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DEDICATIO rm fd We the Senlors of 1957 take great pleasure 1n ded1cat1ng our annual to Mrs Sellx who so capably served as our class advxsor durmg our Junzor year Her advrce and ass1stance was greatly apprec1ated by all of us Mrs S9l1X'S efforts 1n the sc1ence and home economlcs departments and her frxendlmess and understandmg w1th the students are only a few ofthe adm1r able character1st1cs wh1ch make her such an asset to Udell I-hgh School Q.. 5-1 FACULTY Standmg Robert Wells Shop I-hstory Class Plays and Athlet1c Coach Mrs Faye Sel1x Sc1ence Home Econom1cs I-hstory and Algebra M155 Mane Correll Englmsh Vocal and Instrumental Mus1c Mrs Juamta Hurlx man Commercmal Lmerature and Health Raymond E Byers Supt Geometry Government Busmess Law and Agrmulture Seated Mrs MarJor1e Gale Prxmary and Fxrst Grades Mrs LaRue Exlme Grades Two Three and Four Mr Bernard Pugh Grades Fxve and S1x Mrs Delores Mclviurry Grades Seven and E1ght Mrs Mar1lyn Koehler Offmce Secretary Mrs Gale 15 servmg her f1rsr. year at Udell Mr Wells Mxss Correll and Mr Pugh have been here for fwo years each Mrs Hur lman has been w1th us for four years Mrs Exllne has naught m Udell for f1ve and a half years Mrs Mclviurry and Mr Byers have been here for f1ve years each Mrs Sel1x 15 the veteran of thxrteen years of ceachmg at Udell BOARD OF' EDUCATION C1OCkVw1SC Alvm Sprlng Lorance Morlan Frederxck Koehler Sec Beverly Brmegar Lawrence Powell Pres Wxlbur Hollenbeck Q.-Xbsent: Supl. R.E. Byers. S fe ,f lf A r V- J 24- t 3, , , 5' 'V Cooks Mrs. Starr Mrs. Hedgecock RAMBLER STAFF Editor and Art Editor ,,,,,,, , , Asst. Editor and Business Manager Sports Editor , , Grade and High School Editor Feature Editor . Sponsor . Kay Clark Don Hollenbeck Lee Engle Ronald West Delbert Buck Mrs. Hurliman 'vw W' 'Wt A I--f SKID' 1 Janitor Bus Drivers Joe Moore Neil Brinegar, Keith Deahl Bob Herman, Rev. Albright. RONALD LEE WEST COLONEL 'Don t Forbxd MC Basketball Z 4 Plays 4 Manager 3 Letter Club 3 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4,- Secretary 81 Treasurer Z V1ce Pres 1dent 4 CHESTER LEE ENGLE SHINGLE Nlnety Nme Ways Baseball Z 3 4 Basketball 1 Z 3 4 Letter Club 3 4 Treasurer 1 Secretary 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Plays 3 4 CATHERINE E CLARK "KAY "Young Love ' Quartettes 3 4 Gxrls Sextet 3 4 Glee Club 1 3 4 Mzxed Basketball 1 Z 3 4 News paper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Plays 3 4' Commercxal Con test 3 4 Presldent Z 4 Treasurer 3 DONALD T HOLLENBECK DON Aloha Oe M1xed Chorus 3 4 Glee Club 3 4 Basketball 1 Z 3 4 Base ball 4 Letter Club Plays 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Pres1dent 1 3 Treasurer4 Spellmg Contest Z 3 4 Commerclal Contest 3 4 JAMES DELBERT BUCK BUCK The Great Pretender Baseball Z 3 4 Plays 3 4 Basketball Z 3 4 V1ce Pres1dent Z 3 Letter lub 3 4 Mews paper staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Commercxal Con test 4 X' 1 3 ll II Z , , y l J Q 1 I 1 3' 4: .ll C,ho'rus 1, 3, 45 Soltbiall 3, 4g LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Lee Engle w1lls h1s ab1l1ty to work on cars and to attend school regularly to the boy he feels capable of doxng the job r1ght Lowell Scott you have qumte a Job ahead of you You must do It rlght or 1t goes to Donnxe Smxth Ronald 'West w1lls h1s ab1l1ty to drag wxth the pollce to Lloyd Salladay and 'ns double dates to Ralph Clark Rosalme D1veley and Donna Koehler o Ronald Srnxth he leaves h1s muscles You must use them for a good cause l1ke Ronald d1d such as stayxnv out of trouble Kay Clark would lxke to leave her ablll y to get a dxamond to Dorothy Hlnton her basketball talent to Ruth Ann Hopk1ns and may she use It well Her b1g feet to Beverly Cantrell her red ha1r to anyone who can use lt and her ab1l1ty to lose thmgs to Irene Clark Don Hollenbeck leaves hxs bra1ns to someone who needs them and maybe 1t's you" H15 orderly manner to Ronald Mehrhoff h1s typmg speed to Bxll Booth and h1s wltty remarks to James Fox He leaves h1s leadershlp and old basket ball shoes to Jerry Hull treat them w1th care' ' Delbert Buck leaves h1s car troubles to Larry I-Iedgecock keep your temper Larry He also w1lls h1s ab1l1ty to get along w1th the g1rls to anyone who can arranve It Delbert leaves h1s baseball captams star to the person who w1ll work for lt CLASS HISTORY In the fall of 1953 there were twelve fr1endly but not very brave Freshmen approachmg the door of learnlng that was opened to them at Udell I-hgh School The Seruors were ve1y n1ce to us that year In fact they set asxde a whole day Just for us They called mt In1t1at1on but we thought 1t was "lots of fun or we Got to wear bathmg su1ts and long under wear wrong slde out Sandra Anderson Delbert Buck Kay Clark Barbara Dav1s Lee Engle Jean Fexght Joan Kendall James May Ga1l Mmmck Don Hollenbeck Carl Sm1th and on that ,rear The second step on the staxrcase was our Sophomore year That year we lost Gall 'vimmck and Jean F'e1ght but we ga1ned another g1rl Martha Myers These two years were the beg1nnmg of many good txmes as we were allowed to have partxes and p1cn1cs at d1fferent t1mes durmg the year Mrs Darzes was our sponsor th1s year Later 1n the year Joan Kendall left us B our Jun1or year we were cl1mb1no fast and losmg more members ofthe class By thls tzme Ja'nes May Carl Smlth and Sandra Anderson had left our group of w1shers Thxs year we began out actmg careers We put on our Jun1or Class Play entltled GOOD GRACIOUS GRANDMA Then It happ ened agaxn we lost Barbara Davxs .After work1ng on candy sales ball games and other projects we fxnally vot enough money to present the Jun1or Senlor Banouet on Aor1l Z0 1956 The theme of th1s very beaut1ful banquet was ORIENTAL GARDENS Mrs Selxx was our sponsor and helped 1n an 1nmeas able way to guxde us through that year On our fmal step up the staxrs we lost one more member of the class Martha 'vlyers wh1ch left us w1th only f1VE members to f1n1sh out the year We put on our Semor Class Play EVEN STEPHEN In the course of the year we have publxshed the school paper UDELL RAMBLER ' and soon the annual wxll go to press When sprmu came we attended the Jun1or Senlor Banquet as guests Then came the t1me for our Semor Tr1p to the Lake of the Ozarks where we wxll endeavor to dlsperse our hard earned money and have a good t1me too ll Evers and Vlrs Hurllman guxded us on the fmal step of the stan-5 of our H Ol' School da .fs UI' -.l ' ' ' ' - . 1' ' , ' ' , . T . . I , . , Q - . . Y . n . I I .. , , .. . I I O ..' VI , . ' g . . . . , . H , f U ' A n , , , , , , , , , , . Ronald West were the twelve kids that Mr. Plank was to keep a "sponsors eye" . ' ' . , , . . , . . , . . 5 . ' A I I I I I ' . - - , 1 , o ' . . . . . , . ' 1 I 1 ' VI ll , . ' ll I ' I ' Q 1 ' . .. r. y . . ' ' ' ' la I , CI SS PROPHECY 'vlav l l 7 r R E Bx r Udell Iowa Dear Mr Bxers VN h1le thumomv throuvh some clxpplngs recently I came across these artxcles wh1ch concern I be eue the Senlor Class of 19:7 of Udell H11 h School Ihc Nmety 'Nmt l51ll1on Dollar Nervous Breakdown 15 looklng for a new contestant after Ronald West refused to a take hls wmrnngs the grand pr1ze money home He clalmed that xt would 1nterrupt the quxet and lazy peatefulness of h1s Kentucky bachelorhood to have come away from h1s st1ll long enough to count and keep track of the money The Navy Department declded late last nlght to drop ll Court Martml charges aga1nstV1ce Admxral James Delbert Buck They decl1ned any further statement other than quote He IS the modern Navy counterpart of that shyster TV Army hero of yester year Master behxnd m the poker game The natlon s wealthlest recluse Kay Clark has Just decllned all offers to open her 12 story mans1on as a mental hospltal for her ex beaus Slde show lovers everywhere w1ll remember her as the lxttle lady that several summers ago was the sensat1on of the World s Falr w1th her Hlgh Button Shoe Routlne Ph1lanthropy was agaln lllustrated today by the Engle Foundatxon as 1ts Pres1dent Lee Engle slgned hxs personal check for S9 870 543 Z10 to help provlde a rest home for serv ints over 75 who are sufferlng from house malds knees If you were vtatchmv your four dlmenslon color TV screens last nlght you probably saw the prem1er of a brand new show HIDEOUS HUMOR The shovt featured a Doctor Antolne Von Gruesome' and dealt vuth surg1cal sl1p ups and appetlzmg astroc1t1es Late word recelved from the Doctor Don Hollenbeck tells us that unfortunately the serles has just been cancelled l hope that you have found th1s 111format1on to be lnterestmg and enlmghten mg Congratulauons to you for turrung out such an outstandlng group of students By the vtay l hate been domg rather vtell as of late as the sole proprle tor of the Both Feet 1D the Grave Undertakmg Parlors Eternallx yours Mrs .lxunxti Hurlxm n . A 'J' Q M . , 4. je 11 .y ,K I W, D . -N. I . . 2 , X N 1 .Q . Y u ' ' ' R ' ' ' to ll ' - ' , Sergeant Ernest Bilko. fend -quotey' Personally, I just think they were H . ,Q . V . . . , . . . - ' " - ' - R al ll V , ' - . ' 1 I D . Y I ' . v - ,' ll A ' IV , . . ,. z ' 2 ' a C 3 L P 5 E Y SLND-XY Y D Processxona Invocatxorx -Xme ca The Beaunlful S 1ptu eandP a er If VX1 h Al You Hearts Sermon The Lure of re bnf1 msned Roca of Aves B8'1Ed1Ct1OH Recessmnal UDELI., IOWA Processlonal Invocatlon God of Our Fathers Salutatory Born to Be Free Valeduziory Address Does Amerlca Love lt s Presentatxon of C1t1zensh1p Award Presentahon ofE1ghth Grade Awardlng of Ehghth Grade Dxplomas Presentatmon of Class of 1017 'viarle CO rell Rev Aud1ence L. le A nrxght s Glee C ua Lfle Albrwht s Quarlette R Chard Burger 'vlarxe Correll Rlchard Burger Rex Glrl Rev Boy Rev THURSDAY M Y 16 l937 Xdarle Correll Rev Har an McG1ll Vllxed Chorus Delbert Buck Mixed Chorus Donald Hollenbeck Mr Gerald Dunsmore Memher of State Bar Assoclatxorx M s XAcMurry Sut R E Byers Sul R E Byers Ch1ldren Presentamon ofD1plomas Mr Wxlbur Hollenheck fPres S B Benedlctxon Rev Hxrlan X4cG1ll Class Motto Before Ls Isles The Txrrmher Let Us Bu1ld Class Colors Blue and Whxte Class Flower Whlte Carnatum BAFCA-,L.l'..E,4.TE EXERCl'ES UD L-, IOWA ................... . ....... . , Ni.:-, 12,1907 Cr' r r w' ........... ....... l .... '. j.' ,Y ' COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES , . .......................... ' ' , A , ' 'V N -..ua-ua4..a--.nn....-.- L. ' ' . ' -' 's .... ........ p . . . . A , ...... YT ........... p. . . A FAIRYLLXYD ROMANCE HEME FOR THE JUNIOR SENIOR BANQUET Where were you on the n1ght of Aprll Z6 19979 The Jun1ors the Senxors the Faculty and a few of the Sophomores and tne mothers of the Jun1or Class of Udell I-hgh spent an Enchanted Evenlng ln a Fa1ryland Garden Taper l1t wh1te and sxlver covered tables were arranged beneath a sky sprmkled wxth gold stars w1th fa1ry wands wavmg 1n the a1r wlth a magxcal touch Fa1r1es such as have never been seen before were seated about the garden w1th the elves From e rose covered garden gate one could see the fa1r1es Dorothy Hxnton Kay Clark and Beverly Cantrell all 1n blue net Sandra Deahl 1n mxnt green and Barbara Houser xn a deep rose Scarcely would one 1mag1ne the many hours spent 111 creatmg the enchantmg atmosphere There were trees roses a wxshmg well and balloons fa1ry wands and all the other last mmute touches We d1ned on rare Mag1c Spell Falry Queen s Cho1ce Mllkweed Fluff Bernes from the Glen Buttercups Fa1ry Rxngs 1n Ferns and Myth1cal Dream Woodland M1st and Dew Acorns Serv1ce such as could never be found except 1n a Fa1ryland was A lovely mural of a boy and a g1rl dressed for a prom was drawn on the blackboard by Kay Clark PIXIB Lanny Doggett was the toastmaster who wore a p1x1e hat and carr1ed a fa1ry wand as he mtroduced the speakers for the even1ng The speeches were all very 1nterest1ng and brought back many pleasant memorles of the past The program 1n keepmg Wlth the general theme was presented as follows Invocatmn Barbara Houser 'Star Dust and "Some Enchanted Even1ng" sung by members of the Jun1or class Foot loose and Fancy Free ' by P1x1e' Doggett A Wave of the Wand by Spr1te ' Clark, In the Land of Make Bel1eve' by Elf Labertew Reflec t1ons 1n the Pool by 'Greml1n ' Buck You Too Have a Mag1c Wand ' by Glowworm Wells and Comments by Mr Plank All who were present Jom 1n extendmg a vote of thanks to the members of the ,Tumor Class thelr mothers and the1r class sponsor Mrs Sel1x for a very enjoyable successful and perfect evenmg whxch w1ll be long remembered by all your guests Barbara Houser , . I " T - , ' . th . . . , . . . provided by Donna Koehler, Karen Moore, Ralph Clark, and Lloyd Salladay. , ' I 11 - I ll ' ' I , ll ll Il ' I ll ' I ll ll ' ll - ' ' ll I ' 1 , 1' Y ' I 'I ll Glrl Boy The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The 'XNHOS WHO IN THE HIGH SCHOOL " w1th the most p easmng personalmty vuth the most pleasmg personal1ty most beautlful g1rl most handsome boy best dressed Ulrl best dressed boy most popular curl most popular boy g1rl most llkely to succeed boy most lmkelv to succeed best g1rl mus1c1an best boy mus1c1an best actor best g1rl athlete best boy athlete best all around U1rl best all around boy best g1rl churns best boy churns most romant1c couple most bashful gxrl most bashful boy glrl w1th the prettlest halr boy w1th the prettlest haxr g1rl wlth the prettlest eyes ooy xuth the prettlest eyes Kay Clark Roger Labertew Beverly Cantrell Roger Labertew Bonnle Hlnton Roger Labertew Kay Clark Roger Labertew Sandra Deahl Don Hollenbeck Ramona Burger Larry Hedgecock Lanny Doggett Beverly Cantrell Ronald S1ll1man Kay Clark Lanny Doggett Dorothy H1nton and Beverly Cantrell Jalue Cassatt and Paul Hopluns Lloyd Salladay and Ruth Ann Hopluns Rosalme Dlveley Donnxe Sm1th Beverly Cantrell B1ll Booth Jeanne O Donnell Lowell Scott v V - .C O Qetetiv,,f,,,e1.,.,:,1fe:1:t V l an ............................. VL sl-1-aonnnnuannnneaununuuuqq- . ,. Thebestactress GMM,...,.,..t..................Ba1-bay-3Hguser ' cl ........................... ' A ' I P JUNIORS FRONT ROW Sandra Deahl Barbara I-Iouser Beverly Cantrell Dorothy Hmton Jak1e Cassatt B111 Booth Roger Labertew SECOND ROW Mrs Seux Lanny Doggett .IerryWh1s1er Ronald Sxlhman Larry Hedgecock James Fox Ronald Parcel Paul Hopluns JUNIOR CLASS PLAY THE ANTICS OF' ANDREW SOPHOMOR ES FRONT ROW Karen Moore Donna Koehler Lmda Coe Rosalme Dlveley SECOND ROW MISS Correll Lloyd Salladay Ralph Clark Lowell Scott Pm ... v"fm1WlQn A l 'X rff . NZ xv x U i fi . ' 'MM 3' Aff- 1 ,A r Y I iz, l-. " gn- XJ XE 1 . I N , . 1 J A"'V"'3' 9 U FRESHMAN FRONT ROW Ruth Ann Hopkxns Jeanne O'Donnell Ramona Burger Bonme Hxnton Irene Clark Norma Alden Bonn1e Llppert SECOIND RUW Jerry Morlan Jerry Hull Ronald Smlth Jaclue Hopluns Ronald Mehroff Gary Myers Paul Dean Cantrell Mr Wells Donnle Srn1th if ,LN 'TV' FIFTH 5-.ND SIXTH GRADE FRONT ROW Jack Wagner David Ahee Rex Exline Jerry Burns Ronald Burger 'viike Ahee and John Burger SECOIND ROVN Alvin Foster Jeanne Felton 'viildred Sta-ycar Patsy O Donnell Diane Kendall Mr Pugh Raymond Wagner Larry Exline and Larry Burns Cl' FRONT ROW: SECOND ROW: SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE Jimmie Felton, Steve C.ark, Eileen Clancy, Linda Moore, Sylvia Albright, Marry Catherine Exline. Jerry Felton, Wayne Weber, Dorothy Burns, Mrs. Mcfxlarry, Zelda Engle, Shirley Salladay, Darlene Hinton, fSmall Picture: Frances Peek KU If .l""""' 0 -0- v . gl not Q90 bon wr' PRIMARY AND FIRST GRADE FRONT ROW Sherry Sprxng Margaret Burns Dana Brlnegar Joy Bryant Pamela 'Wagner Janet Ahee SECOND ROW rs Gale D1ck1e Burger Charles Ross Henry Norton be Kenneth Sellx Dale Brmegar Dlck Burger Carl Kendall Gary Cr1dlebaugh SECOND THIRD 'ND FOURTH GRADE FRONT ROW Kaye Crldlebaal lm D ah L lbertev- Barbara Ross Kenny alla ay Dm d 'No C er ld Sta Nlax Burns Gary Heckrran eh Jerrx O Donnel SECOND RON Beckx Cur Clo :Q 1 L rrv Felton Judy Salladay Rxchard alice l. ci R THIRD ROVK Maxxne Burns P t c Sta Rnllle O Donnell Kenneth I3 nks Steplxex 1 ht S mmx 'vloore Mrs LaRue Exlme Aug Sept 13 Oct Nov Dec Jan March Aprzl May Aug and and Z6 CALENDAR OF EVENTS School opened Sectxonal Baseball Tournament at Udell Inxtxatxon Day G1rl's Sect1onal Softball Tournament at Mystxc Pancake Day D1sm1ss at noon I S E A D1str1ct Conventxon at Ottumwa Vacatxon Magazme Subscrzptzon Campaxgn Tr1 County Instxtute at Centervzlle Vacatzon Kal' Udell Band Program I S E A State Conventzon at Des Momes Vacatxon Natxonal Electxon Day P T A Ten Cent Supper Semors Take Tests at Moulton Thanksgxvmg Vacatxon Semor Play "Even Stephen" Chrxstmas Program Chrzstmas Vacatxon New Years Day Vacatxon End of Fzrst Semester TB Test1ng Program at Udell Lee A D A C Tournament at Pulaskl and Numa A D A C Tournament at Pulask1 and Moravxa G1rl's Sectzonal Basketball Tournament at Udell Boy's Sectxonal Basketball Tournament At Alb1a H S Trxp to DesMo1nes to State Tournament Open House and School Board Elect1on Ronald A D A C Jr Hxgh Basketball Tournament at Udell A D A C Jr Hlgh Basketball Tournament at Moravxa Group P1ctures Taken for the Annual A D A C Jr H1gh Basketball Tournament at Cmcy H S and Jr I-hgh attend 'WAR AND PEACE' Udell Teachers Host County Teachers Banquet No School Too much snow! Athletxc Banquet County Grade School Spellmg Contest County I-hgh School Spellmg Contest Junlor Play "The Ant1cs of Andrew State Mus1c Contest at Delta Semor Tr1p to K1rksv1 le Cofnmercxal Contest at Morav1a Jun1or Semor Banquet Sectlonal Baseball Tournament Udell Mus1c Program State Mus1c Contest at Farmmgton Semor Tnp to Lake of the Ozarks Baccalaureate Servzces Commencement EXCICISCS Last Day School Starts All Over Agaml I Delbert Don - Z7 . - '-l7- 19 H . Z1 . . 1 ZZ- 24- Z5 27 . 1 .' ' . 7 . . 3 . . .. . U 1 Q C I 5-11 15 '- ' ' 1 ' 1 19 . 2 . .. . . . ' ' C ' J 6 8 . U. . 13 n . - ZZ- 23 . ' Z9 ' - zo ' 21-31 ' ' H - 1 n C ' 1 ll 16 ' Z8 .... ' 29 .... ' ' 30-31 Feb. 1- 2 A.D.A.C. Tournament at Mounton 4- 5- 7-9 ' ' 26 ' ' 8 . . ' ' 'W 11 ' ll .... . ' I3 .... . ' ' I4 ' 15 .... . ' ' 20 . . . ' ' ' 23 25- Z6 C J Z9 ' Q 30 A ' 4 . . 9 ' ' If 12-13 ' 16 .... 1 18 V . . Z6 . - . 29 - 7 l-3 ' Z . 4 . . l0-ll- 12 ' ' 12 ' A 16 ' 17 BAND FRONT ROW John Burger Stexe Xlbmght Norma Alden Ramona Burger Ronald Parcel Ronald Srruth Raymond Wagner Ronald Burger SECOND ROW Dorothy Burns D1ane Kendall Bxll Booth M1ldredStaJ car Jerrv Morlan Jakle Cassatt Paul Cantrell M155 Correll Wayneweber Ronald S1ll1man Larry Hedgecock ul pa QPECI Xl, NALSIC GROUPS FIRST ROV! l..1nc1 'oo e x u b xght E1 eer' Cl ncy Irene ar Kax C a K C n l Norma -'xl en SECOND ROVK Lannx Dogve La rx Hedoecock Rona d Sllllrn n Roger Lane xx n ' a ce Jerrx Hal Jerrw Nlorlan Paul Cant e THIRD ROVN Karer' 'vloore RQ lme Dueley Donn Keen er 'vhss Corre ' 0 "3 c ' I 1 QM, -A 3 0 Q . u 1 ' ' - I! ' I ' 'J GIRL S GLEE CLUB FIRbT ROW Llnda Moore Ruth Ann I-Iopk1ns Ramona Burger Beverly Cantre l Kay Clark Donna Koehler Norma Alden SECOND ROW Sh1rleySal1aday Zelda Engle Darlene Hmton E1leen Clancy Dorothy Burns Rosahne D1veley Bonn1eH1nton Llnda Coe Irene Clark M155 Correll Mary Catherme Exlme Sylv1a Albr1ght Bonnle Llppert Karen Moore Jeanne O Donnell THIRD ROW 4 BOX S GLEE CLUB FRONT ROW Do Hollenbeck Lanny Doggett Larry I-Iedgecock Ronald S1ll1man Roger Labertew B111 Booth Jal-ue Cassatt SECOND ROW Steve Clark .I1mm1e Felton Jerry Felton Ronald Parcel Ronald Smlth Wayne Weber Paul Cantrell Jerry Morlan MISS Correll MUSIC HIGHLIGHTS Th1s year the Junlor Hxgh students partmcxpated 1n the I-hgh School Musxc program and were members of the varxous mus1c groups The Band numbered exghteen and practlced two t1mes weekly They pre sented a band Concert 1n the fall and have accompl1shed much The G1rl s Glee Club numbered twenty one and pract1ced four txmes a week They sang Ram and 'to a W1ld Rose 1n the Sprxng Muslc Concert and at State MUSIC Contest where they rated 11 The Boy s Glee Club numbered fmfteen and pract1ced four tlmes weekly Shenandoah and Now That Day Is Over were thelr numbers xn the Sprlng Muslc Concert They Joxned w1th the G1rl s Glee Club to s1ng When Over Sunl1t Paths ' and 'Carousel' also Mxxed Chorus numbered twenty otwo and practiced to S1 ng m the Sprmg Musxc Concert and at State Musmc Contest They sang All In An Aprxl Even1ng ' and Russlan P1cn1c" 1n these two events They rated 1 m State Muslc Contest The grade school pupxls from grades two to s1x sang 1n the Sprmg Musxc Concert too Amer1ca" and We Are Cllmbmg Jacob's Ladder" were The Jun1or Quartette appeared on TV at stat1on KTVO as part of the pro gram Aud1t1on on B1ll R1ley s Teen Txrne Show at Centerv1lle, at churches at P T A the Athlet1c Banquet and at var1ous publ1c gather mgs They sang 1n the State Mus1c Contest Appearances 1n the B1l R1ley Teen Txme Show at Centervxlle s1ng1ng at P T A and at many other meetxngs and contests bes1des the State Mus1c Contest marked the act1v1t1es of The Gxrl s Tr1o They rated 11 1n State Mus1c Contest G1rl's Sextette aud1t1oned for contests and performed at P T A as well as many other places th1s year They too entered the State Mus1c Contest and returned w1th a 11 ratmg Double m1xed Quartette performed many txmes and places bes1des the State Mus1c Contest where they rated 11 Madr1gal Group sang only at the State Mus1c Contest where they came through wxth a 11 ratmg Ramona Burger trombone player performed on the B1llR1ley Teen Tlme Show at Centerv1lle as well as aud1t1oned for the KTVO TV appearance Also she appeared at varxous churches and many other places th1s year She entered the State Muslc Contest and rated 111 M1ss Correll became full t1me vocal and mstrumental xnstructor th1s year after servmg as part t1me xnstructor last year She has worked long and hard wxth the mus1c groups and for her efforts we want to say smcerely Thank You . , - . . Il ' ll l ' ll A ' ' , . , . . . II II ll ll ' ' ll ' l I I . . ,, . . , . . . . . ll ' ll ' ' their presentations. . . J, . , , . . J 0 D I I I - 3 o s e Y . . . . , . . ' I 1 l . . ' , . , . , . ,,,,..: 1w.r,,."J'Y!, - W I .Y 1' J ' 7' 1 'X s' Q-R - - - Yi -1 I M 95 .xx diff' ,M 5 4 5 " . Q's .5 if lgv -1 ,147 'K F 'af' gf, 1 I ff fm fb kk, naw. Q Y r 4 WWW X 'iz " 1 Q wg, iff, Q I, M, 03, 4- ,,,,, rv-fv""1 1 3,-x -1 W ipaq Q -an ,,f' ,.f V5 .Nu y,,.yg,Aj"f:5 . . , an 9 A ,, Y 5: si S 9 M 13- Rf 1 K .3 , Y 2-vs. as I V rl ,W ,. n. wh K 1 kmwfx 4 y 3 -BN mi 'N Q ,S g, m E Y 5,ilsll'x 5. .- " f A 2' -A ,, Q, 1 ., ,, '55 , If' e Q, E ,. ff.. ' ,f am 1 19 W. ' K-Q F' Eli., W ff , V r 613 Q' 'RTS 0-915 Q JHHLJHL- 'ir 4 W . in 1, 31" 'X f if iv' Lak Q Q1 5 2,4 tif A is "' fix ,A :In I9 ,pa 5 1 I ff,. , I 1 ,pn '64 ff fn AVf0GkApg5 fm? 49 if WWW My ?f'2f PM f f 42 W ,W W Qgg ga MQW QW? Q 1 Jffvffmmimx' fiffufg " Mfg :ww WL ,fb 4,60 AY jf MJQMXQMZA? A QL 2335? QMDM ff M jg? xg? Q 2N 5 gy? E 12 6 gif bfi' as Zygkfixgfg WINS TROPHY Beverly Cantrell left won second 1n the Sect1onal Free Throw Contest at Udell and competed 1n the D1str1ct Free Throw Contest at Charxton CHEERLEADERS Ruth Ann Hopluns Rosalme D1veley Sandra Deahl Paul Cantrell GIRL S SOFTBALL The g1rl's softball team was one of the proud features of Udell H1gh School th1s past year Wh1le on the softoall fleld the g1rls demonstra ted an mtense des1re and ab1l1ty to wm games whlch resulted 1h a fme season s record The team advanced through some one pomt ball games to play for the Fall Sect1onal Softball Champxonshlp where they were defeated by a stellar Russell team Below IS a l1st of the names of the glrls who played on the team Karen Moore Beverly Cantrell Donna Koehler Irene Clark Bonn1e Hlnton Kay Clark Dorothy Hlnton Sheryl Af Horn Norma Alden L1nda Coe Jeanne O Donnell Barbara Houser Rosalme Dlveley Bonn1e Lxppert Ruth Ann Hopklns GIRL'S BASKETBALL FRONT ROW Kay Clark Irene Clark Lxnda Coe Donna Koehler Beverly Cantrell Dorothy I-hnton BACK ROW Bonn1e L1ppert Barbara Houser Jean O'Donnell Mr Wells Bonn1e I-hnton Norma Alden Karen Moore X . U A o .. 4 - T -, x WL! a., , .. . ' ,I x U I , X Xl! 1 0545 YYY 6' fi .r's'-J fl-Q flu BOY'S BASKETBALL UW 'fl P1 IJ O O C Z 5'-1 73 73 C O E E F' UF' 3552? SEUY l"1E..20- Uifipg' "' -13... FU ,- UI Er. Hn.. rn. Lrnf.. 55, i 'nv ggxgf' rv "',, 9.1532 Lng-45104 r':aU 5 no 'JQFE 9' rn "f17rUg:: 358 03:77 Q, o ?.n.25 :1U"dL :Zin fl mil' Q02 ffbf: "1 Z.-1 E '41 :J ,MW 'lk-jf gli- i- 1 E' '--Q x i g' I Y S EXSEBALL PROINI ROW rrx, N14 A 1 xr math hxkxc wma! LLC Pngln SECOND ROV r r Lum lg er! JLrrv Whlsler Ronald Slllxmm Paul Hopmns Delrurt Buck Dun HslleI1bf.Ck 2 f JUNIOR HIGH GIRL'S BASKETBALL FRONT ROW Manager L1nda Moore E1leen Clancy Ruth Ann Hopluns Bonme L1ppert Sylv1a Albrxght SECOND ROW Mary Catherme Exlme Dorothy Burns Darlene Hlnton Zelda Engle Shlrley Salladay Mr Wells I JUNIOR HIGH BOY S BASKETBALL FRONT ROW Jxmmxe Felton Gary Myers Jerry Hull Jerry Morlan Wayne Weber Ronald Sm1th SECOND ROW Steve Clark Jerry Felton Jackxe I-Iopkms Ronald Mer hoff Donnle Smxth Paul Cantrell Mr Wells -L ' ., I y llrf n, ,2 -1, 2 ,. W ' 43' 30 R X-' y ' ' 35 f22 E32 l25 I! 1 GIRL S BASKETBALL Elex en veterans xull be returmng to the gxrl s team next year there was only one Semor g1rl on the squad th1s year The gzrls remammg have had much pract1cal exper1ence worklng together and througn hard work coupled w1th an mtense des1re to wm they should have a h1ghlx successful season next year Followxng 15 the season s record Udell Udell Udell Udell Udell Udell Udell Udell Udell Udell Pulaskr Myst1c Moulton CIHCIHHBLI Troy Morav1a Moulton Numa Pulaskl Mystxc Udell Udell Udell Udell Udell Udell Udell Cambrla Troy Morav1a Numa -, CIDCIHDBQI Cambrza D A C TOURNAMENT Moravma 28 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Udell vs Myst1c Won 1 Lost 18 Offensxve Average 31 42 Defenslve Average 4 JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS BASKETBALL Show1ng prommse of future hxgh school ab1l1ty were the g1rls on th.1s team The g1rls had a reasonably good season and ended up nlcely by wlnnlng fourth place 1n the A D A C JR HIGH TOURNAMENT Here 1Sth61I' record Udell Udell Udell Udell Udell Mystlc Moravla C1r1c1nnat1 Morav1a Mvstxc A D A C JR HIGH TOURNAMENT Udell Numa Udell Myst1c Udell Moulton Won Lost 7 Offenslve Average 9 5 Defens1ve 31 GIRL S SOFTBALL The softball team was much more successful than was the basketball team The g1r1s worked hard and were Second Place ChaTnp1OHS 1n the Fall Sect1onal Softball Tournament Udell Udell Udell Udell Udell ws Morav1a Mystxc B lakesburg C1nc1nnat1 B lakesburg SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Udell vs M st1c Z4 Z3 Udell vs LeRoy 1 Udel ussell 6 9 Won 4 Lost 4 Offensxve Average 10 Z5 Defenswe Average 15 Z5 Udell played host to the Fall Sectlonal Baseball Tourna nent then for the f1rst mme Udell was awarded 1 Gxrl s Sect1onalB1sketball Tournament th1s year Y Y H. . , , , as VS, ' ZZ 42 vs. ' 36 57 vs, ' 16 41 VS. 41 43 vs. Z4 31 vs. ' 26 52 vs, ' ' ' 31 51 VS. 25 '4 vs, 45 37 vs. ' ' ' 34 34 v5, ' " 44 64 VS. l 33 58 vs. 40 47 vs. ' 33 41 A .... vs, ' 33 55 VS. ' 47 VS, ' 32 47 Udell vs. Blakesburg 34 73 . ' 20 40 I vs. ' Z 26 .... . vs. ' 9 Z5 vs. ' A ' 11 Z6 vs. 20 15 vs. ' 4 43 vs. ' 5 31 vs, A ' 8 50 vs. 17 35 1 - ' . - ' I VS- 'A 1 10 A VS- A 17 6 VS- 10 17 8 Y - VS. V ' - 8 ' 0 9 Y ' ' 4 24 1 vs. R 25 BOY S BASKETBALL Four Senlors s1x Jumors and two Sophomores were the members of the basketball team thls year The boys were at a d1sadvantage 1n he1ght but made up for 1t 1n a des1re to w1n The returnmg boys have shown much prommse and a much better season 15 expected next year Here 15 the sea son s record Udell Udell Udell Udell Udell Udell Udell Udell Udell Udell Udell Pulaslu Mystlc Moulton C1nc1nnat1 Troy Morav1a Moulton Numa Pulaslu Mystxc Blake sburg Udell Udell Udell Udell Udell Udell Cambrza Troy MOI'3V13 Numa Cmcmnatx Cambrxa A D A C TOURNAMENT Udell vs Moulton SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Udell vs Bussey Wonl Lost 18 Offenswe Average Z6 O Defensxve Average JUNIOR HIGH BOY 'S BASKETBALL The Freshmen boys and gxrls part1c1pated xn Junlor 1-hgh Athletlcs and thus they gamed much valuable experlence We are eagerly lookmg forward to see these kxds perform m h1gh school compet1t1on Followxng 15 the boy s record Udell Udell Udell Udell Myst1c Moravla C1nc1nnat1 Morav1a Udell vs Myst1c A D A C JR HIGH TOURNAMENT Udell s Morav1a Unvzctorxous Offens1ve Average 13 33 Defens1ve Average 34 O BOY S BASEBALL Vxctorxesl yes we f1nally got a few The boys were ready and w1l11ng to tackle any team on the baseball held and came up w1th thexr share of w1ns Most of the boys w1l1 be returmng and the Freshmen should prov1de some excellent replacements for the next year's team ell Udell Udell Udell Udell Udell Udell Mystxc Morav1a Moulton Morav1a Moulton Pulaskl C1nc1nnat1 ilk FALL 'bk "U" SPRIN Won :J L st o Offenswe U ell Blakesburg 10 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Udell Pulasln G SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Udell s Blakesburg Udell Moulton Average 5 36 Defensxve Average 8 73 I V Z . - vs. ' Z1 Zo VS. ' 25 57 vs, ' Z0 Z5 VS. 34 48 vs. 18 34 vs. ' 19 40 vs, ' ' ' Z7 72 vs. 55 44 vs, 32 51 vs. ' ' A Z0 62 vs. ' Z6 65 VS. ' 34 42 vs. Z1 59 vs, 27 38 . . . . vs, ' 33 53 . Z4 48 vs, ' 14 35 vs, Z1 71 . Z3 49 - ' . - ' 48. vs. ' 15 Z8 . ' 17 30 vs. ' 12 32 vs. ' ' ' 14 53 , , . , , vs. ' 14 35 v. ' 8 26 Ud Vs' 18 I 18 13 d vs. 6 vs. 4 ' 4 9 vs. O 0 20 vs. . 9 10 sono: vs. ' 6 5 vs. 0 5 v. Z 1 vs. ' 5 3 vs. 5 13 vs. ' ' ' O 11 ' - o ' ' . - ' . 1 IOWA Congratulauons Udell Graduates SOUTHERN UTILITIES Reddy Kllowatt Your E1ectr1c Servant Centerv111e Iowa POR TER AND MAGNALL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Over Coast to Coast Store L1mestone Road Rock Phone 167 Centerv1I1e Iowa Compllments Of Congratulatmns FIRST NATIONAL BANK Centervxlle Iowa Udell Graduates ELLIS' INSURANCE Cente rv111e Iowa North s1de Member F D I C Compllments of HUGHES PRODUCE H H I-IINES Good-,'5 Best Feeds PHILLIPS 66 SERVICE STATION gl Quallty Products Frlendly SCFVICC Murphy's Cut Cost Concentrates Cream, Poultry 81 Eggs Off1CC 102.3 Bank Phone 149 Cente rv11le, Iowa Centerv111e, Iowa CO. 1 A Y , 1 Y ,LAW -, n 1 . . , Q Q Q Q 0 D CLARK COAL CO Good Clean Coal 241 Black Centervllle Iowa JIM IRELAN Centerv1Ile's Newest In Men s Wear Centerv1lIe Iowa Cornplunents of Morton s BEN FRANKLIN STORE Locally Owned NHIIOHBIIY Known C enterv1lle Iowa MCCLURG IMPLEMENT COMPANY All1s Chalmers and New Idea Farm Eqnnpment Sales and Servlce Mora v1a Iowa Cornphments Hy Vee Stores No I and No Z Centerv1Ile Iowa DEWEY'S PLACE Buck 8: Margaret Tlres Batterles Accessorles Phone 191 I-Ilghway 60 Morav1a Iowa VEACH FARMALL IMPLEMENT CO Internatlonal Tractors Refrlgerators Trucks gl Farmmg Machlnery Morav1a Iowa TURNER 8: SON Furmture Hardware Blllldlng Matemals Bottled Gas Phone ZI Morav1a Iowa , 7 ,YW,-- ,771 YNY 77177 , Y-Y W, 1 Y I I I I . I ' 1 1 ' ' I I I1 - ' Il - 1 I I I I I ' of I - I . . - , . 1 I , . . . . , , , Compliments of MCCREARY SALES CD Phone Z8 8 C enterville Iowa Compliments of DON PHILLIPS OIL CO. Shell Petroleum Products Phone 427 Centerville Iowa Centerville, Iowa CAYLOR LUMBER CO One Piece or a Carload Building Material Phone 62 Cente rville Iowa Compliments of S 8: L COMPANY Shoes 81 Clothing for Entire Family Phone 915 Black Centerville Iowa MOORE IMPLEMENT COMPANY Allis Chalmers Dealer Parts Labor Phone 395 Red Centerville Iowa VARESE PRODUCE Buyers of Cream Eggs and Poultry Custom Dressed Poultry Feeds Phone 139 Centerville Iowa CRAVER LUMBER CO Lumber Building Materials of all Kinds Phone 116 Centerville Iowa GARDNER SUPPLY COMPANY Your Bottled Gas Dealer Call Us For Heaters Ranges 500 81 1000 Gallon Tanks GOOD SERVICE ALWAYS See us about saving one half on your farmlng fuel cost Phone 108 Centerv1lle Iowa F . Staley -Pillsbury- Swift SAMH MEHROFF' LOANS 8: INSURANCE 120 North 12th Street Centerv11le Iowa SPEINCER'S GROCERY Grocer1es Meats Fresh Vegetables Phone 134 Morav1a Iowa THE GOLDEN AGE HOME One of Iowa's Flnest 24 Hour Nurs1ng Care V1s1t us before you declde on your home 519 Drake Avenue Centerv1lle Iowa Phone 1182 CONDRA'S STANDARD SERVICE Wash1ng Greas1ng T1res Batter1es Phone 140 Morav1a, Iowa Comphments of FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Serv1ce Phone 336 Centerv1lle Iowa When You Thlnk of P1ctures Thmk of Bratz O A BRATZ Phone 55 Centerv1lle Iowa Farm Insurance a Spec1alty Farm Bldg and Personal Insurance Only S4 50 Per Thousand Per Year Over 9041, of All Iowa Farmers Now Insure W1th Th1S County Mutual APPANOOSE DAVIS MUTUAL INS Donald L Hames Agent Centerv1lle Iowa Compllments of DAVID'S REPAIR SHOP Blacksm1th1ng and Weldmg Un1onv1lle Iowa MILLER- WEHRLE BRATZ STUDIO HAYCREEN'S PAINT gl WALLPAPER For A Your Decoratmg Needs Centerv1lle Iowa F E A HULL INSURANCE AGENCY F1re Insurance on Farm Sn Propertles 5 Farm L1ab1I1ty Auto I 8: Truck Hosp1tal 8: Pol1o 205 lf2 North 13th Street Phone 439 Black Centerv1lle Iowa MITCHELL 8: CHEBUHAR Floor COVCI1Hg Mohawk Carpets Lmoleum Youngstown Steel K1tchens Expert Installat1on Centerv1lle Iowa Congratulatmns CENTERVILLE NATIONAL BANK Centerv1lle Iowa South s1de Member F D I C Davls County s Frlendly Bank Your depos1ts are 1nsured up to S10 000 00 Member of F D I C Moulton Off1CC Moultonr Iowa DAVIS COUNTY SAVINGS BANK Phone No 6 Bloomf1eld Iowa NARDINI'S MODEL MARKET The ICfA" Store Low Pr1ces Every Day West S1de Bloomf1eld Iowa Hazel "Tudo" MEHRHOFF Plumblng gl Heat1ng Water Systems Bath F1xtures Furnaces 81 Repa1r Work Moulton R R 142 Centerv1lle Phone R 416 Southern Iowa Electrlc Cooperatwe Bloornheld Iowa R E A Electr1c Servlce to the Farms Furn1shed by the Members for the Members Phone 277 and 377 o Q I I I n o o u 9 . ' . , 9 ll o n o o Q U ' , . . , o a 9 Q o , .. m m rl P re, D- ! 4 DAVIS CoUNTY.sALEs co. Sale Every Friday and I INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER FARM MACHINERY S E RENO8z SONS MANAGERS Phone 435 Bloomf1eld Iowa MORROW IMPLEMENT CO. JOHN DEERE SALES AND SERVICE Phone 65 Moulton Iowa HORN INSURANCE AGENCY C HORN E BRUMMEL Agents Moulton Iowa Phone 16 Home 186 or 5309 MOULTON LOCKER SERVICE CIFOCCFICS and Meats Complete Processmg Jack and Letha Crawford Moulton Iowa J and J SKATEWAY 5 I'!11leS North of Bloornf1eld Pub11C Skatmg ed Fr1 Sa un 50 adm1ss1on 81 7 30 10 30 Matmee Sat and Sun Z5 adm1ss1on Z 00 to 4 30 Shoe Skates 81 Eqmprnent Sale Rent Belknap Iowa Compllments of JOHNSON'S STORE Gas and O1l Belknap Iowa Congratulatmns to the Class of ' 7 IOWA TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK Deposlts Insured to S10 .100 00 Centerv1lle's Remodeled Bank Centervllle Iowa Congratulat1ons Sen1ors from A K PLANK Realtor Former Teacher at Udell Phone 734 Home 9R6 Real Estate 8: Loans There w1ll always be more people but there w1ll never be more land ' Bloornfleld Iowa I i J , 5 I 4 ' ' ' J ' 5 . . 4 W ., u., s ., gf ' ' -- : - : Private Party Nites- Tues. 8: Thurs. Full Line of Groceries C 0 a 1 : : 3 . 5 I Q I c 1 40? BOOSTERS :IW UNIONVILLE MORRISON S DRUG PURDUM S GARAGE I-IINOTE S GROCERY UDELL GROCERY MOULTON FOWLER S D X MOULTON CAFE FARMER S MARKET HORN'S APPLIANCE ELMER WOOD COMPANY NORTON S SERVICE STATION COMMUNITY LUMBER 8: SUPPLY OSBORNE S TEXACO SERVICE STATION DRAKESVILLE SIGN OF GOOD TASTE JONES PRODUCE RUNKLES GROCERY TURNER'S HARDWARE CORMENY S SERVICE 8: GROCERY BLOOMFIELD 63 MOTEL LEON HARDWARE BLOOMFIELD LOCKER BITNER REXALL DRUG MILLER GROCERY STORE CURL FUNERAL HOME 8: FURNITURE PIANOS BAND INSTRUMENTS REPAIR INSTRUCTION ELECTRONIC ORGANS SHEET MUSIC AND ACCES ORIES Sonclen 'Wlumc Co Southeasl Ioma s Foremosl OTTUMWA 1owA I06 108 EAST THIRD STREET PHONE MURRAY 4 4394 MORAVIA BURTON GROCERY VEACI-I DRUG STORE I-IIATT S D X SERVICE ALBERTSON S CORNER CAFE DONATIONS FROM FIVE FRIENDS l. .I Sunbeam Recommended by Your Favorite Grocer IDWINBEBG BAK!!! INC OTTUMWA I I ' I v I 2 I Q: ' -N f i I F ' Y - e I ' I I i -I I I ------ - -- F! V-f -- "" -ff " W - -- l ' S I o o ff 1 il 1- , - i I I a -v "" - 7 L l l ,, 'Huff CENTERVILLE BOOSTERS Wfi OWL DRUG BLUE BIRD CAFE SEBBEN MACHINE SHOP INNS AND MCCOY GROCERY GUERNSEY 81 POWERS ATTORNEYS JENSEN S RHODES JEWELRY PATTERSON INSURANCE JOSEPH S SERVICE STATION CHARLES L JOHNSTON ATTORNEY MADE-RITE STAGNER FLORAL STEVENS DRUG COMPANY JACK S FAMILY SHOE STORE THAYNE BRYANT SKELLY SERVICE SPURGEONS STORE CENTERVILLE IOWEGIAN BROWNT S SHOE FIT COMPANY VALENTINE S FABRIC 8: DRY GOODS TOM S CAFE CASADYS HARDWARE PARKER S CLOTHES SHOP PEOPLE'S FURNITURE STORE BLANCHE TALBOT TAX CONSULTANT FASHION SHOP ECONOMY CLEANERS PARAMOUNT BEAUTY SHOP SLICK S APEX SHOE REPAIR OEHLER BROTHERS FIRESTONE STORE WESTERN AUTO VLRLE'S HAT SHOP C W HOWELL ATTORNEY HARRY CLOSE BUDGET LOAN LUTHER S GROCERY AND D X SERVICE STAR CLEANERS ALLEN 'S NEWS SHOP P A GRAY REAL ESTATE SHERMAN S FURNITURE STORE VALENTINE 8: GREENLEAF' ATTORNEYS DR CATTERLIN WAGGONER HATCHERY STEELE PACKING COMPANY IOWA CLAY PRODUCTS COMPANY E PACKARD INS 8: RE XL ESTATE WATSON FLORAL SHOP GALE AND JESSIE MURPHY RUSSELL D BUSS INSURANCE PHILLIP S TV 81 APPLIANCE CENTER FRY S SERVICE STANSBURY HATCHERY DAWKINS HAMBURGER SHOP CENTERVILLE TENT 8: AWNING J G RINEKEL CENTERVILLE PRODUCE JACK MORRIS MOTORS HAWKEYE LUMBER COMPANY JOHN M ELLIOTT TAX EXPERT JUSTINE SPEERS INS 8: REAL ESTATE I ' . . I , . , , - R. . , . f BOB ELGIN STATEWAY CAFE I I ' I . ' a 1 I I I

Suggestions in the Udell High School - Rambler Yearbook (Udell, IA) collection:

Udell High School - Rambler Yearbook (Udell, IA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 46

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1957, pg 23

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