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N. , 'U W XQWX ? W. ,L Wm- , ' YVwj?w -f"6X' Qfw RN 'W if 41 UWM W ?2"L'f4f"f'J"fZL"4V475 1',"fNf .41 , VJ S? i"'WY4'W"G"L WMU'-I if 'YQ Q uk ,mg ,QM ff-,fag '34, mf' gjfy Dfqqw JMD, T ' f" jfji , w1Vv5,y J M' 1-A f M.: ,V pi! If' VL lv , . L W Wwfiff V' ' ' J .. if X fly f - l aw A w Q pf VUVJG , V M19 M W f' , N ffmfLWfL'1W W WQZWWW Q0 MEM' 1 4 U G W W U M66 ' ,X fwL AvU I -J' jg , PM N, if f MK iff WS? if f5YQU,, wt Vi? PL vp . 'j6g,1f'f ESC 'xpi V51 Yvf ' .xy 'x,bJ . ,i V 'XJ xxx Lf QW 'yf .3 ,K 5' 1 X Cf YLAJ . LV V' . qu?-f . . ,Va NX Wbm5.lw2w M wifi MIM , ciM5'I'0,pN M WM M65 W Along with the 1970's came busing to obtain racial bal- ance in Oklahoma City Public Schools. Jeff Clark looks over headlines informing him of the end of the Vietnam War. Sandra Stringer, a women's liberationist, decides to sit back and let Ricky Knapp open the doors. 5Ul00l BUS Karen McCoin and Lisa Tins- ley discover that they have a few fireworks left over frorrig their celebration of the for L' 71 ,,1' 7 of .14 'ste 1 h e frorff H age f-my Fat A -.., -N. b ,M 11X till' 1 Bicentennial. Havangf me makes inflatio ' Davids girl rob-f om f 1? SE? UND 'L mellfw Wal! I, Ffiif X p 'K ' H3 mv? x JI' if fv i' 6 f As? aim Qlzf A , 1' lx Jx'H,"', ' .V 4'fQ,J. L: 'Mi4ih17lH""' '. UH .H - 'll nl!!! i ,. - 'AJ '- l"'1I' Y 1: Hz r ,, 'fb14m5,!f'b,Ylyy,,5, , AH, ' H '--. ,fy nw, ' Q, lg m,"1131"w N 1 x- f", X -5 ?2',f,,H,,, "Wg I N 4 fn lfffffa My 511 W K , ,- L- 5 i x A v mf lg .-4 5 l W Q v , ig W fi5E5?' Q, 5 4 5 ' iw in 4 5 'E W .mem w w W, ,,-,......-...-- V Qgggxfg vMy:Q'9fm was, , S. 4 K , MW' K 'B' 0 ,3E-wav 'xv -A Lx WW f- f 1,1 1 ' V 5 I A . , Q X P . 1 ' N x' X 9 I 3 Aj Q f N . I 1: 5 - 1 I X ,U x v , , , 1 , 4 1, . x gy 1 5 I K Q rf Q I 4' 1 a qu Q Q ' ' 1 . a 3 1 sg 1 A Y 5 I A , . 5 if '74 3 'MW FM X 'X .ets f 4 ? ' 1 nf 5. W" N f I 41.31 2-1 Q ,Q I J-14.4 g X u - f -' ' - 4 7 1 " lp , WS MW MIM V Q 3 m U, L ', M3 Lia 8 Gi v MW J , l F, 3 ff? 5 ' A 1,543 Af! 521, - --g A V ' X1 . , fafipfjgsy ya n ' Q W 1' -I 8 A ,WE fsfffff' 1 W? All of us have memories of the days gone by, memories which can be relived by thumbing through the yellowed and torn pages of a family photo album. Some memories we would like to forget: most of them we never will. Girl Scouts, baseball and Friday night skating parties helped to make us the persons we are today. We look back on the days gone by, and a kind of sadness settles in our hearts. We realize that we can never go back in time. We can never change the past, only improve the future. Rough and tough Brett Woosley hasn't changed a bit since he was little league star. Practice makes perfect, Pam Julian was taught. Keith and Ricky Young have now learned that it doesn't take a gun to make a man a man. Paula Koci knew how to dance back when she still knew her stuff. Little Kim Brooks has always enjoyed her traditional costume. Root and toot and Peggy Kramer was big enough to lead the cheers tor her baseball team. Still pretty as a picture is Robin Thomas. One big moment in the lives of many was becoming a Girl Scout -just like Peggy Kramer. 2 Opening .. . ia F51 5-z,ffs...iZ fi 'S I A Nw ,,. W., aW'i' : '1 'V'Fi':v,'l,p ' ' I 1 Wi: .,,ffmg::ef1,,, f 1 ,, 4 W' . ..-'iff Y 'BNC' - 4 A f-1, 9:7751 Q .9 if - X.QWE,., IFJ! Lf '. fgafzffrz. - ' - I . N .., , ..., MQW . " Lei QEFE A 5 2 1 9 ,I U 150127, J,-, ,' . fi . "I MMM? 4 Q, :gif I .., 2 1 aw Vvvxw H ,, f , .'m.... 1 I5 w-:.. : 5 ,- g M Y V, J, MW -'W 3 4. V'-ff-nr 5 , ' J , inf? l F TJ: Q.-59 -.-.- , 1,, , K 'A f J!- , .Lf A ,W fr., fs!,11m,w rw. if u. 'S .bw W C Wi. A wb. V'W M ,A pm , .r .f 'S I, il! Af' iw I 1 7 J' 5 'Ex '4 r A ,aw 1:1 vv , , . Nf- 1 up f . H 1 no One runs the bases, while another sings to a crowd. One uses his brain as a precision tool, while another leads the band. One creates masterpieces with the touch ol a hand, while another acts out his dream world for the public. The last flies through the air with the greatest of ease. Who are these people? They make us laugh and cry, then they make us jump to our leet and scream. They entertain our lives with the little things that make us happy. But most ot all they give us a glimpse ol the good things in life and help us dream about the future. Eddie Ewald concentrates on the "art ol studying." Jett Nokes takes it easy while studying his script. Cindi' Wynn adds the artistic touch. Liz Couch lets her imagina- tion sing out. Pausing a minute, Todd Demeter eyes the center lield lence. Carl "Hindu" Henry doesn't even need a lad- der. Working on precise movements is Cardella Stephens, one ol the Drum Majors tor the band. 6 Opening .inv- ffl! XI., Jw ZW-. Sk, mf Ivy, Z,- f x I, t - 4, 2-' g 4 I fa 4 ff 1 3. , ff , 4, J., .K f 'P W1 W -a ,l A 4, is ff I . 1 I wx tr .Q-f 'X ,Af . X. .f 'X vw Mmm K1 ..,. fi .Q ,X I. 'Q X '9 . , - - 1 N x ' J if Q Aw' . V , -'xr A. 1,4 13 .T . gk -X, ,NN s tx M -1-New ,. 4 X' fl- ,-'l .. W- Ji u '- , K, L , s 1- " Q " .'.' v- h' . "' 4 f ,,. if M 4, r qw A kv f' A K w , ' "' , .92 . X QQ, maj sf' Opening ' 7 ' x S i ll I ,W K Q si If - - 'E .n' MXH' R l - , - 1 . " - K ' 1 wi. -JU J .-1' f- 5...--K-M,.aurr 'ftikzg A f- fQf'i,gi5eff1y. 1, 'N iN , 'Ln M. A-XS 'ffffv K." . "!jf'gf'i'. x s . L 2 S 9' "' Y wa 1- 1.-4. :".n'.,:"I in ew. sf? ,REQ + ,M f' x, 5 - fa K h it Rx Lx Xml N. -11429.55 .... WW it , W 75241 5 , 'Y g . . a0lE.awr"f5, If1L .tt :i "4 . 2 ' it Wm? A W 1 t ?""f" is Having a blast! That's what it's all about. Those Friday nights with the gang, the movies with "that some- one," the excitement ot it all gives us a great young and alive teeling. We hope we never outgrow it. For these are truly the times of our lives! Friday night at Sonic Drive-in can always lind many students driving through to see how many people they know. Christy Harper likes the excitement and the satety ol bumper cars. For- eign Language students get together at the olde lake tor a bite. Having to wait in long lines at the movies doesn't seem to bother Rhonda Byerly, Lena Soliz, Robin Jenkins, Janet McDaniel and Glenda Marley. Cheryl Smith prepares to leave the Oklahoma wind and sunshine behind tor the Colorado ski slopes. Spanish teacher, Mrs. Brenda Roberson, assists Coye Jacobs in hang- ing the linale ol the Mexican Fiesta - a pinata. Gina Whatley and Darrell Williams lreak out. fgpff-sfwfff"f r ff' ', E. m Q H-www 44' .vw ..-ffl' """' an .Sz 5 J: sl- .. ty ' is. Illia Opening 9 10 ' Opening Lite is really boring sometimes, we teel. Give us some vari- ety, something exciting. Paint the school psychedelic or any- thing. Just make it interesting. We never know about lite. Someday when we're sitting at our luture jobs and positions and the time seems to fly b without compassion, we'lI wish we were back in our tirst hou thinking of how much empty time we had. Can we be satis- tied? Oh well, we're only human. David Root takes a peek inside a class he's supposed to be in. Excited about only having two books this year is Valdina Parton. Papa Williams, Billy Ham- montree and Mike Ross decide to save their money and eat lunch lrom home. Kenny Crowder proudly walks from his new Trans Am. Mrs. Chris Baugh teaches her class the pledge ol allegiance, as il they didn'l know it. get ' r L -ms ii' Q , K ' 1"'f l.34i A-...Mtv A 3' f 1' . , 'E NX Q as s ,z .. .,., b x . ,. -1 A ki X . ,Ui 4 .L , '13, xfhfufbi ,lsvai I 4. ,K A .A .A ph .4 . , V' L , In k.k ql-Yaegwv K,L3ff'W1,- . , .nw +,,L,g if W i . V ., '34 - 5 K .kv 4 f t 'P K F 1 an b 1 , A: X J :fl xx., L Ezf' ei A ff J ,,.. Ex wg. l W. V , 1 l xt 'ATX V' '..:... K 'L'-Q-.-.V v 55: 4. A .5 L7 N.5T f K: , Q12 , M ' 1f f'17,4'ff-QQAVQQ' 6 Nl A ',.: 4 M 'W M . 11,43-j.,'4 1 , I 1 N 4" 4 K K QQ glhix Nh w"'-H 75? 1 ""'2"xv. .y 1- ' e Opening - 11 WW? . "R?:1'-- V 1.'3': 'sI- Q 'ff' 3' 'V' W ' ff. ' ' Z? rift i .g 'kv .JE wmvwmw ,, ' H ,Z , . , A is f Q , M f 1, E, At xi' 451, YL 'A ww' w M. 1. 'i f 1 5 5 'W mx 4 3. ...Mi 'Q '61 I he H., .9 -- ' n X 5-, L '53 '19 sifgg MZ,2,,rV , - Www 'S S iVl"5 Iv 'S ,- fy f 5"'fLd5Ql-7 R , 'X la, i- avi- 4 ,,.-1 - rs y gf X - 1 i If y 1- ' - 1 5:9 ,E , ,...--gm - 'S-N. Q 2 , adj' ef ,ff X ' W I' Kim. 1 1 . i . t SQ' x .ya nav Q-1 4 if U ,2 ' 4 " Q 39 What makes a person pick an orange instead of an apple? What makes a person choose a Volkswagen instead of a truck? And what makes a person sign up for chemistry instead of leathercraft? lt's human nature. The thing that makes us tick. Without imagination our lives would be boring. We fill our world with things we enjoy, the little things that make us a person unto ourselves. If things don't turn out the way they should, we try to blame others, but in the end we realize that the choice was ours all along. Lynette Smith is so pleased with the class ring she chose. Mary Langston thinks it is difficult to find out what "y" equals. Preparing his engine for the next drag race is Terry Green. Tommy St. Cyr just can't seem to decide which Weir twin to take out - Kalyn or Kim. Of all the schools he could have cho- sen, Tim Melvin chose USG. Dee Dee Hutton exercises her right to vote for her favorite class officer. Melvin Roberson chose the Navy, and he is glad. Qgnfs l "Z ... Q t ' Ivo: we 'L' ,f"""x K ., U ' ,J ' 'SMI . T M M . qi: 4 . as .Q . x 5? A Q . K A' 3 O A x ,nf 2 ,..f-'ff , ,xxye JZYHPMS J' Fw .f .41 "N, 9 Opening ' 15 ,il 'Y . K I W .V ,' ww M ,-, Q E H4 X' r 16 ' Opening x ,., , ,, ann-:vp V ,, Lile has been like a rat race. We have been running here, running there, trying to succeed, but lailing, then trying again. We, like the experi- mental mice, have gone crazy trying to get out ol the maze. Our innermost selves which seemed so simple initially, became more com- plicated as time wore on. We discov- ered crevices ol consciousness with which we at times did not know how to cope, but through the complications we had occasional break-throughs which made the struggle worth while. Breaking through the tinish line lor victory is Keith Dixon. Tracy Janway gets his lirst job experience working as a dishwasher. Kim Brooks and Natalie eimer help Greg Brooks choose which club he wants to join during Club- O-Rama week. Laura McCune is being tilted lor a new pep club unitorm by Mrs. Helen Enox. David Williamson just can't believe he has done such a terrible thing on his lirst day ol driving alone. Robbie Sullivan brings some llowers to Cathy Childs to make up tor being late. Linda Black and Carol Crist hang decorations lor their New Year's Eve party. , t. ,pw g g-.---- ,Magical 9 1--'5 I 5 1 fa I 41 ""'-V A 5 ,W ,Q , 1, A ,wk md Q .W dvi M Q wr, Hia, ml' ,.A"""' F 1 MW 1 4 1, S ,gg ' ip: Q? i J , ,, ,H K I f '41 wif", W 39 ' 4 191 , , EE, W' - ',bA- Q , 4 5 A gi I gwu, 5 1:KM 9 if The mazes of people to-which we have been exposed in this decade have become relatively sorted by now. Some have becom close lriendsg others we kno ather well, but most are ply acquaintances. Somehow the people ave been crucial to our lea 'ng experiences. Not just the t h- ers. All the people have h 'a place in our Mazes ofthe 70's 5 1 S Mr. Jake Diggs, principal, often spends hours at his desk doing unlimited reports for the board. He does more than his share of hall duty. His secretary, Mrs. Rubye Lee, often gives him reports which he must read and evaluate. He sometimes confers with attendance secretaries Mrs. Elnora Tomes and Mrs. Christine Mann He sometimes gets his assistant princi pals Mrs Pam Wheeler Mr Bob McCain and Mr Dwight Jones in a huddle W "'2'h"-Neg L' G l s Av, CIPAL x, r, WT M 'lx if Ib w-sv'-Rf -- .f. ,- ff f We . X 1 20 ' Principal ii Q 5 :X .f "1-.. "e 'LL 2 hs.. s., x 'Q ti Mrs. Ann Douglas, activities director, makes money collecting plans with stu- dents. Mrs. Pam Wheeler is the newest assistant principal replacing Dr. Jerry X if Smythe. Mr. Dwi ht Jones and Mr. Bob McCain do hal? duty together. Mrs. Wheeler talks shop with Mrs. Douglas and Mr. Jones. Mrs. Wheeler and rs. Douglas lind something to smile about. Mr. Jones tells Mike Ross how it is. Mr. McCain enioys a General lootball game. .l if 1.-.-1 , ,---.,-,,,,......-.---f ,,,.........---v :I ,figfii fi 222552 I lf QV? ...A ,IV "'f5f'n' A-'W 5 In J' lx ml 36 I I Q 4, W. If l Q W . I Q.. Assistant Principals - 23 54 W1 Wh , 3 ,:,. , ,...., 2 Q, M:-z ,m lg 'Q " 2. , .., ,.,-. 4.-. , - V -- ,N.1 x ff. L- - 2 x "Q 30' N F001 .....,.., .,, Y ' ,, 'Eg .. 5 1 "9 0' - 'U -Q.. .. .. i3KE.A?iG MA STE. fl..- 'nm iw .aww l , 'bX:" ifi '1 KLY- ' - ' 1k QI Ci T Z fmmm ,:f,1..1---14,11 ,..-.,-f iv.-2 x ,. f.5.:mf., Q5 5,:,L,Lfggf 24 ' Board ol Education may -- X Xff .gi EW Q E .-f""'wM ff-, F' . '... . H , 1--K, 4 1 .' i e ii. affine! 1' uf .lc I I Counselors huddle with schedule changes. Counselors are Mrs. Thelma Parks, director of counseling, Mrs. Janet Jones, Mrs. Harriet Pulley, and Mr. John Moham, Mrs. Parks responds to inquiring student. Mrs. Jones is perpetually work- ing. Mrs. Pulley may disagree with stu- dent but always in a triendly way. Mr. Moham checks with a parent. New super- intendent Thomas Payzantg School board members Mrs. Pat Potts, Dr. Armond F'-A -, Start, Mrs. Betty Hill, Mr. Paul English, Mrs. Freddye Williams, Mr. Floyd Don- werth, and Mr. Arthur Hill. The Oklahoma City Board of Education Building, and the school board in action at a regular meet- mg. L A! L.-L' -.m sm E J 1 .tow QU X Counselors ' 25 41--H.. .. " .X 41" , ' Q 1 ll P K 5 lx, .hx www JN 'N nib , Mrs. Yvonne Felder explains assignment to a student. Mr. Lathon Johnson pauses in the hall to visit, as do Mrs. Dorothy Dean and Mrs. Cindy Hammond. L'-, IlilTT'2 T3 N394 'E-H " i If 5 Q NY S H , 5 .urs 'W Turner, Ann, Head Librarian. Hadley, Dolla, Assistant Librarian. Cudio, Wanda, BS, Nurse. Russell, Susan, Human Flelations. Alexander, Charles, BS, MA, Okla. History, U.S. History, Basketball. Baker, Diane, BA, Developmental Reading. Baker, Jim, BA, Marching Band, Concert Band, Stage Band, Inner Freedom. Baugh, Christine, BA, MA, Eng- Iish Lit., Bible Lit., English IV, NHS, Senior Sponsor. Blackmon, Fred, BS, MA, General Math, Algebra ll. Bowers, James, BA, MA, Learning Lab. Brown, Jul- luette, BS, Typing I, Business Machines, General Food, Freshman Sponsor. Buttermore, Marybeth, BS, Learn- ing Lab., Comic Book Club, Junior Sponsor. Byerly, Bonnie, BA, English, Social Studies, Senior Sponsor. Cable, Ron, BA, MNS, Chemistry, Biology, NHS. Castle, Glen, BS, MA, Physical Ed., FCA, Football, Baseball. Choate, Dean, BA, MA, Algebra, Basic Math, Athletic Director. Crosley, Harold, BA, MA, Language Arts, Cross Country, Gott. Daniels, Ernie, MA, Drivers Ed. Dean, Dorothy, BS, Shorthand I, Il, Clerical Practice, FBLA. Dressler, Dee, BS, Algebra, Geometry, General Math I, Student Council. Dukes, Allen, MS, BSE, Elem. Algebra ll, Basic Math, General Science, Mu Alpha Theta. Echols, Eileen, BS, MA, Special Ed. Ellis, Con- nie, BS, Drill Team, Modern Dance, Gymnastics, Bas- ketball, Sottball, 0 Club. Emanuel, Greta, BS, Cosme- tology, VICA. Faurot, Jim, BA, MA, U.S. History, Okla. History, Sopho- more Sponsor, Football, Tennis. Felder, Yvonne, BS, Shorthand I, Typing I, II, Freshman Sponsor. Fuller, Al, BS, Typing, COE, FBLA. Fuller, Sarah, BA, MA, Ed.D., American Lit., English I, IV, Advisory Committee, Sen- ior Sponsor. Gandy, Debbie, BS, MA, Learning Lab., Junior Sponsor, Co-op Program. Hammond, Cindy, BS, Psych I, II, U.S. History, Okla. History, Government Econ. Harris, Luke, BS, Drivers Ed., Football, Wrestling. Har- wood, Bill, Electricity I, ll, VICA. Hayes, Loneta, BS, MA, Typing I, General Business, FBLA. Hendrix, Fran- ces, BS, MA, DE ll, III, DECA, Senior Sponsor. Holtman, Arbeecher, BA, Bible History, U.S. History, Human Rel- ations, Gitt Committee, Senior Sponsor. Hostetter, Lyle, MA, BA, U.S. History II, Sociology I, ll. Howell, Roy, BS, MA, Science, World-Ancient History, Psychology, Football. Johnson, Lathon, BS, MNS, Biol- ogy, Earth Science. Jones, Sarah, BA, Arts G Cratts I. King, Ralph, American Lit., English lll, NHS. Kraemer, Ruth, BA, MT, Ed.D., LLB, Newspaper, Yearbook, Jour- nalism l, Senior Sponsor. Lyday, Marcus, BS, Uphol- stery. Lyons, Mark, BA, Multi-Culture, U.S. History Il, Law and You, Football, Track. Metheny, Don, BA, MA, U.S. His- tory. Metheny, Skip, BS, Basic Machine, Woodwork. Morava, David, BS, Autobody I, ll. Morse, Otto, BS, Sheet Metal, VICA. Nero, Michael, BS, In House Sus- pension, Freshman Basketball. Nichols, Jack, BS, ME, General Science, Health, Sci- ence Club. Osborn, Sarah, AB, Drafting. Overstreet, Connie, BS, Elem. Algebra I, General Math, Pep Club, Student Council. Parker, Vicky, BS, Family Relations, Child Development, Home Planning and Decorating, Girls Team Sports, 0 Club. Pendley, Ron, MA, English I, Mythology, Science Fiction, Football, Swimming, Girls Track. Phelps, Nancy Jane, BS, English, French, Foreign Language. Pitt, Peggy, English, Business. Quintane, Lewis, BS, U.S. History, Okla. History, Anthropology, Freshman Football, Wrestling. Roberson, Brenda, BA, American Lit., Spanish I, Language Arts I, Foreign Language Club. Savage, John, BS, rivers Ed., Physical Ed., Foot- ball, Swimming, Baseball, Red Cross Club, Salety Council, FCA. hipley, Wendell, BS, Auto Mech., I, Il, VICA. Smith, Guy, BA, B.S.Ed. Forensics, Radio, T.V., Senior English, Soph. English, Speech Club. ing R, 2- ww ao., W ...F Sparger, Taeko, MFA, Studio Art, Graphic Design, Art ll, III, Fundamental Art. Stewart, Vickie, BS, Foods I, ll, Junior Sponsor. Sughru, Lois, BS, Physical Ed., Pep Club. Thomas, Doris, BS, MA, Clothing I, Il, General Home Ec. Thomas, O. J., BA, MA, Vocal Music, Choir. Thompson, Jayne, BA, Stagecratt, Drama, Girls Goll, Thespians, Clown Troupe, Junior and Senior Sponsor. Vaughn, Severlan, BS, MT, Calculus, Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, Algebra III, Matrix, Algebra II, Gen. Math II, MAO. Watson, Gary, BA, ME, Eng ish II, Senior Sponsor. Wear, Patricia, BS, General Math I, Senior Sponsor. Williams, Leslie, BA, Jewelry I, ll, Ceramics I, Il, Basic Math. Wilson, Beverly, BS, MA, Business Law, Data Prdcessing, Accounting I, Typing I, Careers, Ollice Practice, FBLA. Campbell, Peggy, Registrar. Carpentar, Pat, Library Clerk. Dies, Mary, Attendance Secretary. Holloway, Pat, Secretary. Lee, Rubye, Princi- paI's Secretary. Mann, Christine, Attendance Secre- tary. Myers, JoAnn, Financial Secretary. Tomes, Elnora, Attendance Secretary. Woosley, Helen, Secretary. Q-av' .s,x:i.1v gnu, S f Q , , .,.... i , rv' 'I 'P- S Q-dk P 3 I' ith K,-fi N . rg ., P -ff- i . , ,sew -i 1 ' Wu-me N nw Q. S I 'Y Q . 4. 2 I1-. ti, fs. ., v S 3 M I J 2 W B B ' 1 I ssl:-J li' I 1 i Q- , at 1 . 1. 1 , V, ff D , ' I - wi .A ' 4 X "Vkf if ' 'Z ,R f', K .. ' ' yi' ' 'ay ix, X ' r ' 2' i , X i X ' , E Sl . - f K K. In K 'K' Q Im K -A 1 l W fi ' X l - by ' . W Ilkk 1- ,N:, .v., K k'xb My y ' K K xy . K 'C' ' . -. ,, ,.f., . V x.. Ns. .,.,,, - e ' X , ss I x 3"-se, By ,asf Mrs. Connie Overstreet almost blows away at Homecoming parade. Custodial Staff. Front row: Rebecca McDanieIs, Brenda Coffman, Terry Robertson and Glen Stanford. Back row: Jack Adkins, Troy Ross, Alonzo Mack and Buddy Young. Cafeteria Staff. Front row: Jean Hern en, Geor ia Nolen, Ruth Weid, June Holt, Swenda gfewart, Molly Parker and Beatrice Morris. Back row: lvis Mooney, Joan Carr, Dorothy Brown, Ruth Cooper, Rita Cowan, Geraldine Nance, Sula Blankenship, Helen Chandler, Shirley Troyer. Mrs. Greta Emanuel assists Van- efta Shene with a customer's manicure. Miss Frances Hendrix lectures her DE students. iz , 6 'Xxiaf 1 X ,A ..,'V y ft W, V. , K+! 9 4 V 4. ., ,SN -Q. ' M G WY- H. ,MM V .,.... Staffs ' 29 sv, Q.. 30 ' Seniors Brenda Allen Johnny Alstatt Douglas Anderson Michael Arismendez Sam Arrowood Brian Austin Curtis Bach Kevin Baker Michael Baker Kendal Baldwin Terri Bane Jean Barber Phyllis Barnes Junie Barrett Robin Barthell Joni Bartl Debbie Bartlett Ricky Bateman Johnnie Bell Teri Bell Dale Benelield Deborah Benjamin Charlotte Benson Becky Binswagner FreddgBivens Tammie Iancett Brian Bowman Laura Brady Robert Bridges Sharon Briggs L? wr My 'f- 'Sd 'x,-fs, , J, Q. """2'lg'3' i, 'I ,ef Senior Class otticers. Lisa Straka, histo- riang Judy Phillips, sergeant at arms, Che- ryl Tate, secretary: Laura Brady, repre- sentative at largeg Nancy Ettinger, trea- surer, Kim Brooks, presidentg Sharon Morgan, vice president, Cindi Wynn, rep- resentative at large. Senior Class plan- ning committee make plans in the strang- est places. 5 "Vw 49-4157 'C' ff,-0 - ' ...M '32 3: QM- - M.. ., ,Wy 3 2 .MV 5 ,E ,W at 'Y . iw-L ,n ,rf Q, l , A :5,:,A Q l fl i sl f f' ' W5 ,ak 1, it sfswsff-H, 1 3 as Disco or country . . . what are you? Kim Cartwright, Joe Midgett, Stella Vickers, and Lonnie Martin know what they are. Any way you turn them there is smile show Cindy Reed, Mike Darnold, Lynn Walker, Tim McCathern, Sylvia Mora, Melvin Roberson, Debra Willis and Jimmy Davis. 32 Jackie Brooks Kim Brooks Jane Brown Larry Brown Nancy Brown Deborah Bryant Tina Butord Rhonda Byerly Randall Byers Jesse Byrd Lester Caldwell Julie Campbell Barbara Cannon Janice Carroll Craig Carter Scott Carter Kim Cartwright Penny Casky Randy Catlege Robert Chambers Kim Chauvront Lisa Clayton Jim Colley Sandra Cogburn Diane Connel Perry Connell Shelly Cook Debbie Cooper Tina Coppedge Kenneth Crowder Roy Crowder Floyd Crownover Mike Darnold Jerry Davis Jimmy Davis Scott Davis Stephanie Davis Todd Demeter Bruce Dewberry Sharla Dickinson Deana Dixson Greg Dobson Tari Downard Jeanne Dressler Lenora Durham Nancy Ettinger Carol Elrod Don Emerson Ramona Espinosa Robert Esquivias Edward Ewald Craig Farrell Laura Farris Tamara Feland Greg Ferguson Beverly Fletcher Deena Forman Randel Forshee Carmie Foster Anna Fouty Bryant Frazier Michael Frazier Sherri Frederick Regina Galbreath Carol Gardner Pam Genn Kelli Geoplert Kevin George Leisha Gibson Sheri Gibson Kim Gilliam Mark Gilliam Kathy Gillin Ted Glover Jerry Gonshor Lonny Goodson Terry Green Mike Griffin Brian Hall Saundra Hall Troy Harmon at-was Claw we Jon: Bartl Klm Chevront Kannette Hughes and lrlend show senlor spirit in Homecoming parade Brent Hazelrigg gnves Lnsa Hams a good look over, than hnally tagures out how uselul those crutches are' Duane Knowles sneaks in a 'lv 1, X . . S V i 5 'm e Jmww., ' af,-'ff x ' r xf- - "" ,b its phone callbetween classes. -Q 5 is Lf ji I ii, A M ' z tt 'R 9 M ,,., eniors - " fi ' l M I I wt 2' . ' .fa .0 gi A--L ' X f f - . ' ' b O ,F g A 3 f Seniors show why-they are the deserving winners of the spirit stick at a pep assem- bly. Senior Survival Kit 1j Music soothes away "Alter Graduation Thoughts." 2j Endless talk ol Senior Plans are made over the telephone. 3J Dad's gas card sure came in handy while cruisin' 59th street. 43 The pain is eased from the night before with a bottle ol aspirin. Sl Keys to tun! 63 Those part time jobs meant living from one check to the next. 73 Older friends helped us to disco on Saturday nights! 83 Stubs from concerts with Willie, Waylon and SENIORS! 9j That "A" in Eng- lish Lit. wouldn't have been possible for some without it. ax X fled!! "ver 'fix Bonnie Harn Kathy Harper Kristy Harper Doretha Harris Lisa Harris Steve Hartson Ronnie Hawkins Danny Haynes Brent Hazelrigg Larry Henderson Michael Hernandez Tony Hewitt Gloria Hoard Virginia Holden Steve Hood Phillip Hook Teresa Hopkins Annette House Katie Hubbard Jackie Hutlman Kennette Hughes Cynthia Humphries Deedra Hutton Todd Jackson Jana Jacquenet Terri James Kenny Janway Robin Jenkins Janet Jenks Clarice Johnson Richard Johnson Pam Julian Tammy Julian Buster Keesler Jett Keester Bobbie King Kristy Kling Ricky Knapp Julie Knost Diana Knowles Mike Koelsch Patricia Kopycinski Peggy Kramer Ladd Kuehne Kristie Lambeth Ronny Lambeth Robert Lawrence Candy Litterell Van Logan Helen Longnell Cindy Lookabaugh 38 ' Seniors Janice Lowder Donna Lunslord Beverly Marble Mike Marks Glenda Marley Stephen Marx Tony Mastin Florence Mathis Leslie Maxwell Jill Mayerhoeter Teresa Melvin Joe Midgett KiR1Mikeman Rusty iskowsky John Molet Juan Moore Silvia Mora Phyllis Morgan Sharon Morgan Gay Morphis Bessie Morrison Mark Mosher Shell Motsenbocker Y Kim Mullings Stephanie Murray Donna Myers Tim McCathern Jann McClukin Candy McCowen Janet McDaniel FH lla 1 , ,ww 4 W, Al W? sv Gy 1- pg H t I' ' , . rx rn 1 :A if ,, I E A , Q J M' ' ,4unrV'H"-" MW? K 1. - M M . NM., W By our senior year, some couIdn't tigure out what's tops and bottoms. Brett Woos- ley tries to decide who to become while Jotlnnie Bell tries to decide what he just me . Lisa Staka hopes to bring good luck to Matt Standard with a little pinch. Seniors only at this table is understood by Fresh- man Tom Taylor. Brian McDougal Ronald McDowell Dinah Nlclntire Lori Nance Teresa Napier Eleanor Neal Terri Newport Jana Noble Jett Nokes Vickie Norris Pamela 0'DanieI Anita Orr Janice Otley Lisa Parker Brian Parks Valdina Parton Cleetis Passmore Andy Patterson Rodney Paul Cathy Pearson Susan Perakis rg Lf' Lori Perry Jett Phillips Judy Phillips Ronny Powell Tammy Preston Dennis Proctor Bobby Rains Fernando Ramirez Gregg Ramsey Sidney Randolph Cheryl Reece Cindy Reed Cheryl Reeder Carrie Reeves Kellie Rex Lerry Rhodes Dana Richardson Shari Richardson Darvis Richburg Jay Rickerts Carol Ridley Donnie Ritter Melvin Roberson Pam Roberts Susan Roberts Vickie Rose Mike Ross Charles Rowland Spencer Rozin Kathy Rushing Seniors - 41 42 - Seniors Kevin Rushing Darla Russell Robin Ruyle Mike Sam son Becky Scott Steve Sebastian Jim Sowell Anthong Shells Tamela hepard Jerry Shephard David Smith Gerald Smith Grace Smith Kelli Smith Kelly Smith Katrinka Snider Tim Snyder Lisa Splawn Randall Sgradling Jerry tallerys Matt Standard Paula Stankewitz Tommy St. Cyr Cardella Stephens Gailene Stephens Elana Stevenson Lisa Straka Sandra Stringer Bryan Suchy Terri Suggs SL. 1 iti: ,fi S A ww f 'C ..W, x Q" -A JB 43 I-Y-v Paul Swallord Mike Switzer Dale Talley Rebecca Taplin Cheryl Tate Kim Taylor Tammy Taylor Michael Terry Norma Testerman Evelyn Thomas Robin Thomas Veronica Thomas Michael Tolman Eugene Totten Philip Tucker Michele Turk Tommy Turner Kristi Utlen Lisa Vandergrilt Kelly Vandlver Ste la Vickers Qu If w I -ic "Try it, ou'll like it!" sa Ga Mor his, Leisha gibson, Terri Suggs and Jornnie Bell. LeeAnn Wheeler, herri Fredrick, Barbara Cannon and Kim Cox have unex- pected guests at their slumber party. ' ' H A LFTJHI xx v Lynn Walker Valerie Walker Lydia Washington Pamela Webster Monty Wenthold Tammie West Andy Wheeler Lee Ann Wheeler Marcy Whittington Doris Wiley Darrell Williams Samaria Williams Debra Willis Wally Willis Terri Wilmoth Cynthia Wilson David Wilson Donna Wilson Ricky Wilson Kathy Winfrey Cynthia Winter Cindi Wynn Carla Young 2 E Q! .tg s 3 James Wolf Valerie Womack Kim Wood Brett Woosley Randy Wooten Tanya Worcester Lf R if in Seniors ' 45 Thomas Acton James Allen Billy Altstatt Anthony Alton Mike Apple Kim Austin Captoria Bailey Kevin Baker Alan Barber Robert Bartl Carol Bays Tammie Beasley Glenda Bellah Linda Black Rhonda Blackburn Alton Blakley Kim Borum Kristy Bowles Regina Boyd Kim Boyer Jay Brashears Mark Brewster Mary Bridgewater Ricky Brocaw Lisa Brooks Billy Brown Lisa Brown Ester Burkhalter Beverly Burleson Alisa Buster Lisa Butler Curtis Cagle 1 Steve Cagle Rhonda Carpenter Tracy Carpenter Robert Carver Lynn Casey Twyla Ceaser David Chambers Ruddy Chavez Cathy Childs Jett Clark Eric Clay Kara Cloud Michelle Coker Celia Cook Abram Cooper Adrianne Cooper Craig Coover Liz Couch Betsey Cravens Carol Crist Cathy Curry Jami Davis Mary Lou Diaz Carletta Dindy 46 Juniors Kenny Dolph Randy Dulord Richard Durham Michelle Echelle David Edwards Tom Edwards Flay Emerson Ronda Emerson Barry Evans Janice Ewald Ron Fankboner Arlisa Farmer Joni Finley Sam Flowers Sheree Floyd Gussie Force Mark Ford Kathy Fox Bill Frazier James Frazier Laurelha Galbreath Tony Gibson Jannie Glass Kevin Goodmiller John Gonshor Stacy Gowens Tammy Grant Sandy Grau Robin Gray Tammy Green . . - - I 'IS D V ,Jifwx .Y:'1.E -5 - , -Qclffffjg is 'LT' 15: . we , rf. 4, , 1 ,.,, eg . 'X 1 'X Xa , ,JL f J, I VX 1 ,J f if WM Xi! 2 'x G 'Ps X Q Junior Class Planning Commiltee. Junior Mr, and Miss Howdy, David Molel and Gina Speegle. Ken Wright knows lhere is one way to get out ol class early. W Junior r'ii ? . Q 5 Wendell Green Tina Groves Scott Hahn Keith Hall Vickie Hanks Kristy Harper Mike Hartson Randy Haskins Calvin Haywood Linda Hearon Lorie Heath Tana Hetner Tony Helmel David Hensley Jason Hensley Louis Hernandez Debbie Hibdon Carla Hicks Connie Higgins Jamie Higrsmith Sandra illman Mark Hise Shelley Holloway Rhonda Hoo Tracy Horton Annette House Robert Houston Rhonda Howard Laura Howery Rhonda Hubbard Myles Huckabay Ricky Huddleston gag -all -S 411450 Marla Hudson Melody Hughes Calvin Hytchye Karen Ingram Mike Ingram Tom Irvin? Kim Isbe I Laquitte Jackson Ray Jackson Vikki James Barbara Johnson Clark Johnson Linda Jonas Morris Jones Lisa Judge Gail Ke ly George Kertord Daniel Kickligztter Gary idd Lenny King Darren Konechney Kenneth Kramer Tim Larue Rhonda Lathrop 48 Juniors arnell Lawrence Earnell Lawrence Duc Le Denise Leach Eric Leonard Jeanne Leonard Ken Leverett Greg Lindsey Jett Lindsey Marti Lindsey Gina Longnecker Rex Lyon Robin Major nnessa Malicoate Steve Maloney Tony Manek Alan Martin Charlie Martin Melody Martin Regina Martin anny Marx Gary Mauldin Scott Melvin Nita Micue Kelly Miller David Molet John Moore heodore Morgan Leonard Morris Lezli Moses !' s We fy f-., I 1 2 'Q .v ,X mia? '- s A No .Tu JI , "'. - Effrtfi 1 ., at Melody Martin wonders why guys can't go anywhere without their hats. Observers are Randy Vandiver, Mike Tucker, Don Staggs, Brent Rutledge, and Eric Clay. Victor Taylor wants either his money. or his Coke. Stacey Gowens, and Vicki id- dle enjoy showing their school spirit. 1 tats ri 51 ff if"',!vT'1 ji Ei K I x' ,P 1. W P ff FJ A 5,LiL53 Leigh Winlrey brushes her hair as she waits lor her date lor the prom. Mr. yes Williams gives Danny Marx a helping hand. Randy Speegle has no trouble get- ting Jami Davis, Sherri Rains, and LaDonna Parrish to go to lunch with him and his new Z-28. sv Alan Moss Michele Mullinax Gene Mundt Jimmy Murray Stephanie Murray Rhonda Myers Darrell McAlister David McCathem Karen McCoin Rodney McCornack Tammy McCoy Jell McKee Richard McLaughlin Dana McNees Christopher Nall Jimmy Nance James Navarro Jett Nelson Darla Nichols Tobi Null Vivian Nunley Linda Ogg Resa Orr Debra Ortiz Joe Ortiz Zackary Palmer LaDonna Parish Annette Parker Janice Parker Michelle Parker LaDonna Parks Diane Patton Mike Pearson Clifford Phiter Bill Pickle Russell Pierce David Plunkett Marcus Pollard Susan Porter Tammie Potter Laketa Pratt Sherri Rains Stacy Rains Randall Ramsey Karen Ray Steve Rea Jeff Reeves Karen Reeves Vonda Reeves Vickie Riddle David Rivers Tony Roach Cathy Roberts James Robertson Elijah Robinson Joni Roby Cassandra Rodgers Jett Rogers Renee Rogers Tiltany Rogers David Root Terry Ross Sabra Rozzell Cassie Rudiger Brent Rutledge Karen Ryan Becky San Antonio Gary Sanders Darrell Sandy Kathy Schuerhott Lisa Schoelen James Schlecht Leroy Scott Eddie Sells Tammy Senn Katherine Seright Patricia Shannon Connie Shetlield Venetta Shene - Daniel Shepherd Pam Shepherd Harve Sickels April Simpson Nancy Simpson Cheryl Smith Cynthia Smith Juniors 51 my Vi W, ,VI ,,f' Marcy Whittington - a graduating junior has visions of '79, "This is Grant High School in Oklahoma City calling John Travolta in Hollywood." Vikki James, Mic- helle Echelle, Celia Cook, Tittany Rogers, and Laura Howry. Juniors show their spirit at the homecoming pep assembly. Lanette Smith Robert Smith Russell Smith Rozie Snider Sharon Soltis Nick Sosa Ewnice Spann Unice Spann Gina Speegle Randy Speegle Kent Spitz Tammy Spradling Diann Stattord Don Staggs Michelle tanley Charles Stasysze Bonnie Stephens Jett Stephenson James Stevenson Jana Stevenson Bryan Story Barry Stringer Robbie Sullivan Anita Tarver Jett Taylor Victor Taylor Lendon Teague Lesa Tinsley Patricia Thomast Felicia Thomas David Trevino Gail Tucker Mike Tucker Marsha Tune Scott Tyree Randy Vandiver Rodney Vanwinkle George Vasques Mike Vaughn Mark Unsell David Upjohn Julie Waddle Michelle Wann Rodney Washington Marguerite Webb Tracy Wendt Gina Whatley Robin Wheeler Andy Wiley Sharon Williams Rocky Williams Cindy Willis David Wilson Terry Wilson Leigh Winfrey Kevin Wishon Howard Wooden Brent Worcester Ken Wright Kelly Young Robin Young Juniors ' 53 Sherri Adams Terry Allen Sandy Alvarado Narita Anderson Eugene Andrews Renee Andruchow Nancy Antwine Loree Armstrong Valentina Agnes Coral aird Debbie Baker Keith Ballard Jell Baugus Steve Beaty Bob Beeman Brenda Belt Terri Bethel Cindy Binswanger Nina Bivens Lang Black Denise lakely Donice Blakely Wayne Blethrow Kim Boatwright Rosalind Booker Steve Boos Melody Borror Dana Boyce Marcia Bradlield Dedrick Bradlord Derrick Bradlord Joey Bratcher Reba Bray Greg Brewster Kay Bridwell Greg Brooks Jonni Brown Sherri Bruce Kevin Bryan Tim Bryant Richard Buie Tony Burdick Angie Burgess ryan Bums Cecillia Burton Teresa Butler Velma Bgers Cynthia yrd Jay Byrd Marla Caldwell Randy Campbell Michelle Capshaw Don Carlson Zelda Carr Mike Carrick Cindy Carter 54 Sophomores Alan Casy Mike Chambers Myra Chambers Eddie Chappell Betty Childers Fonda Chipman Judy Choate Billy Clark Dennis Clark Susan Clark Sue Clay Mike Colley Rhoda Coker Don Coleman Cory Conallis Jett Cook Linda Cooger Kenneth Cop er Frank Corey Bobby Cosgrove Gary ovel Tobi Curry Karen Curtis Karla Dalley Chuck Darragh Alisha Davidson Lee Davis Marcia Davis Allen Depel Carolynne Dinse ,Q A ' B . - 1 ..,. . M ' .Q B ' f A laaaa Q? Y ' ' . 3 B., B h' gg. " ,mw QS- . blkk gf! N as e . B. . .. B-lw.B:s..s - - , liil is T -'z 1 z -B B M . 3 'K QQ., 5 , :km . B B ' aala B l W ' ?!l'.f.-N- .Q B..-if lli ,l,s1- - N i- , ' 4F'l5a.:Y- - 'Q 'sf--,1'f.f ',, ,.--.-M . -, N, - B K - B B -T . J ' law -5 -s - Q V f' ' Q " iik ' ,-.x1':. :L in X' 3.5 J s.... : TB ' gc, bibl N f isii ' Q . ' 7 is .E B . , gf A f i.'l .. 3.5. T: ' -1 j 4 , . " 3-' 35 CN R if f saia B " f' . X 1, ' , sfiifsgx Q. -if .B ' . , .QI .,- ,.i,. X. , v H fa 1 B, -f is H l :Wi A ff Ep-fI'14,f' Iii- sf' . B if A S A b' ' fa f A iiaia be A ,4 xx K5 1 kggk .fr ..,. ,, Heist! VK Mm F . , w iff. . ,147 .fs 2' new F , :- ,B s vig SE, Q , 7--32,4 . - skit B A A, 3:l:,,.g' M K .- - B - B,.., M E2 'Bi . ' T' I' f fi? 'gifs AQ? A .. Bai, . .iB5.Bi-2 ki k . .V .as k M we Qi 4 , K ,gp K ,By , I , .B.,B YB K-,aa -M .rf K, T 1N"f:""" va fi t? -"' 1 A T The Sophomore Planning Committee. Sandy Alvarado, Myra Chambers, Susie Sorrells, Darla Harper, Melinda Holden, Leesa Sharp, Becl::y Storie, Joanna Wil- son, Marcia Davis. ront row. Lauri Jetter- son, Kelli Howard, Cindy Finch, Lisa Ortiz, Tammy Tale, Betty Childers, Diane Foley, Linda Cooper. Terry Taylor leels like the "FONZ" with Myra Chambers, Susie Sorrells, Sharna Rozin, Cindy Finch, Tracy Waddle, and Betty Childers. Diana Foley and Cory Connalis are the Sophomore Mr. and Miss Howdy. "Pledge ol allegiance" is the way students start otl Q their mornings. Q - Sf- +R- jl ' l S 19 M, H. if -I , of X 6 rv-., AA ,gg , ,I it C' f :"Q,' I J ,WWW v v e 1 x'v' l. f S6 A 3 .xl F. ig elf 5 ' 50Phomores y iemflflfw wi, H crew ,ff" av K .- is E5 1 fi ,I Keith Dixon Wilfred Doakes Tami Downard Joe Dean Drake Lisa Dulord David Dunn Dilwyn Duree Kyle Eastridge Tom Ebert Jeanine Ellis Mike Ellis Charles England Bill Erwin Darrell Etris David Etris Richard Ewald Rhonda Fairchild Richard Fankbone Cindy Fansler Cindy Finch Steve Fish Brent Florence Diana Foley Robin Fowler Tony Freeman Russell Gage Diiural Galbreath Denise Garcia Terry Garrett David Gibson f""' K F... ,g 3? A gf...- Lael Lake and Lisa Ortiz are busy selling candy lor the Sophomore class. Brett 'E ri fs -Na: Stokes and Mike Tolbert are learning their L ,t, offensive plans lor the upcoming game. Karol Maddox asks "ls there room lor just one more?" 'X SX 3 s' '.,f,. if ,K 1 l i,7'f', Tony Gilliam Greg Godwin Tony Goins Todd Grant Donna Grau Angela Gray Sherry Grillin Charles Grubbs Ben Hall Laura Hall Candace Hallman Katy Hansen Jackie Harding Darla Harper Mark Harris Maude Harris Kelly Harrison Alice Hebert Randy Henderson Jill Hensley Cindy Hensley Tony Hernandez Candace Herrin Leisa Hibbard David Hill Steve Hillman Melinda Holden Mark Horton Kelli Howard April Hubbard Jane Huckaby Julie Huckaby John Human Kim Hurst Glenda Jackson Tim Jackson Tracy Janway Deborah Jaye Lauri Jellerson Carri Johnson Kevin Jones Monte Jones Robert Jones Tramale Jones Tim Keasler Dorinda Kelly Jimmy Kirkpatrick Carol Kuczwanski Lael Lake Steve Lamb Mary Langston Regina Lane Brad Lanham Mike Ledlord Renee Lee Natalie Leimer Sophomores Steve Leonard Steve Leonard Mark Lindsay Kathy Lindsey David Lisenbery Jerry Litterell Bobby Littlejohn Teresa Littlejohn Kirk Logan Mike Logston Mitch Logston Marvina Lowry Berthina Mason Brad Masters Gary Mathews Marsha Maxwell Cindy McCathren Reba McKnight Sherri McNabb Laura Medley Wesley Meek Debbie Miller James Miller Walter Miller Shelley Molet John Molitor Charnelle Moore Kemp Moore Micheal Morrisse Y Margaretta Mosshart Elizabeth Muoghalu David Mowles Terri Musgrove Larry Mustain Linda Neal Marion Nelson Linda Newton Debra Nichols Mark Nunez Dawn Nunley Steve Oaks Cathy Oberg Nadine Orange Lisa Ortiz Tracy Osborn Steve Outlaw Chris Paprich Jett Parks Terri Pearson Wanetta Pennington Scott Perry Vernon Perry Jackie Persall James Phither Toni Pollard Donna Potter 58 Sophomores JS H iii! 1.4 J 6,21 2 2 ff ff' i gui' w -Q 5 wsgggfivffn 1 QI' l 5,-. '-1 I , J cm...-W.. at ,rc -...hh-.N- ,.,....,, I "Double Vision" as what Mrs. Dorothy Dean is seeing, when she looks at Jane and Julie Huckabay. David Gibson shows what it takes to make an "A" in class. . . Q 1 Lisa Scott Brenda Sell Victor Shambra Vemon Shannor Leesa Sharp Bubba Shene Michael Shepha James Skipper Tara Smiley Keith Smith Scott Smith Susie Sorrels Bart Southerlano Cheryl Stevens Greg Stewart Jon Stewart Trena Stewart Brett Stokes Regina Stone Renee Stonebral Becky Storie Robin Strasmickf Teresa Sullins Melinda Swattor- David Swidler Jenice Tapp Tammy Tate Jimmy Taylor Jimmy Taylor Sherri Taylor Terry Taylor Stephanie Tedder Debi Terry Cecil Thomas John Thomas Kim Thomas Stepheny Todd Mike Tolbert Robert Towell Knost Trent Ragina Tune Anne Turner Connie Ulman Dee Dee Vandergritl Sandy Vannosdoll Roxanne Van Winkle Mike Varner Jett Vaughn Steve Verdicchio Tracy Waddle Trudy Waddle Lynda Waggoner Sherri Waldrop Dorothy Walton Willard Washington Kalyn Weir Kim Weir Pam Whipple Lovella White DeDe Wilks Charles Williams Darrell Williams David Williamson Jett Wilmoth Chuck Wilson Jamie Wilson Joanna Wilson Layne Wilson Mike Wilson Gary Winn Mark Winter Paul Wood Steve Wood Burl Wooten Tony Worcester Scott Wright James Young Scott Zeigler Sophomores 61 Danny Adams Jackie Adams Joseph Adamson David Adcock Ron Aldridge Douglas Altaro Anthony Anderson Keith Anderson Tim Anderson Stacey Arnold Regina Badgewell Sherry Baker Cheryl Banks Darren Barbour Flenea Bardick Shawn Bateman Mike Bates Tim Bays Tony Beaittie La nette Beatty Carl Bell Deneen Bell Scott Bibb Jett Black Greg Blackwood Rena Blancett Theresa Bledsoe Christy Boggs Margie Bone Bobby Bowens Shane Boyd Janice Bratcher Kevin Bridges Kevin Bridges Patty Briggs Sherry Brinlee Tammy Brocaw Charles Brown Russell Browning Vince Burrows Steven Byerly Pam Byers Cynthia Byrd Jenniler Cannon Kyle Cantrell Char Carlson Mike Carr Kim Carrick Teresa Carson Rodney Ceasar Pilar Chappelear Myron Chick Phillis Choate Allison Chody Darlene Clark Kim Clark 62 Freshmen Greg Clifton Roger Coggins Kandi oker Randy Coleman Kelley Conley Billy Coodey Tyler Cory Brenda Cox Phillip Cox Scott Cox Debbie Craig Sandy Crain Faith Crawford Jayne Creed ltrick Crutchfield Robert Cunningham Relda urry Ray Daniels Shannon Davis Tom Davis Matt Demaree Janet Deveny Terry Deveny Kenneth Dickson Detra Dixon Kristi Dooley Anita Dudley onna Eddington Chantal Elders Karen Elders , .W af 'Zia-iftiffgp-m'vf2f:fS52?fgi5fff' - ' . V g w 'Z' 51.133 'Elie me , 'KL advwes? , W fl s w if , i af . Freshman planning committee. Front row: Sandy Crain, Susan Trail, Roxie Stanford, Mary Garcia, Larry Wooten, Anita Malone. Back row: Gene Pollock, Demetri Gilliam, Jacqueline Hayes, William Burrows, Anita Dudley. Stepping in the latest disco style are Gene Pollock and Sandy Crain. Roxie Stanford firmly believes that the Annie Hall look suits her. I i Who says freshmen aren't macho, thinks determined David Link. The typical fresh- man confusion has total command of Pam Byers, Janna Jordan, Chris Miller, and Jim Ross. Bernard Hicks, Lyndell Taylor, and Shannon Davis enjoy a refreshing breakat the candy machine. Thumbing their way to lunch are April Moore, Tommy Seeley, Jeff Walden, Jana Gooding, and Bobby McDougal. v'-"M-v-'W v- l"fv X , .1-"io YQ Lmftfp -1 :NEHW MCDONALD S OR BUST! on . - - ' E? NR 'Y I x ' w ! l I ,4 ,Q-5 Stephen Elrod Danny Eustice Carmen Farrell John Fielder Ronnie Fielder Tommy Fielder John Fitzpatrick Charlotte Forshl Henry Foster Lawrence Fostej Donald Freema Jeff Garland Demetri Gilliam Excel Glasper Jana Gooding Greg Gracey Brett Graham Holly Gray Richard Green Matt Griffeth Carolyn Griffith Marilyn Griffith Ty Hainey David Hall Terry Hamm John Hampton Karen Hanks Ray Harper Janet Harris Robert Hatridge Jackie Hayes Regina Hayes Tracy Helner Cynthia Hemmerling Deanna Hewett Randy Hewitt Bernard Hicks Darryl Hill Mark Hill Veronica Hill Betsy Hillman David Hodgin Edith Holcomb Darla Honea Avery Howard David Howard Melana Hudson Sammy Hulin Rhonda Hyden Rhonda Idlett David Ingram Kristie Ingram Michelle Jackson Gary Johnson Keith Johnson Randy Jones Randy Jones Wilson Jones Janna Jordan Shellie Kays Skyler Kays Carla Keeton John Kellerman Mark Kirk Paula Koci Colleen Kreig Robbin Kuczwanski Tina Lanham Kenny Lehman Sandy Lewis Gayla Liles Danny Lindsey David Link Derrick London Tina Longnecker David Lorentz John Macer Terry Mahler Garla Malicoate Martina Marley Jimmy Marlon Debbie Mathis Lorie Maynard Stephanie Medley Wanda Meler Tim Melvin Freshmen 65 Anna Mercer Teresa Midgett Devonne Miller Douglas Minton Lanzel Mitchell Terri Monkress Angela Moody April Moore Lisa Moore Kristy Morrison Robert Mulzet James Mundt Dana Muno Diana Muno John Muoghalu Laurie McAlister Richard McAllister Curtis McCoy Laura McCune Diane McDaniel Sherry McDonald Bobby McDougal Lisa Navarrow Michael Neighbors Jett Netherton Candi Noble Johnny Norton Debbie Nunez Adonna Onguner Billy oten Sheila Ortiz Mike Owens t In K Q -as - H ,f S- ,,,7+s1f. David Owrer Anita Panne l George Perakis Keith Perryman Stephen Petty Mike Phariss Javan Phillips Steve Pierce Tony Pittman Gene Pollock Paula Pribble Stephanie Price Monica Quick Kellie Ragsdale Joe Ramsey Cherie Reddish Marvin Reeves Pamela Rinehart Paula Rodgers Kerry Rogers James Ross Roger Ross Tony Ross Larry Rudiger 66 Freshmen 5 'si Inman TP S fx S Susan Trail and Jacqueline Hayes dill V gently review the map ot Indian Territory 5 in their Oklahoma History class Dlsre a garding his assignment Joe Shepherd l wisttully daydreams about graduatlnq X ' J gin wg-f 1 A-I Q vnu- 1 , 1 Q .f .if fi!! I , .-3, wf- F. ' Maggy 5 'D' The winners of freshman Mr. and Miss Howdy, Carrie Rogers and Roger Ross Representing freshman attendant for Homecoming Queen is Carrie Rogers. Faith Crawford and Paula Espinosa dis- play their school spirit by purchasing rib- bons from Melana Hudson. H ef? .sf M, ,"Wfa ' we 'fflliv Wg ' in '7,,' "f,w:.-Qv 5' ., '7' ff' Cffigf 'yy 'u f JT' s. 4- "t '-1 . 'W f ' V W! ' ' 2? V ffl? ef' V ,- W Y 'I V' f Www at - f va w V - -. - -w 11- f '-ff . , ' Eve gf 'ysfffglvi ig, , W f, . , -'Yf.,.f-4-H K '- ' f ' - 'Aff' - ' ' ,. ,L-ff vm- , fifbzfrws sly alt a T A . 1 ft - . ' '1 V 'su x' 1 mix.. ff- y' If 1534 'fwxx Randy Stevens Dena Stewart Karla Stokes Tommy Stokes John Stone Lena Stone Kathy Stout Erma Tampkins Carl Taylor Jeff Taylor Lyndell Taylor Tom Taylor Valorie Taylor Erin Terry Gary Thomas Kathy Thomas Michael Thompa Sherman Thompson Ronald Tinkham Tonya Todd Harvey Towler Susan Trail Tommy Tune Mark Vandiver Richard Vasque: Rene Vowell Charles Wade Richard Wade Kristi Waits Jeff Walden -' iv 'T 1 ,,,. gg, f 41. ,f' Lanicsa Walker Luther Walker Keith Wall Ron Watkins Kris Weiss Kevin Welchel Chris Wenthold Ronnie West John White Truman Widener James Wietelman Greg Williams Janet Williams Ronnie Williams Cynthia Wilson Wilma Wilson Larry Wooten Tony Wooten Jennie Worcester Tammy Worcester Robert Yerby Ricky Young Freshmen 69 ,gr ' ae . 5 3 nz F fgigfw 324' 'M- mm ,Maw WH., H' A56 vgwfly W If J' 'V AWG ' f. . ,u mv ' 'Q JIS Q., 5 in Y C W., M., W lk. -.sh w W ,MQ ,ff WW? J ,, X, K rv 9 wmffiv A A51 12, 1 , l "Q f "" 1' ,Z 7 'W f. ,Nl ' , y ,.-, ' .fin vf1iw'rr,' 7 , ' ., ' V:?f5'5L ,'L' 6 I M'fifmf1:f,1prl4?51:1H5 4 9 , .hi ,.,, f. , .., . .Nd W4 ff Q 2 w if f WW ,, ,L ,1QA, , ,,,,, U., Q ,1 ,Wk Y 9 W in may ww, 3 if X Y L I -M ff- 1H,,4 4 ini n' i 8 9 if A X. . 0.4. s-f" ,,,,f 'XL Az. A.. Language Arts Language arts courses were key- noted by versatility. Basic English courses I 'through IV were offered for ninth through twelfth graders. ln these classes both oral and written skills were stressed. Language arts courses were required all four years of high school. With the resignation of Mr. Les Snider, Mr. Gary Watson was named head of the language arts department. Charles Molzel, Bert Andruchow, and Tony Roach prepare themselves and equipment for a homemade commercial in radio and tel- evision. Beginning journalism explores the many fields of journalism as shown by Alton Blakely and Don Thompson who enjoy mak- ing magazine mock-ups. Mike Mosher assists Mary Lou Diaz in adding her "John Hancock" to the names on a door in the audi- torium. Making pinatas is a favorite project among Spanish ll students Jane Brown and Debbie Ortiz. Mark Hise doesn'l seem a bit nervous giving a debate speech in front of a large audience. I ll KHVDKM i x an X. x J 1' . .,v beef M -. """1f""w,, ':- N ' .,. f1, xx fi, f b 2 gi: . ' 19 W '--.,.....,,,m "'-'a....--- 'isbn ff? ' 1 ufvr 'Wt . ,, Z Pm a .... Q ,P we-ws ---" am. Tri., may X . . tl!!-I 'R A 4" - ' -. yy gllfil-I U Q? In ,oi ' I V k ! we . G whsilztxq ,fri Y , ri 'mv ff j .1 ,,,,.n-""""-""""mW'-' ..-A . 1 Y' '- Q-""'M"35-f ,Wk I NM. i . 5 K. ,a q .. - Se Q' Q. J M . . w 2 A --1. N : .,. .-A Q yu Q w s3,v Sf. Qs new W .M ., , 1... , , g ,gy , K .. 2713 K ,. , , . Q . '35 QQ 4 -1 2 X Y ,L all ' ' 1 .xi R- " 3 ' ' 3 x Q .L 5 wg, k.- tw 1, Q, K . L s'f',x Q 'Q K ik- 1. 'X' M ., Q .V . V N F 1 K g g , 11,1 Q K K. 4 as., i K X if , fs 5 k V K N f 5 -N ' vs kk . . . ,M igi. . pk x , ,A . , , 4 K ., . K x 1' - 4 i X -, Q A . 5 ,. ff? F " w if Nh , 'v-.4 131 , 3 ,Q fx "tu 9 i gi, up Q fa i Q.- X 1 R tw? 'I' l I 1. M xt ll' ,ff 1k" A A ., 'A A g jffg , W 4 , in-rm, V5 f A . 5 , 2 t P C E A X V 'Mira I i i .Qt f :L S Language Arts For those interested in more than the basic language arts require- ments, a variety of creative electives was available Among the electives were radio and television, forensics, drama, and stage craft Also English litera- ture, American literature, mythol- ogy, and Bible literature were avail- able ln addition, Journalism I, year- book, newspaper, and basic com- position were offered Creative talents of both writing and oral communication were emphasized. Vikki James diagrams a sentence in her Lan- guage Arts III c ass. Ruddy Chavez bows to "King Mike Terry" in a drama rehearsal. Locating the home of a famous English writer for her English literature class is Gloria Hoard. Robert Jones discovers it is more trouble than he expected to find something that will make an easy book report. Vanessa Malicoate beats Becky San Antonio, Tana Hefner, and Don Staggs to the answer during an American literature class discussion. Deanna Dixson reads from the Bible as Tammy Feland points out the area ol the events to Dusty Davis. 1 2 .45 g:--X 4 a '5' 2733-5 X-A I' W l E Social Studies An ever expansive selection ol courses emerged in the social studies department Basic Oklahoma and U S history were still the old stand bys but tor the more in depth current as well as past mind, multicultural and ancient history classes were available. ln addition psychology and sociology as well as Bible history and anthropology were offered. The department also included world geography and human relations. Anthropology is quite an interesting class to Roger Blackwood. Steve Pierce, Bobby Little- john, and Tommy Tune look over the battle plans from a war map in their U.S. history class. ln Oklahoma histo , Kelly Connelly tries to do her best at looking like an Indian. Econom- ics class enables Zurtis Cagle and Kelli Geoptert to learn about the American banking system. Ink blots are easy to igure out to Mark Cantwell, but not so easy lor Carrie Reeves, both psychology students. ,-ganasvnvll'f ,rc Q. A, . ,-,xr M11 - 'til ,..f,...vf""'A .AN Wvwwwm ff Wf,,,f ,,v-"' ,, , . -ff!!! -w ,i wr-,gig M ,, mf., Q , ,,,,, , W., W,.,,,,,,L , ,f,,,f,. Q T' f W f, , V J px, img? k 9 Quays f Social Studies - 77 ' ',.f, ,.Ai:i V 1 Niytwx "K" ws, ""1V"r e Q Q-4 s - J X Q- Math Math studies involved both gen- eral and specialized concepts, and the curriculum was designed to teach both. General Math I and Il as well as Algebra I, ll, and' Ill were taught. Elementary Algebra courses were also available. ln addition, trigonometry, calcu- lus, analytics and matrix were avail- able. Ron Watkins wonders why everyone thinks general math is so easy when he as to use a calculator. Using the metric system is a dit- lerent experience lor Shelee Ryan. Barry Stringer uses a compass to draw geometric rays. Analytic geometry is confusing and a lot ol work lor Donna Lunslord. Jason Hens- Iey is conlused between an airplane and a plane in trigonometry. Diane Connell looks for a place where she can rent a computer to use in calculus. Scott Davis finds that con- necting dots on a graph in algebra isn't so easy. I' 'A""V" 1 'Z X 1 .T , , A f 5 ff , , SN w.. x X Science With scientific minds abounding in both the faculty and student body, an appealing science curriculum was available. Courses included general science, biology, health, chemistry, and earth science. As a new faculty member, Mr. Jack Nichols started a science club for the truly aggressive science students. James Adamson collects dirt for earth science. Mike Hartson enjoys his physics class at Northwest High School. Kim Brooks notices how much larger things look under a microscope. Mr. Cable tries to help Mike Carrick and Charlotte Forshee learn all about their little friend. Ronnie Welch seems to be more of a mad scientist than a chemist to Diane Carroll. X px rs Business Preparing students to survive the pressures ot the world was the main objective ot the business depart ment Course offerings started with Typ ing I and Il as well as ottice practice and business machines Business law as well as data processing, Accounting I and II and general business and econom ics were also on the schedule. Typing is easy, but with all those little cards, Jannie Glass is not too sure. All the new til- ing methods seem so confusing to Jana Noble and Toni Pollard. ln business law, Leonard Morris, Stella Vickers, and Lisa Schoelen stage a court trial. Accounting doesn't seem so hard to Carla Hicks as long as she has her trusty adding machine. Relax- ing to do shorthand seems a lot easier to Leigh Winlrey. Carol Elrod just can't figure out where she made that mistake in business machines. 1.5--, 'Ze- -Q ,Q""""9'N.-v 'A -vw, W. .N W , . ,.., - ...um X s ,Q S ri K A A f uss' W' FE-' N-...g :f'?iEf 1. 1 'Kiln - sv K - E' Q. H92 xg X 4- K ' 2,8-: .K I N 5. ily.. ,,,k,-., ...V jfiii-..-51.32 "5 2 ESE? avr if Musically inclined students had ample opportunity to pursue either instrumental or vocal music. With Mr. Jim Baker and Mr. O. J. Thomas on the music faculty, course otterings included advanced band and marching band as well as stage band. Courses also included concert choir and mixed choruses. Both instrumental and vocal music students made many public appearances during the school year, and the band worked to earn money for an anticipated trip. Brent Florence and Debbie Vann are so contused with Mr. Thomas's music tiles. Making sure his horn is the shiniest it can possibly be is Kevin Baker. Mr. Thomas directs the choir in singing the national anthem at halftime. Leonard Morris rickles the ivories while Diana Knowles rehearses her solo lor state contest. Q fs I Creative Arts Creativity was probably empha- sized in no place more than in the variety ot art classes With the retirement ol Marge Humphrey longtime department head Mrs Eiko Sparger became department head and Mr. Leslie Williams joined the stall Students could choose from Ceramics I and ll Crafts I and ll Jewelry I and ll, graphic design and studio art as well as the more tradi- tional Art l and ll classes. Mrs. Sara Jones likes helping her students, Gary Barnes, Ronny Bridges, and Kenny Dixon with ideas. Sandy Ivarado enjoys makinglthings in her ceramics class. In art, Darla ussel paints a color wheel. Connie Sheltield makes her own jewelry in class. Tammie West tries her hand at studio art. Karen Ingram doesn't know il she should turn her knife to the lelt or right. I ' s" 5351+ 3 i 5"1" :f "rx, CS QQ., an sl" of' 'V -I.. Home Economics Foods l and ll classes prepared dinners and surprises for various faculty groups and special occa- sions. They also learned the com- plicated details of nutrition. More in-depth studies were avail- able in family relations, child devel- opment and home decorating Fashion-conscious students learned what to wear, how to wear it and how to make it, under the supervision of Mrs. Doris Gordon. Buster Keasler lets Diana Foley taste his sur- prise recipe while Tammy Grant awaits the outcome. In family relations, Jeanne Dres- sler shows Lisa Vandergriff how to run a much-used film projector. Teresa Hopkins and Cathy Oberg make miniature houses for home decorating class. Tommy Turner looks in the refrigerator to see what kind of food there is to munch. Drawing posters for child guidance comes easy for eanne Davis and heri Williams. Clothing classes allow Nadine Orange to have those fancy clothes without all those fancy prices. PhysIcaI Education ln a world stIll emphaslllng the Importance of physical lltness the physical education department seemed more than adequate Physlcal educatlon was expanded to Include gymnastlcs modern dance and advanced modern dance as well as an array of competitive sports for both boys and girls The list ol competItIve sports lor girls Included softball volleyball golf, cross country, track, and tennis. Two girls' coaches, Mrs. Connie Ellis and Mrs. Vicky Parker joined the long list ot boys' coaches. A variety of sports was also available lor boys. Most girls enjoy playing basketball in gym class. Joe Shepherd and Mike Carr try their best to show olf their musc es. Balancing on the parallel bars takes much concentration lrom Rhonda Fairchild. The balance beam is one ol the toughest areas tor Cindy Finch. as IV? 5 3 3 1 s l o Q I 1 3 is? 9 5555511 353233 3331-255 il0i!9' ti! iii ' ii' Y ,Q W j,1?,' J' 5 , v .5.gg.,..: , 4 if J T' ag. 'U ik I 'U -xx Lv ,r sf 'Qlf,,x. OX 5 l ' ' i ..,,- N Vf l X onnys Xx , . , I 5 1 f v I mn- SQL... fy A I x 'k K - f .1-vw. K IM, .nfxx ,a" 92 - Vocational With more and more emphasis on vocational training in today's world, a more expansive vocational curric- ulum was available. Courses were designed to give students on-the-job experience which prepared them to step imme- diately into the real world upon graduation from high school. Among those on-the-job courses offered were vocational drafting, cooperative office education, and distributive education. Johnny Shells, Patricia Shannon, and Ron- nye Alexander enjoy reupholstering a chair in Mr. Lyday's upholstery class. Tiffany Flog- ers points to a card for Randy Spradling to turn while playing concentration in distrib- utive education. Tammy Brown is one of few grls in drafting, but she doesn't care if Todd rant and Mark Ford look over her as she works. In COE, Pam Webster sneaks a peek of the answers in the teacher's edition accounting book. Gayle Kelly doesn't mind cutting hair in cosmetologyi but when it comes to books she's not so sure. Mike Tucker thinks vocational drafting is lots of fun. Penny Coskey finds neighbors a great way to practice cutting hair. Qxfb, thx" Vocational Skill, skill and more skill was emphasized in the vocational courses. Among these applied courses were upholstery, woodwork, sheet metal, air conditioning, and cabinet making. Instructors in all ol these areas were proficient in the given skills and experienced in the work-a-day world. In addition, most were trained teachers. Bubba Shene grinds metal in class. Sheet metal is a new experience lor Brian Bowman, Steve Marx, and Randall Byers. Rusty Mis- kovsky puts his best ettort into an electricity project. Planing a board tor woodwork is hard work tor Ronnie Powell and Brent Rut- ledge. Jay Bird thought sheet metal was easy, but now he knows better. .M ... ,,,3,3,, A N 3 2 ls: x .,- ar fa wg V5 ' ' W if .J 4.45. ----.7 fl X 4 lf' if-S I v ' x , x Qu Us f l DuI'm-.1 wh-ai I -an K O.. Lf 4 .1 if V441 'B' 'Zan -x W, , VL ff. 1 , .1-'ay :. , - ,Q ,V JW' 'S W Aff' 653' V ' ' 3 ff 1 ? an A , f af may Smal' - fi , 'g5M'4,,f,4M , 1 ,.A...v-aggn ,f 72. A A I I Q5 . fi'-M ib' A' - ' W". ' " 1 '4"' in ing! C3 6 VOCHHODZI Most vocational courses gave students an opportunity to deal with customers that come to the departments for service. For instance, auto mechanic students worked on cars while cosmetology students received ladies lor hair dressings. Electricity students wired buildings, while driver education classes taught students to drive by actual experience. Jett Keester makes repairs on a washing machine. Lisa Ortiz undoub- tedly enjoys her drivers education class. Anna Foutty works on an elec- tricity Iab project. Electricity seems to be a lield that is interesting to Ronny St. Cyr. David Baker likes to paint cars even it he does have to wear those lunny looking coveralls. -4 oe' All' ,turn Q.. 4. Q 1 54, 'W 4, gf wr ww Organizations 8 ,a ' 'Z I ff? 1 again? I U4 sz fa .axle es5we?e had K s t " fac se obstacles. M Q s and Ay wet M166 with maze has the past QL lems K shaged our particular We h e rovynt plish d togea er,, impor nt of I, we have toget a A, A"'f' r Mazes ofthe 70's. 9 1 tai ' '21 f f 22 3 Siu! 1. '5 ff.. X wif Organizations ' 99 5 55.5 U :'s Under the sponsorship ol Mrs. Connie Over- street, Mrs. Dee Dressler, and Mrs. Ann Doug- las, Student Council promoted school commu- nication, activities and spirit. Along with the annual Spirit week a Spirit Committee was established to enhance home- room competition, class competition and over- all school spirit. The group met every Wednesday morning in the library. They gave a Christmas party tor stu- dents at Wheeler Elementary School, a blood drive tor the Oklahoma Blood Institute, and they broke their previous record ol money raised lor selling paper bricks tor the United Appeal. The council also sponsored homeroom bas- ketball intramurals and sold mums during toot- ball homecoming week. ln April many members attended a Spring convention tor all clubs in District 8. The con- vention was hosted by the Generals Student Council. Alton Blakely doesn't mind having his thumb painted red and gray on Thumb's up Day by Lori Perry and Marti Lindsey. Jay Rickerts enjoys representing Student Council at the pep rallies. Student Council. Front row: Mrs. Connie Overstreet, sponsor: M. Lindsey, sergeant at arms: M. Echelle, secretary: J. Rickerts, president C. Johnson, vice president: M. Parker, chaplain: R. Pritchard, historian: Mrs. Dee Dressler, sponsor. Row 2: M. Quick, S. Floyd, R. Young, L. Perry, B. Childers, S. Sorrels, K. Hughes, S. Rains, R. Snider, J. Brown, J. Dressler, V. Malicoate, L. Ogg. A. Gray, N. Antwine. Row 3: W. Willis, M. Stanley, C. Hicks, S. Grillin, D. Boyce, S. Clay, S. Harper, K. Hansen, N. Brown, L. Farris, K. Bowles, K. Howard, T. Roach, S. Crain, B. Mason. Row 4: E. Thomas, D. Hall, S. Kaya, W. Strickland, D. Brewer, T. Pittman, C. Wynn, T. Turner, D. Davis, C. Gardner, K. Harper, S. Rains, M. Jackson, S. Lunsford, G. Tucker, M. Pollard. Back row: G. Hoard, R. Sell, R. Wade, K. Hall, L. Brown, J. Rich- ardson, M. Ledtord, R. Spraudling, G. Smith, D. Root, A. Blakleg, P. Roberson, R. Vowell, J. Leonard, C. Ulman, L. Cooper, . Todd. Most students got interested in the United Appeal brick sale sponsored by Student Council. Dwana Vinyard and Trena Stewart just love to show ott their homecoming mums they mnmved lrom someone special. 100 Student Council 29' gi "' me f QS' 11 2:15558 , - K -.3 XX 3. as ag' x M5 j Z ,A il es ,fd A 3 'b U Q 1 1 X , Q '24 Student Council BEANIE' N 9 HX 0 102 - Honor Society V , ,Ji .M f 'F o 'zo fi Q VAX W of ,M I 4, 1: a Honor Society For the lirst time in several years, the school had a student directory, due to the ettorts ol the Honor Society. The group skirted ever-pressing privacy laws by selling spots tor individuals and organizations. A lormal initiation brought the total membership to 96. Members were required to have a 3.4 grade average. To raise money, the group sponsored a car wash. Under the sponsorship ot Mrs. Christine Baugh, Mr. Ron Cable, and Mrs. Thelma Parks, the organi- zation gave scholarships at the end ol the year. Otticers were Laura Farris, president, Edward Ewald, vice president, Candy McCown, treasurer, Carol Gardner, secretary, Kim Brooks, chaplain: Janice Carroll, historian. "To run a tight ship you have to go by the book," says Mrs. Christine Baugh to Laura Ferris. Gloria Hoard and Nancy Brown lind that sell- ing names lor the student directory is a load ol lun. Candy McCown and Carol Gardener present Carle Micke with her Honor Society initi- ation certilicate. Kelli Smith dreams, "One ot these days." Candy McCown wishes that she did not always get stuck with these iobs. Mika Baker, Craig Ferret, and Steve Hartson get ready tor the Honor Society initiation. Honor Society. Front row: Mr. Ron Cable, sponsor, Mrs. Christine Baugh, sponsor, C. Gardner, secretary, E. Ewald, vice president, L. Ferris, president, K. Brooks, chaplain, C. McCown, trea- surer, Mr. Ralph King, sponsor: Mrs. Thelma Parks, sponsor. Row 2: D. Leach, F. Mathis, B. Ham, L. Perry, M. Martin, T. West, S. Cogburn, K. Smith, V. Melicoate, T. Preston, R. Howard, C. Reeves, P. Julian, D, Lunslord, P. Webster. Row 3: D. Forman, L. Ogg, M. Lindsey, M. Parker, B. Evans, G. Mundt, R.Ruyle,S.Ro1in, N. Brown. S. Reins, C. Hicks, C. Reece, C. Elrod, C. Litterell, L. Splawn, L. Heath, J. Schlecht. Row 4: J. Leonard, B. Stnnger, C, Johnson, J. Cottey, C. Curry, R. Knapp, S. Stringer, S. Holloway, K. Geoplert, T. Bell, D. Connell, D. Davis, N. Ettinger, Fl. Boyd, D. Patton, C. Wynn, D. Float, J. Nokes. Back row: G. Tucker, S. Tyree, G. Smith, S. Hartson, G. Hoard, T. Wilson, C. Benson, M, Baker, C. Lookabeugh, G. Marley, B. Allen, T. Shepard, T. Mastin, C. Smith, M. Hartson, M. Standard. if ' if ,fg Q -A . Honor Society 103 W furu ll Jie i, .. N 77.7 Qi ffT'?"x . ,7,. g Both Mu Alpha Theta and The Foreign Language Club put an accent on frequent parties and fellow- ship in their clubs. In addition to the mixers, Mu Alpha Theta, again under the sponsorship of Mr. Severlan Vaughn, pre- sented awards for in-school performance and con- ducted the annual national math test. Their purpose was to encourage more students to get involved in higher math course. Under sponsors, Mrs. Nancy Phelps and Mrs. Brenda Roberson, the Foreign Language Club members visited several restaurants featuring for- eign food. They also had pen pals from different countries. Foreign Language Club members still find the time to have lun while they leem. Randy Spradling, Kim Weir, and Shame Rozin discover that the teacher can take only so much: then it is, "Out in the halll" Mrs. Phelps shows Michelle Stanley, Jeff Parks, and Eric Clay that songs are e good way to learn French. For some, it is complicated, but to Linda Ogg, calculus is as easy as chewing gum. Mu Alpha Theta. Front row: E. Ewald, treasurer, D. Connel, president, L. Farris, vice president, L. Perry, secretary. Row 2: J. Vaughn, S. Rozin, C. Curry, B. McDougal, R. Snider, S. Rains, D. Lunsford, L. Back row: Mr. S. Vaughn, sponsor, D. Wilson, R. Spradling, R. elch, J. Hensley, S. Verdicchio, R. Blackwood, M. Hartson. Foreign Lan- guage. Front row: J. DeVeney, representative-at-large: M. Parker, sergeant at arms: R. Spradling, president: M. Stanley, vice president, D. rtiz, treasurer: B. Cox, reporter, T. Horton, chaplain. Row 2: K. Dooley, A. Nebert, L. Perry, S. Rozin, D. Nichols, M. Diaz, T. Davis, T. Longnecker. Row 3: B. Roberson, M. Lindsey, E. Clay, G. Mundt, K. Rushing, T. Suggs, S. Hillman, J. Black, Mrs. Nancy Phelps, sponsor. Back row: J. Pants, K. Miller, C. Gardner, S. Rains, G. Tucker, K. Ingram, L Rudiger, R. Vowell, J. Robertson. "Being the Mu Alpha Theta sponsor is a good job," says Mr. Vaughn, "but it aura makes you thirsty." Carol Gardner, Nancy Effinger and Lori Perry know that they are not French, "but maybe no one will notice." Mu Alpha Theta ' Foreign Language 104 Mu Alpha Theta, Foreign Language 1 QQ 5,5 ,M , .ik ' 5 1 Y UNH 1, 0 fx fa , 6 y '3ic'3Sif2?iw wi' Le :L Q f . an-waxnrwmmf i ' x ' us Q: S :f ,, f E5 f 4 ' l 5 ' I iv ml , iff? L7 ' Mu Alpha Theta, Foreign Language ' 105 . .5 ru- , f , as C+ ' ff' , sh, M 7 V, . an , , 2 4 - '45 ,f r W , W., ' I ' 'W we 'X ,, 1 A f az ,M my I K , . Jv r , ,gi1'x'c'i,, 106 ' Thespians, Clown Troupe, Speech Club T .sk Speech, Drama Mrs. Jayne Thompson continued to spon- sor Thespians and the Clown Troupe this year, but the Speech Club was sponsored by new language arts teacher, Mr. Guy Smith. Thespians presented three plays, the tirst of which was "Arsenic and Old Lace," plus a Christmas program. They entered several drama contests and assisted with the Gen- eral Review in February. The Clown Troupe did an hour show at Capitol Hill Baptist Church and marched in the parade in Circus Vargas. In addition, the troupe attended a Darrell Hains Clown work- shop. With his intent to promote speech and oral communication, Mr. Smith entered his stu- dents in several speech and debate tourna- ments. The group also took time for recrea- tion, sponsoring several parties during the year. Throwing himself eagerly into his work, stagecraft member Bill Pickle secures the props used in "Arsenic and Old Lace," the drama department's first play of the year. Susan Clark, Craig Farrell, and Mark Hise discuss with Mr. Guy Smith, speech teacher and debate coach, the option of unit- ing the drama department and the speech department for an upcoming debate. Thespians. Front row: M. Diaz, L. Brady, M. Terry, B. Pickle, T. Wilson, Mrs. Jayne Thompson, spon- sor. Row 2: D. Leach, G. Jackson, H. Longnell, S. Price, B. Hillman, A. Parker, L. Jones. Row 3: S. Mosley, K. Rushing, S. Clark, T. Acton, L. Parks, S. Crain, C. Acton, C. Boggs, L. Armstrong. Row 4: V. Holden, L. Parker, S. Kays, G, Smith, S. Murray, C. Childs, P. Chappelear, A. Pannell, C. Farrell. Back row: V. Norris, S. Hatson, L. Rudiger, J. Taylor, D. Rich- burg, J. Hensley, J. Nokes, G. Lindsey, J. Stewart. Clown Troupe. Front row: A. Pannell, L. Brady, D. Carlson, P. Chap- pelear, H. Longnell, S. Kays. Back row: W. Meter, C. Acton, T. Acton, S. Clark, J. Hensley. Speech Club. Front Row: P. Chappelear, H. Longnell, R. Andruchow, L. Sharp, J. Adam- son. Row Two: Guy Smith, Sponsor, T. Roach, K. Rushing, M. Hise, K. Howard, C. Milzet. Back row: K. Smith, C. Farrell, M. Terry, J. Nokes, S. Hartson. Jason Hensley and Kevin Rushing strive for perfection by long hours of repeated rehearsal as they prepare for "Arsenic and Old Lace." Helen Longnell does not "clown" around as she profrciently applies her clown make-up. Chosen for royalty this year are Jeff Taylor, Laura Brady, and Jeff Nokes. M J Vi nnpmour. N 2 0 fa' " ' , il ' 4 3 G 'N 1 ' I , ' ' " ' 3 'R wx , 1? t ' E v? I 5 , 4 ' gf ' Av N X f X Us r x Q D U ' l .. ,' 'ig A X' Aix' 0 Sn W , IM 'W Wl 'T",,ff nb ' ,I "" ' L I',,Ii,.,,I Thespians, Clown Troupe, Speech Club - 107 'H-fa. L4 I 108 ' Human Relations, SAC -r Q1 is The highlight lor Human Relations this year was the Spring ubilee. Student Advisory Committee visited other schools to discuss and solve common school problems. Human Relations planned a spring dance that involved the whole student body. They also did some tutoring at Fillmore Elementary school. One activity that involved the teachers was the Teach- ers' Dress-Up contest at Halloween. Sponsor was Mrs. Arbeecher Holtman. SAC visited surrounding high schools to discuss common school problems and to lind solutions lor them. They also sponsored one activity a month such as Clean-Up Day and Kiddies' Day. Their sponsor was Miss Jewel Houston. Waiting the judges' decision are the teachers who participated in teacher dress-up contest. Mrs. Holtman meets with her students to discuss upcoming events. Human Relations. Front Row: A. Hutlmsn, sponsor: D. Root, co-treasurer: T. Bell, president: L. Venn, crrtrea- surer: T. James. assistant secretary. Row Two: T. Wooten, K. Fox, ll. lryden, 8. tledley, P. Sumpter, C. Ridley, B. Fletcher. Row Three: E. Thomas, l. Wooten, K. Rushing, T. Roach, W. Scales, C. Pearson, S. llunay. Back Row: G. Hoard, S. Vickers, G. Smith, D. Dune, A. Blakely, S. Hall. SAC. Front Row: V. Taylor, D. Le, Miss Jewel Hous- ton, sponsorg K. Bridwell, L. Ortiz. C. Johnson. Back Row: R. Thomas, L. Jelleraon, L. Wilson, J. Lssltey, I. Taplin, ll. Roberson, IA. Winters, C. Wooten. SAC is constantly working to make a better school. Terri lell awards tlies Wilson lirst place in lie teacher dress-up contest. ,-., 'W Q.. wi, wtf Mm ..,, g Human Relations, SAC "NN, . 7 x ' 'SM' I .ag 'f 'uf 1 if 'EE Bo 'Y 9 , bffmw fri: 4: , " 2. H,x2w5,x,fiH', 3Mf'1'4Q,, 7 Q 2 1452 H A e- :M M: .rf ff Y':f, MP5 if-A: ,ml f f 4251 x fir- 91, J.: , 1 , .f . 3 a 5 g 4 'N Q . 'h"""'V- , L, Mm... ns. X Grant Dispatch if ,, 4- 'f 9 in-,V -Q 'N ,. A, X 4 ' . H ' r ...ir ' 'N S ., 0 3 1 .A Z E ill!! m lift wr -Cf 1 J 1 1 ee. ,I 6 l lk.: lu I , i -1 ' , V .K ' . 7" 'fx X . .4 N ., ' as S , dir 'T U "-t .f - 1 7 .XZ Ax.- X i it ,w ,"""'-t... x""""""""' "'-.. 2, if ., . 3 .xx 1 1? S " . r .-. BMW "i-.MM .. ., -f bf , ,ff With their distribution date the second Thursday each month, the Grant Dispatch staff kept the mag- azine format of the 1977-78 school year. Kelly D. Smith was editor-in-chief, and Teresa Napier was business manager. They decided to keep ads at a minimum to allow maximum space for copy. As a staff, the group handled the sale of publica- tion packets which was the principal source of rev- enue for both the yearbook and newspaper staffs. An athlete himself, Mike Griffin served as sports editorg another athlete, Matt Standard, was leature editor, Jackie Huffman was editorial editor, and Joe Midgett was news editor. Newspaper. Front row: F. Corey, K. Smith, C. Johnson, J. Huffman, D. Williamson, Dr, Ruth Kraemer, sponsor. Row 2: M. Griffin, M. Coker, T. Napier, L. Nance, K. Smith. Back row: M. Standard, J. Midgetf, M. Darnold, J. Nokes, L. Wilson, V. Rose. Kim Thomas hurriedly types copy for the next newspaper deadline. Sports editor, Mike Griffin, designs layouts for his section. Teresa Napier assists Jackie Huff- man, circulalion manager, in filing names ol persons who receive newspapers. Staff members rehearse songs written to promote sales. Dispatch editor, Kelly Smith spends long hours making sure everything is perfect before it is sent to press. i 2, iw' arm' " cm wifi-ts: v0.1- 92 L49 3 3 31 2.4- . t' Newspaper - 111 r a ww, f tu. is a x ' -.1 'x as '11 General For the first time as a yearbook advisor, Dr. Ruth Kraemer sponsored a staff without an editor-in- chief. With only tive returning staff persons, the group chose "Mazes of the Seventies" as their over-all theme. As a new dimension, new photographic ideas were gradually worked into the yearbook. Jackie Huffman directed yearbook sales which were promoted by a S100 donation from Steel Rig- gers and Constructors Incorporated. To cover the cost of publishing, advertising man- ager Teresa Napier and the sales crew worked throughout the year selling ads to local businesses. Cathy Childs and Denise Leach always thought the index would be hard: now they know it is. Kelly Young shows Kellie Flex, Ronnie Pritchard, Joni Bartl, and Tari Downard the next deadline. General staff. Front row: M. Brewster, D. Leach, C. Childs, J, Hulfman, T. Julian, K. Young, 5. Floyd. Row 2: J. Bartl, K. Rex, V. Walker, C. Curry, M. Sampson, L. Gibson, G. Morphis. Back row: Dr. Ruth Kraemer, sponsor, J. Nokel, C. Smith, C. Lookabaugh, M. Ross, T. Groves, T. Downard. Tina Groves helps Kristi Lambeth decide what pictures to crop for school life. "There is so much to be done," think Jeff Nokes and Mark Brewster as Cindy Lookabaugh shows them some layouts. As the advertising manager, Teresa Napier enjoys talking to employers for adl. 1 1 2 ' Yearbook if i-l""' ,Aff 4 ' 'S-,, Na.. f. 'N' Q f 'Q s 4 Q, K, 5 N.. VX 'fr . as .Qi X -3. ,af 4. E - ., ir- .mn 1 gina R ., ' . 2 ie. .rww :vt t Nyfv R4 'x ---1, ,MQ ,' Y- , Q V -2 I , W Q, V' 'zuvygf '. 7 V vs Aim. if-f' ,kr i ,,,,,,m ..,. M ,W K N SV f1 1f 3' y ,A-w wff 5 f'-i:1'w3m"'W'W ' ' U xx' , 4551 .1 A W M if nh ,f"'--4 I.. 'Y' ' 'TIS Yearbook ' 113 pgfhfe 3 ' wv.'a:w H11 , , swiss A in ""-" V , 11 can .A : e rn if ' '114 1 x Q5 zu A 'A . Q' f xr . if 6 fig xxx N V . " ' fn .QQ ' e 1 1, 1 . ' , 1 7327 x L, 2 1. 'f pl ffm " if fs Z i 1 Y jfgffi HQ: f U 1 K ., ' T55 . k53g5g."5m'1 if 1 wwf I imnivffkf' 2 f if n U H f " .. . .. . ' f 95952 'I - e "' if T - Y ' 'E' ' N ., - , X e , 'D 8 ,E 6, 0 o e 0 'R , 1 km Qnzfvm- 'A 4 Q ll if X 114 - FCA, Inner Freedom, Science Club Q , - aiff x H ,, Ag: I n. .1 "' dr . fd E3 In ,A 9 5 I , A H 1 its , Q .jx Q 45 I Q Q- w K 1 fm f .-x, INK 'Y f I A ,fx ' X 1 X, X 'N xx ,Q 'o 4 1 4 ,J L-..M tv, AJ J' 64.- 2. m 33:23 Qu 0:5-..,v, . 1. ,lm:.J' 'L' 'i Inner Freedom and Fellowship ol Christian Ath- letes had as their continued concern, the spiritual dimension ol students and an understanding ol the Bible. The Science Club under the supervision ol a new teacher, Mr. Jack Nichols, took tield trip. Both groups met weekly all year and Ieatured guest speakers, FCA accenting personalities from the sports world. Inner Freedom also had a break- last monthly. Mr. Glen Castle was head sponsor ol FCA, and Mr. Jim Baker again sponsored Inner Freedom. Otticers ol F A were Todd Demeter, president: and Tonny Turner, vice-president, Carol Elrod was president lor Inner Freedom. In their weekly meetings, the science club wel- comed special speakers on science subjects like bug collecting and birds. The group also sponsored a school-wide Science Fair. FCA. Front row: T. Null, R. Hook, L. Tinsley, L. Jellerson, J. Gooding, S. Treil. Row 2: K. McCoin, D. Lunslord, K. Brooks, C. Elrod, J. Dres- sler, D. Davis. Back row: T. Tumer, 8. Kessler, T. Demeter, T. Mestin, B. Hslelrigg, Mr. Glen Castle, sponsor. Inner Freedom. Front row: K. Smith, J. Byrd, M, Parker, C. Elrod, K. Rushing, P. Morgan, Mr, Jim Baker, sponsor. Back row: P. Webster, M. Echelle, S. Carter, T. Wil- son, J. Nolies, S. Dsvis, D. Root. Science. Front row: Mr. Jack Nichols, sponsor: T. Edwards, sergeant-st-arms: C. Curry, president: J. Taylor, vice-president, S. Stringer, treasurer. Row 2: J. Rotrock, B. Wooten, M. Jackson, S. Crain, R. Knapp. Back row: M. Hartson, M. Gritlith, S. Fish, K. Rushing. Kim Brooks, Tommy Turner, Mike Ross and Todd Demeter question Wally Willis during an FCA meeting "Ah Wildemessl' The Science Club observes nature st its lullest ss Sen- dra Stringer spots sn interesting rock, Jett Taylor snd Michelle Jack- son lind that s ride on this luxury bus comes with all ol the trim- mings. Scott Carter says, "Il Billy Graham can do it, I can do it too." Tobi Null and Rhonda Hook agree that poster idess are not as essy as they thought they would be. Kevin Rushing and Jetl Nokes lind out that studying the Bible can be "HeavenIy." FCA Inner Freedom Science Club D ,ffq 2 at x I -, .R .1 gqggaawxafe 5 f fc' ,,Qh ' -fig 'affix .. 116 ' Safety-Red Cross - Photography tm! aff! P46 PM lv L-1' '-Q1 nl' 134 in :fi ,K s r .5fi'?Ef'f Isa .- A rg Q. Q QP if 'R .. W if .. F 3 r I in i f g . had Photography Safety-Red Cross Composed mostly of safety conscious drivers' education students, Red Cross-Safety Council sponsored several service projects this year. The photography club encountered organizational obstacles in their first active year under sponsor Mr. Mark Lyons. Mr. John Savage, Red Cross-Safety Council sponsor, again led his award-winning drivers in local and state competition. In addition, the group sponsored a mock disaster to practice their emer- gency first aid skills. After several previous attempts, Mr. Lyons was finally able to organize his photography club. Inter- ested students who had cameras were involved. The club held a school-wide photo contest in which three winners were announced. Reba Gray tries not to hurt Alan Martin too much as she checks his blood type for part of a first sid course. Cathy Curry wants to be sure har camera lens is clean inside and out before taking any pictures. Photography club president, Robbie Sullivan, judges photographs entered in a school-wide photo contest sponsored by the club. "You can only have two drivers in the front seat," Mr. Luke Harris tells safety council members Terri Musgrove, David Swidler and Shelly Molet. Safety Council. Front row: Mr. John Savage, sponsor: S. Bibb, J. Vlilmoth, M. Logstan, M. Swafford, T. Huddleston, B. Whatley, M. Borror, G. Stephens, C. Moore, A. Todd. Row 2: C. Stevens, E. Mathews, D. Bradford, K. Jones, D. Wilks, 5. Ryan, D. Bryant, D. Bradford, R. Lee, V. Byers. Back row: K. Hurst, B. Cosgrove, C. Moore, D. Vandergriff, B. Woolen, A. Cooper, K. Thomas, S. Adams, J. Harding, M. Capshaw, D. Blakey. Photography. Front row: C. Childs, K. Anderson, L. Moses. Back row: R. Pritchard, R. Sullivan, C. Curry. F' mv- JW95. 436, Q . M-as ,. , .1 ,tr-:I ,Tl .V Y 1 5 l 1 ...S L -" 1 Q Alf" K .W,,, 4. , l '- 3 i 21 'fi we iw it 'f ' some 'iiiiiiiiiil 'iiiiiiiiaa aaiiziiiiil iiiiiiiiiii Safety-Red Cross H275 - Photography - 117 Girls 0'CIub The main stream ol activities lor the 0'CIub this year centered around their new 0'Club jackets. They sold cards and Christmas candy to raise tunds tor the jackets. They awarded special pins to the outstanding athletes who lettered in basketball, volleyball, track, soltball, and tennis. Initiation was designed to bring in tor run olt?J new members. Members dressed up the initiates in lunny clothes and took them to public places. The olticers were Lydia Washington, president, Brenda Allen, vice presidentg Beverly Marble, trea- surer. Mrs. Connie Ellis and Mrs. Vicky Parker were the sponsors. Mrs. Vicky Parker shows the game schedule to some ofthe players. Dressed in gooty outfits are the new initiates to the Girls' 0'Club. Girls' O'CIub. Front Row. B. Marble, treasurer: L. Washington, Presi- dent: B. Allen, Vice President. Flow Two: D. Lunslord, R. Hook, D. Foley, L. Jetlerson, D. Galbreath, L. Ortiz, S. Clay. Row Three: A. Davidson, G. Speegle, L. Parish, T. Helner, F. Whatley, L Schoelen, K. Rogers, D. Blakely. Back Row: Mrs. Connie Ellis, Sponsor, S. Gow- ens, P. Thomas, A. Cooper, C. Smith, V. Brock, C. Wooten, Mrs. Vicky Parker, Sponsor. Patty Thomas, along with some ol her lriends, says "Boy do I leel like a clown"l Stacy Gowens and Cheryl Smith show otl their new 0'CIub jackets. ' ..msnsmww'.s:w1r'31s ifsrz.-f......,:.1.,..1,-.Q ,X fy 'ff xml Girls 0'CIub - 119 M fr sg. 55.54. - 333415, fm , J af' ga 'SWL I l 1 I ig? 5 x n sm--m?... 2 -X X M if -wt las ,IL 5 FBLA ' 121 DECA Cooperative Work Disfributive Education Clubs of America, spon- sored by Miss Frances Hendrix, and Cooperative Work students, sponsored by Mrs. Debbie Gandy, and Mrs. Eileen Echols, had as their main concern the performance of students on their individual jobs. Designed to assist students in fields of merchan- dising and marketing, DE participated in the KOFM community Awards. To raise funds for conference, the DE students raffled off 100 gallons of gasoline. They attended the Officers Training Conference at Central State University in October and a mini-conference in November. Some students participated in the state and national leadership conference in the spring. Becky Binswanger puts finishing touches on her free enterprise win- dow display. Kim Cox, president, discusses with her officers the upcomingagas raffle. Officers are left to right, Kellie Rex, historian, Barbara nnon, vice president, LeeAnn Wheeler, reporter: Joe Mid- gett, treasurer, Becky Binswanger, perliamentarien, Gay Morphis, photographer, and Tina Groves, chaplain. Also pictured are Miss Frances Hendrix, teacher-coordinator and Mr. Paul Smith, student teacher. DECA, Front row: T. Groves, chaplain, B, Binswenger, per- liamentarian: R. Spradling, treasurer: J. Midgett, treasurer: K. Cox, president: B. Cannon, vice-president: C, Young, photographer: L. Wheeler, reporter, G. Morphis, photographer: T. Rogers, secretary. Row 2: T. Worcester, T. Shepard, K. Vendiver, R. Wheeler, S. Floyd, R. Rogers, C. Higgins, L. Winfrey, D. Myers, T. Newport, Miss Frln- ces Hendrix, sponsor. Row 3: F. Mathis, S. Fredrick, P. Kramer, P. Swafford, J. Murrsy, R. Huddleston, C. Reed, K. Wood, R. Blackburn, D. Stafford. Back row: D. Upjohn, R. Bateman, M. Sampson, R. For- shee, B. Woosley, L. Goodson, J. Bell, T. Eustice, M. Turk, P. Sten- kewitz. Co-op Students. Front row: C. Ridley, V. LeVaditis, R. Towell, J. Rotrock, D. Lawrence, J. Otley, C. Reed, L. Rogers. Row 2: Mrs. Debbie Gandy, sponsor, J. Powell, D. Etris, V. Reeves, J. Gonshor, P. Sumpter, B. Powell, Ms. Eileen Echols, sponsor. Back row: V. Shan- non, D. Dures, G. Brown, M. Unsell, C. Carter, D. Richburg, J. Persall. Craig Carter works on Mrs. Debbie Gandy's car as she closely watches on. Paul Swafford and Jimmy Murray get all the practice they need, counting money in the D.E. If class. H -ci 'f 7 , ,, , , A .x s3'. s1 'f "Ve '. SX Lx ,V Q i wk ' - Q ,iff E DECA - Cooperative Work Students ' 123 VICA Providing tree cosmetolog services lor handi- capped students lrom Carter enter was a new pro- ject tor Vocational Industrial Clubs ol America this year. Under the leadership ot Mrs. Greta Emanual, sponsor, the group attended state contest in the spring. At both Thanksgiving and Christmas, the group gave food baskets and toys to needy lamilies. Otticers, Gail Kelly, parliamenlariang Pam 0'DaniaI, president, and Kim Mullings, vice president take a law minutes to discuss upcom- ing events. Shari Richardson lakes her lime as she cuts her patron's hair. VICA. Front Row. K. Mullings, vice president: P. 0'DanieI, presi- dent: C. Crist, treasurer: K. Ryan, ir. historian: G. Speegla, secretary: G. Kelly, parliamentariang P. Caskay, correspondence secretary. Row Two. C. Rudigar, K. Gilliam, sr. historian: S. Gibson, J. Parker, V. Shene. Back Row. C. Cripps, C. Rogers, S. Richardson, M. Tune. Carol Christ and Karan Ryan get into the swing ol things with VlCA's s:mual can drive. Gina Speegla has to make sure every hair is in p ace. f S . h ' . ' rv- 4' - I '--'- Qi, A a. , V. 0 s...... ' ..'.: if e . . wi.. e A 4 VICA Ss' , . ,J 1 5 ,, 'YH f 1 T 3 Q 1 I xg Q ' 8 I1 VICA ' 125 in------'W Q-J bs... 115, f N .41 Pertorming during the Christmas season high- lighted the year lor the 63-member choir. Their concerts lor the Christmas season included singing at the Kiwanis Club, Crossroads Mall, and Shepherd Mall. They also presented the school with a special Christmas assembly. To raise lunds lor the choir, members sold can- dles. Also on the agenda was a spring concert tor the school. Otticers were Tom Edwards, president, Bonnie Harn, vice president, Michele Stanley, secretaryg Carla Hicks, treasurer, Stacy Rains, chaplain. The director was again Mr. 0. J. Thomas. Leonard Morris enjoys playing the piano lor Laurie Galbreath, Karen Frazier, Paula Pribble, Gerald Smith, Mike Ingram and Stephanie Price. Diana Knowles gets music coaching lrom Debbie Vann in choir. Choir. Front row: P. Colbert, S. Smith, A. Skidmore, A. Mercer, K. Frazier, A. Moody, L. Shine, G. Malicoate. Flow 2: D. Vann, L. Davis, S. Price, L. Galbreath, E. Stevenson, D. Coker, R. Seymour, A. Parker, D. Ross, P. Pribble. Back row: T. Anderson, C. Maynard, C. Zeigler, G. Smith, D. Richburg, A. Johnson, A. Edwards, T. Heiney. Choir. Front row: C. Hicks, treasurer, B. Harn, vice president, T. Edwards, president, M. Stanley, secretary, S. Rains, chaplain. Row 2: J. Brown, D. Kelly, S. Bmce, K. Harper, L. Sharp, P. Rogers, K. Harri- son, J. Leonard, J. Cannon, J. Tapp, N. Leiner. Row 3: J. Glass, C. Tate, J. McDaniel, C. Finch, L. Cooper, M. Holden, H. Longnell, G, Jackson, V. Aynes, N. Raiden, A. Parker, D. Harper, K. Austin, Fl. Howard. Row 4: Mr. 0. J. Thomas, sponsor, J. Mercer, T. Hewitt, K. Anderson, S. Gibson, C. Herrin, D. Boyd, S. Williams, S. Williams, D. Vandergritt, L. Rex, J. Ewald, C. Hallman. Back row: D, Bradtord, J. Nance, S. Tyree, B. Altstatt, L. Mustang, G. Sanders, D. Anderson, R. Sullivan, J. Davis, R. Bateman, P. Francisco. You call this music? says Tim Anderson. 0. J. Thomas directs and sings out loud with his choir. Choir i-i l 5 1 X X ,211 gif? frwg 1 V 3 Q i555 ' 4 f, : Lf ' ' in Q 56? Q f 2 y A3 ' x A J .l. 3 Q . xv. x ,. I nm El W5 's 'ls W LA px Ak -um '- Qu Xx Chou 127 N. x 4 2' The band, directed and sponsored by Mr. Jim Baker went to the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona during the hohdays The marching band attended Oklahoma State University Homecoming and won a second place trophy. They also attended Band Day at OSU, and the Regional Marching Contest at Mustang and phyedatHddHyBank The band sold a number ot things including pop- corn, lniit, giant size coloring books, and candy. They had a U. S. Grant Day in which they sold at McDonald's. They had a garage sale and also their annual Spaghetti Dinner. The band attended contests at Phillips Univer- sity, Cameron University, and Central State Univer- shy The concert band held their annual Christmas and spdng concens and wentto contestat Oklahoma City University. This year's drum majors were Cardella Stephens and Mark Winter. Even when Mr. Beker's not around lor a meeting, he always seems with them. Larry Rudiger concentrates on his work even though the pep club is right behind him. Band. Front row: C. Stokes, M. Staggs, L. Medley, C. Acton, S. Langston, B. Cravens, D. Connell. M. Echella, D. Wilson, D. Hutton, J. Knost, T. Sims, L. White, K. Hutlman, V. James. Row 2: D. Hall, C. Miller, R. Molzet, S. Elrod, R. West, S. Boyd, C. Stephens, T. Knost, M. Vandiver, A. Wiley, M. Marks, A. Hubbard, H. Gray, C. Farrell, A. Tumer, L. Scott, K. Waits, L. Navarro, T. Heiney, C. Forshee. Row 3: C. Winter, M. Bone, K. Carrick, D. Baker, R. Hanes, J. Jordan, L. Butler, M. Winter, S. Carter, R. Pritchard, K. Kramer, J. Murray, S. Beaty, A. Moss, K. Borum, T. Gibson, G. God- win, S. Briggs, D. Clark, S. Clark, R. Burdick. Row 4: K. Hanks, S. Leonard, P. Wood, J. Sowell, J. Williams, M. Owens, T. Jackson, C. Fansler, D. Edwards, T. Jackson, J. Taylor, J. Navarro, M. Warner, K. Robertson, R. Johnson, G. McDaniels, B. Graham, W. Blethrow, J. John A. Scott, L. McAIister, P. Briggs. Back row: Mr. J. Baker, spon- sor: K. Thomas, K. Baker, D. Hodgin, J. Clark, D. Chambers, D. Ret- ter, T. Wilson, J. Rickerts, E. Totten, L. Rudiger, J. Wilson, J. Hensley, E. Rains, G. Grey, M. Carrick, K. Edwards, J. Walden, K. Snider, J. Bratcher, J. Bratcher, T. Curry, D. Swidler, D. Staggs. "Instruments in position" implies Director Jim Baker as he leads his troops in a halt- time performance. Jason Hensley picks to perfection. 1 1 A 128 Band if , y , af, -- Y U '54 E' ' 6 Q f 0 'H I Q 5 9 Qu 'Q if Y 'Q 'L M. ',, 1 I 'O . -v Q 1-' 4 he Q k - -wwwmnwwdnwd 2 f lk, .ww 'J :Aff N 1 r X ' .ff f V, if Q A 5 4 I 1 zx 5 , '.., .-.- .,, A ..-. ,mf M 1, nm -H ,, , R as 1 N, ,.....--- ..g-sv -' ,.,.-w.5....-H,,,- - ...nu-fpinf 5 f 4-1- ...- ,,,...-v-fv "' ..-1-P fa We us ,,Mgg..'f ' , , - I ' 17-.' . , ,1, -V f if : q i V,. Q , 6 'i ii 'K' h . ' X , s ww, VV . , ., A- I , I 0 ,, y .MV Lge? 1 1.2.40 0 4 , ,X ' ,, an f - 4 ,i , V Y' . , ,, ig 1 ff ' K' ' WE i :y .vinyl 5- ' ",, FT ,, ,Q ,Q 11 WM 4 .S s f'.3n. --If , M 'Y ,itz H, 4 N I QEM 0 . I .,,,.f,....w,,,--WA www ..mq, . L 'V' x .- 130 ' Drill Team, Maiorettes, Flag Corps A 4 s ,",a if' , af,v"'h Q A -1 y. in 8 M . 'M K Ek' K , Q . . ffawr' we Thx fy , y +Q.,' wiv. i " -RQ' ,, W 'L 5 ' :in x , ,X x "YI 1. ' . ,R is -1: 53' Ken ,QA 'vm SQ, tx. 511 2' .Mc z, A .... se 1 t 1' 6 . , J' . Drill Team Majorettes Flag Corps Adding a splash ot color to halftime activities and marching with the marching Generals were the Drill Team, Flag Corps and the Majorettes. Drill team, sponsored by Mrs. Connie Ellis, and Flag Corps and Majorettes, sponsored by Mr. Jim Baker, participated in a clinic at Grant during the summer in which they learned new routines to add spice to their pertormances. All three groups went to Phoenix, Arizona with the Marching Generals and marched in the Fiesta Bowl Parade. Drill team captain tor the year was Kristie Lam- beth, tlag corps captain was Carrie Acton, and Dianne Connell was head majorette. Drill Team adds lite to halttime perlorrnances at the games while Kristie Lambeth keeps a watching eye. Laura Medley knows there are good things about being in the Flag Corps, and one is putting those llags together every time they need to use them. Michelle Echelle keeps that baton moving while she ts marching. The major- ettes take a break at the Homecoming game against the Capitol Hill Redskins. Twirling tire is something a little bit dangerous, Betsy Cra- vens keeps the baton way above her head. Drill Team. Front rowz T, Bane, L. Galbreath, S. Waldrop. L. Waggoner. Row 2: S. Perakis, D. Walton, M. Lindsey, C. Maddox. Row 3: B. Burleson, K. Lindsey, P. Thomas, B. San Antonio. Back row: L. Brady. Mrs, Connie Ellis, sponsor: K. Lambeth. Maiorettes. Front row: D Hutton, D. Connell, B. Cravens, Back row: M. Echelle, D. Wilson. Flag Corps. Front row: C. Acton, M. Staggs, C, Stokes. S. Langston. Back row: L. Medley, V. James. L. White, J. Knost, T. Sims, K. Hullman. tv H r ., N, .. , 1? ..,,, Neo- M' M .V . air. , ,vi I l A U 'N E31 Q. t I, i' :rn C3551 ur ,Q wi-. WY rf' w 131 v vi 3 f .aff X xiii? , A , +V 45255 ,Aa fiffggggjg 32+ ,gg M V 3- J. gc Q9-M zs. ',9.'f.N G A Ufk 4 Mr -1 , 3 ' Q 3 Qu: Pep Club The Pep Club sponsored by Miss Lois Sughru and led by Kelly Vandiver, again ushered at the Rodeo and Ice Capades at the Oklahoma State Fair. Besides always showing their spirit during games, they brought refreshments to the lootball team during two-a-day practices in the summer. They also held their annual banquet in the spring. ln Pep Club everyone enloys participating in all cheers. Cheryl Tate waits in agony as the seconds tick on. Terry Allan always did like chocolate cake even il Kelly Vandiver did make it. Linda Cooper and Miss Sughru talks about what is coming up in the Generals' luture. Pep Club. Front Row: R. Emerson, M. Holden, R. Orr. R. Hook. T. West, L. Washington. G. Stephens, D. Bryant, F. Speegle, K. Curtis, T. Pearson, D. Boyce. Row 2: J. Davis, B. Childers. L. Cooper. J. McDaniel, T. Grant. D. Foley, K. Vandiver, C. Tate. M. Stanley. T. Null, L. Howery, T. Tate, M. Martin. Row 3: K. Harper, J. Glass, R. Snider, K. Weir, K. Bowles, M. Parker, H. Longnell, K. Weir. S. Rozin, K. Hearst, K. Ragsdale, C. Craig, M. Hyden, K. Hudson, C. Ullman. Row 4: L. Smith, D. Harper, C. Hicks, S. Floyd, V. Hanks. T, Green, K. Seright, S. Sorrels, T. Smiley, L. Hubbard, C. Dowly, A. Hebert, T Stewart, N. Micue. Row 5: K. Schuerholt, C. Seanght, D. Winlord, M. Borror, S. Ryan, L. Lake, C. Stephens, K. Hansen, S. Rains. W. Meler, A. Pannel, D. McDaniel, D. Stewart. Row 6: K. Dooley, B. Cox, C. Eld- ers, G. Malicoate, A. Choaty, D. Hewett, R. Sackett, D. Craig, S. Med- ley, D. Blancett, M. Davis, L. Harris, S. Cogburn. Row 7: C. Udders, J. Gooding, S. Trail, P. Scrudder, S. Shipley, R. Stanford, S. Brrnlee, L. McCune, B. Allen, S. Clay, A. House. Back Row: T. Wooden, C. Boggs, V. Taylor, P. Sumpter, R. Coker, S. Bruce. N. Leimer, L. Rex, J. Tapp, R. Andruchow, A. Onguner. M. Webb, D. McNees. Olticers. Linda Cooper. Janet McDaniel, Laura Howery, Tobi Null, Tammy Grant. Michele Stanley, Dianna Foley, Cheryl Tale, Kelly Vandiver. Spirit Boosters. Melody Martin, Jaml Davis, Betty Childers, Tammy Tate. . ...J N... ...- abr ' arxi A Jsgfv , 05" f is , x iw' 14 iii tx . ,ng -s if E. ,J -. kwa. ,Q K Nr Q E 5 Q X 1 . - -of rf ' 5 i. N L. J Q 'uf' L .sn Fifa f 41, Q-sf' " - N . 'ia T I U s ' ""3 3 . X Qt 'la-. If S h K A. ,, . - '-f ,Q .rw f . ' x15w ?,i.' VF" pa l 'f 'A K i qwkii? 'E . . A r k Y I f ' ? 5 3 5 X 1? E 3 Q, 4 v F. 1 5- 'UP N, qi f V .1- 4 f s ? 5 ,-ff' ,fff"'M' 1' 'ff- iigipfigi my ' ,gui g V- wx ' , :M f f " , qi i ,W 1 .3 ,I , z 5 Y Q. . Kgfi .""' A K s L: ,f N be 4 . 5 'S E. 5' 9 F. ,. 2' A N v'm"'S 7 Q S ,ax-.. 1 136 - School Life LL-AW Yftw I 70997 ,, 'A Wm.: gQwQgQLU, as wQ?MV Pe if 1 ' w --9, UUI' fun, elements of and the Ilfe the Q-..... ee,, ,L f , 'l I u e 4' WK A ,.L W ,L 8 if ef fi Ai, Q. 'Q A W., ' ,. Q Y? V Q12 my aw ' e 1 ff' ,L ,f Aw ki. ,ff - W , , .. fi- W ,I G 1.34 so-a fs SchooILHe ,ik , ui 1 if W gm Qggzl ' 137 HQ 4, f 5, we f W2 W 4? F 1, iii if - an ,1 ff ,1 , K Mi W W-4 ,vw bk far 'L va , 13" 1. , MM., ,Nz fam.. 1 .W - ,QQ ,47- .Nw 5 Q s5 sl 9 E 5 ' H , , ' M-Q1 1, It S A I EE: 1 if L P Q lf I alll' 1 MWJM- ...uv Q kbliulawuw A L "'., 1 . lx it if if Q xzg . Af' 7 X A 1 1' N -Tiff 4 , 5 '35, a Y V . az 751. ' ' 1 - MQ. , 1, uf . X, GJ . 'Ely N LJLQ, Y f, 1 Q- Q. 0 km, 2,71 517.1 ml .3-rg' - N, 1' W 'iw , 5 1 e 8 V i. . ..f:wf2... sg J if Ik x -"'vw l Q 1 44 gg Q., 1 t f if 5' ' 'A 9 l if Parents Q c Play a Part Parents are really a very big part ot school life. Just think about all they do for us. They were always there to support their sons and daughters no matter how bad we played a game or how many times we gooted up. They never cared, because they think we're great! Generals' parents show much excitement at a home lootball game. Joni Bartl's mother can'l believe that her daughter will be married in a few short months. Kristie Lambeth and her husband Mike stand proud with their parents, after their wed- ding ceremony. Carl Slayton gives his stepson Greg Williams a tew pointers about cars. Q .4 v., s . -. , .. . , -. A ..-. -'L' u' .' ,, W, iff .,. I , . 5 an c a f ' aa! ft " I 3,2 iff Y 24' ,rf Q., " 'f W fga , - 7 A l Q 4' . O 'Vaal 'Q 42. l Z if 7 A+, 'x t My 5 . i K 'Ya X az? 'R Q 'I rw. . f W iw Q ai 5 is M fi l 'g :N gg f ,L,, kj 12: I ,fgv W, ,, r . .Q 'Z'-wggx .-,,,w 'ff , 'F ' Q if A e M. 2 'W pr if- Q at B A ? .,, Q V " 5 "f if- ' L' 1 ' ' Q ql , . ,dak y 'fr V 4? '. i w, A V Q 'f M 0. T I gg it . 1 HQ 1 4 Q 55 9 if Q 4 1 a 47 2 it E22 . X3 ' 5 3 ff i ' 'E Z f ' N' W i .. in-f ' j?'Q-fl .ISL 5 'O-n-4s........Q,. , mslig-5 ' H EQ 3 31 'qi -iY. K t. . Vanished From View Behind the scenes at U. S. Grant many unusual things were happening. People were caught by surprise. Some were angry, and others laughed. When people look back at Behind the Scenes at Grant they will remember all of the good times, bad times, and some of the embarrassing times. Most of all what they will remember is how much fun they had at U. S. Grant High. Susan Perakis rests her sleepy head on Paul Woods' shoulder after a tiresome band trip. Mike Darnold sneaks a dip ol Skoal during class time. Mike Ross, Doug Anderson and Robert Lawrence think Matt Standard needs a cold shower after the SE game. Ot course l'm vanished from view, this isn't something I would do in Public. F -VAY A 4 , 442 r-3 ' . 'Ti X "No ,N ' ,, W rfywr H ,L ,, H' gg, I L, I E A -1,1 f, I W " fx' ,,.,, 1" i ' w ,, , 1 'ur wqvfi s Y' 'Q My A .Q 41 " .4.a l: V. ,f L,.....- I xxx ., . , J, fr M V , v H ' 4 'df ., , '21 Z, k g ,aff W, :ff f ,L ff ,M ,tr f .v X -4 . W In If , 7 ,, Ip W, V gt 4, . K 'Y ' 0 A 4 .,.s 'Naya W I W Sensational Seniors Senior Year: A time that is looked forward to by every student since their first day of school. However, as the time grows closer with senior circle, pep assemblies, the ordering of announcements and a farewell to school books we realize that it will really be missed as an impor- tant part of our life. Randy Spradling faces a tough decision as Nancy Brown and Lori Perry present to him a variety of announcements. The last home game ends on a sad note as seniors join hands in the traditional senior circle. Sen- iors have never Iacked enthusiasm, and their spirit is rarely super- seded at the pep assemblies. Robert l.awrence hurls his books upward in a gesture of joy and triumph as he completes his senior year, and concludes his high school days. V ,..,, , . ,K Q l,,..a,,,, 'lat 1 ,,.14' ' Hue. Y it 1 , do O maya. new J' ' '5 W1 ,, ,, H , .W " 'JW h W H' 3 V.. f 1 114' I 'Q-o ,,e V 4 Z f JE Q 1 1 t , Z 1 f Y 1 'A 'iv ""'n... 3' sy -f 'ln 'lim 'ffm 'tilt zffvlf x 1 1 I 1 1 I I f axailf' 'K,, '15 ll Fantastic Floats Floats aren't made with just ice cream and root- beer. They take careful planning, ingenuity, and elbow grease. People from clubs, homerooms, and classes get together every year tor a little bit of cra- ziness to get the look that is just right. Junior class members take a ride on their class lloat which won tirst place. Second place lloat in the classes division was "King Kong." Mickey Mouse is always a star, as he celebrates his titti- eth birthday. Ready to scalp the Redskins, the Generals crash through the barrierl It was obvious what the predicted outcome ot the game would be as shown by COE members. W is-A Q, ,gsm f if X ,ff W f 4? Q W - xt 1 4? WWW Wmgff H 'Y- I MMWKQW , K ,,,, , 1 Af V ,, " v X 'if 1,'25iz.:55g 'liiffi'-.1,g-LH W ' wig M if 1- ' 1' , f,:g,f w - A , f I iii mop in ul ,551 Q Homecoming Heroes Generals have always been heroes. General Grant was a famous hero on the battle field, and the homecoming royalty is famous on the football field. For the Homecomin ceremonies Kristi Overstreet was chosen flower irl and Brantle 9 9 Y Field was crown bearer. The 1978-79 Homecoming Queen, Lynn Walker, stands with her " attendants: Senior, Gay Morphis, Juniors Fanny Whatley and Gina Speegle, Sophomore, Joanna Wilson, Freshman, Kerri Rogers. Senior attendant, Gay Morphis, and her escort Matt Standard, leave the field with the thought "l'm sure glad it's over." Queen Lynn Walker and her escort Mike Ross look as if this is the time ol their life. U Q . .5 1, 1-A Q mga , in 5 3 .tl ut s . . W I 2 ' '.,r.. Q I Q I x O in 5 'IWQQ 5,1 If :Sian r 1 1... as Y 4 if I T., T, A, up i 'QS R! s. lr 1 is.: , Music Lovers' 04 Melody Musicians are always artistic-minded, even when their royalty is involved. They select with care and per- fection just the right one. The Stage-Band helps give the pep rally a little pizzazz. This year's choir attendants are Michele Stanley, Helen Longnell, Bonnie Harn, and Darla Harper. Their escorts are Robbie Sullivan, Leonard Mor- ris, Jerry Davis, and Gary Sanders. This year's lreshman choir attendant is Stephanie Price, and her escort is Mike Terry. Running tor Drill Team Queen are Laura Brady, Kristie Lambeth, Susan Per- akis and Terri Bane. Escorting them are Terry Wilson, Tony Gibson, Paul Wood and Jason Hensley. The attendants lor this year's band king and queen are Donna Wilson, Diane Connell, Deedee Hutton, Cindy Winter, and Katrinka Snider tor Queen. For King are Eugene Totten, Jimmy Sowell, Donny Retter, Kevin Baker, and Jay Rickerts. The choir's king and queen are Helen Longnell and Jerry Davis. The winners for band King and Queen are Dee Dee Hutton and Donnie Retter. The Drill Team Queen is Susan Perakis. Band King and Queen were Donnie Retter and DeeDee Hutton. A' .294 l 1 41 EF 'F 4 we Rh MIM V :,.f1Qi.fZ, Ma?" -I 531' V.. ' wi.: f -'ryan ' l 5 ff rf Q f f s' 44 1 -. . .,. M. if - . ,,.,, . ,,k5 , K, L. if fr fr EQ L gy H . , N, ,agua M rv' f -f ffff ---ff---,L-,'.1f f,,,1-sfm,f-f, f ff 'L , 1145",:-"esaw f. f ef , ' :ff f C' els 'Mm f at? A Y N , 52. ' Q L M ' , ' i " Serenade Sportsmen's 6,9 Athletes like their beauties too, so when they get together they select a beautiful girl to represent them. Cagers and matmen are no exception and they had a number ol beauties from which to choose. Excitement and unmatched enthusiasm is the key to much ol the Lady Generals success, and both of these commodities are displayed lrom the opening tip-oft. There is more to the sport ot wrestling than muscle and brawn, as shown by the selected attendants Diane Foley, Jana Gooding, Tammy West, Teresa Hopkins, and Tammy Green. The wrestling team has chosen Tammy West as the 1978-79 Queen. Adding to the sensation ol basketball are this years attendants Jacquelin Hayes, Marsha Max- well, Robin Ruyle, Robin Thomas, and Rhonda Hook. Selected in honor tor basketball Queen is Robin Thomas. Robin Ruyle is proud to be the senior attendant lor basket- ball royalty. Serving as wrestling senior attendant is Teresa Hopkins. 9 1 ,lt ik .af 1 55,51 W 1- fb UI . . ' ,. If' 'M 1 V -up .ff 3 QQ X '22, 754, pf f' P 2 iii wg, - WMM Qi' , I W., ,ww X .Q 7 7 5 5 Q isa fi 'V 'if' we 3. '5 if bf ,ff 7 Le W 'fn-, fgxwgxi 5 g L K 544 , zz . .ly .7 i- 'A f A -, .al !, t V V 7 "'-' vi V M 15gfjvr'?n'3 eff ,L 5 Q ff 5 iff? f ah :.,-r w 1. . f- 1 jk , .V 3 , gf 5 , I ,M 'Ii' 2 bn ' fl 'V "' f- '2ef,Q,,, , fix if jg. .1 "9 211, Y it f'- A 'wif b V I 'Y , Q i' gi A 14" ' "A 'I . ' VL W nf In wg xv 'A ,wk'?' , ,HM aff , , f ' ,Q -ff -'. - . 5 . ,,.,r' f ' Wifi ,mg 4' L, ' 'Sify L,,, Q J 160 ' General, His Lady x X I if M, I ,,'L 'I' Q I ,Fm K IWC ' iw 1 fe , 9 1' ' J , 1 .Q , Zuma-'?5:'5 i , .j Hia, 'W'-1 e ww V! 43 ' fx , ' , won, and - our maze ex rl In OUI' tratlons wh all rings and we we were sur- questionsg found new only fol- and life ified by as much in our nlty I 'f . ....... U f, . S Q 0 Qwmnql' anna-w......... .. .. M-- ---1-1 oo X x50 ,Lx 9 , N Q s ,Q 1 N . . , X .t 5 it 9 it L 'Q 5. fiiifialf V HY V t V. 4mm:AL .5 . 5 J , l' 4, J -4.2 ii, ' ff i Ag, e f fy - + - W W fb ' ,gl 'A 0 5 ' ' V. e The 1 978 Generals gave many surprises throughout the year, although repeating another 2-8 season. Under new head coach Roy Howell, they developed one ot the city's tinest defensive teams before tiring out through one of the state's toughest grid schedules. For the tirst time in a decade, rival Capitol Hill upset the Generals, 3-0 in a somewhat controversial meeting. Victories were earned over Southeast and Northwest. Also during the season, other games stood out. Against play-otl teams Altus, Edmond and Midwest City the Generals looked impressive at times. Against the Bombers, they led 7-0 and tied 7-7 at half- time, betore falling to an outstanding ground attack. ln the Altus and Edmond games, they never led, but put together tough drives. Leading the Generals onto the lield are Mike Ross, Tim McCathern, Jerry Gonshore, and Mark Gilliam. Explaining the techniques ol the game to Doug Anderson is Coach Jim Faurot. The Generals' style comes through as Clark Johnson gracelully receives a pass. J.V. and Varsity Football. Front row: Ricky Wilson, Doug Anderson, Mark Gilliam, Robert Lawrence, Jerry Gonshore, Mike Griltin, Jerry Davis, Matt Standard, Brian McDougal, Buster Keasler, Phillip Hook. Second row: Kevin Southerland, Tim McCathern, Brian Suchy, Dennis Proctor, Brent Hazelrigg, Mike Ross, Ricky Bateman, Billy Altstatt, Harvey Sickles, Tony Hewitt. Third row: David Molet, Andy Patterson, Chip Hill, Greg Lindsay, Papa Wil- liams, Allen Martin, James Allen, .lett McKee, Kelly Tompkins, Bill Fra- zier, Ricky Knapp. Fourth row: Jett Rodgers, Brett Stokes, Jett Rutledge, Gary Sanders, George Vasquez, Karl Greene, Terry Allen, Rodney Paul, Jett Reeves, Greg Whittenburg. Filth row: Jimmy Taylor, Mika Tolbert, Anthony Alton, Burt Wooten, Calvin Hytche, Tom Ebert, Keith Dixon, Kevin Goodmiller, Clark Johnson. Sixth row: Randy Wooten, Jerry Gar- rett. Coaches: Ron Pendley, Glen Castle, Jim Faurot, Luke Harris, Roy Howell, John Savage, Roger Blackwood, Eddie Chapel, Steve Zeigler. Not pictured, Coach Mark Lyons. Van Logan sees a hole and takes advantage ot it thanks to those lantastic blockers. Buster Keasler keeps his eyes on the ball and away trom the opposing team. Mike Ross takes a minute to catch his breath belore going back into the game. 1 64 Football ,1 rv 'J' Y ,QTY ' X ...swf W A 4 S3 ..., ,. . QA A Q ' - Qiigfifi? I -1 if , Q Pg .fa A , Wx Ni' yn f' ' iv V. f, ff +R-5- fv ? in , Aj dx J ,x B3 ... ,. YQ V-bv ' 1 . 3 . .W ff t - ,- 5, ,V - Qw- pr L' . Again this year, the Generals had few out- standing individuals, but a pair to be remembered are graduating seniors Matt Standard and Robert Lawrence. Both were All-Conference and All-District selections. Lawrence, a 5-11, 190-pound noseguard also earned other honors such as "Special Recognition" on this year's All-State team. Mike Ross, Ricky Wilson and John Gon- shor also made the All-Conference squad. Coach Harris helps Bruce Palmer fasten his pads so he can get back in the game. Senior football players get together to make the senior pyramid, but it did not stay up too long. Billy Altstatt has a few choice words with teammate. Freshman Football. Front Row: L-R: M. Reeves, F. San Antonio, G. Williams, R. Ross, T. Ander- son, T. Taylor, A. Anderson, D. Wore. Second Row. J. Taylor, D. Hill, R. Aldridge, D. Adcock, R. Feilder, K. Cantrell, M. Demaree, T. Melvin, L. Taylor. Third Row. B. Thomas, L. Wooten, M. Ryan, L. Foster, T. Hamm, D. l-foward, R. Vasquez, K. Anderson. Fourth Row. R. McCalIister, J. Stark, D. Link, V. Burroughs, G. Clifton, T. Bayes, C. Winthrow, Macarthy. Fifth Row. D. Wil- liams, B. McDougal, R. Browning, D. Alfaro, G. Gracey, A. Howard, L. Mitchell. Back Row. R. Ceasar, M. Grif- fith, G. Johnson. The Defensive players keep their eyes glued tothe game. Football W . 44 0 lhmwm v K L v 5 . ' lik - K ' f' -z ' . . Q ul. . -- ' . . V. f ,A 4 f. -. , - Jr , ,-'g - - ,- V 3 J ""' N f . ft if "7'f'fA - ,M fuxv, "' " ' 'Q' ' 1f"' , M-. .in-"" J' - gf' , ., " v,,'f. , 5 f- ' , , . " km. "" . ,H--ff.. "W",'.q.. ' 7" x. "J, -- . - ' I ' .J 2 fl"'A"3'Q 'HVf" ' ' 'L f W' , ,yy fym- 'U .. -15' :f-,, K 5 Ay 4, -- ' 5,1 'b , 1 Q. , L" 4... ,,.."Q,...., v H Y 1 . .Q I 1 Q? Y 1 .1 sr ' 5' 4' x . f 6 we .sp . w x , W., K. ., " "fl 'W Sr' wi fy- -X . -fi.. ' ' JSA Football - 167 i X .3 s Z! f 4 F, 23-1' , Q ,W 'bv lg? 4 A 0 '90 0 G 6 oe, X ,of- O N"-4 v 90 '49 S I 4 P :Fm 5 A Basketball arrived finally and it happened under new head coach Allen Dukes. The Generals improved last years 9-14 mark to 17-6 and at times were ranked as the num- ber three team in class 4A. At the regionals Duke's team was upset and that ended the season. Again Carl "Hindu" Henry was the "all- everything" man forthe "red and gray." The 6-5 torward led his team in scoring, rebounding, steals and assists and also earned a spot on the prestigous All-State team. Charles Rowland and Ronnie Haw- kins were the other senior leaders. Other starters were Don Thompson and Theodore Morgan. Part-timers were Cecil Thomas, Steve Cagle and Larry Mustain. Theodore Morgan attempts to block a shot, as Chip Hawkins looks on. Carl Henry scores two points tor USG. The Generals get psyched up belore a game. Don Thompson sets up a play. Theodore Morgan con- centrates on his treethrows. Time out is also rest and pep talk time. Don Thompson pulls a move on the opposing team and scores two. Basketball 169 4 Q5 was 'K I V-:N sf, V My 4-1' ,x B 1 1 .J C' x 1 "' it . 5, .. I , ,. a 9 f - - . N 4- VY5 if QFW rv rvk 0 Y A-inn 4? 'S A F Q K x Q .Sv , my in k 'Z Sow? iii Yfi x' 1 .. 'Y. W 15, 7' fs is 'Fi ' .. Besides the All-State honor, Henry made every area, metro and city team, but the tuture collegian had help, especially from steady Morgan. Both Morgan and Thomp- son are the pair to watch next season. Other top prospects include Ricky Patton, Kevin Goodmiller, Marion Nelson and David Gibson who all may break the starting line- up. Perhaps other help will come from All- City runners-up ot the freshman division, which were the Generals ot Michael Nero. They completed an outstanding 15-1 sea- son. Basketball. Front row: Chuck Nelson, Don Thompson, Marion Nelson, Larry Mustain, and Ricky Patten. Back row: Coach Charles Alexander, Ronnie Hawkins, Theo- dore Morgan, Charles Williams, Carl Henry, Charles Rowland, Cecil Thomas, and Coach Allen Dukes. Theodore Morgan defends against a tough Del City otlense. Don Thompson 1153 goes up lor two points. Theodore Morgan C343 jumps lor the ball on the way to a General's victory. Cecil Thomas 1431 squeezes through a tough defense lor a basket. .390 Basketball 171 cox Overshadowed by the success of the older teams, a freshman squad usually finds it difficult to be recognized. However, U.S. Grant should be the exception this sea- son. Under coach Michael Nero, the frosh roared to a 15-0 record before being upended by John Marshall in the All-City finals. Charles Williams desperately battles an Eagle for the rebound. Keeping his hands up high is 1321 James Bryant. Freshman Basketball. Front Row: Flay Daniel, Marshall Shells, Bobby McDougal, Avery Howard, Ron- nie Aldridge. Back Flow: Tony Pittman, Greg Williams, Greg Miles, James Bryant, Sherman Cox, Coach Michael Nero. J.V. Basketball. Front Row: John Thomas, Kevin Jones, Marion Nelson, Jeff Bau us. Back Row: Coach Charles Alexander, Michael ghe- pard, Charles Nelson, Charles Williams, Larry Mus- tain, Steve Cagle, Coach Allen Dukes. Marion Nelson delivers two points on a jump shot. Coach Charles Alexander gives instruction and encouragement dur- ing a team conference. Taking a break is Charles Wil- liams while Coach Alexander watches on. Basketball K---. Q2 XV if W ., -141 ES: Basketball - 173 4. This year without a doubt, the General wrestling team was considered a tourna- ment squad rather than a consistent duel- ing team. And to prove it, the Generals captured the All-City crown over favorites Northeast and Southeast. In addition, Coach Lewis Quin- tane's group claimed three gold medals at the Norman Invitational and qualified four men from the Western Regionals. In dual matches, the Generals barely missed a .500 season with a 6-7 record. Individually, the Generals were led by vet- erans Mike Griffin, Randy Wooten and Doug Anderson. Junior starters were David Molet, John Gonshor and Jeff McKee. Sophomore starters were Jerry Litterell, Cory Conallis, Burl Wooten and John Stewart. Jeff Taylor and Larry Wooten were the only freshman starters. Cory Conallis tries to gain control of his opponent. Doug Anderson suffers the agony of defeat. Injured Jerry Litterell receives attention from coaches. Jackie Pursall prepares to meet his Midwest City opponent. Scrambling with his foe is Cory Conallis. With his eyes on the clock, Burl Wooten prepares for an arm drag. Injured Mike Griffin and coach Luke Harris look on with concern. All wrapped up with his opponent is Randy Wooten. 'Q Wrestling 9.9 '49 o' 'Iv 'I' fotpo I Qik 1 9 34 I ..,-i' .1 -xiii N in Ja ' ' 'lg hu N .ggisuf X, i ww f l If yi Again, Quintane teels his team is a team ol the tuture and will be, indeed. Burl Woo- ten, who made Oklahoma JournaI's "All- Sophomore' team at 130 pounds will be back to head the 79-80 team. Other true potentials should be David Molet and soph- omore-to-be Jett Taylor. But the Generals return a good junior var- sity crop with starting potentials. Those will be Keith Ballard, Jett Nelson, David Rivers, Barry Evans, Tim Anderson, Ronnie Fielder, Tom Davis and Greg Gracey. Anderson, Davis and Fielder were junior high state pla- cers this year. Jett McKee tries to get a takedown with an underhook. Doug Anderson attempts to yield back points. Filming matches lor the coach is matmaid Lori Jetterson. Teammates congratulate Burl Wooten on his win. Wrestling. Front row: Jett Taylor, Jerry Litterell, Cory Conallis, Burl Wooten, Mike Gritlin, Randy Wooten, Larry Wooten, Jon Stewart. Back row, John Gonshor, Lewis Cluintane, Coach Jett Nelson, Barry Evans, Tim Anderson, Ronny Fielder, Greg Gracey, Ray Jackson, Larry Molet, Roger Blackwood, Coach Luke Harris, Doug Anderson. Not pictured David Rivers, Jett McKee, David Molet. Jett McKee tinds there is no com- lort being in a cradle. 080 S' 66 Wrestling 177 Wil Kiwi FU' r . ....- ., ,- N , , 7 , ,,4,,,521v,-f..m:,-Wg , 45 4 nhl k A M! 4, g f W ' '15 " . gp- ,Q r v -444 'Nw ,.V,,,, E vw! . L ..,, KE 'Q ...,L M Qg QQ' ffm 1 KLL 1 1' x x ' t A2-. 51' .. -1 'V ..., I , 'Q -1 'K . M 'f'A ' ,-- E 9 'Q " - ,- - 5: ' 1- lf- ' f - x- - , f . . . 4 , .,'- X , it kk 5- t 'af f ,- Lf, I lr f , - E" ' as f' 'T fs - w M - . rg 11 . ...tv , ' 415 -.gem c ,, Q ,K .N A . I 'Q -' -, if -' - N ' , - H .- 'v f. - 'Q lf . Q " W , gg ' , 'f . 1+ Q 4 F f... 1 A ww . 6 1 ' h f , :Q ,J f we l! ' 1, ' 'gy W l X QQ 3 'W V , Q . X " 'F 'l W' A QQ ' M " '? S , . - . . .. , M, . ,- ' M Ne? ' ff' L 121.gif-',f'P? +?rgg 1. 7 A . - L A ,X ,f .: . ,fn ' Nw -41 .C -+f--5, -',v ' 4 ,Lg 'r..m:k '75 if ' 'Ny-'J' " 'p 'g, . W W- .. ' 178 Baseball ' gr, so lA it olive This year's General Baseball team, still under the direction of Head Coach Glen Castle, is expected to be one of the better U.S. Grant teams in years. Before the season began, Coach Castle explained "We have a lot of competition at most positions. So, if the players put out good effort and keep the right attitude we should have a good ball club. If they prog- ress and improve with the season they could have a super year." Last year the Generals fell short of a usual 20-win season, while compiling a 19- 10 record and third in Mid-State. Kenny Janway picks up a grounder. Todd Demeter gets in the swing of things as he prepares to bat. Coach Glen Castle and his gang share a few laughs. Greg Ferguson and Buster Keasler discuss signals before a game. Watching the game from the dugout are Gary Sanders, Brett Stokes, Mike Tolbert, Jell Rogers, Tom Ebert, David Gibson, Joh Thomas, and Jeff Baugas. Baseball. Front row: Gary Sanders, Bria McDougal, Phillip Hook, Tim Ebert, Van Logan, David Gibson, Brett Stokes, John Thomas, Back row: Coach Glen Castle, Brett Woosley, Miko Tolbert, Greg Ferguson, Todd Demeter, Brent Worcester, Kenny Janway, Billy Hammonlree, Buster Keasler, Jeff Baugas, Jeff Rodgers. Baseball 179 Y 650' awe fa? X0 0 sl During pre-season, Coach Glen Castle felt his top performers were Buster Keasler fcatcherj, Greg Ferguson and Brent Wor- cester fpitchersj, Brett Woosley fthird basel, Kenny Janway foutlieldj, and Todd Demeter ffirst basej, but he also felt he'd have good performances from some of his other athletes. Demeter, considered as a "tour year great" for the Generals is probably consid- ered the ringleader of those six players. He is a definite All-State prospect as well as being scouted for collegiate and protes- sional roles. His brother, Russell Know at the University of Oklahoma! and he both shared "All-City players ot the Year" two seasons ago. Billy Hammontree practices catching grounders while teammates Brett Woosley, Jeff Baugus and Tom Ebert look on. Gary Sanders needs all the practice he can get. It seems he can'l hit the ball. Tom Ebert thinks he's hot. He can catch the ball in his hand without a glove. Brian McDougal and Phillip Hook take time out for a friendly chat. Jeff Baugus, Billy Hammontree and Brett Stokes know that running is a vital part of the game. Coach Castle calls the play sale, but Woolsey doesn't think so. Cold weather runs the Generals into the gym for practice. 180 Baseball Q fi my .wg 8 3 K ' .5 Q s ?' ! g s , . 5 2 5 2 51 may 'Q i .ay f L Z l 2 1 A 25,11 QW. Girls' basketball improved through the sea- son, and the girls' softball team took All-City lor the third year in a row. Both teams were coached by Mrs. Connie Ellis. The basketball team had three returning starters and were looking better all through the season. Top players this year were Lydia Washing- ton, Adrianne Cooper, LaDonna Parish, Fan- nie Whately and Patty Thomas. The sottballers took All-City with a season record ot 7-1, deteating Capitol Hill twice. Beverly llarble and Lydia Washington go through the line slapping hands with the opposing team atler a game, something that is alwaya done. Coach Connie Ellis and har gang live it up with trophy. drianne Cooper tries in vain to get the bell to score two lor the Generals. Softball. Stacy Gowens, Liss Sholen, Brenda Allen, Donna Lunalord, Beverly Marble, Mona Espinoea. Beck Row: Connie Ellis, Alisha Davison, Diane Foley, Cheryl Smith, Rhonda Hook, Tana Hetner, Sue Clay, Lisa Ortiz. Basketball. Lisa Ortiz, Lydia Washington, LaDonna Pensh, Dijurel Gslbreath, Regina Lane, Bevert Marble, Lauri Jetter- son. Back Row: Vicki Parker, Gina Whately, Adrianne gooper, Cheryl Smith, Patricia Thomas, Fannie Whatley, Donice Blakely, Connie Ellis. Stacy Gow- ens, Beverty Marble, and Diane Foley show otl their All-City trophy with lan- tastic enthusiasm. Fannie Whately makes a high jump to get the ball away trom the rough and tough Eagles. iilyf! at 155 K 00,6 ey! G 49+ so "sf I 182 - Girls' Sports 9 f X x x, U- '5x.. Fi ,x 3 X hx 3 1'QL. H uw , sq., Aw.- -aga L . S K 'Q f ,-as K' ' C., ng 1 X 'ix M I 1 I +. 5 9 4-"'1' Q-Y V f .. -. ,,.:, .f,e"f ug, :gui k.,wa x 5 f K' if '1.3Bv"4"'? ' , mfg 'gga.sA , .ga Girls' Sports N - 1,49 .V , v--.. , 4 I . 1-.Q-r , K' ,. .Q ' K x 5 0 .. . ,vw by FAQ, ' N' ky ki Wz,Ae3ggf,y:5,, g?g,,'YQ ,.,,,igs,,ff W.3Q:f fwsffff f- , :rj-" .. :-, :gi ,gigs ' x' 3-fi "'Q.,y, Www ,41 f 'L ,iffy ii? fu x !.fQ- ' ., f 423 xx ...J -W 184 - Girls' Spons 424' 'Zin za, 4 .. M .AI K Q 5- 4 S ,:K,,,., .L .ag K Q mf S . .aw 1 an a 5 wmg' li MH ,X se K ' Nj Wm' Xf f. ,fp W --fn - 1 W. km' ,Q ' Nh fi 0 t NX' 5 5 Q Q 1 P td ' in , 1577 Zi 1 I... v A-.mf .fish w ., A ' me The volleyball team participated in an annual All-City tournament at Capitol Hill High School where they were expecting to place high in the tournament alter placing third in the 1977-78 season. The returning Iettermen were Lydia Washington, Beverly Marble, Cheryl Smith, Adrianne Cooper, LaDonna Parish, Gina Whatley, Lisa Ortiz, Fannie Whatley, D. J. Galbreath and Patty Thomas. At the outset of the girls' track season, Coach Connie Ellis was expecting Candy McCown and Grace Smith to excel in their conference ratings in the mile run. Labonna Parish and Lydia Washington take nets down alter a volleyball game. Grace Smith stretches out belore her big race. Gina Whatley and Cheryl Ann Smith ,gather up the balls lor practice. Grace Smith, Lydia ashington and Candy McCown run their laps before going to a meet. Lydia Washington jumps high to get over the hurdles. Candy McCown hands oft the baton to Lydia Washington during a race. ti 65 659 x0 .N K xg ,wr e9 -' 0 ,xo 5 .co 22 , .ae N fiiil' Saw Girls' Sports 185 '14-f. ir 'Q - ' 'd 5? ' 'fl V Q f Iv ,, , 1 .1 -- , s -. 'A W - ,4 i .. Q, ,, f W . ,. , ' f 'Ugg ' , , - , , ' f iw: fp: . ,N -A4 0 -' ,J 6 l' 6,,Vw '15 2 5 K Qu, - , , A I , Hi, 5 ' " , 'f . '01 , X' K5 ww V , X rl- x XX L 3 . Az, It "" . A ' V 1 V., x ,' 186 - Track, Cross Country N. Q fifqzz Ri, W. .W f 1- . ' my 51 ,X , . . . .. Q ,V , mm X. .ux V . 'JV' V, 1-,xy sl., Q u ,-3. .1 -' 'A N' 'Ag T' 'VL . , ,' -5, g 'MN ' ' ,fl , "-" E,Qvf+'h , 'W 9' u. , V1 1 ' A 4 ,f5'T'IQS'3SwiiV .lb fzflfn ffjywfl A ., . , xwf., , JA 1354, . -MQ.. twxih .fipaa 5, 1, 43,3511 .rum - , ' 2 . 'Q' g ,"-5 f 'j'fu'3Sg,,a453"Q ,M wwf- Vaffjj L. 'if 'M R, w , :gem V ' f V'4,2' 73. ff 35, RFB' 'fmfklid W f.f , 4 wg, ,gb - A Ji ,f '54, I - Mrs jpvffKfA,L'3i?'.:1,A ,wif 4 K. , .yjwwv diggs.. yd? 1,3 - t Ygri-619,-.w my V M, W, ,, 5 VV , M LAY ' '3f'L'5?ff. L . L'-A 'Q 'R r' f 4 1 .,., ,R , " A N mst' ,QA . 4 ,ww V .A K X lk., - 1fi5,T?,,Q '5itf:,"' ,g,1,, X ffffih ,L +2 33. ' fg .Q ,vk- V, ia'Q,'Q,A f V .avr .w gs? wry!-.' 2 ' 2 - sr U 'f'-'Wx-if V .'U"2 - ' , H " , 'WJ"'? . '5-2 1. ff? - -' -Wi ' V9.3 'FUSL-ff - 3, L , g,A,r-.sf if ,,,,,fQ, 6-smdfiti,-Jr.,,,,,, I hw . ,Q . W uw .34 rw. lawn- lzixagls raw, -. 'Q i 7, 4 .:.e:f, giggprm I K Jashvvm. Wg mugyh i wkkfn' '5:v5z':,,g , Q ,513 1 :aj ggi., w: :fq3: f"f:1,g,i.5x.4?f35Qg,,,f.Jf.A 4 1 -1'3"--Fjfr xg. ,J f , r Tp- ,1'f"' I ky xx r '-Q. f , .,,., .ff K A ' - gf A i M42 f5l.Q,14Fgi+xYggg,gfi5 ,'-fwagvmw' .fn .f','l' - -X ,L ,A ig pl.. .asp ,J 5- if . '- Sify' 1 A 1-w4,g5.xg1gf5w:gf 1- K 1 2 , ,J-,, I , .1 V, 5 1 ka , .AMX .- ff-g Q. 'za -,. afaw ?Q'i , .- 7 . -1, ,ejpg-Q ff.-5.9-Q 32, Mgt' .L4'-'f-9-9'l-- - -4 ,wwis-f w--,....v:,'x,-,-N 5,1-ft1.',Q0.aKv-Aff N , rf , -M. 'Nil . RQ "'lJ.0 9' -., M' if. ,. :yu ' P, A iffy bffgfg 5" 3,5 ,Lg ., 1,-s x., .15 4. ,gg f Q. f . .-wg, , 2 m 1 11" 'a' . rf -. -ww 4, . -i. 1-xglzlv , 4 F6552 ,. 1 'fb' , Qf I JIRA .- Q I-wh .2- K :xi 2 1 "' 'S-EQ L4 kwa' a. ' f-1,5 ' 4 jg 'SEXW Kimi gk gi 5 . f, sig.: , N? . sh w wi s -SR " f' at al vi as 4-15 A-Q-W1 QM., K .1 ,YI ,ky ,es 3, 5 1 , ,f ,K . t Q V 4 ggi. . . ,. .,, ,Q .ik k'A it ,filly A1 'ie .. . Q. ,... , 1. . . is -s ff if' - f wifsirwff 1 JK MQW . . . . . ,. . . in 3 in t ar a. .Q f ,, ., L . 14- 'if' 54 -s ' 1: ' sf' ' ' s .A 'assi .fir 'ce Q' '- Q. five: ,. f x 1 Q - W ' , ,mi . uhywqilyf-ggx9b2 1 3- ,g atjgyf ugwsff .. -, :,-- . .9 1 -. 1: jf . -5 3, fx 'i5!f!',5gf1-Q 3 :'. - , q s fait f'-is gf. Q xg.-gffbtivxlfi-'Ls'2.95, :gg -S Q A g H -nf Y. .g'ff-tm 359 tg , il,'eii2f4'- . .'i5F'?:A 5 ,,, 'J1f 13,5 xv.. tak H .. 5 - 14 3 b S H 45 , "1 is-,iw f""'.i'fZ"it1i4g,,,ffk ,H :.3'l2f.?. Quia- - A 6.1-V.. ly yung Fl 'if'-gq,.'i' 34.-.rf 'F ' .,. 'mlifvvf .. :l.w,.Q'M,nx:l.,4.,:g, k ...kss.e ls se- ss.-. . . f if ffT'ff"f"' ' Q-We-2.-ff: A ?.?':f" Tr ff f"ii'57.Q. Alfaff. 1 15.3 "'?fpif' 1 'V is 4,1 ,, ,vb ,ah 5,8 fjqg.,2-'?'?5'?3i 1' f.f'b-Qr-"i'E,Q',-., 82 6' wfeika P' S ' ', ' zggifig .W Fw-fx. I O A Q J' I -i.i...m .,a' 5-:...i.,i'sgf,T 4,1 ly f x vii gi i " .5'a?'i' ffiA6i"i" .' :sbY.5r"5-':?"Zgk -ea- ' Q s QQ-.'t3...f'QSxl4f,, Fai- jgff'Q'fi1l jr -A .ew .1 ""if'fQ'i1X ' f of . Q f i i 'fa- wg, 51 9 , e countryj have learned this. months. team. will need more depth. warm-ups lor track. N Track Cross Country 187 A large group ol running athletes is hard to come by tor the Generals, due to injuries and seasonal transitions. Coaches Mark Lyons ftrackj and Harold Crosley fcross Both General teams are led by young members, the track team especially. "We may have more, but l'm just expecting a lot ot lreshman and sophomores to help our team. Like last year, we'lI be rebuilding, explained Coach Lyons during the spring Coach Lyons said he'd expect Keith Dixon, Steve Verdicchio, Peter Roberson, Kevin Miller and James Vernon to lead his Spencer Rozin, Candy McCown and Grace Smith were the standouts in cross country. But the Generals also had Stacy Arnold, Alan Casey, Shannon Davis, Mitch 'P Logston, Mike Logston, William Pickle PM Steve Verdicchio and Jimmy Roberson competing. Coach Crosley sees better things lor the boys' team next year, but girls Walter Miller gets in shape by running the bleachers Spencer Rozin rests atler a hard practice. Stacy Arnold basks in the sun while waiting tor her practice session to begin. Allen Casey leads the Cross Country team In an exercise drill. Cross Country. Front row: M. Log ston, Tony Ross, Grace Smith, Stacy Arnold, Candy McCown, Kenneth Statoon, Back row: Kenny Robert son, Shannon Davis, Allen Casey, M. Logston Bill Pickle, Spencer Rozin, Pete Verdicio, Coach Harold Crosley. Keith Dixon jokes around as he does his P xl. C f 1 H .,- A .J ,, A 1, . 4 . .4 A. , ,i 4 'E W rv , If 'ff I 5 X . I 1' x N 1' V 1 " .K n Lx x -S A . :Q 2, ...fra -' Q ll-' ,, e K , ,bo ex 0 i X0 ff , X9 . 90 . 49 .... . v , - , AL Y' V f or-My . "N. 'Lg .f I l ., ' is D - With tennis starting second semester and the first matches scheduled for the first of March, tennis coaches Jim Faurot and Vicki Parker didn't have much time to get their varsity tennis team in shape. Practices were numerous and difficult. While the weather didn't permit outdoor practices, sixth hour and night practices in the gym were necessary to get the players in shape. Coach Faurot had only three returning starters, Terry Green, Brian Story and Jeff Vaughn. With not much depth or experience the outlook for the boys' team was not good, Faurot said. On the other hand, Coach Parker had six returning starters from last year, Shelly Mot- senbocker who placed second in the W2 singles being one. Others were Deanna Dixon, Katy Hansen, Liesa Hibbard, Susan Clark, and Marvina Lowry. With more experience, Coach Parker pro- jected that this year's team should be much stronger than last year's. Mrs. Vicki Parker instructs Shelly Motsenbocker on her backhand. Brian Story shows enthusiasm after a victory. Coach Jim Faurout uses his experience in helping Jeff Vaughn. Tennis. Front row: Shelly Motsen- bocker, Deanna Dixson, Marquerite Webb, Susan Clark, Leisa Hibbard, Katy Hansen. Back row: Jeff Vaughn, Leonard Morris, Terry Green, Brian Story, and Tobi Null. Nita Micue prepares the net for one of the upcoming matches. Terry Green's hard work starts even before practice. Susan Clark and Leisa Hibbard team up lor their doubles match. 188 Tennis o44,, 4 4 4,4-4,., 4 44444.4,4 4 444444444 4 4 4 4 4 , , 4 4 . , , 4 4 4 4 ...., 4.4..,, 4 .... 4. ,., 4.. ,. - 'M it 4. f I 4 4 -,Nga V maui.: J -ann- . E .4f""-4,, 4,-v4"" "4 4 4 . . 4,444 ' '-' '- ' ,,4lV K , f ' 1 ' 4f44"' ' .4 4. . A , ,, ,44. 4, ' 4 O 5 44, A 4. . A 8 V44 4,4 4 4 4 ,A l ,A . , 4 . 4 4 4 4, ' ,,,4,4f4 4 4 4 4 0-4 ' 4 .. 44 4 4 4 - 4 44 4-4 4 44 4 4 4 . 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 . 4 , 4. . 44 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 - Z 4 ,e 4 , 4,4 , 4 ,,4 .f- 4 , ' ' ,gf ,iq . , ..,..,,., 4 4 4 , . ' , : ff 'v ' ' .1 1 1 I . . , , 444 4 "f VN X I -plngqfx A X .rw A' Ki 1 1 4 'iw uf Al I I ...- Tennis - 189 1 4 Competing in the Mid-State conference is one problem for state golf teams, but not enough depth is an even bigger problem. General golf coach Harold Crosley was experiencing both this season. With the graduation of state medalist Jeff Baker, Coach Crosley realized there would be a thin amount of athletes on the course competing and those who did were very young. However, the longtime General coach was proud of his veteran trio of David Smith, Darrel McAllister and Greg Brooks. These three were expected to lead the Gen- eral golfers to such "tough" tournaments as the Mid-State, Regionals and the Metro- plex. Again to lead the swimming team was Coach John Savage. Leading from the water were Ken Leverett, the butterfly stroker, and Jeff Keester, state diving com- petitor. The two, along with John Molitor and Brian Suchy, are the best leaders on the team. David Smith erringa his way out of a water hole. Concentrating on lining up her putt, Marcia Whittington looks like a professional. Mike Damold rests up after a tough practice session. Swimming team. Front row: Andrew Wiley, Ray Emerson, Charles Brown, Gary Winn, Randy Hewitt. Row 2: Ken Leverett, Lisa Splawn, John Murcer, Mitchell Hyden, Jetf Keester, Steve Hartson. Flow 3: Monica Quick, Marilin Griffith, Shellie Kays, Debbie Craig, Anita Pannell, Stephenie Murray, Stephanie Medley, Lanette Neaty, Betsy Hillman, Jay Byrd, Laura Medley, Chris Wenthold, Tony Roach. Row 4: Morris Jones, Brian Suchy, John Muoghalu, John Molitor, Richtd Vasquez, Dorrie Jones, Skylar Kaya, Ray Harper, David Ingram. Not Pictured: Richard Wade, Rickey Wilson. Boys' Golf. Front Row: David Mlliamson, Ronnie West, Jeff Garland, Jay Byrd, Eric Clay. Roar 2: Gene Mundi, Greg Brooks, Darrel McAllister, Mike Damold, Bill Erwin, David Smith. Girls' Golf. Front Row: Angie Moody, Becky Storie, Ramona Espinosa, Jami Davis, Marcia Whittington. Row 2: Jana Thomp- son, Terry Miter. Jennifer Cannon, Brenda Cox, Colleen Prauea. Tony Roach finishes up on a 295 dive. Two members ofthe diving team plunge into the pool. of . , , 6' , . I 'T , .,y 8 N ff w' . .. I .fill W... ' l 5 1. hi-- f-,,, r .LW . .,.,. I Q .. .,,. iw fk Lf ..-Q.: of , .wg n g 2: as-...fg V3-'fffft 'rave " 111' E? t... .fa , 359151 , J 5 w'.' i 4 ., , I ,ga - A kv 13 Q is ,. Q .. get me E is .... r . L Sv.. .A ' A , .- it . f 6 Aret Q A N .Q lf' 'F S ,Q .. in , . .. A ' , ,..., 1' . -.Q f f ' .,,. ' '- ':': 1 .4:-m y-:s S H M fa- A Q fu ., In ky: :.kg . V it 1 K x - ll . fs E . 1 , of on ute. - Q W Amy .- ws,-4, x g M . ,,.. . K .og,x553,,,,M!AWh-kwgwlwy- WWF: f ' .--- 1 . Q, :Sit ,. . . ,V - ' -5 ":- , . .A ,V my -. , f tt.. 1 'ww lll'e::ll. -N swim .Nh MQW' -1 , e . . . :"i:3:Sk r my i ---- ,.. Q, ,3,::QV!::L5g:itz' ZW V, my . I wp N , . .. - - ,-t.y-:,g: Q- , sxswl ' S .ft .:.. Q ft .g.,St:. -.-.via .,,. our 190 Golf, Swimming 5 . .S 39 s,,,f,g A ffm QQ 6.45 Q D, of J . J' 5 A i . M ' x - ,f V 'II X .1 Y -5 H - ,x : , ,, -if Q 9 5' j' ,Z . ' up J' 4 f ,4 ,, ,fy . a.-, .. ' ' ' A g"" """"'S ' 54 A lf' if - , A ' , . M. Q- if F , -, . W - -H-""fg , - , ' - ' f If Y : " ,' Amt' ' ,fn V f' 5 fy 'f x . ,., ' ' Mfr ' '4 723 , Q 1 -2 ' a f I - 3 ,f- 3 7 '. K ,jf 'T 1 g I , iq '3 'fb J V Y Y EI Golf Swummnn9 191 f 1 . E as tw L . x IN. .54 - 1 , ,N We've come this lar, and gone the distance. We're in the home stretch. Only last minute arrange- ments are lelt. We present our ideas, and we win, but big. But it something goes wrong we are lost in the mazes forever. Donna Lunslord, merit scholar runner-up, decides where she will continue her edu- cation. Band scholar, Cindy Winter, types her entry tor state contest. Matt Standard land Jett Reeves battle it out lor the money while trying to decide the champion. Valedictorians Laura Farris and Carol Gardner lind a little time to powder their noses in between books. Tony Hernandez and his eight wheels reward him with a roomlul ol trophies. Diane Connell pol- ishes her "well-deserved" trophy alter winning a math contest. 192 Closing H., K WW .-sw.. 1 ,i 5 i .,, Ax .td :SL i'T2A A , -' 'f 1 fha, 9 .V X Q j R! 5, . 0: V' ,. ,..s W J, 'J' X ' in , I -'Q 5, , ai ,.,i f.y i W i -.Q-......4 0 1 lzq 07' ,I "' 'AJR A Viw-in 1-. H, 'ff 5 RA .' ,IQ Q 1 A .jf y f 1,9 4 M 1 ' 1 ,, .-. 'Qi 1.'w pf ,li 4 .5 fi." K' Pix .Hifi S fwfll- . 'Vu '-'gy-fl... ..N.,,.A. ,.., , X f ,.....,,...,.,x., , .., ir , vgwkmsa 0 Q, Q hh-1, . '+A --S'-fag Closing- 193 ,, , 'AY- 'ix' S I 11K RNN.. ie're armed for the battle, but not with guns. All we d are some pencils and a little imagination. If we 't use all things at our disposal we are at fault. If all instructors tail us, we have no one to turn to. ln the , the only munitions we needed was ourselves. 'ssa Malicoate types a letter in a matter of minutes with the new vriters. Eddie Sells and Don Staggs find a new way to play football e house! Randy Spradling decides he wants to save tonight's e for a later date. Kevin Rushing studies anatomy with a "new" eton? David Chambers finds his algebra class much easier with a :et calculator. Robert Lawrence becomes "muscle bound" ntly with the new weightlifting machines. V i s is his A i -iil itabi ,R --1 A x X sf- ' ' fvf 9 1 0 J f FL' ff-.f-N .Air .1 ,gs Xa , K .Wigan J . Q4 ,V Y' 'R' ' ' -X V V4Lw A v .,..1 J st xi ... I I A 1 , r .3 Six 5 - V . . ,' 1: M -x nz :zu E Closing ' 1 95 NEW GET ABOARD wr 50615- WMA no,-V s 196 CI 'g we Aka.. Xw 'Y L 4 4 rv: ,S B ...L , '- Mix- There's no turning back. We've made it this far. We're almost ahead of the rest. Then we lag behind. The future is just around the next bend. We reach out to grab it, and it is swept away. But in the end, our years at Grant were the turning point in our lives. Kelly Vandiver and Bryan Suchy reminisce on their high school days. Vicki Norris and Stephanie Mur- ray say "Get ready world, we're moving outl" Nancy Brown removes last reminders ot her senior year. Although Gailene Stephens has picked her general category, it's time to get down to business. Valerie Walker and her lull-time job at the bank meet up to "friendly" standards. Just as Nancy Eltinger reaches the top, she realizes it's only a new begin- ning. W . f .X ' ' 53 4' I .0 f , ,Q M . Q f . 3? f x f .,., f fat! ,. ..,.,. wi .ttgy W,,f' ., K Blig jjg4.gf"' Et., W J .MMA 'TW W- ,, ,fw s e f. l my , . if W 2 , x Us 'NN5 X Q I ig 5 2. A Y 3 if rl - A, l""4F , ' I ' -if ? ' f ' ,. if me N it A gf' K-X ...K-.4, "'M'9T3l'H'-? I Creamsands,SeIff,SeFV? I I 390 I S. Wesfern ! 63 I -6626 fbi III ' ' ll-I-ll' 0 C. d II XI, I i Q HlIIcres+ Drug I I1 C I' B 3 a gl lil, fb ' I ' punch and 7 T ' mono umm: nn im as I 1 Q 4 pu I 1: I' I. SW 59+I1 and Penn. 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Pharmacy ii? f"!'-7'f'i ssoos Penn Ati is - v: JA E . . 3Ol SOUTH WESTERN OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73I08 Furni+ure 8: Appliances OKLAHQMA NATIGNAL BANK and TRUST COMPANY T, a 3 sw.. vw . , .-4.' ' 9 .4 .nl if -F ig? 69 x if f - fm." T' - - l f l I ll 'l l voiufiusizzn. ,.N. Vl i a " F 3 1 i li iii in lilly 'A ' i ' L . ,. Y fm gawk 3 3 w i 732347373 2701 South Harvey, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 0 Phone l405J 2360581 Advertising 199 W, be ' flfwf, , ,,.f ,Wea , ,, 304 0 t I we ,f.:,,1 T nv, FORMAL Ama: 4 so SOUTHWEST CHIROPRACTIC CENTER E Dr. Ronald C. Goaf A comnfrf SELECTION OF THE NEWEST STYLES II4I SW 44+h ST. 405-634-1304 OKLAHOMA CITY, OK RES: 6'-7l 3430 5603 S. Wesfern 632-79I I 5 E 4 -1205 So..Pennsylval1ia Tel. 685-5597 A Res. 685-0330 OKLAHOMA CITY. OKLA. 73119 The NeHles Owners Cify Wide Delivery BiIIie's Foods 60l 6 200 ' Advertising f Q Y -. . 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James. jr., 46. 165 Allen, Terry, soph., 54,132, 165 Alstatt, Billy, jr.. 46, 127, 165, 167 Alstatt, Johnny, sr., 30 Alton, Anthony. jr., 46, 165 Alvarado, Sandy, soph,, 54, 55, B6 Anderson, Anthony, fr,, 62, 167 Anderson, Douglas, sr., 30, 127, 147, 165 Anderson, Keith, fr., 62, 116,127, 167 Anderson. Narita, soph., 54 Anderson, Tim, fr., 62, 127, 167 Andrews, Eugene, soph., 54 Andruchow, Bert, sr,, 72 Andruchow. Renee. soph., 54, 107, 132 Antwine, Nancy, soph.,54, 100 Apple. Mike, jr., 46 Arismendez, Michael, sr., 30 Armstrong, Loree, soph., 54, 107 Arnold, Stacey, fr., 62, 187 Arrowood, Sam, sr., 30 Austin, Brian, sr., 30 Austin, Kim, jr., 46, 127 Aynes, Valentina, soph., 54, 127 Bach, Curtis, sr., 30 Badgewell, Regina, lr., 62 Bailey, Captoria, jr., 46, 121 Baird, Coral, soph., 54 Baker, David, sr.. 97 Baker, Debbie, soph., 54 Baker, Kevin, sr., 30, 85, 155 Baker. Kevin, jr., 46 Baker, Michael, sr., 30, 102, 121 Baker, Sherry, lr., 62 Baldwin, Kendal, sr., 30 Ballard, Keith, soph., 54 Bane, Terri, sr., 30, 130,155 Banks, Cheryl, fr., 62 Barber, Alan, jr., 46 Barber, Jean, sr., 30 Barbour, Darren, lr., 62 Bardick, Renea, fr., 62 Barnes, Phyllis, sr., 30 Barrett, Junie. sr., 30 Barthell, Robin, sr., 30 Bart1,Joni,sr.,5,30,35, 112,121, 144 sam. Rouen. jr., 46 Barttett, Debbie, sr.. 30 Bateman, Ricky, sr., 30. 123, 127, 185 Bateman, Shawn, fr., 62 Bates. Mike, fr., 62 Baugus.Jeff,soph,.54,160,181,179,178 Bays. Carol, jr., 46 Bays, Tim, lr., 62, 167 Beaittie, Tony, fr., 62 Beasley, Tammie. jr.. 46 Beatty. Lanette, fr., 62 Beaty, Steve. soph., 54 Beeman, Bob, soph,, 54 B0lI.Clrl,f1., 62 BGII, Deneen, fr., 62 Bell, Johnnie, sr., 30, 39, 44, 123 Bell, Teri, sr,, 30, 102, 109 Bellah, Glenda, jr., 46 Belt. Brenda, soph., 54 Benefield, Dale, sr., 30 Benjamin. Deborah, sr., 30 Benson,Charlotte,sr.,30, 102,121,140 Bethel, Terri, soph., 54 Bibb, Scott, fr.,62,116 Binswagner. Becky, sr., 30, 122, 123 Binswanger, Cindy, soph., 54 Bivens, Freddy, sr., 30 Bivens, Nina, soph,. 54 Black, Jeff. fr., 62, 105 Black, Larry, soph., 54 Black, Linda, jr., 46, 17 Blackburn, Rhonda, jr., 46, 123 Blackwood. Greg, fr., 62 Blackwood, Roger, sr,, 76, 105 Index Blacklay, Alton, jr., 46, 72, 100, 109 Blackely, Denise, soph., 54, 116 Blakely, Donice, soph., 54, 119,183 BlBl'1C8n,RBl'1B,fY.,62 Blancett. Tammie, sr., 30 Bledsoe, Theresa, fr., 62 Blethrow, Wayne, soph., 54 Boatwright, Kim, soph., 54 Boggs, Christy, fr., 62, 107, 132 Bone, Margie, fr., 62 Booker, Rosalind, soph., 54 Boos, Steve, soph., 54 Borror, Melody, soph., 54, 1 16, 132 Borum, Kim, jr., 46 Bowens, Bobby, fr., 62 Bowles, Kristy, jr., 46,100,121,132 Bowman, Brian, sr., 30,94 Boyce,Dana,soph.,54,100,132,135 Boyd, Regina, jr,, 46, 102, 121 Boyd, Shane, fr., 62 Boyer, Kim, jr,, 46 Bradfield, Marcia, soph., 54 Bradford, Dedrick, soph., 54, 116, 127 Bradford, Derrick, soph., 54, 116 Brady, Laura, sr.. 30. 31, 106, 130, 155 Brashears, Jay, jr., 46 Bratcher, Janice, fr., 62 Bratcher, Joey, soph.. 54 Bray, Reba, soph., 54, 116 Brewer, David. fr,, 100 Brewster, Greg, soph,, 54 Brewster, Mark, jr., 46, 112 Bridges, Kevin, lr,, 62 Bridges, Robert, sr., 30 Bridgewater, Mary, jr., 46 Bridwell, Kay, soph., 54, 59, 109 Briggs, Briggs, Pattie, fr., 62 Sharon, sr., 30 Brinlee, Sherry, fr., 62, 132 Brocaw, Ricky, jr., 46 Brocaw, Tammy, fr., 62 Brock. Vanessa, jr., 119 Brooks, Greg, soph., 54, 17, 191 Brooks, Jackie, sr., 32 Brooks, Kim, sr., 17, 31, 32. 81, 102, 114 Brooks, Lisa, jr., 46 Brown, Billy, jr., 46 Brown, Charles, lr., 62, 190 Brown, Jane, sr., 32, 72, 100, 127 Brown, Jonni, soph., 54 Brown, Larry, sr., 32, 100 Brown, Lisa, jr., 46 Brown.Nancy,sr.,32,5,100, 102,148 Brown, Tammy, lr., 93 Browning, Russell, fr., 62, 167 Sherri, soph., 54, 127, 132 Bryan, Kevin, soph., 54 Bryant, Deborah, sr., 32, 116, 132,135 Bryant, Tim, soph., 54 Buford, Tina, sr., 32, 121 Buie, Richard, soph., 54 Burdick, Tony, soph., 54 Burgess, Angie, soph., 54 Burkhalter, Ester, jr,, 46 Burleson, Beverly, jr., 46, 130 Burns, Bryan, soph., 54 Burrows, Vince, fr., 62 Burrows, William, fr., 62 Burton, Cecillia, soph., 54 Buster, Alisa, jr., 46 Butler, Butler, Byerly, Byerly, Lisa, jr., 46 Teresa, soph., 54 Rhonda, sr., 32, 9 Steven, fr., 62 Byers, Pam, lr., 62. 64 Byers, Randall, sr., 32, 94 Byers, Velma, soph., 54, 116 Byrd, Cynthia, soph., 54 Byrd, Cynthia, fr., 62 Byrd,Jay,soph.,54,94,190,191 Byrd, Jesse, sr., 32, 114 C Cagle, Curtis, jr., 46, 76 Cagle, Steve, jr., 46 Caldwell, Lester, sr.. 32 Caldwell, Marla, soph., 54 Campbell, Julie, sr.. 32 Campbell, Randy, soph., 54 Cannon, Barbara, sr., 32, 44, 122, 123 Cannon, Jennifer, fr., 62, 127, 191 Cantrell, Kyle, fr., 62, 167 Cantwell, Mark, jr., 76 Capshaw, Michelle, soph., 54, 116 Carlson, Char, fr., 62 Carlson, Don, soph., 54, 107 Carpenter, Rhonda, jr., 46 Carpenter, Tracy, jr., 46 Carr, Mike, fr., 62, 90 Carr, Zelda, soph., 54 Carrick, Kim, fr., 62 Carrick, Mike, soph., 54, 81 Carroll, Janice, sr., 32, 81, 121 Carson, Teresa, fr., 62 Carter, Cindy, soph., 54 Carter, Craig, sr., 32, 123 Carter, Scott, sr., 32, 114 Cartwright, Kim, sr., 32, 33 Carver, Robert, jr., 46 Casey. Lynn, jr., 46 Casky, Penny, sr., 32.93, 125 Casy. Alan. soph., 55, 187, 196 Catlege, Randy, sr., 32 Ceasar, Rodney, fr., 62, 167 Ceaser, Twyla, jr., 46 Chambers, David, jr., 46 Chambers, Mike, soph., 55 Chambers, Myra. soph., 55 Chambers, Robert, sr., 32 Chance, Lila, sr., 1 Chappelear, Pilar, fr.. 62, 107 Chappell, Eddie, soph., 55 Chavez, Ruddy, jr., 46, 75 Cheuvront, Kim, sr., 13, 32. 36, 120 Chick, Myron, fr., 62 cniiaers, Betty, soph., 55, 1oo, 132 Childers, Mathew, soph., 121 Childs, Cathy, jr., 46, 17, 107, 112, 116, 121 Chipman, Fonda, soph., 55, 120 Chody,AlIison,fr,,62,132 Choate, Judy, soph., 55 Choate, Phillis, lr., 62 Clark, Billy, soph., 55 Clark, Darlene, lr., 62 Clark, Dennis, soph., 55 Clark, Jeff, jr., 46, 1 Clark, Kim, fr., 62 Clark, Susan. soph., 55, 106, 107, 189 Clay, Eric, jr., 46, 49,104,105,191 Clay,Sue,soph.,55, 100, 116, 132,183 Clayton, Lisa, sr.. 33, 121 Clifton, Greg, lr., 63, 167 Cloud, Kara, jr., 46 Coffey, Jim, sr., 33, 102 Coffey, Mike, soph., 55 Cogburn, Sandra, sr., 33, 102,132 Coggins, Roger, fr., 63 Coker, Kandi, fr., 63 Coker, Michelle, jr., 46, 111 Coker, Rhoda, soph., 55, 132 CoIber1,PameIa.Soph.,127 Coleman, Don, soph., 55 Coleman, Randy, fr,, 63 Conley, Kelley, fr., 63 Connalis. Cory. soph., 55 Co'rgrgell,Diane,sr.,33,79,102,105,130, Coodey, Billy, lr., 63 Cook, Celia, jr., 46, 53 Cook, Jeff, soph., 55 Cook, Shelly, sr., 33 Cooper, Abram, jr., 46 Cooper, Adrianne. jr., 46, 116, 119, 182 Cooper, Debbie, sr., 33 Coeager, Linda, soph., 55, 100. 127, 132, 1 Coover, Craig, jr., 46 Copner, Kenneth, soph., 55 Coppedge, Tina, sr., 33 Corey, Frank, soph., 55, 111 Cory. Tyler, fr., 63 Cosgrove, Bobby. soph., 55, 116 Couch, Elizabeth, jr., 7, 46 Covel, Gary, soph., 55 Cox, Brenda, fr., 63. 105, 132, 191 Cox, Kim, sr.,44, 122, 123 Cox, Phillip, fr., 63 Cox, Scott, fr., 63 Craig, Debbie, fr., 63, 132, 190 Crain, Sandy, fr., 63, 62, 100, 107, 114 Cravens, Betsy, jr., 46, 131 , 130 Crawford, Faith. fr., 63, 66. 68 Creed, Jayne, fr., 63 Cripps, Cindy, jr., 125 Crist, Carol,jr.,46, 17, 125 Crowder, Kenneth, sr., 33, 10 Crowder, Roy, sr., 33 Crownover, Floyd, sr., 33 Crutchfield, Patrick, fr., 63 Cunningham, Robert, lr., 63 Curry,Cathy,jr.,102,105, 112,114,116 Curry, Relda, fr., 63 Curry, Tobi, soph., 55 Curtis, Karen, soph., 55, 132, 135 D Dalley, Karla, soph., 55 Daniels, Ray, fr., 63 Darnold, Mike, sr., 33, 111, 121, 147, 190. 191 Darragh, Chuck, soph., 55 Davidson, Alisha, soph., 55, 119, 183 Davis, Dee Ann, sr., 43, 89, 100, 102, 114, 121,160,161 Davis,Jami,jr,,46,51, 132,191 Davis, Jerry, sr., 33, 127, 154, 165 Davis, Jimmy, sr., 33, 75 Davis, Lee, soph., 55, 127 Davis, Marcia, soph., 55, 132, 138 Davis, Scott. sr., 33, 79, 114 Davis, Shannon, fr., 63, 64, 186 Davis, Stephanie, sr., 33 Davis, Tom, lr., 63, 105 Demaree. Matt,1r., 63, 167 Dirggter, Todd, sr., 33, 7, 114, 121, 179. Depel, Allen, soph., 55 Deveny, Janet, lr., 63, 105 Deveny, Terry, lr., 63 Dewberry, Bruce, sr., 33 Diaz, Mary Lou, jr., 46, 72, 105, 107 Dickinson, Sharla, sr.. 33 Dickson, Kenneth, fr,, 63 Dindy, Carletta, jr., 46 Dinse, Carolynne, soph., 55 Dixon, Detra, fr., 63 Dixon, Keith, soph., 56, 17, 165, 187 Dixson, Deana, sr., 33, 75, 189 Doakes, Wilfred, soph., 56 Dobson, Greg, sr., 33 Dolph, Kenny,jr., 47 Dooley, Kristi, fr., 63, 105, 132 Downard, Tami, soph., 56, 59 Downard, Tari, sr., 33, 112 Drake, Joe Dean. soph., 56 Dressler, Jeanne, sr., 33, 89, 100, 114 Dudley, Anita, fr., 63, 62 Duford, Lisa, soph., 56 Duford, Randy, jr., 47 Dunn, David, soph., 56 Duree, Dilwyn, soph,, 56, 109, 123 Durham, Lenora, sr,, 33 Durham, Richard, jr., 47 E Eastridge, Kyle, soph., 56 Ebert, Tom, soph., 56, 180, 181, 165, 179, 178 Echelle, Michelle, jr., 47, 53, 100, 1 14, 131, 130 Eddington, Donna, fr., 63 Edwards, David, jr., 47 Edwards, Tom, jr., 47, 114, 127 Effinger,Nancy,sr.,31,33,102,105,121 Elders, Chantal, fr., 63, 132 Elders, Karen, fr., 63 Ellis, Delorestine, sr., 42 Ellis, Jeanine, soph., 56 Ellis, Mike, soph., 56 EIrod,Carol,Sr.,33,13,82,102,114 Elrod, Stephen, lr., 64 Emerson, Don, sr., 33 Emerson, Ray, jr., 47, 190 Emerson, Ronda, jr,, 47, 132, 135 England, Charfes, soph., 56 Erwin, Bill, soph., 56, 191 Espinosa, Paula, lr., 68 Espinisa,Ramona,sr.,33,183,191 Etris, Darrell, soph., 56, 123 Eustice, Danny, fr., 64 Eustice, Tom, sr., 123 Evans, Barry,jr., 17.102 Ewald, Edward, sr., 33. 7, 102, 105 Ewald, Janice, jr., 47, 121, 127 Ewald, Richard, soph., 56 ' F Fairchild, Rhonda, soph., 56. 90 Fankboner, Richard, soph., 56 Fankboner, Ron, jr., 47 Index ' 205 Marx, S l L 206 - Index Fansler, Cindy, soph., 56 Farmer, Arlisa, jr., 47 Farrell, Carmen, lr , 64, 107 Farrell, Craig, sr., 34, 102, 106 Farris, Lavra, sr , 34, 5, 100, 102, 105 Feland, Tamra, sr., 34, 75 Ferguson, Greg, sr ,34, 179, 178 Fielder, John, fr., 64 Fielder, Ronnie, fr., 64, 167 Fielder, Tommy, fr., 64 Finch, Cindy, soph., 55, 56, 90, 129 Finley, Joni, jr ,47, 141 Fish, Steve, soph., 56, 114 Fitzpatrick, John, nf, 64 Fletcher, Beverly, sr,, 34, 109 Florence, Brent, soph., 56, 85 Flowers, Sam, jr., 47 Floyd, Sheree, jr., 47, 100, 112, 121, 123. 132 Foley, Diana, soph, 55, 56, 89. 119, 132, 156, 183 Force, Gussie, jr., 47 Ford, Mark, jr,, 47, 93 Forman, Deena, sr , 34, 102 Forshee, Charlotte, fr., 64, 81 Forshee, Randall, sr , 34 Foster, Carmie, sr., 34 Hainey, Ty, fr., 64, 127 Hall, Ben, soph., 57 Hall, Brian, sr,, 34 Hall, David, fr., 64, 100 Hall, Keith, jr,, 48, 100 Hall, Laura, soph., 57 Hall, Saundra, sr., 34, 109, 121 Hallman, Candace, soph., 57, 127 Hamm, Terry, fr., 64, 167 Hammontree, Billy, sr., 10, 180, 181, 178 Hampton, John, fr., 64 Hanks, Karen, fr., 64 Hanks, Vickie, jr., 48, 132 Hansen, Katy, soph., 100, 132, 189 Harding, Jackie, soph., 57, 116 Harmon, Troy, sr., 34 Harn, Bonnie, sr., 36, 127, 154, 102 Harper, Darla, soph., 55, 57, 127, 132, 154 Harper, Kristy,jr., 48, 127,132 Harper, Kathy, sr ,34,1O0 Harper, Kristy, sr., 36, 100 Harper, Ray, fr., 64, 190 Harris, Doretha, sr., 36 Harris, Janet, fr., 64 Harris, Lisa, sr., 35. 36, 132, 138 Harris, Mark, soph., 57 Huckabay, Myles, jr., 48 Huckaby, Jane, soph., 57, 60 Huckaby, Julie, soph ,57, 60 Huddleston, Rickey, jr., 48, 123 Huddleston, Tommie, soph., 116 Hudson, Marla, jr., 48 Hudson, Melana, fr,, 65. 68 Huffman, Jackie, sr., 36, 119, 112, 158,159 Huffman, Kelli, fr., 130 Hughes, Kennette, sr., 35, 36, 100, 120, 121 Hughes, Melody, jr., 48 Hulin, Sammy, fr., 65 Human, John, soph., 57 Humphries, Cynthia, sr., 37 Hurst, Kim, soph., 57, 116, 132 Hutton,Deedra,sr,,37,14,130,155 Hyden, Rhonda, fr., 65 Hytchye, Calvin, jr., 48, 165 ldlett, Rhonda, fr., 65 Ingram, David, lr,,65, 190 Ingram, Karen, jr., 48, 86, 105 Ingram, Kristie, fr,, 65 Foster, Henry, fr , 64 Foster, Lawrence, fr., 64, 167 Fouty, Anna, sr ,34, 97 Fowler, Robin, soph., 56 Fox, Ka Frazier. Frazier, thy,jr.,47,109 Bill,jr,,47,165 Bryant, sr., 34 Frazier, James, jr , 47 Frazier, Frazier, Karen,soph.,126,127 Michael, sr., 34 Frederick, Sherri, sr., 34, 44, 123 Freeman, Donald, lr , 64 Freeman, Marvin, jr,, 141 Freeman, Tony, soph ,56 Gage, Russell, soph , 56,59 Galbreath,Dijural,soph ,56,119, 183 Galbreath,Lauretha,jr.,47,126,127,130 Galbreth, Regina, sr , 34 Garcia, Denise, soph , 56 Garcia, Mary, tr,, 62 Gardner, Carol. sr , 34, 100, 102, 105 Garland, Jeff, lr., 64, 191 Garrett, Terry, soph ,56, 165 Genn, Pam, sr , 34 Geopfert, Kelli, sr ,34, 76, 102 George, Kevin, sr., 34 Gibson, David, soph ,56, 60, 179,178 Gibson, Leisha,sr ,34,44, 112 Gibson,Sherri,sr,,34,125,127 GibS0l'l, Tony,jr.,47,155 Gilliam, Demetri, tr ,64, 62 Gilliam, Kim, sr,, 34, 125 Gilliam. Mark, sr., 34, 165, 164 Gilliam, Tony, soph., 57 Gillin, Kathy, sr., 34 Glasper, Excel, lr ,64 Glass, Jannie, jr., 127, 132, 47, 82 Glover, Ted. sr ,34 Godwin, Greg, soph., 57 Goins, Tony, soph., 57 Gonshor, Jerry, sr , 34, 5, 164, 165 Gonshor, John, jr., 47, 5, 123, 166 Gooding, Jana, fr , 64, 114, 132, 156 Goodmiller, Kevin, jr., 47, 165 Goodson, Lonny, sr, 34, 123 Gowens, Stacy, jr., 47, 49, 119, 183 Gracey. Greg, fr., 64, 167 Graham, Brett, fr., 64 Grant, Tommy, jr., 47, 89, 132 Grant, Todd, soph., 57, 93 Grav, Donna, soph., 57 Grau, Sandy. jr , 47 Gray, Angela, soph ,57,100 Gray, Holly, fr., 64 Gray, Robin, jr,, 47 Green, Richard, fr., 64 Green, Tammy, jr., 47, 132, 156 Green, Terry, sr ,34, 14, 189 Green, Wendell, jr., 48 Griffeth, Matt, fr ,64 Griffin, Mike. sr., 34, 111, 165 Harris, Maude, soph., 57 Harrison, Kelly, soph., 57, 127 Hartson, Mike, jr., 48, 81, 102, 105, 114 Hartson, Steve, sr., 36, 102, 107, 190 Haskins, Randy, jr., 48 Hatridge, Robert, tr., 64 Hatson, Steven, sr., 107 Hawkins, Ronnie, sr., 36 Hayes, Danny, sr., 36 Hayes, Jackie, fr., 65, 62, 66, 157 Hayes, Regina, tr., 65 Haywood, Calvin, jr., 48 Hazelrigg,Brent,sr.,35,36, 114,165 Hearon, Linda, jr., 48 Heath, Lorie, jr., 48, 102 Hebert, Alice, soph., 57, 132, 105 Hefner, Tana, jr., 48, 75, 119, 183 Hefner, Tracy, fr., 65 Helmel, Tony, jr., 48 Hemmerling, Cynthia, fr,, 65 Henderson, Larry, sr., 36 Henderson, Randy, soph., 57 Henry, Carl, sr., 7, 42, 161 Hensley, Cindy, soph., 57 Hensley, David, jr ,48 Hensley, Jason, jr., 48, 79, 107, 155 Hensley, Jill, soph., 57, 105 Hernandez, Louis, jr., 48 Hernandez, Michael, sr.. 36 Hernandez, Tony, soph , 57 Herrin, Candace, soph., 57, 127 Hewett, Deanna, fr., 65, 132 Hewett, Randy, fr., 65, 190 Hewitt, Tony, sr., 36, 127, 165 Hibbard,Leisa,soph.,57, 132, 188,189 Hibdon, Debbie, jr., 48, 121 Hicks, Bernard, fr., 65, 64 Hicl5Z,Carla,jr.,48,82,100,102,121,127 Higgins, Connie, jr., 48, 123 Highsmith, Jamie, jr., 48 Hill, Darryl, fr., 65, 167 Hill, David, soph., 57 Hill, Mark, fr,, 65 Hill, Veronica, lr,, 65 Hillman, Betsy, fr,, 65, 107, 190 Hillman, Sandra, jr., 48, 105 Hillman, Steve, soph, Hise, Mark, jr., 48, 72, 106 Hoard, Gloria, sr ,36, 75, 100, 102, 109 Hodgin, David, fr., 65 Holcomb, Edith, fr , 65 Holggn, Melinda, soph, 55, 57, 127, 132, Holden, Virginia, sr., 36, 107 Holloway, Shelley, jr., 48, 102 Honea, Darla, fr., 65 Hood. Steve, sr .36 Hook, Phillip, sr., 36, 180, 165, 179 Hook, Rhonda, jr ,48, 114, 116, 132, 135. 157, 183 Hopkins, Teresa, sr., 36, 89, 156 Horton, Mark, soph., 57 Horton, Tracy, jr., 48, 105 House, Annette, jr , 48 House, Annette, sr., 36, 132 Ingram, Mike, jr., 48, 126 Irving, Tom, jr,, 48 Isbell, Kim, jr., 48 Jackson Jackson Jackson ,Tim, soph., 57 . Todd, sr., 37 Jackson, Jackson. Jackson, J .Glenda,soph.,57,107,127 Laquitte, jr,, 48 Michelle, lr , 65, 100, 114 Ray, jr., 48 Kramer, Peggy, sr , 37, 2, 123 Kreig, Colleen, Ir,, 65 Kuczwanski, Carol, soph , 57 Kiczwanskl, Robbin, fr., 65 Kuehne, Ladd, sr., 37 L Lake, Lael, soph., 57, 132 Lamb, Steve, soph., 57 Lambeth, Kristie, sr ,37, 130, 144, 155 Lambeth, Ronny, sr ,37 Lane, Regina. soph ,57 Langston, Mary, soph, 57, 14 Langston, Suzanne, lr , 130 Lanham, Brad, soph , 57 Lanham, Tina, fr., 65 Larve, Tim, jr., 48 Lasky, Janet, sr., 109 Lathrop, Rhonda, jr , 48 Lawrence, Darnell, jr ,49, 123 Lawrence, Larnell, jr , 49 Lawrence, Robert, sr ,37, 147, 148, 164, 165,166 Le, Duc, jr., 49, 109 Leach, Denise, jr,, 49, 102, 107, 1 12 Ledlord, Mike, soph ,57, 100 Lee, Renee, soph , 57, 116 Lehman, Kenny, fr., 65 Leimer, Natalie, soph , 57, 17, 127, 132 Leonard, Eric, jr., 49 Leonard, Jeanne, jr ,49, 100, 102, 127 Leonard, Steve, soph , 58 Leonard, Steve, soph , 58 LeVadilis, Vickey, jr., 123 Leverett, Ken, jr., 49, 190 Lewis, Sandy, fr., 65 Liles, Gayla, fr ,65 Jecquent, Jana, sr., 37 Jacobs, Coye, soph., 9 James, Terri, sr., 37, 109 James, Vikki, jr., 48, 53, 75, 130 Janway, Kenny, sr., 37, 179, 178 Janway, Tracy, soph , 57, 17 Jaye, Deborah, soph , 57 Jefferson, Lauri, soph ,55,57,109,114, 116.183 Jenkins, Robin, sr,, 37, 9 Jenks, Janet, sr ,37 Lindsay, Mark, soph., 58 Lindsey, Danny, fr., 65 Lindsey, Greg, jr,, 49, 107, 165 Lindsey, Jeff, jr , 49 Lindsey, Kathy, soph ,58, 130 Lindsey, Marti, jr., 49, 100, 102, 105, 130 Link, David, fr., 65, 64. 167 LlS9l'lD9 ry, David, soph., 58 Litterell, Candy, sr., 37, 102 Litterell, Jerry, soph .58 Johnson. Johnson. ,Carri, soph , 57 Johnson. Johnson. , Gary, lr., 65, 167 Johnson Johnson Johnson. Johnson. Adriana, fr , 127 Barbara, jr., 48 Clarice, sr , 37, 100, 102 Clark, jr., 48, 165, 164 Keith, fr,, 65 Richard, sr , 37 Jones, Kevin, soph., 57. 116 Jones, Linda, jr ,48,107 Jones, Monte, soph ,57 Jones, Morris, jr., 48, 190 Jones, Randy, fr., 65 Jones, Randy, tr , 65 .109,161 Griffin, Sherry, soph ,57,100 Griffith, Carolyn, fr., 64 Griffith, Marilyn, lr ,64, 114, 190, 167 Groves, Tina, jr., 48, 123, 122 Grubbs, Charles, soph., 57 Houston, Robert, jr , 18 Howard, Avery, fr., 65, 167 Howard, David, fr., 65, 167 Howard, Kelli, soph., 55, 57, 100, 107 Howard, Rhonda, jr., 18, 102, 127 Howery , Laura, jr , 13, 48, 53, 132 Hubbard, April, soph , 57 Hubbard, Katie, sr , 36 Hubbard, Rhonda, jr., 48 Jones, Robert, soph., 57, 75 Jones, Tramale, soph., 57 Jones, Wilson, tr , 65 Jordan, Janna, fr ,65, 64 Judge, Lisa,jr , 48 Julian, Pam, sr ,37, 2, 102, 121 Julian, Tammy, sr , 37, 112, 158 K Kays,ShelIie,fr,65,100,107,190 Kays,Skyler,fr,,65,190 Keasler, Buster, sr , 37, 89, 114, 165, 164. 179,178 Keasler, Tim, soph., 57 Keeton, Carla, fr , 65 Keester,Jeft,sr,,37,97,190 Kellerman, John, fr ,65 Kelly, Dorinda. soph , 57, 127 Kelly, GalI,jr , 48,93, 124, 125 Kerford, George, jr.. 48 Kicklightner, Daniel, jr., 48 Kidd. Gary, jr , 48 King, Bobbie, sr., 37 King, Lenny, jr ,48 Kirk, Mark, fr,, 65 Kirkpatrick, Jimmy. soph , 57 Kling, Kristy, sr., 37 Knapp, Ricky, sr., 37, 1, 114, 102, 165 Knost, Julie, sr ,37, 130 Knost, Trent, soph., 61 Knowles, Diana, sr., 35, 37. 85, 126 Koci, Paula, fr., 65, 2 Koelsch, Mike, sr., 37 Konechney, Darren, jr ,48 Kopycinski, Patricia, sr , 37 Kramer, Kenneth, jr ,48 Littlejohn, Bobby, soph ,58, 76 Littlejohn, Teresa, soph , 58 Logan, Kirk, soph ,58 Logan, Van, sr ,37, 164, 178 Logston,Mike,sopri,58.116, 186 Logston, Mitch, soph , 58, 186 London, Derrick, fr , 65 Longnecker, Gina, jr , 49 Longnecker, Tina, fr ,65, 105 Longnell, Helen, sr , 37, 107, 127, 132, 154 Lookabaugh, Cindy, sr , 37, 102, 112, 158 Lorentz, David, tr , 65 Lowder, Janice, sr , 38 Lowry, Marvina, soph ,58 Lunsford, Donna, sr ,38, 79, 100, 102, 105 114,116 Lyon, Rex,jr .49 Macer, John, fr ,65 Maddox, Karol, soph., 57, 130 Mahler, Terry, fr., 65, 191 Major, Robin, jr., 49, 138 Malicoate,Garla,tr ,65, 127,132 Malicoate, Vanessa, jr., 49, 75, 100, 102. 121 Malone, Anita, fr., 62 Malone Manek. Marble. y. Steve, jr., 49 Tony, jr., 49 Beverly, sr., 38, 119, 182, 183 Marks, Mike, sr , 38 Marley, Glenda, sr ,9, 38 Marley, Martina, lr , 65 Marlon, Jimmy, fr.. 65 Martin, Alan, jr , 49, 116, 165 Martin, Charlie, jr , 49 Martin, Lonnie, sr ,33 Martin, Martin. Melody, jr , 49, 102, 121, 132 Regina,jr , 49 Marx, Danny, jr ,49, 51 tephen, sr , 38, 94 Mason, Ber1hina,soph,, 58, 100 Masters, Brad, soph , 58 Mastin, Tony, sr ,38, 114, 102 Mathews, Gary. soph., 58 Mathis, Debbie, fr., 65 Mathis, Florence, sr ,38,102,123 Mauldin, Gary, jr., 49 Maxwell, Leslie, sr , 38 Maxwell, Marsha. soph , 58, 157 Simpson 7 ayerhoeler, Jill, sr., 38 aynard, Charlie, sr , 127 aynard,Lorle,1r ,65 edley, Laura, soph., 58, 130, 190 edley.Stephan1e,tr.,65, 109,132,190 eek, Wesley, soph , 58 eler, Wanda, lr ,65, 107, 132 elvln, Scott, jr., 49 elvln, Teresa, sr , 38 j elvln, T1m,lr., 14,65, 167 ercer, Anna, tr,, 66, 127 ercer, John, lr., 127, 190 lcue, Nita, jr., 49, 132, 189 idgelt,Joe,sr,33,38,111, 122,123 idgett, Teresa, lr ,66 ikeman, Kip, sr , 38 iller, Chris, lr., 64 iller, Debbie, soph., 58 lller, Devonne, lr,, 66 Miller, James, soph., 58 Miller, Kelly, jr., 49, 105, 121 Miller, Walter, soph., 58, 187 Minton, Douglas, tr., 66 Miskowsky, Rusty, sr , 38,94 Mitchell,Lanzel,tr,,66,167 Molet, David, jr , 46, 49, 165 Molet, John, sr , 38 Molet,Shelley.soph.,5B,117 Molitor, John, soph , 58, 190 Molzet, Charles, jr., 72 Monkress, Terri, tr ,66 Moody, Angela, lr , 66, 127, 191 Moore, April, tr , 64, 66 Moore, Charnelle, soph ,58, 116 Moore, John, sr., 49 Moore, Juan, sr ,38 Moore, Kemp, soph , 58 Moore. Lisa, tr., 66 Mora, Silvia, sr , 33, 38 Morgan, Phyllis, sr ,38,114, 121 Morgan, Sharon, sr , 31, 38 Morgan, Theodore, jr., 49 Morphis, Gay, sr ,38, 44, 112, 122, 123. 152,153 Morris, Leonard. jr ,49,82,85,126, 154, 189 Morrison, Bessie, sr ,38 Morrison, Kristy, lr ,66 Morrissey, Micheal, soph , 58 Moses, Lezll, jr , 49, 116 Mosher, Mark, sr., 38, 72 Mosley, Selonda, sr., 107 Moss, Alan, jr , 50 Mosshart, Margaretta, soph , 58 Motsenbocker, Shelley, sr., 38, 188, 189 Mowles, David, soph ,58 Mulllnax, Michelle, jr , 50 Mulllngs, Kim, sr , 38, 124, 125 Mulzel, Charles, jr., 72 Mulzet, Robert, lr ,66 Mundt,Gene,jr.,50, 102,191 Mundt, James, lr ,66, 105 Muno, Dana, lr., 66 Muno, Diana, tr , 66 Muoghalu, Elizabeth, soph., 58 Muoghalu, John, tr ,66, 190 Murray, Jimmy,jr ,50, 123 Murray, Stephanie, jr ,50,190 Murray, Stephanie, sr., 38, 107, 109 Musgrove, Terri, soph ,58, 117 Mustain, Larry, soph., 58, 127 Myers, Donna, sr ,38, 123 Myers. Rhonda, jr , 50 Mc McAllster, Darrell, jr., 50, 191 MCAIISIGY, Laurie, lr , 66 McAllister.Richard,lr,66,167 McCathern, David, jr , 50 McCathern,Tlm,sr ,33,38, 121, 165,164 McCathren, Cindy, soph , 58 McClukln, Jann, sr ,38 McColn, Karen,jr ,1,50,114 McCornack, Rodney, jr., 13 McCowen, Candy, sr ,38, 102, 184, 186 McCoy, Curtis, lr., 66 McCoy, Tammy, jr , 50 McCune, Laura, lr ,66, 17, 132 McDaniel, Dlane,lr ,66,132 McDaniel, Janet, sr , 38. 9, 127, 132 McDonald, Sherry, lr , 66 McDougal, Bobby, lr., 66, 64 McDougal, Brian, sr ,40, 105, 181, 165, 167,178 McDowell, Ronald, sr ,40 Mclntlre, Dinah, sr , 40 McKee, Jett, jr ,50, 165 McKnight, Reba, soph ,58 McLaughlin, Richard, jr , 50 McNabb, Sherr1,soph , 58 McNees, Dana, jr., 50, 121, 132 N Nall, Christopher, jr., 50 Nance, Jimmy, jr., 50, 127 Nance, Lori, sr ,40, 111 Napier, Teresa, sr., 40, 111 Navarrow, Lisa, lr , 66 Navarro, James, jr., 50 Neal, Eleanor, sr ,40 Neal, Linda, soph , 58 Lanette, Neaty, 190 Neighbors, Michael, lr , 66 Nelson, Jell, jr., so Nelson, Marlon, soph ,58 Netherton, Jett, lr., 66 Newport, Terri, sr., 40, 123 Newtoniinda, soph ,58, 59 Nichols, Darla, jr , 50, 105 Nichols, Debra, soph ,58 Noble, Candi, lr ,66 Noble, Jana. sr ,40, 82 Nukes, Jett, sr., 40, 7, 102, 107, 111, 112. 114,158 Norris, Vlckle, sr , 40, 107 Norton, Johnny, lr., 66 Null, Tobl, jr., 50, 114, 132, 189 Nunez, Debbie, lr ,66 Nunez, Mark, soph, 58 Nunley, Dawn, soph , 58 Nunley, Vivian, jr , 50 O Oaks, Steve, soph , 58 Oberg, Cathy, soph ,58, 98 O'Daniel, Pamela, sr ,40, 124, 125 Ogg, Linda, jr ,50, 100, 102, 104, 105 Onguner, Adonna, lr ,66, 132 Otten, Billy, lr., 66 Orange, Nadine, soph ,58, 98 Orr, Anlta, jr ,40 Orr, Resa, jr ,50, 132, 134 Ortlz, Debbie, soph ,72,105,120,l21 OY:lg5LlS3, soph , 55, 57, 58, 97, 109, 1 16, Ortlz,She1la,tr ,66 Osborn, Tracy, soph , 58 Ortiz, Debra, jr , 50 Ortiz, Joe, jr , 50 Otley, Janice. sr ,40,123 Outlaw, Steve, soph ,58 Pollard, Marcus, jr,, 51, 100 Pollard, Toni, soph., 58, 82 Porter, Susan, jr., 51 Pollock, Gene, lr., 66, 62 Pottor, Donna, soph., 58 Potter, Tammie, jr., 51 Powell, Bobby, soph , 59, 123 Powell, Jerry, jr., 123 Powell, Ronny, sr , 41 , 94 Pratt, Laketa, jr, 51 Prause,Collen,tr,191 Preston, Tammy, sr ,41, 102 Prlbble, Paula, lr,, 66, 126, 127 Price, Joe, soph., 59 Price, Karen, lr , 126 Price, Stephanie, lr ,66, 107, 127, 154 Pritchard, Ronnie, soph ,59,100,112,116 Proctor, Dennis, sr ,41, 165 Q Quick, Monica, lr,, 66, 190 Quinlan, Kelly, soph , 59 R Ragsdale,Kellle,lr.,66,132 Ralden,Nancy.soph,59,127 Ross, Terry,jr,, 51 Ross, Tony, lr ,66, 186 Rotrock, Jay, soph , 59, 114, 123 Rowland, Charles, sr., 41 , 5, 161 Rozln,Sharna,soph,55,59,102,104,105, 132 Rozin, Spencer, sr ,41, 187, 186 Rozzell, Sabra, jr , 51 Rudlger, Cassie, jr ,51, 125 Rudlger, Larry, lr ,66, 105, 107 Rule, Annette, soph ,59 Rushing, Kathy, sr , 41 Rushing,Kevln,sr,42,105, 107,109,114 Russell, Darla, sr ,42, 86 Rutledge, Brent, jr , 49, 51 , 93 Rutledge, Je11,jr , 165 Ruyle, Robin, sr , 42, 1, 102, 121, 157 Ruyle, Ronnie, soph,, 59 Ryan, Karen, jr., 51, 124 Ryan, Mark, lr , 67, 167 Ryan,Shelee,s0ph ,59,79, 116,132 S Sackett, Rhonda, lr , 132 San Antonio, Becky, jr , 51, 75, 130 San Antonio. Frank, lr ,67, 167 Sampson, Mike, sr ,42, 112 Sanders, Duron, lr ,67 Rains, Bobby, sr., 41 Rains, Donna, soph , 59 Rains, Edward, soph , 59 Rains, Sherri, jr , 51 Rains, Stacy, jr , 51 Ramlrez, Fernando, sr , 41 Ramsey. Gregg, sr., 41 Ramsey, Joe, tr., 66 Ramsey, Randall, jr , 51 Randolph, Sidney, sr ,41 Rankin, Ray, De David. soph , 59 bble, soph ,59 Ray, Karen, jr , 51 Rea, Steve,jr ,51 Reddish, Cherie, lr , 66 Reece, Cheryl, sr ,41, 102 Reece, Randy, soph ,59 Reed, C Reeder. Reeves, Reeves, Reeves. Reeves, Reeves. Reeves. indy,sr,33,41,123 Cheryl, sr ,41 Carrie, sr ,41, 76, 102 Hank, soph , 59 Jetl,jr,51,165 Karen,jr ,51 Marvln,lr ,66,167 Vonda,jr,,51,123 .100,102,105,127,132 ,100,102,105,127,132 Owens. Mike, lr ,66 Owrey, David, lr , 66 P Palmer, Bruce, sr , 167 Palmer, Zackary, jr , 50 PannelI,Anita,lr,66,107,132,190 Paprlch, Chris, soph ,58 Parish .LaDonna, sr , 119, 50 Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Annette, sr , 50, 107, 127 Janice, sr , 50, 125 L1sa,sr,40,107 Michelle, sr ,50, 100, 102, Parks, Brian, sr , 40 Parks, Jell, soph , 58, 104, 105 114,132 Parks, LaDonna, jr , 51, 107 Parrish, LaDonna, jr ,51,183,184 Parlon,Vald1na, sr ,40, 11 Passmore, Cleetls, sr , 40 Patterson, Andy, sr ,40, 165 Patton, Diane, jr , 51, 102 Paul, Rodney, sr ,40, 165 Pearson. Cathy, sr ,40, 109 Pearson, M1ke,jr , 51, 13 Pearson, Terri, soph . 58, 132, 135 Pennington, Wanetta, soph , 58 Perakls, George, lr., 66 Perakis,Susan,sr ,40,130, 146,155 Perry,Lorl,sr ,41,100, 102, 105, 121,148 Perry, Scott, soph , 58 Perry, Vernon, soph ,58 Perryman, Keith, lr ,66 Persall,Jackie,soph,58,123 Petty. Stephen, tr ,66 Phariss, Mike, lr . 66 Phller, CIINOYG, jr , 51 Phllher, James, soph . 58 Philllps,'Jauan, lr , 66 Phllllps, Jett, sr , 41 Phillips, Judy, sr ,41, 31 Pickle, Blll, sr , 51, 106, 107, 186 Pierce, Russell, sr ,51 Pierce, Steve, lr , 66, 76 Pittman, Tony, lr ,66, 100 Plunkett, David, sr , 51 Renter, Jeanette, soph , 59 Rentle, Edward, soph , 59 Rex, Kellie, sr ,41, 112, 122, 158 Rex,Linda,soph,59,127,132 Rhodes, Lerry, sr ,41 Rhodes, Sherri, soph , 59 Richardson, Bruce, soph . 59 Richardson, Dana, sr , 41 Richardson, Jett, soph., 59, 100 Richardson, Scott, soph , 59 Richardson, Shari, sr , 41, 124, 125 Rlchburg,Darvls,sr,41,107,123,127 Rlckerts, Jay, sr ,41, 100, 155 Riddle, VlCKl9,jY ,49, 51 Ridley, Carol, sr , 41, 109, 123 Rinehart, Pamela, lr , 66 Ritter, Donnie, sr ,41, 155 Rivers, David, jr ,51 Roach, Tony, jr , 51, 72, 100, 107, 109, 191 Roberson, Melvin, sr , 14, 33, 41, 109 Roberson, Peter, soph ,59, 1, 100 Roberts, Cathy, jr , 51 Roberts, Pam, sr ,41 Roberts, Susan, sr , 41 1 Sanders, Gary,jr ,51, 127, 154, 181, 16 179,1 78 Sanders, Latonla, lr ,67 Sandy, Rena, soph , 59 Sandy, Darrell, jr , 51 Scales, Willie, sr , 109 Schuerhotl, Kathy, jr , 51, 132 Schlecht, James, jr ,51, 102 SchoeIen,L1sa,jr ,51,82, 119 Schoelen, Jell, lr ,67 Scoggin, Jacky, lr , 67 Scott, Alan, tr , 67 Scott, Becky, sr , 42 Scott, Leroy, jr , 51 Scott, Llsa, soph .60 Scrudder, Pam, lr ,67,132 Sebastian, Steve, sr , 42 Seeley, Tommy, tr ,67, 64 Sell, Bre Sell, Ric nda, soph , 60 ky, lr , 67, 100 Sells, Ed die, jr , 51 Senn, Tammy, jr., 51 Serlght, Serlght, David, lr , 67 Katherine, jr , 51, 132 Seymour, Robin, lr ,67, 127 Shambra, Victor, soph , 59 Shannon, Ratrlcla, jr , 51 , 93 Shannon, Vernon, soph ,60, 123 Shanoskl, Dane, tr , 67 Sharp, L eesa,soph ,55,60,107,127 Sheffield, Connie, jr , 51 , 86 Shells, Anthony, sr ,42 Shells. J ohnny, tr , 93 shane, Bubba, soph ,60, 93 Shene, Venetta, jr , 51, 125 Shephar d, Jerry, sr ,42 Shepard, Tamela, sr ,42, 102,123 Shepherd. Daniel, jr , 51 Shepherd, Joe, lr., 67, 66, 90 Shepherd, Michael, soph , 60 Shepherd, Pam,jr ,51 Shine, Lori, jr , 127 Shipley. Stephanie, lr ,67, 132 Slckels, Harve, jr , 51. 165 Simpson, Aprll, jr , 51 Simpson, Nancy, jr ,51 , VICKI, lr , 67 5, Robertson, James, jr , 51, 105 Robertson, Kenny, soph ,59, 186 Robinson, Denlta, soph , 59 Robinson, Elijah, jr , 51 Robles, Mark, soph , 59 Roby, Joni, jr ,51 Rodgers, Cassandra, jr ,51, 125 Rodgers, Paula, lr ,66, 127 Simpson, William, lr , 67 Sims, Teresa, lr ,67, 130 Slzernore, Eddie, lr ,67 Skidmore, Angle, lr , 67, 127 Skipper, James, soph .60 Sloat. Jana, lr , 67 Smiley, Tara. soph ,60,132 Smlth,Cheryl,jr,9,51,102,112,119,183. 185 Rogers..letl,jr,51,165,179,17B Rogers, Kerry, soph , 59. 119, 152 Rogers, Kerry, tr , 66,68 Rogers, Laverne, soph , 59, 123 Rogers, Renee, jr ,51,123 Rogers, Tiffany, jr , 51, 53. 93, 123 Root. DaVld,jY , 51, 10, 100, 102 109,114, 121 Rose, Vickie, sr , 41, 111 Ross, Dawn, tr , 127 Ross. James, lr ,66, 64 Floss, Mike, sr , 41, 10, 112, 147, 158, 159. 164,1 65, 166 Ross, Roger, lr , 66, 68, 167 Smith, Cynthia, jr , 51 Smith, David, sr ,42,191 Smith, Gerald, sr ,42, 100, 126, 127 Smith, Grace, sr ,42, 102, 107, 109, 184. 185 186 Smith, Keith, soph .60 Smith, Kelli, sr , 42, 102, 111, 114 Smith, Kelly, sr ,42, 111 Smith, Lanette, jr , 52, 14, 132 Smith, Robert, jr , 52 Smith, Russell, jr , 52 Smith, Scott, soph , 60, 127 Index - 207 Stark James, fr., 67, 167 wilson, ,---.-tf 208 - Index Snider, Katrinka, sr., 42, 155 Snider, Rozie, jr., 52, 100, 105, 132 Snyder, Tim, sr., 42 Sockett, Rhonda, fr., 67 Soltis, Sharon, jr., 7, 52 Sorrels, Susie, soph., 55, 60, 100, 132 Sosa, Nick, jr., 52 Sosa, Rachel, lr., 67 Southerland, Kevin, soph., 60, 165 Sowell, Jim, sr., 42, 155 Spann, Evvnice, jr., 52 Spann, Unice, jr., 52 Speegle, Gina. jr., 46, 52, 119,125,132. 135, 152 Speegle, Randy, jr., 51, 52 Spence, Debra, tr., 67 Spitz, Kent, jr., 52 Splavvn, Lesa, sr., 52, 102,190 Spradling, Randall, sr., 42, 93, 100, 104, 105, 123, 146 Spradling, Tammy, jr., 52 Stafford, Anthony, fr., 67 Stafford, Diann, jr., 52. 123 Stagg, Don, jr., 49, 52, 75 Stagg, Melanie, fr., 67, 130 Stallerys, Jerry, sr., 42 Standard, Matt, sr., 41,42, 102, 111, 147, 153,161,164,165,166 Stanford, Roxie, fr., 62, 67, 132 Stankewitz, Paula, sr., 42 Stanley, Michelle, jr., 52, 100, 104, 127, 132, 154 Stasyszen, Charles, jr., 52 Staten, Keith, fr., 67, 186 Sl. Cyr, Tommy, sr., 14, 42, 97 Steen, Nancy, fr., 67 Stephens, Bonnie, jr., 52 Stephens, Cardella, sr., 7, 42, 132, 129 Stephews, Geilene, sr., 42, 116, 121, 132. 135, 161 Stephenain, Jeff, jr., 52 Stevens, Cheryl, soph., 60, 116 Stevens, Randy, fr., 68 Stevenson, Elana, sr., 42, 127 Stevenson, James, jr., 52 Stevenson, Jana, jr., 52 Stewart, Dena, fr., 68, 132 Stewart, Greg, soph., 60 Stewart, Jon, soph., 60, 107 Stewart, Trena. soph., 60, 100, 132 Stol-pgs, Brett, sopl'1.,57,60,181, 165, 178. Stokes, Karla, fr., 68, 130 Stokes, Tommy, fr., 68 Stone, John, fr., 68 Stone, Lena, fr., 68 Stone, Regina, soph., 60 Stonebraker, Renee, soph., 80 Storle, Becky, soph., 55, 60, 191 Story, Bryan, jr., 52, 188,189 Stout, Kathy, jr., 68 Straka, Lisa, sr., 31 , 40, 42 Strasmick, Robin, soph., 60 Strickland, Walter, fr., 100 Stringer, Barry, jr., 52, 79, 102 Stringer, Sandra, sr., 1, 42, 102, 114 Suchy, Bryan, sr., 42, 161, 165, 190 Suggs. Terri, sr., 42, 44, 105 Sullins, Teresa, soph., 60 Sullivan, Robbie, jr., 52, 17, 117, 127, 154 Sumpter, Pan, jr., 109, 123, 132 Swalford, Melinda, soph., 60, 116 Swalford, Paul, sr., 43, 123 Swldler, David, soph., 60, 117 Switzer, Mlke, sr., 43 T Tate, Cheryl, sr., 43, 13, 31, 121, 127, 132 Talley, Dale, sr., 43 Tampkins, Erma, fr., 68 Taplin, Rebecca, sr., 43 Tapp, Jenice, soph., 60, 127, 132 Tarver, Anite, jr., 52 Tate, Tammy, soph., 55, 60 Taylor, Carl, fr., 68 Taylor, Jeff, fr., 68, 167 Taylor, Jeff, jr., 52, 107,114, 159 Taylor, Jimmy, soph., 60 Taylor, Jimmy, soph., 60, 165 Taylor, Kim, sr., 43 Taylor, Lyndell, tr., 68, 64, 167 Taylor, Sherri, soph., 60 Taylor, Tammy, sr., 43 Taylor, Terry, soph., 55, 61, 1.21 Taylor, Tom, fr., 41, 66, 167 Taylor, Valorie, fr., 68, 132 Taylor, Victor, jr.. 49, 52, 109 V Vandergritf, Dee Dee, soph., 61, 116, 127 Vandergriff, Lisa, sr., 43, 89 Vandiver, Mark, fr., 68 Vandiver, Kelley, sr., 43, 123, 132, 133,161 Vandiver, Randy, jr., 19, 53 Vann, Debbie, sr., 85, 126, 127 Vann, Luther, jr., 109 Vesques, George, jr., 53 Vasquez, George, jr., 165 Vaughn, Jeff, soph., 61, 105, 121, 189 Vaughn, Mike, jr., 53 Vannosdoll, Sandy, soph., 61 Vanwinkle, Rodney, jr., 53 Vanwinkle, Roxanne, soph., 61 Varner, Mike, soph., 61 Vasquez, Richard, lr., 68, 167, 190 Verdicchio, Steve, soph., 61, 105, 121 Vickers, Stella, sr., 33, 43, 82, 109 Vinyard, Dwana, soph., 100 Vowell, Rene, fr., 68, 100, 105 Wilks, DeDe, soph., 61, 116 Williams, Charles, soph., 61, 120,121 Williams, Cheri, sr., 89 Williams, Darrell, soph., 61, 167 Williams, Darrell, sr., 44, 9, 13 Williams, Greg, fr., 69, 144, 167 Williams, Janet, fr., 69 Williams, PaPa, sr , 10, 165 Williams, Ronnie, fr., 69 Williams, Rocky, jr., 53 Williams, Samaria, sr., 44, 127 Williams, Sharon, jr., 53, 127 Williamson, David, sopl'1.,61, 17, 111, 191 Willis, Cindy, jr., 53 Willis, Debra, sr., 33,44 Willis, Wally, sr., 44, 100. 115 Wilmoth, Jeff, soph., 61, 116 Wilmoth, Terri, sr., 44 Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson. Teague, Lendon, jr., 52 Tedder, Stephanie, soph., 61 Terry, Debi, soph., 61 Terry, Erin, fr., 68 Terry, Michael, sr., 43, 75,107 Testerman, Norma, sr., 43, 121 W Waddle, Julie, jr., 53 Waddle, Tracy, soph., 55, 61 Waddle, Trudy, soph., 61 Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson. Wilson, Wilson. Thomas, Cecil, soph., 61 Thomas. Evelyn, sr., 43, 100, 109, 121 Thomas, Felicia, jr., 52 Thomas, John, soph., 61 Thomas. Gary, fr., 68 Thomas, John, soph., 59, 179, 178 Thomas, Kathy, fr., 68 Thomas, Kim, soph., 61, 111, 116 Thomas, Patricia, jr., 52, 119, 130,183 Thomas, Robert, fr., 167 Thomas, Robin, sr., 43, 2, 109, 157 Thomas, Veronica. sr., 43 Thompson, Don, jr., 72 Wade, Charles, fr., 68 Wade, Richard, fr., 68, 100 Waggoner, Lynda, soph., 61, 130 Waits, Kristi, fr., 68 Walden, Jeff, fr., 68,64 Waldrop, Sherri, soph., 61, 130 Walker. Lanicsa, fr., 69 Walker, Lynn, sr., 33, 152 Walker, Luther, fr., 69 Wall, Keith, fr., 69 Walton, Dorothy, soph., 61 Walker, Lynn, sr., 44, 152 Walker, Valerie, sr., 44, 112 Wilson. Wilson, 155 Chuck, soph., 61 Cynthia, fr., 69 Cynthia, sr., 44 David, sr., 44 David, jr., 53 Donna, sr., 44, 5, 105, 130, 155 Jamie, soph., 61 Joanna,soph.,55,61,152 Layne, soph.,61, 13, 109, 111 Mike, soph., 61 Ricky, sr., 44, 121, 164, 165, 166 Terry, jr., 53, 5, 102, 107, 114, 159. Wilma, fr., 69 Winfrey, Kathy, sr., 44 Winfrey, Leigh, jr., 51 , 53, 82, 123 Winn, Gary, soph., 61, 190 Winter, Cynthia, sr., 44, 155 Winter, Mark, soph., 61, 109, 128 Wishon, Kevin, jr., 53 Wolf, James, sr., 45 Womack, Velarie, sr., 45 Wood, Kim, sr., 2, 45, 123 Thompson, Jana, fr., 191 Thompson, Michael, fr., 68 Thompson, Sherman, fr., 68 Tinkham, Ronald, fr., 68 Tinsley, Lesa, jr., 52, 114,1 Todd, Alisa, soph., 116 Todd,Stepheny,soph.,61,100 Todd, Tonya, fr., 68 Tolbert, Mike, soph., 61, 165, 179, 178 Tolman, Michael, sr., 43 Thompkins, Kelly, jr., 165 Totten. Eugene, sr., 43, 155 Towell, Robert, soph., 61 , 123 Towler, Harvey, fr., 68 Trail, Susan, fr., 68, 62, 114, 132 Trevino, David, jr., 53 Tucker, Gail, jr., 53, 100, 102, 105 Tucker, Mike, jr., 49, 53, 93 Tucker, Phillip, sr., 43 Tune, Marsha, jr., 53, 125 Tune, Regina, soph., 61 Tune, Tommy, fr., 66, 76 Turk, Michelle, sr., 43, 123 Turner, Anne, soph., 61 Turner, Tommy, sr., 43. 89, 100, 114, 121 160, 161 Tyree, Scott, jr., 53, 102, 127 U Ulman, Connie, soph., 61, 100, 132 Ulfen, Kristi, sr., 43 Uneell, Mark, jr., 53, 123 Upjohn, David, jr., 53. 123 Walton, Dorothy, soph., 130 Wann, Michelle, jr., 53 Washington, Lydia, sr., 5, 44, 119, 132, 135 161, 182, 183 Washington, Rodney. jr., 53 Washington, Willard, soph., 61 Watkins, Ron, fr., 69, 79 Wear, Kalyn, soph., 61 Wear, Kim, soph., 61 Webb, Marguerite, jr., 53, 132, 189 Webster, Pamela, sr., 44, 93, 102, 114 Weir, Kalyn, soph., 14, 132 Weir, Kim, soph., 14, 104, 132 Weiss, Kris, fr., 69 Welch, Ronnie, jr., 81, 105 Welchel, Kevin, fr., 69 Wendt, Tracy, jr., 53 Wenthold, Chris, fr., 69, 190 Wenthold, Monty, sr., 44 West, Ronnie, fr., 69, 191 Wegghmmie, sr., 44, 86, 102, 132, 135. Whatley, Fanny, jr., 119,152, 182,183 Whatley, Gina, jr., 53, 91,1B3, 185 Wheeler, Andy, sr., 44 Wheeler, Lee Ann. sr., 44, 122,123 Wheeler, Robin, jr., 53, 123 Whipple, Pam, soph., 61 White, John, fr., 69 White, Lovella, soph., 61, 130 Whittenburg,Greg.jr.,165 Whittington, Marcy, sr., 44, 52, 190, 191 Widener, Truman, fr., 69 Wietelman, James, fr., 69 Wiley, Andy, jr., 53, 190 Wiley, Doris, sr., 44 Wood, Lori, fr., 69 Wood, Paul, soph., 61, 155 Wood, Steve, soph., 61 Wooder, Howard, jr., 53 Woosley, Brett, sr., 2, 39, 45, 123,178,180 Wooten Wooten Wooten Wooten Worces ,Burl,soph.,61,109,114,116,165 , Larry, fr., 69, 62, 167 ,Randy, sr., 45, 165 , Tony, fr., 69, 109 ter, Brent, jr., 58, 178 Worcester, Jennie, fr.. 69 WOYCBS WDYCBS ter, Tammy, lr., 69 ter, Tanya, sr., 45, 123 Worchester, Tony, soph., 61 Worces wngm. wngm. ter. Virgie, fr., 69 Ken, jr., 47, 53 Scott, soph., 61 Wynn, Cindi, sr., 7, 31 , 45, 100, 102 Y Yancy, Russell, fr., 69 Yeck. David, fr., 69 Yerby, Robert, fr., 69 Young. Young, Young, Young, Young, Young. Zeigler, Carla, sr., 45, 123 James, soph., 61 KelW,jr.,53.112 Keith, soph., 2 Ricky, fr., 2, 13, 69, 100 Robin, jr.. 53 Scott. soph., 61, 127 Kelly Young .... . . .Curriculum Editor Tammy Julian . . . . . .School Life Editor Kristie Lambeth ......... Assistant Editor Cindy Lookabaugh . . .Organizations Editor Clarice Johnson ........... Sports Editor Tina Groves ..... . . .Faculty Editor Leisha Gibson .... ..... S enior Editor Kellie Rex .... ....... J unior Editor Cathy Curry. . . . . .Sophomore Editor Denise Leach . Cathy Childs ..... . . .Freshman Editors Teresa Napier Valerie Walker . . . . .Business Managers Jackie Huffman ...... Circulation Manager Ronnie Pritchard . . .Student Photographer Dewayne Critchfirld ........ Professional Photogrepherl Blunck Studio .... . Portrait Photographers Lu Curtis ...... Yearbook Representative, Professional Artist Ruth Kraemer. . . ..........Adviser Joan Bartl, Mark Brewster, Tari Downard, Sheree Floyd, Gay Morphis, Jeff Nokes, Mike Ross, Mike Sampson, Cheryl Smith, Nita Micue, Debbie Washington ............ Staff EQUAL OPPORTUNITY POLICY The Oklahoma City Public School Dlatnct il-89j com- rlles with Tltle VI ofthe Clvll Rights Act of 1964, Tltle X of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 ol the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and their lm- plementlng regulations administered by the U.S. De- gartment of Health, Education, and Weltare's Oftlce or Clvll Rights. It also compiles with Tltle VII of the Clvll Rights Act of 1964 and ta lm lementlng regula- tions edrnlnlatered by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This lnstltutlon does not dlscrlmlnate onthe basis of race, color, rell lon, eex, age, national origin, or handicap ln admlsslaon or ac- cess to, or treatment or employment ln, its programs and actlvltlee. , QW 1 , wwf 5 67? 7 Wj7 yjkWW W7 My if 1 F' '76 'Md f-' , kr, i Ai-,, 'PQ N 24 J 'vga +5 as Jw PQ Lg V: E F 4 4 if H 4 mv, 1 Y' 4 L it X iii XJ fffffi W' 325- Q iii? 33525252552 bfglgxs Qi, 3 fi, 3 f, 5l3Q'1g3'Q2f ii 5? EE? E11 :E Q -ew 3 , r T31 '55 3 .4323 Zig? 502509 'XL X W ,M5"QfffQQ'Q Q Lf Lf 931 Sv' wx? T22 79 ,u Kg fare ? Cyyxfr Q- 1 P 7 Q, 7 I XD ' 4- .V , A , ' , f . ' -' , 1 , ..,, Q.. -.vvf , F x Q , TJ gt 1 Y . J, ...fig r X ' f N Q ' H' 1 I I QW W , , 1 W N I va P!! W , B iw ggi'-1 h?6b :rc?i'C A1 gs, f ,L Qt 94- Yr A Liv' 3 if LQ 'fi we A ' H K a. ag, Q: 'Q ,' 'T V ' K J' fi? H 2 , ki - X 4.A,QA, ..., ,,....,,... .. .. .,,.....h..,..,..A..4..a...k..,........,,...Q.a., .4.............M M, wh-Cahn, I 4,, lf' 5 L .4 .v 4 .- - - A .. V V ' ' " Ml' ,Ci Q ,g .., I-9, M 'is . Q 2 M SJW 150 ,AK ! ' mf 3... x ,6- :'! 5 yi. ,5 5 ,im 3 rf' D145 .Qu ,ad 1 Ea Aa ,Sw -4 'inf' .ng mr! 1 ,FQ fimfflf. U ,,, .Lnifulh 15 Q21 . .v.uLs,Q,..3:.a: xffax - mi 1.1: ..,. . ILS? ,gi 2155 .-.5 .,, .-.1 . 'if .g 3 ' .ALI f .A 'H All

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