Glee Club, E Club CID, 629. 632. "A little learning. is a dangerous thing, Drink deep or taste not the Pierien spring. Mary has much ambition and puts forth great effort in her studies. MARY WRIGHT Spanish Club, Orchestra 625, 635, 645, Glee Club 645. "With looks whose brightness well might make Of darker nights a day." A merry girl, different from most in that she knows when to work and when to play. MARY STOI"I"l' Latin Club, Glee Club 639. "Who saw her always wished to know her more." Mary has a striking personality, a combination of pep, wit, and enthusiasm. CARRIE WARDELL Spanish Club Glee Club H Yrs, alas, her modest, hasljizl rmfure and pure innocence that makes her silent." Carrie talks half of the time to Gnd out her own thoughts. LEONA ZIMMERMAN Glee Club 645, "But smiling the brighter, the darker the day, Her sunshine would scatter the shadows away." Leona is one of our iaithiul students who is ul- ways there, full otideterminaiion and ambition. ' A The Echo 9 RUTH BALTZELL "She eanie anon with quiet grace." Ruth has been with us ever since our Freshman year and has proven a worth-while member of our class. May she prove as worth-while here- after. KENNETH DAVIDSON "The common all nzen have,' that which is rare, nzeig therefore seek to have and care to keep." Kenneth is always ready to have a good time. FRANCIS DOOLING Football Manager 149, Assistant 139. "Our grand business in life is not to see 'what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what clearly lies at hand." Francis certainly has proven one of the worth- while football managers. WALTER DeVAULT Football Varsity 129, 139, 149, Basketball Var- sity 139, Track 139. V "Greater men than I may have lived, But I do not believe it." One of our star athletes. He has done a great deal to carry the black and gold to victory. HAROLD LONG Football Varsity 129, 139, 149, Captain 149. "Give me the moonlight, give me the girl, And leave the rest to mef Perhaps "Hud's" ability on our football team has helped to win him his popularity. .IOHN LYTLE Basketball Varsity 139, 149, Captain 149 Foot- ball 129, Varsity 139. 149, Track 139, 149. "When in the world I lived I was the worlds commander." "johnny" has the stuff all right. There are few who can outjump "johnny" at center and as an "end" on the football team he did credit- able work. ' A The Echo History of Class of "25,' DEAR DOROTHY: Do you recall the first day we entered High School, one hundred and forty strong, to go through the trials and tribulations that all "Freshies" do? The Seniors entertained us at a very hne party. lf l remember rightly they had every- thing decorated in "Green" I wonder why? We then elected Walter DeVault as Class President. He saw to it that we were allowed to have a party all our own if we were watched closely by the sponsors. At the end of the Freshman year, we felt as if we were well established in the land of Education and some thought that so much that they left that Held of action. We entered our Sophomore year with john Hammersley as President, and one hundred and twenty in line for roll call. We had our usual party and had a Hne time. There was nothing exciting in that year for everything was about the same all the time. We entered our junior year with enthusiasm with one hundred and nve fol- lowers.. Everyone felt a little taller and a little bit more sophisticated, for we were being called upper-classmen. We again elected john Hammersley as Presi- dent, and had our usual party in the form of a hard times party Then came the wondrous event of all the years of school-life, the entertaining of the out-going Seniors, the ones we wished to replace the following year. The party was very successful. The banquet was held in the Presbyterian dining room and then after all the speeches, the dinner and program, we went to the good old Gym, the place where many a good time had been had. It was decorated as a bower of roses. The color scheme being carried out in white and from pink to red in roses. My, the Seniors did hate to leave and not be able to mix for one more year with a class such as ours. CFD It think I can appreciate how they felt, as l am a Senior also. Well, we have at last reached the goal of our ambitions from babyhood, to be a Senior and be looked up to with wonder. The time has surely flown since the Hrst grade when we were taken to the school house by our mothers. Yes, the Seniors have had two parties this year, with john Derry as President. One a Hallowe'en Party and the other Freshman-Senior Party. Everyone had a good time, at least we hope the Freshmen did. Now we are looking forward to the last entertainment of our High School year, with gladness, yet with sadness. We will have over eighty to carry away the one sign of Education-a Diploma. The thing we have worked for since we were six years old, with the aid of our parents. Let's do the best we can and follow this bit of poetry: "There's only one method of ineetin' life's test, jes' keep on a-strivin' an' hope for the best,' Don't give up the ship and quit in disinayj 'Causelhanirners are thrown wlhen you'd like a boquet. This world would be tiresome, we'd all get the blues If all the folks in it jest held the some views, So finish your work, show the best of your skill, Some folks won't like it, but other folks will." Yours as always, MILDRED WEAVER QT11e Echoig Q YIFP'-H'fiL WN E I, Sf? gs . fs N 145 S S4 'S -4 , --. +,+"go , N Zknmef' 1--...ug X X, N xe' S S O - J .3 NV sa' ff gig - i -tw. A The Echo 'T Esther Bender Margaret Burlington Nancy Buckingham Helen Davis Gladys Dooley lrma Dunkle Margaret Dunlap Margaret Forster Helen Freeburn Hollis Frizzell Frances Gooding Clara Granville Letha Hammond Geneva Heston june Hibbs Helen Hillegas Bertha Hutchins Nelle jones Beryl Lehew Bertha Little arol n Maxwell C y Dorothv McClelland Ethel McLaughlin Florence Mong Opal Newton Ruth Oliver Murl Perdue unior Class Officers Przxidflzf - - - Vin' Preridenf - Sffffldf-9' - - -- 1y'fd.H1l'fI' - Hifroriafz - Alvin Greenlee William Lukens Margaret Rice - Mildred Wilkinson Richard Fiedler Spomorf: Mr. Ross Virtue, Miss Helen Bates, and Miss Aclella McCann unior Class Roll Bessie Ramage Margaret Rice Mina Rippeth Margaret Rornig Esther Robb Helen Sauers Grace Schwab Bertha Spring julia Van Pelt jessie Waisner Margaret Wardell Mildred Wilkinson Margaret Wilson Betty Herrick lila Frecka Henry Anderson Forrest Birney Robert Condon Roy Dietrich George Dix William Evans Richard Fiedler lonnie Furbay Raymond Gordon Alvin Greenlee jav Guthrie Albert Haskins Charles Haskins Doyle Hooker Rennison Huff Harry Kinghorn Virgil Klasner Arthur Kowars john Latto Chester Long William Lukens junior Matson William Mattern Clarence Miller Harry Meyer Ralph Pocock Thomas Pringle Eugene Rippeth john Ronald William Rosel Gerald Varner Walter Schriener Charles Scott Glen Stilgenbauer Glen Zimmerley Wayne Douglass Gerald Gross Robert Grubbs The Echo QQ W ' A The Echo Junior Class History In the year of 1922 the class of '26 entered the Uhrichsville High School, as Freshmen. They soon organized and chose class officers. At the end of the Hrst semester we entered the New High School Building, which was a great improvement over the old building. In athletics the Freshmen were well represented. There were no stars in Foot- ball, Basketball or Track, but all had prospects for future greatness. As a result we had more muscle and a better meaning of sportsmanship. Quite a few members of our class carried off honors in scholarship, some being in the E association. The annual party of our class was held at the Uhrich Street School Building on Friday, April 13. The evening was spent in various amusements, everyone en- joying a good time. The second year of our High School Life we again organized. There were not so many in the class as when we were Freshmen, some having dropped out. The Sophomore Class was well represented on the athletic field duuring that year, there being several prominent figures in every sport. A number of Sophomores made good grades in their studies for the year, six being in the E Association. Our class also had members in the Glee Club and Orchestra. The Sophomor Party was held February 14 in honor of St. Valentine, in the High School Gym, which was tastefully decorated. Duets, a dialogue and games were the amusements of the evening, every one enjoying a good time. At the beginnning of the third year about seventy juniors registered. We elected our class oflicers and settled down to a year of marked success in our various fields. The junior party will be held soon and then the junior-Senior Banquet, which is the big event of the school year. Looking forward to our fourth year in High School we begin to feel with regret that our time here is almost over. RICHARD FIEDLER QQ QMQM AX QW? ihgvfn if M all 9 Wlllllmmumm. Xxxthu ll I lllhl il I W f 1 Ch ffl!! ll llllhf lllfl W I 7 1 A Yflfl I WM' 7 11111 JIIIIII lllll fum Ylllllv mm Minn AWWA al v ,gr uuuu VI Ill mu Illll 1 1 num lllll I Q I All lllll I I' xf mul num: muy d . it Q' 'L ML ,V U f W I X ' H IM H ' fi ,rl I ' ,nw 'Q . T2 f MIAA 'fllllnlllllg un 'IIA :MWY 5' a ll 1? llhw' 'A 'I WW' llll'lIl mmm u .' I7 l IMI? IIN IIIIVAII ,H A A . I. 7 ' M 1 f, 1 ,f iam' ,... QQ f Y :SA , 2 5 Q f 1 xi! 1 - fn M .WJ- E-w..L The Echo gg Adolphus Barker Everett Bromich Samuel H. Brown Lausell Burdette William Creager james Cross Hal Cummings jesse Dempster Arthur Dix Ralph D. Dix Maurice Douglass john Eckhardt Mendal Fowler Harold Galbraith Arthur Gist Dale Herron Oscar Huebner Earl johnson Oscar Lint Raymond Long Ray Malter Robert Marshall Langford Maurer jim Maxwell james Mellatt Harold Nash George O'Donnell Frank Polen Howard Porcher Benjamin Price Eddie Robinson SOpl'lOIT101'e Class OjCHC9I'S President ----- - - NEDRA RAMSOUR Secretary-Treasurer - - - - - MARY BOWSER Historian ----- - - - ------ Anim Scmms Sponsors - Miss BEATRICE MINNICH, MR. Ros s VIRTUE, Miss DEBORAH GEORGE, M IS s B E R N IC E HARPER. SOpi'1OI1'1OI'e Class Lester Russell Roy Shamel Archie Stevenson Arthur Thompson joseph Tipton Frank Van Horn Charles West William West Charles Wigfield Howard Walton Roy H aver Margaret Arthurs Ruth Bailey Frances Bender Mary Blunk Mary Bowser Lois Brakebill Ferno Brown Helen Cary Hazel Cecil Theo Clever Margaret Condon Catheryn Dunkle Beatrice Furbay Mary Gatchell Margaret Granville Frances Gray Agnes Gribble Ruth Henry Irma Hoagland Alma Hutchins Frances lnsley Florence jones Edna Kelley Molly Kloth Martha Loper Kathryn Metcalf Pauline Miller Thelma Miller Elva Morris Rozella Ong Evva Paige Gladys Patterson Mary Elizabeth Patterson Nedra Ramsour Dorothy Rice Ruth Rippeth Anita Sciarra Hazel Siegrist Edith Soules Dorothea Stevenson Louise Taylor Ruth Taylor Ethel Van Lehn Maxine Van Pelt Edith Wagner" Helen Wardell Margaret Wollbold Lena Williams Elyfhe Echo M Q ' 'Y 2 1 ' The Echo Sophomore Class History This is the illustrious history of the Sophomore Class of "Z7". To paraphrase the words of our eminent first president, "We are Hrst in athletic prowess, first in mental brilliancy and Hrst in the hearts of our fellow students". We say this with becoming modesty. We are really only quoting what our kind and loving friends have often told us. We flatter ourselves that when we entered the portals of U. H. S. that September day of 1923, we were the lightest green in color of any assem- bly of Freshmen in history. That, in itself entitles us to a wee niche in the justly celebrated Hall of Fame. We could cite brilliant examples of our advancement in athletics, scholarship, so- ciety. We say we could, but we shall not bore you with a repetition of that which you already know. Suffice it to say that never has our record been excelled. If, through our junior and Senior years we continue in direct ratio to what we have done in the past two years, we tremble for the succeeding classes who will have our shining example to emulate. May the fates forbid them to become discouraged and quit. As Freshmen, we lifted our chins and with a steely glitter in our eyes, we de- fied the scurvy machinations of the Sophomores directly above us. As Sophomores, even the pompous, bulgy-browed Seniors have failed to im- press us. We hope our distinguished pedagogues feel a glow of pride in our fame. They should, we think they do. FW bil QLTIMZ Echo QQ Q , M ' ,Q ' N EIEEFEM I I .'J BRA Ewoodiaorx The Echo Bernice Anderson Katherine Bacca Margaret Babcock Elizabeth Brunner Lillian Christian Vivian Copeland Laura Corredo Nellie Dallas Dorothy Demuth Victoria Draghi Ruth Eckhardt Mary Lou Edie Thelma Fellers Dorothy Fisher Ruth Fowler Lucille Frye Naomi Gist Agnes Granville Edith Henthorne Rose Herfert Vera Heston Margaret Hilliker Mary lrons Margaret johnson Florence Lee Margaret Lytle Lillian Madden Beulah Mahaffey Pauline Mathern Margaret Mazurie Pauline McBeth Ruth McClintock Dorothy McConnell Helen McDevitt Lucille KrKinney Edna Meek lucile Milone Margaret Miller Hazel Moore Florence Moore Freshman Class Officers Historian ---------- ------- R UTH PARRY Sponsors - MR. jAMES Ronmsow, Miss MARY MOR- GAN, Miss ELMA RAlNS,MlSS MARCELLA GRIFFITH Freshman Class Lena Morrow Goldie Morrow llelen Packer Thelma Packer Mildred Page Ruth Parry Mollie Pikkle Olive Poland Lena Parotti Anna Pyle Nancy Ripley Marjorie Robinson Nellie Roth Helen Simpson Alice Smith Gertrude Spence Alta Specs Charlotte Stilgenbauer Wilma Strauss Pearl Van Horn Alma Vought Olive Welch Roberta Wilson Virginia Williams Martha Wright Mildred Zimmerman Martha Oyster Marion Armstrong Frank Bender Gideon Benson Roy Barr Renzo Besozzi Edward Bobzein Robert Brown Louis Conn Clyde Carrothers joe Coss Bernard Devine james Dooling Paul Ferrell Robert Gates Robert Gooding Floyd Graham Scott Harrison Marion Hattery William Haverfield Delbert Huff Robert Hutson Paul jones Anees Khoury Kermit Klasner Chester Langdon Haldean Lindsey Robert Maurer Neil McMillen William Miller Edwin Moody Thomas Morris Herman Mver David Nelson Donald Noble Don Patterson Homer Reed james Ronald Paul Ronald Ellis Schaeffer Charles Roth Charles Sells Charles Smith William Stoutt Alfred Tipton Taylor Van Vleck joe Vesentainer Mark Wentz jacob Williams Paul Williams Sidney Wood Rexford Young Hollie Covert Q1 The Echo lg ' The Echo FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY In the autumn of 1916, about one hundred and thirty, shy, bash- ful little fish started timidly down the River of Education. At first they were terrified at the prospect ahead, but their fears were delayed by the wise fisherwoman who guided them safely past Alphabet Whirl- pool and Reading Rapids. They reached Port First Grade without having lost one of their number. Their journey was then guided past such dangers as Arithmetic Shoals and Historical Rocks by other skilled fisherwomen, and nearly one hundred and twenty arrived at Eight Grade Pool. Here several were so favorably impressed by the surroundings that they decided to remain while the others passed over the Falls of Graduation with- out them. When they reached the foot of this dangerous descent the fish found themselves in that large group of Aquarium known as High School. There were four parts to the Aquarium, one for each of the four classes. The School of Freshman was carefully guarded from all harm by the sharks who had been chosen for the position because of their superior ability and greater knowledge. One day the powerful Seniors entered the Freshman Aquarium and entertained the beginners with a Valentine party which was greatly enjoyed by the members of both classes. However, the walls of an Aquarium will not always hold this group of rapid swimmers, for even now the more restless are looking through the glass walls toward College Lake from which they hope to enter the great Sea of Life. -Ruth Parry. E DNA KU M M E R One of the leading nxenmhers of th: Flass of '25, contributed very nia- terially to the success of the section of The Echo devoted to the Seniors displayim: unusual ability in writing: up the individual Seniors. As Miss Kunnner was late in joining The Echo Staff, her picture was not included in the regular Staff picture. The Staff takes this oppnrtunity of thanking Miss Kunnner for her valuable work. K x 'wr N , .J I. A N 2 The Echo 3 A C5 Y f' 2 ' The Echo ATHLETIC OFFICERS Honorar President . ....A .... .. ,..., ,,. . . ... r Y Honorary Vice President rr,....rr.....rr rrr. , Boy's Coach, Football and Track rr,..,r Boy's Coach, Basketball rrrrrrr,rrrr..,,..r, Girl's Coach ....,r,....r..... - ...,....,....,., - Football Manager . r,,r,,.rrrrr . .rrr, Assistant Football Manager ..rrrr Assistant Football Manager rrr.... Basketball Manager .rr,... Assistant Basketball Manager ..rr.. Track Manager .r,.......r... . ,rrr... .- Football Captain ,rr...,,,r . ......r. Football Captain Elect ...,.r Basketball Captain .rrr..r,...,..r..... Basketball Captain Elect , rr,r, . ,..r,.. Girls' Basketball Captain . ,,rrrvr..rrr,.v....r,. - Girls' Basketball Captain-Elec 1 FOOTBALL t rrr......rr.....rrr rrr.... . Harold Long Margaret Patterson James R. Robinson ---Edwin R. Rowe Elma Rains Francis Dooling Alvin Greenlee James Maxwell - George Hays ,--.James Maxwell James Maxwell Harold Long Lonnie Furbay John Lytle Chester Long Margaret Patterson Mildred Wilkinson Apple Creek was the first victim to fall before the black and gold machine. The visitors presented a husky team but were unable to penetrate the local defense for a single first down. Lisbon came next and failed utterly in their attempt to secure re- venge for last year's defeat. "Hud" Long's accurate passing was the feature of the game. Boasting three straight victories Barnesville was touted as a worthy opponent. After holding Long and Co. to two touchdowns in the first half they weakened and the locals scored almost at will. Dover provided but little opposition and the north-enders were smothered under an avalanche of touchdowns. "Inky" De Vault's line plunging was a feature. Newcomerstown was the second county team to fall before the smashing attack of the locals. The second team played the first and last quarters against the south enders. Coshocton was the "Booster Day" attraction and fell easy victims. The Kiwanian parade before the game added pep and spirit to the occasion. The victory over Mingo was a costly one due to Long's injury. Tlhe game was hard fought all the way but Uhrichsville was always a ead. Handicapped by injuries and inelegibilities we lost a hard fought game to Alliance on their home field. People's excellentwork at center was easily the feature. Outweighed by some twenty pounds to the man the black and gold went down to a glorious defeat at the hands of Sharon, Champs of Western Pennsylvania, on Thanksgiving Day. After the visitors had scored 28 points the locals came back and scored 19 while their op- ponents were scoring 17. The game spoke wonders for the physical condition of the locals. Lytle's 70 yards return of a kick off and his 60 yard dash for a touchdown after receiving a forward pass were the outstanding plays of the game. The Echo W Q 4 Y FQOTBALL SQU SIT VA R , The Echo SEASONS RECOR D Uhrichsville , .... - ..v 80 - Uhrichsville ......u 34 - Uhrichsville 39 - Uhrichsville , .. 44 - Uhrichsville , . . 75 - Uhrichsville ,..., . 5 5 - 26 13 19 Uhrichsville ...,,. 555, 5 Uhrichsville 55,., 5,555 - Uhrichsville 5 5.,. 5 - Lisbon 5. 55 555.,.5 55 Dover 5.,55555.. 55..55 Newcomerstown Coshocton ooo...o. - Mmgo 5 o..oo,.,ooo,o,o 5 Alliance oo.,..o, Sharon, Pa. .,oo - Apple Creek Barnesville oo,..ooo., 5 0 0 0 0 6 25 45 Total oo,.o 5 .......5 385 Total 555,..5 55.. 7 6 LETTER MEN CAPTAIN HAROLD LONG WALTER DE VAULT-Fullback Quarterback "Ink" was the man who was call- "Hud" was the offensive star of the team. His good generalship, accurate forward passing the fiashy end runs have accounted for many a Uhrichsville victory. His fight- ing qualities made him a worthy leader. JOHN LYTLE-End -- "Johnnie" was on the receiving end of most of the forward passes. Together with this he was one of the best tacklers on the squad and- any runs started in his direction generally meant a loss for the op- ponents. He played his best game against Sharon. JOHN GREEN-Tackle Playing his fourth year on the team "Johnnie" more than lived up to the expectations of his admir- ers. His specialty was breaking thru the interference and downing the man behind the line. ed upon to carry the ball when a few yards were needed to make a first down. He rarely failed to come thru. "Ink's" place will be mighty hard to fill when the call for candi- dates is issued next fall. STEWART HENRY-Guard This is "Stewart's,' first year on the team but one would not be able to tell that after seeing him play. His accurate place-kicking account- ed for the points after touchdown. JOHN DERRY-Tackle John was the hardest fighter on the team. He received more than his share of hard knocks but always came back for more. A successful athletic career in college awaits im. JAY PEOPLES-Center Besides playing a "heads up" game on the defense, Jay did not make a single bad pass all season. Altho small in statue he outplayed all opponents regardless of size, Echo The 1 sq :ff I W .ggfgifgggfizgifi ?5?5'f'f' .52 'Q 1 :QSM wiv' ' The Echo GORDON HENSEL- End "Gordo" held down the end posi- tion in fine style. He was often called into the backfield to carry the ball and generally contributed a nice gain. His long runs against Coshocton and Sharon were especi- ally noteworthy. GEORGE HAYS-Halfback "Hep" shook off the injury jinx this fall and was one of the stars of the team. He was the best de- fense man on the team against for- ward passes. To see Hays inter- cept pass and run for a touchdown came to be the expected perform- ance in most of our games. GERALD VARNER-Guard "Jerry" more than made good in his first year of football. He could always be depended upon to open big holes in the opponent's line. He will be back next year. Captain-Elect LONNIE FURBAY-- Halfback Lonnie first attracted attention on the championship team of '23. His fight and steadiness will make him a capable leader for next year's eleven. ROBERT MARSHALL- Sub-Quarter "Bob's" aim to fame came in the Newcomerstown game when he staved. off a sure touchdown by a sparkling tackle from behind. TED MOORE--Sub-Half "Ted" always played a consist- ent game when called upon. At Mingo he rarely failed to make a gain when he carried the ball. CHESTER LONG-Half H When it came to catching passes Chet" was a star. We're glad to say he will return for next season. FRANCIS DOOLING-Manager 'fRed" and his staff of capable assistants did their work well. To keep the football field lined and to care for the numerous bruises of a large squad is not any easy position to fill as anyone who has had it will testify. The Echo THE SQVAD UN 'l'l1E IIUMIC l1'll'II.lJ au- -Nam 4-.1 A " QQ-'ffsxzf' ' The Echo BASKETBALL-THE SEASON The past basketball season was a decided success under the coach of Mr Roe. The black and gold cagers won eight of the fifteen games played and several of those which were lost were by very close scores. During any athletic season there are some games which stand out above the others. One of the most notable of these was the game at Dover which our boys won by two points after forty minutes of the hardest kind of playing. The two Orrville games were each productive of exceptionally good basketball on the part of both teams. Both were in doubt until the final whistle. Uhrichsville won the first by a 13-12 count and the second 31-30. The climax of the season was reached in the last Dennison game. Central Hi gym was crowded with a capacity audience anxious to get a glimpse of the annual classic. Dennison was conceded to have the better chance owing to the fact that they had a team of veterans who had played together for three years. Coach Roe's boys refused to live up to advance dope however, and swamped their ancient rivals 15 to 5 To make the defeat more humiliating Lytle and Co. allowed their op- ponents only one lone field basket. Newcomerstown, Cadiz and Scio were the other teams that fell be- fore the black and gold. COACH-"EDDIE" ROE Coach Roe came to us with quite a reputation as a basketball coach and has more than lived up to advance notices. Starting the season with but two letter men from last year's squad he built up a combina- tion that won the majority of games played and one that was never de- feated until the final whistle ended the game. With Dempster, Furbay and Long as a nucelus for next year, we are assured of another good team under his guidance. CAPTAIN "JOHNNIE" LYTLE-Center Johnnie's work at the tip-off position was one of the features of the season. He could always be counted upon for his share of the points, but his greatest value lay in his defensive ability. This was his second and last year on the varsity. KENNETH ROBINSON-Forward "Colonel" was the team's sharpshooter. His ability to locate the basket was at times almost uncanny. To him goes the honor of lead- ing his team in points scored. The Echo QQ Q T E A M BA L T BOYS' BASKE 1 F-1 77' ' r ' The Echo ' JESSE DEM PSTER-Forward Altho only a Sophomore, Jesse made good with a vengeance. With two more years of play he will undoubtedly develop into one of the best players that ever donned a black and gold uniform. JAY PEOPLES-Forward Playing his first year of varsity ball, Jay conducted himself like a veteran. His fighting style of play was the deciding factor in the first Orrville victory. STEWART HENRY-Guard There was no single game in which "Stew" excelled, he excelled in every one. Besides playing a mighty good guarding game, he man- aged to drop his share of points thru the net. LONNIE FURBAY-Guard Football injuries kept Lonnie out of the game during the early part of the season but he more than made up for lost time when he did get started. He has one more year to play. GEORGE HAYS-Manager As custodian of supplies, "Hep" played a diiiicult role in a very creditable manner. He has also quite a name for himself as a practical joker. SEASON SCORES Uhrichsville ..,. A 11-Coshocton , .rrr 13 here Uhrichsville 19-Alumni ...... .- .... 23 here Uhrichsville r.r. 16-Dover 1 ,. 14 away Uhrichsville -4 . 13-Dennison - .r., 21 away Uhrichsville .r.... ..r. 1 3-Orrville ,,.. 12 here Uhrichsville ..r. 17--Coshocton -. .... 18 away Uhrichsville 24--Cadiz .. i.......... . 12 away Uhrichsville .... 7-Massillon - ...,rr.. 30 away Uhrichsville .rr. 22-Newcomerstown .... 14 here Uhrichsville .... 19-Dover -, - 1 ...... . rrr. 24 here Uhrichsville We 26-Newcomerstown 24 away Uhrichsville rr,,r ...., . - 15-Dennison ,rrr. . rrrr,r,- , ,,,, 5 here Uhrichsville . 36-Scio ....r,., rrrrrr rr,, . , , 8 here Uhrichsville rrr, 31-Orrville , .,... ,..,,, ,130 away Uhrichsville rrrrrrr 14-Millersburg ..... 23 away 283 274 Won 8-Lost 7 The Echo I 1 BANK E'l'BALL SQVAIP 'HH-I I,lI'l"l'lili MEN ' O The Echo SECOND TEAM U. H. S. . - W v 4 4-Pleasant Valley 2 U. H. S. L ...,, 21-Leesville - . . 3 U. H. S. ..,,, . .,,.., 15-Tuscarawas 16 U. H. S. , ,,.,. 1 0-Tuscarawas A .. , 1 4 U. H. S. ....,. ......., 9 -Dennison 2nds L ..... 17 U. H. S. ...... .......... . . 25-Tuscarawas ..... 17 124 69 Won 3-Lost 3 GIRLS BASKETBALL Altho the U. H. S. girls did not come out on the long end of the score of every game, during the season, they played some real "Bask- etball." No team with whom they played was able to stop the swift pass-work of the Patterson-Woodborne combination at center. "Mid" Green, for the second year on the varsity team, held down the sdore of the opposing teams. A Altho often out-of-luck at rolling up the score, "Martie" Kennedy by her fast playing and ability to elude her opponents, kept the ball moving fast in her own section of the floor. "Wilky" working up from last year's sub-position, steadily increas- ed in efficiency and reached the climax of her playing in the last two games with Cadiz and Carrollton. "Barkie" our only "Soph" often saved the day by sending repeat- ed shots thru the ring. With two varsity members and a good line of subs the graduating girls of the team of '25 wishes all kinds of success to Captain Wilk- inson and her squad. SEASON SCORES January 2 U. H. S. .- January 9 U. H. S. ...... ..... - January 16 U. H. S. January 23 U. H. S. February 6 U., H. S. February 13 U. H. February 20 U. H. S March 7 U. H. S. ..... March 13 U. H. S. L 3-Alumni ...... . 12-Scio ...... . ....... . 1 1-Dover .............. . 8-Newcomerstown 20-Dover ................ 14-Newcomerstown 14-Carrollton ........ 23 Cadiz . , ........ .,.r... - 23-Carrollton .... The Echo IQ lllkl S' VARSITY B.-KSKl'I'l'HAl.l. 'l'l'IAM Qlrfhe Echo QQ QQ The Echo ? "lil nmlpzx .luhlnlie apt. "Hull" "Inkie" 'l?l112 IE4f11IJ A ' ,gkaif . -. ' ,: ' . .,f, 1 A f 1,' 53 536 iii? WI' M 5 URBAN! ll IIINH !lI ! lilii FE umwx, ff Q my wax' 3515? w 4 if 5222 w 3 - L H W . 1 -, .-,r 35352 3252? hi .' ,,'- ' . v. ' X . 'Q fa? f Er SE-Q. X 'S win I' 545 W5 8 'QQ' 'HQ 'JP'-s,,"e-ff-H545 595 -53, Yhggagq, :Q Ewa X, .xmas 'W 'F M fw- N NH' J-vw-WJ-A.v' ffm fm 4 fr- ff' W fr aff' f"'3220-ffhwfe' gg? ia? . , .W 36.3 . - 3323? QQ? ' SQ? ggi? gig' 1 if gh -376, .-:-s if-.-.1-..-f:nQ,a:q,1-1.-2. ,ff I .,.g1,.s,a.-Jan... f. -- :JA H Q? 4- lf, Q , 'X 29'-Gkvr ,: "Ulla IH, '5 . -v,"""g2-1? 'Af' .ff -"JSE-f ff'-va-.13 4 ' The Echo RUTH SPECK WAUD Mrs. Waud possesses rare musi- cal talent and also a patient and lovable disposition which makes her a most suitable instructor. THE ORCHESTRA The orchestra was organized this year for the first time with the following officers: President, Lida Johnson Secretary, Helen Forster. Treasurer, Forrest Myers. Mrs. Waud entertained the orchestra at her home with a Christ- mas party December 15. A grab bag was a feature of much amuse- ment. We have assisted in the various school entertainments of the year and the regular chapel services. The orchestra is composed of eighteen pieces as follows: Violins, James Cross Saxophones, Edith Arbogast Helen Forster William Lukens Haldean Linsay Junior Matson Mary Morrison 1st Cornet, Forrest Myers Hazel Simpson 2nd Cornet, Franklin Clark Margaret Wardell Flute, William Rosel Henry Wilson Baritone Paul Williams Mary Wright Bells, Lida Johnson Piano, Avalene Kaiser Drums, Archie Stevenson GLEE CLUB A patriotic entertainment was given by the club and grade pupils the afternoon and evening of October 17. The first part of the program was given by the grade pupils, showing their progress in music from the first grade through High School. The play "Betsy Ross" conclud- ed the program. The cast presented Margaret Rice, Junior Matson, Bill McCollam, and Gerald Varner . On February 17 the club and grades gave another pleasing enter- The Echo jf? Qggfg -V ' TH E ORCHE STRA The Echo THE "E" ASSOCIATION N w 1 I GIRLS' GLEE CLUB -Y- Y , ' A The Echo tainment. The grades presented an operetta entitled "What's the Matter with Sally." The High School then gave a number of miscel- laneous selections. Among the most pleasing were: A vocal duet by Edith Wagner and Martha Wright, accompanied on the violins by Helen Forster and Mary Wrightg a chorus in which Lida Johnson played a solo part on the Bellsg a boys chorus in which Bill McCol1am sang the solo partg another chorus in which Forrest Myers played a solo part on the Cornet. Mrs. Waud very ably directed both entertainments. The orchestra has shown remarkable ability in everything it has undertaken this year. THE E ASSOCIATION The E Association this year is composed of eight members. The Seniors are Mary Campbell, Lucille Van Lehn, and Mildred Weaver. Mary Campbell and Lucille Van Lehn have been in the As- sociation all four years. Mildred Weaver is new this year. The Juniors are Margaret Forster and Forrest Birney. They have been in the Association three years. The Sophomores are Theodocia Clever and Margaret Condon. They have been in the Association two years. Nancy Ripley represents the Freshman class. THE SPANISH CLUB President, Mary Campbell. Vice President, Clarence James. Secretary, Lucille Van Lehn. Treasurer, Kenneth Robinson. This is the second year Miss Mercer has organized a Spanish Club. The meetings, which were held during the year at the homes of the members, consisted of Spanish plays, games, etc. SENIOR PARTY The Seniors held their first party at the High School gym Novem- ber 1. The decorations and costumes were in keeping with Halloween. The prize for the prettiest costume was given to Edna Kummer. After a pleasing program the evening was spent in dancing. Refreshments in keeping with the season were served by the committee. SENIOR-FRESHMEN PARTY The Seniors entertained the Freshmen with a Valentine party in the High School gym, February 16. Decorations of red crepe paper and hearts gave a pleasing appearance to the room. A short program and dancing were features of the evening. Refreshments were served. The Echo ' The Echo V ECHO STAFF DINNER The Echo Staff was very pleasantly entertained at a six o'clock dinner at the ho1ne of Lida Johnson, February 12. A short business meeting was held after the dinner. Games, contests, and music were the diversions of the evening. John Derry, Mary Campbell, Lucille Van Lehn, and Martha Kennedy winning priges. JUNIOR PARTY The Juniors had a party in the High School Gym, March 19. The gym was tastefully decorated in keeping with St. Patrick's Day. After an entertaining program the remainder of the evening was spent in dancing. Refreshments were served. SOPHOMORE PARTY The Sophomores held a Spring Party, April 17, in the High School Gym. The colors used in decorating were yellow and green. A unique and interesting program and dancing were features of the evening. Refreshments were served. , CALENDAR a September , Tues. 2nd-School started. 135 Freshmen enter U. H. S. The Pre- vailing color is green. . Wed. 3rd-Teachers meeting. Mr. Shimp announces for the bene- fit of the l-adies of the faculty that Mr. Virtue is not married. Fri. 5th-Must have been initiation this week. ,The Freshmen colors are changed from green to black and blue. Mon. 8th-Fun's allvoverl After many a bawling out and much balling up school has started its regular routine. Wed. 10th-Oh, Boy! A half holiday for the fair. Thurs. 18th-Senior Class Meeting. John Derry elected president. George Hays, Vice President and Dorothy Woodborne, Secretary and Treasurer. , , Tues. 23rd-A great commotion in the High School. We learn that Mr. Robinson slipped into matrimony, September 12th. Congrat- ulations, Professor! ' Fri. 26th-The Sophomores have a belling for Mr. and Mrs. Rob- inson and present them with a silver fruit dish. Sat. 27th-Our football team shows Applecreek a good'time at the game. U. H. S.-80, Applecreek-0. Mon. 29th-Nothing doing! . October Fri. 3rd-Miss Minnich entertains the members of the faculty in honor of the recent marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Robinson. Sat. 4th-U. H. S. 34-Lisbon-0. Whee Whoopee! Fri. 10th+-Outearly for the picture show on 'fire protection? ? !!! Sat. 11th-U. H. S.-39 Barnesville -0. Tues. 14th-Miss Mercer chaperoned acorn roast. Tues. 21st-4And they say the Senior year is easy. ' A The Echo ' Fri. 24th-Rally for Dover game. Snake Dance thru Uhrichsville and Dennison at 6:30. Sat. 25th-We surely hit Dover. Score 44-O. ' Thurs. 30th--Freshmen entertained at Country Club by Margaret Mazurie. Fri. 31st-Street Fair. Afternoon off for parade. CWe did the parading-Worse luckll Mr. Virtue and some supposedly dignified Senior girls were seen riding on the merry-go-round. November Sat. lst-The Seniors have a party with Halloween decorations and refreshments. Thurs. 6th-Junior Class meeting. Alvin Greenlee elected Pres- ident, Mildred Wilkinson, Treasurer, and Margaret Rice, Secretary. Sat. 8th-Booster Day. U. H. S. 55. Coshocton 0. Were the Ki- wanians there? Well I hope! Tues. 11th-Cold day, but from appearances at the office, Mr. Shimp is going to make it hot for somebody tomorrow. Wed. 12th-We were right. Several Sophs. had a hard time ex- plaining why they skipped detention the last two evenings. Sat. 15th-U. H. S.-25 Mingo--6. Who collects on that? Mon. 17th-Jess has a haircut. Sat. 22nd-Alliance-25 U. H. S.-13. Wed 26th-What d'you have to be thankful for? Thurs. 27th-Thanksgiving Day. Sharon, Pa.-45 U. H. S.-18. Last football game for Seniors! Something always taking the joy out of life. But-two whole days vacation. December Thurs. 4th-Mr. Virtue appears with glasses on. ' Wed. 10th-Miss Mercer follows Virtue's example and appears with glasses on. How detention list grows! Fri. 19th+First Basketball game of the season. Coshocton wins 13-11. Not so bad. Mon. 22nd-Did I hear some one say Alaska? It's surely cold. Tues. 23rd-Review of Reviews. ' Wed. 24th-Merry Christmas. Snow and ice mean skating and coasting during vacation. January Fri. 2nd-U. H. S. boys-19. Alumni--23. The girls lose their first game of the season to the Alumni. Score 7-3. Mon. 5th-We return, amid new resolutions. C -. - It's the beginning of the end. Tues. 6th-For semesters are upon us. Fri. 9th-The boys play at Dover for the long end of a 16 to 14 score. The girls cop a game from Scio-'n they didn't have to sneak up on 'em either. Score 12-7. Sat. 10th-Dennison hit us-21 to 13. Thurs. 15th-Junior Girl from study hall, peering cautiously into ' The Echo oflice: "Has Shimp gone down stairs yet? Mr. Shimpg "No, I haven't" Fri. 16th-Orrville plays here. Uhrichsville wins 13-12. U. H. S. Second climb all over Leesville as much as 21-3. U. H. S. girls 11. Dover 23. Mon. 15th-Seniors get their pictures taken for the Echo. Tues. 20th-Ditto J uniors-Nothing broken. Fri 23rd-We got out earlv to inspect the Telephone Office. Coshocton-18. U. H. S.-17. U. H. S. girls--8. Newcomerstown 3. Sat. 24th--The fellows came back from Cadiz with the best end of a 24-12 score. Mon. 26th-The Sophomores try the photographer's patience in a siege of picture taking. Fri. 30th-A gang of Sophs went on a sleigh ride to Tuscy, where Tuscy beat our second team. A bunch of Senior girls had a theatre party followed by a slumber party at Ellen Kinsey's. Sat. 31st- Massillon-30. U. H. S.-7. February Wed. 4th-School dismissed in the afternoon out of respect for the late W. V. Moody. Fri. 6th-U. H. S. 22. Newcomerstown 14. The girls wallop Dover to the tune of 20-11. Lois Brakebill stars. Thurs. 12th-Lida Johnson entertains the Echo Staff with a din- ner party. Fri. 13th-Unlucky for us. Dover-24. U. H. S.-19. Mon. 16th-Seniors entertain Freshman at 'a Valentine party. Fri. 20th-U. H. S. bumped Newcomerstown to. 26-24 score. U. H. S. Second 10. Tuscy 15. Sat. 21st-U. H. S.-15 DENNISON-5! OH MAN! SOME GAME! Mon. 23rd-Holiday to celebrate Washington's Birthday. Do you suppose we did? Thurs. 26th-Miss McCann absent on account of sickness-Easy time for Geometry studies. Fri. 27th-"What the matter with Sally?" Sat. 28th-Earth quakef?J felt in U-ville. Wouldn't that jar you! March A V . A Wed. 4th-A daughter arrives at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Roe. Fri. 6th-U. H. S.-36. Scio--8. Sat. 7th-Cadiz wins from our girls 34-23. U. H. S. goes to Orr- ville and brings home the bacon. Score 31-30. Tues. 10th-Mr. Roe says: Tomorrow we'll take up lightning and go from there to thunder. Fri. 13th--Millersburg--23. U. H. S.-15. Not a bit unlucky for the girls' team. They won from Carrollton ' A The Echo 23-14. Second finally conquer Tuscy. Mon. 16th-Girl's Glee Club render a selection in Chapel. Many students take part in "Kathleen" Wed. 18th-After spending a full evening in detention, those held up by a freight, now realize that there's an over-head bridge on Water Street. Thurs. 19th-The Juniors take their fling and have a St. Patrick's party. Mon. 23rd-VACATION! T Mon. 30th-Vacation's over. Nothing doing, everybody's making up for lost sleep. Tues. 31st-LaPorte didn't get back till today. Senior Class meeting. April A Wed. 1st- "Here 'tis" "What?" "April Fool!" - Thurs. 2nd-Soph. Class meeting. Nedra Ramsour elected Presi- dent. Mary Bowser, Sec. and Treas. Fri. 3rd--Mr. Shimp and Miss Mercer not with us today. But that didn't keep the Chemistry Class from having their tesv.. - Mon. 6th-Some of the Freshmen. learn that Mr. Robinson's motto is "Attention or Detention!" . V I Tues. 7th-Seniors beat the Sophs in baseball. , , A Wed. 8th Practice for "College Days" begins. ' , Thurs. 9th-More Practice! q Fri. 10th-Miss Rains not with us on account of sickness. They say all her classes were well behaved? Ask Miss Campbell. Tues. 14th-Fire Alarm. Everyone rushes out-merely to get their pictures taken. Wed. 15th-U. H. S. Echo goes to print. P Thurs. 16th-Spanish Club goes for a hike to Hazel Simpson's. Fri. 17th-The Sophs have a Spring Party. May Fri. 1st-The Junior-Senior Banquet. Mon. 18th-!!"'!!--H Final Semester. . . . . ! ' Senior Operetta, "College Days." Tues. 19th-Commencement. Thurs. 21st-Eight Grade Commencement. Fri. 22nd-A. M. Report Cards. Gosh! And I passed! P. M. Alumni Banquet. 'Ats-all. ,Q Q1 The Echo E W A www m WM N ,1, Q . ev Hmm. . whim, """'Si nuns Ufr nlllmll l uhh f f J If 'K -' .. ' The Echo 1877 Ella Bacon, Mrs. Frank McNulty, died recently at her home in Roslyn, Pa. She was a relative of Lincoln Horn and Arthur Means of this city. Mary Hoobler, who takes the School Numeration is still engaged at this Work. 1878 Emma Packer, Mrs. C. A. Greenlee, is still residing in Uhrichsville. 1879 Cora Thompson, Mrs. Frank Mazurie, has a grand-daughter in this year's Freshman Class. ' ' 1881 J Laura Romig, Mrs. J. E. Cummings, has been in Uhrichsville for some time on account of the poor health of her father. 1882 Mae Forney is bookkeeper at the Twin City Lumber Company. 1885 Dr. J. A. McCollam's son William is in this year's graduating class. He is the seventh one to graduate from High School. 1886 Louise Lineberger is a saleslady in C. A. Lineberger's Shoe Store. 1887 . Lee, son of Mrs. I. K. Patin is in the Dentistry department of Ohio State University. Emma Brown is teaching the fourth grade. .- 1888 'A Mr. E. D. Moody is President and Cashier of the Dennison Nation- al Bank andVice-President of the Union Bank. . 1889 Mr. Harry L. West has moved from Columbus to Dayton, Ohio. 1891 Mr. and Mrs. E. A. McCollam's two daughters, Nancy and Edna, are attending Bethany.College. 9 ' Mary A. Morgan is teaching Book-keeping in the Uhrichsville High School. Mrs. J. R. Roney is now living in3Cleveland, Ohio. 189 Mrs. C. W. Rosel's daughter, Alverda is a Junior at Cincinnati Conservatory. Rachel is a Sophomore at Wallace Conservatory at Columbus. Mrs. C. H. Seigrist's son Edmund, is Sales Engineer for the United Metal Products at Canton, Ohio. 1895 Mrs. E. D. Woodborne's daughter Dorothy, is in this year's Senior Class. Mrs. J. H. Hall is a resident of Cleveland, Ohio. V. W. Herrick is Auditor of the Dennison Sewer Pipe Company. 1896 Mrs. M. M. Cummings has a soggn this year's Sophomore Class. 18 Mrs. V. W. Herrick's daughter, Kathryn, is taking an art course at Ohio State University. . The Echo Fred C. Westhafer was married to Mrs. Jennie Smith, March 7, 1925. He is the City editor of the Chronicle. 1898 Dan LaPorte is Vice-President of the Stillwater Clay Products Company. 1899 Herbert Stilgenbauer has an interest in the Twin City Electric Company. Will Greenlee is manager of the Twin City Grocery Company and President of the East Ohio Building and Loan. 1901 Mrs. C. W. Rice has a daughter, Margaret, in the Junior Class and a daughter, Dorothy, in the Sophomore Class. 1902 Dr. Tracy Haverfield's son, Willilam, is a Freshman this year. 19 Mrs. Frank Gooding has a daughter, Nora in the Senior Class, and Frances, a Junior. Laura Grayson Morrison died recently at her home in Warwood, West Virginia. Mrs. Paul Romig is residing in Cleveland. Nellie Haverfield is saleslady at Beck's Jewelry Store. Frank R. Speck is pastor of the Methodist church at Winslow, Arizona. A daughter was born to Mrs. H. C. Woodbridge fClara Keepersl on March 3, 1925. She is living in Phoenix, Arizona. 1905 Louis F. Kummer is a foreman at the Pennsylvania shops in Dennison. Ross Long is book-keeper at the McGowan Wholesale Company. Rennison Mohn is Treasurer iigtthe Twin City Grocery Company. 6 Ray Gibboney is Sporting Editor of the Chronicle. Bruce Greenlee has an interegt in Greenlee's store. 1 07 Rev. Taylor Van Vleck has returned to the States after being in Santo Domingo for ten years. 1908 Allen Beck is a physician at Massillon, Ohio. Arthur Cummings is a salesman for the Shaffer Black Company. Wallace Haverfield is accountant at Pennsylvania shops. 1909 Fannie Taggart is Principal at the Trenton Ave. Building. Rayne Ross is manager at the Bglden Brick. ' 191 Paul Reed is an attorney in Uhrichsville. Archie Pearch is an auto salesman for the City Auto Company. Stella Rutledge is teaching Latin in the New Philadelphia High School. ' 19T1 Elmer McClave is manager of the Stillwater Clay .Products Co. Paul Stoutt is managing Editor and. Secretary of the Chronicle ' The Echo Company. 1912 Grace Anderson is accountant at Pennsylvania shops in Dennison. Ruth Brunner, Mrs. Paul Reed, has a new son to whom the name Richard Brunner has been given. Harvey Exley is Vice-President of Evans Builders Company. Edgar Hillyer is foreman of Stillwater Clay Products Co. Mrs. John Robinson has a new daughter whom she calls Suzanne. Helen Linn is living in Denver, Colorado. Ruth Parks is teaching the third grade at Uhrich Street. 1913 Marie McCollam is residing at her home in Uhrich Street. Donald McCauley has sold his Grocery store. Clyde McMillen is a plumber in Uhrichsville. Joseph Ripley is Sporting Editor of the Daily Times. George Reed is Book-keeper for the Ross Clay Products Company. 1914 Merle J. Crites is chief clerk at the Evans Pipe Company. Albert C. Dunn is manager of Special Automotive Service. A Walter W. Kennedy was married to Grayce Williams, September 17, 1924. He is a clerk at Greenlee's store. J. P. Edwards is fireman on the Pennsylvania Railroad. 1915 Mary Hillyer is teaching in the Westerville High School. William Latto 'is athletic director at Bethany College. A Adelaide McCollam died August 21, 1924. A son was born to Mrs. Forest Ashley, nee Evelyn Romig, March 23, 1925. - Vernon Thalheimer of New York City is the proud father of ababy 1916 ' Raymond Brown is residing in Canton, Ohio. g U Mercedes Cummings, Mrs. Frederick Oberholzer, is the proud mother of a son, to whom the name of Charles Frederick, Jr., has been given. . I 'Walter Cameron is interested in the oil producing industry. Francis Dunn is proprietor of the Dodge Bros. Sales' and Service Company. - V Beyer Eckfeldt isa clerk at the Buckeye Fire Clay Co. Eric Finney is the father of a baby girl, born Feb. 13, 1924. He is a resident of New Philadelphia. . Hazel Gotshall is a music teacher in this city. U Beatrice Minnich is teaching American History and American Literature in Uhrichsville High School. Mrs. Mildred Pittis Host is a resident of New Philadelphia. Margaret McCollam is director of Religious Education at the Broadway Christian Church in Clegfizland, Ohio. I 1 7 ' Irma Guthrie Curtis has moved to Newcomerstown where her husband is proprietor of a jewelry' shop. Bernice Linn was recently married to Mr. Elmer Kline and is living in Tuscarawas, Ohio. girl. ' The Echo Helen Marshall is stenographer at the Robinson Sewer Pipe Co. at Midvale, Ohio. Emmett Morris is traveling salesman for the Robinson Sewer Pipe Co., at Midvale. Ruth Speck Waud is instructor in Music at the Uhrichsville Public Schools. Lee Wilcoxon is clerk at Wilcoxon's Hardware Store. Mrs. James Barkley is the proud mother of a son to whom has been given the name of James Earl. 1918 Marguerite Cameron is teaching the first grade in the Central Building. Anna Dempster was married June 27, 1924, to Roy Wells. Floyd Gatchell is book-keeper at the Evans Pipe Company. Frank Milligan is an electric engineer. Clara McCollam recently became the bride of Mr. Earl Rainsber- ger. Leo Thalheimer who is living at Long Beach, California, recently had an addition to his family, to whom the name Norma Jean has been given. Annabel Stevenson is a clerk at the Pennsylvania Freight Office. Elsa Van Vleck is a clerk atlgliea Twin City Wholesale Company. Bertha McCollam was married October 20 to A. W. Webner, who is employed as ticket clerk at Dennison Depot. They are residing at 932 Eastport Avenue. George LaPorte is teaching Biology, Geography and Agriculture in Uhrichsville High School. Duane Parks is employed as foreman at McCollam's and Son Gar- age. Earl Aeschliman is proprietor of the Home Grocery in Newport Avenue. Kathryn Gutensohn is a stenographer for the Pennsylvania Rail- road. Mary Guthrie is teaching the fifth grade at the Trenton Avenue Building. Dorothy Petry was recently married to Mr. Ray Troy, and is now living in Wilmington, Deleware. Josephine Moore is clerk at the Pennsylvania Railroad. Kaiser Dumbauld is employed in the Architectural department of Ohio State University. Raymond Morris is a Junior at Ohio Wesleyan. Beulah Renwick is teaching the first grade at the Central Building. Anna Hillyer is teaching in the public schools of Conneaut, Ohio. Alma Stowe is teaching the fifth grade at the West Side Building. Cornelia Uhrich is saleslady at the C. W. Rosel Company. Gladys Wardell is a clerk in the Uhrichsville Post Office. Ruth McCullough is teaching the first grade at the Trenton Ave. 1920 Lucile Edie was married July 30 to P. D. Born. She is still em- ployed as book-keeper at the Steven's Law Office. Building. ' A The Echo Margaret Simpson, now Mrs. Ralph Hite is residing at 636 North Uhrich Street, Uhrichsville, Ohio. Grace McCollam is employed as beekkeeper at McCollam's 81 Son Garage. Hannah Sells is a clerk at Morgan's Drug Store. Vera Rowland is a trained nurse at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Cleveland. Irene Haskins is employed at the J. E. Smith Store. Edwin Horne is an automobile salesman for McCollam 8: Sons. Katherine Kennedy was recently married to Mr. Fred Brokaw and is now a resident of Cadiz, Ohio. Mary Lenk is teaching the fourth grade at Uhrich St. Building. Anna Nussdorfer is teaching in the commercial department of the New Philadelphia High School. Irene Wilkinson is teaching the sixth grade at Midvale, Ohio. Caroline Skaer, Mrs. Lee McCue, is a resident of Dennison, Ohio. Fern Fisher is employed at Smith's in the dry goods department. Martha Harding is employed at Rosel's store. Wanda Gatchell is bookkeeper at Wilcoxon's Hardware Company. 1921 Edward Milliken is assistant superintendent at Evans Pipe Co. Frances Hillyer is a teacher and Girl's Basketball coach in the Covington High School. Eugene Deems is a clerk at the Pennsylvania Railroad Company. Margaret Uhrich is a clerk for the Northern Ohio Traction and Light Company. Edward LaPorte is a Senior at Ohio Wesleyan University. Margaret Stevenson is employed at Rayl's Millinery Shop. Roy Shipton was recently married to Frances Davis. Margaret Browning is now Mrs. John Baltzell. She is employed at the Twin City Electric Company. Ralph Scott is a pharmacist at White's Drug Store. Mildred McCollam is a Senior at Bethany College. She will be the sixth daughter of Dr. McCollam's to graduate from college. Mildred Dempster is married to Mr. Ralph Whitman. Phyllis McClelland is teaching the third grade at the Trenton Ave- nue Building. Margaret Ramage is employed as bookkeeper at Warren, Ohio. Emma Mae Bender Allensdorfer is living in Chicago, Illinois. 1922 Bessie Anderson is employed as stenographer at the Twin City Grocery Company. Robert Baker is a Freshman in the Law School of Ohio Northern University. Ella Carson is a Junior at Denison University, Granville, Ohio. Robert Cressap is a Junior at Ohio Northern University. Frances Edwards is teaching the Hfth grade in the Central School Building. Thelma Harris is a stenographer of the Evans Pipe Company. - Charlene Hensel is a stenographer at Reed 8: Reed Law Office. Mildred Hillyer is a Junior at Ohio State University. Paul Insley is timekeeper at the Evans Pipe Company. ' The Echo Byron Jones is a clerk at Taggart's Shoe Company. Opal Long is a telephone operator. Morris Moody is a Junior at Ohio State University. Harry McMath is employed as bookkeeper at the Devine Clothing Company. Hazel Patterson is employed at the Disher Candy Company. Josephine Sells is teaching the fourth and fifth grades at the Maple Grove Building. Ted Robb is employed at Mickie's as a baker. Ralph Spiker is a Junior at Oberlin College. Isabel Stevens is a Junior at Ohio State University. Elizabeth Woodborne is attending Cleveland Art School. The Echo staff is indebted to her for the drawings for the Echo. Ardath White is a Junior at Ohio State University. Paul Robinson is a crane operator in the Dennison shops. 1923 Ruth Arthurs is employed at the Commercial Bank. Carlton Fidler is a student at Ohio State University. Mary Buckingham is a Sophomore in the Religious Education department of Ohio Wesleyan University. Irma Carrothers is a stenographer at the Kopp Kandy Company. Esther Combs is teaching the third grade at the Trenton Avenue Building. Bert Hartford is a clerk in the storeroom of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Dorothy Derry is a student at the Spencerian Business College, Cleveland, Ohio. George Kummer is a Sophomore at Ohio State University. Earl Kinsey is a student at Bethany College. Ruth Heck is employed at the Commercial Bank. Dorothy Lehew is a student at Ohio University. Marie Medley is a student at Ohio University. William Moody is a student at Ohio State University. Leone McConnell is a student at the Canton Actual Business Col- lege. Charles Murphy is a Sophomore at Ohio Wesleyan. Margaret Morris is a student at Ward Belmont. Virginia Miller is a student at Ohio State University. Fern Simpson is teaching the third grade in the Dennison Schools. Delbert Wand is a clerk at the Twin City Grocery Company. Katherine Groves was married December 3 to Edward Mathis of Wheeling. Mr. Mathis holds a position with the Wheeling Steel 8x Iron Company. Grace Wickett is a student at Athens, Ohio. Frances Stowe is a student at the Wallace Conservatory in Colum- bus. 1924 Eugene Bowser is a student at Kiski. Dorothy Anderson is a student at Ohio State University. Ethel Roth is a student at Oberlin College. Donald Stoutt is taking an Arts course at Ohio State University. ' The Echo Theodore Gutensohn is a student at Ohio University, Athens. Ruth Horne is a student at Bliss Business College. Winifred Work is a student at Bliss Business College. Pauline Evans is at the University Hospital taking a Nurses Train- ing Course . Katherine Maurer is a Freshman at Ohio University. Mrs. R. W. Biddle, Edith Bennett, is now a resident of Dover, Ohio Irma Hines is a student at Kent Normal College. Avaline Ferrell is a student at Ohio University. Isabel Coppock is a student at Bliss Business College. Lester Patterson is a student at Athens. Carl Simon is a student at Kiski. Clara Florence Moody is a student at Ohio Wesleyan University. Juliette Conwell is a clerk for the Board of Health department of this city. The following are the oflicers of the Alumni Association for 1925: President-Dr. Earl Rainsberger. First Vice President-James McCollam. Second Vice President-Mrs. Roy Westhafer. Third Vice President--Emmett Morris. Fourth Vice President-Eugene Bowser. Secretary-Annabel Stevenson. Treasurer-Nellie Naber. ' The Echo 25 IN MEMORIAM WILLIAM V. MOODY, of Class of 1892. Mr. Moody was President of the Board of Education and a mem- ber of it for 16 years. He was President of the Union Bank and a very highly respected business man in the Twin Cities. The Echo A The Echo ig K . 3 S S fl X Km' cw O- NP I If EXXXXXX 116-95 ' X X XA Q - f L5 Axhj A X --yr- -I , . J V A if I XXXQE ff? '4 y' 11 Q 4 E ' The Echo JOKES Ruth Taylor-"Well, I passed Geometry at last." Mary Bowser-"Honestly?" Ruth-"What diference does that make?" Miss Rains-Scott Harrison, if you don't put that cross-word puz- zle book away I'll take it from you." Scott-"You can buy 'em for ten cents." Miss Minnich-"I don't approve of slang but sometimes you can use one word to express a whole sentence, when you can-if Jim Maxwell-"Shoot." Lida-fAt the football gamej "What are they doing?" Forrest-"Uhrichsville's taking time out." Lida-"Who's going in for him?" Mr. Shimp-"LaPorte, what does this mean? Someone just called up and said you were sick and wouldn't be here today." Barney-"Hal Ha! The joke's on him, he wasn't supposed to call until tomorrow." "ODE TO FRESHMENU Life is a, scream All things show it Look at the Freshmen Then you will know it. Mrs. Roe-"Aren't sheep stupid, dear?" Mr. Roe-"Yes, my lamb." Mr. Robinson-"There are only two things I can't eat for break- fast," ' Mrs. Robinson-"What are they?" Mr. Robinson-"Dinner and Supper." Mr. Shimp-lat the office doorj "This hall's getting to look like a lovers' lane." Miss Bates-"Why do authors always say 'A blush crept slowly across the girls' face'?" Mr. Virtue-"Well if it ran it would kick up an awful dust." Is Mr. LaPorte very economical?" "Very, he never runs his Ford on more than two wheels or three cylinders." ' A The Echo Edna Kummer-"I heard something nice about you the other day." Phyllis Devine-"What was it?" Edna-"A friend of ours said you resembled me." Miss McCann-Cdismissing assemblyj "There's only one in this room in detention and he's not here." Mr. Shimp-CComing into 210 just after the first bell, noticed that as usual, Edna Kummer was not there yet.J "Well I see the rear guard hasn't arrived yet." Miss Minnich-"What do you think of A. Lincoln?" Hays-"Alright, but I like a Packard better." Mr. Virtue-"What are flying buttresses?" Arthur Kowarw"A species of birds." Excited Freshman-"What bell is that?" Wise Sophomore-"The one right there on the wall." Miss Minnich-"When was the Spanish-American War?" Virgil Klasner-"1812." Lida Johnson-"Mr. Roe, was that your wife you were with the other evening?"f A Mr. Roe-"Which evening?" Miss George-"Name 3 articles containing starch." Edith Henthorne-"A collar and two cuffs." Miss Minnich-"What was the Sherman Act?" Hud Long-"Marching through Georgia." Mr. LaPorte--"Is there any relation between the animal and veg- etable world?" Stew Henry-"Yes, hash." Mr. Roe-"What is the most dangerous part of an automobile?" Chuck Roth-"The driver." Miss Harper-Un Sociologyl "Bob Condon, discuss teachers' clubs." Bob4"They can be put across." Mr. Virtue-"Lida Johnson, why aren't you working on your Civ- ics?" Charles Barr-" She's too busy studying Forrestryf' ' I The Echo A O Mr. Roe-"You might think you're a clown, Wagner, but you can't put on a whole circus by yourself." , Fresh-"Who is the smallest man in History?" Soph-"I give up." Fresh-"The Roman soldier who slept on his watch." Miss Harper-lMeeting Business English Class for the first timej "And on this paper I want your names-not your signatures." Peg Romig-"I wouldn't marry a man who lied to me." Bob Condon-"You're not going to stay single all your life are you?" Miss Bates-"That's the fourth time you've looked at Jesse's paper, stop it!" Bob Marshall-"Yes, but Dempster's such a punk writer." George Hays-"Why does Bud part his hair in the middle?" Hensel-"Don't you know all blocks have to have an alley?" Mr. Shimp-"Who made the first nitride?" Carrie Wardell-"Paul Revere." Mr. LaPorte-"You can't sleep in class." Red Dooling-"I know it. I've been trying for a half hour." Mr. Shimp--"What makes water hard?" Glenn Stilgenbaurer-"Cold weather." Phyliss-"Who started this fad of going to the mountains?" Dorothy-"Mahomet, I believe." Mildred Green-"I can read you like a book." Carrie Wardell-"That may be but you can't shut me up as easily." Miss Griffith Un Freshman Englishl "Will someone volunteer to construct a sentence similar to this: 'Don't play with matches: remem- ber the Chicago fire'." Joe Cross-"Don't spit. remember the Johnstown flood." FAVORITE SLANG EXPRESSION Mary Wright or Edith Wagner-"By George." Edith Arbogast--"For Pete's sake." Ellen-"At least once in my life I was glad to be down and out." Gladys-"And when was that?" Ellen-"After my first trip in an aeroplane !" ' A The Echo MEET MR. BUNYAN ' Miss Bates-"Who was John Bunyan?" John Latto-"He was-er-ah-oh-he was an eminent English spec- ialist on foot trouble." Mrs. Robinson-"You never bring me candy like you used to before We were married." Mr. Robinson-"That so?-Well, who ever heard of a fisherman feeding bait to a fish after he'd caught her?" Getting out this "Echo" is no cinch If we print jokes, people say we are silly If we don't print them they say we're too serious, If we publish original matter they say we lack variety If we publish things from other papers they say we're too lazy to write. If we stay on the job we ought to be out rustling news If we're rustling news we're not attending to business in our own department. If we don't print contributions, We don't show proper apprecation. If we do print them the paper is filled with junk. Like as not somebody will say we swiped this from an exchange. So we did! MYTHOLOGICALLY SPEAKING Miss Rains-"Why is Minerva called the Goddess of Wisdom?" Wilson-"Huh-thats easy. She never married. TEACHING GEOGRAPHY TO A FLAPPER "Are you Hungary?" "Yes Siam." "Come on I'll Fiji." Freshman-"I'd like to see something cheap in a hat?" Clerk--"Try this on-the mirror's at your left." Teacher-"Define sympathy." Freshman-"A fellow feeling." Teacher-"Give an example." Freshman-"Blind Man's Bluff." ADVICE TO FRESHMEN "Think of the mighty oak, it was once a little nut like you." ' The Echo ' Miss Griiiith-" What's meant by pedestrian?" Don Patterson-"Raw material for an accident." He-"Thinking about me?" She-"Oh! I beg your pardon. Was I laughing?" First Senior-"I was talking to your girl last nite." Second Senior-"Are you sure you were doing the talking?" First-"Why yes." Second-"Then it wasn't my girl." "Mary is some toe dancer isn't she?" "She ought to be-she's had enough practice on mine." She was only a Freshman-"Oh! Dear," she sighed, "I simply can't adjust my curriculum." "Oh well it doesn't show any."-reassured the Soph hurriedly. Teacher--"I'll give you just one day to hand in that paper." Student-"How 'bout the Fourth of July?" Senior-"Say did you know they'd quit sending mail to Colum- bus?" Freshman-"No, why?" Senior--"He's dead." Senior-"Gee. I'l1 never get over what I saw last nite." Freshman-"What was it?" Senior-"The moon." Mr. LaPorte--"I hate to think about my 40th birthday." Julia Chadwell-"Why? Did something dreadful happen on that day?" Blackwell-"What is it when your souls go back and back and back?" Fat Johnson-"Broken Arches." C The Echo IQ The Chemistry Laboratory The Echo .Lb Q f-S FINIS y f S fri-W -XY ' 'QA ,, - 1 . . , .1 , . , , A Y R J 73 E NEW fl Nb x A I Q XX. ht " " 4' , 2 ,Y r1x.s'!J Q51 Qlrfhe Echo IQ Q A fisimg A gf My 4 4 X ij K5 PEL S , xo fo pafilcmmige V QUIZ? rm - vQffiserS ' The Echo ' 'FIIIC 'l'WI4lN'l'Y-'l'llIRD ANNIVERSARY OF OUR START AS "Your Photographerv Twenty-tliree Years in Same Location Fourteen Years Photographer for the New Philadelphia High School Hllfblplllilllu You will find that each year has distinctly shown ad' Vance in equipment, erudition, technics, aoconiplislnnent, vlientele, prestige-S U C C IC S S . It will he to your advantage to know WHY whenever you may require photograph work done-Portrait or Coinmercial. THE GREEN STUDIO 143 1-2 N. Broadway New Philadelphia, Ohio Phone 392-Y All Photography in this Annual with a few exceptions by HARRY W. GREEN 111 S. Main St. Uhrichsville, Ohio Phone 139 A The Echo 25 Gul' qnlsh ff 1 -11 " -:exams BFZV www'wsalfwfzwfwwl2292wS?Z"k?QWEX'MS?EYf4i9132351, f11n.11m1A1v..LRK-f iw: ?-Vg 'ws , . . . 5 As you Journey along L1fG,S Great I11gllYV2ly towards xv n , . . . . , Er x the Sunumt of Success It IS our W1Sll that you may be helped both onward and upward by each experlence encountered and by each obstacle overcome .: :: 193-3 r A 1 as . . , in May eacl1 sunrlse brlng you renewed courage and brighter hopes, each sunset a sense of accoInpl1shme11t, E' ' ' - NWN1 and the nlght an abundance of rest and peace :: :: gag in , 1 , , , . ,, , ,, V . . I -tpv .,l,- ,,A,,,. , V ,. I t t V- bm cccc so cc,ccc c, .. V. c . . I V HQ May each cloud show you 1tS s1lver hnlng, every d1fl1- af 1 - ' N cult accompl1sl1ment teach you wlsdom, and every sor- Q - , . . urs 3535 row be turned to an aboundmg happmess :: :: :. so .,...cc, c,y,. y c.ccc ccy..... c M so iw .',. "IQ ..,',..,, ffllif' U 'Q if ' QQ ', f , , . """'A N ' ' 'Y ' . . Kfq :gy , , 'GEN At each turn of the road may you see a new and bI'1gl1t9I' gN" N 1 0 ' ' Er x ggi? V1St2ll of pronuse, and may you experlence fulf1llment of your lughest asp1rat1ons :zu :E .: :: :: WWE Sak Khin 'af 4wxgaygagwsswfr32552afT432'gN'gEQWLff5Z'3f'VxW"lWXQ fZ9'b"'nUfSWBifJ V0 lf32'1f?1QKf9Z'i1VQ6,SVaQQ"6SLQ4Y --h -K xx. 4,5 1 5 blfkgx 4sb,4x xv, rqA4F -9 xv xg-fx ,q ,x V554 P 1nlA1 R15 Niibislv so 'ieswa'w'SwWb fnzessasaqi e, ei so "f,cMzl.1 ,PW 'Tv 'W w' P W- an ns Juv m 1 1 A am lm a r 1, IIIN wr 'Yvmu 'ik fmnfnm n 'rv 'kwin ?y,b21s5wn?E?A'r2n:.LKkx X ' . COMPLIMENTS OF 'fDou lass 81 Son Master Printers 55,9 3 1 Q ' The Echo Phone 556 Phone 691-R .New Philadeynhia, Ohio 221 East First Slreet Uhrichsville, Ohm HENRY SHELLY Overland -' Willys Knight Sales Ser0ice 134 W. High Street New Philadelphia The Largest Ladies' Wearing Apparel Store in Tuscarawas County Our Prices are moderate and within lhe reach of everyone Our Cash Method does it Exclusive but not Expensive THE -1- FASHICDN ' A The Echo QQ L 1' ' V-' "L, THE. GIRL WHO IS S0 NODEST THAT SHE WONT LOOK AT THE WEATHER STRIPPING WWWWQM Will BEAR WATCHING, 1 ll ig? - Lumber and F A DEALER thinks enough of his pro- duct to advertise its quality all of the time, you may depend upon it that it is QUALITY. We always advertise the best Lumber obtainable. That's why our business is growing every year by leaps and bounds. Builders' Supplies General Contractors Phone 726 Dennison, Ohio WWQQUW ' - The Echom .1 -v 5 Z Q N F W F if Mmmm E 'OHIO Q The Eciriolm WATSON'S BAKERY We Balee It Rf tail Store 21 1 Water .Street --HARPER M ETHOD SHOP AND NOVELTIES .Slzampooing Toilet Articles Hair Goods Scalp Treating Marcelling a Specialty N NEVA M. MOLESWORTH Qjfzre Phone 368-R Residence Phone 25 FUI-lR'S BAKERY Breaci Cakes Pies Rolls For Service TheGreat Drive to the Hi - Power Service Station Corner fourth and Dawson Streets CWhere High Gracie Gasoline and Oils are Sold A. 8: P. Tea Co G 7' o c e 1 i es CWhere Economy Rules QUALITY AND SER VICE W. W Miller, Manager 223 N. Water St. Uhrichsville, Ohio Qyfhe Echo QQ Q .-:A2-A L ffm? I? 6 AQ E if MlCKEY'S TWIN BREAD Pies Cakes ROZZ3 Buy Your Furniture QIQ-3 Rugs, Linoleum Ranges, Eff-, from Ukihrirbshille may Qlumpanp I 8 I AUhr1'chs11ille, Ohio The Store C5 that saves you Money . The Echo A man usually builds a home in keeping with his finances That is the part of Wisdom for the home builder. Another part of wisdom for the home builder is to get our prices. Let us aid you in the important matter of selecting lumber and building material. J. PEARCH LUMBER CCMPANY ' The Echo' C.-W.-RGSEL-CO. Ready-to-Wear Garments For Women and Children Pretty Coats Pretty Dresses Many to Select From Gossard Corsets Warner Bros. Corsets Nemo Corsets Munsingwear Pigeon Hose Cadet Hose Dry Goods Rugs Draperies uf-I-l1ere,s a Reason for Qur Big Businessn C:I'lJ.IT1IT152:PlllITIl3iI1g Hgywggd Clark Better Plumbing 5 ,Heating U uf Goes Meat Your mmwwmm Wagon Way WWQQSQW Phone 362-R 307 E. Third St. Uhrichsville, 'Ohio ' Dennison, Ohio Qyfhe Echo IQ fi gas Si .Q is fi x ' The Echo Ridgeway lDm. ID. Evans Purmture Company Groceries and Meats wQEgQ? Dry Goods Home Furnishers fwau Paper ana Rugs sefmwmwe- CID Phone 362-J 313 East Third Street Uhrichsville' Ohio Phone 233 Illl N. Water Street sssTHE CITIZENS STOREWW Dealers in Dry Goods :: Notions :: Groceries :: Queensware Tinware :: Enamelware :: Novelties Co .f E . F . W E S T East Third Street Uhrichsville ' A The Echo ROY'S Wrecking Crane SERVICE Auto Laundry ROY F WELLS, Tuscarawas, Uliio GEORGE MAURER West Sicie Meat Market Dealer in Fresh and Cured Meats ELVIN BAT'l'ERX' SUPPLY "Home of Westinghouse Batteries" We have installed a Weidenhfjj' Universal Test Bench and can give you Ebcpert Service on Starters and Generators Hamilton 5 Dutton Tire Service Federal Tires and Tubes Vuicanizing mfg D ,.., fqa Q ,ws Q C'5j'Q'3?3'f"Q 1 I9 Grant Street Phone 202-,I Dennison, Ohio ' The Echo Walk-Over ELL'S High We Shoes eoxmrieeri iie v For High School Chaps WWWQWW Seniors, a'on,t let the Freshmen beat you to the New Walk-Uver Styles. N01 king but the Best Served Snap into it, strut your stuf in the At Our Fountain smartest style of the season. SrhrayjTs Chocolates Walk.Over Shoes WIEST BRQS. Uhrichsville, Ohio Eastman Kodaks and films Tuscarawas, Ohio ED. LUKENS WM Clothes of Qualitq S it 1 .. 'L X 111' T152 . 1 lvl Hart, Schafner Kc Marx, Michael Stern XC Co s 2 3 J j Suits, Stetson and Schoble Hats, Stetson and V ar- U i f X I l 1 it ' 3""" N57 . 7. sity Shoes N1 LS Vllut nn emu N. 215 E. Third St. Uhrichsvillc, Ohio ' T he Echo id Hou Ever Sto io Think IUCN you don't czitvh :1 1ll2lll'S first words you interrupt and ask him to l'l'1l0Zlf. You read a letter from the first. You don't sit down to the tzililt- nnd lu-gin eating: where soinc-body else left off. You listen to si business pro- position :ill th- way tlirongrli lwfolv- you 4-ondvnin it. Butt-you walk in c.n the lust 11-el of an five rw-l iuolion !lll'lllllF :uul pro- nounvo the- lll1'llll'l? poor il' it do0sn't please you. we Cfhank Qjou It's our fault, of course. We 1-multi keep you out until the last rc-ol fin- ished. But that wouldlft he :1 vi-ry good ideal. lVe invented thf continu- ous DQ-'l'flll'lll21lli'9 plain for your lwmifit. Not finding fnnlt-nothing: like it- just wanted you to realize that sonn- tiines the pivture you think lzad is really good if soon from the fixst. .lust wanted to ask you to give the pic-tures a Clmnve-by timing your zu'- rival at the theatre so that you Can see them from tho first. Ciiq Opera House Quality Service Home Qrocerq E. R. AESCHLIMAMV, Prop. Ci, Phone 643 Newport Road Uhrirfhsville, Ohio To use our Dry Cleaning Service regularly You get the utmost wear from your garments. Eclipse jDrq Cleaning Co. Uhrichsville, Ohio The Echo YGUTI-I'S+ DREAMS This is just a line to the Young People Life now seems destined to bea glorious conquest, with nothing in the future but the most pleasant and satisfying ex- periences. Whatever you do, don't be satisfied merely with dreams, for there is always an awakening. Dream, work and save, for each helps the other. "SAFETY FOR SAVINGS" The Union Bank Capital, s10o,000.oo DIRECTORS W. P. Greenlee E- D- Moody F E, Lang Alexander Robinson ld A. Mazurie W. B. Stevens E. F1 Utterback ' The Echo fff1E2SfHQI5Tie GET HLPOWER It costs no more than low grade Sold by dealers everywhere through the Yellow Visible Pumps LATTO CDIL CQ. Wall Paper Paints Oils Varnishes Window Shades Curtain Rods Gift and Art Ware P. G. Lanning 81 Sons Phone 427-J 216 Easz Third Street Uhrichsville, Ohio ' A The Echo W. A. UOLDREN Medii-al I4IXfllllil191' Penna. Lines IVE SIIEY K. ECKFELD President Buckeye' Fire Flay Co. GEORGE W. KELLEY Sll1ll'l'II1I'l-'lldixlli' l'hild1'e1l's Home M. M. KEEPERS Asst. Seify Savings 8 Luau Co. J. QITINC 'Y LAXV FZlI'IIlt-'I' A. R. LANNING Lzmuing 8: Co. The DENNISON NATIO AL BANK Dennison, Ohio Member of Federal Reserve Bank DIRECTORS '1'IIE0l1URE LANN I NG Vim-0 Pres, XYnlf-Lnnlling Flay Cu IIEYWOUIP CLARK Mvrvllalllt EDWIN ll. MUUIJY Vim- Pres. IIPIIIIISUII S:-wi-1' Pipe G. H. 0BEIillUI.ZEli IVI9l'i'Ilil1lt PHI LIP A. IU IMIG i'u11t1':u'tu1' EMERSUN R. VAN OSTRAN IwIf'I'l'IlflIlt and Iuilllllf2lf'flll'61' The Safest Place for Savings Resources 31,500,000 00 my in se: 1:-iii. 2-n me S wp THE Ross CLAY PRODUCTS Co High Grade Sewer Pipe, Flue Linings, Wall Coping Building Block, Fire Clay Chimney Pipe and Chimney Tops Q4 rr is no Q ug as em x A The Echo WILCOXON HARDWARE C0 The Winchester Store tEver37tl1ing in General Harclware Plumbing, Mill and Mine Supplies Pl 337 19211012 Qflutbing Qfumpanp 1 1 Style Heaiquar Fbr D4en and B y cWheTe Society Brant? .-.-f:5f5232?' - 1:s5?ESz2 : :z22:f f A -A g -52:14 A413' rirawfgefgag' ,agsgsgz-is ..zfe:1--.14 1:1 -f1l?211' 55f ,. ,15252:35EzEzE5EzE5i525?5' ?i5E5EfEfEfE5. 'za-at-:-:,5, fP-:P .-- .3.5.3,5.g,fg.g.g.g. 4.1.5.-,,:. E5E3Qf5E5E5E2:f:?5' "If -' ,E5?j.,.j Af2E Q:-:Z : -" f 1' 1 f2522 : i"4 i:e2P?-4' 1 '- A ' 331.1-f r E ff " ' Z is IC? I 1 :,2if" 'I'QZfQgf?' cmrron C OMQS are 0 W L-' ::':"" uornn ' Qyfhe Echolg Q DODGE BROTHERS Sales Service DUNN BROTHERS E st Second Street Uhrzchs ll The Stillwater Clay Proclucts Co. ---- . 'f 'raasaf' hgh Manufacturers of Sewer Pipe Flue Linings Chimney Tops Anal All Kincls of Clay Proclucts Qlrfhe Echo QQ Q IVICCZCDLLAIVI 84 SONS The Universal Car MILLER :: BROTHERS The American Restaurant C Uhrichsville, Ohio :IQ The Echo GEC-:rshin Dug Goods Co. Thirty-one Years on ct journefy rn 111 Tailor's Berzch Thrzfs why we can obsolzztefy-fityou I lmvo ntmle them for l'lt1'ifl1,sLfil!e HL QED BOW Made smfffy to Mmm Dry Goods i'2Q35 and N otions CA H AN EY Macau Pattern.: TAI LO R LUDWIG REIS, JR. 4f?3 5535 "Ghz Smart Qilutbes imap" 3I3 Center Street Dennison, Ohio dl. G. Sullivan 'Groceries HWe Aim to Please' QUICK SER VICE FREE DELIVER Y Ci, Grant Street Dennzson, Ohio QThe Echolg Q , 1 , , X I .. N .i 5-? X f zife ibb I s ae . 'A '?-f i J V IQ?-T'!11.3'l2?I 421324 -:eau uf: :'v.,g.::,l Riagg-iz, ap fl ia ifi 559 4? ' sf gz 0.0 mx J 0995 7 J iw MW ., 01132 Eennisun . 1,2 water bupplp Qing Eznnisun, whim W M 4126 WIT VH.. .N Q W W W W ' The Echo Hutzieris rfiwe Friendly Drug Store State Theatre Building VPD Use Hutzleris Service Spring Footwear Bostonians for Young Men Silby's for Young Women Lasts in the Newest Trend of Fashion Leathers in all the wanted shades wimwwww Taggart Shoe Co. Candy Ice Cream Soda.: Compliments of Prestonis Sweet Shop Glenn Preston, Prop. Ice Cream Wholesale and Retail Bell Phone 693 Cigars B utter K ist Popcorn 5-fire Citizens Building 5' Loan Co. E. F Utterbaek, President Wi B. Stevens, Secretary and Manager 4f?? fdi+ A Good Place to Borrow A Safe Place to Invest Union Bank Building Qyfhe Echo lg Ilh Ch ' 1 Daily and Weekly Carries two Complete News Services in addition to many other Features The Chronicle is the Best Advertising Medium in Tuscarawas County Read The Chronicle IIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIlllllliililllllllllHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII du Smoke Groceries Double Mm Dutch CYD Stogies :Wg Dm Ph 712 EghhS IIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllHHIIHIIIIIIIIH ' A The Echo The Seruison Co. Twin Cify Sh02 Repair lmrorpora red C 0 m p a ny Expert Shoe Repairing Une y Ores Work Done White You Won Uhrichsville, New Philadelphia, Dover White Ualf Leather Used The Largest and Most Up-to-date Variety Stores in the County Shoe Shining Parlor- The Stores That Save You Money 206g North Water Street T C. SER V ISUN, Manager Uhrichsville, Ohio PERRYS NEWS AGENCY School and Office Supplies Books, Papers and Periodicals Seasonalole Novelties Phone 156 Corner Third and Uhrich Streets Uhrichsville, Ohio ' A The Echo Q D!'Il5Lf',9 THE REXALL STORE The Best in Drug Store Goods The Best in Drug Store Serx7ice Meet Us in our New Store Kodalfs g i e Cflo Feat for us to fit Feet k,.',,,, H U N T S H O E C O Good Shoes for Stx1le and mileage 134 East Third Street Uhrichsville ' A The Echo Auto at Your Service Crhe A q C n C Q Cheer Up his Harmless Twin City General Insurance Dry Cleaning Co' ana? Real Estate T R. Rosenberry, Prop. 426 Main Street Phone 495 Res. Phone 848W Uhrichsville, Ohio Third and Water Streets J. VV. I.YTL.E Qi-lf Pool Cigars Bowling Auto Accessories Get Uur Prices on Tires and Tubes Phone 229 1 I 7 East Third Street ' The Echo CASH TERMS mba gtrks umpzxng 7 ' G1 Home Fnrnisliers For Over 50 Years Complete Home Furnishers Tuscarawas l.'ounfy's Oldest and Largest Furniture Store "BIGGER VALUES FOR LESSH Cmnt Street . Dennison E "1S.!L40?WD Mi 'E5!EQN,,'9f3E'i F 5 We READY TO WEARQQW ' ' .sf fpffet ' s ig SHOES Aim in,Ai Em sHEm . of equal quality t i a.. 5 t HILL-NIcIiEE CONIPANY Next to Dennison Postojire The Echo F. A. MAZURIE 8: SON FURNITURE CARPETS VICTRCLAS I it B THE HOOVER---It beats. as it sweeps, as it cleans---Electrir Suction Sweeper Uhrichsville, Ohio Kleanall Kleaning Ko. Dry Cleaning and Pressing Ladies, Apparel, Lamp Shades, Draperies, Etc. 414 N. Main Street Uhrichsville, Ohio Phone 98 maurer SL Spillman Dealers in Fresh and Cured Home Dressed Meats and Poultry Prompt Delivery WWQQWW Phone 18 Uh richsville, Ohio Authorized Agency for Excelsior and Iver Johnson q3ic: cles and Fisk Tires liicy cle Repairing Chz.ldren's Wheel Toys R. J. Smith 216 Water Street Uliriehsville ' A The Echo .A TW M ? Q 5 2 4 ' in ' GI i 1 211111121111 51 21' 151132 U. 3 K , , li Pennxsnn, Qghm Z 2 2 2 E 'M Qdnnin 'sf- M. A. Tweed 75719 Big 36019 Hardware Co. IF YOU BUY HERE It is a foregone conclusion that you will make many savings. Good values coupled with liberal meth- ods and straightforward dealing have made this store the wondejul success it is today. Special attention given to ouylitting girl graduates. M. A. TWEED, Manager . '21 East Third Street CF. Lanmnq 81. Co. 1 The Big Store Uhrichsville, Ohio ' The Echo STYLEPLUSxCLOTPmS L: 525 1 530 1 3535 f Queen Quality Shoes for Women Emerson Shoes for Men , R A. 1 P A R R :: B R Q S . 0 U , fr: ff 53L1EL'i' Dennzson, Ohzo I The Ulwriclwsville Ice Company -.. 4,,.: Pasteu ed Sweet Milk P teurized Cojfee Cream Pasteurized Whzpping Cream B tie lk Cottage Cheese ozv ALL oUR WAGONS AT YOUR DOOR EACH DA Y ' The Echo ' C0mPli"1en'S of W. H . Pukiersen Cese The end . B iq' S - Clfg Real Esi'u1'e U arg QHQVICQ and Building Co. Goodyear Tires We Build and Sell You a Goodyear Means Good Wear ff Honze Sweel' Honze 9' +WmW +59wQ Uhmhmuey Um Uhfichmzze, ohio H....I.unmhllllllllllllllllllllllllmlll,NIHIIIHHIIIHIIIHHIIIIHIIH NlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIHHIIllllllllllllllllluml....-... The Buckeye Fire Clay Co. Manufacturers of Viiriied Sewer Pipe Uhrichsville, Ohio H-'--'HuunslllllllllllllllllllllIHIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII1IIHIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllnmm-'----- QQ QLTIIQ Echo IQ Q 13 E Q K3 E.-2-J.-2-BEITLER The Leading I DRY GOODS Jewelry and Gift Store ches Jew Qli-3 S T6 S L C M 11 dS U h 0 S MWWQ 5 5 5 E Z E 5 S 5 E 5 S 5 5 5 5 5 5 MMMW mmmmmm G NS 5 55 '53 5? FTE, Wm QE.. Q B 'ti 22 Q MMMMMM QM E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E QW ' A The Echo IQ Q. D. fHaas Hardware Co. Dealers in Hardware Sporting Goods Motor Car Accessories and Ftshilzg Ylzckle Cfhe Supreme moment of Uouth G 1' a ci' zz a ti o n For a Permanent CW USE Gfjewelr John Gardner Jeweler and Optician Cmnt Street Dennison Dennzsonr, Ohio WHERE Crwm eng cSClftSfClCftO7?, reen Is a Certainty NOT A PROMISE FOUR CHAIRS Sanitarq Barber Shop J. L. Potts At Your Service By Buying Your CNT FLOWERS AND PLANTS from us you are sure to get fresh home-grown F LO W ERS Phone 382-J Say it with Flowens' ' The Echo We Serve You Best in Clothing, Tailoring Hats anci Shoes FLURSHEIM Shoes for Men GLUVE GRIP Shoes for Women TREADWAY BRGTHERS Er. 33. QE. iiiainsherger Dentist Compliments of The East Ohio do Gas Gomrvanq 215g East Third Street Phone 296-R QQ mT'he Echo lg Q comP1.1mEnT5 GF THE DISHER: CANDY:: CO IDG Carft males all the lee Cream so we make the BEST Uhrichsville Ohio ' Qjyfhe Echo J, llnioli-Druqfatorc-3 Uhrichsville, Ohio - Pure Drugs Sodas Kodahs Stationery Fine Dress Goods Cranefs Chocolates and Tnmmmgs Trq the Druq Store First Gloves and Silk Hosiery L. G. Ripple, Prop. xaffvm if ' ,.,., m.:1,w::.,:2i: :Fees ,, ,H .... .Bw lin. ,fm ......,. . ma... ,.,.,. am: VH.. ..?, -. , ,K,, ,W , , ..-:.. .... ,... . 5, -H.. ,, :.-:- :.:5:,5:51:5-15.-' LEEEE2 1.1 1 2 wifi ff- ' "!:E5f:-- nj 4 L., dg. ig.,.:..z.:-..u.' 31.521, ,-ng, 1 uh. mf . ,, v 4 .::: 3:55. .zur 341 :Er :::,...::13:.-r :lk , ' vi:-ass: -'SS .5552 523315 YE - ,aa ' 'Ht "J:-:f'::.1 33- f' 4: 21112 tri: 115 ' -.' ' ..L11T:.':.11' T: '1'i' '7':"5 'ri' --.4 gb.. f' 11::1.:1:w.:.1:'w:: ri' 'V -. :-:-1 'I--" :E:::wmf,?g H, 5.1: .,,i,,,,,:,..., .. 1.... ,,.,., ..1. . . V -' I 4 . . - --- -- - -":::-1':-::::I1:' P" W. '-4 -' 'J U5'he Low Price Leaders LADIES" MISSES' AND CHILDRENS ii if A ii Uhrichsville, Ohio ' The Echo QQ A4',iZZQ7,'S You Can Always Find the Very Latest in Union Drug Store V Menas CWear Fourth and Grant Streets Dennison, Ohio Suits 325, 330, 335 Cl' he Best Onlq Served Af Jlt Cut Fountain R. A' COX CO. Eastman Films ond Kodalfs Formerly The Union Special Attention Paid to Developing Fourth Street Dennison EW SYSTEM BAKERY HOBBY ANDREWS, Prop. Qur Hobby is New System Bread Fresh Baked Bread and Doughnuts Goods Daily New System 219 Grant Street Dennison, Ohio ' The Echo CAPPEL 8: ROTH H.lD.lDesth.1fer 81 Sons W e Handle Everything in the Dry Goods Notions Seed Line Groceries Hardware Paints Seeds Fence A Good Reliable Place to Deal Grocerles and Prices Always Lowest Staple Dry Goods at our .im Ex7erjItI1ing Electrical Washers Sweepers Irons Radio Sets and Parts The Home of Good W ashing Machines. All the Latest Improved Types. The Latest Patterns of Electrical Lighting Fixtures. THE TWIN CITY ELECTRIC CO. i The Echo John maurer 81 Sons Meats and Groceries Ci, Phone 42 224 East Third Street Uhrichsville, Ohio J. S. marshall Barber Shop Three Chairs C2253 234 East Third Street Uhrichsville, Ohio Wwmw R. K. jlindsaq CRC-:ntch q3rothc-:rs . . . Funeral Director q31ll1ards and Pocket Billiards Licensed Embalmer Pipes Cigars Candies +pamQ Elrners and Jacobs Box Candies Phone 512 WC6SG5+ Dennison, Ohio 19 A The Echo Auto Storage Baggage Ed i J Place to Livery, Transfer and Storage gat and Sleep Call 45 g flu-QD Uhrichsvilie, Ohio Long Distance Moving a Specialty Water and Second Streets Airedale Terriers Uhrichsville, Ohio I The Allepurpose Family Flouf C0177 5.1-he McGowan Broflwers Company Wholesale Distributers ' The Echo W J.W.W1-IITE Co. ummm iBure rugs for the famil Rsght in Style, Price and Quality Hou get what llou ask forl F. H. CR C id 'ta Shoes and Hosiery North Water Street Uhrichsville, Ohio t r is E' 8i:i'mtLE:--fit? B6 t- E 'x F' w w 3 Z' 4 -H -Z' -L :V W, '-1 w. aft: J., 2 A L CE T0 JU H Eu- H - -as at - :wt - ' A The Echo Reed SL Rc-:ed F. E. Gooding Co Jttorneys at Law Cy Dry Goods XJ Groceries M eats Uhrichsville, Ohio 401 First Street F. W. SI-IAFFER Wholesale and Retail Toloaccos Cigars Cigarets 330 North Main Street, Uhrichsville C055 PUCKET BILLIARD PARLOR, 106 East Third street gp-he Echo gg Q iB.1!a.iPlililler S H O E S Dentist All the Family from DAD to BABY QED For the Best Sh With the Lowest P ' C. H. Slineberqer B ll P! I S4 Uhrichsville, Ohio CERESQTA FLCDUR Gold Bar and Silver Bar California Fruits 5-iiiwistle Brand Canned Goods Q-xv 5-fime Twin City Grocery Co. Distributors ' A The Echo G0 T0 W. I-I. Sl-IAFFER Y 091312 I' 5 Cigar and News Stand For Your Crhe Place to Get Hour Hungry 3 Qlnatg Cigars, Ciqareis anclQACancl Eresszs : Rim Guuhs : Zlrt boobs Agent for The Canton Repository CUICLHIIIIH Enquirer Uhrichsville, Ohio , and Chicago Examine We are Headquarters for C-.HIE New 5-tulve Standardyne lnstalled witll all Accessories at 5135.00 wm frffevc C m , RCDMIG ELECTRIC CO. Qyfhe Echo E FRED FAIRALL DHNNISON 532132 Qpen All Night General Contractor Civ Veecioi, Waverly, Sinclair and Mobile Cabinet Work of all Kinds ' QFD West Fmt Sire Opposite Pennsylvania Depot Near B. Kc O T A Dennison, Ohio 511112 Qiinmig Qilag Qgrnhurizi Glnmpzrng Gnadenk utten Road Hhrirhshille zz GBIQEU ' QLTIMZ Echo QQ Q Quality Service ,.-wb' ...mm . . Twin City Lumber Co. "We are Not Satisfied Unless You Arev W Courtesy Price Auf 1:15 2x1E35:3513513uf QD Auf -QQ '73 'U 7 T E VAN Co, Y I NEWPORT ROAD -'S U RICHSVHLLE, HEC L 7? Y L3 C1 his fflwf 135 :f1E:3E13ii3Ei31Xfe QD Juv QlThe Echo lg E Uh? 3Knhiw-sun 3a 511115 H ' giiefrlm' Hips Glnrupmrg ' lilqrirlpahillv, Cl9hin F 'I QiLThe Echo QQ Q Ufe CLYDE HOTEL AND RESTAURANT Opposite Station Dennison, Oh GREENLEES STORE The Reliable Cfij'-3 General Merchandise oixlf Bell Phone 72

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