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QV U 5,9 fc, QU '!?1'AZ'QinS f 0 Qfffj 'H-42' Nw gf? Q ada Vmxffl 041721 c JKQGUJQOWQQNQ Xi 1-0'-1NeQQ"q qv- 1' 2505 Qc? ggggfx-731 ' .1 ' 7Jf!' Ovr XS! C - Q4 'll 'L g WVL, 5 ' ' QL Ug Affjf' '19 if fff jx I " 'A qw ff Q gag 0 X 'K , 0 , u ,, ff 'fr , me Qafffw Z3 fa 354W "HQ MM Q f J 'i ff Q5 gf ff gif 5 'if s 0 gf fkffd ff G My fi? I, 02. Nix G nl Ofgvfxg Ang x A, X U 3546063 XX W ,ww W W AW A QXKO Qx ,LQQCO 40 6 xXx QA SACD if KW gf YQ f Q0,wQ?Ffff Q Y KQ5 i M l E . ' 4 T- l X Weffjv QQ?ggjfwf5i5 57Qij2 Q ,ef X J, QQ ff QQ? i QQ wi G73 19 V-f ff J W QV QQSXQQL CC' WWW Q if Z f.Q7 if L N Jvc' f' R, ZX? qgxq xffjyxj YQ -X j ww 0 5 if fy X Q ? 1f QA! E W QQ, f'QK9 1 y xx! ' K Q Lg I 'QLQX NP V239 . . 15 ...ako x 1335, 1.7 or 325 EQ!! I xffaf-'-K :S 1bl"2S.-'Sf s 'L 2-L 13, x,o Q, Plfxp 6,424 2-xx bg Q,R:44 4, -Q 2,00 029 D i Y bv' Ki 3 5 , 'Q ' ' , H mlw M an P . ' o 1"! N A1 Mg 4 7' li' X' 4 any 5' - ' A ' " a i i f Mm f' 9 1 ", v!s . V ' 1, ' M W SP F if 1:42-ff ? , . .. 5" A i ,, M ' A ' WN vi.: 1 v ' f 1986 GENERAL U.S. Grant High School 5000 S. Pennsylvania Oklahoma City, OK 73 l 19 X511 -,i, .J N ff la f -S ak Q. Touchdown! Charlie Baxter scores a touchdown and beats Ty Wenthold in paper football. Volley. Kathy Tilson practices her swing before a big match. Air-bound. Larry Baker flips into the air during one of his gymnastics routines. gg 1 . 1 Q - ,Lie " ' ., 'A wr: . I . N, , ff . """ W is .WI .,VG V ' ,. ' X 'L v N N. wafer M- aw ff 1,1sH+f+e 'N' f -L. 4, 444 -'fr " F .-Q A J. .. ,, Aff!-v mal! i -T sAlQ it -. ll I Xa, .- - l T F .. . -Q 1 I .. - f U -'xg N I I- V , , Qliglllgw 1 . igfgi Xml l . +3 4771 f mm e released most of our energy through athletics. There were football games, tennis matches, basketball games, and many other events. We took our frustrations out on balls, rackets, bats, gloves, and sometimes even each other. Some of the best times we had were out on the field, the court, and the track. Although some of us were only spectators, we were as in- volved in the game as the players. Watching them play became an important part of our schedule. Athletics were an important part of us. We wanted everyone to know we were the best we could be. I 3 uv. Shape up. Some athletes jog through the halls to get into shape. 2 General Explosion r Xi- x!'X,i 311 .ff 6 x Uh-Oh! Chanon Moths replaced h' ral didh'l lc IS ball with now that h' an explod' IS friends mg golf ball. fiwik Wm f Af-we J L,-2 , Le M 'J - o 5 'xi' rf., 1 if 4 Ge K ., K era! Explosion Huh huh. Chfkssy Wfxte and Le Haw aixan . right way to go 'fa as xi f show me sYx Leggeu 11 f mam f there was one thing we were it was active. We always had something to do, somewhere to be. There were activities going on con- stantly. Some of us wanted to be a part of all of them, while others settled for just a few. Whatever our choices, we always kept busy. Our social life was a big part of us. We felt as though we needed to be everywhere, at every game, every meeting, a part of every group. Sometimes our load got too heavy, eventually we had to slow down, at least for a while, but usually, in a week we were back at it going full force again. We really loved being busy. It taught us how to work and get along with each other, how to organize and how to work together as a group. y ms. ,LQ 'Nl 1 pg. K 4. 2 Fwd xx K M f B "'--.. wa. .,. Is it worth it? As Ranee Foster and Stacy Darnell help Brian Blakely to the clinic after giving blood, they all wonder if it was wonh the trouble. Listen up. StuCo President, John Sargent, informs the student body of an upcoming activity. ,n A- , 1, - 1 Xu il FMF Roll-em. Raticka Crutchfield races to the finish line during the powder puff olympics. Spring fever. Yumiko Hurst, Mary Robinson, Bobby Hill, Trina Kuepker, Misty Boyd, Randy Neugebauer, Rhon- da Arnold, and Kevin Smith spend a spring day having fun together. General Explosion 5 Not again. Steve McCartney realizes heill have to learn to stack his books the right way. GMS Piggin' out. David Robinson eats his morning breakfast in his first hour. WM- wh--vlan:- What a joke Carl Dowdy and Marc Scott can t believe that Billy Shipp and Race McDoulette are really serious. Brain power. Marc Cutler crams for his final tests so that he can pass his junior year. 6 Y V: .H - - . "" N . it si essa may ftwszm ometimes it really did seem as though we spent half our lives in class. We lived from textbook to textbook, test to test, continually working. Well we didn't work all the time. Often we could walk into a class and see some of us eating, talking, or even sleeping. Our grades were important to most of us. It was hard to get everything done, but we usually found a way to do it. We really did spend half our lives in class, but when it comes down to it, it was worth it. f 7 A A difremm w courzyard, Hy. Mr. Crosleys En glish class e Iljoys havin g Class in the --...,,. if "N General EXPll5fSiQ!'l "g, VVL7 8 Ge neral Explosion Breakin. danckng, Smdems sp end Xhekv Xunch fxme b teak AL f mlm e really had some great times during the year. We worked hard, studied hard, and played hard. We took the good times with the bad, and we seemed to come out more mature and more sure of ourselves as individuals than ever before. We laughed, cried, yelled, whispered, talked and listened. Everyday was different with new obstacles to get around and a different bridge to cross. We seemed to never slow down, and when we did, we didn't know what to do. It was a combination of all these things and more which caused our General Explosion to occur in 1986. ' 2 Chug-a-lug. Chrissy White, Lesli Leg- gett, Sereta Robinson and Shelly Tombley down a coke in the powder puff olympics. f , 1-... ... Karate. Rickey Myskey practices his karate on Pat Leonard's head. Boom! Ron Cable, Stan Prokarym and Ted Huskinson try firing the General cannon. P0011 Lisa Percell and Lori Tice attempt to invent a love potion. if . 'Xp-. ss at yi Neg 1 it General Explosion 9 1 jg M, f , I 1-55 Mn Gram! Www egg? if 5 2 2 if 41? 'iw 323' Sb ell" 5 Wm People were important to us. Without people our lives would have been worth nothing. We had administators who kept us in line, making sure we kept out of trouble. Our teachers helped us learn. They taught us how to be a better person. The most important people to us were our friends. They were the ones we counted on and the ones who counted on us. Our lives were filled with people. They made high school what it was. -U Jw- 9 A 5 AW i f. f-its ,1 W J. A, ., 'ePaf0hlee ik Lt 5 O hui GJ -C1 3 o C A4 an 3 Li cs U as 5-t cu Q cu him 6 SC ough we don't th VCI1 I'l GCE frie GUCCI' d 9 Mandy Sp Af' I 12 People Leader Academic excellence is top priority Dr. James Robinson had a great deal to do with the new programs and activities that' were placed in our school this past year. Many of the old programs were improved, and newer ones were still in the experimen- tal stage. Dr. Robinson said, "US Grant High School is characterized by a renewed spirit of ACADEMIC EXCELLENCEF New pro- grams and activities have been instituted to provide a basis and catalyst to this emphasis. In addition to the basic high school cu-r- riculum, the inclusion of advanced place- ment classes, a college-prep program, and a test awareness program have added a new dimension to the pursuit of academic excellence. "A new spirit of academic achievement and competition has emerged in the student body and faculty over the year. This spirit is evident by the school's overall improvement in the California Achievement Test scores, and the increased student participation in local, state, and national academic competi- tion. It is my feeling that the school's goals and mission were attained as the faculty, Improvement. Dr. James Robinson and his secretary Mrs. Ruby Lee often check on the improvements that Dr. Robinson has made over the years. Hot Line. Dr. Robinson takes care of business on his private line. students, parents and community continued the effort to achieve academic excellence." Dr. Robinson met challenges that were tough for him to conquer, just as we met challenges that were tough for us. Through his experience and excellent abilities he succeeded. Dr. Robinson has been a friend to many students on a one-to-one basis. The feeling of friendship can never be replaced. Dr. Robinson has given a great deal of his time and effort to assure students that he is more than just a principalg he is their friend. V Top Brass. Dr. Robinson greets John Sargent, StuCo presidentg Randy Neugebauer, sophomore class presi- dentg Melanee Hamilton, junior class presidentg and Tamilco Blakely, senior class president. V 'ul ' xx .W . iw:-tg.: f T .px Milf? .f N , 351 , ,gk 4,9 t , .- ii ti . rl. ,J . ,.xf,..! ', l X .2 . 1. , Y . , -- 1 Lt.. xX N X tw- .4 xv,sxl H5 aw., .M SILJ 71 ---"1 l , , ,N .X I i 4 --X9 Av if-'Q-X """'T Nd, N.,- ...---..Nxx,,,..- H KJ -1- 1 w i" ,ff l ' MW - , "i ii, E7 w o k. ig si, '?' Q lv J." 4 . 9 Q ,i . 'DE .1 F a f ff 5 M bww Q ipwfp i, aw M .W Q f ar . 5 3 ,Q 1- H vs lr '01 , x s-fy? 'W A wiqkkfr itwxqg. ll 'ww A 'E 3 ,Y W rrrrr i Big Supporters. Dr. James Robinson, Mr. Cal Yell Leaders. Dr. James Robinson talks to Julie Bell, Holloway and Mr. Paul Simmons are big supporters at Yuniko Hurst, Carlus Martin, Traci Canon and Chrissy the football games. White about the Ice Cream social. U5 E. no 5 U5 F'-4 D3 75" r-1 CD 'r4 9r1iAuoe 's 66 III Ori gm wg? Oo 5:2- 58 2 mi? R499 mf! ,GCD HQ-r CIT' sg Q- QS 'D'-cs 552 "lr-r Or-r 25" Em FU' U 'If People 13 ary evil. Ki SS USCG 3 St ju GJ S-4 CG CD v-4 cd 9 O E F-4 D-4 U U --1 IP I Q 5 P' Helping out. Mrs. Laura Allen helps Cris Reynolds and Steve Copus work out their schedule. Attention. Mr. Alfa Mouton spends part of the morning giving announcements. 14 Principals, Assistant Principals AMW . Good going. Mrs. Laura Allen congratulates Billie Ander- One more time. Mr. Paul Simmons has Matt Wood and son on finally finishing her schedule. ' C , U 1, '15-H are Discipline S K Lance Ross call home one more time to get out of trouble. They line us up and keep order Our assistant principals played a major role in our high school education. Without their guidance and discipline where would we be? At times we became annoyed and frustrated with the rules and regulations they enforced. Whether we liked it or not the DNA got a lot of us caught. "The DNA gave the students the Herding them in. Mr. Alfa Mouton directs the freshman students to the first poinl of enrollment. gwsswse' DE W opportunity to discuss problem situations with their principal," said Mr. Alpha Mouton. Principals were not designed with the sole purpose to deal with us only when we were in trouble. Believe it or not, a lot went on behind the scenes. They worked very hard to assure that our education came first. "The needs of the students are first and foremostf, stated Mrs. Laura Allen. Where were our principals when we got into trouble? We all knew that they were right there. They didn't always condemn us, but they made sure that we were justly punished. Even though we thought they were being unfair at times, we realized deep down they were only doing their job, and doing it for our own good. Our principals were our friends and kept just as active as we did throughout the year. They were always at the sports events cheering and supporting the team. They also helped by chaperoning at school events. They spent a lot of their time working and helping and keeping us in line. 2 Picture perfect. Miss Lois Sughru looks over party pics ordered by students. HSHV l.I0rI ,pit Z 24 'U IT' 3:2- O cn C9 'U CT' 24 p-is UJ no 4 2. Q. an IZ O v-is Ft' F CD E noff it EO o 'U aw Principals. Assistant Principais l5 much SO OW nlt kn T2 -as 1fI YC 0 U1 t O CEI help m 0 ri ors could SC 0Ll1'l C m P14 16 Counselors. Board Helpful. Mr. ,Iohn Moham is always willing to help l I 3 lf, X We W ' n ' ,iii if K, J ' X i A - Understanding. Mrs. Harriet Pulley is always understanding of everyday high school problems Informative. Mrs. Thelma Parks helps Kim Poe decide on which college to apply to Team work ounselors, board make it all happen The people who made it all so easy were our counselors. Without them, our school would have been shambles. They worked hard this year preparing schedules for each enrolled student. "Counselors are part of an educational team which is responsible for the careers, Three musketeers. Mr. john Moham, Mrs. Harriet Pulley, and Mrs. Thelma Parks work together to make the school year a success. and the educational, social and emotional development of the students. Each counselor works closely with administration, teachers and other support personnel in an effort to meet the needs of all students. Counselors are also charged with the responsibility of providing students with the information they might need to ensure their personal growth and developmentf' commented Mr. John Moham. We turned to our counselors for guidance in planning our futures. They influenced us in our decisions, trying to guide us in the direction which would be best for us. HI just want you to take classes that will help you once you get to collegef' said Mrs. Thelma Parks, about counseling with students. College will play an important part in many of our lives. Our counselors helped by advising us in this area. They showed us how to fill out applications and showed us what each college had to offer. Our counselors worked hard to make our years at Grant High School the most beneficial years of our lives. ' .tl 2 Super. Dr. Arthur Stellar is the new superintendent. ET CD r atp 01 11 sr AEM HOD SLI OIG HN' CD Qs '37 3 99: "1 uosuqof A g,AeMAu . ,.., A Team work. Mr. ,Iohn Moham helps the registrar Mrs. Peggy Campbell go over student transcripts. School Board Member. Mrs. Kay Floyd, District lg . S W 6 6 .A ,.f,tg....a fx ,f ga. i .... s,......., X fx Mrs. Pamela Thomas, District 2, Mrs. Betty Hill, District 35 Mrs. Susan Hermes, District 4-g Dr. Clyde Muse, District 53 Dr. Paul Heath, District 65 Mrs. LaRue Donwerth, District 7 . ,,, ' J 3, i gg trf' fa e f is oaEdJ,LCp31rgseEJg 37 D0 it this way. Dr. Sarah Fuller assists newcomer Mrs. Martha Black during enrollment. What do you think? Mrs. Connie Ellis gels Mr. David Green's opinion about a costume. li- Q S is Assadi, Massoud: MS, Physics, Electricity. Bartee. Russ: BA, Chemistry. Biology. General Science. Black, Martha: BS, language Arts, Academic Decalhalon. Blackmon, Fred: AS, BS, MS, introduction to Computers, BASIC Programming. AP Computer Science, General Math II, Computer Club. Bone, Diane: BS, MS. CVET, English l and ll. Effective Reading: Bonner, Gina: BA, MS, LD, EMH. Brock. Zoraidaz BA. Art l. Art ll, Art Club. Cable, Ronald M.: BA. MNS, Biology. Chemistry, Physics, Honor Society. Tennis Coach. Choate. Neil: BS, World History, Oklahoma HistoryfC-overnment. Crosley. Harold: BA. MA, World History. Humanities, 0'Club. Daniel, Er- nie: MA, Drivers Education, Sophomore Sponsor. Ellis, Connie: BS, Dance, Gymnastics, Pom Pon, Girls' Softball. Emanuel, Greta: BS. Cosmetology, VICA. Franklin, Bonita: BA. Mixed Chorus l 81 ll, Advanu-d Chorus. Music Appreciation. mit.-. Cindy: Bs. Oklahoma History, Psychology. World History. Junior Class Sponsor, Fuller, Al: BS, MS, Ac- countingl 8 ll, COE, FBLA, Senior Class. Fuller, Sarah: BA, MA. Ed.D., English, Literature. Writers' Club, Senior Sponsor. Galaz, Ruth: BS. MS, English l. American Literature. French, Foreign language Co-Sponsor. Gleaves. Gary: MA: CVET. introduction to Welding, CV!-IT Mechanical Trades Club, Assistant Softball Coach. Green. David: BME, Band, Orchestra. Jazz Band, White i.agim.ang. Hart. Benjamin: Bs. Ms. Ph.Dg Mah, anguish. History. llolloviny. C. H.: M.Ed: LD. Freslnntin Busktftlmll Coach llostf-titer. Lyle: MA. Oklahoma llistoryfllnwrium-tit, Sociology- Hough. Jane: BS, Biology I. Basil- Biology. Gr-in-ral Sf-ienrc. Freshman Sponsor llutt-hison, 'l'hinnas: BS, MS: Algebra. Geomctry, Math ll, Cross Country, Svtinnningledlicka. joanie: BS: Assnrizition, Typing. IL:-infral Business. Office Machincs, St-r-rt-tzirial Pro- :-vtlurt-s ,Inhnson, Charnella: AS, BA. MA: Composition I Ka ll. Frm-in-li. English I. Il ,lohnson. Latlmn: BS, MNSL Biology. General Science. Earth Scicm-v jones, Sarah: BA, MA: Art, Art Club. Kraemer, Ruth: BA, MT. Ed.D. Ll.b.: Yearbook. Newspaper, English l, Jour- nalism. l1eMaster. Paula: BS, MS: Vocational Child Care, HERO. MrElwee, William: BS, Algebra l, General Math i. ll, Freshman Football. Metheny, Dewey: BS: Woodwork. Don Metheny: MA: U.S. History. Government, Athletic Director. Millhouse, Larry: BS, Speical Ed, Girls' Basketball. Neher, Barbara: BS: LD. Nero, Nichael: BS, ln-house Suspension. Noakes, Vicky: BS, Foods l, Clothing l and li. Fashion Fitness, Sewing, Tennis. 0'Club. Osborn. Sarah: AB, MS, Draling, Math, Sophomore Class NHS. Oglesby. Gail: BSE. MS: Business Management and Ownership. DEfMarketing, DECA. Overstreet. Connie: BS: Cf-ometry, Algebra l, Algebra ll, Student Council. Y .1 . .f- ix ,Ai i Sa lm , 5 .. I j I' ,az YH.. . X 4 X 'f , 5 5, I Va . is ' . I ai . aaso is . i, r , i x K k sq -Nli4i.ig5gs-j t ' ..itt le 4. f. 2 1 t ... . ix , :fr as rr if .A 5 wt" if ., XLA, .X.., .,,,. . ,:J1--f .. I piration Teachers provide guidance Our teachers were commonly thought of as our second parents. They spent a considerable amount of time with us. Their job was more than to teach us book work: they added a little love and understanding with the teaching. They had a responsibility to teach students and guide them in deci- sions that set the pace for their future. Teachers were special people. It vias their job to teach us to the best of their ability. They decided what we should be taught. Some students classified teachers as either easy or hard. but that was not always the case. Some teachers pushed their students hard and were strict. because that was how they taught. They wanted students to put their all into their work. On the other hand. some teachers felt they couldn't make students work if they didnit want to. Regardless of which classification they fell in, they were respected by students. because, in general. teachers were people we loved. Ready? Mr. Tom Hutchinson gets his year- book picture taken. "I like il." Newcomer Mrs. Paula LeMaster gives her approval of Mrs, Greta Emanuel's uniform, Roberson. Brenda: BA: English I K IV. Spannsh I Ki ll. Spanish Club. Junior Class. Smith. Guy: BA. Il.Iirl.: Ter-lniit-al Theatre. Debate. Radio and TV. Ilranni. Senior Class. I.:-iiguc of Speech and Drama. Smith. Miki-z IIS. M.I'id.: 1Love-rnnientf0klahuma History. FCA. lfontliall. wrt-Straw. Baseball. smart.. sallam. HA. 'i',pa..g 1 at ii. Business English. Sparger. Tae-ko: MHA: Art I K Il. tit-nmiafs. .Ari club. Thatcher. it-rims: Bsi Gym. Boys' Binks-thall. Watson. Gary: BA. ME: I-Inglish II. l-lnglish I,itt-rature. AP English. Composition II. Senior Class. Na- iitimit Hr-.mr smart. Wear. Patricia: BS: Algebra I and ll. TrigfAnalytics. AP Calculus. Court:-sy Committee. Awards Conmiittt-v. Ad- visory Connnittee. Wilson. Beierly: BS. MS: Coniputf-rs. Typing I and ll. Careers. FBLA. Close-up. Wilson. I.indii: BS: Special Education. Turner. Ann: II:-ad Lihrarizm. Ctidpw, Wainln: Nurse. Jones. Janie-: Indian Counselor. Campbell. Peggy: Registrar. Carpe-nit-r. Pat: Library Secretary. Dir-s. Mary: Atten- .i....r-t- sa-farm. im. Rubye: imiiaptii sw.-i..r,. My-rs. Cowan, Rita: Cafeteria Manager. Sughru. Lois: Health, Activities Director. conferring. Secretaries check new anpn- Dubos iita D.: BS, Special Education, Coop. Jo Ann: I-'inanrial Secretary. Smiley. Irlarlt-nr-1 Att:-inliim-0 Si-r-rt-tart. Starr. llerthzi: Ain-ndant-v Ser-rr-tart. Wooslr-5. Ili-It-n: Counselors Secretary. dance rules with Dr. Robinson. From left to right are Mrs. Bertha Starr, Mrs. Wilma Mullings, Mrs. Mary Dies, and Mrs. Earlene Smiley. had Facu ty 19 Adams. Pete: Who's Who Among American High School Students, Junior Achievement, FBLA, Writers' Club, Yearbook, Yearbook Co-Fditor. Anthony, Shelly: Art Award, Art, VICA, Pep Club, Bailey, Demetra: Girls' Basketball, FBLA. Drama. Speech and Forensics, DFCA. O'Club Baxter. Everett: Football. Golf. Wrestl- ing. FCA. Key Club. FBLA. French Club. Computer Club, Key Club Presi- dent. Student Council Beeman. Patrick: Drama. Writers' Club. Band Mr. Freshman. Band. Who's Who Among American High School Students Blakely, Tamiko: Tennis. FBLA, Business Award, O'Club, Student Council, Senior Class President. Seeretaryfllreasurer of O'Club Blakley. Brian: Football Manager. Who's Who Among American High School Students, Honor Society, OSU Alumni Award. UU Alumni Award. Principal's Honor Boll. Computer Club. Key Club. Student Council Vice President. Key Club Vice President, Student Council Vice President, Honor Society Bradley, Benese: DECA, DECA Award Brand. Michael: Computer Club. Foreign Language Club Brewster. Amy: Drama I, Drama 2, Journalism I Canon. Traci: Softball. Varsity Cheerleader. Head Varsity Cheerleader. All American Cheerleader Finalist. Frosh. Miss Howdy. Sophomore Football Atten- dant. lr. Football Attendant, Who's Who Among American High School Students. Honor Boll. StuCo. 0'Club, Freshman Secretary. Junior Secretary, FCA SecretaryfTreasurer. Foreign Language Club Secretary Capps. Kristi: Tennis. DECA, Soph. Pete Adams Shelly Anthony Kim Austin Terri Badillo Demetra Booze Ba Sherry Baldwin Everett Baxter Patrick Beeman Tamiko Blakely Brian Blakley Vickie Bowerman Tonya Bradley Michael Brand Amy Brewster Dean Bryant iley Our lives are changing for real High school played a major role in our lives. It showed us the good things we can get out of life. It gave us a sense of independence. We had responsibilities that we had never had before. We became involved with social activities and in our school as a whole. Yet even with all of this we were sheltered from the areal worldf, Now our high school days are coming to a close, and the life ahead is still a mystery to many of us. What will our lives be after it's all said and done? HI am going to college to make a career for myself so I can make lots of moneyf, Michelle Wattie 6985? "I plan to take a few classes in college and work full timef, Carol Tice "I plan to go to college and ma- jor in something and become famous in my fieldf' Cindy Todd "I want to go to school for two years and then get marriedf' Shelly Martin It's Howdy Doody time. Rickey Myskey and Tamiko Blakely were voted Mr. and Miss Howdy of the senior class. Yic'1'l'1'1-siclvlil Cluli Iswsimumb 1.'N.51mm,, W,-,-,llmg -Xlipll. lry. SU4't'l'l'. Sludenl Couiicil. l'll'i-'llf'l1 l Case. ,loliniiivz lllfROCluli.l'o111l"o11. fjm.dQ.1I- Ji.t'1': g,,i,,m,j,1g- lj,-mlm Club, cluiil. Sopli. Wreslliiig 'hlll'll1li1lll. Jr. fillllk 5pi'H'l1 Cluli. llvlizilc' Clulz. llcro Clulm Sl'1'l't'lL1l'f f'llI'i'llSlllil'l'. llero Compulm. Clubt Drimm Club l1,.t.5idm1l NN rr-slling Xllviiclaiiil. Killa- Corps. l'1l'f'Sll!11Llll Class Prvsiclc-111. Soplioinorc l Cluli l,I'1'Sl4ll'lll flmmnn Ripkz Fomlmill lgusvlmllq SOC- llginrl. llonoi' Society. lflllrsh. Mock fAlilS-H l'1'f'Si1l011l. .luiiiur Class l Cl1l1141'l1- lfllllff Colllllulmi Club- Radio cor. l'1I4i'llL'll Club. FC.-X. S1uCo 'l'1'i11l. Niall Xlaicl. M-airlioolx flalili. ll1'1'f-Iflvlll lllfl lil- l'l11'f'is111l121'151l'2'2l' Craig. lhniimz Suiinniiiig. 'lll'IlIliS. All liowlllli '1"'gl'i'gf1'A'E"'1"4"'f"i5""'0' llairiim-ll. Slum: 'l'c-iinis. lvnilcd Slales Clniilml. lillmlllili Tvlmli- lll'Xi-'l- PVP 'X1111i1'ic'4111 Svliolaslic-. l.zm illlll You ll l,""S"lf"1l:xllmlm' 5f'f"'flF 5l'l"'VlilrY' Yulioiml l,1-zicleisliip Nic-ril .'xNNilI'fl. The cziiiiy. 11111111 111111, Mmm- HUM KOH. tit-1lll'ill sim V111 Wifi l1w1Su1'f'1'- frfrllfwi Wil sm.-1, 111'1i1511.1g1.1S1..-.1 .'hlIli'lill'Il High Collie. Kim: Porn Pon Squiul. l"lll,.-X. -Xluinni. UL .xlllllllll M111-il. OSL llillll- l'il'Vf'l5C'l' bllilllgllilgfi muh S1-Iinol Flurlvuls. Ncwsspaip1'1'. l'll'i'IlC'll Spiiiiislifillili.CUlf.,l1'.Cl11sslKvpo1'ler .Xluiniii Muiixl. ,'hHI4'l'lf'll lmgioii Hl'l'U"l""7 ll'SlU"'i"l Clulu. Slllfl!'lll Couiicil. l7l'1CpX. Pep f10UIN'l'. ,lain-lwy: l-'Hl.,-X, IJIQQQAQ Pgp .'hXKkll'fl. Cirlsi Sluli-. llmul Yliss Cmiii. Xlilw: Sixiinining. Cross Coun- Cluli. Soplioinore llisliwiaii. P1-pllluh A -' X. 1 ,aqm .in Danny Caler Traci Canon Danny Capps ,lohnnie Case ,lon Chappelear Travis Church Rhonda Clanton Kimberly Collie Mall Connel Jeff Cordell Rick Cowan Chrislinia Craflon Donna Craig Michael Crain David Cross We're in command. Senior class officers for the 1985-86 school year were Rene Elwood, sergeant-at-armsg Stacy Darnell, treasurer, Lesli Leggett, vice presidentg Tamiko Blakely, presidenlg Carlos Martin, secretaryg Ranee Foster, representativeg Yumiko Hurst, reporter. Seniors 2l Ratika Crutchfield Stacy Darnell Connie Davis Jennifer Dewberry Michelle Dexter Mechelle Dodge Debra Douglas Janie Dowdy Angela Drabek Jamie Driskill Goldie Duboise Elton Elloie Rene Elwood Shawn Evans Bryant Ferguson Ranee Foster Tammy Francher Audra Frantz Romeo Galbreath ' Robert Gilkes Tommy Goldman Pamela Gore Denise Green Nina Tony Hardiman Felicia Hayes Fernando Hernandez Kimberly Hernandez David Herrod Rebecca Hibbard 22 Seniors Secretaryf'l'reasurer. DECA Representative. Student Council Secretary. Senior Class Treasurer, French l President Dewberry. Jennifer: Softball. DECA Award. DECA. Reporter for DECA Dexter. Michelle: Tennis. Cross Coun- try. Swimming. Best Supporting Ae- tress ,Ir.. Drama. Newspaper Staff. Writers' Club. Band, Sergeant-at Arms Fr.. Chaplain of the Drama Club Dockins, Patricia: VICA Gross Dodge. Meehelle: DECA Douglas. Debra: Algebra l Award. Drama I. Drama 2. Rand Driskill. ,lamiez Tennis. Pep Club. Pom Pon. Student Couneil, Pom Pon Co-Captain Duboise. Goldie: Cosmetology. Vllritersi Club. President of PM Cosmetology Class Elwood. Rene: Softball. OU Alumni Award. OSU Alumni Award, Whois Who Among American High School Q--nf Pip' Students. Drama. Key Club. O'Club. Foreign Language Club. Drama Chaplain. Senior Class Sergeant-ab Arms. Key Club Secretary Evans. Shawn: Football. Superior Voc-al Medal Fr.. Superior Medal in State .lr.. FCA. Advanced Choir. Choir King. Choir President Foster. Ranee: Print-ipaI's Honor Roll. Cititian Award. DU Alumni Award. OSU Alumni Award. Academic All Ameriean Aehiexement. National l,eadership Award. National Citizen- ship Award. Pep Club. All City Higl School Choir. Advanced Choir. FTA. DECA. Foreign Language Club, Stu- dent Couneil. llonor Society. Reporterl ol' Pep Club, Jr. Class Treasurer, Stu- dent Couneil Chaplain. FTA Chaplain. Choir President. Sr. Class Representative-at-Large. FTA Secretary. Student Council Representativc-at-Large Frantz. Audra: Third Place State' Parlimentary Procedure Team, Pep Club. Choir. FBLA, Flag Corps, 3 ve Parliamentary Procedure Team, Mock Trail Team. Student Council, FBLA Parliamentarian Cilkes. Robert: Tennis, First Place Regional. Third Place Regional, DECA Green. Denise: Volleyball. First Honors Fr.. Second Honors Soph.. Freshman Football Attendant. Pep Club Fr.. Pep Club Sophomore Cross. Nina: Basketball. Honor Roll, Who's Who Among American High School Students, VICA, FBLA, Writers's Club Hayes. Felicia: Basketball, Track, Track Medal. llonor Roll, HERO Club. O'Club Herrod. David: Baseball Hibbard. Becky: Principalis Honor Roll. Pep Club. DECA, Choir. Year- book. Newspaper. Football Manager Hildebrant. Molly: Junior and Senior Varsity Cheerleader. Foreign Language Club. Key Club. Art Club. Pep Club. FBLA, Sophomore SecretaryfTreasurer Hilterbrand. Debra: Swimming. FTC. VICA, Safety Club. Newspaper, Year- book, FTC Treasurer, VlCA Scrap- book, Newspaper Business Manager Hovarter, Jerry: Baseball, VICA, Art Club Hurst. Yumiko: Tennis. Basketball. Principalis Honor Roll. Whos Who Among American High School Students. FBLA. Jr. Varsity Cheerleader. Varsity Cheerleader. 0'Club, Flag Corps, Band, French Club, Safety Club, Student Council, Honor Society. Reporter of the Senior Class Hutson, Mary: Rille Corps Co-Captain, Band, Art Award, FBLA, DECA, First Aid. Safety Club. Rifle Corps, Yearbook Hyde. Missy: HERO Club. VICA jackson. James: Academic Decathlon. Best Debator. Whos Who Among American High School Students. Band, Drama. Debate. Journalism. Writers' Club. Honor Society, junior vVice President of Drama ,.. Molly Hildebrant Debra Hilterbrand Paul Holloway Mark Honn Tina Houston Mark Howell Jerry Hovarter Ailsa Hughes Dusti Hulin Mary Hutson Melissa Hyde Todd Hyden James Jackson Tammy Jackson Sherri Johnson fx 't ' 2, Q it t , V t .,. iiiii " I 'li ' A V laik., K x I Vi .3 ,,,. 3- 1 ... -1t. .,,,,.,- 'tffffwt m..?4w as -.,, W +oaa3f,fw -v ft,-few xx 4 -' yy tv ' . ,N gy M 5,6 k As we grew up, more respon- "My biggest responsibility was N? sibilities were put upon us by various realizing the fact that lim only young ' I people. Some of us were paying for once, and live accordinglyf, , 5 A 3, tg cars, while some of us were savin to Brett Wood x if i y , , i 5 f, ' , , ' pay for college. There were other "My biggest responsibility was lili' . . . . . . . . . .y ' Vg"':: kinds of responsibilities like being at a making good grades and representing rm:,Z'U. Y I. ' certain place when we promised we my school to the best of my abilityf, X t A N' t , ii would do something to help someone Brian Blakely Q if 'A ' ' tl ' f A else. No matter what we were respon- f :" 5 wma i ' t Sv A .f sible for it helped us to grow up. 'A jeff dy ' 2 1' it G 8 t , g'The biggest responsibility I had in l3.,,j. ' I ' if high school was making sure I had TK' 1, i X' ' enough money to pay my car 4' ,.. I' 3 X ' ' 4 , , 1, 5, ' ' ' .X msurancef, fx. of r 2 t, Y .. D C . K Ian., Q , ,V VI ,gf M5 W onna rang ' Il f It W N I , 1, 1. ,V ,, V 5 l "W:'-:.mMx Have you had your shower today? Carlus , Li. Martin and Dinah Waggoner give Marvin Brown ,if 'N MAL, E51 ' 'M 1 his shower forthe day. ,.Sf1ini0is 23 Jackson, Tammy: HERO Club, HERO Club Secretary-Treasurer Johnson, Sherri: Tennis, Honor Roll, Pep Club, HERO Club, HOSA Club, Vice President of HOSA ' Kniffin, Vince: Track, Cross Country, Journalism, Drama, Writers's Club, News Editor, Editor-in-Chief Knost, Crystal: Powder Puff Olympics, Whois Who Among American High School Students, Academic All- American, Principal's Honor Roll, Jeffrey Jones Tammy Kemp Vincent Kniffin Crystal Knost Michelle Lafferty Sharon Langston ,Ion Law Sandra Lawrence Lesli Leggett Shannon Levescy Derek Levine Amy Lindsey Tina Lowery Kimgiang Loung Son Loung xt M s , , ug t ' ,t-lift Ja .Q L, When we look back over the years we have spent at Grant, we realize just how much we have changed. We have grown up and become more mature. We look f 9- are S-'br xt x ,M . M nt, ,ff - I W, Data Processing, Young Life, Pep Club, FBLA, Choir Lafferty, Michelle: Basketball, Foot- ball Manager, USAA Award, OU Alumni Award, OSU Alumni Award, Pep Club, National Honor Society, FBLA, HOSA, Secretary of Honor Society Langston, Sharon: Whois Who Among American High School Students, Legion Auxiliary, US Achievement Academy, Band, Drama, Foreign Language Club, Drama Secretary Lawrence, Sandra: VICA, Cosmetology, Human Relations Leggett, Lesli: Varsity Basketball, Var- sity Softball, Who's Who Among American High School Students, OSU Alumni Award, OU Alumni Award, O'Club, Art Club, National Honor Society, FCA, Student Council, Spanish Club, Soph. Representative- at-Large, Jr. Sgt.-at-Arms, Sr. Class Vice President, O,Club President, O'Club Vice President Levescy, Shannon: Varsity Softball, Varsity Basketball, Powder Puff Foot- ball, Whois Who Among American High School Athletes, OSU Academic Award, OU Academic Award, Freshman Football Attendant, Jr. Miss Howdy. Most Valuable Player ,lohn Marshall Basketball Tournament, O'Club, FCA, Art Club, O'Club Secretary-Treasurer, Basketball Captain Levine, Derek: Tennis, Computer 32519 warg, 1 , 3 ,ww- -..e::-tsf at .. 5--, igsiwt someone, and oops they were standing behind mef, Becky Hibbard "My most embarrassing time was when I came to school with my f back and realize that some of the makeup blotchyf, I things we may have done as Kristi Scott or c g K underclassmen were very childish, ATV, f A " fi . " V A Y and we,re very glad that we've A f" I A , grown out of most of those things, t, t- W iv because they were embarrassing to 5 N 4' 'iWhen I was enrolling for ninth if C 2 grade, l passed outf' ii ,Q I ' Kelly Rowan A A, "My most embarrassing mo- , , ment was when I was talking about We've got spirit! The senior class show 1 USC that they are itll! V 24 Sesto? VAI1 ,.,.-N-wx, g 9' ' y A ,fi l fa ttff- V ny Y i 2 ,g,, Club. Young Life, Art Club Lindsey, Amy: FBLA, Soccer Club, DECA Luon. Son: Swimming, Soccer, Tennis Luon. Kimgiang: Algebra l Award, Algebra 2. Trig., Analytic Ceometry, AP Calculus. Danforth Award, Spanish Club. National Honor Society. Student Council Maddex, Terri: Principal's Honor Roll, VICA, Spanish Club, Writers' Club. VICA Secretary Marrow. Dana: Principal's Honor Roll, Who's Who Among American High School Students, Pep Club, Yearbook Staff, FTA. COE, FBLA Martin. Carlus: Track, Basketball. OU Award of Honor. Society of Distinguished American High School Students. Vl'ho's Who Among American High School Students. Third Place Regional Track Meet, Fifth Place Regional Track Meet. FBLA. Close-Up, Pom Pon Squad, Senior Class Secretary Martin, Pam: French Club, Vice Presi- dent Drama Club, Basketball Atten- dant, Sophomore Miss Howdy, Foot- ball Homecoming Attendant, Four- Year Letter in Softball, FCA, Four- Year Letter in Basketball. O,Club Martin. Shelley: Who's Who Among American High School Students, History Award. FBLA. Pep Club Mclnnes. Darryl: Baseball, Track and Field, Soccer. Tennis, Cross Country, Diving, Swimming, State and District Vocal Superior, Presidents Honor Award, Drama, Choir, Band, Student Council, SpeechfDebate, FCA, Drama Spokesman, Vocal President, Drum Captain. Debate Council, FCA Spokesman. Band Councilman, Choir King Melchor. Jay: National Honor Society. Band. Academic Decathlon Team Millican. Lori: Tennis, Pep Club. Foreign Language Club, HERO, Art - Terri Maddex Dana Marrow Carlus Martin Pam Martin Shelly Martin Susan Martin Kelly Mattingly Lois McCracken 1"'YP' HL ?"1'T Rozetta Meador 'MBP' vu X '-t I ay Melchor Lori Millican Tommy Monday Twyla Moore Ricky Myers Rickey Myskey 4571.-' Vis Tina Nickell Tonya Olvera LeeAnn Parks Ardena Patty Manuel Pena Rick Pena Celia Perkins Daniel Perkins Duoc Phan Sherrie Pickard Cynthia Poole James Porter Shelly Powell Stan Prokarym Eddie Pybas iv X, E! kzfyrr iSemors 25' .Kgs S, Club, HOSA, Honor Roll Myers, Ricky: French Club Myskey, Rickey: Football, Wrestling, Weight Lifting, Second Place Wrestl- ing, Senior Captain Football Team, Defensive Captain, OMCP, Computer Club. Foreign Language Club Presi- dent, FCA, Student Council, Foreign Language Club Parks, Lee Ann: VICA, HERO, FBLA Patty, Ardena: FBLA Perkins, Celia: Young Life, Band, Pep Randy Ray Lorrie Reaves Tara Reese Byron Richmond David Roberson Mary Robinson Tracy Ross Kelly Rowan Tiffany Sanders Alesia Sanmarco John Sargent Jimmy Schiner Kristi Scott Mitchell Selensky ve Ernest Sewell Edward Shelton Mike Sisk Starla Smiley Kelli Snider Jarl Sonlin Pete Sosenko Heather St. Hilaire Scott Stafford Charles Stanford Kristi Stanford Christie Starnes Lori Swidler Melissa Talley Brian Taylor Terry Taylor -t ,ip Club, French Club Powell, Shelly: Honor Roll, Whois Who Among American High School Students, Pep Club, DFCA, Student Council, Writers, Club, Varsity Basketball Statistician Prokarym, Stan: Golf, Soccer, Tennis, 2nd place medal in Algebra, Key Club National Honor Society, Foreign Language, Science Club Ray, Randy: Future Teachers Club, Computer Club, National Honor Socie- 'T ty, Band, Drama, Newspaper Staff, Writers' Club, FTC President Reaves, Lorrie: Tennis, Softball, HERO, DECA, Pep Club, Drill Team Reese, Tara: Computer Club, Foreign Language Club, FBLA, Safety Club, Freslnnen Representative, Foreign Language Chaplain, Vo-Tech Roberson, David: Football, Basketball, Wrestling, Whois Who Among American High School Students, Honor Roll, Key Club, FCA, Foreign Language Club Robinson, Mary: Basketball, Honorable Mention, Principalis Honor Roll, Drivers Ed Certificate, Whois Who Among American High School Students, Safety Club, Flag Corps, Spanish Club, FBLA, Writers' Club, Choir, Drama, Honor Society Rowan, Kelly: Principalis Honor Roll, Newspaper Staff, Yearbook Staff, journalism Sanders, Tiffany: Whois Who Among the we-'v ,gun American High School Students, Foreign Language, HERO Club Sanmarco, Alesia: Yearbook Sales, Newspaper, Musicals Sargent, ,lohnz Tennis, Football, Science Fair, Principalis Honor Roll, Who's Who Among American High School Students, Student Council, FBLA, Key Club, Computer Club, Na- tional Honor Society, Soph. Vice President, Jr. Class President, Student Council President, FBLA State Chaplain, Student Council District VIII Secretary Scott, Kristi: OSU Alumni Award, Principal's Honor Roll, Who's Who Among American High School Students, FBLA, Football Manager, Yearbook, Honor Society, Pep Club, journalism, Writers' Club Selensky, Mitch: Football, Tennis, OSU Alumni Award, OU Alumni Award, Computer Club Sewell, Ernest: First Place in State Or- chestra, Third Place in National Or- chestra, French Club, Spanish Club, Computer Club, FBLA, Orchestra Shelton, Edward: Tennis, Writers' Club, Student Council Smiley, Starla: Art Award, Typing Il Award, Principalis Honor Roll, Art Club, Pep Club, FBLA Snider, Kelli: DECA, Pep Club, DECA Parliamentarian Sonlin, ,larlz Swedish Exchange Student Starnes, Christie: OU Alumni Award, OSU Alumni Award, CSU Alumni Award, Academic All-American Achievement, Honor Roll, Flag Corps, FBLA, Honor Society, Yearbook Staff, Foreign Language Club, Choir, Mock Trial Swidler, Lori: Tennis, DECA, HERO Club, Mat Maid, Pep Club, FBLA Talley, Melissa: OSU Alumni Award, OU Alumni Award, Whois Who Among American High School Trisha Taylor Howard Teague Ronnie Thompson Carol Tice Cynthia Todd Regina Tracy Crystal Turman Kathy Unsell Paul Vail Scott VanHorn xt we '-: sw iwnmun-un 1 Gala Wallace Todd Wallingford Jacqueline Walmer Lisa Walters Robert Watson --" Our senior year, we were ex- cited about graduation. We couldn't wait to graduate and get on with our lives. We all felt as if we were finally going to be cepted as adults, and for that, we couldn't wait. Although the excitement there, so was the sorrow. would be leaving people we grown up with: we were all going HC- was We had our separate ways. Sideline support. Tina Houston and Rhonda Clanton support the General team through their victories and defeats. MI was so glad to be graduating, but the thought of never seeing some of the faces I had become used to everyday was strangef, Stan Prokarym "Getting out on my own seems exciting, but scary too. It will feel strange not going to high school everyday. Now I'll have respon- sibilities that I didn't have beforef, James Jackson Students, Principalis Honor Roll, Pep Club, French Club, HERO Club, Ad- vanced Choir Taylor, Trisha: Pep Club, HERO Club President Teague, Howard: Football, Advanced Chorus Tice, Carol: Principafs Honor Roll, Yearbook Staff, Journalism Newspaper Staff, Michelle Wattie Debbie Weaver Brenda Webb Christine White Stacy Wigley Auderia Williams Paula Williams James Young Kathryn Young Adreana Zuaznabar Todd. Cindy: OSC Alumni Award, OU Alumni Award. Princ'ipal's Honor Roll, Society of Distinguished High School Students. Rand. FBLA. Foreign Language, Drama. Speech and Foren- sics, National Honor Society, Year- book, Rand Secretary. National Honor Society Historian, Yearbook lfditor Tracy, Regina: Olilice Practice Award, Orchestra Nlerlal, Spanish Club, Or- .film I? chestra Honor Roll Turrnan. Crystal: Tennis, Honor Roll, HERO Club Vail, Paul: Baseball. Football, Freshman Mr. Howdy. Junior Mr. Howdy, Football Captain. All District Quarterback. FCA, Foreign Language, FCA Vice President VanHorn. Scott: Varsity Basketball, FCA, Varsity Basketball Captain fun 43 Vowell, joe: Wrestling, Football. Baseball. Drafting Club Wallace. Cala: HERO Club Walters. lisa: Fr. Pep Club, DECA, Yearbook Staff, French Club, Art Club Wiattie. lVlic-helle: Varsity Basketball, Principalis Honor Roll, Superinten- dentis Honor Roll, Art Award, Daughters of American Revolution Award. Voice of Democracy Award, -A it f!,t-L-- ti M ,Y 4 ,J j D . ,, Wy, ,gig Mu G+, wg an - ' W, ,. - ,img-3 if -,,. 1 t Q, K 28 Seniors Whois Who Among American High 'School Students, Honor Society, FBLA, Writers, Club, Key Club, Fr. ,Class President, Fr. Class Student Council Representative, Soph. Class Student Council Rep., Secretary of Student Council, Secretary of FBLA, t Newspaper, Yearbook Webb, Brenda: Who's Who Among ,American High School Students, VICA, DECA, FBLA, Vice President in Cosmetology White, Chrissy: Tennis, Powder Puff Football, Powder Puff Olympics, Member of Distinguished American High School Students, Who's Who Among American High School Students, Principal's Honor Roll, Art Award, OSU Alumni Award, OU Alumni Award, FCA, Art Club, Pep Club, Honor Society, Student Council, Pom Pon Squad, Computer Club, Fr. Class Historian, Honor Society Treasurer, Captain Pom Pon, jr. Class Representative-at-Large, Student Council Chaplain Wigley, Stacy: Art Award, Principalis Honor Roll, Who's Who Among American High School Students, History Award, Band, Art, COE, FTA, Not Pictured Gary Aker Jerry Albertson Roschelle Atkins David Belvin Clay Bragg Monica Britt Marvin Brown Thuy Bui Vernon Colbert Jackie Cooper Steven Crumity Carrie Daniel Patricia Dockins Kellie Dotson 4 Bao Duong Carla Edwards John Ford Presley Franklin Leon Harjo Lisa Hedger Mark Howell Michelle Howell Yumiko Hurst Sau Huynh Darrin Ingram Vicki Jackson Darrin Lake Mike Lehr Vickie Litchfield Thuvan Ly Brad Mathis Tammy Matthews Darryl Mclnnes James Moses Yvette Oliver Terry Redmond Brian Roberts Eric Schmitt Robert Scott Anthony Shambra Kirk Sheilds David Skidmore Sean Small Tammy Smith Theodore Stiles Edward Swift Sondra Thomas Keith Turner Jodeph Vowell Lorraine Walker Tammy Walker Kerry Walkingstick Graham Ward Jerry Wiley Rodney Williams Bret Wood Robin Wood Writersi Club, Yearbook Staff Williams, Paula: VICA, HERO Club Young, Kathryn: DECA, Writers, Club Secretary fTreasurer Rah! Rah! Mike Crain, John Sargent, Brian Blakley and Rickey Myskey show their spirit at the first pep assembly. One las! time. Carlus Martin and Byron Richmond talk over their schedules for the last year. Parting is such sweet s0I'1fOw The friends we made throughout high school will always be special to us. Even if we don't keep in touch or if we go our separate ways and donit see each other often, we will always be with the others in our hearts and minds. Our friends were people that went through the good times and the bad, the grow- ing pains and even our first loves. We will always carry them with us in our memories because memories are forever. HI know that my friends will stay friends because we have great times together. We are close and Goodbyes. Seniors form senior circle after the last home game of the season understand each other." Howard Teague "Friends are great! I think that lots of friends are great, but I also believe that a person should have a best friend. My best friend is someone I can share everything with. My memories will always in- clude all of my friends, but she's someone I won't ever forget." Christie Starnes Seniors 29 mar Many things began to happen once we became juniors. We had so many things that became available tous. There was a wider variety of expenses, one of which was a class ring. Each year juniors buy class rings as a high school momento. Styles and colors are decisions that cause many headaches to occur. Everyone wants an original. 'Tm not too worried about get- ting my class ring. Mom and Dad will come through again and buy me onef, John Molet "I want my class ring to be something special that I can give my kids some dayf' Clay Marrow We re number one. Juniors show everyone that they're 41. NI would like to design my own ring the way I want it, because I can't seem to find one that's just right for mef, Jocelyn Shealy Friendly folks. Keith Morales and Tamia Aikens were voted Mr. and Miss Howdy of the junior class. Julie Able DeWayne Akey Jerry Albertson Christi Alfaro Lori Allen Gregg Andrews Jimmy Ballard Larry Baker Thomas Bates Charley Baxter Jeff Bays Angie Bear Laura Belknap Julie Bell Mike Boren Stanford Brigham Anthony Brown Robin Brown Tommy Buie LaRhonda Burris Ron Cable jr. Carol Case John Chavez Todd Clark Tamara Cobb Rodd Cole Tina Conner Raquel Cooper Steve Copus Steve Craig Angela Corona Teresa Couch Wilhelmina Crusoe Greg Covel Starleng Crain Karen Crews Marc Cutler Robert Daniels Cheryl David lic 31? are -sw 1 mt K x, A B .5 Q 'Q x Q Ugg WT it K ' 1 ' v 2 . - 6 t ew? f - -Jwkp aj, .rg is ,Q 4 .3 tt as I ff!- ix.-' ,ifi . :H P53 34, if Ak' fi f fi Si 2 vk,, , Q if il-if f 4 if' 5 i .-1. 15 5 . M f 4 Bottle babies. Greg Covel and Jocelyn Shealy get ready to drink it up during the ice cream social. Sitting pretty. Junior class officers are Larry Denson, lreasurerg Mandy Levescy, representative-at-largeg Kathy Tilson, secretaryg Kelli Miller, vice presidentg and Melanee Hamilton, presidentg Julie Bell, reporter, is not pictured. ig? Wendell Davis -Q Joyce Debusk Larry Denson c " O. J. Denson Q K Chuck Dickson gg ?' Tony Dill . L Pam Doss i , Carl Dowdy Tammy Drumm Michael Dunn Robin Durant Anthony Eddington Sonya Edwards Michelle Engles Paul Ewald Kelly Fallwell Denise Frazier Tricia Fuentez Mike Fulton Gail Cannaway Scott Gibson Stacie Gideon David Griffee Daisy Griffin T ' G' b Mighlflle rllgclgney Susan Hagar Melanee Hamilton Jetta Harp Sandra Harper David Harris Jerome Hendrix Cindy Hensley Lynn Hines Hope Hise Paul Hocker Matthew Honn Christy Horton Rusty Hughes John Hurfm 5' 55 ,fiillfafxis 1365? Sy We Q I scream, you scream. Cinnamon McDoulelt serves Julie Bell al the ice cream social. Goat ropers. Stevei Sullivan and Gregg Andrews show off their style to Kathy Todd. 4 12 IU Ted Huskinson Wayne Huynh Tonya lvy Lanaile Johnson Sharrell Johnson Valerie ,lohnson Bobbie Jones Byron jones dv- Lisa Jones Kevin Kain Kori Kaubin Jennifer Kelley Latisha Kolke Bret Langerman Brad Langley Dawn Legerwood Angela Leonard Kim Lewis Kevin Lewis Regan Lewis Mandy Levescy ,lim Little Lashon Locke Norvell Lottie Michelle Love Dennis Lusk Tonya Mahler Venus Manley Clay Morrow Mike Marshall Julie Martinez Todd Mowery Teri McClendon Cinnamon McDoulett Frontes McEwen Charles McGee Greg McGuire David McKee Martha Melaku Shannon Melton Wiiiihff ,, , x sa 41 .na f, 1 ' W V' 1 FJ Z! 2 . M W A W W M2 ,- Wfifw ,fait Y , , W' ! I 457 8 , tl ii f . 2 W' 4 x A ffl. w L fi 2 v' s , ggzfif .4 ,-,: I 1 '. . 'X ai' 4 rw Q 1 'W , Q ..fwW5f5? , fgai F ' 'V ft s 'S ,, f 1, A af ' M' . 1f"5'5Qgf 'Al 4 M 'E fig wi, I 353913 , ftQwHawa,, .,,,. , if A1495 4 . , , t,t 1,ti , M J K f' f A J PM fZ'5'T'iH pf , . . + Q . 74 w Q ' v G 73' E. f it S K f L' L. ZW. A "'fr'!' 4 , -A. V .. ". -gr, L 2 it I if ar 4 X... ' X l tw, :"?5W's M New AW Ka , mf 5 I y . 'iff ' 'Q 'ws .M H ' X fi- Wk-12575 .ki f W J .Wig ' ,L 'fx 'V Zi-if I T "ws'T'4i12 ,gl if -. xii , -' VY. . f vit xiii' 1 ,kg .in tiki, ' wry 'bfggw my Qi if ' V' . Q 'Q' 1 f J g 2' H if lf? Y, M, xf'f7i "fi" w I 5 gt f Lag- Mg? ,gf ,f . I ' 4, 'fair gin, if t nj Q A at t at ft , 5545's A, ' wp .b .Q . w, his V i Q If - -v Y K gf NMA fi 'ra Q +9 5 8 Q' , V -J ,A 'S 1198.6 t,,1izriLm:t-fri rail at ',1, Our "I canit wait for the prom," was a thought that ran through many minds over and over again. The excitement and elegance of being able to attend a prom became the most important occasion for many students. Months of planning, buy- ing dresses, renting tuxes, and lin- ding dates went into one single Cleaning time. Kori Kaubin and Shannon Melton decided that Eddy Polly needs a good cleaning. r 52, ff 2 L it m- -,-at ,W-Qt ,ms .,,f ,,- W ..,.. . yeati,t night that made memories for a life time. ul couldn't wait for the prom. l thought it was going to be the greatest night in my lifef' Melissa Taylor "Personally l donit see why girls go so crazy about going to the prom - probably because it Conceited. Tony Perry, Stanford Brigham, Byron Richmond, Mike Dunn, Bryon Jones, and Clay Moore look over the girls. 'Q I 'x if pww who Gus, 4x doesnit cost them anything. lt's go- ing to cost me a fortunef, Greg Covel .UQ Mer Stacy Melvin Jenifer Mensch Jon Midgett Kelli Miller Kimberly Miller John Molet Keith Morales Michelle Morrissey John Moses Chanon Motheral Trena Murphy Heather Nageotte John Nguyen LaDonna Nickell Mike Perrigo Antonio Perry Joe Phillips Julie Pipes Al Pnifer Kimberly Poe Edward Polly Johnny Pomeroy Chris Pugh Darrin Pulis Mike Pybas Ron Quigel Tracie Ramsey Clint Rath Tim Reed Tajuana Reeves Lori Roberts Shawn Roberts Barbara Robinson Michelle Robinson Sherry Ross Lisa Rowden Yolanda Russell Elizabeth Schultz Scott Schwemly Brian Scott Juniors 33 6 ' ' 7 Our cars were our pride, joy Cars were thought about con- stantly. People were known by the type of ear they drove. whether it was a fancy sports car or the ole family heap. lfyeryone had a dream car or a favorite type of ear. A few' were elassies. but more were just something with four wheels that ran. "My cans not the best but at least l get where lim going." Ty Wenthold "l haienit got a ear yet. so for now t'll haxe to sullier driving the boat thatis Mont and lladisfi Christy Shade "ll l had my choice l would Cruise in a Porehe or a Enjoying. The competition is as great as the sunshine forjuniors. Lamborghinif, David Harris "Cars are not very important to me. As long as they look good. lim not worriedf, Clifford Townsend -4 -i I " 0 Looking pretty. Sporting the latest fashion are Tamia Aikins and Daisy Cvrifiin. William Self Donna Sellars Christy Shade Kimberly Shay Jocelyn Shealy Colby Shemayme Tommy Shipp Michelle Shotwell Johanna Sims james Singly ,loe Smith .ludy Smith Julie Smith Mylon Smith Randy Smith Debra Snyder ,pf- Mandy Spencer Ginnie Myers Standridge Tammy Stark Patricia Stew art Robyn Stotzer Claude Stuart Steve-Sullivin ,lamie Tamez Melissa Taylor Teresa Taylor Bridgett Thomas Jennifer Thomas Chris Thompson Kathy Tilson Kathy Todd Richard Trevino Gina Trivitt Rovina Turner Vieki Turner ,lohn Updike Dinah Waggener Dennis Walker Teresa Walley Tammy Wall 34 .luniors 6 . 'i ' Msg QB., ts? ,. 'Y i"2-'L Q69 " as-,gc it ,W S354 Studying. Gina Ward doesn't care where she studies, just so she gets ready for class. Strong. Marvin Brown brags a bit. NOT PICTURED Tamia Aikins ' David Balderama Mike Battles Laquita Brown Robert Brown Khue Buikhue Durrand Campbell Kristi Capps Stanford Benita Colbert Shawna Council Dean Daugoma Alison Davis Robert Davis Chris Delay Freeman Dockins Tracy England Bernard Gentry Peter Cordon Carl Head Amanda Hearon Richard Helon Brock Hill Demetrice Holiman Anthony Hooks Nicole lngram Tracy J aye Kim Jones Mark Jones Larry Joseph Pamela Kessler David Kordeliski Kathy Langston Dawn Ledgerwood Hubert Lee James Leonard Kim Lewis Jason Lindley John Lucas Carry Martin Frances May ,N ,-..f.,x Carlus McKaufan Jaclyn Middleton Crystal Monkress Cayton Moore Dennis Moore Twyla Moore Ruby Mustin Hien Nguyen Chris Paslernik Jacquelyn Pearson Evelyn Polly Brian Posey Della Pratt Lance Ross Lane Boss Lisa Ross Martin Sanchez Darryl Scott Kita Shelton Ronald Smith Charles Stanford Kym Wilken Jimmy Wilmoth Lisa Wisdom Mat Wood Brenda Wright De Andre Young Darryl Stewart Dwight Stewart Chrystal Thomas Deborah Thompson Ronnie Thompson Clifford Townsend Binh Tran Michelle Tullis Brian Turner Cheri Turner Darshel Washington Dangelo Washington Shawna Walton Shannon Watlie James Wilde Laurice Williams Mike Williams Sharinda Williams Patricia Wise Lasonya Young Tina Young Gina Ward Graham Ward Keith Warren Leon Warrior Ty Wenthold Danelle Wilde Audria Williams Leonard Williams Juniors 3 5 We really got motivated We put a lot of spirit into our class this year. After being slow last year, and not having the spirit that the upperclasses had, we real- ly became motivated this year. As a whole, we were involved with ac- tivities and lit into the elite group called the CENERALS. HI think we have more school spirit this yearfi Christy Ferguson HI am loud, I am a spaz, I am more lively, and lim not a freshmanli' anonymous 4'Our class spirit has improved since last yearg everyone is more involvedfi Jennifer Mullins 4'Now that lim not so embar- rassed I can have more fun at the Blowing away the competition. Cable Hughes does away with acting Spartan and Redskin, Thomas Hornbeak and Michael Baker. assemblies. Being a sophomore is definitely more fun." Jenni Crail "After you see what it is like to be in high school for a year, you learn how to act and be stupid at the pep assemblies just like everyone elsef, Thomas Cox I One for two. Carol Fleeman and Larry Buchholz enjoy a cool drink before school. fffr I sir Angie Allen David Allred Michelle Anderson Sheila Anderson Ken Arbertha Kelly Armstrong Tina Austin Karri Baker Nicole Balfour George Bateman Tom Bateman Michelle Baltaglia Eugenia Bell Benny Bennington .loyce Berry Toni Bighead Darla Black Rachelle Black Damon Blumenthal Mike Borg Misty Boyd Stephanie Bradley Marina Brown Tracey Brown David Burchett ,lama Burns Aleshia Burris Shane Busha Melissa Cagle Durand Campbell Jerry Campbell Monica Cervantes Lance Chilton Tonya Clipper Lynn Cobb Tobin Coker Rusty Cole Leron Cooks Donna Coon Jennifer Cordell 36 Snphomo res 'S 5 e ei? as time es? ' QNQQ' ? l i v 'B S 1' tt Q ag? '15 s ss C ai .4 :W at I 1. v- ,X l 4 Jw- M 2 . be il fi Wifi I can't find it. Shannon Flowers got lost in a pie as she was looking for a gumball. Having a snack. Darla Black and Lori Tice study before class as they munch lunch, Round and round. Crystal Grounds tries to keep hula hoopin' to make her team a sure winner. Coslow Leah Thomas Cox Jennifer Crail Emmitt Crawford Ronnie Cross Virgil Crow Michelle Darden Jeff Davis Tommy Davis Angela Dear Roy Delesbore Carlos Dixon Kenneth Dutton Cherie Dyer Annalee Eckroat Sheila Elwood Rachel England Joley Evans Jay Faulkner Christy Ferguson Lewis Fike Kathy Fincher Carol Fleeman Shannon Flowers Tobias Frederick Tim French Jason Gallemore Carmen Garcia Ronald Gibbany Elizabeth Gilbert Kevin Goldman Jeamie Godson Derek Goodwin Jerry Graham Yolanda Graves Sherrie Crenshaw Richard Galbreath Marcus Crownover Tommie Cummings Charlotte Dulworth Sophomores 3 7 Sophomore Spirit. jason Walton. Dawni ,lx fferson, and Shawna Nichols hang posters W' to -.how their spiril before lioniecoming. Future Politicians. Sophomore officers irc Pal Hagerman. rcpresenlalive-at-largeg Jima Burns, vice president: Shannon l'lowc-rs, secretary: Shawna Shipley, sergeant al armsg Kim Wing. Treasurer. Nol shown is Randy Neugebauer, presidenl.j X Q, PM 3 C"ff,Yf X SSS gwgjx 'N s. N' if " ' 'K fr so N XXX My Mike Creer Cena Grissom LaDonna Cross Crystal Grounds Thomas Cruver Toby Hacker Pat Hagerman Sharon Hamon Kelli Hankins Ki Harrington Marc Hayes jennifer Hensch Melissa Hensley Mary Herrod Jeff Hester Bobby Hill Brock Hill Debbi Hill Donny Hill Kerry Hill Rebecca Holcomb Heather Honn Thomas Hornbeck Melanie Hubble Dianne Huddleston ,Iacki Huddleslon Cable Hughes Stephanie Hulet Lafluf Hytchye Cayla Igou Sunny lgou Roger Jackson Roger Jackson Sanloi Jackson Gina ,laye Dawni Jefferson William Jefferson Charles Johnson Dreena Johnson Mike Johnson 38 Sophomores 9 4:2 ,. . K Y"""T?:ar xi ,. ,I 41 -owvlal' 1' N Y A 6Look Out! Here we comel, Finally behind the wheels, ter- ror strikes as an abundance of sophomores buckle up for the first time. Over the chugholes and through the red lights sophomores frantically drive. The car has to know where it wants to go because sophomores canit go where they Sophomore royalty. Christie Ferguson and Bobby Hill were elected Mr. and Miss Howdy. want to go. 'glfl could go anywhere in my car, I would go to New Mexico and Colorado and look at the mountainsf' Damon Blumenthal HI donit care where I go as long as ills not on the highwayf, Trina Kuepker Graililti. Geoff Wilson adds his work to Noble Lee's cast. "I would spend all my time driv- ing to the shopping mall and all my money buying clothesf' Carol Fleeman "I would take the car and drive until I ran out of gas and call Western Union to send me money fastfi anonymous av MMW' V, ,,,.,. r Rebecca ,Iohnson Vincent Johnson Bill Jones Cara Jones Penny ,I ones Traina Jones Shawn Jordon Regina Kessler Mark King Tami King Delana Kros W., Trina Kuepker Mike Lafferty Shawn Landers Kathy Langston Kim Lasiter Mike Lawback Noble Lee Jamie Lewis Rickey Lindsey Reese Logan Q"-f Tina Long Shawn Lutonsky Steve Maldonado Jeff Marshall Twynell Marshall Hall Martin Robert Martin Becky Marx Teresa Maxwell Steve McCartney Keisha McCuan Janet McCurey Larry McDaniel Race McDoulett J eff McEvoy Treena Mclntyre Jimmy Mendora Brent Mercer Christine Moore Sophomores 39 Cuddles. Stephanie Hulet enjoys her cute cuddly friends. On my way. Penny jones has her arms full as she makes her way to class. Lanell Moore Mike Moore Greg Morava Joey Moreland Walter Moss Jeff Mowery Jemiifer Mullins Robin Myskey Derek Nance james Neal Randy Neugbauer Tina Nguyen Shawna Nichols Tue Niehols Tammy Ortega Scott Owen Gena Pair Shawn Parker Robert Parks Curtis Pale Chrislina Pena Laurie Pena Tracy Penrod Lisa Percell Alina Poole Gregory Porter Kristi Porter Kristi Pybas Vicki Queen Danny Ray Travis Reust Chris Reynolds Pam Richards Jon Richardson Angela Riley Anthony Roach Mary Roberson Sereta Robertson Karen Rodgers Tarrenee Rodgers Shannon Rogers Audrey Rowland Shannon Rushing Chase Sanchez Joseph Sanchez Tara Sanders Malt Salterlield Loelta Schumm 40 Sophomores fi sg. x 'tin' AL 4-J.- .A-3...-.fs 6We were better than ever' ,lust as the year before had started. so did this year. The hustle and hustle of getting off to a good start on the first day of school made the adrenalin flow through our bodies. For us this year was different from last year. Faces Sweet Revenge. lVlr, Cable gets back at Randy Neugebauer for snoozing in his class. were familiar, and it seemed' that we actually belonged. We didnit Care about what exeryone thought: it was our turn to do some thinking. "This year it's my turn to pick on freshmen." Race McDoulett "Starling school this year wasnit as bad as last year was, all my old friends came back, and I didn't NOT PICTURI-ID feel alone." Jennifer Cordell "I couldn't wiait for the year to start. so I could get back to my friends that I had made last year." Shawnda Werner 3 1 af Christy Adams, Phillip Allen. Carolyn Arnett, Ronda Arnold, Micheal Baker, Tammy Banks. Micheal Banning, Valecia Barber, Laura Belknap, Betty Berry, Gina Bowden, Kristi Britlain, Larry Buchhollz, David Coskey, Timothy Ceasar, Mark Cline, Shelonda Cobb. Antone Collins, Barry Cooper, Leslie Cosby, David Cox, Patricia Davis. Son Doan, Redina Felix, Latricia Fields, Elaine Frost, Earl Harris, Nathon Hartfield, Daron Hayes, Larry Hemmerling, Karla Henry. Scott Hines. ,Ianet Hubbard, Russell Hughes, Brenda Hypolite, Ceasar Johnson, Robert Jones, johnny Joyner, Kevin Kain, Jennifer Kidwell. Spencer Knowles, JR Knox, Mien Lim, Roger Martin, Larry McDaniel, ,lohn McHenry. Steven Moore. Todd Moore, Keith Morales, Ricky Myers, Nam Nguyen, Benny Nichols, Wendell Nichols, Phillip Oliver, Tammy Ortega, Dewayne Owen, ,lon Parker, Perry Patterson, David Pickard, Sandra Pickett, Shelly Prince, Allen Richards, Frederick Richardson, Teresa Robinson, Juana Rodriguez, Joey Sanders, Troy Satterlield, Derrick Shannon. Billy Ship. Steven Smith, Arthur Stevenson, Patricia Stewart, Travis Stewart, Shawn Sullivan, Dorothy Turner, Rodney Turner, Nonna Williams, Timothy Williams, Glen Wolfe it? pf r Diana Scott ' Marc Scott Shawn Scotzin Dony Scroggis Shawna Shipley Erick Shook Katherine Shuler Dale Slaughter Brent Smiley Kevin Smith Kevin Smith Teresa Smith Tracy Smith Lonnie Speaks Jack Spears Staci Stephenson J R Stevenson Travis Stuart Cheryl Thomas Leslie Thompson Regina Thompson Shonda Thompson Lori Tice Anthony Tingle Lori Tinnin Paula Tomlinson Danny Tracey Mike Tracy Huong Tran Shelly Trombley Cheri Turner . Jon Updike Angela Wallace Jason Walton Shawnda Werner Mike Williams Rayvone Williams Sandra Williams Sharnda Williams Shilonda Williams Geoff Wilson Tina Wilson Doak Wishon Kim Wing Alen Wolf Mark Wood Kevin Wright Zena Yazzie Sophomores 41 IT.. When we came to USG we were ready to take on the world. We thought we could handle anything and everything. That was until we found out what the word HUP- PERCLASSMENB really meant feveryone but usj. Although we weren't NUPPERCLASSMENM we realized that they did treat us pret- ty well, with some exceptions - of course. 'Around USG in a day' "I had a few run inis with "UP- PEBCLASSIVIENI7 but that was ok because I was really treated quite well." Nikki Jefferson ul disliked being taped to the pole, but I decided that I would be Starting at the top. Freshman class of- ficers were Lisa Todd, presidentg Billy Baird, vice presidentg Nikki Jefferson, secretaryg Barbara Kessler, treasurer: Jim- my Driskill, reporlerg Tracy Haodgin. sergeant-at-arms. able to get even in the years to comef' Brian Dragus I thought that exeryone treated me pretty well. l just hope that they keep it upf' Jimmy Driskill I First-time Howdies. Jimmy Driskill and Denise Stewart were named Mr. and Miss Howdy of the freshman class. James Abner Katrina Adams Angela Anderson Billie Anderson Erica Anderson Judi Anderson Norma Arzaga Dewon Asberry Shanna Avery Martha Bailey Billy Baird ' Darrin Banks " f Sergio Barrera Kelli Bateman Lana Battles Marie Bays - Carol Bell Robby Bell Rhonda Benetield Jonathon Bettis Cherie Blayton Angela Bolten Billy Bond Bobby Boyanton Vincent Boyles Sean Brady Gina Bragg Jeremy Brand Kellye Break Brandon Brown Jason Bryant Karla Bueso Ranea Buie Traci Bullard Charles Burris Jennifer Cable Starla Cain Dawna Campbell Tona Campbell Billy Case 42 Freshmen ... ,, may . ..,. . u- t . J r ,ov 1, fm v 7 I -Q. I Y 5,1 4 J' .egfzf ' 3, , 4 97 a MO! bf f I! :W Q ,D 43, 5- Wa wif fi J ff ,v, Q. In gg X Gimme some privacy! Lori Lyons tries to make a phone call with hall of the freshman class cramming into the phone booth. Helpful hints. Sophomores Rusty Cole helps Alisa Gee decide on her schedule. ftp-ag. ' . f X 1' 1 'iss' FY ,wp , -Q '50 is Robert Cavazoz Eric Caves Monica Cervantes Scott Challis Keith Chamlee Bryon Cheatham Heather Childers Stephanie Clayton Kari Clesson Camille Coachman Robert Coggins Danielle Collett Jeanette Conner Leanna Coon Angie Cooner Toyia Covel Johnny Crain Paul Cribh Jeff Crowe Lee Davis Tammy Davis Fernando Delatorre Martin Dickson Steve DiGregoria Kathy Doan Anthony Dockins Deloris Dockins Sandra Doss Brian Dragus Michelle Dragus Jimmy Driskill Amy Driver Hoang Duong Phuc Duong Julie Dutton Paul Dutton Susan Dutton David Elrod Jamie Evans Becky Fansler Freshmen 43 W ,W First time. Freshmen line up for their first entrance into U.S. Grant. Coke is ill Phuc Duong makes his choice during passing period. 1 3 K K x ,ii 44 Freshmen W we Annie Former Becca Field Anita Fielder Chris Fomby Richard Ford Bobby Fortner Alisia Frazier Andre Frazier Spencer Frazier Cedric Gatewood Bernard Gentry Elisa Gee Chad George Lori George Lisa Gibbany Stacie Gibson Tanya Gibson Mike Gifford Sequeda Gordan Aretha Gordon Tymali Gore Charles Gower Cheryl Grace Nancy Greer Sheri Griffee ,Ierrie Griffith Ginger Griggs Randy Griggs Bobbie Grigsby Kreg Grimes Hendrick Gulikers Terry Haigler Chris Hams Rodney Hanes Algernon Hardiman Mary Harrell Mark Hensley Theresa Hickman julie Hicks Darrin High! lun!" .fv- Q-fr ,,A,l""M f fr, cWe took USG by storm, Our big day had finally come. Lhat day we started high school. We thought "Wow this is going to be the most exciting time of our lives." We were finally going to belong to a group that eyeryone looked up to. "Fm getting mad!" Gina Bragg gets frustrated when her locker worfl open as Tanya Henderson stands hack and laughs. "l thought my freshman year would be the worst cyer. but once l got here and found next friends l realized that the best nas yet to come." Scott Challis "l came here not knowing what to expect. but l found that it was Please?l Jinnny Nlyatt asks Brian Blakely for a ride to lunch. really exciting." Chrystal Williams "l have to admit that l thought school would be very exotic." Cathy Richmond "l thought that my first year at Grant or rather my' first day' would be confusing and that it would be hard finding all of my classesf' Jason Wenthold fc i 1- ff' f 1 , , , N .-'r H ' 4 if x 'f', ' 'I X 3 ,,f-f, .,yt, ,.,t1 1 i yy ' mf , tif, U L Ronnie Hill Melissa Hilterbran Scott Hines Krystal Hipp Tracy Hodgin John Holden Kim Holden Candi Hopkins Steve Horton Paxton House Donita Huebner Chris Hurtt Brenda Hypolite Tiffany Issaac Barbara James Nikki Jefferson Jayme Johnson Leann Johnson Vincent Johnson Warren Johnson Lisa J ones Stephanie Jones Cahal Juarez Nina Keeton Barbara Kessler Derrick Kiel Tony King Stephanie Kirkpatrick Brandon Lawson Sharrie Lawton Judson Leroi Tonya Lesley Phillip Lindauer Lyndell Littke Lori Lyons Zaneta Major Crystal Maney Angie Martin Stacy Martin Stephanie Martin Freshmen 45 Triends at USG are forever' Our tirst day at USC was total chaos. We were scared and ner- vous, afraid we would get lost, or afraid we wouldnlt fit into the crowd. We found that everything was different, but we made new friends, and those friends will last us a lifetime. People turned out to be very nice, and there were only a few who even mentioned intitia- tion, but really isnit that just all part ofthe game? "I didnlt think I would ever be able to Gnd my way around, but with the help ofa lot of nice people I found everythingjust linef, Heather Childers NI remember that it wasn't my Waiting. Freshmen wait in line to enroll for their lirst year at Grant. best day because I got lost quite a bit. After l met new people and became familiar with the building, I was more at ease and began to have a lot of fun." Stephanie J ones as Chalting. Becca Field and Anita Fielder talk about how much they like USG. Vincent Martin William Martin Dedrick Martinez Patrick Marzett Ronald Maycole Sandi Maynard Sheila McClure Dasha McCoy Missy McCoy Tammy McCurdy Joe McHenry Mary McHenry Dean McKinley Traci McKnight Dana McMahan Robert McReynolds Staci McSperitt Jon Melchor Annette Melton ,Ieff Melvin John Melvin Amy Mercer Anita Middleton Gray Mize Andy Mobley Caron Monday Cassandra Moore Kim Morava Ina Moss Erma Murphy Felisca Murphy Angie Mustain Jimmy Myatt Chris Myers Scott Nelms Kendra Nelson Stacy Nesbitt Tracy Nesbitt Julie Newport Lam Nguyen 46 Freshmen W Er I 4 V72 5 if , ,.,,,.,,. , ,Q yy, if ', ei .V 2' Q. ' - ' , f 'mf lita bifw V' ' t FTW , f ,V tf I M- ? Mg-41, ,V fe w., - 'L . 'fff 'z - t me Jig, V . . . ,, , i'-ff' - 0 mm-M WN' - . F yww., N, H I ' 1 W , ' ,Mew ffm' au ylyy tft t 1 N, Y Um ' , M ,, 'fam 4 , it-.ng in 'X Q , f -r" 441 I ,av ,lf J Bookworm. Kim Scott studies her homework in the courtyard. Concentration. Derrick Kiel and Vincent Martin have enough homework to keep them busy for a while. Son Nguyen Bobby Nichols Yolanda Norton Celia Novarro ,Iohn Odell Kelly Odell Todd Oden Gloria Pair Steve Palmer Brian Parish Kenny Parks Megan Parks Tina Parrish Abraxas Patton Wendy Payton Keisha Penner Marva Perry Jerod Pfeifer Tisha Phillips Allen Pierce Dana Pittman Steve Pollard Steve Prater Jon Prewitt Shelly Prince Lam Quang lrene Quienterro Renee Renox Cora Ribelin Lonnie Richards Cathy Richmond David Rickard Daniel Robbins Deangelo Robinson Crystal Rodgers Eva Rodriguez Monica Rodriguez Kristi Rogers Timothy Ross Tina Rowden Freshmen 47 Get it straight! Nikki ,lefft-rson tells Mike Walton. Lee Davis, and Cathy Richmond to straighten up their freshman sign. Down the stairs, turn right . . . Mr. Hosletter tries to tell l-leather Childers clirertions to her next class. rl Matt :Xllenhaugh Nathan Ashley Nermie Atkins Lamont Baker Terracea Bellis Marlow Berry Richard Bishop Nermin Blexins Carl Bollman Mildred Brown Loy d Burleson Joe Cole Dana Cradit Starleng Crain Anissa Davis Dacia Dermoe Yxetle Dornan Lamarcus Edwards Deon Ferguson Luis Fierrd Dawn Finrh Chris Fislier Olixia Frazier Tonjala Frazier ot Pictured Chris Camel Eulanda Garza Larig George Gerlinda Cray Fred Martin i.f'.'xIlIl Moody Roslielle Moore K:-ashaon Patterson Crystayl Haney Chris llarris Chris Head Ann lleaxd Dvann llenderson Carmen Phillips Heather Prehauser Terris Renfro Susan Rodriguez Jeff Ross Kiorrie Herrera liarlisha Hood Florvntta Howard Bay lluyag Becky jackson ,lohn ,lay Christy johnson Kyra Johnson Mike ,lolmson Ladonna jones Mivliezille Kessee Cassandra Kirk Wt-slr-y Levlair Mien Lim Martina Lopez Michelle Srfharen Tammy Schuessler Stew Slit-filer Kcro Smiley ,lulie St. Hilsare Eddie Sullixan Kari Thomppson Matt Triplet Shane Vaughn Charita Walton jerry Whipple Robin Wilde Janelle Williams Monica Williams Jeanette Wilson Debbie Ruby Don Ruby Robby Russel Corey Sands Marna Satterlee Mike Saumty Kim Svott Steve Sr-ott Shannon Seotzin Lisa Sears Nikki Sharkelford Lasonya Shaxer Shax on Slielborn Donnie Shultz Tammy Shultz Randy Simpson Tony Small Aaron Smith Jeff Smith Lisa Smith Randy Smith Chandra Snow Steve Spf-al Erie Spencer Bryan Stephens ,lacki Stephens Jennifer Steiens Denise Stewart Robin Stilwell Terrell Sullivan Lim Sunl Kristin Taylor Rahny Taylor Thomas Taylor Danielle Thomas Della Thomas Michelle Thomason Fred Thompson Shawn Tiemann Lisa Todd l If shmen .avr ,gawk av- we I-.. 'ffm f' YH . an B, We finally had a social life After that tirst week or so. n hen we linally got into a routine. ne began to Ieel more at home. The more at ease we beeame. the easier it nas to make friends. This really gaxe a boost to our self- eonlidenee. not to mention our social life. I This is so confusing. Rhonda Ilene-helcl hopes enrollment will he oier soon. "My social life changed a great deal. I had more people to talk to and to go places with, not to men- tion more dateslw Lisa Gibbany. "I wasnit as seared after I made friends. l had been afraid that I might say the wrong thing to the L. ffi I wrong person. Since l have met new people I am just line. I just knew then that my freshman year would be greatlu Angie Martin. "I became more crazy than I had ei er been and I had a lot more funlii Robert Weeks. Terrance Todd Pat Tresl lo 'Fm-'L ,lohn Trotter Man Truitt Carnell Turner Robbie Ungaro ,leuanta Valle Keyin Vance Delores Wade Ryan Walkabout Lynell Walker Angela Wallace Charita Walton Mike Walton Lee Ward Anthony Watkins Chris Watson Rhonda We-ideman Bryan Wells Chenedra Wells ,lason Wenlhold Cindy West Marcy Wigley Dana Willmurn Bonnie Wilder Nuelle Wilkins Robert Wilks Chrystal Williams Gina Wilson Dawn Wishon Michelle Woods Scott Wooten Anthony Wriee Candice Wright Angie Wylie Sean Xuereb Troyan Yarema Kelli Yohey Debra Young Freddie Young Kenneth Young ReDonda Young a ty 5' ,Mawr X A J J' 5 f f f af i I It ' 1 .t , .u Q 3 gl! uvum Time spent in class seemed to be time well spent on our futures for gB Q7 many of us, yet some felt school just really wasn't for them. Through at- tendance each of us gathered information, whether we realized it at the time or not. Our curriculum gave students the opportunity to start building a future for themselves. We met challenges along the way that seemed to be hard to conquer, but we knew we had a job to do, and we worked hard to achieve the grades we wanted. Homework was a part of our lives that always existed. We wanted to do our best, to have pride in ourselves. We gave our all, and were rewarded by good grades. il 2 Curneulum 51 aa r if R5 fm S Hvrfl? Mrs. Martha Black is walrhing lu , .5 Y N i , , mr X R Q, .. A W Wx M Ny 'IABC plum-5 tha words on lhv diagram corrvvlly. ' '- ,gpzfu--ff ,,, ,I l .- I lax V. J 'I .1. . ' , ' 7 - 1: ' , 4 J a ' 1' Q I, 3 :J I I I 4, K 1 52 Language make surc Dasha McCoy sniff sniff. Angie Conner is all choked up mer the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. On your mark, get set . . .Mrs. Martha Hlz1c'k's sludenls are ready to go homv. 1...- m.L, l Thafs impossible! Jimmy Myatt doesn'l know how Mr. Gary Watson experts him to read this hook in a weekis lime, Grossl Marcy Wigley is disgusted hy all of the language arts homework she has. 1, iv L , fi' 1 5,21 41 J ,V :digg it vi wavwai' V we ff I Y Vi . ,, 'ES- as wif ie xiii 35 in Q e f sa f-.t ,T Eight long semesters! That seemed like an eternity. yet that is what each and ex ery one of us would end up spending in our English classes. Our language was the one Class that was the essential tool by which we learned everything else. Our time spent in our language arts elass was hlled with its share ol' ups and downs. The horror of hearing Mrs. Fuller say "He- phrase that sentence." to the absolutely oxerwhelming feeling of receiving a well-deserved "AM on one of Mr. Watsonis essays was shared by all of us brave enough to take the real toughiesl "l like my English Class heeause it helps me learn more ofthe English language." Son Luong All like my English Class. lVlrs. Roberson is a good teacher, and shejokes around with us." Chrystal Nahey "English classes help you learn how to talk proper- ly and not make a fool out ol yourself when talking to someone else." Robyn Stotzer Hmmm ...Riehard Ford t'an'l decide which way to spell hyprocrisy. LIAIAQ7 I qs l OO LISHSHH KP v-s CD .-Q E. 1-: CD cn EL no 1qStu .IOJ Tl 1S I2 Ln GCD lf! 'N 58 Language 53 Intrlgumg Coach Mike Smlth ns an the mndclle of another of hrs Oklahoma hlstory lectures 50 words to go Keith Warren IS trying to complete hls hlslory essay before class starls X24 J ll? we Y F A X- fi 'i ' Y IN Y' at-: 1 9 N , +L lx A z""'b' X ,. " N 'mia' , 4' l 0 1 I C I X 0 , 1 "N f 54- Social Studies I , Al B, . ,,,.,,,. we 'M ,-U, g, A nl, , lyyq, tm, .,. , e, . :W 4 Q QW t M ' h ., 2 'z,,,..i . ' Kfhl 1 ,"' Jef-,. ,f N MQW, I vf K Q.. ,lie ,. Mx, 1 V ' +5 M ' f T, ,' 1 f f: .59 Q Qt.. , nf. 3' It 1, 443, fs .-7135 ,. 35, . ai: ' -Qwftew . M. i1k?4'7 'V WW' .0 gm .img M 'Y V V f' mM..Nf" 4 +V of -.-.-................,.,. . A , 5' ei? my. ..-'We we 492 V ' of the world. This is . . .Mr. Harold Crosley points out different parts of the world. Once upon a time . . .Robyn Slotzer gives her version of the history Shhh . . .Mr. Harold Crosley's history class studies for their semester exam. US history, government, Oklahoma history, Wvorld history, sociology, and psychology were designed to make us more informed about our predecessors, our community. and ourselves. As the requirement for social studies credits in- creased, many of us found ourselves 'istuckn in a class we thought weid dread, but thanks to our teachers, we found ourselves actually enjoying our classes. We re-lived the days of the Hcowboys and ln- diansf' which respectfully influenced our state of Oklahoma. We visualized the long, hot summer day of July 4, 1776, when our forefathers declared their in- dependence. All in all, we enjoyed learning about our pastjust as long as we didn't have to live it. "History is important to learn because it teaches us not to make some of the mistakes weive made in the pastf' Cheri Turner wfhe past is an important part of the US. If studied right, you can learn the future from the pastf, Rodd A. Cole "I feel history helps us in our world today. How else could we learn how our forefathers lived and made our world the way it is todayfw Terry Richard Ea . , ti. IN Au Q3 Q- O CD U3 50 P+ Eli U' O Q- K4 A9 19 1 BHP inoqn 0 .IU ssfim u o S9 sdwig UO HI ,JU ILE. Social Studies 55 X .,,,,,,.........,--Q 'M ,, -M . 4 . l rrr 'L' ,1ff. f' AX YA X fo fo A 3 af Q PG K ki KX KX ff f'N 55 I f-5 Q f T? p I .ff Gotcha! Mr, Ron Cablvis sludvnls dc-vided lo do ax lilllc vxlra homework. lsee you. ShiiXOIl5l1PlbUI'Il lakes ax vlosc-r look at za Hem. 6 ,1 ,M , -' - f :ff-Mfr, Sc'im1CP 1 Yipvs! Todd Wallingford and Brad Langley ur? scared to sec the Oul- comf- of Debra Sl'IjdPFAS c-hmnistry expffrirnmnl. Hi Guys! jack Spears pops in on his scxc nc-0 rlussmales. ,.,x,,m,Mww, W ,,,,.,,,,V.ww.a.1ww:L.w .,.,, ,,.aM.., ... ,,,, f45:3f',,:lf, ,,.w f 1 -P92 "l, We were curious about ourselves and the world around us. XX c were the ones who couldnit be satisfied when our questions were answered by "just becauseu: therefore. we took various science courses. During a tire drill. eyeryone knew who the chemistry students were: they stood in a group donned in a lah apron and goggles. We looked forward to the laboratory work. which made us feel like certified professionals. yet dreaded the tests that could either "make or breakii our grades. Our science classes were always challeng- ing but we looked forward to them. because they were ney er dull. "Science is olifered to teach us about the world around us. l enjoy it as long as it doesnit get too technical." James Jackson They want to teach us what is really going on in the world. They want us to know there is a reason for the way things happen. They want us to know' what that reason is. l like physics because itls challenging and it is neyer dull. It may be hard to understand sometimes. but itis worth the effort." Missy Talley 5 X.. n il I . . .and this hone . . .lVlr. Russ Bartee discusses the human skeleton with his class Ji i i Y i I ngy -W--on M 4 - ,Mi.,,, Vry- ,,, , 4? A E ,gf . , ' Q Q' I ...ft is"""'4 if hmmm' ' 'K' is-P T 'A :cv i- Q H My ' ,, IQ. 4- M ,,,, . ,.,s '-lvl.. , ag., l 7- imc Wm . S39 in P+ 00 1-1- 33" CD S HLA 9.111 193 AI S10 9 cc rs rs l-'ll l""5 'N4 O C Q-F ET z: we Fl' :- 5 cm CD S33 "1 CD D' DD P-1 9- Seience 57 Computer whiz. Kristi Stanford de-bugs her program. I ,,, 1 gt- ' iff' 0 xi r " frr, it , Q i Q a'.Q-"' nl' ijt I 4 O 4 5 'lf' 3, 4 4' O Y., I Mitch Selenski struggles with his trigonometry problem. H A.. ,M fi A 5 N , 3 xr 5 f NK ' J i xxx 1 x' 9 x R ff sf , t wi ff' A nw ,iff WAHM Nm, :Wy Math Y Q K W , M fy wth . 1 i'Sa'i 7.3 U f li....i t-'ft 3 fl ' 45 if First things first. Computer students must learn the basics before the fun starts. Andrew! Andrew Mobley still counts on his Gngers. Many of us were doing well if we made correct change for a 37520 bill. We were the ones taking basic math. Some of us felt comfortable with postulates. proofs, and equations strung out across the whole chalkboard. We were the ones in geometry and algebra. Those of us who were college-bound took trigonometry, analytics. and calculus. Fortunately. there was always a willing and able teacher to help us when we needed it which was pretty often. ul am going to major in computer science. l need as much math for college as l can get. After all, it will be my means of making a livingf, Randy Ray HI plan on becoming a computer engineer and work in the field of robotics. Obviously. many hours of calculus, physics, and electronics will be needed to prepare for this field of work. Everyone needs a basic math background to balance a checkbook, compute a grocery list and even buy a car. Even carpenters need a basic trigonometry background, so that the houses they build will be half-way squarefi John Sargent Math is going to help me in college and the career l've chosen. A lot of math courses enable me to make college math easier. Jay Melchor ff' 1 2 I spy. Mr. William McElwee catches Annalee Eckroat using a calculator in his class. LP? U00 Sl S9 D- O :O 5' f-: K4 O C'- I-i I-1 N9 xl -E ,O f.: 1'9- 91. W' as cr O s: rt"'9' El Q- CD xx 1: or D Q. o F: Math 59 Easy does il. Mrs. Joanie jedlicka helps Sheri Criffee get her necklace out ofthe ty pewriter. T . . . y . . . p . . .Kim Collie is going to take her time on her typing assignment today. We were influenced by our teachers and counselors to take some business classes. We were told they were not very hard and would come in handy in the future. But even our typing classes could prove to be the longest and most frustrating hour of our day. Those of us who were very serious about a business career took classes like ac- eounting and data processing which always proved to be a challenge. To many of us the challenge was to increase our speedg for others, it was to acquire the knowledge to establish our own business. But no matter what our goals were. our business classes definitely helped us to achieve them. MI took typing because I Ggured it would help me with further education after high schoolfi Lisa Todd I took a business class because I plan to go to college and major in business management, and Iill need typing skills for future use-.U Terri Badillo I selected a typing class so I could learn to type without having to look at the keysf' Kim Morava .: P .xl 60 Business VE' -anna! I. I x .W .. af 1 ' '11 This is your total. Mr. Al Fuller explains to Lois McCracken how to read her adding maching tape. Whew'l Shelly Martin learns the true meaning ofthe word secretary. -ws Spec' ,Y -,xl f b K - W ? i I1 P, Ly U dwriting. Ymuiko Hurst learns ABC Shorthand in COP' Busy as a b ,I I7 k ll id Class ef-. annie ris i is an ing up a storm in hffrl Q' lv -.S XB' -..,. 'Y m : CL 5 o 'U E7 g4 ssqeux SQAHUOQXQ 66 n n iii ES' 42 CD 5' CD 93 "1 Q- e-+ 5' 93 4-4- 99 I-1' 2 G I-1 PT' Busine 61 igfr,, eff l 1 . 2 ' t . 2 ig.-4,,. ' v .illi- M , ,.,, :li m so gmt! I 91 ,D I 62 Vocational By spending three hours a day with each other we naturally became good friends. Together we laughed and horsed around a lot, but we all knew exactly what it would mean for us when we reached the end ofthe year. We looked forward to going to our classes because it was never the same old routine. Our vocational classes were unlike our academic classes: they allowed us to express ourselves more. Once a job was completed. we could stand back and see a part of us and feel good about what we had done. HVo-Tech offered early training. We got more ex- perience and didnit pay nearly what we would at a beauty-collegef, Shelly Anthony uCosmetology is a great class. lfl would have waited to take cosmetology in college. it would have cost a lot moref, Tina Lowry 'gCosmetology is a really fun class. Itis great knowing how to cut hair and all the other things that go with it. Itis also great knowing that in high school youire training for a careerf, Shannon Wattie N K 3 Heebie Jeebies! Lori Allen is dumbfounded by the hair-do that Hope Hise gave her. ."h"""""'-.a. - - ,Q ' an 4 vl'00Ull Cla! MHFTOM. Virgil Crovs. and Kreg Grimes ride' in style to Foster liste-s in Clay 's '55 Pontiac. Rock-a-Bye. Hatilca Crutchfield learns in her Child mire class how to care for a baby. 'Ns QL, '.., Y, W ,rf , ,Q 3. ,Lk g?fw'?44.i-Jgvf .rf pffsx Handyman Monday. Tommy Monday sweeps up the sawdust from his project in woodshop. just right. Tammy Drumm tests a baby bottle in her child care class. ,W 2 Q ff K' ' W, "Z'f:44f ww qt. ,V I , lf. k l . ssrns tssssn i .,,- ,LX igggvfz-KQV I IN CN C CD E 5 UQ e-v- C C? '-3 CD O Ny U-'ll CD O Q- C5 J 99 Fl' O D" FW' F' CD .11 fn Vo cational 63 FQ ,, . div 43 "" ' l I 1, 1 .l'Af:l I " J Q- l x ' f .' -I' ' s b' l I , s!.r4 A v l l Q . I Look what I did! 'llrnya Ulxera leads Ylrr.. Vicky Noakes to ln-lie-xv than she made lliis pie. Lanf-ll homemaker. l,unell Moore is learning the proper way lo hun, -us -1 vi' fa -6 9 1 75 ,4 A , -if 64- Home Economics n I, ix .1 w i 3, if H A x ,fl f WM , i -wh., 7 ,, ,r f ' Inj, U Q... HH I d0n't believe ill Cryslal Grounds is shocked by her daily intake of calories. Stitch-n-Snip. Sliamna Shipley and Adriana Zuaznahar measure Angela Riley for her new dress. 'li-our Ja, - ffz 1' ,Jia-fzf :M . lex ,444 Wir' ,, f fg,jffwPg.,.Mi?Qf W f ml ww fiffajf if M, ,,,,, , ' M, we mn ugly n We wanted to be sure when the time came we could make it on our own. About making clothes. preparing dinner. changing diapersg and furnishing a house some of us had a natural instinct. yet many of us needed "to learn the ropes." At times it w'asn't easy, but when we looked at something weld done, and realized we'd done it on our own, we had a tremendous feeling of satisfaction and the assurance to try something new. "I enjoy my home economics class because I like my teacher. and I like to make thingsf' Jackie Walmer "I took home economics because I wanted to learn how to sew and learn how some clothes make you look different from how other clothes make you look. Your hair can affect your appearance." Catherine Norwood MI took home economics because it will teach me to sew better so I can make clothes for myself and make some for my children sooner or later." Robyn Stilwell f 44. Y Rub-a-dub-dub. ,Ierod Pfeifer learns that washing his hands is the lirsl step in cooking. fbi! Y me W' CD94 58 Dio QE.-If CD gczz Em :Ei ie- msg Home Economics 65 ew . I ,:,, A6 , wnmnvawaffvfw Mp, V 5 Maiw wwwifl 353 ,, Z , , A , f FLM f ' fi , " JV, Vybb , . 'W af A ' V 'Hffff M ,, Experience Traci Canon and Molly Hilderbra X , .,t. ff: Behind the scenes. Jason Walton adjusts the lighting for a play. Ping ping. Miss Bonita Franklin accompanies one of her mixed chorus students on the piano. M, 1 -4 .,,t,, . i nf! 1"- MQ f 4 5 i' M . ,, H Lg v ,, at f A? W 1 'eg ffl faif 9 Q3 7? il, r' W 5 if .13 M ii if Q? xv F fx . v' Q 3 1:7 L ff? 2 i' " 11 1 H 1 2' 35 r 144' y aff 21695 ,fi ge if K W 4 1 fb c Wir ,, fm ,,,,,,,,smf , N., .. pd. NV' 5. F A i'1 ! ff if . , jf . WSJ? sm v as 'GRN ln a world where the expression 'Edo your own thingii is heard more and more. we were given the op- portunity to do just that in our Une arts classes. The cliche, "The skyis the limitii held more meaning for us than ever before. lVlany of us dreamed of one day accepting an Academy Award or an Olympic Cold Medal, or becoming a twentieth century Amadeus. Mozart, or the next Pavorotti. or even of experiencing the thrill of watching our own works being displayed in an art gallery. Our line arts classes brought out the best in us and taught us how' to express ourselves through our work. "l like being able to select my own hne art class, The wide variety of classes offered gives me the chance to enroll in something lim interested in." Lisa Waltes "I enrolled in my line arts class because it is a fun class, and il's also educational. I leel that art is an im- portant part of school life." Tommie Cummings Y 'L , TUBA. David Pickard plays his tuba at a pep assembly. Here come the clowns. Drama students are dressed and ready to go out on stage. Jim .nik I if ..' 4 Rss! M6994 L 1 l H A A 1 'L 1 I I-5 si S19 is :- CD : UD aigu CN IN Ei 9qS 9.1 esoq SAHQ 9-9 II O Fine Arts Nix-H Tv liao? Palming it. Cable Hughes and James Singley, James Whitmore and Antonio Venegas, or Nina Gross and Juana Rodriguez will be the 1985-86 wheelbarrow racing champs. Wallflowers. Christy 'Porler, Lori George, Dyra Johnson, Judith Cater, Amy Lindsey, and Ronoma Cooper decide to take it easy in their PE class today. wma I ' if x riei W 'Z - i ...V ti 1 , ,.,. .W....t-..46 gm ,go t""1""W aww 'Hu 3 68 Physical y Q W C 1 X25 Q -V. W, This isn't fair! Cray Meyers doesn't know which way to turn. Jump! Keep away doesnit seem at all fair to Cheryl Davis. Piggyhack. Keith Morales and Mike Lehr show their football ex- pertice on the basketball Court. Doin, laps. Coach James Thatchefs PE students are on their final lap. fu In a world that is very health-oriented we couldn't help but want to look like Christie Brinkley or Arnold Schwarzeneggar. We wanted to feel good about our bodies so we endured long, strenuous work-outs and learned that good health is a combination of rest, pro- per eating, and many other things. Many of us violated our diets as well as our conscience by a much needed f?j junk-food binge. Our sympathy goes out to our Drivers Ed teacher who faced the question every time he stepped into the car with a student driver "Will I live through this?" We studied our little yellow manuals and patiently awaited the day we turned 16 and could show off that little piece of plastic with our mug shot on it! MI don't like dressing out when itis coldf, Sheri Grifee 'l like the exercise and the different sports we playf' Anthony Anderson Q 1 i C . I I L -5 ar CU In 'U I-1 CD 0 CDU? 'EL 'gen H-3 wk, it 'DE- 513 EE. ca EL C-'7 G"'l' U SSS 1 1S9 'U D' K4 2. O E. FJ a. 1: U E 5. :1 ox so K4 U-3 so 4 00 in Y F J if - if if ,S if E fi' . X . ,, 1- Xe V lease, . 1 ,B . - , xx: T xii BA watt 1 e 7 3 ' ' ia . 1',, ati. .. , ,A A 'O W' H 1 Qwi Q t t 'Q .. -4: 5 E 'S A 52' f 5 it 6 ,I Q if it 5 2' ,X S' H W .QS X W if if X Q aanjigkyi BJ 'K K K S 351 fs' . ef. t , , E E , xr . : - is . - f 6 , . , Egg 1-,Z 2. " az. Q ping? , fc - , ' - 1, .vi - .t . t, fl' 'J I -'j . ' , x fairt il ,3-t ' 'WTT , y KJ?-3"g W7 4 ..' ' ' ' Jax? j- 'ff ' . Q-1'?Llf: .iq 2 he C .ggi Z , YS . Q. .J s..if,. I is get -Q . g E Q Q 55 is 8 ii 1515? 4, Q N to sid? , -if Q 5 I . 'E if E 5 .Q , ,. :ef 2 ,ntfgwh Q 3 ! J S 5: 535 'af ,r . A 4 f, if w 1 9 flirt 3, i V' 2 It w 7' 'Q W, N. 5, 5 1' R ttttt S 2 Z 11085 xi? gig, p N , , 5 V . ' gf 3 gt Q1 g . .14 tiling . af , . r tritium 1 Q .5 i We, students of US Grant, put eat pride into our clubs. We were deter- 4?"'f' . mined to make our clubs more active and outgoing than ever before. Success A came with achievement, and achievement is what we strove for. The ac- i t on tivities that we participated in led us to be more responsible young adults. Many ofthe clubs we were members of gave us a chance to meet new people as we attended conventions and conferences throughout the United States. We were very proud of our accomplishments we made throughout this year. The time we spent helping others through our clubs helped us realize the im- portant things our clubs stand for. P Organizations 71 Cheering. Members of Stu- dent Council try their hand at adding a touch of pep. STUCO. Front row: Tammy King, Stacy Darnell, John Sargent, Brian Blakley, Kelli Miller, Pat Hagerman, Chrissy White, Ranee Foster. Row 2: .Iama Burns, Mandy Levescy, Audra Frantz, Tamiko Blakely, Kim Luong, Dinah Waggoner, Pam Doss, Connie Overstreet, sponsor. Row 3: Shell Powell, Jeff Davis, Edward Shelton, Lesli Leggett. Traci Canon, Randy Neugeabaur, Johnny Pomeroy. Back Row: Rick Cowan, Larry Denson, Rickey Myskey, Everett Baxter, Melanee Hamilton. Julie Bell. Christie Alfaro. Council strives for spirit, leadership training 72 Student Council A Q " fi N l it Leadership training was not the least important ob- jective of Student council as they planned activities designed to involve all students and to promote school spirit. In the fall the council hosted the district 8 conven- tion which l2 member schools attended. Also in the fall, the group campaigned for the presidency of the State Student Council Association at the annual meeting in Tulsa. Council members gave regular reports to fourth hour classes and encour- aged students to take part in the community service proj- ects as well as the spirit building projects. Among the community service projects were a can drive for needy families at Thanksgiv- ing, a party for needy children at Christmas time, and a school blood drive in the spring. ln addition to sponsoring homecoming activities and dances, StuCo sponsored the Teacher Turkey contest in the fall and TWIRP week in the spring. Also in the spring they again coor- dinated the carnival at which clubs and organizations raised money. Mrs. Connie Overstreet was faculty sponsor. R 2 . ,. , .. '1"La.3,Qk ... ---. ..,. . ,.,... ':'e,.i A V E Buenos diasl Audra Frantz brings a taste of Mexico to Halloween. T 'W r l l , ffm' .ff I f ,i M! Visiting. Passing out Teac-hz-r Turkey bolllvs In rooms are Eu-rvll Baxter. johnny Porn:-roy. and Tam- my King. EWG 'Nw QWIRALI 'X 138. WFS - . 1 Qxx . is Decorating. Pal Hagerman adds his Contribution to the Student Council bulletin board. Drawing. Mrs. "O" picks the next spook to draw from the pumpkin. H i.niii Student Council f 73 Which is first? Donna Craig, Honor Soc-iely president. gets ad- vice from sponsors Mr. Cary Wal- son and Mr. Ron Cable. Let's do it right! Geoff Wilson helps Christie Starncs with lhe red gown while Leslie Thompson gets ready to do some pressing in preparation for the formal invitation. Y"-.KAW - Z is ...Qiilsf fe 74 Honor Societyfflompuler Club Where is it? .lennifer Cable looks for her disc so she can begin work- ing on her program. How many did you bring? Ron Cable receives more canned goods from.laylVleIeI1or. l has -K e f is. vi. 'N -l' 'l tial 1' 5 'K ' STI Milil AAT! xt. M + S S H f'2Q,.N T .:'.:' - 'K e . 4' 11 : . e K N M is ., 5 fig' Q. tigers., .iii K -Qi X ag iflwi ,gji jf t nf 2 -il M 2 f..y'ff.'Qe? A Li... lea , in 'l i C Q :N fake ,i"i"Vu' ..f,.N-: 3, ...hh if N 'KYB movq ."- ' 33 ti lsfigsil I X . N.. Om K .Q ,,. e 1 "'.,ee' 1 .. --so-.. 7'--.Ski Figuring it out. Everett Baxter tries to finalize his program for the computer. rx. A Both Honor Society and Computer Club were service oriented this year. They pro- moted scholastic awareness and computer awareness throughout the school. Under the supervision of Mr. Ron Cable and Mr. Cary Watson. Honor Society sponsored food baskets at Thanksgiving as well as Christmas. They visited the thildrenis hospital for Hallo- leen. Again, the Honor Society assumed the respon- sibility for caring for the cannon, which involved several cleaning projects. S , ff l 'r ya 1,2 41 K he I . , 4 Members were required to maintain a 3.4 grade average and participate in at least two service projects. Again the Computer Club received recognition in the Purcell Computer Expo in ,Ianuary before sponsoring a computer fair at US Grant in May. Members also par- ticipated in the Oklahoma City and Oklahoma State science fairs. As a fund raiser the group again collaborated with the Student Council to do the Computer Cupid project at Valentine's Day. .1 I Honor Society. Cindy Todd. historian: Chrissy White, treasurer: Brian Blakley. vice president: Donna Craig, presidentl Miehelle l.ufferty', secretary: Kimgiang Luong, timpiam. Roy. 2: Tricia Fuenter. Jocelyn Shealy, Teresa Smith. Theresa Taylor. Kim Shay. Ranee Foster. Kris-ti Scott. Row 3 Tamikn Blakely. lleslic Thompson. left Movyery. Geoff Wilson. Bret Langerinan. Ron Cable. ,lohnny Pomeroy. Michelle Morrissey. Rom 4: Thema? Rates, Ted Haskinson. .larnes Jackson. Darla Bla:-k. Randy Ray. Pat Hagcrinan. Todd Nloysery. ,lay Melrlior. Computer Club. Front row: Robin Wilde. julie Bell. publicity dire:-tor: Michelle Morrissey. president: Bret Langerinan. tice president: Danelle Wilde. sec-retaryftreasurer: Mr. Fred Blarknion. sponsor: Sherrie Pirkard. There-ssa Taylor. Row 2: jennifer Cable. Jocelyn Shealy. Tricia lfuentez. Korn Kaubin. Cinnamon McDoulett. Paul Dut- ton. Ryan Vlalkaboat. Kelly Armstrong. Trina Kuepeker. Rov. 3: Robby Bell. Pat Hagerman. Ron Cable jr.. Chrissy White. Darla Black. Cherie Dyer. Joe Vowell. Kim Shay. Row 4: Rick Cowan. Rick Myskcy. Randy Ray. Kreg Grimes. Todd Mowery. Jay Melt-hm. Star-i Stephenson. Elizabeth Gilbert, Damon Blumenthal. Row 5: Abe Patton, Everett Baxter, james Abner. Keith Warren. Teresa Maxwell. Brenda Hypolite. It looks good. Enjoying the fruits of his labors is Robby Bell as he approves the pro- gram he designed. Honor, Computer groups promote awareness Honor SocietyfComputer Club 75 Spanish I and ll. Front rom: Laurie l'vnn. reporter: Dawn Wishor. reporter: Joi- Nom-ll. treasurer: Ericia -Xnderson. fird hr. tn-nsurer. Mary Herrod. -lth hr. sc-1-ri-tary: lon Vlidgctt. 3rd hr. secretary: to-ily Armstrong 4th hr. me president: Robyn Myskey. 3rd hr. vice president: Tvrvsa Maxwell. fl-th hr. president: Mit-ln-llc Anderson. 3rd hr. president. Row 2: Mrs. Brenda Roberson sponsor: Mary Robinson. Susan Hagar. Starleng Crain. DceDcc King. Angela Anderson. Stacie- Gibson. Stephanie Kirkpatrick. Troyann Yau-ina. Candice Wright. Cayla lgou. How 3: Becky Hibbard. Larie tlcorgv. Gena Grissom. S1-rela Roberson. Abrnxus Patton. Starla Cain, Kathy Doan. Dann-llc Colle-tt. Angela Mustain. Bow 4: Brandon Brown. Tara Sanders. Son Doan. lleoff Wilson. Billy Bond. Corey Sands, St-rgio Barrera. Bryon Cheatham. Darrin lliglit. Cin-rie lilayton, Row 5: Billy Case. lainn- Tarnez. Clay Bragg, Robert Watson. Clrzirlr-s Gower. Aaron Poe. Byron Jones, Todd thlcn. Staci Stephenson, French I and ll. Front row: Stacy Darin-II Zlrd hr. president: Howard Teague 3rd hr. vice president: Darla Black 4-th hr. treasurer: Paul Ewald 4-th hr. president: Bret Lanigerman 4-th hr. vice president: Dr-rs-k lrcvine 4th hr. sergeant-at-arms: Pcnnic Jones. 3rd hr. treasurer: Charlotte Dulworlh. 3rd hr. secretary: Doak Wishon. 3rd hr. sergeant-at-arms. Row 2: Mrs. Ruth Calaz. sponsor: Tina Parrish. Cingcr Griggs. Rance Foster. Michelle Morrissey. l.ori Tice. Teresa Smith, Thi-rcssa Taylor. Tina Nguyen, Kendra Nelson. l.onaiIe Johnson. Row 3: Sharon Hannon. Donita Huebner, jeff Mowery, Ron Cable Jr., Mike Saumly. Sean Xuereb, Dacia DeMoe. Kristi Rogers, Robin Wilde, Erie Caves. Row 4: Huong Tran. Karen Rodgers. Bobbie Jones. jeff Bays. 01 Denson, Todd Mowery. Jon Richardson, Ki Harrington. David Pickard. George Bateman. Row 5: Travis Church. .larl Sonlin. Khue Buikhue. Yummy. French clubbers ,Iarl Sonlin. Darla Black. and Larry Denson eat up at a club party. tudy of languages includes appreciating cultures ta" M vw fxig Yfqyvf it 9' f' 'x , f x '4 , Developing an apprecia- tion of other cultures and their people as well as learn- ing languages was important to members of the French and Spanish Clubs which functioned through third and fourth hour language classes. '6Les Dynamiquesf, fourth hour French students, staged a Mardi Gras party, and 6'Les Amis du Mordef' third hour French students, had a pizza party in November and a Christmas party in December. Events were planned to encourage students to socially interact with others studying French. Guest speakers were fre- quent for both French clubs. Learning Spanish became fun as students applied themselves to new games which were purchased this year. New audio equipment which facilitated students' hearing their own pronun- ciations as well as those of experts also stimulated an interest in using their newly acquired language. The Spanish groups did a Christmas project which brightened the lives of deprived youngsters. F y Tooling his tuba. Enthusiastic about French l is David Pickard. Xi: rx 1: ,- f ,V rf f ,,...f. -- 2 " f H . , 0 N5 its . 1 et. gin.. E 5 76 French, Spanish Clubs "S ' . '-awswkmnl "fruit ' ie " A R f"':. :nf .-, I ff ,ff lx l l t ,I -4 t J! .1 if .- .---' ..- ..- in f M-ww' an be - 1 1- 1 7' Taping il. Noble Lee and Tom Bates listen to the Correct pronuneiations. Pinatas galore! Kari Thompson. Stacy Marlin. ,loe Yowell, Kl'5ll21 Mc'Cuan and Robert Watson vom- plele their artistic' xenture. Delicious! French chef Rodde Cole really likes his own Cooking. IFS fun! Learning tia a game are Serita Roberson. Tobin Coker. Geoff Wilson. Slac-y Stexenson. and Martha lVlnleeu, Frencl1fSpanish Clubs 77 School life huddle Cherie Dyer. Kristi St-olt. ,Ienni Crail. and Donna Craig inake some decisions almul sehool lille pictures. That'S it! Mary Hudson gives Dana Marrow and Stacy Wigley the results of her errand. eu... ,eff 78 Yearbook, Newspaper. Writers' Club J N. Try it this way! James Jackson suggests how Vinee Kniffin might change some eopy. They helped edit the Writers' Club anthology as well as the Grant Dispatch. Statistics. Sports writers Noble Lee. Bobby llill. David Harris. and John Nlolet put their notes together. What do you think? Working on editorial are Steve Maldonado, Ted l'luskinson, ,left Mt-lfvoy, and Tom Bates. 'tW,9r" fr r t......Il is 'eil Qi 1 x , li f as X t l i f 3. 454, , 1 L 1 . Lll t ' my-Q 9. . -ec, lvs... A. t fi.. ll! 11 . tyc. t ss' . i7 S' ' g uu . E Gt' ? wwf ,rl 2. JNP4 ur f-4 ' V All three publications, the yearbook the newspaper and the literary anthology fought rising costs and per sonnel problems throughout the year Yearbook sales which ap proached the 700 mark were closed on November 1 with the annual Mystery Assembly which featured a Rose State band as well as the Trulhettes a gospel singing group from Southeast high school. Choir president Shawn Evans also performed. Monthly newspapers journalism students and guest writers as well as staff contributions A number of staff members joined representatives from the yearbook staff in attending the spring convention of the Oklahoma Interscholastic Press Association. Members of the Writers Club, under the supervision of Dr. Sarah Fuller and Mrs. Cindy Foote persisted in en- couraging students to im- prove themselves through improving their writing. They contributed to the state anthology as well as the an- Verifying. -- checks some dead lines. Cindy Todd, editor, information about featured work by beginning thology for the school. Yearbook. Front row: Dana Marrow, Christie, Starnes, Pete Adams, Cindy Todd, Kristi Scott, Donna Craig, Lisa Walters. Row 2: Lisa Jones, Lisa Todd, Christi Shade, Kym Miller. Kori Kaubin, Shannon Melton. Teresa Smith, Kim Shay. Row 3: Becky Hibbard, Jenni Crail. Tommie Cum- mings. Kelly Rowan, Carol Tice. Mary Hutson, Stacy Wigley, Melissa Hensley, Mar- na Satterlee. Back row: Kim Morava. Traina Jones, Shawnda Werner, Steve Maldonado, Cherie Dyer, Kathy Shuler. Newspaper. Front row: James jackson. Vincent Kniflin, Kelly Rowan, Carol Tice. Ted Huskinson. Row 2: Ruth Kraemer. sponsor. Cara Jones. Lori Tice, Stephanie Hulet. Row 3: Tom Bates, David Har- ris. Pat Tresl, Noble Lee, Bob- by Hill, Steve Maldonado, Ed Knox, Randy Ray. Writers' Club. Front row: Sarah Fuller, fsponsorj: Vincent Kniffen Michelle Dodge, Darell Ingram Missy Tally. Michelle Wattie. Mitch Selensky, Shawn Evans. Second row: Bryant Ferguson, Michelle Dexter, Christy Shade, Kym Miller Lisa jones, Lee Ann Parks Demetra Baily. Third row: Carrie Walkingstick, Brett Wood, Teri Maddox, Patricia Young. Kim Austin, Tammy Kemp, Tannny Jackson, Missy Hyde, Kathy Young. Back row: Mike Lear james Jackson, Howard Teague Cindy Todd, Gala Wallace, Pete Adams, Kristi Scott, Robert Cilkes Marc Cutler, ,lay Melchor. Publications fight rising costs, personnel problems Ea. Yearbook. Newspaper, Writers' Club Q HERO. Front row: Tammy Drumm. historian: Sissy Schultz, recreation leader: Tammy Jackson, secretaryftreasurer, Twyla Moore, vice president: Tricia Taylor, president. Row 2: Paula LeMaster, advisor, ,lack Spears, Angie Allen, Johnnie Case, Lorrie Reaves. Row 3: Michelle Shotwell, Sheryl Davis, Lisa Wisdom, Lori Roberts. O'Club. Front row: Yumiko Hurst, vice president: Tamiko Blakely, secretary, Lesli Leg- gett, president: Megan Parks, Vicky Noakes, sponsor. Row 2: Nermin Blevins, Kelli Miller, Traci Canon, Mandy Levescy, Kathy Tilson, Mandy Spencer. Row 3: Shawnna Shipley, Darla Black, Pam Martin, ,Iama Burns, Nancy Greer, Carlus Martin. FCA. Front row: Darla Black, Kelli Miller, Mandy Levescy, Carlus Martin, ,Iamie Driskill, Shannon Levescy. Row 2: Jim- my Schiner, Todd Hyden, Chrissy White, Leslie Leggett, Randy Neugebauer, Damon Blumenthal. Row 3: Paul Vail, Pat Hagerman, Todd Wall- ingford, Ricky Myskey. Rick Cowan, Ron Cable, Jr. Row 4: Kevin Smith. Everett Baxter, Scott Vanhorn, Mike Marshall, Bill Self. HERO, O Club, FCA promote fellowship 80 HERO, O Club, FCA N .Ji . 'W' 'i Fr P. Mk Q H,,, , in . km, .. . i . ww r" :.. ea .. g . W HERO, 0 club, and FCA promoted fellowship in their respective areas, under new sponsor, Ms. Paula LeMaster. HERO had projects throughout the year design- ed to provide opportunities for self development and preparation for family and community living and for employment. The group participated in both the sub-district and state rallies, and entered the state HERO contest. They again spon- sored Secret Santa for teachers and gave a Christmas luncheon for those teachers. They also gave a luncheon for their employers. Members of the O Club took part in homecoming festivities by entering a float. They had several parties throughout the year, among which was a Christmas par- ty. Mrs. Connie Ellis and Mrs. Vicky Noakes were sponsors. FCA was again sponsored by football and wrestling coach, Mr. Mike Smith. Designed to promote a Christian attitude among athletes, the club welcomed frequent respected guests who addressed the group on relevant topics. , .7 X7 Counting. Treasurer Tamiko Blakely rounds up the dues from the 0 club. f o Party coming up. 0 Clubbcrs Darla Black and IA-sli Leggett try to de-c-ide what the-5 rm-ally want to do for Christmas. Likv it? Tmyla Moore shows Jack Sprars her new HERO jacket. Ped a-1 h EBL! W' Q r , v ' V ' 1 L. Y' M H Q ' l W , , x . - X l Sxgi --,. ,LA w i , , lf?-i3N5'1P'1f.:. 'N...K,, K Qf 1 2 :ti wg! K is P'-55? Q, I '. 'QQ r o Qikixg rw pf. 525 if ff' :yi f' nj gf so A fi we so -Up, B.. , ..rk 'Q' Xl' A YS ,I 1 V60N,,.v aes bv, E' 1 ,,. ,ff Go to sleep, baby. Tammy jackson reads hor home made baby a night-night story. Don't you want' one? HERO preside-mg Trish Taylor works to promote spook-o-gram sales. HERO, 0 Club, FCA 81 1-qw, Checking the mail. ,lulie Bell, Michelle Morrissey, and Danielle Wilde help Mrs. Pal Wear with the Key Club organizational instructions. Finishing touches. Art clubbers, Vernon Colbert, and Chris Reynolds complete a painting for competition. Q Cleaning up. Timothy Alexander lrashes his chew before resuming his work on art. Where shall we go? FBLA presi- dent Randy Neugebauer and lVlr.Al Fuller's right arm, Dana Marrow, try lo decide where to go if they Can't go to England. 'Jia' 5 , , 3 til.. ' i ,,, ,V,,, ..,, ,NN fm Q . ., ., ag 'N May I help you? Stacy Wigley helps with frequent calls in FBLA business. tt? FBLA, Art Club, and Key Club promoted additional activities in their respective fields of study throughout the year. Future Business Leaders, again under the direction of sponsor Al Fuller, sold numerous items to make money for trips to city, state and national conventions as well as a uhoped-forw trip to England or Canada. Among items sold were Blue and Gold Sausage and candles at Christmas time. Art Club encouraged stu- A -.il 1 ,.,, M Qs! 4.5 dents to enter their work in local and state competition. Several students entered their work in art exhibits and festivals. A number of them received recognition for their work. With Mrs. Pat Wear as their new sponsor, the Key Club had a re-building year. As an auxiliary of the Kiwanis Club, a local civic organization, the Key Club was designed to promote communication and interac- tion between the school and the community. sf Art Club. Front row: Del Thomp- son, sergeant-at-arms, Tonya Olvera, vice president: Kym Miller, secretaryg Tommy Shipp, president: Benny Nichols, Chaplain: Vernon Colbert, treasurer, Zoriada fBenedictj Brock, advisor. Row 2: Mrs. Sarah Jones, Patricia Stewart, Kim Austin, Michelle Davis, .loley Evans, Regina Thompson, Melanee Hamilton, Norvella Lottie. DeAngelo Robinson. Row 3: Tracy Penrod, Shane Busha. Robert Wat- son, Mark Clime, Peter Gordon, Betty Berry, Billye Sullivan, Auderia Williams. Row 4: Mike Sisk, Curtis Pate, Allen Richardson, Pete Sosenko, Chris Reynolds, James Wilde. FBLA. Jedlicka, Mr. Al Fuller, Stephanie Laurie Pena, Melissa Front row: Mrs. Joanie Hulet, Hensley, Donna Craig, Cara Jones, Miss Beverly Wilson. Row 2: An- nalee Eckroat, Teresa Smith, Kim Shay, Dana Marrow, Stacy Wigley. Ardena Patty, Amy Merch, Cheryl Grace, Elisa Gee. Row 3: Carmen Garcia, Shelly Trombley, Theressa Taylor, Sharon Hamon. Tamiko Blakely, Carlus Martin, Juli Hicks, Ginnie Standridge, Carol Bell, Mrs. Sandra Smith. Row 4: Marie Bays, Julie Newport, Della Thomas, Kim Holden, Kristi Pybas, OJ Denson, John Sargent, Keith Chamlee, Monica Cervantes, Kim Morava. Key Club. Front row: Sherrie Pickard, Rene Elwood, secretaryftreasurer, Brian Blakley, vice president, Everett Baxter, president, Sheila Elwood, Patricia Wear, spon- sor. Row 2: Jocelyn Shealy, Tricia Fuentez, Julie Bell, Cin- namon McDoulett, Cherie Dyer, Damon Blumenthal. Row 3: Staci Stephenson, Shannon Melton, Michelle Morrissey, Bret Langerman, Keith War- ren, Elizabeth Gilbert, Kori Kaubin. Row 4: Ron Cable Jr., Rick Cowan, Mitch Selensky, Danelle Wilde, Darla Black. FBLA, Art Club, Key Club, promote activities FBLA, Art Club, Key Club 83 DECA. Front row: Shelly Powell. reporter. Kelli Snider. parlianien- tarian: Kathy Young. historian: Robert Cilkes. president: Rhonda Clanton. treasurer: Pat Beetnan. chaplain: Tracy Ross. jennifer Dewberry. Rcnese Bradley. Terri Badillo. How 2: .-Xmy Lindsey. Heather 'Yagf-ntte. Debra Snyder. Lori Swidler. Tina Houston. Tammy Kemp. Kristi ltiappsj Stanford. Mechelle Dodge. Teresa Wallcy. Kathy Todd. Miss Gail Oglesby. Ad- yisor. Row 3: Scott Gibson. Kim Lewis. Brenda Wright. Pant Core. Robin Brown. Lisa Walters. Dentetria Bailey. Tisha Kolke. l.ynn Hines. Mary Hulson. Row fl: Matt Wood. Tonnny liuie. Shawna Cnun- c-il. Jason l.indley'. Randy Smith. Pete Sosenko. Todd Hyden. jinnny' Si'llillE'I'. 'Vlylon Srnith. Row 5: Brett Wood. Gary Aker. .laime Tamez. Dean Bryant. lint Ballard. C0-OP. Front row: Juanita Dubose. teacher coordinator: julie Pipes. Auderia Williams. Tracy' England. Lance Chilton. Barbara Neher. teacher coor- dinator. Row 2: Darryl D, Scott. Kirk M. Shields, Dennis Walker. Noryellz Lottie. Sharinda Williams. Sbayvonne Berry, Antone Collins. Back row: Eddie Pybas, Dean Bryant, Paul Hooker, Tommy Goldman, Al Phifer. Daniel Claunch. Greg Poster. Tina Taylor. VICA. Front row: Vicki Bowerman, presidentg Brenda Webb. tice presidentg Sondra Thomas. president: Yolanda Russell. photographer PM: Shelly Anthony. photographer AM: Mrs. Greta Emanuel. ad- visor. Rom 2: Della Pratt. Angie Allen. Bridgett Thomas, Hope Hise. Lori Allen. Shannon Wat- tie. Let-'Ann Parks, Sherry Baldwin. Row 3: Terri Maddex, secretary: Michelle Love. Patricia Dulkins. Paula Williams. Michelle Engles. Rovina Turner. Tina Lowry. Clubs provide theory, hands on experience 84 DECA, VICA, Coop X, DECA, VICA, and Coop prepared students for oc- cupations by providing them with both theory and hands on experience. DECA, which emphasized leadership training as well as participation in marketing related occupations and ac- tivities. sponsored a food drive for abused children at Thanksgiving time. They at- tended a mini conference at Central State University in November and a Career Development Conference in March. ln January. the group participated in the Oklahoma State University Q air u .pyp Decathlon. VICA participated in several contests in the city area as well as the district. A number ofthe entrants from US Grant placed in competi- tion. By the time students are graduated, they are ready to take the state ex- amination for a license to dress hair in their own or someone elseis shop. Coop sponsored students in on-the-job training after they received classroom coaching from their sponsor, Mrs. Juanita Dubose, who visited them regularly at their places of employment. 5 's . TI t 2 ha ,- "' H F ii rw Shampooing. Tina Lowry gets her customer ready for a permanent. is . -QQ sf. W t 1 sa ' sq . X 5 NT X s et Q .9 -1' lu -f .f emltl 3 . N! K X . .lrs . Q-as . .sqr . .,.- 5 . i D R . 951' R f Y f X Q.. DM, 1 7 Q - -... .3 F qt.. 9 Q Q... . , . ' . t u y,,,..,, ....., ., X ...,.. , L ii, '15 . X i . , 4, 5. QP. t itsiziwtt li-nl the i ii XM of 'ew T' 'WJ .,-:fs Displaying. Getting ready to make posters are Shelly Powell. Kelli Snyder. and Uemetra Booze. Viewing. Learning more theory from Mrs. Juanita Dubose to use on theirjobs are Norvella Lottie, Eddie Pybas, Vickie Jackson, and Terri Taylor. 5 it l , 'W', 1 Q i p Mfg- W 3 3' fied! itttm ol.ll t i --fz e "E 'K' ' it wait Q L t:'.:- A .i k azxptir is ' I 'll ' i l 5' - E.. e il Collecting. Kathy Young and Dean Bryant add to the hundreds of cans DECA collected for the deprived children. Setting. Senior VICA student Brenda Webb works on a standing appointment. Dispensing. Giving supplies to Michelle Love is Sondra Thomas. DECA, VICA, Coop 8 Posing. Bill Self and Amy Brewster conduct an interview for Travis Church who shoom the video. Adjusting. Keeping up with the lighting is Mandy Spencer. 1 1 7 86 League of Speech Drama ,Nt S Y , x Ni K f xxx. X , Q. l.,-' - ' li Arguing. Rick Pena and James Jackson collect evidence for a debate. Solving the case. Michelle Dexter, detective, tells Jeff Cor- dell. newscaster, how the cow ate the cabbage. ww, nd? b' "' I .K.f.: .5'555,. , - X rr gi , ,51. 1, i.........,, I - il.. ., . .ss -f--f sw. x-wf- f x--f s -'--'ss- I I In cooperation with the choir and band, drama stu dents presented Scrooge at Christmas time, which highlighted the formal per formances of drama speech and stage craft personnel. ln the fall, the drama students gave No Crime Like the Present" in both a an audience for the actors Debate students par ticipated in several contests in the state and took part in the League of Speech and Drama club which had several parties and other social actixities. Officers of the organiza- tion were Jeff Cordell, pres- Following royalty. Jason Walton is an expert on the roving spot. daytime and a nighttime per- formance. In the Spring, childrenis plays were pre- sented to elementary stu- dents from neighboring schools. During the year, a series of one-act plays were performed by drama stu- dents to provide training. Often other classes provided ident, Kathy Unsell, senior vice president, Teri Mc- Clendon and Scott Gibson, junior vice presidents: Sherri Langston, secretary, Heather St. Hilaire, historian, and Michelle Dexter, chaplain. Sponsor of all speech, debate, and drama activities was Mr. Guy Smith. A X1 Stage Craft. Front row: Scott Schwenly, Kevin Kain, Jason Walton, Mandy Spencer, James Little. Guy Smith, sponsor. Row 2: Amy Brewster. Debbie Douglas. Kathy Unsell. Carol Bell. Kelli Yohey, Terri Mc- Clendon. Carol Freeman. Row 3: Rick Pena. Hal Martin. Julie Smith. Traci McKnight. Janet Hubbard. David Cross. Row 4: Jimmy Ballard. Ricky Lindsay, Paul Hooker, Mike Perrigo. Tommy Monday, Darrin ln- gram. Robert Watson. Speech. Front row: Carmen Butler. Julie Smith, Cindy Todd, James Jackson, Rick Pena, Renee Elwood, Rachelle Black, Guy Smith, sponsor. Row 2: Angie Johnson, Amy Brewster, Dale Ann Slaughter. Michelle Dexter, Kelly Yohey, Gayla Igua, Debbie Douglas. Row 3: Traci McKnight, Jen- nifer Thomas, Kathy Unsell. Chris Hurtt, Mike Saumty, Martha Melaku, Julie St. Hilare, Bruce Johnson. Row 4: Jackie Huddleston, Tracy Ross, Aaron Poe, Jean Cortier, Jim- my Ballard, Mari Bays, Matt Connel. Drama. Front row: Heather St, Hilaire, hisloriang Scott Gibson, Teri McClendon, junior vice president, Michelle Deixler, chaplain, Sherri Langston, secretary, Kathy Unsell, senior vice president, Jeff Cordell, president, Cuy Smith, sponsor. Row two: Bryant Ferguson, Susan Hagar, Cindy Todd, Eric Spencer, Amy Brewster, Debbie Douglas, Dale Ann Slaughter, Mandy Spencer, Gray Mile, James Jackson. Row three: Shannon Scott, Jason Lindly, Monica Cervantes, Robbie Doak, Leslie Thompson, Mike Sauntz, Jason Walton, Shelia Elwood, Sean Xvereb, Tracy Ross, Jennifer Cor- dell, Diana Scott. Fourth row: Kelli Bateman, Rene Elwood, Kevin Smith, Steve Crumity, Chase San- chez, Jimmy Myatt, Chris Hurtt. Back row: Chris Schultz, Jimmy Ballard, Thomas Cox, Byron Rich- mond, Tamia Aikins, Tommy Mon- day, Vince Kniffin, Leon Warrior, Becky Marx, Spencer Knowles, Alisa Hughes. Groups combine efforts to present 6 Scrooge' League of Speech Drama 87 Advanced Choir. Front row: Sharrell Johnson, Sheryl Davis, Heather Prehauser, DeeDee Krog, Treena Mclntyr, Paula Tomlinson. Row 2: Denise Frazier, Tonya Ivy, Tina Young, Patricia Davis, Rebec- ca Holcomb, Melissa Taylor, Miss Bonita Franklin, teacher. Row 3: Howard Teague, Steve Horton, Marvin Brown, James Young, Shawn Evans, president. Mixed Chorus. Front rom: Wendy Payton, Gerlinda Gray. Susan Rodri- quez. Crystal Haney, Shelonda Cobb, Charlotte Dulwonlt, Florelta Howard, Nermie Atkins. Christina Pena, Milton Gatewood, Monica Williams, Miss Bonita Franklin. Row 2: Michelle Shotwell, Tammy Drumm, Shelly Prince, Tonya Gibson, Christy johnson, Randolph Griggs, Leah Caslovv, Kim Lassiter, Redonda Young, Chrissy Crafton, Cyn- thia Poole. Row 3: Crystal Knost, Rhon- da Weideman, Tammy Ortega, Nina Keeton, Kevin Goldman, Johnny Crain, David Hicks, Tisha Phillips, Zaneta Ma- jor, Roshelle Moore. Row 4: Teresa Turner. LaMarcus Edwards. Thomas Cox. Kerry Hill. Romeo Galbreath Thomas Taylor, Gable Hughes, Natash Gardner, Felicia Hayes. Mixed Chorus Il. Front row: Sherrie Griffee, Shannon Scott, Patricia Stewart, Gina Jaye, DeAn- dre Young, Rebecca Johnson, Lafluf Hytche. Row 2: Elaine Frost, Robbis Doaks, Anthony Johnson, Glen Wolde, Diane Scott, Leslie Cosby, Miss Bonita Franklin. Row 3: Bobby Former, Jackie Hud- dleston, Delores Wade, Billye Sullivan, Hoang Huynh, Timothy Ceasar. Row 4: Darryl Scott, Chris Harris, Bryan Wells, Perry Patter- son. Chris Watson, Kevin Smith, Peter Johnson. New choir director organizes parent support 88 Choir Q in 4:31 - M 1 In her first year as choir director, Miss Bonita Franklin worked with all groups of the vocal music department to prepare shows and to prepare for competition. She also worked to organize a parents, support group for the choir comparable to the bandss parent group. The concert choir as well as some members from the mixed chorus worked with drama and band to present a fine arts extravaganza, HScrooge,'7 in December. The chorus also presented a Christmas concert followed by a Spring concert in April. Members from all groups collaborated to raise funds for the choir activities. Officers were Shawn Evans, president: Howard Teague, vice president, Tina Young, secretary: and Denise Frazier, treasurer. The concert choir made several ap- pearances in the com- munity throughout the year. They appeared at shopping malls during the holidays. E n Accompanying. Miss Bonita Franklin had to play the piano as well as direct the chorus groups. E , - g :rr f, . . -.-. s sg:-sf X 12. Q -:gs Q ' . XI S Trio . . .Pram-living for thr- Chrislinas progrzun are Tonya Ivy. l3r0na,lol1nson. llowzird Teague-, Harmonizing. Drvna Johnson. Dianna Scoll. and I.:-sli Cosby lry to got all Ihr- pzxrls in. Adding drama. Gvrlinda Cray. Crystal Knosl. and Roinvo Calbrf-alh put soins- avtion in lhv Christmas production. ,'- , A4'W"'W5?f iii 4 , f :qw .,.g.,.Qweesw Wuw.4fwff.s Deciding. Rebecca Johnson tries to find lhe music' for rehearsal. Preparing. Getting ready for an assembly are vocalists. DeAndrc Young, Hoang Huynh, Drena Johnson, Kevin Smith, Jennifer Hensch, and Gina Jaya. Pruvlirv makes perfevt! Vvnus 'Vlnnivy nnri Angela DPM work nn liivir 2lIT2lIIgClIll"l1I in orc'itPst1'a. Combo. Grouped for the pc-rfvrt sound nrt' nwmbf-rs of the- or:-In-slrzi. .fm Flagging it. Marcy Wigley coor- dinates hor flag with the band. In the beat. Mr. David Crown hvlps White Lightning make a rr-cording. Finals. The Generals Complete anmtlu-r pc-rformance. 90 Band in S tai, it- t.. f W t fr", Q ' 5 7? - QN 5 'x is I x QB. 4. jao H 4 ,X K t , A y Q 'X 1- .3 t N ey - .JW fi - , 'J -4 l Y 'it 'l ,Y . rs- F f ' A ' it . . of ,ff . " ,Q ' I - X . A A A . f , - A . -f "---Q Q .. k, . . A 1 ...W . f 5 : 1 fl r xru. , , ' .. , . f , , In formation. Mascots, Mandy and Amber Foster contributed to every football game. In his second year as director of the band pro- gram, Mr. David Green took the band to area competition which led the group almost to state, a goal the group does have for next year. Both the jazz band, White Lightning, and the orchestra strengthened and grew from last year. The jazz group designed uniforms of all white with red bands on their hats. The group per- formed for PTSO Open House and several pep assemblies. To perfect their performances they made tapes which showed them their weak spots. With a number of symphony-minded members on their hands, the orchestra became very serious about approximating the sounds they heard from the Oklahoma City Symphony when it performed for the school in the fall. Support groups of the flags and majorettes practiced early mornings and late evenings to prepare for competition. Ea Orchestra. Seated: Dana Wilbur. Della Thomas. Angie Wylie. Mike Moore. Andy Mob:-ly. Dasha McCoy. Second ron: ,lulie Newport. Angela Dear. Standing: Daxid Green. sponsor. Tracy Hodgins. Jazz Band. Front row: John Mt-lxiii. Bryon Cheatham. Don- nie Schultz. jeff fVlelvin. Robert Coggins. Rodney Hanes. Tracy Ross. Danny Ray. Rodd Cole. Scott Gibson. James Abner. Mike Sisk. Jeff Davis. Dale Ann Slaughter. Band. Front row: Stacy Melvin, Cristic Alfaro. Second row: Angela Anderson, ,lulie St, Hilaire. Elisa Cee, Kristen Taylor. Third row: Scott Cib- son. ,leff Davis. Mike Sisk. David lflrod. Nicole Balfour. Curtis Pate. Randy Ray. Fourth row: Greg McGuire. Bobby Boyanton, Allen Pierce, ,lames Abner. Rusty Cole, Carnell Turner, Robert Coggins, Rodney Hanes, Bryon Cheatham. John Melvin. Fifth row: Sholanda Williams. john Updikc. David Pickard. Tony Eddington, Angela Leonard. Angie Wylie, Johnna Sims. Patrick Marzet, Rodd Cole. Tony Small. Mike Moore, Dan- ny Ray, Daryl Mclnnis, David Green, Sponsor, Marcie Wigley. Band groups expand efforts, enter competitions Band 91 Cheerleaders. Front row: Molly Hilderbrant. Row 2: Yumiko Hurst, Traci Canon, Melanee Hamilton, Shannon Flowers. Top row: Jennifer Mullins, Christy Ferguson, Kim Wing. Pom Pons. Front row: Cin- namon McDoulett, Patricia Fuentez. julie Bell, Shawnda Werner, Shannon Melton, Dinah Waggoner. Row 2: Jamie Driskill. Kori Kaubin, Tommie Cummings. Chrissy White, Leslie Thompson. Carlus Martin. Squads entertain audiences, coordinate routines 92 Cheerleadersflnom Pons i t , fi i P avg f 0 H X 4 Z? 5 O ,,o S isn T? it Q . g ' PN . , Q ' 595 1 F Promoting school spirit and providing entertainment for school and parent au- diences were 'the cheer- leaders and Pom Pon squad, who coordinated many of their routines. Cheerleders, under the sponsorship of Miss Lois Sughru, attended all football games, basketball games, and wrestling matches. Head cheerleader was Traci Canon. The squad started their year last summer by at- tending clinic at the Univer- sity of Oklahoma. They later competed in Tulsa and at Crossroads Mall. They spent countless hours in preparing and practicing routines. Pom Pons, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Connie Ellis, received the home routine trophy, the sweep- stakes trophy, and the spirit stick at summer camp at Oklahoma University where they were named the super star squad. At the Oklahoma State Clinic the girls won a linalist placque. The pom pons, as well as the cheerleaders, performed for most sporting events. I ,K 'gg 2 Up and away. Traci Canon and Christy Ferguson do their thing at a game. .6 . r l 1' "S-14 N ,ix SHP 1'- ....- 'VN-4" 'N Winners. Pom Ports shine on lheir horrlecocorniug float. Serious Cheerleaders Yumiko Hurst and C llflbll Fergubon arc Ill lent about their cheermg E .gs Sc l P' fi-,C M 2.1 wma! dwg ix' was Af "'.,g..M -f i -' .......4 v,rL. ,fem f Wfffmwuwwwfr- M . 1 JV Cheerleaders. Michelle Dragus, Tymali Gore. Anita Fielder, and Dawna Campbell. Coordination. Cheerleaders and Pom Pons put it together. CheerleadersfPom Pons 93 g 4+ -sf 4 ek XL X X ., 1 .R gg. s 50 ov 'We 140 E Wm Fun and games went along with school. The times with friends just do- ing our own things lit into our school social life. We laughed and loved and lived what we considered exciting lives. Together we gained trust in each other and began to rely on friends. Goohng around was great, but so were the serious, memorable times that touched each heart and life. Giv- ing our time to ourselves was as important as giving time to studies and work. We needed a time to relax and live our school life out and enjoy be- ing young. School Life 9 ,qunv-"' 'iLife is so sad." Mary Herrod. Trina Kuvpker. Christy Shade, and Kym Miller viouldtft think of miss- ing their soaps. "Have you heard . . Y' Denise Green is addicted to her telephone. 'ut- Slurp Slurp. Mr. Tom Hutchinson must have his daily dose of naffeine before he faces his class. Tennis Tennis. Robert Cilkes doesnit Care where he practices his tennis. 96 Hard Habits to Break gy, ee e o t t fm. 1 Q L s 1 , seler eer' . K . . k i: t f X it .. .yrikx l f . K X :kits kLii iz gkxgkh. Z i. I r .Rpm -ml' -ta'-, wsx- N vs. - " I rx 'Qi+g"i,'b's.f ' E-, v4.2 ri A 'SQ K .S 0' , XX X ? it XX 5, .... i Nt X x 'ily-, . :fx R if 2 ' - 3' '35 i h ' - - f a ll 2 3' 55 7 -- ' . 1 Q Q . 2 9- f' , ' 1 .55-. wig. ... xx.. mx.. , ' ji A :yew- X .X gigs..- 'ri fav, .31 +41 ia"-i.f.f L,,.,g1i V. .11 , . s if riff he S-,Q - , i s . T aux Q ! may 'CI asked you not to eat in classf, uBut Mr. Watson, I didnit have breakfast, and I need a coke and a candy bar in the morning to get me going." Sound familiar? Of course, we hardly had time to eat before we left for school so we stopped at a Seven Eleven or fed quarters into the candy machine before class. There were times when we weren't Tiny Tiny. Gerlinda Cray doesn'l haw lo worry about her addictions to Cliocolzile and Cokes. even hungry, but it was a habit. Chocolate gave some of us energy. It seemed to wake us up in the morning, give us spunk, keep our eyes open, and that's what we needed to sit through six hours of classes. It didn't always make sense, but we did it, out of habit. We did things all the time that we never thought twice about. Many times our habits got in the way. We all did stupid little Qibfmk things that annoyed people. The girl who twirled her hair around her finger, the boy who almost ate his hand off biting his lingernails before a test, or a bunch of gossipy girls sitting around talking about half of the school. We may have driven everyone around us crazy, but we got out of high school okay, and that was what we were aim- ing for. , "I have to have a can- dy bar every dayg if I don,t, my sweet tooth drives me crazy. I guess it has just become a habit." wlufls Hard Habits to Break 97 os wt, in-to 6'My hero is James Bond, 007. He does everything rightg he has all kinds of gadgets to play with. The main reason I ad- mire him is that he always gets the gorgeous women!,' We all someone we looked up to and had our heroes, admired in some way. Many of us probably never thought about having a hero. But we all believed in someone. We believed in a dream. For some of us, super stars were the ones we looked up to. Madonna, Eddie Murphy. peo- ple who were famous. We look- ed at all their talent, and beauty and we wanted to be like them. We wanted to have the ability to achieve what they had achieved. It was a dream to be what they HERO were, Rich and Famous. All of our heroes werenit stars or famous folk. Sometimes we thought of the people we saw every day as heroes. A teacher who had taught us all they knew about the subject and yet invited us to be his or her friend. A friend who had everything going for him and who was our friend no matter what. A parent who beat the odds and made something out of himself. These were the people whom we looked up to. yet we could relate to them. They had something we wanted. No. all of them werenit rich and famous, but they were heroes. ln everyoneis life there will always be a hero. whether it be a movie star or a high school teacher. We will always look up to someone. Sometimes we will probably look up to the wrong one, and we could hurt ourselves. Heroes are great: they have everything. But is it good for us to always compare ourselves to them? Maybe, if we tried, we could make heroes out of us. , T 2 . f. ,1.,t.,,,,.. ,,,,..1.t....xWg.,afg My Hero! Kim Scott is saved by her hero. Nlike Perrigo from the dastardly villain. Tommy Monday. Q 5... , -xs- MA if M"I"'N"'N'l"'E Anita l'lieltler's favorite heroine is still the immortal Minnie Mouse. IFS a bird, it's a plane! ltas Randy Neugalmaur imitating his favorite hero. , ' Real Heroes. The Challenger crew lost their lives on January 28. 1986. The tragic explosion touched the lives of everyone in one way or another. We will always remember these heroes who gave their lives for our country. The crew on board the space shuttle Challenger: fbotlom rowj Michael J. Smith, Francis R. fDickj Seobee, Ronald E. McNair flop rowj Ellison S. Onizuka, Sharon Christa Mr-Auliffe, Gregory B. Jarvis, Judith A. Resnik. '6Last summer at New York, I decided to get my hair cut. I wasnlt sure how to get it cut. S0 I just went in to the weird salon and told them to cut it h 0 w e v e r t h e y wanted." Stvmaft lfll l mn llangerously MllM OMMEMOUSL' We were a risky group. Sometimes a little too risky. We would often be seen sneaking out of class to get a coke. stealing the flowers off a table at a restaurant or even getting out ofthe car we were in to run and get in our friendis who was behind us at a stoplight. We were always having to get back from lunch on time, so we risked our lives depending on whom we rode with. Our parents and teachers probably thought we were crazy for climbing up on the tallest 5 f Ni A Q 1 5' ... , -1 f . ' ff 4 W , :.m 'm:f5i.. ' 5 f I if -' z, 5 Ia 4 I QQ gc gf? vt, :Z 1 l I l g, It isn't nice to point. Jeff Bays and Shawn livans are observing a Class in an unusual way. It's so easy. To Howard Teague. lfrit' Spencer is nothing more than a fcatlwr. ladder we could find just to put a new light bulb in. Some called it dedicatedg really it was dar- ing. We were daring. More dar- ing than any age group, we didn't think of the conse- quencesg we just knew what we were going to do and we did it. We lived for the moment. We werenit always worrying about what was going to hap- pen. We thought about now and what we were doing. We were always doing something that we thought no one else would do. Come to find out, there was always someone around who could better do what we could do. Weld do something else try- ing to get everyone to notice us. Half the time we were all so busy trying to get someone to notice us we never noticed each other. lt didnit really matter who noticed because we lived dangerously by nature. We were teenagers. That was our job! And we had a fun time do- ing it. , I' 3 MEX 'X Q azztzztgxgg W . ,., .. t Ns an 3 E lm h . I . I J 1512333 Wee! Marvin Brown docsn'l need a Shhh. Sherrie Pickard. Jerry Wiley special occasion to go into action. and friends risk Mr, Harold CroslL'y's displeasure ifhe turns around. ' , 1 Trust or stupidity? Bobby Hill, Lance Chilton. Greg Nlorava. Vince Kniflin, Paul Holloway and James jackson risk their necks for a thrill from Ty Wenthold's expertise as a driver. l.ix ing Dangerously 101 Mr. Clean. John Molel is showing how much he cares for his truck. 1 ., if 1' -. K, f' fix . gfff iiiafiff i NSE- 'S W ..'- W v 102 Prizcd Posscssions up 8 .W1. ..1.,1 -new Sunnin! Steve Copus takes time out for his tan. Jocks. Greg Andrews and Edward Pol- ly have a difference of opinion as lo the 'gbesl sporlf' M Q pl!" F 5243? 'W fierce-f fm? if . MHZIEW Htliiiil Eitiiltullillit An old teddy bear, a gold necklace, a brand new truck, and a stereo all have one thing in common. They all mean something very special to someone. To some of us material things often meant as much, if not more, than friendships and families. Was this wrong? Was it wrong for teenagers to depend so much on possessions? We didn't depend on these possessions as much as others thought. Yes, material things were the reasons most of us had jobs. We worked all week for money to pay car payments, or to buy new clothes. We were always pressured into styles. Everyone was trying to dress in the latest styles. Our clothes were important. The car we drove was important also. Some of us had brand new cars, while others had our older sister or brotheris hand-me-down. Often there were things of sentimental value. A girl who wore one necklace everywhere she went, every day. The necklace might have been a family heirloom, or have been given to her by an old boyfriend. Whatever the reason, it was special. It had value in that girl's life. We all had something that we would call a prized possession. Everyoneis was different and was prized for different reasons. We all had things we felt we could not live without. But the question still stood. Was it all right for us to put so much trust in something that would not last? It was all right for us, because we would only be a high school student once. Our possessions would not last a lifetimeg they just kept our at- tention for a while. But the memories we made would last forever. ' 2' Aren't I good? Bobby Hill takes pride in Inches. Carol Fleeman does a touch- his trophy collection. up on her fingernails. "My truck is the best looking truck at Grant. I call it The White and Wonderful." f 7 Prized Possessions l03 "McDonald,s is my favorite place to eat fast food. It isn,t very expensive and they always have cute little toys in their Happy Mealsf, 104 Chow Down se! I Two cheeseburgers. large fries and a large coke. This was a basic meal for us as high school students. Because we were always busy, running from school to the library to work and home to get ready for a date, fast food fit in our daily schedule. Because we were always busy, we hardly ever ate a de- cent meal. Mom may have cooked every night, but we were only there one time and that was for fifteen minutes. Our parents tried and tried to get us to sit down and eat, but we didnit have time, there was so much to do. Going from In Between. Mike Morgan grabs a quick snack before his next class. F f x X 1 its I 3 rc, Q X S x e J it is REX F X -tg X S . S practice to work, eating a candy bar on the way, trying to drive to school in the mor- ning while eating a piece of toast Mom shoved in our hand as she kissed us on the cheek. Sometimes what we ate didn't matter that much. When we hadnit eaten since the night before at 6 p.m., anything sounded good. Our stomach would be growling for the first four hours, and when ll:4-5 finally came we dashed out to our cars to try to break the record of get- ting to McDonald,s the fastest. lim 'N Gotta have energy. Rachel England and Kita Shelton grab a bite of Dorilos during a quirk break at practice. When we did have time to sit down and eat. it was a special time for us. We usually ate with people we loved. friends. family. To some of us, those times when we did get to be with our family and friends became special. Sharing a pizza with our best friend. talking about boyfriend problems, listening to Dad tell the family about his new promotion and how the whole familyis allowance would be in- creased. Eating served as a time when we got to know about our friends and family. ' ' 2 W, ai gg? ft: 1 , e Z , gag? 5 auf if ,iff .a W af ii E v f t ef ,t f 951. Y 9 , J if 'iss Q .2 ii. ' e si i .,.i my e s ati t in .1 l ,, , 55155 E4 arf' i 1 ,F r ff K.. mg ,Z K..-ghd' 1 if ij., Pass The ,Iarl Sonlin. Steve Copus, William Self, Jeff Cordell and Matt Connel are satisfying their appetites. S Chug. ,Izumi Burns turns to llit- bottle. Hey! Miki! Le-hr, Bill Self. Fronles Mclfwe'-n. C. J. Denson, and ,loop Smith are settling a few differences. . Hg Chow Down 105 ! s X FW' ff .- is t, ' i . -nn' ll E 106 Love Is-5 . . "A Rose by any other name . . ." David Harris and Staci Mcsperitt know what it is to care for someone special. Awe! Dinah Waggoner. Stacy Darnell, Renee Foster, and Kelli Miller have no shame over still loving their favorile animals. t Puppy Love At the lop of Lesli Leg- Only Love. Byron Jones has no time getfs list is her dog, Stuffy. for another love in his life. Wowl Melanie Hubble is excited that Bobbie Jones got his class ring lo give to her. A. LG ElS.. Webster defines the word love as an affection based on admiration. For us as high school students, love was a sense of belonging. We all wanted to love and to be loved. We didn,t only see love in a boy carrying a girl's books down the hall. Love was staying every day after school for play prac- tice, driving our car around town, even playing with our favorite pet for hours. Some of us loved to dribble a basketball down the court, while others of us loved to dance till we were sweating, paint a canvas, or enlighten others, ears with our voice. Our talents were something we loved to share with others. Quite often we would be seen staying after school for cheerleading or baseball practice. We were called crazy, but those who called us that didnlt understand that we were in love with what we were doing, and sometimes we didnlt care what else suffered because of it. Because we were young and naive, we fell in and out of love a thousand times. Every ex- perience was new and different and always seemed better than the one before. We liked being loved and the feeling we got when we told someone we were in love. Many times we tried love because we wanted to belong. We always made it through our uteen-age love affairs" and each one helped us in special ways. Love was often a word we used too easily. Sometimes it didnlt mean as much as it should. But when we really loved something or someone, we would do anything to keep that feeling forever. ai . 1, 3 +4 1 , "Love is being dedicated to someone, being proud of them and trusting them no matter what." WW 4 J' Love ls a Boom hick a Boom HI said A Boom Chicka Boom. I said A Boom-Chicka Bocka Chicka Bocka Chicka Boom. Ah huh, Ah huh. One more time, Generals, stylef, No, this isn't a misprint, this is one of the many cheers that were heard at pep assemblies, ball games and sometimes even as we were walking down the hall. We were a pretty spirited group. Well, some of us were. Those who would go to every football game no matter what the weather, or stay until the last second ticked off the clock even if our team was losing 60-14. Some of the funniest times we had were at football or basketball games. It was a time for all of us to get together and goof off. While we were goofing off, we yelled for our team. We always knew who was shooting a free throw or who was getting carried off the field on a stret- cher. Those athletes out there were our friends, and we were proud of them. We didn't care if we had a cold the morning after a football game or if we couldnit talk because we yelled so loud. People outside of our school often said our school was bor- ing and that we had no school spirit. We knew better. We knew that school spirit wasn,t only yelling at basketball games or supporting the cheerleaders out on the field. School spirit was a feeling. It was being proud of our school no matter what. So what if we didnit have the most spirited student body? There was a feeling among us. That feeling was pride. "Cheerleaders aren't the only ones who are suppossed to have spirit. They are there to lead the rest of us in spirit. The entire student body should join in. School spirit can be fun? 108 A Boom Chick ti Boom ff: "' - ' V r. Root a tool loot. Generals are cun- vinced ol' who is number l. 2- M ' ws! 2 f V1 A ,M Q l 2+ , Ya A zz wa V for victory. Sean and Dion Lea go all lhe way for the grapplers. Polish galore. Barbara Kessler, Michelle Sholwell. Tammy Drumm and Pam Kessler gel into the acl for homecoming. I. I f... V fi W QW? Y z Qs 'Qi K W 1 Q 1 , ir 1 W so ror r . iff if ,Mx 4 1. K! ' 2 f 4 :rg WMM? ,,W, .J Vim, vigor, vitality. Juniors have no lack ol' spiril. 'H- wy , L Q 1,4611 45 Riding high. Terry Haigler gels above il all in the homvc'oming parade. A Boom Chick a Boom lU9 WL! Go! il. Brenda Wright is ready to make- a touchdown in a frivndlv gain? of touvh football. "I think I'll drop him!" Mvgztn Parks scares Ronnie llill a hit. 110 Ladies nl' the 80's -r ,s This should fix it! Kim Collie knows what Sil1'i5fi0illg.: whf'n Tornmy Monday new-ds at Iittlc- he-Ip with his w'licc'ls. Wllell pm-sh vomes I0 show-'. Tznniko lilgikz-ly is happy to haw thx- strcfnglth of liillqilflllliil Burris and Tl'ilf'f England on he-r sidch N- kg: . , MX i 5 R.. ntod ,aw 1 ,. Y 2 .1 R i vs an 1' V fi :ff We read it in history books, but we still found it hard to lwlievc-. Women who could not speak until they were spoken to or wliose job was to feed the Children and take Care ol the liouse, Vtiomen who had no rights. lt was as though those women lived in a different world. ln our little world at US Grant women had rights. Even though we were from the ages of 13 to l8, women or girls had rights. Do you trust me? Shannon Melton assures llrzul Langley she wouldnit dart- pull his c-hair from under him, During the seventies a girl who drove a truck was con- sidered weird. Not in 1986! Girls were driving trucks and anything else they wanted to. Girls did almost anything boys did. We may have just been teenagers, but equal rights were evident in our school. Girls as well as boys had jobs to do, and each had to do them. Usually, we treated everyone as equals. We treated people how we ex- pected to be treated. Equal rights werenit always evident in our lives. But we Him 95522356 505 pected to be treated. Equal rights werenit always evident in our lives. But we usually tried to respect each other and each one's ideas. Respect was important to us. , "There should be a distinction between women and men. But if a woman is more qualified for a job, she should be hired at the same pay the man would receive? Lohire Ladies ofthe 80 s ill NSkateboarding is great! I enjoy it because it passes time and I can always improvef' Self l 12 Games People Play alt doesnit matter if you win or loseg itis how you play the gamef, This is a famous quote, but is it true? Well, most of the time winning was on our mind. How we played the game mat- tered, but winning, that was the big deal. We were one competitive bunch of kids. Winning meant everything to some of us. We played games all the time. Touch football, one on one basketball, and hacky sak were just a few ofthe games the boys MW PM would play any chance they got. In the rain, snow or heat, we played. W We played around all the time. ln class we would play jokes on each other. At restaurants we played, everywhere we felt we had to have fun. Teachers probably went crazy because of us. Our parents probably wanted to throw us out of the house at times. Our little games often got us in trouble. Some of us poured our allowance into video game after video game. We ran out of money, but it didnit matter. We were having fun. We would go to any extreme to have fun, even if it meant spending all our money. School was fun, but mainly because we made it that way. The games we played added a little spice to our everyday routine. , 4 2 arajfi I' ' f "t fs .Luis -fx? ,ZR .K , ,gl 4 .sas-P 'X t H K T X t X Q K BS Y Mow- Over Bo! Staci MvSp0rill. 'liininiy Smith and Nliclwllo Yillzi think Svoll Yinillnrn is a perfect 10. ILL If -Ap- ,ww -qv 40' fm. Q 1 l ,Iusta Swingin. Misty Boyd and Skateboarding! Chase Sant-hex Randy Neugabauer get a little help shows his California style. from Rhonda Arnold. 5 N iw . oi ' t 1 f 'f -i2f' 5' f ,Q:f1 ff ,A ' 1 fi ' " TY K, f X . ... . it X Y x ' -2 . ' T . Hi .iti , ,l,,T111. I ,. A i i - f-f- Kwik -- 'Ja Hacky Sackin The guys use tht-ir fr:-0 tinu- to brush up on their skills. Ready! Set! Go! Charley Baxter rac-6-s ahead of Bill Self. Games People Play 113 .1-i . A uuwwyV?,,,,.,.. ,.,. -L0 , s Mr. and Miss Print. Kristi Scott and Pele Adams were c-rowned Prince and Princess of Print. Band queen. Stacy Mvlyin and Tracy' Ross lnot pivluredl were nam- ed band king and queen. 114 Thrill ofa Lifetime nf .. .N rw VD , A P i ' W . eee 5 P P .if af: ' he . K NN . fr K , , .E Q fi- - PSY ' , lie ' ' V g ,M P 3 .S ' L' ' I . l v g Q y e P X gg . is y li 'E Q A, l is 1 P Wiiii . ' . ' 'fi 1 ' X f . P Top two. 'lannikn Blakely and Rickey' Myskeyf were crowned General and llis Lady. 85-86 eandidates. Tommy' Monday. Lesli Leggell. Paul Vail. Traci Canon. Rickey Nlyskvy. 'laniiko Blakely. Todd Wallingford. jamie Driskill, Scott Van Horn, Hlionda Clanton. Yi Q. K. lk. 2 wr ie: , 'X . 5 2.1 J ,Q-' f-farg- fy- .KW ,J --...J 9 a It was quite a day. The excitement had been building for months, ever since we found out who the candidates would be. Dresses had to be picked out, tuxedoes had to be sized. Everything had to be perfect. We had waited for this day for a long time, yet we feared what the outcome might be. There wasn't a word in the English language to describe the way we felt. The butterflies in our stomachs were turning . ZX 1 i .GQ it 9 ' ""tt 1 . g't,' Q . f L if 1 Jfgfa ima into 74-Tis. We were so nervous, yet it was one of the happiest moments in our life. The underclassmen looked at the candidates and dreamed about the time when they would become seniors and would be eligible to be candidates for General and his Lady. A very high point in our high school years was the many coronations. It was exciting for everyone. Even the audience was in suspense waiting for the results. When the results came and the names were announced, applause was heard all around. The smiles of the winners were unbelievable. Never did they look so hand- some or so beautiful. lt was one of the best days at Grant. It was almost impossible lo describe the way we felt. It was the HThrill ofa Lifetimefi ' so HI didn,t realize that I had won until after the assembly." ?N'ctLty "All the girls were worthy of winning, but Pm glad I wonf, Jcmfka 61 QP f Thrill ofa ltIfCllfIlL 11.3 "The happiest ment in my life was H10- when my name was a n n 0 u n c e d a s homecoming queen? 2032+ 1 16 Perfect Choice ,-f..+....,. 'Vt PERFEC The ballots counted. Who would be our were in and Queen? It was a big decision and a lot had to be thought about before each vote. Every girl deserved the honor but only one would get her name called on the speaker. lt was quite an honor to be chosen as homecoming queen. Being a part of the homecoming court was great. One girl was chosen from each class and those girls that were chosen felt special to be representing their class. The people that were chosen as candidates were thrilled to know they were in the homecoming Coronation. This Coronation was the big- gest of all times. Being in the coronation would be splendid, walking down the aisle as the names were being called and hearing our fellow peers, shout, whistle, and applaud as we ap- peared on stage. It would seem Eoice as if we were famous stars with a lot of fans cheering us on to the victory. But we all walked down the aisles and had our names called. There was only one being honored. The winner, the perfect choice. F. 1 Q KJ? QUE? 9 .f ' ,J '21 , l t WWWVU 331436157575 , jwfyw 5 , J Q r f ,...-W. 5. .P 'P Football homecoming. Kim Scott, freshman attendant, .Tamia Aikins, ,lunior attendant, Tammy Smith, homecoming queen, Pam Martin, senior attendant, Kim Wing, sophomore attendant, Kylee Ellis, flower girl, Kyle Smith, crown bearer. Happy times. Tammy Smith, football queen, was escorted by football captain, Mike Lehr. .-.S .. E T 5 1- Basketball queen candidates. Tanya Gibson, freshman attendant, Christy Ferguson, sophomore atten- dant, Shelly Powell, senior attendant, Carlus Martin, senior attendant, Kita Shelton, Junior attendant. The winner was Carlus Martin. Wrestling winners. Donna Craig was chosen queen of wrestling. Mark Honn was her escort. Choir royalty. Tanya Gibson, freshman, jackie Huddleston, sophomore, Cynthia Poole, senior, Crystal Knost, senior, Jennifer Hinch, junior. Escorts are Thomas Taylor, freshman, Kevin Smith, sophomore, Shawn Evans, senior, Keith Turner, senior,, Joe Phillips, junior. The win- ners were Cynthia Poole and Shawn Evans. V Perfect Choice m v 1 f : 1 j 7-1 - f H11ffiwwwifISF?E'J.iil'?'35IEfi3'W,!?:'i2i'5SQii , ' ' :wwe 'I , J . - f f on ..,. ,.W,, 1 ,W W, ,. f 4? Jim M, up-5 'W I 41-uf' nfs P9 Wm Once again our sports activities made the year exciting. The thrill and action left us with spirit from game to game. Whether or not we won or lost we cheered for our team all the way to the end. Sports gave many people a chance to unwind and forget about everything except concentrating on what they would have to do to improve themselves or win the game. All the team members gave a little of themselves to make our school athletic program the best possible. Sports Fifth year head football coach Mike Smith pulled out a 3-7-0 season. The General schedule consisted of many strong teams in the 1985 season. The season started slow as the squad lost their opening game on September 5 to the Northeast Vikings 43-0. Then the Generals snapped back to pull off an upset on the rain soaked Douglass Trojan field, 13-7. The Generals went on through the half way point in the season, losing the next two games to Yukon and John Marshall after which they arose to the festive homecoming game against Football. Front row: Todd Hyden. Mikc Lehr, Chris Thompson, Keith Morales. Tommy Goldman, Randy Neugebauer, Rick Cowan, Everett Baxter, Steve Copus. Mike Marshall. Tammy Smith, Kim Lewis. Stacey McSperitt. Row two: Mark Honn, Scott Owen. Race McD0ulett, Kevin Smith. Paul Holloway. Larry Denson, Joey Smith. Damon Blumenthal. Doak Wishon, Brenda Wright. Kim Scott, Noble Lee. Row three: Ronnie Thompson. Mike johnson, John Midgett, Derek Stewart. Jason Walton, Robert Daniels. Tim Reed, Charley Baxter, William Self, Jeff Marshall, Mike Moore, Derek Nance. Back row: Eddie Polly, Curtis Pate, Hickey Myskey. Paul Vail, Jimmy Schiner, David Rober- son, Greg Covel, Todd Wallingford, Ty Wenthold, Marvin Brown. Coach Mike Smith, Coach Larry Millhouse. Coach Harold Crosley. Catching. Doak Wishon is sure to be on his way for a touchdown in the Capitol Hill game. 120 Football ridsters pull our 3-7-0 season against strong Northwest Classen. The squad put the Knights away 27-6. The following week the Generals traveled to Norman to face a defensive battle, which they lost, 17-0. opponents district game, the Generals succumbed to Western Heights 14-6. Over all, the Generals placed third in the districtf J "We had great leadership this year, and I think we were a lot bigger and better organized than last yearf' Kevin Smith In their next bout they were edged out by the Southeast Spartans 5-10. The Generals drove Capitol Hill 15-30 in the first of the three district playoff games, after which the squad traveled to Duncan for the second district playoff game, which they lost 14--6. ln the final game of the regular season and the third 3 z USC OPPONENT NE 0 43 Douglass 13 7 Yukon 0 28 Norman 0 17 NW 27 7 SE 5 10 Capitol Hill 30 15 Duncan 12 23 Western Heights 6 14 John Marshall 12 21 Time out. Coach Smith has some choice words for his squad. X YQ? H +' wagigf 4, Y . f h x 'Sf ' 5 X vw 1 W N ., ,k4, . , -X- I is a M is Q. s . 1 ll as r m . i . a . , ..,. it K .,,,. k 7 Q- , k .,,g, FN' I .Q-.sw . V-.-5: V N. ,.,. , ,mwww ,.k, 4 . E ,..,..v. if f Q A , . am, ,M ,-h., ' r - - A ,. f .f'-' - ' - 1- S 5 EE Dead ball. Generals' secondary breaks up a Douglass Trojan pass, Free. jared Phifcr escapes a Star Spencer lackler for yardage. Touchdown. Jimmie' Myatl recovers a fumble for a touchdown. asi fi El M, Us Z '. ,a 5 3 S -, ,, .. A.. Workout. Generals get into the painful stuff before a game. Freshman football. Front row: Tracy Neb, Chad George, Eric Spencer, Marlow Berry, Chris Hurtt, Mike Saumty, Terrell Sullivan, Derrick Kiel, Joe Cole, Sean Xuereb, Steve Scott, DeAngelo Robin- son, Dana Pittman, Hendrik Gulikers. Row two: Neil Choate, Vincent Martin, John Holden, Tony King, Bobby Russel, Charles Gower, Billy Bond, Sean Braddy, Steven Prater, Andre Frazier, Alger- man Hardiman, Matt Truitt, ,lerod Pfeifer, Spencer Frazier, William Mclllwee. Back row: Freddie Young, Phillip Lindauer, Robby Bell, Steve Digreoreo, Corey Sands, Richard Ford, Eddie Sullivan, Randy Simpson, Tracy Hodgin, Fred Thompson, Mike Gifford, Bill Martin, Jimmy Myatt, Bobby Nichols. A ' 5 reshmen have 4- record under lVlcElwee, Choate The freshmen football team compiled a 4-5-0 record under the coaching of Mr. William McElwee and Mr. Neil Choate. The 1985 season began September 11 with a suffering first game loss to Northeast, 12-0. The following week the Generals traveled to Western Oaks, falling short of the mark, 32-12. The freshmen then traveled to Douglass. In a defensive battle, the Generals played tough to the last tick on the clock, but were turned away, 6-0. Regrouping, the freshmen hosted Star Spencer, winning the confrontation, 27-12. The following week, the Generals met Northwest to turn them away in an outstanding defensive battle, 6-0. The freshmen continued their winning streak by beating Millwood 14--6. The G'The team didn,t start off too well, but with great team members and great coaches we did all right in the long run." Fred Thompson Generals were overpowered by ,lohn Marshall, breaking their winning streak, 29-6. The freshmen coming off their big loss, traveled to Capital Hill to overcome the Redskins, 22-6. To close the 1985 season, the Generals traveled to Southeast and lost to the Spartans 20-12. Vincent Martin and ,Ierrod Phiefer led the freshman Generals to impressive victories over teams such as Star Spencer, Northwest, Millwood and Capitol Hill. Martin and Phiefer led a strong offen- sive attack with the likes of Eddie Sullivan and Jimmy Myatt, the young General defensive had many strong performances. 2 l 1 OPPONENT USG Northeast 12 0 Western Oaks 32 12 Douglass 2 7 14 Star Spencer 14- 2 7 Northwest 0 6 Millwood 6 14- John Marshall 29 6 Capitol Hill 6 27 Southeast 14- 12 Football 1 2 3 Take him down. ,leff lVl.nshall gl ts ready to lake lllS Opplillelll d0Wll. Counlermg. Billy Balrd eounlers with a head chancer. gf Wrestling. Top left to right: Ryan Walkabout, .Robert Daniels. Eddie Sullivan. Charlie Baxter, jeff Marshall. Bill Self. ,loey Smith. Randy Neugebauer, Mark Honn, Ronnie Hill. limmilt Crawford, Tim Caesar. Romeo Calbreath. Sean Lea, Dion Lea, Bobby Hill. Bobby Jones. ,lay Faulkner, Billy Baird. l2-fl Vlircslling Victory. Coach Smith acknowledges David Her- rod's victory. Making points. Bill Self is tilting for points. Q! sea I 4, l jf X. atmen Win all-city for second year in spite of ineligibilities ln spite of being plagued by ineligible players all season, the wrestlers were all-city champs for the second con- secutive year. Freshman wrestler Ryan Walkabout projected that the team again will take first place in all-city next year. In the first meet of the year the Generals almost had a shut out against the Northwest Knights. Dion Leah, 108, Seah Leah, 123, Bobby Hill, 115, Jeff Marshall, 141, Ryan Walkabout, 148, and Bill Self, heavyweight, all won their matches by wide margins. Coaches Mr. Mike Smith and Mr. Tony Franklin led the team to a third place at the Choctaw festival. Also at the festival, in addition to Choctaw and US Grant were Harrah and McCloud. The Generals beat McCloud in the first match of the festival. ln All-City competition the Generals had six city champions, and the others were runners-up. Champions were Dion Lea, 101, Bobby Hill, 115, Seah Leah, "I feel we are leading the 3A conference with talent, but unfortunately our record doesn't show it." Bobby Hill 123, Mark Honn, 130, Jeff Marshall, 141, and Marvin Brown, 178. Runners- up were Billy Baird, 108, Keith Morales, 168, Bill Self, heavyweight. At the Carl Albert tournament Bobby Hill took second in his televised bout with his Harrah opponent. ln the Western Heights tournament a majority of the team members fell victim to a bout with the flu which "greatly hampereda' the team's performance, ac- cording to Bill Self, junior wrestler. K , USC Opponent Douglass 3 1 36 Northeast 34 2 7 Star Spencer 42 24 Northwest 50 18 Southeast 29 33 Capitol Hill 35 30 Chickasha 42 18 McGuinness 3 7 20 McCloud 42 38 Choctaw 29 2 5 Harrah 18 33 Wrestling 125 rown, Honn go to state ftlit 6 Emerging triumphant from regional competition were Mark Honn, l3Og and Marvin Brown, 178g who then represented the Generals in state com- petition. Brown placed fourth in regionals, and Honn placed second. Prominent among wrestlers were vic- tory haircuts, a fad which was started by Sean Lea, and followed by Dion Lea, Bobby Hill, and Randy Neugebauer. Mark Honn was the last one to succumb to a barber's shears. Although they en- joyed the victory locks, they admitted that they were Hsomewhat eagerl, for their hair to grow out. Wrestlers were grateful for their Mdevotedl' matmaids who served the team all year by sweeping and mopping lZ6 W rustling 5, after placing fourth, second the mats and keeping water uhandy at all timesf, explained Bill Self, junior heavyweight. HThey also provided signifi- cant moral support while we were battling it out on the mats," Self elaborated. Matmaids were Lori Swidler and Don- na Craig, seniorsg Jenni Drail and '5Tournaments are very important. They give you an idea how you will do in state." Bobby Scott Melanie Hubbell, juniorsg Karri Baker, sophomoreg and Chandra Snow, freshman. Expecting to lose only three seniors from this yearis squad, Ryan Walkabout prophesied Han influx of strong freshmen which will make next year's squad even stronger than this yearisfl I L, 2' Finishing Wrestlers l0l Ronnie Hill l08 Bobby Jones l 15 Donnie Scroggins 123 David Herrod 130 Mark Honn 136 Larry Baker 141 Mike Perrigo lil-8 Ryan Walkabout l57 Randy Neugebaur 168 Melvin Waldrup l78 Marvin Brown 190 Kevin Smith HWT Bill Self Animal control. Bill Self has control from underneath. On his guard. Ryan Walkabout shows great defensive effort. .. "" ' r -' D. r - K . - 2 X 2 i 'ww 3 S .e . .ff ,Egg if Hi fi fi? Q of ,i J' -Cf' H df? I ,., . r 1 e , .lx , . ,I. A 5 f i ssss ...n e f .IHETI-EXE.Q2-'F1S,s5??5ffi :HSE ' K sis f ' ' . ' 'ii' I ffz, -,ff.1,1 , 1 1,f N .fe .. .,,, - Al -Q, rf.-if - 1 f -we .V ' , lfli I '..:-wif., H W mfr -, i 4: W- ' N S5 xi i' N On top. Mark Honn performs his turk. Holding on. Ronnie Hill shows control with an under hook. Mat maids. Karri Baker, Donna Craig, Chandra Snow, Lori Swidler, Melanie Hubble. Not Pictured: ,lenny Crail. Stick him. Marvin Brown pins his opponent from Southeast. 127 mb. V, MW-Q.1L 1... 'M Msgxw 3' Block. Byron ,loncs tries lo block the ball from his rival. Swoosh. General Clayton Moore puls the ball into the nPl while opponcnl Jodi Rhodes stands aslonislwd. 128 Basketball Reaching high. Byron Jones jumps lo take over the ball. Shoot!! Scott Vanhorn goes up for lwo. , mfr: fu ,gallflin F""'6 V MMMWMW 42 js ,. l 1 V V l ,,,,GMw fe ' X lf , ager team leaders evaluate l -l l record, gain experience uln spurts we were good. We function- ed as a team, but too much of the time we just didnlt click as a team,', evaluated Eddie Polly, junior guard, as he explain- ed the 12-ll record of the varsity cager squad this season. "At the beginning of the year we lack- ed defense, and by the time we really got our defense put together, we didn,t have our offensef' analyzed Byron Jones, junior forward. HI think we were selfish. We wouldn,t give each other the ball. We wouldnat listen. We were really headaches to the coachf' added Clayton Moore, junior for- ward, who also felt "We just didnlt really have that crucial team' leader that we needed." "We didn't block out very well," said Michael Dunn, junior forward. '6We were really short, too, although that is not real- ly an excuse, we had a lot of quickness that wejust didn,t utilize,', he added. "Team work is the key to making a team good." Thomas Taylor Team members this year predicted a strong season next year because so many experienced players will return. '6We had a rough year this year which has given us good experience. As four returning starters, we are determined to go to state next yearf, said Eddie Polly. ' 3 Varsity Basketball USC OPPONENT Capitol Hill 57 54 Star Spencer 55 74 MWC 47 38 lTournamentj Millwood 47 44 fTournamentj Edmond 64 58 lTournamentj Douglass 55 51 Capitol Hill 52 57 Northeast 46 39 Northwest 55 53 Mcfluinness 38 40 1Tournamentl John Marshall 72 66 fTournamentl Northwest 72 61 ' ffournamentl .lohn Marshall 58 56 QOTJ Millwood 61 70 Douglass 76 67 Millwood 55 49 Northwest 65 60 QOTI Southeast 74- 75 Star Spencer 54 60 Northeast 65 56 .lohn Marshall 64 56 Southeast 52 51 El Reno 44 4-6 tPlay-OID Varsity basketball. Front row: Scott Vanhorn, Marcus Crownover, Stanford Brigham, James Neal. Back row: Tarrence Rogers, Mike Dunn, Byron Jones, Clayton Moore, Eddy Polly, and Steve Copus. Junior Varsity Basketball. Front row: Phillip Lindauer, Feroda Derek, Jason Callimore, Coeff Wilson, Stanford Birgham. Back row: Tarrence Rodgers, james Neal, Marcus Crownover, Thomas Hornbeck, Robert Powell, Rayvonne Williams, Coach Mike Nero. Basketball 129 Whoas got it. Michael Dunn jumps for the ball. Shoot for "2.,' Byron ,Ioncs shoots to score for the Generals. Block that man! Clayton Moore tries to keep CHHS from scoring, xkv 130 llaslxclball Nw -aw... ,W J W 'lime av ll , 4 9, 1 Wi Q ff'-'X F3 03,15 Although the varsity, junior varsity, and freshman teams were disappointed in their overall performances, they all have convictions of optimism for next year. Highlight of the varsity season was the John Marshall game which the Generals won 64-56 on the Bears' court. "That was the game which showed real team ef- fort from everyonef' said Scott VanHorn, senior guard. "The Millwood game was our best defensive gameg we won 55-49 by play- ing team defensef' explained Byron Jones. Leading scorer for the season was Byron Jones with an average of 18.7 per game. He was followed by Clayton Moore with 16.5 per game. Coach Mike Nero led the junior varsity squad to a 6-10 record. Leading scorer for the junior varsity squad was Thomas Taylor who averaged Careful. Byron Jones tries to evade two Capital Hill defenders. Freshman boys' basketball. Back row: Coach Cal Holloway, Steven Pollard, Timothy Ross, Phillip Lindauer, Robert Powell, Robert McReynolds, James Myatt, Derrick Keil. Front row: Terrell Sullivan, Fernando Delatorre, Terrance Todd, Steve Scott, Mike Saumty. ager teams have convictions of optimism for next year 20.0 points per game. Vincent Martin was the second highest scorer with a 16.1 average. '6The best games we played were against Northeast and Douglassf' explained Vincent Martin, freshman guard. Hlf we practice hard, and everyone has good attitudes 1 the team will do well." Marian Brown With Cal Holloway as their coach, the freshman cagers got off to a slow start, abut finished much strongerf, said Steve Scott, freshman guard. The squad finish- ed with a 6-6 record. Scott said that the important thing about the season was "we learned a lot even when we lostf, Derrick Kiel, freshman forward, said, U0ur best game had to be against Carl Albert, because they had a big guy they were proud of, and although we didn,t have a big guy, we came out on on topf, Freshman Scores USG OPPONENT Star Spencer 26 88 NW Classen 49 67 ,lohn Marshall 64 89 Douglass 23 67 Capitol Hill 55 37 Carl Albert 53 40 Southeast 46 45 Piedmont 50 39 Harrah 30 36 Purcell 7 1 45 Northeast 64- 55 Millwood 44- 54 Basketball 131 Up and away! Marina Brown jumps up lo score for the team. Action. Nina Gross goes up to recover a rebound. Ready for a move. Guard Pam Marlin tries to get the ball back. 'Q y 0 , W Alf ua 84,2 a,f2"4vK M as 5-Iggr 4 '4'K s,' Y gs 48 .. . mass., 1152 Ruskvlball W, . ,,,. -wauzacr "- -1 1' 'E 5 .Q . . ea-,..,ss.,.,.- . - 2 E il ' , . E l f . . ' ,,,. - I . , ,Q .S .- . N, '. 51' sg V , -'-. ' 1 1 , ' X ' ' ' ,ft 1 . . nf.. ..- " 'genie f Q. . 5' A 'wr Yr-f'ff"i 'i R " ' .'-- , if --31-' Q ywlg 1 - L 1 'f -as- . 1 f' S s . --Q 1 u ' -. - 1 ' . F . --ef . -2 , . if 'Q' -1 ' 5 .. ' .1 ' 1 s f t f - t , , 'Gif -g 1 . 2 'W 1 f., E 2 ' 2 4 I -i ' -- . 1 . 5 t' V are tr YQ fi 5' sr. 1 " SQ Q S- Q pak . .. - - . W ,M . as -A ,g , - -- 'fs' - 1: -21' ..... ---1 .et . Q' fe - . --1 -Q . 1 ', ' 1 ,, il W? rf - B as A ., Q - ' A - 4 A . ,... . -t ,- 4 .- "'- ' " - . " fr -'K - H:-13-we ' ...ff W--fk -112.-1- V QQ :L f-1 1.12 . , sg I , H 3 , -,, ,. . '--' ' ,A,. fx ..,., ., 1' feafsrae' 1-.11 - ..,. -W .Q--13. - -,.,' ?s1.,,,es-pr--' ja . - .. .zasrfs-.--3-,13,...,...a its vW'- 1- 1 X 1. . .. fi 1 s an 1 The Lady Generals ended their season with a record of 1-22. Under the leader- ship of Coach Larry Millhouse, the girls won their game against Northwest Classen in the pre-season tournament, by a score of 60-4-0. The season didn't go as well as they had hoped, Nbut that didnit stop the hard work and determination that they put into each gamef, said Coach Millhouse. The starters were Marina Brown, Nina Gross, Tamia Aikins, forwards, and Shannon Levescy, Kita Shelton, and Lesli Leggett, guards. High scorer for the team this year was Marina Brown. She had an average of 11.6 points per game. Mr. Larry Millhouse commented about the team, '4The girls, basketball team feels that if they would have had sup- porters attending their games, they would Here I come. Felicia Hayes breaks through with possession ofthe ball. Long shot. Preparing for a long shot, Marina Brown makes a distant throw. Girls, basketball. Front row: Nerma Aikens, Aretha Gordon, Olivia Frazier, Monica Williams, Zanetta Major, Rochelle Moore, Nikki jefferson. Row 2: Tamia Aikins, Mary Robinson, Michelle Robinson, Megan Parks. Back row: Manager Tamiko Blakely, Head Coach Larry Millhouse. Manager Tawanna Reese, Nina Gross, Rachel England, Marina Brown, Lesli Leggett, Shannon Levescy, Pam Martin, Sheryl Davis, Shellonda Up- Shaw, Manager Yumiko Hurst. ady cagers chalk up 1-22 season, but refuse to quit have had a better season. Having people who care at the games, if they win, helps to build team moralef' "Our team didn't get off to a very good start, but the ex- perience in high school sports and the practice are good training for next year." Steve Scott HThe cheerleaders were not as sup- portive towards the girls as they were the boys, nor were the students or facultyf, explained Megan Parks. Coach Millhouse commented that he was Hoptirnistic for the future." He stated that instead of starting the seniors in every game, he gave some underclassmen the chance to get experience that would prove to be valuable for next year's team. Q, Grant Opponent Capitol Hill 30 44 Star Spencer 36 4-9 Douglass 2 l 4-7 Capitol Hill 44 49 Northeast 39 44 Northwest 36 39 John Marshall 37 48 Millwood 30 50 Douglass 39 53 Millwood 28 40 Northwest 48 50 Southeast 48 54 Northeast 3 l 59 Star Spencer 47 56 Southeast 4-3 80 John Marshall 37 46 TOURNAMEN TS Northeast 21 36 Northwest 60 4-0 Tulsa Washington 35 61 Northwest 4-3 45 John Marshall 19 4-9 1 -.Basketball 133 ' aseballers return six letterrnen ' after going to pla offs in 'S ln the 1984-85 season, the Generals started off strong by taking a doubleheader from Millwood by scores of 6-0 and 5-0. The Generals also defeated John Marshall by a score of 9-0, and won fifth place in the Guthrie tournament by defeating Mustang, 8-7. The Generals won the regional tournament at Woodson Park. In the first round the Generals defeated the Capitol Hill Redskins by a score of 10-l. In the second round the Generals defeated the Southeast Spartans by a score of 12 to 1. During the finals the Generals clinched the regional tournament by defeating the Capitol Hill Redskins by a score of 4 to 3. By winning the regional tournament the Generals advanced to the Baseball. Front row: Kevin Lewis, Lance Chilton, Doak Wishon, Daryl Stewart, David Harris. Row 2: Noble Lee, Vincent Martin, Keith Morales, ,lay Singley, David Herrod, Paul Vail. Back row: Eddie Polly, Derek Nance, Todd Wallingford, Tommy Monday, Steve Copus, jeff Wilson, Mike Williams. Baseball. Front row: Tyrone Phifer, Chris Harris, Jason Gallemore, Eric Spencer, Anthony Watkins. Back row: Corey Sands, Chris Hurtt, Tracy Hodgin, Gregg Andrews, Travis Reust, Terry Haigler. 134 Baseball S gt o State playoffs that were held in Tulsa. The Generals were defeated in their first game by a score of 3-2, and ended their winning season with a record of 29 wins and 5 losses. '4This year's team has a lot of talent, and if we put our minds to it, we can go to the state playoff." - David Harris This year,s team had six returning starters: Paul Vail at catcher and pitcherg Todd Wallingford at shortstop, Tommy Monday at third base, David Harris at first base and designated hitter, Keith Morales provided strength at pitcher and left field. ,lay Singley, a transfer from another school, was a strong addition to the pitching staff. The General team started practice this year in February, and began strict practice in March. The Generals worked out early under Coach Skip Metheny. The practice and workout gave the Generals an early start to get ready for the oncoming season. 1 Huddling. The players lay their strategy before the day's game. Paul Vail, Keith Morales, Todd Wallingford, David Harris, Jay Singley, Tommy Monday, and Steve Copus share tips from Coach Skip Metheny. t - ee rig 1 , . t f .QSM Vggwgy rs E' 5 it S t it 5 Q Q R -Q W,,. ,...... 1 S-Wil' ..1.. .,11.,x,., ,...,. , L,..W Who has it? Keith Morales and Steve Copus know that one ofthem will land the fly ball. Right arm perfection. No matter how good he is, Paul Vail knows he can always improve. Baseballs' i135 For the eighth consecutive year the softball team won the All-City champion- ship after defeating Southeast in the run- offs at Woodson Park. This year the team will lose seniors Lesli Leggett, Shannon Levescy, Traci Canon, and Pam Martin. In the 1985 season Shannon made the first home run for the year. She made a total of twelve homeruns. Lesli and Pam led in extra base hits with eight each. As a team the Generals scored 144 runs, and their opponents collectively scored 36. In the last two years, the Lady Generals lost only one game - to Capitol Hill 7Q6 early in the season, but later the Generals came back to run rule the Redskins 10-6. Softball. Front row: Darla Black, Traci Canon, Lesli Leggett, Shannon Levescy, Pam Martin, Man- dy Spencer, Mandy Levescy. Row 2: Mary Herrod, Denice Stewart, Jama Burns, Megan Parks, Nikki Jefferson, Nancy Greer, Missy McCoy, Nerma Blevins. Back row: Coach Connie Ellis, Christi Pybas, Kim Holden, Della Thomas, Sheila Elwood, Kari Clesson, Lisa Sears, Shawnna Shipley, Crystal Grounds, Marie Bays, Zena Yazzie, Pam Doss, Coach Gary Gleaves. Slammer. Sheila Elwood hopes for a homer: l 36 Softball Eggs! ofthall team wins All-city championship for eighth ear ln the All-City competition, the Generals run-ruled every opponent ex- cept Southeast in the finals. This spring the team started practice in late March to prepare for district, "Thanks to the upper classmen, we have an undefeated team." Megan Parks and Nikki Jefferson regional, and state competition. This is the third season the team has sought state competition. Last spring, the team went as far as district. The team was expecting to get closer to state competition this year than they did last year, because some of their opposition is not as formidable as it was last year." 2 U S G MWC 0 6 Northeast 3 14 Star Spencer 6 14 Southeast 3 4- Capitol Hill 7 6 Northwest 5 9 Capitol Hill O 16 Douglass 0 13 John Marshall 1 14 Douglass 9 17 NW Classen 0 8 Southeast 2 6 Good sports. The Lady Generals slap hands with their opponents after one of their weekly victories. .1 we 1 ? E -Q w t. tw- t, 1,5 ag wwf tj Q V V' fl.. egg fi kk 'mhxh K k Q is 4 , in... Team work. Pam Martin is ready to bac-k up Lesli Leggett if necessary. Letting go. Nikki jefferson Gres another strike. K my . . 1 'K Softball 1 3 7 mr Qu. x Golf. Front row: Channon Motherall, Brian Dragus. Kari Clesson, Troyann Yarema, Bobby Boyanton, and Greg Porter. Back row: Cary Cleaves, coach: James Porter, Todd Odwen, johnny Pomeroy, Paul Dutton, Jeff Bays, David Elrod, and Allen Pierce. Wham. Ron Cable overhandedly returns a volley. On his toes. Pat Hagerman sharply returns the ball. Blast that ball. Leah Coslow practices her backhand. 138 'l'ennisfGolf k,'4""11-q..,,,,,Q-QIMMW l QE twff, .tm . 4 , ,. 'W 1 mum-14 L2 4 fz if feflf l in w f,f ' 2: f? ' Q , 1 4 , 'ef , y gf f ' . Y X 12 1 f 1 , ' +4 5 ff af f at M Q 1 ni ' J' 1 as Z, 2 ,, 4 t f 2 9' bw ff - , e' fl' ff-1,1 42' f,, f14?e1 ,1,1:.f f, f wff, H 623 J , ' ,,,, ,, , ,,.l,., A ,,,, e , , . V' 1 W V sms, f ,A , gli? 'Wy lf 4 J' Elf gf ff 1 .fer ,Q Y , ff ' X 'l V V Q t at gm -' T '35 X Nw is Xe .qty Last fall, the tennis teams nor the golf team participated in fall tournaments. Coached by Mr. Ron Cable and Mrs. Vicky Noakes, the boys' and girls, tennis teams practiced in the fall. The girls organized the experienced players to in- struct the newcomers. This spring the boys' tennis team will return Robert Gilkes, Stan Prokarym, Ron Cable, Patrick Hagerman, John Sargent, and Damen Blumenthal. The girls, tennis team worked on serves, volleying, and backhand strokes for two hours every day in the fall. This spring the returners are expected to be Tamiko Blakely, Kathy Tilson, Kelli Miller, Yumiko Hurst, Kim Lassither, Women,s Lib HUHI Kari Clessen and Troyann Yarema do manual labor while Bobby Boyanton and Todd Odwen ride in style. Girls' tennis. Front row: Crystal Rogers, Elizabeth Gilbert, ,lerrie Griffith, Erica Anderson, Penny Jones, Julie Dutton, Carol Bell. Back row: Cheryl Thomas, Keashon Patterson, Leah Coslow, Tamiko Blakely, Yumiko Hurst, Kellie Miller, Kim Lassiter, Mrs. Vicky Noakes, coach. Boys' tennis. Front row: Stan Prokarym, Pat Hagerman, John Sargent, Ron Cable Jr. Standing: Robert Gilkes, Mr. Ron Cable, coach. tourneys, prepare for spring Ll ennis, golf teams skip fall Jean Ann Coslow, and Tish Kolke. Newcomers to the team are Ericia Ander- son, Carol Bell, Jennie Griffith, Missy McCoy, Kelli Yohey, Traci McKnight, "We will have a strong chance because other city schools lost their number one players." Stan Prokarym Crystal Rodger, Nikki Jefferson, Jennifer Cable, and Penny Jones. Mrs. Noakes is expecting Melissa McCoy, a newcomer, to be ua valuable playerf' Coach Gary Cleaves encouraged the team to practice all year although the team itself did not begin practice until February. Coach Cleaves set up a net in the wood shop for team members to prac- tice during cold weather. For the first time in recent years, the Kari Clesson and both freshmen. team had females, Troyann Yarena, Newcomers to the team were Brian Dragus, Bobby Boyanton, Greg Porter, Todd Oden, Paul Dutton, David Elrod and Chuck Dickson and Allen Pierce. Returners were Channon Motherall, ,lim- my Porter, Jeff Bays, Brad Langley, and Johnny Pomeroy. Last year the golf team placed eighth in state competition. P 7 .. X . .,, , tr.. , . .5 , -, 139 :nr 1 g rack teams start practice Y - lateg cross countr re-builds Members of the track teams were anticipating a productive showing this spring after an admittedly late practice season, and cross country had a re- building year last fall under new head coach, Mr. Tom Hutchinson. Robert Daniels, runner of the 220-and 100-yard dash, explained that the boys, track team sometimes goes up against teams that start practicing as much as two months before the Generals start. Robert said that because Coach James Thatcher is the basketball coach and he has no support in track, it is impossible for the track team to get in shape. He said that tournaments help get the team in shape. In spite of the obstacles, the track teams planned to have strong representation in long jumps and the 220- and l00-yard dash. They also were hoping to compete in the 440 relay, 880 G'I'm on the teams because I wanted to get in shape for swimming. I love it too." Shelly Trombly relay, 440 run, 880 run, 2-mile run, the high jump, the shot put, and the discus. Coach for the girls' track team was again Mrs. Connie Ellis who was expecting Carlus Martin to excel in the 220, 440, and 880 relays. Jama Burns will lead the squad in the high jump. Donna Campbell will lead in the hurdles, and Tiffany Taft will compete in the re- lays. ln its re-building year, the cross country squad consisted of four or five runners last fall. Participants in the All- City meet which was two miles long, included letterwomen Sereta Robinson, Shelly Trombley, and Annie Eckroat. Shelly and Sereta ran the 2-mile in 9 minutes, 23 seconds, and Annie ran it in 15 minutes, 45 seconds. Boys' Track. Back row: Derik Goodwin, Jr. Stevenson, Patrick Marzett, Mike Walton, Coach Larry Millhouse. Front row: Peter Cordon, Sean Bradley, Jeff Marshall, Robert Daniels. Girls, Track, Front row: Coach Connie Ellis, Jama Burns, Carlus Martin, Dawna Campbell, Leslie Thompson. Back row: Rachael England, Aretha Cordon, Joyce Willis, Roshelle Moore, Yolonda Norton, Tiffany Sanders, Tawana Reeves. Not the stairs. Jama Burns and Carlus Martin dread running the stairs. l 40 Track Finish line ahead. Tina Parrish and Serita Roberson race to the finish line. High jump. Peter Gordon hurdles over Patrick Marzett, and J. R. Stevenson. Cross Country. Shelley Trombley, Tina Parrish, Serita Roberson, Annalee Eckroat, and Coach Tom Hutchinson. Indoor practice. Jeff Williams and Arthur Stevenson get in shape for track. Track 1 41 :Jeff .A-'.-,-'A'. "'- --.' i . L I - 'h L i -f iii ' L mmLL ., i 1 - - J . . e LL'1: gg'L f- A ' ' on to A e aaae L Swim team. Front row: Mr. Tom Hutchinson, --kkh ' A " fcoachg Shelly Trombly, Annalee Echroat, Jennifer Cordell, Sereta Roberson. Back row: Keith or Chamlee, Pat Hagerman, Jonathan Burkheimer, . Jeff Cordell, Hoang Huynh, Larry Baker. ii Convinced. Larry Baker knows who is number I wilhoul a doubt. Backward perfection. Larry Baker executes the reverse with precision. Breast stroke expert. Jennifer Cordell makes up for many seconds when ills her turn. 142 swimming Blast off. Hoang Huynh is more than ready when it's his turn at the relay. Come on! come on! In or out of the water, the team acts as a unit. fl! - ,, , ... I .V -4 2 - 4 gl f if new W ,., li-7 ll'iit J f V Y-M fxff-I fax With only nine or ten regular swim- mers, the swim team was greatly out- numbered in all of its competition this season, according to Mr. Tom Hutchin- son, coach. Coach Hutchinson thought that although the team did not win any of its meets this season, they gained Nvaluable experience which will be in evidence in the young team next season when most of the lettermen will returnfi Swimmers agreed that their closest and Hmost impressive" meet was with the john Marshall Bears which the Bears won by scores of 36-19 for the boys and 42- 18 for the girls. In All-City competition at Douglass, six swimmers placed in their events. Tonya Olvera placed sixth in the 500- wimmers outnumbered m compet1t1on all season freestyle and fifth in the 100- breaststrokeg Sereta Roberson placed fifth in the freestyleg Keith Chamblee placed fifth in the 100-breaststroke and fifth in the 50-freestyle, Shelly Trombley '4Being on the swim team is fun. The competition is what I like about it." Jeff Cordell placed fifth in the 100 backstrokeg Dave Birkheimer placed fifth in the 500- freestyle and sixth in the 50-freestyle, and James Wilde placed fifth in the 100-backstroke. 'iBecause we were so few in number, we became extremely tired in competi- tiong we had absolutely no relieff' ex- plained Keith Chamblee. L'We were really fair swimmers. It isnit that we were weak in our events at all. There were just too few of us,,' agreed Jennifer Cordell. 66Winning is not everything. The im- portant thing is that we had a lot of fun, and we are going to do better next year," prophesied Sereta Roberson. Ericia Anderson said, gilt was really a lot of hard work the way we practiced after school at the Y, but it was worth all of it, although our scores do not convey our true accomplishmentsfi Esti- Swimmmg 143 . I4 '1ughtPrExpl05i0n 'Yog ether again. Th e game b vkxxgs km and Maude xogexh E B E mb appy times brought smiles to our faces. The fun times we shared with our friends gave us a chance to laugh and cut up and be ourselves. The laughter that we exposed to others set off an ex- plosion within each of us that gave us a better outlook on the fun things we got out of life. We will never forget that great ex- plosion of laughter that occur- red in 1985-86.i 12 Room for one More? Being crowded only added to the merriment. A change of face. Bobby Jones waits for Melanie Hubble. A good one. Lori Allen just heard the latest gossip. 'Ts 3 5 .ia .v 'W' 'A What did you say? Monica Rodriguez tries to hear some-thing she doesn't believe anyway. Laughter Explosion 145 The line up. The Howdy couples were Tamiko Blakely and Rickey Myskey, seniorsg Tamia Aikins and Keith Morales, juniorsg Christy Ferguson and Bobby Hill, sophomoresg Denise Stewart and Jimmy Driskill, freshmen. Itis true! Tammy Smith is still in disbelief after being crowned Homecoming Queen. Rickey Myskey escorted her. Gorgeous. Randy Neugebauer, Mike Crain and Pat Hagerman were never more lovely. 1 to Qs is l 1 x . mzszwstttiswx Q - 1vafegezsQsser2Ss?SQs, Spirit Explosion X , X2 ry .,tt eigsfkgt to-'assist 'aseeiiwigzeafs-zzz: s V K at H me N , Rim is t R f X tim tw at i 'X sei , ta. . ...,t......, ,. f mm oices roared as we scat- tered into the gym for pep assemblies. The excitement and spirit exploded when chants and cheers were performed. The spirit that arose gave a vibrant feeling to all of usg however, our spirit didnit stop at assembliesg it was evident throughout sports activities. Spirit was also displayed by participating in student council activities, fund raisers and clubs and organizations. Engrossed. The game has all the at- tention of Richard Trevino and Pam Martin. Q , Eiiiti 1. sg tg K V- .f X x, , 5 V. + Ev' f"f':, x ' V J ' x n X Y-1 A 4? X xg' 5 Q Sf V x,,1 ' Rah, ra .lillllfl Burr Www-tk.. bf Inlo IS. the acl ofs M K piril are St 1 .A.W""""""""""M avy Da rncll, Kfflli Miller ,VV . Pam Dos s and M ,. 43. iss "Wav-,.,: 4 I! A . 147 spam EXP"'S'0n Adwrlising A 81 A AUTO PARTS s. SALVAGE mc. Formerly Akers TOP DOLLAR FOR YOUR USED CAR INSTALLATIONS AVAILABLE GENERAL AUTO REPAIR OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK 9 TO 6 ACRES OF USED PARTS GM - FORD - CHRYSLER ENGINES Sz TRANSMISSIONS 0 1,000's OF PARTS f " T ' 2+ P ON SHELFS sz BINS fm, My X O INSTALLATIONS AVAILABLE Q "--giv , . - 0 GENERAL AUTO REPAIR s X ' X CENTRALLY LOCATED .I Lg SX X YK 2, -e fgwg-A qgqfniifr, ' 2:53 'P L'.?' 4: ll '. YK inf' - '21 'X' 1- ,N 4.4, A.,-, 1300 s ROBINSON A 3. A AUTO at ACME O OKLAHOMAISOK O PERSONALIZED AUTO TAGS ' MAGS TAG AGENCY 1600 SW 44m GRANT SQOARE 0 681-5305 0 NOTARY I TITLE TRANSFERS BOAT REGISTRATIONSOFISHING 81 HUNTING LICENSE 'COUNTY Touch Of Class TOTAL SALON 44053 682-8090 2232 sw. 59111 I - 5 7' Holiday Lanes K Z 44 SE. 44th X X Q 623-2451 PLETE L RK CARDS H IFTS Good Luck to the monte Seniors ' " " on V" DRUG 8: HALLMARK 1 of 1986 vno al DEBBIE KENDALL 9 4 sw 5 5 e from Penn 44 Lanes Frames -k Albums -A' Film -k Cameras Almonle S.W. 59th 81 May 686-0300 Come Bowl with U S ., W, 2241SW 11 68 7731 Ugl' Ogg? ' I1 IHIOUIIZR . s 6-K fjfflfffj smue Photo FlI'llSh QALTQQ Vlfhl Quality processing of . Qt.-'ir Disc, 110, 126 81 35 mm 0 wh ',:,,,-Qrxalgzri We use Kodak Paper 1 1, , 24-H0 R BANKING At Convenient Locations Qs Phone 681-5521 7Friendly National Bank 7400 South Penn l Member FDIC A Great Service For Young People On The Grow! d g 1 0 I x F "Sly C In Nate:-ixozf..-?t15vv:'a1 5 .-- cl" Og' 9 ' I N 'Nav Y I 'Q if,-A 4 ,Lt 1-31' X sr" egg hfifbl' ahgpfl ' E2 , ',y 17 2 . G fs' - 1-tfZ+.2f4,?va43:3f?'i?'4"ff4'i E1 -' - ' Q - ' .pw-Q' ru . z tu: ' I K , fn Q - fr- J .14 . vi 'A 1 l -Eel -nv" 'f Q ' --Ate fig?-1- , X L I :Hg-1 ,t 1 --941 5 t wie' X 1.1-.' 4 n- v , p' - n ' ui- , - ' - 9 X I Your Meeting Place For ' Organizations ' Parties ' Banquets ' Big TV Screen 682-1650 1630 SW 74 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73159 GINGER'S SHOP Cards - Gifts Candies by Sweet Shop and Prices Fine Chocolate Jelly Bellies and other fine candies. 682-8545 2209 SW 74 ln Walnut Square BILLIE'S FOODS 4'Old Fashioned Hamburgers' ' Call for Fast Service 681-4949 6015 s. May Esffwosia awe my 74-th and So. Penn Walnut Square 682-3132 150 Advertising AMLAMMGIJ Harvey's Hillcrest Drug "Your Family Pharmacist" sim Hours WEIIIQE. Providing you with computerized tax records mmm .051 m 685-6655 ' airway, P' ' Stbvfjl, 2112 Southwest 59th Street, 200 lm- - 690 rm- Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73119 6' ' Qmdigb ' - G ya., ' - www PES AUDENE I-IUDDLESTON PE SEWING SHOP i -"1 School Emblems and Patches Sewed 2315 SW 44th , OKC Lettering of All Kinds 4o5f686-0165 Straight Stitch and Zig-Zag Monday - Friday 9 am to 9 pm Saturdays loam to 6pm 1132 S.W. 52nd , A WWW A 632-0541 I' I 2 WI fl ' 4 R WVWMWW 4051631 5083 ALANA STEPHENS CUSTOMER RELATIONS REPRESENTATIVE 7884 S. WESTERN OKLAHOMA CITY OK 73139 UU! i forthe E '0V0U--- Classes ' Creenware ' Paints ' Firing I II I I Leonais Ceramics Sr Gifts if x 2410 SW 59 681-8421 OKC, OK 73119 I ' I COMIC Booxs and SCIENCE FICTION -"5 ,-Qi-Zif T! zqsy F II T x Il! I 47 I SOUTHSIDE corvucs MON.-FRI. A 2402 sw 59th 11:00 a.m.-7:00 pn.. OKLAHOMA CITY, OK SAT 10:30 am-9:00 pm 73159 M055 682-9144 WE BUY AND TRADE SCIENCE FICTION ' TOP PRICES PAID QW! 1 155353225 , 5 E Mmm 4 4 ,- wr' a 1 ,ff 1' 45 mf, QE Eg b f QI 2 as fi 2 3 55 1 4 ' , r -5 7151? . Q W W 8,5 if 'wif 4. K I gg? 1 M I I. Big 5 ,,.2 12f:,fff:,. 1 h f J' '52345+3?I4?' T 51 4 'gums wg .1 Video Visions 7353 S. Western 631-0255 7353 S. Western MOVIE AND VCR RENTAL 1.90 1 DAY FINE GIFTS 0 HALLMARK CARDS ' RUSSELL STOVER CANDY WEDDING SUPPLIES AND SERVICE The Fig Tree HALLMARK 4211 South Western Yolanda Birdwell Reding Center ' 9 631-1800 Oklahoma Cnty, OK 7310 C4 n d e r el I a :rl MONOGRAMMING H LETTEIIING .PIL 1 ,. .. , YT '7 - A 1 , -, , - 1+ Q 'll 3,2 A 'P CUZQLZHEEGOS 2, C0HPUTERlfE':3A:u0T'lTfL2ilTlMS IATHLFTIC Hz UNIFORM LETTERING S- 405f682-1825 New Location - Monogrammed Napkins 5236 5, Pennsylvania 681-8488 I Punch for Parties Oklahoma City, OK 73119 632-0352 O O I 1 1 Good luck in the years ahead Crossroads Mall Quail Springs Mall 631-6714 751-1745 Advertising 153 jlie lzearf of any organizafion iff ifd Seniord Stu Co 198 -86 School Da Memories searching for meaning through people and experiences. I cannot predict what will become of us, I only know what happens . . . will because we have shared ourselves. We have met strangers among strangers need most - love, shaping tomorrow,s Today will be a pleasant memory - world and yesterday's memories. tomorrow, because we have cared Our friendship will not be erased by the enough to give the passage of time. only thing we have - ourselves. You are a chapter in my life never to be We are gathered here today to form a unit, experienced again. to make a stronger and better tomorrow. l can see in you the strength of mankind, Chris Thomson We can only give to each other what we the beauty of nature, and the love of Cod. l5f1 Adxcrtising 1. I . lr I ,-1' I J Vigo EUIEIEUIEBKUIUIELU IEIBEUSULHIDETFUECU 5 Framing Roofing 2318 SW 46th Cornice Owner 681-7127 Remodeling Al Neugebauer Need some help with your life . . .? g E if Capitol Hill Baptist Church X - Z ,si 51 BRIDAL a FORMAL WEAR 301 sw 25 632-4448 X ,lim White, Pastor f , . 1 "' -Y :Ci -1 7. ' 1 1 .. H5'?'Q"J all 1' MAR Y'S ART STUDIO fb X Artist - Teacher and 43 . 2404 s.w. som ,J , olcc - 731 I9 V 1 if - 6 J 55,5 ,Eb q i' Q u 92.3 A 685-3148 'e Q. Tp' Q Sv OIL '99 3, gl? MARY HIBBARD W -5 gg .pgs ' W- ,S Gowns ' Tuxedos E Brides Maids I G Mothers Dresses , Flowers ' Catering J MOTHERS ARE SPECIAL , 1:1 BUT MOTHER KRAEMER Prom 685-6554 TAKES THE CAKEH' We love yo I Stuff of 86 fe. b Q A f t . I x 1 A 5 VT ? m Ili! ' , Y, MOTHERS ARE GREAT - S 3 B . AS' ' ', ,O is 1 fa g ' li ul Z. Q5-25.399 1-240 and S. Penn Walnut Square 156 lndex A Abel, Julie,jr., 30 Abner, James, fr., 42, 75, 91 Adams, Katrina, fr., 42 Adams, Pete, sr., 20, 79, 114 Advanced Chorus, 88 Aikins, Tamia,jr., 30, 116, 117, 133 Akey, Dwayne,jr., 30 Albertson, Jerry, sr., 30 Alfaro, Christi, jr., 30, 72, 91 Allen, Angie, soph., 36, 80, 84 Allen, Felicia,jr., 30 Allen, Lori,jr., 30, 62, 84, 146 Allred, David, soph., 36 Anderson, Angela, fr., 42, 76, 91 Anderson, Anthony, fr., 69 Anderson, Billie, fr., 42 Anderson, Ericia, fr., 42, 76, 139 Anderson, Judi, fr., 42 Anderson, Michelle, soph., 36, 76 Anderson, Sheila, soph., 36 Andrews, Gregg, jr., 30, 102, 134 Anthony, Shelly, sr., 20, 62, 84 Arbertha, Ken, soph., 36 Armstrong, Kelly, soph., 36, 75, 76 Arnold, Rhonda,jr., 113 Art Club, 84 Arzaga, Norma, fr., 42 Asberry, Dewon, fr., 42 Assadi, Massoud, fac., 18 Atkins, Nermie, fr., 88, 133 Austin, Kim, sr., 20, 79 Austin, Tina, soph., 36 Avery, Shanna, fr., 42 B Badillo, Terri, sr., 20, 64, 80 Bailey, Demetra, sr., 20, 79, 84 Bailey, Martha, fr., 42 Baird, Billy, fr., 42, 124 Baker, Karri, soph., 36, 127 Baker, Larry,jr., 30, 142 Baldwin, Sherry, sr., 20, 84 Balfour, Nicole, soph., 36, 91 Ballard, Jimmy, jr., 30, 84, 87 Band, 91 Banks, Darrin, fr., 42 Barrera, Sergio, fr., 42, 76 Bartee, Russ, fac., 18, 57 Bateman, George, soph., 76 Bates, Thomas,jr,, 30, 75, 79 Battaglia, Michelle, soph., 36 Battles, Lana, fr., 42 Baxter, Charley, jr., 30, 113, 120, 124 Baxter, Everett, sr., 20, 72, 75, 80, . 83, 120 Bays, Jeff,jr., 30, 76, 100, 138 Bays, Marie, fr,, 42, 83, 87, 136 Bear, Angie, jr., 30 Beeman, Patrick, sr., 20, 84 Belknap, Laura, sr., 30 Bell, Carol, fr., 42, 83, 87, 139 Bell, Eugenia, soph., 36 Bell, Julie, jr., 30, 72, 75, 83, 92 Bell, Robby, fr., 42, 75, 123 Bennington, Benny, soph., 36 Berry, Joyce, soph., 36 Berry, Marlow, fr., 123 Berry, Shayvonne, jr., 84 Bettis, Jonathon, fr., 42 Bighead, Toni, soph., 36 Black, Darla, soph., 36, 75, 76, 80, 83, 136 Black, Martha, fac., 18, 52 Index Black, Rachelle, soph., 36, 87 Blackmon, Fred, fac., 18, 75 Blakely, Tamiko, sr., 20, 72, 75, 80, 83,110, 133,139,146 Blakley, Brian, sr., 20, 72, 75, 83 Blayton, Cherie, fr., 42, 76 Blevins, Nermin, fr., 80, 136 Blumenthal, Damon, soph., 36, 80, 83, 120 Bolton, Angela, fr., 80 Bond, Billy, fr., 42, 76, 123 Bone, Diane, fac., 18 Bonner, Gina, fac., 18 Boren, Mike, jr., 30 Borg, Mike, soph., 36 Bowerman, Vickie, sr., 20, 84 Boyanton, Bobby, fr., 42, 91, 139 Boyd, Misty, soph., 36, 113 Boyles, Vincent, fr., 42 Braddy, Sean, fr., 42, 140 Bradley, Renese, sr., 84 Bradley, Stephanie, soph., 36 Bradley, Tonya, sr., 20 Bragg, Clay, sr., 76 Bragg, Gina, fr., 42 Brand, Jeremy, fr., 42 Brand, Michael, sr., 20 Break, Kellye, fr., 42 Brewster, Amy, sr., 20, 87 Brigham, Stanford,jr., 30, 129 Brock, Zoraida, fac., 18 Brown, Anthony,jr., 30 Brown, Brandon, fr., 42, 76 Brown, Marina, soph., 36 Brown, Marvin, sr., 88, 101 Brown, Robin,jr., 30, 84 Bryant, Dean, sr., 20, 84 Bryant, Jason, fr., 42 Bueso, Karla, fr., 42 Buie, Renea, fr., 42 Buie, Tommy, jr., 30, 84 Buikhue, Khue, jr., 76 Bullard, Traci, fr., 42 Burchett, David, soph., 36 Burns, Jama, soph., 36, 72, 80, 105, 147 Burris, Aleshia, soph., 36 Burris, Charles, fr., 42 Burris, LaRhonda,jr., 30, 110 Busha, Shane, soph., 36 Butler, Carmen, fr., 87 C . Cable, Jennifer, fr., 42, 75 Cable, Ron, fac., 18, 56, 139 Cable, Ron, Jr., jr., 30, 75, 76, 80, 83, 138, 139 Cagle, Melissa, soph., 36 Cain, Starla, fr., 42, 76 Caler, Danny, sr., 21 Campbell, Dawna, fr., 42, 140 Campbell, Durand, soph., 36 Campbell, Jerry, soph., 36 Campbell, Peggy, fac., 19 Campbell, Tona, fr., 42 Canon, Traci, sr., 21, 66, 72, 80, 92, 114, 136 Capps, Danny, sr., 21 Carpenter, Pat, fac., 19 Case, Billy, fr., 42, 76 Case, Carol,jr., 30 Case, Johnnie, sr., 21, 80 Cavazoz, Robert, fr., 43 Caves, Eric, fr., 43 Ceasar, Timothy, soph., 88 Cervantes, Monica, fr., 43, 83, 87 Challis, Scott, fr., 43 Chamlee, Keith, fr., 43, 83, 142 Chappelear, Jon, sr., 21 Chavez, John,jr., 30 Cheerleaders, 92 Cheatham, Bryon, fr., 43, 76, 91 Childers, Heather, fr., 43 Chilton, Lance, soph., 36, 84, 101, 134 Choate, Neil, fac., 18 Church, Travis, sr., 21, 76 Clanton, Rhonda, sr., 21, 84, 114 Clark, Todd,jr., 30 Claunch, Daniel, sr., 84 Clayton, Stephanie, fr., 43 Clesson, Kari, fr., 43, 136, 138, 139 Clipper, Tonya, soph., 36 Coachman, Camille, fr., 43 Cobb, Lynn, soph., 36, 88 Cobb, Tamara, jr., 30 Coggins, Robert, fr., 43, 91 Coker, Tobin, soph., 36 Cole, Joe, fr., 123 Cole, Rodd,jr., 30, 55, 91 Cole, Rusty, soph., 36, 91 Collett, Danielle, fr., 43, 76 Collie, Kim, sr., 21, 61, 110 Collins, Antone, soph., 84, 134 Computer Club, 75 Connel, Matt, sr., 21, 87 Conner, Jeannette, fr., 43 Conner, Tina,jr., 30 Cooks, Leron, soph., 36 Coon, Donna, soph., 36 Coon, Leanna, fr., 43 Cooner, Angie, fr., 43, 52 Co-op, 84 Cooper, Ramona,jr., 68 Cooper, Raquel, sr., 30 Copus, Steve,jr., 30, 102, 105, 120, 134, 135 Cordell, Jeff, sr., 21, 87, 105, 142 Cordell, Jennifer, soph., 36, 87, 142 Corona, Angela, fr., 30 Cortier, Jean, jr., 87 Cosby, Leslie, soph., 88 Coslow, Leah, soph., 37, 138, 139 Couch, Teresa, jr., 30 Council, Shawna, jr., 84 Covel, Greg, jr., 30, 120 Covel, Toyia, fr., 43 Cowan, Rick, sr., 21, 72, 75, 80, 83, ' 120 Cox, Thomas, soph., 37, 87, 88 Crafton, Christinia, sr., 21, 88 Craig, Donna, sr., 21, 75, 79, 83, 117, 127 Craig, Steve, jr., 30 Grail, Jennifer, soph., 37, 79 Crain, Mike, sr., 21, 72, 146 Crain, Starleng, fr., 30, 76 Crawford, Emmitt, soph., 37, 124 Crenshaw, Sherrie, soph., 37 Cribb, Anthony, fr., 43 Crosley, Harold, fac., 18, 55, 101, 120 Cross, David, sr., 21, 87 Cross, Ronnie, soph., 37 Crow, Virgil, soph., 37, 63 Crowe, Jeff, fr., 43 Crownover, Marcus, soph., 37, 129 Crumity, Steve, sr., 87 Crusoe, Wilhelmina,jr., 30 Crutchfield, Rafika, sr., 22, 63 Cudjoe, Wanda, fac., 19 Cummings, Tommie, soph., 37, 79, 92 Cutler, Marc,jr., 79 Daniel, Ernie, fac., 18 Daniels, Robert, soph., 120, 124, 140 Dardon, Michelle, soph., 37 Darnell, Stacy, sr., 22, 72, 76, 106, 147 Davis, Connie, sr., 22 Davis, Jeff, soph., 37, 72, 91 Davis, Lee, fr., 43 Davis, Patricia, soph., 88 Davis, Sheryl, jr., 69, 80, 88 Davis, Tammy, fr., 43 Davis, Tammy, soph., 37 Davis, Wendell,jr., 31 Dear, Angela, soph., 37, 91 Debusk, Joyce,jr., 31 Deca, 84 Delatorre, Fernando, fr., 43, 131 Delesbore, Rou, soph., 37 Demoe, Dacia, fr., 76 Denson, Larry,jr., 31, 72, 120 Denson, O.J.,jr., 31, 76, 83,105 Dewberry, Jennifer, sr., 22, 84 Dexter, Michelle, sr., 22, 79, 87 Dickson, Chuck, jr., 31 Dickson, Marlin, fr., 43 Dies, Mary, fac., 19 Digregorio, Steve, fr., 43, 123 Dill, Tony,jr., 31 Dixon, Carlos, soph., 37 Doak, Robbie, fr., 87, 88 Doan, Kathy, fr., 43, 76 Doan, Son, soph., 76 Dockins, Anthony, fr., 43 Dockins, Delois, fr., 43 Dockins, Patricia, sr., 84 Dodge, Mechelle, sr., 22, 79, 84 Doss, Pam,jr., 31, 72, 136, 147 Doss, Sandra, fr., 43 Douglas, Debbie, sr., 22, 87 Dowdy, Carl,jr., 31 Dowdy, Janie, sr., 22 Drabek, Angela, sr., 22 Dragus, Brian, fr., 43, 138 Dragus, Michelle, fr., 43 Drama, 87 Driskill, Jamie, sr., 22, 60, 80, 92, 1 14 Driskill, Jimmy, fr., 43, 146 Driver, Amy, fr., 43 Drumm, Tammy, jr,, 31, 80, 88, 109 Duboise, Goldie, sr., 22 Duboise, Juanita, fac., 19, 84 Dulworth, Charlotte, soph., 37, 76, 88 Dunn, Michael,jr., 31, 129, 130 Duong, Hoang, fr,, 43 Durant, Robin,jr., 31 Dutton, Julie, fr., 43, 139 Dutton, Kenneth, soph., 37 Dutton Dutton , Paul, fr., 43, 75, 128 , Susan, fr., 43 Dyer, Cherie, soph., 37, 79, 83 E Eckroat, Annalee, soph., 83, 141, 142 Eddington, Anthony, jr., 31, 91 Edwards, LaMarcus, fr., 88 Edwards, Sonya, jr., 31 Ellis, Connie, fac., 18, 136, 140 Elloie, Elrod, Elton, sr., 22 David, fr., 43, 91, 138 Elwood, Rene, sr., 22, 83, 87 Elwood, Sheila, soph., 37, 83, 87, 136, 137 Emmanuel, Gretta, fac., 18, 84 England, Rachel, soph., 37, 104, 133, 140 England, Tracy, jr., 84, 110 Engles, Michelle, jr., 32, 84 K Evans. Jamie. fr., 43 Evans. Joley. soph., 37 Evans, Shawn. sr., 22, 79. 88. 100 Ewald, Paul,jr., 31. 76 F Fallwell, Kelly. jr., 31 Fansler. Becky, fr., 43 Farmer, Annie, fr.. 44 Faulkner, Jay, soph., 37. 124 F.B.L.A.. 83 F.C.A., 80 Ferguson, Bryant. sr., 22. 79. 87 Ferguson, Christy. soph., 37, 91, 117 Field. Becca. fr., 44 Fielder, Anita, fr.. 44. 119 Fike, Lewis, soph., 37 Fincher, Kathy, soph., 37 Fleeman, Carol, soph., 37, 87, 103 Flowers, Shannon, soph., 37, 92 Fomby, Chris, fr., 44 Foote, Cindy, fac., 18 Ford, Richard, fr., 44, 53 Fortner, Bobby, fr., 44, 88 Foster, Rance, sr., 22, 72, 75, 76, 106 Francher, Tammy, sr., 22 Franklin, Bonita, fac., 18, 66, 88 Frantz, Audra, sr., 22, 72 Frazier. Alisia, fr., 44 Frazier, Andre, fr., 44, 123, 133 Frazier, Denise,jr., 31, 88 Frazier, Spencer, fr., 44, 123 Frederick, Tobias, soph., 37 French 1 and ll, 76 French, Tim, soph., 88 Frost, Elaine, soph., 88 Fuentez, Tricia,jr., 31, 75, 83, 92 Fuller, Al, fac., 18, 79 Fuller, Sarah, fac., 18, 79 Futton, Mike, jr., 31 G Galaz, Ruth, fac., 18, 76 Galbreath, Richard, soph., 37 Galbreath, Romeo, sr., 22, 88, 124 Gallemore, Jason, soph., 37, 129, 134 Gannaway, Gail, jr,, 31 Garcia, Carmen, soph., 37, 83 Gardner, Natasha, fr., 88 Gatewood, Cedric, fr., 44, 88 Gee, Elisa, fr., 44, 83, 91 Gentry, Bernard, fr., 44 George, Chad, fr., 44, 123 George, Lori, fr., 44, 68, 76 Gibbany, Lisa, fr., 44 Gibbany, Ronald, soph., 37 Gibson, Scott,jr., 31, 84, 87, 91 Gibson, Stacie, fr., 44, 76 Gibson, Tanya, fr., 44, 88, 117 Gideon, Stacie, jr., 31 Gifford, Mike, fr., 44, 123 Gilbert, Elizabeth, soph., 37, 75, 83, 139 Gilkes, Robert, sr., 22, 79, 84, 114, 139 Gleaves, Gary, fac., 19, 136, 138 Goldman, Kevin, soph., 37, 88 Goldman, Tommy, sr., 22, 84, 120 Goodson, Jeannie, soph., 37 Goodwin, Derek, soph., 37, 140 Gordan, Sequenda, fr., 44 Gordon, Aretha, fr., 44, 133, 140 Gordon, Peter,jr., 140, 141 Gore, Pamela, sr., 22, 84 Gore, Tymali, fr., 44 Gower, Charles, fr., 44, 76, 123 Grace, Cheryl, fr., 44, 83 Graham. Jerry, soph., 37 Gray. Gerlinda, fr., 88. 115 Green, David. fav.. 18, 91 Green, Denise, sr., 22, 114 Greer, Mike, soph., 38. 117 Greer, Nancy, fr., 44, 80, 136 Griffee, David, jr., 31 Griffee, Sheri, fr., 44, 61 , 69, 88 Griffin, Daisy,jr., 31 Griffith, Jerrie, fr., 44 Griggs, Ginger, fr., 44, 76 Griggs, Randy, fr., 44, 88 Grigsby. Bobbie, fr., 44 Grigsby. Travis. jr.. 31 Grimes. Kreg. fr., 44.63, 75 Grissom. Gena, soph., 38, 76 Gross, LaDonna, soph., 38 Gross, Nina, sr., 22, 68. 132, 133 Grounds, Crystal, soph., 38, 64, 136 Gruver, Thomas, soph., 38 Gulikers, Hendrick, fr., 44, 123 H Hacker, Toby, soph., 38 Hackney, Michelle,jr., 31 Hagar, Susan,jr., 31, 76, 87 Hagerman, Pat, soph., 38, 40, 72, 75, 80, 138, 139,142,146 Haigler, Terry, fr., 44, 109, 134 Halloway, C.H., fac., 18 Hamilton, Melanee,jr., 31, 72, 92 Hamon, Sharon, soph., 38, 40, 76, 83 Hams, Chris, fr., 44 Hanes, Rodney, fr., 44, 91 Haney, Crystal, fr., 88 Hankins, Kelli, soph., 38 Hardiman, Algernon, fr., 44 Hardiman, Tony, sr., 22 Harp, Jetta, jr., 31 Harper, Sandra, jr., 31 Harrell, Mary, fr., 44 Harrington, Ki, soph., 38, 76 Harris, Chris, fr., 88, 134 Harris, David,jr., 31, 79, 106, 134 Hart, Benjamin, fac., 18 Hayes, Felicia, sr., 22, 88, 133 Hendrix, Jerome, jr., 31 Hensch, Jennifer, soph., 38, 117 I Hensley, Cindy,jr., 31 Hensley, Mark, fr., 44 Hensley, Melissa, soph., 38, 79, 83 Hernandez, Fernando, sr., 22 Hernandez, Kimberly, sr., 22 Hero, 80 Herrod, David, sr., 22, 124, 134 Herrod, Mary, soph., 38, 76, 114, 136 Hester, Jeff, soph., 38 Hibbard, Rebecca, sr., 22, 76, 79 Hickman, Theresa, fr., 44 Hicks, David,jr., 88 Hicks, Juli, fr., 44, 83 Hight, Darrin, fr., 44, 76 Hildebrant, Molly, sr., 23, 66, 92 Hill, Bobby, soph., 38, 79, 101, 102, 146 Hill, Brock, soph., 38 Hill, Debbi, soph., 38 Hill, Donny, soph., 38 Hill, Kerry, soph., 38, 88 Hill, Ronnie, fr., 45, 110, 124, 127 Hilterbran, Melissa, fr., 45 Hilterbrand, Debra, sr., 23 Hines, Lynn,jr., 31, 84 Hines, Scott, fr., 45 Hipp, Krystal, fr., 45 Hise, Hope,jr., 31, 62, 84 1-locker, Paul,jr., 31, 84, 87 Hodgin, Tracy, fr., 45, 91, 123 Holcomb, Rebecca, soph., 38, 88 Holden, John, fr., 45, 123 Holden, Kim, fr., 83, 136 Holloway. Paul, sr., 23, 101. 120. 131 Honor Society, 75 Honn, Heather, soph., 38 Honn, Mark, sr.. 117. 120. 124. 127 Honn, Malthew,jr., 31 Hopkins, Candi, fr.. 45 Hornbeck, Thomas, soph., 38, 129 Horton, Christy,jr,, 31 Horton, Steve, fr.. 45, 88 Hostetter, Lyle, fac., 18 Hough, Jane, fac.. 18 House, Paxton, fr.. 45 Houston. Tina. sr., 23. 84 Hovarter. Jerry. sr.. 23 Howard. Floretta. fr., 88 Howell, Mark, sr.. 23 Hubbard, Janet, soph., 87 Hubble, Melanie, soph.. 38. 107, 126 Huddleston, Dianne, soph., 38 Huddleston, Jackie, soph., 38. 87. 88 Huebner, Donita, fr., 45, 76 Hughes, Alisa, sr., 23, 87 Hughes, Gable, soph., 38, 68. 88 Hughes, Rusty, jr., 31 Hulet, Stephanie, soph., 38. 79, 83, 98 Hulin, Dusti, sr., 23 Hunter, John, jr., 31 Hurst, Yumiko, sr., 61, 80, 92, 133, 139 Hurtt, Chris, fr., 45, 87. 122. 134 Huskinson, Ted,jr., 32, 75 Hutchinson, Thomas. fac., 18. 114, 141 Hutson, Mary, sr., 23, 79, 84 Huynh, Hoang,jr., 88, 142 Huynh, Wayne, jr., 32 Hyde, Melissa sr., 23. 79 Hyden, Todd, sr., 23, 80, 84, 120, 121 Hypolite, Brenda, fr., 45, 75 Hytchye, Laf1uf, soph., 38, 88 I lgou, Gayla, soph., 38, 76, 87 lgou, Sunny, soph., 38 Ingram, Darrin, sr., 79, 87 lssaac, Tiffany, fr., 45 Ivy, Tonya,jr., 32, 88 Johnson, Shannell, jr., 32, 88 Johnson, Sherri, sr., 23 Johnson, Vincent, soph., 39 Johnson, Warren, fr., 45 Jones, Bill, soph., 39 Jones, Bobbie,-jr., 32, 76, 98, 107, 145 Jones, Byron,jr., 32, 76. 106, 128. 129, 130. 131 Jones, Cara, soph., 39, 83 Jones, Janie, fac., 19 Jones. Jeffrey. sr., 24 Jones, Lisa. fr., 45. 79 Jones, Lisa, jr., 32 Jones, Pennie, soph., 39. 76. 139 Jones, Sarah, fac., 18 Jones, Stephanie, fr.. 45 Jones, Traina, soph., 39, 79 Jordon, Shawn, soph., 39 Juarez, Gahal, fr., 45 J Jackson, James, sr., 23, 57, 75, 79, 87, 101 Jackson s Roger E., soph., 38 Jackson, Roger L., soph., 38 Jackson, Santoi, soph., 38 Jackson, Tammy, sr., 23, 79, 80 James, Barbara, fr., 45 Jaye, Gina, soph., 38, 88 Jazz Band, 91 Jedlicka, Jeanie, fac., 18, 61,83 Jefferson, Dawni, soph., 38 Jeffersom, Nikki, fr., 45, 133, 136 Jefferson, William, soph., 38 Johnson, Johnson, Angie,jr., 32, 87 Anthony, soph., 88 Johnson Bruce,jr., 87 Johnson Ceaser, soph., 38 Johnson, Charnella, fac., 18 Johnson, Christy, fr., 88 Johnson Drena, soph., 38 Johnson, Jayme, fr., 45 Johnson, Lathan, fac., 18 Johnson, Leann, fr., 45 Johnson, Lonaile, jr., 68, 76 Johnson, Michael, soph., 38, 120 Johnson, Peter, sr., 88 Johnson Rebecca, soph., 39, 88 Kain, Kevin, jr., 32, 87 Kaubin, Kori,jr., 32, 75, 79, 83, 92 Keeton, Nina, fr., 45, 88 Kelley, Jennifer,jr., 32 Kemp, Tammy, sr., 24. 79, 84 Kessler, Barbara, fr.. 45, 109 Kessler, Regina, soph., 39 Kessler, Pam,jr., 109 Key Club, 83 Kiel, Derrick, fr., 45 King, Mark, soph., 39 King, Tami, soph., 39 King, Tony, fr., 45, 123 Kirkpatrick, Stephanie, fr., 45, 76 Kniffin, Vincent, sr., 24, 79, 101 Knost, Crystal, sr., 24, 88, 1 17 Knowles, Spencer, soph., 87 Knox, Ed, soph., 79 Kolke, Tisha,jr., 32, 84 Kraemar, Ruth, fac., 18 Krog, DeeDee, soph,, 76, 87 Kros, Delana, soph., 39 Kuepker, Trina, soph., 75. 114 L Lafferty, Michelle, sr., 24, 75 Lafferty, Mike, soph., 39, 43 Landero, Shawn, soph., 39 Langerman, Bret, jr., 32, 75, 76, 83 Langley, Brad,jr., 32, 64, 111 Langston, Kathy, soph., 39 Langston, Sherri, sr., 24, 87 Lasiter, Kim, soph., 39, 88, 139 Laubach, Mike, soph., 39 Law, Jon, sr., 24 Lawrence, Sandra, sr., 24 Lawson, Brandon, fr., 45 Lawton, Sharrie, fr., 45 Lea, Dion, frl, 109 Lea, Sean, fr., 109 Ledgerwood, Dawn,jr., 32 Lee, Noble, soph., 39, 79. 120 Lee, Ruby, fac., 19 Leggett, Leslie, sr., 24, 72, 80, 106, 114, 133, 136 Lehr, Mike, sr., 69, 79, 105, 117, 120 LeMaster, Paula, fac., 18, 80 Leonard, Angela, jr., 32, 91 Leroi, Judson, fr., 45 Lesley, Tonya, fr., 45 , Levescy, Mandy,jr., 32, 72, 80, 136 Levescy, Shannon, sr., 24, 80, 133 Levine, Derek, sr., 24, 76 Lewis, Jamie, soph., 39 Lewis, Kevin,jr., 32, 134 Lewis, Kim, jr., 32, 84, 120 Index 157 Moore Lewis, Regan,jr., 32 Lindauer. Phillip, fr., 45, 122, 129, 131 Lindley, Jason,jr., 84, 87 Lindsey, Amy, sr., 24, 68, 84 Lindsey, Rickry, soph,, 39, 87 Littke, Lyndall, fr., 45 Little, Jim,jr., 32, 87 Monday, Caron, fr., 46 Monday, Tommy, sr., 25, 63, 87, 110, 1 19 Moore, Cassandra, fr., 46 Moore Christine, soph., 39 Moore, Lannel, soph., 40, 64 Moore, Mike, soph., 40, 91, 120 Moore Roshelle, fr., 88, 133, 140 ,Twila, sr., 25, 80 Nguyen, John,jr., 33 Nguyen, Lam, fr., 46 Nguyen, Son, fr., 47 Nguyen, Tina, soph., 4-0, 76 Nichols, Bobby, fr., 47, 123 Nichols, Shawna, soph., 40 Nichols, Tuc, soph., 40 Nickell, LaDonna, jr., 33 Locke, Jason,jr., 32 Logan, Reese, soph., 39 Long, Tina, soph., 39 Lottie, Norvella, jr., 32, 84 Love, Michelle, jr., 32, 84 Lowry, Tina, sr., 24, 62, 84 Luong, Kim, sr., 24, 72, 75 Luong, Son, sr., 24, 53 Lusk, Dennis,jr., 32 Lutonsky, Shawn, soph,, 39 Lyons, Lori, fr., 45 Mc Maddex, Terri, sr., 25, 79, 84 Mahler, Tonia, jr., Major, Zaneta, fr., 32 45, 88 Maldonado, Steve, soph., 39, 79 Maney, Crystal, fr., 45 Manley, Venus, jr., 32 Marrow, Clay, jr., 32, 63 Marrow, Dana, sr., 25, 79, 83 Marshall, Jeff, sop 140 h., 39, 120, 124, Marshall, Mike,jr., 32, 80, 120 Marshall, Twynell, soph., 39 Martin, Angie, fr., 45 Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin, Carlus, sr., 25, 80, 83, 92, 98 Hall, soph., 39, 87 Pam, sr., 25, 88 Robert, soph., 39 Martin, Shelly, sr., 25, 61 Martin, Stacy, fr., 45 Martin. Martin, Stephanie, fr., 45 Susan, sr., 25 fr., 46 Melton, Annette, Martin, Vincent, Martin, William, fr., 46 fr., 46 Martinez, Dedrick, fr., 46 Martinez, Julie, jr., 32 Mattingly, Kelly, sr., 25 Marx, Becky, soph., 87, 39 Marzett, Patrick, fr., 46, 91, 140, 141 Maxwell, Teresa, soph., 39, 75, 76 Maycole, Ronald, fr., 46 Maynard, Sandi, Meador, Rozetta, Melaku, Martha, fr., 46 sr., 25 jr., 32, 87 Melchor, Jay, sr., 25, 75, 79, 59 Melchor, Jon, fr., 46 Melton, 109 Melvin Melvin Melvin - a Shannon,jr., 32, 79, 83, 92, Jeff, fr., 46, 91 John, fr., 46, 91 Stacy,jr., 33, 91 Mendoza, Jimmy, soph., 39 Mensch, Jenifer,jr., 33 Mercer, Amy, fr., 46, 83 Mercer, Brent, soph., 39 Metheney, Dewey, fac., 18 Metheney, Don, fac., 18 Meyers, Gray, soph., 69 Middleton, Anita, fr., 46 Midgett, Jon,jr., 33, 76, 120 Miller, Kelli,jr., 33, 72, 80, 106 Miller, Kim,jr., 33, 79, 114 Millhouse, Larry, fac., 18, 120, 133, 140 Millican, Lori, sr., 25 Mixed Chorus 1, 88 Mixed Chorus II, 88 Mize, Gray, fr., 46, 87 Mobley, Andy, fr., 46, 91 Molet, John,jr., 33, 102 Morales, Keith, jr., 33, 69, 120 Morava, Greg, soph., 40, 101 Morava, Kim, fr., 46, 79, 83, 60 Morgan, Mike,jr., 104 Morrissey, Michelle,jr., 33, 75, 76, 83 Moses, Johnjr., 33 Moss, Ina, fr., 46 Moss, Walter, soph., 40 Motheral, Chanon, jr., 33, 138 Mowery, Jeff, soph., 40, 75, 76 Mowery, Todd,jr., 32, 75, 76 Mullins, Jennifer, soph., 40, 92 Murphy, Erna, fr., 46 Murphy, Felisca, fr., 46 Murphy, Trena, jr., 33 Mustain, Angie, fr., 46, 76 Myatt, Jimmy, fr., 46, 53, 87, 121 Myers, Chris, fr., 46 Myers, Jo Ann, fac., 19 Myers, Ricky, sr., 25 Myskey, Rickey, sr., 25, 72, 75, 80, 120 Myskey, Robin, soph., 40, 76 McCartney, Steve, soph., 39 McClendon, Teri,jr., 32, 87 McClure, Sheila, fr., 46 McCoy, Dasha, fr., 46, 91 McCoy, Missy, fr., 46, 136 McCracken, Lois, sr., 25 McCurdy, Tammy, fr., 46 McCurey, Janet, soph., 39 McDaniel, Larry, soph., 39 McDoulett, Cinnammon, jr., 32, 75, 83, 92 McDoulett, Race, soph,, 43, 120 McEvoy, Jeff, soph., 39 McElwee, William, fac., 18 McEwen, Frontes,jr., 32, 105 McGee, Charles, jr., 32 McGuire, Greg, jr., 32, 91 McHenry, Joe, fr., 46 McHenry, Mary, fr., 46 Mclnnes, Darryl, sr., 91 Mclntyre, Treena, soph., 88 McKee, David,jr., 32 McKinley, Dean, fr., 46 McKnight, Traci, fr., 46, 87 McMahan, Dana, fr., 45 McReynolds, Robert, fr., 46, 131 McSperitt, Staci, fr., 46, 106, 113, 120 N Nageotte, Heather, jr., 33, 84 Nance, Derek, soph., 40, 120, 134 Nahey, Chrystal, jr., 55 Neal, James, soph., 40, 129 Neb, Tracy, fr., 122 Neher, Barbara, fae., 18, 84 Nelms, Scott, fr., 46 Nelson, Kendra, fr., 46, 76 Nero, Mickael, fac., 18, 129 Nesbitt, Stacy, fr., 46 Nesbitt, Tracy, fr., 46 Neugebauer, Randy, soph., 40, 72, 80, 113,119,120,124-,146 Newport, Julie, fr., 46, 83, 91 Newspaper Staff, 79 Nickell, Tina, sr., 25 Noakes, Vicky, fac., 18, 64, 80, 139 Norton, Yolanda, fr., 47, 140 Norwood, Catherine, fr., 55 Novarro, Celia, fr., 47 0 O'Club, 80 Odell, John, fr., 47 Odell, Kelly, fr., 47 Oden, Todd, fr., 47, 76, 138, 139 Oglesby, Gail, fac., 18, 84 Olvera, Tonya, sr., 25, 64 Orchestra, 91 Ortega, Tammy, soph., 40, 88 Osborn, Sarah, fac., 118 Overstreet, Connie, fac., 18, 72 Owen, Scott, soph., 40, 120 P Pair, Gena, soph., 40 Pair, Gloria, fr., 47 Palmer, Steve, fr., 47 Parish, Brian, fr., 47 Parker, Sean, soph., 40 Parks, Kenny, fr., 47 Parks, Lee Ann, sr., 25, 79, 84 Parks, Megan, fr., 47, 80, 110, 133, 136 Parks, Robert, soph., 40 Parrish, Tina, fr., 46, 76, 141 Pate, Curtis, soph., 40, 91, 120 Patterson, Perry, soph., 88, 139 Patton, Abraxas, fr., 47, 75, 76 Patty, Ardena, sr., 25, 83 Payton, Wendy, fr., 47, 88 Pena, Christina, soph., 40, 88 Pena, Lori, soph., 40, 76, 83 Pena, Manuel, sr., 25 Pena, Rick, sr., 25, 87 Penner, Keisha, fr., 47 Penrod, Tracy, soph., 40 Percell, Perkins, Perkins, Perrigo, Lisa, soph., 40 Celia, sr., 25 Daniel, sr., 25 Mike,jr., 33, 87, 119 Perry, Antonio, jr., 33, 119 Perry, Marva, fr., 47 Pfeifer, Jerod, fr., 47, 65, 122, 123 Phan, Duoc, sr., 25 Phifer, Al,jr., 84, 121, 134 Phillips, Joe,jr., 33 Phillips, Tisha, fr., 47, 88 Pickard, David, soph., 67, 76, 91 Pickard, Sherrie, sr., 25, 75, 83, 121 Pierce, Allen, fr., 47, 91, 138 Pipes, Julie, jr., 33, 84 Pittman, Dana, fr., 47, 122 Poe, Aaron, fr., 76, 87 Poe, Kimberly,jr., 33 Pollard, Steve, fr., 47, 131 Polly, Edward,jr., 33, 102, 120, 128, 129, 134 Pomeroy, Johnny,jr., 33, 72, 75, 138 PomPons, 92 Poole, Alina, soph., 40 Poole, Cynthia, sr., 25, 88, 117 Porter, Greg, soph., 42, 84, 138 Porter, James, sr., 25, 138 Porter, Kristi, soph., 40, 68 Powell, Shelly, sr., 25, 72, 84, 117 Prater, Steve, fr., 47, 123 Pratt, Della,jr., 84- Prehauser, Heather, fr., 88 Prewitt, Jon, fr., 47 Prince, Shelly, fr., 47, 88 Prokarym, Stan, sr., 25, 139 Pugh, Chris,jr., 33 Pulis, Darrin,jr., 33 Pybas, Mike, jr., 33 Pybas, Eddie, sr., 25, 84 Pybas, Kristi, soph., 40, 83, 136 Quang, Lam, fr., 47 Queen, Vicki, soph., 40 Quigel, Ron,jr., 33 Quinterro, Irene, fr., 47 R Ramsey, Tracie,jr., 33 Rath, Clint,jr., 33 Ray, Danny, soph., 40, 91 Ray, Randy, sr., 26, 59, 75, 79, 91 Reaves, Lorrie, sr., 26, 80 Reed, Tim,jr., 33, 120 Reese, Tara, sr., 26 Reeves, Tajuana,jr., 33, 133, 140 Reust, Travis, soph., 134 Reynolds, Chris, soph., 40 Ribelin, Cora, fr., 47 Richards, Lonnie, fr., 47 Richards, Pam, soph., 40 Richardson, Jon, soph., 40, 76 Richmond, Byron, sr., 26, 87 Richmond, Cathy, fr., 47 Rickard, David, fr., 47 Riley, Angela, soph., 40, 64 Roach, Anthony, soph., 40 Robbins, Daniel, fr., 47 Roberson, Brenda, fac., 19, 76 Roberson, David, sr., 26, 120 Roberson, Mary, soph., 40 Roberson, Sereta, soph., 76, 141, 1 Roberts, Lori,jr., 33, 80 Roberts, Shawn, jr., 33 Robinson, Barbara, jr., 33 Robinson, DeAngelo, fr., 47, 123 Robinson, Mary, sr., 26, 76, 133 Robinson, Michelle,jr., 33, 133 Rodgers, Crystal, fr., 4-7, 139 Rodgers, Terence, soph., 129 Rodriguez, Eva, fr., 47 Rodriquez, Juana, soph., 68 Rodriquez, Monica, fr., 47, 145 Rodriquez, Susan, fr., 88 Rogers, Kristi, fr., 47, 76 Rogers, Shannon, soph., 40 Ross, Sherry,jr., 33 Ross, Timothy, fr., 47, 131 Ross, Tracy, sr., 26, 84, 87, 91 Rowan, Kelly, sr., 26, 79 Rowden, Lisa, jr., 33 Rowden, Tina, fr., 47 Rowland, Audrey, soph., 40 Ruby, Debbie, fr., 48 Ruby, Don, fr., 48 Rushing, Shannon, soph., 44 Russell, Bobby, fr., 48, 123 Russell, Yolanda,jr., 33, 84 S Sanchez, Chase, soph., 40, 87, 113 Sanchez, Joseph, soph., 40 Sanders, Tara, soph., 40, 76 Sanders, Tiffany, sr., 26, 140 Sands, Corey, fr., 48, 76, 123, 134 Sanmarco, Alesia, sr., 26 Sargent. John, sr., 26, 59. 72, 83 Satterfield, Matt, soph., 40 Satterlee. Marna, fr., 48, 79 Saumty. Mike, fr., 48, 76, 87 Schiner, Jimmy, sr., 26, 80. 84. 119, 120 Schultz, Chris, soph., 87 Schultz, Donnie,jr., 91 Schultz, Elizabeth, jr., 33, 80 Schumm, Loetta, soph., 40 Schwemley, Scott, jr., 33. 87 Scott, 8rian,jr., 33 Scott. Darryl, jr., 84, 88 Scott, Diana, soph., 41, 87. 88 Scott, Kim, fr., 47,l17, 119. 120 Scott, Kristi, sr., 26, 75, 79, 114 Scott, Marc, soph., 41 Scott, Shannon, fr., 87, 88 Scott, Steve, fr., 48, 123, 131 Scotzin. Shannon, fr., 48 Scotzin, Shawn, soph., 41 Scroggins. Donny, soph., 41 Sears, Lisa, fr., 48, 136 Selensky. Mitch, sr., 26, 58, 79. 83 Self, WilIiam,jr., 34, 80, 105, 113. 120. 124, 127 Sellars, Donna, jr., 34 Sewell, Ernest, sr., 26 Shackelford, Nikki, fr., 48 Shade, Christy,jr., 34, 79, 114 Shaver. Lasonya, fr., 48 Shay, Kim,jr., 34, 75, 79, 83 Shealy,,1ocelyn,jr., 34, 75, 83 Shelburn, Shavon, fr., 48, 56 Shelton, Edward, sr., 26, 72 Shelton, Kita,jr., 104, 117 Shemayme, Colby,jr., 34 Shields, Kirk, sr., 84 Shipley, Shawnna, soph., 41, 64, 80. 136 Shipp. Tommy, jr., 34 Shook, Erick, soph., 41 Shotwell, Michelle, jr., 34, 80, 88, 109 Shuler, Katherine, soph., 41, 79 Shultz, Donnie, fr., 48 Simpson, Randy, fr., 48, 123 Sims, ,1ohnna,jr., 34, 91 Singley, ,lames,jr., 34, 69, 134 Sisk, Mike, sr., 26, 91 Slaughter. Dale, soph., 41, 87, 91 Small, Tony, fr., 48, 91 Smiley, Brent, soph., 41 Smiley, Earlene, fac., 19 Smiley, Starla, sr., 26 Smith, Guy, fac., 19, 87 Smith, jeff, fr., 48 Smith, joe,jr., 34, 105. 120, 124 Smith, Judy, jr., 34 Smith, Julie, jr., 34, 87 Smith, Kevin, soph., 41, 80, 87, 88, 1 17, 120 Smith, Lisa, fr., 48 Smith, Mike, fac., 19, 54, 120, 124 Smith, Mylon,jr., 34, 84 Smith, Randy, fr., 48 Smith. Randy,jr., 34, 84 Smith, Sandra, fac., 19, 83 Smith, Tammy, sr., 113, 117. 120, 146 Smith, Teresa, soph., 41, 75, 76, 79, 83 Smith, Tracey, soph., 41 Snider, Kelli, sr., 26, 84 Snow, Chandra, fr., 48, 127 Snyder, Debra, jr., 34, 68, 84 Sonlin, Jarl, sr., 26, 76, 105 Sosenko, Pete, sr., 84 Spanish l and II, 76 Sparger, Taeko, fac., 19 Speaks, Lonnie, soph., 41 Speal, Steve, fr., 48 Spears, Jack, soph., 44, 56, 80 Speech, 87 Spencer, Eric, fr., 48, 87, 100, 123, 134 Spencer, Mandy, jr., 34, 80, 87. 136 St. Hilaire, Heather. sr., 26, 87 St. Hilai re, Julie, fr., 87, 91 Stafford, Scott. sr., 26 Stage Craft, 87 Standridge-Myers, Ginnie,jr., 34, 83 Stanford, Charles, sr., 26 Stanford-Capps, Kristi, sr., 26, 58, 84 Stark, T Starnes, ammy.jr., 34 Christie, sr., 26, 79 Starr, Bertha, fac., 19 Stephen Stephen Stephen 83 s. Bryan, fr., 48 s. Jackie, fr., 48 son, Stacy, soph., 41, 75. 76. Stevenn, jennifer, fr., 48 Stevenson, Arthur, soph., 41, 140, 141 Stewart, Denice, fr., 48, 136, 146 Stewart, Derek,jr., 120, 134 Stewart, Patricia, jr., 34, 88 Stewart. Travis, soph., 41 Stilwell, Robin, fr., 48, 65 Stotzer, Robyn,jr., 34, 53, 55 Stuart, Claude,jr., 34 Student Council, 72 Sughru, Lois, fac., 19 Sullivan, Billy, fr., 88 Sullivan. Eddie, fr., 123, 124 Sullivan, Steve, jr., 34 Sullivan Sunt, Li Swidler, , Terrell, fr., 48, 131 m, fr., 48 Lori, sr., 26, 84 T Talley, Melissa, sr., 26, 57, 79 Tamez, Jaime, jr., 34, 76, 84 Taylor, Brian, sr., 26 Taylor, Kristin, fr., 48, 91 Taylor, Melissa,jr., 34, 88 Taylor, Rahny, fr., 48 Tran, Huong, soph., 41 Trest, Pat, fr., 49, 79 Trevino, Richard, jr., 34, 146 Trivitt, Gina, jr., 34 Trombley, Shelly, soph., 83, 142 Trotter, John, fr., 49 Truitt, Matt, fr., 49. 123 Turman, Crystal, sr., 27 Turner, Ann, fac,, 19 Turner, Carnell, fr., 49, 91 Turner, Cheri, soph., 41, 55 Turner, Keith, sr., 117 Turner, Rovine, jr., 34, 84 Turner, Teresa. fr., 88 U Ungaro, Robbie, fr., 49 Unsell, Kathy, sr., 27, 87 Updike, Jon, soph., 4' 91 V Vail, ' .ul, sr., 27, 80, 114, 120, 134, 1 J V ,,e, Juanita, fr., 49 ance, Kevin, fr., 49 Vanl'1orn, Scott, sr., 27, 80, 114, 128, 129 Venegas, Antonio, soph., 68 V1CA, 84 Villa, Michelle. fr., 113 Vowell, Joe, sr., 75, 76 W Wade, Delores, fr., 49, 88 Waggoner, Dinah,jr., 34, 72, 92, 106 Walkabout, Ryan, fr., 49, 75, 127, 124 Walker, Dennis,jr., 34, 84 Walker, Lynell, fr., 49 Walkingstick, Kerry, sr., 79 Wiburn, Dana, fr., 49, 91 Wilde, Danielle, jr., 35, 7 Wilde, Robin, fr., 75 Wilder, Bonnie, fr., 49 Wiley, Jerry, sr., 101 Wilkins, Kim,jr., 35 Wilkins, Nuelle, fr., 49 Wilks, Robert, fr., 49 Williams, Auderia, sr., 28, 84 Williams, Chrystal, fr., 49 Williams, Jeff, 141 Williams, Leonard,jr., 35 Williams, Mike, soph., 41, 134 Williams, Monica, fr., 88 Williams, Paula, sr., 28, 84 Williams Williams, Sandra, soph., 41 Williams, Sharinda, jr., 84 Williams, Shlonda,jr., 91 Wilmoth, Jimmy, jr., 35 Wilson, Beverly, fac., 19, 83 Wilson, Geoff, soph., 41, 75 Wilson, Gina, fr., 49 Wilson, Linda, fac., 19 Wing. Kim, soph., 41, 92 Wisdom, Lisa,jr., 35, 80 Wishon, Dawn, fr., 49, 75 Wishon, Doak, soph., 41, 76, 120 Wolfe, Glen, soph., 41, 88 Wood, Brett, sr., 79, 84 Wood, Mark, soph., 41 Wood, Matt, jr., 35, 84 Woods, Michelle, fr.. 49 Woosley, Helen, fac., 19 Wooten, Scott, fr., 49 Wrice, Anthony, fr., 49 Wright, Brenda,jr., 35, 84, 110, 120 Wright, Candice, fr., 49, 76 Wright, Kevin, soph., 41 Writers' Club, 79 Wylie, Angie, fr., 49, 91 X 5, 83 , Rayvone, soph., 41, 129 , 76,129 Xuereb, Sean, fr., 49, 76, 87, 123 Taylor, Terri, sr., 26 Taylor, Theressa,jr., 34, 75, 76,83 Taylor, Thomas, fr., 48, 88 Taylor, Tina. 84 Taylor, Trisha, sr., 27, 80 Teague, Howard, sr., 27, 76, 79, 88. 100 Thatcher, james, fac., 19, 69 Thomas, Bridgett,jr., 34, 84 Thomas. Cheryl, soph., 41 Thomas, Danyelle, fr., 48 Thomas. Della, fr., 48, 83, 91 Thomas, Jennifer, jr., 34, 87 Thomas, Sondra, sr., 84 Thomason, Michelle, fr., 48, 139 Thompson, Chris, jr., 34, 120 Thompson, Fred, fr., 48, 123 Thompson, Leslie, soph., 41, 75, 87. 92, 140 Thompson, Regina, soph., 41 Thompson, Shonda, soph., 41 Thompson, Ronnie, sr., 27. 120 Tice, Carol, sr., 27, 79 Tice, Lori, soph., 41 , 76, 79 Tiemann, Shawna, fr., 48 Tilson, Kathy,jr., 34, 80 Tingle, Anthony. soph., 41 Tinnin, Lori, soph., 41 Todd, Cindy, sr., 27, 75, 79, 87 Todd, Kathy,jr., 34, 84 Todd, Lisa, fr., 48, 60, 79 Todd, Terrance, fr., 49 Tomlinson, Paula, soph., 41, 88 Tracey, Danny, soph., 41 Tracy, Mike, soph., 41 Tracy, Regina, sr., 27 Wallace, Angela, soph,, 41 Wallace. Gala, sr., 27, 79 Walley, Teresa, jr., 34 Wall, Tammy, jr., 34 Wallingford, Todd, sr., 27, 56, 80, 120,134,114 Walmer, Jackie, sr., 27, 65 Walters, Lisa, sr., 67, 79, 84 Walton, Charita, fr., 49 Walton, Jason, soph., 41, 66, 87, 120 Walton, Mike, fr., 49, 140 Ward, Gina,jr., 35 Ward, Graham, jr., 35 Ward, Lee, fr., 49 Warren, Keith,jr., 35, 54, 75, 83 Warrior, Leon,jr., 35, 87 Watkins, Anthony, fr., 49, 134 Watson, Chris, fr., 49, 88 Watson, Gary, fac., 19, 53 Watson, Robert, sr., 27, 76, 87 Wattie, Michelle, s Wattie, Shannon,j r., 28, 79 r., 62, 84 Wear, Patricia, fac., 19, 83 Weaver, Debbie, s r., 28 Webb, Brenda, sr., 28, 84 Weideman, Rhonda, fr., 49, 88 Wells, Bryan, fr., 49, 88 Wells, Chenedra, fr., 49 Wenthold, Jason, fr., 49 Wenthold, Ty, jr., Werner, Shawnda, West, Cindy, fr., 4 34,101,120 soph., 41, 79, 92 9 White, Chrissy, sr., 28, 72, 75, 80, 92 Whitmore, James, 68 Wigley, Marcy, fr., 49, 91, 53 Wigley, Stacy, sr., 28, 79, 83 Y Yarema, Troyan, fr., 49, 76 Yazzie, Zena, soph., 41, 136 Yearbook, 79 Yohey, Kelli, fr., 49, 87 Young, DeAndre, soph., 88 Young, Debra, fr., 49 Young, Freddie, fr., 49, 123 Young, James, sr., 28, 88 Young, Kathy, sr., 28, 79, 84 Young, Patricia, jr., 79 Young, Redonda, fr., 49, 88 Young, Tina, jr., 88 Zuaznabar, Adriana, sr., 28, 64 Index 159 liditor - Cindy Todd Assistant Editor - Pt-te fldznns t 9 Faculty - Shannon Melton Seniors - Staff juniors - Staff Sophomores - Melissa llt-nslet. lxiilltii- Shuler Freslnnen -- Lisa Todd. 'Vlarna 5attt'rlt'e. Kltll Nlorztxa Curriculum - Dana Marrow. Stat-5 Wiglvx. Mari llutson Organizations - Staff Sr-hool Life - Kristi Sr-ott Sports - Donna Craig, Cllristit- Starnvs Cirvulation - Christy Simult- Copy Editor - Donna Craig l.ay out Editor - Cherie Dyer Index - Kim Shay. Christi Altiaro Advertising - Steve Malilonailn Staff Artist - ,liminy Driskill s .-Xdxiser - Dr. Ruth Kraeint-r Professional Photographer 7 lk-Vl ay ne firitvlifield Portrait Photographer k lllunck Studios Yearbook Representative and Professional Artist - Lu llollander Staff - .lenny Crail. Beeky llilmbard. Slummla Werner. Traina ,lone-s. Lanell Moore. Joyce Willis. Ki-ith illianilc-L-. Kun Miller. Start Darnell. Toininie Cummings. Pain Doss. tlolrlit- Duboise. l.isa Jones. Kori liaulmin. 2 Shannon Melton, Handy Neugalxaner. 'l'vresa Smith. Lisa Walters. Micrlwllt- Wattie. Marina Brown. Feels good. Yuiniko llurst and flarlus Nlartin lleftl enjoy the feeling ol' accomplishment. ""4l QC. W,Wiw.i,.W 1" 1x..f' eww. gay", I Prvvarlngi C P t' l60 lipiloguvffleneralExplosion muon? ' Q . .. an Sunnis ri owl' lunml Plm is lo' ' i . qluatt0' gm The year 1986 gave most of us an outlook on life we had never seen before. For some, more years would be spent in school: for others, a new explosion in life will turn everything aroundg college. full time jobs and responsibilities arejust a few things that will jolt our easy going routine. As we go through life and look back on our school days, we will have a better look at the General Explosion that changes our lives. X f th 2 'X 6'-idl 1' OLS? QV C9 gg N58 Q Qbfwijf, I

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