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my Q Q1 0 353 if ggi ? Si?WN w,vgfPm i12?if53,Wig5g?9wjwgWii4,Zyfg, 2Q X0 0' Q5 WWE Jiffy ??f fW"wy,w , WWQW !g.,67 W , , , Q W ' EMM Ww w WW E 1 . 01 ' qbqtll - 1 M f .. 55 if Wfikywwhr , J' JN X' if WM Sb aff Q5 ' if 55 55525 Q? 55555533 Q 5 53351, Q.. I. 43 :Q gb fgjgf? -Q5 ' V 1" "'LL 'i T "i P N Ji in B Lo-4, , mga VL CIAP fl- x X33 Vg?" ON l l . Xl l b-1-LX Cfvx A' QL ' K ilu fwwilk - , r 4 ' 4 CW,-,wk 'Nyj -A .fl'L, ash .fxpfl - . 5 2 , A N I . In X I, F3 .QL 1 CVAJM I L5 -Q , l.V.u.cfl'i 'A ' ' ' Z74n6Yf9i27WfAWJ0fff5V'7'W Qual W 4 G e n e ral 1 969 Published by the Journalism Ill class U. S. Grant High School .Q Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1 Volume XVI WR F' , Nl l l 4 l 1 l 1 1 1 WM Jzwmdfffwji 34 ,nr ,W gi 4 fff ff2"'u 4 I a- W ,., .uw 432 if wil' Q 'X' . m W, N 3 , R gL,,,. ,,f ,x Q 4 ,.. A -v-0195" Q 'V lf! mv' 541 ., 'T' J M. H .Q ex wr , Wk , if F4 HK 1'-x 3 'W 'fc Q , 4 fx, 24,51 i xl .1 HX Q? F! Q Q 'Vw 4 Table Of Contents troduction Fall ...... - - 4 Winter... ---6 Spring ..... - - - 3 art lfl968 September . . . - - - 14 October .... - - - 16 November . . . . .. 18 December .... - - - 22 Faculty .............. - - - 24 Sports!l968 .......... . . . . 54 Academic Organizations .... . . . 64 Epilogue .............. . . 104 art llfl969 January .... - - - U2 Feb. ..... - - - U8 March -- 124 April ...... -- 126 May ........ 128 Sports!l969 ........ -. l30 Service Organizations . . . . . 150 Classes l Sophomore .......... ----- 1 80 ' Junior ---- - 206 Senior ---- - 223 Epilogue . . . . . . 264 llosing . . . . . . 274 tdex... ...275 Just nine months, from September i968 to May l969, but what a time. Presented here on the fol- owing pages are the highlights of a year which is tow gone by-pleasing to recall, but forever past. The Seneral is hopefully not only a yearbook, but also a iistory of one school year, which has captured and ecorded the school's activities and the outside feel- ngs and events that have surrounded and influenced is, the students and faculty of U. S. Grant High School. Fall!VVhat Has Begun . School started September 3, remember? The cool summer air welcomed some 2,300 Generals, some new, some old. The old veterans returned with mixed feelings, some with promises of diligent study and those who could really care less. Sopho- more Orientation greeted the newcomers, so they wouldn't seem so obvious, but then it never does much good does it? Students barely had time to put their nose to the grindstone when the football team finally made their comeback, compiling 49 points in their first two games and defeating rival Capitol Hill. Spirit ran high and in the halls could be heard a single phrase "Who's gonna win this game tonight?" lf you answered, "We are," no matter your classification, you were A-OK. The Seniors may have had thoughts of living the easy life during this last year, but these evaporated when the heat of college entrance exams was turned on. Activities were not restricted to school, but perhaps more than ever before began to branch out into the community. Generals went to bat for the "young generation" by collecting over S500 for United Appeal. This year had a choice of not only two maior parties, but when George Wallace and the American Party ioined in, America had a three party ticket for the first time in twenty years. Despite protests, demonstrations, yippies, hippies, dip- pies and so on . . . the U.S. did get a new president, Richard M. Nixon and Fall made a noisy Fourth of July exit. "it ABOVE: Fall's short-lived beauty is reflected at W Rogers Park. BELOW: Generals welcome football seas' and a time to show their spirit. 2 l Nr .N H. 4 I ECK YOUR F HARE Jig 'S Egg iii i S in 1 ,ae WM is ,M M N 'E EN . W LEFT: Wonder Worker Kathy Denton reminds us to give our fair share to United Appeal. BELOW: Raking leaves wasn't Steve Andrews idea of a good way to spend a fall afternoon. '11 " 'C '5- b '-. ll" Q, VVinter!Study Time . .? Winter. A young man's thoughts turn to love in the spring, football in the fall, and study in the winter? Students return from Christmas vacation with promises of a 4.00. After all, what is there to do when the cold winter winds blow, but study? That idea was soon revised, as the Generals were faced with the tough decision of "do we go to the basketball game or the wrestling match?" As winter progressed and temperatures went below the zero mark, it meant getting up in the dark and returning home in gray dusk. Lines of stalled cars could be seen and each morn- ing students awoke hoping to hear school had been cancelled for the day. W Semester rolled around and it was time for last minute studying. The test came and went, as tests tend to do, and students were safe until next semester. Girls in semi-summer dresses tried to convince mother nature that spring was here to stay, but she had a mind of her own. As the days began to get longer once again, spirits rose and the Generals were here to stay. ABOVE: As the semester ends, Susan Mos- man makes last minute preparation for 'final exams. RIGHT: Christmas holidays bring a time for rest, relaxation, and hap- piness for all. E 1 g . W : e W W i W W W W Insunmwuncsanaizmnx .. 4z.xv1s.wl1nun5.w42:.ivn5unnw . ' valiw- 'ummm sara. MV: K t , fi'-E - W W V -Mu-MV . " I U9 ABOVE: With "Pomp and Circumstance", the class of 69 graduates 818 at the State Fair Arena. RIGHT: Greeting her escort with a warm smile, Debbie Grissom prepares for the prom. CENTER RIGHT: Students welcome summer's first rays with a brief break from classes. FAR RIGHT: With Easter on its way, Linda Fortner picks out a new spring dress with assistance from Mrs. Frances Finley. 8 - i S cs i . 0 it 0 ' E' ' 3. Q ' x 0 . ,W xox! 2 2. nv .f,q.'wnr ,W,,,.,..:s - lpring!Ancl Thoughts Turn To . . . There's something about spring that makes it the hardest ne of the year. The weather is definitely the main factor 'hich made distractions so irresistible. The swimming pools -oked very enticing when the temperatures began to rise, 1d school was definitely out of the question. Spring vacation st gave students a chance to see what they were missing 'id everyone returned only in part. Track and baseball gave the athletes a chance to exercise leir long stored-up energy in the freshly blooming outdoors. The prom came, giving the girls an opportunity to show ff and the boys a chance to show them off. Students saw Easter's two faces, both religious and fanciful. he holiday was a welcome rest for everyone but the Easter unny, although not many were visited by him this year. With graduation rapidly approaching, spring became a time Jr details, details, details. Last minute preparations, rehearsals nd questions. All else was neglected as May 28 rolled around nd the Seniors attracted all attention and graduated at the rena, the class of '-69. X 1' T 'lilsll l 4i'is. " 3 l l 'l l l X .,- , , A ,, , vv M900 K DNOJU-Q OL Mb w0Q WW ' ww J hmmm pw go, ,mQjv.xJ2wmwvQpc gm, 3 wx diC9Jwwa?b0x U Biffff N Qu: wwwmw Q ' jU'Q 'N ?cyadli3gETgawgi QoffigigiiiQl5EJ?2gf3giTi5ti mm S MW J W wifi? i: lOW2MQLQ!puL52mOAQllQgSliD9Q9x-Q3CU-Mfl'E2k BWQACLL vihmimfwg ,?ggj5.E.4igY 3Q?? ww PM ww modem, pwwww MDNMH' My ?QWw,xywA gQNQg CgmdCYJMQ.yQwa ww ww ww ww 9,9411 WWW Ql.MuWQu3iNbQQ+DLQL7BE. Q VANvEEiQEJ JL Luvid H03 ODUJQJ , Qiaifg, ,WMJEEUJN wmmgwwwd xml? 9'JQ-Q Chai PWJQUL3 XLDJXML fQ3CUSWJLd . A :E Q ww er W Iiimember mn X Riimem kmQUQ.mMc9w1 wmmwwwm em Q5lQ-CuSLu-QJu-2rmwM,QDfXJ9wm:9JfXmQ0swQ2vy9cQx5L,mwQrw,w UfmANQu1LuL Qwiwpqilwwa. Qixriwlugkgwfwk em + A AQQ53eiiw+ r When ---N-pwpunu-w n Y '-Y September Generals Say "Howdy" To New Recruits September greeted our first day at school with rain. Clt wasn't a lot of rain, but it confirmed our suspicions that school was all wet.J Confusion was everywhere, the sophomores' orientation hadn't helped them much. Between classes Four Corners looked like roundup day at the ranch. Everyone was going in circles because with all those people, none could move, unless, of course, you happened to be a 230 pound football player. At first the sophomores found a lot of things strange, even each other. The question was always-Did you go to Jefferson or to Roosevelt? And the answer made a difference. Registra- tion for sophomore election changed it a little, though. The question was still the same, but the answer didn't mean a thing. Weren't they Generals now? ABOVE: Sophomores register for vot- ing for upcoming elections. RIGHT: Rosemary Spradlin and Bob Watts lead off dance shortly after their coronation as Mr. and Miss Howdy. 395' , , K Y, l RlGHT: Newly crowned band queen, Linda Wilkes, highlights the halftime at the Putnam City game with escort Roger Higgins. BELOW: Pep Club boards busses to Shawnee game. l '-1-www--.rv K ' X BJ 9-L 1 iqfnsm, H.. i H .rr .f',--' -Q,1.ff,.m -: f- 1 , ,...,...,, , k,,k, I 1 iueiiiiil:lfillfs121a112t:f'.. ,V ABOVE: Halloween nigh? draws Wi nie the Pooh, alias Mike Prugerf, the door of iunior, Billie Shelton. n. YO October Halloween Is Treats To Those students who thought that October held nothing new, were pleasantly surprised by what that month of- fered. Halloween's Trick or Treat was about the only normal event in a very eventful month. Who could have guessed that by the end of the month, Grant students would have had an Olympics of their own fif not quite on the scale of those in Mexico Cityl? The Junior Olympics replaced the quite ordinary events of track and swimming with the unique grapefruit competition and life-saver race. The Apollo space team weren't the only men with their heads in the clouds. Wonderman parachuted down to Grant to open the United Appeal Drive. This was the Sophomores' month to shine. Good Ameri- can democracy was practiced when they elected their class officers and, not the least of reasons, it made them really a part of Grant. State Future Teachers Association fall conference added to the confusion of school activities as representatives from all over the state were present to "keep up" the name of their school. Elected district leaders of the Fall Conference were Bobbie Berry and Debbie Denton. ' r M Some, Tricks To Others LEFT: Junior Olympians competed in three-legged races. TOP ABOVE: Jay Amos heads sophomore meetings. ABOVE: Debbie Denton and Bobbie Berry host F.T.A. state fall confer- ence held at Grant. ABOVE: Named by KOMA and Dr. Pepper as Prep Player of the week is Asa Bradley. ABOVE RIGHT: Shir- ley Price pleads with Gloria Autobo to let her remain in the convent during "Sound Of Music." November Repeat Performance O 1 The warm, hazy weather of November went almost ur noticed as election day approached. Richard M. Nixon' "loser" image disappeared when he defeated presidentie hopefuls Vice-President Hubert Humphrey and former Gow ernor George Wallace. This came as no surprise to Nixo supporters, although it was one of the closest races ii history. The Republicans also won out in the U.S. Senate race whe former Governor Henry Bellmon defeated long-time incun' bent Mike Monroney. Alice Nlclnnis, a senior, was selectei city coordinator for Young Oklahomans for Bellmon campaigr Yet even with all that, no one neglected school activities Rodgers and Hammerstein's "The Sound of Music" wa presented and enioyed as successful a run as it did o Broadway, though perhaps on a smaller scale. Football season ended like a last-minute touchdown whe KOMA radio station and Dr. Pepper chose junior, Asa Brac ley, as Prep Player of the Week for his action in th' Southeast game. A "night out on the town" was substituted for an olc fashioned home-cooked meal when twenty-five iournalisr students convened in Chicago for the National Scholasti Press Association meetings during the Thanksgiving Holidays The convention not 'only provided delegates with more ioul nalistic knowledge, but also a 16-hour train ride, several sul: way iaunts, and a trek to Passavant Memorial Hospital. tenuHKkxlHS0und ofAAuyCH X it , l 6224 N J ff 4 3 , 1 lg M22 f!fA 1" LEFT: Journalism students prepare for shopping in downtown Chicago. ABOVE: Alice Mclnnis waves Bell- mon signs after BelImon's election to the United States Senate. xg I9 I 149' wt, if 3' A QR., W'-M. Z' Wfwii Jo Stewart-Football Queen 20 RIGHT, TOP TO BOTTOM: Debbie Ambrose, senior attendant, Candy Keith, iunior attendant, Billie Shel- ton, iunior attendant, and Pam Cable, sophomore attendant. ,Y-'J Aini-Float Contest Launches Homecoming Activities rf it gs, . , Q , T Homecoming Day sneaked up like an opposing team's score. Some students, however, were prepared, ready and waiting for the start of the pep assembly and the mini- float contest. All clubs were eligible to enter a float and booster spirit for homecoming. The mini-floats were wheeled into the pep assembly to begin the action. A board of iudges chose Future Teachers of America's entry "Going Out Of My Head", as the contest's outstanding float. Spirit rose as the day progressed and at eight o'clock, the Generals were out in full force. As usual, the unpredictable factor, the weather, chose an inopportune time to be dis- agreeable. The rain could not dampen spirits, but the loss to Enid, TO-7, was enough to dampen anyone's spirit. Homecoming night, the last game of the season, the best season in ten years, as the Generals sang "Dear Grant High" in the rain, they held their heads up with pride. The coronation of Football Queen was forced to go inside because of the weather, instead of its usual position on the football field at halftime. The boys' gym did have its advantages, however. The student body got a better view of the royalty than before. Elected by the varsity football team, these five girls were representatives of the 36 varsity players and their efforts. Escorted by James Rhodes, Pam Cable was the Sophomore attendant. Juniors, Candy Keith and Billie Shelton were escorted by Tony Mitchell and Donnie Rinkle. Debbie Am- brose, escorted by Don Poe and Jo Stewart, escorted by Bobby Grimes were elected from the Senior class. Finally the big moment, Jo Stewart was announced as football's leading lady. Congratulations followed at the dance, not only for the new queen, but also for the T969 varsity squad. JP ABOVE: Senior homecoming tat is presented by Terry Richard- n and Darla Hatmaker. ABOVE: lp, Up, and Away" was theme r sophomore class mini float. 1 ' 'Ni 'a ctivity ' of a onger teered eason. L they or or- edules wave gotten, before put of ading ntage lng of lls and 1 seen i l 2' 23 E while he fries hamburgers. l V V Y December Toys For Tots Drive Arouses Pre-Christmas Aura p .. W X 5,1 'A I x No one was prepared for the feverish, last-minute activity that came with December. Studying became the least of a student's worries as he or she struggled with that ever-longer Christmas list, planned for the holiday ahead, and cheered the beginning of a new basketball and wrestling season. Even the teachers seemed to forget schoolwork, as they abandoned lesson plans, and with them, any hope for or- ganization. Those few who stubbornly held on to schedules drowned in a sea of assemblies and rallies, and a tidal wave of Christmas spirit. School couldn't be entirely forgotten, though. There were still those term papers due before vacation and the rush of tests given to "get them out of the way." It was impossible to keep the Christmas spirit from invading Grant. Student Council saw a good thing and took advantage of it by organizing the Toys for Tots drive. The feeling of good will was evident as the students decorated the halls and doorways of Grant with an enthusiasm that hadn't been seen since last vacation. ABOVE: As holiday mood set in, librarians Mrs. Patterson and Mrs. Cal- houn shift to Christmas scenes. LEFT: Mike Reynolds fights for break away during all-city tournament. ABOVE: Mr. Huffman always welcomes any student intl his office with a big smile. RIGHT: Mr. Huffman takes time to discuss Pam The-imer's schedule with her. FAR RIGHT: Mr. Huffman demonstrates his ability as a while he fries hamburgers. aculty Ar. Huffman Completes Eleven Years As Principal ',,,'- ft'W'f'W1."l'7':"w "" 'H-H'-' my' , There must be an outstanding man to make such a school run as smoothly as U.S. Grant has. This man was principal, Mr. C. W. Huffman, who is in his twelfth year as head of the administration. Because of his great faith and interest in the education of tomorrow's leaders, students can continue, knowing that they are not alone. Being head of the administration has not been an easy iob, and sometimes it has been very trying. But Mr. Huffman never failed to come through with a reliable answer and a big smile. U. S. Grant is an outstanding school with a bright future. This is the result of hard work by students and faculty through- out the years. It has taken the cooperation of many people, but most of all the leadership of a wise man. i --.. 41 at 'K in 25 Mr. ees And Semracl Assist Principal ell Assisting Mr. Huffman were Vice-principals, .lim Nees and Everett Semrad. Mr. Nees handled the discipline of the school. His duty varied from giving make up time to giving swats, but only when absolutely necessary. His doors were always open for any student that needed advice. Mr. Semrad had the responsibility of taking care of all the instructional media of the school. The modern textbooks at Grant were the result of his work to keep the school up to date. To be an assistant principal took not only a strong and firm hand but also an understanding of problems. They had to take the situation at hand and deal with it properly. Mr. Nees and Mr. Semrad met all of these requirements. ABOVE: Mr. Nees took care of attendance problems. "How many hours of school did you miss?" asked Mr. Nees as a student enters the door. LEFT: Mr. Nees laughed as he finds some excuses humorous. 26 'Z 'g t r ..b , --4 LEFT: Mr. Semracl inventories all the text books and instructional media to determine what supplies the students will need. LOWER: Mr. Semrad com- pletes an order for new materials. Board Qt Education Steps Up School Progress Dr. Bill Lillard Superintendent ,,, , ,WWW The main Topic in this world today is a struggle for better education. With man's curiosity and desire to lear knowledge is becoming more important each day. He he the responsibility to make this world a greater place to liv with each inch of progress. The dedicated members of the Board of Education wer faced with many of these responsibilities. Their main intere: was in the students of today which must be properly pre pared to meet the world tomorrow with a competent minc To meet all these requirements, students must obtain strong foundation in education and develope them in late years to their own special interests. The duty of the Boart was to make sure they get the strong foundation they needec 642 15761 ri'-eh -:f- as ge 2."'m2. 'N'-it N "" 'va 2' ff i, - rsr, Nqs - fr HH ' i 1 nw- tk t 5 F T 1 T tttt i W tl i , J 2- Y - z' "Mi K 5 1 135-31.5 01. V :. 4 -,,.'D-lm., 3. -as 4 r iii ?-.Fine gli t, c 5:3-"2 55'-'S' ' i3"3i5f:- 4125- .s l i " r- :sr- 'lu V 'sq Q3 'v"'l ,WM , ,, f up 3.351 QQLFH:-W gf,-W3 -si 'Iv :ICH-. 'msg with 1. .N Q.-,W Iv., 11. mt. ,.t-.rw n.,,g4 H is 'MT' N037 325' -'32,-,ge 4 , rm.. OKLAHOLM - . ' Avuiutlifluzttglll' 803001-rSil --M mu wlwllw , , . C as-4 66 -w-up-v,.......-., Gifs? it l i. r r s t ts, - K, 5. , , L K l i W 1 i 5 l 2 l 'hill r V Vw!! l a 'UV . ,Q ,.k K .. T? .t ,,. iillll : mi1Q'jflfi'i"t it it i T till W wrj l E its lli l P' NE? Xf w-- .................. ,,7"Ff,'Z' ,,,, ,, 'T...T'I 'tt --- 1: 45 e +1 algl.- ----.......... -........ .....,,,.,.,. 54? . ':zr:m"'-- lv it i i it 'lf ill l ' l ,yt-fvv HIV v if V V x if ia T 2 5 r tn HIV it: l,w"llvlIlfllll TglVlllllllll1"l',,'1,l J T' lllll, Y alll Y 4, VV? sy 4 i XII x N QQ,-I vt ll lt ill V N x tl ll lllllll Oklahoma Ci1y's Board ot Education from Left to Right standing: Melvin P. Rogers, W. R, Yinger, William F. Lott. Left to Right seated: President of Board: Foster Estes, Vice President: Virgil T. Hill. s s 52. : 1 . 12? Q' X .. - V , -: S Q at -- .-,,: 7 , 1. Qi? Y' '4 . ,, :N . ff. 1 T S N fri. 4,3 , :Ft F , 1 ft l "r':.L.Q4Ii R' QV" . q :sv . , f,-,afar F . :msg . lv' FAR LEFT: The administration building where the board of education held their meetings. LEFT: Dr. Lillard points out a particular school to an inquiring student on the map of Oklahoma City public schools. 29 ll i i i 30 i 4. Parents, Teachers, And Students Form P.T.S.A. The P.T.S.A. is an organization in which parents, teacher and students strive to develope a cooperative atmosphei throughout the school. This year they held their annual open house. ,During ope house the parents participated in an activity similar to h child's everyday life. They attended actual classes whei the teachers presented a resume of each course. Programs including special speakers were presented fc the parents, teachers, and students to enioy. By meetin together the parents determined their child's problems 1 school. Mrs. Phil Bailey MBVY Befh Coffman Mrs. C. E. Jordan Mrs. Jack Mullenix President R Mrs James A Owens Mrs. C. B. Parker Q .. Q Y. x ", 8 l9'0.,','.. Grace Walker : Preparing schedules for .,A. open house, are sev- acrive students. ABOVE: a Coffelt, a senior, explain- .ome of the school policies aining to the membership e to The membership chair- , Mrs. Mary Befh Coffman. Secretaries lndisposable, ital To Administration Every individual has a different desire and goal in life. His interests, views, values, and whole outlook on life is unlike any other person. To satisfy each student with the classes he was most interested in, Grant had a staff of five counselors. These people arranged the schedules so that students got the courses they wanted. They were interested in every student and spent time finding out what they planned in the future. Then they supplied them with the courses they would need. Schedules were not the only responsibility of the counselors. They also handled personal problems with the students. lf it was needed, they phoned the parents and held private conferences with them. The counselors were with the students whenever they needed them. They did not mind how many times a schedule had to be changed as long as it pleased the student. They helped the stu- dents set goals and urged them to strive for them, they aided them in establishing the drive to develope their knowledge to the best of their ability. MRS. HELEN BAKER Attendance Secretary MR. JUANITA BITTLE Counselor Senior and Junior Girls MRS. BEATRICE BRADLEY Nurse MR. ERNEST BUCKHOLD Counselor Senior Boys MRS. GALEN CALHOUN Library Clerk MRS. PEGGY CAMPBELL Registrar MRS. OPAL HAMPTON Principal's Secretary MRS. ELO HOWARD Attendance Clerk l -,,i 'irish it . Li jimmy 1. vc W 'T Qi, , . if by 5 I A - 1 'uf . M6 V 32 x 1 ,J 49?- , is Q Counselors Help Students Better Their Education The counselor's office was a place of guidance and leadei ship. They helped students decide what subjects would bes suit them for the future. Then they arranged these schedule in a way that they hoped the students would be pleasec This all took a great deal of time and work. The librarians were always willing to assist any student i finding material. One of their most difficult jobs was keepin up with the overdue books and reminding the students c them. The Generals were made their best by each one of thes members of the staff through leadership and cooperation. 1'9"X. qw-7 3. QV. Vs- ,.. -L as ... ' sag: f.. Mig? s . L J .I . 1 fi , n Q6 .A .... .Q wg .... ly I fi X X . MRS. CHRIS MATHES Attendance Clerk MR. ROBERT McCAIN Counselor Sophomore Boys MR. JOHN MOORE Counselor Junior Boys MRS. JEAN NEWBERRY Instructional Clerk MRS. FRANCES ORREN Counselor Sophomore and Jun- ior Girls MRS. MILDRED PATTERSON Head Librarian MRS. CLARICE ROADS Assistant Librarian MRS. GENEVA WILLIAMS Financial Secrelary FAR LEFT: Mrs. Hamplon is shown taking a message for Mr. Huffman while he is out. LEFT: Making schedule changes is Mrs. Frances Orren. ABOVE: Mrs. Campbell, a school register, carries our her daily dulies. "-I 2 I' ' r-if ,QA I snag , l IsgiI'.g....gav I " I 9, f I fig Alf.-f2?'s'l..' W . I i"f-ar Mr? if is ,Z-Liga! if 1,647-1 brow .4-4e.f6' lcfcofdfa ,Azgzizgu 6L 6!L,6 K tgQZifL7L4gQ L 2141 !4i7LY', 4mngLf fryl j :c4LL4g,cL4J fl 3,5 fZL6f1444L4fE7Qz X Q4-fffwy 4 X fi-Q X105 ff7igJ,Z f' V my '. ff 'find ff , Faculty Influences Future Of Students Whether seated in an informal group having a cup of tea together, gathered around a cafeteria table getting coffee cups refilled, or attending a faculty was a well-knit organi- zauon. Today the school year 1968-69 is fresh but with the pass- ing of time, it shall be necessary to have something tangi- ble to bring it all back-the familiar smell of chalk dust and varnished deskg of hot food in the noisy cafeteriag of earthy and sweaty bodies at the close of a thrilling ball gamep of sulphur in the chemistry roomy of whittled wood in the shops and boiling fudge in the home economics room. All of these things were made possible by the faculty. Not only did they take time to teach but they also sponsored various clubs and activities. The ties that bound the students and faculty were not easily broken and every student that knew the faculty was en- lightened and a little more confident in knowing they had worked with such outstanding people. 36 If e l Y' u-,.,.... T' m-f' -ax -Y' Ak lg Q' , , 4352: 4 :A A-as f N9 , Q A 1,L .ff f sg f-Ql - . . - 1 krhk 'iw KAVKW L BOVE LEFT: Mrs. Baugh, a senior English teacher, and Darla Keener find sections F MacBeth amusing. LEFT: Mrs. Blakeney rests after listening to her students ebate which was long but interesting. ABOVE: Mrs, Baker demonstrates a new echnique in preparing salads to Bobbie Bagwell. RIGHT: Mr. Ballew instructs leen Dodson to keep the tone even. 'Q-4 4-- '-"l:.El:2's-3:3z7,I:E .. z "" .- as-11-M'-"E as f s MR. ROBERT ANDERSON Record keeping, Bookkeeping Il, and III. MR. DON ARCHER U.S. History and Teams. .au ,,..,...4v" l 'LXQ . Q MRS. TREVA BAKER "FX Fig Foods ll and lll ' MR. RAY BALLEW L A fl Vocal Music V ' i5l MR. MICHAEL BARLOW A General Business, Recordkeep- kk iili Q ing and Bookkeeping I MRs. CHRISTINE BAUGH A . g 1 English . N x . X tg I MRS. JOANN BLAKENEY fr. ,uk Speech and Debate Q.-X MR. RONALD CABLE Biology Faculty Urges Students To Strive Fer Goals ABOVE: Mr. Chase draws up class plans while supervising Study Hall. RIGHT: "I warned youll" remarks Mrs. Cox as she assigns make-up time to a noisy class. ' ' MR. CHARLES CARPENTER Government, psychology, and teams ' ,mu ff. ' I MISS IDA CARTER I . f f , if at y ...eng L : I Biology ff 5 i 'ga NX Eskfe, . - . is it J 'Alf .Qi MRS. LORETTA CAVIN - World History and French lll, xx 'F and IV MR. C. D. CHASE English MRS. ANN CONDREN Shorthand I, Vocational Busi- ness, Vocational Lab MRS. HAZEL COX ,K ,E R English iwafs t itllliil 't?'i"' MR. HAROLD CROSLEY U.S. History and Teams MR. ERNEST DANIELS Driver's Education GHT: Mr. Jack Everhart, History teacher and golf coach, takes time om his planning period to schedule an important golf tournament. DWER: Aiding a student in threading a new kind of sewing machine Mrs. Francis Finley. For some reason it seems easier when Mrs. nley threads the machine. Too often students take teachers for granted. Advice, oppor- tunity, and knowledge are only as far as the nearest classroom. The faculty was always more than happy to stop and talk in the hall, to stay after school for a student to make up a test, and to spend every spare minute they had and dedicate it to the benefit of the students. Teachers would use every ounce of knowledge they had iust to stress one important point. Even though it sometimes looked doubtful, the faculty of Grant were very much appreciated. Their cheerful dispositions were evident and present all year round. MRS. DOROTHY DEAN Shorthand Il and Transcripti0f1, Clerical Practice MR. KEITH DOWDELL Audio Visual MISS PENNI ELLIS English MRS. GRETA EMANUEL Cosmetology N ,,I MR JACK EVERHART U S History and World History . I . ' MRS. FRANCIS FINLEY an Clothing I, ll, and lll f. . si' ABOVE: Mrs. Hollowell turns to explain gram- mar to an inquiring student. ABOVE RIGHT: Mr. Hull does some serious comtemplating on an electronics proiect. MR. AL FULLER Bookkeeping MR. RUSSEL HIGBIE Business Math, Teams MR. JOHN HILL Geometry, Algebra I, Teams MRS. LUCY HOLLOWELL English MR. LYLE HOSTETTER Sociology MR. LARRY HULL Electronics I, II MRS. MARGE HUMPHREY Ceramics, Arts and Crafts, Jewelry MRS. LAURA KELLEY Algebra I Il f iiiegiln 13" I I 1 . 22 .". New I Q 'A -.N 3, ', .',. .s it I 5 . L I I IN' wi I I ig-za we ' fr ilu' L 9' Isla, w M N 'wwf Electives Enrich Us B Preparing For Future jobs Grant excelled in offering a vast field of electives for stu- dents to choose from in preparation for future careers. The Vocational Department is one of the strongest fields offered at Grant. This helped students that do not wish to go to college to find a course which will help them find a job when they graduate. One of the most prosperous electives was music. The Music Department was one of the finest in the state. The Generals also possessed an outstanding art and speech de- partment and had a prize winning band and choir. Another area of interest in the field of electives are the shops and cosmetology departments. Girls in cosmetology could earn enough hours to be accredited beauty operators. UPPER LEFT: Mr. Russell Higbie realized as he took a break, that during her first year of teaching at Grant he had experienced many new and very different things. LEFT: This adding machine looked like it deserved to have its picture made after the students had fin- ished beating on it for the day, SO... 4I Pupils Prepare For A World Of Understanding English was a required course at U.S. Grant because of its importance in all professional fields. It included creative and research writing, a study of World Literature, American Litera- ture and English Literature. Students who were concerned with basic nature, properties of numbers, and their every day function, high school math was offered. y In the science departments, courses such as biology, physio- logy, chemistry, physics, and electronics were offered to the students. These students did not only learn by textbooks but by films, class discussions and experiments. Students found that knowledge can be gained only by observing and reasoning. 42 l ? lt is 53, 6 V 45 7 i is L UPPER FAR LEFT: Mrs. Long views some of her students creations. LOWER FAR LEFT: Mrs. Landsdowne stresses the value of High School mathe- matics to one of her classes. LEFT: Mrs. McAnally, English teacher, assigns class some work from the board. MR. RALPH KING English MRS. OLETA LANDSDOWNE Introduction to Algebra, High School Math MRS. MORlNE LONG Commercial Art and Art ll, and Ill MR. ORVILLE LOONEY Auto Mechanics MRS. BOBBIE MCANALLY English MR. HAROLD MERIDITH Physical Education MR. DON METHENY U.S. History and Teams MR. CRAIG MILLER Chemistry, Teams ABOVE: Mr. Moniaras and Mike Marcum study Spanish book for word meanings. RIGHT: Mr. Milliron coaches Tony Mitchell during a close maich with John Marshall. 44 Faculty Sponsors Every School Activity Activities played an important role in the making of well- rounded students. As the students' knowledge of past his- tory, math and the far away world grew, they also took the opportunity to use the extra-learning situations. Activities were planned by the students of a particular organization but also required cooperation between pupil and teacher. At every outside school event at least one member of the faculty had to chaperone the activity. These activities brought about a close relationship between teachers and students. Informal and casual gatherings lent students the opportunity to discuss and give opinions on a variety of subiects. The "generation gap", if it ever existed, was closed and forgotten as teachers and students realized they had at least one thing in common-the quest for knowl- edge. This quest continued beyond the six hours in the classroom. Foreign Language parties taught individuals the customs of different lands, Future Business Leaders of America extra-activities gave students the opportunity to develop use- ful skills for later life, Mu Alpha Theta Club meetings took future mathematicians one step farther, all these learning situations were made possible by the interaction between students and teachers eager for learning. ' MR. VIRGIL MILLIRON M , N - Physical Education and Com- ' petitive Athletics was A 4 MRS. FRANCES Mius is , E Geometry and Algebra ll K E 5 l f A MR. ALFONSO MONJARAS Spanish I and II MR. DAVID MORAVA Body and Fender MR. OTTO MORSE Sheet Metal and Welding I and ll MRS. EDNA MYATT English ABOVE: Mrs. Mills explains sets, points, lines, and graphs, to her geometry class. BELOW: Mrs. Myatt discusses early American Literature with her English class. 45 . L., A ' 'tif -T ra F - - K f V , Vf fjyfffir kr X W at its ' if 'I if ii ' X ff ilv"1lZL il if ',:v arwf . L V-, J ... .' S- .1 JQNGH I .-11: . T ttiiiltt MRS. MARY NESTLERODE English MRS. PAULINE NOVEY English MR. CLIFTON OGLE Biology and Chemistry MR. JIMMY K, OWENS Driver's Education MRS. REINE PENDLETON Typing MR. ROY PETERS Distributive Education M...-4-api ,CN rl Look! Listen! Learn! Teaching is the process by which one person helps others achieve knowledge, skills, and attitudes. The teachers at Grant, like all good teachers, have provided guidance for the learner. This guidance encouraged the students to excel in desired learnings that will help him in the future. Teachers are special kind of people that were willing to give a part ot themselves each day. They gave of their time and knowledge to anyone who had the time to learn and be interested. Teaching requires at least two people, the learner and the teacher. Learning has always been encouraged and stimulated by the teachers. Teachers must convey new messages to the children ol today so that they may be better adults tomorrow. ABOVE: Mr. Rickerts gets in the spirit of Christmas by unpacking the decorations. LEFT: Mrs. Rains smiles at class as she stands in the playhouse. V an-.....,e,..m.... .ff 1... -v-.55 X gi" X V5-s,,ik we '- 471.494 f if MR. VERNON PIERCE Psychology MRS. PEGGY PITT English MRS. LORRAINE PROVINE Geometry, Algebra Il MRS. CAROL RAINS Home Decorating, Family Liv- ing, Home Planning MRS. HELEN RAY Geometry, Algebra II MR. JERRY RICKERTS U.S. History MRS. INEZ RICHTER French I, II MR. CALVIN RIESSEN Trigonometry, Vocational Math, Math Analysis, Algebra lll MRS. JEANNE RIPPEE Economics, International Prob- lems, Government MR. DAVID ROBERTS Business Math, Typing I if ...f U . , 1 7: 4 w 4 fl 4' as Ku. ABOVE LEFT: Mrs. Pitt lectures class on early American authors. LEFT: Mr, Ogle talks to the class about elec- trolysis while they eagerly take notes. 47 Teachers Enc Grant can be proud of its faculty for many various reasons. One of these many reasons is the language departments. Languages play an important role in preparation for the future. The world around is almost an essential factor in ful- filling a college education. Without a complete knowledge of a foreign language, a part of education is missing. For this beginning Grant offers three of the most common spoken languages, French and Spanish and the ancient lan- guage Latin. All of these language classes offer one to three years. ABOVE RIGHT: A smile is displayed by Mrs. Scott during class. ABOVE: Mr, McCellelam checks papers. CEN- TER: Mrs. Sparks looks into journalism display window. FAR RIGHT: Mrs. Sturdevant writes example of prob- lem on the board. 48 H A MR. GEORGE ROSS Woodwork MRS. JANICE SCOTT Biology MRS. KATHERINE SMlTH Typing MR. JERRY SMYTHE Biology, Teams MRS. MARY J. SPARKS Great Books, Publication MR. ROBERT STEELE Draft and Design MRS. BRENDA STURDEVANT English, Latin MISS LOIS SUGHRU Physical Education Business Courses Help Determine Studen li Joi ABOVE LEFT: Mr. Thompson tries to explain parts of a machine to his student. CENTER: Mr. Todd and Mr. Ballew rehearse Sound of Music, biggest play all year. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Watson and Mrs, McAnally iudge the Mini-Float contest taking place during the Homecoming pep assem- bly. ts' Caree MR. KENDLE TARKINGTON Electricity I, ll MRS. JAYNE THOMPSON Stage Craft, Drama I, Il and MR. DON TODD Band, Orchestra MR. SEVERLAN VAUGHN Physics, PhysiolO9Yf Sci Seminar EDC! was , I One of the largest departments was the business depart- ment. As the business world became more complex, students were offered a wider variety of courses which will help them as they look for professions in business. Many business courses are offered. Some are: general business, which provided a general outlook on all varieties of work in the business field, typing and shorthand, which many students took advantage of even though they are not planning a career in business, bookkeeping and business machines and business English. The qualified teaching staff and the modern materials which were available to the students made it very easy to find iobs in the business field without any further education. It is also easy to enter a business school if a student takes advantage of the courses offered. V MRS. DALE VEAZEY Qi English of MR. GARY WALKER Sociology, U.S. History +5--.-r MR. GARY WATSON English MRS. JUNE WELLING Business English, Shorthand l i' J. . if if MR. VALJEAN WHEELER Business Law, Business Math V MR. HERMAN WILLIAMS Driver's Education MRS. MARY WILLIAMS Business Machines MR. BOB WOODEN 'ix Q . 1. ft. if Q I U.S. History, Teams Cafeteria And Custodial Staffs Are Valuable Aids U. S. Grant's cafeteria was a very important part of the school. Florence Bowen was the manager, and with the help of nineteen cafeteria women, fed many hungry students, a job which they enjoyed doing. Morning hours were busily spent preparing nourishing meals each day in order to meet students' energy requirements. Mr. A. U. Skaggs, head custodian, was in charge of caring for the building. The custodian staff's work never ceased throughout the day. When a school function was going on they would see that everything was unlocked and clean before the crowds came and locked and cleaned after they left. f' elk ABOVE: Head custodian, Mr. A. U. Skaggs, with assistance from Mr. Herman Whaley, sees that the boiler room is in perfect maintenance RIGHT: Custodians: Mr. A. U. Skaggs-Head, Mr. Bob Birchfield, Mr Amos Barton, Mr. Robert Black, Mr. Jerry Higghins, Mr. Harold Kenney, Mr. Robert Donnell, Mr. Cecil Punnes. 52 'T' -X. a. '17 LEFT: Keeping the always overflowing trash cans emptied and ready for more crumpled paper is a iob for Mr. Jerry Huggins. BELOW: Well-balanced menus and budget considerations require careful planning by manager, Mrs, Florence Bower. BOTTOM: Cafe- teria Ladies: Mrs. Florence Bowen-Manager, Mrs. Willma Bowen, Mrs. Frances Barker, Mrs. Edna Dorsey, Mrs. Rose Ford, Mrs. Vineta Davidson, Mrs. Donna Grooms, Mrs. Mary Hutchinson, Mrs. Lella Jackson, Mrs. Flossie Manuel, Mrs. Lona Newman, Mrs. Georgia Nolen, Mrs. Ruth Penry, Mrs. Ella Rose, Mrs. Ollie Suttle, Mrs. Ruth Weed, Mrs. Vivian West, Mrs. Carol Williams, Mrs. Mabel Wright. .,,,.. , .,,- sr ,gc . ...... Q. X l F I A , Z . X 1' 'A 'Q ,X 33 X if l x .iq 1 F Z S. f If i fi , 5 w , as '. 5, jif fi, i , f W K ' v Af NUMBER NAME POSITION 3 Hershall Burns Kicker ll l.eland Easter QB l2 Greg Parker QB T5 James Rhodes QB 20 Tony Mitchell HB 22 Asa Bradley TB 25 Mike Cossey HB 30 Ken Praytor MG 32 Charles Babb LB 35 Bill Schmid LB 40 Bobby Grimes HB 42 Bobby Sheppard Sp. End 44 Randy Sanders QB 50 Ed Engram T 52 Allan Whitfield HB 54 Tom Canada T 55 Ron Ritter HB 60 Rick Jones RG 62 Mike London G 63 Stan Guffey G 64 Ken Bridges l-B 65 Larry Austin LG 66 Jim Owens PUHTSF 70 Scott Overstreet C 7l Tom McGarry LT 72 Ron Wilder T 73 Don Poe RT 74 Lonnie Fink G 75 David Engles T 77 Ernie Nelson T 80 Donnie Rinkle FB 81 Dave Keel 55 82 Robert Miller E 83 Charles Sullivan E 84 Danny Moen Rover 85 Mike smsih Safety K 1 .4 Sports T968 FootbaIl!Best UPPER LEFT: Defensive line coach Jerry Smythe wades nervously through the mud during the closing moments of the John Marshall game. FAR LEFT: Defense Football coach, Charles Car- penter talks about game plans with Southeast's coach. LEFT: Head Football coach, Harold Mere- dith, discusses equipment repair with manager Joey Roberts. Season In Ten Years 0 'Ki 'W xl - C.. Q-Y, 9- .ef f 1 J' an 1 5 . E ,A . 3 ig I KW V .40 if Ak J Duchdown - Grant Style Loyal fans and a cheerleading Pep Club helped push the iotball team toward their best season in ten years. Under e direction and leadership of Head Coach Harold Meredith, afensive and Line Coach' Jerry Smythe, and Defensive and ack Coach, Charles Carpenter, the team made a record of 4, a score that hadn't been topped since 1958. Co-captains Donnie Rinkle and Kenneth Praytor led the team 1 20 seniors, 3 iuniors, and 2 sophomores, starting the season ith 2 straight victories, winning easily over Del City, 21-O, id Shawnee, 28-O. It was a good way to start the season, td though the Generals were defeated by the Enid Plainsmen the last game, no one could dispute the fact that the Gen- als were bigger and better than ever before. From one mme to the next the halls buzzed with excitement and iticipation of the coming game. Pep Club girls wore their fed and Gray" uniforms and the halls were decorated with ilorful posters. Everyone was proud of their team and backed all the way, all the way to a tie for fourth place in Mid- ate. GRANT VISITOR 21 Del City 0 28 Shawnee O 14 Putnam City 28 16 Douglas 8 27 Capitol Hill is O Northwest 21 13 Mideast City 20 15 John Marshall 14 33 Southeast 14 9 Enid 12 'ER LEFT: James Rhodes bulls his way through the Knights line with cking from Bobby Grimes and Mike Cossey. FAR LOWER LEFT: Bobby mes turns the corner as Donnie Poe throws a bone crushing block. LEFT: iior Tony Mitchell makes a shoestring tackle on a Putnam City Pirate. SHT: Robert Miller snatches his first touchdown pass of the year against Jitol Hill. Gffense Pours On The Power For T76 Points Leading the offense this year were Asa Bradley, junior tailback, Donnie Rinkle, senior fullback and senior quarter- back James Rhodes. The offense ground out a 17.6 points game average. Defense was praised all season on its outstanding per- formances game after game. Donnie Rinkle scored highest in interceptions with 4, Mike Smith and Bobby Grimes fol- lowed with 3 each. The biggest game of the year was popularly said to be the Grant vs. John Marshall game. The score was "nip and tuck" all the way to the victorious end. Near the end the score was T4-T2 with John Marshall leading. With only l minute and 30 seconds to go Hershel Burns kicked the winning field goal to wind up the game at T5-l4, U. S. Grant. The fans went vvild and that was a game that all Generals will remem- ber for many years to come. Probably the most overwhelming victory was the Generals' romp over Southeast, a new contender in the Mid-State Conference, 33 to TA. K' 5 V cf o as 'T' . ff so sl. 5 A -ew 55 4 I o Q l 0 1. I -My! A , 1 ll ? , if 1 ,. 4. ..- iv my .df . P ,sig ' M + -.. A X : X, W -V Z, L , ,Q-"gli A , W .. ,fr , ,A 'i 2 ' W V5 -1 Dt pu 3 , gs 1 'B' Football Team: James Bamburger, Chip Bales, Raymond Bruza, Mike Canada, Charles Cavett, Gary Conrad, Mike Cooperman, Phillip Dean, Leon Dye, Mark Ellis, Mike Engles, Mike Foster, Steve Fraser, Bobby Freeman, Steve Freeman, Stanley Gentry, Thomas Goure, Joe Bob Haynie, Charles Hathaway, Steve Henderson, Scott House, Bill Hull, Clinton Hunter, Terry Hunter, Ron Jewell, Gary Knapp, Frankie London, Marcus McClain, Ricky Meeks, David Newell, Ronnie Ritter, Richard Ryan, Buster Savage, Gary Slane, Bruce Smith, Dennis Whalen, Steve Whitaker, Gary Winfield, Ted Wooten, Larry Yates, Stewart Zink. 60 Future Varsity Winds Up With inning Season Six wins and three losses were compiled by the B-team, under the direction of coaches Russ Higbie and Craig Miller. Quality was really shown as the B-teamers put forth TOOCKQ effort in every outing. A few boys the coaches commented on for outstanding jobs were Bobby Shepard, who also played Varsity, Buster Savage, who suited up on Varsity, Teddy Wooten, and Ricky Meeks. All players, though, put forth everything possible to show the coaches that Grant should have some fine members for Varsity next season. The players coming from the B-team this year made the school look forward to next season and another opportunity to show that the Generals can play and play to win. Future players are looking forward to being on Varsity and showing their skill in the tough Mid-state Conference. FAR BOTTOM LEFT: Senior quarterback James Rhodes fights for some tough yardage against Southeast as Tom McGarry and Larry Austin clear the path. LEFT: Senior fullback Donnie Rinkle goes for another score against Southeast. TOP: General defenders Kenneth Praytor and Danny Moen bring down an Enid Plainsman. 6I Roadrunners Rank High ln id-State eet November saw the end of a rewarding season as the cross country team, led by senior Gary Anglin and iuniors Don Lindsley and Bob Watts, finished fourth in the state meet. The Roadrunners started the season off right by taking the Sequoyah Invitational. Gary Anglin was second, Don Lindsley third, and Bob Watts fifth to lead the team. Two weeks later the Generals came back to win their own six mile relay at the fairgrounds. John Doss, Don Lindsley, James Kurrasch, Bob Watts, and Gary Anglin comprised the winning team. The Generals finished second in the Mid-state Conference, losing by a single point to Putnam City, 40-Ai. Don Lindsley took second place with a time of 9:13. ln the state meet Don Lindsley took fourth place while Bob Watts took fifth. Other members of the team were Gary Anglin, John Doss, Ken Sanders, Howard Palmore, and Dennis Querdibitty. i E fl af Pele? First Row: Ken Sanders, Howard Palmore, Gary Anglin, Don Lindsley, Bob Watts John Doss Dennis Querdibitty Second Row Ken Clampitt Jerry Buckholder Gary Hanks, Stanley Perkins, Charles Sifers, Elmer Troxell, Steve Flaniken, Mike Stanford Charles Goodson 62 FAR OPPOSITE UPPER LEFT: O.U.'s coach Gary Lower congratu- lates Don Lindsley on a fine timing. ABOVE: Cross Country men in the Mid-state Conference Meet nervously await the starting gun shot. LEFT: Grant iunior Don Lindsley, placed second in the Mid-state meet at the Fairgrounds. LOWER LEFT: Grant's number one man Gary Anglin finishes fifth in the Mid-state Conference Meet. BELOW: Cross Country coach John Hill compares results with a track official at the Mid-state Conference Meet. 63 , 9 . 4 A ,w , f ,J 2 Q1 Q Wg 2 , v A . -' 3 . A,gQ,.fg4iyj L f Z wf 6 W .qq I 1 . 1 X-a 9 ep i Qv- ex K, H, wp, .1 55 wb- fp! wi + Q- LQ vw ' Q B mum!! ,Lf ,, s N' Q Mfg ' 'T' 1 Q: A rqz YW! ffgf 'af 'UU lqf Dj W. 'W W 'W' JW aa-ex," Q' X " - f'-+A 'AQ -f"' 'VJ N W , in F :X Q: ns 'A'V 4' 'F 1 XX , 'wx U ff'w ' wg 9 W 'W tiff! W ' B ,N - 5 ' X fff 7 fi , 7 p74V, j ,Q, - V . 64 i b . . , I Under the direction of Mr. Todd, our band, "The Pride of U.S.G." presented many honors to our school. They played for all football games, participated in the State Marching Contest, where they received a superior rating, and marched in the Fair Day Parade, where they were selected as Reserve Grand Champion. They participated in District Contest and State Contest with ratings of superior. The Spaghetti dinner reached their goal to' provide the band with a semi-formal banquet. One of the last activities was providing music for the Spring Concert. The Orchestra also competed in District and State contest with superior ratings. They put many hours into the produc- tion of "Sound of Music" and presented programs for P.T.A. Providing music for the spaghetti dinner was the Stage Band. This group entertained at the Band Parents Meeting, also. From this group comes the Pep Band, which provides music for pep assemblies. - EXTREME LEFT: The Generals' Band line up in preparation for spectators. ABOVE: Bass Section practices precision marching. LEFT: James Leslie, drum maior, leads band to honors. 65 was S 4 , Y M H 1 -vf f waz, ,a, -W W X iw , 2 H 4? ' , "4"""""""' V AV' lvl 3 on nu- Q.. , A A If I . 1 2, 4 P' 5 I ,g w . ,M I V . I g 2 . 5 A ,V 3: ' 1 ,, 1 -' L X, Vif' I 5 'ii 5 4 Q3 X, - Q Q 5 . ij: xi A Ny' . , ' , 5 . l L I 'R . - , g RM I , ,. V M... 1 4 if X A jiri Vrkrr Q' . s A b in 5 1, - wr V, . . wqqp. 7, ,M ., v- 4:2 f, .14 K , s HHN Vx I 023 41 .....w..,.... I Band Groups Play For Activities ABOVE LEFT: Mr. Todd and the stage band take a brief break. EXTREME ABOVE: Linda Wilkes, band queen, is surrounded by her attendants, Debbie Jefferson, Sharon Malone, Pam Hardin, and Sue Brasher. LEFT: The General band marches to "Fight On." FAR LEFT: Maiorettes, Mary Lou Ainsworth, Jean Williams, Paula Jones, Jan Norwood, Pam Hardin, Sue Brasher, Pat Richardson, Cathy Shott, and Debbie Rowland, line up for practice. ABOVE LOWER: Pep band plays "Sweet Georgia" for pep assembly. 'ilu idle, 'V' X. ,, 9. , J v H xx. , , '--6-t 1 5 N W,.f.:A:gy M' Numa Q n l K gs X O Q .Q,3s , 4 I 'Nr X Q ' I :fn Q ,A , Q .Q 5 ..m,.L5Z , ,K ,R r is 4 B. . 1 'H Q Q X 6 FMU, x Q X ,X -, 3 'elyy N 4 A X w..,,. ,Q Q KS 5, -4 T L g Nt : V- ., ' 51' f i : yan ,L m i uperior Ratings In District State Competition Orchestra Members Bruce Baker- Renee Barker Walter Bays Linda Brantley John Chaney Mike Clark Donald Clothier Jim Corder Greg Daniels Carl Douglas Mark Erickson Judith Floyd Mike Fravel Janet Freeman James Gardner Paul Gulick Jean Harlin Randy Harlin Connie Heaton Walter Higginbotham Rick Hildebrand Steve Hoipkeimeier Beverly Holliday Charles Holliman Janice Kiecolt Deborah Kinsey Larry Knopp Jim Lawson James Leslie Sharon Malone Tina Nolting Lee Overstreef Carter Pendell Delmer Pound Charlotte Rice Frances Rice David Rodgers Gary Rowland George Scott Suzzane Singleton Donna Shelton Larry Stevens Pam Theimer Deborah Todd Dennis Wells Barbara Wilcox Linda Wilkes A Capella Choir ls 0. 1 ln Ratings t Choir Members Pam Anderson Gloria Autaubo Byron Babcock David Bell Barbara Brown Steve Bushey Debra Cantrell Ken Clampitt Daryl Clark Karen Cleaver Rhonda Clifton Janice Coffman Barry Danner Veronica Davis Barbara Dial Eileen Dodson Tommy Dye Cheryl Grimm Thomas Harrisc Roy Don Hazli Sue Holley Denise Hurley Debbie Jeffersi Cynthia Kinsey Joy Klepper Debbie Knight Chris Leblanc Linda Little M1553 -1-i' if-2: .--- :.:. 3 ::- --.. --ri . I ABOVE LEFT: Eileen Dodson solos "O Holy Night" with the Oklahoma Ci' Symphony. MIDDLE LEFT: Barbara Riker is caught practicing with the A Cappell choir for state contest. LEFT: The boys' quartet, consisting of Ken Clampii Warren Pybas, Steve Bushey, and Glenn Rodgers, smile for their audienc Donna Lovelace Pam Lutrrell Parry Malone Linda Maxwell Alice Mclnnis Marilyn Mclnnis Marki Myers Denise Parierson Shirley Price Warren Pybas Robert Ramsey Barbara Riker Glenn Rodgers David Ruyle Marry Smith Joe Smirhers Keith Sranclifer Ronald Thomas Beverly Trofrer Carolyn Turnbull David Wagner Beverly Weafhers Donna Wood Raclonna Wood Marilyn Woodard Helen Young Raymond Young ti . X E' XV ,lf I s Dedication was the main word for The 1968 69 A ca pella Choir. Hard work began in the summer Tor the production of Sound of Music while The pop group a select group of twenty-Tour choir representatives pre pared for Three Television appearances including Our Choirs Sing AT Christmas on WKY December 22. The choir glee club and ensembles entertained aT Shepard Mall as well as aT most assemblies This year honor was bestowed on The choir when Gloria Autaubo and Eileen Dodson were chosen as guest soloists with The Oklahoma City Symphony. The choir was also selected To sing selections from Handels Messiah with The symphony. Contest season brought ratings of superior to The choir. They attended Edmond Contest, aT Central State, District Contest aT Oklahoma City University, and State Contest 5 ' Small Groups Play Roles In Vocal Activities '. ' . s s . we H ,, lx 'X It X aT Oklahoma University. Ensembles played a large part in vocal music activities. The trio, girls' quartet, boys' quartet, mixed quartet, and girls' sextette performed for various assemblies, ban- quets, and contests throughout the year. Four students placed in the national winners at Denton, Texas. They were: First place, Gloria Autaubo, second place, Chris Leblanc, fifth place, Joe Smithers and Cynthia Kinsey. """X., 5 T, E. it fi YJ 1 -..I 72 il- 3 x are 3' QM' sa S mm-5 FAR LEFT: The trio, Shirley Price, Eileen Dodson, and Cheryl Grimm, seem happy over a previous performance. LEFT: Steve Bushey and Gloria Autaubo seem elated at being chosen choir King and Queen. LOWER LEFT: David Bell, David Wagner, Barbara Riker, and Gloria Autaubo review mixed quartet numbers for a formal banquet. ABOVE LEFT: Girls' quartet members, Debbie Knight, Alice Mclnnis, Marty Smith, and Beverly Trotter, blend voices for an assembly performance. ABOVE: Beverly Weathers, Rhonda Clifton, Peggy Brooks, Janice Coffman, Cynthia Kinsey and Pam Luttrell combine for the girls' sextette. 73 Glee Clubs Take Highest Honors In Competition pil ABOVE: Mr. Ray Ballew direds The choir in a vocal selection. MIDDLE ABOVE RIGHT: Glee Club practices a song during an early morning rehearsal. MIDDLE BELOW RIGHT: Girls Glee Club members go over a selection ius? before a performance. ABOVE FAR RIGHT: Members of Boys Glee Club vocalize before they begin to perform. BELOW FAR RIGHT. Girls' Glee Club under direction of Ray Ballew sing "Vergine Madre" for Edmond coniesf. Q J 2 2'7" wg vt 1 1 ' li 4 n- , 13 Q, ,giwf uw ,f Mgr, H . 'vff W ,M M ' fe 'Q e A W X MA 1 J 1 'si Q B 0 t W' , 'Y Opening performance on October 31 was such a tremen- success, that the cast and crew from the "Sound of sic" were asked to present two extra performances at er dates for those who could not get tickets to the two ,eady scheduled shows. lPrevious to the praise they received for their production, any, many weeks of work were involved. First there was e hard selection of the cast. Tryouts were held and after .Jch deliberation, the committee chose Shirley Price to play aria, and Bob King as Captain Von Trapp. There were sets to be designed, arranged and painted. This Drk was left up to Mrs. Thompson and the stagecraft class. Mr. Todd and the band began their long task of learning 3 musical scores. Last minute details, dress rehearsals, opening performance, d then the "halls were alive with the Sound of Music." "Sound of Music," is the story of a nun who takes over 2 governorship for the seven mischievous Von Trapp chil- en. Maria miraculously reforms them and marries their also anged father. When all look like a happy ending, the Von app's are forced to flee from the Nazis, and the curtain vses to "Climb Every Mountain." The opening matinee was carried off to perfection before sellout crowd. After the moving story, accompanied by a e score, the cast and crew received a standing ovation and feral curtain calls for their production. Audience Cheers "Sound Of Music" Into Encores Maria ....... Sister Berthe .... Sister Margaretta . Mother Abess . . . Sister Sophia .... Captain Von Trapp Franz .......... Frau Schmidt . . Liesl ........ Friedrich . . . Louisa . . . Kurt ..... Brigetta .. Marta . . Gretl . . . Rolf .. Elsa .,.. Ursula . . . Max ........ Herr Leller . . . Frau Leller ...... Baron Elkerfeld . . . Baroness Elkerfeld A Postulant ..... .. Shirley Price .. . Barbara Dial Alice Mclnnis . Barbara Riker Gloria Autaubo Cynthia Kinsey Beverly Trotter Bob King Larry Thompson .. Susan Taylor Janice Coffman .. Joe Smithers .. Marty Smith .. Don Harris Liz Todd . Renee Ballew . Becky Ballew . Chris Leblanc Eileen Dodson . Becky Walker . Steve Bushey .. . Gil Hensley . Gwen Howell . . Jerry Brewer Debby Jefferson . Diane Sargent Admiral Von Schreiker .. Ken Northcutt W V . Thespians Host State Convention Many hours of hard work were ahead of the Thespians. This year the Thespians knew they were to host the State Thespian Convention. Drama students from all over the state attended the conference. Cuttings from four plays were presented by various schools and colleges and the actress, Pat Becker, currently appearing in the Twentieth Century production of "Star," spoke on "How to Break into the Professional Theater." Thespian students were also busy with other activities such as the musical production of "Sound of Music." They also engaged in a Christmas dance at the Hillcrest Golf and Country Club where a formal initiation ot old and new members was held. Bob King and Marilyn Woodard were crowned later that night as Thespian king and queen. ABOVE: Andrea Geckler portrays the lion and scares Vicki Mikeman in a cutting from "Wizard of Oz." RIGHT: Bob King and Marilyn Woodard, Thespian king and queen, take a break from stage activities. 78 S f as Zzii - 5 Thesgian Members Charles Babb Barbara Bowman Jerry Brewer Steve Bruhne Steve Bushey John Casey Terry Casey Janice Coffman Steve Cook Mike Cooperman Mike Compton Renee Davenport Syndy Evans Gamble Gaye Judy Garner Andrea Geckler Gayle Gipson Debbie Hart Gil Hensley Kent Isbell Debe Jefferson Sue Jordon Teresa Kennedy Bob King Cecelia King Becky Lee Paul Landers Janice Livesay Kerry McDonald Marilyn Mclnnis Berney Marsh Steve Mock Mike Mauldin Ken Northcutt Jan Owens Terry Price Sue Ray Denny Rodgers Dianne Sargent Debbie Seals Kathy St. John Karen Swenson Susan Taylor Pam Theimer Larry Thompson Shawn Terbush Fran Senneff Beckye Walker Steve Watson Steve Whittaker Vickie Wilkes Sharon Williams Gary Winfield Ronnie Winkler Marilyn Woodard NFL Members Charles Babb Ronnie Bailey Howard Chip Bales Bobbie Berry Barbara Bowman Jerry Brewer Maureen Bryce Jerry Buckhold Linda Casey Terry Casey Janice Coffman Debbie Clark Barbara Dial Renee Davenport Kathy Denton Judy Garner Steve Gragg Kathy Haffner Gil Hensley Alan Holt Mike lsaac Kent Isbell Debbie Jefferson Teresa Kennedy Jan Kiecolt Sue Knight Ron Klein Brian Kuchne Jimmy Lawson Becky Lee Rita Maxwell Kathe McCormick Jan Norwood Sue Ray Dan Roselle Dianne Sargent Lana Scroggins Robert Shawn Susan H. Taylor Shawn Terbush Larry Thompson Marshall Upiohn Mary Ann Vaughn FL Raises Money For Their any Excursions The National Forensic League kicked off the year with a "Howdy Party" for old and new members. After students got acquainted they began to prepare for contest events. Members sold light bulbs, and the parents of the stu- dents held hamburger fries to produce money for NFL ac- tivities. Contests were held at Panhandle, OBU, Okmulgee, Durant, and Midwest City. Later in the year students entered contest events at Chickasha, Central State, and Weatherford. Victories were brought home from all eight contests. The election of king and queen was a major event in the NFL activities. Dan Roselle and Janice Coffman were chosen to reign for the i968-69 school year. The organization's last assignment for the year was planning a trip for the summer months. Thespians and NFL combined for the excursion. 'ww P HSUWH QW' FAR LEFT: Dan Roselle and Janice Coffman, NFL King and Queen, pause for a coke. MID- DLE LEFT: Steve Gregg seems amused as Judy Garner por- trays a character from the "Laugh-ln" series. LEFT: Bar- bara Bowman reviews the maior points she will use in her next debate. BELOW: Pat Becker, co-star of the movie "Star," speaks at State Thespian Convention held at Grant. ABOVE MIDDLE RIGHT: Shirley Price, chosen as "Maria" in the Sound of Music production, practices the many expressions she must dis- play. LOWER MIDDLE RIGHT: Dan Roselle and Judy Garner, Thespian members, entertain the royalty during the yearbook assembly. FAR RIGHT: Central State's cutting from "Midsum- mer Night's Dream" displays drama techniques for the State Thespian Convention audience. RIGHT: Jan Kiecolt practices on her speech for graduation. 82 FBIJ 1 a E Boasts Enrollment Of 300 Sponsoring the football homecoming and selling home- coming mums were Future Business Leaders of America's first activities of the year. As fund-raising proiects, the club sold candy, tee-shirts, and sweatshirts with class years on them. FBLA celebrated its twenty-first anniversary on February 21, and held the first anniversary banquet at Lake View Country Club. ' Mr. and Miss FBLA, representing their chapter at the state convention held in the Skirvan Hotel, tried for the state title. The first FBLA workshop for Oklahoma City was also held at Grant in March. To become Mr. or Miss FBLA the nominees typed up a data sheet on themselves and filled out an application. Then, they appeared before a board of executive businessmen to be interviewed as if they were applying for a iob. Through the interview, data sheet, and application, the businessmen chose whom they thought fit these qualifications. Lawful MIDDLE ABOVE: FBLA club l sponsors Mr. Fuller, Mrs. Dean, and Mrs. Condren finish check- ing a list of membership dues. FAR ABOVE: Mr. and Miss FBLA, Mike Thomas and Regina Clay, pause in the courtyard after hearing of their honors. xc. DECA Tours Top Stores And Markets ln Dallas Teaching students the responsibilities of working in the field of marketing and distribution were the obiectives of Distributive Education Clubs of America. A trip to Dallas, Texas, highlighted the activities of Grant DECA members this year. While in Dallas, club members toured the Apparel Mart and visited Sanger-Harris and Neiman Mar- cus department stores. As a fund raising project DECA members sold breakfast rolls each morning before school. They were also in charge of maintaining the penny vending machines. An employer-employee banquet was held to give the stu- dents and their employers a chance to become better ac- quainted. Mr. Roy Peters served as club sponsor and supervised on the iob training. This year the chapter reached an enrollment of 60 members. LOW: Mike Males and Janie nger, DECA members, check vocaa onai opportunities for new mem- ers. FAR BELOW: Mr. Roy Peters, ECA sponsor, writes a reference :port for one of his ciub's mem- ers. LEFT: Debbie Vaughn is 'owned as DECA queen by Mike icCown during a basketball game's alftime activities. V be at S y -do tw, I ',.. .57 DECA Members Mike Adams Jay Amos Danny Andrews Neal Armstrong Leslie Axon Jack Baird Judy Baker Beverly Baker James Bamberger Kathy Barnes Mike Beary Ken Brown Larry Bryant Terry Coker Glen Cosper Jeff Davis D'Ann Denny Mike Engles Mark Frickson Randy Fancher Lavonna Foutty Debbie Fuller Jimmy Grounds Joel Haggard Charlotte Hall Pamela Holems Barbara Kamarath Robert King Karl Kinnard Rick Lathrop Mike LeBlanc Russel Lewis Ricky Little Mike Males Robert Martin Clayton Mayers Lou McCallie Mike McCown Nora McCreight Terry McCubbin Connie Miller Donald Murphy Ricky Murphy Jakie Painter Dalene Palmer Connie Pollock Marcella Raymond Ronnie Ritter Nettie Robinson Janie Sanger Robert Shaver Christopher Stubbs Tommy Sturdivant Dany Thomas Steve Turner Dennis Vanzant Debbie Vaughn Bobbie Wantland James Welch James Wilson ' Q I . f X Y' .-Ig, u ,NH ,KK W.-NSN. AR LOWER LEFT: Rosemary Barnes las VICA sponsor, Mrs. Greta Eman- :el okays a wiglet for one of her Zustomers. ABOVE MIDDLE LEFT: HCA Club members practice clif- erent hairstyling methods in cos- netology class. BELOW MIDDLE: .inda Hefner smiles after being :rowned VICA queen. ICA Promotes Vocational And Industrial Careers ICA Members ary Anglin enny Amesley eby Barrett :semary Barnes orma Bateman zcky Batson 'rry Bauman iland Bauman 'anda Baxter :nna Birk rsan Clevenger cky Cordray 'cky Dadisman abby Duckett :neta Durbin ne Evans 'nmy Flowers chard Greenly uonda Griffin 'fda Haffner Connie Heath Brenda Henderson Debby Hoffman Flank Hooper Steve Horton Janice Hyams Bonnie Irwinsky Marla Johnson Darla Keel Marilyn King Wanda Manuel Tom Marler Kay Marley John Marrow Debby Mount Jeff McAfee Norma Puckett Becky Rogers Shirley Rogers Jack Sessions Dian Shatley Roger Shatley Margie Simpson Sharon Smith Karla Snyder Peggy Stephens John Taylor Denise Terry Vicky Thurman Shirley Turner Susan Van Buskirk David Van Dawter Sharon Vawter Rhonda Watts Cheryl Weaver Grady Webb Vicky Whitehead Teena Wilson Lynda Woodie Projects planned and executed this year by VICA members included distribution of food and gifts to underprivileged families at Christmasg sponsoring the Cosmetology Trend Re- lease, and a formal initiation banquet. Later in the year a chapter sweetheart was chosen. Spring activities also included the sale of baby Easter chicks as a fund raising protect, together with the sale of the services of cupid through Valentine Delivery. The VICA club reached a peak in enrollment this year with a total of 60 members. All students in vocational and industrial classes were eligible to ioin. 89 W 7 , I v Jewspaper Increases 'ublication To Six Pages With such terms as the "credibility gap," it was good to able to rely upon the GRANT DISPATCH for an accurate :ount of school events. Published bi-monthly, the DISPATCH was headed by Editor aron Williams and Managing Editor Carol Sullivan. As if they didn't already have their hands full with a four ge edition, the newspaper staff grew to meet the demands a growing student body and extended the DISPATCH to a 1 page issue in November. With added space, the Generals are now better informed than ever before. Besides reporting the news, sports, and other bits of pot- urri, the DISPATCH gave every student the opportunity to ice their opinions on school and the rest of the world. ,Pictures for the expanding publication were taken by iotographer Mr. James Thompson under the direction of 'otography Editor Leland Easter. lf anyone was in the dark about the activities, accomplish- ents, and feeling of the Generals, it was only because they :l not take the opportunity to read the latest issue of the EANT DISPATCH. Printed by Leader Press, the new six page DISPATCH met ccessfully the needs of the 2300 students of Grant and their mmunity. TTOM: The newspaper staff takes a rest between publication deadlines. JDLE ABOVE LEFT: Sharon Williams, editor of the GRANT DISPATCH, checks stories before taking the newspaper to press. FAR LEFT: Editors have a of fun after the final newspaper deadline has been met. Dispatch Staff Judie Adams Sharron Benson James Bowman Kathy Brewer Brenda Clay Donald Daniel Linda Dyer Leland Easter Jeri Edwards Syndy Evans Joni Gentry Kim Gentry Robin Hamilton Patience Hill Bucky Irwin Barbara Jones Janet Langwell Mike Leslie Stephen Longfellow Chris Napieralski Earl Perkins Don Poe Nikki Rhodes Bill Sherrill Brenda Smith Kathryn Stevens Kathy St. John Debee Stout Carol Sullivan Jean Swope Pam Thomas Terry Vallee Jimmy Wade Kathryn Wells Sharon Williams Yearbook Staff Meets Deadlines, Produces Genera The 1969 GENERAL staff faced a great challenge-captur and record one school year. The main cause of headaches, as always, were deadline They seemed to creep up quietly from nowhere, despi' persistent reminders by Editor Beau Thompson. When suc subtle hints as, "You better write some 'lines'," combine with "or you're dead," did not make connections, Advisr Mrs. Sparks need only state, "we have a deadline," and tl' staff prepared for long hours into the night. As March first rolled around once more, the editors' patient was tried for the last time. The 1969 GENERAL met its firl deadline and began rolling off the press at Taylor Publishir Company on time, ready to become a record of things to E remembered. BELOW: Beau Thomson, yeara book editor-in-chief, pauses be- tween classes at the University of Missouri. MIDDLE LEFT: Year- book editors are relieved after yearbook goes to press. FAR LOWER LEFT: The GENERAL Staff relaxes in the courtyard after meeting the last deadlines. FAR ABOVE RIGHT: Lynda Weed, managing editor, okays pictures before the sections go to press. General Staff Steve Andrews Mike Antrikin Glenda Brannon Debbie Burkart Debby Campbell Linda Coffelt Jeanette Cook Cindy Fent Bobby Grimes Debra Hansen Denise Hawkins Ellen Lawrence Pat Maloy Patti Morozoff Deborah Mount Wayne Myers Barbara Pritchard Donald Rinkle Randy Sanders Sandra Seals Billie Shelton Pat Siegle Marty Smith Beau Thomson Holly Vance Linda Weed Nawena West Kathy Witten journalism Students Attend N.S.P.A E E M ,WW ,, ., Wt, W .,tt, ,,,.,,,,.,, .,,, , ,,,, ,N,-,...,,..t....-M-.V -'WH "W t I , . ,..,,m,,,,,,,,,w.,...,,,..,N,,,..,A L .-. , , V ,1x:.c.,,,,W.,gm.-,., ' t Ionvention In Chicago y V, L ,, ,, Ng dill ,X ,gin final ,K Nl' Qaiawfy 1 5 , ff ABOVE: Prince and Princess of Print, Don Poe and Jeanette Cook, make their appearance at the iournalism assembly. MIDDLE ABOVE LEFT- Al- though it's late at night, lights are still on in the iournalism room vvhere staff members work on the yearbook. LOWER MIDDLE LEFT: The Chicago skyline is a main attraction for pictures while students attend the iournal- :sm convention. FAR ABOVE LEFT: Students on the newspaper staff view outside events. FAR LOWER LEFT: C examines her story in the Oklahoma City Times. arol Sullivan, teen page reporter, BELOW: Spanish club president, Steve Rowlan smiles as he calls the first meeting of the Spanish club to order. RIGHT: Mr. Moniara explains some items on the Spanish club's agenda to Fran Senneff and Barbara Sadler. 5 Spanish Club Members Donna Anders Mike Biddy Debbie Brewster Ken Bridges Wendell Byne Him Corder Diane Dart Diane Esquivias Darla Fisher Debbie Garlow Everett Gomez Ginger Hackett Leona Hair Tim Hancock Joy Hathaway Marilyn Hewitt Bucky Irwin Carolyn Jackson Jean Jordon Roberta Kaster Patty Keller Edward Lawster Douglas Lemon Tom Mayeay Rita Maxwell Richard Moore Dora Newcomb Nora Newcomb Vicki Newcomb Steve Rowland Barbara Sadler Betty Sanchez Fran Seneff Yolanda Souse William Steele Rusty Thrash Elmer Troxell Marshall Uplohn Mike Wilkes Alan Whitefield Christmas Fiesta Highlights Club Activity Highlighting the Spanish club's yearly activities was their Christmas fiesta, where members were able to participate in many Spanish and Mexican cultures. Included in these fes- tivities was the breaking ofa Spanish pinata. A Mexican style dinner at El Charito's restaurant in Okla- homa City set the mood for the club's initiation banquet. A "Dia De Campo," or picnic, was also on the club's agenda. This outdoor event completed the year's activities. The club was headed by Steve Rowlan, president, Elmer Troxell, vice president, Marilyn Hewitt, secretary, Rusty Thrash, treasurer, and Diane Esquivias, historian. Mr. Moniaras spon- sored the club. 4' 'Y i s il 2 l l l l l 1 s i X 2 1 2 2 1 Q 5 r E French Club Invades New Orleans For Mardi Gras Le Cercle Francais activities ranged touring New Orleans during the Mardi Gras to being served a complete Frencl dinner at Jacque's International restaurant in Oklahoma City. An initiation party for the new members was the first activ ity for the club. Holiday parties highlighted the school yea with festive activities. Officers were Phil Wall, president, Phil Ross, vice-president and Jeanette Cook, secretary-treasurer. Sponsors were Mrs Richter and Mrs. Cavin. French Club Members Linda Appleby Vicki Boice Barbara Bowman Kathy Brewer Jerry Buckhold Debby Campbell Jeanette Cook Debbie Denton Kathy Denton Steve Flaniken Judy Garner Suzanne Harrell Judy Henry B. C. Knight Earl Langford James Leslie Kerry McDonald Norma McElwee Keith Manasco Margaret Peterson Ghil Ross Barbara Sadler Steve Scott Sandra Sides Steve Smith Vicki Smith Renee Tetreault Diane Tipton Linda Trobaugh Phil Wall Tommy Walls Donna Whitfield James Wirsich ABOVE LEFT: French club sponsor, Mrs. Richter, serves as sponsor and completes her last year at Grant. LEFT: Senior Jeanette Cook finds a quiet Spot to cram for an upcoming French examination. 99 l.C.L. Members Plan Monthly Social Events "Latin is dead!" This was the cry heard from a few Latin students during the course of a Latin year. However, the stu- dents in Miss Sturdevant's Latin club were encouraged to take an interest in the civilization of Ancient Rome and Greece. In this way, they developed appreciation for the people and customs of foreign countries. Latin club activities ranged from viewing a Greek play at Oklahoma University in Norman, to attending the state con- vention in Bartlesville, Oklahoma and the national convention in New Orleans, Louisiana. Officers for the year were Bill Nestlerode, president, Louise Loper, vice president, Cathy Crosby, secretary-treasurer, Jody Dowell, parliamentarian, Ellen Lawrence, publicity chairman, and Carla Williams, social chairman. Latin Club Members Gina Calame Kathy Crosby Jody Dowell Bonnie Estes Syndy Evans Bill Groves Suzan Hollars Ellen Lawrence Kay Jacks Alice Mclnnis Charla Nanrz Bill Nestlerode Gary Rowland Cathy Skrapka Gary Sperling Nora Taylor Beau Thomson Keith Tolman M. G. Turner Kent Watson Carla Williams Jean Yarberry l00 "5 at . 'Yllf as y ' , -s Rf si 1 2 ,s x LEFT: Miss Sturdevant and Bill Nestlerode pause for some refreshments while they discuss arrangements for their next club event. FAR LEFT: Ellen Lawrence, Latin club publicity chairman, makes sure the schedules for all club meetings are printed in the daily announcements. l0l '59 Q fl ' 'L I intiiil Q N Ii M M, l Mu Alpha Theta Beasts Scholastic Achievements sl'K3fZ uxfalz infill' a l 3 I X" as M 9 ' ' a c I ,A I I Q x an 5 I t fp l lil A s Z' .JW Math Club Members Gary Anglin Ronnie Bailey Mike Bowman Paul Brown Jerry Buckhold Gary Conrad Jeanette Cook Phillip Dean Debbie Denton Gerry Emrick Bonnie Estes Steve Flaniken Lili Fuller Dawnellen Garlow Doyle Hancock Steve Hoipkemeier v. c. Knight Patty Keller Kieth Kelson Janice Kiecolt B. C. Kuehne Carl Langford Linda Long Louise Loper Sharon Malone Mike Mazzolini Charla Nantz Bill Nestlerode Dora Newcomb Nora Newcomb Vicki Newcomb Mike Perry Nancy Prim David Rodgers Kathy Rollancl Steve Rowlan Mike Thomas Tommy Walls Gary Wiley Linda Wilkes Math club members began the year's activities with an initiation party at Shakey's Pizza Parlor in Oklahoma City. The members toured Oral Roberts University in Tulsa and the Liberty National Bank and Trust Company in Oklahoma City to gain information in the field of mathematics. An annual Christmas party was held over the holidays. The administrative branch of the Math club was headed by Tommy Walls, president, Mike Perry, vice president, Dawne Garlow, secretary, and Gary Wiley, treasurer. Sponsors were Mrs. Provine, Mrs. Roy, and Mrs. Mansur. ABOVE LEFT: Mrs. Provine and Mrs. Ray, sponsors of the Math club, discuss difficult problems with math president, Tom Walls. BOTTOM LEFT: Mu Alpha Theta officers, Dawne Garlow, Gary Wiley, and Mike Perry agree that it will be hard to make a mistake with the use of their new super slide rule. l03 .vff 'H is ,. ,ali Qs 1, W3 Lv- .W va" Vgg. saga EpHogue 1968 Candidates Capture Top The 1968-69 school year was a memorable one for many reasons. Events in that time affected all of us at Grant, whether we knew it or not, and suprisingly Ito the teachersl many of Us did. After all, by the next election year, most of us are going to be able to vote for our man. i968 saw a new president elected after a fierce campaign between Nixon and Humphrey Cwith Wallace a constant, though minor, threat to both of theml Nixon's lead was ieopar- dized only once, and that was by L.B.J.'s last ditch effort fthe end of bombing in North Vietnaml some say to help his old friend??? Even that wasn't enough to keep Richard Nixon from Capitol Hill. Bullets almost did, however, as history narrowly missed repeating herself with another tragic as- sassination. But it didn't, so in i972 Grant graduates of '69 may get the chance to either re-elect him or reject him. lt was a Republican year in Oklahoma, too. Monroney, after 30 years in Washington, stepped down to former gov- ernor Bellmon. If opinion at Grant was any indication of the outcome, Bellmon's victory was never in doubt. . lf RIIIUU' , - L t f ' , .y,A , ,l V gl 'l t' x, Uri - it XM ft lf...'N--V 4 Lx. W, X .Q J , x, ll ll l l , V -1 E 1 ' it aah? T X nil '34 I06 Copyright, l968, Oklahoma Publishing Co. BELOW LEFT: Oklahoma City University students ioi other protestors across the nation in a fight for academi freedom. BELOW: Jane Fonda's portrayal of Barbarell provides entertainment, which is 'out of this world ABOVE RIGHT: Traditional symbols portray through modern application, a wish for Christmas. BELOW RIGH' Walter Cunningham and Don Eisele, two of the 3-ma Apollo team, pay a visit to Tinker Air Force Base afte their famous 4 million mile iourney. E 2 Y. 4 a Copyright, l967, Paramount Pictures Corp, Epilogue Continued Major Questions, Answers Politics wasn't the only happening. The youth were on the move and protests were evident on a maiority of campuses. Reasons were- varied and often unnecessary. The war, aca- demic freedom, politics and in general student unrest were causes for demonstrations. No one particular area of the country was exempted and it was not confined to the United States. Youth was trying to find its place in society, and we, as students could not help but become very much involved. That the youth had a say in entertainment is an under- statement. Television, art, music, motion pictures, all showed a freshness and new style that could only be attributed to the new movement. Psychedelic was the word of the day as the total expression. Contrary to some public belief, youth never got high enough to go in orbit. That distinction belonged to the 3-man Apollo space team. Their 13 day trip above the earth ended in a perfect 'splash', and they returned to find the earth the same ol' place with the same ol' problems. As Christmas time was approaching, our country had rea- son to believe that a settlement in Viet Nam was not so very impossible. Paris peace talks, although slow were something to hope for and the 24 hour truce did give us all time to consider the meaning of "Peace on Earth" as a possible solution and not as something to be forgotten after the first of the new year. it 5 Irma.: . in-v-C01 i:,., V 4 A m , , , e .m . W. nN,,v ,M , H .,., .. h. , k' jUQ5fQiNO lk U SMLQ71 dw 5x,g3N,,,nn,:9:9NQoWovQ-QQOWQ Qemxgbcyock J c5XBhci91GLv3Djv2fMk2'D94v3'dRfMk8Jp QJSw.Qdwv'k mg, X meme CYYNHNQRA mlgifsgmkiqmimmfee ww XJMDQ QD-NND' qDJpnmfQmhJ1xg'Ut0 KQJQQBLGM Qw,iQMem'fvacufwJQ,QmvgemmeQiDfQ-Q+g-wd'Q5 I ' QmJ1Q.D Remember When X Remember When !'Remem Lgdgwvxazf fmfg-QSJ1,g2UDMF,Q5L,wQJe,, 'e .NXDQXC ,FN-QBVYSL LJ1fkDQ:Q.D ,Qlgmm 3 , 5 30 EQ' 5' 521 5 . rwgrff Nw- . ,Z . YP' A: "-5 '. lgxqlgz .A .44 .- ,I X . ,,.,. ..,,.,-1+ J, , ,Eff . ,fv ly , ,lnrzrilf .- ,- , v?'Z-, NF "fi-'va A, A Gtr' iu Fiflffilfiffi Q 5' 4' -. - '7s:f'?" f JR. '3 3' A x if M FS .1 1 ff. uf x s ,ng 55 ,4 4 7655, ' ,. 71,- -. ea X 52-R '23, 1 .Q if' , f .v. Av, Nuff' .. V .tl I 1 , X ,-"5 ' Qi? I rfx, K.. ?v Nb' 95. it fgil . uf' .- Q 1' 'L if 5' A ,J 319 x :aiu f X-az 1 F, , in' 4-.' J 579: - X . , . ,sf-1' 2-1 V Q" 1' ' Gimp,-4 :- 7 avi? jfs? SQYQEE' ., ,H fs , , ,',.31. I v R QL .wL ' A-:'. 12:15 Aw 3 4, f, M 1 ABOVE: "New Year's Baby," Ke neth Praytor, donned in diaper av 1969 ribbon, realized that "b changes" are definitely on The W, in The coming year. anuary i hat's In Store In This 'urn Around The Sun? The old year was ushered out by The excitement of e return of The Puelolo's crew while The new year was .corted in by The anticipation of The presidential inaugura- Jn. On The local scene, hectic was The word, Too. The week :ter classes had resumed, The election and Coronation of ie General and his Lady were staged. Then came The amester grades To help add to The confusion. Next on The genda was The wrestling homecoming. Just when Time ras about To catch up with itself, Two more events sneaked p and on the same day! These were Career Day and tudent Council Visitation Day. And as Though iT were not xhausting enough, for The first time all students were ssigned to write maior papers in Their English classes on 1e significance of Career Day. f LEFT: Representing The broadcasting field on Career Day was Ben K. West of KOCO-TV Channel 5. TOP ABOVE: Newspaper and yearbook editors, Sharon Williams and Beau Thomson, emcee journalism assembly. ABOVE: Student Council Visitation Day drew students To Grant for a peek at the daily proceedings. Cheryl And Bobby Chosen Highest General Royalt The morning dawned early for The Ten General and His Lad candidaTes. The race was on againsT The clock. The girls had had Their coiffures seT and Their gowns ha been given a final Touch. The b'oys had given Their Tuxedof a lasT sprucing up. The audience grew Tense while The band blared on in i familiar Tone. Then The curTains were drawn open To Tl' awe of The sTudenTs. Before Them on The sTage were Tl' any candidafes sTanding in fronT of a background of sTars. The assembly which was sponsored by The iournalism d- parTmenT, chose a Theme of "Up, Up, and Away" whic landed balloons and a swing for The General and His Lac To reign upon. Finally, The band grew silenT as Sharon Williams, new paper ediTor, announced The General's Lady and Beau Thon son, yearbook edifor, crowned Cheryl Curry. LaTer she crowne The General, Bobby Grimes. was f. ff 21122: II4 AR LEFT ABOVE: General and Iis Lady are surprised at their ewly acquired honors. ABOVE: fheryl and Bobby show they re proud 10 be Generals. General and his Lady Bobby Grimes and Cheryl Curry Court Receives Honors It was a better than average day with eight attendants ridding themselves of the anticipation that went along with being a General and his Lady attendant. The Coronation was over and things began to return to normal. Although the anxiety of the crowning had passed, the attendants still knew they had to be at their best to show the student body they were proud to hold their honor. Debbie Grissom, Vickie Hamman, Gina Klinglesmith, and Pam Underwood were attendants for the General's Lady. General attendants were Robert Miller, Kenneth Praytor, Larry Thompson, and Larry Winnard. II6 il. l' TOP ABOVE: Kenneth Praytor, Debb Grissom, and Bobby Grimes await tl beginning of the Grand March. ABOV General and His Lady plus attendant Robert Miller, Pam Underwood, Kennet Praytor, Debbie Grissom, Bobby Grime Cheryl Curry, Larry Thompson, Vickie Harl man, Larry Winnard, and Gina Klinglesmit atmen Choose Susan On a cold February evening numerous spectators were drawn into The gym to see The Generals meet Duncan. The match was more Than The "run of The mill" maTmen's follies, for This was The homecoming. IT was a Time for "social showing-oft" both on The part of The queen candidates and wrestlers themselves. Susan Mosman was crowned queen with attendants Norma McElwee, Glenda Brannon, Sue McDougal, and Dana Siegle. . , - f'.,, g r fi . .fr 4 Z WW? fi-Jiffy T- ,553 Q7 fy if 5' 9 2' 4" T if Q, Q., i ,, bmw, Q ,Lita .- . 1 31 il ' I K . . ' 1 ' ,, ix, .f.:':' .' . T . 1 1' ,f qfgw' '1 ' ga - ..,vf"211f "4 7 f ' V ff-.15 ii M -All . ..J,2.,.. g fwufgt. ,. , - ' ' ' A .T leg: N1 f ,K ' ' ' '1 . ff' f - 4 A T T a . cw LEFT: ABOVE: Wrestling queen attendants: Dana ' Siegle, sophomore, Sue McDougal, iunior, Susan Mosman' Wresfling Glenda Brannon, iunior, and Norma Mc- Queen Elwee, senior. ll7 February The Winter Was Overflovving With Our Disconter It was hard to say whether or not January's promise of an early spring had been fulfilled, even the groundhog was confused. There were days when coats were scorned in the morning and then wished for in the afternoon. School activities took no heed of the weather, they thrived on change. From pep assemblies to a futile A.F.S. fund raising campaign, there was something for everybody. Then there were some things that nobody wanted. After six years of victories in the Midstate wrestling matches, third place was hard to take, even with five individual titles. State was looked forward to as a time of revenge. Valentine's Day came with all the expectations of a second Christmas, there was the usual exchange of presents, cards, and praying for minor miracles. II8 Sh p I l FAR LEFT ABOVE: A.F.S. students speak on customs, education, and dating in their countries, as well as in the United States. FAR LEFT BELOW: Along with February comes iced tree limbs. LEFT ABOVE: Peek- ing behind Paul Dragus at "his" candy is Marty Smith. LEFT: Norma McElwee shrugs off icy thoughts- ABOVE: Hayriye llbeyli, Grant A.F.S. import models Turkish dress. II9 mem. Eileen Huddleston Basketball Queen BELOW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Basketball attendants, Pam Luttrell, senior, Syndy Evans, iunior, Darla Keel, iunior, and Robin Hamilton, sophomore. The night was unusually hot and humid for February, but none more than the gym which housed two teams, five basketball attendants, one over-sized pep club, and six cheer- leaders from the other side. The game had been called a "Iandslide" for The Generals even before the night of the game by sportswriters and news- casters, which proved to be true when the score was postec at 99-63 in favor of the Generals. Five basketball attendants hurried to dress in the girls' gym with two anxious with the hope of, perhaps, winning the title ofthe 1969 Basketball queen. Finally, half-time arrived and the girls were escorted onto the court by the top basketball players. It was already decided. The sophomore, iunior attendants were already chosen. They were Robin Hamilton, Syndy Evans, and Darla Keel, respectively. Then the moment of anticipation was over. The queen was crowned. She was Eileen Huddleston and her senior attendant was Pam Luttrell. fs Basketball, Thespians Top Month 'N "s LEFT: Chris Calloway skims over last night's home- work before ciass period begins. TOP ABOVE: The Great Books class's idea, Pride Week, is the topic of discussion between Cindy Johnson and Keith Monasco. ABOVE: Drama students from O.U. per- form at the Thespians Convention at Grant. l2I on . H -fl Q t.,.w. ,I M r ' 'Rm 22 2 5 w sg ' . -. wffg, W, mums: awww ,W- if if "M,,,,f1: 1 Qf , vw 2: kif, 1 N .'L,:1, ,V an , 5 .h+ 1 or junior Class Play March's gusty winds swept students off their feet and kept aem in a whirlwind of activities that was not to end until llay. Practice for the junior class play kept many a performer t school longer than is usually considered healthy. Without weir "Rebel Without a Cause," however, the school would ave been without a Prom. With more warm weather the days of basketball were umbered. Baseball, track, golf, and tennis ended their hiber- ation and went in search of victories to feed on. Spring fever brought a laziness to the campus that seniors ould scarcely afford. That was the month when most college pplications were due, and last-minute decisions left no room Dr regrets. That was also the month that brought final notification of iany scholarships making, for some students, the difference etween a summer of fun and three long months of work. we 31 days of March swept past, and afterwards everyone :uld not help but wonder whether this decision was the ght one. FAR LEFT ABOVE: Larry Thompson plays lead role in Junior Class Play, "Rebel Without a Cause." LEFT: Rusty Thrash and Northwest's Steve Mitchell vie for ball in close-scored game. LEFT ABOVE: Windy weather finds Denise Hawkins "exercising" her kite. TOP ABOVE: Raising enthusiasm in a pep assembly is "General" Ken Northcutt. ABOVE: Mr. Ogle gazes on as Bryant Hudson describes his Science Fair proiect. RIGHT: St. Patrick, no, Tommy Herron, is at it again. This time h' v'ctim Karen Th m is I , o pson, feels the pinch of ihe Irish wif. I24 St. Patriclds Day's Regular Pinch-In "m'm1'f .W M, C ,kl c . .... , .. - s- - .... ,,.. af , at .e 3. ' 'fs " - y' ' 'X' Rusty And Cathy Elected uddy And Sweetheart Pep and O'Clubbers had anxiously awaited this Sweetheart ance, but not any more so than the candidates for O'Club veetheart and Pep Club Buddy themselves. Finally Rusty Thrash and Cathy Brown were crowned and was all over. Their attendants were Debbie Burkhart, Linda vrtner, Patty Morozoff, Kathy Shelhamer, Tony Mitchell, James nodes, Don Rinkle and Randy Sanders. - LEFT: Pep Club Buddy and O'Club Sweetheart are Rusty Thrash and , ' F Cathy Brown. TOP ABOVE: Nomnees for O'Cluib Sweetheart are Cathy V tr,,, ,X .,,,. Brown Debbie Burkart Linda Fortner Patty Morozoff, and Katie Shel- 1? hamer ABOVE Nominees for Pep Club Buddy are Tony Mitchell, James K ' ' ' -- , - 1 ' , ae.-1 aff 11:-r'fff,t:'2 : 1, '..r '.,, , .- -, . ,,, ' -' 1 Rhodes, Don Rinkle, Randy Sanders, and Rusty Thrash. ,. , ' I as April Spring Pulls Into Swing April went by almost ignored due to the anticipation c the Prom and Commencement in May. Had it not been for Easter, the track homecoming, and th General's Revue, April could very well have been a weeken nestled in between March and May. Sometimes labeled Spring's harbinger, April kept her pri mise of showers and hope for fair weather at the same timn The wet atmosphere may have dampened the campi grounds, but not the vibrancy of the campus itself. Finally, sophomores' love for the school began to blossoi as they entered their first spring here. Juniors' affection fm school was in full bloom while seniors' fondness wilted wi' their realization that time was running out for them. l ith Track, And Revue iR LEFT ABOVE: Johnni Cheatwood helps Linda oore with selection of spring material. LEFT: Count- g their treasures are Easter egg hunters, avid Newell and Debi Mount. ABOVE: Track atten- rnts: TOP TO BOTTOM: Paula Smith, senior, Leona air, iunior, and Kathe Wells, sophomore. ABOVE GHT: James Kurrash, track team captain, slips 'enda DeHart's foot into track shoe. Brenda DeHart-Track Queen May Finally After Twelve Years Of Learning Anc ,, The school year had started too soon or too late or some- thing. Life became pretty hectic the first month or so. Then things got worse, or maybe better, activities Cmostly extra- curricularl sprang up and iumbled the calendar so that one could not help but wish that there were "eight days a week," or perhaps nine or ten. And as time raced on, events drew closer together, so that more and more things were scheduled on the very same days. Being no fault of the clock, decisions had to be made between doing two or three, and sometimes even four activi- ties. This became a chore after a while and all were hoping for some let-up, but none was in sight. Then it happened. Christmas creeped up like a long awaited weekend only this was for two weeks. The tension of the past months was somewhat eased throughout the nation as well as the world when Commander Bucher and his 82 crewmen strode across the runway at Miramar Naval Air Station in San Diego. lt had happened-a near perfect Christmas homecoming for the Pueblo's Crew, iourney around the earth for Apollo 8's astronauts, Anders, Borman, and Lovell, and to put a final touch on an already magnificent masterpiece-snow for the holidays. What more could happen? A year that had started so tragically and remained so had ended on a happy note. Then again something happened. This was time itself. After all the days and weeks of praying for Friday-Friday finally arrived, disguised as a month-May. The disguise was unmasked and May dawned like a last sunrise for seniors. This was it. Thirty-one short days were all that was allotted for a summing up and final wrapping up of what 12 years of unwrapping had caused. The underclassmen elected class officers as well as officers of clubs and organizations. lt was all set. "Next year was to be bigger and better than this year." However this was a promise most seniors would fail to see through, for May 29th took with it not only promises-some broken and others ful- filled-but this year's graduates. orking FAR LEFT: Sideburns became a noticeable contribu- A tion to the boys' appearance. BELOW LEFT: Candye Mackey models sunglasses. BELOW: The lake is a familiar scene for James Rhodes, Candye Mackey, and Clay Hoster. FAR BELOW: Exif sign marks entrance to new world for seniors. RIGHT: Gradua- tion wraps up school year with deliverance of di- plomas. . . Graduation L 'T L . L ., X. Maifl- i if sf? is r 'OQQCQQQ Q R lis, .li 0 Q fl "" ' - sss sss 1 Q is i if ::f oss Q if Q I29 + Sports 7969 i Varsity Basketball, Bofiom Row: Dennis Woods, David Keel, Mike Thomas, Tommy Herron. Row 2: Danny Moen, Steve Corder, Danny Shouse, Bobby Shephard Row 3: Clay Hesier, Rusty Thrash, Mike Leslie, Sieve Rowland, Leland Easter. VH I30 ii 5 YY W Y 4 'ictory ls The Result DT ever Ending Practice Backed by Coach Don MeThey, The roundballers pulled Them- elves Togefher To produce a winning season. The Generals, icked low in The Mid-STaTe Conference surprised everyone 'iTh Two Tournaments and 15 wins To Their favor. This new show of power began aT The Capitol Hill Tourna- ienT, where GranT beaT The hosT Team Capifol Hill for The hampionship. The General affack, headed by five seniors, confinued on ieir upsweep by beaTing PuTnam CiTy and capfuring The lcGuiness lnviTaTional. STarTers, STeve Corder, Clay HosTer, Danny Shouse, RusTy wrash and Dennis Wood led The way To a winning season F nine wins and seven losses in The Mid-STaTe and were raTed, murTh in The sTaTe. 1Leading The way was Clay HosTer, who had The highesf oinT average in The Mid-STaTe Conference, wiTh an average fconfinuedl LEFT: Danny Shouse drives in hard for Two points, helping The Team To a 75-49 victory over Midwest City. ABOVE: Head Basketball coach Don Methey discusses game strategy with The members of The varsity. l3l Team Sets Scoring Record At 99, Hoster Hits 42 fcontinuedj of 23.7 per game, Clay was chosen one of five on the All- State basketball team. Just as the Generals were about to exit with merely a successful season, they went on a record-setting spree in their last game. A happier homecoming could not have been planned, as the Grant basketball team defeated John Marshall 99-63. This broke the record of points scored in a single game which dated back to 1956 when the Generals scored 86 against Classen. All-stater Clay Hoster sparkled with a total of 42 points and set a school record of total individual points scored in a single game, which broke the previous high of 36, which was also set in 1956. The Generals ended with the most successful season in seven years. The fans who had turned their back on basket- ball now turned around with enthusiasm to see the Generals rise from the dark years of defeat, victorious. Sc h ed u Ie GRANT OPPONENT 61 El Reno 52 36 Putnam City 27 67 Capitol Hill 55 51 Putnam City 56 50 Midwest City 51 64 Enid 55 53 Southeast 55 60 Douglass 63 52 Northeast 51 68 Southeast 56 65 Putnam City 60 77 Capitol Hill 64 53 Northwest 56 82 John Marshall 60 58 Northwest 68 61 Putnam cify 58 75 Midwest City 46 74 Enid 59 94 Southeast 74 56 Capitol Hill 58 77 Shawnee 54 99 John Marshall 63 "'w.. BOTTOM LEFT: Rusty Thrash, Clay Hoster, James Rhodges, and Dennis Wood take practice shots before their clash with John Marshall. LEFT: Dennis Wood looks for an opening against a Southeast Spartan. BELOW: Grant scoring ace Clay Hoster goes up for two of his 42 points against John Marshall. , E a s at l B-Team Pla ers Develop For Future Varsity Team Future Varsity, the B-team headed by Mr. Don Archer cami through with some outstanding performances this season bf compiling 9 wins in 16 outings. Five juniors who suited ug Varsity and played in the B-game were Steve Rowland, Danni Moen, Leland Easter, Mike Leslie, and Tommy Herron. Alsc playing in B-games were the sophomores who were being conditioned for the Varsity next year. Although their record wasn't as good as hoped, the exper ience they gained will be useful when all five Varsity playert graduate. The end result will be next year's Varsity record. FAR LEFT: Jumping Jack Danny Shouse outiumps a Southeast de fender. ABOVE: Senior Steve Corder shows some "NlFTY" ba-l handling in the Southeast game. ABOVE RIGHT: Rusty Thrasl against Big Steve Mitchell of Northwest Classen. B-Team, Bottom Row: Bobby Shephard, Kenneth Brown, Danny Andrews, Eugene Lewellen, Ricky Meeks, Dub McElvaney, David Newell. Top Row: James Wood, Randy Helm, Jay Amos, Steve Barney, Larry Miller, John Barker. as ff' lrapplers Producing Victorious Recori FAR UPPER LEFT: Head advice to 177 pounder LEFT: Heavyweight Ken the camera during his Bomber in the Mid-State 148 pound senior, works for a pin against a Putnam City opponent. NAME WT Everett Gomez 106 James Blackmon 115 Ricky Zahourek 123 Clarence Weaks 130 Tony Mitchell 141 Mike Reynolds 136 Larry Winnard 145 Bill Floyd 154 Ronnie Ritter 168 Danny Gonzales 168 Eddie Woodall 168 Calvin Bauer 177 Ken Praytor HW coach Virgil Milliron gives Calvin Bauer. FAR LOWER Praytor seems to locate win over a Midwest City meet. LEFT: Larry Winnard, 137 if 94' 'Q ,bf nl 1 f' ' Wy as Q X x s ff? Y Jndefeated In Duel Matches lvlatmen Set iecord At Thirty Wins Undefeated in their dual meets.for the third year, the enerals ended the season with a 6-O record. The first tournament of the season produced three individual 'inners and a second place team trophy at All-City. Geary Tournament, always a major clash, wound up with rant in second place behind John Marshall, with Ken Praytor 'id Larry Winnard champs. The stage was set for what proved to be the most exciting Jel of the season. The number one rated John Marshall Bears omed ahead as the unbeatable foes. After trailing through- Jt the match, the Generals pulled ahead in final bout to ame out victors, 24 to 23. The Bears fell, not so undefeatable td not so number one. The Generals took five individual championships and ended ird place in the Mid-State. Champs were: Clarence Weeks, ,ike Reynolds, Larry Winnard, Calvin Bauer, and Ken Praytor. IT: Coach Milliron tends to iniured Bill Floyd during the General's upset tory over John Marshall. RIGHT: Teddy Wooten eyes his John Marshall ponent in their H5 bout. 1 v ,lf ji! UIQ .IW k 157 E Gffliff 5 Qixyn nb. M Xiff X xfgmga ji p-""1"". , - Schedule GRANT OPPONENT 25 Norman T7 35 Southeast 8 38 Classen 6 27 Northwest l7 39 Duncan 12 26 Putnam City T7 24 John Marshall 23 EXTREME UPPER LEFT: Larry Yaden looks for an oppor- tunity to gain some points against his John Marshall opponent. UPPER LEFT: Coach Milliron discusses strategy with wrestler Danny Gonzales. CENTER ABOVE: Senior Bill Floyd tries to turn an unwilling Putnam City Pirate on his back in their 152 lb, match. LEFT: Larry Winnard moves in on his John Marshall opponent, looking for an opening. l4l r . ew Head Coach Brings Promises To Baseballers gf 'W D I W iff? Q 3 i, H 422' Mtlfilfi i if 'Qi E rms if L . Y V R i N ft! ,Rx M 5 .7 fl ii "1 i 1 " ' sorroim izow KLefr to Righrj: Tom j , ' xg Webb, Ronnie Ratziiff, Danny VMcen, 'R i' , 'Randy Sanders, Alam. Whiffieid, Mike England, Kent Bridges. ROW: p ' Coach Higbib, Donnie Riniie, Stan . Guffey, Alan LaEe'i5,MMike fdssey, Mike i . Smith, Sfgve Corder, CarLGeisler, Scott X Ove rfs1re'et. , fx, , , 1 Pi 'S x 1- N " X, ' if ii Wi x X, 'R kf X 4 I f. T! g , i -of , i W s x-Qf I di - f w- R 42 A ,B ix Seniors Lead Victory A new coach and a new year gave the baseball team a oost that lifted them, if not to the skies, at least off the 'ound level. Russ Higbie's arrival might have been watched with some :prehension by old timers, ie. iuniors and seniors, but by e end of the year they were the members of a mutual lmiration society. Despite the awkwardness of breaking into a new school, e team's average for cooperation with the new coach broke l records. The victories in the weeks that followed struck it any suspicion lat least in the minds of other teamsl that e team was unorganized. Es T: Baseball coach Mr. Russ Higbie talks to some of his players about game strategy. ABOVE: Randy Sanders seems dazzled when the um- - yells "STRlKE ONE" on this pitch. ABOVE RIGHT: Scott Overstreet res in to catch a fly ball as Mike Smith backs him. RIGHT: Don :Ie rears back to throw his fast ball to an enemy batter. Cato Stars While ew Swim Coach Builds Team This year's swimming team, Trained by a new coach, Mr. Craig Miller, was mostly a rebuilding year, because of the loss of many Varsity seniors last year. The Varsity swim team had a host of iuniors and sophomores, who next year will be better prepared mentally as well as physically. Participating in the All-City Meet and the Mid-State Con- ference meet, as well as several duals, the swimmers produced many winning performances and kept the General spirit high. Swimming is a very strenuous sport and requires a lot of conditioning. Swimmers practice and hold their meets at the capitol Hill Y.M.c.A. ABOVE: Wyatt Burks seems to be flying, he's really turning a flip off the low diving board. RIGHT: Larry Waddle brings up the lead as Mike Cooperman gets ready to finish the race. FAR RIGHT: Swimming coach Craig Miller tells each member the position he will swim. I44 is LEFT TO RIGHT: Wyah' Burks, Larry Waddle, Howard Bales, Terry Himes, Mike Biddy, David Peck, Jay Newell, Mike Cooperman, Ron Jewell, Larry Leisy, Stan Perkins, Mike Moore, Cliff Cato, Ken Lyles, Rodney Leird, Mark Webb, Richard Greenlee. Mis., 'm WR First Row: James Karrasch, Gary Anglin, Ken Sanders, Charles Goodson, Richard Stevens, Charles Sifers, Don Llndsley, Bob Watts, John Doss, .lerel Wright Robert Miller. 2nd Row: Richard Greenlee, John Weatherford, Wayne Meyers, Dennis Querdibitty, Mike Stanford, James Holasek, Bill Schmid, Dennis Dokes Ken Clampitt. 3rd Row: Charles Ferdunak, Terry Lowder, Earl Perkins, Tom Green, Richard Moore, Terry Flowers, Mike Harris, Charles Babb , Ernie Garland 4th Row: Steve Weaks, Tom Freeman, Mike Antriken, Bobby Russell, Ron Jewel, Larry Yates, Randy Campbell, Earnest Christain, Frank Smith, Mike Wilkes 5th Row: Earl Goodson, Bruce Hibbard, Wyatt Burk, Mike Engles, Buster Savage, Gary Winfield, Jimmy Bamberger, Marshall Upiohn, Lewis Wist, Paul Landers l 4- . 5, 'hinclads Come Through ' ith Exceptional Season 1969 promised to be the year of the General in state track mpetition. The General Thinclads started by giving the 'y a look at what it had as they competed in the First Jaycee door Track Meet at the State Fair Arena Jan. 31 and Feb. 1. ie Generals picked up one first, two second places, and te fifth place. The returning lettermen from last year in- .Jded defending State Champ in the 440 yd. dash, James Jrrasch, Charles Siters, Richard Stevens, Tommy Green, :bert Miller, Jerry Lowder in the shot put and Jerel Wright the pole vault. The '69 Generals also sported a new head in Mr. John ill. Coach Hill was the assistant last year under coach Gary iwer, now at the University of Oklahoma. The trackmen proposed to make his first year successful md they did. r i is J ta.. fe ax. KR LEFT: Richard Stevens, Bob Watts, Charles Sifers, and James Kurrasch make up one Fthe finest mile relay teams in the state. LEFT: Head track coach Mr. John Hill fright, td assistant coach Mr. Charles Carpenter seem impressed with reading on stop watch. BOVE RIGHT: Tommy Green shows championship form as he glides over the high Jrdles. ABOVE: Distancemen Ken Sanders, John Doss, Gary Anglin, and Don Lindsley at set for a test of endurance. i l i M 1 ABOVE: Golf coach Mr. Jack Everhart cleans putter after finishing a round of golf. RIGHT: Dewey Hilderbrand smashes his way out of the sand trap onto the green. FAR RIGHT: Tennis coach Mr. Craig Miller shows the correct way to hold a tennis racket. I48 Golf, Tennis Require Long Hours QT Work Taking both skill and being a good athlete, golf and Tennif provided an individual a golden opportunity to become a professional athlete and receive vast sums of money. Gol and tennis both Took a Tremendous amount of practice. Eacl sport seemed easy until Tried. In Tennis a person had To be ii top physical condition and have very good coordination anc reflexes. In golf a person had to have a powerful swing anc be able To choose a certain club for a certain shot. The gol Team practiced at Hillcrest Golf and Country Club under The direction of Mr. Jack Everhart. The Tennis Team practiced at the tennis courts at the school They were coached by Mr. Craig Miller. Mr. Miller took The place of Mr. Jerry Smythe. Both teams went to every meet with The pride of U.S. Gran in Them and came back with The feeling of accomplishment "Proving both excitement and defeat, the members of botl teams proved true General spirit wherever they go. The anxiety of long hard hours proves out in the long run when coming home with a win," agree Mr. Everhart and Mr. Miller 2ricI Row: Steve Henderson, Tom Sturdivant, Keith Nelson, Mike Cooperman, Mike Perry, Dewey Hilderbrand. Bottom Row: Marr Smith, Joe Hill, Gary Gleaves, Larry Kaser, Max Blumenthal, Mike Ashlock. M5 V ,Q ia X Vg , ' - I 1 5 Y V ' , I 1 ,K W s 5 'qi-fi'-f , gfkspf ig 1. gm . k lj if Z a . . inf w.r N .Q nH2 1 Kwglgwg . . , 4' .daliii i , Q. ..f+..L.4 bv-A K Q.: 1 . . ez . ' 1 'f ' ' 1 " ' ' ' ' P fr' + - H n A , 1. Eg g: ...:7...' ..... i 5 it mu as qw A K K 5 5 V K K l E l.fQf wg b ff iwa fx 2 e K K PAQ '? n vw.-nr in ' ' . ' .- ig vw: fi ff Q 'G-1 -1 1 1 .xq - ,., Y -1 1- . . x 5 'L . f i . -K' 1 - Q-w?....Lf-fa g..-xy -5-4 .Ang g.. Q, . . , . , A hr , . . fnf 1 .. f i pQ.nr.Q4 .fg r.. r . r Y E535 Y . . 'Y-A1 ' . A 1'-'Q Y N- Y 'E' qu' 3 .- f .1-Q Q i - wg: Q 1. - If 1, .. i ...., Q . ,V ,xxx M K K -"h'h h 4 .'.' . . V + Q - K. + . . W. . . ., f w ,f?,..VQ . .73 -4 ,...,?g .,g, .gn . . . . J . , , , K ,,... Q. 3. 4 , W... 4, , , 5 .Y , X , - .iw 6- i,fb 3- .Q .Q N, Q . J, , A , 4, ,. .4 .gign 5 X , Q ,, K, .., ,.., 1, , ,X .. .,. ,,gA ..,. 4, , gk Q.. ., A 3' Q ronf Row: Edward -'sf' ' 'Bam .1 Ba J i ..1. . A J 4. e wa ker, Kenneth Chesfnut, Jim Erwin, Larry Maloney. 2nd Row: Steve Perry, Ronald Perceful, Robert Miller. Q3 Q 151215 22355 ' s Semrad Sets Stage For Successful Intramurals Intramurals were setup by Mr. Evertt Semrad, vice-print pal. Intramurals stimulated competition between the homt rooms as well as the students. They also helped genera' spirit throughout the student body. The program consisted 4 volleyball games and basketball games in which both gir and boys participated. Coach Robert Wooden supervised tr contest while the varsity players refereed, This year in boys' basketball competition Mr. Metheny Hiiackers finished first while Mrs. McAnally's Monsters an Miss Sturdevant's Celtics came in second and third. ln second contest Combo's 3 won as Hill's Electrodes place second and Strudevant's Savage 9 finished third. ln girls' volleyball competition Mrs. Smith's homerool ended the volleyball contest in first place, trailed by M Pierce's No. 2 team in second, and Miss Sughru's No. 2 tear in third. Each homeroom was given points as to their participatio in intramurals. The homerooms that placed in the activitie received trophies. Each person asked about the intramura thought it was a worthwhile activity. ig my .rf , Q' 1i? AMN?- iihggz 6 5, K ,fx , K . . Y 3 1 Y ' xl , ' I ' I fa . 5 . 1 ' 2 , 4 7 ' W -1, 1 f 1 r f 1 ' v , f ' ' . -Q' ' .. ,'fV, x ' if 'I 'f 6 is ,. , f , ' ,Z ,r A ' ' ny ' ' , A- -f ry. . I , D 5 V ,W , ,zu , V 'A y ,fu V ,, , V' ,f , .QM A Q f 1 1 i ff , 1 'Vqfglgf Q Q 'f ,Q Y 4' ' : . ,,,, A ,.. if -W 1 Q s3f"""' '78 51' , ,J A :'- W ., V I , V i tg A ,V,, ' A if M 7 i 5 I ii! M ,,,.,-N., in 'Qin' '6'11': g l , , xl, A Q Q l"" , WA """" W 2 iw 4 ... I If :H , M " 375: ff. ,5 f 'Y' K: -,-kb A 'V 5 ' 1,3 -- 1, I K . I 1 '52 5 f I fb 2 4 I i ,1 , Q N, ' I J 3 Q f 41 ,aa f V V4 Q 1 gg f 1 Q 'I W 4 W yx L. 5' K V ' 95, ,ae V A 'qw , , Y, I lm 1 .ws Q i 4, 7 I Q jf, 'Nei gsm 6 ig we 4 4 I E l 11, , Y kkk,i ,,,V ' ff A 1, A X' Aw, , i . gt 4' VA ff 1 xg. Y F i ,J Ig . """ ' 4, f -5 g x 1, X rms ' wh xp. LM . , R is V , Z f Q E V zi?v,w 08 . ,I ' -Q A 5 " N , VZVV' W L. ,LLA, M31 ---r-- I :ff Q ,, ' 1 : WJ J H-Lil-M-1- f---M MM ---J g,,.... u-M--4 M VT""W ffa :1sr Tn M W-M-.M M' V . , O I ,,.,.-m,,.-,,, , ,..A..t ' ,I -V k i Cheerleaders Yell l I Officers Lead, Pep Club Reacts ABOVE: Brenda DeHart, head cheerleader, watches as matmen take the lead. RIGHT: Sabrette cheerleaders: Sue McDougal, Brenda DeHart, Rosemary Spradlin, Cheryl Curry, Candy Keith, Gina Klinglesmith, Norma McElwee, and Glenda Brannon. l54 QELOW: Sabrette officers: Vickie Sawyer, Pat Siegle, Marsha Robinson, Cindy eagan, Connie Farris, Vicki Arnold, Carla Pratt, Sue Lively, Janis Chambless, Cathy Witten, and Ricki Robinson. FAR BELOW: Sabrette president, Vicki iamman, yells the team on to victory. licentive for the minute few who needed it, there was the weetheart Dance and Pep Club Banquet to work toward. ne merit was earned by attending a game and wearing the niform, and a certain number of these was needed to go. hey also helped if a Sabrette's ambition was to be a cheer- aader or officer. Where the team was, the Pep Club could usually be found, 'ven at Shawnee, with seven busloads full. If spirit and en- wusiasm were any forecast of success, the other side never ad a chance, as the 28-O victory over Shawnee proved. This iattern repeated itself an astonishing number of times, and iy the time of the Sweetheart Dance, there was plenty of ause for celebration funless a Sabrette hadn't the merits 3 attend.J With-all the last minute spirit tag selling, ushering, nd record attendance at games, there were few who didn't. Continued E ! 3 1 1 s E 3 l E Q s y ' And Girls' Pep Clubs "Unite" To Fornn Greater Spirit Any organization as large as the Pep Club needs leaders to organize and direct its activities and the Pep Club has always been notorious for their many leaders-all T2 of them. The election of those 12, as well as the cheerleaders was shrouded in an aura of feminine mystique. Campaigns and counter-cam- paigns were planned and executed weeks before the election: the elections themselvs were almost anti-climatic. Results were disclosed at the Pep Club Banquet the following night, and it ever there was a night for sentimentality, this was it. There were tears for the winners as well as the losers, if not for the same reason, for those times that could never be recaptured, but always remembered. FAR LEFT: Boys' Pep Club and the Sabrettes cheer to boost morale at a pep assembly. LEFT: The Boys' Pep Club numbers large this year. TOP ABOVE: Two of the Sabrette's sponsors, Miss Ellis and Miss Sughru, spectate a skit being given at a pep assembly. ABOVE: Spirit Boosters: Marty Smith, Donna Birk, Eileen Hudclleston, chairman, Debbie Knight, Alice Mclnnis, Debe Jefferson, Vicki Barnhart, Billie Riggs, and Barbara Pritchard. as X mwiiw' J wilir, 5 k'i"":: ' 'Q?fffif :lsiQ ra fifi1S f"5 as. 4gg fQ 8l if X. SN nays-wx ann ' xlliyiiil .nI1ifaann nuff inn: 1' iif5',' , f . l ilA5'r,A5'W Q.: w I rggfa HSS fl . f xia? A x "fi ,Q as :V 4 , , X frigid Q , um Delegates Urge Improvem If it is truly better to give than to receive, the Grant student uncil should have had a wonderful conscience. Beginning th Howdy Week and continuing up to the last day of school, e council organized activities to benefit the student body. Each new year the Sophomores come, hundreds and hun- Eds of curious, lost newcomers. To make them feel welcome, student council planned a week of activities which ac- vainted them with the school. At.the end of the week, Jdent council sponsored the Howdy Dance and the crown- g of Mr. and Miss Howdy, Bob Watts and Rosemary Spradlin. The student council was under good direction from President n Roselle. Dan was a delegate from Oklahoma to the itional Student Council Convention in Hurst, Texas. Syndy ans, Alice Mclnnis, Dan Roselle, Karen Swenson and Beau omson attended Student Council Workshop at Central State allege for six days, which prepared them for their work ead as leaders. Grant was well represented at State Convention held in oodward, Oklahoma, with eight delegates. Delegates were: ebbie Bynum, Syndy Evans, Hayriye llbeyli, Alice Mclnnis, n Roselle, Karen Swenson, Beau Thomson, and Lynda Weed. Lynda Weed was one of four students from Oklahoma osen as a member of the 1968 National Student Council ents Via Student Council European Tour for International Understanding. T40 students from 45 states visited eight European countries on a good-will mission. The General's student council was also active in city and district organizations. Steve Corder was president of District Eight. Grant participated in Inter-City meetings once a month and took part in Inter-City Visitation Day. The American Field Service challenged the council mem- bers. At one point, the AFS program planned for next year was to be abandoned because there was not a host for the new foreign student. But after the seven AFS students from Oklahoma City presented the AFS assembly in February, the spirit was revived and plans went ahead for AFS fund-raising week March IO-14. Activities such as: Contests between home rooms decorated as various countries, selling shares of stock in AFS, and the contest for Mr. and Miss Irresistible, helped generate enthusiasm and reach the goal of Sl,OOO for the AFS fund. Student council completed its active year with a formal banquet. This final ceremony prepared for next year with the iniation of new officers and gave graduating members a chance to look back over their good work and receive long- deserved praise. l59 Council Acts A5 Mediator For Students ,F gf 'ls ts TOP ABOVE: New ideas and sug- gestions are brought to the coun- cil's attention by Sue Ray. TOP ABOVE RIGHT: Representatives vote in a motion. ABOVE: Listening in- tently at an early morning meeting are representatives. RIGHT: Mr. Rickerts. Student Council sponsor, checks to see if Hayriye llbeyli under- stands all resolutions made. l60 .I 5' 'i ss' 9- N U I Q xx i ' fi" . Leif i' gjiiivffli? . ,L - 'fi "Q .. f Nj . It .wi L . 1 s ,'.' 1 L s . as , tv- ' 1 f ,...,, 1 : 1 1. g. s gg s s Q , , ., V ,,.- Q. A K - ,S l62 ABOVE: O'Club pledges are being "forced" to polish member Tom McGarry's shoes. RIGHT: Kenneth Praytor, president, makes an emphatic plea for attention during an O'Club meeting. O'Club Stresses Athletic Achievement For Schoo A boy was seen running through the halls with shavin cream smeared over his face yelling "It's lime. lt's real lime. The reason for this outlandish behavior was in only a sma part the boy's. The boy was an O'Club pledge going throug the rigorous initiation in order to ioin the athletic aimed ol ganization. Boosting school morale was a new aspect of the club. Se dom was there a game where the club could not be foun competing in volume against the Pep Club. Club Members fry Austin iarles Babb ax Blumenthal :a Bradley rry Buckhold ike Call lke Cossey land Easter 'ny Green ubby Grimes 1arles Goodson an Guffey 'rry Himes avid Hodges 'av Hoster Rick Jones Tom Kaser David Keel Alan Lacer Don Lindsley Jerry Lowder Robert Miller Tony Mitchell Dan Moen Tom McGeary Stan Pendergroft Don Poe Kenneth Praytor James Rhodes Don Rinkle Don Rinkle Joey Roberts Randy Sanders Charles Sifers Mike Smith Rex Stafford Richard Stevens Johnny Sullivan Rusty Thrash Elmer Troxell Larry Waddle Bob Watts Allan Whitfield Ed Wooddall 0 Rm N if 'Ln ,. , ,.,,,.y...-.QM-,,Y ,M Mm.,- wa-ognlnluuulv , ,ff ' ww, A.,,x""v1.QQ'!9' . 1.4.-3' l"'5'fLk fxu: " f u f ' , -1 4... H1 H, W. 3255 fi? wh. ,al H ..mu,.,,N?9 s is I lf?" .,, we .J N ' M, rx . K mira ' .lf ww. WS ', Y. ,I -f X 'N k'., j 'J 'Si f JB aw 1 Qs Q igifff' N 0 PW 'J J' Q , ap, X A ,N m.,- S, 1 4 Y J A J94 A K Y wew::w,. J fi n V .dv ',"'x ' , , .1 mfg' , ff' Q2 ' M ' f iw v H , gf . I I ,,g, '41 Q -"""W. VE FTA Members Brenda Acton Paula Arnold Renee Barker Bobbie Berry John Brassfield Pam Brooks Peggy Brooks Maureen Bryce Wendell Byrne Leola Casey Lawanna Chick Jim Corder Debbie Denton Jody Dowell David Dunbar Syndy Evans Gay Gamble Dawne Garlow Betty Hammett Debbie Hart Ginger Hacket Elayne Hays Connie Heaton Chuck Holiman Paulette Hunt Denise Harley Sonja lrich Patricia Jones Eddie Lawter Rodney Leird Louise Loper Charlotte Massey Patty Miner Karlene Myhro Albert McBee Charla Nantz Fran Pearn Ella Pennington Connie Rhoads Kathy Rolland Keri Rosebrook Dan Roselle Debbie Sewell Becky Shrum Cathy Skrapka Guy Smith Yolanda Sousa Linda Spencer Gary Sperling Karen Swenson Vickie Tracy Elmer Troxeil Cathy Urban Mary Ann Vaughn Kay Jag,-kg Diane West Rhonda Jarnagin Ufldd Wilkes Cindy johnson Carla Williams Glenda Jones Radonna Wood Kathy Jones FT Plays "Big Brother" Not only student teaching is their "bag" but FTA members also gave a helping hand to less fortunate youngsters. Two members each day tutored grade school children at the South Children's Center. Members also made baskets and sang Christmas carols for an old folks home. Along with the annual Tootsie Roll Pop sale, FTA members sold Christmas cards as another fund-raising scheme. I67 Safety Council Members Donna Anders Byron Babcock Steve Barney Gale Bower Freddy Brown Garry Buckhold .lohneria Chearwood Barbara Dale Judy Evans Judy Garner Sheryl Gackler Leona Hair Gwendolyn Howell Kathy Jones Pam Jones Paffi Jones Richard Kerr George Kime Becky Lee Mike Morgan Marlene Mhyro Carol McCracken Sharon Oden Dianna Pullin Billie Risenhoover Rhonda Robinson Ernest Trumbly David VanDevenrer Bill Welge David Wilcox Cheri Wynn Glenna Young kr .XQXX 3 Q WW Lafety Council Warns Drugs Chancey Business Despite desperate appeals for homeroom attendance the ifety Council seemed to die a slow death this year except -r the stubborness of a few, it might have. The stereotype I the Safety Council as an extension of Drivers Education as hard to break. The officers and other members were finally able to break Jathy in late February with an assembly concerning not only itomobile safety, but drug safety. That old refrain, "lt couldn't happen to me," was never 'oved more wrong than by the skits presented that day. It 'as the climax of a week of "campaigning" for safety's sake. EXTREME LEFT BELOW: President, Carol McCracken leads meeting while Norma Snodgrass, FAR LEFT ABOVE: tacks up a bulletin. BELOW LEFT: Ernest Trumbly checks to see if wheels are aligned right in a personal auto check. LEFT: Supervising the club is Mr. Williams. I69 .f .I u ,ff ,k .Q NX K XX ,KK RX, xxx! "Wig, , Q Q aaa ? 3 1 1 , w-ww-,..,-.-..,.'T ' muh 4" A fi Wgimwaiimw "HH .....:::::-M-- be-PM H Q I .W- N- , N , v 4'---u44,,,, I ...M i3 'Y V52 f . f 4' . ....:??5ff:::a:::i:1?: .fiif3Q?5Ei5E3if1f , ,f"5. 4 if M-f W Q "ry, 'Wm W ww Q98 Aga E i . ff! - .,..' V' ,::::'-.W , A-.... ..,,,4fZff: ..................f.....,,, M55 A -1 a,....,, .wif 1' rf? ff My 124 4' :WL I ,W 'J ,- 0 15 UQ f V9 I-Q 1' , , " ' 'KR Q ,jj U ,hl,, Q WH' ' ,. J . K ,I , ,, A - z an Q A famaw N ,, ir ,3,, 15J"5ff ,nr in W5 ' - J 3, f 1219? l72 Science Club Members Walter Bays Jim Bristcw Wendell Byrne Debbie Denton James Gardner Michael Gourley Dayle Hancock Tim Hancock David Hart Bryant Hudson Ricky Mixon Greg Mooney Mike Perry Steve Perry Linda Shortt Mary Ann Vaughn Bill Welge Science Club Practices Experimental Theories Mother Necessity came up with a new club this year l meet the needs of those students, who, believe it or not, TOO an interest in science that excluded the course in school. Fc these there was the Science Club, giving many that extra pus needed to develop and enter projects in competition again several ot their peers. There were countless competitions and fairs to enter, N ASI Eisen, and Westinghouse, the name enough to scare otha students, only served to spur science club members. The clc stressed the individual ettort and with the help of Mr. Ogl the club sponsor, dreams of placing in Westinghouse NASA became realities, af' T BELOW: Readying the bunsen burner an experiment is Bryant Hudson. LEFT: sident, Dayle Hancock, checks roll prior meeting. RIGHT: Cleaning up after an periment are Greg Mooney and Mr. le. BELOW: David Hart studies a prob- E1 put on the board by Mr. Ogle. K gg,-F .. WT: . W X2" .,E: . - 11 ..-f ' '44, , ,wf af 4 5 T ew, Miss A Few Shots .....,,.f-,f . , P"Q' gf. gm. ' 'ffl l' 'S - C: X 5 flifw e e Club Members dy Caver y Chesnut lny Clement Hy Harness E Harness lter Hawkins e lngle 'y lrwinsky i Kifer f Mustang r Novctny 'id Ruyle y Wood X FAR LEFT: Ken Novotny, David Ruyle, and Mr. Hostetter tally hits and misses. ABOVE RIGHT: Peering through a telescope for a clearer view is Mike Engle. A far cry from the "Shoot 'em up, Johnny Days" was this year's Rifle Club. No longer was gunnery a trifling sideline picked up somewhere out on the range. These gunners were equipped to handle almost any firearm situation. Trained in the skill and use of a rifle, members thrived on accuracy per se. A close record was kept on the "hits" and "misses" for each member. ironically enough, the name tagged on the club, Target- masters, fit them to a tee. Hitting the target, and remaining to do so, pitted a challenge to the boys. Not only were the members trying to beat their own records, but their com- rades' as well. Sponsor, Mr. Hostetter, not only kept a tally sheet for the club's accuracy and improvement, but also participated in many of the conquests himself. I75 Rockef Club Members David Baggetf Duane Berryman Wayne Bird Gary Griffin Sam Jones Stephen Kelly Coy Latham Freddie Leonard David Rainbow Danny Rushing Randy Sarringfon f-- .ocket Club Launches ew Program Of Flights The Rocket Society improved their launch facilities as part a continuing program to provide members with the most a-to-date equipment possible. The new launcher was capable handling four rockets at a time. The new control panel ed four rockets in sequence, efficiently and safely. The club ed this and other equipment to launch, track, determine itude, and recover by parachute the rockets designed and nilt by the members. Rocket launchings were held every other week when the aather was calm. The meeting allowed an exchange of eas and a chance to learn new techniques of rocket design cl construction. During meetings, the knowledge gained from model rockets as related to the larger, more complex birds used in the 5. space program. Officers were: Howard Sarrington, president, Larry Leisy, :e president, and Victor Miller, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Cable rved as sponsor. -v. za . - , . - , , i . f 'Q f'.- -. - I . . ' 'J ' l .,,.. ,-.. . ,-,,. ....,, I , . .M V 't'i' : 2 ,Lal T .. . F, of - L M T... gf- W- 'mf I I , V. M.f.,,7!1ms.w.+1-4 ,, ' 5- UM 2- Y 1' . 1 qfiffits " A if F " ' 'L' ' T. f ' ., ...T , ,. M ,V , ,.gV , CE . , 15 UPPER LEFT: Larry Leisy, Howard Sarrington ,and Victor Miller set up equipment for a 4-way launching. LOWER LEFT: Working on a proiect are David Bagget, Bruce Berryman, and David Rainbo. RIGHT: Members Victor Miller, Howard Sarrington, Sam Jones, and Randy Sarrington, help Wayne Bird prepare for equipment. ABOVE: Steve Kelley watches his rocket travel at a speed of 200 mph. I77 .fu-t. - A .,.5m,g ,ggiflgli l78 Senior Students Merit Scholastic Achievement Each year senior representatives are chosen to attend Boy State at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater and Girl State at East Central in Ada. The Altrusa Club, a subsidiary of the American Legion chose Alice Mclnnis to represent Grant and the surroundin Oklahoma City area, Alice was elected to the office of Lieutenant Governo the second highest office at Girl's State. Beau Thomson and Sam Turnbow were chosen by th Lion's Club and Clay Hoster and Jerry Buckhold were selecte by the American Legion. 'ti A 5-an 'M Y lla g Beau was a nominee for the office of secretary of state the third highest office of Boy's State. Three Grant students were chosen among the national win ners of the National Merit Test. Mike Perry, Janette Cook ana Debbie Denton, were selected upon their national scholasti standing on the test. The exam is administered to all interestec seniors each year. Letters were received by the three students shortly afte the test was given, explaining that they had ranked in thi upper 5? of the nation. W wake ,, z r- 3 .1 i , W 1 'fbi-:Qf'f5fiff'fflf?ll kk -ze f1. ff' . W W' A av. '31-f i, X ,mmnwwt FAR LEFT: National Merit winners, Mike Perry, Jeanette Cook, and Debbie Denton discuss test results. LEFT: Clay Hoster, Sam Turnbow, Beau Thomson, and Jerry Buckhold represented Grant at Boys' State last summer. ABOVE: Delegate to Girls' State, Alice Mclnnis, recalls election events. I79 9m I sq. 13--T ,Az ,N .. lie ' V as f A LEFT: Jay Amos, Sophomore Class President is the epitome of a leader. RIGHT: Sophomore Class Officers: Vice Presideni, Gary Winfield, Secretary, Robin Hamiliong Treasurer, Kathy Denton, Parliamentarian, Pam Cable, Chap- lain, Carolyn Leird, Representatives at Large, Pat Maloy, Janet Oaks, David Newell, Karen Thompson, and Paula Jones. I80 . Q 34,11 e 0 Q 3'2- , XV' f!-N,,,...... fe--"" as ...- ......,- ...---1 i,.,..Qi Sophomores Eager Faces Greet New Term It was easy to spot the sophomores at first, no one else could have had those questioning looks, expectant faces, and iust over-all enthusiasm that identifies a sophomore at any school. They soon learned, however that high school life, even at Grant, was not all pep assemblies and basketball games, or having the senior boys eye those sophomore girls. lt was also getting adjusted to the work load, which was heavier, and to the tests, which were harder. After a few weeks the sophomores could scarcely be dis- tinguished from the rest of the student body. By then, class officers had been elected, sophomore representatives were attending student council, and they wasted no time in making themselves heard. Every committee had a sophomore among its members, and the sophomores victory over seniors in the Toys for Tots drive was an easy put down. By the end of the first semester, the sophomores really felt at home. 1 N. if -3 Representatives of the Sophomore Class Planning Committee. Diane Boydstun Raymond Bruza Stephanie Clark Cindy Dowling Trisha Duncan Steve Fox Paula Garlan Debby Griffin Anita Johnson Roberta Kastor Janet Langwell Linda Letchworth Pam Mathis David McCall Mala McDaniel Dubby McElvaney Donna McGhee Candy Mead Vicky Mikeman Karen Moulton Jenny Nettle Cheryl Powell Kathy Rader Steve Saak Gwynn Still Susan Swenson Lynne Trail Holly Vance Mark Webb Diane West Larry Yates Ray Young 'Mr i -Y? I ,Vs ,lk Q ' i 4 all " t 7 ' 1 " 4 ' L r. 4? V i t gill it 4 ' V - l as 'H , r I , 11. iw E 1 .fri ky .. , 1' all-Q rs' XX t E as J X Q, 1 if fa, - if"' g Kyhk, .Q J I' .. xt. 'I M35 -fv Q- , I K -N., 4-.wif V H, f I 1 ll ' YK R 1 Sb 31 - -...... .,,,...,f ,,L.. 5. J , 1,1 ' " W' 4 ... -. 1 - , il M Ang , , l f., "' Q X 'gy' '-v 1 if we fr a si' Y Campbell, Paula Campbell, Sheila Canada, Mike Canaday, Frank Carrol, Pat Casey, Linda Chalts, Jim Chaney, John Chappell, Marilyn Chappetn, Teddy Cheatham, Allen Chick, Lowanna Chills, Joe Childress, Marie Choat, Bobby Chrisman, Janet Christi, Bobby Clark, George Clark Lynn Clark, Mike Clark Stephanie .raise-'T e3 l.'1fff 1' lf ll 'rl' If if ' iw" g I lily f I or .....'l' QMWI s,'5'.' glzfilil i lfllifjf .P .lxfggl MIK QQ Eff ig ll. ,A jlliifl' nf,-:mimi Il .. p,,,IVj". I Q! 1 ' n l l84 ' ,'W'mm,., Although a secretary's iob was not what he had in mind, Jimmy Bamberger meets with more problems than expected Cobb, Charolotre Cobb, Paulette Cobb, Vickie Coffey, John Cochren, Nancey Coker, Gerry ' Colame, Gena Comb, Janice Cook, Diane Cooper, Doug Cooperman, Mike Corbin, Tommy Corder, Jim Cordroy, Pam Cowell, Maxine Cox, Steve Crabtree, Pat Craig, Dennis Craig, Joyce Craig, Sherri Crilly, Gary Crooks, Billy Crosno, Dennis Crouch, Karen Dart, Diane Davenport, Pam Davidson, Gene Davis, Janet Davis, Terry Dees, Wallace Dennis, Dale Dennis, Janice Denny, D'Ann Dens, Brad Denton, Kathy Deweese, Marlene Dickson, Joe Dillinger, Peggy Dixon, Bob Dobbs, Billy Dodge, Denny Double, Lucinda Dowling, Cindy Dripdale, Scott Droke, Cynthia Duiny, Cecil Dunbar, Davis Duncan, Trisha Dunn Elisa Duplen, Cathy Duren Danny Dutcher John Dye Tommy Easterling, Glenda , .,,,m,m Q c c,,,,cc,,, W eq? E ,,, ,. df 7, M w af er- 7-we , - sr 51 V iilil ll 'fl K x 1- ' .- 1 J, if 14 5' A it f' Af- K A as , V ji A,V 1 - U J iv " i" , is it ca, We ',,'Wr Soohomores Business Courses Q-..f . W V... Dwi 'snri t. V , J J E. g K -- C415 cs . iw 'th , ' 'i gif is 11,1 ' I A ., lg .. tai ll illl W V Hu' g ' V V ' fs, ' 'i":l t ,ca Kawasaki ,qw V 1 M fi ' i " , if 'A if 'I All :qu 6. an if iii W if i V. W s , I 2' iliiiili t"r l , - , - 1 -X M- ' il , JL wifi J Q Q 1 I he ' ,M '- if ,U ' A . Develope Useful Skills K . .. ., -1-'iii fra , , 1- 1 ' " tl Q . rg,- 1 ,gg E in Q. ,I , 'll ' 2, ' M s ' .:- ' ' ,fmt F. t ill? J J J Edinburgh, Debbie iet' i 'ssi" .ff it i' s 4 faa,, - ' . , ' 5, " K ' , 5 Edward, Jeri Eggert, Rita Elliot, Joyce Ellis, Mark Ellis, Vickie Engles, Danny Engles, Mike Erickson, Mark ef 'LT' f " 'fx z Q " eva X- 3141 J New N8 2 :2 :J.' l in W A 34 ...L - i -L ,, i b ' Z3 for :. rf, t ttii J af an x I F-llilllm z s-114-" fri . . . icss ' A 'wo . . . Zhi, 1 E? -'E J. V t ' g I - ts ii get L p f L, Sophomores Interest ls Shown ln Publications Esguivias, Deane Evans, Pat Fanning, Paul Fent, Cindi Ferguson, David Figaro, Pat Finney, Carla Fishburn, Linda Fisher, Darla Flanagan, Phillip Floyd, Larry Foot, Jimmy Foster, Mike Foster, Sharon Foutty, Lavone France, Peggye Franklin, Ellise Froser, Steve Freeman, Bobby Freeman, Mike Freeman, Steve Frost, Laquita Fox, Steve Gamble, Goye Gardner, James Garopshire, Terry Garlan, Paula G B ar ow, De bie Garreth, Pam Geckler, Andrea Gentry, Jonita Gentry, Stan Gentry, Stanley Gibson, Bonnie Gibson, Donnie L , f 1,5 1 'H ,. ,J , x . - , 2 Q . X, ' 1 511. 4' ' . -F .ri ..., , s s K ' L ' L X...Q,,,, A , it s 5': . , Vi,i,',l , tn-gt s 7 g" 2 I - l- if D ii Ay . - - .f l " I A ... 1,,..i l. ,,"i? lf V, f V - G, We lk gig ti Lx if Q g et ft,l l ui ,Q A I ' a t 'FH'-'+.J 1 F rtr L - i--' is 3 , ' r f Azi I V 11' if' ' :L S if 'S kkkl wi Al K at-2.355 1- i i ' " l Y I , fi. v 1 A V Q. .Ye , -n if ...urn 1' Q- gl. ..r st' of l Gilleland, Kathy Gober, Roger Goforth, Sharon Goodson, Charlie Goodson, Earl Gore, Rick Gottschalk, David Goure, Thomas Grammer, Bruce Gray, Lucinda Gregg, Robby Greenlee, David Griffin, Debbie Gringsby, Brenda Grigsby, Brenda Grigsby, Pat Grove, Karen Groves, Jery Groves, Lynda Grubbs, Mike Grubb, Robert Hock, Pam Hackett, Ginger Hockworth, James Haffner, Kathy Haggard, Joel Hale, Ron Hoelirnan, Chuck Henages, Bruce ,M , M at H . in ' V -eng. ii -MMI Q "2," -1? gi, Z eg . 'sn 1+ T xv Ge' -2' fc' , ,il t X f,i,.:.Az.s Lt Cf ,sit ,-. . If Y 'G-' 1 12 . .'-Q.-af f 'Wi .1 if a X I.. "' 1. , if li A new - 'Z x D .:. is gg. X D xv fi 1 I-mf. new at L5 1 N f ' " z X m 1 f' .fwy . ,,,, .go ks.. X 1 Q? Hamilton, Robin Hamman, Midge Hams, Pam Hares, Pam Harness, James Harrison, Debbie Hart, David Hart, Ray Hatcher, Lawrence Hathaway, Chas Hatts, Monty Hawkins, Betty Henderson, Debbie Henderson, Steve Heffington, Denis Helm, Randy Henry, Johnny Hensley, Gale Henely, Johnny Hensley, Tim Henson, Mike Herring, Billie Herrion, Terry Herrod, Wilson Herron, Debbie Hibbard, Bruce Hefley, Steve High, Lesa Hightower, Robert Highsmith, Bill jg, T. ..,,.. 5 , i ff i f 1" A iff ""s ,Q f 5 M t in . .ta W. ,,,, ez.. D' "lv Reviewing the latest on news around school. Q, tt.. ,av Gtwralf- Ramp Del Citv anus! 'mf' ' '-4 iL,'..,f .-iw fff ' we. gy, "",. 1- v a.. k:f,1,,'.:'?f:k, 4' .4 ,, . ,Q , . .5 A.. 'vi , ,vi-,v'. 5. -LU, 4' , in , 11f+f,i2'fff5g g 3:23 issue of the 'Dispatch', Paula Garlan catches up I87 ,X if is, i l M-vel EFS , , -.- K .wr w . 2 . . 5 Z-gang Af A l Pm iii - .' V 1 h1' f , - - ' 1- -, .ww Vi , -k W H Q , ,X I x, ' i Q 1. Y--up -- ' - . f -Q mi 'i 1 Q 'i Y eff , in ,LmAA l ' 'X ' I ' '1-Ii l s 4 K . - After nine months, this scene needs no explanation. I. Hilks, Gail Hill, Becky Hill, Decki Himes, Terry Hinds, Gloria Hiii, Pam Hogey, Mike Hoffney, Sieve Hodge, Valerie Holden, Marion Holi, Charlo1Te Holley, Bob Holmes, Jolene Holmes, Pam Hoslsins, Pat Holt, Alan Holt, Roy Honcock, Tim Hones, Robert Hopkins, Keith Hopson, Jim Holl, Lewis Horrel, Susane Houlette, Teresa Howard, Marsha Howard, Tommy Hove, Denise Hudelson, Debbie Hudson, Bryant Huffines, Gary Hughes, Clyde Hughes, Holly Hull, Gayland Hulsey, Robert Hunter, Clinton Hunter, Jerry Hunter, Mark Hunter, Terry Hustor, Marlia Hutchinson, Dana Hutcninson, Ladler Huxley, Dennis Ingle, Mike Ingram, Carolyn lsooe, Mike luck, Sonya lrwinsky, Jerry Johnkl, Carl Jewell, Ron Jenson, Jimmy Jefferson, Barbara Jamison, Donna Jackson, Marta Johnson Anita Johnson, Carolyn Johnson, Cherrel Johnson Diane Johnson, Jim Johnson Mike Jones, Beverly Jones, Ginya Jones, Kathy Jones, Pam Jones, Patricia Jones, Paula Jordon Marilyn Jordon, Jeannene Jordon, Steve Katzaroski, Darla Kaster, Roberta Keef, Beverly Kelley, Mary Kelley, Steve Kennedy, Alepe Kennedy, Teresa Kerr, Anita Kidd, Johnny ,. - 'J 1 ,J gr '. as X J f .,,, M-V Asc.. pymy "K" are ' B Q J V' D7 fo , ,C 2 t sql' lii ' K J' " f i - iii'i r H f A 'il 'fi "Mi ""' atv "Wil "" 1 ' ' ' ,J A iilii A -g is r .. fr 2. . , X .,5,,, ,E ,aoo at ik C F5 n X nk ' 2 ' 'yan Xu Qii? 2 E.. C :,.,uJM' it al it df K s s a, 'I is Lf i1-lt ' 1 -V 5 e C RQ at P551 'K 9"' ff 5 . -' V Q t - if ,. if " " 1, n 33' Q H f 33 -' 5 l "1 f ,M K . . . . . M .. ' Q ,Q , Sophomores Campus Scene Soon Becomes Familiar N' .Xl J C ' - rl' as s -1? 'll fi r 'C M J -Jil , if ar r V li "ii l t I B '31 f er o ' s . ,f C l vu ' A x 1 web b J np, t y ,S f o JK' tg, n 1 y ' .,,, I ' Ex In i-i:::i ' e""D C is-'R L, s Letchworth, Linda Leverett, Sharon Lewellen, Floyd Lewis, Danny Lewis, Ricky Linam, Earnest Linn, Donna Linn, Larry Little, Rickey Lock, Micheal Loffredo, Beth Logn, Roger Lowe, Chas Lounge, Debbie London, Franklin 'f' ,H C ,, e.. rig Kidd, Lorraine Kime, Geo King, Clinton King, Darilene King, Robert Kinsey, Debbie Kirby, Roma Kirkpatrick, Judy Kite, Cindy Klein, Ron Knapp, Gary Kolb, Lou Raye Kositzky, Mike Kreig, Jo Lacher, Roland Lackey, Janis Lacy, Larry LaGrone, Eddie Landers, Paul Langston, Kenneth Lathon, Donna Lawter, Ed Lawson, Marcela Ledford, Regina Lee, Sandy Leird, Carol Lenz, Dale Leonard, Freddie BELOW: Sophomore, Bill Hull, seeks seclusion in the court yarc to do some last minute cramrning. RIGHT: Probably the mos familiar sight at school, the friendly clock. -4--.5 Unix Y -xiii -1...---..aaw-.-.........-annum 1 i Q ur.:--115:-: Af f .,E-' 1 T is-,wt-an L 1 , 5. . y.. L. K ., v,-pq"---A 'fr H ,,-we lU'U93i1wS1il.C.Qvh3nif A iw- be -iv: -ann-nuns , ,aa ' dm? , -- ' 'O O , f Sophomores Lhmkwcmsmnen Hnd'Hnw2ForRough Lopez, Karen Lounge, Debbie Lovelady, David Lowe, Chas Mackey, Susan Malone, Mike Maloney, Gary Maloy, Pat Malzer, Vicki Manning, Mike Marrow, John Marshall, Dave Martain, Bobby Martin, Bruce Martin, Bonnie Martin, Ted Matcher, Debbie Matheny, Linda Mathis, Carolyn Mathis, Pam Mason, Jeri Massey, Charlett Maxwell, Rita Mead, Candy Meeks, Ricky Melton, Bobby Micue, Jody Moffath, Neo Mikeman, Vicki Miller, Connie Miller, Dorothy Miller, John Miller, Larry Miller, Marion Millican, Pam - -v'x, , 'S .fl L,-1f15i4',k Q L .V,,r fsvdh .fV. H A bg 45177412 631' f A ,Fa fa-ff s Q W J , , .. If 2 ' I QQ ,. i,,, , W I :lf G' 'SZ' is , x A in .J - , , , ' ff , L . W' , , , YF' V X. , 6' 'X Q' V V ,f Y L , i' 9' 1' fkz T'f5'Q5',f'lLlZlXf-L'F-'. L 'safe ll", fl X , 4 E L ' .Q- 7 L Studies it er -'L J ,F or K ' A if y i l' A Q' L 1' , ' 1 ft L, 'ffl 1 W ri: l K --M -fri ff' "-, ...n ,L X 5 v Q' my time W J if-5 g J., ., ., I ,- ' ,-L? 'S V,,1 , " 1. rl if 411, -iffy L , e' 6 - F' " fe' dr 0- . I 'YY' I .31 ,, k,.: Y? A ,ww 1.1 i I ' S ' ' Q f L All M 'll' T - 1 ' J Q 3 , R ' 521 xiii 2 K x ' ' L , ,gf i 'Mn Being late for school finds Jenny Nettle caught in the rain. She is rescued, however, by an old newspaper used conveniently as an umbrella. Mills, Joe Millure, Steve Mitchell, Tommy Mixon, Rick Mize, Bobby Moen, Kristi Montgomery, Paula Moody, Donna Moon, Sandy Moore, Don Moore, Mike Morgan, Pattye xii., f. V- t zlbh ,,l, n A X -N 1 1 fii , ,,, , ' 1 ,W Q 5 V B :N . V Q V -1 X 4 33 S , g S I nf . ' ' Af 3' - 'K . ' rife S W S is S I I Li '47 A - any 5 1.24A r I A if .'L - l 1 N, ,V Q . M " it - in 3' 1 . el 'lvl 4 i'ii 1 l ,I D 3 ' X 1 1 S I3 Q ff iss A -We-iszf x I K ' .X 'gs xx 41' W' wmv' M.,- .o g ef 6' k l do S N , A .Wg ff: f' .3 w- 1- H -f fi-15:1 45: 4 ,, ' Q . 3, 1 ---' . 4, ges.,,gR,i:f,, wig: ,m i ,, U W X, 2 A t 5. 5 .. ..,. Y Lgfvg ,,,, , N .5 B i . i . 4 ,K ' W A 25 ' ffl t 3-2 I92 31 h Q.-A 'F' .:.:, X., 4 J, i s ksfgx J' ,V --f- ,nw 0 ' l ,wr tw Q- A : f :A a is N, ,, ,F V sg . K Z.. 'iw Morgan, Sharon Morris, Yvette Morrison, Shirley Moulton, Karen Moulton, Sharon Mountford, Mike Moyer, Bobbie Munday, Donnie Muniga, Valerie Murphy, Don Miese, Jack Mustain, Buck Myers, Debbie Nance, Lynn Nance, Pamela Nelson, Ernie Nelson, Jimmie Nettle, Jenny Newell, David Notling, Tina Nichols, Linda Novak, Don Novotney, Kenneth Oaks, Janet Odom, Sue Olson, Kathy Onshutz, Tom Owen, Robin Ozment, Larry Paden, Jo Ann Painter, Annett Park, Linda Pendergraff, Stan Perry, Steve Perryman, Phil Peterson, Marsha Peterson, Terry Petete, Linda Petree, Cliff Petrocelli, Julie Pilburn, George Picore, Denise Pierce, Scott Pinkston, David Phillips, Mike Pollock, Lonnie Polly, Karen Poly, Mike Pool, Vonda Potten, Christy Potter, David Powell, Cheryl Prather, Coy Pratt, Barbara Pritchard, Cynthia Pugh, Jean Perkins, Stan Perry, Steven Polly, Jerry Pomerick, Pat Rader, Kathy Raiden, Darleen Rainbow, David Raymond, Marcilla Ray, Suzie Reames, Mary Redrnon, Tommy Reed, Chris Reel, Jean Renaker, Judy Reynolds, Sherry Rice, Richard Rickey, Jerry Rice, Walter Rich, Donna Riddle, Janis Riddle, Jane Richardson, Nancy Richardson, Pat Terry, Ricky -li-TES...-Sh-B.Ll Ring, Ricky Ripley, Ginger Kerr, Anita ::"' R 'SN' if f . is Sophomores - ....'llt.X J K f, K .ax ii , , , 'M U f a , . . K ,,i: Af l VVL. ., ,:lik.,i5: is ,z rf fl Kiev' -Af ai. Q W E, M Challenging Problems Face fi if , igwxm , lg I WJ - .. -me .. N, 4 Q ' mv' , i E .. i, ,M ,swf 1 s,., , f 3 'ilu- ,3E"'l'T, ::-in T ao, Q we ,, ,,,..,,, ,W r 1.1-,r,fi..1 wx ,N .ggi gf- . Y,,,,L, . an s 'nf' it 2 F' A' , i i.. E Q I Newcomers s J - , mg sxwt. . ,.. .ff--V ,- Q .. Q ,,.. ..., , .- , wx ssis I93 .y l s- h y..-A va. gi A 1 'fr' g-+,.:fc.w's- 1 1 YEYPW F' ' ii ...- , l N , -. 4. ' 2 ' ,,. , xii 1 .Ill ' K , "Q av 5 ' - - ' . - l mL--11 , 1 g, Slm 'b1- f Off-Campus '58 Being late forces some discipline action by attendance secretary Mrs. Baker upon Jerry Stuckey. I94 McElvany, Debley McElvany, Linda McEwen, Pat McCall, David McCalys, Denny gl McClain, Glen . McClean, Jimmy 1 McClendou, Diane McClesky, Becky ii. Q Q -- :12 ,cyi H McClure, Stella a McCollie, Lou McCreight, Nora McCullah, Vicki McCulleg, Max McDaniel, Mala A. V- sv? - I McDaniel, Mike . - -' McDou, Brenda w be , flif ks K-EFVXQ 2 c s Lunches, Freedom McGhee, Donna " L McGowan, Danny V ' McManus, David ,rvjf ., ' 4 McMiller, Debbie McMurtry, David Ritter, Ronnie V - Rivers, Linda l lb. - 4 Robinson, Gary ' ' it 5... Robertson, Jimmy b 'T'-'X Robinson, Kathy M 1' kk! Robinson, Linda Il- Robinson, Nettie 'ky r .,,., , Q" aw N V 4. Robertson, Shannon -A Rodney, Larry 'ti "i' ,,i'i Rost, Mike i' I l Rowland, Gary Ruckl, Lisa Ruckley, Brenda .-"" fw- ., is Pi My Hal al' 12 ' I A ' in M , Y ,. , R A Q. A x vc. ,-we ess ' 77,5 .lead 1 if icc, 4 is ,, ,, W, c ,B ic '- i ,Q . . fu- Mil. - c " y ,Sf vw K y X' 5 - ip, ii 'Cf' ,quark a-, ,QM K. ,saf'm fr- if 4 ,..,,,- Lf Rupe, Steve Rusche, Lynda Russel, Sandra Ruyle, David Ryan, Richard Soak, Steve Salley, Rhonda Salamad, Larry Salisbury, Earl Sampson, Danny Sanchez, Anna Sanders Alton Sanders, Rick Sanders, Terry And OFG Sapp, Pa ula Sapp, Steve Sa rrington Savage, Buster Schipper, Alice Schafield, Judy Schultz, Greg Schwartz, Rick Scott, Pat Seibel, Cindy Senn, Ron l Shork, Janet Shatley, Roger Shaver, Mike Show, Jack Shepard, Bobby Sherman, Janice Sherrill, Rick Shipley, Kathy Shockley, Susan Shoemaker, Gayle Shook, Danny Short, Pam Shropshire, Terry Shultz, Debbie Siders, Sandra Siegle, Dana Sills, Diane Sims, Randy Sims, Theresa Singleton, Suzanne Skaggs, David Slane, Gary Sledge, Ann Slocy, Bonnie Slooper, David Slouse, Scott Smallwood, Glenda Smallwood, Wanda Smith, Amber Smith, Brenda Smith, Bruce Smith, Eve Smith, Guy Smith, James Smith, Janet Smith, Jill Smithers, Joe Smiley, Kenneth . t 1. P'-ef Privileges Also --fs s 35,2 l ' .. Llllww' Vai, N ..x xx -W, T -f ft t, is: ' at J ' 3 aw- Q 1.f.-5 A M ' fav" J .X .,, 1 A .4 ean Responsibility E? 1 M- "' S arf li S Qmefwgwe 15 J ., f 4,7 - R W ' . 1 6' llggf -e S - A 13- ef' I , l ,, ,, t . , T . s J ' . , ' ll 5' ' Nfluaik fr at - x."l'l1..t .S t F -P B N h e Q 4 -.A , V a-ly. W me ,.,, . 7, .g 4 K V , K .gr ff' ' 'a ie-45 A N , M X, X Q 9 if i 'J , n J , q I ll Q S as l 4 ,, .-ff: M ls ff - 'f , K , l 3 I -, 7 ' T fl! S' lii it 5' if it, it ff' S X NW J l R f l 4 , ta, its y 7, T ,sissy . M Vggy y 2 r ,- 'F , 1 , is ll-Fa,-Ll up '- T f' M 1, i 57 g, , QL' ' ii iff 'Y 4 ' , ,- f3..., 'We z. ,K K V, .f l Q. J V,-gf, il A M S 'itil' Q' ,c " 4 M ,. ,fm 31 , Q Y i If ap? Smith, Mark Smith, Ray Smith, Roy Smith, Steve Smoot, Mike Snipes, Bill Snodgrass, Vicki Sons, Debi Spencer, Rosemary Spencer, Linda Stapp, Mary Ann Stafford, Vicki M ,M E , L W E I I 2 1- 1 E ' 1 g , ag f A,,, t Oops! Caught in a case of mistaken gender, Mike Call recovers amazedly after a embarrassing situation. Standifer, Keith . A Stanley, Karen it V n ' ig pw si 1 in Store, James , f gl" 5' us 0 as was Still, Gwynn , mg S it S -N stack, Dennis Stone, Jan 5 Wy Stuckey, Jerry dx ix Stevens, Kathy s , Stevens Larry E. , .6 1 , ,ps ' K H Stevens, Vicki , , I Stewart, Mark I H" fy " is 'K i,. Stevens, Terri -Q, f- . -4 ' - S- i , Stratton, Gall Ns I 'V ' f ii , y Strider, Manford M satire , , V 4 me - fc, as-: fir, we - " Sturdivant, Tommy Sullins, Chas Sullins, Randy Swafford, Barbara L I I Swanson, Susan Swartz, Rick i f h .1 2. .. is ii 'r" ' ' ' Tall8Y, Linda r y Taylor, Debra iv is 2, .' Q 4-,- S X A? ra at tsti ic, if is r Q 'ft K ji 1, 4 Taylor, Mike Taylor, Nora Teague, Judy Terbush, Becky Terry, Daniel Testerman, Gary Thelbald, Janice Thomas, Danny Thomas, Donna Thompson, Jerry Thompson, Karen Tnompson, Sharon Thompson, Marena Threlkeld, Linda Thurman, Sheila Tipton, Diane Todd, Tommy Toffredo, Lynn Towell, Cherly Tracey, Vicki Trail, Lynne Trobaugh, Linda Tucker, Robert Tull, Maureen Upiohn, Marshall VanBusker, Teddie Vance, Holly VanDeventer, David Vanzant, Dennis Vaughn, Mary Ann Vaughn, Terry Wade, Carol Wade, Earl Wade, Sandra Walker, Lenny Wallenburg, Larry Wallace, David Watson, Carol Watson, Linda Warman, Mark Warsick, Jim Weatters, Beverly Weaver, Wes Webb, Bonnie Webb, Mark Weeks, Steve Welch, Mike Welge, Bill Wells, Kathy West, Diane Whitfeild, Donna White, Gary Whitney, Judy Whittecer, Ronnie Whisenhunt, Gary Wholen, Dennis Wiggins, Pam Wilcox, David Wilox, David Wilfong, Tom Wilkerson, Judy Wilkerson, Lane Wilkerson, Mike H", J. L1 alfa, . , ,,., . c,,,y in 3, ... , .s m 'sa1,S.ggfE??f? -wiijgvi 'A I ' Y rw, c A as 'A - 2 f 'Q c ' t c i farvs fx' A swf- ' . ,guts . " .,.5j5,, 'E' -'a e T s N sitifffl W - ' ,s. " ,yg .Q if 5 ' :.- A af .E - A' 'rf I x ' 7 we " A 3 .A K R ,vii J xi :gi::t, xi K G' '--K Nwyv' I mf ' X if ' x Sophomores Underclassmen Learn .rf V -fo' s Q., J -...1 112: v ,-.a c .cg ai Q ' r if :'., . ff-: 3 From Past Errors 44 'v x. 'il f 'f'-9 ff? 'T 5' s , .,1 i L, ai X Kiltie: QM-, 11.155 g ff W K, L.. ,g V ,La A K.-I 4, 5 V GM ll .url e fl D, :Q s ,: -T9 D J 'vf' IK' A .1 -'J fl Y 'D 1 ky QAL 1-A hx fix Q ,M t aa" fa 1 .sl J lux- sf - 5'5ff'v- Tp l ..- A" " 3 , W , I Aa in 'HM A X 4 ' we L? Y' :Q M7 ' l K 4 f I Wilkerson, Paula , V 3 K' i , 5 Wilkers, Diane , Lb . L' ,K Q, Q I A A gs Wilkes, Mike 3.9 9 lff 1 f- 1 W- L i .1 Willbanks, John A ' ' ,Q -W 2 o W ,Q 'W -fi or V Willis, Dale Y 4 ff me -A 4-'rf i :' , Willis Neesa r r l .ll. .. 4 f f Q. Wrll-amsonf Carole W KH if . " W is i 'ff'x- ' fi K , Williamson, Darrell , ' - W K " i K K , Williamson, Debbie it K + 4 , ,. l,'V - gg be ,K . , 31' Williams, Linda 41 , KK! g ,., F K K- ,V "1 r i if, ' . 3 Williams, Terry 2 i i' g.: I -Y W '--5 I ' . ' V K L' Y Wilson, Beverly 5334- Egzmli , 1- . MX -3 or i. 1 ,", 1 ww Wilson, lva :iv ' -. -5531 . l . , '-' ' - f " -V ' 1'- A K Wilson, Mike n ' K ll ' 5 Y' ,Q il Wilson, Terry K K , KK K 1, ,. fK, 21. - ,KK ...K A ' M H Winfield, Gary if .r i l if ' ' , M Winkle, Ronnie V 'J xx u 'if' 'f ,K K K K ., W-1 L - 1 , N, ,,f ",.' 1, . ' A 'V ' eW'5 Q 'fi r .KKK,, 'f i' ' . I 4, Wolfe, Sam W - ily Qs, Wolfenbarger, Tom i I x, A r K K 'Q Wood, Gary A if ' Wood, James - K If -0 r -... 1 ,si 'na 'Q Wood, Rick . ' i' i - , , Ml , 'PV 4 Woodard, Rolanda " ' -l f 'J 2? -2 V ' Woods Tom K , ' Ag M I i ' K 5, .. I K Qi S4 Wooliver, Janet K is f " - I ,KK ff' A Kg! ' Wooliver, James .W 'Fa 5 ,,s:s ii ,lss leli s Y in i 1 W wffghr, Anna Sophomores Lunch Provides Welcome Break From Studies szf Ns. ,uf ,cf-' sighs bun ef" Q -,,... H-' , is , I98 Wright, Lynn Wright, Pam Young, Ray Young, James Young, Glenda Yates, Larry Yarberry, Jeane Zalorth, Karen Zink, Stewart Sophomores Not Armstrong, Rose Bateman, Larry Belford, Ronald Clark, Barbara Clay, Vickie Coker, Danny Collamore, Charles Deason, Bradford Draper, Barbara Duval, Guy Fisher, Frankie Flesher, Patricia Gamble, Robert Garland, Paul Gaure, Thomas Gentry, Jonita Goodson, Ellis Grace, Rhonda Hooper, David Hoskins, Patricia Jamison, Donna Lee, Denis Leird, Rodney Linn, Donna Loffredo, Beth Magerus, Roger Mayabb, Carol Mills, Janice Mills, John Monical, Kenneth Nanny, Charles Pauld, Pamela Quintero, Abel Robinson, Jimmy Rackley, Brenda Sullins, Mark Trewet, Candy Zunigz, Valerie in Pictured LEFT Long lines, confusion, and a wide variety of foods and discussion topics add to the already hectic sophomore lunch period. RIGHT: The end of another day, and the end of one ice cream bar. Sophornores Strong Bodies, As Well As Minds Are Necessar BELOW: Terry Himes attention is diverted by a chinchilla during biology class, RIGHT: Avid supporters of physical fitness, Anita Johnson and Sharon Moulton partake in a game of volleyball. BELOW RIGHT: Paul Garland learns his lesson in proper parking. FAR RlGHT ABOVE: Re- search paper takes Sharon Goforth to the library for hard work and concentration. FAR RIGHT: BELOW: David Skaggs and Dennis Shook demonstrate one of boys gym more unique exercises. 200 .gif 1 BELOW: Sophomores ioin the upper classmen in support of Athlei competition. BELOW RIGHT: A sudden pain of hunger strikes Lim Matherly and Karen Moulton, as they stop between classes for a snac FAR RIGHT: Sophomore Jim Kidd admires proud remembrances of pa years. RIGHT: "Who's minding the store?" No other than Sophomo Susan Swenson. Underclassmen Take An Interest In School Pride YQ' .AMA S- bv Sophomores One Down Two To Go 1 YQ ff f:mW!5BQWi' N .ix ..4r'VlF N , - M 3' R 2:3 J X ff' ' 53" x 2 1 Y -A , sm A A: .v -. f Q ,- -x gi ,. h fm? 5 at gi' ,k-- if-2, Lx -Q mt wr - I J , . us: ie X A .. N uf . , - ...fuX'T w Q4 i 'R egg,-ky, X 4 " Di -O ggi- Qs., :'ei,c,,5 hw ,Q "V 1 Q-A1401 ' ' A-sg ,QQ v' X Q,-,J s an 206 5 gf 'l'1tQr Q ,QW ., , Q. 13? juniors Leadership aintains f If there was a word that could describe 1968-69 fc the class of '70, it was WORK. No Junior connected wit the Prom will forget the weeks of meetings and plannin that went into the creation of one memorable nigh There were decorations to make, and then more deco ations to make, and worst of all, a theme to pick an keep secret. The class of '70 had one great distinctiv difference. The Seniors of '69 were treated by tl' generous class of '70 to the luxurious accommodations c the Skirvin Ballroom. This marked the first prom t be held here in the sixteen year history, but it was tl' sixteenth year that it had been dreamed of. With the added costs, the problems of financin threatened all dreams. The Juniors did not give u easily, and they called upon the drama department t assist them in the production of "Rebel Without Cause". Presented in two evening performances Marc 7 and 8, this story of teen-age problems was a tremei dous success and the Juniors began their last prepari tions for the Prom. Long before the Prom became the center of attentioi the class rings were the subiect of every Junior's cos versation. With the varieties of style, stones and metal there was no end to the discussion -over which combin tion to choose. Underclassmen looked at all this fu: with question, but Seniors were understanding. Cla: rings were a sign that these Juniors would soon l: Seniors, and as prospective Seniors, they looked forwai to many privileges and responsibilities. Grades, Colleg Board Examinations, applications and plans for their futui awaited them, along with more freedom. There was als the pleasant anticipation that next year, they could s back, relax, and give the class of '71 the responsibili to present for them as Seniors a prom. Class rings d not transform them immediately, for the remainder i 1969 they worked hard in their role as Juniors, too buf to be anything else. 'x Y fgxfr x Q 'Sli 88 T ...iz-. . -is f r- in . N f x H' sn I V Q -qv .Hr S f . .X K r i Responsibilit For The Upperclassmen Duties Representatives of the Junior Class Planning Committee Glenda Brannon Debbie Campbell Ken Clampitt Vincent Decker Jane Evans Ernie Garland Barbara Hallmark Dana Hart Mary Holder Patty Keller Richard Kerr Kathy Kimpler Paula Mayo Gail McBee Debi Mount Jimmy Owens Billie Riggs Betty Sanchez Pat Siegle Rosemary Spradlin Gina Tidwell Susan Van Buskirk Jenny Westfall Fred Westmoreland Gary Wheeler Roger White FAR UPPER LEFT: Bob Wats, iunior class president, takes time out for a little fun. FAR LEFT: The 1968- 1969 Junior Class Planning Committee. LEFT: The iunior class officers, Bob Watts, president: Sue Mc- Dougal, vice president, Debbie Knight, secretaryp Debi Bynum, treasurer, Peggy Brooks, chaplain: Barbara Pritchard, parliamentarian, Teri Young, re- porter, Carolyn George, reporter, Pam Brooks, Jim- mie McClean, Steve Rowland, Mike Biddy, Billie Shelton, representatives at large. 207 ,y,,...,,t :', kv, Z- 92 Q , ,ri ,I at ,E gy juniors L ,-,-uw 'V ', Ag, ,, ,f , 5-up ,Sfwi 4 Q ,Baz w 1 ti- 'iw ' s 53+ 6' Q .J Q' ini -:gl S it il Ja X itii l l Q if 2 5-' if' , ll Ha If Ky' -,, Vi K .f ,it Sabrettes Display Spirit ln A ,fr lk ,ff x , se., Q ,S if J ,gy-1 Black, Mary Blackmon, James Blackwell, Sheryl Blaine, Ron Bloom, Andrea Bleumthal, Max Boice, Vicki Bollinger, Chuck 4- 'R'- I Q. W Q. Q ,.....-M.. .,. ,yi F A it fi 4 4' if l it h 'fffgii -4 I 1, , P: ,N it Q34 lah Abernathy, Bill Acton, Brenda Adams, Connie Adams, Judy Adama, Kathryn Aldridge, Donna Allen, Raye Lynn Alvarado, Gloria Appleby, Linda Anders, Donna Anderson, Pam Andrews, Steve Antriken, Mike Arrnbrister, Charlotte Arnold, Vicki Ashley, Lea Ann Ashley, Liz Asplin, Elizabeth Austin, Larry Babb, Charles Baker, Edward Baker, Jerry Baker, Jon Baldwin, Regina Barentine, Sharon Barnes, Autry Barnett, Kelly Barnhart, Vicki Batson, Becky Bauman, Terry Belding, Mike Benedict, Gary Bennett, Steve Benson, Mel Biddy, Mike thletic Competition ng, N J 1 Q' ' I i ' 1 X Xl 1- 'X 3 A Sai ff I r 2 ' ,- I ki. I W" ul 4 K l as' .- . Q V"- .J Q IV ...I BN xx XCQB . av 'gk i W, we .. ij, I . Brannon, Glenda Brewer, Marquita Bridges, Kenny Broadstone, Carlus Brooks, Pam Brooks, Peggy Brown, Debbie Brown, Freddie Brown, Teri Bruemmer, Daryl Bruemmett, Kenny Bryce, Maureen Buckley, Tsiannina Bunyard, Marcia Burns, Don Burns, Mitchell Burris, Richard Bymun, Billy Bynum, Debbie Calame, Phillip Caldwell, Richard .0-f ,xg J Boone, Wanda Borum, Kay Bowen, Vickie Bowman, Barbara Boyd, Carol Bradford, Carleeta Bradley, Asa Bradley, Debbie Bradley, Karen Bradshaw, Bonnie Brady, Mignon Branch, Mike LEFT: No matter what the sport, Generals take pride in their school. Here Sabrettes show their spirit by attending the Grant versus Capitol Hill football game-. ABOVE: Sabrette officer, Janice Chambless, watches anxiously as the Generals attempted another touchdown. X 3 1 'Q' '75 . . ,-. 6.3 l .. l t .Y J Y R 1' lx .. '5 ,Q ,f Q sy X . ' Jo 'fx ' dn X a I ,W k as , f - B at 'ff - r . t M Q.. 13 rf. xr- 1- ,J . fi if " A f My , ' sv, . i -V if .1 tt V ,. , .15 X '12 i so f ' -f '- X . 3 l, X fa' w Q , Km via, as .. Hx K , 0 ,W G vga, T . D Q R' . .,,, V .51 , 'V " '--1 i - -,, Y 1 -' -fl """ K M K ,,,, V7 Q P n o -M: - xi. .. B Q, ., ,kf. . . g sq? 'ka 209 ,4 X X af' ,an -M All ta 1 :x so :Q ,,,. Q. 'A ,Q f juniors ,.if1:l'221:,ef,Q I fl "Ea: Y, ,L 3 1 1 "' Q A H A 4 X L i . , 5 ' . I v X if yS9e Campbell, Debby Campbell, Randy Canaday, Tommy Carey, Don Carpenter, Jerry Carpenter, Nancy Carrol, John Casey, Terry Catlege, Mariorie Cato, Cliff Cavett, Charles Cavett, Susan Chambless, Janice Chandler, Debbie Charles, Paula Chesnut, Ken Chilcutt, Marta Chrisman, Janet Christian, Chris Christison, Debbie Christy, Lee Clampitt, Kenneth Clark, Barbara Clark, Daryl Clark, Debbye Clay, Vickie Clevenger, Susan Clifton, Rhonda Appearance . . An Important Part In Student Lite .N ji, CJ . V, W' ,. ,- .ay 1 1 t ,. i l ' ae y A A W li i E F ' Ki. Wu -, ... 2I0 Clothier, Don Cloud, Mike Cody, Bob Colburn, Duana Colomore, Sue Combs, Harold Conway, Brent Conner, Gale Conrad, Gary Cook, Marilyn Cook, Mike Cordray, Vicki Cossey, Mike Cowan, Lynn Cravens, Rhonda X 1 - if ... 1 1' 'U ilig l 1 T 9 r J ff K A L ,4- w . Rf, P , " ffl T , , it far'- egr br ,. -. g-se, ci ! Daniels, Gregg Danner, Barry Darrow, Frank Davenport, Renee Davenport, Roger Davis, Jeff Davis, Kathy Davis, Rhonda Davis, Steve Davis, Terry Dean, Phillip Decker, Vincent Dewey, Terry Dodge, Sally Doke, Dennis Dolezal, Charles Doughty, Debbie Douglass, Carl Dowell, Jody Dowling, Stanley Drabeck, Georgetta Drake, Doug Drake, Lilly Drapey, Barbara Droke, Dana Duckett, Debbie Dunn, Julie Dupler, Barbara Easter, Leland Eddy, Joe Edge, Tim Edinburgh, David Edwards, Eddie Emlory, Marty England, Mike Crawford, Dennis Crawford, Marsha Crawford, Yvonne Crilly, Susan Crosby, Kathy Cunningham, Tim Cutright, Ken Dadisman, Vicki i l: ABOVE: To make sure that she is looking her best Carolyn McCallie combs her hair during the quick five minutes between classes. BELOW LEFT: Putting in some extra time Darla Keel and Kaye Marley practice the new techniques and trends of consmetologists in tinting a hair piece. 1..- y Alf 4-A . g ,c., ,ng vs . ff ' S 5--Q if s. .stt " T X is l E X ' c,,sss .,.,, wi i l 1 I T C-s g A ' 1 i in at-5.1 is X 4 X ll! - '..: is 5 , is f yn 1 . f ,. ,Q .X , - ,,. , , -ns , ' ' 1 Pi ,G A ,, r Q-N1 f X sv 1 v X X' " A' l as Ss ff? ,n f, 5. -:sir '--- 'Q W' sii , ll 4 1 3 cscs sis cri S ,c A E ,mf KV ..- ,ml Q , lk QQ 2I Ervin, Jim Erwin, Pa? Espolt, Ricky Estes, Bonnie Estes, Marsha Evans, Jane Evans, Mike Evans, Syndy Ewell, Randy Fancher, Randy Farmer, Gayla Fedunak, Charles Flanigan, Phillip Flaniken, Sieve Flippo, Karen Flowers, Terry Floyd, Judy Flynn, Larry Foqle, Carolyn Folsom, Vicki Forbes, Connie Fosier, Kathy Fox, Gary Frakes, Mike Franks, Bobby Fravel, Mike Frederick, Mike seems surprised Free, Van Freeman Bobby Freeman, Gary Freeman, Janet Freeman, Mary Freeman, Tom Gamble, Roberf Garlon, Ernie RIGHT: Mike Cossey BS liz Nickel over-pow- ers him. FAR RIGHT: Drinking milk to keep fit pays off for Everett Gomez as Debbie Knight is impressed by his muscles. 2I2 Garner, Judy Gentry, Zelda Geroge, Carolyn Gibson, Gale Gleaves, Gary Glover, Jane Glover, Ronald Gomez, Everett Gonzales, Danny Goodbrake, Gary Goure, Jeff Gourley, Mike Graber, Rodney Grayham, Benny Green, Tom gems-v"l'p . fir Q- , ,, W' iggugfl K K t , Wad. ' ., Mkawfl' 4- lil 7 ,,k.A , A p 5 V A i i N, '::.- af' A ' -'fiaag -af ., - if i . IN llgl l llnll i Dating And Games Provide Off-Campus Diversion Griffin, Rhonda Grissom, Linda Grounds, Jim Groves, Bill Grove, Bob Grubbs, Debbie Guffey, Stan Gullet, Kathy Guyot, Margie Hackett, Ginger Hackett, La Rena Haffner, Larry Hair, Leona Hale, Nina Hall, Par Hallmark, Barbara Hammett, Paula Hanks, Geary Harlin, Jean Harris, Barbara Harris, Ron Hart, Dana Hartley, Debbie Hathaway, Joy Hawkins, Denise Hawthorne, Jerry Hayes, Elain Hayes, Martha J J ,,,. , G , fu- G " J H t t N J sf A ,V G -G . s l Ki G at B ' 4, 'Tre X4 7 f 'fi w J . , t -riff' f lp . f tm ,,,,,.,... b br V Q ,SA r Qi Qian 9 rt A ft " f wi G' ,. F -1 - ' ,V ,W a f ,gi T'TQT',f gr: G .2 -5 ik gs ,aa ff:-w t a f 3 Q sw: . Q 1 - 42 , ,,,,V:l,,::7,,l,, M G tat .t J G ., ,a J Y 'N iam r A I fa ' 6 Y ii , G 'Q H vm' :Ty J J W' Na! 4 5 xx" "'1 :EE :1.. ii- ' ,xg 2I3 y ., juniors Lab Experiments Crystallize nto 'Z a?'- 'J' it A : V ' Ani 4 ,,,, , ilk V. ,-, ,Sf-zine' J. J j ,yay - J J fa.-mf, I 7 an s , . 'F' 1 ' , -'.,.'- W ' ' i 'ilk ft 1 , I E ill l I V 'V .Ar as Q , . V - i n .A - Y J., a. ' ",f '16 " , J "Arg ",,,1 , I t , V -3, aef s ax ,aaes- aa, Home J aww not J ,',w an we ,a ', a, "' ' i fin ..... 271, " v,22:'-V ' ix"E'1'i2s.,. . s L i , ,,.,,1 z ' - ""l ll! I "1 -' --L 2, ,. -Q ' 2l4 -- 9.13 ,. i' fa.. QL ' . ,, ,y , Qs, I Hayes, Ward Haynie, Joe Henderson, Brenda Henn, Ricky Henry, Beth Henry, Judy Hensley, Donna Hernandez, Alice Hernandez, Tom Herron, Tommy Hess, Susan Hewitt, Marilyn Higginbotham, Walter Higgins, Roger Hilderbran, Rick Hill, Laura Hill, Joe Hoffman, Debbie Hogan, Arthur Holder, Mary Hollars, Susan Hood, Ricky Hott, Sherry Hovarter, Edgar Howard, Nelda Howard, Sherry Howeth, Linda Hudler, David Explosive Resul ff 7' 2 i N fl E ,D-I -2:4 1 Sr , fn : ,,,. K Huffman, Rebecca Hughes, Chester Hulsopple, Benny Hunt, Steve Hunter, Keith Hunter, Zonnie Hurley, Denise Hyams, Janice Irwin, Bucky Irwin, Susan lrwinsky, Bonnie Isbell, Kent Jacks, Norma Jackson, Charles Jackson, Dennis Jackson, Eddie Jantz, Sydney Jennings, Julie Johnson, Dennis Johnson, Greg Johnson, Pam Johnson, Sandra Jones, Jimmy Jones, Kathy Jones, Ricky Jordan, Jean Kaiser, Larry Keas, Donnie Keel, Darla Keith, Bobby Keith, Candy Keller, Patty Kendall, Vickie Kepler, Linda Kerr, Randy L 'Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde," formerly Richard Caldwell and Mike England take over chemistry lass during an experiment. Kirkham, Barbara Kirkpatrick, Luann Knight, Debbie Knight, Vaughn Knight, Wade Kriegal, Mike Kuehne, Brian Lamberson, Kathy Lamkin, John Langford, Earl Langston, Debbie Lanon, Doug Lanon, Vicki Latham, Coy Lathrop, Rick Laws, Glenda Leblanc, Mike Lee, Beckye Leisy, Larry Leisy, Ron Leslie, Mike -wiv X ,Q B af? new Q his 'W o r -A , L L '-if -. Z K h' IQ? ' f,f1g'iv A fy 4'f4'2 X -+1-1 'QQ-'L' f 5 i .Sa ,GS an K L L f ' ,ix Kerr, Richard Kifer, Ron Kilgore, Pam Kilman, Jerry Kimple, Kathy Kimzey, Vicki King, Brenda King, Cecelia King, Karen King, Marilyn Kinnard, Karl Kirk, Larry if L' ,. 'fff ff ,cm K wi cv. Ki 'A 5F sf.: X . . s , ,, X.: ,X iq X . 4 xx i L fl jiiji , X 1 'ki'. Vi A 'H . X K E! -T '-..' L9 'P' -- w' W, -ff' K ,Q I 2l5 Junior Cheerleader, Glenda Brannon, displays her abilities while supporting her team in exciting competition. 2l6 , L- '- ik iw .I fi .,.., M- 9' f' , Q:'fEE'fX Q l .. 3 G '-"Q, 'L , K if xavjiply l LT' E 3 , 2 Q' A f' S . 1. 2 "R" 1 K ..-- - L E " '- y . ii, :1 3 '-T Q , . L '21 ,iii .sp Q A ll lllzli I it if is ,, .wry A Ik in, my .f 115, I i I X xv- juniors Lewis, Debbie Lindsley, Don Linn, Wayne Little, Frances Little, Glenn Little, Linda Livesay, Janice Lloyd, Marilyn London, Bill London, Gary Long, Jo Alice Loper, Louise Lowder, Jerre Lynn, Dana Lyons, Debbie Cheerleaders Show Spirit 5 t tn, W itt 4.5: t' ul L,,,,, eara ' K X tl L yittxfefjiflk, A ..,. yy ...Q i Q i . .. ,,.,, Q3 ax CTI Q 3' 't"'i K .K ig QN 2 ili Lynch, Cheryl Margerus, Steve Main, Suzanne Malony, Gary Maloy, Tom Manuel, Wanda Marcum, Mike Marler, Tom Marley, Kaye Marsh, Leonard Marshall, Dean Martin, Jeff Massey, Kathy Mauldin, Grant Maupin, Lora Maxwell, Linda Mayfield, Nancy Mayo, Paula McBee, Carol McBee, Gail McBee, Martin McCallie, Carolyn McCallum, Nedra McCartne YQQIQ McCau ey, Stan McClain, Vesta McCord, David McCollon, Steve McCormick, Katny McCumber, Pam McDonald, Kerry McDougal, Sue McElvany, Trudy McGilberry, Stepheny McHenry, Dannie McWaters, Donna Mead, Becky Meador, Freddie Mercer, Nancy Mezas, Kathy Michaels, Kitty Middleton, Linda Miller, Mike Miller, Robert Miller, Victor Millspaugh, Dennis Miner, Patti ride nd Miskovsky, Randy Moen, Danny Montgomery, Beverly Montgomery, Pam Moody, Richard Mooney, Greg Moore, Dick Moore, Terry Morales, Phil Morgan, Mike Morrison, Sam Moser, Randy Mount, Debi Mullenix, Wayne Mullins, Dee Ann Murphy, Myrtle Murphy, Rick Myers, Charles Myers, Markie Nantz, Charla Nanny, Chuck Nestlerode, Bill Newcomb, Vicky Newman, Kathy Nicholas, Debbie Nickel, Liz Noble, Wayne Norris, David - ,' sau 1 ,sy rl l -rvif f... 'li .--s l if t ' ,-,-, . . egg' . Q W., E, ',,m1 A, 1 ,V V 'iii ,gi " s .rsi' a JH T a,,ca,a ' K . Q., , My M 3 i Pi! T V S X 91 M , -f . QV. .Q 5 if , 'L' A at are if - F! V 'f"t of C ,Vii ' Q I . i iiii' , C -54 - a.,aa 1 " Q ,'iii' 1 lii 1 K. Vi.i Q31 I R ft" 1 . K c 2 ,, A l it 'ik kzh 'gzifxg .- A . if ii' L ' M ,. tg vmae ' t ZW W H in illil . i - -4 fy, J an 3 gi , yt.: , me -- ,, fe A Q, 5 f. '- 'V ' f Y,,,f I l yls z - V it i-i' if if ' ,. i f We ' -:ff A il 1 ii ,ili ' Ei if ,iee iii X . i 1. sc . c, N -f" K c ' ' f -QT- s s" Excitement In Athletic Competition .. ,,,. Mft ,i K - K -,,. -lltiiiiisggg 7 I V" , il l 6 J +- 1 "' 1' 555 ff W Q Q " ma y 4, 4 A " '.i's 1. I A ,K V ip I ab.. e f - - i it "9 caccc c Q r. 'ff so ,,,sii W . ii' f gi, A i fi2+ii5'lf?f ' l I V :kk h ih, I 0 srl 5' ' l . 1 Q ii gig ' - c ' ,A 4, V 41 .t ' Q 'St it , '- J ' ,Le K A '- i" F New N ' , ,,,,. 'if H 2 ' 5 ig g 5 2 A i at K in ' . .V I 3, J lx 1 D ,Cc '- ma Y ,A -s I f-1. ii , -...i N ' Q. .1 r -.3 ji - . il 3. ki' " ' D' 4-1 Y A iv 3 . ..s .Z K 1-.W ff- . ' K 1 Qu , . as , JP 6 L' "i is .4 ' K' ij-vi km .N X. 'ix P , 2I8 Norton, Wilson Norvell, David Odham, J. C. Oliver, Paula Oliver, Ricky Orth, Jeanett Overcast, Carla Overstreet, Lee Owens, Jimmy Ozment, Dicky l w .zlfiifiim fo iii! :,, N ,Wg if riff if ' 3 O ABOVE: Getting into the 'spirit of Christmas' Kathy Kimpler and Rick Lathrop begin l decorating the Christmas tree in the AV room for the coming holidays. RIGHT Lealai Easter is kind enough to assist Vicki Barnhart by carrying her Christmas packages to tl car, but he seems to need a little help himself. . '58, i ' . my , kr A- - C . V' ' -- it' , 5 1 I . M W t -.Ki W , f ff 2 . ti' , C , " 2" 'X X we 3 ' - n 1 , A' . t EYQ Lf" - 'xy at 4 i ',',','.'.- .., -fy 'lei - Qi!-. 1 , . - - 3 ur :VK A ,b ' ' sl K will 1- v - ' K Q Q 5' A . - 5 57' - A ol' 5 o f g Q .sss .M 4' , 4 ' .,,.' fd sfaay' , fr P A-i R 1 i . Padgett, Gary Palmer, Dalene Palmer, Mike Park, Diana Patrick, Chris Patterson, Denise Patterson, Rayma Paulk, Hardie Pearn, David Peeler, Vicki Pendell, Carter Pennington, Ella Perkins, Earl Perkins, John Peterson, Allen Poisson, Marie Pool, Cherry Porter, Angela Potts, Susan Powell, Margaret Price, Terry Pritchard, Barbara Prock, Richard Rabon, William Rakestraw, Darrell Ramsey, Paul Ratzloff, Ronnie Ray, Sue Reed, James Reid, Danny Reid, Debbie Rhodes, Nikki Rice, Frances Riggs, Billie Rivers, Linda Roberts, Evelyn Robertson, Gary Robinson, Rhonda Rodgers, Carolyn Rodgers, Glenn Rogers, Becky Roland, Charles Ross, Ramona Rowlan, Steve Rudder, David Runyan, Alan Rushing, Danny Rushing, Edward Rust, Randall Ruyle, Steve Sampson, Charlotte Shanchez, Betty 631 -.. ,1- Sargent, Diane ' ' Scarbrow, James Schmid, Kathie Schomp, Linda juniors A xl: ... rv- ,A if 'X ., ,WI . VU ,,.,,f Q, "fi i' - " i'- . Q. 0 , '- Z 2229 f .:., ,Wi ?5n,f""" ,f ff Christmas Holidays Add Spice To Seasonal Spirit x I LA v- ' 4 if q-Q , ff :feeesnvfgggas . V -v ,MQ .VJ , Schott, Kathy Schuler, David Scowden, Mark Scroggins, Sheila Seals, Sandra Selby, Donita Sessions, Jack Sewell, Debbie Shatley, Dian Shelton, Billie ...faq 4. W 2 tw f 9 fix 'E 56' ..,. '-' f l :msg - fi fl, my 2 1 it i i rf I wi. Q Q5 , N K 'Q i h , is iz. ., g C C W3 ,,-f r',,,g,. z l ,if V 5 i an , V., is' ii.- S f 473 r 9' si 1-eg C ' J xt- H 11 ,, gt, , ,fame I i r , ti ff- vw -f Z ..-ff :Q . ffm ' C f 5 'Q N, Eff C , . I Xt 'Q it ii may A ,IZ Sherrill, Bill Shipman, Paul Shew, Fred Shoemaker, Gayle Short, Pam Short, Linda Shrum, Siegle, Becky Pat Simpson, Margie Simms, Skaggs Ron Janet Sinclair, , Billy Skaggs, Kenny Skaggs, Sandra Skrapka, Cathy Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, David Ga ry Jaymee Sharon Teresa Vickie Snodgraa, Norma Snyder, Karla Sober, Souas, Joyce Yolanda Southerland, Gary Spencer, Bobbie Sperling, Gary juniors Home Economic Classes Provide eecled Experience - Q as: ,,.... 5 cv, if .Q,,:. .-My ,... ' f ES V: i., .... imma i sa at as 1 ,Q was ,C B .1 Q l ' , 1 4. Q ls N" ' "':'f N -,D ty- 5 Q. lllt 1 If llll MM S gf' C -f cee S Q, i Ann B ,Het X i K rr - X ' is lll fi, be lsfl iisc I S I 23 Spradlin, Rosemary Stafford, Rex Stanley, Scott Stapleton, Virginia Starr, Debbie Steele, Stanley Stephens, Mark Stephens, Peggy Stevens, Clifford Stevens, Mark Stewart, Connie Strider, L. J. Stubbs, Chris Sullins, Roberta Swafford, Steve 220 " l - 9 s 'Mu S. T r Swindell, Cindy . , .. , ,Z 1, ws.- f 'L "' ...ff . xr if Swindle, Buster Swisher, Mike T Prefix I V K A, 5 'ii' 4 -,ani K Talkington, Donna ,. W wk Q ' K vs Talley, Robert 5 X. , Q 'L K "I Tanksley, Debbie il - ' ' A . 'U f -',. i zzh- - f' N J- C " J is Tate, James Tannihill, Paula , A Taylor, Johnny -... , l .1 ' ,al . 3. f Svfiigfis . .25 ' Sv ,QT Q ,N . J Taylor, Marshall fs, 4- K 1, lil 'DA Thach, Glen ir zl ' Thomas, Pam l J il C , l l 'E 'J Ol' l:LllLll'E l'lOlTlGlTl3l4Gl'S " Turner A Turner, Turner, Thompson, Tommy Tidwell, Gina Tidwell, Jimmy Todd, Debbie Tolbert, David Tolme, Keith Trotter, Beverly Trumbly, Earnest Turner, Charles , Gladys Marvin Steve Underwood, Cindy ' - . ii -'ii r Urban' CBYhY C .aa., C fa' C Urleyl John f In 1'i 'C "L ,ig V fi 'ff' Van Buskirk,'Susan Q, ' Hai g' ' I . I , 1 'I E!! it V 0 Y N 1 I-4 LEFT: Debbie Lewis demonstrates sewing techniques while attentive students look on. ABOVE: Cindy White and Jo Alice Long check the turkey while preparing for a Thanksgiving dinner in foods class. :lege . ., wen atia .21 I JS 2' it ,aii 2, A el' 1 , 'li klrk H K sh it J T - l J ,L fi, f , .- we J - . , A. .L . . ,, , ,, i,,...a All . i ,yyg Y , l S G Q 5 i l , k . l 'Sl' sl of 4 , M , 9:-K .:,,,,, 1, . ' 1 ' - - 'mf-, S. it 1 Q'-five - - jaw Ps mx -sr- l , .... 2 , . ,, ,,,, i. as 54 S K Q K A sa f .A,f. H Vandertord, Kenny Van Sickle, Carol Vaughn, Terry Vawter, Sharon Waddle, Larry Wagner, David Wagner, Debbie Wagoner, Bob Wagoner, Beckye Wall, Norma Wallis, Floyd 4... 11 L way Walton, Jimmy Wantland, Bobbie U l A Watts, Bob Webb, Grady was Webb, Tommy 5 Weddle, David X ,U - ,l ' , Weeks, Bill L' In Welch, James Q W Welch, Janet t Wells, Dennis Wells, Robert H West, Nancy I 1. x l I , 4 -N K 4,3 Westermyer, Mar a , i' 6 -' ' v - , K T Westfall, Jenny QV ' Westmoreland, Fred '14, Q -rf' Wheeler, Gary Vhri' ,K , Whitaker, Larry H juniors Enthusiastic Students Support General Activities Whitaker, Steve White, Cindy White, Roger Whitehead, Vickie Whitfield, Alan Whitmore, Larry Wilder, Pam Wilhelm, Glenda Wilkerson, Sherilyn Wilkes, Vickie Wilks, Debbie Williams, Carla Williams, Gary Williams, Jeanie Williams, Cathy ABOVE: Hanging homeroom posters, as Roberta Sullins demonstrates, keeps halls decorated through all sports season. RIGHT: Barbara Pritchard purchases iournalism package from Debby Campbell prior to clown pay- ment deadline. 222 P i A .. .. ew K ., , gr ,,,. X vw 4 Xi,- WN Q8 .M i ,Qs :S nf TTC' til .X -l ' g,. sf M, . ggi ,,,,s r,, t , .,t. use --v3i,c5 tif 3 f' x C , Y We 'UP rf' " get , iifyt ,gre , , V A y.. ,I F 8' - A 'Q , . ,, We - W"b . il S31 et. l . J C, K xv, ii I in 1 -i J f W' ,,r,,, ,ie ,yep , xy . is ,": i Q S A f i , ..k x , V , X . X -.K L a t H fa' Wilson, Troy Witten, Kathy Wood, Billy Wood, Donna Wood, Scott Woodard, James Worley, John Worthen, D. V. Wright, Kathy Wynn, Cheryl Yadon, Larry Young, Phillip Young, Raymond Young, Terry Yousy, Dwain l Williams, LaDena Williams, Pat Williams, Ramona Williamson, Ken Willis, Eddie Wilson, Lester Wilson, Robby Wilson, Rose Marie Wilson, Steve Wilson, Teena juniors Not Allen, Warren Bateman, Dalene Beaty, Gary Bedford, Billy Belisle, Linda Berryman, Bruce Bybee, Bill Catlege, Ronnie Clark, Kathy Crump, Carolyn Dunning, Ronnie Fancher, Randy Ferguson, Joe Freeman, Richard Gee, Kathy Gee, Ruth Green, Cindy Griffin, Gary Hall, Curt Harrison, Tom Hogan, Lawrence Horton, Steve Jones, Patti Kirlclen, Regina Kletz, Phillip Klotz, Phillip Louck, Larry i rn are' ,r'+" x vu- ,J A 'l ' X 2'- Y yr, ,P-i" :L- W "' 2 if 113 f X . , we 7.174 ,.... Pictured Long, Charles Mauldin, Mike McClean, Jimmy Milligrock, Andrew Moon, Bonita Morrison, Tom Myers, Mary Pena, Ramona Pierce, David Roach, Danny Roane, Marilyn Rooker, Debbie Smith, Frank Stevens, Bill Stevens, Sheryl Thomas, Devye Thompson, Terry Tolmon, Donald Turner, Denise Vaskis, Cathy Walker, Rebecca Williams, Linda Wilson, Manning Wise, Billy Wright, Beverly Wyont, Richard P ..f A , , . R 3 K X ,E I' in ,' r I Wy K 11 nl, -11 "' 1 FK B Q . 4 8 1' L " k f 0 fy' . , Z 3 H , 2 . 0 O . .V 1 0 9 A f 0 ' a 1 ' an ' ' ' Q ' :O 1 H. I ' - , l ' ' IV 'w . . q 3 N-W E I ' K I s . 6 Q L ,A o ' 4 "- f ' 4 0 U ' 6 B G1 D -1 .,' If lv "' O I a 1 Q 8 l u. 5 .a O lo Students At Grant Having Fun Comes Naturally "rr: A I 4" af-1 91:1 Y V 4'?'3"n LEFT: Sliding down the bannister isn't limited to sophomores as is visible by iunior, L y Waddle. ABOVE: Janice Hyams peers through the window at real snowflakes li 225 5 - ,, :H A ,W gl 5 39 N 1. :,, It , ,Q , , I ,V , 1 Q , M. ,, ,. I' . EXTREME LEFT: Self-explanatory. FAR LEFT: Mike Marcum advertises 1970 class tee shirt with pride. LOWER LEFT: Danny Moen, O'Club member, provides a difficult task of cleaning the school emblem for pledges. LEFT: Jimmy Owens follows the traditional custom as he presents his sweetheart, Vicki Arnold, with a Valentine. BELOW: Entertaining small children prepares Leona Hair for baby-sitting jobs and future years. --11'-v-1 227 RIGHT: The Senior Class Officers and Planning Committee meet at Brock Park to break the routine type of meetings. Officers are: Jane Trittipo-Representative at Large, Kathy St. John-Representative at Large, Sharon Williams-Treasurer, James Leslie-Vice-president, Marty Smith -Representative at Large, Jeanette Cook -Representative at Large, Steve Bushy- Chaplain. FAR RIGHT: Fellow officers desert' Larry Thompson-President to play on the slide. 1-f-1411 Senior Class Planning Commit- tee members are: Darla Hatmaker Donna May : Lana Scroggins " Paula Webb Fran Senelf Mike Mazzolini Shirly Price Carol Sullivan Virginia Cash 8 Pam Timer Miles Mosley Kevin Dennis Carla Pratt .lo Stewart Cyndy Reagan Tom Walls Rusty Thrash Sue Lively Clay Hoster Pat .ludkins Mike Smith f Steve Bushy Dawn Carlow Mike Perry Jimmy Flowers James Kurrasch Mike Thomas Greg Parker i Linda Fartner Q Suni Hart ' Darla Stralu Bobbie Berry Denny Rodgers Phillip Wall Scott Overstreet Calvin Millican Robbie Abney John Doss Bobby Baker Debbie Burkarl' Vicki Laytan Debbie Ambrose Delilah Dulaney Donna Reeves Phyllis Spears Bobby Grimes Pat Hill Larry Winnard Fam Lutteral Debbie Vaughn Jimmie Right 228 IUWMM Q..-wave "'l ,C , W si v I . sv sk., xiva 'S .55 me N Seniors "The Best" They finally made it After all those years of waiting, the ass of 69 were seniors It was a year to think back and a ar to look ahead It had been a busy year for the seniors. were were always tests college entrance exams, scholarship sts those in school Without passing those, there was really Now at the end they could laughingly recall those many sts taken without even a smile lt was with sad nostalgia, ough that many things were remembered, the games, the ances lust being friends that soon were to be gone. The Stud seniors were graduating and though it was ith sadness it was also with hope for the future and all of opportunities for success Now the senior of '69 can look A ,Q Q, , 'diff af., .Q ."i M ,,, X ' . ,W ,sin t . 'Q if ,- ffl ig ' ' W as n , " , sw' J ' , 5 :., ' r f .sk , as Abney, Roberta Abshire, Mike Acker, Donna Adams, Donna Adams, Sharon Adkins, John ' my J is some Li: ' 525 1g i,z V ,ZZ Q feelin M' A 230 ,,,.w-" The rumors being heard around school, about the hard fest on "Mac Beth," given in Mrs. McAnally's English Literarure class were 'found irue by Mark Ledlow. Ainsworth, Mary Alley, Gerald Allison, James Ambrose, Debbie Anderson, Bill Anderson, Joyce Anglin, Gary Annesley, Kenny Anfoon, David Archer, Ann Argo, Beverly Armstrong, Lynda Armstrong, Marc Ashby, Mary Ashlock, Phil Atherton, Delorese Atkins, Joy Autaubo, Gloria Babcock, Byron Bailey, Ronnie Baker, Baker, Baker Baker Seniors English Literature Classes Study Macbeth Beverly Bobby David , Joyce Baker, Judy Bales, Jennifer Barker, Barnes, Barnes, Rose Renee Lois, Barnes, Tom Barrett, Debbie Bass, Gaylon Bassett, Vickey Bateman, Delene Bateman, Norma Witter. are 2 f ki 'li B l ,X Q2 ,pn f 5'l5 it E Q QP'-7' Xt? 'F' dice Ql n1! . fx 232 'E ,,f 41" ...ad ABOVE: Anxious pep club girls board the bus, which took them to the Shawnee football scramble for the second victor- ious football game of the season. RIGHT: Cheerleader, Norma McElwee helps to arouse spirit with the yell, "Block that Kick." Bauer, Calvin Baxter, Wanda Beary, Mika Bedford, Billy Bell, Francis Bell, Janet Bell, Mikki Beniock, Ronnie Berg, Linda Berry, Bobby Berry, Sharon Birk, Donna Blancett, Stanley Bogle, Carolyn Bowman, Mike Boyle, John Boyle, Luci Brady, Karen Brantley, Linda Brasher, Sue Brashier, Gaylina Brassfield, John Brewer, Jerry Bristol, Gary Britt, Mary Brittain, Lisa Brooks, Earl Brooks, Terry Brown, Cathy Brown, Paul Seniors Upperclassrnen Help Generate School Spirit Brown, Sharon Bryant, Larry Buckhold, Jerry Buckner, Robert Burgess, Billy Burkart, Debbie Burkholder, Diane Burnett, Nancy Burns, Hershall Burris, Tommy Bushey, Steve Cagle, Brenda Caldwell, Ronnie Campbell, Dick Canada, Larry Cantrell, Debbie Carnes, Deborah Carpenter, Catherine Carpenter, Larry Carson, Susan Seniors Library Assist Students On Psychology Term Paper Carter, Larry Carter, Pat Casey, Robert Cash, Virginia Casida, Dee Catledge, Ronnie Caver, Randy Chaat, Marilyn Chadwick, Janice Chambers, Betty Chambers, Darice Cheatwood, Johnet Clay, Brenda Clay, Regina Cleaver, Karen 234 Clement, Danny Cobb, Sheila Cochran, Cynthia Coffelt, Linda Coffman, Janice Cole, Belinda Compton, Mike Cook, Jeanette Cook, Nora Cook, Steve nice LeCompte and Susan Payne find that work on their psychology rm papers needed more library reference as time draws near for em to be turned in. Cooke, Kathy Cooner, Larry Corder, Steve Cosper, Glen Crabb, John Crain, Sheryl it ,ff 1 N 235 ip- iw ,Q ' 5' as vw-wr . 4, , F? lx M4 Nr Crews Diana Cross Susan Crowder Kathy Croaier Linda Culbertson, Sharon Cunningham, Diane Solving problems in Physics class offen fakes lots of brainwork an becomes a puzzling and difficulf Task for many students including Donni Wagoner in Mr. Vaughn's fifth hour class. Curliss, Oleta Curry, Cheri Curry, Cheryl Curry, Richard Dabbs, Diane Dale, Barbara Daniels, Karen Darrah, Mike Davis, Carol Davis, Gary 2 2 Davis, J. R. Davis, Veronica Day, Karen Deason, Jimmy DeHart, Brenda DeMoe, Vickie Dennis, Kevin Denton, Debbie Dial, Barbara Dixon, Rowland Seniors Physics Students Prepare Projects For Graduation Dobbs, Pam Dodson, Eileen Donnell, Don 12 Doss, John Q Dragus, Paul Drake, Lili Due, Bill Dulaney, Delilah Dunkin, Virginia Durbin, Doneta Dutton, Dale Dyer, Linda Dyess, Paula Eaton, Donna Edwards, Pam 237 Cru' 6' 1529 K3 "pf 51' 'av- A 3 3 i t C4 h 5 so ,,..i. feel it Ya llnll N ,,,. - ,Q X A-:,6.4Jl ya A ,V ly C-7, l A iii Eidson, Jane Elliott, Larry Elliston, Mike Emlorey, Karen Emrick, Kerry Engles, David Espolt, Steve Esqulvias, Steve Eutsler, Naomi Evans, Judy Faram, Gary Farris, Connie Faught, Karen Faulkner Chris Fenmore Charles 41-3 238 ABOVE: Drum Maior Gary Rowland crowns Linda Wilks, during half-time ceremonies as Band Queen of '68, while Drum Maior James Leslie waits to present her with roses. RIGHT: Displaying her twirling ta- lents during Band highlights is senior maiorette, Sue Brasher. Fenwick, Larry Fink, Lonnie Fisher, Montie Fitzgerald, Kathy Fleming, Leslie Flowers, Billy Flowers, Jimmy Floyd, Bill Ford, C. J. Fortner, Linda Seniors Linda Wilkes ls Crowned Band Queen Of 68 Fortune, Larry Foster, Marilyn Francis, Sharon Free, Ed Freeman, Cathy Fuller, Lili Garlow, Dawn Garrett, Gary Garrett, Linda Garrett, Sharon Geckler, Sheryl Geer, Gary Gentry, Kim Genzer, Lynda Gibson, John 3 Gill, Judy Gilstrap, Kathy Glasgow, Cheryl Goodson, Charles Gordon, Jimmy Gough, Don Gragg, Rebecca Gragg, Steve Greenlee, Richard Grigsby, Linda Students Share Customs With A.F.S. Student Grimes, Bobby Grimm, Cheryl Grissom, Debbie Grummer, Larry Gruver, Sharon Guthrie, Robert Guenther, Darlene Gulledge, Joy Haffner, Linda Hair, Gary Hall, Raymond Hamman, Sandra Hamman, Vickie Hammett, Betty Hamon, Ricky Hancock, Dayle , Hardin, Pam Harlin, Randy Harmon, Larry Harness, Andy Harris, Bryan Harris, Steve Harrison, Tommy Hart, Debbie Hart, Suni ,reign Exchange student Hayriye Ilbeyli tries on a graduation robe ith the assistance of Paul Brown as she anxiously awaits the final oment. Harvey, Judy Hash, Paula Hatmaker, Darla Hauck, John Hawkins, Walter Hazlirt, Roy MHNQSQAXN or 5 f of N E .1 2 H, 5 a i 4 Q 'i,., fz ':'v:, , -,, wt ll! 'X this l X x lvl 'FP K- A A , A " 5, fl'-53 i in leg' f3,:'.s 1: ' K ' 1 :i"12m ,, K --'Q 'ez " k S 355 'L i 'T-UL xii 1 ff . Heath, Connie Heaton, Connie Helm, Gail Hendrickson, Lana Hensley, Gil Hernandez, Josie During the excitement of Grant's homecoming pep assembly Robert Miller i called upon to give his prediction of the upcoming game, in which th Generals were "up-ended" by the Enid Plainsmen I2-9. . gzvtemaa, rv. - i .A - 1:1 cc,,,, lili , Hernandez, Pat Herron, Linda Herron, Dwight Hewitt, Sharon Hibdon, Sharon Hibler, Tommy Higgins, Jimmy Hilburn, Mitchell Hill, Pat Hilterbrand, Dewey ww Himes, Jimmy Hiti, Debbie Hodges, David Hoffman, Tommy Hoipkemeier, Steve Holasek, James Holley, Carolyn Holliday, Beverly Holmes, David Homer, Raymond Seniors Enthusiastic Efforts Unite Students Spirit Hooper, Franklin Horton, Brenda Horton, Steve Hoskins, Jack Hoster, Clay Houston, Icla Howell, Gwen Huddleston, Eileen Hull, Marion Hulsopple, Marcia Hunt, Gladys Hunter, Becky Hunter, Steve llbeyli, Hayriye Ingram, Ed is, r K be ill? M if ,gnu- V , , Q. Nr' . V , f g!V o f f s J lilrl 'Q J 'W an ,i K , , , if Q qc .V an lf ..., nv 'lk e V. f srl, xfl .- ir.. , if I J x V , '22, if "'f fy 6 fi M 1 2 ' 265 ,.f xv '- .f i A-1'7" . 1.1 j f A ff' 2 K 52254, ,, X 24331 ca mi, afkfir-sg: f- all 'ii 4 4755, ri iz, by l I X X, f 1 1, ,, 244 H . ,"-ww are i y y wal i ll l RIGHT: Belinda Cole receives a traditional homecoming mum from her boyfriend Greg Parker, ABOVE: After coronaiion of football queen, upperclassmen gather in the middle of the gym io sing, "Dear Grant High," the alma mater which closed the football season. Isaacs, Novetta Jackson, Carolyn Jackson, Harold Jacobson, Joyce Jefferson, Debbie Jenkins, Terry Johnson, Benny Johnson, Cynthia Johnson, Lois Johnson, Marla Johnson, Sherri Johnson, Shirly Johnson, Steve Joiner, Rickey Jones, Barbara , HIV Y Jones, Scott Jones, Glenda Jones, Ramona Jones, Steve ., ,. 4 Judkins, Patty fa F at -525: "v. fi .,VW .A Kamrath, Barbara Sf: cw 3. QV " if B Kaymofe, Linda 1 Hull' Keel, David ii a Kelly, Ricky Llili Kelso, Keith w y i 'll .- eel' -15595 5 as 6 ' of ,zk V " '- B5--a-4 , ' Y fi , 9 1 ' fx Kerby, Mike Kern, Georgia Kerr, Melton Kiecolt, Janice Killmer, Barbara Seniors Students Hail Homecoming And Kindrick, Daryl Kindrick, Warren King, Bob King, Frankie King, Sharon King, Susan Kinsey, Cynthia Kirkharn, Debbie Kirkham, Diane Kirkpatrick, Kenny Alma Mater RK as ww " H7 , X V -Na 4 fu ,..... Klepper, Joy Kllnglesmirh, Gina Knapp, Leo Knight, Wileta Knopp, Larry Kramer, Stanley Kurrasch, James Lacer, Alan Lamb, James Lamberson, Danny Art Students Develop Future Masterpieces Landers, Frank Lanier, Terry Lawrence, Ellen Lawson, Fred Lawson, Jimmy Lawson, Richard Layton, Vickie Leach, James Le Blanc, Chris Le Compte, Janice Ledford, Pam Ledlow, Mark Lee, James Lee, Pam Leslie, James , x 5 Lewis, Rusty Liebegoli, Jean in Lively, Sue London, Mike Lor19, Linda ,if a 'P i N. Wggfff Y 1 . s ,i lil. a f . A--gn Q Looney, Kalhy ' Z? Lounge, Robert Lovelace, Donna Lovelady, Vaughn Lupp, James :sie Hernadezes displays her artistic abilily as she puts the final magical auch to her masterpiece before handing it to arf teacher, Mrs. Long. f, , a fu. Lultrell, Pam Lynch, Debbie Lynch, Ann Mackey, Candye Males, Mike Malone, Pal W? , Q fs ' Ji L . .,., K, J. ., V... ...ic -,111, Q: .i ,. ,L , E- 1.: ., A . N M ,..- L- -f,. W .Ma X, Eg ,,.,, Malone, Sharon Maloney, Linda Manasco, James Manning, Michele Manuel, Forrest Martin, Gerald Warren Kendrick looks over Senior Class key chains and pins, trying decide which is best for him. The gold key chain has a red and g Martin, John Martin, Robert Martin, Virginia Mathes, Danny Mathews, Connie May, Donna May, Lawanna Mayers, Clayton Mazzolini, Mike McBee, Albert McCall, Mike McCarron, Jimmy McClain, William McCown, Mike McCracken, Carol McCubbin, Terry McCorkel, Jim McElvany, Deanna McElwee, Norma McGarry, Tommy McHuen, Ronnie Mclnnis, Alice Mclnnis, Marilyn McMahan, Mike Melker, Linda Seniors Students Make Final Decisions On Class jewelry Melton, Margaret Miklinsky, Lillie Miller, Charles Miller, Robert Millican, Calvin Mitchell, Rheba Mitchell, Tony Mock, Steve Montgomery, Pat Moon, Bonnie K. I 'L , sh' ll I l , 1 l ' 1 . , ,. . gs-il ru 1533? 'ta Q W- w M 2 74 9' 2. as-W, ,fr-M t 2?.:.,w V , is y A Z is ff 250 ABOVE: Dan Roselle and Brenda Dehart display our victory flag, as they hope for another victory. RIGHT: Bobby Grimes, a semi-finalist in the Tricycle race, tries his talents at being the number one win- ner in the school. Moon, Debbie Moore, Linetta Morozoff, Patti Moser, Tony Mosley, Miles Mosman, Susan Mountford, Frank Mueller, Darrell Mullins, Charles Murphy, Mike Muse, Donna Myers, Wayne Myhro, Karlene Napieralski, Chris Nelson, Keith Newberry, Greg Newcomb, Dora Newcomb, Nora Newton, Dennis Nichols, Sandra Nixon, Gerald Northcutt, Ken Oden, Sharon Officer, Wreatha Oglesby, Laura Olson, Debbie Overstreet, Scott Owens, Janet Painter, Jackie Palmore, Howard Senior Students Take Active Part As School Leaders Pape, Paul Park, Mike Parker, Greg Parker, Leslie Patrick, Ricky Paulk, Etta Paulk, Pam Payne, Ragena Payne, Susan Pearn, Frances ii Ki' if BW Q Pempin, Mike Perciful, Ron Perdue, Robert Perkins, Tim Perry, Mike Peterson, Margaret Pike, Cornel Pinkston, Barbara Podhaisky, Joyce Poe, Don , lr jj A .Q Q W ix ' N fn if 1 S - ., ' get Seniors Upperclassmen Prepare For The Near Future Pollock, Joe Pollard, Kathy Porterfield, Helen Pound, Delmer Pound, Peggy Pratt, Carla Praytor, Kenneth Price, Shirly Price, Wayne Prim, Nancy Proffer, Marlin Pruitt, Jan Puckett, Norma Pullin, Dianne Pybas, Warren Quetdibitty, Dennis Quick, Mike Rakestraw, Perry Ramsey, Robert Rankin, Janice Ray, Carla Reagan, Cyndy Reddish, Steve Reed, Ronnie Reeves, Donna ke Perry, one of three National Merit Test semi-finalist, spends time in z counselors office reading information on the upcoming test finals. Fpf. . ,gg Reubell, Terri Reynolds, Mike Rhodes, Connie Rhodes, James Rich, Valerie Rictor, Kathy J.. Ricley, Sharon K ,, MQ 'xl' X " "iw" i- .. V 1 A - if is -JH - I'... tri' ' L ? Q. ' -' " "'A W is ,, ,V Q ' . 2 - S Riggs, Paul M C457 ,, Riker, Barbara Rinkle, Don Ritchie, Steve Roach, Pam its 5 ,N 'b GT 1 was J 254 Students are encouraged by officers Gary Geer, Sharon Garrett, War Pybas and Wreatha Officer to loin for fun and excitement in F.B.L.A. Roach, Bill Roberts, Barbara Roberts, James Roberts, Joey Roberts, Mike Roberts, Pat Robinson, Marsha Robinson, Ricki Robinson, Ricky Roche, Melinda Rodgers, David Rodgers, Denny Rodgers, Jerry Rogers, Mike Rogers, Shirley Rogers, Terry Rosebrock, Keri Roselle, Dan Ross, Phil Rowland, Gary Seniors F.B.L.A Qfflcers Promote Membership Drive Russell, Bobby Russell, Pam Sack, Karen Sack, Richard Sadler, Barbara Sanchez, Gloria Sanders, Ken Sanders, Randy Sanderson, Linda Sanger, Janie Sawyer, Vicki Scarberry, Don Schmid, Bill Schofield, Coy Schwab, Kathy Xl 5 F 55, I V ,qw wg, 1 L. ,K V l , My f-., -Q ,, H W 4135 rvrr , A ttf? If rf 2, I 3 . M H ,trrf ,Y ' 5 6 lg 'K A,f' Q' 4 ' EA fl tl ,Q l 5 1 l .18, i'. K ,-, we 'nm .4 1 NL X M ! SY wx l On Vg ,H vis ,l lui Scott, George Scott, John Scott, Steve Scroggins, Lana Seals, Debbie Senneff, Fran Sewell, Carla Shacle, Keith Shamblin, Clo Ann Shawn, Robert Shelhamer, Kathy Shelton, Donna Sherburne, Linda Shouse, Danny Siess, Gary ABOVE: Sharon Williams, Chris Napieral- slci, and Kim Gentry are caught gazing out of their eighth floor window in Chicago. RIGHT: Linda Coffelt, Carol Sullivan, Ellen Lawrence, Sharon Williams, and Kim Gen- try are walking down the stairs to the subway. .1- 'lx A , ,qi ifers, Charles imms, Terry mith, Barbara mifh, Debbie mith, Ken mith, Marty mith, Mike mith Mike mith, Paula mith, Sherry mith, Steve okolnicki, Debbie onnenschein, Manfred outherlancl, Francis pangler, Denise Seniors Students Attend National Convention In Chicago pears, Phyllis lpellings, Ed ipencer, Mark iplawn, Donna franford, Mike ranley, Linda ieele, Mickey reele, Monte reele, William rephens, Peggy Stevens, Glen Stevens, Richard Stewart, Jo Sticher, Theresa Stiger, Richard St.John, Kathy Stotts, John Stout, Debbie Strelau, Darla Stubbs, Paula Family Relations Projects Prepare Young Adults Sullivan, Carol Sumner, Thomas Sutherlin, Glenn Swaffar, Sandra Swope, Jean Swenson, Karen Sykes, Gary Tabor, Ronald Talley, Sherwin Taylor, Bill Taylor, George Taylor, Jane Taylor, Susan Teague, Sam Tegerson, Charles 4.- .....i D Q 2 Terbush, Shawn Terry, Edina Tefreault, Renee Theimer, Pam Thomas, Mike Thomas, Ron Thompson, Larry Thompson, Terry Thomson, Beau Thrash, Rusty feems ihai Patty Morozoff does more playing on rhe pegboards than the ids that attend Mrs. Rains Fifth Hour home planning class. Threlkeld, Barbara Thurman, Vicky Tinsley, Steve Tooker, Lynn Tritfipo, Jane Troxell, Elmer Turnbow, Sam Turnbull, Carolyn Turner, Denise Turner, Shirley Underwood, Pam Unsell, Jackie Brenda DeHar1, Cheerleader, presents her talents of flagpole climbing to: hang the victory flag, shortly after the Roundballers won the Capital Hil basketball Tournament. Vallee, Terry Van Noy, Elberfa Vaughan, Debi Vowell, Debbie Wade, Jimmy Waddle, Jerry Wagner, Don Wall, Philip Wallace, Barbara Walls, Thomas Ware, Paula Watson, Kent Watson, Steve Watts, Rhonda Weatherford, John Weaver, Cheryl Weaver, Doris Webb, Paula Weed, Linda Weeks, Clarence Seniors Students Go Up, Up, And Away To Better Futures Welch, Carl West, Susie Westervelt, Barbara Whitney, Joyce Wilcox, Barbara Wilder, Ron Wiley, Gary Wiley, Janice Wilkerson, Kathy Wilkes, Linda Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams, Joe Lanny Roger Sharon Doyle V 1 5 is-f vw-t raw., ABOVE: Marilyn Mclnnis puts the finishing touches on Becky BaIlew's makeup before the final performance of the play "Sound of Music." RIGHT: With the hall vacated Vicky Sawyer concentrates to remember the answers on one of Mrs. McAnalIy's English tests. Wilson, Chris Wilson, James Wilson, Linda Winnard, Larry Wirsich, Cathy Wirsich, Christy Wise, Roberta Wolfengarger, Janice Wood, Dennis Wood, Horner Wood, Radonna Woodall, Ed Woodard, Marilyn Woodie, Eddie Wooliver, Helen ' 5 Xa., Iarla Pratt anxiously awaits the outcome of the three legged race and many rther events held at the Junior Olympics sponsored by the Student Council. auman, Leland edwell, Randy rewer, Mike ruemmer, Sheryl allen, Larry launch, Lavanda ombs, Kathleen ooper, David orbitt, Catherine aniel, Donnie odge, Mike raper, J. B. uggan, Gary smond, Danny erguson, Gene ifford, Mike ulick, Paul ackney, Guy amilton, Linda arrison, Judy SEN IORS NOT PlCTU RED Henley, Robert Hogan, John Jackson, Barbara Jacobson, Joyce Johnson, Charles Jones, Sam Justice, Robert Lankford, Richard Landy, Opal Lynn, Rosa Maloy, Thomas Martin, Jim McAtee, Jeff McCoy, Mike McDonald, Charles Medina, Paul Melton, James Miller, Donnie Miller, James Moore, Linda Myers, Gary Norwood, Jan Organ, Larry Price, Leslie Robinson, Barbara Rogers, Mike Rolland, Kathleen Rushing, Mike Sarrington, Howard Sherrick, John Smith, Carol Smith, Marsha Smith, Robert Sullivan, Nathan Tegerson, Charles Thompson, Mary Vanbuskirk, Susan Watts, Linda Watts, Sharon Wilkerson, John Wright, Jerel Wright, Jimmie Wyant, Richard Yancey Jr., Floyd Young, Helen Za hou rek, Richard "Six Years - Six Little Years - Six Drops Of Time" Mathew Arnold Dear Grant High, Our own Grant High, We hold your banners, Red and gray. Loyal we will be to thee Now and through eternity. Dear Grant High, Our own Grant High, Where e'er we go How e'er we strive, Our hearts ever turn your way, True to thee Grant High. H2612 auwom-lawn M, W mnuww.. QM? ,,,, -agq,,,g,,, - Q rf 1 .1 ,,,a,,.,v , 1 if Epilogue 7968 With ew Ideas, Upsets And Change AP Photo Everything had to be "in" sit-ins, love-ins, be-ins. Tl' new influence had its effects on the entertainment wor with its product for the "in-crowd"-Laugh-ln. With Dan Rowan and Dick Martin as hosts, the show wi the biggest hit of the season. Sometimes things got so f "in," they were "out." If a freak-out meant what it sounr like, special guests such as Tiny Tim must have coined tl term. Millions of Americans sat glued to the tube watching tl biggest sports upset of the decade. Everyone said the Ame can Football League didn't have it, but if it was not the previously, it was only asleep. When the New York Jets the AFL met the Baltimore Colts of the NFL, they sure he something going, namely, a quarterback called Joe Namat Super star of the Super Bowl, the controversial Mr. Nama, was perhaps the only AFL fan who kept the faith. He ri only predicted a win but guaranteed it, and unlike mortal Joe spoke the truth. l Even with such pleasant diversions, the war hung ove head. To the millions in the affluence of America, the w halfway around the world was very far away. Businessmn viewed it as a necessary part of the economy and their pocke politicians dreaded, feared, equivocated, told lies and calli upon every faculty of their careers, rioters, protestors, dra dodgers used Viet Nam to trample the Establishment and ma America their "do your own thing" place. But to some, Sout east Asia became another issue with which they could sho they were Americans. Copyright NBC Luug 'A , '03 . , Mg , 1 X .2 x Sl , X V, . 4 Q94 2 5 Q. I ?"0q.,w if ' has ,. 2, -J, w 2 . A 7:11 F1 1 2, 1 ,I w Z, 3' fqgga za Ar In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morn- ing were the first day. And God said, Let there be a firmament, and divided the waters which were above the firma- ment: and it was so. And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day. And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let dry land appear: and it was so. And God called the dry land Earth, and the gathering together of the waters called the Seas, and God saw that it was good. Genesis i:i-10 268 "I Undertook A New Voyage Since the beginning of time, man has looked at the moc and stars with a kind of awe. lt is still there and still awfi but with the great expansion of human knowledge ar power it is not so far away. After thousands of years of reaching for the moon, me has circled it with his intelligence. Nothing comparable ha happened in man's history except possibly the voyages whiz led to the discovery of the New World. In Columbus' da mankind believed itself to be in its old age, but after tl discovery of the New World what followed was a renaissanl of mind and spirit. Likewise, is it possible that the age 1 space that has emerged may offer a spiritual and intellectu challenge that will shake the warring earth? How can peace, iustice and Utopia be found on the moor It is possible to look at the moon flight and shudder at tl impersonal technology, the money, sweat and time spent f the triumph of gadgetry. Maybe this genius that challeng nature can provide an end to poverty, and bring peace neare lt is easier for man to go to the moon than to wipe out ghetto, easier to travel through space than to clean up l own polluted atmosphere, easier to escape the world's agoni 250,000 miles away rather than challenge them. Man h conquered the seas, air, and natural obstacles, and now l us hope, he may in some way conquer himself. A New Heaven And World" Christopher Columbus 1 Q Q me "- 51 n Copyvighl, NASA, Apollo 8 moon flight, plvolo courlesy LIFE magazine. For 175 Days Grant Becomes A Way Ot Life in the autumn to its rebirth around a central idea-U.S. Gra From the dying of life spring, 2300 lives revolve High School. into the tiny corners of even litt for knowledge continues after tl' lt's inescapable. lt seeps minds. The endless search last bell. Involvement. Participation in activities requires hours 1 hard work to reach a 'goal which is no more than a feeling This feeling comes when you score points for your tear or sing "Fight On." lt comes when you are taking your tin bow before the audience, and when Seniors take their tin bow at graduation. This feeling comes while you are at U. Grant, where for nine months it becomes your life . . . t i , ..,, X l sr r u FAR LEFT ABOVE: Captain, Larry Winnard participates in the coronation of Wrestling Queen, Susan Mosman. FAR LEFT MIDDLE: Only a term paper could be important enough to bring Susan Payne to the library. FAR LEFT BOTTOM: Sing group, "Offering," entertain the yearbook royalty and students at the iournalism assembly. LEFT: An exciting dual match against John Marshall brings Generals to their feet. BELOW LEFT: Every morning is a race for the limited parking space. BELOW: A familiar sight every 55 minutes-2300 students in a hurry. And When It's Over We Remember 27I ' "MW ' 1 1 "Look noT mournfully inTo The pasT. IT comes noT back again, Wisely improve The PresenT. IT is Thine. Go forTh To meeT The shadowy FuTure, wiThouT Tear, and wiTh a manly hearT." Henry WadsworTh Longfellow 272 Time ls. T I wMMW-L,,..,Mm.m.W,,.A. , ,, S 1 f i ., .J ,f:.msrQ- 231 bW"'Q"'n - Aazbxwsz N, , , NN 2,--f 5,1 : Qmwmwpanwwwy . . m ,..,...-........... ,M Y 3 1 QT., ,iq at .A ' -: - N Wg, Q .ggi gy .L X. .5 ax X I 4X Nr- I X Y E 'Il K xxll xg 1 ' i 5 X 1 -- - ' S ',4,' - Q msQ,,g:ffg1x-f':f- .zwsxvsk if-.Avi-.-K. ' ' , V -2 ,.... ..,gQ:,. .sf , I M ,sql , I :A , bm.. ' 51:15 E' ,G . . Aw fa,,:'gj M . . K A ,Mi,,.'mgfz5:1 Q, J H ..,g 5, -1- f-- T- 've-rem. ...- we--W -- r"""'f1-'--' '-f-'ff ECll'EOI"S' Note . . . 1968-69 General staff The pressure and strain of yearbook deadlines are finally over. As Editor, This is my chance to give thanks where it is due. My first Thanks goes to this year's GENERAL staff. After many hours of drawing layouts, picture cropping, and The writing of 416 inches of copy and 203 cut- lines, The GENERAL staff produced a totally new year- book with totally new ideas. The GENERAL was made up of 2732 pictures in which eight of them were color and three of them in brown mezzotint spot color. My deepest appreciation goes to Rembrant studios for going beyond their contract to give us the best quality pictures a book could have. Mr. and Mrs. Carroll, our representatives from Tay- lor Publishing Company deserve a big thanks for their counseling and actual production of the General. Student body and faculty, l'm not going To leave you out of my thanks. You made the history, we simply recorded it. Without you making The year what it was, we wouldn't have produced This book. I would also like To add, You made this year very enioyable for us to record. , My most important thanks goes, naturally, to our iournalism sponsor, Mrs. Mary J. Sparks. She has aided us in so many ways. Her guidance, patience, and wil- lingness to understand me and The staff has been a major contributor to The i969 GENERAL. I have given my thanks, My iob is complete, Now it is time for me to sit back and Remember When. 50,00 0m,604. 1 274 4 , 1 Editor . . . Managing Editor .. Activities Editor . . . Staff .......... Organizations Editor Staff ............ Sports Editor . . Staff ..... Faculty Editor . . . Staff ........ Senior Class Editor Staff ............ Junior Class Editor . Staff ............ Sophomore Class Editor . . . . Staff ................ . Copy Editor . . . Staff ....... Photog ra phy Editor Beau Thomson . . Lynda Weed Ellen Lawrence Barbara Pritchard Holly Vance . . Marty Smith Debby Campbell Steve Andrews Eileen Huddleston Bobby Grimes . Kathy Witten Denise Hawkins Glenda Brannon Billie Shelton . Linda Coffelt . . . . . Susie West Wayne Myers . . Sandra Seals . . . . . Pat Seigle Debi Mount . . Pat Morzoff . . . Linda Fortner Debbie Burkart Randy Sanders Jeanette Cook . . . . . Pat Maloy Cendi Fent Debbie Hansen Mike Antrikan -A.. KND-ERSON, MR. ROBERT .S., Oklahoma University, Sponsor: BLA, 37 , KRCHER, MR. DON I. S., East Central, M.T., East Central, L7 -B- lAKER, MRS. HELEN Attendance Clerk, 32 IAKER, MRS. TREVA l.S., Oklahoma State Fponsor: Junior Class, 37 University, IALLEW, MR. RAY .M.E., Oklahoma Baptist University, ll.M.E., Oklahoma University, Spon- or: Choir, Boy's Glee Club, Girls Zlee Club, Vocal Ensembles, 37 IARKER, MRS. FRANCES Nlafeteria, 53 I IARLOW, MR. MICHAEL l.B.A., Oklahoma University, Spon- Ior: FBLA, 37 IARTON, MR. AMOS Custodian, 52 SAUGH, MRS. CHRISTINE LA., Oklahoma Baptist University, ILA., Central State College, Sponsor: ienior Class, 36, 37 IIRCHFIELD, MR. BOB Custodian, 52 LITTLE, MRS. JUANITA LA., Hendrix College, M.E., Okla- loma University, 32 ILACK, MR. ROBERT Iustodian, 52 ILAKENEY, MRS. JO ANN Jklahoma University, Sponsor: Na- ional Forensic League, 36, 37 BOWEN, MRS. FLORENCE Iafeteria, 53 BOWEN, MRS. WILMA Iafeteria, 53 SUCKHOLD, MR. ERNEST B.A., Oklahoma State University, VLA., Oklahoma State University, 32 ..C.. :ABLE, MR. RONALD B.A., Oklahoma City University, Ok- Ihoma University, Sponsor: Rocket Club, 37 CALHOUN, MRS. GALEN Library Clerk, 32 .,...v.--....-.-.f-., .,..,.... . .... , .,v,,.,..r,,,,,,..,,...,, ,.,-,,. Facult Index CAMPBELL, MRS. PEGGY Registrar, 32, 34 CARPENTER, MR. CHARLES Baptist University, B.S., Oklahoma M.T., Central State, Graduate Work, East Central, Sponsor: Boys' O Club, 39 CARTER. MISS IDA B.S., Oklahoma University, M.S., Ok- lahoma University, Central State, 39 CAVIN, MRS. LORETTA Oklahoma University, B.A., O.C.L.A., Co-Sponsor: French Club, 39, 98 CHASE, MR. C. D. B.A., Northwestern State College, M.A., Colorado College of Education, 38, 39 CONDREN, MRS. ANN B.S., Central State College, M.B.E., Oklahoma University, Sponsor: FBLA, 39 COX, MRS. HAZEL A.B., Oklahoma Baptist University, Northwestern State College, Grad- uate Work, Oklahoma University, Sponsor: FTA, 38, 39 CROSLEY, MR. HAROLD B.A., Central State, M.T., Central State, B Team Wrestling Coach, 39 -D- DANIEL, MR. ERNEST B.S., Central State College, M.S., Central State College, 39 DAVIDSON, MRS. VINELA Cafeteria, 53 DEAN, MRS. DOROTHY B.S., Oklahoma University, Sponsor: FBLA and Junior Class, 39 DONNELL, MR. ROBERT Custodian, 52 DORSEY, MRS. EDA Cafeteria, 53 DOWDELL, MR. KEITH B.S., Southwestern State College, M.S., Emporia Kansas, 39 -E.. ELLIS, MISS PENNI B.S., Oklahoma State University, Sponsor: Girls Pep Club and Junior Class, 39 EMANUEL, MRS. GRETA Roberts Beauty Training Center, Sponsor: VICA, 39 EVERHART, MR. JACK B.S., Central State, M.S., Central State, Sponsor: FCA, Golf Coach, 38, 39 -F- FINLEY, MRS. FRANCIS B.S., Southeastern, Oklahoma City University, Sponsor: Junior Class, 39 FORD, MRS. ROSE Cafeteria, 53 FULLER, MR. AL B.S., Oklahoma University, Sponsor: FBLA, 40 -G- GROOMS, MRS. DONNA Cafeteria, 53 -H... HAMPTON, MRS. OPAL Principal's Secretary, 32, 34 HIGBIE, MR. RUSSEI. Oklahoma State University, Central State, Sponsor: Rifle Club, B-Squad Football Coach, Baseball Coach, 40, 4I HILL, MR. JOHN B.S., Central State, Sponsor: Boys O Club, 40, 63 HOLLOWELL, MRS. LUCY Oklahoma University, Central State College, 40 HOSTETTER, MR. LYLE B.A., Central State, M.E.S.S.A., Ok- lahoma University, Sponsor: Rifle Club, 40 HOWARD, MRS. FLO Attendance Clerk, 32 HUFFMAN, MR. C. W. Principal, B.A., Oklahoma University, M.A., Oklahoma University, 24, 25 HUGGHINS, MR. JERRY Custodian, 52 HULL, MR. LARRY B.A., Oklahoma City University, 40 HUMPHREY, MRS. MARGE A.B., Peru State College, Oklahoma University, Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma State University, Central State College, Sponsor: Senior Class, 40 HUTCHINSON, MRS. MARY Cafeteria, 53 .J.. JACKSON, MRS. LELLA Cafeteria, 53 -K- KELLEY, MRS. LAURA B.S., Central State College, M.D., Oklahoma State University, Sponsor: Assistant Jr. Red Cross, 40 KENNEY, MR. HAROLD Custodian, 52 KING, MR. RALPH B.A., Central State College, Sponsor: FTA, 43 -L- LANSDOWNE, MRS. OLETA B.A., Central State College, M.S., Oklahoma State University, Sponsor: Curtisy Committee, 42, 43 LONG, MRS. MORENE B.F.A., Texas State Teachers College, Central State College, F.F.A., Okla- homa University, Sponsor: Junior Class, Art Club, 42, 43 LOONEY, MR. ORVILLE Oklahoma State University, 43 -MC- McANALLY, Mas. Boasls East State Texas University, 43 MCCAIN, MR. ROBERT B.S., Oklahoma University, M.A., Central State College, 32, 35 MCCLELLAND, MR. B.A., University of S. California, 48 -M- MANUEL, MRS. FLOSSIE Cafeteria, 53 MATHES, MRS. CHRIS Attendance Clerk, 35 MERIDITH, MR. HAROLD B.S., Central State College, M.S., Oklahoma University, Sponsor: Boys "O" Club, Head Football Coach, 43, 54 METHENEY, MR. DON B.S., Central State College, M.T., Central State College, Co-Sponsor: Boys "O" Club, Head Basketball Coach, 43 MILLER, MR. CRAIG B.S., East Central State, M.S., East Central State, 43 MILLIRON, MR. VIRGIL B.A., Central State College: M-T., Central State College, Head Wres- tling Coach, 44, 45 275 COFFMAN, JANICE 235 Student Council Chaplain 66-67, Thespian Historian 67-69, NFL 66-69, Choir 67-69, Pep Club 66-69 COLE, BELINDA 235, 244 FBLA 67-69, Latin Club 66-67, Pep Club 66-69, Student Council 66-67 COMBS, KATHLEEN COOK, JEANETTE 235, 228, 99, 17B Pep Club 66-69, Math Club 67-69, French Club 67-69, Spanish Club 66- 67, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69, Junior Class Secretary 67-68, Princess of Print 68-69, National Merit Semi- finalist 68-69 COOK, NORA 235 Pep Club 66-69, Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 67-68 COOK, STEVE 235 Thespians 68-69, Swimming 68-69 COOKE, KATHLEEN 235 FBLA 68-69 COONER, LARY 235 COOPER. DAVID Band 67-69 CORBITT, CATHERINE FBLA 68-69 CORDER, STEVE 235, 130 Pres. of Jr. ,Class 67-68, Sec. of Sr. Class 68-69, Student Council 66-69, Baseball 66-69, Basketball 66-69, Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 66-67, Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 67-68, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69 COSPER, GLEN 235 Latin Club 67-69, FBLA 68-69, DECA Club 67-69, Student Council 67-68, Jr. DECA Buddy 67-68, Parliamentar- ian of DECA Club 68-69 C'RABB, JOHN 235 FBLA 66-67 CRAIN, SHERYL 235 CREWS, DIANA 236 Pep Club 66-69 CROSS, SUSAN 236 CROWDER, KATHRYN 236 FBLA 67-69, Pep Club 66-69, Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 67-68 CROZIER, LINDA 236 Student Council 68-69 CULBERTSON, SHARON 236 CUNNINGHAM, DIAN 236 Student Council Historian 67-69, Stu- dent Council 66-69, Jr. Usher 67-68, FBLA 66-69, Pep Club 66-69, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69 CURLISS, OLETA 236 FBLA 68-69 CURRY, cnsm 236 PEP Club 66-69 278 CURRY, CHERYL 236, 114, 155, 156, 157, 116 FBLA 68-69, Pep Club 66-69, Jr. Football Att. 67-68, Jr. Usher 67-68, Cheerleader 68-69, GENERAL Queen 68-69 CURRY, RICHARD 236 DABBS, DIANE 236 FBLA 67-69, Safety Council 67-68, Safety Council Treasurer 67-68 DALE, BARBARA 236 Safety Council 68-69 DANIEL, DANALD DANIELS, KAREN 236 Pep Club 6669 DARRAH, MIKE 236 Student Council 68-69 DAVIS, CAROL 236 Pep Club 66-69, FBLA 6869, Student Council 67-68 DAVIS, GARY 236 DAVIS, JIMMY 237 DAVIS, VERONICA 237 Pep Club 66-69, Choir 66-69, Girls Glee Club 66-69 DAY, KAREN 237 FBLA 68-69, Pep Club 66-69 DEASON,JIMMY 237 VICA 68-69 DeHART, BRENDA 237, 127, 114, 155, 156 Cheerleader 67-69, Head Cheerleader 68-69, Track Queen 68-69, Pep Club 66-69, Jr. Marshal Usher 67-68, Jr. Basketball Att. 67-68 DEASON. JIMMY 237 VICA 68-69 DeHART, BRENDA 237, 127, 114, 155, 156 Cheerleader 67-69, Head Cheerleader 68-69. Track Queen 68-69, Pep Club 66-69, Jr. Marsha-I Usher 67-68, Jr. Basketball Att. 67-68 De'MOE, VICKI 237 Pep Club 66-68 DENNIS, KEVIN 237, 228 Wrestling 66-68, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69 DENTON, DEBORAH 237, 178, 17 Science Club 68-69, French Club 67- 69, Mu Apha Theta 67-69, FTA 68-69, National Merit Semifinalist 68-69, Eason Jr. Scientist of the yeaf 67-68 DIAL, BARBARA 237 Band 67-68, Maiorette 67-68, Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 67-68, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69, Student Council 66569, Choir 68-69 DIXON, RONNIE 237 DOBBS, PAM 237 Pep Club 66-69, Girls Glee Club 68-69, Choir 68-69 237, 37 DODSON, EILEEN Choir 66-69, Girls Glee Club 66-69, Blue Notes 66-69, Pep Club 66-69, Soph. Class Plan. Comm. ,66-67, Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 67-68, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69 DONNELL, DON 237 DOSS, JOHN 237,62 FTA 68-69, FBLA 68-69, Red Cross 68-69, Student Council 68-69, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. DRAGUS, PAUL 237, 118 DRAKE, LILLIE 237 DUE, WILLIAM 237 Baseball 68-69 DUGGAN, GARY Radio Ham Club 67-68 DULANEY, DELILAH 237 Pep Club 66-69, Student Council 66- 69, Student Council Parliamentarian 68-69, Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 66- 67, Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 67-68, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69 DUNKIN, VIRGINIA 237 DUNNING, RONNIE DURBIN, DONETA 237 VICA 68-69 DUTTON, DALE 237 DYER, LINDA 237 Pep Club 66-69, Student Council 66- 69, FBLA 66-69, FJA 66-69, Newl- paper Staff Business Manager 68-69, News Page Editor 68-69 DYESS, PAU LA 237 EDWARDS, PAM 237 Spanish Club 66-67 EIDSON, MYRA 238 Pep Club 66-68, FBLA 66-68, Student Council 67-68, Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 67-68 ELLIOTT, LARRY 238 ELLISTON, MIKE 238 EMBRY, KAREN 238 Pep Club 66-69, FLBA 68-69 EMRICK, KERRY 238 FBLA 68-69, Mu Alpha Theta 68-69 ENGLES, DAVID 238, 54 FCA 66-67, Track 67-68 ESMOND, DANNY ESPOLT, STEVEN 238 ESQUIVIAS, STEVE 238 FusTLFR, NAOMI 23a Pep Club 6669 EVANS, .IUDITH 238 Safety Council 67-69, Red Cross 66- 67, Art Club 67-68, French Club 68- 69 FARAM, MICHAEL 238 FARRIS, CONNIE 238, 154 l Pep Club Vice President 68-69, JrFl. Class Plan. Comm. 67-68, Sr. Class Plan. Comm.68-69, FBLA 66-67 I FAUGHT, KAREN 238 br, Pep Club 66-69 FAULKNER,CHRIS 23a VICA 67-6a, FBLA 6a-69, An Cluh 66-67 l l FENLMORF, CHARLES zaa ng FENWICK, LARRY 239 FERGUSON, GENE ty Safety Council 66-67, Jr. Class Plan Comm. 67-68 FINK, LON 239, 54 Football 67-69 FISHER, MONTIE 239 l I . FITZGERALD, KATHY 239 ,Y Pep Club 66-69, FTA 67-68, FBU, 66-69 Y, b FLEMING, LESLIE 239 Pep Club 67-69, FBLA 68-69 FLOWERS, BILLY 239 FLOWERS, JIMMY 239 VICA 67-69 ity FLOYD, BILL 239, 137, 141 ni' Wrestling 6669 FOOTE, SUSAN 239 FBLA 68-69, Student Council 68-69 FORD, CLAUDE 239 fy, Great Books 68-69 ty FORTNER, LINDA 239, 9 Student Council 66-69, Sr. Class Plar Comm. 68-69, FBLA 68-69, Pep Clul 66-69, Cand. for "O" Club Swee' heart 68-69 FORTUNE, LARRY 239 an FOSTER, MARILYN 239 FRANCIS, SHARON 239 Pep Club 66-69, Student Council 6601 69 IY FREE, EDWARD 239 pe FREEMAN, CATHY 239 FULLER, LILI 239 Red Cross Secretary 66-68, Red Cros Chaplain 68-69, Mu Alpha Theta 68 69, Spanish Club 66-67 GARLOW, DAWNELLEN 239, 228 I02 Secretary of FTA 68-69, Secretary o Mu Apha Theta 68-69, Pep Club 66 69, Spanish Club 66-67, FTA 67-69 Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69 GARRETT, GARY 239 GARRETT, LINDA 239 Pep Club 67-69, FBLA 67-69 58 ARRETT, SHARON 239, 254 ep Club 66-69, FBLA 66-69, seph. lass Plan. Comm. 66-67, Safety ouncil 68-69 ECKLER, SHERYL 239 udent Council 67-69, Spanish Club I7-69, Red Cross 68-69 EER, GARY 239, 254 Ir. Class Rep. At Large 67-68 BLA President 68-69, St u d e nt Council 66-68, Secretary of Jeffer- onian Honor Society 67-68 FENTRY, KIM 239, 22, 256 'ep Club 66-69, Spanish Club 66-67 SENZER, LINDA 239 BLA 68-69 HBSON, JOHN 239 SIFFORD, MICHAEL 240 BILL, JUDY 240 ep Club 66-69, Jr. Class Plan. Zomm. 67-68 BILSTRAP, KATHY 240 r. Marshall Usher 67-68, Cand. for 'liss Howdy 67-68, Pep Club 66-69, BLA 66-68, Student Council 68-69 PLASGOW, CHERYL 240 ep Club 66-67 EOODSON, CHARLES 62, 240 O" Club 66-69 ZORDON, JIMMY 240 SOUGH, DONALD 240 'ICA 67-68 EREGG, REBECCA 240 'ICA Club 68-69, VICA Chaplain 8-69 iREGG, STEPHEN 240 hespians 66-69, NFL 66-69, Latin :lub 66-67, Jr. Toastmasters LRIGSBY, LINDA 240 ep Club 66-69, Student Council 68- 9, Red Cross 68-69 iREENLEE, RICHARD 240 haplain of VICA 68-69, Photogra- Lhy Club 66-67, VICA Club 68-69 iRIMES, BOBBY 240, 33, 54, 56, 50, 116, 114 r. Usher 67-68, Football 67-69, GENERAL KING 68-69, "O" Club 7-69, FBLA 66-67, Student Council 6-69, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69 PRIMM, CHERYL 240 r. Class Rep. At Large 67-68, Sr. lass Parliamentarian 68-69, Dispatch taff 67-68, Pep Club 66-69, Spanish Ilub 66-68, Choir, Glee Club 67-69, hespians 67-69, Student Council 6-69 SRISSOM, DEBBIE 240, 8 toph. Class.Vice Pres. 66-67, Miss 'hristmas Present 67-68, Junior- lsher 67-68, Miss Howdy 67-68, SENERAL Queen Atten. 68-69, Pep Ilub 66-69, Red Cross 66-67, Student Zouncil 66-67 GRUMMER, LARRY 240 GRUVER, SHARON 240 GUENTHER, DARLENE 240 GULICK, PAUL Band, Orchestra 66-67 GULLEDGE, JOY 240 GUTHRIE, ROBERT 240 HACKNEY, GUY HAFFNER, LINDA 240 VICA Parliamentarian 68-69, FBLA 66-67, Pep Club 66-69, VICA 6869 HAIR, GARY 240 HALL, RAYMOND 240 Student Council 66-67, Track 66-67 HAMILTON, LINDA HAMMAN, SANDRA 240 FBLA 68-69 HAMMAN, VICKIE 240, 155, 116 Cheerleader 67-68, Pep Club Presi- dent 68-69, Pep Club 66-69, Jr. Track Attendant 67-68, Candidate for General Queen 68-69, Candidate for Miss Howdy 67-68, Student Council 68-69, FBLA 68-69 HAMMETT, BETTY 240 FTA 67-69, Pep Club 66-69 HAMMON, RICKY HANCOCK, ARTHUR 241 Science Club President 68-69, Eason Jr. Scientist 67-68, Youth Science Congress 67-68, Spanish Club 66-68, Math Club 67-69, Science Club 68-69 HARDIN, PAM 241, 116 Pep Club 6669 HARLIN, RANDAL 241 HARMON, LARRY 241 HARRNESS, ANDREW 241 Rifle Club 66-69, Rocket Club 67-68 HARRIS, BRYAN 241 HARRIS, STEVE 241 HARRISON, TOMMY 241 Boys Glee 66-69, Choir 66-69 HARRISON, JUDY HART, DEBBIE 241 FTA 68-69, Pep Club 66-69 HART, SUNI 241 Student Council 66-67, Junior Class, 67-69, Pep Club 66-69 HARVEY, JUDY 241 Red Cross 67-69 HAsH, PAULA 241 Pep Club 66-68, FBLA 66-67 HATMAKER, DARLA 241, 21 Pep Club 66-69, FBLA 68-69, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69 HAUCK, JOHN 241 Student Council 66-67 HAWKINS, WALTER 241 Rifle Club 68-69 HAZLITT, ROY 241 Red Cross 66-67, Student Council 68-69 HEATH, CONNIE 242 Pep Club 66-69, VICA Club 67-69, Candidate for VICA Sweetheart 68- 69 HEATON, CONNIE 242 Pep Club 66-69, FTA 68-69 HELM, GAIL 242 Pep Club 66-69 HENDRICKSON, LANA 242 Pep Club 66-69, FBLA 67-69, Vice Pres. of FBLA 68-69 HENLEY, ROBERT HENSLEY, GIL 242, 128 NFL 66-69, Thespians 66-69, FBLA 68-69 HERNANDEZ, JOSIE 242, 247 HERNANDEZ, PAT 242 Pep Club 68-69 HERRON, DWIGHT 242 VICA 68-69 HERRON, LINDA 242 Pep Club 66-68, FBLA 66-67, FTA 67-68 HEWITT, SHARON 242 Pep Club 66-69, FBLA 67-68 HIBDON, SHARON 242 FBLA 68-69, Pep Club 66-68 HIBLER, TOMAS 242 HIGGINS, JIMMY 242 HILBURN, MITCHELL 242 HILL, PAT 242 Pep Club 68-69, FBLA 68-69 HILTERBRAND, DEWEY 242 HIMES, DENNY 243 Football 67-69, Swimming Team 68- 69 HITI, DEBBIE 243 Pep Club 66-69, Spanish Club 67-68, FTA 67-68, Student Council 67,68 HODGES, DAVID 243 HOFFMAN, THOMAS 243 HOIPKEMEIER, STEVE 243 Mu Alpha Theta 68-69, Band 66-69, Orchestra 66-69, NFL 66-68, Student Council 68-69 HOLASEK, JAMES 243 HOLLEY, SUE 243 Pep Club 66-69, Girls Glee Club 67-69, Choir 68-69 HoLL1oAY, BEVERLY 2431 Band 66-69, Orchestra 67-69, FBLA 68-69 HOLMES, DAVID 243 Tennis 67-68, Latin Club 66-67, FBLA 68-69 HOMER, RAYMOND 243 HOOPER, FRANKLIN 243 HORTON, BRENDA 243 HORTON, STEVE 243 VICA 68-69 HOSKINS, JACK 243 HOSTER, CLAY 243, 179, 130, 129 "O" Club 67-69, FCA 66-69, Student Council 68-69, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69 HOUSTON, IDA 243 Student Council 66-67, Pep Club 68- 69 HOWELL, GWEN 243 Safety Council 68-69, Student Coun- cil 68-69 HUDDLESTON, EILEEN 243, 154 Pep Club 66-69, Student Council 66- 67, FJ Pres. 67-68, Pep Club Sgt.-At- Arms 67-68, Soph. Class Reporter 66-67, Jr. Marshall Usher 67-68, Spirit Booster 68-69, Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 66-67, Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 67-68, Basketball Queen 68-69 HULL, MARION 243 Pep Club 68-69 HULSOPPLE MARCIA 243 Band 66-69, Safety Council 66-68, VICA 68-69, French Club 67-68 HUNT, GLADYS 243 FBLA 68-69, FTA 68-69 HUNTER, BECKY 243 Pep Club 66-69, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69 HUNTER, STEVE 243 ILBEYLI, HAYRIYE 243, 241, 161, 119 Foreign Exchange Student from Turkey 68-69 ISAACS, NOVETTA 244 Pep Club 67-69, FBLA 68-69 INGRAM, EDWARD 244, 54 JACKSON, BARBARA JACKSON, CAROLYN 244 Spanish 68-69, FBLA 68-69 JACKSON, HAROLD 244 JACOBSON, JOYCE Student Council 68-69, Band 66-68, Pep Club 66-68, Stage Band 67-68 JEFFERSON, DEBBIE 244, 154 Student Council 67-69, Thespians 68-69, Band 66-69, Pep Club 66-69, NFL 68-69, Spirit Booster 68-69, Jr. Class Reporter 67-68, Sr. Class Re- porter 68-69 279 we-V . if sz- lv :LS 'QL -1?3"1. I I l 4 I ni.. 'MEF RANKIN, JANICE 253 VICA 68-69 RAY, CA RLA 253 REAGAN,CYNDY 253,154 Pep Club 66-69, Pep Club Demerit Capt. 68-69, Spanish Club 66-67, FJ 66-67, Student Council 66-69, Stu- dent Council Reporter 67-68, Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 66-67, Jr. Clan Plan. Comm. 67-68, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69 REDDISH, STEVEN 253 Latin Club 67-68 REED, RONNIE 253 VICA 68-69 REEVES, DONNA 253 Pep Club 66-69, French Club 66-67 FBLA 66-67, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69 REUBELL, TERRI 253 Pep Club 66-69 REYNOLDS, MIKE 253, 25, 137, 138 Wrestling 66-69 RHODES, CONNIE 253 FTA 67-69 RHODES, JAMES 253,129 FCA 66-69, Student Council 66-69, Jr. Marshall Usher 67-68, Football 66-69, Basketball 66-69, Track 67-69, Cand. for Pep Club Buddy 68-69 "O" Club 68-69 RICH VALERIE Pep Club 66-68 RICTOR, KATHRYN 253 FBLA 68-69 RICHARDSON, TERRY 21 RIDLEY, SHARON 254 FBLA 68-69, Pep Club 68-69 RIGGS, PAUL 254 RIKER, BARBARA 254 FBLA 67-69, Choir 67-69 RINKLE, DONNIE 254, 54, 58, 61 Baseball 66-69, Football 66-69, FBLA 66-67, Red Cross 67-68, Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 67-68, Cand. for Pep Club Buddy 68-69 RITCHIE, STEVE 254 VICA 66-67 ROACH, PAM 254 Student Council 67-69, FTA 67-68, Pep Club 67-68, Choir 68-69, Red Cross 68-69 ROACH, BILL 254 "O" Club 67-68 ROBERTS, BARBARA 254 Student Council 68-69, Pep Club 66- 69, Spanish Club 66-67 ROBERTS, JOEY 254, 54 "O" Club 66-69 282 :r--W , -,vlvrvn-1---1------. .Y - ...Y . -v.. , , , , 1 V' "f"EFv"ak . . , -1 mmm. W -f tn, ,W--.. ..WY5,..,,t,1m-5,,,,v..,,. ROBERTS, JAMES 254 ROBERTS, MIKE 254 mounts, rn 254 Pop club me ROBINSON, MARSHA 254, 154 Pop Club 66-69, FBLA 68-69, Pep Club Secretary 68-69, Cand. for Miss FBLA 6849 ROBINSON, RICKI 254, 154 Pop Club 66-69, Pep Club Historian 68-69 ROBINSON, RICKY 254 Radio Club 66-67 ROCHE,MELINDA 254 FBLA 68-69, Pep Club 66-69, VICA 68-69 RODGERS, CHARLES 255 Student Council 68-69, FBLA 68-69, Football 66-67, FCA 66-68, Thespian 68-69, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69 RODGERS, DAVID 255 FTA 66-68, Math Club 67-69, Orches- tra 67-69, Pep Band 66-69, Stage Band 67-69 RODGERS, JERRY 255 FBLA 66-69 ROGERS, SHIRLEY 255 Pep Club 66-68, VICA 67-69 ROGERS, TERRY 255 FBLA 6669 ROSEBROOK, KERI 255 Pep Club 66-69, FTA 68-69 ROSELLE, DAN 255, 160, 250 NFL 66-69, Thespian 67-69, FTA 68- 69, FBLA 68-69, Math Club 67-69, NFL Treasurer 67-68, Student Council President 68-69 ROSS, PHILIP 255 French Club 66-69, French Club Vice-Pres. 68-69 ROWLAND, GARY 255, 238 Band 66-69, Drum Maior 67-69 RUSSELL, BOBBY 255 RUSSELL, PAM 255 Pep Club 66-69, FBLA 66-69 SACK, KAREN 255 Pep Club 66-69, FBLA 67-69 SACK, RICHARD 255 VICA 67-69 SADLER, BARBARA 255, 96 SALLEY, ROGER 255 SANCHEZ, GLORIA 255 Pep Club 67-69, FBLA 68-69 SANDERS, CONNIE 255 FBLA 68-69, Pep Club 67-69 SANDERS, KENNETH 255,,63 Football 68-69, Track 67-69 SANDERS, RANDY 255, 54 Jr. Usher 67-68, Mr. Howdy Candi- date 67-aa, FCA 66-69, "0" Club 66-69, Baseball 66-69, Football 66-69, Wrestling 66-69, Cand. for Pep Club Buddy SANDERSON, LINDA 255 Pep Club 66-69, Student Council 68- 69 SANGER,JANIE 255 DECA Historian 68-69, DECA Sweet- heart Atten. 68-69, DECA 67-69 SARRINGTON, HOWARD Rocket Club 68-69, Ham Club 68-69 SAWYER, VICKI 255, 154 Pep Club Parliamentarian 68-69, Spirit Booster 67-68, Soph. and Jr. Plan. Comm. 66-68, Pep Club 66-69, FBLA 66-69 SCARBERRY, DONALD 255 SCHMID, BILL 255, 54 "O" Club 68-69, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69 SCHOFIELD, COY 255 Student Council 66-67, Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 67-68 SC HWAB, KATHY 255 SCOTT, DON 256 Student Council 66-67, Vice Pres. of High Notes 67-68, Pres. of High Notes 68-69 SCOTT, JOHN 256 SCOTT, STEPHEN 256 French Club 68-69 SCROGGINS, LANA 256 Student Council 68-69, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69, Pep Club 67-69 SEALS, DEBBIE 256 Pep Club 66-69, FBLA 66-68, Thes- pians 67-68, Student Council 67-68 SENEFF, FRAN 256, 96 Spanish Club 68-69, Thespians 66-67, Student Council 66-69, NFL 66-67, Pep Club 66-69 SEWELL, CARLA 256 Pep Club 66-69, VICA 68-69 SHADE, KEITH 256 SHAMBLIN, CLOANN 256 VICA 68-69, FTA 67-68, Pep Club 66-67, Student Council 67-68 SHAWN, ROBERT 256 NFL 67-69 SHELHAMER, KATHY 256 Pep Club 66-69, FBLA 68-69, "O" Club Sweetheart Cand. SHELTON, DONNA 256 Pep Club 66-69, Spanish Club 67-68, FBLA 68-69, Orchestra 66-69 l SHERBURNE, LINDA 256 1 FBLA 68-69, Pep Club 67-69, VICi 68-69 SHERRICK, JOHN SHOUSE, DANNY 256, 130 l, JI Student Council 68-69, Basketba Clul 66-69, FBLA 6B-69 hestri SIESS, GARY 256 SIFERS, CHARLES 257 Track 66-69, Football 66-67, FCA 6' 69, "O" Club 67-69, Spanish Clu66.6g 67-68 SIMMS, TERRY 257 Pep Club 68-69, FBLA 68-69 SMITH, BARBARA 257 Safety Council Secretary 67-68, Gle Club 66-67 I SMITH, CAROL FBLA 66-67 SMITH, DEBI 257 Pep Club 67-69, FBLA 68-69 SMITH, KENNETH 257 SMITH, MANY 257, 288, 148, 1546649 Rep. at Large 67-69, Soph. Class sf'7 retary 66-67, Spirit Booster 68-69, . Class Editor 67-68, Activities Edit 68-69, Student Council 67-69, Pt Club 66-69, FJA 66-69, A Cape Choir 67-69, Sr., Jr. and Soph. Cla Plan. Comm. 66-69 Clul SMITH, MICHAEL 247 Student Council 66-67, Sr. Class Plz Comm, 68-69, "O" Club 67-69 SMITH, MIKE 257, 54 graph' SMITH, PAULA 257, 127 Pres. of Latin Club 66-67, Sr. Tre Atten. 68-69, Pep Club 66-69 SMITH, ROBERT smmt, SHERRY 257 Pep Club ee-69 SMITH, STEPHEN 257 Latin Club 66-68, Student Cour 68-69, Tennis Team 66-69, Fc Found. Science Award 67-68 DEC! SOKOLINICKI, DEBBIE 257 Pep Club 68-69 SONNENSCHlEN,MANFRED 257 Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69 SOUTHERLAND, FRANCES 257 SPANGLER, DENIESE 257 Pep Club 68-69 I17 Wres s Plar SPEARS, PHYLLIS 257 I FBU Pep Club as-69, An Club 66-69,,,,de,, and Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 67-69 Y., , -, OELLINGS, EDWARD 257 PENCER, MARK 257 "LAWN, DONNA 257 . Class Plan. Comm. 67-68, FBLA 7-69 TANFORD, MICHAL 257, 62 Janish Club 68-69, "O" Club 68-69 IANLEY, LINDA 257 ap Club 66-69, FBLA 66-69 VEELE, MICKEY 257 'restling 66-67 'EELE, MONTE 257 ffersonian Honor Society 67-68, udent Council 67-68 'EELE, WILLIAM 257 ILA 66-68, Spanish Club 68-69 lEOHENS, PEGGY 257, 161 . Marshall Usher 67-68, Pep Club L-69, Football Homecoming Chair- pn 68-69 'EVENS, CINDY 258 rd Future Scientist 67-68, Jr. ience Award 67-68, FBLA 66-67, 'A 67-68, Pep Club 66-68 EVENS, GLENN 258 EVENS, RICHARD 258 IA Reporter 67-68, Track Captain -69, Football 66-67, FCA 66-69, J" Club 67-69, Track 66-69, Span- I Club 67-68 EWART, JO 258, 20, 21 otball Queen 68-69, Spanish Club :asurer 67-68, Pep Club 66-69, anish Club 66-68, Sr. Class Plan. umm. 68-69, FBLA 66-67 RicHER, THERESA 258 p club 67-68, FBLA 68-69 IGER, RICHARD 258 . JOHNN, KATHY 258, 228 p. at Large 68-69, Pep Club 66-69, LA 66-67, Student Council 68-69 OTTS, JOHN 258 DUT, DEBEE 258 apatch Staff 68-69 RELAU, DARLA 258, 37 ph. and Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 66- , Student Council 67-68, Pep Club -69, French Club 66-69, FBLA 68- JBBS, PAULA 258 .A 66-67 LLIVAN, CAROL 258, 288, 122, S . 66-69, Managing Editor of Dis- ch 68-69, Pep Club 67-69, Student Jncil Reporter 68-69, Teen Page :orter for Times 68-69 SUMMER, THOMAS 258 Spanish Club 67-68 SUTHERLIN, EDDIE 258 French Club Vice Pres. 67-68, French Club 66-68, Pep Band 67-69, Stage Band 6B-69 SWAFFAR, SANDRA 258 Pep Club 66-69 SWOPE, JEANNE 258 SWENSON, KAREN 258 Student Council Chaplain 67-68, Stu- dent Council Secretary 68-69, Miss FBLA Candidate 68-69, Pep Club 66- 69, FTA 67-69, FBLA 68-69, Thespians 68-69, Spanish Club 66-67 SYKES, GARY 258 TABOR, RONALD 258 TALLEY, SHERWIN 258 TAYLOR, BILLY 258 VICA 66-67, Safety Council 68-69, Red Cross 67-68 TAYLOR, GEOREG 258 TAYLOR, JANE 258 Pep Club 66-67, FBLA 68-69 TAYLOR, SUSAN 258 Pep Club 66-67, French Club 66-68, Thespians 66-69, NFL 66-69 TEAGUE, MIKE 258 TEAGUE, SAMUEL 258 Rifle Club 66-67 TEGERSON, CHARLES Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69, FBLA 67-68 TERBUSH, SHAWN 259 NFL 66-69, Thespians 66-69, FCA 66- 68, Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 67-68 TERRY, EDINA 259 Pep Club 66-69, FBLA 66-69 TETREAULT, RENEE 259 Student Council 66-68, Pep Club 66- 69, French Club 68-69 THEIMER, PAM 259,24 Band 66-69, Thespians 67-69, Latin Club 66-67 THOMAS, MICHAEL 259, 130 Math Club 67-69, FBLA 68-69, Base- ball 66-68, Basketball 67-69 THOMAS, RONALD 259 THOMPSON, LARRY 259, 288, 116 THOMPSON, MARY Pep Club 68-69 THOMPSON, TERRY 259 -.,...,f,uq1vm,.f-. v THOMSON, BEAU 259, 33, II3 Soph. Class Pres. 66-67, Jr. Class Rep. at Large 67-68, GENERAL Sports Editor 67-68, GENERAL Editor in Chief 68-69, Boys State 68-69, Stu- dent Council 66-69, Latin Club 67-69, Swimming 66-68 THRASH, RUSTY 259, 179, 264 Pep Club Buddy Cand. 68-69, Span- ish Club Treasurer 68-69, "O" Club 68-69, Jr. and Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 67-69, Golf Team 67-68, FCA 67-69, Basketball 66-69, Baseball 67-69, FBLA 68-69 THREKELD, BARBARA 259 FBLA 66-67, Pep Club 67-69 THURMAN, VICKY 259 Cosmetology Award 67-68, Pep Club 66-69, VICA 68-69 TINSLEY, STEPHEN 259 Band 66-67 TOOKER, LORENA 259 Red Cross 66-67 TRITTIPO, JANE 259, 288 Jr. Class Rep. at Large 67-68, Student Council Chaplain 67-68, FBLA 66-67, French Club 66-67, Student Council 66-69 TROXELL, ELMER 259, 62 Student Council Sgt. at Arms 68-69, FTA Vice Pres. 68-69, "O" Club 67- 69, FCA 67-69 TURNBOW, SAM 260, T79 Boys State 68-69, Swimming Team 67-69 TURNBULL, CAROLYN 260 Pep Club 67-69, Acapello Choir 67- 69, FBLA 69-69 TURNER, SHIRLEY 260 VICA Secretary 68-69, VICA 67-69 UNDERWOOD, PAM 260 Pep Club 66-69, Student Council 66- 69, FBLA 67-69, FTA 68-69, Junior Usher 67-68, Junior Spirit Booster 67-68, Soph. Track Attd. 66-67, Jun- ior Basketball Attd. 67-68, Senior Yearbook Attd. 68-69 UNSELL, JACKIE 260 VALLEE, TERRY 260 vANNoY, ALBERTA 260 Pep Club 66-69 VAUGHAN, DEBORAH 260 DECA lSecretary and Sweetheart! 68-69, Pep Club 66-69, FBLA as-ba, Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 66-67, Jun- ior Class Plan. Comm. 67-68 VOWELL, DEBBIE 260 Pep Club 66-68 WADE,JIMMY 260 WADDLE, JERRY 260 WAGNER, DON 260, 236 WALL, PHILIP 260 Senior Class Plan. Comm. '68-69, French Club 66-69, French Club President 68-69 WALLACE, BARBARA 260 WALLS, THOMAS 260, 102 Pres. of Math Club 68-69, Latin Club 66-67, French Club 67-69, Math Club 67-69, Senior Class Plan. Comm. 68- 69 WARE, PAULA 261 WATSON, KENT 261 Latin Club 67-69, Science Club 66-67 WATSON, STEVE 261 Student Council 67-69, 67-69 Thespians WATTS, LINDA WATTS, RHONDA 261 VICA 68-69 WATTS, SHARON Pep Club 66-68, FTA 67-69 WEATHERFORD, JOHN 261 Track 66-69 WEAVER, CHERYL 261 VICA 67-69, VICA Treasurer 68-69, VICA Sweetheart Cand. 68-69, Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 66-67 WEBB, PAULA 261 Pep Club 67-69, FBLA 66-69, Spanish Club 67-68, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69 WEED, LINDA 261 Managing Ed. of Yearbook 68-69, Activities Ed. of Yearbook 67-68, Student Council 66-69, Pep Club 66- 69, Class Rep. 67-68, Junior Class Plan. Comm. 67-68, FJ Pres. 68-69, Journalism Workshop OU 67-68 WEEKS, CLARENCE 261, 137 Wrestling 66-69 WELCH, CARL 261 Safety Council 67-68 WEST, SUSIE 261 Spanish Club 66-67, Pep Club 66-68, Yearbook Staff 68-69 WESTERVELT, BARBARA 261 FBLA 67-69, Student Council 68-69 WHITNEY, JOYCE 261 WILCOX, BARBARA 261 Safety Council 68-69, Orchestra 66- 69 WILDER, RON 261, 54 Football 66-69 WILEY, GARY 261, 102 Math Club 66-68, Spanish Club 66- 69, Soph. Class Plan. Comm. 66-67 283 4 WILEY, JANICE 261 Pep iClub 66-69, FTA 67-68 WILKERSON, KATHY 261 Pep Club 66-67 WILKES, LINDA 261, 15, 238 Band 66-69, FTA 67-69, OFCIIBITYI 67-69, Band Queen 68-69 WILLIAMS, CONNIE 261 WILLIAMS, LANNY 261 WILLIAMS, RODGER 261 WILLIAMS, RODGER 261 WILLIAMS, SHARON 261, 288, 256 Pep Club 67-69, Thespians 67-69, Sr. Class Treasurer 68-69, Editor-in-Chief of Newspaper 68-69, Jr. Class Plan. Comm. 67-68 IIAII Abernathy, Bill 208 Abrams, Danny 182 Ackerson, Kimberly 182 Acton, Brenda 166, 208 Adams, Connie 208 Adams, Judie 90, 208 Adams, Kathy 208 Ahpeatone, Jayne 182 Akin, Charlotte Aldrige, Donna 208 Allen, Karen 182 Allen, Raye Lynn 208 Allen, Warren Allison, Charles I82 Alvarado, Delores 182 Alvarado, Gloria 208 Alvarado, Gloria 208 Amos, Jay 17, 87, 180, 182 Anders, Donna 96, 170, 171, 208 Anderson, Pam 70, 74, 208 Anderson, Rita 182 Andrews, Danny 97, 135, 182 Andrews, Steve 5, 93, 208 Anshutz, Thomas 182 Antrikin, Mike 93, 208 Appleby, Linda 99, 208 Arismendez, Steve 182 Armbrister, Charlotte 208 Armstrong, Neal 87, 182 Armstrong, Russll 182 Arnold, Paula 182 Arnold, Vicki 154, 208, 227 Ashley, Lea Ann 208 Ashley, Liz 208 Asplin, Elizabeth 208 Atherton, Carolyn 182 284 WILLIAMSON, DOYLE 261 Latin Club 66-67 WILSON, CHRIS 262 WILSON, JAMES 262 WILSON, LINDA 262 Pep Club 67-69, FBLA 67-69 WINNARD, CATHY FBLA 68-69 WINNARD, LARRY 262, 1 37,116 WISE, ROBERTA 262 FBLA 68-69 WOLFENBARGER, JANICE 262 WOOD, DENNIS 262, 130 Safety Council 66-67, Basketball 67- 69 WOOD, HOMER 262 FBLA 68-69 WOOD, RADONNA 262 Choir 66-69, FTA 68-69 FCA 66-69, Wrestling 66-69, FBLA 68-69, Sr. Class Plan. Comm. 68-69, .Wrestling 66-69, UO., Club 68-69, Jr. Marshall 67-68 WIRSHICH, CATHY 262 WIRSHICH, CHRISTY 262 WOODALL, EDWARD 262, 137 Safety Council 68-69 WOODARD, MARILYN 262 Student Council 66-67, Thespians 67-69, Choir 68-69, NFL 66-69, Thes- pian Queen 68-69 Underclassman Index Austin, Gary 182 Austin, Larry 54, 61, 163, 208 Autaubo, Pamela 182 Ayers, Sherry 182 IIBII Babb, Charles 54, 70, 81, 163, 208 Babcock, Walter 70, 169, 182 Baggett, David 177, 182 Bagwell, Bobbie 37, 182 Baird, Baker, Baker, Baker, Baker, Jack 79, 182 Bruce 68, 182 Constance 182 Edward 208 Jerry 208 Baker, Joe 182 Baker, Baker, Jon 208 Terry 182 Baldwin, Regina 208 Bales, 182 Howard 81, 145, Bamberger, Jimmy 79, 182, 184 Barent ine, Sharon 208 Barker, John 135, 182 Barnes, Autry 208 Barnes, Kathy 182 Barnes , Micheal 182 Barnett, Kelly 208 Barney, Steve 135, 182 Barnhart, Vicki 154, 208, 19 2 Barton, Robin 182 Barrow, Gloria 183 Bateman, Dalene Bateman, Larry 183 Batler, Sandra 183 Batson, Becky 89, 208 Bauman, Terry 89, 208 WOODIE, EDDIE 262 WOOLIVER, HELEN 262 WRIGHT, JEREL 263 Track 66-69, FCA 66-69, Studel Council 68-69, "O" Club 68-69, J Marshall Usher 67-68, Soph. Cla: Plan. Comm. 66-67 WRIGHT, JIMMIE 263 Student Council 68-69, Sr. Class Plai Comm. 68-69 WYANT, RICHARD 263 YANCY, FLOYD 263 YOUNG, HELEN 263 Pep Club 67-69, Choir 68-69, Cho 67-69 ZAHOUREK, RICKY 263, 137 Wrestling 66-69 Bean, Micheal Beard, Christy 183 Beaty, Gary Bedford, Johnny Belding, Clifford 183 Belding, Mary 183 Belding, Micheal 208 Belford, Ronald Bell, Janet 183 Belisle, Linda 183 Benedict, Gary 208 Bennet, Shirley 183 Bennett, Steven 208 Benson, Mel 208, 224 Bentel, Karen 183 Bentry, Tony 183 Biddy, Mike 78, 96, 145, 161, 208 Bird, Norris 177, 183 Black, Mary 208 Blackmon, James 136, 208 Blackwell, Sherly 208 Blackwell, Wynelda 183 Blaine, Ronald 208 Blaylock, Bret 183 Blevins, Sandy 183 Bloom, Andrea 208 Bluemthal, Max 163, 208 Bogie, Robert 183 Boice, Victoria 99, 208 Bollinger, Charles 208 Bonnell, David 183 Boone, Wanda 209 Borror, Patti 183 Borum, Kay 161, 209 Bottoms, Kathy 183 Bouska, Deborah 183 Bowen, Jan 183 Bowen, Vickie 209 Bower, Gayle 169, 183 Bowl, Debbie 183 Bowman, Barbara 79, 81, 99, 209 Bowman, James 90, 183 Boyd, Carol 209 Boydstun, Mary 183 Boys, Walter 183 Bradford, Carleeta 171, 209 Bradford, Ricky 183 Bradley, Asa 18, 54, 59, 163, 209 Bradley, Debbie 209 Bradley, Karen 209 Bradshaw, Bonnie 209 Brady, Mignon 209 Branch, Mike 140, 209 Brannon, David 183 Brannon, Glenda 92, 117, 155, 207, 209 Brazeal, Tony 183 Brewer, Kathy 90, 183 Brewer, Marquita Brewster, Debra 183 Bridges, Kenny 54, 96, 209 Bridges, Millie 183 Brisco, Steven 183 Bristow, Larry 183 Brittain, Patty 183 Broadstone, Carlus 209 Brooks, Billy 183 Brooks, Kenny 183 Brooks, Linda 183 Brooks, Pam 75, 161, 166, 207, 209 Brooks, Peggy 73, 171, 166, 209 Brown, Barbara 70, 183 Brown, Debbie 171, 209 Brown, Freddie 169, 209 Brown, Kenneth 135, 183 Brown, Patti 183 Brown, Terry 209 Bruemmer, Daryl 209 Bruhen, Steve 183 Brummett, Kenneth 209 Bruza, Raymond 183 Bryce, Diane 183 Bryce, Maureen 81, 166, 209 Buckley, Tsiannina 209 Buckner, Donald 183 Buford, Johnny 183 Bunyard, Bobby 183 Bunyard, Daryl 183 Bunyard, Marcia 171, 2C Burgess, Judy 183 Bugess, Pamela 183 Burks, Wyatt 144, 145, 183 Burns, Donald 209 Burns, Eddie 183 Burns, Mary 183 Burns, Mitchell 209 Burris, Richard 209 Burris, Tommy Butler, Brent 183 Butler, Sandra Buzby, David 183 Bybee, Bill Bymun, Billy 209 Bynum, Debbie 158, 16 209 171, Byrne, Wendell 183 IICII Cable, Pam 20, 180, 181 Calame, Gina 183 Calame, Phillip 209 Caldwell, Paula 183 Caldwell, Richard 61, 24 215 Call, Micheal 183, 196 Callaway, Chris 121, 18 Campbell, Debby 99, 21 210 Campbell, James 210 Campbell, Paula 184 Campbell, Randy 210 Campbell, Sheila 184 Cunningham, Tim 211 mpbell, Steve 184 mpbell, Vaughn nada, Mike 184 anaday, Frank 184 anaday, Tommy 54, 210 arey, Don 210 irpenter,.lerry 210 irpenter, Mamcy 210 irroll, John 210 irroll, Pat 184 isey, Linda 81, 184 usey, Terry 81, 161, 210 itlege, Mariorie 210 tlege, Ronnie Ito, Clifford 145, 210 ivett, Charles 210 vett, Susan 210 aat, Bobby 184 iallis, James 184 iambless, Janice 154, 209, 210 iandler, Debbie 209, 210 ianey, John 184 iappell, Marilyn 184 iappell, Teddy 184 arles, Paula 210 eathon, Allen 184 iesnut, Ken 210 ick, Lawanna 166, 184 ilcutt, Marta 210 ildress, Marie 184 ills, Joe 184 risman, Janet 210 risman, Janet 184 ristian, Ernie 210 ristison, Debbie 210 Wristy, Albert 210 'risty, Robert 184 gmpitt, Ken 62, 70, 74, 210 irk, Barbara 210 nrk, Barbara 184 ark, Daryl 70, 210 ark, Deborah 81, 210 irk, Gary 184 lrk, Meredith 184 irk, Micheal 68, 184 irk, Stephanie 185 y, Vickie 210 ivenger, Susan 89, 210 fton, Rhonda 70, 210 ithier, Donald 68, 210 wud, Micheal 210 bb, Charlotte 185 ob, Paulette 185 ab, Vicki 185 :hran, Nancy 185 :ly, Bobby 210 ifey, John 185 cer, Danny 185 ner, Terry 185 burn, Duana 210 lamore, Danny lamore, Sue 210 nbs, Harold 210 nbs, Janice 185 mer, Gale 210 trad, Gary 103, 140, 110 iway, Brent 210 ik, Diane 185 Cook, Marilyn 210 Cook, Mitchel Cooper, Douglas 185 Cooper, Mike 185 Cooperman, Frank 79, 144 145, 185 Corbin, Tommy 185 Corder, Jim 167, 185 Cordray, Pamela 185 Cordray, Vicky 89, 210 Cossey, Mike 54, 57, 163, 210, 212 Cowan, Lynn 210 Cowekk, Edyth 185 Cox, Steve 185 Crabtree, Patricia 185 Craig, Dennis 185 Craig, Shaerry 185 Craig, Joyce 185 Cravens, Rhonda 210 Crawford, Dennis 211 Crawford, Marsha 211 Crawford, Yvonne 211 Crilly, Gary 185 Crilly, Susan 211 Crooks, Bill 185 Crosby, Cathy 100, 211 Crosno, Dennis 185 Cutright, Kenny 211 II Dil Dadisman,,Vicki 89, 211 Daniels, Greg 68, 211 Danner, Barry 70, 211 Darrow, Frank 211 Dart, Diane 185 Davenport, Pam 185 Davenport, Renee 79, 81, 211 Davidson, Gene 185 Doughty, Debbie 84, 211 Douglas, Robert 211 Dowell, Jody 100, 166, 21 1 Dowling, Cynthia 185 Dowling, Stanley 211 Drabek, Georgetta 84, 211 Drake, Doug 211 Drake, Lillie Draper, Barbara Drapey, Barbara 211 Dripdale, Scott 185 Droke, Dana 211 Duncan, Albert 185' Duncan, Patricia 185 Duckett, Debbie 89, 211 Dulaney, Sidney 185 Dunbar, David 185 Dunn, Elisa 185 Dunn, Julie 211 Dunning, Ronnie Dupler, Barbara 211 Dupler, Catherine 185 Duval, Guy Dutcher, John 185 Dye, Tommy 185, 70 Ferguson, David 106 Fielder, Marlena Figaro, Petrlck 106 Flnney, Carle 106 Fiahburn, Linde 106 Fisher, Darla 106 Flenlgan, Phillip 74, 212 Flanikan, Steve 212 Flippo, Karon 212 Flowers, Terry 212 Floyd, Judith 60, 212 Flynn, Larry 212 Fogal, Carolyn 212 Folsom, Vicki 212 Foote, Jimmy 106 Forbes, Connie 212 Foster, Kathy 212 Foster, Mika 106 Foster, Sharon 186 Foutty, Lavone 106 Fox, Gary 212 Fox, Steve 186 Frakex, Mike 212 Francis, Peggy 186 Franklin, Ellise 186 Franks, Bobby 212 Fraser, Stephen 186 Fravel, Mike 68, 212 Frederick, Mike 212 Glover, Ronald 213 Goger, James 186 Goforth, Sharon 186, 201 Golden, Stanley Gomez, Evertt 96, 136, 213 Gonzales, Danny 213, 136, 138 Goodbrake, Gary 213 Goodson, Becky Goodson, Charlie 186 Goodson, Earl 186 Goodson, Ellis 186 Gore, Ricky 186 Gottschalk, David 186 Goure, Jeff 213 Goure, Thomas 186 Gourley, Michael 172, 213 Graber, Rodney 213 Grace, Rhonda Gragg, Joseph 186 Gratham, Jackie Gray, Lucinda 186 Graham, Benny 214 Green, Cindy Green, Linda E Green, Tommy 163, 213 Greenlee, David 186 Griffin, Debbie 186 Free, Va n 212 Freeman, Bobby 212 Freeman, Bobby 186 llEll Easter, Leland 52, 91, 130, 163, 211, 215 Easterling, Glenda 185 Eddy, Joe 211 Dege, Tim 211 Edinburgh, David 211 Edinburgh, Deborah 185 Davis, Janet 185 Davis, Jeff 211 Davis, Kathy 75, 211 Davis, Rhonda 211 Davis, Steve 21,1 Davis, Terry 211 Davis, Terry 185 Dean, Phillip 103, 211 Edwards, Eddie 211 Edwards, Jeri 90, 185 Eggert, Nita 185 Eide, Fred Elliot, Joyce 185 Ellis Vickie 185 Ellis, Mark 185 Embry, Marty 211 England, Mike 211, 215 Engles, Danny 140, 185 Engles, Micheal 87, 185 Erickson, Mark 185 Ervin, Jim 212 Erwin, Patricia 212 Deason, Bradford Decker, Vincent 211 Dees, Wallace 185 Dennis, Janice 185 Dennis, Robert 185 Denny, Dee Ann 87, 185 Dens, Brad 185 Denton, Kathryn 81, 161, 166, 5, 180, 185 Deweese, Alletta 185 Dewey, Terry 211 Dickson, Joseph 185 Dillenger, Peggy 185 Dixon, Robert 185 Dobbs, Billy 185 Dodge, Denny 185 Dodge, Sally 211 Doke, Cynthia 185 Dolezal, Charles 140, 211 Double,'Lucinda 185 Espolt, Ricky 212 Esquivias, Diane 186 Estes, Bonnie 100, 103, 212 Estes, Marsha 212 Freeman, Gary 212 Freeman, Janet 68, 212 Freeman, Mary 212 Freeman, Micheal 186 Freeman, Richard Freeman, Steven 186 Freeman, Tom 212 Frost, Laquita 186 IIGII Gamble, Gaye 166, 186 Gamble, Robert 212 Gammon, Curtis Gardner, James 68, 186 Garlan, Paula 186, 187 Garland, Ernie 212 Garland, Paul 200 Garlow, Debra 186 Garner, Judy 79, 81, 82, 99, 169, 213 Garopshire, Terry 186 Garret, Pamela 186 Gaure, Thomas 186 Geckler, Andrea 78, 186 Griffin, Gary Griffin, Rhonda 89, 213 Grisgby, Brenda 186 Grigsley, Pat 186 Grissom, Linda 213 Grounds, Jim 87, 213 Grove, Bob 213 Grove, Karen 186 Groves, Bill 171, 213 Groves, Jerry 186 Groves, Lynda 186 Grubb, Robert 186 Grubbs, Debbie 213 Grubbs, Mike 186 Guffey, Stan 54, 163, 213 Evans, James 85, 89, 212 Evans, Jane 212 Evans, Mike 212 Evans, Syndy 79, 90, 100, 161, 166, 212 Ewell, Randy 212 IIFII Fancher, Randy 87, 212 Fanning, aul 186 Farmer, Gala 212 Fedunak, Charles 212 Fent, Cynthia 92, 186 Gee, Kathey Gee, Ruth Gentry, Stanley 186 Gentry, Jonita 90, 186 Gentry, Zelda 207, 213 George, 186 Carolyn 186, 140, Gullet, Kathy 213 Grummer, Bruce 186 Guyot, Mariorie 213 IIHII Hacket, Ginger 166, 213 Hackett, La Rena 213 Hackworth, James 186 Haffner, Kathrine 81, 186 Haffner, Larry 213 Haffner, Steve 186 Hagey, Mike 186 Haggard, Joel 186 Hair, Leona 96, 127, 169, 213, 227 Hale, Nina 213 Hale, Ronald 186 Ha-ll, Charlotte 186 Gibson, Connie 186 Gibson, Donald 140, 186 Gilleland, Kathy 186 Gipson, Gayle 79, 213 Gleaves, Gary 213 Glover, Laura 213 Hall, Curt 213 Hall, Lewis 187 Hall, Pat 34, 213 Hallmark, Barbara 171, 207, 213 Hames, Pamela 187 Hamilton, Robin 90, 187 285 Jacks Nor-ma 166, 171, 214 Knight Hibbard, Bruce 187 Keef, Beverly 189 Denise 167, 214 l, Vickie 214 'ln-'tr Y, F , . . - -I W, . Mg , A ',. ,L im , U 0 Hamman, Midge 187 Hammett, Paula 213 Hancock, Timothy 187 Hanes, Robert 187 Hanks, Geary 213 Hansen, Debbie 92 ' Hares, Pam 187 Harlin, Jean 68, 213 Harness, James 187 Harris, Barbara 213 Harris, Mike Harris, Ron Harrison, Deborah 187 Hart, Dana 213 Hart, David 187 Hart, Ray 187 Hartley, Debbie 213, 224 Hatcher, Lawrence 187 Hathaway, Joy 96, 213 Hathaway, Charles I 187 Hatts, Ronnie 187 Hawkins, Betty 187 Hawkins, Denise 92, 213 Hawkins, Linnie Hayes, Elaine 166, 213 Hayes, Martha 213 Hayes, Ward 214 Haynie, Joe 214 Heffington, Denise 187 Hefley, Steve 187 Helm, Randy 187 Hemphill, Zene Henages, Bruce 187 Henderson, Brenda 89, 214 Henderson, Deborah 187 Henderson, Steve 187 Henry, Beth 214 Henry, Judy 214 Henry, Johnie 187 Henn, Ricky 161, 214 Hensley, Donna 214 Hensley, Gale 187 Hensley, Timothy 187 Henson, Mike 187 Hernandez, Alice 214 Hernandez, Thomas 214 Herrin, Debbie 187 Herring, Billy 187 Herrod, Wilson 187 Herron, Terry 187 Herron, Tommy 124, 130, 214 Hess, Susan 214 Hewitt, Karen Hewitt, Marilyn 96, 97, 214 Hicks, Gail 75, 187 Higginbotham, Walter 68, 214 Higgins, Roger 15, 214 High, Lesa 187 Highsmith, William 187 Hightower, Robert 187 Hill, Becky 188 Hill, Decki 188 Hill, Joe 214 Hill, Laura 214 Himes, Terry 145, 163, 188, 200 286 Hinds, Gloria 188 Hiti, Pamela 188 Hoch, Pa-mela 188 Hodge, Valerie 188 Hoffman, Debbie 89, 214 Hoffney, Steve 188 Hogan, Arthur 214 Irwin, Lloyd 91, 96, 214 Irwin, Susan 214 lrwinsky, Bonnie 89, 214 lrwinsky, Jerry 189 Isaac, Micheal 81, 189 Isbell, Kent 79, 81, 214 Hogan, Lawerence Hogey, Mike 188 Holden, Marvin 188 Holder, Marvin 188 Holder, Mary Beth 75, 207, 214 Hollars, Susan 214 IIJII , Holley, Kenneth 188 Holliman, Charles 68, 188 Holmes, Ivy 188 Holmes, Pamela 188 Holl, Charlotte 189 Holt, Alan 81, 189 Holt, Ray 189 Hopkins, Keith 189 Hopson, Windel 189 Hood, Rickey 171, 214 Hooper, David Horrel, Suzanne 189 Horton, Steve 89 Hospins, Pat 189 Hott, Sherry 214 Houlette, Teresa 189 House, Scott 189 Hovarter, Edger 74, 75, 214 Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson Jahnke, 1 Charles 214 Dennis 214 Eddie 214 Richard Marta 189 Karl 189 Kerr, Randy 214 Kerr, Richard 215 Kidd, Johnny 189, 203 Kidd, Loraine 190 Kifer, Ronald 215 Kilgore, Pamela 215 , Killman, Jerry 140, 215 Kime, George 190 Jamison, Donna 189 Jantz, Sydney 214 Jefferson, Barbara 189 Jennings, Julie 161, 214 Jewell, Ron 189 Howard, Marsha 189 Howard, Nelda 214 Howard, Sheri 214 Howard , Tommy 189 Howeth, Linda 214 Hudelson, Deborah 189 Hudler, Hudler, David 214 Kathy Hudson, George 189 Johnson, Anita 189, 200 Johnson, Carolyn 189 Johnson, Cherrel 189 Johnson, Dennis 214 Johnson, Dianne 189 Johnson, Greg 214 Johnson, James 189 Johnson, Mike 189 Johnson, Pam 214 Johnson, Sandra 214 Jones, Beverly 189 Jones, Ginya 189 Jones, Jimmy 214 Jones, Kathy 189 Jones, Kathy 167, 169, 214 171, Jones, Pam 189 Jones, Patty 161, 171, 214 Jones, Paula 67, 161, 180, 189 Leisy, Larry 145, 177, 21 Leisy, Ronald 215 Lenz, Dale 190 Leonard, Freddie 190 ' ,' I 91,130,212 Lewis, ebbie 216, 220 I sey, Don 62, ,16 216 Kimpler, Cath 207, 215, I-inn, 5 218 r n ay e 216 Kimzey, Vic ' 215 Lttle, Di e 216 King Br 215 ittle, Glenn 216 King, e 79, 161, 215 Little, Linda 70, 75, 216 11191 ' T011 9 Livesay, Janis 79, 216 , Davile Lloyd, Marilyn 216 K1 Kare Loferedo, Beth i , Ma 'l 9, 21 London, Bill 216 Kinnard, arl , 215 London, Gary 216 Kinsey, Debbie 68, 190 Ki-rby, Roma 190 Kirk, Larry 215 Kirkham, Barbara 215 Kirklen, Regina Kirkpatrick, Jud 190 Kirkpatrick, Luann 85, 215 Kite, Cynthia 190 Klein, Ron 81, 190 Klotz, Phillip Knapp, Knight Gary 190 Debbie 70 74 154,'161, 207, 213, 2,15 r Vaughn 103, 215 Huffines, Gary 189 Huffman, Rebecca 214 Hughes, Chester 214 Hughes, Clyde 189 Hughes, Holly 189 Hull, Gayland 189, 190 Hulsey, Robert 189 Hulsopple, Beniamin 214 Hunt, Steve 214 Jones, Ricky 54, 163, 214 Jordan, Jean 96, 214 Jordon, Jeannene 189 Jordon, Marilyn 79, 189 Jordon, Steve 189 Jenson, Jimmy 189 Knight, Wade 215 Kolb, Lou 190 Kcsitzky, Walter 190 Kreig, Martha 190 Kriegel, Mike 215 Kuehne, Brian 81, 215 IILII Lacher, Roland 190 Lackey, Janice 190 Lacy, Larry 190 Lagrone, Robert 190 Lamberson, Cathy 215 Lamkin, John 215 IIKII Landers, Paul 79, 190 Langford, Earl 99, 215 Langston, Debbie 215 Hunter, Clinton 189 Hunter, Jerry 189 Hunter, Keith 214 Hunter, Mark 189 Hunter, Terry 1891 Hunter, Ve-rzonnia 214 Hurley, Kaczarowski, Darla 190 Kaiser, Larry 214 Kaster, Roberta 189 Keas, Donnie 214 Hutchinson, Dana 189 Hutchinson Ladler 189 Huston, Marcia 189 Huxley, Dennis 189 Hyams, Janice 89, 214, 225 IIIII Ingram, Carolyn 189 Irick, Sonia 189 Keel, Darla 89, 211, 214 Keith, Bbbby 214 Keith, Candy 20, 155, 214 Keller, Patty 96, 103, 161, 207, 214 Kelley, Mary 189 Kelley, Stephen 189 Kenda Kennedy, Alyse 189 Kennedy, Teresa 79, 81, 189 Kepler, Linda 214 Kerr, Anita 189 Langston, Kenneth 190 Langwell, Janet 90 Lanon, Doug 215 Lanon, Vickie 215 Latham, Coy 176, 215 Latham, Donna 190 Lathrop, Rick 87, 215, 218 Lauck, Larry Laws, Glenda 215 Lawson, Marda 190 Lawter, Edward 166, 190 Leblanc, Mike 74, 75, 87, 215 Ledford, Regina 190 Lee, Dennis Lee, Mary 79, 81, 169, 215 Lee, Sandra 190 Leird, Carol 180, 190 Leird, Rodney 167 Long, Charles Long, Jo Alice 216, 221 Longfellow, Steve 90 Lopez, Karen 191 Loper, Louise 103, 167, 216 Lounge, Debbie 191 Lovelady, David 191 Lowe, Charles 191 Lowder, Jerre 163, 216 Lynch, Cheryl 216 Lynn, Dana 216 Lyons, Debbie 216 HMI! Mackey, Susan 191 Magerus, Steve 216 Main, Suzanne 85, 216 Malone, Mike 191 Maloney, Gary 191 Malony, Gary 216 Maloy, Pat 92, 180,119 Maloy, Tom 216 Malzer, Victoria 191 Manning, Mike 191 Manuel, Wanda 89, 214 Marcum, Mike 44, 216, 236 Marler, Tom 89, 216 Marley, Kaye 89, 211, Marrow, John 89, 191 Marsh, Berny 79, 216 Marshall, Dave 191 Marshall, Lyle 216 Martin, Bruce 191 Martin, Jeff 216 Martin, Robert 191 Martin, Ronald 191 Martin, Teddy 191 Mason, Jerilyn 191 Massey, Charlotte 166 Massey, Kathy 217 Matchen, Deborah 191 Matherly, Linda 191, 2 Mathes, Carolyn 191 Mathis, Pam 191 Mauldin, Grant 2'17 Maupin, Lora 85, 217 Maxwell, Linda 70, 74 217 Maxwell, Rita 81, 191 Monlgomuy' Pam 217 oaksianei 161,180,193 f ' ' 'c -ggpgsgpfi f,.- -U . V---'7vw1- --f W 1 7,131-a---rf -T-yiplgl.: inf, V. .1-,?rug-1v-vp'ry- W- f-. -- Y--vm 1. -- -aqzvr N... --.-,-,- A- 1 D -A - ' J i A -3 M -1. ayfield, Nancy 217 ayo, Paula 207, 217 cBee, Carol 217 cBee, Gail 217 cBee, Martin 217 CCalip, Daniel 191 cCallfDavid 191 cCallie, Carolyn 210, 217 cCallie, Lou 87, 194 cCallum, Neclra 217 cCartney, Doris 217 cCauley Stanley 217 cClain, Glen 191 cClain, Vesta 85, 217 cClendon, Diane 191 cCleskey, Becky 191 cClure, Estella 191 :Collon, Steve 217 cCord, Dave 217 :Coy, Arthur :Creight, Nora 87, 191 :Cullah, Vicki 191 :Culley, Max 191 :Cumber, Pam 217 cDaniel, Mala 191 :Daniel, Mike 191 :Donald, Kerry 79, 99, 217 :Dougal, Sue 117, 155, 161, 207, 217 :Dow, Brenda 191 :Elvany, Dubby 191 :Elvany, Linda 191 :Elvany, Trudy 217 :Ewen, Pat 191 :Ghee, Donna 191 :Gilberry,Stepheny 217 :Gowen, Danny 191 :Henry, Dannie 217 :Lean, James 140, 161, 207, 217 Manus, James 191 Million, Debra 191 Murtry, Mike 191 :Waters, Donna 217 rad, Becky 217 sad, Candyce 191 iador, Freddie 217 ieks, Ricky 191 elton, Robert 191 ircer, Nancy 217 zas, Cathy 171, 217 :haels, Kitty 217 :ue, Pat 191 ddleton, Linda 217 keman, Vicky 191 ller, Connie 87, 191 ler, Dorothy 191 ler, John 191 ler, Larry 135, 191 ler, Marvin 177, 191 ler, Mike 217 ler, Robert 217 ler, Victor 217 lican, Pam 191 ligrock, Andrew is, John 192 Millspaugh, Dennis 217 Millure, Steve 192 Miner, Patti 167, 217 Miskovsky, Randy 217 Mitchell, Tommy 192 Mixon, Ricky 192 Miz! Ruben 192 Moen, Danny 154, 61, 130, 163, 217, 226 Moen, Kristine 192 Moffat, Meo 192 Montgomery, Beverly 75, 217 Montgomery, Paula 192 Moody, Donna 192 Moody, Rick 217 Nickel, Liz 85, 212, 217 Noble, Earl 217 Nolting, Christina 68, 192 Norris, David 217 Norton, Wilson 218 Norbell, John 218 Novak, Don 193 Nowell, David 192 Novotny, Kenneth 193 IIOII Odom, Susan Oldham, J. C. 193 218 Moon, Bonita Moon, Sandra 192 Mooney, Greg 172 Moore, Debra 192 Moore, Dick 217 Moore, Kenneth 192 Moore, Terri 217 Morales, Phillip 217 Morgon, Mike 169, 217 Morgan, Patty 192 Morgan, Sharon 192 Morris, Sheila 192 Morrison, Sammy 217 Morrison, Shirley 192 Morrison, Tom Moser, Randy 217 Moulton, Karen 192, 202 Moulton, Sharon 192, 200 Mount, 207, Debi 89, 92, 126, 217 Mountford, Mike 192 Moye, Bobbie 192 Mullenix, Wayne 217 Mullins, Dee Ann 217 Munday, Donald 192 Muniga, Valerie 192 Murphey Donald 87, 192 Murphey, Myrtle 217 Murphey, Rickey 87, 217 Muse, Jack 192 Mustain, Burel 192 Myers, Debra 192 Myers, Charles 217 Myers, Markie 70, 74, 217 IINII Nance, James 192 Nance, Pam 192 Nantz, Charla 100, 103, 217 1 67, Nanny, Cha-rles 217 Nelson, Ernest 154, 192 Nelson, Jimmy 192 Nestlerode, Bill 100, 101, 103, 217 Nettle, Jenny 135, 192 Newcomb, Vicky 96, 103, 217 Newell, David 126, 161, 192 Newman, Kathy 217 Nicholas, Debbie 85, 217 Nickols, Linda 192 Oliver, Paula 218 Oliver, Rickey 218 Olson, David 74, 75, 218 Onshutz, Tom 193 Olson, Kathy 193 ' Orth, Jeanett 218 Overcast, Carla 218 Overstreet, Lee 68, 218 Owen, Robin 193 Owens Jimmy 54, 218, 227 Ozment, Dicky 218 Ozment, Larry 193 IIPII Paden, Jo 193 Padgett, Gary 218 Painter, Glenda 193 Palmer, Dalene 87, 218 Palmer, Mike 218 Park, Diana 218 Park, Linda 193 Patrick, Chris 218 Patterson, Denise 70, 218 Patterson, Rayma Pauld, Pamala Paulk, Hardie 218 Pearn, David 218 Peeler, Vicki 218 Pendell, Carter 68, 218 Pendergraft, Stan 193 Pennington, Ella 167, 218 Perkin, Earl 90, 281 Perkins, John Perkins, Stanley 193 Perry, Steven 193 Perryman, Marsha 193 Pettersen, Alan 218 Petterson, Terry 193 Petete, Linda 193 Petree, Cliff 193 Petrocelli, Julie 193 Phillips, Michael 193 Piburn, George 193 Picou, Denise 193 Pierce, David Pierce, Scott 193 Pinkston, David 193 Poisson, Yvette 218 Pollock, Connie 87, 193 Polly, Karen 193 Polly, Mike 193 Pool, Cherry 218 Pool, Vande 193 Porter, Angela 218 Potter, Christine 193 Potter, David 193 Potts, Susan 218 Powell, Cheryl 193 Powell, Margaret 218 Prather, Coy 193 Pratt, lafbere 193 Price, Terry 79, 218 Pritchard, Barbara 92, 154, 161, 207, 218 Pritchard, Cynthia 193 Prock, Richard 218 Pugh, Gene 193 Pugh, Jean 193 IIQII Quintero, Able IIRII Rabon, William 218 Rackley, Brenda Rakestraw, Darrell 218 Ramsey, Paul 218 Ratzloff, Ronald 218 Ray, Sue 79, 81, 158, 218 Reed, James 219 Reid, Danny 219 Reid, Debbie 219 Rhodes, Nikki 90, 219 Rice, Francis 68, 219 Riggle, Carrie Riggs, Billie 154, 207, 219 Ritter, Ronnie 87, 136 194, 205 Rivers, Linda 194 Rivers, Linda 219 Roberson, Shannon 140, 194 Roberts, Evelyn 219 Robertson Gary 219 Robertson, Jimmy 194 Robinson, Gary 194 Robinson, Jimmy 169 Robbinson, Kathryn 194 Robbinson, Linda 194 Robbinson, Nettie 194 Robbinson, Rhonda 219 Rodgers, Carolyn 219 Rodgers, Homer 68, 70, 74, 75, 219 Rodney, Mike 194 Rogers, Becky 89, 219 Roland, Charles 219 Rone, Marolyne Rooker, Debbie Ross, Ramona 171, 219 Rost, Mike 194 Rost, Mitchell 194 Roth, Edwin 139, 194 Rowland, Deborah 67, 194 Rowland, Greg 194 Rowland, Steve 97, 96, 103, 130, 207, 219 Ruebell, Lisa 194 Rudder, David 219 Rukley, Brenda 194 Runyan, Allen 219 Rupe, Steven 195 Rusche, Linda 195 Rushing, Danny 176, 219 Rushing, Edward 219 Russell, Sandra 195 Rust, Randy 219 Ruyle, David 70, 171, 195 Ruyle, Steve 219 Ryon, Richard 195 HSI! Saak, Steve 195 Sakemad, Larry 195 Salisbury, Earl 195 Salley, Rhonda 195 Sampson, Daniel 195 Sampson, Charlotte 219 Sanchez, Ana 195 Snachez, Betty 96, 219 Sanders, Alton 195 Sanders, Rickey 195 Sanders, Terry 195 Sandlin, Steve Sapp, Paula 195 Sapp, Steven 195 Sargent, Dianne 79, 81, 219 Sarrington, Randy 177, 195 Savage, Willie 195 Scarbrow, James 219 Shipper, Alice 195 Schmid, Cathie 219 Schofield, Judy 195 Schomp, Linda 219 Schott, Kathy 67, 153, 219 Schuller, David 219 Schultz, Debra 195 Schultz Gregory 195 Schultz, Richard 195 Scott, Patricia 195 Scowden, Mark 219 Scroggins, Sheila 219 Seals, Sandra 93, 219 Seilel, Cynthia 195 Selby, Donita 85, 219 Senn, Ronald 195 Sessions Roland 89, 219 Sewell, Debbie 167, 219 Simpson, Margie 89, 220 Shatley, Dian 89, 219 Shaver, Robert 195 Shaw, Jack 195 Shelton, Bi-llie 16, 20, 92, 161, 207, 219 Shepard, Bobby 54, 130, 135, 195 Sherman, Janice 195 Sherrell, Richard 195 Sherrill, Bill 91, 220 Shew, Fred 220 Shipley, Kathy 195 Shipman, Paul 220 Shockley, Russell 220 Shockley, Susan 195 Shoemaker, Gale 220 287 Slane, Gary 195 -'97 Shoemaker, Gayle 195 Shook, Danny 195, 201 Shorp, Janet 195 Shorpshire, Terry 195 Short, Pam 220 Short, Pamela 195 Shortt, Linda 171, 172, 220 Shrum, Becky 167, 220 Shultz, Debbie 195 Sides, Sandra 195 siegle, Dana 161, 195 Siegle, Pat 92, 154, 161, 220 Sills, Diane 195 Simms, Ron Simms, Teresa 195 Sims, Randy 195 Sinclair, Janet 220 Singleton, Barbara 68, 195 Skaggs, Billy 220 Skaggs, David 195 Skaggs, .lack Skaggs, Ken 220 Skaggs, Sandra 220 Skarpka, Cathy 100, 167, 220 . ww F . Stafford, Vickie 196 Standifer, Keith 196 Stanley, Karen 196 Stapleton, Virginia 220 Stapp, Mary Ann 196 Starr, Debra 220 Steele, Stanley 220 Stephens, Mark 220 Stephens, Peggy 220 Stevens, Clifford 220 Stevens, Kathryn 90, 196 Stevens, Larry 68, 196 Stevens, Mark 220 Stevens, Sheryl Stevens, Vickie 196 Stewart, Connie 220 Stewart, Mark 196 Still, Gwynn 196 Stock, Dennis 196 Stocy, Greg Stone, Janice 196 Store, James 196 Stork, James Stratton, Gail 196 Strider, L. J. 220 Stubbs, Chris 87, 220 Stuckey, Gerald 194, 196 Sturdivant, Tommy 87, 196 Sledge, Ann 195 Sloey, Bonnie 195 Slooper, David 195 Slouse, Scott 195 Smallwood, Wanda 195 Sullins, Tommy 196 Sullins, Mark 196 Sullins, Randy 196 Sullins, Roberta 220 Smith, Amber 195 Smith, Brenda 90, 195 . Smith, Bruce 195 Smith, David 220 Smith, Eve 195 5 Smith, Gary 220 E Smith, Guy 166, 195 . Smith, James- 195 L Smith, Janet 195 Smith, Jaymee 220 Smith, Jill 195 Smith, Mark 195 Smith, Ray 195 Smith, Roy 196 Smith, Sharon 220 Smith, Steve Smith, Teresa 220 Smith, Vickie 99, 220 Smithers, Joe 68, 70, 74, 196 Smoot, Micheal 196 Snipes, W. M. 196 Snodgrass, Norma 196 Snodgrass, Vickie 220 Snyder, Karla 220 Sober, Joyce 220 Sons, Debra 196 Sousa, Yolanda 96, 220 Southerland, Gary 220 Spencer, Linda 196 Spencer, Robert 220 Sperling, Gary 100, 171, 220 Spicer, Rosemary 196 Spradlin, Rosemary 14, 155, 207, 220 Stacy, Max 196 Stafford, Rex '163, 220 288 Sullivan, Charles 54 Sumes, Terry Swafford, Barbara Swafford, Steve 220 Swartz, Rick 196 Swenson, Susan 196, 203 Swindell, Cindy 221 Swindle, Walter 221 Swisher, Mike 221 IITII Talkington, Donna 221 Talley, Linda 221 Talley, Robert 221 Tanksley, Debbie 221 Tannehill, Paula 221 Tate, James 221 Taylor, Deanna 196 Taylor, James 221 Taylor, Johnny 221 Taylor, Marshall 221 Taylor, Michael 197 Taylor, Nora 197 Teague, Judy 197 Teague, Mike Terbush, Rebecca 197 Terry, David Testerman, Gary 197 Thach, Glen 221 Thomas, Danny 87, 197 Thomas,- Debbye Thomas, Donna 197 Thomas,' Pam 91, 221 Thompson, Jerry 197 Thompson, Karen 124, 197 Thompson, Sharen 161, 180, 197 Thompson, Terry Thompson, Tommy 221 Threlkeld, Janice 197 Threlkeld, Linda 197 Thurman, Sheila 197 Tidwell, Gina 207, 221 Tidwell, Jimmy 221 Tipton, Treca 197 Todd, Debbie 68 Todd, Tommy 197 Tolbert, David 221 Tolman, Donald 221 Towell, Cheryl 197 Tracy, Vickie 166, 197 ' Trail, Lynne 197 Trewet, Candy 197 Trobaugh, Linda Trotter, Beverly 70, 74, 221 . Trumble, Ernest 169, 221 Tucker, Robert 197 Tull, Maureen 197 Turner, Charles 221 Tuner, Denise Turner, Gladys 221 Turner, Marvin 221 Turner, Steve 87, 221 IIUII Underwood, Cindy 221 Upiohn, Marshall 81, 197 Urban, Cathy 167, 221 Utley, Johnny 221 IIVII Van Buskirk, Susan 89, 221 Van Buskirk, Teddie 197 Vanderford, Kenneth 222 Vandeventer, David 169, 197 Vance, Dhristine 92, 197 Vansickle, Carol 222 Vanzant, Dennis 87, 197 Vaskis, Cathy Vaughn, Mary 81, 197 Vaughn, Terry 222 Vawter, Sharon 89, 222 Vinyard, Gary IIWII Waddle, Larry 144, 145, 163, 222, 225 Wade, Carroll 197 Wade, Earl -197 Wade, Sandra 197 Waganer, David 70, 73, 74, 222 Wagner, Debbie 222 Wagner, Robert 222 Walker, Beckye 79, 221 Walker, Gale 197 Wall, Norma 222- Wallace, David 197 Wallenberg, Larry 197 Wallis, Floyd 222 Williams, Linda 198 Williams, Patrick 223 Williams, Ramona 223 Williams, Terry 198 Walton, Jimmy 222 Wantlend, Bobbie 87, 222 Warman, Mark 197 Warsick, Jim 197 Watson, Carol 197 Watson, Linda 197 Watts, Bob 14, 62, 161, 163, 222 Weathers, Beverly 197 Weave Wes 197 fl Webb, Bonnie 197 ' Webb, Grady 222 Webb, Lawerence Webb, Robert 197 Webb, Tommy 222 Wedel, David 222 Weeks, Bill 222 Weeks, Steve 197 Welch, Janet 222 Welch, Michael 197 Welge, Mike 197 Wells, Dennis 222 Wells, Kathryn 90, 127, Williamson, Darrell 198 Williamson, Deborah 191 Williamson, Carol 198 Williamson, Kenneth 223 Willis, Dale 198 Willis, Eddie 223 Willis, Neesa 198 Wilson, Beverly 198 Wilson, Michael 198 Wilson, Robby 223 Wilson, Rose 223 ' Wilson, Steve 223 Wilson, Steve '223 Wilson, Teema 89, 223 Wilson, Terry 198 Wilson, Troy 223 Wilson, Twyla 198 Winfield, Gary 22, 79, 161, iso, 198 Winkler, Ronald 79, 19B win, Lewis 198 l Witten, Kathy 93, 154, 1 Wolfe, Sam 198 Wells, Robert 222 West, Diane 161,171,197 West, Nancy 222 Westermeyer, Marla 222 Westfall, Jenny 222 Westmoreland, Fred 222 Whalen, Dennis 197 Wheeler, Gary 222 Whisehunt, Gary 197 Whitaker, Larry 222 Whitaker, Steve 79, 222 White, Cindy 221, 222 White, Gary 197 White, Roger 222 Whitehead, Vicki 89, 222 Whitfield, Alan 54, 96, 163, 222 Whitfield, Alan 54, 96, 163, 222 Whitfield, Donna 197 Whitmore, Larry 222 D Whitney, Judy Whitticer, Ronnie 197 Wiggins, Pam 197 Wilcox, David 169, 197 Wilcox, David 169, 197 Wilder, Pam 222 Wilfong, Tommy 197 Wilhelm, Glenda 222 Wilkerson, Judith 197 Wilkerson, Michael 197 Wilkerson, Paula 198 Wilkes, Michael 198 Wilkes, Vicki 79, 222 Wilkinson, Lana 198 Wilks, Debbie 222 Wilks, Dianne 198 Wilbanks, John 198 Williams, Carla 100, 167, 222 Williams, Gary 222 Williams, Jean 222 Williams, Kathy 222 Williams, LaDena 223 Wolfenbarger, Tommy 1 Wood, Billy 223 Wood, Donna 223 Wood, Gary 198 waad, James 198 ' Wood, Rick 198 Wood, Scott 223 Woodard, James 223 Woodard, Ralonda 198 Wooliver, James 198 Woods, Thomas 198 Wooten, Teddy 139, 14 Worley, John 223 Worthen, D. V. 223 Wright, Anita 198 Wright, Beverly Wright, Esther 199 Wright, Kathy 85, 223 Wright, Pam 199 Wynn, Cheryl 169, 223 Wyont, Richard IIYII Yadon, Larry 140, 223 Yandell, Don 223 Yarberry, Jeanne 199 Yates, Larry 199 0 Young, Glenna 169, 19 Young, James 199 Young, John 223 Young, Young, Ray 199 Raymond 70,7 75, 223 Young, Terri 207, 223 Yousey, Dwain 223 IIZII Q Zaloudik, Karen 199 Zuniga, Valerie 171, 1' 1 W, ...Ln ,, Qfmwwmwl ff 4 mfwvi .W 1 7 WSW Wm ' f mm wr www X AQ. Qmwihflffig, -wo. wlwwgvw Q35 www saw-GMX w Mm ww QQSQOSXUYNDQ Q HU W ggiElQ5FlS.OXS- my Wxigdgfjagnm WMU WANDWMKQ WM' XV VWZY WJ L K H! 1 Sow D ,U www mm QEQQJY W MDNT ig Jkwu MIL Jw JWWQD MQSMQQ Qsugipwwkgxilfx QM my mwwgwmlfk ww :am k9x 5S w?M W . NME, WM kwwffwm WM QQ XJ ' Lu MW fy-U1 . J M l :awww ymwf UM5' ' W fwucgjjalifwfvflgi NN rs ' ' ' d u , ""1' . I -, .1 1 " S f " , Y' -64, 94 A ,, 4 , . .. X X . 5 - ex-,' xHn0j-D - . 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