U S Grant High School - General Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK)

 - Class of 1964

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U S Grant High School - General Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 232 of the 1964 volume:

Lrg f Vg- ,VV ..V -MIM,-e , -' , , V' n 'ix V +V- . , 1 V V V,, V5: " J : QV .. - V,-A . . V '- V: -f" "'f - , fm ,V -" , -' VV 1: J-'g',,VVs X . - " ,1:. V, QV " Gt-V 'V 12 ' 51 - - ff 7' Ffiafsmyiis'5Q-f2:-eMw??- , 271 15531-V-'f ifi5.gV..51gVf Vg, - -3,215 M5312 'V gwiifff F' -235-Z1 A -gf V. .JEV-kiw i?-f,V 5 322 QM M. gf,,.g. V V.,,,,,- .,VVp5f.V'74'V, ws-'V' , VV mg,-u Lg,-.1 VV VJJVV-'-V-fa. - 2,.-.,--mg .4Nf1V74v-,JV-. '.,VgV'xf,.- -aa -V- ' ' T V :'.q:V'.QV V,V::Vf Vu. -2. . 1.57" V-Fx , wg ,gn-4-13 VV x, HN .N VV 'wnxV.u4:VV?b V 'V ff VV VV 2 V. VV f"-V' V ictg-fm"-V:i.,. cf-f1V:'1g gf.. '3 , .'g,i5g2.f3L,.-Vyrf'-L. - gVV-:V-gg?--pg.. , "f T- :'V V:f.L.jV,E1-VV Q, V V ' fgzjw, V: .'5QF,'V" ' V ...KV-'irfV'm F .5-Vi V - -V f-3.1 V f.-Aw VVVQ,-I fp- V,g.-.-V- V! 2 - "f -1Vj','j,,V V..Vg,-nn.-'lj'-4EV--4559, A: 29-,,fVV. ...mf --VM .X,1gV.4,VV,..V.V,qf--.gupxgiV ggnmf-V V V.-gg.. I-sw-1,, - -VVVVi.-'E-rw V. 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Q 5 11- - if- x X A 'f 'Y , , ,QYtgrf's,, X ' 'f' ' 1 s if 'R "1 . , T1-T5-'3'I ' " ' ,. x xx X f '3 Q: 7 , x 1 4 f r Y L x , wx Q X xx X ,' f S X, N ' f X . Sn 7 X! V 1 .' My -s x Q f , , I 5 ' "W "' 1 f E Q-, 7 ' ff 9 , '-T 4 z 7 f I . .. ' . YT - K' ' ' wp 'V 7 4 7 L . .A A f'77 W j May , T77 .3 5 '7 ,-. fl ,. 2 ' f ' f ' fa' , f x ,P 'ZW 47 Lfgyq,-. K1-17' .- K .. W ', 1 V If-rs-,7 , f L 1 fifgf-y4,,i J 1 A-if 1 5 W Behind each moment in life there lies an unknown chal- lengeg the unknown challenge of the future and all it may hold. Knowing not what comes after the present, each in- stance brings with it a summons to some task which must be met and encountered. The famed and immortal Ulysses S. Grant once said, "I propose to fight it out on this line if it takes all summer." Meeting each moment as it first begins to form and take shape, then afterwards fighting it out on its own line from beginning to end is a goal we must strive to attain. For facing life and the future without any qualms or misgivings is one of the first of many steps to maturity and success in an ever changing world. To the present our lives have been filled with many ex- periences of the past. All of which shall never be obliterated from our minds. Joy, sorrow, dreams, and reality-these are all pieces of that memory. But today that memory is unfaded and strong in our minds. Tomorrow, when it is not so strong, it is then that the 1964 GENERAL will have gathered these pieces together and formed a complete re- membrance of your year at U. S. Grant. SPIRIT IN EVER Y ASPE C T X - v p Declzccmon. gk I- is RX X ,f XE '- A . 7 N X,kx-yx Q Q 5 .ix E if A A in 'sf ' A ls. 'ills If . 'll7fLn1f.5trCNf1fQin:g- X V Q. , . i N. RJ 'fi XX! X KV fa 7 ' E . N. I f Classes . School Lqfe. 0 Cheers and Challenges 88 ' '? ri-'P 1 Q gi. sawn! ' X Qifilskwiin- i X ' i 1 e r P Generals renew old acquaintances at the beginning of a new school year. Mr. Hall, counselor, discusses a schedule change with Pat McCain. First Came Registration . . . We Entered Into Activities . . . Sandy Clover purchases school supplies from the student store. light the annual HOWdY Dance. Larry Spears, Mr. Howdy, crowns Nancy Sterling Miss Howdy to high, it E L if K mg' +5 mf' The library offers a quiet place for studying and homework. and studied in our library. Pam Leird helps a fellow student check out books that will aid her in hours of study Assemblies raised our Spirit and gave as a welcome break from Clusty. Our cheerleaders promote spirit by good sportsmanship and cries of victory. Lt. Johnson emphasizes a point of caution as he speaks in a safety assembly. Spirit was raised to an all time high, not only on the field, but in each of the students minds. Class rings were proudly worn and shown to all. S 1 G h J s recei d rings. 1 1 -raw-aw,5,f,,k si The trophy case near the office displays merits and achievements gained in past years. We admired our trophy case. And in June we said our final goodbyes to school, teachers and friends. U. S. Grant students rush to their various summer activities as another school year ends. Pt CY ' ' f . . ' af-wir' I 'V L N Q A 'AWK f.,.f,v' Q r M I 4 ' i s , I, V. 3 'iff ' . Lid M" 5 Y' 6 ' di, - N y z fr. fait I? . Q ' M . ' "' Lb A Pe ,gr g14L.-W-we as h V , Q lx ..,.. , X ,, .vu .fu 7 sf- " ' Z if -fs-'M V E A A 1 i r N , M- t f, , ii -. ' '5 5 " , LY 1 f 1 ,fel A ' 3 t .A V "' ' M , k fst ig- ,Mix , A at 'T ,. f Q mf l s , ...AMP-" wwrc Qffiwfffk ,.,- J- , V - tml, . K N y .. V I . I Q. , ,.,.,:,,.,aw K ' , ,' . L- fr A ,J -s x -J -r ' ' 1" 4 ,1:"'f2js-"Sf 5:51 2 rl " as r.--,,..-e . jf. . A,,- . -.,-',gf, .UAf.1,'z,g--a:'1.',f2,,f , A - A H , , '. M-4,22 'T ff' 1' fi' Zfhtyasei Ziff., Q , 4-v -- av-""e "-Pi. "?3.2.?'i -'aitf-SW'fifisff-4. saiw 'fax 4. t ,A M Looking into the future with high school days behind, seniors face different worlds as they bid farewell to GHS. YH x , in-kg Af Qz?f51'?m,,n Y iii A B'-. ny T y1s jf1fiw3' M L A 1 M- - , .. Wm ,. Kg, . - ,I 4 MW -M Y 1 .-x,, . - 'fwfwnmm mm ' - ' .gRT5V2einj2E31f5Q1vmiYnf Ma. ww , ' -M...,.- ,...a.m.1..Q...,.w...,v..:w.1. ,L -I ,1 . ,mp ' '. -y.W..............,,..-.....,,.... Q 'f 'W v I V S 3' 'Rv -M kv 1:1 :fir iw Yi-'-,F ,fr-A '."lk'l 1-'W 2- f A ' W? V 54" if 'M 55' 21' Q- ' rf' 6 " GV' r 5'1':f 3- nf . 4 - T' 5' S ' -wwe V. on f6 C'1m"'f'1'F1 vw.: if cv iw Q N x ' 4211 Qu cs X V Q I . '- Y? 1 -Q E. T' W f' iv if Lyn E? ' ?' fs 'ff C' a ff ' ff .V ' , ' 4' " . '7 ,fi-A' ' WW M" sf QQ? 71 vif 4- 'T M F A 95' 2 ' it H, gf , 1993 Q: E, qfqfvggqmhgxuhpg Prnt qw .A G, wx -h ,K ' ' .fu , X A . 1 fr . ' -, -R x 4 6 Iyasw if ,H S 'X' " if A 1' YA-1 gy 'fx 2' Q 'N ik' 5' QA gp fd x - - Y f f ' ' ,rn , ' ,J ' - 1 " . 'Q 5 .wg f1,, f g A - ' fi ' , ' 'L '- I ' .vm . - 'L , : ay.-' ' W 5 - L A ' ' 'iff 6' F , if' J 6' ' ' f 'Jgddxg f gg .J if 'f QS' '-'ffissff 1 11 ' . f Yi ' 1' 'PQW 5? 'sis j ' , f ' ,Qu -1 ,N 'X A U I V .- 'P - ji . , 1 5 ' Q .?9": V 9 1 Ng ' 9" fam? pw: nl "Q gwfifx' 7 A ' Y' 7 ,AQ " ' t W -' X T- , J S . F. 'Y 52 2 :M -51 Hee 523 5 ww-mawaunvow-fm umwl-4fw:s-M111-aw-we-mbps-up-sv A - ge ' aw 1 Vg! - ,qi " 1 ., ' 5 4- -- 1 ' Q y E. ' 1 . 2K A 31 ., ' 'r 1 5 . 1 - gf ' 4 li Q 3. Q 15 'Q 4 . 'x -. ' A 4' vu W X , . ,, - W 1 1., , ,J . .5 1 , , " -' 3 - -, A ' av. 3 W 5? .cw -9 GP A , 51 4 . 5. ' Q , -ff ff X xx 4 4, ,. . I . 6 . f ff . E1 if EL, if rj NI' '9' V' J' 'W 9 wa rr. " 570 "" :il 4, ' E? fl, I u ' -Aw Maul 1. , Z 'Y if i ,. ,ywwj , A Q--1 , Y KA' A wkrgifw Q' W 3 'S gif.-f -1 'i" 22.221513 6- 1 2 If 8 ' ,,ipf-fa. ef ti ff? 4 v T W8 W-is Behind the strong and ever present walls of U. S. Grant stand hundreds of students united as one. United through the common bond of youth and all its many activities the undying spirit and enthusiasm of each is more outstanding than the man made architectural wonder known as U. S. Grant High School. SPIRIT is standing behind every door and in all the numer- ous class rooms. The spirit of knowledge and learning is mold- ing and shaping these youthful minds for the new frontiers of tomorrow. SPIRIT is walking hand and hand with the cheers and chants of the Sabrette Pep Club. Whether it be a wintry night football game, or the pulsating speed and action of the Generals on the basketball court, both cheerleaders and pep club are always there. WITH ALL THESE REASONS IN MIND IT IS WITH SINCERE PRIDE THAT WE PROUDLY DEDICATE THE 1964 GENERAL T0 THE GENERALIS LADIES, WHOSE SPIRIT ALWAYS GOES WAY BE- YOND THE CALL or DUTY. IT IS T0 YOU, THE SABRETTE PEP CLUB, WE DEDICATE THE ELEVENTH EDITION OF THE U. S. GRANT GENERAL. WE THANK YoU Fon LEADING oUR SPIRIT. Fight on, for U. S. Grant To win or lose To lose or win, Weill always do our best To meet the test S0 letls aIl fight for U. S. Grant Fight on, for U. S. Grant Fight on. As the Sabrettes echo out the trailing words of "Fight On," the spark of spirit bursts into a blazing ball of fire never to die Ollt. For U. S. Grant fights on! ' 't th P Cl b 33-H64 dCHEERLEADERS: Kathy Benjock, Carolyn Beck, Joyce Sullivan, Sandy Baggett, Edith Burrs, Jill Thomson, Susie Ruise, and Varga ar an . S2 G RAW C.: RETW W e Shall G0 Onward School colors, red and gray, bring arousing shouts Carol Schroeder discusses a business matter with president Pam Stevens during the Football Preview. Pep Club members add enthusiasm and spirit to the student body during a pep assembly. I0 Chele Phillips, hanging, and Peggy Evans, sitting, add the final touches to our goal post before the Capital Hill game. 'l0nward we go . . . with vigahv is a sentence often spoken by President John F. Kennedy. He not only means this in the political world but in the educational world. Each morning the students of U. S. Grant come to school to begin a day of classes. However, it is a privilege, and not thought of as work which has to be done. The teaching and learning is done in an at- mosphere which is unexplained and not in drudgery. It is best interpreted by the two words Hwith vigahf' It is the will and the desire to learn and prosper, and is achieved by those who recognize it. One must care about the future and do something about it. Caring has its rewards, and those who care will get their reward. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Often the difference between suc- cess and failure is a job or any other goal. Socrates once said, ulgefore a man can move the world, he must first move himselff, Our students know this and are remembering it. They are going, and are continuing to go onward day after day and year after year. Wim Vigahw- Jr of acclamation from cheerleaders and student body. The finished product. XJ s 2 Q I I l Sabrettes rise to their feet as the Generals score against Putnam City Pirates. Sabrette Linda Grady rewards Frankie Howe for his per- formance against the Pirates. U 'J.c'jiE4,iXg!l?l,lil3 2 1 U. S. Grunt High School, home of the Generals. Hanging in the office is a portrait of General Grant, a present from the class of 1956. I2 Architectural Beauty The class of 1958 added this statue, which is located in the lobby. According to psychological experts, en- vironment and atmosphere a re the dominant factors influencing the happiness and well being of a person at work. Cer- tainly, an institution of learning promotes thought, and thought, in turn, promotes work. The architects and engineers who planned the building of U. S. Grant had all this in mind as they drew up the first blueprints. Of course, beauty without comfort is useless and these experts also had this to consider as they planned the landscape, size, and composition of a beautiful, but accommodating edifice. Following the same pattern, the garden- ers have added beauty to U.S.G. by using their own talent and skill. The gardens which encircle our school give it a unique- ness which makes it stand out among all others. Realizing the importance of decorative ornaments, senior classes long past are still remembered through gifts left to their alma mater. In part, each of these groups contributes its best for the betterment of their favorite school, U. S. Grant. Prevalent at Grant 1"7f,.h-,,x' f' f ' ' N . e . , 7 Q .-'W v Mn 'f QQ" L . .,,,,.-,x,,., .AA -4 , -Y - .3 ' . Gift of the class of 1961 is the General mascot in front of the auditorium The athletic bus was purchased in 1962 by the combined efforts of the Parents Athletic Association and Athletic De partment. , . ,. .,.-imfmwawff. Leslie Cooper hands out information on Gordon Cooper's space capsule at the State Fair. Miss Carter is aided by a friend in her lecture on the cuspids and incisors. David Doughty demonstrates the vacuum tube curve tracer in electronics class. Math and Science Stressed Dale Bennett and Chip Hanson work on a class assignment in science seminar. , if .Y Mr. Paul Hieronymus' chemistry class performs a laboratory experiment. Ln Cu rn cu Zum Knowledge, the key to a studentis success in life, is accentuated by the very competent teachers of U. S. Grant. Wisdom is the main goal set by our forefathers that we, the students, try to achieve by attending school. ' From the first day of school, our teachers help us learn the principles of being a helpful and use- ful citizen. If we retain this knowledge that is so diligently being given to us, we may not only suc- ceed in life for ourselves, but we will also prove to our teachers that their hours of preparing us for our future are not in vain. Learning can be made fun and enjoyable to all who are interested. If a capable student comes to school, with a will to learn, school will be no serious problem or burden to him. But if a student comes to school with an attitude of belligerence, he will be unhappy because he will consider his school- ing a waste of time. Schooling is very important to a student, and this importance is strongly accentuated by the teachers of U.S.G. Mr. Hostetter gives fatherly advice and counsel to problem child Billy Young. Connie Robertson works a problem concerning circular area in M geometry class. r. Hill's 'Z it The Spoken Word . . . U. S. Grant helps to adjust students for the future and helps them to see the necessity of an education by offering excellent subjects in many fields such as French, English, Great Books, and many more. Shakespeare once said, "There is a tide in the af- fairs of men which taken at the flood, leads on to for- tune." Once one has grasped the full importance of an education he has taken the first step toward acquiring a capacity for it. Making a pact with onself to set a goal and striving until it is found and achieved will help oneis de- termination grow even in the darkest moments. After one has accomplished his goal, he will have many memorable memories and he the proud possessor of a completed goal. Dehaters Pam Ellis and Bill Gill discuss plans for a future tournament. Beth Nail, Kathy Sandlin, and Linda Chapman add the final touches to yearbook copy before sending it to press. Mr. Chase shares some of his philosophy with his second hour class. ff Nancy Wilker- son and Bartow Bradley re- V hearse the cli- la mactic scene in "Auntie Mamef' the Written, Thought Displaying their knowledge of language and litera- ture is a job well-handled by U. S. Grant's English and language teachers. Longfellow, Sandburg, Shakespeare, and Browning, along with many other well-known poets, were studied thoroughly and completely by the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. Openings to the outside world are offered through the foreign language department. A fluent knowledge of foreign languages helps to prepare U. S. Grant stu- dents for college and better job opportunities. Classes conducted in Latin, Spanish, and French help the stu- dents to widen their interest and broaden their knowl- edge of foreign peoples and their countries. One of Mrs. Richter's Classes listens attentiv to French narrative. ely r---sul The great books class discusses ma- terial contained in a recently read selection. Editors of the Grant Dispatch paste up galley proofs for publication. Mr. Collins records grades from a recent test. i 5 . r , 2 is , f ,V - Law .mas t P' ' if-fu A i 'Z ' get 1 t 135 3 , .1"? tt.. 9429: , - f fi o t iitii X f 'ffiff 'H li l - . s as to . if ,af aa fr Qs f y W' i f A 'Q M- li! . ri, ' . y f t U if 4 iw U , or Q .rf?js?isQ5: f 2519 .V . . ' -we t I - . , fifw 1 , gr, ,I L' Wx f' we A' M3195--.f?tqt ,.- it 1 r. . 7' .Y F-. ft. em,. ,fww, zen' ,,9Egy54W3v .i,, ffiz5f5"'af"-: " ww KW 't w' ., Q.-fs., .at A--7 , : h'L? is VIWQ' ., - Y V, f if f r ' "" Ei , 'I . Q'ff?15r:ja.s.ffff2?d31t' fa. ti' If 'fs 1' Starting linc-'up pt'ar'li4'es an important offensive play before the Capital Hill game. Two gym students work out on the exercising machines. Competing with other schools in our educational system is a favorite among the students of U. S. Grant. Whether it is their scholastic, athletic, or creative abilities they are displaying, the Generals are always eager to try to be first in any field. Heading this long list of competition is the ever-active athletic department, as it attends numerous games and tournaments throughout the school year to com- pete for top priority in the field of sports. However, individual competition comes before team com- petition, and hours of hard work and practice are spent as the competitors strive to better themselves so that they may then improve their team. Although these amateur athletes are oftentimes exhausted from continuous practice there is always present that constant drive toward perfection. Many students are active in a number of sports while others prefer only to participate in one. But, no matter what sport is their preference, that special touch of skill must be present in order mto make the teamf, As in every goal a person attempts to gain, he must first acquire the ability to do the job before he can improve himself. ports and Physical Jerry Pitt churns for extra distance against Southeast in the Preview. Girls in Miss Sughru's gym class do their daily calisthenics. Education Promote Spirit Susie Ruise put The only classes where a student isn't required to sit and study all hour are the physical education classes of U. S. Grant. The large staff of coaches heading this particular department make it their responsibility to give the HGeneralsl' the active program necessary to build healthier bodies. Mr. Brown's fourth hour gym class does Jumpm Jacks for their exercises. s forth her best effort during the Capital Hill Grant softball game In accordance with President Kennedy's nationwide - K physical fitness program, the coaches of U.S.G. make A, ' Y l lg it a point for all their students to meet the necessary " ' A 'tif' L, wir 1 G requirements to be 'iphysically fitf' L '42 -'c' , ' 0 ' i""' Af Seemingly endless hours are spent doing push-ups, i if W i free l pull-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, and an infinite num- EQ 41 5 , QTL. , X 2 . M K 1 ber of exercises. A schedule is set up for the entire 3 ,. : L f c W ' "A . school term so that there is continuous participation A 1 xvfm L o .X in any one of a number of competitive sports. These gh D-J v ,bp an Q L' f" .1 ..i-sg sports might include anything from ten-pins to softball. ' 3 kg, .V me 1 ' 'N 'A " V t Teams are set up in the classes, and numerous days, rg? Qfrft and sometimes weeks, are spent in tournaments for ff N c f t i each individual s ort. 3 I-f-an Q Q-M f'v-'f We :fe Constant partiiiipation in such activities give the stu- i i t V dents a chance to use their youthful energy for the '-'MRM A 'M betterment of their own bodies. Band members breathlessly await the an- nouncement of the band queen, Drum major Chris Jahnke crowns .loan Pritchett band queen during half time of Douglas game. The a cappella choir practices for their first performance of the year. 0 The pep band keeps things swinging with their rendition of "Sweet Georgia Brown." Mr. Ballew leads the choir through a rendition of 4'On the Street Where You Live." Culture Stressed in Art Electives such as Art and Music make our future brighter and help us enjoy our life at school more. Our art classes are equipped in helping us develope our talents and brighten our educa- tion. Art means something different to each N person, when one hears it they usually think of paintings and sketches. But an artist is only able to capture the scenes of nature on canvas. Music is an art of the voice, it expresses thoughts and brings peace of mind. Man had music long before he knew how to read and write. It is not just Words set to a tune, but a thought said with a melody which expresses joy, sorrow, and fun, but most of all it brings pleasure. No matter how it is sung, whether it is rapid or slow, comical or solemn, the har- monious voices blending in song put you in the mood with it. Mrs. Long's art class prepares color wheels for reference. Judy Smith adds the final touches to her dish before placing it in the kiln. The Girls' Glee Club warms up by doing technique. and Music Phil Burrows attempts drawing his sketch on a much larger scale. I Richard Griffee prepares a mold in ceramics class. is 'Q Q fy- 1 ,Mesa , g A The boys in jewelry class work on their projects for display in the showcase. 2I The constant tapping of typewriters and the humming of a bookkeeping machine are two familiar sounds heard daily by the future secretaries and executives of U. S. Grant. Business majors can look forward to being skilled in shorthand, bookkeeping, business machines, and typing, after receiving proper instructions from U. S. Grant's well qualified business teachers. The business offices of the future can expect workers who have excelled in their chosen field. Many of the students realize that they must master the various techniques of the business world, be- cause it will have to help keep the world turning, and the business profession prospering. Numerous business majors will strive to continue their education, therefore, a good background in business achieved at U. S. Grant, will further a studentis chances to succeed in the business world. Mr. Phillips' business machines class tallies up a long column of figures. Business, Marketing, and ng, Q Donna Mullins and Claudia Calhoun prepare the D.E. merchan- dise display in the library showcase. DE. tuclents Are Trained Gloria Sherril, employee of Streets, Reding, Sandra Conway assists a customer of Kerr's as Ronnie Macklin rings up a purchase for Big helps a customer pick out an evening gown. she tries on a winter coat. Top Toys and Hobbies, Mrs. Bumpas' typing class drills for improvement in speed. Linda McDonald and Dalene Smith strive for accuracy and speed on the posting machines. Salesmcmshzp Are Learned ,.,,,, ,,,. Nw, - 1. mf - Roy Peters, a senior business major from OU, discusses the FBLA program with business students. , . , A 4 ' -"i '71 ' 5-il ef ., eil. , if Cf' 'Sox Mrs. Holland's shorthand and transcription classes are well on their way to becoming secretaries. on the fob John Sanger stocks shelves of glassware in TG8zY. Mr. .lones shows John Deaver some basic rules of metal work. Printing students set type for tickets to an up- coming event. " ' A 'Y"' , A E ,., , 'li' -g""i"' ' ii -TF M. .. A woodwork student returns his tools after completing a project. Skilled rafsmanshm Developed in Shops The woodwork, electronics, metalwork, printing, and draft- ing Classes at U. S. Giant are filled to capacity with scores of students trying to improve their present talents and skills for their careers. These future electricians, drafters, de- signers, and printers are well aware of the fact that a man who is well-educated and experienced is alvsgays at the top of the list of the men most wanted for positions in their chosen field. With this utmost in their minds, they are preparing now for the future. Although some of these students have no present desire to enter into any of the fields listed above, they may use their present knowledge for other purposes in the years to come. Most students don't realize it, but this is true in all types of education. Richard Barnes and Ernie Woods discuss a Leslie Hodgin and James Hrdlicka assemble .lerry Hilterbrand shows Darryl Bishop and problem in mechanical drawing. type for a printing job. Randy Knight how to operate a lathe. 24 Two seamstresses in Mrs. Wilson's class practice an im- portant sewing technique. Kay Williams prep ares the oven for a kitchen assignment. Homemakers Learn, Domestic Skills Many of the worldis future chefs, interior decorators, and seamstresses, are getting their training in U. S. Grant's home economic classes. Students are offered the chance to learn all the basic skills of cooking, sewing, and home living. In the home living department, students learn to care for a home and children properly. Making and designing lively clothes is the main goal of fl' aih f Maw f - Marsha McCartney checks the refrigerator to begin her daily duties in home economics class. MW U. St Grant's sewing department. Students in these classes learn to make everything from aprons to formals. Girls who have had instructions from Grantss foods classes, learn to prepare well balanced meals, which are pleasing to the eye as well as the taste. Jayne Dowdy and Zoe Davis better their skills in the art of knitting during ew mg class. 'W F. . NTI 3-5' . ,,:, ,L li .f -'-- .,,.. , if ' C , ,,.,, ,Q QL 5 ' t Q ' Eiiittfu lil K " if .., . ' ffl ' C C 'M' tt Alf t fi. . WMM i l r trlf 5:3 'A, Officer Watson of the police department dis- Marylyn Vidlock has her car safety checked Sharon Rone examines a football poster which cusses safety during the Safety Council as- for a parking area assignment. WHS Jlldged by the Student Council. sembly. labs Enlighten Louis Moore presides over the first Red Cross meeting of the year. Grant students enjoy themselves at the Howdy Dance, a Student Council ac- tivity. Alvin Burchett and Tom Gentry apply for P.T.S.A. membership. ...uid Latin club members make plans for the first meeting. chool LL e FTA members discuss their progran annual welcoming party at their 1 for the year. M Annual Howdy tags are passed out to Student Council members during an early morning meeting. Coach Coffelt, "O" Club sponsor, and Mrs. Coffelt enjoy the Putnam City game as he recovers from a toe operation. Ruthie Tillerson practices becoming 21 better salesgirl in DE. class. it i A , QZA: .E:12:,: A o g 1 4.4 ' , .K r' if .s1Q!3:e:'-i t I -I Q- ' . Bobby Dies takes a restful siesta in a corner Carla Essary leads group singing in Morning MF- Marker beSif1S the day' with the morning of the library. Inspiration. 21I1I10uI1CemeI1ls. Grant students await the beginning of a school day. Mrs. Teska's sixth hour Latin II class is engaged in the assignment for the day. A Day at Mr. Waltman ushers an unwelcome visitor from the building. Wan' -'.2 5 A r ' at . X 'K li fes' f,5i,. 'P' wr - .. . s E c 1 .Z 'W -I an . 5 f" ":1 ezfsffggf we J . tm t, -we pg qmgut . f, .W , xf Q, 1 I , , , I S , . Terry Anders finds many topics to discuss during lunch. """' Mrs. Pool makes reading assignments to one of her eleventh grade American Literature classes. X ,. .,. , f A rg M . K ' . Joe Hanson, Rembrandt photographer, focuses r ellogg s students work out on the stroboscopes the camera on Linda Sanders for her class Mr. Evans takes time out to relax and view Larry Cooper and David Petersen search for section picture. the World Series. needed props for "Auntie Mamef' AQ-52 , f was ,-::m,ji?5g7' t ' er. 3-2i2fff,i i:eS2a.g5Q,., 29 Best of Leaders Interest and understanding of today's youth are the key factors in formulating an edifice of knowledge, and these characteristics are prominent in the executives and administrators of our School Board of Education. Under the expert leadership of Dr. Jack Parker, Su- perintendent of the Oklahoma City School System and the Board of Administrators, Oklahoma Cityls public school system runs smoothly and efficiently. But, with- out qualified leaders working in each individual school, this edifice of knowledge would surely crumble and de- teriorate into oblivion. Working along with other top educators, Mr. C. W. Huffman, principal of our school, leads and directs U. S. Grant High School expertly and proficiently. Ac- cordingly, Mr. Nees and Mr. Semrad, vice principals, assist Mr. Huffman as they handle matters concerning the students and their school and social activities. As in every important role that is undertaken, a lead- er and a guide is a necessity. Such are these men who are the guiding forces of tomorrow's leaders. Head School Spirit ADMINISVIKAIIUN Uvsuuvnn-f V' ' ' .M ,Mn-W A.,,. Wy- ..,,. Y ,Y 1.,M , A A . . ,M gs' V"' 'L A' 'N' -ii-in , . , H ar Administrative Leaders Dr. Parker discusses a school problem with associate. DR. JACK F. PARKER, Superintendent of Schools Board 0 f Education DR. N. L. GEORGE MURL BURR GILBERT ROBERTSON Assistant Superintendent in Charge of Buildings Director of Research Director of Personnel and Grounds. l 32 'Q FOSTER ESTE5, President PHIL C. BENNETT, Vieeapresident The primary purpose ol the Oklahoma City Board of Education is to handle the business of the sc-hools. These eivie minded men and women give up their time to the serxiee of assisting tl1e superintendent in making school poliey. and delegating authority on important school issues. Superintendent of Oklahoma City schools. black F. Parker. stated this about the newly elected school board. "Exe-ry eommunity has educational problems of one kind or another, The effectixeness with whit-h they are met and the quality of education provided depends largely on the people who make up the governing board. It is our extreme good fortune that the election process has resulted in people of the highest imaginable quality being chosen to serve on Oklahoma Citfs Board of Edueationf' The president, Nlr. Foster Estes. a Capitol Hill banker and in- dustrialist. was elected to office Deeember 5. l96I5. Board members. Hr. W. F. Lott. Mr. Phil C. Bennett and Mrs. Warren F. Vlfeleh were re-eleeted December 1963. Mr. Melvin Rogers was appointed October 1, and took office on October l8, Leads School System 1963. llama W. F. LOTT MELVIN ROGERS MRS. WARREN F. WELCH -f ., C. W. HU FFMAN, Principal Prmczpal Huffman, Prinvipal, Mr. Selnrad, and Mr. Ne-es, Vice Principals, ne gifts given to them hy tht- teachers, at Christmas time. Mr. Huffman works diligently at his desk. Clarence W. l'luffman, principal of US. Grant, handles more than one job at a time. His many duties include working with the teachers, organiz- ing the schoolls daily functions, delegating author- ity to his vice principals, Mr. ,lim Nees and Mr. Everett Semrad, and the superxision of the entire student body. Stiff requirements are needed to stand up and meet these obligations, and Hr. Huffman qualifies in every one. llc attended the Lhiversity of Okla- homa where he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree. He holds a masters degree in administration and ma- jored in mathematics. Q , t i t Mr. Nees and Mr. Semrad prepare the roster for the US. Grant invitational basketball tournament. EVERETT SEKIR.-XD, Vice Principal .UNI NEILS Yicc Principal Vzce Prmcqaals Due to the large enrollment of over 1775 students at US. Grant. qualified leadership and counseling is needed for faculty as well as students. 'llwo sueli chief executives are Mr. liver:-tt Semrad and Mr. james Nees. Vice Prin- eipals. The task of handling curriculum and actiyities at U.S. Grant High School falls primarily on the shoulders of Mr. Sernrad. lfornierly he was an eleyenth grade American llistory' teaelier. and next a ,lunior High lroys counselor for two years. Now that he has lmeen Vice Prineipal since lfJ6l. he has won the respect' ol the students and faculty. which makes a good leader even lmetter. From educator of the students, to advisor of the stu- dents. and now one of the two Vice l'rint-ipals. working among the students. hlI'.,,lillTlCS Nees has proven himself a guiding foree eontinuously' strengthening lfs. Grant. Because ol his great faith and interest in the education of toniorrowis leaders, students can continue knowing that they will succeed. Besides the heavy' agenda of handling attendaneo records. disciplinary action and numerous other responsibilities. he and Nlr. Senirad were continuously seen throughout the year at liasketliall and lootliall games and wrestling matelies. With his understanding of young people, the fact is easily' recognized wliy lie is a leader in this field of learning and education. Ni. Mrs. Baker, attendance clerk, checks the attendance of the U. S. Grant students. Mrs. Patterson and Mrs. Calhoun, librarians, look at the Library Journal. Mrs. Hampton, secretary to Mr. Huffman, reads daily corre spondence sent to the principal's office. jfice Staff The center of any high school is its office, and there is no exception to that fact at US. Grant. It is there that Mr. Hufman, Principal, and Mr. Nees, and Mr. Semrad, Vice Principals, have their offices. In the main part of the office, the names of all the students attending US. Grant and their courses are kept on file. The secretaries are busy enrolling new students, check- ing absentees, typing letters, placing and receiving various phone calls for faculty and administration, and assisting the Principal and Vice Principals in every way they can. The office at US. Grant in physical appearance may not appear to be any different from any other high school, except for the large portrait of General Ulysses S. Grant on the wall as you enter. The staff of well trained secretaries are always willing to assist the students in any way they possibly can, and if you should see Mr. Huffman leaving or entering his office you usually find he will greet you with a Warm hello and a sincere smile. This is what makes the office at U.S. Grant different from any other high school. Its people are never too busy to lend a helping hand or a friendly greeting to a General and his lady. MILDRED PATTERSON B.A. Oklahoma University Librarian DORIS BRADLEY Nurse GALEN CALHOUN Librarian OPAL HAMPTON Secretary to Mr. Huffman HELEN BAKER Attendance Clerk PEGGY CAMPBELL Registrar LOUISE SPEED Financial Secretary Hehas Grant Run Emciently EARNEST BUCKHOLD B.A. Oklahoma State University M.A. Oklahoma State University Boys Counselor .IUANITA BITTLE B.A. Hendrix College, Conway, Arkansas Oklahoma University Girls Counselor POLLY KIRKPATRICK Attendance Clerk DON HALL B.A. Central Slate College M.E. Oklahoma University Boys Counselor at 3 uuq' . ' .., . Lili m v. 1 "' f 1 .t.. f ' , .ff-" .V', P , A- I gg-1 K 4352, if H Y- gi yd , 4.7 .R FRANCIS ORREN B.A. East Texas State, Commerce, Texas Girls Counselor 37 2 S R y -si-Wg Mrs. Myatt explains how to prepare a book report to one of her students. CHRISTINE BAUGH B.A. Oklahoma Baptist University English C. D. CHASE B.A. Northwestern State College English M.A. Greeley, Colorado BILLIE CAIL BOSTON B.F.A. Oklahoma University M.F.A. Oklahoma University English O. .l. COLLINS B.A. Central State College English Mrs. Daniels discusses vocabulary work to two of her students. w Mrs. Manning explains how to write a theme to Charlie Smith. Englishg the Staff of Lyfe ln the present day and age of science, the practical as well as the cultural importance of English is dominant through- out everyday lile. US. Grant teachers in the English depart- ment train their students in composition so that it will de- velope his ability "to go right to the pointw and to disen- tangle a thought, to detect what is genuine and discard what is irrelevant. ln literature the countless types of men and women in fact and fiction are made familiar to the students who view and rexiiew opinions and judgements clearly and consciously. The guidance committee was initiated at US. Grant October lO, l963, to bring the entire faculty together in a more co- ordinated effort of planning to meet the needs of students in their major problem areas. Vocational guidance was espe- cially geared toward individual choices in curriculum pre-en- rollment. JERALDINE DANIELS B,S. Oklahoma Baptist Unive English HILDA MANNING B.A. Oklahoma University M.A. Oklahoma University English DAN MARKER BA. Central State College M.A. Central State College English, Psychology Activities Director EDNA MYATT B.A. Central State College M.A. Central State College English DIARY NESTLERODE B.F.A. Oklahoma University English PAULINE NOVEY B.S. Central State College M.E. Oklahoma University Special Education FRANCIE POOLE English MARY J. SPARKS rsity B.S. Southwest Missouri State College Graduate Study Oklahoma City University Great Books, Publications BILL WALTMAN B.A. Oklahoma University Ed.M. Oklahoma University English, Speech, Debate ., y its f Mr Huffman, Mrs. Teska-Chairman, Mr. Semrad, Mrs. Holland-Secretary, Miss Carter, Mrs. Sparks, Mrs. Humphrey, Mr. Cheatwood, Pam Ellis-Student Representative, Mrs. Myatt, RIISS B1ttle, Mrs. Novey, Mr. Garret, Mr. Dowdell, Mr. Brown, Mr. Butler, Mr. Jones, Mr. Waltman, Mr. Semrad 'Nlr Holland and Pam Ellis Mr Buckhold, Kent Kistler-Student Representative, Mr. McCain, Mr. Kellogs, Mr. Qualls, dlscuss thedule chin L for the second Mr Thompson, Mr. Hostetter, Mrs. Wheeler. Semester 1-.xiffxl WK. 1.1 ' U 'lb- ,ludy Smith and Carolyn Worley watch as Mrs. Wlheeler draws a graph during a Math Club meeting. ln the present day and age, mathematics has taken a very firm foothold in our society. The de- partment of mathematics at U.S. Grant branches out from algebra 1 and 2, geometry, trigonome- try, and math analysis. But in all these facets, no matter how much they may differ in subject matter and method, there is a similarity. They all deal with magnitude, quantities, numbers, and their re- lations, or with the properties of space. Mathematics is not just one sci- ence, but a group of sciences joined together by similarity in subject matter and treatment. lt is generally divided into three main groups, all of which are taught at Grant. They are, arith- metic, which deals with the nature and properties of numbers. This branch also includes algebra, ex- pressing its facts in symbols in- stead of figures. The second is analysis, which includes more ab- stract and theoretical phase of al- gebra but has as its main branch calculus. The third group is geome- try, which treats measurements and properties of lines, angles, sur- faces and solids. Trigonometry is a higher phase of this. Careers in Mathentatics and 40 .lOHN HILL B.S. Central State College Math OLETA LANSDOWNE B.A. Central State College M.S. Oklahoma A8tM Math JOHN MOORE B.A. Central State College M.A. Oklahoma University Math HELEN RAY B.S. Southwestern State College M.T. Central State College Math CALVIN RIESEN B.S. Oklahoma- State University Math CLEO WHEELER B.A. Abilene Christian College Math For the student with a feeling for science, there is no more re- warding courses than the many specialized branches offered in this field at US. Grant. Physics, chem- istry, electronics, biology, physi- ology and psychology, are six of the main body of courses which make up the science department. Specialized subject matter, such as kinetics, the branch of physics treating the effects of force upon the'motions of mattered bodies, is only one example of the ex- tensive program taught in a few of these courses. The knowledge that men have found by observation and reason- ing makes up the present day sci- ence. The word science, comes from the Latin word scio, mean- ing HI knowf' Teachers at U.S. Grant try to impress on the mind of each 'stu- dent, that no matter how logical an explanation or statement seems, he must treat it as a hypothesis until proven, and then afterwards he can say without any doubt, "I knowf, Al Pecena looks on as Mr. Butler prepares a bacteria experiment for Biology. Science Are Encouraged IDA CARTER B.S. Oklahoma University M.S. Oklahoma-University KEN COFFELT B.S. Oklahoma University M.N.S. Oklahoma University Biology Head Wrestling Coach PAUL HIERONYMUS B.S. East Central State College Chemistry DON KELLOCG B.S. Central State College Physics CHARLES KIMBROUCH B.S. Bethany Nazarene College Biology JERRY WILLIAMS B.S. Oklahoma State University Chemistry it Mr. Qualls instructs his students as to how to use the oscilloscope CLYDE BUTLER B.S. Oklahoma University Ed.M. Oklahoma University M.N.S. Oklahoma University Biology TOM CHEATWOOD B.A. Central State College History DICK EVANS B.S. Oklahoma University American History Head Football Coach DON FAUBION B.S. East Central State College American History 9th grade Football Coach L. D. HOSTETTER B.S. Central State College Ed.M. Oklahoma University American and World History CARY LOWER B.A. Central State College American History Football Line Coach G. L. MOUTRAY B.A. Central State History, whether it be government, World, United States, Oklahoma, civ- ics, or some other branch taught in the class rooms of U.S. Grant, is by defi- nition, a record and explanation of the past. Through the media of lecture, dis- cussion and textbooks, the teachers in the ,history department try to estab- lish a greater appreciation of the con- tributions of people and nations to the development of our present day culture. U.S. Grantis instructors point out the essential basis for the understand- ing of other principal areas of human experience. The knowledge of history provides more perspective with which to view and interpret national and international events and trends. With the primary importance of be- coming a responsible adult and citi- zen, a basic knowledge of history is the backbone of our future govern- mental institutions and important po- litical and economic problems and is- sues. H istory and College World History Teachers take El 1Jf6HlhC1' and UV i0 PTCPHTC U16 f0110WiHg d21Y'S ICSSOU- The teachers make full use of their off hours in the teachers' lounge. 42 t I 5 ,lu 5 3 ii K.. l ma E , . v Mr. Buckhold and Mr. Siler privately discuss Students in Mrs. Teska's Latin class leisurely Mrs. Inez Richter instructs her French class student relations. finish their class work on subjunctive n100dS- on the conjugation of the word avoir and etre Language Classes Broaden Interests The world moves at a faster pace, people travel more, and to have a better understanding of our foreign neighbors, one must be able to speak to them in their own native tongue. At U.S. Grant two of the most com- mon languages spoken in most parts Of the world are taught. French and Spanish speaking people total well over 181,800,000 Latin is also of- fered. The French language is one of the eight Romance languages, or those languages of the world which have a common origin in Latin. lt is a beauti- ful, harmonious tongue, which has been used for diplomacy for centuries. Spanish is another Romance lan- guage. Its loud, deep and rich sound makes it most impressive. Latin, in history is divided up into three main groups. The preliterary, about 240 BC., the literary, from 240 B.C. to about 170 A.D., and the period of decay. There is unquestionable re- sults from the study of Latin. One of these is the background in grammar and vocabulary. BILL SILER B.S. Central State College BLS. Central State College International Affairs, American Government RAY THOMPSON 13.5. Central State College M.A. Central State College Psychology, Sociology, Track Coach ALFONZO MONJARAS B.A. Central State College Spanish INEZ RICHTER B.S. Central State College B.A. Central State College MA. Columbia Univ., N.Y. French, Spanish ANONA TESKA B.A. Rexon Coll., Wis Latin, Government JULIA ALLEN B.S. Oklahoma State University Shorthand, Clerical Practice LYDIA BUMPAS M.E. Oklahoma City University Typing A. C. FULLER U.S. Oklahoma University Bookkeeping, Businr Klachines BOB GARRETT B.A. Oklahoma Stat:- University BLA. Oklahoma State University General Business, Business Math DORIS HOLLAND B.B.A. Texas Tech. Shorthand and Transcriptiong Typing BILL PHILLIPS B.S. Central State College Business Machines Mrs Savage and Glenna Hamilton discuss brief forms their current assi nment Mrs. Bumpas gives her students a speed test in her 4th hour typing class. The making, buying and selling of goods is the most promising vocation of the future. To prepare tomorrowis adults for this, a complete line of business courses are offered at U.S. Grant. Everything from how to set up a window display to business law is explained by qualified leaders in each of their individual fields. Courses such as bookkeeping, short- hand, business math, and filing are taught to the students. Another branch of business courses offered at U.S. Grant is business machines. In this class students learn first hand how to run such machines as a ten-key, full- key, bookkeeping machines, and cal- culators. Each machine is explained by the instructor and the students work on the machine until he has mastered addition, subtraction, multiplication. and division. The World is turning towards auto- mation, and any student completing the business courses at U.S. Grant will be ready to meet it. Business Classes REINE PENDLETON B.A. Oklahoma University MA. Oklahoma University Typing MINTA SAVAGE B.S. Oklahoma University Shorthand Business English ROY LEMMONS B.S. Bethany Nazarene College Distributive Education GEORGE HANKINS BS. Oklahoma State University Mechanical Drawing, Drafting and Design TOM QUALLS BS. Oklahoma State University Electronics Cultivate Future Tycoons 2nd semester not pictured Mr, Lemmons, Distributive Education teacher, Mr. Phillips instructs Frank Jansson on how tu gets jelly beans out of the candy machine. 11S6IhC machine COYTCCUY- -qu. , ,f r, ,, . l K EDITH JONES B.S. Oklahoma University MS. Oklahoma University Graduate work Boulder, Colorado, 2nd semester DOROTHY DEAN B.S. Oklahoma University Mrs. Dean dictates a letter as the students write rapidly, in shorthand class. ' 15 VWE9 45 KEITH DOWDELI. KA. Southwestern MA. Emporia, Kans. Audio-Visual Co-ordinator MELTON JONES B.S. Oklahoma State University M.S. Oklahoma State University Metal Work ROBERT MCCAIN B.S. Central State College Printing and Photography GEORGE ROSS B.A. East Central State College M.A. Oklahoma State University Woodwork x L LOIS RING B.S. Northwestern Home Decorating CECIL KEGANS B.A. Central State College MA. Central State College Drivers Ed WANDA WILSON B.S. Oklahoma State University lst Semester Clothing Mrs. Ring and Claudette Sain make Christmas decorations in the Homemaking class. The meaning to many of the girls who are enrolled in one of the three home economics classes, clothing, foods, and family living, is that they are preparing themselves for the fur ture when they too will take their place as homemakers. From the most detailed stitching on a garment, or how to make your money stretch in the kitchen, to an elaborate blue print of your dream house, is taught step by step and explained and discussed by trained instructors in this field. Safety is a key word to anyone driving or learning to drive a car. The easiest and by far the safest is to enroll in the drivers education course at G.H.S. Under the careful eyes of a qualified instructor, students learn all the laws and regulations of Oklahoma both behind the wheel and behind the classroom desk. The complexities of photography are simplified and explained to students enrolled in this course. Subject matter deals with the taking of pictures, de- veloping them, the proper film to use, and the adjustment of various cameras. Elective Courses Mrs. sparks and Mr. Nees affan ge Christmas gifts at the faculty tea. wma ,W ne V ! r Q 5 V Throughout the civilization of the world there has been no culture which has ever persisted without some form of art. The first concern of the U.S. Grant art department is directed to those aspects of art which will contribute to the general as well as the educational growth of an indi- vidual. The study of art is concerned with much more than manual and visual training. Its body of knowledge is gath- ered through out the centuries of practice, and grows steadily each day. Instructors in the courses of art at U. S. Grant try to impress the rewarding experience of culture to any one who has the desire to respond to art values. Art is variable in meaning, and is often synonymous with skill, such as the skill in playing an instrument pro- ficiently. Mr. Todd, director of the instrumental phase of music, led the uPride of U. S. Grantn to contest at Central State, Edmond, and the State contest held at Norman. MARGE HUMPHERY MORENE LONG B.A. Peru Techers Peru, Nebraska Arts and Crafts Coll., B.F.A. Oklahoma University Arts and Crafts Broaden the Interests of Students Mr 'Todd drills the 4'Pride of U. S. Grant" as to their formation at half time ceremonies at the Capitol Hill football game. 2 i X Mrs Humphrey and Miss Sudberry, a student teacher, work on decorations from the art department. RAY BALLEW DON TODD B.M.E. Oklahoma Baptist B.M. Oklahoma City University University M.M.E. Oklahoma University Music Music DON BROWN LOIS SUGHRU B.S. Central State College BS. Central State College Physical Education Physical Education Chester Howard Joe Garrison Custodians Unity and organization keep a school the size of U.S. Grant running smoothly day after day. With a staff of ten men dedicated to the service of beautification, U.S.G.H.S. always looks its best whenever visitors may arrive. The custodian staff's work never ceases through- out the day. From the moment before students walk into the school and long after they leave, one may find these men polishing, waxing, or sweeping the hallways, cleaning the grounds, working in the flower gardens, or letting one of the teachers in her room who forgot her keys. Behind the scenes quite a bit of labor goes on to keep a bustling school running, and ten of the friendliest men organized at Grant do it all. Harold Kenney Charlie Morrison A. U. Skaggs, Manager C '1 P Cm meg Bill Roberts Herman Wllaley' Bob Birchfield Harold Kenney, custodian, cleans and polishes the empty hallways. Robert Williams Luella Anderson Francis Harker Cafeteria Staff Mrs. Florence Bowen, cafeteria manager, and Leona Newman prepare a day's menu. Mable Wright Ruth Wleed Juanita Ward lzora Titus if if -we X Wilma Bowen Dorothy Brown The Cafeteria staff of US. Grant is eon- fronted each day with the problem of trying to please the tastes of over l,000 hungry stu- dents. They solve this perplexing problem by preparing a variety of foods that satisfy even the most particular eaters. Students on the go demand a nourishing lunch each day in order to meet their energy requirements. US. Crantis cafeteria manage- ment keeps this ever present in their minds as they prepare menus for tomorrowis leaders. ld 'W Qi it in aww, 3 , 5 Florence Bowen, Manager Ollie Suttle Ellil Rose Vinita Davidson Mary Lee Leona Newman Jewel Mclleans Louise Reed SWL ' - .. V .-, .. if L s fi I' N S ,tt V I .tl as ,f'. - .W f ' 7 v w. iz lxsarma , f 49 50 40- Committee chairmen listen carefully during a meeting of the Parent Teacher Student Association. Officers of 1963-64 P.T.S.A.: seated, Mrs. Elmer Crouch, Mrs. George Hiti, Mrs. A. M. Corey, Mrs. Allen Wofford. Slflflfffllg, Mr. Bill Waltman, Mrs. James Rea, Mrs. Perry Smith, Mrs. VV. C. Hunter, Mr. C. W. Huffman. Mrs. Hiti, P.T.S.A. President, Mr. Huffman and Mrs. Rea proudly display the flag representing a membership of l000 in the P.T.S.A. . TSA. Reaches US. Grantis Parent Teacher Student Associa- tion has been assisting the faculty and students in their numerous classroom and extracurricular activities ever since it was originated two years ago. By giving them an opportunity to work along- side each other in the same group, this new or- ganization forrns a closer Contact between the fac- ulty, students. and parents of US. Grant. ln their meetings which were held the third Tuesday of each month, they decided upon their major aims . . - and goals. L The main projects of the P.T.S.A. this year in- ' A i eluded a clothing drive, a fight against the G'Com- . mercial Zoning for a Drive-ln Restaurantw across A ' f the street from the school at -l8Ol South Pennsyl- ' ' vania, sending a bulletin each month to every fam- , ily represented at US. Grant telling them of the A schoolis plans and activities, sending Mr. Huffman to the Principalis Convention in Chicago, and to give two one hundted dollar scholarships to a boy and girl at Crant. The P.T.S.A. also assisted Mrs. Beatrice Bradley, the school nurse, in the Oral Polio Vaccine Clinic, sponsored by the Okla- homa County Medical Society. Workers were furnished for these special clinics which were held on February 10, March l7. and April Zl at US. Grant. Other inemhers representing this thriv- ing organization worked on the Drop-Out Program this year, which is one of our nation's major concerns. Whenever chaperones or sponsors are needed at a school dance or party the P.'ll.S.A. is always the first choice. They furnished seventeen chaperones for the annual Howdy Dance. The 1963-6-1 officers of the P.T.S.A. were: President, Mrs. George Hitig First Vice-President, Mrs. Perry Smith: Second Vice-President, Mrs. W. C. Hunterg Third Vice-President, Mrs. W. E. Stephensg Fourth Vice-President, Mr. and Mrs. James Reag Secretary, Mrs. Richard Kingg Treas- urer, Mrs. A. M. Coreyg Council Delegate, Mrs. Paul Hatleyg Historian, Mrs. Elmer Crouch: Parliamentarian, Mr. Bill Walt- man. 1 OOO Memb erslup Goal Mrs. James Rea and Mrs. Alva Earles collect money for membership in the P.T.S.A. Mr. Waltman discusses current student problems with members of P.T.S.A. P.T.S.A. after the her. ,MQ 1000 flag flies from our school flagpole l000 member goal was reached in Octo- ., ,f -. i Classes Stimulate Moving onward to greater heights and unknown horizons are the students which emhody a struc- ture of hriek and mortar. better known as US. Grant High School. This empty shell was trans- formed into an institution of learning hy 1850 active students this past year. The German philosopher. Johann Wfolfgang Von Goethe once remarked, HI find the great thing in this world is. not so much where owe stand, as in what direction' we are moving." One might com- pare this statement to that of the present student hody at GHS. Always on the move, always meeting with some new and unexpected challenge, the open minds of US. Cranfs youth ahsorlm much of the knowledge conveyed by its teachers. With such highly in- structed educators it is almost impossible for the students to stand in one position for very long, hut to continue forward. and up the steps of learn- ing on the ladder of education. -Q' ,az tudents 9 Mznds WW? i ' f 1251, Q Q " 13 , 225616 li M2544 ag 2 sg" fa? 1 Si M it 25.15 in ,Q ,, .W W. .vf 33 53 nm Senior class planning committee representatives meet to plan activities for College Day. Seniors Carry nward in Harmon Hal Smith, senior class president, opens a planning committee meet- ing for discussion of the Generalis Review. nv-""""' 54 The senior class of 1964, arriving at the peak of their high school career, encountered numerous activi- ties and studies that were unfamiliar to them. One of the most important of these activities was the nomination of five boys and five girls for yearbook king and queen, usually referred to as the 4'General and his Ladyfi After the nominees were elected, each person who bought a yearbook was entitled to vote for their choice of the candidates. Besides their regular duties of choosing announce- ments, planning commencement, baccalaureate, the sen- ior breakfast ancl banquet, the seniors had extra re- sponsibilities. One example of these extra responsibilities was the arranging of the annual talent show, The Ceneral's Revue. Working tediously to audition the students, the seniors selected the most talented to perform before the student body and their parents. Top talent was chosen by audience reaction, and a cash prize was given. The senior class officers for 1963-64 are: President, Hal Smith, Vice-President, Bartow Bradley, Secretary, Donna Able, Treasurer, Cathy Hensley, Parliamen- tarian, Judi Garner, Reporter, Leslie Cooper, and Rep- resentatives at Large, Judy Garland, and Bill Gill. The sponsors are, Mrs. Humphrey-Head Sponsor, Mr. Kegans, Mr. Kellogg, Mrs. Manning, Mrs. Whee- ler, Mr. Brown, Mrs. Ring, and Mr. Fuller. ASPLIN, PAUL ATKINS, ROBERT AUSTIN, LYNN W Library Club BABBITT, KAREN-Choir 4 years, Pep Club 1 year, FBLA 1 year BAIRD, JANET-Sr. Plan- ning Committee, Pep Club 4 years, Latin Club, Glee Club BAKER, GARY-AO' Club 3 years, FBLA 1 year, Football 2 years, Wrestling 4 years BAKER, ROBERT - Foot- ball 3 years, Wrestling 2 years, Baseball 3 years, LO' Club 3 years BAKER, TOM4Latin Club Pres. '63-,64, Sgt. at Arms '62-'63, Spanish Club Pres. '61-'62, Bowling League '61- '62 BARBER, TREMANWFoot- ball 3 years, 60' Club 3 years, Track BARGER, LINDA - Pep Club 3 years, Choir 3 years, Sr. Planning Committee, Student Council 2 years BARKER, PORTIA-OCU Band 2 years, Band 5 years, Hi-Notes 1 year, Orchestra 3 years BARNES, RICHARDsSafe- ty Council AASA, RICHARD-Red Cross 2 years, Safety Council 1 year ABEL, DONNAA-FTA 4 years, Trcas. '60-'62, Sec. '62- '64, Pep Club 3 years, Historian '63-'64, Choir 4 years, Treas. '63-'64, Sr. Planning Committee, Sec. '63-'64 AKER, LlNDAfPep Club 2 years, Jr. and Sr. Plan- ning Committees ALLSPAW, PATfTl1espians 2 years, Student Council 1 year, Red Cross 2 years, Vice-Pres. ,63-'64, Latin Club 3 years ASHLEY, MACK ASHLOCK, BRENDA-Pep Club l year, Cvlee Club 2 years 55 Class 0 964 Mrs. Sparks' second hour C-reat Books discussion group probes for Socrates' meaning in Plalo's Apology. al BAUCHMAN, RICHARD- Sr. Planning Committee BEASLEY, ROBERT - Dramag FTA, Red Cross BECK, CAROLYN - Band 4 years, Queen Attendant '62, Pep Club 3 years, Cheerleader '63-'64, Gener- al Queen Attendantg Sr. Planning Committee BENDORF, .IERRY - Stu- dent Couneilg French club BENJOCK, KATHY-Pep Club 2 years, Cheerleader '63-,643 Wrestling Queen Attendant '62-'63 BENSON, LINDA -- Pep Club 3 years, FBLA 2 years, Teams I year BENSON, SHERRYAGirls' Chorus Queen '60-'61, Pep Club 3 years, Rifle club BIRD, SHERRY-FBLA BLAND, NELL-DECA BLAY, BEVERLY - Red Cross BLEVENS, JO ANN-Fu- ture Homemakers of Amer- iea BOARDMAN, ROBERT - Basketball, Baseball, Sr. Planning Committee BRADLEY, JOHN-Spam 'ish Club, Photography Club BRADSHAW, TWILA BRANSON, PAULA+Safe- ty Council, Red Cross BRIDGES, CAROL Y .lr. and Sr. Planning Commit- tee, Student Council, Pep Club BROCAW, JIMMY - Base- ball, Basketball BROOKS, JANET - Girls Glee Club, 5 years, FBLA, Pep Clubg Y-Teens BROSS, JAMES B R o W N, DONALD - DECAQ Band, 2 years BROWN, PAT-Thespiansg Student Councilg Sr. Class ,Rep.g Latin Club 1BROWN, ROBERT lBURRS, EDITH - Head lCheerleader 63-643 Year- book Queen Attendant 63- 64, Jr. Class Vice-Pres., l Student Council lBYRUM, LARRY BOND, JUDY-FBLA 3 yearsg Pep Club 3 years BORROR, VERNER-Baseball, Cross Country BOULTINGHOUSE, DANNY-Student Council 3 years, Sr. Planning Committee, tO' Club 3 yearsg Swimming 4 years, Capt. 2 years BRADLEY, BARTOW-Band 5 years, Asst. Drum Major 62-63, Sr. Class Vice Pres., Vice Pres. .leffersonians 63-64, Vice Pres. Thespians 63-64 BRADLEY, DORIS-Girls Trio, Girls Quartet, Red Cross 1 Year BRADLEY, JAMES-Spanish Club, Science Club, Bowl- ing Clubg Photography Club 57 CZSS 0 64 Donna Abel, Carol Bridges, and .ludy Garland listen to recordings of French music. BYRUM, LINDA 3 Pep Club 3 years, FBLA, Safe- ty Council CACIGAL, CECILlAsLat- in Club CALHOUN, CLAUDIA - DECA Reporter, Historiang FJAQ Student Council, Pep Club CAMP, AL CARMAN, JOHNsBand 3 yearsg Art Club CARROLL, RUSSELL - Rifle Club CARTER, JAMES CASEY, BARRARAsFBLA CASEY, MARY-Band 4 years, Latin Clubg FBLAg FTA CASTER, SUSAN-Student Council, Safety Councilg Spanish Club CHAMBERS, LINDA - Band CHAPMAN, LINDA-Yeah book 3 years, FIA, FBLAQ Pep Club 3 years CLYMER, RICHARD - Red Cross I year COBLE, CONNIE W Morn- ing Inspirationg Band CODNER, BERTA - Pep Club, FBLA, Sr. Planning Committee COLLINS, PATSY - Choir 2 yearsg Student Council 2 years CONWAY, SANDRA - Choirg DECA COOK, MIKE-Latin Clubg ,leffersonians COOK, SUE-Pep Club, Glee Club 2 years COOPER, LARRY COOPER, LESLIE H Jr. and Sr. Planning Commit- teesg Reporter 63-64, Span- ish Club, Sec. COPPACE, JOHN CRAVENS, LARRY '- DECAg Basketball 2 yearsg Bandg Projection CROCKETT, WANDA - Pep Club 3 years CHILDRES, CHERYL CHILDRESS, JEANETTEgFBLA Pep Club Art Club CHLAPOWSKI, ELAINE-Pep Club R1fle Club CLARK, DENNY-Band 3 vears Pep Band Stage Band CLARK, FRED-Safety Club CLIFTON, MIKEMBand 3 years Latin Club Class 0 964' I S t Pep Club officers relax during a time out in the Putnam City-Grant football game. CRUMP, JUDY-Newspa per 3 years, Feature Page Co-Editor 63-64-g FJA, Vice- Pres.g Pep Club, Student Council DANIEL, SHARON A Pep Club 3 years, Reporter 63- 64g Newspaper 3 years, Editorial Editor, 62-63, Edi- tor-in-Chief, 63-64, FJA, Treas. 62-63, FBLA DANIELS, JANET -- Pep Club, FBLA, Mixed Cho- rus 2 years, Glee Club 2 years DAVIS, ZOE - Newspaper 3 years, Pep Club 3 years DEASON, TERRY - Pho- tography Club 3 years, President, 62-63g Yearbook and Newspaper Photogra- pher, 61-64 DENNIS, MIKE-Jr. and Sr. Planning Committeesg Tennis 2 yearsg Latin Club 2years DePUE, ROY f Football 3 yearsg Track 2 yearsg LO' Club 3 yearsg Wrestling I year DIES, BOBBY DOBBS, JESSE DODRILL, CARY - Track 3 years, Wrestling 3 yearsg Football I year, Jr. Plan- ning Committee DOSS, CHARLOTTE-Red Cross, FBLA DOUGLASS, DAN - Choir 4 years, Student Council 2 years ELLIS, PAM - Student Council 2 years, Parl. 63- 64, Thespians 2 years, Re- porter, 62-63, NFL 3 Years, Vice-President 63-64-, FTA 3 Years, Rep. to State Ex- ecutive Board ELSTON, VICKY ENGLAND, CAROL - French Club 3 years, Art Club 2 years, Pep Club ENGLE, BILL M Band 3 years EPTON, LINDAfBand 5 years, Queen Attendant, Orchestra 3 years, Swing Band 2 years, Latin Club 2years ESSARY, CARLA-Debate 4 years, Band 4 years, Stu- dent Council 1 year, NFL 3 years EVANS, O'NEAL - Foot- ball 3 years, Wrestling Trainer 4- years, 60, Club 3 years, Student Council EVANS, DIANNE-Student Council, FTA, Pep Club, French Club EVANS, PEGGY - Pep Club 3 years, Chaplain 62- 63, Vice-Pres. 63-64, 'O' Club 4- years, Pres. 62-63, Jr. and Sr. Planning Com- mittees, Treas. 62-63 FAGAN, MARCIA - Pep Club, FBLA, French Club FARR, MERRY-Printing Club FAULKNER, BARBARA - Student Council 3 years, Pep Club 3 YEHTSQ Ir. and Sr. Planning Committees DOUGLASS, SHERRY-Band 3 years, HK" Club, fKer- mit High Schoollg Pep Club, Sr. Planning Committee DUKES, LINDA-French Club, Library Club, Rifle Club DUTCHER, MARTHA-Sr. Planning Committee, Pep Club 3 years, Latin Club EDWARDS, TRAVIS-Latin Club EIDE, CINDY-Basketball Queen Attendant 61-62, 62- 63, Thespians 2 years, Latin Club, Historian 63-64, Pep Club 2 years ELLIOTT, TOMMY--Football 3 years, All-Conference 62-63, WKY All-Star Team, 62-63, LO' Club 3 years, Sgt. at Arms 63-64, Jr. and Sr. Planning Committees Class , 0 l 964 Peggy Evans, Chele Phillips and Edith Burrs are engrossed in making posters for school buses before the football game at Shawnee. FILIPSKI, JIM - Base- ball 3 years, Football 1 year, 'O' Club 2 years FINK, DON - Track 3 years, French Club 2 years FOWLER, DEANNEABand 6 years, Queen Attendant '63-'64, Orchestra 1 year, Y-teens 1 year, Student Council 2 years FREED, JUDY - FBLA, Vice-Pres. '63-'64: Pep Club 2 years FULTZ, KENNETH-Band 4 yearsg Rifle Club 1 year, Student Council 1 year GARDNER, ROBERT GARLAND, JUDY - Stu- dent Council 3 years, Pep Club 3 years, Jr. and Sr. Planning Committees , GARLAND, VARGA-Stu- dent Council 3 yearsg Pep Club 3 years, Football Queen '63, Cheerleader '63- '64, Ass't. Cheerleader '62- '63g Yearbook Queen At- tendant '64 GARNER, JOE 7 Football 3 years, All Conference '62, Wrestling 3 years: 40' Club 3 years GARNER, JUDI - FBLA 3 years, Pres. '63-'64g Sr. Planning Committee, Parl. '63-'64, Jr. Class Parl. '63- '64g Pep Club 3 years, Parl. 63-64 SHIRLEY GARRISON - Pep Club 3 years MARTHA GATLIN - Stu- dent Council 3 years, Sr. Planning Committee, Span- ish Club 1 year l 4 l GOFF, RONALD GOOTEE, KAREN - Pep Club 1 yearg Rifle Club 1 year GORDON, DONNA-Choir 1 year, FBLA 1 year GORE, LAVINA GOUGE, PEGGY - Pep Club 3 years, Parl. 62-63g Thespians 2 years, Histori- an 63-64g French Club 3 years, Historian 63-64, Stu- dent Council 1 year GOYER, CAROL-DECA 1 yearg Pep Club 3 yearsg FBLA 1 year, Library Club 2 years GRADY, LINDA-Pep Club 3 years, FBLA 1 yearg Sr. Planning Committee GRAPE, MARILYN-Stw dent Council 3 years, Re- porter 62-63, Vice-Pres. 63- 64, FBLA 3 years, Nation- al Vice-Pres. 63-645 Year- book Queen Attendant 63- 64g Pep Club 3 years GREEN, DONNA GREER, GLADYS - Glee Club 3 years, Bowling Club 2 years, Red Cross 2 years GRIFFEE, RICHARD GROVE, JOHN GEER, SHERRYL-Student Council 2 years Historian 63-64, Pep Club 3 yearsg Latin Club 2 years Treas 63 64, Sr. Planning Committee GENTRY, TOMMY--Baseball GEORGE, KAREN-Pep Club 2 year GIDDENS, CLIFFORD-LO' Club GILL, JIMMY-Latin Club GILL, WILLIAM-Student Council 3 years Jeffersoni ans 3 years, Pres. 63-643 NFL 4 year Pres 63 64 Thes pians 3 years football team is assembly. introduced to tlie student body during tlle Hspirit-raising' Capitol CUIDRY, LARRY HAAS, JUDY - yearg Red Cross 1 HAGGARD, JAN Club 2 yeursg Cho HALL, MARQUIT 2 years, Majoret Queen Attendant 6 Club 1 ycar Pep Club 3 years yearg Chorus 2 y HAMILTON, CLE if Sr. Planning Co Latin Clubg Scien HANSEN, CHIP-Jr and C HANSON, MIKE- yearsg Swing B Planning Comrnitt Club HARBEN, JAN- 3 yearsg FBLA Latin Club 2 year 1 year HARDISON, DA Spanish Club HARMON, CRAC dent Council HARMON, SHAR Club 3 yearsg yearsg Bowling 2 HARRIS, RUBY- Councilg Soph., .lr Planning Committ Club 3 yearsg FBL HENDERSON, KENNETH -Cross-Country HENSLEY, CATHY - Stu- dent Council 2 years, Hisl. 62-635 Jr. and Sr. Planning Committees, Treas. 63-643 FTA 3 years, Sec. 62-635 NFL 2 years, Sec. 63-64 HENSON, KAREN HERNADEZ, JEANNE HERRIOTT, ROBERT - Band 2 years, FBLA, DECA HEY, JANET-Red Cross 2 years HIATT, MARGARET-Pep Club 3 yearsg French Club 3 yearsg Girls, LO' Club 3 yearsi Choir 2 years HINKLE, ERNIE HITCHINC-S, LISA HITI, CANDY-Pep Club 3 years, Student Council 2 yearsg Jr. Class Sec.: FBLA HOLDEN, RICHARD HOLLOWELL, LINDA - Spanish Clubg Choirg Safc- ty Council Q1-mm HARRISON, CHERRYL-Safety Council, Sec.-Treas. 63- 643 Honor Roll, Choir 2 years HARRISON, JANETTE-Pep Club 3 yearsg Sr. High Mixed Choir 3 ycarsg FTA 2 years, FBLA I year HART, CHERRY-Pep Club: Girls' Glce Clubg Mixed Choir ,zum HAWKINS, HARVA-Choir 3 yearsg Pep Club 3 yearsg FTA 3 years, Orchestra 2 years HAYDEN, VICKY-Pep Club: FBLA HAYS, WILLIAM 65 Class 0 D6-4 Two of Mr. Williams' chemistry students momentarily have their attention elsewhere. HORTON, DAVID - Wres- tlingg Football, LO, Clubg Cross-Countryg Track HOSTER, CRAIG - Bas- ketball 4 yearsg Track 3 yearsg All-City Forward 62- 63, All-Conference Forward 62-633 Oil Executive for a Day HOWARD, LESLIE - Pep Club 3 yearsg Band 3 years: FBLA 1 yearg Rifle Club 1 year HOWE, FRANK 3 Foot- ball 3 yearsg Track 1 yearg Boys 4O' Club 3 yearsg Sr. Planning Committee HRDLICKA, JAMES HUFF, LARRY HUGHES, CHARLES - FBLA 1 yearg DECA 1 year, Red Cross 1 yearg PTSA 1 year HUGHES, NANCY - FBLA 2 yearsg Latin Club 3 yearsg FTA 2 years HUNT, GRANT - Foot- ball 2 yearsg Trackg Latin Club, Sergeant-at-Arms HUSK, GEORGE HUTCHERSON, RONALD -Band 3 yearsg Pep Band 3 yearsg Stage Band 3 years HUTCHINSON, JANIE - FTA 4- years, Reporter 63- 645 Pep Club 1 year, Span- ish Club 1 year, Vice-Pres. 62-63 JOHNSON, MIKE - FBLA 1 year JOHNSON, TONIA JOLLY, JIMMY - Debate 2 yearsg Student Council 3 years, Safety Council 2 years, FTA 1 year JONES, JOAN - Pep Club 3 years, French Club 1 year JONES, RICHARD - JONES, THELMA JUMP, JOHN KASTER, ROBERT KEARNES, JIMMY KEGANS, DONALD-Safe ty Council 4 years, Pres. 60-633 State Safely Council Vice-Pres. 62-633 County Student Safety Conference Pres. 60-63 KEITH, JUNE--Pep Club 2years KELSOE, LINDA - FBLA 2 yearsg Pep Club 2 yearsg Girls Trio 1 year, Choir 1 year IRWIN, STEVE JACKSON, RICHARD-Chess Club 1 year, Spanish Club 1 yearg Science Club 1 year JAHNKE, CHRIS-Band 4 years, Drum Major 62-649 All-State Choir 3 years, Choir 4 yearsg Latin Club 4 years JAMES, MARY-Student Council 1 yearg Red Cross 1 yearg French Club 4 yearsg Pep Club 1 year JOHNSON, JAMES JOHNSON, LINDA-Pep Club 2 yearsg FBLA 2 years 67 GSS 0 64 iL i 1a, Q I 'A ' I I Q I 3 is if 7 . Chris ,Iahnke and Bartow Bradley led the band this 'year as drum major and assistant. KING, BARBARA-DECA 1 yearg Pep Club 1 year KING, WILLIE - Girls' Glee Club 1 yearg French Club 1 yearg Red Cross 1 year KIRKPATRICK, GENE KIRKPATRICK, MIKE KISTLER, KENT S Stu- dent Council 2 yearsg Inter- City Student Council 2 yearsg Sr. Class Planning Committee: Boy - of - the - Month April 163 KNIGHT, 'GENE-Football 3 yearsg Track 3 yearsg Regional Hi-Jump Cham- pion '63, State Runner-up '63, Capitol Conf. Hi-Jump Champion '62g Wrestling 3 years KNIPP, KEITH - Track 3 yearsg Football 2 yearsg 'O' Club 3 years LaMAR, KENNY P- Morn- ing Inspirationg Art Club 2 years, Vice-Pres. 1 yearg Latin Club 1 year LAMBERT, RONALD - FBLA 1 yearg Bowling League 2 yearsg Band 2 yearsg Baseball 1 year LAMPKIN, ANITA - Pep Club 3 yearsg Latin Club 2 yearsg FTA 2 yearsg Stu- dent Council 1 year LAWRENCE, ALAN - Swimming 2 yearsg Foot- balllyear LAWRENCE, CLYDE - Baseball 3 yearsg Basket- ball 2 yearsg 'O' Club 3 years LELAND, SHARON-Pep Club 3 years, Dem. Capt. 63-64, Yearbook 3 years, Photography Co-Editor 63-643 Jr. and Sr. Planning Committees, FBLA LESLIE, BARBARA-Pep Club 2 years, Choir 2 years LINCOLN, CAREN- Latin Club 2 year. LONDON, SYLVIA-Pep Clubg Bowling Club, Safety Council, Red Cross LOUDON, QUINTELLA-Newspaper 4 years, Sopho- more Class Sec. MACKEY, PEPPER MAHONEY, ASIL MALOY, GLENN MARSHALL, MARIE MASON, BILLIE - Rifle Club I year, Red Cross Rep. MATHIS, BRENDA - French Club 3 years, Pres. 63-643 National French Con- test-lst in State-3rd in Nation, FTA 6 years, V.- Pres. 63-64g Student Coun- cil-Treas. 63-643 Pep Club 3years MATHEWS, ANNETTE - FBLA 1 yearg DECA I year MAUPIN, PAT 4 EIA, Newspaper Sports Editor, Red Cross MAX, LINDA-Pep Club 3 years, FBLA MAYER, SHARON - Red Cross 2 yearsg 'O' Club 2 years, Safety Council 2 years, Spanish Club 1 year MCCARTNEY, MARSHA4 Pep Club 3 years, Clee Club2years MCCAULEY, MICHEAL - Swimming team 2 yearsg Hi-Y, Latin Club 2 years MCCELLAN, CAROLYN - Journalism 3 years, Year- book 2 yearsg Photographer lyear 69 Class 0 '64 A ,X Q Mr. Kelloggis science seminar class discusses Einstein's theory of special relativity. few iv'-Q "N BICCOLLUM, GENE-Lab in Clubg Spanish Club MCCRACKEN, DIANE - Choir 3 yearsg Latin Club 2 yearsg Red Cross l year MCCRACKEN, LINDA - .lournalism 3 years, Section Editor 62-635 .lr. Planning Committeeg FJA 2 years, Pres. 63-643 Pep Club 3 years MCFADDEN, JOHN - Red Crossg FBLA McCEE, EILAND -- 'O' Club 3 years: Manager 2 yearsg Latin Club 2 yearsg Spanish Club l year MCGEHEE, DARRYI. MCNIAHAN, ANNE 3 Pep Club 2 yearsg FBLAg Sr. Planning Committeeg Stu- dent Council MCWATERS, JIM - Base- ball 3 yearsg Sr. Planning Committee MELTON, JACK - Basket- ball 2 yearsg Track 2 years, Latin Club 2 ycarsg Stu- dent Council l year MESSIMORE, BARBARA ---Pep Club 3 years MILER, MARSHA S Pep Club 3 yearsg FBLA 2 years, Historian 63-64g Jr. and Sr. Planning Commit- tees MILLER, DEBORAH - FTA I yearg Oil executive for a Day, 1963g' Red Cross 1 year MORROW, DONNA - Journalism 3 years, Staff Photographer 63-64-, Rifle Club MURPHY, JOHN K Span- ish Club, Technical Soci- ety, Jr. Planning Commit- tee MURRAY, STEVE-BowL ing Club 3 years, Latin Club 2 years, Student Coun- cil I year, Journalism 3 years, Sports Editor 63-64 MYERS, NANCY - Li- brary Club, Spanish Club NAIL, BETH-Pep Club 3 years, Yearbook 3 years, Cirlis Teams 2 years, FIA 3 years NANCE, CHERYL NELSON, RONNY - Pho- tography Club I year, Sr. Planning Committee NETTLE, FRED W Basket- ball 3 years, Baseball 3 years, Mr. Howdy 62-63, Yearbook King Candidate 63-64 NEUGEBAUER, SUE NIPPERT, JIMMY NOBLE, LARRY NUTT, PAUL - Choir 4- years, Pres. 63-64, FTA Pres., Boy's quartet 3 years, Band 3 years MILLER, SHERRY-Drama 3 years, Chorus I year, Student Council I year MILLER, TERRI-FTA I year, Student Council, French Club, Pep Club 3 years MOON, LEONARD MOORE, LOUIS-Debate I year, Band 2 years, Latin Club 2 years, Red Cross 4- years MORGAN, ANN-Cirl's Clee Club 4 years, Latin Club 2 years, FTA I year, Rifle Club I year MOROZOFF, DONNAfPep Club 3 years, Treas. 62-63, Latin Club 2 years 7l Band members practice dill ently preparln a half time for the football lmniecoming game against OAKLEY, MARILYN - Student Couneilg Latin Club l yearg Orchestra 2 years OCHOA, RENE - Rand 5 yearsg Trumpet Trio 3 yearsg OCU Band 3 yearsg Orchestra 5 years O,NEAL, PAT - Choir 4- yearsg Jr. and Sr. Plan- ning Cfwmmitteeg Pep Clubg FTA ORREN, RAY -- Tennis Team 3 years: French Club 2 yearsg Rifle Team 2 yearsg Jr. Planning Com- mittee OSBORN, .lOLENE-FBLA 3 years, Chaplain 62-63, Sec. 63-643 Pep Cluh 3 yearsg Sr. Planning Com- mittee OVERSTREET, BARBARA -Student Councilg Cirl's Rifle Clubg Math Clubg Science Clull OWEN, CHARLES OWEN, DALE f Band 4- yearsg Rifle 3 years PALMORE, MARK-Foob hall I yearg Track 3 yearsg Science Cluhg Spanish Club PAULEY, RICHARD - Choir 3 yearsg B0y's Quar- tet 61-63g FBLA 1 year PAULK, KEITH PERKINS, DONNA POLSLEY, FRED.-X-Choir 3 yearsg Photography Club 2years POOLE, MIKE - French Club 2 years, DECA 1 yearg Safety Council 1 year POUND, KAY - Pep Club 3 years, Girls Choir l year, Choir l year, Safety Council 1 yearx PRITCHARDQ MIKE - 'O' Club 3 years, Swimming Team 4 years, Track 2 years, Newspaper l year PRITCHETT, .IOAN - Band 4 years, Majorette 4 years, Band Queen 63-64g Pep Club 3 years RACKLEY, SUVELLA - DECAg FBLA RAINS, .IANE - Pep Club 2 years RATCI.IFF, MICHIELE RAULSTON, STEVE - Wrestlingg Footballg 'O' Club . REA, EMACRACE 4 Red Cross 4 years, Pres. 62-63, Vice-Pres. 61-62g Band 2 years, Majorette 61-625 Pep Club 2 yearsg Latin Club 3 years REAL, VON NOVA - Pep Club2yez1rs REES, ROSALIND - Pep Club 2 years, Latin Club 2 yearsg Girls Glee Club 2 yearsg Red Cross 1 year fl., ' PERKINS, EDDIE PETERS, TERRY PETERSEX, DAVID--Rifle tllult 53 year PETERSEN, PAUL-'O' Club 2 yt-arsg Baseball 2 years Tennis 3 yearsg Spanish Club 2 years PETTY, LARRY PITT, JERRY-Football 3 ycarsg Basketball 3 years, All Conference Football 62-63: Yearbook King Attend ant 63-64 Class 0 964 Mrs. Myatts' aides, Linda Benson, Joan Wolfe, and Mary West, grade and record tests and assign- RENFRO, LINDA - Choir 5 years, Accompanist and Vice-Pres. 63-64g All-State Choir 3 yearsg Latin Club 2 years, FTA I year RICE, .IUDY - Printing Club RICH, PHYLLIS RICHARDSON, LINDA RICHES, SANDY - Pep Club l yearg Girls Glee Club 2 years, DECA 1 year, Spanish Club RIGGS, LARRY - Band 2 years, Spanish Clubg Sr. Planning Committee RIPPEE, LARRY - DECA 2 years, Basketball 2 yearsg Projection I year RITCHIE, DONNA - Pep Club 3 yearsg Library Club, Pres. l year ROACH, NANCY - Choir 4- years, Pep Club 3 yearsg Safety Council 2 yearsg French Club 2 years ROBERTS, KATHY - DECA 2 years, Sec. 63-643 FBLA l year ROBINSON, JAMES ROBINSON, MIKE RUSSELL GEORGE SALINGER KAREN Pep Club 2 years DECA SAMPLES LARRY SANGER JOHN DECA Vice Pres 62 63 Pres 63 64 Choir 2 years FTA I year SAULS DAVID Wres ting 3 yearsg O Club 2 years SCHULTHEIS, JOHN-Jr. and Sr. Planning Commit- teesg Wrestling 4 yearsg 'Ol Club 3 years, Sec. 63- 64, Jr. Marshal 62-63 SHULTZ, WILBUR SCOTT, EDDIE - Basket- ball 3 yearsg FBLA 1 yearg 'O' Club 2 years sCoTT, SHARON - Pep ROBINSON, SHIRLEY-Pep Club 2 yearsg Rifle Club 2 yearsg Teams 2 years ROBLES, JEROME ROGERS, LYNDAePep Club 3 yearsg Morning Inspi- ration 2 yearsg Choir I yearg Student Council 1 year RONE, SHARON-Pep Club 3 years, Usher Capt. 63-64g Sr. Planning Committee, Student Council 1 year ROWLAND, EUGENE RUISE, SUSIE-Pep Club 3 years, Cheerleader 63-649 Jr. and Sr. Planning Committeesg AO' Club 4 yearsg Football Queen Attendant 61-62 Club 2 yearsg Glee Club 3 years SCOTT, TERRY SHAFFER, DONNA - Jr. Planning Committee SHAFFER, WALTER - Football'4 years Class 0 964 mf' R ' R R .mlm Junior and senior girls join in to make posters for the buses to the Shawnee football game. SHARP,VICKI SHAW, WILLIAM SHERRILL, GLORIA f DECA 2 years, Treas. 62- 64, Pep Club 3 yearsg Red Cross I year SHULL, BETH-Choir 2 years, Jr. Planning Com- mittee SHULTS, RICHARD -- Hi Y, Football, Baseball SIMMONS, DON 4 Bowl- ing Club, Pres. 62-63, Span- ish Club I year svwq, 'Y'- SIMMONS, ROY -- Soph. and .Ir. Planning Commit- tees, Pres. 61-62, 62-63, Mu Alpha Theta, Frenell Club, Science Club SIMPSON, LARRY - Track, Sr. Planning Com- mittee, Bowling Club SLOAN, DARRYL - Band 5 years, Trumpet 3 years, Art Club I ycur SLOMAN, JOHN -- Base- ball I year, Newspaper I year SMITH, BONNIE SMITH, CHARLESvI5and 4 yearsg .Ir. and Sr. Plan- ning Committees, Football Iyear SMOTHERS, JANIE - Sr. Planning Committee, Latin Club 3 years, Reporter 62- 63, Pep Club 3 years, Choir 2 years SNEED, TANYA STAGGS, ALICE - FBLA 1 year, French Club 1 year STACGS, BETTY - Red Cross 1 year STEED, KATHLEEN STEELE, DIANA 2 Pep Club 3 yearsg Sr. Planning Committee, Safety Council 2 years, FTA 2 years STEVENS, PAMELA - Pep Club 3 years, Pres. 63- 64, Soph., Jr. and Sr. Plan- ning Committees, Student Council 2 years, FTA 2 years STEWART, LINDA-Pep Club 3 years, Historian 62- 63, Sec. 63-64, Yearbook 3 years, Jr. and Sr. Plan- ning Committees, FBLA STIVER, GARY STONE, RONNIE 1 DECA 2 years, Projection 1 year, Boys Glee Club STOWE, DAVALENE - Pep Club 2 years, Jr. and Sr. Planning Committees STOWE, JAMES - Bas- ketball 4 years, Track 4 years, 'O' Club 2 yearsg Latin Club 2 years SMITH, CARRY SMITH, HAL-Sr. Class Pre Yearbook Km Attend alll SMITH, JUDITH-Sr. Plannm Committee Mu Alpha Theta 2 yearsg Pep Club 3 years Latin Club 3 years SMITH, MIKE-Band 3 years SMITH, SUSAN-Student Councll 4 vears Sec 63 64 Latin Club 3 years, Treas. 6162 Thespians 2 years Treas. 63-64g FTA 3 years, Parl 63 64 SMITH, VICKI E sTUBBs, NICK - Basket- ball 3 yearsg Baseball 33 yearsg B0y's SO' Club , STUCKEY, .HM SUMMERS, JANIE Y SUTTON, JESSIE l SWINT, MARSHA 1 Pep Club 3 years, Treasurer 63- 64g Yearbook 3 years, Class Scction Editor 63-644 FBLA 1 yearg Jr. Planning Com- mittee TASSELL, PATSY - Pep Club 3 years: FBLA 1 yearg Spanish Club 1 yearg Art Club 1 year TAYLOR, GALEN TEMPLIN, BILL - Swim- ming 1 yearg Spanish Club 2 yearsg Wrestling 2 years: Track 2 years TEBREL, BONNIE - Trackg Footballg Swimming THOMAS, CHARLES - Wrestling 1 yearg Baseball 2 years THOMAS, ELIZABETH - Pep Club l year THOMAS, KENNETH - C h oi r 5 Play, uAuntie Mamma" l Mr Marker s psy cholo y cla s boards the bus for a tour of the Enid State School. l TOBEY, LINDA - Print- ing Club 2 years TRAPP, BARBARA TREWET, GLENDA-Pep Club 2 yearsg French Club 2 years, Jr. Planning Com- IIIIITCC TRUCKS, ALVA TURNER, JACK - Stu- dent Council 2 years, Tech- nical Society 3 yearsg Mu Alpha Theta 1 year, Red Cross 2 years TURNER, KAREN - Pep Club 2 yearsg FBLA 1 year TURNER, PATTI M Stu- dent Council 1 year, Pep Club 2 years, Latin Club 2 years TYLER, BOBBY USSERY, JOHNNY-Band 4 years VAN HORN, GLADYS - Choir 2 years, FBLA VAUGHN, JAMES VIDLOCK, MARILYNN - Band 4 years, Queen At- tendant 63-64, Majorette 3 yearsg Pep Club 3 years, Yearbook 4 years, Faculty Editor 63-64 THOMPSON, JANICE-Pep Club 2 yearsg FBLA, French Club 1 year THOMPSON, JOHN-Football THOMPSON, PAT-Pep Club 2 years, Red Cross 2 yearsg FBLA 1 yearg Spanish Club 1 year THOMPSON, KATHY-Student Council 3 years, Pres. 63-645 Thespians 3 years, Latin Club 4 years, Safety Council 4 years THOMSON, JILLvMiss Howdy 62-63g Yearbook Queen Attendant 63-645 Pep Club 3 years, Cheerleader 63-64, Yearbook 3 years, Asst. Editor 62-63, Activities Editor 63-64 TILLERSON, RUTHIE-Tennis Club 1 yearg DECA 1 year 79 Class 0 '64 V l Operating the switchboard is one of the duties of office aid Glenda Trewet. VOGT, VICKI - Student Council 1 year, FTA 3 years, French Club 2 years, Science Club 1 year WALKER, LENARD WALL, LESTER - Latin Club 2 years, Choir 2 years, Conservation Club 1 year WARD, KATHIE - Pep Club 3 years, Dernerit Capt. 62-633 Yearbook Staff 4 years, Class Section Ed. 63- 643 FBLA 2 years, Treas- urer 63-64-g Jr. and Sr. Planning Committee WARD, LORETTA WATSON, SALLY - Wres- tling Queen Attendant 61- 62, 62-63g Dispatch Feature Editor, 62-633 Staff 4- years. OCIPA Secretary 63-643 Pep Club 3 years, All Sports Queen 60-61 WATTERS, BECKY - Teams, FBLA WEAVER, BOBBY - Sr. Planning Committee WEBB, STEVE WEDEL, VANCE W Span- ish Club, Art Club, Bowl- ing Club, Car Club WEESE, DON WEST, MARY M Pep Club 1 year, Latin Club 1 year WEST, TOMMY WHITE, PAULA-Pep Club 3 years, FBLA I xcar Sr. Planning Committee WHITEHOUSE, KEN-Latin Club, Bowling Club Sci ence Seminar Programg Jr. Rotarian WILLIAMS, GARY WILLIAMS, PHYLLIS - FBLA I year, Pep Club I yearg Student Council: Safety Council WILLIAMS, SHIRLEY - Girls' Glee Club 3 years, Red Cross, Asst. Sec.-Treas.3 Choir, Rifle Club WILSON, PAULA - Stu- dent Councilg Pep Club 3 yearsg Jr. and Sr. Planning Committeeg FBLA WISE, JIM S Yearbook 2 years, Newspaper 1 year WODRASKA, CHARLES- I Wrestling 4 years, 'O' Club WOLF, JOAN - Pep Club 3 yearsg Latin Club 1 year WOODRING, LARRY - Rifle Club 3 years WORLEY, CAROLYN - Orchestra 6 years, Pres. 63- 64, Math Club 2 yearsg Soroptimist Science Award 1963, Jr. and Sr. Planning Committee VVORSHAM, MARY ANN -Technical Society WRIGHT, FRANCES YOUNG, BILLY - Foot- ball 3 yearsg 'O' Club 3 years, Vice-pres. 63-643 Yearbook King Attendant 63-64-3 All-Conference 62-63 aaa, WHITEMAN, GLORIA WILKERSON, NANCY-Thespiuns 2 years, Pre 63 64 NFL 2 years, Student Council I yearg Sr Plannin Committee WILLIAMS, DONNA Mark Palmore obtains information from fellow classmate, Carolyn Worley, in Mrs. Wheeler'S math nalys . IS class BENNETT, DALE - Foot- Seniors not Pictured ball, Jr. and Sr. Planning Committeesg Student Coun- cil KOONS, JOHN-Red Cross MACKLIN, RONNIE THOMAS, CHARLES ANDERSON, ERNIE BALLARD, MARY BRIDGES, BETTY BURCHETT, ALVIN DAVIS, GARY DODD, NETTIE ENGLAND, CHARLES ESTELL, WANDA FAWCETT, CARLA FOKER, JOANNE FOLEY, HAROLD GARDNER, SUE HAYNES, DON HENSLEY, JIMMY VAUGHN, HOWARD VILLIR, BENNY HOPSON, PHYLLIS KIRCH, KAREN JACKSON, ALICE LANIG, KENNETH MARTIN, CHARLES PHILLIPS CHELE PITTMAN, MARY SIMMONS, LONNIE SMITH, RICHARD SNIPES, JAMES THOMPKINS, LARRY TOWLER, JOHN WOOTEN, HELEN ZENDLER, CAROLE-Lindenhurst High Schoolg Ad vanced A Cappella Choir 4 yearsg National Thespian Society 3 yearsg Girls Sports 3 years 0 Bm-uming smiles Hull. The initial nn-cling of Studi-nt Council opens with Kathy Tliompsun, Marilyn Grape und Susan Smith presiding. 'af ms- ,WH-M ...A are portraycd by Juan Prichard, Band Queen, and licr lovely uttvndants, Murilynn Vidlock. Linda Epton, Dt- Ann Fowler and Murquitu , 5 5 liarliaru King of Distributive Etlucution dt'IllUIlSlfLlll'S tllt' FLlllJSIl1ilI1SlliIl uf vosnit-tics in department stores. MI cain't tell yltll liuw churmin' it is to nic-et ull of you all" tlrawls Nun:-5 Wilkersmuri in tliu play "Auntie lllunwf' it 5 ,. ff Y , . ., 5. . 2, .. ,A in 3 gg J Nu J 5 l . sl ig - t- at ,lt 3 1 ' tiff. 83 Mrs. Pool's homeroom takes a test over selections from Emerson and Thoreau. junior class planning committee meets to select a theme for the prom. One of the biggest responsibilities of the US. Grant junior class for l963-6-L was the raising of money for their treasury. A few of the various activities accomplished to keep the treasury up to par were car washes, selling donuts, paper drives, and many more. The annual Thespian play, which was entitled HAuntie, Marne," was presented on November l, and all pro- ceeds were donated to the junior class. All these money raising programs had a special goal. the junior-senior prom. the biggest event of the junior class. Elected to lead the junior class were Jerry An- derson as president, Nancy Sterling as vice-presi- dent. LaDonna Hess as secretary, Diane Harris as treasurer, Becky Murray as reporter. and Gina Marshall as parliamentarian. Although the juniors are looking forward to their senior year, they will always remember the en- lightening events of their junior year: the order- ing and receiving of class rings, the anxiety before the wintry night football game, the blissful eve- ning of the prom, and the thought of entering their final year of high school. Juniors Enjo Lunch hour offers a midday bn uk from rlasses Bus Year y Iunlor class sponsor Bottom row Mrs Long 'Nl Blurb Ur Bo lon Nh' INF tlerode 'Xlr Hmh President of the junior class for 1964 is Jerry Anderson. ,ix ,W f E am- 1 f,iw,s WM-ff gs Q ' f i Aliliaitty, Verna Juniors Airington. Larr y D. Allen, Bobby E. Allen, Judy Anderson, Guy Anderson, Jerry lr, Pliy Anderson, Richard Anderson, Sandra S ies students ponder over one of the energy laws Andrews, John Areher, Linda Arnold, Arthur Arnold, Linda Allie-rton, Mary Ayler, Ann Baggett, Sandy Baker, Sherry Baker, William Barcum, Linda Barker, Dona Barnes, James Barnes, Mark Barrett, Alene Basden. Linda Bedford, Judith Bell, .lay Bell, Suzanne Benjock, Dfmna Bennett, Loretta Bennight, Robert Bennington, Dail Benson, Arlen: Benson, Gary Benson, Kandy Benson, Nina Berkenbile, llinda Blackburn, Tommy Blackmon, Ch-n Blair, Ramona Blake, Gwendolyn Blakeslvc, Michael Blaneett, Sharon Blevins, Cary Blount. Vickie Book, Billy 9 Borror, Tommy Boykin, Sandra at Ns in l 'S 1 aL?f3r4lf"'Ya Braden, .leanell Brasher, Linda Rosalind Reese is selling tickets to the Thespian play "Auntie Maine." Bratton, Larry Brewer Robert Bridges, Joyce Brid c Shirley Brimm Freddie Q' w, 5. ll :L i-'Ali -rea Q' gi' if 4 was .U Q Briney, Donna Brock, Edward l Y, I .,., ,' . ,., 2 A an -y iw, :,. ,sl .1 .3 - 5 2 L W' lg . A My , fr fr f at in web Ya ,funiors Brock, Viola Brooks, Harold Brown, Carol Brown, Denny Brown, Dledra Latin Club pledge, Ricky Montgomery, finds locker clean out a 'snot-so-easy" task. Brown, Brown. Brown, Donna .lohnny Lawrence Brown, Joyce Brown, Rhonda Bryan, Pat Bryant, Beverly Bryant, Dovie Buckner, Glenda mm E045 88 Burch, Nancy Burks, Diane Burns, Janet Burrows, Phillip Burt, .lohnny Bussell, Patricia Byrne, Nicky Cahill, Martha Calvert, Tommy Canaday, Patrici Canary, Terry Carrier, Harlod 3. Carter, George Carter, Linda Carver, Shirley Cash, .lohn Cash, Neva Chafin, Paula Chaney, Tommy Chastain, Marsha Childress, .lorry Christy, ,lanyth Clapp, Robert Clark, Kara-n L53 . , 5 e f 9? f J Q-M. ' vi' Clay, Charlotte Cleary, Cary Cleaver, David Ch-mont, Boll Clevengvr, James Hr Fuller gives notes to 2nd hour bookkeeping class for thru 9 weeks test on journals. r Q95 Coates, Cheri Cockerell, Linda Coffey, Richard Conn, James ,rf 4, Q I 5, is I r X, ' Q Q man f " A , x Q 1 .. M is I yi a as W ,- f W, 4 an ar W Q 1 fi C4 21' xg I Q- fr W fav -0 3 i .. aa ew if-4 l if, 1, ., J r 3 X ,Q Q H 3 x R E 5 s si so Cooner, Cary Corey, Barbara Cornell, Marsha 4 B +553 5, , 1 c 'fa .s ,. . ., , all " z ,M i, x ' - , 4 . Corona, Victor Couts, DL-Wayne nanny 'HJ 5 , 1 X ,X .r 13,3 v ixx T 'YS 2 ei1ffrf5?'?3'li 1 ,mia ,r, 'X Cowden, Karen x - it hd SQ. ., if 'M -...g y ,1 ii . ii, -7 l Cox, Brenda S, . , 'KZ 4. 1 4 ig , Juniors Cozens, Larry Craig, Harold ,s mg 'U' 1, is f Cravens, Richard Crews, Phyllis Crider, Darwin Keeping books neatly in place and our library clean is one of the many jobs for Junior library aid Tana Shaffer. Crossland, Betty Daniel, Eddie s:f-1 5 71 J, i l, it SQ' ' ',,. A ie, M .. . -sa --. 1,. AW 4 ts as if i 'Vs. Qts.-QQ 1 ,, :'. :-" ' f J Dauln, Gaelen Davenport, James 90 Daves, Joanna S. Davidson, Thom Davis, Penny Davoult, Joyce Deaver, John i ? 8 sE. Dehaerdemaecker, Delozier, Paula Depue, Mike Dodson, Glenda Dodson, J oe Donoho, Dixie Doughty, David Downs, Dennis Dozier, Joann Duke, Connie Dulworth, Charles Dulworth, Sharon B.C Dunning, Wilfred Dyer, Russell East, Marine Eaves, .liinnly Edmondson, Barbara Edwards, Linda 'zg g "' ,E I n' Y ,.-- A ,:-' ..l, F ' l::'l': l:':' A 4 it ":: 5 l"': ' Eggleston, Don Ehrhart, Donna Ellis, Linda Ellistun, Richard Einhry, Ronald Erhardt. Barbara u gt Q F D F V:-, ,. . 31 , Z , K I ",' -, V , i ,,,, ,,.- .. f i rz, , . F ' ,i Sri - t Erling, Dianne , ,H K I 'il' Espolt, Diane L, ll. a mi 2 "M, 'F EV3n5f Cindy . -F 1 Exams, Phil Evans, Keith 'Wi ily: ' ' V i 2 Eve-tts, Keith Evetts, Kenneth Farris, Neal Faulkner, Veronica 'larry Stephens and Mary James pause for reffeshments he tween classes. ,VFP Feddersen, Sharyle Fedunak, Warren Fenwick, Marvin slew' F Fields, Ralph Figaro, Joe Fink, Andra Wk i- V: ww. if ' . 4' T, r'-, y Ssyll' X P 4 fl MP5 -,I-ig. - , - 4 , Fitzgerald, Robert funwrs Flanary, Joe Fletcher, Cynthia 'YQ 5 XL, '12 V' .. 4 :fm X Ford, Alice Fowler, Susan Fox, Nona , q,::, ri W 'Fr ,av l 2 , X ff. 1 s Students of Mr. Rieserfs math class listen attentivtlx f r their assignment. Francis, Larry Franklin, Robert Frederick, Magel Fritz, Timothy ' fr '1i"-, ,, Froman, Jimmie Fry, David Fry, Dorothy Fulton, David Gammon, Connie -.el We li rfb wi' M, my Lrsfsly' 5 5Y"t'1'fQ1- :12,f,,,,fl v 'tab 4 2 .51 Gann, .loy Garland, Gary Garza, Lance George, Linda George, Roger Geren, Rejeania Gerred, Daniel Gibson, Betty Gibson, Martha Gilbert, Darlene Glasgow, Cynthia Glover, Saundra Coins, Clifton Colden, Danny Gonzales, Danny Gonzales, Don Gooch, Cay Goss, Sally Goss, Sandra Cossctt, Frank Cours, George Goycr, Linda Grant, Linda Cray, John ,,.., ,aw C-ray, Lynda Green, Rivhard Greer, Cay Crider, Annette Crimes, ,lane Grimm, Nlarilynn Grissom, Linda Groves, Alvic Cuinn, Carolyn 'Nlr Waltmz-1n's junior English class listens to his lecture on pronouns. ,.:, Q, A i Cummer, Cathy Guthrie, Marilyn Hackett, Vicki R 2 kk y V. ,.,,W qw? Wsiffk ,n...,,, 'SMP ? Haggard. .lames Hainey. .lolln ,wi .ttrllr 4. H. UMW' 3 X 'WL 2 t ,L Y t S ,X fm , , . 'firm , f , ,rf f1Q,'s:M..1 if ,eu -fr- X ., ,,l,, ff 21:51 GE , Q E L Y , 3425 T l Q? -qw, kg 591- H , ,lina- nx WNV Halo, Troy M X, , H- U, wa-., W, wit. X wwf 2 ...M J N0-5. in i JI 2291, W. gy Y 4?-'f1.,.K.ri'gx 1 xgigw:..,t.,Q . f 1, NH, 5.'s'V5K1l-5 1 .,, wg. 5gg....af.. t Haiti:-4 93 'Q Hall. .luhn at - ,,.,. 7 at A wise juniors Hall, Palm-la Hall, liolwrt i .gg I f H-3 fl, . . X, X I Q! '1 K I tax: x fgh vfeqk . 5:2 Q ,. , , G K M sw t .. , EE 'W f tem 9 S r S 5 , as ',' H . Hall, Robert Halpin, Glynda Hamilton, Darlene ing: aww.,-P 'T' t fl 1' 1,-'W Sydnvy Sudberry, student teacher from O.U., helps Mrs. Humplirm-y's crafts class with woodcarving. Hamiltun, Sllirleen Hanvoclc, llrertda Hapcs, llilfllllllll Hardy, Homer Ak,-1+-, , K K , , 'W fm. A ' x . I.. 9 '3 ,N Hargis, ,Ianic Harnmn. .lanvt Harmon, .lurlitll Harmon, Kathy Harmon, Rivhard V , ,-.,' Q I Zhz J l i 'X A iq Q Y' Harrington, Joe Harris, Diana Harris, Roy Harrison, Lynn Harrod, Bruce Harwy, Hulmrt Hash, Lalionna Hatfim-ld, Gina HatlC5'. Paula Hay, William Hayes, Larry Haynvs. Curtis Henderson, .lack Hernandez, Ciriaco Hess, LaDonna Hicks, Mary Hill, Dwain Hilterbrand, .lerry Hinkle, Richard Hinton, Helen Hock, Charlotte Hodge, Bobby Hodgin, Leslie Hoffman, Alvin Holt, Stephen Horne, Phillip Houck, Sharon Howard, A. W. Howard, .lack Howe, Orville Hudson, Lynda Hudson, Wayne Huff, Evelyn Mr Garrett's business math class completes homework '11-3 problems determining income from wages. Hughes, Carolyn Hull, Linda Hunter, Barney Hunter, Michael Huston, Linda Hutcherson, Henry 1 Q 2 1 va Hyden. Kathy t 1 X A., .a my 9 '4 v l' ,J in ,. ,K .,,.,, s W, l tx 2 5 mg , P KA XV ' Q, fis if if , wit- I If .an-4. ,4 ,A ,C 1 ,, . , .X f. , K. fc, lx K 'u 'X X t X 14 FK- 1:.w X is ' W' in in sf tm if' X ,. .. funiors llcr, Sandra lnglv, Cary om ,J Q if tif' ,L ,lr " 1 ia? Ingram, Ronald Ivens, Eileen Jackson, Gerald -' J ' 1 if , , , --QM.-1.-14 , I .tg - 'M . ft, .- for Afs',y:sIQ iss: 3' is mme ,. as-'W 7 If , . J . , -E ,Q if oil, , .. Mr. Kellogg, our physics teacher, asks his students ques- tions almout light rays. Jackson, .lavk Jackson, Marsha Jackson. Patricia Jackson, Sandra Jansson, Frank Jefferson, Victor Johnson, James Johnson, Larry Johnson, Larry ww .r-Q. 1-1 ' , Johnson, Linda Johnson, Sharon Johnston, Paula Jones, Hobby Jones, Paula Jones, Rundel Jones, Richard Jump, Carolyn Keen, Diana Keller, Raljonna Kenyon, Barbara King, Billy King, Darrell King, Paul King, Starling Kinnatrd, La Donna Kirby, Charles Kirby, .lim Kirkpatrick, Phil Kilsmiller, Freda Knuck, Bobby Kniffin, Elizabeth Knight, Barbara Knight, Randy t 1- ia? LES. - E tw. Q dt, , ,, MP6 r xihltli it 3 i Knipp, John Knopp, Ronald Kolkc, Putriczia Koos, John Krob, Ray N, liii i 'ii i 3 "'fm fy V- ,..,,: 4 it f i K KKKK '- l l Kuchnv, Forrest Lacy, Lt-v Lakcy, Carolyn Lakcy, I.Lll'I'y Mr. Qunlls speaks on elcctromagnetism concentrating on generator action. Lang, Carol Lanier, Carolyn Lavarnway, Linda f ,,.., WI? ltr K ,RN it S 4' , , 1 1- - 1.nf1frWflgizifiLziegziggvr' I , :,r1:r,,1.M.,x4,.,ggtQLgg,y,5: , i - if 72 Wi - ' wt, 11. f nfmpatzzfstaw421E:z2?'zs1 1 X 5 ' it it K ha i .tt 5 :limi tr-iff. , ie T- ' L3 is V rf ,,., - - ' A rk,x'L 5 A - xv- ., f ig, gosh r qi!! 'W gsm F if ' ,-. it an ' Eli n it Q it we f lif iif t in Vg , Q M R S, .. ,,.f' 4:11- Lay, Larry Lcuch, Linda Lcake, Jerry 34" , 11. K , e f, LeBlanc, Warren ,I , , if 5, S 1 l , -wrt-wi LL. Aky. , I, j 7 --.:, SN ' 3? 'Eff' Lee, Sondra Licrle, ,ludy V .? Linant, Henry Lindsey, Ronald Long, Barbara ,155 if T ,f aug, Kathy Sandlin, Mrs. Mary J. Sparks, Linda Kelsoe, Becky Murray, and,Danny Parker get settled on the train on their way to the National Scholastic Press Association Convention in f,tllll'LlQIO. Nancy Long, Tony Lopcr, Godfrey Lowrey, Clyde WTF "CY Hsu' aa' 4 Madden, Beverly Madole, .ludith Maize, Sondra Maldonado, Arthur Maloye, Herschel Marley, Barbara Marrow, Glen Marshall, Deanna Marshall, Cina Martin, Carole Martin, Paul Martin, Rebecca Martin, Sherry Massingill, Jerry Matlock, Melody lylatlocli, Mike Matlock, Sharon F Maulflin, Earl May, llilly Mvliriclv, Linda McCain, Put Mcllleinloii, Ronnie Mcfllurg, llaivirl lllCCOIlIlL'll, Mike McCann, Larry lVlcDonuId, liilly McDonald, Linda Mvljuwi-ll, lliunu Mclfudden, Ronald f, f- -1:-h:,. Q, .4 Melfeelv .lunice McGuire Bruce Nlclnnis Charles MeNc-ely, Bill Mcliieynolds, Mike Connie Gammon and Marilyn Vidlock perform during half time at the Enid-Grant football game. Nleelis, Robert Merci-r, Karen Merrill, Linrlu Meyer, .lm-rry J. wwf M311 5101551312224 "'W5sf1Si5?ff 'F?EisziesPif2z2:ga351igsgizssf U 5' V. Sgr l 4 :: ,, I - nn? J, Michel, Jerry Miller, Connie Miller, Kenneth r,.. ,A . , i n Mai l l .gzr r i Miller, Larry Mills, Robert i Xxx-it flgi in Q l ' il f""' X.. H ' rs . si if .,'i'1 ",.- Mitchell, Glenda X, if My ' gk, 1?-N-7, if l lr 4,5 M6552 V iff K x Y gi, R Mitchell, J me f E1 I Montgomery, Rick Moon, Linda Moore, Mary Moore, Robert Morgan, Allen K ' B V- , ,. , , L Z, E , ,T ' o oo -. I M " , iv A qf - leeieffegf e s . l ' M, 1 fi 'Qt QP . '1-4.1, ,wg fx 'G' Mr. Jerry Williams' chemistry students express shock as they receive recently graded tests. Morozoff, Frank Morris, Lanis Mosley, Tommy Motley, Dennis Mullins, Donna Mullins, Karen Murray, Daryle 'W' Murray, Rebecca Mutz, Mary 3 am ,.,,, . Muzney, Veron W1 , L 1, , ' -1 Myers, David K ' , Nation, Paula , 5 ' , A A ,Z Newby, Jackie V- ' Newell, Steve is ,,,, . - H , A Nicholas, Rick t if I , , Q - QT 'VT' I00 Nicholas, Lee Nippert, Sylva Nitzel, Lillian Norton, Tony Nutt, ,lanies Odvody, Dale Oldenburg, Cone Opp, Lelloma Ormiston, Linda Orr, Marcia Orr, Marilyn Orr, Steve Osborn, Ernest Osborn, Steve Ozeretny, Larry Palmer, Susie Parker, Danny Parks, Pam ,aff Patrick, Cary Payne, Myra Pearce, Bob Pecena, Al Peeler, Linda Perkins, Dwight Perrin, Ann Perry, Colleen Phillips, Bob Choir members take a brief glance at the Dispatch be- tween performances. or 5 t E 1? t, in . 3 1 6 nn. Pierce Sandra P1,,,, Linda Pike, Kay Pine, David Pollock Frankie Potts, Don :ri Price, flurulyn Prim-, Linda Priw, Sliurun , ! M L,,,. , Ve R 1 ' N Q X' . . , 1 -. at 5115! , . I Y 'LLhg. 2 'P' 1 R g if, . C? My :,,:wa,q Prieerf Daniell Proetx-r, Thf-resa Pybus, Lana l 1: Ti R , 41... il john Andrews, Robert Meeks, Richard Stone, und 511 W- Murruy luke adsuntage of Charles Owens by ruJ wmv his fave in the seusonls first snow. Rulnage, Cliarlotle Ramirez, Peggy Rannsey, .lorry Randolph, Elaine TW cf'-s Randolph, Floyd Ray, Ronnie Ray, Sharon Reynolds, Tnnnny Ridgeway, Kathy ww 5 S , h uw,-, x . -. ri-R'-1 R , iiii r - 5 , 5-75? few. 2 'Ti Ridley, Miclmela Riggc, Robert Roach, Nelda Roberts, .linnny Roberts, Rick Robertsun, Connie Robinsnn, Cary Robinson, Gerald Robinson, Linda Robinson, William Rock, .leffrey Rogers, Theresa Rogers, .lack Rone, Evelyn Ross, Ruth Anne Rowan, Judy Rowland, Arnold Rowland, Earl Rucker, Charles Rupe, Harry Russell, Charles Rychlee, Mike Sack, Dale Sackett, Ray Sain, Eugenia Salter, .leanne Salzer, .lulie Sanderson, Burnie Sandlin, Kathy Sante, Pam Sasser, Daniel Scally, Tom Schipper, William Band members practice a half-time show for the Enid football game. Schmidt, Jim Schomp, Gary Schroeder, Mike fs MA 1 -Q K X A 1 in 3 1 425 W 4 It E2. , i my i t ,xi Lifi Q , F257 , in ,-, , . He xmas 0' l uhhfwi Scroggins, Richard 'crm' Selby, Pam Selby, Terry txli gim ' ' ' - If K i 5 , ' Shafer, Ronnie gg , -'L I Q , Shaffer, Tanna . Shortt, Curl ...:A .t ,, V .5 lf-1 was ' 5 A MH W-., " ' gf- Q K , A L", is I ' f 5' f- t-1 2 S S 'zei L 2 9 H 1 Q ,,. L..r I ,. if. n,.,, , n S : -,mf s. S rr 'fs- iw' uv-wr 5 xi if , Q :mix if tt ew , t Phyllis Crews and Cindy Evans assemble projects in Mrs Marge llumphrey's jewelry class. Simpson, Vernon Sims, Larry Skaggs, Dennis Slightam, ,lanet , 4 if 5, 1 T , if . , ' 'gs t , Ab.'., ' 5,g!,,,,.s,gi, , 5 ,.,:4 , ...: , ff t-2 3' me if .pun-0 iv Smart, Frances Smith, Beverly Smith, Donna Smith, Jerry Smith, Jesse :su.m,A 'Mvns-rf" -'RFI' ,.v r -'15, ff r.- ...t., ,A Y ,M if-yi Smith, Judy Smith, Kenneth Smith, Paula Smith, Sondra Smith, Tommy Snow, Bennie Snow, Jackie Snow, Landa Sohhani, Farah Sorrels, Jo Ann Southerland, Annette Sparks, Ricky Spears, Larry Speer, Larry Splawn, Barry Splitt, Larry Spradlin, Don Stacy, Sahra Staffa, Judy Stair, Carliss Stapp, Carl Stapp, Joyce Statham, Sharon Stearman, Danny Steele, Maureen Stenlmerg, Don Stephens, Lizettea Stephens, Terry Stephens, Terry Sterling, Nancy Stevens, Mary Louise Stier, Dale Stiger, Dean ,lame Hargis, Connie Weber, and Linda Ellis pass the time counting clouds. fi :': 9 S iff :,, , .,,, ,Q ,,,, Stine, Linda Stone, Richard Stonebraker, .lames fig A ,.,,,,,,. ,,., t , 1, L at . X ff , ft: S Y a :Iii E52 Streeter, Virginia Stroupe, Carolyn ...,., Stubbs, Phyllis Y , xt,-3 ,ri ffl.-' A ,K 1 -w '? 'f f 5 .. , i -X W, N 5 , ' 4 Sullivan, Joyce we sf' ww IO6 Sullivan, Ricky Swindli Nlikf Swlndle Linda Temple, Ann Templin, Robert l ireffii 1- ,f gl 446 Mr, 3Ioutray's ancient Greece. Testa, Yvonne Theimer, Robert .t , l Mxjyx Y h V , sm 4 iw? 'Q Y Y' fa .,, i ,,.. world history class studies the city-states of Thomason, Marguerite Thompson, Beverly Thompson, Johnnie Thompson, Larry Thompson, Mary Thornton, William Tims, Richard W d"'J""'h Trammell, Linda Trent, James Trowe, Craig Troxell, Deann Troxell, Tommy Truett, Sandra Trumhly, James Turner, Marilyn Tyler, Carolyn Ussery, .ludy Vanderburg, Lind 3 Van Houtan, Darrell Waddell, Roger Wade, Diana Walker, Carol Walkcer, Duane Walker, Madclyn Wall, Ralph Wallen, Mary Wallis, Margaret Yvard, .lanell Wvard, Phillip Wcallu-rford, Karen Weawr, Darlr-no Webs-r, Connie Weed, Cary Wveir, Yvette Wiclvh, .limmy Weir-ll, Judy 35 Q? aw R P? i Vifhitakf-r, Mike YVhitaker, Pat Wfllite, Vifanda Whitfield, l,larul5n The Biscayncs display their talents at the annual Howdy dance. af' Whilfim-ld, Evadcan Whitlock, Barbara Wile'y', Ronnic- Q . iw, f 'mag W'9a.e X 452115 W gif 4. QAM' Wlillard, Rickey Williams, Francvs , W A., ,. , x SX M "- - f ,N fx are ,, - I aw ww , ggi- 5 Y irf 1 W ,, f -Q - Williams, .ludy "ii, 'fy' Y 4 'ix ,W . xg, .F ,XV , Y, 5, Y J l"'a.,?" if H ,,Yf4'5 29 vigil ati? IO7 Williams, Sandra Williams, Kay Williams, Shirley Williams, Lynette Willis, Marie Wilson, ,lan After sc:hool's dismissal, students walk leisurely to their lockers before leaving for home. Wilson, Linda Winkler, Ray Winttmn, Thoma Witt, Pam Womack, Shirley Wood, Billy Woodall, Linda Woodie, Jimmy Woods, Ernie Worley, Tommy Wright, Mike Wynn, Marjorie Yandcll, Sandford Yonce, Sandra Yousey, Laura Black, Ruth Ann The sophomores, to begin their 1963-64 year at U.S. Grant, started off by electing officers to lead their activities for the oncoming year. Those students who were elected for this job were: President, Karen Montgomery, Vice-President, Jeri Rain- bow, Secretary, Ki Manning, Treasurer, Martha Gibson, Reporter, Kirk Hosterg and Parliamentarian, Jennifer Lindsey. The sponsors who assisted the sophomores were, Mr. Kimbrough, Mrs. Pool, Mrs. Daniels, Mr. Faubion, and Mr. Butler. The class sponsored a pop bottle drive, December 21, to raise funds for the materials needed to prepare an all school mascot. It will take the form of a General and ap- pear at all school athletic functions and pep assemblies. The sophomores took Sequential Tests of Educational Progress, known as Step Tests. These tests are a special kind of achievement series designed to measure the broad outcome of general education. These tests focus upon skill in solving new problems on the basis of information learned, rather than on ability to handle 'glesson material." Sophomore-s display their acquired knowledge while taking the required STEP tests. Sophomores Begin, High School Activities Sophomore officers are as follows: Pres. Karen Montgomery, Vice-Pres. .leri Rainbow, Sec. Ki Manning, Treas. Marsha Gibson, Reporter Kirk Hoster, Parl. Jennifer Lindsay, Representatives at large Nancy Atherton, Paul Thompson, Nancy Glisan, and James Anderson. IO9 oplwmores 5, . - -.,,-.,. E F az. - , .-if ,--- ' . .r AQ: 'pwg ' at '."551':--f. .,, 4 '5"2wiQ'iH fe A Qi 1:21-fyxjgt i. X '...-Nia. in risk Adams, Frances Agee, Gerald Aker, Jeannie Akins, Deborah Alleman, Glen Allen, Brenda Allen, Kathy Allen, Peggy Allen, Stanley Alley Janette Allison, Way'ne Ames, David Anders, Terry Anderson, .lames Anderson, Marie Anderson, LeRoy Anderson, Susan Andress, Cathy Andrews, Bobbie Ashworth, Karen Asplin, Mary Atherton, Nancy Austin, Aron Autaubo, Ken Babbitt, David Baker, Donna Baker, Becky Bamberger, Diana Barefoot, Clinton Barnes, Priscilla Barn, Darlene Barnum, Sharon Barrett, Tommy Barrett, Vicki Barton, Donnie Bass, Tana Bauer, Gerry Baxter, Terry Beall, Don Bearden, Larry Beardon, David Bein, Bill Bell, .lohn Bellah, James Bennett, Larry Berleson, Charles Berry, Benton Berry, Ronnie Besse, John Bethel, Geneva Biggerstaff, Margaret Billings, Richard Birchfield, Donald Bishop, Mary Jane Black, David Blakoney, Connie Bogle, Dianna Bolin, Linda Booth, Donna Booton, Phylis Bost, Janice Branum, Ronnie Brewer, James Brimm, Rita Britton, Michael Brock, Georgia Bross, Gloria Brotherton, Cary Brown, Alfred Brown, Forrest oplzomores Brown, Kenneth Brown, Larry Brown, Randy Brown, Thomas Browning, Diana Bryan, Danny Bryant, Put Bryce, Theresa Buckley, Mary Burch, Bill Burkart, Larry Burnett, Linda Bushey, Susie Butler, Cladene Buzlek, Julie Caldwell, Pat Calhoun, Sherry Camp, Mary Campbell, Jerry Canaday, Larry Cannon, Claudette Capps, Knoble Carey, Linda Carmack, Bob Carmack, Charon Carpenter, Donna Carter, .lames Carter, Paul Carter, Ronnie Carver, Carolyn Casey, Mike Casey, Gene Chadwivk, Larry Chambers, Ernest Chambers, Frank Chandler, Steve Chappell, Robert Cheek, Pam Chesnut, Stan Childers, Linda Childress, Dianne Chlapowski, Eddie Clark, Gayle Clark, Monte Clark, Roenell Clay, Ronald Climer, Greg Cloud, Jon Clowcrs, Dennis Cochran, Donna Coffey, Patricia Coker. Ben Columbus, Mary Cook, Linda Cook, Robert Cook, Tom Coppin, Howard Cornelius, .lack Couett, Karen Couch, Diana Cox, Carolyn Cox, Sandra Cox, Steve Cratin, Mary Cravens, Karen Creech, Ed Creekmore, Pat Crouch, Kathy Crump, Lynne Cunningham, Julian xiii? livin l, ff at .,, ,,,,:,'- : V -V X, ,A ., li 3 ,gg fra, . ", ,at 7, . in-ei' fl' 3 X -Q- ,IF F M1 lf sl. I 7' "'. ' ? i 'x if , , ,wtf-f . WW Kr' .lit ki fa 'x '64 I K A P my , Q Mil . 35" la W, gs II3 el-5 ophomores riff fi' 1, Cunningham, Hershel Cunningham, Martha Curtz, Linda Curby, Larry Curry, Michael Curry, Ronald Curtis, Janet Daily, Michael Davidson, Loretta Davidson, Ronald Davis, Davis, Davis Davis Davis 1 1 Bonnie Charlette Jerry Michael Robert Daws, Constance Day, Bill Day, Don Day, Kitrinia Day, Patricia Dean, Mickie Dearman, Cheryl Deaver, Daniel Decker, Marada Dedmon, Jimmy Delay, Linda Delcamp, Barbara Demeter, Carolyn Dennis, Patricia Dixon, David Dodd, Harold Dolezal, Paulette Dolph, Terry Dorougli, Sandra Doti, John Doughty, Roger Drake, Donna Driskill, Roy Drouin, Michelle Durkee, Janice Dutton, Fred Dutton, Tommy Earles, Sherilyn Eavenson, Sharon Edinburgh, Charles Edwards, Carl Edwards, Norman Eidson, Cheryl Espinosa, Jesse Evans, .lack Farrow, George Faulkenberry, Lynda Felgenhauer, Dennis Field, Michael Fields, Dee Finklea, Helen Fischer, Michael Fisher, Pat Fitchgay, Bill Fler, Sheryl Fletcher, Phillip Florer, John Foker, Gail Fonefine, Sharon Foster, Paul Fowler, Michael Fowler, Rose Fox, Connie Fox, Jimmy Franklin, Mark LA ,, ,. N S Af- "' AT' 919' to wi t, at W fi',-,, ' ' L g , A ' Tr , if ' 1 'E' EX, 41 . ,V ., 4, H6 o Sophomores 'ff' Q an Frazier, Sam Free, Helen Freeman, Johnny Fuller, Tony Furrh, Leo Gamble, Alfred Gardner, Gary Garland, Danny Garland, Kay Garling, Richard Geeslin, Joe George, Larry Gibson, Marsha Giddens, Steve Gill, Mark Gilley, Brenda Gipson, David Glison, Nancy Glover, Gary Godsy, Connie Godwin, Donna Gonzales, Bruce Gooch, Dwight Gore, Don Graham, Linda Gravitt, Jeanne Gravitt, Michael Gray, Charles Grayham, Sharon Green, Regina Greene, Richard Green, Russell Grider, Bill Grigsby, Dennis Grigsby, Norbert Cuinn, Phyllis Cullett, Ronald Gully, Donna Cummer, Linda Guthrie, Jimmy Haas, .loyce Hackney, Phyllis Hair, Nelda Hall, Freddy Hall, Gilbert Hamilton, Thomas Hammett, Margaret Hancock, Linda Hannum, Michael Hargis, Richard Harper, Jimmie Harrell, Linda Harris, Beverly Harris, Gloria Harris, Margaret Harris, Pam Harrison, Wanda Hartmon, Phyllis Hathcock, Ronald Hawkins, Anna Hawkins, Joyce Hawkins, Rickey Hayden, Kitty Head, Ronald Hearod, Ronnie Heim, Paula Helm, Ruby Henley, Iva Henry, Ronnie Henson, D. C. ophomores fl M: Hibbon, Ruth Hibdon, Lynn Hicks, William Hilburn, Kenneth Hill, Billie Hill, Mike Hitt, Jimmy Hobbs, Craig Huck, Wanda Hoke, Johnny Holcomb, Byron Holcomb, Richard Holden, .lunior Holland, .lerry Hopkins, Larry Horton, Louise Hoster, Keith Hoster, Kirk Howell, Kenneth Hughes, Jimmy Hunt, Pam Hunter, Donna Hunter, Greg Husk, Jeanne Hutcherson, Nancy Ingram, Betty Jackson, James Jackson, Mona Jackson, Sandra James, Rosie James, Sandra Jefferson, Dean Jefferys, Diana Jenkins, Carlos Jenkins, Nancy Jewell, James Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Jenny Lynn Johnson, Jerry Johnson, Joe Johnson, Karen Johnson, Mike' Johnson, Mike Johnson, Pam Johnston, Charlotte Johnston, Margaret Jolly, Shirley Jones, Beverly Jones, B Jones, C obhy loria Jones, Johnny Jones, Mary Ellen Jones, Mary Jordan, Gary Kaler, Cheryl Keen, Jimmie Keith, Carl Keller, Carolyn Kelley, Malinda Kersey, David Kilgore, Donna Kino Allan 1:7 King, Phyllis Kinsey, Danny Kirk, Bill Kirkham, Luis Kistler, Ronald Knipp, Susan Knoll, Barbara Knapp, Authur Wifi fifffii iw . '. is 5' ii W r ,R if Qt . ,,, My , I . qj -1 Agfa, I E ,W ' 3:4 4. ':": ' V -. is N ,, nf- sw , . .fi ' 'QM its J ,1:,g:.,, . z1.:gfifss,, Qi Q ' ii u .M . xaxgf hx fig fail ' , ,,, , -4 X , :. vs, si sir f : , F235 Q-rr , Fx? Q . g K 'FE fu ,nn 5 Q . X ...,. :if L U A FX I ,A if f 'ma-.'-.:-all Fm K -ra ophomores nh Koos, Carolyn Kriegel, Paula Kunc, Frank Laffoon, Lynda Lamb, Linda Lambert, Carolyn Lang, Bobby Laskowski, Joe Latham, Pat LeBlanc, Mary Lee, Stephen Leewright, Vicki Leird, Pam Lesher, William Liebegott, William Lindsey, James Lindsey. Jennifer Lively, William Livingston, Philip Loftin. Ceorgeanne Longfellow, Mary Lorney, Folene Lott, Doug Love, Lonnie Lovelaee, Phyllis Lovett, Charlotte Luttrull, Mike Lynn, Fred Mabray, Teressa Mackey, Frieda Maddox, Randy Main, Donna Mancil, Joan Manning, Ki Markham, Floy Marsalis, Ira Martin, Betty Martin, Calvin Martin, Jack Lee Mason, Gerald Mauldin, James May, Margie Mayo, Barbara McAlister, Connie McAllister, Carlotta McBride, John McCalip, Linda McClure, Karen McCreight, Carolyn McCune, Diana McDaniel, Donna McDonough, Bob McDougal, Larry McDowell, Richard McEwen, Mike McGuffee, Ronnie Mclntyre, Jim McKowan, Bob McLean, Sherrel McMal1an, Janet McNutt, Susan Meeks, Teresa Meggs, Jimmy Melton, Connie Melton, Judy Mercer, Jerry Messimore, Peggy Middleton, Donald Miklinsky, Katie Miller, Rhonda -if J it A we 2 sa ri ,nr P r fi ,r - Pr 4- L htm x A -'mem te 1 - me , , ftlgf. , wax ,s:1fss-lm -. X 1 I af ,p--N, . ef., .ss 11 . I, efszmx. . S 1, ,,, 2' X K Q43 ,,, ... gg . ,,,,,,.,., K . . ,x ,.,,,,,,.,, ., 'ii :Eu-Y. ." ' L sf -It: - N xx gzas 935 Q t aivifwo 2 .fifif 4!! . l22 Miller, Sharon Milligan, Ronald Milton, Connie Mitchell, .lames Moffatt, Dana Mones, George Montgomery, Karen Montgomery, Teresa Moore, Gary Morgan, Donna Morgan, Phillip Morris, Vicki Morrison, Pat Morrison, Patsy Motley, George Mullenix, Eric Mullins, Thomas Murphy, Carolyn Murphy, Rose Murrow, Walter Muse, .lo Lynn Mutz, Norma Nelson, John Nevious, Danny Newman. Walter Newton, Janet Ochoa, Robert Odom, Gwen Olson, Tom Onyshczak, Theresa Ormiston, Lloyd Oshields, Mike Owen, David Owens, Bobby Padgett, Earl Padgett, Gayle Painter, Queha Palmer, Ella Parker, Louis Parker, Terry Parks, Cecil Passmore, Linda Patrick, Rita Patterson, Tyrone Patton, Nelda Payne, Ramon Pearson, Patty Pebworth, Mary Peck, .lames Peck, Larry Peck, Pat Pennington, Joe Perryman, Doug Perryman, Dennis Petersen, Harlan Petersen, Barbara Petkoff, Sharla Phillips, Donna Pike, Wally Piper, Tyler Pollock, Debra Pollock, Patsy Polsley, Barbara Portwood, Stephen Pound, Ann Pritchard, Stan Pruett, .lay Pugh, Edward Quick, Darla Rainbow, .leri . 55 . 55 J' 1 'af 3,2 S.. if 1 'wit .,E ophomores Rains, Terry Ramirez, Linda Ramsey, Sherri Rappe, Beverly Ratvhel, Charles Raulston, Terry Ray, Marti Raymond, Mike Reece, ,lennel Reed, Laura Reed, Mary Reeder, Richard Reid, David Reimche, Marvin Remington, Lois Renfro, Kathy Reser, Suzanne Rhodes, Cary Rhodes, Marilyn Rice, Rita Rich, Sandra Riddle, ,Ioane Rios, Robert Ripley, Betty Ritchie, Clyde Ritchie, Cail Rivers, Rita Roane, Lynn Roberts, Don Roberts, Joyce Roberts, Mike Roberts, Tommy Robertson, Linda Robinson, Linda Robinson, Mike Robison, Brenda Rone, Michael Rotan, Bill Rowland, Alton Ryals, Ted Sain, Linda Salzer, ,lay Sanchez, Frenid Sanders, Lynda Sanders, Ronnie Sanders, Sandra Schmidt, Cary Schofield, Dianne Schroeder, Carol Schultz, Paula Seamon, Jimmy Sekera, Carolyn Selby, .laymee Sellers, H. C. Shade, Walter Shaha, Kenneth Shoemaker, Melvin Shortt, Mark Shouse, Paula Shropshire, Linda Shropshire, Sandra Shrum, Larry Simmons, David Simmons, Robert Simpson, James Simpson, Shirley Singley, Phillip Sisson, Carol Skidmore, Loyd Sledge, Donna N 4 jggr 2-e"":. Y F 'Aix pf v Soplwmores ?LQf? wt' Smith, Smith, Smith Smith, Smith, s Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith , Snider, Sousa, Charlotte Doug Glenda Jimmie John Mark Pat Phillip Randy Otis Pete Southerland, Jarrel Spencer, Jesse Spitler, Suzy Sprague, Beverly Stallings, Mickey Starnper, Carol Stanley, Jery Swpp, Steed, Raymond George Stephens, Lynette Stevens, Cecil Stevens, Cindy Steward, Larry Stewart, Jerry Stewart, Roy Stimpson, Howard Stith, Burrel Straily, Jerry Straka, Cary Streetman, Linda Stuhblefield, John Stumbo, Lou Sullivan, Mike Sullivan, Taylora Swafford, Karen Swinney, Jim Tassell, Kay Tatum, Robert Tatum, Shirley Taylor, Charles Taylor, Linda Taylor, Trudy Teague, Ronnie Tetreault, Paul Thomason, Jeanette Thompson, Janet Thompson, Leslie Thompson, Linda Kay Thompson Marcia Thompson, Tommy Thorn, Elizabeth Tillely, Joan Tinsley, James Trent, Rickey Trittipo, Thomas Trotter, Jimmy Tucker, Richard Tullis, Donna Turnbow, Gayle Umharger, Ken Unger, Walter Usher, Jerry Utley, Charles Vanzant, Peggy Vaughan, Jim Vaughn, Myra Venable, Tommy Wade, Murry Walkabout, Warren .gi ' J v5 'W S 'Y J 542 t W A r qv K A ur ,ii fl is . '64 -.4,a0ri4f Wi' af 5 3 Qi 'S a ' 4 AV, yf DQ is ,i,,,i,5,,,v,y. K ll? X s 'W' 4+ f-'N qu -'Of it N V T' , ss- aw, K F ,ig ,,, , wi " ' 'fbi' ,Ls 1, 1: . - T , , w ,- f HIP: """" ,apr 11 1. i wi ' W 1'iL I v I- N' at X-an " f" vi fm- , "f r-KW!!! 'Sw it RQ .. if X Ur ,- .AH - rw' fl:-"' H mm 5. sn x YF A... .4 hmmm M it Su Sophomores iw,- , .ww Walker, Celia Walker, David Walker .loe Walker, Johnny Walker, Robert Walton, .ludy Walton, Shirley Weaver, Fred Wever, .lim Webb, Susan Welch, Don Weldon, Max Wells, Charlotte Wesselhoft, Paul West, Cheri Westrope, Larry QQ rmyl i A Q E " ' . 5 5 Whitaker, Daniel Whiteman, Roger Whitlock, Robert Wilbanks, Donnie Wilkerson, Don Willard, Deborah Williams, Bobbie Williams, Craig Williams, Janice Williams, Kay Williams, Linnis Williamson, Mike Williford, Noah Willingham, Robert Willis, Peter Willis, William Wilson, .lack Wilson, Linda Winans, Jimmy Winfield, Larry Wisertlan, Peggy Witte-n, Perry YVofford, Terry Yvolfenharger, Tim Wylie, Stephen Yancey, Mary Yarberry, John Yetter, Glenn Young, Kathy Zoeller, Barbara Bruleson, Charles Fawcett, .lohn Vaughn, Franklin Woods, Terry WF, iii f W., , 5,5 rt. ,4 ,K , i. . .3 4-W. ,,.,,, 1 va 1. Q l 'SK 4 bt 4 Q' X MX if ,M gp., 'xiii' Mr Clyde Butler cheeks lab equipment while his Biology students are Mr. Tom Cheatwood drills his American History class over the pre tested on ex olution and natural selection. Civil Will' Pffiod- School Li e The heart of a school is its currieuluin and its main structure or body is built by the student. But standing along side eurrieuluni are the clubs. activi- ties, and social funetions which in some small way promote a better understanding of the subject or specialized field. Besides gaining knowledge, activi- ties help to build a Common bond between todayls youth who are interested in the same things. Through the union of superxised and sponsored acftivities at U. S. Grant High School, friendship ties which will last a lifetime are made. Knowledge through the media of films, slides, and oftentimes speakers brought in from another state, country or hemisphere, is acquired in an interesting and en- tertaining fashion other than the school room text book and lecture. Parties, dances. kings and queens are all part of high school life. the saga of life which each person must live before they reach maturity. It is youth. learning. and memorable experiences, both joyful and saddening. Built by Students z 5 i f ' , v vi we , 7 Q S . ' 4, is ' lik t EMM J-an-v 'S as 4? I pf-ff" I I ,www ' ,.'f,,f'-w"""'rW H V, I- ., AQ The General and His Lady Marilyn Grape ferry Pitt e ry Pitt after receiving his crown as General King is giien the honor ot giving the traditional crown Marilyn and ferry Reign at GH Reigning as the General anrl His Lacly ox er the annual Journalism Assembly, held on ,lanuary l0, were Miss Marilyn Grape ancl Mr. Jerry Pitt. Each year the senior class of U. S. Grant nomi- nates five senior boys ancl five senior girls to he voterl on as the most popular couple at U. S. G. Every stuclent who purchased a yearbook was al- lowecl to vote for the cancliclates of their ehoiee. Members of the ,lournalism classes clecoratecl the auditorium in gold anrl white to corresponcl with the cover of the Grant yearlmook. the l96fli General. The assembly hegan with the crowning Cere- monies as the first attenclants. Miss ,lill Thomson and Jerry Pitt slowly walkefl clown the aisle. Next to enter were Miss Carolyn Beck. escorted by lfrecl Nettle. Eseorting Marilyn Grape to the stage was Billy Young. Miss lfflith liurrs ancl Hal Smith were next to he seen. iollowecl hy Miss Varga Garlanrl. esr-orterl lay ,lohn Sehultheis. Mike l'riteharcl. Nlaster of Ceremonies announced the W6-l General King. and Miss Marsha Swint, Mistress of Ceremonies plaeerl the erown on ,lerrfs heacl ancl gave him the traditional kiss. Marsha an- nouneecl the General Queen. anrl Jerry presented Marilyn with the traflitional crown and kiss. Following the Coronation. the Yearbook Editors, Xlike Vifright anri Relweeea Murray. cleflieatecl the 1961 General to the Sabrette Pep Club. Marlyn Grape and Jerry Pitt, the General and His Latly pro l dt tl and walk up the aisle after reigning over the Yearbook ,Xsseinlml and kiss to Marlyn Grape, General ueen U I HAL SMITH EDITH BURRS JOHN SCHULTHEIS H Wi The Generali Royal Court Radiates FRED NETTLE VARGA GARLAND CAROLYN BECK One of the first and most im- portant jobs of the senior planning committee at U. S. Grant is the tra- ditional nomination of candidates for General king and queen. Ap- proximately 20 senior boys and 20 senior girls were nominated by the planning committee and brought forth to the senior class to be Voted on. Based on the grounds of elimi- nation, the top 5 boys and 5 girls were selected as prince and prin- cesses. The high school co-eds elected to the position to run for queen were Marilyn Grape, Jill Thomson, Car- olyn Beck, Edith Burrs, and Varga Garland. The five boys nominated for General king were Jerry Pitt, Hal Smith, Fred Nettle, Billy Young, and John Schultheis. Ly , .Q 1' The next step in voting was to be ,K--Q ,Ulf done by the student body. Any one purchasing a yearbook package was entitled to vote for their choice of the ten nominees. Yearbook sales were completed December 20, 1903, and the tabula- tion of Votes was concluded by the time of the Journalism assembly held this year, January 10, l964. It JILL THOMSON was here that the announcement of BILLY YOUNG General royalty was made. Q -.K Pride and Happiness in Honor One pleasant aspect of being a senior includes the possibility of being a participant in the annual G.H.S. yearbook assembly. Pictured here is The General and His Lady and their royal court. If--at TX Football Queen Miss Varga Lee Garland SUSAN Vlfvlfldli SOIJZIOIIIOVC Prfnrress DIANE HARRIS lfllllf BURRS funior IJTIIIICUSS Senior Princess Football B0 5 Select Ro all The 1963-61 football queen was Chosen by the Generals, team early in November. She was chosen to reign over the annual homecoming game held on November 8. Soon the big night was here. The stands were filled with spectators eagerly await- ing the announcement of the new football queen. As the first attendant appeared, the lights of the stadium dimmed. First to be seen was Susan Weblm, escorted by Ron- nie Terrel. Following Susan was Dianne Harris, eseorted by Dale Bennett. Next was Edith liurrs, escorted by Robert Baker. Last but not least was the unknowing queen herself. Varga Garland. escorted by Gene Knight. A solid red heart made with flashlights covered with red Cellophane was the basic formation performed by the Sabrettes Pep Club. The band completed the picture by playing "Let Me Call You Sweetheartfl Alter Varga was crowned the Gen- erals' choice. she was esvorted back to her ear, driven around the field, and then es- corted to her throne where she reigned over the rest of the game as Football Queen for 1061-. Gene Knight places football helmet on Yarga ilarland's head at the Southeast-Grant football ganie. I t I37 Queen of Courts Miss Dafualene Stowe wi Nails , VICKI HOCK Junior Princess PAM HALL Junior Princess JENNY JOHN SON Sophomore Princess Rounolballers Choose Davalene as ueen. The U. S, Grant Basketball team had their crowning Friday night, February 28, 11964, in the gymnasium during the half-time of the Homecoming Came. Miss Davalene Stowe, a senior, was chosen by votes of the basketball play- ers out of the other four attendants as queen just before the game. First to come in was the junior at- tendant Nliss Vickie Hock escorted by Fred Nettle. Next was Miss Pam Hall, a junior, and her escort was Eddie Scott. Following was the senior attendant, Miss Linda Barger, escorted by Craig Hoster. Fscorting Miss Davalene Stowe, also a senior, was Nick Stubbs. And last but not least was Miss Jenny John- son, a sophomore, escorted by Clyde Lawrence. Then came the awaited moment when it was announced that Miss Davalene Stowe was the 1961- Basketball Queen. Craig Hoster placed the jeweled crown on her head and after the crowning kiss gave her the traditional dozen long stemmed red roses, and she took her throne to reign over the remainder of the game. LINDA BARGER Basketball captain, Craig Hoster, crowns newly elected Basketball Queen, Davalene Stowe. Senior Princess I39 fllatmenfs Majesty Miss Linda Aker KAY GARLAND Sophomore Princess 5 A he JOYCE STAPP PEGGY EVANS Junior Princess Senior Princess Linda Crowned Matmenps Majesty The U. S. Grant Wrestling Team crowned their queen on Friday night, Jan- uary 17, 19641, at the wrestling home- coming. Miss Linda Aker, a senior, was chosen as the lVlatmen's Majesty. Each year the wrestling team nominates four girls from which their queen is to be chosen. The remaining girls are her at- tendants. Mrs. Ray Orren announced the names of the princess nominees and their escorts as they walked out onto the gym floor. The first to enter was Miss Kay Gar- land, sophomore attendant, escorted by Gene Knight. Following next was Miss Joyce Stapp, junior attendant, escorted by Steve Rauls- ton. Escorting the senior attendant, Miss Peggy Evans, was Garry Baker. Escorted by John Schultheis was Miss Linda Aker. Following the announcement of the new queen, John placed the crown on Queen Linda's head and gave her the traditional kiss. The queen and her attendants were then escorted off the floor to reign over the re- mainder of the wrestling match. After the announcement of the winner, John Scliullis crowns Linda Aker 63-64 Wres tling queen. JIMMY STOWE J OE CARN ER l PAM STEVENS DAVELENE STOWE DANNY BOULTINGHOUSE SALLY WATSON R0 alty Reigns Supreme Craig Hoster, Pep Club Buddy, crowns Kathy Benjock NO" Club Sweetheart at the annual Sweetheart Dance. B FRANKIE HOWE LINDA GRADY I42 Kathy Benjock and Craig Hoster were crowned HO" Club Sweetheart and Pep Club Buddy at the annual Sweetheart Dance sponsored by the Sabrette Pep Club. This year the dance was held in the Youth Center of the First Christian Church on Saturday night, February 3. The evening was spent dancing and talk- ing. After the dance had been in progress for about two hours, Pam Stevens, Pep Club President went forward to announce the 1963-64 Buddy. Candidates for this royalty were Danny Boultinghouse, Craig Hoster, Frankie Howe, and Jimmy Stowe. After Craig was announced the newly- elected Buddy, Pam crowned him and gave him the traditional kiss. Each of these candidates were presented with a ribbon with their initials and honor printed on it. Following this crowning the new Pep Club Buddy, Jerry Pitt, announced the candidates for HO" Club Sweetheart. They were Kathy Benjoek, Linda Grady, Dava- lene Stowe, Pam Stevens and Sally Watson. Kathy Benjock was announced the winner of the new title and Craigis kiss after her crowning was the beginning of the Grand March, a long line of couples followed the tradition of passing under the arc of hearts and kissing their sweeqheart. Pep Club Buddy and Oafflub Sweethea Craig Hoster Kathy Benjvck TZ """" f' 1 rt! ...44 Student Council incmbers discuss ideas for projects at informal sessions during a meeting. . .BX is . 7,7 X 1 y sex-. 'X Mr. Harker, student council sponsor, hangs the portrait of the late President Kennedy in the library. The picture was purchased by the student council and presented at the :Lxtlll'l'iCill1iSll1 assembly in January. Student Council Heads The Student Council of U. S. Grant .sponsors and directs the student body in many of its activities, projects, and cam- paigns during the school year. Among the annual projects for this year was the Howdy' Dance, Toys for Tots, elec- tion of Boys and Cirls for the Months and the Year. Western Day. printing of the student directories, the United Fund Drive, all school elections, and the Amerieanism assembly. Special projects included Citizenship Week. which was a contest to choose the school creed, a memorial to the late John F. Kennedy, a student handbook. school stickers, and the basketball homecoming dance. U. S. Grantis Student Council is a mem- ber of the National Association of Student Councils, Oklahoma Association of Student Councils, and the Inter-City Student Coun- eil. The 1963-6-L officers Were: President, Kathy Thompson, Vice-President, Marilyn Grape, Secretary, Susan Smithg Treasurer, Brenda Mathesg Parliamentarian, Pam El- lisg Historian, Sheryl Geerg and Reporter, Vicki Hackett. The sponsors were lVlr. Dan Marker and Mr. Don Kellogg. kla. The 1963-64 Student Council Members take time out from a busy schedule of governing school activities. I44 Kathy Thompson presides over a Student In order to raise money for the Student Alumna Pam Holden and Mr. Robin Gaston Council meeting, one of her many tasks as Council's Big One drive, Mr.. Williams' home- plan for the first 'gcareer day" held at Grant, president of this organization. room sponsored the ugliest teacher on campus spring, 1963. contest. Winners were Mrs. Pool, Mrs. Boston, Mr. Kellogg, and Mr. Todd. Association of Student Councils The "Toys for Totsv Christmas tree, a student council project, is laden with gifts so other children may be able to have an enjoyable Christmas. At the annual Howdy Hop, Larry Spears, and Nancy Sterling were elected to reign as the 1963-64 Mr. and Miss Howdy. J -'rt 1 Ki?fiif EW U, 1 -M Q A , .E,, The Red Cross Members are: Pat Thompson, Michelle Ratcliff, Pat Allspaw, Louis Moore, Diane McCracken, Lynn Vanzant, Donna Barger, Connie Duke, Far Sobhani, Ronald McFaden, Emagrace Rea, Sharon Matlock, Mrs. Novey, Jimmie Froman, Harva Hawkins, Robert Moore. 'Y-sm Michelle Ratliff and Pat Allspaw paste Red Cross stickers on Home doors. Diane Mcflracken and Louis Moore check the results of Red Cross greeting card sale. 41 A I46 Red Cross Serves Uthers Serving the school as well as the corninunity is the main objective of the US. Grant Red Cross. This organization helped with the oral polio immunization program, and served as sponsor for programs at the V.A. and Children7s Hospital. The Red Cross sent eight delegates to Lake Murray to learn the functions of the organization. These students were trained in the various phases of serving others. During the year, the Red Cross sold greeting cards, and had"a homeroom enrollment drive in which each student paid ten cents to become a member. Officers for l963-64 Were: President, Louis Mooreg Vice- President, Pat Alspawg Secretary, Michele Ratliffg Treas- urer, Pat Thompson, Historian, Dona Barker, Reporter, Diane McCracken, and Parliamentarian, Harva Hawkins. Gay Greer, Nancy Burch, and Barbara Knoll read instructions for mailin CARE packages over sea. 4,1 H, fevvvv' - ,Q af 'Tot il + iff Safety Council members are: Pres. Don Kegans, Cheryl Hudson, Linda Hollowell, Mr. Kegans, Marine East, Kitty Hayden, Jimmie Froman, Vance Wedell, Kathy Thompson. Linda Grissom. Learning the fundamentals of safety is the Safety Coun- cil which meets every Thursday morning. This club, com- ' 'Z posed of approximately twenty members, also attended the I, 6 a 1, inner city convention once a month and county, state, and national conventions throughout the year. To raise money, the Safety Council sponsored the Homecoming Dance and sold tags and hope to gravel an- other area for school parking. Mr. Kegans sponsors the Safety Council and the club chose officers of the club, President, Don Kegansg Vice- President, Linda Hollowellg Secretary-Treasurer, Cheryl Har- rison. Lieutenant Dale Petty of the Oklahoma Highway Mr. Bill Phillips, business teacher, goes through the Safety Check while officer Bill Williams in- Patrol demonstrates proper handling of fire- spects the vehicles. arms during a safety assembly. Q W . ,Wg fp I47 i. This picture of the F.B.L.A. members was taken at Dodson's cafeteria after their wget-acquainted" banquet. .ludi Garner, president of F.B.L.A., and Mrs. Doris Holland, sponsor, discuss important data for the next meeting. Kathy Ward listens attentively to Mr. Jay Moody, the er at one of the F.B.L.A. meetings. guest sp I48 eak- The Future Business Leaders of America are beginning now to prepare themselves for jobs in the business world. Twice a month they have a meeting to discuss current and future plans. At the first of the year they had their annual 4'Get Acquainted Banquetf, at Dodsonis Cafeteria to help establish the club. Raising money was no problem, for throughout the year they sold fruit cakes, Watkins pepper and vanilla, key chains, easter eggs, and co-sponsored a Hootenanny. The annual state convention was held at Norman and members competed in typing, shorthand, business math, spelling and pub- lic speaking. F.B.L.A. is sponsored by six of Grantis business teachers, Mrs. Holland, Mrs. Savage, Mrs. Bumpass, Mrs. Dean, Mr. Phillips, and Mr. Fuller. Chosen as representatives of the club were President, Judi Garner, Vice-President, Judy Freed, Secretary, Jolene Osborn, Treasurer, Kathie Ward, Parliamentarian, Marsha Milerg Report- er, Rebecca Murrayg and Chaplain, Paula Wilson. Tommy Elliott and Marilyn Grape are Mr. and Miss F.B.L.A. They were chosen by 3 various business organizations. Jolene Osborne was chosen by the ll.E.C.A. club to be the 1964 D.E.C.A. QUEEN. Wlembers of the D.E.C.A. are: Claudia Calhoun, Carol Coyer, Gloria Sherrill, Jolene Osborne, Sandra Conway, Annette Mathews, Ronnie Stone, Dean Stiger, Lee Carrier, Bob Hurriott, Don Brown, John Sanger, Billy Wood, Diana McDowell, Brenda Cox, Don Kegans, Larry Cravens, Robert Franklin. FBLA. and DE. CA. Prepare not only for School but for Li e. The Distributive Education Club at U.S. Grant develops future leaders for marketing and distribution. Under the supervision of Mr. Lemmons, members learn the basic skills of buying and selling. Students in this club learn to plan their future in the field of distribution and in the opportunities which this vocation offers. They learn the democratic philosophies of private enterprise and competi- tion that allow for the development of their individual abilities. The highlight of 1963 for the DE club was the State Conference held at the Sheraton hotel. Students from all Oklahoma City schools met for three days and entered contests to display their skills in marketing and distribution. In spring the annual Employer-Employee Banquet was held. Here, the employers of DE students were honored with a dinner and speeches given by the students thanking them for their time and patience. Some of the DE money-making projects included selling football player dolls, selling candy, co-sponsoring a Hoot- enanny performed by the Misters, and selling raffle tickets which awarded the winner with a radio. Officers of the year 1963-64 were: President-John Sangerg Co-Vice-Presidents-Don Kegans and Bob Herriottg Secretary-Annette Matthewsg Treasurer-Gloria Sherrill, Parliamentarian-Carol Coyerg Historian-Reporter-Claudia Calhoung and Chaplain-Don Brown. Lee Carrier, who works in a Yvestern Auto Store, informs customers that they can go up to 60 miles per hour on this bicycle. Carol Coyer decorates windows for Belles Feminine Fashions. I49 The Future Teachers of America is a club designed for students who have a real thirst for knowledge and like to help others learn and develop. Members of FTA learn to handle various problems put before them as teachers. Under the supervision of Mrs. Poole, Mrs. Baugh, Mr. Lower. Mrs. Pendleton, and Mr. Garrett, the members of the US. Grant FTA club were taught all the skills and know-how of becoming good A teachers. At the beginning of the school year, the FTA spon- sored a Pizza Party to welcome new members to the club. As the year progressed, officers were chosen and presented at an Installation Banquet. The club was addressed by Dr. Monohan, a professor at O.U. He stressed the need of higher education needed to become a teacher. The biggest money-making project for the FTA was the annual style show held during the spring. A leading apparel shop provided clothes for the mod- elers. Officers for 1963-6111 were: President--Paul Nuttg Vice-President-Brenda Mathesg Secretary-Donna Abelg Treasurer-Charlie Owensg Historian-Sharon Evansong and Parliamentarian--Susan Smith. Upper: FTA officers for the 1963-64 year. Lower: Busy enjoying pizza are several of the many active FTA members. Learn, to teach with F T . FTA members pause for a pmuft- during 21 meeting. l50 mu.. ' 5 5 v WSE , ' Z 1 '-', Future J ournu lists of America take time our from u busy meeting for u picture. Journalism Makes a Big Dj erenee in People? Mike Pritchard and Marsha Swint were crowned Prince and Princess of Print for 1964, chosen by Journalism staffs. Lives Striving for perfection in the Year Book and Newspaper classes are the Future Journalistis of America, beginning now to secure jobs in the world of news. The annual Journalism Assembly, which pre- sented the year book and crowned the Year Book King and Queen is the main project of the F.J.A. club. Mrs. Sparks, Journalism teacher, and Mr. Bill Freeman, of the Oklahoma City Publishing Com- pany, are sponsors of this club. The officers of F.J.A. are: President, Linda McCrackeng Vice-President, Judy Crumpg Secre- tary, Kathie Wardg Treasurer, Sharon Daniels. Journalism students board the train for their annual NSPA convention in Chicago. ISI Marilynn Vidlock Stew Murray Kurvp Weatherford Fllflllfj' Section Editor Sports Section Editor COPY Edlmf 964 General Editors X t J .......,,.., Jill Thomson Activities Section Editor Becky Murray Mui? Wright Co-Editor-in-Chief C0'EdU0f'U1'Chi9f , f H-,.,,f f Higgt QQQQI it ,:,. , .:.,,,. V Q ..,, ki,,Lbi A 1 in iiikrfft or of-i-e-gr r t vffii W thro w 'f X .,k. t', Sandy Baggelt und Sharon Leland linda fNIcCrat'kcn Marsha Swim and Kathy Ward Photography Co-Editors Business fllannger Class Section Co-Editors I52 The 1964 General Staff: Karen Weatherford, Sharon Leland, Marsha Swint, Marilyn Vidlock. Mike W1'igl1t, Becky Murray, Sandy Baggett, .lill Thomson, Kathy Ward, Linda McCracken, Gail Richie, Cheri Coates, Marsha Jackson, Barbara Kenyon, Linda Stewart, Linda Goyer, Steve Murray, John Andrews, Donna Morrow, Beth Nail, Kathy Sandlin, Linda Chapman, Richard Stone, Robert Meeks, Carolyn McClelland, Mrs. Sparks. Staff Records U. S. Grant History The 1964 General was prepared by one of the largest staffs ever, twenty-seven members, headed by co-editors Becky Murray and Mike Wright. This year's staff was the first one to prepare a summer supplement, containing coverage of spring' events, in addition to the General. Plans for the '64 General were made in the spring of 1963 when the opening section was designed. The theme and dedication were also decided upon then. Editors of the '64 General were announced at the annual journalism dinner at Dodsonfs Cafeteria in May. fSee opposite pagel The book began to materialize when the pep club pictures for the dedication were taken in May. Plans for the faculty, class, activities, and sports sections were completed by the editors before September. Final copy for the '64 General, dedicated to the Sabrette pep club and accented by a theme of spirit, was sent to press March first. For the remainder of the year the summer supplement was completed and plans were begun for the '65 General. The General staff was helped in preparing the yearbook by the journalism sponsor, Mrs. Sparks, the Taylor Pub- lishing Company representatives Jerry Carrol and Barclay Curtis, Rembrandt photographers .loe Hansen and Charles Mulchahy, and school photographers Mr. Robert McCain and Charles Owens. Mrs. Mary J. Sparks, Sponsor of the .lournalisni department, takes time out of a busy day to Check over notes for the yearbook assembly. M. .v-r' 7 fi - N 'usa Y 'A z?.. Caught in front of the cann-ra for once is the staff photographer, Charles Owen. J .I53 Zoe Davis Danny Parker Quinta-lla Loudon News Page C0-Editor Sports Page Editor News Page Co-Editor Grant Dispatch Editors rffie, Pat McCain Kris Krug Editorial Page Co-Editor Sharon Daniel Editorial Page Co-Editor Editor-in-Chief Judy Crump Rick Montgomery Sandy Glover Feature Page Co-Editor Feature Page Co-Editor Teen Page Correspondent Keeping the US. Grant student body and faculty up on the latest in news is the duty of the newspaper staff of the Grant Dispatch. The Dispatch is released every other Thursday of each month and is under the supervision of Mrs. Mary 1. Sparks, Journalism and English teacher. Putting out an issue of the Dispatch first begins by assigning stories to different editors and reporters. Interviews are made and the stories are proofed by the page editors and then edited by the Editor-in- Chief. They are then sent to leader Press the Thursday previous to the Thursday that the newspaper comes out. Each page editor draws his own make-up and the galleyproois sent back to school from the press company are edited by the report- ers. They are then sent back to the company and made into page proofs which are checked by the editors. The Editor-in-Chief was Sharon Danielg News Page Co-Editors were Zoe Davis and Quintella Loudong Editorial Page Co-Edi- tors were Kris Krag and Pat McCain, Fea- ture Page Co-Editors were ,ludy Crump and Rick Montgomeryg Sports Page Editor was Danny Parker, and Teen Page Correspond- ent for the Oklahoma City Times was Sandy Glover' Journalism students touring the Oklahoma Publishing Company stop to look at one of the many machines in the plant. Dispatch Keeps Generals In armed The Newspaper Staff and sponsor stand behind the Editors of the Grant Dispatch, Sandy C-lover, Rick Montgomery, Judy Crump, Quintella Loudcn, Zoe Davis, Sharon Daniel, Pat McCain, Danny Parker, Kris Krag, Sally Watson, Lynn Crump, Connie Melton, Karen Weatherford, Karen Montgomery, Jack Cornelius, Kay Passmore, Joyce Stapp, Carolyn Long, Mrs. Sparks, Claudia Calhoun, ,lim Wise, Danny Sloman, Jerry Anderson, Mike Pritchard, Arm Perrin, Yvette Weir. l55 Row 1: Jimmy Eaves, Tyler Piper, James Davenport, Mr. Qualls. Row 2: Larry Speer, David Fulton, Bill Williford. Hams with ci Vision Mr. Qualls explains to these boys what a transistor Character Curve Tracer is. Anybody know? The members of the U.S. Grant Amateur Radio Club, an organization which has just been started this year, are the only students who aren't of- fended when someone calls them "Hams.,' Anyone who owns and oper- ates a Ham Radio is known as a 6'Ham Operatorf' The Amateur Radio Club is sponsored by Mr. Qualls and co-sponsored by Mrs. Ray. Their meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. U.S.C. is proud to say that our Radio Club is the only one in the world in which all ten members have licenses to operate Ham Radios. The Club was organized in order that its members could get more advanced license and interested non-members could become '4Hams.,, Plans for the future include collecting enough equipment to get a "shack" at the school. '6Shacks" contain all the equipment necessary to transmit and receive messages. The Club also .wants to start some Morse code classes and radio theory classes. The 1963-64 officers and their call letters are: President, Larry Speer, WASCFZQ Vice-President, David Ful- ton, WN5GSQg and Secretary-Treasurer, Ann Pittman, KEG 3552. IS6 0 00 Mr. Qualls and Larry Speer go over important data for the next Amateur radio club meeting. Photography club members, Charlie Owen, Carlene Posley, Dennis Felgenhauer, John Bradley, Darwin Crider puts his enlarging techniques Kenneth Autaubo, Steve Cox, Darwin Crider, James Bradley, and Elaine Chlapowski, not pictured, to work. meet to share interest and talent. Photo raphers and Printers Strive to Serve. The U.S. Grant Photography Club is composed of interested amateurs who wish to improve their knowledge of photography. Many areas in photog- raphy are covered from taking the picture to devel- oping it. Special treatments to pictures are con- sidered, such as toning, oiling, and mounting finished prints. The Printing Club is made up of students who turn various written material into such things as pamphlets and programs for the different or- ganizations at Grant. Proper use of equipment makes for better pictures. Mr. McCain and Charles Owen review correct adjustments and settings to be made. Always busy with printing work for various clubs, as here for FTA, are these Printing Club members: Ricky Sparks, Kenneth Autaubo, and Dennis Felgenhauer. I57 Library Club members are: Mrs. Patterson, Tanna Shaffer, Linda'Dukes, Donna Ritchie, Nancy Meyers, Mrs. Calhoun, Gina Kay Williams, Carole Martin, Helen Wooten, Kay Merrell. .. .K - of sxys e fi. Hatfield, Linda Hull, Library lab Indalges iri Various Literary Activities The Library Club, which is composed of student librarians, trained to work in the library, do their job well serving the student body and faculty. This club, which is sponsored by the librarians Mrs. Patterson and Mrs. Calhoun, meets twice a month Librarians Mrs. Patterson and Mrs. Calhoun go about their daily task of checking hooks. for their local club meeting. In the fall they attend the city wide meeting known as the Oklahoma City Scholastic Library Association, and yearly they attend the state wide convention at Oklahoma University. Each summer they participate in a workshop that enables them to get better acquainted with the facilities of the library. Chosen to lead the club were: President, Donna Ritchie, Vice-President, Linda Dukesg Secretary-Treasurer, Tanna Shaf- s ferg and Reporter, Nancy Meyers. Library aides perform one of their many duties as they place books back on the shelf. I58 4-Q Rifle Club sponsor instructs Donna Morrow and Linda Hollowell on the art of accuracy. The boys, and girls' rifle clubs of US. Grant are two organizations dedicated to the proper use and handling of firearms. Gun safety is taught mostly, but lessons also include learning positions for shooting and how to carry firearms correctly. Mr. Kellogg and Mr. Hostetter are the sponsors. The boys, rifle club, which consists of fifteen members, meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month after school. The girlsf rifle club meets on the second and fourth Tuesday at the same time. The two clubs practice in the rifle range in the basement of the school. The clubs have matches with other schools in the city and often compete by mail, sending the targets. The top five of each club enter these matches. Upper: Members of the girlis rifle club are: bottom row, Sherry Miller, Donna Morrow, Linda Dukes, Elaine Cblapowskie, Sandy Rich. Top: Susan Smith, Linda Hollowell, Ann Morgan, Barbara Overstreet, and Carla Fawcett. Lower: Taking aim during practice as Mr. Kellogg looks on, are Doug Stempson and Don Roberts. Ri e Clubs Learn the Safety of Firearms Boys' Rifle Club: Bottom row, Dennis Downs, Jimmy Eaves, Larry Cooper, Jim Matheson, Don Rob- erts. Top row, James Turner, Joe Harrington, Glen Alleman, Doug Stempson. I59 NFL membership, ability and standards are high. Officers: Cathy Hensley, secretaryg Bill Gill, presidentg Pam Ellis, vice-presidentg Kathy Thomp- , son, parliumentarian. They are hacked by liillye Boston. sponsor. Carla Essary. Pat O'Ncal, Louis Moore, Mike Blakeslee, Caroly Worley, Janet l Harmon, Bill Wultman, sponsor, Michele Rutliff, Connie Miller, Roger Hammons, Nancy Wilkerson and Susan Smith. l Mr. Waltman never ceases to amaze and amuse his students, as he turns an NFL discus- sion to laughter for a moment. Through the Media of Speech The National Forensic League has been one of the most active organizations at US. Grant for many years, and this year was no exception. This industrious group is con- cerned with competitive speech and its promo- tion, a-s well as debating and drama. All members of the N.F.L., which it is com- monly known as, are honorary members. In other words, students must earn their mem- bership through competition. By speaking for clubs, churches, assemblies, and other organiza- tions. Those students who are interested in N.F.L. can earn points until they finally achieve the required number necessary for membership. The N.F.L. is a national organization with headquarters in Ripon, Wisconsin. The meet- ings are held once a month and members discuss plans which will improve their club in some way. N.F.L. members usually meet once a day in either Mr. Waltman,s debate class or Mrs. Bostonis drama class. It was recorded that at one time approxi- mately 75 per cent of the US. Senate were once members of N.F.L. The N.F.L. officers for this year were: President, Bill Gillg Vice-President, Pam El- lis, Secretary-Treasurer, Cathy Henley, Parlia- mentarian, Kathy Thompson. Clyde Jackson of Southeastern presents sweepstakes trophy to Mrs. Billye Boston. l60 The main purpose of the U. S. Grant ,leffersonians is to further the progress in speech activities, faster thought, ancl a fel- lowship for G.H.S. stuclents. Originally the club was called the Old Bachelors Society antl was formefl in 1906 at the Oklahoma High School now known as Central High School. The 4',leffs" are sponsored by Mr. Bill Vlfaltman and generally holcl their meetings in the home of one of the members. Many times the club was fortunate enough to have at their meetings one of the alumni. The U. S. Grant chapter of Jeffersonians is composed of l3 members and is the onlv clulm of its kincl in existence and therefore, they receive full support from the alumni association. Their main activities are sponsoring speech Tournaments for stuclents through- out the city who have an interest in puhlic speaking. The officers of the 'fleffsw were elected at the first of the vear, they were: Presi- dent. Bill Gillg Vice-Presiclent, Bartow Bradlyg and Secretary, Chris Jahnke. .+R fs., Bill Gill, Bartow Bradley, and Chris Jahnke discuss future activities of the "Jeffs." '-H522 .-if'-A. One important part of speech is learning to use gestures. Here Bartow Bradley, Charlie Owens and Bill Gill demonstrate and possibly over-emphasize this use. Students Excel Toward the Future. if .jf il 1.2 . 55. .t 55' ' is 5 255' sgsgxl -fe TS? 'THF E- za: xii . .,:t1.wa ' .gift tm-J The U. S. Grant Jeffersonian Society. F. .. t -,ma-4' I6I deff! nr! ri 'a A-pf V ,ssl J Bartow liradley and Xaney Wilkerson pre- Donna Abel portrays Annie Oakley in the side ox er Ll 'llhespiun int-eling. IllllSll'L1l,hAIlIllL' Get Your Gun." vi' I62 To promote a better understanding of the theater and dramatic interpretation, the Thespians were organized in l953 at U. S. Grant. To attain and keep the char- ter, the club must initiate ten new mem- bers every year. The requirements for becoming a Thes- pian are fifteen points and appearing or working in two plays. Points are earned by working on one of the Various Crews in a play, appearing in the play itself or going to one of the many drama contests held throughout the year. Meetings are held at one of the mein- her's house every other week and there are approximately 35 students at U. S. Grant High School who are taking an active part in Thespians for l963-6-l. Officers were elected early in the fall and were, President-Nancy Wilke1'song Vice-President-Bartow Braclelyg Secre- tary-Treasurer-Susan Smithg and Pub- licity Director-Bill Gill. The sponsor for this organization was Mrs. Boston, Eng- lish and drama teacher at U. S. Grant. Thespians Please Critical Audiences The Thespians of the 1963-64 school year. hm ,lifts Art Club members look to a successful future just as they look to the camera. A rtistic A bility Is Developed The Art Club is an organization made up of students who strive daily to develop their artistic abil- ity. Mrs. Long, the art teacher, is the sponsor of the club and takes an active membership in the club. The club participated in many outside activities this year, as go- ing to the Oklahoma City Art Mu- seum at the fair grounds, sketch- ing parties, their 'lCet Acquainted Banquetfl a Hawaiian Luau, and a picnic. Contests also proved to be a big event for the students and members, they entered sculptures, paintings, sketches, wood carvings, and ceramic in the annual contests at the art museum in Norman. This year chosen to represent the club were President, Farah Sobhani: Vice-President, Kenny Lahlarg Secretary and Treasurer, Linda Yvoodallg Reporter, Yvette Vlfeir, and Historians, Jerry Mer- cer and Maureen Steel. Silence serves as approval on behalf of Mrs. Long as she watches Art Club enthusiasts at work. Art is the way we express ourselves. Talent is treasured as ure these ar- ticles made by art Club members and entered in the Young Talent Of Okla- homa Contest. fs-ce .... .1 11, MEPSYYSQV 'x SES 1 K gsm 7 xt 'M ss ,f Q yu V ,QR i The Spanish Club poses at their annual Christmas party which is held each year on the day before Christmas vacation. Pinatas are broken, re- freshments arc served, and a good time is had by all. Language Brings the utside in A Spanish Club member breaks thc pinata. Km, Tusseu and Mr- Monjums drop wins into a Spanish wishing-wcll at a banquet at lil Charito's Restaurant. The Spanish Club of U. S. Grant is made up of students in Spanish classes interested in learning more about Spanish. Mr. Mon- jaras, the Spanish teacher. sponsors the club which meets every first and third Friday in the Spanish room. The club participated in numerous ac- tivities throughout the year. A dinner at El Charrito's helped the members to get better acquainted. ln December they had a Christmas Fiesta and later on a HDia de Campow and a picnic, then they ended the year with the annual Spring Fiesta. Each year during April a boy and girl O representative are chosen from all thei schools to go to Oklahoma University for their annual Pan American Fiesta. Out of these are chosen the king and queen of the Spanish Clubs of the klahoma high schools, and later on attend a dance in their honor. The members of the club voted, and for their officers chose as President, Ron Wiley: Vice-President, Kay Tasselg Secre- tary, Donna Jo Srnithg and Treasurer, Col- leen Perry. I64 Students at U. S. Grant who are inter- ested in France, its people, language, and customs, can further their knowledge in this field through membership in the French Club. This organization is spon- sored by Mrs. Richter, the French teacher at Grant. On February 22, members went to a party at Mrs. Richter's home in Norman. They called it a Mardi Gras and planned it accordingly. The main project for the French Club this year was to raise enough money to pay for the expenses it would take to get ian exchange student to America from Aus- ltria. In 1963, many French Club members tand other students and teachers from lGrant went on a European tour, sponsored lhy Mrs. Richter. On the trip, they dis- lcovered that their bus driver's son wanted lto come to America to study law. The club tmembers sponsored pop bottle drives, sold tootsie roll pops and donuts at school in ,order to raise enough money to bring him to Oklahoma. The 1963-6111 officers were President, Brenda Mathesg Vice-Presidentg Frenid Sanchezg Treasurer, Sandra Shropshireg Secretary, Farah Sobhanig and Historian, Ann Kniffin. "his-,. t French Class turns attention to the front of French Club members discuss the Euro- tltc room to View a French film. peilu trip with Sp0I1S0r Mrs. Richter. and Promotes W orld nderstcmdmg The French Club banquet was held in the cafeteria for the main purpose of getting to know each other better and exercise their newly learned French words. I65 ,.- l Mrs. 'lieslia explains verb conjugation to one of her Latin classes. Wm Mr. lan Thompson, visiting professor t"lLlSSll'4 at OL., ailtlresses the Latin ilui about Pompey. Hr. Thompson is from D14 n tla, Svotlantl. Latin Club Furthers Gloly of Rome Latin club lllL7Illl3l'l'S listen attentively to one of their many speakers at a Latin Club meeting. Y ,G--- I66 One of the biggest clubs at U. S. Grant is the Latin Club with approximately l00 members. Sponsored by Mrs. Teska, the Latin Club met on the thircl Thursday of eaeh month. The requirements for becoming a mem- ber are to be enrollecl in a Latin l or a Latin II class and to be interested in furthering a knowleclge of the Latin language. The biggest avtiyity of the year for the Latin Club is the Latin Banquet. The atmosphere was macle to represent that of olfl Roman times. Latin II members sat on the floor and were servefl authentic Roman flishes by the Latin l stuflents who are slaves for the banquet. The main ew-nt of the banquet is the crown- ing of Caesar anrl Calpurnia. Latin Club members nominated students in the club. and they were then Votecl on and crowned at the banquet. During Christmas the Latin II members say hello to the Latin l members by singing Christmas Carols to them. The officers for the year N653-6-l and their official titles are as follows: Presiclent or lrnperator-'llom Bakerg Virre-President or NlagistratusfSanfly Bag- gett. Secretary or Svrilmtor-Barbara Faullcnerg Treas- urer or QUdGFiOl"ShL?I'Yfl Ceer: Sergeants at Arms or Centurio-,lim Harper anfl Gilbert Hall: Reporter and Historian or Nuntiefflliane McCracken. The largest club at U. S. Grant is the Latin Club which is composed of all Latin students interested in the language of Latin Tom and Sandy rowned at Banquet CAESAR, Tom Baker CALPURNIA, Sandy Baggett my ,,Lk L Nay' , ,Q . vga , 'wmmwwmmmwmi ' t W' 'A' ,ogre Wwyxxs Mm get Math Club sponsor Mrs. Wheeler, helps Leslie Cooper with one of her math problems vvhile Cecilia Cagigal and Kathy Hensley look on. Math Club members take time out of one of their meetings to have their pictures made. Members are Carolyn Worley, .ludy Smith, Cecilia Cagigal, Mrs. Wheeler, .lanic Smothers. Brenda Mathis, Roy Simmons and Mike Cook. Ma Aipha Theta Inspires Mathematicians Barbara Corey, Mrs. Wheeler, and a Student Math teacher discuss one of the problems in liar- bara's math book. No.. ,,..-...MY l68 The U. S. Grant Math Club is composed of students who have excelled in the field of mathematics. The requirements of be- ing a member are to have a B average in all your subjects and to have completed at least Algebra ll. There are approximately l2 members in the math club this year. The meetings are conducted by the spon- sor. Mrs. Wheeler'. who jzives the members various math problems to work. Also mem- bers compete with students all over the United States in a math contest which. is sponsored by the Mathematics Association of America. In the spring, an initiation banquet is held for new members of the club, and the old members are given certificates for their participation in the club. The officers for l963-61, were: Presi- dent. Judy Smithg Vice-President, Carolyn Worley'g Secretary-Treasurer, Leslie Coop- er. Mr. Resnick, an engineer at Tinker Field, lectures to thc tcchnical Society ahout Radio frequency interference. Technicians or The Technical Society of U. S. Grant meets every second Tuesday of the month to exchange ideas and learn more about the technical sciences. Technical engineers, scientists, and tech- nicians from industry are called upon each month to speak and give demonstrations to the club in the fields of technology to pro- mote electronics. Mr. Tom Qualls is the Technical teacher and is the sponsor of the club. Along with the club he chooses a student to go to the American Technical Association for their semi-annual meetings in the spring and fall to represent the school. The club also has its many activities. Every vcar they have a field trip sponsored K hy the club, and go through industrial buildings at Western Electric and the elec- tronics lmuilding at l7.A.A. The officers of the Technical Society are: President, Edward Brock, Vice-Presi- dent, Jack Turnerg Secretary and Treas- urer, Evadean Vlfhitficld: Parliamentarian. Sabra Stacy. Mr. Qualls explains the circuit demonstration unit to Evadean Whitfield, Forrcst kutline and Edward Brook. Industry Begin in High School Technical Society members listen to Mr. Resniclfs lecture. Mr. Chase was a guest speaker at a Morning In- Don Spradlin, president, presides ata meetin spirution service. rr D. The Morning Inspiration Club of U. S. Grant meets every Thurs- day morning at 7:50 in the Choir Room, for a short period of sing- ing, prayer, and religious talks. Membership into this club is open to all students, teachers, and other faculty members at U. S. G. The organization is non-den0mi- national and many different faiths and religions are represented at the meetings. The meetings begin with prayer and then a 'sir1gspi1'atio11f7 Next is a brief devotional given by a speaker who is from one of the numerous churches in the city. The meeting is dismissed by pray- er. This year the Morning Inspira- tion Club had two parties. The first one was at Christmas and then they had an 'fend-of-school" get-together. The officers for I963-64 were: Don Spradlin, presidentg Madlyn Walker, program Chairman: Carla Essary, ehoristerg and Linda Ren- fro, pianist. The sponsors were Mrs. Baugh, Mrs. Ray, and Mr. Williams. Morning Inspiration Brings Spiritual Lqfe to Students Morning Inspiration members listen attentively to one of their many guest speakers. l70 A recently organized club at lf. S. Grant, the Hi-Notes, was formed to promote a better musical interest throughout the high schools. With approximately 20 Students as memhers. their duties are ushering at various concerts throughout the year. A few of the concerts the G.lI.S. Hi- Botes have ushered for are the All Shakespearean Concert featuring Irene Jordon. the Ferrante and Ticher Pops Concert. the Nut- cracker Civic Ballet and the Mex- ican Folklorice. Mr. Don Todd, hand and or- chestra leader at U. S. Grant, sponsors the cluh and its many ac- tivities. Officers for 1963-64 were, President--Carolyn Wforleyg Vice- President-Linda Graham: and Secretary-Treasurer-Mardella An- derson. My The Hi-Notes have served hy ushering at school musical events and at thc Oklahoma City Symphony. Hi- otes Serve the Community as Well Symphony Hi-Notes mcct and plan activities for Ll symphony performance. Hi-Note members listen atlcntively to their president, Car- olyn Worley, as she dcscrihcs actiyitics for the Coming year. er I7I Mr. Ray Ballew directs the Senior High Choir during a musical assembly. Music Brings Inspiration and Enjo ment Paul Nutt and Linda Renfro were crowned choir King and Queen at the choir banquet at Clcn's Hickory Inn. I72 The Senior High Choir is one of the most active organizations at U. S. Grant. Directed by Mr. Ray Ballew, they sang at the first P.T.S.A. meeting in October, the Thanksgiving Assembly, the Christmas Assembly, the Lionis Club and the Kiwanis Club in December, and were in the musical production of HAnnie Get Your Gunfi Two soloists from the Choir were in the Americanism Assembly. On February 8, six members of the Grant Choir were in the All-State Choir at Oklahoma Univer- sity in Norman. On February 20, twentyenine were in the All-City Choir at Classen High School. Those who wcrenit in the All-City Choir Went to a Music Festival at Southeast High School. On February 28, the entire Choir entered the Sweepstakes Contest at Edmond. The soloists and ensembles were set aside for February 29. The Choir, soloists, and ensembles went to the District Contest in March at Oklahoma City Uni- versity. Since they made a Superior at District they went.to State at Oklahoma State University at Still- water. Ensembles in the Choir include three quartets, one sextet, and one trio. The 10653-614 officers of the Choir are: Paul Nutt, President: Linda Renfro, Vice-Presidentg Linda Barger, Secretary, Donna Abel, Treasurerg and Linda Renfro, Accompanist. The girls trim, Karon llnhlait, Kathy Rt-nfrn, and Doris Bradley, greet dear old Santa, Carry Cleary, nt the annual Christmas ussernhly. to All Mixed Quartet: Linda Rt-nfrn, Nancy Hoacli, Chris Jahnkc, ,le-rry Blasingill. x 1 Boys quartet rneinhers ure Stove Holt, John llenvcr, lJt-wayne Couts, untl Paul Nun. tum The girls quartet: Harm Hnwkins, Donna Able, Margie Wynn, Gayle Turnbo. The choir relicurses for ft P.T.S.A. progruni. I73 The girls trio: Karen Babbit, Doris Bradley, and Kathy Renfro. The girls sextet: Linda Renfro, Kathy Renfro, Margie Wynn, Doris Bradley, Nancy Roach, and Pat 0iNeal. The choir sings carols at the Christmas assembly on December 20. I74 Linda Burger and Pat 0'Neal sing 'Tm getting nothing Christmasv at the annual Christmas assembly. for "Such Sweet The U. S. Grant Girls Glee Club, directed by Mr. Ray Ballew, entertained the student body and faculty with their display of talent in the field of music. The members of the Girls Glee Club sang for different social groups of Oklahoma City, various church organizations, and school assemblies. The requirements to be in the Girls Glee Club are to have excelled in the study of music, and to enjoy singing and performing before others. During the winter, the girls Glee Club started preparing for their first big event, which was the annual Parent Teacher Student Association pro- gram. This program was held in the U. S. Grant auditorium on December 17. The next program presented by the Glee Club was the Christmas assembly, held on December 20. Here the girls presented the happy as well as the serious side of the Yuletide Season. The year was brought to a close by the annual Glee Club Banquet, held in March. At this banquet, the Glee Club queen was chosen, she was Miss Shirley Williams, who was crowned by David Hor- ton. X. , K , . Ek, K Girls glee club Queen for 1963-64 is Shirley Williams. The girls glee club practice for the Edmond contest, held in Fehruarx Compulsions Doth in Music Lien 5 Ei 3 ff 2 i xi The girls glee club sing at an annual P.'l'.S.A. meeting, one of their in my avlivilics during thc year L, A, 5 - .5 , 3 The band performi at half-time for the student body at the Enid football game. Band members raise spirit for the football boys at the Enid game. I76 .loan Pritchett was Grant football game. The li. S. Cram Band elected band queen and crowned at the Douglas- V50 ...Humana DC HE-2-1"- "iii, 'Q i, .... T,-I t'x, - Q l' .mm Also known as g'Tlic Pride of U. S. Craut.', to All School Events Majorettcs .loan Pritchett, Linda Edwards, Marilynn Vidlock, Marquita Hall, and Connie year. .ludy Rowan, Paulcltc Dolezal, Rudonua Kcffcr, Cammun led the hand with grave and licuuty this Cllris. Jilllllliti serwml Ilic sctlmol and Ille band LIS drum major from 1962 to 1961. I77 4,4pw,,,V D-WH xg , H ,fx r is . Q cl, . ff-1 49' f ., f A fx- M I ,yi A Ni x X H H kkr. I 'Y' .V V J K A N, X hs 8 L ,4 if ' ,J s F Xi, NY x .xv 4 f Zf iua-5 gsm , B i xr A 1 S53 U3 xgf A321 I I? , X f L 2, . rf 3 gs . w if f . ..,Vi'.A:r, K 22,4 l j f N ' 'K I 3" 'xfbg ' JJ' 1 :L - C x .. I V K K b ,a gl ,lil A. L In ,:.N ' V,' fgwv. 4 Q .N I J nl I 5 . 1 .,. .,: , Skr X In A A ,,.a-. f l U W ALJ H :', J . xl 5 . iik V f ,.h- 4 - L: 8 P' K 'T ages X' .. ' Q K P 5' 'n if .5 "f?4'5 n- i f 3 E 'ff' 1 ' if Q L' m1 W 1 ga R . i , , I ff W 9 wx, , r -A P , X gg i W? 525 gy L ' X. A Q 0 .. k an , mm Q. M-' 7- I .1 .-dns. ,. Avwm g w 0, 0 K E -f K! - at ,ge W- im hx ,fl 76, W, 5:1 Q, ,, The U. S. Grant Orchestra directed by Mr. Don Todd served the school in many ways this year. Urchestrn Renders Symphonic Sounds Linda Graham plays the bass violin in the orch- estra and stage band. One of the most indispensable or- ganizations at U. S. Grant is the Band, often referred to as 'LThe Pride of U. S. Grant? Under the direction of Mr. Don Todd, the Band promoted spirit and enthusiasm at all of U. S. G.'s athletic events and pep assemblies. This year the Band was composed of approximately 110 members. In order to raise the money needed to purchase uniforms for the members the Band sold candy, sponsored a Spaghetti dinner, and worked at the concession stand at basketball games. Some of the activities of the Band during the year were the city-wide contest at Edmond, district contest at Tonkawa and a trip to Six Flags over Texas. The Band officers for 1963-64 were: President, Don Spradling Vice-Presi- dent, Charles Smith, Secretaries, Car- olyn Beck and Linda Eptong Treas- urer, Deanne Fowler, Sgt. at Arms, Dennis Grigsby and Jack Rogers, and Reporter, Carla Essary. The U. S. Grant Orchestra is made up of 19 string instrument players and 21 wind and percussion players. Mr. Don Todd leads the orchestra and also teaches the class. During the school year, the Or- chestra enters many contests to prove their abilities as musicians. Two ex- amples of these contests are the all- city contest in February at Edmond and the state contest in Stillwater. The officers for the year 1963-64 were: President, Carolyn Worley, Vice-President, Gary Cooner, Secre- tary and Treasurer, Linda Graham. Mr. Don Todd, band and orchestra director, ha directed the band for nine years. I79 N 99 lub Buys Clock and Flag for m Between wrestlers, Boy's 503' Club, and Biology class, Mr. Coffelt has earned this coffee break. The Boys 30,7 club is made up for boys who lettered in at least one sport. To letter they must play in a certain amount of the games depending on the sport. There are nine different types of sports to letter in at U. S. Grant, they are: football, basketball, wrestling, baseball, swimming, track, cross Country, golf, and tennis. To raise money for their annual camping trip the HOU club sold red and grey tags, car stickers, pennants, and basketball pro- grams. They also bought a clock and an American Flag for the gymnasium with this money. The coaches who sponsor the Club are: Mr. Coffelt, Mr. Evans, lVlr. Faubion, Mr. Brown, Mr. Lower, lVlr. Hill, and Mr. Thompson. The officers of the Boys 4'0" club are: President, Jerry Pittg Vice-President, Billy Young, Secretary, John Schultheisg Treasurer, Boy Depue, and Sergeant at Arms, Frankie Howe. 'LOU Club officers pose for a picture in the gym. Roy DePue, Treasurerg Billy Young Vice-Presidentg Jerry Pitt, Presidentg John Schultlieis, Secretaryg and Frankie Howe Pledge Master. l80 The girls at U. S. Grant who participate and letter in some particular sport have the opportunity to become a member of the Girls' MON Club. Three sports are offered to the girls at Grant in which they can letter. They are softball, volleyball, and basketball. In order to receive a letter, players on the various teams must participate in at least half of the games of that particular sport. This year members of the 'CON Club sold tags for the Mid-State Wrestling Conference in order to make enough money to buy their letters. During baseball season they sold popsioles to raise enough money for their annual trip. On this trip the girls go to an Oklahoma state park in April or May and spend the weekend. During the 1963-64 school year, sixteen of the girls in the sixth hour Girlis teams class lettered in some sport. Miss Sughru, Physical Education teacher, also coaches the girls in all their competitive sports. Lettering this year Were: Sandy Baggett, Peggy Evans, Vicke Hock, Susie Ruise, Joyce Sullivan, softball, volleyball, and basketball, Paula Heim, Karen Johnson, softball and volleyball, Margaret Hiatt, volleyball and basketball, Sherry McLean, softball and basketballg Barbara Corey, Sharon Mayer, Beth Nail, softballg Pam Johnson, Marilyn Rhodes, basketball. ,- kw- .Nw Basketball .players Sandy Baggett and Peggy Evans explain to Jill Thomson and Chole Phll11pS just exactly what a Basketball is. glembers of HO" Club giggle about the happenings of the day before Sixth hour egins. Girls Active in Competitive Sports Girls "0" Club gathers afou nd Miss Sughru, their Sponsor. af l8l s an u n 2' Q I' E M: I l i I 5 Edie Burrs-Head Cheerleader-Senior Carolyn Beck-Senior if so 1 nu Q 1 an s a K , I sa Susie RuisewSenior I82 - rs Kathy Benjock-Senior Pt' ' ' 79 SPLTLZ Eight cheerleaders donned the red and grey after the secret ballot elec- tion by the Sabrette Pep Club April 24, 1963. The 63-64 spirit boosters Went to Westheimer Field the last week in June for a special clinic. There the girls learned crowd psychology, tum- bling, chants, and pom-pom routines. They also competed with other school cheerleaders and won three first place ribbons, a second and a third. Enthusiasm, spirit and sparkle made the Generals battlecry ring out vic- tory! when the GHS cheerleaders and student body teamed together. 1 an an l 5 'E Varga Garland-Senior 'MX SUN -A fu- ,-sz Jill Thomson-Senior an ff E' W' " 3 am K ,Q Hum G Sandy Baggett-Junior .rm its as :Q me ith" if eats if Q mia , mms: in In 'Z so N 2,- mf e ,gt it ,r sa as M wa 1 wr-new 1 :E Joyce Sullivanklunior Students, Pep Club, Cheerleaders and the Ceneralis Pep Band gather in the courtyard for a spirit raising Pep Rally just before the football players traveled to Putnam City. Pep lub and Cheerleaders Promote Spirit Sli-vt-ns, Pain Prex. lixnns. Peggy V. Pres. i si.-wrt. limi.. ste. , I , , I ,X 'C Swint, Marsha Twin. A, 5' 'M ,:' 'gfii -2. fr W Erhnrt, Donna Clznp. I Q F5 M . Daniels, Sharon Rap, ' if , Q . . " .J7 K Wg,-V. - Us K, 5 Garner, Juli Imrl- ficrfg I i X H wrt ' f Ahlz-, Donna Hifi. 'HL I ' gi . -" P ' fl ' E3 'H it? K ' K Leland, Sharon Dml. Capt. 7 .. ij Hackett, Vicki Dmt. Capt. i Huston, Liniln Sgtfat-.f1r1lx.v Rune, Sharon Vs. Capt. H Ahhitly, Verna in mx - f , V Aki-r, Jeannie - ,I ' - A 37 jg an A' Akvr, l.inLla f ' . ' f " " I iw! - Nl j X K lf, Akins, Debby -W gm. . 1 t 'A 'W ' I e e f ' All-rn. Kathy - if in Anslvrstm, Blnreilla 7 t , X, I X Anmlri-ss, Kathy Archer, Limln - Atlivrlon, Mary 1 N Atherton, Xnncy I f- 'f Ayli-r. Ann -- K V K i - " 1 Bnhhilt. Karen A Bniril, Janet V A fr Y " K K' is Baker, Becky - - - 'fi' Baker, Donna i, L Baker, Sherry Ag Bamlxvrgcr, Diana iv.,-1" LEM Burt-urn, Linda - , . Burger, Lintln 6? f" ,V 1 t 1, Barker, Donna 1 . ik' - vi wb 0' V llnrrvll, Alena if : 3. 'V ' i " livll, Surannt- - A , '- Bt-iijovk, Donna K' B.-it-,m,Kim.1a 'ii Ili-nsvxn, liiniln B1-ns-ni, Ninn Rislnip, Mary June k lildkv. Gwen .V 'N "' T' K iiimmt, Vicki ,,, 5 1 1, M 1s.,t,i.m, Phyllis . lirzimlvri, Jvzilwll 'V K v K ' K K lirusht-r. Linuln if ' X Bridges. Carol Britlgn-s, J..,.-t- ' K L lhiilgi-N, Shirley N A , - iii-tim.. Kim 'F . Q 2 Q B K., lirtmks, ,lunvt ' 7., , Z- ' I . . 3, - - - V ": l, ' B ' lirtnm, cami 54. ?"'?"' qi' P. if i:f..w.,, umm -P 1 . - L 5 -f W L H" N jr llmwn, Pat ' V I ' Q 1 A 'iii' f 'Y Bryant, l'Srwrly A "r, , lirynnt Duvie 4 Ihn-knvr, Glvniln ' Burvli, Nancy I , - Burke. Didnt- " 9 2 ' . Q fr linrn-. Jantt e "ff -'7 I ' ", 1- ' i Q ,P If' L if Huslii-x, Susie . 5 - . A H F V V 7 'ff gig? Butler, Gluilinf- . A- I C ' Lf? iiyrttm Linda ' , I - e' E. 5 Czillill,iNlnrlli1i - .' Calhoun. Sherry I83 Yearbook editors dedicate the '64 General to the Pep club officers keep pep club members in line pep club during the annual yearbook assembly. during the Midwest City-Douglass pep assembly. : ' fl E 1, p A ,L y g iis G K Q. ii s K . h 7: I i,fx .4 I i I ' , W I 3 'fl m f L A i 1 We 6.4 , 5' ny? -7 . i s. fag , P Q L e - ' -V . A g 5' V :" ' ,N A Hz. f P2 3 L G , 5, Q G it . I l ii I is 1 ii elk, -iii his' . Aw C I 'mr , if 1 L l 'K ' .,.VV. V W , W ,, , t 4 ,, ,. 5 141 I Al D 'G i it G ' ,.::' if. V ri . i ' W ii ei ili'i i i i i ' , -..,: , , K avr' 'st 'Wy , My A K: , Ffh is 2' t A ., W . Vi VVA :W T rg , llii V t 3 ':: . , ' t - ' 3,3 F 2 j , 1 . ,H , - , T u ., 1, 4. I84 "Go Mighty Cannon, Claudette Carman, Jolane Carter, Linda Carpenter, Donna Casey, Barbara Cash, Neva Chafin, Paula Chapman, Linda Che-ek, Pam Childress, Linda Childress, Diane Childrwss, Jeanette Chlapuwski, Elaine Christy. .lan Clark, Karen Coats, Cheri Cockercll, Linda Coffey, Pat Cook, Linda Cornell, Marsha Crews, Phyllis Crossland, Betty Crouch, Kathy Crump, Judy Crump, Lyne Custer, .lanet Davidson, Lorila Davis. Zoe Davoult, ,lnyee Day, Kay Day, Pat Dean, Nlickie DeArnmn, Cheryl Delay, Linda Deleanip, Barbara llc'Lozivr, Paula Donolto, Dixie Dnrnnglt, Sandy Doiiglas, Sherry Durkee, Janice Drovin, Michelle Dtitelit-r, Marty liarles, Sherilyn Etltnonilson, Barbara Hide, Cindy Ellis, linda Erhardt, Barbara lirling, Diane Esopolt, Diane Evans, Cindy Evans, Cindy Fagiu, Marcia Faulkner, Barbara Faulkn--ry Veronica Feddersvn, Sharyle Fields, live Fink, Anilra Fletelwr. Cindy Fowler, Susan Freclrivk, Hagel Freed, Judy Froman, Jimmie Fry, Dorothy Gammon, Connie Garland, Judy Garland, Kay Garrison, Shirley Gs-er, Slit-rrye George, Karen Geren, lit-gina Gibson, Jan Gibson, Marsha Gibson, Marsha Glasgon, Cynthia Glison, Nancy Glover, Sandy Godsv, Connie Goflwin, Donna Gongv, Peggy Guyer, Carol Grady, Linda Graham, Linda Generals U Grape, Marilyn Gravitl, Jeanie Grayhani, Sharon Green, Gegina Grifler, Annette Grimes, Marilyn Grissom, Linda Guthrie, Marilyn Hass. Joyce Hair, Nelda Hall, Pain Halpin, Glynda Hamilton, Glenna Hamnu-tt, Pcgzgy llanrock, Linda Hapcs, Charlene Harben, Jan Harmon, Janet Harmon, .ludy Harris, Diane Harris, Gloria Harris, Margaret Harris, Ruby Harrison, Janette Hatfield, Gina Hcim, Paula Helm, Ruby Henson, D C. Hr-ss, LaDonna Hicks. Kay Hill, Billie Hifi, Candy Huck, Vicki Hawk, Punkin Houck, Sharon Howard, Lcslic Hudson, Linda Huffincs, Sharon Husk. Jeanne Hutchinson, Janie Hyatt, Margzarct Hyrlen, Kathy Ivens, Ellen Jackson, Mona James, Rosie James, Sandy Jeffcrys, Diana Johnson, Barbara Johnson, .lc-nny Johnson, Karen Johnson, Pam Johnson, Sharon Johnston, Paula Jones, Gloria Jones, Joanir' Jones, Mary Ellen Kabor, Chrry Kern, Diane Keith, June Keller, Carolyn Kelsoe, l,intla Kenyon, Barbara King, Phyllis Knifn, Ann Knight, Barbara Knoll, Barbara Krir-grl, Paula Liard, Pant Lzunlr, Linrla l.amkin, Anita l.atlmni, Pat 4 Siunir't Leach Linda l.Lirlf', ully l.inclscw. Ji-nniicr Lnnalon liuthin l.ong,, Farolyn The pep club lines up to cheer the boys on the field. The final run, as the football hoys follow cheer- leaders through the General. rt , J t F559 33 1, ,. : ii i' . .. , 5 . . I ,,, - 5, ,t I , , V at .. Q F is is-f , -ui T 1 X ,, W it, 35, 396' an , my g 3 WA . fi , i'1i , Z Q. c K i , 'ni 'dagr ,H fa 2335 ii ,, I .W y . E 'i,, i LL y , 1 I 6 2 1 in J , Flin , ,Q M Qi " if V S4 iw 1 a 4 .1 " Q, ' U , i .., , , ,Ek 7 , .. 41 S 1 0 , i,"211Z",. ee, 4- 431 , 4 m i V r 1 J i r A 4. i g AA it 'A n 'W if r, 3 ,,,,, ., , , X " 'V' i me 'i YM' Q fi, 'ii rel: L if 99 9 E J is ,ic aw Tai' , , 2 gg it J . . , ,,.. A . G ff to . ' iw '.. ,i i ,i,' J l . I ' 1 f 1:: ,..,1. 1 i- it J -.4 ,. . .war I: ,W , www Im ', fa l 1 A V .xt ' . Q. . i J ..,. . ' "1 -- 7 1 5 . ', fi A .. W g Loitvu, 'Gv0rgiztnn L i ii i as-V ' f i : " Q .V I Long, Barbara I ' U ' 4 ' r 5 I ' 'QQ ' ' H i ' A - V, 5 , longfi llou Kithy I85 .3 ff Cheerleaders try to "warm-up" in 110 weather Erin Turbush, pep club mascot, brings smiles during half-time at the Enid Grant game. and helps cheer at all games. A l :I ' ii' i mi . g ag 4' , -' 4 If -i vlll fi, , Va i i' E , .- iw- . i V , f - V S 7 :i. V ' err, 1 Z J 1,1 ' a e n P . t V , ,. , i i , Ap k .V ,i no a i a e l . V . " -., ' f- - -' -M L o ',-: Q , i s slrse or --A 'l,. V, ' slrs , ' ,,. iii "Z" ' ' - l ':" S p,.i , i A"e ' i 1 I 5. , V. i P "" ' ia , ' , I wa 1,, .aww ". Q, , ix, ,." ,- 5- . A' A-if . ",, T 'r'- a - - 'e-- I I Vx V I ' l - l i I o n My -gzv A ' V 'V - QV J VVVQQV j ...::- , ' , , g,,, ,V 'g ,V LM, ' ' . i.,.1 V A 'W ' R A ilii - i "" o gif, ' , ' I... i if ,: f V if My A k..kz k.i' VV if ir' 3 ' 11:2 .:", ,,' in ' ' ' 'Y'VV Q .ni 3. A :jj ii l j ir i e s I H -Q,,.1 t ' P' h a :sign sers rrl i risr it , as ' r M --' rnl els o Ll a e e ,M , or Z Q 'M ,Q 5 ssllsls P ' ' .. V : px l l V V i f .-,, i ,i I , P M, -,,' 1 t . A ' V P , Z . ,:b. , V s skiz V li - 1,., ,-. P P I Q, : i ks,:. V. A i -1 - , I ,V I I ,AV . i V,VV V , I86 Lovelace, Phyllis Lovett, Charlotte Mackey, Frieda Manoa-l, ,loan Manning, Ki Marley. Barbara Marshall, Gina Marlin, Becky Martin, Carole Malhcs, Brenda Matlock, Melody Matlock, Sharon Max, Linda McCracken, Linda McCunv, Diana McDowell, Diana McFeely. .lanis Mefxlistrr, Connie McBride, Linda McCain, Pat McClean, Sherry McMahan, Anne McMahan, Janet Melton, Connie Merrill, Kay Messimore, Barbara Mcssimore, Peggy Miller, Connie Miler, Marsha Miller, Rhonda Miller, Sharon Miller, Terri Montgomery, Karen Montgomery, Teresa Morozoff, Donna Morris, Vicki Meeks, Susie Murphy, Carolyn Murphy, Rose Murray, Rebecca Muse, .lo Lynne Nail, Beth Nation, Paula Niizcl, Lillian Odom, Gwen O'Neal, Pat Orr, Marvin Orr, Marilyn Osborne, .lolene Parks, Pam Passmore, Linda Patrick, Rita Payne, Myra Pierce, Sandra Perrin, Ann Pelkoif, Gayle Phillips, Chele Pollock, Debbie Pound, Kay Price. Sharon Pritchett, loan Quick, Darla Radolpli, Elaine Rainbow, ,lrri Rains, .lane Ramirez, Peggy Rarrisey, Sherry Rappc, Beverly Ray, Marti Rea, Emograce Reed, Lura Rees, Rosalind Rhodes, Marilyn Riddle, .loanc Ridgeway, Kathy Rim-trhie, Donna Ritchie, Gail Roberts, Ilene Robinson, Brenda Robertson, Connie Robertson, Linda M Victory, Fight-Fightv Robinson, Linda Robinson, Lynda Robinson, Shirley Rogers, Lynda Ronc, Evelyn Ross, Ruth Ann Salter. .lonnene Salzer, Julie Sanchez, Frenid Sanders, Lynda Sandlin, Kathy Sante, Pamela Schofliulil, Dianne Schroder, Carol Shaffer, Tanna Shouso, Pauld Shropshire, Sandra Sledge, Donna Slightham, Janet Smart, Frances Smith, Charlotte Smith, Judy Smith, Pat Smith, Sondra Srnothcrs, Janie Snow, Jackie Spiller, Susie Stampcr, Carol Stapp, Joyce Sterling, Nancy Steele, Diana Stevens, Cindy Stevens, Louise Stephens, Terry Stowe, Davaleue Strope, Carolyn Stumbo, Lou Swafford, Karen Swindlc. Linda Tassell, Kay Tassell, Patsy Taylor, Linda Temple, Ann Thompson, Janice Thompson, Marcia Thompson, Pat Thlery, Joan Tramnicl, Lynda Trewet, Glenda Tullis, Donna Yanzant, Lynn Vaughan, Verna Yidlock, Marilynn Walker, Madelyn Wfallis, Margie Walton, Judy Ward, Kathie Watson, Sally W'cathcrfurd, Karen Webb. Susan Weber, Connie Wells, Charlotte West, Mary White. l'anla Whitfield, Diane Wliitfivld, Evaden Williams, Bobbi Williams, Francis W'illiams, Janice W'illiams. Judy Williams, Lennis Yvilson, Jan Wfilsun, Linda Wilson, Lynda Wilson, Paula Wiseiiiail, Peggy W'itt, Pam Wvulfc, Juan W'ynn, Margie Yandall, Sanford Raising school spirit, cheering the team on to victory, and thinking up new cheers are all a part of the cheerleaders' duties. ts Q Q 9 2... L1 52. 2 Qtr. 87 ports: A World The newest member of the Mid State Conference, U. S. Grant, suffered a few hard knocks in its athletic competition this year. The major teams, record looked had on paper but were no indica- tion of the Generalsi skill and fighting spirit. Many of our losses were hard fought close contests that lasted down to the wire. As Athletic Director, Don Brown eonsoled the student body for the basketball teams, hard luck with this thoughtg even though the Generals were not winning. playing in the best conference in the state was still something of which to be proud. The only major sport which really fared well this year was Wrestling. The matmen regained what the other teams lost by taking the City and conference tournaments and winning six dual meets. The rnatrnen produced six conference cham- pions. Oar First Year in Class AA Began With Football Spirit Ran High for the Winter Sports Wrestling. . . Swimming I mx ,.Q.....n.m "nrt ,YQ If ff --2. i s -e:f5:4' . it And of Course as t w HI U3 gi n '-,, Basketball 5 5 I I Track In the Spring a Young Manas Fancy Lightly Turns to Thoughts of Tennis . . Coy . . . s E S i T I T T g g cl B 1, zz f ty ef it Q swf M 0 an ase a . 'E at T T -ll , ' - s g f .ahh as I T , xsfwffffiv A sf sg , rx s I N at rr ef I Y ' at f 1 L , , ,,sss - K W KEN 7 ' f ' -:ig " A if A V i ' 3 Q A gum 'X71,g3gg3W..MQQW .,,,,.. ffm W Q A 'L B, a,2,q! ' 'trips C , ,L,,, i 3 me V A I I s , U, J f an T T nsr' r , sgtt ,T - xg at at "Q. T T if s - -1 f Z z ' gg L 5 l W T M ' -A ll if :-' Y!! . 1 I ,." Nk:v : :H . . N .Q V- ,.,,. giu ' K . - - .,., y fs- ' f k f .,.,. , , - . I r Y T Y g p t Lygs Q , , ,kk' A , H15 1, "fl TA,Qk.,' , - wx.-W 4 ,: Av t S ., ... Y I-A-LK Varsity Team-Bottom row, left to right: Coach Lower, T. Elliott, J. Pitt, B. Young, F. Brimm, R. Terrell, D. Bennett, R. Baker, T. Barber R DePue, F. Howe, J. Garner, G. Knight, Coach Evans. Second row: W. Shaffer, J. Nelson, T. Scott, J. Cash, A. Morgan, W. Walkahout, J. Burt R Harmon, J. Meggs, R. Barry, T. Anders, G. Weed. Top row: T. Raulston, Manager, P. Morgan, O. Evans, R. Jones, J. Massingill, R. Mills, N. Farris T. Chaney, and M. Casey. Scores Dropped but Spirit Scared Mr. Evans, right, Head Coach, and Mr. Lower, Assistant Coach, did a fine job of coaching the Generals this year. I92 For the first time in the history of U. S. Grant, the Generals played football in the Mid-State Conference, which holds some of the better teams in the state. However, the Generals did not fare too well as they lost eight and won two. With the help of two new coaches. Gary Lower and Charles Kimbrough, Head Coach Dick Evans taught the Generals the fundamentals of football and good sports- manship. This year was the first year for Coach Evans as head coach. Another first for the Generals this year also was that Jerry Pitt was chosen for the all-state, an award well de- served by Jerry. Billy Young made all-state alternate, also a well deserved award. Gene Knight made all-conference. The U. S. Grant Rowdies turned in one of its most suc- cessful seasons since their existence, by winning six, losing two and tieing one. Jerry Pitt Billy Young Gene Knight All Conference All Conference All Conference All Stare All Stare Alt. End Quarterback End 9 ew... A' X . ,,.... il 15'-33 i sw i 7 , , ' M 1' ff , is .,, .. N CJ ,V Rf9,f,.??47f ' bu f . Q., X A 3 L,A-f fky in L' s Frankie Howe W. I 1 Right H alfbaclf fb W4 g QF Coach Coffelt explains a pass play to Mike Casey, left, and Ricky Tucker, right. Rowdies Have Better Luck L5'i3yHi3'il'3iit' s i ' . :::s:: . i n Q ,I I- 4 V .bv A , ,VSNV - Q - . L t K ,fl k ,ik , H f. . my Q .,,.. -1. 'W' "" t r ' V . D ' fa' " JVM ' 'sf ' A - Q .N , A ' -fr gtg -f'?,,i1f""ilQ Alfa Fr i fi 4, N4H91Ta"lFTXe1.'TxXt 'TTLTQ gg A fm g . , . 4 A fl , 1 .- if f 4, .zyx J 1. ctw i"lv-fwvale r . if-itat.. -1 . ...J-fi.1fwe - f ,. 'fe' . . V t Ht 1' S oft " " it six ills ff' 'txt V t l l E - B4 3,1f?.. BEQX--I 'Jeff J lsr IE. 34. . J to .fe p .Q his ,J A .fx -a. a . 1. t S If Q ,. . 1 A ' '-SPN "if A f it itl T1 .sg-IM A24 str :tr A K iw.. Q l ei .. f -' f 4 ' -.lie -fra -1 Q A 115 'K' -Q.. . ., - . 1. , e K . f ., A . . 't t--Fi ". 1 i .J t .N f - .fm :Y ",' - 4 .mv pf ' t- ,.f.v.v- .5 I -1- .fgx "ff Vs. f.,- w wf-,Q-fffi. -2-wg -5, ...M--T I -gf? e X at The Rowdies-Bottom row, left to right: D. Perry, D. Brown, D. Holcomb, V. Jefferson, G. Moore, J. Massingill, K. Miller, B. McNeely, J. John- son, W. Walkabout, J. Trotter, M. Roberts. Second row.' Coach Coffelt, R. Driskell, B. Lindsey, J. Tensely, R. Berry, A. W. Howard, J. Holland, D. Gonzales, R. Henry, P. Morgan, J. Nelson, T. Anders, S. Chestnut, S. King, Coach Thompson. Third Row: D. Kinsey, T. Baxter, J. Fox, M. Conn, L. Curby, D. Moffatt, J. Cloud, D. Eggleston, A. Austin, S. Newell, C. Parks, M. Pike. Top Row: M. Casey, J. Meggs, L. Brown, D. Hill, S. Pritch- ard, R. Ochoa, T. Mauldin, M. Fowler, B. Liebegott, R. Tucker, D. Gore, R. Dyer. Dale Bennett Tackle Terry Anders gains yardage for the Generals in the game against Southeast, which Grant won 28-7. Tommy Elliott All Conference Honorable Mention , I J Fullback -' 1 T' ,A ' ' . S - QQ I93 1 Billy Young, end, catches a pass in the Enid game and gains yards for the Generals. Football Combines Brains and Browns Quarterback Ronnie T crre ll breaks through Southeast line for a substan- tial gain. tw I94 Ai Joe Garner Robert Baker Treman Barhcr Guard Tackle Cenlcr Sept. Sept. Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. N ov. '63 FOOTBALL SCORES Grant ................ Grant .,.............. 13 Grant Grant Grant Grant Grant Grant Grant ..,.....,.,..... Grant ..,.... ...,,. Capitol Hill Douglass .,,.. Midwest City Putnam City Northeast .... Shawnee - .,.. , Jaekshoro ,,,. Southeast .... Northwest ..,. Enid ......,,,... Cone Knight intercepts u pass intended for Don New- man of the Enid Plainstnen. F O'Ncal Evans Guard JL. f"" i 1 -, I H I: t L t W .,:, 1 , F f ' PTM, t. -' 'V l ', K i . .,,- QQ, t A M 7"?'q Ynhm . M f ,,,. f,,- , gi ,,L, i,..,z5 E ,,-A ' -- ' f -- mfw,' Ni , W ,,.' 3? - HN, D ,,,, .tL.mf,jT t, f'wQ?"4? ' I-'WJ Terry Scott Ronnie Terrell Tmgklg Qzmrterlmclr .0 . W. . -. ,,,.t ,,. .. Qvlwyr ' ag, 11, - hr, ' the Field and Frankie Howe scampers past the outreached arms of a Capitol Hill de- fender to score a touchdown. Larry Johnson - - Quarterback Gene Knight cvades ll Putnam City lineman for another first down .1 . I W' , , 1 'f ,P A . V it 329 My .:., 1. ' L' H 4,9 war tiit fQA srssr my ATL' 'ai'-Ka., V , we ai vw 5 t rfb R lr Q . ,U .JI .. X a y .LV t K , , ' KM ,g ary t i'5i.922a, H asia- ,-13- 'N - ' sf . M"'i M ,V it L 31" - A 'L 1?-!'fi':,JVf ." ,.,,a . K ,H f.,,tg5.w+:gtat, 'gf yfr rr ' - ff X f' 5 ,ish rdf, We Q Q" 2 .rr ht tx i "'- Q t f T 4 We XQJW' as M22 Waltcrr Shaffer Cary Weed gan Center Guard Below, lfrankic Howe and Jerry Pitt try to tackh- the Capitol llill Halfhack, Tommy Griffith. tcrhack. Allen Mor Tuclfla On the right, a Souths east defender tries to tackle- Robert Baker after he catches a pass from the General quar- Spirit and Sportsmanshqv Buddy Stewart, of Putnam City, throws a honchreaking tackle on the General Quarterback, jerry Pitt. I96 Stressed on Gridiron Frankie Howe and Tonnny Chaney block for Cena Knight as he tries to gain yardage against Capitol Hill. F31 a' in gm q-:f 4 1. V., fa' M l-an-i n 55? ' A A .. e E f B1l sem. 13' ,. . -.it K I' ' W - ' A E s' 'Z Q . ' lf' ' A if i L ri! L, for he ,f ' 5 W V- .r if . Neal Farris John Cash Trzclrle Guard Tommy Chaney F11 Ilbnclr These Lettermen Will Return, or 964 Season Line, left lo right: Billy Young, John Cash, Allen Morgan, Tremun Barber, Joe Garner, Dale Bennett, Robert Baker. Backfield: Roy DePuc, Ron Terrell, Frankie Howe, Gene Knigli 'J I. -ig 'V 1, fb 'gf , glue Lf! ' Cena- Knight is thrown a jarring tackle hy the Putnam City defensive line. Tommy Chaney gains yardage in Ll grueling game against the Enid Pluinsmen. 3 f i K2 ' -- Q M V1 N, ,eva !S'k'7- -4- me 'A iz: . " .tg ,A - . b , -1 ,A .. 5'-,,.-14 f ft ,. A , . ....- A V' - if . xr ,il . r Q . , "' 7 ' ' " i " NJ A ,wr is .. Jr eww , ,tl yi 1, h H, , . 1 this . , . ,, - ' "W" t .. ,. A an Q r ., H ' S. gl Q ., ,, . -7 ' fr- 5 2 -I . , . - Y' P , f f r ' K- ,h.f - w ' fist- ' wg. -A - - 'I aka W, fm-fm, - to men - A I f gy-. , 1 gtk ,. 711, f My f 1 1-an A i i. r ,,:,o. . f. W,., ,Ar A A Ag ,L :Ng if , . e tif iggi ft ggregg 13 " 2352? TNT 1' N JZQYQ52-L iii if W 1: eo- - e , rj Af - W 5,6 or. . .- ,tm ' J A 4 . 1 If .M Ae 3, ... . .gf--L . ., Y, . , -, , weft ,iq - , . M - tg, , mawww. , A .Q wr, A Q' r , , We 'f5g:.5,,-,M .,,5,,,. 1-lf: 3 2n?Q?wg1, Ji-If ,J , .-1 I -'P 1. gh , E-M. ' W "' , .KW V. 5 Kgifwi '11, tg. ' ' ' . L '. .. ,.-fig? T" . - , ' - ,, 'fA '1fe,,:3-fe. J-me-'-if"', s' - 'ir f ' gg- -- ,, ,, ,.-:fs-A 1 -V I--.1 ,R park f 4 if , W - - '.f are V 571:gQwm Qf'f1f f'i?l'ri:..- W we 4 'r aw-w' taffffwwi-,Q 4 a .-ef ,gme,g13,g, n fp Wgvaziei-agnzsiiivwigge''.fe-isg9'-giH- -W f K ,-.ATN SH' K ' if' wif", f,,w.M" 14' i'k:'1neX13Q?:s'5'W1:i- 4913 'Ze " ' . S.,,,t.ff TW AJ. 'W Q ,ww - L ' ewfA'?PF5S L,.' eg we iw,'1f Q21 ,ig: ':1Tf437- cf - M A. 3 refer-'V T.iff:4f'.- -we :M My MWMMQ. ,, -1 'A of' A V eff-'wiv-ki-f-F Mgr- ' - J-M ' 1 :M V . ' :L-5,.,'g5'ff.' f' -ff. K if, V -N,1.vg,1 ' iz. :N ' if -rwiswf : fnxqg- i'-- ' -" RlCllL1l'Cl .lHl1CS Rohert Milli Fr End Gunrfl ed Hrinnn Center Richard Harmon John Nelson Fullbrzclt' End Qtr fm, Q ieri t my -Q 5 "' 2 ries we e .i. i ... , . ui 1 W 1 I97 Bottom Row, left lo right: ,lay Bell, Pat Bryan, Eddie Scott, Larry Spears, Godfrey l.oper, Fred Nettle, Jerry Hilterbrand, Nick Stubbs, Manager Benny Valar. Top row: Coach Don Brown, Craig Hoster, Jimmy Stowe. Bobby Dies, Bryan Freeman, Robert Boardman, Clyde Lawercncc, Coach Charles Kimbrough. Generals Tracie Wins With During a time out Coach Brown tells the Generals to get tht- ball hack I98 The C. S. Grant Basketball Team began their l963-6-L season by walloping arch-rival Southeast 61-33. The Gen- eral squad proved to the Spartans that Grant could domi- nate all Capital conference action had she not forsaken the conference to join the ranks of the Mid-State. Due to the interest generated over the annual clash the game was played in the Capitol Hill Field House. The Generals got their first taste of the competition they faced in the Mid-State Conference, when they hosted the U. S. Grant Invitational Basketball Tournament December 5, 6, and T. ln the opening rounds of the tourney Grant knocked off Classen and in the semi-finals brushed aside Capitol Hill. The game for first place matched Grant with Midwest City. The Bombers squeezed past to take first and leave Grant with second. Midwest City went on to win the Mid-State conference. Although Grant finished at the bottom of her conference she had left her opponents with the stark realization that they had been in a fight. Grant had joined the conference to fight. They still look forward to a conference crown before many seasons pass. U. S. Grant provided Oklahoma City with its most out- standing player during the 63-6,1 season in Craig Hoster. Hoster finished off Southeasfs Bobby Murcer in the final stages of the season to win the city scoring crown. The General extends a wish of good luck to the Seniors of the Basketball squad who represented Grant so proudly on the court. They are: Jim Stowe, Fred Nettle, Eddie Scott, Craig Hoster, Clyde Lawrence, and Nick Stubbs. Bryant Freeman and Jerry Hilterhrand strive hard to keep possession of the hall in the Northwest Classen game. Con erence Foes Fred Nettle goes up for a layup and two points in the Capitol Hill game. Craig Hoster makes a two handed jump shot for the Generals. Jimmy Stowe gains two points as Craig Hoster watches. Jimmy Stowe and Larry Buckhart jump for the ball. I99 fo L it R. Rickey of Northeast steals the ball from Craig Ilostcr. 200 '63 BASKETBALL SCORES Nov. Grant ,, 6'l Southeast , ,.., ,, 33 Dec Grant llournament, Generals placed seconcl Dec. Grant, ,50 Northeast ,, 58 Dec. Grant ,513 Northwest Classen 70 Jan. Grants, ,, ,,,36 Putnam City 45 Jan. Grant, ,, 52 llliclwest City ,, 541 Jan. Grants, ,, ,,1lt5 Douglass , , 53 lan. Grantf, , WTO Southeast , ,,,,,, 58 Jan. Grant, ,-lil Northwest Classen -15 Jan. Grant ,,,,, A-fl Shawnee , 42 Jan. Grant ,LI5 Capitol Hill , 49 Jan. Grant, ,,,' 17 Northeast , -15 Jan. Grant ,,,, ,,,,,, , ,,l5 Enicl , 58 Feb. Grant, ,,,, , ,,,,, 45 Putnam City , , 4-6 Feb Grant ,53 Midwest City , , 57 Feb Grant,,,, 49 Douglass ,, 65 Feb Grant ,, ,, 110 Enid , ,, , 58 Feb Grant ,,,s ,,,, , ,39 Shawnee ,, ,,,,, , 60 Feb Grant ,,,, , ,56 Capitol Hill ,, , 31 Course I5 Rough, 1 l Pat Bryan and Jinnny Stowe guard S. Cannon Eddie Sf-Un SWS up for 3 re1,L,um1 in the of Midwffsl Ci!!! Northwest game. Fyflllli' Jerry Hilterbrand Larry Spears Pat Bryan Godfrey Loper Jay Bell Fred Nettle Eddie Scott Nick Stubbs Jimmy Stowe Craig Hoster Clyde Lawrence Bryan Freeman Robert Boardman Bobby Dies Pos. Forward Forward Forward Forward Forward Forward Forward Guard Center Center Guard Center Guard Center Grade 11 11 11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 11 12 12 .lcrry Hilterbrand Pat Bryan Jay Bell Larry Spears Godfrey Lfrper Fred Nettle but ur B0 5 Are Tough Efldiif SCOII .lilllnly SIOWC Clyde Lawrence Robert Boardman Nick Stubbs Craig Hosta-r Bryan F1115-man Bobby Dies r 1 Q A3 x' W' ill A high jump und Ll graceful shut marks JU-fy I1iIlU1'lJI'21I11l one of the Scoring weapons used lay Craig lmlm-k 11 Xmetllwpq HFMICF. pponemfs Realize rr-v vspwfvi Ill and llryun F1'L'4'IIlClIl attempt io Shot. They Have Clyde l.uwu-ucc hlm-ks ll Viking fhrfl during thi- fem-micl 1-iimuiiilvi' with NlJI'lllCilil which the Cn-nerule lizimlily won. .. 3 fi! la. W1 f , t 5131 if t fi X p 't y p ' N 'fit 1 Lt K3 X E ,yi 5? in ff .,?f f f K4 A it I f KW! ?j fix A ., ,M ,. . mga B-squad Basketball Team-Bottom Row, left to right: Walter Newmoon, Robert Tatum, Danny Kensey, Roger Doughty, .lay Salzar, Mike Curry. Top Row: ,lay Pruitt, Ron Berry, Bobby Lang, Mike Day, Jimmy Meggs, Stanley Pritchard, Coach Kimbrough. Played the Generals Jay Salzar steals the ball in the North- Roger Doughty goes for east game. a layup and two more points. Bobby Lang tried to stop a Northeast player from making two points on the Generals home court. 203 Steve Raulston 98 David Horton 136 Terry Anders 130 Norman Edwards 123 Raymond Stapp 106 Lonnie Winton 115 John Schulthei: 150 The U. S. Grant Wrestling Team used its brain and its brawn to knock the rafters from under the wrestling powers of Okla- homa during the 1963-64 season. The General matmen began by tieing state champion John Marshall in the City Wrestling Tournament. The City Cham- pionship was shared by the two teams, but the Generals continued to haunt the Bears throughout the season. Coach Kenneth Coffeltis crew lost only 3 dual meets during the season. Those that topped Grantas marvelous matmen were Norman, John Marshall, and Putnam City. Grant later leveled the score with Putnam City when they flattened the Pirates and five other teams to win the Mid-State Wres- tling Championship. Five of Grant's wres- tlers were crowned as Mid-State cham- pions. The wrestlers outstanding performances created an enthusiasm among the students at Grant and skyrocketed wrestling as one of the most popular sports at Grant. -W VAWVL WWW MMM ,..., of ..,, s-Qitlsfitiiwll iiii John Cash of the Generals is slammed hy a determined S Midwest City wrestler, however Cash won the match 3-2. Wrestling Team-David Horton, Terry Anders, Norman Edwards, Lonnie Wintnin, Ray Stapp, Steve Raulston, Al Evans, John Cash, Warren Walkabout, Gene Knight, Cary Baker, John Schulteis, Roy Depue. Trophies: Left, Big Four Edmond, Right, City Champions. 5 uf in ll I ' as IQE 23 5ff3g,fvzz2?ii55 ij ' ' , - af' ,,.,,. t Wm. it 1 rw ': ,- V ., N " ' Roy Deljue 141 Curry llulier 157 John Schultheis tries to pin a Northwest wrestler. I Gene Knight 168 Warren Walkaliout 183 John Cash Heavy weight Coach Ken Coffelt Steve Huulston rides Bumpas of Northwest to gain riding points. Style Sets New Records Daxid Horton stalls to hold his Midwest City opponent off until the end of the match since he is ahead on P0im5- General Gene Knight has a hold on the Northwest man which later led to 11 pin it waits sol o l, he Axfy N ,j Lonnie Winton tries to lake his opponent down in the Mid-State Norman Edwards fights head to hm-ad with the Midwest City wrestler. Tournament. Raymond Stapp tries to turn over his John Marshall opponent to get a pin. Coach Coffelt gives the Generals a pep talk just hefort- an important match with Midwest City. Qin J 206 Dec Dec Dec Dec Jan. Jan. Jan. Ian. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb Fell Feh Feb. Cojfelt Preaches '6 1- WRESTLING SCORES 6 Grant, ,13 Norman ,, , 20 1 Grant 1st place in Edmond Tourn. 12 Grant lst place in City Tourn. 20 Grant 33 Capitol Hill ., 3 6 Grant, 32 Douglass , 5 11 Grant 3rd place in Geary Tourn. 17 Grant,, ,19 Northwest ,, 1111 18 Grant, , 23 Duncan , ,, 9 24 Gra11t,, 26 Harding ,, , 6 23 Grant 20 Classen , 11 31 Grant,,, 22 Gutlierie ,, 12 7 Grant,, , 7 John Marshal 25 l 1 Grant 31 Midwest City ,, , 2 18 Grant 14 Putnam City , ,,,, 18 21-22 Grant lst place 123 points Mid-state Tourn. Hi X ft h 313 It :T R an QU! in I1 mmm W 3 , fm., ll- 4 Z,m-:.sv- ya. . ,w""'l The B-squad wrestlers: back row, left to right, Carl Stapp Manager Pike Baker Horn Weed Depue Harmon and Coach Faubron front row Anderson, Chesnut, McNeely, Hill, Sauls, Wilbanks Peiyfection, The U. S. Grant MB" Squad Wrestling Team is an extracurricular activity which strengthens and builds sportsmanship by participating with other schools. Coach Don Faubion stated after the season was completed, HThe boys have gained a lot of experience this year which should help them during next yearis season." They finished the season with five wins, one loss, and placing third in two HB" Team Tournaments. The wrestling squad wrestled Hobertls A Squad and Star Spen- cerls A Squad, defeating them both. NB" SQUAD WRESTLING SCORES Grant ,,,,e,,e 28 Choctaw ....,, .,,e,,ee , . .,,,,e,e,... 6 Grant ,,e, ,,,. 3 9 Harding .,,,,ee,..,.,e,e,, .e..e,, 3 Grant,...,..,21 Hobart A Squad ,,,,, 10 Grant e,..e .-.39 Choctaw ,e,ee,,,.,,,,,,.,, .. ..., 2 Grant 28 S. Spencer A Squad ...... 12 Grant ll John Marshall .......e...... 18 208 73' , if 1 I 7 ":' I ' in '1 "I -., : if 't 1 Shown here is the 1963-611 General swimming team with their coach Mr. Hill at the swimming pool. At the Midwest City Tournament Grant finished third in the backstroke. Pat Whitaker does a backward dive in the dual meet with Capitol Hill. uw' yi' f - X ,g,gg.y yr, , - 1-4-lag... 1 Two of the Grant swimmers finish their freest 'le race affainst Putnam Cit . Y e Y Swimmers Home Good Season The U. S. Grant swimming team was very successful again this year under the sponsorship and coaching of Mr. John Hill. They participated in the Midwest City Invita- tional Tournament, the City Meet, the Mid-State Conference Meet and six dual meets. The captains were Danny Boultinghouse, senior, Nlike Pritchard, senior. and Mike McCauley, senior and the man- ager was Dennis Motley. Some of the events in which they took part were the Medley Relay, the 50, 100, 200 and -100 yard freestyle, the 200 yard individual medley, 100 yard butterfly, the 100 yard backstroke, 100 yard breast stroke and the 200 yard relay. The swimmers started their season with a loss to Midwest City and another to Northwest Classen. As their Confidence began to grow they brought home victories from Putnam City, Capitol Hill and two other dual meets. They tied for second in the Midwest City Invitational Tournament. Some of the outstanding swimmers this year were Danny Boultinghouse and Frank Morozoff. Both of these boys placed in all of their tournaments. The Mid-State Tournament finds Grant battling against Midwest' City in the 100 yard backstroke. 4 . ,.,., Q num ' 3,aell?r?ht1tt-:JM KP' J-miwvwwwwfwuw 3 I W .,.,..........-..-.W-n W... Mm ,get-0' Gene Knight wins the high jump at the Capitol Hill Meet. if y e WV A The 1961 Generals' track team was organized in late February under the direction of a new coach, Mr. Gary Lower. The season started March 12 with a meet against Capitol Hill, which the Hill won 60-fl-O. Competition for the track team was in the form of dual meets, the South- Q ,W ee-A ,M western College Invitational, the lVlid-State Tournament, ijt-me-3 the Regionals, and the State Meet at Stillwater. H Roy takes the baton from Larry Simpson in the relay race at Capitol Hill. Sprinters ain Speed and Agilit The 1964 track team waits to begin the se ason with its first dual meet. :EV :et ,,, .. H- Q l A W i it t n X t I ' , - K hx Q - Q K L ' K A I Q X f it 1' L - - Q ? Y , tt fl ,eil ,A A l My L Q8 4 3 .A t L MA. ,KV V S Ie f g f S, 1 ' ' M I ' ' -f .t 2 l 7 f as ' - 2 fi-:Tift-g,H 'l"'x'Q.- is A -2:-,, the Q . qw -f -xg fi Vt ,M , Q A e . ' 1 -' I 1 1 . Hai... rf it - et f -1 ti - l at - it '- YJ I n , K we -- t , n - - is W 'H 2 ' t V 34 v -- if X - - - - ' . - ..-... V s , A , g. vt, J ' U tx 4 9 , 1 e K fy 5' max , . - if L"-' 'L V ,mlilhfj .X A ' .ff , I2 ' tu ,I Z - , ' , . l' 5' Q 5' f nt J l l 1 l f '5 Q5 -I "fi 'ft-lm ' 'HC 'Q ' , F5 J . xi ri K L E at i , 2. X ' X ,X xl Y Ln , V1 fn y Q 'fy , I, .K , V its t V 1 np, ' wh My Lg v , vk , I, , 1 , 1 X N7 K 3 t Q 'AQ t X- N' 'if K A ' t 3 l ,Ut ,li J . 1 Xu 'x , si ll X v"" K Q -,J ' T v-1 i - - -- 1, fx, ,.-f Q, it V ' , -, at a 5 1 A 1 -,,,,.f n I K - 4 - --ffm f 6 Q, ,V ft ,K 1 H RQ i , Q ,A -, T- , ge L - Y' 4-tv. A xi f t ' t , 1, t ' f t it ' , , . E 'A' C jy ,- - eff- is W-1 K rex .fx L., gf, A .. k ,. A-, ,. f- 2--uf -J .Z jk -, 4 . . f un., A- . ' A , it 71-',,t5-L,, .t ' - ' 11" ' I - t af el'--fly,-.f'w:'-1' H ."' A '.f?-,f"-tt--7g541Ffm- . '-'5wiie.ws.'fWf- A 'l"'5W't-tffuggtt ,g3w'M , ,sg ', , l age-rv f . - , I K - ' T?2V,g,g, .4 . .51 '-t, V' ,W ff, 'ea-jj ' 'gggeltlftz-tj'tj'g,,eff tzH 9Li'fQ',-Secefi-'QQPl'Qggff" Q-' +R' ieaitsfii f-'f51',, . ,K jF5QAX,, i ,se l f , i5g,,gj,, it A K K V, ms- , A. it ef, it Ltye V 5- 133:11 V 'Y we MM L Q V xy 1-e QL tg n, -qffgtg.,,,f,it'i Zi-if g g 433 .-ei? 1- flf W--evil-f'i1Za'Am , T t , ' TT QI ff' i-fe 39156-Ptftff i s . , 1 " cg L. .Y ' 5 V, tff' " Q M he 4- ,eq 554 'iff' 4-1 K V ji., an 5 tt we I if Y v ' T- A N t li R-'fefiillifilif ff Rgffigffkfifnitdei 5" :V 959: ' ff- . s. 91224 2513 - xiii? Etiaifl ' 5- 209 Jimmy Smith plays off first base. STARTING LIN E-UP Robert Baker , 7 , ,. , .,, , , c atcher 1 Larry Johnson ,,,.,,, .,,.,7 , ,pitcher 11 Clyde Lawrence . ,,e, 1St base 12 Godfrey Loper ,,,,, ,,2nd base ll Phil Ward ,,,,e ,,,, , .,3rd base 11 Nick Stubbs W, ,,,,,,, shortstop 12 Fred Nettle Ye..c as crceee V. left field 12 Jerry Hilterbrand . ,cre cv,e.7c, c enter field 11 Paul Martin ,,,t,t,V 7.Vc r ight field 11 The US. Grant baseball team began its first year in the Mid-State conference on March 17 in a game with Southeast. The team was late in getting organized because several of the boys were still competing in the basketball regionals. Assisting Mr. Brown was a new coach, Mr. Charles Kimbrough. Also helping in the coaching was lVlr. Bob Garrett. Returning lettermen this year were Fred Nettle, lVlike Shults, Paul Martin, Clyde Law- rence, Nick Stubbs, ,lim Flipski, Robert Baker, Jerry Hilterbrand, and Danny Sloman. Baseball Featured Jimmy Meggs catches for the Generals in the Central scrimmage game. Ronnie Barry throws to put out a runner at first 151' Grant also had an active UB" baseball team this year. Fred Brimm comes to bat against Central in a scrimmage- game in Spring Months The 1964- Baseball team, bottom row, left to right: Godfrey Loper, Jerry Hilterbrand, Phil Ward, Benny Villar, Lonnie Winton, Larry Spears, Fred Brimm, Danny Sloman. Top row: Coach Brown, Fred Nettle, Ronnie Barry, Mike Schults, Paul Martin, Jimmy Meggs, Clyde Lawrence, Nick Stubbs, Jimmy Flipski, Robert Baker, and Coach Kimborough. g .,,,. , A e l to .., . . f Q p: . is at ysist el X-f to to ' s 1 B W ::. aae V:-,,.: f - 1 ' t gg 2 f M 'L e A-2' if m e t-'- +L M ' ' - t ' B wi ' t WW R? t i Barbara Shropshire returns the ball in a practice game. Tennis and Coy The U. S. Grant Tennis team began its season with a match against Northwest Classen at Grant on March 16 and ended with the Mid-State Tournament on April 24. They played against other teams in Oklahoma City region. The returning lettermen this year were Paul Petersom, sen- ior, Richard Elliston, junior, Tyrone Patterson, junior. The tennis team was composed of 7 members. There are 3 single players and 2 double players. They practiced every day at 2:30 on the school courts. All of the players furnished their own equipment excluding the tennis balls. Dickie Elliston serves to his opponents while his doubles partner Paul Peterson stands ready. Tennis team, bottom row, left to right: Paul Peterson, Tyron Patterson, Barbara Shropshire, Teresa Mayberry, Dickie Elliston, David Doughty, Tim Fritz. Top row: Coach Tompson, Ron Winkler, Dan Stuman, John McFadden, Mike Fischer, Bob Robinson, Steve Holt, and Russell Dyer. 2I2 Require Much Pxzictiee The 196-1 U. S. Crant Golf team, coached by Mr. Coffelt, began their season on March 9, 1964-, after many hours of practice and hard work. The team is composed of boys from the 10th grade through the 12th. with returning lettermen, Keith Evans, Chip Hanson, ,lay Bell, and Eddie Daniel. These boys took part in the Mid- State Tournament at Shawnee, and the State tournament in Oklahoma City. They practiced each week at Hillcrest Golf and Country Club and played different schools at the surrounding Golf and Country Clubs in the Oklahoma area. The requirements for lettering are to have gathered 15 points by playing at the different meets. Keith Evans makes an iron shot from the rough. tx a : itliiistf-QWTQ5' i it 2 . Q f i i., m :ms . ,..,. .,, . . ..' vnnn , V - ..., .N .,,. ' , . . Ni NN , ..-ny ii 4 sl 'X rn if? -". "L ,ge The golfers are Mr. Coffelt, David Dixon, Keith Evans, Chip Hansen, and Eddie Daniels. if x .Q fi 4 F BS Q Chip Hansen and Keith Evans try to line up a tricky putt. Chip Hansen makes an approach shot to the green. ggikflgx I Q V ,A V- , :.+. X , ., , -V .N-Q.. ' wiv., .T Q .-fy. -H. . ., W In q gel V J. - , -W., , , ., - 5, If---Q rp:-'. 1 ...ffm-, Aa, 'X V. tv .,.l.s."v K 4 e ,,Q,.f- .5 TT h'n'xfQi-A . , ,v . "Q-. xr". :J-.iwevJ'f'F'lL.'?fss. ", ,yin ' ' . vs ', H " " - ., -f KW. aff. A If 2 Q "Vi , ,. ig I . . ,X w,s...f34' has - 5 Mr? A.....e- X ' if LQ no 1, ' fx fire e Y 'Q' f M," . i'eif',f-r, ' .Q 'W . Q gin '-"Fl Af. K "':3'2i7'S,?"'ff'ff -4"ii"N'u'cs wait X it S . 'H ii, 'Z f T f, i?Ff3i?"H....L4i2.w:lie3T'gf':1fff1Qfg.59ftf' if he ,. Q A Naya X, W ,, . .. QY.M,w,.w:t3 . f.,Q..., s eq .jaw-. "We K KSA ' n i,---gmflfa ' - nga' 5, ' -- 15f""s tw, is 'Y-- W' ,Q-vs 1 . ,g:f'fS,.S?x-A .rv-5 ,,.qffN3:,5:?i'y5. 'W-at-1 . A . A V iff., .-"K'-43:.Q.? :vu-,'e7 -X wif., 4 ' - .Q . .xm.f.- . W 2, J. I'--P-it f. -are - - -1' - K with '44 . r , t i :':ea.4fa3Yf:v+ W t--2+ -.. -4' A - . -i qlpmgw L3'.QgQe:4e.., , is 3,14 Q s - ' , 'fmgky 1 fl if-5 4-. ' Viv. 5, N 'gp Q' Ls: D 5.-j"fgf'T1j-1' .- V if . we . .W eff. . .1 .MS sw... t-'Ht :wt t ZI3 .. ,... wr W i Steve Murray tries to improw his form so that he can make more strikes This is The Bowling Team at U. S. Grant, sponsored by Mr. Hill, meets weekly at Meridian Lanes to im- prove their howling skill. They also have their annual state-wide Contest at Meridian Lanes every Christmas, however, none of the Generals placetl in the tournament. Chosen to represent the club Were: President, Gladys Creerg and Secretary anrl Treasurer. Lanis Morris. The members of the first place team at the end of the year won trophies and the members of the second place team received pins. This is the result of Str-ws trying to improve his form Q 0 l Ten Pms Fall for Bowlmg Team U. S. Grunfs howling team which howled at Meridian Lanes each week. Gladys Cru-r, President of the club, makes 1 fi livery. fi . 2I4 ,K . 3 X , him LJ" A 11-'f 3 One of the favorite sports of the sixth hour Girl's Teams class at U. S. Grant is softball. Miss Sughru, physical education teacher, coaches this group of girls. Their record this year was, 1 win, 1 tie, and 2 losses. ln order to participate in softball and to make the team, the girls must stay after school for an hour of practice each day. This year about twenty-five girls could be seen bustling about the softball diamond each afternoon, practicing their catching, pitching and batting techniques. Softball season begins the day school starts and ends after the last game is played, which is about the middle of Oc- tober. After the members of the team are chosen, U. S. G. competes with four other schools in the city. ln the Grant and Capitol Hill softball game, Capitol Hill came out on top, 15-11. Grant lost their second game to Southeast. 24-7. Douglas lost to the Generals 17-10. Finally U. S. G. tied with Central 6-6. The girls softball team consists of L. Harrisong K. .lohnsong S. McCeain3 J. Sullivan, B. Coreyg J. Wardg S. Ruiseg L. Trammelg D. Haas: D. Bamburgerg M. Hiattg S. Baggettg B. Longg L. Georgeg P. Hiemg M. Rhodesg B. Nail, B. Watersg S. Mayerg S. Williamsg P. Crewsg P. Evans. Sandy Baggett catches a long fly out on third base in a game with Capitol Hill. irls Hustle Around U Sojiiball Dmmoncl Susie Ruise prepares to ubelt-it-a-milef' during a practice game with her fellow teammates. s. l 2I5 Susie lluisc pri-pures In serv: the lvirclie to her upponcnt 1Il L1 p1'Ll1'llCf' Qilllllh I 1 A KS x 4 1 'MVB f Kmx ff, , The girls badminton team: Rlmclcs, Sullivan, Trammell, McCcain, l3umlJu1'ger, top row, johnson, Long, Wlaters, Baggf-tt, Euvuns, Ruisc. hysical Fitness Includes 'llllc Girls inn- rom' tcum ballnm mu' I.-r.: Lunar, lluffffctl Exams from row, Sul .lovcc Sullivan makcs usorw in u lmu1'111u1 ff- - z: cw 2: : J , cz: : 1 . , ll l DJIIIC. lix un, Huisc, Trammell. ,7 rv, 2I6 '5- 3 . l 3 -if A 1 The girls at U. S. Grant have almost as large a selection to choose from in the field of sports as the boys do. Not even in this strenuous field of educa- tion and training are the girls put aside or for- gotten. ln the sixth hour Girlis Teams class, the more athletic ladies at U. S. G. have the opportunity to compete with their fellow classmates and. in turn, to compete with other teams of different schools in the Oklahoma City school sy stem. At the beginning of the school year in Septem- ber the girls immediately began their softball sea- son. Games were played with four other schools in the city. Softball season was over about the middle of October. Following softball was volleyball season. The U. S. G. team played one game with each school in the city in a Round Robin Schedule. The season was completed in December. The Basketball games were played much in the same fashion with Grant playing each school in the city. This season was over in February. Table Tennis and Badminton were both practiced during March and April until the City'-Wicle Ten- nis Tournament on April 8 and lO. Girls on the tennis team practice their preferred sport all year round. Gzrls as Well as Boys V ' . c si T . . T 4 5 Q? I f Q . i'SL .L T .. , ..,, I if Q 5 - ' V "" 7 ,Sl 5 , tartan titttr bitt Basketball Team: .lenny ,lohnson, Barbara Corey, Linda Trammel, Mar- ilyn Rhodes, Joyce Sullivan, Sherry McLean, Diane Banherger. Tozc Row: Karen Johnson, Barbara Long, Paula lleim, Sandy liaggctt, Pam John- son, Peggy Evans, Cindy Evans, and Susie Huise. Volleyball Team: Mary Ellen Smith, Linda Sanders. Karen Johnson, Susie Ruisc, Joyce Sullivan, Diane Bamberger, Sherry McLean, Susan Webb, Vicki Hock, Linda Trammell, Barbara Corey. Top Rout Margaret Hiatt, Pam Johnson, Marilyn Rhodes, Paula Helm, Sandy Baggett, Peggy Evans, Cindy Evans, Barbara Long, Diane Harris, and La Donna Hash. Susan Webb returns the ball in a practice game. Miss Sughru instructs the basketball girls during Margaret Hiatt tries to shoot while three the half time. .Ns Northwest girls guard her, 2l7 In Memoriam It would be useless to try to search for any purpose or derive any meaning from the murder of President Kennedy. His assassination may be written off as a grotesque, mis- placed event, incongruous with any pattern of politics or reason. It is his life that we must examine. We may regard his life as an example to all Americans, especially public servants, for here was a man who could have led a carefree life on the enormous wealth of his family, but chose instead to dedicate his life to public service. He lived, and he died. serving his Country. President Kennedy was the prototype of the men whom he described in his book, HProfiles in Couragefl These were senators who based their decisions on what they felt was right, not upon how it would affect their chances of re- election. Qlohn Fitzgerald Kennedy is deadg yet the ideals, the goals for which he constantly strived are still very much alive. As he told us in his inaugural address, 4'All this will not be finished in the first 100 days. Nor will it be finished in the 2I8 John Fitzgerald Kennedy 1 91 7 - 1 963 Thirty-fifth President of The United States first 1000 days, nor in the life of this administration, nor even perhaps in our lifetime on this planet. But let us be- ginf' ln the infancy of his administration, we did begin. Now, under the leadership of President Johnson we must carry onward, Monuments, both material and abstract, will be erected to this man. Yet by far the most significant monument would be the continuation of, as President Johnson expressed it, uthe forward thrust of America that he beganfl Perhaps this was Mrs. Kennedyls motive in requesting an eternal flame to burn beside his grave. It may be reasoned that the eternal flame meant to signify the endurance of his eternal quest for World peace, education, equal rights to all citizens, space exploration, job opportunities for all. Although John F. Kennedy now belongs to history, if these goals are continually sought, he will not have wholly died. -Mike Wright, in the U. S. Grant Dispatch, December, 1963. The Editors Speak Another year, goes by and another phase of our life has been completed. ln this yearbook we have at- temped to show you the activities that have helped to make these changes in our lives. We as the editors have to the best of our ability attempted to put on these pages the events that in later years will be most memor- able for you at U. S. Grant. It has been a short year. lt seems only yesterday that we were beginning the school year 1963-611-, and it's already over. Each of us this year gained much. We have experienced joy, sorrow, anxiety, disappointment, and pride. There have been very happy moments to remember and Very sad, even tragic ones. At the end of the year we retain vivid recollections of all of these, it has been the purpose of the '64 General to provide memories of this year in our lives for the duration of our lives. Such a task is easier said than done. It requires the work and co-operation of many people. We would like to acknowledge our appreciation to all of them. The General Staff and our sponsor, Mrs. Sparks, are the core in the production of the book. But without our phtographers we would be helpless. Our photographers at Grant, Mr. Robert McCain and Charles Owens, have spent many hours behind the camera and in the dark- room in order to provide pictures for our book. Likewise have Rembrandt photographers Joe Hanson and Charles Mulachy. We have received full co-operation from Mr. Huffman, Mr. Nees, Mr. Semrad, and the rest of the faculty. Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas has done a Wonderful job converting the pictures, layout designs, and words, which we sent them, into a book. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Carroll, Taylor representatives, have helped us very much with advice and suggestions. In the planning of the General we have tried to represent every facet of school life, including scholastics, sports organizations, and activities. We hope you find the General to be a complete account of the school year 1963-1964. Your General Editors, myth Mike and Becky discuss next year's contract with Taylor representative EDITORS Jerry Carrol after final copy for the '64 General is handed in. Jill Thomson, Activities Marilynn Vidlbck, Faculty Kathie Ward, Classes and Index Marsha Swint, Classes and Index Steve Murray, Sports Sandy Baggett, Photography Sharon Leland, Photography Karen Weatherford, Copy Linda McCracken, Business Manager STAFF John Andrews Linda Chapman Cheri Coates Linda Goyer Marsha Jackson Barbara Kenyon Carolyn McClellan Robert Meeks Donna Morrow Beth Nail Chele Phillips Gail Ritchie Kathy Sandlin Linda Stewart Richard Stone Donna Williams l I9 Aasa, Richard-55 Abel, Donna-55, 183, 131, 173 Aker, Linda-55, 183, 140, 141 Allspaw, Patricia-55, 146 Anderson, Ernie- Ashley, Mack-55 Ashloek, Brenda-55 Babbit, Asplin, Paul-55 Atkins, Robert-55 Austin, Lynn-55 Karen-55, 174, 183, 173 SENIOR Cooper, Leslie-59, 14, 168 Coppage, John-59 Cravens, Larry-59, 149 Crockett, Wanda--59 Crump, Judy-60, 155, 154, 184 Daniel, Sharon-60, 155, 154, 184 Daniels, Janet-60 Davis, Gary Davis, Zoe-60, 25, 155, 154, 184 Deason, Terry-60 Dennis, Mike-60, 161 Harris, Ruby-61, 185 Harrison, Cheryl-61 Harrison, Janette-65, 135 Hart, Cherry-65 Hawkins, Harva-65, 146, 175 Hayden, Vicky-65 Haynes, Don Hays, William-65 Mathews, Annette-69, 149 Maupin, Pat-69 Max, Linda-6 9 Mayer, Sharon-69, 181 McCartney, Marsha-69, 25 McCauley, Mike-69, 208 McClellan, Carolyn-69, 153 Baird, Janet-55, 183 Baker, Garry-55, 206, 180 Baker, Robert-55, 197, 196, 194, 192, 207, 180 Baker, Thomas-55 Ballard, Mary-55 Barber, Treman-55, 197, 194, 192, 180 Barger, Linda-55, 174, 183, 139 Barker, Portia-55 Barnes, Richard-24, 55 Baughman, Richard-56 Beasley, Robert-56 Beck, Carolyn-56, 9, 134, 182 Bendorf, Jerry-56 Benjock, Kathy-56, 9, 182, 142, 143 Bennett, Dale-14, 82, 197, 193, 192, 161 Benson, Linda-56, 183 Benson, Sherry-56 Bird, Sherry-56 Bland, Sara-56 Blay, Beverly-56 Blevens, Cecelia-56 Boardman, Robert-56, 201, 198, 180 Bond, Judy-57 DePue, Roy-60, 206, 130 Dies, Bobby-60, Dobbs, Jesse-60 Dodd, Nettie Dodrill, Gary eo Doss, Charlotte- 191, 193, 192, 209, 28, 201, 198 60 Douglas, Danny-60 Douglass, Sherry-61, 184 Henderson, Kenneth-65 Hensley, Cathy-65, 160, 168 Hensley, Jimmy-65 Henson, Karen-65 Hernandez, Jeanne-65 Herriutt, Robert-65, 149 Hey, Janet-65 Hiatt, Margaret-65, 215, 185 Hinkle, Ernie-65 Hitchings, Lisa-65 Hiti, Candy-65, 185 Holden, Richard-65 McCollum, Gene-70 McCracken, Linda D.-70, 146 McCracken, Linda K,-70, 153, 152, 151, 186 McFadden, John-70 McGee, Eiland-70, 157, 180 McGehee, Darrell-70 McMahan, Anne-70, 186 Mcwaters, Jim-70 Melton, Jack-70 Messimore, Barbara-70, 186 Miler, Marsha-70, 148, 186 Dukes, Linda-61, 159, 158 Dutch:-r, Marty-61, 181- Edwards, Travis-61 Eide, Cindy-61, 184 Elliott, Tom-61, 148, 193, 192 Ellis, Pam-61, 16, 160 Elma, vifkyfsl England, Carol-61 England, Charles- Engle, Bill-61, 178 Epton, Linda-61 Hollowell, Linda-65, 159, 147 Hopson, Phyllis- Horton, David-66, 206, 180 Hoster, Craig-66, 202, 201, 242, 200, 199, 198 Howard, Leslie-66, 185 Howe, Frankie-66, 11, 197, 196, 195, Miller, Deborah-70 Miller, Sherry-71, 159 Miller, Terri- 71, 186 Moon, Lounard-71 Moore, Louis-71, 26, 160, 146 Morgan, Delora-71, 159 Morzoff, Donna--71, 186 Essary, Carla-61, 28, 160, 170 Estell, Wanda- Evans, Al-61, 195, 192 Evans, Mona-61 Evans, Peggy-61, 191, 216, 184, 141, 215, 180 Bradley Borror, Vermer-57, 208, 180 Boultinghouse, Danny-57, 208, 142, 180 Bradley , Bartow-57, 17, 161 , Doris-57, 174, 170, 173 Bradley, James-57, 157 Bradley, John-57, 157 Bradshaw, Twila-57 Branson, Paula-57 Bridges, Betty- Bridges, Carol-57, 183 Brocaw, Jimmy-57 Gardner, Sue-62 Brooks, Janet-57, 183 Bross , Jam es-57 Brown , Brown, Brown, Donald-57, 149 Patricia-57 Robert-57 Cagigal, Cecilia-58, 168 Raulston, Steve-73, 180 Burchett, Alvin-26 Burrs, Edith-57, 9, 182, 134, 137, 182 Byrum, Larry-57 Byrum, Linda-58, 183 Calhoun, Claudia-58, 22, 155, 149 Camp, Al-58 Carman, John-58 Carroll, Russell-58 Carter, James-58 Casey, Barbara-58 Casey, Mary-58 Fagan, Marcia-61, 183 Farr, Merry-61 Faulkner, Barbara-61, 184 Fawcett, Carla-159 Fillpski, Jim-62, 210, 180 Fink, Don-62 Foker, Joanne- Foley, Harold- Fowler, Dianne-62, 83 Freed, Judy-62, 184 Fultz, Kenneth-62 Gardner, Robert-62 Garland, Judy-62, 184 Garland, Varga-62, 9, 182, 134, 137 Garner, Jo-62, 194, 197, 192, 190, 142 Garner, Judi-62, 148, 183 Garrison, Shirley-62, 184 Catlin, Martha-62 Geer, Sherryl-63 Gentry, Tommy-63, 26 George, Karen-63, 184 Giddens, Clifford-63 Gill, Jimmy-63 Gill, Bill-63, 16, 160, 161 Goff, Ronald-63 Gootee, Karen-63 Gordon, Donna-63 Gore, Lavina-63 Gouge, Peggy-63, 184 193, 1-12, 192, 180 Hrdlicka, James-66 Huff, Larry-66 Hughes, Charles-66 Hughes, Nancy-66 Hunt, Norrell-66 Husk, George-66 Hutcherson, Ronald-66 Hutchinson, Janie-66, 185 Irwin, Steve-67 Jackson, Alice-67 Jackson, Richard-67 Morrow, Donna-71, 159, 183 Murphy, John-71 Murray, Steve-151 Myers, Nancy-71 , 152, 153, 71, 214 Nail, Beth-153, 16, 71, 215, 186 Jahnke, Chris-67, 20, 161, 130, 176, 177 James, Mary-67 Johnson, James-67 Johnson, Linda-67 Johnson, Mike-67 Johnson, Tunia-67 Jolly, Ji Jones, J mmy-67 oan-67, 185 Jones, Richard-67, 197 Jones, Thelma-67 Jump, John-67 Kaster, Robert-67 Kcarnes, Jimmy-67 Kegans, Don-67, 149, 147 Keith, June-67, 185 Nance, Sheryl-71 Nelson, Ronny-71 Nettle, Fred-71, 202, 199, 198, 134 Neugebauer, Suc-71 Newhouse, Gary- Nippert, Jimmie-71 Noble, Larry-71 Nutt, Paul-71, 131, 172, 175 Oakley, Marilyn-72 Ochoa, Rene-72 0'Nca1, Pat-72, 160, 174, 186 Orren, Ray-72 Osborn, Jolene-149, 72, 186 Owen, Charles-153, 157, 72 Owen, Dale-72 Palmorr-, Mark-72, 82 Pauley, Richard-72 Paulk, Keith-72 Perkins, Donna-72 Perkins, Eddie-73 Peters, Terry--73 Petersen, David-29, 73 Petersen, Paul-73, 212 Petty, Larry-73 Kelsoe, Linda-67, 185 King, Barbara-68 King, Willis-68 Kirch, Karen-68 Kirkpatrick, Gene-68 Kirkpatrick, Mike-68 Phillips, Chele-10, 73, 181, 186 Pitt, Jerry-18, 73, 196, 192, 132 Pittman, Mary-73 Polslen , Freda-73 Poole, Michael Pound, Kay-7 -73 3, 186 Goyer, Carol-63, 149, 184 Caster, Susan-58 Chambers, Linda-58 Chapman, Linda-58, 16, 153 Childress, DeAnn-59 Childress, Jeannette-59, 184 Chlapowski, Elaine-59,,159, 157, 184 Clark, Denny-59 Clark, Fred-59 Clifton, Michael-59 Clymer, Richard-59 Coble, Connie-59 Codner, Berta-59 Collins, Patsy-59 Conway, Sandra-59, 22, 149 Cook, Michael-59, 168 Cook, Sue-59 Cooper, Larry-59, 29, 159 220 Grady, Linda-63, 11, 184, 142 Grape, Marilyn-63, 148, 132, 133, 185 Green, Donna-63 Greer, Gladys-63, 214 Griffee, Paul-63, 21 Grove, John-63 Guidry, Larry-64 Haas, Judy-64, 185 Haggard, Janice-64 Hall, Marquita-64, 83 Hamilton, Glenna-64, 185 Hansen, Chip-64, 14, 213 Hanson, Michael-64 Harben, Janice-64, 185 Hardison, David-64 Harmon, Grace-64, 185 Harmon, Shnron--64 . Kistler, Kent-68 Knight, Gene-68, 197, 196, 195, 192, 190, 206, 189 Knipp, Keith-68, 180 Koons, John-68, 82 Lamar, Kenny-68, 163 Lambert, Ronald-68 Lamkin, Anita-68, 185 Lanig, Kenneth-68 Lawrence, Allen-68, 180 Lawrence, Clyde-68, 202, 201, 19 198, 180 Leland, Sharon-69, 153, 151, 183 Leslie, Barbara-69 Lincoln, Caren-69 London, Sylvia-69, 185 Loudon, Quintella-69, 155, 154 Mackey, Pepper-69 Macklin, Ronald-69, 82, 22 Mahoney, Asil-69 Maloy, Glenn-69 Marshall, Marie-69 Martin, Charles- Mason, Billie-69 Mathes, Brenda--69, 168, 186 9, Pritchard, Mike-151, 155, 20, 73, 190 208 Pritchett, Joan-73, 83, 176, 177, 186 Rackley, Suvella-73 Rains, Jane-73, 186 Ratliff, Michele-146, 160, 73 Rea, Emagraee-73, 146, 186 Real, Von Nova-73 Rees, Rosalind-73, 186 Renfro, Linda-74, 172, 173 Rice, Judith-74 Rich, Phyllis-74 Richardson, Linda-74 Riches, Sandy-7-l Riggs, Larry-74, 178 Rippee, Larry-74 Ritchie, Donna-7-1, 158, 186 Roach, Nancy-74, 174, 175 Robinson, James-74 Robinson, Mike-74 Robinson, Shirley-75, 187 Roberts, Linda-74 Robles, Jerome-75 Vfilliams, Rogers, Lynda-75, 187 Rona, Sharon-75, 26, 183 Rowland, Eugene-75 Ruise, 182, Susie-75, 19, 9, 217, 216, 215, 181 Russell, George-75 Salinger, Karen-75 Samples, Larry-75 Sanger, John-75, 22, 149 Wedel, Milton-80 Weese, Don-80 West, Mary-80, 187 West, Tommy-81, 6 White, Paula-81, 187 W'hitehonse, Ken-81 Wilkerson , Nancy-81, 17, 160 Whiteman, Gloria-81 D on na-81 Sauls, Davitl-75, 207 Schultheis, John-75, 206, 134, 180 Schultz, Wilbtir-75 Scott, Etlciic-75, 201, 200, 198, 180 Scott, Sharon-75 Scott, Terry-75, 195 Shafer, Donna-75 Shafer, Walter-75, 196, 192 Sharp, Vicki-76 Shaw, William-76 ,Shcrri1l, Gloria-76, 22, 149 Williams, Gary-81 Williams, Phyllis-81 Williams, Shirley-81, 175 Wilson, Moose-81, 187 Wise, Jim-81, 155 Wodmska, Charley-81 Wolf, ,loan-81, 187 W'oonlring, Larry-81 Wooton, Helen-158 Worley, Carolyn-82, 81, 160, 168, 171 Worsham, Mary-81 iSht1ll, Beth-76 Shults, Richard-76 Simmons, Donald-76 Simmons, Lonnie- ,Sim1nons, Roy-76, 168 1 Simpson, Larry-76 Sloan, Darryl-76, 178 Sloman, John-76 , Smith, Bonnie-76 Smith, Charles-76, 178 Smith, Gary-77 1 Smith, Hal-77, 131 X Smith, Judith-77, 21, 168, 187 1 Smith, Mike-77 Smith, Richard- Srnith, Susan-77, 160, 159 smith, Vicki-77 Smothers, ,laniz-77, 168, 187 Wright, Francis-81 Young, Billy-81, 197, 194, 192, 190, 130, 135, 180 Zennller, Carole-82 JU IOR Ahhaitty, Airington, Verna-86, 183 Larry-86 Allen, Bobby-86 Allen, Judy-86 Anderson, Ernie-86 Anderson, Jerry-86, 85, 155, 207 Anderson, Richard-86 Anzlcrson, Sandra-86 Gibson, Sneed, Tonya-77 Snipes, James-77 Staggs, Alice-77 Staggs, Betty-77 Steed, Kathleen-77 Steele, Diana-77, 187 Stevens, Pam-77, 10, 183, 142 Stewart, Linila-77, 151, 133 Sliver, Stone, Gary-77 Bonnie-77, 119 Stowe, Davalcne-77, 142, 139, 187 Stowe, Jam?-77, 202, 200, 199, 198, 142 Andrews, John-153, 86 Arrhcr, Linfla-86, 183 Arnold, Arthur-86 Arnold, Linda-86 Atherton, Mary-86, 183 Austin, Vernon- Ayler, Ann-86, 183 Babbit, Sharon-153 Baggett. Sandy-152, 9, 86, 182, 181, 216, 215 Baker, Sh errye-86, 183 Baker, Williant-86 Barnum, Linda -86, 183 Dawkins, Patsy- Stubbs, Nick-78, 202, 201, 199, 198, 180 Stuckey, .lim-78 Summers, Janie-78 Sutton, Jessi-78 Swint, Marsha-78, 153, 152, 151, 183 Tassell, Patsy-78, 187 Taylor, Galen-78 Templin, Bill-78, 209 Terrel, Ronnie-78 Thomas, Charles-78, 82 Thomas, Elizabeth-78 Thomas, Kenneth-78 Thompson, Janice-79, 187 Thompson, John-79 Barker, Dona-86, 183 Barnes, James-86 Barnes, Mark-86 Barrett, Alenc-86, 183 Bastien, Linda-86 Bean, Jimmy- Bedford, .lutly-86 Bell, Dudley flayj -86, 201 Bell, Suzanne-86, 183 Benjock, Donna-86, 183 Bennett, Loretta-87 Bennight, Robert-87 Bennington, Dail-87 Benson. Benson, Thompson, Pat-79, 146, 187 Thompson, Kathy-79, 160, 147, 145 Thomson, ,lill-79, 9, 153, 152, 182, 135, 144, 181, 183, 186, 187 Tillerson, Ruthie-79, 27 Tobey, Linda-79 Tompkins, Larry-79 Towler, John-79 Trapp, Barbara-79 Trewet, Glenda-79, 187 Trucks, Alva-79 Turner, Jack-79 Turner, Karen-79 Turner, Pat-79 Tyler, Bobby-79 Ussery, Johnny-79 Vanhorn, Gladys-79 Vaughn, James-79, 82 Vidlock, Marilynn-151, 152, 153, 26, 79, 83, 177, 187 Villar, Benny-82, 198 Vogt, Vicki-80 Walker, Lcnard-80 Wall, Lester-80 Ward, 187 Ward, Kathi-148, 151, 152, 153, so Loretta-80 Watson, Sally-80, 155, 142, 187 Watters, Revecca-80 Weaver, Bobby-80, 161 Webb, Steven-80 Arl ee-87 Garry-37 Benson, Kantly-87, 183 Benson, Nina-87, 183 Berkcnbile, Linda-87 Blackburn, Tommy-87 Blackman, Glen-87 Blair, Ramona-87 Blake, Gwendolyn-87, 133 Blakeslee, Mike-160, 87 Blancett, Sharon-87 Blevins, Gary--87 Blount, Vickie-87, 183 Book, Billy-87 Borror, Tommy-87 Boykin, Sandra-87 Brandon, ,lcanell-87, 183 Brasher, Linda-87, 183 Bratton, Larry-87 Brewer, Robert-87 Bridges, Shirley-87, 183 Brimm, Fred-37, 197, 192 Briney, D onna-87 Brock, Edward-88, 169 Brock, Viola-88B Brooks, Harold-88 Brown, Carol-88, 183 Brown, D Brown, D enny-88, 193 iedra-88, 183 Brown, Donna-88 Brown, Johnny-88 Brown, Lawrence-88 Brown, Memory-88 Brown, Rhonda-88 Bryan, William-88, 201, 200 Bryant, Beverly-88, 183 Bryant, Dovie-88, 183 Buckner, Glenda-BB, 183 Burch, Nancy-88, 146, 183 Burks, Diane-88, 183 Burns, Janet-88, 183 Burris, Richard- Burrows, Phillip-88, 21 Burt, Johnny-88 Bussell, Patricia-88 Byrne, Nicky-88 Cahill, Martha-88, 183 Calvert, Tommy-88 Canaday, Patricia-88 Canary, Terry-88 Carrier, Harold fLee1 -88, 149 Carter, George-89 Cartcr, Linda-89, 184 Carver, Shirley-89 Cash, John-89, 197, 192 Cash, Neva-89, 184 Chafin, Paula-89, 184 Chaney, Tommy-89, 197, 196, 192 Chastain, Marsha-89 Childress, .lcrry-89 Christy, .lan-89, 184 Clapp, Robert-89 Clark, Karen-89, 184 Clay, Charlotte-89 Cleary, Gary-89, 173 Cleaver, David-89 Clement, Bob-89 Clevvnger, James-89 Coates, Cheri-89, 151, 153, 184 Cockerell, Linda-89, 184 Coffey, Richard-89 Combs, .lo Ann- Conn, James-89 Cooner, Gary-89 Corey, Barbara-89, 168, 215 Cornell, Marsha-89, 184 Corona, Vic-89 Couts, Dt-wayne-173 Cowtlen, Karen-89 Cox, Brenda-90, 149 Cozens, Larry-90 Craig, Harold-90 Cravens, Richard-90 Crews, Phyllis-90, 184 Crinder, Darwin-90, 157 Crossland, Betty-90, 184 Daniel, Eddie-90 Daum, Gaelen-90 Davenport, James-90, 156 Daves, Joanna-90 Davidson, Thomas-90 Davis, Penny-90 Davoult, Joyce'-90, 184 Deaver, John-24, 90, 173 Debaerdemaecker, Barry-90 Delozier, Paula-90, 184 Depue, Mike-90, 207 Dodson, Glenda-90 Dodson, Joe-90 Donoho, Dixie-90, 184 Doughty, David-14, 90 Downs, Dennis-159, 90 Dozier, Joann-90 Duke, Connie-146, 90 Dulworth, Charles-90 Dulworth, Sharon-90 Dunning, Wilfred-91 Dyer, Russell-91 East, Marine-147, 91 Eaves, Jimmy-156, 159, 91 Edmondson, Barbara-91, 184 Edwards, Linda-91, 177 Eggleston, Don-91 Ehrhart, Donna-91, 183 Ellis, Linda-91, 183 Elliston, Richard-91, 212 Embry, Ronald-91 Epperson, Martha- Erhardt, Barbara-91, 184 Erling, Dianne--91, 184 Espolt, Diane-91, 18-1- Evans, Cindy-91, 181 Evans, Edward-91 Evans, Keith-91 Evetts, Keith-91 Evetts, Kenneth-91 Farris, Neal-91, 192 Faulkner, Veronica-91, 184 Fawcett, John-129 Fedderson, Sharyle-91, 184 Ferdunak, Warren-91 Fenwick, Marvin-91 Fields, Ralph-91 Figaro, Joe-91 Fink, Andra-91, 184- Fitzgerald, Robert-92 Flannary, Joe-92 Flecthr, Cynthia-92, 184 Ford, Alice-92 Fowler, Susan-92, 184 Fox, Nona-92 Francis, Larry-92 Franklin, Robert-92 Fredrick, Magel-92, 184 Fritz, Timothy-92 Froman, Jimmie-146, 147, 92, 184 Fry, David-92 Fry, Dorothy-92, 184 Fulton, David-156, 92 Gammon, Connie-92, 184, 177 Gann, Joy-92 Garland, Gary-92 Garza, Lance-92 George, Linda-92, 215 George, Roger-92 Geren, Refeania-92, 184 Gerred, Daniel-92 Betty-92 Gibson, Martha-92, 184 Gilbert, Darlene-92 Glasgow, Cynthia-92, 184 Glover, Saundra-154, 155, 4, 92, 184 Goins, Clifton-93 Golden, Danny-93 Gonzales, Daniel-93, 193 Gooch, Gay-93 Goss, Sanflra-93 Goss, Sally-93 Gossctt, Lclton-93 Goure, George-93 Goyer, Linda-153, 93 Grant, Linda-93 Gray, John-93 Gray, Lynda-93 Greekmore, Gerald- Green, Richard-93 Greer, Gay-146, 93 Grider, Annette-93, 185 Griffin, Bobby- Grimes, Jane-93, 185 Grimm, Marilynn-93, 185 Grissom, Linda-147, 93, 185 Groves, Alvie-93 Guinn, Carolyn-93 Gummer, Cathleen-93 Guthrie, Marilyn-93, 185 Hackett, Vicki-93, 183 Haggard, James-93 Hainey, John-93 Hale, Troy-93 Hall, John-94 Hall, Pam-94, 139 Hall, Robert-94 Hall, Robert L.-94 Halpin, Glynda-94, 185 Hamilton, Darlene-94 Hamilton, Shirleen-94 Hancock, Brenda-94, 185 Hapes, Charlene-94, 185 Hardy, Homer-94 Hargis. Ianie-94 Harmon, Janet-160, 94, 185 Harmon, Judy-94, 185 Harmon, Kathy-94 Harmon, Richard-94, 197, 207, 192 Harrington, Joe-159, 94 Harris, Diane-94, 185, 137 Harris, Roy-94 Harrison, Lynn-94 Harrod, Bruce-94 Harvey, Robert-94 221 Hash, Ladonna-94 Hatfield, Gina-158, 94, 185 Hatley, Paula-94 Hawkins, Mary- Hay, William-94 Hayes, Larry-94 Haynes, Curtis-91 Henderson, Jack-95 Hernandez, Ciriaco-95 Hess, Ladonna-95, 185 Hicks, Mary K.-95, 185 Hightower, Carolyn- Hill, Dwain-95 Hilterbrand, Jerry-24, 95, 202, 201, 199 Hinkle, Richard-95 Hinton, Helen-95 Hock, Charlotte-95, 185, 139 Hodge, Bobby-95 Hodgin, Leslie-24, 95 Hoffman, Alvin-95 Holt, Steve-95, 173 Horne, Phillip-95 Houck, Sharon-95, 185 Leach, Linda-97, 183 Leake, Jerry-97 LeBlanc, Warren-98 Lee, Sondra-98, 185 Lierle, Judy-98, 185 Linam, Henry-98 Lindsey, Ronald -98, 193 Long, Barbara-98, 185, 215 Long, Nancy- '98 Long, Tony-98 Loper, Godfrey-98, 201 Lowrey, Clyde-98 Luman, Ronnie- Madden, Beverly-98 Madole, Judy-98 Maize, Sondra-98 Maldonado, Arthur-98 Maloy, Herschel-98 Marley, Barbara-98, 186 Marrow, Glen-98 Marshall, Deanna-98 Marshall, Gina-98, 186 Martin, Carole-158, 98, 186 Martin, Paulf98 'l i Orr, Marilyn-101, 186 Orr, Steve-101 Osborn, Ernest'-101 Osborne, Steve-101 Ozerctny, Lawrence-101 Palmer, Carolyn-101 Parker, Danny-151, 154, 1 Parks, Pamela-101, 186 Patrick, Cary-101 Payne, Myra-101, 186 Pearce, Robert-101 Pecena, Alvin-101 Peeler, Linda- 101 Perkins, Dwight-101 Perrin, Ann- 155, 101 Perry, Collenn-101 Phillips, llohert--101 Pierce, Sandra-101, 186 Pigg, l.intlaf -101 Pike, Almeta-101 Pine, David-101 Pollock, Franvina-101, 186 Potts, Donald- 101 Price, Carolyn-102 Smith, Jesse-101 Smith, Judy-101 Smith, Kenneth-101 Smith, Paula-10-1 Smith, Sondra-104, 187 Smith, Tommy-104 Snow, Bennie-101 Snow, Jackie-9101, 187 Snow, Landa-101 Snbliani, Farsi-116, 101 Sorrels, Jn-104 Southerlantl, Annette-101 Sparks, Ricky-157, 104 Spears, larry-115, 4, 105, 201 Speer, Larry-156, 105 Splawn, llarry-105 Splilt, Larry-105 Spradlin, Don-105, 170 Stacy, Sabra-105 Staffa, Judy-105 Stair, Carliss-105 Stapp, Hans-105, 207 Stapp, Joyce-155, 105, 187, 141 Statham, Sharon-105 Stearman, Danny-105 Steele, Helen-105 Stenherg, Donald-105 Stephens, Lizettea-105 Stephens, Lee-105 Stephens, Terry-105 Sterling, Nancy-115, 4, 105, 187 Stevcns, Mary-105 Sticr, Dalc-105 Stiger, Dean-149, 105 Stine, Linda--105 Stone, Richard-153, 105 Stonebraker, James-105 Streeter, Virginia-105 Strnupe, Carolyn-105, 187 Stubbs, Phyllis-105 Sulivan, Joyce-9, 106, 182, 216, 215 Sullivan, Ricky-106 Swindle, Mike-106 Swindle, Linda-106, 187 Temple, Ann-106 Teniplin, Robert-106 Testa, Yvonne-106 Theimer, Robert-106 Thomason, Marguerite-106 Thompson, Beverly-106 Thompson, Johnnie-105 Thompson, Larry-106 Thompson, Mary-106 Thornton, William-106 Tims, Richard-106 Trammell, Linda-106, 216, 215 Trent, James-106 Trowe, Craig-106 Troxell, Deann-106 Troxell, Tommy-106 Truett, Sandra-106 Trumbly, James-106 Turner, James-159 Turner, Marilyn-106 Tyler, Carolyn-106 Ussery, Judith-106 Vanderburg, Linda-106 Van Houtan, Darrell--106 Waddell, Roger-107 Wade, Diana-107 Walker, Barbara-107 Walker, Diane-107 Walker, Madelyn-107, 187 Wall, Ralph-107 Wallcn, Mary-107 Wallis, Margaret-107, 187 Ward, Alice-107 Howard, A. W.-95, 193 Martin, llebm-ren -98, 186 Price, Linda-102 Howard, Barbara- Martin, Cherri-98 ' Price, 5h3l'0n'102 Howard, Jack-95 Massingill, Jerry-98, 193, 1 , 173 Pricer, Danicll-102 Howe, Orville-95 Matheson, Jim-159 Proctor, Theresa-102 Hudson, Frank- Matlock, Melody-98, 186 Pybas, Lana-102 Hudson, Lynda-95, 185 NQtlock, Mike-98 Ramage, Charlotte-102 Hudson, Wayne-95 Mal ock, Sharon-146, 98, 1 X Ramirez, Peggy-102, 186 Huff, EVBIYU-95 Mau din, Earl- 99 V Ramsey, Jerry-102 Hughes, Carolyn-95 May, Billy-99 'TX-X Randolph, Elaine-102, 186 . J 1 , Hull, Linda-158, 95 Mc ride Linda-99, 8 RX XJ X Randolph, Floyd-102 Hunter, Barney-95 M a' , tj154, 15 99, 1 6 X Ray, Ronnie-102 Hunter, Mike-95 lilo lon, R nmge-9 X gay, ilgivrion- 2 1 Huston, Linda-95, 183 McC px, Davialgf 9 X eyno s, mmy- 02 Hutcherson, Henr -95 cCbnnell, Mik 99 ' X Y X' X Ri lcji va- HdKh y l1CitL lv ' i'c11o21s6 y en, at y-96, 185 , li, an, arry-939 V 't 1, 'y, at1y- , Iler, Sandra-96 cDonald, Billy- , R ily ichaela-102 lngle, Cary-96 lt t ,onald, Linda-23, 9 X 2 ' gs, bert-102 Ingram, Ronald-96 Sy cDlvwcll. Diana-14-91,99' 186 afinlgv Ida-102 Ivens, Eileen-96 Q 's McFad1hcn, Ronald-146J9 ft Roberts, 'nnny-102 Jackson, Gerald-96 X I McFeely, anis-99, 186 ,,l 7 fx Roberls,' iehard-102 Jackson, Jack-96 XXX, 5' McGuire, 1 rucc-L99 X Robertson, Connie-15, 102 Jackson, Marsha-153, 96 2 Mclnnis, h cis-99 X X tx X xJ Robinson, Cary-102 Jackson, Pat-96 McNeely, 'l. ' 9, 193 if I X I Robinson, Gerald-102 Jackson, Sandra-96 I N J ' cRey'li s Mi -9 X, bf, ROMHSUH, LYll4lf1r'102, 185 Jansson, Frank-96 ,eks, rt- , 99 i- 'JN Robinson, William-102 Jefferson, Victor-96, 193 'XX Mello ' J - X 1 Q-1 Rock, Jeffrey-102 Johnson, James-96, 193 1 Mer er, aren-99"xx Rogers, Julia-102 Johnson, Larry-96, 195 Merri , Linda-158, 9, 1 6, Rogers, William-103 ioxnson, Eargy W.?96 X' Meyer, JUYm99 XXQ - Rune, Eve1Yn-103, 187 o nson, in a-9 M' 1171. J -99 ' R -1031, Johnson, Sharon-96, 185 M5161 Cjxiv-160, 99, 186 lligiiln gillziy-103 177 J0h"S'0g'bia"lag96' 185 Miller, Kenneth-99, 193 Rowian, Am.-1.1-103 Jones' P0 ly-96 MHICY, 9 Rowland, Earl-103 jones' Randi 96 Mills. Rob I 9, 197, 192 Rucker, charles-103 'ms' Rfmh ed 96 197 Xi Mitchell, G11 a-99 ,, Rune, nmymiog T N iones' CIC in 96' Miiffhflli JE? -100 x 1 Rushton, Mike- DZSHTQ6 185 W 1tt0ntg0nwQX Rick-154, 15 110 'X N Russell, Charles-103 ' ' , M , ' -100 ' ' - Keffcr, Radonna-96, 177 XXI M3336 IIQWIOO :ycrIcggIZ51T33103 Kenyon, Barbara-153 Q X j X X ac ' K. B,H 96 1 MOOYC 1 Pfl-146, 100 i Sackett, Wendell-103 nts, 1 y X, ixiofgan en-100p,X197,19iX X X san., Eugenia-103 llgzg' 235131597 N ' Morozof , rank-100Q XJ, X1 I Salter, Jcanem-103, 187 . g' . K L Morris, Lgh -1.00 it sam Julie-103,187 King, Starling-97, 193 W 5 1 , 1 X ' , Kinnard LaDonna-97 MUSIC Tom y 190 xi X X Sanderson' Bumwslm . ' t X, Mo f Dennis-1 X1 sandiin, Kathy-153, 16, 103,187 Kirby, Charles-97 , X X, , X Kirby Jim497 N N Mlllwi DDUHBTQ5 00 1 ' Sante, Pamela-103, 187 Kirklgn Sharon- SN 'XE Mhllifls. K"l""l-1 NX Sasser, Daniel-103 Kirkpatrick, Phil-91 X KX, 13 PU' Di"Y"'132 12,1 53 13 fs Scilly' Th3V"fEf'103103 K-15 ine, Freda-91 'X Y' DMV ' ' ' x C 'VPU' ' lam' King! Bobby-97 X : lb: 186 N X txt H, Schmidt, James-103 ' 1 M - 0 . 1 R - Kniffin, Elizabeth-97, 185 Xt v I ml B' Scgomfli' Galclfk 10203 e no ' - Knight, Barbara-97, 185 ii Ymyzrgl -bid-100 Xl Schnif eg. ki i103 Knight, Randy-24, 97 X' 9 , ' f I tt, C 1' Z' 'C Y Kni J h -97 'x Nallmlw P3 15" -X, Schifres, Thomas-103 pp, 0 n t V J x . - RN WbY, .laik 10 Scott Marie 103 Knopp, Ronald-97 1 ' H ' Kolke Pat-97 A ell, SICVCYNQOO A Scroggins, Richard-104 Km 'John-97 Nic las. Ricky 1410 l X X 'X Selby, Pamela-104 ' Nicho Lee-100 xl 2' Selby Ten-yf104 ' - 54, 55 . ' ' xiii' llijsmgnd-L7 Nippfflvxsylvlagloo V Shafer, Ronnie-104 Kuehhe 1i'orrest-97 169 Nitzel' Lillian-100' 186 XX Shout' Carl-104 1 1 Nix, James- XX, Simpson, Vernon-104 Lacy, Hubert-97 Norton, Tony-100 XX Sims, Larry-104 Lakey, Carolyn-97 Lakey, Larry-97 Lang, Carol-97 Lanier, Carolyn-97 Lavarnway, Linda-97 Lay, Lar 222 ry-97 Nutt, James-100 Odvody, Dale-100 Oldenburg, Larry-101 Opp, Lehoma-101 Ormiston, Linda-101 Orr, Marcia--101, 186 Skaggs, Dennis-104 Slightam, Janet-104, 187 Smart, Frances-104, 187 Smith, Beverly-104 Smith, Donna--101 Smith, JerrY-104 Ward, Phillip-107 Watson, Michael- Weatherford, Karen-152, 153, 155 107. 187 Weaver, Darlene-107 Weber, Connie-107, 187 Weed, Gary-107, 196, 207, 192 Weir, Yvette-155, 107 Welch, J Welch, J immy-107 udy-107 Whitaker, Michael-107 Whitaker, Pa!-107, 208 White, Wanda- Whitfield, Carolyn-107 Whitfield Whitlock , Evadean-107, 187, 169 , Barbara-107 iley, Ron-V107 illard, Ricky-107 illiams, Franccs-107, 187 illiams, Ju1ly!107, 187 illiams, Sandra-108 illiams, Kay-158, 25, 108 illisms, Shirley--108, 175 illiams, Toni-108 illis, Marie-108 ilson, Jan-108, 187 ilson, Linda-108, 187 inkler, Ray-108 inton, Lonnie---108, 206, 201 itl, Pam-108, 187 omack, Shirlvyf108 ood, Billy-119, 108 oodall, Lindaf108 oodie, Jimmy-108 oods, Ernie-21, 108 ooton, Linda- 1 K orle righ ynn y, Tommyf108 1, M1ks?1s2, 153, 108, 219 , Marjorie Ann-108, 187, 173 Yandell, San1lfor1lf108, 187 Yonce, Sandra-108 Yousv y, Lauraf108 GPHOMORE Adams, Frances-110 Agee, Gerald-110 Aker, Jcannic-110, 183 Akins, Debbie-110, 183 ' Alleman, Glcni159, 110 Allen, Brenda-110 Allen, Katl1y4110, 183 Allen, Peggy-'110 Andress, Cathy-110, 183 Auston, Aron-110, 193 Berry, Ronnie--111, 203 Allen, Stanley-110 Alley, Jeanctlw110 Allison, Wayne-'110 Ames, David-110 Anders, Terry-110, 29, 192 Anderson, James-109, 110 Anderson, Marcella-110, 183 Anderson, Raymond-110 Anderson, Susan-110 Andrews, Bobl1icf110 Ashworth, Karcnf110 Asplin, Mary-110 Atherton, Nancy-109, 110, 183 Autauho, Kcnnctl1v157, 110 Babbit, David-110 Bain, Richard-110 Baker, Donna-110, 183 Baker, Becky-110, 183 Bamberger, Diane-110, 183 Bareloot, Clinton-110 Barnes, Thelmae110 Barnum, Sl1aronfl10 Barrett, Tommy-110 Barrett, Vickif1l0 Barton, Donnie-110 Bass, Tana-110 Bauer, Gerry-111 Baxter, Terry-111, 193 Beall, Don-111 Bearden, Larry-111 Beardon, David-111 Beitt, Billflll Bell, John-111 Bellah, James-111 Bennett, Larry--111 Berleson, Charles-129 Berry, Benton-111, 193 Besse, J0hH-111 Bethal, Geneva-111 Biggerstaff, Margaret-111 Billings, Richard-111 Brichfield, Donald-111 Bishop, Mary .lane-111, 183 Black, David-111 Blakoney, Connie-111 Boardman, David-111 Bugle, Dianna-111 Bolin, Linda-111 "x Booth, Donna--111 Booton, Phylis-111 Bnst, Janicc-i111 Branum, onni 111 0 T1 I Davidson, Loretta-114, 184 Davidson, Ronaldf114 Davidson, Terry- Davis, Bonnie-114 Brewer, J . l Davis, Charlene-114 Brim 11 111, 183 , 1 Davis, Jerryf114 Bri! Bill . 11 X 2V ,J - Davis, MichaelA114 1' 1011. M 11031-U , Yybavis, Robert-114 mfks Bl'01Zl'i3'11L ,JJ Daws, Constance-111 Bross, Glori 1 1' I 4, Day, Bi -114 Brother , Yyfl 1 , , 1 , J' Day, D0 fl 4 Br'-11 . 4 4-111 '- if Day, Kit 'n1h5f114, 181 Hr 1-ffm-11 , Day, Pa a-11-1, 184 n. Kv I ' 1 j 1 ' Dean ' kkis-111, 184 1 wn. Aar 12, 1 Jlgrhlf., Cheryl-'114, 184 Bl WU- 3 Y 1 1' J eyer, Daniel-114 B OWU, 0 8 X111-Decker, Marada-114 Bmwi 131 Dian 12 7 Dedmon, Jimmy-114 Bryan, DZIUUY 11 Delay, Linda-114, 184 Bryce- Thprpsa' 2 Dclcamp, Barbara-141, 184 Buckley, Mary-112 Burch, Bill-112 Burkart, Larry-112 Burleson, Charles-112 Burnz-tt, Linda-112 Bushcy, Susi1?112, 183 Butler, Gladcnc-112, 183 Buzlck, Julirf112 Caldwell, Pat-112 Calhoun, Sherry-112, 183 Camp, MaryA112 Campbell, Jcrry4112 Canaday, Larry-112 Cannon, Claudette-112, 184 Capps, Knoble-112 Carey, Linda-112 Carmack, Bobf112 Carmack, Charnnf112 Carman, Jolanc-112, 184 Carpenter, Donna-112, 184 Carter, James-112 Carter, Paul-112 Carter, Ronald-112 Carver, Carolyn-112 844351231 Demeter, Carolyn-114 Dennis, Patricia-114 Dixon, David-114 Dodd, Haroldwll-1 Dolezal, Paulette-114 Dolplr, Terry-114 Dorough, Sandra-114, 184 Doti, Johnf114 Doughty, Rogerf115, 203 Drake, Donna--115 Driskill, Roy-115, 193 Drouin, Michelle-115 Durkee, Janice-115 Dutton, Fredf115 Dutton, Tommyf115 Earles, Sherilyn-115, 184 Eavenson, Sharon-115 Edinburgh, Charles-115 Edinburgh, Charlesv115 Edwards, Norman-115 Eidson, Cheryl!115 Espinosa, Jesse-115 Evans, Cynthia-184 Evans, Jackf115 Farrow, George-115 Gravitt, Jeanne-116, 185 Gravitt, Michael-116 Gray, Charlese116 Grayham, Sharon-116, 183 Green, Reginaf116 Grenne, Richard-116 Green, Russell-116 Grider, Bill-116 Griffin, Tommy- Grigsby, Dennis-116 Grigshy, Norbert-116 Guinn, Pl1yllisf1l7 Gullett, l1onal1I+1l7 Gully, Donna-117 Gummer, l.in1laf117 Guthrie, Jimmy-117 Haas, Joycz-f1l7, 185 Hackney, Phyllis.-117 Hair, Nelda-117 Hall, Freddy-117 Hall, Gilbertf'l17 Hamilton, Thomas-1 JI Hammett, Margarc - , 85 1 Hancock, Linda- 183 Hannum, chacl 17 Hargis, Ri lsr. ,117 Harper, i1 1 10 , 17 1 a 1 7 Harris, aretf1l7, 183 Harlii am-117 ar l nd J a s, ve arri , 0 117, 185 ar on, Wancla-117 Hartma , Pl1yllisf117 Hathco , onald-117 Hawki na-117 Hawki , Joyce-117 H w ' s, Rickey-117 ay en, Catherine-117. 117 Head, Ronaldi117 Hearod, Ronald 117 , Heim, Paula-11 Helm Ruby-11 s X1 fl-1 va nr , or 3 3 Hens n D. C 7, 185 Hibbdn R 1 8 5 lEl1 S7h1hf1s12,L, L118 X 11 1 I inks, MM 1-118 'lhur , Kunuctllf-118 1 ie-118, 185 il 3 iks-118 i , Jimmy-118 ohbs, Craigf118 ock, PunkinA118, 185 Hoke, Johnny-118 Holcomb, liim-hard-118, 193 Holden, Junior-118 Holland, Jerry-118, 193 Holmes, Roy- Hopkins, Larry-118 Horton, Louise-118 Hoster, Kirk-109, 118 Howell, Kenneth-118 Huffines, Sharonf185 Hughes, Jimmy-118 Hunt, Pamela-118 Hunter, Donna-118 Hunter, Greg-118 Husk, Jeanne--118, 185 Huthcherson, Nancy-118 Iler, Sheryl- Ingram, Betty-118 Jackson, James-118 Jackson, Monaf118, 185 Jackson, Sandra-118 James, Rosie-118, 185 James, Sandra-118, 185 Jefferson, Dean-118, 193 Jefferys, Diana-118, 185 Jenkins, Carlos-118 C ,Mk 112,193 C3331 Ggnillz Faulkenberry, Lynda-115 Cavcn, Karen-112 V Felgenhaue, Dennis-115 Chadwick, La y-112 I f Field, M1chealA115 b E, ,-H2 fx 1 ' 111 , Dee-115, 134 Clam ri r 1:11-11 T' 1 Fi ea. Helen-115 , 1 , ' , M' h 1-115 I C a dle Steve 113 ml, ' '1 Fish? atilig clmpp 1 R hurt 1 y 1' 1 , l U Check,K nn a-'1 , 84 J U 1 MFI hh ' 'l1f115 4 Chesnut, S1 ley 13,193, Q 1, lx 4 mba' 'UP' 15 4,11 c11iasrs,L1n a4l13 1 1- Flow- Ulm- 1 1 ,Q cmdsrs, ' fl13,1 , X Q, Fvk 6311-4 cms sw Y, E di 113 By' F0 e Sr I D-115 r , ayle- 1 ' 115 fy Mom 13 ' A P En 1 ael-115, ' 8 I 1 -J 1-'ow osw115 1 k, 11 3 I - , 1 C181 00111 113 A l I N 29,1 FOX- on 'W115 C E Awww 1 0k,11m -1151, 93 f K1 on-113, 193 ' , "W I' 'V149' H5 1 I 1 1 1 F isr"s - 6 11 C10 pr , Dennise113 YAXJ ' u , Coc ran, Donna-113 7 ' F, Hel A116 Z J dffsy, Pat-113, 184 , ,f I F I5 J'f3""' 1,6 okcr. 130117113 ' avi ' ' L 'C 1' 111 , ary-113 ' V Fuilx ' Tgxnif-11 . L11 n. lc ISL ' 1 YC k 184 P N , 11' Furrh, Leo-116 Von 5 , H0war,1-113 , Gamble, Alfred-116 YC Cor 0 'us, Jack-llfr Y Gardner, CNY-115 Cou I , Karenfl Garland, Danny-116 llj COL' ,Glyn-1 - Garland, Kay-116, 184, 141 Cox, 8 dm 3,1 X Carling, Fichard-116 Cox, St Ven Geeslin, Joe-116 I my Mm. ff 13 George, Larry-116 1 A S, n-113 Gibson, Marsha-109, 116 Crcec E 113 Giddens, Steve-116 Creek or , Pat-113 Gill, Milfkwlm Crouch, Kathryn-113, 184 Crump, Lynne-113, 184 Cunningham, Julian-113 Cunnigham, Hershel-114 Cunningham, Martha-114 Curby, Larry-114, 193 Curry, Michael-114, 203 Curry, Ronald-114 Curtis, Janet-114 Dialy, Michael-114 Gilley, Brenda-116 Gipson, David-116 Glison, Nancy-109, 116, 184 Glover, Gary-116 Godsy, Conniw116, 184 Godwin, Donna-116, 184 Gonzales, Bruce?116, 193 Gooch, Dwight-116 Gore, Donald-116, 193 Graham, Linda-116, 184 Jenkins, Nancy-118 Jewell, James-119 Johnson, Barbara-119, 185 Johnson, Jenny-119, 185, 139 Johnson, Jerry-119 Johnson, Joe-119 Johnson, Karen-119, 185 Johnson, Mike-119 Johnson, Mike-119 Johnson, Pamela-119, 185 223 'W d fffd M JIM 7 . 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Paul-127 Kelley, Malimla-Y-119 Mones, George-122 Ritvllic, Gail-153, 124, 186 Thomason, Jcaneette-127 Kersey, David-119 lvlnntgomr-ry, Karen-109, 122, 186 Rivers, Rita-124 Thomason. Janet-127 Kilgore, Donna--119 Montgoillz-ry, Turf-saf122, 186 Roanc, Lynn-124 Thompson, Leslie-127 King, Allan-119 Moon-, Gary-122, 193 Roberts, Donaldw159, 124 Thompson, Lindaf127 King, Pllylissf 119 Morgan, Donna-122 Roberts, Joyce-124 Thompson, llIarciaf127, 187 Kinsey, Dannyf119, 203 Morgan, Phillip-122, 193 Roberts, Michael-124, 193 'l'hn1npsul1. T0mmyf127 Kirk, Bill-f1l9 Morris, Vicki-f122, 186 Roberts, Rhonda- Thorn, Elizabeth-127 Kirkhaln, Luis-119 Morrison, Pat-122 Roberts, '1'ommyi124 Thrailkill, Sandra- Kistler, Ronald-119 Morrison, Patsy-122 ' Robertson, Lindaf124, 137 Tillr-ry, Joann-127 Knipp, Susan-'119 Motley, George-122 1 V1 H"1'1n50fl, MicllzlelW124 Tinsley, James-127 Knoll, lxannanl-116, 119, 185 1 lllullenix, lim-H ix. -, ,' Rttbisnn, Br' nda3125, 186 Tnallywy, Billy- Knapp, Authur-119 ,X XX E Mullins, Tllomas-122 If If HX Y' Rone, Miglia 7125 M Trent, Rickey-127 Koos, Carolyn-120 11 XX 1 l Murphy, Rose'-122, 186111 X f if 11013111 13-11311 5 E f Tl'1Uil'0, Th0lllHS'127 K1'i4'tZ01. 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Lantlaflzs, 187 McClure, Karen-121 McCreight, Carolyn-121 McCunc, Dinna-121, 186 McDaniel, Donna-121 McDonough, Bob-121 McDougal, Larry-121 McDowell, Richard-121 McEwen, Mike-121 McCuffcc, Ronald-121 Mclntryc, .limY121 McKowan, Bob-121 McClean, Sllerrel- McMahan, Janet-121, 186 McNutt, Susan-121 Meeks, Teresa-121 r X J fs. ,," N 1 'cn Prnet ,Jaya-1232 203 f , Pugh, Eu-vzalidfqkx jx Quick, Dilrlzi-f123, 186111 Ralnbn , .l0riQ-109, 1 24 ' ' Ramirei, Linda-124' X Rains, erry-1 Ramsey, Sherri-124, 18 Randall, Paula- 1, Rappe, Beverly-124, X86 Ratchel, Charles-124 Raulston, Terry-124 Ray, Martha-186, 124 Raymond, Michael-124 Reece, Betty-124 Reed, Lura-124, 186 Stallings, Mickey-126 2 Stampcr, Carol-126, 181 Stanley, Jerryf126 Stapp, Raymond-126 Steed, George-126 1 1 1 inans, .li X lyf128 Winficlcbllf IA129 , ,Wise 311, P ggy-129, 187 itil Ewnl Ord. 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