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 - Class of 1967

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rff'i'r"'vw5,kv'1Iw'vmfs-11'v"w!w-g-qrF'f1w'---ff.w'f'-w-Nw:-rw pvazvnirw-fir -,gwqggcy-f,,59g,q.fv,-wlqwfmm p - V .V M .5 ,R-,,,, , 6 . L 4- N4 -- ,M , ,.,--,,,u-. , ,, , E 5155 if '-52 X 1' W, LLLM fjfm ' QW 4 5945 fcfwz ga, , QR bf' ,,WMw22ff ff f-04 1,1629 A JW iififfff ff ' ,' 'iffqfff W9 My W W! iffiffffj 6 6f,yL4 f 71 HAM! XE? WMV X? ywgf ,MM fmffyfff JL 502332 Ev JMf67Jff WWQQWMP JMX? J WW KJQQMW fo? 2 Q gv g 4 iv f ggi? WW B if W W W? QQ2 Wg? M +5 W M ,f 3 X K f K ' KW Q 'N KKQ J 1 . q A , fx A Jw f7fvfW 3 ' jx- AJ ff G QQQJ , MK QU fdmgvff XJ, Qgp EOF ,.ff KN Ki N XJJQTYVQSVXXY7 99 b L57 OQX QX iam Oe0 J?xi?Q,0wvOQg65Q Nl X ,Q Aung! Viffv by ,ATL gy, H iq 'Aff K- fx" fo Avfglk I 42 5 1- .D 3 ? Q- Q5 wfbf 6- 'L LJ 1' - " ' - M' ' ' K X7 "" 3 ' ' ' 1 S U E ol X.. , ' ICD , H , Ev-ai E xr iii, Q R' if Qqigxifggigi NVQ 555' E af, N ,ZR f Wxwjwwfww Q'i 9f?52f?i,ffQf 5i5fff33 ii A Q? 2563 163 x wwzgjgwm 5QQQ4fAa21iQX PM 233152353 22 QQQOQQ M 5525? Lliifige if A l will li 'W M5 I9 Q CfCjej , m as f , ZW WML - gmjf QW QMQJ ffmfgf afvffrfif 4'W IAZVDJ -771 f 2 CUl!iky'NQff4ffj Q .Aff 'if'L-f"f'i 'iff wif If WWMW ,n f f ' LLZZ-XWVZJQQKWWW Aff!! ww? Wi nf? H i D i OX 'A ' y ,U We ,7 ,- N if Qff l sf ,n m X YN .lay V' lf. xx xy, Vi XX xl Q of ll 1 i J VM Published by fhe I966-I967 yearboolc fb staff of U. S. Gran? High School, 09 klahoma Cify, Oklahoma. ' y f i Volume XIV fi GN aylor Publishing Company xl! WOW l ,kk 1 .xi 3 U L . . X .1 X , -.4 , W, 3 P 1 A 1 ,xr , x. 1 P., A-Q Yi f 'u 3 Y Am 1 S -'Q .Q . 53' a 4 s ,M L .. A y .. QW ' Lum 5 , RA 1 1+ . ' 3 +V is th . 1 1 K E .L f , a A , , gl E -x ' ' K ' A Y , -' y . 1 1 5 1 4 ' .1 'Y 3 Y. Q 3 xl " -4 . fy , H 1 C. 4, 1 X Y w f V w w a' f .V 1 Q 1. S. 1g:1iK'wff2iiL,g Q 1 s sm' NWN an 5,1 is sl Fall '66 . . . was differenf for us. IT was a fresh beginning full of new ideas and new feelings. H' marked a new era for The Generals. IT was exciTing .. . we felT involved . . . we were curious. We were seniors . . . we were iuniors . . . and we were sophomores for The firsT Time. We looked for- ward To our new school year, beginning fall '66. lT was a Time for many new Things . . . every- Thing was relaTed To everyfhing else. The cloThes we wore . . . The places we wenT . . . The Things we experienced The friendships we shared . . . The acTiviTies we enioyed were relaTed To previous years . . . yeT They were differenT for us. Fall '66 was differenf, if for no ofher reason Than ThaT iT was fall '66 . . . a Time ThaT had never happened before. YeT, fall was only The begin- ning! We gof oufiof our year exacfly whaT we puT inTo iT. We worked. we sfruggled, we laughed, and we cried. IT was up To us To make ThaT final marvelous difference for ourselves . . . and we did! TABLE OF CONTENTS Cpening ....................... . .' . . I EducaTors ..... . . . I6 Acfivifies . . . . . . . 42 Afhlefics . . . . . I I6 Classes ... ,,, l54 3 1 Fall '66 . . . a busy +ime . . . ac+ivi+ies, beginning wi+h +he ice cream social, creafe a friendly a+mosphere . . . we are geHing acquainled . . choosing our rings is more difficulf fhan we had an+icipa+ed . . . our selecrions are varied . . . buf we 'Finally decide . . . spirifs are high . . . our leaders are energelic. Ed if i L -5 -2 ,, V A o. ,gf - ,N i -,QQ --1 ff??i?:, ,,g, . ' Q " - n,"w :. , rj" , , ,JV-g,y:" 5 ." ' " U' M 'I' ' ix-Q WV ,, ,J H ,c1,,y",a4 ' QE. ,, -wer 2 .2 , ' Yr ' -if-sf. 5,3-' -'K33t1,,,,2 51 , -, jfs: s ff' ,. we X f ' L, 'f TMP-'ff ff-,, 15" - ., ' ,WCW " Wifi: 1 " -1'-15 vl1a,a.,?' ,W rQ5"'5" 1' :W sp: . " -'Z , s9p:,,.Bji2W 1 ' ' V V EQ ,. A, i,-'-:'ff+:5'f:g iJ2'?Uv'1'3-r,- fi' , ,M -' . r v 5 5 fs TWH ' L72 lf "?"i'+5'-ggii"f 1 1 4 L ffiiihg fffiw- ffs-1.12-'ZW-4f':fi7 ffaiw 1' H21UEf.mf5lg,rfa7B.'5f'K : Mi" A. . 13 3 3 A -si r f,,sg?z1a.s-2 z wgggafefi-QQQ' I Y - if '7 ' ' 5 , T"-' "f'v.14, "2g1"?"f" Q' ' g f lv Q 'LJ ' .1'aM,Qfi.f. . --4552 6, WH 94 7 , b xg 4. Q Q y gf lg q J. , A, ' iw .i f sj-,Q,. fit ' ,f , . y .gk , 'I ' Q' , ' f'R .. 'V S K S Aws I Qi N T""'-- ? 3? 5 ,,pv Y4z,,,ff' P O'U . , p 1 ff I fi PL!! 4 1ff""" wb , By regis'I'ering, campaigning and voling, we have a voice in our school governmen'I' . . . using a voling machine is a new experience . . . we aH'emp+ +o solve our problems . . . our parking lol' is crowded wiih over 650 cars for only 352 parking spaces . . . we double up and ride 'I'oge1'her . . band members rise early +o praclice . . . 1'heir performances are praised and applauded. cr!! A , yn, ,,,,,!,. i Learning is an exchange of icleas beiween faculiy and s1'uclen'l's . . . grades are an ever preseni' problem . . . long hours are speni' in fhe library . . we are challenged, in class . . . on 'rhe field . . our efforfs are uniied . . . our goals are high . . . as Generals, we prove our de+ermina'l'ion. 1 Mi-H A' 'i" K , 21 Wm . Wu Page 'A 3 'Q ' is V A 'xA N-.3 Zag .-wg, ' '-, uf-1 ,., - up CF 5-PM ,',J,,hf,, iAzf"f,, ,135 424 - ..:: fa M , , , wi 5 my A ' W wmv ht mei , 5 I WMM xA ia - H H 1513 5452 YNQJNIQ any MW 1 'Q X urn 3 W fm J. aa, af? 5, ' 'nfmf"5fi Q w9,j I in vmaM'Y 52w,mf7. 1f' W1 331 fi 1 'R fa5k41.?1 '24 11 Q' . f D "Q N .. 51 QSM? H' A i V' " ' ', v 'eh 2 ix' 1 1, J N' ,,-.MT fel ,1 110 f a fl. i. Pk ilx ,if I lnxvx-.,?:L K' vw xy , As. F' 1. 3 ,J 1 W H L I 'N I 71,121 3 sms-I A WA. - 7w,L.. X 1 W ,W-16'-,PWM j., A fm.. fim 33 fx. -Q . ., ,N XX w , Q. 5 im, !:m,,A M M -.M f'.,g,,, vig ,rj if K H 5' Ni ew if U , K'f A 1 . I ' ? lxigig v"v' L x FV fl ,1 A gl P J . ,, , , ,.,,,,"'r"'.,' 6 f.- fffv- in W, -, H W, W V. PM ma WL W 1 . 1 z ,, og gt. 1 lZAPlT0lHIlliSTADlU "Bea'l' ihe HilI" is our cry . . . ii rings ihrough ihe crowded corridors as game +ime approaches . . we have confidence in our 1'eam . . . fhey hold +he score ai' 7 +0 6 . . . coun'ring +he final seconds of +he game . . . we 'Feel 'I'he +hrill of viciory. I2 L Our year is 'Filled wi+h changes . . . as well as +radi+ions . . . our publica+ion's edilors aH'end s1'a'l'e iournalism workshop on scholarships 'For 'l'he firs'l' lime . . . our fooiball +eam is headed by a new coach in '66 . . . band members honor fheir queen and her aHendan'is . . . counselors show an in1'eres1' in our 'fulure . . . 'lhey offer guidance as we prepare 'l'o lake 'lhe ACT 'l'es+ . . . we begin 'I'urn our fhoughls foward college and careers. As Fall '66 unfolds . . . we are aciive we are learning . . . from beginning +o end we will always remember our high school days. it 'Ha X 3,3 his s is w 1 X . F ,M 1 M av. na - ' N N H 1 u s 39554 + ' "' "vez V , ,f L fl ' ' ' I ' " Ji , - 1,3 1 y r 1 ' fzznff 'TK'-M r r Lt .Ai?'1f-1 'filf X ' 'A 5'-' Q59-1 'ffm ' . g 5:2 A 5 ' a 4 'V g 3' v6'r!7'K-a X lj? v x 5 , ' if r 5? N131 r r?'Fii"f2 3 cfifrrji 1..., .U f. lg P Y-X--,Q . I ' 'C .' ' '--fr Q . :ml 1 A ygnflf 13 -". 5, 4 D I s AWK, We, +he General S+af'F, preseni' +o you, as besf we can, +he memories of +his, our grea'res+ year 4 '1,, ,no Q , , ,M , f Q- M 5 if an Q 3 U !g.!:,.,,? was .1 1 , b"' A ' .- V ' ' . ' JWQJZ? " , . ., 2- rf 1 V , f'g:?f2f'-" "9" ' ' ff! 1 "" , , , ' V . , . ., , V VV ,.a I M ,, Jw 4: ' Q, ',l1, F 'V ,ant M ". 2 . . . Qz52fm.M . 5 , ,W llxlll f 5 lm, . ..1i LQ mf... 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'G . . , and chaperoningolwsirlhg clubs ar I c'V'1" quid eaclerg we look +C: IFS. They ance . .. 0' knowledge :I-Akflrlhcism and +0 GHG 'ng all +heY h re H01- Ia :ze +he necessary pay In our lives. pad' I7 Dr. Bill Lillard, SuperinTendenT of Schools Boord of EducciTion STeps Up Progress The needs oT a communiTy are besT served by demonsTraTing spiriT and elecTing oTTicers To govern The people and The laws They abide by. Knowing well whaT an imporTanT parT ed.ucaTion plays in To- day's socieTy. iT is wise ThaT The leaders chosen To guide our schools are elecTed. Using This policy iT has been possible Tor The Oklahoma CiTy School SysTem To aTTain The besT possible people Tor serv- ing on The board. The people have a Tremendous iob and They do iT well. A Tew oT The many imporTanT Things They do in- clude The exTension oT buildings. subiecTs ThaT will help prepare sTudenTs Tor The TuTure and oT course new rules and regulaTions. Their work is a conTinuous sTream oT new and beTTer Things To add To The Oklahoma CiTy Pub- lic Schools. They should be commended on The gre-aT work They have been doing. I8 GilberT RoberTson, DirecTor oi Personnel , N. L. George, Dr. Gerald Kidd, periniendeni' in charge of Build- Assisiani Superiniendeni in Clnarqe ' i5 and GVOUV1ClS- ' of Special Services. P ' 'Yr X . X iq gm asmxv me 1, "W, :Hg :H-1, ggi Ti i iili ii I W ll ll . , .-.- if:-. 3 if 175 ' 31 . ,..,l., v . AoMxNlsrnATloN Bu! 'lf M .,--.,.L ,, e . of Secondary Educaiion. Lindley. Tom Smi+h, Assisiani Superiniendeni in Charge of Adminisiraiion of lnsiruciion. of Educaiion leli io riqhi: William F. Loii, Vice Presideni, Dr. Virgil T. Hill, Mrs. Warren F. Welch, Fosier Esies, Melvin P. Rogers, President I9 Efficient Administrcitors Guide School Talcing on the responsibility ot a large school is easy taslfg and C. W. l'luttman is the man who ilces it look easy. He is beginning his tenth year a leader. Under his supervision, our school has Jwn into a complex learning institution. l'lis ergy has been an on-going example tor the stu- nt body, and his constant service has become inspiration to all students and taculty. l-lelping him in his quest tor advancement, are our e principals, Everett Semrad and Jim Nees. ey aid in all discipline, curriculum, and general iool problems. They along with lvlr. Huttman are the baclcbone our school. Mr. Everett Semrad copes with extra-curricular activities Gir A 22 f inn- l problems of Larry Rose . my " J , J, View are amusing lo counselors Mr -..,f I l fu.. rx, f an if ef s. Orren and Mrs. Campbell. . .. as-affa.:'.' " .- ff. R K- ? 3 f X 25, ' 3 ,qu 1 if -:. Q.-rr"""' 1 1' H1 4 ll - il 3 i ,AWN A ,JY io, -f -V 6 wr il .fR. ,Mn . ,c ,,..., Mrs. Jean Newberry l-lisfory Secrelary Mrs. Mildred Paiierson l-lead Librarian Mrs. Geneva Williams Financial Secreiary li -' if sie' r ,wit VM ' ,, Mrs. Helen Baker Aliendance Secretary Mrs. Bealrice Bradley Nurse Mrs. Janell Brown Alrenclance Secrerary Mrs. Galen Calhoun Librarian Mrs. Peggy Campbell Reqisrer Mrs. Opal Hampfon Mr. l-luffman's Secrelary Mrs. Charlolfe McGraw Librarian Mrs. Frances Nelms Counselors' Secrerary if ,f 1 1 A , , as ,. Mrs. Juanita Bittle Counselor Senior 8: Junior Girls g Mr. Ernest Buckhold Q in A - V Counselor Senior Boys N ,,uW S R-. Mr. Robert McCain z i K is Counselor Sophomore 'll' i X Boys i T ' - .5 Mr. John Moore , W--s... Counselor Junior Boys it A .aff-s, I Mrs. Frances Orren , Counselor Sophomore f - ' i - 12 and Junior Girls kg, , W vm... Administration Influences Student's Future To keep a school as large as Grant running ioothly, we have an excellent statt ot ottice per- nnel and counselors. ln charge ot our library are ree time librarians. A well trained nurse and eight cretaries, managing tinances and attendance, keep lr school running etticiently. Aiding students in iidance, is our statt ot tive counselors. Each coun- Ior is assigned to a separate group ot students, d they aid these students in any way they can r any problem a student may have. Making appointments tor Mr. t-tuttman is Mrs. Hampton. Reassurance is given to Laura Nichols by Mrs. Nelrns. counselor's secretary ,""+-.N 23 Sv i islls K H Q l . ',,b L u 4 ' bl ,Q ii t .5 3 X sn I ii Q 'X fe me ss so s- gg S ,,.x ss W an PTSA officers assist Mrs. Weed in signing up Kent Eldridge along with other students who will participate in various activities ottered by the PTSA P.T.S.A. Attempts to Surpciss Lcist Yec1r': , Q p 1 .1, Q "it'1 l f' 4 we m t K I 22 l 2 3 This 'football player was an unique gimmick used by the PTSA M-emberslnip Committee in kicking ott its all out drive for attaining new members. 24 i t 2 E esideni ......... Vice Preside-nr .. :l Vice Presideni . ..Mrs. Ken Schubai' ...Mrs. Jean Parlcer .. .... Mary Berh Coffman l Vice Presidenr 1 Vice Presideni . .. .... :relary .... . 'BSUTSI' . . . ..... .Sarah Nichols Mary Ellen Lawrence Opal Weed .......Mrs. Hensley .... .Jenny Bailey vlembership Tolly The PTSA is an organizaiion designed lo' ac- iainl The parenls wilh The Teachers. school policies d school worlc. They have an annual open house which parenls view Their sludenls worlc and meei air Jreachers. A membership drive was held rhis ar lo raise money lor scholarships. Their goal s l,OOO members. On December lo, PTSA :unsored a dance wilh lhe KOMA disc ioclceys. r. and Miss Chrislmas Presenl were crowned The dance. This was To encourage more parenrs ioin Parent Teacher, Siudenl Associalion. rving members afler a meefing is Mrs, Shubal, Presideni. 3, ""T"" PTSA gains new members such as Mrs. Dixie Crossland ar annual Open l-louse . A ,lf 61? J jj, ?,,. ,s ' ,J i F-""" Mrs. Chris+ine Baugh English lV, Eulure Teachers oi America Sponsor Mrs. Beih Burrus English ll, Spanish Club Sponsor Mr. C. D. Chase English ll, Euiure Teachers of America Sponsor Mrs. Hazel Cox English Il, Eurure Teachers of America Sponsor Mrs. Jeralcline Daniels English lll, Pep Club Sponsor Miss Penni Ellis English ll, Pep Club Sponsor ff-' Li'rera'rure and Grammar are Basics The card calalogue is a quick and easy way ro find references agree David Jones and Sieve Mailoclc as 'ihey gaiher iniorrnaiion for iheir lerm papers. 26 English, a required course for all srudenis, play a major role in Granis curriculum. Under ihe leade ship of Mrs. Manning, lhe English Deparimeni he made new srrides foward undersianding ihe Englis language. . Unusual courses oi siudy are being iaughl i several classes, among ihern The wriiing of ads i business Englishg The siudy of several passages iror Jrhe Bible in senior English classes: and readin excerpis from ihe Readers Digesi. Looking over some research noreboolcs is Mr. Gary Waiso :Jr English Classes flr. Ralph King nglish ll, Furure Teachers of imerica Sponsor 'lrs. Mary Loolcabaugh nglish IV, Business English Irs. Hilda Manning hglish ll, IV, l-lead of English eparlmenl lrs. Edna Myafl 'iqlish lll rs. Peggy Pill iglish III, Fulure Teachers of nerica Sponsor rs. Mary J. Sparks real Books, Pulalicalions, iurnallsrn, Fulure Journalisls ionsor, OCIPA Sponsor, l-lead Journalism Deparrrnenl, r. Gary Walson glish lll, IV ss Sonia WhiHing+on glish lll, Red Cross Sponsor E ,J- L. 21 f : -- I X M. T FR .Kira K' QQ 3 ' 'I -Eg: 1 s x. ff J The 'Form for a +erm paper is slressecl by Mrs. Baugh To sludenl Sleve Dockray 'W H1 S, A., SQ l 'GF sv is -1-ef' si SALES ,sg ,,,,,,, 1, , V -e' je Mcifh and ,bd-f -3 ,,,,.... Wa- size, Mrs. Finley, business maih leacher, possesses a wealfh of knowledge which Science I t V 'ff' se Modern W-fav .,, , ,. A 28 ,,,...-v 'I fi she conveys lo her siudenls. Techniques Mr. Bradley Brauser Physics, Science Seminar, Tracl Asst Mr. Ronald Cable Biology Miss Ida Carfer Biology, l-lead of Science Depa rlmenf Mr. Charles Kimbrough Biology, O'Club Sponsor, Teams, Assi, Baskefloall, Baseball, and Fooiball Coach Mr. Craig Miller Chemislry, Assi. Foolball, an Wresiling Coach, Junior an Senior Sponsor Mr. Charles Narmore Biology, Physiology Mr. Jerry Smyfhe Biology, O'Club Sponsor, Teams, Assislanr Foolball Coach. Tennis Coach Mrs. Barbara S'rarlc Chemisiry, Biology Mr. John Hill Geomelry, Algebra, Teams, Traclc Coach, Swimming Coach , ' NY' , Mrs. Olela Lansdowne High School Malh, lnlro- ' duclion lo Malh, Sopho- more Sponsor Mrs. Paula Mansur Algebra, Geomelry, Malh Club Sponsor Mrs, Lorrain Provine Algebra, Geornelry, Malh Club Sponsor Mrs. Helen Ray Algebra, Geomelry Mr. Calvin Riesen Trigonomelry, Geomelry, Vocalional Malh, Malh Club Sponsor, 'JE Q5 Trigonomelry D Mrs. Cleo Wheeler 1 1213, Algebra, Malh Analysis, ii Malh Club Sponsor, Head ii of Malh Deparlmenl Q x' i- . , if ' '--' 1 lf , ..s '.-,-, ' Q I' .' T i',f":"" The science and malh deparlmenls are headed by Miss Carler and Mrs. Wheeler respeclively. The many divisions in lhe science deparlmenl in- clude biology, chemislry and physics. Granl had ils annual science lair on March 3 wilh lhe cily fair on March 23-24. Calegories included general, phy- sical, and biological sciences. Excellenl equipmenl and supervision is available lo all sludenls. 8 is exp ,fr I fm., ' erimenl' requires a burner," says 4- f ff f WWI V' 'Ng 'il 9, Mrs. gf! Slarlc 'ro ! 2? Q 'Y Tommy Walls. W , f 1 ie up a QI! "Wk K zr 1 . Q Enioying lheir nourishing lunch are Mrs. Mansur and Mrs. Slarlc. W.. V v , la, g g A QE-waz O Exercising his aufhorify, Mr. Hosfeffer seems fo be happiesf when giving ouf sevenfh hours. Students Learn. of Foreign Countrie Mrs. Loreifa Cavin American Hisfory, French, French Club Sponsor Mr. Jann Chrisfian American Hisfory, Teams Assf. Wresfling Coach 30 A sfimulafing subiecf wifh a variefy of course hisfory. Ranging from The only required cou American l-lisfory, fhere are also fen differ classes fo choose from. Sophomores sfudy American l-lisfory, some i' very large T.V. class. All ofher hisfory courses elecfives. Two, sfudy social problems. Sociology T Psychology. Courses fhaf closely 'rie in wifh fhis are Fore Languages. French, Spanish and Lafin are all fered here. These are 'rwo year courses. The Frei class has labs wifh earphones and microphones Mr. Jack Everharf 7 E A American Hisfory, Teams. . E. V VZI Team Foofball Coach. Tenn 57 gr' G' Coach, Lafin Club L . A Mr. Glenn Golden - ' World l-iisfory la w A if L Mr. Benn Henry gVg,y . .V , Psychology. Red Cross Sponsc 4 A V 'f?f'g.3g Mr. Lyle Hos+eH'er 5: K A' if :gk gf' '- 354 -- 'I Sociology, Rifle Club, Head 4 ' ly v V Hisfory Deparfmenf A' .zgi 1 ' iii"'i if ' ,fi 1 il 4. ' Wiki i l """""""""' l fi H if M , 4' Q 1 , i 8 li ,Q silly' N-.,aH I K 9 nf" f QT Vista Wm. " an ,in xr is Qian .eijtirti iii' M tiggasa , Q, new i Q in g,1fa Q sv 9 O ln her lirsl year of 'reaching al Granl, Mrs. Rowland has gained lhe acceplance of Earl Broolcs, one of her man! Lalin slu e ls." f - 4 ' f e , , , l ,gl My f J LLM 4 iz' . and World Problems 'W' if dr. Gary Lower 'Klhlelic Direclor, American dislory. Teams, World Hislory, 'rack Coach, Assl. Foolball Coach, Senior Class Sponsor, :TA Sponsor Vlr. Don Mefheny V ll Kmerican l-lislory, Teams. 'lead Baslcelball Coach Mr. Alfonso Moniaras Spanish, Spanish Club Sponsor Mr. Vernon Pierce American Hislory Ars. Inez Richfer V rench, French Club Sponsor C A W v , V '- vlr. Jerry Riclxerls ' 1' 1 K A y rv' f kmerican l-lislory, Senior Class , ,,,,, ponsor 'I Ars. Jeanne Rippee conomics and lnlernalional IQ 'roblems. Governmenl Ars. Pafricia Rowland .al'in, Lafin Club Sponsor 3I Mr. James Barr Bookkeeping, General Business F - FBLA Sponsor Mrs. Ann Cond ren 'Y ' 3 ShorThancl, COE, FBLA ' 3, ,V Sponsor VW' 4--f ii ' ,I Mrs. Dorofhy Dean ShorThand and Transcriplion, FBLA Sponsor, Junior Class Sponsor Mrs. Elnora Finley Business MaTh, General Busi- ness, FBLA Sponsor T Mr. AI Fuller Bookkeeping I, COE, FBLA Sponsor, Head of Business fr DeparTmenT A Mrs. BeTTy Klassen , General Business . V ' My T Mr. Roy Lemmons DisTribuTive EclucaTion, Genera Business, DECA Sponsor, Jun- ior Class Sponsor Mrs. Reine Pendlefon Typing, FTA Sponsor Business Courses Help Defermine Careers 'il Supervising The business world oT GranT is d parTmenT head, Mr. Al Fuller. l'-le has conTrol ov The largesT deparTmenT in The school, noT To me Tion The largesT in The sTaTe. We are The only schc in The ciTy To oTTer such a wicle varieTy oT course There are acrually sevenTeen diTTerenT busine courses To choose Trorn, and more sTudenTs are e rolled in business classes Than any oTher. A unique new class, co-operaTive oTTice ecluc Tion, has been available To sTudenTs aT Gra Tor The pasl' Two years. Two cliTTerenT varieTies a oTTerecl, sTenographic COE Tor The secreTary, a general COE Tor a general business educaTion. The courses are Three hours long and The lasT hour spenT working aT a iob. Working diligenlly, Mrs. Savage prepares a leTTer assi menT Tor her Business English class. 32 W - -Diff Many long hours are spenf by Mr. Fu1ler, head sponsor of F.B.L.A., as he runs off Club bullefins. NSE 33 it in - . W' nn s. sr' V ,. ' fi : .2 P2 Saw s. " L s Q .ge, ,5,wf.swf- f . r , . , ,f.s,, A ,-J.. . .-- .Q ,.,., .... . 4425" S fx flswlzi s -. ' fi-like kffggiif gg is ' - 1 . X , .s,k, g,5s.-sf VK is , ,fs . 3 ,sl Y A I Q. l it .XX lv ttlx W nr. 'limi A fl . i 51 Mr. Roy Pefers Business Law and Economics, Business Malh, Sluclenl Coun- cil Sponsor, Senior Class Spon- sor Mr. Bill Phillips Business Machines, Sfudenl Council Sponsor, Senior Class Sponsor, Acfivily Direclor Mrs. Minia Savage Shorfhand and Transcripiion, Business English, FBLA Spon- sor, Junior Class Sponsor Mrs. Kalhryn Smifh Typing, Shorfhand, FBLA Spon- sor Mrs. Joyce Swarf Bookkeeping, Recordkeeping, Typing ll, F.B.L.A. Sponsor Mrs. Linda Vance Business Machines, General Business and Typing II, F.B.L.A. Sponsor F......, L "Learning The 'rechni ue of 'th in l l q e ro ary ca cu alor, will prove 'ro be an assel in lhe fuiure business world," specifies MVS VGVVCS +0 Sludefil 34 1 The Thanksgiving assembly, which was presenfed 'lo us in a mosf unusual fashion, was direcfed by Ray Ballew Electives Enable Us To Learn by Doing Granf excels in offering a vasl field of elecfives ' sfuclenls fo choose from in preparafion for ure careers. One of fhe sfrongesf fields offered Granl is The Vocafional Deparfmenf. which en- urages sfudenfs no'l wishing fo go fo college fo cl a course which will help fhem find a job when ay graduafe. The Music Deparfrnenf is one of fhe finesf in fhe fe. We possess a prize winning band and choir, is an oufsfanding arf and speech deparfmenf. Sfu- nfs have placed high in confesfs and fournamenfs wsisfenfly. Mr. Harold lDills Sheefmefal and Welding, Tech' nical and Vocafional Club Mr. Kielh Dowdell Audio Visual, Senior Class Sponsor, Junior Class Sponsor Mrs. Grela Emanual Cosmelology. Technical and Vocafional Club Mr. Ray Ballew Vocal Music, l-lead of Music Deparfmenf Mr. Ernesl Daniel Driver Educafion, Safefy Council Sponsor fx- 'K W., ,..P v 452' , -iil x if, Mrs. Marge Humphrey Arls 8: Crafls, Head Senior Class Sponsor, Head of Ari' Deparlmenl Miss Joan Hunl' Speech and Debale, Senior Class Sponsor, Jeffersonians Sponsor, Nalional Forensic League Sponsor, Head of Speech and Drama Mrs. Edifh Jones Clolhinq Mrs. Laura Kelly English, Red Cross Sponsor Mr. Cecil Kegans Driver Educalion, Safely Coun- cil Sponsor, Senior Class Spon- sor, Head of Driver Educa- Hon Deparimenf To encourage homeroom parlicipalion in inlramural volleyball, Mr. Maples, recruiled a slrong leam as as Q, in 'Q' '-no N...4n.I lalcing hol chocolale, fudge, and a devils food calce isn'l hall as hard when you have lhree helpers," says senior Linda Webb. Electives Offer Wide Vciriely of Courses ling inslruclions for new worlc of arl is Mrs. Long. Mrs. Morene Long Arl l and Commercial Ari, Sponsor Ari' Club Mr. Orville Looney Aulo Mechanics, Technical 81 Vocalional Club Sponsor, Head of Vocalional Deparli menl Mr. Eugene Maples Eleclronics, Amaleur Radio Club Sponsors Mr. Harold Meridelh Physical Educalion, Head Foolball Coach -rf z H . X , 'F figs, I-is A 'iivyx Y 1, -, 41' Za. in .f 'af' 4' A . Q , i f"W v X M- W Elective Courses Spcirk Our Interests 'x r Mr. Virgil Milliron Physical Education, Head Wrestling Coach Mr. David Morava Body 81 Fender, Technical 81 Vocational Club Sponsor Mrs. Pauline Novey English, Red Cross Sponsor Mr. Dale Poindexter Print l and Photo Shop, Senior Class Sponsor Mrs. Carol Rains Foods, Junior Class Sponsor Mrs. Lois Ring Home Decoration, Teen- age Living, Home Plan- ning, Head ot Home Economics Department Mr. George Ross Woodworking, Cabinet Making, Technical and Vocational Club Sponsor, Junior Class Sponsor, Head ot Industrial Arts Mr. Robert Steele Mechanical Drawing, Dratting and Design Another area ot interest in the tield ot electiv are the shops and cosmetology department. cosrnetology girls can earn enough hours to be clas tied as accredited beauty operators. Classes taug in the shops are printing, photography. and woo working. Other areas are dratting, design and driv education. A required course at least one year is physic education. Atter that year however, it becomes z elective ottered as girls and boys teams. The classes compete with other schools in athletics. Fast-moving game absorbs the interest ot Miss Sughru. ez M 6, .rf 'ww wvvwmdp- Giving ihe finishing louch in rnalce-up lo Sam Dallas and olhers in lhe Miss Lois Sughru ' Girls Physical Educarion, Pep Club Sponsor, Girls 'O' Club Sponsor fo. XA Mr. Kendall Tarlcingfon if ' Vocalional Eledrics, Arnareur f ' , .. Radio Club Sponsor Mrs. Jayne Thompson Drama, Slaqecraff, Thespians, Junior Class Sponsor Mr. Don Todd Band, Orcheslra, HI Noles - Sponsor .nr if baclcsfage crew and Mrs. Thompson before or 'U . mi or ge, i.sissl w. , Y, ws G 'rhe presenfafion of fhe Junior Class Play " 417 .rx 39 ix. . T . 'iw' l' n a l 1.7 - TN SQ. i ii sis 1. K 7 T' 31 .4 7 V: i 'R Q As TT Mrs. Florence Bowen Manager Mrs. Frances Barker Mrs. Wilma Bowen rr' - Mrs. VineTa Davidson -a Q W . , A M rs rrr J rr i f " ,L T . Mrs. , L, i:A W Mrs. r..: Mrs. Q . T . Q. Mrs. L in . rsss y f rsr B . . . ' L I ,X i r ' . . .1 g Mrs. , it T , A as y a -Q rsr t ' f Mrs. Q N". i i T swf: if ,TQ f Mrs. .... T ii W 'LL1 4 gi ix gg, "Wil I f I r 5 if Y I TQ., Mrs. T w T . I s i s Mrs- .ms Mrs. Wkik I Mrs. S . Edna Dorsey Sharon Durbin BeTTy Gordon Marie Hicks Mary HuTchinson Lena Jackson Flossie Manuel . Jewell McMeans Lona Newman Lola Punneo Ella Rose Ollie SuTTle Geneva VesT PaT Viar RuTh Weed Mabel WrighT Our "Chef-Boyordees" Cook for U.S.G. U. S. GranT's caTeTeria is a very imporTanT parT OT The school. Florence Bowen is The manager. and wiTh The help oT nineTeen caTeTeria women, Teeds many hungry sTudenTs. a iob which They enioy do- ing. Menus are planned To please many diTTerenT TasTes, and aTTracTive and delicious meals are planned every day in one oT The largesT caTeTerias in This localify. During The year, businessmen and oTher guesTs are visiTors To The caTeTeria and They appreciaTe The excellenT service and Tood, as do The sTudenTs and Teachers. Mr. A. U. Skaggs, building superinTendenT, is in charge oT caring Tor The building, and is assisTed by nine cusTodians. These men are responsible Tor keep- ing The school grounds neaT and The building clean and aTTracTive. They are also called upon To repair equipmenT and To mainTain proper TemperaTure ThroughouT The building. Many nighTly TuncTions such as plays, programs, and sporTs evenTs are dependenT upon Them To keep The building open. Their iob is one oT dedicaTion and service To The school and sTu- denTs. igmg H19 day fo a close our cus+odian Mr Barfon does final work. Amos Barron Roberf Donnell Chesler Howard Harold Kenny Cecil Pu nneo William Roberfs Sherman Sharp A. U. Skaggs Head Cusiodian Herman Whaley Roberl Williams , .Q .we " a , il rg E ,, ' . iii i ag araa X 45 5.1 1, A 9,5 . N 1.1 Q 'vez' 'Nl' fi ,f 5112, Qt , :- ' T . a2,iii-5 , 1 Y ..V, i . N, 1 is P" Cusfoalians Maintain A Clean Campus I ,-ihlifliflii' f, , Seem-mum , A-M ., ,::.,,,LLQ.. M L i if L 5 F EJ ' 1 K ' eve- 'Eff I f if 2, I L . A KF' a 525 'iii f,ii'f5i1i2A' - 5 ,S , R 1 Akiigif R. gig, R 2 f I - if ii ,ik ,, , 7 Y S 1- S'-JN 4 ,x N. 'if' Q A Fwsfk fi.. Q . t 8 iw F221 x 48:1 an wif at Q , W .i:,g,,-gs e , I :H l-.. 'EQ x .wi .-.Ji 152 ffq Spiril' is fhe goal we have sei' . . . To reach if, we musf have a unify of enfhusiasm and pride . . . each person con+ribu+in-g his besf . . . for ihe best Our organizafions provide us wiih opporiunilies 1'o express ourselves . . . fo improve our school +hrough combined ef'For'rs. We give our 'l'ime and energy . . . we do our best The General Jasper Biddy 1 ' H "fm 'f if N v -S 'S"TNf' 'Q . i , A K FEZIVE V gf 4?- is F . 2 And His Lady Judi Sfuckey - JW! Terry Anderson and Yolanda Crisp Judie Schenck and Ricky McFeely 7595i .. ,Qhk,. 6? Johnny Holkum and Regina Corona' Sharon Askey and Dean Farris ,.,,,.-fy l, RAN Jeen Judi Sluclcey and King, Jasper Biddy reign over 'rlweir royal courl of Judie Sglwenqlq and Rick Mgflgeleyg Regina Cgrgng and Johnny Holkurng nor alfendanls, lirom lefl lo riglwll Yolanda Crisp and Terry Anderson: Sharon Aslcey and Dean Farris. 'eorbook Royalty Ihosen For 1967 An almosplmere of suspense prevailed as ll1e 'ren 'ididales for lhe I967 General and His Lady en- 'ed lhe dimmed audilorium. The audience anxiously awailed 'flue final mo- inl. as seniors. Jasper Biddy and Judi Siuclcey. re crowned al 'rlwe annual Journalism assembly. Olher candidales were: Regina Corona and lmny l-lollcum: Yolanda Crisp and Terry Anderson: aron Aslcey and Dean Farris: and Judie Schenclc d Riclc McFeeley. Announcing l'l1e candidales were 'l'l1e publicalions, Hors, Vicki Coleman and Judy Tanler. The year- ok and newspaper slaffs were also inlroduced. ough 'rears of deliglil, Judi awails lhe crowning kiss from g Jasper. 47 T. Foofboll Queen Jonef Cook Foofbollers Hoil Jonef As Queen A sudden in'l'alce ol brea'l'h by lhe crowd. l'he lasl' les of +he'band lingering over 'rhe field, 'rhe an- mcemenl is macle, and Janel Coolc begins her gn as l967 Fooiball Queen. R medley of seleclions from "The Sound ol: Mu- " were played as each girl was escorled from - car onro lhe field. Nifh her arlendanls following, Janel led ihe pro- ,sion around Capilol l'lill Sladium during lhe l'l'ime ceremonies. Jelina Chambers, senior allendani, was sealed Jr among 'rhe Queen's courl. Nexl was iunior al'- danl, Shirley Harmon, followed by Regina Klin- smifh, sophomore allendani. Jiclci Coleman headed lhe commiilee in charge decoraiions and was aided by Donna Bridges, chairman. Regina Klinglesrnilh, Sophomore: Shirley Harmon, Junior: and Delina Chambe rs, Senior Radianl smiles are displayed by Janei' Cook and her aiienclanls Delina Chambers, Gina Klinglesmilh and Shirley Harmon ,sjr "N-. S. uf 'X Q X 0 0 I Y i f 'ff kk 4 . 4 eu e e Basketball Queen Judi Sfuckey fx,- 1967 Bdskefbcill Queen ls Judi K lense air of anlicipalion prevailed during The al momenls before lhe announcemenl of lhe :7 Baslcefball Queen. Beginning her reign, Judi Sluclcey loolc her place The chair of honor. Following were her al'- danls and Their escorls: Regina Corona and inny l-lollcurng Juniors, Dena High and Roy Wal- ,pg Susan Buchanan and Doug Chambless: Soph- ores, Linda Forlner and Sieve Kisller. Sophomore, Eileen l-luddleslon, announced lhe emonies, and lhe commillee in charge of deco- , ions was headed by Margie Smilh. an Buchanan, Junior: Linda Forlner, Sophomore: Regina ana. Senior: Dena High, Junior l Newly crowned Basltelball Queen, Judi Sluclcey. slands among her four allendanls and lheir escorls. rreeeee Q Sherry Porter Wrestling Queen I il ,J l lTendan'rs and escorTs leTT To righT: Kandy Gose. B. D. Reeves, Linda Meeks, Gary Laws. Sherry irTer, Gerald Winnard, Shirley Harmon, Eddie Griffin, Regina KlinqlesmiTh, and Tommy VenTers. Sherry Selecfed Wresfling Queen "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" seT The Theme rr The I967 WresTling Homecoming. Senior Vicki Coleman was The ceremony speaker ho announced The selecTed lvlaTmen's Lady. Sherry orTer, escorTed and crowned by Team capTain. Ger- ld Winnard. ATTendanTs enTered The gym amid a record size 'owd aT The John Marshall maTch. Linda Meeks, senior aTTendanT, was escorTed by 'ary Laws. Junior, Kandy Gose was escor'Ted by lly Don Reeves and Shirley Harmon was escorTed y Eddie GriTTin. Sophomore aTTendanT, Gina linglesmiTh was escorTed by Tom VenTers. "I'endanTs: Kandy Gose, iunior: Shirley Harmon. iunior: Re- na KlinglesmiTh, sophomore: and Linda Meeks, senior. qv- 'Wh 3 Pep Club Buddy and 0'Club Sweetheart Billy Don Reeves and Yolanda Crisp -Ci' , 'Uv Aff D" Club Sweelhearl affendanlsz Linda Hill, Regina Corona, Beverly Callege, and Gloria Moore. Pep Club Buddy candidales: Riclcy lvlcFeely, lollcum, Jerry Hopkins, and Eddie Griffin. 'olcinclci Ancl Billy donored Af Dcince Crowning ol lhe Pep Club Buddy and "O" Club veelhearl was lhe highlighl of The annual Sweel- iarl Dance. Wilh anlicipalion by bolh lhe can- dales and crowd, Presidenl' Judy Tarler slepped The microphone wilh lhe sealed envelope io an- iunce lhis year's royally, Yolanda Crisp and Billy aeves. Allenclanls and lheir escorls included Linda ill ancl Jerry l-loplcins, Beverly Callege and Eddie rillin, Gloria Moore and Riclcy McFeeley, Regina orona and Johnny l-lollcurn. Yolanda and Billy led 'rhe long line ol couples rough ihe arch lo receive 'rhe lradilional lciss as e band, "The Chessmen". played Summerlime. The dance, a semi-formal allair. drew a crowd an eslimaled 450. Pep Club Buddy. Billy Reeves crowns "O" Club Sweelhearl, Yolanda Crisp. 5' Johnny Closses Ancl Clubs Honor Their RoycilTy Fall and The new year broughT boTh success and honor To Generals as They plunged inTo The whirl of school liTe. Gay Lynn Burlcs was chosen as The I966-67 Band Queen, during The PuTnam Ci'ly TooTball game. Crowning her was Drum Maior, Ronnie Sullivan. Mr. and Miss Howdy elecTions broughT honor To iuniors, Billy McLean and Kandy Gose. Their TiTles were presenTed aT The school-wide Howdy Dance, held in The caTeTeria. Carol Anderson and Dave Chambers, boTh sen- iors, were chosen as Princess and Prince oT PrinT by The Journalism deparTmenT. They were inTroduced To The sTudenT body aT The Journalism assembly, and represenTed our school aT The annual lnlcslinger Ball. The LaTin Club held iTs annual Caesar and Cal- purnia compeTiTion, wiTh awards going To Larry STaT- Tord and LeoneTTe Zane. Generals have shown ouTsTanding achievemenTs in many Tields and They have helped malce This our greaTesT year. Mr. and Miss Howdy Billy McLean and Kandy C-Bose Caesar Larry STaTTord Calpurnia LeoneTTe Zane f' ,gifs Si , i 'xv au xx Q AQ. Princess and Prince of Prini' Band Queen Carol Anderson and Dave Chambers Gay Lynn Burks 55" ienriarfs and escorba ieii io riqkiiz Pam Wiiiiams, Jim McConnei, Gay Burks, Mike Daugineriy. Sandra Tucker,Ci1ris Puckeii, Ciwarioffe Jones and Roger Hariin 57 1966-67Group: Chooses RoyolTy l-lighlighTing The year was The crowning oT ma new kings and queens. ATTer dining aT Val Ger DECA announced as Their sweeThearT, Vickie Ro FBLA candidaTes spenT mosT oT a day being inT viewed by local business men. ResulTs of The inT views are Mr. FBLA RoberT Barcum, ancl Miss FB Diana Wes'Hiall. AT a February banqueT The mL cleparTmenT crowned as Their lcinq and queen. L lie Chiclc and Marsha Boyd. The Girls Glee C crowned as Their queen, Linda Crow. A new lc and queen were chosen Tor The TirsT Time aT Gr They are Mr. ChrisTmas PresenT Tony Mifchell 3 Miss ChrisTmas PresenT Debbie Grissom. Mr. and Miss FBLA RoberT Barcum and Diana WesTFall F 'Qi Girls Glee Club Queen DECA Queen Linda Crow Vickie Ross '4Z....e.e-' Choir King and Queen Leslie Chick and Marsha Boyd ,......-u 1' 'J Hep I av' - 'R nners up for Mr. and Miss FBLA are Ricky McFeely and Jan Mr' and Miss Chridmas Presefli' qg, Tony Miichell and Debbie Grissom Cheerleoders Promole Spiril Summer and Fall broughl' +o The l966-67 Che leaders a year filled wilh excilemenl' and hard wr Our Cheerleaders have promoled spiril and spo manship for all sporls aclivilies lhroughoul school year. Lasl summer 'lhe girls wenl lo Thunderhawlc Che leading Clinic al Olclahoma Universily for five da They compeled every day againsl various sch: from all over rhe Uniled Slales and received 'rl firsl, second and lhird place ribbons. Each girl had lo hold a 2.5 grade poinl' aver lhroughoul' lhe school year lo mainlain her posil 3- - . aim , l f J., i y g C 5, si i C A ,.., A CK A y5s,r.wiW - Yolanda Crlsp Brenda Phillips ' V ',,,'- Sa ndy Cox Shirley Harmon .1..i............! , ,yi Gloria Moore 'TN' Judi Sruckey-head X f f Q, l 13? 'Y 5 Kandy Gose 1966 67 Brings Allveness To Pep Club EnThusiasm is mirrored on each upTurned Ta The lciclcoTT comes. Tollowed by a Thunderous we oT shouTs. The U, S. GranT SabreTTes Pep Clul: again on hand To cheer our boys To vicTory. GeneraTing spiriT To The enTire sTudenT body, ' 576 member club works To sell programs and sp Tags Tor upcoming sporTs evenTs. Fall l966 ToL The club ushering aT The Rodeo, lce Capades a l-loclcey Games. Serving on commiTTees Tor FooTball, WresTlf and BaslceTball l-lomecomings, The girls noT o earn meriTs. buT They gain The experience oT wc ing TogeTher and combining ideas. The annual SweeThearT Dance, sponsored by bf The Pep Club and The Boys "O" Club, is a ma parT oT The school year. The girls who have worlc To gain The required meriTs are eligible To aTTer Climaxing The year are cheerleader TryouTs a oTTicer elecfions. Pep Club Sponsors leTT To righT, Penni Ellis. Lois Sughru, a Jeri Daniels. Gary STroupe proudly chauifeurs The Cheerleaders as They arouse splr1T and enThusiasm aT our Homecoming game wiTh Enid. 5 iXS "'T, h B I955-67 PGP Club Officers BFG! Judy Tarier, Presidenfg Judie Schenck, Demerii' Capfainq Jessica Troiier, Pariiameniarian: Marcia Schroeder, Usher :e Presidenf: Peggy Teggerson, Secrefaryg Teresa Hawkins, Treasurerg Capfain: Karen Doyle, Sgr. ai Arms: Peggy Jones, Hisiorian ilsi semesieri: m Holden, Chaplain: Linda Meeks. Demerir Capfain: Carol Anderson, and Susan Buchanan, Reporfer. Newly elecied hisrorian, Sherrie Giisfrap, is shown her dufies by officers, Marcia Schroeder, Susan Buchanan and Carol Anderson. Wm.- I v Abboll, Kay Acker, Donna Alexander, Rila Ambrose, Debbie Anderson, Janet Anderson, Joyce Arambula, Liz Archer, Ann Armstrong, Lynda Arndf, Barbara Ashly, Mary Askey, Sharon Baker, Beverly Baker, Doris Baker, Joyce Baker, Judy Baker, Sue Bales, Jennifer V Foolball players charge onlo field as Brenda Phillips helps promole spiril. Barefoof, Barbara Barker, Renee Barnes, Lois Barrett, Debby Barlon, Ella Basden, Mary Jo Y: . S, Q.. A l x 1. 4 .. s 'lxw ' 'li' 1 bl, J 'L - fi . .lx ' gg- 5 ,f,: :W i 'rf A L. A S ' daaa f we J firms A it A yi i l ... A air-5. QQ L , .fe e-.L H K' h i ",,"2:f w 1 , 'L ' We s V if-13 ,ef is is . ra 1 4,4 -of .i - ' f -"r:- - se--as F .. ,Q ., qu N .2 s ,,.. r ,ol My ,, .J Q! Riel A E law l ' ,T -s r Q-as v . L eh fl I Basham, Elaine Basself, Vickey Baleman, Niki Baxter, Wanda Beary, Carol Beary, Mary Jane Bell, Francis Bell, Mikki Bennelf, Jan Bennelf, Judy Berry, Bobbie Berry, Sharon Birk, Donna Bishop, Lee Ann Blackman, Janef Blake, DeRenda Bolser, Connie Boofon, Sherry Boren, Cryslal Boswell, Jan Boulware, Teresa Brady, Karen Branson, Mary Bridges, Donna Brillain, Lisa Brock, Beverly Brown, Calhy Brown, Jane? Brown, Sharon Burkarf, Debi Burkarr, Rebecca Bullinglon, Vikki Burns, Brenda Bufler, Judy Calhoun, Susan Call, Sherry Campbell, Penny Canada, Suzi Cantwell, Janice Cargle, Glenda Carmack, Celesfe Carrier, Connie Carson, Susan Carfer, Barbara Cash, Reba Caflege, Beverly Caflege, Donna Cavelf, Theresa Chambers, Belly Chambers, Deliana Chapman, Wanda Chappell, Donna Cheaf, Marilyn Chrislenson, Noma Chrisfy, Linda Clark, Jane Clark, Sheila Clay, Brenda Cleaver, Karen Cobb, Joy Cobb, Sheila Coffelf, Linda Coffey, Debbie Coffman, Janice Coleman, Diane Coleman, Vicki Collins, Cafhy Cook, Janef Cook, Jeanefle Cook, Nora Cooper, Lorraine Cornelison, Sandy 'f i,,,, i if , r- si, f ,gs g,,g I ill if s.. ll iyyy K V V AWA ' ' Yu. , fl? io ex 'li 1' lil rrl, M. nh.. file N V ,ff y ,, W Ii if S ,,,r A 1' 'll'Yil 5 ,mfg i 'Sw . ,i Q S ir' S C ' 'A ie X -, lm .i ' s i ? M.: C ' li -C: " ,. ,, , Q ,,., S ,,,, S, ,f , ,' All? if .i . M. ,W nw. 'li ' lvl Pep Club Enlivens Spirit Assemblies Capnfol Hill "Cheerleaders" parlicipale wi'rl1 'rhe U. S. G. Cheerleaders to add lo fhe friendly rivalry of the Capifol Hill-U. S. Gran? pep rally. E. ,, X, - 4, l , sf Q . x ,Y ,, Corona, Regina Crain,'Sherri Crews, Diana Crow, Linda Kihl' A 'A ii ' , Culberlson, Sharon '.. Cunningham, Diane ld Q.. ' ,,, Q 5" Curby, Suzanne K ,. H lb N nf" -'.. K Curry, Cheryl Liwy ,V . A -if a ,,,,, ,,,, r 1. r Curry, Cheryl , a 1 F " ' ', ,s Daniels, Jeanie V , ' I, X. D - V Darrah, Janice 'N' Ik , , ,Q v' Daugherty, Sheryl l hh a' P' al iee, A ,..,,, D . C , ., .f,., ,L Q ,A - Q-1 I I l s, ,is 1 Dice: Diff: R " , lv: ."' .. " Davis, Laura EA 'ga M , fe f' Davis, Veronica " K . ,,., K -'-,. 1. , s. , D ,K ' 1- 'iq' +- ' fi ,- ,, Dgparliriiienda f 'J ",,, DeHart, Sandi , ,:x, , p Dobbs, Pam . ., ,... ,V Ah P ifie - A P l iiii wk re F r is L. ,,f,, A uuu s 1 - Aa WL 17 A iiii 'L DWL -a l- rr.: A P? ay r,,, in - D 75 ii? l ,A ff ig Vi af- ,a,, AVA ' aa as ,a,,. ii ,L., A as 66 Dodson, Eileen Dulaney, Delilah Dunlap, Trudy Duren, Jan Dyer, Linda Eidson, Jani Ellis, Pal' Elmore, Barbara Embrey, Karen Eulsler, Naomi Falwell, Diane Farris, Connie Faughf, Jo Faught, Karen Fenwick Sharon Fields, Donna Fink, Diane Fish, Pal Fifzgerald, Kafhy Flanagan, Donna Fllnn, Sherilyn Foley, Lynda Forlner. Linda Fosler, Kay Fuller, Karen Garllow, Vicki Garner, Sandy Garrelt, Linda Garrell, Linda Garrefl, Sharon Garrelle, Diane Genlry, Kim Z Presidenf, Judy Tarler and cheerleader Gloria Moore, m lo promole spiril' for lhe Powder Puff foolball game. , l Pep Club Gir Linda l-lill and Yolanda Crisp cheer for anoiher vic- Gill, Gloria Gilslrap, Kafhy Glasgow, Cheryl Glisan, Barbara Gouge, Carolyn Green, Jaci Grigsby, Linn Grimm. Cheryl Grissom, Debbie Groves, Margare? Haffner, Linda Hall, Debi Hall, Sharon Halsfead, Kafhy Hamilfon, Vickie Hamman, Sandra Hammefl, Belly Hash, Paula Hardin, Pam Hare, Cheryle Harnelf, Sue Harris, Susan Harrison, Judi Harrison, Susan ' ,, as .. ' si Tie V , 7.14 A52 ,,, K as . L A A K " if an pi, . , F3 fam LL. M As -'A .. ' iia 'W Q A ff Jo-, ii W 'll J ii ' ill by A'LKl A llai 'L .Afl - llllarriss, Eeify , .-. , " L J , 5 Hg -. ' K Hglifsinebby J - A C , Q Harf, Dusfy f . .. t ,, 1 Hart, Siquni D I Y, 1' in ,A , fs ff 4 A Y alma er, ara .Q . W ' K gi K K Q Healh, Connie , -I ' , T. Helm, Gail , gy fs ,. -- 1 3 L, Y llzllendricklsorg Connie 'r' H' ' ' ' 4 'i - K , .s ' V ' pw I In , In a . I r,,, sg, .1 " ' 'S ,:..:ii' ,.s. . .L V, 1, A . A A . A .. u, i r .. ig fower, usan K x K, wi Hill. Dlana J , Q .,,i s -,--s ' ., if Hill, Pafience sei, s s , uui' J W ., as is , il Hill, Peqglf 'via 1 Af 5' , i 3.5 L..1 i 8, N - K 1- Y ' mix- . 5 V f ' sl , L J if l 1 ue ' ff ,Y .. fag -Q, "' Hodges'JJanlCe A ix self A S '-" L A A ogan, ang . ,. ,. ,:,.., ..,,:,, , ziiu , , s li-,,iX. .-Q .-q. . .. ,. . . Holi, Wanda . Horn, Marsha Q Q N . Horne, Peggy K 4. H., , ' Horfon, Marion ' -ff- ' ...f . u pporf Afh lehcs 'fs -'B Howell, Gwen ss- K A 0 0 Huddlesfon, Eileer Q " ' .kwi L Hudqins, Carolyn Y ., l Y , il Hughes, Sue W' "" 1, W 3 ' ' Hunfer, Becky " 4 ' ' , Hunzier, Sandy hx 4' , "'l' ' , Hurd, Susan Husk, Janice Jackson, Barbara Jackson, Judy Jackson, Kalhy James, Frances Jefferson, Debbic Jewell, Jane? Johnson, Cynlhia Johnson, Lhea Johnson, Lois Johnson, Sherri - Q a . .... Q. L ,fin .., ,rf , ue.. lvl J hs . Q ,Lyn s A A We m M N ii ' 1 Q L sf , ss ,- f L EZ A L v L a i iise , - p Q 7.51 ,. i.AA A .,?Sfj i' 1 .3 4 WJ, r ss , I, ,, - .. i Y' si --.. f it -4 A Q, " " f ' is sss u ,L m B' A " - he A l W , .. A t 4 my .: z. A lk 'QL Jones, Barbara Jones, Charlotte Jones, Glenda Jones, Jeannie Jones, Sandy Jordan, Christine Judkins, Patty Lamberson, Jud Landrum, Beveri,y Lawrence, Ellen Lawter, Rosalie Layton, Linda Layton, Vickie LeCompte, Janice Lee, Pam Lively, Sue Loflin, Caroline London, Barbara Long, Jan Long, Linda ' Lovelace, Donna Mackey, Candye Madding, Ranell Maker, Beverly Marcum, Trisha Marshall, Shirley Martin, Barbara Martin, Gail Martin, Pam Massey, Linda Masters, Karen Mathews, Connie May, Donna May, Glenda Medley, Lorraine Pep Club Always Busy With Activities Football committee members make decorations for the homecoming float. Kick-off holds the attention of Pep Clubbers and their sponsor Miss Sug 68 if Queries' 5 'Swis- .WS 9-.nw Linda Meelcs and Teresa Hawkins 'Finish malcing homemade ice cream for The Pep Club's annual ice cream social. Mellon, Diana Mehon, Margarel' Mercer, Barbara Merrick, Vickie Mefcalf, Befh Miklinsky, Lillie Miller, Barbara Mills, Paffi Mifchell, Sue Moen, Mary Monlgomery, Kay Moon, Debi Moore, Kalhy Moore, Mary Moore, Sonia Moore, Zena Morozoff, Pal' Mosley, Janna Mosman, Susan McAlis'rer, Gail McCracken, Diane McDonald, Kelly McDougal, Connie McElvany, Deanna Mclnnis, Alice Mclnnis, Marilyn Mclnlyre, Melinda McMahon, Sherry Nelson, Susan Nesflerode, Claudi New, Connie Newcomb, Dora Newcomb, Nora Nicholas, Belly Nickles, Karen Novak, Kafhy Officer, Wrealha Oscarson, Debbie O'5hields, Sharon Oulland, Terry 6 W, 9. i i er K A rir .L - an 4 s i' ll A A V, , i 'V i 4 4' 4 ' 1 ' , W 7" f "gm, ,,,, i ' ' 'l'L-, 'f WL . f L4 l iii as rfse K " ' ,,,, ,wail ,ffl " " , Q lb ,Q - Q X V ,, V 'i M .N 1 li 'A rr- of VVVA j , ii , , ini A ,, ,E 'I 2 f F Q, ,,,, I 'Mig ,rx ff, 'M I, , sf 3, 52,1 QE:..- Q, LAKQ .gi J , L Q l wf V Z JL lbxuek t 'Q A A fx ' 4 . A fp .V --R , J lwx gm vin X I A RL AR'- Y - Q, k S Q'?'5i J 1 J M ,,,, L. ,ia A ,R ,wS ' L if X' 'A eg, K F "i' Tp I so ., PL - HA, ,Z F ni 'K v hh ,ff 3 -f ' 1- V 'L N , "1 L KL. QA V 1'1i RL L S D 'S 2 YL V. ' Q ' 1 " Wi f 4 A AH .AVL S A R RA LZ Q, ,-, 35. ,- H , D ' s -fx 4 - - sag A ,AMA 4 ,.Li hi: raw: ,R A, 'A ll A K-.. S, are , A 2' ,qvky --, 1, 70 Rungan, Judy Russell, Pam Sack, Karen Sack, Sheryl Sadler, Barbara Sadler, Pauline Salyer, Mary Eielh Sanauskas, Darlene Sanders, Connie Sanderson, Linda Scoll, Myrna Seals, Debbie Seals, Gwen Sewell, Carla Shamblin, Cloann Shelhamer, Kalhy Sherburne, Brenda Sherburne, Linda Shubal, Deby Sims, Jan Sims, Sue Owens, Pam Parent, Vicki Park, Pally Parkinson, Judy Pafferson, Evelyn Palfon, Connie Paulk, Ella Paulk, Pam Payne, Regena Perciful, Brenda Perry, Brenda Perry, Judy Peferson, Laura Peierson, Margarel Phillips, Janice Porler, Sherry Praff, Carla Rawski, Diane Rawski, Julie Ray, Carla Reagan, Cyndy Reeves, Donna Reinhard, Linda Renfro, Sue Reubell, Terri Reynolds, Linda Rhodes, Robyn Rich, Valerie Riley, Janie Ring, Judy Roberf, Barbara Roberls, Karen Robinson, Barbara Robinson, Marsha Robinson, Ricki Rocha, Evona Roche, Linda Rock, Marilyn Rogers, Shirley Roper, Carol Rose, Kalhleen Rosebrook, Keri Ross, Vickie Rolan, Pal' Rowe, Jan Rowland, Sharon Royal, Milzi Royal, Nicki Yec1r's Highlight Pep Club members unil lo help cheer lhe Generals on lo anolher viclory ri UM D Pep Club girls and dares dance fo fhe music of fhe "Chessmen." iweefhecirf Dcmce ionsor. Mrs. Daniels, helps serve ai the Sweefhearf Dance. ,Mm 131-rw 5 Singleton, Becky Smifh, Beffye Smifh, Diane Smifh, Kannie Smifh, Margie Smifh, Marfy Smifh, Nancy Smifh, Paula Smith, Paula Smith, Sherry Sokolnicki, Debbie Spifler, Mary Jane Sfanley, Linda Sfephens, Kafhy Stephens, Peggy Sfephens, Regina Sfevens, Cindy Sfewarf, Jo Srinneir, Jackie Sf. John, Kafhy SHH, Liz Sfokes, Sherilyn Sfory, Glenda Sfubbiefieid, Vicki ii irrl,,, 'M "x h' -M fp, TDMA i ir A if rin.. ii, i 'iq Ain. D V L' ., V F, W N f W W f W ,. - yr 2 V 4 M .1 . - - W K Q. ' 0 'M 7 A Th.. ifvat f 'ri Ti if 4-1 1 ,Tr-'il gf lilif5.',T ' fi V I if , '- , ' if' '95 ' ' , Q I W ,1 Y , 1 'X f ff 4- A " 'f l 'll 'ln 4? A il . l 1 - 1 1 T A .T W' ,,"lL ii lii ,, "" YA H Swaffar, Sandy Sweall, Shirley Swenson, Karen Talkinqfon, Rhonda Talum, Marian Taylor, Jane Taylor, Liz Taylor, Suzi Terry, Edina Temple, Terry Thurman, Vicky Todd, Linda Todd, Sheri Tolson, Cheryl Traver, Marilyn Trifripo, Jane Trobaugh, Debbie Underwood, Pam Unsell, Jackie Ufley, Linda VanNoy, Elberla Vaughan, Debbie Vaughan, Linda Vowell, Debbie Wagner, Kalhy Wallis, Elizabelh Washam, Connie Webb, Connie Pep Club Girls Organize Homecomings -dbg ,ff TU' fir 'E Raw!! ,n X Q V -9 Janel' Cook. 66-67 Football Queen, is crowned by Team caplain B. D. Reeves. 72 fife, 'f ,. S cf'f-is .,,,. Weed, Lynda Weeks, Sharon Weslfall, Diana Wcslrope, Vicki While, Kalhy Whillock, Coni Wiley, Janice Wilkerson, Kalhy Willbanks, Calhy Williford, Sherry Williamson, Rulh Williams, Pal Willis, Alice Wilson, Linda Wilson, Nadine Wilson, Nila Wilson, Pam Wiflen, Sandy Wolfenbarqer, Janice Wood, Jackie Wood, Karolyn ii S4 J A ay. ' was 'ne I lin' 1 K A i l- A ii' . , Lifi X' H A e + s.s'f,fY'ls V iiiiii - .., 1 1 1k it ' N 3? Zink, Becky Noi' Picfured Adams, Donna Adama, Thelma Allen, Sonia Barnes, Peggy Bennell, Judy Berq, Lawana Belhea, Pal Birlc, Donna Caslro, Phyllis Chealwood, Johnella Chrislian, Gloria Clemenl, Sharon Crosby, Penny Daniels, Karen Daniel, Regina Dewbre, Jo Dodrill, Karen Farmer, Pally Finney, Carolyn Folsom, Wenda Garlow, Dawnellen Grady, Jan Green, Ellen Jaclcson, Jean Johnson, Marla Kerr, l-lelen Kimray, Charlolle Lalcey, Linda Lary, Kelha Leewriqhl, Judy Lillle, Carol Luslc, Lorella Lynch, Ann Rushing, Sharon Smilh, Marcia Walls, Connie 2-. -fan. wx, is , s..,. 1 5 Sherry Porler. smiling radianlly, is lhe new lvlalmen s Lady THE GENERALS BAND oe 9 sn ,eq , ' 0 Q U l T Jnder The direcTion oT Mr. Todd band members work To learn marching TormaTions. Bcmd Is Pride CDT U.S. Grcmf As The band played on ThroughouT The l966-67 school year many new acTiviTies were experienced by new and old band members along wiTh Their direbTor, Mr. Todd. A AcTiviTies ranged Trom marching in The 'Fair Day Parade in Oklahoma CiTy, To playing in The Edmond Music FesTival. AT The music TesTival The band came home wiTh The ouTsTanding honor oT a Class AA Trophy. As They played "lncanTaTion and Dance", and "Polka and Fugue" The band received all one plus raTings. RoberT Walling who plays The TrumpeT in our band was inviTed To play in The New Year's Day Parade in l-lollywood, CaliTornia by The Robin Hood Band. lnsTrumenTal music direcTor is Mr. Don Todd. ,N gg 75 i E 1 f L The Sfage Band, under 'lhe direclion of Mr. Don Todd. provides lhe background accompanimenl' for school musicals and special programs. .-.. Li Chris Puclre-H Pam Hardin Marilyn Davis Y . v lex MaioreH'es: Colee Brooks, Pam Hardin, Gay Burks, Carolyn Tomlinsom, Phyllis Paflerson, Linda Slory, Sue Brasher and Marilyn Dev Bonds EnTerTciin For Assemblies All work and liTTIe play go inTo making up The age band and pep band. ThroughouT The sum- er These sTudenTs learn ThaT To be in These bands ng hard hours are waiTing ahead oT Them as They racTice Their summer away learning new songs, racTicing The old, and reviewing Their marching nrmaTions. One of The main acTiviTies oT The sTage band is laying 'lor The annual iournalism assembly in. Jan- ary, where The crowning of The yearbook king and ueen Takes place. Pep band members Till Their Time by enTerTaining T school pep assemblies. TooTball and baskeTball ames, along wiTh giving The Pep Club a helping 3Te. The sTage and pep bands are led by lvlr. odd. This year's hard working maioreTTes are Colee 'ooks, Pam l-larden. Gay Burks, Carolyn Thomlin- an, Phyllis PaTTerson, Glenda STory, lvlariyln Davis, 1d Sue Brasher. 5 i . The Pep Band plays in pep assemblies To help promoTe spiriT and enTerTain The sTudenTs 3 , ii x"""" y i""" -9 The Pep Band wouldn'T be compleTe wiThouT drummers To keep Things running in beaT. Choir MainTains TalenTed Groups Melodious sounds Till The air as The a capp choir perTorms Tor The sTudenT body and aT m conTesTs, direcTed by Mr. Ray Ballew. The TirsT performance of The choir was Tor P.T.S.A. meeTing. An unusual approach To Tha giving was presenTed To The sTudenT body ThaT s rnarized The life oT Abraham Lincoln in Lonesc Train. TwenTy-six sTudenTs oT The U.S. GranT choir Tended The All-CiTy Choir Clinic. DisTricT ConT and Edmond ConTesT. Three members Toolc ho in The N.A.T.S. Solo audiTions held aT Olclahc UniversiTy. Boy's QuarTeT: Charles Richmond. Ronnie Jones, Rocky ler, and Ralph Manuel. A Cappella Choir performs Tor The sTudenT body under The direcTion of Mr. Ray Ballew. -. - ' ,,,, . ,,,, IJ ,.,..,,,,. ,, Q L,,,,k,,L W, In A T I V 5 Zh, ,, I "'- " M w r . L, H .m:v.Z,A ,. .,. 15. , ..,,.., . 1.05, V H I . ,,,, ,. -M :gm -... ,,,..,, TW ,,.. , , ..,,, , , ,,..,, ,, ,, , 477 'AW 'xbq ys Glee Club, Bolfom row: Joey Coleman, Jerry Umholiz, Jim Norwood, nnie Campbell, Chris LeBlanc, Leslie Chick, Byrum Babcock, 2nd row mmy Anderson, Randy Means, Larry Brumelf, Buddy Jones, Mike Sala, Girls Trio from lefl lo righl: Marsha Boyd, Paula Henry, and Becky Morgan. Wm Ralph Manuel, Top row: John Sullivan, Paul Locke, Roger Siirling, Sieve Poiier, Mike Knapp, Jerry Bryani, Ronnie Jones, Charles Richmond. i s 1 ,Qs li X ,, X F ll , . I ixed Quarlei from lefl Ronnie Mayfield, Eileen Dodson, Wanda Donavon, Leslie Chick. Leslie Chick and Marsha Boyd lead in ihe musical "Carousel" 79 The Girls Glee Club performs for lhe siudenl body under 'rhe leadership of 'rheir direclor, Mr. Ray Ballew. LQ. v ilu-' Girls' Quariei: Barbara Barefoot Linda Vaughn, Charlofie Jones, and Cynfhia Welch. Mike Sala and Leslie Chick plan lhe perfecf robbery in "Carousel -fa- " 3 Girls' Sexfeh Linda Garrefl, Diane McCracken, Evelyn Pallerson, Sara Owens, Rosalie Lawler, and Sue Hughes. 80 . f l Orchesfro Wins FesTivol Trophy As They played Predulio and l.ancasTer GverTure ie orchesTra proved To be The besT as They won e approval oT The judges aT The Annual Edmond lusic FesTival aT CenTral STaTe College in Edmond 'iday, February 24. Awarded Them was The Class .A Trophy, received by Their direcTor, Mr. Don odd. This is The TirsT year ThaT The orc:hesTra has on a one plus raTing on all oT Their raTings. Playing me violin Jill LieloT won The award oT OuTsTanding oloisT. Now in Their TourTh year is The l-li-NoTes club. lemloers worlc To promoTe a higher inTeresT in sym- 'nonic music. The club spenT mosT oT Their Time shering Tor diTTerenT symphonies. i-NoTes discuss plans To usher wiTh Their sponsor Mr. Todd. Q . my 'BY Our orchesTra was chosen Olclahoma OrchesTra OT The year by The School oT Music aT The UniversiTy OT Oklahoma 153' is 19 401' 5gQ,3g,g 1 ' , iff- 1 'T L MMM, , M T' 'ya T ' . 6,4 T sri-fs' ,ir --"ik . 4-33-.. W is-... 3 1 . -A ,l 1' jig, " ' " V, , is if ..11i'4:- AcTiviTies Secfion, BoTTom row, leTT To righT: Debbie Oscarson. Darlene Sanauskas. ediTor: Carol Anderson, managing ediTor: Top row: Jessica TroH Teresa Hawkins, Sandy WiTTen. Pam Mainord, noT picTured Marian TaTum. is-Q...-... Ylfjy' """'--M., Sporfs SecTion FronT: Shirley SweaTT, ediTor: Dave Chambers, managing,ediTor: Baclc: Peggy Tegerson. Janice Mclnnis, Linda Weed. 82 Yeorbook STQTT Meefs Deadlines STarTing oTT a new year, The yearbook sTaTT i inTo The swing oT Things by drawing 'make-up, wriT copy, and scheduling picTures. There are Tour deadlines which The sTaTT m meeT and These are: OcTober l5, December I. J uary I, and March I. A loT oT The work on The bf is done aTTer school in order ThaT The sTaTT can m These deadlines. ApproximaTely a rnonTh aTTer ei deadline, brownlines oT The secTions are senT baclf be prooTread beTore The Tinal publishing oT ' boolc. ATTer These deadlines are meT and The bro' linesare senT in. Jerry and Lou Carroll, Trorn Ta5 Publishing Co.. give The sTaTT a Pizza ParTy aT c oT The local resTauranTs. AssisTing The sTaTT wiTh The producTion oT T boolc is Mrs. Mary J. Sparlcs, our sponsor, Jerry a Lou Carroll Trorn Taylor Publishing Co., Mr. . l-lanson and Mr. Mulcahy Trom RembrandT STudl and Mr. Dale PoindexTer and Mr. Bob McCain Tr The school phoTography deparTmenT. l 1 l -5 rl, fur wv-GLY W: ff? f' .Ma-53" fhiqj aff' I' ff nn ulfy Secfion leff To righf: Donna Bridges, managing eclilorq Julie Rawslci, Rhonda Talkingfon, managing edilor and Viclci Coleman, edifor- lor: Beau Thompson. in-chief. e L 'Q.Z.? is H fm? .nl4L7 11... -' W 4-i"'4f iii'nn iii, .l ,W , l 'ww-,glam WM f ': 'iz --V f 5 ., ore Seciion lefi' fo righf: Eileen Huddleson, Margie Smifh, edifor: Cyndy Reagan, Marfy Smith. Opening Secfion leff 'io LML 1 1 Larry Anfrilcin, plwolograpliy edifor. righf: Marilyn Hoffman, Ya 1- ? . s'9,2fgJ,: ,J f Q xiii? Q 1 ' 'lb I Q 8 6 F - 4 1 l' f c I Q 'slit 'ia 'el Janice Phillips. edifor: Susan Krag, Frances James. managing ediror. Senior Seciion Fronf: Sharon Crooks, ediforg Baclr: Ellen Lawrence, Connie Curry, K Thompson. Junior Seciion BoH'om row: Linda Higgins. ediiorg Judi Sruclcey, Top row: Frances Marilyn Tyler. 'J 'iff '1 0 if I " n if -:C-A ' .ra y o Tciffers Publish "GrcmT Dispatch" Who, whaT. when. where and why are The ques- ns aslced by our newspaper sTalT reporTers. They we The Tremendous responsibiliTy of publishing The 'anT DispaTch, our bi-monThly publicaTion. STaTTers 1sT prepare Their sTories every Two weelcs Tor Their adline. The DispaTch conTains all The currenT evenTs of 2 school, ediTorials and opinions of sTudenTs and achers, TeaTures and sporTs reviews. Subscriplrions and adverTising are sold To Tinance a publicaTion. Mrs. Mary J. Sparlcs sponsors The 3ducTion oT The paper. The newspaper sTaTT holds membership in The :lahoma CiTy, Oklahoma, NaTional and Columbia ass AssociaTions. Several issues of The paper are TT To These various organizaTions To be judged on :ke up and conTenT. The DispaTch has received a 'ing of "l-lighesT Honors" Trom each of These as- :iaTions. STaTT members are also members of Quill d Scroll. 5 - 4 J TAI fr 1 ff 9 Johnson is currenl' presiclenl' of Oklahoma From lefl' To righT are Elizabefh Wallis copy ediTor Jackie STephens business manager exchange Press AssociaTion. ediTor Myrna ScoTl' phoTography edifor and Jan Sims aclverhsing ediTor a 86 - Journalism Sponsor, Mrs. Mary Jo Sparks. Staff Members Rafe Wit 4"'P .f Us F -2, .13 X ie ..- ix? 0 lg Xe ' ily, j 1. , MQ: I1 ,,,.,.N,,,,h,,",, H !-naar-.Q S 5424-Hi S " ' s ,. . .L L - A M f-'IT' -' " ' W, R, 1. ' 1 lf' ! -, -1 gi 3, ' I Ediforial page: Sherry Call, Lhea Johnson, edifor, Peggy Horne, Vicki Hamilfon, and Debi Hall. Pic- 'lured al' lower lefl: Suzanne Curby and Diane Rawslci. --N... -K ! "5 ' u X Sporfs page: Paul Horne, Carolyn Francis, Joe Airinqlon, Mike Reeder, and Charles l-louse. Sealed is Rancly Means, edilor. 'Highest Honors" 'iffy at 'Wal ...qunff Fea+ure page: Sharon Durbin, Judy Lamberson, and Sonia Moore. QM Feafure Page: Barbara Walker, edifor, Donna Douglas, 'www 23-" and Waller Hayes ,-.. 'WJ N-1-way-.- , ., K Q dn page: Firsf row, Susan Buchanan. Ka+hy Moore, and Pam Holden. Second and Carol Sullivan. il' .. 45' . . ,.'.e9'r- ........f ..-- row, La ura Pererson, Donna Fields, Mike Daugheriy, edifor, Marcia Schroe f I i li um" v E i ti. fi? m .e Sponsor, Mr. Phillips and Serqeanl-of-Arms, Roberl Senn, lislen allenlively as flue agenda is given ar one of fne weelcly Sludenl' Council meefinas. CounciI's Goal ls "A Year For Greatness" Vind" mai' Lv-f ffl , Q If' ,F e or arolyn Gauge, chairman of flie A.F.S. proiecf, lells rhe council of her commiHee's progress. AFS Sfudenf from Norway Sings G Song from her Coumury Sludenl Council Tokes On New Proiecls A Sludenl legislalion and cooperalive planning are lhe lopics al lhis meeling, Giving each sludenl a voice in school govi menl is lhe oloieclive ol lhe Sludenl Council. V each homeroom having a represenlalive, lhe cc cil slrives lo improve our school lrom lhe sugc lions ol lhe individual. Under lhe guidance ol Mr. Bill Phillips, spon new proiecls reached an all lime high. Through operalive ellorls ol lhe school and commur U. S. Granl will have a loreign exchange sluc lor lhe lirsl lime. Slalewide Dislricls were orc ized lo help schools lhal do nol have Sluc Councils and lo generale a grealer degree ol lhusiasm. I "Our General goal is lo Granl you a beller lure." is a mollo selling high goals lor achie menls. A loolc lo lhe lulure and a plan lor new id and procedures, a genuine desire lo malce school a loeller one lor lhose who come aller has been lhe council's purpose. vgmanl Ray Hard. lnler-Cily Sludenl Council Vice-Presidenl. prepares noles lo presenl plans concerning lhe Chrislian Children's Fund. 90 5 Q "" 3 e , 1 2 Q : W yi' 5 ,gn gvi r 35543 s. Club Presidents Tdke On Duties One ol The main purposes ol The lnler-C Council is To correlale all club aclivilies. If 1 clubs have Their aclivilies ,planned for 'lhe sa lime, The council slrives 'ro arrange 'rhese aclivil so Thai 'rhey will noi be in opposilion wilh one olher. ll' also helps lvlr. Bill Phillips, our aclivi' direclor, in planning 'lhe chain of evenls Thai +4 place during The year. This is The Tirsl year our school has had an lnl Club Council, and il has broughl' a beller unc slanding To The clubs. The presidenl of each clul: a represenlalive of 'rhal club is aulomalically member ol The council, The officers are: David l-lalfield. Presidenlg , Fanning, Vice-Presidenlp and Robyn Rhodes, S relary. The sponsor of The council is Miss Joi l-lunl. Club presidenls unife To help wilh school acfivilies. The presideni of presidenis David l-lalheld slays in conlacl with oiher schools club presidenfs Presenling a new problem is Dean Farris. a , - , , . 'Illi i ffersonians are, Top row, left to right: Tim Roselle, Charles Douglas, Tom Lower Fight. TOP WW: Mike Sale- Chuck Qualls. MF- HSUFY. TSFVY Anderson tz, Kent Eldridge, David Hatfield. Bottom row: Jimmy Fanning, David BOHOYW POW? M5VSl'l5ll SNPSSI B'llY Afmslfofigf J09 Edwards- and RGY Hand per, and Robert Serin. Honor Society Sets High Qualifications Jettersonian Honor Society is made up ot young en who must maintain a "B" grade average. be i otticer ot either Student Council, Senior Class - Junior Class Planning Committee or President Vice-President ot a club. They must maintain embership in two activities, receive a recom- endation trom tive teachers and exhibit qualities i integrity and character illustrated by the lite ot tomas Jetterson. 'The purpose ot the club is to recognize the out- anding senior and iunior male students and to lomote leadership, scholarship and participation ,extra-curricular activities. The Jettersonian club charter states that the or- anization must have no more than titteen members T a time. The members nominate and vote on can- dates tor membership in the Jettersonians. There in be no temale members in the club. Mr. l-lenry serves as their sponsor. Jettersonians discuss their constitution as they hold a meeting at Chuclc Qualls home. y' "' 7" ' 'WW ' N.F.L. Meets Competition At Tourneys Youth striving to communicate From the birth ot an idea The vivid word ot expression The speaker alone An intimate retlection A moment ot search, to discover, to dream . a time to loe an individual National Forensic League In the program provided by the N.F.L.. deba extemporaneous speaking and oral interpretati developed contidence and tluency in competiti speech. gg i i Diane Fink and Mike Kennedy return to their dorm at SOL The drama and speech squad prepares to start tor home atter the Ada Tournament. l . 94 western atter their presentation in dramatic reading. 1' Growing in number, the National Forensic League develops linguistic abilities. H' Q V ny .I 5 ,Z , ij Members 4 ,,., W, ,. iw tif of Thespians provide enlerfainmenl for 'Teachers and sludenfs in conlesl and plays such as: "The Man Who Came lo Dinner" and "Carousel", anda Donavan and Dianne Fink prepare lo presenl a humorous duel al' Ada. ch sludenls display enlhusiasm afler a day of compefring wilh olher schools. Grcinf Thespicins Look To Fufure Promoling lhe'sl'udy and lechniques of Drama is The aim of Thespians. They have placed in many conlesls and have casr Two plays, 'lhe Junior Class Play, "The Man Who Came lo Dinner" and "Carousel," Thespians are sponsored by Mrs. Thompson and The officers are: Presideni' Tim King, Vice Presidenl Sandi Del-larl, Secrelary Mike Kennedy, Treasurer Sam Dallas and Sergeanl al Arms Bruce Wedel and Ridge Erickson. "My Sisler Eileen" is humorous inrerp. by Dianne Fink. 95 D E C A Promotes Interest In Solesmonship This year the Distributive Education Club ot America participated in many outside activities and tield trips. Fall I966 brought a trip to Dallas to visit the Apparel Mart so the students could learn more about the selling ot goods by merchandisers. The D.E.C.A. teaches students marketing. sales- manship and management ot retail business. Distri- butive Education helps develop the skills ot stu- dents who some day hope to enter the business world, and teaches them what experiences they will encounter in the years ahead. The 1966-67 otticers are: President: Wendell Brasher: Vice-President: Lloyd Caldwell: Secretary: Vickie Ross: Treasurer: Pam Williams: Historian: Janet Raulston: Parliamentarian: Sherry Taylor: Re- porter: Joe Decker: Chaplain: Kay McDonough. Mr. Lemmons is the sponsor. Q The U S Grant Dxstrlbutwe Education Club orks ith their sponsor and coordinator Mr. Roy Lemmons. y ? V V 3 ,J 3 N 1. Q X ' 3 Z :sl 'Q' The U. S. Grani' FuTure Business Leaders of America Take Time ouT from a meeTing Tor a picTLxre. Fufure Leciders 0 -,T Seek Insfruchon Preparing Tor a TuTure in The world OT business approached in many ways by The I966-67 FuTure siness Leaders of America. GuesT speakers from many large businesses and lleges give a TirsT hand picTure OT preparing Tor d working in business correlaTed oTTices. Fall I966 broughT some coveTed awards To The S. GranT ChapTer. The oTTice of STaTe PresidenT held by Joe Edwards, a senior member. Joe. a legaTe To The NaTional ConvenTion, also capTured aTional PresidenT. HighlighTing The FBLA's yearly acTiviTies were The ambership drive, FBLA BangueT, STaTe Conven- in held aT The Seridan HoTel. and The Mr. and iss FBLA elecTion oT RoberT Barcum and Diana 'esTTall! Diana and RoberT were elecTed from a group oT ghT sTudenTs who were nominaTed by FBLA mem- irs. Oklahoma business leaders inTerviewed The JdenTs To make Their choice. ,Tom FriTz leads The club as I966-67 FBLA Presi- lnT. OTher oTTicers are Ricky McFeely, Vice-Presif nTg Delina Chambers, SecreTary-Treasurerg Bev- y Copeland. Chaplain. N?" 7 Peggy Horne and Ricky McFeely sell ChrisTmas wreaThs Tor The fund raising proiecT. 97 Each iournalism sTudenT sells yearboolcs and delivers papers To an assigned homeroom. Rhonda TalkingTon is The currenT F.J. president say N s , Ns IW kj' -dx -X 5 ' xi, is N" by . , , ...- s A 5 K' is vi N - 535 T rams University HosTs F.J. STudenTs The FuTure JournalisT Club has aTTer1ded Two o day workshops aT The UniversiTy oT Oklahoma ' year. Many oT The members Traveled To Chice during The Thanlcsgiving holidays To aTTe'r1d The l Tional ScholasTic Press AssociaTion. The group also presenTed The iournalism asse bly Tor The crowning oT The General and his La New DispaTch and General ecliTors were announc aT The iournalism banqueT in May. The F.J.A. pri denT is Rhonda TalkingTon, and Vice-PresiclenTT Billy Weldon. Lhea Johnson is The second O.l.lj presidenT To loe elecTed Trom GranT. They have done an excellenT job represenTing our school. Members of FJ handle disTribuTion oT The Gram' DispaTch. F T.A. Goins Clcissroom Teaching Experience Fufure Teachers of America explore areas of 'lhe feaching profession. During club meefinqs, fhey have opporfunifies fo lis'l'en fo speakers relafe fheir experiences, and have The opporfunify 'lo acquire experiences of fheir own as a classroom feacher. They spenf a day of 'reaching classes af Fillmore Elemenfary School. Acfivifies included a parfy fo welcome old and new members, 'rheir Fall conference, a sfafe wide meefing held af Shawnee, Oklahoma, and a Chrisf- mas parfy. The l966-67 officers for fhe firsl' semesfer: Randy York, Presidenf: Shirley Evenson, Vice-Presidenf, and Secrefary. Second semesfer officers were: Ran- dy Yorlc, Presidenfg Janice Phillips, Vice-Presidenfg and Shirley Evenson, Secrefary. The club sponsors were Mr. King, Mrs. Baugh, Mrs. Cox and lvlrs. Pendlefon. :V nf row leff To riqhfz Deby Tassell, Susan Nelson, Shirley Evenson, Randy Glenda MBV- Bdfbafd Elmore. Carolyn Gouqe, -llfT1'F6f1I'!lf1Q. Paf FlSl1. David lg Linda Rowlan Janice Phillips, Mrs' COX' Mi-5. Bauql-il and Mr, King, Rogers, Cynfhia Johnson, Danny Haffield, Barbara Glisan, and Niki Royal ond row leff fo righf: Charloffe Rice, Sheryl Broomer, Judy Thompson, Red Cross Club Aides CommuniTy The eighTeen members oT The Red Cross spon- sored a homeroom drive To help Tinance Red Cross acTiviTies ThroughouT Olclahoma CounTy. The mem- bers beneTiT Their own area by working as hospiTal and nursing-home aids. Red Cross acquainTs sTudenTs wiTh The scope oT services oTTered by The naTional Red Cross. The club engenders The idea of service To man in Times of emergency naTionally and inTernaTionally. as well as on The communiTy level. Sponsors oT The club are Mrs. Novey and Mr. l-lenry. OTTicers are: Peggy Barker. President Shar- on Rushing. Vice-PresidenT: Lillie Fuller. SecreTary: and Jerry Wham. Treasurer. Mr. Henry accepTs his duTies as sponsor wiTh 'leliciTy. l T i Row one Jerry Wham Carolyn Francis Marilyn KunharT Sharon Rushing Roy l'lazleTTe, Diane Massingale, Eddie Brooks, Susan Rose, Vaughn L Judy Runyan JaneT Owens Row Two Mr Henry Peggy Riggs Lulli Fuller lady l-GS Bell. TOYTI CFOOliS. Marilyn Davis. Tefldl Klnq. Gnd MPS. Novey fety Council: First row: Mr. Keagans, B. McLean, R. Finley, B. Berry, K. B. Whitfield. Third row: S. l-lunzilcer, M. Camp, C. Morrow. M. l-lulsopple, R. zgerald, L. Armstrong, l.. Carey, E. Odell, Second row: B. Woodall, R. Haslet, B. Dale, G. Howe. st, B. Cummins, A. McBee, S. Porter, P. Hayes, M. Maddox, M. Parker, Council Supports Safety Practices Safety Councils all over the city have used the otto, "BTAOTA" which stands for "back the at- ick on traffic accidents" as their theme this year. Our own Safety Council has co-operated to cut own on traffic accidents. They also have planned 1d controlled the parlcing facilities for students id faculty. The council also enforced more safety rules in rpes to promote greater security throughout the hool. home. and community. The students serving as officers for safety council is year are: President. Billy McLean: Vice Presi- ent: Riley Finley, and Secretary: Bobbie Berry. 'ffls c The Safety Council urges using caution and good iudgment to prevent accidents. lOl Camera Clubbers Learn By Doing To gain a beffer knowledge of phofographic mefhods is fhe purpose of fhe phofography club. Acfivifies included meefings on Monday affer- noons where fhey elecfed fheir officers: Presidenf: Darlene Sanauskas. Vice Presidenf: Phillip Davis. Secrefary-Reporfer: Linda Lee, and Treasurer: Shar- on 0'Shields. While parficipafing in fhe phofography club members learned how fo malie porfraifs and fone picfures. Af Chrisfmas, club members did oufside phofog- raphy worlc fo raise funds for fhe club fo purchase new equipmenf. Phil Davis and Richard Greenly employ modern equipmenf ' 1 F H, Q, . , fa. -l ,N r Alberf lvlcBee removes prinfs from fhe phofograph dryer Phofoqraphers find fhemselves on fhe opposife side of fhe camera for a change lle Club Firsl' row: Larry Ellioff, Eddie Broolcs, Jerry Brewer, Second row: Jamgg Leaghl Third ww: Earl Brooks, Jerry Webb, Danny Clement Mr, ke Lee, Sam Teogue, Randy Craver, Jack O'Neal, Ronnie Wickware, Hoggehler, Mike Wenfhold, Rifle Club Stresses Sofefy And Accurcicy Being a member of 'l'he Nafional Rifle associafion as iusf one of 'rhe oufsfanding poinfs of fhe l966- ' Rifle Club. The Rifle Club was formed eighl' years ago and is been operafing acfively since fhen. Members eef every Tuesday affernoon fo pracfice wifh my .22 caliber rifles. U. S. Granl' has fhe only :le range of fhe high schools in fhe sfafe. The rifle Jb's obiecfive is fo sfress gun safefy and ac- iracy. Officers of fhe club are: Milce Lee, Presidenfg me Baker. Vice-Presidenf: club sponsor is Mr. Hos- ffer. Some of fhe slcills fhaf fhe members learn are 'oper care of fheir rifles, and improvemenl' of eir shoofing abilifies. Their sponsor sfrives fo endow fhe members wifh greafer appreciafion of good sporfsmanship. and fhe oufdoors. Darryl Benneff checlcs his accuracy af hiffing fhe fargefs affer pracficing. IO3 9 2 if io Jerry Buclchold and club sponsor, Mr. Maples, lake pride in lheir radio receiving sefs. f' as Hom Radio Skills Acquired In Club The Radio Club is provided for sludenls vi are inleresled in eleclronics and radios and gli lhem The opporlunily lo earn lheir amaleur hi radio license. Through The aclivilies of lhe cl lhe members are able lo earn all lhe necesss requirernenls. Olher members of Jrhe club learn Morse co al lheir bi-rnonlhly meelinqs. The club consisls lhirleen members. Officers for The club are: Presidenlz Tommy VV lis, Vice-Presidenl: Jerry Buclchold, and Secrelar l-loward Sarringlon, Mr. Maples is 'lhe sponsor. Trying equipmenl are Tommy Willis, Doug Miller and Maples. X Radio club members slrive lo earn lheir ham radio license. V.l.C.A. Club Is Largest In The Nation xf :YJ ' e c 41 ' -, . fl? V.l.C.A. members have access lo cornplelely modern vocalional and induslrial lacililies which have recenlly been added lo our school. .fp-Q in s - N "X 0 Q iclicing her lrade in cosmeloloqy is Donra lvlarlor whose cuslomer is Mrs. Lucille Maypes. Vocalional and lnduslrial Club ol America was organized lor lhe lirsl lime al Granl in 'Fall '66. ll is lhe largesl in Jrhe nalion. Quile inleresled in school aclivilies lhe V.l.C.A. members sponsored lhe Baskelball Homecoming Dance, wilh lhe Con- iederales Band. Now presiding as presidenl is Bill Chillon, Vice- Presidenl Tom Sorrells, Secrelary Jan Boswell, Treas- urer Janie Riley: lhe sponsors are Mr. Tarlcinglon, lvlr. lvlorava, and Mrs. Emmanuel. Sludenr lrainind lor vocalions comprise V.l,C.fN. membership. IO5 '41 , 6. fe W E ,ummm bw-F 'T Q Field Trips Highlight The tirst activity ot the Art Club each year is the installation dinner, where the new otticers are intro- duced. Other activities include visiting the various museums and art shows throughout the city, sketch- ing trips, and special drives where the proceeds are made as a donation to the art scholarship. These activities stimulate awareness ot beauty in our every day surroundings. The Art Club was organized for students that are 4'-'f Art Club Activities interested in art and tor those who wish to increase their lcnowledge and ability outside the class room. The art club meets every other Thursday morning to discuss club matters and their many activities. This year's club otticers are President: Connie Patton, Vice President: Jan Grady, Secretary: Dale Jones, Treasurer: Tommy lvlaness, and Sgt. at Arms: Grady Rainbow. The club sponsor is Mrs. Maureen Long. Q-Y W0 N A Whig! gl' Xi! iii Art Club First row: Niki Bateman, Dale Jones, Judy Bennett, Tommy Maness, Charles Luttrelx Jan Grady, David Galle. Greg Newberry, James Wilson, Ken l-lix, Second row: Clifton Masson, Larry Eggleston, , rs' -s it T7 E fi if "im if Mainlaininq high grade poinl averaoes lhe Malh Club members praclicc and learn new phases ol malh Club Members Excel In Moth The Malh Club allended lhe convenlion al Oral aberls in Tulsa lhis year lo discuss lhe new prin- :les ol malh. The Universily of Oklahoma is 'lhe adquarlers ol lhis expanding organizalion. To be member ol: lhis club is nol easy. Members musl an A or B sludenl in a malh class, and mainlain overall average ol B in all classes ol worlc. The sponsors and ollicers are: Mrs. Cleo Wheeler, 's. Paula Mansur, Mrs. Lorraine Provine, and Mr. nlvin Riesen. Presidenl, Darrel Bolleng Vice Presi- nl, Claudia Teddy: Secrelaryflreasurer, Sherry olen. Members use qeomelric figures in learning principles. avian Lell lo righl: Jimmy Van l-lorn, Elaine Bashsarn, Bob Moore, Dian I H : V.,, f at L +452 T P 1 'ff . D i ,,1L ZTV . . 1 "5 sri. " ' ' f"' l ii. "h-, , :-,, W.: e Erhardl, Milce Milchell and Gloria Finley. Library Club Renders Necessary Service - Waller Hayes assisls Mary Evans in picking up a few books while Leda Carey wails palienlly. I08 The library club is a service club, nol a soc club. ll' was formed lo promole a more ellecl library service. The library club belongs lo The sle OSLA and lhe cily wide OCSLA. This year's officers are: Bob Moore, Preside Diane Erhardl, Vice-Presidenlq Mary Coolc, Sec lary-Treasurer: and Elaine Basham, Reporler-lj lorian, sponsors are: Mildred Pallerson, Gal Calhoun, an-d Clarice Roads. Library Club sponsors, are Mildred Pallerson and Roads. Lofin Club Bcinquef ls Cufsfcancling Event Lafin Club sfarfed off fhe year by elecfing new officers and forming commiffees. These commif- fees planned and prepared fhe acfivifies fhroughouf fhe year. They also had fheir annual inifiafion and banquef where fhey announced Caesar and Calpur- nia, fhe Lafin Club King and Queen. If W The officers of fhe club are: Presidenf, Paula Smifh: Vice-Presidenf. Leoneffe Zane: Secrefary, Kay Thompson: Treasurer, Gary Thompson: Reporf- er. Kenny Hyamsg l-lisforian. Terry Arnold: Parlia- menfarian. Gloria l-lodges: Sergeanf-af-Arms. Pam Williams: and sponsor. Mrs. Rowland, mv!- Mrs. Rowland is picfured here wifh her Laiin Club members from fhe Granf Chapfer. Spanish Club Members Learn Traditions W, A N-..- The Spanish Club's many acl'ivil'ies have incluc lhe eleclion ol lhe 66-67 officers, who were hi ored al' a dinner held al' a leading Mexican rest ranl. During Chrislmas. They had a Club Fies where each of The members had a chance To bre 'rhe pinara filled wilh surprises. Their lasl evenl lhe year was a picnic al' Ro'rary Parlc. ln These wa lhey 'lried lo Hcreale more social underslanding a inleresl of Spanish". The club was led in lheir aclivilies by 'rheir Pre denl'. Sieve Palriclcq Vice-Presiden'l', Larry Slee Secrelary, Janice Darrahg Treasurer, Gary Emb and Jrheir sponsor, lvlr. Moniaras. Janice Darrah v also lhe club's queen. A+ 'rhe Spanish liesla Jo Slewarl slrikes The pinala. Spanish Club sludenls vicariously lravel lhrough Spain and Mexico lo learn aboul 'rheir language. cusloms and iradifions. The French Club ot U. S. Grant is adequately led by sponsors Mrs. Richter and Mrs. Cavin. French Club Supports Exchange Student The French Club worked hard to prepare tor their initiation dinner which was their 'First activity ot the year. The Christmas dinner was another activity ot the club. Members sponsored a rattle and the money that was raised went to the toreign exchange program. The club sponsors and otticers are as toilows Mrs. Inez Richter and Mrs. Loretta Cavin, President Jan Simms, Vice President: Robyn Rhodes. Secre- tary-Treasurer: Mary Spitler, Reporter: Myrna Scott Sergeant ot Arms: Liz Tayior. Boys O Club Helps Promote School Spirit This year lhe Granl Boy's "O" Club sponsor a Red and Gray Day. wilh The purpose of rais' school spiril' and boosling General enlhusiasm. 'l "O" Club also helped lhe girls Pep Club by org. izing a boyslpep club lo help wilh yells, which we led by Gary Slroup. The Boy's "O" Club is made up of boys who ha lellered in one or more of 'rhe 'Following spor ioolball, baslqelball, cross counlry, golf, swimmir 'lraclc lennis and wreslling. The officers of 'rhe "O" Club are: Presidei Billy Don Revees. Vice Presidenlz Gerald Winnai Secrelary-Treasurer: Jasper Biddy, Pledge Traine Eddie Griffin. Sergeanl-al-Arms: Ronnie Sewe The sponsor of The Boy's "O" Club is Mr. Kii brough. The boy's pep club displays enrhusiasm al' baskelball ho coming helping Sabreiles Pep Club lo prornole spiril. ff The U S Granl' Boys O Club is The ep Tome o Chi alry, Charm and Co-ordina+ion?" A Furs? row M Snipes P Pra'r+ T Venier J Rhodes G Winnard L S Maupin, R. Srephens, R. Campbell, Third row: K. Prayior, S. Kisiler K e J Buddy Second row D Carpenler D C-illeland M Sala E Knighr Aldealone D. Loper, J. Galbrealh, R. Sanders, D. Chambers. F.C.A. Find A New Purpose The Fellowship of Chrisrian Aihleres is a Nalional movemeni' whose primary purpose is +o comfroni alh- leies and coaches and lhrough Them rhe youlh of lhe naiion wirh +he challenge and adveniure of 'Fol- lowing Chrisi in lhe fellowship of Chrisi. Meeiings are every olher Tuesday nigh? ai vari- ous churches. Many of 'rhe meelings have as many as seveniy in airendance. Members have an oppor- 'runiiy for fellowship and discussion of school and world problems. They eiiher have a 'Film or guesl' speaker. ln ihe fall a Siaie reirear is held al Norman. Oklahoma. The meeling includes meals, rooms. and a riclcel 'ro The O.U.-Missouri fooiball game. Each summer The Parenls Aihleiic Organizalrion sends rhree members 'ro Esles Parlc, Colorado for a Na- rional Conveniion. Building Rockets ls New Hobby The Roclcel' Club is one-ol The newly 'Formed ganizalions lhis year. lls official name is lhe Roi l-l. Goddard Roclcei Sociely, named afler l'he venlor of The liguid fuel roclcel. Members designed and buill' 'rheir own rocl As a group, lhey buill a camera roclcel, wiih goal of Jralcing a piclure of The school 'From an ae view. Making a radio lraclcing device is anoiher rhe club's proiecis. Mr. Ronald Cable sponsors 'rhe club wilh Roi Slerling, Presidenlq Ron Murrow, Vice-Presidenl: E John Brassfield. Secrelary-Treasurer. , -1- Skills For vocalion or hobby are learned in lhe Roclcel Club W' Wm Mbna' MGM Roclcei' Club members and lheir sponsor. Mr. Cable, display some of 'rhe roclceis ihey have consirucled. Outstanding Generals Receive Recognition Many Granl sludenls broughl honors and recog- nilion lo our school lhis year. David Gaile. a General Tackle, was selecled line- man ol lhe year by lhe Oklahoman and Times lasl December. David is +he lirsf General lo receive This lop honor. The l95-pound senior was also selecled 'ro The All-Slale leam. The All-S+a+e leam was selecled by a poll of coaches and sporfs wrilers of The Okla- homan. The All-Slaler received a iackel and laler will receive a ring in commemoralion of ihe honor. David has been playing loolball for Granl' four years. lwo years varsily. He is considering going 'ro O.S.U. nexl' year. Gran+ boasled lhree Narional Meril' Finalisls, Di- anne Olson, Perry Cockerham and Jill Kiecollz Afler making high rarings on The Nalional Meril' Tesl and qualifying as Semi-Finalisls. 'rhey wenl on 'ro lake l'he College Board lesls which ranked 'lhem as final- isl's. The Narional Meril 'resl is a 'lwo and one half hour 'lesl covering live areas of sludy. These include English, rnaihemalics, social sludies. nalural science and word usage. lional Meril' finalisls are Dianne Olson, Perry Cockerham 1 Jill Kiecolt' All-Slaler David Gaile gy, an 6 lm Fall '66 broughl' lhe beginning of 'l'his year's a+hle'l'ic compe1'i+ion . . . +he excifemeni' and friumphs of ihe foofball and cross couniry 'reams . . . followed by baskefball, wres'I'ling, and swimming . . . in'I'ramurals invi'I'ed every one +o par'I'icipa1'e . . . 'l'he spring broughl' irack, baseball, golf. and fennis . . . while fhe girls leams had rough compe1'i'l'ion fhroughouf 'Phe year . . . games were won and losf . . . bu+ spirii' and enlhusiasm prevailed. aw V. .V .,i.31JN,r . 4, A , " ' , , . wr -j .- A ,"i,,.g..f -f r , 'f?CfQ'i:ilf 3.,Q3?s' ill - , -if-" ff H' .Q '31 ,W Varsily Team Bolclom row lell lo riqhl: D. Eqqleslon, D. Gaile, H. Hoyard. Franlcenfield, M. McCuan, D. Gillelancl, R. Riller, H. Knight R. Keas, D. Rinlcle, D. Slewarl, M. Falheree, R. Sanders, G. Winnard, E. Grillen, Hodges, K. Prayler. Top row: E. Hall, M. Parker, D. Keel, C. Howard, B. D. Reeves, R. McNally. Second row: T. Milchell, M. Billbe, S. Schuler, J. Wesl. J. Roberis. Generals Welcome New Hecucl Football Coczc Trying hard lo oulrun Bishop McGuinness' Kevin Cox is iunior halfbaclc Danny Rinlcle Q2 I s- Cl Harold Merldllh Head Coach K' W-+21 Gary Lower . ' Defense Coach II8 . The end of Tall. . .The close oT TooTball season. . . rhaps The General's season record sounds as if iT ere a disappoinTing one. buT Tor all The Generals, cluding new General. head TooTball coach, Harold lerndiTh, iT held many exciTing and memorable omenTs. The vicTory over long Time arch enemy CapiTol ill 7-6. made all The oTher losses bearable. Follow- g a beaTing of 42-O by NorThwesT Classen. Granf :me back wiTh a Tremendous game againsT Mid- esT CiTy only To lose in The Tinal l:O4. 7-O. The nexT eek GranT won a close ToughT ba++le againsT John larshall. I3-IZ. Memorable momenTs were when ranT scored on a 47 yard inTercepTion run againsT Jhn Marshall, a blocked Bears' kick in The Tinal 46 To preserve The General's vicTory over The ars. and a 57 yard inTercepTion run and a Touch- ack againsT SouTheasT. AlThough The Generals only on Two games, The games were played by high- JiriTed and oTTen upseT-minded Generals, wiTh The ue General TradiTion oT good sporTsmanship. se- '- Virgil Milliron Jerry SmyThe Offense Coach Defense Coach Jack EverharT Charles Kimbrough "B" Team Coach AssT. Coach Following some Tough acTion, Mike Mahoney aids Tackle Buddy Howard l7I Running To shuck Enid defender To carry The ball in is GranT quarTerback Mike Parker llll Mike Billbe Tackle Gary Brandon Hallback Larry Egglesfon Sue rd Mike Faiheree Guard Jim Frankenfield Riglwi Tackle David Gaile Tackle Don Gilleland Riqlwl l-lallback Eddie Griffen Lell End 1 Ed Hall Tackle Chris Hargrove Guard Ken Hix End' Team Score Tough Grani defenders Don Gilleland l44-l, David Gaile l73l, and Mike Keller l8Ol, move in fo fackle an unforiunaie Miclwesi' Cify Bomber for a lo I20 S Gran? 1 Z.b ,6 do Oy 6 f 7 O 0 ' I3 8 0 Xre Visilor i ilVicC-S-uinneggf Shawnee Puinam Cily ijipouglas V l D y Capwoi Hair N. W. Classen D Miclwes+ any Soufheasi . y yy yii md , Low, David Hodges Cenler Homer Howard Cenfer David Keel l-lalfbaclc Mike Keffer End Ronnie Keas Cenier Harold Kriighl End Malcom McCuan Leif Tackle Bill McLean Quaderback 20 20 fV.Vk 42 f ' J 12 24 40 Pufnam Ci+y player is tackled by David Galle l73l as Randy Sanders lI2l helps defend. but Generals' Spirits Soar I x X 1 X 13 Players Graduate 25 Will Return in '67 Billy McLean allempls lo receive wliile Redslcin moves for laclcle. l22 Billy Don Reeves Tackle Danny Rinlrle Lelr H alfloack Randy Ri'Her Fullbaclc Russell McNally Guard Tony Mifchell l-lalfbaclc Milne Parker Qua rlerbaclc David Po'Hs Riglwf Guard Encouraging words are slwouled by l-larold Knialwl lo leammales S C Q G 249' d, hard 'Hghlinq Generals lisfen 'ro suggesfed sfrafegy during half lime of +l1e Gran?-Capifol Hill game, affer gaining a 7-6 lead over lhe Redskins. Gerald Winnard Fullbaclc Larry Blake Manager Joey Roberls Manager Leroy Wes? Manager Randy Sanders Quarferback Sfeve Schuler H alfback Dale Sfewari Halfback I 1. K e Q 1 - 5 .I '! Q ' 0 - b 4 K B . i ill i ' P ' 'i f Qiif ' , E ' 'QT' if '2 J' .ff -, -- ' ' P ' 's . - ,nikki ' ,,.,, P xlrfxr' . l ' ' , Ulf Q V' , 3lr' 5,iff . -'-' . ' 'ia i f :f'x if .:W,- 'ig A A ' , .fx -R . . Y 3 4. ' . . Z .f is " K , A V . , J, .... X , . .. .. LLL.:L ., t gi. K 5 . l K .- .Q it fa! A ek VU , hz I K i.. ,Y :LA V ix! Q , A .t,,? I .25 1 . Y gy ,,. i K 3 1- . , A . K . , f ' , K ff ' . " . ' ,z 'w 'X ,. - an . is xx, ee 5 , i s , ,J . f - , J 'BW l 'T A A P 'l .. 3 'iff 'f 5 f if :i yi Q 1 if' . . M 'i . X 'X ' . f t I W' M A A U 3 . 3 . N ' -i i A K if E K A x ' A is ' Nl? . ff pf C' f .. .2 W. - , MTX I li? . fj i b fm 3 B 'l ' ll A +. ' - lil . ' NRM VK, K, .. H - Q K Ns- :Q , .. s K K . . I A. . 5 V ' V I h .L i P A A W A if 'C 2 ,i . A if - P' fl , 4 it S . X 4 if - Zil, T . .1 , , Q v 5. Lk i Y . X, ,X X .f X . . on ,fs I-'J A 4 . - , f QL Q' Q ' Q 3. - ' nl1lTqnl!Q.e2l.9Hll9!!' . il all 19. Q! ,. . mf!! SW. . f"'LGi-!. -f- f- f . .U f f . . , . . . L J s. . .fe .LQKQXT 'Tiff if . r 3 is 1 B .-5 N L ,... - . . ld .J ,g i ,,,fJ,, N my Aff .Z r If ' as . ,K Q ff 'x,' 5 , J . fx ' "f.ffMiLz..g ,m,. g5i.?f'f'3l'+,f 11" i , 'P 4 ' .xi A 'F i i ' J 5. I 5.4 M im if A 'V if ' P P .Masta Q Af .sv -F uv: N r.i'?,.1 gs js. M A I-V A Q A KVA' ,Hn sy V K B-Team-Boffom row leff 'ro riqlif: J, Marfin, K, Nelson, Gr. Parlcer, C. Sifers, B. Grimes, C. Pike, J. Rliodes, M. Mafloclc, J. Lee, L. Pinlc, L. Tay- lor, L, Sfanlcy, L. Carpenfer. Second row: B. Sclimid, R, Kale-r, L. Bryanf. D. Rinlcle, S. Oversfreef, T. Byrns, S. Terbusln, D. Poe, J. Frey, M. Armsfronq, B. Gonzales, B. Soleman, F. Mounfford, B. Flowers, W. Pylznas. Third row: L. Pass is cauqlfil by Ed Griffin 4203 before Pufnam Cify can inferfere. i l l24 ' ?2i,-ig- .LQ fs' . . , ., . N, , e s fJj.:A.,,, K, -sf. Fink, T. Lanier, R. Drurnm, E. Ingram, M. Ellisfon, R. Wilder, T. McGary. Scliofield, R. Winnard, R. Sfevens, A. Lacer, D. Himes, l-l. Burns, C. Cla Top row: R. Perciful, C. Mullirs, J. Sfoffs, B. Roacli, G. Faram, D. lng R, Miller, Arfempfinq fo dodge Marsliall defensive players is Dan Rinlale l24l. ve Sclwuler prevenls Bombers ball carrier from gaining furrlwer yardage. B-Teom Builds Good Vorsify Ployers for '67 as 6' Billy McLean hangs on io Bishop McGuinr1ess player wlwile Gerald Winrvard ruslwes io assisl: Gran? quarlerback, Mike Parker llll keeps lime ball in allempl lo ruri pasl Redskins for a lirsl down. l25 WL! Cross Counfry Team-Boifom row ieff +o righf: E. Knighf, D. Lihxlehawk, C. C, Ggodgonl W. Agbilll B, Cumming' A, Mcfxligferl D, Apefgnei D4 Que, Hancock, L. Rose, J. Biddy, D. Chambers, B. Waffs. Top row leif fo riqhi: bfffyy H. Pay,-nope, P, Davis- Jasper Biddy appears fo be cough? off-guard while 'raikinq io his iaiher and Don Apefone before seHing a new record ar lO:O8 in 'rhe All-Ci+y Meet I26 ,sms Coach John Hill Behind, bu+ no+ for iong is Granf harrier Larry Rose ,...,,-as SN in 5-f'75,, 4: oi Q--5 Jasper Biddy Dave Chambers Larry Rose Cross Country Teom Nins Mid-Sfofe ond City znremplaiing The chances of rheir ream winning iiweir second Mid-Srafe Conference oss counfry rrack rifle, Larry Rose and Jasper Biddy look unnecessarily worried. lull NLM' i i s 5 3. s f s .. wr-ei A i - L- L - 1' Ss. .. S' ZIP Dave Chambers finished second in Ciiy meei. - Q---. -... .Wm ng. -K w , f-5 1-s AIN, N ug - N -. A . ' . , K Ns 5, 'sa '- A f' ., , -.Q Curiis Hancock Eldon Kniqhi ww--W ls . 'Q 32 I1 A-vs . sm., Don Liiilelnawk Bob Waffs I27 f 4 ' lb M 4 4 lil H? H W Ng 1 l' Varsrly Baslcellaall Bollom row lelfl' 'ro riglwl Sieve Kisller Roy Walclrop. Top row lell' lo riglwl: Clay l'-losler, Tommy Lawrence, Doug Cliambl Billy Armslrong Tom Frilz Slave Corder Dickie Grimes. Jerry l-loplcins,Jol1nny l-lolkum. Skill Gained in Practice Many long, lwarcl lwours ol praclice wenl inlo building of llwe varsily baslaelball leam. if 'Wx Jerry Hopkins I4-Il Mes +o sieal bali as Shawnee goes in for a baskef. '-5... Charles Kimbrough Don Meiheny Assisiard Coach Head Coach Roy Waldroop affempfs fo Foii Norfhwesi' Knlghlr Sieve Mifchell from gaining possession of fhe ball. IZ9 Billy Armslrong Doug Chambless Sfeve Corder John Hollxum Jerry Hoplrins .X i n 1' f a n rw I 3 -""""'P' Clay Hosier K Sieve Kis+ler Davicl Lo per Sinking Two poinls in fhe John Marshall baskefball game is Johnny Holkum. I30 .1 X Danny Shouse Rusfy Thrash ROY Waldrocp Dennis Wood lx To ouT-sTreTch NorThwesT Classen Phil Spaulding is senior Jerry Joe l-loplcins. Score Was Low BUT SpiriTs High The Generals Tools The regional TournamenT I967, Tor The regional championship. They wenT inTo The TournamenT wiTh only one win Tor The season, and in ThaT one They were behind when The Tinal horn sounded. Two Tree shoTs aTTer Time had expired saved ThaT lone vicTory, 48-47 over Shawnee. "BuT you lcnow how lcids are," said Coach Don lvleTheny. "They were preTTy exciTed and ThoughT They were preTTy good." "Our record isn'T a surprise To me," he con- Tinued, "l lcnew when The season sTarTed we were going To have a poor Team. We only had one kid who'd ever been in a varsiTy game." l-le added, "This year was The year Tor build- ing a Team, nexT year will be a new year." CapiTol l-lill player Carl BenTon voids STeve KisTler's shoT Gronr's 'Cinderella' Teom Tcakes Regionals, Grani- 29 45 36 5 l 47 57 V. 48 52 48 Sl Visilors Norman Pulnam Ciiy Elilleno 4 Puinam Ciiy Miolwesl Ci+y Douglass Shawnee Capilol Hill John Marshall Norrlwwesi Trying 'ro gel +l'1e baslcelball from Sl1awnee's Wolf is junior Billy Armsirong. of E Q Jumping for ball is Jolwn Hollcum during ll1e Capil' l Grenl' 394 46 422, 43 52 47 46 364 45 Visiiors Enfd eere Puinam Cify fNorH1wesi' - Midwesr Ciry Enid Y 1' Douglass Shawnee Capilol Hill John Marshall l-lill game. 446 bl 52 4 60 83 54 56 47 Jumping high fo ge+ Hwe ba!! from Norihwed Classen Knignf Sfeve Mifclwell, is General Johnny Hoikum. Team BoH'om row leff fo right K. Nelson, J. Rhodes, D. Keel, H. Burns. Top row leff To righfz E. Ingram, P. Dragus, D. Rogers, R. Miller xv! .X I X...,.f! Q v MQXUXE Ay Y?-PQJ Quai? fyjn K 1 L Varsify Squad BoHom row leff fo righf: B. Kaler, R. Easfep, G. Laws, T. Top row leff fo righf: G. Winnard, B. Thornfon, J. DeWoody, A. Knighf .Venfers. P. Fifzgeralcl, M. Fafheree. Griffen, B. Reeves. Wrestlers Maintain Undefeafed Season Gaining riding fime over Norfhwesf Classen compefifor is Granf senior Eddie Griffin. I34 Generals were undefeafed in eighf dual wresfling meefs fhis year. The lasf dual. wifh lvlidwesf Cify, was a close foughf baffle wifh 'lhe largesf crowd ever fo affend a prep dual. The Generals came ouf on fop 23-IO. The wresflers won fhe Edmond Big 4 Tournamenf. Champs were: Bill Kaler, Gary Laws, David Yeffer, Tom Venfers, Eddie Griffin, Gerald Winnard. and Billy Don Reeves. The nexf weelc fhe Generals won fheir second sfraighf All-Cify wresfling champion- ship. All-Cify Champs were: Gary Laws, David Yef- fer, Eddie Griffin, Jerry DeWoody, Bill Thornfon. Gerald Winnard. and Billy Don Reeves. Granf won, for fhe firsl' fime in fhe school's his- fory, one of fhe foughesf fournamenfs in fhe sfafe, fhe Geary Tournamenf. Geary Champs were: Riclcy Easfep, Eddie Griffin, and Gerald Winnard. Granf held on fo ifs undefeafed sfafus by win- ning fhe Mid-Sfafe Conference wiesfling fourna- menf. Mid-Sfafe Champs were: Bill Kaler. Randy Sanders, Eddie Griffin, Alfred Knighf, Bill Thorn- fon, and Gerald Winnard. Gerald was chosen Ouf- sfanding Wresfler- of fhe meef affer pinning all his opponenfs. ,Z sis Craig Miller Virgil Milliron Assisl'an+Coacl1 Head Coaciw Wafclwino for lime referees signal is Mike Fallweree. Granf 23 27 25 32 27 33 34 22 DUAL SCORES Visifors Norman i Hobarf f N. W. Classen Duncan Classen ?u'rnam Cily John Marshall Miclwesl Cily Si K.,.,l ' 5' is If s -'-5s.W Concenfraling on ieammai'-e's mafclw willw Pufnam Cily is Alfred Kniglwl. Ready io Take down Nor+l1weSi'Classein'5 Neil Clvoale is senior Ricky Easlep. ,P-. .5 'ala :mg Bill Kaier Ricky Easfep Randy Sanders Gary Laws Tom Venfers 98 IO6 l i5 l23 I3O .Qin 'fag ,..., . .....-. Eddie Griffin e as ar' Grief W N W was David Yeffer Q - V G iiyi ii 1 . Q Riding his Norfliwesf Classeri compefiior is l23 pound varsify wresfler Gary Laws Alfred Knighf Jerry 'DeWoody Bill Thornfon Gerald Winnard Billy Don Reeves l48 l57 l68 183 Hvy. hs ,.,.,, 'fb ,,,,, 'ef' 'Mx ww Y R96 V ggwfjfk QA , ' My V, 7 - - 'wh 1-- IQ WA B Team Bottom row Iett to right-P. Fitzgerald, M. Reynotds, B. Floyd, L. Steele, J. Opp, P. Brown. Top row: Coach Sager, R. Ritter, M. Compton, C. Bauers, M. Fatheree, K. Pratter, L. Winnard. utnom City Invitcitionol sch Milliron conqratutates Mike Fatheree atter his IO-2 victory over Northwest. t Sophomore Randy Sanders rides his Putnam City opponent I39 fi f ff W, 1' . , Swim fe:-am: Bo'H'om row lefl lo iriqhf: R. Liles, R. Clary, M. Holder, S. Par- 5l'VO"1f3- S- TUVMDOW- B- 60Uld- B- Tlwomon. R- PVOCl9V- J- Wall9Y- J- SCl19" rick, M. Hendren, R. Pafriclc, C. Milican. Second row: B. Mericlillw, M. Arm- C- N9Wl9Y- C- C00l4- D- Sieafmfini D- HIVOGS. J- Winsor. Sophomore, Calvin Milican gives one of l'1is fellow swimmers ' ' ' a hard race fo see who will go 'ro flue nexl swim meel. Show Traditional Spirit . Senior Rick Colo in a close race willw flue clock, comes up for a quick breallw of air. M , ni., .A at , 5 , , W, ti M L , Www. ,.. V K ' ,I V. , ,wh -ww' H :E fff. fi -- If MM M ,Z 1 i a will' HE' Q-'QV ' , :" W ' , ' ,, i ' A ,,,, ' VA rf- e iiv ' a ning up for a quick breafh, Sieve Pafrick swims breasi' siroke in a fasf race. pefing in Harding Swim Meer. Rick Cafe siarfs off in 400 yard freesfyle. .,- -V wwe' L - kr . Q Varsify swimmer Mike Holder improves dive before All Clfy Meef .4 JV John Hill Head Coach 9 . l k . gpm K ia H K Q i :'7,2+,v.,A Q.. ., luv' l --S 1-Wgweffr Q-be-in 314. 1'f'?'Qf '. Wayne G-ufley doesn'+ loolc loo happy eller Hslrllce one"l Ronnie Blalceney winds up for one of his las? balls in hopes of slrilcing ou? baffer. BoHom row lefl lo riqhl: R. Sanders, B. Armslronq, G. Brandon, R. Johnson, S. Klsller, D. Loper, J. l-lollcum, A. Genlry, P. Covenlon. Top row: D J. Hopkins, W. Gulfey, R. Blalceney. Second row: lvl. Malloclc, R. Waldroop. er. R. Hall. R. Senn. D. Gllleland. T. Lawrence. COGCl'1 KlmbFOUCj1l'I 'P R 9- -nil Q10 , W . aw' 'W W6 2 1 ...IQ .-. , , 2 , 9 U X V f if ll 2 A .lg I42 'Q-wr Charles Kimbrough Head coach yne Guffey and Tommy 'rence have fhe runner In :rundown befween second ' 'rhird base. if ,,,,f Spring Starts Another Baseball Season Tommy Lawrence, shorfsfop, faqs 'rhe runner our Iusi' before he can slide inio second base in a double play. ...m.1-mg... us ..-,,.. ina I its sis 15 .. ,l,.. i .Neff viii' sg A- - ii , X ,g kkhy lik. W ggu, 'f "..""5 BoHom row lefr 'lo riqhl: Chilron, Harris, Sewell, Howard, Kniqhf, Proclo Miller, Srevens, Sifers, Grimes, Bolding, Prarr, row: Clark, Querdibirry, Aphealone, McAles+er, Wriqhr, Galbrelh. Fourfh row: Smilh, Hall, Bur N- r. Second row: Wearherford, Smirh, Davis, Hodges. Third Pike, Asbill, Grimes, Maupin, ris, Carler, Flowers, Winnard, i ,,,, V, . 'Mi .. 'v i .yj.ev.. , i ,xv , Hx. f .sy 4,-1' Af, - One of lh I44 .wwe- ijrix N 'L -e N Q... . .uf ,4 . -Q24 -.fs - sf 4 . ,aw x ,rail-.s:,vf yn- K X q."Q 1' ' - f' I , .s.,,,., L W 2 1 f 'wi-. 'Q' Mr , . rv, , , ,., Q I NM .. Y e disrance men, Larry Rose, runs his daily len mile srinl. IQKT ,H X -:ee-as QV'-S I . Eamwfg Keas, Richmond, Tegerson, Campbell, Campbell. Fiffh row: Buclchold, C lege, Goodson, Haclcworrh, Clapp, Foley, Nirzelf Palmore, Mosley. Lil hawlc, Gonzalez, Phillips. Sixfh row: Lewis, Anloon, Cude, Bolding, Hancc Hall, Holaselc, Ernbry, Bearry, Homer. Top row: Knight Scholl. Disrcmce Men Run 5 To IO Miles Per Dcij -as was , -hairs ...A Disrance men, lefl' fo righl: D. Chambers, R. Miller, K. Apperone, L. Rose, Lirrlehawlc, B. Gonzalez, D. Quarlebilly, J, Biddy. 'Qs l Gary Lower John Hill Head Coach Assislanl Coach lf r y.. ., 'il i e vauller Paul Prall, senior, clears 'flue bar al l2'6". Hurdlers: Sfanding, Roger Smill1,Jim Bolding. Kneeling, Phil Davis. High Jumpers. Pole Vaullers and Broad Jumpers, Bollom row lell' 'ro riqlnlz M. Hall, P. Prall, C. Clark, H. Kniglml, J. Wright J, Bolding. Top row C. Flowers, R. Smilh. T. Harris, R. Procler, D. Grimes, R. Lewis. 3 ' 2 1 l nu.. . 1 l45 m 111.1 . :-.,: h .sa,.1. , a . ' i' V i 1- 4 4 v -N.: ,,. ,V ,J ,, , ,,, -,,. E., . . -H-,. '.. . , , ,,,LL , , ,, - MNA... . QW: Ronnie Sewell hurls 'the sholpui' as he fries for lhe si' Weighfmen, Bo'Hom row: R. Winnard, R. Keas, J. Weafherford. L. Egglesfon. Top row: record. R. Sewell, B. Howard, J. Galbrelh, D. Gaile, D. Hodges. Bradley Brauser Assisla ni' Coach Harold Knighl praclices on his high iump before The meer. . ... l . l . i L 3 l' ... ,, '- .4 5 1 . 9 rrrr J .im , . J eerrr ll rillr el rree ,11 Y1'. l . Capitol Hill Meet Cpens Season i I , . 2 . il f! E E .i ,, f Spriniers, Boffom row: S. Maupin. B. Chil+on, B. Grimes, C. Siffers. Top row: J. I4 rasch, C. Pike, B. Campbell, R. Slevens. im-xr I i f J Ili BoHom row lefi' +o right Sieve Gregg, John Howard, Bo Olson, Donnie Miller. Top row: Don Carpenfer, Mike Waganer, Ronnie Jones. Grant Cindermen Return With High Hopes roving his driving sfyle is senior lefferman, John Howard. ,,,,.,...-- 'H ,Y a- K1 sa, ,. w -rf . , " Z Y ' 'M 'Hi if ' 1 v'j,,fT'1Y,Z'I W W H ' g g. , an ., 'N . ,, 4, Q ,,.',VA L. . Q '24 , FW. 'E '-"w-QM , -kg .i'? . ve" anafwzavf Jack Everharf Head Coach Don Carpenfer praciices his swing for iafer mafches. I47 g,,,,. Tennis Team Boifom row lefl' io righl-L. Cagicol. P. Holt M. Snipes. L. Nash, R. Campbell. 2nd row-G. Gear, G. Foram, 6. Grove, M. Dillard, J. Bloom. Top row C. Sadler, B. Roach, R. Perciful, S. Price, F. Pybas. Two Leffermen Refurn To Team - Marshall Snipes prepares 'ro sock The ball back lo his opponenl during one of 'Their practice games. I48 Jerry Smyfhe Head Coach Pracficing serve is Three year leHerman, Phil H ... .u.,...az,...i-, ma,-W,1,.3.,,.. 87 w i F' , if . Qu t L,,. ses:1..ass.f:,as: me-:fx - 1-'f f,fe..:.3 -ff, an :fams,..w1-- 'f-:11 A rf,--- Jfr . ff 4 dents gather in gym to watch tellow students W basketball skills in intramurals. ' I Basketball intramurals provide pre-school activities tor all home rooms to participate. Intramural Games Promote Sportsmanship iclcing shots in order to gain possession ot the loall tor their home- ,m is all a paw of me qame, Terry Johnson races after his opponent during an intramural basketball game 2. 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 gs., 2512 5 222 2 ,,f M25 N2 S2 Q22,mx222N: X, 228215 2 S ss ef as S 26 S Lksbxga 2 2 2 . 2 2 2 S22 R, Q.,,ss2..25MX.i2,,Sa3 M .2 5,2 .pg 825.2 ,Win 2. ,,.wS,22Sw HM ws. ,222 M2252 2 1 J f AW2, 22225. 2 . 2 2 3538.2 252, 2.M, S ww 23 if 23 383 5,25 s ex if are s X exe si 9 22,92 X s 15,235 L D S 2 22 S H 2 2 N 2 Y 2 S 2 1 2 2 vs Q L 2 2 . 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X 2 2 S S S S , . , 2 f 2 2 , 3 22 3 5 2 S S a S z 5' J 2 S 2 2 S ,S 2 2 2 2 1 22 2 K 2 2. EK S 25 ,2S S Q 3 2 2 2 S S , , S 2 2 2 3 2 2 2 3 2 S 22 2,., Jan Grady bells lhe ball during soffball game agains-l' Slar Spencer. Softball Bots High Scores ons ug ru l-lead Coach Soflball Team Bollom row lefl lo rlglnl: M. Edmonds, M. Holland, S. Baker, F. Edmonds, S. Canada, C. Douglwly, P. Jones, J. Mosley, T. Hawkins, L. Baker, J. Tarler, D. Fields, M. Rowland, S. Simms, J. Grady, C. McDoug Meeks. Top row lefl fo rlglwl: M. Horn, M. Moore, S. Hall, K. Jackson, E. C. Smillw, S. Gilslrap. an 5 B H' I H+ ' hi! F- EdmOf1dS. S- Biker- M- Roland' C nada, D. Fields, T. Hawkins. J. Grady, M. Holland. Top row: S. Thomas. TTT-iill, 2. ?-1nairM.1drnind?, Second row: C. Smiih, M. Horne. S. C? McDougal, G. Mcfxlisfer. D. Blake, B. Mercer, S. Sums. Volleybcallers Serve Big Season Mary Rowland sfands ready +0 assis+ Sue Baker in refurning volley. 1 VLL..LhLL M., . W. i A x ' . fl. 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Z I ,1 J 5' " f1.9E'?z?552s757 I5I ji .. ' -A My -,- r-. , a V! Baske+ball Team, feff fo riqhf: Cheryl Hare. Teresa Hawkins, Linda Hill: Judy Tarrer, Sandy 1 Jones, Sue Baker, Sharon HaU, Linda Meeks, Frreda Edmonds, Mary Moore, Mrdqe Edmafds. N Improving on her Free 'rhrows before The game is Sharon Half. . . , A y .. f f I 5 f we Vorle y o Glr s or s r. L A ,.., yy 1 ,. ., ,ww There was Iors of achon and exciremenf durrmq rhe Graaf and Soufheasr qarr Q Girls O'Club Boflom row, leff io righi: J. Tarler, L. Hill, S. Gilslrap, S. Baker, F. Edmonds, S. Simms. Top row: J. Benneif, D. Fields, S. Canada, S. Jones, M. Moore, S. Hall, S. Doughfy, J. Grady, M. Edmonds, C. McDougal. lequire Teamwork 6 Q s 4 f , Q minion Team Boffom row: Sharon Hall, Cheryl Hare, Linda Meeks. Top row, y Tarler, Linda Hill, Sue Baker. gg S ' Ping Pong Team: Sandy Jones. Sue Simms, Teresa Hawkins Donna Fields, Jan Grady, Mary Moore. I53 J . . ,bw -- M n .. i ,Q k . X My M 0 'iiw's',, 'V 35 fl M my AM zmgm iflpfk.. 'QNX X gg R X ,, My f X- K Cxjt'-f"'f"9K PM Vw Cfxi fu Q f' XRGWMPLQQ g34l'LbA"A'0 Vg' Knowledge . . . informaiion or unders'I'anding acquired fhrou-gh experience . . . rhrough 'l'his comes a greaier abili+y +o comprehend life and ifs meaning . . . Knowledge . . . a lool . . . which we can use +o combar our unceriainiies . . . Knowledge . . . a power +o reach goals seemingly beyond our grasp . . . is only whai' we make of it !,f Senior Class Officers, lei? +0 riqlwl: Dean Farris, Elizebellw Wallis, Clnarlolle Jones, Evon Rocha. Sandy Del-larl. Carol Anderson, Jerry Cl'1adwell,Viclci Coler Senior Class Sponsors, le-H to right Mr. Cecil Kegans. Mrs. Mary Humphrey, Mrs, Helen Ray, Mr. Jerry Rickards, Mrs. Cleo Wheeler, Loolcabauqlw, Mrs. Clwrislin Bauqll, Mrs. Hilda Manning, Mrs. Marjorie Mr. Kem, Dowdell, Mr,Gary Wafgon, l56 fix f"""y lior Class Planning CommiTTee, leTT To righT BoHom row: Mike Parker, CaTledge, Sharon Askey, Evon Rocha, KenneTh GuThrie, Shirley' SweaTT an Farris, Jerry Chadwell, Judi STuckey, Debi Davis, Carol Anderson, Sandy Del-larT, Rhonda Talkinglron, STeve PaTrick, Jane Clark, Colee Brooks abeTh Wallis, Tersa l-lawkins, Vicki Coleman, Mike Wagner, Beverly Sandy Cox, Roberi' Senn. Foll 1966 Opens Doors for Seniors :all '66 was only The beginning oT our greaTesT ar. AT lasT, we are seniors. We have Tinally made To ThaT long-awaiTed momenT in our lives, The cul- 1aTion oT many long hours oT sTudy. We are The iperclassmen! his seniors, we Tind ourselves caughT in a' world never-ending programs and acTiviTies. The ACT T, announcemenTs, college day, career day, Prom hT, The senior breakTasT, and The commencemenT 'vice are iusT a Tew examples oT The array oT ngs which demand our aTTenTion as seniors ioT '67, -lowever, There is also sadness in being a sen- . Even Though iT is our TirsT Time To be a senior, s also our lasT. Upon realizing ThaT our high school ars are gradually drawing To a close, our emoTions a mixed. We are glad To be enTering inTo a new :l diTTerenT phase oT liTe, buT, on The oTher hand, are sad aT The prospecT oT breaking high school s. Each senior will go his separaTe way-some To ek a college educaTion, some To Tind Their place in sir chosen' occupaTion, and some To marry and ovide Tor Their Tamilies. Tomorrow, our eager :es will meeT The world wiTh greaT anTicipaTion. H Ofher Senior Class Sponsors: Mr. Roy Mr. ErnesT Buckhold. PeTers, Mr. Craig Miller, Mrs. Joann T-lunT I57 Adams, Diane Alexander, Rila Anderson, Carol Anderson, Jerry Anderson, Terry Andrews, Gene Anqlin, Danny Anlinoro, Karen Anlrikin, Larry Arrnslrong, Will iam Deon Farris Heocls Senior Class of 672 Asloill, Waller Ashcrafl, Mike Askey, Sharon Alkins, Gayle Baird, Claylon Baker, Elaine Olher Sr. officers: Mike Parker, Debi Davis and Ricky Jolwnso Bennell, Brenda Bennelr, Jan Belhea, Pal Bidcly, Jasper Bilyeu, Gwen Blakeney, Ronnie Blancell, Sandra Blankenship, Ronnie Blay. Yyonnia Boolon, Darold Boolon, Sherry Bosl, Roberl Boyd, Marcia Brasher, Wendel Breeding, Charlene ii ar , ff iii y nf- ,5, 5, lv j 37.5 if A M A .L 'WZ' , 4 v 'Zz' lv 4 J ffi Baker, Sue Bamberger, Thomas Barber, Rebecca Barcum, Roberr Barker, Cheryl Barker, Peggy Barnes, Peggy Beasler, Tommy Beasley, Judy Bell, Danny if ian' , U' B V Qu. xiiif.. .xx mc 5 , l Y .U , -,5 ,. -',,,15,,'. .LLL E7 K- fr- Bridges, Donna Bink, Larry Brock, Beverly Brock, Richard Brooks, Colee Brooks, Sieve As yearbook deadline draws near, Dave Chambers is cauglwl' napping. Seniors Introduce AFS Program To Grant Brown, Debby Brown, Debi Brown, Diane Brown, Jackie Brown, Terry Bucklwold, Dorollwy Buckley, Bella Buckley, lvlary Buckley, Nick Buckner, Randy "' f it i,i A Burks, Gay Lynn Byers, Becky Caldwell, Lloycl Camp, Raymond Campbell, Roberf Cash, Reba Casileberry, Jimmy Cailege, Beverly Ca'ro, Rick Cermak, Jimmy Chadwell, Jerry Chambers, Dave Chambers, Delina Chambers, Linda Chilion, Bill g 4 nf I 9 +2 w 5 ,. 'C fir!! Chrisiy, Linda Clark, Jane Clark, Sieve Clement Sharon Cobb, Anihony Cobb, Joye Cochran, Roberi' Cockerham, Perry Coqbill, Palsy Colbaugh, Connie 935 Cole, Lalnorna Coleman, Diana Coleman, Vialci Collarnore, Phil Combs, Mary Conner, Larry Coolc, Janel Coolc, Jerry Coolc, Mary Cooper, Leonard 0? is "l W Joe Edwards - National FBLA President i,6M,,o..Hfu ,M Yi! in K i ,,C,,, fi , Cooper, Lorraine Copeland, Beverly Cornellson, Sandy Corona, Regina Cosby Cherie Covenlon Phil 3 Term papers become a lask lor Joe Edwards a nd Donna Bridges y , Q ' 'K' Y'f""" 1 'Y Daugheriy, Mike Davenpor+, Anila Davenport Marilyn Davidson. Dwayne Davis, Debi Davis, Marilyn Davis. Philip Decker. Ernesi Deharl. Sandi Delay, Curiis Demoe, Dennis Dickson, Deana' Dilfey, Alice Dockray, Sieve Dodge. Susanna I '33- GP'-XF' ' f . i ii! -x lye Q v Cox, Sandy Crain, Sfephen Crisp. Yolanda Crooks, Sharon Curry, Alan Curiis, Ronnie Dalbow, Doug Dale, Tommy Dallas, Sam S+ephens. Johnnie -L xx., is --QL.. . 73, ! , S 'ME W S 3? --: ,g , T F ak 'EQ 'i i , ' I63 'Vex' E i 5 Dodrill, Karen Dollar, Leland F, --5 f. . Z, ,l,, m y ib- K YM. , A ' Donalwo, Gary KAA 5 'f Dosser, Randy 2 X -:bi K 'D m f, ' a 5, QV igX,jQ5,,.i:.. D if l 1 D' Y I Doli, Slwerry . r Downe Darle lll K r aal ..a. . Seniors Sing Almci Mater of Doyle, Karen if Dozier, Elizabellw 5 if 3, Drabels, Larry ' Druce, Mike i gf' Dunlap, Keillw K kbkk 1 Dunn, Kay Dullon, Charles Dyer, David Easlep, Ricky Edmonds, Freida Wx ,F 3 i ,., S4 if, X K ie- fi? .si . . - , W'ii Q D iid it ik X. ..,, ., ,, :.:,?2 . ,I is ax ,J A ,l u l Q 4 I 4 or -4 , 14 4, P V. 5 Homecoming dance offers enioyalole memories lor deparlinq seniors H 0 omecom I ng f-4 4 -wr, f Wx' ! Al Edwards, Joe Edwards, Nancy Eggleslon, Larry Eldridge, Kenl' Engles. Sharon Erickson, Ridge Erling, Mike Eskin, Janis Evans, Becky Evans. Mary Faris, Mildred Farmer, Mirchel Farmer, Thonnas Farris. Dean Faughr, Jo Carol ZYW fx tug., xx cs s is l 3- ? ,, -i Q. ... 5247: ,kr Wy 1 .W as . , , :,.,x' -' E, - , rw-,X iiil , 7 - .,,.: , :.- , ,sk D-YQ -,-- , W'..'- L., fp - ,V 5. -MSX , - . ik-f' 'sc y y ,f"" X wma w x 'US 'R N Faulkenberry, Jerry Fedunak, Francine Felgenhauer, Roberr Fenwick, Sharon Finch, Brenda Fink, Diane Fisher, Pal Fisher, Larry Fleming, Jimmie Fosier, Donald i i- N. c X: 'N k l N 56 GL f Fosler, Marion Frakes, Roberl' Frilz, Tom Frizzell, Gary Fry, Marion Gaile, David Garliclc, Keillw Garrell, Linda Garrelle, Dianna Genlry, Ray ,fn QS' 4 Q53- N if i Sk nib A G a Y IN ix -33' an-.wg M Q 1, sa. X, , f y X , ACT Tests Provide Doto for College .9 :er -if Tx i ee e yi lifs 'r,:- M I , N . Q2 ivy, K 4 yi F w P51-f L 'ir- lp- n-f fv- .GN 37' ,T Q I A11 1 G ' ... ,, .. .. aaaaa Gill, Gloria Gilleland, Don Gilslrap, Sherri Gonzales, Bill Gordon Carla Gordon Danny Library resources assisl' Belly Harris in her classroom assignmenls. E g ,yy ugh div QW Grimes, Richard Grissom, James Grove, Gary Groves, Margarel' Guffey, Wayne Gullirie. Kennelli Hall, Edward Hall, Sharon Halpin, Karen Hames, Darrell Hamillon, Mary Hand, Ray Hardison, Marlene Hare, Clieryle Harnell, Sue 's 'R 5 4 ...- if S SQ-ou. Gouge, Carolyn Gould, Bill Gould, Jim Grady, Palricia Gray, Jeanelle Gray, Keillri Graylmam, Doris Green, Ellen Grider, Henry Griffin, Eddie Rf.. its 'Q 95, Q , , LV " N rf N, ' --:Q I . .wrfw :fs V ' if ssa A, X fx h""" Harmon, Ken Harris, Joan Harris, Thurman Harrison, Mike xy, . Q14 53? Xi Harriss, Belly Hari, Dusiy X9 3 ff fgwr Packing for a 'rrip 'ro Chicago proves a problem for Larry Anirilcin Kent Eldridge - Store SC Vice President Hari, Niclcey Harlield, David Hawkins, Teresa Hayes, Gary Hellon, William Henn, Vonda Henry, Larry Hensley, Mona Hensley, Shirley Hernandez, Lois - 1' ak Xa ,- la. is El i, l W f?"Y 'f-surf Herron, Floyd Hey, Joan Hicks, Scarlell' Higgins, Dana Higgins, Linda Hilderbrand, Larry Hill, Diana Hill, Linda Hill, Reba Hill, Rila Hill, Sleve Hill, Susan Hix, Ken Holaselc, Doris f .ft il lil ,:ih,, ,,,, 5'4" "Fifi ,I , 5 W QE i,,,, , . 1 1,, I 121 , if gg, gr: 7 '52 CD49 195 fi. fl 455 1 L . Holden, Karlene Holder, Mike Hollcum, Johnny Holliman, Eric Holl, Lynda Holi, Phillip Hopkins, Jerry Horlon, Belly Horlon, Marian Houcl4,Call1y Howard Howard Howard Howard Howard, Buddy Dale Homer ,Jeanefie John Howard, Philiis Howard, Virginia Howe, David Hudgins, Carolyn Hudson, Janei gm' ikr' if in 'SL' is fm i LV km ,f I, r b K 1, S iiii ii V Government Classes Hold Mock Election 4? i J' , Jolt J Q: " Hughes. Robin Hurn, Jerry Hyden, Mary Ingram, A, C. so-.., lxx is-.,, Jackson, Judy Jackson Kaihy Zap! Powie! Bionic! Acfiviiies office-rioi' headquarfers for seniors! Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones. -nn. , David Linda Peqqv Phil Roloerl Jones, Ronnie Jordon, Alpha Joyner, Delbert Kalsakis, Bill Keeler, Mike Kelso, Dick Kerr, Georgia Kerr, Lesler Kelller. Larry Kiecoll, Jill James, Frances Johnson, Johnnie Johnson, Judy Johnson. Lhea Johnson. Richard Johnson, Ricky Jolly, Sandra Jones, Billie Jones,lCharlo'r're "ie, 49 as.. Oli ap..- 79+ ilk' PUR waxy f"""' 'P' K N c 4 aa.. T. 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Ricky Mc Gee, Bobby 'Q M X x U, 1, 'X 6 1,4 er" 'vs GEN 7:4 , H fg,a,M:gQ,gg,H5 4: w,z,...4,L M ., iw' ff:-mf' Mya cii, 'A 113' Miler, Marilyn Miller. John Miller. Paul Miller. Rocky Mills. PaH'i Miichell, Jimmy Monrgomery, Ricky Moore. Gloria Moore. Roberi' Moore, Zena 4l'r'Tf" ayc rii W V ., r f -., -ha. y.,x '. f W,-, - .144 wh ., i ' ,Q 1 ::'..f, V 1- -5 f',.ge,2gha:1, , 2- ig. z V' ,. 1' i A KM' if , .faq ,af-1 ,Vi ff 22 jg p a f E lf, 15 i 'Jw 3 xl 'PQ' l figs X' 'Y' Mc Guire Frank Mc Inms Janice Mc Mahan, Sherry Mc Nally, Russell N, Why A Newcomb Frank Nipperi Janie EY Transcripfion helps 'ro prepare senior girls for fhe world of business. l Business Skills Aid Seniors of USG Nordine, Mike Norris. Bill Novak, Kalhy Olson. Dianne Olson, Rhonda O'Mealy. Jimmy O'Neal, Louis Ormisfon, Lloyd Crlh, Slephen Osborne, Marc ,giwnins 'Sk Osborn, Ross Oulland. Caihy Owen. Janice Owen, Mike Owen, Sara Pack, Roger Palmer, Bonnie Parenl. Vicki Parish. Gene Park, Palricia Parker, Mike Passmore, Elgin Parrick, Sieve Paiierson. Phyllis PaHon. Connie Al X ' , li 'a.4,:iff Shu X Q' 7 Ev .. ., -3 New i.i. ' . 1 1 - S ii Q V5 ,f-" in-'N fl l'li an is B if c li f his X - is ,vs x L Perkins. Sue Perry, Brenda Peiers, Charles Phillips, Brenda Phillips. Janice Pierce. Lana Pills, Donny Porier. Sherry Po'Hs. David Pralf, Paul QQ PruiH', Davey Pybas, Jerry Qualls, Charles Quick, John Ramirez, Edward Ralh, Johnny Ralzlalf, Carolyn Raulslon, Janel Rawslci, Julie Reeves, Billy , izifv-gm L : L A Q. 1 'lf ' Q 'P- , N ma I ' A , A Q " " - I,: L.:-': '? - W- . C ' f 1 ,.,.a ...K ,,,k ., ,A C . . X, - ,.ae i - F- 1 l'lll W -- C o.'- I ' . ii - eeeya 've lr' C it R Seniors Take Leading Roles in Junior Play XX- Reinhard, Linda Renfro, Sue Reynolds, Linda wav c Rhodes, Robyn i y 1 iii g to - , Richardson. Connie Q if x , L Rider Michael ,sh C K , i Y 1. "Tha'r's whal' l always say!" Sandi Del-'larf informs Kay Davenport I78 l -. Wk f S 5 if fi -pf" 3 mf l -i'?1fl1z,' 'N'--, , Ross, Vickie Rowden, Larry Rowlan, Linda Rowland, Jo Rushing, Sharon Russell, Wayne Ryan, Terrence Sack, Sheryl Sadler, Pauline Sala, Mike Salfer, Dwayne Samples, Dennis Sanauskas. Darlene Sanderson, Donald Scarborough, Jean Rippee, Mike Roberfs, Donald Roberls. Johnny Robinson, Darrell Robinson, Edi+h Rocha, Evon Rogers, Dane Roper, Carol Rose, Larry Ross, John fbb fie- YY' 'WHA , js ,. gym Three Seniors Shailey, Gary Sherburne, Brenda Shiplel, Keni Shoberi, Rosemary Shrurn, Shirley -'OX is, Schenck, Judie Scholl. George Scroggins, Joyce Seals, Gwen or Q n A . ,S , v Senn, Roberl H " ' 2 r is Sewell. Ron g in G X Trying io pass Are Norionol ..,i '.., , . - QS' . m g: ' K iki ' sy f English, Frances James labors over an ass qnrnenl. 0 Merit Scholors Simms, Linda Sirnrns. Vicki 'L' 'W , Sims, Sue M, 'G 'l Simpson, Charlolle N i " 'gy Sisson. Pai N y V i11i1-,, 2 I80 as 'S is yr Skacel, Pam Smiih Diane Smilh Jim Smiih Margie Smiih Milce Smiih Pal Smiih Palrick Smiih, Roger Smiih, Ronald Snipes, Marshall Snow, Karen Sorrels, Thomas Souiherland, Gail Spears, Ann Spellings, Anna ,M .,Q""'k QQ Q Q, 1 ga i ,.., , wif XA-f M I, fu , We , ' ini... ' I 3 1- R. I Q K f Q gl I K . sr, fwsg xx L... . X Sk is gg ,AXA ii' Spracllin. Barbara Sianley. Keiih Sfapp. Carol Siark, Beverly Sleele. John Siephens, Jackie Siephens, Michael Siephens, Regina Slice. Dennis Slime, Donna in Siinson, Pal 9' JPY Sliii, Elizabeih Siolces. Ralph ' Sione, Deana ik- Siroupe, Gary Q A A, .,..,. 5.4: 9522 miss? .5 ' Siuclcey. Judi ii 4, mx my nh Sullivan, Caihy Y 'V ' 2 -iil ' '65-'o Sullivan. Johnny 1 y Sullivan. Palfy -,QT , 'W Sullivan, Ronald i . ri A 1 l . . Senior Girls Invcicle World of Foofbcill Swallord, Mary ,gill Sweall, Shirley Swope, David Talkingion. Rhonda A .Q 5 V R Tarler. Judy J Tafum, Max Mr. Phillips sends in his offensive learn al ihe Powder Puff game. I82 lr Xe we? Threlkeld, Carol Todd, Sheri Jo Tomlinson, Carolyn Troxell, Larry Tucker, Sandra Turner, Linda Turner, Roger Umholiz, Jerry Van Horn, James Vaughn, Mary Ellen Venlers, Tommy Vogf, Glen Vowell, Gordon Waggoner, Lynn Wagoner, Mike Q? nike will li Taylor, Sandra Taylor, Sherry Taylor, William Teddy, Claudia Tegerson, Peggy Thomas, Clyde Thomas, Simon Thompson, Donald Thompson, Elizaloelh Thornlon, David . A , , -f Q- nn Q Sly on no on 5' 'Wee . gm, , Vx 2 ki' Q xi lm X nf Q 'N X ,n Q 1 ,. M A 3 Y 1 e ww " ' T..., - - - - V - Runner Jasper B any presenfs Cross counlry nopny +0 Mr Huffman Seniors Leod Cross Country Wm Mids'ro're Walley, Jerry Walling, Roberl Wallis, Elizaloellm Wallon, Roger Ward, David Walson, Donald Walson, Kallwryn W fs N l a on, ea Walson Slwalz I Y Weallzerly, Kay' sm Weaver, Jimmy Webb, Jerry Webb, Linda Webb, Vickie Wedel, Bruce Weese, Dwayne Welch, Cindy Weldon, Billy Wesl, Leroy Weslliall, Diana Wheeler, Sieve Whila lcer, Cha rles Whilalcer Phil Willbanlcs, Calhy -.. 'kv . A' ar ,s y si 4 -uf ws. if I x- K. if ff' Ki QX GMS 1. Wilbanlcsi Donald QS F x ', ik mi.. is-.- ll Es, . 1 s . 1 X 1 Q 3, in ii f 1 .M 3 gav- D ' 14052 .X .iiiii-fi , ii ,, My X, x is 'a H Y. i, is .,., s ..,, . - , 141' if ,.. 'Q is i- Qiiai:-:Jer -s f. 1553 hh! 'nv Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams, 755 ,James , Lynda Pam Pam Phillip Willis, Tommy Wilson, Anila Wilson, Danny Wilson, Debbie Wilson, Donna Wilson, Janie Wilson, June Wilson, Tommy Winnard, Gerald Wise, Gary Wood. Jacquelyn Wood, Sfeve Woodard. Cherie Woodie, Donald Worley, Ba rba ra M Groduohon Comes All Too Soon 1 Wya H l-'l e n ry X f'- '53 :Vl '.,f A .I Yales Leo 1 -' K "f n gvmf-gh i . ' m V 'K An' s W ' . Yorlc Randall 'E 1 . ri McDonough, Kay Remich, Mavin Akins, Sandra L. Albrighl, Pamela K. Askey, Karen K. Alkins, Gayle A. Bemenl', Denzil L. Benvenulo, Kennelh R. Bollinger, Kennelh L. Brown, Susan L. Burris, Thurslon E. Burroughs, William M Camp, David L. Carpenler, Don A. Chappell, Gordonna Chick, Leslie l-l. Cody, Sleven R. Collinsworfh, C. l-l. Connelly, Danny Creekmore, l-lugh A. Davoull, Joanna K. Derryberry, Ronnie L. Dodge. William Ray Dul"ron, Randy P. Edinburgh, Charles R. Esquivias, Frank FlaH', Wanda M. Fricker, Mark D. Fricker, Sherrie L. Garcia, Mariea J. Garland, Sieve R. Garrison, Garry L. Giddens. Brenda L. Glenn, Ronald G. Godlasky, Robe-rl' F. Greene, Richard W. Grubaugh, Roy l'l. Jr. flk SENIORS NOT PICTU RED Guidry, Gary Gulhrie, Kennelh W. Hall, Dwayne L. l-lall, Randolph EY" Hall, Sieve E. l-loward, Deanna J. l-loward, Michael D. l-luskey, Joyce E. Jennings, Jerry L. Joyner, Delberl R. Jones. Judy L. Jordon, Gary M. Kirkparrick, Joe L. Laffoon, Paula K. Landry, Bruce W. Lawson, Edward W." Locke, Paul G. Long, Marvin R." Lullrell, Donald R. Manuel, G. Wayne Marlin, Diane L. ik McBride, George Megenily, Cheryl L. Mills, Vernon U. Muzny, David J. Nelson, Jennie L. Newman, Thresa A. Olson. Rhonda Caryl Owens, Pamela E. Pelers, Laree D. Pierson, Jimmy PlaH', William Joe Pollock, Ri+a G. "' Powell, Billy A. 1' Srudenls who no longer arlend U. S. Gran? Young, Bill Zahourek, Chuck Zamora, Eddie Zane, Leonelle Zink, Rebecca Prilchard, Gary D. Rakesrraw, Belly R. Roberls, Mary Rogers, Dianna J. Rowland, Mary A. Saylors, Laiuanna A. ScoH', Brenl' E. Shropshire, Ronald Singlelon. Wanda L. Smilh, Randel R. Smilh, Regina D. Tabor, Jimmy J. Tannehill, Gary D. Taylor, Larry M. Taylor, Liz A. Thompson, Elizabelh Thrailkill, Lynda Tillery, Danny R. Tomlinson, Sally E. Trenl. Rickey W. Wahner. John D. Wallis, Eddie W. Weaver, Phyllis D. Wilfong, Roberla S. Wilkerson, Sherry J. Willbanks, Calhy Williams, Larry Wills, Roberl E. Wilson, Andria L. Wrighl, Terry W. Yeller, Charles D. York, Evelyn M. Youngblood, Clay D Younger, Carolyn S. I87 n . , .Q 4 1 x K 1 Junior Class Officers, BoHom row lefl 'ro riqhfz Dee Fields, Jessica Troller, Mary Moore, Shirley Eavensen, Dena High, Connie McDougal, and Sheryl Doughfy. Top row: Jim Frankenfield, Buddy Jones, Billy Arrnsfrong, and David Loper. 5 ' s 3 ll!! UU UI! 33 lt!! 'lim 'QI rt 1 i Xi . R Sponsors, BoHom row lei? +0 right Mrs. Maureen Long, Mrs, Menla Savage, Mrs. Dorolhy Dean, and M'rs. Carol Rains. Top row: Mr. Craig Miller, Mrs. Edna Mya'r+, Mrs. Barbara Slarlc, Miss Sonia Whiflinglon, and Mr. George Ross. I88 hr Buddy Jones Presides Cver Junior Closs T's a big year Tor iuniors. WiTh approximaTely 7 iuniors enrolled This year, each sTudenT is now niliar wiTh all The eyenTs ThaT Take place in high ool. They are ready To Take on new responsibili- s, and one oT Their loiggesT responsibiliTies is To n The prom Tor The seniors. This is a very big 3nT and The iuniors worlced hard all year raising iney and preparing Tor iT. One oT The iuniors' Tund-raising proiecTs, a play led "The Man Who Came To Dinner", was pre- iTed on November I7 and I8. The Junior Class Sponsors This year are: Mrs. an, Mr. Dowdell, Mr. Lemmons, Mrs. Long, Mr. ller, Mrs. MyaTT, Mrs. Novey, Mr. PoindexTer, s. Rains, Mr. Ross, Mrs. Savage, Mrs. STarlc, s. Thompson, and Miss WhiTTingTon. The spon- s were helpTul To The iuniors, giving Their ideas J suggesTions Tor various evenTs. The iuniors and sponsors combined Their worlc inTeresT, and The resulT was a successTul year. .J Prom decoraTion commiTTee uses enTire year To show Their works aT The prom. li .1 Tanning CommiTTee, BoT+om row leTT To righT: firsT row: D. High, S. Eaven- Row 3: B. Jones, K, Thompson, D. Rawslci. D. l-lall, S. DoughTy, M. ScoTT, n, P. RoTan, M. Moore, D. McCrahen, D. Oscarson, L. Foley, R. BurlnarT. B. ArmsTrong, J. Sims, R. Richardson, D. Livesay. Row 4: J. Franlcenfield, Jw 2: D. Field, B. Miller, A. Willis, J. KuTz, P. Massey, J. TroTTer, S. D. Loper, R. Baker, and J.6albreaTh, Tarrisor' J. MorTgomcry, C. McDougal, D. Sarnrnons. i l89 ' M- .f A 'K -.J 2 . .,.. ' ,-4 rg I. i A 4 N Q , M 1,,..' K- -I -0 e-1 Vw, K -K '-Q' , 'N . . 1 ,4 ,D - .A ff if - ff t .. 1 ' W K .kk my ...' ' A UQ i . ' n ' f V . K ' - "' f :IIS 1-1: , ' 'A , X ,, , Tfzfifir--'fb . S-X xx f fi A f W f K .an:'s:f."9 I v . 7" 'f ,, , -, Q -. ' Y V 'Qbfy-. -.rr r A s iw Y H 5 5 Q. ,- F 0' ,Q 5' A if 1 L, k y - 1 Kg ' at N fy? 'im nz? 'f"' to -ff' . -v' fr' 421 , '- 7, Qi A J '-.1 yy' V . kkkk g i EX marry J A ef: -K i K , iii .4 A ' ' f- j .X , X - 53, A-K Q Rf 'J 'lrliisrnje y il Exlwilaraled and exciled, Junior cheerleader Kandy Gose is "jumping for ioy" lo display lier happiness overa viclory. Abboll, Kay Adams, Dale Adams,Tl1elma Aripealone, Koi'lw Airinqlon, Joe Alcer, Tommy Allen, Clillon Allen, Sonia Anderson, Diane Andersor, Dickie Anderson, Jane? Anderson, Tommy Arambula, Liz Arrnslronq, Bill Arnclr, Barbara Arnold, David Arnold, Terry Aslwby, Roberl' Aslnley, Melyir Afkins, Larry Aufry, Billy Bailey, Kennelln Baker, Jimmy Baker, Joe Balmer, Keilln Balmer, Randy Barefoot Barbara Barenline, Gary Barlow, Ronnie Barnell, Dee Barron, Ella Basden. Mary Jo Basham, Elaine Baleman, Vicki Bays, Don Beary, Carol Beary, Mary Jane Bell, Janie Bell, Lee Bell, Linda Benneir, Judy Benninqfon, John Benson, Ken Benson, Nancy Berg, Lawana Berkenbile, Terry Berry, Bill Berfram, Collen Billbe, Mike Bishop, Coilla' Bishop, Edward' Bishop, Jackie Bishop, Lee Ann Black, Bruce Blackman, Janef Blake, Derenda Blake, Larry Bloom, Jim Blounr, Larry Bolding, Jeff Bolclinq, Jim Bolin, Delberr Bolser, Connie Bore-n, Cryslal Boswell, Jan Boulware, Teresa Brandon, Gary Branson, Mary Brewer, Par Brock, Marilyn Brooks, Eddie Brown, Dennis f 4 Ik, A in K . nf- l ' 4,2 'E 4 , A , 4 'A A 'l' 'YD L f ' V, 4 M "' ,K "' "' " Bef", wif f ff ,Eff QM N, i 4 .i I ' W? 1 ,H N, ' if 5 1 A 1 "A 4 ' l ,Ll V 'i ',,, L-,L , ii. V 4. f - Jfzi sp N Sify V ' 2, ' L f. "W" , leg A ll, if '4-f' .. ' ' ffl? 'V "f. il' r E, :ii err, Tl ,, I I is ,,,- , In-015' A 'T ay-N.. J i- -V ' " "' 'Y 7 I 'rx' Q 11515 . A- - fy. " - as A "H .fri are rr, f fi Spirit Prevciils in Junior Clciss I as ,i K, X 1 'Hifi Ln 9' I I J I bg gif, 5 s 'Q '- . in i' l KI' ig L 'mi Q "" - " fr 1 WX W Q: " L , "sm - " 1, K X V. H If Q B Y, , V' A x Kanye," ?.. 4' Z, , 1 'X , JJ, , 'U A i33'552tc' fffziif 9 W lf-+3 if 5 .QV 'g..iiA .,,a 'v? 'PM' f, Home 5 rf. - '. r f , 'E M.. tb' 4,-v B' J ,rar ww ff 29 ,Q "f ". nl" 4' V .g.. yQk V Y' Q 'eifgfw1fQf.f ' ii igiailrl ,- ,, 'A fi-wut-al.- Q 31 E ,. ,f ' l9l B . 4 , 'mar he " . ' ,1 E 1 4' K , ' g' V Cx. . 1 ev 2 fee- af., ,F an M093 vhii 4' T, :Jia ,.- .Jixd ,F 4 , Q , - ' B. A 'A - ' V W x .rx - - ifqigijia Q 1 2 Q V 1 111: .sz ri l Q' as 'r " Planning The Prom is Fun for Juniors ' ,' , L . 'nnn ES? " " 9 . 4. l -N B ' fe I s 9 -I . la .B 4 ' ry Q ro V 4 '3hF.,g 5 , r - J 1 ,gi "' 3, eff 1,1 1 , ff ,ll, , , TJ iz, ,Iz nil ,, W. ,- f ' fx- fr ,X M Q f V V-Mayan J, I92 Brown, James Brown, James Brown Janel Brown, Perry Brown Sheryl Brown, Wanda Brummell, Larry Bryanl, Gail Bryanl, Jerry Bryce, Donna Buchanan, Susan Buckley, Bella Bullinqlon, Vicki Burchlield, Richard Burkhart Rebecca Burlceil, Lana Burns, Brenda Burns, Tommy Bush, Bill Byers, Tena Bymun, Roger Cain, Paul Calhoun, Susan Call, Sherrie Campbell, George Campbell, Larry Campbell, Ronnie Canada, Suzie Canary, Frank Canary, Lindell Canlwell, Janice Carey, Leda Carmaclc, Celesle Carrier, Connie Carler, Barbara Carler, Joyce Calleqe, Donna Cavellr, Theresa Chambless, Doug Chappell. Tim Chaliqny, Bob Chrislensen, Noma tr , Q. M , ..-.. 1, f I . W,--f 2 , H, I 4 , ,ui ' Min gus i i Xt r ii . r ,sf ' ool wouldn'l' be so bad for iuniors, Gene Garrefl and Gus more lunch hours, inslead of hours and hours of siudy. Chrislian, Gloria Clapp, Randy Clarlc, Larry Clark, Sheila Clary, Roger Clay, Tommy Clymer, Bob Clymer, Ronnie Cobb, Jennifer Cobb, Tommy Coffee, Beverly Cole, Sieve Collier, Ron Combs, Kalhy Compron, Gary Connell, Wayne Cook, Harlan Cook, Phillip Corbilr, Melvin Cordray, Bob' Couch, Bruce Cox, Kay Cozens, Gary Craig, Floyd' Crilly, Juanifa Crosby, Penny Cross, Bernard Crossland, Darrell Crow, Linda Cude, Gary Q Mum.- g i 'Cllr y f "" ns,- an .K RDNGQ., :,,.y:'s'? I 'Vg , ,, ,, , . . ' Qi Trevino, if They Being +he only girl in prinling creafes problems for Judy Ring 'fi f f if X Q, , if f ' xx , ' . X , .l ,X UI' it x IM B - fn HV r fi ri , ., 5 V X Y V f- r I E, 5 my , , , 'lr , ' jab , ,arf ,r,, HV, K. kc. 9 9' - .. f r 'B ' 52 vi I r ffrf 3 ii A 010 , .,,.VN . iii, or fix law A, . x su '- 3 f" ix' 1' 'Fab JC' J ug? iq C737 L.- 1 .41 'ff I93 f'kL fm :fi ,V i r xg ia. nga - V,,fQ lfsfifi l is ,aw K UHF! I ' N H , 'J l ' '..k I 4, jf l . ,, ,,,, I 1 -' L . Ti P -so-7 'sk 'lx ,Q . - 'si s S- .fs 3, V + ., -my ,,: . ,uw .ef , S -we N by , .U ' -5 K E -P , is s wr , gn 1 . I i 5 Q rt Je XA if fai- , A X ,.,, ,X ,, .M ,ai ss, 'r ' ,gg bi "' 8 X fi , ,L N , . ,,,.. X, si i , bf i 6 if 1 V wwf an Q -4 .s .N ,-""'1 .. . . I Pi 1 QL, 5 wmv W w F Ri 1 sg ,l s is . ag, is S 9 A u Hmmmm, only five more minules fhen school will be out Whaf a clay fhis has been!" sighs iUf1iOr Wenda Folsom, u L Cummins. Bob Curby, Suzanne Davenporl, David Davis, Bill Davis, Terry Dearmore, Debbie Deason, Carlin Decker, Joe Dees, Bruce Del.ozier, Charlie Dewoody, Jerry Dickson, Kalhy Dodson, David Dodson, Ronnie Donovan, Wanda Doss. Carl Doughly, Mike Douqhly, Sheryl Douglas Douglas, Downey Downey Charles Donna Belly , Susan Dozier, Judy Dukes, Calverl' Duncan, Sue Dunkin, Jerry Dunlap, Trudy Dunn, Jamie Durbin, Sandy Durbin, Sharon Duilon, lva Eagleb erger, Debbie Eavensen, Shirley Edwards, Kaihy Elmore, Barbara Embry, Gary Endicoll, Linda Erhardr, Dianne Fallwel l, Diane Fanning, Jim Farmer, Parry Faiherree, Mike Fenwick, Rudy Fields, Donna Finley, Gloria Finley, Riley Finney, Carolyn Fish, Pai' Fisher, Carolyn Fiizgerald, Phil Flanagan, Donna Florer, Ronald Floyd, Brad Floyd, Sandy Flynn, Linda Flynn, Sherilyn Foqle, Pai' Foley, David Foley, Linda Folsom, Wenda Fowler, Na ncy Francis, Carol Franlcenfield, Jim Fraser. Jim Frost Raleigh Fuller, Karen Furguson. Gene Gabriel, Ronnie Galbreaih, John Gardner, Nancy Garne r, Sandy Geniry, Ausfin 2 W 1 i ,Nl X K- 9 , . ' ,af Q49 Y 43' Y , . e Rings 9 F '1"7i jf, 'A ' , A V 1 1,337 ,i ,I ' 4 "W F" sr-:K My Y f. 3 gp J -A f , .. auf! - A Ziafffefis-ff V - N.. 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A ff r',LyMN f-.X xml V ' ,,-, ly g5a'r.sf' L ywimi ' f 'L ,Mg af JXeW l Zm'F9ahfp Gill, Gerald Gill, Raleiqh Goelcler, Ralph Gonzales, William Goodwin, Randy Gose, Kandy Graham, Richard Graham, Roberl' Green, Fred Green, Jaci Greene, Jimmy Green, Larry Green, Roberl' Greenwell, Sharon Gregory, Tom Grice, Mary Griffin, Ronald Gromer, Jory Grossniclclaus, Helen Groves, Roger Guiles, Gary Guiles, Phil Gully, Curlis Gulhrie, Cheryl Hacker, Myrna Haskell, Paris Hacrworlh, Tony Hair, Deloris Hale, Barbara Hall, Lawson Greeling lhe crowded slands wilh a smile is Shirley Harmon Y N sm? .Q :ee as X NK-D " . , ,... , ,, Q. .i - 2 1-2 'ms'-A -- -S " ,::1Y:, E, aff bf ' '- Showing oulslanding capabilily lor inlensiye sludy is iunior Phil Rogers. I96 65293 Hall, Milce Hall, Pele Halslead, Kalhy Hamilton, Judy Hamillon, Vicki Hancock, Curlis Hanger, Sandy Hargrove, Chris Hario, Marcia Harmon, Jim Harrnon, Shirley Harris, Susan Harris, Phyllis Harrison. Susan Harriss, Pal Harrod, Debbie Harvey, Marcia Haliield, Danny Hawkins, Wendell Hayes, Peler Hayes, Waller Hays, Peggy Heclcard, Mary Heillield, Dan Henderson, Jerry Hendrew, Marlin Henry, Paula Henson, Alberl Henson, Sieve Hibler, Ray Higginborham, Cynlhia High, Dena Highsrniih, Bob Highfower, Fred Highlower, Susan Hill, Ralph Hilrnes, John Hix, Pal Hodges, C5-eloria Hodges, Jenice Hodges, Ronnie Hoffman, Marilyn r I Second Big Year for s s H, .f 1 , Q ffq . me Ii .N -.wifi , Ras' cs,c ,-Ili ii ' 1 In in-4 l L' i X 1 L gl is is Qx.'.zi.,'3?-xi" Juniors Qvvv xxx? A 1 lll ii Q ND AV ,,-1,21 'W ll , st f- . .. '15, Q Q J- ev Q i "J wr ., 19 fl ' -V5 3 V ' ' Aaf' , , I 1 - e r J f . 9 e 1 x f " .X li iw fr l 'X ek! 49 if al Y? Q 2 ,Y ,, , if -Q l Q"f7'f, :qv ,I A I I ,Jw J ,, ,y, , , 0, W v , s ,r 1 J .Next J 'f .A ,N1? w 5 2 f Q? fy, ,,, Juniors ore Powder Puff Champs s, 5? ' ,il -w...,, 1 tw. M 5 F 3. rw m fl ., I, , 1 J, J A,f . 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Jackson, Sylvia Jenkins, Mark Jenkins, Rowland Jennings, Chuck Jensen, Scorl Jewell, Janel' Johnson, Bob Johnson, Lesler Johnson, Sieve Johnson, Terry Jones, Buddy Jones, Dale Jones, Jerry Jones, John Jones, Larry Jones, Ronnie Jones, Sandy Jones, Teresa Jones, Terry ,M eresf in cabinei-making is being revived by iuniors, Jordon,Cl1risiine Judd, Slnerri Kaler, Bill Keas, Ronnie Kennedy, Bruce Kennedy, Mike Kerr, l-lelen Kiler, Sandy Kirne, Anne King, Faillie King, Fred Kinnard, Terry Kirkpairick, Dennis Kisller, Sieve Kiiclwens, Linda Kleii, Slnerry Knapp, John Knapp, Mike Kniglni, Alfred Kniqlni, Gloria Kniglil, Harold Knipp, Marv Ann Knowles, Eilnelena Kaos, Judy Krainyak, Nikki Kurrasclw, Richie Kuiz. Judy Lamberson, Judy Landrum, Beverly Landy, Clemeni' P ' s .. ,, 'a -+---m.up1.-.aJ.v.:, . L. 1 :"'++-.., , ' e. A .k.. , --s--'i ,K .In H . - . . .757 .. Mike Parker and Wilber Mcfiee in Mr. Ross' Woodworking class. 'Is n g? . 4 943, fu, i are 'I 1 is Ji, f Qi WSW' ,M-wa HGEPQ... 'YW' 3 -sl 2? Q, w gza yk 'ii' 4 fe ., , ,gg , E ' 1 X, 4 V ,y xx ' V V r ,Iv H I N7,,:L f I A y . . I i be- ,,,-'i il A ' Z M if i . - R f L is L M M , W s - i 3 H f h, . . , Qu, .. fi" , -, w 1 L g,AW Ar , ,, .S Q f t J,l.Q.fLL,.ki it t A ,A i 1 Q M f Wfgj' was . Q ,LVVL 'i I Y-AY . I 1 .K W IL K i iss as ' ' ai it if A, Q' ..' 1 s V -yr - K L : ,wi "' ' .gr an ..,, S :Wd F E ..- fi . -ze 5 . M 4 V1 4' , ,Y Q 1: ,,,, L L "ff in ss , 'f' L R M Q ., , . Q A M R .E 7 is fmw, j V V ASQ.. Y-M ' xt . - - fi 'Fx' 1 wen' Lawler, Rosalie Lee, Linda Lee, Roberl' Leonard, Jesse Lewis, Lindell Liles, l-loward Liles, Richard Linam, Alberf Lindquisl, Larry Lindsay, Ricky Lindsley, Debby Linn, Ken Linn, Roger Linville, Connie Lilllehawk, Donald Livesay, Dennis Lollin, Susan London, Barbara Long, Linda' Loper, David Lowery, Lance Loyd, Danny Madding, Ranell Madole, Peqqy Mainord, Pam Maness, Tom Manuel, Ralph Marcum, Palricia Marla-H, Johnny Marrow, Gary Injured iunior Billy McLean is aided by assislanl coach Mr. Jaclc Everhardl. 00 Happiness is mirrored on 'Face of cheering iunior, Viclci Bullinglrc i Marshall, George Marshall, Paul Marshall, Shirley Marlin, Marie Marlin, Pam Marlin, Roberl' Massey, Linda Massey, Phyllis Mailhews, Jerry Mayfield, Ronnie Mcfxlisler, Allen Mcflxlisler, Gail Mciiee, Wilber McCalip, David Mcclanahan, Roberl McCracken, Diane McCreiqh+, Bonnie McCullar, Donna McCune, Malcolm McDonald, Kelly McDougal, Connie MCDOW, Eldon Mclnlyre, MeLinda McKinney, Gary McLean, Billy McNally, Mike Meadows, Peggy Medley, Lorraine Meeks, Kaihy Mellon, Pal Mercer, Barbara Melcalf, Beih ' Michaels, Ricky Miller, Barbara Miller, Claylon Miller, Don Miller, Donnie Miller. Gene Miller, Ronnie Milchell, Sue Milchell, Mike Mize, Linda fit' I g . 9 1: f X, 'V fd.. .Q ik . " as Q mx 4. A " ' 2 V - M if 4 , 4.4 ' fa ai , my gf .fs f e,,,, Mg in Password: , ,Q fi " li ss.: J fi rr ' 5 An. i ve A '1 Q :- rs "' " . Wm- K5 1: 'sf - i f 3 nw ,,.., few W X Good Sportsmanship 7: ' 3,1 , ' M 3-noi ' i , ,v k .2 K eine lee? f ac. f -ees drew r lrl 1 f i f . , , V r 9- - ' ' , ' ' x ,J " , . l ju-.J ' ' fs, , . W f . rem., 'l . , if I Q- if I ,T w uf" fx fn R' ' - ' " - 1 - ss5f,sssHlm--xslt reswlhm as ., iii' fn X ,. , , ,f H" '-'- -,,,.. I In . ' , M - l 1 i 4,8 I , ' mfg , A if ' Y 4 Y V14 , A ' ' . ' I - 1 4 -a 1. gf' U s-. G 4 V Q V Q J I 1 1 , V,rV, 7 , 'cv-.w A ,f 1 c " lr' ? l e?,es R r imfr We ll 5 ,fi rss I , J-IH54 i i 4 6' ,f-u D e,,,, Q, -2 H n W Qfefr Zelep ,ml D G T, 're fra ,V L L 1 L -in ., T-2, ca- liqiyi r Q 3 'CY , rw y , , L , y V W4 L V ViV'VV,VZ?V . A J 4, , mr I V , M ., V l ,V . 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H .er -wr, -M561 is ,IK W 1 ,X ' ' zf' lx ,I , 2q'r""-w 4 'V , --2 , ,L J 1 T177 i U Juniors Prepore for Senior Yeor yy X ' i E , . r 3 'ff K-L J K? is- ll ' i 1 -, 'K4,Li ,D 202 in 9 Moen, Mary Molfali, Gary Moniqomery, Janice Monlgomery, Kay Monlgomery, Roger Moody, Rira Moore, Linda Moore, Mary Moore, Ricky Moore, Sonia Morgan, Sarah Moseley, Tommy Moullon, Jack Murphy, Charles Muzny, Sandra' Myers, George Nash, Larry Neighbors, Lloyd Nelson, Susan New, Connie Newby, Clay Newhouse, Danny Nicholas, Beiiy Nichols, Diane Nichols, Karen Nichols, Laura Nichols, Billy Niizel, Milne Nixon, Tom Norwood, Jim Oaks, Eddie O'Dell, Eihelwyn Oliphanl, Tommy Olson, Bo O'Neal, Jack Opp, James Orndorff, Terry Orr, Sharon Oscarson, Debbie O'Shields, Sharon Oulland, Terry Owens, Joy CP? i'-'ndlr FN Wanda Donovan enioys her Page, Wayne Parker, Mike Parkinson, Judy Pallerson, Evelyn Pallerson, Roger Pallon, Billy Pallon, Mike Peck, Fred Percilul, Brenda Perry, Judy Perry, Julia Phillips, Jack Phillips, Mike Pickel, Gorden' Pierce, Carolyn Piper, Joel Poisson, Charles Pollard, Tommy Polsey, Shirley Poore, Ron Powell, John Prilchard, Don Prifchard, Greg Procler, Russell Pryor, Calvin Puckelf, Chris Quick, Jerry Quinlero, Richard Rainbow, Grady Rains, Bob meal. , , ,N xl 1 J 5 Y' ' -L59 ,M 4 1 f M '21 B f' S -T35 vi.. WX-ii mflbabf 'ind Cooking can be a lol ol lun, bul ealinq whal you cook somelimes proves 'ro be a diflerenl slory, D as wx! M l if f , -mv x 1 li A K V ',., ,i,, ,tit -V 2 A 1' , 203 ii- , ' 'Q ,A M' , 'ZZ' Z! ,.,,.f .J K ,W ,,, W' 1 as w ' V ! Juniors Brcively Fcice Studies H . e W ' ' 3 . N. -1 rl-f ,4 as ' , Q 'I xi , V ,'. 1- d r 'V' 'R x lf , "' 3 , 2 V K , H W ::: i LL1, , l A ill l ' l' -0 I X- 2 ,,,.k ,A ' - fm lu si' Ng s ' A . A .gf , W -i fi ?" A . VW s V3 fe v nl., , I sl: 3, Q . cs- 33 ---sr, r " ,f ' .,.x.f an A - -, 'J , ,Q ' C rr,,v iw ,1 if J- , H . ' E +1 v g ' E' lv ix' Bi no tl 'P in ff 9 3 A X A l 204 I Rainwaler, Donna Rafzlall, Teresa Rawski, Diane Ray, Judy Ray, Thomas Recldick, Don Reed, Bruce' Reed, Calhy Reeder, Mike Rees, Calvin Reiler, Charles Reser, Jack Reynolds, Annelfe Reynolds, Ken Richison, Randy Richmond, Charles Ricks, Lynn Riley, Jane Rinkle, Danny Ri'Her, Randy Roach, Frances Roach, Mary Lu Robins, Gaylon Roberls, Beverly Roberls, Jackie Roberfson, Gary Roche, Tommy Rogers, Phil Rose, Kalhleen Rose, Suzanne Roselle, Tim Ross, Richard Rolan, Pal' Rowe, Jan Royal, Milzi Royal, Niki Rule, Jane Rule, Ray Rupe, David Ruyle, Ricky' Ryan, Clifford Salyer, Mary Belh f K 2 ? is 9 i experimenf works, Sam, Adeline Sammons, David Samples, Pal Sanderson, Phyllis Sanger, Judy Savage, Anila Schrnidf, Mike Schroeder, Marcia Schuler, Sieve Schuliz, Sieve Schwab, Chuck Schwarlz, Gary Scoll, Myrna Scolzin, Phil Scrivner, Michael Scrogqins, Della Scroqgins, Johnny Seikel, Gary Selby, Sharon Sender, Susan Shawvier, Sandra Shipman, Fred Shockley, Phyllis Shofner, Gordon Shubal, Debby Siders, Don Simms, Trudy Simpson, Ricky Simpson, Roberi Singlelon, Becky WE slaies chemislry siudenl Sieve Kisller. v"4 N in mi Qu 4 4 Ifgbvd-b ,ui Na+ - 9 'W QW, " f Q, K gn ny on 5 , 4 W x 1' 4 Y o i x x ' Y 1 3 , 5 1 Q1 , 1 a 12" V , s ' ,, , , , . .- 4 , - K a - A WK", ' A ggi ' . .E V," risky, -V' ,x S ' - .39-,I 'S' A ' "A Term pa ? .4 I x . sf 1 '5' Q .f x per?" Gail McAlisl s , er lhinks Mrs. Pill' has gof 'lo be kidding gs K 1, K fuzzy' P -. ,,, X !s ' g ,. sk T 1 13 3 R 5. ' i, X, 'wx i X l 6-slx 2:27 at 'S - 'i . is wi Ei 9.- 3" if -Q , 'Q ' 4 ' c ' ' f -:ix ax L, V ' ' 1 1 A . 1 92? D ,IA 'J' G a ' ,, Sn. i ff I , K 6 :L , 41' an , 3 ,yu 'ci' Juniors Work for Achievement My ""M" Ji A I 2 ee, J , e' , guy " eie - . i iiii X f X I ' -ie 'G 331315, Tee J R ' s J 'J 'L ,gf g.: I ' if I W I H , , ' . J , "' Y Vg ' Sli, W gl ,V - V V Al v favs A ' l"2.. yf 1 is . 5 illxllli 'lil ' ' gr 4 ' 53? A J -. ,K X I J 4 a n . if ry' J xiii' '7 ,Mx A A m Skill, Fred Sloman, Bill Smilh, Belly Smirh, Connie Smilh, Jimmy Smiih, Leo Smirh, Marcia Smilh, Mon're Smirh, Nancy Smilh, Paula Smirh, Paula Smilh, Ronnie Smilh, Ruel Smilh, Shawn Sober, David Soufherland, Gary Sparks, Mary Spears, Sreve Spencer, Rick Spiller, Mary Jane Spraggins, Tommy Siaiford, Gene Slaflord, Larry Sianley, Larry Slapp, Don Slark, Mike Srarwalr, Linda Sralham, Phil Sleele, Larry Sfephens, Charles Slephens, Kaihy Slephens, Mark Slerling, Roger Slewari. Dale Srier. Ken Sliger, Jerry Srinnell, Jackie Slokes, Sherilvn Slory. Glenda Srreefman, Dale Surrency, Bob Sweaf. Sharon Sykes, David Talkingion, Carol Tannehill, Donna Tanzola, Gayle Tassell, Deby Tafum, Marian Ta lor Debb ormlng for various organizalional meelings plays a maior V ' V in he school liie of Mike Kennedy. Terrell' Maw Thomas, Rhonda Thomas, Shirley Thompson, Gary Thompson, Gary Thompson, Kay Thorlon, Bill Tomlinson, Cheryl Tomlinson, George Trevino, Gus Triglelh, Peggy Trolier, Jessica Tuck, Jackye Turner, Leslie Turner, Linda Turner, Pam Tyler, Marilyn Wagner, Caihy Waldroop, Roy Walkabouf, Billy Walker, Clarese Walker, Margarelr Walker, Ronnie Wall, Phill Wallace, Gary Wallienberg, Glenn Walling, John Wallis, Nancy Wallon, Beverly Washam, Connie Waulers, Bren? B R I, Teslerma n, La rry 'Yi' J I 'xxx Xxx ' Q K T g we-Q s ss in s Q .rig ,gi ,:.:V y . . Q'5xOQ. an A . - T si ii- s 207 M ri --My 1-1 1 W , ,, , "V 61 y ss 9 'V ' Lf, AX mis ' ' is r l ace ' 5 A - ,r - . fur Juniors Encl Successful Yeor Q3 t-7 ,L' ,ir M i 2 Cgkrr x 5 Q, , wa-Q , aft M in iii? . :il , I 5-L 4. 7, Wealhers, Lorella Weaver, Richard Webb, Connie Webb, Gloria Weeks, Sharon Welcher, Dan Wells, Janel Wells, Larry Weslrope, Vicki Whalen, Mike Wham, Jerri Whilaker, Jana Whilaker, Paul While, Kalhy Whilelield, Billy Whillock, Connie Whilson, Owen Whillinglon, Charles Wickware, Ronnie Wilcox, Lillian Wilder, Roscoe Williams, Virqinia Williamson, Rulh Ann Willilord, Sherry Willingham, Richard Willis, Alice Willis, Mike Wilson, Nadine Wilson, Pam Wilson, Richard Windle, Peggy Windsor, Johnny Winkler, Sleve Winnard, Richard Willen, Sandy Woll, Richard Wolle, Connie Wood, Carolyn Woolen, Rena Worley, Mary Wrighl, Jelrrel Wriqhl, John Wynn, Doyle Yeager, Gene Young, Jimmy Young, Richard Youngberg, Sieve Armbrisler, Gayla Baker, Kalhey Brady, Mary Coleman, Joey- Frey, John Gragg, Chris Mosman, Ellon Polfer, Sieve Rowen, Kalhy Rowland, Sharon Ruyle, Rulh Ann Sims, Jan Moore, Kalhy ! -W, 1 I ii Q , l M ,... s, s J ,X . 'Iriv- QS3- , wi? Q E ' Sharon Weeks 81 Deby Shubal Ashcrarrl, Sleve Auslin, Leslie Baker, Danny Barnes, Ricky Brown, Deborah Buckley, Mary Cagical, Lawrence Cornell, John Crawford, Donnie Dilley, Jackie Drabek, Larry Flowers, Calvin Franklin, Ken www ,vo xi 1 .fy X, fm ' 1 f TQ-i. -- 1:1 3 E ,fc H 3 Q 1 X 5 in YL -sq!! c n V, Ri' ,AY R Q. . 5 - .1 Gamble, Jerry Garrelf, Barlie Granl, Joey Greenroyd, Sam Hall, Debbie l-lammon, Jimmy l-larlin, Roger l-lellon, Shirley Holland, Brenda Hurd, Susan Huskinson, James Jackson, Roger W i Barbara Arnd+ Juniors Nol Piclured Johnson, Thomas Jump, Doris Kilgore, Sandra Mayberry, Mary McBride, Deloris McCan, Jo Moon, Juslin Mueller, Ronnie Mullennix, Jim Newman, Bill Pills, Danny Price, Mike 'Sludenfs No Longer Alfending be ,S To m m y Co b b Richardson, Wayne R i n g , J u d y Schenck, Johnny Scolf, Barbara Shoemake, Florence Simms, Mary Smilh, Glenda Sleyens, David Vaughan, Linda Waggener, Charles Will, Wanda Wood, Dennis In ,. ,4 W., ":' ' 'M Q56 M, KM 4? f 5 A,25,, 3 do ml' if 9 .qi . 4.- ifk W4 Vf,.,., . . r A .. ..., H f em.. - ., ww - Sophomore Class Officers: Boflom row lell lo riqhfz L. Weed, C. Reagan, E. Dodson, C. Sullivan, B. Glisan. Top row le-H +0 riqhl: B. Thomson, D. Grissom, M. Smilh, R. Telreaull, K. Shelharner, E. l-luddleslon. Crowding around lo see fhe iirsi issue of The Dispalch, are sophomore officers, ' 2l0 Carol Sullivan, Marry Smilh, Eileen Huddlesfon and Renee Tefre-aL Sophomores Willing To Give ExTro Service The Tall broughT a new class oT sophomores. This ss is desTined To hold many records. lT boasTs largesT sophomore class ever To be enrolled, has The largesT percenTage oT regisTered voTers Tor ss elecTions, and iT has The TirsT sophomore plan- g commiTTee. Two successTul money raising proi- Ts are "SanTa's Express" in which sTudenTs may nd,Their TavoriTe sTudenTs and Teachers ChrisTmas rds Tor a nominal Tee, and The elecTion oT Mr. and iss ChrisTmas PresenT. The candidaTes are selecTed ' The sophomore, iunior, and senior planning com- TTees and elecTed by The sTudenT body by paying penny per voTe. Sophomore class oTTicers are as llows: PresidenT Beau Thomson, Vice-PresidenT ebbie Grissom, SecreTary MarTy SmiTh, Treasurer :nee TeTreaulT, ParliamenTarian KaThie Shelhamer, zporTer Eileen l-luddlesTon, and RepresenTaTives-aT- 'qeg Lynda Weed, Cyndy Reagan, Eileen Dodson, arol Sullivan and Barbara Glisan. Donna Birlc, Gary Wiley, and Milclci Bell malce plans Tor The SanTa Express phomore Class Planning CommiTTee, BoTTom row: leTT To righT: Mrs. D. Birlc, M. Ashby, A. Mclnnis, J. Reardon. Top row: R. Bailey B Kng ,sdownr D- VGUQBV1, G. Jones, M. Bell, K. RoberTs, l.. Roache, S. GarreTT MarTin, G. Wiley, L. Todd. ls. STarlc. Second row: Mr. Pierce, J. TriTTipo, G. KlinglesmiTh, V. Sawyer, A i I V , I .5 ,,h ig, Q V H :,f. 44 31227 L ' 4 49 . 5, riii A l i j , 7' ' is H wif , 1 ' ' Bi its s ' 3 ' J ' "' ,, if , 2 is Q i-'.i?. - Y E E f , , ig 'gf H X IQ, ,, ,H-ra Y ., , ,,,. ,L U , , . is , . M if J ,g zi' 1 A 2 I A ,L , V I 1' W . H V j,. . , wi , nf figx Wi ,A 1 VA i lyf,q2', r 9' f fm., , , V55 ' ,Af 'l Sophomores Boost Largest Class with , 4,2 , 3 ' X Ns w :, Q, .a :- ,, . ,,'r Q-. ,. .ef Lv .f, 4, , 0 3 fi 4 it kr' I .1 35 ff -"ff, -5 F' ' f fy 'git i 3 -' .F .. H' . , U 5. , . .. ., L A, . , 2 11 1 I 2:2 mn A li qi' E LEW ,sw-1, f 'f r sw sf . ,sniff f 'Z ,' .s Abney, Roberla Abshire, Mike Acker, Donna Adams, Cindy Adams, Donna Adams Garry Adams, Sharon Alexander, Douglas Alexander, Eddie Alley, Gerald Allison, Randy Ambrose, Debbie Anderson, Bill Anderson, Joyce Anqlin, Gary' Annesley, Kennelh Antoon, David Archer. Ann Argo, Beverly Armslronq, Lynda Armslrong, Marc Ashby, Mary Ashlock, Phil Alkins, Joy Aulaubo, Gloria Bailey, Ronnie Baker, Beverly Baker, Bobby 890 Baker, David Baker, Doris Baker, Joyce Baker, Judy Bales, Jennifer Barker, Renee Barnes, Lois Barnes, Rose Barnes, Tom Barrell, Debbie Bass, Gaylon Bassell, Vicki Bafeman, Norma Bauer, Calvin Bauman, Leland Baxler, Wanda Bean, Mike Beard, Bruce Beary, Mike Bedford, Billy Bell, Francis Bell, Janel Bell, Linda Bell, Mikki Bellows, Brenda Beniock, Ronald Bennell, Douq Berry, Bobbie -, LCM, I Emu l'kms- lil? :king poslers was one way of gaining publicify for een Huddleslon and Beau Thomson in sophomore eleclions. Brassiield, John Brewer, Jerry Brewer, Larry Briggs, James Brislol, Gary Briflain, Lisa Brooks, Earl Brooks, Terry Brown Calhy Brown, James Brown Paul Brown, Sharon Bruemrner, Sheryl Bryanf, Larry Buckholgl, Jerry Buckner, Roberl Burgess, Billy Burkarl, Debbie Burkholder, Diane Burns, Hershall Burns, Milly Burris, Tommy Bushey. Sfeve Bufler, Judy Bull, Diane Byrns, Teddy Cagle, Belinda Caldwell, Ronnie is l Q A li 1 x 'V l Beihell, Susan Birk, Donna Blaine, Terry Blanceff, Slanley Bogle, Carolyn Bowman, Mike Boyer, Bob' Boyle, Jake Boyle, Lucy Brady, Karen Brasher, Sue Brashier, Gaylina S rf I We X , ,lf . . 'M p--qt E 2 gg. Y E? t , i4:aiF1i!i5fi if' 'rx yiisfm 7 " , Joi' yy , I3 T g ear? -J 'v ., 5 D si ,i xx . ff 1 I Wm- 'wi HA . 3 Y, -e, ' wif! -hs V7 fre? x V :gi 1, . 321,35 . 'arm 4 .i J 1 .P ul' f J ,,,, T rr wv',. -- :. 4:-,Q . l f y l 5. Wi I ,if , 2I3 sq.-A P 5' in W 'U' ' j I ii Y 2 1 I inf 6'-f' 'Z f' 'lk Xx x K A J lab fmxa ,m,. . 's"7Nr 4 r 1 Y L il 3 4, Ju, I His lv i f -V 5 'If' ' 1' ' A 4 -, F, ,. W M1 A .4 -U -. 'gina --: - nfgfifu in -', ,, ' sm B 'JI' , L Ll K E 4'-"' Vis , I., We , 1, ' Clark, Carol Clark, Conrad Clay, Brenda Clay. Regina Cleaver, Karen Clemenl, Danny Cobb, Randy Cobb, Sheila Cochran, Cynlhia Coffell, Linda Coffey, Debbie Coffman, 'Janice 'Y h,if il ,L .l , 6 ig 'Cv vffi ' :H w ll ,fm ,, is tg, K J! nm 'xi Callen, Larry Campbell, Dave Campbell, Dick Campbell, Penny Canada, Larry Canlrell, Debbi Carqle, Glenda Carmon, Danna Carpenler, Larry Carroll, Donna Carson, Susan Carler, Larry Casello, Arlhur Casey, Roberl Cash, Virginia Casida, Dee Caslro, Phyllis Cales, Barbara Calledqe, Ronnie Caver, Randy Chaaf, Marilyn Chadwick, Darla Chadwick, Janice Chambers, Belly Chambers, Darice Chapman, Wanda Chappell, Donna Chealwood, Johnella O yn" N I W QI 1 Sophomore Gary G-eer ears lunch wilh his friends. Cole, Belinda Cole, Jane Collins, Billy Collins, Caihey Con-apron, Mike Cook, Gwen Cook, Jeanelre Cook, Sieve Cooke, Kalhy Cooner, Larry Cooper, David Copeland, Jimmy Corbiil, Calhy Corder, Sieve Cosper, Glen Crabb, Edgar Craig, Leroy Crain, Sherri Crase, John' Creighlon, Par Crews, Diana Crews, Sieve' Cross, Sue Crowder, Kalhy Crozier, Linda Culberlson, Sharon Cunningham, Diana Curliss, Oleia Curry, Cheryl Curry, Cheri Curry, Richard Dabbs, Diane Dale, Barbara Daniel, Donald Daniels, Karen Darrah, Mike Davenporl, Craig Davis, Carol Davis, Kalhy Davis, Gary Davis, Laura Davis, Veronica Day, Karen Deason, Jimmy Decker, Johnny Dedmon, Vonna Del-larl, Brenda De Lauqhier, Pa Dennis, Kevin Denlon, Debbi Dewbre, Thelma Dickey, Bob Dillard, Mike Dillbeck, David Dixon, Richard Dobbs, Pam 2- , Pa ""' ,'., 1 3 f. N, , ' Q- V 4' . , A . , , .M ,,. . 1 7 l f F' " ve--.. f-J r f 1. .,, 1 'f 7 K X , ' xl is ,y ,,, ' ' gef, is L gf' il a if L if ' 'Q K M? a ll , .i Q52 QMS! 1 5.7: 1: "L--7 W H 5f2'f'?J4.--, i f A Q F x if F , , .. - ,, ' 3-5 F "i , M' A" Q., I .27 1-V F' ' , If X , iss.. J.: 'f,," ' .mf x,, V " 1, , F is I f QL ' 1 ' 1. 3 . 3, I H . A 4 M A ' up Q 'Y . nv- H ' it " ,, ' ' .ir . I A ' A' F d ' ir . L ,AV , 5, lr as 1 1 sf ,f 2 , 1 ,Y . , - I 5 V.f, ,. , if V K ,. Dodge, Mike Dodson, Eileen Doss, John Drake, Glenda Drake, Lillie Draper, Barry Draper, J. B. Duggan, Gary Dunkin, Virginia Dunninq, Ronnie Durbin, Donela Duren, Jan Dullon, Dale Dyer, Linda Dyess, Paula Edmonds, Midge Edwards, Pam Eidson, Jani Elliolf, Larry Ellis, Pal Ellislon, Mike Embrey, Karen Endicoll, Sandy Engles, David Esmond, Danny Espoll, Sieve Esquivias, Sieve Eulslur, Naomi Evans Judy Faram, Gary Farris Connie Fauqhl, Karen Faulkner, Chris Feller, Nancy Fenwick, Larry F Sophomores Organize Planning Committee L ll. 41 fi - 'F .' .i will ,. l',, ggi' - V , 5 -- 9 AA' N l ' , f F l ,' B 3. 4 5 1 ,M a n , , I , M ,kai 'Q - asia . A ,A 12? nrfx. 6,.L ' X, ,V r K., I. ii A , ' V' . .if X , 4,1 'TJ' H I 'ff' ' 4 N ' ' V ' . . - , . ,-,, W K f A - ' VV ff .4 .i M 115' . ' r - - W. ' 432' v 5 2, f eerrrr , i .ff ,mi is .- . ft , .ri-rff:--. ' " A X I ' if QAQ : fi 5525, 1-pf? l I lk.,iLEy'fi3H7-31's 'P B x 2' . Cn"..'.'?u.,uf.' , 2I6 Fink, Lonnie Fisher, Monlie Filzgerald, Kalhy Fleminq, Leslie Flowers, Billy Flowers, Jimmy Floyd, Bill Flynn, Jerry Ford, C. J. Forlner, Linda Forlune, Larry Fosler, Kay Francis, Sharon Free, Ed Freeman, Calhy Fuller, Lili Gann, Judy Garlow, Dawnelle Garlow, Vicki Garrell, Gary Garrell, Linda fl you wanr +he frufh, I 'rhink Lalin is . .." says Donna Acker. Gough, Don Gragq, Rebecca Gragg, Sieve Greenlee, Richard Griffin, Barbara Griqsby, Linda Grimes, Bobby Grimm, Cheryl Grissom, Debbie Grissom, Vince Grossnicklaus, Charles Groves, John Grummer, Larry Gruver, Sharon Gulick, Paul Guihrie, Bobby Hackney, Guy' Hackworlh, Linda Haffner, Linda Hale, Debbie Hale, Ronnie Hall, Jackie Hall, Raymond Hall, Sherry Hamillon, Linda Harriman, Sandra Hamman, Vicki Hammelf, Belly Garreil, Sharon Geckler, Sherri Geer. Gary Genlry, Kim Genzer, Linda Gibson, John Gilslrap, Kafhy Glasgow, Cheryl' Glisan, Barbara Gonzales, John Goodson, Charle Gordon, Jimmy S is Q i i kts? vii, rf sw fl" his ff? .1 , ,- GQQ ,af -if 54 ,""',f ,1..,, y X iz, I .f y aa J , 5,2 9 y hi ' . b A X by I 9 ii i . Ah ' A J ,yr y 1 fyggymwr rrf R' 4, i . 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Xi'- Observing a deadly laranfula is Michele Kra ny Higgins, Jimmy Hilburn, Miichell Hill, Palience Himes, Jimmie Hifi, Debbie Hobqood, Ronnie Hodges, David Hellman, Mike Hoipkemeier, Sieve Holasek, James Holland, Marlene Holley, Sue Holmes, David Homer, Raymond Hooper, Franklin Horion, Brenda Horion, Sieve Hoskins, Jack Hosler, Clay Houslon, Chris Howell, Gwen Huddlesion, Eileen Hueria, Raul Hughes, Susie Hull, Marion Hulsopple, Marcia Humphrey, Jolanda Hunl, Pauleiie Hunler, Becky Hunler, Sieve Hunziker, Sandy Ilson, Debbie lngram, Ed Jackson, Barbara Jackson, Carolyn Jackson, Richard Jamison, Kafhy Jefferson, Debbie Jenkins, Terry Johnson, Benny Johnson, Cynihia Johnson, Donna Johnson, Lois Johnson, Marla Johnson, Marsha Johnson, Rick Johnson, Sherri Johnson, Shirley Johnson, Skip Johnson, Sieve Joiner, Rickey Jones Barbara Jones Glenda Jones, Jeannie Jones, Samuel Jones, Scoil' O , , 1,- vt-'Hp Firs'r f 4 my iil' Y w,lfM's1-fs ki, is X ., ' .,, n uf if l L l in Q Lai W. 'C' 3 , . 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Jones, Sleye Jones, Wayne Joyner, Tommy Judkins, PaHy Jusfice, Mike Kaler, Russell Kamrafh, Barbara Kasfer, Jeannelle Keel, David Keener, Darla Kelly, Ricky Kelso, Keilh Kerby, Mike Kern, Georgia Kerr, Mellon Kiecoll, Jan King, Frankie King, Roberl Kind, Sharon Kinq, Teddi Kinney, Roberl Kinsey, Cynfhia Kirkham, Debbie Kirkham, Diane Kirklen, Reqina Kirkpa+rick, Kenney Klepper, Joy Klinqlesmilh, Gina Sophomores Represented On Football Tecim ' ' 459, - 1 ' L' 1:e' ' 5 , ' iii! an , 1 ' YN L li :B J J ii 6 , My Airr i "', ., In 'Aaah . , J 2' EL, ell ,kj , i L '.i, g .ec J i r , K .A . .f'f,Ii 5, ,. f , L W r arf 220 S ..., LW., Knapp, Leo Kniqhl, Wilela Knopp, Larry Koch, Linda Kolke, Richard Krainyak, Michele Kurrasch, James Kuykendall, Slave Lacer, Alan Laffoon, Terry Lamberson, Danny Lanier, Terry Lanoy, Opal Lafhrop, Linda Lawrence, Ellen Lawson, Jimmy Lawson, Richard Laylon, Vicki Leach, James Le Blanc, Chris Le Cornple, Janice Ledlord, Pam Ledlow, Mark Lee, Pam Lemay, Curr Leslie, James Lesler, David Lewis, Rusly 1 'icly Sanders lakes resl cluring John Marshall game. Lullrell, Pam Lynch, Ann Lynch, Debbie Lynch, Tommie Mackey, Candye Macklin, Andy Maddox, Mike Mainus, Alice Maker, Beverly Malone, Pally Malone, Sharon Maloney, Linda Manasco, Keilh Manninq, Michelle Manuel, Forresl Marlin, Barbara Marlin, Bill Marlin, Bobby Marlin, Cynlhia Marlin, Gerald Marlin, John Marlin. Marie Maslers, Karen Malhis, Danny Mallock, Mike Mallhews, Connie May, Donna May, Larry Liebeqoll, Jean Lively, Sue London, Mike Lonq, Ron Looney, Kalhy Lopez, Kalhryn Lorelle, Virginia Lounqe, Bob Lovelace, Donna Lovelady, Vaughn Lovell, Janel Lullrell, Judy I di x-iffhtiv r M . U N, , A .R :,' tri 37 i -V . by ,,,,,VV . ' ni kzikkixk I - clcl 'ii 'Q , ' A ,V 2' , ., , gig? ' ' 3 V il , " ' ' , i v Sv' ' . ,J 5 f, ' , A W'-1 ' i f .,,,, 7.1! " eg, ' P ff iff . , l I' in S1 L R e 1 ,, 2.f ' 'J X xkk , " i ,Af mf , if ,- .1 - i-oo -i sg' " 4 fam L fy kc Q pf -ef 22l 1, ,Mx ,f Li 3,1 l N I 'jf 7 I I J- x Kruk... li - ,K .W 1 + ,. , 1 l 3 . 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Q 'Q-ff ' Moon, Bonnie W my K I ,D UU' X ,li 222 -V Moon, Debi Moore, Linda Morozolf, Pai' Mosley, Miles Mosman, Susan Mounfford, Frank X "l'd love a coke," says Eileen Dodson fo Coy Scholl Mueller, Darrel Mullins, Charles Mulfon, Marqarel Mumme, Mike Murphy, Mike Muse, Donna Myers, Gary Myers, Wayne Myhro, K-arlene Nees, Mike Nelson, Keilh Nesilerode, Claudia Newberry, Greg Newcomb, Dora Newcomb, Nora Newhouse. Milch Newlon, Dennis Nixon, Jerry Norihcurf, Ken Norwood, Jan Oden, Sharon Officer, Wrealha Oqlesby, Laura Organ, Larry Oroverfz, Charles Overslreer, Scoir Owens, Jan 'Ozmenh Dicky Painier, Jackie Palmer, Treva' Palmore, Howard Pape, Paul Park, Mike Parker, Greq Parker, Leslie Parks, Danny Pairick, Richard Paulk, Pam Payne, Raqena Pearn, Frances Pempin, Mike Perceful, Ron Perdue, Roberi' Perkins, Timmy Perry, Mike Pelerson, Laura Pelerson, Marqare+ Phillips, John Pierce, Charlolie Pierce, Judy Pike, Cornel Pinkslon, Barbara Poe, Don Polk, Sharon Pollock, Joe Polsley. Linda ff ,,, i o r N i rr' 1 .. x 4 A f'7f x 'A K C "u.,. X X P' S - 'r sg - 1. 1, . ' -i L 4-.fd , . Wi P P i 'P ,s, 1 -5, i .Wits ,WJ , , K 1 5 , fy . if L fi-irig il if v ,, sf ' I ,,,,.. 'K 1 Q' W, W ' H - a,,a , f ff wg , - 'N Q ' ',,,, :P A P ir" ia., is 1 5 . -A, L '1", f 2-iii: all 'L , A Q ff' is i Q IJ .1 Q i P 1 f ,ili Q W' .P -,aw-is H Q L . -J 2 , PM 'S Ea, . L 8000 Register for Class Elections 3 W ' V7 ff,... nn X ii L , , f - - is 2 rii P - V lg?-W V . .I Lggk Q' 'm,N,ffv,q x A ' V . ll I - Ji. 1 . N 14 ' J A L mink A1245 V? P . J xx lg X , 'A I 'VA ix, - QQ! 3 If I T Y , 1' Q U 4"'a"f""? Qi , Q, fr-Y ' . .. i' 4 lf- ,, ' , " ' ,pf ,V,. , ,R ,.,V 3 K I Q . f if ' y A . , ln, ' ' ' Q 1, 6 1. ' r i ,gl R . " s V . i ' , ., .V L nigga L ' ,, 'yah' L. V 1, W Kill 'r 1 i iJ5ll3fef,, 'K R Ffa may gf, Pr , " 5 ,, 1, iii f .D - H Q , K 5 M. of P Im. 5 v I gg, . - r H1 ET7 i f M .. 'If' J A, i,. ,, K 4 ,RQ Pound, Delmer Pound. Peggy Pralf, Carla Praylor, Kennefh Price, Shirley Prim, Nancy Prolfer, Marlin Pruill, Jan Pullin, Dianne Pybas, Warren Querdibilly, Dennis Quick, Mike Rakesrraw, Perry Ramsey, Roberl Rankin, Janice Ray, Carla Reagan, Cyndy Reardon, Joan Reed, Ronnie Reeves, Donna Reubell, Terri Reynolds, Mike Rhodes. Connie Rhodes, James Rice, Charlolie Rich, Valerie Richardson, Terry Ridley, Sharon Sophomores Take Port in Bond Activities v 5 ,sq K ii V2 fl! fl , qv, px -N- ,auf 5-ef M L41 if 9 g . , ' i 44 pr. 53 '32, 1 qi Y X i Riggle, Jean Riggs, Paul Riggs. Peqev Riker, Barbara Rinkle, Donnie Rilchie, Sleve Roach, Bill Roberls Barbara Roberls Burrell Roberls, James Roberfs Karen Roberls Mike Roberls, Pal Robinson, Barbara Robinson, Marsha Robinson, Ricki Robinson, Ricky Roche, Melinda Rodgers. Charles Rodgers, David Rodgers, Jerry Ann Rodgers, Terry Ann Rogers, Mike Rogers, Shirley Rolland, Karhleen Rosebrook, Keri Roselle, Dan Ross, Phillip u don'+ lhinlc if lakes wind, ask Charlolle Rice. Sanders, Randy Sanderson, Linda Sarrinqlon, Howard Sassano, Roy' Sasser, Ellen Sawyer, Viclci Scarberry, Don Schmid, Billy Schofield, Coy Schwab, Kaihy Scol+, Don Scoll, John Scolr, Sleve Scroqqins, Lana Seals, Debbie Sennell, Fran Senei, Ricky Sewell, Carla Shade, Keilh Shaffer, Sieve Shamblin, CloAnn Shawn, Roberl Shelharner, Kalhy Shelfon, Donna Sherburne, Linda Shouse, Danny Siess, Gary lb Rowland, Gary Rule, Allen Runyan, Judy Rushinq, Jack Russell, Pam Sack, Karen Saclc, Richard Sadler, Barbara Sadler, Charles Salley. Roger Salmon, Richard Sanders, Connie S w mal J. I 0 ' ya .i , ieikfivf s S im Sain ,T RT. ll!!! Wi! - . . ,Q . lr 35 , ' rn' U .Q 'Y ' ef . H x YQ .Q .. L If he K S1 xi, 'Nez if .A is , f f.unp.Q D .....f K 'if x i 'qfvilif 4 3 J + ,Q Q ,X s x . K x il i , M15 Fix... 51, l 1 l ssi- S li I , Q .k ,,,,, V' .. K , ' 1" 'Y 5 S Nl il r W , rrr Q W . H V "', s 5 ii aigafi, 'L Lg ws ' - , - ., ' I ' rv' fi, 399' - ,,. 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Glenn Smifh, Joe Smiilw, Kenny Smillm, Marry Smilh, Mike Smilh, Mike Smifh, Paula Smillw, Roberi' Smilh, Sherry Smilh, Sleven Sokalnicki, Debbie Sonnensclwein, Manfred Soulherland, Francis Spangler, Denise Spears, Phyllis Spellings, Eddie Spencer, Mark Splawn, Donna ,..--"' rr ,af Assisfing fo fill oul' guidance reporfs is Linda Wilson Slevens, Glen Slevens, Richard Srewarr, Jo Slicher, Theresa Sliger, Richard Slills, Darris S+. John, Kalhy Slrassner, Gail Slrider, L. J. Slubblelield, Viclci Slubbs, Paula Sullivan, Carol Sullivan, Chappy Sumner, Tommy Sulherlin, Eddie Swaffar, Sandy Swope, Jean Swenson, Karen Sykes, Gary Tabor, Ron Taylor. Billy Taylor, George Taylor, Jane Taylor, Susi Teaque, Mike Teaque, Sam Teqerson, Charles Temple, Terry Terbush, Shawn Terry, Edina Teleraulf, Renee Theimer, Pam Thomas, Milre Thomas, Ronnie Thompson, Greg V Thompson, Judy Thompson, Larry Thompson, Mary Thompson, Terry Thomson, Beau Thrash, Russell Threllqeld, Barbara Thurman, Vicky Tilley, Pai Tinsley, Sieve Todd, Linda Tolson, Cheryl Toolcer, Lynn Trewef, Marilyn Trilripo, Jane Trobauqh, Debbie Troxell, Elmer Turnbow, Sam Turnbull, Carolyn Turner, Ranae Turner, Shirley f 1 - in , , SW ,Q .V 1 f Q fr- Y fr 'fl f , :QHE M 1, 7 .1 u 'ft 3, ia- .. rll,' , ' illl" 1 f, ,f fr J , yyyyy y J w V Y, wk .,,, L fi 5 T ' Y , sv H 'S ' 6 A A ' Q or ' or ez, A ,,,, , - , " ' fn , ' ' l ,.,,, , '1,Z AV, K is .4 i"? V dum A . , it K . K , ., 6 , I , K .,,, W V I! A Q, in - V ri ll , J , L r . , ' I 1 x ' sw f sig-g yyygyy W 1, r-- -4 iw, . Q3 ' S Sophomores Adiusf To New ,im 'li ' ff' Pace 5 4 1 Sify ' :wig iflN ix ' , 'W ' . 4"'fD X ii X dnt' A. ., 43, 121 - Eimegs. if f JL. 2-L . ,1 'QQ-BM-.. K 1 Ri V N 4 ll i I ,. A ' irr' . iii H es. ill V h :vii I R L ' f. QT 4 . I f . V xi f my I Q 5 - . l ' r-- ff ., ..,, 7. 11:1 , ,,,V - I irv M E LV 227 . L. - iii V"' 5'1 V L, ,os - e y if lik, 4 QTQ-ent , E 'V li li i i ' if , of il I .nf I Underwood, Pam Unsell, Jackie Ulley, Linda Vallee, Terry Van Nov, Elberla Vauqhan, Debbie Vawler, Shirley Vowell, Debbie Waddle, Jerry Waddle, Sharon Wade, Jimmy Wagner, Donnie Wallis, Floyd Walls, Tommy Walson, Sleve Walls, Rhonda Walls, Sharon Wealherlord, John Weaver, Cheryl Webb, Paula Weeks, Clarence Welch, Tommy Wesl, Susie Weslervell, Ba rba ra Weslon, Linda Whilney, Joyce Wilcox, Barbara Wilder, Ronnie Wiley, Gary Wiley, Janice Wilkerson, John Wilkes, Linda Williams, Lanny Williams, Pal Williams, Rodger Williams, Sharon Williamson, Doyle Wilson, Alvin Wilson, Carolyn' Wilson, James Wilson, Linda Wilson, Sandra Wilson, Troy Windle, James "',- y wg ,ff,. ii-if 1. 1" ' r ' Q A J 31 U , f , s 41 ii , 'Q 3 F A J J , f,, ' R i s .if4l f.f'f.1N a sg. 'Q , 1.4, 'Y ' 2, ii fillf fl "'-:life :df 12:9 'Ffa ffgiflg- ffyjfi? is ' , i , 1' -, ,152 'Z , R, -av pl Q? 'I 7 ,667 I T E K . f Vkyk ky ITEI .A 'S s,,,, V iik -,,, D 4 i vi n f , is f in 1 , 1 , ' fri" ' Q- . J 5 Qin ,J C "il J i D li ' s , my J ,J , iv A 5 ,, ei f f as wfllh f rv , is- J ' 228 Winnard, Larry Wirsick, Calhy Wirsick, Chrisly Wise, Roberla Wiyninger, Terry Wollenbarger, Janice Wood, Danny Wood, Dennis Wood, Radonna Woodall, Eddie Woodard, Marilyn Woodie, Eddie l D as i Wooliver, Janie Wrighl, Jimmie Wyonl, Richard Yancey, Floyd Young, l'lelen Yousey, Carl' Ainsvvorlh, Mary Lou Anderson, Eddie Baleman, Delene Brinkley, Karen Claunch, Lavanda Coleman, Debbie Cunningham, Ronald Daniel, Regina DeWoody, Vance Dragus, Paul Drumm, Richard Due, Billy Filzgerald, Pal l-lillerbrand, Dewey Johnson, Jim Lauck, Pele Lupp, James Marlin, Gail Meddler, Ronnie Novak, Janice Pierce, Sleve Price, Janie Pyer, Larry Rollins, Gayla Sanders, Frank Slane, Richard Sparks, Norman Tull, Barbara Turner, Mike l , H 5 - . , , if fl., f -v-A , - V ,mf , , . ,, i 1' ', H K - ,flu M I W., 5 K - M, ljfi ks , ,S i 3 . 47 '- i I J H , if -r KW J, 1 3 ,,fa,,l:,,,, Q .4 I fy 4 f is 1 as J rf " ' Ls 'N' . v ., " TY may r v Ri- 2 . . I' f ' Q I N il., A! ii 'l si zlfy' swl aw " ' V ,, Alherlon, Delorese Bailey, Tony Baskerville, Bruce Berry, Sharon Boalwriqhl, Marlena Boyle, Gail Branlley, Linda Brill, Mary Collins, Ronnie Cook, Nora Cook, Rene Curry, Connie Davis, Jimmy Dial. Barbara Dulaney, Delilah Dunning, Frank Florence, Vicki Greene, James Hauck, John l-layles, Jerry Holliday, Beverly James, Terry Sophomores Nol Piclured Jones, Jane Kimray, Charlolle Landers, Frank Langley, Joyce Lee, James Lewis, Lindell Lovell, Juanila Lynn, Rosa ' McDonald, Charles Mellon, Margarel Morrison, Thomas Olson, Deborah Paulk, Ella Podhaisky, Joyce Ouinl, John Ray, Richard Reeder, Janie Reynolds, Annelle Robinson, Donald Rogers, Michael Rohrer, Mary Sanders, Danny 'Sludenls no longer allending school L. ,, , V ffl 'V' s X lvxs r I 16 lill' I 'Wg 1 Q l lili I 5 m, . ex , .uv ll mf f- if as 'AY , I f ,W Williams, Joe W li' ,, ,,. Sanders, Larry Sanger, Palricia Scoll, Judy Smilh, Leo Slolls, John Tash, Gayle Thomison, Debbie Towler, Bennie Walkaboul. Billy Wall, Phillip Wallers, Richard Walls, Linda Weed, Lynda Wesl, Nawena Wilkerson, Kalhy Williams, Connie Williamson, Bobbie Windle, Peggy Wise, Roberla Wood, Michael Wrighl, Jerel Zahourek, Richard -.Q -mm-'menu Alma Mater Dear Grani High, Our own Granl High, We hold your loanners Red and gray. Loyal we will be lo lhee Now and Through elernily. Dear Granl High, Our own Granl High, Where e're we go How e're we slrive: Our hearls ever Jrurn your way, True +o Thee Granl High. We shall never lorgel . . . fall '66 To gradualion '67 . . . our grealesi year . . . we are proud To be Generals . . . Now +his is noi' fhe end. H' is noi' even +he beginning of fhe end. Bu+, if is, perhaps, fhe end of 'rhe beginning. Winslon Churchill 1 967 Yeorbook Editors Vicki Coleman-Edifor-in-Chief Rhonda Talkingfon-Managing Edifor Larry Anfrikin-Phofography Janice Phillips-Opening Julie Rawski--Faculfy Darlene Sa na uskas-Acfivifies Carol Anderson-Managing Acfivifies Shirley Sweaff-Sporfs Dave Chambers-Managing Sporfs Sharon Crooks-Senior Secfion Linda Higgins-Junior Secfion Margie Smirh-Sophomore Secfion Sfoff Donna Bridges Connie Curry Teresa Hawkins Marilyn Hoffman Eileen Huddlesfon Frances James Susan Krag Ellen Lawrence Pamela Mainord Janice Mclnnis Debbie Oscarson Cynfhia Reagan Frances Roach Marsha Smifh Judi Sfuckey Marian Tafum Peggy Tegerson Beau Thomson Kay Thompson Jessica Troffer Marilyn Tyler Linda Weed Sandy Wiffen Edi'ror's Note: Mr. Huffman . . . faculfy members . . . Lou and Jerry Carroll represenfing Taylor Publishing Company . . . Joe Hansen and Charles Mulcahy represenfing Rembrandf Sfudio . . . Mr. Dale Poindexfer . . . Mr. Roberf McCain . . . cusfodial sfaff . . . we express our fhanks for fhe parf you have played in fhe producfion of our I967 General. I congrafulafe my sfaff for producing a book in which every General can fake pride. Their dedicafion and hard work may go unacknowledged af fhe presenf, buf nof forgof- fen in fhe fufure. My highesf appreciafion goes fo Mrs. Mary J. Sparks, our yearbook sponsor. She is probably fhe only person who realizes every aspecf involved in fhe producfion of fhis book. She guides us . . . she reprimands us . . . she encourages us . . . she is our highesf inspirafion. M444 5 -B-. Baker, Mrs. Helen Attendance Clerk, 2l, 22 Ballew, Mr. Ray B.M.E. Oklahoma Baptist University ga.M.E. Oklahoma University, 35, 78, Barker, Mrs. Frances Cafeteria, 40 Barr, Mr. James B.S. Southwestern State College M.S. Oklahoma State University, 32 Barton, Mr. Amos Custodian, 4l Baugh, Mrs. Christine B.A. Central State College M. A. 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Board of Education, I9 West, Mrs. Geneva Cafeteria, 40 Whaley, Mr. Herman Custodian, 4l Wheeler, Mrs. Cleo B.A. Abilene Christian College Central State College Oklahoma University Whittington, Miss Sonia B.A. Central State College 27, IBB M.A. Central State College Williams, Mrs. Geneva Financial Secretary, 22 Williams, Mr. Robert Custodian, 4l Wright, Mrs. Mabel Cafeteria 40 233 . l .-A- ADAMS, DIANE 78, I58 ALBRIGHT, PAM Sec. FTA, Pep Club 2 yrs., FBLA I yr. ALEXANDER, RITA I58, 64 FBLA I yr., Pep Club 3 yrs., Thespians I yr., Student Council I yr. ALLEN, CLIFTON Sgt. at Arms VICA, FBLA ASNDESISSON, CAROL 7, 57, 63, 82, I56, I ,I Demerit Capt. Pep Club I yr., Sr. Class Treas., Wrestling Att. 64-65, Student Co- 2 yrs., Yearbook Asst. A-:tivities Ed., Princess of Print 66-67, Pep Club 3 yrs., FBLA I yr., FJA 2 yrs. ANDERSON, JERRY I58 ANDERSON, TERRY I58, 47, 46, 'il Student Council Vice-Pres., Sophomore Class Pres., Boys' State '66, Jr. Marshall, Mu Alpha Theta 2 yrs., Student Council 3 yrs., Jeftersonian Honor Society 3 yrs., Sophomore and Jr. Class planning com- mittee General King Candidate ANDREWS, RAYMOND I58 Vice-Pres. Band, Band ANGLIN, DANNY I58 French Club I yr., FBLA I yr. ANTINORO, KAREN I58 ANTRIKIN, LARRY I58, I68, 84 6:-66, 'Photography Ed. 66-67, Student Council 2 yrs., FJA 3 yrs., Safety Council I yr., FTA I yr. ARDEN, TERRY DECA I yr. ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM I58 ASBILL, WALTER I26, I58 ASHCRAFT, MIKE I58 Vice-Pres. Hi notes I yr., City Council- man for a Day, French Club I yr., FBLA I yr., Hi-Notes 2 yrs. ASKEY, SHARON I57, I58, 47, 64, 46 Jr. Football Att., Yearbook Queen att- endant, Honor Roll I yr., Pep Club 3 yrs., FBLA I yr., Jr. Sr. Class Planning Committees. ATKINS, GAYLE I58 18, BAIRD, CLAYTON I58 DECA I yr. BAKER, ELAINE l50, I58 BAKER, SUE I50, l5l, I59, 64 Student.Council I yr., Student Council Convention Delegate 2 yrs., Pep Club 3 yrs., Girls' O'Club 2 yrs., FBLA 2 yrs. BAMBERGER, TOMMY l59 BARBER, BECKY I59 BARCUM, ROBERT I59, 58 Science Fair, 3rd in city, Science Sem- inar Scholarship, FBLA 2 yrs., Mr. FBLA 66-67 Board of Directors Friendly Na- tional Bank. BARKER, CHERYL l59 Red Cross Pres., Pep Club 3 yrs., FBLA 2 yrs., Red Cross 3 yrs., FTA I yr., Latln Club. BARNES, PEGGY I59 BEASLER, TOMMY I59 BEASLEY, JUDY 78, I59 Red Cross I yr., Acapella Choir I yr., Girls Glee Club I yr. BELL, DANNY l59 Yearbook Sophomore Class Section Ed. BEMENT, DENZIL BENNETT, BRENDA IS? BENNETT JAN I59, 64 Jr. Class Rep. at Large, Latin Club Pres., 66, Calpurnia, Sr. Planning Committee, Sep Club 3 yrs., Latin Club 2 yrs., FBLA yrs. BENVENUTO, KENNETH Boys' O'Club 2 yrs. BETHEA, PAT l59 Pep Club 3 yrs., FBLA 2 yrs., Jr. Sr. Class Planning Committees. BIDDY, JASPER I26, I27, I59, I8B, 44, 47, I44 Pres. FCA, Sec. Boys' O'Club, Civitan Award,Honor Roll, OSU Alumni Achieve- ment Award, Sr. Class Rep. at Large, Spanish Club I yr., Jr. Class Rep. at Large, Cross-Country 3 yrs., Track 3 yrs. BILYEU, GWEN I59 Art Club BIRK, LARRY I60 Band BLAKENEY, RONNIE I59, I4I Boys' O'Club 3 yrs. BLANCETT, SANDRA I59 FBLA I yr. BLANKENSHIP, RONNIE I59 Mu Alpha Theta I yr., Latin Club I yr. BLAY, YVONNIA l59 BOOTON, DAROLD 8 l59 Pres. Mu Alpha Theta, Latin I Award, OSU Alumni Award, Mu Alpha Theta 2 yrs. Howard E. Brown Science Seminar. 234 ALE Seniors BOOTON, SHERRY I59, 64 Sec-Treas. Mu Alpha Theta, Pep Club 3 Pep Club I yr., FBLA 3 yrs.. BOST. ROBERT I59 Latin Club 2 yrs., Spanish Club FBLAI r Y . BOYD, MARCIA 59, 79, l59 Lead in "Carousel" Choir Queen BRASHER, WENDELL IS? DECA Pres., DECA Iyr., FBLA I ,yr., Inter-Club Council, Choir I yr. BREEDING, RITA I59 DECA I yr. BRIDGES, DONNA I60, I62, 64, 68, 83 OSU Alumni Achievement Award, Pep Club 3 yrs., Student Council I yr., Latin I yr., FJA 3 yrs., Jr. Class planning Committee, FBLA I yr. BROCK, BEVERLY I60 Pep Club 3 yrs., FBLA 2 yrs. BROCK, RICHARD I60 BROOKS, COLEE I57, I60, 76 ' OSU Alumni Achievement Award, Maior- ette 3 yrs., Latin Club I yr., FTA 2 yrs., Band 3 yrs., FBLA 2 yrs., Jr. and Sr. Class Planning Committee. BROOKS, STEVE I60 Boys O'Club I yr., Latin Club, I yr., Mu Alpha Theta. BROWN, DEBBY I60 BROWN, DEBI 78, I60 Thespians BROWN, DIANE I60 BROWN, JACKIE I60 BROWN, SUSAN Red Cross'l yr. yrs., French Club 2 yrs., Art Club I yr. Mu Alpha Theta 2 yrs. BROWN, TERRY I60 Spanish Club, Latin Club. BUCKHOLD, DOROTHY I60 County Commissioner for a Day, FBLA I yr., Mu Alpha Theta. BUCKLEY, BELLA I60 BUCKLEY, MARY I60 BUCKLEY, NICK I60 VICA, Photography Club BUCKNER, RANDY I60 BURKS, GAY LYNN IZ, I6l, 57, 76 Band Queen, Band 3 yrs., Maiorette 3 yrs. BURRIS, THURSTON VICA I yr. BYERS, BECKY l6I Iiibrary Club Pres., FBLA 3 yrs., Pep Club rs. BYIRAM, DORIS BYRNE, CAROLYN I yr., -C.. CALDWELL, LLOYD I6I DECA 2 yrs. CAMP, DAVID CAMP, RAYMOND I6I CAMPBELL, ROBERT l6I, I4B CARPENTER, DON I47 Pep Club 3 yrs. CASH, REBA I6l, 65 CASTLEBERRY, JIM I6l Latin Club I yr., FBLA I yr. CATLEGE, BEVERLY I57, l6I, 65 Boys O'Club Sweetheart Att., Pep Club 3 yrs., FBLA I yr. CATE, RICK l6l, I40, l4I Swimming Honors, Latin Club I yr. CERMAK, JIMMY I6l CHADWELL, JERRY l56, I57, I6I Jr. and Sr. Class Rep. at Large, OSU Alumni Achievement Award, Boys O'Club I yr., Student Council 3 yrs. FCA I yrs., Spanish Club I yr. Latin Club 2 yrs. CHAMBERS, DAVE I26, I27, I60, I6I, 57, 82, I44 Safety Council I yr., Cross Country 2 yrs., Track 3 yrs., Key Club I yr., Prince of Print, Boys O'Club 2 yrs., FCA 2 yrs., Amateur Athletics Union 2 yrs. CHAMBERS DELINA I6l, 65, 68 sr. Faaibali A++. sec. FBLA Pep Club 3 yrs., FBLA 2 yrs. CHAMBERS, LINDA I6I gJSU Alumni Achievement Award, FBLA yrs. CHICK, LESLIE 59, 79 Choir Vice-Pres., Lead in "CarouseI", Sr. Class Planning Committee Thespians, I yr. Choir King. CHILTON, BILLY l6l, I44, I46 Pres. VICA, Boys O'Club 3 yrs., VICA I yr., FBLA I yr., l,O00 Mile Club 2 yr. CHRISTY, LINDA I6I, 65 Basketball Queen Att. 65-66, Pep Club yrs., FBLA 3 yrs. CLAMPITT, DANNY CLAMPITT, DIANNIA CLARK, JANE I57, I6I, 65 Spanish Club Queen Att. 66-67, FTA 2 yrs, Spanish Club, 2 yrs, Pep Club 3 yrs., Student Council, I yr. Jr. and Sr. 66-67, Class Planning Committee. CLARK, STEVE l6I All-Region, All-State Band '66-67, Club, Hi-Notes, Band, Orchestra, Stage Band 3 yrs. CLEMENT, SHARON I6I Pep Club 2 yrs. COBB, ANTHONY I6I Sr. Class Planning Committee. COBB, JOYE I6I, 65 FBLA 2 yrs., Pep Club 3 yrs. COCHRAN, ROBERT I6l FBLA I yr. COCKERHAM, PERRY I6I, Il5 I D.A.R. Award for History, National Merit Semifinalist, "A" Honor Roll, Vice-Pres- ident FCA, FCA trip to National Con- ference, National Science Foundation Summer Program at University ot Kan- sas, Junior Rotarian, FCA 2 yrs., French Club 2 yrs., Mu Alpha Theta, I yr. Boys O' Club 2 years. French CODY, STEVE COGBILL, PATSY l6I Pep Club. COLBAUGH, CONNIE I6I Student Council, FBLA 2 yrs. COLE, LaHOMA l62 Pep Club 2 yrs. COLEMAN, DIANE I62, 65 Superior Rating at District and State Contest 65-66, Pep Club 3 yrs., Mu Alpha Theta I yr., FBLA I yr., FTA I YI'- COLEMAN, VICKI I3, l56, I57, I62, 65, 68, B3 Sophomore Class Sec., Jr. Rep. at Large, Junior Marshall Usher, Sr. Rep. at Large Pep Club Sec. 65-66, Girls' State Rep:, Yearbook Editor 66-67, Student Council 3 yrs., French Club I yr., FJA 2 yrs., Latin Club I yr., Pep Club 3 yrs. COLLAMORE, PHIL I62 Latin Club I yr. COLLINSWORTH, CHARLES COMBS, MARY I62 CONNELLY, DANNY VICA CONNER, LARRY I62 FBLA I yr., Student Council 2 yrs., Thespians I yr., Red Cross I yr. COOK, JANET I62, 48, 49, 65, 72 Football Queen 66-67, Pep Club' 2 yrs., French Club I yr., Student Council I yr. COOK, JERRY I62 Student Reader, Red Cross I yr., Sr. Class Rep. I yr. COOK, TERRY Student Council, Varsity Letters, Boys O' Club, Latin Club, Photography Club. COOK, MARY I62 COOPER, LEONARD l62 COOPER, LORRAINE I62, 65 OSU Alumni Achievement Award, FBLA 3 yrs., Pep Club I yr., Student Council I yr. COPELAND, BEVERLY I62 i ' FBLA Chaplain, OSU Alumni Achieve- ment Award, Pep Club 2 yrs., FBLA 3 rs. lCORNELISON, SANDRA I62, 65 OSU Alumni Achievement Award, Span- ish Club I yr., Pep Club 3 yrs. CORONA, REGINA I62, 47, SI, 66, 46 Yearbook Queen Att., Pep Club 3 yrs., FBLA 2 yrs., Student Council I yr. O'Club Sweetheart Att. COSBY, CHERIE I62 Pep Club Z yrs., FBLA I yr., Student Council Convention 2 yrs. COVENTON, PHIL l62, I42 "B" Honor Roll 2 yrs., Boys O'Club 2 yrs., FCA COX, SANDY I57, I63, 6I, 62, 88 Usher Capt. Pep Club, 65-66, Cheer- leader 66-67, Latin Club Sec. 65-66, Pep Club 3 yrs., Student Council 3 yrs. Latin Club I yr. CRAIN, STEVE I63 OSU Alumni Achievement Award, Bas- ketball Letter 2 yrs., Mu Alpha Theta I yr., FCA I yr., French Club I yr. CRAWFORD,DONNIE CREEKMORE, HUGH FBLA I yr., VICA I yr. CRISP, YOLANDA I63, 47, 54, 55, 60, sz, ss, 46 , Cheerleader 65-66, .66-67, Junior Marshall, Candidate for Miss HOWCIY. Yearbook Queen Att., Pep Club 3 yrs., FBLA 2' yrs., Jr, and Sr, Class Planning Committee, O'Club Sweetheart. CROOKS, SHARON I63. 84 Yearbook Sr. Class Section Edilor 66-67 OSU Alumni Achievement Award, FBLA 2 yrs., Spanish Club I yr., Pep Club 2 yrs., FJA 2 yrs., CRUMPLER, TERRY FTA I yr. f CURRY, ALAN I63 Latin Club CURTIS, RONNIE I63 ,D-. DALBOW, DOUG I63 French Club I yr. DALE, TOMMY I63 FBLA DALLAS, SAM 39, I63 Thespians, Treas., 66-67, Third place State Speech and Drama Tourn. for Dramatic Duet 66-67, NFL I yr., Thespians 2 yrs., Latin Club 2 yrs., Inter-Club Council I r. IJARRAH, JANICE 66 Spanish Club Queen 66-67, Spanish Club Sec., OSU Alumni Achievement Award, Pep Club I yr., Spanish Club I yr. DAUGHERTY, MIKE I63, 57, 87 Newspage Editor 66-67, Band 3 yrs., Or- chestra 3 yrs. DAVENPORT, ANITA I63 Student Council, FBLA DAVENPORT, KAY I63, I7B DAVIDSON, DWAYNE I63 Oklahoma Tech. Society I yr. DAVIS, DEBI I57, I58, I63, 65 Sr. Class Rep. at Large, Jr Class Rep. at Large, Soph. Rep. at Large, Chairman Student Council Membership Committee 66-67, Temporary Sec. Jr Class, Pep Club 3 yrs., Student Council, 3 yrs., Latin Club 2 yrs., Soph., Jr. and Sr. Class Planning Committees, FBLA I yr. DAVIS, MARILYN I63, 76 Band 3 yrs., Maiorette 3 yrs. DAVIS, PHIL I26, I63, I45 Vice-Pres. Photography Club, Latin Club 2 yrs., Mu Alpha Theta I yr. Photo- graphy Club I yr. DAVOULT, JOANN DAY, PAT DECKER, LEE ERNEST I63 DeHART, SANDRA l56, I57, I63, I78, 66 Sr. Class Parl., Thespian Vice-Pres. 66-67, Student Council I yr., NFL I yr., Thes- pians I yr., Pep Club 3 yrs., Jr. and Sr. Class Planning Committee. DELAY, CURTIS I63 DEMOE, DENNIS I63 Boys O'Club DERRYBERRY, RONNIE DICKEY, CINDY DIFFEY, ALICE I63 I Red Cross I yr., Student Council I yr., Safety Council I yr., Music Club I yr. DILLEY, JACKIE DICKSON, DEANNA I63 DOCKRAY, STEVE 27, I63 l u Eason Award, First Place Electron:-:s in Science Fair, Latin Club I yr. DODGE, SUSANNA I63 PrincipIe's Honor Roll I yr., "B" Honor Roll, I yr., Pep Club 2 yrs., FBLA I yr., Band 3 yrs., Thespians I yr. DODRILL, KAREN I64 FBLA Reporter 66-67, Pep'Club FBLA 3 yrs., Student Council I yr. DOLLAR, LELAND I64 FBLA I yr., Boys O'Club 3 yrs. DONAHO, GARY I64 DOSSER, RANDY I64 Basketball, Baseball DOTI, SHERRY I64 FBLA 2 yrs. ' DOWNEY, DARLENE I64 DOYLE, KAREN 63 DOZIER, ELIZABETH I64 DRABEK, LARRY I64 FBLA I yr., VICA I yr. DRAPER, ROBERT DRUCE, MIKE I64 Thespians, I yr., Rifle Club I yr. DUNLAP, KEITH I64 FBLA I yr. DUNN, EVELYN I64 Student Council I yr. DUTTON, CHARLES I64 DUTTON, RANDY DYER, DAVID I64 FBLA I yr., Spanish Club 2 yrs. 3 yrs., -.E-. EASTEP, RICKEY I34, I64, I35, I36 Wrestling 3 yrs., Boys O'Club I yr. EDMONDS, FREIDA I50, I5I, I64 Lettered in all sports 2 yrs., Girls O'Club 2 yrs. EDWARDS, JOE I62, I65 State and Natl. FBLA Pres. .66-67, NF Pres. 66-67, Inter-Club Council Pres. 66 67 Jetfersonian Honor Society Vice-Pres 65-66, 66-67, Boys' State Delegate, Alter nate to Boys' Nation, H.V. Thornto Award, OSU Alumni Achievement Award Invitation to attend West Point, Ou standing Speaker Ratings at -NFL Sludfin Congress Won two American Legio Speech Tourna., Latin Club officer 65-66, Junior Classical League I yr., Thespians I yr., Student Council Historian 66-67. EDWARDS, NANCY I65 OSU Alumni Achievement Award, FBLA 2 yrs. EGGLESTON, LARRY I20, I65 Lettered in Football 2 yrs., Boys O' Club 2 yrs., Art Club I yr., Prom Decoration Committee 2 yr. ELDRIDGE, KENT 24, I65, 88 Student Council Pres. 66-67, Student Council Vice-Pres. 65-66, Soph. Class Rep. at Large, Parl. Jeftersonian Honor Society 65-66, 66-67, Vice-Pres. NFL 66-67, Vice-Pres. Oklahoma Assn. of Student Councils 66-67, Pres. Latin Club 65-66, Treas. Latin Club 65-66, Latin I Award Student Council 3 yrs., Soph. Class Planning Committee, Jeffersonian Honor Society 3 yrs., Latin Club 2 yrs., FBLA I yr., NFL 2 yrs. ENGLES, SHARON I65 FBLA 2 yrs., Pep Club 3 yrs. ERICKSON, RIDGE I65 ERLING, MIKE Iss ESKEW,JANIS I65 FBLA 2 yrs. ESOUIVIAS, FRANK Archery Club 2 yrs, Printing Club I yr. EVANS, BECKY I65 FBLA 2 yrs. EVANS, MARY I65 Library Club I yr. .-.Fi FARIS, MILDRED I65 Latin Club I yr., Safety Council I yr. FARMER, MITCHEL I65 Rifle Club I yr., Proiection Club 2 yrs., Photography Club I yr. FARMER, THOMAS I65 FARSIS, DEAN I56, I57, I65, 47, 46, Sr. Class Pres., General King Candidate, Jeffersonian Honor Society I yr., Foot- ball Letter I yr. Boys O'Club 2 yrs. FBLA I yr., Sr. Class Planning Com- mittee. FAUGHT, JO I65, 66 French Club I yr., Student Council I yr. FAULKENBERRY, JERRY I65 FEDUNAK, FRANCINE I65 Student Council I yr. FELGENHAUER, ROBERT I65 Rifle Club 2 yrs., Thespians I yr., dent Council I yr. FENWICK, SHARON I65, 66 Pep Club 2 yrs., FBLA I yr. FINCH, BRENDA I65 Pep Club I yr. FINK, DIANE I65, 66, 94, 95 Second Place in Poetry at Speech Tourn. for Beginners, 65-66, NFL I yr., Thes- plans, Z yrs., Student Coun-:il I yr., Peg Club 3 yrs., Tape Club I yr., Latin Clu I yr. FBLA I yr. FISHER, GEORGE FISHER, LARRY I65 FLEMING, JIMMY' I65 Who's Who-Band 65-66, Stage Band 2 yr Pep Band 2 yrs., Band 3yrs. FOSTER, DON I65 FBLA I yr., DECA 2 yrs. FOSTER, MARIAN I65 FOX, JERRY FRAKES, ROBERT I65 Band FRICKER, MARK Boys O'Club 3 yrs. FRICKER, SHERRIE Pep Club I yr. FRITZ, TOM I65 FBLA Pres. 66-67, Jr. Rotarian 66-67, Prin- cipal's Honor Roll 3 yrs., Jetfersonian Honor Society 2 yr. Boys O'CIub 3 yrs., FBLA 2 yrs., FCA 2 yrs., Inter-Club Council I yr., Sr. Class Planning Commit- tee. ' FRlZZELL,GARY I65 French Club 2 yrs., Track I yr. FRY, FRANK I65 -Q- GAILE, DAVID Il8, 120, I2I, Iss, II5, I46 Stu- All-State, All-Conference, Lineman 66 All-City 65-66, 66-67, City Lineman of the Year 66-67, Boys O'CIub 2 yrs., Art Club I yr. GAMBLE, JERRY GARCIA, MARIEA GARLAND, STEVE Student Council GARLICK, KEITH I66 Honor Roll I yr. GARRETSON, BARBARA OSU Alumni Achievement Award c-ARRETT, LINDA eo, Iss, ss Choir 3 yrs., Pep Club 2 yrs., Girls Sextet I yr., DECA I yr. GARRETTE, DIANNA I66, 66 Pep Club, FBLA, French Club GARRISON, GARRY Band Beau 65-66, Band Vice-Pres. 65-66 GENTRY, RAY I66 Thespians, I yr. GIDDENS, BRENDA Pep Club I yr. GILL, GLORIA I66, 67 Pep Club 3 yrs., Mu Alpha Theta I yr. GILLELAND, DON Il8, I20, I66, I42 Honor Roll I yr., Football Letter Base- ball, FCA 2 yrs., Boys O'Club 2 yrs. Lat- in Club 2 yrs. ' GILSTRAP, SHERRI I50, ISI, I66 Pep Club Historian 66-67, Pep Club 3 Yrs., Latin Club I yr., FBLA 2 yrs. Miss FBLA Candidate 66-67 GLENN, RONALD GONZALES, BILL I66 GORDON, CARLA I66 FBLA I yr., Jr Class Planning Committee. GORDON, DANNY I66 GOUGE, CAROLYN I67, 89, 67 Student Council Parl. 66-67 Rep. at Large Latin Club Reporter, Pep Club 3 yrs, Student Council 3 yr., AFS Student Rep. GOULD, BILL I67, I40 Student Council, Wrestling 3 yrs., French Club 3 yr. GOULD,JIM I67 FBLA, French Club, Student Council, Sr. Class Planning Committee. GRADY, JAN I50, I5I, I67 Vice-Pres. Art Club 65-66, 66-67, Girls O'Club I yr., Art Club 3 yrs., Pep Club 3 yrs., Sr. Class Planning Committe GRAY, JEANNETTEE I67 FBLA I yr., Pres. Photography Club 65- 66, Student Council I yr., P otography Club 2 yrs. GRAY, KEITH I67 Latin Club I yr. GRAYHAM, DORIS I67 DECA Sweetheart Candidate, 66-67,Pep Club I yr., DECA 2 yrs. GREEN, ELLEN I67 Pep Club I yr. GRIDER, HENRY I67 FBLA I yr. GRIFFEN, EDDIE IIB, Izo, I2I, I24, I34, I67, 53, I36 Boys O'CIub Pledge Trainer, 66-67, Boys O'Club 3 yrs., FBLA 2 yrs., Pep Club Buddy Candidate. GRIMES, RICHARD I28, I67, I44, I45 OSU Alumni Achievement Award, Honor Roll 2 yrs., Lettered in Basketball, Track 3 yrs., Basketball 3 yrs. GRISSOM,JIM I67 Student Council I yr., FBLA I yr. GROVE, GARY I67 GROVES, MARGARET I67 Pep Club 3 yrs., FBLA 2 yrs. GRUBAUGH, ROY GUFFEY, WAYNE I67, I42 Honor Roll I yr., Lettered in Basketball I yr., Letter in Baseball I yr., Boys O' C 2 yrs., FCA I yr. GUIDRY, GARY GUTHRIE, KENNETH I57, I67 Sr. Class Planning Committee, FBLA I yr. il-I1 HALL, DWAYNE HALL, ED IIB, I20, I67 HALL, SHARON I50, I5I, I67 Pep Club 3 yrs., Girls O'CIub 2 yrs. HALPIN, KAREN I67 Letter of Commendation from NMSQT, OSU Alumni Achievement Award, Pep Club I yr., French Club 2 yrs., Art Club I yr., Mu Alpha Theta, I yr. HAMES, DARRELL I67 HAMILTON, MARY I67 Honor Roll I yr., FBLA Safety Council. HAND, RAY I67, 90 Inter-City Student Council Vice-Pres. 66- 67, Student Council Historian 65-66, Jeffersonian Honor Society I yr., Pres. O.K.C. Jr. Rotarians, Student Council 3 yrs. Inter-Club Council I yr., Boys O'- Club 3 yrs., Howard E. Brown Science Seminar 3 yrs. Howard E. Brown Science Seminar 3 yrs. HARDISON, MARLENE I67 FBLA I yr. HARE, CHERYLE I67 Pep Club 2 yrs., FBLA I yr. HARMON, KEN l68 FBLA, Track 3 yrs. FCA HARNETT, SUE I67 Pep Club I yr. HARRIS, JOAN l68 HARRIS, THURMAN I68, I-I4 Science Fair Award, Boys O'CIub, FCA, FBLA, Three-year Letterman HARRISON, MIKE l68 HARRISS, BETTY I66, I68 OSU Alumni Achievement Award, Pep Club 3 yrs, FBLA I yr. HART, DUSTY l68 Pep Club -3 yrs. HART, NICKEY I68 Boys O'Club 2 yrs. HATFIELD, DAVID I68, 92 ' Inter-Club Council Pres. 66-67, Latln Club Sgt. at Arms, 65-66 Inter-Club Council I yr., NFL 2 yrs., Latin Club 3 yrs., Jeffersonian Honor Society I yr. HAWKINS, TERESA I50, I5I, I57, I68, 63, 69, 82 Pep Club Treas. 66-67, Pep Club 3 yrs., FBLA 2 yrs., Sr. Class Planning Com- mittee, FJA 3 yrs., French Club I yr. HAYES, GARY l68 , HELTON, WILLIAM I68 HENN, VONDA l68 FBLA HENRY, LARRY l68 HENSLEY, NONA I68 Latin Club I yr., Pep Club 3 yrs., FTA I yr. HENSLEY, SHIRLEY I68 FBLA 2 yrs. HERNANDEZ, LOIS I68 Pep Club 3 yrs., Jr. Class Planning Com- mittee. HERRON, WESLEY I69 Amateur Radio Club 3 yrs. HEY, JOAN I69 ' HICKS, SCARLETT I69 Pep Club 2 yrs., FBLA 2 yrs. HIGGINS, DANA I69 S. S. Secretary 66-67 HIGGINS, LINDA I69, B4 Faculty Ed. 65-66, Jr Class Ed. 66-67, Pep Club 3 yrs., FBLA 2 yrs., FJA 3 yrs. HILDERBRAND, LARRY I69 Mu Alpha Theta, I yr. HILL, DIANA l69 Pep Club 3 yrs., Student Council, 2 yrs., Jr. Class Planning Committee, Sr. Class Planning Committee, Powder Puff Foot- ball Team. HILL, LINDA ISI, I69, 60, 62, 66 Cheerleader, 66-67, FBLA 2 yrs., Sr. Class Planning Committee, Pep Club 3 yrs., Zzegfh Club I yr. Miss FBLA Candidate HILL, PEGGY I69 Pep Club 3 yrs., FBLA 2 yr. O'CIub Sweetheart Att. HILL, REBA I69 HILL, RITA I69 HILL, STEVE l69 Eason Jr. Scientist of the Month 65-66, "A" Honor Roll, "B" Honor Roll, Stu- dent Council 2 yrs., Jr. Class Planning Committee I yr., French Club I yr., Mu Alpha Theta I yr. HITT, SUE I69 Student Council Sec. 66-67, Student gouncil Z yrs, Pep Club 3 yrs, FBLA yrs. HIX, KENNETH IIB, l20, I69 Boys O' Club 2 yrs., FBLA I yr. HOLASEK, DORIS HOLDEN, KARLENE I69 Pep Club 3 yrs. HOLDER, MIKE I69 VICA Club I.yr. I-IOLKUM, JOHNNY I28, l69, 47, SI, 46, l3O, I32, I42 Boys O' Club 2 yr., General King Candi- date, Pep Club Buddy Candidate HOLLIMAN, ERIC I69 HOLT, LINDA I69 HOLT, PHILLIPS I69, I48 HOPKINS, JERRY I28, I69, 50, 5I, I29, I30, I3I, I42 Junior Marshall Usher, Basketball Letter- man 3 yrs., AII-Tournament Team CHHS Tourney 66-671 Boys O' Club 2 yrs., FBLA Z yrs., Student Council I yr., Jr. Class Planning Committee, Pep Club Buddy Candidate HORTON, BETTY I69 FBLA I yr., DECA I yr., Pep Club I yr. HORTON, MARIAN I69 Pep Club I yr. HOUCK, KATHY I69 Student Council I yr., Pep Club 3 yrs. HOWARD, BUDDY II9, I70, I44, I46 HOWARD, DALE I70 Boys O'Club, VICA Cross-Country Let- terman HOWARD, DEANNA FBLA I yr. HOWARD, HOMER II8, I2I, I70 FBLA 2 yrs., Boys O' Club 2 yrs. HOWARD, JANETT I70 HOWARD, JOHN I70, I47 FBLA I yr. HOWARD, MIKE HOWARD, PHYLLIS I70 Pep Club 3 yrs. HOWARD, VIRGINIA I70 Girls Glee Club 2 yrs., DECA I yr. HOWE, DAVID I70 Spanish Club HUDGINS, CAROLYN I70 Pep Club 3 yrs., FBLA I yr. HUDSON, JANET I70 HUGHES, ROBIN I70 Pep Club 2 yrs., FBLA I yr. HURN, JERRY I70 HUSKEY, JOYCE FBLA I yr. HYDEN, MARY I70 Latin Club I yr., Pep Club I yr. INGRAM, A. C. I70 FFA 2 yrs., Pres. FFA 65-66. .Kj- JACKSON, KATHY I50, I70, 67 Chaplain 65-66, Pep Club 3 Pep Club yrs. JACKSON, JUDY I70, 67 Pep Club I yr., FBLA I yr. JAMES, FRANCES I7I, l80, 84, 67 "B" Honor Roll, Jr. Class Sec., Student Council 2 yrs., Jr. and Sr. Class Planning Committee FJA 2 yrs., Pep Club 3 yrs., JEFFERSON, DEAN JENNINGS, JERRY JOHNSON,JOHNNY I7I JOHNSON, JUDY I7l Band 3 yrs., FBLA I yr. JOHNSON, LHEA I7l, 86, 67 OIPA State Pres. 66-67, Exchange Ed. 65-66, Editorial Page Ed. of Dispatch 66- 67, FJA 3 yrs., Student Council I yr., Inter-Club Council I yr., Spanish Cub I yr., Pep Club 3 yrs. JOHNSON, RICHARD l7I JOHNSON, RICKEY I58, I7I, I42, 9I Student Council 3 yrs., Sr. Class Rep. at Large, Football, Baseball 2 yr., Boys O' 2 yrs., Spanish Club 2 yrs., Latin Club I yr. JOLLY, SANDRA l7I JOLLY, SHIRLEY JONES, BILLIE l7I FBLA 2 yrs., Pep Club I yr. JONES, BOBBY JONES, CHARLOTTE I56, 57, 80, 68, I7I Sr. Class Sec., Jr. Class Reporter, Soph. Class Parl. Band Queen Att. 66-67, All- City Choir 66-67, Pep Club 3 yrs., Band and Orchestra 3 yrs., Choir 2 yrs. Student Council 2 yrs. JONES, DAVID 26, I7l "B" Honor Roll 2 yrs., Jr. Class Rep. JONES, LINDA I7I Safety Council I yr. JONES, PEGGY I5I, I7I, 63 FBLA Vice-Pres. 66-67, NFL Sec. 65-66, Student Council 2 yrs., FBLA 3 yrs., Pep Club 3 yrs., NFL 3 yrs. JONES, PHIL I7l Latin Club 2 yrs. JONES, ROBERT l7I JONES, RONNIE 78, l7I, I47 Boys O' Club JORDAN, ALPHA l7I JOYNER, DELBERT I7I .441 KATSAKIS, BILL I7I Student Council KEFFER, MIKE I20, I2I, I7l Boys O' Club, FBLA Sr. Class Committee KELSO, DICK I7I Latin Club I yr., Pep Band I yr. KERR, GEORGIA I7I KERR, LESTER I7I Archery Club I yr. KETTLER, LARRY I7I Football 2 yrs., Track I yr., Student Council 2 yrs. ' KIECOLT, JILL I7I, II5 Merit Scholar Semi-Finalist 66-67, All- State Orchestra 3 yrs., Superior Ratings at Dist. and State, 2 yr., Jr. Board of Directors Friendly Natl. Bank, Hi-Notes 3 yrs., French Club 2 yrs., Orchestra 3 yrs. Mu Alpha Theta I yr., FBLA I yr. KING, CAROLYN I72 KING, GARY I72 KING, TIM I72 Pres. Thespians, 66-67, Thespians 2 yrs., French Club I yr., Inter-Club Council I yr., Art Club I yr. KIRCH, LINDA I72 FBLA 3 yrs. KIRKPATRICK, JOE KLINGLESMITH, PHIL I72 Boys O' Club KNIGHT, ELDON I26, I72 Boys O' Club 2 yrs. KRAG, SUSAN I72, 84 Yearbook Sports Co-Ed. 65-66, Stu- dent Coun':il I yr., Pep Club 3 yrs., Band 3 yrs., French Club 2 yrs., FJA 3 krIi'NHART, MARILYN I72 IcuRRAscA, KATI-IRYN I72 Planning -L- LAKEY, LINDA I72 Pep Club 3 yrs. LaMARR, PATSY I72 LAND, CORNELIA I72 French Club 2 yrs., Hi-Notes I yr., Girls Glee Club 2 yrs. LANDRY, BRUCE LARRISON RONALD I72 LARY, KETHA I72 Pep Club 3 yrs., FBLA I yr., Spanish Club I yr. LAVARNWAY, FLOYE I72 235 L L 4 LAWRENCE, TOMMY I28, l72, I42 Honor Roll 2 yr., Basketball Letterman, Baseball Letterman, Boys O' Club 2 yrs. LAWS, GARY I34, I73, 53, I36 . Football I yr., Wrestling 3 yrs., Boys O' Club 2 yrs., FBLA I yr. LAY, DALE I73 LAYTON, LINDA 78, I73, 68 Pep Club 2 yrs., FBLA 2 yrs. LEDLOW, BILL I73 LEE, MIKE I73 Pres. Rifle Club, OSU Alumni Achieve- ment Award, Rifle Club. LEEWRIGHT, JUDY I73 FBLA I yr., Pep Club 2 yr. LESHER, CYNTHIA I73 FBLA 2 yrs. LEVERETT, CHARLES I73 Art Club 2 yrs. LIGHTFOOT, CHERYL I73 AFS, Spanish Club I yr. LINVILLE, LINDA I73 Jr. Class Planning Committee. LITTLE, CAROL I73 Pep Club 3 yrs., FBLA 2 yr. LlVINGSTON,JOHNNY I73 Honor Roll LIVINGSTON, ROBERT I73 LOCKE, PAUL 79 Red Cross, 2 yrs., Thespians I yr. LOFLIN, CAROLINE I73, 6B Pep Club 3 yrs., FBLA I yr. LONG, JANET I73, 58, 68 FBLA 2 yrs., Pep Club 3 yrs., Student Council I yr., Sr. Class Planning Com- tee, Miss FBLA Candidate 66-67. LONG, MARVIN LOSAWYER, GAIL I73 Pep Club 2 yrs., Latin Club I yr., FBLA I r y . LOVELACE, JAMES I73 Student Council, I yr., VICA, Band I yr. LOVELACE, STEVE LUSK, LORETTA 78, I73 FBLA, Pep Club. llyj... MADDRY, RITA I73 MALOY, MIKE I73 65-66 Baseball League Champion Team, Spanish Club I yr. Llp-LZER, MARSHALL I73 MANN, MICKEY I73 FBLA 2 yrs., Spanish Club I yr., Foot- ball I yr. MANNING, STEVE I73 FBLA MARLAR, DONNA I73, I05 Rifle Club 2 yrs., Pep Club 2 yrs., VICA I yr., Choir and Girls Glee Club Zyrs. MARLAR, ELAINE MARTIN, LINDA I73 Pep Club I yr., Latin Club I yr. MASHBURN, LINDA I74 MASON, CLIFTON I74 Art Club 3 yrs. MASSEY, GARY I74 MASSINGALE, DIANE 78, I74 Trophy for singing 65-66 Chaplain Morn- ing lnspiration 65-66, Choir Chaplain 66- 67. MATHIS, LEON I74 FBLA I yr., Student Council I yr. MATLOCK, STEVE 26, I74 OSU Alumni Achievement Award, Mu Alpha Theta I yr., Howard E. Brown Science Seminar 2 yrs., Amateur Radio Club I yr. MATTHEWS, SUE I74 MAUPIN, STEVE I74, I44, I46 Track Letterman 3 yrs., Football I yr., Boys O' Club I yr., FBLA 3 yr., FCA I yr. MAY, GLENDA I74 Honor Roll 3 yrs., OSU Alumni Achieve- ment Award, Pep Club 3 yrs., FBLA I yr., FTA 3 yrs., Spanish Club 2 yrs. MEANS, RANDY 79, I74, 86 Sports Ed. Dispatch 66-67, Band 2 yrs., Choir 2 yrs., FJA 3 yrs. IAQEEKS, LINDA I50, I74, 53, 63, 69, Wrestling Queen Att. 66-67, French Club yr., FBLA 2 yrs., Pep Club Officer 2 yrs., Sr. Class Planning Committee, Pep Club 3 yrs. MELTON, BONITA I74 MELTON, DIANA I74, 69 FBLA 2 yrs., Spanish Club 2 yrs., Pep Club 3 yrs. MEREDITH, BILLY I74, l40 Jr. Class Rep. at Large, Boys O' Club 2 yrs., Spanish Club I yr. MERRICK, VICKIE 74, 79 Pep Club 3 yrs. Student Council I yr. MERRILL, KAREN I74 Pep Club 3 yrs., FTA I yr., Spanish Club I yr. MERRIMAN JUANITA MEYER, cAlzoLYN Pep Club 2 yrs. MILLER, JOHNNY 78, I75 Wrestling Tourn. Medal 65-66. MILLER, PAUL I75 Miller, Rocky 78, I75 236 L aa Y. Pres. Vocal Music Dept. 66-67, Choir I yr., Inter-Club Council, Red Cross. MILLS PATRICIA I75, 69 Pep Club 2 yrs., Red Cross I yr., Latin Club 2 yrs. MITCHELL, JIMMY I75 Swimming Letterman 65-66, Okla. Tech. Society, 66-67. MONTGOMERY RICK I75 MOORE, GLORIA I75, 6I, 62,66 Basketball Queen Att. 65-66, Miss Howdy Att. 65-66, Jr. Marshall Att. 65-66, Cheer- leader 66-67, Jr. Class Planning Com- mittee, Pep Club 3 yrs., O' Club Sweet- heart Candidate. MOORE, ROBERT l75, l0B MOORE, ZENA I75, 69 MORGAN, REBECCA 78, I75 FBLA, Pep Club, Choir. MORROW, CINDY I75 FBLA I yr. MOSLEY, JANNA I50, I75, 68, 69 Jr and Sr. Class Planning Committees, Pep Club 3 yrs., Student Council. MULLENIX,JIM I75 MURROW, RONALD I75 Archery Club Z yr., Goddard Rocket Society I yr., Inter-Club Council I yr., Choir I yr., Boys Glee Club I yr. MUZNY, DAVID CMC- McBRlDE, GRADY OSU Alumni Achievement Award, OKC Science Fair Award 65-66, Honor Roll, Amateur Radio Club I yr., Okla. Tech. Society, 66-67, Mu Alpha Theta I yr. MCCANN, JOE Archery Club I yr. Track I yr. McCARTNEY, BARNEY I75 Auto Mechanics Award 65-66. MCCONNELL, JIM I57, 57 Band Pres. 66-67, Hi-Notes Pres., Student Council MCCOWN, SHERRY I75 Pep Club 2 yrs., FBLA I yr. MCCOY, EUGENE I75 McCOY, RONNIE I75 FBLA 2 yrs., Student Council I yr. McCRAY, CAROLYN I75 OSU Alumni Achievement Award, Latin Club 2 yrs., Pep Club I yr., FTA 2 yrs. Student Council 2 yrs., Thespians I yr., Sr. Class Planning Committee. MCDONALD, SHIRLEY I75 Pep Club 3 yrs., FBLA I yr. MCDONOUGH, KAY I75 QECA Chaplain, Pep Club 2 yrs., FBLA yrs. MEEEELY, RICK I75, 47, 59, 46 Mr. Howdy 65-66, General King Candi- date 66-67, Jr. Marshall Usher 65-66, Boys O'Club 3 yrs., FBLA 3 yrs., Mr. FBLA Candidate 66-67, Pep Club Buddy Candidate. MCGEE, BOBBY I75 FBLA McGUlRE, FRANK I76 MclNNIS, JANICE I76, 82 Yearbook Copy Ed. 65-66, Pep Club 3 ns., FJA 3 yrs. cMAHAN, SHERRY I76, 69 Pep Club, Spanish Club. MCNALLY, RUSSELL IIB, I22, I76 ilxli NEWCOMB, FRANK I76 Ham Radio Club I yr., Red Cross I yr., Mu Alpha Theta I yr., VICA I yr. NIPPERT, JANIE I76 NORDINE, MIKE I76 Bowling League I yr., Red Cross I yr. NORRIS, BILL I76 Vice-Pres. Latin Club 65-66, Ham Radio Club I yr., Latin Club 2 yrs. NOVAK, KATHY I76, 69 Student Council I yr., Pep Club 2 yrs., FBLA I yr., Latin Club I yr., French Club I yr. U ..Q.. ODEN, MIKE OLSON, DIANNE I76, lI5 Jr. Class Planning Committee, Natl. Merit Semi-Finalist 66-67, French Club I yr., FBLA I yr. OLSON, RHONDA I76 O'MEALEY, JIMMY I76 Band I yr. O'NEAL, LOUIS I76 ORMISTON, LLOYD I76 Boys O' Club 3 yrs. ORTH, STEVE I76 Swimming Letterman 2 yrs. OSBORN, ROSS I74, I77 OSBORNE, MARC I76 OUTLAND, CATHY I77 NFL Sec. 66-67, Pep Club I yr., FBLA I yr., NFL2 yrs. OWEN,JANlCE I77 OWEN, MIKE I77 OWEN, SARA 80,.I77 Pep Club 3 yrs., Girls Sextet 66-67 OWENS, PAM 70 Pep Club 2 yrs., FBLA I yr. ..P.. PACK, ROGER I77 PALMER, BONNIE I77 PARENT, VICKY I77, 70 French Club 2 yrs., Pep Club 2 yrs. Student Council I yr., AFS I yr. PARISH, GENE I77 PARK, PATRICIA I77, 70 Pep Club 3 yrs., FBLA 2 yrs. PARKER, MIKE lI8, I22, I25, I57, l5B, I77 Sr. Class Vice-Pres., Spanish Club 2 yrs., FBLA, Boys O' Club, Sr. Class Planning Committee. PARKS, DEBORAH PASSMORE, ELGIN I77 PATRICK, STEVE I57, I77, I40, I4I Swimming Letterman 3 yrs., Spanish Club Pres. 66-67, Boys O' Club 2 yrs., FTA I yr., Spanish Club I yr., Sr. Class Plan- ning Committee. PATTERSON, PHYLLIS I77, 76 Band 3 yrs., Maiorette 3 yrs., FBLA 2 rs. PAITTON, CONNIE I77, 70 FBLA Art Club, French Club. PERKINS, SUE I77 Pep Club Demerit Capt. 65-66, FBLA 2 yrs., Pep Club 3 yrs. PERRY, BRENDA I77, 70 Pep Club 3 yrs. PETERS, CHARLES I77 PETERS, LAREE Pg-IILLIPS, BRENDA I77, 60, 62, 64, 6 Cheerleader, 66-67, Pep Club 3 yrs., Latin Club I yr., Student Council 3 yrs., FBLA 2 yrs. PHILLIPS, JANICE I77, 84, 70 OSU Alumni Achievement Award, Board of Directors Freindly Natl. Bank, Ed. Opening Section of '67 General, Pep Club 3 yrs., FBLA 2 yrs., FJA 2 yrs., FTA I yr., Student Council I yr. FTA Vic Pres. 66-67 PIERCE, LANA I77 PIERSON, JIMMY PITTS, DONNIE I77 PLATT, BILL Olcla. Tech Society 66-67. POPLIN, MIKE PORTER, SHERRY I77, 52, 53,.73, 70 Wrestling Queen 66-67, Wrestling Queen. 65-66, Pep Club 3 yrs., FBLA 2 yrs. POTTS, DAVID IZ, II8, I22, I77, I86 Boys O' Club 2 yrs., FBLA 2 yrs. POWELL, BILLY PRATT, PAUL I77, I44, I45 Boys O' Club 3 yrs., FCA 3 yrs., Mile Club 3 yrs. PRUITT, DAVEY l78 PYBAS, JERRY l78 I Cross-Country I yr., Track I yr., Rifle Club 2 yrs. l,0O0 QUALLS, CHUCK I78 Pres. Jetfersonian Honor Society 66-67, Rotarian of the Month, Rep at Large 64-65, Rep. at Large 65-66, Eason Jr. Scientist, Summer Science Seminar 65-66, Latin Club I yr., Mu Alpha Theta I yr., Student Council 3 yrs., Inter-Club Coun- cil I yr., Jetfersonians 2 yrs. QUICK, JOHN I78 CRC RAMIREZ, EDDIE l78 RANDALL, DEBORAH RATH,JOl'lNNIE l78 RATZLAFF, CAROLYN French Club 2 yrs., Glee Club 2 yrs., Choir, I yr. RAULSTON,JANET I78 DECA Historian, Pep Club 3 yrs., DECA I yr., FBLA I yr. RAWSKI, JULIE l78, 83, 70 OSU Alumni Achievement Award, Honor Roll 2 yrs., '67 General Faculty Ed. 66-67, '66 General Activities Ed. Pep Club 3 yrs., FBLA I yr., FJA 3 yrs., Jr. Class Planning Committee. REEVES, BILLY ll8, I22, I34, I78, 53, 54, 55, 72, I36, l38 Boys O'Club Sgt. at Arms 65-66, O'CIub Pres. 66-67, FBLA 2 yrs., Boys O' Club 3 yrs., Pep Club Buddy. REINHARD, LINDA I78, 70 OSU Alumni Achievement Award, Pep Club 3 yrs., FBLA 3 yrs. REMICH, MARVIN l87 RENFRO, SUE l78 Thespians, 2 yrs. RENFRO, SUE 70 RENTSCHLER, GEORGE REYNOLDS, LINDA l78, 70 IEBLA 2 yrs., Band 2 yrs., Pep Club yrs. RHODES, ROBYN l78, 70 Student Council Treas. 66-67, French Club Vice-Pres. 66-67, D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award, 66-67, OSU Alumni Achievement Award, Jr. Class Treas., Mu Alpha Theta I yr., Pep Club 3 yrs., French C ub 3 yrs., Student Council 2 yrs., Inter-Club Coun- 7B, l78 cil I yr., Sr. Class Planning Committee. RICHARDSON, CONNIE l78 RIDER, MIKE I78 RIPPIE, MIKE I79 ROBERTS, DONALD I79 ROBERTS, JOHNNY I79 ROBINSON, DARRELL I79 ROBINSON, EDITH I79 DECA 2 yrs. ROCI-IA, EVON I56, I57, I79, 70 Sr. Class Reporter, Pep Club 2 yrs., FBLA 2 yrs. ROGERS, DANE OSU Alumni Achievement Award, Boys O' Club I yr., Student Council I yr., FCA 3 yrs., Choir 3 yrs. ROGERS, DIANNA Art Club, Drill Team ROPER, CAROL' I79, 70 Sand 2 yrs., Spanish Club I yr., FBLA yrs. ROSE, LARRY 22, l26, l27, I79, I44 Sec. FCA 66-67, Delegate to Estes Park 65-66, for FCA, Boys O' Club 2 yrs., Student Council I yr., FCA 2 yrs., Sr. Class Planning Committee. ROSS, JOHN I79 ROSS, VICKIE I79, 58, 70 DECA Treas. 65-66, DECA Sec. 66-67, Pep Club 2 yrs., DECA 2 yrs., FBLA I yr. DECA Queen. ROWDEN, LARRY I79 ROWLAN, LINDA I79 FTA Chaplain 66-67, "B" Honor Roll 2 yrs., Spanish Club I yr., FTA 3 yrs., FBLA 2 yrs. ROWLAND, JO I79 ROWLAND, MARY I50, l5I Girls O' Club 2 yrs. RUSHING, SHARON I79 Sec. Red Cross 65-66, Vice-Pres. 66-67, Outstanding Red Cross Member 65-66, Pep Club 2 yrs., FBLA, Red Cross. RUSSELL, WAYNE I79 RYAN, TERRENCE I79 Mu Alpha Theta, I yr. is.. SACK, SHERYL I79, 70 Pep Club 3 yrs., FBLA 2 yrs., FTA l yr. SADLER, PAULINE I79, 70 Pep Club. SALA, MIKE 79, I79 Student Council 3 yrs., Inter-City Student Council 2 yrs., Sr. Class Planning Com- mittee, Thespians 2 yrs., Spanish Club 2 rs. SALTER, DWAYNE I79 FBLA I yr., Latin Club I yr. SAMPLES, DENNIS I79 SANAUSKAS, DARLENE 70, I79, B2 Yearbook Activities Ed. 66-67, Photo- graphy Club Pres. 66-67, Pep Club 2 yrs., FJA 2 yrs. SANDERSON, DONALD I79 SCARBOROUGH, JEAN I79 SCHENCK, JUDIE I80, 47, 63, 46 Pep Club Treas. 65-66 Sr. Class Vice- Pres., Spanish Club Queen 64-65, Miss Howdy 65-66, Pep Club Vice-Pres. 66-67, Jr. Marshall Att. 65-66, General Queen Spanish Club I yr., FTA I yr., FBLA 2 yrs., Pep Club 3 yrs., Student Council 2 SCHIRTZINGER, JEAN SCHOTT, GEORGE IBO, I44 Track Letterman I yr., Boys Glee Club and Choir, 2 yrs. SCOTT, BRENT SCROGGINS, JOYCE I80 OSU Alumni Achievement Award, FBLA 2 . SEASLS, GWEN I80, 70 D Pep Club 3 yrs., FBLA 2 yrs., Thespians I yr. SENN, ROBERT I57, I80, 89, l42 Jr. Class Pres., Student Council Sgt. at Arms 66-67, Student Council 3 yrs., Sr. Class Planning Committee, Club 2 yr., FBLA I yr. SEWELL, RONNIE I80, I44, I46 SHATLEY, GARY I80 SHERBURNE, BRENDA I80, 70 Pep Club 3 yrs. SHIPLET, KENT I80 Spanish Club I yr., FBLA I yr. SHOBERT, ROSEMARY I80 SHROPSHIRE, RONNIE I80 SHRUM, SHIRLEY I80 SIMMS, LINDA I80 SIMMS, VICKIE I80 SIMON, KAREN SIMPSON, CHARLOTTE I80 SIMS, SUE I50, I5l, I80, 70 I Latin Club I yr., FBLA I yr.. Girls O' Club 2 yrs., Pep Club 3 yrs. SINGLETON, WANDA SISSON, PAT I80 Student Council I yr., Pep Club 3 yrs., Sr. Planning Committee. SKACEL, PAM l8l DECA Sweetheart Att. 66-67, Asst. Treas. DECA 66-67, FBLA 2 yrs., DECA I yr. SLAYTON, LARRY Latin SMlTH,JAMES I8I Oil Executive for a Day 66-67. SMITH, MARGIE IBI, 83, 7l Yearbook Copy Ed. 65-66, Soph. Class Section Ed. 66-67, Parl. OCIPA, Vice- Pres. OCIPA, Pep Club 3 yrs., FJA 3 yrs., NIPA 2 yrs. SMITH, MICHAEL SMITH, MIKE IBI SMITH, PAT l8l Parl. VICA 66-67, VICA, Red Cross. SMITH, PATRICK ISI SMITH, RANDY SMITH, ROGER I8I, l45 FBLA 3 yrs., Pep Club 3 yrs., Student Council I yr. SMITH, ROGER l8I Boys O' Club 2 yrs., l,000 Mile Club I yr., FBLA I yr. SMITH, RONALD l8l SNIPES, MARSHALL l8l, I48 SNOW, KAREN 78, l8I SORRELS, TOM ISI Vice-Pres. VICA 66-67, FBLA yr. SOUTHERLAND, GAIL l8I SPEARS, JENNIFER ANN I8I DECA I yr. SPELLINGS, ANNA I8l FBLA 2 yrs. SPRADLIN, BARBARA I8I FBLA 2 yrs. STANLEY, KEITH I8I Latin Club 2 yrs., FBLA I yr. STAPP, CAROL I8l PEP Club 3 yrs. STARK, BEVERLY IBI Pep Club 3 yrs., FBLA 2 yrs. STEELE, JOHNNY l8l STEPHENS, JACKIE I8I Dispatch Business Mgr. 66-67, FJA 3 yrs., DECA I yr., Band 2 yrs., Sr. Class Plan- ning Committee. STEPHENS, JOHNNY I63 VICA I yr. STEPHENS, MIKE .l8l VICA STEPHENS, REGINA l8l, 7I Pep Club, FBLA. STICE, DENNIS IBI VICA I yr., Amateur Radio Club. STINE, DONNA l8I FBLA 3 yrs., Student Council 2 yrs., Safety Council I yr., Red Cross 2 yrs. STINSON, PAT I82 Pep Club 3 yrs., FBLA I yr. STITT, ELIZABETH I82, 7I FBLA 2 yrs., Pep Club I yr., Student Council I yr. STOKES, RALPH I82 Student Council I yr. STONE, DEANA I82 FBLA I yr. STROUPE, GARY I82, 62 Student Coun':il, Sr. Class Planning Com- gttge, Art Club, Latin Club, panish u . STUCKEY, JUDI l57, IB2, 45, 47, 50, 5l, 62, 84, 6I Cheerleader 65-66, Head Cheerleader 66- 67, General Queen 66-67, Basketball Queen 66-67, Basketball Att. 65-66, Jr. Marshall Att., Miss Howdy Att., Yearbook Activities Ed. 65-66, Pep Club 3 yrs., FJA 3 yrs., Jr. and Sr. Class Planning Committee, FBLA I yr. SULLIVAN, CATHY I82 Latin Club I yr., Pep Club 3 yrs. DECA 3 yrs., FBLA I yr. SULLIVAN, JOHNNY 79, I82 SULLIVAN, PATTYE I82 Service Medal-Acapella Choir 64-65, Achievement Medal Acapella Choir 65- 66 State Outstanding Gril Soloist, 65- 66, Choir Librarian, 66-67, Pep Club 3 yrs., DECA I yr., FBLA I yr. SULLIVAN, RONNY 4, I82, 57 Drum Maior, 65-66, 66-67, Band, Stage Band, Pep Band, Orchestra 3 yrs. SWAFFORD, KAREN I82 SWEATT, SHIRLEY l57, I82, 82, 72 Yearbook Sports Ed. 66-67, Sr. Class Planning Committee, Pep Club 3 yrs., FJA 2 yrs., FBLA I yr. SWOPE, DAVID I82 Latin Club I yr. l yr., VICA 3 yrs., FTA ...TL TABOR,JIMMY TQLQEINGTON, RHONDA l57, I82, 83, Pres. FJA 66-67, Yearbook Faculty Ed. 65-66, Managing Ed. 66-67, Pep Club 3 yrs., Inter-Club Council I yr., FBLA I Sr. Class Planning Committee, Latin Club I yr., FJA 3 yrs., OCIPA 3 yrs., OIPA 3 yrs. TANNEHILL, GARY TARTER, JUDY I3, I82, I50, 63, 66 Vice-Pres. Soph. Class, Sgt. at Arms, Pep Club, 65-66, Dispatch News Page Ed. 65-66, Summer Scholarship at OU in Journalism 65-66, Pres. Pep Club 66-67, Dispatch Ed.-in-Chief 66-67, Teen Page Corres. OKC Times 66-67, All- Star Reporter 66-67, Pep Club 3 yrs., FJA 3 yrs., Girls O'Club I yr., FBLA I y FTA I yr. TATUM, MAX I82 DE Display Chairman 66-67, Red Cross I yr., DECA I yr., Vocal Music 2 yrs. TAYLOR, LARRY TAYLOR, LIZ French Club Officer, 66-67, Pep Club 2 yrs., FBLA I yr. French Club I yr. TAYLOR, SANDRA I83 Pep Club 2 yrs. TAYLOR, SHERRY l83 DECA Parl. 66-67, DECA Sweetheart Candidate 66-67, -Pep Club 2 yrs., DECA I yr., FBLA I yr. TAYLOR, WILLIAM 183 FBLA 2 yrs., FFA I yr. TEDDY, CLAUDIA I83 Vice-Pres. and Sec.-Treas. Mu Alpha Theta 65-66, 66-67, Reporter Latin Club 65-66, Mu Alpha Theta 3 yrs., Latin Club 2 yrs., FTA 2 yrs., Pep Club I yr. TEGERSON, PEGGY I83, 63, 82 Pep Club Reporter 65-66, Sec. Pep Club 66-67, Soph. Class Rep at Large, Ameri- can Legion Award 2 yrs., Wrestling Queen Att 65-66, FBLA I yr., FTA 2 yrs., FJA I yr., Pep Club 3 yrs., Spanish Club Z yrs., Student Council I yr. TEMPLIN, PAUL , THOMAS, CLYDE I83 Library Club 2 yrs. THOMAS, SIMON l83 THOMPSON, DONALD I83 Spanish Club THOMPSON, ELIZABETH I83 DECA 2 yrs. THORNTON, DAVID IB3 THRELKELD, CAROL I83 FBLA 2 yrs. TILLERY, DANNY Red Cross, Boys O' Club 3 yrs., I yr., FCA I yr. TODD, SHERI I83, 7I TOMLINSON, CAROLYN l83, 76 Sr. Class Planning Committee, FBLA. TROXELL, LARRY I83 Pres. Archery Club 65-66, Sgt. at Arms Spanish Club 65-66, Sgt. at Arms French Club 65-66, French Club 2 yrs., Spanish Club 2 yrs., Student Council I yr., Archery Club 2 yrs., FBLA I yr. TRUMBLEY, NANCY 78 TUCKER, SANDRA I83, 57 Band Queen Att. 66-67, "A" Honor Roll 3 yrs., Band 3 yrs., FBLA 2 yrs., Mu Alpha Theta I yr. TURNER, LINDA I83 TURNER, ROGER I83 -Ui UMHOLTZ, JERRY 79, I83 Thespian Award 65-66,Vocal Music 3 yrs. Hi-Y -VL VAN HORN, JIM IB3, l08 FBLA 2 yrs., Library Club 2 yrs. VAUGHAN, MARY I83 FBLA I gr. VENTER , TOMMY I34, I83, 53, I36, I37, l3B Track Letterman I yr., Wrestling Letter- man I yr., Boys O'Club I yr. VOGT, GLENN I83 VOWELL, GORDON -W- WAGANER, MIKE l57, I83, I47 Rep. at Large I yr. Student Council 2 yrs., Jr. and Sr. Class Planning Com- mittee. WAGGANER, LYNN I83 WAGNER, JOHN 9I DECA I yr. WAINSCOTT, DAVID I84 WAINSCOTT, EDITH I84 WALKER, BARBARA I84, 87, 98 Dispatch Feature Ed. 66-67, Safety Council, Treas. 64-65, Safety Council I yr., FJA 3 yrs., FBLA I yr. WALKER, JACKIE I84 STA I yr., FBLA 2 yrs., Spanish Club yrs. WALKER, JOHNNY WALKER, LILLIAN I84 WALLACE, KAREN l84 Student Council I yr., Pep Club I yr., Band I yr. WALLER, JANET WALLEY, JERRY l84, I40 Third Place State Science Fair, 65-66, Superior at District Music Contest 2 yrs., Excellent at State Music Contest I yr. WALLING, ROBERT I84 Band 3 yrs., Stage Band 2 yrs., Pep Band 3 yrs., French Club I yr. WALLIS, EDDIE WALLIS, ELIZABETH I56, I57, l84, 72 Rep. at Large Jr. Class, Rep. at Large Sr. Class, Dispatch Copy Ed. 66-67, FJA Sec. 66-67, Sr Class Planning Committee, FJA 2 yrs., Student Council, 2 yrs., FBLA 2 yrs., Pep Club 3 yrs. T' 'ii ' i WALTON, ROGER I84 Music Solo 2 yr. WARD, DAVID I84 WATSON, DONALD IB4 WATSON, KATHY l84 Jr. Class Rep. at Large, Top Jr. Girl at OU Alumni Dinner, Natl. Merit Letter of Commendation, OSU Alumni Achieve- ment Award, Mu Alpha Theta 2 yrs., Thespians I yr., Glee Club 2 yrs. WATSON, NEAL I84 WATSON, SHATZY I84 Civitan Award 65-66, FBLA 2 yrs. WEAVER,JIMMY I85 Sr. Class Planning Committee, Football Student Council I yr., Boys O' Club 3 yrs., FBLA 2 yrs. WEAVER, PHYLLIS WEBB, JERRY I85 Band 2 yrs., Rifle Club 2 yrs. FBLA I yr. WEBB, LINDA 37, I85 Pep Club I yr., Red Cross I yr. WEBB, VICKIE I85 FBLA I yr. WEDEL, BRUCE IBS Pres. Thespians 66-67, Sr. Class Planning Committee, Red Cross,Thespians Inter- Club Council. WEESE, DWAYNE I85 Football 2 yrs., Band 2 yrs. WELCH, CYNDY 78, 80, I85 Sr. Class Planning Committee, Spanish Club 2 yrs., FBLA 2 yrs., Girls Quartet 2 yrs., Acapella Choir 2 yrs. WELDON, BILLY I85 Dispatch Managing Ed. 66-67, FJA Vice- Pres. 66-67, Band 2 yrs. FJA 3 yrs., Dis- patch Sports Ed. 65-66. WENTHOLD, MIKE Rifle Club. WEST, WINFRED IIB, I85 FBLA 2 yrs. WESTFALL, DIANA I85, 58, 73 Miss FBLA 66-67, FBLA Historian 66-67, Soph. Class Historian, FBLA 3 yrs., Pep Club 2 yrs. WHEELER, STEVE I85 FBLA. WHITAKER, CHARLES I85 WHITAKER, PHIL I85 WIGLEY, HOWARD WILBANKS, DONALD Wrestling Letterman I 3 yrs. WILKERSON, SHERRY WILLBANKS, CATHY Student Council I yr., Pep Club 2 yrs., FBLA I yr. WILLIAMS, JAMES I85 OSU Alumni Achievement Award, Mu Alpha Theta I yr. WILLIAMS, LARRY WILLIAMS, LYNDA I85 FBLA 2 yrs., FJA I yr., Pep Club I yr. WILLIAMS, PAM C. I85 DECA Treas. 66-67, DECA I yr. WILLIAMS, PAM R. I85, 57 Band Queen Att. 66-67, Latin Club Sgt. at Arms 66-67, Band 3 yrs., Latin Club 2 yrs. WILLIAMS, PHILLIP I85 WILLIS, TOMMY I85, IO4 Sec.-Treas. Amateur Radio Club 65-66, Pres. Amateur Radio Club 66-67, OSU Alumni Achievement Award, Mu Alpha Theta I yr., Amateur Radio Club, 3 yrs., Okla. Tech. Society I yr. WILLS, BOB WILSON, ANDRIA WILSON, ANITA I85, 73 Pep Club 3 yrs., Thespians I yr., Student Council I yr. WILSON, DANNY I85 FBLA, FTA. WILSON, JANIE I86 FBLA I yr. WILSON, DONNA I85 WILSON, JUNE I86 Spanish Club 2 yrs., FTA 2 yrs., FBLA I yr., 'Pep Club 2 yrs. WILSON, TOMMY I86 FBLA I yr., Football I yr. WINNARD, GERALD IIB, l23, I34, I86, 53, 73, I36, I38 Boys O' Club Vice-Pres. 66-67, FCA I yr., FBLA I yr. WISE, GARY I86 Latin Club 3 yrs., Rifle Club I yr. WOOD, DENNIS l3I Spanish Club I yr. WOOD, JACKIE I86, 73 Pep Club 3 yrs., FBLA 2 yrs. WOOD, STEVE I86 WOODARD, CHERIE I86 Second Place FBLA, Speech Contest 65-66, Student Council I yr., NFL I yr., Thespians I yr., FBLA I yr. WOODIE, DONALD I86 WORLEY, BARBARA I86 WORSHAM,STEVE I86 VICA. WORTH, CAROL I86 OSU Alumni Achievement Award, FBLA 3 yrs. I85 yr., Boys O' Club I85, 73 WYATT,HENRY I86 Rifle Club 2 yrs., Pep Band 2 yrs., Stage Band 2 yrs. LYL YARBROUGH, SANDRA I86 Vice-Pres. French Club 65-66, Pres. French Club 66-67, Jr. Class Play 65-66, French Club 3 yrs., Thepians, 2 yrs. YATES, LEO I86 YETTER, CHARLES I36, I37 YORK, EVELYN YORK, RANDALL I86 FTA Vice-Pres. 66-67, Swimming Team 3 yrs., Boys O'Club 2 yrs. Spanish Club 2 yrs., FTA 2 yrs. YOUNG, BILL I87 YOUNGBLOOD, CLAY YOUNGER, CAROLYN OSU Alumni Achievement Award FBLA 3 yrs. -Z- ZAHOUREK, CHUCK I87 ZAMORA, EDDIE I87 FBLA I yr. ZANE, LEONETTE I87 Vice-Pres. Latin Club 66-67, Latin Club Reporter 65-66, West Side Business and Prof. Women's League Girl ofthe Month, Pep Club I yr., Latin Club 2 yrs. FBLA 2 yrs., Morning Inspiration I yr., Red Cross I yr., Inter-Club Council I yr. ZINK, Pep CI BECKY I87, 70 ub, FBLA. Juniors -Au Abbot T, Kay, l90, 64 Adams, Dale, l90 Adams, Thelma, l90 Ahpea Airing tone, Keith, l90 ton, Joe, l90, 86 Aker, Tommy, I90 Allen, Allen, Clifton, I90 Sonia, l90 Anderson, Diane, l90 Anderson, Dickie, l90 Anderson, Janet, I9O, 64 Anderson, Tommy, I90 Arambula, Armstrong, Arndt, Liz, l90, 64 Bill, l28, l88, Barbara, l90, 64 Arnold, David, l90 Arnold, Terry, l9U Ashby, Robert, l90 Ashcraft, Steve, l90 Ashley, Melvin, l70 Atkins, Larry, I9O Austin, Autry, Leslie, I90 Billy, I9O -3- Bailey, Baker, Baker, Baker, Baker, Baker, Barefo Barent Kenneth, l90 Danny, l90 Jimmy Joe, I90 Keith, l90 Randy, l90, I89 ot, Barbara, I90 ine, Gary, l90 Barlow, Ronnie, I90 Barnes, Barnet Barton, Ricky, l90 t, Dee, I90 Ella, I9I, 64 Basden, Mary Jo, I9I, 64 Basham, Elaine, I9I, 64 Bateman, Vicki, l9I, 64 Bays, Don, l9l Beaty, Carol, l9I, 64 Beaty, Mary Jane, l9l, 64 Bell, Janie, l9l Bell, Lee, l9I Bell, Linda, l9l Bennett, Judy, l9l, 64 Bennin gton, John, l9l Benson, Ken, l9l Benson, Nancy, l9l Berg, Lawana, l9I Berkenbile, Terry, I9I Berry, Bill, I9I Bertram, Collen, l9I Billbe, Mike, II8, I20, I9I Bishop, Jackie, l9l Bishop, Lee Ann, l9I Black, Bruce, l9l Blackman, Janet, l9l Blake, Blake, Derenda, I9I Larry, IIB, l23, I9I Bloom, Jim, ISII Blount, Boldin Boldin Larry, l9l g, Jeff, I9l g, Jim, l9l Bolin, Delbert, l9l Bolser, Boren, Connie, l9I, 64 Crystal, I9l, 64 Boswell, Jan, l9l, 64 Boulware, Teresa, I9I, 64 Brandon, Gary, IIB, I20, Branson, Mary, 64, I9I Brock, Marilyn, I9I Brooks, Eddie, I9I l90 I9I ? i in Y , 1- I is ..E.. Eagleberger, Debbie, 195 Evaensen, Shirley, 188, 189, 195 Edwards, Kathy, 195 Elmore, Barbara, 195 Embry, Gary, 195 Endicott, Linda, 195 -In Brown, Deborah, 119 Brown, Dennis, 191 Brown. James: 192 Brown, James, 192 Brown, Janet, 192 Brown, Perry, 192 Brown, Sheryl, 192 Brown, Wanda, 192 Brummett, Larry, 192 Bryant, Gail, 192 Bryant, Jerry, 192 Bryce, Donna, 192 Buchanan, Susan, 63, 192, 87 Buckley, Bella, 192 Buckley, Mary, 192 Bullington, Vicki, 192, 197 Burchfield, Richard, 192 Burkart, Rebecca, 189, 192 Burkett, Lana, 192 Burns, Brenda, 192, 65 Burns, Tommy, 192 Bush, Bill, 192 Byers, Tena, 192 Bymun, Roger, 192 -Q- Cagical, Lawrence, 192 Cain, Paul, 192 Calhoun, Susan, 192, 65 Call, Sherrie, 192, 86, 65 Campbell, George, 192 Campbell, Larry, 192 Campbell, Ronnie, 192 Canada, Suzie, 51, 63, 192, 65 Canary, Frank, 192 Canary, Lindell, 192 Cantwell, Janice, 192, 65 Carey, Leda, 192 Carmack, Celeste, 192, 65 Carrier, Connie, 192, 65 Carter, Barbara, 192, 65 Carter, Joyce, 192 Catlege, Donna, 192, 65 Cavett, Theresa, 192, 65 Chambless, Doug, 128, 192 Chappell, Tim, 192 Chatigny, Bob, 192 Christensen, Noma, 192, 65 Christian, Gloria, 193 Erhardt, Diane, 195 ..F.. Fallwell, Diane, 195,66 Fannin , Jim, 195 Q Farmer Patty' 195 Fathe free, Mite, ua, 120, 195 Fenwick, Rudy, 195 Fields, Donna, 188, 189, 195, 66, 87 Finley, Riley, 195 Fish, Pat, 195, 66 Finney, Carolyn, 195 Fisher, Carolyn, 195 Fishe, Carolyn, 195 Fitzgerald, Phil, 195 Flana gan, Donna, 195,66 Florer, Ronald, 195 Flowers, Calvin, 195 Floyd, Brad, 195 Floyd, Sandy, 195 Flynn, Linda, 195 Flynn, Sherilyn, 195, 66 Fogle, Pat, 195 Foley, David, 195 Clapp, Randy, 193 Schultz, Steve, 205 Clark, Larry, 193 Clark, Sheila, 193, 65 Clary, Roger, 193 Clay, Tommy, 193 Clymer, Bob, 193 Clymer, Ronnie, 193 Cobb, Jennifer, 193 Cobb, Tommy, 193 Coffee, Beverly, 193 Cole, Steve, 193 Collier, Ron, 193 Combs, Kathy, 193 Compton, Gary, 193 Connell, Wayne, 193 Cook, Harlan, 193 Cook, Phillip, 193 Corbitt, Melvin, 193 Cornell, John, 193 Couch, Bruce, 193 Cox, Kay, 193 Cozens, Gary, 193 Crawford, Donnie, 193 Crilly, Juanita, 193 Cosby, Penny, 193 Cross, Bernard, 193 Crossland, Darrell, 193 Crow, Linda, 193, 66,58 Cude, Gary, 193 Cummins, Bob, 126, 194 Curby, Suzanne, I94, 66 iD-- Davenport, David, 194 Davis, Bill, 194 Davis, Terry, 194 Dearmore, Debbie, 194 Deason, Carlin, 194 Decker, Joe, 194 Dees, Bruce, 194 DeLozier, Charlie, 194 DeWoody, Jerry, I94 Dickson, Kathy, 194 Dilley, Jackie, 194 Foley, Linda, 189, 195,66 Folsom, Wenda, 94, 195 Fowler, Nancy, 195 Francis, Carol, 195, B6 Franllgesnfield, Jim, 118, 120, 188, Franklin, Ken, 195 Fraser, Jim, 195 Frost, Raleigh, 195 Fuller, Karen, 195 Furguson, Gene, 195 iQ, Gabriel, Ronnie, 195 Galbreath, John, 189, 195 Gamble, Jerry, 195 Gardner, Nancy, 195 Garner, Sandy, 195, 66 Garrett, Bartie, 195 Gentry, Austin, I95 Gill, Gerald, 196 Gill, Raleigh, 196 Goekler, Ralph, 196 Gonzales, William, 125, 196 Goodwin, Randy, 196 189, Gose, Kandy, 57, 61, 62, 190, 196, 53 Graham, Richard, 196 Graham, Robert, 196 Henson, Steve, 197 Hibler, Ray, 197 , Higginbotham, Cynthia, 197 High, Dena, 188, 189, I97, 67 Highsmith, Bob, 197 Hightower, Fred, 197 Hightower, Susan, 197, 67 Hill, Ralph, 197 Hines, John, 197 Hix, Pay, 197 Hodges, Geloria, 197 Hodges, Jenice, 197, 67 Hodges, Ronnie, 197 Hoffman, Marilyn, 197 Hogan, Jane, 198,67 Holden, Pam, 63, 198, 87 Holland, Brenda, 198 Hollars, Sharon, 198 Hollars, Terry, 198 Holliday, Ronnie, 198 Holmes, Carol, 198 Holt, Wanda, 198, 67 Horn, Marsha, 198, 67 Horn, Paul, 198, 86 Horne, Peggy, 198, 67, 86 Horton, Judy, 198 Hottle, Van, 198 House, Charles, 198, 86 Hudson, Greg, 198 Hughes, Bonnie, 198 Hughes, Sue, 198, 67,80 Hurd, Susan, 198,67 Hurley, Neta, 198 Hurt, Cheryl, 198 Husk, Janice, 198, 67 Huskinson, James, 198 Hyams, Ken, 198 lngle, Greg, 198 Ingram, Steve, 198 -J.. R. C., 198 Jackson, Jackson, Sylvia, 198 Jenkins, Mark, 198 Rowland, 198 Jenkins, Jennings Chuck, 198 Jensen, Scott, 198 Jewell, Janet, 198, 67 Johnson, Bob, 198 Johnson, Lester, 198 Johnson, Steve, 198 Green, Fred, 196 Green, Jaci, 196, 67 Greene, Jimmy, 196 Green, Larry, 196 Greenwell, Sharon, 196 Gregory, Tom, 196 Grice, Mary, 196 Griffin, Ronald, 196 Gromer, Jory, 196 Grossnicklaus, Helen, 196 Groves, Roger, 196 Guiles, Gary, 196 Guiles, Phil, 196 Gully, Curtis, 196 Guthrie, Cheryl, 196 -1-1... Hacker, Myrna, 196 Hackett, Paris, 196 Hackworth, Tony, 196 Hair, Deloris, 196 Hale, Barbara, 196 Hall, Debbie, 189, 67,86 Hall, Lawson, 196 Hall, Mike, 197 Hall, Pete, 197 Dodson, David, 194 Dodso n, Ronnie, 194 Donovan, Wanda, 194,79 Doss, Carl, .194 Doughty, Mike, I94 Doughty, Sherl 188 189 194 Douglas, Y I - . Charles, 194 Douglas, Donna, 194, 86 Downey, Betty, 194 Downey, Susan, 194 Dozier, Judy, 194 Drabe Dukes, k, Larry, 194 Calvert, 194 Duncan, Su, , 194 Dunkin, .ieqi!,'1,9gx, Dunlap, Tru y, 1 , 66 , Dunn, Jamie, I94 Durbin, Sandy, 194 Durbin, Sharon, 194, 87 Dutton, lva, 195 Halstead, Kathy, 197, 67 Hamilton, Judy, 197 Hamilton, Vicki, 197, 67, 86 Hammon, Jimmy, 197 Hancock, Curtis, 126, 127, 197 Hanger, Sandy, 197 Hargrove, Chris, 118, 120, 197 Hario, Marcia, 197 Harmon, Jim, 197 Harmon, Shirley, 61, 65, 196, 197 Harris, Susan, 189, I97, 67 Harris, Phyllis, 197 Harrison, Susan, 197, 67 Harriss, Pat, I97, 67 Harrod, Debbie, 197 Harvey, Marcia, 197 Hatfield, Danny, 197 Hawkins, Wendell, 197 Hayes, Peter, 197 Hayes, Walter, 197 Hays. Peggy: 197. 67 Heckard, Mary, 197 Henderson, Jerry, I97 Hendrew, Martin, 197 Henry, Paula, 197 Henson, Albert, 197 . 49. Johnson, Terry, 198 Jones, Buddy, 188, 189, 198 Jones, Dale, 198 Jones, Jerry, 198 Jones, John, 198 Jones, Larry, 198 Jones, Ronnie, 198 Jones, Sandy, 198, 68 Jones, Teresa, 198 Jones, Terry, 198 Jordon, Christine, 199, 68 Judd, Sherri, 199 114- Kaler, ' ' Bill, 199 Keas, Ronnie, 118, 120, 199 Kennedy, Bruce, 198 Kennedy, Mike, 207, 199 Kerr, Helen, 199 Kiferm, Sandy, 199 Kime, Anne, 199 King, Faithe, 199 King, Fred, 199 Kinnard, Terry, 199 Kirkpatrick, Dennis, 199 Kistler, Steve, 128, 204, 199 Kitchens, Linda, 199 Klett, Sherry, 199 Knapp Knapp , John, 199 Mike, 199 Knight, Alfred, iw Knight Knight: Knipp. Gloria, 199 Mary Ann, 199 Knowles, Ethelena, 199 Koos, Judy, 199 Krainyak, Nikki, 199 Kurrasch, Rickie, 199 Kutz, Judy, 189, 199 -L- Harold, 118, 120, 122, 19 Lamberson, Judy, 199, 68, 87 Landrum, Beverly, 199, 68 Landy, Clement, 199 Lawter, Rosalie, 200, 68, 80 Lee, Linda, 200 Lee, Robert, 200 Leonard, Jesse, 200 Lewis, Llndell, 200 Liles, Howard, 200 Liles, Richard, 200 Linam, Albert, 200 Lindquitst, Larry, 200 Lindsay, Ricky, 200 Lindsley, Debby, 200 Linn, Ken, 200 Linn, Roger, 200 Linville, Connie, 200 Littlehawk, Donald, 126, 127,200 Livesay, Dennis, 189, 209 I 238 Q if 43 hs, 9 Lotlin, Susan, 200 London, Barbara, 200 Loper, David, 188, 189, 200 Lowery, Lance, 200 Loyd, Danny, 200 -M.. Madding, Ranell, 200, 68 Madole, Peggy, 200 Mainord, Pam, 200, 82 Maness, Tom, 200 Manuel, Ralph, 200 Marcum, Patricia, 200, 68 Marlett, Johnny, 200 Marrow, Gary, 200 Marshall, George, 201 Marshall, Paul, 201 Marshall, Shirley, 201, 68 Martin, Marie, 201 Martin, Pam, 201, 68 Martin, Robert, 201 Massey, Linda, 201, 68 Massey, Phyllis, 189, 201 Matthews, Jerry, 201 Mayfield, Ronnie, 201, 79 ...N1C... McAlister, Allen, 126, 201 McAlister, Gail, 205, 201, 69 McBee, Wilber, 199, 201 McCalip, David, 201 McC1anahan, Robert, 201 McCracken,' Diane, 189, 201, 80, 69 McCreight, Bonnie, 201 McCul1ar, Donna, 201 McCune, Malcom, 118, 120, 201 McDonald, Kelly, 201, 69 McDougal, Connie, 188, 189, 201, 69 McDow, Eldon, 201- Mclntyre, MeLinda, 201, 69 McKinney, Gary, 201 McLean, Billy, 57, 120, 122, 125, 199 201 McNally, Mike, 201 Meadows, Peggy, 201 Medley, Lorraine, 20t, 68 Meeks, Kathy, 201 Melton, Pat, 201 Mercer Barbara, 201, 69 Metcalf, Beth, 201, 69 Patterson, Roger, 203 Patton, Billy, 203 Patton, Mike, 203 Peck, Fred, 203 ' Perciful, Brenda, 203, 70, 87 Perry, Judy, 203 Perry, Julia, 203, 70 Phillips, Jack, 203 Phillips, Mike, 203 Pickel, Gorden, 203 Pierce, Carolyn, 203 Piper, Joel, 203 Poiason, Charles, 203 Pollard, Tommy, 203 Polsey, Shirley, 203 Poore, Ron, 203 Poquell, John, 203 Pritchard, Don, 203 Pritchard, Gre ,203 Procter, Russe1T, 203 Pryor, Calvin, 203 Puckett, Chris, 203 Quick, Jerry, 203 Quintero, Richard, 203 1121 Rainbow, Grady, 203 Rains, Bob, 203 Rainwater, Donna, 204 Ratzlaff, Teresa, Rawski, Diane, 189, 204, 70 Ray, Judy, 204 Ray, Thomas, 204 Reddick, Don, 204 Reed, Bruce, 204 Reed, Cathy, 204 Reeder, Mike, 204, 86 Rees, Calvin, 204 Reiter, Charles, 204 Reser, Jack, 204 Reynolds, Annette, 204 Reynolds, Ken, 204 Richison, Randy, 189,204 Richmond, Charles, 204, 78 Ricks, Lynn, 204 Riley, Jane, 204, 105, 70 Ring, Judy, 193, 204, 70 Michae ls, Ricky, 201 Barbara' 189 201 69 Miller, , , , Miller, Clayton, 201 Miller, Don, 201 Miller Donnie, 201 Miller: Gene, 201 Ronnie, 201 Miller, Mitchell, Sue, 201, 69 Mitchell, Mike, 201 Mize, Linda, 201 Mitchell, Mike, 201 Mize, Linda, 201 Moen, Mary, 202, 69 Moffatt, Gary, 202 Montgomery, Jancie, 189, 202, 88 Montgomery, Kay, 202, 69 Montgomery, Roger, 202 Moody, Rita, 202 Moore Linda, 202 Moore, Mary, 188, 189, 202, 69 Moore, Ricky, 202 Moore, Sonia, 202, 86, 69 Morgan, Sarah, 202 Moseley, Tommy, 202 Moulton, Jack, 202 Murphy, Charles, 202 Myers, George, 202 ...N-. Nash, Larry, 202 Neighbors, Lloyd, 202 Nelson, Susan, 202, 69 New Connie, 202, 69 Newby, Clay, 202 Newhouse, Danny, 202 Nicholas, Betty, 202, 69 Nichols, Diane, 202 Nichols, Karen, 202, 69 Nichols, Laura, 202 Nichols, Billy, 202 Nitzel, Mike, 202 Nixon, Tom, 202 Norwood, Jim, 202 Rinkle, Danny, 118, 122, 124, Ritter, Randy, 118, 122, 204 Roach, Frances, 204, 84 204 Roach, Mary Lu, 204 Robins, Gaylon, 204 Roberts, Beverly, 204 Roberts, Jackie, 204 Robertson, Gary, 204 Roche, Tommy, 204 Rogers, Phil, 196, 204 Rose, Kathleen, 204, 70 Rose, Suzanne, 204 Roselle, Tim, 204 Ross, Richard, 204 Rotan, Pat, 189, 204, 70 Eowe, Jan, 204, 70 ayal, Mini, 204, 70 Royal, Niki, 204, 70 Rule, Jane, 204 Rule, Ray, 204 Rupe, David, 204 Ruyle, Ricky, 204 Ryan, Clifford, 204 is.. Salyer, Mary Beth, 204, 70 Sam,Ade1ine,205 Sammons, David, 189, 205 Samples, Pat, 205 Sanderson, Phyllis, 205 Sanger, Judy, 205 Savage, Anita, 205 Schenck, Johnny, 205 Schmidt, Mike, 205 Schroeder, Marcia, 63, 205, 87 Schuler, Steve, 118, 123, 125, 20 Schwab, Chuck, 205 Schwartz, Gary, 205 Scott, Barbara, 205 Scott, M rna, 189, 205, 70 Scotzin, Phil, 205 Scrivner, Michael, 205 Scroggins, Della, 205 ...O- Oaks, Eddie, 202 O'Dell Ethelwyn, 202 Oliphant, Tommy, 202 Olson, Bo, 202 O'Neal, Jack, 202 Opp, James, 202 Orndorff, Terry, 202 Orr, Sharon, 202 Oscarson, Debbie, 189, 202, 82, 69 O'Shie1ds, Sharon, 202, 69 Outland, Terry, 202, 69 Owens, Joy, 202 -P-.. Page, Wayne, 203 Parker, Mike, 199, 203 Parkinson, Judy, 203, 70 Patterson, Evelyn, 203, 70, 80 sz Scroggins, Johnny, 205 Seikel, Gary, 205 Selby, Sharon, 205 Sender, Susan, 205 Shipman, Fred, 205 Shockley, Phyllis, 205 Shofner, Gordon, 205 Shubat, Debby, 205 Siders, Don, 205 Simms, Trudy, 205 Simpson, Ricky, 205 Simpson, Robert, 205 Sims Jan, 189, 209, 70 Singleton, Becky, 205, 71 Skill, Fred, 206 Sloman, Bill, 206 Smith, Betty, 206 Smith, Connie, 206 Smith, Jimmy, 206 Smith, Leo, 206 Smith, Marcia, 206 Smith, Monte, 206 Smith, Nancy, 206, 71 Smith, Paula, 206, 71 Smith, Paula, 206, 71 Smith, Ronnie, 206 Smith, Ruel, 206 Smith, Shawn, 206 Sober, David, 206 Southerland, Gary, 206 Sparks, Mary Jane, 206 Spitler,.Mary Jane, 71, 206 Spraggins, Tommy, 206 Stafford,Gene, 206 Stafford, Larry, 206 Stanley, Larry, 124, 206 Stapp, Don, 206 Stark Mike, 206 Starwa lt, Linda, 206 Statham, Phil, 206 Steele, Larry, 206 Stephens, Charles, 206 Stephens, Kathy, 206, 71 Stephens, Mark, 206 Sterling, Roger, 206 Stewart, Dale, 118, 123, 206 Stier, Ken, 206 Stiger, Jerry, 206 Stinnett, Jack, 206 Stokes, Sherilyn, 206, 71 Story, Glenda, 206, 71 Streetman, Dale, 206 Surrency, Bob, 206 Sweat, Sharon, 206 Sykes, David, 207 ..T, Talkington, Carol: 207 Tannehill, Donna, 207 Tanzola, Gayle, 207 Tassell, Deby, 207 Tatum, Marian, 207, 72 Taylor, Debby, 207 Terrell, Mary, 207 Testerman, Larry, 207 Thomas, Rhonda, 207 Thomas, Shirley, 207 Thompson, Gary, 207 Thompson, Gary, 207 Wilson, Pam, 208, 73 Wilson, Richard, 208 Windle, Peggy, 208 Windsor, Johnny, 208 Winkler, Steve, 208 Winnard, Richard, 208 Witten, Sandy, 208, 82, 73 Wolf, Richard, 208 Wolfe, Connie, 208 Wood, Carolyn, 208, 73 Wooten, Rene, 208 Worley, Mary, 208 Wright, Jerrel, 208 Wright, John, 208 Wynn, Doyle, 209 LY- Yeager, Gene, 209 Young, Jimmy, 209 Young, Richard, 209 Youngberg, Steve, 209 Armbrister, Gayla, 209 Baker, Kathey, 209 Brady, Mary, 209 Coleman, Joey, 209 Frey, John, 209 Gragg, Chris, 209 Mosman, Elton, 209 Potter, Steve, 209 Rowen, Kathy, 209 Rowland, Sharon, 209, 70 Ruyle, Ruth Ann, 209 Moore, Kathy, 209, 69 Sophomores Thom on Ka ' 189 2 7 82 ps ., v. . 0 . Thorton, B111,207 Tomlinson, Cheryl, 207 Tomlinson, George, 207 Trevino, Gus, 193, 207 Trigleth, Peggy, 207 Trotter, Jessica, 63, 188, 18 Tuck, Jackye, 207 Turner, Leslie, 207 Turner, Linda, 207 Turner, Pam, 207 Tyler, Marilyn, 207, 84 -V- 9, 207, 82 Vaughan, Linda, 207, 77, 72, 80 lvlf... Waggener, Charles, 207 Wagner, Cathy, 207 Wa droop, Roy, 128, 207 Walkabout, Billy, 207 Walker, Clarese, 207 Walker, Margaret, 207 Walker, Ronnie, 207 Wall, Phill, 207 Wallace, Gary, 207 Wallenberg, Glenn, 207 Walling, John, 207 Wallid, Nancy, 207 Walton, Beverly, 207 Washam, Conn1e,207, 72 Wauters, Brent, 207 Weathers, Brent, 207 Weathers, Loretta, 208 Weaver, Richard, 208 Webb, Connie, 208, 72 Webb, Gloria, 208 Weeks, Sharon, 208, 73 Welcher, Dan, 208 Wells, Janet, 208 Wells, Larry, 208 Westrope, Vicki, 208, 73 Whalen, Mike, 208 Wham, Jerri, 208 Whitaker, Jana, 208 Whitaker, Paul, 208 White, Kathy, 208 Whitefield, Billy, 208 Whitlock, Connie, 208 Whitson, Owen, 208 Whittington, Charles, 208 Wickware, Ronnie, 208 Wilcox, Lillian, 208 Wilder, Roscoe, 124, 208 Williams, Virginia, 208 Williamson, Ruth Ann, 208 Williford, Sherry, 208, 73 Willingham, Richard, 208 Willis, Alice, 189, 208, 73 Willis, Mike, 208 Wilson, Nadine, 208, 73 ..A1 Abney, Roberta, 212 Abshire, Mike, 212 Acker, Donna, 212, 217, 64 Adams, Cindy, 212 Adams, Donna, 212 Adams, Garry, 212 Adams, Sharon, 212 Ainsworth, Mary Lou, 229 Alexander, Douglas, 212 Alexander, Eddie, 212 Alley, Gerald, 212 Allison, Randy, 212 Ambrose, Debbie, 212, 64 Anderson, Bill, 212 Ander on, Eddie, 229 Anderion, Joyce, 212, 64 Anglin, Gary, 212 Annesley, Kenneth, 212 Antoon, David, 212, 144 Archer, Ann, 212, 64 Argo, Beverly, 212 Armstrong, Lynda, 212, 64 Armstrong, Marc, 212, 124 Ashby, Mary, 212, 211 Ashlock, Phil, 2l2 Atherton, Delores, 229 Atkins, Joy, 212 Autaubo, Gloria, 212 .-Bi Bailey, Ronnie, 212, 211 Bailey, Tony, 229 Baker, Beverly, 212, 64 Baker, Bobby, 212 Baker, David, 212 Baker, Doris, 212, 64 Baker, Joyce, 212, 64 Baker, Judy, 212, 64 Bales, Jennifer, 212, 64 Baker, Renee, 212, 64 Barnes, Lois, 212, 64 Barnes, Rose, 212 Barnes, Tom, 212 Barrett, Debbie, 212, 64 Baskerville, Bruce, 229 Bass, Gaylon, 212 Bassett, Vicki, 212, 64 Bateman, Delene, 229 , Bateman, Norma, 212 Bauer, Calvin, 212, 139 Bauman, Leland, 212 Baxter, Wanda, 212, 64 Bean, Mike, 212 Beard, Bruce, 212 Beaty, Mike, 212 Bedford, Billy, 212 Bell, Francis, 212, 64 Bell, Janet, 212 Bell, Linda, 212 Bell, Mikki, 212, 211, 64 Bellows, Brenda, 212 Beniock, Ronald, 212 Bennett, Doug, 212 Berry, Bobbie, 212, 64 Berry, Sharon, 229, 64 Bethell, Susan, 213 Birk, Donna, 213, 211 Blaine, Terry, 213 Blancett, Stanley, 213 Boatwright, Marlena, 229 Bogle, Carolyn, 213 Bourman, Mike, 213 Boyer, Bob, 213 Boyle, Gail, 229 Boyle, Jake, 213 Boyle, Lucy, 213 Brady, Karen, 213 Brantely, Linda, 229 Brasher, Sue, 213, 77 Brashier, Gaylina, 213 Brasstield, John, 213 Brewer, Jerry, 213 Brewer, Larry, 213 Briggs, James, 213 Brinkley, Karen, 229 Bristol, Gary, 213 Britt, Mary, 229 Brittain, Lisa, 213, 64 Brooks, Earl, 213, 31 Brooks, Terry, 213 Browen, Cathy, 213 Brown, James, 213 Brown, Paul, 213 Brown, Sharon, 213 Bruemmer, Sheryl, 212 Bryant, Larry, 213, 124 Buckhold, Jerry, 213, 144 Burkart, Debbie, 213 Buckner, Robert, 213 Burkholder, Diane, 213 Burns, Hrshall, 213, 133, 124 Burns, Milly, 213 Burris, Tommy, 213, 144 Butt, Diane, 213 Butler, Judy, 213, 65 Byrns, Teddy, 213 ...C... Cagle, Belinda, 213 Caldwell, Ronnie, 213 Callen, Larry, 214 Campbell, Dave, 214 Campbell, Dick, 214 Campbell, Penny, 214, 65 Canada, Larry, 214 Cantrell, Debbi, 214 Cargle, Glenda, 214, 65 Carmon, Danna, 214 Carpenter, Larry, 214, 124 Carroll, Donna, 214 Carson, Susan, 214, 65 Carter, Larry, 214, 144 Casello, Arthur, 214 Casey, Robert, 214 Cash, Virginia, 214 Casida, Dee, 214 Castro, Phyllis, 214 Cates, Barbara, 214 Catlege, Ronnie, 214, 144 Caver,, Randy, 214 Chaat, Marilyn, 214 Chadwick, Darla, 214 Chadwick, Janice, 214 Chambers, Betty, 214, 65 Chambers, Darice, 214 Chapman, Wanda, 14, 65 Chappell, Donna, 214, 65 Cheatwood, Johnetta, 214 Clark, Carol, 214 Clark, Conrad, 214, 124 Claunch, Lavanda, 229 Clay, Brenda, 214, 65 Clay, Regina, 214 Cleaver, Karen, 214, 65 Clement, Danny, 214 Cobb, Randy, 214 Cobb, Shiela, 214, 65 Cochran, Cynthia, 214 Coffelt, Linda, 214, 65 Coffey, Debbie, 214, 65 Coffman, Janice, 214, 65 Cole, Belinda, 215. Coleman, Debbie, 229 Collins, Billy, 215 Collins, Ronnie, 215 Compton, Mike, 215, 139 Cook, Gwen, 215 Cook, Jeanette, 65, 215 Cook, Nora, 229 Cook, Rene, 229 Cooke, Kathy, 215, 80 Cooner, Larry, 215 Cooper, David, 215 Copeland, Jimmy, 215 Corbitt, Cathy, 215 Corder, Steve, 215, 128, 130 Cosper, Glen, 215 Crabb, Edgar, 215 CFGIQLLSFDYQ 215 Q' Q 'p-v-- 'w Crain, Sherri, 215 Crase, John, 215 Creighton, Pat, 215 Crews, Diana, 215 Crews,Steve, 215 Cross, Sue, 215 Crowder, Kathy, 215 Crogier, Linda, 215 Culbertson, Sharon, 65, 215 Cunningham Diana, 65, 215 Cunningham, Ronnie, 229 Curliss, Oleta, 215 Curry, Cheryl, 215, 65 Curry, Cheri, 65, 215 Curry, Connie, 84, 229 Curry, Richard, 215 1131 Dabbs, Diane, 215 Dale, Barbara, 215 Daniel, Donald, 215 Daniel, Regina, 229 Daniels, Karen, 215 Darrah, Mike, 215 Davenport,Craig, 215 Davis, Carol, 215, 66 Davis, Kathy, 215 Davis, Gary, 215 Davis, Jimmy, 229 Davis, Laura, 215, 66 Davis, Veronica, 215, 66 Day, Karen, 215, 66 Deason, Jimmy, 215 Dedmon, Vanna, 215 De Hart, Brenda, 215, 66 De Laughter, Paula, 215 Dennis, Kevin, 215 Denton, Debbie, 215 De Woody, Vance, 229 Dewore, Thelma, 215 Dial, Barbara, 229 Dickey, Bob, 215 Dillard, Mike, 215, 148 Dillbeck, David, 215 Dixon, Richard, 215 Dobbs, Pam, 215, 66 Dodge, Mike, 216 Dodson, Eileen, 66, 210, 222, 216, 79 Doss, John, 216 Dragus, Paul, 229, 133 Drake, Glenda, 216 Drake, Lillie, 216 Draper, Barry, 216 Draper, J. B., 216 Drumm, Richard, 229 Due, Billy, 229 Duggan, Gary, 216 Dulaney, Delilah, 229, 66 Dunning, Frank, 229 Dunning, Ronnie, 216 Durbin, Doneta, 216 Duren, Jan, 216, 66 Dutton, Dale, 216 Dyer, Linda, 216, 66 Dyess, Paula, 216 -5. Edmonds, Midge, 216 Edwards, Pam, 216 Eidson, Jani, 216, 66 Elliott, Larry, 216 Ellis, Pat, 216, 66 Ellisto n, Mike, 216, 124 Embrey, Karen, 216, 66 Endicott, Sandy, 216 Engles, David, 216 Esmon ds, Danny, 216 Espolt, Steve, 216 Esquivias, Steve, 266 Eutslur, Naomi, 216, 66 Evans, Judy, 216 -fr- Faram. Gary, 216, I24, 148 Farris, Connie, 216, 66 Faught, Karen, 216, 66 Faulkner, Chirs, 216 Felter, Nancy, 216 Fenwick, Larry, 216 Fink, Lonnie, 124,216 Fisher, Montie, 216 Fitzera ld, Pat, 229 Fitzgerald, Kathy, 216, 66 Fleming, Leslie, 216 Flowers, Billy, 216, 124 Florence, Vicki, 229 Floyd, Bill, 216 Flynn, Jerry, 216 Ford, C. J., 216 Fortner, Linda, 216, 66, 51 Fortune, Larry, 216 Foste r, Kay, 216, 66 Francis, Sharon, 216 Free, Ed, 216 Freeman, Cathy, 216 Fuller, Lillie, 216 -Gi Garlow, Dawenellen, 216 Garlow, Vicki, 216 Garrett, Gary, 216 Garrett, Linda, 216 Garrett, Sharon, 216, 211 Geckler, Sherri, 216 Geer, Gary, 217, 214 Gentry, Kim, 217 Genzer, Linda, 217 Gibson, John, 217 Gilstrap, Kathy, 217, 67 Glasgow, Cheryl, 217 Glisan, Barbara, 217, 210 Gonzales, John, 217 Goodson, Charles, 217, I24, 144 Gordon, Jimmy, 217 Gough, Don, 217 Gragg, Rebecca, 217 Greene, James, 229 Greenlee, Richard, 217 Griffin, Barbara, 217 Grigsby, Linda, 217 Grimes, Bobby, 217, 124, 144, 146 Grimm, Chevy , 217, 67 Grissom, Vance, 217 Grossnicklaus, Charles, 217 Groves, John, 217 Grummer, Larry, 217 Gruver, Sharon, 217 Gulick, Paul, 217 Gutherie, Bobby, 217 ..l-1, Hackney, Gut, 217 Haffner, Linda, 217, 67 Hale, Debbie, 217 Hale, Ronnie, 217 Hale, Jackie, 217 Hall, Raymond, 217 Hall, Sherri, 217 Hamilton, Linda, 217 Hamman, Sandra, 217, 67 Hamman, Vicki, 217 Hammet, Betty, 217, ..7 Hancock, Arthur, 218 Hardin, Pam, 218, 76, 67 Harding, Janice, 218 Harlin, Randy, 218 Harmon, Larry, 218 Harness,Andy, 218 Harrell, David, 218 Harris, Bryan, 218 Harris, Steve, 218 Harris, Susie, 218 Harrison, Judy, 218, 67 Hart, Debbie, 218, 67 Hart, Suni, 218, 67 Harvey, Judy, 218 Hauck, John, 229 Hash Paula, 218, 67 Hatcher, James, 218 Hatmaker, Darla, 218, 67 Hawkins, Walter, 218 Hawthorne, Jerry, 218 Hayes, Jerry, 229 Hazlitt, Roy Don, 218 Heath, Connie, 218, 67 Heaton, Connie, 218, 67 Helm, Gail, 218, 67 Henson, Ruth, 218 Hendrickson, Lana, 218 Henley, Robert, 218 Henry, Leonard, 218 Hens ey, George, 218 Hensley, Gill, 218 Henson, Ruth, 218 Henson, Sharon, 218 Hernandez, Josie, 218 Hernandez, Patricia, 218 Herron, Dwight, 218 Herron, Linda, 218 Hewitt, Sharon, 218 Hibbard, Judy, 218 Hibdon, Sharon, 218 Hibler, Paul, 218 Higgins, Jimmy, 219 Hilburn, Mitchell, 219 Hill, Patience, 219 Himes, Jimmie, 219, 124 Hilterbrand, Dewey, 229 Hiti, Debbie, 219, 67 Hobgood, Ronnie, 219 Hodges, David, 219, 188, 121, 141, 146 Hoffman, Mike, 219 Hoipkimeier, Steve, 219 Holasek, James, 219 Holland, Marlene, 219 Holley, Sue, 219 Holliday, Beverly, 229 Holmes, David, 219 Homer, Raymond, 219 Hooper, Franklin, 219 W Horton, Brenda, 219 Horton, Steve, 219, 4' ' Hoskins, Jack, 219 Hoster, Clay: 219, 128, 130 Houston, Chris, 219 Howell, Gwen, 219, 80 239 6-s 1 Huddleston, Eileen, 2l9, 67 Huerta, Hughes, Raul, 2I9 Susie, 2l9, 67 Hull, Marion, 2l9 Husopple, Marcia, 2l9 Humphrey, Jolanda, 2l9 Hunt, P Hunter, Hunter, Hunzike llson, D lngram, aulette, 2l9 Becky, 2l9, 67 Steve, 2l9 r, Sandy, 2l9, 67 ebbie, 2l9 Ed, 219, l24, I33 ...J- Jackson, Jackson Jackson, Jackson, Barbara, 2l9, 67 , Carolyn, 2l9 Richard, 2l9 Richard' 2l9 James, Terry, 2l9' Jamison, Kathy, 2l9 Jefferso Jenkins, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson . Johnson, Johnson Johnson Johnson Joiner, Jones, Jones, n, Debbie, 2I9, 67 Terry, 2I9 Benny, 2I9 Cynthia, 2l9, 67 Donna, 2l9 Jim, 229 , Lois, 2I9, 67 , Marla, 2l9, 80 , Marsha, 2l9 Rick, 2l9 Sherri, 2l8, 67 , Shirley, 2l9 , Skip 2l9 , Steve, 2l9, Rickey, 2l9 Barbara, 2l9, 68 Glenda, 2l9, 2lI, 68 zio, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jane, 229 Jeannie, 2l9, 68 Samuel, 2l9 Scott, 2l9 Steve, 220 Wayne, 220 Joyner, Tommy, 229 Judkins, Patty, 220, 68 Justice, Mike, 220 ..K.-. Kaler, Russell, 220, l24 Kamrath, Barbara, 220 Kaster, Jeannette, 220 sa, 2l3, Keel, David, 220, I33, l2l, ll8 Keener, Darla, 220 Kelly, Ricky, 220 Kelso, Keith, 220 Kerby, Mike, 220 Kern, Georgia, 220 Kerr, Melton, 220 Kiecolt, Jan, 220 Kimray, Charlotte, 229 King, Frankie, 220 King, Robert, 220, 2ll King, Sharon, 220 King, Teddi, 220 Kinney, Robert, 220 Kinsey, Cynthia, ..20, 80 Kirkham, Debbie, 220 Kirkham, Diane, 220 Kirklen, Regina, 220 Kirkpatrick, Kenney, 220 Klepper, Joy, 220, 80 Klinglesmith, Gina, 220, 2ll, 5 Knapp, Leo, 220 Knight, Wileta, 220 Knopp, Larry, 220 Koch, Linda, 220 Kolke, Richard, 220 Krainyak, Michele, ..20, 2l8 Kurrasch, James, 220, I44, H6 Kuykendall, Steve, 220 il-. Lacer, Alan, 220, l24 Laffoon, Terry, 220 Lamberson, Danny, 220 Landus, Frank, 229 Langley, Joyce, 229 Lanier, Terry, 220, l24 Lanoy, Opa ,220 Lathrop, Linda, 220 Lauck, Pete, 229 Lawrence, Ellen, 220, IO9, 84, Lawson, Jimmy, 220 Lawson, Richard, 220 Layton, Vicki, 0, ..8 Leach, James, 220 LeBlanc, Chris, 220, 79 LeCompte, Janice, 220, 68 Ledford, Pam, 220 Ledlovl, Mark, 220 Lee, James, 229, l24 Lee, Pam, 220, 68 Lemay, Curt, 220 Leslie, Jamey' 220, 77 Lester, Dav' 220 Q Lewis, Lindel' ' 229,, Lewis, Rusty, 220 Liebegott, Jean, 22l Lively, Sue, 22l, 68 London, Mike, 22l Long, Ron, 22l Looney Kathryn, 22l 3, 49 68 'ii 'Y 75? Lopez, Kathryn, 22l Lorette, Virignia, 22l Lounge, Bob, 22l Lovelafce, Donna, 22l, 68 Lovelay, Vaughn, 2l Lovett, Janet, 22l Lovett, Juanita, 229 Lupp, James, 229 Luttrell, Judy, 22l Luttrell Pam, 22l, 80 Lynch, Ann, 22l Lynch, Tommie, 22l Lynn, Rosa, 229 Mackey, Candye, 22l, 68 Macklin, Andy, 22l Maddox, Mike, 22l Mainus, Alice, 22l Maker, Beverly, 22l, 68 Malone, Patty, 22l, 80 Malone, Sharon, 22l Maloney, Lincla, 22l Manasco, Keith, 22l Manning, Michelle, 22l Forrest,'22l Barbara, 22l, 68 Bill' 22l Bobby, 22l, 2ll Cynthia, 22l Gail, 229 Gerald, 22l Manuel, Martin, Martin, Martin, Martirk, Martin, Martin, Martin, John, 22l, l24 Marie, 22l Martin, Masters, Karen, 22l, 68 Mathis, Danny,'22l Matlock, Mike, 22l, I24 Matthews, Connie, 22l, 68 May, Donna, 22l May, Larry, 22l May, Lawanna, 222 Mayers, Clayton, 222 Mazzolini, Mike, 222 .-MC.. McAtee, Jeff, 222 McBee, Albert, 222, l02, l0l McCall, Mike, 222 McCarron, Jimmy, 222 McClain, William, 222 McCown, Mike, 222 McCracken, Carol, 222 McDonald, Charles, 229 McElvany, Deanna, 22, I09, 68 McGarry, Tommy, 222, l24 Mv:Huen, Ronnie, 222 Mclnnis, Alice, 222, 2ll, 9l, 69, 80 Mclnnis, Marilyn, 222, 69, 80 McMahan, Mike, 222 Meddler, Ronnie, 229 Medina, Paul, 222 Melker, Linda, 222 Melton, James, 222 Merriman, Annette, 222 Miklinsky, Lillie, 222, 69 Charles, 222 Debbie, 222 Miller, Miller, Miller, Doug! 222 Miller, Miller, Lon, 222 Robert, 222, I44, I33, Millican, Calvin, 222, l40 Mitchell, Rheba, 222 Mitchell, Tony, lll, l22, IIB Mitchum, Carlene, 222 Mock, Steve, 222 Montgomery, Joel, 222 Montgomery Pat, 222 Moon, Bonnie, 222 Moon, Debi, 222, 69 Moore, Linda, 222 Morozotf, Pat, 222, 69 Morrison Thomas, 229 Mosley, Miles, 222, I44 Mosman, Susan, 222, 69 Mounttord, Frank, 222, l24 Mueller, Darrel, 223 Mullins, Charles,223, l24 Multon, Margaret! 223 Mumme, Mike, 223 Murphy, Mike, 223 Muse, Donna, 223 Myers, Gary, 223 Myers, Wayne, 223 1 Myrho, Karlene, 223, l09 .-N, Nees, Mikel, 223 Nelson, Keith, 223,. l33, l24 Nestlerode, Claudia, 223, 69 Newberry, Greg, 223 Newcomb, Dora, 223. Newcomb, Nora: 223. Newhouse, Mitch? 223 Newton, Dennis? 223 Nixon, Jerry, 223 Northcutt, Ken: 223 Norwood, Jani 223 Novak, Janice, 229 l09, 69 l09, 69 ..Q-. Oden, Sharon, 223 Officer, Wreatha, 223, 69 Oglesby, Laura, 223 Olson, Deborah, 229 Organ, Larry, 223 l24,'l44 Orovetz,,.,Charles, 223 Overstreet, Scott, 223, Owens, Jan, 223 Ozment, Dicky, 223 I24 CP.. Painter, Jackie, 223 Palmer, Treva, 223 Palmore, Howard, 223 Pape, Paul, 223 Park, Mike, 223 Parker, Greg, 223, l24 Parker, Leslie, 223 Parks, Danny, 223 Patrick, Richard, 223 Paulk, Etta, 229 Paulk, Pam, 223, 70 Payne, Ragena, 223, 70 Pearn, Frances, 223 Pempin, Mike, 223 Percetul, Ron, 223, l48, Perdue, Robert, 223 Perkins, Timmy, 223 Perry, Mike, 223 Peterson, Laura, 223, 87, 70 Peterson, Margaret, 223, 70 Phillips, John, 223 Pierce, Charlotte, 223 Pierce, Judy, 223 Pierce, Steve, 229 Pike, Cornel, 223, l24, I44, I46 Pinkston, Barbara, 223 Podhaisky, Joyce, 229 Poe, Don, 223, l24 Polk, Sharon, 223 Pollock, Joe, 223 Polsley, Linda, 223 Pound, Delmer, 224 Pound, Peggy, 224 Pratt, Carla, 224, 70 l24 Praytor, Kenneth, 224, I39, ll8, II3 Price, Janice, 229 Price, Shirley, 224 Prim, Nancy, 224 Protfer, Marlin, 224 Pruitt, Jan, 224 Pullin, Dianne, 224 Pybas, Warren, 224, l48, Pyers, Larry, 229 l24 Querdibitty, Dennis, 224, I26 Quick, Mike, 224 Quint, John, 229 -R- Rakestraw, Perry, 224 Ramsey, Robert, 224 Rankin, Janice, 224 Ray, Carla, 224, 70 Ray, Richard, 229 Reagan, Cyndy, 224, 2l0, Reardon, Joan, 224, 2ll Reed, Ronnie, 224 Reeder, Janie, 229 Reeves, Donna, 224, 70 Reubell, Terri, 224, 70 Reynolds, Annette, 229 Reynolds, Mike, 224, I39 Rhodes, Connie, 224 Rhodes, James, 224, I33, Rice, Chatlotte, 224, 225 Rich, Valerie, 224, 70 Richardson, Terry, 224 Ridley, Sharin, 224 Riggle, Jean, 224 Riggs, Paul, 224 Riggs, Peggy, 224 Riker, Barbara, 224 Rinkle, Donnie, 224 83, 70 l24, ll3 Sadler, Barbara, 225, 70 Sadler, Charles, 225, l48 Salley, Roger, 225 Salmon, Richard, 225 Sanders, Connie, 225, 70 Sanders, Danny, 229 Sanders, Frank, 229 Sanders, Larry, 229 Sanders, Randy, 225, 22l, I39, I36, I23 l2l, ll8, ll3 Sanderson, Linda, 225, 70 Sanger, Patricia, 229 Sarrington, Howard, 225 Sassano, Roy, 225 Sasser, Ellen, 225 Sawyer, Vicki 225, 2ll Scarberry, Don, 225 Schmid, Billy, 225, l24 Schofield, Coy, 225, 222, l24 Schwab, Kathy, 225 Scott, Don, 225 Scott, John, 225 Scott, Judy, 229 Scott, Steve, 225 Scroggins, Lana, 225 Seals, Debbie, 225 Sennett, Fran, 225 Senet, Ricky, 225 Sewell, Carla, 225 Shade, Keith, 225 Shaffer, Steve, 225 Shamblin, Cloann, 225 Shawn, Robert, 225 Shelharner, Kathy, 225, 2l0, 70 Shelton, Donna, 225 Sherburne, Linda, 225 Shouse, Danny,225, l3l Siess, Gary, 225 Sifers, Charles, 226, l24, l44, Simms, Terry, 226 I46 Skace Slane Sloan Smithl, Smith smiihj Smith smiiilj Smith, Smith, Smith small, Smith, Smith Smith smith, Smith, Smith, Smith Smith Gwen, 226 Richard, 229 Cindi, 226 Barbara, 226, 80 Billy, 226 Carol, 226 Debbie, 226 Denise, 226 Everett, 226 Glen, 226 Joe, 226 Kenny, 226 Leo, 229 Marty, 226, Mike, 226 Mike, 226 Paula, 226, l09, 7-I Robert, 226 Sherry, 226, 7l Steven' 226 zip, 83,71 Sokalnicki, Debbie, 226, 7l Ritchie, Steve, II3 Roach, B Roberts Roberts ill, 224, l48, l24 Barbara, 224, 70 Burrell' 224 Roberts: James, 224 Roberts, Roberts, Roberts Roberts Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Robinson Joey, 229, l23 Karen, 224, 2l l, 70 Mike, 224 Pat, 224 Barbara, 224, 70 Donald, 229 Marsha, 224, 70 Ricki, 224, 70 , Ricky, 224 Roche, Melinda, 224, 70 Rodgers. Rodgers, Rodgers, Rodgers, Charles, 224 David, 224 Jerry Ann, 224 Terry Ann, 224 Rogers, Michael, 229 Rogers, Shirley, 224 Rohrer, Mary, 229 Rolland, Kathleen, 224 Rosebrook, Keri, 224, 70 Roselle, Ross, Phi Dam, 224 llip, 224 Rowland, Gary, 225, 77 Rule, All an, 225 Runyan, Judy, 225, 70 Rushing, Jack, 225 Russell, Pam, 225, 70 ..SJ. Sack, Ka ren, 225, 70 9- ' Sack, ,8,ichard, 225 3 J 2 Sonnenschein, Manfred, 226 Southernland, Francis, 226 Spangler, Denise, 226, 80 U Sparks, Norman, 226 Spears, Phyllis, 226 Spellings, Eddie, 226 Spencer, Mark, 226 Splawn, Donna, 226 Spurgeon, Evelyn, 226 Stanford, Mike, 226 Stanley, Linda, 226, 7l Stark, Gail, 226 Staton, Mike, 226 Stearr-nan, David, 226 Steele, Mickey, 226 Steele, William, 226 Stephens, Peggy, 226, 7l Stevens, Cindy, 226, 7l Stevens, Debbie, 226 Stevens, Glen, 227 Stewart, Jo, 227, ll0 Sticher, Theresa, 227 Stiger, Richard, 227 Stills, Darria, St.John, Kathy, 227, 7l Stotts, John, 229, l24 Strassner, Gail, 227 Strider, L. J.: 227 Stubbletield, Vicki, 227, 7l Stubbs, Paula, 227 Sullivan, Carol, 227, 85, 2l0 Sullivan, Chappy, 227 Sumner, Tommy, 227 Sutherlin, Eddie, 227 Swaffar, Sandy, 227, 72 Swope, Jean, 227 Swenson, Karen, 227, 72 Sykes, Gary, 227 gl'-. Tabor, Ron, 227 Tash, Gayle, 229 Taylor, Billy, 227 Taylor, George, 227 Taylor, Jane, 227, 72 Taylor, Susi, 227, 72 Teague, Mike, 227 Teague, Sam, 227 Tegerson, Charles, 227, I44 Temple, Terry, 227 Terbush, Shawn, 227, l24 Terry, Edina, 227, 72 Teterault, Renee, 227, 2l0 Theimer, Pam, 227 . 240 is a ' A J ,LL ,fl ,,,i far Thomas, Mike, 227 Thomas, Ronnie, 227 Thominson, Debbie, 229 Thompson, Greg, 227 Thompson, Judy, 227 Thompson, Larry, 227 Thompson, Terry, 227 Thomson, Beau, 83, 2l0, 2l3,S Thrash, Russell, 227, l3l Threlkeld, Barbara, 227 Thurman, Vicky, 227, 72 Tilley, Pat, 227 Tinsely, Steve, 227 Todd, Linda, 227, 72 Tolson, Cheryl, 227, 72 Tooker, Lynn, 227 Towler, Bennie, 229 Trewet, Marilyn, 227 Trittipo, Jane, 2l I, 227, 72 Trobaugh Debbie, 227, 72 Troxell, Elmer, 227 Tull, Barbara, 229 Turnbow, Sam, 227 Turnbull, Carolyn, 227, 80 Turner, Mike, 229 Turner, Ranae, 227 Turner, Shirley, 227 -.U- Underwood, Pam, 228, 72 Unsell, Jackie, 228, 72 Utley, Linda, 228, 72 ..V.- Vallee, Terry, 228 Van Noy, Elberta, 228, 72 Vaughn, Debbie, 228, 72 Vawter, Shirley, 228, 80 Vowell, Debbie, 228, 72 ..VV.. Waddle, Jerry, 228 Waddle, Sharon, 228 Wade, Jimmy, 228 Wagner, Donnie, 228 Walkabout, Billy, 229 Wall, Phil, 229 Wallis, Floyd, 228 Walls, Tommy, 228 Walters, Richard, 229 Watson, Steve, 228 Watts, Linda, 229 Watts, Rhonda, 228 Watts, Sharon, 228 Weatherford, John, 228, I44, Weaver, Cheryl, 228 Webb, Paula, 228 Weed, Lynda, 229, 82, 2l0, 72 Weeks, Clarence, 228 Welch, Tommy, 228 West, Nawena, 229 West, Suzie, 228 Westervelt, Barbara, 228 Weston, Linda, 228 Whitney, Joyce, 228 Wilcox, Barbara, 228 Wilder, Ronnie-228, l24 Wiley, Gary, 228, 2ll Wiley, Janice, 228 Wilkerson, John, 228 Wilkerson, Kathy, 229, 73 Wilkes, Linda, 228 Williams, Connie, 229 Williams, Joe, 229 Williams, Larry, 228 Williams, Pat, 228, 73 Williams, Roger, 228 Williams, Sharon 228 Williamson, Bobby, 228 Williamson, Doyle, 228 Wilson, Alvin, 228 Wilson, Carolyn, 228 Wilson, James, 228 Wilson, Linda, 228, 226, 73 Wilson, Sandra, 228 Wilson, Troy, 228 Windle, James, 228 Windle, Peggy, 229 Winnard. Larrv, 228 Wirsich, Cathy, 228 Wirsich, Christy, 228 Wise, Roberta, 228 Wiyninger, Terry, 228 Woltenbarger, Janice, 228, 7 Wood, Danny, 228 Wood, Dennis, 228 Wood, Michael, 229 Wood, Radonna, 228 Woodal i, Eddie, 228 Woodard, Marilyn, 228 Woodie, Eddie, 228 Wooliver, Janie, 228 Wright, Wright, Wyont, Jerel, 229, H4 Jimmie, 229 Richard, 229 -Y- Yancy, Floyd, 229 Young, Helen, 229 Yousey, Carl, 229 -2- . 4 Zahourekd, Richard, 229 , . l 0. I i ' s ,Q Sams? Risiyglgy is W O53 Q ff 'Q I C 4 ig,qQQgg Q? E ,D 550.95 gD2i?f2W1QbQ5fwg?if 2, uygerix Q ' S Q50 . M5313 AQ 2 UQ i?Q5if?2fiiiif?i5w6,JQi ww iiimgsim 5 1 W mfwiQ3imj fVmH Q 2Q '9fQf5fv V ig WBQQ? ff? aefggggmiy Q5 agfggw W b Q9 25 1 pa 552, f Mi' 3E220QE?5f1?5 2?Qbi5iZW33??Y Q lf?-REA? 22365522 im ggfiigiifih' ,All-: 1 -'Q J-'-U-'j,."f1" N-1. srl' VA.. -, - . ,fs . L-Q' ,,.4ww'4"4. ' f A - wzwsk- tv :V-:-"2 0 ef-,g.-MQ.: . , - - 1 -1 ' "' 'L lvif' K4 Av., "M" " of-1' " mf . 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Suggestions in the U S Grant High School - General Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK) collection:

U S Grant High School - General Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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U S Grant High School - General Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


U S Grant High School - General Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


U S Grant High School - General Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


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