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v. 5 1' w may , JE: , 1 ,in I If gi Y 1 ' w 1 41 J l 6 l 4 CONTENTS Opening 1-17 People 18-77 Curriculum 78-103 Organizations 104-153 Student Lite 154-181 Sports 182-217 Closing 218-223 Advertising 224-227 Index 228-232 1 HM Q i if: ,- '3""'b'f99S'sv--,,. El- i- Me -utm- 7. 5.-..,g. 4... 5 '19 Ln.-.- -S 4,-... -Sn-.nf Q V 2 Gif--we ', A 3 ,- gn. V ?' ..,,.,. . nv fi' 3 .. N -I w f , w I . X 4-5. .Mr 4, ,pf it-532 9411.4 fin' ll .1 -gf Elf , . in . 2, li 1, x vw Q, ' ' '1 X f-f ti H - , f 'f L ,T i . X P 'u Iv 'J 1 SLI' ig K V . ' ' I:-..fj6:.2N 5 ' xii' " K . Vim, +L. 57,47 5,5 ,-if .1 ' ' Env' . x- . vgyg '-'4:f-- ,- .aff - "",J. , Za? 4 -, IJ" 'Q -' fx:- gl 1.-:I Q X,-55 -. 4 . mv I - V. - , .l y , W .4 ,ip V 5 ,f,. .11 1 -' oi if ,fi " . ,AE-r in thy' -Ht -1- . 'M ,'.' ' ' .r 1 'pf . N-.1 Q ,, ffl 'A fat-' nf 3-,ga FELL .1 V " H-900 ' xiii' ,ML 1 p- - wiv 'x.fx.- - u., Y., . JE-. .. X ' 'K x Q' ' 1 Y.. .K . ,fa- Y 51 fs 5 --,--i5l,',"'..""--' E-P gps:- " Student dellnltlonsz "Where lt's at." "No Way! l'm not golng to thlnk about such thIngsl" "A place where you are requlred to attend untll you are slxteen and longer ll your par- ents make you." "US Grant." All dellnltlons ot the Place - US Grant. What more can you say about a place that ls both loved and hated, admlred and scorned, cherlshed and destroyed? So much to be ollered, yet one must be wllllng to take It all ln or It ls all In valn. Thls book Is about thls place, thls year - all the joys and trlumphs and tun and love and the lallures and losses and work and hatred that have made thls year what It ls. 2 Opening Yi I fi The candy and Coke machines sometimes are the most popular place. "The Place" empties out fast at 3:35. A longline at the phone is a permanent picture. The Title page. New principal Mr. Jake Diggs pauses from a buses are all a part of "The Place." Trying to figure out hectic schedule to visit with Donna Davis, Mrs. Jayne their new schedules are Russell Lorrette and Allen Thompson, Jennifer Smith, Miss Ida Carter, and Mr. Shamblin. Dwight Jones, assistant principal. 'Q "'-v..,,' l'42't3? V j 51 114- ff. 3-faii .,.,4 1 , ' f -' 424.4 1.22, ,f f7t.:.'-A54 ,Q Q' "if M, tv 4,:'i:,. -'Ei' x I "" ' . , ' " ' ' . -, c ' - 1 f ,fur .:w,,g,,,,,, 351-is-req fy' "' , ., w C ,' A, .-t 4 H',.e 1 ' Q, K , . , , . ,, , 1- He' f ' 'L 4 N- , ' .. .. , fr--4-iililfqf V' .T ff 462255095 ? -r l 1- are fff"'u2f9, 1 e 1 vzlif-44"9'g"""" 3 ' ' -f ' , ' , ' ,gg Aw J P I , . Q 1 y , V , ' 4' .V ' . , ,. ' ' X .. , ' . ., if-'-fre . .f'ift-,..,.:.-,g,',,f?ag- Lg.. . If 1 H' V--fx , . Q ,,.'.,-I . V A , ' xx .. . . Igfivfliju.-1, W 'W-. , A: .wf.,.11,: ...,vY+,J: xi.. Q ,Hz , ,,. ,V 1 .. 'if'-'K r- by X . .,,. t 4 '- if A .,.- t - , ."'f,,n,6Wy-Zi, e 1 Vu: 14.515 t Z " 'il ",. 5 f .ive-gff. 3 . , 4 V .W.,..,x if , -'4. s, . Q- ,nf If tfn' , . ,N ,3 ' xL,.tg4 5' f i:g,,-.hi hr A -' L, i YJ-4 .. 9 .M "'5,?fg ' , '1"'sf'1f,gl - 'j3.gw.., f,4'.,"','1f-" ., l ' , .1 ' 'in - K. - .af -f " .. - T . nz ,est N- X -g ,,.f,tfww fri 'ft-we - - . .- . .Q -f,..u,+e as--W, ..,' 'V 'Y -1-.?",'a 1 5If.vx1:' .,, if QE J-. ,,esg.'2,nf- film- 1 T,-.xiii Vi- JV 'dia-ff' ..-we" -'Q-fry, 1 alwgsg V . .,s.fe.--f,-- , '1- 71 ' ug ... . fan, : - - f1 V v 4 1 .1 'C , 'jr Ay" . .-.fvkiffzgr ,fiitiijcggg 'xv V"w.'.- '-'wx - 2' 'T '."', 'TI' fx ,Rs ' ' ', V -. 1 , 52" -- f "' 94" ' ' W jf, , ' . . , w 3 Q- D S ' ' 1 Q A . 9' 1 4 . .. ,gi , ' 'f g, " 'f, . -. . In V V 1.-,lg 4,' . --rf 1 '-, -'f ,, mmgl 'V ' , .- 1 -Z, 1 , 'ff' . ,1 . R, Y. .. ,. ., .,-str--3" , - ' . -7 'v ,Ap ,...f. A-'r,,,.1f.- , ve'- -.. gif -" I 3. ' '. Ive f, Lf' 'T T '--.""..'.' ' "Q ' . .1 . .- 1 FJ. . ,ll , 171 I J J' ix ., . A ' A' - , .4-At, -A 1 ,Q , t,, + . sau., '-- ,f,,.'..- .. - .-u., -3-Q-5 -.-ff' F . . t - Ainffzu .-rf. -1- its - -' ff -- - K 'ir' .4-Q " Opening 3 N K 7? - -. an wg' f? 1 'nv , ,5 .fn A, ,RJEw., an 'fri 'Y ,J F! Q I, 1 ,N , W 1 ,, a-M-se'-g,,5 ,n,,.r 'N' '-ll 1...-1 4.- ai""'l' 37:1-fn-Q" . l. .1 X If . yy , 7 1 l l A 1 7 f if l -1 4 Jia . 1 ,avg digg, . A ,nl .I ., .,,, -f i 4 f fl-Q-.e371:e:.f.a, 5 I ff -A ' f ' Q .-, -Q-fe-f-ff?-gi b " if fjxzffesfi ,, fgiivi 'E 9 ,,4f?Q.:, t , E -1 ff ig 2 it 1 r , f ""'Jf', if 'f,-,Z ,i.v5"4-i "':1-ia. 1. L4 T" Fe.-',-frm--v' -'K " .flf "1 -'f'f'fT?'. " WNJ gf ke.-:J s 4 H 'Q , AS., O r ' Y " ' If 1" .5 ,4Q, 'cog' y ',qb 1.1 'fQ'l-V 1 1 I , ,. 'X ,WH Si DeAnn Whitnah gets prepared to ski. DeAnn gets up, skis for awhile, and goes back down with a splash. Doug Roberson enjoys his freedom by sleeping in late on summer mornings, Thoroughly enjoying a good hotdog is Laura Hagey. lx g ' "Freedom's just another word for nothlng left to lose, and nothlng aIn't worth nothlng, but lt's free!" "Freedom ls just, well lt's just FREEl" And fhat's the way the Gen- erals see the feellng of freedom - whether It be a freedom of the mlnd, the soul, the splrlt, or a physlcal freedom -freedom from responsl- blllty, from socletyg from the feellng of restralnt that school lends durlng Its tenure. Skllng, boating, swlm- mlng, sunbathlng or just plaln messlng around domlnated the summer scene for many of the Gen- erals. And Isn't that really what free- dom ls all about? Opening 5 Four square is a very popular game during lunch. Often seen shooting ice in the cafeteria is Paul Heath. Renee Wood enjoys cutting Jasselle Stewart's hair during class. Engaging in alittle girl watching is Darryl Reynolds. Eric Simpson tries to make his teacher think he is studying. 6 Opening ' Q v ,Navi 5 in f,.,o-vw' itat ' ' 1 'Wffy'-' 'I 1 K 1 i Q A lf, ' KICKS - "The pep club at loot- ball games." "FlltIes' Day." "The pep assembIIes." All a part of the Klcks - lun at school. Many people get thelr fun at school ln thelr own orlglnal waysg for Instance, "Trylng to make the teacher thlnk I am awake and working." "SeeIng how many termltes crawl out ot the walls In one hour." "Watching glrls." All people get thelr fun In dlfterent ways at schoolg some methods more wldely used than others, but all enjoyed equally. Opening 7 CURE J U A ' A THE VLBLX YPFNLUI A rr. THE Houston Posr DAIL! gig-vs S nf 'fav-uh., ....4.,m KM AllCermansSurr nd - GUY IIAILS f .., 11,,,,Maj,,,1,gZ, Jmmsnu mfs um aerusu fr 153122 ,Mi 2- , . ir 1..- ...Q- i' Yuri - Y I I 'f mi!! 4 lllul , , 1 OURNALISM 132 K l X H T tx f ' "The courses that you are requlred to take." "The hard courses that you have to take." The classes oflered at Grant this year were hard core - there's no doubt about that! As In past years, one year ol math Is requlred after your treshman year, a sclence ls requlred, an Engllsh credlt ls requlred each semester. Among the hard core courses are geometry, trl- gonometry, matrix, analytics, calcu- Ius, Amerlcan Ilterature, Engllsh llt- erature, and biology. Other courses were avallable at South cluster schools. The Generals, as usual, pulled through, however mlracu- Iously, wlth a relatlvely small per- centage ot tallures. Kerry Kendrix enjoys playing basketball in gym. John Judd and Teri Ratzlaft discuss the Globe Theatre for their English class. Working out the problems for math is Homer Dade. Betty Cassity studies for upcoming history test, 'Pa ,A ,P gy. -cu-sq Opening 9 avi ' "The lun courses." "The thlngs you can take that aren't requIred." "The classes that you don't have to take that aren't too hard." "Mostly my math classes." And so go the deflnltlons tor that strangely beautl- tul word - electlve. The Ilst beglns wlth things such as auto mechanics and ends exactly where you want It to end. The classes can be interest- Ing, llke psychology or mass medla, or lntormatlve, llke problems ot democracy. They can Include cal- culus or they can Include arts and crafts. The varlety Is what makes an educatlon lnterestlng. 9- . . ' iq.-ff 10 Opening J " X '4Si'x A '3' -J A su.- : gi ,Q ' :ff " 5 J A i ' x'-,Wfig ff Q ' guys G4 ' f gn rx lf, - 3 ,,- ilfilff ' 43 4, wi " 'u S lj , gig! Nw W y J! I Ig 'f' r ., 31- I' X iff". .f"-J?-1"'55-ggiift . ... 'I WQHRA. x. f L..-M I 1' 4 Y 'Q O 0,5 .1 , X s-,X I K ii, 1 fr' , ' 1 V :X 'iff f rs-f ,hm wp.- , fi'-f fr.. 926' Av", . 5.5. ' Qz.fWf.H? 1 K NL. 5' 4 J.fi13?Q!fE1QLJF83L H A.. "' "The way that I leel when I am wlth my trIends." "When I am help- Ing others, that's how I get my natu- ral hIgh." "When you're up on Ilte, lhat's really a natural hlgh." Natural ,A xl hlgh - the way you leel about lite, the thlngs that make you teel really good wlthout any artltlclal means. The way that thlngs make your Ilte tuller, make you a complete person. Natural hlgh, the leellng that you get when you draw your strength trom the crowd around you. "I get hlgh lust knowlng that somewhere some- one Ioves me." -,-I--crunk-ur-, .. f' . Ish ' Ku' I --. IIXQ ',Fsng Inu-n - ff , ,K ,.....X, 1 saw.. l""'F W. xii.. L- -, a. 5 41 Opening 13 V-I' S PP' D . sa Friends often gather together in large groups. Linda Jackson and Scott Brewer enjoy watching a late movie together. Having friend Kathy McCoyamngdoesdtmakededsmnsanyeamer for Debbie Phillips. Gary Newby and Duane George look on Senior bulletin board for upcoming activities. Cooking together are Johana Burditt and Kristy Kendrix. Sonny Taylor and Terry Allred get together to work on a car as Scott Brewer looks on. f sg, 3 ' "Homo What?lll!!" "Man" "I thlnk It ls the sclentlflc name tor somethIng." Homo Saplens, Man, the ultlmate anlmal. We all are men. Or are we? What Is a man? It ls an anlmal, but a man has somethlng more. A man has a splrlt, a soul that Is tar more com- plex than any anlmal. Man Is a clvll belng, at least most people are. But, does not belng clvll make one any less a man than another? Surely someone can answer these ques- tlons. ' ' 35 Lx g-5 235225 MX Q !!ili!l'4ll!l ii ,..4-ad cgi .Q Z-2 ini 0 'H i d UO' K QC O 'Q' ei' 3 ""'PeopIe who make the headlines." "The people that are hlgh up in gov- ernment." Headliners. And, boy howdy, has this been a year lor them! An historical resignation ot the presldent, the Inauguratlon of a new one, the gubernatorial electlon, International news. Klsslnger, Nixon, Ford, Hall, Boren, Inhote. All thls ln only one year's tlme. It all seems so unreal sometimes, yet Is real. We are living history. We should always try to remember the way that we feel now, when the turmoil ls on Cfor hlstorlcal reasons, ot course,J and to help us see how things can be worse in future times. Former President Nixon makes last guest appearance. Grant students display enthusiasm toward their candidate or governor. Students watch on during a racial disturbance. Excited at seeing her favorite group at Oklahoma Jam is Kathy Williams. Depressed at thinking about the future of his school is Kevin Hubble. Opening 17 18 people People. They come in all shapes and sizes, all sorts and colors, young, old, even middle aged. People can be joy or pain, trouble and solvers ol trouble, the end, the beginning, the all that everything is. People make the earth interesting, make the world warm, make the land and civilization what it is today. And now people are in a book to keep the memories ot people alive for many years to come. So that the people that are here now will never really be forgotten. Mrs. Evelyn Shelley does alittle pirate dance. The end ofa long day. Mr. Bob McCain minds the terminal. Carla George sees only Steve Garrette on the field. Wendell Webb tries a little two-step dancing in the halls. Peeple N 2 , A gnpgxgtn. I ,gil '-e I lisa ' x f '63 C X U 'iq' r-Wd people yr-v ,J fi' I QL - f ,ku Ak. v "nk, it WN 5 I 4 X liiggig B " ""'4l QW .K ..... X 1 'A A ' Hit'-N J'tnQ'w .- M.H ldM in -Mun. .. ,ww Q10-shunt! 3 -I Q 2 School Board. Seated: Mrs. Pal Potts. Dr. F. D. Moon. Mr. Paul English fBoard Presidenlj. Standing: Dr. Herbert Krob, Dr. Armond Start, Dr. Bill Lillard fSuperintendentJ, Mr. Floyd Donwerth, Mr. C. B. McCray. Francis. Suzanne. BA. MS. Counselor: Iones. Sarah, BS. MS. Counselor: Moham. I0hn.Masters. Parks, Thelma. Bachelors, Masters. Counselor. Coordinator of Guidance and Counseling. Senior Class, National Honor Society Sponsor: Powell. Ioe. BS. ME. Counselor: Pulley. Harriet, BS, MEd., Counselor. lhullvy. Ilnlla. BA. BS. Librarian: Turner. Ann. BSE. MLS. Librarian: Bradley. Bi'u.Rs!glsl1'red Nurse. ia Q-ff 3 -Q T--f x..- C .," X. ,..-Q 'Glad We don 't have to find a new superintendent every yeazt' 'What a jobl' 'But that'S what service is all about. ' faculty 23 Ashley. Robert, BA, US history, Oklahoma history: Barlow. Michael, BBA, MS, human relations, business law. track and cross country coach: Barnes. Iacqueline, BS, Arts and Crafts I and II: Baugh, Christine, BA, MA. English, Bible as literature, mass media. senior class, National Honor Soci- ety: Bell, William, BS, Drive Education, assistant football coach, Blackmon, Fred. BS, MS, General Math II, Algebra I, II. assistant wrestling coach: Bentley. Vicky, BS, family relations, child guidance, home planning and decorating. pep club. National Honor Society: Bowers. james, BA, MEd. learning laboratory: Brown, Evelyn, BA, world history, US his- tory: Brown, lulliette, BS. typing. clothing, juniorclass. Cable, Ronald, BA. MS, biology, rocket club. chess club. National Honor Society: Carter, Ida, BS, MA, biology: Castle. Glen, BS. boys physical education, baseball coach: Choate. Dean, BS, math, football coach: Christenberry, Gerald. auto mechanics, VICA. Crosley, Harold. BA, MA, American his- tory, golf coach: Daniel. Ernest, MS, safety club. drivers' education: Dean. Dorothy, BS. shorthand, transcription, clerical prac- tice. chairman of business department, FBLA. junior class: Douglas, Ann, BA. Eng- lish Il. American literature, pep club. National Honor Society: Dressler, Dee. BS, geometry. algebra, general math, freshman class. Elliott, Victoria, special education: Eman- uel. Greta. BS, Cosmetology, VICA: Faurot. lim. MEd., Oklahoma history, tennis, fresh- man football coach: Foshee, jerry, BA. record keeping, business economics. gen- eral business: Fuller, Al. BS. COE, record keeping. FBLA, student store. Fuller. john, band orchestra: Fuller, Sarah. BA. MFA. speed and comprehension, oral discussion, Imagine anthology: Gad, San- getta, mathematics: C-alebach, Glenda, BA, MEd., math: Gandy. Debbie, BS. learning laboratory. Givens, Freida, business machines, Stu- dent Council: Green, Yvonne, BA, Ameri- can lilerature, English II. junior class: Hammond. Cynthia. BS. Oklahoma his- tory. government. Student Council, junior class: Harwood. Bill. electricity, VICA: Hendrix, Francis. BS. distributive educa- tion. DECA. Hoffman, Arbeecher, BA, Bible history. religions of mankind, English I. US history, senior class. faculty courtesy: Hollowell, Lucy. BS. MA, English: I-lostetter, Lyle, MEd. sociology: Houston, Samuel. BA. psychology, Indian club: Humphrey. Marge. BA, jewelry. ceramics, head of art department, senior class. Hunter, Lettio, BS. ME. clothing. textile. junior class, FTA: Hyatt. Dorothy, BA. Latin I. science fiction. mythology. oral dis- cussion. Latin club: Iohnson, Lathon. BS. ECSC. MNS, earth science, science survey: Keller. lack, BA, MT, anthropology. ancient history, Oklahoma history, US his- tory. chess club, human relations club: King. Ralph. BA, English, FTA. Kraemer. Ruth. BA, MT. EdD. journalism I, II. III. Speech I, yearbook. newspaper: Long. Maurene. BFA, commercial art. art, senior class: Luetkemeyer. Linda. BA, Spanish. French. Foreign Language club: Lyons. Mark. BA. world history. Black his- tory. football coach: McClellan, Dewey, BA, MA. Biology I, science survey. science club. 24 faculty EA ...,, , --'E x Q. s Fern Bennett, cafeteria manager: Camp lihrary secretary. Ioann. financial secretary, Die, Mary attendance secretary. Angie. attendance secretary: Tomes, Eli nor. attendance secretary. i . bell. Peggy, registrar: Carpenter, Patricia, Cook. Betty. attendance secretary: Clapp, Lee. Ruby. principals secretary: Smith, is ...Q--X K ' ' if I 't-.,,,,-4' 'AAY if ' 5,7 . i i l A ly? 4 'ff' ,H fx- wfg, . 1 V, f ,I X'x.,.,-f l gag? F' gn, ,al Q4 A 2 1 3 f., Aw. , mafia f mi. Q v. ' - . --g Tm glad I really like all these kids. It Wouldn 't be Worth it if I didn 't.' l 'You can say that again' "Let me make this perfectly clear," says Mrs. Betty Thomas to her English class. lt's nice to know Mr. Ioe Powell never shows enthusiasm. Panic hits Mr. Ron Cable during the fourth quarter. faculty 2 'With all these instructions on attendance, We don 't have time to worry about what to do with them after We get them he1'e.' Custodians. Row 1: Cecil Puinnes, Bob Birchfield, Irene McNeel, Loris Hunter, Robert Darnell. Row 2: Harvey Evans, D.L. Bolton, William A. Thorndike, Kenny Mur- ray, William King, Charlie Musgrove, Buster Duker, and Mitchell Clason. Cafeteria ladies. Row 1: Ruth Benny, Ruth Cantrell, Georgia Nolan, Ollie Suttle, Ruth Weed, Marilyn Harden, Marie Hicks. Row 2: Mable Wright, Faye Helm, Lila Iackson, Mary Hutchenson, Vivian West, Fern Bennett, Rose Ford, Sue Blankenship, and Flossie Cantrell. i , 2. +i 'i 26 faculty Mr. Severlan Vaughn uses a projector to explain a problem. Mr. Fred Blackmon talks with Ierry Barcus and Sherilyn Taylor during a lunch period, ,-, '21 Worley, Linda, BS, MS, distributive educa- tion. DECA sponsor, fx, Magers. lohn. BS. MS, physical education. wrestling coach: McClellan, Dewey. BA, MA, biology science survey, science club: McCleod. Darlene. AB. MA, English, senior class sponsor: Mentheny. Don, BA, MA. US history, basketball coach. Miller. Iudy. BS. bookkeeping. senior class sponsor: Mitchell. Bob. BS. English. bas- ketball coach: Morse, Otto. BS. sheet metal, VICA sponsor: Nero. Michael. BS, physical education. Novey. Pauline, BA. MA. special educa- tion. co-op training: Overstreet, Connie, BS. Math II, elementary algebra, algebra I. ll. girls competitive sports, Girls O'Club, Pep Club sponsor: Palmer. Michael. BA, geometry. algebra, math: Pendley. Ron, BA. art. leathercraft, Human Relation Club sponsor: Phelps. Nancy. BA, English, fresh- man class sponsor. Pitt. Peggy, BA, BS, English, Senior Class sponsor: Roberson. Brenda, BS, English. Freshman Class sponsor: Ross, Roland. BS. drafting: Savage. Iohn. BS. driver's educa- tion. Red Cross Club. Schwencke. Nancy, BS. MS. cooperative office education, typing. COE, FBLA spon- sor: Shanbour. Kamal. BS. science. track, football coach: Shelley. Evelyn BS, modern dance. gymnastics. Pep Club. drill team sponsor: Smith. Ora, BS, Typing I. Il. short- hand. drill team. awards chairman. Shyder. Lester. BA, radio-television. Great Books, debate: Sparger, Teik. MFA, art: Spinks. Robert, BA. US history: Starke. Roberts. BS, biology. athletics. Starwalt, Arlene, BA, MS, mathematics: Stewart. Vickie. BS. foods. junior class. pep club sponsor: Strong. Steve. MEd., vocational drafting, VICA sponsor: Sughru, Lois, BS. girls physical education. Pep Club. Thomas. Betty. BA. MA. English: Thomas, O. I., BA. vocal music. chorus: Thompson. Iayne, BA. stagecraft. drama, radio-televi- sion, Thespian sponsor: Threatt. David, BS, auto body repairing. VICA sponsor. Vaughn. Sevelan. MT. math. matrix, trigo- nometry, analytics. calculus, Mu Alpha Theta: Watson. Gary, BA. English I, cre- ative writing, world literature. short story: Wear. Patricia. BA. Math, algebra. Mu Alpha Theta: Wilson, Beverly, BS. MS. Typing I. II. FBLA sponsor. faculty 27 Diligently working on her business machines class is Kay Hubble. 'Can you believe this?' asks Carla Musgrove as she tries on her cap and gown. Learning the delicate art of masreme is Debbie Iones. 28 seniors 14, ,, agp., , ,., ,::L5,e!:.,1L.::::,, sf1,f-Hfiglfiairggl 1' f K ,. ,,f,,,fzz::f.,, .z4::.,, ,1- -an W., 'T' Cv 11? 2 av lf il Kathy Abney Kenneth Adams Darlene Akins Robert Aldrige Cynthia Alexander Dana Allard Gay Allen Terry Allred Bobby Alstatt Henry Alvarado Barbara Anderson Cynthia Andrews Dale Andrews Steve Andruchow Ellen Archer Randy Arismendez Eddy Armstrong Tanya Arnold Esther Asner Cindy Atherton Glennis Aubrey Mike Austin Karen Baker Mark Baker Rebecca Baker Shelley Baker David Bartholomew Tracy Bateman Danny Beard Larry Belding Shirley Black Rhonda Blakeley Karen Blethrow Marilyn Boatman Amy Boggs Larry Booth Karl Borum Earl Boulware Bridgette Bowen Bruce Bowman Robin Brewer Scott Brewer seniors 29 Brian Brewster Cindy Briggs Peggy Brock Deborah Brooks Ierry Brown Iim Brown Karl Brown Marian Brown Ray Brown Ricky Brown Mike Brunson Dennis Bryant Margit Bryant Michael Bryant Iohanna Burditt Iim Burgett Teddy Burns Robert Byers Brad Byrne Angela Cagle Kim Calame Larry Caldwell Pam Campbell Steve Capps Karen Cardwell Keith Carpenter Kevin Carpenter Craig Carter Gail Carter Robert Chaney Lea Ann Chilcoat Rhonda Chism Tracy Clark Royce Colbaugh Shirley Cook Rene Copher Tracy Cordray Becky Cossey Pam Crabtree Ierry Craig Mark Crews Anne Crilley seniors 3 .An-' .- !y'."'- 5 me v- 5 . 1, 5 , S 4 . gm' is na H., 'try J! 5-."a".' -. ' Ir'l . -e . ','.4,,"','a f:-"f'4- 5.1, A , . H4 . v v 2 '." fr .P A iw! ,v 4:61 D "v r- ,',v,,: ,':J'Yp , hi J:,w'J.'. .,,,.,. ",.:'.. "v:1'1 :.v:':,J .. , 'ln.enn1 ' ,,... l... , ::f-.Q1 ,...::': ':'-' 1 .::xl. ':11?.1 "I: :zu v,:.:'-'- .,...:':: ,:..:.. .::::: lgzrz. ' v . X, Enjoying a lunch together are Robin Haskins and Traci Whittenburg. Pulling a little horseplay in body and fender are Steve Higgins and Bill Meers. 'Whatlunoh hour do you have? I really don 't have anyone to eat With.' Tamara Crosson Pam Crum Iimmy Curry Lucinda Cyphers Mike Dahl Sandy Dalton Tammy Daniels Duncun Darlin 'I have first- sorry, but I don 't think that I can get away with ditching fourth hour again. ' S0 31 . , P 1 2 5 . 'N Corlis Davis N David Davis - ' 'J' ' " ' Leslie Davis Nannetle Davis Phillip Davis Richard Dean Ann Decker Primping and preparing to face the world are Melinda Horne and Angela Holden, while Mike Walker, Tom Crim and Ron Dobson take showers on the same note, then 1 - 2 - 3 - SHA- ZAM!! 'It sure is nice not having to Worry about what the seniors think an ymore. ' 'Yeah, hutnow We have to Worry what the underclassmen think' 32 4 . Ian Dietrich Patti Dillard Mark Dixson Ronnie Dobson David Dowling Ieff Downey Andria Dudley Stephen Dudley Lloyd Dupler Margaret Dupler Gary Eastridge Sherry Edsall Kyle Edwards Regina Eggleston Keith Eidson Daryl Elrod Brian Enfield Lou lean English Paul Evans Renee Ewell Steve Finley Dane Foley David Forbes Sherri Forbes Larry Forshee Penny Fowler Ron Free Debbie Freeman Kenneth Freeman Steve Garrette Steve Gastineau Mike Gebur Duane George DeLana Gibson Laurie Gilleland Kathy Gillespie Curtis Gipson Deborah Glover Dennis Goforth Tina Gonzales Bruce Goodwin Howard Gottschalk seniors 33 Debbie Gough Dianna Graham Mike Gramling Mary Gravitt Naomi Greenroyd Michael Greenwalt David Griffin David Groves Vickie Grubb Paul Guion Laura Hagey Cindy Haley La Wanna Halstead Robyn Haney Sheryl Hankins Clyde Harlin Marcia Harmon Nancy Harmon Debbie Harris Henderson Harris Mary Harris Robin Haskins Sheri Hatfield Doyle Hawkins Cherry Helton David Hemphill Iimmy Henn Larry Henry Ieff Henson Susie Herring Cheryl Hicks Gary Higgins Steve Higgins Terri Higgins Ieannie Hill Monty Hill Leo Hise Patricia Hoard Don Hodges Angela Holden Greg Hollars Greg Hook 34 seniors pk I' "A+ l 'Wi .1 2 E ,- nt' 'I wish sometimes that I was out ofschool when it's hard and boring, but then I t gets fun again and Inever Want it to stopf Patty Martin goes wild with enthusiasm as Generals make another touchdown. Posting the new victory flag after the first football victory are Kevin Morri- son and Duncun Darlin. Randy Hook Greg Hooker Melinda Home Gary Houlette Ianice Houston ,l Cindy Howard Dale Howard SCD! Charles Howard 'l'm worried about the future. I really don 't know how things are going to turn out in anything an ymore.' 'So? No one really does unless you 're a prophet' 8 tions, and then checking out others to be sure he has just the right tux for the 3 prom is Robert Chaney. Greg Howard Patty Howard i , s Kay Hubble Diana Hudelson David Huddleston '51, fi - ' " SteveHuddleston ' I px' 4. . -T- . " ' A A' m " .jx ,. x' Richard Hunnicutt A uv W Vj, ku, 5 A " ,. K ' Trey Hunter ' ' K , - V tk M My 36 senio Debbie lhbe Kenneth lngram Frank Isaac Randy Ivie Lela jackson Linda Iackson Melinda Iarmon Lyndall johnson Mark Iohnson Sherry Iohnson Debbie Johnson Debbie Ioiner Randy Iolly Patty Iones Ion Iudd Vickie Keener Meludee Keesee Dale Keester Kristy Kendrix Debbie King Gayle King William King Randy Kirkes Karen Kirkley Karen Kirkpatrick Susan Klimkoski Ronald Kramer Don Krob Mike Lakin Randy Lancaster Diane Lantz Stephen Larsen Gloria Larson Steve Lawson Karen Leeds Connie Leonard Sandy Lewis Sandra Liles Charles Loyd Bill Loflin Kristi Logan Buddy Longnecker seniors 37 Ron Lord Deaon Lowry Kenneth Loveless Ioyce Lowder David Lusk Suzanne Mabry Keith Maddox Linda Manasco Kathy Manuel Linda Marler Kirby Martin Patty Martin Kenny Marx Connie Massey Gerald Massey Debbie Mathies Richard Mathis Cheryl Mauldin Carol Mayo Mike McAlister Ianett McClary Kim McCord Kathy McCoy Mark McDaniel Pam McDonald Patty Mclntire Melesa Mclntyre Dana McKay Terry Meler Ioel Melton Ray Meredith Shelly Merrick Pamela Midgett Keith Mikeman Debbie Miller Tracy Moerck Cayla Monkhouse Dennis Moody Alicia Mora Cindy Morgan Sherry Morgan Kevin Morrison 38 seniors BL M' 3 f if fx., K X .L D Q 2 1 1, 4 L-. 5, iff 1 P a "Wanna go to the malt shop aftf school. Betty Lou?" asks Bob Shadrir ll1fV1l?llI1dilIilI'1'HOI1lJIl 50's day. 'You know, it'S sort of Scary Ifgettjng a job today is so rough, what will tomorrow be?' VME-' ' J Penelop M Teresa M Linda M Bobby M 1 Mike Mo Terry M Brenda araM M Keith Myers Gary Newby Kent Newton Kenny Noble 'When are you going to get married? Anytime soon ?' 'We'Ve almost pin poin ted a date. It will be some time in the first part 1 of A ugust. Thinking of days to come and fairy-tale dreams is Terri Higgins. Thomas Norman Mike Novotny Linda Oaks Kathy Ogg Billy Oliver Karen Otley Harlen Owens Pam Paden David Pagels Ron Paramore Sandra Parish Greg Parks Kathryn Parton Eddie Paxton Margaret Pearn Ierry Perry Greg Perrymore Ioannie Pettet Debbie Phillips Kathy Phillips Robert Phillips Kathy Pierce Larry Pool Arlene Poolaw Donna Porter Mike Prather Ianice Price Sherri Pugh Mike Raber Iimmy Raiden Ellen Rains Glenna Randall Cheryl Raprick Terri Ratzlaff Iames Ray Ronald Reagan Stanley Reiss Lyle Rhodes Lloyd Richardson Debbie Riggs Cheryl Rikli Rena Ring seniors 41 Doug Roberson Sandra Roberts Pamela Robinson Rhonda Robinson Dennis Rodgers Robert Rodgers Laluana Rowden Iimmy Rowland Keith Rushing Ronny Sales Ieannie Sanders Michael Sanders Gary Satterlee Moses Schilling Carol Schott Charles Scott Donnie Scott Sherry Scott Nancy Scowden Jimmy Scroggins Steve Seikel Valeria Sewell Ianet Sexton Bobby Shadrick Terri Shaha Ernestine Shambra Shirley Shell Billy Shelton Larry Shephard Larry Sherwood Melvin Short Glen Shunkwiler Toby Simms Erick Simpson Raymond Skrapka Cindy Slayton Belinda Small Tanya Smiley Iames Smith Leiza Smith Robin Smith Steve Smith 42 seniors 'W M -, J, . .K I 14 ea' li lx' Q o ,xc c IC Q If 'Helpf Ilost my Class ring and I can it find it anywhere! ' 'Did you ever oonslder looking in the ouff ofyour pants?' 'Here it is! Gee, thanksl' Laughing at an old Navy joke are Mark Wallace. Mike Raber, and the Navy recruiter. An instructor at South Oklahoma City Community Iunior Col- lege demonstrates health care techni- ques to Steve Finley, Tanya Smiley, Pam McDonald and Mark Splawn. "Size five?" asks Cathy Manuel as she waits on a customer at Kinney's. 'What are you going to do after you get out of school? I really haven 't decided. ' 'I think I may Work for a year or so and then maybe. . .?' Mark Dixson looks for a handy pirate to kill on game day. t D ane Stevenson Iessele Stewart Darla Story David Straka Iames Switzer Don Taylor Henry Taylor Iohn Taylor Q QS 'vi-5 H1 ' X . . f. . .-1-,1 , if. I tttg X I--1 joy Taylor Keith Taylor Rita Taylor Erin Terbush Paula Testerman Arlene Thompson Karen Tidwell Kathy Tidwell Cindy Tilley Loyd Tinsley Eugene Treadwell Vicki Vanderford Nancy VanSickle Ruben Vasquez Tom Vasquez Bonnie Vermillion Marvin Walker Mike Walker Mark Wallace Karen Walters Karen Wasser Sheila Watson Timothy Webb Charlie Weeks Pam Whitaker Iohn White Mary White Dee Ann Whitnah Ieanett VVhitney Traci Whittenburg Steve Wilkes Donna Williams Phillip Williams Phillip Williams Rhonda Williams Shirley Williams Barbara Wilson Lee Ann Wilson Russell Wolfe Renee Wood Sheryl Woody Tamie York seniors 45 46 seniors WN: fs re- Tony Maldonado Lori Burrell su :-, 1:4 if 'Is there anything Wrong with parking on the grass? Everyone else does it.' 'Other than the police will tow yo ur oar away, I can 't think of a reason in the worldf Relaxing on the grass are johana Burditt, Sheryl Hankins, Pam Whittaker and Sheri Hatfield. Making a fantastic new recipe are Donna Wil- liams and Brenda Dukes. Creating a new look in jewelry are Keith Carpenter and Richard Hunni- cutt. Not Pictured: Dennis Aldridge jay Aderson Raynett Barber Scott Bearden Cindy Bedding Victor Berryman Brenda Black judith Black james Breedlove Keith Brock james Burkett Alan Campbell Brenda Cannes john Chaney Timothy Chestnut janice Craig Robert Crain joseph Crook Debra Curry Ronnie Davis Diana Day Gerald Diaz Preston Douglas james Drake Donald Eldridge Daryl Elrod Terry Emberson Doug Epperson james Fennel Rawland Fleek janice Garratt Shirley Gayler Curtis Godwin Alejandra Gonzales Kim Goodfellos Robert Goodwin Roy Graham Denise Green jamie Green Gary Greenlee Larry Hanks Gary Hart Lisa Hart Patricia Hatfield Rebecca Haynes Richard Hazelton Norman Heavner David Higginbotham Sherri Higginbotham Terry Holley Orellus Housley Bert Hudson Mark Ingram Shannon jackson Lyndall jackson jacky jones Michael Keasler Garry King Raymond Riddle Dallas Laiham johanna Roberson David Lee Pamela Robinson john Rule Sky Rutledge Myra Lewis Michael Lisenbery Arnold Littlehawk Linda Logan Lita Lopez Fred Sanchez William Sassano Mark Schuelein Greg Scott Debra Shelby Gerald Siegfried Christopher Smith Charles Lowman Maurice Mack john Marley jamie Mashburn Thomas McGraw Donna Mead Diana Mears Karen Miller Debbie Mize Mike Morgan Teresa Mosshart Tony Mullins Mark Nicholson Teresa Novak Susan Oglesby Robert Patton Denna Pearn Neal Pharoah Sherilyn Phelps jerry Procter Clayton Smith Donna Soltis Reginald Stafford Doris Stevenson Robert Strider Teddy Swingle Arlene Thompson jeannie Thompson Vincent Vasquez Vanchai Vongchanyakul Lee Walker john Wanner Denise Westmoreland Carolyn Williams Teresa Williams Bob Williamson Randall Wolf Brenda Young seniors 47 He nry Adams Ray Adkins Richard Alvarado jay Amar Lim tte Anderson Lee Andrews Annie Arambula Paitscy Armstrong Ka ren Arnold Tammy Austin Cheryl Baker Don Baker Karen Baker Michelle Baker lay Ball Ozzie Barton ig'-K i ,, , iii x if ' .ax ft , v., -. Q. A A r ef , . , " if 'ix Larry Bauman Sherri Baumann Connie Beasley Shawn Beaty Mike Bebout Vigla Bizzell Connie Black Sally Black Iimmie Blancett Tina Borden William Bowens Chris Box 48 juniors .. , , " ,Wu A, k i -4 ,. XA f-L74 - ' 1 5 i 'Q 'Q w 'gg it V i , . as 'gf f A t ' it' Nm W ' 4 . 45-+3 The A A - el A 4 'Can you believe there is only one more year before We gradua te?' 'Yeah, but I oan't decide if it is an end or a beginning' Looking fit to kill are Rocky Clark, lim Browning. Russell Lorrette and Mike Sherrill in front ofthe student store. "lt's mine! It's mine!" exclaims Richard Alvarado in the year's first pep assembly. . bf "5 , 'P 4 '58 'E 'L" 5 are l , K V , ' Y 'Z M N! --. - '1 V , - f U72 2- ' M A N i, . f X If l 'xi . fr T H g N! ff' , jr ' b f, V' ff i 5 at j it we j , 4 -ff' V - ,tw 1 1 t 5- '- 15. i 1' I ' u ' EU if f .A 1 Q-. tr vt' , 4 , 5 A uf N A -. in 1 l i ' I ' ' all fill , ' t . 'I if ij ilffiiwufff '. fr M fl! It 0, X tr. s j V A . ,, 'F " , 05 s ,KL 1 fr. -r 155 ' i ' , M Lili if il , -n R My F- r fi. V , Q H5654 . t- i is at t 1- 1 t fi A 3-' ' 'ff 'iff ,. , 9' A 9 'i F f' ' - Ii - if ' ' V- ml. i L fa Jet K 7:21 f or Q tits, I 13,131 I l , A 11 -5, re arf" :if "H, if ' at ,i F - , - if I I - i ff. 5 l ' I F F ' '19 . by R V A V 1 - .4 . ' fi , ' f '1 5 Y is at U lay-J! I, V ' , Q A ' ' ul . ,g gf? , F K H 1 - K A V 'Z' "Ti -3 11.4 " NE, , ' 1 'ribr' 42 A, Aff f' 2 f ' N. . F Q , . I ,I Y it , F . l - 1 5 ., F ' lx s Y ff . SA t , t - 1' in s- iiftlif. Jr: W M i H ik , -fygfg A R A ,i e f' X l , Rig ' Q C riffs! if - 'Nr I-44 sf: he at Q 5. .f 1 f a. N I xl , -P . I 5 - "P 1 i L f V I . fifrf ipl 4, 4, h 'iii ' ' f in N YF? Q, ' ' I 5 ' f,' is ' I jimmy Brakebill Randy Bray james Bremer Chris Brewer Doug Brewer Linda Brewer Mark Brewster Alan Broese Doris Brooks jimmy Browning Sherri Buchanan Alfred Buckles Glennys Burdine Elsie Buzbee Bart Byrns Kevin Caldwell Reba Campbell Toni Canfield Steve Cannon Brenda Carpenter jimmy Catlege Bea Chatigny Patsey Clark Rocky Clark Roger Clark Mike Clevenger Dan Coffee Mike Coleman Dusty Cooper Doyle Crabb Francis Cravatt Eddie Crenshaw jimmy Crofford Pam Cunningham Homer Dade Angela Davis jana Davis jimmy Davis Mario Davis Tommy Dean Steve DeGiugsti Roatus DeVine Patricia Diaz Marla Dickinson Cheryl Dietrich Gerald Dixon Scot Donely Kay Dorsey Robert Douglas Pam Driskell Brett Duberry Rita Dugger Brenda Dukes Gary Dukin Leslie Dunphy Elizabeth Dupler Terri Ebert Crystal Eby james Echols Tommy Edge Kathy Edward LaDonna Eggleston Mark Ellison jeff Emerson Linda Ennis Kathi Fansler George Faulkner Cindy Fenton Craig Finch Cinna Fisk Carol Fitzpatrick Dee Ann Flatt Teresa Florence Dean Foley juniors 49 Kenneth Forehand Andre Francisco Zanna Frazier Eric Freeman Iamie French Mike French Becky Fuller Connie Gallamore Carla George Charles Gibson Keith Gibson Mike Gilliam Mike Glass Sharon Goff Dawn Golden Tammy Gonzales Lynette Goodmiller IoAnn Gotcher Connie Green Surby Grider Paula Griffin Nancy Grummer Sandra Hacker Perry Hahn Cindy Hall David Hall Randy Hall Tony Hall Kyle Hamm Alton Hammon Pam Hammontree Barbara Harness Debbie Harris Ricky Hart lane Harvey Ianet Harville Patricia Hatcher Beckie Hatley Cindy Hawthorne David Haynes Sid Haynes Pricilla Haywood Greg Hazelrigg Iulie Heath Paul Heath William Hedrick Scott Hefner Thomas Heistand Sherri Helm Iohn Henderson Annette Henderson Craig Henry Mark Henry Hershell Henson Kathy Herrin Raymond Heuber Denise Hewitt Pam Hibbard Karen Hilderbrand Larry Hilderbrant Irving Hill Richard Hoard Bruce Hollingshead Greg Hook Steve Hoover Beverly Hope Mark Hoskins Scott Howard Ronald Howell O'Neil Hudson Scott Hughes . Becky Hume Granvileen Humphrey Kathy Humphreys 50 juniors Q- A if F If EQ! Y i .. 5' ' f D I af 'PQ X . ' t wj -f e ee' j aa if 'i iv tb is -f , l Fi 5- I V i as ' h V f ' I ' . f ' 1-2 rf! -l i l ' A V ha 136 l i at nad? I 3 K 7 3, 5 3 5' ' im 'Mtg -wt K. nz, 41 . to 4 ,. ' - ,L ' E f t 4 'tl j f mg 1, " C F QW 'W 'Y '!ZiHw,., . 'K VY , v f ' ,g vii" 'il-'1 W' , Q: 1, can t W T 1 wg' :iw 8,1 ,fi , 1 x " 'ln ll - 1' 8, xl 'S 1 A 1 C 'This required English bit is for the birds. Grammar may be important, but who asks a mechanic what an infinitive is. ' 'Yeah, but ya gotta speak Englishf "iu1"'-. 3.-4-""'YX f Cindy Rice concentrates her efforts on painting. Iimmy Catledge r . . . . . I in reports on the subject of his Ch0lCe1l'l the media center, ' L' ' . ffl'- qv, Q. -' 5 , 1- ' E- i f nv -. ,- sT:'v . gqmi 1 K 21 H N-N-,-1 I - nm, l at x ' 'M . ,,. U , It J f? t Q54 4 f l I -"Nba :.'i2?l , t Q. ' - ,Z . 1 -'c . . .- Y M 1 J x i . , . .. 1 I l if I - f pf' A, Agrf- .3 y the t 3 4' W - . . ls V a fa.. fl fe '4 ' i' t .- ' , .bf l i 'th A - -- David Hunter Willie Hurst Lori Hutton Kevin Ice George Irick Ierry Ivers Susan Jackson Fred Iames Tammi Iefferson Terry Ienks Ioe Iennings Lori lennings Curtis Johnson Debbie johnson Ieff Iohnson Melvin Iohnson Chuck Iones David Iones Edgwenna Iones Gary Iones Richard Keel Iim Keester Philip Kelley Roger Kelly Gloria Kendrick Randy Kiespert Ianelle King Iohn King juniors 51 Patricia Kirk Kathy Kirkman Valerie Kirkman Balinda Kirkpatrick Kathy Kirkpatrick Stephen Knapp Archie Knight Debrah Koelsch Laurel Kuehne Mike Lambeth Cheryl Langston Nathan Langston Susan Langston Vicki Lawson Eugene Ladusau David Ledbetter David Ledford Mollie Lee Terry Lee Ioetta Lefebure Connie Leonard Donnie Leonard Iimmy Logan Iesse Lopez Russell Lorrette Gary Loveless Diana Lunow Harley Lusk Allison Lutke Patricia Madsen Connie Major Iames Manuel Linda Manuel Bruce Martin Mickey Martin Vinson Mason Nanette Mathis Starla Mayfield Terrance McDermott Danette McGowen 52 juniors 'HOW Come the seniors get to do everything? They get out of class for everything. 'Cheer up! We '11 be out next year! And the juniors will say How Come. Peggy Barker helps contribute to the mess in the drama paint room. Brenda Williamson assists Mrs. Vicky Bentley and student teacher Iill Fears in making a decorative hanging basket even if it is a trash can. N an l' in in M ' . ug - -1 gg . 5' r, t, ' fi? 1 I 'I , ' ' i t at -' 1 v pq fs " . t S, j f :Hal 4 X- I - ' Q -M 2 5. 1?f'i P V 9' ' "' ,rs 72 ' ,L A- 4 W5 4 fu' , l ne l ri m 'A fy' -A fy gi , - . e ,Q , gre' 4.5 .. - A, ki V U . . x v. , ' ,, ' A . X, Fay A 5 . 'X igfhxtrfiq, ' 'i ' V mi as ,Q 2 ,Q I .s-5.2 . K. Vaga s- ' yi Q- ,H I . mm. W .,,,5 ,J .. at if 5-if -Qfz r t ' ' , r 'itil if ii 3 JA 'i rl , H 4 In Q.. A33-D - -J., N ff st, A-Q as X11 n ff E im. -I'-,,,,,-.-M 5 ' J-t f -----it ,Vi rf W ' X H. L 1 lk' .1 - 1' by , -flew. y a, QQ rf s fl ' y H 1. x l f it as 5. 6 fe v- Sw N fx Q " , f ' K V, 0 MVA' V " f ' s . . -1. M4 I V ' 1 1 R f . R I ,, W , 4 lip ,Q vfxv . .K 1 .S , .. . g. , i A t 9 "" 7 ' U E rf. ,gi ...Q if Aki. . . fa V , ""'- ' .1 ' 1 A . A' 2 ' 1 3 V5 A w 4 fu qi a v .Lf-A IA i- 1 ,Q , 51: 'f T , is, nfia, 5 D- T: 'll 1. nl! .1 1. A Lfq- :L N 5 3, I I.. vi if , - . 1 Y- ., -. 'K 'ii f c' X - kk if-"rf p'L 'W 1 f i' V tv 1 ! X . -' IL ' ii ' aku 1. .I , V . 3 v J 'fi CIA- - i 5 , K Q Ai K fi fi i : C S 4-s' X if X , K .. ima '6JJ Fi? 4 r 5 jf lcv -o-. ,- fn " ' 1 I, r . 5' ,' lr, 'Q Y 4 1 , , . .L.... . Y , "' 1 '-if ,-Iu Robert McLaughlin Mike McKee Tammy McKee Beverly McCormack Pat Medina Bill Meers Marcella Melton Marla Merrick Arther Micus Barbara Miller Scott Miller Kelly Mitchell Roger Mohr Gayla Mongold Gene Moon Odessa Moore Wayne Mora Ricky Morales Kathy Morgan Robin Morris Rusty Moss Brenda Muno Terry Murphy Beverly Myers Bryan Nance Diana Nance Chris Napier David Neher Iames Nicholas Daniel Nix Anna Noel Deanna Norman David O'Daniel Sandy Olive Debbie Oliver Eric Olson Cindy O'Mealey Leland O'Neal Steve Ongtooguk Sandy Ormston Richard Osborn Iariet Otley Sherri Owens Rhonda Paddlety Kevin Pannell Cheryl Parker Sheree Parker Ieri Parks Dean Parton Vicky Pattrick Ianice Payton Argil Pearson Carol Peck Rebecca Pempin Alex Perakis Larry Perry Corkey Phillips Susan Phillips Kim Plaehn Warren Player Kevin Pollock Benny Potter juniors 53 Don Powell Marilyn Pruett Tim Quinlan Patricia Raber Harold Rains Harold Ramsey Tammy Randolph Larry Rappe Mickey Reeder Mike Reeves Terry Reeves Brenda Reid Sharon Reid Ricky Richardson Bruce Roberts Kathy Roberts Lewis Robinson Mark Robinson Richard Rosebrook Darlene Russell Debra Sackett Denise Sanderfer Reginald Sandy Vanessa Savage Mike Schofield Ierry Scott Wayne Seeley Danny Shadrick Alan Shamblin Cecelia Sharpe Randy Shell Gladys Shephard Mike Shepherd Quintin Sherman Mike Sherrill Debra Siers Butch Simmons Patricia Skipper Ricky Slayton Pam Small Louri Smart Donald Smith Eddie Smith Iames Smith Kim Smith Leslie Smith Marc Smith Terry Smith Mike Sorrels Carla Soliz Danny Standridge Brenda Stanford Rick Staton Krista Stice Alan Stiner Sheila Stones Anita Stone Cary Stout Nona Storey Ianeola Story Dianna Suchy Mike Swatek Bobby Swindell Barry Sykes lack Talley Curtis Taplin Debra Taylor Sheilyn Taylor Gary Tedder Carol Tepsic Debra Thompson Terri Todd Iimmy Tomes George Torees 54 juniors ,iv f q K T V v -igpiigig A Refi x, 1 if i i L i - e is - I ' i ya -,f- 1 .V'. ,ig Wi " L V M i., ' .! H L W K W f ' "tl ' if ' ' w - 'fi f lk" 'I itil 5 XX 'f ' ' fl- Q 0 ,I I - is ,fa-.L ti.i , Q it L f l W W N 3 ff L, K, L, ,, .. ttrtey 53 L fi L.. , 5 - A S K - ii P 93 L is if' it if L L we if V , g ,QHLS V vc' f fl , 'i . I ' ' - QL :V , . Ly i Vyr 1 Qi- I 1 W 'VIA 2774 in 1, 'i A f 'dim P .. . F Y I 1 W y x f .Tv J .I V l A I 1 K ii'ri it ' 'I H: I 3: IV d ia-- X' J - W ' VV " V i 'V , A ,M ff 'T' . V' LL we L if '- ' , V A '.,.. . 'P' In ' K ' , .Q 1 x W 1' ' f' Af' , " 2 i Qty' 5? FQ i 'A , I I 8 -E -i 'i lv .Ti A 1 , . .tl 3 I f , 'X Q , , A bg, xiii' VA." fi 'QI' Q ,MT A -I-1 V I K .1 Y L. ,y 4 f- T I E, , K 'lg VV eg WI' ' , ' 'fr ,. , ' 'I P . sf , ' L Lf .5 -1 L R L Q vii. L a ,'r A .T ' . - 'Q ' Le IW ' 1 lawn 1 4'-12 X .Y .i A - Ltr' ' ,' ' 'wry ' J , 34 W' W-il r N r I ,,'?. 4 l 1 Repairing a rival's havoc on the cannon are Sheila Stokes, Ianelle King and Richard Osborne. Cheering on the Gener- als is junior Esther Esquivias. 4 X . .Y . ,.:,.:, . Q x fl 1, It ' - K.. ti--.-" Melody Trail Steve Treadwell Brenda Trucks Karen Truskey Ann Turner Scott Turner Leslie Tyree Terry Unsell David Upchurch Robert Vasquez Patricia Waddle Scott Waldrop i a El I lf ,fry 8 Q in , 4+ . I 2 'S fl ': I I A i ,i x l' g Q A n l 'l al , , fy, .SAK-AV' R i ,.lfi-V'-exe ,,s,,,,xWfm . l ' - 'K ' Q, 4195- 'It's hard to believe 'Q QQ, thatthere's only 41' ' one more year to go. ' ' . 5 I don't really , T if D' eu realize ? fl , I Mi it allyet.' V' . Q " 1, "L " 'Neither do I, 1 4 b and I'm kinda scared' 'J L ff -V as , i their i. Ti wi, V . l . Ay -n ef- Vanessa Walker Ioni Walling Mike Warren Debbie Washington Sheryl Washington Carla Watson Larry Watson Charlene Weeks Susan Weatherford Sandra West Linda Westmoreland Charles Williams Brenda Williamson Cara Willis Windy Willis David Wilson juniors 55 Robert Wilson Ron Wilson Randy Wingfield Micky Wiynigeh Thomas White David Wood Russ Woods Terry Wooley Ricky Wooten loc Bob Wright Brenda Young Hilary Zanshue 56 juniors xi.. 4f, at - ., fp U X! f I J W W . I v P, ,li - R r i""5-X i R' , .f i -" l f , -A s A ff :- , -.- I f, . 'M y class ring is really the most beautiful one in the Worldf 'No such luck, Chump. My ring has gotyou beat so bad thaty0u'll never get up. ' Cathy Proctor is showing her spirit. Concentrating on things to come is Annie Arambula. The ring - symbol of things to come. Wishing in senior hall is Patricia Raber. 'Q .5 tit ,gi It 15 af 2. GL NOT PIC. A's Mark Adams Ierald Anderson Tanya Arnold timmy Atkinson H's Mart: Bagwell loc Bailey l,ori Baker Paul Baldwin Peggy Barker Cindy Barnhart Randy Bough Thomas Br-aty Donald Bennett Nadr-ne Bert Tommy Berthand Av- its james Biwswanger Dee Ann' Blair Charlotte Bomar Lynn Bourland Diana Boyer Roherl Bray Randall Briscoe Charles Brown Keith Brown Patricia Brumley Terry Buckner Buddy Bute Cs Steven Camphell lohn Carter Gerald Chadwick Donnie Chilxvood Thomas Clne Rnzk Coker Gertrude Cooper Terri Culwell D's Anita Daniel Cindy Danner jeff Darrow Rohert Davis Sandra Davis Elmer Dawson Theresa Deason Richard Decker Charles Dennis Douglas Dougherty Glmda Downs leanrette Drennon Diana Dunnan Iames Dunn Dehhie Dutton E's Susan Eatrth Barry Elkins Ellis Esther Esquivlas George Etnhieson F's David Felder Richard I-'letnher Randall Floyd William Frazier Us Vicki Callion Patricia Cayler George Gilmor Bill Goodwin limmie Grant Earl Cray jonathan Gray Donelle Green Flosicl Green H's Kalyn Hameran David Hammer Hillary Hanshue Randle Harlan William Harlan lohnny Harmon Ruby Haroison Thomas Hmm William Henry Rohm Herman Pam Hihhrand Lisa Hmkman Larry Hill Richard llishaw Renee Hornheek Andree Housley Rohert Howard Theresa Hunter l's Mark lrvin VS lnmes laekson lan laekson Andrew lakes Arnold Iohnson Larry lohnson Tommy lohnson Lovett.: lones Ks Dt-hra Kear Pamela Kidd lami Krnggan Tracy Kuczhee L's Tommy Lambert Treva Lancaster Ronald Lawson Katherin Leiehworth Stanely Leveridge Eldon Lindsey Dayna Little Richard Lowther M's Clarence Marzrley Lcsa Maize Tim Martin Shirley Mrzanally Susan McCoy Balinda McQueen Chris Meek Thomas Mezas Kevin Miller Donnie Mims Diana Miner Harry Mitchell Troy Mrttzhum Brenda Muse N's lra Nash Us David O'Daniell Cindy O'Mealey P's Pam Paden Billy Patterson Glendea Paxton Vllcndell Payne Rebecca Pemprn Brenda Perkins William Phillips Incl Pitts Rhonda Pratt Cathy Proctor Tony Pryor R s Edward Ramiro Tammy Randolph Carolyn Ray Tammie Ray Kenneth Reid Danny Reynolds Glenda Rhodes Cindy Ruzh Raymond Robb Clyde Robinson Tehele Russell Verda Russell S's Marsha Sanders Dennis Schoelen Valerie Sewell Victoria Shepherd Buttzh Simmons David Simpson Mike Skrapka Icrri Slate Sky Smalley lay Smallwood Craig Smith Perry Smith Susan Smith Theresa Smith Angel Sosa Rohin Stanfield Sheila Stokes Glenda Street VVilliani Sullivan Edra Sweat Linda Switzer T's Bobby Talley Marvin Taylor Scott Taylor "W Donnie Tepsic: Michael Thomas Kcnnith Thurman Diane Tipton Rosalie Tolman U's Iulie Urhan V's Rieky Vails Cindy Vanderhurg Sherri Vaughn Bobby Veasley Ianet Vermillion MP5 Angel Walker Phillip Vfalker Angie Wall Mike Wallace Patrirria Warner Sheilah VVatson Mike VVattS Vickie VVebstur Cmay wana: Steven VVUSI Tonia VVhite Susan Wilhorn Arlitra Vtlillianis Kathy Vtfilliams Phillip NVllllamS Scott Williamson Mike VVllson Susan Wlilson Harry Wood Rit.ky Wood Y's Ianies Young Steve Young juniors 57 Carroll Allen Darroll Allen . " "-.Leis Gary Allen V ,Q F at Todd Allen ""', X I .ff -... 2 - A .L ':- lgirun x . I 'K L w d All 1 lg an a en .ar M ' 5- A Igqgyggggg V v 5 'When I look out Ieffmf D 1 , ff' . , in the hall p a ,K.l nll. t to A F there are always seniors ,ea .. l AAA 'V H Q , B,enC5.I,Qn?gSf,n B p stan dmg around 19 gm Ax A , masts: y andfalfmg- at hy il t ' not doing an ything. f , , sd, Why can t We do that? Bobby Austin ' mv, 9 geeky Eater K T' " ifll ml uane a er ' . i 'H sv, A , Y Gigi Bake' 'K if l ' ' Sophomores displayed their spirit in hall decorating V -t,. .55 'K Theola Young gets her schedule change checked by Mr -1 1 1 Ron Cable. I1 "' rr I'-ff Al 1 ffl' 'T f 'I' 'Qi Q. U ul"l"lNluK - - - -V 2 V. -.flf t- J s . 5 H E' 4' ' H . .5 5 , B ' ah , . . E if -. Ianet Baker Laura Baker Randy Baker Mary Barber ' 57" Carliss Barnett , 3, A 1' f Starla Barrett Y' f , L Yi Marty Barriss X 2 f Elizabeth Barthell fl, Wag- t X W A X. Sigh , x Q . fag, as We 4 -if W5 p x ,fe Q! Ji' f A X . a - 1 Connie Barton B ., "-: 5 L A' Y V f L .C Billy Bateman N' 4, t ' A Carrie Bateman 91" ' - y f 4, 5 " 4 ,W Mike Baucom ,gf B ' gy ,Ni 58 sophomores Q We xf rl sz K S ' - A I, 1 ri , l f ' rl- :L 4 . lm ,' T . 1' rf J , j F t " ll' P0 t ' ' V 8 ff - 'QQ 5 F me B ' l . t XX S ,tg , 'f f' , f ru -A yr - , f . ,., ' C W! 1 l V O A 8 .Q 'Th W x J ' ' . W K 5 , gi V A' Q- if A ,Ml gr rl Q I , '.. 1 r I 1 F t .fu L5 73- All ,r, , ,g , g V' - 1. , Q l l 4 li ' ' fl ' l Q K Q V., 4 -. an M A 'gbil :' f mtg' .ix mi. 4 , I If 7 Q "fl, 1'45iQ Z? . t .sl J, E. gl K Z2 I K ,rj Q . 1X 4 'U 5' ,Vx Y I 9 A x li J Y 44 5 u v . 1 I 6 X l f 9, b , i . ,as . 1 f , , g,.,:,.-, 45 ,, ' , 1 F' V K' K rf , rf h, - if P ' fed x F Q vi ' ' ' ei A 1 -D s If , , Zi V . ruff I K ftx J ' .- ' g , - 1 l 1 r ' ?f l Q vm 6. ' f e if? A A 5 ' T '44 D Q 'jig' ith' -, g K i ,W H r 4 1 ff .t r i W K+ X 5 ,V , tt' x ' A lr ' "gli X N' f. , Bryan Beard Author Bebout Shauna Bell Dana Benfield Mary Benjock Dana Bennett Lisa Bert Roger Bettcrton Gary Bird Marilyn Bizzell Anna Blake Suan Blethrow Dale Boggs Debbie Bohber Mark Booth Diana Bowens Iay Bray Carla Brewer Mona Bridges Kevin Brisco Patricia Brock Mike Brooks Brenda Brown Dine Brown Keith Brown Lewis Brown Steve Brown Keith Bryant Mark Buchanan Tony Burciaga Sharon Burns Bert Burnside Glen Butler Reesa Byers Teresha Byrd lennice Cardwell less Caldwell Cheryl Campbell Cindy Campbell Steve Cam-pbell Buddy Canipe Mike Cantwell Terri Caskey Toni Cardwell Carla Carter Patti Carter Gary Cartwright Robbie Cartwright Betty Cassity Delores Cavers Terry Chance Mark Chilcoat Delia Childers Carrie Chody Kay Clampitt Rusty Clanaham Mike Clark Regoma Clark Tammy Clark Tina Clark Terri Clarke David Clevengerc Sharon Coachman Iay Coker Randy Coker Mark Cole Connie Conrad Mark Conway sophomores 5 Rusty Cooper Tracy Collingsworth Sheila Council Buddy Crain Iimmy Craven Ann Crawford Mike Crawford Cheryl Crist Donna Crum Ricky Cubit lanice Curtis Sussie Curtis Veronica Cwynar Ann Dade Mark Dalton Ioe Darrow Sharlen Davidson Diane Davis Pam Davis Sheral Davis Dayna Day Denise Degn Russell Demeter Harlan Dempsey Charles Dodson Alice Douglas Mike Downey George Dresel Ieff Dresel Marsha Dunkin Star Dunn Rhonda Duvall Clifford Dykstra David Eakins Shari Easley Timmy Ebert Tammy Edge David Ellis Manuel Ellis Louise Engelke Vickie Eskridge Lori Espolt Stormy Estell Mike Eustice Greg Evans Pam Everett David Fallwell Linda Fallwell Karen Farmer Mike Farmey Ieff Farris Larry Fielder Susan Fielder Ginger Foley Deanye Fortune Rodney Foster LaDonna Franklin Rhonda Frazier Karen Frizzell Ierri Gamble Anita Garrett Mary Gentry Kenneth Giles Tammy Glasgow Wallace Gliddon Randy Goodwin Cindy Graham Reginald Greenlee Bernadine Grider Vanessa Groves Brett Grubb Keith Grummer Donny Gumm David I-Ialasek 60 sophomores P' , V . 'vu ,X . 5 . 1 D " ' 15 ' -N is f A in-'V I A lu' 4 if' r i If A ' X tu: A 'wi ,v AP' L, 5' . F fi F ff, Yo , gy .i vm V, -I .fig A A.: Vt K , n . nv! ii. . . A " F ! A-t " "' g wx ,ei V, ,, , f C I 'Wi V afgiifj V :T v ' . .M gi' ' ,jf . ' Q 'iii' it it 7 F Ti 5 " "1 A f ' 4 M l ".. 'I Qitf' 5 i . + 515 f A ,+V if ,V 3 ff! . Jag, jmggk W . 54.29 Q I ,, ' A u .- 'lfe' lf 1- ox 3 i 53 5- M do I C ' Y' fl Q ? X ITL. I , , , H I f . i" fs: ,,?,, WX 'Q , XS . 5,1 5, 1 .L 5 4 a f., 0 :: 3 -3 I 3 fa? i N 1 5 V3 ' I X Q vgfft: . i i ii-Sw f T V li M ' 'T' , 'Wh y is there always someone who is bigger than me? I never can really he the hest.' 'Well, like the song says, that's the way God planned it.' Mike Iones takes a rest during lunch. Getting away from the crowd, Tim Irving and Mike Parks rehearse for drama. ,Wifi 4 'fre f D Q in ff 1...- Mmm Rhonda Hale Bret Haley Karen Haley Leah Hamilton Lee Ann Hamm Roger Hanley Vickie Harding David Harmon Karen Harmon Deanna Harrison Iimmy Harris Linda Harris Marlene Harris Patricia Haskins Ricky Hatcher Loretta Hawkins Iohnny Hayes David Haynes Linda Haynes Sarah Haynes Tim Heath Edward Henderson Mark Henderson Robin Herman Merce Hernandez David I-Iennings Mike Hibdon Kevin Hicks sophomores 61 Ricky Hicks Beverly Higgins Denise Higgins Sherry Higgins Cindy Hildebrant Kenneth Hill Larry Hill Mark Hill Kevin Hise Nancy Hogan David l-logue Kevin Hollins Laura Holloway Silvia Hood leni Housley Dawn Howe Andy Hubbard Kevin Hubble Alice Hudson Larry Hughes Teresa Hunt Teresa Hunter Garry Hurry Donna Hurst Tim Irving Teresa jackson Charlene Iacobs Kim Ienkins Espineta Iohnson Kim Iohnson Walter lohnston Iody Iones Fred Iones Michael Iones Terri Iones Tonia Iones Anita Iordan Beth justice Roy Keener Ray Kelley Beverly Kenyon 62 sophomores 'I'Ve been here for two years and still don 't know where all my classes are' 'Follow me! I think Iknow which way to go, but I don 't promise you I Won 't get IoSt.' Mr. Iohn Moham looks up the schedule of Cindy Hildebrant. Sophomores Betty Cassity and Debbie Allred cheer the Generals to victory. Cheerleader Ianet York shows enthusiasm at a pep assembly. r 411. if K 1 I i . , 4' e fx. 4. I .er ' ., -z A , 5, - ' A. L f 'ff , I - - I' T' l , , A. l -i ef' 'f , w' .. ..- 5 1 , 4 K ,Z ,V g. .yr '9- o f rt s Cigar J. . ,. :f f E- f 'rfgx X I I X ,, I sm, f . , fi i V ,.- th fx A f ' N - Q.-. 4 ' 2 X l ' i 7 i .1 ' ' n A 1. tb- N" .'!.. A W ,A teeey i g 3 . fe ax ' - . A If f , , K ' Nt, Vt g Z 55 '- I? -"' : P ' M I Q. . 'f 1' 1, f i f A , -:f'Tf: T, ' f 35. inf .. vw, ne- fx i f 4, ' .X me fa TP xvcb ' Q I I A .. '. H if Ili ,K . 1 1 F if -IVK v, I ,L 5 Q. ' r is - .f - 'Y L ' , ' ' I 'iii ' i F A .,, I ' I I " , :fu ' . fr . ' xi ' Yitfnli K gfihi A Z "' V pf, n gg Iarjnf t' V 'Q I -. A sf' 'Q' W' if S if emits 1 7 g - f It w e .V l I ll t l 1 J vi ty' . .. p : , s -H I , W 4 I , A 'X l A I xvwg' X X . - , I J . ssl A" l 'T 'll ll, ' ' W e A .via 1 If K. S 1? 'oifvggf arc! X .vi QL? M, 53 gif I 2 - 5 A Cl l I 4 - ' , , Q- . f-5 Aw K K X ve' IN Q n .fl V QL 'A' qi-4 - 4 'ii ESC? 1 i Jr. Fi asf 1 Fi , if ' 2" "lf -T ' , 'X v- 4' . . I ' , x .L I in . vt i yi 5' K 4 L e.. 1 l 'QL' i ,A I ,R if . 4 . . , ' 4 T . V I 'P ' Y . 'si wi- fs ,I 5. D r , it 4 'lf ' or 'l ,il f Y ! lirfi TH' my it 'bill' ' ,Q gy: 5 . 1 N ,fi g I L , Q 1 in. V Ar. at t 1 f11""f1 4'-1 fi x r I V, Q . . .Eu 1- ,n I 5 " - I . i ,an V , ' G i 1 i ii .y E Eff if Ak f L M t A' " ,, 1 X 1 i -, ' . N , l ,. 9 ,X , ,l 1 t T ' 4, ' ,J . F Q L . li 5 'F fl 343451 Q 2 ii . we Qi-1 T 5 - in lx if 'Lx 1 xf, j '. V .LQ is - K f' K 2 . " X A v , -If ' , - 1 . A EY 1 1 f . f f . Scott Kilgor janet King Iim King Ioyce King Robert Kirby Clay Kirpatrick David Knight Foster Kramer Robin Kutej Terry Kutej Bill Lacy Mark Lakin Charlie Lambeth Mark Latham Markel Latham Talmadge Lawrence Scott LeCompte Maria Lehman Cheryl Letts Larry Lewis Sheryl Lewis Robin Linduff Tina Little Vonda Logston Lori Lookabaugh Kim Loveless Randy Lusk Dennis Luman Mark Lyon Iohnny Maldonado Larry Manuel Tommy Manuel Leonard Marler Carol Mason Teresa Mathews Sharon Mathis Steve Mayo Vickie McClain Annetta McClure Paul McCoy Anita McCullough Donna McDaniel Lisa McDow Leland McDowell Sharon McFee Porter McGee Debbie Mclntire Kandy McLaughlin Elaine McReynolds Debbie Meers Todd Michel Iulie Mendez William Midgett Vicki Milam Scott Millard Ann Miller Lisa Miller Terry Miller Gary Millspaugh Kevin Minson Roy Mize Danny Moerck sophomores 63 David Mohr Ierry Moland Mark Mollman Pam Monohan Ianis Moody Denise Mooney Carstella Moore Carol Moreno Greg Morgan Ioe Morgan Kent Morgan Pam Morgan Ierry Morphis Ianice Morrison Ianice Mouser Mark Mountford james Mullins Claude Munford Greg Mumme Lee Murphy Donna Muse Brenda Musgrove Kathy Myers Pat Myers Tim Nall Iames Nation Sheila Neher Pam Niles Randy Nixon David Norris Mark Norris Steve Nunn Walter Oaks Cheryl Officer Ronnie Orr Debbie Parks Mike Parks Iana Patton Terry Patton Tessie Peck Mary Perakis Gary Perry Shelly Phillips Regina Pickering Patricia Pilgrim Delisha Player Allen Polk Paul Pool David Porter johnny Puan Amber Quick Tim Rakes Maria Randolph Charles Raprich Anthony Ray Ieff Ray Sheila Ray Susie Raye 64 sophomores X 'E f, i 1' u .Ni Q ' 'S 3. .i"1ti5fi5.f2 1: as ef., it - M 4 it k -Q ,Q y ' xg r X U Y ' 7 fi F 'fy ' K it :Ll K 1 Y f ' . . it ' , t ' if , ' K .. .- ., s. ,Q " t 6 x F A b ,-'A . N- i P' .4 .L-3 if Q W' 4 U- : 9 fs. fe gi' . :zgxgw 3 n . , .,, I, 9 pas' we QQ-'TQ ' ' ' ' tg""'-- W as K ti' ,H 1 f , X l A ""' I- . f 1 A " .f A t 51,52 ,fi f'! ff it U1 ,Q ', 4 E. V ,, I .-X. i f , 4 , +A . Ta . 'JG' 5 Q f of ' 15' 3 .4 - . .Qs -1 1 if 'F 73g ' . V Q 1 1 1. ' W, -- 7h M . f ., 4 ' S - it v . Q11 ', , A 'v " X S-'V I l x . -'QJQSME ' V Q xx all ,t Ri lf. '-5 Q S ' WTF , ',q I KST. fi ,,, x . Va ' ' ' I 1? . l Tj . 1 tl i ,fran K 1 . F R r K - " FAM . U S - 34 ' ' V k . A' d ' f f , 5 5 , . ' .- gf, .f ' 5 s A - l we .-we - Q 5 afar X I Q , V FZ' 4 :gt ,. :Qin V I f- Y 'Does sophomores have a 't'in it? I never can remember. ' 'No, dummy, soph tomore never has had a 't' in it.' 'Maybe I'm just as dumb as you are.' Mrs. Arbeecher Hoffman explains the assignment to Porter McGee. Connie Conrad and Ronnie St. Cyr get help from Mrs. Arlene Starwalt. Rhonda Archer and Kevin Hurry play with a "pet" turtle of Mr. Ron Cable. 'Yun L I vw Q' Q. f if ' , Z1 i S .. 5 1:1 ,V A , nv 1 W? . i xi - V . . , x, F It lu i! ,I . ZW Y . Jew fini . ' 5 . , u f sa. Q52 j XX S , - lr- A ,xv ' K ' Y ' 5' J xl .,,,, I 'I ' V , ' FV g .... ,HV K ia " ' ' bl A 5 r .- LT '3,, ws? L X gr, A RK: 4, A . As t f . Y ff Ceri Rea Gene Reed Randy Reed Mark Reese lay Reid Susan Reid Alvin Richardson Brett Richardson Ricky Richardson Ronnie Richardson Alvinatia Rinehart Pam Robert Denice Robinson Melita Robinson Clint Rodgers Steve Rogers Parie Rosebrook Daryl Ross Mary Ross Ricky Ross Tina Rowden Michele Rowlan Mitch Rozin Iulie Rule Mary Rushing Brenda Ruth Terry Ruth Dana Russell Debbie Sammons johnny Sanders Iohn Sands Karla Savage Iohn Scherpensee Brigette Schilling Dori Schilling Denise Schlegel David Schuerhoff Loretta Schuler Pam Scott Sandra Scott Terry Scott Ronnie Sellers Pam Sexton lack Shannon Ricky Shannon Iimmy Sharp Venita Shene Kelly Shipman sophomores 65 Wayne Shockey Iohn Short Pam Shunkwiler limmy Simmons Diane Smith Gena Smith Iennifer Smith Linda Smith Lori Smith Ricky Smith Steve Smith Tammy Smith lim Snider Larry Snowharger Denise Soliz Brenda Sorrels Michelle Spacek Steve Speegle Philip Spencer jimmy Sperling Curtis Staggs Kim Staley Donna Stark Teresa Stasyszen Terry Stephens Dana Stromke Ronnie St. Cyr Karen Stearman Patricia Stone Larry Such Connie Swatek Tab Talley Tim Taber Sandy Tanksley Sheldon Tarver Andy Taylor Iulie Taylor Belinda Tate Donnie Tepsic Cindy Testerman Eula Thompson Larry Thompson Vic Thompson Eddie Tinkham David Tolman Larry Totten Kenneth Trail Iames Tullis Melvin Turner Kari Urban Kenneth Vance LaDana Vanderburg Lynn Vanlrlorn Victor Voss Donna Waldon Tommy Walkabout Cheryl Walker Mary Walker Pam Walker Vincent Walker Ierry Wall Garland Waller Melinda Ward Gloria Washington Ricky Washington Stan Wasser john Watson Chester Webb Wendall Webb Sherry Webster 66 sophomores . 'W-K s Y hx l 1 X Q ,f,, J I , fi . fh -A X 0- 2 5 . gk Q? y Q g A W N 1 5 fy x 5, ' if A' M .Elf Q Q ' E -, 1 1 ' ...mf Ni be . af ', Hi" QQ ' ' - , El' is Jigflgfll X ' I ,A V, ' - H it at . e ' ' ' 3 V Weis' ,E A W 'L ' Q A C :X V , ' wi T-' A 1 C ' . it 'E V " 'jf ,1 'i- ' WW" " E Q-,gl ,- ' " I ,L ,, L. l gr 1- M . i v :ai ' f Q as Y R , iv if 417 i N F if ' 'f - fs. Q lr .., H . ii V L ,xg L 2 X .. N ' " I Q ' Q D ' ' ,Z ia F ' fi fu: Ufli fz 'fi A V - 51 ! T .. I, NL M ,it F X li , 1 t ga, "Z, Q. . W. VY.. V, -Q, U lf .4 5 4 Sf ,f70iQf"21 , "" ' ' M34-1, ,,, f ?"!.. , ' A ' ' Q5 L 7 ,, T .V 4 , in V 9 1 n it , 'y i ' ' , . -'W' 'I ' , . T, 2 l H .f 35 QQ? D . A, A it S Q ' "1 fm, L l 'vs i L. . - E -gi. 5' 7' 1 - as -'., :tv .J ' K 4 lvkfi x gf. " ' A, in 1 . '- ' ' -4 ' n V i law ' I D ti, Q 'lf' ,, K nf I '.- 4 4 4? ,f A ff -t 3 f A 4 W- T7 f 424 I - X 4. 435.1 ig, " fr- . .i M. ,. K . jp was -is i 'I really enjoy my English class . . . sometimes. . . even if it is kinda boring oooasionall y. ' 'Well, I don 't - We don 't do anything that's really fun.' Kevin Hubble. Brett Grubb, Andy Hubbard, and Terry Reeves find drafting a tedious. hard-working class. Q-U eva., v , 4 KL 1 ,Q A S .W ' 1 ' Y 'F f' - . . , J i In Q Paul White fn ' . ' i Tammy Whitlock 6, , ., 1 Robert Wilkerson 'QU , Randy Willhitr: gf - 4 -. N X A X ' .ri f J . 'V' Nf I r , ' .fi-.. is. - , -ya , .if I ' i -, ' K Colis Williams K 9, 5 Debbie Williams rg' fi V, ,I E Sandy Williams ' 3 ' B, ' j Stacy Williams 1 in 5' , g ' g ' i cf T' I, i t - , Pg, ' M it wi "' 5 HI' l SOD Q 1-1 , I 9' W . y 7 1 Debbie Windsor , Q -9 i sf Q 1 Richard Winford , Q ' K ' Tony Wiyninger in ' ll- ! f Y V-e .- " Teresa Wolf ' ,M Carla Wood Q - David wood , e Robyn Wood I ' 6 f , . . ' f 4.5 3 Q 1 Q - , I fe r s V - E jeff Wright N J ' ' ' V vfgux Rhonda Wright r ' ' f 'L' Sherri Wynn june Yarberry an , L2 ' i, I 4,3 " x if , TWH' . 1 in 1 ,W K ,L Ex A A N r , . ry .1- 11 ' ' ' W ii- jamie York t J 5 janet York . ,a ' 'I fr, 1 Phyllis Yoscak Q . , ' ' 'E , jamie Young ' kk-.' 4 K V-B y , - .L I ,' EIO! PAETURED Igeonard lgobbins David jones Anthony Rowland ir: y ams am Dou le LaDonna Kennedy Paul Sanders gras Andgrsgn jghig Dguglherty Dailid Knowles Scott Sanders e ecca n rews at y ra e De oris Lanny Tamie Scoggin Steve Armbrister Steve Emerson Dawn Lightcap Dawn Shaver Matthew Bailey Karol Farmer Mike Lindsey Randy Sherwood ,sintlaogy Eanks gary Frplrg Darrel Lfttlehawk john Smith h ar ar er ennet oster Roy Litt eton Loretta Smit jerry Barkus Michael Fulkersin jelene Lopez Phil Smith k:fl'kBagnard 'gommi-E Sjarrett Karadyce Lovett Suaan Smith ic y arnes usan i mor jor on Manion Te Stone Denise Belton Shena Godwin Debbie Marical Ava Taholper Frances Berryman Rick Gowens Dale Marshall Edward Tempel Larry Blackwell Debbie Gray Eunice McCreighI Donna Thomas Tonya Bolton Glenda Green Melvin McDonald Ronnie Todd jSiAnn lgowens :fine Green Arthur McGowen David Trusley anny owser am Gri ith Sandy McKee Cindy Upton Tamitha Bradfield Micheal Hankins Terri Meadows Marsha Ventris Steve Bradley Sharon Hanneman Virginia Miller Cary Walker lrflaren grown johnl Harrison Russell Monds Rosie Walker orris rown Shir ey Helms Monty Munsill Willian Walls Darla Bullard Carlene Helton Richard Negm Troycie Wendt Michael Bulock Charllne Henry Sheila Neher Larry West Risa Byers Ronnie Herber Detra Nelson Rhonda Whitney Kevin Caldwell johnny Herrera Larry Patrick Paula Wietelman Terrie Caskey Anne Higginbotham Kyle Paxton Shirley Wiley Ralph Chapman Karl Hightower Erwin Penny Paul Willet Earnest Clark Donna Hinman Melba Phelps Ann Williams jamiecfflark EddigHoifm1n Buddy Pierce Shirley Williams erry oe avi Ho ase Marque Pruegert Leonard W'llis David Cockrell David jennings Brenda Quinn Anita Wilsdn Carla Colley Tony jimenez Harold Reed Debbie Wilson Eiyge gooper glareincekjohnson Victorlfieesor Theola Young u y ooper avi jo nson Lache e Roelyn Tim Young Drew Darlin Richard johnson Daryl Ross Clara Zwirtz Belinda Dennett Angela jones sophomores 67 'Ti 'BF ,.., ?-flag Kenny Abbitt Iohnny Abbott Kim Adams Brenda Aimes Steven Alexander Richard Alfaro Patti Allen Stella Alvarado Dewayne Anderson Gary Anderson Mark C. Anderson Monica Anderson Robert Andruchow Van Annosdoll Debbie Apple Ronald Ashley - v. ix I Diane Asner Leonard Atherton Cynthia Austin Iohnny Bailey Ieffery Baker Felicia Baldwin Chris Ball Diane Banks Delois Barnett Scotty Barris Allana Batson Macolm Battle 68 freshmen X., .EQ Qu il" i. if . 'it' Q if , J F xx I E? .. is S v Q fx it N2 7 Di 445, W,-. A- l"Yf-Vkqimt ...fp --' A ,tm t 153 ' v if th E , Q 5, V V . . A 1 I 5 ' 'X yi its f V . Q I 'Os i. is , . , . xx. U. 1 JB, I I A 1 'fr 5. ai ,9-N H " gi ' 5 Q it . t - maui new ,Q i, A Az- i I .M Y, 13:51 ' W' , . , , A 1, A f 7 .. VA l i x 'fi 1, in t Qs 2. ,I-5'j,' :Q 1X': ' w F ll I 2 A L, to A 'If I Wan ted to know what happened in America during the past, I would have been born then.' 'Yeah, but you We1'en't, so shut up and do your study sheet. ' Tony Schrouf and Vickey Francis find out what's down there. Kathy Russell takes a free moment for study. 'fur . ,A Q W " ' -4 1 'W 'Cr fb- -1-., l w 4 i. If , ' are . K -1 . l W Z - !,.,v-i .mx I K 2 'H 'W-A 419 X i X , -y -.. 1-. if A A -, ig ,V X A A W, x I y - 4 ' f B7 M7 ,- A " 9 Q my gy 5 15 A sl I V' -A Aa? I :Ii K 'iw x , ,. 'S , gli - ' ' gif ' I' X . A h K 4? M 4 5 t K. 1? 1 A nf 4 B 1 I 52 7 1 1 4 " Nl' fi' ' 1.- i A, if A B 5? ,f . A r- is A ,g ,Q i Q fl y " 4' ,,.L f L 1 xi Q - ik,-5 af-"li L-ag Q i 'S ' li will if Q :la ' ' X 1.1-. M655 fi fflagle .5 mf Beverly Bazemore Ieanette Beasley Kevin Belew Kanetha Bell Steven Bellah Cheleon Bert Debbie Bibb Clinton Bidwell Richard Black Michael Blake Gary Bledsoe Lori Bojarski Shelly Booth S. Booth Michele Bortay Mark Boyd Serina Boyd Grant Bracey Creg Brewer Iohn Brewster Valerie Brewster Nancy Brian james Briggs Mike Bristol Darla Brooks Noel Brooks David Brown Stacey Brown Terry Brown Teresa Brown Angela Bruce Saundra Buckner Iames Burchett Terri Burciaga Laura Burkhart Denise Burnside Pauline Burton Rederick Buster Robert Camp Kelly Campbell Sandra Campbell Tina Canfield Cathrine Cannon Ronald Carr Reginald Carree Danny Carter Mary Carter Ruth Carter Angela Castle Ricardo Cervantes Karen Champlin Marsha Chappelear Kerry Cheathan Angela Chipman Barbara Clark Ieana Clark Kelly Clark Kimberly Clark Scott Clark Billy Cloyde Ieffery Cobb Kenneth Coffee Mike Cole Bobby Copeland Karrie Cornell Nancy Cottle Francine Cravatt Iudeth Crilly Wilfred Cross Larry Crossland Larry Crosson Vickie Crow Rhadonna Curtis Debra Daniels freshmen 69 Connie Davis Kimberly Davis Lee Ann Denham Brenda Dennis Palsey Dennis Brian Dewberry Cheryl Dixon Russell Dobbs Diane Doughty Alan Douglass Caletta Dowling Rhonda Dugger Cindy Duncan Tammie Dunn Ora Durham Steven Easley Ricky Eales Kenchall Eastridge Leslie Echolos Gerald Elrod Carolyn Enfield Lidia Espinosa Karen Etris Ierry Fansler Timothy Farr Bobby Ferguson Darrell Ferguson Wendell Fitchner Lawrence Field Mark Fielder Raleita Finley Patrick Fitzgerald Iimmy Folmer Ierald Forehand Karla Forrest Vickey Francis Anthony Francisco Kevin Franklin Debra Free Carol Fulkerson Risa Furr Tyrone Galbreth Mike Gallamore Randy Gardner Bonnie Gatewood Ianice Gatewood William Gebur Leslie Gentry Ieff Gilbert Iohn Gilbert Iohn Gillespie Nancy Glidden Ianice Goodmiller Iamie Goolsby Vickie Gowens Anthony Gracey Barbara Graham Charles Grant Karen Gray Darin Greene Cindy Greenroyd Iacky Gregory Philip Griffin Kellye Grimes Ian Grove Glen Grusendorf Nancy Hale Kay Hall Kathy Hammontree Tobi l-lanlan Holly l-Ianshue . Cheryl Harris Cynthia Harris Belinda Harvey 70 freshmen if yan , .v eggs is 41 'A an I vt fi V , ,an J' .JY K 4 K . ' '. nf" ' , 3+ 1- . A ' U 3,5 , .. 3, f lg- ,wf .E iQ A L 3 ,wi if ,- gs Q wt 5, 5 i 4-H , bi' - -ri wir. Af' l at K .1 2 All? -3 , xl'll: A W I 5 . 4 Y rx C V l .1 Es. I I , ,T m ' f :Q xi, 'QQ f . G5 f mfr - ' LV e l '1 it , 4 . ,Jn bl' We , f .qi H , . , 7 My , I L3 d 1' 1 i y f , A "--1 ' ff' ' M. if Q Q I gyfxi I 5 Aivt I 1 I A4 l 1, 3 S 41. .,, M4 Y , FR ,Q Y f , 1 l wg I' 9 ,Fill v,il " rx sf ' ""' , lil KK . V.: ,B li D, "' , mf K V . Sl J iz ,lf' i s , ,. .. ive?-5 r fi. , as is ' 'T f H J-W i " W - y an .-til., 4 - "M ig" 1 2 'V 'iff'-Q f j" . 'ppp' . -fg rl Hg! K 4 .. Q ll, 1 of flip , :egfzgvf if K 4 - L 3 L as , if Q 'i 'W I 0 .. 4 X: gcr-5 1 , ' - . QQ 3 f J ,W . I M r f" ri if 1. i i t 1 5 l 'Q T Y :- fiiff f ' 5, 4 - w 'X ,Y .gy 6 -1 N an 5 ,X -an -. . 1 2' -f x tif '1 it ,. ,K , E X. -.. ,, iixjfl '-1 , .. fi 1 be 5 txieg, 18- "' Q u I - ' lf! Gosh, that room is quiet' 'Yeah, howin the World can one think with all that noiselessness Coming in on him ?' Paula Lowmiller looks for friends while out of class. Ierry Fansler does a little over-time study with Susan Henderson. F5 L. ' ' .9 1 . 4, .4 tv A 'Q 22 .rj , . it 'Si , fu , -I ., 4 y WH ' A . , A V 3, x A A t , fi Y, 1 Qi ' L l ' F . 2 Dennis Haskins Alice Hatcher Lea Hatfield Robert Hayes Cecille Haynes Iudy Heard Diana Heath Susan Heath Kevin Hefner Paul Heirston Douglas Heistand Susan Henderson Brenda Henson Patricia Henson Iohn Hephner Terry Hickman Carmen Hinman Evelyn Hinton Micheal Hishaw Donna Holcomb Vicki Holcomb Keith Holley Karen Horne Patsie Houston Anna Hubbard Darren Hubbard Wayne Huddleston Mala Hudson freshmen 71 Stewart Hughes Angela Ingersoll Rebecca CBeckyj Irick Gary Iackson Kenneth Iackson Regina Iackson Cynthia Iacobs Cindy Iacquinet Gregory Ieffers Kelly Iefferson Iames Iennings April Iohnson Christopher Iohnson Mark Iohnson Pamela lohnson Latonya Iones Wilma joseph Randolph Kastner Tracey Keel Dennis Keener Laird Keeton Thomas Kelley Kerry Kendrix Michael Kent Terry Kidd Dana King Darla King David King Samuel Kirby Steven Kirkley Larry Knight Terry Konechney William Kralik Edward Kyle David Lambeth Roger Landt Brenda Langston Iohn Langston Lisa Lansford Melissa Lee 72 freshmen 'Boy! jefferson was never like this! Candy machines, coke machines and at every corner t0o!' 'Yeah, and the girls are especially better tool' Scott Uffen, Glindda Little, Molly Willbanks and Angie Bruce enjoy a lunch together. Enjoying a break together are Robin Mere- dith and Liz Splawn. Taking a break in girls' gym is a popular pas- time. -35 it . v fy' -fi tik i 'Q if .ar K 35 ggi. .t -In Q 1' f - . "7r' I-. L ,, , D A ' , . 7 . 0- ' I ' it 4 ,L QA- A :V "' I ' . ' .i,, M - y Q. 1- y Q ,if M We 1 T nf If , I 9, :fl l 1 K V' "fl N ' ' t - V, . s at ,f - AA A-f 1 ft, f 1 tg-, J: f V, ,ff ' 1 N r I ' n , ,, 5 y , Q. +9 ,A f. 1 T Q' I.. e K. ,Q 1 AVII VI ' 1 -- ta I J 1 , .N A , .. V , wg , an ,. fi f Q 'lf' '. will , V! rf, f,.,, I A 5? J ag - .j I AV Y ,,, I if ' - T .f 'N A. I , el ' i ' 4 'if " "' 1 V 9' Q .T " inf N3,,...i , . . , L, Q A.,,.,., l as .af , -.- t . H ,sf 'f ' -' . i Q, V ""' ' law, J 1 . It 5392" E I' t ,Ii 1, 43, gt 1,113 g!,et',Qi Q 4 a 41 .N X lv, .K were t f. . 7' 5 P pr' cf' k, At-' J l , A f.AL L4 , Hi, Qi K .A ln F' ' 1Xx 1 ' '. 1 -1 5' ,L A L, ., F ,. F V 'P 5 'fi i iii 3 l ' f f: . , i, -,I-1' W ild -. it - 1' f ' ,L L L. .F ai, l I X V J L t wi : A. s ' 4 ?f,.,.v- . i , 'vjbw ep ., 5 - 'b z 14,4 W, lf, or - W 3-f . A . i ' F ,"-- ' . -Ak A f J 1 'iii ,K 1... li fl .. ,lyk ,v my TP- iii: 'll 'li . l ' ll f "5 ,Q- "x ' 'S ' 'l"f'x' -. Lax, , ,Q . - . ll 4.- Y 'Q - 5 'fr 'lk f- ' :YK ' ,-" Y L. f S ' X ' R l it w T 5 ft il Mb , x A 9-x K H.-ff! ii ' "V 1 A' 21 yi at ,Q A 'Fgr .L - v . .isp . 5, mil 4. ll s. I' fx -fe Micheal Lee Richard Leonard Sheryl Lewis Mark Linthicum Beverly Loggins Ieffery Loveless Elizabeth Lowman Paula Lowmiller Clifford Luckens Craig Luckens Lynn Lyons Iames McCall Mitchell McCarthy Sherry McClary Glen McClure Terri McConaghie Mary McCoy Henry McCoy Cheryl McDaniel Ianetta McDonald Gayla Mclntyre Ieannie McKee Susan McKee Nicki McLennan Linda McMurtry Kari Maize Debbie Manek Kenny Marshall Sheila Marshall Britt Massey Roger Mathis Ioycelyn Matthews Iudy Mauldin Quintin Maxwell William C. Maynard Douglas Mears jimmy Menefee Robin Merideth Danny Meyer Ricky Miller Dana Minor T. Moen Ierry Moon Ricky Moore Ruby Moore Timothy Morris Ianice Morrison Brett Moss Darrell Mowles Anthony Moye Billy Mullinay Rickey Myers Greg Nance Lisa Neely Stephen Nielsen Don Nitzel Ted Norman Sandra Oberg Iudy Ooten Kevin Orf Beverly Orr Rhonda Orr freshmen 73 Carla Overstreet Donna Paddlety Cathy Pannell Sheila Parish Kim Parker Leigh Patton Fred Pearson Sharon Pendelton Donna Perdue Bruce Perry Gary Perry Denice Persall Carla Phillips Debbie Phillips Ierry Phillips Ricky Phillips William Pierce Kevin Pierson Gay Pinkston Roberta Pitts Paul Points Phill Polk Mark Pool Ray Pool Steven Pound Randy Powell Karen Price Debbie Pritchard David Raiden Dale Rains Beverly Ray Lawanda Ray Sydne Ray Tammy Reagan Brian Reiss Iames Reynolds Gene Rhodes Kenneth Rhodes Mark Richardson Randi Richardson Randy Rigsby Craig Riley Iames Roberson Lesly Roberson Tammy Roberts Charlott Robinson Darwin Robinson Greg Robinson Kathy Robinson Ollie Robison Ronald Roddy Dennis Rose Gerald Rosebrook Cindy Rotrock Cindy Rowland Denise Rushing Kathy Russell Gaylin Ruth 74 freshmen c ' A -ff veit' 4, A i i I ,mx . VFX , W . I . y i, 'gi . iifffzfi- K 3 ffm' - -P i is if f s yy or-.at 5 WE W: 1 . 0 l :X ', k , ,ly a P . P K 5 t 2 K K, K - A 'VL an V A -ff v nil a 1 an Q i g who Si I K 3:82 ,. 'ia' , -A ' L 5 - A .:'- fi ,. . yi, V W L J .. ., tgig . 5 ww 9' 7 W Aqxl Ni f 7' K' A r 1 MI 0 il if K f-1 if , , ,, I I f 1, i f - - - W ..ZI' , , .,. Vg- . - if ' c P P-,. -1, 1' - , . . at . . ' i .e, o " Q P if ' . ' ll, ,Clif H. , ' . V' fi . A wh ,. l U' it as 4 V Ill. ., at 5 0 L Q I'-f-wing! 2 . W V 't"i ' Z K 53 f fi-1."i .f "" , K " 'X '--'S J 1' M ii , f 5 jg- ,.' P' , W ri I Ki I is ' f if i E n .5 f if li . A 'M 4 L.. , f 1 ' 1 ' ,MN "assi- Q. us! f 4X 0 0 ' K, 1 I Vs Tae-I 1 3 -I i- I 459 it , - '1 , ,, ' Yr - 'R -..iff " 1552 s V23 v , " , . in! Q sg- Q., 5 il . r 'I Wish I Could take some of the fun classes that other classes get to take' 'I Wish you we1'en'tso jmpa tien t! We'1I get to soon enoughl' The board of education is applied to the seat of knowledge with Mr. Robert McCain and Ronald Carr doing the honors. Dennis Keener dies of boredom in the library. Vanessa Henton concentrates on her typing. nv..-I X V .. X i 4 .Qc .,1'-L I Q l Fr ' lim QI V , f 37? L... , A g ,Q -1 4 ggi' .f I A , Jw: , .f .A ' - U41 - "IPR . . , 2 , 5 A, Q ",g?,,, tx., A we--. V. x, pf, - . t g I s f U all t , ' f . A t -. Q ,. i nf A X 'vs v . I 1 : U f X ' if. .1 tif to 1 Bill Sandefer Deborah Sanders Denise Sanders Jeffery Sanders Sara Sanders Iohn Shoelen Tony Schrouf Richard Scott Elizabeth Sewell Renee Sharpe Michelle Shaw Deanna Sheffield Paul Shells Barbara Shelton Carol Sherfield Carla Sherrill Gregory Sherrill Tenna Shipman Ricky Siers Iames Skidmore Gregory Sloan Melanie Small Donald Smith Elisheba Smith Pamela Smith Tammy Smith Toni Smith Susan Snodgrass Aida Sosa Carmen Sosa Terry Spaulding Curtis Speegle Ioe Spicer Liz Splamm Brenda Stafford Vanessa Stafford Steven Standifer Betty Stanford Terry Stephens Vivian Stevenson Gene Street freshmen 75 Bobbi Stout Randy Stromski Debbie Suggs Barry Sullivan Iodie Swart Alan Switzer Dennis Taplin Bobby Taylor Dori Taylor Debbie Tepsic Floretta Thomas Ierry Thompson Tracey Thompson Allen Tinsley Vickie Todd Tina Torres Oscar Trayeor Ierry Treadwell Nita Trott Iill Tucker Io Tucker Tina Turk Mary Turner Keith Tyree Scott Uffen Mindy Upchurch Tony Urban Toni Vail Felicia Valentine Yvette Vandaveer Pam VanHorn Opal Vaughn Carol Vermillion Ianis Viar Annetta Waggoner Steve Walker Ierri Wallace Clinton Walley Andrew Washington Vicky Washington Patrick Watson Darla Watts Thomas Webb Michelle Weddendorf Brian Weidenmaier Kenneth Welch Debbie Wells Perry Wendt Homalette VVhatley Iames Wheeler Lorena White Ted Whitnah Molly Willbanks Alicia Williams Bobby Williams Carmen Williams Darren Williams Philip Williams Richard Williams Brenda Willis Ronnie Willis Darlene Wilson Leslie Winkler Tony Wolf Eric Womack Laura Wood Kathy Yancey Len Yancey Steve Yosack Shaun Ziegler 76 freshmen 5 , .X ,, ,,. . ,, 4, ,lf are we gf. g B 9 K A H 1 . -. M g V 6 r f 3 ft. Q." f .-- i - 5 f. 1. .4 N A A 1 ,ff .:, 1 J X v :A u ' X is gf' ,,'g , 'sf W 'bil ' f l K 49' P W i ' d I " 2 , 4 if fj I 4 ,y Y L r w ww -if , k 'L av , i tu . , ,Eff ' 41.1.3 : ' ., Mm L., v V K ,ip-Q :iw wit,-f, fr A aw 5 fi ' ll lil' L 'ga ' :ll L N in , L is Q " ' 4 of A 42 1, " L V was H V , MQQFS, -s R-, ,, an . y 1 N Lx . A ffifi z V i if e 'ws ' ng 4 if . , , we 'A wg qw eq vt Q l 5 .-.. A a.. 'Q 'J if f f l" 'avi I N " vo. me-f ,ii N fe gf 3 j K ,i ! lilly' 2 A .tr Wax , , 5 155' if A f f K t 5 n , J' ,, wg, KI! ,H x A I Wh KAL W ' H Q 2 il it , M? ,. 'ii Q Q5 X .4 ,M T. Y A it in V A p , v is ttlg f 1 V' is , Thi fs ff ' U W A' Q 'gui-r: 7 bi ff' 4 i Al Q 'I Wish people would stop calling me "Munohkjn!" I'm just as big as any Sophomore Iknow that'sjust part of being a freshman' An enormous growth from the mouth of Larry Crossland. There's more than one way to get rid of an unwanted girl say Bryan Heirston and Tracy Keel to Stacy Brown. Falling to his knees at a sign of a senior is Chebon Bert. 41 7 'U K. -! NOT PICTURED Rexl Abbott Brenda Adams Donna Anderson lanis Antrikin R Perry Badger Deborah Baker Rirhard Bateman M1linda Baurom Kathy Bigger Diana Billings Dana Blackburn Ianieee Blake Deidra Bly Gordon Bonnell Iudy Bosshardt Debora Bray Anthony Brooks Darla Brooks Pamela Brooks luanita Brown Ladonna Burgess Pamela Burris Terry Burt Beola Butler Toni Byers Stephanie Camp Laneatta Cargle Daniel Casey Peggy Cecil Benny Chaffin Ray Clark Cecil Clay Billy Clayton Melvin Combs Barry Compton Alan Cooper Iames Cotton Patrick Cramer Samuel Crownover Marty Cyphers Ricky Daniels Colleen Davis Connie Davis Richard Dobbins Tammy Durbin Edwina Edwards Brenda Elliott Sharon Farrow Keith Ford Billie Gaines Trevor Giles lane Gilmore G Dan Goodman Cindy Goodwin Edith Griffith Marian Griffith Anthony Guthrie Lawrence Hall lamie Haney Flora Harris Todd Harris Henry Harrison Deborah Hatcher Annette Hatfield Ladonna Hayes Danny Haynes David Hermes Richard Hibdon Keith Higginbotham Sharon Hopkins David Ingle Gaye Irvin Caree Iackson Donna Iarvis Debra lines Debra Iohn Betty lnhnson Ianice Iohnson Kim Iohnson Betty Iones Brenda Iones Charlotte Iones Ioy' Iones Kex in Iones Wilma loseph Hershel Kessee George Koeha David Langley Rene Larkins Sharon Lay Kimberly Levcridge Alonzo Little yohn Ierry Littleton Vinita Long Glenn Lott Darren Lou man Francine Mackley Tamara Mahler Kari Maize Shirley Martin Cary Massey Kelly Massey Michell Mathis Claude Mayfield Raymond Mooney David Morgan Terry Mowles Steve Moyer Deborah Munez Gina Muse Wendell McCallister Iames McCall Shirley McKinley' Ricky Navarro Eleanor Neal Bobby' Nichols Guy' Nichols Mitchell Otley Cynthia Pelham Kenneth Polly Anthony' Quinn Charles Rainbow Anthony Ray Sharon Ray i i l Barbara Reed Ieffery Rhodes Terri Riddle Gwenna Roark Davis Rodgers Ricky Scales Ricky Seales Lea Self Dancsa Shanna Tara Shay er La luana Shepherd Gregory Shupert Betty Smallwood France Smith jimmy Smith Rebecca Tan er Mischelle Taylor Bex erly Thomas Sherri Thurman Ronnie Tinner Donald Toles Becky Trick Randy Truitt Sandra Upton Eric Vann Dewayne Vickers Ka ren Vickery' Gordon Wade Deborah Warner Mark Warren Sharon Washington Kurtis Weir Gary White Lorena Whit Scott Williams Linda Winford Terry Wolfenbarger Brian Wood Sabrina Wood Keith Woodley Phillip Young freshmen 77 ' L , 5 w in XHSEW 4 Ygfrs, Q-ff iq ..1f'C , v...'1 N- SF, 1 'w 5 1 4 5. 1 45.4 an 1 Curriculum is the meal that the schools teed the minds. The subjects that are required and even those that aren't present a menu that only tempts the taste buds, that only appetizes the mind, only gives a taste of what can be discovered if you give the mind a chance to iust begin to satisfy itself. Curriculum 'language aris il ,z"XN.,,, '1 xl 3 Q? ., i A i Ni . g 80 curriculum Palaiable courses in language arts change department Language arts is a set of classes that is surpris- ingly palatable despite some "stiff and formal" classes. Quite a variety of classes is available for juniors and seniors. Among those offered are cinematography, yearbook, novel, protest litera- ture, and several other classes for which English credit may be earned. Also there are the basic grammar classes, available to all who wish to be just a little bit more perfect. Several classes in lit- erature complete the course offerings. Ricky Staton receives his new ID card from the National Honor Society helpers Joe Bob Wright and Melody Trail. Walter Johnsons pastime is sleeping in his English class. Daryl Elrod and Bruce lrick learn the art of film making in cinematography. Problems arise when junior high girls go out with big men on campus in Human Relations role play. I use no+ onlg the brains I have. but all lhal I can borrow." - Woodrow Wilson curriculum 81 Traditional vein gields io selection of English class Freshmen and sophomores are required to take basic English and grammar for two years. However, at the end ot those two years, any language arts subject may be taken, or the traditional American Literature or English Literature may be taken. lt the option is taken not to take this, then one credit in speech must be earned, either in speech, debate, drama, or radio and television, Journalism is also a popular class lor English credit. Journalism I is an introductory course, which covers basic lundamentals ol writing methods and the theory of newspaper and yearbookfmagazine work. Two staff classes make up the publications crew. 4--, 1: o n I U L Temper is a valuable possession - donl lose il. X 82 curriculum Buffalo News ff-A I1 1 i.'f19- t fy E f'f'2Q3:1 fi e firilfalt ffl 'if , M.---fr-.,.ggro-L9i':ea.-efisg'ut.--i. 4 , - - K ge22'aias.iQi'fvssQ".ltfpggz Q ., 3.,w5l - -Q' ,,. ,,,. K O ' JW- ., ,gf v-ff' -2,14 .-.-yr 1, A yy f' pf .. . - - .M we 'sr-1 A , P .o, o o'..s o 1 oil ' 'language arls A slip of the tongue can be very embarrassing to Perry Hahn. Leo Hise lives the 12th century all over again. Bernadine Grider puts her thoughts down on paper. Bobby Taylor and Dale Rains listen to what they really sound like in Spanish. Roger Mohr keeps notes as reminders. Learning French in a group is easier than learn- ing by yourself. In n.',I n', U ,n ul' neu 1' au.n.'.a. 1 n s 1 ' , I s' n ga, HL.. curriculum 83 A..nund" i, cv W' L. We all live under lhe same skg. buf we don'+ all have lhe same horizon. curriculum - Konrad Adenauer Music exotic dish for gourmet menu iranquilize beasts Music is alleged to calm the savage beast, but for many students it is another credit to add to their tran- script. Band is a big class, having about 100 members and being much in demand at football games, basket- ball games, and other demanding social events. Orchestra, on the other hand, has much competition in organ- ized contest, not unlike a classical bat- tle ot the bands. Adding a bit to the gourmet menu are the choir and glee clubs. Having these voices blending in sounds should be reserved for those who are really connoisseurs of the music. Gene Moon and Mark Wilson didn't expect to get caught by Mr. Thomas as they take their daily break at the water fountain. Jessele Stew- art knows that the only way to sing is open your mouth WIDE!!! Kay Thompson practices her singing while Kent Newton plays the piano. The Southwest Corner Casino is finally busted by Mr, John Fuller. Russell Moss leads the band in the homecoming parade, curriculum 85 Histcrg curriculum spiced with touch cl' 'mod pcipourri' ,fe Social studies. Makes you think of charming afternoons in fifth grade wondering why Christopher Columbus wanted to know where America was any way. Now as a sophisticated high school student, it takes on the form of Oklahoma and US history. But there are other social studies classes offered, including psychology, sociol- ogy, anthropology, and problems of democracy. These add color to an oth- erwise bland diet of history and gov- f--- ernment classes. Miss Cindy Hammond explains the Civil War tc Robert Andruchow. Mark Henry tries to pay attention to his teacher while she lectures. John Watson explains a map of Oklahoma to Julia Childers. Mark Nicholson evaluates his psychol- ogy lesson. Edwina Edwards locates early Oklahoma territory in her Oklahoma history class. 4' f. l ' Ii proves. on close examination, that work is less boring than amusing one self. - Charles Baudelaire l 86 curriculum AIBFGWNING 0F CIWL W41 .. . 1, . fix 4 , . x5 , T vfwxxg, -as 'social sfudies 4 Hg: my 1 ra U 'ht' 2- Mt: Ht L I a 'TIF' Sill -s 295 -fla- .nu tha -nr- curriculum 87 'business educalion Business courses encourage inieresi in job lraining Business education is a facet of curricu- lum that can be both fun and useful. Many of the projects, such as the Cooperative Office Education QCOEJ program, allow students to do real office work while stay- ing in school. Another project of the business depart- ment is the Distributive Education program, which teaches sales and marketing methods to all the students in that class. Of course, basic business classes are still available, including accounting, book- keeping, typing, shorthand, and data proc- essing. Other less common classes, how- ever, seem to be very popular. "I know that card is in there somewhere," says Cecilia Sharpe as she files for clerical practice, "I saw that key a minute ago," says Terri Todd in Typing I. "The answer I'm looking for should be about here," says Glenda Rhodes in her bus- iness machines class. Karen Blethrow finds that shorthand isn't as difficult as it looks, K , tries' 1, 88 curriculum 4--Q... Whg is ihere so much safisfacfion in parking on whai is lefi of +he oiher gug's nickel? Adver+iser's News 89 'iiw 1 W QP urric Efficiencg is inielligeni laziness. - Arnold H. Glasow vocational education Variety highlights practical aspects of vocational area Vocational classes are probably among the most practical classes that are offered in any high school. With cosmetology, body and fender, auto mechanics, electricity, sheet metal, drafting, and woodwork classes pre- paring these people for a role in soci- ety that has been prepared for them already, much has been done to give them a head stan in business. The classes are unique in their mixture of classroom work and actual laboratory techniques, and offer fascinating ven- tures to those who enroll in them. Doug Brewer, Wayne Seeley, and Terry Muno settle their argument on what a spark plug really is. Confused about which switch is which Mark Robinson gets all tangled up. Helping Debbie Sammcns get ready for a pep assembly, Terry Meier puts on the final touches. curriculum 91 'C vi I ..,- A - i ii "The service we render fo ofhers is reallg fhe renf we pag for our room on +his ear+h." - Wilfred Grenfeil 92 curriculum 1 W4 1 3-if vocational education Vocational classes feature interesting aspects of 'doing' Some of the lab work in the voca- tional classes are ver-r-r-r-ry interest- ing! How many classes are offered that entail time climbing poles? Or washing hair? Or straightening fenders? Or making drawings of big buildings? And get credit for it, too! These are interest- ing classes with interesting ways of teaching. And teaching by doing is almost always superior to talking about it Tony Hall and Joe Jennings look over a tough problem in auto mechanics. Harlen Owens tries out his beautifying skills in body and tender class, Gary Newby prepares truck for painting in body and fender. Fred Jones contemplates what to do next in his mechanical drawing class. curriculum 93 'home economics I 'nd' -. l . s .Y f,i " "The uliimaie soluiion io ihe race problem lies in ihe willingness of men lo obeg ihe unenforceable." 94h Dr. Mariin Lufher King, Jr it, Home economics provides practical help for cilg life Home economics classes are tailored for the girl who plans to survive in the big city on a limited budget. Foods classes can teach how to live on a budget and still eat well, Clothing is for the girl who would like to wear clothes while she eats -the food costs are so high that she can't afford to buy anything to wear. Family relations and child guidance explore the relationship between parent and child and what can be expected in a situation, Home planning and decorating teaches decorating tactics that can make a home attractive, rather inexpensively. "Look it's growing!" says Vicki Milam to the rest ol her group. "My cookies burned to a crisp!" Sharon Johnson exclaims. "This darn machine messed up my dress," moans Nanette Davis. Hillary l-lanshue is busy sewing on her coat lor winter "I hope it's not as tough as leather this time!" says Sherry Owens in loods. Laying out their pattern, Linda Mosier and Susan Wilson smooth out the wrinkles. ll '11- ,QQQJIIZ ayiirf illiri Si fi ill t 9. ' A home economics 95 'art Art expressions expand in wider course selection Art is the most intimate expression of one's self in a material form. Art can manitest itself in many forms and fash- ions, but at Grant, the traditional medi- ums of picture drawings and painting are accepted in the art classes, Added to these are ceramics and jewelry making, which are additions to the curriculum fairly recently. Pam Shunkwller and Shurby Grider are busy at work in their art class. Henderson Harris' tal- ented hands mold clay into a masterpiece. Jimmy Folmer and Larry Booth create masks out ol papier mache. Bill Sandeter and Sammy Kerby set their artwork in the sun to dry. Jewelry students clean up from their messy work. 96 art -.-.... .9-.. nu- 'io-wa. W at 2- g. if J. ,,., K ' vt.. Bvuulaii , I W V,-f W-.5 O 0 'a, , .t r as . r. ff ' . 8,5 , . I In frbcf' ff, , 'Y' ' A of N4 nfyfve, ' . it t. . I-X K7f'LT JL., ,Wm ,F Z -,-2 KY te 1 yay l ff H x 5, A h Il' 57 - jftfxlf ' ui' 1 .- Af-,J ,, :Tiff M' ' ai, t 'A' ,, if "" t tvwg ., W U U ' ' ,V ' "M 'JW 71,10 25' ll nc' .' 235, rt r ww l t lt7ft1 V 4 X -.V ,,,. nc 'lm I ? 6 in A ' ,K , 1 v f 'ev . 2 ' 1 ,. - le ,Kr i piiiig. f .l 3 amiga - Jw 5 Q44 ff gf.,gI'.::A . - 5 B 9 452. +1 . ,.,, ,nz 1 I K ' I rv.-Y -' V-P4. 'fl- 1 ' ' 6 .7 4, N 1 J K '55 'fav 'aw , ,M ' "Maybe pollufion is na+ure's wag of saying. '90 gou fhink gou're smal-H' " Washingfon Siar art 97 'mathematics Math absolutelg loved or Ioathed. beginning lo end Math is an absolute subject - either it is absolutely loved or it is absolutely loathed. Either General Math II will be taken, or analytics, matrix, math analysis, and trig are taken - all at the same time. Math is difficult for some, easy for others, challenging to all. Math is a science that has only had the surface scratched as to the knowledge that can be attained. "lt's harder than I thought," says Tommy Law- rence as Mr, Palmer shows the right technique to use. Craig Henry takes the easy way out and uses his calculator. Kevin Ori shows Scott Uffen the right way to do it. Cheryl McDaniel tries to find the right answer by using the slide rule, 98 mathematics H -it A " 'ht l 'science Science expands from superslilion +0 lheories. facts Science is as old as histow itself, and as history shows the growth and progress ol the advances ot the various societies, science shows the ways IU which man has progressed from superstition to tact Offered at Grant are Biology I, earth science, and science sur- vey, at Douglass, Biology ll, Chemistry I and ll, and physics are offered, Science is fascinating, interesting, difficult, challenging, and sometimes even fun, Since it is required one year, each student will have it, entoy it or not "Far out"' says Johnny Barley as he lands out what placenta really looks like The library is sometimes a place to think and read Playing alittle game ol "catch" are Alan Tinsley and Kevin Pollock as Susan Snodgrass looks on homlled. Jimmy Scrog- glns studies over the anatomy ol a monkey Charles Dodson tries to balance out the scales as an assignment In science. Sherri Wyan observes an aquarium an Mr, Cables class. E i " ftlirihhti 5' txiysk '!'l - if I V fQQfQfM.'Qf.' ,.i A . . ' I I A,lltwfst 4' lil I ' "When I was gcung. I thought socialism was lhe malhemaiics ofjuslice. Now I realize il is only the arilhmelic of envy." tOO science l - Marlin Collins ix K .JU ii! In 'L N s SCIENCE 101 ix driver ed ucaiion X ' "We ireai ihis world of ours as ihough we had a spare in fhe hunk." 02d d AI Bernstein 'physical education Skills developed. in both drivers'. phgsioal education Physical education is required one year for freshmen, and is usually taken by boys for at least another year. Com- petition and physical fitness are stressed in these classes. Driver education is a class taken by almost every student, whether in the regular school year, or during the summer months. Learning the traffic laws, studying proper methods and applying driving theory, sometimes just lowering insurance rates are the reasons for this class's popularity. "Oh my gosh! What'll my dad say when l tell him this happened?" exclaims Julie Taylor as she runs into a minor accident in Driver's Ed. Mr. Ernie Daniels takes a moment to pray before he takes out his first student driver of the day. Pos- ing prettily and in modern dances true form is the Modern Dance ll class. "Up, up, and away!" says Markel Latham as she does a back aerial somersault in Gymnastics ll. physical education 103 Organizations are the largest organized groups, the clubs, fellowships, societies, and associations that are for the students who are interested in the subjects and activities that are offered by the various organizations. Qrgamzeiloms 1' 5 Student Council has two firsts Fund raising projects the Ugliest Male and Nicest Teacher contest, and Junior Varsity vs. Faculty game were both firsts this year for Student Council. At Christmastime the group had a San- ta's Express which involved selling carna- tions. They also took children from Sun- beam Nursery to Crossroads Mall after which they gave them a party. They also gave children at St. John's Nursery a Christmas party. Nostalgia week was in March. A Fifties sock hop highlighted the end of the festivi- ties. Officers were Terri Ratzlaff, presidentg Erick Simpson, vice presidentg Kari Rea, secretaryg Pam Davis, treasurerg Scott Miller, sergeant at arms. Erick Simpson watches as Deanna Harrison and She- ryl McDaniel drop in their entry for the turkey give away. Terri Ratzlaff waits in vain for her lost luggage left on the bus coming back from Student Council workshop. Tobi Hanlan and Jeff Henson put up their United Appeal bricks. Officers Karen Kirkley. Erin Terbush, Rnnni Sellers, and Kari Rea discuss a new fund raising project. Student Council. Nancy Hogan judges Mrs. Arbeecher Hoffman's door in competition at Chrislmastime. Dnn Taylor and Stephen Dudley visit a rest home as a community project. 106 stufh-nt cotinvil ,A ,E Q 2 w s 2 v S E t H 5 W-al :vii -..:,':i'i 'x- 53 ' , - ,,, - , fi u Vg, H -62.1-, Y '22, A - --, N'-K , - v LZ . . . . 1 , gx i 1 'E f- - 3 0 ,-,"s i r . L ,, 4 , H 3 W1 Effi 3 1 4 If.- "if 15: ' '33 K if 1-, . 3 Q. .- , fs ' - I A 1-Hy", . ,- . A . , .' JI. A. - K. I . 1 1 TY ,Q Flxl fr- fw. f "Wx 3 1 f N ., 1,5,,,, af. 5fli -...q--- F , ' '14 -, , , ., . ,............,.a .. ..:.'::.-.- , ..-.........,., . .. g. , Y- W, . ,,,.,... .,..,,..,......,,-.........- -M X '-..J x BUSH Pitt' 2- Nlltllti W it " Council elects multiple royalty Early in the school year the Student Council sponsored the election of Mr. and Miss Howdy, and forthe first time, royalty was named for each class. Senior class royalty were Tina Conzalas and Charlie Weeks. .lunior class royalty were Vanessa Sav- age, Andria Dudley, Kathy Edwards, and .loe Bob Wright. Sophomore class royalty were Andy Tay- lor and Betty Cassidy. Freshman class royalty were Pat Fitzger- ald, Debbie Suggs, and Cindy Rotrock. The Student Council homecoming float is having a dif- ficult time keeping together. Kyle Hamm and Tiger McDermott debate the outcome of the Faculty-Jr. Var- sity game with Mr. Bob Starke and Mr. Glen Castle. Nanette Mathis dresses up for Student Council's 50's day. Andre Francisco gets the delightful job of being Student Council's Santa. Mr. Jerry Rickerts looks over the morning announcements. X 1' Y-id.-wi' if: '. f . Q' '. llfrujk .I It 2 D xi i i'-kv:y 'N 4 l A tml v' fi- it, 1 KI, ,Q 4 Seniors choose announcements After selecting grey announcements again, the seniors were fitted for caps and gowns in preparation for graduation at the fairgrounds in May. During graduation week seniors had a special breakfast, and a sermon at St. Luke's Methodist Church. Class president ,lohana Burditt worked with head sponsor Mrs. Marge Humphrey in organizing committees. The Senior class planning committee. Marilyn Boat- man, Pam Crum, Donna Davis and Renee Wood dis- cuss fund raising plans with activities director Mr. Jerry Rickerts. Don Taylor and senior class sponsor Mrs. Christine Baugh look at announcement selection. Senior class float entry in the homecoming parade. Patty Jones realizes the significance of the step she has just taken. 110 senior class X. tt . 3. S .,.... N , 6 2.1 t 1" v I x x Ns 45... .-an 'ili- ,, L X Q 1 ' x ' x ff -.4 ,. 1 1 ,nr 'fi t vo, , v' N 4 F Q as 1 M.,-ff a is gary--4 " . N' 4 I tt W9 5- ' 1 1 ,Q V 1 hd A " .v ' . juniors boast multiple firsts Taking first plave was approaching a habit for the junior elass as they took first place with their homeeoming float and several first places for hall deeorations. With Richard Alvarado as elass presi- dent and Mrs. Lettie Hunter as head spon- sor the group raised money bv supporting the play "Everybody Loves Opal." In addi- tion. they raised prom money with a ear wash and eandv sales. Other offieers inelude James Young. vice president: Jana Davis. secretary: Vanessa Walker. reporter: Cheryl Baker. treasurer. Jr. Class Uffieers and Planning: Coniniittee. Fira! Roux' Mollie Lee. Carol Tepsie. Charlene Weeks, Dianna Sueliy, Kinia Plaehn. Esther Esqnivius. Sr-1-oli1lRou'.' Vanessa Walker. reporter: Jatnes Young. vire presi- dent: Jana Davis. seeretarv: Ceeilia Sharpe, Riehard Alvardo. president: Carla George, Cathy Prof-tor. Steve DeCiusti. sergeant-at-arins, Bark Roux 'l'a-rt-sa Hunter. Shurbv Crider. Kathy Roberts. Terri Todd. Cindy O'Mealv. Kathy Harrin. Pain Driskill. Joni Walling. Brenda Reid. Pam Cunningham. Ric-ky Stalon. Miss Cindy Hammond. sponsor, Yane:-sa Walker and Rieli- ard Alvarado star in the junior 4-lass liomeeoming float, There is never a dull moment for junior elass planning romniittee and offieers. Joni Walling. Ru-kv Staton. Cheryl Baker and Seott Williamson partieipate in the junior wlass ear wash, Terri Ebert enjoys the stu- dent store, P' juniori-lass 113 ,,,- 1 in Linda Haynes named president Linda Haynes was named president of the- sophomorx' class altvr the' 4-Im-it-ml prvsi- dn-nl. Tammy' Allard, mow-d lo 21lI0lll1'I' dis- ll'Il'l. Other officc-rs vw-rv Susan Re-id. secre- tary: Sheila Counvil, tri-asuri-rg Betty Cas- sily. savrgvanl at arms: and Rhonda Wright. Robyn Wood, .lanna Patton, Toni Cardwell. and Sarah Haynes. rvpresviitalive-s at large. Soplioniori- Class Offiuws, Toni Cardm-ll. Ylr, Hon Cahlv. sponsor: Linda Haynvs. Bm-My Cassity. Rhonda Wright. Shvila ffounvil. Rohyn Wood. Kvllyr' Ship- man. Sarah llaync-s. Ronni Sa-llvrs. Rodney Foster and Rhonda Wright pn-parv for hall m'onipf'tition. Sopho- niori- Class Planning Comniiltc-Q-. From Razr: jimmy' Crawll. Port Nli'Ct't'. .lvrry Xloland. Roll:-rt Carl- ysrighl. Daxid Night. Buddy Crain. Ron' 2: Belly Cas- sily. llvlilric' Wilson. Dc-nisv Soliz. Dvhhie- Alrvd. lane! York. Ronnie' 5:-ll:-rs. Connie Conrad. Pam Dayis. Bry- n-rly Kvnyon. RI1Il'3,' Alvin Rivhardson. .lay Ri-id. Lori lispoll. Rollin Wood. Rhonda Wright. :Xnn Cranford. .lana Patton. Nancy' Hogan. Ki-lly Shipman, Rodnvy Fosle-r. Diane Asnt-r asks frvsliman vlass planning vonunittm- for idx-as. Freslunan Class Planning Com- niittvr-. Fran! Rauf: Di-hlmiv Bihh, Kathy Russell. Tolly' Hanlon. Rhonda Orr. Sandy' Caniplu-ll. U1-lilriv Manrli. Dvhi Suggs. Rau' 2: Lori Br-jarski. 'll-rri Brown. Carla Shvrill. Lvsly Rohm-rson, ,luliv Blll'1'll4'll. Diana Asn:-r, Run' 3: Shvryl lVll'DL1IllI'l. Lays ri-rim' lfivlrl, Clind Bid- in-II. Ruhy Nlooriz Randi Suv Rivlizlrllsoli, Karla For- e-sl. Tint Xlovn. Laura Wood. la-sly Rolwrson is proud lo ln- a lrvslinian. Soplioniori- Bi-yi-rly K4-nyon flisvov- 1-rsl11'rpi1'tur4'. Ill organizations sas riggi- U 'FN ik 7'-, 'S fm? N ,. 41A dsl . Honor Society starts scholarshi p Honor Society, in its second year after being re-activated, started a scholarship fund this year. With Kenny Noble as president of the group, they began having professional speakers like representatives for Phi Beta Kappa. They contributed services to the March of Dimes and in December attended a con- vention on Child Abuse. Nalitrnal llonnr Society. Prvsidrltt Kenny Noble linings charter for National Honor Society' in llu- library. Dvh- biv Nlutliiv-s and Linda lVlain:tst'o work ililigvntly' on the stutlvnt l,D. currls. Su-ve Larsen. se1'rt'lary', tak:-s fm-s from Nlurilyn Boutman while- Dvhliir' fllulhie-s and Che-ryl Ruprirh wait th:-ir lnrn lo get rid of their mont-y'. Linda iw11ll21Sl'U gives ln'r report of March of Dimes vonyrn- lion to Mele-sa Nlvlnlyrv. Dt-libitf Nluthia-s. Xlurilyn Boulmun. Ch1'rylR1iprim'l1. and Cindy Hall listen inlvnlly. NHS 117 Scientific cl u bs push knowledge Two school elubs primarily interested in promoting the scientific interests of stu- dents are Mu Alpha Theta and the Rocket Club. Mu Alpha Theta, the math club is for all students who have trigonometry or higher, at least a "B" in math and no grade lower than a "CN in any other elass. The Roeket Soeiety builds rockets and flies them. lts sponsor was Mr. Ron Cable. Mu Alpha Theta sponsored a national math test in March and also a math test to qualify students for the sehool math awards, given at the end ofthe year. Several social events were also sponsored, along with a rather rigorous initiation. Mr. Sever- lan Vaughn sponsored the Math Club. When times got rough, Gary Houlette got really mixed up, Mu Alpha Theta. Front Row: Kenny Noble. Melesa Melntyre, Cheryl Raprieh, Mark Johnson. Back Row: Esther Asner, Rieky Stalon. Kathy Edwards, Craig Henry, Cary Houlette, Jim Burgett, Larry Bowman. Steve Larsen, Cindy Fenton, Sandra Parish, Stanley Reiss, Sherri Hatfield. Parties aren't the only thing lVlu Alpha Theta does as Mark Johnson listens intently to one of Mr. Vaughn's lectures in caleulus. Rocket Club members Randy Sherwood and James Nation along with sponsor Mr. Cable inspeet roekets. After seareh- ing through a plate ot' whipped cream, Ricky Staton exelaims "I found the grape." 118 organizations eg ,wi ,us . .V. -..,-:jg .1-24 J. J. if ff2gg2 s4 ' 4 o 5113! "' ' A Alfigfp ,,7,,. . ,gm 1.4, - 1, . ,,. - 1' 139 f' 'ff . -V. ' I I' . 3 Z-ff' . iv , 5, . 1 . n ' 1- if -dv organizations 119 ,1 J.- Nw -ww 20 mwsspapvr Paper main tains modified format With Ellen Rains as editor-in-chief, the Grant Dispatch maintained a modified mag- azine format again this year. Again the school paper featured a different spot color each issue. In conjunction with the yearbook staff, and Dr. Ruth Kraemer's other classes, the Dispatch staff gave the faculty appreciation luncheon at Christmastime. Other editors were Monita Denson and Rhonda Wright, news editors: Jeff Farris, editorial editorg Jeff Johnson, feature edi- tor: and Sherry Buchanan, sports editor. Artist-cartoonist was Mike Sherrill, and photographer was Karen Wasser. News editor Rhonda Wright discusses layout proce- dures with her page staff. Jamie Young and Steve Ong- tooguk distribute papers quickly after their arrival. The Dispatch staff. Mark Buchanan and Anita McCullough do research for a feature story. Photogra- pher Karen Wasser and artist Mike Sherrill collabo- rate on plans for the next issue's illustration. iii-nspupor 121 General ro alty named in winter To avoid last minute crownings the 1975 General staff had their annual assembly in January where they crowned their royalty. However, books were not unveiled until May. With the theme, "Footnotes," the staff chose a predominantly red cover in contrast with the grey one of last year. Suzanne Mabry led the staff as editor-in-chief. The staff, in collaboration with the Grant Dispatch, gave the teachers a luncheon in December. Kenny Noble and Vanessa Walker direct a quick year- book shot. Curriculum editor DeAnna Norman dis- cusses layouts with layout editor Maurice Mack and sports editor Mark Johnson. Editor Suzanne Mabry makes arrangements with the photographer. Beverly Kenyon, Kim Loveless, and Ronni Sellers separate and alphabetize class pictures. Yearbook Staff. First Row: Alvin Richardson, Doug Roberson, Mark Hos- kins, Vanessa Walker, Walter Oaks, Mike Lambeth, Maurice Mack. Second Row: Mark Johnson, Jana Davis, Kristy Kendrix, Suzanne Mabry, Ellen Rains, DeAnna Norman, Kenny Noble. Third Row: Kim Loveless, Rita Webb, Becky Halley, Ronni Sellers, Steve DeGiusti, Karen Frizell, Lori Lookabaugh, Cindy Haley, Rhonda Pratt, Beverly Kenyon. School life editor Jana Davis discusses copy holes with copy editor Ellen Rains. 122 organizations fr i mf? - f 8 x 1 N V' 5-.lm www 11 -.s,A,....a.-- 4 I ,-.J but nn- ' 1 nd' 124 fun-ign language xxx .1- x K 5 3 ,av "-f-'alff 'Maru ,xv 1. L of Language clubs unite, re-group For the first time the Spanish and Freneh Clubs eomhined to form the Foreign Language elub. Sponsored by Miss Linda Luetkemeyer, the club held a Christmas party and several other activities. For the first time in several years the Junior Classical League was re-activated. The state Latin Cluli convention and a Roman Christmas Party highlighted their year. Mrs. Dorothy Hyatt was the club sponsor. Foreign language Cluh Mm-iiiln-rs. Hon! Roux' Cindy Jarquinet, Tommy Smith. Charlene We:-ks. Marey Melton. Semnll Roux' Roberta Ditls. Angela Brttee, Tammy Dunn. Carol Peek. Julie Taylor. Rhonda Areher. Mit-helle Baker. Lisa Lunsford. .loann Harlier. 771ir4lRuu'.' Dale Rains. Russell Moss. .lim Sp:-rling. Steve Di-Ciusti, Charles Dodson. Ronnie- Brown. Rich- ard Osborn. Gloria Kendrirks. Leslie Duniphy, Spon- sor. Miss Linda Luetkemeyer. Lisa Lunsford and Tina Rust niake pinatas lo eelebrate Christmas in the Span- ish tradition. Ir. Classieal League watehes a film about Latin history. Latin club members are Brenda Carpen- ter. Mike Gehur, Danny Shadriek, Bea Chatigny, Greg Hook. Brnee Martin, Rieky Staton. Kathi Fansler, David Wood. Riehard Hihdon. Horace Hunter: spon- sor: Mrs. Dorothy Hyatt. Margie Merchant. and Scott Miller, Latin Cluh listens to one of their many lec- tures. foreign language .- Indian club has assem bly, dances The Native American Organization, in its third year, held an assembly during Indian Heritage week, attended weekly meetings at the Native American Center, and partici- pated in several dances, discussions and parties. . During the assembly, members demon- strated several kinds of dances, including the gourd dance, two-Step, war dances, and the buffalo dance. Indian Club. Front Row: Tom Vasquez. Second Row: Robert Davis, Arnold Littlehawk, Carol Moreno, Larry Caldwell. Third Row: Leslie Davis, Lisa Bert. Sharon Coachman, Deane Doughty, Coleen Davis, Dust Cooper. Fourth Row: Ruben Vasquez, Kathy Parton, Diana Paddlety, Rhonda Paddlety. Fzlkh Row: Robin Morris, Kathy Morgan, Nadene Bert, Dean Parton, Arlene Poolaw, Mr. Sam Houston, sponsor. Ruben Vasquez enjoys the Indian way of dancing. The Indian Club Officers, Dusty Cooper, Nadene Bert, Rhonda Paddlety, Sharon Coachman, Dean Parton, Ruben Vasquez. Sharon Coachman types the new club consti- tution. Indian Club members Robert Davis, Tom Vas- quez, Coleen Davis, Lisa Bert and Sharon Coachman work on the constitution. Modeling their Indian fash- ions are Rhonda Paddlety, Nadene Bert, Donna Pad- dlety. l20 indian chili F1 all ?+ X I ax Y 4, L s? ' 'K ,A Ni .Lv indian club 127 QS NX 6591 AIC A Roberson wins Halloween race Mrs. Brenda Roberson won the Hallow- een Dress Up Your Teacher contest spon- sored by the Human Relations Club at Hal- loween time. During spring break members of the group sponsored by Mr. Mike Barlow, went to New York and visited places such as Har- lem, Coney Island, Central Park, and George Washington's High School. The purpose was to see New York as a New Yorker would, not as a tourist. The Human Relations club also raised money by selling bumper stickers that said "Make it work," and passed out buttons saying "Boycott Racism." A school dance was sponsored also. In the spring the club attended several Human Relations Workshops during the year including a weekend workshop at one of the state lodges. Workshops, the same type of activities as in a classroom, included role playing, group circles, simulation games, discussions and just having a lot of fun. Dana Allard plays trust with the rest of her human rel- ations gang. The fish bowl game proves to be popular in human relations. The hot seat gets really hot fcg Craig Freeman, Human Relations Club. Front Row: Esther Asner, Monica Anderson. Diana Asner. Karen Greg. Melita Robinson, Kristi Logan, Rhonda Wil- liams. Valerie Sewell. Bark Row: Mr. Mike Barlow, Ginger Foley, Melinda Word, Ron Lord, Carla Sher- rill. Debbie Manek, .lanet King, Vicki Hardins, Angela Davis. Cheryl Davis, Mr. Ron Pendley. Mrs. Darlene Mm-Lvod. "Who agrees with me," says Mr. Barlow to his class. liuman relation 24 FL sponsors class A meet Topping the list of many contests for National Forensic League members was the class A qualifying tournament they hosted in January. Mr. Les Snyder sponsored the group as they worked their way through local, regional and state competition. Cindy Fenton, Dawn Golden, Ed Cren- shaw went to regionals. Red Cross and Safety Council joined forces Linder sponsor Mr. John Savage the groups undertook service projects for hospitals and nursing homes. Dawn Colden politely holds the door open for Ed Crenshaw as they all pile in the car to go to a speech tournament. The NFL Members. Larry Bauman, Craig Henry, Cindy Fenton, Dawn Golden. .lim Burgett. and Ed Crenshaw. Mr. Savage teaehes car safety hy empha- sizing the importance of seat belts to Tina Clark. Safety Couneil f Red Cross. Fmnl Row: Ronui Sell- ers. Slaey Williams, Gloria Washington. Delesia Player. Elaine MeReynolds, Darel Farmer, Second Row: Sheila Council. Donna Walden. Kim Staley, Belinda Tale, Delores Cavers, Teresa Jackson, Vieky Pool. Bark Rau-: Mr. John Savage. Janis Curtis, Evan Norton, Karen Harmon, Cindy Fenton, David Har- mon, Kenneth Hill, Greg Mumme, Andy Taylor, Terry Ruth, Melvin Johnson. ' 'Y1f',"fQ"f GU . ,w I S4 'Q -J .4-1-ag 1 . .11 r.f..rugx. if 11 run me-f vw-Lv ui.-,-. 19.-vu ngu- Q' l -Q., WEE l 5 Jimi f1v'f"'W 1 ' xx' EK of 2 Q N 1 fix' QQQ 1 Z w T VW 'A Y.- I A, ii? gi' 1 'al -, 1 I qu, , 5 MM 41 XL - 'N 1" PM Y X 9 ., ., 1 1 X ,, N: X E red cross 1 -Q4 P' 1 . , s I -3 Y! 3 " -5. X s-1' N Q n 1 '25 , ,, 2 .5 as 53 T5 .. A . V. g"f-2" Z5 1' ,. 1 v ' Mi Vasjff' r'.437 " ff: f f "Y 1 , x ' I K ' J -. np- i ., X tj: i L ' -3 fra. rf' Y 132 VICA lf'if5T'N""'1iZIF"""'I?' f-.f'Q'vq.:, 'vii' was . ., . W .23 ...-l Q Banquet, party top VI CA list Highlighting the social aspects of VICA fVocational Industrial Clubs of Americaj were the sweetheart banquet and Christmas party. Service projects included food baskets at Thanksgiving and Toys for Tots at Christ- mas time. Additionally, the group participated in Legislative Day at the State Capitol and attended the district contest in February and the state contest in May. ln the fall the group took part in exhibits at the State Fair. Greg Howard screams, "Where's my wrench?" and as usual gets no cooperation from his classmates. Doyle Crabb plays the Monkey game in electricity. Steve Seikel is one of the best when it comes to drafting. It isn't the real thing, but close enough decides Tammy Scroggin. VICA. VICA 133 DE goes sta te, raises monies Distributive education students culmi- nated their activities with their state con- vention in Oklahoma City in March. Approximately 25 students represented the school at the annual meet. In September the group had a McDonald's Day which gave DE half the proceeds of McDonald's sales from 3 to 7 p.m. In October the group shared proceeds from a little league pee-wee Bowl with the Optimist Club. Also in October they made an all-day trip to Dallas markets. At Thanksgiving they filled baskets for needy families and at Christmas they con- tributed to Toys for Tots. At the annual employer-employee break- fast banquet they announced their royalty. Angela Cagle lends a helping hand to Ronny Sales or the printing machine. The DE float was a "smashing' success. Dusty Cooper and Debbie Siers enjoy decorat ing the DE showcase. Rhonda Robinson and Jami4 Green have a little nap on the DE trip to Dallas. The DE club gets together for their picture. 134 DECA 1 RXK4 J 'I ,5 4 5? , , ..T:. ,Pg ir DECA 135 5 ,gyg 46 'S -ahvifk 42. Pj .ii Q a ,,. vw s. M. MIQSQ ,Q-.Ll 4 fig Bahamas attract FBLA for meet A trip to the Bahamas for their national convention this summer will culminate FBLA's year. Their winter ball in December was a poolside smorgasbord where they nomi- nated their royalty. Sponsors for the club were Mr. Al Fuller who was ill a large portion of the school year, and Mrs. Nancy Schwenke. FBLA Group. Joy Taylor and Elizabeth Dupler carry out one phase of FBLA as they take their turn being good sales personnel. President Mark Crews hams up this picture as he sells sausage to Richard Osborn. Patty Dillard types some of the business associated work concerning the clubs activities. Vickie Callion posts the club's future activities on the FBLA bulletin board. FBLA 137 Thespians star with 'Opal' play Thespians presented the fall production "Everybody Loves Opalf' with proceeds going for the junior class. The play starred James Ray, Vanessa Walker, Connie Green, Charles Dodson and Bill Oliver. At Christmas, the acting group presented short stories for grade school children. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Jayne Thompson, the group also had a spring production. The group also participated in several workshops and contests. Thespian Club members are Pam Mandsen, Linette Anderson, Tammy Whitlock, Cheryl Parker, Mrs. Jayne Thompson, Gary Satterlee, Janet McClarey, Mike Parks, Bill Oliver, Sharon Reid, Jesse Suers, Tab Tally, Connie Green, Ann Decker, Peggy Barker, Robyn Haynie, Debbie Curry, Dale Boggs, Linda Oaks, Vanessa Savage, James Ray, Debbie lhbe, Charles Dodson, and Patrice Kirk. Mike Parks and Walter Oaks work hard making sure all stage properties are in order. Overpowered by words, Vanessa Walker swoons over James Ray in "Everybody Loves Opal." James Ray and Bill Oliver show what drama is all about. The grand finale of "Everybody Loves Opal." James Ray causes Connie Green distress in the Junior Class play. 1 1 , , .A .' ., .v i X 1:1 ' . A . ., :Fri . - W' U 3 6 1 If ' 1 21 J' I X :P if we I qi S fi K Q i 1 ' v . 28? 'N Fx-X '-, N,-k -A ,-. L' z: 1, 4-..t ,A L 'I 'th 4 'U ,h ,. ...J , F 'J -an S 1 ' A :wi fi ni ff: A' 5 3'L" 'V 3 5 A 2 fi 8 Q ir NA K Q Ll f E' x ij 3 J ' l , , 1 'Q , ' x A 5 . 1? 4 - 'X is K 1 lp.. N Thvspians 139 -ai ru W6 Q X M 1 szamm EWR. 2 5. 1, -ig: , Li ,+ , - B ' Lie! Q U . w n 1 , , W 0 ff f 5 : K 1 -5 , '13 'J ,, .5 K ' X 5 ' f .M M. I M ylfi 1 535' 3 ' Q g 3 b V Lf Q, 1 M xx, 3 V S 1, . .1 assi? 4 11, WV by 93, egg H Q. V 5 4 X :gi Wi - wg 5, ,Air ff-,3,: 1 33 Fsgkwmum ... 1 ' ' - v , N 'I K V' 0: Q I E F- YV Y K ..: f -' - - -? . M - I iff! W9 '? "1'1 , Q, . ,a 1' ' A nafmi fif i wqgzg- 'T' 4 1 i?:v:f:'YifT' W ,Qmmfw ,. wif ' 1- ,' ,'.5'X- , ' ' ' M3932 .5c"F,.:f-, w,.3Eff:'1f'bv -W 'Hr b-f W f f-yfmm ' , jug... fig: gy.-4. .A ,. . 'uz fx: . -1 .ff-4: -"'A 339- .fff'1!4- w Psy: , x 'MS ' -.cm .-,n:.r?eA X .,m.,- ,ausrzfw we 3' A J --,ij,3fj,1:f:, i 'xg W ' - "' " " ' f' -Y-f ' ff W -- 'if' ' 'rf 2--ig35g5Tf,gg,"k H ,. , - - ---- - AH f .54--1-vigiL,rxiiifi2iieigli'' "1?51f?3"f " E? , . . , ,..., . ,m g We A , i . 2 l 2 5 e f t i 3 Q i 'S ,gt , .5 fs, 1 .L I I in-Y Choir competes, has Winterfest With a January banquet highlighting the year, the choir attended several contests, including district, Central State and others. They also crowned choir royalty. The Choir sang during the holiday sea- son at several city locations including Crossroads Mall and Sheperd Mall. The Choir also sang at school twice, once at Christmas and once at a PTSA meeting. Mixed Double quartet consists of Jesselle Stewart. Dianne Lunnw, Melinda Horne, Donna Porter, Leslie Tyree, Tommy Manuel, Tom Craven, and Danny Nix. Mixed quartet is made up of Leslie Tyree, Jesselle Stewart, Brenda Carpenter, and Kent Newton. Mr. O. J. Thomas gets into the act of directing the US Grant mixed chorus. 14-1 choir paw it 4 E X X mkvwws WQWHQ L- .y-gk. 142 chk3TP"'-H-2121, '1" LL W'-Wu... 'flnm ,vs F. , .,.,,.. . . I W'i's'.:,:4s:,g. I f- fx: E " w,-nj ' . 1 - ,:.' . V wif e, ,- ,., '-. '- '7,.. fi X g1W35fi.?g,6.'L , Fit,-t,?. Q? ,, , . I g 5-2:1-, '4 H ' . 1 l . , I , 0 I- ' Wsggrfav g, -V 'Si--. - A-I f ed. Fila.- I? i fat. .KSQQX GQ 'ng " '- ' ,Ls 1. in . y , , vu ,Q Q ruff Tis 'fgEtf"': 51 5.5 " fa ','si' ,X ' 1 : g ar? 4' -2- 511' H I. . I I . I QL' '. , 1 X v. 51' , .-,, it 4. iw "' Three soloists go to nationals .lesselle Stewart, Danny Nix, and Larry Rappe competed in a national soloist con- test in Austin, Texas in the fall. One active quartet which performed numerous times during the year was com- posed of Brenda Carpenter, Leslie Tyree, Kent Newton, and ,lesselle Stewart. Under director Mr. O. .l. Thomas and president Danny Nix, the choir worked all year on a pop program planned for late spring. Mixed Quartet consists of Mark Wilson, Melinda Horne. Lea Ann Chilcoat, and Danny Nix. Choir Roy- alty. Froru Row: Kay Thompson, Jesselle Stewart, Lee Ann Chilcoate, Steve St. Cyr. Back Row: Kenneth Adams and Melinda Horne. Choir King and Queen. Kenneth Adams and Melinda Horne. Mixed Double Quartet shows talent of choir members. Posing are Brenda Carpenter, Kay Thompson, Lee Ann Chil- coate. Pam Midgett, Reuben Vasquez, Mark Wilson, Scott Donlevy, and Tommy Manuel, Kay Thompson shows more talent than most as she plays the piano for the choir. choir 143 Melinda Iarman named band queen At halftime ceremonies during the John Marshall football game, the band crowned their royalty to reign over them for the remaining year. Melinda Jarman, three-year band member, majorette, and now the reigning band queen was crowned by Rusty Moss in ceremonies. She was escorted by Larry Snobarger. Melinda's court included Terry Meler, Kathryn Ogg, Tammy Crosson, Cindy Briggs, and Barbara Wilson. Queen Melinda Jarman is crowned at the .lohn Mar- shall game by Drum Major Russ Moss. Band couples get together at football games to share blankets, receive warmth, etc . . . Mr. Fuller gives a hearty smile as Cindy Briggs hits a sour note. Majorettes Mic- helle Baker, Kathy Ogg, and Melinda Jarman intently watch the Grant football team as they take a breather from their twirling. Band adds additional spirit to one of the many pep assemblies. 144 band Wk 'iv .., .--'vr'f'f?'M PA band 145 JW' '54, . x 1 - - 5 -..ui xg 4 ' ff rw' 5, S7 ,V K. V a I W.. M, A AL, ,if 5. Q - N -1 wr fn. -Q-' - ' ' ' m- L .ffwyg 'pf " T hw ' , ', X , in V 'A mg, Q -A 'x -7 "M ' Aw Y "2 V , . 4 nu" Q00 may '. .7 , " ,ri W '- Q...-v Q., UN. v-sl .- fr ' -' " ' ,- , -- " band Y K -. . ' 2 1 .r J, M 4 r- f - ,V A A -'Vi' " ' 1, -f A, ,fqffv M - ' - ,- A A .M " ., , "::,4,'Y X -- .,-wiv, vrlnn- . , gg-g " 3 -Q E ,W Q J. ,- 4 , ' I 1 L. .X . ,- 4-V5 C' "'Y"' A? 4.9" 4,-at . V , f ff1:'1j ", ,+ ' 1 ' f,.if" '-if-3 , 4, ,,- 1' ' ff- ,, ' ' Zy t 1 -"" ' 15.5 fkvgf' ' 3?Sl.IfA ,f . 'JE'-" - 1 .,, 34 ':a:i. - ,',?'1" 7953 ' ,ULF-1 .nf t- , , , . f - Q M rw, i .,- 3,1 .555 R fb? V gf, .L . ,545-faa'.A'f"1f , , -6 42 .1 1.-av' 1 JXX Band wins third at Houston fest Taking third in the Astrodome Band fes- tival, the Marching Generals band entered several other contests. Placing second in the Statehood'day parade, the band added several large trophies to their collection as they attended numerous Contests. Led by Russell Moss, and Annette Henderson, drum major and majorette, and director Mr. John Fuller, the band went all over the state and several neighboring states in com- petition. The Band prepares for the trip to Houston. "After a long day of marehing that air eonditioned room will sure ieel iiieef' evvlailns David Wilson. The L.. S. Grant Nlarvhing Generals. "Smile y'ou're on Candid Canierafi sipu-als Annette Henderson, Drum Major- ette. Perry Ruse-lrrook establishes lht' underlying lwal for the entire liaml. Terry Bnekner really has tn tri hard to keep his line straight in one of the many parades the hand we-nl to this year. The hes! part of the trip f swimming, Thr Houston st-urelmarml al the Aslrudonu- lights up for the Marehing Ci-iii-rails. The mnjnrettes prac-liee for their routine on the lawn of the sla1lium.The Pride of US, Grant. the Nlarehing Cen- erals un the Astroclome fit-lil. liaml l-if Cadettes 'drill' in performances Performing for President Ford, placing third in state competition at Houston, marching in Statehood parade, crowning Terri Shaha Miss Drill Team, and support- ing sports with halftime entertainment were attributed to "The Cadettesf' Football captain was Barbie Millerg co- captains were Pam Shunkweiler, DeAnna Norman, and Cindy Hall. Basketball cap- tain was Terri Shahag co-captains were Lori Hutton, Melody Trail, ,and DeAnna Nor- man. Drill Team. Front Row: Karen Blethrow, Reba Cam- bell, Karen Otley, Barbie Miller, Melody Trail, Pam Shu nkwiler, Terri Florence. Second Row: Terri Shaha. Lori Hutton, Laurel Kuehne, Cecilia Sharp, Patty Mar- tin, Belinda Kirkpatrick, Cindy Hall. Third Row: Lyn- nettc Coodmillcr. Jennifer Smith, Debbie Sammons. Fourth Row: Dc-Anna Norman, Edgwenna Jones. Hflh Row: Kathy Humphries. Pattie Martin, Laurel Kuehne, Karen Otley jump for joy when the Generals score. The drill team performs at a pep assembly. Mel- ody Trail is distressed in the last few minutes of the game. Queen Terri Shaha gleams with joy after being crowned at thc hand-drill team homecoming. 1-18 drill tm-um i' 0'1" 1 if V E 5 x N 3 f .J, . is lfr 1, NAA X E .'Sx 9 3 yi drill 1 ,. ,f ry .y1-, 4, . ,w:,.:,f:' H ff' . A' 1, -' . ,f Q X ,fi , 4 .f f ,,,,,f'f? , ' if .,1 V . ,fn , ,3,1 4 1 in in? Wisiff' I., ' if Jef A .VM I . I ,F . mf wry? if Y ,,f.. E' 1 Q'-I' , 135 WB NDN' SPFCHETTIW t-. up A mf 11 W-rvv v vw--v-vw .-vvvwwvvvvvv v Sa brettes usher at finals rodeo Ushering for National Finals Rodeo and the lee Capades as well as numerous other concerts and special events added to the activities of the Sabrettes. Girls accumulated merits by attending games, participating in hall decorations, attending meetings, and ushering. Merits then qualified girls to run for an office. Laura Wood hopes for a touchdown in the final period. Officers Karen Wasser, Terri Ramlaff, Dee Ann Whit- nah, Donna Davis and Renee Wood cheer on the Gen- erals. Vickie Keener, Robyn Wood. and Betty Cassity are proud to he Generals. Cathy Proctor anxiously awaits the outcome. The Sabreltes Pep Cluh. Sheilyn Taylor shows her spirit. Brenda Carpenter watches for her float in the homecoming parade. l52 pt-p vlulr MJ ...t s fi Cx if gif: I -Q. AAR "Ns, ww' 'N - bw f""' School life explores the mysterious world ofthe classroom - when it is not used for study. The lun that is had, the games that are played, the people met, the associates gained, and all the other things that are a part ot the sociological development gained in the life led at school. Student Lie W if " x 5 0 1 ' Q f 5... 9, xoixv I X.- K is t-fjsff' ,Q Qisv ,4 Y 1 1 'W g axlv 4. 5, 1 Dale Marshall, Richard Osborn and honest Steve DeGuisti play an exciting game of poker. 156 school life la lxkssa Seniors form their traditional Senior Circle to say their last good-bye to high school football. Sheilyn Taylor "belongs" in the middle of the Pep Club cheering her team on. Fellowship is the kind of thing that you would like to have all the time, but unfortu- nately, that is not always possible. Being with friends is the thing that most would like to do most of the time. Unfortunately, there are circumstances beyond anyone's control that prevents this. Being with friends, running around on weekends, eating, sleeping and even prac- tically living together seems to be the order of the day. Most everyone has at least one set of foster parents whom they see at least as much as they see their own, and usually they love them about as much as they love their own. Fellowship is the thing that is necessary for proper development, and one of the things that is really enioyed by all and really is beneficial in almost all cases. Learning how to associate and get along is one of the lessons essential to proper social growth. Togefherness just as imporfanf as learning, growing 41 ,X . ,., - E ,Q iii Q fmzh.-. qu Q - , I I q . ft, V sa l , Wd g W . - ' r 'X A , if ' y ' gh g -aft If . .3 WSE J' 1 -'wa he 'H X ."f':' ' 1 Qgwb A .vi ,J-iff HI I , .tx 1 I , U I I ,1. "ah: 1' , 'S i ,, , X V W I 1 " .li T"g' -6- . U ' '- - I . l f -'-'-is i 'fd vu 1. 'f::A5. " in Hy , '3- h K F , X ,z I A , . 49' l',V I ' o A .X f K, . I - n A I . 1 ' in w e 1 4' i k Y X fi K. Vg A- Qc i.ii.iaf my 499137 . 1 Y +"l .l.-x K ' tax" E l s , ll in o , D 'Ji l ' ., W 5 a ' v- 4' " Af nl 3 . if AAA f " J. . I Q ' .P I Blankets come in handy at cold winter games as Kevin Franklin, Debbie Johnson and Bruce Johnson find out. Kids even gather in the parking lotto have fellowship together. W The gang gathers at Pizza Planet after a football game. school life l57 .J! QL . .fd W Q iw is xr ' s f S SC dN G d b dMll fr 2 Friday, Safurday were really good because of dares ' sw !!3li!lTlTW'?jrr Friday and Saturday nights are usually he nights that couples are seen on the own. A quick trip to McDonald's or an vening dining in elegance in one of the ity's finer restaurants. A date can be any- hing that is imaginable, from bowling, to ragging 59th, to going on a hayride, to ining in style! Anything! Taking in a film is he most common way to spend an eve- ing, but it is usually an enioyable experi- nce - whatever you decide. Crossroads Mall is a popular place for n evening. With several different kinds of ating establishments, several methods of ntertainment, and the carnival-like atmos- here that prevails, the mall is a place not nly to shop, but also a place to drink in nd consume. Dating is a method in which you are bet- er acquainted with others who are inter- sted in the same things you are - mainly ach other. 1:-4. L-n "Flowers for me!" says Becky Fuller. Herbie Hudson gets starry eyed when he thinks about his big date. Kenny Noble and Melinda Horne enioy c more expensive date as they eat at Fox and Horn. .I school life l59 .P "The fuzzier our hats are, the warmer we stay," says Melody Trail and Lori Hutton. 160 school life Annette McClure wears the new look ofthe tied up blouse and longer skirt. Fashions this year ranged from overalls to the longer dress lengths, to the hooded blouse, to the high waisted cuffed pants. For the guys, t-shirts and iean iackets still topped the list. Blue ieans were as always a favorite, as were suede boots for foot comfort. Rabbit was a big, big fashion essential this year. Rabbit iackets, rabbit sleeves, rabbit vests and sweater additions were a big plus in the fashion scene. Fake furs and Eisenhower iackets seemed to be the style of the moment and the longer skirts were more of a style than a fad of the 50's craze. The platforms and scarves at the neck recalled the styles of "Be bop" and sock hops. Men, although they were geared for comfort for the most part, enioyed the Gatsby styling that has influenced most of the recent more stylish dress clothes. Cuffs and wide lapels showed the influence. . ."" , -.4 Q3 ' l K W Y gs. . oshion sefs mood or evenings away, oys of school J N-J Rabbit fur coats are very popular this year as Lee Ann Hamm exhibits. Donna Waldon lust loves her new midi and her platform shoes. f. Joe Edwards and Melvin Turner really know how to dress. school life 161 E 1 EF 5315665121 65555212 1. ,mf W. Jobs, sfudenf life go fogefher like love, marriage gf Terri Florence and Rhonda Prof! help everyone to have a good time of ForreII's. DuvdPgI k d t td fllb "Op d y A d D dl y h g ray. 5 7 1 " 1 F . Jobs are an important part of student fe, since buying cars and going to college re great money-eaters. All ofthe popular laces like Ken's, the Planet, .lack in the ox, are all in need of hard workers. rant seems to supply these places with orkers. The school also provides students r the more unusual iobs. Work is fun, work is hardy work is con- tructive. Meeting new people and having ew experiences are all integral parts of he growth one receives when he takes on job. Jobs are an unavoidable reality at one ime or another. Everybody has to work ometime, and usually it is more now than 1 4,4 Gum .rg f - 241 NL WMPPQ' Wh0PPe" , ,gi, td' Ng' gyinbuff Yumb0 ' L I Kim Loveless says "Have it your way at Burger King." Lee Ann Wilson shows the newest in stereos at Team Electronics. Kathy Roberts greets the customers with a smile at Ken's Pizza Parlor. school life I63 ig .ir Getting into the Christmas spirit are Terri Todd and Cindy O'Mealy. Eddie Armstrong, Ann Decker, and Alvin Richardson iump for ioy because Spring Break is finally here. 164 school life Many people enioy Halloween by touring Haunted Houses. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hannukah, St. Valentine's Day. Some of these days are celebrated by everyone sometime. Holi- days are times when old aunts come around and have a cheek-pinching party or "I bet you don't remember me. Look how much you've grown!" game. On holi- days, eating and receiving gifts seem to be in the order of the day, unless sleeping tops the list. The holidays, a time for gift-giving and reunion, are also a time for remembering where all these things came from. The things that we enioy everyday, iust tapes and records, food and a good bed every night. What is commonly known as the holi- day season is a time for giving and thanks- giving. Thankfulness for a new year to begin, thankfulness for a free country to live in, thankfulness for the gifts of o sea- son that is built on love and thanksgiving. All holidays are a time of reioicing for one person or another at one time or another. Resf, food, family fop lisf of holiday acfivifies for any 474.1--1 4 ,nfl E", : ,mg-45' V435 b ig. Ei N4 .W , , K ,,i-sfrfsw-'1"",f , ff .Ffa gf., ., - ,. .f . ,A , 1 1 1,10 'lfliwki-rfqiffgj , sqm' ',.u?fl2ll"f is 5 'iw . ,V " - -I i ff' V.',-,glQil,,4Wfff, pq. 'M3J!,',gg.: 'w ,WH . r. A . 47. . Homecoming Queen has her own liffle world - complete Pep Club girls wait impatiently for the football Football Queen, Tina Gonzales, admires her flowers players fo come on the field. from Eddie Armstrong. Diana Suchy and Kathy Herrin show off fheir homecoming mums. I66 school life Homecoming is in a land of its own, having a queen to reign over it, attendants for her, iesters before her, crowds who love her, a night planned lust for her and her alone. Graduates come back that night to see how things have changed, to spill a few tears over times past, and to see what the generation now has to offer. Homecoming is a tradition from genera- tions past, and is usually celebrated by those who are in those past generations. If it is examined closely, it will be seen that the ones with the most cameras and the ones cheering the loudest at the corona- tion are not the students, but, alas, the parents who cheer the loudest, who take the pictures who take care of all the things that should be done by the excited stu- dents. Are they trying to recapture their youth, are they remembering their own time? they iust trying to preserve the for their posterity, or is it really a time to reassure themselves that time not lost? Nfl' -Ax.. Q ,- . l- ,I JN ur X' xx The Homecoming Court watches the game after the crowning ceremony during halftime. The band marched at the new and exciting Vanessa Walker and Richard Alvarado perform on homecoming parade the Junior Class float which won first place I ti. -w -Q 4 1 1 .Kat ' .... ,. .k 3 , Students assemble in the library to hear a guest speaker. Linda Havnes concentrates as she plays her Looking for her friend in o crowded pep instrument in the Pep Assembly. 0SS9mblY is Felishfl Baldwin- I68 school life Assemblies - a place to get bored, t catch a little shut-eye, to learn, to b bored, to ditch during, most anyway t spend the time that is needed to do wha ever it is that is not supposed to be don Assembly behavior is a top administrativ concern - and this becomes a constan reminder of what is expected of the stu dent body. Assemblies are one of th things that keep a student body alive, on of the things that is a part of school lif from the beginning. ln grade school they were something ta be looked forward to. Seeing films o. hearing lectures or seeing plays were fuf back then. Junior high brought the adven of having several assemblies that really were mature. Purposes now vary. Som are to entertain, true, but many are t inform and to educate. And now assemblies are a way of life. that will never be gone - in churches higher educaton, and conventions - there they will be. +1 he Assemblies good for many things - learning, sleeping M5792 Lil: 2 As the band plays, the maioreffes show spiri? al a Pep Assembly. r F-if J .xqzzfiu N . A ix A As the Pep Assembly moves along, the drill team shows greaf spirit fogether. As the Pep Club cheers, the fooiball players relax for the game that nighf. school life 169 DQ9 Q Many groups gef info assembly acf fo provide variety A ors get ready for 'he b f 170 h u I f 'fs Assemblies are a big part of school - pep assemblies, plays, speeches, and even smaller ones with modern dance and other departments sponsoring such things. Thes- pians usually headline the assembly mak- ers because of the number of plays and one-acts that are presented. However, in recent years, modern dance and gymnas- tics have had assemblies that were most impressive. The Northwest Classen modern dance class visited in the early winter, presenting an assembly that included many special effects, as special costumes, lighting effects and musical effects. The yearbook assembly is usually one of the highlights of the year. With the crowning of General and his Lady, and Prince and Princess of print, and entertain- ment that is second to none, the traditional pomp and pageantry that accompanies this is one of the things that keeps the school life together from year to year. 1 11 1f"j,'51. ?'7t t-2131 if fig 2-xlqlliif xanga A 4. T nfs i Pi fb? -x I 'T v,- ..ls J , +I T Thx iiWViTw TiW .+,,'-N id, .S1"fe.-,Am -1 YL X tl l ,i il The Northeast Viking Singers do dance routines to make it more enjoyable. i bl! James Ray and Connie Green really do a great iob in the Junior Class Play. The Northeast Viking Singers perform for the Yearbook Assembly. school life l7l ,xx i .sg gt H Wow! the night of the prom! I really have to get close for Charlene, says Russ Woods to himself. Charlene Weeks thinks about the night to come as she fixes her hair for Russ Woods. 172 school life The prom - a dream of teenage girls from the time immemorial, of grandeur and beauty fill the head of the girl going to her first iunior-senior prom, and usually her dream is fulfilled with a prince charm- ing that is the apple of her eye. The prom is a fairyland of dreams and desires. It has a queen and a king to rule over it, a royal band to play for it and an evening that will remain in the hearts of people all over forever. The prom royalty consists of five girls and five boys who are chosen by the com- bined iunior and senior classes. They are primped and photographed, over and over until they are sufficiently sickened of it, and then the one who had the most votes in the vote was crowned king and queen of the prom. End of fairy tale, back to reality. Eitsggfg' as , ... i ,,,,.. K ,JXP K .ii ' w,...., . rc KR,-i. ,... .K 4 Se. j 1 f X wifi ,..wvvf"""" Prom vision-like world of wonder for every memory l, N ff, Y' Candidates for 1974-75 Prom King and Queen are: Glen Shunkwiler, Larry Shepard, Tracy Clark, Torn Crim, Shelly Baker, Sherri Forbes, LeeAnn Wilson, Karen Wasser, and Erin Terbush. Happy is the life of Karen Wasser as she is announced Prom Queen. if 'Q if e I 4 m :- A I I 1.1 e 1974-75 King and Queen of the Prom ore Tom Crim and Karen Wosser. school life 173 312325, l my 'galfsgl 4 Cross country me mafmen, cinderme nominafe affendan teh egg Q7 6' 1 Q-A ' I fw A ,' f5,"l 2 K 'l' : A l"'l' Yu 2 lets .1 'J ' U' J Ca. lllf, rf. 3 'Vw w-'T Q va.: 4 an 'F-'ff Ki w -H..,1.. 2, .ms lisa.. Ml , 2 '13 The 1974-1975 Track attendants are: Janece Forlune, Anita Garret, Kim Pleahn, and Diane Asner. Janece Fortune pauses ia get her picfure laken for Track queen. 174 school life Cross-Country Arrendanls for 'I 974-75 are: Teresa Wolf, Tobi Hanlan, Cindy Briggs, and Terri Russell. Cindy Briggs is named Cross-Country Queen for the year 1974-75. if 1753531 'fill-if i 'HQH :ssl 'Wd .Q I 4 ll . -in . l LZ ll n mln- , i ff! t' nt, A , .,.. Z ' if , , 4 E4 - X- 7 Q Cross country has chosen Cindy Briggs to reign over them for this year. The cin- dermen on the track team have chosen Janiece Fortune to reign over them. And the wrestlers have chosen Dee Ann Whit- nah to be their queen, to round out the field. Attendants to the queen of cross coun- try included senior Sherri Pugh, iunior Kim Plaehn, sophomore Anita Garrett and freshman Diana Asner. Track attendants included senior Esther Asner, junior Terrie Russell, sophomore Teresa Wolf and freshman Tobi Hanlan. Wrestlers chose iuniors Carla George and Charlene Weeks, sophomores Betty Cassity and Carrie Chody, and freshmen Lori Boiarski and Deby Suggs. .gf T T Wrestling attendants for the year 1974-75 are: Deby Suggs, Lori Boiarski, Carla George, Charlene Weeks, DeeAnn Whitnah, Lisa Hart, Carie Chody, Betty Cassity, and their two little friends. r lt, .pf vl F1611 Y gl nl Steve Gastineau escorts the new queen, DeeAnn Whitnah. DeeAnn Whitnah smiles as she receives her flowers for wrestling Queen. fx N. I x Basketballers chose Carol Mayo to reign over them this year. She was attended by senior Delano Gibson, iuniors Terri Ebert, Debra Thompson, and sopho- more Sherry Higgins. Football homecoming was the big event this yeor, even more so than in the past. This year, the Student Council sponsored a homecoming parade with 16 floats enter- ing. Many clubs, classes, and homerooms entered, and the iunior class float emerged victorious. Tina Gonzales was crowned homecom- ing queen before o crowd of 3,000. She was attended by senior Lourie Gilliland, Carol Mayo smiles as she is elected Basketball 'l76 school life Queen. if , 1 . X A bv: A, Carol Mayo, the new basketball attendant really shows spirit at one of our games. The 1974-75 Basketball attendants are Debbie Thompson, Sherry Higgins, Terri Ebert, DeLona Gibson, and Carol Mayo. 1?-4? - Q . 9 iuniors Carol Tepsic and Brenda Reid, and sophomore Sheila Neher. Homecoming is not only a time for the alumnus to come home, to see the old homestead the way it is now, but to think ofthe way it was. a . w...-Y r ,X fi Jl . l ofballers, nefmen oose ladies r coronafion Q. M un ". ,x 4a .4 'N 1 i Xnx The new queen receives a kiss from Eddy Armstrong. Everyone watches while the queen, Tina Gonzales is driven around the field. 'avr' 1"--X Q Ti ii l Q 7 ls' r JJ K . X R s xx Eddy Armstrong presents football queen, Tina Gonzales with a bouquet af roses. Tina Gonzales watches the game with her attendants, Brenda Reid, Carol Tepsic, Laurie Gilliland, and Sheila Neher. school life 177 as 1-+1 Mark Johnson, Suzanne Mabry, Kenny Noble, and Christi Kendrix reign as yearbook royalty. Mark Johnson crowns Editor Suzanne Mabry as Princess of Print. Suzanne and Mark walk on as the audience applauds. 178 school life Royalty is crow in colorful o during firsfi Candidates Robert Aldridge, Donna Davis, Dane Foley, and Johana Burdiff enjoy the yearbook assembly. Suzanne Mabry and Mark Johnson reign as Prince and Princess of Print. Renee Wood walks down the runway while the audience applauds. A. The General and his Lady can included several seniors. The General didates included Steve Huddlestor Foley, Charlie Weeks, Robert Al and Jeff Downey. Ladies included Burditt, Renee Wood, Donna Lawanna Halstead and Becky Cossey. The General, Charlie Weeks crowned by co-mistress of cerei ' Vanessa Walker. ln turn, Charlie c his Lady, Becky Cossey. The other tress of ceremonies was school life Jana Davis. Decked out in their finest gowns tuxedos, the candidates were rel and bedecked with flowers before assembly. The final vote was kept with less than ten people knowing the result. The assembly diverted from tradition, that the candidates were seated on before the assembly and the ladies I i naded on a specially built ramp, in ' of the traditional walk down the aisle.- Becky Cossey and Charlie Weeks are crowned General and His Lady at the yearbook assembly. Vanessa Walker crowns Charlie as General. l8O school life Everyone applauds while the General and His Lady look out into the audience. Now the big moment, Charlie crowns Becky. Singers entertain a General and Lady friends and family Sports -the one legal way to express oneself in a most violent way. Psychologists say that on the football tield the most basic sounds ot man are heard. And in this spirit of our baser nature, the spirit of competition must also be taken into consideration. Competition keeps most species alive and on their toes tor predators. Competition is one ot the most basic drives. To be better than someone else is one ofthe greatest satistactions that a person can know. And in sports, this is legal. Spins ports ,Isl Gridster record clim bs to 6-3-1 Cridsters had a 6-3-1 season, com- piling 2810 total offensive yards, 1616 of those in passing, and the remaining 1 194 in rushing. Leading rusher was Phillip Wil- liams, who rushed for 534- yards on 69 carries, averaging 7.7 yards per carry. Trailing him were Mark Ellison with 454 yards, and Robert Aldridge who ran for 74 yards. Leading pass receiver was Craig Carter, who caught 40 passes for 480 yards, averaging 12 yards per carry. Craig also scored 12 touchdowns, as well as 2 conversion points for the highest scorer. Scott Brewer was the leading passer, completing 109 of 251 attempts with 18 interceptions and throwing for 18 touchdowns. Scott scored 6 touchdowns and 15 extra points. gd' "W ,Ami ik. 4 X ,-'fs 5 W 5 HX .1 3 51 'Zi pw s g F, V ,ff irq ,W ,y " .gt f til? ' Q J, rs 3 --6 f-PM" --9 -PM ' n "fW"s 2 T, : ?',lfglfliD Ftdg ,Q-lf:,e,., L. A5 '93 ,QE J ' E, flsxfl ,. il '- Varsity Football. Front Row: Phillip Williams, Jim Rowland, Steve Finley, Steve Higgins, Kyle Hamm, Steve Garrett, Eddy Armstrong, Jeff Downey, Scott Brewer, Mark Dixon. Row Two: Daryle Reynolds, Mark Ellison, John King, David Straka, Ray Brown, Harlen Owens, Don Tay- lor, Kid Curry, Larry Shepard, ,Io Bob Wright. Row Three: Russ Woods, Rocky Clark, Sid Haynes, Ken Adams, Tom Crim, Mark Wallace, Andy Taylor, Mike Sorrels, Jerry Scott, Steve Gastineau. Back Row: Bobby Aldridge, Glen Shunkwiler, Micky Martin, Tiger McDermont, Jim Brown, Rick Washington, Craige Carter, Doug Roberson, Steve Huclelston, Mike Raber. Joe Bob Wright practices his interception drills which paid off during the Generals' winning season. The Generals scored mostly by passing, but here they proved their power on the turf. Mark Ellison literally tears away from the opponents. With an excellent execution of blocking assignments, Mark Ellison is able to bring the ball downfield for a first down. Jerry Scott breaks down for a tackle against Southeast opponents. sports l85 In the hard-fought tie game between Del City and Grant, the Generals fall short a yard on a quarterback sneak. Running from Syd Haynes, the opponent from Southeast doesn't know he's heading for Shunkwilder, Wright and Company. Looking for open field, Phillip Williams was the number one rusher on the ground. One ofthe top receivers in the state, Craig Carter amazes fans with another unbelievable reception. Mike Lambeth proved to be an asset in the Generals' kicking game. 186 sports Southeast win top for season Defeating Southeast was, in the opinion of the coaching staff, the high point of the year, with the Northwest game running a close second. Del City and Northwest were both mentioned as the best games this year. Several ofthe coaches evaluated Craig Carter, Scott Brewer, Mark Dix- son, Steve Huddleston, Phillip Wil- liams, Glen Shunkwiler, jerry Scott, Mike Sorrels, Pat Medina, Joe Bob W'right, and Sid Haynes as among more oustanding players, both offen- sively and defense-wise. "Phillip Wil- liams was the most improved player," added Coach Choate, "and Sid was our best lineman." Several players were mentioned on all state teams, including Scott Brewer, who was also chosen for the Oklahoma Journal "Blue Chip pro- spect" list. if if 2--f' fwfr 3 H" wli' Mark Ellison struggles away from John Marshall linebacker as he later went in for six points for the Generals Junior Varsity. With a little blocking, give it to Mark Ellison and he'll take it in. Shuffling, cutting, and faking Mark Ellison tries desperately to maneuver around his pursuer. Top varsity material is seen here in Homer Dade as he brings in a pass against Northwest Classen for a touchdown. Breaking tackles around the end, Andy Taylor was great as a sophomore running hack. lunior varsity chalks up 4-4 Junior Varsity closed their season with a 4-4 record. Junior Varsity head coach Kamal Shanbour evaluated "Del City as the high game of the season" which the Generals won 34-14. Several players the coach termed as outstanding, effective, or much improved were Tom Crim, Dean Par- ton, Tiger McDermott, Jerry Scott, Joe Washington, Andy Taylor, Robert Cartwright, Doug Roberson, Joe Dar- row, Steve Finley, Mike Raber and Jim Rowland. Dean Parton and Joe Darrow were tagged the most improved players by Coach Shanbour. "We played a good game against Putnam City. We should have won it, but we lost 21-20," added the coach. "Western Heights was our best execu- ted game which we won 24-6." sports 189 Freshman team takes southside With a team record of 7-1, and holding second place in the city fresh- man league, the "Little Generals" held the best record among the three teams in football. Coach Jim Faurot added "We had outstanding team spirit. Everyone worked hard and put out a good team effortf' "I think our best game was the Southeast game for the Southside championship," added Coach Faurot. "The whole team made great improve- ment during the year.', Several outstanding players were named by Faurot. Among those were Scott Clark, Tyrone Galbreath, Rick Bateman, Randy Woods, Jeff Cobb, Bill Mullinax, and David Lambeth. "We'll have a good freshman team next year, because of all the retuming seventh and eighth graders," con- cluded Faurot. -4. Leading rusher, David Lambeth cuts loose on a short yardage situation. Thanks to Coach Faurot, freshman football had an outstanding overall record. Coach Mark Lyons reflects upon his players doing a job well done. Coach Jim Faurot and defensive Coach Lyons have looks of apprehension on a fourth down situation. Freshman Football. First Row: Scott Clark, Rick Bateman, David Lambeth, Curtis Speegle, James Roberson, Jeff Cabb, Jimmy Falmer, Larry Cosson. Sevond Row: Randy Vannasdoll, Dale Rains, Jim Farr, Randy Truitt, Bustler Keasley, Terry Spalding, John Gillespie. Thin1Row: Pete Hirslon, William Kralik, Bob Taylor, Leslie Echols, Charly Maynard, Rich Wilson, Gerald Elrod. Fourth Row: ,lim Menefee, Tony Gracey, Daryl Ferguson, Chelcen Bert, laird Keetev, Randy Powell. Fifth Row: Clint Bidwell, Mike Kent, Tony Schrouf, Randy Woods, Roger Mathis, Randy Rigsby, Andrew Washington. Sixth Row: Ronny Roddy, Gerald Rosebrook, Ted Norman Ronald Carr, Monty Wenthold, Tyrone Galbreath. Seventh Row: Tim Maen, Chip Hill, Pal Wat: son, Lesly Roberson. , Q 4 - ....,. 4 4 ...ls .1 Cagers emerge with 7-16 year From a disastrous season last year, the roundballers found con- siderable room for improvement and came off looking better with a 7-16 record. Senior Curtis Godwin was named on the "honorable men- tion" list of all-state teams and for the Mid-State conference team he was on the first team. Senior Rob- ert Chaney was on the third all- conference team. Seniors included Godwin, Cha- ney, Ron Dobson, Dennis Bryant, Mark Dixson, Glen Shunkwiler, Mike Gramling, Gary Houlette, Ray Meredith, Randy Ivie, and Ron Davis, juniors Steve Knapp and Wayne Seeley, and sophomore Terry Barkus. h. Basketball Team. Front Row: Mark Dixson, Terry Burkus, Mike Gramling, Curtis Godwin, Dennis Gryant, Ronnie Davis, Wayne Seeley. Hack Row: Coach Bob Starke, Glen Shunkwiler, Steve Knapp, Robert Chaney, Gary Houlelte, Bill Mccrs, Ronnie Dobson, Coach Don Methcny. With acute accuracy, Curtis Godwin scores again! Offense isn't everything as Mark Dixson, with a great defensive move, keeps his Edmond opponent from scoring. Coach Don Methcny instructs Curtis Godwin in a crucial overtime situation against Edmond. As Mark Dixson shoots a free shot, Curtis Godwin, Gary lloulettc and Ray Nlcridcth are ready lo rebound. sports l93 W. 194 sports Always hustling, Robert Chaney steals a pass in mid-air from Edmond opponent. The leading scorer for the roundballers, Curtis Godwin executes a perfect lay-up. Mike Grambling and Ronnie Dobson stretch for the rebound. Always under the goal, Curtis Godwin fights for control of the ball. Knapp tagged most improved Basketball was led by scorers Hike Cramling, Curtis Godwin, Robert Cha- ney and Mark Dixson. ln their attempts, they led the Generals to an improved season over last year. "The most improved player this year is Steve Knapp. He really put all he had into the team effortf, said coach Bob Starke. "Steve really was one of the most consistent players we had this year." This was the last year for Coach Don Metheny as head basketball coach. X 4 Straining for the tip, Kyle Hamm and Tiger McDermott are equally matched. .l.V. letterman Tiger McDermott hits on a 20 ft. jumper. Coach Starke points out important factors of strategy for a future game. Kyle Hamm picks a screen for Bill Meers, who puts in two. Jr. Varsity Basketball Team. First Row: Erick Freeman, Kenneth Hill, Ricky Washington, Lee Henson, Wayne Seely. Second Row: Steve Knapp, William Kral- ick, Fred Henderson, Greg Morgan, Homer Dade, Don Woods. Back Row: larry Knight, Kevin Franklin, Rick Win- ford, Coach Starke, Kyle Hamm, Wen- dell Fitchmer, Ted Norman, Steve Alex- ander. Nat Pictured: Tiger McDermott. X-1 f r ,'X rf' N 54 . ,. ,ULU 2 my ,ff jf- 5 ,, t V by X f , , if w al, 91 'X ffm , rg iw f, 17 I. , J W I f""""'T'T'3f ., f y' was if Q I 1 fr - mf"7AfQi Coach projects into next year "Next season, I look forward to with great expectation from several players. Steve Knapp is really the bright light as a returner. Also sopho- more Rick Washington, juniors Wayne Seeley, Lee Henson, and Tiger McDermott, and freshman Wendall Fitchner, who I think may be the best in the bunch, will be there." This comment from Coach Bob Starke pre- dicted what the '76 Generals have to look forward to from the '75 team. "I think that we will probably have a crop of good freshmen next year. Two of our feeder schools, Jefferson and Jackson, are the champion mid- dle schools in the city," Starke con- eluded. sports 197 198 sports Matmen score 6-10 record Wrestlers compiled a 6-10 win-loss record, placing second in the all-city tournament and fifth at the annual Geary tournament. Wins were scored over Edmond, Moore, Douglass, Northwest, Del City, and Northeast, totalling 263 team points. "We were not consistent as a team, but we had some individuals who wrestled well all year," varsity coach ,lohn Magers said. "The team wrestled well at times, especially during the All-City and Geary tournaments. Other well-done matches included Edmond, Southeast, Midwest City and Del City," he added. Big winners for the Generals Included Ray Brown, Steve Garrette, Ricky Wooten, Duncan Darlin, Steve Gastineau, and Rocky Clark. E . 2.ff5i. : 4 O I 'law 'T , spollm 199 Duncan Darlin "Duncan Darlin was a pleasant sur- prise. He had less than one year of wrestling experience when the season started, but made steady progress all year and finished the season placing fourth in the state and leading the team in falls with sevenf' said coach Magers. Duncan also placed second in All-City, fourth in Mid-State, and fourth in Regional. Rick Wooten placed second in All- City, second at Geary and third at Mid- State. Steve Garette, with a 20-7-l record, placed second in All-City, third in Geary, second in Mid-State, and fourth in regional play. Senior Ray Brown placed second in surprises coach All-City play, third at Geary, and sec- ond in Mid State. "Returning next year will be Rick Wooten, David Knight., ,lim Craven, Rocky Clark, Kevin Pollock, Archie Knight, and Pat Fitzgerald," Magers added. "Others who will probably see varsity action are Alex Pcrakis, Rich- ard Rosebrook, David Lambeth, Lesly Roberson, James Roberson, and Scott Clark. Larry Crosson, ,Ieff Wright, Jerry Wooten, Bob Taylor and Craig Riley could also see some action," he concluded. if FN. 'I I t .l - .L , ,l.V. Wrestlers. Front Row: Wally Willis, Jerry Lambert, Scott Williams, Craig Riley, Larry Fielder, Mike Burnside. Middle Row: Darrell Ferguson, James Rober- son, larry Crosson, Scott Clark, Bruce Hollinshead, Doug Anderson, Phillip Hook. Back Row: Bobby Taylor, Richard Rosebrook, Steve Finley, David Lam- beth, Jeff Wright, Lesly Roberson, Curtis Crist. Trying desperately to escape is Jerry Wooten, a top prospect for next year's team. Executinga severe cross body ride, Steve Carrette obviously had no trouble with this opponent. Underclassman Pat Fitzgerald gets two here, and later in the third period pinned his opponent. Letterman Rocky Clark shows an excellent defensive stance lo make it hard for his opponent to shoot. Senior Ray Brown, having an excellent record this season, has had his arm in this position many times this year. sports 201 "Q , , at Baseball Team. First Row: Randy Whilhite, Larry Snowvarger, Randy Goodwin, Tulio Ramirez, Russell Demeter, Mike Anglin, Steve DeCuisti. Second Row: Jack Talley, Bill Midgett, Perry Hahn, Donny Baker, Danny Standridge, Tommy Walkabout, Jimmy Scroggins, Ronny Brown, Mike Sorrels. Back Row: Coach Castle, Coach Starke, Joe Bob Wright, Micky Marlin, Joe Shephard, Mike Walker, Robert Chaney, Mike Lambeth, David Hunter, Richard Lowther, Ronnie Dobson, Curtis Cipson. Consistent in the hitting department, Mike Walker blasts another. Timing is very important in baseball, as Mickey Martin demonstrates his favorite style. Looking at ease from the sidelines, Joe Bob Wright watches the Generals score again. Ronnie Dobson ducks the pickoff throw. 202 sports I r x 5 -6 X ki 51 ig. . Q2 A K 1 l s 5 9 4 'N 5 . la X 'N iz Walker, Martin leaders of team Contenders for the Mid-State crown and with the new mle changes, the Generals' baseballers played several of "the hardest teams in the state," according to Coach Glen Castle. "We have the ability to beat some of the teams that we couldn't beat last year," he added. Returners included seniors Robert Chaney, pitcher, Mike Walker, short- stop and outfield, Larry Shepard, first base, Ron Dobson, outfield, Keith Mikeman, pitcher, juniors Mickey Martin, catcher, Paul Heath, pitcher, Danny Standridge, pitcher, Perry Hahn, second baseg Jack Talley, third base, Steve Kanpp, shortstop, Donnie Baker, outfield, and sophomore Rus- sell Demeter, outfield. "Probably the toughest games played are conference games. Putnam City and Del City are two of the tough- est teams in the state," Coach Castle added. ,-. -F 4 1 -'N-, N 4 ' . V1 -,gall 'il Kenny Adams practices throwing the discus as he has set many records for the Generals by doing so. Here Syd Haynes demonstrates he can throw a shot put as well as he can throw bodies in football. Larry Rappc and Greg Hook practice the 880-yard relay. Tom Crim is well ahead ofa teammate during time trials for a future track meet. Track Team. Front Row: Greg Hooker, Dean Parton, Scott Kilgore, Larry Manual, Ronald Davis, Chris Ball. Second Row: Mark Ellison, Jay Ball, John King, Larry Rappe, Richard Lenard, Phillip Williams, Tim Tabor, Marc Lyons. Back Row: Coach Bell, Benny Potter, Robert Cartwright, Mark Wilson, Syd Haynes, Mark Dixson, Kenneth Adams, Larry Suchy, Coach Barlow. J 221,52 rf . y O 'Qs-'ho' Niue ,U 3 Track forecast Track a spring sport that is popular from grade school up, has a counter- part at Grant that has placed several in high standings in recent seasons. Pre- diction going into this spring was another similar performance. On the weight team, lifters Syd Haynes, Ken Adams, and Ray Brown were top men. Gary Hart manned the pole vaulting, and the long distance runners included Dane Foley, Tom 1 s 1 .1 a ,A Mx -kgs, ,-1. V. , igh for season Craven, Mark Dixson, Jay Ball and Mike Novotny. Sprinters this year included Phillip Williams, Greg Hooker, Rich Wash- ington, Mark Ellison, Jerry Scott, and Tom Crim. "We'll come through our season, but the schedule is rough,,, added Coach Mike Barlow. "I think that we will win the City champion- ship, and go on to the state finals," he concluded. spam 205 'Z' Mid-State next for swimmers "We're in the race for Mid-State and All-City," said swimming coach John Savage. "We lost a good swim- mer in Welling last year, but we still have a lot of good men, and some good girls too." Defeating Northwest Classen was one of the highlights of the year, with a score of 42-38. "They're always good," added Coach Savage. Capitol Hill was another one of the swimmers' victories, beating the Redskins 57-17. According to Mr. Savage, the tough- est duals were against John Marshall and Putnam City. Returning lettermen include seniors Kerby Standard, Ruben Vasquez, jun- iors Richard Osborn, George Torres, Curtis Johnson, Scott Miller, David Tolman, Dub Heistand, Dusty Cooper, and sophomores Rodney Foster, Roy Keener. New comers are Mark Chil- coat, Bobby Williams, and Liz Splawn. 206 sports ?'3'Si7I'my S I0 qwvourc ai' timg Streaming through the water like a torpedo is Alton Hammond, one of the Generals fastest swimmers. It is easy to see why Dusty Cooper is the best diver on the team as he executes a beautiful swan dive. In time trials Roy Keener has the fastest time and beats his teammates Jeff Emerson and Curtis Johnson off the blocks. Coach Savage is often rewarded for his efforts by being thrown in the pool. Swimming Team. lst Row: Jerry Forehand, Darrel Williams, Greg Robinson, Richard Osbome, Bruce Perry. 2nd Row: David Tollman, Bill Sandefer, Richard Alvarado, Robin Meredith, Mark Fielder, Jeff Emerson. 3rd Row: Ruben Vasquez, Dennis Rose, Roy Keener, Liz Splawn, Rodney Foster, Laura Burkhart, Terry Hickman, Coach John Savage. 4th Row: Keith Bryant, George Torres, Mark Chilcoat, Tony Gracey, Curtis Johnson, Doyle Crabb. Not Pictured: Scott Mil- lard, Dusty Cooper, Alton Hammon, Jim Keester. I if . f wh 0, " f I , be 'Q' , .. . f ' n N .' ' I , l-' ' X I 4 f 1 ,f N ' 'Z l A -,I 1 Q ji5'.:a--.N,- J ,as R ag! Q 3 r X X. x' .g gfewx C- 'il Tennis players 'better this year' Tennis is back to defend a fourth place Mid-State position and a second in the Mid-State Tourney. With a fourth place finish in the All-City meet, the netmen "had a good season, considering the competition in both the Mid-State and also non-conference games," according to tennis coach Jim F aurot. Returning leltermen are seniors Dallas Latham, Mark McDaniel, Doug Brewer, and Lyndall Johnson, and junior Greg Faulkner. Top prospects are Clint Rogers, Tim Mastin, Mike jones, Kelley Mitchell, Tim Moen, and Roger Hanley. "I anticipate a second place finish in the conference behind a very strong Putnam City, and a big battle for first in All-City between Grant, John Mar- shall and Northeast," added Coach Faurot, who also added that with the strong five returning lettermen, the team should be improved over last year. ff Q F' 115355. kr . xi-H45 f 0 X, FN El i L., , -6-12??M""'MwWm' N157 ' wffg1ZIg2."'s..,Q'3A-Aff-M --e1W., ' 'ated ' y...iNt -at 'N i f ,,.'f"""""M .f"' C ifzlla-.... ......:M..,,..s....r ,V . ,.. ...W -A - .,,-, .-- , ' ' ,M-Z"-1-..,....,,, , Ln.. ,.,.,- , W-,, ....,, ., ,MK M ,,.,-- : H N W ,..f. . , . sw ai , A 1 A, -1 x 2 . ff '. Efzfa 1 ff O' .Jv- i i 9, fi fn ..,,, 72 iff I 1 3 5" ffvtmfif f .D ' 1s,a.,,Q,5,Q lit? ZZMUMQ Q ff! ,ff """" -h - - .V..A, ,W-Nm A - nm. 'S . ff' .Q ,, U 79, .. 6,13 , ., 'TAF' I Tennis Team. Front Row: Doug Brewer, Greg Faulk- ner, Dallas Latham, Mark McDaniels, Mike Jones, Clint Rogers. Second Row: Coach ,lim Faurot, John Bailey, Howard K. Morgan, jim Reynolds, Larry Pen- dergraft, Kelly Mitchell, Roger Hanley, Harold Ashley. Not Pictured: Lyndall johnson, Mitch Rozin, and Tim Moen. Applying the defensive skills of Mark McDaniels and the offensive skills of Dallas latham they practice together for state competition. State contender Dallas Latham practices backhand for dual matches. Rifling curves across the court, Greg Faulkner is tough to beat. sports 209 Kelly Clark golf star, sizes up his putt. The toughest shot on a golf course is getting out of a sand trap which Scott Williamson performs commendably. Three year letterman Steve Smith practices his putting as he has an outstanding reputation for being best putter on the team. Golf Team Front Row Kelly Clark, Sammy Kirby, Robert Camp. Back Row Mr Crosley, sponsor, Steve Smith, Ricky Morales, Scott Williamson. .4- W 1 .4.,.,W, 1V 5' ,rn nn' 'Wx xx .N ! 1. gx Q 'fn it A - -f-Ui. , ' 's,-- .-.A 1..-' , , , K -Q-.'If.... TWIN '?":4.U'- L'..-- '-'V -'Y-'a'--iv--X:-e 31 f- vc, " 'K' T. "'.'-"4 ' AQ. . - , - -- - --f QQ."-.- . 1' ' ':' ' 05 X54 L, Q . . - . . . . e V .. . - -., -. - Q. - -z. - f l . , '... 1. ' ,' x ' '-:3-59' A-fxz' .g. V-.. , . U . --12 T454-sf? 7.54 4' J. - f -184 Y"-i.5- .L -7 19. . 1 4. .,, 4 , ,, - . ,x -K -- - ' ' -,., ' . .I - s. ' - -" , " 9 - W -V , 5 '. ' 3. v -. ' ' . . ' .. 4- Q' - N - 'fwflnq . . ..- . , L 1' ' - ' .f'. 4 -' . - . f' ' " ' ...fif- -4 sr- 1'v.'-Q'-"-R 1. X 1-1-"+L w- ck ' - I yu' '. n' 2--Q ' ' lj-nl. ' .-. . ...U - . I " L-.-3 'L ,f '-Y . l ."'i. . a I ' .6 'v Q- ' ' .. . - -ns,-...Z .Q .' S. - 2fc:.Q:1-. .5 -325-' 1 -i-FQMHW1 are- - A 7 37,14-'f-A-4.2-1? ' 1' .4 x".-s:1,'-1,3 -ME .1 :JI-.mf , ee.. - - -'---no .1j',4.,i..-2:9 -,Q gi-v1?1--1 ' ' 1, -..,'f-54 l3:'.'Lj"i'gi'f-fA?L4:F':'.4 ' 'sta' ..-5.-'-+2-:eg-:gg-rg gsm-ffl-Q34 ' . . 1,3 ',--- - - n.. - - 1, -. -, -2- ---:K x ' - 1'-Y 1 - '. 'ff M -. -f If , gt .-.f14,,. 4' V A A wh.- I "N..,,Cf. ,N "Lawrence Field should be the main influence of the teamf' This statement came from golf coach Harold Crosley, who commented also that although the team lost two players from gradua- tion, "the new starters look promis- ing." Beginners Lawrence Field and Kelly Clark are among the promising newcomers. Lawrence placed third at the Junior World Championship held in San Diego, California, and Kelly was the runnerup in the all-city tour- nament. "The over all team should improve," Crosley added. Last year the team took third in the southwest division. "But all the other schools lost many of their top pro- spects last year," Crosley added. The team finished eighth of 26 teams at the Stillwater High Invita- tional Tournament. Golfers include senior Steve Smith, juniors Rick Morales, Jim Brakebill, and Scott Williamson, and freshmen Sarmny Kirby and Robert Camp. Girls' Basketball Team. Front Row: Donna Parldlety, Debbie Harris, Gigi Baker, Crystal Eby, Kim Smith, Tricia Diaz, Sheila Parish, Sharon Coachman, Teri Wooley. Hack Row: Connie Overstreel, Terrie Russell, Pam Brooks, Sandra Parish, Kim Calame, Sally Black, Marilyn Bizzell, Regina Eggleston, Kathy Pierce, Shelly Baker. Girls' Softball Sports. Front Row: Tammy Smith, Teresa Matthews, Tcrrie Russell, Sally Black, Regina Eggleston, Terri Wooley. Second Row: Shelly Baker, Cindy llildebrant, Kim Staley, Sandy Tankersley, San- dra Parish, Kathy Pierce, Gigi Baker. Back Row: Connie Overstreet, Carla Savage, Debbie Harris, Crystal Eby, Lynnette Goodmiller, Lori Smith, Kim Calame, Pam Brooks, Tricia Diaz, Lori Hutton, Sharon Coachman. With complete confidence Shelly Baker goes up for a lay-up as she is one of the top scorers for the Generals. Sally Black shows the perfect style, as she fields a hard hit grounder. Regina Eggleston and Sandra Parish practice the most crucial part ofa relay where only len yards are given to pass the baton. Volleyers practice for up-coming season. is I Rf Xvl 'Ht 1 Ll , a.' sp , ,M gr, -1-W ' W ' W- 7 ww-. 'iii -noe,-ug ct: ...saw- Girls' athletic program excels The girls' sports program repeated last year's success with a good show- ing this year. Softball ended with a 7-1 season, defeating all contenders for All-City honors. Outstanding players included Gigi Baker, Shelley Baker, Sally Black, Tricia Diaz, Regina Eggleston, Kathryn Parton, Janice Payton, Denia Vinyard, and Teri Woo- ley. Basketball began in late October with open school tryouts. With only one defeat on their record the "Lady Generals" began their season in class 3A for the first time, due to the change in the rules from full-court to half-court play. "It hasn't seemed to affect their play too much. We had the best record among all the city teams and were ranked eighth and tenth in the state during the first part of the season," added coach Connie Over- street. sports 213 2 1 4 sports Individual girls capture spotlight After basketball was over, immedi- ately three other sports took over the girls' line-up. Table tennis, badminton and track took over and interested several girls in their activities. Badminton as a rule is an individual sport, but several were involved in doubles play in two toumaments, one at OSU at Stillwater and one in Edmond. Returning netters included Kim Calame, Terrie Russell, Kathy Parton, Sally Black, Tricia Diaz, and Regina Eggleston. In track the ladies attended several invitational meets. They defended the All-City title and saw a strong showing in low hurdles in senior Cindy Slayton and discus throwing in junior Sally Black. Volleyball was postponed until the last part of the year due to the entry in basketball to state rules and competi- tion. liit Black who is the leading scorer for the Ccnerals. Under tremendous pressure Shelly Baker sinks a 4 footjumper. Trisha Diaz awaits a longjump for the rebound for a fast break. 5 x lil 4155-! I, rgggf- IM WW Spiking the ball with perfc-vt accuracy is Shirley D .l.- I 0 Running two miles cross country, it is vital for the team to be in top physical condition Loading up in their V.W. after a hard meet the Generals relax and are in deep thought about their past efforts. This is a familiar sight to cross country runners as they go through rough terrain. Running the football to Edmond wasn't easy as runners had to go in two-mile intervals Dane Foley and Tom Cravens hold their trophies up after they placed in all-city Cross Country. Front Row: Scott Miller, Larry Manuel Chris Ball, Larry Rape, .lay Ball. Back Row: Mike Novotny, Allen Campbell, Coach Barlow, Dane Foley, Tom Craven. can mmm .mfg -dit f . Q L' 5 Ni '8 uf. S I 2 1 .J 1.3, ea an 44 'If dv-an-an. N Q 0' t l I 9 , ln. Aww 'ri ,, . - .. ,, .L -his42T'f?If3,,IM-,ii , 4. .1-Q... ...ap ' ' J, fi ,X ,. g' , ',j3,,,,,.. ,A 0 N934 H ,. . ',,.,, A A I . , -,L .x putt" ,336 nl . rfg'-YKEQH-Ti' , Cross country The cross country team placed two top runners in the state finals. Placing high in City, Mid-State, and Regional meets were Tom Craven and Dane Foley, and then placing at slate were these same two seniors. "The most improved runner this year was Alan Campbell. This was his first year on the team, and he really gave one hundred percent," added ,I s scores with two Coach Mike Barlow. "We had some very real hardships this year,', he added, "like regionals was held on November 2, the day that the flood damage did so much." Coach Barlow concluded, "we have as top prospects for next year retur- ners Jay Ball, Chris Ball, Larry Rappe, Larry Manuel and Scott Miller." Y lx sports 21 gn Yesterday . . . All my troubles seemed so far away." Thls Iyrlc seems to capture the mood of the men here. Dr. F. D. Moon resigned from the school board for health reasons. Governor Davld Boren thought he wanted the office of gov- ernor, but dld he really fathom the responslbllities that he would encounter? Presldent Gerald Ford was made presldent in a time of great national uproar, and he, too has the welght of the whole world on hls shoulders. Representative John Jarman, after election by the Democrats, turns and becomes a Republlcan, clalmlng "liberalism In the House among other Democrats" as hls reason, then the electorate was enraged at hls "flagrant insen- sitlvlty to their needs." The troubles that these man have should tell us that with honor and glory also comes responsibility and heartache. Governor, David Boren speaks after his inauguration. Dr. Herbert Krob, school board member, decided not to renew his term, President, Gerald Ford speaks in his engagement in Oklahoma City. Dr. F. D. Moon resigned from the school board due to health reasons, US. Representative John Jarman changes his political affiliation from Democratic to Republican, . f , . if 'Vi' V P, M, V i dit i , 'fist 'if if f' X .r 351: .9 if U 220 Closing A ii. -- Mweai Yi? ?"""",L A 231-n"Jf if fri' i Q .. I X 'Z' J A -1- "'Today while the blossom stlll cllngs to the vine." Early In Ilte are we who hold this opportunity to change and mold the future. We hold the key to all the luture and whether or not the tuture holds promlse ls slmply a matter ot how much we care and what we do to help - George can't do lt alll The beglnnlng ot a new way ot Ilte tor many - the lreedom and Inde- pendence ot belng out from under Mother's wlngs, the protectlon ol a husband or wlle - all new thlngs ln the llves ot people. Today ls the day to start something new. Why put It olt untll Tomorrow? Craig Carter and Carol Mayo prepare for the end of their high school years together. Randy Kirkes iiies for workmen's compensation during his unemployment. Vanessa Walker discusses the search for a new superintendant with Mr. Diggs as her duty on the selection committee. Jett Johnson curses the energy crisis as he runs out of gas. Dennis Goforth is pleasantly surprised at his tax return. S 'A Q 0 Closing 221 ""'Tomorrow - thlngs won't be the same." And who fthls slde ol Jeanne Dlxonj can tell us what tomorrow holds? We destlne our own movements by our thoughts and actlons and no matter how the Influence that others put upon us allects us, we stlll have baslc values that wlll remaln with us all of our llves. Tomorrow - we are the parents and grandparents ol tomorrow, the Elnstelns and Klsslngers and even now we're the John Smlths and George Browns ol tomorrow, the backbone ol America. Even It we never achleve anything great, we can rest assured that somethlng that we dld at sometlme made an Impresslon on someone, therefore changlng the course ol the world. Even though we never cured the common cold, we have done some- thlng. Mark Dixson prepares for tomorrow by finding out about the college of his choice. Suzanne Mabry prepares for tomorrow in making the most important day of her life. Erick Simpson works toward tomorrow in his capacity as grocery checker. Sherry Johnson works as a telephone solicitor. 222 Closing if, ?igS 'I rc, .vt-15' .- A+ 5:1 . '51 2: fi x.:-J M asv' fri.: ,Q '91 1 1' ' - -,wa ' . x - V13 fi A -an Q 'L11.1j'?f'4 f: 1 1 " e.,.,f 1 t . 1 x , 1 wb ' - L 4 4'3"-sje 5 A - 4 g xl A k iii g , , ,A P gf ' f , I A L- i Q 4153? f N 1 1 ,Q ,T an- ul X ,,A , MW -Q.. MAJESTIC AUTO P illvhgw TRAVEL SERVICE FIVE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS T0 SERVE YOU Norman, Oklahoma Oklahoma Momofial Union 900 Asp Mldwnt CQ, Okldnoma Holiday Squara Shopping Ce 1100-5 South Air Depot TOURS - CRUISES FREE 1-800-522-4323 Will Deliver an 7 30 6 30 Monday-Saturday P V Y ndependeni' Dfigsual one GI nger s sw sm of Ag ., A ance 32l5S Wesiern 63l 55lI 'Mil' FAMILY SPAGHETTI House! I I fo I0 P.M. Fri. and SM.-Cloud day SPAGHETTIISTEAKICHICKEN Cbisttnctivdy 11 '. 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Cannlmmgp. 48 Bleottgttlritliattlgtrssh., p. 69 atecK.5Sslty,1r.,Ip.f4s. ' alsetepsnl , gygsrg,-eggs , Blske,Anna,sophg,'p.Q9,-59, 152 mlk9s'Ml9't99lL1'?P!tt-5 P2 59 Blakeley,1tthonda.sr., p.29 , BIaokrnon,,Fred,'lac.,'p4 24, 26 Blancett, .lInimy,'1r.,p. 43 Bledsoe, Gary,1rash.:p.69 Blathrow, Karen, sr., p. 29, 148, 88 Blethrow. Susan. soph., p. 59 Boatman, Marllyn, sr., p. 29, 110, 117 Boggs, Amy, sr., p. 29 Boggs, Dale, soph., p. 59, 138 Bo rar, Deborah, soph., p. 59 Bolarskl, Lorl, trash., p. 69, 1 14 Booth, Lara, sr., p. 29. 98 Booth, Ma , soph., p. 59 Booth, Shelley, rash., p. 69 Borden, Tlna, er., p. 48 Bortsy, Mlche , trash., p. 89 Borum, Karl, sr., p. 29 Boulware, Earl, sr., p. 29 Index Burdltt, Johana, sr., p. 15, 30, 47, 110 Burgatt, Jlm, sr., p. 30, 118 Bu hart, Laura, trash., p. 89 Bums, Teddy, sr., p. 30 Bumelde. Bert, soph., p. 59 Burnalde, Denlse, trash., p. 89 Burton, Paullna, trash., p. 69 Buster, Roderlck, trash., p. 89 Butler. 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Petrlcla, sapnjlr. he B It P ' ., . fr P5 K M Darls,treah p 69 Deborah, sr , p 30 Dorls lr , p 49 Mlks,soph p 59 Noel, trash p 69 randa,so h.' p. 59 avld, tre .' p. 69 lane, sophn p. 59 Evelyn, tae., .24 a s .- . 0 lmlny, sr., p. go art, sr., p. 30 elth, soph., p. 59 ewls, soph., p. 59 arlan, sr., p. 30 ay, sr., p. 30 B D D J .r. jutlattmtao.: 24 K L R Rlcky, er., p. 30 Brown. Star: ,trash., p. 69, 77 Brown, Stephan, soph., p. 59 Browning, James, jr., p. 49 Branson, Mlke, sr., p. 30 Bryant, Dannls, sr., p. 30 Bryant, Marglt,'sr.,p. 30 6 ' r Bryant, Mlchael,sr., p. 30 Carr, Ronald, trash., p. 89 Cerrea, R Inald, trash., p. 89 Ca rte r, Cgrgs, soph., p. 59 Carter, Danny, trash., p. 89 Carte Carte Carta Carta Ca rte Ca rte r, Cralg, sr., p. 30 r, Gall, sr., p. 30 r, lde, lac., p. 24 r, Mary, trash., p. 69 r, Petrlcla, soph., p. 59 r, Ruth, trash., p. 69 Cartwright, Gary, soph., p. 59 Cartwright, Robert, soph., p. 59, 114 Caskay. Terrl, soph., p. 59 Casslty. 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NDN., p. 60 Crum, Pam, sr., p. 31, 110 Cublt, Rlcky, soph., p. 80 Cunnlngham, PameIa,1r., p. 49, 113 Curry, Jlmmy, sr., p. 31 Curt a, Janlce, soph., p. 60,130 Curtls, Rhadonne, trash., p. 69 Curtls, Susle, soph., p. 60 Cwynar, Veronlca, soph., p. 60 Cyphars, Luclnda, sr., p. 31 Dade, Annalda, soph., p. 60 Dade, Homer, lr., p. 9, 49 Dahl, Mlke, sr., p. 31 Dalton, Mark, soph., p. 60 Dalton, Sandy, sr., p. 31 Denlel, Ernest, tsc., p. 24,103 Danlels, Debra, trash., p. 69 Danlels, Tammy, sr., p. 31 Darlln, Duncan, er., p. 31, 35 Darrow, Joseph, soph., p. 60 Davldson, Sherlenne, soph., p. 60 Davls, Angela, lr., p. 49, 129 Davls, Connle. trash., p. 70 Davls, Corlls, sr., p. 32, 126 Davls, Davld, ar., p. 32 Davls, Dlans, soph., p. 60 Davls, Donna, sr.,p.32,110,152 Davls, James, lr., p. 49 Davls, Jans,1r., p. 49,113, 122 Davls, Klmberly, trash., p. 70 Davls, Leslle, sr., p. 32, 126 Davls, Marla, lr., p. 49 Davls, Nannette, sr., p. 32, 95 Davls, Pamela, soph.,p.60,106,114 Davls, Phllllp, sr., p. 32 Davls, Robert, lr., p. 126 Davls, Sheral, soph., p. 60, 129 Day, Dayna, soph., p. 60 Dean, Dorothy, lac., p. 24 Deen, Rlchard, sr., p. 32 Daan, Thomas, lr., p. 49 Decker, Ann, ar., p. 32, 138 DeGlu stl, Steve, lr., p. 49, 113,122,125 Degn, Benlse, soph., p. 60 Demeter, Russell, soph., p. 60 ..Dempsey, Hurtan, soph., p. 60 Denham, LeeAnn, trash., p. 70 Dennts, Brenda, trash., p. 70 Dannls, Patsey, trash., p. 70 Danson, Monlta, soph., p. 121 Delllna, Roalus, jr., p. 49 Dewbarry, Brett, lr., p. 49 Dawberry, Brlen, trash., p. 70 Dlaz, PetrlcIa,1r., p. 49 Dlcklnson, Marla, lr., p. 49 Dles, Marg, lac., p. 25 Dletrlch, haryl, lr., p. 49 Dlatrlch, Jen, sr., p. 33 Dlags, Jake, lac., p. 21 DI ard, Pattl, sr., p. 33, 137 Dlxon, Cheryl, trash., p. 70 Dlxon, Gerald, lr., p. 49 Dlxson, Mark, sr., p. 33 Dobbs, Russell, trash., p. 70 Dobson, Flonnle, sr., p. 33 Dodson, Charles, soph., p. 60, 100, 12 Donlevy, Scott, lr., p. 49 Dorsey, Kay, lr.,-p. 49 Doughty. anagtresn.: p. 10. 121 tibrlcnn. 110-: n- 24 Douglas, noun, lr., p. 49 0ou?tass,Aten, trash., p. 10 Dow lng, Calatta. trash., p. 89 Dowllng, Davld, sr., p. 33 .,Downay, Jett, sr., p. 33 A Downey, Mlke, soph., p. 60 , Dresel, George tr., soph., p. 60 Srijf-g2gQ9!98sl, gen, mph., p. so 5l?U99'0!t,P9'. lac.: P- 24 DFfM'f!2P49?rlM,P- 49. 113 Dudleyglhldrls, sr.: p. 33, 108 Dudley, Stephen, sr.,p,z33, 106 Dagger, RattaJr.,p.49' V " Du er, Ethan a,tresh.,p. 70 i Duegs, Brenda, Ir., p. 47, 49 Duncan, Clndy, trash., p. 70 Dt3nklng,Gary,lr., p. 49 5,138 S bu rn una seprt- .eu Du:n,'Ster, soar.: p. 60 P ggnnfanulzlt :02g125 Y' r -S - r oupl,er?ErluhJrl:, 12: p. as, rar agar, Lloyd, er.: p. 33 as sr.Msrperet,er.: . Durham, Ore. fresh.: p?70 Duvall, Rhonda, soph.: p. 60 Dykstra, Cllftord, soph.: p. 60 Eaklns, Davld, .: . 60 Estes, Rleky, p?70 Easley, Sherrt, soph.: p. 60 Easle , Steven, fresh.: p. 70 Eastrage, Kenchsll, hash.: p. 70 Eaetrldlge, Gary, sr.: p. 33 Ebert, errl, lr.: p. 49. 113 Ebert, Tllll, NNI.: p. 00 'Egk,Crys1al,lr.: p. 49 E ls, Jsmse, r.: . 49 Eoholsl, Leelle, M.: pgs Edge, allure, soph.: p. Edge, Tommy, lr.: p. ll Edsalt, Sherry, sr.: p. 33 Edwards. Edvllr1a,l'reeh.: p. 86 Edwards, Kathy, lr.: p. 49, 1 1 8, 608 Edwards. Kyle. sr.: p. 33 Eggleston, adonna, lr.: p. 49 Eggleston, Reglna, sr.: p. 33 E son, Kelth, sr.: p. 33 Elllott, Vlctorla, lac.: p. 24 Ellls, Davld, soph.: p. 60 Ellts, Manuel, soph.: p. 60 Elrod, Daryl, sr.: p. 33. 81 Elrod, Gerald, fresh.: p. 70 Emanuel, Greta, fac.: p. 24 Enfield, Brlan, sr.: p. 33 Enfield, Carolyn, fresh.: p. 70 Enpllte, Loulse, soph.: p. 60 Errqllsh, Lou Jean, sr.: p. 33 Ennls, Llnda, lr.: p. 49 Eskrldge, Vlckle, soph.: p. 60 Esplnosa. Lldla, fresh.: p. 70 E:aolt, Lorl, soph.: p. 60,114 E ll, Stormy, soph.: p. 60 Emulvlus, Esther, lr.: p. 55, 113,152 s, Karen, fresh.: p. 70 Eustlce, Mlka, soph.: p. 60 Evans, Gre?,sop .: p. 60 Evans, Pau ,sr.: p. 33 Everett, Pamela, soph.: p. 60 Ewell, Renee, sr.: p. 33 Fallwell, Davld, soph.: p. 60 Fallwell, Llnda, soph.: p. 60 Fansler, Jerry, soph.: p. 70 Fanslor, Kathl, jr.: p. 49, 125 Farmer, Karen, soph.: p. 60 Farnel, Mlchael, soph.: p. 60 Farr, Imolhy, soph.: p. 70 Farrls, Jeffrey, soph.: p. 60,121 Faulkner, Gregory,1r.: p. 49 Faurot, Jlm, lac.: p. 24 Fenton, Cyr1lhll,jr.: p. 49, 118, 130 Ferguson, Darrell, fresh.: p. 70 Ferguson, Bobby, fresh.: p. 70 Fleld, Lawrence, fresh.: p. 70, 114 Flelder, Lara, soph.: p. 60 Flelder, Me , fresh.: p. 70 Flelder, Susan, soph.: p. 60 Flnch, Cral?, lr.: p. 49 Flndley, Ra elta, fresh.: p. 70 Flnley, Steve, sr.: p. 33, 43 Fltchner, Wendell, fresh.: p. 70 Flsk, Glnna, lr.: p. 49 Fltzgerald, Patrlck, fresh.: p. 70, 108 Fltagatrlck, Carol, lr.: p. 49 Fla , Debra, lr.: p. 49 Florence, Teresa, lr.: p. 49, 148 Forbes, Davld, er.: p. 33 Forbes, Sherrl, sr.: p. 33 Foley, Dane. sr.: p. 33 Foley, Dean, lr.: p. 49 Foley, Glnger, soph.: p. 60, 129 Folmer, Jlmmy, fresh.: p. 70, 96 Forehand, Jerald, fresh.: p. 70 Forehand, Kenneth, lr.: p. 50 Forest, Karla, fresh.: p. 70, 114 Forshee, Larry, sr.: p. 33 Fortune, Desnye, soph.: p. 60 Foshee, Jeny, fec.: p. 24 Foster, Rodney, soph.: p. 60, 114 Fowler, Penny, sr.: p. 33 Francls, Suzanne, lac.: p. 23 Francls, Vlcltey, fresh.: p. 68, 70 Franclsco, Andre, lr.: p. 50 Franclsco, Anthony, fresh.: p. 90 Franklln, Kevln, fresh.: p. 70 Franklln, LaDonna, soph.: p. 60 Frazler, Rhonda, soph.: p. 60 Fra1ler,Zanna,1r.: p. 50 Free, Debra, fresh.: p. 70 Free, Ron. sr.: p. 33 Freeman, Debble, sr.: p. 33 Freeman, Erlc, lr.: p. 50 Freeman, Kenneth, sr.: p. 33 French, Jemls, lr.: p. 50 French, MIchael,1r.: p. 50 Frlzzell, Karen, soph.: p. 60, 122 ffulkerson, Carol, fresh.: p. 70 Fuller: Al, fee.: p. 24 Fuller, John, lac.: p. 24, 85 Fuller, Rebecca, lr.: p. 50 Fuller, Sarah, lac.: p. 24 Furr, Rlsa, fresh.: p. 10 Gad, Songetta, tac. Galebach, GIlr1da,lac.: p. 24 Gallamore. Connle, jr.: p. 50 Gslllon, Vlckle, sr.: p. 137 Gamble, Jerrl, soph.: p. 60 Gandy, Debble, lac.: p. 24 Garrett, Anlta, soph.: p. 60 Garrette, Steve, er.: p. 18, 33 Gastlneau. Steve. sr.: 0. 33 -- - 1 ..ywf,5.fr,-,,qffrnf,5. Gebur, Mlke, sr.: p. 33, 125 Gentry, Learn, Ima.: page Gentry. MIN. 80901-6 P- Geofge. DC:rls,I1.: 9. 12k5?3113,152 George, ane, sr.: p. , Geover, Deborah, sr.: p. 33 Glbert, Jeff, fresh.: p. 70 Glbert, John, fresh.: p. 70, 72 Glbson, DeLans, sr.: p. 33, 152 Glles, Kenneth, soph.: p. 80 Glltson, Charles, lr.: 50 Glllson, Kelth,rl:: p. 0 Gllleland, Lau , sr.: p. 33, 152 Glllesple, John, fresh.: p. 70 Glllesple, Kathy, sr.: p. 33 Gllllen, Mlchsel, lr.: p. 50 Glpson, Curtls, sr.: p. 33 gtvsns, Frglda, IIC.: ISI34 so asqow, sm , so .: p. Glass, Mlchselm.: p. 50 Glldden, Wallace, sogh.: p. 60 Gott, Sharon,lr.: p. 5 Gotorth, Dennls, sr.: p. 33 Golden, Dawn. lr.: p. 50, 129, 130 Golden, Nancy, fresh.: p. 70 Gonzales, Tammy, lr.: p. 50 Gonzales, Tlns, sr.: p. 33. 108 Goodrnlller,Janls, fresh.: p. 70 Good mlller, Lynette, lr.: p. 50, 148 Goodwln, Bruce, sr.: p. 33 Goodwln, Randy, soph.: p. 60 Gotcher, Joanne, jr.: p. 50 Gottschalk, Howard, sr.: p. 33 GouFh, Debble, sr.: p. 34 Gou sby, Jemle, fresh.: p. 70 Govrerrs, lllckle, tresh.: p. 70 Gracy, Anthony, fresh.: p. 70 Qehem, Barbara, fresh.: p. 70 Graham, Cynthia, soph.: p. 60 Graham, D sne, sr.: p. 34 '- Gramllng, Mlke, sr.: p. 84, 129 Grant, Chartss, fresh.: p. 70 Gravltt, Mary, sr.: p. 34 Gray, Karen, fresh.: p. 70, 129 Green, Connle, lr.: p. 50. 139 Green, Jamle, fr.: p. 134 Green, Marvln, fresh.: p. 70 Green, Yvonne, tec.: p. 24 Greenlee, Replnald G., soph.: p. 60 Greenroyd, C ndle, tresh.: p. 70 Greenroyd. Naoml, er.: p. 34 Greenwalt, Mlchael, sr.: p. 34 Gregory, Jackle, trash.: p. 70 Grl er, Bernadlne, soph.: p. 60, B3 Grlder, Shurby, lr.: p. 50, 96, 113 Grlffen, Paula, lr.: p. 50 Grlffln, Davld, sr.: p. 34 Grlffln, Phllllp, fresh.: p. 70 Grlmes, Kelly, fresh.: p. 70 Grove, Jan, fresh.: p. 70 Groves, Davld, sr.: p. 34 Groves, Vanessa L., soph.: p. 60 Gnrbb, Brett L., soph.: p. 60, 67 Grubb, Vlckle, sr.: p. 34 Grummer, Kelth D., soph.: p. 60 Grummer, Nancy, lr.: p. 50 Gnrsendoft, Glen, fresh.: p. 70 Gulon, Paul, sr.: p. 34 Gumm, Donald W., soph.: p. 80 Hacker, Sondra, lr.: p. 50 Hadley, Dolla, lac.: p. 23 Hagey, Laura, sr.: p. 5, 34 Hahn, Perry, lr.: p. 50, 83 Hell, Kay, fresh.: p. 70 Hall, Nancg, fresh.: p. 70 Halaselc, avld, soph.: p. 60 Hale, Rhonda, soph.: p. S1 Haley, Bret, soph.: p. 61 Haley, Cynthla, sr.: p. 34, 122 Haley, Karan A., soph.: p. 61 Hell, Cynthls, lr.: p. 50, 56,117,148 Hell, Randy: lr.: p. 50 Hall, Tony .,lr.:p. 50,93 Halstead, Lawenns, sr.: p. 34 Hamllton, Leah, soph.: p. 61 Hamm, Kyte,jr.: p. 50 Hamm. LeeAnn. soph.: p. 61 Hammon, Alton, lr.: p. 50 Hammond, Cynthla, lac.: p. 24, 86,1 Hammontree, Kathy, fresh.: p. 70 Hemmontree, Pam, lr.: p. 50 Haney, Robyn, sr.: p. 34 Hank ns, Robln, sr.: p. 31, 34 Hanklns, Sherfl, sr.: p. 34, 47 Hanlan, Tobl, resh.: p. 106, 114 Hanley, Reaper, soph.: p. S1 Henshoe, olly, fresh.: p. 70 Hanshue, Hllary, lr.: p. 56, 95 Harlln, Clyde, sr.: p. 34 Herdlng, Vlckle, soph.: p. 61 Harmon, Davld, soph.: p. 61, 130 Harmon, Karan, soph.: p. 61, 130 Harmon, Marcla, sr.: p. 34 Harmon, Nancy, sr.: p. 34 Herrln, Kathy: p. 113 Harvla, Clndle, fresh.: p. 70 Harvls, Cheryl, fresh.: p. 70 Harrls, Debble, sr.: p. 34 Harrls, Debble, lr.: p. 50, 152 Harrls, Henderson, sr.: p. 34, 96 Harrls, Jlmmy, soph.: p. 61 Harrle, Llnda, soph.: p. 61 Harrls, Marlene, soph.: p. 61 Harrls, Mary, sr.: p. 34 Harrison, Deanna, soph.: p. 61, 106 Herf, Rlcky, lr.: p. 50 Harvey, Belinda, fresh.: p. 70 .1 Harvey, Jane, lr.: p. 50 Harvll e, Janet, lr.: p. 50 Harwood, BIII, lac.: p. 24 Hasklns, Dennls, fresh.: p. 71 Hasklns, Patrtcla, soph.: p. 61 Hasklns, Robln, sr.: p. 34 Hatcher, Allce, fresh.: p. 71 Hatcher, Patrlcla, tr.: p. 50 13 Hatcher, Rloky, soph.: p. 61 Halley, Beokle, lr.: p. 50, 122 Hstfleld, Laa, fresh.: p. 71 Hatfield, Sherri, sr.: p. 34, 41, 110 Hawklns, Doyle, sr.: p. 34 Hawklns, Loretta, soph.: p. 81 Hawthorne, Clndy, lr.: p. 50 Hays, Johnny, soph.: p. 81 Hayel, Robert, fresh.: p. 71 Haynes, Cecllle, fresh.: p. 71 Haynes, Davld, lr.: p. 50 Haynes, Davld, soph.: p. 81 Haynes, Llnda, soph.: p. 61,114 Haynes, Sarah, soph.: p. 61, 1 14 Haynes, Sydney, lr.: p. 50 Heynle, Robyn, sr.: p. 138 Haywood, Prfcllla, lr.: p. 50 Hszalrlag, Gary, lr.: p. 50 Heard, udy, fresh.: p. 71 Heath, Dlsna, fresh.: p. 71 Heath. Julle, .: p. 50 Heath, Paul, r.: p. 6, 50 Heath, Susan, fresh.: p. 71 Heath, Ttrnothy, soph.: p. 61 Hertdrlx, Frances, tea.: p. 24 Hsdrtck, WllIlarn,lr.: p. 50 Hefner, Scott, lr.: p. 50 Hefner, Susan, fresh.: p. 71 Helrston, Paul, fresh.: p. 71, 77 Helstand, Douglas, fresh.: p. 71 Helstand, Thomas, jr.: p. 50 Helm, SherrI,1r.: p. 50 Helton, Cherry. sr.: p. 34 Hemdphlll, Davld, sr.: p. 34 Hen eraon, Annette, lr.: p. 50,146,147 Henderson, Edward, soph.: p. 61 Henderson, John, lr.: p. 50 Henderson, Mark, soph.: p. 61 Henderson, Susan, fresh.: p. 71 Henn, Jlmmy, sr.: p. 34 Hennlngs, Davld, soph.: p. 61 Henry, Larlrz, sr.: p. 34 Henry. Ma ,1r.: p. so, as Hanry,Crelg,tr.:p.50,98, 118,130 Henson, Brenda, fresh.: p. 71 Henson, Hershell, lr.: p. 50 Henson, Jeff, sr.: p. 34, 106 Henson, Patrlcla, fresh.: p. 71 Hephner, John, fresh.: p. 71 Herman, Ftobln, soph.: p. 61 Herrln, Kathy, jr.: p. 50 Herrlng, Susle, ar.: p. 34 Hernandez, Merce, soph.: p. 61 Hewltt, DennIs,1r.: p. 50 Hlbbard, Pamela, lr.: p. 50 Hlbdon, Michael. soph.: p. 61 Hlbdon, Richard, fresh.: p. 125 Hlckman, Terry, fresh.: p. 71 Hlcks, Cheryl, sr.: p. 34 Hlcke, Kevln, soph.: p. 51 Hlcke, Rlcky, soph.: p. 62 Hlgglna, Beverly, soph.: p. 62 Hlgglns, Denlse, soph.: p. 62 Hlgglns, Gary, sr.: p. 34 Hlgglna, Sherry, soph.: p. 82 Hlgglns, Steve, sr.: p. 31, 34 Hlgiglns, Terrl, sr.: p. 34 HI erbrend, Karen, jr.: p. 50 Hlldebrant. Clndy. soph.: p. 62 Hlldebrant, Larry, jr.: p. 50 Hlll, lrvlng, tr.: p. 50 Hlll, Jeannle, sr.: p. 34 Hlll, Kenneth, soph.: p. 62, 130 Hlll, Larx, soph.: p. 62 Hlll, Ma , soph.: p. 62 Hlll, Mongssr.: p. 34 Hlnman, rmen, fresh.: p. 71 Hlnton, Evelyn, treeh.: p. 71 , 75 Hlse, Kevln, soph.: p. 62 ltlse, Leo, sr.: p. 34, 83 Hlshalrl. Mlchesl, fresh.: p. 71 Hoard, Patrlcla. ar.: p. 34 Hoard, Richard, lr.: p. 50 Hodges, Don, sr.: p. 34 Hoffman, ArBeIcher, fac.: p. 24, 64, 106 Hogan, Nancy, soph.: p. 52,106,114 Hofue, Davl , soph.: p. 62 Ho comb, Donna, fresh.: p. 71 Holcomb, Vlckle, fresh.: p. 74 Holden, Angela, sr.: p. 34 Hollars, Greg, sr.: p. 34 Holley, Kelth, fresh.: p. 71 Holllngshead, Bnrce, lr.: p. 50 Holllna, Kevln, soph.: p. 62 Holloway, Laura, soph.: p. 62 Hollowe l, Lucy, fee.: p. 24 Hood, Sylvla, soph.: p. 62 Hook, Gregory, lr.: p. 34,50,125 Hook, Randy, sr.: p. 35 Hooker, Greg, sr.: p. 35 Hoover, Steven,1r.: p. 50 Hope, Beverly, jr.: p. 50 Horne, Karen, fresh.: p. 71 Horne, Mellnda, ar.: p. 35, 138 Hoskins, Mark, lr.: p. 50 Hoslltter, Lyle, lac.: p. 24 Houlette, Gary, sr.: p. 35, 11B Housley, Jonl, soph.: p. 62 Houston, Janls, sr.: p. 35 Houston, Patsle, fresh.: p. 71 Houston, SamueI,tac.:p.24, 126 Howard, Charles, sr.: p. 35 Howard, Dale, sr.: p. 35 Howard, Greg, sr.: p. 36, 133 Howard, Patty, sr.: p. 36 Howard, Scotty, lr.: p. 50 Howe, Dawn, soph.: p. 62 Howell, Ronald, jr.: p. 50 Hubbard, Andy, soph.: p. 62, 67 Hubbard, Anna, fresh.: p. 71 Hubbard, Darren, fresh.: p. 71 Hubble, Kay, sr.: p. 28, 36 Hubble, Kevln, soph.: p. 62, 67 Hudelson, Dlsna, sr.: p. 36 Huddlesten, Davld, sr.: p. 36 Huddleston, Steve, sr.: p. 36 Huddleston, Wayne, fresh.: p. 71 Hudson, Alloe, .: p. 62 Hudson, Herbert, r.: p. 50 Hudson, Mala, fresh.: p. 71 Hughes. Larry, soph.: p. 62 Hughes, Scott, lr.: p. 50 Hughes. Stewart, fresh.: p. 72 Hume, Rebecca. lr.: p. 50 Humphrey, Marge, lac.: p. 24. 1 10 Humphrey, Granvtleen. lr.: p. 50 Humphreys, Kathrlne. lr.: p. 50, 148 Hunnlcu , Rlcherd. sr.: p. 36, 47 Hunt, Teresa, soph.: p. 62, 113 Hunter, Davld, lr.: p. 51 ' Hunter, Teresa, soph.: p. 62 Hunter, Lettte, lac.: p. 24, 113 Hunter, Tray, sr.: p. 36, 125 Hurry, Gary, soph.: p. 62. 84 Hurst, Donna. mph.: p. 62 Hurt, Wlllle, lr.: p. 51 Hutton, Lorl, lr.: p. 51, 148 Hyatt, Dorothy, tsc.: p. 24, 125 Ice, Kevln, Ir.: p. 51 lhbe, Debb e, sr.: p. 37, 138 Ingersoll, Angela, fresh.: p. 72 Ingram, Kenneth, er.: p. 37 trlrilr, jr.: p. 51 , 81 rvn, a ,r.:p.51 lrvlng, Tlmothy, soph.: p. 61, 62 lsaac, Frank, sr.: p. 37 lvers, Jesse, lr.: p. 138 Ivle, Randy, sr.: p. 37 Jackson, Gary, fresh.: p. 72 Jackson, Kenneth, fresh.: p. 72 Jackson, Lela, sr.: p. 37 Jackson, Linda, sr.: p. 15, 37 Jackson, Reglna, fresh.: p. 72 Jackson, Susan, lr.: p. 51 Jackson, Theresa, soph.: p. 62, 130 Jacobs, Charlene, soph.: p. 62 Jacobs, Cynthla, fresh.: p. 72 Jacqulnet, Clndy, trash.: p. 72, 125 James, Fred, lr.: p. 51 Jarmon, Mellnda, sr.: p. 37, 39, 144 Jeffers, Gregory, fresh.: p. 12 Jefferson. elly, fresh.: p. 12 Jefferson, Tammy, lr.: p. 51 Jenklns, Klmberty, soph.: p. 62 Jenks, Terry, lr.: p. 51 Jennings, James. fresh.: p. 72 Jennlnga, Joe, lr.: p. 51, 93 Jennings, Lsrl, lr.: p. 51 Johnson, Aprtl, fresh.: p. 72 Johnson, Christopher, fresh.: p. 72 Johnson, Curtls, lr.: p. 51 Johnson, Deborah, lr.: p. 51 Johnson, Esplneta, soph.: p. 62 Johnson, Jeff, lr.: p. 51, 121 Johnson, Klm, soph.: p. 82 Johnson, Lathon, fac.: p. 24 Johnson, Hndall, sr.: p. 37 Johnson, ark, fresh.: p. 72 Johnson, Mark, sr.: p. 37, 118,122 Johnson, Melvtn,lr.: p. 51, 130 Johnson, Pamela, fresh.: p. 72 Johnson, Sherry, sr.: p. 37, 95 Johnston, Debble, sr.: p. 37 Johnston, Walter, soph.: p. 62, 81 Jolner, Debble, sr.: p. 28, 37 Jolly, Randy, sr.: p. 37 Jones, Chuck. lr.: p. 51 Jones, Davld, lr.: p. 51 Jones, Duwlght, lac.: p. 21 Jones, Edgwenna, jr.: p. 51, 148 Jones, Fred, soph.: p. 62,93 Jones, Gary, lr.: p. 51 Jones, Jody, soph.: p. 62 Jones, Letonya, fresh.: p. 72 Jones, Mlchael, soph.: p. 61, 62 Jones, Patrlcla, sr.: p. 37, 110 Jones, Sarah, lac.: p. 23 Jones, Terrl, soph.: p. 62 Jones, Tonla, soph.: p. 62 Jordan, Anlta, soph.: p. 62 Joseph, Wllma, fresh.: p. 72 Judd, Jon, sr.: p. 9, 37 Justlct, Beth, soph.: p. 62 Kaslner, Randy, fresh.: p. 72 Keel, Rlchard, lr.: p. 51 Keel, Tracey, fresh.: p. 72, 77 Keener, Dennls, fresh.: p. 72,75 Keener, Roy, soph.: p. 82 Keener, Vlckle, er.: p. 37, 152 Keesee, Melodee, ar.: p. 11,37,152 Keester, Cllftord, lr.: p. 51 Keester, Dale, sr.: p. 37 Keeton, Lalrd, fresh.: p. 72 Keller, Jack, lac.: p. 24 Kelley, Phunp, :r.: p. 51 Kelley, Ray, soph.: p. 62 Kelley, Thomas, fresh.: p. 72 Kelly, Roger, lr.: p. 51 Kendrlck, Glorla, lr.: p. 51, 125 Kendrlx, Kerry, fresh.: p. 9, 72 Kendrlx, Krlsty, sr.: p. 15, 37,122 Kent, Mlchael, fresh.: p. 72 Kengon, Beverly, soph.: p. 62,114,1 Kld ,TsrrK, fresh.: p. 72 Klespert, andy, lr.: p. 51 Kllgore, Scott, soph.: p. 63 Klng, Dana, fresh.: p. 72 Klng, Darla, fresh.: p. 72 Klng, Davld, fresh.: p. 72 Klng, Debble, sr.: p. 37 Klng, Gayle, sr.: p. 37 Klng, Janelle, jr.: p. 51, 55 Klng, Janet, soph.: p. 63,129 Klng, Jlmmy, soph.: p. 63 Klng, John, jr.: p. 51 Klng, Joyeetta, soph.: p. 63 Klng, Ralph, lac.: p. 24 Klng, Wllllam, sr.: p. 37 Ns.-gW1fa'rF:'f" ' "I ' L'1'lf7:"m77? 1Ff2Tw2?Ii 6"' , . . .M 1 . . . r . Q , W , - , ,115 5.5, p. 42 1 an . K, IB, 1 48 ., sa,14a 1 Q .54 Swart, Jodie, fresh., . 76 Waller, Garland, soph., p. 61 Svratek, Connie, soph., p. 66 Welley, Cllnton, fresh., p. 76 Swstek. Mllue, lr., p. 54 Wallln,B Flonl, lr., p. 55, 113 Saendals. Bobby, lr., p. 54 Walls, aria, fresh., p. 76 Slither. Alan. fresh., p. 76 Walls, Wllllem, soph., p. 67 V Seltzer, James, er., p. 44 Watters, Karen, sr., p. 45 Sykes, Blry,1r., p. 54 Ward, Mlllnda, soph., p. 66, 129 TM , 54 Warren, Mike, p. 55 . gg g..,.,'g- Q'g'J'-- Pg M m wnnsngn-m,Ananw,rresl1.,p.1s -ff-.g,.,g.nk ' P' 1, p as Wsshlngton, Debble, lr., p. 55 , , ., . . ,.,.,,,:f?w.' lm mb Wsshlngfon, arm, soph., p. ss. 1ao F gf 5 erspun. Dennis, fresh., p. 76 Tarver, Sheldon, soph., p. 66 ' TlU.BetIIll'Il, 'UPU-1Pi'36.330 Taylor, , soph., . 66, 108, 130 Taylor, amy, frea.h.?p. 76, as Tl1l0f.DIbrl.lf-H7-54 -v Tlyhf, Dofl,sf.:p. 44, 106,110 Taylor, oem, hash., me Taylon Henry, sr., p. 44 ,en iz fflybf, HIIILFJ P. 18, 13 Taylor:-lollrl, amp. 44 mor.-lu .wah .n.oo.10rl.12S 1 .mt x Enyigr, ,lqnrq 515,137 fnloffmn-.fr-,111 452 6 .., Tlybi, ', If-.3 '45 T . .. f 339' v 1 "l'epele.Deh9te,1fesh.,p.7s I3,L9'3.?2l'.".f':.??.Z'2i,'E"" Teliermen. Clndy, soph., p. 66 Tleterman, Paula, ar., p. 45 1 Thomas, Bettye, lac., p. 27 Thomas, Florefta, fresh., p. 76 Thomas, 0. J., lac., p. 27, 63 Thompson, Arlene, sr., p. 45 Thompson, Debra, jr., p. 54 Thompson, Eula, soph., p. 66 Thompson, Jayne, lac., p. 27 Thompson, Jerry, fresh., p. 76 Thompson, Tracey, fresh., p. 76 Thompaon,Vlo1or, soph., p. 66 Threatt, Davld, lac., p. Z7 'l'HWell, Karen, sr., p. 45 Tfdvrell, Kathy, sr., p. 45 , Clndy, sr., p. 45 ' ,Tl ,Allen, fresh., p. 76 Tlftele ,L0yd,ar., .13,45 5 Todd, Lonnie. wig., 67 Todd,Terrl,lr.,p.-54, sa, 113, 152 Todd, Vleltleifresl1.,ip,,76 W W T0""0"- DSM' P-'96, 1. Tomas, Ellnur, fav.: p. 25,y,,, . Tomas, Jlrnmy,lr., p. Term. G00f1l9ll'-?P- S4 .T . i Torres, Tlna, fresh., Q. 76 7 . Totten, Larry, soph., p. 68 Trall, Kenneth, soph., p, 66 Trall, Melody, lr., p. 55, 81, 146 Trayeur, Oscar, fresh., p. 76 Treadwell, Eugene, sr., p. 45 Treadwslf,Jerry, fresh., p. 76 Trea'drIg,8lsve, jr., p. 55 'U - - "USVI-2,121.76 Trucks, Brenda, 35, 255, Tmskey, Klfllli? Trualey, Davld,, kip. 67 , Tucker, Jlll, fresh., p. 78 " Tucker, Jo, fresh., p. 76 Tullls, James, soph., p. 66 t Turk, Tlna, fresh., p. 76 Tumer, Ann, fac., p. 23 Tumer, Ann, jr., p. 55 125 .' , Tumer, Mary,fresh.,p. 76 "ft" T'rljpjg:Soott. rap 55 I Tymer Melvln soph - p. 66 issue r., 55 141,143 75 , . hash., p. 12, 75, as 1, Terg, lr., p. 55 , urch, avld,lr., p. 55 Upihurch, Mlndy, fresh., p. 76 Upton, Clndy, soph., p. 67 Urban ' ,Kerrle, soph., p. 66 Urban, Tony, fresh., p. 76 Vall, Tonl, lrssh., p. 76 Valenllne, Fsllcla, fresh., p. 76 Vance, Kenneth, soph., p. 66 Vandaveer, Yvette, fresh., p. 76 Vandarburrr, La Dana, soph., p. 66 Vsnderfo , Vlckle, sr., p. 45 Van Horn, Lynn, soph., p. 66 Vanhorn, Pam, fresh., p. 76 114,1 22, 130 113, 152 ,ga 7 . , .3 Van Slckle, Nancy, sr., p. 45 Vasquez, Robert, lr., p. 55 Vasquez, Ruben, sr., p. 45,126 Vasquez, Tom, sr., p. 45,126 Vaughn, Opal, fresh., p. 76 Vaughn. Severlan, lac., p. 26, 27, 118 Vsrmllllon. Bonnle, sr., p. 45 Vermllllon, Carol, fresh., p. 76 Vlar, Janls, fresh., p. 76 Voss, Vlctor, soph., p. 66 1 Washlngion, Rlehard, soph., p. 66 Wlehlngfon, Sheryl, p. 55 Washlngton, Vlclry, fresh., p. 76 Wasser, KITOI1, lf., p. 12, 45,121,152 Wasser, Stan, soph., p. 66 Watson, Watson, Watson. Watson, Watson, Watson, Carla, sr., p. 55 Gary, fresh., p. 27 John, soph., p. 66, B6 Larry, jr., p. 55 Patr ck, fresh., p. 76 Shella, ar., p. 45 Wear, Patrlcla, fresh., p. 27 Weatherlorch, Susan, p. 55 Webb, Chester. soph., p. 66 Webb, Rlta, lr., p. 122 Webb, Tlmothy, sr., p. 12, 16, 45 Webb, Thomas, fresh., p. 76 Webb, Wendell, soph., p. 66 Webster, Sherry, soph., p. 66 Weddandor1,lllcheIIe, fresh., p. 76 Weeks, Charlene, jr., p. 55,113,152 Weeks, Charlle, sr., p. 12,45,108,109 Weldenmaler, Brlan,.l'rosh., p. 76 Welch, Kenneth, fresh., p. 16 Wells, Debble, fresh., p. 76 Wendt, Perry, fresh., p. 76 West, Sandy,1r., p. 55 Westmoreland, Llnda, lr., p. 55 Whatley, Homaletfe, fresh., p. 76 Wheeler, James, fresh., p. 78 Whltaker, Pam, sr., p. 45, 46 Whlte, John, sr., p. 45 Whlte, Lorena, fresh., p. 76 Whlte, M a , sr., p. 45, 67 Whlte, Pea soph., p. 67 Whlte, Thomas, lr., p. 56 Whlllock, Tammy, soph., p. 67, 138 Whltnah, Dee Ann, sr., p. 5, 45, 152 Whllnah, Ted, fresh., p. 76 Whltney, Jeanette, sr., p. 45 Whlttenburg, Tracl, sr., p, 31, 45 Wllkerson, Robert, soph., p. 67 Wllkes, Steve, sr., p. 45 Wlllbank, Molly, fresh., p. 72. 76 Wlllhfte, Randall, soph., p. 67 Wflllems, Allcla, fresh., p. 76 Wlllllml, Bobby, fresh., p. 76 1 -P - Wllllaml Wllllarils Wllllama Wllllams Wllllame Wllllams Wllllams Wllltams Cannon, fresh p 76 , Charles, soph., 55 , Colts, soph., p. 7 , Darren, fresh.: p. 76 ,Debble. wolf., p. 67 , Donna, sr., p. 45, 47 , PhIlllP,ll'iiD.45 . Phlllp, p. 76 Wltlls ' -K. ss, 129 ma, Rll0l'lil.!f'., ,S Wlllliml lldlltl, 'P- WlIllll'lll:Sl1dhl6pfI., 5.61 Wllllams, Shileygsrg p. 45 WlIlllms,Shcy, soph., p. 67, 130 WllllamIson,lrenda, lr., p. 52, 55 Wlllla, Brenda, fresh., p. 76 Wlllls, Cara,1r., p. 55 Wlllls, Ronnle, fresh., p. 76 Wlllls, WIndy,1r., p. 55 Wllson, Barbare,sr,:p.f15,144,,, A Wllson, Beverly, 1er2.,Ip,27i, ,',. . . Wllson, Darlene, fresh., p. 76 ' 1. Wllson, Davld, lr., p. 55, 147 Wllson, Debble, soph., p. 67, 114 Wllson, Lee Ann, sr., p. 45 Wllson, Mark, soph., p. 67, 85 Wllson, Robert, lr., p. 56 Wllson, Ron, jr., p. 56 Wllson, Susan, lr., p. 95 Wlndaor, Debble, soph., p. 67 Wlnlord, Richard, soph., p. 67 Wlnefleld, Randy. lr., p. 56 Wln Ier, l.esIle, fresh., p. 76 Wlynlgen, Mlcky, lr., p. 56 Wlynlng, Tony, soph., p. 67 wUI1,TOT!l8,l0Ph.IP. 67 Wall, Tony, fresh., p. 76 Wolfe, Russell, sr., p. 45 Womack, Erlc, fresh., p. 76 Wood, Carla, soph., p. 67 Wood, Davld, jr., p. 56,125 Wood, Davld, soph., p. 67 Wood, Laura, fresh., p. 76, 114 Wood, Renee, sr., p. 6, 45, 110, 152 Wood, Robyn, soph., p. 67,114,152 Woods, Russ. lr.: p. 56 Wooley, Terry, lr., p. 56, 152 Woody, Sheryl, sr., p. 45 Wooten, Rlcky, lr., p. 56 Worley, Llnda, lac., p. 27 Wrlght, J Wrlght, .J eff, soph., p. 67 oe soo, lr., p. ss, s1, 108 Wright, Rhonda, soph., p. 67, 114, 121 Wynn, Sherrl, soph., p. 67,100 Yancey, Kathy, fresh., p. 76 Venoey, Len, fresh., p. 76 Yarberry. June, soph., p. 67 Vorlt, Jamle, soph., p. 67 York, Janet, soph., p. 62, 67, 114, 152 Vorlr, Temle, sr., p. 45 Voscak, Phyllls, soph., p. 67 Vesack, Steve, fresh., p. 76 Young, Brenda, lr., p. 56 Voung, James, lr., p. 113 Young, Jamle, soph., p. 67, 121 Voung, Theola, soph., p. 58 Zlegler, Shaun, fresh.: p. 76 .run Editor In Chief Suzanne Mabry Managing Editor ...... Krlsty Kendrlx Photography Editor .Vanessa Walker Copy Edltor ...... Ellen Ralns School Llle ...... Jana Davls Organizations Editor . .Kenny Noble Curriculum Edltor . . .DeAnna Norman Sports Editor . .Mark Johnson Senior Editor Veronica Sellers Junior Edltor .Beverly Kenyon Sophomore Editor ...... Klm Loveless Freshman Editor ........ Lorl Lookabaugh Faculty Editor . .Walter Oakes Advertising . . .Gerald Massey Index .Kim Loveless and Tullo Ramlrez Stall: Steve DeGlustl Karen Frlzzell Cynthla Haley Beckle Hatley Mark Hoskins Mlke Lambeth Maurlce Mack Patricla Mclntlre Rhonda Pratt Jay Reld Alvin Richardson Doug Roberson Rlta Webb Kandy Lovett Sales Stall: Llnda Smlth Klm Loveless Tullo Ramlrez Sheryl Ofllcer Sharon Coachman 'in un..-..,., ,A X 7' yr 'Z i i i I x 5 'if 5 l I Q g " H i 1 ' W P 4 V I N I I l .i f 1 Fe 1 ? if 1 ? 1 N Q, 5,5 ! . z 4 v IVA W '

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