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R5 CQ ix Gb J X SES v K 1 1 , Wg, 4-3 Ao 1 X ' I .. I cf , E K ff 'nm iw Z-r LD ' LDQ. GEQQU .W i XV. , xxjbgtxs 5 Q K f L VW? ff ,, M R 2,1 WA? ia in xi Q db xl , , 4 . jllvgm .3?vmf11v-x.-fv - QD - A -ffl fvfwfvwww' W Q 75 JL MQ. if A1416 Y-yfwf' Wfffiw fqwff La of -M Q CM 41 7, Jjkf, jZWZapfc,6,,aAfLfZvM4, Q jf l 707 ,kb Cncfzfvfj , ff X 27 ei C if 6 M Jig WM! X267 Bi gyda fb 53 pg 7 "' 5949 oma City 46 VM fg ,W X? 3,g0vQJ,NxA.Q, 2 522 MW Q32 232: f Jgw W Q 1 WN NU WLWWW Q HQWM6 Mr WM jwjfffjlgifij WW 3 Ge f - placed for udent of fu h My re . of' delightfpl al . ex f 1 gy! We hav Q :Wirha11 ' 5 A 2 di is X 'fs Q3 9 QS 203535623 X M Wfjwp 12. X1 .CL M ff Mff W 19 ,WD I 35iClCLLZt9f My 59 W gf 7157 f f W 91J0f' jxf, - fail jf, 'nlvrv .LN 'LMW , yi asseswkg Bw QQ 5 K M WW EER 'LM fff,,w' E Q W WWWW 5NgxR0ya?ty and ACIELQQLLL es fix? S, 'ywgiijag Y ,fx wb'5 g3y M595 yyvvww X ff, P,yS5vU'9JKJjESjLx75JJ!scrjp!g,Jf WW Sports - X Xixx 1 Af! ,' IN - - 1 I k I ' 7 L ,M -' f's'fi'Z4 I it ay e eee ee ss 1 " ' if xiw - f fff ' 1 V, ., , , ,,,, Q 'L 1 ' S? 1 WE W F wmwiip 'WWW W we M Legg? MG? ' 49 f 'A'2'2"5Jn if' WL Huis' Ijrillc' uf lv. Ultllllu We dedicate the 963 General 150 cS67'1JiC6, our edifice uf k 11..xx' lvflwe- 1,1-ings 119110111 pl .-il Nun- em.: Writ. e J i f e e e DRIVERS EDUCATIDN Silxlpsnnvhu,-l,m :uc Hmm .,:f,:u:: -.-- , x. 3-"iii . 5, .. ,Q A 1 ,ima L 1 .V lib? , My f iz-fee: 'Anza . , I 5. ,Z t ' , , , ' . it M ., 'I V K , ,A , X . Jw rw A 1 Q. W 'A J wa 4 W' ' 4 To Service with a capital HS". we proudly dedicate the F163 General. 'lihree organizations who have served our school in an exemplary manner. the Hand, Safety Council, and l,i1Jrury. The Band. Safety Council. and Library by aiding and assisting the student body contribute more than their share to the well-being and progress of U. S. Grant. The Band helps in lifting up the Generals? spirit with good music. The Safety Council helps in keeping the school and community safe. And last but not least the Library and Librarians who help students in every way they can with their education. The ever ready and willing Rand take their instruments and trudge from one football field to another. One may see that the new brightly colored uniforms of the U. S. Grant Band are needed. From the first note to the last, the band is enjoyed by all. This large group is important in the formation and maintenance of our school spirit. And so the band is often referred to as "the pride of U. S. Grant,'7 and it is surely something of which we should he proud. The Safety Council is one of our largest organizations at Grant. It varies in its duties and responsibilities to the student body. At the first of the school year the Safety Council aids in directing the car safety checks given to the drivers at Grant, while near the close of the school term they represent Grant at various quizzes and contests. We can feel sure they will strive to promote greater safety and well-being to everyone. ' Our huge Library is truly one of the greatest assets of Grant. lls numerous shelves and walls carry a wide and assorted selection of the worldis greatest and most popular books. Our wonderful Librarians are always willing to render their services to anyone from 8:00 in the morning to l:O0 that afternoon, when the last book is checked out. The Library has helped many a student when looking for a book or doing a research paper. The Library truly does give us a great service. The services which we gain from these organizations may be said to bring us both pleasure and profit through knowledge. Yes, indeed, the General may tip his hat in Pride to our wonderful Band, Safety Council and Library. Safety Council puts safety first. ,,..f--f "" fn A-:it ts-'GLN mf Y, L - 7' -ta :wrt -M iv-t.,, ""t'-st. ff ' Ev., H. Win H3833-Q si-' in 1 vm' My 1 i i ' -. ,Mamma Mg when '- f . 1 we , dish Q 5 1 1' ' 5' ' ' 't ' z f f . 1 ii X ,Qi A ,lg'i'fg,i42lg,. in ii i l A - " M ws Q i 5 J 'lf -1+ Hn, .gi ' Q K my W ,F .14 .,, r . gf . .,-., , . A.. .. . ,,,,,,,,,, f...f.x1,.,w - ' -nf . pf-ri -me f- f K' A , , -f-W-wg fu, iL,a-QM,-,,ev-r as-0 g 1 L W M-many' , b N f . K. . A 4 r ' ,V , I- 'rr I 1 ' L p .,5.w.:.:W.. 'Lf H it .,, xp -4 . H 4 - , +V --'iw ,A K X , ' . SS.. . ti.. A 4 sells. : 'wW'w'U , .UM .M ff. ,X - .W , wx, -sf...,. H , .mv , ffvfq-'avid' ' ...iw X' Yflwf f 'I ., b . N I W if We f. Q ,g.1 15 lang f"fn5.M"?4V1wwf , ,Q ... fiiwhlr A 23- .X?,,,.,w!g5.:v 3.1 fi Qfy-.4is,.Q' z' 5.49. ,R 7 if Tir ,M k y Mn swigf, K q i ,r5.it,,.Y , 5, EM, 4. f,v,..,5. It .L .Al fx Q' y W ,L R. . F. V u A 1, ,. , f,,',,. , . L .. ,, . . ,-,f W, ' dl. , j 1 ' ' 1.1 fm... rw 'Xi . .M 1' X ., ., .fly ffly' X "Practice makes Perfect U 1 l Mr. Todd teaches Band members to listen. Students help prepare the Library for our use. l 15.35. Drivo Trainers prepare stu- dents for driving. t into practice New students learn the value of the Library. ' ' .... H lfiuaxrnm... M. -M.. Always working for, and serving our school to the ut- most of their ability is the Band, Safety Council, and Li- brary, although it requires many hours of hard labor to reach and maintain these goals and ideals. lVleeting1 zero hour classes each day in the school yearg the lf. S. Grant Band practices for more than two hours many times, sometimes in the coldest of weather just to get their routines. numbers and formations "letter perfectfi Improyised with the best facilities possible the Safety Council holds meetings throughout the year to obtain im- peccable skill and knowledge of Safety. The Driver's Ed car and IJRIVOTRAINICRS are but a few things provided by this untiring organization. The Library serves Grant in various and, sometimes, unaccounted for ways. Books necessary for reports and themes are found many times after many hours of con- tinuous search by the Librarians and their aides. There is a wide variety of enjoy able and educational reading material found in this anthology' of books. All these are quite different, yet, all are related, for they endeavor to better our school to the best of their capacity. research and routine. Our yaluahlf Library offers knowlrd e to our l dent Drivers Ed car gives many' hours of practice ...M ,,,. M :ff 'ff L r at rr.. i . f -L W r Walker explains thc value of our ,a....,, F' ' Lf' Qafety rheck. ', A,-.1-fwy5 't 4 pb its A -. A X A flat e J to 4 "r 7 Y :- ,f-J . Md:- , wr am fn iww ,Qi A-H A QW Qq R M " A L,-rm f' Q' ,1"1'-ww. 4, ,ww X f , LL, M . A Y 3 H 'M 9, ' mrgfu. V. "Q W ,. X ugwwwp ,, ' . . 4 X , ,1-'.,' ,. . ., V we- ar . , ,L . , 1 kr- f- ., , I-in .:fq"" 1' QQ 'F ,3-f + M, -:W 'bv '- M , A ':..,,xZ,w,!L 'Q Q 5 J .. " 5 ,x V uw., V.. ' fr- I ' 0 x. V . wa' bi Wm F-rf ,sr xx.,- ' 3 Y, SQ? AQ' 'A .1 f 1 Uur Alma Mater Dear Grant High, Our own Grant High, We hold your banners, red and gray. Loyal we will be to thee, Now and through eternity. Dear Grant High, Our own Grant High, Where ere we go How ere we strive, Our Hearts ever turn your way, True to thee, Grant High. bd , .,.,, ..., M a . 'sf' 'I ' 'lib 3 ' -Q 'J' . ,, A 3-M 1 f 5 - f 4+ ' - ' ,,, . .mow 5 . :,, ' sa nw 0 if T17 S f 'f in f if ' X..-'P f u,4,f fu 'MJ vis ,D Y wbmifhlh. Us K LJ , , . F? .,,,,i,.,, .. Q mr 'g0i..v.7-XM 'MLM L --'.Ql,P51ffmu1. M .H ' vvlfvfwr-w-1 Q ws ,Q Tag I , QT 1-9 - 1 -4- - ml, Mg.. U? 2 t 3, 'L . '53 RM f ,M ' ' , f-Wmwmw I V 'M ,mm .. i W V K N? Q ,452 , an V ,.. 1 - ,. x V .4 VM- w -sv' 535, ,,. .Ag ,K ,Lim K ,fLvf,- .Vg ,,.. A lfwi S ' .f-4. 'WS -J V n , ' was E, lv' My I , sw "wk 'Q'-1, -W :'.f43?f A,,, r V My 5, 1 A -,,,,f,5M,., , r M ,V,. - 3 I , I . N w, ' ', ,H M , ,p. A.. '- - za '- ,, -- MMV: :lf .b -. ' .1-. ' ,.w:'W -WMMFg ,A,., :- J w 7 5 y Sl .fr . . 9x David Johnson, president of the Senior Class, poses for a picture. xii? ' was awnnwnx af! Q M Gardens provide beauty for everyone. l Campus scenes provide beaut lnto and out of these doors walk-our students. s t fr QT tal .. ,-v Thoughts of charm, elegance, grace, and beauty are vividly im printed in the mindis eye at the first glimpse of Granfs long moderr buildings and spacious campus. Their novel style and gracious manner portray every fragment of the tedious but beneficial Worl put into acquiring a complete and useful education. These halls, grounds and rooms have known thousands of rush ing feet ever pushing onward to new victories and accomplishment in the ,never ending race for knowledge. These familiar sights have witnessed innumerable pep assem blies and rallies to urge the '4Generals', on to victory. They have known the bitterness of a long winter and the warn touch of newness known only in the springtime. These are th familiar scenes known only to the uCenerals and their ladies." Scene which will be uppermost in their thoughts at the first mention c days long past. But a cold edifice cannot teach or learn. It can only provid the proper atmosphere where we, the students, must seek diligentl to accomplish the task of obtaining an education which will last lifetime. I2 K an-,ff-1-my--an Shops provide skill and knowledge to students. and knowledge for all. The roomy patio, well improvised cafeteria, beautifully built auditorium and much used gymnasium are but a few of the Generals, favorites around Grant. Planned and constructed by the most skilled in that field, U. S. Grant has that special touch which makes study and learning enjoyable and pleasant to the learner. Driving to school, which is a necessity for some students, is made easier by the spacious parking lots provided for the student body and faculty of U.S.G. Specially assigned stalls lessen the confusion and congestion promoted at the beginning and end of the school day. Practicing and observing the Oklahoma Traffic Laws are the major aims of the drivers at Grant. As anyone can plainly see, Grant was not only built to be beautiful but also useful and helpful in obtaining an education. I3 gi sims fw- il ...r. V I e. ' . ,, ,.,. Y eg. lfk' Ax into rfawykyy V . if 15 . ""' . ' V1 ' , -I Ksf' Q i tai' mf 2 21 , .L s 0 " Q4 'W h rs 5: ' Q- e 2 ., : E ' Z'1,,Y- N, fl' , FH. I V , , . ,Q . QM I K V V iwfw +1 f ? an-.. m1 Q i- 1, . y V -D. I flgdnuf , ,T 'ff-M v , i W . W gm 5 ' , L gn, - Tommy preiidvs ox er Student Cnun- oil IIlL'PIiIlQ'. Pep Club shows school spirit at Preview. gm We ww 1 VJ 4 , Lug f Nj 3 AA ff A .f ,Q , -S A V peg", Qwgmzif .4 ..v-V J i .f .V A A, ww,-fs. all V- , ,- Yip-igg' V fe , Q , M X Miko, Jimmy. and Jon, our t1'i-captains, discuss plays for the next game. Generals perform - JW? ' EL' A A .15 "!v A 'lfgf f19T7??,?' Qi . ..L:,v 1 .' Vi?" M. :'.,'dlf.f jrxxn F , 3,5 , 4,2-gif s. " ' 3 ' .4"...-1 'VW w 'A ' -1 if - l gas . K Q'-In 4 4, " Q A 3 :J x .af i xt? . , La - '? "'f2 -9 ' ' - -.. 4 ' " '?" ' . ' '1 W f : ' '- 1 mg 'Q?'gg5?'ft 33 Q f Q i Qi, - as Ps ' L 4 -X ' . we ,,, R 'M' 5' S 'r 3 Y Y ,. Ni-'KJ I , -'ilk K + , ,M 3 I U Q . 4 . r ' X hx K :iff . in Q an ' if N ml xi N.: " 4 --z , ,S 1. X ' 'f 9-'fi 3 f 4 ' 1 . Q 'lag 'K A J , , 'L N92 ,, , ,M ,,,, N ,.. ,xh,Y,.x, X ., ., ,.,.. A, . .Awww ,,,,.,. -,W,,..,, ww, . . ,MM , .M MH.. ,W W., N .N W, 1, YV Cllxlh VX1 l Ll, ml lnll . in if 1, lln' ,sf . l inil .l'f1.fc1, elif wwf...-. Watcr fountains provide rl-frcslnnent for Qludcnls and ICLlf'llt,'1'S. their .school duties. 35" Mr. and Miss Howdy, Jill Thomson and F1-ed Nettle. Hr. Kcgans explains tllc funduinc-ntals of safety. iz' .WS-. , n,,, Nl Q!!- Q ' ,www L. l Q pa M,,,,,,.--4' 3155 Ninth graders eagerly await trip in their "first" game. kThcy wonj Numerous activities keep generals Our Trophy Case shows many victories of Cranfs LiCencrals.', ' 5 1 f 2 s is . at iff f 1 aj ,,....---- Terry and Mike teach Shari and Linda how to operate Drafting provides many interesting hours for ninth CEHTICFHS. grade students. and their ladies hustling The innumerable activities of Grant have meant a great deal to us all this year. Many worthwhile projects have taken place that fill and delight our memories. Through these and many more activities we have found a chance to broaden our interests, and enjoy a fellowship with other students and teachers, which would have been un- obtainable in only classroom sessions. sf W Swim , Q li Newspaper editors keep busy making the "Dispatch" enjoyable for all. I7 ,M-+ . fi ,aw Y- U Q Nancy Roucli brings pleasure to all. It takes an open mouth for music to come forth. X Gayela, Jane, and Candy, always have time for musical entertainment. life it 3 , i 11 -1 55,1 . Before curtain call these girls nervously await their first appearance. Melodious Before the lights go on and the curtain draws back, l many hours of hard work go into the preparation of the l different fields of entertainment for the faculty and students at U. S. Grant. Of these, one of the most difficult, but N most pleasurable is music, whether it be entirely instru- l mental, vocal, or both. Our students of music take great pains to reach a l standard of perfection. The art of combining tones so that they are pleasing, expressive, and intelligible, is very diffi- cult and many times may require one to work after class hours to reach such a harmonious quality. I8 - The melodious tones of the Senior High Choir entertain P.T.S.A. members. Hmmmmmmmml l l To the many students that U. S. Grant has in of rhythm, harmony, and melody. this field, music is something more than sounds put Hard work, and many times, long hours, go together to give a musical effect, for even a babbling into the preparation of entertainment for our be- brook can fulfill this requirement. Instead, they half, so that we can always be proud of our talented seek and find compositions that have a combination people in music. sounds jill the air. We I + V X. "iik',ZffQ5 Wonder what's on ., Q Edie's mind? Pam Hall demonstrates a Hindu Dance for fellow Choir members I9 I 5 E S 5 2 K K 2 E Chris Jalinke, Drum Major, awaits the big moment when he will first lead the Band. Two of the Senior High Band members proudly display their uniforms. Pride 0 Band Queen attendants, Tammy Evans, ,loan Pritchett, Carolyn Beck and Cathy Brown, await impatiently for the announcement of the new Band Queen. .ge if Keeping in step with the person beside you and playing the same note as everyone else, re- quires skill and practice and even more coordina- tion. ,lust ask any one of the numerous members of the U. S. Grant Band. They've had enough ex- perience to know what they're talking about. Practicing daily, and sometimes nightly, the Band members maintain their best in order to proudly represent Grant as best they can, with honor and pride. In fact, they are often referred to as the upride of U. S. Grantw and are properly labeled as such. Carrying Grantis name with them to various festivals, contests, concerts and sports events throughout the school year, they present to Grant numerous trophies and awards. Each one of us can say with pride and thanks in our hearts, that U. S. Grantis band serves us ' to their best ability and knowledge. 20 Practice makes perfect and our murching band slums that muvli pmctiw- has been done. an ftrcuuous indoor pruvlicc is flircc ., p '7fi'7l'7,"':l, xc. . 3? 1 m f ii Q x -Led ll A ,J ian g lmy Mr. Todd. 5 f-' i yggvgr ilfqx tggitgm I ..,.,mAA,sLK 1 ' .--L.. G.H.S. Trophy case is filled with honors receiverl lay clr-serving musical department. in 2 I l 1 'Lv evttaaatiia 1' fegfe 5 Charlotte Venahle and Mike Terrel, our outstanding repre- sentatives to Girls' and Boys' States. Pam Driskill, Pep Club mascot, assists cheerleaders in promoting school spirit at games. ....- fr.. ..- The popular nouns Mfamew and uhonorn make frequent stops at U. S. Grant during a school year, bestowing their blessings upon various and sundry people. These grateful receivers range in category from the yearbook king and queen to the delegates to Girls, and Boys? State. Also included are the sports queens, Sabrette Buddy, O Club Sweetheart, feature writer for the Times Teen page, drum major, band and choir kings and queens, Student Council president, newspaper and yearbook editors and the captains of the athletic department. These are chosen or elected by the Student Body or a designated club or organization. We are very proud of these representatives for their shining examples of leader- ship and citizenship. Fame and honor Jill Thomson and Fred Nettle congratulate each other as Mr. and Miss Howdy. -'gt---1' Liv 'Cv' 22 ,ff-""i M... My ,ww M..- ,,,,,..w"' M-,,,.,.,..--'f"" ,4.--' ,'M.a.,,J--f-" ,...f--""""" ,..-"""' .w,,,,,..,-- wvyydwf v-,,,,..wfAM H-,,,,,---"' -,,...--' ....--""""" ,,.....--e ,,,,..w-wa' ,.v---H f SE Annette Hampton, Crant's correspondent to the Times, discusses F.J.A. with the sponsors. stop at Grant -X Fl Mr. Marker and Tommy Could discuss u few of the many aspects wliieli make our Student Council one of tlie ln-st. 23 --M4-,ma i ' a..' ' mir... . E t .,.. Mrs. lloris Holland prepares data and in formation for llll' Pup Club. Mrs. Agatha Campbell, Yearbook Counselor, discusses the layout and plans with the Editors. ,,....--- . ..-,-- ---"vp W g ,age ' " ,....-- .-.-...- ...-ov-1 ,.,-rr. .......--H N t 1 if "One, two . . . one, two . . . " are the chants of the football team as they prepare for the Hbigv game. The Generals, as always, have shown great interest and participation in athletics this year. At any competitive athletic event, whether we won or lost, the Generals always show up in great numbers to cheer their team. Our attendance recorcls alone are fine examples of the traclitional terrific school spirit on display at Grant. Beginning the year with football. we hatl the highest attendance at the annual Football Jamboree. Throughout the season the Generals continue to crowd the stantls and encourage our boys on the fielcl. ln the same great numbers, the exuberant Generals flock to the basket- ball games ancl wrestling matches. Always high in enthusiasm, they support PLAYER C LAYER OF these teams tremendously. 'fln the spring, a younfr rnan's fancy lightly turns to Hthoughts of . . . base- M -.Nt , , .C . . . ' balllng "Phe Great American Sportli' 'lhe cheering Generals thrill to the DEFENSE OFFENSE sight of our players as they cross the plate. Baseball, though not as much THE VVEEK VVEEK in the limelight as football and basketball, rates high in the interest of the students. But the line of sports at Grant cloes not end with baseball. Swimming, track, golf, tennis, and bowling-without these, our school would not be com- plete. The wide and varied sports program at Grant is unquestionably one of the finest in the city. Outstanding players of each week's game are h0UUfUdi'1 lllisfiispldvv Enjoying a much earned rest, the football team watches the last of the Prexiew . .N Ax , in . , , tp , ? I , 1 5' ,fvvv ,Y . "'i"7fff'Nf' 1 'H i bi-T l 'ix at-, TY -if ' 5' e :W 'Q-1' ,gn strts we t- . - 1 , K 6 s Q . ' f ,.,, i , I n N' h ,kk W I A all I 3 if 'fggah MX 'R L-sr. w. ' .1 'i ' R7 ' i film' f if QF WB A M Wi t Q ' - ' . , 'iffffii ' f 1. i ' M., A .t Vligkas . M , , ,.. 4, . ,T b A I my A .V it ,v 'wil I 7 Q x K! 55.523511 ki , , V. wl.t.a, A Q R I . , . ,, H i 47,7 V, A , AKC ,5,M,A ' ' . Iladiliumll xictfwy flag au' the hard-working vuuclu-s. T? C9 s w 1, , W. y gf - zwb, -7 5 Kg i x wx gi If ..:, 4' N ...ww MM MQ? I . v . . Putung forth every mch of thelr strength to make a 'cvictoryf' these boys play a hard game. SEC. A .A Jw Learning to play golf with skill and case are Evans, Kenneth Carson and Jerry Jones. Roy Sum makes a scoring basket as Craig Hoster watches. Mr. Todd watches cheerleaders for signal to begin playing at one of our Pep Assemblies. Grant excels M What are you trying to do, boys, play football? The anticipation and excitement felt before any upcoming sports event is never forgotten. A frosty night at a football game and the mighty attempt to make that all important basket, in midewinter, are remembered as highlights of our sports ac- tivities. The mighty strength and de- termination that a team needs has been diligently displayed by our players as they have fought to bring victories to our school. Practicing for future track mcets are Jimmy Stowe and Craig Hoster. in athletic "skills, 99 Mow 'cm down, Generals! As our teams play, they are not alone, for the spirit of the students cheering them is constantly present. The enjoyment we have gained from these games is also filled with the pride and honor we feel for our school in victory, in all sports. The never ending vitality of our pep club has helpefl to keep our school spirit alive. This spirit may be felt as it echoes through the halls or bounds through the pep assemblies in a traditional U. S. Grant manner. , 1 f : 1 i , 5 't' 1' I 9Hi55lfP?5Ji1'2f5?a'x,'.'ff! ' Q X-ifffflisflkt H V l , D Y , -Lx . - W . Q , . 6 r t Q T f. C f.-, ,x,,Q'j y,-wfi-4.- L4 :Y-'Ji'i i','ffAr -f g x.A., Wi , -af Q - ' ,. , f ' ' iii :H . if ' f Y ' f at at JH , 1525 is a, e W ,I 1,1 ' p ,w 1 ,' . My A fa..--i R L ' 'Y - . . 3' I : ste f-:,:s:vgt ,I A i 4 V if 5 s 41 .V L. W .52 .L , ,, , . . . . V K. is its T tx . I. . N .L Q., ..., MTL 3 2 x In ' -1- , -tw- - ,,,.,,-4,5 V , -.f-'M . Ay ., . Q -f:w ,. t ,. - t ' ' 'f1f"':- "1" ""':"' :' H ' . L .- f ' L . . ......, .1 f ..,t - . '12 - -: 7""u:':f :"-,727-wif 5 N 56 5' - ' 'V if-14264: ff. , t-- " ,. ' V... 1 '- 'faihfifgi-"':5f!7:-I "":?E'.'ss ' -' - ,,., i . - 'if-Gs? , I '-T 756 657 - '-".'. 5. Q7 ' 277'-iff, ':.:,'f:.'Z!- 35, W, 'fig amp W , swf? Y S T H -e ,, 95. iii , f sf it 2-' Z A S iss 4 f tis 1 A F A 4' Wx dw L 1 T Q eww-41 Q at f " s ,- 1 1 1 5 5 n ' V H, ft , -mi .ff .ff fax, ' 1 an E Gigi ' 1 'lv x t , , .M J +2 K 9 S 51 .Q e Q ,- 1 ,, ,Ms . .4iaWf,.- -,Q , V if r- X ' M- 5 f eww K 1 H- - -.fw sgzs .. ,wsQ..spa:-:s,,gs.,z.,j Aj , ff A . Y 5 z. 7 my I.. ' t s ' ' - I j K iii' K Y rw ' x f, L was M' R R, ' ft Q ar, af " M2 , , . . my .. ., I i"f5Pflf21 ' .- . ,, -A .. 74. w I ,:,.s+.,.-.-t:sf,,f V. '--.1::..--AH: ' 1 'fir was - -,Msffe .1 i 21: we ,., , 5. 5. x Q.-'-M4 1 2 ,. W , , ., . . ,,, ,. , 4,,.,.,,. 1... JW we-613, Vwm ,W - , L . . ,., UNM another Strike!" walls flliurlottc Venalrlc. Other team members watch lireathlessly as Vicki Hock shoots for tx goal. w-fefeff '- K' 'QTZM-mf' iT"'71i, s - .,. . E 1 ,L ... 27 , , W, P5 To build a house a man must be taught first by someone with experience. Someone who has done it before and has made all the mistakes. The experienced man in turn, tells the younger how to correct these and how to build a better edifice. And so the younger begins, starting with the knowledge he has acquired and his tools. He first builds a foundation. Everything in life begins this Way. We all start with ground work of one Q, Q VV-: ft, kind or another. For most of us our foundation is "-' school, and like the younger man building a house P yxAA 5i, im,V.. P ' we too have teachers. ennn t ifei 1 I P.T.S.A. members enjoy a breather after their meeting. Connie Gammon, Mr. Marker, and Nancy Sterling Mr. Hostencr looks Over his class, Work discuss the program for a night's P.T.S.A. meeting. 1 ,,,r X 1 . i ll I M, ., 'S The teachers at U. S. Grant are helping us with a foundation of life for the future. If we learn well, the building that is supported by this will fm . K . fs 1- . , .13 1 f Y lfI"i W1 , X if ,f Z f'!.Zf" . 'Na-. .,. stand firm, but if not it will fall and crumble into oblivion. Each man determines the highth of his build- ing, whether it be tall or short. If one has ac- quired enough knowledge, it is to be sure that the ambition will be high like the building. Captain Cook once said, 'cl . . . had ambition not only to go farther than any man had ever been before but as far as it was possible for any man to go." With leading educators at our school all our buildings should be tall, if only we accept the knowledge they pass on to us and use it., Mrs. Wheeler, Mr. Keegans and Mr. Buckhold look over one of the many spirit boosting posters. build foundations or Zje Mr. Harker and Mrs. Sparks diSCUSS H few Of Mr. Nees is determined no Students learn the differ- the school problems with parents. one is getting through this ence betwt-cn Hflorul' and door. "fauna" in Hr. Coffelfs class. M - sea 7' rl 1 . if i tr' at t .. FS' U ' 'I 5 if 4 . in I uf -. . ' -1 L ,, , 2. j 1 f . i 7' g 5-4,gw4.,i,Q5gQ,f.:.g.f l f - itself 11w4,5N gigvul : N" X gfxfig rii' ,. . ,. ff ..:r1,i . ,.,gg3,5 .sg as-g ,lI,1jf1? . 4323553 tiff- T"'f'611-Xt ' 513 if' ti-t'+'jg f-351 -an-25357 it-fly' w wf "t U frif-:Wifi ,W . .fs 558.55 , W ,Y W- flilmrqgig. .- ww 2 - ni ' Ream' 'A PM' s, f - ..-on-H' SEQ' - X .Hp-' 1 t CO L 1 7 iw 's 29 M! tr F 3 1-11 UAV B Faculty and ILT' Administration 3l Dr. Jack Parker, Superintendent of Schools l""""4'iL MRS. W. F. WELCH PHIL C. BENNETT FOSTER ESTES MELVIN P- ROGERS Board of Educatlon an Admnnzstratzon W. F. LOTT ALEX HIGDON J. B. GREEN DR. N. L. GEORGE M. J. BURR GILBERT L- ROBINSON 33 Clarence W Huffman, Princzfal From His Desk As U. S. Grant is being converted from a six- year school to a three-year senior high school, many changes are taking place. Changes not only in the faculty members and in subjects offered but also in special services offered to the student. Many new activities have been added, others have been en- larged and strengthened. Under the high school pro- gram, student responsibilities have been increased and standards of achievement have been raised, As we have changed there has developed in the student body a real pride and interest in our school, which is shown by the whole-hearted participation in the many activities of our school such as in the follow- ing pages of this 1962-763 annual will be found a record of the many activities of U. S. Grant School of which we are very proud. ur Princqml Speaks Mr. Huffman speaks with llie luad of the department to which the ,63 General is gratefully dedicated 35 Everett Semrad Vice Principal There are many people at U. S. Grant who serve us in numerous ways. One of these is Mr. Nees, one of the two vice principals. His clear thinking and wise judgment have endeared him to both faculty and students. As a man, he has won the respect of all. As an ad- ministrator, he has managed to he one of the top in his field. Through his past years at U. S. Grant, he has come up from an educator of the students, to a vice principal. His wise and familiar face, which is seen by students many times a day, may be associated with sincerity, honesty and humility. Mr. Neesg a guiding force who puts ideas into practice, to strengthen our school. Qualified leaders are an asset to our school. Two of these leaders are our vice principals, men dedicated to the Welfare of America's youth. Mr. Semrad is an outstanding example of a competent leader. His great interest and understand- ing of the younger generation provide a better school for U. S. Grant students to learn and lean upon. W'ith this knowledge we can be assured that he has a much greater understanding of the modern and ever changing World. James N ees Vice Principal Office Personnel 'Q ...:, fi f fx? ' H qv S L N at I Ut I OPAL HAMPTON OPAL LITTLEFIELD Secretary to Mr. Huffman AUCI1dHHCC Clerk f rg, it . i 1 'K LOUISE SPEED PEGGY CAMPBELL ELIZABETH HALLER Financial Secretary Registrar History Secretary The secretaries are busily working at enrolling, counting, checking, and just plain helping the stu- dents of U. S. Grant. Their duties vary from en- rolling new students, checking schedules, calling absentees, to bandaging a cut or lending money in order that some unfortunate student may eat lunch. They also help in the affairs of the principal and vice principals. Although their help is infinite, they also lend a hand in discipline. Many students have been called to the office, by one of the secretaries in the office, for disciplinary reasons. But still, their many hours of dedication go to the well-being of the "Generals.', Mrs. Orren and Mrs. Cznnliell smile at the fact that they, too, can be of service to the student body. ERNEST BUCKHOLD .IUANITA BITTLE FRANCES ORREN 'DONALD HALL Senior High Boys Counselor Senior High Girls Counselor Ninth Grade Girls Counselor Ninth Grade Boys Counselor MILDRED PATTERSON ALICE SHORE DORIS BRADLEY Librarian Librarian Mrs. Bradley proves lo be of valuable medical assistance in her realm of service to U. S. Grant. Nurse Counselors To keep a school the size of U. S. Grant Senior High running like clock Work is a big job and re- sponsibility. Many problems of the students arise and strong minds are needed to guide and direct us. Striving to meet this goal are our counselors. Wonderful leadership and guidance help all of the students to reach for a higher place in life. The counselors in the best way they can, help the stu- dents decide what subjects they should take to bet- ter prepare themselves for their future lives. Yes, we truly can say the counselors give the 'cGenerals', great services. Another group of people that serve us through- out the year are the librarians. Stepping through its large double glass doors are our future leaders businessmen and women, and educators of the next generation. Our library may be considered as a vast haven of learning. Its walls offer a peaceful serenity filled with books of "F act, Fiction, or F antasy" for our own personal use. 38 Leading and directing the leaders or tomorrow is the faculty of U. S. Grant. One of the largest in the Oklahoma City school system, the faculty is equipped with a well-picked group of principals, teachers, counselors, cafeteria staff and custodians. Dedicated to the forwarding of the students and their school, the faculty of U. S. Grant is constantly working for the students. Their work includes sched- ule changing, counseling, discipline, and even teaching! Always putting forth their most in time and ability, the faculty is the foundation on which well informed minds, healthy bodies and self-discipline of their students are laid. These are some of the finest qualities necessary in a person in order for them to be prepared for the future. Faculty JULIA ALLEN Business HELEN BAKER Secretary DON BROWN Physical Ed. LYDIA BUMPAS Business RAY BALLEW 1 Eaculty members spend much time in planning lessons for the edificu tion of the leaders of tomorrow. ALICE BRADSHAW English BILLIE GAIL BOSTON Music Drama CLYDE BUTLER IDA CARTER C. D. CHASE Bi0l0gY Biology English 39 LLOYD BRIGGS TOM CHEATWOOD KEN GOFFELT Electronics Social Studies Science and Athletics 0. J. COLLINS JIM COX English Social Studies KEITH IJOWDELL DICK EVANS DON FAUBION Sgcigl Studies and Social Studies and Social Studies and Ayhlgijgs Athletics Athletics GEORGE HANKINS PAUL HIERONYMUS JOHN HILL Industrial Arts Science Mathematics 40 A. C. FULLER ROBIN GASTON Business Education Social Studies and Psychology in-4',mi DORIS HOLLAND L. D. HOSTETTER Business Education Social Studies sg. J? .- iw '- gr' :zzz - 'riffs fi n.. ' -:ij A' ' - ,ejj I, 712522 .. ' ' 'c M4392 Q .- .. ii MARGE HUMPHERY Art K. C. JACKSON EDYTHE JONES Audio Visual and Homcmaking Athletics "UlE?Ww. MELTON JONES CECIL KEGANS Induglrial Arts Drivers Education DON KELLOGC OLETA LANSDOWN LENA LAWSON ROY LEMMONS MORENE LONG Science und Business Educutigu Business Education Distributive Education Art Mathematics HILDA MANNING DAN MARKER ALFONZO MONJARAS JOHN MOORE G. L. MOUTRAY English Activities, English Language Mf1Il16H18iiCS Social Studies Psychology Spanish Facult 4I EDNA MYATT ROBERT MCCAIN MARY NESTLERODE English Industrial Arts English FRANCIE POOLE Foviail Studies HELEN RAY RILllll6'11lLlllC9 MORRIS RE,-XVIS Social Studies ,aww " if-I... isdn I Hia V . Lf? -'fi ww. PAUIINE NOVEY REINE PENIJLETON Special Education Business Education ll E L li I , i"ii A li Elul I' ' I I INEZ RICHTER I.LlI'1Q1llLlgC Erenvli CALVIN RIESEN Mathematics ,ki qs. -Q I I I ifiii Q 2 2. M""f':1s' iv I,OIS RING GEORGE ROSS MINTA SAVAGE BILI, SILER WANDA SMITH Homc-making Industrial Arts Business Education Social Siudies Business Educntion 42 MARY .I. SPARKS LOIS SUGHRU ANONA TESKA DON TODD SUZANNE VAUGHN Journalism and Physical Education Language Band English Great Books Latin if BILL WALTMAN DOROTHY WEBER CLEO WHEELER JERRY DEE WILLIAMS WANDA WILSON Speech and Debate English Mathematics Science Homemukini English MARVIN YORK English Facult Mr. McCain diligently takes, and develops, pictures for the ,63 General. R64 to f gy .yi ,Ji K Charlie Morrison Bill Roberts Hermon Whaley Cecll Punneo A. U. Skaggs Robert Williams Amos Barton Chester Howard Crarl Beasley Harold Kenny Bob Birchfield Ben Langley "We arc proud of Grant High, kept beautiful and operating smoothly by diligent effort on the part of our custodiansf, ' Behind the Scenes- Buildin En ineers . . . Behind the scenes a lot of labor goes into the running of a large and bustling school like U. S. Grant. Many of the services we get are taken for granted because they have always been here. A prime example of this is our custodians. These men have been and always will be dedicated to the serv- ice of the beautification of our school. With such dedication we can feel confident that our school will always look and be at its best. Luella Anderson Francis Barker Florence Bowen Velma Fergason MHIY LHC Ollie Sllllle Wilma Bowen Dena Caugliter Jewel lx'IClW9H!lS Ruth Weed Vinita Davidson Betty Geddins Ella R056 Mable Wright Cafeteria Staff The students are always sure to receive well- balanced meals, prepared by the skilled cafeteria staff. From turkey and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiv- ing, to cherry pie on Washington's birthday, our cafeteria ladies display foods that are attractive looking, and pleasing to the taste. Besides cooking delicious meals, the cafeteria staff manages to find time in their busy schedule to keep the cafeteria looking immaculate. Qur cafeteria ladies spend long hours in preparing food that will be consumed in only minutes hy our normally hungry, red-blooded American students. 'if 3 'fi 45 H if -,mn ,-F., iw 1 e ggs lasses Switchboard operator, Ann May, greets calls with ii friendly smile. Seniors John Shipley, John Schultheis, and Lynda Treichler a Junior Class campaign poster. survey "Senior '63." A phrase of deep and significant meaning to those who hold in their hands the precious possession of the name "Senior 763.,' Open the gate of reminiscence and behold the priceless memories that come to greet us, as the tide that rushes onto the sandy beach, Our Senior year new and exciting, studious hours and breathless fung the fulfillment of an adolescent age, a year eagerly awaited all our life. It seems but a fleeting moment since the in- ception of our Senior year, and yet it's gone al- ready, like a bubbling mountain brook, rushing down the mountainside. Our musing is satiated with the memoriesg the sorrows and tears, the joys and the smiles. But melancholy must not sojourn within our reverie, for graduation lies before usg our Senior year draws to a close. No longer children, not yet adults, maturity beckons, and We walk slowly forward, holding the hand of Hope. Paul Reynolds, President of Inter-city safety Coun cil, presides over a safety council meeting, designer to make our community a safer place in which tc live. M". Our Senior Class officers and sponsors arc: Stancling: Cheryl Driskell, Vice Presidentg Susan Schroeder, Parliumentariang Saundra Bushey, Secretary Sharl Fort, Rcporterg Mrs. Wheeler, Mr. lqiuckhold, David Johnson, President, and Mrs. Poole. Scaled are: Mr. Brown, Mrs. Ray, Mrs. Huniplny Mr Gaston and Judy Bell, Treasurer. Seniors What meaning behind the phrase, "Senior '63 I" We hold in our thoughts some of the most wonder- ful memories of our whole lifeg just from this, our Senior year. The kaleidoscope of activities whirls before our eyes, and the vision causes us to realize that we, too, can be of service to the faculty, fellow classmates, and our community. In the first meeting of the '63 Senior Class Planning Committee, the president, David Johnson, said, "The only purpose of the Senior Class Plan- ning Committee is to serve the Seniorsf' That has been the goal of the Planning Committee, to help the Senior Class make this the best U. S. Grant graduating class, ever. Thus we become a link in the "circle of serv- iceng the faculty trains the student body, in order to have better qualified leaders of tomorrow, and we, in turn, transfer that knowledge into action, serving our community and our nation. Senior Class Officers serve as candy taster JANET ALLISO N LINDA AMBIJRGEY SHERRY AYDERSON RUSSELL ATKIIYS COYE BAKER MIKE BAKER LINDA BARNES .IUDY BELL EVELYN BLOCKER JUDY BOULTINGHOUSE CHERYL BOWMAN JUDY BRADBURRY JOLYNN BRANDENBURC BRENDA BRANDON THOMAS BREWER LINDA BRISCOE STEVE BROCK JAN BROOKSHIRE '-WWW SHARON CASEY PHYLLIS CHANIBERS MARY CHLAPOWSKI SHARON CLARK BILLIE CODXER SHARON COKER 'lQ"""""'?' 3 2: A ' , ,W Ch i z A' A I I ' fm 'U CHARLOTTE BUTLER LINDA CANAIJY LINDA CANNON DONNY CARLTON KEITH CARSON JOE CASE , - Wy, DARRELL COB WAY BILLYIC SUE COX LINDA COX CAROL CRAWFORD JON CREWS JANIS CUNNINGHAM Seniors SHAROX DARK BARBARA DAVIS MALCOLM DAVIS MARGARET DAVIS VIRGINIA DAVIS SIIEILA DAWES RONALD DAWSON CHERYL DRISKILL JIMMY DRISKILL JOLENE DUTTON DEAN EASTER CARL EDWARDS DAVID FOSTER BOB FRANKENFIELD CARL FRICKER JAMES GAILE TOMMY GIBSON CANDACE GIPPLE ? 'UW Y- I - 'i ff 555 1 my 'gi Seniors BILL FERGUSON JANICE FILLER RODNEY FITZGERALD CAROLYN FLANARY CHERYL FLANIKEN SHARI FORT 'Q-A GARY GREEN JANET GREEN LORETTA GREEN SUZANNE GREENWELL CODY GRIDER JR. ALLAN GRIMSLEY CAROLE GIPPLE CHARLOTTE GIPSON PAM GLISAN MAURICE GOLDEN MIKE GORDON TOMMY GOULD ANN GROVES CARL GUTHRIE J OE HAAS ANNETTE HAMPTON GARY HATHCOCK DAVID HAYES Seniors DORIS HEDGEPATH CLAUDE HENDERSON F INIS HERRON BILL HIATT JERRY HIGGINBOTTOM GLYNN HIGHTOWER BONNIE HILL KAYE HILL LARRY HILL LONNIE HINES PAM HOLDEN FREDDY HOLDER M 'iT"M"""r CANDY HUNTER DICK JACKSON LARRY JACKSON DARLENE JENSEN DAVID JOHNSON JANE JOHNSON Seniors TED JOHNSON BARBARA JOLLY JACK JONES JERRY JONES LYNDA JONES TERRY JONES JANICE KEAS MARY KERBY KAREN KERN LESLIE KERR LYNDA KERR EDNA KIRKHAM 59 EDDIE MARLAR CHERYL MAULDIN ANN MAY SANDRA MAY SHIRLEY MAY BILL NIAYES DENNIS KOLKE ANN KRAG JIMMY LEEDER JANE LIN DSEY KENNETH LITTLE JANICE MAMMEDATY BILLIE MQATEE LINDA MQCLUNG KARROLL MCCUNE DAL MCINNIS JANE MEGGS CAROL METCALF ,ff Seniors 'IF' -fdutzii' JACK MILES SHARON MILLER GREG MOF F ATT RICKEY MONTGOMERY BILL MOODY DALE MOORE SHARON MOORE BARBARA MORGAN JANET MULLER ALAN MYERS SANDRA NEAL CAROLYN NELSON JERRY NELSON PAUL NELSON KAREN N EWELL ALTON NOLEN EILEEN OSBORN WAYNE OWEN BOB OWENS BOB PARKER TOMMY PARKER Vm1CILLE PAYNE BOB PEMPIN LINDA PERRY sms- QIAYET REAVES PAUL REYNOLDS RONIONA RICHES LEASA ROBERTS GLORIA ROSIER RONALD ROSS OLIVER POWELL JANET PRICE SONDRA PRICHARD CAROLYN PUNNEO FREDDIE RATCHEL JOHN REA Z5 MARLENE RYALS RON SALMON BILL SAUER SUSAN SCHRODER EDWARD SCHULTHEIS RICHARD SCHULTHEIS IIZZK. 'Sh 0, 4 , 'bm ...mm ff!! Seniors BILLY SEABOIQRN JIMMY SEIKEL VICKI SEIKEL RON SHERRILL JOHN SHIPLEY DALE SIMNIS TERRY SIMPSON ELLEN SMITH PATRICIA SMITH ALTA SNOW SHERRY SNOW RON STACY GEORGE TEAQITE MIKE TERREL JOHNNY THOMPSON FRAIXK THOMPSON DAVID THORTON LINDA TODD Seniors RONALD STEVENS JOE STINIC CAROLYN STIVER GARY TARTER JUDY TATE KIARSHA TATE Aman afi- JAMES UNDERWOOD JENNIFER UNDERWOOD MARIANNA VANCE CAROLYN VANDAVEER CHARLOTTE VENABLE DIANE WALSER LULA TOWLER LYN DA TREICHLER PHILLIP TROWE CHARLOTTE TRUCKS LARRY TURNER GARY TYRRELL GRADY WANN JACKIE WARD SUE WARD BARBARA WAX FOREST WEED GAIL WILBAXKS 115' WY, ffnx Seniors CHERRY WILKERSON ELAINE WILLARD WALTER WILLIAMS ANN WILLOUGHBY MYRA WILSON MIKE WOLF L. BARBARA WOODALL GAYLA WORD PERRY WYATT SHERRY WYONT KAY YONCE JANICE FREEMAN ED GERRAD SONNY HUGHES Seniors Not Pictured CHARLES ENGLAND TERRY GIBSON CLYDE INGRAM WILLIAM KIDD LEONARD MALDONADO FRANKIE McBRIDE RANDY MICKLES JOHN MINER CORRIS MUELLER .IOHNNIE OVERBAY PHYLLIS POWELL WILLIAM PROCTER CHUCK RHINEHART ROY SAM CURTIS SANDERS GEORGE SMITH PHILLIP TROWE PHILLYS WALKER MIKE WEED BOBBY WILSON MIKE YARBROUGH Seniors I ,, ,T Y -1,7 :gk -77z.. Old Glory shows her colors proudly in each of our classroo Stair-steps to Royalty . . . USM t!"""' li , . 1, V"- , A i H V 'Y ' . i s I -' l 1 F - 1,9 The Junior Class officers and sponsors arc as follows: Seated: Edy Burrs, Vice Presidentg Candi Hiti, Secretaryg Peggy Evans, Trcasurcrg Judi Garner, Parliamcntariang and Jill Thomson, Reporter. Slumling: Mr. Monaras, Mrs. Richter, Mr. Dowdell, Mrs. Myatt, Mrs. Boston, Mrs. Savage, Mr. Cheatwood, Mr. Kellogg, Roy Simmons, Presidcntg Mr. Marker, and Mrs. Long. Officers draw out plans to serve the Junior Class. .1"" I LT' Service provides busy Planning, working and promoting money- making projects for the betterment of their all-im- portant senior year is the 190263 Junior Class of U. S. Grant. Their various activities numerating paper drives, car washes, pop bottle drives, and the annual Junior Class Play each invest their portions in the Junior Treasurv. Serving and directing the Junior Class in its activities are the Junior Class officers and Junior Planning Committee with the helpful aid of their sponsors. Each Friday morning this important or- ganization meets to uthink u " and Hhash out" the s P b future plans for the class which they so proudly represent. The Prom, which is the dorninating reason for all the money-making schemes, is the highlight and climax of another school vearg a vear introducing the adult world to some, the last ear in school for s I I y a others, and still, to the remaining, the-.promise of an- other ordinary school year. Each Junior Class Want-s their Prom to be 'fthe best Grant has ever had!! and each consecutive class strives for that goal and each class reaches that goal. Bill Sauer and Jim Wise offer their service in order to keep the greenhouse 55 77 green. year or Juniors This Junior Class has fully contributed its share to the athletic, intellectual, musical, and organiza- tional groups of U. S. Grant. Each Junior is em- ployed in, at least, one of these functions and some- times more. They have truly served and represented Grant to the best of their knowledge and ability and have prepared themselves for their ubigt' year, their Senior year. Each individual Junior is expected to achieve the goals set up for him by his colleagues who have already passed, for their last time, through Grantis halls. Uppermost in their minds is the sin- cere desire to maintain these ideals, and to fulfill their duties as loyal G'Generals,, and "Ladies.'7 We can honestly say that this Junior class of 1963 has accomplished these aims. 73 Q 3 2 em ft Q, . Q I x f. 4 3 as 2 i if 5 M c,.. . N Chris Jahnke, Drum Major, serves G.H.S with both his talent and skill, by directing the Senior High Band. Mr. Kegans demonstrates to Paula how to serve her commu driver. nity by being a safe v ,.f' f?f33a Av- 4 535 I S 6 51 tim F i ' 4 v i? Aflq f 1 A eerie eyyri f r are aa we 1 so L gktssigmifitfi is QW ft H gi 1 9 4 My X S .,A fl wi ,.,, f K5 If 5 J , Y tg Q, fe ,K is Q ,. .x.LR?w, , an in f. ,ef Barber, Trernan Burger, Linda r'-, '- . it . Barnes, Richard A' - -'::g,- 2 Baughman, Richard 4 ',-- , sg 41 ,1 azf' : ,uf .3"e::,,f,:'jfa - ' ,,,, ., I .r,, i '. 5'Qf'?,1f2l K 135355225325 't exggm - ' lik W 5132 mglyg .,5-. :M iiwttigeaff -,r, 2 Baker, Robert Baker, Tommy Bullard, Mary Austin, Lynn Babbit, Karen Baird, Janet Baker, Garry Aasa, Richard Abel, Donna Adams, Wyatt Aker, Linda Allspaw, Pat Anderson, Cuy Ashley, Mack Ashlock, Brend Asplin, Paul Atkins, Robert 3. Cheerleaders offer the service of spirit as our team goes down for victory Beam, Marva Beasley, Robert Beck, Carolyn Bendorf, .lerry Benjock, Kathy Bennett, Dale K Benson, Linda ii Benson. Sherry Bird, Sherry Bland, Sara V.V Blay, Beverly Boardman, Robert Bond, Judy Borror, Verner Juniors Boultinghouse, Dan Bradbury, Jerry Bradley, Bartow The photographer offers his services for students in the taking of teen I-D pictures. Bradley, Doris Bradley, James Bradley, .lohn Branson Paula gy 'mf x 1? K if 1 J , 95 ,. 3 'X 8 51 S 2 S Aww 1 it iii i l 1 tt.: ,, E ai :,f':f. - 4, ' if aigfgt. S 2 , t 4 c ,K sr 4 a XT 45? w , Sk if Y in Wir , it 2 E 5 ,M ' fl -"- 1 , 5, H in 5 K " . :iajfmy , , MM, K, K' 'V ,ian - ,v B ,gi 99 ii' 4 il' i i 5 ,bk H. X .qc-v' I 3 i H 1 4 ex gg , -' rg- -- .za aa W 2 ills are Bridges, Betty Bridges, Carol Brocaw, Jimmy Brooks, Janet Bross, James L ',s, ta Brown, Donald Brown, Pat Brown, Robert Brown, Tommy Buckley, Wudie s , E, wusaril' mf "" . el gm . : : Vg V I is K P' v, "B 'AV i"" .g . 4, ,. ,VT .Z A ., .ak rt, - S- , : . gf . M3 .f ,. ie. . Burchett, Alvin Burrs, Edith Byrum, Larry Byrum, Linda ffm K i f as I, 5 f ,L '- ' i i-+.x L B ,S Q 5 .C Qi. Carroll, Russell Casey, Barbara Casey, Mary Caster, Robert Cagigal, Cecilia Calhoun, Claudia Camp, A1 Our O' Club did a great service for our school by hanging this Spartan V, , . C Caster, Susan -"' H :'1 Q, Chambers, Linda ' -f"'i iv Chapman, Linda V A, V Chilrlress, Cheryl ' 'C in Childress, .leanette ' V IL, V :yi ' ,., A ,,,1 N ..Z. ' ffl Clark, Denny Clark, Lred Cleymer, Richard Colmlry, Connie Q , i, Chlapowslci, Elaine my RE.. , an . 1 Q. I N Coble, James Codner, Berth Collins, Patsy Conway, Sandra Juniors Cook, Mike Cook, Sue Cooper, Larry These Grant Pep Club girls show enthusiasm shared by all of the pep club Q? , J is s i is Qi., if 1 ,5 gi swan? ef rg S L if 4 ig? R :Um Q L f T M We x K 1, 1, - ieifiii , ar new f ,Af gg 3 ,A-rl" Cooper, Leslie Coppage, .lohn Cox, Charlotte Cravens, Larry 77 is 'W Sf.. ' 31- ll 1 W5 R S 8 wr. 'M ff' 1 in K1 3 ,S W l Wi E by ,,,,gE5? A i 1 Q ik! ,Eff 21 Mx! 7' l 'Q'5'5.."" an-f"""' Jw S f , We all af' Q 5 P5 vi wx :f f ?'P:- Q ' ' 3 K 51" mi C is ee e - V if 514: new Vx 5- qu, -I Mi 7 ' f t ' V- --V-' ' ' l le V3 'fi LI: - 'ff'-rs' 5 ' g' i lr, i H V ak' ' , e f 19? Dios, Bobby Dohlms, .lesse Dodge, John Dodrill, Cary Dennis, Mike Depue, Roy Dewhre, Velma Tiara. ,V Davenport, Nancy Davis, Gary Davis, Zoe Deason, Terry Creyton, Mike Crockett, Wanda Cromwell, David Crump, Judy Crump, Shirley Cummins, Aron Curhy, l.uAnn Daniel, Sharon Daniels, .lanet Danner, Terry One little, two little, three little Indians . . . Doss, Charlotte i n if N f 'K gf, Douglas, Danny ' Dukes, Linda 7 -, fs Dunning, Wilford i N Dutcller, Marty H E G if Rv f 1 xl' if 53 71" Q W Y YS' -wx Edinson, Boyd Edwards, Travis Eide, Cindy Elliot, Tommy Ellis, Pam big Elston, Vicki England, Carol Engle, Bill Epperson, Tim Juniors Halloween inspired art students at Grant. Q.,-.,w-v-- ' -f,l5Eii!ii1T 5 51,5 f'.'E ' 1iTif2'f'-:'f-' -iif. fL- W -fr 4 z fowl 4: rr, Q, i n K Q K ,,., , K, K Q Epton, Linda Epton, Hickic Essary, Carla Q s,,i 1+-,V ,, .fy ,W .Milf -fl '. :- . lil- in iiir ff' fi E 5 . 3 if l ffl'-,,g's n ' fr s . gl 1 , 'if-.1 Q .E 'Why Estell, Wzindzl Evans, Al Evans, Glen Evans, Mona -vo wwf if A A iii K - fa, VM 7 Wiwv u "' lv ,I Q, ,,..W V S E I S152 - vw-- . E - ' 0 - I i sorl 5 l ' ., -:-' V , E l rrrl A ' wi' ll R fi ! vi' 'K G+? mr! 1 12-mag? . i Z AH V , L lt .,- M, f 5 X iz Y Q! 1 f 5 l Q ,f '-v ib fef Q K , QA fc' 'bi 4 I K 1 'C Ceer, Sheryl Gentry, Tommy George, Karen Giddons, Clifford .fu-'er fi ,, ! I Garner, .lurly Garrison, Shirley Catlin, Martha P kim 1 Gardner, Rolmcrt Garland, .ludy Garland, Vargu Garner, .loc Evans, Peggy Fagan, Marcia Farr, Merry Faulkner, Barbara Fawcett, Carla Flipilcl, .linnny Fink, Don Fowler, Deanne Freed, .ludy Fultz, Kenneth Many Supplies are needed to give a complete education for studente Gill, Jimmy Gill, Hill C0014-v, Karen Cordon, Dunn Ciure, Lavinu Congo, Gnycr, , Grape, Grven, Grady Peggy Carol Linrla Marilyn Donna Crcvr, Gladys Criffce, Paul Cuidry, Lurry Cutivrrvz, Ernvsf Juniors Hans, .ludy Haggard, .lunimw Hamilton, Glenna Hey, Marilynn, cun't you think of any other way to obtain ullrownie Points." Hansen, Llarvn Hansen, Chip Hanson, Miko Harlwn, .lan , znf fg '.,whE' ff fIf'-i?f:'f'- f .1:E- A :-A , n 1. iitl ' wwf mm I' at 'Sf ' ""' .pf me 32.-P 1 . .,,,ygf-'? Hensley, Cathy Hcnsely, Jimmy Harriett, Hubert Hayden, Vicky Hays, llale Helm, .limmy Henderson, Kenneth Girls, girls, girls were made to . . . take letters? Hey, .lanet Hiatt, Margaret Hinlxle Ernie Hitn ung , LIQH N--...hmmmyrr Harclison, llaxid Hargis, Dee Harmon, Sharon Harris, Belva Harris, Ruby Harrison, Cheryl Harrison, Jeanette Hart, Cherry Hartman, Moncella Hawkins, Harva What Hill, Candy Holden, Richard Hollowell, Linda Honeycult, Bill Horn, Delores Horton, David Hoster, Craig Howard, Leslie Howe, Frankie Hrdlicka, .lalnes Hudson, Sherril Huff, Larry Hughes, Charles Hughes, Nancy Juniors ":- M " : ,wavy ff- wxii Y I C Hunt, Norrell Husk, George Hutcherson, Ronald gn are you doing, Fred, trying to mix love potion number nine. -Q, K Kg, A :fx as , Q '. ' ,.'- ,,.,: --,- 1 ,I Ml' 2 is X f 5 + sg, , 5 W S' , Es' ,fi if J wr fsiyylx J x ua, Ras Sw M N Q ig, L, 1 4- in "W: . wk . ,, 'fry r..-an Hutchinson, .lanic Irwin, Stephen 7,04 2 a" win" Jackson, Alice Few- Jackson, Richard 1 , ,fi ll z " l lnl' 's'ccf s f :rr oh e ., " C F- ' ,,l,, , lex, Fa' 23 f , rf Ta: Jahnke, Chris James, Mary Johnson, Carole Johnson, Diane Johnson, James Johnson, Linda Johnson, Micheal Johnson, Tonia Jolly, Jimmy Jones, Esther Jones, Burnice Jones, Juan Jones, Martha Jones, Richard Kastor, Robert Kearnes, Jimmy Keagans, Don Keith, June Kelsm-, Linda King, Iiurbara King, SLlIlfiI'il King, Willie Kirch, Karen Kirkpatrick, Cone Kirkpatrick, Mike Kisilcr, Kent Knight, llunc Knipp, Ke,-itil Knmns, ,iltilll Luniar, K1-nncy Lambert, Ronnie Lamkin, Anita Juniors Pihe eyes of Fuller are upon you. ,I .L- , K jg Landry, Linda Lungfitt, Joe Lunig, Kunncth ,.,: , V . .: . af -if Iunfixfurd Linda Lawert ncc, Allen Lam erence, L15 de Lee Beverly M. I 'M if ii' F 19" AM ,A it X ' M i t . .. - ji:-' Ei A 1, if d 51 . 41 'H 1. a ' '. ,f . . i , - 'ff . .M X Q. -tu. -W . 'f ', A ' - an is 5 H .E ,,:,,'-'Q t . ,lb , qi, ,s lk , McCauley, Hike McClellan, Carolyn McCollum, Gene McCracken, Diane Mayer, Sliarnn McAllister, Ann McCartney, Marsha 'W' A 1- J 4 L Hawk W' ""' nlln n Mason, llille Matlies, Brenda Mathews, Annette Max, Linda Quiet . . . '6Cenius" at work. Leland, Shawn Leslie, Barbara Lincoln, Karen Little, Gary London, Hutliie Mackey, Pepper Maddox, Kathy Malay, Glenn Manning, Candy Marshall, Marie f thingy 'ssl ,.,, 1, t L. Muffrucken, Linda Mclfmlden, .Iohn MCCQ-0, Eilund MCG:-hee, Uurrcll McMuhan, Anne Mcwulcrs, Jimmy Mellon, Jack Mellon, Shirely llessimore, Barbara Miler, Marsha Miller, Debby Mill:-r, Sherry Miller, Terri Moon, Leonard Juniors What do you say, prof? Moore, Louis Moore Summ' a Y Morgan, llolora Morozoff. Donna Morrow, Donna Morrow, Richard Murphy, John . my A 1. W 8 .,,-. 1"": , 's lay 71 -. W . : ,ENN , a- - W .5 ' ff f I' -Mk. 1 W, grad' f Q M5 L A ,ef as .ge .. fr? Q -f K- l if in A -was gl Orren, Ray Osborn, .lolene Overslreet, Barbara Owen, Charles 88 Oakley, Marilyn Oclroa, Rune O,Neal, Pat HH ey, you...l!l 422233 Nippcrt, .limmy Nolmlc, Larry Nolan, Sue Nutt, Paul Murray, Stove Mynvrs, Nancy Nail, Belll Nance, Cln-ryl Nelson, Ronny Netllc, Fred N6?llgL'L'lJ2lUt'f, Sue Newllousfr, Gary Nicely, Bill Nickelly, Susan Owen, Dale Palmer, Carolyn Pahnore, Mark Pauley, Richard Paulk, Keith Payne, Linda Perkins, Donna Perkins, Eddie Peters, Terry Petersen, David I .nr ,Q Petersen, Paul Petty, Larry Phillips, Chele Pitt, Jerry .,, 4 at S ilvia! P 2 ,, F Juniors Pitts, Don Polsley, Freda Poole, Mike 7e, the girls of Shorthand I, do declare homework is an injustice to Q , 3 P st 1 My fx 5 its tl ur hands. Pound, Kaye Pritchard, Mike Pritchett, ,loan Buckley, Suvella f ai rf, W 5 1:2 . sg. , ffl, J XM H ,M ..., N .. , , .f Q 2 ,i , Q 1 K Nagel? S , Rf W 15 ff' ,V 21,55 ,,sk X-:Q -N- egg? i T Ha ggis, , :ii 'f L fb.. - wif 3 'IW X I, X i ,gf Q' if Q' ig al iii if . . R 52 f Q 4 wg 'iwrw ' 4 I f Rippee-, Larry Ritchie, Donna Roach, Nancy '1 x 'H 5 f Q f tx' 5 , Zb- R155- is 4 7 r ,im 5 f 1 1, , z HSE 3,3 F I' ik, V 21' i 'B , , - . , V . if I , 'Q N H W - , i 'gii "-' Rich, Phyllis Richardson, Linrla Riches, Sandy Riggs, Larry . . , fiLl1'r2.ll'lS mlvadlu Rains, Jane Ramsey, Mary Ramsey, She-rry Ratliff, Michele Raulston, Steve Rea, Einograce Real, Von Nova Rees, Rosalind Renfro, Linda Ricci, .ludy Ruherta, Kathy K i -i i Robinson, .lames Win? , ws! .00 X ,f """"z-vi Nikki 7' Rohiniun Hike Ruhinsun, Fliirlm Rug:-rs, Lynda Honra, Sharon Howland, Eugene Ruisv, Susie Russvll, George Salingrvr, Karen Sauls, David Schultlieis, John Schultz, Williiir Scott, Sharon 2. 1 fi iw 'Q - 6' UQ' H W V Ap 2 Scott, Tvrry Scott, lfrlwnrd Sliafor, Donna Sllaffvr, Wlaltcr Juniors All work and no play, that's the most unpraclical way. E . ' 4 ii I M, ir- A' ii -if ,VV .M if " Z3 E his Q at -55525 1 , W .. .X :E ,,:,:gf,, ': f X 'aqui ,gllbff Sharp, Vicki Shaw, 'llitz Shaw, William 5 g '.,,. iv- ia... 3 . wp f, M A 46 will 'Fl A H is-v""igi S ,, 1' 'V 1 x an :A .f wiffwssai, Shelton, Shirley Sherrill, Gloria Shorter, Dennis Shull, lieth 1 . MW . , A? ' l W 3 4. il" ,E-,,s1" f 4 ' , W i ,QM r 2 3 3 ,J .M ,S warm I- r ,,-ra ' Q - Q gir . , . M, ir .. if , , ,., , W l www xr, an , ji 5 15,113 ' Q , , n, ..,. n r 1 4 i 'P tw Steed, Kathleen Stenherg, Don , rl-g -':'a: S i-Ta 1 f 'K -if .,., Stevens, Pam Stewart, Carole 92 M fiery, Sneed, Tanya Staggs, Alice Staggs, Betty 1 : i"Ii2Z!6?QbDgg,. E lf W 3 1 f '75 1 wg, 1 it K tam S 2 4 at 5 ,V tw , i .. fc!! - 5955: I . , . , i r X Smith, Mike Smith, Susan Smith, Vicky Smothers, ,lunie Shults, Richard Simmons, Don Simmons, Roy Sloan, Darryl Sloman, Danny Smith, Bonnie Smith, Charles Smith, Gary Smith, Hal Smith, Judy KNO, no, no, class! Jacqueline is not President! ! l" Stewart, Linda Sliver, Cary Stone, Ronnie Stowe, James Stubbs, Nick Stucky, Jim Summers, Carmen Swint, Marsha Tassell, Patsy Taylor, Galen vh- Am.. A Templin, Bill Terrell, Ronnie Thomas, Charles Thompson, Janice Juniors ,g f .E as K ' I 'ff Thompson, John Thompson, Johnny Thompson, Pat ' it weren't for Mr. Cheatwood, we'd never get to watch Captain Kanga- DO. it , it ff- f' Eg, P " in-.. . , Thompson, Kathy Thomson, .lill Tillcrson, Ruthie Tompkins, Larry -Mgff ri' ii ,E x. ,, K? 'W ? r ,A 'K VS: W. X ig it X! D i Q E EQ , .,.. S as V105 'Hhs 'Q X 2 ,,,--,ag V: .ti X K ,,.,.,, x 2 4 3' HJ 434 X , M., wi ggi Q iff Q r. .A Q L fre . mil' Tl gi g X l QS hh I iff? 1: f 4 iv , , 4 Q 15, l wi J 1 1- Ward, Loretta Watswin, Sally Watters, Rebecca Weax'er, Bobby 94 if ri if Q xxx qv 'L' T sz Q , -:gre , 323 s S' ' Hill 5' Hifi '. ' S .. 11 ,55 222 4 Walker, Lenard Wall, Lester Ward, Kathie Vanhorn, Gladys Vaughn, James Vidlock, Marilynn Vogt, Vicki Tompkins, Mary Towler, .lohn Trapp, Barbara Trewet, Glenda Trucks, Alva Turner, ,lack Turner, Karen Turner, Pat Tyler, Bobby Ussery, Johnny Mrs. Wheeler, you sure do have a problem there, or is it two W'ebh, Steven Wed:-l, Milton Weesr', Don West, Mary West, Tommy White, Paula Whitehouse, Ken Whiteman, Gloria Whitthorne, Mike Wilkerson, Nancy Williams Donna Williams Cary Williams, Marilyn Willialiis Phyllis Juniors .aw t ew -94 Y fd'w"' Williams, Shirley Wilson, Donna Wilson, .lerry Duble double, toil and trouble. 95 do-'Rf M... we -iw r is -- Wlilson, Paula Windle, Doris Wise, .lim Wodraska, Charles x iam 5 3 it ,,, lf,g..,i S we , - 'm ir ' I Q, 3433, l w t 'wg ,A Q i W M ,Mu y qw, we-f l we Q ,f X, Hines, Connie Loudon, Quintella Maupin, Pat Stowe, Davalene Wolf, ,lean Woodring, Larry Worley, Carolyn Worsham, Mary Wright, Francis Young, Billy Baker, Portia Bradshaw, Twila Carmen, Dennis Harris, Sharon LPICTURES UNAVAILABLE? Bleavens, Cecila Byran, Verna Carson, Kenneth Davenport, Sara Goff, Ronald Goodman, Jerry Henson, Karen Hopson, Phyllis Hubbard, Catherine Mongold, Doris Parker, Larry Sanger, John Simpson, Larry Stine-r, Willis Tittle, Marrel Dur future hopes, plans, and dreams include our Senior rings. Juniors of '63 . . . Seniors of 964 am Holden crowns Mike Terrfrl, Mr. Christmas Present. 3 A scene from the Junior Class Play. 1 97 "If the ring fits, wear it," says Mr. Acheson, ring advisor. 43' Just think, soon wmfll be choosing our Senior Announcements. You call this class? 5 3 5 ophomore Scenes "99,001 . . . 99,002 . . . 99,003." N55 S ., Y L it ,Ka s ut amxsfer-Iwlli W mrs!! WMMJ ,av OW! ' -..u,.a . . but I only have three cents . . in General 1 fey, Jackie, is it interesting? sm Waking up is hard to do. Now thufs what I call enthusiasm! X 'mil 99 Acheson, Randy Allhaitty, Verna Airington, Larry Aker, Cary Allen, Bobby Allen, Judy Anderson, Jerry Anderson, Richard Andrews, John Arlbuckle, Mary Archer, Linda Arnnld, Arthur Atherton, Mary Avants, Janet Ayler, Ann Baggett, Sandy Baker, Claudia Baker, Sherrye , f .,r-f-:Lf we -is W , , . , , 5 J , M , f mm its X A Mihgge gf if f , , MF. Q w ,, , . 2 va ,9 , J .Q-.Q fnfv M ,-ff-1, l J X ig if g f? i 5 sr 2 IOO Baker, Jerry Barcum, Linda Barker, Dona Barnes, James Barnes, Mark Bartrug, Reed Bean, Nancy Bedford, Judy Bell, Jay Bell, Suzanne Benjock, Donna Bennett, Loretta Bennight, Bob Bennington, Dail Benson, Arlee Benson, Carry Benson, Kandy Benson, Nina ,to F ,,. j N? N f Q as .. - ,I h Q, ow-ff rri. K , x , , rf, xliii ,, f J 1- m 55 , S 1 ,W if W4 A M iii elf , 2 ,f ,, . y 5 M K s 1 A Y ff? ' . AM? W ' E ' 'E My si A . , 1 ,55 .Y 7 1 1. F X 2 Z ii . 5 fa, 'f 1,5-mf 4 Q 2 Bridges, Shirley Brimm, Freddie Briney, Donna Brock, Edward Brock, Viola Brown, Carol Brown, Denny Brown, Diedra Brown, Donna Brown, .lohn Brown, .loyce Brown, Lawrence Brown, Memory Brown, Rhonda Brunk, Randal Bryant, Beverly Bryant, Dovie Buck, ,lanice N. as ,4 4 Q rr if ,, ,,. . . 'Y ' E' .,.. ig f r 1' 17 , , , , , ., . - -in 'W 3 L- L U ophomores Berkenbile, Linda Bishop, Darryl Blacklnlrn, Tommy Blackmon, Glen Blair, Ramona Blake, Gwen Blalu-slee, Mike Blanmftt, Sharon Blankenship, Keith Blevins, Cary Blount, Vivkiv Booli. Billy Borror, Tommy Brandon, ,leancll Brasher, Linda Brallon, Larry Brewer, Bob Bridges, .loycc ': -' r if wh 'ET il IOI Buckner, Glenda Burch, Nancy Burks, Diane Burns, Janet Burris, Richard Burrows, Phillip Burt, Johnny Byrne, Nicky Cahill, Martha Calvert, Tommy Cambron, Ronnie Canaday, Pat Canary, Terry Carpenter, Rolier Carrier, Harold Carroll, Mike Carter, Linda Carter, Robert I A' 7 E 5,5 '13 , i ,, , ,, .gy P .. ,Q 1, IA Carver, Shirley Cash, John Cash, Neva Chafin, Paula Chaney, Tommy Chastain, Marsha Childress, Jerry Christy, Dianna Christy, ,lanyth Clapp, Joe Clapp, Robert Clark, Karen Clay, Charlotte Cleary, Cary Cleaver, David Clevenger, James Coates, Cheri Cockerell, Linda :" ,F ,P-5: ' Davidson, Thomas Davis, C. M. Davis, Dorothy Davis, lna Davis, Penny Davoult, Joyce Dawes, Shirley Dawkins, Patsy Deaver, John DeBaerdemaecker, Barry Delozier, Paula Depue, Mike Dickson, Donald Dobbs, Pauline Doddcrer, Raymond Dodson, Joe Donoho, Dixie Doughty, David ophomores Coffey, Richard Combs, Jo Ann Conn, Mike Conner. Cary Corey, Barbara Cornell, Marsha Corona, Victor Couts, Don Cox, Brenda Cozens, Larry Craig, Harold Cravt-ns, Richard Crews, Phyllis Crider, Darwin Crossland, Betty Daniel, Eddie Davenport, James Daves, Joanna asf' all 2 shag 5 if 56 135 W G' 5 Dowdy, .lane Downs, Dennis Dulworth, Charles Dulworth, Sharon Dunning, Wilfred Dyer, Russell East, Marinc Easter, Ronnie Eddington, Eddie Edmondson, Barbar Edwards, Linda Eggleston, Don Ehrhart, Donna Elder, Phillip Ellis, Linda Elliston, Richard Embry, Harold Embry, Ronald 3 4 ' , ,JE ' ji 5"'i5?'fi 9 -'F"b S -M 2 -Mi- Maia' iv if K it x Qi at if .f-.,,,, ,my as K vw if 1 LM, at . -A sa ' gray-z-' ol -e , Q Epperson, Martha Erhardt, Barbara Espolt, Diane Evans, Cindy Evans, Edward Evans, Keith Evetts, Keith Evetts, Kenneth Fails, Robert Farris, Neal Faulkner, Veronica Fawcett, John Fedderson, Shaxyle Fenwick, Marvin Fields, Ralph Figaro, Joe Fink, Andra Fitzgerald, Mike , ,Z ,E Jw k 5- ,gg ,fi 'Km'5?2 George, Linda George, Roger Geren, Rejeania Gerred, Daniel Gibson, Betty Gilbert, Darlene Gilbert, Jimmy Glasgow, Cynthia Glover, Sandy Goffey, Richard Goins, Clinton Golden, Danny Gonzales, Dan Gonzales, Don Gooch, Gay Gorden, Toney Gossett, Lelton Goure, George ':+: f 3 all Y gm -MF W +P -. i 'Q' ophomores W .n i .Qs LV' EZ' ' 1 fs 3'-, i :Tx we -1 1-.. 5 Q Q ', 6 ,ui awk? 'i D Z., wma? 'UM T QA' iQ, Qfgf QEFZS Qt ,Lx Flanury, Foe Fletcher. Cindy Ford, Alice Fowler, Susan Fox, Nona Franeis, Larry Franklin, Robert Frederick, Magel Fritz, Tim Froman, .limmie Fry, David Fry, Dorollly Fulton, David Furrh, Leo Gammon, Connie Gann. .loy Garland, Gary Garza, Lance fm aj Y L e , , , we ,E Eg , X if i I ,E 9 Goyer, Linda Grant, Linda Gray, Paul Gray, Linda Green, Brenda Green, Richard Greene, Joyce Greer, Gay Grider, Annette Grimes, Jane Grimm, Marilynn Grissom, Linda Groves, Alvie Guinn, Carolyn Gummer, Gathleen Guthrie, Marilyn Hackett, Vicki Haggard, James 5- H 4 , ff' lf mm I 2 .li 'f-111' ? '- Q i . we X f mi , f J ,ta . J . J ' afw z af a ,3?3?'f" Q 1 l if 1 ,m22.S+,w19i Q6 Sr a if 22 Ji 3' 1-,J Fire- A ' 13" 1? ' is -L A45 if H f ,531 M , J . .. gg! E Hainey, David Hale, Troy Hall, George Hall, Pam Hall, Robert Hall, Robert ,:. A W, ez Halpin, Glynda Hamilton, Darlene Hamilton, Shirleen Hancock, Brenda Hapes, Charlene Hardy, Homer Hargis, Janie Harmon, Janet Harmon, Judy Harmon, Richard Harrington, Joe Harrington, William .2 if, ie, N D ,, Y' 4 Xi- Hicks, John Hicks, Kay Hightower, Carolyn Hill, Dwain Hilterbrand, Jerry Hinkle, Richard Hinton, Helen Hock, Vickie Hodge, Bobby Hodgin, Leslie Hoffman, Alvin Holland, Mike Holt, Steve Horne, Phil Horton, Darrell Houck, Sharon Howard, A. W. Howard, ,lack ibr' 2 , 3 a 0 phomores ,kv ,VfV,,,a,, ,,,f ,. ,img H 'Will' Harris, Diane Harris, Roy Harrison, Lynn Harrison, Ronnie Harrison, Wanda Harrod, Bruce Harvey, Robert Hash, LaDonna Hatfield, Gina Hatley, Paula Hawkins, John Hay, Bill Hayes, Larry Haynes, Curtis Heath, Randy Henderson. .lack Henson, Sharon Hess, LaDonna 6.5 F' it if Ysf . 'Q-li. " i 'f - ., ,fix ' ff 27 if? it ni at X P 6 I f mr 2 y m m fy , fi Mk' 5 if y ,.,,,-,-' 11: 'V s gi? 4 t A K li 2 L ,,ii f u ,R A ai ,5 153 ' flilbifi 1 fwi. Howe, Orville Hudson, Frank Hudson, Linda Hudson, Wayne Huff, Evelyn Hughes, Carolyn Hunter, Barney Hunter, Mike Huston, Linda Hutcherson, Henry Hyden, Kathy Ingle, Cary lvens, Eileen Jackson, Gerald Jackson, ,lack Jackson, Marsha Jackson, Pat Jackson, Sandra ,, .. CZ? ,M f X' X f f ag,,,, 1' M J Q ., MP 5 'Qs 35:5 et:- 'EQ' tm , M . ,-. ' f. .1 , E. 7' .f WT' 'A v J J AAI' .idk 3 Q , it T t' ' 92 Q L2 reassign L- 2 ff 'Q' J J. .ff "'Q Fife? ai! iii- an Jefferson, Victor Johnson, Jim Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson , Larry , Larry , Linda , Sharon Johnston, Danny Johnston, Paula Jones, Bobby P l Jones, Llllli Jones, Randal Jones, Richard Jones, Tommy Jump, Sue Keen, D iana Keffer, Radonna Keith, Dennis Kenyon, Barbara Koos, John Krag, Thomas Kroh, Ray Kuehne, Forrest Lakey, Carolyn Lakey, Larry Lang, Carol Langley, Paul Lanier, Carolyn La Rue, DeWayne Lavarnway, Linda Lawson, Dianna Leach, Linda Leblanc, Warren Lee, Sandra Lierle, Judy Linam, Henry London, Tommy Ketchcrsidc, Ray Kin Darrell Kin Gayle Kin Cay King, Janet King, Mark W3 if-'L King, Paul King, Starling Kirby, Charles Kirby, lim Kirklen, Sharon Kirkpatrick, Phil Knack, Bobby Kniffin, Ann Knight, Barbara Knight, Randy Knopp, Ronald Kolke, Pat ii. 1 j 5 sq K 1' L, Q A 5 ' e at aa Q2 Long, Barbara Long, Tony Loper, Godfrey Loudat, Sheila Luman, Ronnie Madden, Beverly Madding, Sue Madole, Judy Maize, Sondra Maldonado, Arthur Maloy, Herschel Marks, Johnnie Marley, Barbara Marrow, Glen Marshall, Deanna Marshall, Gina Martin, Carole Martin, Charles NW "tj "Q- f alt: le ' Q if sui vsifw. 1 1- tai? . Martin, Paul Martin, Becky Martin, Sherry Massingill, Jerry Matheson, Jimmy Matlock, Melody Matlock, Mike Matlock, Sharon Mauldin, Mike Mauldin, Paul May, Bill McBride, Linda McCain, Pat McClurg, David McConnell, Mike McCown, Stan McCuan, Larry McDonald, Billy 'UF Mitchell, Glenda Mitchell, Jesse Monroe, .lohn Montgomery, Ricky Moon, Linda Moore, Mary Moore, Robert Morgan, Allen Morozoff, Frank Morris, Diane Morris, Lanis Morrow, Keith Mosley, Tommy Motley, Dennis Mullins, Karen Munsey, Ronald Murray, Daryle Murray, Becky ophomores i N. Q f--- ,af McDonald, Linda McDowell, Diana McFadden, Ronald McFeely, Janice McGuire, Bruce Mclnnis, Charles McNeely, Bill McReynolds, Mike Meason, llob Meeks, Robert Melton, Judy Mercer, Dennis Mercer, Karen Merrill, Linda Michel, Jerry Miller, Connie Miller, Kenneth Mills, Robert I ,, i 1.2 r f M1 at ima , .,,,,W , mn 4, if , . V, vm Y' Q54 il Mutz, Mary Muzny, Vernon Myers, David Nation, Paula Newby, Jackie Newell, Steve Nicely, Diana Nicholas, Rick Nichols, Lee Nippert, Sylvia Nitzel, Lillian Nutt, james Odvody, Dale Oldenburg, Gene Oliphant, Sharon Opp, Lehoma Ormiston, Linda Orr, Marilyn Osborn, Ernest Osborne, Steve Osborne, Wathina Ozeretny, Lawrence Parker, Danny Parks, Pam Payne, Myra Payne, Ronald Pecena, Al Peeler, Linda Pellar, Jerry Perkins, Dwight Perrin, Ann Perry, Collenn Pewthers, Judy Phillips, Bob Pierce, Sandra Pigg, Linda it " K 3, lactv Q2 .12 at is v Q' Ridgeway, Cathy Ridley, Mike Riggs, Robert Roach, Nelda Roberts, Darlene Roberts, .limmy Roberts, Rich Robertson, Connie Robinson, Cary Robinson, Gerald Robinson, Bill Rock, Jeffrey Rogers, .lack Rene, Evelyn Rose, Steven Rosier, Merle Ross, Ruth Ann Rowan, Judy is 5 ,, E ophomores Pike, Kay Pine, David Pollock, Frankie Potts, Don Price, Carolyn Price, Linda Price, Sharon Pricer, Duniell Pruett, Linda Pyhas, Lana Raniuge, Charlotte Ramirez, Peggy Ramsey, Jerry Ramsey, Sherry Randlopli, Floyd Ray, Ronnie Ray, Sharon Reynolds, Tommy Rowlan, Arnold Rowland, Earl Rucker, Charles Rupe, Harry Russell, Charles Rychlec, Mike Sack, Dale Sackett, Ray Sain, Eugenia Salter, .leanene Salzer, Julie Sanderson, Burnie Sandlin, Kathy Sandlin, Noble Sante, Pam Sasser, Daniel Scally, Tom Schipper, W'illiam 3 , Q- . N .' Q X , .2 M' Ka . wx, kiwi, ,Q- in -. 2 V 1. S me 'HW 4 , I Schmidt, .lim Schomp, Cary Schroeder, Mike Schultz, Rickey Scifres, Tom Scott, Marie Scroggins, Dickie Selby, Pam Self, Donna Shafer, Ronnie Shaffer, Tanna Shaw, Nancy Shortt, Carl Simpson, Vernon Skaggs, Dennis Slightam, Janet Smart, Frances Smith, Beverly HRT l xffh Spears, Larry Speer, Larry Splawn, Barry Splett, Larry Spradlin, Donald Stacy, Sahra Staffa, .ludy Stair, Dale Stapp, Carl Stapp, Joyce Statham, Sharon Stuarman, Danny Steele, Maureen Steele, Virginia Stephens, Anna Stephens, Terry Stephens, Terry Sterling, Nancy en' -:..,- ,, 'P 1 t It if Q W 1 a t ophomores Smith, Claudine Smith, Donna Smith, Jerry Smith, .lesse Smith, Judy Smith, Kenneth Smith, Dalene Smith, Paula Smith, Sammie Smith, Sondra Smith, Susan Smith, Tommy Snow, Bennie Snow, .lackie Snow, Landu Sohhani, Fara Sorrels, .lo Ann Southerlund, Annette , fa -K f , i af . , ,, - :V +31 at R? ' 'Zigi V : ..v:,, , X .5 F E, V SQ t taat f I an if 'lk' V 5 ll K S was- Q 1 ar? , II5 Stevens, Bill Stevens, Louise Stier, Dale Stiger, Dean Stine, Linda Stone, Richard Stonehraker, ,lames Streeter, Virginia Stroupe, Carolyn Stubbs, Phyllis Sullivan, ,loyce Sullivan, Ricky Sweat, Ava Swindle, Mike Swindle, Linda Temple, Ann Templin, Robert Theimer, Robert ' 'V 1 , gl E5 v " t - t 1' ' e r m- Q. ,ia , . U M. ,S -x fa as at X t as K K al S ...--,: :-- W , ,.:,,V- R , . I M II6 ww, ,X , - Q. were , 'ot M XA ,,,, V .air , 1,,,:i', Q A1 t .,,, in cs, rf i M 'mt Thomason, Marguerate Thompson, Arnold Thompson Beverly Thompson, .lohnnie Thompson, Larry Thompson Mary Thorn, Bruce Thornton, William Timanus, Sandra Tims, Richard Trammell, Linda Troman, Jimmy Trowe, Craig Troxell, Deann Troxell, Tommy Trumhly, James Turner, Angele Turner, .lames Weatherford, Karen Weber, Connie Weed, Gary Weir, Yvette Welch, Jimmy Welch, Judy Whitaker, Mike Whitaker, Pat White, Wanda Whitfield, Diane Whitfield, Evadean Whitlock, Barbara Whomhle, Jimmy Wiley, Ronnie Willard, Rickey Williams, Francis Williams, .ludy Williams, Larry A :-.' V ft, 1 ophomores Turner, Marilyn Tyler, Carolyn Uhfvlder, Warren Ussery, Judy Vanderhurg, Linda Waddell, Roger Wade, Diana Waldrop, Chuck Walker, Barbara Walker, Duane Walker, Made-lyn Wallis, Margie Ward, Aliee Ward, Phil Warren, Judy Watson, Mike Watson, Hoy W'ax, Charlotte L ,f""' magma Williams, Lynette Williams Sandra Williams Kity Williams, Shirley Williams, Lou Williams, Velma Williams, Bill Willis, Marie Wilson, Linda Winkler, Ray Winton, Thomas Witt, Pam Wolfe, Barbara Womack, Shirley Wood, Billy Woodall, Linda Woodie, Jimmy Woods, Ernie 4- ? 4 3' 2 4 , 11 f Q,-Q, Yousey, Laura Zumbro, Jere What difference does the class make, when there's school spirit. II8 Wx, is is arm ew : I' if f 'lvl g t .ts-,LQ 1 .gazfsv . ..,. ,E-f " : V i L V Worley, Tommy Wright, Mike Wynn, Margie Yandell, Sandford Yerby, Curtis Yonce, Sandra Say CHEESE." ,W-JF' 7 ' W. Hi N.5.P.A. takes Grant ftudvntf lu Chicugw. '54 luok for lllllhflf, tillv, Enix und TIUIIIIJCY. if 5, , Si i Look and wish. ng and yulfll mukc' music: in your IICZIYI, Y w . 1 is Q 5 I womlvr if you can gvt Nvw York on thx-fc things? IxICilIKiiUll5 tones fill ilu' air us the lfrcflllxmvxl Choir Dllll' " K Arc thi-so our futl Activities Fill ...gh "Thank you, munc againf' logists of America? Hurry, hurry, so you will be able to eat. Freshman Year. When you get that hollow feeling . . . eat. fy J Wi E ,FM I2l 4 A an l g -Q i r' tw- , W ff 4 "g f , in , , W if Li ' it '1-. I 4,,. ..,., W nr fzaulll , 3 - -Qt afar? -..,,': 35122 . my .43 tr . l, F 3 J 4. z S K A -r K 1 , f ff fan, t I 2, ,, , A-?:'3s1, lWl7Y t e Z.. ,.. , , , K ,A .3 Mn.. 5 as ,V MM, t, I " Ein , 'ax .L -' ,,g,,u, :V-gg23sff -:-,,,3z-,-' ,A A Mr? 8 ft, 44' im M M ft-ami 'W ri Wit- fn? ft W? f K , ff-' 245 . mit f A--ta-sa ,f z.a,,-,,s-,,, - f ,,,,. of M if at ., ,,,. f, ,. V ,Q Binswanger, Brenda Bishop, Mary .lane Blackwood, Sandy Bogle, Dianna Booton, Phylis Bost, Janice I22 if ,t .. Agee, Jerry Aker, .lean Allen, Kathy Allen, Stan Alley, ,Ieanett Allison, Wayne Ames, David Anderson, Cheryl Anderson, Marcella Ashworth, Karen Asplin, Mary Austin, Aaron Autaulm, Kenneth Babbit, David Baber, Tommy Baker, Becky Baker, John Bamberger, Diana Barefoot, Clinton Barrett, Vicki Bass, Tana Bauer, Gerry Bcall, Don Beardon, Larry Bell, .lohn Bellall, James Benda, Linda Bennett, Larry Berry, Benton Berry, Ronnie My! This lt-af must have Come from Texas! l Bowling, Mary Branum, Ronnie Britt, Bill Bross, Gloria Brotherton, Cary Brown, ,lerry Brown, Ken Brown, Leroy Brown, Randy Browning, Diana Bryan, Danny Burkart, Larry Bushey, Susie Butler, Cladene Callhoun, Sherry Camp, Mary Campbell, Jerry Canaday, Larry Cannon, Claudette Carey, Linda Carmack, Bob Carmack, Kaye Carman, ,Iolane Carpenter, Donna Carter, Ronnie Casey, Gene Chadwick, Larry Chambers, Frank Chandler, Steve Cheekrnore, Pat See how the other half lives . . . :J : sl. P' it all ig Sl? 'ft 5 .. fi uh, C'Q,,?' , V 'mixlilm C 2 A Y its XF , work, work, work! .ax A5 ., L :M A 1 in A ,,., M 1, K sas.. fi., -gn: ., 1, . . X SX -4 J , 3 S ' X tw 1' , 2 S J, S, Q A t ? fx QXAEQA xx i at K 1 at if .. 1 - X1 1 , 3 Sa ' -f ,teffgqqigg . A ' 1 , W M Sit ,fum ti.. Chestnut, Stan " , i": Chlapowski, Ed V' Clark, Dwayne I 9 Qi K K -bf W if ' , ,, ,,,,... , ,,,,, ., 5 ,,, ..t Clark, Monte Clay, Ronald Clinu-r, Greg Freshmen l23 1 V' I , .,,. ,B 'E , - as 5, , ,Q 5 3 3 3V 5?'!f1"g,1' T' I 'V a du- ,. .A H k,. M .,,k A ,tl ff Q -. P ' K wi tv? lk KN ,S fa. " :fin 1 oydu "' , Clown-re, Dennis , N .,'V V , '22 74L'! 5' Coker, Ben ,Q X ' in Coker, Donna Cftffkv Linda Cook, Tom 3 if f " Coppin, Howard s as 1 Lv , 4 - . 4 Q . , um 4 if nz? 'VLL 7 yy- We , , - ' 5 Z . Cornelius, lack 'fp 7-'I , 4 , 2-5. , H I . 2, , , . Cox, Carolyn f 7 'TW ,? ,V , T AJ I Cox, Starla , -f L - 3, we-1+ 3 1,2 Cox, etei 0 X ' ,air tm C gl- , Crux ens, Karen '55 ' ,- Cfvff11,Ed , 'fx " ' . '.,. ,, , - ,ggi I .M . ing, ,K 4 ji.. 1 -yr 2, ,rt -1. :I , Ea ' '- 1 tx , "nf J -- gas 7, AIVV , HE L vw . .,f,--wr ye., ,gf N. .:. ...z..-. Q , A. it 0' ',i'f?53YfkE " 'F 2-F' S Y Deaver, Danny Decker, Marada Dedmon, Jimmy w , Delay, Linda Demeter, Carolyn Demick, George I24 Crouch, Kathy Crump, Lynne Cunningham, Hershel Cunningham, Ma Curhy, Larry Curry, Mike rlha Curtis, .lanct Davidson, Loretta Davitlson, Ronald Davis, Bob Davis, Bonnie Davis, Charlette Davis, ,lerry Davis, Mike Dawkins, Richard Daws, Connie Day, Mike Dean, Miekie 5, YE Could this be the skeleton Mr. Butler found in his closet Dixon, David Dodderer, James Dorough, Sandra Doughty, Roger Drake, Donna Durkee, Janice Dutton, Fred Eurles, Sherilyn Eavenson, Sharon Edinburgh, Charles Edwards, Norman Epton, Helen Faulkenberry, Lynda Felgenhauer, Dennis Fields, Dee Fischer, Mike Fisher, Pat Fletcher, Phillip Fowler, Mike Fox, ,lim Fruizcr, Sammy Freeman, .lohnny Fuller, David Fuller, Tony Camlmle, Alfred Garland, Danny Garland, Kay Ceeslin, .loe George, Larry Ciddens, Steve Jiagraming can be fun??? 1 M -'vu fx" U . L wif L 5 2 if In K ,Q ,V V ii' , N9 'i,, ,,,, as flies, ,'af g A l , F aff, .1 L l, ' 'X 'ff 'aw x . ,jxki Glover, Gary Codlasky, Leonard Godsy, Connie Gonzales, Bruce Core, Don Gorham, Terry I I25 , '.,, , ,1. 4...-rf 4 Freshmen Hill, .limye Hill, Mike Hock, Punkin Holcomb, Bryon Holden, Junior Holland, Jerry l26 Graham, Linda Gravitt, Mike Greene, Richard Green, Steve Grigsby, Dennis Grigsby, Lee Guinn, Phyllis Gully, Donna Gummer, Linda Guthrie, Jimmy Haas, Joyce Hackney, Phyllis Hall, Freddy Hall, Gilbert Hamil, Steve Hammett, Margaret Hargis, Richard Harper, Jimmie Harris, Gloria Harris, Margaret Harris, Pam Hartman, Phyllis Hathcock, Keith Hawkins, Anna Hayden, Kitty Hearod, Ronnie Heim, Paula Hicks, Bill Hilburn, Ken Hill, Billie Practice, practice, practice, makes a better sound Hopkins, Larry Horton, Louise Hostcr, Keith Hoster, Kirk Howard, Stan Howell, Kon Huffines, Sharon Hunt, Pamela Hunter, Donna Hunter, Cn-gg Hurd, Steve Ingram, Betty James, Rosie james, Sandra lcfferys, Diana Jenkins, Randy johnson, Barb Johnson, Cathlecn Johnson, Jerry W. Johnson, Karen Johnson, Mike Johnson, Pain Johnston, Margaret Jones, Beverly Jones, Bohhy Jones, .lohnny Jones, Mary Ellen Jones, Mary Jordan, Mike Keen, Don f ,L . :A.:, f .ft F ' 4 All together nowwl, 2, 3,,' says Mr. Ballew as he shows ns class the techniques of learning music. E mg ,FQ 'S if t ' 9 .Bw : wax 2 Z wi It fg EK r' King, Allan King, Phyliss Kirby, ,lim Kirk, Bill Kirkham, Luis Kistler, Ronnie I27 if V 5 E- ff? A-in Fi f ,.1a, .'f Q "f 2 ,H ., 11" I M of . E ,P 'Q f ic ,ji : " .Q ' .. 1 ax .jgify Q13 fi. Efiw iyty :'l'i1JQf-'SEFE 0 ' Q yi 54 25? i V., ,. L 3' ai K M , fn L 1 H, 15 if X ill! A 'Y ii f e ' tg. 'l i f Freshmen 17 or ,T , viii wt' r. ,. ,.,, 3 lli y 5A,. , Q, K. X ia mag L to lf ig ..,, 1 2 . ,.:f, ,..Z,, ,.-g -,.,:: 4 . ,f L4 . . 35,43 .greg x :V Qi, ,af . :yur-,t Qi, E+, 'W I A' -. 1 'V Q M is 1 lie 252' 1 f , K, f , X. ,, McClure, Karen Moffreight, Carolyn McCune, Diana McDougal, Larry McEwen, Mike McGuire, .lulie I28 Knapp, Authur Koos, Carolyn Kriegel, Paula Kune, Frank Lal3lance, Mary Lamb, Linda Lansford, Larry Lasiter, Carol Latham, Pat Lawter, Mike Leewright, Vicki Leird, Pam Lesher, Bill Liehegott, Bill Lindsey, Butch Lindsey, Jennifer Lively, Willianl Longfellow, Kathy Lott, Doug Love, Lonnie Lovelace, Phyllis Lovett, Charlotte Maddox, Handy Main, Donna Malan, Sharon Manning, Ki Martin, Betty May, Marjorie Mayo, Barbara McBride, .lohn "Hey, look! Oklahoma is around here somewhere Mclntyre, .lim McLean, Sherry McMahan, .laney McNutt, Susan Meeks, Susie Meggs, .lim Melton, Connie Mercer, ,lorry Messimorc, Peggy Miklinsky, Katie Miller, Clint Miller, Ronda Mitchell, Lynn Montgomery, Karen Moore, Gary Morgan, Donna Morgan, Phillip Morris, Vickie Morrison, Pat Morrow, Walt Motley, George Murphy, Rose Muse, .loLynn Mutz, Norma Nelson, John Nutt, Connie Ochulla, Robert Odom, Gwen Ormiston, Lloyd O'Shield, Mike c'ti'T?' ' ti, .L . .,i , , , S i Up here in the corner of our state," explains Mr. Hos- rtter. S 'fs' kgfllgff 'ei gg 1: f' 32 5 if fhf if ,buff Q lk Padgett, Gayle , I. - ' .' Painter, Queba i V N, Mgt, V Passmore, Linda ti' 'gif A, Patterson, Tyrone Pauley, Meredith Paine, Raymon Freshmen l29 .. .I .fx .aaa M A 'ff' t it i ttsyi ,,, 2 41 A J2 .-was 5 -A 'ff K? 5 magma 44.-L7 " , ff 31 J .Z-be I ,,. -"" 49 yrs, ,ff ,1 1 i he-Z-V X 'Wg , ,,,, , , W, x so A ' ,Wa . i ,,'- G 1lw.fv?seN it mm. T '- f R+' 5- ' , ' X' ff 2? ii," 4 Q-1af:fl,f?,aihl+?:!i T7 krr r. f o't'W' ' P l r Rice, Rita Riddle, .loanie Ripley, Betty Richie, Gail Roane, Lynn Roberts, Don l30 Pearson, Pat Peck, Jim Peck, Larry Peck, Pat Periyman, Dennis Perryman, Douglas Peters, David Peterson, Barb Peterson, Floyd Petkoff, Gale Phillips, Donna Piper, Tyler Plemons, Sherry Pollock, Patsy Pound, Ann Prowin, Michelle Pruett, J ay Pursufull, Glenn Quick, Darla Rainbow, Jeri Ramsey, Sherry Rappe, Beverly Raulston, Terry Ray, Marti Reeder, Dick Reid, David Reimche, Marvin Renfro, Kathy Reser, Susanne Rhodes, Marilyn Blessed he the one who invented the eraser. WML- Eyes on Robert, Ilene Roberts, M. D. Robertson, Linda Robinson, Brenda Rone, Mike Rotan, Bill Ryals, Ted Sain, Linda Salmon, Phyllip Sanchez, Frenid Sanders, Carol Schofield, Dianne Schroeder, Carol Selby, ,laymee Seller, Carolyn Shade, Wallace Shaha, Ken Shroposhire, Linda Shropshire, Sandra Simmons, Charles Simmons, Terry Simpson, James Sisson, Carol Skidmore, Loyd Smith, Charlotte Smith, Dale Smith, Jimmy Smith, Pat Smith, Phil Smitt, Randy the book, fingers on the keys. .1 r My S, ma y if 2, 1, . ,,,,. it 'ff gi Snider, Odis Southerland, Jarrel Spitler, Suzanne Sprague, Bev Spruiell, Jack Starlings, Mickey I3I l Freshmen , ' ,At Q H fi A 7 1 y M 5 ff, ,nv-f' -i f Standifer, Curtis Stapp, Raymond t v--, t M Steed, George ik T we , 'ibn wjfr V Stephens, Lynette ' "' Stevens, Cindy 5: if -ai Ag B -'R ., .1:, . Stewert, Roy Q , fi Straily, Jerry Straka, Gary Streetman, Linda Sullivan, Taylora Sullivent, Ronnie Swinney, .lim 'Law L, wi', 5 ' 4 A - Tassell, Kay 4. 1' I . , f 'I " M We f' jf 1 'T A' Tatum, Shirley 'f' 1 ..: Z 'YQIP1 " 1 Taylor, Charles S , ' , Mi - Vylz S 'itll Taylor, Trudy y i W T , C ' 'zil' Thomason, J eanerte t y ,. , H ii l A ' NL: ,gi " We 'S Thompson, Jeannette H 5 3" - Thompson, Leslie il r'l, ,J A1 V W Q ,Ji Thompson, Linda , s Thompson, Marcia Q I " fi YQ , . K Thompson, Tommy ,, A f Thorne, Elizabeth aw V'k, ' 11' Elf 'th QE A I Q? gm' Il gin Wt? JK lf, ,,... , , , fit ,L-'J V 1, fu rt It S 41 f I iii, X 5 19 55535 , YW' S im 'K Q, 3,- ,, at , f, ., " af : 1. W +321 Q- 5 --,, it 3 1 ,, f. Jig...- t 'J 1 :if '- y riff! i z5j',,iQ,'gsf ' :if ,. Yj: .,,F. 1f., "at f f : :, 'f , If-f ,. ,l i :- ,. - . V. hi Pwjlqik 23?-'V , A , -g E 34' at Timm, Alan M y Tinsley, James 1, K, Trent, Rickey iw Trittipo, Tom , .,. K S Trotter, .limmy A Kim Tucker, Richard , .ff-N, " U f Tumboat Gayle If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again. Y Umbarger, Ken Unger, Walter Vanzant, Lynn Vaughn, Myra Vaughn, Verna I32 Wade, Murray Wakefield, Rebecca Walkabout, Warren Walton, Judy Webb, Susan Westrope, Larry Whitaker, Danny Whiteman, Roger Wilhanks, Ronnie Wilkerson, Don Willard, Debra Williams, Bobbie Williams, Craig Williams, Kay Williamson, Mike Williford, Bill Willingham, Robert Willis, Bill Willis, Sandra Wilson, J ack Wilson, Linda Winans, .limmy Wiseman, Peggy Woffenburger, Tim Wofford, Terry Woods, Teresa Wylie, Steve Yancey, Mary Yarberry, John Yetter, C-len Pretty hard to think, isn't it! '1 Young, Kathy Yousey, Jolene Zoeller, Barbara , 'affix ,, ., lem, X .,.,, Mt.. ,.,, 2, ,,.., ,. 3 , X - .x.,f , - .,,, ,, 5 . NOT PICTURED Brehm, Anthony Burnett, Linda Drouin, Michelle Hainey, Ronald Henry, Ronny Freshmen Howeth, Richard Johnson, .lerry D. Keller, Carolyn Shortt, Mark Weldon, Max , we -ff- rf- v ,V ta, . 7 'ff Q 'I if i 'Wg - f f.'Hmf 4 1 , Jiri? , f gg Q , 'I 'fiat gp! yu. S uf far' x '97 1 I Q Q W 1 w I34 Activities rf gf 'Z ' Q51 0 r 'wc 1 1 JOHN SHIPLEY The General and 3 His Lady PAM HOLDEN FINIS HERRON BILL MAYSJR. ANN KRAG JANET PRICE I38 u i 11 LONNIE HINES TERRY SIMPSON YNDA TREICHLER KAREN NEWELL I39 Early morning Student Council mor-ting lirtds re-pri-scnlatives still dozing lmul when the bc-ll rings, all are alert. tudent ounczl works hard Jerry Pitt look5 over one of the many posters thc Studvnt Council judged during TOlHIllyCv0l1ld asks if tlivrc is any new busine the basketball season. ft 1 . t I40 Service was the prime objective of the Student Council at U.S. Grant this past year. It stressed the point of service by sponsoring poster contests, the United Fund Drive, Thanksgiving baskets, Toys for Tots, and the Christmas decorating contest. Good citizenship was also stressed this past year in all of the phases of school life, in the classroom and also in every activity at Grant. Representatives were sent from the Council to the National, State, and Southern Convention this year. The Student Council was a host school at the Oklahoma Association of Student Councils conven- tion which was held at a neighboring school. Grant was elected President for the convention of 1963- 1964. Governing and directing the 1962-63 Student Council was Tom Gould, President, Karen Newell, Vice Presidentg Billye Sue Cox, Secretary, Kathy Thompson, Treasurerg Phyllis Chambers, Parlia- mentariang Kathy Hensely, Historian, and Marilyn Grape, Reporter. Assisting the officers in this organ- ization were representatives and alternates elected from each homeroom. to achieve goals Our President, Tommy Could, extends a welcoming hand to visiting OASC delegates. Karen Newell, elected Toys for Tots Princess from Grant, later competed and won 1963 Toys for Tots Princess city-wide. David Johnson, president, discusses plans for Senior names on yearbooks with Senior Class Committee. The 1963 Senior Class Planning Commit- tee has devoted many hours to establishing tra- ditions. As the world is based on traditions, and our people live by traditions, they felt justified in passing along a few of their own. The Senior Generals are proud of their school and of their student body. They have attempted to show .their pride by leaving something of themselves. They had a senior dance which they hope will be an accepted rule for years to follow. For those who did not dance they carried through a traditional Generals Review, a talent show within the Senior Class. The planning committee is composed of homeroom representatives, sponsors, and the senior class officers, who are: David Johnson, Presidentg Cheryl Driskell, Vice Presidentg Saundra Bushey, Secretary, Judy Bell, Treas- urerg Susan Schroeder, Parliamentarian, and Shari F ort, Reporter. These students and teachers have worked side by side to make the best graduating class from U.S. Grant, the 1963 Seniors. Activities fill senior year Senior Class officers taste candy for the Senior class sales. They are, standing: Susan Schroeder, Parliamentariang Saundra Bushey, Secretaryg Cheryl Driskell, Vice Presidentg David Johnson, President and Shari Fort, Reporter. Not pictured: Judy Bell, Treasurer. Sponsors seated include: Mrs. Wheeler, Mrs. Humphery, and Mr. McCain. -wilson.-sul Sponsors and .lunior Class Committee members meet every Friday morning to discuss and plan junior activities. funiors prepare or senior year Planning and directing a memorable and activity-filled year for the l963 lr. Class of US. Grant was the Jr. Class Planning Com- mittee. Their main goal and aim is to perfect their Jr. year so that they may look hack with fond and wonderful memories of the year ,63. The dates on the calendar of the Jr. Class Planning Committee included meetings to discuss plans for the Jr.-Sr. Prom, revision of the Constitution. electing of Mr. and Miss Christmas Present, a mid-year dance, and poster parties. Each of these activities individ- ually played their significant part in the com- pletion of perfecting the Jr. year for the Class of '64, Leading the Jr. Class Planning Commit- tee were the officers: President, Roy Sim- mons: Vice President, Edith Burrsg Secre- tary, Candy Hitig Treasurer, Peggy Evansg Parliamentarian, Judy Garnerg and Reporter, Jill Thomson. The sponsors included: Mrs. Savage, Mr. Kellogg, Mr. Marker, Mrs. Mvatt, Mrs. Richter, Mrs. Long and Mr. Dowdell. Mike Terrel and Pam-Holden were chosen as Mr. and Miss Christmas Presentg one of the Junior class activities. I43 Safety Council members recognize the fact that as cars have become better and more efficient, so must traffic laws. Safety is a familiar and respected Word around the premises of U.S. Grant. And behind this word stands a group of people organized to plan and insure safety. The U.S. Grant Safety Council strives to promote greater security throughout the school, homes, and community. Undertaking many various projects this year, besides the yearly car check and the issuing of parking stalls, the stu- dents and their sponsor, Mr. Kegans, have taken on the responsibility of traffic safety. By no means, is this an easy task at G.H.S. These same people, besides arranging traffic signs and police protection at many different events, organized the fire and tornado drills, given throughout the year. Residents and students may feel confi- dent and at ease knowing that this organiza- tion is striving to promote greater safety and Well-being to one and all. top, look, and listen These and many more Safety Council members have striven to improve U.S. Grant. I44 Red Cross members take time from one of their busy meetings to furnish the photographer with a pose. and be cz riend to man Under the expert supervision of Mrs. Novey, the organization known as the Red Cross has spent many hours of hard work in helping and caring for less fortunate people in their community. Their most important project this year was reorganiz- ing their group and planning for the year ahead. They also combined with the Stu- dent Council to obtain two hundred volun- teers to work with the polio clinics in the city. Members of the Red Cross assisted other members of other schools in planning the Red Cross Training Center at Lake Murray. Five delegates from U.S. Grant are allowed to attend the training center. The Red Cross also directs the enter- tainment at various hospitals in the city. Mr. Ballew has assisted in this project by presenting a program by a few of his choir members. Twirlers from Grant also pre- sented a show for the Child Convalescent Hospital in Bethany. Mrs. Novey, Red Cross sponsor, confers with Emagrace Rea about a pressing matter I45 These students and Librarians help students at Grant find those much needed books and materials. The Library contributes knowledge Library Club members appreciate the value of knowing how to use reference materials. I46 Many facilities at US. Grant aid the faculty and students, but none more than the Library, and Library Club. Organized in 1954, the clubas main purpose has been, and will continue to be, service. The students, themselves, operate the library by shelving the books, check- ing them both in and out to the students, and many other various tasks. With the diligent work of the members of the Library Club, we cannot help but have an un- limited amount of knowledge stored in the many various books and magazines, which are contained in the Library. Serving our student body in' every Way possible, the librarians, Mrs. Patterson and Miss Shore, when asked, help find informa- tion and books on many different and unusual subjects, otherwise not found. The library at U.S.G.H.S. also offers a place to study, read, or sit and think with- out being disturbed. '4Break a leglw to some this may seem a morbid statement, but to Thespians it means 4'Good luck!" And this is exactly what the Thespians have had this past year. The Thespians first chant-e to wget into the act" was the Junior Class play 6'You Can't Take It With Youf' and many Thespians took advantage of it. Local speech contest also helped them enrich their talents. Another of the Thespians projects was to hind in book form, and donate to the library, a collection of the plays the Thespians have presented in the past years. The last play they produced was uThe Diary of Anne Frankfl which brought de- light to students and parents alike. For her first year at Grant, Mrs. Billie Boston sponsored the Thespian Chap- ter at US- Gram- Just kill me 1n that stuff while the Thespians per orm These are the people who made many of the plays possible The Thesplans Larry Hill is affected by a sudden case of camera shyness. Under the direction of Mr. Bill Waltman, the Jeffersonians have be- come an active organization at US. Grant. The club was first organized in Oklahoma City in 1906 and was started at Grant in 1961. The uleffsi' as it is called, is an organization for boys only. Its main purpose is to interest and teach boys how to speak and give talks to an audience. Besides the educational aspects of the club, it also has its social. From hayride and the various dinner meetings, the Jeffersonians also spon- sored their annual banquet for the Alumni in December. This year's officers were: Presi- dent-John Rea, Vice President- David Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer -Bill Gill, Sponsor-Mr. Waltman. Dal McGinnis and Larry Poe practice an im portant speaking technique-smiling. M ejfsp' rise above mediocrity ,Ieffersonian members listen to Mr. Waltman, Sponsor, read coming plans. Members include from left to right: .loe Case, Chris Jahnke, David Johnson, Bill Gill, Larry Hill, Mr. Waltman, John Rea, George Teague, Dal Mclnnis. I N.F.L. members gayly smile for the cameraman. Seated: Mrs. Boston, Janet Muller, Phyllis Chambers, Kathy Thompson, Bill Gill, Mr. Waltman. Second row: Carla Essary, Kathy Hensley, Pam Ellis, Pat 0lNeal, Joe Case, George Teague, Susan Smith, Nancy Wilkerson, Billye Sue Cox, Tommy Gibson, Mike Cook, Jimmy Jolly. Achievement in Speech and Drama brings its own reward The ability to communicate has always been one of rnangs most important powers. This, along with his ability to think, places man above the level of the animal. Perfecting this ability, compet- ing with others from all over the state, and making new and interesting friends are all reasons that students of Speech and Drama work long hours to prepare for the many tournaments which take place during the school year. The National Forensic League is a club which gives recognition to outstanding achievements in the first two categories. The third is quite obviously its own reward. This year Grants' N.F.l... made plans to make this chapter more than an organization in name only. Any group of kids who can have that much fun at tournaments can really have a great club. U.S. Grant High School students Kathy Thompson and Janet Muller receive the award for second place in Sweepstakes, Class A, during Central State Col- lege's 29th annual speech tournament held Feb. 15 and 16. I49 F.T.A. members meet every Friday morning to discuss plans for future teaching. .TA has eventful year F.T.A. officers preside over one of their numerous meetings. 'CTO further knowledge of, and encourage inter- est of superior students in the profession of teach- ingf, is the intent of the US. Grant auxiliary of the Future Teachers of America. Putting forth their best efforts to represent Grant, the F.T.A. attended everything from a 'gBeatnik Root Beer Brawl" to a State Convention at O.S.U. Their activity list also included a pizza party, covered dish dinner, fashion show, Christmas caroling party, and a Sweetheart Dinner. Although the members had a fun-filled year, they learned the uhowsi' and 'gwhysi' of teaching through their sponsors, the Leadership Workshop at Tulsa University, and the State Convention at O.S.U. To put their knowledge and talents to use, twenty-four members of F.T.A. taught at Millard Fillmore Elementary School. This years officers were: President, Marsha Tate, Vice President, Billie lVlcAtteeg Recording Secretary, Cathy Hensleyg Corresponding Secretary, Donna Abel, Treasurer, Phyllis Chanbersg His- torian, Sherry Anderson, Parliamentarian-Librar- ian, Paul Nutt, Bachelor's Chairman, Joe Case, and Reporter, Janie Hutchinson. The tap, tap, tap of the typewriters tells us that the business students of US. Grant are on the ball. Moving up in tomorroW,s world of business is the goal for every l7'.B.L.A. member. Business holds a great future for many, and the students of US. Grant are exploring this vast field. Their explorations are guided by the Future Business Leaders of America. an organization formed to provide leader material for the Business world. They are being prepared for this business world by taking courses fitting into the field. The F.B.L.A. is trying to help these energetic business students familiarize themselves with the different problems and aspects of being the guide of tomor- row's businesses. The Business Department of Grant offers many different types of subjects to our enthusiastic busi- ness students such as: Shorthand, Typing, Business lVlachincs, Bookkeeping, General Business, Business English, Business Math, and even IBM training. Business students plan now for fntnre FBLA is one of U S Grants largest and most active or anrzanons Nagin .1 'L .5 Ambition seems to glow through the smiles of the artists in the art club. Sponsored by Mrs. Morene Long, the Art Club looked forward to a fun-filled and prosperous year during 1963. This year, the Art Club had forty-one members. Their activities during the year were varied. From a beautiful sculptured piece to a landscape painting, the Art Club helped to beautify the halls of Grant. At the first of the year, the Art Club prepared an installation dinner to welcome their new officers to the club. During Christmas, the members of the Art Club made decorations for the Red Cross and the Veterans Hospital. To broaden their knowledge of art, the Art Club visited art museums at the Fair Grounds and at Norman, Oklahoma. The officers of the Art Club during the year 1962-63 were: President, Cherry Wilkerson, Vice President, Mike Yar- barough, and Billie McAtteeg Secretary, Pam Parks, Treasurer, Dennis Carmong Reporter, Bill Stevens, Parliamentarian, Phil Burrows, Historians, Lynda Rogers and Maureen Steel. Art lub is ambitious 'gWonderful World of Color," was the theme for the Art Club Spooks and goblins are painted on the windows of party. Shown here are members receiving and pinning on Grant Square by art class members. their pins. ' I52 Inspiration members listen attentively to one of the speakers who The Inspiration Club has been formed at Grant to inspire the students has been asked to talk to the young people of U.S. Grant. to become better students and leaders. Christian join orces The Y-Teens organization is a part of the world-wide Young Wome11's Christian Association. The girls share in fun, fellowship, and spiritual growth. As Y-Teens, girls have opportunity to develop leadership qualities as they plan and carry out their program. The US. Grant Y-Teens met egularly at eight oiclock every ednesday morning. Then on the ifirst Monday evening of each month, they had an outside speaker such as a nurse, a beautician. a florist, and people from other oc- cupations in which girls are inter- ested. This year the Y-Teens worked in Nursing Homes by reading to the aged, writing letters for them, End visiting with them. They also Fold carnations for a money- naking project. gTOUPS F5325 tra Flowers were oneof the many projects which the Grant chapter of the Y-teens performed. The Y-Teens is a very fine club which helps our female members of Grant in many walks of life. 153 5 t 3101 vs ' ...W . sf' T ' ,st 'uf-me xiFE....tfig' Tape Pals dictate a message to foreign correspondents. Friendship is the bridge that spans the world Paul Asplin puts the finishing touches on a tape. l54 The national organization of World Tape Pals. introduced by President Eisen- hower, has a chapter at U.S. Grant. The purpose of the World Tape Pals is to introduce communication between other lands and states. Mr. Gil Moutray is the sponsor of the Tape Club. The Tape Club consists of twelve members. These members make tapes and send them to other students of their own age. These students express their opinions on different issues of the day, tell about their hobbies, exchange news- papers and post cards, and build friend- ships throughout the world. Sending and recording tapes teaches students to think rapidly. The students can learn different languages, and if they happen to be taking a foreign language in school, they can send a tape to someone who fluently speaks the language they are taking. The student body of US. Grant could not get along without the help of the printing class. The printers study and learn about printing hoping to become good enough to print things for the school. The printers print almost all of the printed material that is beheld by the students here at Grant. This year US. Grant had its first printing club. This club met every other Tuesday morning at 8 oiclock in Mr. McCain's room. The officers for 1962-63 were: President, Alvin Pecenag Vice President, Kathryn Nladdoxg Secretary, Mary Farrg and Treasurer, Judi Rice. To be a photographer for the US. Grant Year- book or Newspaper staff. calls for a thorough knowledge of taking pictures. One of the main requirements of a staff photog- rapher is to take the first year photography course, instructed by Mr. Bob McCain. In this class, you learn how to take pictures, develop them, the kind of film to use, and how to adjust the cameras. Only the students who make the best grades, and are interested in photography, attain, the position of staff photographer. D0n't they look like the type?-The Printer's Club. Tintypes and cameras work hand in hand The camera clan before the lens is Cl switch! ll Mike Conn shows Darwin Crider his technique for enlargm pictures. l55 ui Nancy Hughes and Pam Clisan discuss an intricate math problem. 4'What is enjoyment for some, may be Work for othersn is exemplified in the Mu Alpha Theta or the US. Grant chapter of the Math Club whose sole aim is to further their knowledge in the field of mathematics. An A or B+ average in Math and an A or B average in all other courses is a Nmustw to join this organization. Requirements also include one year of either Trigonometry, Algebra II, or any other higher math. The Mu Alpha Theta is a type of Honor Society for math students alone. Two members of the Math Club, Joe Case and Keith Carson, taught Go Tran to the others. Co Tran is an advanced computor science course which was taught at 0.U. As in the other clubs and organizations members of Mu Alpha Theta enjoy their club activities as well as learn from them. They sponsored a Banquet to initiate new members and a picnic for all the members and their dates. G.HS. prepares, or mathematical world Theorems, slide-rules, pencils, and paper are found in profusion when the Mu Alpha Theta meets. 1 ft fm t ' Libya L , ': F5 ff fw .lim l.ceder and Ron.Stacy demonstrate some The newly-formed Oklahoma Technical Society gathers around their charter for their first of their electronic cquipment. yearbook picture. The US. Grant Technical Society has appeared for the first time this year. The organization is a charter chapter of the Oklahoma Technical Society which is a state organization. Any student who is interested in science and electronics is eligible for membership. Mr. Briggs is the sponsor of the club. Special guest speakers at the meetings tell the members what will be expected of them if they enter a certain vocation. This year the club took field trips to Tinker Field and the F.A.A. The officers for this year are: Pres., Ron Stacyg V. Pres.. Jack Turnerg Sec.-Treas. Eva Whitfield: and Sergeant-at-Arms, Cary Dodrill. The main goal of the LYS. Grant Science Club is to further the interest in science. Anyone who is interested in the many phases of science is a welcome member of the club. Meetings were held each Friday morning with the aid of the sponsors. Mr. Kellogg and Mr. Butler. The officers of the Science Club for 1962-63 were: Pres., Jimmy Schmidtg V. Pres., Gina Marshallg and Sec.-Treas., Sandra Even Science Students ,my be a,mm.d M what thpy Shropshire. can learn from this interesting field. Science and electronics are products of progress Experiments are halted while Science Club members have their picture made for the yearbook. -Q Distributive Education students set the tradition of a D.E.C.A. Club at Grant. Kaye Hill was Crowned Grant 5 first D.E. queen. D.E.C.A. makes debut at Grant High D.E. students decorate the Library window at Christmas time and throughout the year. This year US. Grant is proud to have listed for the first year among its many activities, the D.E.C.A. Club, or Distributive Education Club of America. The only requirement for joining the D.E.C.A. club is that you must be in one of lVlr. Lemmons Distributive Education classes. D.E.C.A. is a club to further youth activity in marketing and distribu- tion. This club is organized on a local, state, and national level. lt provides incentive and recognition for DE. students. D.E.C.A. encourages group par- ticipation, develops leadership abilities, and also encourages career study. D.E.C.A. has many aims and purposes. A few of'them followg to help raise educational standards, to show opportunities in marketing and distribu- tion, to develop leaders in marketing and distribu- tion, to help develop employable men and women, to practice active citizenship participation, and also to encourage competitive knowledge and develop- ment. N 'X 'W mmwwwwqmwif W V D M. WJ 1 fe byfielmg, Www , X 5 , 2 V1 i.' , , .,V, ? . wr mg '4 if '-:f I-ei 3 K f ,ifffffi 4 ix if K fmt' AF : .,. , 6 i xi' 6, Mk. T .A 'U 41 REE?" it ,em We N9 I S . , if , E J. . , , W KTM f 5:::a5 yfnMi2fg5g4b,, D E' . R Q ir 4152, 15 Jw ' Wa - K7 wgw wb 2, M1 ff V , P M Nik M W f Q K 4 K 1 A .,,.: The French club is one of the largest organizations at U.S. Grant. Seated are the officersg Sherry Wyont, Secretary-Treasurer: Gene Knight, Sergeant-at-Armsg Peggy Gouge, Historian: Marsha Swint, Reporter. Not pictured are Brenda Mathis, President, and Carolyn Vandaveer, Vice President. Comment allez-vous? French Club members pause for a moment out of a busy day. One of the world's universal languages, besides English, is French.'The students of U.S. Grant are equally proud to be offered one of the more cosmopolitan languages of the past and present time. Organized along side of the course is the French Club. The U.S.G.H.S. chapter serves as a promoter of the understanding and interest of the customs and language. Mrs. lnez Richter, the club's sponsor, Works beside the students, helping them to learn to speak the language of the French both easily and fluently. This yearis officers were, President- Brenda Mathis, Vice President--Carolyn Vandaveer, Secretary and Treasurer- Sherry Wyont, Reporter-Marsha Swint, Historian-Peggy Gouge, and Sergeant-ab Arms-Gene Knight. The most outstanding event of the French club was the going abroad to Europe. '4Como esta usted? Muy bien, graciasf' is a phrase which is used frequently by the Spanish Club. Being in the Spanish Club, sponsored by Mr. Monjaras, provides a year of fun and enjoyment, such as a day in the country with games, music, lots of food and even a pinata or two. To learn all they can about the Spanish land and people is the main purpose of the Spanish Club. During Christmas the members of the Spanish Club have a gala time at their Christmas party. They sing carols in Span- ish and decorate in a Latin American at- mosphere. The officers of the 1962-63 Spanish Club were: President-Forrest Kuehne, Vice President-Janie Hutchinson, Secre- tary-Leslie Cooper, Treasurer-Marsha Tate, and Reporter-Vicki Siekel. Spanish Club officers talk over projects of the club with sponsor, Mr. Monjaras May bien, gracias. Club De Espanol pauses to pose during a meeting. lbl Failures and tears are forgotten when the voices of the Senior High Choir take your hand and lead you into a world of beautiful music. - Bill Mays, Senior High Choir King Cayela Word, Senior High Choir Queen l62 The ninth grade choir hvens up any performance with their red jumpers and vests. TERRY ANDERS KATHY RENFRO 9th grade Choir King 9th grade Chozr ueen The U.S. Grant Junior Choir, which is composed of all ninth graders, fills the air with tranquil sounds, as they entertain at various functions in and out of school. These enthusiastic and talented young people have achieved the much earned praise for their hard work and talented performances. Harmonious sounds thrill and delight listeners with the sound of music as the lovely voices of the US. Grant Girls Glee Club begin to sing. Their melodious tones bring pleasure to all as they perform at various activities in the school and com- munity. Much musical experience is gained as the girls practice for music festivals, con- test, and school functions. I64 Carol Schroeder, Girls Clee Club Queen Mr. Ballew, Choir Director The "Sound of Music" is heard at US.G.HS. 4, , "Southern Aires" US. Grant's Girls Clee Club sings for the enjoyment of all. W ,x V 1 . ug' X h ,lx f'+'J': X L u 7,1 y Q. V ,Q A 1 1 R ,' ,.f' b. .tv 1 X ' gg' MF ' . if 6' W ya -1 5 A , .- Q- ' ' ' A '51 f f , , A' Kf""' fm? " J , ,M ' , Aiming ' fr- Q ,T f Q ,- .if 'A 4 V It I -L,A f- fi 5 1- l f r W . if , f g k af ' ff f . 2 1- 'f r : 'ig f' . , pa 2, L 2 A . 4 Vs .1 I j , , Q .,47,, wkgjjv , .,,,L. L' M V: KA fa 5 I I A' QQ' T5 yin' ', ff" AN 4 f' 'H 1 ' ' -wiv . . 2 ,' A J-.gy,fi.13,, 'ff " ,. , 1 Y?'7 - :. N 1 , ff i ggi ' 3,5 ,4 zlr - .Q LAQ, 2,3 'gif + s ag? fn., Vihy I V - U E A 5 ,H mr We W 5 W . X i f QW To achieve the ability to march and play a musical instrument with great skill and ease requires many hours of hard practice and patience. Talents and abilities are displayed at the numerous functions where the band represents Grant. The uPride of US. Grant" serves well at football games. The 4'Court Jestersn is a new group which played at home basket- ball games. The Swing Band plays at dances and assemblies. The band represents U.S.G. at state- wide and city-wide contests and concerts. They attended contests at Edmond, Weath- erford, and Pawnee. Due to their many hours of concentrated practice they came out with high ratings. Chris Jahflkey Drum Majfff Cathy Brown, Band Queen Przde 0 Grant H Lgh of U.S.G. takes pleasure in Wfhe Pride of Grant Highl' Our Band! I67 The gentle sound of the Cram High Orchestra brings relaxation to a weary Cathy Brown and Marsha Cornell keep things poppin' when the Band sells popcorn at a game or a match. Debbie Todd, Mascot, hrought smiles Tammy Evans, who works diligently into the hearts of many, this year. for causes near her heart, could well be named 'lThe Backbone of the Band." l68 From the down beat to the last note of any of the popular tunes, Grantis Swing Band brings pleasure to both the young and old. With diligent work and many long hours of practice, each member has a feeling of accomplishment as they present one of man's greatest enjoyments, music and rhythm. Through the years the Swing Band has provided much entertainment for the many various organizations at US. Grant. Assemblies, dances, and other special events have profited from their inspirational up- lift, which is evident through music. ...I heart "live Got Rhythm 99 Don Todd, Band Director This band well known to 'cput you in the swing of things," is the U.S.G. Swing Band. I69 Chele Phillips Mike Wright Linda McCracken Class Section Editor Athletics Editor IIIUZC-Y EfIil0f xg 1 -F I J ill Thomson Janet Reaves Assistant Eriitor-In-Chief Editor-Irz-Chief J, i f 4 NRM Shari Fort Saundra Bushey Becky Murray Photography Editor Activities and Faculty Editor Copy Editor I7O With the deadline time for the '63 Ceneral drawing near, the staff doesn't cease working even for a picture. The creation o a yearbook . . . Charles Owens a staff photographer takes many of our pictures. 'i it' aft' If L twig if C433 ff JQSW. ,sz Q .L-ba?-.aitse .t ffgffffiff il 1 cz work of love. lt is the responsibility of the Yearbook staff to make and pro- duce a memory book for the stu- dents and faculty. It has been dif- ficult because of the picture taking, copy writing, and lay-out forming. Without these it would be impos- sible to complete such a product. The staff, working for the good of the yearbook and the stu- dent body, has had the co-opera- tion of the teachers as well as other influential people. Through all of the obstacles faced, the staff has learned to appreciate and Welcome all hints of help and reassurance given. With the last page finished, a smile of relief and an exhausted sigh characterized the feelings of each staff member. A feeling of accomplishment accompanied these feelings and all prepared for a long rest. Carl Edwards, another staff photog- rapher works in taking pictures for us also. I7I Kathie Ward, Linda Stewart, Karen Weatherford, and Sharon Leland begin to think that the index will turn out all right, anyway. ,M-L. K Nj uf '4Newspaper girls" welcome advice with attentive What is a newspaper? Well, there is only one possible answer to this question at Grant-the Dispatch, and certainly this yearys was the greatest. Editors were appointed and all re- porters were found to possess a "nose for news." All that remained was hard, dedicated work, done every day by members of the 1962-63 newspaper staff in an all-out attempt to turn knowledge to news and practice to perfection. This year's Dispatch acquired a much-needed facelift through the serv- ices of a new and better uprinter. This proved to be a very successful change, for each publication broke all previous sales' records and finally reached a peak of approximately 1300 papers per edition. Mike Conn, above minds- Terry Deason, bottom The Dispatch Staff has Nose or News The '63 Dispatch staff find that work on a newspaper is a busy business. Staff Photographers Susan Schroeder Sally Watson Quintella Loudon News Page Editor Feature Page Co-Editor Feature Page Co-Editor gg? vm +.... .,...x Jennifer Underwood Annette Hampton Assistant Editor-In-Chief Eglgen Isrgjlilff Teen Page Correspondent ior- rz- ze Coye Baker Sharon Daniel .lerry Anderson Sports Page- Editor Editorial Page Editor Advertising Manager I73 To the journalist at U.S. Grant, the initials 4'F.J.A.', mean more than the three simple words, Future Jour- nalists of America. They stand for the preparation of a demanding vocation, journalism. F.J.A. taught better journalistic techniques to the students of both the General and the Grant Dispatch. Ac- curacy was another of the points stressed by the clulfs sponsor, Mr. Bill Freeman, city editor of the Oklahoma City Times. The spotlight was focused on many different fields of journalism, such as advertising, teaching, and professional writing. All this and much more is helping journalism students at G.H.S. to he- come more efficient journalists. Coye Baker Jennifer Underwood Prince of Prmf Przncess of Prznt F J A mspires future journalists FJA members gather around their fanhful work tables in the Journalism room. Ellen Smith, Editor of the Dispatch and Janet Reaves Editor of the General are seated with the officers: Jennifer Underwood, Chaplaing Susan Schroeder Secretary Annette Hampton President Saundra Bushey Vice Presldentg Shari Fort, Historiang and Mike Wright, Parllamentarian I74 Whafs so funny, girls? if g'Beauty, Brains, and Brawnfl Girls O'Club. O Clubs aspzre to mamtam sportsmanslup "Chivalry, Charm, Co-ordination," Boys O'Club. I75 Part of Coffs-1t's crew LONNIE HINES Sabrette Buddy 2 09 Club Sweetheart CANDY HUNTER X as 1 ii' I 9' if f my : ' are 2' , 'ii Q? I . . ,,,, Qin, I-as Li? 'lunar' us, Q, F! 5 'Kang EZM ' f "PE if 1 Q, ,Ly 2 .4- X, 41559, 28" ld 'Z cn : xg ' xr 2 l Q51 . 5511 " ,M ,,., -,,,, Q .iwmw ,. .AW 5, ..L. 52 W 'fl wf 1 "si V Q6 mx: a 4 ,X 1 - ' , 3 'T 3 IRT " . 53- --Q X55 S .' CW DHHS 3' QHWEZ gs-1 9 4 M1115 , li ll g iw- :Ai 1' 'EAW PW fi 5? 5 in 4, 'M nv' s, , ' Bw 4' Ii' t V 1 HKS YI L li 'am Y I W, Q. wif.- . JW .4395 E--'WSIS 'i 3231. V.: 1 2 Q , . '? K- ' Y f-.fi . 7 fa 'La K ? ,slam W' W 5 gififfyidih ' W mi-, view' gf' 2 Q .iikilinl A S L' 2 flag 51-241 E 35655, . ,- . ef, A- R A ,V gg J gl-no' A-wa.-:Q f IQ " wr f : - '12 Jane lklvggs, President Jann Lindsey, Vice Prexiflv-rzl Susan Srlnrowtlf-r, Secretory Donna Morozolf, Treasurer Peggy Evans. Chaplain Jennifer Underwood, Reporter Barbara Mvssimore Dml. Cu fl. y I Kathie Ward, Dmt. Capt. Linda Str-wart, Hixtnriun Peggy Congo, PalliaIr11'n!uriurL Mrs. Holland, Sponxor Bliss Sugliru, Sponsor Able, Donna Ahhitty, Verna Aker, Linda Allen, Kathy Allison, Janet Amhurgvy, Linda Anderson, Susan Atherton, Mary Barkvr, Borky Baggrtt, Sandy Baird, Janet Baker, Sherry Balnllorgl-r, Diane Barcnin, Linda Bargcr, Linda Beam, Marva Beck, Carolyn Bell, Suzanne Benda, Linda Bcnjock, Diana Benjurk, Kathy Benson, Linda Bcnson, Nina Benson, Sherry Bishop, Mary Blake, Gwin Bond, Judy Brandon, janell Brasher, Linda Bridges, Betty Brirlgvs, Carol Bridges, Joyce Briclgz-s, Shircly Brooks, Janet Brown, Carol Brown, Cathy Brown, Pat Buckner, Glenda Burch, Nanccy Burke, Diane Burrs, Edie Bryant, Beverly Byrum, l,inLla Cahill, Martha Calhoun, Claudia 2+ 'E aw Calhoun, Sherry l Cannon, Claudette Cannon, Linda Carmon, ,lolane Carp:-ntvr, Donna Carter, Linda Cash, Neva Jo Chambers, Phyllis Chapman, Linda Christy, Jan Clark, Karen Corkerell, Linda Coclnz-r, Bertha Coflnvr, Billie Cook, Linda Corey, Barbara Cornell, Marsha Cox, Billye Cox, Starla Crossland, Betty Crouch, Kathy Crump, .Judy Crump, Lynn Daniel, Sharon Davenport, Nancy Davis, Dorothy Davis, Zoe Sabrettes Dawkins, Patsy Dcwbre, Velma Donoho, Dixie Dorough, Sandy Dutton, Jolene Dutcher, Marty Earlca, Sherilyn Ehrhart, Donna Eidc, Cindy Ellis, Linda Elston, Vicki Epperson, Buddye Espolt, Diane Evans, Cindy Fagan, Marsha Fanning, Shirley Faulkner, Barbara Fields, Dee Fletcher, Cindy Fort, Shari Fowler, Susan Fredricks, Magel Freed, Judy Freeman, Janice Fry, Dorothy Gammon, Connie Garner, Judi Garland, Judy Garland, Kay Gccr, Sherril George, Karon Gipple, Candy Gipple, Carol Glasgow, Cynthia Glisan, Pam Goclsy, Connie Gootee, Karen Guyer, Carol Grady, Linda Grape, Marilyn Green, Joyce Grider, Annette Grimes, Jane Grimm, Marilynn Guthrie, Marilyn Haas, Joyce Hackett, Vicki Haggard, Janice Hall, Pam Hamilton, Glenna Hampton, Annette Harben, Jan Hargis, Janice Harmon, Janet Harmon, Judy Harmon, Sharon Harris, Diane Harris, Gloria Harrison, Jeannette Hapes, Charlene Hatfield, Geina Hawkins, Harva Heim, Paula Hensley, Cathy Hess, LaDonna Hiatt, Margaret Hill, Jimmye Hill, Kaye Hook, Punkin Hock, Vickie Howard, Leslee Houck, Sharon ,a A V . 1 -, ,E 1 - .,. In V, 'ju , ,V Zkw, K K F" ,,, , ,,,. . ,at zv., , i H . .',,v j g. F gp I ' 1 V,,, i'z SW ::::,,. my - : V , .,... ? I -QVI ',,, "-aaa J , , E I i elttf H i , .I 'wi l tita a Q J ,- aa ,, i. a , ,g ":.- W Y . I E k,y,h 5 i V g ,., 1 1 ,flu A W7 J alt 1, , , a y we H J L. I L I ti' it y i t xii' 7 sf' :fa nfl? 5 uvgiififg ,,"' M jr Ji, in 7 K1 ar, ,,, J WW it . 'eff J " ,."", if Q 1 21 . ,, Wee? f . ,.,.,,, f I 1 I K "J . 1 ,I, , , .-l' ' I 3-' 4: Q K V ,Q I ' in ., if '-,, :fn Q .5 zbl Egg, j ,.., 2 , A .Qi ki Mi, V ,, ,fu IL his ? .4 'a n V :,,. .. I 5 iiiii W I C F' ' U :QI 1 A. A A A- :Al l80 M. my ,.,,.- -, my ,E , My ' 'bfi K 'EM za' A v- Si I ,. ,age YNFE ' Ng? : 41 .2 Q ,Km , Wig! Y : ' ii i 25? ' 1' ,Wei ' ,:- l? 9 Ll i 4 K Q -Q , f f rEQQ9Q6 Pep Club my ww W' .. 3535 -A-5' Ilnffins, Sharon Hunlson , l.yncl:1 llnntrr. llanrly llnslon. Linda lvl-ns, Eilvrn Jackson, Marsha Jawkson, Snrnlrn Y? Jalnvs, Johlwon Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson QGQQQ r h ?hn J .mf RM 5... ,Q 1 -v sf Q2.: 4 14' .:::: A V,., W kfhz ., kt '-'V1 ' 'E-- 4 'r iv, . .,,,4,. fir . Sanlly Jr-ffm-rxs, Diana Jonvs, Joan V Barham , Janr' , Karla , Linda , Pam , Sharon Johnston, Paula Ki-rn, Diana Kvrr, L ynda Ki-ith, June Ki-llvr, K1-lsoz-, K1-nyun Knight. Leach, lmlzmd, Qu-f Lcsliv, lrovvtt, Malan, lxlanirne Marlvy, Marahzll Martin, Mathis, . , J ' "l 5 ' :Z ,J V 3 J A I iff' i A, as 5, M M J e x, my 4 ' 1 , 's ,Q . if , 6 hor. r . , , , i "1 W: , ,im f , ,., , Q. iw-. A J L it - J'r 2 - V, Ly - - , 'Wi' 35? Q 11, Q, 4? 6 0 i 'ii U M W r rn J Q fo E l8I E0 igi E 7 2 if, f i aw. 5 is K . EQ 59 Mm-ks, M1-loan, Mvrrvr, Mn-rrill, Carolyn l,in4la . Barham King, Phyllis Kniffin, Ann Barham Lamb, Limlzi Lnnipkin, Anita I.annlsford, Linila Linda Sharon Barham l.:-iril, Pam Lindsay, Jvnnvfvr Long, Barham lrongfvllow, Kathy Charlorzc Manldcn, Beverly Sliarun daty. Janice Manning, Ki Barham l, Gina Carol Brvncla Matlock, Melody Matlock, Sharon Mauldin, Cheryl Max, Linda May, Sandra Mxiyn, Barbara Susie Shvrry Karen Kay Mcssimore, Pvggy Me-tralf, Carol Milvr, Marsha M illvr, Miller, Millvr, Nlillvr, Connie Rhonda Sharon Ti-rri Montgoml-ry, Karen Morgan, Barbara Morris, Murray, Viffki Bvvky RIC.-Moc, Billie Nlr'Cartney, Marsha NlvCrac-kan, l.inrln Nli'Cnne, Diana Nlrflunz-, Karroll Mrl-'1-rly, Janice 'V' Sabrettes y .A ,,., , f , f 5 N XP' "in M gm IX at 5 gs, Iv? ,, -fl 'el . M it is . Q5 f 'MY ss McMahan, Anne Mchlahnn, Janet Nail, Beth Nation, Paula Neal, Sandra Newell, Karen Nichols, Lee Ann Nitzcl, Lillian 0'Neal, Pat Orr, Marsha Osborne, Eileen Osborne, Jolene Osborne, Wiathina Parks, Pam Payne, Myra Payne, Von Cille Perrin, Ann Peterson, Barbara Phillips, Chr-lc Pierre, Saundra Pike, Kay Pound, Kay Price, Linda Prichard, Sandra Pritchett, Joan Pruett, Linda Rainbow, Jerri Rains, Jane Rappe, Beverly Ray, Marlie Ray, Sharon Ren, Ema Real, Von Nova Rees, Roslancl Rhodes, Marilyn Riddle, Jonie Ripley, Betty Ritchie, Donna Roberts, Illcen Robinson, Brenda Robinson, Connie Robinson, Shirely Rogers, Lynda Ronc, Evelyn Rone, Sharon Ross, Ruth Ruise, Susie Salter, Jeanie Salzer, Julie Sanlllin, Kathy Schroeder, Carol Seikel, Vicki Selby, Janie Shaffer, Tannn Shaw, Tim Sherrill, Gloria Shropshire, Sandra Slighten, Janet Smith, Ellen Smith. .lutly Smith, Judy Smith, Saundra Smothers, Janie Sneed, Tanya Snow, Jackie Spitler, Susie Stair, Corlis SIHPP- Joyce Sterling, Nancy Stevens, Cindy Stevens, Louise Stevens, Pam ' W. f W S? 1 Lx A in Q f S. 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Pzltxv Tlmnipiun, Tlvvrrly' TlmmpQnm, .lnnice Tlmmpsmi, Nurria Tlmmpson, Pat 'I'lmmsim, .lill Tompkins, Mary Luv4'lru'c', Phyllis Trnnimvll. lfymln Tre-wrt, Glf-ncla Tmxvll, Drannc Turnvr. Knrvn lvscr-rv. Jufly Yzinvv, Nlnrinnnn Vzxnmnt, Pvggv Yvnnlmlv. Clmrlntlc Virllnck, Marilynn W'alkvr, Maclilyn Whlwr. Dinnn: Wzml. Suf- Yvatsnn, Sully WU-ntlir-rfurrl, Karr-n W1-bb, Susan YY0lmr:r, Cnnnie Wluiw, Pzuila Whitfin-lvl, Dianv Wliitlil-lfl, Eva Dean YVilkl-rson, Cherry W'illiz1m:, Rnlmhic' W'illiams, Judy Williams. Lynette W'illinms, Phyllis Willis, Marin- Wiiwn, Linda Xvilsnll, Lincla Wilson, Paula YVisvmzxn, Peggy Yvolf, Joan Yvulff-, Barbara Wlmrul, Gayvla Witt. Pam Ynmlc-Il, Sandford -' .1 I if A .W VW-' L,H5'W 2. g I W: V315 ,W ' 'JM fQw"h1f55Qlw2?13Z if . 35.5, Hia f ' Q 1 f Q 5 .J it K ,, ffm A 13335 f 255 ' Vf F? , ,, V L , sf 5 , K ,A X. ,- - lllllllllllllllIlllllllllll Q Q Q , , - f iv I , an I an A 4 N Roy Deljue struggles for extra yards. Nelson blocks a pursuing lrishman, leaving Mike Terrel an open field. Paul Nelson runs for a big gain against Star-Spencer. I86 3..,5i ML. Generals place Morris 4'Hooker,, Reavis, molder of the US. Grant Generals gridiron forces, as head coach of the Generals for the first time, showed exactly what our team had. The strength, stamina, and persever- ance behind each boy on the field was exhibited as they featured hard running, terrific tackling, and Crushing blocks. All of these elements put together made it possible for US. Grant to finish third in the Capitol Conference race, and place four of its players, Jerry Pitt, Joe Garner, Tom Elliott, and Billy Young in the all city conference. Another honor was added when WKY picked Tom Elliott as one of the players on the all star Metropolitan team. September 14 marked the opening of the 1962 football season for the Grant Generals as they clobbered the Classen Comets 25-0. However the following week, the John Marshall Bears dropped the Generals hard with a 14-0 victory. The next day found Grant Gridironers hard at work preparing for the strong Class AA Bombers. Even though the competition was stiff, the Generals put up a good battle. But Midwest City found them- selves the victor with a 7-3 score. ,. 5 I 3 E t 1 ' W 1 rail Q THE 1962 VARSITY SQUAD: bottom row: Fred Nettle, Lonnie Hines, Cody Gridcr, Jimmy Seikel, Tommy Elliott, Joe Garner, Jerry Pitt, Billy Young, Jimmy Helm, Terry Scott, O'Neil Evans. Second row: David Horton, Ronnie Tcrrcl, Treman Barber, Gene Knight, Paul Nelson, Roy DePue, Frankie Howe, Jim Flipski, Michael Terrel, ,lon Crews, Eiland McGee, Eddie Marler, Coach Rcavis. Top row: Dale Bennet, Neal Ferris, John Cash, Bill Fergason, Mark Palmore, Gary Davis, Robert Baker, Walter Shafer, Grant Hunt. third in con, erence Again the Generals were defeated, as Mc- Guinnes downed Grant 7-O on October 5. With one victory and three losses in the past, skill and determination brought home victory as the Generals sunk the Northeast Vikings 26-14. The Capitol Hill Redskins tiptoed lightly by US. Grant with only one score in the first half to bring them a 7-0 victory. Star Spencer was no match against the mighty Generals as they came toppling down 48-22. But defeat came again as Central downed Grant a Crashing blow to finish the game 30-25. To make up for their last loss, the Generals brought home the bacon by silencing the Southeast Spartans 12-8. Against Harding, the final game of the year, the Generals suffered defeat 20-6, to end the season four wins and six losses. With one season of experience under a new coach, the entire team is looking forward to an even more successful season next year. The Generals will still possess the same fight, hustle, and deter- mination to win that has been seen in the past years. The football coaches: Mr. Faubion, Mr. Evans, Mr. Reavis, Mr. Coffelt, Mr. .lackson R in I87 1962 GRIDIRON SCHEDULE Grant Sept. 15 25 Classen 0 Sept. 20 0 J. Marshall. 14 Sept. 28 3 Midwest City 7 Oct. 5 0 McGuinness 7 Oct. 12 26 Northeast 14 Oct. 19 0 Capitol Hill 7 Oct. 25 48 Star Spencer 22 Nov. 1 25 Central 30 Nov. 9 12 Southeast 8 Nov. 15 6 Harding 20 . Z Okay, Hines, I'I1 fake avhand-off to you and then pass to Nelson." Grider bombs 3 Bgmbgr' "HelpI Thief!" Gamer and Terrel clear the path for DePue. i 188 as Paul Nelson Lonnie Hines Jerry Pitt tartlfng Mike Terrel Eleven , . 542 tifflififlizf .. . afziiiag. ' levi: ftgse- " ' . 4, ' tv - . ,I ..-so A - Jon Crews John Cash Neal Ferris Tom Elliott .loe Garner Larry Johnson Billy Young rant Varsity Football Lettermen PLAYERS OF THE WEEK Classen-offense-,lerry Pitt defense-Fred Nettle John Marshall-offense-J oe Garner defense-Tom Elliott Midwest City-offense-Billy Young defense-Jerry Pitt McGuiness-offense-Paul Nelson defense-Robert Baker Northeast-offense-Roy De Pue defense-Tom Elliott Capitol Hill-offense-Lonnie Hines defense-Frank Howe Star Spencer-offense-Jerry Pitt defense-Joe Garner Central-offense--,loe Garner defense-Jerry Pitt Southeast-offense-,lon Crews defense-Tom Elliott Harding-offense-Gene Knight defense--Bill Young OUTSTANDING PLAYERS OF THE YEAR Offense-Jerry Pitt Defense-Joe Garner Dale Bennett, Tackle Gene Knight, Halfback Roy DePue, Halfback Jim Flipski, Quarterback Robert Baker, End Fred Nettle, Halfback Treman Barber, Guard I 89 Gary Weed, Center Frankie Howe, F all back Cody Grider, ' End wx f K 5, .,,kk yt, r fkfititiiig LYNDA TREICHLER Football Queen PA M HOLDEN Senior Princess JILL THOMSON Junior Princess VICKI HOCK Sophomore Princess Bottom row Harmon Chaney Burt Dodson Brim Jefferson Second row Coach Coffelt, Bell, Mills, King, Miller, Pine, DePue. Third row: Anderson Morgan McNeely Johnson King Weed Top row Mauldm Jones McGuire King Deaver. Rowdies today, Varsity tomorrow The Rowdies, no longer referred to as the 'LB squad" because it is felt that this team deserves some individuality, had a mixed season of success and failure in preparation for a tougher role next year in varsity class AA competition. Under the direction of Coach Ken Coffelt, the Rowdies fought their way through a season of four wins and seven losses. Composed mostly of sopho- mores, the Rowdies, with their new name, were more in the limelight this year. There was more interest and enthusiasm for the "B Squadf' as formerly called, than ever before. Several of the Rowdies suited up for varsity games, and at times the whole Rowdy squad took over. Two members of this team, Gary Weed and Larry Johnson, received varsity letters. Most of this year,s Rowdies will return next year on the '63 varsity squad. With two seasons of experience behind them, it can be expected that they will perform well facing this new challenge. 1 ,, N Freshmen defense throws MCGuiness fOr 21 IOSS- Inspired by Coach Faubion's paddle, the freshmen warm up for South east game. Freshman Generals train for future Coached by Don Faubion, the ninth grade football team underwent another year of play for becoming a varsity football squad. These future lettermen have struggled long and hard to achieve their standing as an on-coming football team. Although the freshman team won only two games out of eight this season, this did not hinder their spirit. This team worked hard to achieve the goal their coach set for them. This goal was to compete in a sportsman-like manner. These boys are now on their way to becoming good varsity players. Bottom row: Nelson, Edwards, Anders, Shaha, Peters, Green, Haniil, Cirby, Chestnut, Holland. Second row: Johnson, Elaridge, Johnson, Creekmore EarrE,FCurlnrnins, Austin, Walkahout, Moore. Top row: Coach Jackson, Fowler, Harper, Lendsy, Day, Senn, Potts, Winans, Skidmore, Morgan Un er -oac au ron. mfw vt Q. C ff f tt? X ills , Qt'-a...f" S3511 Bottom row: Larry Spears, ,lorry Hilterhrand, Fred Nettle, Nick Stubbs, Roy Sam, Randy Heath, Leslie Kerr, Eddie Scott. Second row: Coach Brown, Clyde Lawrence, Billy Hiatt, Craig Hoster, Jimmy Stowe, Robert Boardman,J1-rry l7itt.Jon Crews. Basketball team maintains good record Jerry Pitt goes in for two points. Coach Don Brown led the roundballers through another winning season this year. Though disappointed in their efforts to retain the capitol conference championship gained in the 561-762 season, the team finished well with an overall record of twelve wins and four losses. They achieved the second place spot in conference standings. There were four of the Generals who were returning seniors. They were Billy Hiatt, Roy Sam, Jon Crews, and Leslie Kerr. These seniors did an excellent job in leading the undergraduates on to victories. Congratulations to Craig Hoster, who led the round- ballers in scoring this year with an average of thirteen points per game and a total of 208 points for the season. On March 1 the Generals began competition in the regional tournament. The different games were held at Capitol Hill and Northwest Classen. The B squad and ninth grade teams were coached by Mr. Jackson and Mr. Faubion respectively. Playing on the same days and against the same schools as the varsity club, these teams performed very Well on the court. I94 ijjx LU ! I Q I Doi Returning Roy Sam Coach Don Brown Lettermen Jon Crews Billy Hiatt Jim Stowe Leslie Kerr Fred Nettle Nick Stubbs JCTTY Pitt Cruiff Hoster Fred Nettle dfiVe5 around 3 Viking' Billy Hiatt tries to save the ball from the Vikings' hand l95 JUDY BELL ueen of Courts CINDY EIDE Junior Princess DIANE HARRIS Sophomore Princess CHERRY WILKLRSON DAVALENE STOWE funior Princess DIXIE DOXOHOE Sophomore Princess Senior Princess I97 i" xl Fred Nettle fights an Eagle for a rebound. NCUIC jumps an Eagle as Hostcr looks on. Hoster scores again for Grant. Billy Hiatt takes S1 free throw. Roundballers provide A Cardinal attempts lo block H0ster's shot. A Bobcat outjumps Pitt. Billy Hiatt puts one hp for two. excitement for Generals The Cardinals can't stop Crews from scoring. o i Pitt fights a Bear for the rebound Hoster sinks a long one. Jerry Hiltcrbrund steals the bull from ii Viking. Eddie Scott shoots ll long one. quad Eddie Scott goes in for a layup. Bottom row: Robert Hall, Mike Curry, Roger Doughty, Mike DePue, Robert Tatum. Top row: Ron Barry, Eddie Daniels, Robert Meeks, Steve Hamil, Godfrey Lopcr, Keith Evans, Coach Jackson. s E 1 if Q E 5 fs B i fi 5 5 E 5 5 Q ? E Jerry Hilterlnrand gets past a Cardinal for two points. inth Grade An Irishman tries to hiock Steve Hamii's shot. Bottom row: Roger Doughty, Mike Curry, Johnny Jones, Aaron Austin, Jay Pruitt. Top row: Robert Tatum, Steve Hamii, Mike Dag Ronnie Berry, Jerry Campbell, Coach Faubion. it al l ' . " i uma 1131 tit :a-- ' ' g m 1 sportsmanship stressed at Grant. A Z - I 'F ti 4 1 ,y Q i Q- V' A poster shows the spirit of ood 20l 15 Steve Hamil jumps high to score against Mc- Guiness. Roger Doughty is in the clear for a shot. If --...... mgmmnwf ii 'hm-was-v-uv X L y , f ,m,, at ..,e..,,.M Gary Baker tangles with Willie Xvystemp from John Marshall. Richard Shultheis renders his opponent helpless. Gene Knight comes close to pinning Central's Jay Bendall. The wrestling team, with Ken Coffelt head coach, was divided into two squads. The A squad com- peted in various dual meets and placed high in three tournaments. Those where Classen, where they took first place and the trophy, Geary, taking third, and City, placing second. The matmen did not hit par in the dual meets, finishing with a 2-7 record. The B squad competed with approxi- mately the same teams as the A squad. Roy DePue is giving a Viking a hard time on the mat. Terry Anders meets a Bobcat in the tournament held here. Wrestlers develop skill on the mat Bottom row: John Schulhteis, Jerry Anderson, Richard Schultheis, Jerry Jones, Raymond Stapp, Lonnie Winton. Top row: O'Neal Evans, John Cash, .loe Garner, Gary Baker, Gene Knight, Tommy Chaney, Gary Weed, Coach Coffelt. 202 Top row: Coach Evans, Roy DePue, Tommy Chaney, Robert Baker, Warren Walkabout, John Burt. Bottom row: David Horton, Richard Harmon, Bill McNeely, Terry Anders, David Sauls, Larry McCuan. squad wrestlers ieree in matches 101111 Cash 1962-63 WRESTLING SCHEDULE Grant 16 Norman 20 6 John Marshall 29 25 Southeast 5 8 Midwest City 28 20 Harding 22 0 Putnam City 34 11 Northwest Classen 21 19 Central 18 Richard Schulties Raymond Stapp 12 Capitol Hill 20 Gary Weed Varsity Wrestling Lettermen Steve Raulston Gary Baker Gene Knight Joe Garner Lonnie Winton Jerry Anderson 203 David Sauls J 1575 ? V '5"': 'sr' z ' E ' S512 N A Charles Wodraska John Schulties JANET PRICE F5 Q ,,,.' i lg! Q W K. ,li . , Ig, , J 1 Y 7- , ,H -Q 04: vi Mat MGHQS Majesty SALLY WATSON Iunior Princess LYNDA PRICE Sopli Princess AN N VVILLOUGHBY Senior Princess 205 KATHY BENJOCK funior Prin cess LINDA COCKRELL Soph Princess l . 0 :ff if .4 , . My , 1 W' H 3, q,., Jaw, ,wk , wr we 4 'ff W' ,Y T ff S W- Q ME? Q 3 I rl was-.., ..., g n xg if i 1 '- . , '35 fp . , .M 'W' if fs 7 ,xt W I Ag Q S? wwf , "'65",A K J' . .7 . f fx , VYYISV ,-,, .z yr 4' V 5,1 , M '- . 'I . xg , 'Lui , f -, 1 - 5-'H A A Qfvg ye W' ,L , we -V W H ,.', 1 f. I 1 , 1' P 9 ' iqg lilf ' v 'S "': H ,iw f f ' f"- A U -'.:"f Q , , , , it I . I .lug ry lv E51 2 ,i own-.Q W 1 mam? ,lf .5 ,L . ,V-, 'SQ HL Wtat.. ' Bottom row: Barber, Terrell, Bennett, Pitt, Young, Knight, King, Sackett, Standefer, Andrews, Blevins. Row two: Evans, Morgan, King Gidden Fink, Terrell, Knipp, Helm, Burt, Melton, Hansen, Fenwick, Hunt, Clevenger, Weaver, Stair. Top row: Adams, Bray, Morrow, Smith, Moffet Moro zoff, Dies, W-ebb, Hoster, Carpenter, Holden, Smith, Simpson, Stowe, Owen, Templin, Blakeslee, Engle, Bartrug, Palmore, Young. , SwWness offoot shown here Coye Baker prepares to break a record with the shot. Three of Grant's road-runners are Craig Hoster, Jimmy Helm, and Jerry Pitt. With only one return- ing letterman from the '62 season, Gene Knight, the track team was made ready for the meets. There were about forty boys on the team, and they competed in a large variety of events. Among those were the l00, 220, 440, and 880 yard dashes, the 180 yard low hurdle run, the 120 yard high hurdle run, the mile run, the pole vault, the high jump, the discus, and the 880 yard and mile relays. There were several boys go- ing out for each event. The meets were at Northeast on March 22, Norman on March 23, and Central State on April 6. The boys went to the Okla- homa City track tournament at Northwest Classen on March 26 and 27 and the Oklahoma City Invitational on March 30. 207 Bill Fergason winds up to hurl the disk Gene Knight clears the high jump n sr Qtldlf Bottom row: Hilterbrand, Nettle, Flipski, Nelson, Wood, Loper, Winton, Peterson, Schultz. Top row: Coach Brown, Knight, Stubbs, Laurence Boardman, Crews, Heath, Johnson, Baker, 3IcWaters. Baseball attracts interest of Generals Jim McWaters slides safely into third base as the Comets' third sacker watches. 208 The baseball team was organized early in March in preparation for the oncoming competi- tion of the '63 season, which began on March 14 and lasted throughout April. With Coach Brown steering them, many of last year's lettermen returned to defend the co- championship gained in the '62 season. Helping to coach theiteam was lVlr. Hanley, new assistant gym teacher. Those lettermen who returned are Jon Crews, Nick Stubbs, Randy Heath, Robert Boardman, Lon- nie Winton, and Robert Baker. In all, there were 75 boys out for baseball this year. The Generals went to two tournaments. The first was at Anadarko, where the competition in- cluded Class A and AA teams from throughout the state. The other tournament was at Chickasha on April 26. ln order to letter in baseball, a player-must play forty innings in the season. A pitcher must play one third of the- innings of each game. This year about fifteen boys were expected to letter. Robert Boardman, left field Lonnie Winton, center fiela' Paul Nelson, shortstop ,Ion Crews, third base Fred Nettle, second base Nick Stubbs, pitcher 209 Randy Heath, right field Starting Lineup Robert Baker, catch er Clyde Lawrence, first base ak ., Coach Coffelt, Dal McGinnis, Keith Evans, Chip Hansen, David Dixon. "l7orel" that's a familiar sound with the golf team at E. S. Grant. These boys have practiced long and hard to better their game of golf. With this experience they perfect a steady arm and a patient mind. This year under the guidance of Coach Ken Coffelt the boys prepared to go to the tournament at Miami. Oklahoma. The members of the golf team work diligently so they will bc able lo obtain their letter. To obtain this letter the players must have 15 points or place in the Conference tournament. The returning lettermen for this year are Keith Evans and Dal Mclnnis. ,...,..HNM-'V rv-. f 'YW Left, Keith Evan drives out of a HSand Trap Right, Lhrp Hansen shows good form in tecing off. 2I0 -dl Students support Goh! With the returning lettermen Bob Parker. Cary Tartar, and Jimmy Leader plus the other members of the tennis team, this year's members have striven for the City Championship. Coach K. C. Jackson has donated much time and experience to the creation of a better than average tennis team. The team must first learn the fundamentals of the game. There are 6 games to a'set, and a player must win -1 out of the 6 games played in a set to win. The requirements for lettering are to either score three points in an all-city' match or third in a major tournament. place .12 2-0' .E ,A ..,, Q- C I Wiifgwrzf- ,. fy ... ' v :ai '.rf'??'? 7 ""' ' Q .:'ft2f'e"'5w-Q .nail ' ul wish I could learn to hit the darn thing!" . . . and Tennis Poncho Gonzales II CBOIJ Parkerl servew again for Cram Bottom row: Campbell, Parker, Tarter, Leeder, Clark, Sllortt. Row two: Mills, Davis, Robinbon, Keith Hester, Kistler, Kirk Hoster. Top row: Coach Jackson, Elliston, Lawter, Anderson, Skidmore, Fisher, McFadden. :nw 1 , Q ' The swimming team was very Q successful again this year. Mr. John Hill, new coach and sponsor this year, said that the boys did very well and that the number of boys going out was greatly in- creasing. The swimmers this year were headed by tri-captains, Danny Boultinghouse, Tommy Could, and Bob Parker. They met each after- noon for practice at the Capitol Hill Y.M.C.A. The swimmers participated in a number of different events in the meets. They competed with other schools in the medley relay, 50, 100, 200, and 400 yard free style, free style relay, 100 yard butterfly style, 100 yard breast stroke, individual medley, and diving. This year's divers were Alan Lawerence and Mike Whit- aker. Some of the outstanding swimmers this year were Danny Boultinghouse, Frank Morozoff, Charles Parker, Tom Gould, and Gerald Jackson. i Alan Lawrence shows through a jacknife that dwmg has H5 ups ' ' ' and downs' Swimming team grows in size and skill Bottom row: Danny Boultinghouse, Tommy Gould, Bob Parker. Second row: Coach Hill, Johnny Shipley, Mike McCauley, Richard Green, Robert Carpenter, Allen Lawerence, Mike Pritchard, Frank Morozoff. Third row: Bill Templin, David Pine, Pat Creekmore, Steve Irwin. Top row: Pat Whitaker, Mike Rhychlec, Gerald Jackson, Mike Whitaker, Starling King. 32- ..,l"'T 'WF in ., .v V 5 W if I r I it . . T "i" 5 .vb J . ' 5 1 5 Q 5 1 2 I2 ante. it Y 'Dil' Bottom row: Becky Waters, Loretta Bennett, Dierlra Brown, Gladys Greer. Second row: Steve Murray, Mike Watson, Tony Fuller, ,limmy Roberts Benton Barry, Lee Carrier, Warren Ulfelder. Third row: Elsie Matlock, Pam Ellis, Nancy Shaw, Barbara Davis, Barbara Jolly, Twila Bradshaw Top row: Vance Wendell, Johnny Bell, Paul Martin, ,loe Harrington, Timmy Fritz, Mr. Hill. Bowlers have active year This was the second year that US. Grant had a bowling league. Like last year they bowled at Meridian Lanes with Mr. Hill as the sponsor. They bowlefl every Wednesday and at different times bowled in various tournaments. 'llhere were four members to each team and eight teams on the league. lfaeh team bowlecl approx- imately three times against the other teams, each time bowling two games each week. This years officers were Vic Carona, president and Pam Ellis, secretary. Pam had the biggest job of all, keeping averages, standings of teams, games Won, and other such cluties. lfveryone hail a won- rleriul time and improved their skills. Barbara Davis delivers a pin-smashing Elsie Matlock makes a smooth delivery ball. 2I3 Pee y Evans chalks a score ior Grant Peggy Evans and a Spartan Jump for the ball GLrls play basketball, L00 Botlom rou, Yarna Garland Joyce Sulhvan Karen Johnson Susie Ruxse V1Ck1 Hook Lynn HHIYIQOH Top row Sharon Mayer Sandy Baggett Peggy read" ., ,F Y EQ QM .nib S X , ,1 fav Y Q Qtr f , g e f ii fr Q ai ,V - ,- f ii ' , ' ,Agr i . . ,wma ii , .:- fa-5 - ,sr f - , f n 2' f' , A LA Bottom row: Vickie Hook, Joyse Sullivan, Lynn Harrison, Susie Ruise, Diane Baniburger, Sharon Miller, Karen Johnson, Beth Nail. Top row: Charlotte Venable, Barbara Long, Jill Tllomson, Edy Burrs, Diane Harris, Judy Bond, Margaret Hiatt, Peggy Evans, Sandy Baggett, Lula Mae Towler. ot 150 mention sojwmll . . . Foul mu. Strike one . . . stake two . . . Strike fllrffe, yer our! f ,,,,ifv,.. , ...H , 3 E o 2I5 " k 19 S l M Joyce Sullivan '4Returns to'Sender T0p'row: Vickie Hock, Diane Harris, Barbara Long, Margaret Hiatt, Sandy Baggett, Peggy Evans. Bottom row: Genelle Ward, Diane Bamberger, Joyce Sullivan, Charlotte Venable, Susie Ruise, Linda And volleyball . . . The field of competitive sports does not over- look girls. The fair sex at Grant carries on a busy sports schedule lasting from September to May. Under the coaching of Miss Lois Sughru, the girls began the fear with softball, meeting girls from other Capitol Conference schools. During the late fall and early winter they underwent a rigorous season of volleyball. Next, in late January, the girls began playing basketball against the same schools with whom the boys vie. After completion of the basketball program, the girls played softball again in the spring months. Also in the spring they com- peted in a badminton and ping pong tournament with all Capitol Conference schools. All girls' sports activities are under the di- rection of Lois Sughru. The girls who participate in the sports are members of the sixth hour girls' Notice that ffffml teams class. Letters are offered to the girls in bas- ketball, volleyball, and softball. Trammell, and Lula Towler. DOIN just Stand iheff, do S0mefhif1Sll Margaret Hiatt steps back to serve. 2 l 6 Susie Ruise moves quickly to return the birdie, Margaret Hiatt demonstrates the form used in serving. Even badminton and ping pong. Badminton players are, bottom row: Peggy Evans, Joyce Sullivan. Top: Margaret Hiatt, Susie Ruise, Barbara Long. Peggy Evans makes a quick return. df? 2I7 In Appreciation . . . Mrs. Mary J. Sparks, our yearbook and newspaper sponsor, has taught journalism at U.S. Grant High School for approximately ten years. During this time, she has guided the production of nine yearbooks and countless editions of our newspaper. Surely these years have included moments of doubt, moments of despair . . but most of all, they represent ten years of dedication, patience and loving care. Her service has extended beyond teaching and guidance of her journalism students to the very heart of U.S. Grant as a school. She is quick to correct her students when they err, but also quick to extol their virtues-quick to take a stand for the Generals in any area of school life. So, to you, Mrs. Sparks . . . we take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation. ' Editofs note: The General staff wishes to thank the representatives of the Taylor Publishing Com- pany jor their assistance in making this surprise page possible. 2I8 Your Editor speaks . . . Now at the end of this school year it is time for us to once more go over those uspecialn events and recall those 'gwonderfuln moments we shared together. How else could these activities be better produced than through an annual? This has been the utmost purpose of the 1963 General. We, the staff, sincerely hope you will receive your General with great pride and enthusiasm. It has been created for you and by you. There have been many hours spent on the General by staff members as well as helpers. Without these helpers, members would have had a rough time participating because with the lack of pictures, a general layout could not have been formed. So, our appreciation goes to Mr. Joe Hanson and Mr. Charles Mulcahy from Rembrandt Studios, and our fine photography department headed by Mr. Robert McCain. We also had the full co-operation from our chief executives, Mr. C. W. Huffman, Mr. Jim Nees, and Mr. Everett Semrad. Now that these helpers and our workers have completed this General, we need company representatives to help make suggestions and pick up our copy. A most sincere thanks is extended to Mrs. Agatha Campbell, Mr. Jerry Carroll, and Mr. Barclay Curtis, Taylor Publishing Company representatives. I would like to express my appreciation to my staff editors and workers. They have worked diligently to please you, the student body. We have finished another year. Another chapter of our lives has been completed. As you review this year, remember the past, think to the future, and always live in the present. Sincerely, Janet Reaves, Editor Mrs. Mary J. Sparks, Advisor Mr. Jerry Carroll accepts the final copy from Janet Reaves on the last dead-line, March 1. EDITORS .lill Thomson, Assistant Editor Saundra Bushey, Activities and Faculty Shari Fort, Photography Becky Murray, Copy Mike Wright, Sports Chele Phillips, Class Linda McCracken, Index STAFF MEMBERS Karen Weatherford Beth Nail Linda Chapman Charlene Hapes Dennis Tedder Robert Meeks Chuck Waldrop .lim Wise Steve Murray Sharon Leland Linda Stewart 1 Marsha Swint Kathy Ward Marilyn Vidlock Cheri Coates Mary Tompkins , .....- . t I i:.' 5 A 2 I9 SENIORS ALLISON, JANET-50, 179 Pep Club, Band, FBLA, FTA AMBURGEY, LINDA-50, 179 Pep Club, Choir, Student Council, FBLA ANDERSON, SHERRY-50 FTA-Historian '63, French Club ATKINS, RUSSELL-50 BAKER, COYE-50, 174, 173 Soph. Class Vice Pres., Dispatch Sports Editor, Prince of Print, Amer- ican Legion Award BAKER, MIKE-50 Hi-Y, Safety Council, Choir, Band BARNES, LINDA-S0 FBLA-Vice Pres. '62-Historian '63 BELL, JUDYf-17, 50, 178, 196, 142 Basketball Queen '63, Jr. Claes Historian, Sr. Class Trcas. '63, Asst. Cheerleader '63 BLOCKER, EVELYN-50 Girls Glee Club, Student Council, DECA BOULTINGHOUSE, JUDITH-50 Glee Club, Rifle Club, French Club. Pep Club BOWMAN, CHERYL-50 Jr. Planning Committee, Sr. Plan- ning Committee, Pep Club BRADBURRY, JUDY-50 Pep Club, Glee Club, Drill Team BRANDENBURG, JO LYN-51, 178 Cheerleader '60, '63, All-Sports Queen '60, Jr. Class Planning Committee, Sr. Class Planning Committee BRANDON, BRENDA--51 Conservation Club, Concert Band, Marching Band BREWER, THOMAS-51 Student Council Pres. '61, DECA- Pres. '63, Student Council, O Club BRISCOE, LINDA-51 Pep Club, Choir BROCK, STEPHEN-51 Spanish Club BROOKSHIRE, JANICE-51 Head Majorette, Art Club-Chaplain '62, Pep Club, Latin Club BROWN, CATI'IYf51, 179, 166, 167, 168 Band, Band Queen Attendant '62, Band Queen, Pep Club BROWN, DOROTHY-51 FTA, Glee Club BROWN, NORMA-51 Choir, Glee Club BROWNING, JEAN-51 Choir BULLINGTON, CAROLYN-51 Pep Club, Y-Teens BUSHEY. SAUNDRA-47, 51, 142. 170 Junior Class Chaplain, Senior Class Sec., Yearbook Activities Editor, FTA-Vice Pres. '63 BUTLER, CHARLOTTE-52 I FBLA-Vice Pres. '63, Jr. Planning Committee, Girls O'Club, Pep Club CANADY, LINDA-52 Pep Club, Journalism CANNON, LINDA-52, 179 Sr. Planning Committee, Pep Club, FBLA CARLTON, DONNY-52 Track Team CARSON, KEITH-52 French Club, Science Club-Vice Pres. '62, Mu Alpha Theta, Advanced Science Seminar CASE, JOE'52, 148, 149 Student Council-Parl. '60, Delegate to NASC, OASC, OAJHSC, Inter-City SC, Boys' State, National Thespians CASEY, SHARON-52, 166 Band, Majorette, Latin Club, FTA CHAMBERS, PI-IYLLIS--52, 179, 149 Student Council-Rep. at Large '62, Parl. '63, Senior Class Planning Com- mittee, Oil Executive for a Day, Girls' State Alternate Cl-ILAPOWSKI, MARY-52 Jr. Planning Committee, Sr. Plan- ning Committee, Majorette, Chemistry Club CLARK, SHARON-52 Glee Club, Tape Club, DECA CODNER, BILLIE-52 Student Council, FBLA, Choir, Pep Club COKER, SHARON-52 FTA, FBLA, Library Club, Glee Club CONWAY, DERRELL-53 COX, BILLYE-53, 179, 141, 149 Thespians-Reporter '62, Pres. '63, Jr. Planning Committee, Sr. Planning Committee, Pep Club COX, LINDA-53 CRAWFORD, CAROL!-53 Bowling Club CREWS, JOHN-'53, 14, 187, 189, 195, 199 Tri-Football Captain, O'Cluh CUNNINGHAM, JANIS-53 Bowling Club, Pep Club DARK, Sl-IARONWS3 DAVIS, BARBARAf53, 213 Bowling Club DAVIS, MALCOLM-53 DAVIS, MARGARET-53 Studcnt Council, Spanish Club, FTA, FJA DAVIS, VIRGINIA-53 DAWES, SHEILA-53 Jr. Planning Committee, Sr. Plan- ning Committee, Pep Club DAWSON, RONALD-51 DRISKILL, CHERYL--47, S4-, 142 Sr, Class Vice Pres., Pep Club, Jr. Class Service Award, FBLA DRISKILL, JIMMY-54 Latin Club, Football, Teams, Band DUTTON, JOLENE-54, 180 Jr. Planning Committee, Sr. Plan- ning Committee, Pep Club, FBLA EASTER, DEAN-54 Hi-Iron Club, Jr. High Basketball EDWARDS, CARL-54, 171 Spanish Club, Photography Club EIDSON, SONDRA-54 Girls' Chorus, Dispatch, Bowling League, FBLA ELLIS, GARY-54 Okla. County Safety King, Safety Council, Student Council EPPERSON, BUDDYE-54, 180 Cheerleader, Basketball Queen At- tendant, Student Council, Pep Club EVANS, ERNESTi54 EVANS, TAMARA-54, 166, 168 Band, Band Queen Attendant, FTA, Senior Class Planning Committee FANNING, SHIRLEY-54 Prom Decoration Committee, Pep Club, Latin Club, Student Council FERGASON, BILL-55, 187 Football, Track, Baseball, Latin Club FILLER, JANICE-55 Junior Class Planning Committee, Sr. Planning Committee, Pep Club, FTA FITZGERALD, RODNEY-55 Chess Club FLANARY, CAROLYN-55 Library Club FLANIKEN, Cl-IERYL-55 Pep Club, FBLA, Girls' Glee Club FORT, S1-IARI-11, 47, 55, 180, 142, 170 Yearbook Photo Editor, Senior Class Reporter, Pep Club, Photo Club FOSTER, DAVIDi55 Oil Executive for a Day, Okla. Teoh. Society, Track Team FRANKENFIELD, BOB-55 Band, Latin Club FRICKER, CARL-55 FREEMAN, JANICE-70, 180 Pep Club, Student Council, Glee Club GAILE, JAMES E.-55 Red Cross GERRED, EDWARD-70 Red Cross GIBSON, TOMMY-55, 149 Jr. Class Planning Committee, Safety Council, Thespians, Art Club GIBSON, TERRY-70 GIPPLE, CANDY-55, 180 Sr. Planning Committee, Pep Club, FBLA-Queen Attendant '63, Tri-Hi-Y GIPPLE, CAROLE-56, 180 Sr. Planning Committee, Safety Coun- cilt Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y GIPSON. CHARLOTTE-56 Senior Planning Committee, Bowling Club, FBLA GLISAN, PAM-56, 180 Latin Club, Pep Club, Mu Alpha. Theta, Oil Executive for a Day GOLDEN, DOYLE-56 Spanish Club, Red Cross GORDON, MIKE-S6 DECA GOULD, TOMMYf56, 14, 23, 141, 140 Jr. Planning Committee, Sr. Planning Committee, Student Council-Pres. '63, O'Club GREEN, GARY-56 GREEN, JANET-56 Pep Club-Demerit Captain '62, Choir, FBLA, Glee Club GREEN, DIANE-56 Pep Club, Glee Club GREENWELL, SUZANNE-56 FBLAfTrcas. '63 GIIIDER, CODY-56, 187, 189, 188 Jr. Planning Committee, O'Club, Foot- ball, Safcty Council CRIMSLEY, ALLENf56 Sr. Planning Committee, Band GROVES, ANN-57 DECAfChaplain '63, Sr. Class Plan- ning Committee, Student Council, Choir GUTHRIE, CARL-57 Choir HAAS, JOE-57 HAMPTON, ANNETTEf57, 180, 23, 173 FJA-Prcs. '63, Oklahoma City Times Teen Page Reporter, Pep Club, FBLA HATHCOCK, GARYf57 HAYES. DAVID-57 Band, Wrestling HEDGEPATH, DORlSf57 Choir HENDERSON, CLAUDE-57 HERRON, FINIS-57, 138 Soph. Class Pres., Choir-Pres. '63, Yearbook Attendant, Choir HIATT, BILLY-57, 195, 198, 199 O'Club, Basketball, Track, Choir HIGGINBOTTOM, JERRY-57 Safety Council, Wrestling, Football HIGHTOWER, GLYNN-S7 HILL, BONNIE-58 Student Council, Latin Club, Pep Club, Medical Club HILL, KAYEf58, 158 DECAfQuecn '63, Choir, Glee Club HILL, LARRY-58, 148 Latin Club-Reporter '63, Student Council, Mu Alpha Theta, Institute for Advanced Science Study HINES, LONNIE-58, 139, 187, 188, 139, 176 O'Club, Yearbook Attendant, Football, Sr. Planning Committee HOLDEN, PAM-58, 137, 143, 178, 191 Yearbook Queen, Cheerleader, Basket- ball Attendant-'62, Football Attendant -'63 HOLDER, FRED-58 HUGHES, CLIFTON-70 Jr. Planning Committee, Sr. Planning Committee, Baseball, Basketball HUNTER, CANDY--58, 18, 181, 165, 177 Inter-City Student Council Reporter- '63, Freshman Class Vice Pres., Pep Club, Choir JACKSON, DICK-58 Oil Executive for a Day, Football, Basketball, Latin Club JACKSON, LARRY-58 JENSEN, DARLENE-S8 Rifle Club, Choir JOHNSON, DAVID-47, 58, 12, 142, 148 Senior Class Pres., Junior Class Pres., Jeffersonians-Vice Pres. '63, Band JOHNSON, JANE-58, 181, 18, 165 Junior Class Vice Pres., Pep Club- Historian '62, Choir, Latin Club JOHNSON, TED-59 JOLLY, BARBARA-59 Bowling Club, FBLA, Pep Club JONES. JACK-59 Football JONES, JERRY-26, 59 Dispatch Sports Editor-'61, O'Club, Wrestling, Golf JONES, LYNDA-59 Glee Club, Band JONES, TERRY-S9 Jr. Planning Committee, Spanish Club KEAS, JANICE-S9 Bowling Club, FTA, Pep Club KERBY, MARY KAY-59 Library Club, Pep Club, French Club KERN, KAREN-59, 163 Choir Queen, Girls Glee Club, Choir KERR, LESLIE-59, 195 Jr. Planning Committee, Basketball, French Club KERR, LYNDA-59, 181 Soph. Class Treas., Junior Class Treas., Student Council, Pep Club KIRKHAM, EDNAf59 Choir, FTA KOLKE, DENNIS-60 Red Cross KRAG, ANN-60, 138, 178 Pep Club, Cheerleader, Yearbook Attendant, Latin Club LEEDER, JIMMY460, 157 O'Club, Spanish Club LINDSEY, JANE-60, 179 Pep Club-Vice Pres. '63, Sr. Plan- ning Committee, Latin Club, Choir LITTLE, KENNETH460 Band, Spanish Club MCATEE, BILLIE-61, 131 Jr. Planning Committee, Sr. Planning Committee, Pep Club, Student Council MCCLUNG, LINDA-61 Jr. Planning Committee, Pep Club, FBLA, Student Council, Glee Club MCCUNE, KARROLL461, 181 Latin Club, Pep Club MclNNIS, DALTON-61, 148 Golf, Institute of Advanced Science Study, Oil Executive for a Day, Latin Club MAMIVIEDATY, JANICE-60, 181 Pep Club, FBLA, French Club, FJA MARLAR, EDDIE-60, 187 Football, Projection Club MAULDIN, CHERYL460, 181 Safety Council, Pep Club Teams, Jr. and Sr. Planning Committees MAY, ANN-60, 46 Jr. Planning Committee, Thespians MAY, SANDRA-60, 181 Student Council, Pep Club, Glee Club MAY, SHIRLEY-60 Safety Council, Library Club MAYS, BILL-60, 138, 162, 163 Soph. Pres., Choir, Basketball, Year- book Attendant MEGGS, JANE-61, 179 Pep Club-Pres. '63, Student Council -Parl '62, FBLA-Queen Attendant '63, Inter-City Student Council METCALF, CAROLi6l, 181 Jr. Class Planning Committee, Pep Club MILES, JACK-61 MILLER, SHARON-61, 181, 215 Pep Club-Demerit Capt. '62, Sr. Planning Committee, Pep Club, French Club MOFFATT, GREG-61 Wrestling. Baseball MONTGOMERY, RICKY-61 MOODY, BILL'61 MOORE, DALE-61 Red Cross, Projection Club MOORE, SHARON-62 MORGAN, BARBARA-62, 181 Jr. Planning Committee, Latin Club, FTA, Pep Club MULLER, JANET-62, 149 Senior Planning Committee, NFL, Girls Rifle Club, Latin Club MYERS, ALAN-62 Swimming Team, Spanish Club NEAL. SANDRA-62. 181 Latin Club, Band, Pep Club, Spanish Club NELSON, CAROLYN-62 Safety Council, Student Council, FBLA NELSON, JERRY-62 NELSON, PAUL-62, 186, 187, 188, 189, 159 Latin Club-Pres. '63, Choir, O'Club, Football NEWELL, KAREN-62, 138, 141 Student Council-Vice Pres. '63, Sec. '62, Latin Club-Calpurnia '62, Toys for Tots Queen-'63, Thespians NOLEN, ALTON-62 Rifle Club, Red Cross OSBORN, EILEEN-62, 182 FBLA--Sec. '62, Red Cross, Bowling Club, Pep Club OWEN, WAYNE-62 Hi-Y, Choir OWENS, ROBERT-62 Band-Pres. '63, Thespian-Vice Pres. '63, Student Council, Jeffersonians PARKER, BOB-63 Tennis, Swimming, Latin Club, Okla- homa Tech. Society PARKER, TOMMY-63 Football, Track, O'Club, Baseball PAYNE, VON CILLEY63, 182 Pep Club, Glee Club PEMPIN, BOB-63 PENRY, LINDA-63 PERRY, JEANNENE-63 Drill Team, Glee Club, Spanish Club PHILLIPS, TOMMY-63 Spanish Club, Projection Club PHIPP5, GLENf63 Track, Choir PINE, KAYE-63 FBLA, Choir POE, LARRY-63 Institute for Advanced Science Study, Science Fair, Latin Club, Science Club POETEETE, SUE463 Glee Club, Art Club, OCIPA POW'ELL, OLIVER-61 PRICE, JANET-64, 138, 178, 204 Latin ClubfSec., Treas., Jr. and Sr. Planning Committee, Cheerleader, Wrestling Queen PRICHARD, SANDRA-64, 178 Choir-Queen Attendant '60, Sr. Plan- ning Committee, Student Council, Pep Club PUNNEO, CAROLYN-64 RATCHEL, FREDf64 REA, IOHN464, 148 Jcffersonians-Pres. '63, Student Coun- cil, Institute for Advanced Science Study, Jr. and Sr. Planning Commit- tees REAVES, JANET-64, 170, 171 Pep Club, Student Council, Jr. Class Play '62, Yearbook Editor REYNOLDS, PAUL-64, 46 Safety Council-Pres. of Inter-City, Latin Club, Football RICHES, RAMONA-64 Bowling Club, Pcp Club, Glee Club ROBERTS, LEASA-64 Glee Club, FBLA, DECA ROSIER, GLORIA-64 FBLA, Pep Club ROSS, RONALD-64 Red Cross, Safety Council RYALS, MARLENE-65 French Club, All-City Choir, Choir- Vice Pres., Girls Quartette SALMON, RONALD-65 Spanish Club SAUER, BILL-65 Science Club, Wrestling, Junior Play '63 SCHROEDER, SUSANf25, 47, 65, 142, 179, 173 FBLA-Miss FBLA Attendant, Soph. Class Reporter, Pep Club-Sec. '63, Sr. Class Parliamentarian SCHULTHEIS, EDW'ARD-65 SCHULTHEIS, RICHARD-46. 65, 202 Wrestling, Sr. Class Planning Com- mittee SEABOURNE, BILLY-65 Medical Club-Chaplain, Student Council, Red Cross, Band SEIKEL, JIMMY-65, 187, 14 Tri-Captain Football, JI. Planning Committee, Spanish Club, O'Club SEIKEL, VICKI-65, 182 Journalism, FTA, Spanish Club, Pep Club SHERRILL, RONALDw65 Sr. Planning Committee, French Club, Hi-Y SHIPLEY, JOHNNY-46, 65, 136 Latin Club-Vice Pres., 0'Club, Stu- dent Council, Football SIMMS, DALE-65 Band SIMPSON, TERRY-66, 139 Oil Executive for a Day, O'Club, Oklahoma Technical Society, Football SMITH, ELLEN-66, 182, 173 Dispatch Editor, Sr. Planning Com- mittee. FJA, Pep Club SMITH, PATRICIA-66 DECA-Historian, Tape Club, Choir SNOW, ALTA-66 Library Club, Choir SNOW, SHERRY-66 Red Cross STACY, RONNIE-66, 157 U.S, Grant Tech. Society-Pres. '63, Swimming STAIR, NORTH+66 Rifle Club, Art Club, Basketball, Tens nis STANDEFER, JIMMY-66 French Club, Teams STANDEFER, JOAN-66 Red Cross, Sr. Planning Committee, Studcnl Council, Pep Club STARWALT, SHARLOTTE-66 STEELE, JOHN466 Student Council, Red Cross, Football, Oklahoma Tech, Socicly STEVENS, LINDA-66 Glee Club STEVENS, RONALD-67 Glee Club, Wrestling, Photo Club, Projection Club STINE, JOEA67 Latin Club, Red Cross, Choir STIVER, CAROLYN-67, 183 Pep Club, French Club, FBLA TARTER, GARY-67 Student Council, Latin Club--Pres. '62, O'Club, Mr. Howdy '62 TATE, JUDY-67 Medical Club-Treas., Student Coun- cil, FBLA, Latin Club TATE, MARSHA-67 Newspaper, Dispatch News Editor, Editorial Editor, FIA TEAQUE, GEORGE-67 Choir, French Club, Safety Council, Track TERREL, MIKE-14, 22, 67, 143, 188, 187, 189 Boys' State, Oil Executive for a Day, O'Club, Football Tri-Captain THOMPSON, FRANK-67 Jr. Planning Committee, Red Cross, Art Club, Choir THOMPSON, JOHNNYY67 THORNTON, DAVID-67 Football, Track, Basketball, O'Club TODD, LINDA-67 Pep Club, Glee Club TOWLER, LIQLA MAE-68, 216, 214, 215 Safety CouncilASec.-Treas., Red Cross, Girls' O'Club TREICHLER, LYNDAf25, 46, 68, 139, 178, 190 Cheerleader, Jr. Planning Committee, Student CouncilASeC. '60 TROWE, PHIL-68 Band, Rifle Club, DECA TRUCKS, CHARLOTTE-68 Red Cross TURNER, LARRY-68 Football, Wrestling TYRELL, GARY-68 UNDERWOOD, RODGER-68 UNDERWOOD, JENNIFER-68, 179, 174, 173 Pep Club4Reporter '63, Dispatch As. Editor, Princess of Print, FIA- Chaplain VANCE, MARIANNA-68, 183 Student Council, FBLA, Pep Club, Latin Club VANDAVEER, CAROLYN'-68 French Club+Vice Pres. '63, Pep Club, FBLA, Glee Club VENABLE, CHARLOTTE-22, 27, 183, 214, 68, 2-15, 151 Wrestling Queen '62, Girls' State, Miss FBLA '63, Student Council WALSER, DIANE-68, 183 Pep Club, Journalism, FIA, Student Council WANN, GRADY-68 WARD, SUE-69, 183 Pep Club WARD, JACKIE-69 WAX, BARBARA-69 Glee Club, Pep Club WEED, FOREST-69 WILBANKS, GAIL-69 Freshman Class Reporter, Tape Club -Vice Pres., FBLA, Glee Club WILKERSON, CHERRY-69. 197 Jr. Planning Committee, Pep Club, Student Council WILLARD, ELAINE-69 Pep Club, Choir WILLIAMS, WALTER-69 WILLOUGHBY, ANN-69, 178, 205 Cheerleader, Freshman Class Pres Sr. Planning Committee, FTA WOLF, MIKEAG9 Football, Baseball WOODALL, BARBARA-70 Red Cross, Pep Club WORD, GAYELA-70, 183, IB. 165, 162 Pep Club-Parliamentarian '62, Sr. Planning Committee, Choir, Student Council WYATT, PERRY-70 Chess Club, Rifle Club, Latin Club, Oklahoma Tech. Society WYONT, SHERRY-70, 160 French Club-Sec.-Treas., Jr. Plans ning Committee, Pep Club, FTA YONCE, KAYE-70 Pep Club, French Club JUNIORS Aasa, Richardf74 Abel, Donna-74, 179, 163 Adams, Wyatt-74, 163 Aker, LindaA74, 179 Alspaw, Patf74 Anderson, Guy-74 Ashley, Mack-74 Ashlock, Brenda-7-1. Asplin, Paul-74 Atkins, Robert-74 Austin, Lynn-74 Babbit, Karen-74 Baird, Janet-74, 179 Baker, Robert-74, 187, 188, 203 Baker, Gary-74, 202 Baker, Tommy-74 Daniels, Janet-78 Danner, Jerry-78 Davenport, Nancy-78, 179 Davis, Gary-78, 187 Davis, Zoef78, 179 Deason, Terry-78, 172 Dennis, Mike-78 Depue, Roy-78, 186, 187, 188, 189 202, 203 Dewbre, Velma-78, 180 Dies, Bobby--78 Dobbs, Jessw78 Dodge, John-78 Dodrill, Gary-78 Doss, Charlotte-79 Douglas, Danny-79 Dukes, Linda-79 Dunning, Witford-79 Dutcher, Marty-79, 180 Edinson, Boyd-79 Edwards, Travis-79 Eide, Cindy-79, 180 Elliot, Tommy-79, 187, 189 Ellis, Pam-79, 149, 212 Elston, Vickif79, 180 England, Carol-79 Engle, Billf79 Epperson, Tim--79 Epton, Linda-79 Epton, Mickie-79 Essary, Carla-79, 149 Estell, Wanda-79 Evans, Al-79, 187 Evans, Glen-79 Evans, Mona-79 Evans, Peggy-80, 72, 21-if 215, 179 Fagan, Marcia-80, 180 Ballard, Barber, Mary-74 Treman--74, 187, 189 Barger, Linda-74, 179 Bar-nes, Richard-74 Baughman, Richard-75 Beam, MarvaA-75, 179 Beasley, Robert-75 Beck. Carolyn-75, 20, 179 Bendorf, .lerry'75 Benjock, Kathy-75, 179, 205 Bennett, Dale-75, 187, 189 Benson, Linda-75, 179 Benson, Sherry-75, 179 Bird, Sherry-75 Bland, Sara-75 Blay, Beverly--75 Boardman, Robert-75, 194 Bond, Judy, 75, 179, 215 Borror, Verner-75 Boultinghouse, Danny-75, 212 Bradbury, Jerry--75 Bradley , Bartow-75,, 166 Bradley, Doris-75, 163 Bradley, James-75 Bradley, John-75 Bransen, Paula-75 Bridges, Bridges, Betty-75, 179 Carol-76, 179 Farr, Merry-80 Faulkner, Barbara-80, 180, 159 Fawcett, CarlaA80 Flipski, Jimmyv80, 187, 189 Fink, Don-80 Fowler, Deanne Freed, .ludy'B0, 180 Fultz, Kenneth-B0 Gardner, Robert-80 Garland, Judy-k80, 180 Garland, Varga-80, 178, 214 Garner, Joe-80, 187, 188, 189, 203, Gaiggr, Judy-72, 80, 180 Garrison, Shirley-80 Gatlin, Martha-80 Geer, Cheryl-80, 180, 212 Gentry, Tommy-80 George, Karen-80, 180 Giddeons, Clifford-80 Gill, Jimmy-at Gill, Bill-81, 14-8, 149 Gootee, Karen-81, 180 Gordon, Donna-81 Gore, Lavina-H81 Gouge, Peggy-81, 179, 160 Goyer, Carol-81, 180 Grady, Linda-81, 180 Brocaw, Jimmy-76 Brooks, .lanet-76, 179 Grape, Marilyn-81, 180 Green, Donna-81 Greer, Gladys-81 Bross, James-76 Brown, Donald-76 Brown, Brown, Pat-76, 179 Robert-76 Brown, Toney-'76 Buckley, Wadie-76 Burchett, Alvin-76 Burrs, Edith-72, 76, 179, 215 Byrum, Larry-76 Byrum, Linda--76, 179 Cagigal, Cecilia-76 Calhoun, Claudia-76, 179 Camp, Al-76 Carroll, Russell-76 Casey, Barbara-76 Casey, Mary-76 Caster, Robert'-76 Caster, Susan-77 Chamber, Linda-77 Chapman, Linda-77, 179 Childress, Cherly-77 Childress, Jeanettr-77 Chlapowski, Elaine?77 Clark, Denny-77 Clark, Fred-77 Cleymer, Richard-77 Cobel, Connie-77 Coble, James--77 Codner, Berta-77, 179 Collins, Patsy-77 Conway, Sandra-77 Cook, Mikt+77, 149 Cook, Sue-77 Cooper, Larry-77 Cooper, Leslie-77 Coppage, John-77 Cox. Charlotte-77 Cravens, Larry--77 Creyton, Mike-78 Crockett, Wanda-78 Cromwell, David-78 Crump, Judy-78, 179 Crump, Shirley, 78 Cummins, Arron-78 Curby, LuAnn-78 Daniel, Sharon, 78, 179, 173 Griffee, Paul--81 Guidry, Larry-81 Gutierrez, Ernest-81 Haas, Judy-81 Haggard, Janice-81, 180 Hamilton, Glenna-81, 180 Hansen, Caren-81 Hansen, Chip-81 Hanson, Mike-81 Harben, Jan-81, 180 Hardison, David-82 Hargis, Dee-82, 180 Harmon, Sharon-82, 180 Harris, Belva-82 Harris, Ruby-82 Harrison, Cherly-82 Harrison, Jeanette-82, 180 Hart, Cherry-82 Hartman, Moncclia-82 Hawkins, Harva-82, 180 Hayden, Vicky'-82 Hays, Dale-82 Helm, Jimmy-82, 187 Henderson, Kenneth-82 Hensley, Cathy-82, 180, 149 Hensely, Jimmy-82 Harriott, Robert-82 Hey. Janet-82 Hiatt, Margaret-82, 180, 214, 215 Hinkle, Ernie-82 Hitchings, Lisa-B2 Hiti, Candy-83, 72 Holden, Richard-83 Hollowell, Linda-83 Honeycutt, Bill-83 Horn, Delores-83 Horton, David-83, 187, 204 Hoster, Craig-83, 26, 27, 194, 198, 195 Howard, Leslie-83, 180 Howe, Frankie-83, 187, 189 Hrdlicka, James-83 Hudson, Sherril-83, 166 Huff, Larry-83 Hughes, Charles-83 Hughes: Nancy-83 Hunt, Norrell-83, 187 Husk, George-83, 18 Hutcherson, Ronald-83 Hutchinson, Janie-83 Irwin, Stephen-83 Jackson, Alice-83 '.. Jackson, Richard-83 Jahnke, Chris-84, 20, 148, 167 James, Mary-84 ' Johnson, Carole-8-1 Jump Kaster Rob rt 4 Kearnes, Ji my 84 Kegans, Do -8' Keith, Jun 84 181 Palmore, Mark-89, 187 Pauley, Richard-89, 6 Paulk, Keith-89 Payne, Linda-89 P kins, Donn Pe ins, Edd ers, Terry eterson, Dav 89 eterson, P -89 Phillip 18 70 Y 1 1 1 5 lk Y Ra y, Sherry- Ra 1ff, Michel 90 lston, Stev 90 ea, Emag c 90, 182 Real, Von va-90 18 F Viill c , arilyrl-94 1 , 166 V Vi 94 er, nard- all, Lestt -94 ard, Kathie- 79 Ward, Lor ta- 4, 171 Watson, S y -1-, 183, 173, 205 lt Watters, cca-94, 213 Weaver by-94 Wgbb , en-95 Wedel Iilton-95 We , Don-95 W t, Mary-95 West, Tommy-95 White, Paula-95, 183 Whitehouse, Ken-95 Wlhiteman, Gloria-95 Whitthorne, Miko-95 Wilkerson, Nancy-95, 149 Brown, Lawrence-101 Brown, Memory-101 Brown, Rhonda-101 Brunk, Randal-101 Bryant, Beverly-101, 179 Bryant, Dovie-101 Buck, .Janice-101 Buckner, Glenda-102, 179 Williams, Williams Williams Donna-95 Gary-95 ari Burch, Nancy-102, 179 Burks, Diane-102, 179 Burns, Janet-102 Burris, Richard-102 Burrows, Phillip-102 Burt, Johnny-102, 192, 203 Byrne, Nicky-102 Cahill, Martha-102, 179 Calvert, Tommy-102 Cambron, Ronnie-102 Canaday, Pat-102 Canary, Terry-102 Carpenter, Robert-102. 212 Williams Williams ' , - Wilson, 1, 11- Wi son e r -9 hy . ' ul- ' : Carrier, Harold-102 Carroll, Mike-102 Carter, Linda-102, 179 Carter, Robert-102 Carver, Shirley-102 Cash, John-102, 203, 202, 189 Johnson, Diane-84 Petty, Lar -89 Johnson, James-84 Johnson, Linda-84, 181 Pm, J -09 40 189, 194, , Johnson, Micheal-84 Johnson, Tonia-84 Pitt , Don-89 Jolly, Jimmy-84, 149 I ey, Freda-89 Jones, Ester-84 ole, Miko-89 Jones, Eunice-84 ound, Kaye-89518 Jones, Jo -84, 1 Pritchar M' e-89, 2 Jones, it rt -84 Pritchett J -89, 20, 166 Jones, 1 ichar -84 Rai Ja 182 Jones, ohert -5' Rac y uve Jones, hel 1: 84 Ram Mar , Jo n 84- Kelsoe, Linda 85, 181 King, Barbara-85 King, Sandra-85 King, Willie-85 Kirch, Karen-85 Kirkpatrick, Gen 8 Kirkpatrick, Mik Kistler, Kent-85 Knight, Gene- KniPP, Keit Koons, J 5 Lamar, K n y-85 Lambert, onni 5 Lamkin, Anita-8 1 Landry, Linda- Langfitt, Jo Lanig, Kenn -85 Landsford inda-85, 181 Lawer , Alle 8 , 212 Law e ce, Cl d , 194 L , verly 5 Le d, Sharo 5, 181, 17 it Leslie, Bar -86, 1 Lincoln, K en- 1 Little, ry-86 Londo uthie- Mac Pepper-86 x Kathy 1 , l y, n anning a -86 Mars l ie-86 Maso B' 'e-86 Mat s renda- Mat ews, Anne ax, Linda 1 ayer, Sha cAllister, - 86, 214 McCartney, M h -86, McCau ey, Mike-86, 21,2 Rees, s ind- enfro inda-90 163 R ce, y-90 R h Ju y- ' R rdson, L' -Q R hes, Sandy-9 Riggs, Larry Rippee, Lar oach, N y- 0 Robert ath-90 Ro 'n n Mike-9 On, Sh " ers, Lynd -9 2 one, Sharon 91 18 Roland, E g e-91 uise, S - If 1 5 Russel oorge-9 ' , Karen- , David-91 ultheis, John .1 ultz, Wilhu 91 Scott, Sharon Scott, Terry Scott, Edw 91 194 7 Sharp, Vic . Shaw, Tit , Doris-95 im-73 95 ,- ska Charles- ' W lf Joan-96 183 Woodring, Larry-96 Worley, Carolyn-96 Worsham Mary 6 Wright Franci 96 Baker Po a-96 Bradsh 1 Twila-96 Carm " Dennis-96 ' ' Sharon-96 v HCS, Connie-96 oudon Quintella-96 Maupin Pat-96 90 ! , , i ly 9 90 , 11 U, 183 ' at 1 , s 1 , 203 . I . Y , ' ,- il' a 9 3 90 1 v N Y , 93 90 1 , , 0 1 , ' Ritchie, D a-9 182 Young, Bill 96, 187, 189 R 9 , 8, 1 , ' V 1 , , ley 0. 1 1 , , 18 R L 91, 1 , 21 ' li ' 6 u , 2 v 203- " 179 , 187 ', 7 I I 1 ' ' - , 102 ' 91 ' Shaw, Wil , - Shelton, Shirley-91 Sherrill, Gloria-91, 182 Shorter, Dennis-91 Shull, Beth-91 Shults, Richard-92 S' mons, Don-92 mmons, Roy-92 ryl-92 anny-92 loan, D Slonia Smit , Bonnie-92 S h, Charles-92 llum, Gene-86 racken, Dian cCracken, Linda- 81, McFadden, John-87 McGehee, Eiland-87, 1 McGahee, Darrell-B7 cMahan, Ann-87, 182 Waters, J im-87 Melton, Jack-87 If Melton, Shirley-87 Messimore, Barbara- 7, 179 Miler, Marsha-87, 1 Miller, Debby-87 Miller, Sherry-87 18 Miller, Terry-87 1 Moon, Leonard Moore, Louis-87 Moore, Sammy-87 Morgan, Delora-87 Morozoff, Donna-87, 179 Morrow, Donna-87 Morrow, Richard-87 Murphy, John-87 Murray, Steve-88, 212 Myers, Nancy-88 Nail, Beth-88, 182, 215 Nance, Cheryl-88 Nelson, Ronnie-88 Nettle, Fred-88, 15, 25, 187, 189, 194, 198, 195 Neugehauer, Sue-88 Newhouse, Gary-88 Nicely, William-88 Nickcll, Susan-88 Nippert, Jimmy-88 Noble, Larry-88 86 a 1 Mc an, Carolyn-86 70 ith, Cary-92 Smith, Hal-92 Smith, Judy-92, 182 Smith, Mike-92 Smith, S usan-92, 149 Smith, vieky-92 Smothers, Janie-92, 82 Sneed, Tanya-92, 182 A . Staggs, lice-92 Staggs, Emily-92 Steed, K athleen-92 Stenberg, Don-92 Stevens, Stewart, Stewart, Pam-92, 182 Carole-92 Linda-93, 179, 171 Stiver, Gary-93 Stone, Ronnie-93 Stowe, Davalene-93, 183 Stowe, .lim-93, 27, 194, 195 Stubbs, Nick-93, 194, 195 Stucky, .lim-93 Summers, Carmen-93 Swint, Marsha-93, 183, 160 Tassell, Patsy-93, 183 Taylor, Galen-93 Templin, Bill-93, 212 Terrell, Ronnie-93, 187 Thomas, Charles-93 Thompson, Janice-93, 183 Thompson, John-93 Thompson, Johnny-93 Thompson, Pat-93, 183 Thompson, Kathy-93, 149 Thomson, .lill-93, 15, 25, 170, 191, 215 Tompkins, Larry-93 Tompkins, Mary-94, 183 Nolan, Sue-88 Nutt, Paul-88, 163 Oakley, Marilyn-88 Ochoa, Rene-88 O'Ncal, Pat-88, 182, 149 Orren, Ray-88 Osborne, Jolene-88, 182 Overstreet, Barbara-88 Owens, Charles-88, 171 Owen, Dale-89 Palmer, Carolyn-89 Towler, .John-94 Trapp, Barbara-94 Trewet, Glenda-94, 183 Trucks, Alva-94 Turner, Jack-94 Turner, Karen-94, 183 Turner, Pat-94 Tyler, Bobby-94 lfssery- Johnny-94 VanHorn, Gladys-94 Vaughn, James-94 72, 183, 222 Cash, Neva-102, 179 Chafin, Paula-102 Chaney, Tommy-102, 192, 202, 203 Chastain, Marsha-102 Childress, Jerry-102 Christy, Dianna-102 Christy, Janyth-102, 179 ClaPP. Joe-102 Clapp, Robert-102 Clark, Karen-102, 179 Clay, Charlotte-102 Cleary, Gary-102 Cleaver, David-102 Clevenger, James-102 Coates, Cheri-102 Cockerell. Linda-102, 179, 205 C ffey, Richard-103 ombs, Jo Ann-103 SOPHOMORES om., Mike-103, 172, 155 Aeheson, Randy-100 Conner, Gary-103 Ahhaitty, Verna-100 CDYCY, Barber 103. 179 Airington Larry-100 Cornell, Mars 103, 179. 168 Aker Gary-100 Corona, Viet 03 Allen Bobby-100 , Couts, Do Allen Judy-100 yC0X, 9 103 Anderson Jerry-100, 3 202, 192 Colon rry-103 Anderson Richard-1 C L! 11310141 3 Andrews, John 00 3 CHS, R1C1 l' 103 Arbuckle, Mary 100 ' ewsv Phvll' 03 Archer, Lin - 00 '11 1'- 1' 111'10 1 Arnold, C 5 my-1 1 y Am y, - a e , die- 2 X rn d rthur D V P0 , -lam ' ' on,.ar 1, ggett audia- Claudia- 15, 214 At 100 L a 1 0 in 1 M 1-1 1.9 a s, Jan t 1t ler, An it ' - dy 100, 9 , 1 Ba 0 Ba , ,179 ' - Sherr 1 Baker, Jerry Barcum, Lin -100, 1 Barker, Dona-100 100 Barnes, Mark-100 Bartrug, Reed-10 Bean, Nancy-100 Bedford, Judy-100 Bell, Jay-100, 179, 192 Bell, Suzanne-100 ' Benjock, Donna-100, 179 Bennett, Loretta-100, 213 Bennight, Bob-100 Bennington, Dail-100 Benson, Arles-100 Benson, Cary-100 Benson, Kandi-100 Benson, Nina-100, 179 Berkenbile, Linda-101 Bishop, Darryl-101 Blackburn, Tommy-101 Blackmon, Glen-101 Blair, Ramona-101 Blake, Gwen-101, 179 Blakeslee, Mike-101 Blancett, Sharon-101 Blankenship, Keith-101 Blevins, Gary-101 Blount, Vickie-101' Book, Billy-101 Borror, Tommy-101, 206 Brandon, Jeanell-101, 179 Brasher, Linda-101, 179 Bratton, Larry-101 Brewer, Bob-101 Bridges, Joyce, 101, 179 1 Barnes' James- erdem rke Bar 1 .1 Bridges, Shirley-101, 179 Brimm, Freddir-101, 192 Briney, Donna-101 Brock, Edward-101 Brock, Viola-101 Brown, Carol-101, 179 Brown, Denny-101 Brown, Diedra-101, 212 Brown, Donna-101 Brown, John-101 Brown, Joyce-101 es Ann avidson h mas-103 Davis Davis, ot y- 3 Davi a-103 av ult .1 Dawes ' ey-10 elozier ue 1 1 03 20 ickerson, I' ld o s Pa i - 1 Dodderer Ra - d-103 Dodson, J - lj 192 Donoho Dixi 103 180 Doughty, Da , d-103 Dowdy, .lane-104 Downs, Dennis-104 Dulworth, Sharon-104 Dunning, Wilfred-104 Dyer, Russell-104 East, Marine-104 Easter, Ronnie-104 Eddington, Eddi-104 Edmondson, Barbara-104 Edwards, Linda-104 Eggleston, Dun-104 Ehrhart, Donna-104, 180 Elder, Phillip-104 Ellis, Linda-104, 180 Elliston, Richard-104 Embry, Harold-104 Embry, Ronald-104 Epporson, Martha-104 Erhardt, Barbara-104 Espolt, Diane-104, 180 Evans, Cindy-104, 180 Evans, Edward-104 Evans, Keith-104, 200 Evetts, Keith-104 Evetts, Kenneth-104 Fails, Robert-104 Farris, Neal-104, 189 Faulkner, Veronica-104 Fawcett, John-104 Fedderson, Sharyle-10-1 Fenwick, Marvin--104 Fields, Ralph-104 Figaro, Joe-104 Fink, Andra-104 Fitzgerald, Mike-104 J ,J 103 , ' 103 1, I 79 Da', en 1 D , . - 103 I I Dawki '-to 1 ,180 I D ,Ju 1, 3,1 sf . 11 - e , r I tl bb, Q7 ,. ,O , Flanary, Joe-105 Flethcher, Cindy-105 Ford, Alice-105 Fowler, Susan-105, 180 Fox, Nana-105 Francis, Larry-105 Franklin, Roberte-105 Frederick, Magel-105, 180 Fritz, Timf105, 213 Froman, Jimmyf105 Fry, David-105 Fry, Dorothy-105, 180 Fulton, Davidfl05 Furrh, Leo-105 Gammon, Connie 4105, 28, 180 Hutchers on, Henry-108 Hyden, Kathy-108 Ingle, GaryAl08 Ivens, Eileen4108, 181 Jackson, Gerald-108, 212 Jackson, Jack-108 Jackson, Marsha-108, 181 Jackson, Pat-108 Jackson, Sandra-108, 181 Jefferson, Victor-108, 192 Johnson, Jimf108 Johnson, Larry-108, 189 Johnson, Larry-108, 192 Johnson, Linda-108 Johnson, Sharon-108, 181 Miller, Kenneth-111 Mills, Robert--111, 192 Mitchel 1, Glenda-111 Mitchell, Jesse-111 Monroe Mon tgo , John-111 mery, Ricky-111 Moon, Linda-111 Moore, Moore, Mary-111 Robert-111 Morgan, Allen-flll, 192 Morozoff, Frank-111, 212 Morris, Diane-111 Morris, Lani-111 Morrow, Keith-111 Mosley, Tommyilll Sclfres, Tom-114 Scott, Marie-114 Scroggins, Dickie-114 Selby, Pam-114 Self, Donna-114 Shaffer, Ronniwll4 Shaffer, Tannaf114 Shaw, Nancy-114 Shortt, Carl-114 Simpson, Vernon-114 Skaggs, Dennis-114 Slightam, Janet-114 Smart, Francesf114 Smith, Bcverlyf114 Smith, Claudine-115 Gann, Joy-105 Garland, Gary-105 Garza, 1.anccA105 George, Linda-105 George, Roger-105 Geren, Rejeaniaf105 Gerrezl, Daniel-105 Gibson, Betty-105 Gilbert, Darlene-105 Gilbert, Jimmyfl05 Glassgow, Cynthia-105, 180 Glover, Santly-105 Goffey, Ricliardf-105 Goins, Clintonf105 Golden, Danny-105 Gonzales, Don-105 Gooch, Gay+l05 Gorden, Toney-105 Gossett, Lelton-105 Goure, George-105 Goyer, Linda-106 Grant, Linda-106 Gray, Paul-106 Green, Green, Richard-106 Brendafl06 Green, Joyce-106, 180 Greer, Gay-106 , 212 Grider, Annette-106 Grimes, Jan?106, 180 Grimm, Marilynn-106. 180 Grissom, Linda-106 Groves, Guinn, Alvie-106 Carolyn-106 Gummer, Cathlcen-106 Guthrie, Marilyn-106, 180' Hackett, VickieE106, 180 Haggard, Jamcsf106 Hainey, David-106 Hale, Troyf106 Hall, George-106 Hall, Pam-106, 19, 180 Hall, Robertf106 Hall, Robert-106, 200 Halpin, Glynt1a7106 Hamilton, Darlene-106 Hamilton, Shirleenf106 Hancock, Brenda-106 Hapes, Charlenw106, 180 Hardy, Homer-106 Hargis, Janief106, 180 Harmon, Janet-106, 180 Harmon, Judy-106, 180 Harmon, Richard-106, 192, 203 Harrington, JowlO6, 213 Harrington, William-106 Harris, Diane-107, 180, 215 Harris, Roy-107 Harrison, Lynn-107, 215, 214 Harrison, Ronnie-107 Harrison, Wanda-107 Harrod, Bruce-107, 206 Harvey, Robert-107 Hash, l..aDonna-107 Hatfield, Jean-107, 180 Hatley, Pauls-107 Hawkins, Johnv107 Hay, Bill-107 Hayes, Larry-107 Haynes, Curtis-107 Heath, Randy-107, 194 Henderson, Jack-107 Henson, Sharon-107 Hess, LaDonna-107, 180 Hicks, Kay-107 Hightower, Carolyn-107 Hill, Dwain-107 Hilterbrand, Jerry-107, 194, 200 Hirlkle, Richard-107 Hinton, Helen-107 Hock, Vicki?107, 180, 215, 214, 191 Hodge, Bobby-107 Hodgen, Leslie-107 Hoffman, Alvin--107 Holland, Mike-107 Holt, Steve-107, 163 Horne, Phil-107 Horton, Darrell-107 Houck, Sharon-107, 180 Howard, A. W.-107 Howard, Jack-107 Howe, Orville-108 Hudson, Frank-108 Hudson, Linda-108, 181 Hudson, Wayn1?108 Huff, Evelyn-108 Hughes, Carolyn-108 Hunter, Barney-108 Hunter, Mike-108 Huston, Liqtla-108, 181 Johnston, Danny-108 Johnston, Paulafl08, 181 Jones, Bobbyf108 Jones, Paulawl08 Jones, Randal-108 Jones, Richard-108, 192 Jones, Tommy-108 Jump, Suf+108 Keen, Diana-108, 181 Keffcr, Radonna-108, 166 Keith, Dennis-108 Kenyon, Barbara-108 Ketchersitle, Ray-109 King, Darrell-109 Kin , Gayle-109 Ki Gayi109 KA Janet-109 Ki , Mark-109, 192 K Paulgl09, 192 1 , tarling-109,212,192 K y, Charlesf109 y, Jim-109 len, Sharon-109 K atrick, Phil-109 Kn , Bobby--109 Kni in, Ann-109, 181 Knig , Barbara-109, 181 Knight, Randyf109 Kn0PP, Ronald-109 Kolke, Pat-109 Koos, John-109 Krag, Thomas-109 Krob, Ray-109 Kuehne, Forrest-109 Lakcj, Carolyn-109 Lakey, Larry-109 Lang, Carol-109 Langley, Paul-109 Lanier, Carolyn-109 LaRue, DeWaynw109 Lavarnway, Linda-109 Lawson, Diana-109 Leach, Linda-109, 181 LeBlanc, Warren-109 Lee, Sandra-109 Lierle, Judy-109 Linam, Henry-109 London, Tommy-109 Long, Barbara-110, 181, 215 Long, Toney-110 Loper, Godfrey-110, 200 Loudat, Shiela-110 Luman, Ronnie-110 Madden, Beverly-110 Madtling, Sue-110 Madole, Judy-110 Maize, Sondrail10 Maltlanado, Authur-110 Maloy, Herschel-110 Marks, Johnnie-110 Marley, Barbara-110, 181 Marrow, Glen-110 Marshall, Gina-110, 181. Martin, Carol-110, 181 Martin, Charles-110 Martin, Paul-110, 213 Martin, Becky-110 Martin, Sherry-110 Massingill, Jerry-110 Matheson, Jimmy-110 Motley, Dennis-111 Mullins, Karenflll Munscy, Ronald-111 Murray, Darylc-111 Murray, Bot-ky-111, 181, 170 Mntz, Maryf112 Muzny, Victorfl12 Myers, David-112 Nation, Paula-112, 182 Newby, Jackiw112 Newell, Stevw1l2 Nicely, Diane-112 Nicholas, Rich-112 Nichols, 1.cL+1l2, 182 Nippert, Sylvia-112 Nitzel, Lillianf112, 182 Nutt, James-112 Otlvody, Dalw1l2 Oldenburg, Gene-112 Oliphant, Sharon-112 Opp, Lehomaf112 Ormiston, Linda-112 Orr, Marilyn-112 Osborn, Ernestf112 Osborne, Steve-112 Osborne, Wathinaw112, 182 Ozerenty, Lawrence-112 Parker, Danny-112 Parks, Pam-112, 182 Payne, Myra-112, 182 Payne, Ronald-112 Pecena, Al-112 Peller, Linda-112 Pellar, Jerry-112 Perkins, Dwight-112 Perrin, Ann-112, 182 Perry, Collcnn-112 Pewthers, Judy-112 Phillips, Bob-112 Pierce, Sandra-112, 182 Pigg, 'Linda-112 Pike, Kay-113, 182 Pine, David-113, 212, 192 Pollock, Frankie-113 Potts, DonA113, 193 Price, Carolyn-113 Price, Linda-113, 182 Price, Sharon-113, 182 Pricer, Daniell-113 Pruett, Linda-113, 182 Pypas, Lana-113 Ramagc, Charlotte-113 Ramirey, Peggy-113 Ramsey, Jerry-113 Ramsey, Sherry-113 Randolph, Floyd-113 Ray, Ronnie-113 Ray, Sharon-113, 182 Reynolds, Tommy-113 Ridgeway, Cathy-113 Ridley, Mike-113 Riggs, Robert-113 Roach, NeldaW113 Roberts, Darlenw-113 Roberts, Jimmy-f1l3, 213 Roberts, Rich-113 Robertson, Conni?113 Robinson, Gary-113 Robinson, Gerald-113 Robinson, Bill-113 Smith, Donnaill5 Smith, .lerryf-115 Smith, Jesse-115 Smith, Judy-115 Smith, Kenneth-115 Smith, Darlene-115 Smith, Paula-115 Smith, Sammie-115 Smith, Sondra-115 Smith, Susan-115 Smith, Tommy-115 Snow, Benny-115 Snow, Jackie-115 Snow, Linda-115 Sohhani, Fara-115 Sorrels, Ju Ann-115 Southerland, Annette-115 Spears, LarryH115, 194 Speer, Larry-115 Splawn, Barry-115 Splett, Larry-115 Spradlin, Donaldw115 Stacy, SabraA1l5 Staffs, Judy-115 Stair, Da1w115 Stapp, Carl-115 StaPP, .loycw115 Statham, Sharonf115 Stearman, Danny-115 Steele, Maureen-115 Steele, Virginiaf-115 Stephens, Nana-115 Stephens, Terry Stephens, Terryf115 Sterling, Nancy-115, 28 Stevens, Bill-115 Stevens, Louise?116 Stier, Dale-116 Stine, Linda-116 Stone, Richard-116 Stonebraker, James-116 Streeter, Virginia-116 Stroupe, Carolyn-116 Stubbs, Phyllis-116 Sulliva n, Juyc?116, 215, 214 Sullivan, Rickey-116 Swink, Ava-116 Swindle, Linda-116 Temple, Ann-116 Templi n, Robert-116, 212 Theimer, Robert-116 Thomason, Marqrerate?116 Thomp Thomp Thomp son, Arnold-116 son, Beverly son, Johnnie-116 Thomson, Larry-116 Thomp Thorn, Thornt son , Mary-116 Bruce-116 on, William Timanus, Sandra Tims, Richard-116 Trammell, Lynda-116 Troman, Jimmy-116 Trowe, Craig-116 Troxell, Deanna-116 Toxell, Tommy-116 Trumbly, James-116 Turner, Angela-116 Turner, James-116 Turner, Marilynhlli' Matlock, Melody-110, 181 Matlock, Mike-110 Matlock, Sharon-110, 181 Mauldin, Mikwllll Mauldin, Paulfl10, 192 May, Bill-110 McBride, Lindah110, 181 McCain, Pat-110 McClurg, David-110 McConnell, Mike'-110 McCown, Stan-110 McCuan, McDonal McDonal Larry-110, 205 d, Billy-110 d, Linda-111 McDowell, Diana-111 McFadden, Ronals-111 McFeely, Janice-111 McGuire, Brucwlll, 192 Mclnnis, McNee1y Charles-111 , Bill-111, 203, 192 McReynolds, Mike-111 Meason, Bob-111 Meeks, Robert-lll, 200 Melton, Mercer, Judy-111 Dennis-111 Mercer, Karen-111, 181 Merrell, Linda-111 Michel, Jerry-111 Miller, Connie-111, 181 Rock, Jeffrey-113 Rogers, Jack-113 Rone, Evelyn-113 Rose, Steven-113 Rosier, Merle-113 Ross, Ruth Ann-113 Rowan, Judy-113, 166 Rowland, Arnold-114 Rowland, Earl-114 Rucker, Charles-114 Rupe, Harry-114 Russell, Charles-114 Rychlec, Mike-114 Sack, Dale-114 Sackett, Ray-114 Sain, Eugenia-114 Salter, Jeanne-114 Salzer, Julie-114 Sanderson, Burnie-114 Sandlin, Kathy-114 Sandlin, Nobl?114 Sante, Pam-114 Sasser, Daniel-114 Scally, Tom Schippllr, William-114 Schmidt, Jim-114 Schomp, Gary-114 Schroed Schultz, er, Mike-114 Rickey-114 Tyler, Carolyn-117 Uhfelder, Warren-117, 213 Ussery, Judy-117 Vanderburg, Linda-117 Waddell, Roger'-117 Wade, Diana-117 Waldrop, Chuck-117 Walker, Barbara-117 Walker, Duane--117 Walker, Madelyn-117 Wallis, Margis?l17 Ward, Alicef1l7 Ward, Phil-117 Warren, Judy-117 Watson, Mikt?l17, 213 Watson, Roy-117 Wax, Charlotte-117 Weatherford, Karen-117, 171 Weber, Conniz?117 Weed, Gary-117, 203, 202, 189 192 Weir, Yvette-117 Welch, Jimmy-117 Welch, Judy-117 Whitaker, Mike-117, 212 Whitaker, Pat-117, 212 White, Wanda-117 Whitfield, Diane-117 Whitfield, EvaDean-117 Whitlock, Barbara-117 Whomble, Jimmy-117 Wiley, Ronnie-117 Wiiard, Ricky-117 Williams, Francis-117 Williams, Judy-117 Williams, Larry-117 Williams, Lynette-117 Williams, Sharon-118 Williams, Williams Williams Williams Williams Sandra-118 , Shirely-118 , Toni-118 , Velma-118 Bill-118 Willis, Marie-118 Cox, Carolyn-124 Cox, Starla-124, 179 Cox, Steve-124 Cravens, Karen-124 Creech, Ed-124 Crouch, Kathy-124, 179 Crump. Lynne-124, 179 Cunningham, Herchel-124 Cunningham, Martha-124 Curby, Larry-124 Curry, Mike-124, 201, 200 Curtis, Janet-124 Davidson, Loretta-124 Davidson, Ronald-124 " Lia Wilson, Linda-118 Winkler, Lamont-118 Winton, Thomas-118 Witt, Pamela-118 Wolfe, Barbara-118 W'omack, Shirley-118 Wood, Billy-118 Woodall, Linda-118 Woodie, .limmy-118 Woods, Ernie-118 Worley, Tommy-113 Wright, Mike-118, 170, 1711, Davis, Bob-124 Davis, Bonni 1 Davis, Charl 4 Davis, .1 r 24 ' Davis, 24 Da ki s Ric ard 1 D , n' 1 1- , M' 1 01 e kie- 0' De , D 4 D dman, i 124 01511 W 'nn Mar ie--118 Y v Z Yandell, Sandford-118 Yerby, Curtis-118 Yonce, Sandra-118 Youse Zumb Agee, Aker, y, Laura-118 ro, Jere-118 FRESHMEN Jerry-122 Jean-122 Allen, Kathy-122, 179 Allen, Stan-1 22 Alley, Jeanne!!-122 Alliso rx, Wayne-122 Ames, David-122 Crei ht ol n 128 Trent, Anderson, Cheryl-122 Anderson, Marcella-122 Ashworth, Karen-122 Asplin, Mary-122 elay, ' -124 Demeeter, Carolyn-121 Demick, George--124 Dixon, David-125 Dodderer, .lames-125, 206 Dorough, Sandra-125, 180 Doughty, Roger-125, 20, 20 Drake, Donna-125 Drouin, Michelle-125 Durkee, Janice-125 Dutton, Fred-125 Earles, Sherilyn-125, 180 Eavenson, Sharon-125 Edinburgh, Charles-125 Edwards, Norman-125, 193 Epton, Helen-125 Faulkenberry, Linda-125 Felgenhauer, Dennis-125 Field, Dee-125, 180 Fischer, Mike-125 Fisher, Pat-125 Johnson, .Jerry D.-127. 193 Johnson, Jerry W.-127, 193 Johnson, Karen-127, 214 Johnson, Mike-127 C' Reid, David-130 Reimche, Marvin-130 Renfro, Kathy-130 Reser, Susanne-130 Johnson, pam-127, 131 R11odes,.Marilyn-130, 182 Johnston, Margaret-127 R1E8'130 130 182 Jones, Beverly- C- 1 e, oanie- , Jones, Bgbby-127 -P2 Ripley, Betty-130, 182 Jones, Johnny-127, 201! R'tch1V'130 Jones, Mary Ellen-127 i ' C5 30:00, 1-381113111121 t - J y M -127 sr' o erts, on Jgilfldn, ltillllce-127 Rvgerls, xl-eng-1?:1i 182 K ' D -127 o erts, . .- Kssler, Cyalrolyn-127, 181 ertson, Linda-131 King, A11en-127 4 , - obinson. Brenda-131, 132 King, Phyllis , o Mike-131 5 Kirby, Jim-121 R91 n, B111- Kirk, Bill-127 Ryf1ls,L' d-liiif Kirkham, Louis-127 3' U1 8- Kistler, Ronnie-127 S 111105, Pl1Y1115'131 Knapp, Arthur-128 anchez, Fremd-131 Kees, Carolyn-128 ' QYS, C8101-131 Kriegel, Paula-128 S 15111, D631lIT'5gi1 182 K , F k-128 C F, U07 , L:1?f,mcg?l1Vh1- elb mee-131, 182 Lamb, Li 12 , 181 eller, ew1y5.l31 Lansford, Lar 128 1 Q Sh , Wallace-131 Lasiter, Cafol-1 X 118, eniliga 193 Laeham, P t-1 1 , 81' - X Lawter, M k 28 ' Shropshire, Linda-131 J Leewright Y cki-128 S' S, C113l'19S-131 1, 200 kLqg,,P,,f1, 128, 181 , James-131 Lesher Bi -12 Sis Carol-131 Liehegim, B, 151 skidm E, oyd-131, 193 Linsey, Butch- , ' Smith, 131 Linsey, .1 1 Cr-12 l Smith, Dal 1 Lively, Wil' - Smith .limm 131 Longfellow, Kfhy-12 - smnhl Pat-13 sf ' 7 Lott, Doug-128 -- Smith, Phil:131 Love, Lonnie-128 Smith, Randy-131 Lovelace, Phyllis-128 f 'C Snider, Otis-131 OVCYY, 11118110115-123, 181 Southerland, Jarrel-131 yi addox, Randy-128 Main, Donna-128 Malan, Sharon K1 a tin Bet y Iur Karn 28 E Y McCune, a-128, 181 McDoug , arry-128 MCEW ike-128 e, Julie-128 ntyre, Jim-129 ' tl, '-1 , 1 Ma M ' 128 M ara-128, 1a1 -1 128 W2 Austin, Aaron-122, 193 Fletcher, Phillip-125 Autaubo, Kenneth-122 Fowler? M1k?125- 193 Babbn, David-122 FOX., Jlm-1251 206 Babe,-, '1-0mmy-122 Fraizer, Sammy-125 Baker, Becky-122, 119 , F'eema"- 191111111- Baker, John-122 Fullefv D811 -1 Bamberger, Diane-122, 179, 215 Fulleh T011 A Barefoot, Clinton-122 Gamble- Al 25 Barrett. Mickie-122 Garland nv 25 Bass, Tana-122 Garland ay-1 ' 1 Bauer, Gary-122 Gees Joe-125 Beall, Don-122 Glwr e' Lan Bearden, Larry-122 ld ans' Ste 25 Bell, John-122 mf- H? 25 Bellah, James-122 grahfl Lirda-.126 Benda, Linda-122, 119 Gm Rf T126 Bennett, Larry-122 . r ' Slchar 1 ' 193 Berry, Benton-122 .ed .ev 6 26 Berry, Ron-122, 200, 201 'ills em' 6 1 Binswanger, Brenda-122 0' nl h Bishop. Mary Jane-122, 119 W' 'D Y KE? Blackwood. sandy-122 l'm,1m"',1'Q"d -126 Bogle' Dia""'122 mime 'Jinilmn-126 Booton, Phyllis-122 Hm JL Ce-1126 180 Bos" Janice-122 HacfneyyPhyl1is-126 Bowling' Mary-123 Hainey Ponald-126 Branum, Ronnie-123 H311 freddie-126 Brehm, Anthony-123 Hall, Gilbert-126 Brin, Bill-123 Hamll Steve-126 201 200 Bross, Gloria-123 Hamnfett, PeggyJ126 ' lgrotherton. Gary-123 Hagisy R1c1,ard-126 Brgxg' 553113523 l"larp'e1', Jimmy-126, 193 Brown, Leroy- 23 11121111121 ?il::g:re3f12d8o Brown' Rand R5 s Harris, Pam-126 , Bfowningl D' 123 ' Hartmian, Phyllis-126 'g3i'1LtDmH1y- 1 Hathcock, Keith-126 urnett, liinh a-1 ' g::,v:,1:T'1g:1?,lL1526 l1511eYvGl-1 123 Q, Hearod, Ronni-126 5 191, P " - " Heim, Paula-126 110111161 5 " 1411231 79 1 W genl:'Y, gofilly-126, 206 5 1 HW x , xx ic s, il -126 ' bell, .1 ' ' 3, Hilbnrn, Ken-126 1,-nk y, La fi ll 1-1111, Billi-126 811110 , 1T"'- ' 123, ill, Jimye-126, 180 Care Linga-1 X ' Hill, Mike-126 Car , aye- -1 . Hock, Wanda-126, 180 Carman -12 79 Holcomb, Bryan-126 Carpente Donna- " '79 Holden, Junior-126 Carter, ie-123 Holland, Jerry-126, 193 Cas 123 Hopkins, Larr -127 Chadwick, ry-12 Horton, Louisell-127 Chamber, -123 Hoster, Keith-127 Chandler, Stev 123 Cheekmore, Pa 123 Chestnut, S 1 3, 193 Chlapowski, - Clark, Dwayne-1 Clark, Mont-12 Clay, Ronald-123 Climer, Greg-123 Clowers, Dennis-124 Coker, Ben-124 Coker, Donna-124 Cook, Linda-124, 179 Cook, Tom-124 Coppin, Howard-124 Cornelius, Jack-124 Hoster, Kirk-127 Howard, Stan-127 Howell, Ken-127 Howeth, Richard-127 A sb Huffins, Sharon-127, 181 unt, Pamela-127 ,J unter, Donna-127 ' unter, Gregg-127 Hurd, Steve-127 Ingram, Beth-127 , Rosie'-127 efferys, Diana-127, 181 enkins, Randy-127 Johnson, Barb-127, 181 Johnson, Cathleen-127 so-S 224 cLean, Sherry-129, 181 McMahan, Janey-129 Mr:Nutt, Susan-129 X, Meeks, Susie-129 Meggs, Jimmy-129 Melton, Conni-129 Mercer, Jerry-129 Messimore, Peggy-129, 181 Miklinsky, Katie-129 Miller, Miller, Clint-129 R0ndav129, 181 Mitchell, Lynn-129 Montgomery, Karen-129, 181 Moore, Gary-129, 193 Morgan, Donna-129 Morgan, Phillip-129, 193 Morris, Vickie-129, 181 Morrison, Pat-129 Morrow, Walt-129 Motley, George-129 Murphy, Rose-129 Muse, .lo Lynn-129 Mutz, Norma-129 Nelson, John-129, 193 Nutt, Corlnif-129 Ochoa, Robert-129 Odom, Gwen-129 Ormiston, Lloyd-129 O'Shield, Mike-129 Padgett, Gayle--129 Painter, Queha-129 Passmore, Linda-129 Patterson, Tyrone-129 Pauley, Meredith-129 Paine, Raymond-129 Pearson, Pat-130 Peck, Jim-130 Perryman, Dennis-130 Perryman, Douglas-130 Peters, David-130, 193 Peterson, Barb-130 Peterson, Floyd--130 Petkoff, Cale-130 Phillips, Donna-130 Piper, Tyler-130 Plemons, Sherry-130 Pollock, Patsy-130 Pound, Ann-130 Prowin, Michelle-130 Pruett, Jay-130, 201 Prusufull, Glenn-130 Quick, Darla-130 Rainbow, Jeri-130, 182 Ramsey, Sherry-130 Rappe, Beverly-130, 182 Raulston, Terry-130 Ray, Marti-130, 182 Reeder, Dick-130 Spitler, Suzanne:-131, 182 Sprague, Bev-131 Spruiell, Jack-131 Stallings, Mickey-131 Standifer, Curtis-132 Stapp, Raymond-132, 206 Steed, George-132 Stephens, Lynette-132 Stevens, Cindy-132, 182 Stewert, Roy-132 Straily, Straka, J erry-132 Gary-132 Streetman, Linda-132 Sullivan, Taylora-132 Sullivent, Ronnie--132 Swinney, Jim-132 Tassell , Kay-132, 183 Tatum, Robert-132, 193 Tatum, Shirley-132 Taylor, Charl es-132 Taylor, Trudy-132 Thoma Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Tompson, son, Jeanette-132 .leanett-132 Leslie-132 Linda-132 Marcia-132, 183 Tommy-132 Thorne, Elizabeth-132 Timm, Alan-132 Tinsley, James-132 Rickey-132 Trittipo, Tom-132 Trotter, Jimmy-132 Tucker, Richard-132 Turnbow, Bayle-132 Umharger, Ken-132 Unger, Walter-132, 193 Vanzant, Lynn-132, 183 Vaughn, Myra-132 Vaughn, Verna-132 Wade, Murray-133 Wakefield, Rebecca-133 Walkabout, Warren-133, Walton, Judy-133 Webb, Susan-133, 183 Weldon, Max-133 Westrope, Larry-133 Whitaker, Danny-133 Whiteman, Roger-133 Wilbanks, Ronnie-133, 206 W'ilkerson, Don-133 Willard, Debra-133 Williams, Bobbie-133 Williams, Craig-133 Williams, Kay-133 Williamson, Mike Williford, Bill Willingham, Robert-133 Willis, Bill-133 Wilson, Jack-133 Wilson, Linda-133, 183 Winans, Jimmy-133, 193 Wiseman, Peggy-133, 183 Woffenburger, Tim-133 Wofford, Terry-133 Woods, Teresa-133 Wylie, Steve-133 Yancey, Mary-133 Yarberry, John-133 Yetter, Glen-133 Young, Kathy-133 Yousey, Jolene-133 Zoeller, Barbara-133 206 ,oL. g5,Q5 , 40 WW ff ' P! i X? N 2 5 gi M,i iQ 5 - ERE? W g- N' .L .,. Aim, E QP , 1 Q 0

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