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' ' " "V ff1fJzl1:U,Z----if:',f'f,+'-ggi:-fesf:g.,11 -, . A 25 Q Q If ,iw , A V A 'I W LJ " K' 'X ' 157' V Hfzf -A 13.5 ' I , . .,,, U, ,Y T ,V W Y, .,.. W , ., . , , X Y I Y A 0 1 P 1 ., X f 1 t A 7 Y N, X U is gif M 1 , 'wff"f'f- -:iff 5' ,1 ?i3'Hf":S2if ' Ii'2Q1S1'1QA1"Af'i""W"Ng ,STH45'35:i'ilK5q1iii?fSW .. " if f .-4" -' ,f ' - 1 A w M , f, ,,, - . - Y fn,4..f:xHi.:fgg?if,A, I ,:kgffQf:!wQY.:'ffegugp 5 ,.-,g'.15ff-gxgfgggig -- K .J,i.,, ' vcffw, ,173 4, Q W -4, x ,L 3' I t V W A , ' " ' if --H4 1 iw-.K-,nhfMvi'wg,:r" ,,,,v.w.J,xatxfgw,,zv,:i,,.,g,,v X, ,mg,,- , .- ,f if , , , ,Nm A,,,yM,,,,,gm3,S.A,.rqA,www , .g,,,,-,3 LI,-.',,,, 1 ., f ' W X, ' ' ' - W'L'fiiii'51a-' ",'fUS':j??.fW ,,1fv-Qy.-1S1- 'F .' we 1- -f Hwa.'fMw1'1'43fq,asf,Z:1e,.w:.g.ffI,.sq L' , , A-hz? 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Z1 A Q gif ' W , 1 M , ,, . f U 2 f -Q , ,,, , Q f 3 i , i 5- ,. W ' ,N , ww., V , , . - ' 'f' -, "ii C. ' 'N ' N ' , f' S , f N ,E fNM.-, wm,+, my , ,x Q P M vw ,v 1' H- -:,'i',.i 4 9 L Aj, 4, IHVA in X, J., ,,, V, , i . Q 1 ,, , ,, ..1, ., , 1, , L, , . JAX x "W ' 5 hQ b lfi 'A.'m ,, ,Elf -3 ',1 A fb ,, , ,:5j qA4 ,f .i 1,5 J ,3g:fgjQfg3: 2x A? E5jiiiiQQQgiik?i, giiiiEQ??iEiii1i?Q?g A ,q AVVA A q x! ,.1 ,:f V w Nj 571 v Q ,,,ij, ,l?mJ? g,Q, EQ ? q ,, ? , , 1 - A- - , , , q ' 1 , " - V, 1" , f . " , ',v, K, . K ,l ,. ,,,,- X, 7 .. ,,, -A 1 Av ,.,, X Q, Gifgwicj ?.g.jvl.k ,,,,,,:,W-:ii!E,iV,7 WJ .+.fi2,3j"'f11',flag fllmg 5 Ahkr .ti V, ,,Vmik, , x P ,f , 44 , -xg, vm , xnxx + 1 ,g.vU,x1, .M lv W -.rg in 4, Q J h ! 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Q ,- i l A ...f QAQQVAGOQJ, O,Q,,..,Q,v:K,7,W4,,qx QJMQ .1 ,.f r , 1 , x , i I 'LA if Da?A3,L MmWm! qXM qw jf0Wf?'7QfA,kWf' ff N 5 W J Jgwjiffz K SX 5 WWA 41242 J BS My jk Nxfqnx XQLJ ' xQ X N N63 xv ' Wo H55 5 .9 Q 5 X 1 AAQMKQQNW Q l Salim A S If EQ, 5 . - T AX , wvgfQl fx , 5 W A wp J gihlggsg' 2, KQAQQQ Q E33 555955559 Tri, G5 My if YM Q044 X X ASQ SQ Mk JN A I is Q Acxffvgf-Q 4 l x :-fill' , ,dl X ' xx, X A V J' ' W 5 l olooifk, iv All ll 1 ' m,:Jj', K lit xlib N.. Vx! K-Ll., Wx: Xa- lmq Q xl fl? , L N Y' Xl 'gm X -K Xl an Y f' kxvlxl ll olo 'H' All . KJ I Ry Lv x k 'vu B Q ull! " lx' A 1 'S lil 114' ffawum-:A--q,.,,,.,,4 ' .H , ' ,, I -, -., 'WI-N' +1wnwz.xsqg- . ' K ' .b A 'Z a 1.45.4 ,- . 2 ,-ivan 1 K . ill., 1 x 6- JT 5' , :fl f l l , llfigl jfiliijlz ,, . Q ,.:,l,g fyej r nw N. ,wg -, 4- , W: ' I. 'N ' ' 7' ' , 4, 1 1 l X V. CL .,,-5 , ,-to .I. . 1. W' g .fy l Ag.. ,,. ' ,yo-4 f, ,f Pri' -Q. -.., :gf-N .1.,S-4,-.J Q , - X, . ,- ,g Y - . , g ' af- fi.-,-'XS-1. g5gEf.ag.gffi'-LY?--Hia.-Q' Q fl, :gf -f , ..g X ' . 1 4 fa .ffirg "VN Us '5F5":'w'- ff" 'i'-5"f33lf-."'fiQ' iw "'q"fQ:?'l?Nj5Zl!6f'i'Y iw-Qplf-, 1-Ie :,':.-1"?c1-5.2 -J-2yF'ZU'J"-V 2 -' .f?3?e'5?2.wfKf'-!'?'F milf- fuf,L..'ff5SYMs-if , wjfsfmfa ,-ww ,, , . H ,- 1 .,,dv,.. fo...-,,,...f.-. .,,,...,af..1h- ,vzapnm .W ,,.,.,,.fH,.v.tR. W l o - Publishedby lhe Journalism lll class U. S. Granl High School Oklahoma Cily, Clclahome Volume XVlll V A , 1 f ln beginning This school year we, as sTu- denTs, have enTered inTo a new world. The ClusTer plan and modular scheduling have broughT us Time bloclcs insTead oT hours, Two and a halT hour classes, and spliT lunch peri- ods. This year will be an experimenT, and by malcing iT successTul we will, perhaps, gain an insighT inTo The problems we will Tace in The TuTure. PresenTed here in The Tollowing pages are The highlighTs oT The I97O-7I school year. The General has Tried To capTure and re- cord The school acTiviTies and ouTside evenTs which have inTluenced sTudenTs and TaculTy oT U. S. 6ranT l-ligh School. The TirsT pep assembly Tor The Del CiTy game, The speech deparTmenT's TournamenT aT Del CiTy, puTTing up The VicTory Flag aTTer beaTing NorThwesT, buying briclcs Tor UniT- ed Appeal, and crying aT The Junior Class Play, "Flowers Tor Algernon," are all parT oT The TirsT Tew monThs aT U. S. GranT. -f,, T- s --x 1 'T 1 3 Y Qc, S' -Q-N XX. .S 5-Ht. Pk Nb' 5 'I' -g 'Sn QSQQ I La is 1 . ii-5' si X Q w '+ . T -5 PM VC N H- 'Q 'QTQQ 4'-L X J' Y 2 is Q S: E ir xy fs Ri SQ W X 2 .X rr, 2 INTRODUCTION swung 1. r Aloomnoo ,o-fm.iSir SA CONTENTS epwwe ......,. ..i ADMINISTRATIQN , ,, .Mio Proroooo ., ...48 oraefwizfirioiys : ., . . .52 CLASSES .. :..,I32 SPQRTS. .. ...228 Epilogue ........ . . .274 Index and Closing ,, . . .278 ABOVE FAR LEFT: "BeaT The PiraTes" cheer brings sTudenTs To Their TeeT during The PuTnam CiTy pep assembly, FAR LEFT: ATTer TheiTirsT day OT The UniTed Appeal Drive, iunior Tele Woodard shows The progress ThaT was made. ABOVE LEFT: Diane BoydsTun and Debbie BoTToms hoisT The VicTory Flag aTTer The I7-I6 deTeaT QT PuTnarn CiTy. LEFT: Gary WinTield urges The sTudenT body To Turn ouT To waTch The Generals "hang" The Redskins. ABOVE: Super Bubble-blower Dennis Whalen is seriously consid- ering Turning pro. CONTENTS 3 , rn Q-33,1 XX XJ rx U -x ' ' I J . , K 'N KJ YX VX Ks KJ AJ XJ 55' xx,-,fm 'X 1 2 W L' A f ' X ' if E N x ,V 1 Q 'Q I , L. 1 ' . k 5.-M .V QQ' K2 XXJQSM ' A ' Q 1. . . -fkx ' ,. f --f, Lilf L 2 ,wgm -,'1 - m Lf 'V QM J ' eQsQ2wfmWmHQm Q?3Q N,gy Q5 ,W X ' f Iqyy ,X A . Q I vlkh 1 :if A Kc A X 1 , aw ill g kgggh ,AZ fiigsi.. Q J W : 4 3 J uv' e w W. . x ,. A fx., .. .,,,, ,,,,. , , ,A .sb f K I 'X - Lx V W ' .fkk -- ':'k 'ff ---'Ii' 03 .cf :ff ,. av. 'Q ' K 2 H lr RQQJQA 1 4 S' , Y Ai ., , ,. , ' xx ' 'zp -. f' .1 llsg' Q., sf? Q V N 5 ,7 Y .Q ' , JN! W - fi, if if . veg? ,Q.- Lg xv A L 5 , , ,if -- iffsw. ,. . 4.'-:. ' ' 2 :L 'fy'-,gfqp 68 - . f 5k X . ' TU -4 - 75' A . fiix ' f ,Q ff . Q ' X 6 fX Q, 'gn 3 V 'Q , Qs I qiw lyh , L X.LL. A A V v 1,5 A A K QJ v Ah wg x in xbkk K bi -125 S, , XJ ' my 51 R t A 2 uf j 1 , I ' ' wi- f ' . f -- ' ' ' - ,fff-if--Qix. 5 ' ,". ! ,X U . m f 3 f A 553 , 1 - - .- '-k., u A 'X Q +A 453' ' Qi .. -V ,- f gi-iw H1211 L 1 ' If Qlisff 1 :K , - A ' v Wi Q. Qin . " ' I H ,Q "V-7 4 X .. W Q14 , ' 1.1 ' ., R,-i, . A Rr- 5511 1 . . Y - 13.23 . K -, , - ,X ,,.xf ,Sn 1 . Q' W Y ,. .' . Q: ' 33 i 'jgbsw ' fag :xv .-:dv is V I ' V " -913, an 6 ' ffl- " f' ' , u M- Nm " N : 1 uf' gwvvx w, W JA , 39: V A i 1 Q XS 1 ' Ymhgg Q' ' ,9 , 4 N I 'V A-, 4, , I .wily 1 .W VW, , -,fm l , 4 4 2 141' rw I ,KW A W z 1 1:5 M lggwifx , ' N U4 .WJ , , AMF- A, 44 "UVM 5 tv L V. ,LL' L-LL WL,LLL K A ,,f- EW ,t,,f K N N -.,, v A 5- . . ., - L- Q . .. U ibg-. - 24445-Q 4 OPENNNG 1.58 ii! .J MJ fl .40 mx N-A.,-5 ,- 0 ABOVE LEFT: Senior allendanfs Pam Hifi, Jeannene Jordan. Debbie Rowland, and Paula Jones surround 1970 Band Oueen Suzanne Singlefon. LEFT: The Gen- eral Band gives a pre-game performance ai Capilol Hill Football Sladiurn. ABOVE: U. S. Granf srudenfs pile oil flue bus alfer allending Douglass and Capilol Hill Higlw Sclnools lor advanced courses in science and foreign language. ABOVE RIGHT: Field qoal kiclcer Jay Amos l65l awails llwe signal lo enler flie Granf vs. Pulnam Cify game, RlGHT: Soplwornores Ron Loclc and Bob Lee dis- cover liow fo use a balance scale by weiqliing a gerbil. I 970-7 I school year brings new awareness I un OPENING 5 E X H J " 4 "Saints" entertain student body at HHS pep assembl F 4. .310 6 OPENING -as -vp.. -,.,1 ABOVE LEFT: Janiece Rozin, Ronnie Winkier, Kari Jahnke, and Guy Smith practice their "Saints" routine tor the Capitol Hill pep assembly, ABGVE: Janet Lanqweii searches tor her seat-mate betore boarding the bus tor the Grant vs. Shawnee qame. ABOVE RIGHT: Pam Ma- this, senior cheerIeader, gives a 'ilittu to team spirit during the Capitoi HiII game. ABOVE FAR RIGHT: Terry WaIIenberg needs heIp trom CIassmates to tinish working on the carburetor ot a students car. RIGHT: Atter Linda Spencer Inot shownI and David Myers have tinished their DECA dispiay, David tinds Barbara Bowman Iiswipingm part ot the showcase materiai. U , WL., '92 0' 4 C , -5. vit asf.. 'F 1? .-84 LI.S. Grant students show abilities at school and away ,x E!! jg ff' ABOVE LEFT: Sandy Jessepii and Donna Thompson reiucfanfiy wafcn ine U. S, Gran? and Midwesf City Fooiball game in The rain. BELOW LEFT: Junior and Senior qiris congregafe af Kafny Brewens house affer 'ine Norfiiwesf vs Gran? foofbaii game. ABOVE: Midwesi Ciiyis Jerry Ryburn MOI sfops a long gain by Bob Shepard 140i as Biiiy Horn 1811 rushes To assisf his Teammafe. LEFT: Kafny Tims and Nikki Wiwifnan iaugn af a rnisfake made by Connie Coiernan. I 11' . .ff ,M I f, opemime 9 Q ' A A P 1 J fir I Q, Mivf , 'Ju I I f s L V y J 6 1 ,Y . W ,M My Lf. V1-1,44 j ,fa ze. LLL sf: W may li my 0 1, dj ?mffLLL?'fA,?fL 5 if !5j.,L-4' Z'rig,f7wq,J 'ix' Ig J 6 If 'ff-,L4l7rLC1Aff K4 ffl "fd L A L V U f 4 ,K-f 4 iQ5A4'U'1 iii 506 U ,':.4,m ,f f . A :ff 'gi-.Np,4:, -'-" fi-'fi' f?W""'Uf?j W N f'A' an SA ' R7 -1"c':,,+w ,645 i,f1w41f'L13ff M" ' psf, Q "M, T .wg ,aff ., I J? A ' - . Hlfuf' frff1Qw,fi- flfffYf1A ' -f 1-AM' L V' Y QW 'W' M6 Cfmlk iwlkfxl -.,,,.! , 5 I -f-M Af,-Munch, , Q K 'six I jf Kffflfijlg tl! Mr. C. W. Huffman completes thirteen memory-filled years To keep a school greaT, you need a greaT principal. lvlr. C. W. I"IuTTman is sTarTing his ThirTeenTh and IasT year To keep U. S. C5ranT The school ThaT iT is. I-Iis enThusiasm and inTeresT shows up ev- eryday. I'Ie is consTanTIy walking The halls and checking classrooms To make sure ev- eryThing conTinues To run smooThIy. The sTudenT body paid TribuTe To him in several ways. The cheerleaders and maio- reTTes presenTed him wiTh The Trophies They received aT conTesT. During The NorThwesT Classen pep assemloly, The TooTbaII Team gave Mr. I'IuTTman an auTographed TooTbaII used in The CapiTaI I-Iill game. RIGHT: Head Cheerleader Karen Thompson presenTs Mr. I-IuTT- man wiTh a PirsT Place Trophy They received aT The STaTe Cheer- leading Clinic aT UniversiTy oT Oklahoma. FAR RIGHT: Mr. Huff- man evaIuaTes The CIusTer Plan. I2 PRINCIPAL Understanding abilities helps make successful cluster plan XS?-if xk PRINCIPAL Roles of principals encompass unusual variety of duties Assisling Ivlr. Hullman are Vice-I3rinci- pals I'IaroId Ivleredilh and John Ivloore and Adminislralive Assislanl Jerry Riclcerls. AI limes during lhe day you may wallc by Ivlr. IvIoore's ollice and see a line, consisl- ing ol boys wailing Io see whal The oul- come ol dilching yeslerday's Ihird hour lime bloclc will be, or wondering aboul The penallies ol being lardy. Everyone Icnows lhal 'Familiar figure who walks Ihe halls - especially during lunch - he's lvlr. Ivleredilh. When he is noi busy moniloring The halls, he is scheduling The in- lramural programs and keeping an eye oul lor sludenls who mighl be violaling The dress code. In his new posl as Adminislralive Assisi- anl, Ivlr. Riclcerls has a parl in planning and coordinaling all ol The school aclivilies al one lime or anolher. I-Ie musl arrange ac- livilies so lhal lhey do nol conllicl and are in The besl inleresl of Ihe sludenls. Mr. Riclcerls' ollice is lhe cenler lor all ol The clubs and olher exlracurricular aclivilies ol The school. From here new clubs are formed, class ollicers plan meeling agenda, and assemblies are organized. I4 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT VE: Assisling Mr, Jerry Riclcerls in scheduling 'rh g h ing conlesl is Jeri Edwards. BELOW: Myrna Hey helps Harold Merediflw in fhe daily roufine of Vooking up sfudenf schedules. FAR BELOW: Mr, John Moore checks a lisf of sfudenfs' names who were presenf af defenfion hall. BELOW RIGHT: Mr. Meredifh sifs back fo enyoy a +efe- phone corwersafion wifh a parent -f"" X4 s, 23, , f""gi ffPN x VICE PRINCIPAL I5 Board develops new modular scheduling ClusTer plan? Who ThoughT oT iT? This year iT was made a success by The Qlslahoma CiTy School Board oT EducaTion. Taking in mind ThaT Their main inTeresT is To see ThaT all sTudenTs geT a proper educaTion so ThaT They will have a sTrong ToundaTion To Tace The world oT Today and Tomorrow, They organized a new Timeblock sysTem so ThaT They could oTTer new courses oT educa- Tion To all sTudenTs. WiTh These new courses They are helping To prepare each sTudenT To know how To sTand up To all Their require- menTs and responsibiliTies ThaT They will have in The TuTure. LEFT: Dr. Bill Lillard. SuperinTendenT of Oklahoma CiTy Public Schools, worlcs Tor a beTTer eclucaTion Tor all sTudenTs. BELOW: Members of The Oklahoma CiTy Public Schools Board oT Educa- Tion are: Mr. C. B. Mccray, Dr. STanley B. Niles, Mr. William F. LOTT, Mr. Melvin P. Rogers, President and Mr. FosTer lfsTes. FAR ABOVE: Joyce Dowling views "Abe Lincoln" from fhe library shown by Mrs. Ann Turn ABOVE: Mrs. Mildred Pafferson explains The usage of lhe card cafalogue lo sludenfs Kalhy Brewer and Kalhy Robinson. Librarians expand visual selection Mrs. Mildred Pallerson, Head Librarian, Mrs. Galen Calhoun, clerlc, and Mrs. Ann Turner, assislanl librarian, spend many hours in developing a new area ol visual aids in our library. Besides a wide seleclion ol periodicals, The library has films and film- slrips available lor each Teacher 'ro use. The librarians believe lhal many limes a sludenl learns more lrom lhese lilms and lilmslrips lhan by reading alone. The librarians are always willing lo assisl any sludenl in finding malerial. One of The mosl dillicull jobs is keeping up wilh The overdue boolcs and reminding sludenls To relurn lhem. LIBRARIANS I7 I8 COUNSELORS ABOVE: Mrs. Francis Orren, Junior and Senior Girls' counselor, jeu' ers inTormaTion To aid sTudenTs in choosing a career. RIGHT: Di cussing The dress code wiTh sTudenTs is lvlr. EarnesT Buclchold, Senior Boys' counselor. FAR ABOVE RIGHT: lvlr. RoberT McCain, Soph more Boys' counselor, and Mr. HuTTman decide when Sophomore Class ElecTion Week will be. Modular scheduling, new dress code create problems To saTisTy each sTudenT wiTh The classes he is mosT inTeresTed in, GranT has a sTaTT oT Tine counselors, consisTing oT Three men and Two women. They busy Themselves aT The Taslc oT arranging and rearranging sched- ules, Trying To give sTudenTs The courses They wanT. Scheduling is only one oT The many responsibiliTies oT The counselors. They also help sTudenTs handle Their personal prob- lems. Such maTTers as girls whose dresses do noT comply wiTh The school policy, and boys who need a haircuT are TreguenTly Tound being discussed and solved in The counse- lor's oTTice. IT iT is needed, They even phone The parenTs and hold privaTe conTerences wiTh Them. The counselors are reacy and willing To worlc wiTh The sTucenT body whenever They can. They he p sTudenTs To seT Their goals and urge Them To sTrive Tor Them. They aid Them in esTablishing The drive To develop Their cnowledge To The besT oT Their abiliTy. x...,,, sss, s. ,sss Mr. Ernesl Buclchold Senior Boys' Counselor Mr. Charles Callum Soplvornore Boys' Counselor Mrs. Eleanor Lane Sophomore and Junior Girls Counselor Mr. Rober+ McCain Junior Boys' Counselor Mrs. Frances Orren Junior and Senior Girls' Counselor Attendance clerks discover falsehoods about appointments "ls this girl telling the truth - does she realty have a dental appointment?" This is iust one ot the many situations that Mrs. Lois Clowdis, Mrs. Betty Cook, and Mrs. Barbara Mize, attendance clerks, handle every day. They have the ditticult and sometimes impossible task ot checking students in and out ot school and keeping the attendance records. FAR ABOVE: Mrs. Peggy Campbell registers student tor PSAT test ABOVE Tak ing dictation is one ot the many qualities possessed by secretary Mrs Opal l-lamp ton. RIGHT: Mrs. Beatrice Bradley, school nurse, prepar ts tor student eye ex aminations. 20 SECRETARIES X , IX .gift FAR ABOVE: Mrs. Lois Clowdus, Mrs. Barbara Mize and Mrs. Belly Cook clieclx and re-check allendance records. ABOVE: Mrs. l-lelen Baker is puzzled over records of Journalism, Allwlelic Associalion, calculalions, elc. rs .' A 'iii 4 ri' 6 xg, N i.. ,Ala .4 if ff 5 i' I wp, Al l 3 if 'H I 'i w ' " .. ,ga ' ,. ,A fljf.. 1 A . lx 'FY Mrs. Helen Baller Financial Secrefary Mrs. Bea+rice Bradley School Nurse Mrs. Peggy Campbell Reqisfrar Mrs. Lois Clowdus Allendance Clerlc Mrs. Belly Cook Allenclance Clerk Mrs. Opal Hamplon Mr. l'lull:man's Personal Secrelary Mrs. Anne Hill lnslruclional Secrelary Mrs. Barbara Mize Mr. Moores Personal Secrelary SECRETARIES 2I QE? vf Il! , ,i l f , ,, . ,KE .,V, I WW ABOVE: Jeanne-ne Jordan and Debbie Rowhand prepare refresh- menfs for parenfs, feachers, and sfudenfs affending fhe hrs? PTSA meehnq. ABOVE RIGHT: Mr. Huffman shakes hands +0 greef 'rhe Sfafe PTSA President Mrs. W. Rogers Abboff. RIGHT: Cahinq fhe mee-Ting +0 order of rhe Parenf Teacher Sfudenf Asso- ciafion is Mrs. C. E. Jordan. 22 P.T.S.A. Mrs. C. E. Jordan is honored with lifetime membership Each year lhe Parenl Teacher Sludenl Associalion rewards a lew deserving slu- denls wilh SIOO scholarships besides organ- izing lhe annual Qpen l-louse and spon- soring a clolhing drive lor The needy slu- denls in our area. P.l.S.A. is formed lo help rnalce a beller communily and unile parenls, leachers, and srudenls in underslanding The problems and needs ol our modern educalional syslem. A slide show depicling lhe opporlunilies ollered by lhe Area Vocalional School, and speakers on currenl issues were presenled lo lurlher This goal during The nexl year. 090 333232173 ---,155 ,i K , A .4 m,...,,c, A -, Q ,- FAR ABOVE: Cusfodians are: Mr. A. U. Slcaggs,vMr. Charles Musgrave, Mr. Cecil Punnes, Mr.Bol:Bircl'1field, Mr. Harold Ken' ney, Mr. Louis Norman, Mr. Amos Barron. ABOVE: Mr, Roberf Donnell begins daily laundry procedures. RIGHT: Checking over boiler room equiprnenf is flwe lwead cusfodian, Mr. A. U, Skaggs. 24 CUSTODIANS A tasty lunch "come and get it" Each morning before school, the cafete- ria staff is engaged in their work of prepar- ing tood for tour lunch lines. Two ot these provide cold lunches and two furnish hot meals. Mrs. Fern Bennett, staff manager ot the cafeteria, has the responsibility ot planning each day's meal so that everyone will enioy their food as well as have a nutritious lunch. Mr. A. U. Skaggs, the head custodian, and twelve other custodians do a tremen- dous job each year to make Grant an at- tractive place to attend school by keeping the school grounds clean and waxing and polishing the halls. These two staffs have very important jobs to keep the school running smoothly. LEFT: Inspecting meat packages from the freezer is Mrs. Fern Bennett, cafeteria manager. BELOW: Cafeteria staff members are: Mrs. Bennett, Bea Craig, Ruth Weed, Donna Grooms, Ange- la Smith, Peggy Brock, Flossie Manuel, Wilma Bowen, Ruth Penry, Georgia Nolen, Rose Ford, Vivian West, Geraldine Nance, Edna Dorsey, and Mary Hutchinson. CAFETERIA STAFF 25 Mrs. Chrisline Baugh English lV Deparrmenl l-lead Mr. C. D. Chase English II Mrs. Judirh Bowlby English ll Mrs. Hazel Cox English ll Miss Penelope Ellis English lll Mrs. Lucy Hollowell English Il Miss Joann Hunf Debare, Speech Deparlmenrl-leacl Mrs. Mar+ha Johnson English II, IV s W WM eff, 1 i ' :ff siis , M is. M , I I , ":ftA',ff ' 26 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT World literature, creative writing new courses offered As The year goT under way, sTudenTs Tound They had a choice as To The Type oT English They preTerred. World LiTeraTure, CreaTive WriTing, GreaT Books, Business English, l'lumaniTies, or English lll or IV, which includes a liTTle abouT each oT The oTher choices. ln GreaT Boolcs sTudenTs discuss The prob- lems which have been wiTh man since The beginning oT Time. The issues used in discus- sion are Talcen Trom classical liTeraTure such as PlaTo, SocraTes and ArisToTle. World LiTeraTure and CreaTive WriTing classes sTarTed The Term by learning The Tun- damenTals oT wriTing such as simile, meTa- phor, and symbol. AlThough The sTudenTs in World LiTeraTure will noT use This knowl- edge in acTual wriTing as The CreaTive WriTing class will, They rnusT lcnow how To recognize Their characTerisTics in deTermin- ing an auThor's wriTing sTyle. They sTudy The worlcs oT The diTTerenT periods in hisTory and The auThors ThaT produced Them. FAR ABOVE LEFT: Mrs. Lucy Flollowell ends class period by as- signing daily school worlc. FAR LEFT: Mr. Ralph King explains how To diagram simple senTences. LEFT: As chairman oT The English DeparTmenT, Mrs. ChrisTine Baugh explains To English TaculTy The scholarships sTudenTs can win by wriTing English cornposiTions. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT 27 English Department reorganizes program FAR ABOVE LEFT: Mrs. Judy Bowlby helps sfudenfs iocafie an- swers. EAR ABOVE RiGi-iT: Handinq our graded papers pro- vides a few rninufes of escape from s+udyinq for Mrs. Peggy Piff and sfudenfs. ABOVE: Taking nofes and asking quesfioris abou? Theme wrifing, sfudenfs spend an hour in Engiiski wifh Mr, C. D. Chase. RIGHT: Mrs. Mary J. Sparks inspecis Jenny NeHie's crop- ping of Hwe cheerleader picfure for Yearbook. ABOVE: Mr. Gary Walson ponders sfuclenls' appeal for an exfra day Io Turn in homework. ABOVE RIGHT: Explaining The usage of each word in a senfence, Mrs. Hazel Cox begins English lessons. 4 33 , .5 J . 4 rf f , . rw W s H .,kL I sslla . I . I 'V xi f--, I H- .V,a " r 4 av, ,V ggi wr-4 ml Mr. Ralph King English Ill Mrs. Edna MyaH English III Mrs. Peggy Pi++ English IV Mrs. Mary J. Sparks Greaf Books, Journalism Deparrmenf Head Mrs. Refa Sirubbar English III Mrs. Jayne Thompson Drama I, II, and III Deparfmenf Head Mrs. NeIe'Ia Veazey English III, IV Mr. Gary Waison Creafive Wrifing, World Liferalure ENGLISH DEPARTMENT 29 BELOW: Sludenls enjoy enlivening clwanges in nislorv lrorn lec- lures lo 'mllie Civil War" sliown by Mr. Roberl Wooden. RIGHT: Mr. Vernon Piefce describes behavior pallerns To psvcnology slu- clenls as Tliev discuss and enalize. BELOW CENTER: Soplnomores discover. discuss. and debale Civil Rignfs and, foreign language, elc., in classes fauqht by lvlr. Roberl Spinlcs. ',,,- . Mr. Charles Carpenler World l'lislorv Mr. Jack Everliarl US. and World l'lislory Mrs. Arbeecher Hoffman Negro and Bible l'lislorv Mr. L. D. Hos+e++er Sociology, Social Sludies Deparlmenf l-lead Mr. Don Me+l1eny US. l-lislorv Mr. John Moham U.S. l-lislorv 30 SOCIAL STUDIES 4-nm :tri . 4 X , .- v 'i-- Rwwf E N Qi. - 1 Q' , 4455, avi-,."3' X , -. , , s .W . 'r . ff , E if f Teachers use world as unique classroom for social studies Walching Television lessons, holding dis- cussions, and lalqing noles on leclures are everyday happenings in The Social Sludies classes. Mrs. Jeanne Rippeels Problems ol De- mocracy classes discuss problems such as drug addiclion, world peace, pollulion, and world conilicls. In Economics sludenls loolced in lhe news- paper lor aclual sloclcs, lhen Told lheir "brokers" whal lcind oi and how many shares lo purchase. They realized how wise They had been by walching lheir sloclc go up or down. American l"lislory seems lo come alive Through The Television lessons. Sludenls walch films, aclual newsculs, and illuslra- lions which lend lo bring hislory oul oi The pasl for lhe lwenly-live minule duralion ol lhe lelecasl. The Sociology and Psychology classes malce reporls, vievv films, and discuss con- lroversial subiecls such as failure. prejudice, social disease, and early marriages. is -il ABOVE: Mr. Roberl Wheeler lells sludenls in sophomore hislory class The causes and significance ol lh e Civil W Mae? , 4: - . " we-,--1 eff? ' . -.ir-si'-,S - K -- N A ff ffm sgsafifswsf, 4' ,.., '- ss' ff--"-jk., ,N,Q,,5 A K K r , ,,.,.s...s 5 H, s ..s--sf,gsMf,,f g sp, M . .,., s, W. ,---ci: is 1 .4 -Q. v ' . -a+'3""""f sgi: -ra'-1"'Eiif. s.f. L -,v.,"1i!-in. "1 SOCLAL STUDIES 3l RIGHT: Mr, Lile I-Iosfeller places a parking violafion Iickef on a sluclenfs car for parking in The Ieaclwens parking lol. BELOW RIGHT: Inslruclinq sludenls Iiow To successfully compefe in llwe Sfock markel is Mrs. Jeanne Rippee. Mr. Vernon Pierce Psychology Mrs. Jeanne Rippee Ancienf I'Iisl'ory and Problems of Democrary Mr. Roberf Spinks U.S. I-Iislory Mr. Gary Walker Sociology. Swimming C Mr. Edward Wheeler U.S. Hisfory and Busine Mr. Rober+ Wooden US. I-lisfory. Asst Foolball Coach 32 SOCIAL STUDIES oaclw ss Law 9' Q ii i -I-fig! W - I ' '-VN I is k 'r' an i , ' I S I , r arrr , ,i,.iy i ,. I I if 514 5 ss. " 5 s f 1... Q 'if I New History courses added to curriculum Filllmnnqqg 6 Q L' i .- 2 in iw HA - : : , : o w A. ., s fl 5 x l X , X ABOVE LEFT: Mr. Jonn Molmann answers sludenfs quesfions abou? flue Ernanclpalion Proclamalion. ABOVE: Sfudenfs learn aboul early Roman conquesls in lwisfory classes Tauglwl by lvlr.Jaclc Eyerlwarl. LEFT: Mrs.Arbeecl1er Hoffman reviews 'Slavery and Reconslrucfionu before presenling if fo slu- denls. SOCIAL STUDIES 33 V , Mr. Roberl Anderson Bookkeeping l Mr. Michael Barlow General Business Mrs. Ann Cond ren Slworfliand Mr. Cedric Cudioe Business Macliines Mrs. Doro+hy Dean Clerical Pracrice Deparfmenl Head Mr. Alber+ Fuller Bookkeeping I 34 BUSINESS 9,-f-,A . fw- sf STI Ei ,fiv r,bV 'rfnwrwfh wif A Sri? I 'ff ' A Y Q we a .l 3 W . ,gf , ,, A A ' 'i"ii ,kky :JJ Q M A n Zak: 5 ,.,,5' ll' A ff Mx,i,r."f .-7 FAR ABOVE: Mr. Roy Perers cliecks video sales Techniques ol dis- Tribulive educafion sfudenls. ABOVE: Explaining now 'ro record Transaclions in Bookkeeping Journals is Mr. Alberf Fuller. Variety of classes prepares students for business world Helping students prepare tor the com- plexities ot the business world, is Grants large business department. Girls in shorthand not only learn a new torm ot communication: but also the tunda- mentals ot being a proticient secretary. They practice taking dictation in all possi- ble sitting positions and even while stand- ing. Mrs. Ann Condren gives her CCE girls several exercises they may do while seated at their desks. Walking into a bookkeeping or record- keeping class in progress: you might be sur- prised to see several teet ot adding ma- chine tape streaming trom the students' machines. In these classes students learn to keep otticial records and write checks in ad- dition to depositing and withdrawing money. ln Mrs. Dorothy Dean's clerical practice classes, girls are taught how to tile and cross-reterence business, individuals' and organizations names. c:f,,l, aa- ,L .psy .2 I ia LEFT: Mr. Russell Higbie checks the tractional percentages ot students in Business Math. ABOVE: Mrs. Kathryn Smith looks over stu- dents' timed writings about paragraph punctua- tion. BUSINESS 35 Mr. Russell Higbie Business Math Mrs. Reine Pendleton Typing l and ll Mr. Roy Peters, Jr. Distributive Education Mrs. Kathryn Smith Business Matti Mr. Jett Welborn Business Mattt, Record Keeping Mrs. June Welling Slnortlnend 36 BUSINESS Students discover new business image for future careers A MSD gg rf' ' rf R' x Y rP1' Ayitii ,--Y , eb' fy . c 6' U fi N - " - -3 , Y wp: X, Q-...W X If 'LL'- .- 'W ,4- ,,. ft is 1 ABOVE LEFT: Mrs. June Welling criticizes students' stoclc market evaluations. FAR ABOVE: Students in Mrs. Reine Penclletons typing class time their progress. ABOVE: Mrs. Dorothy Dean helps Connie Fowler tile tinancial statements in Clerical Practice. 'C was Q' 1 E fx ,gum ., FAR ABOVE: Mr. Cedric Codioe repairs full-key adding machine aifer sfudenfs iam keys. FAR ABOVE RIGHT: Mr. Jeifry Welborn reaches now 'ro make ou? caslw receipis in Record Keeping. ABQVE: Mr. Reber? Anderson and Mrs. Mary Ann Muilins review bookkeeping accounfs before ciass period begins. 9' 5- 4 X BUSINESS 37 RICE!-1T:Mrs.P-iefef Ray phfs palms on 6 cifde fo aide Maw Fwahsfs sfuderk. BELQW: Mr. 7 Fred Blackman uses a Mode! To demonwrafe We Imfersecfion of phnes ir' a Lmwerse. Y- 55? f 38 MATHEMATSCS QS? if NN xi QXX QNX N """'-s.-,ht v 25,51 1. 1- 'f , XX Math students spend many hours of stud on theorems, values "Can the absolute value ot - b be 37" An anxious hand waves in the air. The an- swer must be known. A student in math must have an inquiring mind. They quite otten tind their problems tough - but a detinite challenge. US. Grant is the center tor math in our cluster. Students trom Capitol l-lill, Doug- lass and Southeast come daily. You can otten tind a heated discussion going on when one ot the students does not agree with one ot the theorems or tormulas that the book has presented. Geometry students make and assemble geometrical structures. Materials tor these proiects may be plastic, cardboard or sty- rotoam. The structures must also show the lines and points ot their planes by using string, magic marker and pipe cleaners. The proiects are then displayed in their classroom and otten used in class discussion. ABOVE: Beginning their tirst year at Grant, sophomores tace second year math with Mrs. Oleta Lansdowne. RIGHT: Solv- ing geometric proots. Mr, Craig Miller helps students learn postulates and theorems. .. Q... . ,. .. gg, A :iw :Es 9' ,, ss W P 4 ss. ' -:sr ,s f 4 if il ff 4 ,fwif ii? tzk, an .se 'W it E s Y N .l'?wez ,Igj wr , ,E .3 .3 Q 'QA M- 1' 'x S " . 1. W Wy, is L Eff . .X 'wri is K' A., x ,f s v, ' 1 gp Mr. Fred Blaclzmon, Jr. Algebra l Mrs. Dee Dressler Geometry Mrs. Oleta Lansdown High School Math Mr. Greg Miller Algebra l Mr. Bobby Powell Algebra l Mrs. Helen Ray Trigonometry Analytics Department Head Mr. Steverlan Vaughn Algebra ll Mr. Keith Wilson Algebra ll 4? MATHEMATICS 39 40 SCIE Mr. Ron Cable Biology P' kc 1s's'Ilrfe,,, Miss Ida Carter 'gil 5 , 'T NV v Biology - .R . Department l-lead X3 TT 'ij' . M W -kkkkx Mrs. Mariorie Humphery .A Tx Arts and Cratts i- Department l-lead i i ' Miss Mary King ii' . i j Q, 1. Biology g f s v . l T Mrs. Morene Long Art ii g Mr. Dewey McClellan V i A i g Biology W. 1 fi' . - Q, Mr. Georgy Ross ' . Woodwork ' Mr. Jim Thompson ji g 'X - 5 . .rr Printing Photo l ' E ,,-,X fy ' Qi -, .,. J f 'i" ' J oiss 4 X 1 Q Nm-r ABOVE: Mr. Dewey McClellan helps biology student to categorize each part ot a turtles body. RIGHT: Mr. Ronald Cable shows "The Living Cell" to biology stu- dents. NCE Biology students take blood tests, dissect animals "Oh how grosslw This is iust one ot the many exclamations one is liable to hear when passing lvlr. Ron Cables biology room. Some students may discover what their blood type is. That is it they are strong enough to priclc their own tinger. Another experiment is with the sense ot taste. Can you tell the ditterence between an onion and an apple while blindtolded? The stu- dents learn that tew people can. Biology students are constantly busy. They learn how all organisms tunction, trom the lowest torm ot lite to the complexities ot man. Guarding plant cultures with their lives is another aspect ot biology. Each day the students must come in to count and total the population ot their colonies. They must keep the records straight ot those colonies placed in heat, cold, or room temperature it the experiment is to be a success. f..sl'r-"" lil.. X F4 Students create designs, paintings The art classes ot Mrs. Morene Long and Mrs. Maiorie Humphrey experimented with new techniques such as working with plas- tics, lucite, and cardboard. Cratt II boys made cement steps, which looked like stars, to go around the cannon in ltront ot the school. For O.E.A. the advanced art classes made centerpieces out ot boxes tor the teachers' luncheon. Some ot these were shaped to look like urbanized cities. The Commercial art classes made the posters tor the P.T.S.A., Open l-louse and the Junior class play. FAR ABOVE: Mrs. Morene Long displays color arrangements. ABOVE: Mr. James Thompson separates camera parts. RIGHT: Mrs. Marjorie Humphrey supervises the making ot a candle holder. 1' dv 42, 5 X . find 9 . A 'Y2 ts' . 321 r A if . . K, :fis- 1'-x,'fi' 'J lf' V l 2 if M sw 1 5 7 1 + ,. ' W' W .. 'ni' ART 4l Mrs. Treva, Balmer Foods ll Mrs. Lorella Ca bin French Mrs. Frances Finley Clolhing Mr. Alfonso Monjaras Spanish Deparlmenl l-lead Mrs. Carloe Rains Family Relalions Deparlrnenl l-lead 42 HOME ECONOMICS 7.. . .Q .Q F i F 'W s .. I as o . huh, A Girls gain useful Home Ee experience in Clothing, Foods Il you happen lo wallc inlo Mrs. Carol Rains Family Relalions class, you mighl be surprised al whal you would see. 'lKidsl" All sizes and shapes, lrom one lo live years ol age. The girls in lhis class lalse care ol lhese pre-schoolers during lhe day as parl ol lheir class aclivilies. The purpose is lor lhe girls lo learn how lo enlerlain and care lor children. Experimenling wilh new ideas in dress and meal preparalion requires all lhe lime lhe sludenls in Clolhing and Food classes give. LEFT: Placing malerial on lhe slraighl ol lhe grain is Mrs. Frances Finley. BELOW: Mrs. Treva Baker walches as sludenl measures proper proporlions ol llour. xy Special techniques increase knowledge in French, Spanish Fludier or eslucliart no mailer whal lan- guage you say il in. lhe words "lo sludy mean lhe same. And sludy is exaclly whal any sludenl ol French or Spanish cloes. Sluclenls in advanced French slucly French lileralure. Many limes during The year lhe classes wenl To lhe Uniyersily ol Qlclahoma lo see movies: all spolcen in French. ln lv1r.Allonso lvloniaras' Spanish classesi sludenls apply whal They learn by reciling and answering gueslions in lronl ol Jrhe class. French sludenls began lhe school year by sludying conversalional phrases such as "How are you?" ancl "Whal is your name?" 'SJ Aff V Go- sw,-mys 3,3 i Sk. ' isssi LEFT: Mr. Allonso lvioniaras helps Jenniler M word coniugalion. ABOVE: Mcommenl allez-you ces Marly Weeks lo Mrs. Lorella Gavin, ...ui FOREIGN LANGUAGE 43 Musicals, spaghetti featured in Music Department's year Praclicel Praclicel Praclicel llial is wlial ll'ie music deparlmenl spends llieir lime doing. lne musical 'lllwe King and lf' was presenled during llie rnonlli ol February. llieir perlormances included one rnalinee and lliree evening sl'iows. During llie year lliey wenl lo conlesl al Soulneasl. Edmond, QCU. QU, and ar ine Pawnee parade. ln December lney wenl lo Dallas, Texas lor llwe nalional linals. lvlr. Jolwn Smilli, llwe new band direclor. said. 'll nope lne band didnll lwaye lo nwalce loo mucli adiusling lo me." A new excilee rnenl was slarled Tliis year al llne annual Spaglwelli Dinner. llie one person wlwo sold llie mosi liclrels gol lo lnrow a pie al any one ol llwe band ollicers. maiorelles, or llfieir new direclor. l2lGl-ll: Gef cu' Rock Around -ns'mc+s 'lie band direvor Mr. Jolnn Srnifn af We Somreas' iocrcall gafne. BELQW: Mr. Ray Ballew Helps sfuoen's sludy 'ne progression ol nofes in a clirornalic scale. i .Q wW,+ff-A f a c.. . ,..i W, if va - Qupw-gnu' 44 MUSlC l or H Exercise, skill broaden students' P.E. performance Counling is one ol The many lhings you can'l help bul learn in lhe gym classes. Ex- ercises ol many lqinds slarl our each day's class so lhal sludenls will be in shape lor lhe resl ol lheir aclivilies during lhe hour. They learn how lo play volleyball, baseball. baslcelball, and lable lennis wilh good sporlsmanship even il lhey lose or win lheir games. Sludenls are laughl lirsl aid and how lo properly care lor lhemselves in case any emergency should happen. Al lhe end ol class a shower as cleanliness is a parl ol good heallh. The purpose ol The gym classes is lo help leach sludenls lhe essenlials ol good heallh and how lo keep Themselves in good condi- lion. FAR ABOVE: Gym girls receive balh lowels from Miss Lois Sughru alle-r several games ol volleyball, Wi i ,Z 35 1' Q 'E ixifi fx T' T 'Q"",, Z I A fa S I 'ff sl s. 'ii ax-sf 1 iiis lx ' N if Q-ww i No? Picluredz Mr. Gaylord Morrison Mr. Ray Ballew Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee, Music Theory Mr. George Brilforcl Physical Educalion Mr. Thomas Erwin Physical Educalion Mrs. Pauline Novey Special Educalion Deparlmenl Head Mr. John Smilh Band Miss Lois Sughru Physical Educalion Counselor - Vocalional Rehabililalion Mrs. Elaine Olson Audio Visual Secrelary PHYSICAL EDUCATION 45 ABOVE: Mrs. Grela Emanuel malclies liair color ro a pa+ron's wig. RIGHT: Mr. David Morava clieclcs 'rlie drill work ol Jim Hensley. Mrs. Grela Emanuel Cosmelology Mr. Orville Looney Aulo Meclianics Mr. David Morava Body and Fender Mr. O'Ho Morse Slieer Meral and Welding Mr. Roberl S+eele Draliing and Design Deparimenl l"lead Mr. Bobby Williams Eleclriciry 46 VOCATIONAI. TECH ,A-gJi'b E' i asf -.X-58 Sc I "Tx X. ' Special services by Vocational Tech aid school system ls your car wrecked or does il need a painl job? ln Aulo Meclianics and Body and Eender boys repair cars everyday. llwey are lauglil llie leclinigues ol operaling llie velwicles and experience llie aclual worlcing condilion wlwicli llwey will worls in. Eleclricily l'ielps lo explain and leacli boys lwow lo wire buildings and many eleclric appliances. ll also gives lliern llne experience Jrliey will need wlwen loolcing lor a iob. ln cosmelology girls learn many diiierenl beauly slcills besides lwair slyling. Scalp and liair lrealmenls, lacials, manicures, and pedicures can all be given lo cuslomers willn an appoinlmenl. During lliis class girls gel To praclice llieir slcills llial llwey liave learned so lliey can develope llweir lalenls lor llie career lliey lwave cliosen. EQ N, K gfaxv i E X is-z 5 xi.x :kk .,, 1 N E ' f iiri . N if a s i Y s Students make lsmashing debut V i 1 i i l. tin Driver Education "Earn While You Learn!" Distributive t Education does iust that. DECA made the annual tield trip to Dallas, Texas again in i November. They toured the Apparel Mart l this year, which is the world's largest cloth- i l ing marlcet place. i DECA members sell donuts as a tund- raising proiect each morning betore school. Each member sells tor one weelc during the school year. The money earned is used to send students to the State Leadership Con- Herence, to pay the cost ot guest's meals at the Employer's Appreciation Banquet, and to pay other expenses ot the DECA chap- ter. The Audio-Visual department has the re- isponsibility ot checking out all the equip- ment to any class or teacher who need them. lvir. Norris Evans shows boys how to run projectors so that they can assist teach- ers in running tilms. Mr. Harold Clark Drivers Education Mr. Ernest Daniel Drivers Education . - Mr. Norris Evans ,K Audio Visual . VIIW. A Mr. John Savage si. si? Q, 15 gk W1""""v Lv- it ......,,., g f Drivers Education N., if g .1 --..........lf H: I ,,,,. 'gc I of I ' . , ---- , .. ,.,.. -' .r. EAR ABOVE LEFT: "What went wrong?" wonders Mr. Norris Evans, Audio Visual instructor. ABOVE: Mr. John Savage shows Driver Edu- cation students howto adjust the car seat betore driving. DRIVER EDUCATION 47 Prologue: Youth - at issue YouTli across Tlwe naTion and across Tlwe world is becoming inTormed and involved in Tlie myriad social problems oT our world Today. 'TIT you don'T lwave a soluTion you're parT oT Tlie problem." We lwave seen Tlwe problems -in our gl'reTToes. in our sclwools, in our air W and we are worlcing on Tbe soe luTions. Tlie soclc lfiopfcrazed sTudenTs oT yesTerday are gone. and in Tneir place nas come a new, revoluTionary generaTion - our generaTion. We donTT iusT Talls abouT Tne problems: we worlc on Tlnem. GranT's sTudenTs can be Tound TiglwTing Tor many causes: scnooT bond issues anTi-polTuTion movemenTs. poliTical campaigns inTegra- Tion. Wlien Tnere is an issuer we inTorm ourf selves and give our Time To wliaT we believe in. Wlwen given a Tree cnoice on Tne Topic OT our Term papers. we donTT clwoose 'TWTwy l like Ralrl2alw T-liglw Sclwoolii or "My Favor- iTe l'lobby ls . . we are muclw more likely To discuss relevanT issues suclw as civil riglwTs, Tne 'Tnew moraliTy," or Tlwe need Tor educae Tional reTorm. We are Tlve Tinowli generae Tioni Tlwe youTlT oT Today 1 aT issue vviTl'1Tlwe world. capyfiqii iwo We ousiom Pulclisrirq cs Olzlaronna C 'y 'limes Nov. 4 48 PROLOGUE :flu "ff 5 r, Copyrighr T970 The Oklahoma Publishing Ca, The Da ly Oklalwornan OCT. Zl e EAR LEFT: American Parfy candidale lor Governor, Ruell Lil- fle, speaks ou? on busing during a TV special. ABOVE LEFT: David Halls dauqhfer slands by her lalher as he receives con- qralulafions from his supporlers for winning The Governoris race. ABOVE: Johnny Bench, voled lvlosf Valuable Player in lhe American League, signs aulographs For lillle leaguers. LEET: Dewey Barllell, Republican nominee for Governor, re- quesfs a voiens supporl in an aflempl To become The firsl Governor of Oklahoma lo succeed himself. Copyright I97O, The Oklahoma Publishing Company From Oklahoma Ciry Times Mar. 3, PROLOG-UE 49 f W Copyright I970, The Oklahoma Publlshmq Co. From The Daily Olrlahoman, July B. .,-X" Q16 L .,+ J Copyrlghl l97O, The Oklahoma Publishing Co. From The Daily Oklahoman, Oclober I9, f' 'T ,.,.,, A -. i id dim 1 6 5 Q . . ,. , fa ,x L,, ' .A as 3 qs if 1 Ni si ' . I i T L' Fine LK, ft'-'fs' K ,. T. g' Tialwvzf .W 3 i M PS ,rf-'X A. so . 'fm ' -gi , W X , 5 5 , T i 1' tfgue. - T , K c ' 1, ' :Y i '1 T g 'ii . rsse Q 1 , , l T Q2 ,V I t.: y K 1 h Q g . r if vi" 8 f .. 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VV.V.Q,5"-. 2 4V-sw-.b.gQy. 1---:V-24, Sf-5?..1f ff-V.4.1G-:ww 7 1-MV-VVM .,'-Siffu B --', Q v ' W5-.V .V -g,f:.4Vg:r A.. 4 - .Fa . 3.1 3 2432 1 . . . 9rs5'12fR'3x""' ,X f k k , 'kgigf:i:jV, "-L, I2 ".'a ' , ORGANIZATIONS S3 Student Council runs charity drives Student Council otticers begin working late in the summer by attending a Student Council Workshop at Central State Col- lege. The students were divided into groups. These groups were supposed to be imaginary schools and the were given problems to resolve. The ogcicers roomed with other students trom throughout the state to make new triends and listen to their ideas. Each year hundreds and hundreds ot curi- ous sophomores come to Grant as lost new- comers. To make them teel welcome and a part ot the school, Student Council spon- sored a week ot activities such as "Beat the l"lill" day, "Spirit" day and "Red and Gray" day. At the end ot the week, Mr. and lvliss Howdy, Kenny Flaniken and Deb- bie Driskill, were crowned in the Capitol l-till pep assembly. New sophomores are registered tor voter eligibility by energetic Student Council members. Committees are established to handle the otticer elections tor each class. 54 STUDENT COUNCH. 4 l W1 'll 'aa-1: H 55, ' X ABOVE LEFT: Karl Jahnke lisiens impafienlly as Karen Oulland lries fo explain her views on racial problems. FAR LEFT: David Ruyle puls discussion info flue form of flue molion as Becky Snipes pre- pares 'ro second if. LEFT: Sieve Fraser, Siudeni Council President asks lor a vofe for adjournment The aye's had if. FAR ABOVE: Sfudenf Council members lisfen lo discussion for a Ten minufe break belween long lime blocks. ABOVE: "Somelimes sopliomores have good ideas, foof' re- minds Phyllis Fraser as classmales look on. STUDENT COUNCIL 55 Members of council invade Stillwater for convention This year lhe sludenl bod raised S725 lor lhe Uniled Appeal. Besides class com- pelilion lhere was also homeroom compeli- lion wilh lvlr. Gary Walson's class raising 3200. December IO lhrough l2, Kennelh Black, Sleve Fraser, Debbie l-lansen, Paula lvlonl- gomery and Jeanne Yarberry allended lhe CSU convenlion. 'lhe main purpose lor lhis conveinlion was lo elecl lhe slale-wide resi enl, vice residenl and secrelar .lhe sllicers parlicippaled in grou discussibns lo gel ideas lrom lhe olher delegales. The weelc belore Chrislmas lhe council held lheir annual Toys lor lols campaign iponsocged bydlhe 51.8. Marine Colp. Sli- enls onale use or new lo s w ie ol - ers collecled loys lrom door ldldoor. The club lries lo lalce lhe wishes ol slu- denls closer lo lhe ears ol lhe adminislra- lion. This is achieved by homeroom sugges- lions broughl by lhe represenlalives. 56 STUDENT COUNCIL Q is-S. 4- L is is' is - .- I .Q -125' -.5335 .,. Q -' ,. FAR LEFT: STudenT Council chaplain Cindi FenT gives The devoTion during The Thanksgiving assembly. LEFT: "Whos Too busy To sTop Tor a picTure, or anyThing else, on The way back To class Trom a laTe STudenT Council meeTing?" asks These members. BELCW: Members ol STudenT Council ap- prove a moTion concerning wresTling homecoming? FAR BELOW: Mr. RickerTs discusses a moTion on The Tloor wiTh De- lores Alvarado during a STudenT Council meeTing. l Sfudonf Council Members Linda Gibson Delores Alvarado Bill Arrnsfrong Niia Arrnsirong KenneTh Black Debbie Borroms Kalhy Brewer Pam Cable Judy Cassidy Barb Cleaver Rhonda Chiron Nancy Connell Donna Copeland Cookie Corn Debbie Cossey Debbie Daniel Kathy Denton Doug Dial Debbie Driskell Connie Dunlap Cindi Fan? Lorraine Fitzgerald Becky Floyd Debbie Foley Phyllis Fraser Steve Fraser Shirley Freeman Terri Frirz Sam Garlow Susie Geniry Befh Gibson Diane Glass Robin Harnilfon Debbie Hansen Suzanne Harrell Sherrie Heskefi Pam Hifi Alan Holi Michelle Hornbeek Lynn Horn Kenneth Howard Mike lssac Karl Jahnke Denise Keel Gene LeWellen Sharon Longman Pal Maloy Dave Marshall Pam MaThis Raylene MaThaws David McCall Jan McCallum John McDougal Susan McEuen Danny McGowan Ron MiCue Paula Monrgomery Jamie Moore MargareT Newcomb David Newell Jay Newell Karen Oulland Joy Pafrick David Ruyle Cheryl Sanders Mike Shelfon Randy Sirns Brenda Srnifh Elaine Srnifh Guy Srniih Bill Snipes Vicki Snyder Sheila Stephens Tom Sullivan PalTy Taylor Linda Thomas Donna Thompson Karen Tilly Kafhy Tims Sheryl Tinsley Diane Tipron Karen Tolberr Cindy Walters Pam Webb Nikki Whilnah Bruce Wilkerson Mike Wilkerson Carol Williamson Rolonda Woodard Tele Woodard Jeanne Yarberry Ray Young STUDENT COUNCIL 57 1 i i rlri Pi R WEMN Big! WAYS H S313 58 SAFETY COUNCIL Safofy Council Members Farron Dodd David Donaldson Lorraine Filzqerald Barbara Green David Hall Paul Leeds Charles Marin Ronald Mcrcum Nile Rivers Bill Rose Deborah Russell Jolwn Savage Bryan Sylces Gary Tolmari Kallwryn Wells Sleven Wesley Paul Wolf Y ly QQ 1 32, 3' P XO 'xr " ,WELD 5 D J 'M EE Vi? F' 'E' 5 f friffiiui i- G, ,,k,-.W :JH ' fi fl iiflihwiwlii 5 X 5.-.' waz 5 y N! EX min? -- ifgk K, L ..,,,NwkMX fE'Y!'F1?""'f'Wf ABOVE LEFT: Barb Green demonslrales To Mr. Savage and Leroy Dodd her way ol driving lhe driver-lrainers. LEFT: Mr. Savage explains lhe llSigns of Life" lo Lorraine Eilzgerald and Larry Woll. ABOVE: David Hall lries oul equipmenl used lo lesl deplh perceplion. ABOVE RIGHT: Kalhy Wells explains lrallic laws made by nalure. ' 5 i Council discusses facets of safety Whal would you do il a lriend acciden- lally lell in lhe parking lol and broke his ankle? Or, il he were knocked unconscious in a car accidenlf7 Safely Council deals wilh informing sludenls wilh answers lo lhese queslions and many olhers like lhem. Once a monlh, Safely Council members have lhe opporlunily lo visil lhe meelings ol lhe Board ol Educalion lo discuss salely programs which would be more beneficial lo lheir sludenl body, Periodically, mem- bers allend lrallic courl lo walch lhe pro- ceedings againsl lrallic violalors. Wilh spe- cial permission, some members are allowed lo cruise wilh cily palrolmen lo observe lirsl-hand lhe dulies ol law-enlorcemenl ol- licers. SAFETY COUNCIL 59 Red Cross pushes Pakistan relief The major concern ol The Red Cross lhis year was The Ralcislan Reliel Ellorl, in which SIO222 was raised. Members ol Red Cross also helped Rubella Sunday in Qclober. Qlher acliyilies included lhe making ol Chrislmas wrealhs lor lhe Childrens Hospi- lal and pollery lor old peoples homes. lvloney was conlribuled lo lhe Sludenl Council lhrough lhe membership, candy, pop bollle and newspaper drives. All ol lhem were very successlul. The lnlernalional Red Cross Convenlion was held in Washin lon D. C. in lvlay and all who wished coulgallend. 60 RED CROSS 'Q A Rod Cross Members: Bobby Bagwell Keirli Barnes Ruili Conklin Phyllis Durlien Ken Dunn Lavona Fouffv Sue Ann Franlz Sfenley Genlry Margarev Hodge Greg Kreig : Russell Lallirop Brenda Lounge Gi d en a Mason Edy McCollum Mike Moore Tim Rhodes Sheryl Roden David Ruvle Wanda Scolt Ron Senn Debbie Smirlw Steve Tolson Bill Welge Jerry Williams Roberl Woodraska fi 1' l ff A , QA CJ QCA' f A-f Bel fx L i i TQ l Xl 4 f L X . FAR LEFT ABOVE: Keri Dunn and Bill Welqe pack clollies lor ,li viclims ol Pakisfan flood. FAR ABOVE: Debbie Smillw admin- X17 W isfers emergency lirsl aid To an injured David Ruyle. ABOVE: K 5 rg fs, Members collecf old newspapers in a Fund-raising drive. NJ f ' ' ABOVE RIGHT: Sfuclenls leave for a monilwly counly Red .. fn ,ix V i Cross meering. ' XJ U 'mf " ' X M Q W , I7 Q, . A 7 f A i ' i M3 wi A 530 0 fi 4759: fs Wi mf ,-,, 3 Ha, 1 .-,.f, I ' af' , 1 T Z V ' NW ,,.,... ,K ,,,. , M- ar if r L-,, ,,,' ' :T ' f T v ,,', WI' i4L'?52ii:-"Y, I Yearbook staff works nights to reach deadline "All righT, geT your secTions ouT and geT busy, The deadline is in iusT Two weeks!" This cry Trom Jeanne Yarberr , EdiTor-in-chieT oT The yearbook, is heard! ThroughouT The year by her sTaTT. The yearbook class begins work early in The year To meeT The TirsT deadline in OCTO- ber, and doesn'T sTop Till They meeT The lasT one in March. EdiTors have picTures To Take, layouTs To draw, copy To wriTe and cuTlines ThaT musT TiT. Because original ideas Tor layouTs and planning are needed, endless Time is in- volved. This someTimes reguires "burning The midnighT oil" laTe inTo The nighT. The Tinal producT of This endless Time and ener- gy is -- Tl-TE GENERAL. 80 62 YEARBOOK 4' new ABOVE LEFT: Edifor Jeanne Yarberry and Managing Edilor Karen Oufland check over The coming General belore fhey send if To Taylor Publishing Company. ABOVE: The Prince and Princess ol Prim? Kalhy Brewer and David McCall are infroduced al lhe annual Journalism Assembly, FAR RIGHT ABOVE: A common siqhf in lhe iournalism room is David McCall scheduling yearbook picfures. RIGHT: Debbie Smifh and Susan Turnbow worlc hard on lheir yearbook secfions To reach a coming deadline. General SMH: New Armslronq Julian Chick Ben Dodson Vicki Dowling Cindy Fen? Debbie Hansen PM Hosllins Holly Hughes Cmdi Kms Linda Lefchwortlw Pam Mafhis David McCall Evhel McGowei- Jenny Nellle Karen Ouflend Debbie Smivh Debbie Stiney Susan Turnbow John Wilbenlcs Teie Woodard Jeanne Yarberf Y N. '56 1 5' --.... -MZ' M W .. -my V ff .I YEARBOOK 63 Staff expands paper to eight pages GeTTing TacTs Tor sTories is noT always easy. Club sponsors are searched Tor in vain by an exhausTed sTaTT member who needs inTormaTion Tor his page. WiTh people calling abouT space Tor ads, The Telephone is consTanTly ringing. Adver- Tising manager Ronnie Kirk musT malce and receive calls. SomeTimes This musT be done ouTside oT class on his own Time since news- paper only meeTs Twice a weelq. Regardless oT The conTusion and noise The sTaTT is able To publish a bi-monThly newspa- Eer - THE GRANT DISPA-lCl'l. IT is availa- le aT The cosT oT TiTTeen cenTs or wiTh The iournalism package. 64 NEWSPAPER r Dispefch SMH: Jim Bowman Knfliy Brewer Debbie Davis Connie Dunlap Jeri Edwards Joni Geniry Earl Goodson Robin Harnilron Suzanne Harrell Jon House Teddi Jefferson Ron Kirk Jane? Lanqwell Vicky Mikernan Jack Muse 'Carol Price Sharon Price Debbie Rowland Judy Sclwcrineld Lee Shwnrfz Diane Sills Brenda Srnirlw Becky Snipes Mike Stevens Parfi Taylor Mark Wallace Karhe Wells Nikki Whifnnn FAR LEFT: Debbie Davis fries, in vain, lo gel a drink of wafer. LEFT: I97O-7I Newspaper Edifor, Kaflny Brewer, and Manag- ing Edilor, Suzanne Harrel. BELOW: Nikki Wliifnalw, deciding To walk on wafer, gels a genrle sliove from Connie Dunlap. i .ii. FE riii fi 'i y me l .ii 4, Y Q - L., ,. Q NEWSPAPER 65 Society constructs experimental rocket Rocl4eT socieTy members have been work- ing on new rocl4eT designs. Some oT The de- signs are odd ball and TuTurisTic rocl4eTs which are designed by The members Them- selves. Worlc has also been done on a new recovery s sTem such as The Rogallo wing. lT collapsed and is a gliddler ThaT can be paclced inTo The body oT The roclceT. A considerable amounT oT research is being done wiTh a camera ThaT can be liTT- ed inTo The air aTop a Two-sTage roclceT. Plans have been made To consTrucT a wind Tunnel Tor ground TesTings oT new de- signs. Several members are worlcing on a radio TransmiTTer, small enough To TiT in The payload comparTmenT oT a rocl4eT. wire ,M N lx 66 ROCKET SOCIETY ABOVE LEFT: Mike Webber wa+ches Biill Cowden To make sure he posifions +he rockef accura+ely. LEFT: Affer hours of hard work +he finished producf emerges. ABOVE: Blasf-off? Roch? Club Mumborx: Paul Ballow Paula Bruemmer Bill Cowden Duane Dnrlin Ricky Ingram Lorem! Mclfibben Ray Schmaldf Mika Webber ROCKET SOCIETY 67 68 NFL NFL sponsors sale of mistletoe, pecans and baked goods The NaTional Forensic l.eague's acTiviTies are as plenTiTul as They are varied. To raise money Tor Their many TournamenTs, They hold bake sales and pop boTTle drives. For varieTy, They pick pecans in Ada, pick mis- TleToe, and s onsor The Cupid's Ex ress. By Taking The 5weepsTakes aT Del 5iTy and Championship SweepsTakes aT Pryor, Okla- homa, The NFL members Tinance The ouT OT sTaTe TournamenTs. A squad OT seven Traveled To lvlemphis, Tennessee and reTurned home wiTh The Swee sTakes Trophy and 5200. Members qualiilied Tor The Regionals aT oTher Tourna- menTs such as OSU, OCLA, DuranT and Oral RoberTs. To enTer The Regionals, a sTu- denT musT win TirsT, second or Third place in a qualiicing TournamenT. 2 i' """ N.F.L. Members: Tony Balmer Kennefh Black Debbie Bolroms Par Brewsfer Clark Brian Slave Brown Linda Casey Linda Cleaver Kafhy Denfon Sylvia Drew Chip Eeds Viclri Ellis Tern Fritz Suzie Garrei? Donnie Golden Barb Green Karen Hand Barbara Hsyse I li f K Terri Himes W N :.. in Alan Holi ii Michelle Hornbeelr Lynn Horn Milne Isaac Barbara Jefferson Paul Landers Carole Leird Cathy Manuel Kevin Mafhy Pal McEuen David Peck Janice Rozen Ann Shellon Richard Shreclxharr Karen lolberlr Sieve Tolson Ted VanSiclcle Mary Ann Vaughn Cyndy Wallers Carol Whilalrer as ,af l LEFT: Michelle Hornbecl: does her lhing as Mpashionellau dur- ing fhe Journalism Assembly. ABOVE: David Beck and Deb- bie Boifoms Try fo fall: Presidenf Kalhy Denlon info a new club proiecl. NFL 69 ., Y i A -Q .373 . ,, eu 70 FTA i l" QC 3 6 FTA members offer time and skills to day care center l:uTure Teachers oT America sTarTed a new proiecT This year. Each day Two or -Three club members go To The Sunbeam Day Care CenTer. They each Take charge oT one child and help him wiTh his school work, play games, or anyThing else in The way oT Taking care oT a child. They Tind iT a re- warding and enjoyable Task. 0Ther proiecTs The club underTakes is painTing addresses on curbs and sponsoring ake sales. The money received is used Tor scholarships. l FTA has many oTher acTiviTies such as Wiener roasT, hayrack rides and Their insTal- laTion bangueT. E is c W . 1592 F.T.A. Members: Bruce Balmer Renae Ballew Jim Bowman Kalhy Carpenfer Jim Corder Pal Jones Jeanne Jordan Rodney Laird Janef Lanqwell Sherry Means Deanna Miller Debbie Moyer Mary Pelhain Debbie Uhls ABOVE LEET: Jim Corder, Presidenf of Fufure Teachers of America. discusses plans wifh members for upcoming acliyie lies. FAR ABOVE: Jana Langwell, Kafhy Carpenler. Sherry Means. and Deanna Miller meel before leaving for workin a day care cenfer. ABOVE: Jeannene Jordan, Bruce Baker, Mary Pelham, and Renee Ballew discuss fund-raising plans. if f X x ,xx x X eww . FTA 7I FBLA plans summer trip to Bahamas One oT The TirsT acTiyiTies oT The year which The FuTure Business Leaders oT Amer- ica sponsor is The selling oT FooTball home- coming mums. As Tund raising proiecTs, The club sells, candy, candles, Tee-shirTs and sweaT shirTs as well as running The sTudenT sTore. AT ChrisTmas They yisiTed wiTh paTienTs in The CounTy ConvalescenT l-lome. FBLA celebraTed iTs TwenTy-Third anni- versary wiTh Their annual bangueT aT The Lalce View CounTry. This year FBLA lans To aTTend The STaTe ConvenTion in lulga Tollowed by The Na- Tional ConvenTion in Miami, Florida. ATTer The convenTion The club leaves To Tour The Bahamas. 72 FBLA ABOVE: Officers are, Teresa l'louleTTe, BusTer Savage. Rose- mary Spicer, PaT CrabTree, Ronnie Winkler, and Cindy Dolne. RIGHT: Vice President Ronnie Winkler, sTudies The agenda of an upcoming FBLA meeTing. FAR RIGHT: Rosemary Spi- cer prepares new display in The showcase of The sTudenT sTore. . ,,,.,,,,,,,, , WWW 'uggyr f' M gi fwff ' if H 0 474 F.B.L.A. Members: Dennis Adams Karen Allen Paula Arnold Russell Arrnsfrong Donna Benneff Connie Baker Pam Bane Gwen Banks Sieve Barney Jane? Beck Marsha Blurnenrhal Sharon Brageal Sharon Brazial Terri Bridges Nina Brown Candi Browning Janel Chrisrrian Lynne Clark Charlolfe Cobb Debi Cobb Chuck Collarnore Gary Collornore Par Crablree Susan Curry Parn Davenport Marlene Dewease Cindy Doke Lucinda Double Doug Dial Lisa Dunn Nile Eggerf Mark Ellis Mark Erickson Linda Fishburn Ann Frankenfield Sheri Freeman Slephen Freeman Debby Garlow Ksihy G-illeland Diane Glass Gail Griffin Pal Grigsby Mary Henderson Terry Herron Pally Highlower Nonela Hopkins Roberl Hopkins Teresa Houlefla Terri Huffman Sheryl Hurry Diane Hines Beverly Jones Diane Julian Roberfa Kasfer Beverly Keel Alyse Kennedy Brenda Kennedy Clinfon King Chris Landeau Kennelfe Langsfon Daisy Lifllehawk Linda Locke Janel Langwell Lee Marsh Dave Marshall Charlorre Massey Susan Mcbuen Debby Mears Denise Miller Yveife Morris Christine Moye Karen Norvell Deborah Paxfon Donarfe Poe Sharon Price Karen Quick Sharon Reese Tricia Reeves Nila Reeves Carla Rodgers Sleve Rowland Barbara Rychelac Jean Rue Busler Savage Dana Seigle Kalhy Shipley Suzanne Singleron Brenda Skaggs John Slusser Jane? Srnilh Jill Smith Rosemary Spicer Mary Ann Stacy Sheila Sfinson Kafhy Stevens Sandra Sluller Linda Tally Linda Thomas Sheryl Thomassen Paula Thrash Susan Turnbow Marshall Upiohn Cheryl Vermillian Beverly Wearhers Rulh Whiiing Ronnie Winkler Anifa Wrighl Janine Wright Karen Zaloudik Orchestra plays for the musical "The King and I" Twirling To "Hawaii Eive-O," The majo- reTTes win superior raTings aT The DisTricT conTesT wiTh a special "Two-baTon" rouTine. They also enTerecl a sabre-l4niTe rouTine ancl a dance-Twirl rouTine aT The STaTe Eair Con- TesT winning second and Thirol place honors. OrchesTra acTiviTies such as Spring Con- cerTs and lnsTrumenTal ConTesTs give our orchesTra a chance To prove Their ouTsTand- ing TalenTs and abiliTies. ConTesTs They enTer include The DisTricT, STaTe, and Cen- Tral STaTe compeTiTions. Su erior raTings aT The DisTricT ConTesT allow Thhem To enTer The STaTe ConTesT. BELOW: lJ.S. Gram maioreTTes perTorm enThusiasTically as The Generals beaT CapiTol Hill, 42-I3. RIGHT: Pep Band helps promoTe spiriT aT pep assemblies. ABOVE RIGHT: Members oT The pep band geT in a little pracTice before The Del CiTy - GranT baskeTball game. EAR ABOVE RIGHT: "The Horse" calls Tor a sTrong brass parT Trom The coroneTs and TrumpeTs. CENTER RIGHT: The GranT pep band Tinishes oTT The John Marshall-Granlgame by playing "EighT On." 74 BAND ,Vg l , 5 1 T' l bww N. Orchufra Members: Bruce Baker Phi? Biair Miire Buchanan Carol Caro John Chaney Connie Coieman Debra Cooper Jim Corder Vicici Dowling Bonha Dyess Bob Eariy Anne Frankenfield Cheryl Floyd Danny Harfiey Linda Henderson Pam Hifi Chuck Hoiiiman Marcia Jones Bruce Mariin Keith Martin Susan McEuen Mike McMurfry Debbie Mears Sherry Means Lyndell Myers Tina Noiiinq Richard Ogg Gary Paqies Pauls Sfanton Jeanine Teasiey BAND 75 Band Members: Bruce Baker Ted Baker Claude Barrett Reni Below Phil Blair Rickey Bradford Barbara Caldwell Kathy Carpenter Don Casey Ron Casey Jerry Childers Lawerence Clayton Gary Collamore Pam Connell Debra Cooper Jim Corder Donna Davenport Paul Davis Sandi Davis Pat Decker Gayla Dixon Kathie Dodson Don H. Doss Don L. Doss Cathy Douglas Christy Douglas 76 BAND 5 Z Vicki Dowling Nancy Drabek David Dunbar Robert Early Kim Easter Cheryl Elrod Mark Erickson Donna Fallwell Cynthia Elippo Debbie Foster Sharon Foster Ann Frankentield Suzie Garrett Randy Green Debra Gritfeth James Harness Valeria Harness Danny Hartley Linda Henderson Phil Hibbard Pam Hiti Chuck Holliman Clyde Hughes Randy Hughes Terry Hunter Jerry Hurt June Husk Jolynn Jackson Karl Jahnke Theodora Jefferson David Johnson Marcia Jones Paula Jones Jeannene Jordan Debbie Judkins Jerry Knight Kenny Knowles Jana Langford Kenneth Langston Ed Lawter Robert Lee Rodney Leird Gary Leisy Deborah Leveridge Mike Lock Ron Lock Bruce Martin Merle Massey Doug Mathies Dale Mathis Pat McGarry Loretta McKibben fi 2 'P 5 """"'t J. D. McLaughlin Mike McMurtry Sherry Means Mark Meler Deanna Miller Denise Miller Tony Miller Richard Millspaugh Greg Montgomery Jacquelyn Murrow 3ruce Myers Shelley Myers Tina Nolting Richard Ogg Karen Outland Gary Pagels Debra Perdue Marcella Raymond Carlton Richardson Donald Richmond Eddie Robinson Debra Rowland Gary Rowland Richard Schweikhart Cathy Scott Lea Ann Shaver Cindy Sherrill Janice Shoemaker Randy Shumard Randy Sims Suzanne Singleton Guy Smith Rick Smith Stephen Smith Randy Stanton Kathryn Stevens James Talkington Judy Teague Jeannine Teasley Ted Thomas Carol Towell Chris Vickrey Randall Wantland Mark Warman Mark Whitaker Steve Wilson Deborah Wing Parn Wright .X S-.Q Y New band director brings changes to "the general band" PerTormance is The lcey worcl in all band acTiviTiesl The pride oT U.S.G. spend many hours oT "beTore-school" pracTice prepar- ing and perTecTing Their halT-Time perTorm- ances during TooTball season. The won a "superior" raTing in inspecTion aT The annu- al CapiTol l-Till Marching ConTesT This year. During concerT season, beginning righT aTTer marching season, The band enTers per- Tormances aT The DisTricT lnsTrumenTal Con- TesT, STaTe ConTesT, and The CenTral STaTe lnsTrumenTal ConTesT. Band members sell candy and TiclceTs Tor The annual Band ParenTs SpagheTTi Dinner To raise enough money To Take an excursion To Six Flags Over Texas aT The end oT The year. T Wm- 'V T 4 KX FAR ABOVE: STep-Two is an imporTanT parT of The Bands hall Time perTormances. ABOVE: Band Oueen, Suzanne Sin- gleTon. RIGHT: Drum lvlaior Chuclc l-lollimon conducTs "Figh+ On" as The Band leaves The Tielcl. BAND 77 Q is 4, AAA .......u101!M ABOVE: Gary Pagels and Danny Parlley play "Figli+ On" alfer Generals score a louclndown againsl Pulman Cily Pi rales. RIGHT' Pam Slone and Kalli Plwel wa? li as K' . y ps c ings bring gills lo flie baby Jesus during 'rlie Clirisrmas Assembly. 78 MUSIC Music department - an all star cast Adding a nice loucli lo General aclivi- lies sucli as llne Yearboolc Assembly, Band Parenls Spaglielli Dinner, Spring Clolliing Faslnion Assembly and llwe Generals Review is llwe Srage Band. llie members provide lalenl and enlerlainmenl willw a variely ol numbers arranged lor llie band including classical, iazz, popular and swing. llie Slage Band is composed ol seven- leen members wlio play inslrumenls suclw as drums, piano, llule, clarinel, lrombone and lrumpel. llwe band is under llie direclion ol lvlr. Jolwn Smilli and praclices aller sclsiool on Tuesday and llwursday. Slage Band is an eleclive lo any sludenl wisliing lo 'oin. Any band member is eligi' ble lo enroll in llwis course. g Li - , gf!-A F if 4 A ef ir- f' ff ,.NiLe'Lf KLV' I nfl: f 4 x 5 in , my ig y W ev vi Q2 n . I 'Y , my 'K E' v i 2 .f . 3 V fr an ? W Ps' 2 A fig? V 5 M P Af af , , ,M K, my kt, S' Q , I V A a mf 1 EAR ABOVE: Members of We Gram' sfaqe band. LEFT: Doug Dia! sings !'Raindrops Keep Fawn' On My Headx' To enferfain yearbook royaHy. ABOVE: The Exchange Avenue Bapfisf Be!! Choir plays a variefy of carois in The Chrlsfmas AssembNy. MUSIC 79 Choir performs "The Drum" during Christmas assembly 80 CHOIR Karen Abborr Jualllha Agnew Pam Auraubo Lorefia Benson Deanna Bond Janice Bralrebill Le Ann Brewer Gwen Brown Claudia Buzbee Lou Jean Carpenfer Cheryl Cleaver Brenda Clifion Rhonda Clifton Debra Coffee Debra Craven Jean Dixon Sylvia Drew Susan Erchanbrach Viclni Erwin Diane Esres Lavona Faufry Gaye Gamble Karen Gibson Susan Glass Sharon Harden Denise Hayes Debbie Henderson Cheryl Johnson Girls' Gln Club Members: Renne Keen Debbie Lyon Connie Mahoney Vicki Malzer Cafhy Manuel Mary Mduldin Jan McCallum Karhy Moore Pam Nance Kaihy Olson Kafhy Phelps Margie Queen Myra Rogers Janet Ruiie Linda Ruscha Diane Sanders Cheryl Srnallwood Nona Spears Marilyn Sfewarf Pam Stone Glynna Sullins Sherrie Thomas Debbie Uhls Pam Webb Daylene Wickwara Glenda Wilkerson Pam Wise Diana Wood FAR LEFT ABOVE: Girls' Trio - Sherry Cleaver, Jan McCal- lum, and Debbie Lyon. ABOVE LEFT: Girls' Sexlerfe - Jual- erha Agnew, Sherry Riches, Lu Jean Carpenter, Janel Rapp. Karen Abbot and Kafhy Moose. FAR ABOVE: Choir King and Queen are Joe Srniihers and Pam Auraubo. ABOVE: The Girls' Glee Club. FAR LEFT: Girls' Ouarleri- Glynna Sul- lins, Carhy Manuel, Cheryl Johnson, and Diane Esies. LEFT: Mixed Ouarlei - Pam Aulaubo, Milne Shelfon, Charles Peclc. and Rhonda Cliifon. CHOIR 8I Two boys' quartets formed this year The Generals Four and Four Naturals are the two boys' quartets which represent Grant at contests. Besides the contests in Edmond at Central State College and the District at Southeast, the two groups otten entertain tor several PTSA meetings. To quality tor these groups the boys each have to audition tor Mr. Ra Ballew. The Boys' Glee Cluta is made u ot se- lected bo s trom the A Cappella ctioir and Mixed Chorus. Throughout the year the club travels to various contests such as the Edmond contest held at Central State Col- lege and thle District contest at Oklahoma City University. ts ' Q 82 CHOIR it me ABOVE LEFT: The Generals Four are Tommy Nix, Joe Smiihers, Doug Dial, and Jim Hun- ier. LEFT: The Boys' Glee Club. FAR ABOVE: The Acapella Choir. ABOVE: The Four? 's are: Gary Main. Barry Oliver, David Porler, and Keiih Siandiier. X c -sk ,Ag 'Boys' Gln Club Members: tl K Wall Babcock Darrell Bunyard Ben Curfis Kim Easier i Johnny Evans xg David Flanagan ,X Y Billy Hovarrer Jim Hunier 3 Greg Kreiq Larry Lowe . , -I Gary Main Randy Mucer YY R , Tommy Nix Richard Ogg Barry Oliver xl X AX X -Nay 4 X xc. VA, my ,- . ' ,sf gf' E 1, X i ,H F x X' ,, "lx x ,,,, H' -if ' i new " F' Charles Peck :X i "R 1 I. David Porter x Xa- F YY R 4,- Ronald Senn fs' f g Mike Shelfon X. Joe Smifhers Keifh Sfandiler Greg Story Manning Wilson A Cappella Choir: Karen Abborf Pam Aufaubo Waller Babcock Mark Bell Darrell Bunyard Lou Jean Carpenter Cheryl Cleaver Brenda Clifton Rhonda Clilion Debra Callas Debbie Craven Doug Dial Jean Dixon Susan Ercanbrack Vicki Ervin Diane Esler Johnny Evans David Flanagan Gaye Gamble Karen Gibson Sharsn Harden Denise Hayes Cheryl Johnson Renee Keen Greg Krieg Larry Lowe Debra Lyon villa X N i X l Little Theater holds talent unlimited Thespians presented "The King and l" in February as the main drama production ot the year. Two evening pertormances were given with two ditterent casts. The drama Club traveled to two regional play contests with the play "The Childrens Story." The student body also had the op- portunity to view the play in January. ln the spring Thespian members entertain many children with their plays. For tund raising proiects they sold U.S.G. car tags, sponsored bake sales, and one-act plays. The money is used tor props, cos- tumes, and other needs ot the group. Thespians sponsor is lvlrs. Jane Thomp- son. N- W 'ww' . ,.,,, my VV.. Q 84 THESPIANS uv , 5' if 4 f in -, yi' as-i L - L wie EAR ABOVE LEFT: "Wl1oopsl" cries Susan Landers as Guy Smifh comes To lier rescue. LEFT: Sandy Davis, Paul Landers, Jan Cloyd, and Ann Smifh iurnp down +0 The earrh alfer lhe giddy successes of 'rlneir play produclions. ABOVE: Diane Sills and Ron Senn acl our flue Thespians goal of reaching our lo others. Thupian Members: Delbert Birchfield Sfeve Bruhne Barbara Cleaver Jan Cloyd Rurh Conklin Milne Cooperrnan Debi Craven Sandi Davis Doug Dial Vicci Erwin Diane Esles Terri Erilz Gaye Gamble Karen Hand Gale Hensley Cherrel Johnson Clinton King Paul Landers Sue Landers Terry Lawson Carol Laird Mike Lewis Pele Marlin Pal McEwen Angela McLaughlin Cyndi Morris Torn Nix Lynn Perkins Bill Paipps Vanda Pool Debbie Rowland Jeaniece Rozin Linda Rusche Diane Sills Suzanne Singlefon Ron Sinn Ann Srniih Debi Smith Guy Srnilh Glynna Sullins Sherrie Thomas Sieve Tolsen Bonnie Webb Gary Winfield Ronnie Winkler THESPIANS 85 86 SABRETTES Excitement runs rampant as pep club boosts spirit All the tun and excitement ot starting baclc to school begins in August with the Ice Cream Social. Prospective members as well as tormer members, who will be attending school, are all invited to the social. It gives a chance tor the otticers, cheerleaders, and members to get acquainted with the new members ot the Sabrettes Pep Club. The Sabrettes will never torget the tirst time they wore their unitorm, or their last ballgame they attend, as a part ot the Pep Club. At the end ot the year, when it's time tor the Sweetheart Dance or time tor the announcements ot the next year's otticers and cheerleaders, no one will torget all the ways they earned their merits to go to the Sweetheart Dance or to run tor an ottice or to tryout tor cheerleader. Tears ot happi- ness and ot sorrow, because the year is over, can be seen on all taces. ABOVE LEFT: Head cheerleader, Karen Thompson, leads the pep club in "G-E-N-E-R-A-L-S are the very best." LEFT: All in one place and quiet, a rare moment, are Saberettes Cheer- leaders, Janet Oaks, Robin Hamilton, Susan Curry, Debbie Drislcill, Jenny Nettle, Pam Mathis, Sharen Thompson, and Karen Thompson. ABOVE: The Generals Mascot, Timmy Moen, helps boost spirit during the Putnam City tootball game. f 9 O av 4 f Z7 T f ,v .f, ' 2 2 iv.,-'A ,W ,... V, I fag' : S rl'I ' T ' :T if if T-f f ,yhi 5 F ali? . , i "Ni Q51 foe ABOVE LEET: Excilemenf mounfs as Gen- erals inch foward anollier vicfory. ABOVE: Sliaren Thompson and Jenny Ne++le be- come preoccupied wilh The Midwesl Cify- Granl foofball game while leading a cheer. LEET: Poi3ed wifli poise are Sabreffe Cffi- cers, Leslie Liglilfoof, Pafli Taylor, Pal Maloy, Pam Millican, Susan Turnbow, Susie Genfry, Paula Garlan, Susan Swenson, Diane Tipfon, Kaflwy Brewer, Donna McGee and Pam Cable, SABRETTES 87 Pep club says: Generals are here Rain, sleeT, or Treezing weaTher could noT lceep The Pep Club away Trom Their games. The lasT oT The Alma lvlaTer was proved To be True when during The TooTball season iT rained, and on homecoming iT was Treezing weaTher. Even Though The girls were bundled up, They slill had Their spiriT and They sTayed "True To Thee GranT High." AT all TooTball games, baslceTball games, and wresTling maTches you could see and hear The spiriT oT The Pep Club ThaT consisT- ed OT 550 girls. WheTher we had a vicTory or a deTeaT you could see all The exciTemenT oT The game on Their Taces, and you knew They were proud To be Generals. 88 SABRETTES FAR LEFT: The U.S. Gran? Sabreffes are in lhe "U.S.G." for- mafion ready fo cheer The Generals on To yiclory over rhe Soulheasr Sparfans. FAR BELOW LEFT: Cold, wel wearher doesn'T seem lo dampen Sabrelres spirir. LEFT: "Monkeying" around are Spirir Booslers, Nicky Jones, Nikki Whilnan, Judy Cassidy, Lorraine Fitzgerald, Becky Snipes, Jeanne Yarberry, Neo Moffarr, Donna Thompson, Chrisly Moen, Paula Monr- gornery. Dana Siegle. BELOW: Pam Cable, Sabrerfes presi- dent General Dwighf Eisenhower, and Paula Garlan, vice- presidenl concenrrale on running "BIG" organizafions. SABRETTES 89 FCA hears variety of speakers Fellowship oT ChrisTian AThleTes is an or- ganizaTion To give boys an undersTanding oT The problems oT The world and To help Them associaTe God in Their lives. During some oT Their regular meeTings They have prominenT aThleTes come as guesT gealcers To relaTe To The boys abouT how I hrisTianiTy has inTluenced Them in Their ives. Money raised Trom selling SouThside Sav- ing Books and TiclceTs To beneTicial aTTairs during The year is used To send boys To The FCA camp in Colorado during The summer, and is used as a donaTion To beneTicial aT- Tairs such as The Ray Murphy l3eneTiT. The also su porT The powder-puTT bas- lceTballi game EeTween The ladies TaculTy and The senior girls. 90 FCA ABOVE LEFT: David Newell, Rick CarpenTer and Sam Garlow check Their orders on SouThside Saving books. FAR ABOVE: ATTer aTTending a meeTing in The LiTTle TheaTer ECA mem- bers sTarT To class. ABOVE RIGHT: Bill Snipes, STeve Fraser, Rick CarpenTer and Jimmy Spradlin discuss The FCA meeTing They iusT aTTe-nded. ABOVE: Bill Snipes, David Peck and Gene LeWelIen brave The cold To help The girls' pep club seT up Tor TooTball homecoming. FCA Members: Ken Black Mike Canada Jim Conrad Rick Carpenler Vicfor ChrisTan Barry Floyd Sfeve Fraser Sam Garlow Phil Halsfead Gary Hanshue Gene Lewellen John McDougal Ricky Meeks Jay Newell David Newell David Pack Sfan Perkins Bobby Shepard Bill Snipes Steve Weeks Dennis Whalen Mike Wilks Gary Winfield FCA 9I D.E.C.A. Members: Berry Adams Delores Alvarado Claudia Armsironq Tern Baker Vrckw Cobb Pam Connell Pairlcla Decker Larolin Dillle Mark Erlckson Layona Faulty Donna Fallvell Gary Grigsby Joyce Griqsby Donna Jarnwson Cyndie Jenkms Kenny Knowles Lou Kolb Gary Lelsy Ricky Lewls Rlia Maxwell Danny McGowan Mark Mosley Davld Myers Gail Oqlesby Ricky Orr Marsha Pevevson Randy Simms Glenda Srnallwood Linda Spencer Greg Slory Davld Taylor Vlckie Tracy Rlckey Webb DECA G-' N, S Qffg DECA invades Dallas for fun and learning SeTTing up good iob experience Tor The members and learning The responsibiliTies oT working in The Tield oT marlceTing and dis- TribuTion is The duTies oT The DisTribuTive EducaTion Clubs oT America. During The Tield Trip To Dallas, Texas, The DECA members Toured The Apparel lvlarT. As a Tund raising roiecT, The DECA members sell donuTs EeTore school each morning. Each member sells Tor one weelc during The year. The money is used To help send sTudenTs To The STaTe Leadership con- Terence and To help pay Tor The employers meals aT The Employers AppreciaTion Ban- queT, which is held To give The employers and employees an opporTuniTy To geT beT- Ter acquainTed. .X s ,X W. , ,f I I, T 1 as 11 Ts T' if ff I 1 2 gs Eg 5 T' 5515 'w..z.3", 3' FAR LEFT: DECA member Donna Eallwell sells rolls and doughnuTs To sTudenTs beTore class begins. LEFT: DECA Oueen RiTa Maxwell. ABOVE: The DECA showcase involves creaTive Thinlcing and an eye Tor color and balance. FAR ABOVE: DECA president Randy Sims, and Kenny Knowles discuss plans Tor Their upcoming banqueT. ABOVE RIGHT: CandidaTes Tor DECA Oueen are: Lou Raye Kolb, Linda Spencer, RiTa Maxwell, Barbara Brown and KaThy Raider. W Q77 D ECA 93 94 VICA VICA Members: Glenda Anderson Linda Anderson Bryon Antoon Sieve Arismendz Neal Armslrong Russell Armsfronq Sylvia Ashley John Ashworlh Weller Babcock Slave Barney .lack Baird Pam Baker Clifford Belding Larry Brislow Parry Brown Luanne Caniwell Lawann Chick Bill Cowden John Dillson John Dulchen Scolf Freeman Sharon Gleayes Charlie Gomez Linda Goodbrake Benny Graham PaHy Green Bruce Grummer Alisa Hall Randy Helm Robin Hood Monry Horr Jim Johnson Ava Jones Charles Jones Sandra Judd David Liles Larry Lunow Calvin Mason Mike Marchens Lauri McKinnon Burrell Muslain Kevin Penry Roberf Pound Connie Pollock Kris Pollock Andy Shellon Terry Shopshire Ann Smilh Ricky Spilz Shirley Sfevenson Phil Scoffs John Tavis Bobby Underwood Phil Voss Mike Webber Sieve Wesley Gary Williams Rocky Winfers VICA group attends three conventions When asked whaT They liked besT abouT VICA, Glenda and Linda Anderson replied, "IT was a IoT oT Tun Trying To raise money Tor Indianapolis." Members sold anTenna Tlags and candy Tor sale proiecTs along wiTh running The reTreshmenT sTand Tor The iunior class play, Flowers for Algernon. WiTh a record membership oT over eighTy, The club aTTended The DisTricT con- venTion aT Chickasha on March 26, The sTaTe convenTion in Oklahoma CiTy in April and The naTionaI convenTion in Indianapolis in June. Some oT The members presenTed enTerTainmenT Tor The disTricT convenTion. The VICA oTTicers were insTaIIed b The Iv1idwesT CiTy chapTer and aTTendedi The DisTricT Leadership Coniference on OcTober 9. y prr 5 5 FAR ABOVE: Pam Baker pulls VICA mini-TloaT enTered in homecoming enTiTIed "Which Way To The From?" LEFT: "Youre going To be beau- TiTuI in a snap," says Pam Baker To Terry Shropshire, while Laurie Mclfennon waifs paTienTIy To spray. ABOVE: "IT's very simple. so you explain iT To us!" says Burrel IvlusTang To VICA members. VICA 95 MASH formed for "general" spirit raising "SpiriT" is whaT The boys' pep club is spreading. AT The beginning oT The year some oT The boys, who wished To show Their spiriT, oT TogeTher To Torrn This boys' pep club. Tie boys named Their club Men's As- sociaTion Tor SpiriT and l-lell-raising or MASH. The club made a banner oT red baclc- ground wiTh The grey leTTers MASH across iT. They also ordered T-shirTs wiTh The clubs name. This newly Torrned group inTends To help build spiriT in The school. Their voices add new sounds To The TooTl3all, and l3aslceTball games along wiTh The wresTling maTches. MAST-l's voice will noT be TorgoTTenl 96 MASH LEFT: Dennis Whalen, Gary Hanshue, and David Dunbar check when lhe nexl rneeling of MASH will be held. EAR LEFT: "Power, power. power To The Generals" chanf members of MASH af fhe John Marshall-Granf baskefball game, BELOW LEFT: The newly-formed Boys' Pep Club llles lhelr flag wilh hopes for vlcfory. BELOW: Even cold wealher doesn'+ cu? down 'rhe spirif ol MASH. Nr: MASH 97 98 MATH CLUB FAR ABOVE RIGHT: Brenda Smi+h +all:s wifh Mrs. Ray abou+ +he coming ac+ivi+ies of Mafh Club. FAR RIGHT: Dave Marshall checks over 'lhe grocery lisl' for 'I'he Ma+h Club picnic. RIGHT: Mary Ann Vaughn +ries fo explain fo James Gardner when fha nexf Mu Alpha The+a mee+ing is +o be. Math club hosts city math teachers To be eligible io ioin lvlu Alpha -lhela, siudenis rnusi have mainiained a "B" aver- age or beiier on all maihernaiics courses, and are presenlly enrolled in lrigonomeiry or maih analysis courses. The club siresses The imporiance ol maihemaiics and is always worlcing io ob- Jrain a higher level oi inieresi in ihe maihe- malics iield io help siudenis enioy iheir maihemaiics. lvlu Alpha Theia's acliviiies include an in- iiiaiion pariy, Chrisimas pariy, picnic and iheir annual banguei. To help suppori iheir aciiviiies, club members sell Tooisie Roll Pops. , .f-"f"',r , i f Mafh Club Members: Baker, Bruce Barker, John Boushe, Debbie Boys, Walfer Brewer, Kurf Bruemmar, Paula Brher, Bren! Comrad, Jim Cooper, Charla Erwin, Vicci Gardner, James Hackefi, Ginger Harness, James Harness, Valerie Hey, Myra Holliman, Charles Hoskins, Pai Irwinshy, Larry Jones, Kaihy Jordon, Jeannene Keen, Renee McDougal, John Maples, Slave Marshall, Dave Milfon, Kevin Muse, Gene Ogg, Richard Peferson, Terry Rool, Marge Smifh, Brenda Smifh, Riclr Sfaffcrd, Randy Todd, Tommy Upiohn, Mark Vaughn, Mary Ann Whihal, Dennis Wilcox, David MATH CLU B 99 Spanish fiestas, picnics, and pinatas fill club's year l-lighlighling The Spanish Club's yearly acliviiies was Jrheir Chrisimas iiesla where The members were able To learn aboul bolh Spanish and Mexican cullures. They parlici- paled in Jrhe old Mexican cuslom of brealc- ing a piFia+a, which is a ame played b blindfolded conleslanls wio fry To breali open +he papier-mache animal full of candy and lreals. A Mexican slyle dinner af EI Ponchos resiaurani in Oklahoma Ciiy sei The mood for Jrhe club's inilialion banquei. A "Dia De Campo." or picnic was also on Jrhe club's agenda. This ouldoor eveni compleied The year's aclivilies. IOO SPANISH CLUB UZ" Spanish Club Members: Amos, Jay Barrei, Colleen Benson, Lorefia Bradford, Connie Bruza, Raymond Buford, Mike Cassidy, Judy Cuiler, Chrisfi Darrow, Pa! Dowell, Janie Drislcill, Debbie Dupree, Vicki Farr, Marina Fields, Tommy Flanilcen, Kenny Franh, Sue Fields, Tommy Freeman, Bobby Glass, Diane Gray, Ada Hageman, James Henson, Milre Hill, Cindy Hornbecic, Michelle Hurst, Larry Linion, Laurel Lopez. Monica Maloy, Pat Manning, Mille Mathews, Raylene McCollom, Edie McDonald, Terry McEuen, Jerry Riddle, Janice Ridgeway, Lisa Robinson, Dennis Roby, John Rowlan, Sian Scofi, Caihy Taylor, Perri Varner, Cheryl Welder, David Waison. Mike Webb, Pam White. Charles FAR ABOVE LEFT: Spanish Club Officers, Gene Lewellen, President Kennefh Black, Vice President Donna Thompson, Secre+aryg Becky Snipes, Reporierg Raylene Ma+hews and Linda Gibson, Aciivifies Direciorsg and Dubby McLevenyg Song Leader. FAR ABOVE: Pa+ Darrow and Cheryl Varner seem in'leres+ed in one of +he Spanish s+a+ues. LEFT: Monica Lopez admires 'ihe Mexican Posfer in 'rhe Spanish room. ABOVE: Donna Thompson, Gene Lewellen, and Raylene Mafhews check ihe ac+ivi+ies lisi io see when ihe nex+ ban- que+ is +o be held. SPANISH CLUB IOI I k, T02 BOYS' AND GIRLS' STATE ABOVE: Dave Marshall, ScoTT Pierce, and Terry,HunTer dis- cuss some oT The evenTs +ha+ occurred during Their sTay aT Boys' STaTe. RIGHT: Jill SmiTh and Brenda SmiTh recall some oT The Tun Times They had while aTTending Girls' STaTe. ABOVE RIGHT: STeve Perry, James Gardner, and WaITer Bays, NaTionaI MeriT Scholars, congregaTe aT Their TavoriTe spoT - candy and colce machines. FAR RIGHT: James Gard- ner and Suzanne Harrell research on various colleges ThaT have senT Them IeTTers Tor being NaTionaI MeriT Scholars. Six seniors honored y National Merit GranT sTudenTs were chosen among The naTionaI winners oT The NaTional MeriT TesT. Suzanne Harrell, Mary Ann Vaughn, WaITer Bays, James Gardner, STeve Perry, and Wendell Burns were seIecTed upon Their na- Tional schoIasTic sTanding on The TesT. The exam is adminisTered To all inTeresTed iun- iors each year. I.eTTers were received by The six sTudenTs shorTIy aTTer The TesT was given, explaining ThaT They had ranked in The upper Scfo oT The naTion and were semiTinaIisTs. This year, Brenda SmiTh and Jill SmiTh aT- Tended Girls' STaTe in Ada while Dave Mar- shall and Mark SmiTh aTTended Boys' STaTe in STiIIwaTer. The deIegaTes are chosen on academic and leadership abiIiTy, and rec- ommendaTion. The American Legion spon- sors The sTudenTs Tor This Tour-day conven- Tion. 'Q Q' Ilan- lm!l ef' 54 z,.-. wmv mi' W Ili' 3 NATIONAL MERIT IO3 Club members view French films, plays French club aclivilies ranged from view- ing The play "Le Bourgeois Genlilhommen al Oklahoma Universily lo lheir end-ol-The year picnic. An inilialion parly held al Taylor Park lor The new members was The lirsl aclivily lor The club. l-loliday parlies, which highlighled 'rhe school year wilh leslive aclivilies, in- cluded lheir Chrislmas parly al Woodson. The members also visiled Oklahoma Chris- lian College lo hear various speakers on French holiday cusloms. The club 'Financed lheir aclivilies by sell- ing loolsie roll pops and holding a pop bol- l'le drive. IO4 FRENCH CLUB ABOVE LEFT: French classes serenade Mrs. Frances Orren and Mr. C. W. Huffman, who were honored in lhe classes' Feasl ol lhe Kings cele- bralion. ABOVE: Mrs. Cavin lranslales a French slory lor Renee Ballew. FAR LEFT: Checking oul lapes on lhe earphones are James Gardner Secrefary Treasurer, and Jill Smith Vice-Presiclenl' of French Club. RIGHT: Presidenl, Suzanne Harrell puls up a scenic bullelin board lor +he French room. French Club Members: Bays, Waller Bell, Kathy Belew, Renee Bofloms. Keren Brewer, Kaflwy Gardner, James Harden, Skieren Harrell. Suzanne Jones, Vicki Keen, Renee King, Pam McDaniel, Mala Novak, Don Perry, Sieve Shoemaker, Gayle Shoemaker, Lorena Skaggs, Rheaellen Smilh. Jill Smiflm, Ricky Slandifer, Keitki Weeks, Steve Wirsicki, Jim FRENCH CLUB IO5 "The King and I" - a USG production Much hard worlc wenT inTO The prOducTiOn OT The "King and I." There were seTs TO be designed. painTed and arranged. This worlc was done by lvlrs. Jayne Thompson and her sTagecraTT class. lvlr. John SmiTh and orchesTra began The Taslc OT learning Their parTs. "King and I" is The sTOry OT an English school Teacher who Travels To Siam TO Teach The Kings wives and children. The cOnTlicTs beTween The King and Anna are many: buT They work TogeTher TO prove To The English ThaT Siam is nOT a barbaric cOunTry. Be- cause OT anoTher misundersTanding, Anna prepares TO leave Siam. JusT beTOre her ship leaves, she is summoned TO The dying King. AT The lasT minuTe - iusT as he dies - Anna decides To sTay. ABOVE: Singing a ,chorus in English OT "Home, Swe-eT Home," The Kings Children proceed To The schoolroom. RIGHT: The King OT Siam, played by Doug Dial, calls his chil- dren in TO be inToduced TO The new English school Teacher. ABOVE FAR RIGHT: "Shall we dance?" inquires The King STeve Tolson, OT The English school Teacher, Debbie Craven. FAR RIGHT: Diane EsTes Teaches lvlilce ShelTon, who plays her son, To "WhisTIe a Happy Tune" when aTraid. Iwwiw-NWW'W KING8 ll' I .- as Q New-1 I Members of +he cash Caplain Orlon .. .. Louis Leonowens. Anna Leonowens. lnlerpreler ... The Kralahome .. The King ...... Phra Alaclc .... Lun Tha .... Tuplim ... Lady lhian ..,.... Prince Chulaylonglcorn Sir Edward Ramsey.. Slaves ............. Palace Allendanl .... Princess Ying Yaowlalc Wives ............. Baller ..... Guards . . . Priesls ,... Sludenl Direclor .. . . . . .Charles Peck .....lvIil4e Shellon ...,Diane Esles Debi Craven ..,,....Mike Lewis . . . .Randy Whiling .......Douq Dial Sleve Tolson .......Ronn Senn .....Joe Smilhers ....Pam Aulaubo ....Rhonda Clillon Karen Gibson ........l'orn Nix . . . .Keilh Slandiler ......Don Isabell Dennis Adams Joe Alexander Delberl Birchlield ......Cindy Morris ......Jean Dixon ....Kalhy lvloose Gail Shullz Vicci Ervin Karen Abboll Janel Rappe Denise Hayes Lou Jean Carpenler Cheryl Srnallwood Debbie Uhls Karen Gibson Sherrie Riches Rhonda Clillon . . . . .Diane lVIcLendon Tracy Koleno Janiece Rozin Paul Landers Terry Lawsen Ronn Senn Lauren Brislow Viflfi Dlirmrrerrf Debi Sons Dana Seigle Karen Hand Rally Black Sandy Ballles Suzanne Singlelon .......Larry Lowe Randy Wallon .....Raul Landers Larry Lowe Randy Wallon Barry Oliver .....RuIh Conlclin "KING AND I" IO7 Musical presented in four performances FAR ABOVE: Diane Esles describes lier son Lewis lo Lady Chang and ollier inquiring wives. ABOVE: Dancer Suzanne Singlelon and palace alfendanl, Cindy Morris, relax belween scenes by wafclninq play rehearsal. RIGHT: Greeling Diane Esles al her arrival 'ro Siam is Randy Willinq,ll1e Kralaliome, or Prime Minisfer of Siam. IO8 "KING AND Il' Members of The casT: Dr. Nemur ,,... Dr. STrauss ..... .....,Tom Nix . .Terry Lawsen Alice ,.... . , . .Barbara Cleaver BurT ..... . Charlie ..,. .. Mrs. Donner .. Mr. Gordan ... Gina O ........ Ellen .......... .....Guy SmiTh . . .STeve Tolson ..Janiece Rozin ...Paul Landers .Suzanne Single . . . . .Terry EriTz Norma ...... Michelle Hornbeck Ann ...,.........,. Vicci Ervin Mrs. Nemur .... ...Karen l-land Nurse ...,...... Sherri Thomas Frank .... .. . . . .David Peck Joe ...........,... Ronn Senn Connie ........ Cyndy WalTers Berniece ........ Glynna Sullins Mrs. Mooney .. Mrs. Gordan . .. Child Norma .. land Teenage Charlie Mrs. Feldman .. Mr. Harvey .... ...RuTh Conklin . . . .Carol Leird ...Debbie Row- . . . .Mike Lewis ...Debi Craven . . . . .Doug Dial STudenT DirecTor ..... Debi Cra- Ven Cast produces play version of "Charley" Charlie is a good looking man oT 32, buT reTarded. No one could expecT much Trom a person wiTh a 68 LQ. "Flowers Tor Alger- non," The iunior class play, is The sTory oT Charlie Gordon who Through a brain opera- Tion obTains a higher LQ.: only To regress back To his original condiTion. Charlie is The willing vicTim To This experi- menT- a moron, a genius, a man in search oT himselT. This challenging role was played by STeve Tolson in boTh perTormances, OcTober 27 and 29. l-le expressed, by Tacial expressions, The personaliTy oT Charlie. EAR LEFT: STeve Tolson porTrays The Tacial expressions oT Charlie. BELOW: Barbara Clever, STeve Tolson, Paul Landers, Carol Leird, and Mike Lewis Tind rehearsing is noT a one-Time iob. ,Q LV-1.1 "FLOWERS FOR ALGERNONH IO9 Student activities show General spirit We can see spirit in the homerooms . . . at the tirst tootball game . . . at the last one. Whether working in tund raising drives, clothing or toy drives - we worlc at being Generals. Our spirit could be heard throughoutothe school. Sophomores' trembling voices dur- ing pep assemblies. . .voices ot excitement and anticipation as iuniors worlc on prom . . . victorious shouts as seniors near gradu- ation. We teel spirit in the Alma Mater -- es- pecially the seniors. Yelling at the top ot our lungs atter a deteat nothing de- stroys our contidence in our ability. lsal I f ABOVE FAR LEFT: New sludenl lvlilce Briggs linds oul whal kind ol school Granl is iusl by reading lhe signs. BELOW FAR LEFT: Early arrivals are assured ol good seals lor lhe baslcel- ball games. LEFT: Sandy Jesseph iurnps lor ioy when lold ol lhe Generals capluring the All-Cily wreslling lille. ABOVE: Running lale linds Susan Curry slill in curlers while building spiril on the bus lo Shawnee. ABOVE LEFT: Coach Clarlc and his wresllers walch inlenlly as lhe nexl General allennpls lo pin his man. STUDENTS TN ACTION Ill ABOVE: Pep Club Buddy Jerry Sluclcey. LEFT: Candidales for Pep Club Buddy, Ricky LiHle and Dubby lvlcElvaney give Ernie Nelson a boosf up flue flag pole. NOT PICTURED: Slfian- non Roberson. FAR ABOVE LEFT: Le+lermen's Sweellnearl Susan Swenson. FAR LEFT: Candidales for Le+'rermen's Sweellnearl Pal Maloy, Debbie Bofloms, Susan Swenson, Deb- bie Wilson and Debbie Hansen discuss plans for Pep Club l Dance. l I I2 PEP CLUB BUDDY AND SWEETHEART Susan Swenson and Jerry Stuckey crowned at sweetheart dance For Ten eople The Sweelhearr Dance holds addedpexcilemenl. They are lhe can- didales for Pep Club Buddy and Leller- men's Sweelhearl. The nominalions lor rhe buddy are re duced lo live Two year lerlerman in foorball and wreslling, Ricky Lilrle . . . l'hree year roundballer, Dubby Mclilvane . . .one year lerlerman in baseball, loolball and wreslling, Ernie Nelson lwo year lelrerrnan in wreslrling, Shannon Roberson and one year lerrerman in wreslling, Jerry Sluclcey. Lellermen choose a sweelhearl . . . girls who impressed 'rhem wilh Jrheir slandards ol behavior, personalily, and above all - spir- il. Candidares were Debbie Bolloms, Debbie Hansen, Pal Maloy, Debbie Wilson and Susan Swenson. PEP CLUB BUDDY AND SWEETHEART I I3 Together again, having fun, getting acquainted. Pushing your girltriend around the halls in a wagon, watching the crowning ot Mr. and Miss Howdy, ioining MASH in a cheer at a tense tootball game, and taking a tew min- utes ot your lunch period to read in the sun are all bits and pieces ot student lite at Grant. l-laving tun and participating are things that every General is aware otl "School" is a word that to man people means only studying and worlsing lnard. At Grant, however, students have discovered a new meaning - that ot mixing tun with worlc. School is not only a place to study - it is a place to learn and grow. It is an impor- tant educational toundation that provides the means to create a tuture. I I4 STUDENTS IN ACTION 1! i 3 E 2? pfqf-K y F Jay, Jenny crowned General and Lady during assembly Nervous and exciTed, The Ten candidaTes Tor General and His Lady waiTed Tor The Time oT'The crowning. The journalism deparTmenT, which spon- sors The assembly, chose a Theme oT "Rain- drops." Unlike all oTher queens and aTTendanTs, The General and His Lady and Their aTTend- anTs are chosen by The whole school. Each sTudenT ThaT boughT a yearbook had The privilege oT voTing. AT lasT The Tension and The waiTing are over. The General, Jay Amos was crowned by Cindi EenT, EuTure JournalisTs presidenT, and The General crowned His Lady, Jenny NeTTle. ABOVE RIGHT: Tennis is Jay's rackeTl He spends many hours of pracTice on The courT beTore upcoming maTches. ABOVE: Cheering on The Team, along wiTh being presenT aT decoraT- ing meeTings and numerous pracTices are The iobs of cheer- leader, Jenny NeTTle. RIGHT: Swinging inTo The spoTlighT are The newly crowned General and his Lady. Jay Amos and Jenny NeTTle. I I6 GENERAL AND HIS LADY f--"""""'TMM ss, y ,,....-f so :T 'VN-M..-W ,I -Ns 191. ,.,,..m-H" .f 'IFHY 'M-4 5- ' eh 5 351 id ABOVE RIGHT: The General yearbook royal court Robin I'Iamil+on, Karen Thompson, Jenny Neffle, Janel Oaks. Dana Siegle, David Newell, Ronnie Rilfer, Jay Amos, Bobby Shephard and Danny Andrews. ABOVE: David Newell escorls Robin Harnillon in a lasl minule praclice. RIGI-IT: Concenlra- lion is required for gelfing perlecf aim as Cindy Fenl, Fufure Journalisf presidenl rewards General Jay wifh a Iciss. I I8 GENERAL AND HIS LADY ATTENDANTS "Raindrops" used as theme for journalism assembly lT was The day They had been waiTing Tor EveryThing was going The way iT was planned. The eighT aTTendanTs Tor General and l'lis Lady were waiTing wiTh anTicipa Tion Tor The momenT To begin. They had all checked To make sure everyThing was in place beTore The momenT began The all knew ThaT aTTer The crowning had passe and Things reTurned To normal They would all have To be aT Their besT behavior They all wanTed To show The whole sTudenT body ThaT They were proud To hold Their honor as aTTendanTs since The were chosen by The sTudenTs Themselves. T ey also knew This was The highesT honor They could have received. Robin l-lamilTon, JaneT Oaks, Dana Sie- g e, and Karen Thompson were The aTTend- anTs Tor General's Lady. The aTTendanTs Tor General were Danny Andrews, David New- e , Ronnie RiTTer, and Bobby Shepard. 41.37 WS. xx FAR ABOVE: "CareTul, iT's renTedl" warns David Newell as Robin l'lamilTon comes To his aid. LEFT: ConcenTraTion and undersTanding by The whole crew is needed Tor a smooTh as- sembly. ABOVE: Robin l'larnilTon, Karen Thompson, Dana Sie- gle and Janef Oaks admire The rose bouqueT OT Jenny NeTTle. GENERAL AND HIS LADY ATTENDANTS Track Queen FooTball Queen: l2O SPORTS QUEENS :Diane TipTon Royalty reveals beautyg personality l3ooTball had The TirsT homecoming oT The sporTs session. Sharon Thompson was crowned TooTball queen by Ricky l.iTTle. l-ler aTTendanTs were Donna McGhee, Senior, Michelle l-lornbeck and Susan lVlcEuen, Jun- iors, and Susie l-ludler, Sophomore. WresTling broughT up The second home- coming. Jeanne Yarberry was crowned by Billy Snipes To serve as The wresTling queen. l'ler aTTendanTs were Pam lvlaThis, Senior, Sandy Baker and Judy CassiTy, Juniors and Elaine SmiTh, Sophomore. The honor oT being baskeTball queen was given To Pam Cable. She was crowned by Gene Lewellen. Paula Garlen, Senior, Larol- in Dillie and KaThy Tims, Juniors and JaneT Kimpler, Sophomore served as her aTTend- anTs. The Track Team chose The lasT oT The queens and aTTendanTs. Diane TipTon was crowned by Ricky CarpenTer To be Track queen. l"ler aTTendanTs were l-lolly Vance, Senior, Belinda lvlcDow and Joy PaTrick, Juniors, and Belinda l-ligh, Sophomore. ,ne xv Baslre+ball Queen: Pam Cable Wres+ling Queen: Jeanne Yarberry SPORTS QUEENS l2I - X 0 . y ,Q KN, f J, , . . ' fx '- ,iv , W 'T 5 v ,. ,.-'-'gym V H i .1 f 95-A Y., i, 4 noi . H I V I V! I. rt -.if V. ' 'Q ,i , . . -- , . Missa 1 ffl W r 'K' jg L 5 f if A . x. ,fi , .1 Sports alive with beaut I 22 SPORTS ATTENDANTS FAR ABOVE: Traclc Allendanls, Belinda High, sophomore Joy Pa'rricl:, junior, Belinda MCDOW, iunior and l-lolly Vance senior discuss lhe resulrs of The Norlheasr-Gran? Track rneef ABOVE: Wreslling Aflendanls, Elaine Srnilh, Sophomore Sandy Balmer, iunior, Judy Cassily, junior, and Pam Malhis senior. , 4 """"x f if r' " " I sgmli , i.. A - V is iuws,,,?',i ,fi 3 ' W , N? Q Waving Q - 5 ' MQ ii W 'JE Nfl .4 , '49 ?,,a al fffiigal 1gn ?A 'Vwlfvr' ,fl , Jita Viwrsv-m.virirs1 7 K I Vi? I , if jf f .liififif lfffffllf ' ff ff 4" ,gf 34,4 ,gif liiilfii LEFT: Foolball Allendanlsz Susie l-ludler, sophomore, Susie Mceuen, junior, Michelle l-lornbeek, iunior, and Donna McGhee. senior, Try ou? lhe new we-ighl machine. BELOW: Baslcefball Affendanfs, Janel Kimpler, sophomore, Larolin Dilf lie, iunior, Kalhy Tims, iunior, Paula Garlen, senior, display fheir limiled knowledge of baslcefbell. J' qw... 2 in 5 K SPORTS ATTENDANTS I 23 ,LLL ,Llp X'-:nf jgkf, I 24 DEPT. ROYALTY ,Al J ,,,.W r A w,w:M'f"" F FAR ABOVE: Tlwespian Royalfy, Carolyn Leird and Paul Lan- ders. ABOVE: VICA Royally, Paffy Green and Sleve Gon- zales. LEFT: NFL Royally, Vickie Ellis and Alam l-loll. EAR RIGHT: FBLA Royally JillSmi+l1and Dave lvlarslwall. Department royalty pride and joy looms Thespian students were busy this year with many activities such as the musical production ot the "King and l": sponsoring a Christmas party and initiation, which tondly introduces new members into the club. At their annual banquet held at the Hillcrest Country Club, they crowned Paul Landers and Carol Leird as lhespian King and Queen. VICA members chose Steve Gonzales and Patty Green as their King and Queen. The royalty was crowned at the club's annu- al banquet. The election ot king and queen is a maior event in the NFL activities. Alan l-lolt and Vickie Ellis were chosen to reign tor the l97O-7l school year. FBLA members Dave Marshall and Jill Smith were chosen Mr. and lvliss FBLA at the club yearly banquet held at Glenns Second runners-up were Cindy Doke and Buster Savage. Third runners-up were Linda Talley and Ronnie Winkler. , . ,-,WWI .,,, I " " ""' , . 1 wwf... " 1 I ., MW I ff ff X. . ,. v I if i"" .i-f11 rr i'f gr 4 ly 5' ' if ff WY iff --vg f. kr f 4' V , DEPT. ROYALTY l25 I f f-ff 1 , 1, T w -,ff.fwif, M Aff-mf:-,iff f TNT T T J N h V ' T Maybe the last thing you plan should be first? :VW , ,,.,,W,,,,, , , , . V Mm Af 4 ' W A f' f 2 V ev , V , A f' Ad 0 I d,,,,,y ,if .MWUV 1,4 575 . , M W Z If E if 4 ,A mf.9J:.w-I , ., 1 , e - " . v .. ', Q wk-2 1, M N P ' TNTTT TNTT T M 3 MTM V H K W VV M . I TW, ,,V, Mwrwr MAA fyy, - k . H A - - , W yr' T . N I ' Q T,,,,,T T T ,LVM 'Tl W . "' . 5-ms. lk L K' 'Lynfw T '1' X T ,, -pg i M! T Q fm,Q:'zf3wf'i'5j K 1 4 , K' + --,Mess - - JAH A Qs- '71 t Q sf. k .K Pg.. I . ,, . , , A - S iv Q , Mar if af , 1 - ' Q' T it -s - " a T 5 fffr, S is l27 STUDENTS IN ACTION Yi slr Ni ,it -.5 X, j , :Sig 5 1' as 5 gfix S - .fy 'T' ABOVE: Ricky Carpenfer, Kenne-Th Black, and Judy Cassily awail 'rhe arriv- al of lhe exchange siudenfs from Universily High a+ Norman. ABOVE LEFT: Anile Armsfrong gels caughl' by Cupid, David Peck, during 'rhe NFL spon- sored Cupid's Express. ABOVE FAR LEFT: Poinl a camera, and everyone seems lo be in fron? of il. FAR LEFT: Gary Winfield and Bobby O'Shields. "We'wish you were where we're af," LEFT: Alfer gefling caughl in lhe feachers' lounge, David McCall wonders if his coke was really worlh going afrer. STUDENTS IN ACTION I27 ABOVE: Terry S+anIey, Ben Dodson. Ricky Carpenfer, Jim Conrad, Sieve Fraser. David Peck, Kennefn Black. and S+eve Haffield wafcI1Jon House make a baske+ af The Del Cify bas- Icefbail game. RIGHT: Acfinq-ouf The Nafiyify Scene af Ine- Chrisfmas assembly are DeIberIBircI1IieId and Cyndy Morris. I28 STUDENTS IN ACTION ,.-..-f X 'G Too many activities make student life hectic Assemblies are used to highlight special occa- sions at Grant. They are held tor homecomin and rival games, to pertorm class tunctions sucg as ordering rings and graduation announce- ments, and to celebrate maior holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. U With the help ot the cheerleaders, the pep clubs, and the band, the pep assemblies pro- mote spirit tor the on-coming games, especially the big ones. This gives the students excitement to carry over to the game that night. ABOVE: Cheerleaders Debbie Drislcell and Pam Mathis clap to the sounds ot "Beat Eagles" at Del City Pep Assembly. BELOW: Debbie Judlcins participates in the pep band as they play "The Horse" in an assembly. STUDENTS IN ACTION I29 ,fr issi 3 L I30 STUDENTS IN ACTION Parking violations can cause some sticky situations Each morning during the tirst time block, Mr. Lyle l'lostetter and his aides place vio- lation stickers on cars. Any car in the park- ing lot which is parked illegall , has no stu- dent-parking sticker or is parked over the yellow lines receives a sticker on the driver's window as a warning. Students realize the violations are hardly worthwhile when they tind themselves out in the heat, or talling snow scrapping the sticker ott with hot water and a razor blade. LEFT: Bobby Freeman tinds taking ott parking violation stick- ers a very sticky situation. ABOVE: Teie Woodard practices tor the Friday night poker game. ABOVE LEFT: Spirit Boosters Nikki Whitnah, Donna Thompson, Becky Snipes and Judy Cassity show prejudice toward their tavorite team. ABOVE RIGHT: Displaying General power against Pirates, Eagles, and Knights, Miss Ellis' homeroom wins 3rd place, in the mini tloat contest. BELOW LEFT: Jon l-louse is caught trom behind resting between classes. BELOW RIGHT: Patty Taylor and Kenneth Black tight cold weather at school with a muttler scart. AE 5 5 5195 L -,JLAL , PC'im,',U , UV'Xs 9-15440: v f I .,. p .lsr-,gli ,lla JJ ixf-155' ,, W TX-filiql, ml,-15g'X. 1 fjgtlj L-L .A,, ,315 L Vx gait: 4, wv:,,L .yliji-Z?-w' QL 1 1 Vx,1J,'- k classes w .,p x 4 X 2 X W ,,w.. . ,,1, 1, K K z...L ,.1.L, 'Z ' . 'L W- ff - - r - '-1 any .- .f ,,. . . H ef sq. 7 f -4. 4 1, Q ,ar +f:,,f:y.-r Y.-1.2---'sry' 1-my 'Q .fg xefgg-'ww F52 'ebgixrg,s13g:5'-W' BPPJYMY ' , , . , f 5. 1 W' -ffm: ef ar es, 4 'f ...iq .M ' - -. 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Kimpler Sue Landers Keifh Lindull Debbie Mayo Marla Meler Dan Mellon Lynn Perkins Carlefla Pope Lisa Ridgeway Debbie Srnilh Gary Smifh Vicki Snyder Sheilah Sfevens Paul Thorfon Carol Towell , 5, -W. Sophomores take a step forward AnoTher class has enTered The halls oT GranT and who couldn'T spoT The sopho- mores in Those TirsT days oT school. Puzzled expressions, expecTanT looks and moans oT "l'm losTl" are conTinually being heard. ATTer a Tew weeks, sophomores can'T be clisTinguished Trom The iuniors and seniors. They choose Their class oTTicers and plan- ning commiTTee. Their voices are heard in Pep Club, STudenT Council, and oTher clubs and ouTside organizaTions. They Teel The ex- ciTemenT oT Their TirsT pep assembly and basl4eTball game: buT They also realize ThaT The courses are harder and The TesTs sTiTTer. By The end oT The TirsT semesTer, The sopho- mores really Teel aT home. l.EFTg'Sophomores lv1argareT Newcomb, Terri Fuller and ChrisTi CuTler help supporT Their class by collecTing pop boTTles. ABOVE: Sophomore class oTTicers are Karen TolberT and MargareT Newcomb: RepresenTaTives-aT-Large: Elaine SmiTh, SecreTary: JaneT Rappe, Treasurer and Phyllis Fraser, Vice-President SOPHOMORES I 35 i Abbol, Karen Abshire, Lana Adams, Darla Addams. Eddie Adams, Roger Adams, Sieve Agnew, Jualelha Alcer. Kenny Alain, Sharon Alexander, Joe Allison. Sieve Anderson, Roberi Armslrong, Bill Ashley, Sue Auslin, Debbie Baird, Paul Balmer, Don Balmer, Greg Balmer. Ramona Balmer, Sherrie Balmer, Ted Barnes, Tania Barnell, Ramona Barreli, Claude Basden, Karla Beird, Laurie Berden, Joel I36 SOPHOMORES 5 - as gi A X is ii us- Q4 ,.. , ,r,a. Hx! b Lk, X 3 ' 1 1 1' ' P- A J as 5 ix if 9-K if-Q. .. W K ,3- gy ,fc Q b as ilia iiii L i s 1 4 .si AM 3' i 1 'A in 7 f fr krkk QQ? K 2 ':1- .s 1 ' M - . K . If ff' fff 5 fefl- . r ., ,'..,x, -, , na s Q s x Q, w N X w 2 s. - , . is L vw 'A 1 H Q.. A , as H -.ar Q " 1, K K' L 5 -.9 4 4 D 5 S is XY g .1 1' s 'L if ei ' A ABOVE: Sophomore majorelfe Carol Towell performs "Rock Around" in The Capilol Hill pep assembly. ABOVE RIGHT: Lauren Brisfow, Jo lvlerriclc, and Mi' chelle Phillips shop for a lcnil shirl al Shepard Mall. ABOVE EAR RlGl'lT: Carlela Pope and Liz Pierce give Sieve lvlalhes a quick review before a big lesf. i ,, 1... f- ,A-5 'x A-ff X. . X '72 R ,ev Q-. ev wk l f"'S , , B ' ii w w ' QM an x aj gi an B3 I iwf if ,Fr , 2 I 1' , swim hiliJ h B ,K Ty 54 4 . ii we T f f i sm, ? i . L fi ,. .,m y y ' Llnderclassmen busy around town, school Bealy, Dennis Bellerrnan, Rosa Belding, Ann Belding, Tom Bell, Dan Bennelf, Mike Benson, Lorella Berlrun, James Bird, Cindy Bishop, Renee Bishop, Eileen Blackwell, Viola Blair, Phil Blankenship, Mary Bobo. Gary Boen, Jackie Bolby, Kim Band, Deanna Bordon, Sleve Borias, Benii' Boffoms, Karen Bourland, lersa Bouska, Don Bradford. Connie SOPHOMORES I37 4 Bradley, Mike Brakebill, Janice Branch, Tim Bray, Gary Bray, James Brewer, Kenny Brewer, LeAnn Brewer, Pal Brian, Clark Bridges. Roy Briggs. Sfeve Brisfow. Lauren Brooks, Sfeve Brown, Gwen Brown, Jerry Brunfs, Dan Bryson, Nicky Buchanan, Debbie Buchanan, Steve Buford, Mike Burdill, Kenny Burgess, Linda Burkell, Bobby Burnell, Ronnie Burns. Debbie Burns, Paul Burns, Randy Burr. Susan Burl, Jeff Buzbee, Claudia Cabrera, Roberf Caldwell, Debbie Caldwell, Kayna Calwell, Randy Callaway, Terry Callers, James Campbell, Paula Carpenler, Lou Je Carr, Rosie Carler, Jomell Casey, Don Casey, Kim SOPHOMORES GH . 1 . ., f.,- ,,, ,X ff vs B W will W' M K ' kk kkic I ., A . ERA ,., . 5 K - Q L r yyzy f , K ff c as -ff n s i J ' 3x 1 "' Q, Y ,,... K X . , Q Q K kv X431 lmigiflc' as . j X.. in " AA g K L i . . F lm - -Q. , Q ,:- . ,A ix , t -..c Xi: A - .Wg ,asv Q. , ia J ilil. Si Q is .Q r f' K . AQ in ., X. . 6 j fs' si gli N ' , B 1 1 :.. A3 . ic. x ' 12 - ...fes- H ccci N Q QQ.. Sa .fs- are ga . ni i , 3' Sophomores donate time, effort, money for united appeal -my . -. ,,, ,xg ,. ,. 2 X .xrk , I x L Mis y Q-s. . vw , l 4, 5 K Q... L , ., .N i... - , .- ' -iw JI y tto X LLJ, if C LL"' 3 L'1g.1t ttaa is i " 1 fi- 1 ttt. WN ' -fi . 1:11 K N-is aw., Q tri ' '75 9 X Q 4 , i , Q, .511 , .Q r : 1 "2 'an , ' y x f f X K ,, , A 2 mwgbagx, Q - -Q if , ff. Q- i :Q-ff'.:r W' fsgxi n..,.t , X My Q., ' ft-if li T , FAR ABOVE: Reggy Gray shows Cathy Cornelius that fl AAA we 'W I 3. A' boys can be gentlemen. ABOVE: Debbie Mayo helps ' , . 1 A it j :y ff 'M ' Randy Burns "claim" his United Appeal brick. iz' L . Q. A Xfgg j- I .N....a i S A A iiii " Casey, Ron Caton, Barbra Chambers, Carol Chambers, Johnny Chaney, Greg Chaney, Donna Chaney, Steve Chappell, Bobby Chastin, Robert Chick. Julia Clary. Phillip Clark, Beverly Cleaver, Cheri Clingenpeel, Mary Connell, Nancy Cook, Paul Cooper, Debbie Cope, Mike SOPHOMORES I39 Corbili, JoAnn COFU9l ius, Cailwy Crablree, Vicki Crawiord, Keilli Crawford, fkrdyllw Curnm ings, Sliaron Curliss, Ben Curliss, James Cuiler Dabbs Dailey Dailey Darby. Darlin. Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis. Davis, Davis, , Clwrisli , Kenneilw , Carey , Lynn Lynn Diana Debbie Deefknna Dexfer Mike Paul Sandi Dean, Greg Dicks, Cheryl Dicks, Dixon, Dobbs, Marslia George Lisa Dodson, Danae Dodson, Kailwie Doerin g, Roberl Donaldson, Davicl Dorouglw, Pal "Q 4 A nf, I W 5,-f .. wg, s flag. N gf H 3 .. :.i 1 ,X me X' B ik W s l N ' 3 J is . fi' y ccc, i ssssc is- ccss so oo r X o ' 1' 'iv ii ii A , f in A ssccc L, ...J y V .imfisyx ii.f L, ,Zi if if-N f of i' s F L Q gk ' ki X , a 'ff -X o ' 512 W ii 'sw 'J 2- is fi ,.-s' .sc 'i V' ,J ' -s - . ,L -as Us I i . 0 I 'L af? L K Ii X V , W' I ,"' if . .QR fs 5 ' Q 3 y J, , R rc:-'uk ' 5 f 'Q f , L 5 ,L ' ,, e if A 1 N , xx K S M X Q- Notebooks are dear to hearts of those who intend to pass E' 4 W ,,iW s . l tri E' .i i air .li f - of ff 44 E M - I S QQNJ , N New Vi . ,., sss is E f 'e W' 'i ,J , f Qi fr, R s lj' If 51115. xt - f 'K' it-ft as-e tssj E it Q g g i W tttt4.A lie LEFT: Belinda High and Robby Woods tind a quiet moment to study tor a history test. ABOVE: Debbie Burns thinks "Happiness is knowing the answer." Q 'gi 2 R ..t.. f 1 I Doss. Don Doss, Don Douglas, Cathy Dowell, Jane Dowling, Joyce Downard, Steve Drew, Sylvia Drier. Lana Dudley. Elissa Dunkin, Donnie Dunn, Ken Durbin, Herbert Easter. Debbie Ettinger, Eddie Ettinger, Larry Elliot, Dennis Ellis, Rickey Ellison, Danny SOPHOMORES l4I Elmore. Ted Elrod, Clweryl Emriclc, Mark Fngles, Charlie Ercanbraclc, Susan Esles, Valerie Elclwieson, Toni Esmond, Carla Evans, Riclcy Ewell, Clwarissa Fallarl, Pam Fare, Marina Field, Tommy Finney, Denise Finney, Milne Fislier, Pam Fifzgerald, Kevin Flippo, Cindy Floyd, Becky Floyd, Susan Foley, Debbie Foley, Debbie Folson, Tina Ford, Cecil : f::L' - like KE 'wi 'WFT' e- fi, K X l M so F ils,, i Q le. Q 3 ' E - D ,,s,s i. sv sf.. my rv 1 ,3 '- Nw MFA il ik s ill X Nj ff fi -in ' Y 5 x N I " 55355 V sisrsss i I 1 I42 SOPHOMORES f fi. ,x Y n J . LEFT: Sophomores "kick +he habif' of junior high school. FAR ABOVE: Elaine Smilh fries +o cafch Joe Slapp as he descends from fhe roof. ABOVE: Turning back lhe hands of lime doesn'+ keep Richard King from being lale. Sophomores turn up in the most unusual places around USG 'Ja Q9 YZ, F f f" N 1, 'X V V if 5 , , ,,,.. - ,,', V , , D A f - lluull ,E Z N My Vk:y,: wr A .a . W., 1, ,i , A , ' ,, A lx , W gf' Ai l , J . If ,S V ' iff 'Q ,i ,,"" . ,, x 1, Ai Y Fosler, Sieve Franklin, Greg Fraser, Phyllis Free, Sheryl Freeman, Cheryl French, Allen Fuller, Terri Fuller, Toni Furr, Johnny Gage, Mary Gardner, Vivian Garland, Carol Garrelf, Suzi Garrison, Norma Genger, Suzie George, Gee Gee Gibson, Belh Gillean, Carl SOPHOMORES 143 Gilrealh, Fred Gipson. Juslin Glass, Archie Glass, Susan Golden, Dony Gomez, Joe Grady, Georgina Gray, Reqqy Green, Kandy Green, Paula Green, Rolnerl Grosnicklous, Freddy Grounds, Dana Grubb, Cindy Grubbs, Pam Guiles, Terry Guion, Cynlhia Hageman, Jirn Hague, Conda Hair. David Hall, Chris Hall, Teresa Hanes, Debbie Haney. Jane? lr' 'i if is i -,-,..f- ewbmxg, al' M. i , Q.. N'si3i", ssr as th iw si Em QQ, ' K X N s ssss 1-Sf. gg? 'i5- 5 . fr., i i .:L-. L ' ,Q 1 ii We WA I LR ' 'iii is f' n 5 a amixailk 'FU' 'M' V' 4 gl f4X15 4 ,N K J ,is-fs, 1 J , X, W my 'B 'Mx I44 SOPHOMORES 'X ' 14 + t ABOVE: Jerry Hazlill finds lhe Nunexpecledu ll.ynn Daileyl in his locker, RIGHT: Phyllis Fraser and Regina lvlcCurdy file for a Sludenl Council office wilh presenl vice-presidenl Jeanne Yarberry. i INFOQHAUON Afa., .3 V ' ,, 1 3. 5 '-f fl r e r i S 3 3 . ,W fb, fe ii, Lv, 5, 'I Tex' ' QP! 'L '-if . - fvffv qs I fu K K x L VV, :K ff-VT 31 .V G Q53 ee. li 5 a ., L . t 2 39 11: f , ' ' 'BX Af"' l Q Filing for office is new experience for class of '73 Hanlcins, Kalliy Hanley, Rodney Hanna, Edward Harris, Don Harris, Renee Harris, Rhonda Hayes. Barbara Hazen, David Hazlill, Jerry Heallw, Barry Hefner, Billy Heggy. Rodney Henderson, Don Henn, Laura Herrin. Tana Herrod, Jerry Heslnell, Sharrie Hibbard. Phil V16 SOPHOMORES l45 Hickman, Phillip Higgins, Brenda High, Belinda Hilderbranf, Polly Hillerby, Joy Hill, John Hobqood, Jane+ Hodges, Teresa Hoffman, Mike Holden, Russell Holm, Gaye Hood, Mike Hopkins, Roberf Hoff, Sue Howard, David Howard, Gary Howard, Kennelh Howard. Sandra Howard, Sherry Howe, David Hubble. Kenny Hudler, Susie Huffman, David Hughes, l.ucre+ia Hughes, Randy Humphrey, Elmer Hunsaker, Sherri I46 SOPHOMORES 3 NX if ,. X if -ggi , . Kr l K nf ig . .5 'X P+ Ex , ,IE 5 -Pk 'V' NBL? X E' lii' E. l if :Lf ,,s,, -' Bs 5 S .H fn, 3 Www-X E A iii gs x N X yr y Ti VJ 5, V,,, ,sy ' , .. Y fy K ,K Q K . K i Li I R rg' i V , s 1 l In ..x sl J-au, 5 B lii isisrs ABOVE: Tim Branch demonslrales a new way fo gel from class lo class. ABOVE RIGHT: Sammy lvlcElvany carefully wipes oil lellfale lingerprinfs from brofher Dubby's car. FAR ABOVE RIGHT: "Slippery when wel". Sophomores bring new ideas to Grant Hunfer. Jim Hunfinqion, Paul Huri. Jerry Hufcninson. Debbie Huffon. Mike Huxley. Teresa Harsey. Renee Harris. Roberr Hervey, Susan Issac. Kevin Jackson. Jackson. Jackson. Jackson. Jackson. Jackson. Jackson. Elaine James JoLyne Kaiiiy Linda Mickey Terre James. David James. Jonnny Jefferson. Barney Jefferson. Tkieodra Jinkins. Dennis Johnson. David Johnson. Rebecca SOPHOMORES I47 Jones, Charley Jones, Eddie Jordon, Clill Judd, Jerry Judlcins, Debbie Keel, Denise Kelley, Terry Kelsoe, Paula Kendrick, Allen Kennedy. David Kenedy, Roberl Kermicle, David Keisperl, Cindy Kilgore, David Kimpler, Janel King, Kenny Kirby, Cheryl Kirlcliam, Larry Kling, Sieve Koleno, Tracy Kramer, Anifa Kurila, Don Lacy, Jerry Lakin, Penny ff I A Izz ,, A rx r,fy, v rv i PM 74 an L 5 r i L .f1, . r i lir r K ' K ' K 4' ZA ,,,,, ',,rii'i . ffr. ,- yi, , ,, i i U , . V ii V ..,, Y , Y I , M ,. ev, y ,K , 2 rr, , r,,, ,.,e , L XV vga 1 L ,, 2 ,,y V V ',,, ,F ., ,x .1 V, , y , . v ,,, U ay J ,.VyL I ,ily I i 4 ,K Dx, ' A 4 , ' 15, 'VV 'rl I F' A. 'rr 3 G if 44 wlizrtv 'I' 7 5, A kyrk :W i l l i p' , Z 8' H, 1 i . 8 , .K -0 "3 7+ , , . gi, V ff' Y 'fm L K! "-i .Fei Q, x y U ,.,f . 5. il 1, 742 i Q f k 3514 QXQQQQQ S12 3 A ,APY ffm 3'riY l4"bT L Wilffifflj C953 5 f ,. ,WW fi XSAQO I48 SOPHOMORES 'J -i Y I fi ., Y . f ,, JF -is vw, w,,,,,,f.- K .g1Y.,vav..- ,v Y. W' w?Q5l..ykx,,,. 5 -fffgvif ,. fi L AQ, A "H eg-wvfg ',i' - ii ?fZi55iE ?F?".1?-" A 'N LEFT: The boys' gym class receives some inslruclions from lheir sludenl leacher. Mr. Slephen Slrong. FAR ABOVE: Elhel lvlcGowen linds changing a lire hard even wilh a lillle help from a friend. ABOVE: Miss l-lunl malces sure Farron Dodd will gel his homework done. Sophomores discover unknown abilities in new experiences 4-iii e pk , W ,iailg-I , is es 'Y A L ll Q,-M 5 sssid , 3 - A 1 iii' " if K- i-jf V .Q -fs ., os L fi 1 -we mn' A Uv 1 - . 33, in . Y X, Q I Lamberl, Richard Landers. Sue Langford, Jana Langslon, Kennelh Larson, Joe Lalhrop, Russell Laveen, Charles Lawson. Benny Ledlord, James Lee, Roberl Leeds. Paul Leveridqe, Tony Leveridqe, Deborah Lewellen, Terry Lewis, Milne Lindsey, 'Debbie Lindsey, Larry Lindull, Keilh SOPHOMORES I49 Linn, Gary Loclc. Ronnie Loilin, Lynn London, Ronnie Long, Laura Lopez, Monica Lurnan, Gary Mann. Sleye Manspeclcer, Ricliard Manuel, Kalliy Maples, Cindy Marcum, Ronnie Marsln, Sieve Maesliall. Nancy Marlin, Jamie Marlin, Judy Marlin, Keilli Marlin Paula Mason Glenda Mass Sfan Massey Merle Mallies, Harold Maflies Sleye Mafliey Kevin Malliies, Doug Maflwis, Rudy Mauldin, Greg Mauldin Plwyllis Maxwell Jirnrny Mayo Debbie v ,, Z, -M M ' be A , f f7': my 'M' Vk,,' W- :VV J if , it L iiii V yyyyf ' '-', ,Ei 4415! 1,i iliii M -i 'Cf iv iiiiiii ii mi ' mf fx F: . .."r" , iiii i L ' i Q i 1 r a 'M f mi 1 V A 1'1" , L Q be -M "' ri all R' af fr i t d f' X I ,pix V fi ff,r ,,,A Vxky -Q... 2 .Y ,, L, , 8 J y A yy , tr ,,,y . I, , y ,fi . - , , ' ii if ..ci TN ,X ciii si 3 B W - .1 . .'- 1 pp M g .i M In -n' X' "1 53,5 X , P' 'N , R -- -. tif y , . Q R- ' -1 -Q 1 ,K 1 I. .r,y , i., , V I j 1 Rffl . I . 0 X A f ' IX 'Q ir' l I wi R i i - lore, ,. L i 1 K.. or - - , . R 'Q i ,J f- "i 7' A sum: i ., i gc R ' v i W R ' ffl l R ' itil X 1 I t 'fa it l 1 if . . 1 ww. M iff, Q G tudents study hard with high ambitions of becoming juniors l x K? se at L! if ri 533 Vg - tlr N V xr i M e D Q ,. QV? r D be 1.-.. mf is Q ' 1 4 f' 'me if "LEW ri 4, ,pvc l i f c i 4 in ,hc ff ,Qi y ik J ..iX Q i I iii .X f rg i C y 'S I ing, some bored. and some sleeping. i LEFT: The new iwo and a half hour classes found some work- s 2 .Y I Q an , E.. f .Yff , X Q 'fr A XX - sag mifixi 2 .. we " J i, Mayo, Nancy McAlis+er, Jim Mcfxnally, Debbie McCann, Michelle McCollum, Eva McCoy, Shane McCullan, Deb McCurdy, Rhonda McCurdy, Regina McDaniels, Don McDonald. Terry McDowell, Linda McElvany, Sammy McEuen, Jerry McGarry, Pai McGilberry, Charles McGown, Erhel Mcezowen, Sleve Mclninch, Sieve Mclnnis, Nancy McLaughlin, Charollfe McLaughlin, JD McLean, Randy McManus. Bobby McMarrin, Don McMillan, Kim Meador. Larry Means, Sherry Meggs, Henry Meler. Mark SOPHOMORES I 5I Mellon, Rickie Mellon, Vickie Merediih, Ray Merrick, Jo Mezas. Doroflwy Miller, Deanna Miller, Renee Miller, Larry Miller, Ricky Miller, Denise Miller, Tony Mills. Karen Millspauglw, Richard Miiclwell, Bobby Molbley, Terry Molwr, Melba Moncls. Sandra Monical, Ron Monfqomery, Greg Mon+qomery, Mike Monfqomery, Pam Moore, Jamie Moose, Kaine Morgan, Kelly Morgan, Russell Morwell, Joel Mosslwarf, Granl' Mounfford, Mary Mounday. Sieve Murcer, Randy Murrow, Jackie Myers, Bruce Myers, Larry Myers, Lyndell Nance, Dennis Negrin, Danny Nelier, l.aDonna Newcomb, Margaref New+on, Keifli Noble, Pam Nolfon, Dan Norfon, Bruce I 52 SOPHOMORES , ? , r-s ' 53 . I? 4. -1- 3 iw D23 ,, 'ak 4 Q my - Q - N . J ,,, -x. ga. AC- X' :V 5' , s W 3 r 'Q , -.ew -Q s vfN R if A -i it ,yr -iff ? ' ,. ..., QF is X? N fiii L, ,s li M as lip : X X -I. N , 232: 'A 'ii' ' I ' Q " ss, , I - K 44.5 Q ,u ,im M n N I r s 5' A 1 if Q f Q. K 2 K ll ' y , issy Q 1 DM my y , R E55 KJ 3 .3 W I PRE f oo , i -" i 4 +-. L. " K ' K "4 U .D if . ,.. ,, gg, . ' Ar "" s E K .i A74-is X P- if i A ss is , M , f' K E x V rb tg nf i,,,s . A LX, ,.,k fix .. , i - 'Ei 11: in .X 3 - . si ' . ,K ii - A 2 iifi. "L . fi " 'D -l M K "" N' M K s K ac, A . i,, f Ass, f-Q ,,,-f' . FAR ABOVE: Charlie Engles finds if hard To escape and waich for ihe feacher af The same lime. ABOVE: Cindy Grubb Thinks Phil Blair's hand provides a firmer grip ihan ihe rail. Sophomores explore new surroundings, make new memories A -1, ,nf rf 'P , -- "' + S X Wyv f . . '1 K 1 - .Mei f. ss -s . ,. ' 'K ' - :sl aff 3 Q. ..- . ..., 1 W My 'C N , ig ' T ,. ,s-- - Tm., . .... , J, .. . . y o f W. ff Q ,, ,, 'Q ffi S .3 ' 1 i V 1 is ss, if . ci Q K , f X, W . "' 'pi N C 4-,sv ,ff f Oakley, Terry Oglesby, Sieve Oldenbury, Danna Oofen, Selifa Oversireei. Charissa Owen, Geneva Parks, David Paichin, Debra Pailerson, Dennis Paulk, Joyce Pelham, Meri Pepe, Ronald Perkins. Lynn Perkins, Pally Pery, Janice Perry. Sieve Phillips, lvlohelle Pierce, Liz SOPHOMORES I53 Pierce, Lynda Placicer, Robin I U , Poe. John i 'ZZZ in k"' -- Q 1 A' Poe, Kenneih Pope. Cariera ii J Q 'i Pool. Roberi ' N 5 Ki I iw ww ar CX Y i 5 F Porier, Edwin Poieeie Randy Powers, Mike . 'X , ' Praiher, Sieve ig f ' h ii 'gg XX Prafi. Joe 4 i 5 . W' 'XX " Price. Carol L J 'ii ii N' i II, gg,-x x 'X . ii zdddz L ,. ' X W i d dd ff n ' - fir w on ddddd 1 Y . my , . li. Price Cindy Price Jef? ly Prince, Linda g Picker? Charies 1- . .. 1 L ii' ifiiii gg x ,, A Puiiin Penn ni 'Q v N ' WK 'N s f., 'Q Porser can X - QQ 5 Ll 1 gl ii -qi , ii fi i.4. if i X 1 ,..-Q '- Q. K fl, X i L i - X Quayygx Penne -S A.. I wk: k gi i E I - Qgimian, pai' 'N' Quinn Mary Q Rainbow Keifh , Roiden Gayian 1' 4 fl- Q- 5- F 1 Rappe Janet Q ' ' P ' ix, ' i -. fix- I ,. i, ,N l A W K. y rg ,J L r K A L Z . . -' Q ix ii Q l To 1 ' ABOVE RIGHT: Keyin Fiizqeraid proves io Mike Sheiion fhai Yhe war of IBIQ was realiy in l8!2. ABOVE: The iirsi day of schooi Found fhese sophomores confused as io which way io go. I54 SOPHOMORES 1 r"-'Ns "iv-,s.f"""'s -...nf ww' -Q, "Hl I ,:f' ,I'I "'. ,,- :I . ,-we 11, EV W -f .ff K Sophomores confront problems, practice forming solutions f' ff- ,. ' A an M X A 5 . V V , i sr-'Mi' Q., x . .. - 1.. , Q .. im' is ' xg Q 'S cr crcr . , , ' - kc.- 3 K .am - ,si K fb , 1 is. L . -'Ritz 52. N t s at R tt t l 1 Xi ' r-1'1 ' 'R 7 " it R' .. 5 cc'tt , A X ' ff -1 'R ' X-1' ' mn' . me ,. t,,g,,..,, . X it ,W .tk , .. .V 1 .. - i -, T f R "" ii s S K 't-- ' , . .t..-- - . t- 2 T lt I ' 4 - 'x-1: 1 Q 'K 'k., Vi 1 -f RR- 1 itil, 511. W' K . . .- Q + - fe oooto' fs 1 R 4. is sw '- y Q 5 if in 1 1-K ,y f A .,4 Reed, Denise Reed, Mark Reeder, Jimmy Reid, Steve Renaker, Pathy Reynolds, Jenni Rhodes. Forrest Rhodes. Robert Rich, Senida Rich, Wadonna Richardson, Carlton Ridgeway, Lisa Riley. LaRita Ritchie, Barbara Rivera, Paul Robbins, Larry Roberts, Don Roberts, Stan SOPHOMORES I55 Roby, John Rode-n, Sheryl Rodriguez, Wayne Roland, Janice Rolland, Sieve Ross, Barbara Ross, Terry Rowland, Gary Rozin, Janiece Rushing. Jerry Russell, Debbie Sanders. Diana Sapp, Chuck Savage, Jerry Schilling, Henry Schmoldl, Marcia Schuler, Lindsey SCOTT, Calhy Scoll. Susan Scowden, Sleve Selby, Debi Sewell, Pam Shafley, Denise Shaw, Mike Shelfon, Ann Shel+on, Mike Shelfon, Wanda l56 SOPHOMORES 4'5- l Tak 5' T9 af N X. f T I l X E R has 'R T r f i 5 i f i.i" 'wr'-'11 LL-- , " T X , as T X 'i ,ug , 4 ,fn . Lacie X ,.. A qqy . ,miie , f- arias -,., , v . f ,QR Y T t ik ABOVE: Looks like Rudy Malhis is a lilfle lafe, ABOVE RIGHT: The Pholography class dernonslrafes The righl way To lake a piclure? ABOVE FAR RIGHT: Even Though 'rhere's no sunshine Mary Clingenpeel slill keeps a smile. 1 ,, , iq i x 'V A if 1 I I Sophs break away from old patterns . 5, M, ' ggi, ' ,,a rf' 3 ,, a in a J J in , X lg J ff' ,f ""' , aaaa Q! if J H' 95, i if in ', , A "3 1 a f Q75 f 'lla - lf' f M aa,, 5 L , ,,:,,,,- rr Vytg V 8 in fl' J 2 ., gg! , S 5 QV T, ,.- Q , il . Q 4 an m ml aa fl l'l A J 'J ' . 1 91 ir :gi ,,,,, 7 4 ,, ,ix oil.. V V A F A ,fi - . M , gr ,433 A l if L , f li 3 M... axaf J 'i ala f I nn. ff? -in wg .,, ' Srnilh, Elaine Sherman, Rodney Sherwood, Larene Shipman, Freda Shoemaker, Lorana Sholner. Madeline Shook, Debbie Shournaker, Janice Shrum, David Shull, Gayle Shells, James Shumard, Randy Sills, Barbara Sims. Derinda Sinclair, Bill Skaggs, Deanna Skrapka, Carl Skusser, John Smallwood, Cheryl Smith. Anile Srnilh, Brenda Smilh, Debra Smilh, Debra Smilh, Debbie SOPHOMORES I 57 Smilh, Donna Smillw, Gary Srniflw Leslie Smifln Roberi Smifln, Sheryl Smillw, Sleven Snow, Anifa Snyder, Vickie Sober, Glenn Soullierland, Par Spencer, Cafnerine Spifler, Floyd Sracey, Jackie Slandridqe, Ronald Slanford. Kennerlw Slapp. Joe Slark, Beverly Slarkes, Vicki Sfarr, Carl Slasyszen, Jolin Slevens, Sheilali Slevens, Larry Sfevenson, James Sfeward, Frank Sriclwer, Diane Slinley, Debbie Sfinson, Gene Slokes, Rifa Sfokes, Susan Srone, Pam Sforey, Callwy Sullivan, Mike Sussana, Susan Sykes, Brian Trusley, Connie Tabor, Kennelli Talboll, Debbie Tannelnill, Lorerfa Tanksley, Roger Tarnow, Janel Tale, Kallwy Taylor, Julie I58 SOPHOMORES 'xi 1, Wy' S ,fx - ' "Xc - ,.. 'CII' " 4' M M T 1 ai, ,,, . 3 4 ,P YR, . , ' .. cw or g"2-fe 1-Q N my E k X 'W i . .. 'P' is f" 'vw ' " gy 1, " xl ,. . f. A 1, M fy ,MN .-f- yq. I -6, W A " - ,-f'i'i-:ga f'i ii i": 1214 il , . : T E? Q A K: ' I .,, ak. ,4,,-ami -c 'l'- J ll! Ig rrrr Q J ' Sus Wx 'yi :LL r wh xt ,t SM ,N ' H- be le- 2 1.55 2 M r' M - ""' ff? , ii V - ' ' ,cear ,, 1 x N- K ' ' 5 I . :ir A vs- i 'NCI i -wsu. .E X .rr '39 5 1 I ,,,, "ir G HL. 1 ' a ' 15? "' 5 ,J1 0 M 'M' Ex ,. .1 N-N i .. '1' Q. D G J 'a iii '- , A y . .r fr ,Rn . A K :E ' I K .wi X' ry V ,""X A , .. -',. , fl 8 -Z'-""?il l I 'LT X i -I T , ,Ju 1 1, .N -. ' X xx.: YK Lx,N, ,X X ,juni ,J K , , i xk, Rm, six .QR x, X V Q X . .. , . . . . 4 l , QM ,I , .W X .X -. xx 'X X, ,, T 'x ' Vs. . Av-A , . , - i ' ' N . : -X , N . ,f , f Old skills improve with much practice , A J Q T MT Fi TT TT T 1 iii f "1: 2122, gf if ' xg iii Q i 4 as. W if ,A , K2 Y? ' iiiii il f i , :'-: Wif i I f r Wy Q ' if':g T-T 1 T Q 14' 'T 'T NN A - ' si Y , ' W is i T . s T ' FAR ABOVE: Janel Tarnow and Greg Mauldin prove A is A iiii 'Q 3 fhal Hanylhinq goes" in arf, ABOVE: Praclice makes A-4-ff?" '-- A I Q-an , perlecl is Sandi Davis' molfo. A 11 i sssssis is .ff 3 s fo r L , Taylor, Mike Taylor. Pafli Teague, Marcus Tesferman, Alberl Tevis, John Thomas, Carolyn Thomas, Gaye Thomas, Joy Thomas, Linda Thomas, Ted Thompson, Clifford Thompson, Mike Thornfon, Paul Tidwell, Ricky Tilley. Allen Tinsley, Cheryl Tinlon, Laurel Tolberi. Karen SOPHOMORES I59 Tomlinson, Nifa Tomlinson, Randy Tooker, Fred Tolfen, Terri Towell, Carol Trail, Debby Truskey, Denise Trusley. Johnny Tullis, Debra Tyler, Terry Underwood. Don Undsey, Debbie Valledo, Dora Van Noy. Rod Vansickle, Ted Varner, Cheryl Walker, David Walker, Vickie Wanfland, Randy Ward, Dean Washam, Toni Wafkins. Benny Wafson, Mike Wafson, Mike Wayne, Rickey Weaver, Ellen Webb, Carolyn Weese, Carla We-sf, Allen West Craig West Sfeve Whilaker, Carole While, Charles Whilehead, Melody Whiling, Randy Whifmore, Sharon I6O SOPHOMORES Sophs will remember '7I as great year w x. ,M ' D 'lfi iii six .. Q M gg fif a- fe 1+ r ' . , ,sf . I -ix , --X i . ,K K -3 gy . 3 k"'bv K , 7 r M' -wx.. fa , K. is E ..., ., , ' 2 Q J Q K sv r rrri y f gg A l f "" fi. .... -v., A f 43 r 'W me 15 1 x QQ' 'Tri YQ- ff ., f W f fvx l f M.. .- ,rf RQ, I 'S l , .1 ' X is i v11,-,,., N i -1 ,re r aaa ', " iiiii X 5 . ii .:, ' 1' 5 A Q 'K a M I EX N w e , 2 1 K ,S I V . is Ei 9 ' D. aa, D R, f w.. -1, f QQSQY ,, k . X,- i . QQ -N ,Eta "" xl Q ,. lcd Q ., Q93 it in 35329 fs -r .i-islam I uw so X if Q, sv X Q n 535- .. f 4:-vu. ' Sophomores noi piclured are: Baker, Becky Bane, David Barber, Don Barela, Jane Barker, Glenna Black, Ade lda Bolin, Gene Buckley. Linnell Casfleberry, Dennis Coy, Sieve Dodd, Farron Dunn, Mark Dunn, Ricky Easier, Kim Ferral, Sherlene Freeman, Scofl 3 ,g f . x 7' 4 Fa ,nm ix 2, Qi X, Ea ,ggi K xi -Q X f- i , Hall, Randy Halsread, Sandra Harvey, DeeAnn Hazelrigg, Sfeve Hilmas, Gary Holding, John Homer, Ronald I-lunf, Bill Jackson, Glenda Jones, Charles King, Richard Lee, Dale Maddox, Karen Mauldin, Jody Maxwell, Joel McMas+ers, Dennis Mellon, Dan Middlebrooks, Jack Middlelon, Debbie Milner, Ray Riley, Delberr Rose, William Sanderson, Eddie Shaw, William Skinner, Jusfin Smifh, Gary Smifh, Glen Smiih, Jack Terry, Charlene Wallis Roberr JG i s 'fi N 5 ki re Wigley, Mike Wilkes, David Williams, Debbie Williams, Jackie Williams, Jeff Williams, Penny Williams, Perry Williamson, Joy Williamson, Kennelh Wilson, JoEllen Wilson, Rhonda Wilson, Sreve Windsor, Larry Winfield, Donnie Winkler, John Winlers, Rocky Woodraska, Roberr Wolf, Larry Wood, Diana Woods, Robby Woods, Thomas Woo+en, Nancy Worrhern, Sid Wright Leslie Wrighi. Linda Zink, Doug SOPHOMORES Ibl Junior class sets high goals for year Two years down and one To go. The Junior Class presenTed The play "Flowers Tor Alger- non" on OcTober 28 and 29. This was one oT The many ways They earned money Tor The prom ThaT was given To The seniors oT '7 I. The prom ThaT had been dreamed oT Tor so long was held aT The lop oT The Mall. Any iunior ThaT was connecTed in any way wiTh planning or preparing oT The prom will never TorgeT all The work ThaT-wenT inTo iT To make iT a hisTory- making prom. The biggesT exciTemenT oT The year Tor The juniors was The receiving oT Their class rings. The decision oT which ring To choose was very diTTiculT wiTh all The many diTTerenT sTyles, sTones, and meTals. Every iunior ThaT received a class ring had a special way oT moving Their hand To show ThaT They were proudl up-in i 1 Q, .st K xx , 'YW' ff-'N VJ :X :ix 5 . Q Junior Class Planning CommiHee Alvarado, Della Bradford, Anile Bryant Vicki Copeland, Donna Crook, Kevin Dodson, Ben Dupree, Viclci Forbes, Chrisly Freeman, Debbie Hall, Alisa Lane. Rusly McCallum, Jan McDougal, John McEuen, Susan Miller, Denise Muse. Gene Pafrick, Joy Schmidt Sherrie Shamblin, Linda Sifers, Bobby Smifh, Nancy Taylor. Paffi Tims, Karhy FAR ABOVE LEFT: Members of lhe Junior Class Plan- ning Commiffee find a new place for Their meelinqs. The new Mumrners Theafre. FAR LEFT: Junior Class officers are: Debbie Cossey. Represenlarive-al-large: Donna Thompson, Secrefaryz Kenneih Black, President Becky Snipes, Reporler: Jay Newell. Represenfafive- ar-large: Connie Dunlap, Parliamenfarianp Barb Green and Susan McEuen, Treasurersy and Pam Webb, Rep- resenlarive-af-large. ABOVE LEFT: Juniors Alisa Hall and Sreve l-laffield. assisled by sophomore Debbie Foley, pui a final Touch To homeroom posfer for 'rhe Tulsa Memorial game. LEFT: Lorraine Fifzgerald. Kafhy Tims, and Susan McEuen promofe spirif during The bus ride fo Shawnee. JUNIORS I63 Adams, Berry Adams, Monly Adelmann, Guy Anpeafone, David Alexander, Gerald Allen, Rickey Alvarado, Della Ambrose, Rlwonda Anderson, Andrea Anderson, Glenda Anderson, Linda Anderson, Bob I64 JUNIORS Most juniors have learned way around bf ,eaa 1 1 W: Rav . V' ' f A lllll 5 n f if-is " : A :.. verse. t ..,f s , A 5 gk ...--N A .r,- G fi .,.: ff '1'll f A RIGHT: Paula Kemp can? believe Thar llwere is a room 300 al Granr, K , U3 ua' mx U R Elm? ' . . g' M 5 .1 'Q ,' H' SI" -. 1 E, 'V' 'I' X," i X 'iii ,Q R J' y' if. . W: f"Xl ,rf A t J, .Xxx Q -iirsg , 5 J" y B f si M air , r .Q fi f r 1 Q.- ' ' . 5' "l " ' -N A .. ww, ' ' 'I - .f vi Lfvq f g r 2 'f . N " T ' A NE 1"l.j X. - ' ' K .L g ., , i , . in , so f- 33 'el "' 'L . LL 'Q 'tk . I A y A Y , x 4 3' M .. gl , , x , - A X ig A-1-jew . 3 i , Z-Q, Q li gi i I ff- 1- 5 . ,Q 4 f X x r- ' T gy-u 5 gk X i r 9. A ,ww f', 'N Z .. auf" V vel Anderson, Tonnie Anfinoro, Mike Armsfronq, Anira Armsfrong, Claudia Arnold, Richard Ashley, Sylvia Ashworrh, John Aufrey, Sherrill Baker, Brenda Baker, Pam Baker, Sandy Baker. Tony Baker, Vern Ballou, Paul Bane, Pam Barber, Billy Barber, Wayne Barker, Sherry Barnes. Keirh Barreff, Reba Bafernan, Debbie Barfles. Sandra Beck, Janer Belew, Renee Bell, Gary Bell, Kafhy Bell. Mark Bennelf, Donna Berry, Parricia Billings, Glenn Birchfield, Delberf Birk, James Black, David Black, Kennerh Black, Palricia Blefhrow. John JUNIORS I65 Blumenfhal, Marsha Bobo, Sherry Boggs, Richard Bolloms, Mike Bowman, Mike Boydslun, Harry Bradford, Anifa Bradley, Freddie Bradley, Ronnie Brazeal, Sharon Brewer, Kurf Bridges, Terri Brislol, Wayne Brown, Karen Brown, Nina Brown, Pally Browning, Candy Brozek, Pafli Bruemmer, Paula Bryanf, Vickie Buchanan, Mike I66 JUNIORS Q" Na. S -,J ., 5 'MY .-T s - . - , . xg : figs 1 ., X 'F W z Y Bs W I z Q ,LN ' A 1 A if ,,,a B is Q N' :EQ , ,. , s F is as B feee, ee,,ia iii nnn a x! Qfifa ii ,A i Qwi 4 'N sl X ii' ,ok N... I 'Nu l BMBBW B ia V cf-xr' Q Q' S l f A Af W' A' f. X , my Zkz , .L T, J, ki . mf gr h I. :vs-Q SN 3:7 fp! NT .g hwe tg L fx. K i A e , k s A rf FAR ABOVE Debbie Mears fells Janie Skrapka Thal Granl has lhe ball noi' Soufheasl ABOVE Juniors re ceived +henr class rings before Thanksgiving The Class of 721 Juniors treasure symbols of class ,- - , Ex ff? .. . I '44 aw, is as is .X i 1 Q 'l 4 as an D N V- fl I f.. EX' . ,ii a Z J -J --l Q 'A' C ga bi D "r7' '- W s,r.. is , , ,:,. P I y , hx x i ,, s C yy i asm L ss ' K J , J., K ,Q M X T! fu 3 -- D I be Y 5 . Lx- -5 Y 'Cas .. C if , vi' :,- i K g l W Z, I K ' ' leg D' H ' 'Q -1 be . i inf H21 5 an I fi To I ge in Burlcell, LuAnn Burns. lvlargie Cabrera, Phillip Caldwell, Barbara Cambell, Denise Canlwell, Luanne Carnes, David Carpenler, Rick Carlwrighl, Darrell Casey, Pal Cash, Debra Cassily, Judy Cafo, Carol Cerrnalr, Janel Cerrnak, Janice Challis, Pal Charnplin, Jerry Chaney, Paul Cheafham, Eric Chrislian, Viclor Claxlon. Lawrence Clay, Charles Clay, Jack Cleaver, Ba rba ra Clemenl, Al Cliflon, Brenda Clingenpeel, Sara Cloyde, Jan Cobb. Debi Colley, Debbie Colley, Nancy Cohoori, Melissa Coleman, Connie Coleman, Rebecca Collamore, Gary Conrad. Jimmy JUNIORS I67 Cook, Tommie Cooper, Charles Copeland, Donna Corn, Cookie Cossey, Debbie Cowden, Bill Coy, Sieve Craig, Sieve Craven, Debbie Crawford, Brad Crawford, Jerry Crollord, Jean Crollord. Lou Crook, Kevin Cross, Bruce Cummings, Randel Curry, Susan Daniel, Debbie Darlin, Duane Darrow, Pal Davenport Donna Davis, Debbie Davis, James Davis, Keillw Davis, Pliyllis Davis, Roberl Dean, Ricky Decker, Palricia Decker. Ricky Dees, Micliael DeWoody, Vance Dial, Doug Dillie, Larolin Dillon, Jolinny Dixon, Corliss Dixon, Gayla Dixon, Jean Dodd, Brooks Dodson, Ben Douqlily, Sliarla Douglas, Clwrisly Dowell, Ken I68 JUNIORS V 36 is " .f"'1 ' S ii . - . 1' l k if -, B ' f i 1 we ., 'Q f We.. . t V ,cg 1, A ' ,S 'F 5 . K , as f Q sf is R" Q S ,J -1 rm' iw ii T' ss is s , m..,XgFkX . I in-N I N I 3. y 5 Rx K , K , ' ,,,, ,C ,-33 " f w.wq i M i 11-33,4 C lv .sz as B ez- ,, , ii , I f S- fi ' i i i .s-- AAU' " iii' ii- D. QQ, A I X :,2 U X l 1 ,X ,E 3 .M i G f Q G .ar I li 3 . ' K X . N L ,.,,, ,,,, C y ,, y 1 N f if ' 'W V if -l Q - . . , A 6 V ax.. rf f is J 2 'f B X af, J 5 5,5 , i' Q 1 s s y il f y ,L ...M 2 N L alil, Ll 5 r fx? .lg fb- . . Ninn, ps... 'Qi ,-,Q A 'ik 4-X, .ii 1 Q ix an i ,- I W. ,K x H ,pc 1 is fs : B' B X were Q ' SN-K J 'Gi is we ""'.f9Ws ,. V-W - Practical skills studied b juniors X L Ny 's's L ,:,, ' gy "' by , V S if my 3, li ff: ' a 3 - L i as 5 16 f ix R Y 'swf l ie, .. gs Q L' is M sf , asf: A L x N ,N - Q ' ,F g V' 4. H - if Q iiixvfi W ' I llllll E F f I 1 iiil I , ,. AX Q 5 , -,. me as-wP"" .1 Uh. R fee! Dowling, Viclci Downey, Denise Downs, Palsy Dozier, David Drabelc, Garry Drabelc, Nancy Drislcill, Debbie Dunlap, Connie Dunning, Roberl Dupree, Vickie Durbin, Pnyliss Dye. Larry Dyess, Bonila Eaves, Rockey Elder, Don Ernbrey, Susan Ervin, Vicci Esles, Diane Evans, Jonn Eallwell, Donna Ferguson. Linda Finlc, Don Fifzgerald, Lorraine Flanagan, David ri LEFT: Dale Mallwis lauglws al Pally Declcers inlerprelalion ol ie vais a lecole a US. Grant ABOVE: Pally Green gels l'ier lingers in flue way wnile frying lo malce a curl. JUNIORS l69 Flaniken, Kenny Fleming, Mark Floyd. Barry Floyd, Cheryl Forbes, Mary Ford, Vickie Fosler, Debbie Founlain, Joe Fowler, Connie Fancher, Reginald Frankenlield, Anne "Generals got soul" at pep assemblies e e ly, ie R ' fs Q Q W - A , A Franlz, Sue Free, Debbie Freeman, Sherri Freeman, Shirley Frilz, Terri Fuller, Gary llurr, Randy Gailher, Roy Garlow, Sam Garrell, Jerry Garrison. Bobby Gales, Gary Genlry, Ram Genlry, Susie Genlry, lvlillon Gibson Karen Gibson Linda Gillean Ricky Gladden, Dawn Glass, David Glass, Diane , ,syss R , ' few C., s , .. Q2 xi A -'X 1 WV' ii- M? g -- C A Q a s sss 1 ss, 'W as G as y M I ,A V . . XX y k 2 X ESQ' 4 5 Aty , , A ' M D xxx ' - A , ...I J C4 iix K l 'fx , rv 1 New C' if Q as Gleayes, Sharon Godwin, Debbie Gomez, Charlie Goodbrake, Linda 170 JUNIORS K i , ss - 4 in C x ii Alias ii gl l ' '., .7 Q2 Q, XX 6' y 4 AA f 'U' 5 L, ,px f W fr- ,N .M N Goodson, Terry Gorrelf, Chuck Gorfschaik, Gienn Goure Mary XNLW' ,I ara, 5 Q F In Graber Chrisfy 2,1 ar , V Gray Ada Q - x g 'Q fHgfi'Q"5 ,MV f v- ,,,,., Q , . . is Y , "1'K Q ff 14 fa..- . 'f , N fu- ' r,,r F' fy' 2, 3 , 'T Af ef' di ew' ' M..-f , ,Lir ,, . , S Green, Barbara Green, Marva Green, Parry Gregson Keifh Griffin, GaiT Grihferh Debbie Griffith, Roberr Griqsby, Gary PAR ABOVE LEFT: Nancy Drabelc urges The sfudenf body To aHend The Band Spagheffi Dinner. CENTER LEFT: Friday niqhfs bring mernbers of MASH foqefher. LEFT: 'iEn+er- raining The froopsii is Susan Turnbow. JUNIORS I7I Grigsby, Joyce Gruver, Janice Hacker, Sandra Hair, Roy Hair, Roger Hali, Aiisa Hail. David Halsiead. Kenneih Halsfead, Phil Harmon, Glenda Hancock, Vickie Hand. Karen Hanshue. Gary Harden. Sharen I72 JUNIORS X " ...Q , Q , f' X X S. 2 -Q-'Q z ., we WW E F + K 01 3 -new Q QS 'W f' 41-, A " r Si x Ss-1 ., fnvk, i"l?':'i"i . V , . fa . -kt lk nw . ,wif K ..,,:A S' 'v '15 .sash , J Rf., S i . ..yi gf 5 I i 1 f 5 Q 1 S i T i 3 5 2 2 iifa f it FAR ABOVE: Jimmy Spradlin finds Thai punishrneni can be ionely. ABOVE: Preparing To prinf some picfures is Shannon Underwood, who hopes Thai fhese come ouf berfer ihan The ones before. 5 Unique lifestyles become important f ik. 'Z' li If Us . 2 i if K 2, , , ,V f . . ttt W . . 'i I , " 9 if i A r l iii: N 7 ' V QW. -f' ,W X its it iv 'il 14 fff D itz' " 'wif .w, , LK 1.. ve gg, 'Q iftirv M, V W V vvll . r r .,. ,fl 'M as V ,MN ...v e ff , ,lf , f if we gn" t g l .Qi y lx A X y . ' 9 , i ,V LN. 1 i' ' " ' 5 ss rf-fmj 4" 4 . sg y V-'iff " as if I ' ' ii 1 t -. nf - , ff 'N D i 1 J. . 49' S , kkrw :y r I if , , v i 4 4 ff ,, lv . x M 53 , W - g. 4 ' F 5 I 4 bi ff' gy if " if , ' , "si 5271 " ,E 9 ' a t 1, 3 1 L W., ,ff , Q.- 1 'nil Hardin, Darla Harding. Melanie Harmon, Beverley Harness, Valeria Harris. Betty Hartley. Charles Hatfield. Steve Hatley, Viclcie Hawthorne, Roger Hays. Debi Heath. Debbie Hetley, Debra Helton, Ronnie Hernbree, Archie Henderson, Linda Henderson, Kittie Henderson, Starlet Henson, Milne Hernandez, Barbara Hernandez, Corinne Hess. Susan Hey, Myrna Higdon, Debbie Hightower, Patty Higgins, Frank Hightower, Patty Hilburn, Rhonda Hill, Cindy Hill, Sally Hook, Babs Hodge, Margaret Hodges, Don Hottman, Diana Hoffman, Terry Holmes, Debbie Holt, Linda JUNIORS I73 l-lood, Robin l-loplcins, Nonela l'lorn, Tom Hornbeelc, Michelle A 2. 'W " 44 Horne, l.ynn l-louse, Jon sp Houslon, Frank Hovarler, Billy I, 'M - H Q, ,V L -1-few Howell, Doyle Hulsey, lvlilce , , n f V K I A M. wxl l l-lunl. Tony '- l'l u nler, lvl a rk K H A K A .LV . ' I74 JUNIORS Juniors cooperate to achieve ideas 'affix 3 'i ..,. - E I L iii iii c f::i1'1?si-czifz, ff., ,, an rw' ,.., .5'V: Q...- 17' Q: 50304 , K , . s., c LEFT: Rick Decker "pushes" for befler grades. 'Q 43' New -at Q, f Q? .. , , ,-wi Xl '- , "' . 1 . L U K ,ii -fr- X E if y .ff Q Ei N i L i X x ' L i ,, "' 'rr l .,,' .f'- X i l-lunler, Mark Hurry, Slieryl l'lurSl, Larry l'lusk, June l-lyden, Mike Ingram, Rick lrwinsky, Larry lsabell, Don Jackson, Toni Jellerys, Pam Jessepn Sandy Jolly, Kallny Jones, Chuck Jones Linda Jones Marcia Jones Melvin Jones, Nikki Jones, Vickie Judd. Sandra Julian, Diana Keener, Darrell Keen, Renee Keller, Fred Kelley, Billy Kelly, Slanley Kemp, Paula Kennedy, Brend Kepler, Joe Kerr, Barbara Kerr, Billie Killrnan, Ricky Kinclrick, Philip King, Pam Kinnard, Kenny Kirk. Ron G Kirkpalrick, Bruce JUNIORS I75 Kniglwf, Jerry Knigl1f,Lynell Knovdes, Kenny Koch, Jo Kuder, Paula Ladusau,Cl'1ris Laffoon, Teresa Lambert Gwenda Lane, Rusfy Lange, Brenda Larrison, Debbie Lavarnway, Daniel Lavene, Clarence Lawson, Pam Lawson, Terry Ledlow, Teri Leeds. Paul Leffwicn, Sandi Leis Gar Yr Y. Leonard, Nda Lerfs, Mellssa I76 JUNIORS ,Q ' ,,- .- bl A L 1 A 1-1' - L . EW., . ..,.s f we li wk f FA! 0 IQ .1 f . K, . 3 Y ,I W' Qi' 'QM r ' A ' , -U 'wif Eff? a uf' 'I ' '65 'G' JU' 4:89 .f.-- K l Kg, K" . X ...AA ,V 4' as I ' . , Q 'F , . .... ,- , iff? i um J 4 4 'Vu 'R 5 1 A Qs? e ae Cs. A L L,-in "'1 K egg r ,Q i l S i x Juniors contribute talents to school ' , y Xf 1 2' N' XSXA 1 l 1 -ff ,.,--Q' Q, Q: ' vs Q ' - 1 , ,W . fp 51 f""' . 1 am f was-. 1 X . X., Tix si, H 1 K"i ,. an 3 iii , Qs "N ., -ve- NS I - 1 rf Q, - . 1 S ,AVN I -K3 , .3 D 1- -ff' P ' ,. W' 'li' d "'-"L S D ii A' i L S S L W ss K ffl: rf s Q, X 5. fl! f 4ffPiiHp.lgN'f, ' ' i. 5 'in-w 4, 'e .51 sf, yo ri- 'K "1 'M' f fis. lbs ,av""7' ww K s, Lighllool, Leslie Liles, David Liles, Kennelh Lindsey. Eldeana Lilllehawk, Daisy Locke, Linda Long, Glenda Longman, Sharon Lopez. Jamie Lowe, Larry Lunow, Larry Mabry, Philip Maddox, Karen Main, Gary Manning, Mike Manspealcer, Roberl Maples, Sleve Marcum, Randy Marsh, Lee Marlin, Pele Marlin, James Marx, John Mason, Calvin Masliri. Beverly Malchen, Mike Malhes, Carolyn Malhis, Dale Mallhews, Raylene Maulclin, Mary McCallum, Jan McCarron. Susie McClain, Mark McClain, Gail McClurq. Debbie McCullough. Sylvia McDonald, Lisa JUNIORS I77 McDougal, John McDow, Belinda Mclfuen, Susan McGilberry, Cheedle McGuyre, Jennifer McKeown, Barry McKibben, Lorella McKinnon, Lauri McLaughlin, Angela McMahan, Deb McMillin, Susie McNeely, Richard Mears, Debbie Mellon, Belh Mellon, Bobby Mezas, Debra Micue, Ron Miller, Denise Miller, Gerald Miller, Noel Milfon, Kevin Mifchum, Donna Moore, Bobby Moore, James Moore, Mike Moore, Sheryl Morris, Cyndy Mosley, Mark Moyer, Debbie Mull'1ausen,Chris Mulhausen, Mike Muse, Gene Muzny, David Myers, Lynn Myers, Shelley Nall, Kalrinka Nelson, Ken Nicholson, Kirby Niles, Nancy Nix, Tom Nixon, Mark Norvell, Karen I78 JUNIORS Q Q 1 ,. X is i. 1 '- 4"' 5' ,. Fi 5 ,... I it s N A 1 as x 'I we 1:53 gig 9 3' ar gm as Q fm is x 4' 5 P D I X 9' -f N if ' S,-as 5 4 x N A Q Q -Y . " s s D i . . .. if sfo' .j f Q7 x .aux I Q aa i , , fs , 1, A N ' ii ' -,M t izi ,ers in an X' s ' ,Q gi -my... -1 . .. ,s , N. K if M i ' iii, 4 sk H A ww. .E , f .- ,,.- 1-- 3 . 5 J 4, ,ssss - - so mv- , , x 3 fm' Q -fs , 4 mi, . li '1,. - by ' X aaas Qil AAAI f i, ' T if an E V' ga Q 9 . v v . , vi Q. :Sb- as ' fp.: gi LE . if . -X ",- I s- vm' gi.. Juniors pull hard for IO commandments -...Q fm w l ffl WN' Liibt K f yi :W . A Q R uw - R 3 gh in we L' l l 11. W K.'. M lx.. , ri' L' l -M fa 5 v K y ii ii, M ar I , . m. y 1: no ' -' ' if 'R ii , R l 4. l? fl A K fu at ll N- , q ,N . ,DMM . . 5 i ff X as Nunn, Bobby Ogg, Richard Ogle-sby, Gail Oldham, Robert Oliver, Barry O'Neal, Kay Orr, Riclcy Osborn, Sieve O'Shields, Bobby Oulland, Karen Oyler. Del Paqels, Gary Palesano, Tony Pairick, Joy Paiferson, Garry Paullc, Cafherine Paullc, Ginny Paxion, Mark Pearn, Randy Peck, Charles Peck, David Penry. Kevin Perdue, Debbie Perry, Bobby N B ,A .,,, ar. 4 RQ 'ir i ff? ii 2 looiball game fo Laurie McKinnon. ,, 'flaw' Q-' LEFT: Kennefh Black and Sam Garlow pull 'rhe Junior k."'32x,,, I ' E Class floai. "The Ten Commandrnenlsf' ABOVE: Mary Mauldin sells a Ticlcei for ihe Gran? vs Pulnarn Cily JUNIORS I79 Perry, Sieve Pelers. Edmund Phelps, Kafhy Phipps, Billy Pierce. Lynne Pike, lvlarly Poe, Donelle Pollock, Kris Porler, David Poleele, Mike Pound, Roberl Prewilf, Carolyn Price, Sharon Prine, Mike Puckelt Paula Purdy, Debbie Quick, Karen Rabon, Leni+a Ramirez, Romelia Randall, Paul Randolph, Penny Reagan, Tracy Reed, Charlene Reeves, Tricia Reyes, Richie Richardson, Kalhy Richison, David Richmond, Don Richmond, Helen Riqsby, Ray Riley, Glen Risenhoover, Sheila Rivers, Nile Roberls, Roberl Roberlson, Gayla Robinson, Eddie I8O JUNIORS ix QS'- . - K ,ern 1.- asf , fan.. ., . 2 , Juniors show pride at games, tourneys 3 I 1, .oe E '3 - 1 sew, , Wwe . iw 5, jg ., YP 1 ' ' ii iii l X ii d s, f X 1 K .- '-1' L as if , gg, F e e ' - gf, R, 2 M , .. mi . in eb' 1 ll, 7 rg. ,,,...s.. f f ,u'ffQ,: E 4, x K ew Robison, Dennis A ii Rodgers,Carla 'iq' 'A gi I -. Af. F , Vkkxik I Lykkif 7 z 5 " ' A ' Rodgers, Sheila is Q Rogers, Myra ,. ,.. M g: A My , 3x V ' If GE P- Rolland, Greg Q. L- Root Margie gs . j an-wr. 'V Q- - i . N Sf gk.. , -QR K L ii h V 'Z' 1, Rosf, Vicki Rofan, Terrie 1 nv- -Q N 6 ab ,aw I r XB 'Y '1y'X ' f..c,.-a- is Eg Roughlace, Thomasine Rouse. Diane Rowlan, Sian Rychlec, Barbara fs, we ve or , Ryser. Brian up A Sales, Mike fsgf,.s ri- B7 EAR ABOVE LEFT: Barb Cleaver. Michelle Hornbeelc, and Cyndy Walfers pracfice and do research on fheir speeches for fhe upcoming Memphis Tournament LEFT: Judy Cassily and Raylene Mafhews supporl The Generals af The Redslcin massacre. CENTER LEFT: Donna Thompson proves Thar Sam Garlow is good For someihing besides a slanding Friday nighl dare. JUNIORS I8I Sanders, Cheryl Sanders, Mary Saunlceah, Bobby Siihmldf, Sherri Schwa rlz, Larry Schwarlz, Lee Schweikharl, Richard Scoll, Wanda Segler, Cherie Sell, Billie Sellers, Lloyd Shamblin, Linda Shaver, Lea Ann Sheels, Randy l82 JUNIORS l 14" uf 'y , an aw ,, . A A , . W if V, a f' - , .-ik gk , if i 1 CR 457- 2 ,ii ns v- , i AW R ii 'ii' 5' I M43 if M y -,l.,,,,, X 121273 , V z , ' fr Y ifk " if 1 fr I fix! 'ff jmyqay iii lle in 'Q' J 74 S i if K, 3 Sim . iw 1' -i X , L WN 1 i . I , , V , Ay .V i , ' y , 4 j g i i 2 -f i ' ,' 1 l ! . , ,yy 4 f , f' V, L 'Q ,af yi i - f I fi FAR ABOVE: Glenda Wilkerson and Milne Sales help Mrs. Orren find rniss- ing sfudenls. ABOVE: Gary Pagels and Danny l-larlley wail for Their slep- ofl during a hall-lime performance. PSAT tests first step to ACT, SAT Shelton, Andy Sherrill, Cindy Shunkwiler, Curt Siters, Bobby Simms, Debbie Simms, Glynn Skipper, Vickie Skrapka, Janie Slane. Gary Smallwood, Kim . f ,ms , S y ,... fi V ii S: ' F CM as M in 3 WV.: A .QQK N K W wivx .. ir.. ,, ff 'Q-A .ts , fi S - as f J, l x in S, gi, xy!! iyy y , A is Q iis ' 4 ' ' iii S 3 Q gm Ai ,K S 1' 'S 4 Ti 4 Z N Jim. S 3 A ' if X. , - L. 'H 'ss ig S f els " ' c 5' ,fx , , -mf , .,. K- va.,- .fx Smith, Ann Smith, Audrey Smith Debbie Smith, Eric Smith, Gale Smith Nancy Smith Rickey Smith Stan Smith, Scott Smith, Zelma Snelgrove, Carol Spears, Nona Snipes, Becky Snow, Roy Sonnenschein, Doris Sorrells, Kay Spearman, Cheryl Sperlinq, Mike Spitz, Ricky 9 S f iii s P' if M T , , X- Q. "" , K I Lil, 'f '- . N -ff is ' Au., l i Q . 9 i r i B, 5 gi S , t S A A 'is' in A sv" f ,e wx' M. P was at Ei gp f W. ,N -A g Q- 4 h saws? , 1' S t , i , ' YN 1. 9' Spradlin, Jimmy Stattord, Randell Stanley, Terry Stanton, Paula Stark, Linda Stasyszen, Cynthia Stephens, Gary JUNIORS I83 Rain doesn't stop Grant homecoming S+evens, Mike Slewarl, lvlarillyn L ,, 1 ,ki V ii , an 1 f W ,....,.. . 3 .-a . for ooooo aiaaa L1 A , L a i , sus -'-'--no A 'M' we ,,,,,,- , K x "0" Sfiger, Rod Siinson, Sheila 'sci 7 Sfone, Olivia Sfory, Karen Sloffs, Phillip Siowe, Teresa Sluller, Sandra Sullins, Glvnna A1 -V h ., 'sv Sullivan, Milne Smgofi, Ronny 1:1 he " " A ,f v, f' iw ,f .1,lf'f iff I V RIGHT: Vickie Dowling and Lynell Knighf find fhaf an umbrella can be very useful when an unexpecfed Oklahoma shower falls. I84 JUNIORS Q 4, .l ll. ,- il i 16" 1"'?I N W iff' .wx gif M :- a ' " fl- r T .Q ff- N- s "' , .Ng -vw, -L-- Q' 5, J "3 QQ 35 1 sf S - . an 1 v X m - -Q. KF vu-rg Q - T . .s2r,, i' - fi x. , i X A Lv L 1.1 1 EARN, X? i . .K X , PJ "wh , fl H V -, ,rig .N ' sa.. 'fufxe A ',:,4 -f Q Q R 1-Q, ., 4 h "" .. - . ,af i R W Tl X-+,f v X 1 f: :-' gy agar - y - . ' X so ,. i .f - ' f all 5 N ' A . i f N , -in I: ii Q "' f ' was . h T s.gF+,.k Q ., L E " a iiii L.- Z lllib T, . ., . 1. Q 2- if T ' is A ' s '-hQ . Z., , ,Q ss..s .qb my - s .s , .zz ss 1 f . Sweeny, Marshall Sykes, Ronnie Talbofl, Milne Tallcingfon, Sleve Taylor, John Taylor, Lanese Taylor, Larry Taylor, Mary Taylor, Paffi Teasley, Jeannine Teisy, Bobby Thomas, Deane Thomas. Don Thomas. Linda Thomas, Sherrie Thomassen, Sheryl Thompson. Donna Thompson, Lana Thrash, Paula Threllceld, Vicki Timanus, Sieve Tims, Kalhy Tolman. Gary Tolson, Sleve Tomlinson, Gerald Trolinger. Ken Turlc. Bill Turnbow, Susan Uhls, Debbie Underwood. Bobby Underwood, Shannon Upfergrove, Anile Vaughn, Sleye Vermillion, Jean Viclcrey, Chris Vonqchanyalcul, Nuans JUNIORS l85 Voss, Phill Waddle, Terry Waganer, Johnny Wagner, Ricky Wallis, Mark Wallers, Cindy Wallon, Randy Wansley. Toni Walson. Teresa Webb, Pam Webb, Pam Webb, Rickey Webber. Mike Wedel, Sfeven Weeks, Marlin Weese, Donna Weese, Randall Barker, Debbie Welch, Phillip Wells, Chuck Wendell, Chadler Wendi, Don Wesley, John Wesley. Sfeve Wesl, Dan Weslervell, Billy Whilaker, Mark Whilinq, Rulh Whilnah, Nikki Wickware, Daylene Wiggins, Jimmy Wilkerson, Glenda Williams, Bobby Williams. Edmond Williams, Gary Williams, Jerry I86 JUNIORS , fi 1 k ' 9 ff, ..., , k.k ity kk 6 Si S 152 an 'l 1 is r . Juniors complete next to last year sv, he a s , 'Q' as 5 K ,!,. i :"l 'V 855, y f x ll 147, X i I fl, I ' i f we f l 3 fc-1 ew N, x 2 ll M X Q . kkki s s fi. - I' ,. his Q s Y I 'M few. i T4- vs:-f ff ,, A R' 1 M5 i 1 5 kv 3 s il Jlfii A fl M villa' in ' 'il is is R i we , a sf 4 vi i RIGHT: Debbie Driskell helps lea pep band plays "Hawaii Five O." d The Pep Club while lhe 4 sia a l 4- 2 pn .1-eq. ,4-f-1. l nr K K X, iff! -lfirz Jak. as as R I Keifh Andrews Sherrill Auirey Kafhy Baird Linda Baker John Ballard Deborah Barder Thomas Basden Milce Bennelf Lonie Boulware Darryl Brown Pafrica Carr Wendell Chandler Jerry Childers David Coleman Maiorie Coleman Chrislopher Corlee Roberl Coursey Joe Cummins Darcie Denny Richard Duclcefl Linda Dulce Kafhy Edge Avery Edds Sherry Ellexson David Ferguson Paul Finney Deborah Freeman Charles Gasaway as , in J gg.. if, 'isf"fl"f 23 1 if i-, y gs B H- i a 1 in i:.i .-hes . l 'fs N la" 1 X V V Juniors no+ picfured are: Elizabelh Gisl James Haclcworfh Roberl Harris William Har? Bruce Henager Phillip Hibler Lawonla Hood Terri Huffman Sieve Hunler Dennis Huxley Cyndie Jenkins Ann Jensen Ava Jones T Tommy Jones Ladonna Knapp Sieve Kovach Gregory Kreig Lanny Langslon Jerry Lea Bobby Leisy Laurel Linlon William Maddox Ruby Mclflwee C. F. McLaughlin Bernard Miller Cynfhia Miller Michael Moore Pamela Moran Williamson. Roberl' Wilson, Danny Wilson, Kay Winford. Kafhy Wing. Debbie Wise, Pam Wodraslca, Dianne Wolf, Janice Woodard, Teie Woodie, Jerry Workman. Jerry Worley, Belly Worley. Peggy Wrighl, John Yadon, Fairy Yeager, Sieve Young, Bobby Young, Tom Youngberg, Milne Yousey, Bill Jay Newell Kennefh Newfon Dennis Owens Deborah Paxion Gene Quinlero Kenny Reeves Michael Reeves Waller Rice Malhew Roughiace Ray Schmoldi Jane? Sexfon Glen Riley Milce Shaver Richard Sirail David Taylor Frank Thomas Linda l.. Thomas Mralr Trail William Tresl Teddie Vanbuskirk Connie Waffs David Welcher Kennelh Williams David Wilson Janine Wrighf Nila Wilburn Wggdy Woody JUNIORS I87 4' Where so much is new, and every road is different Senior Class Planning Commillee members are: Jay Amos Connie Baker Jim Bamberger Diane Boydsrun Debbie Borfoms Mary Burns David Dunbar Bob Early Cindi Fenl Sieve Gonzales Debbie Hansen Mike Isaac Jim Johnson Linda Lerchworfh Gene LeWellen Debbie Lounge Dave Marshall David McCall Vicki McCullan I88 SENIORS Dubby McElyaney Sharen Moulron Ernie Nelson David Newell Tina Nolfinq Janef Oaks Mary Reames Ronnie Rirfer Busrer Savage Bobby Shepard Brenda Smirh Guy Smirh Keirh Sfandiler Edwin Taylor Sharen Thompson Debbie Wilson Ronnie Winkler Jeanne Yarberry We Tinally made iTl ATTer years oT worlc- ing and waiTing The class oT '7I is seniors. To oThers, This year may noT seem impor- TanT3 louT To seniors iT is one oT The mosT im- porTanT years oT our lives. ATTer The monThs oT cramming Tor exams l'Til The early morning hourslg cries oT ioy and Tears oT deTeaT aT TooTball games and The making oT Triends: we have made iT To The end oT The road - graduaTion. The end oT This road also signals The be- ginning oT a new one. WiTh our graduaTion The responsibiliTy oT adulThood becomes ours. Long aTTer our echoes have vanished Trom The halls, we will be able To look back on These years and recall The memories oT dances, class compeTiTion and our acTive parT in subiecTs aT issue. I97O-7I - This is our year. PICTURES AT FAR LEFT: Senior Class Planning CommiTTee Tinds Time To explore The new Mummers TheaTre, BELOW: Mrs. Mariorie Humphrey, senior class sponsor, reviews sched- ule ol graduaTion acTiviTies. ABOVE LEFT: Danny Andrews, Senior Class President conTronTs Women's Libe-raTion. SENIORS I89 Llpperelassmen help to generate spirit in pep assemblies ' 2 2 ii , S -me Q , K, it Alwpealone, Jayne Alexander, Debbie Allen, Karen Alvardo, Delores Amos, Jay Andrews, Danny Arismeden, Sleven Armslrong, Jolwn Armslrong, Neal Arnold, Paula I9O SENIORS ABOVE: Eavorile sign of llnis years seniors. SR. FAR LEFT: Kaflwy Denlon finds lwer nervousness belore llie Junior Miss Pageanf is quile a problem. LEFT: Pep Assemblies give David Newell lime To express liis feelings 'foward llwe Douglas game. :'ii,, iif lki's,, I if ii iff 'A H, s :-,.k T' 4. i' . :.hk .,,: 1 1 - F :ggi 1 I P ? if , . -, ' fs ,N ig y W, iw., A li. "E " -...NNL Q A Z . 1 .N s l' 4:1 I I I :ggi H n , 'X' 'aff' , ---. BN. '- i ' . 'H ilk' ':" i N. .. if-1 A N s.oss me X ,, ,L ., I f' QQ fr 5 V Q g XV is i , V 55 . A ' 5 ill E 1 si ss " . E i my V' A'rl'ierTon, Carolyn Auslin, Garry Aulaubo, Pam Babcock, Waller Bagge-H, David Bagwell, Bobby Baird, Jack Balmer, Bruce Balcer, Joe Baker, Terri Bamburger. Jim Barlcer, Jolnn Barnes, Kallny Barney, Sieve Barp, Waller SENIORS I'-7I Bannon. Gloria Bauqlw, Jan Beard, Clwrislie Bell, Jimmy Blaclcwell, Wynelda Bogle, Roberl Borror, Palli Bolloms, Debbie Bouslca, Debbie Bowman, James Boydslun, Mary Bradford, Rickey Brannon, David Brewer, Kallwy Brians, Lillian I92 SENIORS Seniors work hard to gain 38 credits i rr,r - i f P 1' , .. ,F Brislow, Larry Brock, Glenda Brooks, Linda Brown, Barbara Brown, Ken Bruhne, Sleve Bruza, Raymond Bunyard, Darrell Burlcs, Eddie Burlcs, Wyall Burns, lvlary Burnell, Sandra Buller, Brenl Buzbee, David Cable, Pam Calame, Gina Caldwell, Paula Callaway, Chris Campbell, Sieve Canada, lvlilce Carmon, Bob Carroll, Par Casey, Linda Challis, Jim Chaney, John SENIORS l93 Chappell, Marllyn Chappell, Teddy Chick, LaWanna Childress, Marie Choal, Roberl Chrisman, Janel Clark, Gary Clark, Lynn Cliflon, Rhonda Cobb. Charlolle IQ4 SENIORS Much study needed for' I graduation ,Q '53 Ri K x ...V f 11 l at ff . , 4 sl I Ly w r 1 ld? -is -qi 3 FAR LEFT: Gina Calame decides Two boys are beffer fhan one any day. LEFT: Senior Sharon Moulfon does her good deed for fhe day by helping wi+h The di+o machine. FAR . ABOVE: 3:35 . . . ABOVE: 3:36. :' V y '- Cobb, Vickie Q Nw .4351 Cochran, Nancy Z' ez' - K i i Coffee, John f gi Af V I fm : Collaniore, Chuck . . , 5, y C, c Qt Conklin, Rufh : , Q -15?-5 A Ky i , Q.. , 5 H y 5: xg 1 fig x gas,-. . X 4 N ii' 'we . ke C lii ::'iikii ' 'fi YTVK 1: jg A i X -5 ,:. tix i f . Connell, Pan x N y "" N5 fitii Conway, Brem' E ' W Cooper, Doug H ij R157 1 ag! as yr Cooperman, Mike ,- i x M Vizz fix , x Corder, Jim Q. 3 1 ., . A .V .V S , I A A ft . ,.'. in -':' ii he . , ,Q li ii, .... , ,:.,, ,. , T f i 5 El in Lk hk ., 1 : R SENIORS I95 Corclray, Pam Cowell, Edyrlw Cox. S+eve Crablree, Pal Craig, Slierry Crosno, Dennis Davenport Pam Davidson. Gene Davis, Terry Deason, Bradlo I96 SENIORS rd , .i x ,. L -1 in - erree in 'Y W 1 Af Q X F W .-NX . ,. . we """ w N A '. it rs g gi -. W' "' W X is it W if 3 4' Wx X 5 1: S-. h :Y 2.5 V X -ii "'-24" ' .7 I .gi K I 1: K N NKNNN . , ':'-- ., .ik 4 X' l 'A ii Wg ,,,, 6 K My . i A , f f A ii 'NAL X Q X GN? K - ., fs ,X . 'df N., 'L ABOVE: IT seems like praclice is never over To Duloby McElvany Sports play major 'mms -ww part in school life E E Wm 'Wag J' 'lljfvlr' OTil.,.,,-Tj' X lj if aww? elm WWF l f i K1 M 1"'..."2' '1.Cu,,3" f. fs i I l di-fi YN l ,, f ooo ooo.oo ky i i Tbk S1 xi. fr 5 llo D 5. ff Q. , ,.,,. . 1,0 , 'Fu' 'K':""?Z? 5 i 2 "ar iff K .4 has Q ,, ,, ' K 41. is, ' li X Dees, Wallace Denny, D'Ann Denlon, Kalhy Dickson, Joseph Dixon, Roberl Doke, Cindy Double, Lucinda Dunbar, David Dulcher, John Dye, Tommy Early, Roberl Edwards, Jeri Eggerl, Nila Ellis. Mark Ellis, Vicki Engles, Mike Erickson, Mark Esquivias, Diane Evans, Don Eenl, Cindi Figaro, Pal Finney, Carla Fishburn, Linda Fisher, Darla Fosler, Mike SENlORS l97 Fosler, Sharon Foulfy, Lavona Francis, Peggy Franlclin, Ellise Fraser, Sleve Freeman, Bobby Freeman, Michael Freeman, Slephen Frosl, Laquila Gamble, Gaye 198 SENIORS ' fs .X T.. ww F- . 'W 14 wx 9' G s s . , ,SKS , I :Ei :E I 1 'T' s 'fi K J.-1553 N is XXX xx W G iabbb s --.. 2, .Q ' v 1 sq X xl? , K 1 .. 1 , he f , if-4251 : sas' G, . 2 aiib 'FT Q' 1 ,' . . ss. ,,.,, . . Ir. iw 5 ii :li -E , l li ABOVE: "Mini Midi Maxi ...? Whaf's going lo come up nexT?" says Eve Smifh. RIGHT: Raloncla Woodard and Guy Smilh Talk over fhe fun lhey had Their senior year. Gardner, Debra Gardner, James Garlen, Paula Garlow, Debra Garrell, Pamela Geclqler, Andrea Genlry Genlry Genlry, Gibson Joanie Slanley Slanley Connie Gillelancl, Kalhy Gonzales, Sleve Goodson, Ellis Gollsclwallc, David Goure, Thomas SENIORS I99 N, gig, :ab ,Q N , l-f rvafcsb. N: -4 ffifif i ' ,MJ 'QQ . ' . . "ff r- ' 'vi' , ' , vu .1 .,,,vg2Kwi5.g-ff,4'a1, we Q, .0wgi?'K, ' 5 -any , , AT, Ay 4 . 1.3 A-'Wx s M f 4 " if L 1. ' fn, ,,, -6 ft V Gragg, Robby Greenlee, David Griffin, Debbie Grigsby, Brenda Grigsby, Parrick Grave, Karen Groves, Jerry Grubb, Robe-rr Grubbs, Michael Grumrner, Bruce Hackelr, Ginger Hagey, Mike Haines, James Hall, Charlolle Hall, Lewis 200 SENIORS we LEFT: Tommy Sullivan finds if more pleasanl sludying oulside. ABOVE: School goes beller wil'l'1 coke. RIGHT: A firing final week. FAR RIGHT: David Newell and Marcella Raymond find fallcing 'rlirougln llie windows difficult of f .. 'QP' Q' - mu 'J' "9P"QV Nw! QQ-31 ns, -an W-ff' ,E-:VK -fww 1,5 Wim-...A LW -' Z WZ iam! W Eric Harnes. Pam Hamiifon, Robin Hancock, Timoiiny Hanes, Roberf Hansen, Debbie Harper, Lucrefia Harrell, Suzanne Harrison, Deborah Hafbaway. Charle Hawkins, Be++y Hawkins, Jackie Hayes, Denise Heiiingfon, Denise Heiiey, Sieplnen Helm. Randy we 1-f-eww 4132 nnngi Mn' 1111 riff rr 1111 Wi f M 5 SENIORS ZOI Henderson, Debbie Henderson, Sleve Hensley, Gale Hensley, Tim Herring, Billy Herpon, Terry Hicks, Gail Hignsmilh, William Himes, Terry Hines, Palricia 202 SENIORS " M NO DHT -lT1iS lUE5li iiilii Q... N :E-Q, Ns uw -N ff.-, N.-aw aavg,-.,, ' i, TF,-.4 iif.,,,,,,,, FAR ABOVE: Jenny Neflle and Debbie Hansen work hard and fasf on yearbook lo make sure Their deadline is mel. ABOVE: "How can lever live Through This weekend," Thinks Marsha Palrick To herself. RIGHT: Even Seniors Ricky Meeks and Randy Helm find 'rime lo go back lo childhood games. Q" . 4, 5 ,. .? 'urn " l 14 ,,,, .' 'ta x Y' li tin E Senior preparations are made for tests and graduation 'ASV 'VV 'KKK Q-get wif 'O'-s- ta.. Hiti, Pam Hodge, Valerie Holliman, Charles Holmes, Pamela Holt, Allen Hott, Monty Hopper, David Hope, Elbert Hopson, Windel Hoskins, Patricia Houlette Teresa House, Scott Howard Tommy Hudelson, Deborah Huttines, Gary SENIORS 203 Hughes, Clyde Hughes, Holly Hull. John Hunler, Jerry Hunler, Terry Huslon, Marcia Iriclq, Sonia Irwinslcy. Jerry Isaac, Mike Jackson, Marla Y '- QS, QE if 'Q' V s wr lx ff' 2. A 0 'S X f'. U X4 -U Vw K it -ax c W ,. ' , as ,I is Q I S? , .xV Z , as' sir -P 5 it-M' 'sh ..- f 53,7 1 E M E Q 4 ABOVE: David McCall climbs his way To Ihe Top. RIGHT: Swenson Gonzales - sludying? NoI Passing noles? Yes! FAR RIGHT: Doug Cooper finds researching lor a 'rerm paper a big job. 204 SENIORS Jahnlce, Karl Jacques, Amelia Jewel, Ron Johnson, Carolyn Johnson, Jim Johnson, Micheal Jones, Beverly Jones, Carla Jones, Ka+y Jones, Palricia Jones, Paula Jones, Ginya Kesler, Roberla Kelly, Mary Kirne, George SENIORS 205 King, Clinlon King, Davilene i Kinsey, Debbie Kirby. Roma Klle' Clndy Q 1 . KOA LOU f Q, if-G ,L rcs , M x ii' " X ' ar vi XM E 'NIJ X as . , V- P f 1.g: 5 Kosifzky, Waller Laclcey, Janice Lacy, Larry 1 xyy M g La.Grone, Roberl z "is 1 i' f . Am- A . A 'Q:.. a aa 206 SENlORS FAR ABOVE: Pam Cable finds snowballs lasly affer missing brealdasl in order fo gel ro school early for a parking place, ABOVE: Diane Tiplon desperalely slruggles for Danny Andrevifs Teddy Bear To lnelp Toys for Tols. Landers, Paul Langslon, Kennelle Langwell, Janel Lawler, Ed Lee, Denis Leird, Carolyn Leird, Rodney Lelclwworllw, Linda Leverefl, Slwaron LeWellen, Gene Lewis, Ricky Linn, Larry Lillle. Ricky Lock, Mike London, Franklin Longfellow, Sleve Lounge, Debbie Love, Karen Lovelady, David Lowe, Chuck Lyon, Debbie Malone, Mike Maloney, Gary Maloy, Pal Malzer, Vicloria SENIORS 207 way- Emblems, traditions remain in memories SENIURS K ,, W Y if Iv1arshaIl,Dave Marlin, Bruce Marlin, Roberl Marlin. Ronnie Massey, Cliarlolle lvlalclien, Debbie lvlalliis, Pam Maxwell, Rila McCall, David McClain, Glen 208 SENIORS .. K . F Q.. . icmss UF QQ X 1 E ,sf F-Q I ,4- X -x.. QI 9' if A W 5 gn, ffm fi' eff a s r fki. - ,WX f ii" e ,i. - i i , Nw L X, -e ., Q 5 ,M X W! X V Ti m FAR LEFT: Billy Snipes, Mary Reames, and Sleve Fraser show lheir pride. LEFT: Donna McGhee models Ronnie RiHer's robe during pep assembly. BELOW: Mike Issac, Shannon Robinson, Willy OH, and Jay Amos slop lo fake a final look af fhe school's emblem which 'rhey never gave a second fhoughf To. N46 s 'Wh 1 WN ' fr ,.,.. g - 1-4,-f . ' 1 1 V s as ,. 1 Y 5--' K ' f'v 5: 3, s gl i N K ' V af' ' ,dm s.ie A 2 -f ' -""' s S 3 N, M - . is 'H' 'i i sic 3 i a Q Ns' fy isaa s aaa f by V 1 4 , A V ff . ii L f ' - m -- A 5 if ,ll s sfsn w f' J' i ., .-:. s -' 'i NL, if?" L K ss ,A-4' l li gil f, X' sz, i Ap: x If s ' s L rai s McClendon, Diane Mccullah, Vickie McDaniel, Mala Mclflvany, Dubby Mcbuen, Pal McGhee, Donna McGowen, Danny McManus, David McMur+ry, Mike Meeks, Ricky Micue, Palricia Mikeman, Vicki Miller, Connie Miller, John Miller, Larry SENIORS 209 Senior cram year full of memories Millican, Pam or j W' Miliwee, Sieve Lrh' . .. .I Moen' :, ig, ,hai 'Give ii L'V:kk'kbkV:k T i i iv i ixki Moifaii, Neo ,W " ',,,, fm, A h A 3 Monigomery, Paula in ii ' 1 in-Q ii 5 V , V . - ,Du r Q Q, , "ff V 'azv 3,15-sf 4 fr' . ' ',1. .4 , 1 , I I M? M ?,,,o if . , 3 5, 2 X r , Q M, f re r' , r r A rff reer - or o Eiga ,i , A ' M W' it Moody, Donna Moore, Kenne+h Morris, Sheila Morrison, Shirley 7 J Moulion, Karen ,Qi 'JV' it wr' . ' Sift., 7 Ale' --- ii 2IO SENIORS FAR BELOW LEFT: Sharon Thompson proves her slrengfh lo Dave Marshall. RIGHT: Mike Malone finds an easier and bel' fer way To gel around Granfs halls. ABOVE: Welcoming The opponenfs cheerleaders is one of Robin l'lan'1il+on'slavori+e even+s. sun 'Q'-11 We - .Q sl. wi v x 1 D E 1-, ,I , ,ii Qi w .5 5. N -sw. X ,- X X is ' ,ff ' X 'f 11 Q' ' . .ii i . i' ' iii '1 , sas 3 'MX l B ,, gf, i K -.J my 2 53.5 X 1 I as f.': ..,.: QET - gk X :: 1 .,:- PQ, is ':': lf J , 'EMF vm ' 1:: 4:-"" Moullon, Sharon Muse, Jack Muslain, Burel Myers, David Myers, Debbie Nance, James Nance, Pam Nelson, Ernie Nelson, Jimmy Nellie, Jenny Newell, David Nichols, Linda Nixon, Ricky Nolling, Tina Novalc, Don SENIORS 2II Nova+ney, Kennellw Oaks, Jane? Oclom, Sue Olson, Kallwy OH, Willy Paden, Jo Park, Lincla Palriclc, lvlarslwa Pauley, Karen Pendergrafl, Slam 2l2 SENIORS FAR LEFT: Seniors lake aclvaniaqe ol nice weallwer and relax in lronf of Granl. EAR ABOVE: "Oli no, wlial am I going lo do nowlw says Carol Williamson To lnersell as sl'ie receives her reporf card. ABOVE: Joni Genfry and Brenda Srnifli pause To check Their posilions in llie pro- cessional. We gp 1 'cas' X R Q . f5."S S' Y A ? fl ,Q Perkins, Slanley Perry, Sleve Pelerson, Marsha Pelerson, Terry Pelele, Linda Peiree, Cliff Pelrocelli, Julie Pickle, Kallwy Pierce, SCOH Pinlcsion, David SENIORS ZI3 Pollock, Connie Pool, Vanda Powell, Clweryl Prall, Barbara Prilclward, Cindy Raclcley, Brenda Rader, Kalliy Rainbow, David Rash, Donna Ray, Susie Raymond, Marcella Reames, Mary Reed. Clwrisioplwer Reel, Jean Rhodes, Tim 2I4 SENIORS l l .X s :J , : R 'Q' 'W .Li H e- , A' . ABOVE LEFT: Radio s+a+ion K O M A named Bobby Shephard prep player of lhe week. ABOVE: "l'leyl whal"s The deall l don'+ have enough laps," complains Ernie Nelson To David Dunbar. ii A no A 9+ 624 way ' V a S . ieep D l1 T ' l A N 5 ' - -- 0 79'- 'Vw 1. ,,.. NS QNQA 5 if 1 ' -i , W' R shin ..1 , ' ,ii -x 'R , , X , 1 1 Riches, Sherri Rice, Richard Richardson, Nancy Riddle, Janis Riddle. Jayne XRipley. Ginger Ri++er, Ronnie Roberson, Shannon Roberlson, Kafhy Robinson, Dennis SENIORS 2I5 Robinson, Jimmy Robinson, Linda Robinson, Nettie Rowland, Debbie Rowland, Gary Ruscne, Linda Ruyie, David Sanders, Alton Sanders, Ricky Sanders, Terry ZI6 SENIORS Concerned students evaluate problems Vizig L K! L, A ,,,, fjk' at K X ss, .iss f ,sits ' 2 . ,sats 515,21 K , - I ' , , 5, xx . ' srss , as A ' "s .. , si i. i if mx rrq ,Q R af :atm in 1 f,i'3'fiY x Q , X 9 B t i --N R X tx I , A f' it bh ' ' 3 ' i,,iiiQiifNx i R B ,, B ".' iii' i r i im W f W if X Xl I S E ' fi f .. 4: r. ii i! B reo flu-fi M . R' , . ,,,, ,f -- L K A . : ' U K A K 5 L h. J K -L -L , Y X1 .. KE -5 LEFT: Carol Leird slops lo admire Sweepstakes plaque before pulling il ' ,L,W 4 in show case. FAR ABOVE: Debbie Bolfoms ponders over lhe drug ..,.. A, problem. ABOVE: Sandy Burnell finds cleaning a locker for fhe las? lime ' fi 4""9' can be a big job. Savage, Busfei Scholield, Judy Schullz, Deborah Schullz, Gregg Schwarfz, Riclcy Senn, Ronald Shalley, Roger Sheels, Carllon Shepard, Bobby Sherman, Janice SENIORS 2I7 Shipley, Ka+hy Shoemaker, Gayle Shook, Danny Shropshire, Terry Sieqle, Dana Sills, Diane Simms, Theresa Sims, Randy Singlefon, Suzanne Skaggs, David 218 SENIORS 45 F Never enough time to do all we want 'urr wsvl 'VW 4 ri ai 47+- 'Kai Q' A 41, TW' L X-W' ' KQVVV 'LM , 6,431 Q 4, 1. ,.-:Q ,M -V-'W-s "sf,- Sledge, Ann Smallwood, Glenda Smillw Brenda Smlllw Bruce Srnilln Eve Smllln, Guy Smillw James Smiflw Janel Smillm Jill Smlflw Ray Smlllw, Sleve Srniflwers. Joe Snipes, Bill Snodgrass, Viclcle Sons, Debi SENIORS 2I9 Seniors seek quiet after I3 busy years Spencer, Linda Spicer, Rosemary is Siacy, Mary Sfaiiord, Vickie Sfandifer, Keifn Sraniey, Karen Srarr, Mike Sfevens, Kafnryn Sfevens, Terri Sione, Janice Sruckey, Jerry Sullivan, Tommy Swafford, Barbara Swenson, Sue Taliey, Linda 220 SENIORS ABOVE LEFT: Pam Homes confinually counls Mike S+arr's freckles. FAR ABOVE: VVya++ Burk and Karen Moulloh make a quick lrip fo lheir lock- ers alfer school. ABOVE: Senior girls make fhe mos? of Their lrip fo Shawnee . . . yer lhey reallze W5 lhelr las? bus frip. Thompson, Jerry Thompson, Karen Thompson, Sharen Threlkeld, Janice ThreTTceTd, Linda TipTon, Diane Todd, Tommy TowelT, CheryT Tracy, Vlckey Trail, Lynn 222 SENIORS ss FAR RIGHT: A day is over, a year is gone. LEFT: "Gee, This was real nice QT you, buT . . says Gene l.eweTlan. ABOVE: "ThoughT They said Thls was easyf' says Jim Johnson, Taking The ACT TesT. Seniors participate in many activities ntl? Tull, Maureen Turk, David Upiolin, Marshall Vandeyenter, David Vance, l-lolly Vauglwn, Mary Vogts, Jana Wallenberq, Terry Warman, Mark Watson, Carol Watson, Linda Weatlwers, Beverly Webb, Bonnie Webb, Mark Weeks, Steve Welcli, Mike Welqe, Bill Wells, Katlie Whalen, Dennis SENIOR 223 Whelzall, Dennis Whisenhunl, Gary Whilney, Judy Wiggins, Pam Wilbanlcs, John Wiley, David Wilcox, David Willong, Tonny Willqerson, lvlil4e Wilkerson, Paula 224 SENIORS ' I graduation joins treasured memories N"--Q-" K 3 i S S X li 4 kk. a ' in , . i " A y K- ABOVE: ll' s a hard lime . . .so much behind, so much ahead. Thoughls - ggj Q ol Three greal years make Diane lvlcClendon a lilrle fearful as she grad- ' ggzg San g'i uafes info fhe world. RIGHT: Senior cheerleader Karen Thompson shows if' school spirir during a pep assembly. iii ' ,iii -r i .,, X Wilkes, Milce Willcs, Diane Williams, Terry Williamson, Carol Williamson, Darrell Williamson, Debbie Willis, Dale Willis, Nessa Wilson, Debbie Wilson, Manning Wilson, Michael Wilson, Terry Wilson, Twyla Winfield, Gary Winlcler, Ronnie Wirslwield. Jim SENIORS 225 Wir+, Lewis. Wolfenbarger, Ton Wood, Jamie Woodall, Barbara Woodard, Rolanda Wooliver, James Woofen, Teddy Wright Anifa Wrignf, Pamela Yancey, Brenda Yarberry, Jeanne Yafes, Larry Young, Glenna Young, James Young, Ray Zaloudik, Karen 226 SENIORS if-l :S-db if'-JY7' "And now it's time for me to go o Q o 'QR M r , 1 .YZZ Y ,.oo,, V. -khy N5 Xa K Seniors noi' picfured are: Dennis Adams Raelene Addison Thomas Anshuii Connie Baker Gwendolyn Banks Gloria Barron Robin Barlon Waller Bays Clifford Belding Mary Belding Norris Bird Wynelda Blackwell Debbie Boalmun Mike Brannon Tony Brazeal Debarah Brewsrer Mike Briggs Palli Briflain Keilh Browning Donald Buckner Johnny Buford Tom Bunch Paula Campbell Bobby Chaal Terry Coker Lucrelia Coleman Janice Combs Carol Fox Gary Fox George Fuller Paul Garland John Gonzales Earl Goodson Benny Grayham Barbara Hallmark David Hallum James l-larness Gary Crilly Roberl Dennis Allelra DeWeese David Drake Caiherine Dupler Randy Ewell Ronald Harris Ray Hari lvy Holmes Dana Hulchinson Mike lngle Barbara Jefferson Jeannene Jordan Russell Kaler Beverly Keel Calhrine Keller Sfephen Kelley Johnie Kenedy Alyse Kennedy Roberf King Carmen Kinrner Gary Knapp Roland Lacher Cecilia Leeds Dale Lenz Donna Linn Roger Logan Roger Magerus Maria Maihis Chrisiine Maye Daniel McCalip Nora McCreigh+ Vickie McCuan Mike McDaniel Myrlle McDaniel Tom Mclilwee Marvin Miller John Mills Ricky Nixon Roberf Mize Bobbie Move Sherry Musgrove Robin Owen Larry Ozmenl' Glenda Painler George Piburn Mariorie Queen Sharon Reece Michael Rosi Sleve Saak Daniel Sampson Paula Sapp Randy Sarringron Susan Shockley Brenda Skaggs David Skaggs Jack Skaggs ssr Kana Smi+h James Smiih Mark Smilh Debbie Slory Greg Slory Randy Sullins Gale Walker Wes Weaver Gary While Rosa Young Teddy VanBuskirk Nvill LEFT: Wi+h .program in hand, commencemenr is here. ABOVE: Pam Mafhis Takes one las+ look af U. S. Gran? before sfepping in'ro The fur SL NHORS 227 i ,N ,. , S, Q x , V! 1 D! Q - A ' ff. 'B K ' S - , s' f X A+. M' 1, ' , 5.5 Q My , swf' f .x 4 e ,.., gf Mr .. 3 ii 'W 5. ?L - L' E2 ,f " fw' 5 -1 15 ii f- gm K s ,Q K ' " X xv A' X 2 2 , f :N Q"-M 'iw' 'X-,J y :fr '- ,- . gc L ' , ,AT V - " -J 3 " ,J ,- V.. il , V 5 , U P F. I, p-Y K -if -sw..-f hy. A fm, , f 1 Ai A 4 I I If J. W 4' , H 1 4' N . J ,sg . , - Z xr 1. - 'i ' N l , 'sw E K . x f .+ ff xx 1 . .ft k ,. V , . -. H- 1 g- -- ' ,Q , ' I rd ' ' r 9' 45' L' M ,- ' . - , Q4 A nj.. 1, , V ' 11 K ir r,w,v K ' 'W ,wail L , 'Q N' ks Q.. Q 4 ,A 0. SX 7, . ' r 1 5 1 'H' g ,C7?iJ J L Q 3 li 3 N SI . if ,, . "1 X 2 2 A 3- ' Q' if tm i 1,3 .Q fl .i ,lk , . 'Lf 5, 1 1 .,., , , ,K -,.,1 . ., Y X K N It ?Lf ff' W..-ff ff. fx, ii .. , V 1 A , 'R X f - V ai f 'X A .f g N Q: F xv 5, - JK 2 ' ' YN' ' g Y f A .i rf ,.-, :, if M 3,:L"! , A 4? V J, H - . I ' "aria L....' R ' E I Y 3 LJ Aa sl K . f Q 'H L if 'W , S, , ' .ga Q ' Q I' ' - f 'a ' ev .. ' Y ,.,ff gi V K 39' , ,niraldn 3 ai- I Af 9 gif I 1 .L i, :H , .L , L rs V l' ' 5 ML 1: ' 4, 5' Q :fig ' ,1 ' -, ' " 3, ' : 1 Mm 3 , 1 3 nay, 7 K, :tv .5 -, Y I ,-fin' mf A 5 I 2' ' N 15 ' -:Md 5, f. X, 5 f 1 Z : 1 c ff. .a 1 5 V, 5 A z 5 S I 5 3 A' 145 ff 5 3 I - A . . SQ a .4 .y . .X ' Vg F X 15' .' J.:-f x - . 3 ' f " . if P Lan Q 'X-. , QA f' 9 : a Ti ff' ,Nl N' -W i f . ' I ' , ,, 2,1 vw' K , 4 3 1, xi :lux g , Ex y ' 1. fuxi A. 1 S, 5:5 1 X s k 1 X K4 'Hr ...T ,, 1 ,M " K .. ', ij ,. vi ', f, .1 JE Q . ,., ., , R in I 2 123, '- 'f 3 Q , f-., S!-f, - . Q"'1!. r' - r " ' 1' gf V 3' " 2- . if A gf 1 - ,fx I .,:' xxx' ! fs ,I Ls " . V ,, I ' ,V , 5 ff' ,f V Q , -ifW"'f" ,. 3' 4 ,..,:Tf'f',qg.,p' SV-'i",'r 1 - I IC'--'X-V f- M ,I 4 A - 5. S If -- ' f j 4' A f , ,M I I I F 228 SPORTS .:--.f-- Q? Vg- ff- s- -V ., -. . - .- . .,,V , .VV - :sw - -5. 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I 95 B55 ',I'.' i ,,,, f ,gf f All they had The Generals opened Their I970 season wiTh an impressive shuT ouT of 26-0 over The Del Cify Eagles. The firsT score was made when halfback Bob Shephard cuT loose on a 69-yard run. Shephard scored a second Touchdown wifh a run from The Generals own 40 To make The score I3-0 wiTh The Two poinT conversion failing. LaTe in The second guarTer halfback Ken Flaniken scrambled 50 yards on a handoff from quarferback Ron RiTTer To increase GranT's lead To I9-0 aT The half. Then in The fourfh quarfer, RiTTer hif Busfer Savage wiTh a 30-yard pass To puT The ball on The Eagles 5 yard line. On The nexf play Shephard wenT over The mid- dle for The final score. A vicTory can be shorT lived as The Generals found ouT when Shawnee shuT ouT GranT, I7-0. Two inTercepTion reTurns and a field goal accounfed for Shawnee's I7 poinTs. The closesT GranT goT To paydirT was on The I2 yard line resulfing from a fumble recovery by Gary Winfield. Three running aT- Tempfs were smoThered by Shawnee and an aTTempTed field goal was off The mark. FighTing off a second half rally, The Generals earned a roll in The 4A-I Tifle race by defeafing PuTnam Cify, I7-I6. A field goal by Jay Amos accounTed for The only score in The firsf quarfera Tackle breaking runs by halfback Kenny Flaniken of 68 and 5 yards gave GranT a I7-0 half Time lead. Four pas- ses by PiraTe Quarferback Tony Bran- Tley To end Sfeve Largenf achieved Them I6 poinTs in The fourTh quarfer wiTh 6:20 leff. Affer punfing To The Pi- raTes wiTh I:32 .remaining, linebacker David Newell inTercepTed a pass To save The vicTory for The Generals. An impressive defense made up of Douglass Trojans puT down all buf one of The General's offensive drives re- sulfing in The firsT MidsTaTe Confer- ence loss for GranT, I2-8. Two fumble recoveries by The Trojans resulTed in scoring runs by Ron Higgens To puT Douglass ahead, l2-0. Finally, affer eleven and a half minufes of baffling in The TourTh quarfer, GranT guarferback Ron RiTTer fired a nine yard pass To spliT-end Busfer Savage puTTing The ball on The Douglass l9. WiTh iT being fourfh and Ten, RiTTer found Savage near The goal line for The Touchdown. WiTh l:32 remaining, RiTTer hiT Bob Shephard for The Two poinT conversion. WiTh The offensive and defensive uniTs scoring Three Times, U.S. GranT leveled The CapiTol Hill Redskins, 42- I3. Bob Shephard opened The scoring for GranT wiTh a Tackle breaking run of 64 yards. The Redskins Then scored when Jerry Kifchens dived 3 yards To cap a 65-yard drive. WiTh only 50 sec- onds lefT in The half, BusTer Savage re- Turned a punT 58 yards To paydirf wiTh a Two poinT conversion good. In The Third quarTer, Shephard scored on a 34-yard broken play and on a 60 yard infercepfion reTurn. AfTer anoTher in- Tercepfion by Shephard, Ken Flaniken scored on a I4 yard scamper. GranT linebacker Gary Winfield Then recov- ered a fourTh quarfer Redskin piTchouT and Thundered 86 yards for The lasT General Touchdown. Capifol l-lill scored wiTh 2:50 lefT when Mark Prif- chard scored on an inTercepTion. A U.S. GranT fumble recovery, ThaT resulTed in The only score of The con- TesT, sTunned The NorThwesT Knighfs wiTh a 7-0 vicTory for The Generals. The Generals goT The break They need- ed when Rick Liffle came up wiTh a fumble recovery aT The Knighfs' 25.' From There, iT Took GranT six plays To score wiTh quarferback Ron RiTTer going inTo paydirT from one yard ouT. Jay Amos Toed The exfra poinT wiTh 8:28 remaining. BaTTling To The lasT second wiTh The score I0-8, The Generals were unable To score The 3 poinTs needed for vicTo- ry over The MidwesT Cify Bombers. The Bombers opened The scoring wiTh a field goal booTed by Dwighf Meade from 22 yards ouT. WiTh a drive sTarT- ing aT Their own 32, Midwesf Cify run- ners carried The ball 42 yards in Three plays To The GranT 25. Then iT was Meade whose broken field running To pay-dirT made The score I0-0 wiTh fif- Teen seconds leff in The half. GranT came To life wiTh a 68-yard pass from Ron RiTTer To Busfer Savage on The firsT play of The fourfh quarTer. GranT wenf for and goT, a Two-poinT conver- sion wiTh RiTTer passing To Rick Meeks. In Midwesf CiTy's aTTempT To run ouT The clock, David Wilson recovered a Bomber fumble on Their own 25. WiTh eighf seconds remaining in The game, Two field goal aTTempTs fell shorT. A combinafion of a sfrong defense and offense allowed The John Marshall Bears To win a big vicTory over The Generals by The score of 21-0. The loss puT To end all chances of GranT finish- ing above fourTh place in Mid-STaTe play. Showing consisTenT drives againsf SouTheasT, The Generals were able To puT down The Sparfans by a score of I9-I4. SouTheasT scored on The firsT drive of The game afTer using 7:27 of The firsT quarTer. GranT came back To score on a one yard plunge by Bob Shephard affer a sevenTy-Three yard aTTack wiTh The poinT aTTer aTTempT failing. Again, SouTheasT scored afTer receiving The ball wiTh Mike LisTon capping a 69-yard march in The second guarfer. The conversion aTTempT was again good. GranT narrowed The Spar- Tan lead To one, affer guarferback Ron RiTTer scored from The one. Affer a brief SouTheasT offensive, GranT puT Togefher an eighfy-yard drive To se- cure The vicfory for The Generals. Rif- Ter found Ricky Meeks open in The end-zone and connecfed wiTh a 26- yard pass as The buzzer sounded. The U.S. GranT Generals Turned The Table on Tulsa Memorial by defeafing The number Three ranked Chargers, 28-22. GranT led aT The Third guarfer mark as Bob Shephard Tallied on an I8-yard run, and a 2I-yard pass. Also Rick LiTTle dashed To paydirf wiTh an inTercepTed pass. WiTh only I2 'min- 232 VARSITY FOOTBALL 23I T Varsity, 6-4 uTes IeTT in The game, Memorial quar- Terbaclc Land Jacobsen passed Tor a Io-yard Touchdown and Two poinT con- version. ATTer sTopping The Generals, a 45-yard pass To STeve Jenlcinson and II-yard pass To Riclc Grarnprell narf rowed GranTIs lead To 2 I -I5 wiTh I :I7 IeTT To play. Cn The TirsT play Tollowing The IcicIcoTT, Shephard bolTed 54 yards To a Touchdown. Then Larry NaiTeh ran The ensuing IcicIcoTT To The GranT I9 where Jacobsen wenT in aTTer a previ- ous play Tor The final score. b g cccc srcccccc Q N. X . I 'T' - - , .. I . 4 . T 4 ' T 1 I f '- .-S rl 4: 15 is . 7, K V KN.: . . .M K . 4 s... gig -ss5f-114 g 'ggtzr-.,-1 gg f ,A -ss.. X' I , T L Q ' - rt s .1 . js. ABOVE: All CiTy halfbaclc, Bob Shephard I4OI runs Tor a large gain in The clash wiTh PuTnam CiTy. RIGHT: SouTheasT de- Tenders haul down haITback Kenny Flanilcen I25I as The Gener- als deTeaTed The SparTans I9-I4. 232 ...nn-Q . . fam , ww xi" A ,Q v ,U ' , , . :MS 1 ,ff -,ff "f'5f,'1w'.s m lim? H, , Q M fy- W, f 1. N 'r'1"ziff 4 A ,1 ,A :rv xg. F .AQ Q "4 Q, X M'-5915 fam- -.W -41-Q, " "' - .. . f W5rwfW,fQf? 'T 'W K H "P '. ' " " t -.Qvg 1. J, i ' I I 'YIQMWW N ,, " ,M ' "f4'f"' .- f I M' , L V ' ff- ?,..'Jf ' , ,Af A , M --I ' fav W W 'f,.,.i 1 ,""12'f'w"' V f -f if A., A ,L K- ,,k,--Jwxgn Q -Wk I 2 W, f Sigel V , L n Wfczjfia W f H 31 VM' . 5,151 wr' f , . 1 , . , ,K A . -'N .742 ,iw . 1' fv ,X..ww :,,f.' 3 .iw -'uf,.,i 5Q'?jig5f5ff,. 3522 '- vp vMV'2-42 M'-vmvflmfv M M' kwin.. ,Q Memorialg Putnam fall in upset ., ,,,.,, U I V, :,, ., ,,.. 1 - ,, 'w , ,V , 4 ,Q, I , 2,-05.6, ' 23 VARSITY FOOTBALL FAR LEFT: l'TalTback Kenny Flaniken puTs GranT ahead oT CapiTol l-lill in 4243 vicTory. LEFT CENTER: A Tive yard sweep by Kenny Flaniken l25l accounTs Tor The Generals TirsT OT Two T.D.'s in The I7-I6 upseT over PuTnam CiTy. FAR LEFT BELOW: Douglass halTback Ron l-liggens T221 gains yardage beTore being broughT down by Dennis Whalen l8Il and Ricky LiTTle i7 I LEFT: Senior OuarTerback Ronnie RiTTer lI2l eludes Tulsa Memorial deTenders Tor a shorT gain as The Generals upseT The Chargers 28-22. BELOW LEFT: Senior Rick Meeks l80l halTs Tulsa Memorials Larry NaiTeh T301 during homecom- ing. BELOW: Senior End BusTer SavageNl3Ol liinges Tor a Touchdown recepTion which was knocked down by Brad Nash OT PuTnam CiTy l35l. VARSITY FOOTBALL 235 RIGHT: Pufnam Cily receiver is liaulecl down by linebacker Gary Winfield l5Ol and Bruce Smillw l44l. ABOVE: Aclion is cauqlwr af Tlwe snap of The ball during Granfs 42-I3 vicfory over Capifol l-lill. 236 VARSITY FOOTBALL V7 Generals make it 25 for the Hill M3 iff 5 as ii , ABOVE LEFT: Team capfains Ricky Meeks l8Ol and Raymond Bruza llOl confer wilh lhe referee before The game wilh Douglass. LEFT: All Clly Linebacker Ricky Lillle l7lj blocks clownlield lor Bob Shephard l4Ol aller he inlercepled a pass from Capilol l-lill. ABOVE: Oklahoma Cily Coach of The Year, Charles Carpenler, lislens as Ricky Meeks l8Ol and Greg Rolland ll Il fell ol weak poinls in Capilol l-lill defense. f"s-iQ'1H'fs X -As" NW'-i's5if 3' ' , - - 4- E. . W. VARSITY FOOTBALL 237 u any S9839 f4'74l' ' 2? 1, k fi K l A4 4 'F . L, fl la 41 Firsi Row: T. Sfanley. J. Herrod, E. Adams, S. Reid, J, Hage- mann, G. Franklin, H. Schilling. G. Howard: Second Row: D. Walker, B. Lawson, J. Chambers, R. Meredillw, W. Rodriquez, B. Borfas, R. Woods, H. Meggsg Third Row: M. Sales. D. Glass, J. Furr, G. Dean, T. Mobley, S. James, J. Roby, J. McEuen: Fourih Row: T. VanSic:kle, D. Baker, M. Walson, K. Linduff, C. Engles, M. Slwaw, D. Huffman: Fi'F+h Row: B. Armsfrong, J. Ledlord, D. Bouslca, P. Halsfead, S. Oglesby, B. Puclceff, M. Dunn, COACHES: Gary Walker, Jeff Welborn, John Savage. RIGHT: Halfbaclc Randy Burns l35l makes a large gain in clash wiflw Souflneasl. V 1 l J L L 1 s-Lf Ll 238 B TEAM FOOTBALL at 1 .EV B Team Rises to 9-5 season PuTTing TogeTher eighT consecuTive vic- Tories, The U.S. GranT B Team Tinished The season wiTh nine wins and Tive losses. High- lighTs oT The season were wins over NorTh- wesT Classen, PuTnam CiTy WesT, and Moore. Also Two wins over Del CiTy and a shuTouT over lvlidwesT CiTy showed The Teams capal3iliTy To win. Coaches Gary Walker, JeTT Welborn, and John Savage deserve much oT The crecliT Tor The Generals ouTsTanding season. ABOVE RIGHT: QuarTerbaclc Jerry Hageman ll2l calls sig- nals during game with SoiiTheasT. FAR RIGHT: "FirsT and Ten" announces Jerry McEuen. l8Ol ABOVE: Coach Gary ,, ' Walker realizes a vicTory is impossible as The lasT seconds Tick , off in The SouTheasT conTesT. fl Us in T ,z ,,.. 5, I we , 6 ,if 41" T Q T, ' - A ii B TEAM FOOTBALL i.,s .2 rrsir sscc TM 2 -Q? W QM? J 240 VARSITY BASKETBALL Roundballers fight . endure tough season Pre-season favoriTe Douglass ouT- scored GranT, I7-5, over The final Three minuTes for a 6I-49 vicTory. The Generals were Tied aT 44-all wiTh Three minufes IefT when Jon House and Ricky Meeks fouled ouT and Douglass pulled away. Gene Lewellen was highpoinf man wiTh 20. Behind The scoring of Gene Lewel- Ien, Dubby McEIvaney and Jon House, The Generals led from wire To wire in Their nip-and-Tuck baTTIe aT 5ouTheasT, winning The decision, 59-55. Lewellen scored 20, wiTh McElvaney and House scoring I6 each. GranT cooled off NorThwesT's scor- ing in The early going, holding The KnighTs To an eighf-all firsT period Tie before a I7-poinT second period and 23-poinT Third period puT The Generals ouT of conTenTion. Jon House was high for GranT wiTh I2 and Gene Lewellen had I I. PuTnam CiTy's Alvan Adams led The Pirafes To a 69-5I vicTory over The Generals as The PiraTes oufscored GranT in all four periods. Jon House scored I6. Gene Lewellen I4, and Ken Nelson I2. U.S. GranT defeafed Del CiTy, 60- 46, as Dubby McEIvaney led The field wiTh I8 poinTs. Del CiTy failed To score a single field goal in The Third period againsT GranT. Behind McElvaney in scoring was Bob Shephard wiTh I3 and Gene Lewellen IO. The Generals leveled iTs conference record aT 3-3 wiTh a 40-36 vicTory over John Marshall. In The final period, The Bears were held To only Two poinTs. GranT's scoring was led by Jon House wiTh I2 and Ricky Meeks wiTh 9. Again GranT bounced Del Cify, 54- 46, affer The Generals pulled away from The Eagles in The second quarTer wiTh a series of free Throws for a 25-I9 halffime lead. Gene Lewellen and Jon House each scored I2, Dubby McEIva- ney II and Richie Reyes IO. MidwesT CiTy sailed inTo an I8-8 lead in The firsT period over The Gener- als and aT one Time owned a 27-poinT spread in a 64-45 loss for GranT. Gene Lewellen was The only General wiTh double figures aT I4. The Generals, afTer being behind aT The half 27-I5, waTched The Knighfs puT iT all TogeTher in The Third period, scoring 20 poinTs To GranT's 2 in a 60- 27 vicfory over The Generals. GranT scored only I7 poinfs in The firsT Three quarTers. AfTer being Tied 7-7 PuTnarn Cify Took The lead and held iT in a 76-6I loss for The Generals. Junior, Ken Nelson and senior, Gene Lewellen scored I6 each To lead GranT's scoring. Unleashing a 24-poinT firsT quarTer, John Marshall embarrassed U.S.G. 74-57 for The Bears firsT vicfory oT The season. Jon House scored I4 and Bob Shephard I3. The Generals were ouT- scored in all four periods. An impressive firsT half scoring spree of 37 poinfs by CapiToI Hill was enough To hold off a fourTh quarTer rally by The Generals as The Redskins won a 60-49 verdicT over GranT. High scorers for GranT were Jon House wiTh I5 and Rick Meeks wiTh IO. In a baTTIe To The IasT second, GranT was unable To score The poinTs needed To upseT MidwesT CiTy as The Generals IosT, 53-49. The Bombers Took The lead and held iT The enTire series. High scores for GranT were Gene Lewellen wiTh I4 and Rick Meeks scoring I I. A sTarTing line-up of juniors led by cenfer Randy Furr conTribuTed much To The vicTories obTained by The U.5. GranT B-Team baske+baII squad. Furr led in field goals and ToTaI poinfs. OTher sTarTers were Bobby Garrison, forward: Bobby Sifers, forward: Sam Garlow, guard: Gary Williams, guard. Coach John Savage also had a fine crop of sophomores consisfing of cen- Ters James Ledford and Ted Elmore. Guards were Sammy Mclflvany, 5Teve Chaney, and Larry Miller, Sfeve Mclninch and John Furr were for- wards. Maior vicTories were Those over MidwesT CiTy and Two wins over Capi- Tol Hill. Douglass, ranked Third in class 4-A, rolled pasT The Generals 70-53 afTer holding a 37-I6 haIfTime lead. Ricky Meeks and Gene I.eweIIen were GranT's leading scorers wiTh I0 poinTs each. AIThough The Generals ouT- scored The Trojans 37-33 in The IasT Two periods, The TwenTy-one poinT def- iciT was Too much To overcome. AfTer Trailing aT The half, SouTheasT was able To Take advanTage of a series of free Throws in The final period for a 63-53 vicfory over U.S. GranT. Soufh- easT Took The lead on The IasT shof of The Third period and never Trailed affer ThaT. Richie Reyes was high poinT man for GranT wiTh I6g Gene Lewellen followed wiTh I4. Va rsiTy Scores U.S. GranT 49 Douglass U.5. GranT 59 SouTheasT U.5. Granf 42 NorThwesT US. GranT 5I PuTnam CiTy U.S. GranT 60 Del CiTy U.S. GranT 40 John Marshall U.5. GranT 54 Del Cify IJ.5. GranT 49 MidwesT CiTy U.5. GranT 53 Douglass U.5. GranT 53 SouTheasT U.5. GranT 27 NorThwesT U.S. GranT 6I PuTnam CiTy U.S. GranT 57 John Marshall U.S. GranT 49 CapiToI Hill U.S. GranT 45 MidwesT Cify .S.C5. roundballers hold own with top ranked Trojans ,X ABOVE: Bob l-larris l24l allempls lo cul off Trojan Arnold Masl l35l, in lasl seconds ol game. ABOVE RIGHT: Dubby Mclflvany ll4l, makes move on Terry Davis l2ll. RIGHT: Gene Lewellen l32l and his Douglass counferparl leap for opening lip-oll in claslwwi+l1Trojans. 242 VARSITY BASKETBALL ABOVE: Sea'I'ed: Dubby Mclflvany, Richie Reyes, Gary Wil- liams, Sam Gariow, Jon House, Bobby Shepard. Sfandingz Ricky Meeks, Bobby Harris. Gene Leweilen. Bobby Garrison, Bob Sifers, Ken Fianiicen, Ken Nelson, Randy Furr. VARSITY BASKETBALL 243 Blood . . . sweat . . . and breaks ABOVE: John Marshall Bears loolc on as Kenny Flanilcen scores Two lor lhe Generals. ABOVE RIGHT: Richie Reyes, ll2l ma- neuvers himself around Norlhwesl player in an allempl 'ro score, LEFT: Gene Lewellen l32l and Jon l-louse l42j pressure Mal Malson l54l ol John Marshall during 40-36 viclory. 244 VARSITY BASKETBALL ABOVE LEFT: Ricky Meeks f52j guns for fwo againsf Midwesf Cify. LEFT: Coaches John Savage and Don Mefheny review game pkan againsf Norfnwesf before second half. ABOVE: Gene Lewellen nesifafes a second before making move during game wifn Midwesf Cify. VARSITY BASKETBALL 245 "B" team defeats Bombers and Skms B-Team Scores U.5.G. 63 Fulham Cily U.5.G. 43 Douglass U.5.G. 56 Soulheasl U-5.6. 34 Norlhwesl U.5.G. 53 Pulnam Clly U.5.G. 55 Del Cily U.5.6. 63 John Marshall D.5.G. 50 Capilol l-lill U.5.G. 55 Del Cily U.5.G. 59 lvlidwesl Cily U.5.G. 40 Douglass USG. 5I Soulheasl D.5.G. 60 Norlhwesl U.5.G. 60 John Marshall U.5.G. 63 Capllol l-llll U.5.G, 52 lvlldwesl Oily ABOVE: Sophomore, Ted Elmore l5Ol slrugqles lo b d during conlesl wilh Soulheasf. ABOVE RIGHT Ga y WI llams l22l dribbles pasl Sparlam defender. RIGHT 5a G low prevehfs a lay-up aqainsl fhe Sparlams. 246 B TEAM BASKETBALL S 'N vyl ,n , "B" Team players are: Boflom Row: Sammy McElvany, Sieve Mclnlncn. Jlm Jew, Larry lvliller,Jol1nny Furr, David Walker, Top Row: David Lindsey. Terry Lewellen, David Donaldson, Jerry Herrod, Ted Elmore, Jim Ledlord, Keilh Llndull, Sreve Clwaney. B TEAM BASKETBALL 247 Grapplers ill I at all-city tourney The U.S. GranT Generals losT Their TirsT maTch OT The season TO The power- Tul Norman Tigers, 26-I2. Norman claimed Their vicTory even Though sTaTe champion Jake Tullius was upseT by Shannon Roberson, 6-5, on a lasT period Takedown. OTher winners Tor GranT were Charles Gomez, Harry BoydsTun, and Ronnie RiTTer. Using Two TorTeiTs and Tour Talls, GranT smOThered Top-ranked Carl Al- berT, 39-9. Phillip Mabry recorded The quickesT pin OT The dual, sTopping TiTan, I36-pounder Bobby Allenbaugh in 27 seconds. Barry Floyd, Shannon Roberson, and Ron RiTTer also rec- orded pins. OTher scores came Trom Mark Nixon, Harry BoydsTun, and Bill Snipes., The Generals rolled To The cham- pionship OT The All-CiTy WresTling TournamenT aT CapiToI Hill aTTer win- ning seven maTches in The Tinals. A slim II3-97 margin separaTed The vicTori- ous Generals Trom The powerTuI John Marshall Bears. Finals, including GranT wresTlers, wenT like This: 98 - Barry Floyd dec. Ralph Gill, NW, 7-O7 IO6 - Charles Gomez dec. Ray Miller, JM, 9-O: I I5 - Teddy WooTen dec. Rick Dawson, JM, I5-77 l23 -- Rich- ard Kilgore, NW, dec. Bryan AnToon, 4-25 I3O - Harry BoydsTun dec. Bruce Hubbard, NW I-Og I36 - Bill Snipes dec. David ShOrT, JM, 6-2: I4l - Shannon Roberson reT. dec. Mike KieT- ner, CH 2-2, 2-2 IOTT, I48 - Ronnie RiTTer dec. Claude CarruThers, NE, 5-3. ConsOlaTion winners Tor GranT were Phillip Mabry and Ernie Nelson. Duncan surprised The All-CiTy cham- pion Generals by deTeaTing GranT, 20- I 8. The decisive maTch came aT I68 pounds where Joe Daniels posTed an 8-2 vicTory over Mark Fleming, leaving GranT needing Two pins in The Tinal maTches To score a vicTory. A TorTeiT in The opening weighT helped The De- mons build an I I-O lead. Teddy Woo- Ten, Phillip Mabry, Shannon Roberson, Ron RiTTer, Jerry STuckey, and Ernie Nelson won decisions Tor The Generals. U.S. GranT handed SOuTheasT Their TirsT dual wresTIing loss OT The season as The Generals Triumphed, 28-I5. Ron RiTTer scored The only pin Tor GranT over Don Osban aT I57. HeavyweighT Ernie Nelson had a 2-2 draw wiTh All- CiTy Champ Dennis Buchanan. GranT wresTlers Barry Floyd, Ted WooTen, Phillip Mabry, Shannon Roberson, and Bill Snipes held Their opponenTs score- less. WiTh Tive men placing in The Tinals, The Generals were able TO win enough maTches Tor a ranking OT TourTh aT The Geary WresTling TournamenT. Cham- pions Tor GranT were Teddy WooTen, who downed KeiTh STevenson OT PuT- nam CiTy, I I-O, and Ronnie RiTTer, who decisioned Mike GaTely, 3-I, aT I48. Shannon Roberson, Bill Snipes, and Phillip Mabry placed second. EighT decisions and one pin allowed GranT To ouTscore NorThwesT Classen by The margin OT 3I-I5. Wins Tor GranT came aT 98 - Floyd, IO6 - Gomez, I23 - FiTzgeraId, I3O - BoydsTun, I4l - Roberson, I48 5 Snipes, I57 - RiTTer, I78 - LiTTle, and Hvy. - Nelson. Barry Floyd lecl The way To a 26-I3 vicTory over PuTnam CiTy WesT by pin- ning his opponenT in The opening I:35 OT The maTch. Decisive vicTories by Charles Gomez, Teddy WooTen, Shan- non Roberson, Bill Snipes, Ron RiTTer, and Ernie Nelson helped pave The way Tor a GranT vicTory. ATTer winning The lighTer weighTs, The Generals held on To a slim lead needed Tor vicTory as GranT slipped by Moore, 20-I9. Barry Floyd, Charles Gomez, Teddy WooTen, and Brian An- Toon won Their bouTs while Kevin FiTz- gerald drew wiTh Jim Morgan. l.aTer, I4I Shannon Roberson and I57 Ronnie RiTTer won Their decisions by large margins. UnTorTunaTeIy, no wins were recorded aTTer RiTTer's I2-5 counT. U.S. GranT used six pins, Tour de- cisions, and a draw in rouTing STar Spencer, 44-7. The quickesT pin was Teddy WooTen's 55 second Tall over Charles PeTer. Charles Gomez Took only I5 seconds longer To end his 98- pound bouT. OThers recording pins Tor The Generals were I I5 - Barney JeT- Terson, I36 - Bryan AnToon, I4I - Shannon Roberson, and I78 - Ricky LiTTIe. Harry BoydsTun, Bill Snipes, Jerry STuckey, and Mark Fleming ouT- scored all OT Their opponenTs. A maTch beTween The deTermined Generals and The pOwerTuI PuTnam CiTy PiraTes ended in a hearTbreaker Tor The Generals and PuTnam CiTy won, 20-I9. ATTer TorTeiTing aT 98, Charles Gomez decisioned Weiker OT PuTnam, 2-I. General Teddy WooTen recorded The only pin OT The nighT aT II5. l.aTer Harry BoydsTun and Ron RiTTer won Their bouTs while Shannon Roberson had To seTTle Tor a draw. GranT losT aT I23, I36, I4B, I68, and I78. HeavyweighT Ernie Nelson did win his maTch buT could noT geT The pin needed Tor a General vicTory. ATTer GranT had esTablished an early 8-3 lead, MidwesT CiTy wresTlers were able To musTer up six decisions and a Tall To beaT The Generals, 28-I3. GranT Took The lead aTTer Charles Gomez and Teddy WooTen won Their bouTs wiTh a 2-I decision and a pin, re- specTively. NOT unTil Tour weighTs laTer did GranT score again as Shannon Roberson beaT Clemmons 7-I. Adding anoTher score Tor GranT was Ernie Nel- son wiTh a draw aT heavyweighT. Two pins and a 9-O decision in The laTe going enabled John Marshall To discourage The Generals, 24-I7, aTTer an eleven-all deadlock. The lead ex- changed hands Three Times as Barry Floyd, Teddy WooTen, Shannon Rob- erson, and Ron RiTTer scored wins. Bryan AnToOn and Harry BoydsTun losT Their maTches, 7-6 and 4-3 respecTive- Iy. John MarshalI's unbeaTen heavy- weighT Sam Villyard suTTered his TirsT loss OT The year when Ernie Nelson scored a 3-2 vicTory. The Generals, unable To geT The necessary poinTs, had To seTTle Tor TourTh place wiTh a score OT 55, only one poinT behind rival John Marshall, aT The 4-A Championship aT PuTnam CiTy. GranT's champions were Ted WooTen, II5, who downed David Webb OT Norman, II-I, and Ronnie RiTTer, a 7-3 winner over ,Joe Allen OT PuTnam WesT aT I48. Second place winners were 98-pounder Charles Gomez and Shannon Roberson aT I4l. WRESTLING 249 Tourney results send five wrestlers to state finals. 250 VARSITY WRESTLING ABOVE: Bollom Row: Barry Floyd, Charles Gomez, Teddy Woolen, Bryan Antoon, Kevin Fitzgerald, Philip lvlalory. Top Row: Billy Snipes, Shannon Roberson, Ronnie Ritter, Jerry Stuclcey, Mark Fleming, Ernie Nelson. ,ff ABOVE LEET: Coaches Leiand Clark and Mike Barlow conq- ra'rula+e Teddy Woofen afrer winning a Mid-Srafe Champion- ship. ABOVE: One hundred fifty-seven pounder Ronnie Riifer confrols Osban of Soufheasr as 'rhe Generals defeafed rhe Sparrans 28-I3. LEFT: Jerry Sruckey ge-Ts in sfarring posifion wifh Coidiron from Sfar Spencer. VARSITY WRESTLING 253 26 N "B" team matmen down Marshall I6-I I W, 3 . . aa W ,. ., , -, LEFT: Ronnie Kirk sizes up lwis opponenl during conlesl wiflw lvlidwesl Cify. FAR ABOVE: Lynn Daily maneuvers luis lvlide wesl Cily opponenl lor a lalcedown. ABOVE: Joe Slappicon- lrols his Midwesl Cily counlerparl. RIGHT: "B" learn coach Milne Barlow and Varsiiy wreslling coach Leland Clark loolc on as qrapplers lake on Midwesl Cily. B TEAM WRESTIJNG 255 256 TRACK, CROSS COUNTRY AND BASEBALL .- sg '-'- "mmf: :" il-11liY:i5i5?ff5557l3:fi "-'- i15'i5i"y35:5i3iii:2-'Ti X k'x: Wfiiii'5i9??1f?ifi'i9'filiiiil.15:5?i53ii5f:1E::i f- ::1"ff-"ref: 'vwL1f'2 ' --"r:"H1fwW-:W ' 1" 75-.a:,.:i 1,0-si f-:,:f5:s:-1' ensl- is +1 .. - X 'r . ..- . , ,,lL , , - -X . f-.' - -2 A .kk. . ...,,. In eil "'MS7im"- 'ii ljvsii ,,,. - k"k df'-' i ,gf 5 .s , ,,,. W . .f ,,., ,L - ,L lV,:f.ig 3-el. W if-.3 , . "'A -. ' 1 ' ..il'1-Pif' f ' "L- - i"'X ":ii- il' lffisTE.5-wjftktffiigi-V fi , ' V- X . s S e . r,:. 1 Speed and endurance competitive spirit The Lawion Track lnvilalional, Nor- man, and Duncan Meels headline 'rhe US. Gran+ Track Team evenls for ihe I97I season. Coach Charles Carpen- ier led 'rhe following leammales in The following evenlsz Quar+er relay: Marry Pike, Larry Wolfe, Robbie Woods, Rocky Eaves, Chuck Lowe. IOO yard dash: Chuck Lowe, Larry Wolfe, Robbie Woods, Rocky Eaves. 220 yard dash: Chuck Lowe, Marry Pike, Robbie Woods. 440 yard dash: Chuck Lowe. 880 yard run: Ricky Carpenrer, Jerry Mclfuen. Mile run: Ricky Carpenrer, Ron Micue. 2 mile run: Gayle Smirh, John Borroms. I20 High Hurdles: Jim Hageman, David Ruyle, Don Buckner. l80 Low Hurdles: Don Buckner, Jim Hageman, David Ruyle. Long Jump: Gene Muse. Sho+ Pu+: Gary l-lanshue, Slan Row- land, David Wilson. Disc: Gary Hanshue, David Wilson. Mile Relay: Chuck Lowe, Marry Pike. Cross Coun+ry Behind ihe heels of Junior Rick Car- penier, lhe Cross Counrry Team had a successful l97O season by placing high in slaie and ciiy comperifion. In Oclo- ber, Carpenrer placed Jrhird in The Mid-Slale Conference Meer, and sec- ond in Jrhe All-Cily meer in November. Larer Thai monih, Carpenler finished ihirfeenrh on a lwo-mile course wi+h ihree hundred orher runners parlici- paling. Carpenlers besi Time was 9:56. achieved ai rhe meei wi+h John Mar- shall. Baseball General's our Name, Baseballs our Game. Coach Russell Higbie and Var- sily Baseballer's prepare for anorher successful season againsi powerful foes Puinam Ciry, and fasr-rising Douglass. Players and posilions are as lollows: Ca+cher: Randy Pearn I Base: Ronnie Svergoii 2 Base: Randy Markum, Ted Thomas, Mark Goodwin Shori' S+op: Terry Shropshire 3 Base: Clinron King Piicher: Bobby Chaal, Eric Smilh, Ron Sveigoif, Lee Schwarlz, Benii Borias Le'f'l' Field: Raymond Bruza Cenfer Field: Bob Shephard Righi Field: Kevin Penry, Mike Smilh, John McDougal Y f TRACK, CROSS COUNTRY AND BASEBALL 257 Clndermen XXX- lr l Le 3 Q e E X . Qv 5 4, s f y 5 . l ii K K K I 2zA'iNN NS ,-k, k L. Q- V. i I jail! y o gg-A a ,1 f.4m1 f li. x x x x x o if 1 l Jw: N f ll l -1 1 sl 1: L V 1 Q uf if Y E 2 5 - U 'W K QE li 1 :r G 6 v I ,J hd A 4 ".' ' l 1 4 is Y E' I 'M ' '7 will ' SH J X ' ' -Ea 1 x x y a x x x K 0 l 3ttEI1d Clty l , do vu invitational w i E f if , 3 , - " aw' W l f , 1 f an J 258 TRACK FAR ABOVE: l-lurdlers Jim Hageman, David Ruyle and Don Bulcer display leclwniques used in Lawlon lnvilalional. ABOVE: Clwclc Lowe, Jerry McEwen, Viclor Clurislian, and Riel: Car- penler. Second Row: Larry Wolfe, Rocky Eaves, Marly Pike, and Jim Hageman. MX X 5 e 4 5 -Wm s.sw1F5' sais ,, 5 ,. Axl- exif' 1 w a'i'?' ' 1, ,ffm L sim. - AW,, , if Q 'ffsf 3 ,,.-QL :rw , i ,, xx yy 3-"1 In , f '-.-gi.-Snr' ' ai' Q .MQ W ,, ,A v,.-A-.ova aa 4 ABOVE: Don Baker. Gene Muse. Jerry McEuen, Rick Carpen- +er. Chuck Lowe, Mike Boffoms, Ron Micue, J. D. McLaughin, Coach Charles Carpenfer. Second Row: Mgr. Jim Hagem- ann, Marfy Pike, David Ruyle, Robby Woods, Vic+or Chris- Tian, Roy Meredifh, Johnny Chambers, Mike Webber. Third Row: Keifh Crawford, Gale Smiih, Gary Hanshue, David Wil- son. Sian Rowlan, Larry Wolf, Rocky Eaves. LEFT: Discus and Shofpuf fhroweri Gary Hanshue, works ou? for imporfanf mee? wi'rh Norman. TRACK 259 ABOVE: Members of +l'ie Cross-Counlry learn: Bo++om Row, Marshall Upiolwn, Vicfor Clwrislian, Ricky Carpenfer, Danny Sampson, Cnuclc Lowe. Top Row: Jack Clay, Ron Micue, John Bofloms, Gale Smiflw, David Ruyle. RlGl'lT: Coaclw Russell Hiqloie briefs The Cross-Counlry leam on an upcoming meet 260 CROSS COUNTRY sy. 4 f ,',,, .-,', f Wg. -Q U Y f illii f f f : ,. 6' " V, fp is-,Wg 53, , 'win 59 iifilwl-lifvm ve ei' . , ,,,V,g , f ' f ' A ., myig fiff . .L F, 'Y Carpenter I3th in state cross country ji Q-N34 ABOVE: Cross-country runners tor Grant at the state meet are f3l2j Chuck Lowe, Marshal Upiohn, Q3 I 31 Danny Sampson. Victor Christian, and 133 lj Ricky Carpenter. LEFT: Ricky Car- penter tinishes l3th at the State Meet. CROSS COUNTRY 261 Hopes of victory . . strained ligaments baseball a W, V, x r t gs! gi in f,.,--.... 262 BASEBALL ABOVE: Baseball Coach Russell Higbie checks signals with pitcher Eric Smith between innings. ABOVE RIGHT: Pitcher Bobby Chaat releases ball tor a strike-out. RIGHT: Catcher Randy Pearn prepares to catch pop tly. O O Q 2' jl 1 gem if xg! Mi 2 Act 7 N 1 2 ' 1 if fff' ' iL o ' 6' ff 76, Z HZ 44 -sv ,ff wgiii' ABOVE: Bobby Chaai, Kevin Penry, Lee Swarfz, Terry Shrop- shire, Joel Maxwell, Ciinion King, Dennis Robinson, Raymond Bruza, Eric Smi1'h.2nd Row: Randy Marcom, John McDougal, Benii Borias, Mike Goodwin, Mike Smifh, Ted Thomas, Randy Pearn, Ronnie Svefgoff. LEFT: Teammaies congraiuiaie Ron- nie Sveigoii aiier hi++inq a homerun. BASEBALL 263 264 SWIMMING, GOLF AND TENNIS rirr Swimmers, duffers, and tennis bums Capfuring a Third place Tifle aT The All-Cify Swimming Championship The U.S. GranT swimming Team Topped off a successful season in compefifion meeTs. Granf finished wiTh 6I poinfs, 40 ahead of fourTh place Classen. The 400 medley relay and 400 free relay Team placed second and Third respec- Tively. lndividual winners were Jay Newell, 200 Tree and 400 Tree sTyle. Also STan Perkins placed second in l00 breasT sTroke compeTiTion. Wins of 53-42 over NorThwesT, and 7I-24 over Norfheasf were decisive vicTories for GranT. Individual Medley: Bob MiTchell, David Peck, John Chaney. Medley Relay: Bob Mifchell, STan Per- kins, Jerry Judd, Ron Jewel. 200 Free STyle: David Peck, Ken Black. I00 BuTTerfly: Bob Mifchell, David Peck, Mark Welling. 500 Free S+yIe: Ron Jewell, Jerry Judd. Diving: Sfeve Fraser, WyaTT Burks. l00 Back STroke: Jerry Judd, Sfeve James. 400 Free Relay: Jay Newell, Mark Welling, STeve Fraser. 400 Free Relay: Ken Black, Jerry Judd, Ron Jewell, Sfan Perkins. Golf isn'T only compefifive, buT iT is also colorful. lnviTaTionals aT Sfillwafer and aT The famous Colonial Counfry Club aT FT. WorTh headline The i970- 7I U.S. Granf Golf Teams schedule of meeTs. Charles Clay and Elmer Hum- phreys placed TenTh ouf of forTy Teams in The STillwaTer Two Ball TournamenT. 0Ther sTarTers for Granf are Juniors Ken Dowell, Ken Nelson, Tony Baker, Bob Anderson, and Tony HunT. Sopho- mores are Tommy Fields and Leslie Smifh. Tennis is Their rackeT, and Coach Craig Miller will Try again To lead his U.S. Granf Tennis Team To anofher successful season. The season opener wiTh John Marshall ended in a 5-3 vic- Tory for The Generals. GranTs Toughesf opponenf, Midwesf Cify should prove To be an exciTing maTch leading up To The Mid-STaTe and STaTe Conference Tennis MeeTs. Tennis Team members are, Seniors Jay Amos, STeve Perry, Mike Isaac, and Gerald Miller. Juniors consisT of Jerry Alexander, Jack Clay, and Mark lngram. SWIMMING, GOLF AND TENNIS 265 K a FAR ABOVE: Bob Mi'rcI'1eII and David Peck pradice bwferfly s'rroIce for reqionaIs. ABOVE: Ron JeweII, Bob MifcI'1eII, Sfan Perkins, and Jerry Judd waif for 'rI'1e gun To sIar+'rI'1e IOO-Free. RIGHT: Shan Perkins swims The IOO-yard breaslf sfrolce To place Iirsf aqainsf Nor+I1wes+: 266 SWIMMING Tankmen perfect form u , I H 1 1' 4' "fail I I ABOVE: Swim 'ream members are: Phil Hosfead, Bob Mir- chell, Slan Perkins, Leroy Berry, Jerry Judd, Kenneflw Black, David Peck, Farron Dodd, Jolin Chaney, Wyafl Burlcs, Sfeve James, Sfeve Fraser, Jay Newell, Terry Welling, and Ron Jewell. LEFT: Diver Sieve Fraser shows 'rlwe form he used al flwe All-Cily lvleelz SWIMMING 267 Amos and Alexander provide l-2 punch Qs, 268 GOLF ABOVE LEFT: Tommy Fields, Elmer Humphreys, and Ken Dowell praclice pulling before going lo Eorl Worlh lnvila- lional. ABOVE RIGHT: Tony Balmer uses iusl enough English lo sink a birdie pull al' Hillcresl Counlry Club. ABOVE: Mem- bers ol lhe Golf leam, Bollom row: Elmer Humphreys and Charles Clay, Top row: Coach Elmer Humphreys, led Van Sickle, Tommy Fields, Ken Dowell, Tony Hunl, Tony Baker. Bob Anderson, Coach Jack Everharl, I VQ... 2 wily 'N NS Kmikfyy SEVTEWS? V Kg! WEEKS I3 Xa-Q .ir Milf' FAR ABOVE: Bo++om Row: Tony Miller, Jay Arnos. Jerry Alexander, Mark Ingram. Top Row: Mike Isaac, Gerald Miller, Jack Clay, Sleve Perry. LEFT: Jay Amos delivers hard serve fo John Marshall opponen+ in Granfs 5-3 vicfory. ABOVE: Jerry Alexander backhands beaurifully during Tournamenl play. ill , , - fs. 4, ,ff M -YM, . .v ' Zf"'f!7i5'lk- wi. 1' A , Q., if fl '--- an . 'Lx"5:+, z FFSEYX v- Q1 N 4 , f -' A gg' Z L-t":3gV4,,a - -.J ?Q!Qi5'3Q . 'ffggi if Q ,i",,, I n'."51C-"s",fA' 1 Y,-me lfu 1- 3 -Nf':'x. ff 543' 'Y 'f'1'f' !'.,,M,,5 YY f. fvf' A 1 ,fx s,'?F wa J gpv 'YQ i',i'fk3j!Qu,,' 7.-' , ', .1 xx . ,vi W h gf 'A' W liz. sl Copyrighf I97O, "The Okiahoma Publishing Cof From Phe Sunday Oklahoman, Sept 6 270 EPILGGU E D I I , iffj qi r' ff 'MQ ws-gm 'mf Q M S f' ABOVE: Financial difficuliies caused The new Mummers Thea- Ter fo almosi close Hwree monfhs aiier opening niginf. ABOVE RIGHT: Senior Danny Andrews checks +he daie he furned I8 - voiing age. RIGHT: Sue Gdom snaclwes a few mornenfs 'ro read "Love Sforyu - a common sigh? af Grant FTE 18, 113' Epilogue: Issues at large An imporTanT year, I97I - one ThaT will sTand ouT in our memories Tor many Things. Familiar issues appeared again, new ones came To The ToreTronT, and old ones passed Trom The sighT oT America. VieTnam remained in The headlines as The SouTh VieTnamese Army pushed inTo Laos, wiTh The U.S. providing air cover and equipmenT. Arnold Palmer proved To The naTion ThaT he wasn'T down yeT, winning The Bob l'lope DeserT GolT Classic in a sudden- deaTh playoTT. lvluch aTTenTion was Tocused on The new eighTeen-year old voTe as sTu- denTs conTinued The sTruggle Tor The righT To voTe in sTaTe and local elecTions. Local issues gained in imporTance when iT was announced ThaT The new lvlummers The- aTer would close because oT Tinancial dil- TiculTies. Carl AlberT was elecTed To The highesT naTional poliTical posT ever held by an Olclahoman when he was chosen Speaker oT The l-louse in January. Problems and soluTions were all parT oT The evenTs oT l97l, as we sTruggled Tor un- -dersT-anding oT The issue oT our Time. EPILOGUE 27I Copyrigh' l97O, The Oidahome PubHsHng Co. From fha Okhshoma Cify Times. Dec. I N NA 4-...N 272 EPILOGUE wwe. f , I 'Hgf1u.2mgv,a: , "WWW ' H "":"'v2iz::,: f v iii E7 if Year's end brings new hopes for coming years ABOVE: As fhe school year closes Mrs, Lane and her +wo aids, Kalhy Tims and Elhel McGowen, are busy checking iun- ior and sophomore enrollmenfs. ABOVE LEFT: Randy l-lerrod comes back fo his home Town of Coalgafe, Oklahoma alfer being acquilfecl in one of lhe conrroyersial My Lai Trials. LEFT: Teddy Woolen wafches for The referees signal To con- firm his pin ol Nelson from Miclwesr Cily. EPILOGUE 273 4 - 'fl-2 . Our Chief Clarence W. Huffman retires SenT ChrisTmas l970 . . . Dear SanTa: ls iT possible ThaT you could sTarT preparing a principal Tor us Tor The nexi school Term? We would appreci- aTe iT iT you would make him exacTly like The one we have now. We believe he is The besT There has ever been and The besT There ,ever will be. For The sake oT a good school sys- Tem, please hurry SanTa. y Always, WZQZWXQZM lT was SepTember, l928, when Clar- ence W. HuTTman began his TirsT day on The iob in The Tield oT educaTion. He was Teacher oT physics, maTh and TooTball and baskeTball coach aT JeT- Terson ConsolidaTed Schools, JeTTer- son, Oklahoma Trom i928 unTil IQ33. From I933-IQ37 he was SuperinTend- enT aT JeTTerson ConsolidaTed Schools. In l937, he came To Oklahoma CiTy and TaughT maTh aT RoosevelT Jr. High, Trom IQ37 unTil l94O. Mr. HuTTman became principal oT Franklin Jr. High, Oklahoma CiTy in l94O and served There unTil l955. ln l955 he was assigned principal oT Jackson Jr. High where he remained unTil SepTember, l958, when he be- came principal oT U.S. GranT High School. C. W. HuTTman graduaTed Trom CenTral High School. Oklahoma CiTy, Then aTTended Oklahoma CiTy Univer- siTy Two years. He graduared Trom UniversiTy oT Oklahoma, l928, in maThemaTics and science. He laTer earned a MasTers Degree in School AdminisTraTion aT O.U. in l937, Then did advance work aT O.U.', Oklahoma STaTe. and UniversiTy oT SouThern Cali- Tornia. Mr. HuTTman has been acTive in var- ious proTessional and civic organiza- Tions such as: The Board oT DirecTors STaTe Principals' AssociaTion, i963-68, and RresidenT oT The Oklahoma CiTy AdminisTraTions Council, l.96O. He served on The STaTe NorTh CenTral CommiTTee Trom l965 To I97l 1 also on The Board oT DirecTors Tor The -Region- al Commission oT NorTh CenTral on Ed- ucaTional Research, i966-69. He is a member oT The Oklahoma EducaTion AssociaTion and NaTional EducaTion AssociaTion. From IQ63-66, Mr. HuTT- man was a member oT OEA STaTe CommiTTee on Rroiiessional RighTs and ResponsibiliTies. PresenTly, he is a member oT The CapiTol Hill Chamber OT Commerce and The CapiTol Hill Lions Club. Mr. HuTTman's Tamily co,nsisTs oT his wiTe, Frances, a graduaTe oT LlniversiTy oT Oklahoma and a Tormer Teacher in Okla. CiTy: and his Two daughTers, Marcia Keller, a graduaTe oT Oklaho- ma STaTe UniversiTy: Julia Fernold. a graduaTe OT O.S.U. also. He has Tour grandchildren. 3 boys and l girl. The yearbook sTaTT has asked Mr. HuTTman To share some oT The experi- ences and insighTs he has gained dur- ing his 43 years oT service in educa- Tion. STAFF: WhaT are your plans now? MR. HUFFMAN: l plan To work? keep busy. STAFF: WhaT advice would you give To a person who aspires To become a high school principal? MR. HUFFMAN: He rnusT be dedicaT- ed To his proTession and enioy working wiTh youTh. He musT keep apace oT ed- ucaTional Trends in order ThaT The school can develop a program To meeT The needs oT The changing world. This copy conTinues PRINClPAL 275 con'T from page 277 person musT recognize ThaT he is an ed- ucaTional leader oT his communiTy, and musT be Tair, consisTenT, and human in all his acTions. He musT be able To rec- ognize and develop leadership TalenT in The TaculTy and sTudenT body and be willing To Talce a sTand on Things ThaT he believes are righT. Success in any school depends upon The selecTion, moTivaTion, and involvemenT oT The TaculTy in The planning oT The educa- Tional program. STAFF: WhaT abouT The TuTure oT Edu- caTion? MR. l-TUFFMAN: ln The TuTure a high school educaTion will be essenTial Tor everyone in order To be employed in our Technological socieTy. Career Training will become a very imporTanT parT oT The high school curriculum. STu- denTs will be exposed To a varieTy oT career opporTuniTies. Use oT communi- Ty resource people will be emphasized and work-sTudy acTiviTies in which The sTudenT spends parT oT The Time in in- dusTry will be increased. General edu- caTion will be more inTegraTed and re- laTed wirh The career Training acTivi- Ties. STudenTs will begin choosing Their proTession or vocaTion aT The begin- ning oT Their high school career. l'ligh school educaTion as such will become more meaningTul because oT iTs close relaTionship To acTual problems and ac- TiviTies in an ever-changing socieTy. STAFF: l-low have you lcepT close con- TacT wiTh your TaculTy and sTudenTs? MR. HUFFMAN: My career in Teach- ing and public school adminisTraTion has been mosT graTiTying, inTeresTing, and rewarding as I have had The op- porTuniTy oT working wiTh many Tine people: TaculTy members, parenTs and sTudenTs on a common proiecT, "The educaTion oT The youTh." Especially pleasanT has been my I3 years aT U.S. GranT where l have re- ceived The TinesT cooperaTion. The TuTure in educaTional progress Tor The youTh oT CapiTol Hill area loolcs exceedingly brighT wiTh The expansion oT The Area VocaTional Technical School and The addiTion oT The CapiTol l-lill Junior College showing The inTense inTeresT oT The people in developing a Tine school program Tor The youTh oT This area. C. D. Chase retires "IT l had iT To do over again, l would become a Teacher. IT has been very graTiTying To Try To Teach sTudenTs The Things l know They need and C60 USG. To Teachers: lT you can'T command respecT by whaT you are, or whaT you lcnow, demand iT Tor whaT you wanT your sTudenTs and yourselT To be- COFTWS. To sTudenTs: RespecT your Teachers Tor They have someThing worThwhile To give you." Cochran, Nancy 195 Senior Adams, Dennis FBLA 69-7I: Sfudenl Council 69-7I Addison. Raelene Pep Club 68-69 Ahpeafone, Jayne I90 Pep Club 68-7l Alexander, Debbi I90 VICA 69-7l Allen, Karen I90 Alvarado, Delores 57, I90 Pep Club 68-69: DECA 69-7I: Sludenl Coun- cil 70-7I: Senior Class Planning Commiffee 70-7l Amos, Jay S, I90, 209, 233, IIB, II6, II7 Soph. Class Presidenf 69-69: Sfudenf Council Rep, 68-69: DECA 68-7l: Junior Usher 69-70: NFL 69-70: Junior Class Plan. 69-70: Senior Class Vice Pres. 70-7I: GENERAL KING 70- 7I: Tennis 68-7I: Foolball 70-7l: Spanish Club 70-7I: M.A,S.l'I. 70-7I Andrews, Danny I89, I90, 206, Il8. lI5 DECA 68-69: Baskelball 68-69: Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 69-70: Track 69-70: Sfudenr Council 69-7 l : Senior Class Presidenf 70-7 I : M,A.S.Fl. 70-7I Anshuh, Tom Arismendez, Sfeve I90 VICA 70-7l Armsfrong. John I90 Armsfrong, Neal I90 VICA 69-7l: Spanish Club 68-70 Armslrong, Russell Baseball 68-70: FBLA 69-7l: VICA President 70-7l Arnold, Paula I90 Sabrelfes 68-7I: FTA 68-69: FBLA 69-7l Afherlon, Carolyn l9I Sabrelles 68-7l: FBLA 68-70 Ausfin, Garry I9I Foofball 68-70: FBLA 68-70: Red Cross 70-7l Aulaubo, Pam 8l, 80, I9I Sabrefres 68-70: Girls Glee Club 68-7I: A Capella Choir 69-70: Girls Sexfefre 69-70: Choir Queen 70-7l: Choir 70-7I c.. B C Babcock, Walier I9l Chess Club 69-70: Boys Gleo Club 68-7l: A Capella 68-7l : VICA Club 70-7I Baggeh, David I9I Bagwell, Bobby I9l Baird, Jack l9l VICA 69-7I Baker, Bruce 7l, l9l Band 68-7l: All Sfale Band 70-7I: FTA 70-7I: Lafin Club 69-70: Mu Alpha There 70-7l: Na- fional Merif Commendee 70-7l: Band Stu- denf Direclor 70-7I: Orcheslra 68-7l: Siege Band 68-7l Baker, Consfance I9I Pep Club 68-70: FBLA 69-7l: Senior Class Planning Commiilee 70-7I Baker, Joe I9l Baker, Terri I9I Pep Club 68-69: DECA 70-7I Bamberger, Jim I9I, 233 Track 68-69: DECA 68-69: Foolball 70-7l: Senior Class Planning Commiffee 70-7I: M.A.S.l'l. 70-7I: FCA 70-7l Banks, Gwen Pep Club 68-70: FBLA 69-7l: COE 70-7I Barker, John I9l Science Club 68-69: Jels Science Club 69-70: Mu Alpha Thela 70-7I Barney, Sieve I9I FBLA 68-7l: VICA 70-7I Barp, Waller I9I Barron, Gloria I92 FBLA 68-70 Barion, Robin Baugh, Jan l92 Baughman, Linda I92 FBLA 68-69: VICA 69-7l: Girls Glee Club 70-7l Bays, Waller Jels 68-70: Orchesfra 68-70: Mu Alpha Thela 70-7I: French Club 70-7l Beard, Chrislie l92 Belding, Clifford VICA 69-7l Belding, Mary Lou Sobreffes 68-7I: FBLA 69-70 Bell, Jimmy I92 Bird, Wayne Rockel Club 68-69 Blackwell, Wynelda I92 Sabreffes 68-7I Boalmun, Debbie Bogle, Roberl l92 Borror, Pafii I92 Sabrelles 68-7I: FBLA 69-70 Boffoms. Debbie 3, 69, I92. 2I7 Sabrelres 69-70: NFL 69-7I : FBLA 70-7 I: Lef- ferrnan Sweefhearf Cond. 70-7II Sludenr Council 70-7I: Senior Class Plan. Comm. 70- 7I: Kafhryn Lipes Fashion Board 70-7I Bouska, Debbie I92 Bowman, Barbara 6 Bowman, James I9Z FTA 68-7l: DISPATCI-I Sfaff 6B-7I: Edilorial Ediror 70-7I: STP 70-7I: Teen Page Reporfer 70-7I I JA 68-7I Boydsfun, Dianne 3, I92, ZI9 Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69: FBLA 68-69: Jr. Class Treasurer 69-70: Sabrelles 68-7I: Sfudenf Council 69-7I: Sr, Class Plan. Comm. 70-7I Bradford, Rickey l92 Band 68-7l: Drum Maior 70-7I: FTA 69-70 Brannon, David I92 Brannon, Mike Rockel Club 70-7I Brazeal, Tony Brewer, Kafhy I7. 63, 65, 87, I92. 2I9 Soph. Class Reporfer 68-69: Jr. Class Rep.-at Large 69-70: Sr. Class Rep,-al-Large 70-7l: Junior Usher: Sabrelies 68-7I: Sabrelfes Re- porfer 69-70: Sabrefles Secrelery 70-7l: Slu- denl Council 69-7l: FBLA 69-70: French Club 68-7l: DISPATCH Sfaff 68-7l: Fealure Page Ediior 69-70: Editor-in-Chief 70-7l: Princess of Prinf 70-7l Brewsfer, Deborah Spanish Club 68-69: Red Cross 69-70 Brians, Lillian I92 Briggs. Mike I I I Brisfow, Larry I93 Spanish Club 68-69: Science Club 68-69: FTA 69-70: Russian Club 70-7I Brock, Glenda I93 Sabrefies 68-70: FBLA 69-70 Brooks, Linda I93 Sabrefres 68-7I: FBLA 69-70 Brown, Barbara 93, I93 A Capella Choir 68-7l: Sabrefles 68-7I: FBLA 69-70: DECA Chaplain 70-7I: DECA Sweelhearl Arlen. 70-7l Index Brown, Kennelh I93 FBLA 68-70 Browning, Keifh Bruhne, Sfeve I93 Thespians 70-7l Bruxa, Raymond I93, 233, 237, 263 Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69: Foofball 68- 7l: Baseball 68-7l: Spanish Club 70-7I Bunch, Thomas Bunyard, Darrell I93 A Capella 68-7l: Boys Glee Club 68-7I: FBLA 69-70 Buford, Johnny Burks, Eddie I93 Burks, WyaH I93. 22l Sludenl Council 68-69: Swimming 68-7 I : -FCA 69-70 Burns, Mary I93 Burneff, Sandy I93, 2I7 Builer, Brenf I93 VICA 69-7I: Mu Alpha Thefa 68-7lt Science Club 69-70 Buzbee, David I93 Y C - Cable, Pam 87. 89, I93, 206 Sabrerles 68-7l: Sabrefles Sergeanr-al-arrns 69-70: Sabrelles Pres. 70-7l: Soph. Par- liamenlarian 68-69: Soph. Football Aflen, 68- 69: Jr. Class Plan, Comm, 69-70: Jr. Foolball Allen. 69-70: Sfudenf Council 70-7l: Baskel- ball Queen 70-7I Calame, Gina I93. I94 Sabrefles 68-7I: Lafin Club 68-69: Sfudenf Council 68-70: Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 69-70: Sr. Class Plan. Comm, 70-7l Caldwell, Paula I93 FBLA 69-702 Sobrelles 68-70 Callaway, Chris I93 Campbell, Paula Sabrefles. 68-69 Campbell, Sfeve I93 Canada, Mike I93, 233 Varsily Foofball 70-7l: M.A,S.H. 70-7l Carmon, Bob I93 Carroll, Pal I93 Sabrefres 68-7I: FBLA 69-70 Casey, Linda I93 NFL 68-7I Chaaf, Bobby I94 Challis, Jim I93 Chaney, John I93 Swimming 68-7l: Orcheslra 68-7I Chappell, Marilyn I94 Sabrelfes 68-7I: French Club 69-70 Chappell, Teddy I94 Band 68-70 Chick, Lawanna I94 Sabrerles 68-70: FTA 68-7l: VICA 68-7I Childress, Marie I94 Sabrefles 68-70: Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-7I: FBLA 69-70 Chrisman, Janef I94 Sabrelles 69-7I: FBLA 70-7I Clark, Gary I94 Band 68-70 Cliffon, Rhonda 80, I94 Girls Glee 6B-7I: FBLA 69-7l: COE 70-7l: A Capella Choir 70-7I Cobb, Charolhee I94 Sabreffes 68-7l: FBLA 68-7I Cobb, Vicki l95 Sabrefles 68-7l: FBLA 69-70: Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 69-70: Sr. Class Reporler 70-7I: DECA 70-7I Ada-Dun Coffee, John I95 Lafin Club 69-7l Coker, Terry Coleman, Lucrefia I95 Collamore, Chuck Band 68-69: FBLA 70-7l Combs, Janice Conklin, Rufh I95 Red Cross 70-7I: Thespian 69-7l: NFL 70-7I: Girls Glee 70-7l Connell, Pam I95 Band 68-7I: DECA 69-7l Conway. Brenf I95 Cooper, Doug l95, 205 Baseball 68-7l : Safefy Council 69-7l Cooperman, Mike l92. 195. 233, II5 Foolball Lelferman 68-7I: Swimming 68-69: Thespian 68-7I: Spanish Club 69-70: Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-7I Corder, Jim 70, l95 Bancl 68-7l: Orchesfra 68-7I: FTA 68-7l: FTA. Presiclenl 70-7l: Spanish Club 68-69: Sfage Band 70-7l Cordray, Pam I96 Sabrelles 68-70: Girls Glee 70-7l: Mixed Chorus 70-7l Cowell, Edyfh I96 Sabreires 68-70: FBLA 69-70: Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69 Cox, Sieve I96 Chess Club 68-69: Band 68-70 Crabfree, Paf 72. I96 Sabrelfes 69-70: FBLA 69-70: FBLA Hisforien 70-7l Craig, Sherry Crosno, Dennis I96 - D - Davenporl, Pam I96 FBLA 69-7l: Sabrefles 68-7I Davidson. Gene I96 VICA 69-70: Marching Band 68-69 Davis, Tarry I96 Sabreffes 68-7 I: Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-7 l: Jr. Class Plan. Comm, 69-70: FBLA 68-7I Deason, Bradford I96 French Club 69-70: M.A,S.l'l. 70-7I Dees, Wallace I97 Dennis, Roberf Denny, D'Ann I97 DECA 68-70 Denfon, Kafhy 69. I90, I97 Soph, Class Treasurer 68-69: Sludenf Council Treas. 69-70: Junior Usher 69-70: Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 69-70: Sludenl Council 68-7I: Sabrelles 68-7l: NFL 68-7I: NFL Presidenl 70-7I: Sr. Class Rep.-ai-Large 70-7I DeWeese, Marlene Spanish Club 68-69: FBLA 70-7I: A Capella Choir 69-70 Dickson, Joe I97 Dixon, Bob I97 FBLA 68-69: Sludenf Council 68-7I Doke, Cynfhia 72, I97 Sabrslles 69-7l: FBLA 69-7l: FBLA Treas. 70-7I: Miss FBLA Candidale 70-7l Double, Lucinda I97 FBLA 69-7l: Sluclenf Council 68-69 Drake, David Dunbar, David 96. I97, 2I5, 233 FTA 68-69: Band 68-7I: Foolball 69-7l: FCA 69-7 I: M.A.S.H. 70-7 l I Sr. Class Plan, Comm. 70-7l Dunn, Elisa SENIOR INDEX 277 Dup-Hol Dupler, Cathy Band 68-70 Dutcher, John I97 VICA 70-7l Dye, Leon I97 C E C Early, Robert I97 Band 68-7l: Orchestra 69-7I g Stage Band 68. 7l: Student Council 68-69: Band Council 68- 69: Four States Honor Band 68-69: Track 68- 69: Baseball 69-70: Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 70. 7I: Proiector Club 68-69: Science Club 68-69 Edwards, Jeri I4, I97 Sabrettes 68-7I: Jr. Class Parliamentarian Ferguson, David Figaro, Pat I97 Finney, Carla I97 FBLA 69-70: Sabrettes 68-69 Fishburn. Linda I97 Sabrettes 69-7I: French Club 69-70: FBLA 70-7l I Fisher, Darla I97 Spanish Club 68-69: Sabrettes 69-7 l: Thespi- ans 69-7l Foster, Mike I97 FBLA 70-7l Foster, Sharon I98 Band 68-7I: Sabrettes 68-7l 69-70: FBLA 69-70: VICA 69-7l: Dispatch Staft 68-7l Eqqert, Nita I97 Sabrettes 69-7I : FBLA Reporter 70-7I : Junior Board ot Directors 70-7I Ellis, Mark I97 Track 69-70: DECA.69-70 Ellis, Vickie I97 Thespians 68-70: NFL 69-7I: Sabrettes 69-70 Engles, Mike I97 Football 68-69 Erickson, Mark I97 Band 68-7I: DECA 68-7I: Orchestra 68-70: Stage Band 70-7I: FBLA 70-7I Esquivias, Diane I97 Sabrettes 68-7I: Spanish 70-7l: DECA 70-7 I: DECA Secretary 69-70: Student Council 69- 7I: FBLA 68-70: DECA Sweetheart Atten. 69-70 Ewell, Randy Evans, Don I97 Y F - Font, Cindi 56, I97, l I8 Sabrettes 68-7I: GENERAL yearbook statt 68-7l: Soph. Class Editor 69-70: Copy Editor 70-7l: Student Council 69-7I: Student Coun- cil Chaplain 70-7I: FJ 68-7I: FBLA 69-70: FJ President 70-7l: Sr. Class Plan, Comm. 70-7I 278 INDEX Foutty, Lavona I98 DECA 69-7l: Girls Glee Club 70-7I Fox, Gary Francis, Peggy l98 Sabrettes 68-7l: FBLA 69-70 Franklin, Ellise l9B Sabrettes 68-7l: FBLA 69-70: Student Coun- cil 70-7I Fraser, Steve 55, 9l, I28, I98. 208 223 Football 68-69, 70-7I: Cross Country 69-70: Swimming 69-7l: FCA 68-7l: Junior Usher 69-70: M.A.S.H. Yell Leader 70-7 l: Track 70- 7I: Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 69-70: Student Council President 70-7I Freeman, Bobby I30, I98 Spanish Club 70-7l: Baseball 68-70: Football 68-69 Freeman, Mike l98 Wrestling 68-70 Freeman, Steve I98 FBLA 69-7I : Jr. Board ot Directors 70-7I Frost, LaOuita I98 - 5 - Gamble, Gaye l98 Sabretles 68-7I: A Capella 70-7I: Girls Glee Club 68-7l: FTA 68-69 Gardner, Debbie Gardner, James I99, 99, I02, IO4 Mu Alpha Theta 69-7I: French Club 69-7l: Mu Alpha Theta Pres. 69-7I : Orchestra 68-7l Garlen, Paula 87. 89, I99, I23 Soph. Class Planning Comm. 68-69: Sabrettes 68-7l: Sabrettes Usher Captain 69-70: Sa- brettes Vice Pres. 7O-7I: Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 69-70: Basketball Atten. 70-7I Garlowl Debbie I99 Sabrettes 68-7l: Student Council 68-697 VICA 69-7l: VICA Chaplain 69-70: FBLA 69-7l: Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 69-70 Garrett, Pamela I99 VICA 69-7I Gecklar, Andrea I99 Gentry, Joni I99, 2I3 Sabrettes 68-70: FBLA 69-70: Spanish Club 70-7l Gentry, Stanley I99 Football 68-69: Baseball 69-70: VICA 69-70: Student Council 70-7l Gentry. Stanley N. I99 Sr. Class Plan, Comm. 70-7I: Red Cross 70- 7l: Nl.A.S,l'l. 70-7l Gilleland, Kathy I99 Sabrettes 68-7I: FBLA 70-7l Gilmer, Betsy FBLA 70-7l Gonzales, John Gonzales, Steve I99, 204 Student Council 69-70: VICA 69-7I Goodson, Earl I99 Track 69-70 Goodson, Ellis Gottschalk, David I99 Mixed Chorus. 68-69: Boy's Glee Club 68-69: VICA 68-70: M.A.S.l'l. 70-7l Goure, Thomas I99 Baseball 68-69: Football 68-70: VICA 68-70 Gregg, Robby 200 FBLA 68-70: Jr. Civitan 69-70 Greenlee, David 200 Student Council 68-69: Wrestling 68-70 Griffin, Debbie 200 Sabrettes, 68-70: Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69: VICA 69-7l Grisby, Brenda 200 Sabrettes 68-7I Grisby, Pat 200 FBLA 70-7l Groves, Karen 200 Student Council 68-70: Sabrettes 68-7I: Soph. Class Plan. Comm, 68-69 Groves, Jerry 200 M,A.S.l'l. 70-7I Grubb, Robert 200, IIS Soph. Class Plan. Comm, 68-69: Baseball 68- 7I: Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 69-70: Student Council 69-70 Grubbs, Mike 200 FBLA 69-70: M.A.S.H. 70-7I: Basketball Mgr, 68-69 Grummer, Bruce 200 Latin Club 68-69: Spanish Club 69-70: VICA 70-7l: M.A.S.I-1.70-7I - H C Hackett, Ginger 200 Sabrettes 68-70: Mixed Chorus 68-70: Span- ish Club 68-69: Mu Alpha Theta 70-7l Hagey, Mike 200 Hall, Charlotte 200 DECA 68-69: Sabrettes 68-7I Hall, Lewis 200 Hames, Pam 20I, 220 Sabrettes 68-7I: FBLA 68-70: Jr. Board ot Di- rectors 70-7I Hamilton, Robin 86, 20I, 2I I. II9 Soph. Class Secretary 68-69: Sabrettes 68-7l: Cheerleader 69-7l: Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 69-7I: Soph. Basketball Atten. 68-69: Jr, Football Atten. 69-70: Junior Usher 69-70: Candidate tor Miss Howdy 69-70: Cand. tor Generals Lady 70-7l: DISPATCH Statt 68-7I: Teen Page Reporter 69-70: Features Editor 70-7I: Jr. Classical League 69-70: Student Council 70-7I: Jr. Classical League State Award Winner 69-70 Hancock, Timothy ZOI Spanish Club 68-69: Mu Alpha Theta 69-707 Science Club 68-69: Grok 69-70 Hanas, Bob 20I Hansen, Debbie 20I, 202 Sabrsttes 68-7l: GENERAL yearbook statt 68-7I: FBLA 69-70: Student Council 69-7I: Student Council Sec. 70-7I 5 Senior Class Edi- iaf 70-7l: sf. cisa Plan. comm, ro-vi, Let-I terman's Sweetheart Cand. 70-7I Harness, James 4 Ritle Club 68-69: Mu Alpha Theta 70-7I: Pep Band 68-7l Harrell, Suzanne 65, 20I, I03, IOS y Sabrettes 68-7I: French Club 68-7I: French Club Pres. 70-7I : Student Council 70-7I: DIS- PATCH Statt 69-7l: Managing Editor 70-7l: Whos Who in American High Schools 70-7l: American History Award 70-7I Harrison, Debbie 20I Hart, Ray Hathaway, Charles 20I Hawkins, Betty 2OI Sabrettes 68-7I Hayes, Denise 20I Girls Glee Club 69-7I: A Capella Choir 70- 7I: Sabrettes 68-69 Heltington, Denise 20I Sabrettes 68-7l Heflay, Stephen 20l Helm, Randy 20l, 202 Henderson, Debbie 202 Sabrattas 68-7l Henderson, Steve 202. 233 Golt 68-70 Hensley, Gale 202 , Thespians 69-7I: NFL 69-7I: Sr. Class Plan. Comm.: M.A.S.H. 70-7l Hensley, Tim 202 Herring, Billy 202 Herrod, Ella Herrod, Wilson Herron, Terri 202 Sabrettes 68-7I: FBLA 69-7I: Candidate tor Miss FBLA 70-7I Hicks, en: 202 I Choir 68-69: Spanish Club 68-69: Sabrettes l 68-7I: FBLA 69-70: Student Council 68-69 Highsmith, William 202 Himes, Terry 202 Spanish Club 69-70: Student Council 68-69: Swimming 68-70: NFL 69-ll: Thespians 68-69 Hines, Patricia 202 Hiti, Pam 4, 203 Band 68-7I: Orchestra 70-7I: Sabrettes 68- 7lT Student Council 68-7l Holliman, Charles 77, 203 FTA 68-69: French Club 69-70: Math Club 69-7I: M.A.S.H. 70-7l: Band 68-7l: Drum Maior 69-7l: Student Band Director 69-70: Mu Alpha Theta Vice President 70-7l Holmes, Pam 203 Sabrettes 68-7l: DECA 68-69 Hott, Monty 203 VlCA 70-7l A J Y denl Council 68-70 Holi, Alan 203 Hooper, David 203 FBLA 69 Hope, Dwayne 203 Hopson, Wendell 203, I I5 Hoskins, Pal 203 Sabrefles 68-7l: GENERAL Yearbook Sraflt Junior Class Editor 70-7l: French Club 70-7l: Sr. Class Parliamenfarian 70-7l: Sevenleen Fashion Board 70-7l Houlefie. Teresa 72. 203 Sabrefles 68-7l: FBLA 69-7l: Mu Alpha Thela 69-70: FBLA Chaplain 70-7l: Candi- dale for Miss FBLA 70-7l House, ScoH 203 FBLA 69-70 Howard, Tommy 203 Hudelson, Debbie 203 Sabrelfes 68-7l: Soph. Class Plan, Comm. 68-69: Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 69-70 Huffines, Gary 203 Hughes, Clyde 204 FBLA 69-70: Band 68-7l: Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-7l: Chess Club 69-70: Pep Band 68-7l Hughes. Holly 204 Sabreffes 68-7I: DISPATCH slall 69-70: GENERAL yearbook sfalf 70-7I Hull, John 204 Hunver, Terry 204, l02 Band 68-7l: Slage Band 68-7l: Pep Band 68- 7l: Football 68-69 Hunier, Jerry 204 Spanish Club 69-70 Huslon, Marcia 204 Jackson, Maria 204 Pep Club 68-7l Jahnke. Karl 7, 54. 205 Band 68-7l: Sludenl Council 70-7l: M.A.S,H. 70-7l: SAINTS 69-7l: STP 70-7l: Band Vice Pres. 70-7l Jamison Donna Sabrerles 68-70: DECA 70-7l Jaques, Amelia 205 Jefferson. Barbara Sabrefles 68-7l: Spiril Boosler 70-7l: Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 69-70: NFL 70-7I Jewell, Ron 205 Swimming 68-7l: Foolball 68-69: Track 68-70: Cross Counrry 68-70 Johnson, Carolyn 205 Sabrefles 68-7l: NFL 69-70: Firsl place Sale- ly Swing 68-69 Johnson, Jim 205, 222 Johnson, Mike 205 Jones. Beverly 205 Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69: FBLA 68-7l: Sabrefres 68-7l: A Capella Choir 68-69: Jr. Class Plan. Comm, 68-70: Sr. Class Plan. Cornm. 70-7I Jones. Carla 205 Jones, Ginya 205 Jones, Kalhy 205 FTA 68-70: FTA Parliameniarian 69-70: Sa- breffes 68-7l: MAO 69-7l: Second place Safely Swing 68-69 Jones. Palricia 205 FTA 68-7l: Sabreiies 68-7I Jones, Paula 4, 205 Band 68-7l: Maiorelle 68-7l: Sludenf Coun- Sabrevfes 68-7l: FBLA 69-70 1 l 1 lngle, Michael Rifle Club 68-69 mei, sing. zo-1 FTA 69-70 Irwinsky. Jerry 204 Rifle Club 68-69 Isaac, Mike 204. 209, 233 Foolball 69-7l: Junior Usher 69-70: Srudenl Council 70-7l: Sr, Class Plan. Comm. 70-7l: M,A.S.l'l. 70-7l: Swimming 69-701 NFL 68-7l cil 68-69: Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69: Band Queen Arfendanf 70-7l: Sabrelfes 68- 70: Spanish Club 68-70. Jordan, Jeannene 4, 22, 7l Band 68-7l: Maiorefle 69-71: Sabrelles 68- 7l: FTA 70-7l 1 K 1 Kesler, Roberla 205 Pep Club 68-7l: Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 68- 69: Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 69-70: Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-7l: FBLA 69-7l: COE 70-7I: Maih Club 69-70: Spanish Club 68-69: Slu- Keaf, Beverly Sabrefres 68-70: Spanish Club 69-70: FBLA 70-7l Keller, Calhy VlCA 69-7l Kelley, Mary 205 Sabreffes 68-70: Spanish Club 69-70 Kelley, Slephen Kennedy, Johnny Kennedy, Alyse Sabrelles 68-69: FBLA 70-7l Kime, George 205 King, Clinfon 206, 263 FBLA 69-7l: Baseball 70-7l King, Davilene 206 Sabrelles 69-7l King, Roberl Kinsey, Deborah 206 Sabrelles 68-70: VlCA 69-7I: Russian Club 70-7 l: Orcheslra 68-69 Kinier. Carmen Thespians 69-7l: Russian Club 68-7l Kirby. Roma 206 Kita, Cindy 206 Sabrelfes 69-7l: FBLA 69-70 Knapp, Gary Foolball 68-70 Kosihby, Waller 206 Kole, Lou 93. 206 1 L 1 Lacher, Roland Lackey, Janice 206 Lacy, Larry 206 FBLA 68-70 LaGrone, Roberl 206 Landers, Paul 84. 207, ll9 Thespians 68-7l: NFL 69-7l: GROK 70-7l: Track 68-69 Langslon, Kennahe 207 FBLA 68-7l Langwell, Janel 7, 207 Sabrelres 68-7l: DISPATCH slafi 68-7l: News Edilor 70-7l: FBLA 70-7I: Soph, Class Plan. Comm. 68-69: Jr. Class Plan. Cornmillee 69-70 Lawler, Ed 207 FTA 69-7I: Band 69-7I: Jr. Civiian 69-70: FBLA 69-70: Pep Band 68-7l Lee, Denis 207 Leird, Carolyn 207, I I9 Soph. Class Chaplain 68-69: Red Cross Chap- Iain 68-7l: NFL 69-7l: Sabrelles 69-7l: Sale- ly Council 69-70 Laird, Rodney 207, 2l6 FTA 68-7l: Jr. Civifan 69-70: Band 68-7I: Pep Band 68-7l: Swimming 68-69 Lefchworfh, Linda 207, I l5 Sabrelres 68-7l: Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69: Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 69-70: DIS- PATCH slall 69-70: GENERAL yearbook slali 70-7l LevereH, Sharon 207 Sabrelfes 68-7l LeWellen, Gena 9l, 207, 222, l0O, 244, 243 Baskelball 68-7l: FCA 70-7l: Spanish Club Presidenl 70-7I: M.A.S.H. Yell Leader 70-7l: Siudenr Council 70-7l: Sr. Class Plan. Comm, 70-7l: Soph. Class Plan, Comm. 69-70 Lewis, Ricky 207 DECA 69-7l : Jr. Civilan 69-70: DECA Buddy 70-7l: DECA Vice Presidenl 69-70: DECA Parliamenlarian 70-7l: Baseball 68-69 Lindsey, Marla Linn, Donna 207 Hol-MCC LiHle, Ricky 207, 233, 234 Lock, Michael 207 M,A.S.l'l. 70-7l: STP 70-7l: Band 68-7l Logan, Roger London, Franklin 207 Foorball 68-70: Track 69-70 Longfellow, Sieve 207 Band 68-70: DISPATCH sfalf 68-70 Lounge. Debbie 207 Girl's Glee Club 68-69: Mixed Chorus 68-69: Sabrelles 69-70: FBLA 69-70: Sr. Class Plan, Comm. 70-7l Love, Karen 207 Lowe, Chuck 207. 260, 259 Lalin Club 68-69: Cross-Counlry 70-7 I: Track 69-7l Lyon, Debbie 80, 207 Sabrelies 68-7l: A Capella Choir 69-7l: FBLA 68-70 1 M 1 Magerus, Roger Malone, Michael 207. 2I0 Maloney. Gary 207 Tennis 68-69: VlCA 69-70 Malay, Pal 87, 207 Spanish Club 69-7l: GENERAL yearbook Sfafl 68-70: Soph. Class Rep.-af-Large 68-69: Jr. Class Plan, Comm, 69-70: Junior Usher 69-70: Sludenl Council 70-7l: Sabrelfes 68- 7l: Sabreffes Historian 69-70: Sabrelles Treasurer 70-7I: Girls Track Team 70-7l: Lef- ferman's Sweefhearl' Cand. 70-7l Malzer, Vickey 207 Sabrelfes 68-7l: FBLA 69-70: Choir 68-7l Marshall, Dave 208, 2l l, 99, I02 Lafin Club 69-70: Mu Alpha Theta 69-7l: FBLA 70-7l: Mr. FBLA 70-7l: Sfucleni Coun- cil 68-7l: Sludenl Council Parliamenlarian 70-7l: Jr. Class Rep.-al-Large: Sr, Class Plan. Comm, 70-7I : VlCA 68-70: Boys' Slate 69-70: Junior Usher 69-70: Jr. Board of Direclors af Friendly Nal'l Bank 70-7l Marfin, Bruce 208 Band 68-7l:Orcheslra 68-7l: Pep Band 68-70 Mariin, Bobby 208 Band 68-69: Siege Band 69-70: M.A,S.H. 70- 7l Marlin, Buford 208 FBLA 68-69: VlCA 69-7l l Massey. Charlorfe 208 FTA 68-69: FBLA 69-7I: Sabrelfes 68-7l Mafchen, Debby 208 Sabreffes 68-7l: VlCA 69-7l: Siudenl Coun- cil 69-70: Jr. Class Plan, Comm. 69-70 Malhis, Pam 7. 86. 208, 227, l22 Sabreffes 68-7l: Spirit Boosfer 69-70: Cheer- leader 70-7l: Sfudenf Council 69-7l: Junior Usher 69-70: GENERAL yearbook slall Clubs Edifor 70-7l: Sr. Wreslling Aifen. 70-7l: Soph, Class Plan. Comm. 68-69: Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 69-70 Maxwell, Rifa 92, 93, l29, 208 Sabrelfes 68-7l: NFL 68-7I: DECA 69-71: DECA Sweelhearr 70-7 I: Spanish Club 68-691 DECA Treasurer 70-7l : Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-7l McCalip, Danny McCall, David 63, 204, 208. l26 Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69: Track 69-70: FBLA 69-70: Prince of Prinf 70-7I: Sludenr Council 70-7l: Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-7l: GENERAL yearbook sfall Phofography edifor McClain, Glenn 208 McClendon. Diana 208, 224 Sabrefles 68-7 l: FBLA 69-70 McCreighl, Nora INDEX 279 McGhee, Donna 87, 209, 208, I22 McC-Rob DECA 68-70: Sabrettes 68-70 McCuan. Vickie McCullah, Vicki 208 Sabrettes 68-69: Jr. Class Rep.-at-Large 69- 70: FBLA 69-70: Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-7I McDaniel, Mala 208 Sabrettes 68-7I: FBLA 69-70: French Club 69-7l: French Club 69-7l: Soph. Class Plan. Comm, 69-70: Sr. Class Rep,-at-Large McDaniel, Mike McElvany, Dublay I96, 208, I00. 243 Candidate tor Pep Club Buddy 70-7I: Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-7l: Basketball 68-7l: Soph. Class Plan. Comm 68-69: Spanish Club Song Leader 70-7I: Baseball 69-70: M.A.S.H. yell leader 70-7l: FCA 70-7I McElwaa, Tom McEwen, Patrick 208 NFL 68-70 Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69: Jr. Class Vice Pres. 69-70: Jr. Wrestling Atten. 69-70: Jun- ior Usher 69-70: Sabrettes 68-7l: Sabrettes Demerit Captain 70-7l: Sr. Football Atten. 70-7l: FBLA 69-70 McGowen, Danny 208 Student Council 69-71 McManus, James 208 McMurty, Mike 208 Meeks, Ricky 202, 208. 233. 235, 237. 245, 243 FCA 68-7l: M,A.S,H. 70-7l: Football 68-7l7 Basketball 68-7l Micue, Patricia 208 Girl's Glee Club 69-7l: Red Cross 68-69 Mikeman, Vicky 208 Miller, Connie 208 Miller, John 208 Miller, Larry 208 Basketball 68-69: Football 68-69: M.A.S.H. 70-7I Millican, Pam 87, 2I0 Student Council 69-70: Sabrettes 68-7l: Sa- brettes Spirit Booster 69-70: Sabrettes Parli- amentarian 70-7l: Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69 Mills. John VICA 69-7l Millwee, Steve 2 IO Mixon, Ricky Moen Kristi 89, 2l0 Sabrettes 68-7l: Sabrettes Spirit Booster 70- 7I Monical, Kenneth German Club 70-7l: Russian Club 70-7l: Latin Club 69-70: Mu Alpha Theta 69-70 Montgomery, Paula 89, 2IO Sabrettes 68-7l: Student Council 68-7l: Stu- dent Council Treasurer 70-7l: Jr. Class Re- porter 69-70: Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69: Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-7I Moody, Donna 2 I0 Moore, Mike ZIO Swimming 68-69 Morris, Sheila 2I0 Band 68-70: Sabrettes 69-7l: FBLA 70-7l Morrison, Shirley 2 I0 Sabrettes 69-7I Moulton, Karen 2l0. 22I Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69: Sabrettes 68-7I ' Moulton, Sharon I95, 2I I Sabrettes 68-7l: Sr. Class Plan, Comm 70-7I Moye, Christine FBLA 68-7l: VICA 69-7I: Sabrettes 68-7I Murray, Andrea 280 INDEX Girls Glee Club 68-69: Thespians 68-69 Muse, Jack 2I I Latin Club 68-69 Musgrove, Sherry Mustain, Burrel 2I I VICA 68-7I Myers, David 6, 2l I DECA 69-7l: Euphoria Statt 70-7l Myers. Debbie 2I I Moffatt, Neo 89, ZIO - N C Nance, James 2I I Nance, Pamela 2l I Mixed Chorus 68-69: Girls Glee Club 69-70: A Capella Choir 70-7I Nelson Ernie 2l I, 233, 250 Football 68-7l: Baseball 68-69: Wrestling 70- 7l: Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-7l: Pep Club Buddy Cand. 70-7I Nelson, Jimmy 2I l, 2I5 Wrestling 68-70: M.A.S.l'l. 70-7l NBHIO, Jenny 86, 87, 202, 2l I. I I9, I I6, I I7 Soph, Class Plan. Comm. 68-69: Miss Howdy Candidate 69-70: Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 69- 70: Sabrettes 68-7l: Cheerleader 70-7l: GENERALS Lady 70-7l: GENERAL Year- book Activities Ed, 70-7l Newell, David 90, I9I, 2Ol, 2I I, 233. II9 Football 69-7I: Jr. Class Pres. 69-70: Soph. Class Plan. Comm, 68-69: Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 69-70: Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-7l: FCA 69-70: FCA Pres. 70-7l: M.A.S.H. 70- 7I: Mr. Howdy 70-7l: General Candidate 70-7l: Student Council 68-7I : Junior Marshall 70-7l: Junior Rotarian 70-7l Nichols, Linda 2I I Sabrettes 68-7l: Red Cross 69-70 Nixon, Ricky 2I I Nolting, Tina 2I I Band 68-7I: Sabrettes 68-7I: Orchestra 68- 7l: Soph, Class Plan. Comm. 68-69: Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-7l: Student Council 68-69 Novak, Don 2I I Novotony, Kenneth 2l2 Rifle Club 68-69 - 0 - Oaks, Janet 86, 2l2, II9, IIS Sabrettes 68-7I: Cheerleader 69-7I: Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69: Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 69-70: Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-7I: Miss Howdy Candidate 69-70: GENERALS Lady Candidate 70-7l : Jr. Wrestling Attend- ant 69-70: Student Council 70-7l: Junior Usher 69-70 Odom, Sue 2l2 Sabrettes 68-7l Olsen, Kathy 2l2 Sabrettes 68-70: FBLA 69-70: Mixed Chorus 69-701A Capella Choir 70-7I OH, William 209. 2l2, 233 Football 69-7l - p Y Paden. Jo Ann 2l2 Sabrettes 68-69: FBLA 69-70 Park, Linda 2l2 Sabrettes 68-69 Patrick, Marsha 202. 2l2 Sabrettes 69-70: Student Council 69-70 Pauley, Karen 2l2 Pandercratt, Stan 2 I 2 Football Mgr. 68-69: Baseball Mgr. 68-69: FBLA 69-70 Perkins, Stan 2I3 Latin Club 68-69: Swimming 68-7I DISPATCH Statt 68-7l: Sports Editor 70-7l: Perry, Steve 2l3 Tennis Letterman 68-7l: French Club 70-7l Petersen, Marsha 2I3 DECA 70-7l: FBLA 69-70 Petersen, Terry 2 I3 Mu Alpha Theta 70-7l Petete, Linda 2l3 Sabrettes 68-7l: FBLA 69-70: Student Coun- cil 70-7l Petree, Clitt 2 I 3 Petrocelli, Julie 2l3 Piburn, George Pickle, Kathy 2l3 Sabrettes 69-70: FBLA 69-70 Pierce. Scott 2I3, IOZ Boy's State 69-70: JETS Club 69-70 Pinkston, David 2l3 FBLA 68-69: Spanish Club 69-70 Pollock, Connie 2 I4 Pool, Vanda 2l4 Sabrettes 68-69: FBLA 69-70 Powell, Cheryl 2 I4 Sabrettes 68-7l, Spirit Booster 69-70: Soph Class Planning Comm. 68-69 Pratt, Barbara ZI4 Pritchard, Cynthia 2l4 1 Q 1 Queen. Margie A Capella Choir 70-7I - R - Comm. 69-70 Ray, Susie 2I4 Sabrettes 68-70: Student Council 68-69 Raymond, Marcella 2OI, 2I4 Sabrettes 68-7l: DECA 68-69: Band 68-7l: Pep Band 68-70 Reames, Mary 208. 2I4 Soph. Plan, Comm. 68-69: Student Council 68-7l : Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 69-70: Sr. Class Treasurer 70-7I: Sabrettes 68-7l: FBLA 68- 7I: Jr. Track Queen Attendant 69-70: Spirit Booster 70-7l. Reece, Sharon Reed. Christopher 2I4 Real, Jean 2I4 Sabrettes 68-70: Red Cross 69-70: FBLA 69- 7I Rhodes, Timothy ZI4 Gott 70-7l: Red Cross 70-7I: Boys Pep Club 70-7I Riches, Sherrie 80, 2I5 Rice, Rickard 2I5 Richardson, Nancy 2I5 Sabrettes 68-70: VICA 69-7I Riddle. Janis 2 I 5 Spanish Club 70-7l Riddle, Jayne 2l5 Ripley, Ginger 2 I 5 French Club 69-70 Ritter, Ron 2I5, 233, 235. Il8. 253, 250 Rackley, Brenda 2I4 Sabrettes 68-70: Spanish Club 69-70 Rader, Kathy 93, 2l4 DECA Parliamentarian 69-70: DECA Sweet- heart Atten. 69-70: Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-7l: DECA Historian 70-7l Rainbow, David Rash, Donna 2I4 VICA 69-7I: Sabrettes 68-70: Jr. Class Plan. Sabrettes 68-7l: Soph. Plan. Comm. 68-69: Wrestling 68-7l: Football 69-7l: DECA 68 69: Soph. Plan, Comm. 68-69: Jr. Class Plan Comm. 69-70: Jr. Usher 69-70: Jr. Rotarian Roberson. Shannon 209, 2l5. 252. 250 Student Council 68-69: Spanish Club 68-69 Wrestling 68-7l: NFL 70-7I : Jr. Usher 69-70 Pep Club Buddy Cand. 70-7I Robinson, Dennis 2l5, 263 Baseball 70-7I Robinson, Linda I7, 2I6 Sabreiies 69-7I Robinson, Jimmy 2I6 Robinson, Nellie ZI6 DECA 68-69: VlCA 69-7I Rowland, Debbie 4. 22. 2I6 Maiorelle 68-7l: Band 68-7l: Sabreiles 68- 7l: Band Queen Aflendanl 70-7l: Thespians 69-7I: DISPATCH Slall 70-7l Rowland, Gary 2I6 Band 68-7l: Lalin Club 68-69 Rusche, Linda 2I6 Thespians 68-7l: Girls Glee Club 70-7I: Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-7l Ruyle, David 54. 6l, 2l6, 260, 259 Red Cross Treasurer 68-69: Red Cross Vice- Pres. 70-7l: Red Cross 68-7l: JCL 68-691 Rifle Club 68-69: Sludenf Council 69-7l: Track 69-7l: Cross Counlry 70-7I: Jr. Rolari- an 70-7l: A Capella Choir 68-69: M.A.S.H. 70-7I: Russian Club 70-7I: Boys Choir 68-69 - 5 A Saak, Sieve Sampson Danny M.A.S.H. 70-7I: Vice Pres. Russian Club 70- 7I: FBLA 69-70: Track 68-7I: Cross-Country 68-7l Sanders, Alfon 2I6 Lafin Club 68-69: Swimming 69-70: FBLA 69- 70: NFL 69170 Sanders, Ricky 2I6 Sanders, Terry 2I6 Sapp. Paula 69 Sabreires 68-69 Serringion, Randy Rocker Club 68-70 Savage, Busfer 72, 2l7. 233, 235 FBLA 69-7l: FBLA Presidenl 69-7l: FBLA Siale Pres. 70-7l: Soph. Class Plan. Comm, 68-69: Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-7l: M.A.S.H. Secrelary 70-7l: Foofball 70-7l: Track 68-70: Jr. Board Direclors Friendly Nal'l. Bank 70-7lZ Junior Usher 69-70 Schofield, Judy 2 I 7 Sabrefles 68-70: FBLA 68-69: Newspaper 69- 7l: Pholography Ediior 70-7I Schulh, Debra 2 I 7 Schulh, Greg 2 I7 Schwerh, Ricky 2 I7 FBLA 68-70: Foolball 69-70 Senn, Ronald 85, 2I7 Red Cross Chaplain 70-7l: Choir 68-7l: Siu- denf Council 68-69 Shelley, Roger 2I7 Sheefs, Carlion 2 I 7 Dafa Processing Club 70-7l Shepard, Bob 9, 2l4, 2l7, 232, ll8, 233, 237, 243 Foofball 68-7l: FCA 68-7I: Baskelball 68-7II Baseball 68-7I: Junior Usher 69-70: General Candidale 70-7I Sherman, Janice 2 I 7 Sabrelles 68-7I Shipley, Kalhy 2I8 Band 70-7I: FBLA 68-7l Shook, Danny 2I8 Shockley, Susan Sabrefles 69-7I Shoemaker, Gayle 2 I 8 Sabreifes 68-7l: FBLA 69-70: French Club 70-7l Shropshire, Terry 95. 2I8. 263 FBLA 68-70: Siudenl Council 69-70: VlCA Vice Pres. 69-70: Baseball 68-7l Siegle, Dana 89, 2I8, I I9 Sills, Diana 85, 2I8 Sabreiies 68-7I: Thespians 68-7l: Sfudenl Council 69-70: Newspaper 70-7I Simms, Theresa 2 I 8 Sabrelles 68-7I: FBLA 69-70 Simms, Randy 93, 2I8 Band 68-7l: DECA Pres. 69-70: M,A,S.I-I. 70- 7I Singlelon, Suzanne 4, 77, 2I8, I08 Sabrelies, 68-7l: Thespians 69-7l: Band 68- 7l: Band Queen 70-7l: Maiorelle 69-7l Skaggs, David 2I8 Skaggs, Jack Slane, Gary Sledge, Ann ZI9 Sabrefres 68-7l: FBLA 69-70: French Club 69-70: VlCA 70-7l: Beginners Journalism 68- 69: GENERAL Yearbook Stall 69-70 Smallwood, Glenda 2I9 DECA 70-7l: Sabreffes 68-69 Smilrh, Brenda 2I3. ZI9, 99, IO2 Sabreffes 68-7l: DISPATCH Siali 68-69: Copy Edilor 69-70: Edilorial Ediior 70-7I: EUPHORIA 70-7I: Mu Alpha Theta 69-7I: Sr. Class Plan. Comm, 70-7l Smilh, Bruce 2I9, 233, 236, 263 Foofball 69-7l: FBLA 69-70 Srniill, Eve 2l9. I98 Sabrefies 69-7l Smiih, Guy 7, 84, 2:9 Thespians 70-7l: Thespians Presldeni 70-7I: Band: French Club 69-7l: NFL 69-7I: FTA 68-7 I: STP 70-7l: Sfudenf Council 70-7 I: Or- chesfra 68-7l: Siege Band 70-7I: M.A.S.H. 70-7I: Thespians Historian 69-70 Smifh, Jane? 2 I9 Sebreiies 68-7l: FBLA 70-7I Smifh, Jill 2l9. l02 Sabrefres 68-7l: Mu Alpha Theta 69-70: French Club 69-7l: French Club Vice-Pres. 70-7l: FBLA 70-7l: Miss FBLA 70-7l Smiih, Mike 233, 263 Foofball 69-7I: Baseball 69-7I Smifh, Ray 2l9 Smiih, Sieve 2I9 Smilhers, Joe 8 l, 2l9 A Capella Choir 68-7l: Boys Glee Club 68- 7I: Boys Quariei 69-7l Snipes, Bill 9l, 208, 2 l9. 252, 250 Wreslling 68-7l: Spanish Club 68-69: FBLA 70-7I: M.A.S.H, Vice-Pres. 70-7 II Sludeni Council 70-7I: Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 69-70: Sr. Class Plan. Comm, 70-7l: FCA 68-7l Snodgrass, Vickie ZI9 Sabreifes 68-7l Sons, Debi 2l9 Sabreries 68-7I Spencer, Linda 93, 220 DECA 70-7I: DECA Secreiary Treasurer 70- 7I: DECA Sweefhearf Canclidele 70-7I: Sa- brelies 69-70: Civiian 70-7 I: Civiien Treasur er 70-7I Spicer, Rosemary 72, 73, 220 Sabrefles 68-7 I: FBLA 69-7I: FBLA Secrefary 70-7l: Red Cross 68-69: Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-7l Slacy, Mary Ann 220 Safely Council 69-70: Safely Council Queen 69-70: Sabrelles 68-7l: FBLA 69-7I Sfafford, Vickie 220 Sabralles 68-7lZ FBLA 69-70 Sfandifer, Keiih 220, 83 A Capella Choir 68-7l: Boys Glee Club 68- 7l: French Club 70-7I Sianley, Karen 220 FBLA 68-70: Sabreiies 68-7l: Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-7l Siarr, Mike 220 Siudeni Council 68-69: Jr, Civiian 69-70: M.A.S.H. 70-71 Sfone, Janice 220 Sabrefies 69-70: FBLA Hisrorian 69-70 Sfory, Gregory A Capella Choir 68-7l: Boys Glee Club 68-7I Sfevens, Kafhy 220 DISPATCH 68-70: Band 68-7I: FBLA 69-7l: FTA 68-69 Sievens, Terri 220 Sabrefres 68-70: A Capella Choir 68-69: FBLA 69-70 Sfuckey, Jerry 220. 253, 250 Mr. Howdy Candidaie 69-70: Wresiling 70- 7l: Candidaie for Pep Club Buddy 70-7I Sullivan, Tommy 200. 220, 233 Foolball 68-7l: Baseball 68-69: Siudenf Coun- cil 70-7l g General Canclidale 70-7I Svrafford, Barbara 220 Swenson, Susan 87, 204, 220 Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69: Jr. Class Plan, Comm, 69-70: Sabreffes 68-7l: Demerlf Capfain, Pep Club 70-7l: Spirii Boosier 69- 70: Siudenf Council 68-69: LeHerman's Sweerhearl Cand. 70-7I - 1' Y Talley, Linda 220 Sabrelfes 68-7I: FBLA 70-7l: Cand. for Miss FBLA 70-7I Taylor, Ed 22I Sr. Class Plan, Comm. 70-7l: M.A.S.H. 70-71: Laiin Club 70-7I Taylor, Mike 22I Taylor, Nora 220 Sabralfes 68-69: Lalin Club 68-70: Russian Club 70-7I: FTA 69-70 Teague, Judy 22I Sabrefies 68-7l: Band 68-7l: Sr, Class Plan, Comm. 70-7I Terbuxh, Becky 22I Sebrelies 68-7l: Spanish Club 69-70: FBLA 69-70 Terry, Dale 22I Terry, David 22I Terry, Ricky 22I M.A.S.l'l. 70-7l Tesierrnan, Gary 22I Thomas, Danny 22I Thompson, Jerry 222 Boys Glee Club 68-7l: Mixed Chorus 68-70: A Capella Choir 68-7l Thompson, Karen l2, 86, 222, 225, I I9 Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69: Siudenl Council 68-70: Junior Usher 69-70: Sabrelres 68-7l : Cheerleader 69-70: Head Cheerleader 70-7I: GENERAL'S Lady Cand. 70-7l: Sr. Class Plan. Comm, 70-7I: Jr. Baskelball Allen. 69-70 Thompson, Sharen 86, 87, 2I I, 222 Sabreiies 68-7l: Cheerleader 69-7I: Sfudenf Council 68-70: FBLA 69-70: Jr. Baskefball Allen. 69-70: Jr. Usher 69-70: Fooiball Queen 70-7l: Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69: Jr. Class Plan. Comm, 69-70: Sr. Class Plan, Comm, 70-7l Threlkeld, Janice 222 Sabrerlss 68-69 Threlkeld, Linda 222 Tiplon, Diane 87. 206, 222, II5 Sabrefles 68-7I: Sabreires Chaplain 70-7I: French Club 68-70: Sludenl Council 70-7I: FBLA 69-70: Track Queen 70-7l Tood, Tommy 222 Mu Alpha Theia 70-7I: Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-7l Towell, Cheryl 222 Rob-Wig Sebrelies 68-7l: FBLA 69-70 Tracy, Vickie 222 FTA 68-70: FBLA 69-70: Sabrelles 68-70: DECA 70-7l Trail, Lynne 222 Sludenl Council 68-70: Sabrelies 68-70: FBLA 69-70: Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 68-691 Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 69-70 Trimm, Debbie Tull, Maureen 223 Sabrelres 68-70: FBLA 69-70 Turk, Dave 223 - U .. Upiohn, Marshall 223, 260 Mu Alpha Thela 69-7l: FBLA 69-7l: Crass Counlry Leflerman 69-7l: NFL 68-70: Spanish Club 68-69: GROK 69-70: M.A.S.l'l. 70-7l 1 V C Van Buskirk, Teddye Sludenl Council 69-70 Vance, Holly 223. I23 Sabrelies 69-7l: Sludenr Council 69-70: GENERAL Yearbook Slali 69: Junior Class Edilor 70: Track Affendanl 70-7l Ven Devenfer, David 223 VICA 6B-69 Vaughn, Mary Ann 223. 99 FTA 68-7I : NFL 68-7 I : JETS 69-70: JETS Sec- reiary 70: Mu Alpha Theia 69-7l: GROK 69- 70 Vogf, Jana 223 - w Y Welker, Lenny Wallenberg, Terry 7. 223 Warman, Mark 223 Band 68-70: Chess Club 68-69 Wafson, Carol 223 Sabrelfes 69-70 Walson, Linde 223 Sabrelles 68-70: FBLA 69-70 Walls, Connie Jo Wealhers, Beverly 223 Sludeni Council 68-69: A Capella Choir 68- 69: Thespians 68-69: FBLA Reporler 69-70: FBLA 70-7I: COE 70-7l Weaver, Wes VICA 70-7l Webb, Bonnie 223 Thespians 69-70: FBLA 69-70: Sabreifes 68-69 Webb. Mark 223 Weeks, Slove 223 Track 68-70: French Club 70-7l: M.A.S.H. 70-7l Welch, Mike 223 Welge, Bill 60. 223 Red Cross 68-70: Red Cross Pres. 70-7IZ Science Club 68-69: M.A.S.H, 70-7I: Srudenl Council 70-7l : Safely Council 68-70: Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 69-70: Sr, Class Plan, Comm. 70-7I: Russian Club 70-7l Wells, Kalhe 59, 223 Sabreffes 68-70: Junior Usher: Soph, Class Plan, Comm, 68-69: Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 69-70: Soph. Track Aliendanl 68-69: DIS- PATCH Copy Ediior 70-7l Whalen, Dennis 3, l96, 2l9, 223, 233, 234 Safely Council 68-69: Foolball 69-7l: Track 70-7l Whehal, Dennis 224 Wresiling 68-69: Fooiball 68-69: NaI'l Honor Sociely 68-69: German Club 68-69: Mu Alpha Thefa 70-7l Whisenhuni, Gary 224 Whiiney. Judy 224 Wiggins, Pamela 224 Sabrelles 68-7l: Siudenl' Council 69-70: Red INDEX 28I Bradle Wil-Zal Cross 69-70: Safely Council 68-69: FBLA 69- 70 Wilccx, David 224 Safely Council 68-69: Foolball 68-69: VICA 69-707 Mu Alpha Thela 70-7l Wilfong, Tommy 224 Wilkerson, Mike 224 Spanish Club 68-69: Wrestling 68-69: Sludenl Council 68-69: Sludenl Council Chairman 70-7I: NFL 69-70 Wilkerson, Paula 224 Sabrelfes 68-70 Wiley, David 224 Wilkes, Mike 225, 233 Spanish Club 68-69: Track 68-70: Foolball 70-7I: M.A,S,l"l. 70-7l: FCA 70-7l Willis, Dianne 225 Sabrelles 68-7I: Soph. Plan. Comm. 68-69 Jr. Class Plan. Comm, 69-70 Wilbanks, John 224 Yearbook 70-7l Williams, Terry 225 Baseball 68-70 Williamson, Carol 2I3. 225 Sabrelles 68-7l: Spiril Boosler 70-7l: Lalin Club 68-70: Lalin Club, Parliamenlarian 69- 70: Jr. Class Represenlalive-al-Large 69-70: Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-7I: Sludenl Council 69-7l: Sludenl Council Vice-President 70-7l: GENERAL Yearbook Edilor-in-Chief 70-7l1 Wreslling Queen 70-7I Yafes, Larry 226 Track 68-69: Spanish Club 70-7l Young, Glenna 226 FTA 68-69: Safely Council 68-69: Sabrelles 68-7l: French Club 69-7l: Sludenl Council 70-7l: Sr, Class Secrelary 70-7l Young, Ray 226 Soph, Class Plan. Comm. 68-69: Sludenl Council 70-7l: M.A.S.H. 70-7I : Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-7l Young, Rosa 226 - Z - Zaloudik, Karen 226 Sabrefles 68-70: FBLA 69-7l Bealy, Dennis I37 Bennelr, Mrs. Fern 25 Sabrelles 68-7l: FBLA 69-70: Sludenf Coun- cil 70-7I Williamson, Darrel 225 Williamson, Debbie 225 Sabrelies 68-70: FBLA 69-70 Willie, Dale 225 M.A.S.l-'l. 70-7l Willis, Neesa 225 68-7I Wilson, Debbie 225 Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-7I: Candidale for LeHerrnan's Sweelhearl 70-7l Wilson, Manning 225 A Capella Choir 68-7I: Boys Glee Club 68-7l Wilson, Michael 225 Wilson. Terry 225 Wilson, Twyla 225 Sabrerles 68-7I: FBLA 69-70 Winfield, Gary 3, 225. 233. 236, 'I26 Foolball 68-7I: Track 68-69 Winkler, Ronnie 7. 72, 225 Thespians 68-7l: FBLA 68-7 I: FBLA Vice Pres- idenl 69-7I: M.A.S.l-l. President 70-7I: Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 69-70: Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 70-7I: Jr. Board ol Direclors, Friendly Nall Band 70-7l Wirsich, James 225 French Club 68-7l: Junior Rolarian 70-7I Wirl, Lewis 226 Foolball 68-69: Track 68-7I: FBLA 68-70: M.A.S.H. 70-7l Wolfenbarger, Tommy 226 M.A.S.l'l. 70-7l General Index Abboll, Karen Bl, I36 Abshire, Lana I36 A CAPELLA CHOIR 83 Adams, Belly 92, I64 Adams, Darla I64 Adams, Monly I64 Adams, Roger I36 Adams, Steve I36 Addams, Eddie I36, 238 Adelmann, Guy I64 Agnew, Jualelha Bl, I36 Aker, Kenny I36 Akin, Sharon I36 Alexander, Jerry I64 Armslrong, Arnfa 63, I76, I65. l27 Armslrong, Claudia 92, I65 Arnold, Richard I65 Ashley, Sue I36 Ashley, Sylvia 94, l65 Ashworfh, John 94, I65 Auslin, Debbie I36 Aulrey. Sherry I65 Baird, Paul I36 Baker, B renda I65 Baker. Don I36. 259 Baker, Greg I36 Baker, Mrs. Helen 2l Baker, Ramona I36 Baker, Bam 94. 95, I65 Wood, James 226 Baskelball 68-69: Jr, Civilan 69-70: M,A.S,l'l, 70-7I Woodard, Ralonda I99, 226 Sabreffes 69-7I: French Club 69-7I: FBLA 69-70: Sr. Class Plan. Comm. Rep.-al-Large 70-7I: Sludenl Council 70-7I Woodall, Barbara 226 Red Cross 69-70 Wooliver, James 226 Baseball 68-70 Woolen, Teddy 226, 253, 25I. 250 Foolball 68-70: Wreslling 68-7I: Track 70-7l Wrighl, Anile 226 Wrighl, Pam 226 - y - Yancey, Brenda 226 Sabrerles 69-7l Yarberry, Jeanne 62, 89, I45, 226 282 INDEX Baker, Sandy I65, I22 Baker, Sherrie I36 Baker, Ted 76, I36 Boker, Mrs. Treva 42 Baker, Tony 69, I65 Baker, Vern I65 Ballew, Mr. Ray 44, 45, Bl. 82, 83 Ballou, Paul 67, I65 BAND 76, 77 Alexander, Joe I36 Allen, Rick I64 Allison, Sieve I36 Alvarado, Della 57. I64 Ambrose, Rhonda I64 Anderson. Andrea I64 Anderson, Bob I64 Anderson, Glenda 94, I64 Anderson. Linda 94, I64 Anderson. Roberl I36 Anderson, Mr. Roberl 34, 37 Anderson, Toni I65 Armslronq, Bill I36, 238 Anloon, Bryan 94, 250. 25I Aphealone, David I64 Bane, Pam 73, I65 Barber, Billy I65 Barber, Wayne I65 Barber, Sherrie I65 Barlow, Mr. Michael 34. 255 Barnes. Keilh bl, I65 Barnes. Tania I36 Barnelf, Ramona I36 Barrell, Claude 76, I36 Barrell, Colleen I65 Barlon, Mr. Amos 24 Basden. Karla I36 Baleman, Debbie I65 Ballles, Sandra I65 Baugh, Mrs, Christine 26, 27 Beard, Laurie I36 Berden, Joel I36 Beck, Jane? 73, I65 Beliermari, Rosa I37 Belding. Ann I37 Belding, Tom I37 Blankenship, Mary I37 Blelhrow. John I65 Blumenlhal, Marsha 73, I66 Bobo, Gary I37 Bobo, Sherry I66 Boen. Jackie I37 Boggs, Bruce I66 Belby. Kim I37 Bond, Deanna Bl, I37 Bordon, Slave I37 Borias. Benii I37, 238. 263 Bolfoms, Karen I37 Borroms, Mike I66. 259 Bourland. Teresa I37 Bouska, Don I37, 238 Bowe, Mrs. Wilma 25 Bowlby, Mrs. Judilh 26, 28 Bowman, Mike I67 Boydsfun. Harry I66. 252 BOY'S GLEE CLUB 82 Bradford, Anila I66 Bradford. Connie I37 Bradley, Mrs. Beafrice 2l y, Freddie I66 Bradley, Mike I38 Bradley, Ronnie I66 Brakebill, Janice 8l, I38 Branch. Tim I38, I46 Bray, Gary I38 Belew, Renee 76. I65 Bell, Cathy I65 Bell, Dan I37 Bell, Gary I65 Bennell, Mike I37 Benson 8I, I37 Bell, Mark I65 Bennell. Donna 73. I65 Berry, Palricie I65 Berrrun, James I37 Billings, Glen I65 Birchlield, Delberf 85, l28, I65 Birchlield, Mrs. Edward 24 Bird, Cindy I37 Birk, Jimmy I65 Bishop, Renee I37 Bishop, Eileen I37 Black, David I65 Black, Kenneth 69. 9I. l28, I30. I6 l27 Black, Parry I65 Blackmon, Mr. Fred 38. 39 Blackwell, Viola I37 Blair. Phil 75. I37, I53 ::TL"L"1 vas no acl-JL 5 Bray, James I38 Brazeal, Sharon 73, I66 Brewer, Kenny I38 Brewer, Leann 8I, I38 Brewer, Kurl I66 Brewsfer. Pal 69. I38 Brian, Clark I38 Bridges, Roy I38 Bridges. Terri 73, I66 Briggs, Steve I38 Bristol, Wayne I 66 Brislow. Lauren I37, I38 Brillor Brock. d, Mr. George 45 Mrs. Peggy 25 Brooks. Steve I 38 Brown, Brown, Brown. Brown, Gwen Bl, l3B Jerry I38 Karen I66 Nina 73. I66 2, I65, I79 Brown, Pally 94, I66 Browning, Candy 73. I66 Brozek, Parli I66 Bruemmer, Paula I66 Brunrs, Dan I38 Bryanl, Vickie I66 Bryson, Nicky 138 Buchanan, Debbie 138 Clement. A1 167 Clifton. Brenda 81, 167 DeWoody, Vance 168 Dial, Doug 73. 79, 83, 85. 168. 107. 106 Durbin, Herbert 141 Buchanan, Steve 138, 142 Buchanan, Mike 75, 166 Buckhold, Mr. Ernest 18. 19 Buford. Mike 138 Burdift. Kenny 138 Burgess, Linda 138 Burkett, Bobby 138 Burkett, LuAnn 167 Burnett. Ronnie 138 Burns. Margie 167 Burns. Debbie 138. 141 Burns, Paul 138 Burns, Randy 138, 139, 233 Burr, Susan 138 Bur1.Je11 138 Buzbee. Claudia 81, 131 - C - Cable, Mr, Ron. 40. 66 Cabrera. Phillip 167 Cabrera, Robert 139 Caldwell, Barbara 76, 167 Caldwell. Debbie 138 Caldwell. Kayna 138 Caldwell. Randy 138 Callom, Mr. Charles 19 Callaway, Terry 138 Callen. James 138 Campbell. Paula 138 Campbell. Denise 167 Cambell, Mrs. Peggy 20. 21 Cantrell, Luanne 94. 167 Carns, David 167 Carpenter, Lou Jean 138 Carpenter, Mr, Charles 30, 233. 237 Carpenter. Rick 91, 128, 167.259 Carr, Rosie 138 Carter, Miss lda 40 Carter,Jomel1 138 Cartwright, Darrell 167 Casey, Don 76, 138 Casey. Kim 138, 154 Casey, Pat 167,233 Casey. Ron 76, 139 Cash, Debbie 167 Clingenpeel. Mary 139, 157 Clingenpeel. Sara 167 Cobb. Debi 73, 167 Coffey. Debbie Bl, 167 Colley. Nancy 167 Cohoon, Melissa 167 Coleman, Rebecca 167 Collamore, Gary 73, 76. 167 Coleman, Connie 9. 75, 167 Condren, Mrs. Ann 34. 73 Connell, Nancy 139 Conrad, Jim 91. 128. 167 Cook. Mrs. Betty 21 Cook. Paul 139 Cook, Torn 168 Cooper, Charles 168 Cooper, Debbie 75, 76, 139 Cape. Make I39 Copeland. Donna 168 Corbitt, JoAnn 140 Corn. Cookie 168 Cornelius 139, 140 Cossey, Debbie 162. 168 Cowden. Bill 66, 67. 94, 168 Cox, Mrs. Hazel 26. 29 Coy. Steve 168 Crabtree, Vickie 140 Craig. Mrs. Bea Z5 Craig, Steven 168 Craven, Debbie 81, 85, 168, 161, 107 Crawford, Brad 168 Crawford, Jerry 168 Crawford, Keirh 140. 259 Crawford, Ardyth 140 Crollord, Jean 168 Croftord. Lou Crook. Kevin 168 Cross. Bruce 168 Cudioe, Mr. Cedric 34. 37 Cummings. Randy 168 Cummings. Sharon 140 Curliss. Ben 140 Curliss. James 140 Curry. Susan 73, 86. 168, 111 Dicks. Cheryl 140 Dicks. Marsha 140 Dillie, C Dillon, J arolin 92. 168. 123 ohnny 168 Dixon, Corliss 168 Dixon. Gayle 76, isa Dixon, George 140 Dixon. J ean 81, 168 Dobbs. Lisa 140, 154 Dodd, Brook 168, 223 Dodson. Danae 140 Dodson, Ben 63. 128, 168 Dodson, Dathie 76. 140 Doering, Robert 140 Donaldson. David 58, 140, 247 Cassity, Judy 89, 130. 167, 122 Caton, Brenda 139 Catto. Carol 75, 167 Cavin, Mrs,Lore1ta 42, 43, 104 Cermak. Janet 167 Cermak, Janice 167 Challis, Pat 167 Chambers, Carol 139 Chambers. Johnny 139, 142, 238. 259 Champlin, Jerry 167 Chaney, Donna I39 Chaney, Greg 139 Chaney. Paul 167 Chaney, Steve 139, 233, Chase, Mr, C, D, 26 Chappell, Bobby 139 Chastian. Robert 139 Cheatham. Eric 167 Chick, Julie 63, 139 Childers, Jerry 76 Christian, Victor 91. 167, Clark. Beverly 139 Clark, Mr. Lelan 47, 255 Clary, Phillip 139 Claxton, Lawrence 167 Clay, Charles 167 Clay, Jack 167, 260 Clayde, Jan 85, 167 247 259. 260 Cleaver, Barbara 85, 167, 181, 109 Cleaver, Cheri 81. 139 Cutler Dabbs . Christi 140 - D A , Kenneth 140 Dailey. Lynn 140. 144. 254. 255 Dailey. Carey 140 Darby, Lynn 140 Daniel, Debbie 168 Daniel. Mr. Ernest 47 Darlin. Darlin. Diana 67, 140 Duane 168 Darrow, Pat 168 Davenport, Donna 67, 168 Davis. Debbie 140 Davis. Debbie 64. 65, 168 Davis. DeeAnna 140 Davis. Dexter 140 Davis. Jim 168 Davis. Keith 168 Davis. Mike 140 Davis. Paul 76, 140 Davis. Phillis 168 Davis, Robert 168 Davis. Sandi 76, 140, 159 Dean, Mrs. Dorothy 34, 36 Dean, Greg 140,238 Dean. Ricky 168 D ECA 92,93 Decker, Patricia 76, 92, 168. 169 Decker. Rickey 168. 174 Dees, Mike 168 K Donnell, Mr. Robert 24 Dorough, Pat 140 Dorsey, Mrs. Edna 25 Doss. Don 76, 141 Doss, Don 76, 141 Doughty, Sharla 168 Douglas. Cathy 76. 141 Douglas. Christy 76. 168 Dowell, Jane 141 Dowell, Ken 168 Dowling, Joyce 141, 154. I7 Dowling. Vicki 63, 75, 76. 169, 184 Downard. Steve 141 Downey. Denise 169 Downs. Patsy 169 Dozier. David 169 Drabeck, Nancy 76, 169, 171 Drabeck, Gary 169 Dressler, Mrs. Dee 39 Drew. Sylvia '59, si, 141 Drier, Lana 141 Driskill. Debbie 86, 129, 169, 187, Dudley, Elissa 141 Dunkin, Donnie 141 Dunlap. Connie 64, 65. 162, 169 Dunn, Ken 60, 61, 141,238 Dunning, Robert 169 Dupree, Vicki 169 Durbin, Phyllis 61, 169 Dye, Larry 169 Dyess. Bonnie 75, 169 Y 5 - Easter, Debbie 141 Easter. Kim 76. 83 Eaves. Rocky 169, 259 Ef1inqer, Eddie 141 Eflinger, Larry 141 Elder, Don 169 Elliot. Dennis 141 Ellis, Miss Penni 26 Ellis. Ricky 141 Ellison, Danny 141 Elmore. 'led 142, 246, 247 Elrod. Cheryl 76, 142 Emanuel. Mrs. Greta 46 Embrey, Susan 169 Emrick, Mark 142 Engles. Charlie 142, 153. 238 Ercanbrak, Susan 81. 142 Ervin. Vicci 81, 85. 169 Erwin, Mr. Thomas 45, 233 Esmond. Carla 142 Estes, Diane 81, 85, 169. 161. 108, Estes, Valarie 142 Etchieson. Toni 142 Evans, Mr. Norris 47 Evans, Ricky 142 Evans. John 83, 169 Bry-Gil Everhart, Mr. Jack 30. 33 Ewell. Charissa 142 - F - Fallart, Pam 142 Fallwell, Donna 76. 92. 93, 169 Fancher, Riggie 170 Farr, Marina 142 FBLA 72, 73 FCA 90. 91 Ferguson, Linda 169 Field, Tommy 142 Fink. Don 169 Finney, Denise 142 Finney, Mike 142 Fisher. Par 142 Fitzgerald, Kevin 142, 155, 250 Fitzgerald, Lorraine 58. 59, 89. 169 Flanagan. David 83, 169 Flaniken, Kenny 170, 232, 233, 234. 115 Fleming, Mark 170 Flippo, Cindy 76, 142 Floyd, Barry 91, 170, 250. 251 Floyd, Becky 142 Floyd, Cheryl 75. 170 Floyd, Susan 142 Foley. Debbie 142 Foley, Debbie 142 Folson, Tina 142 Forbes, Christy 170 Ford, Cecil 142 Ford, Mrs. Rose 25 Ford, Vicki 170 Foster, Debbie 170 Foster, Steve 143 Fountain, Joe 170 Fowler, Connie 36. 170 Frankenlield Anne 73. 75, 76, 170 Franklin, Greg 143. 238, 254 Frantz. Sue Ann 61, 178 Fraser. Phyllis 55, 143, 145 Free, Debbie 170 Free, Cheryldawn 143 Freeman, Cheryl 143 Freeman, Sherri 73, 170 Freeman, Shirley 170 French, Allen 143 Fritz, Terrie 69. 170 FTA ro. 71 ' Fuller, Mr. Al 34. 73 Fuller, Gary 170 Fuller. Terri 143 Fuller, Toni 143 Furr, Johnny 143, 238 Furr, Randy 170 -5- Gaither, Roy 170 Gage. Mary 143 Garden er, Vivian 143 Garland, Carol 143 Garlow, Sam 91, 170. 179, 181 Garrett. Jerry 170 Garrett. Suzi 69, 76, 143 Garrison, Bobby 170 Garrison, Norma 143 Gasaway, Charles 170 Gates. Gary 170 Genger, Suzie 143 Gentry. Pam 170 Gentry. Susie 87, 170 Gentry. Milton 170 George, Gee Gee 143 Gibson, Beth 143 Gibson, Karen 81. 170 Gibson, Linda 170 Gillean, Carl 143 Gillian, Rickey 170 IN DEX 283 Hurt, Jerry 76, 147 Gil-Loc Gilreath, Fred 144 Gipson, Justin 144 G1RLS' GLEE CLUB 81 Gladden, Dawn 170 Glass, Archie 144 Glass. David 170. 238 Glass, Diane 73, 170 Glass, Susan 81. 144 Gleaves. Sharon 94. 170 Golden, Deny 69, 144 Gomez. Charlie 94, 170. 250, 251 Gomez. Joe 144 Goodbreak, Linda 94. I70 Goodson. Terry 171 Goodwin. Debbie 170 Gorrel. Chuck 171 Gottschalk, Glenn 171 Goure. Cathy 171 Graber. Christy 171 Grady. Georgina 144 Gray, Ada 171 Gray, Reggy 139, 144 Green. Barbara 58, 59. 69, 162. 171 Green, Kandy 144 Green, Marva I7I Green. Patty 94, 169. I71 Green, Raula 144 Green. Robert 144 Gregson. Keith 171 Griffeth. Debbie 76. 171 Griffin. Gail 73. 171 Griffith, Robert 171 Grigsby. Gary 2, 171 Grigsby. Joyce 92, 172 Grooms. Mrs. Donna 25 Grosnicklaus. Freddy 144 Grounds, Dana 144 Grubb. Cindy 144, 153 Grubbs, Pam 144 Guiles, Terry 144 Guion. Cynthia 144 Gruver. Janice 172 -H- Hacker, Sandra 172 Hageman. Jim 144. 239 Hague. Condra 144 Hair. Hair. Hair, Hall. Hall. Hall, David 144 Roy 172 Roger 172 Alisa 94, 163, 172 Chris I44 David 58, 59, 172 Hall, Teresa 144 Halstead. Kenneth 172 Judkins. Halstead, Phil 91, 172, 238 Hamon. Glenda 172 Hampton. Mrs. Opal 20, 21 Hamcock. Vicki 172 Hand. Karen 68, 85. 172 Hanes. Debbie I44 Haney. Janet I44 Hankins, Kathy 145 Hanna. Edward 145 Hanshue, Gary 91, 97, 172. 233, 259 Harden, Sharon 172 Hardin. Darla 173 Harding. Melanie 173 Harmon, Beverly 173 Harness. Valerie 173 Harris, Betty 173 Harris, Don 173 Harris, Renee 145 Harris. Rhonda 145 Harris. Robert 145 Harsey, Renee 145 Hartley. Danny 75, 76, 78, 173. 284 INDEX 1? atfie , eve , 173. 1 Hatle V 3 X Hawthorne. Roge 173 ayes. Barbara 69, 5 5, oebbaem X az , X Ha . J 144. 145 4 H rry 145 Hea Deb ' Yfefner Billy I e ' H tl 173 . ' - 145 Helton, Ron - 73 Q Hembree, Archie 173 HSQQY Q Henderson, Donna 14 Henderson, Kittie 173 Henderson, Linda 75, 76, 173 Henderson, Starlet 173 Henn. Laura 145 Henson. Mike 173 Hernandez. Barbara 173 Hernandez. Connie 173 Herrin, Tana 145 Herrod. Jerry 145. 238. 247 Hervey. Susan 145 Heskift. Sharrie 145 Hess. Susie 173 Hey, Myrna 15. 173 Hibbard. Phil 76. 145 Hickman, Phillip I46 Higbie, Mr. Russell 35, 36 Higdon. Debbie 173 Higgins. Brenda 146 Higgins, Frank 173 High, Belinda 140. 146, 123 Hightower, pattie 73, 173 Hilburn. Rhonda 173 Hilderbrandt. Polly 146 Hill, Cindy 173 Hill, Sally 173 Hillerby. Jay 146 Hitt, John 146 Hobgood. Jane? 146 Hock. Babs 173 Hodge, Margaret 61. 173 Hodges, Don 173 Hodges, Teresa 146 Hoffmon, Mrs. Arbeecher 30. 33. 70 Hoffman. Diane 173 Hoffman, Mike 146 Hoffman. Terry 173 Holden, Russell 146 Hollowell. Mrs. Lucy 26 Holmes, Debbie 173 Holt, Gaye 146 Holt, Linda 173 Honley, Rodney 146 Hood. Mike 146 Hood, Robin 94, 174 Hopkins, Noneta 73, 174 Hopkins, Robert 73. 146 Horn, Tom 174 Hornbeck, Michelle 68. 69, 123, 174, 181, 122 Horne, Lynn 69, 174 Hostetter, Mr, L. D. 30, 32 Hott, Sue 146 House, Jon 65, 128, 130, 174, 244 Houston, Frank 174 Hovarter. Billy 83, 174 Howard, David 146 Howard, Gary 146. 238 Howard. Kenneth 146, 254 Howard, Sandra 146 Howard, Sherry 146 Howe, David 146 Howell, Doyle 174 Hubble. Kenny 146 Hudler, Susie 142, 146, 123 Huffman, Mr. C. W. 12, 13. 22 Huffman. David 146, 238 Hughes. Lucretia 146 Hughes, Randy . 146 Hulsey, Mike 174 mphre , 146 Hu ry. r Mariorie 40. 41 Hun herri746 iss Jo Ann 26 unt, Tony I uv 3, 47 unter, k 174 Hunter, M rk 175 Huntington, Paul 147 Hurry. Sheryl 73. 175 Hurst, Larry 175 Husk, June 76. 175 Hutchinson, Debbie 147 Hutchinson. Mrs. Mary 25 Hutton, Mike 147 Huxley. Teresa 147 Hyden. Mike 175 - I - Ingram, Rick 67, 175 lrwinsky, Larry 175 Isabell. Don 175 lsaac, Kevin 147 Kenedy, Robert 148 Kennedy, David 148 Kenney, Mr. Harold 24 Kepler. Joe 175 Kermickle, David 148 Kerr. Barbara 175 Kerr, Billie 175 Kilgore, David 148 Killman. Richard 175 Kindrick. Phillip 175 King. Miss Mary 40 King. Pam 175 King, Mr. Ralph 29. 70 Kinnard, Kenny 175 Kimpler, Janet 148. 123 King, Kenny 143, 148 Kirby. Cheryl 148 Kirk, Ron 65. 175, 254. 255 Kirkham, Larry 148 Kirkpatrick. Bruce 175 Kling. Steve 148 Knight. Jerry 76, 176 Knight, Lynell 176, 184 Knowles. Kenny 76, 92. 93, 176 Koch, Jo 176 Koleno. Tracy 148 Kramer, Anita 148 Kruta, Don 148 Kuder. Paula 176 -L- Lacy, Terry 148 - J - Jackson, Elaine 147 Jackson, James I47 Jackson. JoLyne 76, 147 Jackson. Kathy 147 Jackson, Linda 147 Jackson, Micky 147 Jackson, Terre 147 Jackson. Toni 175 James. David 147 James. Johnny 147 Jefferson, Barney 147. 254 Jefferson, Teddi 65, 76. 147 Jefferys. Pam 175 Jesseph, Sandy 8, 175, 111 Jinkins. Dennis 147 Johnson, David 76. 147 Johnson, Mrs. Martha 26 Johnson, Rebecca 147 Jo1ly,Ka1hy 175 Jones. Charley 148 Jones. Chuck 94, 175 Jones. Eddie 148 Jones, Linda 175 Jones, Marsha 75. 76. 175 Jones. Melvin 175 Jones, Nikki 89, 175 Jones, Vickie 175 Jordan. Cliff 147 Judd, Jerry 148 Judd, Sandra 94, 175 Julian, Debbie 76, 148 Diana 73, 175 - K - Keel, Denise 148 Keener . Darral 175 Keen, Renee 175,81 Keispert, Cindy 148 Keller, Fred 175 Kelley, Billy 175 Kelley, Stanley 175 Kelley, Terry 148 Kelsoe. Paula 148 Kempe, Paula 164. 175 Kendrick,A1len 148 Kennedy. Brenda 73, 175 Ladusau. Chris 73. 176 Lafoon. Teresa 176 Lakin. Penny 148 Lambert, Jan 176 Lambert, Richard 149 Landers, Sue 149 Lane, Mrs. Eleanor 19 Lane, Rusty 176 Lang. Brenda 176 Langford, Jana 76. 149 Langston, Kenneth 73, 76, 149 Lansdowne, Mrs. Oleta 39 Larrison. Debbie 176 Larson, Joe 149 Lathrop. Russell 61, 149 Lavarnway. Daniel 176 Laveen. Charles 149 Lavene, Clarence 176 Lawson. Benny 149, 238 Lawson. Pam 176 Lawson, Terry 85, 176 Ledford. James 149. 238, 247 Ledlow, Terry 176 Lee, Robert 5. 149 Leeds, Paul 58, 149 Leeds, Paul 58 Leftwich. Sandi 176 Leisy, Gary 76, 92, 176 Leonard. Nita 176 Letts, Melissa 176 Leveridge, Deborah 76, 149 Leveridge, Tony I49 Lewallen. Terry 149, 247 Lewis. Mike 149. 109 Lightfoot, Leslie 87. 177 Liles, David 94. 177 Liles. Kenneth 177 Lindsey, Debbie 149 Lindsey. Eldeana 177 Lindsey, Larry 149 Linduff, Keith 149. 238,247 Linn, Gary 150 Littlehawk, Daisy 73, 177 Lock. Ron 5. 76, 150 Locke. Linda 73, 177 Masrin, Beverly I 77 Lofrin, Lynn ISO London. Ronnie ISO Long. Mrs. Morene 40, 4I Long. Glenda I77 Long, Laura ISO Longman, Sharon I77 Looney, Mr. Orville 46 Lopez, Jarr1ie I77 Lopez. Monica ISO, IOI Lowe. Larry 83, I77 Luman, Gary ISO Lunow, Larry 94, I77 Y M - Mabry, PhiIl1p I77, 250 Maddox. Karen I77 Main, Gary 83 Mavin, Sfeve ISO Manning, Mike I77 Manspeaker, Richard ISO Manspeaker, Roberr I77 Manuel, Mrs. Flossie 25 Manuel, Karhy 69, ISO Maples, Cindy ISO Maples, Sfeve I77 Marcum, Randy I77, 263 Marcum, Ronnie ISO, IS8 Marsh, Lee 73, I77 Marsh, SIeve ISO Marshall, Nancy ISO Mauldin, Phyllis ISO Maxwell, Jimmy ISO Mayo, Debbie I39. ISO Mayo, Nancy ISI Meador, Larry ISI Mears, Debbie 73, 7S, I66. I78 Means, Sherry 7I, 76. ISI Meqqs, Henry ISI, 238 Meler. Mark ISI Mellon, Befh l78 Melron. Bobby I78 Melfon. Rickie IS2 Mellon, Vickie IS2 MerideIh, Mr. Harold I5 Mmdiih, Roy I52, 2313 Merrick, Jo I37, IS2 Mefheny, Mr. Don 30 Mezas. Debbie I78 Mezas. Dorofhy I52 Micue, Ronald I78 Miller, Mr. Craig 39 Miller, Deanna 7I. 76, IS2 Miller, Denise 76, IS2 Miller, Denise 73. I78 Miller, Gerald I78 Miller, Larry IS2 Miller, Noel I78 Miller, Renee IS2 Morris, Cyndy SS, IZH, I87. IOB Morse, Mr, Orfo 46 Morwell, Joel IS2 Mosley, Mark 92, l78 Mossharl, Gran? IS2 Mounrford. Mary IS2 Moyer, Debbie 7I, I78 Mulhausen, Chris I7B Mulhausen, Mike I78 Munday, Sfeve IS2 Muse, Gene l78, 233 258 Mosgrave, Mr. Charles 24 Muzny. Davis I78 Myarf, Mrs. Edna 29 Myers. Bruce 76, IS2 Myers, Larry IS2 Myers, Lynn 75. I78 Myers, Lyndell IS2 Myers, Shelley IO, 76, I78 Murcer, Randy IS2 Murrow. Jackie IS2 7 Mc, Mcfxlisfer Jim ISI McAnaIIy, Debbie ISI McCain, Mr, Roberr I9 McCallum. Jan 8l I77 McCann. Michelle ISI McCarron, Susie I77 Mclninch, Sreve ISI, 247 Mclnnis, Nancy ISI McKeown, Barry I78 Lof-Pen McKibben. LoreIra 67. 76, I78 McKinnon, Lauri 94, 95, I78 McLaughlin, Angela 85, I78 MCLaugI1Iin,CharoIHe ISI McLsuq1111n, J, 0. rs, ISI McLean, Randy ISI McMahan, Deb I78 McManus, Bobby ISI McMarIin, Don ISI McMillan. Kim ISI McMiIlin. Susie I78 McNeeIy. R1chard I7B Y N - Nall. Karrinka I78 Nance. Dennis IS2 Nance. Mrs. Geraldine 2S Negrin. Danny IS2 Neher, LaDonna IS2 Nelson, Ken I78 Newcomb, Margarer IS2 Newell, Jay 9I, I6Z NEWSPAPER 64, 65 Newron, Keirh IS2 NFL 68, 69 Nicholson, Kirby I78 Miller. Tony 76, IS2 McClain. Mark I77. 233, 254 I1 I I 1 Mariin, James I77 Marlin. Jamie ISO Marvin, Judy ISO Marfin. KaIhy ISO Marrin, Paula ISO Marlin, Pere 85, I77 Marx, John I77 MASH 96, 97 Mason, Calvin 94, I77 Mason, Glenda 6.I, ISO Mass, Sieve ISO Massey, Merle 76, ISO Mafchen, Mike 94. I77 Mafhes. Carolyn I77 Maihes, Harold ISO Marhes. Sieve I37. ISO Marhey, Kevin ISO Mafhis, Dale 76. I69. I77 Mafhies, Dale 76, ISO Mathis, Rudy ISO. I56 Marrhews. Raylene I77, IOI Mauldin. Gary ISO. IS9 Mauldin, Mary 8I, I79, I77 Mills, Karen IS2 Millspaugh. Richard 76, IS2 Milfon. Kevin I78 Mitchell, Bobby IS2 Mirchum, Donna I78 Mobley, Terry IS2 Mohr, Melba IS2 Moharn, Mr. John 30. 33 Monds, Sandra IS2 Monical. Ron IS2 Moniaras, Mr. AIIonso 42, 43 Monlgornery, Greg 76. IS2 Monlgomery, Mike IS2 McClain, Gall I77 McClellan, Mr. Dewey 40 McClurg, Debbie I77 McCollum, Eva 6I, ISI McCoy, Shane ISI McCullan, Deb ISI McCullough, Sylvia I77 McCurdy, Regina I4S. ISI McCurdy, Rhonda ISI McDaniels. Don ISI McDonald. Lisa I77 McDonald, Terry ISI McDougal, John 9l, I78. 233, 263 Niles, Nancy I78 Nik, Tom 83, 85, I78 Nixon, Mark I78 Noble, Pam IS2 Nolen, Mrs. Georgia 25 Nollon, Dan IS2 Norman, Mr. Louis 24 Norron, Bruce IS2 Norvell, Karen 73, I78 Novey, Mrs. Pauline 45 Nunn, Bobby I79 L 0 - Oakley, Terry IS3 Ogg. Richard 7S, 83, I79 Oglesby, Gail 92, I79 Oglesby. Sfeve IS3, 238 Oldenbury. Dana IS3 Oldham, Roberf I79 Oliver, Barry 83, I79 O'NeaI. Kay I79 Oofen, SeIiIa IS3 ORCHESTRA 75 Orr, Ricky 92, I79 Orren, Mrs. Frances IB, I9 Osborn. Steve I79 O'Shields, Robert I79 Oversrreer, Charissa IS3 Oufland. Karen 62, 63. SS, 76. I79 Owen, Geneva ISS Oyler. Del I79 L P Y Pagles, Gary 7S, 76, 78, I79, I82 Palesano, Tony I79 Parks, David IS3 Pafchin, Debra IS3 Pafrick, Joy I79, I23 Parrerson. Dennis IS3 Monrgornery, Parn IS2 Moore, Bobby I78 Moore, James I78 Moore, Jamie IS2 Moore, Mr. John I5 Moore. Mike 6I. I78 Moore, Sheryl I78 Moose. Kafhe 8I, IS2 Morava, Mr. David 46 Morgan, Kelly IS2 Morgan, Russell IS2 McDow, Belindia I78, I23 McDowell, Linda ISI McEIvany, Sammy I47, ISI, 247 McEuen, Jerry ISI, 238, 239, 259 McEuen, Susie 73, 7S, l62. l78, I22 McGarry, PaI 76, ISI McGiIberry, Charles ISI McGilberry, Cheedle I78 McGown, Efhel 63, I49, ISI McGowen, Sreve ISI McGuyre, Jennifer 43, I78 Parferson, Gary I79 Parrerson. Mrs, Mildred I7 Pailk. Carherine I79 Paulk, Joyce IS3 Paulk. Ginny I79 Paxfon, Mark I79 Pearn. Randy I79. 263 Peck, Charles 83. I79 Peck. David 69, 9I, I28, I79 Pelham, Meri 7I, IS3 Penry, Kevin 94. I79, 263 .IZ7 INDEX 285 Pep-Sta i li' PEP BAND 75 Penry, Mrs, Ruth 25 Pepe. Ronald IS3 Perdue, Debbie I79 Perkins. Patty I53 Perkins, Lynn 83. I53 Pery, Bobby I79 Pery. Janice I53 Perry, Steve I8O, l02 Perry. Steve l53 Peters. Edmond IBO Peters. Mr. Roy 34, 36, 92 Phelps, Kathy 78, BI. ISO Phillips. Michelle I37, I53 Phipps. Bill 85. l80 Pierce. Liz l53 Pierce. Lynda I54, I37 Pierce, Lynne IBO Pierce, Mr. Vernon 30, 32 Pike, Marty IBO, 259 Pitt, Mrs. Peggy 28. 29 Placker, Robin I54 Poe. Donette 73, IBO Poe. John I54 Poe, Kenneth I54 Pollock, Kris 94, I8O Pool, Robert l54 Pope, Carlete I37, I54 Porter, David 83, I8O Porter, Edwin I54 Poteete, Mike I8O Poteete, Randy l54 Pound, Robert 94, IBO Powers. Mike I54 Powell. Mr. Bobby 39 Prather, Steve I54 Pratt, Joe I54 Prewitt, Carolyn I8O Price, Carol 65. I54 Price. Cindy l54 Price. Jett I54 Price. Sharon 65, 73, IBO Prince. Linda I54 Prine, Mike I8O 286 INDEX Puckett. Charles IS4 Puckett, Paula IBO Pellin, Pam l54 Punneo, Mr. Cecil 24 Purdy. Debbie l80 Purser, Carl l54 4 Q 1 Qualls. Penne l54 Quick, Karen 73, IBO Quinlan, Pat l54 Quinn, Mary I54 - R - Rabon. Lenita IBO Raiden. Gaylan l54 Rainbow, Keith I54 Rains, Mrs. Carole 42 Ramirez, Romelia I8O Randall, Paul IBO Randolph, Penny IBO Rappe. Janet 8l, I54 Ray, Mrs. Helen 38. 39 Reagan, Tracy IBO Reed, Charlene IBO RED CROSS 60. 6I Reed. Denise l55 Reed, Mark l55 Reeder, Jimmy I55 Reeves, Tricia 73, I8O Reid, Steve I55, 238 Renaker, Patty l55 Reyes, Richie IBO, 243, 244 Reynolds, Jenni I55 Rhodes, Forrest l55 Rhodes, Robert l55 Rich, Sendia l55 Rich, Wadonna I55 Richardson. Carlton 76 Richardson, Kathy I8O Richison, David IBO Richmond, Don 76, I8O Richmond, Helen IBO Rickerts, Mr. Jerry I4, 57 Ridgeway, Lisa I55 Rigsby. Ray I8O Riley, Glenn l80 Riley, LaRita l55 Rippee, Mrs. Jeanne 32 Risenhoover. Shiela IBO Ritchie, Barbara l55 Rivera, Paul l55 Rivers, Nita 58, l80 Robbins, Larry l55 Roberts, Don l55 Roberts, Robert I80, 233 Roberts. Stan I55 Robertson, Gayla IBO Robinson, Eddie IBO Sherwood, Larene I57 Shipman, Freda I57 Shoemaker. Lorana I57 Shotner, Madeline I57 Shook, Debbie I57 Shoemaker, Janice 76, I57 Shrum. David I57 Shults. Gayle, I57 Shults. James I57 Shumard, Randy 76, I57 Shunkwiler, Curt IB3 Siters, Bobby I83, 243 Sills, Barbara I57 Robitson, Dennis IBI Roby. John I56 ROCKET CLUB 66, 67 Roden. Sheryl 6l, I42, I56 Rodgers, Carla 78. IBI Rogers, Sheila I8O Rogers. Myra 8I, IBI Rodriguiz. Wayne I56, 23 Sims, Derinda I57 Sirrtns, Debbie IB3 Gmms. Glynn I83 sander, Bill I57 'Skaggs U 24 h995 ' PPG I Srap Crl5 rap if 66 B3 Roland, Janice I56 Rolland. Greg l8l. 233, 237 U , Q. , I57 . . f, in k al , k . ' I . ss , 3, I57 Sm aa cii iailsv Rolland, Steve 73. I56 H9- Gary Root, Margie IBI Ross, Mr. George 40 S cllw d- im IB3' Rest, Vicki IBI ith, M Ross. Barbara I56 'thi Anit 5 Ross, Terry I56 Smit . 35- 94, I8 Rotan. Terrie IBI S ith. dr IB3 Roughtace, Thomasine ltr BYSH H I57 Rouse, Diane l8I Debbie 35- A ' Rowland. Gary 76, I56 Sm i ric 133-26 Rowlan, Stan I8l, 233 Smith- 'G I- 63- I5 Ra1an,JsnieCs 5, 69, as, isa 5fnitl1.De 60. bl, I57 Rushing, Jerry IS6 Smlllti Debbl 7 Russell, Debbie sa, isa Smith, Donna Rychlec, Barbara 73, I8l Smith, Elaine I43, I5 . I Ryser, Brian IBI Smith, Gale IB3. 259, f S - Smith. Gary l58 SABRETTES 86, 87, 88, 89 Smith, Mr. John 44, 45, 76 Sales, Mike IBI. IB2, 238 Smith, Mrs. Kathryn 35, 36 Sanders. Cheryl IB2 Smith- Leslie l53 Sanders. Diana SI, I56 Smlflh Nancy I83 Sanders, Mary IB2 Smith, Rick I83 Sapp, Chuck l5b Smith, Robert l58 Saunkeah. Bobby IB2 Smith, Scott IB3 Savage. Jerry SB, I56 Smith, Sheryl l58 Savage. Mr. John 47, 58.59.245 Smith- Stan I83 Schilling. Henry I56, 238 Smlllli Sietfeft 76- I58 Schmidt, Sherri IB2 Smith, Zelma I83 Schmoldt, Marcia I56 Snelgrove, Carol I83 Schuler, Lindsey I56 Schwartz, Larry l82 Schwartz. Lee 65. I82 Schweikhart. Richard 76, IB2 Scott, Cathy 76. I56 Scott, Susan I56 Snyder, Vickie I 58 Snipes. Becky 55, 65, 89, I Snow, Anita I58 Snow. Roy IB3 Sober. Glenn I58 sonne schein Doris I83 Scott. Wanda 6l, l82 Scowden. Steve I56 Segler. Cherie IB2 Selby. Debbie I56 Selt. Billie 582 Sellers, Lloyd 182 Sewell. Pam I54. I56 Shamblin, Linda IB2 Shatley. Denise I56 Shaver, Lea Ann 76, l82 Shaw, Mike I56 Sheets. Randy IB2 Shelton, Andy 94, IB3 Shelton. Ann 69, I56 Shelton. Mike 83, l42, I55, I56, IO7, I6l Shelton, Wanda I56 Sherman. Rodney. I57 Sherrill, Cindy 76, I76, I83 fl i Sorrells, Kay I83 Southerland. Pat I58 Sparks. Mrs. Mary J. 28 Spearman, Cherly I83 Spears, Nona I83 Spencer, Catharine I5B Sperling, Mike I83 Spinks, Mr. Robert 30, 32 Spitler, Floyd I5B Spitz, Ricky 94, I83 Spradlin, Jimmy 9l, I72. I Stacey. Jackie l5B Stattord, Randy IB3 STAGE BAND 79 Standridge. Ronald l58 Stanford, Kenneth l5B Stanley, Terry l28. I83, 23 Stanton, Paula 75, IB3 30, l62, I83 9 83 8 Thomassen, Sheryl I85 teve 76 l6I Slark, Linda I83 Sfasyszen. Cindi I83 Srapp, Joe I43. I58, 254. 255 Slark, Beverly l58 Sfarkes, Vickie l58 Slarr, Carl l58 Slasyszen, John I5B Sfeele, Mr, Roberl 46 Srephens. Gary IB3 Srevenson. James I58 Slevens. Larry I58 Slevens, Shielah l5B Sfevens, Mike 65, I84 Sleward. Frank I58 Srewarn kAarHyn si, IB4 Slicher. Diane I58 Sliger, Rod IB4 Slinley, Debbie 63. l58 Srinson, Gene I58 Slinson, Sheila 73. I84 Slokes. Rita l58 Srokes, Susan I5B Srone, Olivia IB4 Sfone, Pam 76. BI, l58 Srorey. Kafhy I58 Siory. Karen I84 Siam, Phil l84 Sfowe, Teresa IB4 STUDENT COUNCIL 54, 5 Slrubhar. Mrs. Rera 29 Sruller. Sandy 73, I84 Sughru, Miss Lois 45 Sullins, Glynna 8I, 85. I84 5. 56, 57 Talkingfon. Sreve I85 Tannehill, Lorella l58 Tanksley, Roger, I58 Tarnow. Janet I5B. l59 Tale, Kalhy l58 Taylor, John I85 Taylor, Julie l58 Taylor, Lanese l85 Taylor, Larry I85 Taylor.-ivlary I85 Taylor, Mike l59 Taylor, Parri I59 Taylor, PaHi 65. 87, 130, iss Teague. Marcus I59 Teasley, Jeannine l85 Teisy. Bobby l85 Tesrerman, Albert l59 THESPIANS 84, 85 Thomas, Carolyn IS9 Thomas, Deane I85 Thomas. Don l85 Thomas, Gaye l59 Thomas, Joy I59 Thomas, Linda 73. I59 Thomas, Linda 73, I85 Thomas, Sherrie Bl, 85, l85 Thomas. Ted 76, I59 Thompson. Clifford l59 Thompson, Donna 8, 89, l30, I62, IOI. l8I, IB5 Thompson. Mr. Jim 40, 4l Thompson, Mrs, Jayne 29, 85 Thompson, Lana l85 Sullivan, Mike I84 Svafgoff, Ronnie IB4, 263 Sweeny, Marshall IB5 Sykes. Brian 58 Sykes. Ronnie I85 aa T.. Tabor, Kennerh I58 Talboff, Debbie I58 Talbolf, Mike I85 Thompson.' Mike I59 Thornlon, Paul I59 Thrash, Paula 73. I85 Threckfield, Vickie IB5 Tiowell, Ricky I60 Tilley. Allen l59 Timanus, Sieve l85 Tims. Kathy 9, I85. I23 Tinsley, Sheryl I59 Tinlon, Laurel I59 Tolberr, Karen 69, l59 Tolman, Gary 58, l85 Tolson, Sieve 6I, 69. 85, I85, l6l, IO7, IO9 Tomlinson, Gerald I85 Tomlinson, Nita I60 Tomlinson, Randy I60 Tooker, Fred I60 Torren, Terri I60 Towell. Carol I36, I60 Trail. Debby I60 Trolinger, Ken l85 Trusley, Connie I60 Trusley, Johnny I60 Truskey, Denise I60 Tullis, Debra I60 Turk, Bill l85 Turnbow. Susan 63. 73, 87, I7l, l85 Turner, Mrs. Ann I7 Tyler, Terry I60 4, U sa Uhls, Debbie 7l, 8l, I85 Underwood, Bobby 94, lB5 Underwood, Don I60 Underwood, Shannon I72, I85 Undsey, Debbie I60 Undergrove, Anita l85 7 V 7 Valledo, Dora I60 Vaughn, Sreve IB5 Van Noy, Rod I60 Vansickle. Ted 69. I60, 238 Varner, Cheryl I60. lOl Vaughn, Mr. Severlan 39 Veazey. Mrs, Nelela 29 Vermillion, Jean I85 VICA 94. 95 Vickrey, Chris I85 Vongehanyarul,!Nuansh IBS Voss, Phil 94, I86 1 W 1 Waddle. Terry I86 Waganer, Johnny IB6 Wagner, Rick IB6, 233 Walker. David I60, 238, 247 Walker, Mr. Gary 32, 239 Walker. Vickie I60 Wallis, Mark 65, IB6 Wallers, Cyndy 69, l8I, I86 Wallon. Randy I86 Wansley. Toni I86 Wanfland, Randy 76, I60 Ward, Dean I60 Washam, Toni I60 Walkins, Benny I60 Wells, Chuck IB6 Wendell, Chandler I86 Wendf, Don IB6 Wesley, John I86 Wesley, Sleve 58, 94. I86 Wesl, Allen I60 Wesl Craig I60 Wes? Don I86 Wesf, Sreve I60 Wesl. Mrs. Vivian 25 Wesrervelf. Billie I86 Wheeler, Mr, Edward 31. 32 Whitaker. Carole 69, I60 Whilaker, Mark I86 Whire, Charles I60 Whirehead, Melody I60 Whiling, Randy I60, IOB Whilinq, Rulh 73. IH6 Whirmore, Sharon I60 Whilnah. Nikki 9, 59, 64, 65, l3O, Wickware. Daylene 8l. IB6 . Wigley, Mike I6l Wilkerson, Glenda BI, I82, IB6 Wilkes, David I6I Williams. Mr. Bobby 46 Williams, Bobby IB6 Williams, Debbie l6l Williams. Edmond l86 Williams, Gary 94, l86, 243, 246 Williams, Jackie I6l Williams, Jeff l6I Williams. Jerry 6l. I86 Williams ,Penny lei Williams, Perry I6I Williamson, Joy l6l Williamson, Kennerh I6I Williams D Wilson, on, Roberl I87 anny I87 Wilson, Jo Ellen l6l Wilson, Kay I87 Wilson, Mr. Keilh 39 Wilson. Rhonda l6I Wilson Walson, Mr. Gary 29 Walson, Mike I60 Walson. Mike I60 Warson, Teresa IB6 Wayne, Rickey I60 Weaver, Ellen I60 Webb, Carolyn I60 Webb. Pam IB6, I62 Webb, Pam IB6, 8l Webb, Ricky isa, 92 ,Miks 66, 67, 94, IB6, 259 Weddel. Sieve I86 Weed, Mrs. Rulh 25 Webber Martin 43. I86, 254 Weeks, Weese, Carla I60 Weese, Donna IS6 Weese, Randall I86 Welborn. Mr, Jeil 36, 37 Welburn, Debbie l86 Welch. Phillip I86 Welling. Mrs. June 36 , S , Windsor, Larry l6l Winfield, Donnie l6I Winrord, Kalhy I87 Winkler, John l6I Wing, Debbie I87 Winrers, Rocky l6I Wise, Pam SI, I87 Wolf, Janice I87 Woll. Larry 58, 59, l6l. 259 Wood. Diana I6l Woodard. Teie 2, 63, I3O, I87 Wooden, Mr. Roberf 30, 32, 233 Woodraska, Diane I87 Woodraska, Robert 6I, I6l, 254 Woods, Robby l4O, I6I, 238, 259 Woods, Thomas l6l Woody, Jerry I87 Woolen, Nancy I6l Workman, Jerry I87 Worley, Berry I87 Worley, Peggy I87 Worrhern. Sid l6I Wrighf, John I87 Wrigul, Leslie I6I Wrigul, Linda l6l ,. Y 7 Yadon, Palli I87 Yeager, Sreve I87 YEARBOOK 62, 63 Young, Bobby I87 Young, Tom I87 Youngberg. Mike I87 Yousey, Bill I87 ,,.Z .. Zink, Doug I6I Sla-Zin INDEX 287 EDITOR'S NOTE: I The school year I97O-7I has been a Time oT change Tor U.S. GranT sTudenTs. Bussing To a cIusTer school, and Taking parT in The eIecTion oT a new governor were boTh evenTs ThaT were aT issue To GranT sTudenTs. The General has Tried To Take a compIeTe Iook aT GranT sTu- denTs and The issues ThaT have been a parT oT Their life. The I97I General sTaTT has worked many hours To produce 67 copy blocks, IoO cuTIines, and 2349 picTures, Tour oT which are TuII color and Tour which are eTchings. The color has been changed-Trom The TradiTional redfgray every Three years To gold, wiTh black and brown leTTering. .My deepesT Thanks go To Mrs. Mary J. Sparks, our journalism sponsor: Mrs. Lu Car- rol, our represenTaTive Trom Taylor Publishing Companyq and Mr. Joe I-Iansen, RembrandT's phoTographer - Tor wiThouT Their help The I97I,GeneraI would s+iII be in The early sTages oT producTion. I would also like To Thank The sTudenT body and adminisTraTion - Tor your acTions are Those ThaT made The General. The IasT deadline is Tinished, my iob is done. I hope The I97I General has covered The evenTs ThaT were aT issue during The I97O-7I school year. I97I General STaTT: EDITOR ................. MANAGING EDITOR COPY .............. . . PI-IOTOGRAPI-IYQ. .. FACULTY ....... ORGANIZATIONS.. ACTIVITIES .... . SPORTS ... SENIOR CLASS .... JUNIOR CLASS .... SOPI-IOMORE CLASS Jeanne Yarberry . .Karen OuTIand ....i.Cindi I:enT Suzanne I-IarreII Susan Turnbow ...David McCaII ...Vicki Dowling Cindy KiTe E+heI McGowen ....Pam MaThis Debbie SmiTh . . . . . . . .Jenny Nerrle Linda LeTchworTh I'IoIIy I-I ughes' ......Ben Dodson John Willbanks David McCall . . . . .Debbie Hansen Teie Woodard PaT I-Ioskins, TirsT semesTer Debbie STinIey AniTa ArmsTrong Julia Chick RiTa STokes V Ilfimowo-' I V 288 EDITOR S NOTE , A lk DJ TUIIT M 4 1. - 'f'-fz--+--f.7lvv,4-f-- - - w-4-H --4--vw ww- ,.Y,7.-4, Y--nf-JlwIwulllllrn.n-.f.v.,., V ..,f.4pquuy..,.,T.., .. .,Y..,,,--., ,. , an-v-,V V . , - , . , , t . g ,V . , NQXSQBWN7 X A XQQSXSQ 59 SW 4 QQSSBYXBWQ HU flgf V, J 4 f MQMM K 4 f :W W yyjjfgf N fm XLGJN .Qty Q A JYGJXUW my 4 W Skfgflflff SQWW4 WNW 7150 MZM KQQWVR iw W! M qw fgiijifjd if fdvifj W3 My M AB W WZWRM VUL f wi aww W M www had WAW 1 figfidiy W ww M559 Nkcvndg, SVv .. . . do 4 kiqawamfw HW wfgmafmah WWW' lfndfeiworjm, rovgxfuchdmanv . ' v. 4 . 44 V . 4 f L fp ,,..4.. ,..L....,,.,4..,,M,,-...,g.f4...,,.,- . .,-At A . A -4- M - M ' , 4,, 4 1 4 4 - f f - - , - 4' Q

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