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3 5 -1. , ,Ei QM, K P -4 we L-f J, fl 1977 GENERAL Published by the yearbook staif of U. S. Grant High School Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73119 Volume 24 ...ar ' igvff A 1 -qi i 31:-W gl X ,fy 2' L., .a Q - .W -1 :'. 'V 2, vl,' 1 p' -X 0' ,, i ' I' 5+ egg, Y , X. if fi 4 ' ' 1 i ' A ' F ,Wikia F V In ,. :Q i Vf' RS A' A .., W, ' 'g Y. W A , A , li ' '- H Wg :N .- . y F A L! XKMQ3 'f Sgfiigii' 2' gi .A . k,,,..:.' ' ix X, N ,Q jg' ' -138,3 ' q ...Ip-dvd' - 9 1 ,, SJ X yi ix if it ' x 'xv , - I 1 Qi' A me W, U, g my Q fi if S5 Q , r e 'll i-,, 'X ' r:,:4 use W S sg:-' L T5 -ri .5 F v wi f A iry if U 0 . .1 i so -' ' L1 W ,i "e""'9 iiy- 1' i S "-.. L 1 wo students know how to spend their time helping with chores for 1 in 'Q "' .air 'ggi I 'Q 1 'N ' r' Checking it out 'tolmgke sure ten speedsvgre vgrth the un-eney"is,Kel5 I IC bl. 'fl W yea e Q w W tl' - v Y 1, at an ' I t ' 'ar , 5: 1 4 t , K' ,lg A, 3 Q af-f qw? I 1" extra spending money. gil' 4 MX X i Summer colors my life with a blazing sun, blue sky and time to enjoy it all. Q H l l I x -P" Y 15" 'Ln 'Wx '76 I In " J JF A' "'fW:"f-ftfdp M -A 5, -wwt.. m"isl:,'w,5,ix:,.'f ,, Vg, . ' 4 ' ff "V, , -,..- .-f-,' ..,. 2-' . 1.5 lf SW "Where did my golf ball go?" won- ders Billy Cloyde alter he hits neta little too har . V . s"' ...4..4-A... . Opening ' 3 g, ii . 92 ,, 'D rf f 1 5115, J-:1 . I , ,gigs ' Q 1' V M. avr Q5 V V -'wma ,H , ,mm ' x ,,.,.-,,,.,.,....., .. M..- ,,,,6.,M,. 4 k nah- 4,... 1' .L.IiqYqij'f .My , 0 ,W 1 ' -1"'a"' ig'-,I,', ,r , '1'1'.' 'ff- I, "1 1-3-1+ - ,wa ,A X mx- I t -ff, - - j-fir . : .A if 1 X, 51 :tN::,Al:j.f',n, : f .:?Q.,-.Nl 1--.15 ng, r er Wjg, w, -,'.,.,. ,4.'- ,, ,,:,q..,,' 4 V4-H. -,l, , , Nfq'-yn-Q . -14. -' , 'gpygl I 1 1 H- Q V 2-1 ,"fgr',j?j,3 , V "'ii"1 ' f"lv- ,HI K "- , ,lv . -af -- lv: ":"" 4 f , ff.. , . , 11. :Q G24-w' , s . --E . r fm :fn ' -. 4 "415-fffflif' ' -P gu3C7fX'?iAf1'fW1z!1:T5'- F7 "W f- ' I '77 Lf . , -zf' - f ..- ' -uf., A-fq -- . - ':f9v,,3, ' ,'- ' ' wi 3' . ' df' ' 'K .fm -- A , .R 5, ,V D V, A- 1 ffm ,,.5,, N 1 4- - J fi32i.Y.Af2fZ,i4"",, L"'i""', ' , . ,, - ,, , ,, N., . al 1 f' -- 5. JfL",'ai1.,w,.imf' rf' f 1 fn 3 V F' ' 'K A ..,. . NA 'gi ,N 4: ,. I A- ' , , '?' ' 'ha r " 4 A- ' , .mi 5 ' ' W J ..--i., W -5 '14, F' 7 5, 1 ?' X, . Y' 1 1 ! The city at night opens up a whole ll' " new dimension. 1 I o.,' , 0 'n ' A - iw- --.i 1' Q ". .V . ' '- fe. 1 A ,a - ndfwt M . .' 5 f gN'Wme,,N,,14xww N N , 1 1. ,' N , 2 i , 1 ' . Q 1 . Q-,,,,:I' ' ' 2 - e .. , """' i FJ ' ','. 5 ' E Q ff ' ,4 , EW ., ,m,. , ,. 5, vi . 3 , , , , 4' , 0 I ' Y i 1 'I 1 nn N, . 1 ' 3 ,, ff- , 2 3 - ,Y Q, I 'vp' Lgffgw ,nf 4 ,Q xx, W 5 e . .. :fl 'a i i ii 7 ,V ,,,. ,., .-,ua-wmv:-1-W""" ,V MW- if ls, ,..-.,,-v -- ..,, , f ' js: 'VI ,..g.,f-rv' f rx W wif' "N, ' V ' ""EHldNQ'puvv- Q...- ' It 9" X W fu ., Lf - 5 . E QZLQA ilk b y firk. xl X N XX E ,Sr .4 ., : , . . X xxx . S , 4 xx X - -W 1 2 A - . Z5 -n--1 W i 055455 X I A .nfffx f if M . ,Ah 3 -f ?Q '4454 . 6- . .1,a+ff1 i5 1 ' I 5 1 eg O' P op- g Awtw, , . .' ' ' ,- 2 5 K.-X. H ' , 'W ' ff i S 4 . passe and become caught in the fun of the moment. ABOVE: Greg Morgan can't seem to get Laura Barnhart away trom chat- ting with .her friends Theresa Napier, Stacey Brown and Clarice Johnson. LEFT: tlight Mayo co' don't X ' Owe, W7 ' Mark Hazzelrigg can't seem to find the right pair of jeans that suit him. k"Where did that salesman go?" BELOW: Concentrating on getting W' t her knee-highs knee high is Cor- -g " della Stevens. l Q '-'Ml - -- Q 1 X M 8 ' Opening ,gi ask IKWIXT1 S ,Q 1: 1 Mn 3 V-.f 2 L ff ,: wmwifwmirw' 1 p f :Q .Aw , A' 1, 1-. wx -8. , Q y , , V f H , xwlc V' "l1'2':-Lian, ,,.. ... , A- yi-I I ,A .4 ' x m JB Q . ,my . - 1: f' v 11 4 - Xxx 1 1 3- 1 X sq hi ,Atl 'ww we in . inf" ' 'F 3 wgwf.-121,35 Y . -air Sb -. X . M new... 1- .,: -, ..g,-v'-" " 1 1 'Q QA. ' mg 0 1 .r .M,,..'3 ""'0N-1 Ruth a'-nd"'Kim F N .10 ' Opening , Mrs. Douglas organizes dlscu groups throughout all ot her En Mrs. Dressler is famous lor her hard Math tests. She is checking up on them by keeping out a watchful eye. The students haven't a chance. 4 O I Ill "ZI.II:llf!l?'l in i l W . K Required subjects, although not always welcome, allow me to discover things I wouldn't have found otherwise. 3 fini! r ' if Q? ' I wx D ,, 5 V Q ,,, an bi V' 3 MN, , alfa? Q f V K I lk' teacher, Mrs. her students and clear pro-nun-ci-a-tion. Mr. Metheny points out his instructions to a couple of girls who weren't paying attention. Seems it happens to us all. ,.. ,.,-1 F15 Q S 4 r r Z4 'S AIX 'N ' : is ,x QW W Bwxif Y, vm ,A Q ! XX YD. V gal r. '. V' 'X ' A , na 'r 'H' 'X W. . F' 01 1' J .-.yy .r I . X '4 ii. '-11: 1... r' 1 'wmv F 'fm v 1 il K 4, I may not be the greatest but I welcome the chance Q - to work off eliergy A ,A ey 1 x f 1 .- 5 1. K I 1 ,, 4' u 1 .I .w A ,.. . x 14, K ' eq., . ,tux .-fp ' . . . sk fp s x ::?.Zw:,-Mui' an mi' , -' ' ..-'. ' 1,1 nf, ffvxn . .ff :QV -.X 1. V , K ' . "'."Rxf rv 'W-AM Q 1. , Q -- M ' ,g," s 'F' as-ia.,-' if-'S ' p .-. ,M AD' ' J LJ-1 Jr., ' -- V 1' . 5' 'f A ' - .f , , u . v s. . , . , 1" f" 6. ' . 5 . 31 ,Q ' i' I x fmfi afar " 'F r X 1 , ffaem a' 'fif' Vi , Lis yi 1? Q 1 ,st 'QP X xv! 4 WW' r X ' u Y., ff- Lif X' :X 'P A 1 nf:-,I , ,. H .,:,...f u- -,.f 1 V '5i,L',1,.ftj N ' ,af Si an A 1. B F QQWK' LEFT: "I nn ii Clear over to the len " 'center field . : ." lsn't-it nice to be able to share things 'with your- brother? Todd and Russell Denie- ter. RIGHT: Robert Camp keeps his eye on the ball . . . and is certainly ' keeping up with the swing ol yu ' s. 1 .4 't I his .rfb . ,b X in' 'Ay' R rs. in V x . sw ,. .+.. I Q UW, . flaw 'i F -MQ ,-,,, . aw Q, fi, . . mem . ,rf-K as W., ., . ,. w - , , W l ,. -aswy ,if f -w. j -as is W f ' "wl,"'ii . ,hrs . nm A-az? Q ' n"4f?1z K ,fix M 'A 2' . R ag.. 'Fair-'Bill L 51 rj 1 'Af'f.k 1. 'iarwwwsyw'f-2Nfw.,,4r"!mg , - - , gig, z5'mgmiQ35,2n4e,w,3, ww smswweg ,ff wwf -u,sw,z,, f'w,iW-:,,.,,., W - A ,,, , 5' 4' ,+1ive.,mf::'7 'b ' Q , ,xz-,af , g g: M X. . . 1 , 5 ,, V ,xy 5,-V K-fl, wpwk-1 -al'W,gL w,?dH47:W'g ' ,V M .,f,,q:,,i,. wwf MQVW.-' , ' , AXEPJY 1 r " f? f'E"iV-'Q 15'1rW342wJ,i'-2. 'T ' ifQ'ff'fs??y.ff--Swami,?Tmw,fl5 . -' 'iw 'Q-UMW' aQWrW' www -f 3-1' VL- ff ""Abd4Wf-3 H15-"' H , Q 5, ! "fam Qflltw-551'5i3gXw1'Vf gi, ' 1 .ASS'T"-fffwfi'ff2,':vf5,:f'x ,W . Q ,V 2 2 X 11N,?-war-Q1?f?5i5fiw5i1:5z4f 5' jqffiw' ?i?fi:3."F3TE5H2? 5 V. 355: :y Y' -gf-g:g',',M5f. 735, , K 'Lgif 145--wa, :M bf g FW V 1wggf."':.:A, .. -r ,qw V- -5 1 , 30: .5 5,5 ,. 8 Y . fwiffiig- - F " 1 4 A ' , ,, vid Aw . . Q I .. gh-:gif . ,Q k -v .. - "XJ, 'f' f'i-4"5- ' - . uh.,q . , gh ' .:. 4:-.I , g gy I x. 1, A, m. ,. - -1 ,uv f , ur 'v : '.' 1 . .4 ,ft-4 be , 'N-sf E .av f , -. L' Q' 'i W vi' ' 'xt L 43: f., , ' nw, - 2" nf. fff' 'A L35 J ' r-. A, Q . 1.i . V ,ri V -Y, 1 N ,A-.A A. .K , l,.'w,, 1+ 1.1. ' -- , Y, -r-V ' 'Vai -'fi' ., . 4 . -"-fi " ' .Y 1- ' .' Q .-ff? P4-,ff ' ' "' - --- ,.. 1: V-'.-'vw 'g -..,' f' 1- -In , .- ug- . - . - 5 . . . - ,, ' 11 " 'Taq-'1 rf-.3 -v f' J P A ' if If !""'xf'. -'Z ' v-L L. VQKQXH., 1511" 'Qt ff ' . v I ., '. X'-y "'v z Mit-Hg 'W - . gy- '1 of-pw, . cf 5 A? , 1, I . ' 'P' -- 3 ' ' : -.Jw .' ' 1: ""'-4 V-'ffl "nm -V' ' . . ' I : . 4 , ' I , " .' -',,,1 p, ,. ay 7. ., W :Q-sg,4.,,: fi- in . Q, - iq -- ,-,rq,4 ,, . , ? , ,V A- h .3,,,.1I- a.. .3 ,I . .vi 5 " :g,',dQ-,.- K , ,F:e",.xwQ A .,,q.".: ig az, Jhwbbl rf. :vtfo Q.-:D-, .- ,fa . 1 , , -f - U - ' , , .4 1 l.- - , ,I . . - ,M - . , . V. . . , L, ":.'w,wgL- -fd A -',' rf- 7' ' QV. '. . f V . ' Fm. , A ', P -,Q ' ,. . h.,-, . , . W., .j ' Rv' .- . .J 1. 'i,,.A"Q", . . -..'-Q, F0 A ."'- ff' A,' L fy -fnstff, ,:. , if, 1 ,-,,. nav. . . o . ., x K '- ,ilu ,. 4-.I -4 'V .' 2- - f, .W --ww 'A - . ,,,- , 1 4 . - N ev ' qw. . ' .S -. af-' . ' "amz-1 15-1. k'.1zm?.'f+ 4, . Y-'fy K ' "Ju y 1 , - ' , 1. .,. 1' . "m..w' Ag' ' . 1 . ' f' .--. VJ A X 5 N 1.55 . 1 4 '31 ,4,gw:,,:..f5:,. ..f- xx L. "' A 'f f Mmm 1 1'.:'.."""v'f V V ,, ... HJ, K .1-.f x fr, vkftu . .. f 5,- K' ,I -an-...,.. .xvliv 0 "Jai :- as ,., " -5.5 '-Gigi X Q- we 1 fy 'Aa- ws- ink 1 an I-I 1 . 'I-, 'i . 1 J' . ,?1,,,,,,,.. . 5-:L A. N Y if ""s. rw .. u. ? ,- fwbl - , .why T' i ' F , . " X ,WW H XXM., . -4. , , xc. Y . f " , ,Q WN, 5 M 3 - -f ,, -, rin-'WW mfnfu 'rw-:',,mf,4,.X I 3 -- 5 k MM , , , ., '. 4. ifumf ' 15 ' 09011559145 , , ,wgrxrgfw , 4 1- :L 1 S hi' .QV- '1- 4... m . .JT Jw- bl M ,,.:,A 1-..., Sm-.Pads -4 4' WZ, "5-,,, Q-'25 5.95 """-32 -33,12-4. -iv-.Says-s.," -.,' .,.. ,ff fi 'hi 1 S 2 5 1 if"""YA .ff Z Registratioh Moland, Mary Smithy and baugh. ,the upcoming the first things school got giwxgk xx, gii 18 - People People, individually and collectively, are what it's all about. Each person contributes something, good or bad, to make up the world as it is. Without people there would be nothing, with them anything is possible. 'H -'Od 5 ,,.,z a t -uni W W . ,..-"fi I If In the foreground, in the background, and everywhere at one time was Mr. Jake Diggs, principal. This year he spent more time working with teachers regarding individual curric- ulum problems. The perpetual meetings continued - with board groups, student groups, and parent groups. In addition to the routine reports which grow year by year, the school was evalu- ated by North Central, so that meant additional meetings and responsibilities for Mr. Diggs. With briefcase in hand and a smile on his tace, Mr. Jake Diggs enters each morning. Hall duty is among one ol his many tasks. Mr. Diggs also mans the switchboard when there is a shortage ot help. Accepting a citizenship award for the school is one ol the more pleasant duties involved in being prin- cipal. Mr. Diggs and Mrs. Rubye Lee discuss their aoenda tor the day. X. 'tb' 5, gg xi FY .gk W 4 .HL sf. .Q K Uln,. fl: 3, ,IU :,n 'l.v-5 U A4 -I . I nl, ,, .12 , Q 1 Ni? . s. 'g'5y'. ' Q 7 i x K in X gig F V- w M ' 1 .wiv 1 K ' sw hi 14 2 0 Principals ' 21 sh fig is 312 L J Z.,- JW . Lf' ww- f W FW, 'fn .fb ,Q r Q ' ,, ,Q '15 ' ' 515' 'X If . nj Qt A .k Ajwffvagu 'K 'fiiidfdn In S' 1 5 3,1 if 5. 2 i 1 XX 3 Principals - 23 'N vaaulnuunnn. M , i V ' I a u ge is , ,im X U -E 5. , H. . Nu '-.. ., f!1" ' lx Sf , , I 1 Q, . ,nv ' ' , f' ' 2' f' lit? 44' . P, 'N -M R M ff' f ff' f , . S it - , ,. ' 'f' . . l P , . ...Y 456' V. N . f ' M - f -L ' fi Trying to keep track of all the schedule changes kept the counselors hopping, as usual. Although they tried to keep the changes to a minimum, the work at times seemed to never end. The counselors also found time to remind students about getting all their credits for graduation. Board members are not often seen at school, but their presence is made known by the committee work and reports they do. Day-dreaming about her students' future is Mrs. Thelma Parks. Mrs. Har- riet Pulley takes time out to talk to her tavorite plant. Finding the counselors' hallway empty is an unusual sight. School Board representative Dean Brown makes a visit to the school. Mrs. Mary Cooper searches efficiently through her files. Working at her desk is nothing new to Mrs. Janet Jones. Mr. John Moham discusses the day's events with Charlene Jacobs. Counse- lors: Mary Cooper, Janet Jones, Thelma Parks, Harriet Pulley, John Moham. Oklahoma City School Board Members: Floyd Donwerth, Paul Eng- lish, Betty Hill, Pat Potts, Armond Start, Freddi Williams. Superintend- ent: Dr. Thomas J. Smith. ,Eff fe' Kis- -. , Xt. ll-filrii I.-112+ 'VJ'-fl 12 QW 0 6 1 113 15 wg! I . 3 in . ifQiQl23Ywf1's?a2221s:iii1' W X Q IX' t ' an 5335 H i- :'31'ggi1 in GI. ".,' S212 at Ki 4:52 fn - 1 nf ,-.W w 1 .Rafe Y? .2 ww uurkg ju. nygzzw -gggg, 1-14112-'f V TSEQET' "' Z Ap, 1 ,W ,,..,. , Mg-'Q'f:,w Lk,1Xu,3j:gv'?1 X H3 mei, gs N z faculty 25 0,-W. ,M Ashley, Robert, BA, Oklahoma His- tory, US History, Baker, Jim, Marching Band, Stage Band, Study Hall, Baugh, Christine, BA, MA, Bible Lit, English Lit. Blackmon, Fred, BS, MS, Algebra I, II, Bowers, James, BA, MA, Learn- ing Lab, Brown, Evelyn, US History, Oklahoma History, Economics, Current Events, Ancient Medieval and Modern History. Brown, Julluette, BS, Office Machines, Foods l, General Busi- ness, Junior Class Sponsor, FBLA, Byerly, Bonnie, BA, Special Ed, Cable, Ronald, BA, MS, Biology, Science Survey, Honor Society, Sophomore Class Sponsor. Castle, Glen, BS, Physical Ed, Health, Football, FCA, Choate, Dean, BA, MA, Physical Ed, Gen- eral Math, Football, Collins, Ross, Auto Mechanics. Crosley, Harold, BA, MA, Psychol- ogy, Golf, Cross Country, Daniel, Ernie, MA, Drivers' Ed, Safety Council, Dean, Dorothy, BS, Short- hand, Transcription, Clerical Prac- tice, FBLA. Douglas, Ann, BA, English ll, Eng- Iish Lil, Honor Society Sponsor, Dressler, Dee, BS, Geometry, Alge- bra I, General Math, Elliot, Victoria, MA, Special Ed. Ellis, Connie, BS, Science Survey, Biology, Girls Sports, 0 Club Spon- sor, Emanuel, Greta, BS, Cosmetol- ogy, VICA, Faurot, Jim, ME, US His- tory, Oklahoma History, Football, Tennis. Felder, Yvonne, BS, Shorthand, Typing, Clerical Practice, Fuller, Al, BS, Typing, COE, FBLA, Fuller, Sarah, BA, MA, EdD, English Lit, American Lit, Vocabulary, Spelling, Human Relations Committee. Gandy, Debbie, BS, MA, Learning Disabilities, Coop Work Program, Human Relations Committee, Ham- mond, Cynthia, BS, Oklahoma His- tory, US History, Junior Class Sponsor, Harris, Luke, BS, Drivers' Ed, Football. Hanuood, Bill, Electricity, Refriger- ation, VICA, Hayes, Loneta, BS, Typing, Hendrix, Frances, BA, MS, Distributive Ed, DECA. 26 Faculty 'Xu . Working to keep things running smoothly in the halls, cafeteria and classroom, the rest of the faculty adds still another dimension to school life. Whether it's sweeping the halls, serving food or teaching boggled brains, the peo- ple at Grant work hard to make things go right. Their tasks are varied and many, and all are necessary. But the person behind the job is equally as important as the job itself. Each member of the faculty adds a little bit to the scheme of things. Shelving books is one of the many duties per- formed by Mrs. Dolla Hadley, Librarian. Men faculty gather and talk before school. Mrs. Nancy Phelps prepares a tape for her French class. Security Guard Mr. Robert Losch reads over car registra- tions. 2 ff 1- 2 1 Holtman, Arbeecher, BA, Human Relations, US History, Senior Class Sponsor, Hostetter, L. D., BA, MA, US History, Sociology, Hutlman, Joann, BS, MS, General Math. Hume, Wanda, Human Relations Counselor, Humphrey, Marge, BA, Jewelry, Ceramics, Senior Class Sponsor, Johnson, Lathon, BS, MS, Earth Science. Jones, Sarah, Arts and Cratts, King, Ralph, BA, English Lit, Ameri- can Lit, English ll, Grammar, Kraemer, Ruth, BA, MA, EdD, Jour- nalism, Newspaper, Yearbook. Lincoln, Linda, BA, Social Studies, Vocational Ed, Long, Morene, Arts and Cralts I, II, III, Commercial Arts I, II, Lowe, Becky, BA, General Math. Lyday, Marcus, BS, Upholstery, Lyons, Mark, BA, US History, Black History, Atrican Culture, Oklahoma History, Football, Track, McLeod, Darlene, BA, MA, English. Metheny, Don, BA, MA, US History, Metheny, Skip, BS, Woodwork, Morava, David, BS, Vocational Ed. Morse, Otto, BS, Sheet Metal, VICA, Nero, Mike, BS, Physical Ed, Basketball, Overstreet, Connie, BS, General Math ll, Algebra I, Senior Class Sponsor. Parker, Vicky, BS, Family Rela- tions, Child Development, Home Planning, Pendley, Ronald, MA, Leathercraft, Painting, Phelps, Nancy, BA, English I, French I, II. Pitt, Peggy, BA, English I, II, Quin- tane, Lewis, BA, US History, Foot- ball, Roberson, Brenda, BA, Eng- lish I, Spanish. Ross work John, Club Swim , Roland, BS, Dratting, Wood- , Basketball, Track, Savage, BS, Drivers' Ed, Red Cross Sponsor, FCA, Football, ming, Baseball, Scholield, Eileen, BS, MT, EMH. Faculty - 27 Shanbour, Kamal, BS, Chemistry, Biology, Shelley, Evelyn, BS, Gym- nastics, Modern Dance, Drill Team, Pep Club Sponsor, Snyder, Lester, BA, American Lit, Great Books, Speech. Starke, Robert, BS, Health, Sci- ence, Basketball, Baseball, Stew- art, Vickie, BS, Foods I, II, General Home Economics, Pep Club Spon- sor, Junior Class Sponsor, Strong, Steve, BS, ME, Vocational Drafting. Sughru, Lois, BS, Physical Ed, Pep Club Sponsor, Thomas, Doris, BS, Clothing l, II, Home Economics, Thomas, O. J., BA, MED, Vocal Music, Chorus, Glee Club. Thompson, Jayne, BA, Drama, Stagecratt, Oral Discussion, Thes- pians, Senior Class Sponsor, Jun- ior Class Sponsor, Tilsner, Sibyl, BA, MA, Basic Reading, English II, Vaughn, Severlan, BA, MA, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Calculus, Algebra Ill, Mu Alpha Theta. Watson, Gary, BA, American Lit, English Lit, Basic Composition, Wear, Patricia, BA, General Math II, Algebra I, Senior Class Sponsor, Williams, Norris, BS, US History, Oklahoma History. Wilson, Beverly, BS, ME, Data Processing, General Business, Bookkeeping, Typing, FBLA, Sen- ior Class Sponsor, Griggs, Patsy, Nurse, Hadley, Dolla, BS, BA, Librarian. Turner, Ann, BSE, MLS, Librarian, Campbell, Peggy, Registrar, Car- penter, Pat, Library Secretary. Clapp, Joann, Financial Secretary, Cook, Betty Jo, Attendance Secre- tary, Dies, Mary, Attendance Secre- tary. Lee, Rubye, PrincipaI's Secretary, Losch, Robert, Security Guard, McCalister, Gloria, Library Secre- tary. Nelson, Ned, Security Guard, Tomes, Elnora, Secretary. 28 Faculty ..., ' .. l K NX' ' .J Y ,. fl it s ' Q'A . l it ' mv. ,. . ,H , K Q. ... . ,Q i lewd xy- ww' ' .Bc X ' 4. . until Teaching isn't all paperwork and report cards, and teachers are, after all, only human. When the final bell rings they too leave to pursue various hobbies and interests. And on occasion, when the temptation is heavy, teachers can't resist a chance to cut up in class. It's the lighter side of teaching that helps teachers and students alike bear up under the labors of school life. Preparing an experiment lor his class is student teacher Charles Willey. Mrs. Vicky Parker has the Custodial Staff: Billy McMilIian, Aloz Mack, Charley Musgrave, Jack Baker, Cecil Pemeo, Buddy Young. formidable task ol getting organized at the begin- ning of school. Writing on the overhead is Mrs. Linda Lincoln. Mr. Fred Blackmon gives instruc- tions during homeroom period. Smiling sweetly for the class is Mrs. Frances Hendrix. av 4 me , "fi F E fx' K 3 I. A Cafeteria Stafl. Flow 1: Lilla Jackson, Mavel Wright, Rose Ford, Beuloh Justus. Ruth Weed, Georgia Nolen, Eve Edwards. Row 2: Ivis Mooney, Rolaula, Cagigal, Faye Helm, Gearldine Monse, Marilyn Hardin, Sula Blankenship. Helen Chandella, Juanita James. Faculty - 29 MJZ, MMA!- balm! aff ' - Senior Class Planning Committee. Work- ing hard on Senior Commencement are Beverly Higgins, Gary Cartwright, Mona Bridges, and Buddy Crain. Senior Class Officers: Mary Walker, Susan Reed, Becky Baker, Jenniler Smith, Vice-Pres., Kari Rea, Pres. - Mark Wilson, Robin Lindult, Sheryl Lewis, and Julie Taylor. 4 DEBRA BOHRER MARK BOOTH SHELIA BOWENS WILLIAM BOWNES JAY BRAY CARLA BREWER MONA BRIDGES BRENDA BROWN KEITH BRYANT MARK BUCHANAN JULIA BURCHETT RISA BYERS TERESA BYRD JENNICE CALDWELL BUDDY CANIPE MIKE CANTWELL TONI CARDWELL PATRICIA CARTER GARY CARTWRIGHT ROBERT CARTWRIGHT TERRY CASKEY Seniors BETTY CASSITY DELORES CAVERS MARK CHILCOAT DELIA CHILDERS CARRIE CHODY JESS CLADWELL DENISE CLAMPETT MIKE CLARK TAMMY CLARK TERRI CLARKE TINA CLARK DAVID CLEVENGER RANDY COKER MARC COLE CONNIE CONRAD RUSTY COOPER BUDDY CRAIN ANN CRAWFORD MIKE CRAWFORD DONNA CRUM JANICE CURTIS 32 Seniors if -Q 9? K N vis ,x ,, N 6 ff s . gif' ' S tiis I A F 'Q I .J il- . kit... .- R xy 1- J .fr flaw, 014, MILL x . I Z . . "Play that funky music" by Dale Marshall. "Shake your Booty" cheerleaders Janet York Pam Everett Cind Gra , , y - ham, and Betty Cassity. "WE are proud of you" Janice Curtis, Mr. Diggs, and Ann Miller. Vu. x X, po. VERONICA CWYNAR ANN DADE NGUYEN DANG STEVE DARNOLD JOE DARROW PAM DAVIS RUSSELL DEMETER HURLEN DEMPSEY MONITA DENSON DAVID DICK KEVIN DOTSON JEFF DRESEL STAR DUNN CLIFFORD DYKSTRA DAVID EAKINS TIM EBERT LORI ESPOLT STORMY ESTELL PAM EVERETI' LINDA FALLWELL MIKE FALLWELL Seniors ' 33 .l fy beau WWW uifwfby-W fhzfzambaok Starling out our Freshman year are Tim Taber, Mark Mollman, Paul Pool, Andy Taylor, and Rusty Cooper. Continuing on as Seniors are Lori Lookabaugh, David Halasek, and Jerri Gamble. Looking into the world ol college are Pam Davis and Mary Walker. Debbie Wind- sor experiences Iile on the job. .A -f-' f, , 16" J if AA '7 A yy '. S., I S. if -fn! I ww" ff, is alTvI"t KEITH GRUMMER KAY HALL PAT HALL DAVID HALASEK BRETT HALEY LEE ANN HAMM ROGER HANLEY VICKIE HARDING DAVID HARMON KAREN HARMON JIMMY HARRIS LINDA HARRIS DEANNA HARRISON PATRICIA HASKINS LINDA HAYNES SARAH HAYNES TIM HEATH EDWARD HENDERS ON MARK HENDERSON MERCE HERNANDE KEVIN HICKS z Seniors - 3 RICKY HICKS BEVERLY HIGGINS DENNIS HIGGINS SHERRY HIGGINS LINDA HILBERT KENNETH HILL MARK HILL LARRY HINMAN KEVIN HISE LAURA HOLLOWAY JONI HOUSLEY PATSIE HOUSTON ANNA HUBBARD KEVIN HUBBLE LARRY HUGHES TERESA HUNT GARY HURRY DONNA HURST TIM IRVING WILLIAM IRWIN CHARLENE JACOBS 36 ' Seniors y f .ff jx A -X ,f r 'Q I E11 ' ' v i ' 42 1 4 x I l r v af ,I - 'Y rx N, Ur' J, . ALL, fa fwfh "It you leave me now" Mona Bridges. Randy Goodwin seeks Prom night memories. I finally made it explains Anne Dade. One last coat ot paint before we graduate. Jimmy King, Lori Espolt, Karen Frizzell, and Pam Everett. 4 j W If 1- 12? ,g 4 7 4' . 1 fi'5'!f5?'1.,,A'-,ui-1" J KIM JENKINS PAM JOHNSON KIM JOHNSON JODY JONES MICHAEL JONES MIKE JONES TONIA JONES ANITA JORDON SHARLETHA JORDON f . '. Y-,... Iv, XSL A t l I RANDY KEEN ROY KEENER BEVERLY KENYON f Aw SCOTT KILGOR JIMMY KING ROBERT KIRBY 151 CLAY KIRPATRICK TERRY KUTEJ DAVID KNIGHT FOSTER KRAMER ROBIN KUTEJ BILL LACY V, , Seniors ' 37 MARK LAKIN ROSE LASKEY TALMADGE LAWRENCE MELISSA LEE CHERYL LETTS SHERYL LEWIS MIKE LINDSAY ROBIN LINDUFF TINA LITTLE ROY LITTLETON VONDA LOGSTON LORI LOOKABAUGH KIM LOVELESS DENNIS LUMAN RALPH LUND RANDY LUSK MARK LYON DANA MAGRU DER JOHN MALDONADO 38 ' Seniors TODD MALONE LARRY MANUEL ww 1. Q Saw 1 ' 'IGQLETE W9 WIS vm 3 2' , if .4 R Y 4. R XX NX -74,7 1'-n 511 9 X Q54 ,,.0 hh Fr'-., 'nk' M fy L K.-4 fxsxw Y X X ul' KX if-L39 Ji! had fn bafwde, flzaf A42 xlmoaf mar. fir ' fb md: feloof' hffwvufdn? md anywa- "Touchdown!" Janice Curtis exclaims. And after the game "Pizza" is the subject. Stan Wasser and Stormy Estell. Then the next day at school the VICTORY FLAG was tlown. Mark Wilson. ,"'7 CAROL MORENO GREG MORGAN JOE MORGAN JERRY MORPHIS MARK MOUNTFORD JANIS MOUSER CLAUDE MUNFORD LEE MURPHY KATHY MYERS PAT MYERS GREG NANCE JAMES NATION PAM NILES RANDY NIXON DAVID NORRIS MARK NORRIS WALTER OAKS CHERYL OFFICER JANETTE OTLEY JANA PATTON TERRY PATTON 40 - Seniors ev ss' ' 5 I XJ, l fnfuwf fo bm " ff' .JJ-au, mx, Q.- Mama "I can be very lriendIy" Gene Reed tries to convince Betty Cassity. "Don't blame Desenex' Tulio Ramirez. "Gee, your hair smells terrific." Robert Cartwright and Vanessa Groves. "Gotcha" Ronnie St. Cyr. "He does it all tor me," Denise Russell. ,,...J Q' Q.--o Y ff si 1 'R TESSIE PECK MARY PERAKIS GARY PERRY DEBBIE PHILLIPS GLENDA PHILLIPS SHELLEY PHILLIPS BILL PIERCE PATRICIA PILGRIM PAUL POOL DAVID PORTER TIM RAKES TULIO RAMIREZ MARIA RANDOLPH CHARLES RAPRICH SHEILA RAY KARI REA GENE REED JAY REID SUSAN REID BRETT RICHARDSON PAM ROBERTS Seniors ' 41 MELITA ROBINSON DENISE ROBISON CLINT RODGERS Deceased Feb. 5 DARYL ROSS ELIZABETH ROSS MARY ROSS RICKY ROSS JUSTINA ROWDEN MICHELLE ROWLAN ANTHONY ROWLAND MICHAEL ROZIN DENISE RUSSELL TERRY RUTH SCOTT SANDERS BRIGITTE SCHILLING DORI SCHILLING DENNIS SCHLEGEL FRANCINE SCHNEIDER DAVID SCHUEROFF PAM SCOTT VERONICA SELLERS 42 - Seniors I HH or Nw- ,3 AQ' . .'1vu. In Ml fraud Zgftafnf and 234.424, wedd- Jjwallq madzd. "Alone again naturally." Andy Taylor and David Knighl. "I'm moving on." .n-ex. www ff 4, ,, 'f 5. Q vw -ini Jfjnfx x-N1 gg.siBfw'i:4 'V gg J . w-iff?-:'il-' .fm-B jf, 'VZ 'C w?'fz,: , -lg? -231' 5 vii ' '.xf2.,eie A .L 5513. Vicky Milan. "l'm the happiest girl, in the whole USA." Roger Hanley, Randy Coker, Lee Ann Hamm, Jay Bray, Rusty Cooper, and Jerry Morphis. "And it's up against the wall you Red neck moma." Roger Hanley, Scott Thomas, Steve Mayo, Brett Grubb and Joe Darrow. "Hey, let me see you stult your mouth," Tim Snider. if QD N -v 1 5, -5, 'v St' 1 'I ' 4-Q B 1134 6. ,A Al JACK SHANNON RICKY SHANNON DEANNE SHEFFIELD TINA SHIPMAN KELLYE SHIPMAN JOHN SHORT PAM SHUNKWILER DIANNA SMITH JENNIFER SMITH LINDA SMITH RICKY SMITH STEVE SMITH SUSAN SMITH JIM SNIDER BRENDA SORRELS STEVE SPEEGLE PHILLIP SPENCER JIMMY SPERLING LIZ SPLAWN CURTIS STAGGS TERESA STASYSZEN Seniors ' 43 RONNIE iT.CYR KAREN STE RMAN RHEA STEWART PATRICIA STONE TED STONE DANA STROMSKI LARRY SUCHY DEBRA SUGGS TIM TABER SHELDON TARVER ANDY TAYLOR JULIE TAYLOR DONNIE TEPSIC VICKIE TERRELL CINDY TESTERMAN SCOTT THOMAS CANDY THOMPSON LEON THOMPSON EDDIE TINKHAM LAWRENCE TOTTON KENNETH TRAIL JAMES TULLIS MARY TURNER TONI VAIL DANA VANDERBURG LYNNE VANHORN LUCINDA VARGAS OPAL VAUGHN VICTOR VOSS TOMMY WALKABOUT JERRY WALL MARY WALKER JANA WARD MELINDA WARD STAN WASSER CHESTER WEBB SHERRY WEBSTER GARY WHEELER SHIRLEY WILEY ROBERT WILKERSON RANDY WILLHITE DEBBIE WILLIAMS 44 Seniors SANDY WILLIAMS SHIRLEY WILLIAMS STACY WILLIAMS BRENDA WILLIS LEONARD WILLIS ANITA WILSON DEBBIE WILSON MARK WILSON TAYNE WILSON DEBBIE WINDSOR RICK WINFORD TERESA WOLF CARLA WOOD DAVID WOOD ROBYN WOOD JEFF WRIGHT RHONDA WRIGHT SHERRY WYNNE JAMIE YORK JANET YORK PHYLLIS YOSCAK JAMIE YOUNG TIM YOUNG CLARA ZWIRTZ Senior lloat for Foot- ball Homecoming. Kari Rea, Susan Reed, Julie Taylor, and Mary Walker. Planning her luture is Mary Perakis. W I l .425 Db i H Alexander, Alphonso Allaro, Ronald Allen, Patti Alvarado, Stella Ames, Darryl Ames, Terryl Anderson, Gary Anderson, Mark Anderson, Monica Andruchow, Robert Antriken, Janis Apple, Debbie Ashley, Russell Atherton, Leonard Austin, Cindy Bailey, Johnny Baker, Jett Baker, Jerry Ball, Chris Barnett, Delois Barnett, Vickie Barris, Scotty Batson, Allana Bazemore, Beverly Belew, Kevin Bell, Kanetha Bellah, Stephen Bert, Chebon Bibb, Debbie Bidwell, Clint Blake, Michael Bledsoe, Gary Booth, Shelly Booth, Steve Bortay, Michele Bowman, Ranardo Boyd, Mark Boyd, Serena Brewer, Greg Brewster, Valerie 46 - Juniors V, : fic numjiffda-ul azwa' fain. Jfawefu wukdayany .lgeaa 2 ' . Junior Class Planning Committee. Front Row: Tina Rust, Janice Morrison, Rhonda Dugger, Leigh Pat- ton, Dana Linn, Stacy Brown, Betty Stanlord. Row 2: Monica Anderson, Cathy Russell, Renee Sharpe, Rhonda Orr, Karla Forrest, Tobi Hanlin, Laura Burk- hart. Row 3: Becky Irick, Allana Batson, Jan Grove, Rhadonna Curtis, Carla Sherrill, Cindy Rowland, Tony Francisco, Risa Furr. "He's not too bad," thinks Pamela Cole as she pretends to look at books. Cindy Duncan, Richard Scott and Leslie Roberson find out that decorating Junior hall isn't as easy as it looks. va Zigk 1'--M 'IT if ,- -. 1.-1' X1 I-5 Brian, Nancy Bristol, Michael Brooks, Debra Brooks, Noel Brown, Stacy Bruce, Angela Burchett, James Burciaga, Terri Burkhart, Laura Burnside, Delinda Burton, Pauline Buster, Rod Camp, Robert Campbell, Kelley Campbell, Sandy Carr, Ronald Castle, Angela Champlin, Karen Chappelear, Marcia Chipman, Angela Clark, Jeana Clark, Kelly Clark, Kim Clark, Scott Clay, Cecil Cloyde, Billy Cobb, Jell Colley, Kenneth Cole, Lashawn Copeland, Bobby Cornell, Karrie Cottle, Nancy Cravatt, Francine Crook, Trudie Cross, Willie Crossland, Larry Crosson, Larry Crow, Vicki Curtis, Rhadonna Cyphers, Marty JUl1IOI'S 47 Daniels, Debbie Davis, Anthony Davis, Colleen Davis, Kim Davis, Larry Dennis, Brenda Dennis, Palsy Deshaver, Herbert Dewberry, Brian Dixon, Cheryl V Dobbs, Russell Douglass, Alan Dugger, Rhonda Duncan, Cindy Durham, Ora Eastridge, Kendall Echols, Leslie Elam, Melinda Elrod, Gerald Etris, Karen Fansler, Jerry Farr, Timothy Farrel, Craig Ferguson, Bobby Ferguson, Darrell Fichtner, Wendell Finley, Flaleita Fisher, Teresa Follwell, Tricia Foote, Denise Forehand, Jerrald Forrest, Karla Francisco, Tony Frazier, Michael Free, Debra Freeman, Craig Furr, Risa Galbreath, Tyrone Gardner, Randy Gebur, William 48 Juniors I 'T 'll 1- lil Mya, J ,Lakai Aa no-w ffl' 0404- fv mdk. lfnu amen-I. "See il I give him a ride home anymore," says susan Henderson. As graduating Juniors, Brenda Willis and Nina Trot talk about lulure plans. Once you get out ol the school parking lot it's almost time to head back as Bill Sandiler, Sue McKee, Dennis Keener and Sandy Oberg go to lunch. .-Szabo' up 6 Aka. 9, e'-ff ff' '-v zfilid Gentry, Leslie Gilbert, Jeff Glidden, Nancy Goodmiller, Janis Gracey, Tony Gray, Steven Greenroyd, Cindy Griffith, Marian Grimes, Kelly Grove, Jan Hall, Jay Hamhy, Paula Hanlan, Tobi Harris, Cheryl Harvey, Belinda Haskins, Dennis Hatfield, LeaAnne Hawkins, Mark Haynes, Cecille Heath, Diana Hefner, Scott Heirslon, Pele Heistand, Douglas Henderson, Susan Henson, Brenda Hibdon, Richard Hickman, Terry Hicks, Greg Hinman, Randy Holden, Elaine Hollingshead, Neal Hubbard, Anna Huddleston, Wayne Hudson, Mala Hughes, Stewart Ingersoll, Angela lrick, Becky Jackson, Rocky Jefferson, Kelly Johnson, Pam Juniors Jones, Merquila Jones, Rowena Joseph, Wanda Kaslner, Randy Keel, Tracy Kelley, Thomas Kidd, Terry King, Dana King, Darla King, David Kirby, Sammy Knighl, Larry Knighl, Robin Konechney, Terry Krapll, Terrie Kyle, Eddie Lambert, Jerry Lambeth, David Landl, Roger Langley, David Langston, Brenda Lee, Michael Leonard, Richard Lewis, Sheila Linn, Dana Linthicam, Mark Lowman, Darren Lunslord, Lisa McCall, James McConaghie, Terri McDaniel, Cheryl Mclntyre, Gayla McKee, Jeanne McKee, Sue McLennan, Nikki McMurtry, Linda Maize, Kari Manek, Deborah Martin, Evevell Massey, Brill 50 Juniors K X K ,M'B ' J -L m -X I 54: 5 I I Q , Q pu- we ik -A is .. f--., U- I l . K I 3 'W Q Q, Al' "". - 1'-'YL Q v . ' 4 -6 A -' L M 1-,Q , 'Q 1 .X u N fx S 1 It N fl ,rr u 'J . l -4 J lr" 1 'Nha 'f1".f"'i' X "?'4,,7k -,Q 4 fi Ja' ff my- M94 ammfafau' 7 Class ring time tinally came as Belinda Harvey shows hers olt to Tammie Roberts and Randy Pow- ell. Linda McMurtry and Tyrone Galbreath get to school early so they can be the tirst in line tor their class rings. "You can keep on teaching, I'm just cooling oft." - Roger Mathis. Mathis, Roger Mauldin, Judith Maxwell, Quintin Maynard, William Mears, Douglass Menetee, Jimmy Meredith, Robin Meyer, Danny Moen, Timothy Moon, Jerry Moye, Anthony Mullinax, William Muse, Gina Norman, Ted Nunley, Roxanne Nunn, James Oberg, Sandra Orr, Beverly Orr, Rhonda Overstreet, Karla Paddlety, Donna Pannell, Cathy Parish, Sheila Parker, Kim Patton, Leigh Perdue, Donna Perry, Gary Pham, Bro Phillips, Debbie Phillips, Carla Phillips, Jerry Phillips, Tammy Polk, Phillip Pons, Anthony Pool, Mark Pool, Ray Pound, Steve Powell, Randy Price, Karen Juniors - 51 Raiden, David Rainbow, Charles Rains, Robert Ray, Beverly Ray, Lawanda Ray, Sharon Reagan, Tamera Reece, Dwight Reece, Stacey Reiss, Brian Reynolds, James Rhodes, Gene Rhodes, Kenny Rich, Don Richardson, Mark Riddle, Terri Riley, Craig Roberson, James Roberson, Lesly Robison, Lisa Roddy, Ronald Rose, Dennis Rosebrook, Gerald Rotrock, Cindy Rowland, Cindy Rushing, Denise Russell, Kathy Rust, Tina Ruth, Gaylin Sandeter, Bill Sanders, Jett Savage, Ronald Scholen, John Scott, Richard Sewell, Elizabeth Sharpe, Renee Shelton, Barbara Sherrill, Carla Sherrill, Gregory Skidmore, James 52 Juniors is K 1. if Ki 'pta K Ol pl 1 X- vxxx 'rg .lbw - MLM wwf- Character, Service, Leadership and Scholarship are Nancy Brian's goals as she begins her tirst year in the Honor Society. "Juniors, V-I-C-T-0-R-Y." Junior Cheerleader Cynthia Jacobs knows that Juniors are the best. "lt this typewriter messes up again, l'Il . . ." - Monica Anderson. Smith, Darrell Smith, Toni Snodgress, Susan Sosa, Aida Sosa, Carmen Spaulding, Terry Speegle, Curtis Spicer, Joe Stafford, Brenda Stanford, Betty Stepheny, Jimmy Stewart, Debbie Stoul, Bobbi Switzer, Alan Taplin, Dennis Taylor, Bobby Taylor, Dori Tepsic, Debbie Terrill, Vickie Thomas, Michelle Thompson, Beverly Thompson, Tracy Todd, Vickie Tinsley, Allen Treadwell, Jerry Tucker, Jill Tucker, Jody Tyree, Keith Uffin, Bryan Upchurch, Mindy Urban, Anthony Van Horn, Pam Verdicchio, Pete Vermillion, Carol Viar, Janis Walker, Steve Wallace, Jerrie Walley, Clint Wann, Shannon Washington, Andrew Juniors 53 Washington, Sharon Watson, Steve Watts, Darla Welch, Kenneth Wells, Debbie Wheeler, James White, Gary White, Lorena Whitnah, Ted Willbanks, Molly Williams, Jacky Williams, Robert Willis, Ronnie Wilson, Darlene Wilson, Elaine Wilsn, Gwen Winlord, Linda Winkler, Leslee Woll, Anthony Womack, Erick Wood, Laura Woods, Randal Yancey, Kathy Yosack, Steve Mowles, Darrell 54 Juniors , V V -,,,,..,,..M..w V A L Zvi lf" Y 1 2 R. , 'X ,K . it ,av -, ii . ,,, 3. Wwfy .Zfluweif AAL. Aida Sosa stops to check out the nail polish during the two days ot Club-o-rama. By the time you get to be a Junior, you know just about every trick in the book, but that doesn't mean they'II always work. Ray Pool tlnds this out in a hurry. "I don't think anybody's listening to me." Selling things to home- rooms isn't so easy, so Tim Farr stands on a table so he can get everybody's attention. Ronnie Savage and Quintin Maxwell think they can sneak a peak at the 1976-77 General. "We lost the projector back there some- where. Oh well we'lI get it next time around." Jill Tucker and Pete Heirston go lor a ride. ....-.....,, Aasa, Debra Adams, Brenda Adams, Kim Alexander, Larry Alexander, Steven Anderson, Donna Antritt, Melvonda Baldwin, Patty Banks, Anthony Banks, Diane Barnard, Jell Barnes, Stacy Barnett, Carliss Berry, Joyce Billings, Diana Black, Richard Blunt, Carol Bojarski, Lori Bosscawen, Mark Botkin, Debra Bowens, Sheila Bowens, Joann Bowens, William Boyett, Bobby Brewster, John Brooks, Anthony Butler, Beola Carter, Darry Carter. Mary Cervantes, Richard Cheatham, Elbert Coldiron, Larry Cole, Jett Cole, Russell Cook, Debra Crilly, .mann Delaney, Kristen Doughty, Diane Dunn, Tammie Easley, Renetta Enarson, Kristie Espinosa, Lidia Ferguson. Johnny Ferraz, Maurow Field, Lawrence Folmer, Jimmy Fowler, Joann Franklin, Tony Geller, Robert Gillispie, John Glasscock, Alan Gowens, Vicki JUNI ORS NOT PICTURED LIST Hammonlree, Cathy Haney, Jamie Hankins, Mike Hanshue, Holly Harris, Cynthia Harrison, Henry Hayes, LaDonna Heath. Susan Hishaw, Michael Hocker, Pearl Holcomb, Cickie Holley, Keith Houston, Patsie Jackson, Jenniler Jackson, Regina Jacobs, Cynthia Jarman, Rick Jetlers, Greg Jeltreys, Terry Jennings. James Johnson. Cristopher Johnson, Dinah Johnson, Mary Jones, Betty Keener, Dennis Keeton, Laird Kendrix, Kerry Kirkley, Steven Kralik, William Langston, John Little, John Littleton, Jerrt Long, Venita Lowman, Elizabeth Lowmiller, Paula Luckens, Clillord Marshall, Kenny Mathis, Michelle McClary, Sherry McClure, Glen McCoy, Henry McDonald, Janetta Miller, Rickey Moore, Gary Moore, Ruby Morris, Timothy Morrison, Janice Munoz, Debra Nance, Gregg Navarro, Ricky Neal, Eleanor Nero, Carlos Palmatary, Peggy Palmer, Jack Parmer, Scott Pearson, Fred Perreault, Ernie Persall, Denice Pierce, William Pierson, Kevin Pinkston, Gay Pitts, Roberta Ray, Sydne Fliddell, Becky Rigsby, Randy Roberts, Tammie Robinson, Greg Robison, Ollie Rodgers, Darris Sanders, Deborah Sell, Lea Shaw. Michele Shellield, Deana Sherrin, Rene Shipman, Tena Sloan, Gregory Small, Melanie Smith, Sherrie Splawn, Liz Steaveson, Alvin Steinmetz, Mitch Street, Gene Suggs, Debra Sumpter, Sharon Sunderland, Dana Sweene, Laura Tarver, Sheldon Terry, Scott Todd, Clarence Tales, Donald Torres, Tina Trusley, David Turner, Melvin Vail, Toni Valentine, Lula Vann. Debbie Vaughan, Opal Whatley, Homaletta Williams, Alicia Williams, Bobby Williams, Carmen Williams, Darren Williams, Philip Williams, Tracey Grant. Charles Neugebauer, Annette Wood, Brian Gray, Ricki Nichols, Bobby Wooten, Jerry Hale, Nancy Nunley, Ladonna Vancey, Len Hall, Kay Ooten, Judy Young, Reginald Hall, Lawrence Otley, Mitchell l Juniors ' 55 Adams, Scott Alexander, Ronnye Allen, Brenda Alstatt, Johnny Anderson, Douglas Anderson, Micheal Arismendez, Michael Armstrong, Jack Arrowood, Sam Austin, Bryan Back, Curtis Baker, David Baker, Gloria Baker, Kevin Baker, Michael Bane, Terri Barber, Jean Barrett, Junie Barrett, Sharon Barthell, Robin Barll, Joan Barton, David Bateman, Richard Beak, Diana Beard, Rhonda Beasly, Tammie Bell, Johnny Bell, Pamela Bell, Teri Benetield, Dale Benjamin, Deborah Bennett, Cheryl Benson, Charlotte Bigham, David Bivens, Freddy Blackwood, Donna Blancett, Tammie Bowens, George Bowman, Brian Bradlield, Kellie 56 Sophomores J ,f,,'ZffiZ"f fo MLW . . My . Faster than a speeding bullet . . . Mel- vin Roberson. Joyce Vu tinds Ian- guage is no problem when it comes to making lriends with Valerie Walker, Lisa Straka and Diane Connell. Dee- Dee Hutton has visions ol '79. I 1. 'H Brady, Laura Brewer, Julie Brewster, Jerettia Bridges, Donnie Bridges, Robert Briggs, Sharon Brooks, Jackie Brooks, Kym Brown, Jane Brown, Larry Brown, Nancy Brown, Timothy Bryant, Deborah Bulord, Tina Buie, David Burciaga, Mody Burdick, Savona Burnside, Michael Buzbee, Jammie Byerly, Ronda Byrd, Jessie Caldwell, Lester Campbell, Julie Carrol, Janice Carter, Craig Carter, Scott Cartwright, Kimberly Caskey, Penny Catlege, Joel Chambers, Robert Cherry, Carmaletta Chick, Rodney Clark, Bonnie Clayton, Lisa Colley, Jimmy Cogburn, Sandra Connel, Perry Connell, Kathryn Copeland, Michael Coppedge, Tina Sophomores 57 Cowden, Debra Cox, Kimberly Cox, Sheron Crist, Curtis Cross, Willie Crowder, Kenneth Crowder, Roy Darnold, Michael Davis, DeAnna Davis, DeAnne Davis, Jerry Davis, Jimmie Davis, Scott Demeter, Todd Denham, Lee Dennis, Therman DeVine, Terri Dewberry, Bruce Dewberry, Kenneth Dickinson, Sharla Dixon, DeAnna Dobson, Thomas Dolph, Kenneth Doughty, Ronald Dressler, Clarinda Durham, Lenora Ellinger, Nancy Ellis, Delorestine Elrod, Carol Emerson, Donald Espinosa, Ramona Essman, Bill Euslice, Thomas Ewald, Edward Farris, Laura Feland, Tamara Ferguson, Gregery Followwill, Joseph Forman, Deena Foutty, Anna 58 ' Sophomores W Mains ZLL A fc Mm, hd ww- ldm fin-u '7 wv-ui! fe animal. On a sophomore's only means ot transportation, Brent Hazelrigg drives f?J to Sonic and orders his lunch. Latunia Robinson votes tor the candi- date ot her choice at the Sophomore CIub-A- Rama booth, run by Jackie Huttman and Teresa Napier. "Look mom, no cavities." Kelly Vandi- ver. Frazier, Terry Fredrick, Sherri Fry, Richard Galbreathe, Regina Gardner, Carol Genn, Pamela Geoplert, Kelli George, Kevin Gibson, Sherri Gillam, Mark Gillin, Linda Gonshor, Jerry Goodson, Lonnie Gowens, Vickie Green, Eugene Green, Terry Hall, Bryan Hamilton, Susan Hammuntree, Billy Harmon, Troy Harn, Bonnie Harris, Doretha Harris, Lisa Hartson, Steven Hayes, Brett Haynes, Sidney Hazelrigg, Phillip Heard, Karen Hetlin, Brent Henderson, Eva Henderson, Larry Henry, Carl Hewitt, Tony Hoard, Gloria Hocker, Debra Holden, Virginia Holmes, Lesa Honea, Gregory Hood, Steven Hook, Phillip Sophomores 59 Hopkins, Teresa Housley, June Houston, Pamela Hubbard, Katie Huckabay, Myles Hutt, Glenn Huttman, Jackie Humphries, Brandy Hutton, Deedra Jackson, Martin Jacquinet, Jana James, Terie Janway, Kenneth Jelters, Angel Jemison, Denna Jemison, Diana Jenkins, Robin Jenks, Janet Jennings, Dana Johnson, Alphonzo Johnson, Clarice Jones, Aurthur Jones, Johnny Jones, Robert Jones, Teresa Julian, Pamela Julian, Tammy Justice, Dane Kane, Paul Keasler, Buster Keester, Jettrey Keeton, Sandy King, Bobbie King, Steve Kirkpatrick, Steve Kling, Kristy Knapp, Ricky Knost, Julie Kramer, Peggy Kuehne, Ladd 60 Sophomores CM, ha! ffff nzy5154LA, - muzfzoifla fum.. 6zau..!Z! hd fo dfaue. Once more Lynn Walker and Gay Morphis "chalk one up" against their unbelieving oppo- nents Tommy Turner and Matt Standard. Sopho- more Spirit. Brookwood Village proves to be a romantic setting tor Judy Phillips and Monty Wenthold. Lambeth, LouAnn Lambeth, Ronald Lane, Leon Laskey, Janet Laskey, Jennette Lawerance, Robert Lee, William Leonard, Jimmy Litterell, Candice Logan, Van Lookabaugh, Cindy Love, Chuck Lowder, Janice Lunslord, Donna Lyon, Rex Marble, Beverly Marx, Steven Mastin, Tony Mathis, Florence Maxwell, Leslie Melvin, Teresa Midgett, Joseph Mikeman, Kip Miller, Brian Miner, Robert Minson, Gina Monds, Paul Mora, Sylvia Morgan, Phyllis Morgan, Sharon Morphis, Gay Morrison, Bessie Mosher, Mark Motsenbocker, Dwayne Motsenbocker, Shelley Mullings, Kimberly Myers, Donna McCain, N. McCampbell, Carl McCowen, Candy Sophomores McCreight, Wallace McDaniel, Janet McDougal, Brian McDowell, Ronald Mclntire, Dinah McReynoIds, Ricky Nance, Lori Napier, Teresa Nichols, Diana Nokes,Jet1 Norris, Vickie 0'DanielI, Pamela Orr, Anita Owens, Beverly Parks, Brian Parton, Valdina Passmore, Cleetis Paul, Rodney Pearson, Catherine Penn, Marchetta Perakis, Susan Perry, Lori Phillips, Jett Phillips, Judy Pickle, Kristie Poole, Kathy Portor, Manley Powell, Ronald Preston, Tammy Proctor, Dennis Rains, Robert Ramirez, Fernando Ramsey, Gregg Randolph, Sidney Ray, Delbert Ray, Kevin Reed, Cindy Reeder, Cheryl Reeves, Carrie Retter, Donald 62 Sophomores 291 fa fffz 'W .1414 had A5- Ronny Lambeth and Cindy Reed greet some lriends with a big "HOWDY," on Howdy Day. Feeling and looking like an Oreo Cookie are Ray Johnson, David Baker and Charles Rowland. "Hang in there." Robin Ruyle. f 3? 5 asf' ,Q l"5'QUv" C11 'fl' Q Y 'A x, gf- 1 L qs , 'MLK l X .Q , ld Rex, Kellie Rhodes, Terry Richards, Jesse Richardson, Dana Richardson, Shari Rickerts, Jay Ridley, Carolyn Roberts, Pamela Roberts, Susan Robinson, Latunia Robles, Thomas Rose, Vickie Ross, Michael Rowland, Charles Rupe, Ronald Rushing, Kathy Rushing, Kevin Russell, Darla Ruyle, Robin Sampson, Michael Schmitt, Jayna Scilres, James Scott, Rebecca Sewell, Ronald Seymour, Thomas Shaw, Ronald Shamblin, Johnni Shepard, Tamela Shephard, Jerry Smith smiini smnn, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, David Gerald Grace Kelli Kelly Mitzi Ruth Smith, Steven Snider, Katrinka Snyder, Timothy Sowell, Jimmie Sophomores - 63 Spence, Mary Staley, Cindy Stallcup, Jerry Standard, Matthew St. Cyr, Tommy Stephens, Cardella Stephens, Gailene Stone, Connie Stra ka, Lisa Strider, Teddy Stringer, Sandra Swallord, Paul Talley, Dale Taplin, Rebecca Tate, Cheryl Taylor, Kimberly Taylor, Tammy Terry, Michael Thomas, Evelyn Thomas, Robin Thomas, Veronica Tinkham, Gary Tosh, Dede Totten, William Trybulski, Richard Tucker, Phillip Tune, Londa Turk, Michele Turner, Tommy Turner, Tonya Utlen, Kristi Vandergritt, Lisa Vandiver, Kelly Vickers, Stella Vu, Joyce Walker, Lynn Walker, Valerie Warner, Sandra Warren, Mark Warren, Marty 64 Sophomores was f if rv X' . f-1 .a-an ae- vs. i -eff' 7 1 'raw Waters, Larry Webster, Pamela Wenthold, Monty West, Tamera Wheeler, Andy Wheeler, LeeAnn Wiley, Doris Williams, Cheri Williams, Darryl Williams, Greg Williams, Lisa Willis, Debora Willis, Wallace Wilson, Cynthia Wilson, Donna Wilson, Mark Wilson, Ricky Wilson, William Wintrey, Kathy Winter, Cynthia Womack, Valerie Wood, Kimberly Woosley, Brett Wooten, Randy Wright, Charlotte Wright, Kelvin Wynn, Cindi Young, Carla Ables, Ronald Adams. Larry Amar, Joe Anderson, Ronnette Banks, Rickey Bean, Tresa Belvln, lrvln Bernal, Lorenza Brooks, Elizabeth Brooks, Vanessa Brown, James Bruner, Lee Buckner, Sandra Burchett, Michael Burns, Patty Buster, Roderick Butler, Dewayne Byrd, Allan Campbell, Dana Cantield, Tina Carr, Ronald Carter,AIan Chilos. Gloria Clark, Joy Coney, Lisa Cook, Marlon Crabtree, Linda Cramer, Richard Cross, Shannon Crow, Cynthia Crownover, Floyd Cuney, Lisa Dabbs, Charles Davenport. Tamy Davis, Elizabeth SOPHOMORES Davis, Stephanie Davis, Teresa Davis. Victor Downard, Tart Duke, Karen Dunn, Randy Edwards, Robin English, Michael Espinosa, Steve Eustice, Michael Farrell, Craig Fennen, Robby Ford, Brennitta Forshee, Randal Francis, Rex Frazier, Allred Freshour, Kimberly Fugale, William Gauge, Michael Geller, Veronica Grady, Melba Grittith, Joseph Hall, kimberly Hampton, Christopher Hatlield, Annette Hawkins, Mark Hawkins, Ronnie Haynes, Shali Hensley, Scott Hughes, Eddie Humphries, Cynthia Jackson, Rochanne Johnson, Ray Johnson, Rhonda Johnson, Richard NOT PICTUFIED Jones, Patricia Jones, Tammy Kane, Debora King, David Knight. Robin Logan, Roger Marley, Glenda Marshall, Elizabeth Martin, Lonnie McCain, Nelle McCathern, Tim McCoy, Janice McLendon, Patricia Mims, Norma Moore, Eric Moreno, Johnny Newsome, Gina Nunley, Ernest Oliver, Leslie Otley, Janice Owens, Jacqueline Patterson, Patrick Peace, Mary Peck, Sheila Phillips, Tammy Phillips, Tammy Plumlee, Tony Popejoy, Russell Ronsley, Carletta Rose, Sandra Rowden, Janet Rich, Bridgett Richardson, Louise Richburg, Darvis Robb, Randall Roberson, Melvin Roberson, Sharon Rodden, Juni Ruth, Randy Shannon, Sharon Shaw, Mary Sitlington, Ronny Smith, Donald Smith, James Soliz, Lena Stephens. Terry Stevenson, Elana Sturdivant, Cynthia Subia, Juanita Suchy. Bryan Sullivan, Barry Terry, Karen Tolman, Michael Turner, Leon Valentine, Lisa Vaughn, Paul Vickery, Ray Waggoner, Donald Walker, Bobby Wallace, Mark Washington. Lydia Webb, Carlo Webb, Randy Whitney, Carla Williams. Marilyn Wilmoth, Tern Wilson, Sandra Wilson, William Wood, Candy Sophomores 65 Adams, Linda Adcock, Tracy Allen, James Alton, Anthony Altstatt, Billy Anderson, Jean Bailey, Captoria Baker, Kevin Baker, Kevin Banks, Veatrice Barber, Alan Barnes, Lillie Bartl, Robert Bays, Carol Beeson, Gayla Bellah, Glenda Benelield, Cathy Betterton, Rhonda Bird, Lorrie Black, Linda Blalock, Mike Bollinger, David Borum, Kim Bowles, Kristi Boyd, Regina Boyer, Kimberly Bradberry, Sabra Bradlord, Deloris Brashears, Jay Brewster, Mark Brocaw, Ricky Brock, Vanessa Brooks, Lisa Brooks, Shelly Brown, Billy Brown, Lisa Brown, Michael Bryant, Bill Burkett, Gary Burkhalter, Ester 66 Freshmen s x Atshgsl' i M - ' 5 .Q .LW ' I if ' ' is 7'7fwu7L A . 'B KA The courtyard holds the right atmosphere for meeting new lriends as Richard Dur- ham, Roger Oliver, Steve Wood, Terri Sell, :Q A - Tammy Grant, and Adrianne Cooper soon 1 tind out. Freshman Planning Committee: Marci Whittington, Stacy Gowens, Tom Edwards, Mary Diaz, Linda Black, Tina Groves, Cheryl Smith, LaDonna Parish, Gayla Beeson, Greg Davis, and Robbie Sullivan. Burleson, Beverly Burton, Kelley Bustos, Manuel Butler, Lisa Cagle, Curtis Cagle, Steven Campbell, Denise Cantwell, Mark Capps, Doug Carpenter, Tracy Carter, Mike Casey, Lynn Ceasar, Twyla Chambers, David Childs, Cathy Clark, Jett Cloakey, David Cloud, Kara Coats, Cathy Cook, Celia Cooper, Abram Cooper, Adrianne Cooper, Deborah Coppedge, Lisa Couch, Liz Cox, Steven Cravens, Betsy Crist, Carol Curry, Cathy Cwynar, Sandra Davis, Greg Davis, Jami Diaz, Mary Dindy, Carletta Dixon, Kevin Dockray, Edwin Dotson, Kenneth Drake, Jamie Duc, Le Duncan, Jack Freshmen 67 Duncan, Troy Durham, Richard Echelle, Michelle Edwards, David Edwards, Thomas Emerson, Rhonda Emerson, Richard Etris, Darrell Eustice, Dorothy Evans, Barry Everetle, Melanie Ewald, Janice Fankboner, Ronald Farmer, Kim Flowers, Sammie Floyd, Sheree Foote, Annette Ford, Tammy Fox, Kathy Fraser, Bill Frazier, James Freeman, Marvin Fuller, Brian Galbreath, Lauretha Gatewood, Cynthia Gibson, Tony Glass, Jannie Goll, Jackie Gonshor, John Goodmiller, Kevin Gowens, Stacy Grant, Tammy Grau, Bobby Grau, Sandra Gray, Joe C. Gray, Robyn Green, Tammy Greene, Karl Grell, Staci Groves, Tina 68 Freshmen E f 141' Grusendorl, Greg Hahn, Scott Hanks, Vickie Harper, Kristy Harrison, Bryan Hartson, Michael Haskins, Robert Hearon, Linda Heath, Lorie Hetner, Tana Helmel, Tony Hensley, David Hensley, Jason Hibdon, Debbie Hicks, Carla Hicks, Gayle Higgins, Connie Hilburl, William Hill, Chip Hill, Tiuanna Hise, Mark Hqcker, Pearl Hogue, Leslie Holloway, Shelley Hook, Rhonda Horton, Tracy Houston, Robert Howard, Rhonda Howery, Laura Huddleston, Rickey Hudson, Marla Hughes, Melody Hytchye, Calvin Ingram, Michael Irving, Tom Isbell, Kim Isbell, Paula Jackson, Helen Jackson, Laquitte James, Vikki Freshmen - 69 Jenkins, Richard Jernigan, Reginald Johnson, Clark Jones, Linda Jones, Morris Jones, Robert Kelly, Gail Kicklighter, Daniel Kidd, Gary Kimberling, Mark King, Leonard Kirpatrick, Jimmy Konechney, Darren Kramer, Kenneth Lantz, Sheri Larue, Tim Lawrence, Larnell Leach, Denise Leonard, Eric Leonard, Jeanne Leverett, Kenneth Lindsay, Greg Lindsey, Jett Lindsey, Marti Lockaby, Tammy Longnecker, Gina Lovelady, Eddie Maloney, Steve Manek, Tony Martin, Alan Martin, Melody Martin, Regenia Marx, Daniel Mauldin, Gary McAllister, Darrell McCathern, David McCoin, Karen McCornack, Rodney McDonald, Robin McKee, Jett 70 Freshmen f ffm QU? X f 4112281 410 " ,LV 51. ' r an fs: its - ,N X no u , -. ,H f3.f"'aY?, 31' N ,fy '?,q,-. H ,vii new . big 4l1S , 504665: may fe, lzwlfiy, Jaffa!-Z1 fe Jael. wlnm Jfa' My 5201414 "Do you think we'll get there belore lunch is over?" Richard Jenkins asks Jay Brashears. "Doesn't beat Mom's home cooking, but it beats starving . . ." thinks Bill Pickle. Taco Bell is a popular place among the lreshmen. ,A -rr is Y .gb-.. , ,.- '-soar, . ,. .1-P neun.- McLaughlin, Richard McMillan, Kathy McNabb, David McNees, Dana Melton, Randy Melvin, Scott Micue, Anita Miller, Kelly Miller, Lera Monahan, Bill Morgan, Mike Morris, Leonard Morris, Melody Moss, Alan Moye, Wallace Mullinax, Michele Mulzet, Charles Mundt, Gene Murray, Jimmy Murray, Stephanie Myers, Rhonda Nall, Chris Navarro, James Nelson, Jett Nero, Letitia Noble, Jana Null, Tobi Ogg, Linda Oliver, Roger Orr, Teresa Ortiz, Joe Parish, Ladonna Parker, Annette Parker, Michelle Parks, Danny Patton, Diane Pearson, Mike Pickle, Bill Pierce, Russell Pitts, Deborah Freshmen ' 71 Plunkett, David Pollock, Stacey Polly, Andrew Porter, Susan Powell, Jerry Pratt, Laketa Pritchard, Connie Quintero, Cindy Rains, Sherri Rains, Staci Ramsey, Jackie Ramsey, Randall Ray, Karen Rea, Steven Reece, Steve Reeves, Karen Reeves, Vonda Renter, Jeanette Rhone, Glenda Riddle, Victoria Ridley, Deloris Riley, Kari Rivers, David Roberts, Cathy Roberts, Delores Robertson, James Robertson, Jamie Robinson, Elijah Robinson, Victor Roby, Joan Rodgers, Sandra Roelen, Tamara Rogers, Jell Rogers, Susan Rogers, Tittany Root, David Ross, Bobby Ross, Terry Rozzell, Sabra Rudiger Cassandra 72 ' Fl'eShn1eI1 Rutledge, Brent San Antonio, Rebecca Sanders, Gary Sanders, Gerald Sanders, Patty Sandy, Darrell Saylor, James Schoelen, Lisa Schuerholl, Kathy Scoggin, Darryl Sell, Terri Sells, Eddie Seright, Katherine Shannon, Patricia Sheffield, Connie Shelton, Jelt Shapherd, Daniel Shepherd, Pamela Shipman, Debra Sickles, Harvey Simmons, Denise Simmons, Wade Simpson, Nancy Sloan, Mark Smith, Cheryl Smith, Cynthia Smith, Darrell Smith, Lanetle Smith, Markeeta Smith, Robert Smith, Russell Smith, Terry Snider, Rozie Soenksen, Sandra Soltis, Sharon Sompter, Pam Sosa, Nick Spann, Eunice Spann, Marie Speegle, Gina Freshmen 73 Speegle, Randy Splawn, Lesa Staggs, Don Stankewitz, Paula Stanley, Cynthia Stasyszen, Charles Steele, Karen Stephenson, Jett Stepney, Larry Stepney, Pauline Stevenson, Jana Story, Bryan Stringer, Barry Sullivan, Robert Talley, Mike Tarver, Anita Taylor, Jett Taylor, Kelly Taylor, Marilyn Taylor, Victor Teague, Lendon Thomas, Patricia Tinsley, Lesa Tompkins, Kelly Tucker, Lisa Tucker, Mike Tune, Marsha Tyree, Scott Unsell, Mark Upjohn, David Vandiver, Randy Vanwinkle, Rodney Vasquez, George Vaughn, Mike Waggoner, Lorrie Walling, Colleen Walling, Patrick Walton, Eugenia Wann, Michelle Warden, Tommy 74 Freshmen ,,,,,f. I I I, I, I X , I I 1' X I I F"9hA' ' 9 J ii Uwe mam 4 IDQO nf in Kelly Young and Rebecca SanAntonio just monkeying around, getting a bang out ol lite! Don Staggs and Jason Hensley enjoy a quick game ot Frisbee during lunch. "What I am to be, I am now becoming!" Abram Cooper. f 2 J i x lil .. , f- ., uv- Young, Robin Washington, Debbie Washington, Rodney Watson, Chris Weaver, Connie Webb, Marguerite Webb, Paul webb, Phillip Welch, Ronald Wheeler, Robin Whittington, Marci Wiley, Andrew Williams, Tina Willis, Cynthia wilson, James D. Wilson, Terry Wintrey, Leigh Wise, Haman Wood, Ray Wood, Steve Wooten, Cindy Worcester, Brent Worcester, Tanya Wright, Ken Young, Kelly Abney, Shari Abrams, Sandra Alcorn, David Apple, Michael Barber, Dewey Bell, Mark Bengock, Joseph Billings, Melinda Blakely, Alton Bly, Donald Bonnell, Jerri Brooks. Vernsll Brown, Gary Brumley, Anthony Brunkhorst, David Burns, Charles Buster, Alisa Butler, Dale Butler, Jay Cantrell, Davi Cole, Pamela Coover, Craig Crandell, Llsa Craycralt, Alan Cunningham, Shella Dao, Don Davis, Joseph Davis, Reese Doolin, David Dunn, Steven Easley. Phillip Easley, Rozetla Edwqrds, Will Ellis, Mervell Farbes, Sandra Freeman, Wllliam Freshaur, Mitchel Gage, Jerry Gasper, Mary Godwin, Kim NOT PICTURED LIST Golson, Kerry Gomez, Mike Goodin, Pamela Green, Doris Green, Wilbur Gregory, Sheila Grissom, Karen Grissom, Kevin Hall, Keith Hamilton, Michael Hand, Larry Haywood, Calvin Heard, Mary Heath, Tina Highsmith, Jamie Hlll, Darvin Hlll, Herbert House, Annette Irons, Carolyn Jackson, Chris Jlmlnez, Matthew Johnson, Auntrla Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Donald Johnson, Dyrral Johnson, Kammle Johnson, Kelvin Johnson, Ronald Kamll, Christopher King, Mark Kinnard, Randy Lawrence, Darnell Levadltls, Vlckey Lewis, Anita Lieber, Karen Littlejohn, Teresa Littleton, Frank Long, Sandra Lyons, Steve Mahler, Tracy Mallcoate, Vanessa Marshall, Sylvia Marx, Cynthia Maylleld, Sheila McAllister, Marilyn McCollum, Mike McDonald, Sabrina Medrano, Wlllord Meyer, Doug Miller, Nova Mitchell, Dorraine Monds, Norma Moore, Johnny Moore, Kelvin Morgan, Don Morgan, Ron Nance, Jimmy Norton, Tena Nunley, Vivian Ooten, Lila Parker, Janice Parker, Mike Paxton, Charles Peace, Claude Peterman, Beth Pham. Nghia Philer, Clillord Phillips, Donald Phillips, Jimmy Pickering, Melvln Popeloy, Ken Reed, Donna Revels, Jay Reynolds, John Rlctl. Yvonne Richburg, Reggie Robles, Lisa Rowan, Shirley Salsman, David Sandidge, Pat Scott. Leroy Shene, Venetta Sledge, Danny Small, Kelli Smallwood, Terry Smith, Keith Smith. Kenneth Smucker. Nathan Steaveson, Jett Stevenson, David Stokes, Melinda Taylor, Angela Traylor, James Trout, Charles Tubbs, Curtis Valentine, Brenda Vann, Luther Vasser, Sam Venable, Klm Vick, Lanetta Vinson, Ken Wade, Adolphus Walkabout. Jimmy Warren, Martin Watson, Craig Waymlre, Albert Wendt, Tracy Wensel, Mellsa Westbrook, Debra Wheeler, Diana Whlttenberg, Greg Wiley, Sheri Wllllams, Clillord Wllllams, Mark Williams. Rock Wilson, Johnny Wynne, Todd 76 ' Curriculum Curriculum is what school is all about. The classe one takes determine a great deal of what one gets out + school. There is a great variety of classes offered, son to fit almost any interes .vw if , -:gg . QM' ,, A J Aimed directly at a career, vocational classes train students to go to work after high school. A variety of vocational subjects was offered at the school - one of the widest in the system. They ranged from greasy engine work to fancy hair dressing. Beverly Orr knows that part of learning to cut and fix hair is practice. Woodwork can be really lun especially it you get lost in a stack of wood. Anna Blake enjoys upholstery because she knows you're allowed to do a lot of cutting up. "Dishwashing liquid?" "You're soaking in it," Brenda Dennis says to Ora Durham. "Sure I know what l'm doing," says Leigh Patton. Arthur Jones, Hurlan Demp- sey and William Kralik think surely they'II have their rocking chair finished by the time they get to be grandparents. Doug Mears waits patiently for a turn to run his piece of wood through the saw. XI? 'L 78 ' Vocational X4 M Q jg-gt ma 'El . , . 3 v Y, MQW M fw:,53EG,w V 'M I X,?,,fg-,. .,-.:' 5 -3 .j I, v.-1. V ,Miz a mi i -.. A: Q.. -Q' 195' . i Q Q -5...Y. , I . -'SFR ey. -QSM f , ' ,f?,gs5., JE vf , QS! of ww , N QQ'- --' Q 3.f:"l N'-Air' mn.-fa, fps 80 ' Vocational Vo-tech students are given simulated job conditions to help acquaint them with future careers. Teachers in the vocational classes all had on the job training experience, as well as the prerequisite college training. All classes were held to a small number. It you're thinking ot making welding a tuture career, taking it at school takes you one step higher. "My Dad says l'm just a chip ott the old block." Rusty Cooper and Kenneth Trail. Gary Perry works on a stage cratt scene. It's me again, always doing something tor stage craft. Beverly Bazemore wonders what Steve Booth and Fos- ter Kramer think is so funny about the back ot her head. VOCalI0l13l 81 R 1 82 ' Vo-Tech VO-TECH 5' "5 , M4,,,,,g.,- -1-40-9-F 5 Aviv ,Q ,. 9' e writ .' +Wh- ., ?:i'7f.:'5ff 'jr .r ,jgef nt X a'.fa.." ' 7" Vo-tech and DECA provide students with the opportunity to develop talents for jobs after school. Many students spent a part of their day at the Foster Estes Vocational Center on S. Bryant where they could study subjects which required expensive equipment. Radio and television takes deep concentration tor Randy Hix. Sherry Web- ster is giving Janet York a tree check up. Tommy Manuel lurthers his edu- cation at a vocational school. Jerry Wall gives a visual aide to part ol the DECA class. Vo-Tech 83 Business programs Iike COE and DECA, and classes like shorthand and typing prepare students for a career in that area. They also provide skills that help make budgets and tax returns behave. Tammie West, Lisa Harris and Brenda Allen work together in their cleri- cal practice class. Tammy Feland, Pam Julian, and Janice Caroll get together where it's breezy to do shorthand. Deloris Barnett decides to just write out her typing assignment. Sitting up straight and teet tlat on the lloor are just two ol the basic requirements in Typing l. Lisa Bert and Belinda Harvey stop to let their lingers rest. 84 BUSINESS ef '-1 X , ff-.. . A , ., ,-,.- swag fb 2.12 -""" 3421. S "1 in ' f nf-V. , , ,. QQMQYSYQ' BMW vw Business ' 85 86'Art Art classes offer a wide variety of mediums gi Q5 t. 3 5 to work in, from leather to oil paint. Although not everyone is a Picasso, most people enjoy creating their own special masterpiece. Vickie Harding has to work with tiny pieces ol jewelry in her class. Debbie Bryant and Lisa Williams get their tingers gooey but what comes out ot it is worth it. Jimmy Leonard and Jerry Moland make a lot ot things they need in Leathercraft. Todd Malone, atter this prac- tice, will become very good in pottery. Tommy St.Cyr welds a piece ot iewelry that Bobbi Stout doesn't particularly want to mess with. 1 is, N 'ima' ,. ,,fff,,1!fQ K 2 ,gf Arf'87 I 1 1 XM harm I! .1 N SN.. . . an 1' x ,ll ,. . 5 oi' f , , 'Ah I 1 f ,fm . Z , . . 1., Y N I X X! 'A f A K' ' : ,, s xx 0 M ! XX., f' 2 ,K X XTQ 1, X ' N-xfk' -4' 'K'- XX. X 88 ' Home-Ec. , 7.7 , . . 5 S 'N PlECES Q 5 . 11, a rg 3- i, if l,.7Qg,,,. f . ' .1 Classes dealing with foods, clothing and other aspects ot adult lite prepare students for lite on their own. For those interested in tamily lite, a class in child guidance or family relations is the thing. Knowing how to sew sure helps out when Patricia Haskins needs new clothes. Mrs. Parker shows Dori Taylor how to dress her teddy bear. "Ouch! These irons do get hot." Making and designing a bedroom is one ot the tirst things you do in home planning and decorating. Mrs. Stewart checks out a tunny smell in her Home Economics class. Always get ott in a corner so no one can see you licking the pan. Malcolm Battle knows that a pattern is something he couldn't live without in clothing. WW laik.. :Z-Q-':..T.iQ1 TQ It 9 5!f.O,iQ1' 'I-Q7.l0,ffl,11i3 Q. Ur i "ii ' an . W Home Ec 89 nan-lunar ,,, y MA '.,5,V I I , TN W-Hrzg Q . 3'6Uu"Y 1. b ! rf ' A s f-115. iff. S E Music Q i K. ,Y A . A aw, vw PHY ICALED , ISV ' if' .L , , '- ei' ' fi E I 'Y W Q 25" ,f aj if A . 3 E Nw--1 94 ' Science I W Q , :Y .im ,Q A Y Yu EA Q xg, Am ' K A 1 I Wi -. 2 , 1 VX Q rg 'U J Y E.f"' 1- .ll One year of science is required, but for those mad scientists there are also advanced courses like Chemistry ll or physics. There are many aspects of science besides dissecting frogs, but the main idea in science is finding out the why's and how's of things. "Did you see that fish jump right out of the aquarium? Mrs. Ellis doesn't believe her kids really saw that." Charles Rowlan and Tony Manek trying to figure out the earth's diameter. Chip Hill, Debbie Cooper and Captoria Bailey know that science is a lot of fun. Terry Spalding works on a scien- tific experiment. Randy Ramsey shows Sherri Rains how to use a micro- scope. Science 95 5, I ri we! f., -. .gf f fu., M ,ti Q.. k Wi AA 5-1 r, Wi' , 'tif .Lx W' 6 "O g . 'cg iv., ,r fit Y X 2' L, f 5-,., I I - sfV', 1 l ,. H A Jn. I , , V A n ' 1 :Wd 1,1 11' , e A x? 1 ,S xl Q. ,f,ff.fLr x 1-rtq. Qyg, ,-,f'gY'9tf,KIX ii, . jx 4 H1 i if 'ff X A I fn. I.. I U. . 4' I ,I Q . 0' . .inf- I ,Z I ,xg .Vi -A 'rvm ,' .M w, gafv' .1Of4f'Q'N us 'Qi 1 'V ' m ,glfa .1 Rf- "f 9-'jf 'fm ' fp, -4 rg f1.fy4 fr- 5 V M ,r2?f,f,:w.f rg if-W 'f A ,f ,V -,Q Q. g 4 xl , ,. ,P -ynw A . lf?-,1-m-fr, Q si.. f, MA Q -X 4, - uf yn, .fi nl 1 ,- ,J - M 'ff' x K ,1'T'l""'?' ' - - .ww f W. ' . 37' fllf l'11'f"f'7:fq"' ri .' f,:":FfWf5V--ff? K-' J, ' ,I 'I"f.g:J1. - 'jW:'fM w-'N 7 15 V. Jul-,fi , xl. fx, :,.,f,.A. 9, va, iv r -. Qxfgyhl .21 "' X. ffl? X :ff , 1:13 f 'A - QM., -z. , 'ff A ,ll - V 'gf' , 1 55,1 4-,:4.A',g1R'Nf--ftrffff f.,f Rf ' ' A y,.fe',i - ' .' A ' '. 4 1 Q, , -. W, -fi ' fwf- " '25a,:,-1i'f,'ffffa fx, ' NN 'vf-7 v f - .i '? fy ,, fvjsxr ,j' 1 Q -f ' . .x '1 'f X f xy A'-V P ' 5' ' - 4 k vs. 1 NX: vi M Q, ., 1 . . . ,. , A ,, ,.,. W .,., H ll, -1 1"'rf' ' Txafda f'.7'!C 3' -ij f ,xi .. f, X .. . 4, . K ,, ., F V, 2 X KI, f- , 1 1 P A' . 1.i5', A 1 5, Yj ' fqigjw 4 kLg gf' i I I ' " Q ,ff -X -.wwf , W- 'I' ' F' M- V, iv, ,K .f .,,s, - Math seems to be an all or none subject. Either one endures the two years required, or takes all he can get. While the problems for classes like analytics or matrix seem like a foreign language to many, others find them an exciting chal- lenge and possibly the beginnings of a career. Shebon Bert and Stacey Brown help each other with their math. Gary Cartwright tig- ures out a problem on the black board. Bill Lacy does his math work on a busi- ness machine. Taking his turn at the over- head projector is Leslie Echols. Mrs. Overstreet shows how to work a General Math problem on the overhead. Math ' 97 .K ! Es 5 3 S r 5 E QQ i' n ,. , , .H A : - ,ip , if, 1 Viz, y Tffw . H STL TU Qi' mimglzifiig 'N 7' I Y af 1 00 ' Language Arts :ff . . If 'S There are a variety of Language Arts classes offered, many of which are designed toward special interests. Putting out a news- paper or doing a commercial offers a change from the ever popular nouns and verbs. Students may not mind taking a test but they'II sure get rid of them fast. Cindy Austin looks some- thing up in her English book. Mrs. Fuller works hard grading English papers. Susan Henderson stud- ies her drama script. Mark Boyd wishes someday to become President ol the United States. Language Arts ' 101 ITU! ll. Zn 1 - I if REM. HMKES .9 102 ' Organizations I join clubs to tind people with similar interests The things we can accomplish together are limited only by our enthusiasm. Y ,mai V. ,. . X K' ,' f, ,Jif 3 X I L I 'yin Vg E mm www.. -4 W wwf- Nw A'- .W 1: on-new W. i , . f'5 Members ol Student Council attended the Annual Summer Workshop at OCU and the State Convention in Moore. Student Council sold T-shirts with "Go Generals Beat Spartans" written on them. They also sponsored the Ugliest Teacher contest again this year. Sponsors were Jerry Rickerts and Dee Dressler. All students at Grant were eligible to join Student Council. When James Roberson, Dale Marshall and John Gillespie have the job ot putting the victory tlag up, they know to "handle with care." Finding a cool place, Susan Henderson does some assigned work. "Are you trying to tell me you've never seen a mail girl?" says Linda Haynes. Brenda Brown gets all ready lor Christmas by pulling out ell gear. Marty Barris settles down to do some Santa Claus work. Chery Dixon and Shawn Washington buy their brick covers to help their class win a PSN!- Student Council. Front Row: Marc Cole, parliamentariang Robin Lin- dutt, secretary, Brenda Brown, treasurerg Janet York, chaplain, Dale Marshall, president: Linda Haynes, vice president: Ronni Sellers, ser- geant at arms: Pam Davis, corresponding secretary. Row 2: Susan Fielder, Becky Baker, Glenda Green, Tina Rust, Laura Wood, Pam Ginn, Pam Julian, Chris Ball, Francine Cravet, Walley Willis, Marchitta Penn, Leon Thompson, Denise Foot, Janice Ewald, Cindy Willis, Annette Smith. Row 3: Karen Sarmer, Shirley Wiley, Melita Robinson, Tammy Julian, Deanne Davis, Laura Farris, Nancy Brown, Jay Rickerts, Lesly Roberson, Tyrone Galbreath, Chester Webb, Rhonda Orr, Pam Everett, Betty Cassity, Jeanne Leonard, Carrie Chody, Rhonda Emmer- son, Tracy Horton. Row 4: Mrs. Dressler, sponsor: Sharon Washington, Cheryl Dixon, Lisa Lunstord, Donna Lunstord, Darrell Ferguson, Tulio Ramirez, Connie Conrad, Jenniter Smith, Kenny Welch, James Rober- son, Bryan Hall, Daniel Sheperd, Charles Rainbow, Scott Tyree, Tommy Edwards, Don Retter. Back Row: Vicki Harding, Deloris Cavers, Beverly Thomas, Denise Russell, Darrell Ames, Tony Moye, Ted Nor- man, Ann Dade, Billy Cloyde, Tony Francisco, Tony Gracey, Bill Lacy, Buddy Crain. John Gillespie, Gayle Beeson, Christy Harper. 104 Student Council . wp. , Q Q. .. - -M i ix ' V Je? ix ef 4 w X, 'Q-FXWY ,M,-Q., Student Council ' 105 0 R .Q .Y . ., -A. ,, . . - . 'QV 21 'Fm' , .3 106 ' National Honor Society J 3 5 3 2' 4' National Honor Society, composed ot juniors and seniors with an overall average ol 3.4 or better, made and sold ID cards to students. Members also collected canned goods lor Thanksgiving baskets to give to the needy, and sold TB seals at the fairgrounds. Sponsors were Christine Baugh, Ron Cable, Ralph King, Ann Douglas, Harriet Pulley and Thelma Parks. In addition to the required grade average, members were rated by a laculty council on points of serv- ice, leadership and character. Denise Clampett and Terry Clark type I.D.'s. Rick Winlord addresses the Honor Society at the initiation ceremony. Mrs. Baugh, David Wood and James Roberson discuss plans lor the ceremony. Mr. Cable wonders where all the money is coming lrom. Honor Society. Front Row: Denise Clampett, Gary Allen, Curtis Staggs, Rick Wintord, Connie Conrad. Row 2: Mrs. Pulley, sponsor, Lisa Lunslord, Brenda Stallord, James McCall, Neil Hollingshead, Sheila Parish, Sherri Webster, Vanessa Groves, Denice Robison, Karen Etris, Betty Stanlord, Tobi Hanlan, Susie Brewster, Linda McMurtry, Leslie Winkler, Susan Felder, Becky Baker, Mrs. Parks, sponsor. Row 3: Mrs. Douglas, sponsor: Kenny Welch, Greg Brewer, Steve Walker, Opal Vaughn, Cindy Graham, Mona Briges, Susan Henderson, Nancy Brian, Kim Johnson, Jerry Gam- ble, Nikki McLennon, GG Baker, Cindy Duncan, David Knight, Mr. Cable, sponsor. Row 4: Debby Free, Tim Tabor, James Roberson, David Langley, Gerald Elrod, Darryl Ames, Teri Clarke, Mary Barber, Robin Lindutl, Lori Lookabaugh, Kay Chipman, Donna McDaniel, Linda Harris, Pam Davis, Susan Blethrow, Leslie Roberson. Back Row: Mr. King, John Schoelen, Johnny Bailey, Steve Speegle, Chuck Raprich, David Lambeth, Wendall Fitchner, Tony Francisco, Ricky Moore, Gary Cartwright, Mark Boyd, Mary Walker, Brenda Brown, Michelle Rowlan, Janice Goodmiller, Janis Antri- kin. National Honor Society 107 B Smeg Ne... my New to Grant this year was the Foreign Language Club, sponsored by Nancy Phelps and Brenda Roberson. Members were required to have had one year ot Foreign Language or be currently enrolled in a Foreign Language course. Merits were given during the year and awards presented at an end ot the year banquet. Mu Alpha Theta, under the sponsorship of Severlan Vaughn and Dee Dressler, held the Annual Mathematics Contest and sponsored the Math awards section ol the Awards Assembly. To raise funds they sold suckers in math class. To join, a student must have an overall B average and nothing below a B in any math class. Mr. Vaughn gives instructions in math to his bewildered students. "Where would I be without my lingers?" Lisa Lunslord asks, while try- ing to tigure out a math problem. One of Grant's many clubs, Mu Alpha Theta is one ol the most respected. Charles Raprich and Gary Cart- wright wonder where they could have put that homework assignment. Maria Randolt is writing French on the board. Don't ask what it says. Nancy Brian raises the French tlag in class. Where are the stars? Susan Henderson points out something ol interest to Dale Betterton in French class. Mu Alpha Theta. Front Row: Lisa Lunstord, Denise Clampit, Robin Lin- dutt, Mark Boyd, Kenny Welch, Tommy Manuel, Leslie Echols, Terri Clarke, Mrs. Dressler, sponsor. Back Row: Gary Allen, John Scoelan, Charles Raprich, Gary Cartwright, Rick Winlord, Bill Lacy, Brian Reiss, Mr. Vaughn, sponsor. Foreign Language. Front Flow: Lesa Splawn, reporter, Joe Spicer, pres- identg fnot shownj Susan Henderson, secretary, Dale Betterton, trea- surer, Maria Randolph, vice president. Row 2: Gene Mundt, Arlise Farmer, Lynn Casey, Leigh Winlrey, Vikki James, Lynn Miller, Cindy Willis, Mrs. Phelps, sponsor: fnot shownj Mrs. Roberson, sponsor. Row 3: Kristi Utlen, Pam Webster, Janice Ewald, Linda Jones, Deana Walton, Renee Sharpe, Karen Etris, Debbie Tepsic, Steve Maloney. Back Row: Danny Kicklighter, Bryan Story, Robin Barthell, Glenda Bel- lah, Cathy Curry, DeAnne Davis, Eddie Ewald, Darrell Ferguson, Darrell Mowles. 108 Mu Alpha Theta f 13 t- I " . Q I F, fl-:Q Z . if ' , A 1-4 , iff! .f ' 5'1"---ff: ltlllif-J? "' Tri K ' 5f,'X.",v 5 I, '-gs 355' of if 'F GX of x' WFT ' :MW "' W., . ., x A , if gi? ti.. Q - MQ '? ' .wg .X -"- . W , I gg: L, Y. .t , '14 A 4 5g6 7 wg I2l3l4 192021 fig I gwxfifgi C5 . za CW' vii 1 ,il mm g . g gg f ' fa ,WW Foreign Language Club - 109 f"" rm, 'w..,g,N IV 6 x, W 'f 1 .uf "Ev L g S 110 ' Thespians 1 "Q-..,. x Thespians presented two plays this year, beginning with "Tom Jones" in November. They also sponsored an egg sale. To join, a student must have 10 points earned by contribution to dramatic arts. Each point represents 10 hours' work. Jayne Thompson sponsored the club. The doctor, Terry Wilson, attends Squire Allworthy, Walter Oaks, while Tom Jones, Gary Perry, watches on. Mr. Flickerts donates his loving lace to help involve more students in activities. The clown troupe. Cathy Pannell as Miss Western humors the audience with her smiles, oggles, and tlirtations with the tan. We all know who had the best lloatl Thespians. Front Flow: Mark Hawkins, Susan Henderson, chaplain: Gary Perry, vice-president, Randy Lusk, historiang Waller Oaks, presi- dent, Nancy Brian, secretary, Jayne Thompson, sponsor. Row 2: Laura Baker, Tammy Whitlock, Thomas Kelley, Mark Boyd, Gene Street, Kay Hall, Denise Foote. Row 3: Cindy Austin, Diane Smith, Jett Nokes, Billy Cloyde, Terry Wilson, Mike Terry, Ellen Stewart. 5, i' V, xt ,,, ,T 'ss ' .1 ll 7' s A Q - Q ' A . .-V . r it v -"-4 ,f F Thespians 111 , fl! an j .ii -4 Nil u-11 '4!!:: ..--. .--l -, 'cw ?'x'1 112 - Upward Bound, Human Relations 1 v I iii 42 ,fi , Q an ' :kK"X!1fw. ,f M W 'K -. 44 Upward Bound, sponsored by John Moham and Janet Jones, went on summer trips to Six Flags, Roman Nose State Park, NE college and various other colleges in the program. Members must be juniors who need financial aid in attending post secondary school. Awards were given in both academic and athletic areas. Human Rela- tions Club was again open to anyone interested in join- ing. Members welcomed a new sponsor, Mr. Pendley. Human Relation students relax as they watch films. Vickie Barnett, a member of Upward Bound, does some paper work. Mr. Moham, a spon- sor for Upward Bound, is a real help to the kids. Mrs. Hoffman tells Allen Switzer why he should take Human Relations. Upward Bound. First Row: Patsie Dennis, Francine Cravatt, Vickie Bar- nett, Brenda Dennis, Kim Parker, Ora Durham, Lydia Washington. Sec- ond Row: John Mohan, sponsor, Donna Anderson, Tyrone Galbreath, Dary Carter, Cecille Haynes, Elizabeth Sewell, Clarice Johnson, Janet Jones, sponsor. Human Relations. Front Row: Pam Roberts, Leon Thompson, Jackie Huffman, Sharon Morgan, Ginger Foley, Sandra Cogburn, Jana Jac- quenet, Gloria Baker, Mr. Pendley. Row 2: Melita Robinson, Vickie Gowens, Phyllis Morgan, Porter McGee, Andy Hubbard, Anna Hubbard, Connie Stone, Terri Bell. Row 3: Bobbie King, Darrel Ferguson, Scott Davis, Anthony Moye, Greg Jeffers, Talmadge Lawrence, Gerald Smith. Row 4: Terri Wilmouth, Janis Ular, Melinda Ward, David Ellis, Chester Webb, Rick Washington, Diane Knowles. The Grant Dispatch featured more six page editions this year. In an effort to poll students, the Dispatch, along with Student Council, co-sponsored a mock presi- dential election. There was a general trend toward cen- tering the paper around school events rather than out- side occurrences. Co-editors were Monita Denson and Rick Winford. Dr. Ruth Kraemer was the sponsor. Anita McCullough writes her story for the Grant Dispatch. Johnny Bai- ley and Jackie Huffman help on advertising yearbook sales. James Roberson and Billy Bateman decide where to put the pictures for the next issue. Togetherness is what gets the job done. Monita Denson informs the staff on newspaper deadlines. "But I didn't do it," says Mark Buchanan. A little friendly advice on typewriters is given by Gary White to Kelly Smith. Grant Dispatch. Front Row: Risa Byers, staff assistant: Kelly Smith, news writer: Nikki McLennan, feature editor: Anita McCullough, busi- ness manager: Teresa Napier, staff reporter: Karla Forrest, staff reporter: Tobi Hanlan, staff reporter. Row 2: Kellye Shipman, staff reporter: Jackie Huffman, staff reporter: Debbie Cowden, staff reporter: Johnny Bailey, sports writer: James Roberson, co-sports editor: Clar- ice Johnson, staff reporter: Lesly Roberson, staff reporter: Lesa John- ston, staff reporter. Back Row: Billy Bateman, co-sports editor: Mark Buchanan, editorial editor: Rick Winford, co-editor: Mike Cantwell, staff artist: David Lambeth, staff reporter: Jennice Caldwell, news edi- tor: Dr. Ruth Kraemer, advisor. .617 V 1 K vp Q N I A-6' k :ff is , Y' 114 Newspaper ,, +354 Y 25'-+125 Disnafiiii Band smgmq mm sale 1rwua2 spnqfvcviv drrmsv fix MN Nnlhsaffg- 4... ' v--1 F z 1 "T s74' I ,.,,vA, X ,. gl, W ' ' Xa! , we xx K haf ,452 ' ,f 5 s, 9 ,gy V... I if 5 r Y DECA sci to sdi chocohne peanuts Newspaper - 115 'urs ,H ,ff-1 ' ,Eggs gQ 11 6 - Yearbook 0 Qnxx, X i..4f .wk Aol Vw wx., 1 ' ."'lf' W 'xp Spectrum was the theme chosen tor this year's yearbook, after long deliberation. "The theme concerns the many images a person projects," explained Rhonda Wright, editor in chief. Dr. Ruth Kraemer sponsored the yearbook staff. In an effort to promote sales a coupon for a free sundae was given to all who bought yearbooks. Rhonda Wright knows that being editor of a yearbook is a full time job. Jerry Morphis, Beverly Higgins, Rick Washington and Rhonda Wright, take a peak at the new yearbooks. Section editors Johnny Bailey, Cindy Lookabaugh, Tammy Julian and Brenda Langston, are instructed about deadline dates. Walter Oaks, Debbie Cowden, and Denice Robison, work to finish their sec- tion in the 1977 yearbook. Randy Lusk has an important job of photographing Generals. Dennis Mooney gives a boost to yearbook sales by putting up pos- ters. Yearbook Staff. Front Row: Debbie Cowden, Brenda Langston, James McCall, Rhonda Wright, Carla Wood, Tammy Julian, Brigett Schilling, Kim Loveless. Row Two: Betty Cassity, Denice Robison, Tulio Rameriz, Johnny Bailey, James Roberson, Dale Marshall, Ronni Sellers. Row Three: Dr. Ruth Kraemer, sponsor, Jerry Morphis, Randy Lusk, Jay Bray, Walter Oaks, Dennis Mooney, Cindy Lookabaugh. Yearbook 1 1 7 , 9' X if if ,rlm.xf' L i li ,p 1 1 8 ' Fellowship of Christian Athletes I-Zion! Room The Fellowship of Christian Athletes was headed by sponsors Bob Starke and Glen Castle. This year's huddle leader was Russ Demeter. American Heritage was added to the list ot clubs at Grant. Members ol American Heritage have a meeting. Dale Rains and Darryl Fer- guson put up a poster lor FCA. Coach Castle, Rick Winlord and Coach Starkey plan what they are going to read out ot the Bible tor the next meet- ing. American Herigage gets together to talk things over. FCA. Front Row: Darryl Ferguson, Dale Rains, David Wood, Russ Demeter, Greg Morgan, Glen Castle, sponsor. Back Row: Bob Starke, sponsor: Mike Anglin, Todd Demeter, Rick Winlord, Buster Keasler, Randy Willhite. American Heritage 119 vm L 1 23 1 The Rodeo Club staged a hayride and a car wash to raise money. They went to the Calgary Stampede held in Canada. Several members were active on weekends rid- ing bulls. There was also a very active group ol girls who barrel raced. Sponsors were Lewis Quintane, Luke Har- ris, and Skip Metheny. The Salety Club was sponsored this year by John Savage. Mr. Quintane kicks up his boot while watching the powder putt game. Pam 0'Daniels and Pam Houston work on making Christmas cards tor children. Bill Mullinax, Jerry Davis, Sherry Higgins, and Danny Myer discuss rodeo plans. Larry Manuel tries to stay on top ol the bull. Rodeo. Front Row: Larry Manuel, president: Sherri Higgins, secretary- treasurer: James Nation, vice president. Row 2: Neal Hollingshead, Becky Scott, Dana Campbell, Kym Foster, Kim Cox, Debbie Cooper, Kari Riley, Michele Mullinax, Steve Marx, Tim McCatherine, Coach Quintain, sponsor. Row 3: Coach Harris - sponsor, Katie Hubbard, Sherry Fredrick, Cindy Staley, Stacy Gowens, Brett Grubb, Brian Harri- son, Tommy St. Cyr, Tony Hewitt, Kim Borum, Craig Riley, Jerry Davis, Charlie Maynard. Row 4: Greg Grusendorl, Mike Sampson, Ronny Pow- ell, Karla Overstreet, Shauna Bell, Kevin Belew, Bill Frazier, Doug Myers, Bill Mullinax, Andy Patterson, Donny Bridges. Row 5: Wayne Glidden, Dennis Haskins, Curtis Speegle, Mike Clark, Larry Suchy, Rusty Cooper, Andy Wheeler, Brian Suchy, Ricky Wilson, John Hetner, Danny Meyer, Scott Hann. Salety Club. Front Row: Eamest Nunley, Richard McReynoIds, Pam Houston, Kim Parker, Kelly E. Smith, Robin Thomas, Kim Taylor, Pam 0'DanieI, Junie Barrett, Mr. Savage, sponsor. Row 2: Randy Smith, Dee Divon, John Reynolds, Kenneth Janway, Mike Ingram, Teddy Strider, Walley Willis, Milvon Roberson, Danny Stark, Andy Patterson. Row 3: Mark Wilson, Randy Catledge, Steve King, Mike Ross, David Barton, Kevin Cates, Bobby Nichols, Robert Lawerance, Randy Wilson. 120 Rodeo Club l 'J F' ,,, ,... ,, il .-0 t , hd, .ani-sg Va 3' 1- ff im. as-JZ? V-wx fe 1 im Q4 A .V V. Hun .Y 1,--mmf ., .,, 12' , af N5- as N , 'w 1? Safety Club - 121 .9 ' Q 15 ss A Q s A..........M.....,..- ...,...- ,, tit. 4: "TJ '--'l1" 'f: 'f'Mg"" 1 . - , . - ., . ' , . . : M' .. .W ' ,- f,,-.,4,-N. 'A 4 2 fi L-' . W. V bf 1 -v .A vf if y , It V ' ' A CJ ,,, was ' t a CVf" WQQ 'Q '20 U3 'x Ebb, wsW naw '- 122 ' Sofiball 'x ig QL f A Lji Wy 'i ' 3 , T li. wlzkgfs M ' x ' at by W.. v gi 5 s 3 ,L ,'4A rf 1, Sponsors for the Girls' O Club were Connie Ellis and Vickie Parker. The girls sold candy to raise money. Girls who lettered in at least one varsity sport were eligible to join. The purpose ol the club was to organize and keep varsity letter persons involved in sports and to provide them with a letter and other symbols of achievement. Connie Ellis sets up practice dates with Girls' 0 Club. Tina Little, Che- ryl Harris and Shannon Wann discuss strategy. Serena Boyd and Tina Little practice salesmanship. Everyone is an important part ot Girls' O Club. Softball. Front Row: Connie Ellis, Darla King, Donna Paddlety, Tammie Blancett, Shannon Wann. Row 2: Dana King, Beverly Marble, Gina Speegle, Dore Schilling, Tracy Adcock. Back Row: Betty Stanlord, Che- ryl Harris, Tina Little, Tama Hegner, Brenda Allen, Stacy Gowens. 0 Club. Front Row: Vickie Parker, Donna Paddetly, Cheryl Harris, Tina Little, president: Betty Stanlord, secretary: Dore Schilling, Connie Ellis. Row 2: Dana King, Beverly Marble, Tammie Blancett, Stacy Gowens, Shannon Wann. Flow 3: Darla King, Michell Rowland, Tana Hefner, Gina Speegle, and Brenda Allen. 0 Club ' 123 4 NYVY' .JS L , wa... il. ws, W4 . r , . ,,,,:,,,L,l A W, S X ge K 'Ju I, ,- N04 f - - - - Fir? , ,ei-f.,,,.,-f sine-,-.sf--e. , I , , -Q, A, . ,. ,V fQp'1f-3 , .5 fz.,,'3Sv .fI-fv ff' 'a ' -V - 1 S 42: -fs. 1' . r fr nw ss. , Fund raising activities tor FBLA included the sale ot popcorn, Christmas candles and sausage. The club won an award tor being the largest chapter in the region and the Gold Seal Award. Trips included a journey to the Texas State Fair in Oct. Darrell Ames, Pres., went to Omaha in Nov. ln June 26 members went to New York, Philadelphia, Montreal and Washington, D.C. The National Convention was held in Denver, Colo. in July. Anyone currently or previously enrolled in a business subject was eligible to join. Sponsors were Dorothy Dean, AI Fuller, Jullette Brown, Yvone Felder, Beverly Wilson and Loneta Hayes. FBLA President Darryl Ames tells otticers Diana Norman, Pam Julian and Janice Carrol that this year's sales should be a great help. Mr. Al Fuller, sponsor, counts the day's money in the student store. Florence Mathis tries to decide which candle to buy. "Come on somebody, buy this candle, l've had it all day," pleads Mark Booth. Getting involved can be rewarding as Diana Rodriquez receives a plaque. Bruce Harri- son studies hard to be a tuture business leader. FBLA. Front Row: Victor Voss, Denise Robinson, Debbie Cowden, Phil- lip Spencer, Tonia Jones, Janice Carroll, Pam Julian, Darryl Ames, president: Tamela Sheppard, Donna McDaniel, Deanna Harrison, Mark Richardson, Bruce Harrison, Debbie Tepsic, Barbara Thompson, Sue McKee. Row 2: Carol Mason, Kelli Jetterson, Kim Davis, Beverly Ken- yon, Tony Cardwell, Mary Perakis, Sherri Wynne, Tammy Preston, Becky Irick, Carmen Sosa, Jamie York, Sandra Stringer, Anita Jordon, Delores Roberts, Pam VanHorn, Diane Wheeler, Michelle Mullinax, Michelle Anderson, Tammy Julian, Vicki Crow, Shannon Wann. Row 3: Karen Stearman, Melita Robinson, Karen Farmer, Jerri Gamble, Rhonda DuVaI, Kim Johnston, Mary Ross, Karen Etris, Kari Rea, Jenni- ter Smith, GG Baker, Jana Schmitt, Veronica Cuvyner, Disha Rodri- guez, Janna Patton, Belinda Harvey, Market Lathem, Beverly Higgins, Betty Cassity, Florence Mathis, Bobbi Stout. Row 4: Vickie Harding, Susan Snodgrass, Brenda Willis, Jeannie McKee, Tonya Turner, Deb- bie Williams, Ray Pool, Cheryl McDaniel, Lisa Tucker, Gina Clark, Deb- bie Free, Cathy Childs, Karen Gerd, Teri Clarke, Tarryl Ames, Connie Conrad, Patricia Haskins, Tina Little, Linda Harris, Cheryl Reeder. Back Row: Bob Taylor, Greg Morgan, Tom Manuel, Tommy Robles, Dale Rains, Steve Darnold, Gary Cartwright, Charles Raprich, Mark Booth, Randy Wood, Annelda Dade, Anna Hubbard, David Eakins, Liz Barthsell, Darla King, Donna Paddelty, Terri Kraptt. FBLA 125 . l' xx? 1? N-mf 0 09 9 126'DECA i . Ss 06' N E .4 DECA, sponsored by Frances Hendrix, sold General sock hats, candy, and raffled off 100 gallons of gas. Trips included the 0flicer's Training Conference in October and State Leadership Conference in March. The National Leadership Conference was held in May. There was also a hayride in October. To join a student must be enrolled in Distributive Education. James Nation puts up the DECA banner lor all to see. Dennis Schlegel and Mike Lindsey went from room to room selling candy and hats. Brenda Sorrels had the job ol putting the showcase together. DE can help you find a job, but classwork is also essential. DECA students Steve Morgan and Jody Jones set the type on the printing press. Patri- cia Pilgrim and Cindy Testermon know that DECA also means speeches. Frances Hendrix shows Karen Frizzell how to work a cash register. D.E. Front Row: Vanessa Groves, Pam Everett, Anita Garret, Tim Rakes, Jerry Wall, Bill Midgeft, Mike Lindsey, Cindy Testerman. Row 2: Pam Roberts, Gena Smith, Michele Shaw, Carlotta Brewer, Craig Riley, Vickey Adams, Miss Frances Hendrix, sponsor. Row 3: Cindy Austin, Karen Frizzell, Lori Esplot, Jim Snider, Rod Buster, Chester Webb, Robert Huleston. Row 4: Brenda Sorrels, Kerrie Urban, Donna Pad- dlety, Anna Hubbard, Mitch Rozin, Jody Jones, Joe Johnson, Leslee Winkler. Back Row: James Nations, Bill Lalewer, Wayne Glidden, Jay Bray, Dennis Schlegel, Jimmy Harris, Steve Morgan. DECA 127 T VICA attended the State Beauty and Barber Show, Hol- iday Hair Fashions and State Legislative Day at the capi- tol. They also went to both the State and District VICA Conterences. To raise money members sold cards, candy, candles and posters. They also held a slumber party and had breakfast meetings. In addition to this there was a Christmas Banquet and a trip to Six Flags. Students enrolled in cosmetology were eligible to join. The club was sponsored by Greta Emanuel. Bonnie Gatewood and Trudy Crooks do lingernails, which is one ol the tirst things you learn in VICA. Ouchl You got soap in my eyes. Sharon Washington and victim. Cindy Greenroyal practices on a head some- body didn't want. Mrs. Emanuel watches as Jody Tucker rolls Karen Price's hair. Kanetha Bell knows she loves the class but doesn't partic- ularly like cleaning up. Mary Turner already has a customer. Joni l-tousley and Mary McCoy take turns doing each other's toes. Cosmetology. Front Row: Brenda Dennis, Joni Housley, Mary McCoy, Kim Davis, Cindy Greenroyd, Kanetha Bell, Ora Durham. Row 2: Karen Price, Melinda Elam, Debbie Bohrer, Debbie Apple, Rhonda Dugger, Leigh Patton, Dania Stromske. Row 3: Lisa Robinson, Bonnie Gate- wood, Debra Mathews, Robin Knight, Londa Tone, Sharon Washington, Cheryl Dixon, Janice Morrison. Row 4: Jody Tucker, Beverly Orr, Nikki Johnson, Mary Barber, Mary Turner, Sherry Able, Deanna Sheltield, Carrie Bateman. K , V wat 1 128 VICA HW K-1 S . 11 X A t 4 f 2 , Y kink 13 so J VICA UP 2 asc wifi'-. :SQ Q. Choir was sponsored by 0. J. Thomas. King and Queen this year were Curtis Staggs and Jamie York. Attendants were Brenda Stafford, junior: Bonnie Harn, sophomore: and La Donna Parish, freshman. Mr. 0. J. Thomas directs his choirs: they follow him: this makes it a beautiful sound. Vicki Barnett and Karla Forrest also out caroling, sing a duet. Music students work on putting feeling into their words. Patsie Dennis, Brenda Stafford, Greg Davis, Pat Hall, Sheila Parish and Doug Anderson get into the Christmas spirit by caroling. 9th Grade Mixed Chorus. Front Row: Lyn Harper, Janie Glass, Cindy Stanley, Billy Altstatt, Scott Tyree, Stacy Rains, Carla Hicks, Kathy Fox, Rhonda Emerson, Rhonda Howard, Johnni Shamblin, Gayla Beeson, Lanette Smith, Diane Patton, Jimmy Nance, Terry Wilson, Jay Revels, Michelle Echelle, LaDonna Parish. First Hour Mixed Chorus. Front Row: Rhonda Byerly, Karen Champlin, Tayne Wilson, Elaine Wilson, Cynthia Wilson, Tammie Roberts. Back Row: Larry Hughes, Robert Taylor, Dale Rains, Randy Woods, Mr. Thomas, sponsor: Steve Walker, Robert Camp, Alfonzo Johnson. Concert Choir. Front Row: Bonnie Horn, Lawanda Ray, Lisa Johnston, Vicky Crow, Scott Tyree, Greg Davis, Mark Hawkins, Pam 0'DanieI, Jamie York, Kanetha Bell, Tobi Hanlan, Pat Hall, Gina Williams. Row 2: Mr. Thomas, sponsor: Pam Roberts, Carrie Reeves, Sherry Gibson, Dale Rains, Terry Wilson, George Bowens, Curtis Staggs, Geannie Dressler, Brenda Stafford, Kristi Kling, Tammy Jones. Row 3: Karen Champlin, Darla Watts, Bobbi King, Steve Walker, Doug Anderson, Larry Hughes, Jerry Davis, Karla Forrest, Susan Hamilton, Michell Thomas, Sheila Parrish. Row 4: Tayne Wilson, Tammy Phillips, Robert Taylor, Randy Woods, Billy Cloyde, Mark Buchanan, Danny Meyer, Linda Winford, Janis Viar, Terry Wilmoth, Janet Laskey. 130 Choir 1. L Plll Choir ' 131 'T' 132 Band 42? W The Marching Generals welcomed a new band direc- tor, Jim Baker. The band attended OSU Band Day, and the OSU Homecoming Parade. They sponsored the annual spaghetti supper and sold candy and lruit. The Stage Band sold fruit cakes. Alter polishing up the brass, time comes to give them a work-out. Rox- anne Hamm pauses a moment to tune up. Mr. Baker stops long enough to tell some tired students to keep on blowing. This year's attendants were Jana Ward, Mary Turner, Roxanne Hamm, Sylvia Archer, and Susan Blethrow. On homecoming day, students line the streets to watch the band march. The drummers wait patiently tor their time to come in. Jason Hensley practices tooting his tuba while Linda Haynes looks on. ,rs N Q iff! Q. fy K f I fr ' 'X Band ' 133 V272 .5 4? NI- :gf asa, 2 I , 5 -1 U5 gg fy., m- ,J imf h 'ff ji LQ L 21? ,,, , fl xg: V5 ' 3, 'wa if , 5. , A ,A A '46, ,gf hgflgr 1 ,fi 4311.6 K C1 'f suv- 'V E if I 1 . 1 - if at I .- .V j- x aff, 4 V a I" 1 -,Q , 4 ,Q I gv V, is wx rw., V .Q qv a-sf., I. . Z l J , '- ,wi A1,A ,M f ,iw A, U ,ff-4 5 ' . ,4 - l The Drill Team, sponsored by Evelyn Shelley, added some spice and well planned routines to the games. Majorettes and Flag Corps, under the leadership ol Jim Baker, marched in parades and also performed at games. Cindy Rowland helps Janice Goodmiller learn a new step. Majorettes march along with the band in the parade. The llag corps steps oll the look ol the band. Stopping lor a moment to pose lor a picture is Jana Ward. Drill team girls practice to give great performances at the games. Drill Team. Front Row: Terri Bane, Susan Perakes, Renee Sharpe. Flow 2: Laura Brady, Janice Goodmiller, Darla Watts. Back Row: Kristi Pickle, Savona Burdick, Cindy Rowland, Mrs. Shelley, sponsor. Drill Team 135 The Sabrettes were present at athletic events to cheer on US Grant. They sold ribbons, ushered at various events and sold programs to raise money. Scott Thomas was elected Pep Club Buddy. Members went to Six Flags. The purpose ot the Pep Club is to promote school spirit. Sponsors were Lois Sughru, Connie Overstreet and Vickie Stewart. Janice Curtis wonders who tied her hair to the arm ot the chair. "Wait, you're tee-peeing the wrong thing," says Debbie Windsor to Mona Bridges. The best buddy is our Pep Club Buddy - Scott Thomas. Win- ning is easy with a super great pep club. Miss Sughru, and president of the pep club, Connie Conrad, discuss plans lor the upcoming games. "Wait, don't go pinning anything on me, I just work here," Francine Cravatt and Sharon Washington feel that anyone at Grant is a General. L, rx sf 5 f 136 Sabrettes wfgzff' tiki.. 4.3 Sabrettes ' 137 . QV. n 138 ' Pep Club w""'4rA - A JN. Nu R, if v 6- . A ' .,.,' ,ff . Q UC 'Q4?5v-37' T, ,.,1gmt :Cl yr-5.31.-Lg" ,Q llr.x"Q,f2:Q-'. , .'-x,C,i1.y,z.if:., w ,..-sem W 'if 4+ gf xiii ix ft ylufxf 'F sfmffi . 'oil' 77 'f 0" '-ff wwf, :QL . f gf. 'f "QL it 6, X1 X311 ' P 3-ff , 2, up .X .f V. .ff .yt .J4?'..u... Q, ,Q-'73, if Z. X 2 "if, . nz " wr 1 fi ., - v, A Y 2, ' Y . a ' Ii J T ' fl - i, ' -W Pep Club Officers, Spirit Boosters and Cheerleaders were sponsored by Lois Sughru, Connie Overstreet and Vickie Stewart. The officers, elected by the Pep Club, are viewed by the sponsors as the "backbone of the club." Spirit Boosters, selected by the cheerleaders and officers are chosen to help with the spirit of the club and other pro- jects. Cheerleaders won ribbons for superior rating at the OU summer clinic. They sold suckers to attend the clinic. Head Cheerleader Cindy Graham, along with Janet York and Lydia Wash- ington, learns a new cheer. "But M and M's give you energy." explains Tracy Thompson. Debbie Wilson is making the prized "Bigmouth Award," to be given at the next game. Sandy Campbell and Star Dunn make things for the football players. Pep Club Officers. Star Dunn, parliamentarian: Sandy Campbell, sgt. at arms: Connie Conrad, president: Leslie Gentry, merit capt.: Karrie Cornell, treasurer: Karla Overstreet, usher capt.: Karla Forrest, reporter: Dana Magruder, secretary: Debbie Wilson, chaplain: Janice Curtis, vice presi- dent: Mona Bridges, merit cept.: and Debbie Windsor, historian. Spirit Boosters. Left to Right: Resa Furr, Flonni Sellers, Carla Sherrill, Ann Miller, head spirit booster, Kim Wood, Kathy Russell, Lynn Walker, Cindy Reed. Cheerleaders. Left Row, Top to Bottom: Betty Cassity, Pam Everett, Lydia Washington. Middle Flow, Top to Bottom: Tracy Thompson, Cindy Gra- ham, head cheerleader. Right Flow, Top to Bottom: Rhonda Orr, Janet York, Cynthia Jacobs. Pep Club 1 39 140 ' School Life I welcome the change that comes with things done just for fun. School may be for learning, but there's a lot to be said for the lighter side of school life. 'ffl 4 In today's world, that four-wheeled mechanical marvel, the car, is both a status symbol and transportation. Walking is almost unheard ol, and what one drives is almost as important as where one is going. A little prestige, demonstrated by Dennis Luman. Ricky Smith takes oll in his hand-built Laser 917 custom. "And here's something in our sub-com- pact size," Tom Irving, Gary Anderson, David King, Keith Grummer and James Burchett repair the results ot Saturday night racing, "But I thought the lan went on top of the engine." Tulio Ramirez and Dale Marshall get with it. The whole story, the essence ol speed. 1 . 1 . 5 f' .. 'Auf f:,J5f S, lu! Znwig 'H-x V Q Q?-:',3f ','5'?':Tf?5' ' x 4 Saxiifsf. r.f5am.rw. f' W- A Q5 ff!a'i2Q.i'A fer' "WH-Me". U12 064.1 kiinlv, fm, . L -gig ..:A,g,, K . N ' ef fu. , W Q 4. fa K ,W . ww an Love, Caring, Sharing . . .whatever it's called, being together with someone can be very spe- cial. The Iittle things, - happy times, arguments, responsibilities, and joys, all add up to one great thing that's just more than a feeling. Daring to get a little lip-lock in the parking lot are Lesly Roberson and Barbara Thompson. Alana Balson smiles as she thinks ol how she'II show Randy Goodwin how to really bowl. "I need two ir2's, a large order ol tries, onion rings, and a Dr. Pepper lor my girl lriend, and I want . . Ricky Bateman, Lisa Straka. Good-byes are hard lor David Baker and Karen Champlin to say, even though it will only be lor one short hour. Scott Thomas takes Sharon Washington out on some really swingin' dates. Jan Grove finds out, the truth can sometimes be embarrassing after Jay Reid tells her, it was his mother in the car with him. i ,W In ,M-gp, ,. ,, 2 1 ' K, .c , - ..f1t.f. wr' ' ggi '47,,,Lf1.," , , flvfft' . an "vt f- . 'xx :JS f 'AAI' V' t:z"!g,?" " ,. ' ,,..,4 . A - 5- . ,J ,, x Q5 -shun' "' ,a+-uf-ack, .J . xp , ,V 5 Nia?-ff, -, - -fzqg '- "'k'5 . ' 'vii 18 -cv 'N sf f ,X W QQ' ,E '-cl, -." - tif' , YKFSX3 W l ,Z 1 -X vs ini ,Aim lllllllllllllllll lllllllllilllllll lllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllll Illllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllll Illllllllllllllll Illllllllllllllll ' lllllll ..- E3 'r f 1 ! a ,A f'5f'y1gQ,A f 4 1 , S, 'S IW if ,A ,m69rrfN fvfv 'IJ QM' fJ ,EN TFT, ' gl 5' -1 ,FEKUUNBXJ Ly 8 .1 ui. QW x. . Ltfifg A- f3atffW 'i t Eff" dp V, .Vx vi X ' -riiigrlk' - . 4 L, Q L J ff 441 at 4711 4- JL H 'Tk Qi tx ' I r4K1'5 f 1' 4 Q 141: ,if 5 lil J , ' O a I yy x u ' 4 'Ci Q-4,r'5"f -K'Q Q- .p Q 1 w 3 , '1' :Ta- 5. Fashion today is becoming an art ot self-expression. Almost anything goes lrom t-shirts to that slinky black jumpsuit. How a person is dressed indicates his or her frame ol mind. T-Shirt Gratliti. Doubling Thomas, Ray Poole, is skeptical as woman bar- ber cuts his hair. Painters Pants take over the jean scene as Terri Burciaga models her pair. Men's sweaters are back again, as Gary Allen "shows oft" one ol his lavorite. Cindy Staley displays that Goucho pants and boots are ridin' high in the world ol lashion. Popularity ol jumpsuits booms with Carla Young and others. Slhmarp as aa ECSJQL ' DRESSING ROOM 4-1 ,Leaders ser V X, 'vu , , I X '19 Q .fv H - 353, N 21-as-ifs. W - Q! faw f . 41-33:1 . ' li mg A X wnezfzzfk' 'Y , f 14fA11:tiH ,., 'Rx 3 M, Q ' ' jrlff5,i'ff7 2 it-n .if vi A-N1 u um, N ' .X I t 1 y Q " J s , 'QQ ' .W,. , QM k ' V A ,i 4 - x'fxi4f I A I ,-,,. Wi4',i3if!i5f?tsS ' ff. .jim . ,gi ., --fffrfvf'-' 'iM'fi'f'1:'f1aa?-4'5fiQ: W 1 K eff ul 150 ' School Life say!! i X 1 W , ,525 7 . , , .L 1 1. w. H, 1, . ' L X 9 ' f'm"':cgH,: ' 5 mr' , 5 ,r,fC?ff , A .mx W k 5 ,iw , , ., 11 W, ,faq 4. , 5 I A ,, 'P Q 3 f 2e52??w : .gf- +5 ' , ffg' 'viii f ' R Z rm: JQBEAQHT f ltgw f. W ?x2?55+?i.'f' 'MN A ,. . H 4 , 1- 3 K--455112 ,551 x S i ly 1 K rf GRP ,jf-, ,- ' ., sr! A aid l f J a ' ,Q -f . X 545 '59 X kkfli' -wL !'gf" if-iQ 'f ' l E.g I I 3,4 ' 'E is M A W R361 ' 1 v1"'i 'i 1. F? X paw- WS' " W fflw-"W-:pf , 'ff ff, X may - 49' 95 in H., kim ' F- xi hull- 1 K ,f"', Z7 -X ..-.-"""' xxx 154 ' Sdhool L! 8 6 ff 54 f ,kgw wx Qx Jimi ,Q ,wg -I 'V I ' L V if 5 f A Fil ,. A f2f2Vt , A l v - 5' ' 5, , . 'gf 25'-f' , f' J V ' 53 5' ' Ml 11,5 . .,. , 1, ,fiwfffjif ' ' ,LV 'FE 'l 8 ,,'Q ' XXX, 1 i '- fiqff- 2?,':'Y.i' ., JJ, , V .V,, Q 5... L, x S f--...sx J xx f-Q - -X Q S XX ,X Vx Y! li J . School Life ' 1 55 ll "8 s 'UAW Connie Conrad was crowned Queen at the Capitol Hill Redskln game The weather was warm and the girls looked great One thing we will never forget is the Victory over the Hill Halltlme music was provided by the Marching Generals Gina Speegle Karne Cornell Connie Conrad Shirley Wiley, Dana Magruder, and Lynn Walker get ready to pre- pare lor the Homecoming parade. A picture tells a thou- sand wordsl Senior attendant Dana Magruder and her escort Andy Taylor. Karrie Cornell, Gina Speegle, Dana Magruder, Connie Conrad, Shirley Wiley, and Lynn Walker the 1976 GeneraI's Homecoming court. Connie Conrad smiles as she walks back to the car to make her tradi- tional drive around the field. Leslie Gentry and Ronni Sell- ers hold the Homecoming run-through. 156 - School Lile ull: n't 6Evenin Glleligllg +20 0 I Y ' fXQ'cJx,r' Q, , :t if 'V . fi .3 , ' "' f iw, , v f. 1 MXL mls:-F .ff f ,-1' .',.,-' EJ-v, , ff w S . gr ., MW, ,Dv 'Q' MM .1 www w'1M""""'N in 1 Q X AY 3 . fmwauwif ,,., 4, W , , WZ, ww- ga. ' A, -1 jj . 5,5 1 Q , ., ,L 1 Y " . ,T LL . p .. ,- ' f 'E' J, . ff-,g ,f.,W,k - I Us-'M . K .aa Qfff.-'Y Q 4 Z K 'g,fz,4f'g Aiztf'-' , pl z., fwfr' -- , M S.-. Y... 5 W 'V I-4 -7 ff, "?61xsL A ,, . ,f ,4 ' f ,Y I f, ,M Y, M5 - A uf-W. 1 , 'V ' Q if' f".-"ff 4, xi ' ,Z I 'vinyl-,:,. rg 'Q' 1,7 Wufikt . X ' N A - '1..,'fw:f-f-4 Mx' ,f 1: f" -"3 f A , ,32,. 3 . ww- 'f,,f..3g., L41 fl K .. f- .wx K ' if 1? A A ft, ' 4 , -'kk-: f-g.,,TpQ,n 2 ggs-w,ja1 , - rf, 1,9 f,,3,.w Vw A A A - .fjm-"Hs ' L ?fqs-Aff-if : F1 f- 1 raygff s -I f ,Gif H, . 1- . my A- Q ' .1453 U K :vp X V , Q ds -1 'jf ,YH f.,5n,: - X Q. ,V .-, 1 WJ' Q 4 GW ,, .i,, a x f 4 , 1 Q A J '- uk 1 M ff-, 1 , A 1 v f--wr, WLM 5,-.,. MMR 'KV 'ff , K V n,,1M.,5 r. . W, v . H ,m..., u 8,255 M 'Lp -'ATR' , - Lam. f ,xx 'R its U if , f N Aw, mg 1 g ,VJ ., .15 L5 nvq MQW. ,aw W J? 14. if K, :aa - 43, qv -,f , .1 4 3 filzwkyiiikfg 5, , K H 1 wiv M.. M nktf - , N Y' S1 , T5 'A ' f f y f -. M fv 1 xv , , . lx-V, xt K. 1 JE 3 'X gi V' 3 sg E V k it-er "' xg .5 ' f 2 Q 3 A NW .0-""W 1' Sip f X QSM ,vw ""'M--me-w!""!F :G N zrgfgr, ' ,. 565, x :iff .... . gui fx .Ji fi -f if , , 4, 'vi 7" Of' W' 5' gl Y M. 9 V Q it "' L- 3' DR uf , If H' 51 I 1 ,fl 5 it.. , ,,, .fr . L' jk i' QQ! A gf gi 'Wf.93f125 ' ff A,,. 4-D" x K 6 l.F-JS School Life ' 1 63 5 fr There is something about the holidays that fills everybody with a special kind ol excitement. Maybe it's the break from school, but most likely it's the chance tor everyone to run around making merry. Holidays were excel- lent lor just that reason. Beverly Bazemore, and Sylvia Mora try to decide what to buy for Christmas lor their lamilies. Stormy Estell walks away with a bundle ot goods lor "gobblins" to hand out lor the Halloween trick or treaters. Kenny Wright tries to help Sandra Stringer pick out the perfect Christmas wreath lor decoration. Van Logan and Scott Adams can't decide which Thanksgiving cards to buy. Melvin Roberson and Bernita Ford stock up on paper cups and plates lor the New Year's celebration. Familiar lace? Halloween was interrupted lor Generals as we spooked the Spar- tansl 40,0 vw' 4 T -as fb Li libcuys ,f' 1' if 'Tlkx ft! '--Quail. J.. A? L Q t. K VF, JY, ' 0' A , , a lx lj' - - L. LQ, ' ,U- ,wflx -' . f ' 7 . fi' Nur -w 4.3 ff' . ,ix . I , ,x ., p' c W X S QA -L x Jw 154 A Wu 1 'po' fifQ1, : , A 1 'ff 1 1 11' '-4?-new -..Q 1 66 ' School Life uf' ,,.,.,.M.....-4-..-.-o- lg.. iv -wr 9 4 1 if wifhy Wifi Wide .. .sail ful There are various types of showing your pride off in activities you partake in. One school-wide spirit raiser was building floats. Staying up the night before to finish decorating made it easier to remember. It was worth it though. Remember seeing our float? It was the best. Ask Larry Suchy who is King of the Hillg one Redskin did. Patsie Houston, Jamie Young, and Sandy Williams know that all if takes is a 'zap' of a General to defeat a Capitol Hill Redskin. Tamra Shepard and Debbie Cowden both are excited about the game and are ready to FIRE upon the Redskins and knock'em dead. The Monster Squad scared the Redskins to death. General Grant made a visit to the parade and on a float. Those Redskins offered us peace, but we took a VICTORY! School Life ' 1 67 "L rt X , V, .X A - X x fn .V XXX . 3 id . 4 ,. , .K - .ww-1,-1-vvs-Q-w" " , fu' --vw - --sv- I wen, .3 , . P 4 - f. I - , 'WV-21 , ,Q ,C , 5 ffifas' F , , ,, yu ,' 1 ... . 0 . 4, A. S, 1.4 ,Qs '- Q! I Q fm ,,,., ' A 168-SchooILiIe 'Y' . 3 5-11 WQIL A SPART il e're the angels xeni from cf QF rN"'i'1. ' Cefvfil . , U , J X ' iii 22 ff 5 , flu! " War, iz Q1 9021 fn au' e're the class of '77 Sw' Q L 4 'E'- .am This whole year has quickly passed with every day making it memorable as a Senior. The dreams we dreamed as lreshmen have all come to be. As graduation approaches, I, too, have begun to realize that the dreams ot yesterday are becom- ingthereahhesotmytoday Another way ol showing our spirit is wearing a 77 necklace. Seniors really did have the spirit to get out in lreezing weather to lorm their annual Senior circle at the linal lootball game ol the season. We leel it's really a big thing to show we have a lol ol spirit tor our school, so we show it by working together to make our hall the best ever. Melita Robinson, Shelley Phillips, Jana Patton, Jett Darrow, Jenniter Smith, Randy Wilhite, and Scott Thomas talk about what they want to do alter they get out ot school. Some Seniors put in a lot ol time and ettort to put that lloat together lor the homecoming pride, which won tirsl place. School Life ' 169 170 ' Sports It is the thrill of victory and not the agony of defeat that lures me into trying to be an athlete. Losing won't kill me, but when I win, it's fantastic. V li ? J' 2295. W , V fr i' 23, f . tw f' Y .-mu. - . W 'E Scott Thomas is the lirst to arrive and crunch his way through the homecoming banner. Bombers stare on star-struck as Generals make a touchdown. Buster Keasler is cold and the last game ol the season was no warm night as the Generals knew. Coach Choate pre- pares the team lor their second halt, but all the Gener- als care about is getting warmed up and thawed out to go out and do it "again." The Vikings don't have a prayer as Generals got out on the tield and carried the ball and their hopes away. David Lambeth reaches up and GRABS a Bomber. a 49' Football Scores 4-7 Season "The 76-77 football season wasn't a great one in the win-loss column but the team matured and gained valuable experience over the year," explained Head Coach Dean Choate. The record tor the year was 4 wins against 7 losses. ' The Generals' opponents were "tougher and more numerous than in previous years," said the coach. Three ot the tour teams in the class 4A semifinals were on their schedule. The gridsters started the season on a sour note by losing to state champion Del City, 20 to 2. They rebounded by crushing Star Spencer 20 to 0, then lost tooPutnam City and Moore betore winning their Homecoming over the Capitol Hill Redskins by a 7-6 score. They ended the season by posting two victories in their last three outings. They beat rival South- east and Northeast. The most impressive team this year was the Junior Varsity. They were 5-3 on the year while the Freshmen were 2 and 7. ff, ' at Varsity F00ibaII 173 ,, Coach Predicts Improvements "This year we lost six starting seniors, com- pared to the year before when we lost 22. If we aren't better next year we'Il never be better," explained Head Coach Dean Choate. The team was powered by the play of the underclassmen, he said. Over 20 underclassmen started at one time or another. Many more have seen action. He believes that the team will be "more physi- cal" and it they are "mentally prepared things would go our way." "As for the season," Choate continued, "the only game we lost that we should have won was to Northwest CIassen." Next year his goals are number one to win the conference and from there to win state. "We have the material to be as good as we want to be. It's just a matter of going out there and doing it." F 5 , I Q I 'f s --we ' 'f.1L'l I 'L v.,,,,,,. yA1:g,,f::,Y A,1ft'X'i15f mi' XV Z i l M if - U L 4 9 w t 'Z' K . 5, Af? E 4 , f va- f . 1- . ,,. -1 i as W R, U H M by ' I MJAMM , K , , A - H M 5 , M Y , , Q ..i 1' -L aa., .i,,1i5,,, Y' . ,I Qgiffgez-35155, . Z 5 D . Taq ' ,Q 'saw -S W MQ i K, B ai 53? . ggi. - ' T r , ., , - 1 .f ,,..' X '- , ffm , .rs -A H ' S . 51134334 Q, Q ...V . f T' K . f .. of t, -. s H M WX? . JQX? , l'z1?',f g 2. :' .145 xv ri ' 1- W " 5' yt " ' I ' f 'X if 1 E ,ff -AAL .K H7 , T ' ja 4 ,A,, J. A y , . if ' 'f. 'ma in QW-A .. S . 4 "ig ' 15. 'A xi . y IU " M 2. 'M . ,. . ,' 1 - ifsiigfzfi-5 V R f ' , W " Q V '- Li. ful -. N . f V hi flli' , FF ef 1- gg . f B . . t if 'F9'3'iT' V'1J.:4i' 'rr-1 fe 1-f-' fig -g ifs? , 'Tj . M , ' Ricky Washington becomes airborne to receive a special delivery "packagle" from Ricky Bateman. Coach Starke tries o revive William Krallk alter he IS mlured during' the Northeast- game. Coaches, ront Row: ohn Savagf-, Llnemen, Dean Choate, Head Coach, Mark yons, Defensive Backs. Back Row: ,lim Faurot, Lgnemeng Luke Hams, Defensive lme, Louis Qulntane, Freshmeng Glen Castle, Jun- ior Varsity. This referee knows a good one when he sees lt, as Scott Thomas scores lor the Generals. Varsity Football. 1st Row: Scott Thomas, Beef Rowlan McBert, Mark Wilson, Randy Willhite, David Lambeth, Andrew Dean Taylor, Romeo Knight. 2nd Row: Van the man Logan, Bully Hammontree, Buster Keasler, Jimmy Menefee, Spider Woods, Hudd Hud- dleston, Keith Bryant. 3rd Row: Wil?-boy Kra- lik, Lesly Roberson, BobbyITaylor, onz Alex- ander, errBForehand, att Standard. 4th Row: Todd emeter, Dennis Proctor, Monty Wenthold, Ricky Knapg, Mark Gil-Iiam, Hooker Hook. 5th Row: Ted orman, Vic Roberson, Tony Gracey, Scooter Clark, Mr. Rick Wash- ing on. 6th Row: Spaghetti head Sgicer, Hopalong Darrow, Tyrone Galbreath, obert Lawrence. 7th Row: Ricky Bateman, pa pa Williams, Crip Hill, managers, Unsell and Fer- we. Sitretching to comple e a pass is "Spider" oo s. Varsity Football ' 175 M or-ri ,lr .nth .liar .Wai gli. anidn I 'H an fm: ,,,. i W' U .J .- i ----' as ir N 1 x i ' '- - 4 1 3, ,x - o .s 'te'-x' wx , , ' 1 My ' :"'V!E3. if 'Q nv .. -anim-4. -Q A Q i f.. 'W' 3, 2 .cr f 4 r., 'S in do W I A' V 'S . ', " i X . , an e,-rl,'f'!?5 . o ' , x , q fr- guffn , N , ag 6 . -f- - fini., ... 1 1-K - . o ,, , , o. r .i .rj M ,,, .4 T . 1 ' ' - 2 , if 1, 1 ..,3.,i.,.,., . Q- ,fog if ,W , , ' .Lf - '-.W K . , , . Qt-4"W3? " 'Q f f ' ' -f , 3 4 'N , I ' , " " f ' P, :F'74L.wvrxg..,. , vp ' . ' 2 N i'fi9Roifx.' Q3 3 S 595 ' . :'c'45' Q' ' 6 "AI" I ,f C 'X i ' 6- r ' ' F 4' N Lu . s - . , P wh 'F 'A 1 , ' 'f -1 ' ' , H. ' A ff' ,A fl F f' v 4- V '4' ' W' YYY K, ,. ,, L Av nil- va M -ekj , 7 M M r ' '- 'v . 1 V ' I, A ,Q V , vqifzf? Y. ,- gf. t 4 . .. K 5 ,R i'K J 4 . .. , J No. wr- , . . .. ,. . , Q ' 'Q 5.91 r., K " ...,.., .,+T'2'?1g i. - .. N do . . a 5 I my N 3 tif.,-V., .,-H.. H I WM- is 6 .. 1 J K y P M I 'W I I Y' M s-lf.'+:r.'t'1:9"" 'r 4. ui- "-air " f. Q, K f ' I A ri A V 3 ,I U , .4 ,,. J 5, .,Q4gfv.M4 Vyglfwm. Q , -V ,A V A t fight Q . 151.94 A 5vgi.f.7r,,-z1',lJN,'f ' Wf ig, A v.: L .. ...l,,L, 'irq .jf :?..il..Z, l N g jg Y J 'ofa '- Junior Varsity. First Row: James Roberson Jerry Forehand, Allonzo Alexander, Ted Norman, Doug Anderson, Bob Tawgr, Jimmy Menelee. Second Rowg Darryl' il- liams Stormy Estell, Greg Williams, onty Ray lflentho gl -Brian McDougall, Phillip Hook, Mark orliram, Joe sproer. Thrrq now: Tony Gracey, Matt Standard, Joe Mldgett, Dennis Proctor, Billy Hammontree, ell Keester, Tyrone Galbreath, Darrel Felligu- son. Four h Row: Van Logan, Chix ull, Pete Heirston, Jerry Gonshor, elvln Roberson, Robert Huddleston, Rodney Paul. Buster Keasler centers the ball tor another General point. Randyl"Splder" Woods prepares to crunc another Bomber. Concentratmilon the game and not the -cold weather, e Generals watch the action on the held. Freshmen: First Row: John Gons-hor, James Allen, Greg Lindsay, Mark Lindsay, Harvey Slckles, Tony Hemel, Jett Mc ee. Second Row: George Vasquez Alan Alton, Terry 'Smith ern iyroklo parroil smrih, Robert Smith, Bill Frazier. Third Row: Coach Qulntane, Jett Lindsay, Mark Brester Mark Sloan Jett Rogers, Alan Marun, riillvilsiatr, Mark Unsell, and not pictured enny Wright. Jimmy Menelee-watches delenslve lac ics and quenches his thirst. 1 76 ' Freshman Football Solo Y NIH of l i Qi ses ajaq, Several Plagers Recognized Wide receiver Rick Washington received hon- orable mention in the all Big City voting, along with David Knight, who was voted KFJL prep player of the week for his performance in the Star Spencer game. Other top Senior players were wide receiver Andy Taylor, running back Scott Thomas, offen- sive tackle Randy Wilhite, defensive tackle Mark Wilson, and defensive end Joe Darrow. Top players who will return next year are Randy Woods, William Kralik, Leslie Robertson, James Roberson, Chebon Bert, David Lambeth, Jimmy Menefee, Ricky Bateman, and Robert Lawrence. :. If Cagers Surprise Pollsters. IQ- I O For the first time in 10 years, the Generals ended the year with a winning season. The roundballers finished regular season play with a 12-10 record. In the pre-season poll, the Generals were pre- dicted to end up last in the Midstate, but surprised the pollsters with a 2nd place finish. The cagers had big wins over Northwest, Putnam City, and Edmond to vault them into the thick of the confer- ence race. A Rick Washington concentrates as the referee gives him the ball tor a crucial tree throw. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super Kralik! Starke shouts instruction as the Gener- als go into overtime with Capitol Hill. Hindu! Dennis Tap- Iin goes up lor two against the Redskins. Wendell Fitch- ner and William Kralik lead the way for the mighty Gener- als. Varsity Basketball - 179 'Hindu' Leads Team in Scoring Top scorer for the Generals this year was sophomore Carl "Hindu" Henry. He led all other conference scorers with a 18-point average. He was also one ofthe top scoring sophomores in the state, and claimed tenth place in scoring among all players in class 4A basketball. Other leading scorers were Rick Washington and William Kralik. On several occasions, Rick scored over 20 points. Wendell Fitchner, Scott Thomas, and Theodore Morgan also proved to be very valuable assets to the team. 1 80 Varsity Basketball g y5g I 'A 9 Basketball Coaches. Rowland Ross, Junior Varsity, Bob Starke, Varsity. Awaiting in anticipation ot the tip-oft is the Generals team. Seniors. Greg Morgan, David Wood, Hurlan Dempsey, Rick Winlord, Scott Thomas, Rick Washington. Varsity. Front Row: Den- nis Taplin, William Kralik, Ted Norman, Craig Free- man, Greg Morgan, Tyrone Galbreath, Rick Wash- ington, David Wood. 2nd Row: Charles Rowland, Hurlan Dempsey, Rick Winlord, Dave Barton, Carl Henry, Wendell Fitchner, Greg Dobson, Scott Thomas. Putting a shot high over the opponent's heads is senior Rick Washington. i ,, u 1 14 . iif Q EE BE W L. fri 1 :ifrrk : K ' .vii K 8 I A bl , ,K ' , V ' , W . jlimff' f ,N J 1 -. '. fe 1 I gg g nv ' Q fi 3 tl I P2 Wi. ' 3- - , VY ,, , 1,n g ,a v5f55?' sg, Making a tough shot between two opponents is junior Tyrone Gal- breath. lt is as easy as it looks lor sophomore Greg Dobson. Jun- ior Varsity. Front Row: Tyrone Galbrealh, Matt Standard, Greg Wil- liams, Brent Worchester, Clark Johnson, Stacey Reese. 2nd Row: Coach Rowland Ross, Greg Dobson, Charles Rowland, Dave Bar- ton, Larry Davis, Theo Morgan, Rodney Paul. Going up and light- ing lor the rebound is Greg Dobson. Going up tor an easy two points is lreshman Theo Morgan. '-" A I X. 1-..:-'Y 'f V C , . ' lilhuu, han 0 X I ,, .aw-5'-2. :Ha , 5 A f wa.. .fm s ' 41'-In jf.- ,44- s fl 'Cb 1' ' 'ig-1 T Qiqgf. t he 3 .f1,. 2' ii M27 0 wa Q 5 1 ""i., 1 vb, P' 4 Starke Predicts Wins Next Year Coach Bob Starke anticipates another winning season next year, with the returning of tour starters. "The underclassmen players gained very valua- ble experience. This should help the team in years to come," commented Coach Starke. T Leading candidates tor starting berths tor next year are Wendell Fitchner, William Kralik, and Carl Henry. Also expected to be instrumental players for the varsity squad are Ted Norman, Denns Taplin, Charles Rowland, Tyrone Galbreath, David Barton, Stacey Reese and Theodore Morgan. "The absence of a second and third big man to play the boards will be our greatest weakness, but the team possesses very good shooters," added Coach Starke. JV Basketball 183 Wrestlers Take Fifth in Mid-State The wrestling team, under the leadership of rookie Head Coach Lewis Quintane, finished the regular sea- son with a fifth place in the mid-state conference. They also recorded four dual victories. Coach Quintane commented, "I'm very much impressed with the way the kids have wrestled this year. They wrestled well, in every match," especially against number one rank Midwest City." Quintane listed the team's greatest accomplishment this year as third place finish in the all-city wrestling tournament. Leading wrestlers were Andy Taylor, James Rober- son, and Jerry and Randy Wooton. Andy led the team in the wins with a 25 and 7 mark. He placed in every tour- nament that he entered except state where he lost in the consolation semi-finals. aff J 1. 1r'. .,,, , H3 , ' f x - ,llvaaks ,fp C . is-si' .. ,3 K One hundred thirty-six pound Phillip Hook linds winning is a great teeling when he is congratulated by his teammates. One hundred one pound Wally Willis may be little, but his voice makes up tor it as he yells out instruc- tions to a teammate. A handshake is the only friendly gesture made 'as 115 Ib. Randy Woo- ten prepares to crush his John Marshall oppo- nent. Though his opponent has a threatening single-leg hold, 148 Ib. Jett Cobb uses an underhook to prepare tor a cross-lace. One hundred titty-seven pound Andy Taylor pre- pares to use his best move, a cross-face, on his opponent. Though the John Marshall opponent seemed tough, heavyweight Doug Anderson wrapped him up in a head-lock and pinned him easily. . 1' 1 4 1, -mmzg One hundred twenty-three pound Mark Sloan holds oll his opponent in the last moments ol the match. Varsity Wres- tlers. Front Row: Wally Willis, Van Logan, Randy Wooten, Mark Sloan, Jerry Wooten, Phillip Hook, Jell Cobb, Coach Luke Harris. 2nd Row: Coach Lewis Quintane, James Roberson, Andy Taylor, Randy Wilhite, David Lambeth, Doug Anderson. 3rd Row: Mike Burn- side, Charlie Maynard, De Wight Reece, Robert Cowart, Tony Gracey, Jerry Gon- shor, Gerald Rosebrook. Not Pictured: Jonathon Bottoms. One hundred lorty- one pound James Roberson breaks down his opponent with a tight body ride. Alter a long hard match, 178-lb. Tony Gracey is declared a winner. Words can't express how happy 168-Ib. Randy Wilhite was at his victory. Iii' fl' - , "' A -veg. 141153445-ii1ag?fLlgg9,v: ' X 'u::f3.e'!mf5L4f:lE1.1E3 ' - , rz:g5.wx.-IBEW ' li A sa, M M ,-L fm . zwf f -fe? 2.52 fi i 1, Y C " i - 3, W ff 7 ' -if ? fm-' A as of if . i A - it 2 if il T! ,, sl' ip, Ai 52 yit, - L 1 ' ,if Q--4 ft mi ,Aa W .s. ,nf I Ill Q w :Q 8 I A i , r r fi 3414 3,3 Q 'F ,, gf ,i ggmf 4 Z :if or x, A A, r ' R il -. l 6 ne' .. ---5 ' D if Q W ii: V , . Matmen Lose Onlg One Senior The wrestling team this year graduated only one sen- ior. Next year the team should "be better" in all but a few otthe weight divisions, Coach Quintane said. Because they were a young team they have had a lot of "room for improvement." He said "We should be a bet- ter dual and an excellent tournament team, and if we progress quickly we'Il become Mid-State contenders in a year or so." The top prospects for next year are Walley Willis, John Bottoms, Randy Wooton, Jeff McKey, Phillip Hook, Jerry Wooton, James Roberson, Tony Gracy, Chuck Love, Doug Anderson and Alan Martin. Wrestling - 187 Hardballers 0pen '77 Season With New Uniforms During the 76 baseball season, the team was consist- ently ranked in the top five in Class 4-A. They were runnel up in Mid-State conference. They finished with a 23-10 record, and tied for third in state. Coach Glen Castle was predicting a favorable record as his hardballers donned new uniforms for the 77 season. Among those expected to be key starters because ol previous performance were Tommy Walkabout, pitcher, Todd Demeter, first baseman, Mike Anglin, shortstop and Randy Goodwin, outfielder. Russell Demeter, senior and third year starter was elected to all metro and all city teams last year, so the coach expects another productive season for the celeb- rity. Coach listed Northwest and Edmond, and possibly Put- nam City top competition in the Mid-State, as well as Nor- man. Junior varsity coach was Bob Starke and freshman coach was John Savage. ,422 Q' fy, 38 fu . , 'Q '45 M I my ifl?l'57i.i -W Q-'Q'-A "L " W V ,.. V f X I ,J f ,,.1',g,,f-f,....-154 ff' '25 Q ,rg 3 ..n.'f.,'+2'f Q ia . . . -.5 . ., , if xx, lntielder Mike Anglin robs an opponent ol a base hit. Senior pitcher Tom Walka- bout shows complete concentration as he hurls another pitch. Coach Glen Cas- tle discusses game strategy with start- ers Todd Demeter, Steve Walker, Randy Goodwin, Mike Anglin, and Russ Deme- ter. 1977 Baseball Team. Front Row: Mike Anglin, Larry Knight, Russell Dobbs, Greg Ferguson, Russ Demeter. 2nd Row: James Skidmore, Buddy Crain, Steve Walker, Randy Goodwin, Allen Tinsley, Kenneth Janway. 3rd Row: Thomas Walkabout, David Lam- beth, Jay Reid, Todd Demeter, Donald Smith, Buster Keasler. Todd Demeter looks over the opposing pitcher before going up to the plate. Senior Russ Dem- eter prepares to rid another pitcher ol the hope of a no-hitter. Baseball ' 1 f-1 mmf , an ,W J G Q .Q QUQ' , lt may look easy, but stretching out is hard work. Scott Thomas tlies like an eagle over the high hurdles. Allonso Alexander takes the hand-oft from Scott Kilgore as they practice on the 440-yard relay. Supreme body control is needed lor hurdling as Mike Walker demonstrates. Track Team. Front Row: James Rober- son, Scott Thomas, Chris Ball, Randy Woods, Pete Heirston, Scott Kilgore. 2nd Row: Greg Davis, Mike Walker, Brett Hayes, Alphonso Alexander, Darrell Fer- guson. 3rd Row: Tyrone Gal- breath, Carl Henry, Scott Sanders. 4th Row: Coach Mark Lyons, Coach Rowland Ross. Scott Kil- gore works hard to perfect his style. Brett Hayes iogs along, wishing two miles could be just a little shorter. 190 Track n il R481 P' tp -5-5. is 2. ff. rack Team tarts Season ith More Strength In his second year as head track coach, Mark Lyons as predicting more strength for his squad than they isplayed last year. With tour men going to state tournament last year, Coach Lyons predicts an even stronger showing this year. Two of the four state competitors returned to the squad this season. Events in which.they represented , ' 1 the school last year were Brett Hayes, 2-mile run and Alfonso Alexander, 220-yard dash. Expected to excel in competition this season are James Roberson, Rick Washington, Alfonso Alexander, Tyrone Galbreath, Brett Hayes, Scott Thomas, Chris Ball, Scott Kilgore, Randy Woods, and Pete Heirston. Newcomers are Carl Henry, Mike Walker and Gregg Davis. - The strong events forthe squad will be the 440 relay, 2 mile, 80 and 120 high hurdles, 100 yard dash, 220 yard dash and the high jump. - Coach Lyons believes he can send up to six men to the state track meet this year. "The team will be one of Grant's better track teams and with a 'little work we may have a State Champion," he said. 'Ill mv, ,gl ,wc Q., ..,,, 57,1 it S' 'fw.,.'wg ? Perseverance is one of the main qualities a cross country runner must have, and Chris Ball is a good example as he finishes a fivefmile run. Hours ol practice help Jett Keester to perfect his diving techniques. Running with triends makes the going a little easier tor Shelly Motsen- bocker, Nancy Eftinger, and Candise McCowen. Cross Country Team. Front Row: Randy Woolen, Shelly Motsenbocker, Candise McCowen, Nancy Ettinger, Jerry Wooten. 2nd Row: Coach Crosley, Wally. Willis, Brett Hayes, Chris Ball, Chris McCormick. "Up lrom the dark, murky waters rose the mysterious creature." Swimming Team. Front Row: Mike Tolman, Danny Marks, Ruth Smith, Cynthia Wilson. 2nd Row: Robin Meredith, David Tolman, David Ellis, Jimmy Coltee, Mark Lee, Ron Emerson. 3rd Row: Jerry Davis, Brian Suchy, Jett Shelton, Ken Lev- erett, Tony Helmet, Keith Bryant, Ricky Wilson. aifiiafg Q , w ---mwaunfsg 3, . Runners Take Medals: Swimmers Win Meets n Continuing as swimming coach was Mr. John Savage, and in his sec- ond year as cross country coach was Mr. Harold Crosley. The swimming team won two meets and lost four meets. Heading the swim team were Keith Brown, Robert Merideth, David Foleman, Jeff Keester, and Jim Coffee. The 'team this year was young over-all, with only four seniors: Coach Savage predicts a much improved season next year. The cross country team took third in the city. Cross country star Brett Hayes, only a sophomore, won medals in every meet' in which he contended: he took ninth in regionals and twelfth in the state. Other cross country runners who competed were Chris Ball, Wally Willis, Jerry Wooten, Randy Wooten, and David Rivers. Females who ran cross country were Candy McGowen, Nancy Effinger, and Shelley Motsenbocker. Swimming, Cross Country 193 Golf. Tennis Go Into Season As Winners Both the golf and tennis teams were anticipating award- laden seasons this spring after the golf team placed third in state in 1976 and the tennis team was all-city runner-up. Coach Harold Crosley predicted that Kelly Clark and Jeff Baker would lead the team this spring. Coach Crosley indi- cated that he hoped to "finish in the upper part of Mid- State." - Among the golfers were Gigi Baker, Marcy Whittington, Jamie Davis and Jennifer Smith. The girls had difficulty find- ing opponents from other schools. Other team members were Robert Camp, Steve Darnold, Sam Kirby and Dave Smith. Tennis opened this season with four returning starters: Tim Moen, Jimmy Reynolds, Leland McDowell and Johnny Bailey. Coach Jim Faurot expected top prospects for the season to lie in Alan Switzer. Girls on the tennis team were Tamala Shepherd and FIM- ence Mathis. 194 Golf, Tennis . I Q 5-1. ' T 13. vq, I Q ,G fx 4-1-uf, U ' Y 4 A 0 Q ki e L hx' 7' M 211 A W W, ' -' .i . :f' 7zw,f 'iii' 4 x x. 1 Jenniter Smith tries her luck at driving her way out ot a sandtrap. Executing a tantastic overhand shot is sen- ior Tim Moen. Kelly Clark displays his winning style on the course. Tennis Team. Front Row: Robert Bridges, Dan Sheppard, Leland McDowell, Tamela Shepard, Johnny Bailey, Kenny Crowder, Mark Boyd. 2nd Row: John Gillespie, Ron McDowell, Florence Mathis, James Reynolds, Mark Hawkins, Tim Moen, Clint Rog- ers, Larry Henderson. Golt Team. Front Row: David Smith, GiGi Baker, Jamie Davis, Marcie Whittington, Jenniter Smith, Ronny Dowdy. 2nd Row: Coach Cros- ley, Kelly Clark, Robert Camp, Steve Darnold, Jett Baker, Tony Maston, Mike Darnold, Sammy Kirby. Johnny Bailey shows what it takes to be a pro on the tennis courts. Golt, Tennis ' 195 'V Qfhff 4 U idx A .va 7 Y il .Egg ,SF ,, . ,. bee: M I ,,1. Ik, i Girls Take All Citg in Vollegball Hit Cager Defense Girls' basketball excelled in defense this season, and the girls' vol- leyball team won the All City tournament. Miss Connie Ellis coached both groups. The basketball team had tour returning starters but over-all had an inexperienced squad. - Coach Ellis predicted a much improved team next year, expecting to lose only two starters. Top players this year were Gigi Baker, Adrianne Cooper, Lydia Washington, Dana King, Cheryl Harris, Michelle Rowlan, Darla King, and Betty Stanford. Coach Ellis predicted that the volleyball squad would again take the All-City title. She was hoping tor an even stronger team this year than last year, with several returning starters and some new talent. i, 'F' .. avril china! AML' . . ug 4. Girls' Basketball. Front Row: Betty Stantord, Gina Speegle, Dana King, Beverly Marble, Darla King, Lydia Washington, LaDonna Parrish, ina Little. Second Row: Mrs. Connie Ellis, coach, Cindy Graham, Adrianne Cooper, Cheryl Smith, Lynn VanHorn, Cheryl Harris, Cindy Quinlero, Sheila Parrish, Vickie Parker. Not Pictured: Michelle Rowlan, captain, Gigi Baker, co-captain, Donna Paddlely. Girls' Volleyball. Front Row: Tracy Adeock, Gina Holden, Tammie McCoy, Lydia Washington, Dana Kin , Darla King, Betty Stantord, Cindy guintero. Sec- ond Row: Ruth Smith, Patricia Shan- non, Beverly Marble, Adrianne Cooper, Brenda Allen, Donna Pad- dlety, Regina Martin. Third Row: Sheree Floyd, Cathy Curry, Linda Black, Tara Hetner, Mrs. Connie Ellis, coach, Patty Sanders, Candy McCown, Tina Little, Cheryl Harris, Dore Schill- ing. Coach Ellis and captain Michelle Rowlan discuss a quick strategy dur- ing a timeout. Cindy Graham goes high in the air tor a blocked shot as Michelle Rowlan looks on. Dana King struggles tor a rebound while being sandwiched by two opposing players. Darla King shows what ettort it takes to volley the ball back. Girls' Sports Girls' Track Team. First Row: Dana King, Cas- sandra Rodgers, June Housley, Paulette Bruner, Candy McCown, Jean Barber, Nancy Etlinger. Second Row: Cindy Graham, Stacy Gowens, Deanna Dixson, Phyllis Morgon, Mrs. Connie Ellis, coach, Kim Brooks, Kim Farmer, Shelly Motsenbacker. Girls' Softball Team. Front Flow: Donna Paddlety, Dore Schilling, Rhonda Hook, Gina Speegle. Second Row: Dana King, Beverly Marble, Tara Hefner, Betty Stantord, Stacy Gow- ens, Darla King. Third Row: Brenda Allen, Tina Little, Mrs. Connie Ellis, coach, Cheryl Harris, Tracy Adeock. Taking a trial run to see who the next speed demon tor the girls' track team. The importance of the shot is shown by Gigi Baker. "Hal hal, you're out," cries Tina Little as she tags Darla King. High and easy goes the ball tor Betty Stanford as Tina Little catches. 'bl , Girls' Softball Takes Citg Championship Track Expands The girls' softball team took the City Champion- ship with a 6-1 record in the city slow pitch softball league, and the girls' track team was expecting a lot of newcomers this spring, according to coach Ellis. Top players on the softball squad were Tina Lit- tle, Dore Schilling, Cheryl Harris, Darla King, Dana King, Rhonda Hook, Betty Stanfor, and Gina Spee- gle. Coach Ellis was expecting the next squad to be as strong as the last one because she was expect- ing to lose only two seniors. Among the newcomers on the track team were Cassandra Rodgers, Connie Jacobs, Sylvia Mar- shall, Dana King, Stacy Gowens, Deanna Dixson, and Phyllis Morgan. 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S9 Graene, Ksrl, Fr., p. 68 Greenroyd, Cindy, Jr., p. 49, 128 Grittith, Marian, Jr., p. 49 Griggs, Petey, Fac., p. 28, 213 Grimes, Kelly, Jr., p. 49 Grove, Jan, Jr., p. 48, 49,144 Groves, Tina, Fr., p. 68, 68 Groves, Vanessa, Sr., p. 34, 41, 88, 162, 108 Grubb, Brett, Sr., p. 34,43, 120 Gumm, Donald, Sr., p. 34 Grummer, Kielh, Sr., p. 35, 142 Grusendort, Greg, Fr., p. 120 H Hadley, Dolla, Fac., p. 26, 28 Halasec, David, Sr., p. 34 Haley, Brett, Sr., p. 35 Hall, Brian, Soph., p. 59, 105 Hall, Jay, Jr., p. 49 Hall, Kay, Sr., p. 35, 151, 111 Hall, Pay, Sr.. p. 35, 131 Hallcway, Laura, Sr., p. 36 Hamby, Paula, Jr.. p. 49 Hamilton. Susan, Soph., p.59,131 Hamm, Roxann, Sr., p. 35, 43, 155, 133 Hammonds, Cynthia, Fac., p. 28 Hammuntrae, Billy. 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Sr. .35 125 I P I Hawkins, Mark, Jr., p. 49, 111 Hartson, Steven, Soph., p. 59 Haskins, Dennis, Jr., p. 49, 120 Hatlield, Leaknne, Jr., p. 49 Jacquinet, Jane, Soph., p. 60, 113 James, Terie, Soph., p. 80 Janway, Kennith, Soph., p. 60, 120, 189 Jellars, Angel, Soph., p. 60 Jellars, Greg, Jr., p. 1 13 Jellereon, Kelly, Jr., p. 49, 125 Jemison, Denna, Soph., p. 60 Jamison, Diana, Soph., p. 60 Jenkins, Robin, Soph., p. 60 Jenks, Janet, Soph., p. 80 Jennings, Dena, Soph., p. 60 Johnson, Clarence, Soph., p. 60 Johnson, Alphonso, Soph., p. 60, 130 Harvey, Belinda, Jr., p. 49, 84,125 Harwood, Bill, Fac., p. 28 Haskins, Patricia, Sr., p. 35, 88, 125 Hawkins, Mark, Jr., p. 131, 195 Hayes, Brett. Soph., p. 59, 190 Hayes, Loneta, Fac., p. 28 Haynes, Cecille, Jr., p. 49, 113 Haynes, Linda, Sr., p. 35, 104 Haynes, Sarah, Sr., p. 35 Haynes, Sidney, Soph., p. 59 Hazelrigg, Phillip. Soph., p. 59 Heath, Tim, Sr., p. 35 Haaron, Linda, Fr., p. 68 Heath, Diana,Jr., p. 49 Hellin, Brent, Soph., p. 59 Hefner, Scott, Jr., p. 49 Hegner, Tama, Fr., p. 122 Heirston, Pete, Jr., p. 49, 55, 153, 176 Heistand, Douglas, Jr., p. 49 Hemie, Tony, Fr., p. 176 Henderson, Edward, Sr., p. 35 Henderson, Eva, Soph., p. 59 Henderson, Larry, Soph., p. 59, 195 Henderson, Mark, Sr., p. 35 Henderson, Susan, Jr., p. 49, 48,101,104, 106. 1 09, 1 1 1 Hendrix, Frances, Fac., p. 26, 29, 127, 212 Henry, Carl, Soph., p. 59, 179, 190 Hensley, Jason, Fr., p. 75 Henson, Brenda, Jr., p. 49 Hererd, Karen, Soph., p. 59 Hernandez, Merce, Sr., p. 35 Hewitt, Tony, Soph., p. 59, 120 Hibdon, Richard, Jr., p. 49 Hickman, Terry, Jr., p. 49 Hicks, Carla, Fr., p. 130 Hicks, Greg, Jr., p. 49 Hicks, Kevin, Sr., p. 35 Hicks, Ricky, Sr., p. 38 Higgens, Dennis, Sr., p. 36 Higgins, Beverly, Sr., p. 30, 36, 117, 125 Higgins, Sherry, Sr., p. 36, 120 Hildbert, Linde, Sr. p. 38 Hills, Chip, Soph., p. 65, 95, 176 Hill, Kenneth, Sr., p. 36 Hill, Mark, Sr., p. 36 Hinman, Larry, Sr., p. 38,149 Hinman, Randy, Jr., p. 49 Hise, Kevin, Sr., p. 38 Hix, Randy, Fr., p. 83 Hoard, Gloria, Soph., p. 59 Hooker, Debra, Soph., p. 59 Hollman, Arbeecher, Fac., p. 27, 1 13 Holden, Elaine, Jr., p. 49 Holden, Virginia, Soph., p. 59, 197 Hollingshead, Neal, Jr., p. 49,106,120 Holmes, Lesa, Soph., p. 59 Hodd, Steve, Soph., p. 59 Honee, Greg, Soph., p. 59 Johnson. Clarice, Jr., p. 113 Johnson, Clerk, Fr., p. 70, 182 Johnson, Kim, Sr., p.37, 106,125 Johnson, Lathon. Fac., p. 27 Johnson, Pam, Sr., p. 37 Johnson, Pam, Jr., p. 49 Johston, Lisa, Jr., p. 114, 131 Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones. Jones, Jones, Author, Soph., p. 80, 78 Jody, Sr., p. 37, 127 Dwight, Fac., p. 23 Janet, Fac., p. 24, 113 Johnney, Soph., p. 60 Marquita, Jr., p. 50 Robert, Fr., p. 70 Jones, Robert, Soph., p. 60 Jones, Sarah, Fac., p. 27 Jones, Tammy, Soph., p. 131 Jones Jones, Jones, Teresa, Soph., p. 80 Michael, sr., p. :ir Mike, Sr., p. 37 Jordon, Anita, Sr., p. 37, 125 Jones, Rowena, Jr., p. 50 Jones, Sharlithe, Sr., p. 37 Jones, Tenia, Sr., p. 37, 125 Joseph, Wanda, Jr., p. 50 Julian, Pamela, Soph., p. 60, 84, 125, 105 Julian, Tammy, Soph.,p.60,105,111,125 Justice, Dane, Soph., p. 60 K Kane, Paul, Soph., p. 60 Kastner, Randy, Jr., p. 50 Kaasler, Buster, Soph., p. 60, 172, 176, 189 Keel, Tracy, Jr., p. 50 Kelly, Thomas, Jr., p. 50 Kelly, Gail, Fr., p. 70 Keen, Randy, Sr., p. 37 Keener, Dennis, Jr., p. 48 Khauvey, Herbert, Jr., p. 111, 142 Keener, Roy, Sr., p. 37 Keester, Jettery, Soph., p. 60, 176, 192 Keaton, Cindy, Soph., p. 60 Kenyon, Beverly, Sr., p. 37, 125 Kicklighter, Daniel, Fr., p. 70 Kidd, Gary, Fr., p. 70 Kidd, Terry, Jr., p. 50 Kilgor, Scott, Sr., p. 37. 190 Kimberling, Mark, Fr., p. 70 King, Bobbie, Soph., p. 60, 113, 131 King, Dana, Jr., p. 50, 122, 196, 197.198, 199 King, Darla, Jr., p. 50. 122, 125 King, David, Jr., p. 50, 142 King, Jimmy, Sr., p. 37, 36 King, Leonard, Fr., p. 70 King, Ralph, Fac., p. 27, 108 King, Steve, Soph., D-50,120 Hook, Phillip. Soph., p. 59, 178, 164,186 Hook, Rhonda, Fr., p. 68 Hopkins, Teresa, Soph., p. 60 Horn, Bonnie, Soph., p. 60,131 Hostette ,r L. D., Fac., p. 27, 101 Housley, Joni, Sr., p. 36, 128 Housley, June. Soph., p. 60, 198 Houston Houston ,PameIe, Soph., p. 60, 120 ,Patsie, Sr., p. 36,167 Howard, Rhonda, Fr., p. 130 Hubbard, Anne, Sr., p. 38,49, 113,125 Hubbard, Katie, Soph., p. 60, 120 Hubble, Kevin. Sr., p. 36 Hucksbay. Myles, Soph., p. 80 Huddleston, Wayne, Jr., p. 49, 176 Hudson, Mala, Jr., p. 49 Hutt, Glenn, Soph., p. 60 Hultmen, Jackie, Soph., p. 59, 60, 65, 1 14, 21 1 Hughes, Larry, Sr., p. 38, 130 Hughes, Stewart, Jr., p. 49 Hume, Wanda, Fac., p. 27, 212 Humphrey, Marge, Fac., p. 21 Kirby, Robert, Sr., p. 37, 149 Kirby, Sammy, Jr., p. 50, 195 Kirkpatrick, Clay, Sr., p. 37 Kirkpatrick, Jimmy, Fr., p. 70 Kirkpatrick, Steve, Soph., p. 60 Kling, Kristy, Soph., p. 60, 131 Knapp. Ricky, Soph., p. 80. 175 Knety, Terry, Sr., p. 37 Knight, David, Sr., p. 37, 42, 153,106 Knight, Larry, Jr., p. 50, 189 Knight, Robin, Jr., p. 50, 149 Knost, Julie, Soph., p. 60 Konechnay, Darren, Fr., p. 70, 68 Konechnay, Terry, Jr., p. 50 Kraptl, Terrie, Jr., p. 50. 125 Kraemer, Ftuth,Fac.,p.27,114, 117 Kralik, William, Jr.. p. 78, 175, 179 Kramer, Foster, Sr., p. 37, 81 Kramer, Kenneth. Fr., p. 70 Kramer, Peggy, Soph., p. 60 Kuehne, Ladd, Soph., p. 60 Kuteii, Robin, Sr., p. 37 Kyle, Eddie, Jr., p. 50 L Lacy, Bill, Sr., p. 37, 99, 109,105 Lakin, Mark, Sr., p. 38 Lambert, Jerry, Jr., p. 50 Lambeth, David, Jr., p. 50,172,175,106, 114. 1 88, 189 Lambert, Jerry, Jr., p. 50 Lambeth, Lou Ann, Soph., p. 60 Lambeth, Ronald, Soph., p. 61, 62 Landt, Roger, Jr., p. 50 Lantz, Sheri, Fr., p. 70 Lane, Leon, Soph., p. 61 Langston, Brenda, Jr., p. 50,117 Langley, David, Jr., p. 50, 108 Lerue, Tim, Fr., p. 70 Laskey, Rose, Sr., p. 38, 61 Laskey, Jannette, Soph., p. 81 Laskey, Janey, Soph., p. 61. 131 Latham, Marquel, Sr., p. 93 Lawrence, Larnell, Fr., p. 70 Lawrence, Telmadge, Sr., p. 38, 113 Lavearance, Robert, Soph., p. 61, 175. 120 Leach, Denise. Fr., p. 70 Lee, Melissa, Sr., p. 38 Lee, Michall, Jr., p. 50 Lee, Mrs. Rubye, Fac., p. 20 Lee, William, Soph., p. 81 Leonard, Eric, Fr., p. 70 Leonard, Jeanne, Fr., p. 70, 105 Leonard, Jimmy, Soph., p. 61, 86 Leonard, Richard, Jr., p. 50 Letts, Cheryl, Sr., p. 38 Leverett, Kenneth, Fr., p. 70, 192 Lewis, Sheile, Jr., p. 50 Lewis, Sheryl, Sr., p. 38, 30 Lindsay, Greg, Fr., p. 70,176 Lindsay, Jett, Fr., p. 70,176 Lindsay, Marti, Fr., p. 70 Lindsey, Mike, Sr., p. 38, 127 Lincoln, Linda, Fac., p. 27, 29 Lindsay, Mark, Fr., p. 176 Linclult, Robin, Sr., p. 38, 31, 109,108,214 Linn, Dane, Jr., p. 50, 48 Linthicam, Mark, Jr., p. 50 Little, Tina, Sr., p. 38, 123,'122, 125,198, 1 97, 198, 199 Littleton, Roy, Sr., p. 38 Lltterell, Candice, Soph., p. 61 Logan, Van, Soph., p. 61,1B4.176, 186 Logstan, Vanda, Sr., p. 38 Long, Morene, Fac., p. 27 Longnecker, Gina, Fr., p. 70 Lookabaugh, Cindy, Soph., p. 61, 117 Lookabaugh, Lori, Sr., p. 38, 34, 117, 106 Lookaby, Tammy, Fr., p. 70 Losch, Robert, Fac., p. 28 Love, Chuck. Soph., p. 81 Lovelady, Eddie, Fr., p. 70 Loveless, Kim, Sr., p. 38, 117 Lowder, Janice, Soph., p. 81 Lowe, Becky, Fac., p. 27 Lowman, Darren, Jr., p. 50 Lumen, Dennis, Sr., p. 38 Lund, Ralph, Sr., p. 38 Lunslord, Donna, Soph., p. 61, 105 Lunslord, Lisa, Jr., p. 50, 109,106 Lusk, Randy, Sr., p. 38,117.111 Lyan, Mark, Sr., p. 38 Lydsy, Marcus, Fac., p. 27 Lyon, Rex, S0911--ll 61 Lyons, Mark, Fac., p. 27, 175 Magruder, Dana, Sr., p. 39, 138,156 Maize, Keri, Jr., p. 50 Maldonado, John, Sr., p. 38 Malonly, Steve, Fr., p. 70, 109 Manek, Deborah, Jr., p. 50 Manek, Tony, Fr., p. 70, 95 Manuel, Larry, Sr., p. 38, 120 Manuel, Tommy, Sr., p. 39, 83, 109,125 Marble, Beverly, Soph., p. 61,122,198, 197. 199 Marshall, Dale, Sr., p. 32, 39, 104, 117, 142 180 Martin, Allen, Fr., p. 70, 176 Martin, Evevett, Jr., p. 50 Martin, Melody, Fr., p. 70 Martin, Regents, Fr., p. 70, 197 Marx, Daniel, Fr., p. 70,192 Marx, Steven, Soph., p. 61, 120 Mason, Carol, Sr., p. 39, 125 Massey, Britt, Jr., p. 50 Mastin, Tony, Soph., p. 61, 195 Mathews, Debbie, Sr., p. 39 Mathews, Teresa, Sr., p. 39 Mathis, Florence, Soph., p. 61 , 1 25,195 Mathis, Roger, Jr., p. 49,51 Mauldin, Gary, Fr., p. 70 Mauldin, Judith, Jr., p. 51 Maxwell, Leslie, Soph., p. 81 Maxwell. Ouintin, Jr., p. 51, 55 Maynard. William, Jr., p. 51,120 Mayo, Steve, Sr., p. 39, 42, 182 Mears, Douglass, Jr., p. 51, 78 Melton, Randy, Fr., p. 71 Melvin, Scott, Fr., p. 71 Melvin, Teresa, Soph., p. 61 Menelee, Jimmy, Jr., p. 51, 178 Meredith, Robin, Jr., p. 51, 192 Metheny, Don, Fac., p. 27 Metheny, Skip, Fac., p. 27 Meyer, Danny, Jr., p. 51, 120 Micul, Anita, Fr., p. 71 Midgett, Joseph, Soph., p. 61, 1 78 Mikeman, Kip, Soph., p. 81 Milam, Vickie, Sr., p. 39, 43 Miller, Ann, Sr., p. 32, 39, 138, 214 Miller, Brian, Soph., p. 61 Index ' 201 Noble, Jana, Fr., p. 71 Miller, Lera, Fr., p. 11 Miller, Kelly, Fr., p. 71 Mlms, Donnie, Sr., a. 39 Minson, Gina, Soph., p. 61 Mizs, Roy, Sr., p. 39 Moen, Timothy, Jr., p. 51, 195 Mohaln, John, Fac., p. 24, 113, 212 Mohr, David, Sr., p. 39 Moland, Jerry, Sr., p. 39,66 Mollman, Mark, Sr., p. 34 Monahan, Bill, Fr., p. 71 Monde, Paul, Soph., p. 61 Moody, Janice, Sr., p. 39 Moon, Jerry, Jr., p. 51 Mooney, Dennls, Sr., p. 39, 117, 213 Moore, Charlotte, Sr., p. 39 Moore, Rlcky, Jr., p. 106 Mouok, Danny, Sr., p. 39 Mora, Sylvia, Soph., p. 61 . 184 Morlva, David, Fac., p. 27 Moreno, Carol, Sr., p. 40 M9790 Morgan Morgan Morgan. Morgan, Morgan, , Phyllis, Soph., p. 61, 85.113, 198 , Sharon, Soph., p. 61 , Steve, Sr., p. 127 Greg, Sr., p. 40,125,100 Joe, Sr., p. 40 Mike, Fr., p. 71 Morphis, Gay, Soph., p. 60 Morphls, Jerry, Sr., p. 40, 43,117 Morris, Leonard, Fr., p. 71 Morris, Melody, Fr., p. 71 Morrison, Bessie, Soph., p. 61 Morrison, Janis, Jr., p. 46 Morse, Otto, Fac., p. 27 Mosher, Mark, Soph., p. 61 Mctsenbocksr, Dwayne, Soph., p. 61 Motaenbocker, Shelly, Soph., p. 61, 192 Mounttord, Mark., Sr., p. 40 Mouser, Janls, Sr., p. 40 Moss, Alan, Fr., p. 71 Mowles, Darrell, Jr., p. 54,109 Moye, Anthony, Jr., p. 51.113, 105 Moye, Wallace, Fr., p. 71 Mullinax, Michele, Fr., p. 71, 120, 125 Mulllnax, Wllllsm, Jr., p. 51 , 120 winnings, Klmberly, sepia., p. 61 Mulzet, Charles, Fr., p. 71 Munat, Gene, Fr., p. 11, 109 Munlord, Claude, Sr., p. 40 Murphy, Lee, Sr., p. 40 Murray, Jimmy, Fr., p. 11 Murray, Stephanie, Fr., p. 71 Muse, Glna, Jr., p. 51 Myer, Danny, Jr., p. 120 Myers, Donna, Soph., p. 61 Myers, Kathy, Sr., p. 40 Myers, Pat, Sr., p. 40 Myers, Rhonda, Fr., p. 71 Mc McAllester, Darrell, Fr., p. 70 McCain. Bob, Fac., p. 23,66 McCain. VI., Soph., p. 61 McCaIlster, Glorla, Fsc. McCaiII, James, Jr., p. 50,106 McCsmpbell, Carl, Soph., p. 61 McCathem, David, Fr., p. 70 McCatharine, Tim, Soph., p. 120 McCreight, Wallace, Soph., p. 62 McCain, Karan, Fr., p. 70 McConaghIe, Terri, Jr., p. 50 McComack, Rodney, Fr., p. 70 ncfowen, Candy, Soph., p. 61, 192,197, McCoy, Mary, .rr., p. 12a McCoy, Tammy, p. 191 McCuIIogh, Anita, p. 39,114 McDaniel, Cheryl, Jr., p. 50, 125 McDaniel, Donna, Sr., p. 39, 106, 125 McDsnlsl, Janet, Soph., p. 62 McDonald, Robin, Fr., p, 70, 66 McDougal, Brian, Soph., p. 62, 176 McDowell, Leland, Sr., p. 39, 195 McDowell, Ronald, Soph., p. 62, 195 McGee, Porter, Sr., p. 39,113 Mclntire, Dinah, Soph., p. 62 Mclntyrs, Gayta, Jr., p. 50 McKee, Jeanne, Jr., p. 50, 125 McKee, Jett, Fr., p. 70, 11, 176 McKee, Sus, Sr., p. 39, 50, 46, 125 McLaughlin, Richard, Fr., p. 71 McLeod, Darlene, Fac., p. 27 McLennan, Nlkkl, Jr., p. 50, 106,114 McMillan, Kaltly, Fr., p. 11 McMurtry, Linda, Jr., p. 50, 49, 106 McNabb, David, Fr., p. 71 202 ' Index McNess, Dana, Fr., p. 11 McRey nolds, Ricky, Soph., p. 62,120 N Nall, Chris, Fr., p. 71 Nance, Greg, Sr., p. 40 Nance, Jimmy, Fr., p. 130 Nance, Lori, Soph., p. 62 Napier, Teresa, Soph., p. 62, 59, 85, 114 Nalion Neva , James, Sr., p. 40, 127, 120 James Fr p.71 rro, , ., Nelson, Jell, Fr., p. 71 Nelson, Ned, Fac., p. 28 Nero, Latitia, Fr., p. 71 Nero, Mike, Fac., p. 27 Nichols, Bobby, Sr., p. 120 Nichols, Diana, Soph., p. 62 Niles, Pam, Sr., p. 40 Nixon, Randy, Sr., p. 40 Nokes, Jett, Soph., p. 62, 111 Norris, Norris, David, Sr., p. 40 Mark, Sr., p. 40 Norris, Vickie, Soph., p. 62 Norman, Ted, Jr., p. 51, 176,105,180 Null, Tobi, Fr., p. 71 Nunley, Roxanne, Jr., p. 51 Nunn, James, Jr., p. 51 0 Oaks, Walter, Sr., p. 40, 117,111,211 Oberg, Sandra, Jr., p. 51, 46 0'Daniell, Soph., p. 62, 120, 131 Otticer, Cheryl, Sr., p. 40 Ogbum, Sandra, Soph., p. 65 Ogg, Linda, Fr., p. 11 Oliver, Roger, Fr., p. 11, 66 Orr, Anita, Soph., p. 62 Orr, Beverly, Jr., p. 51, 76 Orr, Teresa, Fr., p. 71 Orr, Rhonda, Jr., p. 51 , 46,136,105 Ortiz, Joe, Fr., p. 11 Otley, Janette, Sr., p. 40 Ovarstreet, Connie, Fac., p. 21, 99 Overstreet, Karla, Jr., p. 51, 136, 120 Owens, Beverly, Soph., p. 62 P Paddlety. Donna, Jr., p. 51, 122, 125, 197, 199 Pihllll I, Cathy. Jr., p. 51,111 Parish, Ladonna, Fr., p. 11 , 66,130,196 Parish, Sheila, Jr., p. 51 , 130, 106, 196 Parker, Annette, Fr., p. 11 Parker, Kim, Jr., p. 51 , 120,113 Parker, Michelle, Fr., p. 71 Parker, Vicky, Fac., p. 21, 29, 66, 122, 106, 196 Parks, Danny, Fr., p. 71 Parks, Brien, Soph., p. 24, Parks, 1'helma, Fac., p. 24 Parton, Valdina, Soph., p. 62 Passmore, Cleelis, Soph., p. 62 Patterson, Andy, Soph., p. 120 Patton, Diane, Fr., p. 71, 130 Patton, Jana, Sr., p. l0,169, 125 Patton, Leigh, Jr.. p. 51, 78, 46 Patton, Terry, Sr., p. 40 Paul. R Pearso odney, Soph., p. 62,176 n, Catharine, Soph., p. 82 Pearson, Mike, Fr., p. 71 Peck, Tessie, Sr., p. 41 Pendle y, Ronald, Fac., p. 27, 113 Penn, Marchetta, Soph., p. 62, 105 Perry, Gary, Sr., p. 41 Perry, Gary, Jr., p. 51 , 81,111 Psrakis, Mary, Sr., p. 41 , 45, 125, 215 Perdeu, Donna, Jr., p. 51 Perry, Lori, Soph., p. 9, 62 Pham, Bro, Jr., p. 51 Phelps, Nancy, Fac., p. 21, 109 Phillips, Carla, Jr., p. 51 Phillips, Debbie, Sr., p. 41 Phillips, Debbie, Jr., p. 51 Phillips, Glenda, Sr., p. 41 Phillips, Jetl, Soph., p. 62 Phillips, Jerry, Jr., p. 51 Phillips, Judy, Soph., p. 62, 60 Phillips, Shelley, Sr., p. 41, 169 Phillips, Tammy, Jr., p. 51,131 Pickle, Bill, Fr., p. 71, 176 Pickle, Kristie, Soph., p. 62, 101, 135 Pierce, Bill, Sr., p. 41 Pierce, Russell, Fr., p. 71 Pilgrim, Patricia, Sr., p. 41, 127 Pin, Peggy, Fac., p. 21 Pitts, Deborah, Fr., p. 11 Plunkett, David, Fr., p. 72 Polk, Phillip, Jr., p. 51 Polly, Andrew, Fr., p. 12 Pollac, Andrew, Fr., p. 12 Pollock, Stacey, Fr., p. 72 Pons, Anthony, Jr., p. 51 Poole, Kathy, p. 62 Pool, Mark, Jr., p. 51 Pool, Paul, Sr., p. 41, 34 Pool, Ray, Jr., p. 51,55,147,125 Porter, David, Sr., p. 41 Porlor, Manley, Soph., p. 82 Porter, Susan, Fr., p. 72 Pound, Steve, Jr., p. 51 Powell, Jerry, Fr., p. 72 Porvell, Randy, Jr., p. 51, 49 Powell, Ronald, Soph., p. 62, 120 Pratt, LaKeta, Fr., p. 72 Preston, Tommy, Soph., p. 61 , 125 Price, Karen, Jr., p. 51,126 Pritchard, Connie, Fr., p. 12 Proctor, Dennis, Soph., p. 62, 116 Pulley, Harriet, Fac., p. 24, 106 Q Quintero, Cindy, Fr., p. 72, 196,197 Qulntane, Lewis, Fac., p. 27, 120, 176 Radlger, Cassandra, Fr., p. 72 Raiden, David, Jr., p. 52 Rainbow, Charles, Jr., p. 52, 105 Rains, Dale, Jr., p. 119, 130,125 Rains, Sherri, Fr., p. 72 Rains, Staci, Fr., p. 72,71,130 Rains, Robert, Soph., p. 62 Rains, Robert, Jr., p. 52 Rakes, Tim, Sr., p. 41 Ramirez, Femando, Soph., p. 82 Ramirez, Tulio, Sr., p. 41 , 142, 111, 105 Ramsay, Gregg, Soph., p. 62 Ramsey, Jackie, Fr., p. 72 Ramsey, Randall, Fr., p. 12, 95 Randolph, Maria, Sr., p. 41, 109 Randolph, Sidney, Soph., p. 62 Raprich. Charles, Sr., p. 41 , 109, 106, 1 25 Ray, Beverly, Jr., p. 52 Ray, Delbert, Soph., p. 62 Ray, Karen, Fr., p. 62 Ray, Lawanda, Jr., p. 52,131 Ray, Sharon, Jr., p. 52 Ray, Sheila, Sr., p. 41 Rea, Kari, Sr., p. 41, 45,31,125 Rea, Steven, Fr., p. 72 Reagan, Tamara, Jr., p. 52 Reece, Dwight, Jr., p. 52 Reece, Stacey, Jr., p. 52, 186, 182 Reece, Steve, Fr., p. 12 Reed, Cindy, Soph., p. 62,65,136 Reed, Gene, Sr., p. 41, 40 Reeder, Cheryl, Soph., p. 62,125 Reeve,s Carrie, Soph., p. 62, 131 Reeves, Karen, Fr., p. 12 Reeves, Vonla, Fr., p. 72 Reid, Jay, Sr., p. 41, 144, 169 Reid, Susan, Sr., p. 41, 45,31 Reiss, Brian, Jr., p. 52, 109 Renter, Jeanette, Fr., p. 72 Revels, Jay, Fr., p. 130 Retter, Donald, Soph., p. 62, 105 Rex, Kellie, Soph,, p. 63 Reynolds, James, Jr., p. 52, 195 Rhodes, Gene, Jr., p. 52 Rhodes, Kenny, Jr., p. 52 Rhodes, Terry, Soph., p. 63 Rhone, Glenda, Fr., p. 72 Rich, Don, Jr., p. 52 Richards, Jesse, p. 63 Richardson, Brett, Sr., p. 41 Richardson, Dana, Soph., p. 83 Richardson, Mark, Jr., p.52,125 Richardson, Shari, Soph., p. 63 Rickets, Jay, Soph., p. 105, 63 Rickarts, Jerry, Fac., p. 111, 211 Riddle, Terri, Jr., p. 52 Riddle, Victoria, Fr., p. 72 Ridley, Carolyn, Soph., p. 63 Ridley, Deloris, Fr., p. 72 Riley, Craig, Jr., p. 52, 120 Riley, Kari, Fr., p. 12, 120 Rivers, David, Fr., p. 72 Roberson, Brenda, Fac., p. 27 Roberson. 107, 176. 1 James, Jr.,p.52, 160,114.1 17,103, 185 Roberson, Laaly, Jr., p. 52, 46, 144, 175, 106, 114 Roberson, Melvin, Soph., p. 63, 57, 164, 1 76, 120 Roberts, Cathy, Fr., p. 72 Roberts, Delores, Fr., p. 12, 125 Roberts, Pam, Sr., p. 41 Roberta, Pamela, Soph., p. 63,113 Roberts, Susan, Soph., p. 63, 65 Roberts, Tammie, Jr.,p.49, 130 Robertson, James, Fr., p. 72 Robertson, Jamie, Fr., p. 72 Robinson, Latunia, Soph., p. 63, 59 Robinson, Elijah, Fr., p. 72 Robinson, Melita, Sr., p. 42, 169, 113, 105, 125 Robinson, Victor, Fr., p. 72 Robinson, Denise, Sr., p. 42, 117,106,125 Robinson, Lisa, Jr., p. 52 Robles, Thomas, Soph., p. 63, 125 Roby, Joan, Fr., p. 72 Roddy, Ronald, Jr., p. 52 Rodgers, Jett, Fr., p. 71 , 176 Rodgers, Sandra, Fr., p. 72, 198 Rodriguez, Diana, Sr., p. 125 Roelen, Ta mare, Fr., p. 12 Rogers, Clint, Sr., p. 42,195 Rogers, Jett, Fr., p. 12 Rogers, Susan, Fr., p. 72 Rogers, Titlany, Fr., p. 72 Root, David, Fr., p. 72, 71 Rose, Dennis, Jr., p. 52 Rose, Vick ie, Soph., p. 63 Rosebrook, Gerald, Jr., p. 52, 166 Ross, Bobby, Fr., p. 72 Ross, Dary l, Sr., p. 42 Ross, Elizabeth, Sr., p. 42 Ross, Mary, Sr., p. 42, 125 Ross, Michael, Soph., p. 63, 120 Ross, Ricky, Sr., p. 42 Ross, Rola nd, Fac., p. 27,180,182 Ross, Terry, Fr., p. 72,66 Rotrock, Cindy, Jr., p. 52 Rowden, Justine, Sr., p. 42 Rowlan, Michael, Sr., p. 42, 106 Rowland, Anthony, Sr., p. 42 Rowland, Charles, Soph., p. 63, 95, 160 Rowland, Cindy, Jr., p. 52, 46, 135 Rozin, Michael, Sr., p, 42 Roz1ell,Sabra, Fr., p. 72 Rushing, Denise, Jr., p. 52 Rushing, Kathy, Soph., p. 63 Rushing, Kevin, Soph., p. 63 Russell, Darla, Soph., p. 63 Russell, Denise, Sr., p. 42, 105 Russell, Kathy, Jr., p. 52, 46,136 Rust, Tina, Jr., p. 52, 46,105 Ruth, Gaylin, Jr., p. 52, 149 Ruth, Terry, Sr., p. 42 Ruthledge, Brent, Fr., p. 73 Ruyle, Robin, Soph., p. 63 Ruze, Ronald, Soph., p. 63 San Antonic, Rebecca, Fr., p. 73, 75 Sanders, Gerald, Fr., p. 13 Sanders, Gary, Fr., p. 73 Sanders, Patty, Fr., p. 73, 197 Sandy, Darrell, Fr., p. 73 Scoggin, Danyl, Fr., p. 73 Steyr, Ronnis, Sr., p. 44, 41 Slcyr, Tommy, Soph., p. 64, 66, 122 Sampson, MickaeI,Sopl1., p. 83, 120 Sandeter, Bill, Jr., p. 46, 52 Sanders, Jett, Jr., p. 52 Sanders. Scott, Sr., p. 42, 190 Savage, John, Fac., p. 23, 21, 120, 175 Savage, Ronald, Jr., p. 52, 55 Saylor, James, Fr., p. 13 Schilling, Bridgette, Sr., p. 42, 117 Schilling, Dori, Sr., p. 42, 122, 197, 199 Schlegal, Dennis, Sr., p. 42, 127 Schmitt, Jayne, Soph., p. 63, 125 Scholield, Eileen, Fac., p. 27 Schoelen, Lisa, Fr., p. 73 Scholen, John, Jr., p. 52, 109,108 Schrolder, Francine, Sr., p. 42 Schuerhot1,Kattiy, Fr., p. 73 Schuerolt. David, Sr., p. 42 Scilirea, James, Soph., p. 63 Scott, Pam , Sr., p. 42 Scott, Rebecca, Soph., p. 63, 120 SCOI1, Rich ard. Jr.. p. 46,52 Sells, Eddie, Fr., p. 73 Sellers, Veronica, Sr., p. 42, 156,160 Sell, Terri, Jr., p. 88, 73 Seright, Katherine, Fr., p. 73 Senell, Elizabeth, Fr., p. 52, 113 Sewell, Ronald, Soph., p. 63 Seymaur, Thomas, Soph., p. 63 Shamblin, Johnni, Soph., p. 63,130 Shanbour, Kamal, Fac., p. 26 Shannon, Jack, Sr., p. 43 Shannon, Patricia, Fr., p. 73, 197 Shannon, Richy, Sr., p. 43 Sharpe, Renee, Jr., p. 46, 52, 135, 109 Shaw, Ronald, Soph., p. 63 Shettield. Connie, Fr., p. 73 Shetlield, Deanna, Sr., p. 43 Shelly, Evelyn, Fac., p. 28, 85. 135 Shelton, Barbara, Jr., p. 52 Shelton, Jell, Fr., p. 73, 192 Shepherd, Daniel, Fr., p. 73, 105, 195 Sherilerd, Pamela, Fr., p. 73 Shepard, Tamale, Soph., p. 63, 125, 167, 195 Shephard, Jerry, Soph., p. 63 Sherrill, Carla, Jr., p. 46, 52, 138 Sherrill, Gregory, Jr., p. 52 Shipman, Debra, Fr., p. 73 Shipman, Tina, Sr., p. 43 Shipman, Kellye, Sr., p. 43, 114 Short, John, Sr., p. 43 Shunkwiler, Pam, Sr., p. 43 Simmons, Wadese, Fr., p. 73 Simpson, Nancy, Fr., p. 73 Sickles, Harvey, Fr., p. 73, 178 Skidmore, James, Jr., p. 52, 189 Sloan Smith Smith Smith Smith, Smith, Smith Mark, Fr., p. 73,176, 186 Cheryl, Fr., p. 73, 68, 101, 196 Cynthia, Fr., p. 73 Darrell, Fr., p. 73, 116 Darrell, Jr., p. 53 Diane, Sr., p. 43,111 David, Soph., p. 63, 195 Stark, Danny, Sr., p. 120 Starke, Robert, Fac., p. 28.119, 175, 179 Stasyazen, Charles, Fr., p. 74 Stasyozen, Teresa, Sr., p. 43 Stearman, Karen, Sr., p. 44, 125 Steele, Karen, Fr.. p. 74 Stephens, Cardella, Soph., p. 64 Stephens, Gailene, Soph., p. 64 Stephenson, Jett, Fr., p. 74 Stepheny, Jimmy. Jr., p. 53 Stepney, Larry, Fr., p. 74 Stepney, Pauline, Fr., p. 74 Stevenson, Jana, Fr., p. 74 Stewart, Debbie, Jr., p. 53 Stewart, Ellen, Sr., p. 111 Stewart, Rhea. Sr., p. 44 Stewart, Vickie, Fac., p. 28, 88 Stone. Connie, Soph., p. 64, 1 13 Stone, Patricia, Sr., p. 44 Stone, Ted, Sr., p. 44 Story, Bryan, Fr., p. 74, 109 Stout, Bobbi, Jr., p. 53, 86, 125 Straka, Lisa. Soph., p. 64, 57, 144 Street, Gene. Jr., p. 1 1 1 Strider, Teddy, Soph., p. 64, 120 Stringer, Barry, Fr., p. 74 Stringer, Sandra, Soph., p. 64, 164, 125 Stromski, Dana, Sr., p. 44 Strong, Steve, Fac., p. 28 Suchy, Larry, Sr., p. 44, 167, 120 Suggs, Debbie, Sr., p. 44 Sughru, Lois, Fac., p. 28, 136 Sullivan, Robert, Fr., p. 74, 66 Swatlord, Paul, Soph., p. 64 Switzer, Alan, Jr., p. 53, 113 T Tabor, Tim, Sr., p. 44, 34, 106 Tullis, James, Sr., p. 44 Tune, Londa, Soph., p. 64 Tune, M arsha, Fr., p. 74 Turner, Ann, Fac., p. 28 Turner, Mary, Sr., p. 44, 155,133,128 Turner. Tommy, Soph., p. 64, 60 Turner, Tonya, Soph., p. 64,125 Wiley, Andrew. Fr., p. 75 Wiley, Doris, Soph., p. 65 Wiley, Shirley, Sr., p. 44,156,105 Wilkerson, Robert, Sr., p. 44 Willbanks, Molly, Jr., p. 54 Willhite, Randy, Sr., p. 44,153,175, 186 Williams, Cheri, Soph., p. 65 Smith, Grace, Soph., p. 63 Smith, Grerald, Soph., p. 63, 113 Smith, Jenniler, Sr., p. 31, 43, 105, 125, 169, 195 Smith, Kelli, Soph., p. 63,114 Smith, Lanette, Fr., p. 73, 130 Smith, Linda, Sr., p. 43 Smith, Mitzi, Soph., p. 63 Smith, Markeeta, Fr., p. 73 Smith, Randy, Jr., p. 120 Smith, Ricky Sr., p. 43,142 Smith, Robert, Fr., p. 73, 176 Talley, Dale, Soph., p. 64 Talley, Mika, Fr., p. 74 Taplin, Dennis, Jr., p. 53, 179 Taplin, Rebecca, Soph., p. 64 Tarver, Anita, Fr., p. 74 Tarver, Sheldon, Sr., p. 44 Tate, Cheryl, Soph., p. 64 Taylor, Andy, Sr., p. 34, 42,44,156,185 Taylor, Bobby, Jr., p. 53, 176,130,125 Taylor, Dori, Jr., p. 53, 88 Taylor, Jett, Fr., p. 74 Taylor, Julie, Sr., p. 44, 30 Taylor, Kelly, Fr., p. 74 Smith Smith Russell, Fr., p. 73 Smith, Ruth, Soph., p. 63,192, 197 Smith Steve, Fr., p. 43 Smith Steven, Soph., p,.63 Smith, Smith, , Toni, Jr., p. 53 Susan, Sr., p. 43 Terry, Fr., p. 73,176 Smythe, Dr., Jerry, Fac., p. 23, 212 Snider, Jim, Sr., p. 43 Snider, Katrinka, Soph., p. 63 Snodgrass, Susan, Jr., p. 53,125 Snider, Rozie, Fr., p. 73 Snyder, Lester, Fac., p. 28 Snyder, Tumathy, Soph., p. 63,143 Soenksen, Sandra, Fr., p. 73 Soltis, Sharon, Fr., p. 73 Sompter, Pam, Fr., p. 73 Sorrels, Brenda, Sr., p. 43, 127 Sosa, Aida, Jr., p. 53,55 Sosa, Carmen, Jr., p. 53,125 Sosa, Nick, Fr., p. 73 Savell, Jimmie, Soph., p. 63 Spaulding, Terry, Jr., p. 53,95 Spann, Eunice, Fr., p. 73, 212 Spann, Marie, Fr., p. 73 Speegle, Curtis, Jr., p. 53,120 Speegle, Gina, Fr., p. 71, 73, 156, 122, 196, 199 Speegle, Randy, Fr., p. 74 Speeqle, Steve, Sr., p. 43,106 Spence, Mary, Soph., p. 64 Shench, Phillip, Sr., p. 43 Sperllng, Jimmy, Sr., p. 43 Spicer, Joe, Jr., p. 53, 109, 176 Splawn, Less, Fr., p. 74, 109, 212 Splswn, Liz, Sr., p. 43 Staltord, Brenda, Jr., p. 53, 131, 106 Staggs, Curtis, Sr., p. 43.106, 131 Staggs, Don, Fr., p. 74, 75 Staley, Cindy, Soph., p. 64, 120, 130, 147 Stallcup, Jerry, Soph., p. 64 Standard, Matt, Soph., p. 60, 64,176,182 Stanlord, Betty, Jr., p. 46, 53, 106, 1 22, 196, 197, 198, 199 Stankyszen, Paula, Fr., p. 74 Stanley, Cynthia, Fr., p. 74 Taylor, Kimberly, Soph., p. 64, 120 Taylor, Marilyn, Fr., p. 74,71 Taylor, Tammy, Soph., p. 64 Taylor, Victor, Fr., p. 74 Teague, Lendon, Fr., p. 74 Teplic, Debbie, Jr., p. 53,109, 125 Tapsic, Donnie, Sr., p. 44 Terrell, Vicki, Sr., p. 44 Terrill, Vickie, Jr., p. 53 Terry, Michael, Soph., p. 64, 111 Testerman, Cindi, Sr., p. 44, 127 Thomas, Doris, Fac., p. 28 Thomas, Evelyn, Soph., p. 64 Thomas, Michelle, Jr., p. 53, 131 Thomas, 0. 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Dr. Ber+ Harrison Ludie Smi+h You+h Direcfor 204 Ad ert g T-HE FJUXMIIQY SPEC-BH BTTI House' Q Cbistlnctwell I f - 24 V. ., U -ro 9 P M Mow 'mwu Tnuws IITOIOP M FRI BzSATf CLOSED SUNDAY t 537 SPAGHETTI 1 STEAK 1 SEA Fooo Eff ' A . - I- 43 9 ' I - , . Z M: : :sr CDl669IlQhl . WWQ Q E g P : I agp HAROLD KlRx,OwNER .' '- .--A I 53 Br S F' 685-5464 O C Hillcresi' Chrislian Church I50I Sou+hwes+ Filly Ninfh S+ree+ Oklahoma Ci+y, Oklahoma Siar Dunn looks info fhe fufure as Francine helps show her a wedding dress. MU 5-6066 FRAN'S PORTRAIT 8: Del Hamm, Minis+er 9:30 S. School N Shirley Hill, Educa+ional Direcfor I0:30 Worship I l29 S.W. 59+h 634-2473 Buying slciis can be fun as BeHy Cassify checks if ou+ af Tri-Spor+s. TRI-SPORTS II I9 s.w. 59 63:-7576 CARPENTERS Local Union No. 329 L. D. NEWTON Business Represen+a+ive 9 I 4 V2 W. California 239-2792 Cinderella Cake Shop 47I2 S. Penn 68 I -8488 436' Advertising - 205 Wa: . yd nwxvng CAHFETS I , ff- Don s Surplus Sales Inc. H ousa OF LARPETS Armmavy Su,p,uS 2809 S. May ORIG. City, Okla. 73108 Gf-anf Square Cenfer "People Who Want the Best Get It Here" 4630 S. Penn' A. K. STANLEY Phone: 685- I 6I4 Bus. 685-8283 Home 848-38I0 WHY Eating STUBBS Ginger's Bou+ique 4 SPORTING 2 ggidpxyy X 5824 S. Agnew x X 1 - . 1, 3 .f, -V ' 'X x if I ' 'f 63rd and N. May fFrencl'1 Markei' Mall, Q ' 430 w. Main '3b-N f X N O'Q-av? f For +he Young Q N -7 f Look in Fashion 5240 s. Penn X 682-3022 2 mQmn..f Sues '2V2'32V2 '4' ' 6 206 ' Advertising x. Q 3' I 17- , Q - I Ups- NICIK S Jewel Box A of Im orI'ing Co. . CI Q., P FIorls+ K U 430' 634-30II 'IQ 1-Eiil 56I2 S. Wesfern 4205 S. Penn 685-5597 6I2l S. Wes+ern I 634-4495 T Q I A55A5 .4,.44 ,Q 4 N II IJ' BIG BOYS I V I' RESTAURANT I 6072 S. Wes'I'ern . . . The Famibf Rertaumnt 6344495 H Grani girls show fheir spirH and appeiife a+ ASW. I536 S. Wes+ern 63 I - I 344 E ' I Y S'I'a'I'e Farnq 'Q' Insura noe 5325 S. Penn I 682-25Ol 5605 S. Penn 68 I 46636 Advertising - 207 ' XX Rawson I .' NI Music MAC S '. Co. Tag Agency II ' ls. U A if 606333-xzgern ban 5305 :boo s.w.44+h 4' fl-, 4 1 OKLAHOMA CITY AREA CARPENTERS JOINT SCQ'H' Cleaners APPRENTICESHIP AND TRAINING 634 7735 830 s.w. 59+h 9l4V, W. Californ Oklahoma Ci+y, Okla. 3l06 Phone 236-3292 I Blunck S+udios 220 W Main 794-7748 Adrtg W WMWWW ' MQIWWWM mi ,,42m1g 2 ,i,iA, IM, WK +111 W 'ww W inWv -H.' W LWMQ4 ' W l Munn -u W 60 mm W M J4lNWL,+m.+aanvn W X M 'f W M Qglwmm mv ff I ' .mam t 'I W Mt'-x " Hg i. !2 ' .I M. J mf? eww Ztwfgc Wff-NTBWJ i ,-f4,Mlq0.B1w?k, him.. . t iwwbwm, qwzaaazfmhpwm M . Qi in , 4' Hi , , . LQ. 'I iComple+e +he Spec+rum sixg of Your Life g X As You Worihip God in +he Beauiy of His Love. X CENTRAL HILLCREST BAPTIST CHURCH 6 I 00 Sou+h Pennsylvania Oklahoma Cify, Olrlahom Il F + P Bi ores sr, as+or Ll.1 -n- Qualily Trading Co. Jacquinel' ScoH' 4700 S. Penn lGra n'I' Squarel Oklahoma Ci'I'y 73I I9 68I-8887 All Types Jewelry Supplies Finished Jewelry Tools - S+ones - Silver - Gold Wes+ern Pawn Shop Navy Q OPP0"+Unl+ie5 "Pawn on Anyfhing of Value" 634 0606 I I33 S.W. 59 56I 3 S. Penn 682 I365 U nderwood 's Barbeque Mac Sign Co. f 9 68'-558' gf' 4208 S. May 685 7675 I437 S.W. 59+h Ad e rlising .K .2 I ,X arty! yy A bf 1 ' .5 'A' if-' X Q vga? f ,. " ,., iw -1 1- v if , K ff avg QQ. A H V at ,, vf ,V Ji ., 1. 3, at 'Wu " ' 1 A x W M vt be " X, ui " ff fun X g Mrs. - othy 1, provides over eastern :section of th Jerry Smythe talks ove with Mr.' John rham, Hendrix,-and Mrs. Dor- about thejNorth Central committee. Dennis Moo- wifh relief as he presents fulfilling his immuniza- It seems that problems g g I I keep mounting for my world and me, 3 "a'3"a' gas 'ms' but somehow I always manage to cope . M to Mrs. Pat relations director Humes, discusses with and Unice Spann the T 't tion 'E Griggs Q Miss QE Lesa main 2 period. I ,K i of the advisory .. Q 5,1 '-ff' T TLI 5 , 'T wth' .,.s .. ,, 1 4 ,L ' . K ' Q L I , i"wn 'Af .. ff dial 3 Y ' VV.. -X ly? ia V :ISK I? ,V . , Q51 - ff- +V, a' 4' f'fff ' Q Q . 'li K' ., , , nv if V 70. A H F if ' Q 15 , kip' h '1 Closing'213 M, Ai fx s-A 1 ' Q , .5135 ,gi in 3.5: ga . ,, , ifffllfl L 1' rf f1Yf'5i2f- 3 ,lf ' QL sr-E 'vi We ' '7"1J'frw ,gn 31 7J't1"fkQ,- 1,111 13' aff, 'gli A Y .1 1 il 'g A ly V A -...F fx V,V N A,, fx i f vi, Q!5,2!:6'T l,,!j,i,1 531, m g . - ,A s .-v:f2:ff' f,4,y,.,-sm F 14 JJ 3, ' 9 . fT.,?,.Q1fQ.f7?"5" 'efma ,jypf 'ny Q ,, of 9" f why I ,,, . a-Q-fa-nvm4w,,,,..,.f,-v""""s" with 1- ii' '1-nr n Q, 41 ns:--.-.X :iff rj I 1 ik The tour-color cover for the 1977 General was donated by the family of Clint Rodgers in his memory. 'Yr V be ff sig AM N. Rhonda Wright . . . Editor-in-chief Ronni Sellers . . . Photography Editor James Roberson Student Relations Coordinator Kim,LoveIess . . . Managing Editor g g Debbie Cowden . Q . Copy Editor Betty Cassity Business Manager Tulio Ramirez . . . Layout Editor James McCall Circulation Manager David Norris . . . School Lite Editor Randy Lusk Photographer Dale Marshall . . . Sports Editor DeWayne Crutchfield Photographer Rick Washington . . . Assistant Sports Editor Blunck Studio Photographer Denise Robison . . . Organizations Editor Lu Curtis Yearbook Representative Tammy Jullian . . . Curriculum Editor Ruth Kraemer Adviser Johnny Bailey . . . Faculty Editor STAFF Betty Cassityg . .Senior Editor Jay Bray Beverly Higgins Melissa Lee Sheryl Lewis Brenda Langston . . . Junior Editor Dennis Mooney Jerry Morphis Walter Oaks Brenda Wil Cindy Lookabaugh . . . Sophomore Editor Iis Nancy Brian et Q' T?:at1 Ke53il i 'Q - A MJ . ,u-K - "- 'Y 33" ll-"Zia ,'1'ff...J'.f'-7 I Y -"1 .at---3 Jf I 'F ,Q B i 'LV'-J -1.-.-its Q on-may Wwennasunnwa , I ' - -H-1 '- 'f , K' + -7' '- -,:x:":Wa' fl: z I L' ,'

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