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+f"N,,,,.,. m . l X ur i . .U l 4 , M , s 1, , 'Ba mwah., V i 1 S As the world seems to move faster and faster, the people in it move faster . When we came here in the ninth grade, we were moving at a slow e watched others and mimicked them. In the tenth grade, we got caught up in the activities of school life, and our pace picked up momen- tum. When we were juniors, we tried to find jobs to make money for our ust tried to keep up the pace with graduation. We all had our own set pace, but our goal was to stay on top of things. We con- sidered ourselves to be GENERALS ON THE MOVE. as well pace, but w cars. Our senior year, we j 59?- tg ' at-S193-2. f' :cfm wwf ' ww F u r 5 P -0-1 'Vim 1' WAV 'est' V .L Q 5 iw! Q' ' x 'Q an V bgifws . ' x .WJ 'Q' - ' Q 1 Perfection. Kirk Shields is trying to keep his hands steady as he makes a project in woodshop. Big Bucks, Bonnie Marsh adds up the figures in her checkbook. QGX ... M..-" S-a xixjg S My x J' L LV , V - ' I . MM VY ,, ,,.., ,,,,,,. 1 .mann ',glr5 'M Rehearsal. Mr, Guy Smith tells Brian Hise and Leslie Rex to hold their pose, Early Birds. Dedicated band members arrive for early-morning band practice. 4 l 1 5 A , 'Even jobs, extra activities let us get f the beat! All day long we sat at a desk doing the same thing every day work! When that 2:20 bell rang we all liked to get a little "off the beat." Renee Elwood thought that extra-curricular activities were good because they gave one a chance to be with other people with the same interest. Stacy Wigley said, "A few of my friends worked, and we could really tell who they were. They came to class with one eye open, and no homework." Yamiko Hurst thought that extra-curricular activities were worth having because they provided a challenge to everyone. "Jobs were a drag. The money was good, but who wants to work?" asked Cindy Turley. Many times we students missed out on school activities because of our jobs, but most of us felt that it was worth it because we had money for car payments, clothes, and fun with our friends. Some students were required to have jobs because of the classes they took - such as DECA and Child Care. Having jobs and managing our time and money made us more responsible. A Straining. Mike Marshall spots Ricky Myskey as - , Q 'X , he attempts to power lift. L ' Q ' -A' , N, , . - 1 . , ' ' W vb t w 'EZ' -I -'e- -41' , - ,, i A 4 ' Li fs, .A 3 sw. , . . ftfifu K 'K -, f- K ., , .g N. Q? . 4 1 .l ZW' 'R ...H K Qtlyif ,-'f,.Z?.'e -H -2 A' . T if 'Wig ix Partners. Steve Lopez and Mike Cross are busily working. Bubbles. Melissa Clay, Tina Simmons, Tammie Clark, and Julie Bell are having a bubble blow- ing contest. Childs Play. Tina Conner and Jeff Cordell relive their childhood days at Showbiz. -1' v if, 'v 1 'x Y nf., .A 1 I j' uw J, K, X., ,ff ,f ,f' I ff ff I ' 9, Jw.. 'pf ,I ,. 1 -,,,f' f ,,Q3ig,4j,fff'jLf','2' ,qf 1 if X ,Z 17 . fQQf?.- f iff ,ff ,X ,v ,, ,Z FM vw H S--S TX?- Stick 'em Up. Donald and Dennis Lusk take Up in the air. Cheryl Martin, Julie Holloway, revenge on Lisa Goodmiller. Becky Huffman, and Jimmy Ballard take time out of a rigorous school schedule to play frisbee. F Regressing. Crystal Knost, Kathy Langston, Clay Marrow, Dereck Levine watch their friend Robin Brown show them the right way to slide down a slide. Cruisin. Mandy Levescy and Bobby Jones check out produce at a local store. x 'After full work week we use weekend .-3,4-.ul .f ,... N 5, ,.?! .. we i.. ,.. , ' .aw frr M A fm W, I V... M Z e .VAM , ,MW W .i...,.. ... ...TIT --Q"'-- Q 2? Q .M N. , - W W W W ww. safe, ,MM Most of the time we felt that we were in a straight jacket. There were things that we had to do for our families at home, as well as for our teachers at school, but sometimes we liked to just "cut loose." "After school I liked to go home and just listen to KJ-103 and then go take a walk," said Ernest Sewell. "After school I practiced music and worked on my computer a lot. I spent hours in front of the TV," said Randy Ray. "After school I liked to just go out with all my friends and have a good time!" commented Kristie Scott. "School was fun, but l really looked forward to the weekends when I saw all of my friends who had already graduated," responded Gail Genaway. Every Friday at 2:20 when the bell rang, everyone "cut loose!" It was a time for people to do the things they wanted. Opening 5 Computing. Ricky Myskey and Darren Williams get with the program. Booking It Todd Mowry has no time for anything but the books. 6 Opening -1 , . 4' - 4' f --5. c .t -' R sf A M Get Physical. Jumping into shape, students in gym class do their daily calisthenics. an ia A l we ,,,, W4 , f,iM,,...eN...,.r-4.-usp We like school even though it means M ack to basics fp, ln a world that was emphasizing reading, writing, and arithmetic, we had a steady diet of basics, this didn't keep us from liking school. S S "lf it weren't for school, we would never have met our best friends," said Renee Elwood. Pam Clement said, "l've always liked school, but l think drama made it a lot more fun." "School was fun if we tried. The hours were a little early, but we got used to that," observed Eric Schmitt. Sharon Alexandra liked school because she thought the teachers really seemed to care about getting students prepared for their future. Tina Young liked coming to school because it was "fun and a place to see friends every day." Even though school was fun, days were filled with learning where to use the correct verb, or when to replace a variable with the correct number. With all of this, we left for the summer feeling as if we had learned something, even if it was only how to achieve our goals. l 13 i E- i ,f ,ffm Calculating. Karen Bays goes back to the basics, and first calculator, her toes and fingers, in math class. Board Work. Mr. Neil Choate illustrates an im- portant part in history. Opening 7 Primping. Cheryl Martin can't decide on what she will do next to show off her fingernails and earrings. New Style. Shanta Laviolette, Shelly Powell, Portia Patterson, and Chrissy White discuss the latest fashion in jelly shoes. 'Ya N. 'M Y H:- 1 1-gm 1 jg kv' Guys Only. Steve Snyder and Terry Rice show oft the popular parachute pants. Perched. Kelly Watkins shows that jeans and T- shirts will always be in style. 8 Opening an ., im-wif ,gs ii! 3 it in-1"9?f' 'I S gs..-3. mi! st," a 'H raw' ,M Shaved. Byron Jones and Edward Polly show the new haircut for the school year of '85. Bead lt. Lori Swidler helps Lori Millican put on a necklace, Above all, it's important to be "How do l look?" is a question we frequently asked. We always had to make sure we were "Lookin' good." Demetra Booze said, "Fashions were very hard to keep up with unless one had the money. There was no need to try to keep it up, because they'll be gone next year." Jay Melcher thought that fashions nowadays were getting crazier, and he loved it. He thought the clothes were a lot of fun. Terry Rice liked the GQ look. Sometimes he liked to dress a "little punk" or "new wave," but the GQ look was still for him. Fashion played an important part in our daily lives. Every morning when we got up, we had to decide whether to dress casual or dressy. Making the decisions about what name brand to buy was difficult at times and even frustrating, but we didn't quit until we knew for sure we were "Lookin' good." Opening 9 ww , A A- . N X : 'ig if S 5:5 gs .5 W 1 er 4 e 2 1 3 K , I 91 1 gk , 111 f vmrf W.- .1-,-. vf fx if ss v yi. A ., 5 t W A 9? , 3 fs S 1 ' . wg A, 5 v if il i sv 'I ...K if mf, c. V E "- " ,Y -K' V A ,ge :.- X. "'5l,.,x 4 A Q7 4' P 1 , , Q Although we had fun outside the classroom, we still .4 , had fun in class. We passed notes, trying not to get caught, f 4 and we talked, but we still learned. At the first of the year, , we were energetic, but at the end of the year d we were tired. We still tried to learn S and that made us, CLASSES ON THE MOVE. , Q' Class s on th mo 215457: People 11 Nw 'He's leader, friend Principal Since September of 1981, when Dr. James Robinson became the principal at U. S. Grant High School he has brought many new challenges and changes. He became our leader as well as our friend, He supported us in all we did. For those of us who were seniors he played an important role in our lives. He was our principal, the only one we've ever known. He was by our side through the good and bad times. We will never forget the impact he has had in our lives. Practice. Dr Robinson listens as the U. S. Grant drummers rehearse. Welcoming Dr. Robinson welcomes the incom- ing freshmen to U, S. Grant. Inn since 1981 ' 'M He helped our school in many ways. He organized new landscaping for the front of the school and the courtyard. The school was painted and many new ideas were added. Our school became our home away from home. We became a team with him as our leader. He helped us to grow and mature. In these past four years he was able to see and help one class go from frightened freshmen to super seniors - the graduating class of 1985, Boss Dr. Robinson discusses future plans for Grant with his boss, Dr. Donald Wright. superintendent. -glue. ,., 1 L 'f 'V x. i i ,Q KRT 'ua 'W' rx ' 1 -'ln : it isfll. X I gi: ist'-' t- . :-P L ' W wig f ' 5-.K W . .t f -',o R' ' 'M ,fr il , Thai? . 4- .. 4 A' Joking. Dr. Robinson shares some of his ex- periences with Mrs. Rita Phillips and Mrs. June Dyson. 12 Principal ' ' ' ' 'S Greetings. Dr. Paul Heath congratulates Dr. Robinson on the fine job he has done at Grant. . Rf? x I sf. Cjlltlkklllg lr Ou! Dr .lfmuw Rulnzrvsmw, Calvm Fmnklm. and lrene McNw1lnl1scL15Sl1mA well Klux' sclwwl grounds drullml-41113 Bzmlsc Dr Rcvbmsrm, Kurt Nllllwr. and Bmsm Lewms look on as Jamvs llumphruv smks the ball iF 6 , f 5' Q Mm , .-,v,4 . 1.,14,i , ,if gil 2' . 5: ' Pnndpal 13 Caught. Aaron Scott and Bill Slate almost got away with giving Kent Langston an un-asked-for ride when Miss Jamie Lindsey appeared. Speaking. Mr. Paul Simmas tells one mother that her child missed a class. 'These are people we respect' Assistant These were the people we honored and respected. We as students looked to them for advice and guidance. They were here to maintain order throughout our school and to keep us all in line. Though sometimes they seemed strict and not completely on our side, we knew they were our friends and not just authoritative figures we must obey. Our principals were people we looked up to. Being a vice principal was not as easy as it seemed. We knew their jobs were tough. Miss Jamie Lindsey tried to keep all the freshmen in line. She also made sure that everything was all right at enroll- ment. Mr. Paul Simmons, who was 14 Assistant Principals principals here for his first time, had the sophomores to look after. Keeping up with all of the school maintenance was also a part of his job. Mr. Alfa Mouton had his hands full with the juniors and seniors. He made sure that all of the upperclassmen were always orderly. He also had the responsibility of assigning lockers and keeping them repaired. We thought we had the best staff of vice principals around. They were ac- tive with our school and gave their full support. Welcoming, Miss Jamie Lindsey shares some of her home-spun philosophy with her new students. has if M f T 8 1:-sing Getting Acquainted. Mr. Paul Simmons gets ac- Working. Miss Lois Sughru prepares the daily quaintecl with his new office here at U. S. Grant. bulletin. 'Wo-ni., 1? 'Hi' My Ri our ,, , M2411 ' -' MW! KW Checking. Mr, Alfa Mouton has a problem with a locker, Distributing. Mr. Alfa Mouton double checks the supply list before the supplies leave his possession. Assistant Principals 15 Addressing. At career day, Mrs, Thelma Parks, head counselor, explains the procedure to the student body, Making ii point Mrs, Thelma Parks explains how important our school is to Dave Souter. favwemrs lifgwir. , was sf Discussing Mrs. Harriet Pulley and Miss Michelle Henderson plan a student's special schedule. Time Ou! Mr, John Moham takes time out to talk tn Rnvena Turner. 16 Board. Cozniselors Z' ... eggs: f-""",a-an .aw FQ. l l I 5 '1 we we . if ,.,.k L ,1.,. 'They help us plan our future' Board, counselors Members of the Oklahoma City Board of Education were people we did not know very well, but we knew they were the ones who changed our grading scale and decided we would start a week later in the fall and go a week later in the spring. We often saw Dr. Paul Heath in our halls to speak to classes or help in any way he could. The counselors have shown us many different ways that we as students may enhance our future. They have guided many of us through four ofthe most important years in our life and helped us to become Getting Acquainred. Dr Paul Heath meets some of the students before addressing their class. ' , , l W F 4 ,L .G ot' "---. at . B i t T. W .5 -. D , it responsible adults. Our counselors gave us the choice of which path to take in planning our future. They helped us choose classes, encouraging us to be active in the school extra- curricular activities. They were good at just being there to talk to us. Without our counselors, we would never have been able to start this year, They, with Miss l.indsey's help, are the ones that planned the schedules and organized the enrollment. We were thankful for our counselors, Mrs. Thelma Parks, Mrs. Harriett Pulley. and Mr. John Moham for the outstanding job they did. Superintendent, Dr. Donald l.. Wright. Oklahoma City Board of Education, Mrs. Jane Brody. District 1: Mr. Hugh Long, District 2: Mrs. Betty Hill, District 3, Ms. Susan Hermes, District 4, Dr. Clyde Muse, District 5: Mrs. LaRue Donwerth, District 7. Speakers. For career day, Mrs. Thelma Parks hosts representatives from the business community, Board, Counselors 17 Growing enrollment presents problems Faculty Our teachers really had a rough year. Most of them had larger classes than usual because of all the budget prob- lems. They worked very hard, but we knew that they had many problems. The teachers had adjusted very well to this situation. There were more students enrolled this school year than last year. Some teachers had to accept more students in their classes because there were not enough teachers to teach the course. Finally new teachers came to our school. Buss Bartee, BA, Biology, General Scwrtce, Zorida Benedict, BA. Art l, ll. Art Club, Fred Blackman, BS, MA, Basic Prog. Adv, Prog, lntro to Com' puters. Computer Club. Diane Bone, BS. MA. Developmental and Effective Reading, CVET, English l, ll. Gina Bonner, BS. MD. Special Education. Julluette Brown, BS. Business Machine. General Business, Typing l, ll, FBLA, Ron Cable, BS, MNS. Chemistry, Biology, General Science, Honor Society, Key Club. Soccer Club, Neil Choate, BS, MA, Okla llistory, Amer Govern' ment, US Historyg Harold Crosley, BA. MA. English I, lll, Ernie Daniel, MA, Drivers Education, Juanita Dubose. BS, Special Ed , Coopf'Work Study Pro- gram, June Dyson, BS, MS, Vocational Child Care l, ll, HERO, Connie Ellis, BS. Dance, Gymnastics. Pom Pon, O'Club. Softball, Greta Emanuel, BS. Cosmetology, VICA Sponsor, Cynthia Foote, BS. Social Studies, US History, Oklahoma History. Applied Economics. Psychology, Junior Class, Al Fuller, BS, MS, Accounting l and ll, Cooperative Office Education, FBLA. Sarah Fuller, BA, MA. EdD. English ll, lll, American Literature, Writers' Club, Senior Class Sponsor, Ruth Galaz, BS, M Ed, French, English, l, ll, Vl, English Literature, Co,Sponsor of Foreign Language Club, Gary Gleaves, BS, CVET, Mechanical Trades, Intro, to Welding, FCA, Ben Hart, BS, MA, PhD, Math, History. English, Michelle Henderson. BS, MA, Learning Disabilities, Cal Holloway, ME, Learning Disabilities. Freshman Girls' Basketball. Boys' Coach, Lyle Hostetter, MA, US History. Sociology, World History, Thomas Hutchinson, BA, BS, MS, Physics, Algebra, Tennis Coach, Lathon Johnson, BS. MNS. General Science, Biology, Earth Science, Sarah Jones, BA, MA, Art. Ruth Kraem A, MT, EdD, l,l,h Yearbook. per. English l, Journalism. Marcus Lyday, BS, Upholstery, Assadi Massoud, MS, Physics, William McElwee, BS, General Math l, ll, Algebra l, Dewey Metheny, BS, Woodwork, FCA, Don Metheny, BS, US fltstory, AP History, Athletic Director, Barbara Neher, BS, Special Education, Science, English Closeup. Co Sponsor. Michael Nero, ln House Suspension. Asstsf tant Basketball Coach. Vicky Noakes, BA. Family Relations, Child Development. Home Planning. Foods ll. Home Economics,G1rls'Tennts, 18 Faculty However, then the counselors had to ask some of the students if they wanted to be in another class with the new teacher. We had more changes in our schedule this year than we ever have had. Our enrollment just kept growing. It went pretty far beyond the expectations, so we kept getting new teachers, form- ing new classes and moving around. Finally we leveled off and had a productive year. Computatins. Miss Beverly Wilson watches Dena Cox learn how to use the computer. ' 13 t at Y M , . ,S t wil l 'Q ' ' it m W 'lt ,rr M F ll l ' S 1' l I fs- Es fs to ui 'inr- 1 'ih- - ' 1. , ,s,,. , .K ' o ,,...a-.t-'K , ,,,,...... ,W M . ll .-" brff' Lex' , ,ff ff! .ff s Heavy Load, Ann Turner, librarian. and Pat Carpenter, secretary. realize that their work is almost finished for the day. Teaching. Mr. Gary Watson shows Steve Uffen how to write an essay paper correctly, X lm A ?Q3iS'?3 f F ,Q . my F yr nl W fs T 's- vu- Surprised. Mrs, Brenda Roberson reminds Mary Herrod that two English exercises are due. Gail Oglesby, BA. DEf'Marketmg Business Mgt and Ownership. Connie Overstreet, BS, Algebra l, ll, Geometry, Student Council. Rita Phillips, BA, English Literature English ll, Basic Grammar and Composition. Future Teachers. Brenda Roberson, BA, Spanish I. ll. English l. Junior Class, Spanish Club. John Savage, BS. Drivers Education, Red Cross Club, Safety Club Sponsor. Guy Smith, BA. Tech Theater. Radio TV. Mass Media. Speech. Forensics, I IV Drama. Mike Smith, BS. MEd Oklahoma History, Government, US Htstory. Head Football Coach. FCA, Sandra Smith, BA, Business English, Typing l, Shorthand, .lumor Class, FBLA. Taeko Sparger. MFA Art. James Thatcher, BS, Physical Education, OJ Thomas, BA, Vocal Music, Girls' Basketball. Choir, Gary Watson, BA. ME. AP English. English Literature, English ll, Basic Advanced Composition. Pat Wear, Algebra ll, Geometry. Trig Analytics, Ap Calculus. Linda Williamson, Administration lntern, Beverly Wilson, BS, BA. Typing l. Introduction tu Computers. Data Processing. Linda Wilson, BS, Special Education, Freshman Class. Peggy Camp- bell, Registrar, Patricia Carpenter, Library Secretary, Mary Dies, Attendance Secretary, Joann Myers, Financial Secretary, Helen Wooaley, Counselors' Secretary Faculty 19 Torunn Acking Robert Allred Shelly Anderson Dana Arnold John Barnard Wayman Barnes Robert Battle Karen Bays Wendy Berryman Tamara Betterton Bambi Blumenthal Stefan Borgman Dawn Bryant Jonathan Buckley Sheila Burns John Calamaio Gary Carter Cindi Case Gina Childers Darren Clark Tammie Clark Melissa Clay Kimberly Clayton Trina Cook Gene Coslow Acing, Torunn Drama, FBLA Allred, Robert: DECA Alvarado, Mark Anderson, Shelly Arnold, Dana: DECA, Pep Club Baker, Jimmy Barnard, John Barnes, Patrick: Fr., Basketball Barnes, Wayman: Cross Country, Jr. 20 Seniors Symphony Belvin, David Berryman, Wendy Betterton, Tamra: FBLA Birdwell, Teresa: FBLA Blumenthal, Bambi: Softball, Tennis, Jr. Basketball Attendant, Pep Club, Var' sity Cheerleader, Co-head Varsity Cheerleader, Student Council, Jr. Class Vice President, Sr. Class Vice President Bergman, Stefan: Exchange Student from West Germany Brown, Tracy Bryant, Dawn: Spanish Club, DECA, Choir, Pep Club Buckley, Jonathon: DECA Buie, Kelly Reynolds: HERO Burns, Sheila: Pep Club, HERO Calamaio, John: Band, Band Mr. Freshman, All City Band, OSU Honor Orchestra, Outstanding Junior lBandl, Drum Captain, Band Treasurer Carter, Gary: Swimming, VICA Case, Cindy Cassil, Shelly: VICA Cervantes, Alfonso Childers, Gina: OSU Alumni Award OU Alumni Award, Distinguishec American High School Students, Per Club, Hero, Art Club, Yearbool- Oklahoma Christian College Educatior Scholarship Clark, Darren Clark, Tammie 'W 3 xx. bllnm Q ,yxl AQ In ACT one of those necessary evils Seniors To many seniors the American College Testing Pro- gram, ACT, became a reality that many had to face. The ACT is a series of tests used to deter- mine skills in English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Natural Sciences. Feelings were split for and against the ACT, but more decided that the ACT was just one of those necessary evils. Mr, and Miss Howdy. Bill Slate and Bam- bi Blumenthal were voted Senior Howdys by the student body, cz"- "l think it is necessary because everyone has different abilities in different areas and colleges need to know this." Laura Garza 'il think that the ACT is necessary because it helps get people ready for college." Michelle Eskina HI feel the ACT is necessary because you will know what your ability is and it will tell you if you are capable of going to college." Karen Howell Dena Cox Joan Crawley Mike Cross Tammy Davidson Michelle Dickinson YES? l fig? If xr.-1 i sf Steven Dunn Cynthia Edwards Leon Edwards Jr. Michelle Eskina Sherri Fields Kristi Fletcher Mat French Scott Frith Q' Carol Garrett Laura Garza Clay, Melissa: Writers Club, Vice Dresident of French Club, Pep Club Clayton, Kim: Gymnastics, DECA Zlement, Pamela Iolbert, Greg look, Trina: Honor Roll, OSU Honor Scholar, OU Honor Scholar, Student Iouncil, Soph. Class Officer, Jr, Class Jfficer, Pom-Pon Capt., FBLA, Pep Ilub, Yearbook Cooper, Jackey Ioslow, Gene: Wrestling Cox, Dena: Soph. of the Year, Citizen of the Month, Pep Club Chaplain, Drama, FBLA, NHS Chaplain, French Club, Drama Chaplain Cox, Rickey Crawley, Joan Cross, Mike Daniel, Carrie: Tennis Davidson, Tammy: DECA Dickinson, Michelle: Gymnastics, Pep Club, DECA Doan, Ha Dowdy, William Dunn, Steven Edwards, Cynthia: Cosmetology Edwards, Leon: Cross Country, Track, VICA Ellison, Charles Eloie, Naomi Eskina, Michelle: Band, COAED, Year- book, HERO Fields, Sherri Fields, William Fletcher, Kristi: Basketball, Softball, Who's Who Among American High School Students, FBLA, Computer Club, FCA, FHA, Newspaper Staff Floyd, Marcus: Basketball French, Mat: VICA Frith, Scott: Football, Baseball Frost, Joyce Seniors 2 1 Working, traveling college: 'Big Three' Seniors Senior plans vary as to what they are going to do in the future. College and working are the top priorities after high school. Many seniors plan on traveling, anywhere from California to Jamaica or Mexico. Whatever their plans, the senior Generals of '85 are ON THE MOVE! "I don't plan on going to col- lege, but I do plan on working and being independent' Julie Lyons "I plan on finishing my school Vernon Glover Lisa Gonshor Lisa Goodmiller Laurie Gordon Trina Grigsby Mark Grisham Steven Haggy Cindy Hampton Ronald Hanes Sonya Hardimon in Germany, then I have to go in' to the militaryfl Stefan Borgman "My plans are to major in surgical nursing." Richard Robinson "I plan to go to college in the fall of '85. My major will be engineering. Before I go I plan to take a trip to New York City." Leslie Rex "I am going to get married." Kim Williams Cruisin. Aaron Scott gives Kristin Mor- phis a little joy ride down the hall. Jennell Harris Shelley Harris Kelly Harrison Leo Hayes Regina Hayes 12 th S Gallock, Joanne Garrett, Carol: Jr. Wrestling Atten- dant, Drama, FBLA, Mat Maid, Flag Corps, Young Life President Garza, Laura: Pom-Pon, Student Council Gentry, Anthony Glover, Vemon: Baseball, Wrestling, DECA, Band Goff, Gerry: Baseball, Math Club Treasurer 22 Seniors Gonshor, Lisa: Band, Journalism, Writers Club, Honor Society, Spanish Club, Band Chaplain, News Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Spanish Club President Goodmiller, Lisa: Cross Country, NHS Chaplain, Writers Club, Honor Society, FBLA, Key Club, Foreign Language, Orchestra Gordon, Laurie: Basketball, FHA Secretary Gordon, Maeletha Grayson, Ruthie: Flag Corps, Prin- cipal's Honor Roll, Chorus Grigsby, Trina Grisham, Mark: Wrestling Haggy, Steve: Swimming Hampton, Cindy: Powder Puff Foot- ball, Pep Club, J.V. Cheerleader Haynes, Ronald: Newspaper Staff Hardiman, Sonya: Basketball, Powder Puff Football, FBLA, FCA, Choir, Newspaper, Feature Editor, Mock Trail, Varsity Cheerleader, Student Council Senior Class President, Choir Secretary Student Council Reporter, Freshman Basketball Attendant, JA President Human Relations Prin. Honorabli Mentioned Harris, Jennell: FBLA Harris, Shelly: Fr. Wrestling Atten dant, Pep Club, Mat Maid, Studen Council, Drill Team, Sophomore Representative-at-Large, Junior, Senio Student Council Secretary - Harrison, Kelly: Softball, Swim Team 1 . . -1 -k-..,. 'L ., ,..- sr t ' ,, Fi, as ' ' 'ff " 1 it-l , ,. " , AA.. 5 ig. , 1 .f . . , . . 1 . . , r if it A S ,X t 5 N t f"- T91 lg, s pf- s 'l . ,ul at star , if alll ss... Driving Team, Gymnastics, Band Treasurer Hatridge, John Hayes, Janis Hayes, Leo: Football, Basketball Hayes, Regina: FBLA, HERO Reporter Hayes, Stpehanie: Honor Roll, Miss Band Freshman, Writers Club, Student Council, Foreign Language, Science Club, Band, President of Freshman A 1 I A new environment. Stefan Borgman, an exchange student from West Germany, has to study hard because of the language differences. Free at last. Steve Lopez and Kelly Watkins "jump for joy" because they're finally out of high school. Stephanie Hayes Janis Haynes Mark Henson Michelle Hilburn Lisa Hill Patricia Hill Scott Hill Bryan Hise Arion Holliman 3 .lfafigi Julie Holloway 7: Tracie Hovarter Karen Howell Lester Howell David Huddelson Becky Huffman James Humphreys Jorge Islas Donald Jackson Roger Jefferson fm, Class, President of Sophomore Class, President of Junior Class, Student Coun- cil President, Student Council Sgt.-at- Arms, Writers Club Secretary, Most Likely to Succeed, Most Intelligent Hebert, Rhonda Thompson: DECA, Pep Club, Senior Class Sgtfat-Arms Henson, Mark: Baseball, Principals Honor Roll, Student Council Hilburn, Michelle: Gymnastics, Who's Who Among American High School Students, National Association of Distinguished Students, Band Hill, James Hill, Lisa: Pep Club, DECA Hill, Patricia: Cross Country, DECA, HERO Reporter, HERO Historian, Red Cross Hill, Scott: Fr. Football, Fr. Baseball, OSU Alumni Award, Newspaper Staff, Yearbook Sports Editor, Who's Who Among American High School Students Hise, Bryan: Fr. Football, Citizenship Award, Drama, DECA Holliman, Arion: Band Holloway, Julie: DECA Outstanding Student, OU Alumni Award, OSU Alum- ni Award, Junior Usher, Who's Who Among American High School Students, Who's Who in Oklahoma, FBLA, Prin- cipals Honor Roll, NHS, COE, DECA, Writers Club, Spanish Club Hovarter, Tracy: FBLA, DECA Howell, Karen: Pep Club, Student Council, Sophomore Class Secretary, Junior Class Treasurer, Senior Class Treasurer, Pep Club Reporter Seniors 23 Rhonda Thompson Hebert Term Time. Julie Lower types up her final paper hoping she will ace Ms. Phillips' class. Charlotte Jones Lisa Jones Michael Jones Donna Jordan Jak King Rachel King Kevin Kling Scott Knapp Steven Kramer Kenton Langston Chris Lee Sheila Lee Brian Lewis James Lindsey Steve Lopez , sf , X T, ' x 85' . Y F' S1 ' 14--X .X Joyner, Karl: Baseball, DE Marketing, King, Rachel: JV Basketball, Softball, Citizen of the Month, Society of Distinguished American High School Students, Principals Honor Roll, OSU Alumni Award, DECA Outstanding Stu- dent, FBLA, French Club, Yearbook Howell- I-este' Johnson, Chris: Golf DECA Huddleson, David: Baseball, VICA Johnson, Ewin Kane, Shelly Hufffnan- Becky: Yeafbook Staff, Jones, Charolette: Track, Tennis, Art Spanish Club Club, FBLA, Pep Club King, .mu Humphmys' James: Golf Jones. Lisa: Flag Corps, Band, French Club, Foreign Language, Clown Troupe, Islas, Jor9e Cosmetology, V ICA Jackson, Donald: Band Jones, Michael: DECA Jaques, Roul: Wrestling, French Club Jongg, Thomag Staff J0ff0l'90l1f Roger: Wf0Silif1Q Jordan, Donna: FBLA, Honor Society 24 Seniors Kling, Kevin: Drama, DECA Knapp, Scott: Baseball, Student Council Kramer, Steve Langston, Kenton: Band, Baseball, Stage Band, FBLA, Mr. Band Spirit, Principal's Honor Roll Lee, Chris: Baseball, Cross Country Lee, Sheila: Basketball, Track, "OU Club, Safety Club, Student Council, Drill Team Lehman, Donald: Swimming, DECA l , ,,,, , 4 r 'Ham ' Ii ll Life after graduation awes class Seniors After waiting so long for senior year, many seniors find it hard to face knowing that next year they won't have to get up at 6:30 to face that dreaded first hour class. College life and working will replace the same routine of getting from first hour to sixth hour in as little time as possible. Seniors' plans vary, but many have one thing in mind - MOVING ON! l plan on being a more suc' Time Out. Ronette Poe gets caught go- ing to the "powder room" to change for Dractice. cessful person and hopefully achieving all my future goals." Joyce Taylor "I'm going to OSU Tech. to study and become a police officer." Kevin Kling "I plan to go to California then into the Air Force." Jak King "I plan to become an appren- tice for an electrical contractor or get into the union." Dennis Young X.-p Julie Lower Donald Lusk Julie Lyons Bonni Marsh Jimmy Marshall .10 Shelly Darnell Marshall Cheryl Martin Michael Martin Edward McGuire Weldon McMillan Kurt Miller Tommy Mitchell Karen Modisette Ronald Morgan Gerry Morphew .ewis, Brian .ewis, Melody .indsey, James .oper, Debbie .ope1, Steve: Football, DECA .ower, Julie: Principals Honor Roll, JU Alumni Award, OSU Alumni Award TBLA, HERO .llslr, Donald: NHS Writers Club french Club, Orchestra, Computer Clubl Lyons, Julie: Choir, Clown Troupe Marsh, Bonni: DECA, FBLA, French Club Marshall, Jimmie: Football, All- District Football, All-City Honorable Mention, Basketball Marshall, Shelly Darnell: Outstan- ding First Year DECA Member, Whois Who Among American High School Students Martin, Cheryl: Fr. Basketball, DECA, Red Cross Martin, Dorena: FBLA, VICA, Cosmetology Martin, Mike McGuire, Richard McGuire, Edward: Girls Track Manager, Swim Team, Young Life, Clown Troupe, School Mascot McMillan, Weldon: DECA, Radio-TV Milton, Phillip Miller, Kurt: Most Intelligent Mitchell, Tommy: Art, Drafting Modisette, Karen: Track, Cross Coun- Flag Corps, A try, Drama, Band Red Cross, Science Club: FBL Moore, Bryan Morgan, Ronald: Track, Cross Coun- try, Wrestling, Newspaper Staff Morphew, Gerald Morphis, Kristin: FBLA, Pep Club, Student Council, Most Outgoing Morrison, Sheila Seniors 25 Graduates know high cost of living Seniors Seniors have been warned, but many never realize it until it is upon them. Senior year is the most expensive year of high school. Senior pictures and car payments head the list as most expensive. Next come in- surance, dates, and clothes. While the senior year is at all times scary, fascinating, and ex- citing it gives seniors a time to adjust to reality. "Just when I wanted money for something it wasn't there." Kim Tracy "I haven't had any money problems yet, but I know they're coming!" Winford Shelton "My money problems have been worse this year than any other year. Lots of things had to be cut." Julie Lower "The problems that most seniors face, l've had to deal with this year." Michelle Stinson Kristin Morphis Daisuke Nakanishi Audrey Neal ,,, Paul Nelson Paula Parker Portia Patterson Kendra Percell Deidre Perry Linda Phillips Michelle Phillips on 6 Q p i A . jgfi , , ,Q-fi! gg'i 1 4 . Wg gg 49 Q , 4' Q . J . J V J in J fl' , , li 1 -rii QN1 Hi it . :tt i ii' it . N K K H I F F -' 'irifzks-:L ' ,st W nfl it 'F' ji' llixi ,vw-.I Connie Pierce Robert Pistole Lisa Plaster Eddie Poarch Sean Poarch ,ao 4 Nakanishi, Daisuke: Football, Ex- change Student Neal, Audrey: Basketball, Boys Track Manager Nelson, Donald Nelson, Paul Orange, Kerry Owens, Laurie Parker, Paula: Pep Club, DECA Patterson, Portia: VICA, 26 Seniors Cosmetology Patterson, Priscilla Percell, Kendra: Pep Club, VICA, Cosmetology, FBLA, Principals Honor Roll Percifield, Matt Perry, Deirdre: Basketball, Drill Team, Pom-Pon, Principals Honor Roll, VICA, Cosmetology Phillips, Linda Phillips, Michelle: DECA, Pep Club Pierce, Connie: Baseball All-City Baseball, Band, Stage Band, Foreign Language Pistole, Robert Plaster, Lisa: Fr, Miss Howdy, Fr. Football Attendant, Pep Club Historian, Sophomore Class Treasurer Poarch, Eddie: U.S. Mathematics Award, Honor Award, Citizen of the Month, U.S. Outstanding High School Students, Who's Who Among American High School Students, Writers Club, Drama, Math Team, Student Council, Honor Society, Foreign Language Club Poarch, Sean: Baseball, Journalism Poe, Ronette: Sophomore Football At- tendant, "O" Club, Cheerleader, Basketball, Track Poole, Patrick: DECA Porter, Darla: Who's Who Among American High School Students, FBLA, HERO Powell, Lester Pruitt, Phillip: Writers Club, Foreign Language, Newspaper Ramos, Mike Redmond, Terrance: HERO, FHA 'ie 5 W i 1 -if ff , Q s, 'ig Q f Q-, r , a s t ,, ,ww , to W , , X' , A 1-1, 5 , r sw ,., vw 4 xxaizvffiff? ff-2 1:11, , 1 j ,A ' .. "I 4 c Mfr. J s fr.,Qs-e,1ggw'Tffyf,, + i l c , .-fr 4 t if r- A f V, . 5 A Ag ft ,L 9. 3 l f, gi- K- i as...-L , -1? -1 " lfrbriiivkfg , V153 ,J ,,,-T2 ii" 'GS' " -F-f 'F . . . -V, 54 ,, s.J'W r ., Good-bye, Seniors form the senior circle A J ' 1 ,gig we -7? Q' ' 'fi ,f"' ,, after the last home game, ,Q Ronette Poe Patrick Poole Tx Q36 Darla Porter Phillip Pruitt Mike Ramos 4 K ww- ? .M 'X If qvvf Terrance Redmond Yvette Reeves Bobbi Reid Leslie Rex Terry Rice Cindy Richardson Steven Riley Kim Kelly Rivers Richard Robinson Boyd Roby QUT' Vice President Reeves, Yvette: VlCA, Cosmetology Reid, Bobbi: All City Band, Outstanf ding Junior Girl tBandl, Band, Science Club, Spanish Club Secretary, Stage Band, Band Historian Rex, Leslie: Best Director, Best Sup- porting Actress, Civitan Award, Band, Flag Corps, Captain, Drama 2nd Vice President, National Honor Society Presie dent, Red Cross, Freshman Sgt.-at Arms, Sophomore Vice President Rice, Terry: Mu Alpha Theta, Student Council Richardson, Cynthia: FBLA, Advanc- ed Choir Riley, Steven Rivers, Kim Kelly Robinson, Richard: Outstanding Color Guard Member, Most lmproved Band Member, Mr. Band Spirit, Principals Honor Roll, Foreign Language Club, FBLA, Band Vice President, Color Guard Captain, Stage Hand, Prom Decorations Chairman, Rifle Corps Co- Captain, Rifle Corp Captain, Band Reporter Roby, Boyd: Football, Baseball Rodgers, Felicia Rodgers, Paul: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Football All-City, Football All, District, Baseball All-City, Most Valuable Player in Western Heights Tournament, Most Likely to Succeed Rogers, Randy: Football, Baseball, DECA Ross, Devron: VICA, Child Care Ross, Toni Ruiz, Scott Russell, Theron: Drafting and Design Award Sanders, Kerig Who's Who Among American High School Students, Society of Distinguished American High School Students, Flag Corps, Pom-Pon Squad, COE, FBLA Sattenvhite, Marvin Saylor, William Schultz, David Schumaker, Phil: Cross Country, French Club Scott, Aaron: Football, Baseball, All Seniors 27 Story time. After four years of high school the seniors have finally learned howto read. Paul Rodgers Randy Rogers Devron Ross Theron Russell Dana Sanders Keri Sanders Phil Schumaker Aaron Scott Stacy Self Gayla Sesher Winford Shelton Roger Shultz Tinna Simmons Mike Skaggs Bill Slate Qs: Wt I Z XV I - va., Y' le:-P is 4 Tracy Slaughter Greg Smith Karen Smith Darren Snyder Steve Snyder I ua! 1"f"I is o, ,il I .. ui District Football, FCA, Student Council, Most Outgoing Scott, Leah Self, Stacy: Softball, Outstanding DECA Member, Who's Who Among American High School Students, DECA, FBLA, HERO Chaplain Sesher, Gayla: Honor Roll, VlCA, French Club, Band Cosmetology Shelton, Winford: Student Council, Writers Club, League of Speech and Drama, Science Club, Key Club 28 Seniors Shultz, Roger: DECA, FBLA, Band, Jazz Band Simmons, Tinna: Honor Roll, Cosmetology, VICA, Writers Club, Pep Club Sims, Sherill Skaggs, Mike Slate, Bill: Football, Wrestling, FCA, Senior Mr. Howdy Slaughter, Tracy: Outstanding Freshman Musician, Band Secretary, French Club Smith, Charles Smith, Craig: Football, DECA Smith, Greg: DECA Smith, Karen: Cross Country, HERO Snyder, Darren Snyder, Steve: Freshman Football, Tennis, Cross Country, Principals Honor Roll, DECA Souter, Dave: Soccer, Student Council, FBLA, Honor Society Sowell, Christa: Football Manager, Who's Who Among American High School Students, Outstanding Sophomore, Junior Football Attendant, National Honor Society, FBLA, Flag Corps, Pep Club, COE, Safety Club President Springer, Diane: Who's Who Among American High School Students, Society of Distinguished American High School Students, OU Alumni Award, OSU Alumni Award, Oklahoma Christian Col- lege Education Scholarship, Pep Club, -"h 5. ft. Future holds many Seniors Most seniors look forward to the end of their senior year because of the exciting challenges the next few years will offer. Meeting new people and self reliance are only a few of the experiences the seniors of "85" have in their future. However, these seniors will face many problems along the way. Apartments, homes or dorms will be a major decision Senior Class Officers, Stephanie Hayes, sergeant-at-arms, Shelly Harris, representative-at-large, Karen Modisette, secretary, Kristin Morphis, reporter, Karen Howell, treasurer: Sonya Hardiman, president, Bambi Blumenthal, vice president. X4 794 Mt Ad llligfi iii l French Club, Yearbook Editor Stanford, Bobby Stephens, Tamara: Honor Roll, FBLA, Student Council, Mixed Chorus, Advanc- ed Chorus Stinson, Michelle: Basketball, Track, Who's Who Among American High School Students, National High School Leaders of America, Spanish Club, Writers Club Stone, Robert: Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Soccer President, FBLA, Vice President of Jr, Achievement, Computer Club Sullivan, Jim: DE Marketing Sullivan, Tracy: FBLA, Flag Corp Summers, Randy: Football, All-District Football, Basketball, Student Council Vice-President, Foreign Language, Chorus, Key Club, Writers Club Taylor, Al Taylor, Joseph t Taylor, Joyce: Basketball, Who's Who Among American High School Students, Principals Honor Roll Taylor, Karl Taylor, Tammy: OEA Historian, FBLA, Honor Society, French Club Therrien, Susan: Who's Who Among American High School Students, Outstanding Sophomore, Drill Team, Pep Club, French Club, Yearbook Staff, DECA, FBLA Thomas, Dennis: Band, Principals Honor Roll, Writers Club, Applied scary decisions early in the summer. While the students are worrying about a place to live, parents are wondering how they are going to finance their children's educa- tion. Even though they face many problems, seniors are still looking forward to their college years. "l look forward to college because of the challenge and getting to meet new people." Traci Wilson "You don't have to go to class in college and the teachers don't care if youire there or not, after all, itis your moneyf, Charlotte Jones Dave Souter Christa Sowell Diane Springer Tamara Stephens Michelle Stinson Robert Stone Jim Sullivan Tracy Sullivan Randy Summers Karl Taylor Tammy Taylor Susan Therrien Dennis Thomas Diane Thomas Sandra Thomas Economics Club Thomas, Sandra Thomas, Sonya: Drill team, OEA FHA Threatt, Marsha: Track, FBLA Cosmetology Tiger, Yolanda Cribb: Pep Club DECA, Spanish Club, Choir Tilson, David: Football Tingle, Lawrence Seniors 29 Late again, Bryan Hise helps Scott Knapp sneak into class before the teacher realizes Scott's late. Sonya Thomas Marsha Threatt Yolanda Cribb Tiger David Tilson Tracy Todd Kim Tracy Ed Trombley Christeen Tunnell Ricky Tyson Stephen Uffen Corbett Vinyard Chong Vo Marsha Vogt Henry Walker Kelly Watkins Apryl Webb Tamera Werner Chris Whatley William Whigham Darren Williams .pup ...an 5 ..,.,........,..,,.........,.,,, . tt,,.. .,., JIU Todd, Tracy Torres, Claudio Torres, Leonard Tracy, Kim: Honor Cosmetology, Band Trombley, Ed: Football, Swimming 30 Seniors Tunnell, Christeen: Softball, Who's Who Among American High School Students, FBLA, Flag Corps, Safety Club, Computer Club, HERO, HERO Historian, HERO Secretary, Pom-Pon Squad Vinyard, Corbett Manager, Bat Girl Vo, Chong Werner, Tamera: Band Flag Corps VICA, Cosmetology Whatley, Chris: Chorus Whigham, William: DECA Art Club TVWU- Rickey Watkins, Kelly: Soccer, DECA Yeafbggk Uffin.Sfevh2n15OCCef1Band-V'CA webb. Apfvl: Pep Club, Football wnn.m.,n.m..1 Fooibaii FCA Not pictured Seniors Mark Alvarado Jimmy Baker Patrick Barnes David Belvin Teresa Birdwell Tracey Brown Alphonso Cervantes Pamela Clement Gregory Colbert Jackey Cooper Rickey Cox Carrie Daniel Ha Doan William Dowdy Charles Ellison Naomi Elloie William Fields J t. is Marcus Floyd John Ford Mike Frank Joyce Frost Joanne Gallock Anthony Gentry Gerry Goff Maeletha Gordon Ruthie Grayson John Hatridge James Hill Roul Jaques Christopher Johnson Thomas Jones Karl Joyner Shelly Kane Donald Lehman Melody Lewis Debbie Loper Dorena Martin Richard McGuire Phillip Melton Bryan Moore Shiela Morrison Donald Nelson Kerry Orange Laurie Owens Priscilla Patterson Matt Percifield Lester Powell Felicia Rodgers Toni Ross Scott Ruiz Marvin Satterwhite David Schuldt Leah Scott Sherill Sims Charles Smiley Craig Smith Bobby Stanford Al Taylor Joseph Taylor Joyce Taylor Lawrence Tingle Claudio Torres Leonard Torres Scott Wood Freddie Wooten Dennis Young Looking Good. Paula Parker and Sheila Lee wear the latest fashions to school. Williams, Mellissa: Sophomore Miss Howdy, Who's Who Among American High School Students, Varsity Cheerleader, Head Varsity Cheerleader, Student Council, Pep Club, DECA, Freshman Historian, Sophomore Historian, Junior Historian Williams, Susan: HERO, Newspaper, Editor-in-Chief, Sgt.-at-Arms in HERO Wilson, Tammy: DECA, Pep Club, Varsity Cheerleader Wilson, Tammy Dearmon Wilson, Traci: Basketball, Girls Varsity Basketball Captain, OSU Alumni Award, Carl Albert All-Tournament Team, Honor Roll, Band, Yearbook Staff Wood, Scott Mellissa Williams Kim Williams Tammy Wilson Tammy Dearmon Wilson Traci Wilson Wooten, Freddie: Baseball Young, Dennis: VlCA Seniors 31 Togetherness. Juniors can't seem to figure out how they can fit one more in. Just for you. Edward Shelton gives Ratika Crutchfield a flower to show he cares. 32 Juniors Pete Adams Gary Aker Jerry Albertson Kim Austin Terry Badillo Sherry Baldwin Everett Baxter Patrick Beeman Denean Berry Tamiko Blakely Brian Blakley Demetra Booze Renese Bradley Clay Bragg Michael Brand Amy Brewster Monica Britt Marvin Brown Dean Bryant Michelle Bull Danny Caler Traci Canon Tammy Carmack Johnnie Case John Chappelear Stacy Chester Travis Church Rhonda Clanton Darren Clark Vernon Colbert Kim Collie John Collins Matt Connel Jeff Cordell Rick Cowan Donna Craig Mike Crain David Cross Steve Crumity Ratika Crutchfield Surprised. Kathy Unsell did balloons for her 16th birthday, ,W,,,q ,, ,,,,,,,. , V 'WZ A w,, z:W'f' K n't expect f x me ,iff f i M f f 3 Class of '86 raises funds for prom Juniors This year the junior class showed class spirit by par- ticipating in the yearly activities. The junior class worked very hard this past year raising money for the annual junior, senior prom. Fund raisers such as snowcone sales, I.D. Pictures, dances, and candy sales were conducted under the sponsor- ship of Mrs. Sondra Smith. This year was the start of responsibilities for juniors. Hav- ing to raise money for the prom was just the beginning. Juniors Our Leaders. Class Officers: Mike Crain, presidentg John Sargent, vice presidentg Traci Canon, secretaryg not pictured, Leslie Leggett, sergeant-at-arms, Renee av' also faced taking tests that they had never experienced before, like the PSAT and the ACT. Going into your senior year brings a flood of different thoughts. One of the most discussed and talked about is graduation. "When I think of my senior year I think of senior pic- tures, graduation, and how I will say bye to my friends," said Lori Millican. Todd Wallingford is deter- mined to go after what he wants even though he said "to think about your senior year is scary." Foster, treasurer, Chrissy White, representativeaat-largeg Kim Collie, reporter. Stacy Darnell Derek Dearmon Jennifer Dewberry Michelle Dexter Kerrie Dickinson Kevin Dilbeck Michelle Dodge Debbie Douglas Janie Dowdy Angela Drabek Jamie Driskill Goldie Deboise Bao Duong Rene Elwood Shawn Evans Ranee Foster Audra Frantz Romeo Galbreath Robert Gilkes Tommy Goldman Nina Gross Sean Grounds Felicia Hayes Carl Head Lisa Hedger David Herrod Becky Hibbard Molly Hilderbrandt Debbie Hilderbrand Paul Holloway Mark Honn Tina Houston Jerry Hovarter Mark Howell Ailsa Hughes Dusti Hulin Yumiko Hurst Mary Hutson Sau Huynh Todd Hyden Juniors 33 Darrin Ingram James Jackson Sonja Jackson Tammy Jackson Vicki Jackson Tracy Jaye Sherri Johnson Mark Jones Tammy Kemp Dee Ann Kessler Vincent Kniffin Connie Knight Crystal Knost Patrick Kuykendall Michelle Lafferty Sherri Langston Sandy Lawrence Lesli Leggett Mike Lehr Shannon Levescy Derek Levine Amy Lindsey Timmy Link Vicki Litchfield Tina Lowry Kimgiang Luong Son Luong David Luse Terri Maddox Dana Marrow Carlus Martin Pam Martin Shelly Martin Kelly Mattingly Rozetta Meador Jay Melchor Lori Millican Tommy Monday Julie Moore Bracy Morris Ricky Myskey Tonya Olevera Roseanne Palmer Lee Parks Rick Pena Celia Perkins Danny Perkins Duoc Phan Sherrie Pickard Nikki Pons Brian Posey Shelly Powell Stan Prokarym Randy Ray Lori Reaves Tara Reese Bryon Richmond David Roberson Brian Roberts Mary Robinson John Rogers Tracy Ross Kelly Rowan Tiffany Sanders John Sargent Jimmy Schiner Eric Schmitt Kristi Scott Ernest Sewell Edward Shelton Jeffrey Shemayne Kirk Sheilds Starla Smiley Dexter Smith Tammy Dexter Kelli Snider Pete Sosenko Heather St, Hilaire Scott Stafford Christie Starnes 34 Juniors I ac.. e 1 J Lf, lil , ' 0.1 ' 'f-Zi Not pictured Juniors Shelly Anthony Jimmy Arnold Laurie Barkhurst Jimmy Brock John Bryant Frank Burton Carol Conway Patricia Dockins Sandra Earls Elton Elloie Presley Franklin Noreta Gordon Denise Green Richard Gutierrez Janis Haynes Reginald Hill Henry Jeffries Peter Johnson Karen Jones Dale Kern Heidi King Kevin Kitchen Sherri Knowles David Kordelski xv . t Brian Martin Reginald Miles Kenneth Morris James Moses Danny Nabors Brett Olsen Lisa Parker Ardena Patty William Perry Cynthia Poole James Porter Chris Pugh Barbara Quisenberry Kimberly Ross David Skidmore Douglas Smith James Sullivan Sondra Thomas Changes. Pat Beeman adds a change of style to our school showcase. Lets say Hi. Paul Vail and Shannon Levecy pose after being announced Junior Mr. and Miss Howdy. Final Touch, Rhonda Clanton wants to make sure her hair is just perfect for the prom, S ' -Q .J N t Q xt Q ff' Darryl Washington Adriana Zuazmaber Juniors 35 Christy Adams Tamia Aikens Dewayne Akey Shelley Akins Christi Alfaro Angie Allen Felesha Allen Lori Allen Greg Andrews Pam Armstrong Larry Baker Jimmy Ballard Tom Bates Charley Baxter Jeff Bays Michael Beaircl Julie Bell Felisha Bennett Pam Bibb Michael Boren Charles Boylen Juanita Branchcomb Stanford Brigham Alicia Brown Anthony Brown Robin Brown Thomas Buie LaRhonda Burris Ron Cable Kristi Capps Brigette Carter Clinton Carter Carol Case David Caskey Shonna Cerio Travis Charlton John Chavez Todd Clark Angela Cobb Tamera Cobb Driving can be fun, but challenging Sophomores Sophomores found that they had a much more vigorous schedule than they were used to from the year before. As sophomores we began to worry about more, such as learn- ing to drive and even about our future. Some of us were very excited about learning to drive. Some were very scared, and there was as always the group that thought it would be a piece of cake. But as many were to find out it wasn't as easy as was ex- 36 Sophomores pected. All the same, we all plunged forward with all the courage we had. John Molet thinks that it's fun to learn how to drive. Cinnamon McDoulett thinks drivers ed. is fun and she can't wait to get her license. Randy Smith thinks that it's a good idea to learn how to drive. For Keith Morales driving meant having more freedom than ever. Spirited. The sophomore class shows their class spirit at our pep assemblies. ,, ,N -s ,. 7' Decisions. Chris Barry Cooper Raquel Cooper Steve Copus Angela Corona Jean Cortier Teresa Couch Greg Covel David Cox Virgil Crow Marc Cutler Alison Davis Robert Davis Sheryl Davis Wendell Davis Larry Denson Orenthal Denson Charles Dickson Pam Doss Carl Dowdy Kim Dowdy Tammy Drumm Mike Dunn Robin Durant Judy Edwards Tonya Edwards Tracy England Michelle Engles Paul Ewald Kelly Fallwell Kim Fancis Tracie Freeman Patricia Fuentez Gail Gannaway Scott Gibson Holly Goolsby Peter Gordon Amy Gray Daisy Griffin Travis Grigsby Tracy Hacker Sawyer can't decide what to wear on her date, Growing up. Steve Copus notices that last year's jeans are just Ha little" too short. Classified. Michelle Morrisey is beginning to wonder if she'll ever be able to find a job. M" Sophomores 37 r WM .Y ffl Wai 'F 'ff Melanee Hamilton David Harris Audrey Hayes Larry Hemmerling Cynthia Hensley Kathryn Hicks Rebecca Hill Robin Hines Hope Hise Demetrice Holiman Matthew Honn Anthony Hooks Christy Horton Rusty Hughes Barbra Hunt John Hunter Ted Huskinson Nicole Ingram Bruce Johnson Charles Johnson Bobbie Jones Byron Jones Carrie Jones Lisa Jones Rickey Jones Henry Jordan Kevin Kain Kori Kaubin Pam Kessler Spencer Knowles Latisha Kolke Darrin Lake Bret Langerman Brad Langley Kathy Langston Shanta LaViolette Jon Law Junior Lee Tawanna Lee Angela Leonard Patrick Leonard Kim Leonard Mandy Levescy Kevin Lewis Kim Lewis Roger Lewis Cord Linder Jason Lindley Jim Little Tina Long Michelle Love Dennis Lusk Sonia Mahler Venus Manley Vickey Markham Clay Marrow Mike Marshall Julia Martinez Teri McClend0n Cinnamon McDoulett Frontes McEwen Charles McGee Greg McQuire David McKee Shannon Melton Stacy Melvin Jon Midgett Kelli Miller Kym Miller Darren Miles John Molet Clay Moore Michelle Morrisey John Moses Chanon Motherall Todd Mowry Ricky Myers Reggie Nubine Ray Nunley Vincent Ortiz 38 Sophomores up-. S M4 Troy Parks Chris Pasternik Jackie Pearson Antonia Perry Joe Phillips Tuyet Phung Julie Pipes Kim Poe Johnny Pomeroy Edward Polly Dilla Pratt Mike Pybas Clint Rath Tim Reed Tajuana Reeves Lori Roberts Shawn Roberts Tracey Robertson Alfred Robinson Barbara Robinson Michelle Robinson Lance Ross Lane Ross Sherrie Ross Scott Schwemley Brian Scott Darryl Scott Shelly Seagraves Bill Self Donna Sellars Christy Shade Dennis Shafer Kim Shay Jocelyn Shealy Cassandra Sheets Tommy Ship Michelle Shotwell Johanna Sims Joe Smith Judy Smith We felt we were beginning to fit Sophomores Becoming a sophomore brought with it a lot of changes, both big and small. We all began to feel that we were a part of our school, and that we be- longed at last. Some of us held down jobs and learned what it would be like when we chose our own careers. Although we began to get down to business, we still knew how to have fun! Excited. Kathy Tilson and Keith Morales were named Mr. and Miss Howdy for the sophomore class. Kim Miller said that she was excited about her sophomore year and she felt that now more than ever she belonged. Anthony Brown has decided that Grant is "doing better this year." Kelli Miller feels that she has more spirit along with more courage to show that spirit. Steve Copus has decided that he is ready to get down to business and learn more. Scott Schwemley is having a lot more fun than last year, or so he says. Sophomores 39 Julie Smith Mylon Smith Randy Smith Debra Snyder Mandy Spencer Charles Stanford Tammy Stark Elizabeth Stephens Gerald Stephens Claud Stewart Steve Sullivan Tiffany Taft Jaime Tamez Melissa Taylor Theresa Taylor Bridgette Thomas Jennifer Thomas Chris Thompson Kathy Tilson Kathy Todd Clifford Townsend Richard Trevino Gina Trivitt Brian Turner Cheri Turner Revina Turner Vicki Turner Terry Vanslyke Laura Vap Dinah Waggoner Tammy Wall Gala Wallace Tracy Wallace Gina Ward Keith Warren Lisa Warrior Darshel Washington Ty Wenthold Jason Windoner Danelle Wilde Tin Grin. Bret Langerman decides that braces aren't all that bad. 40 Sophomores he Yi- , as mi- , srl' K S au.,-rf' N it F?- S ,Z Wa K ,ig .X if JN "' 1 X -1 X . yr: 1. ..., N A 5 .xv A .. is as seei C . , W , ' .L., ' f ' ' T iw " av NWI? H 5 xi v is ,- ""'u"' wb .adn mkyiyqkz ,w Vw , in rin tw T' ft Lf-M ve , ff' 'va K ZW- Z 3' i f i g , 'fi , 5 V :ff ,, ' ?7f?Mv,wr .. asf, Q A Q we .V 7 gil y 11 , A 'Y' V it ' V4y13iif6l5f:i ,K fi 'i f 5534 W 'f' " I . "V',,'z 54922 H ' 1 V 3? Vt' -Q. fia, ' , 3WFI'T3'213'k 5' 1 , ,".fH7 'Uv' "" ' 1' , ,V e,,,,1,f, -K , ff , S W.. i , gg, -L 53 a n i I S -,Qfv "':3ff3" ., If ' ., we A V-.1 : l 1. ,.'. , Q. 1 V I A 441 fi. is K- A . 'W ,Hfffff ivy, gfxf I "' ' 4"',-ww-,V 'Nl 'Q ,r . . Q S "KS w fifZf5,-lT1.?'3,.s- is-, ,. fu-4 I Larry Williams Mike Williams Lisa Wisdom Matt Wood Brenda Wright La Sanya Young Tina Young Studying. Stacy Melvin just can't seem to study enough for her English test, Announcing. US Grant is grooming Tamia Aikens to be the next Tina Turner. Fearless Leaders. The 198485 sophomore class leaders are: Kelli Miller, presidentg Kristi Capps, vice presidentg Melanie Hamilton, representative-at-largeg and Ron Cable treasurer. Not pictured Sophomores Lonnie Austin Andrea Barnett Mike Battles Angela Bear Vanessa Bear Donald Borror LaQuita Brown Robert Brown Larry Buchhoetz Troy Craig Michael Davis Joyce DeBusk Chris Delay Freeman Dockins Alena Evans Darron Fair Charles Fields Jamesetta Franklin Sharon Fuller Rita Gardener Julie Gordon Robert Graves Kreg Grimes Gerald Hall Ben Hardy Richard Helm Jerome Hendrix Tim Hervey Janet Hickey Robert Holloway DeAngelo Jackson Alcindor Johnson Valerie Johnson Wendall Jones Robert Knight Dionne Locks' Norvella Lottw Juan Luna Karen Martin Shannon Martin Frances May Steve McCathern Darran Miles Crystal Monkeress Twyla Moore Ruby Mustin Khoa Ngyun Anthony Parker Tracy Penrod Gary Popejoy Ronald Quiqel Steven Rawlings Chuck Rice Kim Ross Yolanda Russell Martin Sanchez David Sanders Fateen Shahazz Michael Simpson Gerry Snead Daryl Stewart Dwight Stewart Anthony Taylor Dion Taylor Dennis Thomas Ronnie Thompsc Binh Tran Michelle Tullis Cyndey Turley Dorothy Turner Sherry Watson Brenda Weeden Chris Whibbey James Wilde Kim Wilkins Dochelle Wilson Patricia Wise Travis Young in Sophomores 41 Class of '88 likes new freedoms Freshmen When one is adjusted to a nor' mal way of life, to take a two- month vacation and come back to readjust to a new environ- ment, can be a real shock to the system. When freshmen got their first look at US Grant from the in- side, the first thought that pop- ped into many minds was "Wow, this is big" and indeed it is. With a freshman enrollment of 373 students this year there were more new faces, new peoe ple and bigger classes. Having more freedom topped many freshmen's favorite things list. Freshmen felt more mature because they had the freedom to choose their classes, go where they want for lunch, and be treated like adults. "US Grant is different because you're around older people which helps you to mature. Matt Cantrell "The one thing that I've David Allred Anthony Anderson Michelle Anderson Sheila Anderson Ken Arbertha Ronda Arnold David Asberry Karri Baker Michael Baker Velecia Barber G George Bateman Tom Bateman Michelle Battaglia Rodney Beiard Betty Berry Toni Bigherd Darla Black Damon Bumenthol Terry Boatner Mike Borg Misty Boyd Edward Bradford Stephanie Bradley Marina Brown Kristi Brewer Pricilla Brown Jama Burns Aleshia Burris Melissa Cagle Mickie Calger Jerry Campbell Matt Cantrell Bayon Cartwright Shannon Cawthon Tim Ceasar Lance Chilton Mike Clark Shelly Clark Mark Cline Sherlanda Cobb 42 Freshmen found so different is that we get more respect as freshmen. We're trusted to get to our own classes and go out to lunch and the teachers know we'll be there next time." Shelly Clark "I couldn't believe all the peo- ple at US Grant on my first day of school. I like US Grant because everyone is so friendly, and we have more privilegesf' Garvin Johnson "The students of USG have more spirit. On Fridays, before football games, it seemed as though the school would explode with anticipation of winning the game." Karen Rodgers "The USG Campus is bigger and there are more people. The upperclassmen act mature." Sereta Roberson Hurry! Mike Clark and Darla Black spent too much time talking with their friends and are almost late for class. More power, Freshman officers are Pat Haggerman, president, Thomas Cox, vice president, Shannon Flowers, secretary, Shawna Shipley, treasurer, Kim Wing, reporter. Decisions. Crystal Grounds just can't seem to decide what classes to take. Waiting. Vincent Johnson studies his homework while waiting for his teacher. Russell Cole Antone Collins LeKon Cooks Jennifer Cordell Leslie Cosby Lean Coslow Thomas Cox Jennifer Crail Emmil Crawford Sherrie Crenshaw Lyndell Crook Ronnie Crows Marcus Crownover Tommie Cummings Robert Daniels Michelle Darden Chris Davis Jeff Davis Angela Dear Roy Delesbore Carlos Dixon Son Duan Robert Dolan Robert Doss Brandy Doughty Kellie Dowdy Tina Dowdy Charlotte Dulworth Kenneth Dutton Sheree Dyer Annalee Eckroat Shelia Elwood Rachel England Joley Evans Jay Faulkner Reding Felix Christy Fergison Lewis Fike Carol Fleeman Shannon Flowers Fresh men Tobias Frederick Tim French Joyce Frost Richard Galbreath Jason Gallemore Ronald Gibbany Elizabeth Gilbert Kevin Goldman Derek Goodwin Jarrett Grant Tammy Graves Yolanda Graves Gena Grissom LaDonna Gross Crystal Grounds Thomas Graver Toby Hacker Pat Haggerman Wally Haily LaToshia Hall Sharon Hamon Sandra Harper Ricky Hasty Guy Hatfield Darren Hayes Mark Hayes Christy Heath Jason Henry Karla Henry Jennifer Hensche Melissa Hensley Mary Herrod Jeff Hester Bobby Hill Debra Hill Donny Hill Scott Hines Rebecca Holcomb Nanette Holliman Heather Honn Melanie Hubble Dianne Huddleston Jackie Huddleston Gable Hughes Gayla Igou Roger Jackson Santoi Jackson Stephanie Jackson Gina Jayae Dawny Jefferson Mike Johnson Vincent Johnson Bill Jones Pennie Jones Robert Jones Sherry Jones Trinai Jones Shawn Jordon Johnny Joyner Regina Kessler Bui Kheid Mark King Tami King Trina Kuepker Shawn Landers Chris Larman Kristi Larman Kim Lasiter Mike Laubach Greg Leake Noble Lee Bryan Lewis Jamie Lewis Rickey Lindsey Reese Logan Shawn Lutonsky Paul Major Steve Maldonado Jeff Marshall Twynell Marshall 44 Freshmen -' .' -4 . Q .. , f ' g ig its --2 3 kr' r at i N, T R t he . it 9 6 H an in has ' .m,p,f1r. A - if it Q Baby class makes plans for future Freshmen After the first initial shock of Grant wore off, many freshmen wondered "What about the next three years?" The first automatic response would be "To have fun," but after careful thought and consideration many freshmen laid down their plans and plan to keep those promises they made to themselves. Anything from "having a good time" to "graduating at the top of the class" were responses. But whatever the future brings, the senior class of 1988 hopes that all that can come its way is happiness, good times and mov- ing on. "I look forward to the next Freshman Spirit. Freshman Mr. and Miss Howdy for the 1984-85 school year were Damon Blumenthol and Jama Burns. three years as being better each year." Melissa Hensley "I'm looking forward to mak- ing more friends and learning more.', Twynell Marshall "I'll treasure the great memories of USGrant for the rest of my life. Rebecca Holcomb "I look forward to getting more involved in sports and all the activities that U5 Grant has to offerf' Geoff Wilson 'iWhen I'm an up- perclassman, things will be a lot better." Valerie Edwards "I want to get to know ITIOYG people and get better grades." Derek Nance Hal Martin Melissa Martin Robery Martin Becky Marx Keisa McCuan Race McDoule Jeff McEvoy Karen Mendoz Marcus Miller Lanell Moore Mike Moore Keith Morales Greg Morava John Moses Walter Moss Jeff Mowery Erin Murphy Derek Nance James Neil Dink Nguyen Brett Newton Tuc Nichols Paula Oliver Scott Owen Jon Parker Sean Parker Robert Parks Teresa Maxwell Steven McCartney Lvonne McCracken tt Brad McKenzie Jimmy Mendoza B Joey Moreland Jennifer Mullins Derwin Murphy Robyn Myskey Randy Neugebauer Shawna Nichols Tammy Ortega Shannon Owen Freshmen 45 Running Late. Shawna Shipley seems to have forgotten to take the rollers out of her hair before she came to school, Over already? Jennifer Cordell can't believe lunch is already over. Curtis Pate Christina Pena Lori Pena Lisa Percell Lisa Phillips David Pickard Danyelle Plouff Joel Polk Alina Poole Greg Porter Kristi Porter Christy Pybas Vicki Queen Janine Ragsdale Danny Ray Tracie Reed Chris Reynolds Pam Richards Allan Richardson Fredrick Richardson Jon Richardson Tracie Richmond Angela Riley Anthony Roach Sereta Roberson Angela Roberts Kelly Roberts Karen Rodgers Tarrence Rodgers Shannon Rogers Audrey Roland Teresa Rowlett Lamanuel Runnels Leslee Rushing Shannon Rushing Tracey Salyers Tara Sanders Matt Satterfield Chris Sawyer Loetta Schumm 46 Freshmen 7' T ' K ,. NN 1. QW:- ss -- i gy ii N Q si .X sr at we-M pw' 4 f fi' Learning lessons just part of routine school, freshmen learned that in- "If there's one thing I've learned this year, it was that if I respect someone, he'll do the same for me." Michael Baker Even starting low down on the totem pole, one can earn respect if respect is given. One of the most valuable lessons freshmen learned was to respect the upperclassmen. By traditions passed down through the years, freshmen coming into USGrant learned to dread the first weeks of school. 'LThe upperclassmen were a little rough at first, but now l'm friends with a few of them." Mark Williams After the first week or so of Hiding out. Greg Morava hides from up- perclassmen to keep from getting pushed around, itiation was just one of those things that they had to live with, if even for a little while. Ult seems that now I have more senior friends than junior or sophomore. "The seniors have put me on a level equal to them. That real- ly means a lot to me. When I'm a senior, l'll try to do the same for a freshman." Nanette Halliman In addition to all the valuable lessons freshmen have learned, they have also used the year to mature a little. They will be able to use these lessons in their next few years at USGrant. l'I'm glad that the up- perclassmen have treated us as though we were on the same level." Jerry Graham Diana Scott Collet Shemayne Marc Scott Shawnna Shipley Billy Shipp Katherine Shuler Anthony Simons Kevin Smith Phillip Smith Steven Smith Teresa Smith Jack Spears John Stark Staci Stephenson Arthur Stevenson Patricia Stewart Travis Stewart Cheryl Thomas Scott Thomas Debra Thompson Leslie Thompson Regina Thompson Lore Tile Anthony Tingle Lori Tinnin Danny Tracey Mike Tracy Huong Tran Shelley Trc nbley Rodney Turner Jonothon Updike DeWayne Vanslyke Shane Vaughn Tony Venegas Angela Wallace Patricia Wallace Jason Walton Leeroy Washington Michael Watkins Janette Watt Freshmen 47 Counseling. Scott Stafford gives Richard Galbreath a few helpful football hints. Smile. Thomas Cox takes time out to look at the camera, Ronnie Weeks Shawnda Werner Selene West Ronnie Whipple Kevin White Richard White Brandi Whittington Brian Williams LaNece Williams Mike Williams Rayvonne Williams S Sharinda Williams Shlonda Williams Tim Williams Geoff Wilson Micheal Wilson Kim Wing Doak Wisdon Glen Wolf Mark Wood Roberyt Wood Zena Yazzie DeAndre Young Renea Young 48 Freshmen ' 2532? I 2 "' 4 Not pictured , Freshmen , 1,1512 Q'n I'lnllip ,xirtrrr Kvllx Arnislrong llarllvn Arnett Jrnnniy Banks Miclitwl Banning 'rr new f illwwl Barrwit fflirarlvs Battfnmii Strfwn Buck 1 ' l .iur.iBelkn.1p Iirrclielle Black Kvllx Birth Ilonnld Iiranchronilr Slinnv Bushes Wrillrice Coon C1t'nmDdvis S' 1 I1 rea I 772 Y n jfqfu. I ' fflrj. r ,. 4 f sr Deans I mix Valurir I rlwrrrrls Cynlhiri I full l.ist1l'lcrwi-rs Ddrlurw l mnklnr I1lainvI'rostMrrri.r Jerry Grrxlnnn Bettv Ovrqslrx KiH.1rrnr:iion Jason Ilrrrrx Brenilra llvmlusori Kerry llill William llirrnlwfk Janet lltilwlmnl Curtin i Help. Mr. Lathon Johnson gives Leeroy Washington directions to his next class. Thirsty. Tim French stops at the Coke machine before class. I U I 1 2 r F I lirr-ntl.r Ht polite 'wnnnv lqrru Willirnn Jefferson tlvrrwr .lohnwoon .lolin Mcllenry Ronnlil Melton Mrnuus Moore Milo' Morgan Riclwu Mvers llr1rxuNewb5, N.1lnNguVe1'i Wuntlcll Nichols Iivwuww Owen Own' Patterson Srniilrru Pickett T4-rx-sri Robinson .lrrvx Sanders Melvin bnnpson Iirent Smilvk' Victor Smilvk' Angela Slnitli Tonnie Smith Tracey Smrilr Lonnie Spvrrks Cwennettd Turner Michelle Vrllri Barry Vwhztson Nona Williams Michael Wilson Jason Wise Roy Woodlork Thumbing it. Bobby Hill and Christy Ferguson would like to leave campus for lunch. 5 f 1 ,- M ,Qui 1 , yr .-.J Tl, ' uv! - ' .., it I waz' Q ' ' . 'Ln A ,rr . I 1 Url' M ,M ,M ' M. ,.s...,5' ' "1 r 71-:f gs-I , 43, qw this Freshmen 49 -Q.. 1 Our courses were very important to us. They laid the framework for our growth and development. The whole rationale was that we needed a nucleus of requirements which were necessary for all of us to be productive and functioning members of our society. These were sometimes the "bitter pills" we had to swallow. To sweeten the dosage, we had a number of electives which permitted us to express the dimension that made us individuals. These we really liked. They were our "icing on the cake." These were the things which kept us from being from the same mold after high school. These were the courses which prepared us for our vocations as well as our avocations. All of our courses were important to us. rriculum on th mo Curriculum 51 Ups and Downs Marrna Brown knows that rf she wants to make the grade she has to do the work Star Maternal Look out Hollywood Mr Watson rs on his way up wrth hrs portrayal of Macbeth M 53 f ? ., f:L,f,'w'l -, "1 , ,M we-s, OH NO!! The class prepares themselves for Mrs Galaz's upcommg lecture about therr test grades 52 Language Arts .1 s 4 'ff 1' ff K +. an If L new-swam a, Ml' We 'loved' our English because we knew it was 'good for us' We loved our classes - especially English. It was sort of like taking our medicine. We knew English was good for us, and we tried to accept it whether we liked it or not. Instead of English III and IV, we had American Literature and English Literature, respectively. Some of the classes were really large at the beginning of the year, but when we got some new English teachers, the size of our classes was reduced somewhat. Many of us concentrated on reading this year rather than regular English if we Hey you! Mr. Harold Crosley picks a student to read the next passage in the book. and um . . . Scott Stafford struggles through the oral book report required in Mrs. Rita Phillips' class. needed special help. Those of us who were going to college tried to take a foreign language for sure. Many of the rest of us en- joyed foreign language so much that Spanish andfor French enticed us. We enjoyed all the extra activities of the foreign language classes. Probably the most difficult thing about our English classes was writing, at least' for many of us. We learn too much by different types of audio visuals and films, so when teachers say l'write," we tend to do a quick freeze job. Of course, our dedicated teachers were a big help to us. They taught us to organize our ideas into paragraphs and outline our compositions. Language Arts 53 Pay Attention! Mrs. Pat Wear explains to her students how to properly use the chalk ball. Concentration. Julie Holloway relies on the computer to help her out, Once Again . . . Mr. Bill McElwee works out a problem on the overhead for Michelle Dodge, Virgil Crow, Keith Turley, and Laura Vap. 54 Math Popular new computer classes filled up too fast for many of us We liked the changes which occurred in math. The curriculum made way for com- puters with all their ramifications, and we loved the adjustment. The only bad thing was that the computer classes filled up too fast to suit us. Of course, we still had the general math for those of us who had to have our math credits, but were not very advanced in our understanding of the subject. Those of us who were getting ready for What next? Freshman Kim Wing wonders how to finish the long algebra problem, Precision. Boyd Roby works on his drafting assignment. gf msfgsw---H - .s college chose our math credits from Algebra I and Il and geometry. The few of us who were real brains took trigonometry, analytics-geometry, and the advanced place- ment math course. Some of us have been alarmed at the increasing numbers of credits in math required for graduation. We found the single counting easy to handle, but we struggled greatly with "x+y or "xy," to say nothing of what right angles did to us. We were proud to have such a pro- gressive math faculty who habitually have turned out students who scored high on standardized tests in previous years. kv- if J, ... ....... A si , .., ., ,, , Math 55 tits. We saw Oklahoma, United States history come alive in social studies Often we complained about all the history and social studies requirements, but basical- ly we enjoyed every one of the courses. Everyone of us had to take Oklahoma history which is so resplendent with all the details about our Indian heritage. We knew this was important, it was a little difficult for us to picture in our imaginations the plains of the late nineteenth century and early twen- tieth century v the lack of highways, the lack of homes, the presence of teepees, the possibility or probability of an attack. We can only vaguely imagine really traveling in a covered wagon across unplowed ground - or walking. We enjoyed figuratively reliv- ing the early days of our state. American history was just as enjoyable as Oklahoma history. We could just see our 56 Social Studies forefathers putting their first foot on Plymouth Rock in 1620. We relived the whole story right up through the Civil War and the World Wars of our century. Freshmen who started this year had another social studies requirement added, but many of us got through with only Oklahoma history and American history. We really liked some of the electives in social studies which included psychology, sociology, world history, and a recently added consumer economics course. Fire!!! Sherri Langston and Howard Teague can't believe how serious Troy Parks is about history. WOW!! Mr. Mike Smith gets a big surprise when he pulls down the maps. 1, ...Y ,lr , , e W,,. ., V V V f M, A b ' L V W n it ,3 fe Q f i' ZW i 5 ,,,L V , V K rr fl V, my was I W We-Q ff , i qi itiirsse 4 it W I We Y 2 1 J f M l ' ' ' V ::f':,, , No ,V K ' ' k.,, html i if ew ,,,,, f -'fu ,ws li? Think hard. Mr. Mike Smith quizzes some of his students by playing trivial pursuit, l dunno . . , The rat game - Dana Arnold can't figure out what her psychology class wants her to do. Dunkin' Dunn. Steve Dunn appears to have the whole world in his hands as he prepares to dunk the globe. Welcome. Mr. Lyle Hostetter greets a student as she comes into his class. Social Studies 5 7 Science classes gave us more detail than we learned via mass media We were proud of the fact that the person who was organizing physics in the high school curriculum was in our faculty this year, but only a few of us were in the caliber to take physics. The rest of us had to admit that our science requirements did enhance our already broad understanding of nature which we, of course, acquired via our exten- sive exposure to the mass media. Probably the most enjoyable thing about our science classes was the laboratory work. This made us feel like little Einsteins or Edisons beginning our adventure of explora- tion to understanding the scheme of things. Films in some of the areas were not half bad. Some were not very good, that's true, but we adjusted to the fact that science was a "must," so we were very adult about the whole thing. Now the tests were something else. The very superb faculty in science could sometimes lay some rather penetrating ex- aminations on us, and with the awful grading scale, we had to work intently to make a de- cent grade. We were both enthralled and awed by the mechanism of our bodies. Our study in science made us feel comfortable about ourselves and the changes we experienced. Gothcha!! Brian Blakley thinks love is like a butterfly. Oh Bill! Something about this rat looks really familiar to Paula Parker. r at 7 Y I hvggf 1 .. H s R 'fa , if f ' - F? . i E wk t Qi is X' J XS' 9 1:3 l xg Y lx V Q sir Q P. K ,QE 3 Y t X ll gil U x x-- , , ' ' 52 t , -5 5,5 Caution. Tammy Taylor and Kristi Capps use extreme caution while doing a chemistry experiment. T.L.C. Kori Kaubin and Richard Trevino give special care to the tree that the science class planted. X s W A ME ,, . .:fws:2fs'sxt t X 1 wtf: I Q Q 5' t . ul 5 Please Hurry. Rene Elwood waits patiently for her chemistry class to end. X-citing! Sonja Hardiman carefully studies a human x-ray. Science 59 Add it up. Steve Snyder realizes how handy an adding machine can bein accounting. Job huntinf Chris Whatley follows up on a ioh lead in his COE class. Filing. Filing is only one of Vincent Kniffen's duties as an office aide. 60 Business 'iii s t, if E pix l -LL' ' , "0Ax jf Typing wasn't all that easy - but it was easier than accounting Although we knew that business made things go round, we found some of the courses to be more than challenging. Typing is a good example of an apparent- ly easy course over which some of us really did get gray hair. We could see ourselves as business ty' coons with all kinds of assistants and secretarial help, so why would we ever need to do a menial thing like type? We were per, suaded by counselors, parents, and teachers that typing was indeed an important elective Pecking. Typing I students learn the keyboard. New stuff. Tammy Betterton learns how to use the data processor. in the curriculum, so many of us chose it as an elective. Fewer of us added shorthand to our electives. Some of us who were truly practical in our expectations of and preparations for the future took business machines, data pro- cessing, andfor computers. We knew we needed to plug in the right information the right way if we were going to end up with some right answers in our business lives. Probably the most demanding of our business electives was accounting. Balancing books is, of course, the problem of the ages whether we are speaking of our personal ac' counts, our family accounts, our business ac- counts, or our nation's accounts. Business 61 Buzz. Virgil Crow shows his expertise on the woodwork saw. I fb? N' S 'lgilfw ., it Fm v if ' 75'l"Z'fie .s ' , . V L V, ,My , kk Hands off! Lisa Jones gives Sherry Baldwin a manicure in Cosmetology. Sparks. Sparks really fly when Mr. Gary Gleaves shows his class how it's done. 62 Vocational , 1... ioi ff' -M 5 x fl 'f w"rg,w A , is x 2 4 l r r f" r f' fi 5 Ag, f-0 I 4. W ., Wx Waaaah The child care class makes flour sack babies for a project. wi We had to earn a living, so we learned some productive trades Some of us decided that college was not for us, but we knew we had to make a living eventually, so many of us decided to pursue a vocation from among the many choices we were offered both at our local building and at the area vocational school, Foster Estes. At our local school, we were fortunate to keep cosmetology for the girls who wanted to be beauticians. Our fine facility was com- pletely adequate to accommodate the off- campus customers. One growing aspect of vocational offer- Smoooth. James Humphreys checks to see how smooth Jimmy Marshall's project is, Lookin' Good. Kendra Percell gives Randy Rogers a well-groomed hair cut. ings in our school was vocational child care which provided an opportunity for us as students to study theory of child care in the classroom and apply our knowledge in on- the-job situations for which we were able to earn fair pay. Another growing area in our school this year was Distributive Education which pro- vided us with the opportunity to learn marketing and sales techniques in class and practice them on the job. Work Co-op was another program which provided us the op- portunity for earning directly from what we learned. Some of us chose woodwork, upholstery, or drafting which we took at our school. vac ,1 3 Q Home economics entailed far more than we ever thought possible Who needs home economics, some of us wondered. We discovered that we did. We learned that there is more to cooking a meal than opening a can and putting a saucepan on the burner. We needed to learn about nutrition and really know what our bodies needed to keep them healthy. We needed to learn how to prepare food and to serve it so that it looked attractive and ap- petizing. lt was fun to learn all the things that make the necessity of eating meals "special" to us as human beings. Who could afford to buy clothes? We couldn't. 'I'hat's the reason that clothing classes were so important to us. We learned the basics of choosing patterns that were good for us. We learned to select fabric that was right for the season as well as right for 64 Home Economics us in color and texture. We learned how to put the fabric and the pattern together. Of course, we learned also the hair-pulling chore of putting the cut pieces together in one stupendous whole - which fit lon occasionl. We learned also that there is more to hav- ing a marriage, a home, and a family than just falling in love and living happily ever after. Intelligent planning is essential to the selection of a compatible mate and the run- ning of a solvent home. Lovers' spat. Lori Gwens and Ronald Hanes pretend to have a marital disagreement in marriage class. Which one? Mrs. Vicky Noakes helps Sonja Jackson pick a pattern for her sewing project. is Oh great!! Rhonda Arnold didn't think sugar cookies were supposed to be black. Bon appetit. Mike Wilson prepares his famous chicken noodle soup. l i 1 l Steady pace. Renese Bradley takes her time in order to do a good job in sewing. Home Economics 65 66 Fine Arts Our 'fine' arts gave us opportunity to express our innermost feelings Now fine arts were really fine for us. We liked feeling the full expression of our inner- most selves, and where could we do that bet- ter than in fine arts! When we took to the stage we envisioned ourselves as the Bette Davis, Katherine Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart, or Spencer Tracy of the future. Our only limitation was our imagination. When we picked up the watercolors or oils in art we could see ourselves as another Picasso, Rembrandt or Dali. As our imagina- tions soared, we filled the canvas with Ubeautifull' impressions. With our musical instruments we entered the ethereal worlds of Bach, Beethoven, Sousa or Gershwin and went to never-never land wherein problems did not exist. As we joined our voices in volumes which made the rafters whine we could see and feel the beauty found only in the talent of a Pavarotti. As we practiced in modern dance and gymnastics we thought of the next olympics and saw ourselves as being very prominent on an American team. We could easily see ourselves as another Bart Conners, again bringing honor and distinction to our state. Although we did enjoy our dreams we did much more than just dream in our fine arts classes We worked long gruelling hours preparing productions to earn money, to compete, and of course to entertain. Picasso! Mrs. Sarah Jones thinks Patrick Beeman may someday become an artist. 1, 2, 3. Mr. David Green directs the band at the first pep assembly. ,fx-. f. Bu sb Drill 'eml Steady is the name of the game as John Calamaio drills on his project. wi ,.5e34fi5fS3. ' 4 -s 4 ,. ,1sJfffzf x 9 Fa la la. From the look on Ranee Foster's face, she is really enjoying her choir class today. ,Lv-403' Careful. Johnna Sims is careful while using the saw in her jewelry class. Ghostbusters! Michelle Hilburn participates in half-time activities, Fine Arts 67 Bubblicious, Mr. James Thatcher shows and explains why he doesn't like people chewing gum in his gym. Working out. Lauri Gordon exercises to the beat. Relaxed. Students take a break in their team sports class, 68 Physical EducationfDriuers' Ed Showing off! Donald Nelson shows his stuff as he does one-handed push-ups in gym class. an 'QQ' pu ,M- M11 H 1 . y fn fa 'Q j .1 50 ii . 1 Physical fitness awareness gave us some problems with our conscience Our bodies were important to us because puffed away. What were we to do? We of all we heard about physical fitness. We didn't want bad habits, but not all of us could knew we needed to exercise, get plenty of resist the pleasure of tobacco any more than rest, and eat the right foods. Sometimes we we could the satisfying taste of chocolate. followed all the health rules and felt good in We complained about our gym re- our minds as well as in our bodies. At other quirements, but we actually enjoyed time we hit the junk food syndrome, other- ourselves more than we let on. We liked the wise known as "The Big Mac Attack." competition aspects although we hated the Afterwards we were left with a guilty dressing out routine. We liked the feeling of conscience. winning - on those rare occasions. We were barraged with the indoctrination A large percentage of us took drivers' of 'Ldon't smoke" while we saw some of our education. We studied the manuals, tried to 'icool" friends and movie stars who freely memorize the essential information, and crammed diligently for examsg but best of all Dead weight. Weightlifting is an essential part of train' was driving the real Car with our instructor sitting right there beside us. We knew he had to have shot nerves after all we put him ing for Mr. Mike Smith's players. S-t-r-estfcvh. Mrs. Connie Ellis leads the modern dance class in warm-up exercises. ll'lI'OL1Qh. Physical EducationfDriuers' Ed 69 -, Elk v LW, -uw! ak- b W 7 mumm- We moved alone quite fast in our busy, frantic rush to be all we knew we were capable of for our tomorrow, but we also took time for the element in us that was gregarious. We needed to be together. Alone was fine in its place, but we needed each other too. That's the reason our clubs and organizations were so important to us. We needed to collectively define a goal or objective and work together to accomplish that goal or objective. This is what made us civilized. None of us were islands unto ourselves. We were part of a family. To let the family down was to let ourselves down, and we couldn't do that. The special groups we chose to identify with often formulated the direction we would travel after our high school years. These groups were the source of many fond memories from which we will never be severed. These were our clubs and organizations while we were "Generals on the Move." Clubs on th mov ,,, N ME Group solidification top goal for StuCo, Key Club Student Council and Key Club were concerned with leadership, citizenship, and group solidifica- tion both in the school and the community. After opening the year with the selection of a Mr. and Miss Howdy for each class, StuCo sponsored Twirp Week which was culminated with a dance. With proceeds from Teacher Turkey, the council sponsored a program entitled "Desperados" which dealt with rebellion in society. StuCo sponsored mums and dances for both football and basketball homecomings. In February,they sponsored Cupid's Express as well as a Computer Match Up. Christmas activities for StuCo were Santa's Express and the Christmas Connection. The major money-raising project for Key Club was the pan- cake breakfast in December. Key Club also sponsored a basketball game between legislators and varsity. Mr. Latham Johnson was again the sponsor. Swing your partner. Kent Langston and John Sargent display their dancing talents at a football pep assembly, Bringing in the money. Darren Clark col- lects money from Key Club members for the popcorn they sold. Are we not men? Student Council members Aaron Scott and Scott Knapp perform for many school activities. 72 Student Council, Key Club rs . A L - ez 'sll'1f,L" Q V wi. t- ge - r t V h A .. . V Qu ' Ng 53' , .5 Q gg, 5 s S " . 'ff i i . t . ' z Y 5 'YI .Q Q . ' . - 'T-it :QV -rw I "m' l L 'iff ff l ,t i A Xt: 2' Q' T if 5 Sli 'C 4' l ? 1El 'i -5- f 1- L t ll I Student Council. Row 1: Chrissy White, junior representative-atelargeg Karen Howell, sergeant-at-arms, Kristin Morphis, treasurer, Randy Summers, vice president, Stephanie Hayes, president, Shelly Harris, secretary, representative-at-large, Sonya Hardiman, reporter, Renee Foster, chaplain, Melanee Hamilton, sophomore representativeeat-large. Row 2: Connie Overstreet, sponsor, Yumiko Hurst, Ronette Poe, Laura Garza, Kelli Miller, Trina Cook, Stacy Darnell, Bambi Blumen- thal, Leslie Leggett. Row 3: Darren Clark, Brian Blakley, Mark Henson, Gerald Stephens, Terry Rice, Jamie Driskill, Missy Williams, Aaron Scott. Row 4: Scott Knapp, Dave Souter, Kent Langston, Winford Shelton, Mike Crain, John Sargent. Key Club, Row 1: Jacelyn Shealy, Brian Blakley, vice president, Darren Clark, president, Rene Elwood, secretary, Michelle Dexter, treasurer, Shelia Elwood. Row 2: Jennifer Cordell, Leslie Thompson, Becky Marx, Jennifer Mullins, Trina Kuepker, Julie Bell, Damon Blumenthal, Michelle Morrissey. Row 3: Everett Baxter, Ted Hutchinson, Jon Updike, Melanie Hubble, Bret Lager- man, John Sargent, Orenthel Denson. fe Get rowdy. Student Council shows how to have fun when taking organization pictures. Advertising, Everyone knows what Stu- dent Council thinks of themselves. Clubs 73 Check it out. Karen Howell studies her program carefully to make sure it turns out right, NHS wants you. Patrick Beeman puts up the guidelines to be in the Honor Society. fha ts, ,.... . 3 - .. . kkk., .. V gl c"'R'T"""l:w, ffbfff' 1 ,f 1 Si my h I -ti National Honor Society. Row 1: Donna Craig, secretary, Julie Holloway, vice president, Leslie Rex, president, Dena Cox, chaplain, Karen Bays, historian, Row 2: Tracy Slaughter, Christa Sdwell, Charlotte Jones, Kimaiaing Luong, Lisa Goodmiller, Row 3: Tammy Taylor, John Calamaio, Jay Melchor, Kurt Miller, Randy Ray. Computers. Row 1: Ron Cable Jr., sergeant-at-arms, John Sargent, vice president, Donald Lusk, Michelle Mor' rissey, secretaryftreasurer, Julie Bell, public relations director, Fred Blackmon, sponsor, Staci Stephenson, Karen Bays. Row 2: Laura Garza, Sharon Hammon, Danelle Wilde, Jocelyn Shealy, Karen Modisette, Leslie Rex, Trina Kuepker, Jennifer Mullins, Lisa Goodmiller. Row 3: Stephanie Hayes, Mike Brand, Jeff Cordell, Travis Church, Don Jackson, Bret Langerman, Cherie Dyer, Steve Haggy. Row 4: Daniel Caier, Vince Knif- fin, Pat Hagerman, Jeff McEvoy, Kurt Miller, Darla Black, Brian Blakley, Ricky Myskey, Everett Baxter, Randy Ray. 74 NHS. Computer Club I ' , ,"N t xg ff: Sli wks.. Hs Ll. T 1. - V t 9 i S ca 9 - 'fl' if M gi T r if' ' ,t, , ll e. V ' 5 f Y 1 i f H ' X , f -, l so M-r , Z i' " ' - f t "1f3'i"1ff!?' V L f, - 4 J 45 'ir, lt . ttf, ' 1 F ,,i. f ,ni ,...,.. ..,,, , . .,,, f l x E , 1 1 S N - ,fi " ixf' . ' S' 7:1 A I Cannon clean-up. Randy Ray and Leslie Rex work hard to beautify the cannon. High honors. Mr. Ron Cable watches Dena Cox and Christa Sowell try on the honorary graduation gowns. X NHS, Computer Club stress excellence in fields Honor Society and Computer Club recognized students for their outstanding academic achievement and encouraged growth in the knowledge and use of computers, respectively. Among the activities of Honor Society was a formal initiation in the winter. For both Thanksgiv- ing and Christmas, the honor students sponsored food drives for needy families. Because of the repeated need to refurbish the cannon, the Computing. The computer class works hard to complete their programs. Honor Society assumed the perpetual responsibility to keep the cannon in good condition. After co-sponsoring the com- puter fair held at Jefferson mid- dle school last school year, the computer club decided to spon- sor their own computer fair this year. Once agian, the computer club collaborated with Student Council to sponsor Computer Cupid. The group also had several money raising activities as well as several parties to get ac- quainted and be together as their number increased rapidly. Clubs 75 Ole', Ricky Myskey, Shawn Evans, Danelle Wilde, Joselyn Shealy and Michelle Morrisey show off their artistic achievements. Happy Holidays, Cyndi Hensley and Lynn Hines express the FBLA sentiment. st S. S S.. S., 5... 5 fl F . ,,, is . . f .x .. Foreign language, FBLA make plans to travel Traveling was often on the minds of the Foreign Language Club members as well as the Future Business Leaders of America. With Mrs. Brenda Roberson and Mrs. Ruth Galaz as sponsors, the Foreign Language group was hoping to culminate their year with a upossible trip" to New Orleans. The group sponsored a Christmas pinata raffle and had a Christmas party for club members. During the year, the group visited both Spanish and French restaurants. ln the spring, the group sponsored a Faculty Lun- cheon which featured the cui- 76 Clubs sine the group learned to prepare. With Julie Holloway as chap- ter president and state and na- tional secretary, FBLA is head- ing for the National Leadership Conference in Houston, Texas in July. Early in the school year the group attended the National Fall Leadership Conference in Kansas City, Missouri. In April they attended the State Leader- ship Conference at the Skirvin Plaza Hotel. Packing. Tamiko Blakely, Melody Lewis and Pat Haggerman take care of the candles for FBLA. X l QA,-f SK 39 ,, vw . Wm-1.-v-on-'G-'wir an ......,.m PN' nlil.. l 902. G CAN! Accuracy. Christa Sowell and Cindy Hampton check their answers on an ac- counting exercise. Future Business Leaders of America. Row 1: Julluette Brown, sponsor, Audra Frantz, Danny Jackson, Donna Craig, Julie Holloway, Christa Sowell, Christi Alfaro. Row 2: Mary Roberson, Carlus Maritn, Rachel King, Christy Tunnell, Kim Collie, Kristi Scott, Tracie Hovarter, Todd Mowery. Row 3: Christie Starnes, Yumiko Hurst, Tamiko Blakely, Trina Cook, Keri Sanders, Carol Garrett, Mary Hutson, Gina Trivitt. Row 4: Demetra Booze, Carol Freeman, Janet Hubbard, Pat Hagerman, Lisa Goodmiller, Tammy Taylor, Mrs. Sandra Smith, sponsor. Row 5: Al Fuller, sponsor, Randy Neugebauer, Charlotte Jones, Dena Cox, Torie Acking, Cyndi Hensley, Miss Beverly Wilson, sponsor. Foreign Language. Row 1: Ms. Brenda Roberson, sponsor, Christina Pena, Lisa Hill, vice president, Lisa Goodmiller, president, Traci Canon, secretary, Apryl Webb, treasurer, Sheila Lee, sergeant-at-arms, Kelly Armstrong. Row 2: Tony Aolrera, Melissa Talley, Lori Millican, Tiffany Sanders, Michelle Dexter, Rene Elwood, Molly Hilterbrant, Bambi Blumenthal, Wendy Berrymen, Regina Hayes. Row 3: Valerie Edwards, Cindy Todd, Sherri Langston, Kelly Booth, Pennie Jones, Dana Arnold, Teresa Smith, Shauna Bingham, Katherine Shuler, Tisha Kolke. Row 4: Teressa Taylor, Audra Frantz, Christie Starnes, David Tilson, Paula Parker, Jon Law, Darla Black, Tonita Walker, Julie Martinez. Row 5: Don Jackson, Randy Summers, Everett Baxter, Rick Cowan, Paul Vail, Teresa Maxwell, Todd Wallingford, Pat Hagerman, David Roberson, Staci Stephenson. Foreign Language. Row 1: Karen Men- dra, treasurer: Danelle Wilde, vice presi- dent, Ricky Myskey, presidentg Church Dickersong secretary, Shawn Evans, sergent-at-arms, Jacelyn Shealy, reporter, Ms. Brenda Roberson, sponsor. Row 2: Jason Gallemore, Shannon Melton, Laurie Pena, Noble Lee, Kim Collie, Sereta Roberson, Phillis Allen, Diana Scott, Sonya Edwards, Kimaiare Luong, Geoff Wilson. Row 3: Travis Grigsby, Michelle Morrissey, Teri Mc- Clendon, Brian Scott, Dennis Lusk, Tom West, Donald Malicoate, Mike Brand, Carrie Daniel, Thomas Baxter. Foreign Language, FBLA 77 FTC, Front Row. Keith Warren, parliamentarian, Dana Marrow, historian, Marc Cutler, vice president, Randy Ray, president, Kim Shay, secretary, Ranee Foster, chaplain, Back Row: Ms, Gail Oglesby, sponsor, Mrs, Rita Phillips. sponsor, Terry Rice, Laurie Gordon, Christa Sowell, Ernest Sewell. HERO, Front Row Kim Williams, sergeant-at-arms, Lorrie Reaves, recreation leader, Stacy Self, chaplain, Carol Garrett, president, Christine Tunnell, secretary, Johnnie Case, treasurerg Karen Smith, historian, Patricia Hill, reporter. Row 2: Lori Swidler, Rochelle Atkins, Lori Millican, Crystal Turman, Gayla Sesher, Gina Childers, Darla Porter, Kelly Buie, Sheila Burns, LeAnn Parks. Back Row: Maeletha Jackson, Tiffany Sanders, Missy Talley, Laurie Barkhurst, Rhonda Clanton, Felicia Hayes, Cynthia Poole, Paula Wllliams, Julie Lower, Tammie Clark, Mrs. June Dyson, sponsor. Europe, Here we come! Stacy Wigley, Dana Marrow, and Kim Shay check out the sights for their big trip is ,1 if V V "ei, 78 HERO. FTC X! .. V fi Q' HERO, FTC prepare for child-related careers Working with children in a profes- sional way was the goal of HERO and FTC, Under the sponsorship of Mrs. June Dyson, students in HERO had jobs in day care centers in which they practiced the theory they learned in the classroom. Members of the vocational child care class were expected to also be active in the club activities. At Christmas time the group presented a party for the children at the county juvenile shelter, and Carnival time. Terry Redmond, Julie Lower, and Gina Childers help Mrs. June Dyson for a FHAXHERO Club carnival. sponsored the Secret Santa project at school in which members chose teachers to be recipients of gifts which were culminated with a luncheon prepared by the members. ln the fall the group had a float in the homecoming parade and sold spook-o-grams at Halloween time. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Rita Phillips and Mrs. Gail Oglesby, the Future Teachers Club doubled their membership this year after getting their constitution approved in the spring of 1984. This year every member served as educator for a day at either their own school or a middle school. Many of the members are planning to spend a month in Europe during the 1985 summer. 3 The Wizard of Oz. The HERO Club shows their school spirit by doing a homecoming float. Underline. Randy Ray has a chance to show the Future Teachers Club how well he can teach. Clubs 79 Congratulations. Dr. Sarah Fuller praises Mary Hutson for selling the wine ning ticket for the turkey raffle. Keeping the code. Cindy Todd, Donna Craig and Christie Starnes show how to keep the yearbook secrets. F., 'fa T 1 A K 'T al' f fir fi , 49 Publications groups fight rising printing expenses Yearbook, newspaper, and Writers' Club continued to fight rising printing costs for their respective publications. With Diane Springer as their editor, the yearbook staff followed "Generals on the Move" as the theme for the yearbook. Although enrollment was up from the previous year, the staff found that selling the packets was a more formidable challenge than they had anticipated. With Lisa Gonshor and Kim Williams as editors, the Grant Dispatch staff continued with 80 Clubs modular layouts but made minor changes in headline styles for the year. With Karen Bays as their president, the Writers' club again sponsored a turkey raffle at Thanksgiving time to raise funds to pay for what they hoped would be an expanded anthology in May. Their objec- tive was to have as many writers' work represented in the anthology as was physically possible. Decisions, decisions. Diane Springer, Pete Adams and Gina Childers decide which pictures will be put in the 1985 yearbook. Yearbook. Front Row. Scott Hill, Pete Adams, Christie Starnes, Diane Spr- inger, Gina Chidlers, Donna Craig, Cindy Todd. Row 2: Traci Wilson, Dana Sanders, Rachel King, William Whigham, Christy Scott, Dana Marrow, Susan Therrien. Back Row: Jason Walton, Ronnie Hanes, Billy Shipp, Race McDoulett, Dr. Ruth Kraemer, sponsor. Newspaper. Row 1: Scott Hill, sports editor, Sonya Hardiman, feature editor, Kim Williams, editor-in-chief, Lisa Gon- shor, editor-in-chief, Phillip Pruitt, editorial editor, Vince Kniffin, news editor. Back row: Ron Morgan, staff reporter, Kristi Fletcher, staff reporter, Stacy Darnell, staff reporter, Rebecca Hibbard, staff reporter, John Molet, assistant sports editor, Tammy Stark, staff reporter, Christy Heath, staff reporter, Dale Barnes, staff artist, Writers Club. Front Row: Lisa Good- miller, Stephanie Hayes, Darren Clark, Karen Bays, Don Lusk, Kathy Young, John Bryant, Dr, Sarah Fuller, sponsor. Row 2: Shelley Powell, Tonja Olevers, Rhonda Clanton, Tamiko Blakely, Mary Robinson, Vincent Kniffen, Michelle Dexter, Lisa Gonshor, Cydney Turley. Back Row: James Jackson, Pete Adams, Edward Shelton, Scott Vanhorn, Terri Mattox, Nina Gross, Rozetta Meador, Yumiko Hurst, Transforming, John Molet shows Becky Hibbard how a layout becomes a newspaper while Stacy Darnell, Scott Hill, and Sonya Hardiman look on. Publications 81 Poster. Mark Alvarado puts up a banner for one of DECA's many activities. DECA. Row 1. Ms. Gail Olgesby, sponsor, Michelle Phillips, secretary, Lisa Hill, treasurer, Dana Arnold, Paula Parker, segeantsat-arms, Bon- nie Marsh, parliamentariang Stacy Self, president, Shelly Darnell Marshall, historiang Shelly Ander- son, chaplain, Stacy Darnell, representative. Row 2: Kimberly Clayton, Dawn Bryant, Yolanda Cribb Tiger, Lorrie Reaves, Terri Badille, Tracie Hovarter, Kim Ross, Renee Bradley, Tammy Davidson, Ronette Poe, Row 3: Michelle Dickin, son, Becky Hibbard, Rozetta Meedor, Pete Sosenko, Roger Shultz, Arion Holliman, Tracy Ross, Vernon Glover, Bryan Hise, Brian Martin. Row 4: Lawrence Tingle, Patrick Poole, Randy Rogers, Kelly Watkins, Karl Joyner, Steve Lopez, Kevin Kling, Corbett Vinyard, Robert Gilkes, Mark Grisham, Row 6: Jim Sullivan, Craig Smith, Robert Allred, Robert Pistole, Jonathan Buckley, Steve Snyder, Michael Jones, Brenda Webb, Patricia Hill, Sherill Sims. VICA. Row 1. Marsha Threatt, Portia Patterson, Kim Tracy, vice president, Janis Haynes, president, Kendra Percell, secretary, Tinna Simmons, Tina Lowery. Row 2: Michelle Love, Sherry Baldwin, Marsha Vogt, Lisa Hedger, Lee Ann Parks, Sondra Thomas, Rose Anna Palmer, Tammy Carmack. Row 3, Priscilla Patterson, Deidra Perry, Yvette Reeves, Lisa Jones, Kellie Fallwell, Stacey Chester, Sandy Lawrence, Patricia Dockins, Tamera Werner. Row 4' Nina Guoe, Ginger Comstock, Terri Maddex, Paula Williams, Vickie Litchfield, Cynthia Edwards, Brenda Webb, Gayla Sesher. Coop. Row 1' Mrs Juanita Dubose, sponsor, Auderia Williams, Lester Powell, Vickie Markhan, James Moses, Mrs. Barbara Neher - sponsor. Row 2: Scaurell Williams, Jerry Waters, Kirk Shields, Robert Battle, Tommy Goldman, Jimmy Baker, Charles Ellison, James Young, Marvin Brown. 82 DECA, VICA, COOP WT' .A 2 Wi? l A - i vi 7 :er er .... 3 . . fs-Ve, . :,. gg? ,.,- in ,Z ' l 4 H ae ff V Q ll 1 PQ 1 W e Vg!! S Q3 A v " il ll . Sl 4 ei ' f V. . 9 A J T f v g N . , scri. S S -' c J . 2 .,r V S - . .. hse r c i i x -' i --'-, I .- . Q 3 - er ' gi T. ' 3, ssri if " 'f is N , 1 . ,K 5 'cf . 3 .2 it - F P ' . s ' i rx! ll Malls it.. if. S " is .4 . ,FY ""i ii f ' f A ia, 9 , l . it ZA ,W ii Q i li il i l w c 'i Z nf f We fi Q-YA 's if'-Q ,Arx Q X W . ,I c 'xxx X .ref 5, .3 -J 51 5 5 Food! Robert Pistole and Karl Joyner put up a display for DECA's canned food drive. Trim time. Kendra Percell helps Tinna Simmons out by cutting her hair in Cosmetology. Work experience offered by DECA, VICA, Coop In the world of work, one needs the experience before working, and DECA, VICA, and Co-op provide students with needed experience. DECA, or Distributive Education Clubs of America is a club exclusively for those students enrolled in DE- Marketing. Students enrolled in the program earn classroom ence, Leadership Conference, the CSU Mini Conference, and the OSU DECAthlon. The club also sponsored a food drive for abused children and the KATT T-shirt sales. VICA, like DECA, is a club that is work oriented. The main purpose of the club is to pro- mote knowledge in the world of work. VICA is vocational, so credit for marketing related students enrolled in VICA are jobs. Among the club's many learning their needed skills for activities, DECA went to a entering the world of work. The Career Development Confer- contests and conferences that VICA attended helped to Searching. Mrs. Juanita Dubose helps improve their skills. Scaurell Williams find a job through the classifieds. Clubs 83 Always buying. Bobby Scott purchases one of the many items that Dawni Jeffer- son sells for the Art Club. Showing off. Pam Martin attracts Jerry Hovarter to her letter jacket. zalht Ns.. Clubs promoting spirit through special designs Girl's O Club, Fellowship of sponsor as they invited Christian Athletes, Human Rela- respected athletes to speak for tions and Art Club were all in- their meetings. terested in promoting participa- The Human Relations club tion in school activities. was united with the Safety Club The O Club tried to involve so the purposes of the two the entire student body in using groups were also merged: to new crowd chants. In the fall, promote good home relations for the group had a membership all groups and to promote safety party and built a float for the awareness. homecoming parade and The Art Club attended the festivals. In the spring, the group Arts Festival downtown and had a booth at the carnival and visited the Art Museum. To sup- culminated their year with a port school spirit, the group built spring membership party. a float for homecoming. For Compatible with the O Club, their major social of the year, the Fellowship of Christian the group went to Six Flags, Athletes, tried to promote athletics in a Christian manner. Perfect fit. Kelli Miller asks Leslie Leg- Mrl Mike Smith was again their gett if her softball shirt looks ok. 84 Clubs 9 -. fr wb-was wuam' ,, 1.8 Q..-... .A ,, I lr! so 4 s 4 E thi fe . ' ' . s, , i z is' i . , Us bt! it - . s 4 K- 0 ra A is 1' t'f, g it , S ' Al eg ',kL ' f C. Rift I l . I T A gr ' if A A, A -we . .. . B - 4 ' C, ' l B ,gfx 1 5 A I S so ifwfss li V 'Y' i , J iii ,if lg, ii Q 1 8 ' ' Qt 9 ' 6 ' V .. E " ' K bidi + ' A ., ' 'Q' V I kAk,kk g f 1 . .,..x .. - K L , 'r av L x ' If h - . 1 - . ,Wa F' Al.. ..,.. , ...W .. ,,.. . WWW VK ..,,. ,I W S24 7 7' i wa!- . fesrtemwf - V 41-71,-Q .--rf'-N Girls O Club. Front Row' Carlus Martin, Tamiko Blakely, Lesli Legget, Bambi Blumenthal, Shannon Levescy, Tracy Canon, Renee Elwood. Row 2 Yumiko Hurst, Mandy Levescy, Kelli Miller, Melanee Hamilton, Michelle Dexter, Lori Roberts, Mandy Spencer, Teresa Walley. Back Row Mrs. Connie Ellis, Cristi Capps, Tracy Wallace, Melissa Taylor, Jama Burns, Darla Black, Pam Martin, Mrs. Vickie Noakes. Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Front Row' Ricky Myskey, Shannon Levescy, Paul Vail, Traci Cannon, Todd Wallingford, Jimmy Schiner, Todd Hyden. Row 2. Leslie Leggett, Pam Martin, Rene Elwood, Mandy Levecey, Jama Burns, Darla Black, James Humphreys, Paul Rodgers, Boyd Roby, Mr. Mike Smith. Back Row: Darren Williams, Aaron Scott, Scott Stafford, Bill Slate, Ricky Cowen, Shawn Evans, Everett Bax- ter, Randy Summers, Mike Marshell, Greg Andrews. Human Relations - Red Cross. Front Row: Mr. John Savage, Valecia Barber, Debbie Hilterbrand, Sandy Lawrence, Ronette Poe, Maeletha Gordon, Sonya Hardiman, Yumiko Hurst. Row 2. Shane Busha, Travis Stewart, Anthony Veneyas, Anthony Tingle, Edward Bradford, Connie Williams, Shannon Rogers, Leigh-Ann Tilly, Emmitt Crawford, Robert Doss, Back Row: Tony Smith, Aurthur Stephenson, Charles Smiley, Moor Murkas, Love Whatley, An- thony Tangul, Greg Porter, Wayne Davis, Robert Daniels, Art, Front Row. Mrs. Benedict, sponsor, Julie Lyons, art queen, Ron Morgan, reporter, Curtis Pato, vice president, David Luse, president, Pamela Kessler, secretary, Mary Hutson, assistant secretary, Tommy Mitchel, treasurer, Cynthia Richardson, princess. Row 2: Vernan Colbert, Maeletha Gordon, Twyla Moore, Gina Ward, Tisha Kolke, Julie Martines, Molly Hildebrant, Karen Martin, William Whigham, Jackie Pearson, Kathy Todd, Kita Shelton, Damon Blumenthal, Bobbie Jones, Mark Howell, Row 3: Ratika Crutchfield, Jerry Hovarter, Dexter Smith, Becky Huffman, Julie Holloway, Lori Timmon, Starla Smiley, Melanie Hamilton, Gina Childers, Keri Sanders, Michelle Engles, Darvis Jefferson, Chrissy White, Traci Canon. Row 4: Romeo Galbreath, Tony Hacker, Todd Hyden, James Youngs, Cheryl Martin, Kristi Flet- cher, Vickie Markham, Lesli Leggett, Kevin Lewis, Gina Kessler, Darrin Ingram, Alfroso Gruamter, Mark Jones, Shannon Levescy. Back Row: Tommy Goldman, Jon Law, Jim Sullivan, Steve Stearman, Karl Jouner, Robert Watson, Tommy Monday, Chris Reynolds, Fronter Maewen, Jorge lslas, Donald Malicoate, David Cross, Brett Newton, Jaine Tarney. Traveling proud. Art Club demonstrates their school spirit in the homecoming parade. , f . ii i l Clubs 85 Performing, caring both stressed by drama, speech The drama and speech clubs earned much recognition for their performances and speeches and their participation in contests, The drama classes performed many times a year. ln the fall, the group presented f'Blythe Spirit" starring Brian Hise, Leslie Rex, Dena Cox, John Calamaio, Amy Brewster, and Danyelle Plowff. When the movie "Surviving" was being filmed in Oklahoma City, many drama students filled in extra parts. As a final "binge," the drama club went to New York City. Their plan was to leave the day after school was out. The drama club also went Christmas caroling, participated in Hillcrest Hospitalls disaster drill, and did skits for area nursing homes. Events for speech included giving speeches at Rotary and Optimist Club meetings, and judging the Coolidge elementary speech contest. While speech club concentrated on public speaking, drama club sought to make the public acknow- ledge the dramatic arts as a fine art. "Drama has really helped me overcome shyness. I feel free to express myself and my thoughts moref' said Torie Acking, historian of the drama club. Get serious. Drama students rehearse for an upcoming production of "Blithe Spirit," in -S Dreamland Leslie Rex Bryan Hise and Dena Cox watch Michelle Dexter show what she would rather be doing Debaters Ranee Elwood and Ron Cable Jr discuss each side of the issue before they go to a contest 86 Clubs Drama Front Rout Debbie Douglas. Sherri Langston. Rene Elwood. chaplain: Torie Acking, historian, Gail Gannaway, secretary1 Karen Modisette, secretary. James Jackson. junior vice president: Bryan Hise, senior vice presidentg Leslie Rex. president: Guy Smith, sponsor Rout 2, Tracey Freeman, Robin Wood, Lori Pena, Mandy Spencer. Shelia Elwood, Becky Marx. Connie Knight. Amy Brewster, Terri McClendon, Michelle Dexter, Tonia Mahler Rout 3 Scott Gibson, Eddie Poarch. Dianna Scott. Jeff Cordell. Danyelle Plauff. Pam Clement, Jennifer Cordell. Cindy Todd. Della Pratt, Nikki Pons, Heather St. Hillaire. Ailsa Hughes. Demetra Booze Back Rott' John Calamaio. Kathy Unsell, Sherrie Pickard, Pat Beeman. Charles Boylan, Jimmy Ballard, Rozetta Meados. John Collins, Dena Cox, Nicole Ingram, Leonard Williams, Randy Ray. Stage Craft. Front Row. John Chavez, Bryan Hise, Kevin Kling, Thomas Shipp, Billy Shipp, James Moses, Guy Smith. Rom 2 Paul Holloway, Leo Hayes, Man- dy Spencer, Marsha Vogt, Heidi King, Amgie Corona, Roger Jefferson, Mark Howell, Amy Lindsay. Row 3: Tracey Jaye, Charles Smiley, Travis Church, Kevin Kain, Jason Walton, Kevin White, Race McDoulett, Dale Barnes, Donald Lusk, Scott Schwemly. Speech and Debate. Front Row. Stacey Quesdibitty, James Jackson, Rick Pena, Mike Crain, Johnny Pomeroy, Guy Smith. Row 2, Heidi King, Kristi Larman, Dena Cox, Karen Modisette, Rene Elwood, Michelle Dexter. Row 3: Tracy Jaye, Leslie Rex, Ron Cable, John Calamaio, Mike Pybus, Terry Rice, Steven Riley. Heave-ho. Mandy Spencer, Angie Cor- ona, Tracy Jaye, and Donald Lusk set the stage for rehearsal. Drama, Speech 87 Advanced Choir. Front Row Sheryl Davis, Tawanna Lee, Genia Davis, Julie Lyons, presi- dent, Cindy Richardson, Samantha Thompson. Row 2: Donna Sellars, LeeAnn Parks, Tammy Jackson, Heather St. Hilaire, Leigh Ann Tilley, Gala Wallace, Sonja Jackson. Row 3: Kathy Young, Troy Craig, Ailsa Hughes, Tonya Ivy, Dexter Smith. Row 4, Tonnie Smith, Chris Whatley, Marvin Brown, O. J. Thomas, sponsor, Mixed Chorus. Front Row Kim Shay, Robert Daniels, Tamara Loving, Joey Moreland, Kim Leonard, Ranee Foster, president. Row 2 Tracy Brown, Sunny Tory, Kevin Watson, vice president, Brian Williams, Wayne Davis. Back Row. Tracy Jaye, Michael Dunn, Marcus Floyd, Sandra Harper, Joyce Frost. Mixed Chorus l. Front Row. Lottie Norvella, Patricia Stewart, De Andre Young, Richard Hasty, Roger Jackson, Antonio Perry, Gregory Leate, Dewayne Owen, Barry Cooper. Row 2' O, J, Thomas, sponsor, Melanie Hubble, Jennifer Mullins, LaDonna Gross, La Nece Williams, Tina Dowdy, Patricia Wallace, Latoshia Hall, Denise Frazier, Carolyn Arnett, Bobby Hill, Elaine Frost. Row 3: Stanford Brigham, Heather Honn, Gina Jaye, Dianne Huddleston, Frederick Richardson, Kym Ross, Lisa Phillips, Mary Herrod, Sharonda Williams, Tammy Banks, Frances May, Jennifer Hensch, Shelly Aikins. Row 4: Reginald Hill, Jason Harry, Robert Dolan, Jeff Marshall, Lyndell Crook, Laflut Hytchye, Timothy Ceasar, Darryl Scott, Anthony Eclington, Kirk Shields, Melissa Martin, Matthew Honn, Robin Wood. Back Row: Brian Moore, George Bateman, Joe Phillips, Gene Patterson, Michael Wilson, Derwin Murphy, Joel Polk, Gable Hughes, Steven Crumity, Marcus Miller, James Sullivan, Patrick Kuykendall, Derek Goodwin, Deanna Eddy. All around. Mr, O. J. Thomas rehearses with his students before a big contest. W-ng. 88 Choral Groups .-f-sv ,au- ...WL 3. gr! 'ti 1 ' ' l ici Z, I,...e-1 ""7"' if 63 .f A M ' p. Y .., ' ,- . 1 '-' A ' - .- - t f . f, Q , f 9... +.,, , 7 , 1 , . c A . K k I Z X , Hs, N i T 8,5 Q i n , fi ii Q :ft - .... ' ii ll 's 5 Vi-,kg fl., 'QA' lg AQ' ix' by .... . rf sw. is if xi if ' - ... ofa irll F '-4 S ak: 5 3' ' ' ,-A. 'nt-F fig "',' , f 2 ff, 'ij R ps as iii ' ga la 2? gk ' ,Qv-,Y v XX 7 H E S z F S 00 Advanced choir, choral groups prepare programs Under the direction of Mr. O. J. Thomas, membership grew in the different choir groups, Highlight of the advanced choir's activities was organizing a pop show choir which was presented at the musical pro- duction in the spring. The ad- vanced choir also attended the state vocal contest at OSU as well as the district contest at Bethany Nazarene College. The advanced choir also made a recording which was played for the student body at Just right. Kathy Young and Mr. O, J. Thomas try to find just the right note, Christmastime and sang at Crystal's Pizza parlor. With Shawn Evans as their president, the Mixed Chorus ap- peared in the Christmas pro- gram and the spring concert both in ensembles and in solos. They also attended district and state contests. Through the study of choral literature, the group gained depth in their understanding. Under the leadership of Renee Foster, president, Mixed Chorus Il appeared in the Christmas and spring concerts and served as a feeder group to the advanced choirs. Loyalty. Mr. O. J. Thomas leads his students in the HStar Spangled Banner" at a pep assembly. Star quality. Heather St. Hillaire is led by Mr. O. J. Thomas in a song. Organizations 89 Who ya gonna call? Robin Maylor shows her spirit and support for the band with their new Ghostbuster signs, Drum line. The drumline performs at a football assembly. Band, Row 15 David Green, director, Tracy Slaughter, Gina Trivitt, Christi Alfaro, Pam Clement, Stacy Melvin, Stephanie Jackson, Sharonda Williams, Gerald Stephens. Row 2: Michele Hilburn, Kari Baker, Christy Heath, Maeletha Gordon, Scott Gibson, Jeff Davis, Vicki Queen, Nella Pratt, Teri McClendon, Tawanna Lee, Roger Jackson. Row 3: Kim Shay, Jonny Pomeroy, John Calamaio, Rob Maylor, Bridges Thomas, Ramon Koach, Tina Young, Wayne Davis, Aleshil Burris, Rusty Cole, Row 4: David Pickard, Tracy Ross, Jay Melchor, Twyla Moore, Curtis Pate, Tommy Goldman, Don Jackson, Paula Oliver, Richard Robin- son, Angela Drabek, Katherine Shuler. - - Row 5: Marc Hayes, Stephanie Hayes, . - J 1 F Brian Scott, Vernon Glover, Danny Ray, f Jon Updike, O. J. Denson, Orenthel f , f if 3 Denson, Kent Langston, James Jackson, J CK , . . if 'XJ' Randy Ray, Greg Porter. ' try: , I , gg- , 1 1 V Q S ,,, e T ' T r -Q' Twirlers: Christi Alfaro, Pam Clement, W va ' 2151? Stacy Melvin. Q "'iif , QM 3 ,ev inf l J' 6: 1' .i -1-,uw ai ii fgh E. I gs rs. 2 N gg ,. ,W Li ZW, is J 1--N '1 iiiiififf rs J so if 2111" at All i f '.If'-- iz " . RT -W .....,, ' 5 L' s ,,,,,s ' 'iir ' , ,e F- ,gg -I "iili e S W E Q ggi g g J S ' , gr- J ' 90 Organizations 7lir1xX ' 1 Mr...-f " 1 'vvwf' if l'y"""'aAi ' ,,1fx,.,A lf,:ffQ',' 'rrfkaf 'L -fi'1f,lk 1 f" I -.rv 4. , v . si' t., sg f lf 56, 1' Jamminf John Calamaio shows his stuff at the homecoming football game March, 2. 3, 4. The Marching Generals lead the homecoming Dararlp , ,. , ,J 1 as-sf Band sets Corpus Christi trip to Buccaneer Parade ln response to a special invita- tion to appear in the Buccaneer Day's Illuminated Night Parade May 4, the band worked all year to prepare for the trip to Corpus Christi, Texas, May 3 through 5. The band was expecting to per- form for a stadium of approx- imately 12,000 and then parade for approximately 150,000 parade spectators. Band members planned a trip to San Antonio, Texas on their way home so that they could visit the Alamo and purchase Pyramid. The senior members of the band carry on the tradition of a senior pyramid. souvenirs in the El Mercado market place. The group also prepared an application to appear in the 1986 Cottonbowl in Dallas, Texas. Because the band had no flags for the season, the color guard was not able to function in the usual way. The group work- ed to raise funds to pay for new flags which were expected to cost approximately 51200. During the year the band at- tended the district contest at Central State University, and appeared in the 89er day parade. Band 91 Jazzing. Bobbi Reid and Tracy Slaughter go over the music to make sure it's perfect. Tuning up. Mike Moore practices every chance he gets to improve his performance. Orchestra, jazz band re-build with new leader Both the orchestra and the jazz band, under the supervision of the new band director, Mr. David Green, had a re-building year this season. Both groups appeared with the rest of the fine arts depart- ment in the December 17 and December 20 programs. Both groups also appeared in the band's spring concert. David Green brought con- siderable experience to his new duties. After graduating from Lawton High School, Mr. Green attended Cameron University for two years before he went to Oklahoma University from 92 Organizations which he earned his BA. While he was in Lawton, he performed in the philharmonic orchestra. Mr. Green plays all woodwind and percussion in- struments. At OU, he performed with the oboe, flute, clarinet, and percussion. Mr. Green taught in Noble, Oklahoma before moving to Moon Middle School in Oklahoma City. l-le transferred to US Grant for the 1984-85 season after spending one season at Moon. Solo. John Calamaio's dedication has made him one of the best drummers US Grant has ever had. Wi. 1 X l til! W 9, M.Mf? - W. .,. ., ., .Y in avi . if Y ,Em ' 1' 1 .r Q x 1 f -er ri 'VD' an in-Q iff ll' as iw if if' Lf" f ff' . J if f Wf,-' ff: ffff, -5 .. rf . amz, , MW W9 WW Jazz band. Richard Robinson, Mr. David Green, Daisuke Nakanishi, John Calamaio, Tracy Slaughter, Steve Cruni- ty, Bobbi Reid. Orchestra. Micheal Moore, Kellie Dowdy, Lisa Goodmiller, Venus Manley, Mr. David Green, director, Donald Lusk, J. R. Jackson, Sharon Hamon, Angela Dear, Kimberly Poe The entertainer. Richard Robinson tries to figure out which music to play for the band. Practice makes perfect. Donald Lusk and Lisa Goodmiller rehearse for an up- coming assembly. Orchestra, Jazz Band 93 All athletic events sport cheer groups, pom pons The cheerleaders and the pom pon squads were very much in evidence at all the athletic events throughout the school year. Varsity cheerleaders began their season early in the summer with daily practice from 7:30 to 10 a.m. Monday through Friday in preparation for the Thunderhawks Cheerleading Clinic at Oklahoma University where the cheerleaders won spirit sticks two of the three days of the clinic. Over 100 squads competed for the five spirit sticks which were awarded daily. During the three-day clinic, the cheerleaders received one blue ribbon and two red ribbons. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders were selected from try-outs after school started in September. Pom pons were organized last spring, and they attended both the OU and OSU clinics ancl competitions during the summer. They attended the America Drill Team Association Statewide competition at which they received the sparkle and shine ribbon, the super sport and the third place plaque and ribbon. From the Thunderhawk competition they brought home an A+ as well as a daily spirit stick. Keeping warm. Carlus Martin, Keri Sanders, Deidra Perry, and Jamie Driskill snuggle up to freezing. keep from Pom Pon, Front: Deidra Perry, Tamika Aikens, Julie Bell, Left to Right: Tammy Smith, Kim Collie, Carlus Martin, Trina Cook, Laura Garza, Kari Sanders, Jamie Driskell, Christene Tunnell, Chrissy White, Spirit. Bambi Blumenthal and Missy Williams do a routine for a pre-school activity. 94 Organizations Varsity cheerleaders. Front Row: Gina Ward, Ronette Poe. Row 2: Molly Hilder- brant, Bambi Blumenthal, Sonya Har- diman. Back Row: Traci Canon, Missy Williams, Melanee Hamilton. Junior varsity cheerleaders. Front: Jen- nifer Mullins, Tumiko Hurst. Back: Shannon Flowers, Kim Wing. Attention. The varsity cheerleaders salute as the National Anthem is being played. A little cold. Kim Wing, Shannon Flowers, and Yumiko Hurst huddle to stay warm. -fwnmq-ar 'T lx Cheerleaders 95 hw i 'hi' M No where did we express "Generals on the Move" more than in our school life. We hardly had time for sleep. We started early with dreadful ordeals of trying to drag our bodies out of bed each day. Only after all possible reasons to sleep five more minutes were exhausted did we finally open our eyes to the light of day. We hurried from class to class visiting with our beloved friends until the last possible second before the bell rang. Many of us gave hours after school to athletics and extra curricular activities. This didn't keep many of us from thinking we "had" to have a job, so we ran from school to practice or extra curricular to work to late dinner at home and a late hour to bed. Then we got up the next day and started the same mad run - and we loved it! This was the life of "Generals on the Move." ol Life on th mo ei School Spirit 'lt's more than just yelling Some people envision school spirit as showing up at every ball game, buying spirit buttons, and cheering one's lungs out at a pep assembly. Others see school spirit as an attitude, a special friendliness to all students whether they are friends or strangers. Some educators see school spirit as a combination of participation and being friendly. Everyone can attend games, but it is the special peo- ple who attend school activities and befriend the person next to them, whether they play in the band or participag in track. School spirit is sitting in twenty degrees below zero weather to watch the Generals win! - Kristi Fletcher I think that mostly all the students lespecially SENIORSD have a lot of school spirit. We need to work on the freshmen a out one's lungs' little more, let them know what's upl - Tammy Stephens School spirit means being proud of your school, wearing red and gray and par- ticipating in school activities, - Selene West To stand by our team through their ups and downs - that is what school spirit is all about. - Loetta Schumm Keep up the good work USG. 5 Lisa Wisdom l believe the students at USG have a lot of school spirit. If we didn't, then how was the KOFM 104 contest won? - - Keri Sanders Luv those Generals, Aaron Scott, Dave Sauter, Brian Blakely, John Sargent, Terry Rice, Steve Copus, Jean Curtier, William Wigham let everyone know how they show their spirit at a pep assembly. kj. - 2 .. 4 .r....... 2 ., v 1 as it vw, as sis s ass. --,.' .2 a t . i i s . it 2 in . W W., , , ' we s """.1'Zv 115 .shgj ' li Y -1, ii! T 37 1 ' H' f .... 1 I R. . is. -if -em , sg .S - xi 2 S M-'i' . A i , fs f i 1 fs 5 9 Ml , , A 'I Q . 'I' 7' ' x faq - has Mit L q:,rwr,L,, ai' i we .il st i t ti """ """'1sf N1 -M ..,. 1 K F J 31.4 Q92 X-ss., I love a parade. Generals participate in the homecom- ing parade. On my way. John Molet dresses for the game showing his school spirit. ' r W if X Ni: WK " ' ' we 'Y2' V fx i,el 5 1 N f . xrx-fffddp 12 We've got the spirit. Shawn Casey presents Dr. James Robinson with KOFlVl's school spirit award, Writers' cramp. Darren Clark writes "The new KOFM 104 knows that US Grant has the most school spirit" 3,156 times. School Spirit 99 New friends. Stan Prokarym introduces himself to Ed- ward Polly, Bosom Buddies. Mrs. Vickie Noakes, Mrs, Connie Overstreet, and Mrs. Connie Ellis stick together during the homecoming parade. 1, , ,rm , 'I f W, X X we -1? J" ik.. X ,e 'WC .fxfl N. . 1 fx: fxc. X f x Rxlqxif X C X ,,,- fzlfi f- "N-N... Study mates Mike Pybas and Ron Cable help each '7"" other study the way true friends should Brrr Pam Clement and Laura Garza bundle up ' 1 when the weather gets cold. , f Y ' - "IST ' a ...ai ry- ii? .5 .1 'V fax' 'Q ,eq : I 100 Friends s .,.1 2' it ,X ,,1:.:q, A VVI Friends ills K t -' -' -,sm 'Who was always there when we were down?' 6 t ' Perhaps the old saying "You never know A friend is someone that sticks by you QL f 7.1 , ,,,,s ' how important something is until you're through thick and thin. - Susan Therrien J? M B .f without it," is cliched, but it holds very true Friends need to stay together, if not 5 IP s' A L if 11 to close friends. What would we do without physically, at least in memory. - Mark r l, ,t M . friends? We sometimes take friends for Henson al' 5' FM' granted, but we soon realize how important Friends are one of the most important , , A 7' they are when a great crisis arises, and we things a person can have. People need so- !! immediately turn to them for support. Who meone to talk to and tell their problems to. , ypy 1' helped us realize that blushing around that - Becky Huffman. A l'HA Z special person was not a skin condition? Friends are Forever. They are fun to hang F' ' . f at 'vf K .-pw? Who always took up our cause regardless of how ridiculous it was? A friend is someone who sticks by your side at all times, someone who will help you in times of sadness, and someone to talk to when you need him. - Latasha Hall Line up. Clay Bragg, Jackie Huddlesotn, Evertt Baxter, Misty Boyd, Cher! Martin, Kent Langston, Kellie Miller, and Johnny Pomeroy prepare for a double trouble race. tosses ti.aa ir! li. ,g,...,.w - around with. I like all my friends because they are special to me. - Vicki Queen Friends are people who don't walk behind you or in front of you, but who walk beside you. - Sheila Lee I think it was said best in an old Beatles lyric, "I get by with a little help from my friends." - James Jackson 4. litti 'gl l l, r l . ' ,.,. , , . l 'Ml l",, ' 1 elif I s 1 Quincher. Rene Elwood tries to keep cool in the hot summer sun. Working hard. Becky Hibbard, Kristi Scott, and Sherri Pickard sell all kinds of food at the carnival. Knock, knock. Shannon Wattie brings Mrs. Thelma Parks her daily lunch. Just right. Mike Baker finds the highchair is just his size. 102 Food mzff W" E55-Sf ,rt,., xg. sr ,- Food .... 'This is what really brings people together' Who would have ever thought that food would have been so important to students, but what did all of our weekends revolve around? Going out for pizza, meeting at the ice cream store, and grabbing a quick soda became social life at it's height. Greatest of all was the accomplishment of helping our friends eat a package of chips and several candy bars between classes. Some people tried to control what they ate, some people didnlt have to worry, and some didn't care, but everyone seemed to relate well around food. Eating is so natural and being around friends is so fun, when we combined the two, we had a party during lunch. Mega Munch. Shawn Evans devours his McDonaldis hamburger. Where are we going to eat??? - Race McDoulett Food is a very healthy or unhealthy thing depending on how you eat it. -- Dana Ayers To pig out and not gain a pound. - Ron Morgan Food is a a vulgar word. Every time my friend Tinna Simmons and I go to the mall, all we do is eat and eat. By the time we decide to buy anything, we have no money left. - Missy Clay The food in the cafeteria looks better than it tastes. Really, the cafeteria has more nutritious than Taco Bell or other restaurants. So I think the cafeteria is better not only because of the nutrition, but also the prices are low. - Steve Maldonado School Life 103 X, Holidays, parties fReally, any excuse can be used for fun' . There are many reasons that can be used to give parties, After football games, birthdays, to let off extra steam or holidays are some of the more common excuses. The most common reason for parties is holidays. Holidays have earned their fame for being great times for family and friends to get together. Holidays are times for caring and sharing. The holiday season brings friends together. lt is also a time for meeting new friends. Holidays bring out the best in people. lt just seems natural for friends to have parties during the holidays. Parties should be every night, but don't invite dead people because a lot of the time they need to be lively and exciting. - Rhonda Bower Partying is a great time to get to know new friends and have a great time. At parties you loosen up a little and be yourself, or like some people, become someone else. - Mark Brown I like the holidays because it's a time for relaxing the mind and body. - Jason Walton 104 School Life Holidays are when people and friends come together and celebrate, or reminisce over past occurrences. - Kathy Young The holidays are my favorite times of the year. lt's when my family and relatives get together. Sometimes I even get to meet relatives l didn't know I had. - Nicole Ingram Holidays and parties go together. You meet new people sometimes relatives or friends you havenft seen in months or even years. - Amy Lindsey Parties are fun to go to. They can make you lose weight, make new friends, and find new girlfriends or new boyfriends. They're fun. - Tina Houston Parties are great and fun especially on Friday nights. - Selene West Costumes Galore. Chris Reynolds, Marc Line, Cindy Richardson, Mary Hutson, Julie Lyons dress up for the Homecoming parade. V Where are they? Michelle Dexter will never outgrow Easter egg hunting. Blow, Richard Robinson makes a wish and blows. it ...., E.. . . W ii,, L. i,.. . gt . L mx E ll! ' fsssg-s Trim-A-tree. Shawna Nichols and Trina Jones decorate the Christmas tree for the holiday season. Ho! Ho! Ho! Leslie Rex visits Santa Claus to tell him what she wants for Christmas. Holidays, Parties 105 Love 'It's certainly more than we usually realize' When we think of love we generally think of boyfriend-girlfriend relationships, but romantic involvements are only one aspect of love. How many times did we ignore the wishes of our parents and forego previous commitments to run to the aid of a friend at the least momentls notice. What kind of feelings do we have for the person who let us have his car for the weekend, fatter we had totaled oursl so that we could take advantage of a great opportunity or pick up some concert tickets that we had really wanted? Least mentioned among close friends and greatly misused by people who date, is the word love. If you give a little love, you might receive a little. - Latasha Hall Love is an emotiong it flows through every vein, beats in every pulse, and stays in every mind. - Kim Williams When you find the right person to be in love with, it can be so sweet. - Tamia Aikins Love is getting in trouble all the time. - Sereta Roberson Love has no real meaning to me, so as close as l can see, Love is the caring and sharing of your family and friends. - Kim Collie Love is to have the tables turnecl around on you. - Ron Morgan "Lovell: Tears, fears, happiness, and pain. - Michelle Bull Along with love's fragile beauty comes life, and without life there is no love, - Laurie Gordon Happy together. Steve Copus gives Kim Miller a token of his affection, -- :sv ww -1 ,stiu ,t f it, if' W I Kiki if , ia- ' , . 13,3 , ,N . ,,,, , g t "t' .4 'V' .. it Qt: ,sis kt.,, . , "' - X- ' X X T? Q it 4 i g . K' "Q . ' .5 I Q Q af ll i ssuss fax? it r is , 3,5 , iuee - f 1 , - J , - . - an i ,4 X Q Love that money. Crystal Grounds smiles as she counts her money, Gentleman and his lady. Mike Lehr acts like a gentleman as he carries Christy Shade's books to class, xp 3, if ,. nfs, J .1 8 isa - ,s : -Q' 3 Pride and joy. Pete Sosenko takes pride in his car. Adorable. Diana Scott cuddles her critter. Love 107 Down pour, Danielle Pluff showers Dave Souter as he walks upstairs. Down you go. Bill Slate shoves Paula Parker's face into a pie at the first pep assembly. Rear end collision. Mike Dunn is about to show Byron Jones that he is the butt ofa joke. Sit on it, Chris Davis discreetly places a tack in Jaime Tamez's chair. 108 Practical Jokes K . 1 iw, ,J 101 Q, E 52 i g.--w un-na J -N' 1 Q.. il . Gi' Practical Jokes 'They're OK - to do to other peoplel' The day we thought we were going to die when we opened our literature books and pasted on the inside were pictures of people with very little or no clothing. The day we knew third hour would never end, all because of a note slipped to the teacher ex- plaining the entire history of our love life. Our best friends just loved the way our skin turned red and our eyes rolled back into our heads, and what for? All for the sake of practical jokes Practical jokes can be funny if they don't go too far. - Leslie Rex I think practical jokes are fun to pull on Shhh . . . Melvin Waldrup quietly ties James Jackson's shoe to the chair. other people just to see what their reactions would be. But having them pulled on me is not that fun. - Greg Covel The best practical joke I ever pulled was when some friends and I put itching powder in someone's lwho shall remain namelessl pants. - Kreg Grimes Practical jokes are all right sometimesg in fact, they are kind of fun. But sometimes they can get out of hand. You can very easi- ly hurt someone's feelings, but practical jokes are okayg it just depends on who you're doing them to. - Felisha Bennett I like to pull jokes on people and make them feel funny, but it's not so funny when they pull them on me. - Bobby Hill Number 1 supporter, Audra Frantz advertises her support for Ronald Reagan. Decisions. Wendy Berryman debates over the can- didate she wants to vote for. ' ,gx ,f,.4"" ,W 'ruse' MW - Q an jjj: " ,A,. 3i1ff,5QQffm'gf5aff5:1f. y , ,-1' V Gobble-Gobble. Mrs. Pat Wear's students boosted her to victory in the teacher turkey. The first time. Charlette Jones learns howto vote. 110 Election '84 for is--ly Election '84 'Sf 'Thank goodness it didn't last any longer' Once again the time came for us to witness another presidential election, a deci- sion that, more or less, decides our fate for the next four years. How did we feel? Republican, Democrat, Independent, we all had our preference, however, after several months, we all grew tired of campaign rhetoric, and we wanted results. Reagan won decisively, and did we care? Somewhat, of course, but it was no mistake to say that we had things on our mind that at the time we felt affected us more directly than the Presidential election. The campaign took too long. The only Politics. Pat Haggerman campaigns for freshman class president, people to come out ahead were the TV net- works and the advertisers. - Ted Haskinson The debate between Republican can- didate, Ronald Reagan, and the Democratic candidate, Walter Mondale, was interesting, although the issues were plain. Neither can- didate ever got to the point. - Jan Richardson 'Election of 84," l wish I could have voted. - Darshel Washington Hey! lt was Reagan all the way! -Missy Clay Mondale thought he could do it, but Reagan put him to it. - Kim Williams l'm glad they came out like they did. - anonymous 'gg . . ,E Royalty 'lt was always an honor to be chosen' Ml feel very good about representing the sophomore class in the football homecoming. lt was cold, but it was fung especially riding on the Corvettesf' Tamia Aikins 'Alt makes me feel honored to be chosen to represent the junior class as an attendant for basketball homecoming. l feel it is a privilege to be chosen for the occasionf' Felicia Hayes "l was very honored and very glad to be chosen for football homecoming royalty. l love to represent my school in any way l can." Traci Canon 112 Royalty "l was excited and considered it an honor and a privilege to represent the wrestling team at homecomingf' Donna Craig "l felt very honored in representing my team and my school at a prestigious event like homecoming." Aaron Scott The court. The 195547565 basketball royalty were freshman attendant Marina Brown. senior attendant Joyce Taylor, senior attendant Audrey Neal. sophomore attendant Kita Shelton. and guniur atten- dant Felicia Hayes Basketball escorts were seniors Randy Summers, Marcus Floyd. Steve Dunn. Paul Rodgers, and Brian Moore Posing. The 1984-85 football royalty included sophomore attendant Tamia Aikins, senior attendant Missy Williams, senior attendant Apryl Webb, junior at- tendant Traci Canon, and freshman attendant Jama Burns. All smiles, US Grant's 1984-85 football queen was Apryl Webb, escorted by Bill Slate, Qfimvvf Ui ill l, rg- f UI lil? ' , gn. V f-.,s,N, Q' Euan fX'3Mj fi Qa! T' 'fs ya Q me x2-.ff-f"L. :MA ffm 5 H'- "iif?"fruu'.i:fH'X N f?mu,,..w iff? 44,5 . A -I X. , - Royal. The 1984-85 wrestling royalty were Melanee Hamilton, Donna Craig, queen Lisa Hill, Paula Parker, and Kim Wing. Wrestling escorts were Tommy Goldman, Bobby Scott, Leon Edwards, Melvin Waldrup, and Mark Honn. Dressed up. Pom Pon royalty were Deirdre Perry. Christeen Tunnell, Laura Garza, Trina Cook, and Keri Sanders. Royalty 1 13 Ilfl Rorciltu A A Top Brass 'Everyone couldnlt win and wear crown' "l felt very lionorecl being chosen as Princess of Print. lt was 41 privilege for me to represent our journalism staff." Susan Tlierrien "l feel lucky to he chosen. l was really sur prised when l founrl out that l had been cliosen for choir attendant," Sherrie Crensliavv "l was proucl to be Prince of Print for jour' nfrlisni because l represented tliein and trietl to be at good role inotlelf' Scott Hill If -.. . .. . '.". i ...Ib '."1-,ffi . i, .5 .-. A - ff' . '. 1 ' O O 1 ',','fv O ve aa 4 v ,I ru,,..i, o',,. u 4 IA O i ,, If ,N .823 ,' .H uv, ,f ...aav,.f,, , 'O' I' Wa.: 'K U' fl, 5' "1".'a' ' in :Ai .wins .nd ' fi 0 fi n 'Y 'r.l.Qlf Q J., W gave' 8. s 4- ,Vi Vx l Prince and Princess The 198-4,85 Prince and Princess of Print were Scott Hill, sports editor for yearbook and newspaper. and Susan Therrien, faculty editor for yearbook. All smiles, Chosen to represent the choir department this year were sophomore attendant Denise Frazier, queen Cindy Richardson, junior attendant Sonya Jackson, and senior attendant Julie Lyons. Choir escorts were Bayon Cartwright. Michael Dunn. king Rodney Williams, Steve Crumity, and Bryan Moore. Not pictured was freshman attendant Sherrie Crenshaw. H17 V 2 .V ,' A , rl fe g 1 of 4.-v,,, rm L? . Y fri, . ' A I if , V . i f Class, The 1984-85 General and his Lady candidates were Christeen Tunnell, Sonya Hardiman, Bambi Blumenthal, Stephanie Hayes, Dena Cox, Boyd Roby, Bill Slate, Leo Hayes. Aaron Scott, and Paul Rodgers. On top of the world The 1984-85 US Grant General and his Lady were Leo Hayes and Bambi Blumenthal. Royalty 115 116 Sports gpm ,,,.,, I diff' ff f ff' X ff f M ' rt of school life. The games Sports provide a lot of enthusiasm and are a very important pa seem to unify the student body and at the same time, help to make people understand more about the competitive world in which they live. ' r The athletic events themselves attracted many spectators who made obvious their support of our teams. The cohesiveness of the sports program transferred in many cases to other aspects of our lives. One thing was sure, we had SPORTS ON THE MOVE. i gy' W v Sports 117 Side lined Bill Slate gains abuut 10 yards in the win ovvr Douglass. Sawing Paul Roclgt-rs has the hall at his fingertips to prevent an interception. .P Fm itbull K A i ta.t k V V fd al K , ,Lf . , , i Mean Randy Rogers gives the quarterback tl slruvt' 'lliuklirig A Gunural trivs tu pruvunt the Douglass quarturback frum gain- ing yardage, 'ani' af' it 'wr' . . ls ra rlir 4 rr.. n Q A, V , ' i- record, make play-offs VARSITY SCOREBOARD Opponent Northeast Douglass Yukon John Marshall Northwest Norman Southeast Capitol Hill Duncan Western Heights Play-offs Lawton Mac . . 1 I K I ,.,: W. 5 Generals. Front Row: Leo Hayes, Steve Copus, Jimmy Schiner, Todd Hyden, Aaron Scott, Bill Slate, Randy Rogers, Paul Nelson, Shawn Evans, Scott Stafford, Randy Summers, Apryl Webb. Second Row: Mike Lehr, David Roberson, Rick Cowan, Darren Williams, Jimmy Marshall, Everett Bax- ter, Todd Wallingford, Ricky Myskey, Paul Vail, Joe Smith, Janet Wood, James Humphrey. Third Row: Daisuke Nakanishi, Charlie Baxter, Greg Covel, William Self, Mike Marahall, Ty Wenthold, Jean Cortier, Tim Reed, Greg Andrews, Tommy Goldman, Kristie Scott, Brian Blakely. Back Row: Edward Polly, Mike Honn, Dean Bryant, Harold Crosley, James Thatcher, Mike Smith, Dewey Metheny, Paul Holoway, Marvin Brown, Byron Jones, Gridsters end with 6-3 Under third year head coach, Mike Smith, the foot- ball season ended with a 6-5 record and went to the state play-offs for the second con- secutive year making the first time a football team at Grant has gone to the playoffs two consecutive seasons. The season started out with surprising wins over Northeast and Douglass before suffering the next two losses from Yukon and John Marshall. The Generals then defeated Northwest before losing to Norman. The Generals won the southside championship against Southeast and Capitol Hill before losing to Duncan. The Generals then defeated Western Heights to go to the play-offs where the Generals lost to Lawton Mac. Randy Summers made the All Region 8 team. Players who made the All Conference team were Aaron Scott, Paul Rodgers, Paul Vail, Randy Summers, Jim Marshall, Dar- ren Williams, and Leo Hayes. ln the All District team were Bill Slate, Aaron Scott, Jim Marshall, Darren Williams, Randy Summers, and Leo Hayes. Football 119 After slow start freshmen end with 4-6 After a season of 4-6, second year freshman coach William McElwee was surprised at the season's turn-out. The Generals had a difficult time getting started because of grades, and Coach McElwee couldn't get up a consistent offense or defense until about mid-season. At the first of the year, the Generals suffered losses to Northeast, Millwood, and Western Oaks. ln the fourth week of the season, the Generals started winning with a forfeit over Classen. The Generals then lost to Star Spencer. The Generals beat Nor- thwest 18-O, before losing to John Marshall. The Generals then lost to Douglass before defeating Capitol Hill. ln their last game of the season, the Generals defeated the Southeast Spare tans 42-34 to win the Southside championship. Generals, Front Row: Thomas Hornbeck, Noble Lee, Tim Ceasar, Randy Neugebauer, Jimmy Mendosa, Race McDoulett, Damon Blumenthal, Ter- rance Rodgers. Second Row: Ken Albertha, John Stark, Joey Moreland, Doak Walker, Kevin Goldman, Richard Galbreath, Phillip Allen, Derwin Mur- phy. Back Row: John Savage, Brad Mackenzy, Kevin Smith, Greg Porter, Scott Owen, William McElwee. 5? r S L in . A 1 . V g H f,J..Zvr, H ,.,, ., , . ' " "' 'ziwi . , ,, 1 gt . -zuzg-,W ' ui . 'H , ' ' rf r ' N' L ' f ' 'ii ' K fl? Q ,N 4 1 9 'V ' ' - ii. 'r ,a f V- V V , em , .,,1 ,V I P ' I f i E W V ivy? lm: , ,. V fvwgni pig gy 27, I q 43342412 - . .,., ' J T 1.4. A aff' at V if 1 T V' " I xiiitgzi i-fzesiftf ',.,iex: x"fl, f3z1-'xii ' ,iz W "1 'I ' ,:, 'X Wm I ll' " 1 li f in .4 4, A T iift fs, ,Q i l' , . . V TA" K W if g "hw l - ' sul , ' y -1, 'T' A V T, H- it I ,,., Q, G. ' - 3'4" T , ,.,,i l ,',, A 1 t"r f A .. A T' . " ll's 5 1 + if W l ll N A' N ' n, Q - 'f was " ' W l ' I if at , ,V ' 1 V gf, ff' , 'IQ i . ft" , ,, ' ' t ' 1 t ,,,., ,, ,f x QW, , " is . f ' 4, W 1 fi Mr . .L , 1 , 5 . , 4 'fff if A frre - Q. f W si sp fsii 4 ' ss' riff T fl 'Q ' .,,,, f J T A , J ., , I " ii" " " . " Us , -'ff -W - m ., 5 ,,,, , ,W H A ig-TEMZ 120 Football -N x I FRESHMAN SCOREBOARD Opponent Northeast Millwood Western Oaks Classen Star Spencer Northwest John Marshall Douglass Capitol Hill Southeast USG 20 18 18 O 32 20 forfeit 12 10 G 18 35 7 27 20 8 28 34 42 v"" 'if JI LQVLIEIJHKZ Bttl Sluts and Atrrtm Scutt wait fur the rufurec to twss ttrv mum Pwssrrrmw Rrxmix' Rtftiwrs ruslrvs .1 . 5 the quarterback, " i "i xx P' ., ,f-is . ,fs--' .l...4...' ln 5. Geztzrrg num' Paul Vml runs frrrm one dvfvmiur str he may trrrrm .1 pass, Recettwrrfg Paul Rodgers ctrtctrvs .1 pass tm thu Gvrwrals turn HKU! Douglass W 'al' Q., fy 4' Wqiaiki 'UNL ,V aegwigw 4 r 5, .iff ,S if , V' " ' 4'-7 'I Football 121 Ruuwwrrg lwlp Scutt Vnnhwrrr goes up wlxrlv Jvrry Wllvy ami Marcus Fluyd gm tu assrst h1IT1 Sfl't'1LllfHfZ Paul Rogcrs lmruly guts OH Paul Rogers gvts tlw ball off ilu- lmll past his defcmlcr. bcfmv commg down. x pi ,na- Ihwrsrurr Stull Vanhwrn Calls thv of- Nu 4'mnpL'l11rc1r1. Stcvc Dunn has no lgrwwluv Byron Jwmfs lm fonslvv svt-up compvtitifm when he goes up lay-up 122 Bcwkcllucxll BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD Opponent USG Capitol Hill 68 67 Star Spencer 43 40 Classen 61 56 Douglass 57 73 Northwest 68 78 McGuinness tourney 2nd place Capitol Hill 50 46 Southeast 61 57 Classenk 80 66 St. Maryfs tourney 2nd place Douglass 64 60 Millwood 4 56 61 Northwest 70 71 Southeast 60 54 Star Spencer 59 53 Millwood 42 40 Southeast 65 62 Regionals - f Northeast 65 67 Carl Albert 54 43 Lawton MacArthur 65 68 Douglass 68 52 Cagers chalk up 17-8 season, 9-3 in All-City Under the head basketball coach, James Thatcher, the basketball team ended with a 17-8 record. The Generals ended 9-3 in the All-City conference. The Generals started the season with a three game winning streak before drop- ping two against Douglass and Northwest. The cagers won two more before losing to Northwest again, The Generals then went on a four-game winning streak before losing to Moore. The Generals then won two and lost two before wrap- ping up their season with four wins against Southeast, Star Spencer, and Millwood. ln the first round of regionals, the Generals defeated Northeast before losing to Carl Albert. In the third round, the Generals defeated Lawton MacArthur before being knocked out of the tournament by Douglass. Generals. Front Row: Travis Grigsby, Edward Polly, Randy Summers, Marcus Floyd, Leo Hayes, Dion Taylor, Scott Vanhorn, Stanford Brigham. Back Row: Shelly Powell, John Savage, James Humphreys, Jerry Wiley, Paul Holloway, Clayton Moore, Steve Dunn, Michael Dunn, Byron Jones, Paul Rogers, Michael Nero, Larry Millhouse, James Thatcher. Basketball 123 M! 'manor ,A 1 . Generals Front Row: James Neal, Geoff Wilson. Jason Gallemore, Gable Hughes. Michael Baker, Noble Lee, Bill Jones. Back Row: Terrance Rodgers. Derrick Nance. Jerry Graham. Thomas Hornbeck. Derwin Murphy. Marcus Crownover, Anthony Tingle. Ray Vauhn Williams, Cal Holloway, Freshmen suffer 3-14 record after slow start Under first year head coach, Cal Holloway, the freshmen ended their season with a 3-14 record. The Generals' season started off badly with a seven-game losing streak against Classen, Star Spencer, Northwest, Douglass, and John Marshall. The freshmen then defeated Douglass 53-48 for the first win of the season. The Generals were then defeated by Capitol Hill, 124 Basketball Southeast, and John Marshall. The Generals then won their second game of the season by defeating North- west 60-58. '- The Generals then lost to Lawton, Northeast, Millwood and McGuinness. The freshmen then won their third game of the season by defeating Nicoma Park 39-35. The Generals then lost their last season game to Lit- tle Axe, 40-31. S , z FRESHMAN SCOREBOARD Opponent Classen 66 Star Spencer 64 Star Spencer 52 Northwest 47 Douglass 28 John Marshall 69 John Marshall 56 Douglass 48 Capitol Hill 58 Southeast 75 John Marshall 72 Northeast 58 Lawton 49 Northeast 73 Millwood 56 McGuinness 68 Nicoma Park 35 Little Axe 40 USG 42 38 32 40 30 36 28 53 32 43 55 60 30 51 43 28 39 31 4. lJu1wrrrmr'rl Marcus llowtl looks for Ilrruvr to eurth Steve Dunn Comes a sttnrl clown after blockrng a shot ' 2 'Af also ' 'ivan if- 3 z X4 As -cf T' .,. ' . F' A - .i ,N i County two RMU 1' clown up Stow Dunn goes up ffm! Bryon Jones trres to comt mth tht' rebound SN I I .sim - s- A 'Sf X Xxx X 3 , X? t , ff I S if .- Flying Paul RllClQUYSllIQ?Sll'lTOL1Ql'l the arr for a layup. Basketball 125 Thinker, Leon Edwards thinks about Moria over Mark Honn is trying to what he will do next. get his man into the right position. Edrguw v ,ff N., I ' 'V ' ' ' "AT ji:-' g l , ,. ,,s,,,.,3ggs,,., . .. ., ., N. , .. .,,1,s,.:1Qe,.1f:f-:fe-i . ggeggsgj'stg2fzg1szfs:'zs5g.:ig iff, X we --..-Q 'fl , W K gs. P . ,i.i in-' ' Turn mier Chris Thompson tries to Preparing The Generals loosen up turn his man over for a pin. before an upcoming match. 126 Wrestling . f-vrirm . -.. ,:g5:5g.q5ffi,3.,-- K , ..,. , ,W ,kk,,,, my I . ,..o...,..,-.,- . ., . Q N, L H . . ti Q M Q mill'--f ,.,,i . Wy-S WRESTLING SCOREBOARD Opponent Classen Northwest Star Spencer Southeast Capitol Hill McCloud Northeast Choctaw Douglass All-City tourney lst Western Heights tourney ' 4 6 47 ,, 29 ' It 14 ' , 30 1 ' 7th ,123 J 13? Q , ft We 1 fb 5' -. v 1 4 x -Q 1 I' N l JC I QP '3 N-rf' I ' A " W T .tak - - Lf fr .fif- 'I-7' - S we gf ...W as Q t. .,..,,,l, Q95 Generals Front Row: Bobby Hill, Mark Honn, Bobby Scott. Melvin Waldrup, Leon Edwards, Bobbie Jones. Second Row: Fred Richardson, Roger Jeffer- son, Tommy Goldman, Terry Rice, Jeff Marshall. Tim Ceasar. Back Row: Tony Franklin, William Self, Chris Thompson, Bill Slate, Mike Marshall. Todd Wallingford, Mike Smith. Matmen win first place in All-City tournament Under first year head coach, Mike Smith, the wrestlers ended their season with a 6-4 record. After Neil Choate resigned from coaching, Mike Smith took over to lead the wrestlers two days before their first match. ln the All-City tournament, the Generals took first place and in the Western Heights tournament they took seventh place. The Generals started their season with a victory over Classen 59-18. The grapplers were then defeated by Nor- thwest 53-18. The Generals defeated Star Spencer 52-17. The Generals also defeated Southeast 42-17. The grapplers then defeated Capitol Hill at homecoming, 46-18, before defeating McLoud, 47-18, The wrestlers then lost their last three matches to Northeast, Choctaw, and Douglass. Wrestling 127 Bobby Hill leads matmen in individual performances After a rocky start a few wrestlers had good seasons. The strong wrestlers this year were Bobby Hill with a record of 17-5, Jeff Marshall, 12-23 Mark Honn, 14-6, and Leon Edwards with a 16-6 record. All of these wrestlers placed in the All-City by Jones with a 4-6 record, Bobby Scott, 9-2, Tommy Goldman, 6-5, Todd Wall- ingford, 7-6g Bill Self, 6-8, and Melvin Waldrup with a 7-8 record. Other wrestlers this year, whose records were not available, were Terry Rice, tournament. Roger Jefferson, and Everett Other wrestlers were Bob- Baxter. Mrizmoids Donna Craig, Cindy Hampton. Carol Garrett, Lisa Hill, Paula Parker, Lori Swidler. ,,. tw V N az ex -. -fra-HAQEQQQQ' ww- ..scA1sf9'fl 5 ' 7 WSJ? 1 Yi? 126 Wrestling . Looking back William Self looks back for ideas for his next move, .-gm -, ,. ' ,N R Wmtgni, ! . A its 1 x . .mr L- . 32 -My A3 . , ,, ' 'gf W 1, K' 5 af 0 3 -we , nf ' ' 'mvua M ,W . ,-19' e?f ', "w,f.-.1 ,. HQ.-Q, ' ' ff-' , 1 ' ' 3 -,w p -- -w,,,fg,,. x -: ,, .M L . -f N A .wr - x-,gwwiglw . 1--. -1 35 , ,X A' ' - k . M, ' sgj-141 ' ' ' 'N - ,K ' 'f ix "' ' , ' 'k , 7311- ' ,A ,.' W , ,. X Tczku dun vz BnbbyH1ll1s gmng In Qu for thc mlm' duwn Dumg gmui Tommy Goldman rulls hlS man over 14" Steamed our Terry Rice rests for a moment befnre pinning h1S man Pm Todd Wfxllungford gets1ntop1nn' ing posmon, Wrestling 129 Ready. Paul Vail prepares himself for the next inning. Elsie R. , v .1 .gftgg .Q fi ' Making sure. Skip Metheny checks to make sure Scott Knapp and David Harris' clothes fit. yflljflifl . ,LL ei " 4 if 1 - f 1 i f' ,. f, ,X X K1 2 ,af Q-stage. PQI xi I 130 Baseball . , ,Wfg..asa-s ,mt-ii' . ... ji ,:h' N .1 ..l. . . -- Y- .www-... iss.-g.1f"s'F1" Q 1 K .,... .k" V ai ekii Catching it. Mark Henson fields a Got it. Scott Knapp gets the ball in i - K grounder. his glove. im.. N X.. ae ur! l-lardballers 4A champs in state last season ln the 1983-84 season, the Generals won the Class 4A State Championship and compiled a 23-7 record, tak- ing second place in the Guthrie tournament and first place in the Western Heights tournament and the Regional tournament. The Generals started strong with a 7-0 record until Southeast defeated the Generals 7-5. Midwest City beat the Generals before they defeated Edmond 5-2. The Generals then took second place in the Guthrie tourna- ment, losing first place to Stillwater. The Generals then lost a double-header to Del City and a game to Putnam City North before going on an eight-game winning streak to end the season. ln the regional tournament, the Generals defeated Northeast and Noble to take first place. ln the state tour- nament, the Generals barely defeated Duncan 4-3 and Guthrie 5-1. ln the champion- ship game, the Generals defeated No. 1 ranked Bixby to take the championship. Generals, Front Row: Tommy Monday, Paul Rodgers, Scott Knapp, Mark Henson, Randy Rodgers, David Harris, Paul Vail, Second Row: Mike Smith, Kevin Lewis, Todd Wallingford. David Herrod, Clay Bragg, Eric Schmitt, Johnny Joyner, Skip Metheny. Back Row: Gregg Porter, Gregg Andrews, Steve Copus, Keith Morales. Marc Scott, Anthony Eddington, Jr., Lee, Daryl Stewart, Carl Doughty. S , ,Q K .,.,. , ,, -,--: I ..,... , K 'B ,b t E , , .,.. . , 1 1 g g.: sm ' gg' -jff--Q-at 'aan' 9? it . W t is t , if . ,..Ag,..,. K ff A ,,,,, . Jgwyil-sf ,wmglffs X f, x' 2 5 jr 5? sv f - Baseball 131 Generals. Front Row: David Cross, Rusty Cole, Mike Cross, Robert Stone. Back Row: Ron Cable, Sherrie Pickard, Steve Uften, Rick Cowan, Kelly Watkins, Debbie Douglass. Hoping for better year, soccer ends with 2-8 After a 2-8 season last year, the soccer team is hop- ing for a better season this year. Mr. Ron Cable said 'lhopes are high because of at least ten returning players." Some returning players this year are Stephen Uffen, Skip Stone, Mike Cross, David Cross, Kelly Watkins, Rusty Cole, Dave Souter, Terri Rice, Ricky Cowan, Stephen 132 Soccer Borgman, Ki Harrington, and Robert Watson. Dave Souter, an expectant starter, said that the soccer team has improved slowly since its start in the 1982-83 season. "Our slow start is due to the lack of funds. Ed- mond and Norman received funds and the players get credit for the sport." 43 ja. ,O Protector. Kelly Watkins catches the 8 ball to prevent a goal. l' .g . 7 1 i : rl!" ff r 1 rf... f ..ff..a.l' ,.. f W-,,'f r g.,,,,, 4W4,5f'fw.rsW ...i. , My K, , ,NW ...,,. .W W A . ffl ,A ,,,,i,-44, 'ny ,.., ' -'.- fi Q ....-,ysf,.w'-fmvefwq pr 5 ga., .1 wg ... .f H fx Y 58 lg! Wwe gi Airplane. Mike Cross flies through Booting it. David Cross is determined the air to hit the soccer ball. to kick the ball for a goal. gr iii. ..... Z Haifwahl' Steve Uffen does a karate stunt after hitting the ball with his head. Riding. Mike Cross does a bicycle kick while the other players run on, Soccer 133 Fore!! Kurt Miller tees up while practicing. Generals. Front Row: Johnny Pomeroy, Danny Tracey, David Skidmore, Brad Langely, Jeff Bays. Back Row: Gary Gleaves, Chanon Motheral, Kurt Miller, James Hum- phreys, Brian Lewis, James Porter. 7 s ,ffl iii vm , yevtfwj-,g QQ n w nf " V , . af 'Lv 1, 12 ref 1 Heli? . iz 1,525 .NNN , A iz , 5 vb 4' K , , s , 1 r i.,,,, . V, , 'L if J, 9 'R ,, 5 if 5 5 14' r i R if Beach. James Humphreys tries to get Doubles. Kim Lasiter hits the ball out of a sand trap. while Leah Coslow looks on. 134 TennisfGoIf fi TEM fi , or ,,...,.. 5 ,ff X 'M A S , 513' Soups on! Robert Gilkes knocks the soup out of the ball. OL WP' 1' .. F 75? wif an rj ,f.k my ' Generals, Front Row: Hope Hise, Kathy Tilson, Kim Lasiter, Julie Martinez. Back Row: Tom Hutchinson, Ron Cable, Jr., Leah Coslow, Tish Kolke, F. 3 Tamiko Blakely, Vickie Noakes. sf .9 Tennis and golf teams The golf and tennis coaches are very optimistic about this year's teams. Last year, the golf team took third place in the Mid- State and regional tour- naments and tenth place in the state tournament. For this season, coach, Gary Gleaves is very op- timistic about his team. The returning starters are James Humphreys, Brian Lewis, Kurt Miller, Channon Motherall, and James Porter. The tennis teams hope to have winning seasons this year. optimistic about this year The boys' strong players this year will be Steve Synder, Robert Gilkes, and Darren Clark, according to boys' tennis coach, Tom Hut- chinson. They will also add about eight new freshmen who will struggle for the third and fourth spots. The girls' strong players this year will be Tamiko Blakely, Kathy Tilson, Kelli Miller, and Yumiko Hurst. According to the girls' tennis coach, Vickie Noakes, the girls expect to have a very good year. TennisfGoIf 135 Runners place 285 track team hopeful ln the state finals, the cross country team placed 28th, and the track team is looking for a good season this year. Before ending 28th in the state finals, the cross country team took second in the regional tournament. ln the Metro, Woodson, and Comet invitationals, the team placed third. The strong runner this year was Mike Frank, who took second place in all the tournaments except the state tournament. The track team, headed by Coach James Thatcher and Neil Choate, is looking for a "pretty good" season this year. Last year, Mike Frank and Edward Polly qualified for the state tournament. Ac- cording to Coach Thatcher, there should be a few more to qualify for the tournament this year, Generals. Front Row: Tonya Olvera, Carlus Martin, Torunn Acking. Back Row: Denean Berry, Mike Frank, Tamia Aikins, Edward Polly. X Us 1 , -. ' sr' in - f s , , sf, . it "" qv.. me 'iiwsiis x N 4 2? f 4 Q k- ws , --Y 1 - W at .MJF f 2 iiccssgi s's, N .. s ,,.i f' J --s- ' Ig, sas ,Qs , .. . ,. ,,s,, , cccc. ses -x x 3 v X .lT'x M. 136 Cross Countryf Track I' Tired out Dale Barnes a meet. ' 'HOD' relaxes after I 1 YF' 5, , 1 , - . . , 1.. NN .W .. , .s .2 - 1-ss-'. - sb 5 '2 ,. I . szzaf--,say-wg:.ig ,X , - x Q r , W -I ,,.. , T' was it Qu? if as Q WN .mf Y Y 1 A Q' V . 5, -Q mx 5 r.- M'-Q,, - W V I ,.- , - .,.1. Y. "wh 'f N . Num , L l . 1 ' 'Q 'Q 75, f A I f ,S 1 .,.4f"' A if r 1-af - Lfwsfvin -AWA' is - 2147 ' e ' ' e' Y , -,. :- - -v 1,1 K M ' xi , ,. .I ixk. in i M- , we 1 N .f'A, ,. H Q. we . Q WK 'H' " 1 5533 mmAA ef , ' K . psf , xk X P V -f ,,..aff" eq ww., A , All E- . Q 4. f A 1'1.1 I . W e K, .. L '-': :fx , '92 W KKA, ,K B. w, xkL 1 g y L :iL Q A . 1 LL .S ...s A 41 ffl' nf I" " H lrlziu lyllllll l.,1n.lx rw lmlwn rn Rnqvr ,luffvrwn Generals Front Row: Marc Cutler, Vlncent Knlffen. Dale Barnes Back Row: Tony Prultt, Roger Jefferson, Phrl Schumacher lv 3: 700 l lf Q, , A-A ,J 1 5 L v 00 5 W ,if , all Nc: 1 Unzled Edwnrrl Fully prepares firm! llmc Tonya Olvera has fun hlmsell for an LIPCUININQ meet whlle pmctlcing Cross Country!! Truck 137 Ready. The girl swimmers get ready to start the meet. Taking off. Stefan Borgman flies after the sound of the gun, wi' he-A 138 Swimming S 5 M www' .4 x Q, Q. .er N5 'KF :Nw .1 - it , .e V. N ggi' 5 -, L l--3.42 7 WLS S? '39 at t ,Q K mm X A avfg ,i Helping hand. Debby Hilterbrand and Tonya Olvera help Stefan Borgman. Hoo-rah. Sereta Robinson and Brett Newton cheer a swimmer on, if ..Y S iff K Sw f -A .I-1,4 as 1. R. . u f all Swimmers win individual honors in three meets Under former swimming coach John Savage, the swimming team had a very short season. The swimmers had three meets altogether this year. The first included Classen, Northwest Classen, and Grant. The swimmers won the meet with Stefan Borgmann placing first in the 50-free-style. A few other players placed second and third. In the second meet, the swimmers lost to John Mar- shall. Borgmann placed first in the 200-individual medley and the 100-breast-stroke. In the All-City meet, Borgmann placed second in the 200-individual medley and third in the 50-free-style. Jennifer Cordell placed third in the 100-backstroke. The strong swimmers this year were Stefan Borgmann and Jennifer Cordell. Generals. Front Row: Brett Newton, Santoi Jackson, John Collins, Tonya Olvera, Debby Hilterbrand, Sereta Robinson, John Savage. Back Row: Lyndell Crook, Derek Goodwin, Stefan Bergman, Rodney Turner. Swimming 139 'i ri sr- ' Generals Front Row: Melanie Hamilton, Lori Roberts, Rene Elwood, Bambi Blumenthal, Sheila Elwood, Tonya Olvera. Second Row: Jama Burns, Traci Canon, Lesli Leggett, Darla Black. Shannon Levescy, Stacy Self, Lisa M. Jones. Back Row: Connie Ellis. Tracey Wallace, Melissa Taylor, Teresa Walley, Misty Boyd, Kathy Tilson, Julie Pipes, Tommie Cummings, Kristie Pybas. Shawnna Shipley, Gary Cleaves. Softball scores again to win All-City title For the seventh con- secutive year, the softball team won the All-City cham- pionship and ended their season with a 15-O record. The Generals started their season by crushing John Mar- shall 28-0. The girls then defeated, for the first time in several years, Midwest City, 219. ln the third game of the season, the girls beat Millwood 28-6. For the second time, the girls defeated Midwest City 10-6. 140 Softball The girls then went on a streak of run-ruling their op- ponents, averaging 18.6 runs a game to their opponents' 1.3. Those opponents includ- ed Star Spencer, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Classen, and Capitol Hill. ln the final game of the regular season, the girls defeated Douglass 4-0. In the All-City tournament, the girls defeated Southeast twice, Classen and Star Spencer. .xr quasi. e. X 9 SCOREBOARD Opponent John Marshall Midwest City Millwood Midwest City Star Spencer Northeast Southeast Northwest Classen Capitol Hill Douglass USG 0 28 9 21 6 28 6 10 2 18 2 15 2 15 O 16 0 35 2 13 0 4 All-City Tournament is efrfigygkgi first place . 1 1 Classen Southeast Star Spencer Southeast f i 5 10 1 8 -.,: t 4 5 .. ws. -r-: ww- Q N7 - S ts. NS t.t..,t,,, ' ,.,g1i, it H S sa wgwc s ' g . fe ,... ,giggggiwf-. H fs t -A of f P ., ,,.,..,. , , ,V:.., , , -'nf 5 N t 'tb' 5 Q Sk , iii x H 5 53 111 'X las...-ms Running bases, Darla Black is ready Base-hit. Mandy Levescy watches the to run to second base to help defeat ball closely for a basefhit in the All- Southeast 10-5. City tournament. S l S Chewing-out, Mrs. Ellis hops onto the umpire's back about a call in the All City tournament. Out. Pam Martin tags a Southeast runner as Tracey Wallace looks on. Softball 141 Snatch Daisy Griffin gets the rebound. Shooting. Marina Brown goes up for two. Q ""' i..,. Q fi ---, K -... iinn ' Dribblirig, Tamia Aikins dribbles the Get it. Generals wait for the ball to ball down court. come down. 1112 Girls Basketball GIRLS' BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD Opponents USG Capitol Hill 43 39 Carl Albert Tourney third Northwest 38 32 Star Spencer 67 28 Classen 25 46 Douglass 57 23 Northwest 51 38 Capitol Hill 35 33 Southeast 50 32 Classen 20 32 Douglass 55 31 Millwood 52 37 Northwest 32 34 Southeast 63 46 Star Spencer 70 25 Millwood 49 26 Southeast 57 49 Regionals Douglass 79 37 John Marshall tourney consolation 'Imam-94 on an v ef-an nava- Mmuzww fn Ar Hem-swan-wawwav nwaw mms wuvwwrufiualu 1-mwaar M lllll r,f:l25zfe.fa flz, hd A :aa Www-...M - Lady Generals. Front Row: Marina Brown, Sherry Foley, Daisy Griffin, Keta Shelton, Tamia Aikins, Michelle Robinson, Pam Martin. Back Row: William MacElwee, Sonya Hardiman, Racheal England, Traci Wilson, Nena Groas, Felicia Hayes, Shannon Levescy, Lesli Leggett, O. J. Thomas. Lady General cagers record 5-16 season Under head coach, O. J. Thomas, the Lady Generals ended their season with a 5- 16 record. The Lady Generals were defeated in their season opener with Capitol Hill by a score of 43-39. Northwest Classen also defeated the Generals by a score of 38-32. With a score of 25-46, the Generals won their first regular season game against Classen 25-46. The Lady Generals placed third in the Carl Albert tour- nament. After being defeated by John Marshall, the Generals won consolation in the John Marshall Invitational. ln the middle of the season, the Generals finally won against their rival, Nor- thwest Classen, 34-32. The Generals lost their last season game to Southeast 57-49. The Lady Generals lost their regional opener to Douglass where they were defeated 79-37. Girls Basketball 143 Writers' Cramp. Darren Clark receives concert tickets from a KOFM 104 disc jockey for writing the most times, "The new KOFM 104 knows that US Grant has the most school spiritfl Poised. Shannon Levescy waits pa- tiently to hit the softball for the undefeated softball team. Q 144 Closing When we really have to, we We met many challenges which seemed to be an ina escapable part of life. Through our trials we began to rely on our own opinions and feelings of how to cope with the situations which arise. We found that our chal- lenges were insurmountable. At times we blatantly resisted what we needed to do or thought that we should do. No matter how long we procrastinated, dreaded, fret- ted, or made excuses, even- tually we got our backs against the wall. As we began to work we also began to enjoy what we Figure it out! were doing and we often wondered why our fears had been so great before, because we realized that we had nothing to fear except ourselves and our feelings. Interestingly enough, that's the point at which we began to be productive. We fiuit our escape tactics and faced the obstacles. Then we became conquerors. We learned we could figure it out! Show off. A faithful fan stands aside as Johnny Pomeroy shows his skills on the drums during football homecoming. Just perfect. Leo Hayes helps Aaron Scott get ready for the Mystery Assembly in which Leo was chosen General. CFD X rm. H x fi mi March. The US Grant drum line, led by senior John Calamaio, performs for one of many assemblies, A lot of fun. Freshmen anxiously wait to enroll in one of the many classes available. Closing 145 Ready. aim, fire Paul Vail gets ready to throw a pass at one of the many football games this year, A winning teamG The members of the winning US Grant Decathlon team are Brian Hise, Randy Ray, James Jackson, Karen Bays, Jay Melcher, Mrs, Rita Phillips, sponsor, Kevin Kl- ing, Stefan Borgman, Lisa Good- miller, Laura Garza, and Kurt Miller, After itfs all said and done, wefre ln everything we did, everything we touched, we felt the spirit of competition. Maybe it's the world today, or maybe it's in us, but we could not escape the everpre- sent threat of needing to ex- cel, needing to be better than we were the last time or bet- ter than someone else was. Every time we met our challenges face to face we were prepared to come out ahead, but when we failed we still knew down deep inside that we didn't fail, we were just set back a few paces until our time to excel was hereG There were times when we STILL NG. 1 wanted to just drop everything we were doing and leave everyone behind, so we could forget all of the problems that faced us, but the feeling of responsibility was too great for us to just turn our backs and walk away, so we stayed and finished and we always knew that we had given our all to make everything we ac- complished the best. So after it was all said and done we were STILL NO. ll Future Royalty. Kylee Ellis and Kyle Smith reign as flower girl and crown bearer for homecoming coronations for the 1984-85 school year, I f J 'i G, - fs, 2, ,G .Lf 1 ,K N ii ' i i "' mf ,, . ,, -nw.,- 'v .,, , , 2 , G - T , ., . - T ,, ' - ' .,,. ,. , T 1 , ir- r T ii T G it T Y fx e- iti - T T , at , l '- ,L , i f U ,,.f 5 -' r T- . . G T 1 lli T if G ' ' 1 ,. T T ,'- ,- ' ' - - 'T T T . " ,G 1 ' if - G, T 1.1, " If 'T 72 G'TT , 'r i ' f' ' K1 ,- V ,,Vr I 2 , -1 ,L , i l, W , I -Q V V - G f T ,. A - X , V .-T ,G,L ga- , .T -Q , T - .. me -e, ' 2, 4, ,ww 2' T v--,ami , 1 , ix K GK' M I , af,,f'-T kk ,,V:VV I V, L u i"i - T ' -,Muff X ' 'T 1, 1- """'?fw V ' I V f' ., ,,,. V .V If I - G,-,,,, - T il ,,,, t TT G T. r r T G T 'TTT - V TT- A 1, TJT riTTTfTT A KG 1, ,G,- T .T A i if f .i , 'W A Y. t T,-- , p I li TTT- ,T G G T 1 , L 'ff T an T f 1 f 1 N-T' 4 X 1 I G ,ti , gi - f 1 Q In If G,,, V ,GG I 146 Closing 53 mi Emcees Stacy Self and Rachel King narrate the annual Mystery Assembly presented by the jour' nalism staffs. ff A, r Ji We're number one. Grant students show their spirit at a football game. Final score. The final score of the game shows who is really number one. Closing 147 Ad KX V QW 8 xx' Y' D Si V w' - 3.93 c.""'f- Y-Ili ",.ae'1Qf ' . 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GRANT SouARE 0 4211 South Western Yolanda Birdwell Reding Center NOTARY ' mu TRANSFERS 631-1800 oklahoma City, OK 73109 BOAT REGISTRATIONSCFISHING 81 HUNTING LICENSE 'COUNTY REGISTRAR , 0 ,ff J '- I 'A a 1 . . A 1 Come vlslt our modern new bank. . . Southwest Bank I 81 Trust Company for all your banking needs Southwestern Plaza 59th and South Western 632-7751 Ad t' ' 149 VIS? 150 Ad 1 - if 1 '1 ll 5 11 Holiday Lanes 44 S.E. 44Ih 634-2451 AMMM Harvey's Hillcrest Drug? "Your Family Pharmacist" sim Hours ,HHH5 Providing you with computerized tax records 9-00553. 'I'2foI3'I6 m M 685-6655 ' Sfathrdiys ' ' QAM 81,6000 2112 Southwest 59th Street, 9100 lm- ' 6500 P-m- G . Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73119 fvj ' E E ww ga, MW- - ww- - X X ws? f , NOW THERE Ml ARE Two: 14031 700 S.W. 29th 634-2411 and 7301 S. 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Walker Oklahoma City, OK 73139 New Location - Monogrammed Napkins FTD and AFS Wire Service and Teleflora 681-8488 - Punch for Parties Deliver 6320352 Owner: Teresa Shrier Phone: 634-6612 Frames 'A' Albums uk Film t Cameras Almonte S.W. 59th 8r May 686-0300 3 .. ,N r ' ugly: JS? fl I qv . Band Instruments - ik f v.s-iggrgiffw ' 1 Guitars - Music - I X O7 ig., i . . . I X, smile Photo FlI1lSl'l Acce550"'eS f X sigbge, 'I VOID! Quality processing of Q XX hgigyqy. Disc, 110, 126 er 35 mm 7808 s. Western K6 1 W5 ' gr J, J-L 2 .I--rs QQ a We use Kodak Paper 534-3997 V R KU .1-..l.-,... rn L+- IT'S AS SIMPLE AS . . . Lobby Hours Open 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Monday thru Thursday 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Friday 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. Saturday Drive-In Hours Open 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Monday thru Friday 7:30 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. Saturday H . . . "FOR SMALL BUSINESS OR SBA LOANS" AMERICAN BANK OF COMMERCE 3131 Shields Blvd. 631-3331 Oklahoma City, Okla. Member Federal Depositors Insurance Corporation Advertising GMM "Your Full Service Photographic Company" Specializing in all types of Ph otog raphy Three Metro Locations to Serve You! For Your Convenience, Please Call For An Appointment. Norman M re Midwest City 120 W. Main 73069 226 .Main 73160 401 S. Air Depot 73110 329-2920 94-7748 737-6600 CONNIE SVEJKOVSKY E Sales Associate D 634-6333 - I H E LE N N i l E N OX Mike Bryan oFFlcE Pnooucrs X" it Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 101 N. Portland 943-7000 2717 N.W. Expressway 7441 S. Western 'W 'Xu FABRICS X X Okla- WATS 1-300-522-6001 8008 s. Western 634-8998 Need some help with your life . . .2 yi, I I I 3. Capitol Hill Baptist Church W W 0 301 sw 25 632-4448 K .4 Q -J' 'Zi p Jim White, Pastor Ron Ogle, Minister of Youth i1i,A.35'q it Aduertisi V19 Able. Julie. jr Ackmg, Jorie. sr , 87. 13lm Adams. Christy. soph , 3lm Adams. Pete. jr .32. Aikins. Tamia. soph. Aker, Gary. jr . 32 80, 81 3lm,41,Q4.112.136,142,143 Akey. Dwayne. soph , 36m Aklns. Shelly, soph , 30. 88 Albertson, Jerry. jr , 32 Borg, Mike. fr .42 Index Borgnam. Stefan. sr 20. 23 138 139 Borror. Donnie. soph. Boyd. Misty, fr .42. l4o Boylan, Charles. soph .3lm, 87 Bradford, Edward. fr , 42. 85 Bradley, Renese, jr , 32. 82 Bradley, Stephanie, fr , 42 Bradley, Tonya, jr Bragg. Clay. jr . 32. 131, 14lm Branchcomb. Donald. fr Branchcomb. Juanita. soph . 31m Brand. Michael. jr , 32. 74. 77 Brewer. Kristi, fr . 42 Brewster. Amy. jr . 32, 77 Coon. Wallace. fr Cooper, Barry, soph . 37. 88 Cooper. Jackey. sr Cooper. Raquel, soph .37 Copus, Steve, soph . 37, 98. 100. Corllell.Jef1,jr.,32, 74,87 119.131 Cordell, Jennifer, fr.. 43. 4lm. 73. 87 Corona, Angela. soph .37. 87 Corner. Jean. soph .37, 98. 119 Cosby, Leslie. fr .43 Coslow. Leah. fr . 43. 132 Coslow Gene. sr .20 Couch, l'eresa,sojJh .37 Covel. Greg. soph .37. 119 Badillo. Terri. jr . Alfaro, Christi, soph .3lm. 77. 90 Allen. Angela. soph , 3lr Allen, Felisha, soph .fltm Allen, Lori, soph Allen, Pimriirp, fr , 3lm 77. 120 Allred. David, fr .42 Allred. Robert. sr .20. 82 Alvarado, Mark, sr . 82 Anderson. Anthony. lr , 42 Anderson. Michel Anderson. Sheila. Anderson. Shelly. Andrews. Gregg, le. fr . 42 fr .42 sr . 20.82 suph.3lm.85.1l9,131 Anthony, Shelly. jr Arbertha, Ken. fr . 42. 120 Armstrong, Kelly, fr , 77 Armstrong, Pam. soph , 31m Arnett. Carolyn. fr . 88 Arnold, Dana, sr . 20. 57. 77 Arnold, Jimmy. jr Arnold, Ronda. fr ffiz Asberry. David. fr .42 Assadi, Massoud. fac . 18 Atkins, Rochelle, 78 Austin. Kim. jr .32 Austin. Lonnie, soph 32. 82 Brigham. Stanlortl. soph , 3lm. 88. 123 Britt. Monica, jr .32 Brock. Jimmy, jr Brown. Alicia, soph .36 Brown. Anthony, soph , 31m Brown. Jullrette. fac . 18, 77 Brown. Laquita. soph Brown. Marina. fr . 42, 52. 112, 142, 143 Brown. Marvin, jr . 32. 82. 88, 119 Brown. Priscilla. fr , 42 Brown . Robert. soph Brown. Robin. soph , 3lm Brown, Tracey, sr .88 Bryant. Dawn. sr . 20, 82 Bryant, Dean. jr .32, 110 Bryant. John. jr , 81 Buchh oltz. Larry, soph Buckley, Johnathan, sr . 20, 82 Bute, Kelly. sr , 78 Bute. Thomas, soph . 3tr Bull. Michelle. jr .32 Burns. Burns. Jama. fr .45, 4lm. 42. 85. 140. 112 Sheila. sr .20. 78 Burris, Aleshta. fr .42, 90 Burris. Larhonda. soph , 36m Burton. Frank. jr. Busha, Shane, fr .85 Cowan. Ricky, jr , 32. 77. 85. 119, 1.13 Cox. David. soph , 37 Cox. Dena, sr.. 18. 21. 74, 75. 77. 8lm, 87. Cox. Rickey, sr. Cox, Thomas, fr , 43, 48 Craig. Donna, jr.. 32, 74, 77. 80. 81, 112. Craig. Troy, soph., 88 Crarl. Jennifer. fr , 43 Crain. Mike. jr . 32. 33, 42. 73, 87 Crawford. Ernmitt. fr . 43. 85 Crawley. Joan. sr , 21 Crenshaw. Sherrie, fr .43 Crook. Lyndell. fr . 43, 88, 139 Crosley. Harold, fac.. 18. 53. 119 Cross. David, jr . 32, 85. 132, 133 Cross. Mike, sr.21.132. 133 Cross. Ronnie, fr., 43 Crow, Virgil. soph, 37. 54. 1:2 Crownover. Marcus. fr , 43, 124 Crumity. Steve. jr . 32, 88, 93, 115 Crutchfield, Ratika. jr . 32, 85 Cummings Tommie. fr .43. 140 Cutler. Marc. soph .37. 78. 137 Daniel, Carrie, sr Daniel, Ernie, fac .18 Daniel, Robert. fr . 43, 85. 88 Darden. Michelle. fr . 43 Darnell, Stacy, jr . 33. 73. 81. 82 Baker. Baker. Jimmy. sr . 82 Karri. fr , 42, 90 Baker. Larry. soph , film Baker. Michael. fr .42, 102. 124 Baldwin, Sherry. jr . 32. t.m2, 82 Ballard, Jimmy, soph .36, 87 Banks. Tammy, fr , 88 Banning. Michael. fr Barber, Valecra, fr ,42, 85 Barkhurst, Laurie, jr . 78 Barnard, John, sr .20 Barnes, Patrick. sr Barnes. Dale. sr , 20. 81. 87. 136. 137 Barnet Batem Barnett. Cheryl, fr Bartee, Russ. fac . 18 Batem Batem Bates, Tom, soph , 36 Battag , Robert, sr , 20, 82 Battles, Mike, soph Baxter, Charley, soph , 36, 119 Battle t. Andrea. soph an. George, fr . 42, 88 an, Charles. fr an, Thomas. fr , 42,77 lia, Michelle, fr , 42 Baxter. Everett. jr , 32. 73, 74. 77. 85. 101.11 Bays. Jeffery, soph , 36. 132 Bays. Karen. sr .20. 74. 81 Beaird, Michael, soph . 36 Bear. Angela. soph Bear. Vanessa. soph Bech, Steven. fr Beeman, Patrick, jr , 32, 35. 66, 74. 87 Beiard, Rodney, fr , 42 Belknap, Laura, fr Bell, Julie, soph , 3lm. 73, 74. 94 Q Cable. Ron. fac . 18 Cable, Ronald Jr . soph .3tm, 41. 74. 80. 87. 100. 133 Cagle. Melissa. fr , 42 Calamaio. John, sr. 20. 67. 74. 8 144 Caler. Danny. jr , 32. 74 Calger, Mickie, fr , 42 Campbell, Jerry, fr , 42 Campbell, Peggy, fac . 19 Canon, Traci, jr , 32, 77, 85. 95. 11 Cantrell. Matt, fr .42 Capps. Kristi, soph .3b, 41. 59, 85 Carmack. Tammy. jr .32, 82 Carpenter. Patricia. fac . 19 Carter. Bridgette. soph .Illm Carter. Clint. soph .3lm Carter, Gary , sr .20 Cartwright. Bayon, fr . 42. 115 Case, Carol, soph.. 36 Case. Cynthia, sr , 20 Case. Johnnie, jr,, 32, 78 Caskey, David, soph , 36 Cawthon. Shannon, fr , 42 7. 90. 91. 92. 93 2, 140. 157 Ceasar, Timothy. fr , 42. 88, 120, 127 Cerro, Shonna. soph , 36 Cervantes. Alphonso. sr Chappelear. Jon. 32 Charlton. Travis, soph .3lm Chavez. John, soph . 36, 87 Chester, Stacey. jr , 32, 82 Childers, Gina, sr , 20. 78. 79. 80. 81. 85 Chilton, Lance, fr., 42 Choate, Neal, fac,, 18 Church, Paul, jr., 32, 74, 87 Clanton, Rhonda, jr,. 32, 35, 78, 81 Davids Davis. on. Tamra. sr . 21. 82 Alison, soph . 37 Davis. Chris. fr . 43, 108 Davis, Genia. fr.. 88 Davis, Jeffrey. fr . 43. 90 Davis, Michael. soph Davis, Patricia, fr. Davis, Robert, soph , 37 Davis. Sheryl, soph,. 37, 88 Davis. Wendell, soph . 37, 85, 90 Day, Michael. fr. Dear. Angela, fr . 43, 93 Dearm an, Derek. jr . 33 Debusk. Joyce. soph Delay. Chris. soph Delushore, Raleigh. fr . 43 Denson. Larry. soph .37 Denson. O J ,soph .37. 73. 90 Dewberry. Jennifer, jr . 33 Dexter, Michelle, jr . 33, 73, 77. 81, 85, 8lm. 87. 105 188 Dickinson, Karrie. jr , 33 Dickinson, Michelle.sr , 21.82 Dickson, Chuck. soph . 37. 77 Dies,Mary.fac.19 Dilheck. Kevin. sr .33 Dixon, Carlos. fr .43 Doan. Ha. sr Doan, Son. fr Dochms, Freeman. soph Dockins, Patricia, jr . 82 Dodge, Meawiie, soph . 35, 54 Dolan. Robert. fr . 43, 88 Doss, Pam, soph., 37 Doss, Robert, fr,. 43, 85 Daughty. Brandy. fr.. 43 Douglas, Debra .jr , 33. 87. 133 Dowdy, Carl. soph , 37. 1 Dowdy, Janie. jr , 33 Dowdy. Kellie. fr . 43. 93 Dowdy. Kim. soph .37 Dowdy, Tina, lr , 43. 88 Dowdy. William. sr 31 Drabek, Angela. jr , 33. 90 Driskill, Jamie. jr,. 33, 73. 94 Drumm. Tammy, soph, 37 Duan, Son. fr . 43 Duboise. Goldie. jr 33 Dubose. Juanita. fac . 18. 82. 83 Dulworth, Charlotte. fr . 43 Dunn. Michael. soph .37. 88.108,115,123 Dunn. Steven. sr . 21, 57, 112, 122. 123. 124. 125 Duong. Bao. jr , 33 Durant. Robln.S0ph .37 Dutton, Kenneth. fr , 43 Dyer, Cheri, fr , 43. 74 Dyson, June, fac ,18,7S.79 Earls, Sandra. jr Echroat. Annalee, fr,. 43 Edl1ington.Anthony,88, 131 Eddy. Deana, fr,. 88 Edwards. Cynthia, sr . 21, 82 Edwards. Judy. soph, 37 Edwards. Leon, sr . 21,1 13,1261 127 Edwards. Sonya, soph , 37.77 Edwards, Valerie, fr , 77 Ellis. Connie, fac , 18, 85. Ellison, Charles, sr . 82 Elloie, Elton, jr Elloie, Naomi. sr 100,140,141 Belvin, David. sr Benedict. Zorida, fac , 18, 85 Bennett, Felisha. Berry, Betty, fr, soph . 36 42 Berry. Denean. jr , 32. 136 Berryman, Wend y. sr ,20,71. 110 Betterton, Tamra, sr ,20, lml Bibb, Pam, soph . 3lm Blakley, Brian, jr , 3 Brghead, Toni. fr , 42 Binghan, Shauna, 77 Birdwell, Teresa, sr Black, Darla, fr ,42 Black, Rachelle. fr .74.85. 140.141 Blackmon. Fred. lac . 18. 74 Blakely, Tamiko, jr ,32. 77. 81. 133 Blumenthal. Bambi. 95. 115. 140 2, 58. 73. 74. 98. 119 sr, 20. 21, 29. 73. 77, 85. 94 Blumenthal, Damon, fr .42, 45. 73. 85. 120 Boatner, Terry, fr . 4 Bone, Diane, fac , 18 2 Bonner, Gina, fac , 18 Booth, Kelly, fr , 77 Booze, Demetra, jr . 32, 77, 87 Boren, Michael, soph ,319 156 Index Clark, Darren, sr Clark. Darren, jr.. 20, 32. 72. 73. 81. 99. 144 Clark, Michael, fr .42 Clark. Shelly. fr , 42 Clark. Tammie, sr.. 20, 78 Clark, Todd. soph , 35 Clay, Melissa, sr.. 20 Clayton, Kimberly, 20, 82 Cleme nt, Pamela, sr , 87. 90. 100 Clrng, Mark, fr., 42 Cobb, Cobb, Cobb. Cobb, Angela, soph., 36 Shelonc1a,fr,, 42 Russell, fr., 43 Tamara, soph , 36 Colbert. Gregory. sr Colbert, Vernon. jr . 32, 85 Cole, Russell. fr . 90. 133 Collie. Kim, jr . 32, 33. 77. 94 Collins, Antone, fr . 43 Collins, John, jr., 32, 87. 130 Comstock, Ginger, 82 Connel, Matt, jr , 32 Conway, Carol, jr Cook, Trina, sr , 20, 73. 77. 94, 113 Cooks, Leron. fr , 43 x Jackson, DeAngelo, soph, l'w NWS' t ,vw .. N Q 1 t N .... .A 'M- 4 Y .fl Nha. ' t g is ,Mis U NF O , VV. A it 1 .,, g ., V . . r 2' 'SN F' ' . jQ,Qs,f', A gk A' 1 1 , .tr " -it fgjls-J,-C vood, Rene, jr.. 33. 59, 73, 77, 85. 86, 87. 102 Gentry, Anthony. sr vood, Sheila, fr., 43, 73, 87. 140 ianuel, Greta. fac . 18 gland, Rachel, fr., 43. 143 land, Tracy, soph . 37 les, Michelle. soph . 37. 85 aina, Michelle. sr , 21 ns, Alena, soph. ns, Joley, fr.. 43 ns, Shawn, jr.. 33, 77. 85. 103.1 rald. Paul, soph., 37 zll, Cynthia, fr. ir, Darron, soph. llwell, Kelly, soph., 37, 82M ulkner, Jay, fr., 4334 ix, Redina, fr., 43 'guson, Christy, fr., 43, 49 lds, Charles, soph. lds, Latricia, Fr. lds, Sherri, sr., 21 lds, William, sr. e, Lewis, fr., 43 eman, Carol, fr., 43 tcher, Kristi, sr., 21, 81, 85 wers, Lisa, fr. wers, Shannon, fr., 43, 95 iyd, Marcus, sr., 88, 112, 122, 123, 125 ey, Sherry, 143 1d, John, sr. Ate, Cynthia, fac. 18 ster, Ranee, jr., 33, 67, 73, 78. 88 incis, Kim, soph., 37 ink, Mike, sr., 136 inklin, Darlene, fr. inklin, Jamesetta. soph. inklin, Presley, jr. inklin, Tony, 127 intz, Audra, jr., 33,77,110 tzier, Denise, 88, 115 ederich, Tobias, fr., 44 reman, Carol, fr., 77 eeman, Tracie, soph., 37, 87 unch, James, sr., 21 ench, Timothy, fr 44,49 th, Scotty, sr., 21 ist, Elaine, fr.. 43, 88 ist, Joyce, sr. 88 zntez, Patricia. soph., 37 ler, Al, fac , 18 ler, Sarah, fac.. 18, 80, 81 ler, Sharon. soph laz, Ruth, fac,, 18, 52 lbreath, Richard, fr., 44, 48, 120 lbreath, Romeo, jr., 33, 85 llemore, Jason, fr., 77, 124 llock, Joanne, sr. mnaway, Gail, soph., 37, 87 fcia, Maria, fr. 'dner, Rita, soph. 'rett, Carol, sr., 21, 77, 78, 128 'za, Laura, sr., 21, 73, 74, 100, 113 .1 Gibberny. Ronald, lr , 44 Gibson. Scott, soph , 37. 87. 90 Gllbert, Elizabeth, lr , 44 Gilkes, Robert. jr , 33. 133 Gleaves, Gary, fac . 18, 62. 132.140 Glover, Vernon, sr., 22, 84, 90 Goff, Gerry. sr Goldman. Kevin, lr.. 44, 120 Goldman, Tommy, jr , 33, 82. 85, 90, 113. 119, 127. 129 Gonshor. Lisa, sr .22, 81,114 Goodmiller, Lisa, sr , 22. 74. 77. 81, 93 Goodwin. Derek. fr ,44, 88, 139 Goolsby. Holly, soph , 37 Gordon, Julie. soph Gordon, Laurie, sr .22, 68, 78 Gordon, Maeletha, sr., 85, 90. 78 Gordon, Noreta, jr Gordon, Peter, 37 Graham, Jerry, fr.. 124 Grant, Jarrett, fr.. 44 Graves, Robert, soph Graves, Tommy, fr., 44 Graves, Yolanda, fr., 44 Gray, Amy, soph., 37 Grayson, Ruthie. sr. Green, David, fac , 19, 66, 90, 93 Green, Denise, jr. Griffin, Daisy, soph., 37, 142, 143 Grigsby, Betty, fr. Grigsby, Travis, soph., 37, 77 Grigsby, Trina, sr., 22, 123 Grimes, Kreg, soph. Grisham, Mark, sr., 22, 82 Grissom, Gena, fr , 44 Gross, Ladonna. fr., 44, 88 Gross, Nina, jr., 33, 81, 82, 143 Grounds, Crystal, fr., 32, 33, 107 Grounds, Sean, jr , 33 Gruamter, Alfronso. 85 Gruver, Thomas, fr , 44 Gutierrez, Richard, jr 'K Hacher, Toby, fr., 44,85 Hacker, Tracy, soph , 37 Hagerman, Patrick. fr ,43, 44, 74, 77 Haggy. Steven, sr , 22, 74 Halle, Wallace. fr., 44 Hall, Gerald, soph Hall. Latoshia, lr.. 44, 88 Hamilton, Melanee, soph. 38. 41, 73, 85, 95, 113. 140, 157 Hamon, Sharon, fr ,44, 74, 93 Hampton. Cynthia, sr., 22, 76, 128 Hanes, Ronald, sr . 22, 64, 81, 114 Hardiman, Sonya, sr., 22, 29, 59. 73, 81. 85. 95. 115, 143 Hardy, Ben, soph Harper, Sandra, fr., 44, 88 Harrington, Ki, lr , Harris, David, soph . 38. 130, 131 Harris, Jennell, sr , 22 Harris, Shelly. sr., 22, 29, 73 Harrison, Kelly, sr., 22 Harry, Jason, fr., 88 Hart, Ben, fac.. 18 Hasty, Richard. fr , 44, 88. 146 Hatfield. Guy. fr , 44 Hatridge. John, sr. Hayes, Audrey, soph , 38 Hayes, Daron, fr., 44 Hayes. Hayes. Hayes, Felicia,jr.,33.78,112.143 X Leo, sr . 22, 87, 115. 119. 123, 144 Hayes, Marc, fr., 44, 90 Hayes, Regina. sr., 22, 77 Stephanie, sr., 23. 29. 73. 74. 81. 90, 115 Jackson, Stephanie, fr., 44. 90 Jackson, Tammy, jr. 34, 88 Jackson, Vicki, jr , 34 Jaques. Roul, sr Jaye, Gina. fr . 44,88 Jaye, Tracy, jr .34, 87, 88 Jefferson, Dawni. fr , 44, 84, 85 Jefferson. Roger, sr .23, 87, 127, 137 Jefferson. William, fr Jeffreys, Henry, jr. Haynes. Janis, sr . 23. 82 Head, Carl, jr., 33 Heater, Christy. fr., 44, 81, 90 Hebert, Rhonda Thompson, sr . 23 Hedger, Lisa, jr., 33, 82 Helm, Richard, soph. Hemmerling, Larry, soph. Henderson, Brenda, fr. Henderson, Michelle, fac.. 18 Hendrix, Jerome, soph. Henry, Jason, fr., 44 Henry, Karla, fr., 44 Hensch, Jennifer, fr., 44, 88 Hensley, Cynthia, soph., 38. 77 Hensley, Melissa, fr., 44 Henson, Mark, sr., 23, 73, 130, 131 Herrod, David, jr., 33, 131 Herrod, Gina, fr. , Herrod, Mary, fr., 19, 44, 88 Hervey, Tim, soph. Hester, Jeffrey, fr., 44 Hibbard, Rebecca, jr., 33, 81, 82, 102 Hicky, Janet, soph. Hicks, Kathryn, soph., 38 Hilburn, Michelle, sr., 23, 67, 90 Hildebrant, Molly, jr , 33, 77, 85, 95. 157 Hill, Bobby, fr., 44, 49, 88, 127, 129 Hill, Deborah, fr , 44 Hill, Donny, fr , 44 Hill, James, sr Hill, Kerry, fr. Hill, Lisa, sr., 23, 77, 82, 112, 128 Hill, Patricia, sr , 23, 78, 82 Hill, Rebecca, soph., 38 Hill, Reginald, jr., 88 Hill, Scott, sr., 23. 81, 114, 115 Hilterbrand, Debra, jr.. 33, 85. 138. 139 Hines, Robin, soph., 38, 54 Hines, Scott, fr.. 44 Hipley, Tracy, jr. Hise, Bryan, sr.. 23, 30, 82, 86. 87 Hise, Hope, soph., 38, 133 Holcomb. Rebecca. lr.. 44 Holiman, Demetria. soph , 38 Holliman, Ealie, sr.. 23, 82 Holliman, Nanette. fr., 44 Holloway, Cal, fac.. 18.124 Holloway, Julie, sr., 23, 54, 73, 77. 85 Holloway. Paul, jr , 33, 87, 119. 123 Holloway, Robert, soph. Honn, Heather, fr., 44, 88 Honn, Mark, jr., 33, 113, 119, 126, 127, 146 Honn, Matthew, soph., 38,88 Hooks, Anthony, soph., 38 Hornbeck, Thomas, fr., 120, 124 Horton, Christy, soph., 38 Hostetter, Lyle, fac., 18, 57 Houston, Tina, jr., 33 Hovarter, Tracie, sr., 23, 77 Howell, Karen, sr., 23, 29, 73,74 Howell, Lester, sr., 23 Howell, Mark, jr., 33, 85, 87 Hubbard, Janet, fr., 77 Hubble, Melanie, fr., 44, 73, 88 Huddleson, Diane, fr., 44, 88 Huddleson, Jackie, fr., 44, 52 Hudelson, David, sr., 23 Huffman, Becky, sr., 23, 85, 159 Hughes, Ailsa, jr., 33, 87, 88 Hughes, Gable, fr., 44, 88, 124 Hughes, Rusty, soph., 38 Humphreys, James, sr., 23, 63, 85, 119, 123, 132 Hunt, Barbara, soph., 38 Hunter, John, soph., 38 Hurst. Yumlko,jr , 33, 73, 77.81, 85, 95 ' Huskinson, Ted, soph., 38, 73 Hutchinson, Thomas, fac., 18, 133 Hutson, Mary, jr., 33, 77, 80, 85 Huynh, Saw, jr , 33 Hyden, Todd, jr., 33, 85, 119 Hypolite, Brenda, fr. Hytchye, Lefluf,1r , 88 lgou, Gayla, fr., 44 lgou, Sunny, fr. lngram, Darrin, jr., 34, 38. 85 Ingram, Nicole, soph., 87 lslas, Jorge, 23, 85 lvy, Tonya, 88 Jackson, Donald, sr., 23, 77,90 Jackson, James, ir., 81 Jackson, Jr., 93 Jackson, Roger, fr., 44, 88, 90 . Jackson, Santoi, fr., 44, 74, 77, 139 Jackson, Sonya, jr., 34, 64, 88, 115 .87,90,109,134 Johnson. Alcindor. soph Johnson. Bruce. soph Johnson. Ceaser. fr. Johnson, Charles. soph .38 Johnson, Christopher, sr. Johnson. Ervin. sr Johnson, Lathon, fac., 18, 49 Johns Johns Johns Johns Johns Jones Jones Jones Jones on, Michael, fr., 44 on, Peter, jr. on, Sherri. 34 on, Valerie, soph. on, Vincent. fr., 43, 44 , Bill, fr ,44, 124 , Bobbie, soph., 38, 85, 127 , Byron, soph , 38, 119, 122, 123 ,Carrie. soph., 38 Jones, Charlotte, sr., 24, 74, 77, 110 Jones, Karen, jr Jones, Lisa, sr., 24 Jones, Lisa, soph , 38, 62, 82. 140 Jones, Mark, jr.. 34. 85 Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones , Michael, sr., 24, 82 ,Pennie, lr., 44, 77 . Rickey, soph., 38 , Robert, lr., 44 . Sarah, fac , 18. 66 Jones. Sherry, fr , 44 Jones, Thomas, sr Jones, Trina, fr.. 44, 105 Jones, Wendell, soph Jordon, Donna, sr., 24 Jordon, Henry, soph , 38 Jordon, Shawn, fr , 44 Joyner, Johnny. fr , 44, 131 Joyner, Karl 82, 83, 85 Kam, Kevin, soph, 38,87 Kane, Shelly, sr Kaubin, Kori, soph., 38, 59 Kemp, Tammy, jr . 34 Kern. Dale. jr. Kessler. DeeAnn, jr , 34 Kessler, Pam, soph , 38, 85 Kessler. Regma,fr.. 44,85 Kheid, Bur, fr., 44 King, Heidi, jr . 87 King, Jak, sr., 24 King, Mark, fr., 44 King, Rachel, sr., 24, 77, 81, 147 King. Tami, fr., 44 Kitchen, Kevin, jr. Klmg, Kevin, sr., 24, 82, 87 Knapp, Scott, sr., 30, 72, 73, 130, 131 Kniflen, Vincent, jr., 34, 60, 74, 81, 137 Knight, Connie, jr., 34. 87 Knight, Robert, soph. Knost, Crystal, jr., 34 Knowles, Sherri, jr., 38 Knowles, Spencer, soph. Kolke, LaTisha, soph , 38, 77, 85 Koach, Ramon, 90 Kordeliski, David, jr. Kraemer, Ruth ,fac., 18, 81 Kramer, Steven, sr., 24 Kuepker, Trina, fr., 44, 73, 74 Kuykendall, Patrick, jr , 34, 88 Lafferty, Michelle, jr , 34 Lake, Darrin, soph., 38 Landers, Shawn, fr., 44 Langerman. Bret, soph., 38.40, 73,74 Langley, Bradley, soph., 38, 132 Langston. Kathy, soph., 38 Langston. Kenton, sr , 24, 72, 73, 90, 101 Langston. Shason, 87 Langston. Sherrie, jr ,34, 56, 77 Larman. Kristie, fr , 44, 87 Lassiter, Kimberly, fr ,44, 132, 133 Laubach, Michael, fr., 44 Laviolette, Shanta, soph , 38 Law, Jon, soph., 38, 77, 85 Lawrence, Sandra, jr .34. 82. 85 Leake, Gregory, fr.. 88 Lee. Chris, sr., 24 Lee, Hubert. soph., 38, 131 Lee, Noble, fr., 44, 77. 120. 124 Lee, Sheila, sr , 24, 31, 77 Lee, Tawanna. soph. 88. 90 Leggett. Leslie, jr., 33, 34. 73, 85. 140. 143 Lehman, Buddy, sr , Lehr, Mike. Jr.. 34. 107, 119 Leonard, Angela. soph., 38 Leonard, James, soph Leonard, Kim. soph., 38, 88 Leonard, Patrick. soph , 38 Levescy, Mandy, soph., 38, 85, 141 Levescy ,Shannon, jr., 34, 35, 85, 140, 143. 144 Index 157 Levine, Derek, jr , 34 Lewis, Brian, sr , 24, 132 Lewis, Bryan, fr , 44 Lewis, Jaymi, fr , 44 Lewis, Kevin, soph., 38. 85, 131 Lewis, Kim. soph.. 38 Lewis. Melody, sr. Lewis, Roger, soph., 38 Linder, Cord, soph , 38 Lindley, Jason, soph , 38 Lindsey, Amy, jr , 34, 87 Lindsey, James, sr . 24 Lindsey, Jamie, tac , 14, 15 Lindsey, Ricky, fr , 44 Link, Timmy, jr,, 34 Lithclield, Vickie, jr,, 34, 82 Little, James, soph., 38 Locke, Dionne, soph. Logan, Reese, tr., 44 Long, Tina, soph., 38 Loper, Debbie, sr. Lopez, Steve, sr., 23, 24, 82 Lottie, Nowella, soph. Love, Michelle, soph.. 38. 82 Loving, Tamara, 88 Lower, Julie, sr., 24, 25, 78. 79 Lowry, Tina, jr.. 34, 82 Luna. Juan, soph. Luong, Kimgiang, jr , 34, 74, 77 Loung, Son, jr., 34 Lusk, Dennis, soph.. 38, 77 Lusk, Donald, sr., 25, 81, 87, 93 Luse, David, jr., 34. 85 Lutonsky, Shawn, fr., 44 Lyday, Marcus, fac.. 18 Lyons, Julie, sr , 25, 85.88115 McClendon, Teri, soph . 38, 77, 87, 90 McCathern. Steve, soph McCartney, Stephen, lr., 45 McCracken, Lvonne. tr , 45 McCuan. Keisha, fr., 45 McDoulett, Cinnamon, soph., 38 McDoulett, Race, fr . 45, 81.87.120 McElwee, William, tac , 18, 54,120, 143 McEvoy, Jett, tr , 45. 74 McEwen, Frontes. soph .38, 85 McGee, Charles, soph., 38 McGuire, Greg. soph., 38 McGuire, Richard. sr. McGuire, William. sr , 25 McHenry, John, fr McKee, David, soph , 38 McKenzie, Brad. fr , 45.120 McMillan. Weldon, sr.. 25 Maddex, Terri, jr . 34. 81, 82 Mahler, Tonia, soph , 38. 87 Maldonado, Steven. tr , 44 Mallicoate, Donald, jr , 77. 85 Manley. Venus, soph., 38. 93 Manuel, Milton, tr Majer, Paul. lr., 44 Markham, Vicky, soph.. 38, 82, 85 Marrow, Clayton. soph , 38 Marrow, Dana. jr , 34. 78, 81 Marsh. Bonm, sr., 25, 82. 159 Marshall, Jeffery, fr., 44, 88, 127, 146 Marshall, Jimmy, sr.. 25, 63, 119 Marshall, Mike, soph , 38, 85, 119, 127 Marshall, Shelly Darnell, sr., 25, 82 Molet. John, soph .38, 81, 99 Monday. Tommy, jr . 34, 85, 131 Monkress, Crystal. soph Moore, Bryan, sr , 88, 112, 115 Moore, Clayton. soph., 38, 123 Moore, Julie, jr.. 34 Moore. Lanell, tr , 45 Moore. Marcus, tr.. 85 Moore, Micheal, fr , 45, 92. 93 Moore, Twyla, soph , 85, 90 Morales. Keith, fr., 39, 45, 131 Morava, Gregory, fr., 45. 47 Moreland, Joey, fr., 45, 88, 120 Morgan, Mike, lr. Morgan, Ronald, sr., 25. 81, 85 Morphew, Gerald, sr., 25 Morphis, Kristin, sr., 22, 26, 73 Morris, Bracy, jr . 34 Morris, Kenneth, jr. Morrison, Sheila, sr. Morrissey, Michelle, soph , 37, 38, 73, 7 Moses, James, jr., 82, 87 Moses, John, soph,, 38, 45 Moss, Walter, fr., 45 Motheral, Chanon, soph., 38, 132 Mowery, Jeffery, fr., 45 Mowery, Todd, soph , 38, 54, 77 Mullins, Jennifer, tr., 45, 73, 74, 88, 95 Murphy, Derwin. tr . 45, 88, 120, 124 Mouton, Alfa, fac . 14, 15 Murphy, Erwin, fr., 45 Mustin. Ruby, soph. Myers, Joann. fac., 19 Myers, Ricky, tr , 38 Myskey. Ricky, jr., 34. 74, 77, 85, 119 Myskey. Robin. fr , 45 Nabors, Danny, jr. Nakanishi, Daisike, sr., 26, 93. 119 Nance, Derek, fr., 45, 124 Neal, Audrey, sr , 26, 112 Neal, James, fr , 45, 124 Neher, Barbara, fac., 18, 82 Nelson, Donald, sr., 68 Nelson, Paul, sr , 26. 119 Nero,M1cheal,fac,,18, 123 Neugebauer, Randy. fr., 45. 77, 120 Newby. Harve, lr. Newton, Brett, fr . 45. 138. 139 Nguyen. Dinh, tr .45 Nguyen, Khoa, soph. Nguyen, Nam, tr Nichols. Shawna, fr . 45, 105 N1chols.Wendell,fr, Nichols. Tuc, tr . 45 Noakes, Vicky. lac . 18, 64,85,100.1f Norvella, Lottie. 88 Nubine, Reginald, soph., 38 Nunley, Ray, soph 38 Olesby, Ga1l,fac,, 19, 78,82 Oliver, Paula, fr., 45, 90 Olsen, Brett. jr. Olvera, Tonyall, jr., 34, 81, 136, 137, Orange, Kerry, sr. Marshall, Twynell, fr , 44 Martin, Brian, jr., 82 Martin, Carlos. jr , 34. 77, 85, 94 Martin, Cheryl. sr , 25, 85, 101 Martin, Dorena. sr Martin, Karen. soph , 85 Martin, Mike, sr , 25 Martin, Melissa, fr., 45. 88 Martin. Pam, jr , 34. 84, 85. 141. 143 Martin, Robert, lr , 45 Martin, Roger, fr .45 Martin , Shannon, soph Martin, Shelly, jr., 34 Martinez, David, fr Martinez, Julia, soph , 38, 77, 85, 133 Marx, Becky, fr ,45. 73. 87 Mattingly, Kelly. jr., 34 Maxwell, Theresa, tr . 45.77 May. Frances, soph , 88 Maylor, Robin, 90 Meador, Rozetta. jr . 34, 81, 82. 87 Melchor. Jay, jr . 34. 74, 90 Melton, Phillip. sr Melton, Ronald, fr Melton, Shannon, soph , 38, 77 Melvin , Stacy, soph., 38, 41, 90 Mendoza, Jimmy, fr .45, 120 Mendoza, Karen, fr .45, 77 Metheny,Dewey,tac,18. 119, 130.131 Metheny. Don, tac., 18 Midgett, Jonathon. soph., 38 Miles, Miles, Darren. soph , 38 Reginald, jr Miller, Kelli. soph., 38, 41. 73, 85, 101 Miller, Kurt, sr., 25, 74. 132 Miller, Kym, soph . 38. 106 Miller, Marcus, tr . 45. 88 Millhouse, Larry, tae., 19, 123 Millica n. Lori. jr .34, 77. 78 Mitchell, Tommy, sr , 25. 85 Modisette, Karen, sr , 25. 29. 74. 87, 146 Moham, John, fac , 16 158 Index Ortega, Tammy, fr., 45 Ortiz, Vincent, soph , 38 Oversteet,Conn1e,tac., 19, 73, 100 Owen, Dewayne, tr., 88 Owen, Scott, fr , 45, 120 Owen, Shannon, tr., 45 Owens, Laurie, sr., 64 Palmer, Roseanna, jr., 34, 82 Parker, Anthony, soph. Parker, Jon, fr .45 Parker, Lisa, jr. Parker, Paula. sr., 26, 31, 58. 77, 82,1 Parker, Sean, fr.. 45 Parks, Lee, jr., 34, 78, 82, 88 Parks. Robert. tr . 45 Parks, Thelma, lac., 16 Parks, Troy, soph., 39. 56 Pasternik, Chris, soph , 39 Pate, Curtis, lr . 46, 85, 90 Patterson. Gene, fr , 88 Patterson. Portia, sr., 26, 82 Patterson, Priscilla. sr , 82 Patty, Ardena, jr Pearson, Jacquelyn, soph.. 39, 85 Pena, Christina, fr., 46, 77 Pena, Lori. tr , 46, 77, 87 Pena, Rick Pena, Manuel jr . 34. 87 Penrod, Tracy, soph. Percell, Kendra. sr , 26, 63, 82, 83 Percell. Lisa. fr , 46 Perciheld, Matt, sr. Perkins, Celia, jr . 34 Perkins, Daniel, jr.. 34 Perry. Antonio, soph., 39, 88 Perry, Deirdre, sr , 26, 82, 94. 113 Perry, William. jr 4, 77 33 138, 139, 140 08,112,128 Phan, Duoc. jr., 34 Phillips Phillips , Joe, soph , 39, 88 , Judy, soph , 60, 62 Phillips, L1nda,sr., 26 Phillips, Lisa, fr., 46, 88 Phillips, Michelle, sr., 26, 82 Phillips, Rita, fac., 19,78 Phung, Tuyet, soph., 39 Pickard, David, tr . 46, 90 Pickard, Sherrie, jr., 34, 87, 102. 133 Pickett, Sandra, tr, Pierce, Connie, sr , 26 Pipes, Julie, soph., 39, 140 Rex, Lesli, sr . 27, 74, 75, 86, 87, 105 Reynolds, Christopher, tr , 46. 85 Rhodes. Sherri. fr , 66, 84 Rhodes. Sonja, lr., 66. 121 Rice, Chuck, soph Rice, Terry, sr., 27, 73, 78, 87, 127, 129 Richards, Pam, fr., 46 Richardson. Allen. fr , 46 Richardson, Cynthia. sr , 27, 85, 88, 115 Richardson. Fredrick, fr., 46. 88, 127 Richardson, John, fr., 46 Richmond, Byron, jr., 34 Pistole, Robert, sr., 26, 82. 83 Plaster, Lisa, sr., 26 Plouft, Danyelle. fr., 46. 87, 108, 188 Poarch, Eddie, sr., 26, 87 Poarch, Sean, sr., 26 Poe, Kimberly, soph., 39, 93 Poe, Ronette, sr., 25, 27, 82. 85, 95 Polk, Joel, fr., 46,88 Polly, Edward. soph., 39, 100. 119, 123, 136, 137 Pomeroy, Johnny, soph., 39, 87, 90, 101, 132, 144 Pons, Nikki, jr., 34, 87 Poole, Alina, fr., 46 Poole, Cynthia, jr , 78 Poole, Patrick, sr 27,82 Popejoy, Gary, soph. Porter, Darla, sr. 27. 78 Porter, Gregory, fr, 46, 85. 90. 120, 131 Porter, James. jr., 132 Porter, Kristi, fr., 46 Posey, Brian jr , 34 Powell, Lester, sr., 82 Powell, Shelly. jr , 34. 81, 123 Pratt, Della, soph . 39, 87. 90 Prokarym. Stan, jr., 34. 100 Pruitt, Phillip, sr.. 27. 81, 137 Pugh, Chris. jr Richmond, Tracy, lr., 46 Riley, Angela, fr., 46 Riley, Steven, sr., 27, 87 Rivers, Kim Kelly, sr., 27 Roach, Anthony, tr., 46 Roberson, Brenda, tac., 19,77 Roberson, David, jr., 34, 77, 119 Roberson, Sereta, fr., 46, 77 Roberts, Angela, fr., 46 Roberts, Brian, jr., 34 Roberts, Kelly, fr., 46 Roberts, Lori, soph., 39, 85, 140 Roberts, Shawn, soph., 39 Robertson, Tracey, soph., 39 Robinson, Alfred, soph , 39 Robinson, Barbara, soph., 39 Robinson, James, tac., 12, 13, 99 Robinson, Mary, jr ,34, 77, 81 Robinson, Michelle, soph., 39, 143 Robinson, Richard, sr., 27, 90, 93, 105 Robinson, Sereta, 138, 139 Robinson, Teresa, lr. Roby, Boyd, sr., 27, 55, 85, 115 Rodgers, Rodgers, Rodgers, 123. 1 Felicia, sr. Karen, tr., 46 Paul, sr.. 28, 85, 112, 115, 118, 121 25.131, 157 Pulley, Pybas, Pybas, Harriet, fac., 16 Eddie, jr. Kristi. fr.. 46. 140 Pybas, Mike. soph , 39. 87, 100 Rodgers, Tarrence, fr , 46. 120. 124 Rodriguez, Juana, fr, Roger, John, jr., 34 Rogers, Randy, sr , 28. 63, 82.118, 132 Rogers, Shannon. fr., 46. 85 Ross. Devron, sr., 28 Ross, Kimberly, jr Queen, Vicki. fr., 46, 90 Quesdibitty, Stacy, 87 Quigel. Ronald, soph Quisenbery, Barbara, jr Ramos, Mike, sr , 27 Rath. Clint, soph , 39 Rawlings, Steven, soph, Ray, Sonny, fr., 46, 90 Ray, Randy, jr , 34, 74, 78. 87. 90 Reaves, Lorrie. jr.. 34, 78. 82 Redmond, Terry. sr , 27 Red. Timothy, soph., 39, 119 Reed, Tracie. lr.. 46 Reese, Tara, jr.. 34 Reeves, Tajuana, soph., 39 Reeves, Yvette, sr.. 27, 82 Reid, Bobbi, sr , 27, 92, 93 Ross, Kim, soph , 88 Ross, Lance, soph., 39 Ross, Lane. soph., 39 Ross, Lisa, soph. Ross, Sherry, soph , 39 Ross, Toni, sr. Ross, Tracy, jr., 34, 82, 90. 144 Rowan, Kelly, jr , 34 Rowland, Audrey, fr 46 Rowlett, Teresa, tr , 46 Ruiz, Sco Runnels, Rushing, Rushing, tt. sr. Manuel, fr., 46 Leslie, lr, 46 Shannon. fr. 46 Russell. Theron, sr , 28 Russell, Yolanda. soph Salyers, Tracy, tr 46 Sanders, Sanders. Dana, sr.. 28, 81 David, soph W 0 if . 3 YN 3 x QSXE Q . . IES- if f Q . , , . 1 oe' ,- cl -anders, Joey, tr -anders, Kerr, sr , 28, 77, 85, 94, 113 -anders, Tara. fr 46 1 s R 1 1 ...M 1,4129 , 1 1 M 1 1 Y i . rl, If fw, ',-', ,, ff' 1, ,2 " ..' 1 1 , - 5' Smith, Dexter, lr , 34, 85, 88 Smuth, Doug, lr Sm1th,Gregory, sr , 28 G anders, Trffany, lr , 34, 77, 78 argent, John, lr , 34, 72, 73, 74, 98 atteheld, Matt fr . 46 atterwhlte, Marvm, sr avage, John, lac , 19, 85, 1211, 123, 139 awyer, Chrrstlna, fr , 37. 41: aylor,B1IIy, sr ch1ner.Jlrnmy,1r ,34, 85. 1111 chm1tt,Er1c.yr.34.131 chuldt, Davrtl, sr chumacher, Phrlrp, sr , 28, 137 chumm, Loetta, fr ,411 chwemley, Scott, soph , 39, 87 cott, Aaron, sr, 22, 28, 72, 73,2-15118, 115, 119. 121, 145 Can, Bobby, soph , 113. 127 Cott,Br1an,soph,39. 77. 911 cott, Darryl, soph . 39, 88 cott, D1anna,1r ,47, 77,2-17, 1117 cott, Leah, sr c0tt,Krlstl,1r,34,77,81,1112,119 cott, Marc, fr , 47, 131 cott, Rober1,1r , 84 eagraves, Shelly, soph , 39 elf, Stacy, sr , 28. 78, 82, 1411, 147 elf,Wlll1am.soph.39,119,127,128 ellars, Donna, soph . 39, 88 tesher, Gayla, sr , 28, 78, 82 ewell, Ernest, jr , 34, 78 habazz, Fateen, soph. rhade,cm.sty,5aph,1s9, 1117 .hafer, Denn1s.soph ,39 hambra,Anrhony,1r, hay. Kim. soph ,39 78. 88. 911 healy, Jocelyn, soph , 39, 73. 74 77 heets, Cassandra, soph ,39 helton, F.1ward,jr , 32, 34. 81, 85 helton, Kuta, 112.143 helton, Wmford, sr , 28, 73 hemayne, Colley. tr , 47 hemavne, .le1lrey.lr . 34 th1elds,K1rlft.yr,34,82.88 h1pley,Shawnna.1r ,43,41:. 47. 1411 app, 13.1ly, tr .47, 81, 87 h1pp,Tommy,soph 39 hotwell, M1chelle, soph,, 39 rhuler, Katherine, fr., 47. 77,911 rhultz, Roger, sr , 28, 82 rrmmons, Tlnna, sr . 28, 82. 83 11mmons,Paul,fac.14,15 -rmons, Anthony tr . 47 r1mpson,Melv1n,fr r1mpson,M1chael,soph trms, Johnna, soph , 39. 57 ims, Sherlll, sr , 82 isk. Rodney, lr l-taggs, Michael. sr . 28 l't1dmore,Davrd,1r 132 late, Blll, sr, 21, 28. 85, 1118, 113, 118, 119, 115 121. 127 laughter, Tracy, sr , 28, 74, 911, 92, '13 mall, Sean, lr iley, Brent, fr 1ley,C1rarIes,sr ,85. 87 rley. st,tr1a,,r,34,ss 1ley,Vrctor.tr lth, Angela, tr rth, Cralg, sr , 82 Smlth, Sm1th, Karen, sr , 28, 78 e , . 1 J . , l 1 J J uy, lac . 19, 87 Sm1th,K vm fr 47 20 Smrth, oe soph '19, 1 9 Smrth, udnth, soph , 411 Sm1th, ul1e, soph , 411 Sm1th,M1ke,fac,19,51J,57 119 127 131 Smxth. Mylon, soph ,411 Sm1th.Ph1lI1p,fr ,47 Smlth. Randy. soph .411 Smrth, Sandra, Tac , 19,1111 Smrth, Steven, lr , 47 Smrth, Tammy, rr , 34, 94 Smrth, Teresa, fr , 47, 77 Smlth, Tonnle. lr , 85, 88 Sm1th,Tracey,fr Snead. Gerry. soph Sn1der.Kell1,gr .34 Snyder. Darren, sr , 28 Snyder. Debra, soph ,411 Snyder. Steve, sr , 28, 611, 82 Sosen1to,Peter,lr ,34,82, 107 Souter, Dave, sr , 29, 73, 98 Sowell, Chnsta, sr , 29, 74, 75, 711, 77, 78 Sparger,Tael1o, fac . 19 Speaks. Lonn1e,1r Spears, Jack, fr . 47 Spencer, Mandy, soph , 411, 85, 87 Sprrnger, Duane, sr , 29, 811, 81 St H1la1re,Heather,1r , 34, 87,821,219 Stafford, Scott, lr , 34, 48, 53, 85 Stafford, Bobby. sr Stanford, Charles. soph ,411 Stark, Becky,1r Stark, John, fr ,47, 1211 Strak, Tammy, soph . 411,81 Starnes, Chr1st1e,jr , 34, 77, 811, 81 Stearman,Steve,1r , 35, 85 Stephens, Elrzabeth, soph , 411 Stephens, Gerald, soph ,411, 73, 911 Stephens, Tamara. sr .29 Stephenson,Slacy.lr ,47, 74,77 Stevenson. Arthur fr .47, 85 Stewart, Claude, soph ,411 M V,,,,. Taylor. Joeseph sr Taylor, Joyce, sr , 112 Taylor, Karl, sr , 211 Taylor, Mel1s5a,soph ,411,85. 1411 Taylor, Patrrc1a,jr .35 Taylor, Rohm, 1r Taylor, Tammy. sr . 211, 59. 74. 77 Taylor, Theressa, soph 411. 77 Teague. l"l0ward.1r 35. 511 Thatcher, James. fac . 19 118,119 12.1 Therrlen. Susan. sr 211,81 114.115 Thomas, Brldgetl, soph . 411, 911 Thomas, Chervl, 11 , 47 Thomas. Dennis, sr . 29 Thomas, Dennus, soplr Thomas, Duane, sr 29 Thomas, Jennlter. soph 411 4 ,,-, Thomas. O J,rac,1181.88.1-13 Thomas, Scott. fr . 47 Thomas, Sondra, sr . 29, 82 Thomas, Sonya. sr .311 Thompson Chr1s.soph.411, 120, 127 Thompson Deborah, fr , 47. 88 Thornpson.LesI1e,1r 47. 73 Thompson, Thompson. Regina, lr , 47 Ronnue. soph Threatl. Marcia, sr , 311, 82 T1ce,Carol,lr , 35 T1ce,1,or1. tr,47 Txger, Yolanda, sr , 311. 82 T1lley,Le1gh Ann, 85, 88 T1Ison,Dav1d, sr , 311. 77 Trlson, Kathy. soph . 39, 411 133. 1411 T1ngle,Anthon1,. fr 47 85.124 Tungle, Lawrence, sr , 82 Tunn1n,Lor1,lr,47,85 Todd, cymhra. ,r ,115 77. ao, 81, 87 Todd, Kathy, soph , 411, 85 Todd, Trac, sr .311 Torres, Claudlo, sr Torres, Leonardo, sr Torres. Nora,1r Townsend. Clrlf, soph 411 Tracey, Danny, fr ,47, 132 Tracy, Krmberly, sr , 311 82 Tracy, Mxchael, fr , 47 Tracy, Regrna yr .35 Tran, Blnh. soph Tran Huong, fr , 47 Trevlno, R1chard,soph 411, 59 Tr1vrtt,G1na,soph , 411 77 911 Trombley. Trombley. Ea, sr .311 ' ' M1chelIe,1r ,47 Troy, Sunny, 88 Tullls, Michelle, soph Tunnell, Chrlsteen. sr . 311, 77. 78, 94. 11. , Turley,Cydney.soplr .81 Turley, Keith, 54 Turman, Crystal yr . 35. 78 Turner. Bnan,sopl1 ,411 Turner, Cherl, soph ,411 Turner, Gwennetta, lr Turner, Ke rth, lr 35 Turner,Rodney,1r ,47 139 Turner, Rovlne, soph .411 Turner, Vlcl-tl, soph .411 Tyson, Ricky, sr , 311 Uflen. Stephen, sr 19, 311, 132. 133 Unsell, Kathy, lr , 32, 35, 87 Upr11ke,J0hn, fr , 47, 73, 911 Varl, Paul, VanSlyke. VanSlyke. lr 35, 77,85 119,121.1311. Dewavne. lr . 47 Terry, soph , 411 Vanhorn. Scott, Jr ,115 241, 122, 123, 125 Vap, Laura, soph , 411, 54 Vaughn, Shane. fr , 47 Venegas, Tony, lr . 47, 85 Venegas.Jos1.yr V1lla.Mlchelle.fr V1nyard.Corbett,sr 811.82 Vo, Chong, sr . 311 Stewart, Daryl, soph , 131 Stewart, Dwrght, soph. Stewart, Patrlcra fr , 47, 88 Stewart, Travls, fr , 47. 85 Stlnson, M1chelle,sr , 29 Stone. R Sullnvan. Sullivan. oberl. sr , 29. 133 James, sr . 29, 82. 85. 8 Steven soph ,411 Sullrvan. Tracy, sr ,29 S-ummers,Ran1ly,sr ,29,73.77,85, 112, 123 Sw1dler,Lor1,1r ,35,78, 128 Swift, Edd1e,lr , 35 Taft, Trffany, soph 411 Talley, Mel1ssa,1r , 35, 77, 78, 159 Tamez,Ja1me, soph ,40, 108 Tangutl, Anthony. 85 Taylor, AI. sr Taylor, Anthonv. soph Taylor, D1on,soph , 123 Vogt, Marsha, sr 311, 82, 87 Vowell, Jae, ,r , iss Waggoner.D1nah, soph , 411 Waldrop, Melv1n,1r , 1119, 113, Walker, Doak, 1211 Walker, Henry, sr ,311 Walker, Tammy, lr , 77 Wall, Tammy, soph ,411 Wallace, Angela, fr , 47 Wallace, Gala, soph ,411, 88 Wallace, Patncra, lr , 47, 88 Wallace,Patr1c1a,1r ,47,88 127 Wallace, Tracey, soph ,411, 85. 1411, 141 Walley, Teresa, soph , 85, 1411 Wallrngford, Todd, rr. 35 85. 119, 127. 177 Walters,L1sa,gr Wal1ers.SherrneI, tr 5115 111 141: 121 Walton, Jason, fr . 47. 81, 87 War11,Glna,st1ph .411,85 95 157 Warren, Ke1th,soph . 411. 178 Warnor, Leon, soph . 411 Wash1ngton,Darryl,yr ,35 Washungton, Darshel, soph , 411 Washington. Lee, tr ,47, 49 Waters, Jerry, yr . 35, 82 Watlmns. Kelly. sr . 23. 311 82, 133 Walklns, M1chael,fr , 47 Watson, Barry, fr Watson, Gary, fac , 19. 52 Watson, Kev1n,88 Watson, Robert. 1r . 35, 83 Watson, Sherry. soplr Watt, Janette, fr , 47 Wartre, Shannon soplr 1112 Wear, Pa1.1ac . 19, 54 1111 Webb, Apryl, sr . 311, 77 112,113,119 Webb, Brenda. 1r 35, 82 r Weetlen, Brenda. soph Weeks, Ronald, fr w1fmh.r1a,Ty. soph Ao, 11-1 Wemer, Shawnda, tr Werner, Tamera, sr . 311, 82 West.Ronn1e,fr West, Thomas, Jr , 35 77 Whatley, Chrls, sr , 311, 88 Whately, Love, 85 Wh1bhey,Chrls,s0ph ,1r11 Wlugham, Bxll, sr .311, 81 , 85. 98. 114 Wlupple, Ronnre, fr Wh1te.Chr1st1ne,1r . 33.115, 73, 85.94 Wh1te.Kevm,tr .87 Wh1te,R1chard. lr Wh1ttlngton,Brancl1,1r Wxdener, Jason, soph ,411 Wlgley, Stacy,1r , 35, 78 Wrlde, Danelle, soph , 411. 74, 77 Wrlde, James, soph W1ley,Jerry,fr .122123 Wrllons, Krmberly. soph W1lllams,Auder1a,1r ,35.82 W1lllams,Br1an.fr,88 Wxlllams. Connre, 85 Wrllrams, Darren, sr , 311, 119, 85, 119 Wxllrams, Krm, sr , 31, 78, 81. 115 W1ll1ams,Lanace,fr .88 Wrllzams, Larry, soph , 41 Wvllrarns Leonard, 87 W1ll1ams,Mellssa.sr,31,73,94,95,112,157 W1ll1ams,M1chael,fr W1Il1ams,Mrke,soph , 41 Wrlllams, Nona, fr Wrllrams,Pau1Ia,1r,35,724, 82 W1ll1ams,Rayvone.tr , 124 Wrllrams, Rodney, lr , 115 Wlllrams, Scaurell. lr . 35. 82. 83 Wnll1ams,Shar1nda,tr ,88 W1ll1ams,Slrlonda,1r ,911 Wlll1arns,T1mothy,1r Wrlllamson.L1nda,faf , 19 Wrllls, Jana, 1r . 35 Wilson, Beverly, fac . 111. 77 Wilson. Dochelle, soph Wllson.1leo1frey,fr ,77 124 Wlls11r1,1,lnLla.faC . 19 Wilson, Mrchael, tr 1Nllson,Mechael,fr ,88 Wrlson, Tammy, sr , 31 Wrlson, Tammy Dearmon. sr . 31 Wlls1rn,Trac1, sr ,31, 81. 143 Wrng, Kam. tr , 43, 55, 95 11.1 W1s1lon,L1as,soph .41 Wrse, Jason, fr W1sv,Part1c1a,soph Wxshon, Doalt. fr Wolle,17len,fr Wood,Brt-11,11 , 35 Wood, Janet, 119 Wt1r1tl,Mar1t.1r W1rtm1l,Matthew,st1pl1 41 Wot111,Robert,fr 87,218 W1vt:1l.5t'1Jtt,5r Woodfork, Roy, fr Woosley, Helen, lac , 19 Wooten, Freddre, sr Wrlta1',Charles,lr,f15 Wrlght Brenda, soph 41 Yo11ng,DeAndre, 88 Young, Dennls, sr Young, James. jr., 35, 82, 85 Young, Kathryn. jr . 35. 81, 88, 89 Young, LaSonya. soph , 41 Young, Renea, fr Young, Tlna 90 1. 131. Zuaznabar, Adriana, lr ,35 Index 159 Ll Another chapter finished Generals on the Move Dear Grant High Our own Grant High We hold your banners Red and Gray Loyal we will be to thee Now and through eternity Dear Grant High Where 'ere we go How 'ere we strive Our hearts ever turn your way Grant High Equal Opportunity Policy The Oklahoma City Public School District I1-89l complies with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Sec- tion 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and their implementing regulations administered by the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare's Of- fice for Civil Rights. It also complies with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and is implementing regulations administered by the U.S. Equal Employ- ment Opportunity Commission. This institution does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, or handicap in admission or access to, or treatment of employment in, its program and activities. 160 Epilog This U.S. Grant publication was brought to you by the 1984-85 Yearbook staff. Editor, Diane Springer, Copy Editors, Donna Craig, Christie Starnes, Cindy Todd, Dana Sanders, Business Managers, Michelle Eskina, Debbie Hilter- brand, Layout Editor, Diane Springer, School Life Editors, Donna Craig, Christie Starnes, Cindy Todd, Sports Editor, Scott Hill, Assistant Sports Editor, Jason Walton, Organization Editor, Pete Adams, Assistant Organization Editors, Gina Childers, Diane Springer, Curriculum Editors, Michelle Eskina, Rachel King, Traci Wilson, Dana Marrow, Kristie Scott, Facul- ty Editor, Susan Therrieng Senior Editor, Gina Childers, Assis- tant Senior Editor, Diane Springer, Traci Wilson, Junior Editor, Donna Craig, Sophomore Editor, Christie Starnes' 1 Freshman Editor, Cindy Todd, Royalty Editor, Diane Springer, Index Editors, Rachel King, Susan Therrien, Dana Marrow, Kristie Scott, Advertising, Staff, Closing Editor, Diane Spr- inger, Advisor, Dr. Ruth Kraemer, Professional Photographer, DeWayne Critchfield, Portrait Photographer, Blunck Studios, Yearbook Representative and Professional Artist, Lu Hollander. Q

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