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w W E K E a 5 5 s 5 5 E Ei' 5 2 gi EN ii fa, 3 ii 5 5 x w x "1 N . X., Y' v 1 1 5 g ,Y . Q . .mg . , . ' 1 'P X fi 47 .1 22551 V ' 1 ' f - - f J X D 3 ,x xy, Q I ,,, 'F V ,ii X75 '+A 4 y V V C J 3 ' fx 'xg K. C if Pff N f g xy , ..u,., L , f XJ .3 'H ' Q, ' 5' f W, , X., Q A f. X- K. f x 152 I ,LflT,,'lX X 7 I Q f 'Y f f 1 2. c . w , X L ' f ' Q TNR Y, PSX, NXZX 2 fx-x ' 2' 4 LJ l 1, 'V ' xv X-f x , . ' X I - 1 ,N , f, .X rx I5 ,5j'k V K ' KL gfrf , N N f 4 I ,. x L .fl ' I, ., - V , X Ng 1 1' kj ' A 'f- f J 1' Q 9 f ,V NX. X -W X X 5, 1 V, V ., ' , h . K, . X 7 C. Ak xi ,C , I . X 1. X5 N, HJ X y J W A N, "fb x nm. .E X IX I 'TC 17 f 'Q f' Ai . U- ful 7 X I ' -Q? j X ' 2 C.. f' ' Q V ' J fC' f 'Eff . 5,1 5 , . x .,, N s 'Y rl N K., 'X N " L . X Q f -Q .r 1 , XXX. X L K TE y fy N U P , X H L' "1 K! N X 'ax X X 'M J '--Q-G fi ' fc iq SS, - XJ fb? .1 5 .B K 11, J . 5 4. . xx ' ' C- . , X? 1 L X 'fmt l F L -Nr' fx K. Uk 51 - 'R ., K 5 J H X., Y A J , I. x ,U . x rw . N ,wi ,je v W J ,NN 1 XXX I 1 Y I, f xx C K ,CA x -1 x x R A O' Af 5 5 Q 'N V if 7 A ANN NJ D V - V 1 sv W 1 1 . f L I 1 k 1, x , 'b yy' . xv., r K , I x 1 "XXX , , 1 NJ I Q 0 vb fg F x ' Y fflrxit X5 In ,,.. ix ,I H: A . , 'YN'- . ,J P .1 2 f,f - . 3, . I 'J , " X 1 ! ' 1 ,- I 'If , ,' 1 ,, ,,f . ff , 1 ' f 4 ,Lf I 1 P, V! W K: V! ,fr ' wi N. 3 f ,f i ,YQ ' 1 I V! I "-I V1 I 41 . If . , "lg ' - -93 , f , fi ', ' ' iff' ffl ' . I , ' HCM 1 I ff' ' ' If D T. f ' - 'f 1 f ' ' ffl. , f ? V 1 . 'll I g I X X. is ., 1 lx J I , ,ik f If 1, lf, , I vw 1 ,ffl ' -K I4 f. 1' W' . ' . . .ff ., f, ,111 'N ' 1 ' 4 X. f ' !,.,-,fy A , 'X ,f .fu f' gf ' 4' H I 'M Aff., I xy , -K, x h Aff, ,- H- Wg! f AM, v . 4 ,1 .Q ,px if , ,ff 4 K -7,25 --L ' lf' xr Adj f ,, xg, 5, Y . K: ' -9. V. ff ' f . ,,-, X D Z kljlfx 1 , N , QL A9 Q! ' X 1 'K y 7 . X, N-- Lg! Wu- ,.. . KZ V5 x X D , ,Qi -'-:Wm 1 , x " . A ... - .ff u , X N ,f . ' -Q ' 2 2 ,122 'X .1 .N f L 1 ,Y E x 7 5 I f 2 N' , -- ,,-, if f H f 51 fff J Q ? -a 13 J - . f 1 9 L if ff f Tm "7-'A'A'f7 ,"' , XXX KJ 'N 1 ,.: 7 N gfx 'N , i K. Xl K X M kk -,gj I -2 f ' I! 1 1 I N 'rl x-.,f--R 5 -4 E 7 . -+P ,, ff 1 2 ff . f f . 5 1... K N , ' I A R' N I 'I ' . . 5 .N W u fflx K 23 W 1 - 'f Wi ir gh! -Q .,, A A I - v ' , ,' ' 4 , r ' . ....- ef f N A v fi? ' vp 1 fa wan. 22'f 1' 29 fy ,f I 4 ' fx - A i mfg - . 1. X x f 1 1 . 1 X, A N x S , 1,7 X 1 I ., xl .i P r X Y .x bf nk 'I X J ' -V J" X1 A' 'Y'l!'4Qi. T' 'Si' K. 'lame l970 General Published by 'rhe Journalism lll Class U. S. Granl l-ligh School Oklahoma Cily, Oklahoma Volume XVll ,. Qfaiwsv if -...,,, .A Experiences accounied for Lying in our minds, Giving us a foundaiion For consiruciion of our lives W "W 1' 'Mx i' . 5 'i ' - f We-M f., f i ! 'WP-J AM x, Ex b 1 u 2 QA A 1.1 gi if-X- in ' ' j -ci' I T vii M, few! KH xiii Vg RQ N X X "'1N'-gg M 5-QR KB 'J X? K .V 4 IB is xv' ' NSR "is Ns 'K 'Y ki ' .Nr XY ' C XJ' Qi X . X I3 S X9 Q NPR 2 skgfifiixx xx X. Q V .. X t If X, N if-..L K .X Y QQ E Qg, xxx1!2 Qs K U Q fS W, UUA cdcf flu, in MSLW ff 'MLN 6191? my K54LwQ.,,QJgj CL A JWWL Ck MURQLC Cf' P-M35 SCG cf Cy MJCML ,ML ' kj ff ' f 5 M LQLCQ M I ,Mg I , 0012 lqvxf Ck Cxbeoxxg, L, , A .1 X 5 fs Q N M YVxCk Ck ?'f6Ck4v QQTQL-Q'sX9 QQICH TQCX al mu-X Cxko Lxcukg X545 gifs K x YU LQ :VX KX' R , b Q: , 2 X max Q xx. Nxcxk .Q S fiyyddfkghfgwzig, 3 aff " We, Generals, are involved. Moving wiih our surroundings i Being a par'r of colleciive hearing, seeing, Hwinking. i if 5u.7?2'4Zw'fi gi K R , 1 32 ' ,X s E H 2 Y L A X 5 ' AN x . mf X ff- . ' K 1 'X x i . x k. . N ix . N .Q " A A .f ,,f, 7 f' .y 1, f ,J L , , f 5 Individuals . . . being ourselveS Doing our own +hing Noi realizing our visions are our own idenfiiies. iii o igioif X fk 11 A 1 5 X A fo ,- .B 555, 1-as.. E 5 Q: f :Q : , 1 7 Z 1 ,EE E, A Q flip 'z 5 T ? ' ' ii M W' .:E Y M ' A 'fin iv QV 5' In If mia am. -UQ.. ,Y . 1 I If x ff?-.i.,, A ,V M , , L, Lmv, ,, Ek "" ' . . :'2:AWfa,.'4 , ' xt 1- L, , 1 : 'i ,I L ,F . - as t , M,3.,,.,,,, ' up ,iiifl - k I 1 ' N ww fl ,ff 3 I . !7Z7?6,!' " 1' 7 , A uri' yifkzf .ynfgv Jrlryfkfgf- W ' ff ' g.n,,, U43 fq ,,, - ,.-v , , , , " 5" ' " ZIV'-Z C ',.. f' f A74 'ff I if ,, if . A ,fi ll X I 44 if ff ,, ff -ff Qf , 5 "'4 ,V F97 7 K", 5 I4 n!,f?,f r X f X! Ziffflzvygg ' 2, i 5 ,,, C750 C, in M , A, dgfzfxfgvzjg f 1 '14 , C f f ,,..f3f',, X f 4-1 121-f J C X f , 'M '34, f 1?6,g? l 8 Expressions of joyisaclnessi Of Hwoughf, and disappoinimenfg Each face Jrelling a slrory-i All, signs of rejecfion or acceplrance ..... emo+ion X! I If 1' 4 by E .J K x Q X N K .5 fx ' v' 1 - 1 A J P . ,H V z Wx V XJ ., X Q Z 4 . f - ' 1 . .. N 5 Q X 1 CU ' N x I X .i 1 1 N J P w , , X I. ' Y -N 1' ,X 1 5? Z0 ,,, ,Y ,Y I U g , x ' s mm, E S.: , I a MMWWW I0 n ,, To be someone in everyday life A major need of all-- A universal--individual cry ..... A problem individuals face as humans I N X 1' - , w. fi ' , P ' i Q N .u r hi K Q V l ' f , , Searching for excilemenl or for goals Bolrh faking 'rime as well as skill. Each 'rrial a ca'ralys'r producing Jrhe refined, polished gem ' , 2' ' E' W' ' 2 I ,c if Q , 3 V of L , ,, , L- 12 W - 2 i -.4. E sr ' .. 1 if x X K X 0 .1- :+ 34, .6 n j . Q ull' J - 3 W4 , xi., wi-11:1-1-fvvinwffpf-.gQaQ+-u.f., ,Q V ,L 01 MM? XD FWF!!! V N0 INN JK PX kk S " Wff- '??"L7""A" Quai? Inman: If uszrigmatpon 6 1 21 1 ' f I l,f O I fs -4 'W , i 1 F gearning +o do by doing, Facing realiiy wiih fervor, Amiicipaiing +omorrow's challenges and opporlruniries To guide our lives as we go on and on Through 'rhe infiniiies of Jrime . . . ON . . . On . ..Of1...Of'l...Ol'1. Wg "'rY"'v9' Lf 7 ' ,, Qftfl QLLL , J I j X K! I v-..-fILC,J Lg C411 fm JL zum ag! 1 I ,. 1 ' A. 1 A I3 1 ,. f aa 3ff,f2U4f 5 LI ffwf f' 6 76' 573 CI XL! 44 C 7 L I LJ 4 , I 5 I ,711 1 . IKBZJQQQ 59 WQDZQUA' ,ici Cfu acc .Q5fZ3,LII4 Q 9 - Y VI 141, 7 Lf X xg ,I , ADMINISTRATION I I All who have medi+a'red on +he ari of governing mankind have been convinced Thai ine faie of empires depends on ine educaiion of youilw. Arisioile 'X EE North Cenfrol Associolion Evoluores Our School, I969 Reasoning abilify-public inleresl'-involvemenf wifh sfuclenfs-cledicafion-school spirif-Mr. C. W. Huffman. Whaf would fhe school be lilce wifhouf a principal, who is fruly inferesfecl in fhe "General Ideas." Mr. Huffman has been af our school for fwelve years now. Through fhese years he has be- come aware of fhe fhings fhaf malce a school in- feresfing, as well as eclucafional. Every seven years fhe Norfh Cenfral Accredifing Associafion evaluafes our school fo see il fhe facili- fies, curriculum and sfaff fill fhe reguiremenfs, sef up by colleges across fhe counfry. The commiffee complefed ifs evaluafion of our school November I7. ABOVE: Members of fhe Norfh Cenfral Evaluafion Commiffee compare nofes during a brief brealc from fheir evaluafion. RIGHT: Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Huffman enioy a quief evening in fheir home. ABOVE RIGHT: Evaluafion Commiffee malces fheir final reporfs affer fhe fwo days of fhorough invesfigafion of fhe school. BELOW RIGHT: Home life is of ufmosf imporfance fo Mr. C. W. Huffman as is shown by fhe enfire gafhering of his family in his home. Shown are Mr. Paul Eernald, Mr. C. W. Huffman, Mr. E. W. Keller. Mrs. Julia Fernald, Mrs. C. W. Huffman, Trey Eernald. Mrs. Marcia Keller, Rachelle Keller, and Tre-nf Keller. '97 'iii .W MX 2 5 E 5 . Q vdlvuf ' 415 ABOVE: Mr. Harold Meredilh poses proudly wifh his wife Gloria and children Duane. Joe and Jeanine. ABOVE RlGHT: Guiding his aide, Calhy Gilleland, in 'lyping The los? bool: lisl is Mr. Harold Meredifh. RIGHT: Mr. John Moore 'rallies fhe drop ouf lisf for fhe lirsf semesfer of school. FAR ABOVE RlGHT: Discussing The disciplinary problem wifh a concerned parenf is Mr. John Moore. EAR ABOVE RIGHT: Enjoying a game ol Easy Money wifh his family is Mr. John Moore. his wife Margrefe. and children Kalhy. Kennilh and Marlha. . . 9 1 i N - lf ? as . ,LA, so A ..,, l - , ,g,, 1 l ' m e Q 'li X i ' . 'E '- I ' . . Q ,.uy:9'Qs i N - if fi 9 Q W . . . . . Q S S v Qi . Q 1 s 1 '- 'D s,, o . 4 , a WWE' ,.g V n Q a ei 1 K, Q , -:'- ! Q ,, K f 5, L . ff ', ,ss,,,,1.,i i ' 3 'f7, J , 9 ., ' l 'P if iff : rl ' grin - Q Q 1 Students Hold An Admireiion For Two New Vice Principals Two new 'laces in lhe execulive deparlmenl lhis year are vice-principals, Mr. John lvloore, and lvlr. l-larold lvleredilh. lvlr. lvloore perlorms any disciplinary measures lhal are required. Calling on his pasl experience as a coun- selor and Teacher, he is capable ol lislening lo and dealing wilh sludenls' gripes. As sludenls soon discover, he is nor always a symbol ol correclion, bul ollen an underslanding adull, who is always willing lo "lend a shoulder." Mainlaining our high slandards ol inslruclional media qualily, is The responsibilily lvlr. l-larold lvleredilrh has adapled lo very elleclively. Along wilh numerous olher lime-consuming aclivilies, such as checlcing boys' hair lenglh, and "suggesling" lhey visil The barber, he spends many busy hours in developing and organizing a smoolh-running inlramural alhlelic program lor bolh boys and girls. We should have a greal deal ol admiralion lor These lwo meng nor only lor adapling lo lhese new and dil- lerenl posilions so ellicienlly, bul lor doing so much lo promole The General Spiri'l'. Boord Of Educolion Responsible For Quolily Educorron The Olclahoma Cily School Board has The responsi- bilily of seeing lhal all sludenls have an equal op- porlunily lo receive an educalion, lhal will enable lhem lo cope wilh lile and ils problems, loday and lomorrovv. Cooperaling vvilh olher eclucalional or- ganizalions, lhe school board members slrive lo lceep rhe democralic principles and slandards alive. Three men and lwo women counselors busy lhem- selves al The laslc oi scheduling classes for lhe enlire sludenl body. .Such mailers as girls whose dresses do noi comply wilh school policy, and boys, who need a haircul, are lreguenlly iouncl being cured al lhe counselors' offices. Advice on college enlrance reguiremenls, and lhe choice oi colleges, lo suil ones individual needs, is given lo inleresled iuniors and seniors. r ' llllll r l - ll, rr ' 1" lr, lvfwbw v""T ,lil llllll LEFT: Mrs. Francis Orren summons her aide 'ro deliver a hall pass io an unaware sfudenf for counseling. BELOW LEFT: Mr. Bob McCain and Mrs. Carol Foreman check a new sludenl' schedule for any possible change. BELOW: Helping The new boys counselor. Mr. Jim Whiflingfon, wifh lhe many changes in schedules is Mr. Ernesl' Buclchold. ABOVE FAR LEFT: Superinlendenf of Oklahoma Ciiy Schools. Dr. Bill Lillard. FAR ABOVE LEFT: Dr. Bill Lillard holds press conference wifh high school iournalisfs. FAR BELOW LEFT: Oklahoma Cily Board ol Educalion rnem- bers are sfanding: Dr, Virgil Hill. Dr. Sfanley Niles Mr. Fosler Esles sealed: Mr. William Lofl, Mr. Melvin Rogers. . . 4 ..... . B W Frequent Absences lnvestiguted By Attendance Clerks The attendance clerlis, Mrs. Barbara Mize, Mrs. Lois Cloudis, and Mrs. Betty Cook, could be excellent in- vestigators, or so is said by many students. These women are responsible tor admitting late-coming stu- dents to class, and recording the reason tor tardiness. Students are seen waiting in line, as they explain their need to checlc in or out, and otten times are seen calling their parents to Verity their stories ot woe. Many telephone calls come to the school con- cerning the absence ot students, and it is the secre- taries iob to sort out the calls as "tor real" or phony." A visit with Mr. John Moore is necessary at times when records show that a student has been absent too treguently. FAR LEFT: Mrs. Peggy Campbell is found busily working on fhe senior franscripfs for fheir college records. BELOW FAR LEFT: Mrs. Opal Hampfon fakes an appoinfmenf wifh a parenf. abouf fheir child's frequenf farcliness for Mrs. C. W. Huffman. BELOW FELT: Checking fhe roll before fhe l-lisfory class begins a film, is Mrs. Jean Newberry. ABOVE LEFT: Making fhe final check on money balances is financial secrefary. Mrs. Helen Baker, BELOW CENTER LEFT: Mrs. Beffy Cook sends one of fhe office aids fo deliver an office call slip. BELOW: Typing fhe absenfee lisf, is a daily dufy of Mrs. Lois Clowdis. BOTTOM LEFT: Mrs. Barbara Mize sends a message fo check sfudenf's aclmiffance slip againsf her records. x,,.-- Librarians Spend long Hours Developing New Visual Aids Mrs. Mildred PaTTerson, head librarian, Mrs. Galen Calhoun, clerlc, and Mrs. Ann Turner, assisTanT librarian, are spending long hours in developing a new area in visual aids in our library. Mrs. PaTTerson explained The Trend by saying, "lT's been our experience ThaT all sTudenTs do noT learn by reading. Visual aids such as Tilm sTrips, slides, and charTs will perhaps assisT Those who can'T." The P.T.S.A. conducTed a bake sale aT Open l-louse To help raise money Tor Tour scholarships ThaT are To be awarded To deserving sTudenTs. This organizaTion is always searching Tor ways To assisT needy sTudenTs and one media is The STudenTs' Aid Program. The pur- pose oT P.T.S.A.? To promoTe beTTer undersTanding beTween parenTs, Teachers and The sTudenTs. ABOVE: P.T,S.A. members Mrs. Calvin Floyd, Mrs. Phillip GaiTher, Mrs. Lovell OversTreeT, Mrs. Paul NovaTny, and Mrs. J. L. McEuen plan The Open T-louse acTiviTies as The daTe draws near. LEFT: Mrs. Virgil Jones, Mrs. RoberT l-lamilTon and Dr. M. W. Clarlc discuss P.T.S.A. membership goals wiTh Miss lda CarTer and Mr. C. W. l-luTTman. ABOVE LEFT: Presiding over The meeTing Mrs. C. E. Jordan Tries To explain The conTlicT oT parenT, sTudenT, and Teacher relaTions. FAR ABOVE LEFT: Mrs. Ann Turner wriTes ouT boolc noTices while head librarian Mrs. Mildred PaTTerson shows Mrs. Evelyn Phillips a passage in a reference boolc. CENTER LEFT: Mrs. Norman Walker, Mrs, Phillip OaiTher, and Mrs. Ralph Langwell go over The re-ceipTs and balances ol: The P.T.S.A. Tunds. FAR LEFT: Mrs. Galen Calhoun helps To prepare a sophomore English sTudenT by running oTT a magazine arTicle on The Xerox machine. Jaxx .. 1 :gf I gf f ff 42 , . -.. .. - - lr- ,- . .. 1,-ffm f 0. I ..,, .. ',4t"va.a, 252 5,1 1L,,,, I , :Z 'Q V ABOVE: The siluafion is reversed as Mrs, Bea Bradley RN. gels her Iemperarure Iaken by Sandra Baldwin. FAR ABOVE: Cafeleria srall consisls ol, Mrs. Ella Rose, Mrs. Flossie Manuel, Mrs. Donna Grooms. Mrs. Rulh Weed, Mrs. Rulh Penry, Mrs. Georgia Nolan, Mrs. Wilma Bowen, Mrs. Frances Barker, Mrs. Leila Jackson. Mrs. Edna Dorsey. Mrs. Carol Williams, Mrs. Vivian West Mrs. Mary I-Iulchinson, Mrs. Mable Wright Mrs. Lona Newman. Mrs. Rose Ford. Mrs. Ollie Sullle, Mrs. Fern Benneil. RIGI-IT: I-lead Cuslodian, Mr. A. U. Skaggs, relaxes from 'Iedious cusrodial Iasks ro read Ihe daily paper. FAR ABOVE RIGI-IT: Checking on daily record receipls To make sure They balance is Mrs. Fern Benneir, Calereria Manager. CENTER RIGHT: Awair- ing rhe end of The lunch periods ro clean Ihe parking Iols is Mr, I-Ierrnan Whaley. Mr. Cecil Punneo, and Mr. Bob Birchfield. FAR RIGI-IT: Mr. Lloyd Easlep. Mr. A. U. Skaggs and Mr. G. L. Gran? are fixing a broken lock on one of Ihe classroom doors. 'B'-I . .1 ' ,few 4 f W gif-if ,f . ., .f-,fs sc .fs -3 ' mg' fr -N 1 Q SK 'W ' W fe: ' r Aw ' . ...a,s. ...... X. .. ,Lf"' 2 f 5 .,,, M Amen rw 4 "' ww sans Puma 5522- wa xnSXawT1omw.S 'Tj' A - fi . -X ' Q qv, W' in . Y NSY'- ar A A v- -, K' 1 - np if I - A uwianiciiaiga-. saving f-...W W... www I . -4 .m ,lout-H-" VT-ki s wie xsuxrw iyg Nurse Brudley Administers First Aide To Miner Mishups Miss Bea Bradley, The schoo nurse adminisTers TirsT aide To sTudenTs wiTh such Tragic physical mishaps as scrapes, cuTs, and skinned knees. STudenTs musT go To The clinic and call Their parenTs beTore checking ouT oT school due To illness. OTTen, a brieT resT in The clinic will make a sTudenT Teel well enough To sTay aT school Tor The remainder oT The day. The ladies who "man" The caTeTeria arrive aT school early each morning and begin preparing lunches. The work seems never-ending aT Times, Tor when one lunch hour is served and ouT oT The way, anoTher OT The Three is sTanding in line. The cusTodians are an aide To The enTire sTudenT body. Besides keeping The building and grounds clean, They unlock doors Tor TorgeTTul sTuclenTs To claim osT possessions. Q35 s Q W - is X Q ... . A X ir . ' . Y,,. f is X r"'ii 5,222 54' ABOVE LEP-I: Mrs. Nelela Veazey fields queslions about verb usaqe from her class. ABOVE RIGHT: Aller checkinq role the day before sprinq break, Mrs. Hazel Coz surprisingly linds lhal her class is lull. ABOVE FAR LEFT: Checking over lhe vocabulary words is Miss Penni Ellis. TOP ABOVE: Poinlinq oul fhe noisy seciion of lhe class room is Mrs. Lucy Hollowell, ABOVE TOP RIGHT: Comparing 'rhe daily schedule lor lheir senior English classes. are Mr. Gary Wafson and Mrs. Chrisfine Bauqh, co-chairman and chairman of The English Deparlmenl. RlGHT: Discussing some of lhe numerous rnislakes. lhal his sludenls make, in diaqraming sen- lences is Mr. Ralph King. 'ai Creative Thought Inspired By Discussion Ot Literature "You all lcnow the story ot ...," is a common sentence uttered by Mr. Gary Watson, senior English teacher, as his students listen wonderingly, with their iawsidropped to the tloor, in question. Many seniors wish they had studied more about English Literature, when they tind themselves discussing the "classics" ot Macbeth, and other related plays. Mrs. Christine Baugh's senior English classes are assigned term papers which are composed ot many hours ot research and creative thought. Juniors in Miss Penni Ellis' classes encounter modern poetry in music as they listen to albums by Rod Serling. Attempting to tind hidden meaning proves to be quite ditticult, when the subiect matter ot Serling's album is a "cat " 'Great Books discussion group deals with problems plaguing people since the beginning ot time. The issues to be discussed are talcen 'from classical literature and provide a challenge as students relate yesterday's troubles today and tomorrow. English Strives For New LiTerciTure Enioymeni To enlighTen sTudenTs beyond The everyday grind oT Things seems To be a major obiecTive oT The English DeparTmenT. ln lvlr. C. D. Chase's classes, sTudenTs are inTroduced To poeTry, shorT sTories and scripTures Trom The Bible. in addiTion To vocabulary and grammar. American LiTeraTure dominaTes The class oT lvlrs. Peggy PiTT. Juniors sTudy The oTher side oT hisTory ThaT wenT hand-in-hand wiTh The lives oT hisTorical Tiguresg ThaT oT liTeraTure. The sTudy oT iTs developmenT Through such men as PaTrick l-lenry, Thomas JeTTerson, and Beniamin Eranklin gives IiTeraTure a new lighT. Seniors are prepared Tor sTudies To be encounTered in college. They are given background in English LiTera- Ture beginning wiTh early Greek Tragedy such as AnTi- gone and advance onward To modern European plays wiTh The Sea Gull. Xf ff xf S so b ABOVE: Mr. Searcy Barneif answers a few ques+ions abouf grammar for fhese baffled boys. ABOVEIRIQHT: Foin'ring ou? some of The parfs of speech is Mrs. Judy Bowlby. ABOVE CENTER LEFT: Mrs. Peggy Puff funds Thai' making an inferesiing bulleiin board is a pleasure for her srudenfs. CENTER LEFT: Mr. C. D. Chase enioys 'The experiences of reaching sophomore English. FAR LEFT: Conferring wifh one of her English sfuden+s is Mrs. Edna Myaif. Drama, languages, Publications Add Interest "Do you kids realize we have only two weeks Iett?" This plea is shouted constantly in Drama by Mrs. Jane Thompson as contest time draws near tor the "Scare- crow." This year rehearsals tor plays and practice tor speech contest began early as regional and state com- petition drew near. The advanced French classes broke trom the routine by visiting Stillwater, Oklahoma, to see a play presented by an all-French touring company. The Latin classes tind their entertainment in a ditterent way. They study such stories as Peanuts, and Superman, and then settle down to more serious study in the "Nature ot Atoms." The busiest department in the school is that ot Publications. Newspaper statts meet deadlines every two weeks whereas yearbook strives to beat their deadlines every tew months. A lot ot hard work is in- volved in producing an excellent newspaper and year- book. The students realize this and keep on trying, tor they want their publications to be the best today, and tomorrow. ABOVE: Mrs. Jayne Thompson and Miss Jo Ann Hunt are having a triendly discussion on whose turn it is to use Barbara Bowman tor contest. ABOVE RIGHT: Mrs. Mary J. Sparks sorts evaluation accreditation ma- terial. RIGHT: Latin students learn through associating words with pic- tures. Here Mrs. Brenda Sandler is aided by "Peanuts" cartoon characters. CENTER RIGHT: Mrs. Morene Long describes techniques ot the Elizabethan period to her Arts and Cratts class. ABOVE FAR RIGHT: Explaining Spanish conjugation to Amila Jacks, Mr. Altonso Moniaras provides better understanding. EAR RIGHT: Karen Bradley is shown by Mrs. Marge Hum- phrey to attach a clasp to the back ot a pendant. ABOVE CENTER RIGHT: Mrs. Loretta Cavin eagerly awaits the attention ot her class to discuss verb coniugation. 'f"H'4s1T' e. 5' K and' as so F vu L,,,1V:, family ight?fyhnwffiwiki1'y'.:2,.Q'f A ,. ,,.,, , 'ff - .- . Aff - -W ABOVE: One OT Mr. Jerry RicIcerTs many duTies is giving The announcemenTs. ABOVE RIGI'-IT: Chris Laduson and Donna Copeland veriTy hisToricaI TacTs wiTh Mrs. Adele Jackson. RIGHT: Looking aTTen- Tiyely aT Sociology films is Mr. L. D. HosTeTTer. CEN- TER RIGHT: Mr. Vernon Pierce geTs a laugh ouT of his Psychology class. EAR RIGHT: Mr. Don MeTheny explains ciyil war Time views oT The conTederaTes during his hisTory class. ABOVE CEN- TER RIGI-IT: Mr. I-Iarold Crosley Tinds humor in one of his Tall Tales OT U.S. I'IisTory. RN :4 History Classes Work To Show Unpolished Fcrcls Taking noles, walching 'l.V. and sludying lor lesls are daily occurrences in American l-lislory classes, bul nol lhe lhinqs which are remembered. The hislory ol lhe Uniled Slalesg lhe inleresling lacls ol lhe lives ol greal and small Americans is whal lhe sludenls learn and recall allerward. The leachers allempl lo presenl hislory as il really look place, wilhoul lhe polish and haze acquired by lhe passage ol lime. Slu- denls do lind lhemselves laking a role in lhe pasl some- limes, which does make lhe course more exciling. Government Classes Set Up "Mock Legislature" World History is another class that deals with things past and present but on a wider scope, This course pro- vides the student with the opportunity to explore and better understand the dealings ot his complex world. During tirst semester the students in Mrs. Jeanne Rippee's government classes learn the "how" about government procedure. Then in second semester, they torm a "mock legislature" to gain tirst hand knowledge about the duties and responsibilities ot the voter and the governing body. The Sociology and Psychology classes are greatly beneticial to seniors about to enter a new and strange' world. Students discuss and view tilms on such contro- versial subiects as teenage marriages, preiudice and social disease. Relating to others and attempting to understand human problems are vital lessons to citizens ot tomorrow. . 1 Q 1 f ll ' 1 fer , .. , s . s sgi gys . :ss is V 3 -- s fx 554 ABOVE: Mr. Don Archer waiches over his class as They discuss Their his+ory lesson, EAR ABOVE: Lecfurinq his World Hisfory class is Mr. Charles Carpenter. ABOVE CENTER LEFT: Showing films is a pari of Mr. Reber? Wooderfs U.S. Hisfory class dufies. CENTER LEFT: Giving noles on menlal illness, Mr. Gary Walker prepares his psychology class for afesl. ABOVE LEFT: Mrs.Jeanne Rippee commenls on a healed debale in fhe mock legislalure. LEFT: Discussing The proper "wood" To use for a drive are Mr. Jim Owens and Mr. Jack Everharf. Intent Moth Students Search For Solutions To be understanding in all things, to be a willing teacher at all times, ano to encourage others in all situations are the uplifting taslcs of Mrs. Pauline Novey and the special education program. The students are given tests to determine the grade level to which they have progressed and could be taught. Then they are guided at a checlced pace to insure sound and effective training. lvlath classes are found having heated discussions at times when one of the students does not agree with one of the theorems or formulas that the teacher has pre- sented. The statement, "Oh, now l understand," has been heard a hundred times if not more. Mrs. l-lelen Ray's Math Analysis course provides the opportunity for math-interested students to get much of the back- ground and understanding of the mathematics world that they will use in college and the future. ,cg-A, f slr . lui BELOW: Smiling approvinqly as her Geomelry class works wilh lheorems, is Mrs. Francis Mills. FAR BELOW: Mrs. Pauline Novey looks over her pupils as They wrile slories. LEFT: Mr. Keilh Wilson ralces up lhe daily homework. ABOVE CENTER LEFT: Mr. Bob Powell realizes lhe humorous mislakes as he grades papers. CENTER LEFT: Reading aloud homework answers is Mr. John l-lill. LOWER CENTER LEFT: Mrs. Olela Lansdowne demonsrrares malhemarical problems 'ro Kalhy l-ludler. FAR LEFT: Giving 'the answers lo rhe semesler lesl' is Mrs. Helen Ray. Business Courses Give Students "Jump" On Jobs Learning To adapT Themselves To Today's complex business world and iTs many problems are The advan- Tages gained by business sTudenTs. In Business Law and Economics, They are TaughT The TundamenTals oT con- TracTs and The righTs oT minors. BudgeTing, liTe insur- ance deTails, income Tax Torms and adverTising eTTecTs are subiecTs explored in Consumer Economics. STudenTs are Tamiliarized wiTh The operaTion oT The laTesT ma- chines used in business oTTices and Tirms. Mr. Al Fuller's bookkeeping classes learn To wriTe checlcs and lceep oTTicial records in addiTion To deposiTing checks and wiThdrawing money. .ShorThand and Typing enable The sTudenTs To esTab- lish a TasTer means oT communicaTion To aid Them in Their business in The TuTure. BELOW: Locking up affer a heclic morning al ihe sfudenf siore is Mr. Al Fuller. FAR BELOW: Erasing The problems pu? on rhe board by his bookkeeping class is Mr. Roberl' Anderson. LEFT: Mrs. Doroihy Dean, Mrs. Ann Condren, and Mrs. Kafherine Smifh are caughf in lhe lounge during fheir planning periods. BELOW LEFT: Mr. Valiean Wheeler checks fhe sporfs secfion and discusses if wifh David Roberfs. TOP CENTER LEFT: Taking a few spare minufes ou? of iheir fime +o dis- cuss new fyping Techniques are Mrs. June Welling and Mrs. Reine Pendlefon. FAR LEFT: Mr. Michael Barlow Thinks over +he homework assignmeni fhaf he issued. BELOW CENIER LEFT: Explaining +he new-design of window display is Mr. Roy Pefers. -Lk BELOW: Answering some of +he mysferious queslions abouf IDIOIOQY is MISS Ida Carfer. ABOVE RIGHT: Mr. Dewey S. Mc- Cellan poinls oul informafive sfalislics Ioihis Biology class. CENTER RIGHT: The sulfur mixfure, Mrs. Janice ScoH com- bines. leaves anylhing buf pleasanf odors. CENTER RIGHT: Mr. Ronald Cable Iisfens quesfionably 'Io one of his sludemvs slalemenls. FAR ABOVE RIGHT: Pondering over some of 'Ihe Physics Iheories is Mr. Severlan Vaughn. FAR CENTER RIGHT: Mr. Craig Miller answers some puzzling queslions aboul Chem- isfry for Sfan Genfry. FAR RIGHT: James Reed aflempls Io solve his problem wifh 'Ihe aid of Mr. Cliffon Ogle. Science Students Find Experiments Fascinating Anyone who walics into the Biology classes this year becomes entangled in the world ot plant division. The students become devoted guardians to the planerea that they section into parts, as they checlc them daily tor growth, bacteria, and other basic characteristics. The dangers ot cigarette smolcing, evolution ot men, and animal classitications are some ot the other subiects the classes delve into. Chemistry classes are often seen in the labs worlcing with a "guess what solution l am" chemical. The acidity ot certain bases is common tallc between the bewildered students, striving tor a good grade. Lecture notes are lcept in a notebook tor tuture use and tor test reference which Mr. Craig Miller and Mr. Clitton Ogle seem al- ways taithtul about giving. The students trom both classes are eligible to enter proiects in the science tair. Mr. Ogle gives his classes ten per cent ot their grade -as extra credit tor partici- pating in the tair. The science seminar class studies organic chemistry and usually enters projects dealing with such. ' ' we f ,145 tit' 'ict' i I . . .' ' I Safety Practices A Must For Drivers Education A unique type ot student is usually enrolled in Drivers Education: one who is excited about "tinally being able to drive." Mr. Earnest Daniel's classes are tound in the classrooms, and in cars, actually out on the road. Many tilms on highway satety appear on the screen in the classroom and do an excellent iob ot encouraging the students to drive detensively. Another ot the tavorite classes is Foods. Mrs. Treva Balcer's classes are lcnown throughout the school by hungry triends who wish to sample the cooking. ln- directly related to the Foods classes are the Clothing classes. The girls sew many ot the clothes that they wear to school and in doing so cause other girls to envy their wardrobe. Both ot these classes, Foods and Clothing, aid the "tuture homemalcers" in being ready tor tomorrow. BELOW:Thinking aboulall oflhe fuiure drivers he is 'leaching is Mr. Jim Owens. FAR BELOW: Mr. Herman Williams affaches The drivers edu' calion sign io The car. LEFT: Mr. Ernesi' Daniels assures Debbie Heron fha? she is only driving a Driver Trainer. ABOVE CENTER LEFT: Zelda Genfry makes sure rhar her cookies will +urn oui delicious wifh The help of Mrs. Treva Baker. LOWER CENTER LEFT: Checking To see if fhere are any flaws in 'The maferial is Mrs. Francis Finley. FAR LEFT: All involved in ihe Grani vs. Del Ciiy iooiball game is Mrs. Carol Rains. ABOVE: Mr. Orville Looney malces sure 'rlnal' everyllwing ig pul baclc in i+s place in 'llwe engine. RlGHT: Giv- ing a 'resl' on flue muscles of 'rhe head is Mrs. Grefa Emanuel. ABOVE CENTER RIGHT: Mr. Bob Williams checks over plans for an elecfric col'- feemaker. BELOW CENTER RIGHT: Mr, Olfo Morse checks over The slu- denfs welding proiecls. FAR RIGHT: Mr. David Morava prepares bodies, fenders and engines. Vocational Training Enhances Job Proficiency 3 II y T ii? is yy OT 1 T Q Q? , iv . ,ji is - T is T r -:gig 1 r L--uso, ' S ,J ceffif --vi", A rvqq. .1 1- vflvv V 1 ? The VocaTional EducaTion oTTered aT school This year is ouTsTanding indeed. Lilce many oT The oTher courses oTTered To sTudenTs, These aim Toward pre- paring The pupils Tor Their TuTure bread-winning em- ploymenT. AuTo Mechanics and Body and Fender Teach The boys iusT abouT everyThing They need To lcnow abouT operaTing and Tixing Their vehicles or repairing The painT iob, eTc. Mr. David lvlorava's classes Tind en- ioymenT aT Times in giving The cars a new coaT oT painT, and someTimes even in painTing each oTher. CosmeTology's goals are quiTe diTTerenT Trom any oT The oTher VocaTional subiecTs. The girls are quiTe care- Tul as They produce a new hairdo Tor Their paTrons. Around prom Time. all oT The girls become very busy as appoinTmenTs come in Trom righT and leTT. The worlc is Tedious and complex aT Times lauT The girls are enThused when iT is compleTed Tor each new hair sTyle adds To The hours Toward Their STaTe Board ExaminaTion. T F 50 All-State Choir And Nlr. Bollew Synonymous One oT The mosT acTive deparTmenTs This year is ThaT oT music. TryouTs began very early in The year Tor The musical, "RuTh." lT was presenTed by a parTial alumni casT during The monTh oT OcTober, Then be- cause oT iTs populariTy, Two exTra perTormances were given aT Thanksgiving. During The second week oT November, TryouTs were held Tor The All-STaTe Choir. The choir parTicipaTed in disTricT and sTaTe conTesTs laTer in The year. During The ChrisTmas l"Toliday, The choir perTormed aT Shephard Mall To enTerTain shop- pers, and la+er appeared on WKY Television sTaTion. To Train sTudenTs To care Tor Their bodies as well as Their minds is The iob oT The gym classes. STudenTs are required To exercise and shower daily To equip Themselves Tor a healThy liTe. STudenTs in Miss Lois Sughru's girl's gym class are TaughT To sTrive and worlc TogeTher in The Team sporTs oT Table Tennis, badminTon, volleyball, baslceTball, and baseball. ABOVE: Mr. Ballew prepares his sTudenTs Tor The musical "RuTh." FAR ABOVE: Mr. Don Todd Tries To geT a look aT The scoreboard beTore The band goes ouT on The Tield. TOP LEFT: Mr. Virgil Milliron, boys gym insTrucTor and head wresTling coach pauses beTore enTering The coaches oTTice. MIDDLE LEFT: Miss Lois Sughru seems surprised along wiTh Mr. Harold MerediTh as They waTch The acTion on The TooTball Tield. BELOW LEFT: Mr. Thomas Erwin insTrucTs his gym class To "climb The mounTain." su... Hammers, Saws, Presses Add Industrial Skills Mr. George Ross and Mr. Jim Thompson sTarT early in Their lndusTrial ArTs classes To provide woodwork, phoTography and prinTing Tor The school. The wood- worlc classes made boolcshelves Tor The resTrooms and The prinTing classes prinTed many posTers, boolcleTs and oTher helpTul maTerials in an eTTorT To aid The school organizaTions. "IT any classes are a sighT To see, iT is The Technical EducaTion classes Tor sure," sTaTes lvlr. Ross. Many draTTs areidrawn Tor The "dreamhouses" oT The boys. Some oT The guys Tind, when lvlr. RoberT STeele checlcs Their plans Tor a grade, ThaT Their houses would Tall iT acrually builT. Perhaps This is due To speedy planning. lvlr. KeiTh Dowdell and his sTudenTs are seen rushing around The building Tairly oTTen as They run To rescue some oT The Teachers Trom mechanical diTTiculTy in The school's audio visual machines. The sTudenTs are Trained To run all oT The eguipmenT used in The class- rooms and are always available To operaTe The pro- iecTors and slide machines if needed. ,f ABOVE: Audio visual insfruclor, Mr. Keilh Dowdell shows how 'ro operale a felevision camera. ABOVE LEFT: Mr. Larry Hull demonsirafes 'rhe use of a slide rule To his elecironics class. BELOW LEFT: Mr. Roberf Sfeele, draffing and designing insfrucfor, poinis ouf 'rhe mefhods used in planning a house. FAR ABOVE LEFT: Demonslraling The proper way 'lo sand is Mr. George Ross. FAR BELOW LEFT: Checking +he film before he makes ihe prinfs is Mr. Jim Thompson. .J - V+. -ig pw--.M ,K ,,,,,a-lnhm iff fr ". 1 in ff' -A 'M - if" .- Fear no+ lhaf Thy life shall come To an end, buf ralher fear Jrhal if shall never have a beginning . J. H. Newman 1 56 Living day by clay Each in our own Jrurmoil Encourderinq all aspecfs of life ..... Gaining wisdom from involvemenf. lllilfwuhiii I fa -qi- ,4 ff if X. M Fr wf,?,a f Wwfi, QM M ,Nj my W Y,,j .3gW , V X V, wx' M-H ww xterm I ,fH'gj,Ci3?+1 ' xzwmm X 1:4-uw-ff Q: -'15 i 5 , Eg ,Q K -. gf , Hu- X ,sau 11 I YJ sb 'V 'I Q TV, H Y ,gp ,ef ,M fi ' ' M K ,, YKW IW' xiii ' nm , X9 m',4,'A'I . ., ., 1 Y f t,g Kia 1 qi 5 ,Q , ,ff ,, v Li ' K -Va, 7, Adwi I , fs W H- .WA M , ' N' nf",- i , 1 . "' 'W I" N- 2 If MW wr' by .lL7'1'f'lf'i'f'w-H-'Af' W -wk. 5 ,gf 'W HFS' " V ff? E 'gg ' , 1 -W my "Y m?f,.'i,,, ,QQ W Ja?" m,Wv'4 WWA ' K 4.455 W 1 www ,lg-f5,fJ-WW'YW-f42"'i"iw ' K 5? , Wy, 'WE4 'ya-K, . ,wh 4 mf W ww. '11 x -'W 1-Wd' yw: 'F Mrs ff fiwlil. de, ' he 2 . - an 'Er K iff ' if " fiffw . ,A 'kia V, M " A 32 A , 'Ask . Eiga '23 N. M 5 ww, ,UL s .iw if ff me Y LW Q-al? L Mf- LA , -1 V 5 win JE X Q NL Q 1 s ' am ff al ff? vwy.. ,y Compeiilion as well as coopera+ion Combining groups 'ro make one ..... Working ai our own rale ..... Through seasons, fun, and classes Siriving io clo our loesi, All of us. Always changing, advancing: moving ahead Our ciiy, as well as ourselves, Coniinues To grow, Wiin Urban Renewal, air iravel, ETC, ETC, ETC, e'rc, e+c ..... sw , W.,,,i,am,, Q ww My wi... 1, fu ii QI ig? W .ui , ,si all Q, , Q 44 fir as h igff 'I 'L if 13 nw. M... we ,gum S 9. f W' Q wi K 'I T, ,gg 5 W 59' VM! 45""' ,W 1 ,E t , ' ev elf? Pi: , A i a W4 N- N Q Lliim' , w , .1 ,',jm3,af,-1+m3w3qr ,yw ' g A A . W' , 2 1- 'wgmi ' ,,,,, , , 1f?Ym4w5:,m5?wfJ9i4'E',VfX'Xyfs1. , Til? One slrep for man buf a greaf leap for mankmdf' Neil Armsfrong CLUBS 'Q Never one Hning and seldom one person can make for a success. H fakes a numloer of Them merging info one perfed whole. Marie Dresseer .nl Tlwe Red Cross members. sealed are from lelf To riqlwl: Barbara Woodall, Darla Cozarslcy, Pele Rushing, Viclor Miller, Virginia Slaplelon. Linda Shorll. Sponsor, Mr. Gary Walker, William William, Barbara Hallmark. Billie Risenhoover and Caflwy Davis. Slanding are Secrelary. Ramona Ross, Chaplain, Carol Leird, Treasurer, David Ruyle. and President Gary Sperling. DN-41, I 'I I -Q 'ww ll Q E lll K . 11" T - l of s '. is 1iQ i X . is 1,- ! LQ K W ... -, lEFT: Carol Leird, Billie Risenhoover, Kalhy Davis. Virginia Slaplelon. and William Wilham are preparing Chrislmas candles 'ro be dislribuled o nursing homes and hospilals. ABOVE: Ramona Ross, Linda Shorlf, ind Pele Rushing discuss wilh Nurse, Mrs. Bradley. some requiremenls lo be a Red Cross helper. RIGHT: Red Cross Sponsor, Mr. Gary Nallcer, surveys lhe calendar ol evenls for Red Cross wilh Treasurer, David Ruyle and President Gary Sperling. Hospitals, Nursing Homes Aided By Community Service Our Red Cross changed ils name lhis year lo "Com- munily Services." Now, ii is able lo help such agencies as Uniled Cerebral Palsy, hospilals and nursing homes. The change was made Through Sludenl Council. Pencil holders and waslepaper baslcels are made by club members and sold lo raise money lor Chrislmas proiecls. Candles are given lo hospilals and nursing homes as Chrislmas giils. Decoralions, made by mem- bers, are given lo churches lo help promole lhe X-mas spiril. Bringing an end lo all of l'he holiday preparalions, Communily Service held a Chrislmas pariy ai lhe school wilh caroling allerwards. Counly Council ol Red Cross is held once a monlh al lhe counly headquarlers. Al lhese meelings 'rhe members ol Red Cross from The counly plan proiecls which aid such crisis areas as flood viclims and soldiers serving in Viel Nam. no Noi ENTER l Members of llne Safely Council are from lell lo rigid: Tom Nix, Ricky Hood. Glynn Simms. Greg Mooney, Barry Oliver. Nancy Niles. Andrea Main. and Chip Eeds. Safely Council Perlecls The Fire Drill Routes "Oh no, I mighl burn up!" "l-lelp, help, my books may be deslroyedl" These are only a few of lhe many humorous remarks made during lhe fire drills. Whal would lhe slu- denls say il lhe school really was burning? The Safely Council, which plans lhe roule of exil for fire drills, also sludies lhe alliludes of lhe sludenls during lhe drills. Maps are made for every room in lhe building, showing lhe deparlure roule for lhe sludenls and facully. Safely Council members parlicipale in lhe lelevised safely conlesl lo win recognilion for lhe school. These conlesls and olhers like lhem help publicize lhe need for caulion and safely measures. The problem of sludenls speeding in lhe parking lols is a big concern of lhe Safely Council. Also lhey work on prevenlive measures for pedeslrian and car accidenls. Mr. l-lerman Williams, drivers educalion leacher spon- sors lhe club. l-le and lhe members boosl "daily caulion." FAR LEFT: Members ol lhe Safely Council make a lour ol lhe school grounds, checking lor safely improvmenls. FAR LOWER LEFT: Glynn Simms demonslrales lhe new over-lhe-shoulder seal bells lo Tom Nix aller one ol lheir weekly meelings in which lhey discuss road safely. LEFT: Greg Mooney. presidenl l l h ol lhe club, inslrucls Ricky Hood in lhe proper use ol lhe ire ex inguis er. ABOVE: Nancy Niles and Chip Eeds are shown painling lhe crosswalks, one of Safely Council's proiecls lor lhe year. ABOVE: Mr. Jerry Rickerls, Sfudenf Council Sponsor. fakes the floor during a Siucleni Council meeling +o offer a helpful suqgesfion. UPPER RIGHT: Mr. Huiiman meeis represenfafiyes from Inler-Cify schools during Sfudenf Coun- cil Visifalion Day. EXTREME RIGHT: Senior Paliy Keller as- sisis Debbie Lewis and her deleqale in gefling reiresh- menls during Vishalion Day. FAR RIGHT: Foreign Ex- change siudenf, Yasmin Merican, adds The finishing Touches fo ihe Uriled Appeal ihemomeier which symbolizes furiher achievemenis for Grani. RIGHT: Sfudenl Council Sponsor. Mr, Jerry Riclcerls. and Syndy Evans, Vice President are on Their way 'Io reqisier af Conveniion in Ponca Ciiy. "Will everyone please stand Tor The Pledge oT Allegiance and remain sTanding Tor The devoTional?" Thus begins a Typical STudenT Council meeTing on an early Wednesday morning beTore school. The words are Those oT Debi Bynum, president, who conducTs The club meetings. The club's goal is To bring The wishes oT The sTu- denTs closer To The ears oT The adminisTraTion. This is accomplished by homeroom suggesTions ThaT are brought To The meetings Through represenTaTives, dis- cussed and Taken To the proper quarters Tor action. To welcome new Teachers and generally sTarT Things oTT on a good Toot are The reasons Tor The shiny apples ThaT are presented To each Teacher aT The beginning oT The school year. This "kind gesTure" is an example oT The sneaky Things STudenT Council members do, To Talce The Teachers ouT. l-lowdy Weelc is an annual acTiviTy sponsored by The council. STudenTs are urged To be parTicularly Triendly To new sophomores and are given "howdy Tags" To remind Them. David Newell and Dana Siegle were crowned Mr. and Miss l-lowdy ouT oT The enTire iunior class, during The weelc oT September 8-l2. Student Council Aims For Better Student Citizenship , My eff-six it QC f'X 1 1 Qi K' fm A SQQF .tp- v-er-JY A T E' NT" 7,7 ,. ,, ' at wif' Q, T 46 , KM: ' Tu. :f wr.: f- T ' N V ,.,W., ., It-rssa ef 'T k , Ulf JA 4 T T T A ' :Q 'Q - f 45. I ' s T 'fr an s .. ' . T "'- -. , X .. , gy . 3 .is-...M 1-" ,.4 New sophomores are regislered for vorer eligibiliry by energeric Srudenr Council members. Commirrees are esrablished lo handle lhe officer eleclions for each class. ln connecrion wirh rhe loorball season, Srudenl Coun- cil is inevirably and happily involved. Spiril is revilalized rhrough Red and Gray Day, a mini-lloar conlesr and spirir posrers, wilh such messages as "Bear rhe Hill." Telegrams ro each cornpeling wfoorball reann creafe pride in our school and good feeling berween bolh. Unired Appeal and Toys lor Tors are large drives, underralqen by rhe council ro become communily-wise involved. A rurrle race, and a Junior Olympics are used 'ro raise money for The Unired Appeal and a powderpulf baslrerball game, belween iunior and sen- ior girls, arrracls speclarors wirh loys, for The Toys for Tols Drive. Visitotion Doy, Convention Top Council Activities T oii - FAR UPPER LEFT: During Visitation Day David Newell and his representative trom Putnam City drop by tor a "peels" into the Thespian Theatre. UPPER LEFT: Barbara Pritchard and Linda Maxwell prepare name tags tor Susie Hollars and her delegate 'tor Visitation Day. LOWER LEFT: Senior Debbie l-lartley "checks in" on the Student Council roll board betore a meeting. ABOVE: Charlie Babb and Leland Easter talce notes during a Student Council meeting. LEFT: Yasmin Merican, Charlie Babb. Kathy Denton, and Steve Whitalcer, members ot Grant's Stu- dent Council Delegation. attend a dinner at the State Con- vention held in Ponca City, lndusfrious and enfhusiasfic members of fhe Na- fional Forensic League begin work, even before fhe school ferm begins, by launching a pop-boffle drive. Nexf on fheir agenda of fund-raising acfivifies is fhe Chrisfmas card sale. These and ofher similar proiecfs are used fo finance fhe numerous fournamenfs parfic- ipafed in by N.l3.L. members. To be eligible for membership in N. F. L., sfudenfs musf have 25 poinfs accumulafed fhrough parficipafion in debafe, orafory, exfemporaneous and Affer-Dinner Speaking. A sfudenf is allowed fo enfer fhree evenfs and can qualify for regional confesf by firsf, second or 'rhird af a qualifying fournamenf. Presidenf, Kenf lsabel, sfafes, "Members of N. F. L. are exfremely proud of fheir club: if is one which is nof easy fo ioin. Long hours of hard work go info fhe process buf fhe resulf is invaluable. Thaf reward is confidence." NFL Sells Christmas Cords For Tournament Fund N.F.L. members are: Firsf Row: Judy Garner. president Kenf Isbell. vice pres- idenf. Debbie Clark. secrefary. Second Row: Paul Landers, Renee Davenporf. Vickie Wilkes, Sheryl Hurry. Debbie Simms, Becky Lee. Third Row: Barry Floyd. Linda Casey. Barbara Cleaver. Kafhy Denfon, Vicki Ellis. Fourfh Row: Marilyn Jordan, Debbie Wag- ner. Donna Anders. Terry Frifz. Michelle Hornbeck, and Kerry McDonald. Fiffh Row: Jay Amos, Chip Eeds. Diane Sargenf, Rifa Maxwell, and Becky Shrum. Sixfh Row: John l-lull, Coy Prafher. Charles Babb, Bill Sherrill, Paf McEwen, Mike lsaac, Marshal Upiohn, Alfon Sanders. and Terry Himes. Clgisifgkx la 5 1 , aff: E Q 'W BELOW: Members of NFL. Barbara Bowman. Chip Eeds. Barry Floyd, John Hull. and Carolyn Johnson, make Time in lheir busy schedule lo gafher maferial for lhe upcoming lournamenl. LEFT: Ken? Isabell and Debbie Clark, NFL King and Queen, discuss mailers in lhe praclice room. BELOW LEFT: Becky Shrum and Kalhy McCormick glance Jrhrough Chrislmas cards before afiempfing a sale. was 42 1 9 Ig "Scarecrow" Rcires First In Store For Thespions Selling license plaTes is one oT Tne TirsT acTiviTies underTalcen by The Thespians. The orders are Taken and plaTes delivered To raise money Tor various TuncTions ThroughouT The year. The Thespians sponsor a ChrisTmas parTy and also an iniTiaTion, which Tormally inducTs new members inTo The club. Those Thespians who are a parT oT The Play Produc- Tions class prepare and parTicipaTe in a roadshow ver- sion oT Their conTesT play, "The Scarecrow" which They Travel wiTh To several elemenTary schools in The sur- rounding area. The small children are delighTed wiTh The brighT cosTumes and make-believe characTers and oTTen The casT is asked To reTurn wiTh The play. The Thespian royalTy consisTs oT a lcing and queen, crowned in February. The BesT Thespian Award is given To The sTudenT who mosT ably porTrays The gualiTies oT dedicaTion and service. Y x EXTREME LEFT: Before a drama producrion. Cecelia King receives "hand wrinkles" wilh lhe assislance of Mrs. Worley. sludenl Teacher. TOP LEFT: Debbie Roland and Suzanne Sinqlefon rehearse for a dramalic duel. FAR LEFT: Sue Ray, selecled for All-Slale casf, porlrays a wiich in lhe Slafe Conlesf play. LEFT: Thespian Queen. Kerry McDonald direcls The road of happiness 'ro King, Bernie Marsh. in 'rhe play "The Scarecrow." Thespian members are: Firsf Row: David Peck. Sieve Tulsan. Karen l-land. Diane Esles, and Vicki Erwin. Second Row: Judy Garner. Beclcy Lee, Barbara Bowman, Paul Landers. Beclcy Walker. Sandra Seals, Cindy Morris, Glynna Sullins, and Darla Fisher. Third Row: Lil Bryians. Renee Davenporl: Guy Smilh, Dwain Yousey. Bob Douglas. Viclcie Lannon. and Lynda Rusche. Fourfh Row: Rick Moody, Viclci Ellis, Terry Casey, Sue Ray. Sieve Bruhne, Kerry McDonald, Cecelia King, J. D. Davis, Diane Sargent Berney Marsh. Gale Hensley, Robbie Hafcher, and Doug Lannon. Devoted Stuff Works To "tell it like " In rx Q l l.AllllEY A The members of lhe General Slafl are, Firsl Row: Judy Adams, David McCall, Terry Casey. Sue McDougal, Cindi Fenl, Glenda Brannon, Barbara Prilchard. Sandy Seals. Debby Campbell, Pal Siegle, Denise Hawkins, Billie Shellon. and Charlofle Armbrisler lseafedl. Second Row: Virginia Newcomb. Vicky Dowling. Debbie Hansen. Jeane Yarberry. Ann Sledge. Holly Vance, Linda Max- well, Pal Maloy. and Glenda Laws. Third Row: Kalhy Newman, Karen Oulland, Paul Garland. Chris Chrislian, Bob Wagner, and Milne Anrrilcen. T' I l J,L -nun.: I -' "'- .,,, LM! LEFT: Cindy FenT insTrucTs The Typing of The Tinal layouT sheeTs To sTaTT members David McCall and Judy Adams iusT before a dead- line. FAR ABOVE: EdiTor-in-chieT Barbara PriTchard and Managing EdiTor Sandy Seals go over The layouTs Tor Their opening secTion. ABOVE LEFT: Karen OuTland enTers The iournalism room ready Td begin a hard hour's work. ABOVE RIGHT: An indusTrious member OT The yearbook class sorTs picTures aTTer They reTurn Trom The phoTographer. ABOVE: David McCall looks over The deTails oT a previous yearbook Tor new and diiTerenT ideas To be used in The GENERAL. RIGHT: Debby Campbell Teaches Jeane Yarberry how To crop picTures Tor her secTion. "We have a deadline in Two weeks: you had beTTer geT your picTures Taken Tor your secTionsl" This is a cry oTTen heard Trom Barbara PriTchard, This year's yearbook ediTor-in-chieT. The yearbook class begins work early in The year To reach The TirsT deadline in OcTober. Class picTures are Taken, caTching The kids aT Their besT, and many oThers are snapped when The "vicTim" leasT expecTs iT. Copy ediTors assisT secTion ediTors by wriTing copy, cuTlines, headlines, and ediTing. This gives The secTion ediTors 'more Time To work on layouTs and picTures. Having an inTormal aTmosphere, The yearbook class is repeaTedly Told by Their advisor, Mrs. Mary J. Sparks, To sTay inside The room and keep The noise down To a guieT roar. Because original ideas Tor layouTs and planning pic- Tures are needed, endless Time is involved. All The nerve-wrecking work and Time spenT aTTer school is worThwhile when The Tinal producT comes in May-THE GENERAL. .lm pr When an innocenT passer-by happens To wallc absenT- mindedly inTo The newspaper class, he is apT To see a sighT he will never TorgeT. In one corner oT The room TeaTure page wriTers, l-lolly l-lughs and Linda LeTch- worTh are seen Trying To read a holiday poem. Syndy Evans mighT be seen in The baclc room worlcing on her page's pasTe-up. And sTiII anoTher sTaTT member queries, "WhaT is Mr. Barlow's TirsT name?" DespiTe all oT The noise and conTusion, The "news- paper people" manage To publish a bi-monThly school newspaper-The GranT DispaTch. GeTTing TacTs Tor sTories is noT always easy. Club sponsors are searched Tor in vain by exhausTed sTaTT members who need inTormaTion on ThaT club's acTiviTies. The Telephone is consTanTly ringing, Tor people call, wishing To have ads placed in The paper. AdverTising manager Leland EasTer musT malce and receive calls. Then TIT The ads inTo The TourTh page layouT. The C-3ranT DispaTch'is available To all sTudenTs Tor TiTTeen cenTs or is included in The price oT a iournalism package. ,Z q .. , r"'V LEFT: Journalism salesmen Earl Perkins and Linda Maxwell gaTher newspapers To disTribuTe To awaiTing sTudenTs. ABOVE: Linda LeTch- worTh Types a sTory under The supervision oT Roving ReporTer Pam Thomas. BELOW: Bill Sherrill, fseafedl managing ecliTor. and EdiTor- in-chief Bucky Irwin go over proof sheeTs of The DISPATCH wiTh Mrs. Mary J. Sparks. iournalism sponsor. Nlewspaper Class Prints Facts ln 'The Grant Dispatch' On Happenings Around The Campus Members ot the Dispatch Staft areg seated, First Row: Pam Thomas. Debbie Reid, and Syndy Evans. Second Row, seated: Kathe Wells, Holly Hughes, Linda Letchworth, Vicki Mikeman, Steve Longtellow, Suzanne Harrell. Judy Scho- field, Nikki Whitnah, and Becky Snipes. Back Row: Brenda Smith, Joni Gentry, Kathy Stevens. Pat Brozek. Pam Kriner, Earl Goodson. Jim Bowman, Kathy Brewer, Robin Hamilton. Leland Easter, Jack Muse. Janet Langwell. and Billy Birkes. Chicogo Provides Excitement For lournolism Students Spending Thanksgiving holiday in Chicago, lllinois would be quite a bit more exciting than being at home visiting with Great-Aunt Mabel, or so thought nine- teen journalism students and Mrs. Mary Jewel Sparks. They boarded a Santa Fe passenger train on Wednes- day, November 26, and headed toward the north. Grant students shared a car with students trom Blackwell and Ponca City during the eighteen hour trip to Chicago. NSPA headquarters was the Palmer House l-lotel in downtown Chicago. Besides attending sessions held in the hotel, the students toured Old Town, visited the Prudential Building, rode subways and iust went sightseeing around the downtown area. Novelties such as Paul Bunyan "giant" Coolies, eat- ing gourmet tood at Trader Vics, and meeting Jack Benny in person were a part ot the excitement. The whole tired bunch arrived home in OKC on Sunday, the morning ot the 30th. is LEFT: Journalism siudenis, Robin Hamilion, Pam Mafhis, Jenni Neifle and Becky Snipes pass fhe lime away on fhe Train enrouie 'io Chicago. FAR LEFT: Enieriainmeni on The +rain ride was provided by a few carcl games as shown by Joni Genfry, Brenda Smiih, Suzanne Harrell and Jack Muse. CENTER LEFT: While backsiaqe Prince and Princess of Prini, Earl Perkins and Denise Hawkins, ex- amine 'rhe procedure of The Yearbook Assembly before if begins. ABOVE: Journalism siudenis enjoy Chicago. FBLA Sells Nightshirts To Attend Convention Football Homecoming doesn't iust appear, but is the worlc ot many organizations. FBLA toolc on the responsibility ot selling mums, and producing a Home- coming Dance tor tootball homecoming. lvlany tund raising proiects are talcen up by FBLA to provide tor the expense ot convention and at the same time, pro- mote school spirit. The organization gained state and national recogni- tion with the election ot Bob Watts as State President and National Vice-President. Buster Savage serves as president ot the Grant chapter ot Future Business Leaders ot America. He, the sponsors, lvlr. AI Fuller, lvlrs. Dorothy Dean, lvlrs. Ann Condren, and the club members make arrange- ments tor the candy sales, the convention trips, and the annual semi-tormal dance. A trip to Philadelphia in June is the goal ot the ac- tive club members, tor it is the site ot the I97O Na- tional Convention. During the tour Washington, D.C. will "come alive" as the Olcies invade the capitol city. f f! , , Q K A 2 M 4 I l 42. 4 5. I 4 , X V I . LEFT: State FBLA President and National Vice-President. Bob Watts, discusses future plans tor attending the National Convention to be held at Philadelphia. FAR ABOVE: Jim Reed buys notebook paper trom Maxine Cowell and Beverlv Weathers at the "General Store" which is operated by FBLA. ABOVE LEFT: President, Buster Savage listens attentively to the members discussion during a meeting. ABOVE RIGHT: Members vote on the band to pertorm at their Sweetheart Banquet on February I3. FAR RIGHT: Paula Arnold shows Dennis Wells and Buster Savage the various styles of night shirts on sale. RIGHT: The members ot the Future Business Leaders of America. K NFWA V ',,.. k., Members oT our l3uTure Teachers oT America began The school year by hosTing a weiner roasT and hayride aT "Pleasurama Acres." l-luge Tree swings and The musTy hay Tlew haphazzardly Through The air all nighT long. Ten delegaTes aTTended The FTA Tall conTerence aT The UniversiTy oT Oklahoma, in November, round- ing up The clubs Tall acTiviTies. Service proiecTs and money raising proiecTs oT FTA include The TuToring oT small children, ages Three To eighT, aT a day-care cenTer. once per week, The selling oT ChrisTmas cards and The perTormance oT The "Renaissance," Club members goT a chance To sample new recipes, and eaT The all-Time TavoriTe, Tried chicken, aT The FTA covered dish dinner. The dinner was held aT The school caTeTeria. Banquet For FTA Members Adds Amusement To The Club fm ,sl F ,.-gmail' X J it x , ,,,,, A S I LEFT: Jody Dowell. vice-presidenf of FTA. gives e helping hand fo ihe ofher members af The annual FTA Banquef held in 'lhe cafeferia. BELOW LEFT: FTA sponsors Mr. Ralph King, Mrs. Ann King, and quesfs Mrs. Barbara Berry and Mr. Bob Berry. BELOW: Cafhy Fos'rer and Eddie Lauier, lied +oge?l'ier 'ro highlighi' lhe nigh+'s leSlivilieS, are served by Palfy Minor. FAR LEFT: President Louise Loper. presides al ihe FTA rneeling held in fhe Liffle Theafre. rr- -4 I ,sf V, i I I 1 i 88 ,,. I Talent And Ability Are Illustrated By Music Dept. ln early tall, band members constantly complain ot sore ano swollen teet, acquired daily trom marching practice, in their attempt to pertect their tormations. The maiorettes, a considerable part ot the appear- ance ot the band, received a tirst place rating, atter twiring betore large crowds on FAIR DAY. They, aong with the rest ot the band, contested in the ac- tivities ot many other competitive events, including the Norman Marching Contest, OU Band Day, and dis- trict and state contests. Band Homecoming is the Band's opportunity to in- troduce their royalty to the community. l969-70 band queen is Debbie Todd. l-ler attendants are seniors, Viclci Wilks, Jean l-larlin, and Louise Loper. These girls were introduced at halttime during a brilliant marching pertormance by the "Pride ot U. S. Grant." Drum major, Roger l-liggins, crowned the 69-70 band queen. Each year the band sponsors a spaghetti supper, with proceeds going toward new unitorms and instru- ments. Eight hundred dollars was collected this year, the expenditure ot which can be heard and seen in the beauty ot the Generals' Band. FAR ABOVE LEFT: Band members concentrate on malcing a perfect formation when they perform tor district contest. ABOVE LEFT: Randy Stafford. Gary Pagels, and Mike McMurtry begin to tune their instruments before a mornin ractice. ABOVE: Twirling is 'fun as well as bein a 9 P 9 valuable experience, say the Generals' Maiorettes. i ww -f .Q Qi ag, .. , fy? -X Q5 f if x s A S g fgff T 'N L , Z N 1? g 1' 5 ii ii iv' E QV 2 gi .1 X X 41 Q xx: sf s BJ 'ig if , Y ' '5 v fs? S n wg 3 Bond Enduces A Feeling Of Inspiration To Everyone ABOVE LEFT: Band Oueen. Debbie Todd is surrounded by her afrendanfs. lefl' fo right Louise Loper. Jean Harlin. and Vicki Wilks. LEFT: The Pep Band plays for one of ils maior luncfions. a pep rally. FAR ABOVE: Band Oueen, Debbie Todd. waves lo her audience eller fhe Band Oueen Coronafion. ABOVE: Sopho- more maiorefle. Cindy Sherrill. lrwirls wilh The band during a half- fime performance a+ a foofball game. RIGHT ABOVE: Roger Higgins. drum maior for The U. S. Gram' Marching Band, leads 'lhem in a slunning performance al' Capifol Hill Sladium. "Ruth" Is Presented To Students For Yuletide Program K fl E ce: l 1 "ConTesT Time againl You kids geT busy!" This musT be The TavoriTe saying oT Mr. Ray Ballew, The choir direcTor. Television appearances and numerous music conTesTs induce a Teeling oT exciTemenT inTo each oT The members as perTormance Time draws near. Some oT The dedicaTed members won awards aT The "NaTional AudiTion oT Teachers oT Singing" con- TesT. These winners were Bonnie Ballard, David Bell, and Joe SmiThers. ' Many small groups compose our General's singing. Some oT These groups are The Girl's Trio, The SexTeTTe, and The Mixed QuarTeT. The Girl's Glee Club, Boy's Glee Club, and The Acapello Choir are several Times larger Than These small groups buT The Torce oT each can be heard and TelT when a ChrisTmas or EasTer assembly is perTormed by our choir. The choir aTTends Edmond, Pawnee, disTricT and sTaTe music conTesTs each year. As usual, The Generals made an admirable repuTaTion Tor Themselves aT each oT These conTesTs. FAR LEFT: The Boys' QuarTeT is composed oT, Trom leTT To righT: David PoTTer, Tommy Nix, Joe SmiThers, and David Bell. CENTER LEFT: The members of The Girls' Trio are, from Top To boTTomg Pam Brooks, Bonnie Ballard. and Peggy Brooks. ABOVE LEFT: Bonnie Ballard. surrounded by her maidens. porTrays "RuTh" in The biblical proclucTion ThaT The music deparTmenT prepared Tor The ChrisTmas assembly. LEFT: The Mixed QuarTeT members are, from Top To boTTom: Ken ClampiTT. Cheryl Johnson. Doug Dial, and Diane EsTes. ABOVE: The members of The Girls' SexTeTTe are, from leTT To righfg Jan McCallum, Debbie Lyon, Sandi Jones, and Pam Wise. ff, e ,ff X , x -' 1 L.L.H FAR LEFT: The choir King and Oueen for 69-70 are Barry Danner and Peggy Brooks. LEFT: The Boys' Glee Club, FAR LOWER LEFT: The Girls' Glee Club. BELOW LEFT: Mr. Ray Ballew, choir direcfor. enlhusiasiically leads fhe singers in "Ru'rh," presenlecl lo ihe sfudem' body in fhe Chrislmas assembly. BELOW: The members of lhe Girls' Sexfelfe are, from lefl fo right Beverly TroH'er. Kalhy Pickle, Pam Aulaubo, Glenda Wilkerson, Shirley Morrison. ancl Karen Gibson. Glee Clubs Entail Choral Rehearsal And Training Meg Wheeler . . . Miles Doughlon .... Evan Doughlon .. Mr. Wheeler Mrs. Wheeler Aunl Le4H'ie Vince ...... Alvin Ada Ruby Heidi .. Jeanie Terri Lisa Telephone Operalor Concluclor ........ CAST Terry Casey J. D. Davis Mike Cooperman . Gale Hensley Vicki Wilkes Debbie Rowland Ronnie Winkler . . . . Guy Smiih .. Judy Garner Kerry McDonald Renee Davenporl Ru'Ih Conklin Sandra Seals .. Dianne Sargenl . . . Gaye Gamble .. Berney Marsh 5 ' ABOVE: Renee Davenporl' wafches Mike Cooperman as he +urns on The charm for Kerry McDonald while J. D. Davis works cliligenlly on accounls. ABOVE CENTER: J. D. Davis Iells his broiher, porlrayed by Mike Cooperman. "You're Iurning info an idiolic playboy!" ABOVE: Teri Casey explains Io Dianne Sarqeanl Thar, "I wasn'I even wanled by 'rhe Blue Cross." ABOVE RIGHT: Calhy Crosby and Paul Landers praclice a few songs before 'rhe Revue Iryouls. RIGHT: Sue Ray and Dianne Sargeani work 'Io masler lheir parl as announcers for Ihe GeneraI's Revue. FAR RIGHT: Berney Marsh and Kenl ,Isbell display Iheir announcers skil' for lhe iudges: Mrs. Thompson, Teri Young and Mr. Rickerls. A Three-act play enTiTled "Ask Any Girl" is The Thespian's main production oT The year. The play is Taken Trom Christopher Sergel's adapTaTion oT The book, wriTTen by WiniTred WolTe. The play involves Meg Wheeler, a young girl oT Twenty, who has spent her entire liTe in a small Town. ATTer aTTending an all-girl college within walking dis- Tance Trom her home, Meg decides To move To glamor- ous New York City. There she plans To seek a new liTe, a new iob, and a new love. Why? Ask Any Girl! Two perTormances oT The play were given. A matinee. March I2, and The evening perTormance on March I3, oTTered both sTudenTs and parents a chance To view The play. The General's Revue was held on April I8. Although held annually, The abundance oT Talent proved To be one ot The best yeT. The perTormances ranged Trom Tolk song dueTs To piano solos and modern dance. Also included were club and homeroom participation. Students Exhibit Their Accomplishments In Theotrics Scrbrerres Pep Club Generates "General" Spirit FAR LEFT: Pep Club girls "sway" enThusiasTically To The music of "SweeT Georgia Brown," which is performed by The Pep Band. during a TooTball pep assembly. LEFT: The U. S. GranT SabreTTes Torm The famous "G" TormaTion for The Tirsl' TooTball game of The season, Del CiTy. aT CapiTal Hill STadium. ABOVE: Coach CarpenTer speaks during a pep assembly on The Training The TooTball boys plan To underTake and of The eTTorTs They inTend To puT TorTh ThroughouT The coming season. RIGHT: The officers of The SabreTTes1 Vicki BarnharT, Pal' Maloy, KaThy Brewer, Paula Garlan, Karen Bradley. Vicki Arnold. Billie ShelTon. Darla Keel. Janice Chambless. Billie Riggs, Barbara PriTchard and Pam Cable, decoraTe The l::oy's locker room To promoTe added spiriT Tor The homecoming wresTling maTch wiTh STar Spencer. "We love you Generals: oh yes, we do ..." Six hundred and TorTy-eighT voices are heard, proudly singing This pledge To The Generals' Teams. Sopho- mores, iuniors, and seniors compose The uniTy oT one very powerTul, loyal, and spiriTed group, The SabreTTes Pep Club. Numerous acTiviTies highlighT The year as a pep club member. The lce Cream Social, TryouTs, announce- menT oT nexT year's oTTicers and cheerleaders, The SweeThearT Dance, "A Time Tor Us," all oT These are The Tormal, organized happenings oT The club. These are noT The Things which are remembered, however. Girls remember The TirsT Time and The lasT Time They wore Their uniTorms oT red and gray. Tears oT ioy and dis- appoinTmenT seem To leave a small Trace on Their cheeks as They recall The exciTemenT oT games, wheTher vicTory or deTeaT. CompeTiTion beTween rival pep clubs leaves disTanT voices echoing in Their minds as club members remember The SouTheasT and CapiTal Hill games. The years will pass, and These girls will leave GranT and involve Themselves in "Tomorrow," buT wher'ere They go, how'ere They sTrive, They'll be "True To Thee, GranT High." l N Spirit Boosters Promote Pride With Holl Posters ABOVE FAR LEFT: The cheerleaders. trom lett to right: Glenda Brannon, Janet Oaks, Robin Hamilton, Sue McDougal, Karen Thompson, Rosemary Spradlin, Sharon Thompson, and Candy Keith lead the pep club in their state clinic cheer. "Look Out." FAR CENTER LEFT: Mrs. Rains. Miss Ellis and Miss Lois Sughru smile their approval at the tine display ot spirit demonstrated by the pep club. FAR LEFT: Juniors support their class with enthusiastic applause during "Battle Cry." FAR LOWER LEFT: Never a happier expression can be tound than on the tace ot Janet Wolt, a sophomore, when another basket is made tor the Generals. LEFT: Sue McDougal leads students in the rousing cheer, "Fight On." BOTTOM LEFT: The Spirit Boosters. trom lett to right: Pam Mathis, Paula Mayo, Gina Tidwell, Dana Sieqle. Cheryl Powell, Paulo Montgomery, Pat Siegle, Pam Millican. and Syndy Evans make their weekly signs to support the athletic teams. BELOW: Pep club members respecttully salute the tlag betore an assembly. A D f l Good Sportsmonship And Better Ethics Proctrced By FCA Members ot the Fellowship ot Christian Athletes are entertained by noted speakers ot athletic stature at most ot their meetings. Other torms ot entertainment were tilms such as, "The Christian Athlete ancl Sex." John Westbrook, a member ot the national FCA statt, was the main speaker at the FCA state conven- tion held in October at Norman. University ot Okla- homa tootball players, Steve Zabel and Jack ivlildren, and OU wrestling coach Tommy Evans also addressed the group. At the February FCA meeting, Clenolon Thomas, OU, all-American tootball star in i956-57, anol later a pro on the Los Angeles Rams and Pittsburg Steelers tootball teams, was the orator. Filmed highlights ot the Big Eight Conterence ot i968 were also viewed by FCA members. This year, the O'Club is combined with FCA, with Mr. Jack Everhart serving as sponsor. FCA members are, from lell +o riglwlz Barry Floyd, Jim Doughl. David Tolberf, Jay Newell, Gary Gleaves. Jimmy Svelqoff, Jerry Lowder, David Newell, Ernie Garland, Sieve Fraser. Asa Bradley, Billy Snipes. Leland Easier. and WyaH Burk. FAR LEFT: FCA members lallc over llne currenf lopics afler one ol The meefings. CENTER LEFT: FCA members Garry Gleaves and David Tolberl arrive af flue meeling early To Talk willm The guesl speaker. LEFT: Mike Cossey and Leland Easier discuss plans for The nexl FCA meefing wilh Mr. Jack Everharf. sponsor of ine club. I03 RIGHT: Diane Esquivius fries her besl lo sell Mark Erickson on carpel samples in a demonslrahon during class. BELOW: Mr. Roy Pelers and DECA club members pose for a picfure in Their new, buf as yel unfinished, showcase. FAR RIGHT: DECA King and Oueen, Eddie Jackson and Marilyn Hewiff, admire fhe prelfy display of Valenline candy in a DECA showcase. BELOW CENTER RIGHT: Mr. Pelers, sponsor of The club, advises slu- denfs on class assignmenis. FAR BELOW RIGHT: Kay Borum and Eddie Jackson sei up a display for Their class project f, ,K xssdagenfb xsssssss "Tia 21 i Q Q . 0n The Job Experience Is 0bToined By DECA Students "Gee, isn'T ThaT adorable?" "l wanT ThaTl" These are only Two oT The Thousands oT remarks, coming Trom sTudenTs as They pass The DECA showcases on Their Tour oT The halls each morning. These displays conTain such Things as cloThing, boys dress shoes. psychedelic posTers and sTuTTed animals. DECA members arrange window displays in The halls, as Training Tor Their iobs. ln November, DECA members Took a Tield Trip To Dallas, Texas. There They visiTed The Apparel MarT, Neiman Marcus, and many oTher reTail business "like iT is." AT STaTe DECA Comcerence in Oklahoma, CiTy members parTicipaTe in several conTesTs such as, iob inTerview, public speaking, merchandise maThemaTics, sTore layouT, vocaTional noTebooks, adverTising, dis- plays, and sales demonsTraTion. Such conTesTs arouse a greaT deal oT inTeresT in The compeTiTor's work. f li:'i'v"'-se- N77 I I05 Vocotionol Instructions Are Ottered To VICA'iStudents Ttie biggest water tiglwts in lnistory usually talce place during car waslnes tor tund-raising purposes. VICA, partially composed ot Cosmetology girls, tield one ot tlne largest water baslnes ever. Ttte pretty curls and elaborate ltairdos vanislned, not into tltin air, but into moisture-laclen air. Ttte results ot tlne proiect? Well, ot course, a bundle ot money, wtiictt aides the group in paying ttteir way to National VlCA Conven- tion, lweld in St. Louis, lvlissouri, in June. Boys trom Vocational classes, anottter portion ot tlne club, collect old newspapers and sell tlnem in hopes ot creating an abundance in ttte treasury. Members become paper-boys and paper-girls wlten VICA talces ttre sale ot subscriptions to ttie Capitol l-lill Beacon in return tor ttie publication ot ttie club's news. , 3 3, ff EL LTR! 5 9 vga sic I es . 1? ,. wr I A O 1V Q Q fs isro W LEFT: Elec'l'ronics Vica King and Queen, Riclc Espoli' and Linda Appleby, fake lime from Their classworlc +o visit FAR BELOW LEFT: Vica Oueen, Bonnie lrwinslci, chosen lo aHend fhe sfafe Vica con'res'r, works on classmaie Debi Schwarfz. ABOVE: The Cosmofology Vica Club members. BELOW: Vica officers, Jane Evans, Rick Espolr, Lincla Appleby, and Grady Webb, malce plans with sponsor, Mr. Bob Williams for lhe nexl' meefing. CENTER BELOW: The Eleclronics Vica Club members. l hd' . 1. N 4 N K, French Club members are. from lell 'ro righfg Top Row: Robbie Wilson, Bill Groves and Chuck Hoffman. Second Row: Babara Green. Rolanda Woodard, Miss Lorella Cavin, sponsor, Earl Langford. Gary Conrad. Susan Curry, Lorraine Filzgerald. Suzanne Harrell. and Diane Tiplon, Bollorn Row: Mala McDaniel,V. C. Knight Maureen Bryce and Brian Kuene. Maureen Bryce's home was The siTe of The initiation oT French Club members Tor l97O. These students went "all-ouT French" in The collection of French fries, French wine bottles and pictures of Tormer French presidents Tor Their initiation scavenger hunT. Guillotines, axing The heads of Spartans, won The fourth place prize Tor The French Club, in The l'lome- coming Mini-Float ConTesT. French Club consTiTuenTs Toolc Tull advantage of Their arTisTic ability, in This effort To generaTe school spirit. "New Orleans or Bust" is The challenge of The French Club members as They aim all funds Towards a visiT To The Mardi-Gras celebration. Colorful parades, with eye-catching floats and cosTumes, construct The an- nual French presentation. The French Club's spring banquet was aT "Jaques Restaurant." There The group installed The l97O-7l club officers. Scavenger Hunt Accents French Club Initiation FAR LEFT: Linda Appleby displays The French guillotine on the club float during The Mini-Float Contest for football home- coming. CENTER LEFT: French Teacher Miss Loretta Cavin and Glenna Young are amused at Brian Kuene's effort To Trans- late the days lesson before class. LEFT d C d ' M reen Bryce an Gary onra are in T td b student Teacher Miss Pratt ABOVE: Aucfioneer Gary Sperling examines fhe feeih of "pleb" Syndy Evans. as he fries fo sell her fo fhe oiher "Senafors" af 'lhe Lafin Club lnifiafion. RIGHT: Jody Dowell, Keifh M I and Carla Williams sfudy a mosaic made by anofher sfudenl for his required proiecf. CENTER RIGHT: Lawrence I-Iafcher and Wayne Miller, sporf-fhe fypical fogas af "Safurnalia." The Lafin Club Chrisfmas' parfy. FAR RIGHT: The Lafin ll sfudenfs are given fime ouf of fheir busy hour's worlc for a brief "sfudy" period. JCL Initiation Climcixed By Auctioning Of Slaves Some people say 'rhaf Lafin is a "dead language," buf fhey surely can'f prove if by our Lafin Club. formal- ly known as fhe Junior Classical League. Many sfudenfs are amazingly puzzled as fhey lisfen fo a friend quofing Lafin poems, essays. and orafions. Chrisfmas songs are given a special charm when Lafin words are reverenfly chanfed rafher fhan our usual English language. L-afin comes alive as JCL members hail Caesar on fhe dafe of his deafh. The inifiafion is fhe final big evenf of fhe year for Lafin Club members. The plebs lnew membersl are examined fo see if fheir feefh are sfraighf and if fhey are sfrong before fhe senafors bid on fhem as slaves. The sales raise fhe funds for fhe club. A frip fo fl' graveyard, ancl a loolc af Lafin inscripfions on fhe foml sfones clefermine fhe swiffness of fhe slaves, as fhe race an epifaph fo fheir masfers. JCL Sfafe Planning Convenfion was held af U Granf. Lafin Club sponsor, Mrs. Brenda Sandler an Sfafe JCL Presidenf, Bill Nesflerode fool: care of arrangemenfs for a dance, dinner and olympics fhe JCLers from all over fhe sfafe. ueieee .f 5 ,. . , ' " i' I Q Q Sf R Y Xe fi i M F N E M if . W X 'X a ' Q Q, Q xfw 1, y li X mfiz 3521+ H x ax Wane 5 ,.W N "' . . x f 1' -f' S G 5 if 9 Laiin Club Members from leff +o righf: Lawrence Halclwer, Dave Marshall. Linda Dulce. Danny Andrews, Margie Roof, Vicki Ervin. Debbie Uhls, Linda Short Bill Nesilerode. Norma Wall. Nora Taylor. Susie Hollars, Louise Loper, Carla Williams, Pai' Williams, Judy Dowell, and Kay Jacks. 'W fy 47 K :fl 153' , J S . Spanish Club Eniays Mexican Dinner AT Casa Bonita Spanish Club members are: Sealed. Firsl Row: Milchell Burns, John Marx, Ray Rigsby, Marsha Blumenfhal. Sheryl Senders, and Vickie Bryanl. Slanding: Vicki Newcomb. Sealed. Second Row: Pam Holmes, Jean Jordan, Pal Maloy, Susan McEwen, Paula Jones. Leslie Lighilool, Lynn Horne. Mike Cooperman, Mark Scowden. Kenny Bridges, Ricky Liille. Marshal Upiohn, Beverly Keel, Denise Miller, and Pally Keller. EXTREME LEFT: Mark SmiTh enioys some Spanish soul radiaTed by erry Himes. FAR LEFT: Mike Barnes laughs aT Mr. Moniaras' pun, "STraighT Trom The donkey's mouThl" ABOVE: Eugene Lewellen adds a Iiftle color To The Spanish Club room. RIGHT: Ronnie SveTgoTT checks The Spanish bulleTin board Tor The upcoming acTiviTies. Having a compleTe Mexican dinner aT The Casa BoniTa ResTauranT and a ChrisTmas EiesTa, in which everyone has a chance aT The goodies in The pinaTa, are a parT oT The TesTiviTies in which members in The Spanish Club can parTicipaTe. The presidenT oT The club, Dick Moore doesn'T call The meeTings To order in The usual way. A hearTy, "Buenas Dias," is someTimes heard when The meeTing days are sunny and brighT. The conversaTion oT These sTudenTs may noT be in perTecT Spanish grammaTical Torm, buT The meaning can be derived, mosT oT The Time. One oT The proiecTs ThaT was aTTempTed This year by These club members was The making oT maps oT all Spanish-speaking counTries. These colorTul charTs were displayed aT PTSA Open House. mmmnraaqumm nm "RIHGA" CURIUS MESH! lillil iasiiiif H Students Given Opportunity Ot Meaningful Discussion The "cream ot the crop" in mathematics makes up the members ot the lvlath Club. Only students that have maintained a "B" average or higher in all math courses, and are presently enrolled in trigonometry or math analysis courses are eligible to ioin. lvlu Alpha Theta is continually worlcing to achieve a higher level ot interest in the mathematics tield to help students enioy their math. The math that these students study is quite a change trom the grade school "arithmetic" problems that the classes used to solve on the blaclcboards. Many ot the members ot the Mu Alpha Theta help other students by tutoring them in geometry and algebra. The Mu Alpha Theta members are trom lett to rght F s r u Shortt. Jeanne Jordan. Second Row: Don Clothier, FI y n n Da d Pete Rushing. D. V. Worthen. Bryant Hudson. Thr R en V C Kn Greg Mooney. Marshall Upiohn, Dennis Dolce. Keth l-l t J yD0 ra 'D fi ieEQd,wi sv 1 , isle Q Grok Club members are from leTT To righT7 FirsT Row: Kay Jacks, Bonnie Ballard, Ken ClampiTT, Debbie Lewis, Vickie Bowen, and Miss Ellis, sponsor. Second Row: Don CloThier. Paul Land- ers. VicTor Miller, David Bell, Gary Sperling. BryanT Hudson, Wendell Byrnes, Marshall Upiohn, STeve Flaniken, Richard Kerr, and Mr. WaTson, spon- SCF. "C5rok is organized To give sTudenTs an opporTuniTy To have meaningful discussion on Topics of Today. Many heaTed debafes are heard as sTudenTs find +ha+ Their beliefs clash wiTh The beliefs of ofhers. Con- clusions are noT always meT by The group, buT The discussions do provide The group wiTh voicing Their opinions. The word "grok" comes from Roberf l'Teinlen's book, STranger in a Sfranger Land. The word means complefe and ToTaI undersfanding. Topics for discussion are someTimes Taken from America Changing, a book of essays abouf currenT evenTs ABOVE LEFT: Robbie Wilson and Vickie SmiTh check The Mu Alpha TheTa bulleTin board during homeroom period for The club's nexT meeTing. RIGHT: A few members of The Grok Club geT TogeTher Tor one of Their many discussions. ,... Learning To assemble a roclcel according lo lhe safely code ser up by lhe club, is only hall: ol The Tun in belonging lo The Roclcel Sociely. Each member nof only builds Jrheir own roclgels, buf are also in- sirucled in how To launch Them successfully. The club meels Twice every monlh To experimen+ in aclual launches and engage in research aboul roclcel design and Tesling. The sociely is worlcing on acquiring a movie camera +o place in The nose cone of The roclceis. Strategy And Concentrcitior max ax, X i i. 55 5 .K ii 5 fli, a cli.lcccciiic , X so f X as l i s fi-e2 3 f an iii. 'f S3 + 9 3 Ili 'Kiki li- Rocker Sociefy members sealed are: Ray Schmoldf, Bill Cowden. Mike Webber, Ricky Ingram. Chip Eeds. Those sfancling are: Sponsor. Mr. Ron Cable. Roberf Williamson. Randy Sarringlon. Determines T' - T i r. mv. if H, EXTREME LEFT: Ray Schmoldt attempts to turther his knowledge of the space age by recording his flight on tilm. UPPER LEFT: Mr. Ron Cable demonstrates the proper procedure ot launching to have a successtul tlight. ABOVE: The basic tundamentals ot chess are explained by Mr. Clitton Ogle, sponsor. BELOW: Mr. Ron Cable plans strategy to outmaneuver his partner's "check" as other members ot the club loolc on, Chess Club members, le-tt to right are: Randy Sarringtori, Bill Cowden, Walt Babcock, sponsor, Mr. Ron Cable. Paul Ballou. Stan Pendergratt. and Milne Webber. Experimental Achievement And Success While the tamiliar game ot chess has been a tavorite pastime tor many ot us, not until this year did we have a chance to carry our interest in the game to school. interested chess club members not only practice the game in lvlr. Ron Cable's room every Thursday, but also plan strategy at home tor new angles and la s. p lllr. Ron Cable and lvlr. Clitton Ogle sponsor the club and are otten competitors in the intense con- centration ot the games. They, as well as the members, teel that chess is a very worth while game. "Checlcmate" is the goal ot these students, as they strive to corner one anothers' kings. No matter whether they win or lose, the students learn to concentrate their ettorts on one thing. The Science Club members are LEFT: Robby Wilson. Mary Ann Vaughn, secreTary, Wendell Byrne, D. V. WorThen, vice president and STanley G-enTry, RIGHT: David Hart Bryanl' Hudson, presidenT, Brian Kuehne, Debbie Moyer. and Mr. CliTTon Ogle. sponsor. CompeTiTion in science Tairs across The naTion is one oT The inaior concerns oT our J. E. T. S. or as Tormerly known, Science Club. The J. E. T. S. originaTed Trom The Junior Engineering Technological SocieTy and is also aTTiliaTed wi+h The Science Clubs OT America. Numerous Trips, and enTries To Tairs such as NASA, Eisen and WesTinghouse are made by The club during The year. A meeTing is held every oTher Thursday To work on proiecTs Tor compeTiTive evenTs. The prize-winning proiecTs musT be given many hours oT hard work and aTTenTion in order To surpass all enTries Trom The a+her sTaTes. Bryan l-ludson, presidenT oT The club, worlcs hand in hand wiTh The sponsor, Mr. CliTTon Ggle To malce available The equipmenT needed Tor proiecTs. , l Scholastic Ability Merirs EAR LEFT: Bryanl Hudson, Science Club presidenl. and David Hari' lconducf an excilinq experiment ABOVE: Susan l-lollars, Don Clolhier, lf N 1 l lvl F l l b T Th and Slephanie Kienho z. a iona eral ina is s, pro e even ur er in iheir search for knowled e RIGHT' Re resenialives lo Girls' and Q P Bo s' Slale lhis year are Sue McDougal, Terry Price, Debbie Bynum. Y Charlie Babb. and Greg Mooney. Awards And Scholarships "A man wilhoul a Girls' Slale, is liice a ship, wilhoul a sail "l-li Girl Slaiersf' These are iusl a few oi Jrhe Things spolcen and sung by deleqales ailendinq Olclahoma Girls' Siaie and Qlclahoma Boys' Slale, as ihe weelc slowly progresses. Each year, delegales are selecled from every school in lhe slare io represeni lhem al lhe respeclive slrales. This year Sue McDougal, Debi Bynum, Terry Price, Charles Babb, and Greg Mooney represenied our school, according lo lheir academic abililies, cilizenship and leadership abilily. Nalional lvleril Scholarship iinalisls, Susan l-lollars, Don Clolhier, and Siephanie Kienhollz, really "blew lheir minds" 'ralcinq many Jresis lo delermine lheir academic abilily. The price was well worlh ir lhough, when many scholarships began lo "pop inlo Their mailboxes." Y A Xx - I X I I, I I II If' I I ACTIVITIES l0llen olo Jrlwe spirils Of qreal evenls slricle on before The evenls Anol in loolay already wallcs lomorrow. Samuel Taylor Coleridge Howdy! This Is Grunt - A "General" Experience! l-lowoly if's l97O Sepfember fhird sophomores can be seen sfumbling fhrough fhrongs of people searching for a familiar face iuniors are secure in fhe fhoughf of no longer belonging fo fhe sophomore class wifh no higher goal fo reach in high school, seniors are confenf wifh being fhe besf. Preparafions begin early organizafions elecf officers commiffees are appoinfed eagerly planning how each can make fheir confribufion fo fhe "Year of fhe Generals!" Spirif ran high enfhusiasm was eviclenf "l-lowoly" rang fhroughouf fhe halls . an ice brealcer and invifafion for each fo unife as one Generals! E i 5. 's l z I f i. 1 i Q 21 fe 2, if 1, , -any i E 'rl- f Xa' 'I BUG 'TH x W4 R f i J 0 Y' X SK 4 !sQ 5 ABOVE FAR LEFT: Sophornores Ricky Wagner, Becky Snipes. Nikki Whilnah. Jimmy Spradlin. Karen Oufland. and Pam Baker. misiake a vacani phone booih for an elevaior. FAR LEFT: Timmy Moen, The lifflesf General, congrafulales David Wilson on his successful field goal. ABOVE: Asa Bradley. Vicki Arnold, Pam Mafhis. and Sieve Andrews promole The "General" idea-Bea+'+he Hill! LEFT: Receiving The lifle of Mr. and Miss Howdy. Juniors. David Newell and Dana Siegle are The friendlies? Generals. ay. . wwqf Whal new problems lie ahead of me Will I be able lo adiusl lo a complelely new way oi liie Whal will America be like? These are iusl a few quesrions racing Through Yasmin Ahmad Merican's mind as she boards a Philippines Airlines iel bound for Oklahoma, U.S.A. Looking back al her arrival Yasmin says guielly . .. "On The way home wilh my new iamily everylhing was so slill and quier, I ashamedly began lo regrel I had come. I was so afraid." She now says The Things she likes besl "are The people. They all seem inleresled in me. I began lo feel very much al home, as ii I really belonged." Yasmin . . . elecled honorary Toolball allendanl . . . lavorile ol The Generals and she was shown off November 7 ... homecoming. Yasmin's iavorile hang-up . .. Granl. "I really like Grant" We believe The "General" agreemenl is "We like you, loo, Yasmin." To America: From Malaysia With Love, Yasmin Merican IV I ii in ge UPPER LEFT: McDonald's is Yasmin's kind of place. FAR LOWER LEFT: Yasmin had a change of sfyle-f-hair wise. Afler moving lo America. her long locks were shorlened lo shoulder lenglh by cosmelology srudenl. Debbie Griffin. CENTER LEFT: Yasmin. a member of The Sabrelles Pep Club is amused by The melhods in which Americans show spiril. LEFT: Yasmin relales evenls in her American home lo memories ol her Malaysian home, seals lhem in a small package and sends il on ils way. ABOVE: Unlike mosl' foreign exchange sludenls, Yasmin knew how lo speak Eng- Iish, so she sei oul 'ro lype il. I i 11:--......,,,,,, Spirit, Pride, And Devotion As Generals, We Recrch Out To Be Best In Every Aspect. ABOVE: Sharon Thompson. iunior cheerleader, proves her lasting en- thusiasm and ability during the last seconds ot the Shawnee game. RIGHT: Assisted by Judy Cassity. Randy Campbell puts the tinishing touches on a spirit poster tor the homecoming game. ABOVE CENTER: Members ot Mrs. Thompson's dramatic homeroom entered the mini tloat competition as cowboys setting out tor a "Victory or Bustl" CENTER RIGHT: The transaction ot money and tickets is trequently seen between iuniors and seniors while raising money tor the prom. l-lere iunior, Mary Reames persuades Terry Casey to buy a ticket to the Junior Class Play. "l-'larvey." FAR RIGHT: "We are the pep crew, we yell and cheer tor you , . ." all girls enioy one ot their tavorite pastimes-supporting the Generals. ., W SpiriT . . . TaiTh in our school Tor The aThleTes iT can be The diTTerence in deTermining a vicTory or loss. We see spiriT in The halls aT school . .. aT The TirsT TooTball.game The lasT one. During worThwhile money raising drives working unTiringly aT being Generals . .. as besT we can. We hear spiriT The brave buf Trembling voices oT The sophomore class . .. The Tremendous boom oT The senior class voices oT anTicipaTion as juniors work on The prom . .. Their chance To show The seniors Their abiliTy ... and appreciaTion. We Teel spiriT Alma lvlaTer Talces a special meaning . .. especially To seniors . . . wiTh The realiza- Tion oT a conclusion To many Things. STill yelling aT The Top oT our lungs aTTer a deTeaT . . . noThing desTroys our conTidence in our abiliTy ... pride in belonging . .. pleasure in parTicipaTion devoTion To our school. We Live In Our Thoughts Expression Of Our Soul We sif solely wifh our own special fhoughfs dreaming a sfafe of mind fhaf snealcs up and capfures undivided affenfion. We fhinlc ... alone ... fwo fogefher . . . or in fhe midsf of many people. Our fhoughfs belong fo us esfablishing our characfer developing our personalify . .. creafing our goals of fhe fufure . .. of now. Graduafion our shadowy fufure searching our mind for an inferesfing idea . .. profes- sion fo occupy our life. We affend classes . . . develop vocabulary . . . learn formulas ... express ourselves ... increase our lcnovvl- edge learning from our accomplishmenfs or mis- fakes. We explore our minds and abilifies looking for a purpose . . . and find if in our fhoughfs. A 'iizifff qi: is fs: A We 1 . Viv ye. E Y ,L K Z.: X ' ' AQ f as 6 ,,,,,,.Q .. ,, ,. ' e was ,,. ABOVE FAR LEFT: Richard Ryan's ThoughTs are wiTh The Generals on The Tield as The boys near The goal line Tor a GranT Touchdown. LOWER FAR: Donna Mc- Ghee wonders if Ronnie RiTTer will ever Tinish ThaT assignmenT so she can have him all To herselT Tor awhile. ABOVE LEFT: For soliTary concenTraTion. Larry SchwarTz hides behind The library. Trying To sTudy Tor a mid-Term exam. LOWER LEFT: Jenny NeTTle Tries To decide wheTher oTTensive holding or clipping is The vIolaTion in The Take TooTball game held during The CapiTol Hill pep assembly. ABOVE: Our ThoughTs are as one as we pay homage To our counTry's heriTage while we look ,ahead To The TuTure. ., ,W Q , 8 xk H 2 E 21 5 f 1 4? 1 . ,, J 32 A V' 1 ff 2 ' si 'L' ggliifi' a Q 11 r gg W' ,HA wwf' - 1-'ffm 1 1 ' Jfsiibfz A, 1, gg, '17 M- .J ,f Time For Our Generation For Too long The headline makers in The hoT ciTy sTreeTs . . . brawlers on The campuses . . . have spoken Tor American youTh. Their voice is as old as Man's sTories. Now . . . all over America, There is a rising up oT a generaTion iT believes TirsT of all in The TuTure. They believe . . . as The older generaTion has . .. in working long hours, moving TasT. living sTraighT, speak- ing ouT . . . shouTing Tor liberTy. y ln This cenTury man is moving TasTer com- municaTing beTTer . . . living richer Than any oTher gen- eraTion beTore. We hear so much abouT The generaTion gap The gap is a wide one which has been bridged wiTh a TooTpaTh oT undersTanding. MosT kids of Today do noT proTesT whaT The world is buT whaT iT is becoming . .. iT does need im- proving .. . iT always has . . . always will. No one will reach perTecTion . . . buT . .. if perTecTion is our ulTi- Q maTe goal . . . how can we loose? L ., Cb, . , . ,,.. ...urs -- - V. , . we 'T' , T ... , - -s s: n r z T r - - T- 1' as may ,s,.,,f :A . J- :as f l - , - r or - T V 'QQ' rsfrssee-assaeaais T n ,cc,- .,,,. - f f f - - , ,. :.ffff+a-- ..p,f:f 1.1 , is A-.J- :mam qs -M.. . u cccgcc , . 'sri' s 5- -, T - 1 s X . is HP N A as 2 ,il QS , H . ,gifjigjjjfgsw--w.-.......,.,-.-,.-,.,..W TOP: Mike England and Randy Cambell bring "Age oT Aquarius" To liTe in The pep assembly. FAR LEFT: KaThy Crosby and KenneTh ClampiTT sing The sounds oT Today in an all school assembly. LEFT: STephanie Kienholz geTs involved rn The levy elechon. ABOVE: Hard working sTudenTs 'flee To The windows seeking an escape. Exerting Ourselves To Support A Cous FAR LEFT: As a reward for Their eT'iorTs in supporTing The UniTed Fund Drive. Susan Swenson and Ricky Meeks enioy parTicipaTing in The Junior Olympics. LEFT: Denise Hawkins persuades Gary Winfield To supporT F.B.L.A. by buying her a homecoming mum. LOWER LEFT: Members of The sTudenT bddy miss class To aTTend one of The TrequenT pep as- semblies, as The maioreTTes display Their TalenTs. LOWER: Robin HamilTon, Candy KeiTh, and JaneT Oaks "Tip Toe Through The Tulips" in a skiT from The annual SabreTTes lce Cream Social. We uniTe our eTTorTs . . . combine our ideas . . . mix work wiTh Tun . .. To produce Generals. l-lomecomings ... Take a special meaning . .. whiTe mums and red and gray ribbons ... Turnished by F.B.L.A. or Junior Class romanTicize The sporTs' seasons. UniTed Appeal Drive sparked by Junior Olympics ... encourage homerooms To supporT people ouTside oT GranT. lce cream' socials . . . Take on a diT- TerenT look ... as They draTT girls To ioin The pep club. Alliance disguised aT a pep assembly . .. hid- den in The accomplishmenTs we exerT ourselves To supporT a cause. Exercising Our Talents And Abilities To The Fullest, Attacking Individual Endeavors To Conquer Our Dream Talents . . . natural endowments . . . the ability to extend ourselves into doing something we enioy. Artistic pursuits . .. putting down on paper what we teel our emotions inspirations. An aptitude tor teamwork . .. working together . .. to attain rec- ognition as a group. The tootball team . . . struggling to insure a successtul season baking in summer practices in late August. Developing a talent . . . as in a play. Each individual working apart combining into one as the proiect becomes a reality. Training your voice . . . tor that working apart . . . combining into one as the project special song that will receive acknowledgment. Winning honors by demonstrating a natural capacity or gitt. Putting ourselves out to show our triends our abili- ties by being ourselves devoting time and ettort and uniting ideas to produce a tinished product. Wu I , WWW- . t M.,-gwew W, ' W. ff " ' -1' i ' J.-ff' ' ,. ' ' ' v. if HW ABOVE FAR LEFT: A tew proud girls prepare their seltemade garments for a clothing exhibit. ABOVE LEFT: Leland Easter charges through the tough Northwest Classen line to gain yardage tor the Generals. ABOVE: Students in stagecratt put the finishing touch on the scenery for the Junior Class Play. FAR LEFT: Joe Smithers. Bonnie Ballard, and David Bell won the National Auditions ot Teachers ot Singing Contest and gained honor tor themselves as well as Grant. LEFT: This individual makes his teelings come to lite through his expression of art. Dance And Decoration Make The SweeThearT Dance weeks oT preparaTion Tavors To make . .. inviTaTions To prinT . . . pro- grams To plan ... wall decoraTions To painT ... dresses To buy bands To audiTion meriTs To earn. Pep Club members hurry abouT TranTically To perTecT each deTail Tor The dance. A by-sTander may ask, "Why?" . . . "WhaT makes This so special?" BuT each SabreTTe knows The reason . .. iTs The Time To crown Their buddy. The nominaTions are reduced To Tive . .. boys who win over The girls' TavoriTism by hard work a Two year TooTball Ie++erman, Mike Cossey a Three year leTTerman in wresTling, Ever- eTT Gomez a Three year TooTball leTTerman and baseball, STan GuTTey a one year TooTball leTTer- man and Two year roundballer, Tommy l-lerron . .. a Three year leTTerman in TooTball, baskerball and base- ball, Danny Moen . . . are chosen by popular voTe of The pep club. g LeTTermen choose a sweeThearT girls who im- pressed Them by sTandards oT behavior as well as personaliTy. Five TorTunaTe girls ouT oT six hundred pep club members Donna Anders, Cindi Clingenpeel Darla Keel, Candy KeiTh. and PaT Siegle. The Annual Sabrettes Event FAR LEFT ABOVE: Everefl Gomez smiles affer learning of, his candidancy for Pep Club Buddy. FAR LEFT: Candiclafes for Le'r'rermen's Sweeihearf, Candy Keifh, Donna Anders. Darla Keel, Cindi Clingenpeel, and Pal Siegle unife forces wifh candidafes for Pep Club Buddy. Tommy Herron. Mike Cossey, Danny Moen. and Sian Guffey in an affempl' fo clean fhe cannon. CEN- TER ABOVE: Alan Whiflield leaps over Jimmy McLean wifh ioy affer being invifed To The Sweefhearf Dance. LEFT: LeHerman's Sweelhearl, Cindi Clingenpeel fries our some of 'rhe boy's equipment ABOVE: Sabrefies' officers and cheerleaders give 'fhe Pep Club Buddy, Danny Moen, fhe +reafmen1' 'fo get him ready for +he Sweefhearf Dance. l ll linally comes . . . a Senior year . .. a lime lo lead lhe Generals preside in organizalions order announcemenls lurn classrings around be lilled lor gradualion gowns and praclice. prac- lice. praclice. ll look so long lo gel here and lhen il slipped away. We were loo busy decoraling lhe blankness wilh anlicipalion lor lomorrow. One lasl look around lhe gymnasium on Baccalaureale Sunday llowers seem so odd .. . being condilioned lo lhe smell ol hol bodies aller a baskelball game. The lonesome halls shellering no one lrom lhe summer sunshine hold only memories. The cannon usually painled in a vain allempl lo dampen our spirils. The hurl in lhe spring promising sophomores and juniors .. . "nexl year will be besl!" Relinguishing conlrol lo new ollicers . . . leaving our spol in lhe lime- lighl lor someone else being shoved aside in lhe spring . .. we willingly graduale. Memories ol Senior year . . . dear lo some . . . who worked lo make il greal. ln years lo come we will lhink back ... lrying lo grasp a small porlion . .. and make il live. Bul lor now we are loo busy saying goodbye. A lost Hard Look Bac f , , ",',-. , -f,' .49 ' leforoqlieorhing To Touch Tomorrow. K. gh, 3 . - i ' X --4:1 is A.,-A gr. oooo 3 ' R S K .f" " Q, .,x,,,Js. Q,-,if L A ' k',...'1p4 Q' i , ff an A 3 - V L L 3 h .., ,, . My or ABOVE FAR LEFT: Janis Chambless lakes a look a+ graduafion gowns' as she realizes her Senior year is coming fo a close. ABOVE CENTER LEFT: Measuring for graduafion caps, Bob Wagner wonders if Charles Dolezal's head size is really wha? lhe rape measure says, LEFT: Mike Cossey and Darla Keel lhink back on fheir 'three years ar Gran? as Graduarion lime grows near. ABOVE LEFT: Choosing and ordering Announcemenls is a perplexing chore 'ro Danny Gonzales. ABOVE: I+ fakes The help of a chair and good eyes 'lo measure Sieve Rowlan's heighf for a gradualion gown, UPPER RIGHT: Paula Mayo is crowned Wreslling Queen by Evereri' Gomez. LOWER RIGHT: Some people fhoughf They would never dread graduarion pracrice. Accompanying Every Honor Finishing louches are made . .. lhe alarm goes oll earlier dresses are given a lasl pressing wilh a cool iron . . . luxedos are examined carelully . . . break- lasl neglecled because ol a nervous slomach inslead ol a lale schedule a momenl ol recognilion aller lwelve years ol perpelual work lhis is January eighlh. Knocking knees are hidden under yards ol velvel and Egyplian silk shaking hands are revealed by wriggling nosgays lhe boys hide nervous habirs benealh slrong characler and pride. The music slarls lhe couples walk down lhe aisle . .. moving slowly nol lo slumble and lall .. . By lwos lhey assemble on lhe slage Sue Mc- Dougal, Sophomore Track Allendenl, Junior Wres- lling Allendanl, Junior Usher, delegale lo Girls' Slale, Sabrelles' cheerleader Asa Bradley, all conler- ence loolball player, Junior Usher, O Club Syndy Evans, Junior Baskelball Allendanl, Junior Usher, Sen- ior Class Chaplain, Vice Presidenl ol lhe Sludenl,Coun- cil . .. Charles Babb, member ol FCA, NFL, O Club, Junior Rolarian, Junior Board ol Direclors, loolball lel- lerman, delegale lo Boys' Slale Rosemary Sprad- lin, lvliss l-lowdy, Junior Marshall, Sabrelles' cheer- leader ... Jimmy Owens, O Club, loolball player Debi Bynum, Junior Usher, delegale lo Girls' Slale, Presidenl ol Sludenl Council Leland Easler, Jun- ior Rolarian, Junior Board ol Direclors, loolball and baskelball lellerman . .. Glenda Brannon, Junior Wres- lling Allendanl, Junior Usher, Sabrelles' cheerleader, . .. Bob Walls, Parliamenlarian ol Sludenl Council, Junior Marshall, lvlr. l-lowdy, Slale and Nalional Vice Presidenl ol FBLA, lour year lellerman in lrack and All-Slale Cross Counlryman. The music gels louder lhe couples wail lhe producl ol long hours ol preparalion are now under gleaming slage lighls. Then Jimmy and Rose- mary are crowned lhe lension eases lhe al- lendanls look on graciously. The curlains close ... lhe lighls are lilled .. . lhe audilorium emplies lhe llowers will all ol il is over excepl lhe memories. '2 WC? FAR LEFT: General and His Lady, Jimmy Owens and Rosemary Sprad- lin, relax in casual cloThes aTTer The assembly. LEFT: Mr. Huffman presenTs The yearbook cover To The sTudenT body during The Yearbook assembly. ABOVE: General and His Lady AT- TendanTs. Bob WaTTs, Glenda Bran'- non. Leland EasTer. Debi Bynum. Charles Babb. Sue McDougal, Asa Bradley. and Syndy Evans, enioyed The assembly buT are relieved aTTer The exciTemenT of The crowning is over. RIGHT. TOP TO BOTTOM: Yearbook RoyalTy CandidaTes nervously awaiT The beginning of The assembly. Finish- ing Touches are made by Syndy Evans and Asa Bradley To perfecf Their ap- pearance. The candiclaTes are an- nounced by Barbara PriTchard. Year- book ediTor, and Bucky Irwin, News- paper ediTor. Jimmy Owens receives The TiTle of General and The suspense mounTs up Tor The announcement of Queen. Jimmy crowns Rosemary as His Lady. The Royal CourT poses one las+ Time To record on Tilm and keep The memory always. b Homecomings Highlighted By Queens Elected Vorsl Athlehc Teams 4 A A-g,h.e 3 Paula Mayo Wresfling Queen Julie Jennings Foofball Queen a Charla Naniz Track Queen NNMX Careful Planning Wrapped Up The game begins . .. someThing is diTTerenT a larger percenT oT girls come wiTh boys simple whiTe Tissues TwisTed, Turned, painTed and sTuTTed unTil They become aTTracTive . .. are mounTecl on a huge plaTTorm a plush red chair an inescapable aTmosphere oT happiness and exciTemenT . .. an exTra porTion oT spiriT and pride . . . iT islhomecoming. For The lucky aTTendanTs The TirsT halT oT The game Ticks away slowly aTTer days oT preparing planning Their appearance To The NTh degree They sTep inTo The gown., so careTully searched Tor. Then comes The Time The buzzer sounds The behavior oT The players change Trom Their ex- uberaTe eTTorTs To a slow pace The noisy gym changes inTo a show Tloor Tor Tormals . . . special hair care . . . and preTTy girls. For a Tew momenTs . . . The husTle and busTle oT The game gives in To a cligniTiecl halT Time. All These Things make up a homecoming . .. alumni reTurn To experience The presenT sTaTe oT Their old school seniors sing alma maTer iT makes us prouder To Take a parT oT GranT and Travel To oTher schools . .. because we know whaT we geT To come home To. ln Ten Minute Half Time LEFT: Donna McGhee, Junior, JaneT Oaks, Junior Sophomore, and Andrea Bloomm Senior. are wresTling ABOVE: FooTball aTTendanTs, Pam Baker, Sophomore, Pam Junior. Robin HamilTon, Junior, Yasin Merican, honorary Senior TenclanT and VesTa McClain, Senior, Tinally cahgh +I-ie Gene,-,g,l'5 5, ABOVE RIGHT: Track aTTendanTs, Leona Hair, Senior, Susan MCEUQ Sophomore, and Mary Reames, Junior, use a hurdle for leaf-.ii raTher Than iumping. RIGHT: The baskerball Team shows off The aTTendanTs, Susie Mcivlillin, Sophomore, Karen Thompson, Junir Sharon Thompson, Junior, and Vicki Arnold, Senior, fo 1-he fans The sTands. ...fx u ,fin ma ,, . WM' :ze 'fu ,. I ",, -, ,fm mg, ' , 32501 siwn, ' Wnziii 'ink n . wx Z ij, 1 'SWE' . ,,,, ,,,-a 5 E E X w ,.. S is fl Everyday Generals Involved In Today ...1 , - - SPORTS Our sfrengfh is in our union: our danger, is in discord gi . 'N-. EAR ABOVE: Head foofball Coach Charles Carpenler relays fhe new offensive aflaclc lo HB Bob Shepard. ABOVE RIGHT: All slarlers Don Lindsley and Bob Wafls discuss up-coming Track meef wifh Head Coach John Hill. ABOVE: Coach Don Melheny assisls Dan Moen during an aller school praclice. FAR RIGHT: Head Wreslling Coach Virgil Milliron slresses fhe imporfance of sporfmanship. J 'I'-'?,Y"" 'Of' w X . l ffl Sflff A , y W ' W Couch Virgil Milliron Fills Position As Athletic Head The Generals lciclced ott their athletic program in mid-August as the tootball team began practice under new l-lead Coach Charles Carpenter. Late summer also marked the beginning ot torrid worlcouts tor the rough schedule ot grinding meets ahead. Coach John l-lill's harriers toolc a new place in the state rankings-tenth. Admittedly ott par tor our cross-country team. but the spirit and competitive- ness was there again. l Coach Virgil lVlilliron's troops were hatted by in- iuries and laclc ot a heavyweight wrestler. The roundballers were hampered by laclc ot height and experience. Coach Walker's swim team placed second in the city tournament and posted a 9-l dual record. The baseball team began practicing, another winning season, early February under second year coach Rus- sell l-ligbie. The golt and tennis teams improved with many re- turning lettermen. The track team also pulled ott an- ? other high rank in the state meet. Generals Rock Up 4-6 Year In Stcite's Best Conference , 1' , ' ,,,,- J ' :.--- - W Y M . V - V 4. ,, A , ,N Q. ,, W 'WM' , " 4 ' f. ' K' ' 'i , , B, ' ' 'W " ri M ' ., ' ' , W V r , Q fa - M , V "' , fi , 'a A, y A . ,Wg 2? ,V , V ,. A' fi Er' "",i,i .,,r f W, ABQ, .,., 4 . r ' N, V -viz? MN K A H V' ,fwwyl ,mliw LVKA, V Ki,.:Jr,v5r H b , VW . . , J i - in J, 'ln . " gq b ff M45 EJ: ', 'AWVV 7 J , '-gi, -1 ,' ii BU, 4, s, rev Q. T' 'K I T M' 'gl "' x..1,6pQ -132'-'T B' '- N i , " T ll! i , Sq, W Vavifin-v2Ui!" -Q-Soi! -IU?-'NSI A-.111 I i fi AWV' A AVVV V I , Y 1 fad,-f he - , gi ri lei Xa, r i f iiii f H T Q T B lrr 'W' ,. T T , rrrrrrr G , 7' i ir eee , r,er - , f T lre " if P A ., , a " ' B .- ,,rrr if ' it ii ,. ,, f T A 1 r y , yr y y y y , , , or B T 1 L F- 'if 1 N. ' r l ' ,B r- 'S' 7' " - 5, I Q. . ,. , . . ,fl: Q Wi. ,nie V, M - ' gp ', u i.W M A? . V ' Ch 'Ry is., A A lj 3,4 , rr 6, at .yi , y ,y , F kylie- fyzg , . W, ,meAW5, I 5 ,, . i,TM.+J, VIL, f, Ak y I . V W -,Ti VN, L .V . ,Ma ,V My A AL F 1, L. 7 fr f -i r Y ' , . I , ,,r, , 77 ,f..Q i ' M ,, Q A i f' 7 if Q, "B 'I , if Bolrom Row: Danny Moen, 84, ELB: Wayne Noble, 35, DB: Richard Ryan, 73, G: Rick Wagner, 20. Db: Gary Winfield, 50, DE: Raymond Bruza, lO, DB: Rick Jones, 60, LB: Bruce Smifh, 44, Db: Teddy Woolen, l5, DE: Willie OH, bl, G: Sian Ggiffey, 63, C: Bobby Shepard, 40, WB, DB. Second Row: Leland Easier. Il. QB: Mike Cooperman, 66, T: Dennis Whalen, 82, SE: Ricky Liffle, 7l, T: Sieve Flaniken, 42, DB: Asa Bradley, 22, TB: B. Mike Cossey, 25, FB: Ron Riffer, IZ, S: Joe Bob l-laynie, Bl, E: Sieve Whilaker, 30, WB: Tom Sullivan, 85, LB: Gary Conrad, 64, DE. Third Row: David Wilson, 55, C: Rickey Meeks 80, E: Ernie Nelson, 77: Terry Dewey, 75, NG: David Tolberf, 72, Dr: Larry Ausiin. 65, DT, OG: Ricky Gore. DB: David Polier, 52. T: David Newell. 54, Deg Tommy Herron. 83. DB: Charlie Babb, 32, LB: Charley CaveH', 74. T: Phil Dean, 70. T. . ,- as v r f s K?,r::iff.S45..r2 , '33 - ' " 'pf f Q . HQ'f 5 ,. if M N7 T M y j , y Q ' N li 4 y 12 . ggi . 35.1 4 Nb J 0 Lea' J--il R f"!'iwm,..-Z?-37,8 i '5.-175 .Psi-gg 22 ...RQ ly. n 1 U . i N. X i .W .. gr -W ABOVE: This bone-crushing down field block by General's Fullbacl: Mike Cossey makes possible a Granf fouchdown. LEFT: Tailbacl: Asa Bragley shows how valuable a second effort is in picking up exfra yar s. 'M AL .H-av? fr- -V .f ,.,, rs- "g,.,1w 'A s-s.,,,5.r.. V. y .. M W V , , . ,, . A I .7 ' , f ,kj 3 . .3""', 'rw . ,.., 'I . r,,'7f'gf- is M W- 'N r yr if i W '-,- if ,-4 ,, H N,,- '4,1 "fr G ' s , , , . ay., .0 af , W, A . , , s . fsll l,cc l,ll, M, .. yslhdgrg a,,1,Qih,V , ,M .., ,sf. ws: s, I K WW. K 4.5, ,hWf:MW ri ,A ,hj6ELA.:,.,n?i,.ZM VM .s . r M wfyxlkx A J Enfhusiasfic cheerleaders, officers and pep club members, a loud, soulful band and a group of fhe fighfing, "never-say-die" foofball "guys." This is fhe General's formula for one of fhe mosf meaningful, if nof fhe mosf successful, seasons in fheir hisfory. And fhis season is fhe one. Several oufsfanding individuals achieved honors for 'rhe Generals. Danny Moen, Asa Bradley and Mike Cossey were named All Conference players. Moen was also named for fhe All Cify feam. A fie for sevenfh place conference rank was given fo Granf af fhe close of fhe season. When asked for fhe biggesf disappoinfmenf of fhe season, l-lead Coach Charles Carpenfer replied, "l guess losing The ofher six games was fhe hardesf upsef fo swallow." For seniors, fhis season is fhe besf of all foofball seasons of fheir fhree years af Granf. lf is a season of penalfies, iniuries and fears. buf if is also a season of vicfories. The foofball "guys" play fhe besf, never sfopping fo mourn defeafs, always fighfing-pushing- proving fhaf Generals are Besfl Grunt Wins Two In A Row Gver Arch Enemy Capitol Hil Granf rolled To Their second consecufive win over arch-rival Capifal Hill, 39-6, Through The Thunder of senior guarferback Leland EasTer and senior Tailback Asa Bradley. The Generals began The 39-poinT sform on The opening kickoff as Mike Cossey boofed a suc- cessful field goal from 28 yards ouf. On The ensuing kickoff, a Hill fumble resulfed in an Easfer To Bobby Sheppard 3l yard Touchdown pass. The second c1uarTer belonged To Granfs Tailback. Eol- lowing an unsuccessful Redskin aTTempT To puf poinTs on The scoreboard, a piTchouT from EasTer resulTed in a Bradley 22 yard sprinf and 6 more poinfs for The Generals. Then Bradley upped The score To 25-O on a I yard Touchdown plunge To end The TirsT half. During The second half guarferback Easfer added The Two final Tallies for his Team by capping a drive wifh a l yard dive To pay dirT and a 2 poinf con- version pass To Joe l-laney. To end The one-sided salvo, The remarkable Easfer ThrusT inTo The end zone on a five yard scoring Trek and rounded The score To 39-6. l ABOVE LEFT: Pass inTe-rference Toils deep Touchdown pass from Asa Bradley To TighT end Dennis Whalen. ABOVE CENTER: ATTer General Touchdown Leland Easfer Taking The exTra poinT Throws Bob Shephard a conversion pass. ABOVE: Tailback Asa Bradley runs The ball up The middle To pick up The viTal firsT down. ity Takes Grant But Not Without A Fight The U. S. Grant Generals had a tough iob to per- torm at Rose Field on October 24, I969. They were scheduled to oppose the top-ranked Bombers were going to grind the Generals in deteat. The Generals were out to show the capacity crowd that they were indeed going to tight. A Bomber score on the opening kick-ott and a Mike Gossey touchdown tour plays later convinced the tans that they were indeed in tor a good game, it not tor an upset. Moments later, Midwest City struck again only to have Bobby Shephard take the ensuing kick-ott and dash 59 yards to the Grant 25 yardline. From there, alert senior guarterback Leland Easter hit the bull's eye andsShephard took the 25 yard touchdown pass to end the tirst halt with a score ot I4-I2 in the Bomb- ers tavor. The second halt proved to be branded "Bombers Property" as an awesome ground attack put a tight cap on all other scoring attempts by the Generals. Morale and good sportsmanship were the essence ot our Gen- erals during the last halt as they contained the amazing Bomber ottense to 20 points and the closing score ot 34-l2. Johnny Johnson atter a tumble. ABOVE LEFT: General Quarterback Leland Easter struggles to get back to the line ot scrimmage atter 1 a broken play. ABOVE: Linebacker Ricky Jones hauls i down Midwest City Fullback Sullenthrop as he tried , unsuccesstully to turn up tield. LEFT: Detenders Rick l Jones and Ted Wooten converge on Midwest City's John MurshoII's Tough Defense Overcomes Grunt A mighTy Paul Erwin 70 yard iaunT on The TirsT play Trom scrimmage Touched oTT whaT was To be a surpris- ing I9-9 vicTory over The Generals Tor The John Marshall Bears. The Bears upped The Talley To I2-O during The second guarTer wiTh a I4 yard bursT by Ron WaTers. JusT beTore The end oT The halT, GranT mounTed a scoring drive as senior guarTerback Leland EasTer hiT spliT end Dennis Whalen. Whalen Then laTeraled The ball To Bobby Shephard who moved To The Ten. Mike Cossey, senior Tullback, seemingly Trapped Tor a loss on a draw play, bursT up The middle To score The Touch- down. An unsuccessTul exTra poinT aTTempT leTT The score aT T2-6 aT The end oT The TirsT halT. The Third quarTer was a "General" quarTer. C5ranT dominaTed The acTion Taking The iniTial kick-OTT and driving To The Marshall l7 yard line beTore giving up The ball. Senior linebacker Charlie Babb inTercepTed a Bear pass Three plays laTer and reTurned The ball I3 yards To seT up a Larry AusTin 28 yard Tield goal To change The reading To I2-9. BuT The game was puT ouT oT reach as WaTers Took a Craig Tucker pass 35 yards down Tield Tor The Touchdown and a compleTed poinT aTTempT ended The scoring aT l9-9. gaT ai B d y g d T y d q againsT John Marshall as Tackle Ricky LiTTl inTerTerence LEFT ,Lge I ABOVE CENTER: Junior wingback Bobby Sh ph d hers in a John Marshall punT and h d T The wall oT blockers on The sideline. ABOVE: T Ib k A l e rin s ou more John Marshall luck did Too good on This play as Three members oT C- T g d T d b y Th b ll T l SW5l'I'T1 ur e a carrier o 1 L. Generals Fall To Porter-Led Sparran Offense GRANT VISITOR 48 Del criy .. 8 Shawnee .. O PuTam CiTy . 28 Douglass 32 CapiTol l-lill . I2 lNlOrThweST .. I2 MidwesT CiTy 8 John Marshall I2 SOuTheasT . . 7 Enid ..... All-STaTer guarTerbacl4 Darrel PorTer proved To be a greaT asseT Tor The SparTans in Their 26-I3 vicTory over The Generals. A scoreless TirsT guarTer gave an illusion oT inacTivETy buT in realiTy The Generals were being severely TesTed by a Triclcy SparTan deTense which lcepT Them deep in Their own TerriTory. PorTer began The second guarTer scoring by a sprinT around leTT end and 6 poinTs: The exTra poinT aTTempT Tailed. GranT rallied wiTh recovered Tumble and snealced ahead 7-6, buT noT Tor long. STunned General Tans and players gasped as PorTer Took The lciclc-oTT To seT up a second play Touchdown. A scoreless Third guarTer Tollowed. Then The SparTans grabbed a luclcy inTercepTion and 6 poinTs To TurTher discourage GranTg a PorTer passing bomb added an- oTher 6. BuT The Generals TighTing spiriT reTused To die. OuarTerbaclc Leland EasTer sTaged one lasT valianT Try and ended The scoring wiTh 6 hard won General poinTs. ABOVE LEFT: Playing iT smarT. Bobby Shephard inTenTionally inTerTeres wiTh Two NorThwesT deTenders raTher Than allow The inTercepTion. ABOVE: SaTeTy man Ron RiTTer slows him down, and Larry AusTin and Ricky Meeks hurry To puT The clamps on SouTheasT seTbaclc Roy SmiTh. Pride Brings Lillle Generals A Successful 8-2 Season The B squad loolball leam linished ils season will eighl wins and lwo losses. Under lhe direclion ol coaches Don Archer anc Bob Wooden lhe leam began lheir line season by ui: ending lheir lirsl opponenls, Del Cily 22-O. The de lensively slrong leam slipped pasl John Marshall IO-8 wilh lhe delense scoring lhe lasl lwo winning poinls ol lhe game. The ollensive unil also showed ils abilily lo score poinls as lhey monopolized lhe lield compleling lheir season wilh a viclory over Soulheasl, 44-I2 permilling Soulheasl lo score only in lhe lasl guarler. The leam consisls ol sophomores and juniors who will malce up lhe varsily leam nexl year. ABOVE: A ke arsi y receplron by Robby Woods leads lhe Junior V ly lo anolher viclory. Rl6l-lT: Ricky Lillle adds lhe final lhree p l lh l g d l lh g l in e cosin SSCOIW S O 6' ABOVE RIGHT: The Ju Varsily defense malces a slruggling elforl lo recover lhe ball ll a Sparlan fumble. FAR RIGHT: R h d McNeely calches lhe b ll in spile of excellenl coverage b ylheo pposilion. The ollensive unil was led by lailbaclc Kenny Flani- lcen, a sophomore who led lhe leam in scoring. Wilh lhe spiril and dedicalion shown lhis year, lhe Generals have a brighl oulloolc. 1 Q W Q Y f Leff fo righf Junior Varsily players are, BoHom Row: Johnny Wagoner, Sieve Michels. S+an Rowlan. Richard Garrefl. Charles Halhaway. Eric Smifh, Mike Mafchen, Gilberl' Turner, Rick Allen. Second Row: Joe Founfain, Sieve Craig, Larry Taylor, Bill Lawson, Larry Auslin, Sieve Tolsan. Richard McNeely, Kevin Perry, Ron Svefgoff. Third Row: David Glass, David Carnes, David Dunbar. Ken Dowell, Pai Darrow. Frank London, Mike Canada, Frank Dawson, Gene Muse. Fourih Row: Brad Bands. Rocky Eaves, Calvin Mason. Randy Pearn, Gary Knapp, Sian Pendergrafl. Roberl' Roberls, Jerry Garrerf, Gerald Miller. Fiffh Row: David Welcher, Brooks Dodd. George Lane, Chris Ladasau, Terry Sfanley, John McDougal, Pal' Casey, Tony Sloan, Bobby Baughman. Sixlh row. Terry Waddle, David Aphalonel Mike Prine, Bob Anderson, Charles Halfield, Ken Flaniken, David Peck, Roy Garlher. Sevenfh Row: Frank Husfon, Scofr Smirh, Mike Reeves, Greg Rolland, Terry Benson, Tim Milam, Glen Billings, Bill Kelly. Top Row: David Brown, Randy Marcum, Darrell Carfwrighl, Rick Orr, Charles Carpenler. BELOW: Ricky Meeks shoois for a baske? despife The coverage of 'rhe Sourheasr defense. LOWER RIGHT: Danny Moen sfeps fron Gene LeweIIen's paI'h as he s+eaIs 'rhe baII from Ihe Troians. FAI RIGHT: Dubby McEIvany goes for Iwo poinfs as a Wolf heIpIessI1 looks on. RIGHT: Under heavy pressure. cenfer Sieve RowIan pufs up a lump sho? for anofher score. GRANT VISITORS 43 Shawnee . . . 40 Norihwesi . 52 Pufnam Ciiy 48 Midwesi Ciry 48 Enid ...... 63 EI Reno . . . 53 Del Ciry . . . 47 Capi'raI Hill 37 Norihwesi . 59 John Marshall 54 Douglas .... 50 Souiheasi' .. 52 Capiial HiII 48 Shawnee . . Fronr Row: Sam GarIow. IO: Dubby McEIany, I4: Tommie Herron. 24: David Newell. 20: Leland Easier, 42: Danny Moen, 30: Richie Reyes 22 Back Row: Ken Flaniken. 34: Rick Grassion. 44: Randy Helm, 40: Gary Sifers. 54: Sieve Rowlan, 50: Gene LeweIIen. 32: Ricky Meeks 52 Ken Nelson. l2. Couch Metheny Rebuilds And Reshcipes CompleTe New Unit Aslc sTarTers Danny lvloen, STeve Rowland, Gene Lewellen, Dubby McElvany or Ken Flanilcen whaT nap- piness is, and They'll probably Tell you iT's geTTing a paT on The baclc, a smile, or a "well done" Trom baslceT- ball coach Don lvleTheny. Coach MeTheny has had many opporTuniTies To be happy This season as he has waTched his boys Talce To The courT and perTorm Their besT Through every game. This baslceTball season is one characTerized by hard work and The ever diTTiculT Taslc oT rebuilding and re- shaping a new Team. l.asT year's sTarTers were all graduaTes, leaving Coach lvleTheny The responsibiliTy oT Torming a new uniT. one which musT conTain players wiTh The abiliTy To worlc TogeTher devoTedly as a Team. Seniors lvloen, Rowland, Tommy l-lerron, and Leland EasTer who worlced wiTh The graduaTing sTarTers, are serving To provide The necessary advanTage oT experi- ence. Senior STeve Rowland is one oT GranT's mosT valuable asseTs This season. The lanlcy senior has recovered The mosT rebounds, is The high poinT man, and is serving as cenTer Tor The spiriTed General roundballers. Roundbcillers Strive With A Prayer For Confidence De-Terminafion is a word many men boasf, buT few possess. lT is a characferisfic which involves greaT spiriT, resolve and a binding decision To "do your besT." This is a gualiTy ThaT The Generals wish To ac- claim in Their baslcefball players. A year of rebuilding is usually a year of disappoinf- menf. So, wiTh a few excepfions, is This season for The Generals. Games come and go, wiTh hearf-breaking defeafs. Many Tears have been choked baclc, by fans and players alilce. The mighfy Generals undersfand whaT iT means To biTe The dusf. BUT "giving up" is a phrase noT in Their vocabulary. They fall buT conTinue To rise, refreshened in The faiTh Thaf Their Time will come. They rise wifh The resolve To pracfice longer and fighf harder. They sfrive always wiTh a prayer for confidence, qualiTy and good sporfsmanship. Tremendous spiriT and energy characferize The repuTaTion Thaf follows The General's baslsefball Team wherever They go. ABOVE: Kenny Flanilcen drives in for a lay up shof. ABOVE LEFT: STeve Rowlan guards his Soufheasf opponenf cauTiously To prevenT him from scoring. LEFT: Leland Easfer charges down The courT for Two poinfs affer receiving a pass. ABOVE FAR RIGHT: Danny Moen franTically looks for Sfeve Rowlan Through The waving arms of The Soufheasf Sparfans. ABOVE: CENTER: Dubby McElvany affempfs a iump shof and is fouled by a Capifol Hill defender. ABOVE FAR RIGHT: Tommy Herron Tries To escape The sfrong Capifol Hill defense. ca? -Q-ww' 9 QM Better Shooters And More A To learn the basic tundamentals ot the game and to gain practical experience are two good reasons why sophomores participate in junior varsity basketball. The desire to beat last year's season record adds extra incentive tor the new Generals. The B team is being led in scoring by Richie Reyes and Ken Nelson, with most ot their rebounding power originating trom Glen Gottschalk and Bobby Siters. Bobby Harrison is providing some "show" tor General tans with his tine outside shooting. John Marshall was the tirst to deteat the Generals and since the game, several iniuries have plagued the team. But with the encouragement ot Coach Don Archer, the boys are learning to gain experience trom mistortune. Head Basketball Coach Don Ivletheny has this to say, "This year's sophomores are better shooters and have more ability than sophomores ot the past. We look torward to having a tine team in the tuture." ABOVE: Atter an attempted shot Bobby Siters goes tor the rebound. RIGHT: Sliding by the Capitol Hill detensemen Bobby Harris goes in to a I d t ' t ABOVE RIGHT A t t' cl h' elt r ay up an wo porn s. : n opponen in s rms in trouble atter the General attack. ABOVE FAR RIGHT: Sam Garlow steals the basketball trom an unsuspecting Redskin. xg! 1 2242 s 'xn- L 40 l l 7 Yao Q ' A 2 2 2 A 2 -aol y fl y '34l 'QA l l vi li -94' Fronl Row: B-learn basketball players are Slave Kenny, 207 Sam Garlow, 341 Terry Sfanley, 24: Richie Reyes, 4-Og Roberl Harris. 32. Middle Row: Richard Arnold: Joe Founlain, 427 Allen Varnon, 501 Gene Muse, 243 Jirn Conrad. 2. Back Row: Ken Nelson, 42: Glenn GaHschalk, 54: Jon l-louse. 22: Randy Furr, 323 Bobby Silers. 523 Bobby Garrison, 44gCoacl1 Don Archer. Firs+ Row, Sillingz Charlie Gomez, Don Isbell, Evereil Gomez. Jim Blaclcmon. Second Row: Harry Boydsfon. Jim McLean, David Norvell, Shannon Roberson. Third Row: Bill Snipes, Don Gibson, Ronnie Rilfer, Danny Gonzales. Riclc Lilile. w . sl ABOVE: Riclc Lilile ailempls 'ro prevenl an escape by his John Marshall opponent RlGHT: Ronnie Riller moves in for fwo poinfs and a lakedow ABOVE CENTER: As he is inlroducecl, Granl's Jim McLean sleps 'Forward in To shake hands wiih his rival. ABOVE FAR RIGHT: Undefeafed Everelf J Gomez goes for a pin. A H. Generols Boost Potent Brother Teom With Chorlie And Everett The General matmen had their problems this year but still managed to turn in another strong pertorm- ance. Eew teams could be plagued by iniuries and lack ot competition at the heavier weights and still place as high as our grapplers did. Grant boasted a potent brother act with Charlie and Everett Gomez, Charlie at 98 pounds and Everett at IO6. Charlie did an outstanding iob as a sopho- more, and Everett turned out one ot the states best records at 23-O. Everett was city, conterence, and regional champion. l-le also won the tourney title at Geary. Jim Blaclcmon, at ll5, was also rated in the state's upper echelon. Jim, along with Everett, was rated at the top ot the Oklahoma Journal's wrestling ratings at l l5. Billy Snipes and l-larry Boydston handled IZ3 very capably. Snipes was torced to wrestle at l3O in addi- tion to l23 because ot iniuries to David Norvell and Couch Virgil Milliron Sparks Mutmen With Motivation lContinuedl Don Gibson. With these iniuries Coach Milliron was torced to move his men up a weight. Shannon Roberson tashioned a 7-4 record at l3O, I36, and l4l. Ron Ritter won titles at the City Mid State and Regionals in route to a l8-2-l record betore the state tourney. Dan Gonzales at l57 and Ricky Little at l68 rounded out the lineup tor the Generals. When the wrestlers at the lower weight were healthy, Gonzales would compete at I68 and Little at l78. A person may be a capable wrestler. but that doesn't necessarily mean that he will succeed. Some- thing, or someone must spur a wrestler and give him the motivation and the will to win. Coach Virgil lvlill- iron sparks our wrestlers with this power, through his dedication and drive. 3??'f K' f 'M I ,E K' ,Y I 3 f' ABOVE: Phillip Mabry fries +o maneuver his opponenl info posifion for a pin. FAR RIGHT: Don Gibson 'fries Io 'Iurn an unwilling John Marshall Bear on his back in fheir I4-I Ib. march. RIGHT CENTER: Mark Flemming af I57 lbs. Iighfs a defensive maich Ihal ends in a draw. RIGHT: Coach Harold Crosley walches. an1icipa+ing a pin by Jim Bamburger. LOWER RIGHT: Don Gibson looks for an opporlunify fo gain some poinis. ,mt ,X -MQ Fronl Row. Iefr Io righf: B-feam wresllers are Marlin Weeks, Bryon Anioon. Don Kirk, and Jim Bamburger. Back Row: Barry Floyd, Fred Bradley, Phillip Mabry. Mark Flemming, and Mark Bell. ,uw I ,,,,ggM f 5 flu Wlwf an RIGHT: Mike Anlrilcin shows good form in Throwing fhe discus, ABOVE: Earl Perlcins sfrives for exlra heighl which is essenlial for exfra inches in broad iumping. FAR RIGHT: Pracficing hard, Randy Campbell is aiming for lhe school record in pole vaulling. FAR ABOVE: Busler Savage. Ken Clampiii' and Charles Feclunalc are in The selling blocks compeling for a place on The mile relay leam. Humiliiy ls Proudly Abundant ln General Champions If confidence is characlerislic of C-5ran+'s lrack leam, il's due lo a line-up like lhis one: 440 Relay-Ken Clampill, Busler Savage, Tom Green, and Dennis Doke: 880-Bob Walls, Ricky Carpenler: l-ligh hurdles-Green: 440-Doke, Clam- pill: Low hurdles-Green, Doke: Two mile-Dennis Smilh: Mile-Lindsley: Mile relay-Walls, Green, Doke, and Lindsley, Clampiil, or Fedunak: Shol pul- Jerry Lowder: Discus-Mike Anlrikin: Pole Vaull- Randy Campbell: l-ligh iump-Terry Flowers: Broad iump-Fedunak, Earl Perkins. Coach John l-lill is plainly proud ol his leam lhis season. The pride shows in his face and on lhe big cardboard record ol accomplishmenls of his boys lhal hangs by his chair in lhe coaches office. Along wirh lrue confidence comes humilily, which is 'found in abundance in 'rhese champions from U. S. , Granl. From' Row: Track members are Terry Price. Bob Walls, Don Lindsley, Sfeve Turner, Terry Dewey. Earl Perkins. Second Row: Jerre,Lowcler. Mike Anlrikin, David Tolberl, Dennis Smilh, Charles Fedunak, Ken Clampilf, Busfer Savage. Denr1iS D0llS. T0m Green. COBCll J0l'1f1 Hill- Tl'1"'d Row: David McCall, Viclor Chrislian, Coy Pralher. Frank Smirh, Randy Campbell, Terry Flowers. Sieve Weeks, Danny Andrews, Marshal Upiohn. Fourfh Row: Chuck Wells, Keirh Pike, Rocky Eves. Ricky Carpenrer, Gary l-lanshue. Danny Sampson, Mike Wilkes, Frank London. Top Row: Gary Pallerson, Sieve Timanus, Sieve Tolson. Jimmy Spradlin, Sieve Hallield, Mike Bolloms, David Ruyle, Randy Walfcn, Chuck Lowe. Confidence - Keynote Description OT Generol Trockmen "GranT's Track Team?-The besT in The sTaTe!" Who said ThaT? Wouldn'T you know? lT's Don Linds- ley. BuT ask anyone and They'll Tell you The same. The Generals are hard To beaT! Especially The General Track Team. ConTidence seems To be The keynoTe descripTion and viTal code oT The Track members This season. They pracTice long, hard hours every day aTTer school on Their individual specialiTies To prove Time and again Tha+ pracTice does make perTecT. This qualiTy presenTs iTselT clearly in anoTher oT Lindsley's musings, "The whole Team has vowed To beTTer The lasT Two years oT second in sTaTe. l Teel we will." JusT like ThaT, so calmly, and wiTh reason. IT GranT's Track Team oT one and Two years ago can grab a second place Trophy aT STaTe, why noT a TirsT place This year? Under a dedicaTed coach like John l-lill-anyThing is possible. l c . A l- I' . .. . , 1 r " ' . ' Ti I " T'-giizfiiiv.'57Q,5:f,'Q",:v. Q - il ' I ,:4:, if -:wafers i""es::s:, Y -' 41 ' - g , 3 -srqaw h :,. , - Q, 5- 'r 'M 'f ' -11:51 X Lf , , , ij T. '. , 1 " 4 1 ,J , if "- f ' ' Q1 w. ' 1 4 -' 1s,l,' 3 ' T , fc , N - 7 A is 1 A T ' ' T x f , 4 3' 1 , , , I ,, W , ,gp , af V ,r Y ef. N .Vi L, In A ,4 V5L,,,,,g5,1,gs I ,V 5,- . L " 1 W, ' ' 'fi'i3TQ"55 fi f ' : T T 'fi ' J -, 1' , 'f J-ei T257 ' ' ' ' ' . nr 4-'-2 , f., 4 ' -'., f, ,r. ,, . . , f , ,- vz.,,.jrg,gL V, Ima s , v , be fy' y'f2'vE55 1-, f' r,,i'fs ' TQ, 'iw f ' T Af ' fi' , 1' r A A , , T we r . ,j x Naznvsrfreqffgfif' N rm "" 'M ,. l ' I Wi T T fxewi T? , Mm ffirffr' ,..,x-,Qgfsizgggs 'W ' ,W , " , 'lfsg ,ms ' . - -2-f.mfi?f'e1gg-Z4?5'f'Q4r'?K ,, ' " A - 4. T ,s 5-11':1zwx1:Qs1e",3f,',c-,Caringf.51s'?"'1, ' es,--M -111 f . - '--,,-..y,.Qf.+- V .Q if V ff-V Nw aw... ,ae ff f .. .ffiw N131 - -of , 'fl 4.-,1:i. , ,:,4'w,t'j . -vs.: .3-.v.e7if'3!'r14,,', ,,gr11'?T?5s5v5f-m-iQ5a?fff gil' 'J-9fr1':'4,fgzf' , 'i 9515 ,' 'If , Fe K 5? - l" 'Mfr iff? 1+':ZTf ' , f P If 'mg' ' ., rr -'Y' 3 .incl Www FAR LEFT: Danny Andrews soaks his TeeT aTTer working ouT all day. LEFT: Members of The Track Team warm up To loosen Their muscles before running The Track. ABOVE LEFT: Jerry Lowcler displays his abiliTy wiTh The shoT puT. FAR ABOVE: Coach Hill shooTs The gun and The boys are off scrambling To beaT each oTher To The Tinish, RIGHT: ExerTion showing in The sTrained expression on his Tace, Terry Flowers TiqhTs Tor exTra heighT. ABOVE: Tommy Green reaches The TirsT barrier in line 'form in praclicing Tor The high hurdles. Seniors Watts And Lindsley Lead Field Of Rocrdrunners 'QB 324,95 sf? FronT Row: Mike BoTToms. Coy PraTher, Marshal Upiohn. VicTor ChrisTian. Back Row: Dennis D ke Do L clsley Bob WaTTs Co ch John Hll WhaT beTTer way To open a new season Than To secure a Third place TiTle? RighT? GranT's cross coun- Try runners shouT, "You beTl" ln laTe AugusT The Gen- erals proved ThaT They indeed were There and There To win. The evenT-Sequoyah lnviTaTional in Talequah. Don Lindsley secured The individual TiTle, Bob WaTTs was Third and STeve Turner was ThirTeenTh in The Tield oT 86 runners. The Tulsa Edison meeT yielded Lindsley a second place and WaTTs a TourTh. NexT, Gerald Tomlinson, Dennis Dolce, Bob WaTTs, Jerry Killman, and Don Lindsley ran six miles To a TourTh place rank aT The Tairground relays. Lindsley and WaTTs broughT TurThur glories To GranT wiTh second and TourTh place awards Trom The Norman lnviTaTional. The Generals conTinued To shine and lvlid-STaTe compeTiTion procured a second place Tor Lindsley, Tifrh Tor WaTTs and sixTeenTh Tor Turner. AT All CiTy, Lindsley and WaTTs broughT home second and TourTh place rankings. Finally aT STaTe, seniors Bob WaTTs secured sixTh place and Don Lindsley ToughT sickness To Tackle TiTTeenTh place. The Generals say-Thank you To our runners. 1, , -71 4 'bf' Sr w 1 rssl 4 iw. , V A A . 1-' V ,.+ L fm' ,, F f F ' K f' "3 ' v , 1 K -uf ,V l 'W M7 3 W s, in , f is sss ll.. 6, my Q V WV - . W ' ' J E 'Q ,xl f K A A.. ' M' fl se, " F F. ""' 'A lrlpi 'fi' 1, il l aim , AA M A4A F , 1 1 2+ ktgfb 7 r,,, i nw, V in ,gg . R A K - ' lr'f L1Lf, V V I ""'s F F A ! , p We , an s I ff' if , V , N' V g . me F V 1 .E 'g2B..,,4a,4w", ' ah J LEFT: Coach John Hill checks fhe 'rime of Gran'r's winning relay feam. FAR ABOVE: Rerurninq leHermen spend hours running fo slay in shape for cross counfry compefilion. ABOVE: Bob Walls and Don Lindsley polish 'rheir hand off fechnique. FAR LEFT: Tom Green and Ken ClampiH' sprinl' The 2 mile run fc keep in shape for iough compefilors. if Determined Wills Wrap Up An ll-l Record For Swimmers An enfhusiasfic feam wifh pride and dedicafion is whaf every coach worlcs for and dreams abouf. For swimming coach, Gary Walker, fhis dream is coming frue. i Coach Wallcer's confidenf manner of feaching, feamed up wifh a broad, easy grin, is inspiring Gen- l eral swimmers 'ro one of fheir mosf vicforious seasons buf success is nof fo fhe coach's glory alone. Devofed, hard working boys wifh defermined wills fo win are whaf wrapped up a second place All Cify frophy and a fourfh place ranking in Mid Sfale Conference com- pefifion. The high poinf individual on fhe feam is sen- ior swimmer Cliff Cafo, who has accumulafed over ZOO poinfs for fhe Generals. This year's feam is a young one wifh Sfan Perlcins, David Peck, Kennefh Black, Bobby lvlifchell and John Chaney. all refurning. Wifh only fwo graduafing sen- iors, Granf swimmers are hopeful for a successful fufure. Pracfice is one of fhe maior reasons for fhe feam's success fhis year. Every day affer school fhe swim- mers meef al' fhe Y.lvl.C.A. fo perfecf fheir fechnigues. 1 FAR ABOVE: Hearing fhe "go" signal. Gen- eras off 'lheir mark and husfle for flue . ABOVE: Wycfl' Burlcs pracfices f n a swan dive. LEFT: The I969-l970 General swimmers. 2 ,Q y ' 3 x ei'-W 5 1 'fissure A 2? R7 A f. . '- .E yy. x cam' A A 'NUI X SYN c,,5llAN7- SRU l A TINMS ' our s fs we X W Q This C3 urs' c Flullp ss' if p if fe Jerry Alexonder And Joy Amos Fight For Top Position FAR ABOVE: Kneeling: Milce lsaac, Mark Wallis. Ed Baker. Jerry Alexander. Ken Cheslnul. Sianding: Coach Craig Miller, Roberl Miller. Jaclc Clay, Jerry Miller, Sieve Perry, Jay Amos nol piclured ABOVE RIGHT: Jerry Alexander pauses a momenl' 'lo size up his opponenl' for The upcoming malch. RIGHT: Ed Baker and Sieve Perry. double parlners, give a good showing for 'l'he Generals af an all imporlanl march. ABOVE: lmprovemeni' fhrough praclice keeps Ken Cheslnul busy. Mix a young, enlhusiaslic group of boys and an oplimislic coach and lhe resulls are usually unbearable. This is how lhe Generals are beginning To feel aboul lheir lennis Team. Coach Craig Miller, in his second year as Granl Tennis coach, is busy building and reshaping his leam 'ro meel such slill compelilion as Midwesl Cily, one of lhe besl' Teams in lhe slaie. Seniors Roberl' Miller, Ken Cheslnul and Ed Baker are providing lhe needed experience +o launch a successful season. Junior Jay Amos in 'rhe number one posilion lasl year, is compeling for 'rhal posilion during lhe l97O season wilh sophomore Jerry Alexander, who placed lhird in lhe slale as a freshman in iunior high school compelilion. These and olher faclors provide excile- menl lor all General 'rennis fans. 5 T 3 - . . . jsp . . I ,K V s -.-.......,.., f -. k. ilu ' - . .V 9 I I K K Y ' lr a -ug... A .1.,:: ,,,, ,,,, X All I.. J NM. ,P 1 . ,C N g :Fl g r Q 7 g b s, 1. y' A . , Wx is ... 55: A ' X . "' T Q l 1 'R ' 1""'m t 1 . ' , I W Q, I ' u - . 'ff ,. as I 'T i- fr ' O ii' 3 , -- . A' fi J X 5 1 i ,, 5.44m F I 1, ,Z A mf 1 is It 1 c e 1. '2'Y'7'7 ""f"95""'l if s o rss l'f.'if3g,:,., i , j 1 i A ' i LT, :fm . - , ' ""7-iifa 11 A , ' - f - ' S' . , i - fr r f , ' ,.s. , f 'fl W ' ,,, .Q , --:, s,,, ,. . . ' in ., Q... ' . . :Q s A 15 A 4,m'g.w.s,s A V I . ,- x. ,. T , A 5 - - - 1'-41-f' - -Q ,, F: Hia... ...- ' esfflvyfy ,:., 3 V Si.. . K :ss x . .. " . 'f , k,,, . y ...,, ,., H , ,.,.., - , - f an - I - "- we ' ,.,,,.,x,..-E.. A '. - :Q 1 . -' ev is r sf 2 -. ee FAR ABOVE: Larry Kaser alfempls +o give his ball some assisrance afrer a shorr puff. ABOVE: Lining up a puff, Gary Gleaves goes for a birdie. RlGl-lT: Holding +l'1e pin is Rudy Malluis. wailing for golfers 'ro approach The green. FAR RIGHT: Max Blumenlhal seems To hir rlwe sand larlher fhan 'rhe ball when l1iHing our of lhe sand lrap. Lust Yeur's Tolly Challenges '70 General Golfers "Forel" The answer fo a mulfiplicafion problem? A number affer fhree? A bowling score? No, if's Max Blumenfhal warming up in pracfice for fhe upcoming golf mafch wifh Midwesf Cify. Golf Coach Jaclc Everharf is beginning early fhis year, geffing his boys ready fo meef some of fhe sfiffesf com- pefifion in fhe sfafe-feams like Shawnee, Pufnam Cify, and rival John Marshall. The boys pracfice long hours on fhe golf course, feaming up againsf fellow feam members fo give fhem 'rhe feeling of a real fournamenf. This year's feam consisfs of fhree seniors and seven freshmen and sophomores. To sfarf fhe General's line-up for fhis season are seniors Max Blumenfhal, Charlie Clay and Gary Gleaves. Granf's golfers had a ready-made goal sef before fhem when fhey sfarfed. Lasf year's feam challced up an im- pressive seasonal record of 7-7-2 and fhe 69-70. Generals are enioying fhe affempf fo over-sfep fhis fally. Onward Generals! is " BSCT, mef Um FS S F., GHG GF, 95 I9 ITII . BC OW. SSIS an hLyK EIHphyJMgLis+hBkRA++ bby B gh Kennefh Dowell. Max Blumenfhal. Gary Gleaves, head coach Mr. Jaclc Athletes Prepare For Baseball By Working As A Unit "Nol rain nor sleel, nor sleel, nor cold ol nighl can slay our baseball players lrom lheir purpose. Coach Russel l-ligby is all slave-driver when il comes lo preparing his leam lor baseball season. Praclices slarl aller school and usually conlinue unlil lhe sun sels and lhe ball can no longer be seen. Bul praclice pays oll-especially againsl a or.e-year old record ol I4-7. Ron Svelgoll and Ron Ralzlall are lhe leam's leading pilchers rhis year. Danny lvloen and Rick Free- man are calching lor lhe Generals, Alan Whillield is al lirsl and lvlike lvlarcum is serving as shorl-slop. Coach l-ligby has somelhing valuable lo give lhe boys who play on his leam. l-le says, "Yes, il's nice lo win, il's greal, bul l leel lhal if l can leach lhe players lhal lhey musl work logelher, lhal no one man is more imporlanl lhan lhe unil as a whole, l've ac- complished my purpose. So whal il, al lhe end ol lhe season, lhe record is all loses-il'lhe guys have learned sell-respecl, conlidence, and humilily-lhal's whal's imporlanlf' Think aboul ill i l L 4- -B A 5' 'rm N ' 'f .fs 1.4, .5r'nQ?k?Y'i 43" iisiinfhiw 'whiff Q my ' ,I .h Aj M-f-ww ,www FAR ABOVE LEFT: Jim Svefqoff caiches fhe ball and lags fhe runner for an ouf. CENTER ABOVE: Eyes up and hands ready. Alan Whi+field reaches fo seize a pop Fly. FAR ABOVE: Richard Freeman warms up as Coach Wooden loolcs on proudly. LEFT: Alan Whilfield wairs impa+ien+ly for +he ball as lhe runner draws near. ABOVE: From Sian Guffey fo Charlie Gomez and back again, rhis player may as well give up. gba IWC IJW' l X Front Row: Varsily baseballers are Sian Gufley, Mike Marlcam. Alan Whillield, Raymond Bruza, Eric Smilh, Randy Markam, Clinf King. Second Row: Bobby Chal. Randy Pearn. Ron Ralzlalf. Tom Webb. Jimmy Svefgofl. Third Ro : Coach R II H' b', C h B b W Goure, Joe Bob Haynie, Richard Freeman, Phil Morales, Terry Williams. W usse lg Ie Cac O ooden' Jeff Couch Higbie Gives Something Valuable To Bosebullers : . I FAR ABOVE LEFT: Coach l-liglsy shows Ron Raizlaff The besl' way 'lo grasp 'rhe baseball. ABOVE CENTER: l-lurriedly scooping up ihe ball for a quick play is Bruce Smilh. LEFT: Bobby Chaai winds up 'for ihe piich. FAR ABOVE: ls 'rhis for real? Kevin l-lenry seems 'ro enioy walching Mike Marcum huslle. ABOVE: Richard Freeman serves as caicher for The Generals. FAR RIGHT: Mr. Ballew lalces lime lo give inslruclions lo Lou Carpenler during an intramural volleyball game. CENTER RlGl-lT: Vying 'lor a 'ream championship, Sheryl Powell slruggles lo relurn a powerful serve, BELOW: Team males allempl lo clear lhe ball over lhe nel during a play-off game. RlGHT: A backward leap by Dennis Adams delivers lhe ball 'ro an awailing opponenl. BELOW CENTER: A lerrific elforl by Sfanley Dowling proves fo be iusf whal' il 'fakes for a champion lnlramural Volleyball leam. .nl Volleyball Intramurals Form Inter-School Competition Homeroom intramurals stimulate classroom competi- tion as well as help generate spirit throughout the stu- dent body. 1 The volleyball program homeroom championships were won by the determined girl's team trom lvlr. Ray Bellew's homeroom, and the boy's team trom Mr. Gary Wallcer's homeroom. Morning workouts. practice tor the championship games. were spent pertecting various game techniques. This year, lvlr. Jerry Riclcerts, activities director, has talcen the responsibility ot sponsoring both the baslcet- ball and the volleyball intramural programs. lvlr. Riclc- ert's schedules the games, and with the help ot stu- dent aides, lceeps a win-loss record ot the games. Certain limits are placed on participants. Anyone who letters in a sport is restricted. l-tomeroom classes support their teams by shouting encouragement to players and applauding trom the stands. Championship games give class members a chance to slcip class and witness their team's closing game ot the season. ,.... r ps Sports Interest Developed The basketball intramural program has grown since its organization. The value ot competitive athletics to the all around health ot Grant students is recognized and is shown by the enthusiastic participation and sup- port ot the student body. This extracurricular activity provides tor involve- ment instead ot just watching. The varsity athletes, especially those students who are unable to participate in competitive athletics, are restricted trom intramural participation and serve as reterees and scorekeepers. Members ot the teminine sex as well as masculine are given the opportunity to participate in intramurals, and prove their athletic ability and good sportsman- ship. Games are held mornings betore school in the gym. Failure ot a required number ot team members to show up tor a game results in a win by torteit. Homerooms are awarded team points which go toward a participation trophy given to the top three winning homerooms. FAR ABOVE LEFT: Dennis Adams prepares to shoot for a basket. ABOVE LEFT: Boys have a chance to show ott their talents with a basketball. ABOVE: Intramural basketball becomes serious business to rival homerooms. ABOVE RIGHT: Wyatt Burk shoves a iump ball into the basket tor two more points, FAR ABOVE RIGHT: Buster Savage goes down to the other end ot the court to score despite Wyatt's caretul guarding. RIGHT: Boys run shorter in some rooms than others. FAR RIGHT: Finally he will try to score while no one is looking. I CLASSES is A good educ:a'rion consisfs in giving 'ro +he body and The soul all Jrhe beauiy and all +he perfeciion of which ihey are capable. -Plafo , , -'J Q., eu me Q P e Q K 1 io 'i X o, K X i A V X K V H , V V X in I :. V, , N X! AQ" if 'env -X M , 1 il Y H Lf x xi, ii- - iii- h. ii! K ie ' ii ii' ii Vi V V ou A, Y N X Y V x. if Mi :X X 1 R 'Aim A 'ik ,, e ie H X ii if X hlhi Q . H , 'W.4 ' ri if iii Un XX .. ii gb ii, it ii ki' 'iii iiiiifiii i Qxi 'iii ii ik KN My in . ,. L X X it mx ,mg A . V i XX,, , X X 5 X 5 lei'-, y K 5- ,f 1 Q Y M Cd my iii N Nl Kiwis CQ ggoiikik ikjiiff i ii if H 'iii if if haf i J H -V g, g I X g rx W 1 oo V Q 1 X Nw U ex 5' --A f in .kg Q gk H , V. 1 gfiix i kg, m hope puig ic M k,k'xyi3o.X if do U ie R ge We X io L QQlGQf..lm's,'ifxix mtioux , Qi .or e f 1, M, NUM' C005 Ciiiiviligi. ll5'2WRC.wQ?1q Years Of Searching Are AT An End, The Future Is Ours "Class of '7O"--iusf fhree words. To fhe oufsider fhey signify nofhing, buf fo a senior, fhey hold a very warm and special meaning. For a greaf number of seniors, "Class of '7O' evokes, and in fhe years fo come, will confinue fo evoke, memories. This year unwillingly brings fhe lasf foofbal ing crowds hugs of roy and bifing fears of defe for fufure musing If recalls friendships especia sweefened by fhreafs of ferminafion, and vifal educ fion, acquired by sfrain over firing books af lafe hou This senior year is one of endings: fhe end of beir c game and sfores fhe memories of icicle fingers, cheeri . I . I . . 6+ . l . . . I Y forced fo do homework, fhe end of living af hom fhe end of high school. lf is also a year of beginning 'rhe beginning of responsibilify, fhe beginning of fre dom, fhe beginning of life. Graduafion is fhe end 1 childhood and 'rhe beginning of adulfhood. This familiar cheer will ring up and down fl abandoned corridors when school is ouf for fhe '69-' school year' "We're 'rhe besf, as you can see: we' fhe Class of 7O." 4'-'vw I, GH- wks-06' 'Qi my W ,, ,, A , 'M f im. FAR LEFT: Senior Class Planning Commilree meer To discuss plans for fha following year. LEFT: Ricky Henn. Senior Class Presidenf presides over his firsf Senior class meeiing wi+l'1 ine feeling of fear buf auihorify. ABOVE: One Senior class commifiee is caughf making spirif posfers. Knowledge Gained By Foreign Exchange Student Abernallwy, Bill Adams, Judie Adams, Karlwryn Aldridge, Donna Allen, Raye Allen, Warren Alvarado, Gloria Anders, Donna Anderson, Pam Andrews, Sieve Anlrikin, lvlilce Appleby, Linda Armbrisler, Clnarlolle Arnold, Vicki Aslwley, Lea Ann Aclon, Brenda at BELOW: "Across +he S+reei" is a familiar scene for seniors al lunch. LEFT: Foreign exchange sludenf, Yasmin Merican explains 'lradi+ional dress To fhe sludenl' body. ,iv K he hi'-' i ri! , I X s S s ' Nl ' S +3 sg L Auslin, Larry Axion, Leslie Babb, Charles I l Balcer, Edward Baker, Jerry Barenline, Sharon Barnharl, Viclci Balson, Beclcy Baugh, Cyndie Bauman, Terry Beldinq, Micheal Belisle, Linda Bell, Brenda Benedict Gary Bennell, Sleve Seniors Underclossmen Are Given Worm Welcome By Seniors Benson, Mel Biddy, Mike Black, Mary Blackmon, James Blackwell, Sheryl Bloom, Andrea Blunnenllwal, Max Bollinger, Charles Boone, Wanda Borum, Kay Bowen, Vicki Bowman, Barbara Boyd, Carol Bradford, Carleer B s radley, A a Bradley. Debbie ff 1 5 + - X K i 6 1 Qi ., - ix, ' ' " fr " I 'D Q0 X Q ,Q-fs if F 'ff r , in e ir ,, ' ' , ya W + - 1 . : or B B f . f I f i . 3 lzgf--A ' - N ,xf,. A - W ig .K , 1- 1 U 'W' " . . J 4 . I. L i igrw igf-2. ' i r g 1 y RASX 1- " iii ' :ia - ,Misa l l .v - an av' c iifa' Y ' ffziffi. ' - . ,- y s 5 T5, 52 wg vp l B f-mi fly Q- i i Q 9 1 J 1 ,i i y B D B ,7 6 if ' L 5 " -QQP ei BTW! , iail B 'ev Q LEFT: La Dena Williams and Rick Lalhrop enioy exchanging gills a+ Chrislmas. ABOVE: Senior Richard Caldwell posfs a 'Howdy' sign To welcome sophomores. Bradley. Karen Brady, Mignon Branch, Mike Brannon, Glenda Bridges, Kennelh Broadslone, Carlus Brooks, Pam Brooks, Peggy Brown, Deborah Brown, Freddie Brown, Teri Bruernmer, Darryl Brummel. Ken Bunyard, Marcia Burns, Donald to Seniors Seniors Take On Tusk Of Choosing School Dress Codes Burns, lvlilchell Bybee, Bill Bynum, Billy Bynum, Debra Calame, Phil Calclwell, Richard Campbell, David Campbell, Debbie Campbell, Randy Canady, Tommy Carpenler, Jerry Carpenler, Nancy Carroll, John Casey, Terry Callege, Marge fm 4? I: iv vw, fl - i limba vs fy 1 ' B -- , L Lf. ' , ' ' QM KI, N .fa 2 W li , ' 1 sw so 5? 5 V f YQ l 'sr i fl N 1 S lla Jia idk. 3 5 ,,,, . gil. 1 X wi s ., , , -w,,y LEFT: Ken Clampil discusses change in a dress code meering. RIGHT: While seniors are busy working on English assignment Renee Daven- pori daydreams abouf up coming weelcend. F' , . far 3 T if 5 1 X Carlo, Cliff Caveii, Chas Cavoii, Susan Charnbless, Janice Chandler, Debie Charles, Paula Chesnuf, Ken Chrisiian, Chris Chrisiian, Debbie Chrisiy, Alberi Clampeli, Ken Clarlc, Barbara Clark, Daryl Clark, Deborah Clinqinpeel, Cindi Cloihier, Don iw- M ,,, A Cloud, Mike Colburn, Duana Collamore, Susan Conner, Gale Conrad, Gary Cordray, Vicky Cossey, Mike Cowan, Lynn Crawford, Dennis Crawford, Marsha Crilly, Susan Crosby, Kaihy Cunningham, Tim Daniels, Gregory Danner, Barry 1 N' ykiiy if 3 o Q .A gzy, me , pi- .,..w- 5 ,if 'sHeafe:-e iss mx 1'if fe y sf : ,Q 4 I - V . ,- . xl T 1 Q W vvx 4" x x . - X... .i Q, 41 lb' , ip- 4 il 'X N X Q Q s 4, In Q X A' . lv kv, YZT7 ff 1 X xiii v.,x qwmgxggmlllh wx X Q, 5 , 1, , R , . Q tfi? s x Q si if 3 Darrow, Frank Davenporl, Renee Davenport Roger Davis, Jell Davis, Kalhryn Davis, Rhonda Davis, Sleve Davis, Terry Dean, Philip Decker, Vincenl Dewey, Terry Doerinq, Judy Dolce, Dennis Dolezal, Charles Doughly, Debbie ABOVE LEFT: Mrs. Orren goes over las? minule preparalions wilh Paula Mayo for her ACT l'es'r. RIGHT BOTTOM: Lale for school, Nedra McCallum checlcs fhe lime before going lo class. Douglas, Carl Dowell, Jo Dowling, Slanley Drabek, Georgeiia Droke, Dana Duckefl, Debbie Dupler, Barbara Easier, Leland Eddy, Joe Embry, Marly England, Mike Ervin, Jimmy Espoll, Rick Esfes, Marsha Evans, Jane "Hi A if E+ Q5 Sl ps., is 3 ,sg I 1 is as X f 2 x Q3 lx l i . l, ABOVE: The only lime fo see a meaningful smile on a senior is af 3:30 P.M. RIGHT: Mike England and Donnie Keas prepare for a 'rasfy Thanksgiving. as-rr Seniors Thanksgiving Holidoy Evokes Smiles From Seniors GW. Evans, lvlilce Evans, Syndy 2 Ewell, Randy Farmer, Gayla S Fedunalc, Charles 'Q .. Q' L 1 ,. . ,nv " grass 5 1 ' Flanogan, Plwillip , Flanilcen, Sieve s Q E 'IF-" 5 Q, -. J ij!! - Flippo, Karen Flowers, Terry Floyd, Judy Fogle, Carolyn Folsom, Viclci Fosler, Callierine 'Nfl Fox, Gary Franks, Bobby .Zi Fravel, Mike Free, Van Freeman, Janei Freeman, Mary Freeman, Richard As., Garland, Ernie Garner, Judy Geisler, Carl Geniry, Zelda George, Carolyn . Qifiif X - . eeaa ' Q m y Gipson, Gayle ' L, A , Glass, Sherri ig- ,Rh wh y , Gleaves, Gary . sy, V... gi F the Glover. Laura 1 V 'yr 755' GlOVeF, ROI'1c'jlCl -x :fir ' ' N i' , 'L .ig , - ii f .. I N, . , J i t X . . Q K t V . T Qal an Q as T ' as 5 , i L is FAR LEFT BOTTOM: Becky Rodger and Debbie Grubbs gain experience by slylinq wigs in cosmelology. LEFT BOTTOM: "Walla On" was The lheme ol ihe senior mini lloai ai ihe ioolball homecoming pep assembly. TOP RlGl-iT: Leland Easier, Danny Moen, Milne Marcum and Sian Gufley admire marque adveriising The Grani-Shawnee game which Granf won. 'IIS' xv -, 11:-ev We-nv! Gomez, Everell Gonzales, Danny Goodbralce, Gary Goure, Jeff Gourley, Michael Graper, Rodney Green, Tommy Griffin, Gary Grissom, Linda Groves, Bill Grubbs, Debra Guffey, Slanley Guyal, Mariorie l-laclmell, Lallena l-laclloclc, Joe Hallman, Debbie Hair, Leona Hall, Curr l'lall, Palricia Hanlcs, Geary l-larlin, Jean Harris, Barbara Harris Michael Harris, Ronald l-larlrly, Debbie l'laJrl'1away, Joy ma .. D ,, Thi A K wk si my 'S 5 X l A ' AU' Y in Q ' my i - - E. J l f , I iid fi ABOVE: The "Sounds of Silence" are seldom heard in lhe halls of U. S. G. FAR BELOW RIGHT: Seniors Judy Garner and Kerry Mc- Donald prepare for lhe iunior class play, "l-larvey." Q- if l D r f 1, 3 k-krW' f sz! i , "HW" Hawlcins, Denise Hayes, Marllna Hayes, Ward Haynie, Joe Hays, Doris 1'f'n-9 N R L es 1 Agefg Henderson, Brenda Henn, Richard Henry, Elizabello Hernandez, Alice Hernandez, Thomas A Herron, Tommy , if i Hewill, Marilyn gf' 1 Higgenbollwam, Waller . Hicreins. Roger 1 'r-- r Hill, Joe ..., 1 Ili-4 iili l Seniors Future Problems Moy Be Solved By Teamwork Experience 207 Holder, Mary Hollars, Susan Hood, Rickey HoH', Sherry Hovarfer, Edgar Howard, Nelda Howard, Sheryl Howe+l1, Linda Hudler, David Hucller, Kallwryn Huql1es,Clwes+e1 Hulsopple, Benn' Hunl, Sleve Hunler, Keiflw Hurley, Denise Hyams, Janice glloniors Find Term Papers Exhousfing S4 4. iv Q i E FW ir f in 3' sw Q gifs, If 7? V, y ,.., NNY ,yn LEFT: Terry Young and Linda Maxwell fype for Norrh Cenler accredifa- Hon. CENTER: Charles Dolezal is franfically searching for a book he hasn'T read. Irwin, Bucky Irwin, Susan Irwinsky, Bonnie Isbell, Kenl Jacks, Norma Jackson, Charles Jackson, Dennis Jackson, Eddie Janrz, Sydney Jennings, Julie Johnson, Arvina Johnson, Gregory Johnson, Pamela Johnson, Sandra Jones, Ricky Jones, Sandi Jordan, Jean Keas, Donald A Keel, Darla in Kienltolz, Stephanie fps if RE -k.. .. , Keitli, Bobbie A ll': l qi. Keith, Candy 1f,. 5 Q V nn Keller, Patty S Q 1' S ij a ri L Y Kendall, Viclci - M K Kepler, Linda S . , 'S l S aa it i Seniors Seniors Play An lmportont Role In Student Council "SUV 'iv 1 .2 we if k ,i if Na FAR LEFT: Seniors discuss business af sfudenl council meefings. LEFT: The xerox machine provides Milne Branch wifh a quiclc way of qalhering malerial for homework assignmenfs. 415 M-N avi' Kerr, Randy Kifer. Ronald Kilgore, Pamela Killman, Jerry Kimpler. Kaihv Kimzey, Vickie King. Brenda King. Cecelia King, Karen King, Marilyn Kinnard, Karl Kirlc, Larry Kirlcham, Barbara Kirkpairick, Luann Knight Wade Knight V. C. FAR LEFT: "i-iallways Are Ciosedlm, as Mr. Pierce poinfs our fo Jimmy McClain. CENTER LEFT: Be my Vaieniine asks Sieve Hun? fo Linda Grissom. RIGHT: Mrs. Thompson explains backdrops To seniors. Kopp, Dennis Kuehne, Brian Lamkin, John Langford, Earl Lanon, Doug Larion, Vicki Larhrop, Richard Laws, Glenda Leblanc, Mike Lee, Becky Leisy, Larry Leisy, Ronaid Lewis, Debra Lindsiey, Don Linn, Wayne , ,. 'ff' Y Q:-aw Th' Www" ix 'CN T? 'KIM' My fi? , I Lirrle, Frances - . L A " g L E Lirlle, Glen 4. ,X x W, L ' ., ' Lirlle, Linda 'H' Lloyd, Marilyn K London, Gary fs ,. 5, V X K W X X e X l as ix ,J y k: L I we U Long, Jo Alice - j , 5' 'P ' Q4 vi Al Loper, Louise EHILX 5 'V K Lowcler, Jerry il' l Q Lyons, Deborah 1 Q l l Magerus, Sleven glzlsgecroft Prepares Stuff For Outstanding Assemblies Main, Suzanne Maloy, Tom Manuel, Wanda Marcum, Milne Marley, Kay Marsh, Leonard Marlin, Jeff Massey, Kailwy Mauldin, Grani Maupin, Lora Maxwell, Linda Mayfield, Nancy Mayo, Paula McBee, Carol McBee, Marlin Ns ' 'in 1 fn 7' Lai'-1 ' 4 YL X ' 17? 5 l . H5 QQ? l fl' '- f 4 X SA QI' N it W' . TT? l l , M McCallie, Carolyn McCallum, Nedra Mclfarlney, Doris McCauley, Slanley McClain, Vesla McCollom, Sifeve McCord, Dave McCormick, Kallwe Mcflumber, Pamela McDonald, Kerry F, 5-4' vm B ABOVE FAR: Sfeve Andrew has second lhouqhfs on giving car keys 'lo Terry Brown. ABOVE: Mel Benson demonsfrafes flue infimafe relalion- ship befween leacher and sludenf. - My H 2I5 McDougal, Sue McElvany, Trudy McGulberry, Siepphanie McWa+ers, Donna Mercer, Nancy Merican, Yasmin Mezos, Carherine Michaels, Karhy Miller, Mike Miller, Roberf Miner, Pa+ Misicousky, Randy Moen, Danny Monfgomery, Beverly Monrgomery, Pamela Moody, Richard Mooney, Gregory Moore, Richard Morgan, Mike 2I6 A i rg if Y ii . . A .,4E,,k A ,,,,k . ,,v. , Q? UK 1 'KW- x Suv, 'V I ,ff 51 VQQ ' Q l 'vs , '7' i ii Crowning 0f Royal Court Highlights Assembly 1-R 1 fu ss fi ss A, at RlGHT: Marly Embry wails lo be checked info school. BELOW: HOOPS! l feel down," says Roger While. Moser, Rancly Mu'lenex, Wayne Mullins, Dee Ann Murphy. Ricky Myers, Charles Myers, Mary Nanlz, Charla Neslerode, Bill Newcomb, Vicki Newman, Karhy Nichols, Debra Nickel, l.iz Noble, Earl Norvell, John Oldham, J. C. Orlh, Jeanelle Overcasr, Carla Owens, Darlene Owens, Jim Seniors Upperclossmen Toke Time OUT From School For Eosrer Park, Diana Pallerson, Denise Paulk, l"larCly Pearn, David Peeler, Vickie Penninqlon, Ella Perkins, Earl Perkins, Eliz Palmer, Michael Perkins, John Pelerson, Allen Poison, Mary Pool, Cherry Porrer, Angela Polls, Susan 1 - .sz- fv , -34 s Price, Terry f Prilchard, Barbara 'V q Proclc, Richarcl Quisenberry, Cynlhia Ralqesrraw, Darrell lik 5 JE l .g Raizlaif, Ronald X My Ray, Sue ' in Q Reed, Jim ' 'EE' Y? Reid, Debra ' L Risenhoover, Billie 1 .A .... .... . .., ., ,, . Y-i, TOP RIGHT: Gran? Mauldin and Gary Wheeler display fheir 'ralenr af cooking irresis+ible foods wifh +he assisrance of Cheryl Wynn and Marsha Esfes. ABOVE: English sfuclenfs prepare for college wifh The help of Mrs. Veasey. Rivers Linda Robertson, Gary Robinson, Rhonda Rogers, Becky Roland, Charles Ross, Rornona Rowland, Steven Runyan, Allan Rushing, Danny Rushing, Edward Seniors fx. ,WUWQ we x G I E . Q. xv f "ft 1' f it 1-wif if ,ff sf V - Q 3,21 x g Z 'Vx S f L ' n t ' N hr! 5 Wi , . ,, , ,, i s M5 , 1 i 4 I A , 'ax' 'vs wi 1 mi SW' W, 'V' ' f V, i W rf i , if i iv P Xu 'I' 'H '91 mv' , SUSAN Students Take "Psychic" Interest In Activities .i ' , 4 N 3 :ik 3 - . R . BELOW LEFT: Presidenf Debi Bynum conducfs sludenl council meefing. RIGHT CENTER: Larry Yadon finds an easier way +o gel 'lo class ofher fhan walking. ix :F 'N X x S il V 2' ' .. rx' . is . i. .Al 1' S 1 . Sai WR QS ,-vj 'Y 13"-W-Mania? iufiwadxi E Russell, Sandra Ruyle, Sfephen Ryan, Richard Salisbury, Earl Sampson, Charloife Sanchez, Belly Sargenl, Diana Schmid, Kalhy Schornp, Linda Scholl, Kalhleen Schuler, David Schwarlz, Debi Scowden, Mark Scroggins, Sheila Seals, Sandra Selby, Donira ABOVE: Sludenls show spirif and enfhusiasm al U.S.G. pep assemblies. RIGHT: Vicki Smilh admires how she can re-copy a maslerpiece and gel' away wiih if. Session, Rolancl - , Sewell, Deborah W Shalley, Dian A Shellon, Billie i,'- B' Sherrill, Bill V a. . ' . fs:.'f?::..j::ff J2i2f12, 1 1 3 , f-fffa , Q li' , . , iiisi , , , - 1. QR ix , S ssil Shipman, Paul --i ""' "' Shorli, Lincla V is I Shrunn, Rebecca Siegle, Pal , R: N, Simms, Ron Simpson, Margie S Sinclair, Jane? Skaggs, Billy Skaggs, Kenny Skaggs, Sandi 'E i 'iii i .-,745 iff: S Ns.- Seniors Scraplca, Kathy Smitlt, David Smitlw, Dennis Smith, Dinalrr Smith, Frank Smith, Jamie Smith, Slnaron Smith, Teresa Smitli, Victoria Snyder, Karla Classes Make Competition Nlore Vivid By Standing ITW- Sober, Jo ce Sousa, Yolanda Soutlwerland, Gary Spencer, Robert Sperlinq, Gary Spradlin, Rosemary Stattorcl, Rex Stapleton, Virginia Starr, Debra Stephens, lvlarlc Stepltans, Peggy Stubbs, Clnris Stevens, Slreryl Sullins, Roberta Svetgott, Jim Seniors Upperclossmen Reflect Upon Yeors Of Work And Study 'Nf-.I"-- --..,- Swalford, Sleve Swindell, Cindy Tallcinglon, Donna Tanlcley, Debbie Taler, James Tach, Glen Thomas, Pamela Thompson, Tommy Tidwell, Jlm Tidwell, Gina Todd, Debbie Toeberl, David Troller, Beverely Trumbly, Ernesl Tuclcer, Anile 195 'PW 'U 'tiff' 2' 'ver ,fy ABOVE LEFT: Making fhe "lasl' check" before enfering school is Donna Anders, ABOVE: To Jimmy Owens and Rosemary Spradlin, happiness is going Easier egg hunling and finding Easier eggs. Vern' ' A ' Tuclcer, Carol Turner Charles Turner Gladys Turner Marvin Turner Sieve U rban, Calhy Vanbuslcirlc, Susan Vanclerlorcl, Ken Vansiclcer, Karol Vanler, Sharon Waddle, Larry Waganer, David Wagner, Debra Wagner, Roberl Wallcer, Becky Wall, Norma Wanllancl, Bobbie Watts, Bob Q . y . X 1 , Webb, efadv N Y 'G A it 'wt -H it 3 Webb, Tom 'NN1 ' L':." - V 'X i A ffl. 5 Q? Wedel, David L::L ' Wert Bl' it . Nbaga .,bb H - y fm , llui YT W Q QV' l W . eifyitl 1 E , m- ' -' " - , 'f 1 it Welch, Jas , Welch, Janet W, A W' Wells, Dennis y Q Wells, Robert ' West, Nancy Westfall, Jennifer Wheeler, Gary Wlwitalcer, Larry Wltitalcer, Steve White, Cindy F I x 1 A,a, 1 3 ,lg ,, ,'.'- -P X ,ff ' t ,.' , Seniors ,i w H' f' lti , Graduates Somewhat Reluctant For It All To Be Over x, J I I ' 5: 21 is' .rv ,, iiwf E . '5 M fa . I ,X S ,f2 1.,125i' 3 ? ff fi r has " I a,,, WN N ABOVE: "Alone af last" says Sieve Whifiker 'io himself. LEFT: Rosemary Spradlin and Sue McDougal help lo produce spirif at a foofball game. While, Roger Whilehead, Vickie Whilfielcl, Alan Whilmore, Larry Wilder, Pamela Wilkerson, Sherrilyn Wilkes, Vickie Wilks, Debbie Williams, Carla Wlliams, Ladena Williams, Palriclc ,K . A , ii Williams, Ken 'N ' I Williams, Ramona y g i gyx 1 W Willis, Eddie i'l' ""' ' F4 W. Y X 'F Wilson, Roberl Q N' i Em g g M 'ii iiii ' ' - iisiii 'Q 1 A5 ff f f if lille. r r is - 'f i s ,, Wilson, Sieve - ,ggeil l Wilson, Teena MO 564 i j Y C4 i Wood, Scorl we--r .....,, ,sf V - Woodard, James ' i ,,,i i xi ' Q5 'i , 'ffl i Worlhen, D. V. ,V I M y . ,. Wright Kalhrine . 1 Wynn, Cheryl """x' lli- , Yadon, Larry J pn ,,,' , , Seniors Years Of Searching Are AT An End, . we fuk' The Future Is Ours f" 1 T . rv 'i ii f SENIORS NOT PICTURED ARE: John Barrel? Gary Beary Ronald Blaine Debbie Boaiman Marquirra Brewer Maureen Bryce Marcia Bunyard Ronnie Carlege Bobby Cody Marilyn Cook Rhonda Cravens Coy Currighr Vicki Dadiswan Lillie Drake Guy Duval Tim Edge Mike Frakes Gary Freeman Roberr Freeman Tommy Freeman Rhonda Griffen Larry Haffner Barbara Hallmark Paula Hammer Verzonnia Hunrer Dennis Johnson Rurh Johnson Larry Kaser Richard Kerr Sranley Kramer Mike Kriegel Carhy Lamberson Debra Langsron Jesse Leonard Charles Long Tommy Marler James McLean Vicror Miller Andrew Milligrook Dennis Millspaugh Terry Moore Roger Nimo Lee Oversrreer Dalene Palmer Carrer Pendell Frances Rice Billie Riggs Danny Roach Roberr Rone Penny Sherwood Fred Shew Russell Shockley Gary Smirh Norma Snodgrass Kenny Sraggs Sranley Sreele Richard Srephens Clifford Srephens James Srevenson Mike Swisher Terry Thompson Tim Thompson Donald Tolman Larry Tresi Lawrence Webb Mike Williams Jan Wolienbarger Donna Wood John Young Yousey, Dwain Young, Terri Young, Ray Middleron, Linda FAR LEFT: The school year srarred wirh 'ioolball and pep assems blies and lLEFT:l ended wifh a sad buf deserving gradualion, me ,., :M ,ww , ,, , ,,.W.,, gf, A-X ' 1 1- -ff TMJ x in . Q 1 eg' x 5 if L ? f QA? u w Juniors Are Headed By Newell In Preparing For Activities Affer a year of being "low man on fhe fofem pole," fhe iuniors are glad fo refurn fo school in fhe fall. Jusf knowing fhey are nof "lowly sophomores," makes fhe whale school afmosphere more pleasanf fo fhem. The Junior Class Planning Commiffee, wifh David Newel as class presidenf, plans fhe iunior-senior prom. Proceeds from fhe Junior Class Play, Harvey, go foward financing fhe prom. Receiving class rings is a memorable momenf for iuniors. The newness soon wears off fhough, and all of fhe comparing and showing-off ends. The varsify feams have many iunior members, and iuniors make up half of fhe cheerleading squad and officers of various organizafions. Tofal involvemenf wifh school acfivifies fakes up all of fhe "free fime" of iuniors. They find fhemselves doing "everyfhing" as fhey become dedicafed workers for school proiecfs. Finally. wifh anficipafion of nexf year as SENIORS, fhe junior class pafienfly waifs unfil fhey are fhe "besf" class in fhe school. The iunior class officers are: Presidenf. David Newell. Vice Presidenf, Donna Mc- Ghee. Secreiary, Debbie Edinburgh, Treas- urer. Diane Boydsfun, Parliamenfarian. Jerri Edwards, Reporfer. Paula Moni- gomery. Kafhy Brewer. Vicki McCullah, Dave Marshall. Barbara Jefferson and Jean Yarberry make up fhe Represenfa- fives-af-Large, The iunior English classes picked fheir represeniafives as being: Sfeve Fraser, Diane Wilkes. Donna Rash. Roberfa Kasfer. Kafhe Wells. Debbie lvlafchen. Vicki Mikeman, Danny Andrews, Mary Reames, Gina Calame, Bobbi Bag- well, Paf Maloy. Kafhy Denfon and Tina Nolling. Aclcerson. Kim Adams. Ronnie Addison, Ralene Ahpealon, Janie Alexander, Debbie Allen, Karen Alvarado. Delores Amos, Jay Anderson, Rifa Andrews. Danny Anshufz. Tom Arismendez. Sieve Armsfrong, Neal Armslrong. Russell Arnold, Paula ABOVE: Showing school spiril af foofball homecoming is maiorelle. Suzanne Singlelon. LEFT: Buying candy belween classes can help fha? long-awaifed lunch-hour. B f ni!! Allierlon, Carolyn Auslin, Gary Aulaubo, Pam Babcock, Waller Baggell. David Bagwell, Bobbi Baker, Bruce r Y- 'ibrl Juniors L-:if N... -WEL Baker. Baker. Baker, Baker, Connie Joe Terri Tommy Bail, .ia Ellyn Banks. Barker, Barnes, Gwen John Kallny Ba rnes, Mike Ba rney, Sieve Barron Barlon, Bauglm , Gloria Robin Jan Bays, Waller Beard. Clnrisly Belding. Mary Lou Bell, David Bell, Frances Bell, Janel Bends. Bennel Brad r, Shirley Berryman. Dennise Bexlel, Karen Bird, Wayne Blackwell, Wynelda Bogle. Borror. Roberl Palli Bollonns, Debbie Moioreltes Help Produce Homecoming Excitement "CQ" J f Bouska. Debbie Bower. Bowma Gale n. Jim Boydslun, Diane Bradford, Ricky Branno Branno n, David n, Mike Brazeal, Tony Brewer, Kallwy Brewsler, Deborah Brians. Brisco, Lillian Craig Brislow, Larry Brillain, Palli Brock, Glenda Brooks, Ken Brooks, Lincla Brown. Barbara Brown, Kennellw Brown, Palli Bruline. Sieve 4. Bruza, Raymond S -'12 , . Buckner, Don K .. L y 'ii is "', y ' Bunyard, Darrell y T , A A , ii 1 X ' K .-L Q- i BUVQQSS Judy' Q' i i ,mmm Sl i ' i - ' IJ l I V all xr ' I ii I BU flSV WWW I i . , i v 44- Q . 1 T i fr Burns, Eddie . i km 5 L W J 'K i KYKS . L . B i M 1 A ii 'V L-L - my in H ml Buller, Bren? A7 ii Buller, Sandra ,. i , Buzbee, David y 6? L KM an f. -M K.. A Byrne, Wendell X ' my QM 1. , , K is Cable, Pam my 5 L -3- A . - 9- ly Calame, Gina f '- 1' , 0 ' E. Caldwell, Paula A , l "11l: ll A "., X Callaway. Chris XX 3 in K :ii Canada, Mike ll , ' -ii Ca na dy. Fra nk A .. I Q1 M TQ as y an Carroll. Pal 5 'A av, ' Q 1'6 ' ' ,: Casey. Linda f- K "I," 1 -' - V i Chaal. Bobby ' , 1 Challis, J im L I ' , " 2 V iiaaa V ' Chaney. Jolwn in V K T V Chappell, Marilyn A Chappell, Teddy ,A ,, J . wwe K N. Chick, LaWanna l ' Ta' e f i Z Childress, Marie N D zfr i ii' "" il,'m'fi ' Chrisman, Jane? a - ' A? 1 ,W Clark! Gary ,.Q:.' -:Y ms WX : ,.:ay. K - -V - 4 0 ,.f",a 5 2 . , - .. 5 ABOVE: Sabrelles 'rake pride in Their favorile loolball feam as flue Generals score anollwer louchdown, RIGHT: Debbie Hansen finds our llwaf doing slworllwand leaves lilfle lime for her favorile Television programs. l V, yy., Jr- f r yy , J 7' , ,H .4 fypev l. uf iw ' f, y ag, f iff? .1 In , , g W , A M ' - 'Q it 2 , l - eff xl 1 Juniors ie C' ei 1 I ,. V, . 5,, -if ' Jl f c , , , 5 in i n. .i l A A w 5 f, 1' " ' ' V ' ' ,H Clark, Lynn Clark, Mike Cliflon, Rhonda Cobb, Charlolle Cobb, Vicki Cochran, Nancy Coffee, John Coker, Terry Collamore. Chuck Combs, Janice Cook, Diane Cooper, Doug Cooperrnan, Mike Corder, Jim Cordray, Pam Cowell, Maxine Cox. Sieve Crabiree, Pal Craig, Dennis Craig, Joyce Craig, Sherry Enthusiasm Is A Relief F'om Homework Tensions I 1 3 if 35 ,, yy W! K 'I Z 7 54 XE Crawford, Brenda Crosno. Dennis Crouch. Karen Davenporl, Pam Davis, Terry Deason, Brad Dees, Wallace Dennis, Roberl' Denny, D'Ann Denlon, Kalhy Deweese, Marlene Dickson, Joe Dill, Mark Dillinger. Peggy Dixon, Bob Doke, Cyndy Double, Lucinda Douglas, Bobby Dowling, Cindy Dunbar, David Dunn, Elisa Dupler, Calhy Dulcher, John Dye, Leon Early, Roberl' Edinburgh, Debbie Edwards. Jeri Egqari, Niia Elder, Don Elliol, Joyce Ellis, Vicki Engles, Danny Engles, Mike Erickson, Mark Esquivias. Diane Juniors I- Chicogo Journey Is A Evans, Pal' Fenl. Cindi Ferguson, Jan Figaro, Pal' Finney, Carla Fishburn, Linda Fisher, Darla Floyd, Larry Fosler, Mike Fosler, Sharon Fouly, l.aVona Francis, Gary Francis, Peggy Franklin, Ellise Fraser, Sieve Freeman, Bobby Freeman, Mike Freeman, Sieve Frosl, Laquila Gamble, Gaye Gardner, James Garlan, Paula Garland, Paul Garlow, Debbie Garrelf, Pam Geckler, Andrea Genlry, Joni Genlry, Slan Genlry, Slanley Gibson, Connie Gibson, Don Gilleland, Kalhy Goforlh, Sharon Goodson, Earl I isa. ss K gi, raesr ixii ,rl .d QV W? sf is H ,qi K 1 Vocation From Classroom Studies TPS W i ,A Q F A .W F V 4' gm ky A K W ' , r' .W 'A y Yi l . , X. f s I - 4 -,-rs r . 'Effi , Q A . . ,.. ., - ' , l 3 ll. . .f s f , 2-1? l sl K ,, .. . ,'.,' ' 3' ' -rr- " , l R-A Q . .ai 1 gm gl ' " Wigs, f'l:f'G:" ' Q- e f Goodson Ellis wsz, .55 .s 'Z' V fo, 4 , Fai i ' 1 . , L- i or H-Q ' i L A ' i f ' W L L 1 1 li ,fri i IQAF iii' Q ' 4 so do , 'L ' FS? gf ff' F ws! ,Q L' F 1 i x 1 4 , , :fa k,,A ' I I 1' ., I , 1 N i :rf 'H' 4" 1 Amw xy, W 1 'A ai k ' L ns F ii A F ABOVE: The lrip home will seem a lol shorler as some ol lhe Juniors prepare lo board lhe lrain lo leave Chicago and come home. FAR LEFT: Passing a lesl is iusl one ol lhe many obslacles ol lhe loreign language. French. I , ' ,,, . . .QF YQ WW ,iQ n 9 , FJ' X Fw. 5 i sf X ii S ,Q , ' as f ,A . ,AI fc 'Al 4, f 9 K , X N, ,ff X Gollschalk, David Goure, Thomas Greenlee, David Gregg, Robbie Grillin, Debby Grigsby, Brenda Grigsby, Pal Grounds, Debra Grove, Karen Groves, Jerry Grubb, Roberl Girubbs, Mike Grummer, Bruce Hackell, Ginger Hagey, Mike Hall, Charlolle Hall, Lewis Hallmark, Barbara Hames. Pam Hamillon, Robin Hancock, Tim Hanes, Roberl Hansen, Debbie Harness, James Harrell, Suzanne Harrison, Debbie Harl, David Harl, Ray Halcher, Lawrence Halhaway, Charles Hawkins, Belly Hayes. Denise Hellinglon, Denise Helley, Sleve Helm, Randy Henager, Bruce Henderson, Debbie Henderson, Sleve Henry, Johnny Hensley, Tim Herring, Billy Herron, Debe Herron, Terri Hibbarcl, Bruce Hiclcs, Gail Highsmilh, Bill Himes, Terry Hifi, Pam Hodge, Valerie Holliman, Chuck Holmes, Jolene Holmes, Pam Holl, Alan Hofl, Monly Hooper, David Hopkins, Keilh l-lopson, Jim Houlelle, Teresa House, Scolr Howard. Marsha Howarcl, Tommy Hudelson, Debbie Hudson, George Huffines, Gary ,Swag.:,s,g:..iQ:..s,Q::-f-f 1--We . ' . W? , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . 5 E515 ,QV X so ,? Hughes, Clyde Hull, John 1 , . Hunler, Jerry , ' Hunler, Mark ' 3 i Hunler, Terry U l-lulchinson. Dana Huxley, Dennis Juniors iv, ...Mk .- . of ,,:r3,N? vi ,. at x y sense l R g B 1 , L X. Ns., Experimenling Is Done AT School And AT Home Hulchson, Leslie Hyslon. Marcia lngle, Mike lriclc, Sonia lrwinslcy, Jerry lsaac, Mike Jackson, Marla Jahnlce, Karl Jamison, Donna Jaques, Amelia Jefferson, Barbara Jenson, Jim Jewell, Ron Johnson. Carolyn Johnson, Cherrel Johnson, Jim Jones. Beverly Jones, Kalhy Jones, Palricia Jones, Paula Jones, Ginya Jordan, Jeannene Jorclan, Elizabelh Jordan, Marilyn Julin, Candy Kasler, Roberls Kay, Sieve Keef, Beverly -1- n fu- E K M ,Q "J .. i . i as H 32 -r 4' if Eli i X ' f sm, - i gfwf' W5 en ii X ii' yi' i ..kk v lx NX, i iii il ayl A A I ' B ii B S I , ,,,- ,ye -in B v homework. ABOVE: Sreve can be a problem. LEFT: Glenna Young finds our even 'l'l1ougl'1 ii' is a Friday she sfill has Perry realizes weighing chemical subsfances 2. If H! I i iiii 7? W i it 1 291 L if sf K ,if .5.W,33,,.::i.,g t . .,Ig -551. L K eeile K K an . cm E ,. - K ai li .-,,. -2 x, li 4 Keller. Callwy Kelley, Sieve Kelly, Mary Kennedy. Alyse Kennedy. Teresa Kerr. Anila Kidd. Lorraine Kime. George King. Clinfon King. Davilene King. Roberf Kinsey. Debbie Kirby, Roma Kirlcpalriclc. Judy Kile, Cindi Knapp. Gary Koczorowski, Darla Kolb. Lou Raye Laclwer, Rowland Laclcey. Janice Lacy. Larry La6rone. Eddie Landers. Paul Langsfon. Kennelfe Langwell, Janel' Lawson. Marda Lawler. Ed Ledford. Regina Leird, Carol Leird, Rodney Lenz, Doke Lefclwworllm, Linda Leverelf, Sharon Lewellen, Eugene Lewis, Danny Lewis, Ricky Linn, Donna Linn, Larry Liifle, Ricky Lock, Mike Logan, Roger London, Frankie Longfellow, Sieve Lopez, Karen Lounge, Debbie Lovelady, David Lowe, Chuck Lyon, Debbie Mackey, Dan Mackey, Susan Magerus, Roger Maloney, Gary Maloy, Pal Malzer, Vicki Manning, Mike Marshall, Dave Marlin, Marlin, Bruce Marlin, Teddy Mason, Jeri Massey, Clwarloile Marchen, Debby Maflierly, Linda Bobby Mallwis, Pam Maxwell, Rifa McCalip, Danny McCall, David McClain. Glen McClendon, Diane Juniors Learning i . 'W' 1 . .....,. 5 4 P a 1 1 N if Lessons Can Teach Bays Many Things 5- 1 , .f " D 3 . L " J " ....,. I ri m xx 1 ii K ii 3 ABOVE: Mike Engles finds fha? falking back 'ro 'fhe feacher doesn'+ always pay. LOWER LEFT: Producing differeni' fypes of ash frays is buf u small fask +o Ari sfudenfs. ,ff , 1:1 s. Q fi. ii A , '45 E' Jigs, NN s 2 Y A ? Q' x i K 1 -4 v4 , , ,. i L 1 4 I 5' R . L 5 ug 5, J 6 S ' 'Q . 'f X' wh McClure. Esfelia McCreighf, Faye Mcculiah, Vicki McDaniei, Mala McDaniel, Mike McDow, Brenda McEIvany. Dubby McEIwee, Tom McEwen, Par McGhee, Donna McGowen. Danny McManus, David McMur+ry, Mike Meeks. Ricky Melion, Bobby Micue. Joely Mikeman, Vicky Milier, Connie Miller, John Miller, Larry Miller. Marvin Miliican, Pam Miiis, Joe Miilwee, Sieve Mifchell, Tommy Mixon, Ricky Mize, Bobby Moen, Krisii Moffat Neo Monfgomery. Paula Moody, Donna Moon, Sandy Moore. Debbie Moore, Mike Morgan. Sharon Morrison. Shirley Morrow, John Moulion, Karen Moulion, Sharon Mounfford, Mike Mouser. Gary Moye, Chrisrine Murphey, Don Muse, Jack Musiain, Burel Myers, David Myers, Debbie Nance. James Nance, Pam Nelson. Ernie Nelson. Jimmy Neille, Jenny Newell, David Nichols, Linda Noliing, Tina Novak, Don Novolny. Kenneih Oaks, Janel Odom. Sue Olson, Kaihy OH, Willey Ozmeni, Larry Paden, JoAnn Painfer, Anneiie Park, Linda Pairiclc, Marsha Payne. Kaihy . ,.A, E iiii ii To - L or , Y f X L2 K . K ' li t :rp Q ,f ii ii'h Q :li in ,',, a i: A 2' i i li . e ' . 'ii K -il: , "'i 'fl' D J 'ff' a.' fi, Juniors 'fif- ,N ,,. gy- 1 Watching And Doing Is A Helpful Experience no X 1 V 4-1 3 . i' xi?-w 'L ' K-Y i :ii 'fn S' A . ,r i :.k Aigt K or r " ' sf 'vs . n n Q gig , A ti. .nf if 7: ioor gi fa ,mage W Q I r i wh' .. '14-mg Q Q ,-,,V 'iil " ,3f,ix,, i,,, i,,, 9' C' l - 3 X, ,Q 'Wir 1.5 Q-rf Q 'SJW 1 ' 54275 X N-sf , , x y fs, x A fi ' H X A ,. ,Q - na r lf- in K K rg ari Q m fl , li 9 Q al 'H kv- L ll R 'L " 53 ,,.. I i J: 4 X K .s'k.S ,- i, , gt 9 A gi ' . Q A , xiii , :N - ' .. gk': M15 :gg 'sl' Pendeqrall, Sian Perkins, Sfanley Perry, Sieve Pelersen, Marsha Delerson, Terry Pefeie, Linda Peirocelli, Julie Phillips, Mike Piburn, George Pickle. Kafhy Picou. Denise Pierce, Sco++ Pinlcslon, David Pollock, Connie Pool, Vanda Poffer, Chrisfy Pofler, David Powell, Cheryl Prafher, Coy Prari, Barbara Prifchard. Cindy Rackley, Brenda Rader, Kaihy Rainbow, David Rash, Donna Ray. Susie Raymond, Marcella Rearnes. Mary Reed. Chris Reel, Jean Rhodes. Tim Rice, Richard Richardson, Nancy Richardson, Trisha Riches, Sherrie FAR LEFT: Dernonsfraf- ing how io prepare fudge is done by some Juniors. LEFT: A favor- iie paslime of boys is wafching girls walk by. Riddle. Janis Riddle. Jayne Ripley. Ginger Riiler, Ronnie Roberson. Shannon Roberls, Kalhy Robinson. Dennis Robinson, Jim Robinson, Kalhy Robinson, Linda Robinson, Nellie Rowell, Delberf Rowland. Debbie Rowland, Gary Rusche. Linda Ruyle, David Salley, Rhonda Sampson, Danny Sanders. Allon Sanders, Rick Sanders. Terry Sapp. Paula Savage. Busler Schofield, Judy Schullz, Debra Schulfz, G reg Schwarlz, Rick Seikel, Cindy Senn. Ron Shalley. Roger Shaver, Mike Shaw, Jack Sheels. Charllon Shephard. Bobby Sherman. Janice Shipley, Kalhy Shoclcley. Susan Shoemaker, Gayle Shook, Danny Shropshire, Terry Sides, Sandra Siegle, Dana Sills, Diane Simms. Theresa Sims, Randy Singlefon, Suzanne Skaggs. David Skaggs, Jack Sledge. Ann Sm ilh Am ber Smilh Brenda Smifh Bruce Smifh ve Smilh Guy Smirh, James ,. . ,Y T 'Qgiii , 11 S T-, e 1" 2-j sslls olye e so S lssl s5 my slr? ' , X fide yx dy all 6 ,. .. i Juniors General Cor Tags Help Promote School Spirit v Q, s an P41 x: ...W flfx is, s A is M ' if E Q 1 5 R X , Qgyl. Y Smallwood, Glenda ..f .V . V B xi i i. . E A re, ,' 5-, M ' X i l T, x lr T. i .esilr ik L X , J 45- F., is ABOVE: Junior, Danny Andrews, slwows he supporls The Tluespians and fhe Generals by purchasing a U.S. Granl' license plafe. in ,, x Q ,L 'ef i s L X V 'Qs We - 5 NW 3 , Cfiif 4' 1 x L c' Q 5 I.. 'sr .4 L- wwwb ml A IQ 'K at ' H . .- Q s w w ii 1 V .,1, -X. .153 K wi I .W ., 'I' .. 9 X x n ff W1 Smiflw. Jane? Smiflw. Jill Smifh, Mark Smiflm, Ray Smi+l1, Sieve Smiflwers, Joe Snipes. Bill Snodgress, Vicky Sons. Debi Spencer. Linda Spicer, Rosemary Sfacy. Maryann Sfafford, Vickie Sfandifer, Keilh Sfanley, Karen Sfarr, Mike Sfeele. Slanley Sfevens, Kalhy Slevens, Terri Sfevens, Vicky Slone, Jan Slory, G-req Slraflon, Gail Sfuckey, Jerry Sullins. Randy Sullivan, Tommy Swaflord. Barbara Swenson, Susan Talley. Linda Taylor, Deanna Taylor. Eddie Taylor, Nora Teague, Judy Terbush. Becky Terry, David Thomas. Danny Thomas, Donna Thompson, Jerry Thompson, Karen Thompson, Sharen Threllceld, Janis Threllreld, Linda Tipfon, Diane Todd, Tommy Towell, Cheryl Tracy, Vicki Trail, Lynne Tray, Lucinda Tull, Maureen Upiohn, Marshall VanBuslmirlr, Teddy Vance, Holly VanDeve-nler, David Vaughan, Mary Ann Vogl, Jana Wade, Sandra Walker, Gale Wallace, Dave Wallenberg, Terry Warman, Mark Wafson, Carol Watson, Linda Walls, Connie Wealhers. Beverly Weaver, Wes Webb, Bonnie if. Y -,sax . -as f :sg Y,,4 T, 'S I . x L la'x X NR ."' W1 N X ia X y . i vw, 1 ' . Ei I ff ' in X96 vi? , - ' , ,ig 'Wa' " M -21 12' if 5' Qs. 1 l 1---em 4 'Q L-ff uuqgbfi N-. J, ieriz ,. . y ...W in Q Ks im j X . X .-. 1 . , bn , A QL f . . f , W s L. 1 s i s., f- Q s To l , A ' f ,.n 'XF"' 4 zz- x sfis ci f f ' r M i . - f ABOVE: Preparing For fhe Junior-Senior Prom Debby Griffin realizes she has only a few shorl' hours lefl lo finish her hair and 'fingernails and pu? on her new formal. Webb, Mark Weeks, Sieve Welge, Bill Wells, Karine Wesrrnoreland, Fred Wlwalen, Dennis Wliisenhunl. Gary Wlwile, Gary FN Wlrifney. Judy ff: Q Wiggins, Pam 1 Wilcox. David 'P' Wiley. David L V ,Z A Wilfong, Tommy - Wilkerson, Mike Juniors The Prom Can Be A New Experience For Juniors Wilkerson, Paula A Wilkes, Mike I ., f. Wilks, Diane . Yi vw WilllJanks,Jol1n 7 Williams, Terry Williamson, Carol Williamson. Darrell Williamson, Debbie Willis, Dale Willis, Neesa Wilson. Mike Q' Wilson, Terry Wilson, Twyla Winfield, Gary Wirsich, James N: y Wirl. Lewis L 5 Wollenberger, Tommy Y' Wood. James Woodall, Barbara Woodard. Ralonda iiiifi? Winkler, Ronnie W ee L, L Wooliver, James Woolen, Teddy Wrigl1l,Anila Wriglwl, Lynn Wriglil, Pam Yancey, Brenda Yarberry, Jean Yales, Larry Young, Glenna Young, James Young, Ray Young, Rosa Zaloudick, Karen "YW W Juniors Juniors Keep Going When The Going Gets Rough r'ie2W'F:,"i-Wv'a'i'v':a"i' . .52-ik-2-Seefl'-51.-LLHI-:..-af'l-,ir . ::'!."55,q.,'5..'E.-fun" TQFAI-Lllg , gli ,Aye I 25 ,, ' A- -',e,'.'.vea1r3iiir'P'iiiiif,fiinn1um' 'L f"'f 2' 1-.-ie. Q ip W 'f??f?,ef oio i 2 A g Iii I . - i A , an i,siis 4 n s "" 3 gf. -55' if 1 i 53 l z , J W 1 f G Q'i 'sss G G G K A 'Q "ei1e -"' i M fie g . A ,M g ' ,i,,. 1 .ss, is ssioo i os A G I M .siioo G X -H Q. , ., LEFT ABOVE: Juniors become more proud in fheir class and school as They receive 'rheir class rings. LEFT: Homeroom compefiiion promofes General spirif as shown by 'I'his posfer saying Redskins are nexf. ABOVE: Pam Cable provides enierfainmeni af The ice cream social for new Pep Club members. JUNIORS NOT PICTU RED Albers, Dell Arnold. Davis Barneif. Warren Belding, Clifford Benson. Sharron Campbell, Paula Campbell. Sieve Clark, Gary Crilly, Gary Davidson, Gene Dobbs. Billy Ellis. Mark Evans, Don Flanagan. Phillip Highf, Jeri Hisel, Georgia Holder. Marvin Hope. Elberl' Hughes. Holly Hufchinson, Harlan Johnson, Michael Kosifzky, Waller Kriner. Pamla Lee, Denis Malone. Mike McCallie, Carolyn Meador, Freddie Middleion, Linda Monical, Kennefh Morris. Sheila Nanny. Charles Owen, Robin Pauley, Karen Pefree, Cliff Pellet Gary Reid, Danny Rider, John Roberis, Evelyn Robinson, Gary Rosi, Mike Saak, Sieve Salisbury, Earl Sapp, Sieve Sarringfon, Randy Sides. Sandra Smiih, Dana Smifh, John Smooi, Mike Siarr, Debra Tafum. Paiii Terry, Ricky Tesierman, Gary Tucker, Roberl Walker, Glen Welch, Mike Wilkinson, Lana Wilson, Manning Yundell, Donald "Oolly, whaf a big place-how are we ever gonna find our way around?" "Boy, are fhose up- per-classmen sfuclc-up!" These are familiar senfi- menfs voiced among members of fhe sophomore class. High school life is guife a change from fhaf of iunior high. Running for class offices, affending planning commiffee meefings, and discovering new friends, are parf of fhe excifemenf fhaf comes wifh affending a big, sfrange high school for fhe firsf fime. Being a parf of fhe large. well-organized, pep club is fhrilling for sophomore girls. If is a new Experience for fhem fo yell, HOENERALS are fhe esf." Bofh boys and girls furn fhaf "magic age" of sixfeen during fheir sophomore year and receive fheir drivers licenses, loosening fhem from such +igh+ bonds wifh home and family. Wi+h 'rheir driv- ers licenses comes fheir firsf frip fo ACROSS THE STREET RESTAURANT. Af fhis fime, enfrance info fhe "Sfreef" is a liffle bif scary, buf fhe uneasiness soon wears off, and everyone has a good fime. EAR ABOVE RIGHT: Planning Commiffee members are: Susan McEven, Chaplain, Kafhy Times, Nilclci Jones. Mark Wallis, Pafly Taylor, Susan Curry, secrefary. Loraine Eifzgerald, Shelly Shirley, Treas- urer, Sherri Smifh, Cheryl Sanders. EAR BELOW RIGHT: Carleefa Polre, Candy Browning, Pam Balcer, Susie Mclvlillin. Beclcy Snipes, Diane Glass, parliamenfarian, Be- linda McDow. Nancy Drabelc, Michelle Hornbeck. R ABOVE: Commiffee member, Ricky Spiffs, couldn'f resisf fhe opporfunify fo slide down a firemen's pole. E xx ENG. Q , I I 1 4 M I ? 2 fi 'A .. . M-Q .X . xx fi. ,M y X ,-Q, 1 Adams, Belly Adelmann. Guy Ahpeaione, David Alden, David Alexander. Gerry Allen, Rick Alvarada, Della Ambrose, Rhonda Anderson, Andrea Anderson, Bob Anderson. Glenda Anderson, Linda Anderson. Doni Andrews. Keifh Armsirong, Aniia Arnold, Richard Ashley, Sylvia Ashworfh, John Baird, Kalhy Baker, Pam Baker. Sandy Baker, Tony Baker. Van Lee Baldwin, Sandra Balew. Renee Ball, Kaihy Ballard, Bonnie Ballard, John Ballou, Paul Barber, Billy Barber, Wayne Barker, Debi Barker. Sherry Barnes, Paiiy Barnes, Tom Barrelf, Coleen Basden, Charles Bafeman. Debbie Bailles, Sandy Baughman, Bobby Beam. Wanda Beaiy. Delia Beck, Jane? Beldinq. Tom Bell, Gary Bell, Mark Benedick, Glenn Benneii, Donna Benneif, Mike Benson, Terry Berry, Pafrick Beihrovv, John Billings. Glenn Birk, Jimmy Birkiii, Luann Black, David A cz el.,- B , f , K " it Sophomores , 3 lhl y 1 , K . .i ,A 32' 0' .M is fs lv ,,. ,ff . -5 4? f v.. 8 'W .. bs at li! W 935-P! .vxj if as -is 1 Q ii 3' 'Ki S- ii W X X i sae: 'sg " c i . . ,.., ' 4 5 Q -f S Q- " . , ,, fiifgi M ,XX Q' JP Q A .. ,,' , - A 2 , 5' . l '1 e,s, AT? , 'Qs A 'i" Port Of Growing Up D' " f yn S Q ,i ,s Q Q Y . ,F s X Discipline Is An Essential 1 :5 i B' ' v y 3-if isvis .ati iiiii O, y lf' i, s W M ZV1: f 1 Zivg --A .x 3 ' 'ZF ,xv Lfgx ' a.. W' ' 1--iff W . -. , ,GL Q Q A 'PGH 2 ai i i ABOVE: Byran Anfoon Thinks over his problems while he waifs io see .lhe counselor. H.. if " F me .yy Q' if O.. s ' ' , - , N '3' 9 B, 'qv-iii. B. L.. 7 wr' Kgs' Ai M l y . I ,QQ . " 1 A Q -7,, was -ee Nflwiiizesi . B X 4 L! wiv . Y, ll N A V,-.. 1.. L -v 'fa-fy, we4i A Q. , y 5 ,W- 4 1 1. we was-5 ii X in ,i lg? Black, Kerineih Black, Pafry Blackmon, Lloyd Blumenlhal, Marsha Bobo, Sherry Boggs, Richard Bolloms. Mike Boulware, Lonnie Bowman. Mike Boydslun, Larry Bradford. Anita Bradley, Freddie Bradley, Ronnie Brazel, Sharon Brewer, Kurr Bridge Briggs, Brislol, Brown, Brown, Brown. Brown, S , Terri Richard Wayne Marilyn Neal Nina Palfy Browning. Candi Bruemmer, Paula Bryanl, Vicki Buchanan, Mike Buckley, Bernice Burns, Margie Cabrera, Phillip Caldwell, Barbara Cameron, Debbie Cambell, Denise Canlwell, Luanne Carnes, David Carpenfer. Ricky Carr, Pai Sophomores Physical Education Classes Are Always Enthusiastic Cartwright. Darrell Cash. Debbie Cassey, Pat Cassity, Jody Catlege, Patty Cato. Carol Cermaclc. Janet Cermaclc, Janice Challis, Pat Champlin, Jerry Chandler. Wendell Chaney. Paul Cheatham. Eric Childer. Jerry Christian. Victor Claxton. Lawerance Clay. Charles Clay. Jack Cleaver, Barbara Clifton. Brenda Clingenpeel. Sara Cloyde, Jan Cobb. Debbie Cottey. Debra Cottey. Nancy Cohoon, Melissa Coleman. Connie Coleman, Mariorie RIGHT: Girls' gym proves to be quite a work out tor Terri Fritz. FAR RIGHT: Nilclci Whitnah prepares tor another sales day in journalism. 'fivsifefi 8. X U , E . 4 .. ... ...I M , . A mtl ' .dw if I A F 1 1 H A A s. ,...,W ' Q. 'fs s if ggiy Q 1 .,. L K I-'fy M ff' ' 1 i , I - w e f A I C A1 -Q4 ,,,, , y ev wif is ll X gb if ' Ana s K ,--, xl ft e 1 'ST WC' Q QV, ,. 1 S' fs- 5 f l bt ii X, 'Ri - a- f yy, Q. fs, fl... Egger r 'F 1 -ef. . .:- W Q A L ?' 1 .- rf. i : ann'-as K .C ..,., rkr, Q7 6, . 4 0- 1. fs. K5 gf 0 s X Q X i R, 1 , M X 1 Coleman. Rebecca Collamore. Gary Conrad. Jim Cook, Tommy Cooper. Charles Copeland. Donna Copeland. Donna Corlee, Clnris Corn, Cookie Cossey. Debbie Coursey, Bobby Cowden, Billy Craig, Sieve Craven, Debbie Crawford, Brad Crawford, Jerry Crawford, Jean Crawford, Lou Crook, Kevin Cross, Bruce Cummins. Elaine Cummins, Joe Cummings. Randell Curry. Susan Daniel, Debbie Darlin, Duan Darrow. Pal Davenport Debbie Davenport Donna Davis. Debbi Davis, Jim Davis, Keilb Davis, Roberl' Dawson, Frank Dean, Ricky Decker, Pafrica Decker. Ricky Dees, Mike Denny, Darcie Dial, Doug Dick, Jerry Dillie, Larolin Dillion. John Dionelle. Pal Dixon. Corliss Dixon, Gayla Dixon, Jean ABOVE: Oral bool: reporls seem ro be a problem for Robin Hood. RIGHT: David Peck looks uncerfain abouf having his ears checked by The Nurse. Dobbs, Diane Dodd, Bruce Doelson. Ben Dopree, Vicki Doulas, Chrisli Dowdy. Sharla Dowell, Ken Dowling, Viclci Downey. Denise Downs, Palsy Dozler, David Drabek. Gary Drabelc, Nancy Dranrie. Pal Drislcill, Debbie Duclcerr, Richard Duke, Linda Dunning, Roberl' Dunlap, Connie Durbin, Phylis Durkorl, Richard Dye, Larry Dyess. Bonila Eaves. Roclcy Edge, Kalhy Eeds, Chip Elder, Don Ellenson. Sherrie ' ' vxrfwf- mf,--.T-. .- f-I-wa:-W 1? 4 1 lj i - an 'ILJETP7 S X Q xxx I Li if A it' iivy, ,,,,,,,,, lj T.. l .W .,.. +- ,... ,Ms '1 ii Bl age,- ..x . 1:4 f -if 1' .,., N. -L ,ks sw 'Sm va .N X 1 3 " ? A ' Q Jill' -- "f... f-5 F , QE . HPS- ' -hi? Sophomores EEYRYK ii A 1. 'wr-V-fe 'k', Classes Offer A Chance To 'z 1 reg, gb 'T 4 'LA ..,, , , .,,,. . Q-s,v Riva iii , 23' 41.4 ' 3 I X, il, . 315 hx 'X' ,E ' fax Y K 2 -',. V , 'W'-. 013' M . . "" A Obtain Knowledge i 4 Q M A ff c sl Embrey, Susan Ervin, Vicki Fsles, Diane Evans. Johnny Fallwell, Donna Fancher, Reggie Faulkner, Joy Ferguson, David Ferguson, Linda Fink, Don Finley, Paul Fifzgerald, Lorraine Flanagan, David Flaniken, Kenny Fleming. Melvin Florez, Pele Floyd, Barry Floyd. Cherll Forbes, Chrisiy Ford, Anna Forcl, Vicki Fosler, Debbie Founlain, Joe Fowler, Connie Frankenlield, Anne Franlz, Sue Ann Free, Debbie Freeman, Debbie Freeman, Sherri Freeman. Shirley Frifz, Terry Furr, Randy Gailher, Roy Garlow, Sam Garrell, Jerry Garrell. Richard Garrison, Bobby Gasaway, Charles Gales. Gary Gentry, Milion Genlry. Pam Genlry. Susie Gibson, Linda Gibson, Karen Gilbert Donnella Gillean, Ricky Gladden, Dawn Glass. David Glass, Diane Gleaves, Sharon Godwin, Debra Gomez. Charlie Goodbreak, Linda Goodson, Jerry Goflschalk, Glenn Goure. Calhy Graber, Chrisfy Grands, Jessie Gray. Ada Green, Barb Green, Marvin Green, Pally Griffin, Shirley Griffin, Gail Griflefh, Debbie Grigsby, Gary Grigsby, Joyce Gruver, Janice Hacker, Sandra Hair, Roger Hair, Roy Hall, Alisa Hall, David Hall, Randy Halsiead, Kenneih Halsfead, Phil Hames. Debby Hammon, Glenda Hancock, Vicki Hand. Karen Hanshue, Gary Harden, Sharon Harclin, Darla Harding, Melanie Harmon, Beverly Harness, Valeria Harris, Berry Harris, Chuck Harris, Roberf Hari, Billy Harfley, Danny Harrley. Vicki Halcher, Robbie Harfeld, Sieve Hawihorne, Roger Hayes, Debi Healh, Debbie Hefley, Debbie Helion, Ronnie Hembre, Arche Henderson, Kiliie Henderson, Linda Henderson, Sallie 1 3 y : - Q X -Mvfl' 5 s Q R 5 Q' 14: X -if Q :V , ln i I AA Q 'I Vg ..,, me ,. E Q y i B 's-ss L2 , A 2 l 1 . Yagi , Q, .. .H N , A , 1 'F' vw " . " r ,' 5 R- -. , N, , Nxt 5 .s e, Q , . N i,.. J Q , , jx . y , ,- ,lik .:: :,M,..',g 1 , Q if for i , f fi ill if A a r i ik i . vu . Q x . Q ,, E: i- EV ,h E KMA' I 4- ,7 'FIX ,.", ' fl .. . X 1 x Lx sank, t i nk. i Q ive sie' ' ,5 , B, 'fW1::q, ff 6 - 4 , ie i -W Y as I iii 1. x x 3, ABOVE: Cyndie Jenkins and Pam Webb lake advanfage of The spring days by walking io lunch. FAR ABOVE RIGHT: Sludenis pay close arfenlion 'ro hisiory lesson. 258 , .xylgbv H Q , F 1' Sophomores Sophomores Take An Active Port In School Activities I NX 5 A 2 , Y 13K 14 ,ggi , -iic + if l i . 5 ,M M if Rx 'A ff'-if i ' i -NW' 'fzi' Q w..,,,, --me ffieifxqghax , D ' ' cc , 5 X 5 3 .. he ai g ,V it ' r . :Queer 'l g -f . V I 4' w if 4 ' 5' N 4' V' lx- gi , Q we . X "za . . . l V Aw xt Q ,p , as g we ,, X K E E X ,,ci- , li . may eec iecc y -, any i ! A ,.. - 7' ai , ' K g..yY..l up g is ci, , IN K her, .K 'Uv fc ,I I Ye ' l ,,., .K 'QW' g QC. Uv Q my i he 1 ' ey c e 1 , a n edict l Henderson, Starlet Henry, Russell Hernandes. Barbara Hernandes, Connie Hess. Susan Hestand, Cheryl Hey, Myrna Hibler. Phillip Hiclcs, Patti Higdon, Debbie Hightower, Patty Hilburn, Rhonda Hill, Cindy Hill, Sally Hoclc, Barbara Hodges, Don Hodges. Margaret Hoffman, Diane Holfmon, Debbie Holi. Linda Hood. Gaye Hood, Robin Hopkins, Nonita Horn, Lynne Horn, Torn l-lornbeclc. Michelle Huffman, Terri lhlulsey, Milne House, John Housfon, Frank l-lovarier, Billy Howell, Doyle Hull, Fairh l'-luni, Tony l-lunier, Mark Hurry, Sheryl Hursf, Larry Husk, June Flurchinson, Leslie l-lyden, Mike lngram, Ricky lrwinsky, Larry lsbell, Don Jackson, Toni Jefferys. Pam Jenkins, Cyndie Jensen, Ann Jensen, Johnny Jesseph, Sandy Jolly, Kafhy Jones Ava Jones, Janel Jones, Linda Jones Marcia Jones Melvin Jones Nikki Jones, Vicki Judd, Sandra Julin, Diane Keen, Renee Keener. Darrel Keller, Fred Kelly, Sianley 4 .N ,E L A . 0' mi. F' 'lk A in , X Qfif.. is x ,R , in 5 H if 1. Nc N -... , M 'X , iii, 5 av rl .v Sk - iciiki U if l Q. EC 'MW i-. 'M . -j T, K Y K f A I -- ' '-x. I f lr K 'JA f , , ' 5 J i"' ' .. li ' F ' N' 1' .-5 . ffl ' ' -F' ' " . if ai K k 3 X x - we ix, 1 frm ABOVE: Cindi Morris ancl Raylene Marihews buy game fickeis for anoiher fooiball game. FAR ABOVE RIGHT: Ken Dowel! finds our +ha+ ihe library has excellenf marerials for his research paper. "Iq- Sophomores Students Find Assistance In School Library Q Kemp, Paula Kennedy, Brenda Kenny, Steve Kepler, Joe Kerr, Barbara Kerr, Billie Kick, Ronnie Killman. Riclc Kindriclc. Phillip Kinnarcl, Kenny King, Pam Kinnay, Jimmy Kirlcham, Patsy Kirkland, Wilhelm Knapp, Jean Knight, Jerry Knight, l.ynell Knowles. Kenny Kuder. Paula Kutz. Ricky Ladusau, Chris Laftoon. Teresa Lambert. Jan Landers, Billie Lane, George Larrison, Debbie Lavarnway. Daniel Lavene, Clarence Lawson, Bill Lawson, Pam Lawson, Terry Ledlow, Teri Letfwichl Sandy Leisy, Bobby Leisy. Gary Leonard. Nita Leils. Melissa Liqhllool. Leslie Liles. David Liles, Ken Lindsay. Eldeane Liillehawk. Daisy Long. Brenda Longman. Sharon Lopez, Janice Lowe, Larry Lowrey, Barbara Lunar. Larry Mabry. Phillip Maddox, Karen Mahonny, Connie Main, Andy Main. Gary Malone. Kalhleen Malowey. Gary Manspealcer, Roberl Marcum, Randy Marsh, Narrah Marrow, John Marlin, James Marlin, Pele Marx, John Mason, Calvin Maslin, Beverly Mafchen. Mike Malhis, Carla Malhis, Carolyn Malhis. Dale Mafihews, Raylene Mauldin. Mary Mears, Debbie Mellon, Befh Mezas. Debbie Micue. Ron Milam, Jimmy Miller, Cindy Miller, Denise Miller, Noel Millon, Kevin Minor, Debbie Moore. Bobby Moore, James Moore, Milne Moore, Sheryl Morris, Morzof Mosma Moyer. Myers. Myers. Muse. Cindi l, Sue n, Eric: Debra Lynn Shelly Gene , Q' 62 2 1 .1 5 ig I . . 2 AA ' . J . 'lr ' , -.'5f:4"ffi51-L , V 2ae.ffaf- X ,Q J ffixrf SQ, Sophomores W ,, . sw- -IJ' K :L I ii 1. A X I I ?'a' , . A ,ii X ' syy.. ,N A . ff? YJ! ,Q- X -n I is , Appearance ls wvs 2-...fx , .13 W L 'Q i K, . 5 . fs, k ,N ,sv N, fl' be 3 9 N L vi ex X .. 1 if .fe -c L' K . Y .A me it is ,B . ',:L ' Li . Cv- 1 4, , . '1.s,,,,.,,+ in f A V, -gb Enix 1 if ' :L , iis. -74 , ..y.y.yyy .2 A N is Important In A STudenT's Life ,, A ssl E' in 5 L ' ' S vv fig ' 77 - ...r E S , . 'f4-- ' , :rrfawi N- B N- A . ,lm f - ' L Qs, 'Fein' ?'f'r We I ii I - in , L. 1 J. """ "Wi" . 1 " . . l M r. . XD . Q- ' f X K 6 K iv X SF 1 '- vf 'SH . ' - WAS? 'va . .ss Rd- Q QE i gh' '. A sri K W' J Wif' B' f -Iii 1- i J -ef. S . "fax -alibris 'liliil-47325 5 I Q i g i V 7 or P , -. , uf? W. . ' U s i. 5 ii sv--s. -.., f f f . .fi 5 K K mn , saw 'Y iimiqyhy I . , it s.., . '-A ' 1iw,"i'f iL 6 M Li ls - X .Q 'W ' QR. N ,W 'ba li .11 is .1 xBOVE: Susan Turnbow. Susie Geniry. and Karen Gibson check 'their appearance iefore ihey go io lheir class. i fl 'tif 1 1' X 25 6 S , , fiili' 9 51- .ffzs wx -, - K, Y ii flfI 'ivf5ff gs A T X 'X e , ,::'. Nagy K' 'Y Pd ' r-si' ' y 'yX . ,,, 1,7 5 x ai ,Y 'si is Kz. '- if' A R f A ,..,, Z ,Zee .. 5 , ,M ' WJ Q H f V? gg fa k ,S as , al,-' S 'L' f .nnny 5 3 Se- Q McCalip, Phillip McCallum. Jan McCann, Paul McCarron. Susie McClain, Gail McClain, Mark McClurg. Debbie McCullough, Sylvia McDonald. Lisa McDougal. John McDow. Belinda McElwee, Ruby McEuen. Susan MCC-Evibery. Cheeclle McGuire, Jennifer McKeown. Barry McLaughin, Angela Mcl.aughon, Charloffe McMahan, Debbie Mclvlillin, Susie Mclvlillion. Debbie McNeely. Richard Nail. Paula Nall, Kairinlca Nelson. Ken Newell, Jay Newfon, Kenny Nicholis, Sieve Nicholson, Kirby Niles. Nancy Nix. Tom Sophomores Sophomores Discover Thor Their Studies Need More Time Nixon, Mark Norvell, Karen Nunn. Bobby Ogg, Richard Oglesby. Gail Oidham. Bobby Oliver, Barry O'Neai, Kay Orr, Rick Osborne. Sieve OH, James Ouriand. Karen Oyler, Dei Pagels, Gary Palesano. Tony Pairick, Joy Paiferson, Gary Paulk. Caiherine Paulk. Ginny Paxfon, Debbie Pearn. Randy Peck. Charles Peck. David Penry, Kevin Pereun. Debbie Perry, Bobby Perry, Sieve Pefers, Eddie , T Qi N 1 .. IN ' 9' 2 1 fn. .E ' k ry. mei weft' X T. , T , A x hi : 9 f 1 .. L ka' Y T 'ce w A " Y 'Q ,.- fs . X M Me T Q 1 2 A --fix.. fx Q A fs yi Pefefe, Brenda ' X 1 K - V L - Phipps, Bill . f ii f 5 'R a '.iii'CWne Q, -as 1. 'V . , 'ii' 'e' My gs , X -.-f T 'J ' ' ' V ' K Poe. Doneile J 1 . . T T. 5 . . . T, .T 4, X . ' T. ii R Polmq' CNY . K- L "" ' or er. avi - 'L ' Poleef. Mike 'I N. -n .C I . 'N f,, A ' Pound. Roberl ' .fl Prewill. Carolyn - ,y L W is Tb' 3 Z '.,i .L N Price. Sharon X' ,Q , .fi , J! ' ,X T L " Prier. Terre I i I ig B ri. l A Prine' Mike ' - Puclcefi. Paula A! Purdy. Debra -A 6 , ,. ' A ,fx .5 guiclc. Karen , A i umiero. Gene my A ' ""' W A Ramirez. Romelia K df.. Q 5, "ll ,, ' K 'N,- ' Randall, Paul K .ia A if fi X 'R L Randolph. Penny T. L I 'dal -..aa if ,N it Reagen. Glenn . , . - L. Reed. Charlene .ig ,y .5 T -fs Q Am X Reeves. Eejny if . P ' x-.Q Q 1 'ff j g y B Reeves. a uana . .L TL I ' i -v x 'Li Reeves. Mike A- he ' 5 ri L f L I A,'- ' Reeves, Tricia .5 l b y, K K i rt ,f' A::,- Reyes. Richie FAR ABOVE RIGHT: Sophomores galher in cafeieria fo fake STEP fest ABOVE Ricky Wagoner aifempis io pass a nofe To girlfriend. Leslie Lighifoor. LEFT: Ronnie Sveigoff peers info The library showcase. Richardson. Karhy Richison, David Richmond. Don Richmond, Helen Rigsby. Ray Risenhoover. Sheila Rivers, Nira Roberfs, Roberf Roberfson, Gayia Robison, Dennis Robison, Eddie Rodgers, Carla Rogers, Myra Roliand. Greg Roof, Margie Rosh Vicki Rofan, Terrie Rouse, Diane Rowan, Sian Rychlec, Barbara Ryser, Bryan Sales, Mike Sailey, Terry Sanders. C. Sanders. Mary Scarberry, Nancy Schmidr. Sherri Schmoief, Ray Schwarf, Larry Schwarfz, Lee Schwerlcharf, Richard Schambiin, Linda Segier, Cherie Self, Biily Scott Wanda Scorf, Par 'ig-gp Qi. si Nei? .L E 1 J 1 Q' -sr. wi H -41 ,gg - -y,.iEE .fzz frzr. - w 1 i -ffiifzzzs if vt 4. , H. F3 U . i xi Q J' A is Q - ' 5 'wx 5 ABOVE: Jerry Knight finishes prinring up some announcemenr cards. EAR BELOW RIGHT: Sophofnores wair in rum +o regis+er for elecrions. E he R R E kk Vykk MMI A 2 54 48 - , . e x. yiiiii , 5 y Q y . Q' 1 ' "f' 3+ 4. we 1 K R 'ii f 1 is 4 ei ei ee E E ,M -Q 'N i R' A i x we i X we , .L R 0 in .fi . . MN! . . :CJK A A is Q ,I . yy .. ty R je-f 5 s, S new ' "ww ff -LU QI N l gy ' Q by fi , Y' ,.,: 2 Sophomores ,,- W 2 r Q- - a . . v. 1 i Y ,- , NX l e it M, A ti -1 Q A 4 Sexfon. Janef Shaver, Lea Ann Sheels, Randy Sheffield, Nancy Shelgrove. Carol Shelfon, Andy Sherrill, Cindy Shirley. Shelly Shunkwiler, Allen Sides. Diana Sifers. Bobby Simmons. Carol Simms, Debbie Simms, Glynn Skrapka. Janie Sloan, Tony Smallwood, Kim Smallwood, Louwanda ,' XX if 'ze Q 55 y ii i Q JQ. - we e rf X ff is 'i ,gf Sgt, in ig 'fbi 1 , .. E E 'X " X 0. Smiih, Ann Smi+h Debbie Smi+h Eric Smith. Gale Smilh, Jeane Smilh. Nancy Smifh. Rickey Smifh Scoff Smith, Sian Snipes. Becky Snow, Roy Sonnenscheiw, Doris Sorrells, Kay Speaks. Nona Spearman. Cheryl Spilz, Ricky Spradlin, Jimmy ilivucious Sophomores Take Pride In Their School S V. ,pai lure Slacy. Mary Slallord, Randall Slanley. Terry Slanlon, Paula Sfarlc, Carl Slark. Linda Slasyszen, Cindy Slevens, Gary Slevens, Milce Sfewarl. Marilyn Sliges, Rodney Slinson, Sheila Slone. Olivia Slone. Teresa Slory, Karen Slolls. Phillip Sluller, Sandra Sullins, Gynna Sullivan, Milne Svelgoll, Ronnie Sweeny. Marshall Sylces. Ronnie Talboll. Mike Talkinqlon. Sieve Taylor. Taylor. Taylor, Taylor, . Jeannine Thomas. Teasley Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Joe John La nese Palli Sophomores , ,Q-X f ,. s ' 4 Q f fe 4. l TT I 1 A 1- D. do iiifn ' s , , 4 C . . . T 'i'1 QE 9-QJFA'-4 : 1 ' N Wx i' . .. 'N 4 Q -1 , gf x "" ,l f so ii ' T li ill ll, i Underclcissmen Begin To Mature Like A General Bulch Deann Don Linda Linda . Sherrie Thomassew. Shery. Thompson, Donna Thompson, Lana Thrash, Paula Threllcela. Viclci Timanus. Sieve Tims. Kalhy Toiman, Gary Tolson, Sieve Tomlinson, Gerald Trodinger. Ken Turnbow. Susan Turner, Gilberl Uhls, Debbie Underwood. Bobby Underwood. Shannon Uplergrove, Anila Vanzanl, Dennis Vaughn. Sieve Vermillion. Cheryl Viclcrey. Chris ls- , in Ag' i A x ss i Y wad' . K l is ai ,J Q R T ssl . ii ein '?,"Y! ABOVE: Nikki Jones and Kevin Penry pause oufsicle of class fo Talk flwings over before The bell rings. i Wx, Y 'K y I A lllk is 'ini 19' A.. . N ti 4. V- 1 , :cf ' 2 I . , fiil a A ,LQ Voss. Phil Waqgne r, Don Waqqner. Rick Wallis, Mark Wallis, Roberf Wallers. Cindy Wansley. Toni Warren, Bridgel? Webb, Pam Webb, Ricky Weber. Mike Weeden. Debbie Weeks, Marly if Weese, Randy f r , . Weise, Donna XLL, A i' Welch, Phillip f L' zlr 1:1 .K j Num b y Wells, Chuck B ff, gf ". J B 5 2 - Wesley, John 3 H-' J up Wesl. Danny TA X., H' 'B , I Weslervell, Billy Whilaker, Mark While, Jerry Whiling. Rulh Wiggins. Jimmy Wilkerson, Glenda Wilkerson, Viclor Williams. Bobby Williams, Edmond Williams, Jerry Williams. Kenny Williams, Roberf Wickware, Brenda Windle, lvlarly Winlord, Kalhy , ,A Wise, Pam N ...., , Wilson, Danny 6 xr Eu' 1, -, Wilson, David ,QQ jf Wilson Denise I Wilson, Doyle 5,3 K, ,,,, Wilson, Kay iiiii eg Sophomores Generals Soy Sophomores Are On Wodraska, Diane in Wolf, Janice V I , ls- ee Wood, Donna ig- J , ., .193 , A f 3 Woodard, Tele, iw I B -y WX Q fi Woodie, Jerry i ' .," ' 4 , s'-- TY! . Woods, Larry L A Lf 'Z g,,',s , 'iki ' B N X Worl6Y- Be'rlY Worley. Peggy 2 iii' Workman, Jerry Q ,fi L ,,,. Wrighf, Janine Q s 55 1 5 ? Q, 'ii "' Wri9hl. John ill i B B 5 .B Yaden, Pally as --ifs V Yedqer, Sleve T ' B Young, Bobby Young, Tom Youngberg, Mike Yousey, Bill 'YQTP' x 'fs A ve , cg, J s , Pj .Q 'x 't , ...a 3 l nl The Way . - '9 ee- Ci.. M 4 ,,,.i 'Q 1 xglf, ,, A fczvv' li :E i x.-5 ix ilmifiii iuemfs QQ DRIVER ABOVE: Doyle Wilson believes srudy hall is a beffer place To sleep fhan lo sfudy LEFT Lou Crawford finds The sign on her drivers educalion car a bif embarrassing while driving in iown. SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED Adams. Moniy Adams, Rondald Ahpealone, David Anloon, Bryan Armsrrong, Claudia Axion, Don Baker, Tom Barnes, Keilh Balson. Mark Belew, Vesla Branlley, Cheryl Brooks, Kenny Brown, David Brown, Karen Brown, Roberl Brozelc, Pal Burlcell, l.u Ann Craig, Joyce Galindo, Jesse Kelley, Billy McCallum, Jimmie Shamblin, Linda Smith. Gale Smith, Vondel Taylor. David Webb, Pam Welchel, Twila Williams, Linda I969-70 GENERAL STAFF Barbara PriTchard .... .... E diTor-in-Chief Sandra Seals ...... .... M anaging EdiTor Debi MounT SchwarTz ........ I:aculTy EdiTor STaTT: CharIoTTe ArmbrisTer Mike AnTrikin KaThy Newman Pai' Siegle ......... .... C lubs EdiTor Lincla Maxwell Debby Campbell ...... Co-AssisTanT EdiTors Billie SheITon ......... AcTiviTies Co-EdiTors Glenda Brannon STaTT: Karen OuTland Larry Waddle Sandra Seals ........ .... S porTs EdiTor Bobby Wagner ....... . . . AssisTanT EdiTor STaTT: Asa Bradley Chris ChrisTian Vicki Dowling Paul Garland Debbie Wilkes Denise Hawkins . .. .... Senior Class EdiTor Jeanne Yarberry .......... AssisTanT EdiTor STaTT: Debbie Hanson LaDena Williams Vicki Newcomb Holly Vance ........... Junior Class EdiTor STaTT: Glenda Laws Ann Sledge Cindi FenT ........ Sophomore Class EdiTor STaTT: Judy Adams David McCall Sue McDougal ....... .... C opy EdiTor STaTT: Terry Casey PaT Maloy EdiTor's Note . . . AnoTher year has passed. All oT The Tun aT TooTball games, The homecomings, The club meeTings and even The classes are now only memories. I hope, ThaT in This book, The sTaTT and I have recorded, successTuIIy, all oT The memories oT This year wiTh 2,458 picTures and 244 blocks oT copy and cuTlines. My deepesT appreciaTion goes To The '70 GENERAL sTaTT Tor all Their long hours oT work and Their deTerminaTion To produce a book ThaT will be remembered as a recorder Tor The year oT l969- I 970. The consTanT help oT our sponsor, Mrs. Mary J. Sparks, is also greaTIy appreci- aTed, Tor wiThouT her help and paTience our book would never be as greaT as iT is. Also, Tremendous Thanks go To Mrs. Lou Carroll, our represenTaTive Trom Taylor Publishing Company and Mr. Joe Henson, Trom RembranT STudios. Now, iT is Time To Thank The people who made This yearbook possible, The sTudenT body and The TaculTy. You did all oT The work and TuITilled all The duTies in running a high school, we iusT simply recorded all you've done. This book is iusT one year oT our lives. IT is published To help us remember all The memories oT This one year. Cur lives will go on and on and soon... CVIQ 27 I I ll Q All XNDERSON, MR. ROBERT 43 lookkeeping I and ll, Record- zeepmg, Jr. Class Sponsor ARCHER, MR. DON 39, ISI 1 ,eams, Jr. Class Sponsor, Assis- ant.BasketbalI- Coach, Drivers Ed- :cation IAKER, MRS. HELEN 25 :inancial Sec etary IAKER, MRS. TREVA 46 ioods Il and III IALLEW, MR. RAY SI, 92, 95, l87 Mx Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, A appella Choir, Music Theory ARKER, MRS. FRANCES 28 afeteria SPQELOW, MR. MICHAEL 42, ao, Recordkeeping, Bookkeeping I, General Business, FBLA Sponsor, lr. Class Sponsor SARNETT, MR. SERCY 'nglish II and III, First Semester ARTON, MR. AMOS ustoclian QAUGH, MRS. CHRISTINE 3I :nglish IV, Head of English De- gartment, Sr. Class Sponsor ENNETT, MRS, FERN 28 Cafeteria Manager BIRCHFIELD, MR. BOB 29 Custodian BLACK, MR, ROBERT Custodian BOWEN, MRS. WILMA 28 Cafeteria BOWLBY, MRS. JUDY 33 English ll BRADLEY, MRS. BEA 28, 67 Nurse BUCKHOLD, MR. EARNEST 23 Counselor IICII CABLE, MR. RONALD 44, II6, II7 Biology, Rocket Club Sponsor CALHOUN, MRS, GALEN 26 Library Secretary CAMPBELL, MRS. PEGGY 24 Registration CARPENTER, MR. CHARLES 39, 99, I50 World History, Teams, Jr. Class Sponsor, Head Football Coach CARTER, MISS IDA 44 Biology, Head of Science Depart- ment CAVIN, MRS. LORETTA I6, 35, I08 French I and IV, French Club Sponsor CHASE, MR. C. D. 32 English II CLOWDIS, MRS. LOIS 25 Attendance Secretary CONDREN, MRS. ANN 43, 85 Shorthand I, C.O.E., Lab and Steno, FBLA Sponsor, C.O.E. Spon- sor COOK, MRS. BETTY 25 Attendance Secretary COX. MRS. HAZEL 30 English II, FTA Sponsor CROSLEY, MR. HAROLD 37 U. S. History, Teams, B-Team Wrestling Coach IIDII ,DANlELS, MR. EARNEST 47 lDrivers Education IDEAN, MRS. DOROTHY 43, 85 lShorthand and Transcription, Cler- iical Practice, Head of Business lDepartment, Jr. Class Sponsor, lFBLA Sponsor IDENNIS, MR, MIKE Second Semester Bioloqy DONNELL, MR. ROBERT :Custodian IDORSEY, MRS. EDNA 28 1Cafeteria DOWDELL, MR. KEITH 53 Audio Visual, Physiology IIA!! ABERNATHY, WILLIAM I94 Rifle Club, 67-683 Football, 67- 687 Basketball Manager, 67-68 ACTON, BRENDA I94 Pep Club. 67-695 FTA, 69-701 DECA, 69-70 ADAMS, JUDIE 78, I94 Newspaper, 68-69, Yearbook, 69- 70 IIEII EASETAP, MR. LLOYD 29 Custodian ELLIS, MISS PENNI 30, I00, II5 English III, Pep Club Sponsor, Jr Class Sponsor EMANUEL, MRS. GRETA 48, I07 Cosmetology I and II, VICA Spon- sor ERWIN, MR. THOMAS 50, I5I Physical Education, Teams, Assis- tant Football Coach EVEIRHART, MR. JACK 38, I03 I World History, Teams, FCA Spon- sor, Head Golf Coach IIFII FINLEY, MRS. FRANCIS 46 Clothing II and Ill, Jr. Class Spon- sor FORD, MRS. ROSE 28 Cafeteria FOREMAN, MRS. CAROL 23 Counselor FULLER, MR. AL 43, 85 Bookkeeping I, C.O.E. Clerical Lab FBLA Sponsor HGH GRANT, MR. G. L. 29 Custodian - GROOMS, MRS. DONNA 28 Cafeteria IIHII HAMPTON, MRS. OPAL 24 Principal's Secretary HAWKINS, MRS. INEZ Cafeteria HIGBIE, MR. RUSSELL I82 Business Math, Head Baseball Coach HILL, MR. JOHN 40, I50, I76 Geometry, Algebra I, Teams, Head Cross Country and Track Coach HOLLOWELL, MRS. English Il HOSTETTER, MR. L. Sociology, Head of Department HUFFMAN, MR. C. Principal HULL, MR. LARRY 53 Electronics I and II, Algebra I HUMPHREY, MRS. MARGE 35 Ceramics, Jewelry, Arts and Crafts, Head of Arts and Crafts Depart- ment, Sr. Class Sponsor HUNT, MISS JO ANN 34 Debate I-Ill, Speech I-III, Head of Speech Department, NFL Spon- sor, Sr. Class Sponsor HUTCHINSON, MRS. MARY 28 Cafeteria LUCY 30 D. 36 Social Studies w. ls, lr, 7I IIJII JACKSON, MRS. ADEL 36 First Semester Social Studies JACKSON, MRS. LELLA 28 Cafeteria IIKII KENNY, MR. HAROLD Custodian KING, MR. RALPH 3l, 87 English Ill, FTA Sponsor IILII LANSDOWNE, MRS. OLETA 40 Algebra I, High School Math LONG, MRS. MORENE 35 Commercial Art I and II, Art II and III, Art Club Sponsor, Jr. Class Sponsor LOONEY, MR. ORVILLE 48 Auto Mechanics I and II, Head of Vocational Department Senior Activities ADAMS, KATHRYN I94 Pep Club, 67-70 ALDRIDGE, DONNA I94 Pep Club, 67-70: FBLA, 69-70 ALLEN, RAYE LYNN I94 Pep Club, 67-705 Student Coun- cil, 67-685 Glee Club, 67-68: Spanish Club, 68-69, Thespians, 68-69, Safety Council, 69-70: FBLA, 68-69 Faculty Index LOVETT, MR. PERRY English Ill Second Semester IIMII MANUEL, MRS. FLOSSIE' 28 Cafeteria MEREDITH, MR. HAROLD 20, 2I, 50 Vice Principal METHENY, MR. DON 37, I50 U. S. History, Teams, Soph. Class Sponsor, Head Basketball Coach MILLER, MR. CRAIG 45, I5I Chemistry, Teams, Head Tennis Coach MILLER, MR. JOHN Custodian MILLIRON, MR. VIRGIL 50, I5I, I66, 168 Physical Education, Teams, Head of Physical Education Department, Head Wrestling Coach, Head Athletics Director MILLS, MRS. FRANCIS 4I Geometry, Algebra Il, Soph. Class Sponsor First Semester MIZE, MRS. BARBARA 25 Attendance Secretary MONJARAS, MR. ALFONSO II2 Spanish I and Il, Head of Foreign Language Department, Spanish Club Sponsor MOORE, MR. JOHN 2I Vice Principal MOORE, MR. ORLAND Social Studies Second Semester MORSE, MR. OTTO 49 Sheet Metal and Welding I and II MUSGRAVE, MR. CHARLES Custodian MYATT, MRS. EDNA 32 English Ill IIMCII McCAIN, MR. ROBERT 23 Counselor MCCELLAN, MR. DEWEY 44 Biology IINII NEWBERRY, MRS. JEAN 24 'Instructional Secretary NEWMAN, MRS. LONA 28 Cafeteria NOLAN, MRS. GEORGIA 28 Cafeteria NORMAN, MR. LEWIS Custodian NOVEY, MRS. PAULINE 4I Practical English, Math, Social Studies, Head of Special Educa- tion Department lloll OGLE, MR. CLIFTON 45, II7, II8 Biology, Chemistry, Science Semi- nar, Science Club Sponsor ORREN, MRS. FRANCES 23, 200 Counselor OWENS, MR. JIM 38, 47 Drivers Education, Safety Council Sponsor IIPII PATTERSON, MRS. MILDRED 26 Librarian PENDLETON, MRS. REINE 42 Typinq I and II PENRY, MRS. RUTH 28 Cafeteria PETERS, MR. ROY 42, I05 Distributive Education Il and Ill, DECA Sponsor, Sr. Class Sponsor PHILLIPS, MRS. EVELYN 26 Student Librarian PIERCE, MR, VERNON I7, 37, 2I2 Psychology, Sr. Class Sponsor, FTA Sponsor, Student Council Sponsor PITT, MRS. PEGGY 32 English Ill and IV POWELL, MR. BOB 40, I5I Algebra I, Geometry, Teams, As- sistant Football Coach ALLEN, WARREN I94 Senior Class Planning Commit- tee, 69-70 ALVARADO, GLORIA I94 ANDERS, DONNA 74, 224, I94, I36 Safety Council, 67-68, Pep Club, 67-70, Spanish Club, 68-697 NFL, 69-70, Student Council, 69-70 ANDERSON, PAMELA I94 Pep Club, 67-693 Latin Club, 67- PRUITT, MR. LARRY Custodian PUNNEO, MR. CECIL 29 Custodian IIRII RAINS, MRS. CAROL 46, I00 Q Family Living, Home Decorating, Head of Home Economics Depart- ment, Pep Club Sponsor, FTA Sponsor RAY, MRS. HELEN 40 . Trig Analysis, Math Analysis, AI- gebra II and Ill, Head of Math Department, Sr. Class Sponsor RICKERTS, MR. JERRY 36, 70 Activities, U. S. History, Student Council Sponsor, Jr. and Sr. Class Sponsor RIPPEE, MRS. JEAN 38 Gove'nment, Economics, Interna- tional Problems ROBERTS, MR. DAVID.43 Business Machines, Typing II, Eco- namics, FBLA Sponsor ROSE, MRS. ELLA 28 Cafeteria ROSS, MR. GEORGE 52 u Wood I and ll, Cabinet Making, Head of Industrial Arts Depart- ment IISII SANDLER, MRS. BRENDA '34 Latin I-Ill, English II, Latin Club Sponsor, JCL Sponsor SCOTT, MRS. JANICE 4 Biology SKAGS, MR. A. U. 28 29 Head of Custodial Staff SMITH, MRS. ANELA Cafeteria SMITH, MRS. KATHERINE 43 Business English, Typing I, Sr. Class Sponsor SPARKS, MRS. MARY J. 34, 80 Great Books, Publications, Head of Journalism Department, OCIPA Sponsor, Sr. Class Sponsor, Jour- nalism Advisor, FJ Sponsor STEELE, MR. ROBERT 53 Drafting and Designing I and II, Head of Technical Department, Sr. Class Sponsor SUGHRU, MRS. LOIS 50, I00 Physical Education, Pep Club Sponsor SUTTLE, MRS. OLLIE 28 Cafeteria IITII TERRY, MR. RICKY Custodian THOMPSON, MRS. JAYNE 34, 2I2 Stage Craft, Drama I-III, Head of Drama Department, Thespian Spon- sor, Sr. Class Sponsor THOMPSON, MR. JIM 52 Photography, Printing I-III, Jr. Class Sponsor TODD, MR. DON 5I, 88, 90, 9l Band, Orchestra, Stage Band TURNER, MRS. ANN 26 Librarian llvll VAUGHN, MR. SEVERAN 45 Algebra II, Physics, Geometry VEAZEY, MRS. NELETA 30, 219 English IV, Sr. Class Sponsor llwll WALKER, MR. GARY 39, 66, 67, l5I Sociology, Phychology, Teams, Red Cross Sponsor, FTA Sponsor, Head Swimming Coach WATSON, MR. GARY 3I, Il5 English IV, Sr. Class Sponsor WEED, MRS. RUTH 28 Cafeteria WELLING, MRS. JUNE I6, 42 Typing Il, Shorthand I WHEELER, MR. VALJEAN 43- Business Law, Economics, Business Machines, Business Math WHITTIGTON, MR. JIM 23 Counselor WILLIAMS, MRS. CAROL 28 Cafeteria WILLIAMS, MR. BOB 49, IO6, l07 Electricity I and II, VICA Sponsor WILLIAMS, MR. HERMAN 47 Drivers Education WILLIAMS, MR. ROBERT Custodian WILSOM, MR. KEITH 4l Algebra II, Geometry WOOD, MR. JIM Custodian WOODEN, MR. ROBERT 39, I5l U. S. History, Teams, Assistant Football Coach WRIGHT, MRS. Cafeteria MABLE 28 'sf- 68, Pep Club 68-69, A Cappella chair, 68-69 ANDREWS, STEVE 2I4, I94 Track, 67-68, Basketball, 67-68, Yearbook Sports Editor, 68-69 ANTRIKIN, MICHAEL 78, I94 FBLA, 67-68, Track, 67-70 APPLEBY, LINDA I06, IO7, I08, I94 French Club, 68-70, Pep Club 68- 70, Student Council, 69-70 ARMBRISTER, CHARLOTTE 78, I94 FBLA, 69-70, Yearbook, 69-70, Glee Club, 69-70 ARNOLD, VICKI I22, 99, I94, l45 French Club, 67-68, Sophomore Class Planning Committee, 67-68, Student Council, 68-70, Junior Usher, 68-70, Pep Club, 67-70, Usher Captain, 67-68, Pep Club President, 69-70 ASHLEY, LEA ANN I94 Pep Club, 67-70, Sophomore Class Rep,, 67-68, Spirit Booster, 68-69 AUSTIN, LARRY I95 Football, 67-70, Basketball, 67-68, FCA, 67-70, "O" Club, 68-69, FBLA, 68-70 AXTON, LESLIE l95 DECA 68-70 IIBII BABB, CHARLES 72, II9, 74, I4I, 4, I93, l95 Football, 67-70, Track, 67-69, NFL, 67-70, Thespians, 67-70, "O" Club 68-69, FCA, 68-70, Boys State Delegate, 68-69, Candidate Mr. Howdy, 68-69, Junior Usher, 68-69, Attendant for Yearbook King, 69- 70 BAKER, EDWARD Iss, I79 Tennis, 68-69, Mu Alpha Theta, 69-70, Rifle Club, 67-68 BAKER, JERRY I95 VICA, 69-70 BAKER, JON I95 BARENTINE, SHARON I95 Pep Club, 67-70 BARNHART, VICKI 99, I95, Pep Club, 67-70, FBLA, 69-70, Junior Class Planning Committee, 68-69, Senior Class P anning Com- mittee, 69-70 BARRETT, JOHN I95 BATSON, BECKY l95 Pep Club, 67-70, VICA, 68-70 BAUGH, CYNDIE I95 BAUMAN, TERRY l95 VICA, 68-69 BEATY, GARY I95 BELDING, MICHAEL l95 Senior Class Planning Committee, 69-70, Spanish Club, 69-70 BELISLE, LINDA l95 l42, I3 FBLA, 69-70 BELL, BRENDA l95 FBLA, 69-70 BENEDICT, GARY I95 Student Council, 67-69, Red Cross, 67-69, VICA, 69-70, FBLA, 69-70 BENNETT, STEVEN I95 BENSON, MEL 2I5, I96 Honor Roll, 67-69 BIDDY, MICHAEL l93, I96 Swimming, 67-69, Sophomore Class Planning Committee, 67-68, Junior Class Planning Committee, 68-69, Senior Class Planning Committee, 69-70, Student Coun- cil, 68-70, Sergeant at Arms, 69- 70, Membership Chairman, 69- 70 BLACK, MARY l93, I96 Pep Club, 68-70, FBLA, 68-70, Senior Class Planning Committee, 69-70, Red Cross, 69-70, Safety Council, 67-68 BLACKMON, JAMES I66, I96 Wrestling, 67-70, FCA, 69-70 BLACKWELL, SHERYL I96 Pep Club, 67-69 BLAINE, RONALD I96 VICA, aa-69 BLOOM, ANDREA IOS, I96, I44 Pep Club, 67-69, Junior Usher, 68- 69, DECA, 69-70, Wrestling At- tendant, 69-70 BLUMENTHAL, MAX aa, lar, I96 Band, 67-70, Golf, 67-70, "O" Club, 68-69 BOLLINGER, CHUCK I96 BOONE, WANDA I96 FBLA, 68-70 BORUM, KAY I05, I96 Student Council, 67-69, Pep Club, 67-70, FBLA, 68-70, DECA, 69-70, Thespians, 68-69, Red Cross, 69-70 BOWEN, VICKIE II3, I96 Student Council, 67-68, Pep Club, 68-70 BQZIVMAN, BARBARA 77, 75, I96, NFL, 67-70, Thespians, 67-70, Sen- ior Class Plannin Committee, 69-70, French Clu'B, 68-69, Pep Club, 67-68 BOYD, CAROL I96 Pep Club, 67-70, FBLA, 69-70, Grok, 69-70, FTA, 68-69, Student Council, 69-70, Senior Class Plan- ning Committee, 69-70 BRADFORD, CARLEETA I96 Thespians, 69-70, FBLA, 68-70, Choir, 69-70 BRADLEY, ASA IO3, I3, I22, I96, I I Football, 67-70, "O" Club, 67-70, Junior Usher, 68-69, Howdy Can- didate, 67-68, General Candidate 69-70, All-Conference Football, 69-70 BRADLEY, DEBBIE I96, I96 Pep Club, 68-70, FBLA, 69-70, Senior Class Planning Committee, 69-70, Red Cross, 68-70, Junior Board of Directors, 69-70 BRADLEY, KAREN 99, 34, I39, 3, 7, I96, I97 Sophomore Class Planning Com- mitee, 67-68, Pep Club, 67-70, Pep Club Parliamentarian, 69-70, Stu- dent Council 68-70, Senior Class Planning Committee, 69-70 BRADY, MIGNON I96 Pep Club, 67-70 BRANCH, MIKE 2I0, I96, I97 Football, 67-68, Wrestling, 68-69, Safety Council, 69-70 BRANNON, GLENDA 78, 6, I00, I96, I97, l4l, 6 Sophomore Class Planning Com- mittee, Pep Club, 67-70, Junior Class Planning Committee, Junior Usher, Junior Wrestling atten- dant, Cheerleader, 68-70, Gen- eral Oueen Attendant, Student Council, 69-70, Candidate tor Miss Howdy, 68-69 BREWER, MARQUITTA I96, I97 FBLA, 68-70 BRIDGES, KENNETH 4, I97 Sophomore Planning Committee, 67-68, Football, 67-70, Basketball, 67-70, Baseball, 67-70, Spanish Club, 68-70, "O" Club, 68-70, FCA, 67-70 BROADSTONE, CARLUS I97 BROOKS, PAMELA 92, I97 Student Council, 67-70, Junior Class Rep. at Large, 68-69, Girls' Glee, 68-69, Pep Club, 67-70, FTA, 67-70 BROOKS, PEGGY 92, 94, I97 Senior Class Planning Committee, 69-70, Sophomore Rep. at Large, 67-68, Junior Class Chaplain, 68- 69, Girls' Glee, 68-70, FTA, 67-70, Z.ep0Club, 67-70, Student Council, BROWN, DEBORAH I97 Sophomore Class Planning Com- mittee, 67-68, Pep Club, 68-70 BROWN, FREDDY I97 Safely Council, 69-70 BROWN, LARRY I97 Thespians, 69-70, Senior Class Planning Committee, 69-70 BROWN, TERESA I97 Pep Club, 67-70, FBLA, 68-70 BRUEMMER, DARRYL I97 VICA, 68-70 BRUMMETT, KENNY I97 Band, 67-70 BRYCE, Maureen 97, l08, IO9 BUNYARD, MARCIA I97 Pep Club, 67-70, FBLA, 68-70, Red C'oss, 67-68 BURNS, DONALD I97, I97 BURNS. MITCHELL I98 Spanish Club, 68-70 BYBEE, BILL I98 Band, 68-70, FBLA, 68-69, Safety Council, 67-68 BYMUN, BILLY l98 Band, 67-70 BYNUM, DEBRA 57, I93, I98, l4l, II9, 7l, 220 Student Council, 69-70, Candidate for Generals Lady, 69-70, Girls' State, 69-70, AFS Chairman. 69- 70: Senior Class Planning Com- mittee, 69-70, Pep Club, 67-70, GROK Club, 69-70 I CII CALAME,PHlLLlP I98 CALLSDWELL, RICHARD I97, I93, Sqphomore Class Planning Com- mittee, 67-68, Junior Class Plan- ning Committee, 68-69, Senior Class Planning Committee, 69-70, Student Council, 68-70 CAMPBELL, DAVID CAMPBELL, DEBBY 78,79 l98 Sophomore Representative at Large, 67-68, Student Council, 67- 63j Junior Class Planning Com- mittee, 68-69, French Club, 68-69, Editor of Organizations lYear- bookl, 69-70, Pep Club, 67-70 CAMPBELL, RANDY l98, I30 Track, 67-70 CANADAY, TOMMY l98 Football, 67-691 FBLA, 68-69 CARPENTER, JERRY I98 CARPENTER, NANCY l98 Pep Club, 67-70: FBLA, 69-70 CARROLL, JOHN I98 CASEY, TERRY 77, 78, 96, I98 Student Council Rep., 68-70, Pep g21Lb,686Z670Q Ttgnespliag, 68-70, . - , ear oo '. far, 69-70 cpl' Ed' CATLEGE, MARJORIE I98 FBLA, 69-70, Pep Club, 67-69 CATLEGE, RONALD Track 66-68, Junior Usher, 67-68 CATO, CLIFFORD I99 Swimming, 67-70 CAVETT, CHARLES I99 Football, 67-70, Band, 67-70, Track, 67-68 CAVETT, SUSAN I99 Pep Club, 67-70, Safety Council, 68-69 CHAMBLESS, JANICE 99, I38, S7 Sophomore Class Planning Com- mittee, 67-68, Junior Usher, 68-69, Pep Club, Sergeant at Arms, 68- 69, Pep Club Secretary, 69-70, Pep Club, 67-70 CHANDLER, DEBORAH I99 FBLA, 67-70, Pep Club, 67-70 CHARLES, PAULA I99 Pep Club, 67-70 CHESNUT, KENNETH I79, I99 Rifle Club, 67-69, Tennis, 68-70 CHRISTIAN, CHRIS 78, I99 Yearbook, 67-70 CHRISTISON, DEBBIE I99 Pep Club, 67-70, FBLA, av-70 CHRISTY, ALBERT I99 CLAMPITT, KENNETH II3, 93, l98, I99, l30 Choir, 67-70, Boys Glee Club, 67- 70, Track, 68-70, GROK, 69-70 CLARK, BARBARA I99 Pep Club, 67-68 CLARK, DARYL I99 Boys' Glee Club, 67-69 CLARK, DEBBYE 74, 75, I99 Pep Club, 67-70: NFL 68-70, NFL Treasurer, 69-70, Junior Class Planning Committee, 68-69, Sen- ior Class Planning Committee, gg-70, FBLA, 69-70, Thespians, 69- CLINGENPEEL, . CINDI' I99, I36 Student Council, 69-70, AFS Chairman, 69-70, Senior Class Planning Committee, 69-70, Pep Club, 69-70 CLOTHIER, DONALD II3, II9, ll2, I99 National Merit Semitinalist, 69- 70, GROK, 69-70, Band, 67-70, Who's Who Among American High School Students, 69-70 CLOUD, MICHAEL 200 Band, 67-69 CODY, BOBBY 200 COLBURN, DUANA 200 Pep Club. 67-70, VICA, 69-70 COLLAMORE, SUSAN 200 Pep Club, 67-70, Junior Class Planning Committee, 68-69, FBLA, 68-70 CONNER, GALE 200 CONRAD, GARY II2, I08, I09, 200 Football, 67-70, Wrestling, 68-69, French Club, 69-70, Latin Club, 67-68 CORDRAY, VICKY 200 Pep Club, 67-70, VICA, 68-69 COSSEY, MICHAEL lo, ioa, zoo, I36, l38 Safety Council, 67-70, Football, 67-70, Baseball, 67-69, Basketball, 67-69: "O" Club, 67-70, FCA, 67- 70, FCA Pres., 69-70, Junior Usher, 68-69 COWAN, LYNN 200 Peo Club, 67-69, Spanish Club, 67-68 CRAVENS, RONDA 200 Pep Club, 67-70, FBLA, 67-70 CRAWFORD, DENNIS 200 CRAWFORD, MARSHA 200 Pep Club, 67-70, FBLA, 69-70 CRILLY, SUSAN 200 FBLA, 68-69 CROSBY, KATHY 97, 200, l30 Latin Club, 68-70, Secretary- Treasurer of Latin Club, 68-69 CUNNINGHAM, TIM l07, 200 Parliamentarian, VICA Club, 69- 70 CUTRIGHT, COY 200 VICA, 69-70 IIDII DADISMAN, VICKI 200 VKLCA Club, 68-70, Pep Club, 67- 7 DANIELS, GREG 200 Band, 67-70, Stage Band, Mu Al- pha Theta, 68-70, Orchestra, 68-70 DANNER, BERRY 200 Choir, 67-70 DARROW, FRANK 20l Football, 67-68 DAVENPORT, RENEE 77, 74, I99, 20l Thespians, 67-70, Thespian Secre- tary, 69-70, NFL, 67-70, Pep Club, 67-70 DAVENPORT, ROGER 20l Safety Council, 67-70, Red Cross, 6B-69 DAVIS, J. D, I5, 77, 96, 20I Band, 67-70, Pep Band, 67-70, Orchestra, 67-70, DECA, 67-70, DECA Treasurer, 68-69, NFL, 69, Thespians, 68-69 DAVIS, KATHRYN 66, 20l, 67 Girls' Glee Club, 69-70, Pep Club, 69-70, FBLA, 69-70, Red Cross, 69-70 DAVIS, RHONDA 20l Pep Club, 67-69, Student Council, 67-68 DAVIS, STEVE I93, 20I DAVIS, TERRY ZOI Red Cross, 67-68, Cross Country and Track, 67-68, DECA, 69-70 DEAN, PHILIP 20I Student Council, 68-69, Baseball, 68-69, FCA, 68-70, Football, 68-70, Mu Alpha Theta, 68-70 DECKER, VINCENT 20I DEWEY, TERRY 20l Golf Team, 67-68, Football, 69-70 DOERING, JUDY 20l FBLA, 69-70 DOKE, DENNIS ll2, 20I Track, 68-70, Cross Country, 69-70, Mu Alpha Theta, 69-70, Chess Club President, 68-69 DOLEZAL, CHARLES 209, 20l, I38 Wrestling, 67-69, Track, 68-69, Mu Alpha Theta, 69-70 DOUGHTY, DEBBIE 20l Pep Club, 67-70, Spanish Club, 67-68, FBLA, 68-70 DOUGLAS, ROBERT IS, 202 Band, 67-70, Orchestra, 67-70 DOHELL, JODY 87, l0l, Ill, 202, Sophomore Class Parliamentarian, 67-68, FTA, 67-70, Treasurer 68-69, Vice President, 69-70, Pep Club, 67-69, Spanish Club, 67-68, Latin Club, 68-70, Parliamentarian of Latin Club, 68-69, Junior Classical League, 68-70, Mu Alpha Theta, 69-70, AFS Committee, 67-70 DOWLING, STANLEY l86, 202 Track, 68 DUNN, JULIE 202 DRABEK, GEORGETTA 202 Pep Club, 67-69, FBLA, 68-70 DRAKE, LILLIE 202 DROKE, DANA 202 Sophomore Class Planning Com- mittee, 67-68, FBLA, 67-69, Senior Class Planning Committee, 70, FBLA Representative, 68-70 DUCKETT, DEBBIE 202 VICA, 69 DUPLER, BARBARA 202 Band, 67-70, Choir, 70 DUVAL, GUY 202 IIEII EASTER, LELAND 3, 72, I0, 8l, 73, I03, l60, 205, 202, l4l Sophomore Planning Committee, 67-68, Junio' Usher, 69, Junior Rotarian, 70, Senior Class Rep. at Large, 69-70, Junior Board of Di- rectors, 70, "O" Club, 67-70, FCA, 68-70, Student Council, 70, FBLA, 70, Football, 67-70, Basket- ball, 67-70, Baseball, 68 EDDY. JOE 202 Senior Class Planning Committee, 69-70 EDGE, TIMOTHY 202 FBLA, 69, VICA, 68-70, Student Council Representative, 68-69 EMBRY, MARTY 2l6, 202 ENGLAND, MIKE 203, l30 Sophomore Class Planning Com- mittee, 68, Student Council, 69, Baseball, 69, Senior Class Plan- ning Committee, 70, Safety Coun- aiu, 70 ERVIN, JIMMY 202 Swimming 68, Tennis, 67-69 ESPOLT, RICKY I06, IO7, 202 Student Council Rep., 67-69, VICA, 69, President of VICA, 70 ESTES, MARSHA 2I8, 202 Pep Club, 67-70, FBLA, 69, Span- ish Club, 69, Student Council, 68 EVANS, JAYNE l06 l"7, 202 Pep Club, 67-70, VICA, Historian, 70, Red Cross, 69, Student Coun- cil, 68, FBLA, 69 EVANS, MIKE 203 EVANS, SYNDY 7I, 8I, 8, I00, lI0, 203, l4l, 83 l0I FTA, 67-68, Student Council, 67- 70, Treasurer, 69, Vice President, 70, Thespians, 67-70, Pep Club, 67- 70, Sophomore Class Treasurer, 68, Latin Club, 68-70, Junior Ush- er, 69, Junior Basketball Atten- dant, 69, Third Page Editor ot Newspaper, 69, Senior Class Chaplain, 70, Spirit Booster, 70, General's Lady Attendant, 70, First Page Editor of Newspaper, 70' Vice President of Future Jour- nalists, 70 EWELL, RANDY 203 VICA, 70 IIFII FARMER, GAYLA 203 Choir, 67-69 FEDUNAK, CHARLES 203 Track, 67-70, Student Council, 67- 68, FBLA, 69-70, Cross Country, 69-70 FIELDER, MARLENA 203 Pep club, 67-as FLANAGAN, PHILLIP 203 A Cappella Choir, 67-68, Bovs' Glee Club, 67-69, FBLA, 68-65 Student Council, 67-68 FLANIKEN, STEVE II3, lI2, 203 Mu Alpha Theta, 68-69, Spanis Club, 67-68, Football, 67-69, Cros Country, 68-69, Track, 67-69, Oul standing Junior, 69 FLIPPO, KAREN 203 Pep Club, 67-69, FBLA, 68-69 FLOWERS, TERRY 203 Basketball, 67-68, Track, 67-7C VICA, 68-69 FLOYD,JUDITH 203 Latin Club Treasurer, 67-68, Stu dent Council, 67-69, Junior Clas Planning Committee, 68-69, Pe, Club, 68-70, Mu Alpha Theta, 69 70 FOGLE, CAROLYN 203 Pep Club, 69-70, FBLA, 68-69 FOLSOM,VlCKl 203 , Pep Club, 67-69, Student Councilj 67-68, FBLA, 68-69 I FOSTER, CATHERINE 87, 203 I Pep Club, 67-70, FBLA, 68-70 FTA, 69-70, FTA chaplain, 69-70 FOX, GARY 203 I FRAKES, MIKE 203 I Band, 67-70, Stage Band, 68-70 FRANKS, BOBBY 203 FRAVEL, MIKE ll2, 204 Mu Alpha Theta, 69-70 FREE, VAN 204 Red Cross, 69-70, VICA, 68-69 FREEMAN, GARY 204 FREEMAN, BOBBY 204 FREEMAN, JANET 204 ! Pep club, 67-as , FREEMAN, MARY 204 I FBLA, 69-70, Pep Club, 67-69 I FREEMAN, RICHARD 204, I83 I Basketball, 67-68, Baseball, 67-68 VICA, as-as , FREEMAN, THOMAS 204 VICA, 67-70, Track, 68-69 I I I G I GARLAND, ERNIE I03, Football, 67-68, Track, 67-687 FCA, 67-69, Student Council, 67-70, Sen- ior Class Planning Committee, 69- 0 GARNER, JUDY 74, 77, 207, 204 NFL, 67-70, NFL Reporter, 67-69, wa, 204 64, is, NFL President, 69-70, Thespian, 67-70, Red Cross, 67-68, Safety Council, 68-69, Safety Council Vice President, 68-69, Student Council, 69-70, Senior Class Plan- ning Committee, 69-70, Senior Class Representative 69-70 GEISLER, CARL 204 Spanish Club, 68-69, Baseball, 68- 70 GEORGE, CAROLYN l93, 204 Pep Club, 67-70, FBLA, 68-69, Junior Class Reporte', 68-69, Sen- ior Class Planning Committee, 69-70 GENTRY, ZELDA 204, 47 Pep Club, 67-70, FBLA, ea-70 GIPSON, GAYLE 204 Pep Club, 67-70, FBLA, 68-69, Thespians, 67-68, NFL, 67-68, VICA, 69-70, VICA Chaplain, 69- 70 GLASS, SHERRI 204 Spanish Club, 69-70, Pep Club, Planning at Large, 69-70, Senior Class Committee, 69-70, FBLA, 69-70 e-LEAVES, GARY ral, Lao, ioz, 204 eaif, 67-70, FCA, 68-70 GLOVER, LAURA 204 Pep clara, be-70, FBLA, as-7o GLOVER, RONALD 204 FBLA,68-70 GOMEZ. EVERETT I66, I67, 205. I36, I39 Wrestling, 67-70, Football, 67-68 205 I39 GONZALES, DANNY I66, . Wrestling, 67-70, Football, 67-68 GOODBRAKE, GARY 205 GORE, DIAN 205 VICA, 68-70 GOURE, JEFF 205 Football, 67-69,- Track, 67-70, Ten- nis, 67-69, Swimming, 67-69, Wrestling, 67-69, Chess Club, 67- 68, Rocket Club, 67-68, Latin, 68- 70, FBLA, 68-70, FTA, 67-68, VICA, 68-70 GOURLEY, MIKE 205 Science Club, 68-70 GRABER RODNEY 205 GREEN, TOMMY 205, l43, 5 Track, 68-70, "O" Club, 68-69, Spanish Club, 69-70, GROK, 69-70 GRIFFIN, GARY 203 FBLA, 68-69, VICA, 69-70 GRIFFIN, RHONDA 205 Pep Club, 67-69, VICA, 68-70, Junior Class Planning Committee, 68-69 GRISSOM, LINDA 2l2, 205 GROVES, BILL l08, 205 Red Cross, 67-68, Red Cross Vice President, 68-69, Red Cross County Assistant Secretary, 69-70, Stu- dent Council, 67-68, Latin Club, 68-70, French Club, 69-70 GRUBBS, DEBBIE I07, 204, 206 VICA, 68-70, VICA President, 69- 70: VICA Western District Secre- tary, 69-703 Senior Class Planning Committee, 69-70 SUFFEY, STAN 205, 206, I36 Football, 67-70: Baseball, 67-703 Junior Usher, 68-693 "O" Club, 67-693 FCA, 68-69 EUYOT, MARJORIE 206 Spanish Club, 67-sag FBLA, ea-69, Student Council, 68-69 IIHII -IACKETT, LaRENA 206 'IADLOCK, JOE 206 'IAFFNER LARRY 206 tAlR, LEONA 206, l45 Pep Club, 67-703 FBLA, 683 Span- ish Club, 693 Junior Class Plan- ning Committee, 693 Junior Track Attendant, 69 'lALL, CURT 206 FBLA, 68-70 'lALLMARK, BARBARA 66, 206 Spanish Club, 683 Student Coun- I cil, 683 Red Cross, 68-70 PIAMMETT, PAULA 206 Drama, 67-70 'IANKS, GEARY 206 I Cross Count y, 693 Wrestling 693 I Electronics lll Vice President, 70 EIARLIN, JEAN 90, 206 Band, 67-703 Orchestra, 67-703 Spanish Club, 67-693 Pep Club, 683 Band Queen Attendant, 70 'lARRlS, BARBARA 206 Red Cross, 703 Spanish, 68-70 'IARRlS, MICHAEL I93, 206 Sophomore Class Planning Com- mittee, 683 Football, 67-693 Track, 67-693 Senior Class Planning Committee, 703 Student Council, 67-693 FBLA, 70 'IARRlS, RONALD 206 -IARTLEY, DEBORAH 72, 206 Pep Club, 67-703 FBLA, 70: Stu- dent Council, 70, Junior Board of Directors, 70 'IATHAWAY, JOY 206 Pep Club 57-70, Sophomore Class Planning Committee, 683 Junior Class Planning Committee. 693 FBLA, 68-703 Spanish Club, 68-70 JAWKINS, DENISE 78, 7, 83, I93, 207, l33, 3 Pep Club, 68-703 Senior Class Planning Committee, 703 Spirit Booster, 703 Yearbook, 68-703 Sen- ior Class Editor, 703 Princess of Print, 70 'IAYES, MARTHA 207 Band, 67-703 Pep Club, 68-70, FTA, 68-703 FTA Reporter, 703 Spanish Club, 70 'tAYES, WARD 207 'IAYNIE, JOE 207 Football, 67-703 Baseball, 703 Spanish Club, 68-70 'IAYS, DORIS 207 Pep Club, 67-693 FBLA, 67-693 Spanish Club, 685 DECA, 68 TIENDERSON, BRENDA 207 VICA, 68-70 'lENN, RICHARD 207 1 Student Council, 67-701 JunIor Class Planning Committee, 69: Senior Class President, 70 'lENRY, ELIZABETH 207 Pep Club, 67-703 FBLA, 70 'IERNANDEZ ALICE 207 Pep Club, 67-70 -IERNANDEZ, THOMAS 207 'lERRON, TOMMIE IO6, l60, 207, I36 Football, 703 Basketball 68-70: Baseball, 693 Student Council, 703 FBLA 70 -tEWlTT, MARILYN IOS, 207 Pep Club, 67-703 FBLA, DECA, 69-703 Spanish Club, 67-683 Junior Usher, 68-69 69-70: EIIGGINBOTHAM, WALTER 207 Band, 67-703 Orchestra, 67-703 Stageband, 67-703 Pep Band, 67-70 FIIGGINS, ROGER 207 I President of Sophomore Class. I67-683 Student Council, 67-683 I Band, 67-70: Drum Major, 69-70 HILL, JOE 207 I Golf, 67-69 HOFFMAN, DEBORAH 107, 208 I French Club, 67-683 VICA Club, I 68-70 OLDER, MARY 208 Pep Club, 67-703 Junior Class Planning Committee, 68-693 FBLA, ies-sv, sms' G1-pe Club, ea-1,93 Choir,68-69 I-IOLLARS, SUSAN 72, 119, 101, I 111,208 1 Pep Club, 67-703 Latin Club, 67- 703 Junior Class Planning Com- mittee, 68-693 Senior Class Plan- ning Committee, 69-703 FBLA, 69-703 Historian for Student Council, 69-703 Historian tor Student Council. 69-703 Secretary tor GROK, 69-70 HOOD, RICKY 69, 68, 208 Student Council, 67-683 Red Cross, 68-693 Safety Council, 68-69 HOTT, SHERRY 208 FBLA 68-69 HOVARTER, EDGER 208 Tennis, 67-68 HOWARD, NELDA 208 Pep Club, 67-701 FBLA, 68-69 HOWARD, SHERYL 208 Student Council, 67-683 Spanish Club, 67-681 FBLA, 68-693 FBLA Chaplain, 69-70 HOWETH, LINDA 208 FBLA, 69-70 HUDLER, DAVID 208 DECA, 67-68 HUDLER, KATHRYN 208, 4I FBLA, 68-693 Student Council, 68- 70 HUGHES, CHESTER IO7, 208 VICA, 69-703 FBLA, 69-70 HULSOPPLE, BEJAMIN 208 Student Council, 67-691 Red Cross, 67-69 HUNT, STEVE 2l2, 208 Football, 68-693 Swimming, 68-693 Track 68-693 Cross Country, 68- 69 HUNTER, KEITH II2, 208 HUNTER, VERZONNIA 208 VICA, 69-70 HURLEY, DENISE 208 FTA, 68-703 Chaplain, 69-703 FBLA, 69-703 FBLA Treasurer, 69-703 Girls' Glee Club, 68-69 HYAMS, JANICE 208, l07 Pep Club, 67-703 VICA, 68-703 Senior Class Planning Committee, . 69-70 llln IRWIN, BUCKY 80,209 Newspaper Sports Editor, 68-693 Newspaper Editor-In-Chief, 69- 703 Future Journalist, 67-703 Span- ish Club, 68-69 IRWIN, SUSAN, 7, 209 Pep Club, 67470, Student Council 69-70 IRWINSKY, BONNIE l06, IO7, 209 Pep Club, B7-69, VICA, as-70 ISABELL, KENT 74, 75, 97, 209 Thespians, 67-703 NFL, 67-703 NFL Vice President, 69-70 IIJII JACKS, NORMA I0l, II3, III, 209 FTA, 67-693 JCL, 67-703 Honor Roll, 67-70, Student Council, 68- 70: GROK, 69-70 JACKSON, CHARLES 209 JACKSON, DENNIS 209 JACKSON, EDDIE IOS, 209 Wrestling, 67-683 Newspaper, 69- 701 DECA, 69-70 JANTZ SIDNEY 209 Pep Club, 67-68 JENNINGS, JULIE 209, I43 Sophomore Class Planning Com- mittee, 67-683 Junior Class Plan- ning Committee, 68-693 Senior Class Planning Committee, 69'70: Pep Club, 67-703 FBLA, 68-703 Spanish Club, 67-683 Student Council, 67-693 Football Queen, 69-70 JOHNSON, ARVINA 209 JOHNSON, DENNIS 209 Student Council, 68-69 JOHNSON, GREG 209 JOHNSON, PAM 209 Sophomore Class Planning Corn- mittee, 67-6B3 Pep Club, 67-703 Senior Class Planning Committee, 69-70 JOHNSON, RUTH 209 FBLA, 69-703 Student Council, 69- 70 JOHNSON, SANDRA 209 FBLA, 69-703 Pep Club, 68-70 JONES, RICKY 209 Football, 67-70: "O" Club, 67-692 Junior Usher, 68459, FCA, 67470: Red Cross, 67-68 JONES, SANDI 2I0 A Capella Choir, 69-703 Pep Club, 69-703 Gir's' Glee Club, 69-70 JORDAN, JEAN II2, 2I0 FBLA, 68-703 Pep Club, 67-703 Safety Council, 69-703 Student Council, 67-68' H 'K KASER, LARRY I8l, l80. 2I0 Football Manager, 67-68, FCA, 67-703 "O" Club 67-703 Golf 68- 703 FBLA, 68-693 Thespians, 69-703 Student Council 69-70 KEAS, DONNIE 203, 2l0 Baseball, 67-693 FCA, 67-683 FBLA, 68-693 Student Council, 68-69 KEEL, DARLA 99, 2I0, I36, I39, I3 Pep Club 67-703 Spirit Booster, 68-693 Candidate for Miss Howdy, 68-693 Junior Usher, 68-693 Junior Basketball Attendant, 69-693 VICA, 68-70: Demerit Captain, 69-70 KIENHOLZ, STEPHANIE II9, 2I0, l30 Pep Club, 69-703 French Club, 69- 703 FBLA, 69-70 KEITH, BOBBIE 2l0 FBLA, 69-70: Pep Club, 67-70 KEITH, CANDY I00, 2l0, I36, I33 Sophomore Class Planning Com- mittee, 67-683 Junior Class Plan- ning Committee, 68-693 Sen1or Class Planning Committee, 69-703 Sophomore Basketball Attendant, 67-683 Junior Football Attendant, 68-693 Candidate for MlSS HOWCIY. 68-693 Junior Usher, 68-693 French Club, 67-693 Student Council, 67- 683 Pep Club, 07-701 Cheerleader, 68-693 Head Cheerleader, 69-70 KELLER, PATTY 7I, 2l0 Sophomore Class Planning Com- mittee, 67-683 Junior Class Plan- ning Committee, 68-693 Senior Class Planning Committee, 69-703 Student Council, 68-703 Sopho- more Class Reporter, 67-683 Senior Class Reporter, 59-70, Spanish Club, 68-703 Spanish Club Vice President, 69-703 Latin Club, 67- 683 Latin Club Reporter, 67-683 Mu Alpha Theta, 68-693 Pep Club, 67-70, FBLA, 69-70 KENDALL, VICKIE 2I0 Pep Club, B7-703 FBLA, 69-70 KEPLER, LINDA I93, 2l0 Pep Club, 69-703 Senior Class Planning Committee, 69-703 FBLA, 69-70 KERR. RANDY 2Il VICA, 68-703 Junior Class Plan- ning Committee, 68-693 Senior Class Planning Committee, 69-70 KERR, RICHARD II3, 2Il Junior Class Planning Committee, 68-693 Senior Class Planning Com- mittee 69-703 FBLA, 68-69 KIFER, RON 2Il Rocket Club, 67-683 Rifle Club, 67-68 KILGORE, PAMELA 2ll Pep Club, 67-70 KILLMAN, JERRY 2Il Cross Country, 68-70, Wrestling, 67-703 Football, 67-68 KIMPLER, KATHY 2Il Pep Club, 67-703 French Club, 67- 683 FBLA, 68-693 Junior Class Planning Committee, 68-693 Stu- dent Council, 67-68 KIMZEY, VICKI 2II FBLA, 68-693 FBLA 69: Pep Club, 69-70 KING, BRENDA KING, CECELIA 76, 77, 2lI Thespian, 67-703 Senior Class Planning Committee, 69-70, Stu- dent Council, 68-70 KING, KAREN 2ll Pep Club. 68-693 FBLA, 69-70 KING, MARILYN 2ll Pep Club, 67-703 VICA, 68-70 KINNARD, KARL 2ll DECA, 67-70 KIRK, LARRY 2Il Spanish Club, 67-68 KIRKHAM, BARBARA 2ll Pep Club, 67-703 FBLA, 68-703 Student Council, 67-68 KIRKLEN, REGINA 2II KIRKPATRICK, LUANN 2lI Red Cross. 67-703 FBLA, 68-70 KNIGHT, WADE 2ll, I3 Junior Usher, 68-69 KNIGHT, VAUGHN II2, l08, 2Il Band, 67-703 French Club, 68-703 Vice President of French Club, 69- 70? Pep Band, 68-69 KOPP DENNIS 2l2 KRAMER, STANLEY 2l2 KRIEGEL, MICHAEL 2l2 KLQES-INE, BRIAN ll8, II2, I4, IOB, Secretary, 68- Science Club, 69-703 Math Club, 69-703 French Club, 69-70 IILII LAMBERSON, CATHY 2l2 LAMKIN, JOHN 2l2 LANGFORD, EARL II2, l0B, 2l2 French Club, 68-70 LANGSTON, DEBRA 2l2 LANON, DOUGLAS 77, 2l2 Spanish Club, 68-69 LANN, VICKI 77, 2l2 Thespians, 67-70 LARSEN, OLE 2l2 LATHROP, RICK I05, I96, I97, 2l2 DECA, 67-703 DECA President3 69- 703 Sophomore Class Planning Committee, 67-683 Football, 67-683 Student Council, 68-69 LAWS, GLENDA 2l2 Pep Club, 67-703 Yearbook, 69-703 FBLA, 69-70 LEBLANC, MIKE 2l2 FBLA, 67-683 DECA, 68-693 Boys' Glee Club, 69-70 LEE MARY 77, 74, 212 NFL, 68-703 Thespians, 68-703 Stu- dent Council, 69-70 LEISY, LARRY 2l2 Swimming, 67-693 Rocket Club, 67-693 Chess Club. 68-70 LEISY, RONALD 2l2 LEWIS DEBRA II3, 7I, 2l2 Pep Club, 67-703 Sophomore Class Planning Committee, 67-58, Red Cross, 69-703 Senior Class Plan- nIng Committee, 69-70: Student Council, 69-70 LINDSLEY, DON 2l2, l3, I77, 76 Sophomore Class Planning Com- mittee, 67-683 Track, 67-703 Junior Usher, 68-693 "O" Club, 68-693 Student Council, 69-703 Senior Class Planning Committee, 69-70 LINN, WAYNE 2l2 LITTLE, FRANCES 2I3 Pep Club, 68-703 FBLA, 69-70 3 ,,,, . I f- ,-, ,, - f ' --F-: ,ss- - 5, ,,. V. .ri-an Iii, 1 ,.-,s,,--1. A ,- It kg' A tu 1 s to 'F W B 8 -f " if , t 1, 2 . S.. Mr .. Am.W,,:,, ,Lin ' I 'S A f ' gtg . - l B f -1 W, ,, 5' ' If 2 " X ' 81- igli 3'.- 1 5 I ' I we-irr-H S - f ,' , W U j In I 'ttf Ulu' i E41 , --.. I -I ,Y -.-., -, ,-,, , I iii! I GL w I' --,, , -, , 1 fif ' i ' ' , ,,,, ya, I ,,,..g.,11L.g gl gy, 2 B., B ' ,,, -f IF hs- LITTLE, GLENN 213 McBEE, CAROL 214 DECA, 69-70 Glee Club, 67-70: A Capella LITTLE, LINDA 213 chpzr, 69-70 Latin Club, 67-683 Choir, 68-703 FBLA, 67-70, Junior Class Plan- ning Committee, 68-693 Senior Class Planning Committee, 69-70 LLOYD, MARILYN 213 Pep Club, 67-703 Student Council, 67-68, FBLA, 69-70 LONDON, GARY 2l3 Student Council, 67-68 LONG, CHARLES 2l3 VICA, 68-703 Student Council, 69- 70 LONG, JO ALICE 2l3 Pep Club, -67-70, FBLA, 67-Bag Junior Class Planning Committee, 68-69 LOPER, LOUISE Ill, 90, 2l3 Spanish Club, 67-683 Band, 67-703 Candidate Band Queen, 69-703 FBLA, 67-sag FTA, BB-703 Mu Alpha Theta, 69-703 Latin Club, 68-70 LOWDER, JERRE l02, II2, 2I3 Track, 67-70, FCA, 69-703 "O" Club, 69-70 LYONS, DEBORAH 2l3 Pep Club, 67-70 I I MII MAGERUS, STEVEN 2I3 MAIN, SUZANNE 6B, 2l4 Pep Club, 6B-693 FBLA, 69-70 MALOY, TOM 2l4 Spanish Club, 67-69 MANUEL, WANDA 2I4 VICA, 68-70 MARCUM, MIKE 205, 2l4, I82 Wrestling, 68-703 Baseball, 69-703 FCA, 68-70 MARLER, TOM 2l4 VICA, 68-703 VICA Reporter, 69-70 MARLEY, KAY 214 Pep Club, 67-693 Student Council, 67-683 Sophomore Class Planning Committee, 67-683 VICA, 68-70 MARSH, LEONARD 77, 97, 2l4 Thespians, 68-703 Basketball, 67- 683 "Rebel Without a Cause", 68- 69, "Harvey", 69-70 MARTIN, JEFF 2l4 VICA, 69-70 MASSEY, KATHY 2l4 Pep Club, 67-703 FBLA, 69-703 Senior Class Planning Committee, 69-70 MAULDIN, GRANT 2I8, 2I4 MAUPIN, LORA 2l4 Pep Club, 67-701 FBLA, 68-703 Student Council, 68-69 MAXWELL, LINDA 214, 56, 78, 72, 80, 208 Pep Club, 67-703 Glee Club, 67- 683 Chorus, 68-693 Junior Class Planning Committee, 693 Senior Class Planning Committee, 70: Sgudent Council, 69-703 FBLA, 68- MAYFIELD, NANCY Glee Club, 67'b9: Chorus, 69-70 MAYO, PAULA 6, I00, 200, I43, 2I4, I36, 20l, l39, 3 Sophomore Class Planning Com- mittee, 67-683 Pep Club, 67-70: FBLA, 69-703 Spirit Booster, 69-703 Wrestling Queen, 69-70, Junior Class Planning ConImittee3 68-69 MCBEE, MARTIN 2l4 MCCALLIE, Carolyn 2I5 Pep Club, 67-703 FBLA, 68-70 MCCALLUM, NEDRA 20l, 2l5 Pep Club, 67-703 FBLA, 6B-703 Senior Class Planning Commit- tee, 69-703 Student Council, 69-70 MCCARTNEY, DORIS 2l5 Pep Club, 67-70 McCAULEY, STAN 2l5 Spanish Club, 67-683 FBLA, 68-703 French Club, 68-703 Swimming, 69- 70 MCCLAIN, VESTA 2l5, I44 Pep Club, 68-703 Football Atten- dant, 69-703 FBLA, 68-703 FBLA Reporter, 69-703 Student Council, 68-693 Junior Class Planning Com- mittee, 68-69 MCCOLLOM, STEVE 2l5 FBLA. 69-70 MCCORD DAVE 2l5 FBLA, 68-703 Pep Band, 68-69 MCCORMICK, KATHE 75, 2I5 Pep Club, 67-703 NFL, 68-70 FBLA, 69-70 McCUM8ER, PAM 2l5 Pep Club. 68-703 FBLA, 68-69 McDONALD, KERRY 77, 74, I5, 207, 2I5, 96 Pep Club, 67-683 Thespians, 67-703 Thespian Secretary-Treasurer, 68- 69: Thespian President, 69-703 French Club, 68-693 NFL, 68-70 McDOUGAL, SUE 6, 78, II9, I00, I4I, 226, 2I6 General Queen Attendant 69-703 Pep Club, 67-703 Cheerleader, 68- 703 Junior Wrestlinq Attendant, 68-693 Sophomore Track Atten- dant, 67-68: Copy Editor of Year- book, 69-703 Sophomore Class Vice President, 67-681 Junior Class Vice President. 68-693 Girls State, 68-693 Senior Class Planning Com- mittee, 69-703 Miss Howdy Candi- date, 68-693 Student Council, 67- 703 Lalin Club, 69-703 FBLA, 69- 70 McELVANY, TRUDY 2I6 Pep Club. 67-693 FBLA 69-70 McGILBERRY STEPHANIE 2l6 Pep Club, 68-70 McLEAN, JIMMY I66, I67, 2l2, 2I6, l37 Wrestling, 67-703 FCA, 69-703 Junior Class Reoresentative-at- Large, 68-69: Senior Class Plan- ninq Committee, 69-70: Spanlsh Club, 67-68: Junior Usher, 68-69 MCWATERS DONNA 2l6 Pep Club, 67-683 FBLA, 69-703 Safety Council, 69-703 Student Council, 69-70 MERCER NANCY 2l6 Peo Club, 67-703 Choir, 67-683 Stnf-lent Counril 69-70 MERICAN, YASMIN 72, 7l, l95, 2I6, I44 Foreign Exchange Student, 69-703 Peo Club 69-703 Student Council, 69-703 Football Honorary Atten- dent 69-70' FBLA, 69-70 MEZAS, CATHY 2I6 FBLA, 69-70 , ,W MICHAELS, KITTY 216 DECA, 67-68 MIDDLETON, LINDA 193,216 Pep Club, 67-693 Senior Class Planning Committee, 69-703 Year- book, 69-70: Art Club, 69-70 MILLER, MIKE 216 MILLER, ROBERT 216, 179 Football Manager, 67-683 Tennis, 68-703 "O" Club, 67-683 FBLA, 68-69 MILLER, VICTOR 113, 66, 111,216 Red Cross, 67-683 Rocket Club, 67-683 Rocket Club Secretary, 68- 693 Tennis, 68-693 JETS, 69-703 Mu Alpha Theta, 69-703 Latin Club, 69-70 MILLIGROCK, ANDREW 216 MILLSPAUGH, DENNIS 216 MINER, PAT 87, 216 FTA, 68-703 FTA Secretary, 69-703 FBLA, 69-70 MISKOVSKY, RANDY 216 MOEN, DANNY 103, 10, I60, 161, 163, 205, 216, 136 Football, 67-703 Basketball, 67-703 Baseball, 67-703 Mr. Howdy Can- didate, 68-693 Junior Usher, 68-693 "O" Club, 67-693 FCA, 67-703 FCA Treasurer, 68-693 FCA Re- porter, 67-682 Junior Rotarian, 69-703 Senior Class Planning Com- mittee, 69-70 MONTGOMERY, BEVERLY 216 Pep Club, 07-701 FBLA, 68-703 Glee Club, 68'70f Choir, 68-70 MONTGOMERY, PAM 216 MOODY, RICHARD 77, 216 Thespians, 68-703 Latin Club, 69- 70: Senior Class Planning Com- mittee, 69-703 "Rebel Without A Cause", 68-693 Thespian King Candidate, 69-70 MOONEY, GREG 119, 68, 69, 112, 216 Spanish Club, 67-683 Science Club Treasurer, 68-693 Junior Class Planning Committee, 68-693 Sen- ior Class Planning Committee, 69- 70: VICA, 69-703 Mu Alpha Theta, 69-703 Boys State, 69-703 Safety Council President, 69-70 MOORE, RICHARD 216 Track, 67-693 FCA, 68-693 Spanish Club, 68-703 Spanish Club Presi- dent, 69-703 FBLA, 68-693 Student Council, 69-703 Senior Class Plan- ning Committee, 69-70 MOORE, TERRY 216 FBLA, 67-681 Pep Club, 67-70 MORGAN, MIKE 216 Wrestling, 67-69 MOSER, RANDY 217 Baseball, 68-693 FBLA, 69-70 MULLENIX, WAYNE 14,217 Band, 07-703 Pep Band, , Stage Band, 68-703 GROK, 69-703 JETS Treasurer, 69-70 MULLINS, DEE 217 Spanish Club, 67768: Pep 67-70 MURPHEY, RICKY 217 Football, 67-683 DECA, 67-683 67-69' Club, VICA, 69-70 MYERS, CHARLES 217 DECA, 67-68 MYERS, MARKI 217 Pep Club, 67-703 Choir, 68-693 Glee Club, 67-693 Senior Planning Committee, 69-70 IINII Class NANTZ, CHARLA 217, 143, 5 Spanish Club, 674681 Honor Roll, 67-683 Latin Club, 68-693 FTA, 68- 693 Junior Class Planning Com- mittee, 68-693 Mu Alpha Theta, 68-703 Parliamentarian of Senior Class, 69-703 Student Council, 69- 703 Pep Club, 67-703 Senior Class Planning Committee, 69-70 NESTLERODE, BILL 101, Ill, 217, Honor Roll, 67-693 Mu Alpha Theta, 68-703 GROK, 69-703 Latin Club, 68-70 NEWCOMB,VlCK1 78, 217 Pep Club, 67-703 Safety Council, 67-683 Spanish Club, 68-703 Mu A1- pha Theta, 68-693 Senior Class Planning Committee, 69-703 Year- book Staff, 69-703 FBLA, 68-693 Student Council, 67-683 Art Club, 09-70: Thespians, 68-69 NEWMAN, KATHY 78,217 Yearbook Staff, 69-70 NICHOLAS, DEBRA 217 Pep Club, 67-703 Sophomore Class Planning Committee, 67-683 FBLA, 68-703 FBLA Treasurer, 69-703 Jun- ior Class Planning Committee, 68-69 NICKEL, LIZ 217 Pep Club, 68-693 FBLA, 69-70 NOBLE, WAYNE 217 Football, 67-703 Track, 67-68 NORRIS, DAVID 107,217 VICA, 69-70 NORVELL, DAVID 217, 166 Wrestling, 67-70 lloll OLDHAM, J.C. 217 ORTH, JEANETTE 217 Pep Club, 67-703 Latin Club, 68- 70: Spanish Club, 67-683 Student Council3 69-703 Senior Class Plan- ning Committee, 69-703 GROK, 69-70 OVERCAST, CARLA 217 Pep Club, 68-693 FBLA, 69-70 OVERSTREET, LEE 217 Band, 67-703 Stage Band, 68-693 Orchestra, 67-69 OWENS, DARLENE 217 FBLA, 69-703 Pep Club, 69-70 OWENS, JIMMY 225, 217, 140 Junior Class Planning Commit- tee, 6B-693 Football, 67-693 Gen- eral King, 69-703 "O" Club, 67-69 IIPII PALMER, DALENE 218 DECA, 67-693 DECA Chaplain, 68-691 Safety Council, 68-693 FBLA, 69-70 PALMER, MICHAEL 106,218 VICA, 67-703 Rifle Club, 67-68 PARK, DIANA 218 PATTERSON, DENISE 218 Band, 67-683 Pep Club, 68-693 FBLA, 68-70 PAULK, HARDIE 218 FBLA, 69-70 PEARN, DAVID 218 Band, 67-703 Stage Band, 67-70: Pep Band, 67-70 PEELER, VICKI 218 Pep Club, 67-703 FBLA, 68-703 French Club, 69-701 Student Coun- cil, 69-70 PENDELL, CARTER 218 PENNINGTON, ELLA 218 FBLA, 69-703 Pep Club, 67-703 FTA, 68-693 Chorus, 68-693 Junior Class Planning Committee, 68-69 PERKINS, EARL 80, 83, 218, 175, 172 Track, 67-703 Newspaper, 67-703 Future Journalist President, 69-70: Prince of Print, 69-703 Newspaper Sports Editor, 69-70 PERKINS, ELIZABETH 193,218 Pep Club, 68-703 Senior Class Planning Committee, 69-703 FBLA, 69-70 PERKINS, JOHN 218 Mu Alpha Theta, 69-70 PETERSON, ALLEN 218 POISSON, MARIE 218 Pep Club, 67-703 Senior Class Planning Committee, 69-703 Span- ish Club, 69-70 POOL, CHERRY 218 PORTER, ANGELA 218 POTTS, SUSAN 218 Pep Club, 67-70 PRICE, TERRY 119,219 Track, 67-703 Football, 67-683 Thespians, 67-703 Spanish Club, 68-70 PRITCHARD, BARBARA 78, 79, 72, 99, 219 Sophomore Class Planning Com- mittee, 67-683 FBLA, 68-693 Stu- dent Council, 67-703 Pep Club, 67-703 Spirit Booster, 68-693 Pep Club Vice President, 69-703 Year- book, 68-703 Yearbook Editor-in- Chief, 69-703 Junior Class Plan- ning Committee, 68-693 Senior Class Planning Committee, 69-70 PROCK, RICKY 219 Rifle Club, 67-69 IIQII QUISENBERRY, CYNTHIA 219 Pep Club, 67-703 FBLA, 70 IIRII RAKESTRAW, DARRELL 219 VICA, 70 RAMSEY, PAUL 219 RATZLOFF, RONALD 219 FSSLA, 703 VICA, 693 Baseball, 68- RAY, MARILYN 76, 77, 97, 219, 58 Outstanding NFL Studenr Award, 68: Best Actress Award, 693 All State Act ess Award, 703 Pep Club, 68-70: NFL, 68-703 Thespians, 68-703 Student Council, 68-703 Student Council Chaplain, 70 REED JAMES 219, 44 Student Council, 67-693 Red Cross, 703 Safety Council Chaplain, 703 Safety Council, 70 REID, DEBBIE 81,219 Pep Club, 67-703 FBLA, 68-703 Student Council, 683 Sophomore Class Planning Committee, 68 RICE, CHARLOTTE 219 Band, 68-703 Orchestra, 68-703 FTA, 70 RICE, FRANCES 219 Band, 67-703 Orchestra, 67r70f French Club, 70 RIGGS, BILLIE 99, 193,219 Pep Club, 67-703 Spirit Booster, 53: Pep Club Chaplain, 703 So- phomore Class Planning Commit- tee, 683 Junior Class Planning Committee, 09: Senior Class Plan- ning Committee, 70: Student Council 703 Red Cross, 70: Thes- pians, 70 1 Risen:-iooveiz, BILLIE ss, 219, 67 Safety Council, 693 Red Cross, 703 GROK, 70 RIVERS, LINDA 220 FBLA, 69 ROACH, DANNY 220 VICA, 68-70 ROBERTSON, GARY 220 FBLA, 68-703 Student Council, 683 French Club, 68 ROBINSON, RHONDA 220 Pep Club, 67-703 FTA, 09: Safety Council, 69 , ROGERS, BECKY 107, 204, 220 Pep Club, 67-703 VICA, 68-703 Secretary of VICA, 70 ROLAND, CHARLES 220 RONE, ROBERT 220 ROSS, RAMONA 66, 67, 220 Red Cross, 67-703 Red Cross Trea- surer, 683 Red Cross Secretary, 703 Pep Club, 683 FBLA, 69 ROWLAN, STEVE 112, 160, 162, 163, 220, 139 Basketball, 703 Mu Alpha Theta, 703 Spanish Club, 67-693 Spanish Club President, 693 Student Coun- cil, 67-70: Rep. at Large Junior Class, 693 Rep. at Large Senior Class, 70 RUNYAN, ALLEN 20 Band, 67-703 FBLA, 70: Stage Band, 70 RUSHING, DANNY 220 RUSHING, EDWARD 112, 66, 220, 67 Red Cross, 67-703 Spanish Club, 67-683 Chess Club, 68-693 Math Club, 69-70 RUYLE, STEPHEN 221 RYAN, RICHARD 128, 221 Football, 67-703 Math Club, 69-70 IISII SAMPSON, CHARLOTTE 221 FBLA, 69-70 SALISBURY, EARL 221 VICA, 69-70 SANCHEZ, BETTY 107, 193, 221 Pep Club, 68-69: Junior Class Planning Committee, 68-693 Sen- io' Class Planning Committee, 69-703 Spanish Club, 68-693 FBLA, 69-70 SARGENT,D1ANNE 74, 77, 15, 221, 97 96 Pep Club, 68-703 FBLA, 69-703 NFL, 68-703 Thespians, 68-703 Vice President Thespians, 69-703 Senior Class Secretary, 69-703 Student Council, 68-703 Junior Class Plan- ning Committee, 68-693 Senior Class Planning Committee, 69-70 SCHMID, KATHIE 221 Pep Club 67-703 Junior Class Planning Committee, 68-69 SCHOMP, LINDA 221 SCHOTT, KATHY 221 Band, 67-693 Maiorette, 67-693 FBLA, 69-703 Drama, 67-68 SCHVLER, DAVID 221 FBLA, 67-703 Spanish, 69-70 v SCHWARTZ, DEBI 107, 221 Pep Club, 67-703 Spirit Boosters Co. Chairman, 69-703 Junior Class Planning Committee, 68-693 VICA, 68-703 Journalism, 67-703 Faculty Editor, 69-70 SCOWDEN MARK 221 SCROGG1NS,SHEL1A 221 Pep Club, 67-68 SELBY, DONITA 221 Pep Club, 67-693 FBLA, 67-703 Safety Council, 69-70 SESSIONS, JACK 222 VICA, 68-70 SEWELL, DEBORAH 222 Pep Club, 67-701 FTA, 68-703 FTA Historian, 69-703 FBLA, 69-703 Student Council Rep., 69-70 SHELTON, BILLIE 6, 78, 99, 222, 3 Sophomore Class Planning Corn- mittee, 67, 683 Rep. at Large, 67-683 Junior Class Planning Committee, 68-693 Junior Foot- ball Attendant, 68-693 Junior Rep. at Large, 68-693 Latin Club, 67-683 Junior Usher, 68-693 Pep Club 67-703 Student Council, 67- 693 Co-Editor Activities lYear- bookl, 69-703 Treasurer of Pep Club 69-70 SHERRILL, BILL 74, 80, 222 Safety Council, 67-683 Copy Editor Managing lNewspaper1, 68-693 Editor lNewspaperl, 69-703 NFL, 69-70 SHERWOOD, PENNY 222 SHEW, FRED 222 SHIPMAN, PAUL 222 FBLA, 69-70 SHOCKLEY, RUSSELL 222 SHORTT LINDA 112, 66, 67, 101, Ill, 222 French Club, 67-683 Pep Club, 67- 703 Girls' Glee Club, 67-683 Red Cross, 68-70: Latin Club. 69-70 SHRUM, BECKY 74, 75, 222 NFL, 68-703 FTA, 68-693 Student Council, 68-693 Pep Club, 67-703 VICA, 69-70 SIEGLE, PAT 78, 100, 222, 136 Pep Club, 67-703 Student Council, 67-703 Secretary Student Council, 69-703 Sophomore Class Planning Committee, 67-683 Junior Class Planning Committee, 68-693 Senior Class Plannin Committee, 69-703 Yearbook Cluib Co. Editor, 69-70 SIMMS, RONALD 222 VICA, 69-70 SIMPSON, MARGIE 107,222 PeD Club, 67-69, VICA, 68-70 SINCLAIR, JANET 222 Pep Club, 67-703 FBLA, 68-703 Spanish Club, 68-69 SKAGGS, BILLY 222 Wrestling, 68-693 FBLA, 69-70 SKAGGS, KENNY 222 SKAGGS, SANDRA 222 SKRAPKA CATHY 14,223 Latin Club, 69-703 FTA, FBLA, 68-693 Science Fair, 69-70 68-703 SMITH, DAVID 223 Mu Alpha Theta, 69-703 Safety Council, 69-70 SMITH, DENNIS 223 Cross Country, 67-703 Track, 67-703 Bowling Club, 68469: Thespians 69-70, SMITH, DINAH 223 FBLA, 69-70 SMITH, FRANK 223 Track, 67-70 SMITH, GARY 223 SMITH. JAYMEE 223 SMITH, SHARON 107,223 Pep Club, 67-703 FTA, 67-683 VICA, 68-703 Sophomore Class Planning Committee, 67-68 SMITH, TERESA 223 Pep Club, 67-70 SMITH, VICTORIA 112,222,223 SNODGRASS, NORMA 223 Student Council, 67-693 Science Club, 67-683 Safety Club, 68-693 Red Cross, 68-69 SNYDER, KARLA 107 223 Pep Club 68-703V1CA, 68-70 SOBER, JOYCE 223 SOUSA, YOLANDA 223 Soanish Club 67-70: Peo Club, 67- 703 FBLA, 69-703 FTA, 68-69 SOUTHERLAND, GARY 223 Football, 67-683 Track, 67-68 SPENCER ROBERT 223 Band 67-69 SPERLING, GARY 113, 66, 67, 110, 1,223 Red Cross Chaplain, 67-683 Vice Pres., 68-693 President, 69-703 FTA, 68-693 GROK, 69-703 Student Council Chairman, 69-703 Safety Council, 67-68 SPRADLIN, ROSEMARY 100, 140, 725, 226 193 223 Pep Club, 67-703 Cheerleader, 68- 70: Junior Plannino Committee, 68-693 Senior Class Planning Com- mittee, 69-703 Miss Howdy, 68-693 Junior Marshall, GeneraI's Lady, 69-70 STAFFORD, REX 223 Track 67-693 Boy's O'Club, 58-69 STAGGS, KENNY 223 DFCA 69-70 STAPLETON, VIRGINIA 66, 223, 67 Red Cross 69-70 STARR, DEBRA 223 Pep Club 67-69 STEELE STANLEY 223 STEPHENS, MARK 107,223 STEPHENS PEGGY 107,223 VICA, 68-70 STEPHENS RICHARD 223 FBLA, 68-703 C.O.E., 69-703 Band, 67-L8 STEVENS, CLIFFORD 223 . Safety Council, 67-683 Senior Class Planning Committee, 69-70 STEVENS, SHERYL 223 FBLA, 69.70, Pep Club, ss-693 Red Cross, 68-693 Science Club, 69-703 FTA, 68-69 STEVENSON, JAMES 223 STUBBS, CHRIS 223 DECA, 67-70 SULLINS, ROBERTA 223 Pep Club, 67-70, FBLA, 68-70 SVZSTGOFF, JIMMY IO3, Ill. 56. 3 Student Council Rep., 67-68, Base- ball, 68-69, Student Council, 69- 70, FBLA, 69-70, Senior Class Planning Committee, 69-70, FCA, 69-70, Baseball, 69-70 SWAFFORD, STEVE 224 SWINDELL, CYNTHIA 224 Pep Club, 67-70, FBLA, 67-69, DECA, 69-70 SWINDLE, WALTER 224 SWISHER, Mike 224 IITII TALKINGTON, DONNA 224 Pep Club, 67-69, DECA, 69-70 TANKSLEY, DEBBIE 224 TATE, JAMES 224 TAYLOR, ANITA 224 FBLA, 69-70, Safety Council, 69-70 TAYLOR, JAMES 224 Band, 67-70, Pep Band, 67-70 THACH, GLEN 224 Wrestling. 67-69, FBLA, 69-70 THOMAS, PAM 80, Bl, I93, 224 Pep Club, 67-70, Newspaper, 67- 70, Business Manager, 68-69, First Page Editor, 68-69, Senior Class Planning Committee, 69-70, Stu- dent Council, 67-68 THOMPSON, TERRY 224 THOMPSON, TOMMY 224 TIDWELL, JIMMY 224 Football, 68-69 TIDWELL, GINA IO0, 224 Pep Club, 67-70, Spirit Booster, 69-70, Junior Class Planning Com- mittee, 68-69 TODD, DEBBIE 90. 224 Band, 67-70, Orchestra, 68-70, Band Queen, 69-70 TOLBERT, DAVID l02, 224 Football, 69-70, Track, 69-70, FCA, 69-70, Student Council, 69-70 TOLMAN, DON 224 Science Club, 68-70 TREST, LARRY 224 HAH Ackerson, Kim 232 Adams, Ronnie 186, 232 Addison, Ralene 232 Ahpeaton, Janie 232 Alexander, Debbie 232 Allen, Karen 232 Alvarado, Delores 232 Amos, Jay 74, 232 Anderson, Rita 232 Andrews. Danny III, I73, 232, 245 Anshutz, Tom 232 Arismendez, Steve 232 Armstrong, Neal 232 Armstrong, Russell 232 Arnold, Paula 232 Atherton, Carolyn 233 Austin, Gary I59, 233 Autaubo, Pam 233 NBII 114, 23I, Babcock, Walter II7, 233 Baggett, David 233 Bagwell, Bobbi 23I, 233 Bruce 233 Baker, Baker, Connie 233 Joe 233 Baker, Baker, Terri 233 Baker, Tommy 233 Ball, Jo Ellyn 233 Banks, Gwen 233 Barker, John 233 Barnes, Kathy 233 Mike I l2, 233 Barnes, Barney, Steve 233 Barron, Gloria 233 Robin 233 Barton, Baugh, Jan 233 Bays, Walter 233 Beard, Christy 233 Belding, Mary Lou 92, II5, 233 Bell, David 233 Bell, Frances 233 Bell, Janet 233 Bends, Brad 233 Bennett, Shirley 233 Berryman, Dennise 233 Bextel, Karen 233 Bird, Wayne 233 Blackwell, Wynelda 232, 233 Bogle, Robert 233 Borror, Patti 233 Bottoms, Debbie 233 Bouska, Debbie 232, 233 Bower, Gale 233 Bowman, Jim Bl, 233 Boydstun, Diane 23I, 233, 234 Bradford, Ricky 233 Brannon, David 233 Brannon, Mike 233 Brazeal, Tony 233 Brewer, Kathy Bl, 99, 23I, 233 Brewster, Deborah 233 Brians, Lillian 233 TROTTER, BEVERLY 224 A Capella Choir, 68-70, Glee Club, 67-68, Pep Club, 67-70, FBLA, 68-70, Student Council, 69- 70, "Sound ot Music", 68-69 TRUMBLY, ERNEST 224 TUCKER, ANITA 224 TUCKER, CAROL 225 Choir, 68-70, NFL, 6B-69, Safety Council, 67-68 TURNER, CHARLES 225 Cross Country, 68-69 TURNER, GLADYS 225 Choir, 68-70, Pep Club, 67-70 TURNER, MARVIN 225 Latin Club, 68-69 TURNER, STEVE 225 DECA, 67-70, Cross Country, 69- 70, Track, 69-70 H U URBAN, CATHY 225 FTA, 67-70, Pep Club, 67-70, FBLA, 69 llvll VANBUSKIRK, SUSAN 225 FBLA, 69, Pep Club, 69, VICA, 69, Junior Class Planning Commit- tee, 69, Senior Class Planning Committee, 70, Student Council, 68, Tricycle Queen, 69 VANDERFORD, KENNETH 225 Band, 67-69 VANSICKLE, KAROL 225 Pep Club, 67-70, French Club, 70 VAWTER, SHARON 225 VICA, ea-70 IIWII WADDLE, LARRY I93, 225, l78 "O" Club, 67-69, Swimming, 67- 70, Junior Class Planning Commit- tee, 69, Senior Class Planning Committee, 70, FBLA, 69, Foot- ball, 68, Cross Country, 68, Year- book, 70 WAGANGER, DAVID 225 Choir, 67-70, Boys' Glee Club, 67-70 WAGNER, DEBRA 74,225 Latin Club, 68, NFL, 70, Competi- tive Speech, 70 Brisco, Craig 233 Bristow, Larry 233 Brittain, Patti 233 Brock, Glenda 233 Brooks, Ken 233 Brooks, Linda 233 Brown, Barbara 233 Brown, Kenneth 233, 236 Brown, Patti 233 Bruhne, Steve 77, 233 Bruza, Raymond I52, l82, Buckner, Don 234 Bunyard, Darrell 234 Burgess, Judy 234 Burks, Wyatt 234 Burns, Eddie 234 Burns, Mary 234 Butler, Brent 234 Butler, Sandra 234 Bulbee, David 234 Byrne, Wendell II5, IIB, 234 ll CII I89, 234 Cable, Pam 99, I44, 234, 249 Calame, Gine 23I, 232, 234 Caldwell, Paula 234 Callaway, Chris 234 Canada, Mike l59, 234 Carroll, Pat 234 Casey, Linda 74, 234 Chaat, Bobby 234 Challis, Jim 234 Chaney, John l78, 234 Chappell, Marilyn 234 Chappell, Teddy 234 Chick, LaWanna I07, 2.34 Childress Maria 234 Chrisman, Janet 234 Clark, Gary 234 Clark, Lynn 235 Clark, Mike 235 Clifton, Rhonda 235 Cobb, Charlotte 235 Cobb, Vicki 234, 235 Cochran, Nancy 235 Coffee, John 235 Coker, Te ry 235 Collamore, Chuck 235 Combs, Janice 235 Cook, Diane 235 Cooper, Doug 235 Cooperman, Mike I3, 96, II2, 235 Corder, Jim 235 Cordray, Pam 235 Cowell, Maxine 84, 235 Cox, Steve 235 Crabtree, Pat' 235 Craig, Dennis 235 Craig, Joyce 235 Craig, Sherry 235 Crawford, Brenda 235 Crosno, Dennis 235, 240 Crouch, Karen 232 IIDII Davenport, Pam 235 Davis, Terry 234, 235 WAGNER, ROBERT 78, 225, l38 Student Council, 69, Yearbook Sports Editor, 70 WALKER, REBECCA 77..225 Pep Club, 68-70, Thespians, 68-70, NFL, 70, VICA, 70 WALL, NORMA IOI, Ihll, 225 Pep Club, 67-70, Latin Club, 70, Senior Class Planning Committee, 70 ' WANTLAND, BOBBIE 225 Pep Club, 67-70, DECA, 67-69, Sweetheart Candidate DECA, 69, FBLA, 70 WATTS, BOB 226, l4l, B4, l75, I77 "O" Club, 67-69, FBLA State President and National Vice Pres- ident, 69-70: All State Cross Country, 69, Cross Country, 66-70, Track 67-70, Mr. Howdy, 69, Jun- ior Marshall, 69, Junior Class President, 69, FCA, 69, General Candidate, 70, Student Council Parliamentarian, 70 WEBB, GRADY l07, 226 . VICA, 68-70, VICA Vice President, 70, Senior Class Planning Commit- tee, 70 WEBB, LAWRENCE 226 WEBB, THOMAS 226 Baseball, 68-70 WEDEL, DAVID 226 WEEKS, WILLIAM 226 WELCH, JAMES 226 DECA, 68-70 WELCH, JAMES 226 Pep Club, 68-70, FBLA, 70 WELLS, DENNIS 226 Band, 67-70, Pep Band, 67-69, Stage Band, 79, FBLA, 70 WELLS, ROBERT 226 VICA, 69 WEST, NANCY 226 FBLA, 67-69, Pep Club, 67-70 WESTFALL, JENNY 226 Sophomore Class Planning Com- mittee, 68, Junior Class Planning Committee, 69, FTA, 68, VICA, 70, Pep Club, 67-70 - WHEELER, GARY 2l8, 226 Senior Class Planning Committee, 70 Juniors Deason, Brad 235 Dees, Wallace 235 Dennis, Robert 235 Denny, D'Ann 235 Denton, Kathy 72, 74, 23I, 235 Deweese, Marlene 235 Dickson, Joe 235 Dill, Mark 235 Dillinger, PEQQY 235 Dixon, Bob 235 Doke, Cyndy 235 Double, Lucinda 235 Douglas, Bobby 235 Dow ing, Cindy 235 Dunbar, David l59, 235 Dunn, Elisa 235 Dupler, Cathy 235 Dutcher, John 235 Dye, Leon 235 IIEII Early, Robert 235 Edinburgh, Debbie 23I, 235 Edward, Jeri I0l, 23I, 235 Eggart, Nita 235 Elder, Don 235 Elliot, Joyce 235 Ellis, Vicki 74, 77, 235 Engles, Danny 235 Engles, Mike 235, 24l Erickson, Mark I04, 235 Esquivias, Diane IO4, 235 Evans, Pat 235 IIFII Fent, Cindi 78, 79, 236 Ferguson, Jan 236 Figaro, Pat 236 Finney, Carla 236 Fishburn. Linda 236 Fisher, Darla 77, 236 Floyd, Larry 236 Foster, Mike 236 Foster, Sharon 236 Fouty, LaVon 236 Francis, Gary 236 Francis, Peggy 236 Franklin, Ellise 236 Fraser, Steve 9, 23I, 236 Freeman, Bobby 236, 243 Freeman, Mike 236 Freeman, Steve 236 Frost, Laquita 236 IIGII Gamble, Gaye 236 Gardner, James 236 Garlan, Paula 7, 99, 236 Garland, Paul 78,236 Garlow, Debbie l0I, 236 Garrett, Pam 236 Geckler, Andrea 236 Gentry, Joni 82, 236 Gentry, Stan IIB, 236 Gentry, Stanley 236 Gibson, Connie 236 WHITAKER, LARRY 226 WHITAKER, STEVE 72, 227, 226 Football, 67-70, Student Council, 70, Thespians, 68-70, Senior Class Rep. at Large, 70 WHITE, CYNTHIA 226 Pep Club, 67-70 WHITE, ROGER 2I7, 227 Sophomore Class Planning Com- mittee, 68, Junior Class Planning gommittee, 69, President FBLA, WHITEHEAD, VICKIE l07, 227 Student Council, 68, Pep Club, 67- 718, Newspaper, 68-70, VICA, 68- WHITFIELD, ALAN 227, I37, I3, l82, I83 Baseball, 67-70, Football, 67-69, Basketball, 68, "O" Club, 69, FCA, 68-70, Junior Usher, 69, Howdy Candidate, 69 WHITEMORE. LARRY 227 WILDER, PAMELA 227 Pep Club, 67-70, FBLA, 69 WILKERSON, SHERRILYN 227 FBLA, 68-70 WILKES, VICKIE 90,227 So homore Clas Plannin om p s g C - mittee, 68, Band, 67-70, Pep Club, 67-70, Thespians, 68-70, NFL, 70, Plays, "Sound of Music", 68, "Rebel Without a Cause", 69, "Harvey", 69, Band Queen Atten- dant, 69, Student Council, 70 WILLIAMS, CARLA Ill, 227, Il0 Pep Club, 67-69, FBLA, 67-69, FTA, 68-70, JCL, 67-70, JCL S0- cial Chairman, 68-70 WILLIAMS. La DENA I96, 227 Pep Club, 67-70, Spanish Club, 68, Junior Class Planning Com- mittee, 69, Yearbook, 70 WILLIAMS, MICHAEL 228 WILLIAMS, PAT l0l, III, 228 Cross Country, 69, Track, 69, Latin Slgub 68-70, Latin Club President, WILLIAMS, RAMONA 228 DECA, 70 WILLIAMSON, KENNETH I93, 228 Band, 68, Senior Class Planning Gibson, Don I70, I66, I69, 236 Gilleland, Kathy 236 Gotorth, Sharon 236 Goodson, Earl Bl, 236 Goodson, Ellis 236 Gottschalk, David 237 Goure, Thomas 237 Greenlee, David 237 Gregg, Robbie 237 Griffin, Debby lOl, l22, l25, 246, 237 Grigsby, Brenda 237 Grigsby, Pat 237 Grounds, Debra 237 Grove, Karen 237 Groves, Jerry 237 Grubb, Robert 237 Grubbs, Mike 237 Grummer, Bruce 237 IIHII Hackett, Ginger 237 Hagey. Mike 237 Hall, Charlotte 237 Hallmark, Barbara 237 Hall, Lewis 237 Hames, Pam 237 Hamilton, Robin 6, Bl, 83, l00, I33, I44, 237 Hancock, Tim 237 Hanes, Robert 237 Hansen. Debbie 78, 234, 237 Harness, James 237 Harrell, Suzanne 8I, 82, l08, 237 Harrison, Debbie 237 Hart, David I4, II4, IIB, II9, 237 Hart, Ray 237 Hatcher, Lawrence 237 Hathayvay, Charles IS9, 237 Hawkiris Betty 237 Hayes, Denise 237 Hettington, Denise 237 Hefley, Steve 237 Helm, Randy I06 I60, 237 Henager, Bruce 237 Henderson, Debbie 237 Henderson, Steve 237 Henry. Johnny 237 Hensley, Tim 77, 237 Herring, Billy 237 Herron, Debe 47, 237 Herron, Terri 237 Hibbard, Bruce 238 Hicks, Gail 238 Highsmith, Bill 238 Hi-nes, Terrv 74, II2, l78, 238 Hiti, Pam 238 Hodge, Valerie 238 Holliman, Chuck l08, II2, II4, 236, 238 ' Holmes, Jolene 238 Holmes, Pam II2, 238 Holt, Alan 238 Holt, Monty 238 Hooper, David 238 Hopkins, Keith 238 Committee, 70, Student Council, 69 WILLIS, EDDIE 228 WILSON, LESTER 228 WILSON, ROBERT IIB, II2, I4, 228 Latin Club, 67-69, French Club, 70, Student Council, 70, Mu Alpha Theta, 70, GROK, 70, Red Cross, 70, Science Club, 70 WILSON, STEVE 228 Band, 67-70, Vice President of Band, 70 WILSON, TEENA 228 Pep Club, 68, VICA, 68-70, VICA Secretary, 70 WOLFENBARGER, JANICE 228 Great Books, 70, French Club, 68, Art Club, 70, Pep Club, 67- 70 WOOD, DONNA 228 Girls' Glee Club, 69 WOOD, SCOTT 228 Mu Alpha Theta, 70, FBLA, 6B WOOD, WILLIAM 228 Rifle Club, 69 WOODARD, JAMES 228 WORLEY, JOHN 228 WORTHEN, DV II2, 228 GROK, 70, Mu Alpha Theta, 70, Science Club, 70 WRIGHT. BEVERLY 22B Pep Club, 68, FBLA, 68 WRIGHT, KATHERINE 228 WYNN, CHERYL 2l8, 22B Pep Club, 67-70, Spanish Club, 69, Safety Club, 69 IIYII YADON, LARRY 22l, 228 Wrestling, 6B-69 YOUNG, PHIL 229 YOUNG, RAYMOND 229 Swimming, 67-68, Choir, 67-70 YOUNG, TERI 208, 2I4, 229, 58 Pep Club, 67-70, Sophomore Class Planning Committee, 67-68, FBLA, 68-70, Junior Class Reporter, 68- 69, Senior Class Treasurer, 69-70, Junior Class Planning Committee, 68-69, Senior Class Planning Com- mittee, 69-70 YOUSEY, DWAIN 77 Thespians, 68-70 Hopson, Jim 238 Howard, Marsha 238 Hudelson, Debbie 238 Houlette, Teresa 238 House, Scott 238, 243 Hudson, George I4, II4, II5, IIB 238 Huffines, Gary 238 Hughes, Clyde 238 Hughes, Holly BI, 238 Hull, John 74, 75, 238 Hunter, Jerry 238 Hunter, Mark 238 Hunter, Terry 238 Hutchinson, Dana I04, 238 Huxley, Dennis 238 , Hyston, Marcia 238 Hutchson, Leslie 238 lllll Ingle, Mike 238 Irick, Sonia 238 Irwinsky. Jerry 238 Isaac, Mike 74, I79, 236, 238 IIJII Jackson, Marta 238 Jahnke, Karl 238 Jamison, Donna 238 Jaques, Amelia 34, 238 .Jetferson, Barbara 23I, 238 Jenson, Jim 238 Jewell, Ron 57, 238 Johnson, Carolyn 75, 238 Johnson, Cherrel 93, 238 Johnson, Jim I06, 238 Jones, Beverly 238 Jones, Kathy 238 Jones, Patricia 238 Jones, Paula II2, 238 Jones, Ginya 238 Jordan, Jeannene II2, II4, 238 Jordan, Elizabeth 238 Jordan, Marilyn 74,238 Julin, Candy 238 H K Kaster, Roberta 23I, 23B Kay, Steve 238 Keef, Beverly II2, 238 Keller, Cathy 239 Kelley, Steve 239 Kelly, Mary 239 Kennedy, Alyse 239 Kennedy, Teresa 239 Kerr, Anita 239 Kidd, Lorraine 239 Kime, George 239 King, Clinton l82, 239 King, Davilene 239 King, Robert 239 Kinsey, Debbie 239 Kirby, Roma 239 Kirkpatrick, Judy 239 Kite, Cindi 239 Knapp, Gary 239 DT, , ,, Koczorowski, Darla 239 Kolb, Lou Raye 239 IILII Lachere, Rowland 239 Lackey, Janice 239 Lacy, Larry 239 LaGrone, Eddie 74, 77, IIS, 239 Landers, Paul 239 Langslon, Kennelle 239 Langwell, Janel Bl, 239 Lawson, Marda 239 Lawler, Ed B7, 239 Ledford, Regina 239 Leird, Carol 66, 240 Leird, Rodney 240 Lenz, Doke 240 Lelchworlh, Linda BO, Bl, 240 Leverefl, Sharon 240 Lewellen, Eugene ll3, l60, 240 Lewis, Danny 240 Lewis, Ricky 240 Linn, Donna 240 Linn, Larry 240 Lillle, Ricky ll2, l52, l58, I66, 240 Mellon, Bobby 24I Micue Jai-ny 241 Mikenlan, Vicky 81, 231, 241 Miller, Connie 24l Miller, John 24I Miller, Larry 24I Miller, Marvin 24I Millican, Pam l2, lOl, 241 Mills, Joe 24l Millwee, Sleve 24I Milchell, Tommy 24I Mixon, Ricky 24l Mile, Bobby 24l Moen, Krisfi 24l Moffal, Neo 24l Monlgomery, Paula 6, l0l, 23l, 24l Moody, Donna 24I Moon, Sandy 242 Moore, Debbie 242 Moore, Mike 242 Morgan, Sharon 242 Morrison, Shirley 242 Morrow, John 242 Moullon, Karen 6, 242 Moullon, Sharon 6, 242 Pierce, Scofl 243 Pinkslon, David 243 Pollock, Connie 243 Pool, Vanda 243 Pofler, Chrisfy 243 Pofler, David 92, l52, 243 Powell, Cheryl IOI, lB6, 243 Pralher, Coy 74, I73, I76, 243 Prall,,Barbara 243 Prichard, Cindy 243 IIRII Rackley, Brenda 243 Rader, Kalhy IO4, 243 Rainbow, David 243 Rash, Donna 23l, 243 Ray, Sussie 243 Raymond, Marcella 243 Reames, Mary l26, I46, 23l, 243 Reed, Chris 243 Reel, Jean 243 Rhodes, Jim 243 Rice, Richard 243 Richardson, Nancy 243 Richardson, Trisha 243 Siegle, Dana l2, l2l, 244 Sills, Diane 244 Simms, Theresa 244 Sims, Randy, 244 Singlelon, Suzanne 76, 232, 244 Skaggs, David 244 Skaggs, Jack 244 Sledge, Ann 78, 244 Smallwood, Glenda 244 Smilh, Amber 244 Smilh, Brenda 8l, 83,244 Srnilh Bruce 244 Smifh Eve 244 Srnilh Guy 77, 244 Smilh James 244 Smifh, Janel 245 Smilh, Jill lB2, 245 Smifh, Mark 245 Smilh Ray 245 Smifh Sleve 245 Smilhers, Joe 92, 245 Snipes, Bill I03, I66, 245 Snodgress, Viki 245 Sons, Debi 245 Spencer, Linda 245 Mafche Odom, Sue 242 Lack, Mike 240 Logan, Roger 240 London, Frankie l59, I73, 240 Longfellow, Sleve Bl, 240 Lopez, Karen 240 Lounge, Debbie 240 Lovelady, David 240 Lowe, Chuck I73, 240 Lyon, Debbie 93, 240 IIMII l Mackey, Dan 240 l Mackey, Susan 240 Magerus, Roger 240 Maloney, Gary 240 Maloy, Pal 78, 99, ll2, 23l, 240 ' Malzer, Vicki 240 Manninq, Mike 240 1 Marshall, Dave Ill, 23l, 240 l Marlin, Bobby 240 J' Marlin, Bruce 240 Marlin, Teddy 240 Mason Jeri 240 Massey, Charlolfe 240 n, Debby 23l, 240 - Malherly, Linda 240 Malhis, Pam 83, I0l, l2l, 237,240 Maxwell, Rila 74, 240 McCalip, Danny 240 McCall, David 78, 79, I73, 240 McClain, Glen 240 McCIendon, Diane 240 McClure, Eslella 24I McCreighl, Faye 24l McCullah, Vicki 23l, 24I McDaniel, Mala 24I McDow, B enda 24l, 242 McElvany, Dubby I60, l6l, I63, 242 McElwee, Tom 24l McEwen, Pal 74, 24I McGhee, Donna l26, I44, 23l, 24I McGowen, Danny 24l 'McManus, David 24I McMurlry, Mike 24I Meeks, Ricky I32, l52, l57, I60, 24I Mounlford, Mike 242 Mouser, Gary 242 Moye, Chrisline 242 Murphey, Don 242 Muse. Jack 8l, 242 Muslain, Burel 242 Myers, David 242 Myers, Debbie '242n N Nance, James 242 Nance, Pam 242 Nelson, Ernie l52, 242 Nelson, Jimmy 242 Neflle, Jenny 83, IZ7, 242 Newell, David 72, I03, l2l, l52, 23l, 242 Nichols, Linda 242 Nolling, Tina 23l, 242, 243 Novak, Don 242 Novolny, Kennell: 242 O Oaks, Janel 8, l00, I33, I44, 242 Olson, Kafhy 242 Oll, Willey 242 Ozmenl, Larry 742 llpll Riches, Sherrie 243 Riddle, Janis 244 Riddle, Jayne 244 Ripley, G Riller, Ro inger 244 nnie I26, l52, l57, 244 Roberson, Shannon I66, l68 Roberls, Kafhy 244 Robinson, Dennis 244 Robinson, Jim 244 Robinson, Kafhy 244 Robinson, Linda 244 Robinson, Nellie l07, 244 Rowell, Delberl 244 Rowland, Debbie 76, 244 Rowland, Gary 244 Rusche, Linda 77, 244 Ruyle, David 66, 67, I73, 244 IISII Salley, Rhonda 244 Sampson, Danny I73, 244 Sanders, Allon 74, 244 Sanders, Rick 244 Sanders, Terry 244 Sapp, Paula 244 Fleming, Mark l70, 257 IIAII Adams, Belly 252 Adelmann, Guy 252 Ahpeafone, David l59, 252 Alden, David 252 Alexander, Gerry 252 Allen, Rick I59, 252 Alvarado, Della 252 ' Ambrose, Rhonda 252 Anderson Andrea 252 Anderson Bob l59, 252 Anderson, Glenda 252 Anderson, Linda 252 Anderson Doni 252 Andrews, Keilh 252 Anloon, Bryan l70, 253 Armslrong, Anila 252 Arnold, Richard 252 Ashley, Sylvia 252 Ashworlh, John 252 IIBII Baird, Kafhy 252 Baker, Pam l44, 250, 252 Baker, Sandy 252 Baker, Tony 252 Baker, Van Lee 252 Baldwin, Sandra 28, 252 Balew, Rennee 252 Ball, Kalhy 252 Ballard, Bonnie 93, ll3, I34, 252 Paden, JoAnn 242 Painler Annelle 242 Park, Linda 242 Palrick, Marsha 242 Payne, Kalhy 242 Pendegrafl, Slan II7, l59, 243 Perkins, Slanley l78, 243 Perry, sieve l79, 239, 243 Pelersen, Marsra 243 Pelerson, Terry 243 Pelefe, Linda 243 Pelrocelli, Julie 243 Phillips, Mike 243 Piburn, George 243 Pickle, Kalhy 243 Picou, Denise 243 Bell, Mark 252 Benedick, Glenn 252 Bennell, Donna 252 Bennell, Mike 252 Benson, Terry l59, 252 Berry, Palrick 252 Befhrow, John 252 Billings, Glenn l59, 252 Birk, Jimmy 252 Birkell, Luann 252 Black, David 252 Black, Kennelh 253 Black, Pally 253 Blackman, Lloyd 253 Blumenlhal, Marsha 253 Bobo, Sher y 253 Boggs, Richard 253 Bolloms, Mike 253 Boulware, Lonnie 253 Bowman, Mike 253 Boydslun, Larry I66, 25, Bradford, Anila 253 Boydslun, Larry I66, 253 Bradley, Ronnie 253 Brazel, Sharon 253 Brewer, Kurf 253 Savage, Busfer B, l72, I73, IBB, 2 Schofield, Judy 8l, 244 Schulfz, Debra 244 Schullz, Greg 244 Schwarlz, Rick 244 Seikel, Cindy 244 Senn Ron 244 Shalley, Roger 244 Shaver, Mike 244 Shae, Jack 244 Sheels, Charllon 244 Shephard, Bobby l'0, l52, l54, l56, I57, 244 Sherman, Janice 244 Shipley, Kalhy 244 Shockley, Susan 244 Shoemaker, Gayle 244 Shook, Danny 244 Shropshire, Terry 244 Sides, Sandra 244 Sophomores Carnes, David l59, 253 Carfwrighf, Darre'l l59, 254 Cash, Debbie 254 Cassey, Pal l59, 254 Cassily, Jody 254 Callege, Pally 224 Calo, Carol 254 Cermack, Janice 254 Challis, Pal 254 Champlin, Jerry 254 Chandler, Wendell 254 Chaney, Paul 254 Chealman, Eric 254 Childress, Jerry 254 Chrisfian, Viclor 254 Claxfon, Lawrence 254 C ay, Charles 254 Clay, Jack 254 Cleaver, Barbara 74, 254 Cliflon, Brenda 254 Clingenpeel, Sara 234 Clovde, Jan 254 Cobb, Debbie 254 Coffey, Debra 254 Coffey, Nancy 254 Cohoon, Melissa 254 Coleman, Connie 254 Ballard, John 252 Ballou, Paul II7, 252 Barber, Billy 252 Barber, Wayne 252 Barker, Debi 252 Barker, Sherry 252 Barnes, Pally 232 Barnes, Tom 252 Barrell, Coleen 252 Basden, Charles 252 Balema Baflles, n. Debbie 252 Sandy 252 Baughman, Bobby l59, 252 Bealy, Delia 252 Beam, Wanda 252 Beck, Jane? 252 Beldinq, Tom 252 Bell, Gary 252 24 Bridges, Terri 253 Briggs, Richard 253 Brislol, Wayne 253 Brown, Marilyn 253 Brown, Neal 253 Brown, Nina 253 Brown, Pally 253 Browing, Candi 250, 253 Bruemmer, Paula 253 Bryanl, Buchan Vicki 253 a, Mike 253 Buckley, Bernice 253 Burns, Margie 253 HCI' Cabrera, Phillis 253 Caldwell, Barbara 253 Cameron, Debbie 253 Cambell, Denise 253 Canlwell, Lynnee 253 Carr, Pal' 253 Carpenfer, Ricky 253 Coleman, Coleman, Collaman Mariorie 254 Rebecca 255 , Gary 255 Conrad, Jim 255 Cook, Tommy 255 Cooper, Charles 255 Copeland, Donna 36, 255 Copeland, Donna 255 Corlee, Chris 2'5 Corn, Cookie 255 Cossey, Debbie 255 Coursey, Bobby 255 Cowden, Billy ll6, ll7, 255 Craig, Sieve l59, 255 Craven, Debbie 255 Crawford, Brad 255 Crawford, Jerry 255 Crawford, Jean 255 Crawford, Lou 255, 27l Crook, Kevin Cross, Bruce Spicer, Rosemary 245 Slacy, Maryann 245 Slafford, Vickie 245 Slandifer, Keilh 245 Slanley, Karen 245 Sfarr, Mike 245 Sleele, Slanley 245 Slevens, Kalhy Bl, 245 Sfevens, Terri 245 Slevens, Vicky 245 Slone, Jan 245 Slory, Greg 245 Slrallon, Gail 245 Sanders, Terry 244 Sullins, Randy 245 Sullivan, Tommy l52, 243,245 Swafford, Barbara 245 Swenson, Susan I4, I32, 245 IITII Talley, Linda 245 Taylor, Deanna 245 Taylor, Eddie 245 Taylor, Nora 246 Teague, Judy 246 Terbush, Becky 246 Terry, David 246 Thomas, Danny 246 Thomas, Donna 246 Thompson, Jerry 246 Thompson, Karen l00, I46, 246 Thompson, Sharen 6, l00, l24, I46, 246 Threlkeld, Janis 246 Threlkeld, Linda 246 Tiplon, Diane IOB, 232, 234, 246 Todd, Tommy 246 Towell, Cheryl 246 Tracy, Vicki 246 Trail, Lynne 246 Tray, Lucinda 246 Tull, Maureen 246 IIUII upiahn, Marshall 74, 112, ll5, I73, 176, 246 Cummins, Elaine Cummings, Joe Cummings, Randell Curry, Susan IOS 250, 255 IIDII Daniel, Debbie 255 Darlin, Duan 255 Darrow, Pal 255 Davenporl, Debbie 255 Davenporl, Donna 255 Davis, Debbie 255 Davis, Jim 255 Davis, Keilh 255 Davis, Roberl 255 Dawson, Frank l59, 255 Dean, Ricky 255 Decker, Palrick 255 Decker, Ricky Dees, Mike 255 Denny, Darcie 255 Dial, Doug 255 Dick, Jerry 255 Dillie, Larolin 255 Dillion, John 255 Dionelle, Pal 255 Dixon, Corliss 255 Dixon, Gayla 253 Dixon, Jean 255 Dobbs, Diane 256 Dodd, Bruce 256 Doelson, Ben 256 Dopree, Vicki 256 Douglas, Chrisli 256 Dowdy, Sharla 256 Dowell, Ken 256, 26l Dowling, Vicki 256 Downey, Denise 256 Dozler, David 256 Drabek, Gary 256 Drabek, Nancy 250,256 Dranlie, Pal 256 Driskill, Debbie 256 Duckell, Richard 256 Duke, Linda Ill, 256 Dunning, Roberf 256 Dunlap, Cor1nie 256 Durbin, Phylis 256 llvll Vance, Holly 78, 83,246 VanDevenler, David 246 Vaughan, Mary Ann II4, ll8, 246 Vogf, Jana 246 IIWII Wade, Sandra 246 Walker, Gale 246 Wallace, Dave 246 Wallenberg, Terry 246 Warren, Mark 246 Walson, Carol 246 Walson, Linda 246 Walls, Connie 246 Wealhers, Beverly 246 Weaver, Wes 246 Webb, Bonnie 246 Webb, Mark 247 Weeks, Sleve I73, 247 Welge, Bill 240, 247 Wells, Kalhe 8l, 23l, 247 Weslmoreland, Fred 247 Whalen, Dennis l52, l54, 247 Whisenhunl, Gary 247 While, Gary 247 Whifney, Judy 247 Wiggins, Pam 247 Wilcox, David 247 Wiley, David 247 Wilfong, Tommy 247 Wilkerson, Mike 247 Wilderson, Paula 247 Wilkes, Diane 23l, 247 Wilks, Mike I73, 247 Willbanks, John 247 Williams, Terry 247 Williamson, Carol 242, 247 Williamson, Darrell 247 Williamson, Debbie 247 Willis, Dale 247 Willis, Neesa 247 Wilson, Mike 247 Wilson, Terry 247 Wilson, Twyla 247 Winfield, Gary l33, l52, 247 Winkler, Ronnie IBB, 247 Wirsich, James 247 Wirl, Lewis 247 Wolfenberger, Tommy 247 Wood, James 243, 247 Woodall, Barbara 66, 247 Woodard, Ralonda l08, 247 Wooliver, James 247 Woolen, Teddy l52, l55, 247 Wrighl, Anila 247 Wrighl, Lynn 247 Wrighl, Pam 247 IIYII Yancey, Brenda 247 Yarberry, Jean 78, 79, 23l, 247 Yales, Larry 247 Young, Glenna IO9, 239, 247 Young, James 247 Young, Ray 247 Young, Rosa 247 IIZII Zaloudick, Karen 247 Duckell, Richard 256 Dye, Larry 256 Dyess, Bonila 256 IIEIB Eaves, Rocky l59, 256 Edge, Kafhy 256 Eeds, Chip 68, 69, 74, 75, II6, 256 Elder, Chip 256 Ellenson, Sherrie 256 Embrey, Susan 257 Ervin, Vicki 77, lll, 257 Esles, Connie, 93, 257 Evans, Johnny 257 IIFII Fallwell, Donna 257 Fancher, Reggie 257 Faulkner, Joy 257 Ferguson, David 257 Ferguson, Linda 257 Fink, Don 257 Finley, Paul 257 Filzgerald, Lorraine IOB, 250, 257 Flanagan, David 257 Flaniken, Kenny l59, I60, I63, 257 Florez, Pele 257 Floyd, Barry 74, 75, l70, 257 Floyd, Cherell 257 Forbes, Chrisly 257 Ford, Anna 257 Ford, Vicki 257 Fosler, Debbie 257 Founfain, Joe l59, l65, 257 Fowlea, Connie 257 Frankenfield, Anne 257 Franlz, Sue Ann 257 Free, Debbie 257 Freeman, Debbie 257 Freeman, Sherri 257 Freeman, Shirley 257 Frilz, Terry 74, 254, 257 Furr, Randy 257 ll ll G Gailher, Roy 257 Garlow, Sam I60, 257 Garrell, Jerry l59, 257 ,lx iarrett, Richard I59, 257 iarrison, Bobby 257 iasaway, Charles 257 iates, Gary 257 ientry, Milton 257 ientry, Pam 257 Sentry, Susie 257, 263 ilbson, Linda 257 iibson, Karen 257, 263 iilbert, Donnella 257 iillean, Ricky 257 wladden, Dawn 257 Blass David I59, 257 ilass, Diane 250, 257 ileaves, Sheron 237 rodwin, Debra 257 iomez, Charlie l66, 257 voodbreak, Linda 257 ioodson Jerry 257 iottschalk, Glenn 257 ioure, Cathy 257 iraber, Christy 258 irands, Jessie 258 iray, Ada 258 ireen, Barb l08, 258 ireen, Marvin 258 ireen, Patty 258 Griffin, Gail 258 irittin, Shirley 258 Gritteth, Debbie 238 irigsby, Gary 258 ?TlQSbY, Joyce 258 vruver, Janice 258 IIHII lair, Roy 258 lall, Alisa 85,258 lall, David 258 lall, Randy 258 lalstead, Kenneth lalstead, Phil l7B, 258 lames, Debby 258 lammon, Glenda 258 lancock, Vicki 258 land, Karen 258 lanshoe, Gary 258 larden, Sharon 258 lardin, Darla 258 larolinq, Melanie 258 larmon, Beverly 258 larness, Valeria 258 larris, Betty 258 larris, Chuck 258 larris, Robert 258 loft Billy 258 lartley, Danny 258 lartley, Vicki 258 latfield, Steve I59, 258 latcher, Robbie 258 lawthorne, Roger 258 layes, Debi 25B leath, Debbie 258 lefley, Debbie 258 lelton, Ronnie 258 lembre, Arche 258 lenderson, Kittie 258 lenderson, Linda 258 tenderson, Sallie 258 lenderson, Starlet 259 lenry, Russell 259 lernandes, Barbara 259 ternandes, Connie 259 less, Susan 259 lestand, Cheryl 259 'ley, Myrna 259 Hibler, Phillip 259 Hicks, Patti 259 Hiqdon, Debbie 259 Hightower, Patty 259 Hilburn, Rhonda 259 Hill, Cindy 259 Hill, Sally 259 Hock, Barbara 259 Hodges, Don 259 Hodges, Margaret 259 Hoffman, Debbie 259 Hoffman, Diane 259 Holt, Linda 259 Hood, Gaye 259 Hood, Robin 256, 259 Hopkins, Nonita B5, 259 Horn, Lynne 259 Horn, Tom 259 Hornbeck, Michelle 74, 250,259 House, John 259 Houston, Frank 259 Hovarter, Billy 260 Howell, Doyle 260 Huffman, Terri 260 Hull, Faith 260 Hulsey, Mike 260 Hunter, Mark 260 Hunt, Tony 260 Hurry, Sheryl 260 Hurst, Larry 260 Husk, June 260 Hutchinson, Leslie 260 Hyden, Mike 260 IIIII Ingram, Ricky ll6, 260 lrwinsky, Larry 260 lsbell, Don I66, 260 IIJII Jackson, Toni 260 Jetferys, Pam 260 Jenkins C ndie 258 260 i Y i Jensen, Ann 260 Jensen, Johny 260 Jesseph, Sandy 260 Jolly, Kathy 260 Jones, Ava 260 Jones, Janet 260 Jones, Linda 260 Jones, Marcia 260 Jones, Melvin 260 Jones, Nikki 250, 260, 269 Jones, Vicki 260 Judd, Sandra 260 Julin, Diane 260 I I Kll Keen, Renee 260 Keener, Darrel 260 Keller, Fred Kelley, Bill l59 Kelly, Stanley 260 Kemp, Paula 26l Kennedy, Brenda 26l Kenny, Steve 26l Kepler, Joe 26l Kerr, Barba'a 26l Kerr, Billie 26l Kick, Ronnie 26l Killman, Rick 26l Kinnard, Kenny 26l King, Pam 26l Kinnay, Jimmy 26l Kirkham, Patsy 26l Kirkland, Wilhelm 26l Knapp, Jean 26l Knight, Jerry 26l, 269 Knight, Lynell 26l Knowles, Kenny 26l Kuder, Paula 26l Kutl, Ricky 26l ' ll 'L Ladusau, Chris 36, I59, 26l Laffoon, Teresa 26l Lambert, Jan 26l Landers, Billie 26l Lane, George I59, 26l La rison, Debbie 26l La Varnway, Daniel 26l Laverne, Clarence 26l Lawson, Bill I59, 26l Lawson, Pam 26l Lawson, Terry 26l Ledlow, Teri 26l Letfwich, Sandy 26l Leicy, Bobby 26l Leisy, Gary 26l Leonard, Nita 26l Letts, Melissa 262 Lightfoot, Leslie 262, 265 Liles, Daisy 262 Lindsay, Eldeane 262 Littlehawk, Daisy 262 Longman, Sharon 262 Lopez, Janice 262 Lowe, Larry 262 Lowrey, Barbara 262 Lunar, Larry 262 IIMII Mabry, Phillip 262 Maddox, Karen 262 Mahonny, Connie 262 Main, Andrea 68, 262 Main, Gary 262 Malone, Kathleen 262 Malowey, Gary 262 Manspeaker, Robert 262 Marcum, Randy I59, 262 Marsh, Narrah 262 Marrow, John 262 Martin, James 262 Martin, Pete 262 Marx, John 262 Mason, Calvin I59, 262 Mastin, Beverly 262 Matchen, Mike I59, 262 Mathis, Carla 262 Mathis, Carolyn 262 Mathis, Dale 262 ws, Raylene 260,262 Matthe Mauldin, Mary 262 Mears, Debbie 262 Melton, Beth 262 Mezas, Debbie 262 Micue, Ron 262 Milam, Jimmy 262 Miller, Cindy 262 Miller, Denise 262 Miller, Noel 262 Milton, Kevin 262 Minor, Debbie 262 Moore Bobby 262 262 Moore, James Moore, Mike 262 262 Moore, Morris Morzoff, Sue Sheryl Cindi 260, 262 262 Mosman E'ic 262 262 Moyer, Debra Myers, Lyn 262 Myers, Shelly 262 Muse, Gene I59, l65, 262 McCalip, Phillip 263 McCallum, Jan 263 McCarron Susie 263 McCann, Paul 263 McClain, Mark 263 McClain, Gail 263 McClurq, Debbie 263 McCullough, Sylvia 263 McDonald, Lisa 263 McDougal, John I59, 263 McDow, Belinda 250, 263 McElwee, Ruby 263 McEuen, Susan 85, l45 250, 263 McGilberry, Cheedle 263 McGuire, Jennifer 263 McKeown, Barry 263 McLaughlin, Anoela 263 McMahan, Debbie 263 McMillin, Susie l45, 250, 263 McNeely, Richard l5B, l59, 263 IINII Nail, Paula 263 Nall, Katrinka 263 Nelson, Ken 263 Newell, Jay 263 Newton, Kenny 263 Nicholls, Steve 263 Nicholson, Kirby 263 Niles Nancv 68,69 263 Nix, Tom 68, 92,263 Nixon, Mark 264 Norvell, Karen 264 Nunn, Bobby 264 IIOII Ogg, Richard 264 Oglesby, Gail 264 Oldham. Bobby 264 Oliver, Barry 68, 264 O'Neal, Kay 264 Orr, Rick I59, 264 Osborne, Steve 264 Ott, James 264 Outland, Karen 78, 79, 88, l23, 264 Oyler, Del 264 - y IIPII Pagels, Gary 264 Palesano, Tony 264 Patrick, Joy 264 Patterson, Gary 264 Paulk, Cathe ine 264 Paulk, Ginny 264 Paxton, Debbie 264 Pearn, Randy l59, 264 Peck, Charles 264 Peck, David 77, I59, 256, 264 Penry, Kevin 264, 269 Pereun, Debbie 264 Perry, Bobby 264 Perry, Steve 264 Peters, Eddie 264 Petete, Brenda 265 Phipps, Bill 265 Pierce, Lynne 263 Pike, Marty 265 Poe, Donetta 265 Poke, Carletta, 250 Poling Cindy 265 Pollock, Chris 265 Porter, David 265 Poteet, Mike 265 Pound, Robert 265 Prewitt, Carolyn 265 Price, Sharon 265 Prier, Terre 265 Prine M'ke 265 Puckett, Paula 85,265 Purdy, Debra 263 IIQII Ouick, Karen 265 Quintero, Gene 265 IIRII Ramirez, Romelia 265 Randall, Paul 265 Randolph, Penny 265 Reagen, Glenn 265 Reed, Charles 265 Reeves, Kenny 265 Reeves, LaJuana 265 Reeves, Mike l59, 265 Reeves, Tricia 265 Reyes, Richie l60, 265 Richardson, Kathy 266 Richison, David 266 Richmond, Don 266 Richmond, Helen 266 Rigsby, Ray 266 Risenhoover, Sheila 266 Rivers, Nita 266 Roberts, Robert I59, 266 Robertson, Gayla 266 Robison, Dennis 266 Robison, Eddie 266 Rodgers, Carla 266 Rogers, Myra 266 Rolland, Greg 266 Root, Margie 266 Rost, Vicki 266 Rotan, Terrie 266 Rouse. Diane 266 Rolland, Stan 266 Rychlec, Barbara 266 Ryser, Bryan 266 IISII Sales, Mike 266 Salley, Terry 266 Sanders, Cathy 266 Sanders, Mary 266 Scarberry Nancy 266 Schmidt, Sherri 266 Schmoldt, Ray ll0, 266 Schwart, Larry l29, 266 Schwartz, Lee 266 Schwerkhart, Richard 266 Schamblin, Linda 266 Segler, Cherie 266 Self, Billy 266 Scott, Wanda 266 Scott, Pat 266 Sexton, Janet 267 Shaver, Janet 267 Shaver, Lea Ann 83, 267 Sheets, Randy 267 Sheffield, Nancy 267 Shelgrove, Carol 267 Shelton, Andy 267 Sherrill, Cindy Bl, 267 Shirley, Shelly 250, 267 Shunkwaler, Allen 267 Sides, Diana 267 Sifers, Bobby 267 Simmons, Carol 267 Simms, Debbie 74,267 Simms, Glynn 68,267 Skrapka, Janie 267 Sloan, Tony 267 Smallwood, Kim 267 Smallwood, Louwanda 267 Spradlin, Jimmy 123,267 Stacy, Mary 268 Stafford, Randall 268 Stanley, Terry I59, 268 Stanton, Paula 268 Stark, Carl 268 Stasuszen, Cindy 268 Stevens, Gary 268 Stevens, Mike 268 Stewa't, Marilyn 263 Stiges, Rodney 268 Stinson, Sheila 268 Stone, Olivia 268 Stone, Teresa 268 Story, Karen 268 Stotts, Phillip 268 Stuller, Sandra 26B Sullins, -Gynna 268 Sullivan. Mike 268 Svetgoft, Ronnie 265, 268 Swartz, Larry IZ9 Sweeney, Marshall 268 Sykes, Ronnie 268 IITII Talbot, Mike 268 Talkington, Steve 268 Taylor, Joe 268 Taylor, John 268 Taylor, Lanese 268 Taylor, Larry l59 Taylor, Patti 250, 268 Teasley, Jeannine 80,268 Thomas, Butch 268 Thomas, Deann 268 Thomas, Don 268 Thomas, Linda 268 Thomas, Sherrie 26B Thomasew, Sheryl 268 Thompson, Donna 268 Thompson, Lana 268 Thrash, Paula 268 Threlkela, Vicki 268 Timanus, Steve 268 Tims, Kathy 250,268 Toiman, Gary 268 Tolson, Steve I59, 268 Tomlinson, Gerald 26B Trodinger, Ken 268 Turnbow, Susan 263, 268 Turner, Gilbert I59, 26B II Il U Uhls, Debbie 268 Underwood, Bobby 26B U pte rg rove, Anita 26B IIVII Vanznt, Dennis 268 Vaughn, Steve 268 Vermillion, Cheryl 268 Vickrey, Chris 268 Vess, Phil 269 IIWII Waggoner, Don 269 Wagoner, Rick l23, l52, 265, 269 Wallis, Mark 250, 269 Wallis, Robert 269 Walters, Cindy 269 Wansley, Toni 269 Warren, Bridgett 269 Webb, Pam 258, 269 Webb, Ricky 269 Weber, Mike ll6, ll7, 269 Weeden, Debbie 269 Weeks, Marty l70, 270 Weese, Randy 270 Weise, Donna 270 Welch, Phillip 270 Welcher, David l59 Wells, Chuck 270 Wesley, John 270 West, Danny 270 Westervelt, Billy 270 Whitaker, Mark 270 White, Jerry 270 Whitnah, Nikki Bl, l23, 255 whiting, Ruth 270 Wiggins, Jimmy 270 Wilkerson, Glenda 270 Wilkerson, Victor 270 Williams, Bobby 270 Williams, Edmond 270 Williams, Jerry 270 Williams, Kenny 270 Williams, Robert II6. 270 Wickware, Brenda 270 Windle, Marty 270 Winford, Kathy 270 Wise, Pam 270 Wilson Danny 270 Wilson, David 270 Wilson, Denise 270 Wilson, Doyle 270, 27l Wilson, Kay 270 Wilson, Teresa 270 Wodraska, Diane 270 Smith, Ann 267 Smith, Debbie 267 Smith, Eric IS9, 267 Smith, Gale 267 Smith, Jeane 267 Smith Nancy 267 Smith Rickey 267 Smith Scott 267 Smith Sherri 250 Smith Stan 267 Sonnenscheiw, Doris 267 Sorrells, Kay 267 Snipes, Becky 8l, 83, l23, 250,267 Snow, Roy 267 Speaks, Nona 267 Speaman, Cheryl 267 Spitz, Ricky 267 Wolf, Janice 270 Wood, Donna 270 Woodard, Teie 270 Woodie, Jerry 270 Worley, Betty 270 Worley, Peggy 270 Woofls Larry 270 Workman, Jerry 270 Wright, Janine 270 Wright, John 270 IIYII Yaden, Patty I44, 270 Yeager, Steve 270 Young, Bobby 270 Young, Tom 270 Yousey, Bill 270 Youngberg, Mike 270 i-.JM fn-in 'E lgmwif my x Jw ww My Www Wwlfwf aww M ww? 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