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QEALEKQL '72 . published by the journalism III class u.s. grant high school oklahoma city, oklahoma volume XIX M 1 CONTENTS Opening .... FALL administration . . activities .... clubs . . . sports . . WINTER activities . . . junior class ..... sophomore class . . . sports ....... SPRING activities . senior class .... sports .... Index . . Closing . . . X J f ef to ' , .ggwgsgyjqg N ' ' , H49 M. ' A :'t ae ...MN 'N RE: Q Ii.. 684, Q 'R .5 2 X . . ., .. ,B f. '3 , ' ,iff E533 E Sm f P FA' ' j x A w if '22 I le. f I if ' 5 5 E 'Q ii fm 1 V, r ,4 K -V53 ltuvvxj Jgvvml Tkve Ls cn. Seoasqpm kwvkj XQXWYX I Cxvxa Ox. kixvvsi 31.0 Q,,,g-Qxkb ,ggi-QQ SL Y-'Kiev' XfxQ.cx,QQ,vx. 'wf!ff?9W51h'fffe ,rf , hm Wfifkf-2 Y 0000 f5'N!- 0000 'M ,A .. .xiqj ij ffm fel :f CYTQ QQ? Min QM. 1 agSf.:..Ljgg3,,g,:ir 4. Q My 'UU' K ., , .NL ooooo Onan aww - , '4's".?Z,,'fA rf if ill f"'s5wf. ,, p37?'7'f. lif' .f T P ' 0 , X ' 4. . 00 00003 000002 1 Q4 f 0, 1 UQ!" wi A' . ,lg , i' mi , .9 4 Y A .0 Q 1- 0 R, MJ faqs A 4' Q bl iw Qi 3Q'Lwx.Q, 'Ko XcMJ3NN,Ob icbvvwa.. ko UJQSUF. ,.' .x W M . CA 'gov-I I. sweax- FALL Administration Activities . . . N A ,, ,km ,X v,- 'L L-N. it T, 2,1 gxflllxx 10 Fall Clubs ...... Cross Country Football . . . me w E5 X Fall 11 Harold Crane, Principal , THIS PAGE: A cherished memory for Mr. Crane is the Northwest game football pre- sented to him by the squad. ABOVE RIGHT: Mr. Crane enjoys listening to the speakers at the DECA Con- ference. ABOVE FAR RIGHT: Mr. Crane takes a breather from the daily duties of being a High School Prin- cipal. FAR RIGHT: Principal Har- old Crane pitches in on new con- struction for the main office. 12 Principal Principal Harold Crane from lieutenant commander in the U. S. Navy, to Grant general F 4 T l 1 1 l l l l ez "fi-? In 23 Hx 5 W Lg 'v P5 , X f " if gig gf 'i 'W Principal 13 Q E Vice Principals changes in office """Q space requires adjustment . My x It f Harold Merideth, Assis- tant Principalg john Moore, Assistant Princi- palg Jerry Rickerts, Ad- ministrative Assistant. ' J ,L 5 il, fxi Vice-principals sig! l. e, K, Z nzmllrrs A--ff-125W rf ABOVE LEFT: Mr. John Moore, vice-principal, takes time out from a busy schedule to daydream, just like a student. LEFT: Mr. Everhart checks with Mr. Moore about when he takes a study hall ABOVE: Mr. Harold Merideth checks on a list of supplies to be ordered from the School Board ABOVE RIGHT: "Finding an open date for a pep assembly can be a big problem" explains Mr: Jerry Ricketts to Donna Thompson and Debbie Driskell. ' afef fb Am' 1 ' Vice-principals 15 ff Board of Education Working for improvements in bussing " 1 'f if V fu V, ei is E 'a ll E i ill B ,il L W ig? so tl? it If Ma X, is I 1, I f: , H , Wd: H M .B tc italy L3 V3 I A A i ,I -' t 5 - l' ALI 'L W lf it ' 'f + W .l so -rf " i i nl ,rs , L1 l l l l l FAR ABOVE: Superintendent of Oklahoma City Public Schools, Dr. Bill J. Lillard. ABOVE: Members of the Oklahoma City Board of Education ate: Mr. William Lott, Mr. Melvin P. Rogers, Dr. Virgil Hill, Dr. Stanley Niles, and Mr. Foster Estes. 16 Board of Education PTSA-bake sale climaxes Open House, Mrs. Virgil Jones elected president of 1972 PTSA , ss '-Msn Lima. PTSA members are Cstandingjz Mrs. Jordan, Mrs. Hageman, Mrs. Mcliuen, Mrs. Collamore, Mrs, Perry Smith, Cseatedj: Mr. Harold C a M Kiespert, Mrs. Virgil Jones, Dr. Clark. r ne, rs PTSA 1 7 -.N ,I 18 Counselors 1 XQ5 sw: ' , giver' gqifgvifla , miwwa . - f- , K -- My ,I ,.,, G I F21 -' F12- Mr, 1 + rf 1 . 5 , 1 J 1351 iii M-,Wi haw 1' 0 o f " f f' f , fw XX I Y! 'J ..,,. x . s 113' Q . 'r 4 ' If X we , 41 t li 'C Ernest Bucl-ahold, boys' counselorg Robert McCain, boys' counselorg Frances Gary Walker, boys' counselorg Thelma Parks, girls' counselor. Orren, girls' counselorg s sell ' Counselors--ACT given at Grant with the aid of counselors 16" 2' . se' FAR LEFT: Sophomore Counselor Gary Walker studies time blocks to help sophomores find out when to go to class. CENTER LEFT: Girls counselor Frances Orren converses with Peggy Campbell about the ad- vantages of being a senior counselor. LEFT: Schedule changes are a daily routine for senior counselor Ernest Buckhold. ABOVE: Counselor Robert McCain prepares junior schedules with the help of aide, Susie Gentry. Counselors 19 Secretaries- important services furnished to school 20 Secretaries W E?" Bw- ma. se 'N Q, Y T? l u 4.- . s ABOVE: Mrs. Barbara Mize quite often finds herself doing two jobs at once, writing out pink slips for tardy students and listening to a mother explaining why her son is out of school. ABOVE RIGHT: Mr. Crane's personal secretary, Mrs. Opal Hampton, finds the directory a useful item in her daily routine of making calls for him. QA ' hr 1 SX E.. x A Y . x Helen Baker, Financial Secretaryg Be- atrice Bradley, Nurseg Peggy Cambell, Registrarg Betty Cook, Attendance Sec- retaryg Opal Hampton, Secretaryg Ann Hiti, Instructional Clerkg Barbara Mize, Attendance Secretaryg Elnora Tomes, At- tendance Secretary. ii." 29:33 -f-A. iff, V' FM iafgpggg .-.',w'4Q 'HTEQS f:!2?'Xfigg. . , P . ,At I if-mf-w....is-.i.,,... FAR ABOVE: Nurse Beatrice Bradley checks a student's files before she checks the student for sight and hearing. ABOVE: Selling student football tickets takes up Mrs. Helen Baker's Thursday and Friday mornings. ABOVE RIGHT: Typing the morning absentee list is Mrs. Elnora Tomes. Mrs. Betty Cook "wades" through schedules to find a particular student's class so she can check him out. Z' ,fi A . Secretaries 2 1 A , .,A..., , ' , , .F IA i ABOVE Cstandingjz Charley Musgrave, jess Williams, E. V. Birchfield, Amos Barton, Grant Hunt, John Langley, Cseat- edlz Harold Kenny, Robert Black, A.U. Skaggs, Head Custodian, Cecil Punnea, Thomas johnson, Robert Donnell. ABOVE: Head custodian Mr. A. U. Skaggs checks orders for new supplies. RIGHT: Mr. Harold Kenny per- forms one of his many duties as a custodian, mrexy, 22 Custodians 3' lb X Q f , . . WE" 1-rf! , . . , A ,? as i Q ' II' 4 f n fi, , ' A Custodians, Cafeteria- F Mr. A. V. Skaggs retires after 18 years of service, , t. meals served by staff of fifteen 5 , , X A i 5 I ' ,F Q ttri E ff . -' i Q W- lf'5 Z'5 5 V lb - Il l Q FAR ABOVE: Cafeteria personnel takes a break. ABOVE: Cstand- ingb, Flossie Manuel, Georgia Nolen, Ollie Suttle, Jaunita Ward, Vivian West, Edna Dorsey, Mary Hutchinson, Lella jackson. fSeatedj: Rose Ford, Mabel Wright, Ruth Penry, Ruth Weed, Donna Grooms, Angela Smith, Fern Bennett, Manager. LEFT: Manager Fern Bennett takes time out for a phone call. 5 F Cafeteria 2 5 ,A as T333 1 Ji? if if ABOVE: A missplaced modifier in a sentence written by Paul Chaney brings a laugh to Mrs. Christine Baugh. ABOVE RIGHT: "Logic is one of the primary factors in Debatej' explains Mr. Larry Long to his Debate I class. CENTER RIGHT: Mrs. Hazel Cox explains to Janice Frances English V ,xx why her paper was graded lower than she expected. RIGHT Mrs. Gary Watson takes time to explain to a student in his English Literature class the function of her error chart in relation to her grades on content and grammar. i l - af ,f:,a1g,A,11 1, W .4 , r,1.mK, ,4,g,i,, .3 A I m5 g-f5aTf'9'Ef:ti::a-- , - 73X ,r i..i..,t,g, ,gf-frm' , I If fm if ' f "' I ' 5 ' , . 1. ff' , ' A. :Qi I' . ,I in Q E11gllSl1-Humanities, the study of mankind, is added to the English departmenfs curriculum '3"7 Christine Baugh, English IV, department headg Hazel Cox, English IIg Rubye Harper, English IIg Lucy Hollowell, English IIIg Martha johnson, English IVg Ralph King, English IIIg Larry Long, Debate I,II,III, Speechg Darlene McLeod, English II. 3 . ,Q4:'5x-'fF1'f"ifl'. 'ef , wi gf, -egg I x we me e"f':fw-t f -2.5: 'fu 'g ,g'gm3.r .--fi 1 1 1 ,. ., t ' - .fm 11-,iff f. 'Q 'fs ' ,153 ,Q 1- gg 3 0 fp ,,, 3 l V. :rg-,.-,few ,111 . -l Sgghfr' y glgfrrsfixl I as . ,. ., , N 3 . ',, ...- English 2 5 EI1g1iSh-new semester program gives students Wider course choice R fi -X -gf, X -vs gp-r 2 flkff 'F "'- ,','! 5 Ai .. , A Edna Myatt, English III, Peggy Pitt, En- glish IVg Mary J. Sparks, G r e a t 'K Books, Journalism, department headg Rita Struhbar, En- glish IIIg Bettye Thomas, English III, Jayne Thomp- son, Stagecraft Dra- ma, department head, Neleta Veazey, English IV, Hu- manities, Gary Wat- son, English IV, World Literature, Creative Writing. fm -mfg, ABOVE LEFT: English teacher Mr. Ralph King lends a helping hand to Amelia Filmore. FAR LEFT: Mrs. Rita Strubhar gives individual assistance to Mike Finney in her English III class. LEFT: Writing a library permit for a student to research a term paper is Mrs. Bettye Thomas. RIGHT: Mrs. Mary J. Sparks goes over the process of filing year- book sales receipts with Miss Charlotte Sellers. ABOVE: Mrs. Darlene McLeod hands back a late paper to Andy Kidd. English 2 7 . ,,.i W, in C1 L M . 4 ,g , .wi ABOVE: Mrs. june Welling takes time out from her Shorthand 1 class to talk to a student about her grades. ABOVE RIGHT: In his Business Machine class, Mr. Cedric Cudjoe keeps tab on a student's progress. RIGHT: An- swering pertinent questions in his Economics class is Mr. Robert Anderson. 28 Business NN. 5 -', SY! ff- t wif Q g., as , YB, 5 -v J BllSi1'1CSS-a variety of courses present valuable opportunities H. ,fa 5 ff.. Af: ' ' i rd 8' 1""Jf t , . WX Q--v Robert Anderson, Bookkeeping I,II, Economicsg john Barlow, Business Law and Economics, B-team wrestling coachg Ann Condren, Shorthand I, COEQ Cedric Cudjoe, Business Ma- chinesg Dororhy Dean, Clerical Practice, Shorthand and Transcript, department headg Al Fuller, Bookkeeping I, COE. 21 Azzzz:-:,w,7' 7't1f'FI- Y?31fzi?:'f4f2i?52?2Qf "Vi, Kan? of x N L if x 'ril 1 'W' , Russell Higbie, Business Machines, Typing II, Basebal. coach, Steve McDonald, General Business, DE, Reine Pendle- ton, Typing I,IIg Roy Peters, DE, Kathryn Smith, Typing I, II, Business English, Jeff Welborne, Business math, Record Keeping, Football coachg june Welling, Shorthand I, Typing II, Economics. 50 Business BL1Sl11CSS-largest department in school offers fourteen courses ff' ,A 666 ,O 00 sun Ur f! Q.. ABOVE LEFT: DE students make up a fall display for a special assignment. LEFT: Cindi Jenkins is happy about the grade she received from Mr, Jeff Welborn's Business Math class. ABOVE: Mrs. Reine Pendleton reviews the fundamentals of typing to beginners. ABOVE RIGHT: Mrs. Katherine Srnitl demonstrates the proper method of paper adjustment. Business 51 1 'sas L..v. joe Louis Bartee, U.S. History, Evelyn Brown, Sociology, Psychology, Charles Carpenter, World History, football coach, Norris Evans, U.S. History, Jack Everhart, Government, Economics, Ancient History, Arbeecher Hoffman, Bible History, Geography, Lyle Hostet- ter, Sociology, department head, Don Metheney, U.S. History, athletic di- rector, basketball coach. 32 Social Studies Social Studies- anthropology accounts for the eleventh course in the Social Studies department Frmrx is Il john Mohan, Problems of Democracyg Vernon Pierce, Psy- chology, Anthropologyg Robert Spinks, U.S. History. ,i i, 2 , i at , It I . B in L. FAR ABOVE LEFT: Mrs. Arbeecher Hoffman searches the scriptures daily to keep up with her students in Bible History. LEFT: Reviewing the major causes of the Civil War and their relation to the present-day problems is Mr. Joe Louis Bartee. ABOVE LEFT: Mrs. Evelyn Brown discovers her "breaking point" by trying to solve a puzzle for her Psychology class. ABOVE: Mr. Norris Evans helps students find answers for study guides concerning the War of 1812 in his U.S. History Class. Social Studies 33 U3 gil? , 'rw ,m ,M , ,W '--. .hiv 'np Math Math- Calculus increases math electives 5iQ, M ww... Q--.A 'H 0 0 0 b I. A. -1.4 1 .J . 5- J, V, f' "79l'3f4',. m we w'.nVlS!iI,wf f. .. .- 2 .:'fx"M A , . N 'I 'Fx 'sf zrrwf 'za' i.: -A . ,EE fly . psy, f?:f:'.:-,ff . Y, X 'X Q- X ,..- ,Ju ' 2 gr' 'K -an gi p 5' ' Fred Blackrnon, Geometry, B-team wrestling coachg Mary Dressler, Geome- try, Algebra II, Biologyg Oletha Lans- downe, High School Math, Algebra Ig Craig Miller, Algebra I, Tennis coachg Helen Ray, department head, Trigf Matrix, TrigfAnalyrics Math Analysisg Severlan Vaughn, Calculus, Algebra II, TrigfAnalyticsg Keith Wilson, Algebra II, Geometry. FAR LEFT: "Calculus isn'r so hard if you take a problem by simple steps," explains Mr. Severlyn Vaughn. CENTER LEFT: The principle of geometric planes becomes a 3- dimensional lesson in Mr. Keith Wilson's Geometry class. ABOVE LEFT: "The square root of 4 may be either a pos- itive or negative 2" remarks Mrs. Helen Ray to one of her Trig!Matrix students. LEFT: Mrs. Mary Dressler ex- plains the fundamentals of a geometric theorem concerning triangle congruence. Math 35 Vocational- new sidewalk near breezeway is the project of a portion of vocational students 36V Y f if , , 15-A- 1 fa N we , N 1 4. .,.f .Vikram Z ' ' . ,W 4. Q M ,Q , K. r , 3 Greta Emanuel, Cosmetology I,IIg Orville Looney, Auto Mechanics I,IIg David Morava, Body and Fenderg Otto Morse, Sheet Metal, Welding I,IIg George Ross, Wood- work I,II, Cabinet Makingg Robert Steele, Drafting and Design I,II, department headg Bobby William, Electricity I,II. I. ,F X FAR LEFT: Phillip Hickman listens as Mr. Bobby Mitchell explains the use of a pipe wrench. FAR ABOVE: Mrs. Greta Emanuel finds new hair style hard to believe. CENTER LEFT: Mr. Orville Looney demonstrates the proper way to reassemble an alternator. LEFT: Mr. Otto Morse, Welding teacher, de- scribes the points of safety to one of his stu- dents. ABOVE LEFT: Assisting Perry Wil- liams in the precise fundamentals of drawing, is Mr. Robert Steele. Vocational 37 - , A '. , . f Wir . 51'- if Lelan Clark, Driver's Education, Wres- tling coachg Ernest Daniels, Driver's Education, department head, Bob Mitchell, Health and Safetyg John Sav- age, Driver's Education, Swimming coach. " - 55 L. 753 V 5 L, , I Drivefs Education-Mr. Bob Mitchell heads up new course on Health and Safety 1' . 5 , i 1' '- "7 lffw 5' A A E I 'ef' a 1511 ' g e Lf-,111 l 38 Driver's Education 2 4 Tom Erwin, department head, Physical Education, Football coach, Evelyn Shel- ley, Modern Dance, Tumbling, Competi- tive Athleticsg Lois Sugru, department head, Physical Education, Robert Wooden, Physical Education, Football coach. Physical Education- modern dance, tumbling, and girls' sports bring new look to Grant's PE department FAR LEFT: Mr. Harold Clark shows a film clip called Defensive driving to his Driver's Education class. LEFT: Rusty Lane awaits Mr. Bob Mitchell's decision on one of his test answers in his Health and Safety class. ABOVE LEFT: The B-team football boys receive a halftime talk from Mr. Robert Wooden. ABOVE: "Shooting for accuracy is an important job for a forward," explains Mrs. Evelyn Shelley to Marilyn Stewart. Physical Education 39 Art- courses give students creative outlet II, Arts and Craftsg jewelry, Arts and department headg II, Commercial Art HOIHC ECO11OII1lCS-helpful hints and new ideas contained in everyday lesson plans I .,."'T".-.---"" 3z.t,Jd"f?' ,ww- an I -... N S b Q n wr sq ff 2 ,- 'Vw "uL"-1'7" ABOVE LEFT: Checking individual projects by roll in her Commercial Art I class is Mrs. Morcne Long. LEFT: Mrs. Marge Humphrey helps students express themselves in one of many mediums found in Arts and Crafts. ABOVE: Mrs. Lettie Hunter talks to her Clothing IH class about the importance of finishing touches on any sewing project. ABOVE RIGHT: Mrs. Carol Rains laughs at an oral report about foam rubber houses during her Home Planning class. 1 ...Qi 6: A Treva Baker, Foods II,IIIg Lettie Hunter J Clothing Hg Carol Rains, Family Rela- tions, Home Planning and Decoration, department head. Home Economics 41 Q' , 1 s ,V X Gary Bohanan, Securityg Elaine Olson, Audio Visual. 42 Science Securit and Audio Visual s s ABOVE: Mr. Gary Bohanan's job as Grant's security officer nor only takes in students' problems, but adults' as well. ABOVE RIGHT: In Mr. Bob Mitchell's Biology class, discussing planeria regeneration is the order of the day. RIGHT: Grading tests isn't such a tedious job to Miss Ida Carter. FAR RIGHT: Explaining the mechanics of a bumblebee's wing is Mr. Dewey McClellan. 527' 7'-we 'g- A Ron Cable, Biologyg Ida Carter, Biology, department headg William Mitchell, Bi- ologyg Dewey McClellan, Biology. Science-planeria, kingdoms, and curiosity make up Biology courses 3 my V ,J Q11 ff --W+f ' 2-H ww . sf i yy, i,.. Science 43 Languages- -fg as-155' X X 1 Loretta Cavin, French I,II,III,IV, World History' Alfonzo Moniaras, Spanish I,II, important courses depamgem head, for college-bound students 44 Language r , s 1+ - 1 1 SPM K! ,ge 834 A NW. J If 'f."?.-Mr Y'-ig - - M MuSlC-department begins work on 66 99 musical My Fair Lady X x fwb' iQ 3. K 'J' I x 4 A W l 435, Ray Ballew, Choir, Music Theory, Boys' and Girls' Glee Club, department headg john Smith, Band, Stage Band, Orchestra. FAR LEFT: Listening to a student give an oral report in French III is Mrs. Loretta Cavin, CENTER LEFT: Mr. Alfonzo Motrjaras reads a story in his Spanish II class. ABOVE LEFT: Checking for a list of music for a half time performance is Mr. Joh Smith. LEFT: Leading the Wil! i rnxup exercises fqfhis A cagella choir is Mr. Ray Ballew. 1 li .xy i f, ..f ' 1 f 'J . , V H: , , t 1,1 , - , V , A X l ff i Xu ,f lxlfif ik fx! 7 i in i A - 1 ,LJ 1 l X X 7 I xl I7 !flQJ l l A n if 4 ,ln S f ' f ff X 1 N. X 1 , 1 -- if : U, - if ,' S I -s e i y L, grill" 4- W A ,W K iff ' xi ,:'i "xy TMO ygff' fl" 'Lf , 1' X , fit-,XX X Q PM arf, sy 'jfifli lfv X .3 sig Qt' If 1' -'Q X ff c A y ty , A , We , H if i ll ...fflh -if il! iff? X ' 1, ' ft ,V f, b SDA 'iq N " X gi A 1 MUSBH45 A' 7 tx 4124 Y D 'Qi off .2 JE f 'Wi Pauline Novey, Practical English, de- partment headg Doris Thomas, Learning Laboratory. ABOVE RIGHT: Mrs. Doris Thomas helps James Torre with his word drills. RIGHT: Mrs. Pauline Novey checks over a stuclenfs paper in her Practical English class 46 Special Education LlbI'2l1'lElI1S-library gains "bookworms" as air-conditioning unit is put to use ,,,,.....--- -af sh Y"""' Pat Carpenter, Librariang Mildred Pat- terson, head Librariang Ann Turner, Librarian. FAR ABOVE: Ordering new books and checking on those just coming into the Grant library is one of Mrs. Mildred Patterson's many jobs as Librarian. ABOVE: Mrs. Ann Tuner sorts correspondence dealing with new library facilities, publishing companies, and other libraries. i Librarians 47 48 Foreign Exchange Student From Ital to America to become our best friend BOVE LEFT: Pat Challis tells Carol about trophies and Grant's trophy case. EFT: Carol shows spirit "American Style" in pep club. RIGHT: Connie Dun- ap, Sabrettes DeMerit Captain, tells Carol of honorary spirit booster appoint- ent. ABOVE: Leaving Grant for the last time brings many memories to FS student Carol Gusmeroli. In July, Carol Gusmeroli left her home in Italy, to attend meetings for four days in Rome before boarding an Italian Airlines jet, on August 3, bound for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.A., where she was to find a new way of life awaiting her for the coming year. Carol hastily adopted her new fami- ly Mr. and Mrs. Taylor and LaNesse. The second week in August, Carol went with LaNesse and the Exchange Avenue Baptist Church Choir to Cali- fornia on a two week choir tour. After returning from California, Carol quickly became acquainted with the "General" way of life, beginning with the Ice Cream Social in August and the start of the 1971-72 school year. Carol rapidly grew accustomed to time blocks, pep assemblies, football games and new faces. Carol's favorite place in the U.S.A. is Grant. Sheis a true General-"From Italy to America, Our Best Friend!" AFS student 49 50 Fall activities Mr. and Miss Howdy highlight September activities The beginning of September meant the beginning of a new school year. To start it off right, what better way to get acquainted with new classmates than Howdy Week? The highlight of this week was the announcement of Mr. and Miss Howdy, Johnny Cham- bers and Margaret Newcomb. September also marked the begin- ning of a new experience for many students-the Pakistan Relief fast. Stu- dents were asked to donate their lunch money for a day to this fund to provide food for needy families in Pakistan. Football season was opened with a General victory over the Del City Eagles. Football spirit and other ac- tivities in September brought sopho- mores, juniors, and seniors together as Generali. ,f ,P-Q-n-V . FAR ABOVE LEFT: The student body chose Johnny Chambers and Mar- garet Newcomb as Mr. and Miss Howdy. FAR LEFT: Lynne Home and Dony Golden promote student participation in NFL over the announcements. ABOVE LEFT: Ken Flaniken was chosen KOMA's Prep Player of the week in USG's first game against Del City. LEFT: Liz Wilks and Lisa Reagan make last minute preparations for their first speech tournament. ABOVE: David Richison and Greg Craig fast for starving people in Pakistan. Fall activities 51 Student life busy for generals October heralded the production of "Take Her, Shels Mine." This musical comedy was about a girl leaving home for college, and it re- quired many hours of hard work and play rehearsals. To provide high school students with a better understanding of the rapid increase of Venereal Disease, assemblies were held in late October. In two separate assemblies, one for boys and one for girls, students were enlightened on the symptoms, causes, and cures of VD. Class competition to see which class could display the most spirit by decorating the halls with posters for the upcoming Midwest City game gave real enthusiasm to play- ers, coaches, and students alike. 52 Fall activities FAR ABOVE: Doug Dial, David Bell, and Tom Nix show pride after winning nationa solo contests. ABOVE: "Venus Hotline, may I help you," a familiar line used by Kat Tims and Tony Leveridge during Operation Venus. ABOVE RIGHT: David Schweik hart and Cynthia Meek find it easier to sell kisses and give away play tickets, Byrn Perkins finds it more interesting. RIGHT: Rick Myers accepts a spirit boosting toke from Teje Woodard at the Midwest City pep assembly. RIGHT: Singing with th symphony requires hours of practice from Grant's Bonnie Bell. 3- I g? Q-...mn ,:?""? fx m iii? 1 I? F i 5 Q fix rf Fall activities 53 if f 1 X 3 umm, SN! , Mg 4 xr , .A 54 Fall activities va' Football favorites are honored at homecoming Homecoming l972 was alive with changes. It was a beautiful night, the usual rain had quit during the morn- ingg the class-sponsored car floats gave the fans something besides pretty girls to look at, and the Football Queen wore hot-pants. As the band played "Tara's Theme" the candidates walked across the field from the North side of South Okla- homa City Stadium, another new inno- vation for Homecoming "72. The sophomore attendant was Janis Fran- cis: Lisa Ridgeway and Belinda High were the two junior attendants: and the senior attendant was Belinda Mc- Dow. The 1972 football Queen, Alisa Hall, was crowned by fullback Kenny Flaniken and Football Homecoming was over for another year. FAR ABOVE LEFT: The Generals football team shows off their favorites at Homecoming. FAR LEFT: Gene Muse helps junior attendant Lisa Ridgeway from her car at homecoming. CENTER LEFT: Announcement of football queen brings tears of joy to Alisa Hall. ABOVE LEFT: Ken Flaniken crowns queen Alisa Hall Football Fav- orite. LEFT: Football attendants Janis Francis, Bc- linda High and Belinda McDow are honored at the Northeast pep assembly. Fall activities 55 Fall activities Enthusiasm arouses involvement b Grant students XVith the culmination of Grant's football season, November celebrated the crowning of football queen Alisa Hall at the Northeast game. A special highlight of homecoming was at the end of the game when seniors gathered on the football field to sing the Alma Mater. Another special attraction at the end of football season was the mini-float contest. Students built floats featuring titles such as "Hang 'Em High", "DOA", and "The XVar XY'agon." "All you can eat with the purchase of one ticket" can be heard from band members as they begin selling tickets to their annual Spaghetti Dinner. This is sponsored by band parents, proceeds go toward buying new uniforms. iff I f., Um BY' -m-qq,.,,,l ' ::f'T1 . ' ' f r,,, - M, W -9 I 4 lfitt -Q39 N . i '-X f-wif.. , 1- "f""" wi: I I Q , Ty! S FAR LEFT ABOVE: Pam Edwards portrays a General football player at the Northeast pep assembly. FAR LEFT: Dale White finds band spaghetti dinner tickets in demand and easy to sell. LEFT: Sophomores "Wooden Ships" win the mini-float contest. ABOVE LEFT: junior majorette Kathy Carpenter shows pride in Generals during football sea- son. ABOVE: Senior Susan Turnbow skims the past three years while singing the alma mater at the last football game. Fall activities Student Council Officers are: X Rick Carpenter, President Ken Black, Vice-President Joy Patrick, Secretary Sherri Schmidt, Treasurer Jan McCallum, Chaplain Sharen Whitmore, Parliamentarian Doug Dial, Reporter Phyl Fraser, Sergeant at Arms 58 Student Council rf-r .Mi . .,,,,!, f is li . . 'S ix, ABOVE LEFT: President Ricky Carpenter asks Student Council Members for any homeroom suggestions. FAR LEFT: Doctor Harold Cleek addresses Student Council members asking ev- eryone to attend the ground breaking of South Oklahoma City College. LEFT: Taking notes and listening to discussion to take back to their homeroom is Sandi Davis and Deanna Miller. FAR ABOVE: Sheilah Stephens seems amazed when the suggestion of having pudding ma- chines is brought up in Student Council. ABOVE: Student Council sponsored AFS student, Carol Gusmeroli, gets a VIP tour of the school from Susie Gentry. 95.5 ii' Resignation shocks Student Coune1l Working toward better student in- volvement, the Grant Student Council began its active year with Howdy Week. Its highlight was the crowning of Mr. and Mrs. Howdy. Under the direction of President Ricky Carpenter, Student Council's newest project was a Human Relation Council designed to discuss and ana- lyze some of the problems' created by the cluster plan. During October, President Bobby O'Shields handed in his resignation and vice-president Rick Carpenter took over. ff N3 'N v Student Council 59 Student Council installs pudding vending machine One of the main achievements of the 1972 Student Council was the purchase of a pudding vending ma- chine. Seven different flavors were available. Sponsoring various annual activities such as hall decoration contests, United Appeal Drive, and mini-float contest, Student Council created pride and en- thusiasm in out school. Generated by our Student Council, fund-raising projects such as selling shares of stock in AFS helped sponsor the 1971-1972 AFS student, Carol Gusmeroli. 60 Student Council , f-1 -ff -M - WL' 1 , ff. - ' 1... e . ABOVE LEFT: Kenneth Black and David Peck discover that Student Council discussions aren't always interesting. LEFT: Every Wednesday morning jan Mc- Callum gives the devotion to Student Council. FAR ABOVE: Sponsor, Mr. Jerry Rickerts checks Emily Fields and Bobby Mitchell's names off so they may attend the Human Relations Workshop at North West. ABOVE: Debbie Smith and Bobby Mitchell listen to the Student Council Treasurer give a report on the cost of the school directories, the type print used, and the color available. N x ,xx Student Council 61 Dispatch changes size and paper Many hours of hard work is the major component in meeting a news- paper deadline. Published bi-monthly, the Grant Dispatch gives each student an accurate account of school events. Not only does the Dispatch report cur- rent school news, sports, and activities, it also gives the student body the op- portunity to voice their own opinions. Headed by Editor-In-Chief Mark Wallis the Dispatch is printed by Leader Press Publishing Company and is available for fifteen cents. K all Newspaper .,....A,..,..,....... v----""'-r -Q RJ , I-. '45 BOVE LEFT: Becky Snipes and Lee Schwartz begin the tedious job of cutting out and astirig the newspaper together. FAR LEFT: Editors jobs are not always fun and games. ometimes editor Mark Wallis finds it necessary to push his staff to meet a deadline. LEFT: fter the paper has come out, Managing Editor Nikki Vlhitnah proofreads thc Dispatch and arks the errors. FAR ABOVE: The Dispatch Staff. ABOVE: As Advertising Managerg part f Mike Stevens job is to send bills to advertising clients. Dispatch Staff: Mark Wallis, Editor Nikki Whitnah, Managing Editor Mike Stevens, Advertising Editor Debbie Davis, Photography Editor Christy Douglas, News Editor Becky Snipes, Feature Editor Ben Dodson, Editorial Editor Teddy jefferson, Sports Editor Lee Schwartz, Sports Editor Georgina Grady Russell Harshaw Bill Hughes Tedra McClure Linda Simmons Newspaper 63 Staff expands yearbook to collegiate size "john, call Joell' "Are the pictures we took last Tues- day back yet?,' "Deadlines been moved up two weeks? You're kidding!" Although it does sound like a madhouse in room 132 September through March, it's actually the yearbook staff producing the 1972 General. Putting together a 288 page publi- cation is no easy task, as the staff found out. By December, staying after school was a regular occurrence for section editors. The 1972 General had Ei new look. It was changed from the standard high school size to collegiate size, and the arrangement of the book was done ac- cording to the time of year to fit the theme-Turn, turn. Dill I 33-0 64 Yearbook BOVE LEFT: Anita Armstrong crops a photograph so it will fit a ayout. LEFT: Members of the yearbook staff. FAR ABOVE: Elected y the entire journalism department, the 1972 Prince and Princess f Print, Susan Turnbow and Mike Stevens. ABOVE: Yearbook Editor aren Outland, checks copy blocks for accuracy. RIGHT: Filing pic- ures, checking and cross checking names for the sophomore section re Debi Engles, Jane Jordan, and Laurie Morgan. 1972 General Staff: Karen Outland, Editor Ben Dodson, Managing Editor john Taylor, Photography Editor Jennifer McGuyer, Faculty Editor Anita Armstrong, Senior Editor Ethel McGowen, junior Editor Debbie Smith, Sophomore Editor Susan Turnbow, Club Editor Teje Woodard, Activity Editor Mike Sales, Sports Editor Debbie Caldwell Margie Denham Pam Edwards Debbie Engles Kathy Hankins Tana Herrin jane Jordan Pam Lauck Laurie Morgan Barbara Ritchie Debbie Stinley Yearbook 65 P . -ez If ,Ji '43 et: qi-a5fe,:',,,f3 "-tif kt . : 1 I 'N' 1.1,-iff. " 2.cw"2 :Ffa-Q. ffx Rrrrlter Sntltty' Rocket Society memhers: Ray Schmoldt. President Paula Bruemmer Bill Cowden Kelly Johnston Darrel Kelley David Leisy Loretta Mcliibbcn Marla Miller Danny Paxton Rudy Purdue FAR ABOVE: Members of the Rocker Society. ABOVE: Setting up her rocket for a test flight is Paula Bruemmer. RIGHT: Kelly Johnston untl Loretta Mcliibben make last minute alterations on a rocket before they test it. Rocket Society holds future rocket designers Sponsored by Mr. Ron Cable, the Rocket Society is a group of students interested in the future and value of experimental rockets. Rockets testing weather conditions in the atmosphere, taking pictures from hundreds of feet from the ground and sending up rockets just for the sake of enjoyment were all a part of the Rocket Societyls achieve- ments. Grant's Rocket Society was also interested in the national aspect of irocketing. Reading material about uch things as data obtained from dif- Eerent rocket projects was read by the members. Rocket Society 6 at 2 X 68 FBLA Linda Thomas, President Kathy Baird, Vice President Denise Miller, Secretary Debbie Mears, Chaplain Jane Dalton, Treasurer Patty Hightower, Reporter Gerry Alexander Bill Armstrong Janet Beck Donna Blackard Mary Blankenship Nina Brown Nikki Bryson Margie Burns Lee Clark Mary Clingenpeel Debi Cobb Cookie Corn Carey Daily Debbie Daniel Phyllis Davis Darcie Denny Toni Etchieson David Flanagan Vickie Ford Kandy Green Don Harris Gaye Hood , Brad Hubbard Susie Hudler Terri Huffman Marcia Jones FBLA members: Myrna Jones Debby Judkins Paula Kelsoe Chris Ladisaw Penney Lakin Pam Lawson Brenda Long Pete Martin Lisa McDonald Susie McMil1in Mark Moody Karen Norvell Donette Poe Gail Oglesby Sharon Price Karen Quick Penny Randolph Tricia Reeves Steve Roland Barbara Rychlec Cathy Scott Linda Shamblin Henry Shilling Elaine Smith Shelia Stinson Sandi Stuller Carolyn Thomas Deann Thomas David Watson Debi Wing Pam Wise "S-..,,..,., FAR ABOVE: FBLA president Linda Thomas presents Phyllis Davi with a gift for being high salesman. ABOVE: One of FBLA's spon sors, Mr. Al Fuller. ABOVE RIGHT: Mrs. Ann Condren listens t Linda Thomas' report to FBLA members on their ski trip. RIGHT Members of FBLA. ' 1 Snow skiing during spring planned by FBLA Grant's chapter of FBLA started money-raising activities early in the year. They sold stuffed animals and Christmas candles to help finance a ski trip to Vail, Colorado over the Spring break. After a lot of planning and hard work, they left on March 17 at S200 A.M. and reached their objective the next evening. They started home on XVednesday, after three days of snow and cold. Another project of FBLA was to register students to vote who were 18 or over. Registering was done in the mornings and during lunch. Late in the school year, FBLA an- nounced their King and Queen. if FBLA 69 Future' teachers tutor at nursery Becoming better acquainted with what being a teacher really means is what the FTA is doing. Members help childen in nurseries by tutoring them and by just being around them. Teaching wasn't the only thing the FTA did during the school year. In November, they held a hay rack ride at Draper Lake, and during Christmas they gave a fruit basket to a nursing home, and went Christmas caroling. At the Fall Convention for FTA the Grant Chapter was in charge of the entertainment. 70 FTA gr t 3 y 1 ! 3 l 1 XX ABOVE: President of Future Teachers of America, Renee Belew presides over a meeting of the members of FTA. ABOVE RIGHT: Making a mock-up grade scale and lesson plan for imagi- nary students is Debbie Uhls. RIGHT: Members of FTA. sw, f J H X , 1 lit. 7 fi ,fi L way f , ff: f V 7 ff J , Jffj' Q7 47,4 7 ff, K I +P, lflflji A xg' X- I ,-ffi 7L.J'!,f7,,7L' f fi J J fk2y,d Q. ,fi.1L,g,,,f X-jQ,g,.g,f fff i C.'7C.i-'ii i--C-if R ' . l T . T -.if XA W, 1 X V 7 X 4? AQM ff , , , , Y. A A Q ,ff ,Vp if fcfgixzl., C,Z,Q,L.!fC A 13-6,41 6CfCffu!X. ' ff a -f . ' fi , , f ,f, , 410' 'A f . by 7 !jfffl.,4J. lf, . X lf - fp 1,1 ' X", I r li f f' K 4 I 1 A: iii-, f ,Kfx f"f"'5v' X Q fi ,, x X17 p2p5r,g1 ,gags ,gif LJQJLJ P V JW f, -f--4, - - x iv . f f X 3. ,fy g , fi ,ffi Xffgffv-5 -5' 'i 1 f"Lf if C ,- 55- '-f' ' I V, I 45717, L2,4LwqQL,cs,Qf15 rip, ,LL '-fvff t7L'4L"e'7"Lx'- f , i A ,Kiki ' 1 wife , C?f5Z'4U ixfgffgftfw L it A ff A t ff X fy, ,.f , I 1 , , 'a,tQ3Y! f! fx, sig-gl i-'ff "A . -K G K , ' I 4 If ,I y- f t f ,f : 1 sr' ' I Q N C ,nr-X t Af ',:f,NfL,4 ffff,gf1zLl L , L ' .fa , , it 'LQ fl ff- y , ,f,-f 1,11 02' 'ff 117 find? ZLQQ Q ,g , i,,. FTA members: L " "' V .Dchbie.Uhlshyipg-ljresident Lynn Midgett, Secretary gf Jana Langford, Treasurer L " Sheri Means, Representative Debbie Moyer, Historian Sharon Gardner, Parliamentarian Steve Brown Bob Uhls , f- , - ,h, 1 , , J ' 'K , KJ ,V L ,Q -f 5.4, tg., . ,- , V L N 1' ' ', , ., V, , . ' f ffl 1 'N 1' f- - - ff , f ' if fi f X f X f 1 L , , I fufqix 5 ,R ing? ,V ,f .CL e Y .. f I, X fd- I- it ,, . , qi, ,Ji If w I 1 ,ff K -nk? At I. fc' F ue ft, L QA' VL V, Lk Li C ,X LY ! ,dvlftflfg gr X- , 'ff , I ,f K X, K K.. X Renee Belew, President 4 ,livin ' 1 t, A- , X, V, lf I i A 7 V ,f gf7t"d' M 55,4 ,, f 7 j4"7L"2', 'iiigzfig j ,, 1, fi' L11 if I L if Jet .ci :MQ ily TX X if-Y, f 'NL A i like 1' L LAM, AUQ fi fi 71 11, ' ,M ,MV J Ljfi Av 146,941- affaqffff my fyfmiwtiww C9939 Q5 cfcfeg fy 'QULVCG , ,tg tiii i M77 he owl X Rick Smith, President Gayla Dixon, Vice-President Anne Frankenfield, Secretary John Alexander Ted Baker Mel Barker Claude Barrett Rene Belew David Bennett Phil Blair Marla Brassfield Pat Buchanan Regina Butler Mack Bymun Kathy Carpenter Cindy Casteel Ron Casey Debbie Cooper Sandi Davis Bryant Dean Ronnie Decker Mike Dennis Dennis Dobbs Kathie Dodson Don Doss Cathy Douglas Christy Douglas Q sy f wx", 72 Band R W li Nancy Drabeck Kim Easter Cheryl Elrod Dolores Figaro Steve Fisher Kent Flowers Deborah Foster Suzan Garrett Regina Gilbert Kandy Green David Griifeth Mark Harness Connie Harner Martha Harris Randy Harris Ed Higginbotham Debra Higgins Randy Hughes Jo Lynn Jackson Russell James Marcia Jones David Johnson Debbie Judkins Sharon Knight Jana Langford Joseph Langston Kenneth Langston Lisa LeBlanc Robert E. Lee Debbie Leveridge David Linguist Bob Madole Merle Massey Douglass Mathles Rick McCracken Pat McGarry J. D. McLaughlin Sherry Means Mark Meler Deanna Miller Denise Miller Sherri Miller Richard Millspaugh Robert Moore John Mulzet Jackie Murrow Bruce Myers Shelley Myers Vicki Newbey Karen Outland Sharla Parks Gary Pearn Debbie Perdue Rudy Perdue Band Lyne members: ll Purdy Carlton Richardson Eddie Robinson Cathy Scott Greg Scott Will am Shell l Cathy Sherrill Cind y Sherrill Janice Shoemaker Randy Shumark Anthony Smith Paula Stanton Jeannine Teasley Dennis Thompson Mike Thompson Carol Towell Chris Vikrey Randy Wantland Mike Ward Darrel Westmoreland Dale Alan Irvin White Wiley Williams Steve Wilson Terry Wood ' Steve Wright V N ts kv. If FAR LEFT: Members of the U.S. Grant Band. FAR ABOVE: Band Queen attendants Karen Outland, Nancy Drabeck, Gayla Dixon, and Christy Douglas surround Band Queen Cindy Sherrill after her coronation. ABOVE: The announcement of the 1972 Band Queen brings tears of joy from Queen Cindy. The Generals 9 Band takes a superior at district contest The Sound of Young America, Chi- cago and Fight On were a big part of "The Generals' Band" during the foot- ball season. But that wasn'r all, the new class scheduling of the band cut out some of their practice time, so they had to make it up, starting at 7:00 every morning. The band circle-drill gave a new look to the audiences at halftime. And in Norman, Oklahoma, they marched away with a superior rating. Now, if only they could do something about those uniforms. That's what it all came down to this year, new uniforms for '73. One of the big money-raising proj- ects for the new uniforms was the sell- ing of citrus fruit just before Christ- mas. Over 1800 boxes of oranges and grapefruits were sold. Band 75 74 Orchestra FAR ABOVE: Majorettesg Vicki Dowling, Cindy Sherrill, Nancy Drabck, Cathy Sherrill, Cathy Chrpenter, Carol Towell, Myrna Jones, and Marla Brassfieltl. ABOVE: Members of Orchestra. 'N Orchestra plays for musical 'G Fair Lad 'i Although the Grant orchestra only numbered in the twenties, it was big on performances, including two nights of the musical "My Fair Lady." Also, along with the Grant Concert Band they attended the Central State Contest in Edmond, District Contest at Oklahoma City University, and State Contest at the University of Oklahoma held in Norman. l S C EVA 1 i , A -P I , as fm' h , 'v.,,,o'1',f? .V 5 - V ' A . A YA, 1 'I , ,tg . ,'...."g. ,f 5 l 1 mf-f?' i T- ' A 7' " ' - .1 - Q , J , X " ' i l'fi g f 4. NF, ' V- r' Hy ' I C ' Rf -:f 1 . E . - 1 the General's nings." ABOVE LEFT: Drum Major Phil Blair directs Band in one of their many half- time performances. ABOVE: Watching the game and playing at the same time takes coordination from Debi Cooper. LEFT: Members of the Pep Band entertain at a pep assembly with "Begin- Band 75 76 Choi r Choir performs at Shepard Mall for Christmas "Busy" was the key word for the choir department. In November, they attended the National Association of Teachers of Singing in Waco, Texas. Three Grant students sang their way to honors of second, third, and fourth place. just before the Thanksgiving break, the USG choir "traded" pro- grams with Southeast. December brought an invitation to sing at Shepard Mall for Christmas, and they also performed an Open Doors' assem- bly. Spring brought not only showers, but contest time. In March, there was District at Southeast and Edmond Con- testg State Contest was at OSU in April as was the Pawnee Contest. RIGHT: Bonnie Bell was chosen to sing with the Oklahoma City Symphony during November. if 2 5 l , A'Cappella Choir: -iTom Nix, President 'Debbie Coffey, Vice-Pres. 'Susan Ercanbrack, Secretary Jim Hunter, Treasurer Cathy Manuel, Historian Mike Shelton, Chaplain Karen Abbott Nita Beasley Cathy Beene DeAnna Bond Lou jean Carperter Cheryl Cleaver Brenda Clifton Doug Dial Danae Dodson Kim Easter Vicci Ervin Diane Estes Angela Dixon Marilyn Gilliam Kitty Henderson Lessa Heron Renee Keen Gregg Krieg Shelly Lewis Connie Mahoney Pam Marshall Sammy McElvaney Cindy McGhee Pam Montgomery Charles Peck David Porter Janet Rappe Lisa Regan Myra Rogers Diane Sanders Gayle Shults Cheryl Smallwood Margie Smith Stanley Smith Nona Spears Marilyn Gilliam Linda Suchy Glynna Sullins Sylvah Thomas Debra Uhls Johnny Wagner Alice White Randy Whiting Girls Glee Club: Karne Abbott Diane Abernathy Jualetha Agnew Mary Anshutz Debbie Austin Tenna Ball Tania Barnes Glenna Barker Ramona Barnett Nita Beasley Kathy Beene Bonnie Bell Eileen Bishop Adelda Black Lisa Blodgett DeAnna Bond Betty Brandt julie Briggs DeAnna Davis Beverly Deitrich Teresa Dewey Angela Dixon Jean Dixon Debbie Doyle Karen Douglass Charlette Dunphy Lou Jean Carpenter Cheryl Cleaver Brenda Clifton Debbie Coffey Debbie Craven Marsha Edmonson Debbie Engles Susan Ercanbrack Vicci Ervin Elese Evans Diane Fisk Nora Garrison Marilyn Gilliam Kitty Henderson Lessa Herron Lucretia Hughes Sherri Hunsaker Renee Keene Cindy Kensell Debbie Killmer Peggy King Terri Knapp Jana Langford Shelly Lewis Laurel Linton Debbie Little Monica Lopez Connie Mahoney Cathy Manuel Pam Marshall Cindy McGhee Kathy McDowell Pam Montgomery Mary Mountford Rosa Mouser Barb Owery Janet Rappe Lisa Regan Myra Rogers Diana Sanders Irene Schillings Cheryl Smallwood Anita Smith Ann Smith Marjorie Smith Ann Sober Nona Spears Marilyn Stewart Linda Suchy Glynna Sullins Debbie Tankersly Andrea Taylor Jeanine Teasley Sylvah Thomas Debbie Uhls Alice White Mary Williamson Jo Wilson Diana Wood Betty Worley Choir 77 Sabre singers make debut Making their debut as a part of U.S. Grant's choir department during 1972 were the Sabre Singers. Approximately thirty make up the group, and from all this talent the individual groups such as the quartets, sextet, and trio were hosen. The "new" Sabre Singers sang more of a popular style of music than did the A Cappella, Girls' Glee and Boys' Glee Clubs. Another new innovation for the choir was the election of Senior at- tendants to their King and Queen, and a junior and sophomore girl attendant. 78 Choir EAR ABOVE: Members of the Sabre Singers. ABOVE: Members of A Cappella choir. ABOVE: RIGHT: Choir royalty Susan Ericanbracl: and Mike Sheltong Diane Estes and Doug Dial, King and Queen Tom Nix and Debbie Craven: Marilyn Gilliam and Jim Hunter, RIGHT: Choir King Tom Nix Crowns Debbie Craven as 19-2 Choir Queen. Sabre Singers: ,lualetha Agnew Bonnie Bell David Bell Eileen Bishop Walter Bynum Lou jean Carpenter Dennis Castleberry Debbie Craven Ben Curliss Doug Dial Jean Dixion Diane Estes Angela Dixon Terry Knapp joe Larson Cathy Manuel David Marshall Tom Nix Barry Oliver Charles Peck Kathy Phelps David Porter joe Pratt janet Rappe Lisa Blodgett Diane Sanders Mike Shelton Cheryl Smallvvoocl Glynna Sullins Jeanine Teasley Randy Walton Choir T9 80 Choir Ensembles boost number to seven ABOVE LEFT: Girls trio: Jualetha Agnew, Lisa Blodgett, and Jan McCallum. FAR ABOVE: Mixed Quartet: Charles Peek, Cathy Manuel, David Porter, and Diane Estes. ABOVE: Girls Sextet: Diane Sanders, Cheryl Smallwood, Eileen Bishop, Debbie Uhls, Jan McCallum and Terri Knapp. ABOVE RIGHT: Boys quartet: Doug Dial, Mike Shelton, Tom Nix, and David Bell. CENTER RIGHT: Girls Quartet: Jualetha Agnew, Angela Dixon, and Debbie Craven, RIGHT: Boys Quartet: Barry Oliver, Ben Curliss, David Porter, and Randy Walton. FAR RIGHT: Girls trio: Lou Carpenter, Bonnie Bell and janet Rappe. 4-su V7 Mixed Chorus: David Apheatone Mary Anshutz john Ashworth Debbie Austin Teanna Ball Glenna Barker Mark Bell Adelan Black Betty Brandt Darrell Cartwright Dennis Castleberry Ray Chapell Kay Davis Jean Dewey Beverly Dietrich Karen Douglas Debbie Doyle Charlotte Dunohy Puala Dye Marsha Edmondson Debbie Engles Charotte Evans Diane Fisk Nora Garrison Mike Gonzales Billy Hovarter Cindy Kensell Debbie Killmer Debbie Little Monica Lopez Jim Moss Mary Mountford Mark O'Daniel Don Richmond Linda Rogers Irene Schilling Wanda Shelton Boys Glee Club: David Apheatone John Ashworth David Bell Mark Bell Kent Bynum Darrell Cartwright Dennis Casrleberry Ray Chappell Ben Curliss Doug Dial Kim Easter Mike Gonzales Bill Hovarter Jim Hunter Gregg Krieg David Marshall Sammy McElvaney ,lim Moss Tom Nix Barry Oliver Charles Peck David Porter Joe Pratt Don Richmond 222 Mike sheiwn Andrea Taylor gtaglglhfmlth Bobby Uhls O S Randy Walton .l0hUnY Wagner Allan West Randy Walton Mary Williamson Randy Whiting jo Wilson Allan West iw? psy Choir 81 NFL sponsors Heart of Oklahoma speech tourney Anyone who walked past Mr. Long's room on some Friday morning might have though that someone was going to move into the school, there were so many suitcases, bundles and carrying cases. But it was just members of NFL off to another speech tournament. They started the year in Talequah, went on to Northwest State and OSU in No- vember, Northwest Classen in Decem- ber, and Pryor in January. To raise money for all of these tournaments they sold candy. On January 14 and 15, Grant's chap- ter of NFL sponsored the first Heart of Oklahoma Speech Tournament. It was the biggest speech tournament in the state, and more than forty schools competed. s if ' x 82 NFL Q17 gd 'bas-. J? gi. C ff' upcoming speech tournament. l LEFT: Donnie Golden, Lynn Horne and Barb Cleaver check on all the forty that attended the Heart of Oklahoma Speech Tournament. LEFT: Members of ABOVE RIGHT: Kevin Mathey shows off a trophy he was awarded at a speech to Rene Belew. ABOVE: President of NFL, Karen Hand researches files for NFL members: Karen Hand, President Dony Golden, Vice-President Ann Shelton, Secretary Terrie Fritz, Treasurer Sylvia Drew, Chaplain Carole Whitaker, Historian Barb Hayes, Parliamentarian Renee Belew Pat Brewster Donna Brooks Barb Cleaver Alana Dunn Dawn Ferren Emily Field Rodney Heggy Tanya Irving Sue Landers Mike Lewis Debbie Maloy Kevin Mathey Karen McCormick Byrne Perkins Lisa Reagan Karen Tolbert Denise Truskey Tead Vansickle Carolyn Webb Liz Wilkes NFL 83 Delbert Birchfield, President Cyndy Walters, Vice-President Sandi Davis, Secretary Terri Fritz, Chaplain Jan Cloyde, Historian Glynna Sullins-Clown Chairman Renee Belew Mike Bennett Phil Blair Clark Bryan LeAnn Brewster Pat Brewster Jeff Burt Paula Dugherty Doug Dial Jean Dixon Vicci Ervin Janice Gruver Phil Hibbard 84 Thespians Thespian Members: Connie Harner Tanuya Irving Don Isbell Darrell Keener Tracy Koleno Terry Lawson Randy Lunow Pete Martin Kevin Mathey Cindi Morris Tom Nix Janice Rozin Debbie Simms Sandee Stuller Julia Taylor Patty Tolson Steve Tolson Ted VanSickle Randy Whiting f' ' FAR ABOVE: Members of Thespians. ABOVE: A scene from "The play taken to contest, is rehearsed by Randy Whiting and Steve Tolson. RIGHT: Clown Troupe members participate in one of the Opening assemblies. RIGHT: Jan Cloyde, Delbert Birchfield and Terri Fritz present Crain a General's car tag sold by the Thespians. Thespians form clown troup Three school plays, a bevy of con- tests, and several school community projects were all included in the Thes- pians agenda. During the summer months, a spe- cial Summer Troupe performed "Have a Grumpish Holiday" for various audi- ences, and at the beginning of Septem- ber, Thespian members got together for an Ice Cream party and initiation. The Clown Troupe made their first appear- ance in Ocotber. Approximately twenty students volunteered for such things as children's birthday parties and Open Door's assemblies. Thespians worked on the play "Take Her, She's Mine" in November, held a Christmas party and initiation in De- cember, and presented a one-act play at Regionals in January called "The Frogs." In May, they presented the Children's Theatre. 4'!'f1'1f:q5q .-,KS Thespians 85 Stage Craft members: David Ambrose Delbert Birchfielcl Jan Cloycle Debra Craven Doug Dial Don Isbell Mickey Jackson Pete Martin Tom Nix Bill Phipps Deborah Simms Glynna Sullins Paula Thrash Steve Tolson Sherrie Thomas Terry Zimmerman ' x P ' r ff 4 l C 86 Stage Crew Q ' -. 1 ' 1 1 , I 8 Q ., 9 , 1 Q 1 0 ' , Q ,'f. 'l FAR ABOVE: Boys aren't the only ones who can use a hammer and nails proves Glynna Sullins to Pete Martin. ABOVE: Stage crew members take time to make last minute adjustments on the lighting for the journalism assembly. ABOVE RIGHT: Sherrie Thomas finishes a paint job on a winter sleigh, while Debbie Craven cuts "snow" for effect. RIGHT: Members of Stage Craft. - O I 0 . . 00 Q Set designing 'cold haf, for stage craft Building a set for a play or assembly takes the planning and Creativeness of the stage craft class. Students learn dozens of facets that go into the mak- ing of an interesting stage. Proper lighting is studied for spot- lighting Eliza Doolittle in "My Fair Lady", a stage containing two sets was conceived for "Take Her, She's Mine" and a Winter Wonderland theme com- plete with a twinkling city background was designed for the journalism assembly. Stage Crew 87 Spanish Club Members: Mike Prine, President David Wilson, Vice-President Phylis Fraser, Secretary Lura Gay, Treasurer Bobby Mitchell, Program Chairman 88 Spanish Club Richard Arnold Leroy Berry jan Brakebill Lou jean Carpenter Chris Cutler Elaine Docltray Cathy Douglas Sharon Gardner David Griffith Charla Hahn Christy Hanlan Valerie Harness Teresa Hodges Tracy Koleno Billie Kerr Marilyn Martin Lynn Midget Kim Mikeman Richard Myers Deanna Newcomb Cheryl Rigsby Ron Sheaer Jo Smith Rick Smith Steve Terry Spanish club holds fiesta for Christmas Electing officers was the first thing on the agenda of the Spanish Club. After the elections, they promptly held a get-together at Casa Bonitas to cele- brate the occasion. just before Christmas break, the Spanish Club held a Spanish Fiesta. A pinata filled with candy was broken, and a lot of doritos were eaten. They also sang Christmas songs in Spanish. In April, a picnic was held to cele- brate the end of the year, Dia de Campo. Spanish Club 89 l 1' rw' X Q N1 4, f 5 40 5' .5 f , ,ii I , V,-x J 90 French Club FAR ABOVE: Getting the experience of actually reading an entire book in French is Ricky Smith. ABOVE: Members of French Club. ABOVE RIGHT: Changing the bulletin board in the French room is "hard" work say Pam King and Randy Harris. RIGHT: Although Phil Hibbard isn't a member of French Club, he can sign up for the planned trip to New Orleans, r-ttf'-fe as-ill", , gi- ,I New Orleans trip highlights year of French club A bus trip to New Orleans, Louisi- ana was the highlight of the French Club's year. During Spring break, French Club members plus other stu- dents who signed up for the trip, left for a week of Bourbon Street, the French Quarter, and Dixieland hospitality. Earlier in the year, the French Club officers held a party to initiate new members and generally have a good time. Several times during the year, mem- bers got together and attended French films shown at the University of Oklahoma. French Club members: Phil Blair, President Rick Smith, Vice-President Pam King, Secretary Renee Belew Mary Blankenship Karen Bottoms Donna Chaney Debbie Dibello Georgina Grady Randy Harris Rhonda Harris Sandy Monds Margaret Newcomb Lorana Shoemaker Rhea Ellen Skaggs French Club 91 Exchange student chosen as honorar spirit booster Carol Gusmetoli, Grant's foreign exchange student, was chosen as an honorary spirit booster. The spirit boosters was a group of Sabrette mem- bers who made signs for the various spotting events and put them up in the halls. "Sink the Pirates", "Splatter the Spartans," and "Scalp the Red- skinsl' were some of the ideas on the colorful signs. Besides promoting spirit, the Pep Club was also in charge of the home- comings. A committee was chosen for each homecoming Cfootball, basketball and wrestlingj and the girls decorated the stadium or gym accordingly. 92 Sabrettes FAR ABOVE: Head Cheerleader Debbie Dnskell ABOVE Members of the Sabtettes RIGHT A homecoming victory brought the Pep Club to their feet to cheer the Generals FAR RIGHT Sabrettes Vice-president Patti Taylor and President Sherrie Thomas LEFT: Sabrettes officers: President, Sherrie Thomasg Demerit Captain, Judy Cassityg Reporter, Raylene Mathewsg Parliamentarian, Pam Webby Chaplain, Nikki XVhitnahg Historian, Lorraine Fitzgeraldg Treasurer, Susie Gentryg Sergeant at Arms, Teje Wloodardg Vice-president, Patti Tay- lorg Demerit Captain, Connie Dunlapg Usher Captain, Belinda MCDOW. Sabretzes 93 Sabrettes usher for rodeo finals Ushering at the Fairground Arena and Civic Center Music Hall for big name groups and occasions was one of the many advantages of being a U.S. Grant Sabrette. Some of the events ushered were The Stars and Stripes July 4 Show, Tom Jones, Three Dog Night, Jackson 5, the Ice Capades, and the Finals Rodeo. Not only did the girls that ushered get a free show, they also earned extra merits. Merits are an important aspect if a member wants to run for cheerleader, an office, or become a spirit booster. A certain number of merits are re- quired for each of these posts. Pr r ft? fM,?"7e'f 94 Sabrettes ABOVE FAR LEFT: Cheerleaders: Nikki Jones, Debbie Driskell, Sandy jesseph, Donna Thompson, Becky Snipes, Lisa Ridgeway, Margaret Newcomb and Nancy Connell. ABOVE LEFT: A more than common sight during a Generals' football game is the Sabrette officers doing a kick dance. ABOVE: One of the duties of a cheerleader is to introduce the opposing school's cheer- leaders. FAR LEFT: Spirit Boosters: chairman, Susan Curry, Suzie McEuen, Kathy Tims, Shelley Myers, Paula Thrash, Cindy Keispert, Karen Tolbert, Carol Gusmeroli, Vicki Snyder, Phylis Fraser, Debbie Foley and Sherrie Schmidt. Not pictured, Tana Herrin. LEFT: "Fight On for U.S. Grant" sing Pep Club members at the close of the Northeast vs. Grant game. Sabrettes 95 Relations club contributes to city-wide meetings The Human Relations Council was a newly formed club, sponsored by Mr. Barlow and Mrs. McLeod. The club met every Tuesday morning and its purpose was to promote better relations involving the cluster students. Grant's chapter of Human Relations attended other meetings of Human Re- lations Councils at Midwest City, Classen and john Marshall High Schools. During February there was Brother- hood week. Douglass invited several Councils to attend their meetings to provide different ethnic backgrounds. 5 972 X YXLEXDAR 96 Human Relations I-ENN i.BRu!i swf-fi l 5 I 5 an 'CTO LEFT: An "unplanned" meeting of the Relations Council in the actvities office. Chairman, David Peck and Publicity Chair- an, Pam Edwards circle Brotherhood Week as L-gn-up-v an important project for February. FAR ABOVE: A get-together party was held to promote better understanding by having fun. ABOVE: Members of Human Relations. Human Relations members: David Peck, Chairman Kenneth Black, Co-chairman Emily Fields, Secretary Pam Edwards, Publicity Chairman SueAnn Frantz Charla Hahn jane Jordon Bobby Mitchell Jay Newell Cindi Snyder Jimmy Spradlin Terry Welling Human Relations 97 DECA members: Gayle Oglesbv-President Kenny Knowles-Vice-President Donna Fallwell-Secretary Claudia Armstrong-Treasurer Kenny Burditt-Reporter Carla Rogers-Historian Denise Finney-Parliamentarian Mike Wigley Bobby Williams Debi Wing Bill Yousy Darla Adams Mark Anderson Charlie Basclen Lynn Bedingfiels Glen Billings Paul Chaney Eric Cheatham Steve Craig Johnny Dillon Steve Downard Gary Grigsby Danny Hartly Mike Henson Susie Hess Jerry Knight Rusty Lane Nancy Marshall Phil McCaleb Ethel McGowen Barry McKnown Mark Mosley Ricky Orr Linda Pack Mike Reeves Vickie Ross Terrie Rotan Cindy Stazsen Phil Stotz Chuck Thompson Gary Tolman Ricky Wagner Ricky Webb Phil Welch 98 DECA 42: ff X 5.141 DECA conference sponsored b Grant chapter Who is even busier than Santa dur- ing the Christmas season? It seemed like Grant's DECA chapter was. Not only did they sponsor a city-wide Toys for Tots drive Cwith a little help from the United States Marine Corpsj by placing boxes in various locations around the school and community, they also held a Party at Shakey's for which everyone attending had to present a toy. They also donated a box of food to a local church for Christmas. In January, at the Grant vs. John Marshall basketball game, DECA an- nounced their King and Queen. DECA's next important project was at- tending a Merchandising Mart held in March at Dallas. DECA 99 VICA chapter second largest in District Traveling became quite an everyday thing to Grants VICA Club. On Oc- tober 12, the District Leadership Con- ference was held in Lawton. Seventy of Grant's members traveled to the con- ference in a sixteen car caravan. They were the second largest club repre- sented in Lawton. Also in October, the VICA officers performed initiation and installation ceremonies for the officers of the Shaw- nee and jones chapters. The annual VICA banquet and an- nouncement of their King and Queen was held during the end of the year. ILA 100 v1cA -.ev my .01 iff -' - vzmfe- :fs , .,.i,s:a ,, LEFT: VICA officers Sylvia Ashley, Mike Webber, Linda and Anderson, and Ann Smith. LEFT: Members of VICA. FAR The star attraction of the mini-float contest was the VICA float accented by a monkey dressed in a Sabrerte uniform, ABOVE: breaking ceremonies get under way for the new sidewalk by the breezeway with the help of VICA members. VICA members: Mike Webber, President Sylvia Ashley, Vice-President Pam Baker, Secretary Kris Pollock, Treasurer Ann Smith, Chaplain Glenda Anderson. Historian Linda Anderson, Reporter Gary Howard, Parliamentarian Lana Abshire Bryan Antoon John Ashworth Sandy Bagley james Birk Gary Bobo Freddie Bradley Tim Branch James Bray Steven Briggs Patty Brown Charles Cantwell Luanne Cantwell Pat Challis Tommy Cook Bill Cowclen Sharon Cummings Lynn Dailey Robert Davis Richard Ellis Carla Esmond Amelia Fenimore Tina Folsom Cheryl Freeman Scott Freeman Johnny Furr Gary Gates Carl Gillean Sharon Gleayes Charles Gomez Linda Goodbreak Terry Goodson Paula Green Patty Green Pam Grubles Sandra Hacker Beverly Harmon Vicki Hancock Starlet Henderson Phillip Hickman Phyllis Horn Sue Hott Barney Jefferson Ava Jones Charles ,Tones Sandra ,ludtl Stanley Kelly Richard King Bruce Kirkpatrick Russell Lathrop Eldeana Lindsey Calvin Mason Mike Matchen ,limmy Maxwell Debby McAnally Adrain McCoy XY'illiam Morgan Kenneth Newton Dana Oldenburg Robert Pound XVayne Rodriquez Kevin Ross Michael Rosr Debby Selby Billie Self Denise Shatley Andy Shelton Roy Snow Steve Smith Deana Sticker Linda Stark Vickie Starks Rodney Stiger Kathy Tate Frank Thomas Vickie Threlkeld Rod Van Noy John Vermillion Vickie Walker Dean XVard Ellen XVeaver Steve Wesley Robert XVilliamson Donald Winfield Carole XVhitaker Melody Whitehead Sharon Whitmore Nancy Wooten Mike Youngberg Bobby Young VICA 101 National Merit honors two Grant students Overflowing mailboxes was one of the defects of being a National Merit finalist discovered Vicci Ervin and Larry lrwinsky. It appeared that every college in the country was interested in having them attend their respective schools. Larry and Vicci were only two out of the chosen 15,000 finalists, however 655,000 students took the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. Those 15,000 students constitute less than 1? of the graduating seniors in the United States. Grant also had three other students that scored quite high. Karen Outland and Sam Garlow received Commended Students Awards, and Kurt Brewer was awarded one posthumously. 10 N to l Mer t Finalists Six students represent Ciranl at conventions E,'Tg'g"iE36'FSl5'Q- EQUSZSSRQ fb:-P-559. De6'Oi-n'DfDFi"3'U:"9,:i:s m'SE'?w25' EmDaQi2'ET2fw W 2'--91339935 Trims 033539 ,.,:: moon HHH S ,REQ .-,...ni pb-O,Ug,:5,',,:,'9,mpQ'f-,LED-Qggdgm eme.w'w5zf,2'wm-sa-sf, M Pvc. D'-+Q'D'2 R'w:1:.-53:1-,E f'vfD"lOD' Q. HND-ww'-tri s-v1"' FD U-'J"'D v-:N i-W ,HS I-x Dv-rm 9 Q 353 " 5'3:ds?.D'l' Qiegimwis s:125e,ef1f""5'5U HD-Q-oQT0ssQfg':', D'53wg5'Q11-51 8"'BSn52'D.B E'-Tw cznmgm rn ,.,-. -. ---ro 33-I3 WDF's:igSUgFf?. E-,EBQE JDE, ,., va. 1-1 P-Fm v-1 m0 fbwzrf-+:rD ww-0:5 Q4 '-f"fUQD::riD'o.O- 'UO MD' ri' ., fem 52 gd :-ogg?-'QQSQUT .'3"O...g Omg' ma- v 3-5: ' 239.03302 Q ,5,H's1 QCD ruD"fm',3 0-5-T f-1 O' "' O - Q, mpwgxm Orbm?T'r-aqgfbm rn 'J",., HF, 'T"'SnD..S"Drn.'T'w D-9?Drn'T'wr'n Willy 17 W unru 95 salmon. A mms if NIIMBIZII on LEFT: Victor Christian attended Boys state in Stillwater. ABOVE LEFT: Boys' and Girls' State Representatives Sherrie Schmidt, John McDougal and Sam Garlow. ABOVE: Rick Smith and Soozie McEueri both attended state conventions during the summer. OPPOSITE PAGE: National Merit Finalists Vicci Ervin and Larry Irwinsky. Boys' and Girls' State 105 RIGHT: Bill Hughes gets "expert" trcatmcnt from Gary Williams. BELOW: Members of Recl Cross. FAR RIGHT: South Community Hospital welcomes girls who wish to become a Candy Stripct at thc hospital. -surf ,Y X q,,,1!..-F"'P'-all N'-Te' A -is, lu 1 it iff' 5, its I fy 1 , v 'F 'f t- 1, .ff :xl x A 'V A 4 X A 104 Red Cross Ay, Red Cross helps community Grants Red Cross is a group of stu- dents dedicated to helping the com- munity and the school to help them- selves. They attended first aid classes so as to be prepared in case of an emergency or disaster, made plans to send food and essentials to the Paki- stan refugees, and generally helped their fellow man. Grant's chapter of Red Cross is sponsored by Mr. john Savage. Red Cross 105 Mu Alpha Theta members: Larry lrwinslcy, President Paula Bruemmer, Vice-President 106 Mu Alpha Theta Vicci Erwin, Sec.-Treas. Dennis Beaty jim Conrad Charles Cooper Greg Dean Cheryl Floyd Myrna Hey Valerie Harness Renne Keen Tony Levericlge john McDougal Ron Micue Gerald Miller Larry Miller Gene Muse Richard Ogg Karen Outland Cathrine Paulk Tracy Reagan Greg Rolland Margie Root Glynn Simms Rick Smith Mike Sperling Randy Stafford Debbie Uhls FAR ABOVE: Selling Tootsie Roll Pops for Mu Alpha Theta is a common sight in most of the math rooms. ABOVE: Jean Harness pays her 5012 to Mrs. Helen Ray so that she may attend the Christmas party. ABOVE RIGHT: Mu Alpha Theta President Larry lrwinslcy and "his" sign. RIGHT: Members of Mu Alpha Theta. CAN NEKUMA ,V0050 M Om . MIND :Mm Q-JNQ5 CWM Mu Alpha Theta holds initiation at Woodson Park Mu Alpha Theta is the only club at Grant that has a grade average require- ment. A member must be enrolled in Trigonometry or above, and have at least a B average, with no grade in Mathematics lower than B. But this doesn't mean the members always sit around and talk about sines, cosines, and the like. At their initiation, party for new members in October, eggs were pretty well "thrown around", and one member was standing on a corner counting blue Cars with lady drivers turning left. In December, a Christ- mas parry was held at Wiley Post Park. Mu Alpha Theta 107 Council promotes safety for school Promoting safety in all aspects of school life was the purpose of the Safety Council School zone driving, parking lot driving, fire exit drills, and simple street crossing was all a matter of school safety, not to mention the hassle of four-corners. Once a month, Safety Council mem- bers had a chance to attend meetings with the Board of Education. These meetings were held to discuss new ideas for safety, and to get the opinions of the students on the programs. 108 Safety Council FAR LEFT: Mr. Earnest Daniels gives a little help to a student on the Drive-O-Trainer machine, LEFT: After a practice session on the machines, mistakes can be discovered on the print out sheet. BELOW: Members of Safety Council. Safety Council 109 .IBA O I Cross country team captures All-city meet Behind the heels of Ricky Carpenter, the Cross Country team had a successful season, highlighted by winning first place in the All-City Tournament at Woodson Park. Although the season started with the Generals placing thirteenth at the Tulsa Edison Invitational, they came back the next week and were declared All-City Champions. The Generals captured second place in both the Mid-State Meet and Putnam City Invitational, with Carpenter placing second and first place respectively. In both the Norman Invitational and State Cross Country Meets, Grant placed in the top ten. Rick Carpenter was se- lected to the All-State Cross Country team by virtue of having the fourth best time in the State Meet held in Tulsa. In dual action, Grant defeated South- east 18-57, and lost to Putnam City, 24-36 Clow score winsj. A triangular meet in Edmond netted a victory for the Generals, as Carpenter captured first place, and John Bottoms placed second. l 10 Fall Sports The record of a 6-5 season Del City An accurate passing game and sub- stantial rushing attack headed by quar- terback Greg Rolland and fullback Ken Flaniken, enabled the Generals to hold down the Del City Eagles 31-28, The triumph gave the Generals a promising show of what the season would be. Ken Flaniken scored in the early going and again in the third period on runs totaling 41 yards, while end Pat Casey added 6 points on a 14-yard pass play in the second quarter. Quarterback Greg Rolland, who, through most of the night threw for 215 yards, scored on a one- yard plunge in the fourth stanza, But, again the Eagels scored a touch- down, and time was running out for the Generals. Trailing 28-24 with a little more than a minute remaining, Grant got the ball on their own 44-yard line following the kickoff. Rolland passed for fifty yards in two plays to ends Randy Burns and Pat Casey to put the ball on the six yard line. Ken Flaniken tallied the deciding touchdown, his third of the night, when he surged over the goal line from the six. Gary I-Ianshue added the extra point for the final 51-28 victory. Sbazwzee Wfhile the hopes of a big upset were riding in the third quarter, the Shawnee Wfolves were scoring quick touchdowns to establish a 36-28 victory over the shocked Generals. Grant scored twice in the first half. Halfback Robby Wfoods tallied from the seven, and Greg Rolland tossed to end Pat Casey to put the Generals on top I4-0. The next touchdowns for the Generals came in the second half on a 68-yard pass play with Greg Rolland connecting to Ken Flaniken, and a one-yard sneak by Rolland with 7:08 left in the fourth quarter. The successful point after at- tempt gave Grant their last lead of the game. Plfmnm City Neither the rain nor the Pirates could be stopped by the Generals as Putnam City handed Grant a wet 28-0 loss. Although Putnam City lost two fumbles, the Generals were plagued by three pass interceptions, one which went for the final Pirate touchdown. Dozzglnrr Although the statistics showed Grant ahead of Douglass two to one, mistakes by the Generals and big plays by the Trojans enabled Douglass to outscore Grant 27-14. After topping off a 60-yard drive with a pass from quarterback Greg Rolland to end Steve Reid for the first score of the game, Douglass returned a kickoff 75 yards to even the score 6-6. Statistic-wise, the second quarter was still all Grantg but a bad snap from cen- ter on an attempted punt gave Doug- lass possession on the General's one- yard line. The mistake resulted in a' touchdown for the Trojans. Grant's last lead of the game came just before inter-l mission with a quarterback sneak and two point conversion, which gave the Generals a 14-15 lead. Capitol Hill In the early going it seemed as if Capitol Hill would give the Generals a tough time. But after the first Grant touchdown by fullback Ken Flaniken, the Redskins never seriously threatened th Generals in their 32-0 romping of' Capitol Hill. Other scores for Grant came by a five-yard pass from Greg Rolland to end Terry Stanley, and on a 90-yard kickoff return by Jim Hageman. In the fourth quarter, running backs Jerry Herrod and Ken Flaniken tallied for the winners on runs of three and seven yards respectively. 1 Although Ken Flaniken scored only one touchdown, he completely dominated rushing statistics, as he ran 20 times for 176 yards. ' Northwest ' The Generals, who hadn't been able' to upset a better team, but had been beaten by those not as strong, finally showed their merit in their 17-0 upset of Northwest, crushing the Knights, hopes of a Mid-State Conference crown. The strong Grant defense picked off' four interceptions which prevented' Northwest from scoring. As in the past, it was Ken Flaniken's running and Greg Rolland's passing that put the points on the scoreboard. Flani- ken scored on a 49-yard jaunt and Rol- land tossed for 24 yards to end Randy Burns for the second touchdown. Both tallies came in the first half. In the fourth quarter, Henry Meggs tacked on a 27-yard field goal to end the scoring. Midwest! City i A speedy offense combined with a I effective defensive showing allowed' Midwest City to tumble the Generals 24-7. Midwest City scored first, but Gran came back to take a 7-6 lead as Ken, Flaniken punched over from the seven. 1 .When Henry Meggs toed through the extra point, the top-ranked Bombers trailed for the first time in the season. john Marshall Grant's strong defense rendered the John Marshall Bears scoreless in an evenly matched battle between the Gen- erals and the Bears ending in a 7-0 tri- umph for US. Grant. The only touchdown came in the sec- ond quarter after linebacker Pat Darrow picked off a john Marshall lateral and raced to the Bears 25-yard line. Then it was Jim Hageman who put the Generals in the lead on a quarterback sneak. The rest of the game was spent on keeping the Bears from scoring. This was a task which was made easier after two fumble recoveries by General jim Led- ford. The stiff John Marshall defense prevented any further scoring by the winners. Southeast Because of the two previous contests showing Grant's ability to play and beat good teams, a 27-7 victory over Southeast was not unexpected. i Grant's lead was never threatened by the Spartans after quarterback Jim Hage- man and running back Jerry Herrod scored touchdowns in the first quarter. ' Henry Meggs opened the scoring in the second half by splitting the uprights, making it 16-7, The Generals added the touchdown on a one yard plunge by Flaniken with nine seconds left to play. Jim Hageman added the final touch by passing to Randy Burns for the success- -ful two-point conversion. Tnlm Memorial A championship team of Tulsa Me- morial Chargers outscored the visiting Generals 17-9, cutting Grant's record to 'five wins and five losses. The halftime score was 7-5 after Gary lHanshue kicked a 25-yard field goal in lthe second quarter. A A fumble recovery by Darrell Cart- wright allowed the offense to score as Jim Hageman dove over from the one, third quarter, lead 9-7. But a Charger field goal and touchdown put an end to a General upset. Vortbezzrz In their last game of the season, US. rant celebrated homecoming by rolling ver the Northeast Vikings, 52-O. From the time the game started until he final gun, the Generals showed no ercy for Northeast. The winners of- ense gained 255 total yards, while the efense gathered in six interceptions and fumble. Robby Wfoods scored first on a run- ning play covering 55 yards. Henry Meggs kicked the conversion with two minutes left in the first quarter. Jerry McEuen set up another Grant touchdown by intercepting a Viking aerial on Northeast's 40. Two minutes later, Woods scored the tally from seven yards out. The final two scores came on turn- overs, as Grant's Brooks Dodd fell on a Northeast fumble in the Viking end zone, and Terry Stanley returned an interception 50 yards for a touchdown in the third quarter. The final 52-O win over Northeast left the Generals a 6-5 record for the 1971 season. VARSITY SCOREBOARD U.S.G. 51 Del City 28 28 Shawnee 56 0 Putnam City 28 14 Douglass 27 52 Capitol Hill O 17 Northwest 0 7 Midwest City 24 7 John Marshall O 24 Southeast 7 9 Tulsa Memorial 17 52 Northeast 0 Tough schedule, injuries cause 3-ll-1 season A tough schedule, added with serious injuries sidelining many from the start- ing line-up, was to Grant's disadvantage as the General's B-team compiled a season record of 5-11-1. After losing the first three encounters, Grant was able to beat Northeast by the count of 24-6. Two weeks later, Mustang fell vic- tim to the Generals 22-7, and again later in the year 7-0. Coaches Craig Miller and jeff Wel- borne described the game with North- east as "the best showing of Grant's ability to beat a fine team." Also, the 14-14 tie with Southeast was said to be one of the highlights of the B-team's 1971 season. B-TEAM SCOREBOARD U.S.G. 12 Moore 15 6 Putnam City 12 6 Dunjee 26 24 Northeast 6 8 Moore 58 0 Douglass 19 18 Putnam City 24 22 Mustang 7 14 Putnam City West 15 7 Mustang 0 14 Northwest Classen 26 o Midwest city 14 6 Western Heights 14 18 John Marshall 26 14 Southeast 14 Fall Sports 111 Carpenter selected to All State team 112 Cross Country ABOVE: Front: Mike Bottoms, Victor Christian, Ricky Carpenter, Gale Smith, and Barney Jefferson. Back: Mike Buchanan, Ed Higginbotham, Rand Jones and R n Shears FAR ABOVE' Victor Christian warms V , 0 V . up before the A11-State Cross Country Meet in Tulsa. i 5 N ABOVE: Coach Craig Miller briefs the Cross Country Team during preparations for the All City Meet. LEFT: Ricky Carpenter and Victor Christian prepare to leave All State Cross Country Meet at Tulsa. Cross Country 115 Generals spurt and sputter through football season KA 'Q-223 a b , ABOVE: Puntcr Gary Hanshuc 1752 unloads a 55-yarder against Del City during Grants 51-ZS victory over thc Eagles. RIGHT: Running for ample yardage against Del City is quarterback, Greg Rollantl 1111, FAR RIGHT: Pat Casey C811 and friends bring down Shawnccs Davitl Shaw 1502 after rt short gain. 11-i Varsity Football V l v r l ...... X ABOVE: Front row: Stevc Reid, Greg Rolland, Jim Hageman, Johnny Chambers, Robby Woods, Gene Muse, Kenny Flaniken, Terry Stanley, Steve Chaney, Mike Sales, Greg Franklin, Don Baker. Middle Row: Allan Dennis, Charles Engles, Brooks Dodd, Pat Darrow, David Wilson, Terry Mobley, john Poe, Robbie Roberts, jim Ledford, Don Bouska, Henry Meggs, John McDougal, Keith Lindruff, Back Row: Stan Rowlan, Gary Hanshue, Mark McClain, Bill Armstrong, John Roby, Pat Casey, Mana- gers: Phil Hibbard and Keith Crawford, Darrell Cartwright, Rich Myers, jerry McEucn, Randy Burns, Not pictured: Mike Watson, Terry Lewellen, and jerry Herrod. Varsity Football 115 s J , . i g H5-.5332 7 K :V 3. , 5 Q aff F- , 115531 5-ga 4 f, ' 5 15. x-V . ez?" 'ffvl ,W ,. ' . v?a,,.W , 'N 1 ya av- s .- FW sas -. ,.. wx x .T-AI, 'V , mg, Nfff WS- M, xg. TQ 5927 1 ' lzf ' fkl 1, sf x ,YL-i fi . Q an f 4 . H X , 1: y -85 I, 21? 1 rffkf N A J . I 1 an QA 4 WZ: we , x iff fb g , Y.:Qg.,! 14193 I fl! .rw 2 f 5 . V, Q 1 iv , Nb ., Ms " A '15',.J'f Q. .. 4,4 -ez s .,f ' g E , U Generals show no mercy, zip Vikings L as figs ABOVE LEFT: Northeast's Clarence Lucky 142D stops Greg Franklin MOD after a 10 yard scamper. ABOVE: Quarterback Jim Hageman 1125 side steps Larry Harris C643 for a first down. LEFT: Johnny Chambers QISD takes off on a 66 vard kickoff return for a touchdown. Varsity Football 119 ABOVE: From nm: Ricky Maxwell. Danny lfrlwan. ,lim Ross. Slew Sifcrs, Marlan Oaks. Tcrry' Patton. David Lindsey, Rolwcrr XY'urkru.1n. SL-cwnrl mu: Dnaynu Lacey. Curtis Hr.-irimn. Davirl Procmr. Mika Brad- luy. ,lLlI'l1L'i Cillc-n, Gary Laci-y. Steve 'I'lm-nnmpmn. Jeff Burr. Tlmirrl row: Richarrl lhynic. Luc ffruzan. Mila- Barcum, Allen Bunwn. Dun Tlmrmlm. Kirk Nall, Keith Mwllunmn. Su-vc france. Grug XY'ilkc5. Back nm: D-lug XY'ilkcs, Gary Mulwlcy. Davirl flrrrnmk. 'lhn1n1y Znrgmsa. Troy Slum-ns. XYAync Rwllriqun-z. ,Toe Maxwcll. .Timmy Clgxsxiry. Nliuln-ll Smmlanl. Rnlwcrt Cram-ns -xl.1l"l.1gL'I'. Yi., yr V IIN B-Tr-g1n1I:-wrlwall .,4w"" Junior varsity routs Mustang LEFT: Alan Benson K86i picks up yardage in front of the blocking of Steve Lacy f6Oy during the Putnam City clash, FAR ABOVE: Grants Terry Patton KZOQ watches for pass reception from Quarterback Joe Maxwell over a Putnum City defender. ABOVE: Putnum City defender tips up Alan Ben- son KSGQ after getting short yardage. B-Team Football 121 Fall activities draw students ABOVE: Juniors ordered their class rings in hopeful anticipation of graduating in 1973. ABOVE RIGHT: Student teachers were seen around school, almost being mistaken for students. RIGHT: Hall decorations showed creativity and imagination. 122 Fall list J FAR ABOVE: FBLA members started planning their trip to Vail, Colorado early in the year. LEFT: Homecoming . . . white gloves and mums. ABOVE: Students attending speech tournaments were almost always on the go. Fall 125 WINTER Activities .... Junior Class .. 124 Winter Sophomore Class Wrestling .... Basketball .... 5 EJ Winter 125 l 126 Yfinter Activities Speech Tourney Placed in Generals' Hands Practice, planning, organization. concentration and many hours is what was added to many schedules of Grant's speech students while preparing to host a speech tournament. The tournament included several small towns in additon to the many area high schools. This meant housing and transportation needed by many. Upon arrival Friday, the students faced registration, proceeded by an opening session where the visitors were welcomed by Grant's orchestra. FAR ABOVE: Holdenville students take first bug steps tourney ABOVE RIGHT Vicci Ervin and Randy Whitin towards speech tourney by registering upon arrival. ABOVE make plans for the upcoming tournament RIGHT Bombe Don Isbell makes last adjustments of trophies and plaques Speech students are blovxn into Grant for the speech tourna before the opening session of the Heart of Oklahoma speech ment Wfimcr Activities 12 General Ro alt Honored in Winter Wonderland 128 Winter Activities Each year the Journalism department sponsors one of the school's most ex- citing activities-the coronation of the General and His Lady. This year's theme for the Journalism Assembly was "Winter Wonderland". Mistresses of Ceremonies, Karen Outland and Nikki Whitnah an- nounced the names of winners Charlie Gomez and Sandy Jesseph as the tension subsided and excitement persisted. Other candidates for General in- cluded Kenny Flaniken, Pat Casey, Gene Muse, and Sam Gatlow. Candi- dates for His Lady included Susie Gentry, Nikki Jones, Pam Webb, and Becky Snipes. The crowning of Prince and Prin- cess of Print, Mike Stevens and Susan Turnbow, and the presentation of the 1971-72 Yearbook cover helped com- plete the excitement of crowning the Generals' highest royalty. ABOVE RIGHT: Generals present 1972 Royal Court Gene Muse, Pa Webb, Pat Casey, Nikki Jones, Charlie Gomez, Sandy Jesseph, Susi Gentry, Kenny Flaniken, Becky Snipes, and Sam Garlow. RIGHT: Charli Gomez finds Gene Muse's assistance needed to dress before the assemblyl FAR ABOVE: General's Lady, Sandy Jesseph receives congratulations kisses from attendants Pam Webb and Becky Snipes. ABOVE: Kenny Flaniken escorts Susie Gentry at the General Yearbook assembly. 73 Y! if l Ar 4 . 15 ff' .4 ff - nf, V 5 ' lf ,5-A A 979' Winter Acriviries 129 Charlie, Sandy chosen as General and His Lad Chosen by the National Cheerleaders Association to teach at cheerleading clinics this summer, Sandy Jesseph was also chosen as the school's top royalty, the General's Lady. Cheering the teams on to victory, being present at decoration meetings, and attending numerous practices be- fore upcoming games are some of Sandys many activities. The honor of being named the 1971- 72 "General" was bestowed upon wres- tler Charlie Gomez. During his sopho- more year, Charlie was fourth in state wrestling. As a state champion, senior wrestling The election Lady is a major activities. junior he became the and he continued his as city champion. of General and His event in the Generals 'f' P 'Cy' ABOVE: Sandy Joseph adds finishing touches be- fore rhe assembly. RIGHT: Nikki Whirnah takes the honor of crowning General Charlie Gomez. ABOVE RIGHT: Sandy and Charlie shine with surprise at the General Yearbook assembly. l -f. As f. 1 ng ,r ' F' ' ' gf g, R, V xe- " ' . J' -:fr W. w ' X Lk. . 7' ,.,. ..2.:Y.ff"' ' W5 ,, , .Ai m . A.-1. . 3, '14 : fl " ,:.f?:f , . 5 Jn., all " 3, . .J x ,J . , ' 4' , 1' 4 Q I f -d I r f Q A ... 7161- VS - J ,H 4. 4 jg, ' 2 . . . A v "xp, J' P Q so "' .HM ' 1 -fy, ' en 1 .. Sa 3 .A - x ly , . 1,4 t' 1 , .Q ' X Q 4 I 'ff fgx '- 5 -f f vi., ' gr zmi A K 5 X 'Ear 14 ' sf --3 1. fQ31LiQg -5"?'Llgi'5'A -- . f ,c 1 N F x f x . Q xi., 5,1 gg S 3: Pageants, trips emotions shared b Grant students Escorting the old year out and the new year in found Grant students in- volved in numerous activities. Several students spent the holidays on their favorite slopes, while others stayed home and took advantage of the holidays and the activities they had to offer. After returning to classes the Seniors ordered their announcements and started to realize how close they really were to graduation. ABOVE: Janet Cermac explains her mishap to fellow snow skiers after returning to school. FAR ABOVE: Grant's Susan McEuen, second runner- up for Oklahoma's jr. Miss, ponders while practicing her talent for the pageant. ABOVE RIGHT: jan McCallum blinds back the tears while 132 Winter Activities presenting AFS student Carol Gusmeroli an American Christmas present from the Generals. RIGHT: Debi Barker realizes "the time" has come just before ordering Senior Announcements. RIGHT: Ron Kirk decides school so soon after the holidays is for the birds. Winter Activities 153 Generals discover numerous means of involvement 'iThete's nothing going onf' was hard for Generals to say in December and January. To add to the hustle of the holidays, there were basketball games, wrestling matches, club parties and of course semester tests. Several students campaigned for Keep Our Schools Open, the student Council purchased a new fruit ma- chine and Up XYf'ith People played a free performance for Grant students. Winter Activities OKLAHom-fri ummm r- - , t, NJ L 1--. V 4V ,, , L. www . - sms-2 - t. . af. A W s , - -,'f':'iw-guy R Q A-Q16 3 ' QYQ3 mites? ,. N f"2t..1 1 . M-4, I as . gl 4, 1 ,. laik: ct . v ' -wg. In . . ' f"'IT!gI3i.2vi'2?,ft . ,SQL Q , y . ff Ziff' :'i3,2' ff l '2ng-f , Q , 'Qt :lhisszgififig J., en- - nu I :nn s 4 iv' :1f'.2ea?5???+u i'13e'i.'1:fs-- ABOVE LEFT: Nancy Olson tests the fruit machine recently pur- chased hy the Student Council. FAR LEFT: Ricky Spitz and Mike Prine make a big decision during College Day. LEFT: Posted, Up With People, free for Generals. ABOVE: Ken Black and David lieckl use city school map for KOSO efforts during the mileage e 6Ctl01'1S. Winter Activities 135 Junior Class Planning Committee members are: Jualetha Agnew Lisa Blodgetr Nikki Bryson Nancy Connell Debbie Davis Debbie Easter Nora Garrison Belinda High Penny Lakin Susan Landers Terry McDonald Jenny Reynolds Sheila Stevens Debbie Stinely Susan Stokes Vicki Snyder 9' at Q , is 4 A 1 l X X i is E X M W 1 XX igfg , ' K af an-...sa 136 ,luniors EAR ABOVE: Juniors took first place in the car float contest for homecoming with their theme The Lax! Voyage. ABOVE: The junior class planning committee. ABOVE RIGHT: Presiden Mike Shelton and Vice-president Steve Buchanan discuss plans for selling vanilla extract. RIGHT' The junior class officers. Juniors' float takes first Hard work was the key word for juniors during the 1971-72 year, and the reason for all the work was the prom. Many hours of over-active imaginations and over-worked minds went into its preparation. Money raising was another word the juniors heard through the year. Fund raising took up most of the spare time there was. Many were out washing cars on a cold Saturday, and still others went from door to door selling vanilla extract and passing out free Pizza Bucks. The drama department raised money by putting on the play "The Robe." Junior class officers include: President, Mike Sheltong Vice-president, Steve Bu- chanan, Secretary, Elaine Smithg Treasurer, Joyce Dowling and janet Rappeg Reporter, Barbara Richieg Parliamentarian, Debbie Smith, Representatives at large, Karen Tolbert, Bobby Mitchell, Margret Newcomb, Sandi Davis, and Cindy Keispert. Juniors 137 138 Juniors Karen Abbott Lana Abshire Darla Adams Eddie Adams Roger Adams Steve Adams jualetha Agnew Kenny Acker Sharon Akin Steve Allison Robert Anderson Joe Arambula Bill Armstrong Sue Ashley Debbie Austin Paul Baird Don Baker Romona Baker Ted Baker Bobbie Barker Tanya Barnes Romona Barnett Claude Barrett fi- if 4r-- 'Y' -LJ Spirit stiek goes to juniors or Capitol Hill game 9 T' LEFT: Pam Montgomery always thought was for eating until she started reading it in her Math class. 'UN Karla Basden Lauren Beard joel Bearden Annie Belding Bonnie Bell Mike Bennet Loretta Benson Eileen Bishop Lynne Black Viola Blackwell Phil Blair Mary Blankinship Gary Bobo Jacky Boen DeAnna Bond Steve Borden Karen Bottoms Teresa Bourland Don Bouska Connie Bradford Jan Brakebill Tim Branch Gary Bray James Bray Gary Brewer LeAnn Brewer Pat Brewster Clark Brian Roy Bridges Jerry Brown Juniors 139 Sandra Brown Steve Brown Don Brunts Nicky Bryson Debi Buchanan Steve Buchanan Benice Buckley Mike Buford Kenny Burditt Linda Burgess Bobby Burkett Ronald Burnett Debbie Burns Randy Burns Susan Burr Jeff Burt Claudia Buzbce Kent Bynum Debbie Caldwell Kanya Caldwell Randy Caldwell Terry Callaway James Callen Kathy Carpenter Loujean Carpenter Don Casey Ron Casey Dennis Cashcberry Brenda Caton Vichal Chaidoravitgul Carol Chambers johnny Chambers Donna Chaney James Chaney Steve Chaney 140 Tumors 'Xt' FAR ABOVE: "Not only should a typing class teach the fundamentals of typing, it should also teach a quick way to put on a ribbon," thinks Rita Riley. LEFT: Steve Smith gets discovered taking a shortcut to class. Ever day crisis still confront middle classmen Bobby Chappell Robert Chastain Julia Chick Beverly Clark Phillip Clary Cherry Cleaver juniors 141 Fund raising employs juniors 142 juniors spare time Mary Clingenpeel Nancy Connell Dec Cook Paul Cook Debbie Copper Mike Cope JoAnn Curbitr Cathy Cornelious Vickie Crabtree Keith Crawford Ardyth Crawford Lee Cruzman Sharon Cummings Ben Curliss James Curliss -nf. ,,. Kenneth Dabbs Carey Daley Diana Darlin Debbie Davis Dec-Anna Davis Mike Davis Paul Davis Sandi Davis Gregg Dean Allen Dennis Mary Denny George Dixon Farron Dodd Danae Dodson Kathy Dodson David Donaldson Patricia Dorough Don Doss Cathy Douglas Joyce Dowling Steve Downard Sylvia Drew Lisa Dudley Donnie Dunkin Ken Dunn Herbert Durbin Larry Dye Terry Eakes Debbie Easter Kim Easter Eddie Effinger Larry Effinger Dennis Elliott Ted Elmore Cheryl Elrod 144 Juniors Mark Emrick Charles Engles Susan Ercanbrack Carla Esmond Valerie Estes Toni Etchison Ricky Evans Charissa Ewell Marina Farr Amilia Finimore Tommy Field Denise Finney Mike Finney Pam Fisher Kevin Fitzgerald Cindy Flippo Susan Floyd Debbie Foley Cecil Ford Steve Foster Greg Franklin Phyllis Fraser Cheryl Free Cheryl Freeman Scott Freeman Allen French Terri Fuller johnny Furr Vivian Gardner Suzi Garrett Nora Garrison Lura Gray Suzie Genzer Gee Gee George Mary Gillmore fp. 1' RIGHT: Randy Caldwell knew he should have given a little more thought about loaning his car to Jerry Savage after jerry tells him he hae a "close call". Susan Glass James Golden Joe Gomez Mike Goodwin Ann Gorawala Georgina Grady Reggy Gray Kandy Green Paula Green Robert Green Fred Grossnicklaus Dana Grounds Cindy Grubb Pamm Grubbs Janice Gruver Yr 9 I 33 , 'I' -, ,H ,V rl- ! ...KK qw- 2 3-""' 146 Juniors Juniors sell vanilla for prom funds Terri Guiles Cintha Guion jim Hagemann Concla Hague David Hair Lisa Haley 1 U. Sf X 'ii -'lllluu-. up ,, Ur FAR ABOVE: Getting into a parking place sometimes takes a friend on the "outside" like Teresa Boutland. RIGHT: Debbie Easter tries to decide who is taller, Robert Wodras- ka or Larry Windsor. "' "WSE,"- ' 'Liza XV! fv- 'Vs fog 7 Nh- 03'-s fx -Q CT' 19 as LLW ee 'T Q-nh-f fs, Teresa Hall Sandra Halstead Debbie Hanes janet Haney Kathy Hankins Rodney Hanley Don Harris Randall Harris Rhonda Harris Renee Harvey Barbara Hayes David Hazin Jerry Hazlitt Barry Heath Billy Hefner Rodney Heggy Donna Henderson Laura Henn Ricky Henson Tana Herrin Jerry Herrod Susan Hervey Sherrie Hesketr Phillip Hickman Brenda Higgins Belinda High Polly Hilderbrant joy Hillerby Eddie Hilmas john Hitt janet Hobgood Teresa Hodges Russell Holden Gaye Holt Mike Hood Juniors 147 148 juniors Phyllis Hom Sue Hott David Howard Gary Howard Ken Howard Sandra Howard Sherry Howard Kenny Hubble Susie Hudler David Huffman Lucretia Hughes Randy Hughes Elmer Humphery Herri Hunsaker jim Hunter jerry Hurt Debbie Hutchinson Mike Hutton Teresa Huxley Elaine Jackson Glenda jackson Jim jackson Jo Lynn jackson Kathy jackson Teri jackson jonathan james Steve james Barney jefferson Tedcle jefferson Dennis Jenkins Cold Weather hurts junior car Wash iq., q.. 'bf 4-,Sf A E un: 2 ow X Q-v Q w N 1. fv. A ABOVE RIGHT: Clowns Denise Miller and Sandi Davis help show some of the grade-school chil- dren the Auditorium during one of the Open Doors Assemblies. slim jew David Johnson Rebecca johnson Charley jones Cliff Jordon jerry Judd Debbie juclkins Denise Keel Terry Kelly Paula Kelsoe Allen Kendrick Cindy Kensell john Kerr Cindy Kiespert james Kilgore janet Kimplcr Gary King Kenny King Vickie Kinnamon Cheryle Kirby Larry Kirkham Steve Kling Tracy Koleho 150 Juniors Anita Ktammer Don Kruta Gary Lacey Penny Lakin James Lambert Richard Lambert Landy Lancaster Sue Landers Jana Langford Kenneth Langston Joe Larson Russell Lathrop Charles Levene Benny Lawson FAR ABOVE: Joe Stapp trys to lose that last pound for wrestling. ABOVE: Regina McCutdy wishes there was some other way for punishment in gym class. ABOVE RIGHT: "Trade you one of my Hostess Twinkles for your chocolate cup cakes," says Kevin Fitzgerald to Kenny Howatcl. Juniors pla active part in Grant sports James Ledford Dale Lee Robert Lee Paul Leeds Debbie Leveridge Tony Leveridge Terry Lewellen Mike Lewis David Lindsey Debbie Lindsey Larry Lindsey Gary Linn Duddy Little Ron Locke Sharon Logan Ron London Laura Long Monica Lopez Steve Mann Richard Manspeaker Juniors 151 152 Juniors Kathy Manuel Ronnie Marcum Sherri Marsh Steve Marsh Nancy Marshall jamie Martin Judy Martin Keith Martin Paula Martin Kathy Maren Glenda Mason Merle Massey Harold Mathes Steve Mathes Kevin Mathey Doug Mathis Greg Mauldin Phyllis Mauldin ,limmy Maxwell Joel Maxwell Debbie Mayo Nancy Mayo jim McAlister Richard McAlugin Debbie McAngloy Michelle McCann Deb McCallah Regina McCurdy Terry McDonald Diane McDowell Sammy Mclilvany jerry McEwen Pat McGarry Charles McGilberry Ethel McGowen 1 '95 RIGHT: Don Baker gets in shape for the foot ball season, with a little help from Suzie Huddler Q'v 4' :PIX as nv- WZ. P' ...f Q. f it qv- f 'UN 'vm 'gt-N CIW fs- as, Ns -ff' fr-'N Varsity football has twent -four jumors Steve McGowen Steve Mclnich Nancy Mclnnis Angela McLaugh11in 1. D. McLaughlin Randy McLean Bobby McManus Don McMartin Kim McMillan David McMorris Larry Meadow Sherri Means Henry Meggs Mark Meler Dan Milton Juniors 153 Ricky Melton Vicky Melton Roy Meredith Jo Merrick Dorothy Mezas Debbie Middleton Larry Miller Tony Miller Richard Millspaugh Ray Millner Bobby Mitchell Terry Mobley Melba Mohr Sandra Monds Mike Montgomery Pam Montgomery jamie Moore Kathy Moose Patricia Morcl Kelly Morgan Russel Morgan Stan Moss Grant Mosshart Juniors begin courses not offered as sophomores ABOVE LEFT: Cosmetology provides a change in the routine of high school. Here, Nancy Wooten practices on a wiglet. Mary Mounrford Rosa Mouser Randy Murcer jackie Murrow Sheryl Muskgrove Allan Myers Bruce Myers Myers Lyndell Dennis Nance LaDonna Neher Margaret Newcomb Keith Newton Bruce Norton Dana Oldenbury Selita Oaten Geneva Owen David Parks Deborah Patchins Dennis Patterson Joyce Paulk Mike Paulk Meri Pelham Patty Perkins Janice Perry John Poe Kenny Poe Robert Pool Carlita Pope Edwin Porter Steve Prather juniors 155 156 juniors Joe Pratt Cindy Price jeff Price Bill Puckett Pam Pulin Rhonda Purcell Carl Purser Penny Qualls Mary Quinn Lucille Rackley Paul Randell janet Rappe Denise Reed Mark Reed Steve Reid Jenny Reynolds Robert Rhodes Sendia Rich XVadonna Rich Carlton Richardson Lisa Ridgeway Rita Riley Barbara Ritchie Danny Rivera La Donna Roberts Lisa Robertson Judy Robinson Johnny Robey Sheryl Roden XVayne Rodriquez Juniors present CC 99 The Robe as class pla ABOVE RIGHT: Phil Blair listens tor his mispronunciations as he reads a French short story assigned in class. Bill Rose Barbara Ross Steve Rowland janiece Rozin jerry Rushing Debbie Russell Ken Russell Charles Sagasawa Debra Sanders Diana Sanders Chuck Sapp Jerry Savage Henry Schillings Marsha Schmold Lindsey Schuler Cathy Scott Jana Scott Susan Scott Steve Scowden Debi Selby Pam Sewell Denise Shately Ann Shelton Mike Shelton Wanda Shelton Lynda Shephard Rodney Sherman Lorane Sherwood Freda Shipman Lorna Shoemaker Madeline Shofner Debbie Shook Janice Shoumaker David Shrum Gayle Shultz Randy Shumard Bill Sinclair Rhea Ellen Skaggs Carl Skrpka Gary Slain john Slusser Sheryle Smallwood Anita Smith Brenda Smith Brenda Smith Debbie Smith Juniors lose timidness in second year at Grant TOP LEFT: Donnie Winfield takes time out from class to peddle his two-wheeler in the hall. Debbie Smith Donna Smith Gary Smith Glenn Smith Jack Smith Joyce Smith Leslie Smith Robert Smith Sheryle Smith Steve Smith Anita Snow Bob Snyder Vicci Snyder Bill Sommerkamp Cathy Spencer Ron Standrage Kenneth Stanford Joe Stapp Vicki Starks Carl Start John Stasyzsen Sheilah Stephens James Stevenson Diane Sticher Debbie Stinly Gene Stenson Susan Stokes Cathy Story Ken Tabor Debbie Talbott juniors 159 160 juniors Susan Talley Debbie Tarxkersley Janet Tarnow Kathy Tate Colleen Taylor Julia Taylor Mike Taylor Parry Taylor Marcus Teague Albert Tesrerman Allan Thomas Carolyn Thomas Ted Thomas Clifford Thompson Mike Thompson Two juniors Work as officers of Student Council fu. C 1 'C' an as iff" if' S., C" xv- 0'N as "" av if ABOVE LEFT: Barney jefferson finally gets his wish for between class snacks, a pudding machine. Paul Thorton Ricky Tidwell Allan Tidwell Sheryl Tinsley Karen Tolbert Nita Tomlinson Randy Tomlinson Nita Toncasio Fred Tooker Terri Totten Carol Towell Debbie Trail Denise Trusky Connie Trusley Johnny Trusley Debbie Tullis Terry Tyler Dora Vallejo Rod Vannoy Ted Vansickle Cherl Varner Saisunee Vongchanyakul David Walker Vickie Walker Toni Washam Mike Watson Mike Watson Ellen Weaver Carolyn Webb Karla Weese juniors 161 RIGHT: Steve West braces himself as Nicky Bryson leaves the parking lo . Homecoming mums sold b juniors ff s I 1 -. Q20 N W 162 juniors Allen West Craig West Steve West Carole Whitaker Charles White Dale White Melody Whitehead Randy Whiting Sharon Whitmore Mike Wigley David Wilkes Debbie Williams Penny Williams Perry Williams Joy Williamson l is i Juniors not pictured: 'Aclebmann Guy ,Don Barber Dennis Beary Cynthia Bird Renee Bishop Christie Cutler Lynn Daily Ricky Dean Don Doss lGary Drabeck 1Marcus Dunn Richard Ellis Danny Elison iFranklin Figard Tina Folsom lCharles Gasaway 'Carl Gillan justin Gipson lArchie Glass ljames Hall iRenee Harris iCorinne Hernandez 'Philip Hibbard Michael Hoffman ijohn Holding Kevin Isaacs i l Charles Jones Melvin Jones Bill Lawson Marcella Lowman Bruce McCollom Adrian McCoy Cheedle McGillberry Debra McWilliams Deddie Meek Jim Milan Deanna Millet Ricky Miller Sherrie Miller Ronald Monica Richard Myers Kirby Nicholson Steve Oglsby Dennis Owens Linda Pack Janis Penrod Billy Phipps Pat Quinlan Gaylon Raiden Keith Rainbow David Reynolds Larry Robbins Janice Roland Steve Rolland Ed Sanderson Sarry Stevens Frank Steward Rita Stokes Roger Tankersley Duane Thorndyke Kenneth Trolinger John Vermillion Nancy Vinson Larry Schwartz Steve Seare Derinda Sims Debra Smith Natalie Smith Glenn Sober Phil Voss Randall Wantland Dean Ward David Welcher Mary Welge Jeff Williams Diana Wood Susan Wright Kenneth Williams jo Ellen Wilson Rhonda Wilson Steve Wilson Larry Windsor Donnie Winfield john Winkler Rocky Winters Robert Wodraska Larry Wolf Robby Woods Nancy Wooten Sid Worthcn Leslie Wright Linda Wright Doug Zinc juniors 163 Class of W74' makes debu1 at Grant New faces enter Grant's halls eaclt year and with these new faces come the ideas which bring about change: necessary to the school. Puzzled ext pressions gradually became self confident smiles as the sophomore: learned their way around. After electing officers and a plan ning committee, sophomores looked for ward to their voice in student leader ship. Though often teased and playfully irritated, upperclassmen realized the fu ture of Grant lie in the sophomores They were soon accepted by upperclass men and their new concepts welcomed 10" Sophomores Class Officers: Taunya Irving, Reporterg Chris Higdon, Emily Field, Deana Newcomb, Representative at Largeg Gina Blake, Secretaryg Mar- ci Wasser, Presidentg Suzi Bales. Parliamentariang Kemie Shipman, Vice Presi- dentg jane Jordan, Secretaryg Elyce Evans. Representative at Largeg Kathy McDowell, Treasurer, Members ofthe Sophomore Class Planning Committee are: Mary Atishutz Franci Atherton Mike Barcum Melody Blancett Mike Bradley Debbie Dibello Diane Edwards Darla Ehrart Christy Hanlan Keila Pitts jim Record Debbie Sanders Cindi Snyder Robin Taylor Kim Wells Sophomorcs 165 High school brings new friends to sophomores Diana Abernathy Robert Adams Mike Albert David Allen John Anderson Phil Anderson 166 Sophomores F!-21 A 'I- 3:5 inf Ez? QS" ABOVE: Doug Wilkes discovers that girl- friend, Charla Hahn, comes in handy. RIGHT: Ricky Bunch proudly displays his pet iguana. as fe, 'Ubi ',.r,X ie ,.... ,vs C' 9' A, at 27' Sandra Anderson David Andrews Dennis Andrews Kay Anshutz Steve Antrikin Joyce Appleby Mike Arambula Linda Archer David Ashley Francie Atherton Gary Austin Carla Avery Greg Baker Janet Baker Melissa Baker Terry Baker Orville Baldwin Susan Bales Teena Ball Allen Barber Mike Barcum Clark Barefoot Mel Barker Keith Barnett Kathy Batson Nita Beasley Sue Behout Viki Beck Cathy Beene Larry Belding Tom Belding Gayle Bell Grant Bell Keith Bennett Alan Benson Sophomores 167 Sophomores have active fall X ix Leroy Berry Tommy Berry Barry Billings Jamie Bird Billy Bishop Dawn Bishop Joyce Black Kathy Black Mike Black Mcloyde Blancerr Mike Blouin Srcvc Bottoms Dale Bowling John Bowman Larry Bowman 168 Sophomore-S if ,4-an ,pill Qs- LEFT: "It's a winner!" exclaims Marcie Wasser. Paul Boyd Susan Boyer Karen Bradford Mike Bradley Sherry Bradley Patsy Brand Betty Brandt Norma Branum Sheila Brashicr Marla Brassfield Theri Bremer Cathy Brewster jack Briggs jan Briggs Loretta Briggs Cheryl Brinlce David Bristol Timothy Broadstonc Greg Brock Alan Brooks Barbara Brooks Donna Brooks Randy Brown Courtney Browning Bert Bryant jack Bryce Pat Buchanan Linnell Buckley Vickie Buford Steve Bullington Rick Bunch Paul Burns Sandy Busscy Regina Butler Mike Buzhee Sophomorcs 169 Mack Bymun Teresa Campbell Charles Cantwell Denise Carnes Laura Carter Sonia Carter Gayla Casey Jimmy Cassity Cindy Casteel David Cermak Curtis Chambers Phillip Chandler Ray Chappell Joe Chastain Lisa Chick Diane Chirwood Valerie Christain Frank Clare Donna Clark Jimmy Clement Ronald Coggins Linda Coker Joyce Connell 170 Sophomores Sophomores adjust to new rules ABOVE LEFT: Caught again, arm in arm, are Cindy Snyder and Kirk Nall. Lori Cook Mary Cook David Cooper Brenda Copeland Steve Cordray Eugenia Cox jerry Craig Robert Craven Deanna Crawford joel Crilly Curtis Cross Cindy Cummings Janine Cuzzo Regina Cuzzo Linda Dabbs Michelle Darrow Paula Daugherty Jeannette Davidso Marilyn Daviee Pam Davis Patti Davis Randy Davis Sandy Davis Gayla Day Bryant Dean Ronnie Decker Robert DeGraffen Gary Delaney Mike Dennis jack Derrick So fl reid phomores 17 1 Sophomores are considered equals in government Anita Dewberry Marie Dewbre Theresa Dewey Laurie Dewhirst Debi Dibello Alberta Dickson 172 Sophomores FAR ABOVE: Alice Wliite voices her opinion in Student Council much to the approval of friends Kemie Shipman and Greg Wilkes. RIGHT: Ricky Maxwell endorses the Grant team by signing a spirit poster in the hall. 5 , 5 is v- . flu ' ' - ' ' cis GYQ X Wiiiwi jii Q " 'air wi Q4 an as ti A ,L ,fx :1 : A H i J - :fi . 1 . rf , M.. A V- , ' , i . 5593? 1 A 1 Sf . X N, . -. 3 ,Q , -' 3 ,, E 3' of 1 - gzi s ' ,f 1 - . ..f. Q, t A A , , t 55,3 A f K , f 35f"2f:' avi- 1. ' W , .Q 1. , .Cleo L 1, ' - - 4 - - A A, N ' ' is ?,,d23'fYn Mg i ar. C613 , ,. Qi . www. ., eg ,X new Q w .W .15 we sw it :flirt - , , ff-Mf1w,. L.g f I ,D K.. Q, K .imwg K 5 :Av -t ,. ,. , ' -4 sa f 3 K v- x V , me , 'f.:.f 435 - 1 2 . .. H - Q TW . ri -W . ,. -V L-.. 1 . . ' , .A sg, .sy .5-sfmwsf. in if ...,.i,. , , . y1sw,,,v,,, ...xl Mex ,- . . 'I '1 I V 513 'E f V" 'Vifi J" ' ' ftifffif' it . 4m .f f t " . ,Q 'gig ja, Q , .ig or R, Ref Y X , My ,, -- ,, ,. 2 fsfiiww.-A ' R if - 2 . V . I fs , M.,-..,. 'min g 'EH .zu-,B We .1 Q ri " 1131 is i so Q 2 + u V ff:'f'f,i Beverly Dietrich Dale Dillon Dennis Dobbs Elaine Dockray Donna Dolph Kathy Dolph Par Dolph Sam Donaldson David Double Karen Douglas Debbie Doyel Cecil Drabek Steve Drabeck Ruth Dresel Gary Dressler Robert Driskel Sharon Druce Rowena Duggan Roger Dumeo Charlene Duncan Alana Dunn Milce Durbin Doug Durham Mark Dutcher Cheryl Duvall Paula Dye Dennis Dyer Brenda Dyer Sandra Eakins Marcus Eaves Terry Edge Marsha Edrniston Diane Edwards Pam Edwards Wendel Eggerr Sophomores 17 Darla Ehrhart Victor Elder Debbie Engles Debbie English Greg Epperson Terry Ervin Gloria Esquivias Deana Evans Elyce Evans Susan Evans Mike Feeney Darla Felder Jayme Fent Sherri Ferguson Dawn Ferren Freda Fetters Emily Field Dolores Figaro Steve Fisher Diana Fisk Karen Fitzgerald Donette Flatt Kent Flowers 174 Sophomores fi- fv- q"" 'Qs John Followwill jerry Ford jimmy Foutry Donna Franks David Freeman Kristi Freeman Robert Fulghum Sharon Gardner Debbie Garrett Mike Gentry Regina Gilbert Don Giles Marilyn Gilliam Wayman Gilmore Carol Glass Mike Glover Debbie Gomez Mike Gonzales Anita Goodbrake Linda Goodgion Russel Goodson Karen Grant Randy Gray Belinda Green Mike Green Ricky Green Steve Green Sharon Greene Bennet Greenwood Nina Greeson Sophomorts 175 Marcie Wasser takes reins of sophomore class Bruce Griffin David Griffeth Barbara Grigsby Allan Grose Steve Gtummer Ronnie Gruver Allen Hague Charla Hahn Tandel Hall Ruth Hamilton Christy Hanlan Sherry Harkins Dale Harman Connie Hafner Shelly Harnert Nancy Harrell Mark Harris Martha Harris Sonya Harris Rusty Harshaw 176 Sophomores .i A Atui,1LH rio A cw, - Jn' 0. ABOVE LEFT: Marcia Wasser and Susie Bales get rheir ex- ercise by walking to lunch. FAR ABOVE: Alana Dunn in- structs Darla Ehrhart in the proper use of the switchboard. ABOVE: Desperation of hunger forces Laurie Morgan and Pam Lauck to rob their shoes. l l Joe Harville Doug Hash Eddy Hauck Phillip Havis Richard Haynic Steve Hazelrigg Nancy Heard Elden Henderson jill Hensley Irene Herrell Pam Herrus Lendell Hicks Vickie Hicks Chris Higdon Sophomorcs 177 Ed Higginbotham jimmy Higginbotham Debbie Higgins Ronnie Hillcy Marty Hoch Tony Hoffman Cindy Hogue Rodney Holliday Mark Hollingshead James Homer Mike Hope Kenny Hopkins Louise Hornsby Diane Houlerte David Houston John Howard Mike Howery Brad Hubbard Donna Hudleson LCC Ann Huff Bill Hughes Kathy Hulgan Cheryl Hurst 178 Sophomores Waiting for rides takes up major portion of sophomores' time CN 'US VU' fp- 3 D- ABOVE LEFT: Patience wears thin when Jane Jordan and Brenda Moland's rides are late. 'fs Tanya Irving David Isabel Mickey Jackson Russell James Tim Jefcoat Terri Jefferson Mike Jeffries Charles Johns Jerry Johnson Kelly Johnston Charles Jones Eddie Jones Myrna Jones Randy Jones Randy Jones Shirley Jones Steve Jones Jane Jordan James Judd Chris Kelley Darrel Kelly Nelda Kelly Doug Kemp David Kennedy James Kerley Andrew Kidd Vincent Kidd Debbie Killmer Gordon King Ronnie King Sophomores 179 Terri King Cathy Kinnamon Kenny Kirkham Lisa Kirkpatrick Richard Kirkpatrick Mike Knapp Terri Knapp Carolyn Knight Sharon Knight Ronald Kramer Steven Lacy Linda Lane P. D. Langerman Terry Langley joe Langston Pam Lauck Kenneth Lawrence Lisa Leblanc Karen Lecompte Tony LeMaster Peggy Lee David Leisy Linda Leisy Tony Lenz Patti Lewis Rita Lewis Shelly Lewis Darby Lightcap David Lindquist Pat Liridsley Pat Linclsley Gary Linduff Brenda Little Karen Logan Ronnie Lowmiller 180 Sophomores l I l RIGHT: Melissa Baker, Linda Archer, and Kristi Freeman agree that timeblocks would be much more confusing without Mrs, Parks' careful explanations. ew crop of sophomores flustered b timeblocks 5 . y 1 1 . , . Y 9 R 1 9 Vw Larry Luman Randy Lunow David Lynch Bob Madolc Wesley Magerus Debbie Maloy Dave Marshall Pam Marshall Marilyn Martin jimmy Martin Massie Haulby Cheryl Matthews Ricky Maxwell Diane McCallie Teddy McClure W.. Sophomorcs 181 Karen McCormick Rick McCracken David McCreighr Phil McCullough David McDanie1s Don McDaniels Kevin McDanie1s Kathy McDowell Gwen McGorry Cindy McGhee Debbie McHenry Susan McMurtry Donna Mead Cynthia Meek Ronnie Meeks Cathy Mellton Debbie Menefee Lynn Midgetr Kim Mikeman janell Miller Mark Miller Mike Miller Mike Miller 182 Sophomores i O ..,,. rovs fog rgrg Q- 1' fi .3--M CV' p- 1 ig an---xx fin. Sophomores perform school duties ABOVE LEFT: Gary Dressler, Cei Ann Whit- lock and Emily Fields participate in the an- nual Toys for Tots drive. Sherri Miller Sheryl Miller Steve Miller Milton Milligan Darla Minor Terry Mitchell Gary Mobley Diana Moerck Debbie Mohr Brenda Molan Keith Mollman Debbie Mones Mark Moody Dorothy Mooney Brenda Moore Joni Moore Robert Moore Donna Morgan Laurie Morgan Mary Morgan Mike Moxley John Muulzct Taunya Munsell Kim Murphy Lisa Murphy janet Myers Kirk Nall Lynan Nance Gaye Newby Vickie Newby Sophomorcs 183 Human Relations offers chance to lend a hand Deana Newcomb Younnc Nichols Bobby Noah Dennis Norr Marlan Oaks Kathv Nunn lb A bophomorcs :QQ 35 i in FAR ABOVE: Mrs. Rubyc Harper mulls Val- cric Taylor a coke isn'r worth being lata to class. RIGHT: Ronnie Lowmillcr and Kcmic Shipman discuss rlicir grades. Mark O'Daniell Robert Odom Brian O'Dor Alane Oldham Nancy Olson Susan Ormiston Cella Ortiz Charlotte Oumphy Barbara Owery Beverly Pack Paula Paden james Parker Sharla Parks Terry Patton Danny Paxton Gary Pcatn Vicky Pendry Terry Penny Debra Percell Byrne Perkins Shirley Perkins Brian Perreault Laura Persell Lee Phillips Priscilla Pierce Keila Pitts Becky Pollick Carol Pool Kelly Potter Teresa Prather Lisa Prim David Proctor Linda Quinn Mary Quinn Mary Rabon Sophomores 185 Cindy Raby Hershel Ramsey Lisa Reagan Jim Record Brian Reid Bobby Reynolds Sharon Rhoden Tim Rhodes Sherry Ridge Charles Rigdon Cherly Rigsby Sheri Rinehart Ricky Roach Stan Roberrs Sheila Robinson Sherry Robinson Joe Roby Brenda Roden Paula Rodriquez Delbert Rogalsky Greg Rogers Linda Rogers Rhonda Rogers 186 Sophomores Sophomores show ecology awareness ABOVE LEFT: Ecology-minded sophomores Bert Bryant and Allan Brooks pedal it to school. Barbara Rolland Debbie Ross Jimmy Ross Pam Ross Darrell Russell Kerry Russell Patricia Salles Danny Sammon Debbie Sanders Delilah Sanders Kathy Savage Irene Shilling Denise Schmidt john Schofield Greg Scott Sharon Scott Tommy Scott Linda Segler Gayle Self Kathy Sender Susie Sewell Bobby Sexton Mike Sexton Judy Shafner Sandy Shannon Susan Shavver Mary Sheaffer Ron Shearer James Sheffield William Shell Sophomores 18 7 Creativity is expressed in hall decorations Jackie Shepard Cathy Sherrill Ron Sherwood Kemic Shipman Gary Shook Dwight Shropshire Steve Sifers Linda Simmons Linda Simmons Ricky Sipes Thea Simms Belinda Skaggs Rhonda Skipper Par Slate Lark Smalley Sharon Smallwood Alice Smith Anthony Smith Geralyn Smith Jo 188 Sophomores Smith ABOVE LEFT: Since most Sophomores don't have their driv- er's licenses, one way of reaching school is motorcycle. FAR ABOVE: Sophomore-s show their spirit by competing for the spirit stick. ABOVE: When all else fails, Debbie Engles tries a good kick, Johnie Smith Kevin Smith Marjory Smith Marshall Smith Randy Smith Russel Smith Sandy Smith Laura Snell grove Becky Snellen Cindi Snyder Becky Sober Randy Sommerkamp Sharon Sommerkamp Kay Spears Sophomores 189 Eddie Spitz Sandy Spradlin jimmy Stacy Kathy Staley Mitchell Standard Daryl Standeford Billy Starr Sandra Staton Diane Steele Ronnie Stephens John Stephens Sherry Stephens Marian Sterling Gerald Stevens Terry Stevens Trey Stevens Larry Stevens Kristi Stone Neva Stone Sherry Story Roy Stoucler Gary Stratton Sheila Srrasmick Susan Stuckey Linda Suchy Donna Sullivan Karen Swindlc Bryan Sykes Mike Talkington Pam Tankersly Diane Tanksley jerry Tanksley Andrea Taylor Hubbard Taylor Robyn Taylor 190 Sophomores RIGHT: Cleaning the General is one of the many sopho more traditions. Sophomores learn Grant's traditions Valerie Taylor Ronald Teague Patty Thomas Sylvah Thomas Dennis Thompson Mike Thompson Roger Thompson Steve Thompson Donny Thrash Susan Tipton Patty Tolson Phil Tomey James Torres Debbie Trail Cindy Treadway Sophomorcs 191 Lou Ella Tucker Bobby Uhls Don Underwood Brad Urban Danny Urban Vicki Vails Mike Valencia Laura Vermillion Mike Viar Susan Vongchanyakul Verdonna Waggener Tylene Walker Mike Ward Lynn Warmon Marcelle Wasser Benny Watkins David Watson Debbie Watson Randy Wean Clay Weatherall Jerald Weatherford Rita Webb Lester Weber 192 Sophomores Joining clubs provides sophomores with new experiences GL-X ABOVE: Keila Pitts and Kay Anshutz admire the attractive mobile displayed in the office. X 42.2 'Oi sa' tus RN C' 7 Scott Wehba Terry Welling George Wells James Wells Kim Wells Darrel Westmoreland Alice White Cei Ann Whitlock Debbie Whitlock David Whittington Alan Wiley Doug Wilkes Greg Wilkes Liz Wilkes Carol Williams Charlie Williams Jack Williams Randy Williams Sharon Williams Mary Williamson Gwen Willis Gayla Wilson john Wilson Nancy Wilson Rita Wilson Robert Wilson Diane Winans Randy Winans Robert Winchester Jerry Wing Sophomores 193 jack Wolfe Eddie Wood Jimmie Wood Sherry Wood Terry Wood Johnny Woodruff Steve Wooten Robert Workman jerry Wright Reva Wright Steve Wright Don Yacobellis Allison Yarbrough Tony Young David Yousey Tommy Zasagosa Susan Zelinger Carol Zink Rafael Zunigh 194 Sophomores fgxi It ABOVE: "But Mr. pleads, "There must RIGHT: Mr. Ricke McCain," David Ambrose be an easier way!" ABOVE tts distributes petitions to prospective Sophomore class officers. i Teamwork, sportsmanship practiced by sophomores Sophomores not pictured are: Kathy Ackerson John Alexander David Anderson Cecilia Ayarza Candace Baker Brenda Barton jimmu Barton David Bennett Gina Blake Stanley Boulare Sharon Briscoe Steve Brooks Don Browning Cayleen Burke Mary Chaney Dennis Chick Ronnie Cole Donnie Coleman Loney Cope Cincli Copeland Melvin Damron Dana Doolin Treve Drake Charlette Dumphy Mark Enright Marie Enright Marie Firdler Janice Francis Steve Frededick Kerry Freeman Billy Guliclc Mitchell Hargrave Mark Harness Lawrence Harris Randall Harris james Hayes Gary Heard Debbie Heird Curtis Heirston Donna Henderson Kena Henthorn Diana Hernandez Leesa Herron Earnest Howard Karl Howard Bill Hunt George jones Larissa jones Peggy King Richard King David Lavene Mike Leftwich Ricky Longfellow Billy Luttrell Micheal Macrobert Karen Maddox David Magerus Jody Maulding Randy McCulley Jo Ann McDow Cindy McLaughlin Nina Morgan janey Myers Debbie Patrick Rudy Perdue Virginia Persall Pam Peters David Peterson Dana Pitchford Roger Punneo Lynell Purdy .- SYM. Y .I H w--f ri va Us A, R1 ,cop Terri Rainwater Debra Robertson Andy Robertson Gary Rowland Betty Shade David Shrum Randy Shumard Kathryn Sills Toni Smallwood Sheryl Smith Virginia Springer Ronnie Standridge Threnda Steadman Deborah Talbott Shellie Tipton Pat Tompkins Nita Torcasio Brenda Tyler Allan West Jo Wilson Larry Woods Delores Yancey Rhonda Yount Sophomores 195 Varsity matmen Win eight duals Norman and Sand Springr Three falls, two near falls, and an astounding upset led the Norman Tigers to a 30-24 victory over the Grant Gen- erals in their first dual meet of the season. The big upset of the night came when State Champion Charlie Gomez lost to Norman's Tim Jefferies 14-O. Sand Springs' Sandites, rated No. 1 in 3A, were the Generals' first victim in the 1971-72 wrestling season, 24-22, Carl Albert and Del City U.S. Grant used four pins, seven de- cisions and one forfeit in defeating Carl Albert with an impressive win of 50-3. The General grapplers' four pins were produced by Kirkpatrick at 106, Gomez at 115, Boydstun at 141, and Howard at 181. Del City's Eagles upended a surprised Grant wrestling team in the Generals' home territory, 25-19. Although Grant took six decisions, two pins by the Eagles resulted in the Generals' loss. All-City At the All-City wrestling match held at Capitol Hill, Grant's wrestling squad placed third behind John Marshall and Southeast. The Generals crowned three champions during the tourneyg they were Charlie Gomez, Jerry Hazlitt and Kevin Fitzgerald. Sontheart Mark McClain's 4-2 decision over Southeast's Billy Norman gave Grant a narrow 24-23 victory over the Spartans in the Generals' closest contest of the season. After Grant secured wins in the first two weights, the lead seesawed from one team to the other, with Grant on top preceeding the final match. Tnlm Webrier and Hale With the help of two forfeits by Tulsa Webster, Grant's wrestling team edged the Warriors, 30-25, to up their schedule to four wins and two losses. Another leading factor was the pins of Charlie Gomez and Robert Wodraska. Wodraska, at 106, pinned his man with 1:02 left, and Gomez scored at 5:02. ' Tulsa Hale's blue and gold Rangers took Grant by surprise in their 25-22 decision over the Generals. Although the Generals won seven out of the twelve matches, Tulsa's three point margin was enough for their win. 196 Wrestling Geary Tournament Charlie Gomez and Mark Fleming were in the winning column for Grant, as the Generals took fourth place in the Geary Tournament. Ahead of Grant were Midwest City, Norman and Moore. Northwest and Putnam City Wert Mark McClain's fall over Putnam City West's Mike Burris in the heavyweight division proved to be the winning match for Grant, as they toppled the Patriots, 27-21. Although trailing 3-2 in pins, the U.S. Grant grapplers edged by the Northwest Knights with a 27-25 score. The Gen- erals' two pins were captured by Ken Howard and Charlie Gomez. Howard rallied from a 14-3 deficit to tumble Bomber Nick Griffin. Iolan Marrlmll Grant's Generals seemed almost un- stoppable as they swept over the john Marshall Bears, 30-16. The win gave the Generals a victorious homecoming. Mid-Slate Tournament U.S. Grant's wrestling squad came out in fourth place at the Mid-State Confer- ence wrestling tournament crowning two champions. Both Charlie Gomez and' Kevin Fitzgerald defeated their Putnam City opponents in the finals. Mark Fleming also reached the finals, but lost: to Putnam City's Gary Peters. i Moore and Pntrmnz City The absence of five General starters, who were out of the line-up because of sickness, gave the advantage to the Moore Lions as Grant fell 32-9. Two falls, by heavyweight Mark Mc- Clain and Ken Howard, and six de- cisions led the Generals to a 30-16 win over the Putnam City matmen. The Pi- rates could come up with only one fall which was in the 98 lb. bout. Midwert City Unbeaten in dual action, the Midwest City Bombers compiled five decisions and two pins to flatten the Generals, 31-15. Even though the Bombers came out on top in the final scoring, two of their then undefeated grapplers fell to Grant's Kevin Fitzgerald and Ken Howard. Fitz- gerald scored on David Whiteman, and i l Regionolr and State Two Grant wrestlers gained their, place in the State wrestling tournament, by defeating their opponents. They were Kevin Fitzgerald and Charlie Gomez. In the State Tournament held at the Fairgrounds Arena, Charlie Gomez suc-N cessfully defended his State title in the' 115 lb. division. ' House, Nelson spark hard luck roundballers Douglarr The Douglass Trojans, ranked high in 4A, rolled past the Generals, 71-66, in the first game of the season. Jon House scored 21 points for the Generals, fol- lowed by Ken Nelson with 16. Soutbeaft After building up a 35-20 halftime lead on Southeast, the Generals toasted to a 74-47 victory, led by the scoring of Grant's Ken Nelson. Northweyt A series of 21 free throws in the fourth quarter enabled Northwest to put down Grant, 75-64. jon House, Ken Nel- son and Ken Flaniken played well for the losers as they scored 17, 14, and 13 points respectively. Putnam City Powerful Putnam City displayed a good offensive showing as the Pirates outscored the Generals, 85-69. Ken Nel- son and Jon House scored 43 points col- lectively, but were no match for Putnam City's Alvin Adams. Del City After building up a 17-12 first quar- ter lead, the Generals were never to fall behind Del City during the 63-47 rout- ing of the Eagles. jon House, Ken Nel- son and Randy Furr were high-point men for the victors. Putnam City lVeJt Touwzanzent At the Putnam City West Tourna- ment, Grant's first contest was to be with the favored Edmond Bulldogs. It was a close contest from start to finish with the final decision not coming until the last seconds as Jon House scored four straight points to put the Generals on top, 68-64. The second match of the tournament proved to be an easier victory for Grant as the Generals came back in the second half to win 61-47 over Putnam City West. A 16 point performance was turned in by Richie Reyes and Ken Flan- iken. As a result of this game, Grant proceeded to the finals against Putnam City. i Alvin Adams took over from the start, along with his team mates, as Put- nam City handed Grant an 80-46 loss and second place in the Putnam West Tournament. Del City After having an ample lead of 23-17 in the first half, the Generals went on to beat the weary Del City Eagles, 72-44. Ken Nelson provided 18 points for the victors along with Ken Flaniken who supplied 13. Midwert City In the 55-49 beating of Midwest City, the Generals put themselves into a fourth place tie with the Bombers. Ken Nelson, jon House and Sammy McElvaney scored in the double figures. Midwert City Invitational In the first round of the Midwest City Invitational, the Generals posted a 65-49 victory over the Del City Eagles. But it was a strong Putnam City team that prevented Grant from winning the needed game, as the Pirates ousted the Generals, 74-41. It was not until the consolation finals with Norman, that Grant was completely out of the running as they lost to the Tigers, 62-55. Capitol Hill An impressive second half scoring spree of 37 points allowed Grant to hold off a late Capitol Hill rally in the 70-64 up-ending of the Redskins. The Generals had a fine showing from all of its starters. Douglarr In the second meeting between the Trojans and Generals, Douglass came out the victors by a narrow margin of 87-81. Jon House was high scorer for the losers with 30 points. john Marrball jon House dominated the scoring dur- ing the close 69-68 win over john Mar- shall. House scored 33 to be high scorer of the night, followed by Ken Flaniken with 20. Southeast The Spartans took revenge on Grant as the determined Southeast squad beat the Generals 55-51. Northwert Richie Reyes led the upset-minded Generals to an astounding 74-56 victory over an embarrassed team of Northwest Knights, after a one-point halftime ad- vantage. Reyes led the scoring with 21 points, followed Ken Nelson and Ken Flaniken. Putnam City As in the past, it was Alvin Adams sparking the Pirates to a 96-59 win over the Generals, making it the fourth loss to Putnam City in the year. Capitol Hill An improved team of Capitol Hill Redskins walloped a surprised team of Generals, 74-57. Midwest City Midwest City rolled back from a three point half time deficit to out- score the Generals, 64-63. The Bombers held a four point advantage in the third quarter to put them into the lead to stay. Iolan Marrlvall U.S. Grant closed out its regular sea- son on a winning note with a 79-66 trouncing of john Marshall. The Gen- erals, who finished with an 11-11 record, sent six men home with double figures after holding a 20-11 half time lead. VARSITY SCOREBOARD U.S.G. 66 Douglass 71 74 Southeast 47 64 Northwest 75 69 Putnam City 85 63 Del city 47 72 Del City 44 55 Midwest City 49 70 Capitol Hill 64 81 Douglass 87 69 ,lohn Marshall 68 51 Southeast 55 74 Northwest 56 59 Putnam City 96 57 Capitol Hill 74 63 Midwest City 64 79 John Marshall 66 Basketball 197 Gomez crowned state champion VARSITY SCOREBOARD U.S.G. 24 24 50 19 24 30 22 27 27 9 30 15 30 Norman Sand Springs Carl Albert Del City Southeast Tulsa Webster Tulsa Hale Northwest Putnam West Moore Putnam City Midwest City john Marshall 198 Varsity Wrestling FAR ABOVE: Grant's mid-state champion Charlie Gomez takes control of Moore Barry Floyd to up his lead to ten points. ABOVE: Kneeling: Robert Wodraska, Daily, Charlie Gomez, Bryan Antoon, Barney Jefferson, Jerry Hazlitt, Kevin Y gerald. Standing: Mark McClain, Mike Watson, Mark Fleming, Ken Howard, Phil Mabry, Bill Sommerkamp and Coach Lelan Clark. 1 I 4 1 QENW ' " 3 .f 1 "GX , ., H t ma f 2 4? f 4 I K 1, 4 ' Z 'gp f Y 1 Q f 'iff W Se' 'v . ii' L L 1 Q " Q 5 by ,gin , vw 'Y 4 A Jlf. 3, ni- 2 f 7, f. 'f 42,-65.3. -. ff 7'Tb,e""43'b2 ' - 'frM?fe1s'i 1 . ' x W, ..,,., 5 f if , jg I 54' I 2 'J .ax 1 2 " v :ww 1.5.1. -.-4 , ., . v, fy? ,M f , fgxf.-in-3 . . x ,. .1 mm ff :wwf .ww :zz A x ? ? QW H 1 . , f f if Q ,. Q, -7 ig? 9 I . m 5 1 t wb s A SL ' H Y X .fs ',..f. . .N i2'3gif?'4?' 35if'if'f', 1 7 'fggj A ' ',, 1 ".. .- W Q R 1 3,45 1 yi 'S ""3,g,3 ,fi W, xxx" V , 7 X , N wma ' 'ft' '-In wa-ni fp.: ' ff' W A 5i,?q L4' . M 4 if -f 'fl gg T ,ff j"' ,x:gfW'I " W ' f , ',.f4' fz ' sf 113 1 xx PN :x,12,p,,m,,.,- . vm, , ABOVE: Two points for a takedown, signals the referee, as Bryan An- toon takes on his opponent at 125. ABOVE RIGHT: Ken Howard takes control of Johnny Roberson during Granr's dual meet with Moore. RIGHT: Moore's Johnny Greb and the Generals' Mike Watson begin their 178 lb. bout. 200 Varsity Wrestling Bears fall to grapplers for homecoming victor i i ABOVE: In the heavyweight division, Mark McClain takes on jeff Ward of Moore. LEFT: John Marshall Bear David Hackney discovers jerry Haz1itt's wrestling technique is more than he can handle. Varsity Wrestling 201 - -lg Q. QN 7 , .Q in 1. C g G Wa fi x O b f 2- Q B-teamers gain valuable experie According to Coach Fred Black- mon, "the B-team's best matches were against Putnam City and North- west Classenf' The Generals edged the Pirates 16-13 and trounced the Knights 25-6. Three tournaments were entered by the Generals' B-tearners. They were the Del City, John Marshall and Putnam City Novice Tourna- ments. They placed 7th, 5th and 4th respectively. Although the squad's record shows only three wins and seven losses, this doesn't tell the entire story. Experi- ence was the key word for the B- team. Twenty-seven different boys wrestled, gaining valuable knowl- edge and experience for next year. "B" TEAM WRESTLING U.S.G. 0 Norman 26 26 Girl Albert 12 2 Del City 40 6 Southeast 28 25 Northeast Classen 6 12 Putnam City West 24 15 Moore 25 16 Putnam City 13 15 John Marshall 18 0 Midwest City 28 HCC B-team Wrestling 203 ABOVE: jon House 4425 passes the ball to Richie Reyes during the 72-44 trounc- ing of the Del City Eagles. ABOVE RIGHT: Ken Nelson 4223 sets up to give Grant two points to up its victory over John Marshall to 69-68. RIGHT: After a fast break, Ken Flaniken C343 dribbles down court during the game with the john Marshall Bears. 204 Varsity basketball Rl x l 6- I F Generals deliver Spartans 74-47 loss ABOVE RIGHT: Ken Flaniken C345 delivers a successful hook shot against Midwest City. ABOVE: Rancly Furr C525 rebounds against South-East during Grant's 74-47 win over the Spartans. RIGHT: The Midwest City game opens with Jon House 1425 jumping off in the Bombers 42-38 loss to the Generals. 206 Varsity Basketball lk f lfk I! Q RA X, aa vw RAI 6 QAWA x.. A 422 SRA ,E E4 mln ww B4 l' ABOVE: Front Row: Alan Benson, David XValker, Larry Miller, Sammy McElvaney, Steve Chaney, Sam Garlow, Richie Reyes. Back Row: Rich- ard Myers, Steve Mclninch, john Furr, Randy Furr, Jon House, Bob Harris, Ken Flaniken. LEFT: Ken Nelson manucvcrs through heavy traffic during the 74-47 win over Southeast. Varsity Basketball 207 A 59-48 upset over Northwest high- lighted a 10-6 season for the U. S. Grant junior Varsity Basketball Team. Although the season started off rather slow for the Generals, it wasn't long before they had won nine out of their last thirteen games by considerable margins. Putnam City and Douglass gave Coach Bob Mitchell's players the stiffest resistance by beating the Gen- erals in all four contests. 208 B-team Basketball Knights upset by Generals, 59-48 X., l ABOVE: Front Row: Mike Sexton, Steve Lack, Mike Bradley, Ricky Longfellow, jerry Xlifright, Marcus Eaves. Back Row: Mike Black, Robert Viforkman, David Freeman, Donnie Thrash, Ricky Sipes. LEFT: Donnie Thrash 635 rushes two points past a Midwest City defender. B-TEAM SCOREBOARD U. S. G. 55 Southeast 52 47 Northwest 62 48 Putnam City 86 59 Capitol Hill 54 66 Del City 56 68 Midwest City 60 49 Douglass 56 65 John Marshall 57 66 Capitol Hill 48 66 Midwest City 43 71 John Marshall 40 55 Douglass 57 61 Del City 65 , 59 Northwest 48 67 Southeast 65 62 Putnam City 84 B-team Basketball 209 210 Spring SPRING Activities . Senior Class Baseball ,. Golf ..... Swimming Tennis . . . Track .... Closing . . . Index 5 5 Spring 211 Sand , Donna reign over spring homecomings Grant's wrestling match with Mid- west City's Bombers was the scene for the crowning of the Wrestling Queen. Varsity wrestling captain Charlie Go- mez crowned Queen Sandy Baker as "Matmen,s Decision." Basketball Queen, Donna Thompson reigned over the Court Royalty. She was crowned, given a kiss and red roses by basketball captain Ken Nelson. A special feature for Basketball Home- coming was Catol Gusmeroli. She was selected as h o n o r a r y Basketball attendant. FAR ABOVE: Charlie Gomez presents wrestling queen Sandy Baker with the traditional bouquet of roses. ABOVE: Summing up wrestling, homecoming was the presentation of the 1971- '2 "Matmen's Decision". ABOVE RIGHT: Roundballers pre- sent court at the John Marshall game: Debbie Davis, Carol Gus- meroli, Donna Thompson, Janet Cermak, Sue Landers, and 212 Spring Activities Charla Hahn. FAR RIGHT: Bob Harris has the pleasure of escorting AFS student Carol Gusrneroli at homecoming. Carol was honorary Sr. attendant. RIGHT: Basketball queen Donna Thompson gently accepts the traditional bouquet of roses from Ken Nelson. I ,, ,W A M!! 'X Spring Activities 213 Royalty springs up at Grant for all Generals The Sabrettes chose their Pep Club Buddy, late in March. To be eligible for the honor, he had to be a senior and par- ticipated or lettered in a sport one year. The 1971-72 Pep Club Buddy was Dar- rell Cartwright. Complimenting Pep Club Buddy was Letterman's Sweetheart. Glenda Wilker- son was presented this honor. All the let- termen were allowed to vote on the girl they thought most exemplified a Letter- man's Sweetheart. 214 Spring Activities FAR LEFT ABOVE: Track queen Susan MeEuen relaxes with her favorite book. FAR LEFT: Track queen Susan McEuen and Atten- dant Raylene Matthews talk with All-State track runner Rick Car- penter. LEFT ABOVE: 1971-72 Letterman Sweetheart candidates: Paula Thrash, Debbie Minor, Debbie Davis and Marsha Blumenthal. LEFT: Sabrettes Pep Club Buddy candidates are Rick Carpenter. Dar- rell Cartvvright, Richie Reyes, Stan Rowlan, and Phil Mabry. ABOVE: Pep Club Buddy Darrell Cartwright takes time out to congratulate Letterman's Sweetheart Glenda Wfilkerson. Spring Activities 215 Lerner and Loewe musical production "My Fair Ladyl' by Lerner and Loewe was the musical presented by Grants Fine Arts Department. After weeks of staying at school practically all night for rehearsals, the first perfor- mance was staged, the school matinee on February 23. Some of the highlights of the show were Eliza, singing UI Could Have Danced All Night," Higgins, singing "l've Grown Accustomed to Her Face,', Higgins, Eliza and Colonel Pickering with 'The Rain in Spain," Mr. Doo- little going through "XYfith a Little Bit of Luck," and "On the Street Wfhere You Live," sung by Freddy. Besides the matinee, on February 24 and 25 night performances were given. The play proved the excellence of U.S. Grants Fine Arts Dept. K 216 "My Fair Lady" -C.f Y Y-. X CAST: Eliza Doolittle-Bonnie Bell Freddy Eynsford Hill-David Bell Colonel Pickering-Charles Peck Henry Higgins-Doug Dial First Cockney-David Porter Second Cockney--Mike Gonzales Third Cockney-Randy Whiting Fourth Cockney-Kim Easter Alfred P. Doolittle-Mike Shelton Mrs. Pearce-Diane Estes Mrs. Higgins-Vicci Ervin Stage Manager: Debbi Craven Staging: Karen Hand FAR ABOVE: "She ain't got no parents," mimicks Henry Higgins of Eliza's speech to Colonel Pickering. FAR LEFT: "In Hartsford Heresford Hampshire, hurricanes hardly hap- pen," repeats Eliza. ABOVE: The Ascot Races created a stunning black and white scene. LEFT: Colonel Pickering listens to Mr. Hig- gins sing, "I'm an Ordinary Man." "My Fair Lady" 217 . 1.179 .. . : dj I f LJ J lx ,fu Spring brings I club royalty With March winds coming in with a roar, four of Grant's organizations selected their King and Queen. Each couple was selected for service to the club and personality. During the john Marshall vs. Grant basketball game, DECA Queen and King were crowned. With the notes of "Summer of '42" floating in the background, Donna Fallwell was V crowned Queen by King Kenny Knowles. A dinner at the Hillcrest Country Club on March 10 was the setting for the crowning of the Thespians royalty. Special awards for club service were also presented at that time. Karen Hand and Lynne Horne were presented as NFL's royalty at a ban- quet held in March. Grant's VICA chapter held their annual Banquet at Dodson's Cafeteria and presented their King and Queen, Bryan Antoon and Vicki Threlkell. i FAR ABOVE: DECA presents King and Queen Kenny Knowles and Donna Fallwell. ABOVE: DECA royalty for Tl-72 are: Gary Grigsby, Ethel McGowan, Phil Welch, Ramona Baker, Kenny Knowles, Donna Fallwell, Kenny Burditt, Carla Rodgers, Bobby Williams and Susie Hess. ABOVE RIGHT: VICA chooses Linda 218 Clubs Royalty Gootlbrake, Vicki Tlirelkell, and Sue Hott, as vocational favo- rites, FAR ABOVE RIGHT: Lynne Horne and Karen Hand reign for NFL. RIGHT: Tliespians favored Don Isbell, ,Ian Cloyd, Terrie Fritz, Cindy Morris and Delbert Birchfield as their royalty candidates. i lllwlplv T., 1 Clubs Royalty 219 Seniors find themselves buried in spring activities Diary of an unknown Senior: September: "Hey look at the sopho- mores, I don't remember being that dumb!" October: "The juniors are already ordering their rings!" December: "I can't believe I made a 20 on my ACT I thought I'd be lucky to get a 163' january: "You're going to get bow many announcements?" March: "Are you sure my gown will fit?" May 25, 1972fFairgrounds Arena: "If they play that "march" one more time . . 220 Senior Activities I' ABOVE LEFT: Kathy Tims picks committees for the General's Revue, the finale of projects for three years. FAR LEFT: Larry Irwinsky de- cides sending out announcements is a tedious job. LEFT: Senior jon House won't give up his sweats even for gown measuring. ABOVE: The Junior-Senior Prom honors Seniors Barbara Caldwell, Nikki Whit- nah, Shelley Myers, Connie Dunlap, Michelle Hornbeek, Richard Mc- Neeley, David Wilson and Jay Newell. Senior Activities 221 Seniors of '72 . . . something We'll remember 114.1 " V-.97 X,- X jpg., , rl ABOVE RIGHT: The senior class planning committee. RIGHT: Sam Garlow acts as the 1972 Senior Class President. ABOVE: The senior class officers are: Penny Randolph, Sectetaryg Gene Muse, Parliamentariang Patty Taylor, Reporter, David Peck, Vice-Presidentg and Donna Thompson, john McDougal, and Kenneth Black, Representatives-at-Large. 222-Seniors Wasn't it yesterday that the seniors of 1972 stood together with clasped hands at the last football game of the season and sang the Alma Mater? It seems that the junior-senior prom was held last night, but it, too, is fast becoming a part of high school memories. This senior year was one of mixed feelings. There was the ACT test, the confusion of class- es at other schools, and the anticipation of graduation. The "Class of 72" passed into the beginning of adulthood, leaving in their wake memories that will always linger. rf- X L-1,0 . I' v -li, f ' ws. , fl . li. I, 2 5 3 ffl lt 1231 S 1 'Q ' Senior Class Planning Committee Members are: Linda Anderson aul Ballou anet Beck elberr Birchfield arbara Caldwell arrel Cartwright udy Cassity anet Cermak anice Cermack an Cloyd onnie Coleman im Conrad Debbie Cossey ebbie Daniel johnny Evans Sue Frantz obby Garrison Melanie Harding Sandy Jesseph Kathy jolly Renee Keen Pan King Paula Kuder Daisy Lirtlehawk jamie Lopez Phil Mabry Mary Mauldin Jan McCallum Mark McClain Lisa McDonald Susan McEuen Cindi Morris Jay Newell Bobby Nunn Kevin Penry Stan Rowlan Mike Sales Sherri Schmidt Debbie Simms Carol Snelgrove Becky Snipes Cheryl Spearman jimmy Spradlin Mike Stevens Linda Thomas Kathy Tims Janice Wolf Teje Woodard Patty Yaclon Seniors 223 Raelene Addison Gerald Alexander Della Alvarado Rhonda Ambrose Glenda Anderson Linda Anderson Keith Andrews Bryan Antoon Anita Armstrong Claudia Armstrong Ritchie Arnold Sylvia Ashley Kathy Baird Brenda Baker Pamela Baker Sandy Baker 224 Seniors Seniors learm of life's inequities l IN MEMORIAM KURT BREWER July 8, 1954-June 24, 1971 Paul Ballou Wayne Barber Debi Barker Sherry Barker Keith Barnes Debbie Bateman Sandra Battles Janet Beck Vesta Belew Gary Bell Donna Bennerr Tricia Berry Seniors 225 pun. , Delbert Birchfield James Birk David Black Kenneth Black Lloyd Blackmon john Blethrow Marsha Blumenthal Sherry Bobo Bruce Boggs john Bottoms Lonnie Boulware Harry Boydston have ABOVE RIGHT: Mike Matchen and Roy Snow dis- cuss ways to spend the money they made from the attershow following the Grant-Southeast game. RIGHT: During "Beat the Hill" week the main theme of the Senior hall was the Camp Defeat display. 9 76 btniors if YB . , '2 1 Vw .. we 5' " ' 'ifi?i-5344. aa '5"'1'?,"i'f"f , Vg-'hiffbgi 1-2 v . - U A , ,aff Senior gift takes plans and capital Feddie Bradley Ronnie Bradley Sharon Brazeal Wayne Bristol Nina Brown 70N C-A 1 ,B , 1 V 1 i ',.N- K V ,gg in ali T i T ,Wx ' 'N ' 711' 4 f i .N Party Brown Paula Bruemmer Vickie Bryant Mike Buchanan Lu Ann Burkett Margie Burns Phillip Cabrera Seniors 227 ia-25.1 , wr" r lf' as t Sgr. , 3 .gr-1:15313 - .i lt or ,1 l, , mi, X W i RIGHT: Jennifer McGuyre, Nita Armstrong, John Taylor, and Jim- my Spradlin prepare for the long trip home from Chicago. ABOVE: WCHI H.lOflg 3.5 SPOIISOI' Barbara Caldwell ' fi-gf , :gig , LuAnn Cantwell - .V 5 David Carnes I L A , Richard Carpenter 2' 47, A . . ' y Mark Wallis talks in the lobby of the hotel with Mrs. Dressler, who if .W :t ill-., I ,M ' 'V la f' .4 J! X , 'f f f . 7 K 1 wif S 5 1 3 v ., , it -s , ,, 3 2 , . f - ': '. ffl g A i Darrell Cartwright Pat Casey Debra Cash Judy Cassity Carol Cato janet Cermak Janice Cermak Pat Challis 228 Seniors Senior journalists trek to Chicago Jerry Champlin Wendell Chandler Paul Chaney Jerry Childers Steve Chiles Victor Christian Duane Claborn Lee Clark Lawrenence Claxton Charles Clay Jack Clay Barb Cleaver Brenda Clifton Sara Clingenpeel Jan Cloyde Debra Cobb Debra Coffey Melissa Cohoon Connie Coleman Margie Coleman Seniors 2 2 9 250 Sen Gary Collmore jim Conrad Tommie Cook Charles Cooper Donna Copeland Cookie Com Debra Cossey Robert Coursey Bill Cowden Kenita Crail Debra Craven Bradley Crawford Jean Crofford Lou Crofforcl Kevin Crook Randell Cummings Upperelassmen take active 504 if f ,Q,y"i:m W .. ,.1 , , , 212' joe Cummins .1 V C C Susan Curry , A Deborah Daniel 'Q 27 ef ' ' Duane Darlin -, 50" 5 S: ug: i A5 , -so .Q iors part as school leaders 'fr Pat Darrow Donna Davenport Jim Davis Phyllis Davis Patricia Deekcr Ricky Decker Michael Dccs Margie Denham Darcie Denny Doug Dail Angela Dixon Corliss Dixon nf sf 4 i INQXX-I of , LEFT: Kris Pollock commandecrs the VICA float, Where Are They Noni, during thc pep assembly for Homecoming. ABOVE: Sam Garlow and Sherri Schmidt discuss the signa- ture swing with Mrs. Humphrey, Senior class sponsor. Seniors 251 Preparation for the future involves seniors RIGHT: Charlie Gomez college of his choice. 232 Seniors jean Dixon Gayla Dixon Brooks Dodd Ben Dodson Sharla Doughty Christy Douglas Vicki Dowling Denise Downey Gary Drabek Nancy Drabek Debbie Driskell Connie Dunlap S looks ahead to his future at the ,-Mm. , F' -my F. mr rar .. , , F. fmr .rs ??rW"sfi'1iw:af .M , ,..ff!gv93.3,,,: .swf mz,:i.:1-'J ' . r,,,,r . Mrs., , V ,.,, a Him :5'Tiff.F5Wfaffi?Esif1:: I-ri-Ecfiir. ,, :Elf ,.1f"i5ifqif7 -1:6-42311 'fi-5lfE'8+yf:::m 2212.- . ..,, M. ,W ,M my ,, , fr-vs, X .4 F, H: 4 . ,au v - f 'liff' f is R? . ,g we 55,34 , yr.: 5 'Fig -wx.. pri :asa 9 F ff 'as isxqpri., ,fa-,, Q wcf:,x.?4a 5: 4 yrs: 1 + ,ig L 555, 1 QQ, Afzxi., 1 Quin., D fill, , 4 faq rx Q, . iq Vi 0 fr, 5' lH .W l 'bf 1 or ' 1 L ,gunm- 'ffh i 1 09 "ir "Ol 'mx L , f lil i X Xi We Vickie Dupree Phyllis Durbin Rocky Eaves Susan Embry Vicci Ervin Diane Estes johnny Evans Donna Falwell Reggie Fancher Linda Ferguson Don Fink Lorraine Fitzgerald Seniors 2 David Flanagan Kenny Flaniken Mark Fleming Cheryl Floyd Christy Forbes Vickie Ford Deborah Foster joe Fountain Connie Fowler Anne Frankenfield Sue Frantz Debra Free 234 Seniors RIGHT: Pat Challis and Walter Babcock return the film projector after showing a film to the business classes. ABOVE: Losing weight isn'r Bryan Antoon's idea of fun as he looks enviously at Ray Rigsby's big lunch, Seven seniors head wrestling squad nv, . . ' U H, A : , - A ref' W , 1-.. it A 0 Aux Deborah Freeman Sherri Freeman Shirley Freeman Teresa Fritz Gary Fuller Randy Furr Roy Gaither Sam Garlow Chuck Garrell jerry Garrett Bobby Garrison Gary Gates Seniors 2 55 X- 4 0 .J JK' J...-4 RIGHT: Susan Turnbow and Phyllis Durbin shout their approval of the senior VICTORY cry at thc Grant-Southeast pep assembly ABOVE Phil Blair crowns newly-elected Band Queen Cindy Sherrill during the half-time activities of the Band Homecoming on October 15 236 Seniors Paula Gentry Susie Gentry Milton Gentry Linda Gibson Ricky Gillean Dawn Gladden David Glass Daine Glass Sharon Gleaves Debra Godwin Charlie Gomez Linda Goodbrake X Members of senior class receive numerous honors Glen Gorrschalk Mary Goure Christine Graber Ahda Gray Barbara Green Marva Green Parry Green Gail Griffen Debra Grifferh C'ry Grigsby Joyce Grigsby Carol Gusmeroli Sandra Hacker Roy Hair Roger Hair Alisa Hall David Hall Phillip Halstead Vicki Hancock Karen Hand Seniors 2 3 7 258 Seniors Pamela Hanselka Gary Hanshue Sharon Harden Darla Hardin Melanie Harding Beverly Harmon Valeria Harness Betty Harris Robert Harris Danny Hanley Vickie Harley Steve Harfeild Debi Hays Deborah Heath Debra I-lefley Bruce Henager Kitty Henderson Linda Henderson Sharlet Henderson Conniee Hernandez Friendl rivalry evident during football season A i 'wifi ' If' W , Q K. '4 ' x 'i 1 T , ly .E - wk- Ella Herrod Susie Hess Myrna Hey Phil Hibler Deborah Higdon Patty Hightower Rhonda Hilburn Cynthia Hill 'Q'- g "off, ABOVE: Roy Gaither surveys the traditional painting of the cannon the night before the Grant-Capitol Hill game. LEFT: Pam Iefferys finds that Senior English requires some work outside the classroom. Seniors 239 Sally Hill Margaret Hodger Donald Hodges Diana Hoffman Debra Holmes Linda Holt Lawanda Hood Robin Hood Tom Horn Michelle I-Iornbeck Lynne Home Jane: Hosrerrer Jon House Frank Houston Billy Hovarter Doyle Howell Terri Huffman Mike Hulsey Anthony Hun: Mark Hunter 240 Seniors 1 1 1 4 1 1 4 l 1 l 1 l l 1 1 1 1 1 T r 'ht A Sheryl Hurry K Larry Hurst ' H Jef , June Huslr W QF,-,' if. George Hyclen K A 've by 1 r J . 2 2, 4 ' , Q27 ff Z . Ricky Ingram Larry lrwinsky Don Isbell Toni jackson if Pamela Jeffreys Cyndie jenkins Sandy jesseph Kathy jolly if fm my 1 n 7' 91 YW' 9 5' aff? is 1, 53 LEFT: Vicki Dowling concentrates on the Sweet Georgia Brown routine during a football game. ABOVE: Steve Tolson cloesn't seem to approve of Billy Phipps' ideas on lighting the stage for the drama class production Take Her Sbeir Mine. Seniors 241 4 I Ava jones Linda Jones Marcia jones Nikki jones Tommy Jones Sandra Judd Darrell Keener Renee Keen Fred Keller Paula Kemp Brenda Kennedy Barbara Kerr I' Seniu ...Q RIGHT: Gary Williams and Lee Miller laugh at the hap- penings at VICQA convention in Lawton. ABOVE: Steve Hat- tielrl and Mark Fleming rake a break from classes to grab a snack to ride rhem river :ill lunch rime. ffj Q-if C..-fr 4 i HN, ., 'B X ,. O E 5 rs, Seniors attend conventions around state Billie Kerr Richard Killman P K' am mg Ron Kirk Jerry Knight Kenny Knowles jo Koch Greg Krieg 4-ox,,, 1--1, Paula Kuder Chris Ladasau jan Lambert Rusty Lane Seniors 245 RIGHT: Debi Barker plays postman as she delivers pamphlets on O.E.A. to the teachers' boxes. ABOVE: Lanese Taylor finds that operating the switchboard can be very tricky when five phones ring at once. Brenda Lange Deborah Larrison Daniel Lavarnway Clarence Lavene Pam Lawson Teri Ledlow Sandra Leftwich Bobby Leisy Gary Leisy Melissa Letts Nr David Liles Kenny Liles 244 Seniors Office aided b competent seniors 19' F' ' 2. ... 5' . 4,5 iii ,r X, -4 Eldeana Lindsley Daisy Lirtlehawk Glenda Long Sharon Longman jamie Lopez Randy Lowry Larry Lunow Phil Mabry William Maddox Connie Mahoney Mike Manning Robert Manspeaker Randy Marcum Karen Marshall Pere Martin james Martin john Marx Calvin Mason' Beverly Mastin Mike Matchin Seniors 245 Dale Mathis Raylene Matthews Mary Mauldin jan McCallum Paul McCann Gail McClain Mark McClain Debbie McClury Lisa McDonald john McDougal Belinda McDow Susan McEuen Cheedle McGi1berry jennifer McGuyrc Barry McKeown Loretta McKibben Deb McMahan Susie McMillin Richard McNee1y Debbie Mears 7-46 Seniors Seniors View final game with mixed emotions 'R' get If Numan-f' We, 1 J NWN Beth Melton Robert Melton Debra Mezas Ron Micue Lee Miller Denise Miller Gerald Miller Kevin Milton Debbie Minor Donna Mitchum Mike Moore Sheryl Moore LEFT: Margie Denham bundles up before coming to school on a cold December morning. ABOVE: Cheryl Sanders, Ronnie Svetgoff, and Vickie Bryant watch expectantly as the clock ticks off the final minutes at the Grant Homecoming. Seniors Z4 mid Six seniors make -state conference team in football RIGHT: Senior football players are presented at the pep assembly before the first football game with Del City. 248 Seniors Cindy Morris Mark Mosley Deborah Moyer Gene Muse Shelley Myers Martha Meyers Katrinka Nall Ken Nelson jay Newell Kenneth Newton Nancy Niles Tommy Nix 'inn Mark Nixon Karen Norvell Richard Ogg Robert Oldham Barry Oliver Lola O'Neal Bobby O'Shie1ds Karen Outland Del Oyler Gary Pagels Joy Patrick Gary Patterson Seniors 249 Catherine Paulk Ginny Paulk Randy Pearn Charles Peek Kevin Penry Debbi Perdue Edmond Peters Kathy Phelps Bill Phipps Lynne Pierce Marty Pike Donette Poe 2 5 0 Seniors ABOVE RIGHT: Senior members of Student Council listen to new homeroom suggestions. ABOVE: Bobby Williams ap- pears bored listening to Sara Clingenpeel and Vickie Bryant's "girl talk". Council accepts new ideas from departing seniors Kristen Pollock jan Porter Mike Prine Sharon Price Paula Pucker: Karen Quick Penny Randolph Tracy Reagan Charlene Reed Tricia Reeves R' h' R e ic ie ey s David Richison Seniors 251 2 52 Seniors Don Richmond Ray Rigsby Nita Rivers Robert Roberts Eddie Robinson Dennis Robinson Carla Rodgers Myra Royers Steve Rogers Greg Rolland Margaret Root Vickie Rost Terrie Rotan Stan Rowland Bouta Runyan Barbara Rychlec Bryan Ryser Mike Sales Cheryl Sanders Mary Sanders Seniors contribute to journalism publications l 1 l 4 l W l r '.i M X LEFT: Mark Wallis takes a nap after meeting the newspaper deadline. ABOVE: Darrell Cartwright talks with Mr. Buckhold about the results of his ACT test. Bobby Saunkean Sherri Schmidt Ray Schmoldr Larry Schwartz Lee Schwartz Richard Schweikharr Wanda Scott Cherie Segler Seniors 2 53 254 Seniors janet Sexton Linda Shamblin LeeAnn Shaver Mike Shaver Gwenell Shearer Randy Sheets Andy Shelton Cindy Sherrill Curr Shunkwiler Bobby Sifers Deborah Simms Glynn Simms Janie Skrapka Kim Smallwood Ann Smith Audrey Smith Gale Smith Rickey Smith Stanley Smith Vondell Smith Individualit prominent in class of '72 Carol Snelgrove Becky Snipes Nona Spears Michael Sperling Ricky Spitz Jimmy Spradlin Randell Stafford Terry Stanley Paula Stanton Linda Stark Cynthia Stasyszen Marilyn Stewart ith-.rL..tm.., S, LEFT: Alisa Hall finds that shutting her locker is difficult with her arms full of books. ABOVE: Mark McClain catches forty winks during woodwork class. Seniors 2 5 5 Sheila Stinson Oliva Stone Karen Story Phillip Stotts Richard Strait Sandra Stuller Glynna Sullins Mike Sullivan Ronnie Svetgoff Michael Sweeny Amber Sykes Ronald Sykes ABOVE RIGHT: Lynne Home prepares his debate case for the Alva speech tournament RIGHT Jim Con rad tries to locate a book in the card catalog for Mr Watson's class. 256 Seniors College da draws interested seniors James Talkington John Taylor Lanese Taylor Larry Taylor Patti Taylor Jeannine Teasley Deanne Thomas Linda Thomas Linda Thomas Sherrie Thomas Sheryl Thomasson Donna Thompson Seniors 257 RIGHT: Duane Darlin watches Toni jackson and john XVrighr as they put their imprints on the frcsh ct-mt-nt. ABOVE: Kenny Knowles looks ovcr thc rcgistration list with Mr. Pctcrs at thc DECA convention hcltl at Grant. Lana Thompson Paula Thrash Vicki Thrclkclcl yi! 'Qu 'L Kathy Tims '1""1 Laurel Tinton Gary Tolman Stt-vc Tolson Mary Tookcr QQ' Mark Trail XVilliam Turk gi' Susan Turnbow Debra Uhls 258 Seniors Gs AYYE. 5. Various activities manned by seniors K 4? it 3-3 J av, '-f . Ai , iii -,nm iivx rr Bobby Underwood Shannon Underwood Anita Uptergrovc Steve Vaughn Glenda Velder Cheryl Vermillion Chr' V' k - is ic :cy Nuans Vongchanyakul Terry Waddle johnny Waganer Rick Wagner Nancy Wallace Cindy Walters Randy Walton Toni Wansley Teresa Watson Pam Webb Pam Webb Rickey Webb Michael Webber Seniors 2 59 uLife is like an oniong ou peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you Weepf' RIGHT: Seniors of '72 gather on the field to sing the Alma Mater after their final football game as students at Grant High School. 5 fl?" 531 Q9 N 'il ix Steve Wedell Martin Weeks Donna Weese Phillip Welch 1 t -xl - we , 4 ll'?t.fQ'- W Chuck Wells 'iv il ' John Wesley " ' 1- ' Steve Wesley ? .Q Daniel West 'lun 3 'Tue' Aw, 1 eq f, x HQ lg Billy Westervelt Mark Whitaker Nikki Whitnah jimmy Wiggins uv. 260 Seniors iil ,ffl 1 L '11 N"-s...,- N.-J 4- 11'--Q 316. -..- I..- ,L '- .V 'Dx Glenda Wilkerson Bobby Williams Kenneth Williams Robert Williamson Danny Wilson David Wilson Kay Wilson Kathy Winford Deborah Wing Pamela Wise Janice Wolf Te-je Woodard Seniors 261 Jerry Woodie jerry Workman Betty Worley Peggy Worley Janine Wright Patty Yadon Bobby Young William Yousey Seniors not pictured: Betty Adams Monty Adams David Apheatone Robert Anderson Diane Arambula John Ashworth Walter Babcock Tony Baker Thomas Basden David Bell Mark Bell Glenn Billings Darryl Brown William Bunch Patricia Carr Terri Collins Christopher Corlee Jerry Crawford Jayne Dalton Deborah Davis Leonard Davis Robert Davis Johnny Dillion David Dozier 262 Seniors 've been a long time leavin' but I'lll be a long time gone. Kathy Edge Donald Elder Sherry Ellexson Linda Franks Terry Goodson Charles Gorrell Robert Gotowala William Hart Ronnie Helton Mike Henson Vicky Hundley Stanley Kelly Philip Kindrick Kenneth Kinnard Bruce Kirkpatrick Teresa Laffoon Connie Lathrop Terry Lawson Laurel Linton Donald Manke Phillip McCalip Noel Miller Bobby Moore James Moore Joe Motel David Muzny Robert Nunn Gail Oglesby Ricky Orr Steve Osborn Carol Pack Joe Page Tony Palesano David Peck Bobby Perry Steven Perry Mike Prine Lenita Rabon Michael Reeves Pamela Rodriquez Michael Rost Billie Self Jack Shaw Anthony Smith Debra Smith James Smith Michael Smoot Roy Snow Nancy Sober Cheryl Spearman Stanley Steele Gary Stephens Michael Stevens Rodney Stiger Mary Taylor Frank Thomas Stephen Timanus Bobby Tolbert Randell Towry Mark Wallis Randall Weese Donald Wendt Gary Williams Jerry Williams Lester Wilson Dianne Wodraska john Wright Steve Yeager Glenda Yeldell Michael Youngberg 4 1 f AL Seniors 263 264 Spring Sports Baseball Svetgoff paces baseball pitching team A winning tradition is characteristic of the U.S. Grant Baseball team, not only in the past, but it was quite apparent as the Generals went to bat for the 1972 season. Ronnie Svetgoff was in his third year of pitching against the conference fa- vorites Midwest City, Putnam City and Northwest. Players and positions were as follows: Pitcher: Ron Svetgoff, Lee Schwartz, Bob Sifers, Richie Reyes and Joel McDowell. Catcher: Randy Pearn and and John Kerr Firrz Bare: Ron Svetgoff and jim Conrad Second Bare: Randy Marcum and Ted Thomas Third Bare: Sammy McElvaney and Larry Lindsey Outfielderr: Kevin Penry, john Mc- Dougal, Bob Sifers, Steve Reid, Steve Buchanan, Larry Miller and Steve Chaney Coach: Mr. Robert Wooden Golf M Seven starters return for 1972 golf season An optimistic coach and seven return- ing starters provided an outstanding out- look for the 1972 U.S. Grant Golf team. Coach jack Everhart believed that the team would establish the best record the Generals have had. Although last sea- son's team heralded a 10-3-1 record, people like Charles Clay, Elmer Hum- phreys, Tony Baker, Tommy Fields and Steve Mann tried to better themselves against tough Mid-State foes Putnam City, john Marshall, Midwest City and Northwest. Also Kenny Burclitt and Greg Epper- son played in local matches and Invita- tionals such as the Ft. Worth and Reno Invitationals and Mid-State Tournament in April. Swimming Swimmers post winning season Although the US Grant Swimming team had the experience and ability to es- tablish an 8-2 season record, it didrft have the stamina needed to win the big- ger meets. At the All-City Meet, the Generals finished a respectable third place behind swimming powers John Marshall and Northwest. Then in February, Grant swam to the fifth place spot at the Mid-State Meet only four points behind fourth place Midwest City. These swimmers participate in the fol- lowing events: 50 Yd. Freestyle: Ken Black, and Leroy Berry 100 Yd. Freertyle: Phil Halstead and Ken Black 200 Yd. Freestyle: jay Newell and Terry Welling 400 Yd. Freertyle: Jay Newell and Terry Welling 100 Yd. Butterfly: Bobby Mitchell and Leroy Berry 100 Yd. Bachrtrohe: jerry Judd and 1 l 1 1 Steve james 100 Yd. Brearzrzroke: David Peck and Ferron Dodd 200 Yd. Individual Medley: Bobby Mitchell and Terry Welling 400 Yd. Medley and Freestyle Relay: Jerry Judd, David Peck, Bobby Mitchell and Kenny Black. Coach: john Savage SWIMMING SCOREBOARD 77 Capitol Hill 16 56 Putnam City West 38 80 Classen 14 70 Norman 16 39 Putnam City 48 54 Midwest City 41 68 Classen 27 25 John Marshall 72 54 Enid 41 60 Northeast 34 38 Northwest 57 Tennis Gerry Alexander holds top post on tennis team Six returning starters contributed the experience needed for the US Grant Tennis Team to have a fine 1972 season. Gerry Alexander held the starting po- sition in front of jack Clay and Gerald Miller. The other three starting positions were manned by Ben Dodson, Jin Jew and Scott Freeman. Several other players that looked promising this season were Tony Miller, jerry Williams, Bryant Dean and David McDaniel. Track Team attends Jaycees' meet The US Grant Track Team began the season by taking first place at the AAU State Indoor Championship, followed by placing seventh in the Oklahoma City Indoor Track Meet. Individual winners for the Generals were Ricky Carpenter, Victor Christain and Mike Bottoms. Starting for the Generals were: Sprinlr: JD McLaughlin, Robby Woods, johnny Chambers, jim Hageman, Don Baker, Ken Flaniken, Larry Wolf and Rocky Eaves. Dirtuuce: Ricky Carpenter, Victor Chris- tain, Mike Bottoms, and Jerry McEuen. Weights: Gary I-Ianshue and David Wilson. High jump: Richard McNeely, and Ted Elmore. Pole Vault: Richard McNeely Hurdles: jim Hageman. The second string consisted of: Sprintr: Mike Buchanan, Danny Urban, Roy Meredith, Ron Lowmiller, and Da- vid Proctor. Dirtunce: David McCright, Randy jones, Bill Sinclair, Mark Reed and Gary Gary. WeigbtJ.' Gary Lacy and Danny Wilson. High lump: james Curliss and Bill Sinclair. Broad lump: james Curliss and Roy Meredith. I-Iurdler: Danny Urban and Ron Low- miller. Coach: Tom Erwin. ' 44.11,-f . ,Q , 0, . fs1""5j:?:QE"3'f,'i-QAfg57?5IAt.i f e b , 'riff 1 I It fel.--gflP??Z?i5:if-e V rrgjikgpjzitf-rx.. ij i iii? 9"f"fT1QP:E Q 1 Spring Sports 265 266 Baseball r r 1 ABOVE LEFT: Taking a practice bunt in warmups is Ronnie Svetgoif. FAR ABOVE: "I got it," calls David Lindsey as Steve Buchanan looks on. ABOVE: Sitting: Mike Goodwon, john Kerr, Steve Reid, Randy Marcum. Kneeling: Ron Svetgoff, Da- , vid Lindsey, Steve Buchnan, Ted Thomas, John McDougal, Randy Pearn. Standing: Randy Furr, Kevin Pcnry, Lee Schwartz, Larry Lindsey, Jim Conrad, joel Maxwell, and Coach Wooten. A 1 v I l 1 Generals, baseball team looks forward to 1972 season LEFT: Pitcher Bob Sifers takes some warmup throws before a game. FAR ABOVE: Trying to catch Randy Pearn, catcher, off cl' K ' P ABOVE P1 ' " d " b guar rs evrn enry. : ayrng cat an mouse etween Larry Lindsey and the second baseman isn't exactly Ted Thomas' idea of fun. Baseball 267 RIGHT: Greg Epperson, Tommy Fields, Tony Baker, Steve Mann, Coach Everharr, Elmer Humphrey, Charles Clay, Kenny Burdetr. BELOW: Steve Mann needs a good shot onto the green to save par. BELOW RIGHT: Taking a practice drive is Elmer Humphreys. K,.r.-ik-,,,. . Y ,V -3: 4173? nxt", G if-H-fe?-. ., r:.vf'e:g-wr, Q 4' 5 A 75" ' sf '9 fw .g. A T' 'QA ' 385 4. -zz-VLH f- . 1""?" "' ' ' ,f .f A.. rf' K A,Q,' Hafwlfd Q ' x fl . ' r . W " ,WM L Wg Tiff... 'hy 'W' .9-9 .Wm , . 4 I Jef, A :A,f,.' ., t 1 . W1,gM+-JV ...NL I ' h.,, L , H K - .Tw . TU. v, .ff Q G C ft' K" . .rf fr' ,, , -1 1. V ff -- ,.f,-ff .4 ff. .,,,.. , , A v. 268 Golf ABOVE: Tony Baker ta es careful S P birdie. RIGHT Charles Clay Golf team boasts seven returning starters Golf 269 Bears and Knights only losses for swimmers I ' lv-. ABOVE: Jerry Judd, David Peck, Bobby Mitchell and Ken Black prac- rice the 400 Yd. Relay that they swam in Mid-Stare competition. RIGHT: Ferron Dodd dives in city competition. l 270 swimming l FAR ABOVE: Swimming coach John Savage reviews timing rules with the Northwest time-keeper. ABOVE: Front Row: Terry Welling, Ferron Dodd, John Judd, Charles Floyd, Leroy Berry, Don Yacobelles. Middle Row: Robert Cravens, Steve james, Phil Halstead, Bobby Mitchell, jay Newell, jerry Judd. Back Row: Randy Lunow, Bob Sifers, David Peck, Ken Black. LEFT: David Peck swims the 100 Yd. breast stroke to first place at the All-City Swim Meet. Swimming 2 7 1 Six starters return S to anchor tennis team FAR LEFT: Jin Jew and Gerry Alexander volley in preparation for upcoming meets. LEFT: Ben Dodson powers through a back- hand shot. ABOVE: Front Row: Ben Dodson, Gerry Alexander, Jack Clay, Gerald Miller, Jerry Williams. Back Row: Jin Jew, Scott Freeman, Tony Miller, David McDaniel, Bryant Dean. Tennis 273 Track team takes first place at AAU Indoor ,a ra,a , - :A , , , 1' , 1- ww M X A 'M 'GD Aj -A ,X dv A p rrr,L fi Q Q ve, L W Track Q39 ABOVE LEFT: Ted Elmore prepares for track meet with Putnam City. FAR LEFT: Front Row: Ricky Carpenter, Victor Christian, David Wilson, Richard McNeely, Ted Elmore, Robby Woods, Don Baker, jerry McEuen. Second row: David McCright, jim Hageman, Bill Armstrong, Roy Meredith, Mike Buchanan, JD McGlaughlin. Third row: Steve Sifers, john Bottoms, Larry Wolf, Rocky Eaves, Ron Lowmiller, David Proctor, Danny Ervin. Back Row: Coach Nero, Steve Lacy, Danny Wilson. Ron Shear, Randy jones, Jerry Chambers, Coach Erwin. ABOVE: Jerry Mc- Euen. Victor Christian, Rick Carpenter, and John Bottoms make up the distance part of the team. LEFT: Weight men consist of Bill Armstrong, David Wilson, Steve Sifers, Steve Lacy and Danny Wilson. Track 2 7 5 "The time has come," the Walritr raid "to talh of many things: Of Jhoer-and shipr-and :eating wax Of cahhager-and hingr- And why the rea ir boiling hot And whether pigx have wings . . ." Gaining some deep insight or relat- ing a meaningful message has not been the purpose of the 1972 General. May- be, as editor, I was wrong in not trying to put something of that sort in the book. However, what my staff and I have tried to do, was convey what the 1971-1972 school year was all about. Some of the events that shaped our lives during the school year were definitely left out, events such as Presi- dent Nixon's trip to China, the imple- menting of the "Finger Planf' national and state elections, the hopefulness of the winding up of the Viet Nam war, even such close things as gaining a new principal and the innovation of semes- ter English courses. These were only a few of the thousands of daily events that helped shape the school year. Maybe the quote above, from Lewis Carroll's Throngh the Loohing Gian, gives a better summing up of the year than any editor's note couldg it seems appropriate to me. In closing, I would like to thank our sponsor, Mrs. Mary J. Sparks, Mrs. Lu Curtis, our Taylor representative, our photographer Mr. Joe Hansen, and especially my staff. Editor Managing Editor Activities Editor staff Adniinirtration Editor staff Senior Clan' Editor staff jnnior Class Editor staff Sophomore Class Editor staff co-editor Clnhs Editor staff Photography Editor Sports Editor staff co-editor ies K' Qxm 6 L 1-3 x 276 Closing Karen Outland Ben Dodson Teje Woodard Tana Herrin Debi Engles jennifer McGuyre Laurie Morgan Anita Armstrong Margie Denham Kathy Hankin Ethel McGowen Barbara Ritchie Rita Stokes Debbie Smith Debbie Stinley Jane Jordan Pam Lauck Pam Edwards Susan Turnbow Nancy Wooten Debra Caldwell john Taylor Ben Dodson Mike Sales Jimmy Spradlin A Abbott, Karen C115 77,138 Abernathey, Diana C105 166 Abshire, Lana C115 101,138 Ackerson, Kathy C105 ADAMS, BETTY Soph. Class Chaplain 69-70, Deca70-71, Sabrettes 69-70, Adams, Darla C115 138 Adams, Eddie C115 138 ADAMS, MONTY Adams, Robert C105 166 ADAMS, ROBERT Deca 71-72 Adams, Roger C115 138 Adams, Steve C115 138 ADDISON, RAELENE 224 Agnew, Jualetha C115 77,79,80 136,138 Akin, Sharon C115 138 Albert, Mike C105 166 ALEXANDER, GERALD 69,224 Tennis 69-72, Fbla 71-72 Alexander, John C105 Allen, David C105 166 Allison, Steve C115 138 ALVARADO, DELLA 224 Sabrertes 69-70 Ambrose, David C105 166 AMBROSE, RHONDA 224 Sabrertes 69-72 ANDERSON, GLENDA 100,224 Sabrertes 69-72, Vica 70-72, Vica Reporter 71-72 Anderson, John C105 166 ANDERSON, LINDA 100,224 Sabrettes 69-72, Vica 70-72, Vica Historian 71-72 Anderson, Philip C105 166 ANDERSON, BOB Golf 70-72, Football 69-70 Anderson, Robert C115 138 Anderson, Sandra C105 167 Andrews, David C105 167 Andrews, Dennis C105 167 ANDREWS, KEITH 224 Anshultz, Mary C105 165,167 ANTOON, BRYAN 100,22-4, 198,200 Wrestling 69-72, Vica 70-72, viee King 71-72 Antrikin, Steve C105 167 Appleby, Joyce C105 167 Arambula, Joe C115 138 Arambula, Miguel C105 167 Archer, Linda C105 167,181 ARMSTRONG, ANITA 64,65, 224,228 Sabrertes 69-71, Stud. Coun, 70-71, "General" Soph. Class Ed. 70-71, "General" Sr. Class Ed. 71-72 Armstrong, Bill C115 68,115,138 ARMZTRONG, CLAUDIA 98, 22 Sabrertes 69-70, Deca 70-72, Deca Treas. 71-72 ARNOLD, RICHARD 88,224 Basketball 69-70, Spanish Club 71-72 Ashley, David C105 167 Ashley, sue C115 iss ASHLEY, SYLVIA 100,224 Sabrettes 69-70, Vica 70-72, Vica Vice-Pres. 71-72 Atherton, Francie C105 165,167 Austin, Debbie C115 138 Austin, Gary C105 167 Avery, Carla C105 167 Ayarza, Cecilia C105 B BAIRD, KATHY 69,224 Sabrertes, 69-71, Stud. Coun. 69-70, Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-71, Fbla Vice-Pres 71-72 Baird, Paul C115 138 BAKER, BRENDA 224 Spanish Club 69-70, Sabrertes 71-72 Baker, Don C115 115,138,153 Baker, Candace C105 Baker, Greg C105 167 Baker, Mrs. Helen 20,21 Baker, Janet C105 167 Baker, Meuise C105 167,181 BAKER, PAMELA 224,100 Baker, Ramona C115 138 BAKER, SANDY 224 Sabrertes 70-72, Jr. Wres. Att. 70-71, Wres. Queen 71-72 Baker, Ted C115 138 Baker, Terry C105 167 Baker, Mrs. Treva 41 Baldwin, Orville C105 167 Bales, Susan C105 165,167,176 Ball, Tenna C105 167 Ballew, Mr. Ray 45 Band 72,73 Barber, Allen C105 167 BARBER, WAYNE 225 Barcum, Grover C105 165,167 Barefoot, Clark C105 167 Barker, Bobbie C115 138 BARKER, DEBI 225, 244,133 Sabrertes 69-71, Stud. Coun. 71-72 Barker, Melvin C105 167 BARKER, SHERRY 225 BARNES, KEITH 225 Red Cross 70-71, Fbla 71-72 BILLINGS, GLEN 98 Football 69-70, Track 69-70, Deca 70-72 BIRCHFIELD, DELBERT 84,85, 223,226 Thespians Pres. 71-72 Bird, Cindy C115 139 Bird, Jamie C109 168 BIRK, JAMES 115,226,150 Vica 71-72 Bishop, Billy C105 168 Bishop, Dawn C105 168 Bishop, Eileen C115 80,139 Bishop, Renee C115 139 BLACK, DAVID 226 Black, Joyce C105 168 Black, Kathy C105 168 BLACK, KENNETH 60,97,135, 222,176 Swimming 69-72, Jr. Class Pres. 70-71, Spanish Club Vice-Pres. 70-71, Nfl 70-71, Stud. Coun. 70-72, Stud. Coun. Vice-Pres. 71-72 Black, Lynne C115 77,139 Black, Mike C105 168 Black, Mr. Robert 22 BLACKARD, DONNA Fra 70-71, Spanish Club 70-71, Fbla 71-72 Blackmon, Mr. Fred 35 BLACKMON, LLOYD 226 Blackwell, Viola C115 139 Blair, Phil C115 74,91,139 Blake, Gina C105 165 Blancett, Meloyde C105 68,139 Blankenship, Mary C115 68,139 BLUMENTHAL, MARSHA 226 Sabrertes 69-72, Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 69-70, Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-71, Letter- man's Sweet. Cand. 71-72 Bobo, Gary C115 101,139 BOBO, SHERRY 226 Boen, Jacky C115 139 BOGGS, BRUCE 226 Bond, Deanna C115 139 Borden, Steve C115 139 BOTTOMS, JOHN 112,226 Bottoms, Karen C115 90,139 BOTTOMS, MIKE 112,226 Cross-Country 69-72, Track 69- 72 Bottoms, Steve C105 166 BOWLWARE, LONNIE 226 Bowlware, Stanley C105 Bourland, Teresa C115 139,146 Bouska, Don C115 115,116,139 Bowling, Dale C105 168 Bowman, John C105 168 Bowman, Larry C105 168 Boyd, Paul C105 169 BOYDSTON, HARRY 226 Wrestling 69-72 Bouer, Susan C105 169 Bradford, Connie C115 139 Bradford, Karen C105 169 Bradley, Mrs. Bea 20,21 BRADLEY, FREDDIE 100,227 Vica 71-72, Wrestling 69-70, Choir 69-70 Bradley, Mike C105 165,169 BRADLEY, RONNIE 227 Bradley, Sherry C105 169 Barnes, Tanya C115 138 Barnett, Ramona C115 77,138 Barron, Mr. Amos 22 Barrett, Claude C115 138 Bartee, Mr. Louis 32,33 Barton, Brenda C105 Barton, Jimmy C105 BASDEN, CHARLIE 98 Stud. Coun. 69-70 Basden, Karla C115 139 BATEMAN, DEBBIE 225 Sabrertes 69-71 Batson, Kathy C105 165 BATTLES, SANDY 225 Baugh, Mrs. Christine 24,25 Beard, Lauren C115 139 Bearden, Joel C115 139 Beasley, Nita C105 167 Beaty, Dennis C115 106,139 Bebout, Sue C105 167 BECK, JANET 69,225,223 Fbla 70-72, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 71-73, Stud. Coun. 69- BLETHROW, JOHN 226 Art Award 70-71 Boulin, Mike C105 168 Brakebill, Janice C115 88,139 Branch, Tim C115 101,139 Brand, Patsy C105 169 72 Beck, Vicki C105 167 Beene, Cathy C105 167 Belding, Annie C115 139 Belding, Lawrence C105 167 Belding, Tom C105 167 BELEW, VESTA 70,72,82,83,90, 225 S Band 69-72, Glee Club 69-70, French Club 70-72, Fra Chap. V, W 70-71, Fra Pres. 71-72, Nfl V 71-72, Thespians 71-72 Bell, Bonnie C115 77,79,139 BELL, DAVID 52,77,78,81 Acapella Choir 69-70, Cast of: "Ruth" 70-71, "My Fair Lady" 71-72 BELL, GARY 225 Bell, Gayle C105 167 Bell, Grant C105 167 Bennett, David C105 BENNETT, DONNA 225 ' Bennett, Keith C105 167 .,-ff -. 1 .X , C Bennett, Mike C115 84,139 get ' g Li C Benson, Alan C105 167 -" ' 1- A Benson, Lorretta C115 139 I K I Berry, Leroy C105 167 'X-XX ' Berry Tommy C105 168 ' 'e --.., , k BERRY, TRICIA 225 RESNA Sabrertes 69-72 je-. X Billings, Barry C105 168 Index 2 7 7 Brandt, Betty C101 169 Branum, Norma C101 169 Brashier, Sheila C101 169 Brassfield, Marla C101 169 Bray, Gary C111 139 Bray, James C111 101,139 BRAZEAL, SHARON 227 Sabrettes 69-72, Fbla 70-71 Bremer, Theri C101 169 Brewer, Gary C101 139 Brewer, Leann C111 84,139 Brewster, Cathy C 101 169 Brewster, Pat C111 84,139 Brian, Clark C111 139 Bridges, Roy C111 139 Briggs, Jackie C101 169 Briggs, Jan C101 169 Briggs, Loretta C101 169 Briggs, Steve C111 169 Brinlee, Cheryl C101 169 Brisco, Sharon C101 Bristol, David C101 169 BRISTOL, WAYNE 227 Broadstone, Tim C101 169 Brock, Greg C101 169 Brooks, Barbara C101 169 Brooks, Alan C101 169,186 Brooks, Donna C101 169 Brooks, Steve C101 Brown, Mrs. Evelyn 32,33 Brown, Jerry C111 139 BROWN, NINA 69,227 BROWN, PATTY 100,227 Sabrettes 69-70, Vica 70-72 Brown, Randy C101 169 Brown, Sandra C111 140 Browning, Courtney C101 169 Browning, Don C101 BRUMMER, PAULA 66, 107, 227 Brunts, Don C111 140 Bryant, Bert C101 140 BRYANT, VICKIE 247,227,100 Stud Coun. 69-70, Class Plan. Comm. 69-71, Sabrettes 69-71 Bryce, Jack C 101 169 Bryson, Nicki C111 68,136,140 Buchanan, Debbie C111 140 Buchanan, Pat C101 169 Buchanan, Steve C111 137,140 Buckhold, Mr. Ernest 18,19,253 Buckley, Bernice C111 140 Buckley, Linnell C101 169 Buford, Mike C111 140 Buford, Vickie C101 169 Bullington, Steve C101 169 Bunch, Richard C101 166,169 Burchfield, Mr. E. V. 22 Burditt, Kenny C111 150 Burgess, Linda C111 140 Burke, Caylene C101 Burkett, Bobby C111 140 BURKETT, LUANN 227 Sabrettes 69-72 Burnett, Ronald C111 140 BURNS, MARGIE 69,227 Burns, Paul C101 169 Burns, Randy C111 110,115,140 Burr, Susan C111 140 Burt, Jeff C111 84,140 Bussy, Sandra C101 169 Butler, Regina C101 169 Buzbee, Claudia C111 140 Buzbee, Mike C101 169 Bynum, Kent C111 14O,77,79 Bynum, Mack C101 170 C CABRERA, PHILLIP 227 CALDWELL, BARBARA 223, 228 Band 69-71, Sabrettes 69-72, Stud. Coun. 71-72, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 71-72, Prom Queen Cand. 71-72 Cable, Mr. Ron 43 2 7 8 Index Caldwell, Debbie C111 65,140 Caldwell, Kayna C111 140 Caldwell, Randy C111 140,145 Callaway, Terry C111 140 Callen, James C111 120,140 Campbell, Mrs. Peggy 18,20 Campbell, Teresa C101 170 Cantwell, Charles C101 170 CANTWELL, LUANN 100,228 Sabrettes 69-71 CARNES, DAVID 228 Carnes, Denise C101 170 Carpenter, Mr. Charles 32 Carpenter, Kathy C111 140 Carpenter, Lou Jean C111 77,79, 81,88,140 CARPENTER, RICHARD 58, 113,112,228 Track 70-72, Cross-Country 70- 71, Stud. Coun. 70-72, Stud. Coun. Pres. 71-72, Jr. Usher 70-71, Pep Club Buddy Cand. 71-72 Carter, Miss Ida 43 Carter, Laura C101 170 Carter, Sonia C101 170 CARTWRIGI-IT, DARRELL 115,117,223,77 Football 69-72, Pep Club Bud- dy Cand. 71-72 Casey, Don C111 140 Casey, Gayla C101 170 CASEY, PAT 115,129,228 Football 69-72, General King Cand. 71-72 Casey, Ron C111 140 CASH, DEBRA 228 Sabrettes 69-72 Cassity, Jimmy C101 170 CASSITY, JUDY 93,223,228 Sabrettes 69-72, Spirit Booster 70-71, Stud. Coun. 69-71, Jr. Wrestling Att. 70-71 Casteel, Cindy C101 170 Castleberry, Dennis C111 77,79, 140 CATO, CAROL 228 Sabrettes 69-72, Orchestra 69- 72 Caton, Brenda C111 140 Cavin, Mrs. Loretta 43 Cermack, David C101 170 CERMACK, JANET 132,223, 228 Sabrettes 69-72, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 71-72, Stud. Coun. 70- 72, Sr. Basketball Att. 71-72 CERMACK, JANICE 223,228 Chaivoravitqul, Vichal C111 140 CI-IALLIS, PAT 48,100,228,235 Prom King Cand. 71-72 CHAMPLIN, JERRY 229 Chambers, Carol C111 140 Chambers, Curtis C101 170 Chainbers, Johnny C111 50,115, 1 0 Chandler, Philip C101 170 CHANDLER, WENDELL 229 Chaney, Donna C111 91,140 Chaney, James C111 140 Chaney, Steve C111 115,140 CHANEY, PAUL 98,229 Deca 71-72 Chappell, Bobby C111 141 Chappell, Ray C111 170 Chastain, Robert C101 170,174 Chick, Julia C111 141 Chick, Lisa C101 170 CHILDERS, JERRY 229 Band 69-71 CHILES, STEVE Chitwood, Diana C101 170 Choir 76-81 Christian, Valerie C101 170 CHRISTIAN, VICTOR 103,112, 1 13,229 Boys St. Del. 70-71, Cross- Country 69-72, Track 70-72, Stud. Coun. 71-72 CLABORN, DUANE 229 Clare, Frank C101 170 Clark, Beverly C111 141 Clark, Donna C101 170 Clark, Mr. Lelan 38 CLARK, LEE 69,229 Clary, Philip C111 141 CLAXTON, LAWERENCE 229 Band 69-71 CLAY, CHARLES 229 Golf 69-72 CLAY, JACK 229 Cross-Country 70-71, Track 70- 72 CLEAVER, BARB 82,229 Nfl 69-71, Nfl Sec. 70-71, Sabrettes 69-72, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 71-72, Stud. Coun. 69- 71, Stud. Coun. Sgt-at-arms 70-71 Cleaver, Cherie C111 141,77 Clemnt, James C101 170 CLIFTON, BRENDA 76,77,229 Acapella Choir 69-72 Clingenpeel, Mary C111 68,142 CLINGENPEEL, SARA 229,250 Class Plan. Comm. 69-71, Sabrettes 70-71 CLOYDE, JAN 84,85,87,223,229 COBB, DEBRA 69,229 Sabrettes 69-71, Fbla 70-72, Coe 71-72 COFFEY, DEBRA 76,77,229 Condren, Mrs. Ann 29, 69 Coggins, Ronald C101 170 COHOON, MELISSA 229 Sabrettes 69-72, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 71-72 COLEMAN, CONNIE 223,229 Sabrettes 69-72, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 71-72 COLEMAN, MARGIE 229 COLLAMORE, GARY 230 COLLINS, TERI Coker, Linda C101 170 Connell, Joyce C101 170 Connell, Nancey C111 136,142 CONRAD, JIM 107,223,230,256 Baseball 69-72, Basketball 69- 71, Spanish Club 69-70, Math Club 70-72, Generals Review 70-71, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 71-72 Cook, Mrs. Betty 20,21 Cook, Dee C111 142 Cook, Lori C101 171 Cook, Mary C101 171 Cook, Paul C111 142 COOK, TOMMIE 100,230 COOPER, CHARLES 107,230 Math Club 70-72, TrigfAna- lytics Awards 70-71 Cooper, David C101 171 Cooper, Debbie C111 142, 75 Cope, Mike C111 142 Copeland, Brenda C101 172 COPELAND, DONNA 230 Corbitt, Jo C111 142 Cordray, Steve C101 171 CORN, IDA 69,230 Cornelius, Cathy C111 142 COSSEY, DEBRA 230,223 Stud. Coun. 69-72, Sabrettes 69-72, Class Plan. Comm. 69- 71 COURSEY, ROBERT 230 Swimming 69-70, Track 69-70, Vica 71-72 COWDEN, BILL 66,100,230 Vica 69-72, Rocket Club 69- 72, Chess Club 69-71, Elec- tricity II Award 70-71 Cox, Euginia C105 171 Cox, Mrs. Hazel 20-21 Crabtree, Vickie C115 142 Craig, Jerry C105 171 CRAIL, KENITA 230 CRAVEN, DEBRA 77,78,81,87, 230 Crew of: "King 8: I" 70-71, Choir Queen 71-72, Sabrettes 69-72, Thespians 69-72 Crain, Mr. Harold 12,13,85 Craven, Robert C105 171 CRAWFORD, BRADLEY 230 Vica 71-72 Crawford, Deana C105 171 Crawford, Keith C115 115,142 Crilly, Joel C105 171 Crofford, Ardyth C115 CROFFORD, JEAN 230 Sabrettes 69-72 CROEFORD, LOU 230 Sabrettes 69-72, Choir 69-70, Girls Team Sports 71-72 CROOK, KEVIN 230 Cross, Curtis C105 171 Cudjoe, Mr. Cedric 28,29 Cummings, Cynthia C105 171 CUMMINGS, RANDALL 230 CUMMINS, JOE 230 Cummings, Sharon C115 101,142 Curliss, Ben C115 79,81,142 CURRY, SUSAN 94,230 Sabrettes 69-72, Cheerleader 70-71, Spirit Booster 71-72, French Club 69-70, Soph. Class Sec. 69-70, Jr. Usher 70-71 Cutler, Christi C115 77,88,143 Cuzzo, Janine C105 171 Cuzzo, Regina C105 171 D Dabbs, Kenneth C115 144 Dabbs, Linda C105 171 Dailey, Lynn C115 101,144 Daley, Caeey C115 64,144 DALTON, JAYNE 69 Fbla Treas. 71-72 Damron, Melvin C105 171 DANIEL, DEBORAH 223,230 Sabrettes 69-72, Fbla 71-72 Stud. Coun. 69-71, Stud. Coun. Rept. 70-71, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 71-72 Daniel, Mr. Ernie 38,109 Darlin, Diana C115 144 DARLIN, DUANE 258,230 Darrow, Michelle C105 171 DARROW, PAT 115,231 Football 69-72, Spanish Club 70-71 Daugherty, Paula C105 171 DAVENPORT, DONNA 231 Fta 69-71, Sabrettes 69-70, Band 69-71 Davidson, Jeannette C105 171 Davill, Marilyn C105 171 DAVIS, DEBBIE 63 Sabrettes 69-71, Stud. Coun. 69-70, Letterman Sweet. Cand. 71-72 Davis, Debbie C115 136 Davis, Deeanne C115 144,77 DAVIS, JIM 231 Davis, Mike C115 144 Davis, Pamela C105 171 Davis, Patricia C105 171 David, Paul C115 144 DAVIS, PHYLLIS 68,69,231 Sabrettes 69-72, Fbla 71-72 Davis, Randy C105 171 DAVIS, ROBERT 100 Vica 70-71 Davis, Sandi C115 58,144,137 Davis, Sandra C105 171 Day, Gayla C105 171 Dean, Bryant, C105 171 Dean, Mrs. Dorthy 29 Dean, Greg C115 106,144 Dean, Ricky C115 144 Dean, Sandy C105 171 Deca 98,99 DECKER, PATRICIA DECKER, RICKY, 231 Decker, Ronnie C105 171 DEES, MICHAEL 231 Degraffenried, Robert C105 171 Delany, Gary C105 171 DENHAM, MARGIE 64,24-7, 231 Dennis, Allen C115 115,118,144 Dennis, Michael C105 171 DENNY, DARCIE 69,231 Sabrettes 69-72 Derrick, Wendall C105 171 Dewberry, Anita C105 172 Dewbre, Ethel C105 172 Dewey, Theresa C105 172 Dewhirst, Laurie C105 172 DIAL, DOUG 53,77,78,81,87, 231 Stud. Coun. 69-72, Stud. Coun. Rept. 71-72, Acapella Choir 69-72, Thespians 70-72, Choir King 71-72, Outstdg. Jr. Drama 70-71 Dibello, Debra C105 165,172 Dickson, Alberta C105 172 Dietrick, Beverly C105 173 Dillion, Dale C105 173 DIXON, ANGELA DIXION, CORLISS 231 DIXON GAYLA 72,73,232 Band 69-72, Band Vice-Pres. 71-72, Orchestra 71-72, Band Queen Att. 71-72 Dixon, George C115 144 DIXON, JEAN 77,78,84,232 Cast of: "King 8c I" 70-71, "Take Her, She's Mine" 71-72, "My Fair Lady" 71-72, Choir 70-72, Thespians 71-72 Dobbs, Dennis C105 173 Dockray, Elaine C105 173 DODD, BROOKS 115,232 Football 69-72 Dodd, Farron C115 144 DODSON, BEN 63,64,232 Tennis 70-72, Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-71, Jour. Workshop Award 70-71 "General" Sports Ed. 70-71, "General" Man- aging Ed. 71-72, "Dispatch" Editorial Ed. 71-72 Dodson, Nanee C115 77,144 Dodson, Kathie C115 144 Dolph, Donna C105 173 Dolph, Pat C115 173 Donaldson, David C115 144 Donaldson, Samuel C105 173 Doolin, Dana C105 173 Dorough, Patricia C115 Doss, Don C115 144 Double, David C105 173 DOUGHTY, SHARLA 232 Sabrettes 69-71 Douglas, Cathy C115 88,144 DOUGLAS, CHRISTY 63,72, 73,232 "Dispatch" News Ed. 71-72, Band Queen Att. 71-72 Douglas, Karen C105 173 Dowling, Joyce C115 137,144 DOWLING, VICKI 74,232,241 Downard, Stephan C115 144 DOWNEY, DENISE 232 Doyel, Debbie C105 173 DOZIER, DAVID Safety Coun. 69-70, Debate Team 70-72 Drabeck, Cecil C105 173 Drabeck, Garry 144 Drabeck, Steve C105 173 DRABECK, NANCY 72,73,74, 232 Band 69-72, Majorette 69-72, Band Queen Att. 71-72, Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 69-70, Sabrettes 69-72 Drake, Treva C105 173 Dresel, Ruth C105 173 Dressler, Mrs. Dee 35,228 Dressler, Gary C105 173 Drew, Sylvia C115 144 DRISKELL, DEBBIE 15,92,232 Sabrettes 69-72, Cheerleader 70-72, Miss Howdy 70-71, Jr. Usher 70-71, Stud. Coun. 70- 72 Driskell, Robert C105 173 Druce, Sharon C105 173 Dudley, Elissa C115 144 Duggan, Rowena C105 173 Dumer, Roger C105 173 Duncan, Charlene C105 173 Dunkin, Donnie C115 144 DUNLAP, CONNIE 49,93,232 French Club 69-70, Sabrettes 69-72, Demerit Capt. 71-72, Jr. Class Parl. 70-71, Stud. Coun. 70-72, Prom Queen Cand. 71-72 Dunn, Alana C105 173,177 Dunn, Ken C115 144 Dunn, Marcus C115 144 Dunphy, Charlotte C105 173 DUPREE, VICKI 233 Durbin, Michael C105 173 DURBIN, PHYLLIS 233,236 Red Cross 70-71, Mixed Cho- rus 70-71 Durham, Doug C105 173 Dutcher, Mark C105 173 Duvall, Cheryl C105 173 Dye, Paula C105 173 Dyer, Dennis C105 173 Dyer, Brenda C105 173 "sv- . l E Eakins, Sandra C105 173 Easter, Debbie C115 136,146,143 Easter, Kim C115 ,73,143 Eaves, Marcus C105 173 EAVES, ROCKEY 233 EDGE, KATHY Sabrettes 69-72 Edge, Terry C105 173 Edmiston, Marsha C105 173 Edwards, Diane C105 173 Edwards, Pamela C105 173 Effinger, Eddie C115 143 Effinger, Larry C115 143 Eggert, Wendell C105 173 Ehrhart, Darla C105 165,174 Elber, Victor C105 174 ELDER, DONALD V. Vica 71-72 Elliott, Dennis C115 143 Ellis, Richard C115 101 Ellison, Danny C115 Elmore, Ted C115 143 Elrod, Cheryl C115 143 Emanuel, Mrs. Greta 36,37 EMBRY, SUSAN 233 Emrick, Mark C115 144 Engles, Charlie C115 115 Engles, Debbie C105 English, Debbie C105 144 Enright, Mark C105 144 Epperson, Gregory C105 174 Ercanbrack, Susan C115 77,79 Ervin, Terry C105 144 ERVIN, VICCI 76,77,103,107, 127,233,234 Thespians 69-72, Latin Club 69-70, Cast of: "Ask Any Girl" Index 2 79 69-70, "Flowers 70-71, "King for Algernon" 8: I" 70-71, "Take Her, She's Mine" 71- 72, "My Fair Lady" 71-72, Math Club 70-72, Math Club Sec. 71-72, Acapella Choir 69- 72, Girls Glee Club 69-72 Edwin, Mt. Tom 59 Esmond, Carla C115 101,144 Esquivias, Gloria C105 174 ESTES, DIANE 78,'9,80,255 Stud. Coun. 69-70, Sabrettes 69-71, Fta 71-72, Acapella Choir 69-72, Sr. Choir Queen Att. 71-72, Thespians 69-71, Thespians Sec. 70-71 Estes, Valerie C115 144 Etchison, Toni C115 144,68 Evans, Charlottee C105 165,174 Evans, Deana C 105 174 EVANS, JOHNNY 225,255 Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 71-72, Boys Glee Club 70-71, Aca- pella Choir 70-71 Evans, Ricky C115 Evans, Susan C105 144 174 Evans, Mr. Norris 52,55 Everhart, Mr. Jack 15,52 Ewell, Charissa C115 144 F FALLWELL, DONNA 98,235 Band 69-71, Sabrettes 69-71, DECA 70-72, Sec. 71-72, DECA Queen 71-72 FANCHER, REGGIE 255 Farr, Marina C115 144 FBLA 68,69 Feeney, Michael C105 174 Felder, Darla C105 174 Fenimore, Amelia C115 27,101, 144 Fent, Jayme C105 174 FERGUSON, LINDA 255 Sabrettes 69-72 Ferguson, Sherri C105 174 Ferren, Dawn C105 174 Fetters, Freda C105 174 Field, Emily C105 61,165,174 Field, Tommy C115 144 Fielder, Linda C105 Figard, Dolores C105 174 Fidard, Frank C115 FINK, DON 255 144 Finney, Denise C115 144 Finney, Mike C115 27,144 Fisher, Pam C115 144,151 Fisher, Steven C105 174 Fisk, Diana C105 174 Fitzgerald, Karen C105 174 Fitzgerald, Kevin C115 144,151 FITZGERALD, LORRAINE 95, 225 Stud. Coun. 69-72, Sabrettes 69-72, Spirit Booster 70-71, Hist. 71-72, Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 69-70 FLANAGAN, DAVID 69,254 Mixed Chorus 69-70, A Ca- pella Choir 70-71, DECA 71- 72, FBLA 71-72 FLANIKEN, KENNY 51,55,115, 128,129,254,116 Football 70-72, Basketball 69- 72, Jr. Usher 70-71, Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-71, Mr. How- dy 70-71, Cand. 71-72 Flatt, Donette C105 FLEMING, MARK Wrestling 70-72 Flippo, Cindy C115 Flowers, Kent C105 FLOYD, CHERYL General King 174 198,254,247 144 174 107,254 Sabrettes 69-72, Orchestra 69- 72, IN1u Alpha Theta 71-72 280 Index Floyd, Susan C115 144 Foley, Debbie C115 144 Foiiowiii, John C109 115 Folsom, Tina C115 144 FORBES, CHRISTY 254 Sabrettes 69-72, Stud. Coun. 69-vo, Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-71, Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-71 Ford, Cecil C115 144 Ford, Jerry C105 175 FORD, VICKE 69,254 Sabrettes 69-71, FBLA 71-72 FOSTER, DEBBIE 72,254 Band 69-72 Foster, Steve C115 144 FOUNTAIN, JOE 254 Football 69-71, Basketball 69- 70 FOWLER, CONNIE 254 Foutty, Jimmy C105 175 FOWLER, CONNIE 254 Sabrettes 69-72 Francis, Janice C105 24,55,175 FRAIJKENFIELD, ANNE 72, 75 Band 69-72, Sec. 71-72, Or- chestra 69-72, Sabrettes 69-72, FBLA 70-71 Franklin, Greg C115 115,119,144 Franks, Donna C105 175 FRANKS, LINDA FRANTZ, SUE 97,225,254 Stud. Coun. 71-72, Red Cross 70-72, Spanish Club 70-71, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 71-72 Fraser, Phyl C115 58,853,144 Frederick, Steve C105 Free, Cheryl C115 144 FREE, DEBRA 254 Freeman, Cheryl C115 101,144 Freeman, David C105 175 FREEMAN, DEBORAH 255 Freeman, Kerry C105 Freeman, Christi C105 175 Freeman, Scott C115 101,144 FREEMAN, SHERRI 255 Sabrettes 69-71, FBLA 70-71 FREEMAN, SHIRLEY 255 French Club 90,91 French, Allen C115 144 FRITZ, TERRI 82,84,255,85 FTA 70-71 Fulghum, Robert C105 175 Fuller, Mr. Al 29,68 FULLER, GARY 255 Fuller, Terri C115 144 Furr, Johnny C115 101,144 FURR, RANDY 255 Basketball 69-72, Stud. Coun. 69-72, FBLA 69-70 G GAITHER, ROY 255,259 Gardner, Sharon C105 175 Gardner, Vivian C115 144 GARLOW, SAM I05,129,222, 255 Soph. and Jr. Class Vice-pres. 69-71, Mu Alpha Theta 69-70, French Club 69-70, Stud. Coun. 69-72, Jr. Usher 70-71, General Cand. 71-72, Boys' State 71-72, Sr. Class Pres. 71- 72, FCA Sec. 70-71, Basketball 69-72, Track 69-71 GARRELL, CHUCK Garrett, Debra C105 175 GARRETT, JERRY 255 Football 69-70, DECA 71-72 Garrett, Suzi C115 144 GARRISON, BOBBY 225,255 Basketball 69-71 Garrison, Nora C115 77,156,144 Gasaway, Charles C115 144 GATES, GARY 255 VICA 71-72 Gay, Lura C115 144 Gentry, Mike C105 175 GENTRY, MILTON GENTRY, PAM 256 GENTRY, SUZIE 19,59,95,120, 129,256 Sabrettes 69-72, Rep. 70-71 Treas. 71-72, Stud. Coun. 69: 71, General's Lady Cand. 71- 72 Gehzer, Susie C115 144 George, Gee Gee C115 144 GIBSON, LINDA 256 Sabrettes 69-72, Stud. Coun. 70-71, Jr. Usher 70-71, Sr. Class Plan. Comm 71-72 Gilbert, Regina C105 175 Giles, Ronald C105 175 Gillean, Carl C105 101,144 GILLEAN, RICKY 256 Gilliam, Marilyn C105 175 Gilmor, Mary C115 144 Gilmore, Earl C105 175 Gipson, Justin C115 145 GLADDEN, DAWN 256 Sabrettes 69-70 Glass, Archie C115 145 Glass, Carol C105 175 GLASS, DAVID 256 Football 69-70, Baseball 69-70 GLASS, DIANE 256 Glass, Susan C115 145 GLEAVES, SHARON 100,256 Glover, Mike C105 175 GODWIN, DEBRA 256 Sabrettes 69-70, Euphoria Staff 70-72 Golden, Donny C115 50,175 GOMEZ, CHARLIE 100,I29, 150,151,256,252,198 Wrestling 69-72, General King 71-72, VICA 70-72 Gomez, Debbie C105 175 Gomez, Joe C115 144 Gonzales, Mike C105 175 Goodbrake, Anita C105 175 GOODBRAKE, LINDA 100,256 Sabrettes 69-72, VICA 70-72 Goodgion, Linda C105 175 Goodson, Russell C105 175 GOODSON, TERRY 100 VICA 71-72 Goodwin, Mike C115 145 Gotawala, Ann C115 145 GOTTSCHALK, GLENN 257 GOURE, MARY 257 Sabrettes 69-72, FBLA 69-71, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 71-72 GRABER, CHRISTY 257 Sabrettes 69-70 Grady, Georgina C115 65,91,145 Grant, Karen C105 175 GRAY, ADAH 257 Spanish Club 70-71, Sabrettes 69-70, Band 69-70 Gray, Randy C105 175 Gray, Reggy C115 145 GREEN, BARB 257 Sabrettes 69-72, Stud. Coun. 71-72, French Club 69-70, NFL 69-72, Jr. Class Treas. 70- 71, Sr. Class Treas. 71-72 Green, Belinda C103 175 Green, Kandy C113 68,145 GREEN, MARVA 257 Green, Mike C103 175 GREEN, PATTY 257 Sabrettes 69-72, VICA 70-72, VICA Queen 71-72 Green, Paula C113 101,145 Green, Richard C103 175 Green, Robert C113 145 Green, Steve C103 175 Greene, Sharon C103 175 GRIFFIN, GAIL 257 Sabrettes 70-72, FBLA 70-71 Griffin, Bruce C103 176 Griffeth, David C103 176 GRIFFETH, DEBRA 257 Band 69-71 Grigsby, Barbara C103 176 GRIGSBY, GARY 98,257 DECA 70-72, Vice-pres. 70-71, DECA King Att. 71-72 GRIGSBY, JOYCE Grose, Allan C103 176 Grossnicklaus, Fred C113 145 Grounds, Dana C113 145 Grubb, Cindy C113 145 Grubbs, Pam C113 101,145 Grummer, Steve C103 176 Gruver, Janice C113 84,145 Gruver, Ronnie C103 176 Guiles, Terri C113 145 Guion, Cynthia C113 145 GUSMEROLI, CAROL 48,49, 59,94,155,257 AFS Foreign Exchange Stu- dent, Sabrettes Spirit Booster 71-72 H HACKER, SANDRA 100,257 Vica 71-72 Hageman, Jim C113 115,117,119, 146 Hague, Allan C103 146,176 Hague, Conda C113 145 Hahn, Charla C103 166,176 Hair, David C113 146 HAIR, RODGER 257 HAIR, ROY 257 Stage Crew 69-72, Vica 71-72 Halley, Lisa C113 146 HALL, ALISA 54,54,257,255 Sabrettes 69-72, FBLA 69-70, Vica 70-71, Jr. Usher 70-71, Football Queen 71-72, Stud. Coun. 69-72, Sr. Class Plan, Comm. 71-72 HALL, DAVID 257 Hall, James C113 146 Hall, Taneieu qiop 176 Hall, Teresa C113 146 HALSTEAD, PHIL 257 Swimming 69-72, Baseball 71- 72, Stud. Coun. 69-70, Human Rel. 71-72 Halstead, Sandra C113 146 Hamilton, Ruth C103 176 Hampton, Mrs. Opal 20 HANCOCK, VICKI 100,257 Sabrettes 69-70, Vica 71-72 Hanes, Debra C113 146 Haney, Janet C113 146 Hankins, Kathy C113 146,65 Hanlan, Christy C103 165,176 Hanley, Rodney C113 146 HAND, KAREN, 82,85,257 Sabrettes 69-70, NFL 69-72, NFL Pres. 71-72, Thespians 69-72, Thespians Historian 70- 71, NFL Queen 71-72, Stud. Director "Take Her, She's Mine", "My Fair Lady", Cast of: "King 8: I", "Flowers for Algernon". HANSELKA, PAMELA 258 HANSHUE, GARY 114,115,258 Football 69-72, Track 69-72 HARDEN, SHARON 258 French Club 69-72, Choir 70- 72 HARDIN, DARLA 258 Sabrettes 69-72 HARDING, MELANIE 225,258 Sabrettes 69-71, DECA 71-72, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 71-72 Harkins, Sherry C103 146 Hargrave, Michell C103 Harman, Dale C103 176 Hafner, Connie C103 176 Harness, Mark C103 HARMON, BEVERLY 100,258 Sabrettes 69-71 HARNESS, VALERIE 88,106, 108,258 Pep Band 69-71,.Stage Band 70-71, Math Club 70-72, Stud. Coun. 71-72 Harnett, Sherry C103 176 Harper, Mrs. Rubye 25,184 Harrel, Nancy C103 176,11 HARRIS, BETTY 258 Sabrettes 70-71 Harris , Don C113 146,68 Harris, Harris i Harris, Harris, Harris, Harris, Larry C103 Mark C103 176 Randy C103 Randy C113 146 Rennee C113 Rhonda C113 146 HARRIS, ROBERT 258 Basketball 69-72 Harris, Sonja C103 176 Harshaw, Russell C103 65,176 HART, BILL Vica 70-72 HARTLEY, DANNY 258 Band 69-71, Orchestra 69-71, DECA 71-72, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 71-72 Harvey, Renee C113 146 Harville, Joey C103 177 Hash, Doug C103 177 HATFIELD, STEVE 242,258 Soph. Class Plan, Comm. 69- 70, Football 69-71, Track 69- 70 HATLEY, VICKIE 258 Sabrettes 69-71, VICA 69-70 Hauek, Ed C103 177 Hayes, Barbara C113 146 HAYS, DEBI 258 Thespians 71-72, Stud. Coun. 71-72 Hayes, James C103 Hayhie, Richard C103 177 Hazelrigg, Steve C103 177 Hazen, David C113 146 Hazlitt, Jerry C113 146,198 Heard, Gary C103 Heath, Barry C113 146 HEATH, DEBORAH 258 Sabrettes 69-72 Heath, Nancy C103 177 HEFLEY, DEBRA 258 Sabrettes 69-70, Red Cross 69- 70, VICA Pres. 70-71, DECA 70-71 Hefner, Billy C113 146 Heggy, Rodney C113 146 Heird, Debbie C103 Heirston, Cortis C103 HELTON, RONNIE HENAGER, BRUCE 258 Henderson, Donna C103 146 Henderson, Eldon C103 177 HENDERSON, KITTY 76,77, 258 Sabrettes 69-72, Stud. Coun. 70-71, Acapella Choir 71-72, Girls Team Sports 71-72 HENDERSON, LINDA 258 HENDERSON, STARLET 100, 258 VICA 70-72 Henn, Laurie C113 146 Hensley, Jill C103 177 HENSON, MIKE 98 Spanish Club 70-71, Deca 71- 72 Henson, Ricky C113 146 Henthorn, Kena C103 HERNANDEZ, CORINNE 258 Hernandez, Diane C113 Herrel, Irene C103 177 Herrin, Tana C113 65,94,146 HERROD, ELLA 259 Herrod, Jerry C113 118,146 Herron, Lessa C103 Hervey, Susan C113 146 Heskett, Sherrie C113 146 HESS, SUSIE 259,98 Sabrettes 69-71, DECA 70-72, DECA Queen Att. 71-72 HEY, MYRNA 107,259 Sabrettes 69-71, Math Club 70- 72, TrigfMatrix Award 70-71 Hibbard, Phil C113 84,115,146 HIBLER, PHILLIP 84,259 Hickman, Phil C113 101,146 Hicks, Leneieu C103 175,177 Hicks, Vickie C103 177 Higbie, Mr. Russell 50 Higdon, Chris C103 65,177 Higgenbotham, Jimmy C103 178 Higgenbotham, Ed C103 178 Higgins, Brenda C113 146 Higgins, Debra C103 178 High, Belinda C113 55,156,146 HIGHTOWER, PATTY 259 HILBURN, RHONDA Hilderbrandt, Polly C113 146 HILL, CYNTHIA 259 Sabrettes 69-72, Spanish Club 70-71 HILL, SALLY 240 Hillerby, Joy C113 146 Hilley, Ronnie C103 178 Hilrnas, Eddie C113 146 Hiti, Mrs. Ann 20 Hitt, John C113 146 Hobgood, Janet C113 146 Hoch, Marty C103 178 Hodge, Teresa C113 146 HODGER, MARGARET HODGES, DONALD 240 Hoffman, Mrs, Arbeacher 52,55 HOFFMAN, DIANA 240 Sabrettes 69-71, Choir 70-71 Hoffman, Michell C113 146 Hoffman, Tony C103 178 Hogue, Cindy C103 178 Holden, Russell C113 146 Holding, John C113 146 Holliday, Rodney C103 178 HOLMES, DEBRA 240 Hollingshead, Mark C103 178 Hollowell, Mrs. Lucy 25 Holt, Gaye C113 146 HOLT, LINDA 240 Homer, James C103 178 HOOD, LAWANDA 69,240 Sabrettes 69-71, FBLA 71-72 HOOD, ROBIN 240 Vica 70-72, FBLA 69-70 Hood, Mike C113 147 Hope, Mike C103 178 Hopkins, Ken C103 178 Horn, Phlylis C113 147,101 HORN, TOM 240 HORNBECK, MICHELLE 240 Nfl 69-71, Nfl Vice-Pres. 70- 71, Stud. Coun. 69-72, Sa- brettes 69-72, Sec. 71-72, Jr. Football Att. 70-71 Index 2 81 HORNE, LYNNE 50,240,257 Nfl 69-72, Thespians 70-72, Debate Team 70-72, Spanish Club 69-70, Stud. Coun. 69- 71, NFL King 71-72 Hornsby, Louise C105 178 HOSTETTER, JANET 240 Hostetter, Mr. Lyle 32 Hott, Sue C115 147 Houlette, Diana C105 178 HOUSE, JON 240 Basketball 69-72, Jr. Usher 70- 71, "Dispatch" Sports Ed. 70- 71, Generals Review 70-71 Houston, David C105 178 HOUSTON, FRANK 240 Football 69-70 HOVARTER, BILLY 76,77,240 Choir 70-72, Boys Glee Club 70-72 Howard, David C115 100 HOWARD, EARNEST Stud. Coun. 70-71, Science Club 71-72, Math Club 71-72 Howard, John C105 178 Howard, Kenny C115 151,147 Howard, Sandra C115 147 Howard, Sherry C115 147 HOWELL, DOYLE 240 Vica 71-72 Howery, Michael C105 178 Hubbard, Brad C105 178 Hubble, Kenny C115 147 Hudleston, Donna C105 178 Hudler, Susie C115 68,147 Huff, Lee C105 178 Huffman, David C115 147 HUFFMAN, TERI 69,240 Huges, Lucretie C115 77,147 Huges, Randy C115 147 Huges, William C105 63,178 Hiiigaii, Kathie C105 178 HULSEY, MIKE Hum. Rel. Coun. 96 Humphreys, Elmer C115 147 Humphrey, Mrs. Marge 40,231 Hunsaker, Sherri C115 77,147 HUNT, ANTHONY 240 Basketball 69-70, Golf 70-71 Hunt, Mr. Grant 22 Hunter, Jim C115 77,147 HUNTER, MARK 240 Hunter, Mrs. Lettie 41 HURRY, SHERYL 241 Sabrettes 69-71 Hurst, Cheryl C105 178 HURST, LARRY 241 Spanish Club 70-71 Hurt, Jerry C115 147 HUSK, JUNE 241 Sabrettes 69-70, Band 69-71, ETA 69-71, VICA 71-72 Hutchinson, Debbie C115 147 Hutton, Michael C115 147 Huxley, Teresa C115 147 HYDEN, GEORGE 241 I Irving, Tanya C105 165 IRWINSKY, LARRY 103,107, 241 Math Club 70-72, Math Club Pres. 71-72, Orchestra 69-70 INGRAM, RICKY 241 VICA 71-72, DECA 70-72 Isbell, David C105 179 ISBELL, DON 84,87,126,241 NFL 69-72, Thespians 69-72, Wrestling 69-71 Issacs, Kevin C115 147 282 Index J Jackson, Elaine C115 147 Jackson, Glenda C115 147 Jackson, Jolynn C115 147 Jackson, Jackson, Kathy 4115 147 Mickey 4105 179 JACKSON, TONI 241,258 Sabrettes 69-72, Stud. Coun. 69-70 James, Jonathan C115 147 James, Russell C105 179 James, Steve C115 147 Jefcoat, Tim C105 179 efferson Barne 11 101,112, J . V C 5 160,147 Jefferson Teddi C115 63,147 Jefferson, Terri C105 179 Jeffery, Michael C105 179 JEFFERYS, PAM 239,241 Sabrettes 69-71 JENKINS, CYNDIE 31,241 DECA Rept. 70-71, Stud. Coun. Jenkins, 69-70, Sabrettes 69-72 Dennis C115 147 JESSUPH, SANDY 94,128,129, 131,223,241 Sabrettes 69-72, Cheerleader 71-72, Stud. Coun. 71-72, General's Lady 71-72 Jew, Jim 4115 148 Johns, Charles C105 179 Johns, George C105 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, David C115 148 Jerry C105 179 Mrs. Martha 25 Rebecca C115 148 Johnston, Kelly C105 179 JOLLY, KATHY 233,241 Sabrettes 69-71, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 71-72 JONES, VICA AVA 100,242 69-72 Jones, Charles C105 171 Jones, Charles C115 101 Jones, Charles C115 148 Jones, Eddie C105 179 Jones, Larrissa C 105 JONES, JONES, LINDA 242 MARCIA 69,72,242 Sabrettes 69-72, Band 69-72, FBLA 71-72, Orchestra 69-71 Jones, Myrna C105 179 Jones, Mel C115 148 JONES, NIKKI 94,129,242 Jones, Randy C105 179 Jones, Randy C105 179 Jones, Shirley C105 179 Jones, Steve C105 179 JONES, TOMMY Jordan, Cliff C115 148 Jordan, Jane C105 165,179 Judd, James C105 179 Judd, Jerry C115 148 JUDD, SANDRA 242 VICA Juclkins, 70-72 Debbie C115 68,148 K Keel, Denise C115 149 KEEN, RENEE 76,77,107,242 Sabrettes 69-72, FTA 69-72, French Club 70-72, Stud. Coun 69 72 Choir 6 72 - - i 9- , Girls Glee Club 69-72, Math Club 70-72 KEENER, DARRELL 242 Thespians 71-72 KELLER, FRED 242 Kelley, Chris C105 179 Kelley, Darrel C105 179 Kelly, Terry C115 149 KELLEY, STAN 100 Vica 7 1-72, Wrestling 69-70 Kelly, Nelda C105 179 Kelsoe, Paula C115 149,68 Kemp, Doug 4103 179 KEMP, PAULA 242 Spanish Club 69-70, Stud. Coun. 71-72, Sabrettes 69-72, Human Rel. Coun. 71-72 Kendrick, Allen C105 149 Kensell, Cindy C115 77,149 KENNEDY, BRENDA 242 Kennedy, David C105 179 Kenny, Mr. Harlod 22 Kerley, James C105 179 KERR, BARBARA 242 Spanish Club 69-70, Stud. Coun. 69-70 KERR, BILLIE 88,243 Kerr, John C115 149 Kidd, Andrew C105 27,179 Kidd, Vincent C105 179 Kiespert, Cindy C115 149 Kilgore, James C115 149 Kimpler, Janet C115 149 King, Gary C115 149 King, Gordon C105 179 King, Kenny C115 149 King, Peggy C105 King, Mr. Ralph 25, 26 King, Richard C105 KING, PAMELA 90,223,243 French Club 70-72, Fren. Club Sec-Treas. 71-72, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 71-72, Stud. Coun. 71-72, Sabrettes 69-72 King, Ronald C105 179 King, Terri C105 180 Kinnamon, Vickie C115 149 Kirby, Cheryl C115 149 KIRK, RON 133,243 Wrestling 69-71, Spanish Club 69-70, "Dispatch" Ad. Ed. 70- 71 Kirkham, Kenneth C105 180 Kirkham, Larry C115 149 KIRKPATRICK, BRUCE 100 Vica 71-72 Kirkpatrick, Lisa C105 180 Kirkpatrick, Richard C105 180 Kling, Steve C115 149 Knapp, Mary C105 180 Knapp, Michael C105 180 Knight, Carolyn C105 180 Knight, Sharon C105 180 KNIGHT, JERRY 98,243 KNOWLES, KENNY 88,243 Band 69-71, Deca 70-72, Deca Vice-Pres. 71-72, Deca King 71-72 KOCH, JO 243 Koleno, Tracy C115 149 Kramer, Anita C115 150 Kramer, Ronald C105 180 KRIEG, GREG 51,76,77,243 Kruta, Donald C115 150 KUDER, PAULA 223,243 L Lacy, Gary C115 120 Lacy, Steven C105 180 LADUSAU, CHRIS 69,243 Fbla 70-72 Lakin, Penny C115 68,138 Lambert, James C115 150 LAMBERT, JAN 243 Sabrettes 69-70 Lambert, Richard C115 150 Lancaster, Landy C115 150 Landers, Sue C111 136,150 Lane, Linda C101 180 LANE, RUSTY 38,953,243 Fbla 69-70, Deca 70-72 LANGE, BRENDA 244 Red Cross 70-71 Langerman, Paul C101 180 Langford, Jana C111 71,77,150 Langley, Mr. John 22 Langley, Terry C101 180 Langston, Joe C111 180 Landsdowne, Mrs. Oleta LARRISON, DEBORAH 244 Larson, Joe C111 79,150 Lathrop, Russell C111 110,150 Lauck, Pam C101 177,180 LAVARNWAY, DANIEL 244 Lavene, Charles C111 150 LAVENE, CLARENCE 244 Lavene, David C101 Lawerence, Kenneth C101 180 Lawson, Bill C111 150 LAWSON, PAT 69,244 Sabrettes 69-72, Fbla 70-72, Girls Glee Club 69-70 LAWSON, TERRY 84 Thespians 70-72 LeBlanc, Lisa C101 180 LeCompte, Karen C101 180 Ledford, Jim C111 115,151 LEDLOW, TERI 244 Lee, Dale C111 151 Lee, Peggy C101 180 Lee, Robert C111 151 Leeds, Roland C111 151 Leftwich, Mike C101 LEFTWICH, SANDRA 244 LEISY, BOBBY 244 Leisy, David C101 180 LEISY, GARY 244 Rocket Club 69-70, Deca 70- 72, Band 69-72 Leisy, Linda C101 180 Lenz, Charles C101 180 LETTS, MELISSA 244 Sabrettes 69-71, Deca 71-72 Leveridge, Tony C111 106,151 Leveridge, Debbrah C111 151 Lewellen, Terry C111 151 Lewis, Mike C111 151 Lewis, Patti C101 180 Lewis, Rita C101 180 Lewis, Shelley 4109 180 Lightcap, Darby C101 180 Lindquist, David C101 180 LILES, DAVID 244 Vica 70-71, Stud. Coun. 70-71 LILES, KENNY 244 Lindsey, David C111 120,151 Lindsey, Debbie C111 165 LINDSEY, ELDEANA 100,245 Sabrettes 69-70, Vica 71-72 Lindsey, Larry C111 151 Linclsley, Patrick C101 180 Linduff, Gary C101 180 Linn, Gary C111 151 LITTLEHAWK, DAISY 245,233 Sabrettes 69-71, Fbla 70-71, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 71-72 Little, Brenda C101 180 LONG, GLENDA 245 Lock, Ronald C111 151 Logan, Karen C101 180 Logan, Sharon C111 151 London, Ronald C111 151 Long, Laura C111 151 Long, Mr. Larry 24,25 Long, Mrs. Morene 40 Longfellow, Ricky C101 LONGMAN, SHARON 245 Sabrettes 69-72, Stud. Coun. 69-71, Fbla 69-70, Vica Sec. 71-72 Looney, Mr. Orville 36,37 LOPEZ, JAMIE 223,245 Sabrettes 69-72, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 71-72 Lopez, Monica C111 151 Lowmiller, Ronald C101 180 LOWERY, RANDY Luman, Larry C101 180 LUNOW, LARRY 245 Vica 70-72 Lunow, Randell C101 181 Luttrell, Billy C101 Lynch, David C101 181 M Macrobert, Micheal C101 MABRY, PHILLIP 245,223,198 Wrestling 69-72, Pep Club Buddy Cand. 71-72 Maddox, Karen C101 181 MADDOX, XVILLIAM 245 Nfl 70-71 Maddle, Bob C101 181 Magerus, David C101 ' Magerus, Wesley C101 181 MAHONEY, CONNIE 76,77, 245 Acapella Choir 69-72 Manspeaker, Richard C111 151 Manuel, Kathy C111 77,79,80 MANNING, MIKE 245 Spanish Club 70-72 MANSPEAKER, ROBERT 245 MARCUM, RANDY 245 Football 69-70, Baseball 69-72 Marcum, Ronnie C111 152 Marsh, Steve C111 152 Marshall, David C101 181 MARSHALL, KAREN 245 Sabrettes 71-72 Marshall, Nancy C111 152 Marshall, Pamela C101 181 MARTIN, JAMES 245 Martin, Jamie C111 152 Martin, Jimmy C101 181 Martin, Keith C111 152 Martin, Marilyn C101 181 Martin, Paula C111 152 MARTIN, PETE 69,84,86,87, 2 5 Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-71, Thespians 70-72, Fbla 71-72 MARX, JOHN 245 Spanish Club 69-70 Massie Haulbey C101 181 MASON, CALVIN 100,245 Football 69-70, Vica 70-72, Vica Treas. 71-72 Mason, Glenda C111 152 Massey, Merle C111 152 Mathes, Harold C111 152 Mathes, Steve C111 152 Mathey, Kevin C111 83,84,152 Mathies, Doug C111 152 MASTIN, BEVERLY 245 Sabrettes 69-72 MATCHEN, MIKE 100,245,227 Vica 70-72 MATHIS, DALE 246 Band 69-71, Pep Band 69-71, Vica 71-72 Matthews, Cheryl C101 MATTHEWS, RALENE 93,246 Sabrettes 69-72, Rept. 71-72, Stud. Coun. 70-71, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 71-72 Mauldin, Greg C111 152 Mauldin, Jody C101 MAULDIN, MARY 233,246 Sabrettes 69-72, Glee Club 69- 71, Choir 69-71, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 71-72 Mauldin, Phyliss C111 152 Maxwell, Jimmy C111 101,152 Maxwell, Joel C111 120,121,152 Maxwell, Ricky C101 181 Mayo, Debbie C111 152 Mayo, Nancy C111 152 McAlister, Jim C111 152 McAlvin, Richard C111 152 McAnnaly, Debbie C111 102,152 MCCALIP, PHILLIP 98 Deca 70-72 McCain, Mr. Robert 18,19,194 McCann, Michelle C111 152 McCall, Diane C101 181 MCCALLUM, JAN 60,76,80,133, 223 Sabrettes 69-72, Stud. Coun. 70-72, Stud. Coun. Chap. 71- 72, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 71- 72, Acapella Choir 69-71 MCCANN, PAUL MCCLAIN, GAIL 246 Sabrettes 69-70 MCCLAIN, MARK 115,223,246, 255,201 Football 70-71, Wrestling 71- 72, Jr. Usher 70-71, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 71-72 McClellan, Mr. Dewey 43 McClure, Tedra C101 63,181 MCCLURG, DEBBIE 246 Sabrettes 69-72 McCollum, Bruce C111 152 McCormick, Karen C101 McCoy, Adrian C111 102,152 McCracken, Ricky C101 174,182 McCreight, David C101 182 McCullah, Debra C111 152 McCulley, Randy C101 McCullough, Phil C101 182 McCurdy, Regina C111 150,152 McDaniel, David C101 182 McDaniel, Kevin C101 182 MCDONALD, LISA 69,223,246 Sabrettes 69-72 McDonald, Mr. Steve 40 McDonald, Terry C111 136,152 MCDOUGAL, JOHN 103,107, 115,222,246 Football 69-72, Baseball 69-72, Del. Boy's State 70-71, Math Club 70-72, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 71-72, Generals Re- view 70-71 Mcoow, BELINDA 55,942-i6 Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 69- 70, Sr. Football Att. 71-72, Sabrettes 69-72, Usher Capt. 71-72 McDowell, Diane C111 152 McDowell, Kathleen C101 155, 182 McElavany, Sammy C111 77,152 McEuen, Jerry C111 115 MCEUEN, SUSAN 94,103,32 223,246 Soph. Class Rep-at-lrg., Soph. Track Att. 69-70, Jr. Class Treas. 70-71, Jr. Football Att. 70-71, Jr. Usher 70-71, Sa- brettes 69-72, Spirit Booster 71-72, Stud. Coun. 69-72, Fbla 69-71, Track Queen 71- 72, Girls Team Sports 71-72 McGarry, Gwendoelynn C101 182 McGarry, Pat C111 152 McGhee, Cindy C101 182 McGillberry, Cheedle C111 McGowen, Ethel C111 65,152 McGowen, Steve C111 153 MCGUYRE, JENNIFER 65,228, 246 Sabrettes 69-72, "General" Faculty Ed. 71-72 McHenry, Debra C111 182 Mclninch, Steven C111 153 Mclnnis, Nancy C111 153 MCKEOWN, BARRY 98,246 Stud. Coun. 69-70, Safety Coun. 69-71 Index 283 MCKIBBEN, LORETTA 66,67, 246 Band 69-71 McLaughlin, Angela C115 153 McLaughlin, Cindy C105 McLaughlin, J. D. C115 153 McLean, Randy C115 153 McLeod, Mrs. Darlene 25 MCMAHAN, DEBORAH 246 Sabrettes 69-72 McManus, Bobby C115 153 McMartin, Don C115 153 MCMILLIN, SUSIE 69,246 Fbla 71-72, Sabrettes 69-70, Soph. Basketball Att. 69-70, Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 69- 70 McMillin, Kim C115 155 McMorris, David C115 153 McMurty, Suzan C105 182 McNEELY, RICHARD 246 Prom King Cand. 71-72 McWilliams, Dabra C115 153 Mead, Donna C115 182 Meador, Larry C115 153 Means, Sherry C115 153 MEARS, DEBBIE 69,246 Meek, Cynthia C105 52,183 Meek, Debbie C115 Meggs, Henry C115 155,115 Meler, Marion C115 153 MELTON, BETH 247 Sabrettes 69-72 Melton, Catherine C105 182 Melton, Dan C115 153 Melton, Ricky C115 154 MELTON, ROBERT 247 Melton, Vicky C115 154 Menefee, Debra C105 182 Meredith, Mr. Harold 14 Meredith, Roy C115 154 Merrick, jo C115 154 Metheny, Mr. Don 32 MYERS, MARTHA 247 MEZAS, DEBRA 247 Sabrettes 69-71, Fbla 69-70 Mezas, Dorothy C115 154 MICUE, RON 107,247 Stud. Coun. 70-71, Vica 71-72, Math Club 71-72 Midgett, Lynn C105 182 Middleton, Debbie C115 154 Mikeman, Kim C105 183 Milam, Jim C115 154 Miller, Mr. Craig 35 Miller, Deanna C115 58,149,154 MILLER, DENISE 247 MILLER, GERALD 107,247 Football 69-70, Tennis 69-72, Math Club 70-72, French Club 69-70 Miller, Larry C105 106 Miller, janell C115 182,154 MILLER, LEE Miller, Mark C105 182 Miller, Michael C105 182 Miller, Mike C105 182 Miller, Ricky C115 154 Miller, Sherri C115 154 Miller, Sheryl C105 183 Miller, Steven C105 183 Miller, Tony C115 154 Milligan, Milton C105 183 Millspaugh, Richard C115 154 Milner, Ray C115 154 MILTON, KEVIN 247 Minor, Darla C105 183 MINOR, DEBRA 247 Sabrettes 71-72, Stud. Coun. 69-70, Letterman Sweet. Cand. 71-72 Mitchell, Mr. Bobby 38 Mitchell, Robert C115 61,88,157, 154 Mitchell, Teresa C105 183 Mitchell, Mr. William 43 MITCHUM, DONNA 247 Sabrettes 69-72, Girls Team Sports 70-72, Thespians 69-72 Mize, Mrs. Barbara 20 Mobley, Garry C105 183 284 Index Mobley, Terry C115 115 Moerck, Diana C105 183 Moham, Mr. john 33 Mohr, Debora C105 183 Mohr, Melba C115 154 Moland, Brenda C105 183 Mollman, Bernard C1005 183 Mones, Deborah C105 183 Monds, Sandra C115 91,154 Monical, Ron C115 155 Monjaras, Mr. Alfonso 44 Montgomery, Mike C115 154 Montgomery, Pamela C115 77, 148,154 Moody, Mark C105 183 Mooney, Dorothy C105 183 Moore, Brenda C105 183 Moore, jamie C115 154 Moore, Mr. john 14,15 Moore, Joni C105 183 MOORE, MIKE 247 Moore, Robert C105 183 MOORE, SHERYL 247 Moose, Kathy C115 154 Morava, Mr. David 37 Morel, Patricia C115 154 Morgan, Donna C105 183 Morgan, Kelly C115 154 Morgan, Laurie C105 177,183 Morgan, Mary C105 183 Morgan, Nina C105 Morgan, William C115 Morse, Mr, Otto 37 MORRIS, CINDY 84,223,248 Sabrettes 69-72, Thespians 69- 72, Stud. Coun. 71-72, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 71-72 MOSLEY, MARK 98,248 Deca 70-72 MOYER, DOBORAI-I 71,248 Fra 69-72, Fta I-list. 71-72 Mu Alpha Theta 106,107 Murcer, Randy C115 154 Murphy, Kim C105 183 Murphy, Lisa C105 183 Murrow, jackie C115 154 MUSE, GENE 54,107,115,118, 129,222,248 Football 69-72, Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 69-70, Track 69- 72 Math Club 70-72, General King Cand. 71-72 Musgrove, Mr. Charley 22 Myatt, Mrs. Edna 27 Myers, Alan C115 154 Myers, Bruce C115 154 Myers, Kay C105 184 Myers, janet C105 183 Myers, Lyndell C115 154 Myers, Rich C115 154 MYERS, SHELLEY 72.92243 Band 69-72, Orchestra 69-70, Sabrettes 69-72, Spirit Booster 75-72, Prom Queen Cand. 71- N NALL, KATRINKA 248 Sabrettes 69-72, Girls Team Sports 71-72, Sportsman of the Month 71 Nall, Kirk C115 185 Nance, Dennis C115 183 Nance, Lynan C105 183 Neher, LaDonna C115 154 NELSON, KEN 248 Math Club 70-71, French Club 69-70, Golf 69-72, Basketball 70-72 Nero, Mr. Mike Newby, Gayle C115 183 Newby, Vicki C105 183 Newcomb, Deana 84,165 Newcomb, Margaret C115 91,94, 50,137 Newton, Keith C115 154 NEWELL, JAY 97,223,248 Swimming 69-72, jr. Rep-at- lrg. Stud Coun. 70-72, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 71-72, jr. Mar- shall 70-71, Prom King Cand. 71-72 NEWTON, KENNETH 100,248 Viea 69-72 Newspaper 62,63 Nfl 82,83 Nichols, Yonet C105 184 Nicholson, Kirby C115 154 NILES, NANCY 248 NIX, TOMMY 52,77,78,79,81, 87,248 Acapella Choir 69-72, Boys Glee Club 69-72, Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 69-70, Thespians 69-72, Stud. Coun. 71-72, Cast Of: "King Sc I" 70-71, "Ruth" 69-70, "Flowers for Algernon" 70-71, "Take Her She's Mine" 71-72 NIXON, MARK 249 Wrestling 69-71 Norton, Bruce C115 154 Norris, Dennis C105 184 NORVELL, KAREN 249 Novey, Mrs. Pauline NUNN, BOBBY 223 Nunn, Kathy C105 184 Oaks, Marlan C105 184 O'Daniel, Mark C105 184 Odom, Robert C105 185 Odor, Brian C105 185 OGG, RICHARD 107,249 Math Club 70-72, TrigfMatrix Award 70-71, Del to Boys State 70-71, Orchestra 70-72 Oglesby, Steve C115 154 Oldenburg, Dana C115 154 Oldham, Lane C105 185 OLDHAM, ROBERT 249 OLIVER, BARRY 77,78,81,249 Safety Coun. 69-70, Choir 69- 72, French Club 71-72 Olsen, Mrs. Nancy 42 Olson, Nancy C105 185 Ooten, Selita C115 154 Orminston, Susan C105 185 Orchestra 74 ORR, RICKY 98 Football 69-70, Deca 70-72 Orren, Mrs. Frances 42 O'NEAL, LALA 249 O'SI'IIELDS, ROBERT Ortiz, Cella C105 185 OUTLAND, KAREN 64,65,73, 72,107,249 Sabrettes 69-71, Band 69-72, "General" Managing Ed 70-71, "General" Ed.-in-Chief 71-72, Stud. Coun. 70-71, Band Queen Att, 71-72, Math Club 71-72 Owen, Geneva C115 154 Owens, Dennis C115 154 Owery, Barbara C105 185 OYLER, DAVE 249 Spanish Club 69-70 P Pack, Beverly C105 185 Pack, Linda C115 154 Paden, Paula C105 185 PAGLES, GARY 249 Band 69-72, Orchestra 70-72, Stud. Coun. 70-71 Parker, James C105 185 Parks, David C115 154 Parks, Norman C105 Parks, Sharla C105 185 Parks, Mrs. Thelma 18,181 Patchin, Debbie C115 Patrick, Debbie C105 PATRICK, JOY 249,265 Stud. Coun. 69-72, Sec. 71-72, Jr. Track Att. 70-71, Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-71, Sabrettes 69-72, Soph, Class Plan. Comm. 69-70, Sr. Wrest. Att. 71-72 Patterson, Dennis C115 154 PATTERSON, GARY 249 Track 69-70 Patterson, Mrs. Mildred 47 Patton, Terry C105 185 PAULK, CATHERINE 107,250 Sabrettes 70-72 PAULK, GINNY 250 Paxton, Danny C105 185 Paulk, Joyce C115 154 Paullc, Mike C115 154 Pearn, Gary C105 185 PEARN, RANDY 250 Football 69-70, Baseball 69- 72 PECK, CHARLES 76,77,78,80, 250 A Capella Choir 69-72, Cast of "My Fair Lady", "The King and I", Mixed Quartet 70-72 PECK, DAVID 60,96,97,135, 222 Sr. Class Vice-pres. 71-72, Hum. Rel. Coun. Chrm. 71- 72, Swimming 68-72, Stud. Coun. 69-72, Thespians 70-71, NFL 69-70, Spanish Club 69- 70 Pelham, Merle C115 154 Pendleton, Mrs. Reine 30,31 Pendry, Vickie C105 185 Penny, Terrie C105 185 Penrod, Janice C115 154 PENRY, KEVIN 225,250 Football 69-70, Baseball 69- 72, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 71- 72, Drafting and Design Award 70-71 Percell, Debbie C105 185 PERDUE, DEBBIE 72,250 Band 69-72 Perdue, Rudy C105 72 Perkins, Bryne C105 52 Perkins, Pat C115 154 Perkins, Shirley C105 185 Perrault, Bryan C105 185 Perry, Janice C115 154 PERRY, STEVE 88 Spanish Club 71-72, "B" Foot- ball 70-71 Pershall, Ginny C105 Pershall, Laura C105 185 PETERS, EDMOND 250 Peters, Pam C105 Peters, Mr. Roy 30,258, Clst semester5 Peterson, David C105 PHELPS, KATHY 78,250,241 Philips, Lee C105 185 PHIPPS, BILL VICA 69-72, Thespians 69- 72, Stud. Coun. 69-70, FBLA 70-71, Stage Manager 71-72 Phipps, Billy C115 86 PIERCE, LYNNE 250 Sabrettes 69-72, Girls' Team Sports 71-72 Pierce, Mr. Vernon 33 Pitchford, Dana C105 Pitt, Mrs. Peggy 27 Pitts, Keila C105 165 PIKE, MARTY 250 Track 69-71 POE, DONETTE 69,250 FBLA 69-72, Sabrettes 69-71, Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 69- 71 Poe, John C115 Poe, Kenny C115 Poole, Carol C105 185 POLLACK, KRIS 100,231,251 Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 69- 70, Sabrettes 69-72, VICA 70- 72, Chap. 70-71, Treas. 71-72 Poole, Robert C105 155 Pope, Carleta C105 Porter, Ed C115 154 PORTER, JON 77,78,80,81,251 Boys' Glee Club 69-72, A Capella Choir 69-72, Stud. Coun. 69-70 POUND, ROBERT 100 VICA 70-72 Prather, Steve C115 154 Prather, Teresa C105 185 Pratt, Joe C115 79,155 Price, Cindy C115 155 Price, Jeff C115 155 PRICE, SHARON 69,251 FBLA 69-71, Sabrettes 69-70, Dispatch Staff 70-71 Prim, Lisa C105 185 PRINE, MIKE 88,89,134,251 Spanish Club Pres. 71-72 Procter, David C105 185 Puckett, Charles C115 155 Pullin, Pam C115 155 Purcell, Rhonda C115 155 PUCKETT, PAULA 251 Sabretres 69-71, FBLA 69-70 Punneo, Roger C105 Purdy, Lynell C105 Purser, Carl C115 155 Qualls, Penne C115 155 QUICK, KAREN 251 Quinlan, Pat C115 155 Quinn, Linda C105 186 Quinn, Mary C105 186 R RABON, LENITA Rabon, Mary C105 185 Raby, Cindy C105 186 Rackley, Lucy C115 155 Raindell, Paul C115 155 Raiden, Gaylon C115 155 RANDOLPH PENNY 69,222, 2 51 RANDOLPH, PENNY 69,222, 2 51 Sabrettes 69-72, Sr. Class Sec. 71-72, Stud. Coun. 69-70 Rainbow, Keith C115 Rains, Mrs. Carol 41 Ramsey, Hershall C105 186 Rappe, Janet C115 77,79,81,137 Ray, Mrs. Helen 35,54,106 REAGAN, TRACY 107,251 Math Club 71-72, French Club 71-72, Student Council 69-71 Record, Jim C105 165,186 Red, Cross 104,105 REED, CHARLENE 251 Reed, Denise C115 155 Reed, Mark C115 155 REEVES, MIKE 98 REEVES, TRICIA 98 Reid, Brian Keith C105 186 Reid, Steve C115 110,115,155 REYES, RICHIE 251 Jep Club Buddy Cand. 71-72 Reynolds, Bob C105 186 Rhodes, Tim C105 186 Rich, Sendia C115 Rich, Wadonna C115 155 Richardson, Calton C115 155 RICHISON, DAVID 51,251 RICHMOND, DON 76,77,252 Rickerts, Mr. Jerry 14,15,61,195 Ridge, Sherri C105 Ridgeway, Lisa C115 94,155 Ridgon, Charles C105 186 Ridgsb, Cheryl C105 186 RIGSBY, RAY 234,252 Spanish Club 69-70 Riley, La Rita C115 141,155 Rinehart, Sherri C105 186 Ritchie, Barbara C115 65,94, 134,155 Rivera, Danny C115 155 RIVERS, NITA 252 FBLA 69-71 Roach, Doyle C105 186 Robbins, Larry C115 155 Roberts, Larry C115 155 Roberts, Ladonna C115 155 ROBERTS, ROBERT 115,252 Football 69-72 Robertson, Debra C105 ROBINSON, EDDIE 72,252 Band 70-72 ROBINSON, DENNIS 252 Robinson, Sheila C105 Robinson, Sherry C105 Robinson, Judy C115 155 Roby, Johnny C105 Roby, Joe Francis C105 186 Rocket Society 66,67 Roden, Brenda C105 186 Roden, Cheryl C115 155 Rodriquez, Paula C105 186 Rodriquez, Wayne C115 156,101, 120,155 Rodalsky, Delbert C105 186 RODGERS, CARLA 252 DECA Queen Au. 71-72 Rogers, Greg C105 186 Rogers, Linda C105 186 ROGERS, MYRA 76,77,252 Pep Club 69-70 Rogers, Rhonda C105 186 ROGERS, STEVE 252 Roland, Janice C115 156 Rolland, Steve C115 68,156 ROLLAND, GREG 107,114,111 116,1 18,2 52 Football 70-72, Math Club 71- 72 ROOT, MARGARET 107,252 Math Club 70-72 ROST, VICKIE 100 Pep Club 69-71, DECA 71-72 Ross, Barbara C115 156 Ross, Bill C115 156 Ross, Mr. George 37 Ross, Jimmy C105 187 Ross, Pam C105 187 ROTAN, TERRIE 98,252 Rowland, Gary C105 ROWLAND, STAN 115,117, 223,252 Spanish Club 70-71, Football 69-72 Pep Club Buddy Cand. 71-72. Rowland, Steve C115 156 Rozin, Janice C115 84,156 Index 2 8 5 RUNYAN, BONETA 252 Pep Club 69-71, Orchestra 69- 71 Rushing, Jerry C115 156 Russell, Darrell C105 187 Russell, Deborah C115 156 Russell, Kerry C105 187 RYCHLEC, BARBARA 69,252 Pep Club 70-72, FBLA 70-72 RYSER, BRYAN 252 Swimming 69-70 S Safety Council 108,109 SALES, MIKE, 64,115,252,225 Spanish Club 69-70, Class Plan. Comm. 70-72, Football 70-72, "General" Sport Ed. 71- 72 Salles, Patricia C105 187 Sammons, Danny C105 187 SANDERS, CHERYL 247,252, Sabrettes 69-70, Student Coun- cil 69-71, Soph. Class Off. 69- 70, Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 70- 71, Spanish Club 69-70 Sanders, Deborah C105 165,187 Sanders, Delilah C105 187 Sanders, Diana C115 77,79,80, 156 SANDERS, MARY 252 Sanderson, Ed C115 Sapp, Charles C115 156 SAUNKEAH, BOBBY 255 French Club Award 70-71 Savage, Jery C115 156 Savage, Mr. John 55,59 Savage, Kathy C105 187 Schilling, Henry C115 68,157 Schilling, Irene C105 187 Schmidt, Denise C105 187 SCHMIDT, SHERRI 94,105,225, 252,231 Sabrettes 69-72, Class Plan. Comm. 69-72, Stud. Coun. Treas. 71-72, Spirit Booster 71- 72 Schmoldt, Marcia C115 156 SCHMOLDT, RAY 66,255 Rocket Society, 69-72, Rocket Club Pres. 71-72 Schofield, Johnny C105 187 Schuler, Lindsey C115 156 SCHWARTZ, LARRY 255 SCHWARTZ, LEE 62,65,255 Baseball 69-72, "Dispatch" Sports Ed. 71-72 SCHWEIKHART, RICHARD 55,255 Band 69-71, Debate 70-72 Scott, Cathy C115 68,156 Scott, Gregory C105 187 Scott, Jana C115 156 Scott, Sharon C105 187 Scott, Susan C115 156 Scott, Tommy C105 187 SCOTT, WANDA 255 Red Cross 70-71 Scowden, Steve C115 156 Sears, Steve C115 156 SEGLER, CHERIE 255 Sabrettes 69-72, Vica 71-72 Segler, Linda C105 187 Selby, Debra C115 101,156 Self, Gaye C105 187 Sender, Kathleen C105 187 Sewell, Pamela C115 156 Sewell, Susan C105 187 Sexton, Bobby C105 187 SEXTON, JANET 254 Sexton, Michael C105 187 Shade, Betty C105 Shafer, Judy C105 187 SHAMBLIN, LINDA 68,254 Sabrettes 69-71, Fbla 71-72 Shannon, Sandra C105 187 Shatley, Denise C115 101,156 286 Index SHAVER, LEE ANN SHAVER, MIKE 254 Shawver, Susan C105 147,187 Sheaffer, Mary C105 187 SI-IEARER, GWENELL 245 Shearer, Ronald C105 187 SHEETS, RANDY 254 Sheffield, James C105 187 Shell, William C105 187 SHELTON, ANDY 100,254 Vica 70-72 Shelley, Mrs. E. 59 Shelton, Ann C115 157 Shelton, Mike C115 157 Shelton, Wanda C115 157 Shephard, Jackie C105 188 Sherman, Rodney C115 157 Sherrill, Cathy C105 188 SHERiRILL, CINDY 72,75,74, 25 Majorette 69-72, Sabrettes 69- 72, Band Queen 71-72 Sherwood, Ronald C105 188 Shipman, Freda C115 157 Shipman, Kemie C105 172,188 Shoemaker, Lorana C115 91,157 Shofner, Madeline C115 157 Shook, Debbie C115 157 Shook, Gary C105 188 Shrum, David C115 Shumard, Randy C105 SHUNKWILER, CURT 254 Vica 71-72 SIFERS, BOBBY 254 Basketball 69-71, Baseball 69- 72, Swimming 71-72 Sills, Kathryn C105 Simmons, Linda D. C105 188 Simmons, Linda L. 65,188 SIMIZIS, DEBORAH 84,87,225, 25 Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 71-72, Sabrettes 69-70, Nfl SIMMS, GLYNN 107,254 Safety Club 69-70, Vica 69-72, Stud. Coun. 71-72, Math Club 71-72 Simms, Theda C105 Sims, Derinda C115 157 Sinclair, Bill C115 157 sipes, Ricky C105 188 Skaggs, Mr. A. U. 52 Skaggs, Belinda C105 Skaggs, Ellen C115 91,157 Skipper, Rhonda C105 Skrarka, Carla C115 157 SKRUPKA, JANIE 254 Sabrettes 69-72 Slain, Gary C115 Slate, Patricia C105 188 Slusser, John C115 157 Smalley, Lark C105 188 Smallwood, Cheryl C115 77,79, 158 SMALLWOOD, KIM 254 Wrestling 69-71 Smallwood, Sharon C105 188 Smallwood, Toni C105 Smith, Smith, Alice Crop iss Anita C115 157 SMITH, ANN 76,100,254 Vica 70-72, Vica Chap. 71-72, Thespians 70-72, Girls Glee Club, Mixed Chorus 71-72 Smith, Anothony C105 188 SMITH, AUDREY 254 Smith, Smith, 157 Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Brenda C115 145,157 Debbie K. C115 65,137, Debbie E. C115 61,158 Debra K. C115 158 Donna C115 158 Elaine C115 158 SMITH, GALE 112,254 Cross-Country 69-71 Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Gary C115 158 Geralyn C105 188 Glen C115 158 Jack C115 158 Smith, JO C105 188 Smith, Mr. John 45 Smith, Johnnie C105 189 Smith, Mrs. Kathryn Smith, Kevin C105 189 Smith, Leslie C115 158 Smith, Marjory C105 189 Smith, Marshall C105 189 Smith, Randle C105 189 SMIT4H, RICKEY 88,90,103,107, 25 Band 69-72, Band Pres. 71-72, French Club 70-72, French Club Vice-Pres. 71-72, Boys' State Delegate 70-71, Spanish Club 71-72 Smith, Robbie C115 158 Smith, Russell C105 189 Smith, Sandra C105 Smith, Sheryl C115 SMITH, STANLEY 76,77,254 Mixed Chorus 69-71, A Ca- pella Choir, 70-72, Boys' Glee Club 69-72, German Club 70- 71 Smith, Steve C115 101,141,158 SMITH, TONY SMITH, VONDELL 2 34 Football 69-70 SNELGROVE CAROL 22 3,2 5 5 Snelgrove, Laura C 105 189 Snellen, Becky C 105 189 SNIPES, BECKY 62 ,65,94, 1 29, 2 5 5 Sabrettes, 69-72, Spirit Boost- er 70-71, Cheerleader 71-72, Class Plan. Comm. 69-70, 71- 72, Jr. Class Reporter 70-71, Junior Usher 70-71, General's Lady Cand. 71-72, "Dispatch" Staff 69-72, "Dispatch" Fea- ture Ed. 71-72, Pres. of Fja 71-72, Spanish Club Reporter, 70-71 Snow, Anita C115 158 SNOXV, ROY Vica 70-72 Snyder, Bob C115 158 Snyder, Vicci C105 158 Sober, Ann C105 189 Sober, Glenn C115 158 Sommerkamp, Bill C115 158 Sommerkamp, Randy C105 189 Sommerkamp, Sharon C105 189 Spanish Club 88-89 Sparks, Mrs. Mary J. 27 Spears, Glenda C105 189 SPEARS, NONA 76,77, Choir 69-72, Sabrettes 69-71 SPEARMAN, CHERYL Sabrettes 69-70, Vica 71-72 SPERLING, MICHAEL 107,255 Math Club 71-72, Latin Club 69-70 Spinks, Mr. Robert 55 SPITZ, RICKY 134,255 Class Plan. Comm. 69-70, Vica 70-71, Stud. Coun. 71-72 SPRg1DLIN, JIMMY 97,228,255, 2 5 Class Plan, Comm. 69-72, Stud. Coun. 69-72, Stud. Coun. Parl. 71-72, Red Cross 69-70, Human Relations 71-72, Jr. Usher 70-71, "General" staff 71-72 STAFFORD, RANDALL 107, 255 Band 69-71, Math Club 70-72, Stage Craft 86-87 Standrage, Ron C115 160 Stanford, Kenneth C115 158 STANLEY, TERRY 115,116,255 Football 69-72, Basketball 69- 70 STANTON, PAULA 72,255 Band 69-72, Orchestra 69-71 Stapp, joe C113 160 STARK, LINDA 150,255 Starks, Vickie C113 160 Starr, Billy C103 190 Starr, Carl C113 160 STASYSZEN, CINDI 98,235 Deca, 70-72 Stasyszen, john C113 160 Staton, Sandra C103 190 Steadman, Threnda C103 Steele, Diane C103 190 Steele, Robert 37 Stephens, Donald C103 190 Stephens, John C103 190 Stephens, Sheilah C113 160 Stephens, Sherry C103 190 Sterling, Mariou C103 190 Stevens, Gerald C103 190 Stevens, Howard C103 190 Stevens, Larry C113 160 STEVENS, MIKE 63,65 Prince of Print, 71-72, Ad. Ed. "Dispatch" 71-72 Stevens, Terry C103 190 Stevens, Trey C103 190 Stevenson, James C113 160 Steward, Frank C113 160 STEWART, MARILYN 39,77, 255 Choir 69-70, Sabrettes 69-72, Class Plan. Comm. 69-70, Girls' Teams, 71-72 Sticher, Dana C113 160 Stinley, Deb C113 65,157,160 Stinson, Gene C113 160 STINSON, SHEILA 256 Stokes, Rita C113 160 Stokes, Susan C113 160 Stone, Kristi C103 190 Stone, Neva C103 190 STONE, OLIVIA 256 Sabrettes 69-71 Storey, Cathy C113 160 STORY, KAREN 256 STOTTS, PHILLIP 98,256 Deca, 71-72 Stouder, Roy C103 190 STRAIT, RICHARD 256 Strutton, Gary C103 190 Strasmick, Sheila C103 190 Strubhar, Mrs. Reta 27,26 Student Council 58,61 Stuckey, Susan 190 STULLER, SANDI 84,69,256 Sabrettes 69-70, "Euphoria" staff 70-71, "Euphoria" Ed. 71- 72, Thespians 71-72 Sughru, Miss Lois 39 Sullivan, Donna C103 190 SULLINS, GLYNNA 76,77,78, 84,137,256 Sabrettes 69-72, A Capella Choir 70-72, Stage Crew 69- 72 SULLIVAN, MIKE 256 SVETGOFF, RONNIE 247,256 Baseball 69-72, Spanish Club 69-70 SWEENY, MARSHALL 256 SYKES, AMBER 256 Sabrettes 69-70, A Capella Choir 69-70, Glee Club 69-70 Sykes, Bryan C103 190 SYKES, RONALD 256 T Tabor, Ken C113 158 Talbott, Debbie C113 158 Talkington, Mike C103 190 TALKINGTON, JAMES 257 Band, 69-71 Talley, Susan C113 159 Tankersley, Debbie C113 77,159 Tankersley, Pam C103 190 Tanksley, Delores C103 190 Tanksley, Jerry C103 Tarnow, Janet C113 ' Tate, Kathy C113 101,159 Taylor, Andrea C103 190 Taylor, Colleen C113 159 Taylor, Hubbard C103 190 TAYLOR, JOHN 65,228,257 "General" Photo. Ed., 71-72, Stud. Coun. 71-72 Taylor, Julia C113 84,159 TAYLOR, LANESE 244,257 Sabrettes 69-72, Safety Coun- cil, 69-70, Stud. Coun. 71-72 TAYLOR, LARRY 259 Taylor, Mike C113 159 TAYLOR, PATTY 93,222,257 Stud. Coun. 69-71, Sabrettes 69-72, Sgt.-at-Arms, 70-71, Vice-Pres. 71-72, Class Plan. Comm. 69-71 Taylor, Robyn C103 165,190 Taylor, Valerie C103 165,191 Teague, Marcus C113 159 Teague, Ronald C103 191 TEASLEY, JEANNINE 72,77, 78,257 Fta 69-70, Sabrettes 69-72, Band 69-72, Orchestra 69-72, Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-71, Choir 71-72, Thespians 84,85 Thomas, Betty C103 Thomas, Mrs. Betty 26,27 Thomas, Carolyn C113 68,159 THOMAS, DEANNE 257 THOMAS, FRANK Vica 71-72 THOMAS, LINDA 68,69 Fbla 69-72, Pres. Fbla 71-72, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 71-72, Sabrettes 69-71 Thomas, Jane C103 Thomas, Pat C103 191 THOMAS, SHERRIE 93,87,257 Glee Club 69-70, A Capella Choir 70-71, Sabrettes 69-72, Thespians 70-72 Thomas, Ted C113 159 Thomas, Sylvah C103 191 THOMASSEU, SHERYL 257 Sabrettes 69-72, Fbla 70-71 Thompson, Clifford C113 159 THOMPSON, DONNA 15,9-4, 222,257 Sabrettes 69-72, Cheerleader 71-72, Spir. Booster 70-71, Stud. Coun. 70-72, Sr. Class Rep-at-Large 71-72, Span. Club Sec. 70-71, Basketball Queen 71-72 Thompson, Dennis C103 191 Thompson, Mr, Jim 27 THOMPSON, LANA 258 Sabrettes 69-72 Thompson, Mike C103 191 Thompson, Mike C113 159 Thompson, Roger C103 191 Thompson, Steve C103 191 Thornton, Paul C113 160 Thrash, Don C103 191 THRASH, PAULA 87,94,258 Sabrettes 69-72, Spirit Booster 71-72, Letterman's Sweetheart Cand. 71-72 THRELKELD, VICKI 100,258 Sabrettes 69-70, Vica 70-72, Vica Queen 71-72 Tidweii, Ricky C113 160 Tilley, Alan C113 160 TIMS, KATHY 94,223,258 Sabrettes 69-72, Spirit Booster 71-72, Basketball Att. 70-71, Class Plan. Comm. 71-72, Jr. Usher 70-71 Tinsley, Sheryl C113 160 TINTON, LAUREL Tipton, Susan C103 191 Tolbert, Karen C113 137,160 TOLMAN, GARY 98,258 Rocket Club 70-71, Chess Club 70-71 Tolson, Patricia C103 191 TOLSON, STEVE 84,297,258 Cast of: "Harvey" 69-70, "Ask Any Girl" 69-70, "Flowers for Algernon" 70-71, "King and I" 70-71, "Take Her, She's Mine" 71-72, Class Plan. Comm. 71-72, Thespians 69- 72, Vice-Pres. Thespians 70-71, "Most Outstanding Actor" 70- 71, General's Revue 69-70 Tomes, Mrs. 20,21 Tomlinson, Randy C113 160 Tooker, Fred C113 160 TOOKER, MARY 258 Sabrettes 69-72, Vica Vice- Pres. 71-72 Torcasio, Nita C103 Torres, james C103 191 Totten, Terri C113 160 Towell, Carol C113 74,160 TOWRY, RANDALL Deca 71-72 Trail, Debbie C113 160 Trail, Debbie C103 191 TRAIL, MARK 258 Math Club 69-72 Treadway, Cindy C103 191 TUCK, WILLIAM 258 Truskey, Denise C113 160 Trusley, Connie C113 160 Trusley, John C113 160 Tucker, Lou C103 192 Tullis, Debbie C113 160 TURNBOW, SUSAN 132,258 Sabrettes 69-72, Usher Capt. 70-71, "General" Copy Ed. 70- 71, 72, 71, Tyler, Tyler "General" Clubs Ed. 71 Fbla 70-71, Jr. Usher 70 Princess of Print 71-72 Brenda C103 Terry C113 160 U UHLS, DEBRA 77,78,80,107, 258 Sabrettes 69-70, Fta 69-72 Math Club 71-72, A Capella Choir 69-72, Glee Club 69-72 Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 71-72 Uhls, Robert C103 192 Underwood, Donald C103 192 UNDERWOOD, BOBBY 259 Vica 70-72 UNDERWOOD, SHANNON 259 Deca 71-72 UPTERGROVE, ANITA Urban, Bradley C103 192 Urban, Daniel C103 192 V Vails, Vicki C103 192 Valencia, Mike C103 192 Vallejo, Dora C113 Vannoy, Rod C113 101 Vansickle, Ted C113 84 Index 2 8 7 VAUGHAN, STEVE Vaughn, Mr. 35,37 Veazey, Mrs. Neleta 27 VELDER, GLENDA VERMILLION, CHERYL Sabrettes 69-72, Fbla 70-71 Vermillion, Laura C105 192 Viar, Michael C105 192 VICKEY, CHRIS Fbla 69-70, Band 69-72 Vica 100-101 VONGCHANYAKUL, NUANS Fbla 71-72, Fbla Historian 71- 72, Sabrettes 70-72, French Club 71-72 Vongchanyakul, Saisu C115 192 Vongchanyakul, Sunan 192 Voss, Phil C115 W WADDLE, TERRY WAGANER, JOHNNY Choir 70-72 WAGNER, RICK Deca 71-72, Football 69-71, Prom King Cand. 71-72 Waggoner, Berdonna C105 192 Walker, Mr. Gary 24,27 Walker, Tylene C105 192 Walker, Vickie C115 101 WALLACE, NANCY WALLIS, MARK 62,63 Soph. Class Rep. 69-70, Ten- nis 69-70, "Dispatch" staff 69- 72, "Dispatch" Ed. 71-72 WALTERS CINDI Thespians 69-72, Sabrettes 69- 72, Speech Award 69-72, Class Plan. Comm. 70-72, Nfl Chap. 70-71, Thespians Vice-Pres. 71-72 WALTON, RANDY Track 69-70 WANSLEY, TONI Sabrettes 70-72 Ward, Dean C115 101 ward, Mike C105 192 Warman, Lynetta C105 192 Washam, Toni C115 192 Wasser, Marcelle C105 192 Watkins, Benny C105 192 Watson, David C105 192 Watson, Deborah C105 192 Watson, Mr. Gary Watson, Mike C115 161 Watson, Mike L. C115 161 WATSON, TERESA Wear, Randy C105 192 Weatherall, Clay C105 192 Weatherford, Jerald C105 192 Weaver, Ellen C115 101 Webb, Carolyn C115 101 WEBB, PAM JEAN Choir 70-71, Girls' Glee 70- 71 WEBB, PAM Class Plan. Comm. 69-72, Sa- brettes Par. 71-72, Sabrettes 69-72, Jr. Usher 70-71, Gen. Lady Cand. 71-72 WEBB, RICKEY Deca 70-72 Webb, Rita C105 WEBBER, MICHAEL Vica Rep. 70-71, Vica Pres. 71-72, Track 69-72 Weber, Lester C105 192 WEDEL, STEVE WEEK, MARTIN Wrestling 70-72 WEESE, DONNA Last Hope 71-72, "Euphoria" staff 70-71 Weese, Karla C115 Wehba, Scott C105 193 Welborne, Mr. Jeff 288 Index WELCH, PHILLIP l7Qf3ca270-72, Deca Buddy Cand. Welling, Mrs. June Welling, Terry C105 195 WELLS, CHUCK Wells, George C105 195 Wells, James C105 193 Wells, Kim C105 WESLEY, JOHN WESLEY, STEVEN Vica 69-72, Dist. Vice-Pres. 71-72, Red Cross 70-71 West, Allen C115 77 West, Craig C115 WEST, DANIEL WESTERVELT, BILLY West, Steve C115 Westmoreland, Darrell C105 193 Whitaker, Carole C115 WHITAKER, MARK Band 69-72 White, Alice C105 White, Charles C115 White, Dale C115 Whitehead, Melody C115 101 Whiting, Randy C115 Whitlock, Cei Ann C105 193 Whitlock, Debbie C105 193 Whitmore, Sharon C115 Whitmore, Sharon C105 58 WHITNAH, NIKK1 62,63 Soph. Plan. Comm. 69-70, Jr. Usher 70-71, Jr. Class Rep-at- Large, 70-71, Sr, Plan. Comm. 71-72, Sabrettes 69-72, Spirit Booster 70-71, Chap. 71-72, "General" staff 69-72, Man. Ed. "General 71-72, Prom Queen Cand. 71-72 Whitting, David C105 193 Whity, Allen C105 193 WIGGINS, JIMMY Wigley, Mike C115 WILKERSON, GLENDA Sabrettes 69-72 A c a p ella Choir 69-71, Girls' Glee Club 69-71, Letterman's Sweetheart Candidate 71-72 Wilkes, David C115 Wilkes, Doug C105 Wilkes, Greg C105 Wilkes, Nancy C105 WILLIAMS, BOBBY Deca 70-72, Deca King Att. 71-72 Williams, Mr. Bobby 36 Williams, Carol C105 193 Williams, Debbie C115 Williams, Elvin C105 193 ackie C105 193 Williams, J ' Williams, Jeff C115 WILLIAMS, KENNETH WILLIAMS, JERRY Red Cross 70-71, Red Cross vice-pres., 71-72 Williams, Penny C115 XVilliams, Perry C15 37 Williams, Randall C105 193 Williams, M. T. 22 Williamson, Joy C115 Williamson, Kenny C115 Williamson, Mary C105 193 WILLIAMSON, ROBERT Willis, Gwen C105 193 WILSON, DANNY WILSON, DAVID Fbla 69-70, Safety Council 69- 70, Red Cross 69-70, Spanish Club, Vice-Pres. 71-72, Foot- ball 69-72 Wilson, Gayla C105 193 WILSON, KAY Sabrettes 69-72 Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, ,Jn Ellen C115 77 ,John troy 193 , Mn Keith 34,35 Nancy C105 193 Rita C105 193 Robert C105 193 Steve C115 Winans, Diane C105 193 Winanas, Randall C105 193 Winchester, James C105 193 Windsor, Larry C115 146 Winfield, Donnie C115 158 WINEORD, KATHY Sabrettes 69-72 WING, DEBORAH Fbla 71-72, Plan. Comm. 71- 72, Band 69-71, Safety Coun- cil 69-70 Wing, Gerald C105 193 Winkler, John C115 Winters, Rocky C115 WISE, PAMELA WOLF, JANICE Wolf, Larry C115 Wolfe, Jack C105 194 Wood, Diana C115 77 wood, Eddie C105 194 Wood, Jimmy C105 194 Wood, Sherry C105 194 Wood, Jerry C105 194 WOODARD, TEJE 53,64 Class Plan. Comm. 69-72, Stud. Coun. 69-72, Sabrettes 69-72, Sgt.-at-Arms 71-72, French Club 69-70, Human Relations Council 71-72, "Gen- eral staff 71-72, "General" act. ed. 71-72 Wooden, Mr. Robert 59 WOODIE, JERRY Woodrasky, Robert C115 146 Woodruff, Johnny C105 194 Woods, Rob C115 115 WORKMAN, JERRY WORLEY, BETTY Girls' Glee Club 69-72, Mixed Choir 71-72 WORLEY, PEGGY Sabrettes 69-72, Band 71-72 Wooten, Nancy C115 154 Wooten, Steve C105 194 Worthen, Sid C115 WRIGHT, JANINE Sabrettes 69-72, Fbla 70-71 Wright, Jerry C105 194 Wright, Leslie C115 Wright, Linda C115 Wright, Reva C105 Wright, Steve C105 Wright, Susan C115 Y Yacobellis, Donald C105 194 Yarbrough, Gay C105 194 Yearbook 64,65 Young, Anthony C105 194 Yousey, David C105 194 Z Zaragosa, Tommy C105 194 Zelinger, Susan C105 194 Zink, Carol C105 194 Zink, Douglas C115 Zink, Kim C105 Zuniga, Rafael C105 194 ...

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