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W"T'W '1,' N KL If' ' 'f WWW wfvwfwsww? " Q mx ,W,. 1 I 1 -X ,1- " M., ,W Lv! AZN- X A Q x M 1 l 1 . s l 4 1 4 I 1 Z if 5 ref?-if' ld 'f.11'9. -L1,. h X 4.. 5 ,wg V ' I :,,:,,,,n -an mu.. ,f Ti'!F-.x,.wv'-- h W ' Qi. fp "fff :' QQ, Wig, 1 xg :RH-,EJ - , 1 ff 1 . . N 5,5 ts, .WF-I M.. ,-nbhf g, we :Agway f ia.: AC'LlLa.1,- V: LL,,?af'5'y',t -1 Fc l ' 358 . ?!ff.f., rm hugs if v k V R ,. .,.r.-L1 9-sz 5' ' ik: ' if 'wif' f. 'J 't -' g- -,T K ml A F w my-'v fd- ' '51 Volume Seven U.S. Grant High School Oklahoma City, Oklahoma mac! 7960 in 4 I filing in - ,en R if 'M Mr. Smith could be called the 'iMan around schoolv for he is con- stantly on the go seeing about some new prob- lem. Mr. Smith finishes up his work in his office. r-'Z' The 1960 General is dedicated to the man with a smile on his face and sunshine in his heart, Mr. Tom Smith. This is the man who loves and is loved by the students and teachers of U. S. Grant Junior-Senior High School. In his four years of service Mr. Smith has known hundreds of stu- dents, "Generals and Ladies," of U. S. Grant. Because of his great interest in education and his faith in, and under- standing of, the younger generation, we of U. S. Grant can continue, knowing that we can succeed Ceven after making mistakesD and that We Will. Yes, it is with a great deal of pride and pleasure that we can express our thanks to you, Mr. Smith, by dedicating this, our 1960 General, to such a well-deserving person. RIGHT: Mr. Wallace Smith, Mr. C. W. Huffman, and Mr. Tom Smith talk over the busy schedule for the day. We catch Mr. Smith as he leaves school after 'Sai Q3 CVE' me ga it bl Nha- Kev. SE fb ES FN 9. 'SIS is 5,3 22 bw vpn!! mul! 151 K s 5 . WUW another busy day. R f MC Z3 3 si Qi L. 14. ,fi da! Through 1960 with FACULTY Page 16 Wise teachers and Administrators guided us to Knowledge. CLASSES Page 34 We learned and prepared for a fu- ture full of promise. ACTIVITIES Page 104 Through cluhs and organizations we hacked our school and learned to work together. ROYALTY Page 160 Some were awarded honors-yet all made up the spirit of G.H.S. SPORTS Page 176 We cheered our team to victory and raised school spirit. -A 'e- :. em W F n 5 fi xi , an , 1 1 4 l . JD 1 H ,, an Q as 1' ' g - a ne V nn ' The Pride of G. H. S. -- Our Student Body VVe hate to brag, but we think Grant is the bestl Both students, faculty, and parents helped support our teams and cheer them on to victory. Our football team made us proud and our basketball team came out Co-Champs and Regional Champs. Our new students found Grant an exceptionally friendly school, and, even with its big size, an easy one to get around in. VVe had the best teachers and administration possible. Wfe added to our school both in number of students and in number of buildings. Although some classes were crowded, and seventh graders had to go to school in split half-day sessions, students never complained. These students worked hard, too, and many seniors were rewarded with scholastic honors and coveted scholarships. The activities were well rounded and well planned. New traditions were set up by a steering committee and a traditional class ring was selected. "Success- fulv describes our 1959-60 year of fun, work, and study. Yes, we hate to brag, but see why we do?! We hate to mg But. . . LAL.- GENERAL V. '.. 2 wax, Y. JK s fl. nz,-V, .XY J. 'V J. SCENES 'mi f ilu i S, f ws N Y-2-,xuw Q2 X 2 v u K. -MSX of N? 1 :fig R wi' ' 7 ' K 'sq 3 .KN f 1 W The Great Books Class with their teacher Nlrs ewel Sparks There were no limits to Grantis service projects this year. Student Council kept busy raising money for the installation of the sprinkler system for the front lawn. They also purchased a foot-powered stapling machine. This machine will aid them in the future in putting the student directory together. Student Council was successful in everything they did this year. A new jukebox was put in the cafeteria. Hot rolls and coffee were served every morning in the cafeteria. The Student Council backed the United Fund Drive all the way and it was one of the biggest ever at Grant. As usual the student store was kept stocked with everything the students needed and more. Clubs weren't the only ones working, though. V Homerooms Worked together making posters, and working together in the United Fund Drive. Mrs. Elam's homeroom furnished an entire family with a wonderful Christmas. Proects were not all though. A new class called "The Great Books Classv proved to be very educational and interesting. Mrs. Ievvel Sparks taught this class which consisted of 28 seniors. In this class students studied and read the works of great men, such as Aristotle, Plato, and Shakespeare. After reading the works, and studying their mean- ing, the class held a discussion with Mrs. Sparks acting as a dis- cussion leader. Some of the students attended group discussions at St. Lukes Church and at the public library. Yes, we are proud of Grant because there is spirit-the spirit of unity and working together as one. I jimmy Chaney Governor I. Howard Edmondson In Community, Citizensbzf, and Scbolarslazp S 1 f. 4,35 " .yy V M 'J xx pi Chuck Stubbs Yes, Grant students truly excelled in com- unity, scholarship, and school life. Many coveted honors in these three areas were brought to Grant, making ours a school of which we can all be proud. Some of these honors were well known by all and others re- ceived little publicity-yet, all built the character and spirit of U. S. Grant. lim Chaney, representing the Senior High-Y, was honored by acting as Governor for a day, thus participating in state and com- munity government. Another phase of gov- ernment, this time at school, took place under the direction of Chuck Stubbs, Student Coun- cil President. Through student government, Grant students took part in the democratic processes which Will prepare the'm for their role as future voting citizens. A high standard of excellence was ob- tained also in scholastic abilities. Students rose to meet the challenge of the future, pre- paring now, to gain a substantial background for more advanced studies. Those with the highest grade average and potentials were rewarded with honors and scholarships. How- ever, in a greater sense, all were rewarded upon receiving that long awaited diploma, for now they held the key to a promised job or further education in college. Students Excelled n l V Ruth Ann Royal and Leslie Goekler A,i..,4 and Aux School life at U. S. Grant had many sides- academic, social, athletic, and educational. With many things to do, students Went to Work taking advantage of our schoolis many facilities and by working togethergin class, in club activities, and in sports every one had the opportunity to discover their many talents and abilities. Grant excelled in sports as shown on the op- posite Page where captains of our football and basketball team admire trophies won through athletics. However, studies were not forgotten and students continually passed through library doors in a quest for reference materials necessary to help keep a high grade average. Facilities in Drivefs Education, the green- house, the office switchboard, the student store, gave students first hand experience and training. But, all was not Work, for relaxation was found by students and teachers alike, giving a welcome break from duty. Q I' la, if , ,WY Facult Q ff? 5455 A ' ' ' YSYEQEZK, S ' A ,Q I . - , 3, r ,G 1 4 'Xen fx ' fm: -iq ,, x ' 1 fi S ' a S V ,EQ S fam .atm 7 ky gh ,as , 3 - , , -,ul-v..v.,mv-.1 fa. H ff, " mf? i Ji fi U. eil? 1,-31 Si. A we-'. . z.:ff'w2zb Q-MQ 1 hmmm,-My-,WM-,.. E' ji? 'LZQLW sw Q S ,Q Wm SX K ,I wgpgf Hz Phil C. Bennett T. H. Broad M. Burr Dr. N. L. George "Behind the Scene Workers" never slezcken Dr. Melvin W. Barnes Otto F. Thompson Mrs. Warren F. Welch 18 Gilbert Robinson Luke F. Skaggs, jr. William F. Lott BACK ROW: Mrs. D. M. Ayler, Mrs. james S. Rea, Mrs. Fred Smith, Mrs. Russell Grcathouse, Mr. C. W, Huffman, Mrs Saehsenheimer, Mrs. Geo. L. Teague, Mrs. L. B. Bendorf, Mrs. Charles E. Jones, Mrs. Charles E. Walker, Mrs. Howard Curtis Bell. FRONT ROW. Mrs. A. S. Freshour, Mrs. Jerry O. Briney, Knot picturedl. their concern and interest in our future. The Parent-Teacher Association at Grant is organized to help the parents become better informed about desirable practices and standards in the schools and to become better acquainted with the teachers and administration. The P.T.A. has many Worthwhile proj- ects. One of them is a fifty dollar scholar- ship that is offered to a senior, and also the school organization contributes money to the State Parent-Teacher Association Scholarship Fund. Subscriptions to the Oklahoma Parent-Teacher Magazine are purchased by the P.T.A. for the school library and teachers' lounge. They are re- sponsible for the Student Aid and also in charge of providing Homeroom Mothers. In order to raise the money necessary to carry out these projects successfully, the P.T.A. sold pie, cake, and coffee at the open-house held in the fall. Some of their budget was also obtained from the mem- berships sold during the year. Mothers Try Out The New Equipment In The Driver,s Education Building. Princzfals of growing Grant have cz tremendou W' esponsibility here. When U. S. Grant Junior-Senior High School opened the doors for another school year last August 31, our administrators were given the challenge of service to the largest school in Okla- homa City. A challenge which has been met with a plan and a purpose, that is, enthusiastically and systematically meeting the objectives of Mr. Huff- man, principal, Mr. Thomas Smith, assistant prin- cipal, and Mr. Wallace Smith, assistant principal. Mr. Huffman has maintained his pleasant disposition and cheerful smile through this, his second year at Grant. Before coming to U. S. Grant he taught math, physics and coached all sports for five years in Northern Oklahoma. He added an- other five years as superintendent before coming to Roosevelt Iunior High in Oklahoma City where he was head of the math department for five years. For the' next ten years he served as principal of Franklin junior High. He then went to Iackson junior High as Principal for three years. He came from Jackson to U. S. Grant. Mr. Thomas Smith came to U. S. Grant from Oklahoma State University where he had been a graduate assistant one year and assistant profes- sor one year. Before that he taught business one year at Excelsor junior High and served three years as principal of an elementary school near Wewoka. Mr. Wallace Smith came to us from Iackson Iunior High Schol Where he had been assistant principal four years. He also taught math, science, and photography two years at Iackson. For three years he taught math and science at Crooked Oak School. These three work together on all matters to provide a better school for U. S. Grant students, in all phases, whether it be educational or extra- curricular. "THE TOP THREE" look over important papers. MR. WALLACE SMITH Assistant Principal MR. TOM SMITH Assistant Principal 21 'HJ' iff? fav 'N-fir QQ QQmfV,. an-get-Y BEA BRADLEY IUANITA BITTLE VINNIE CREECY OPAL HAMPTON Nurse Sr High Girls Counselor Ir. High Girls' Counselor Secretary Cto Mr. Huffm OPAL LITTLEFIELD EVERETT SENIRAD DRU SMITH LOUISE SPEED Attendance Clerk r High Boys Counselor Registrar Financial Secretary Counselors and Teachers A 2,400 enrollment of junior and senior high students requires an efficient office force. Attendance clerk, assistant attendance clerk, registrar, financial secretary and secretaries make up the office personnel. A staff of four counselors ably carry out the coun- selling program at U. S. Grant. Am I college material or should I go to a vocational school? is the question asked by many students of the counseling service. Tests and many hours of just talking it over is a part of the solution. "Stir it a little bit morcf, Mrs. Orrcn tells student. at i 162+ -'15, ' if! W ,Ji I , E -I ff? will I iw, M, vii. sw. if we e t Q ,iifb if F'-n.. S-un-at ,f K k.kk Egret.. it ...W .... ,sa sv-x 'Wi 3' 'vw gl 'Q-ws? ldv-.,- IAURICE XVALRAVEN XIARIE XVRICHT lr. High Boys, Counselor Assistant Attenclancc Ch-rk lst Semester VERA BILLINCSLICA FRED BlNGHAlNl Sr. High Commerce Ir. High Metal NVork fix 'wr' V 11 "V"-Q-W1-r' X W1 .,1u..,-wig, RAY BALLENV Sr. High Music FEHN BOYVNIAN slr. High English and Social Stuclics strive to laellb students K'Strctch those muscles, touch fingers to toesf "Attention, arms extended, bend right, touch floor on leftf, are part of the routines which can be heard in the gym during physical education classes. Teaching the latest trends in typing and using the latest models of machines available in the business world, for bookkeeping, accounting and shorthand are a part of the instructions in Commerce at U. S. Grant. The program is carried out by seven instructors on the junior and senior levels. Mr. Nees shows the boys just how it is done. si. -- 1-Y' mini! LOIS BARNES Ir. High Physical Education DORIS BOYERS Ir. High English and Social Studies .-'Q 1 PAT BRANDT Sr. High Math IONE BRITTON Ir. High Science DON BROWN Sr. High Boys' Physical Education ERNEST BUCKHOLD Sr. High Commerce CLYDE BUTLER Sr. High Science BARBARA CAMMACK Ir. High English and Social Studies IDA CARTER Sr. High Science LUANA CHAPNTAN jr. High English and Social Studies C. D. CHASE Ir. High English I f , v ' , , . 1 -A.. 'Q " I: Q iz' """"""" Q7 ' .. , , .'-UN L ,V K K Qin-me : 5 jk H r :tp jr 43' ixzgfr 132 gf' tariff? we .y,',:-:-:f ff 5. -H.. '::f-Q, ., , ,.,f,, ,fi uutgu-..L.,g,,,:'g ,I l g ' X Q 5 :Qu O 1,1 c A ,3 5. ,, ,. , fr' .fl , i'i'-:IIS 'f967'f4'f iz: !r5C".y?-fZ::'f:f.'1 ""ai3-Q 'w 'avusfin fm f-V" 1,,,..v""' develop ez good moral and prosperous lzfe wh., N ,.,LMn an .Q -fi 1"h:vf ' 178, . sz new Reading and correcting the assigned mathematics papers keep the thirteen mathematic instructors busy from moming until night, and sometimes far into the ni ht. g The faculty members engaged in teaching science at U. S. Grant are a part of the first television teaching program in the Oklahoma City schools. The class en- rollment runs as high as 60 students to a class. Interest in both the mathematics and science field has been strengthened through the federal program and publicity on "Who will be the first to reach the moon. "Just prove the triangles congruent," answers Mr. Riesen. .- . Q e , ,,hV, A A - L V , ,y ,V A. 1 ' f pi a -Q iff' ' Hifi ,L in is ' 3 A ggyt ii we ., K 'ht . .sf is ,if " ,J . ,sl f ,Q .wp gf "wt -'fam . A :fp , 1- . ,,.g - QE...,j , 5., , . ' if 1 Y -Q7 ' ' f 'rigs QW., . K .f ...A .Q ..,...,..-ups KENNETH COFFELT jr. High Science JAMES Cox Sr. High History DOROTHY DEAN Sr. High Commerce WALTER DELL jr. High Science SUSANNE DICKSON Jr. High English and Social Studies LYN ELAM Sr. High History EASTER ELLIOTT jr. High Math XVOODIE HARRIS Sr. High Photography DONALD HESS Ir. High Science in each of their chosen vocational fields. At any hour of the day you can find the music in- structors mending a broken hilton, practicing with a student, or directing ar group in the Music Department of U. S. Grant. Teaching the correct use of the preposition is interesting fun and sometimes tedious. English is a required subject and requires the full time of nineteen instructors. Miss Carter and Miss Stathos find anything can happen in their science classes. 'M-41" fb tp tsstey S Q 4 Wa' 1 4' .- . PAUL HIEROINYMUS CLIFFIE HILL FRANKLIN HILL JOHN HILL jr High Science Ir High English Sr. High Math Ir. High Math DORIS HOLLAND LYLE HOSTETTER MARCE HUMPHREY EDYTHE JONES Sr High Commerce Ir High Social Studies Sr. High Art Ir. High Home Economics Tlazs year Grant has an extra large faculty The importance of becoming a responsible citizen of the United States is demonstrated daily in the Social Studies courses. Social Studies cover the large field of history of the United States, State History, Civics, Ancient history, and the interpretation of the events of today as history is being made. Beautiful clothes, the smell ofgood cooking, how to set a table for guests, child management, recipe col- lections, comprise a part of the Home Economics course offered to the young ladies interested in Home- making. - 4 4 We I .aff 'lc f",?"':s ,""v.,,' ALETHA LANSDOXVNE LENNA LAWSON Ir. High Math Sr. High Commerce DONALD MLICKEEN HILDA MANNING Ir. High English Ir. High English and Social Stuclics and Social Studies ,Q-.av L- 'Ei , -fmlf for 'Y , I' MOREENE LONG Ir. High Art MARY MANNING Ir. High and Sr. High Music and their work and responsibilities Flash! and itis the instructor in senior high Photography as he takes a picture for the General U. S. Grantis official yearbook. The problem of retakes is solved with a Poloroid camera-snap, three minutes later, Hold it-if the picture isnit good-we can take it again. Could your mother use a magazine rack, Wall decoration, or spice rack? If so, and you're interested in Metal XVork, the very interesting craft is being taught as an elective in Shop. BILLIE BIATHERLY Jr. High English and Social Studies EDGAR MAYS Ir. High Math IIWXYWW 'Hulse' MAY LUNDY Ir. High English and Social Studies HAZEL MARTIN Ir. High English and Social Studies are doubled. .. wt A f-new ,ff S ' ' if r. - -A 'FV ? T A 'Y we ' ' is f 2 A if ix, ska ,Y'f'11" H19 5 fa 'wwfvywmzaeafm' ' a5fQg3'fq,gi: ' f - 115315255 Eiffel" . -'r-eff-fl ROBERT MCCAIN jr. High Math MATTIE MCCRAY Sr. High English BILL MILLS E' Ir. High Social Studies ALFONSO MONIARAS Sr. High Spanish JOHN MOORE Ir. High Math i 9u'P L' GUIL MOUTRAY jr. High Social Studies EDNA MYATI' Sr. High English and History BENNY NALL Sr. High Commerce A E JIM NEES f""" jr. High Woodwork Y Spiga HQWK 1 N1-K-.M ..,, H, we ' , A ' '53 fi-sw-' if S my 4? K 3 fa Vi gi 1 f-we 'ig as A fwfr '--- -Nil' X Through proper guidance Students are 1 'K ' ll 4 sine V My .,:: w . lf' Yf me-,xo t cf' if llligrfra-galil if S 2, M.. "fi" f it , Ji l if me 1 E, i 5 U ,OA Q 4 4,- 1, i ,.t it 1 'lsr ii,, - . "All Gaul is divided into three parts" has a familiar ring to the Latin students as does nBuenas tardes f Good Afternoonji' to the Spanish students in the language department of U. S. Grant High School. Art is a challenge to all students in creative think- ing and expression who enroll in the courses in the Art Department. The classes are varied and a natural talent can be found in one of the many fields com- prised of charcoal, oils, ceramics and commercial art. Miss Billingslea tells students that only practice makes perfect. L Us is s r 3? ' f t W- E x ii -:.s.g f- in Y g f.LQ .X ,. W J A 0 3 ry fn, K Q' W. A i -1:-""' J' e 'Wm .ag ff,-42, ' kt it , ,..A b t . 'Q' xx H-.J prepared to be conscientious Debate, One-Act Plays, appreciation of drama and the art of communicating with your fellow man is a part of the instructions in the Speech and Drama gg,-J-1., .t -K ist fy ??'i' Department Here talent is first reco nized in students ' MARYETTA NESTLERODE Ir. 81 Sr. High Activities Director and Play Production CLARENCE NIBLETT jr. High Mechanical Drawing TRACY NORVVOOD Sr. High Football Coach and Sr. High Science PAULINE NOVEY Sr. High English and History FRANCES ORREN Ir. High Home Economics MILDRED PATTERSON jr. 81 Sr. High Librarian BERTHA PEARSON If. High Math REINE PENDLETON jr. High Commerce NELDA RAWLINCS jr. High English and Social Studies citizens. who will later become a part of the vast entertainment world. Stacks of Books! Stacks of Cardsl How does one keep them straight when 2,400 students are checking them in and checking them out of the libraryg it's all a part of junior and senior high library courses. i x f , Mr. York keeps students busy in his Senior English class. f vb... 9 4 ll -. KA 1,32 4+ I A tu- is at f V p 3 9, ,I t Q 3 N03 r t INEZ RICHTER CORA RIDDLE Sr. High English Ir. High English and French CARROL ROGERS TED SHAVER Ir. High Boys' Ir. High Math Physical Education The opporrumzy or cultural enjoyment VVhat is happening and what has happened at U. S. Grant in 1959-1960 becomes a part of history in the permanent printed record of the General. Dead- lines, accuracy, accuracy, accuracy are the pass-words to every journalism student. The students enrolled in Mechanical Drawing classes of today will he the draftsmen, architects and engineers of tomorrow. "All together girls: one, two, three!" , Q' I ' . . it II! gmt , 4111? 'X PA -A + nm.. fd' ""-s .,A, , -, ,f 0191 K Ji, 'ff' J ,"'!ii,ffI4" xXwu,.,T'?x . F YAJAAV V 2 I, 55 15?-1f,i11kfK11s3 ' 1 w girl I f sf -1 . W H ,asm . -f rg .A , - A I ,j'w,,,K-.K I 'fnihtj gnu.. -'F 'wr "w.....,..w ma. A H , W xt ' W'-Q tslli x-,. .fi 1, .f A .Q ff, BILL SILER IUANITA SIMPSON JEWEL SPARKS GEORGIA STATHOS Ir. High Social Studies jr, 55 Sr, High Librarian Sr. High Iournalism Sr. High Chemistry and English LOIS SUCHRU CAROLE SWANSON JOHN THOMPSON DONALD TODD Sr. High Girls' jr. High Music jr. High Orchestra Sr. High Band Physical Education should be appreciated by all students. Two cars in every garage plus a scooter in the driveway is proof positive of the need for Driveris Education. Competitive Sports, football, basketball, track and baseball are a source of enjoyment to all students. Each student is a part of the game-either playing on the field or lending their support to the team in the cheering section. Mrs. Humphrey decides one more tap should fix things, -4 -.PD is i A 1-we ff t 'lu 1 pl, SUZANNE VAUGHN Ir. High English BILL WALTMAN Sr. High Speech DOROTHY WEBER Sr. High English CLEO WHEELER Sr. High Math PAUL WHITEMAN Sr. High English MARVIN- YORK Sr. High English 'EN' frm fin ,EI f dpfvdw ,T ,, if. 5 is . ,.,. ,, yi Unity and organization result in The rich and varied curriculum at U. S. Grant High School offers to each and every student prepara- tion' for any field of endeavor in college and future life. Mrs. Myatt is always ready to help her students. 52 The faculty members not only teach, but are an important part of the social life of the student body in sponsoring various club and community projects. 'KThere's going to be BIG trouble in a minutef, Mr. Cox tells the boys. X ,gg -M aw S. Qs' 6 Wi Q, z K M A t Q ' , Q 2 Vt ,P l W, ' 4 I 'VF' K 'ii 'W Y A at 4 J' 1 , ' X gp ,NV ERN , ..,, 5, BOTTOM ROW: Marjarie Scheidt, Frances Barker, Olie Velma Fergason. TOP ROW: Dorothy Brown, Pauline Carson Suttle, Mabel Wright, Dena Golightly, Mary Lee, Dorothy Betty Giddens, Juanita Ward, Lona Newman, Zelda Branigin Cattige. RONV H: Ella Rose, Mary Cummings, Ruth Weed, Agnes Cates, Katherine Kelley, Aradath McKay. Jewell McMeans, Katherine Ward, Ola Karcher, Eula Terrell, a better and greater U.S. Grant BOTTOM ROW! H3f01d KCHUCY, Robert Willianis, A- U- Cecil Punnco, Ben Langley, Floyd Cottroell, Lee Honeycutt, Skaggs, Charlie Morrison, D. M. Kirkpatrick. TOP ROW: Chester Howard, Bob Brachfield. 53 ai, Ni -i-ni' ...N N"-. Classe ,ww ff Y w Y' "if ' ,..,. 2- ,. 1 -- - up 4 K r ' X , V 4351 z , f ,Q x 5 ' ' ' Q' i aff' MA: 1 e ::. ,,a,.5 s 5 ' ai- ., s 'Q Sm 8 af' A .- 1 2 ff 1 L QI." 5 'N Q""f. 2, 1 M 4 Q .. .g1,2:11,,f, 4 ,,,i .,.,,- , - ,,.A, 3 ..:A ,, ,. ., " " , as , A-1.-3 yy b M 7 .,., 4 A 4 A . 4 I M , Q-1 J '- ,qv V ., , Ta ,515 , is uf-f1"2's f 4 f:,,,fnQ,1 k 3 Q .Q ,V , 5:,'ff,,, nf " ,',.::-,-ff,-:,5Q:z ,WJ jj U f""W - 1' W,,,,f M 'ff-2 " '1If"Qa.:. , ,,, " fs ' ,gi jf-'LJ ,5 51054 ,f,:'L' ,H au., 15", 41 ww: 1 3 -.M-im Q35 Q55 f gvffy. 4-H fig .,... 2 --5 : :pfif '- . .1 ..?-3,11 1-Q.. l f l hi 'IIE 'lZ""' KNQ1, Mary O'Hanlon, Reporter, jimmy Chapman, Treasurer, Sandy Trotter, Secretary, Ieanettc Dickenson, Vice President, Wanda Powell, Chaplain, Joe Gibbon, President, Marge Humphrey, Sponsor, Not Pictured, Sondra Hackett, Parliamentarian. SENIORS worked bard to provide for the future. Football and basketball games, dances, paper drives, assemblies, plays, the prom, baccalaureate, and finally commencement were not to be for- gotten by members of the Senior Class. As Sophomores, the class chose the White rose as the class flower and gold and White as class colors. Their motto Was, K'Me Thirdf, They truly lived up to this motto by putting God first, others second, and themselves third in all they did. Their Iunior year found them busy raising money for the annual Ir.-Sr. Prom. The reward for sc long hours of Work was a beautiful prom which will be long remembered, Through the years they have experienced the triumph of victory, and the thrill of achieve- ment, leaving behind an outstanding record in scholarship, citizenship, athletics, the arts, and above all, in honor to friends, to school, and to humanity. Behind the class of '60, was hard Work and determination-before them-the future for which they are Well prepared. 'Z'-3' W...J'f 4' -uv-W-'v MARILYN BAKER Sr. Planning Committee., F.B.L.A. 1 yr. PAT BAKER Thespians 2 yrs. IERE BARNTHOUSE , Soph. Planning Committee, Parliamentarian 57- 58, Football 4 yrs., Track 2 yrs. :V KAY BASSHAM Girls Chorus 1 yr., Choir 2 yrs., Girls Sextette 1 yr., Red Cross 2 yrs. PATTY BATES Sabrettes Pep Club 3 yrs. Chaplain 57-58., Stu- dcnt Council 1 yr., Ir. 8: Sr. Planning Committee., F.B.L.A. 1 yr. LINDA BAUNI Spanish Club 1 yr., Girls Glee Club 2 yrs. NANCY BELL 1-5 National Forensic League 3 yrs, Secretary- Treasurer 57-58-59, President 59-60., Ir. Red Cross 3 yrs., Treasurer 58-59, President 59-60., Tbespians 3 yrs., Sr. Planning Committee. SYLVIA M. BENDORF 'LS Sabrettes Pep Club 4 yrs, Pledge Mistress 58-59., Student Council 2 yrs., Sr. Planning Committee., F.B.L.A. 2 yrs, Chaplain 59-60. HERMAN BENNETT f if ,M fl-l aQ.,,.-v ' 1 ,pf .S .w kgs-if A321553 A SENIORS CAROL ABBOTT it L 1 Sabrettes Pep Club 1 yr., Quill 81 Scroll 1 yr., Sr. Planning Committee 1 yr., Yearbook Staff 2 yrs. TOMMY ANDERSON 25 Thespians 2 yrs., Band 2 yrs., Spanish Club 3 yrs., Hi-Y 2 yrs. GERALDINE ANTONE fl' Sabrettes Pep Club 1 yr., Y-Teens 1 yr., News- paper 2 yrs., Dispatch Reporter 1 yr., Editorial Editor 58-59., Quill 61 Scroll 1 yr. WESLEY ARD A5 Basketball 4 yrs., Baseball 1 yr., Student Council 2 yrs., Ir. 8: Sr. Planning Committee. C. J. BABBIT 3. 5 Hi-Y 4 yrs., Spanish Club 1 yr., Chess Club 1 yr. GARY BAKER IQ' sis' - . i.,-5'-ft ZX mx Qi? . 'T' 'IQ' 5 .s. A 5 eiejigytzf 3 g5BRseQ.e29fZ2s?lsf4f::f:zzz -Kf- i ,. R, -Q " .s "k- .fMf e,m ' W-" 1' -f ' A gm , . H .1f3'.-,ggizagu , - 139- - ., 3 'iv' - . ."' - ' 4. ' wg. . - ' . t f Xi' . . L as ,. If . . , Ma -- I li., K I il. 3 " R pg .ag ' '- ' 5' 3 - 1 - --ew A . , ,A -. Q . ,P 4. All - y .L sm' ",, in A ' ' ' lk X. VW. .Wy fx 404. fi-as ,-1 IANICE BOLSER Szibrettvs Pep Club 1 yr., Student Council I yr. NEIL BOND Ir. and Sr. Planning Committee 2 yrs. CAROL ANN ROYVMAN Subrettes Pep Club 2 yrs., F.B,L.A. I yr., Rifle Club 4 yrs., Thcspiuns I yr. TINA BRAY Sabrettes Pep Club 2 yrs. THELMA BRIDGES Red Cross I yr., Choir 3 yrs., Girls Glee Club I yr., F.B.L.A. I yr. D. C. DROADSTONE Band 3 yrs. . L lflflf fNlP1'v'L JOHN BROXVN Track 2 yrs., Cross Country I yr., YVrestling I yr., Student Council I yr. PEGGY ANN BROWN Subrettes Pop Club 3 yrs., Spanish Club 2 yrs., Sr. Planning Committee. TED BROYVN Projection Club. .5 8 " Nfwwvivf SENIORS ALLEN BERRY MIKE BIVENS CAROLE BLANCETT K I Student Council 2 yrs., Sr. Planning Committee, . Mu Alpha 'Ilieta I yr., jr. Red Cross I yr. IUDY BLUNDELL Choir 4 yrs., Mixed Quartet 2 yrs., Girls Trio 1 yr., Girls Sextette I yr., F.B.L.A. I yr., Y-Teens 2 yrs., Social Director I yr., Student Council I yr. IANICE BOBO Basketball Queen Attendant 57-58. DEVVAYNE BOLIN journalism I yr., Great Books Discussion Group 1 yr., Spanish Club I yr. ,-"UQ IW'- fu-Q -If A yo- A-.W n FP .L 7k'Lz':'7f Q :wg Q- Q: yrs, 3 gy 41.111 ' . . ' " 2. f 4 ,E ,Viv xp . V' ,r f e' .Q- .X -.,...,gr -21959 -l W' 1'Y'P"'l"v" .,,..,,..-f' 'J '11 VELIDA BROWN Girls Glce Club 4 yrs., Journalism 1 yr., Class Plays 2 yrs., Student Council 1 yr. WALTER BRYANT Projection Club 3 yrs. is BRUCE BUCKNER 15 Thespians 3 yrs., Choir 3 yrs., Junior Play, Sr. Planning Committee. HAROLD BUNCH Basketball 3 yrs., Great Books Discussion Group 1 yr., Mr. Personality Ir. Class 5859. TERRIE BURDEN Thespians 2 yrs., Great Books Discussion Group 1 yr., Math Club, President 1 yr. CAROL CAPPS Girls Glee Club 2 yrs., F.B.L.A. 1 yr., Student Council 1 yr., Library Club 1 yr. 51' Q' of 1' dis ,wx A ?N? 4? Ns 47 'T' -errifzv . 5'-th' . I aa.. 36' .,, for is LORETTA CARPENTER Girls Glue Club 3 yrs., F.T.A. 2 yrs., Treasurer 1 yr., Sr. Planning Committee. f IIVIMY CHANEY Track 4 yrs., Mu Alpha The a 2 yrs., Hi-Y 2. yrs., Chess Club. JIMMY CHAPMAN Basketball 2 yrs., Baseball 1 yr., Band 4 yrs., Soph. Ir. and Sr. Planning Committee Vice-Presi- dent 57-58, Treasurer 59-60. BRYAN CHEATVV OOD Hi-Y 2 yrs. WILMA CHESTER DEANA CLARK Y-Teens 1 yr. CAROL LYNNE COATES 9- 5 Sr. Planning Committee 1 yr., Newspaper Staff 2 yrs., Editorial Editor 59-60., Sabrettes Pep Club., Thespians 1 yr., Ir. Class Play. DELLA CODNER Sabrettos Pep Club 3 yrs., Thespians 1 yr., Year- book Staff 2 yrs., F.B,L.A. 1 yr. CAROLYN CODY Tliespians 2 yrs., Vicre-President 59-60., Girls 'cO', Club 4 yrs., Sabrcttes Pep Club 4 yrs., Ir. and Sr. Planning Committee. ,N 'vis is if , .3 if Luk SENIOR Red Cross 2 years., F.B.L.A. 2 yrs., Secretary 59-60. ELIZABETH COOK JUDY COONFIELD F.B.L.A. 2 yrs., Parhamentarian 59-60., Thes- pians 1 yr., jr. Class Play 58-59. KATHY COSTAS SHIRLEY COWELL Choir 1 yr., Sr. Planning Committee, Girls Glee Club 2 yrs., Mu Alpha Theta 1 yr. JIMMY CRAIG JAMES DAVENPORT Cross Country 1 yr., Football 1 yr., Wrestling 1 yr, Hi-Y 3 yrs, Par1iamentarian 59-60. .awp Q Q wpgvvf . was ' x P is ix x xx YK is i L if ,...., 3 - -wr , 'D- ia . J"".-2" G5 W mil I M 1-3' ,aff . V iv. Nm"-an deux., ., - x I if .-yr ..,..,..p- W ,ff-s ff' --if tm 5 'TR' x X . fkiiqs Alarms, ,rar-' A"-7 K, 9 A ve' pi' I , "J '14, . ii V in V , j ff N""' , ' K S. 2' 4--F., 'VL7 BARBARA DAVIS Library Club 2 yrs., Red Cross. BEVERLY DAVIS .' Soph. jr. Sz Sr. Planning Committee, Chaplain 57-58., Mu Alpha Theta 1 yr., Sabrettes Pep Club 3 yrs. LINN DAVIS F.H.A. 2 yrs. STEVE DAVIS Band 4 yrs. RONNIE D. DEMAREE 15 Hi-Y 4 yrs., Secretary 58-59, President 59-60. IEANETTE DICKENSON H Ir. 81 Sr. Planning Committee, Secretary 58-59, Vice President 59-60, Student Council 1 yr., Delegate to S.A.S.C., Yearbook Staff 2 yrs., Editor 59-60. Candidate for Yearbook Queen 59-60. ANN DOLLAR Spanish Club 2 yrs., Mu Alpha Theta 1 yr., F.T.A. 1 yr., Sr. Planning Committee. FREDA DOLLAR F.B.L.A.1yr. VVANDA DOUCHTY ' Sabrettes Pep Club 4 yrs., Chaplain 58-59, Secre- tary 59-60, Student Council 2 yrs., Parliamen- tarian 59-60, Football Queen Attendant 57-58, Thcspians 1 yr., President 59-60, Ir. Play 58-59, Ir. Sr. Play 59-60. was SANDRA JEAN FASCOLD Red Cross, F.B.L.A. VIRGINIA GAYLE FENDER : F.T.A. 2 yrs., Parliamentarian 59-60, Sr. Planning Committee, Student Council 1 yr., Girls Glee Club 4 yrs. LEoN FERGUSON 15 IIMMY MACK FERREN Football 4 yrs., Baseball 3 yrs., Basketball 2 yrs., jr. Sr Sr. Planning Committee. IUDY FIGARO Student Council 3 yrs., Sabrettes Pep Club 4 yrs., Sr. Planning Committee, F,B.L.A. 1 yr. JERRY FISHER Basketball 4 yrs., Baseball 1 yr., Cross Country I yr., Sr. Planning Committee. NANCY CLAIRE FOX Student Council 2 yrs., Parliamentarian 58-59, 11181 Sr. Planning Committee, Sabrettes Pep Club 4 yrs., Treasurer 58-59, Yearbook Queen Candi- date 59-60. ERNIE FRESHOUR Football 4 yrs., 58 All Conference Right Half- back, 59 All Conference Right Halfback, Basket- ball 1 yr., Track 2 yrs., "On Club 4 yrs., Pledge Master 59-60. CARL FRITZ 5 .t '18 Ir, K. . ,g'i.ai5"K13IF-' , H, vun,.t.3,.!,. -+- Q f i "QP f 1- W.-1 . 'Phu "r .5 KAY EDWARDS Band 4 yrs., Majorette 3 yrs., Band Queen 57-58, Attendant 59-60, Sabrettes Pep Club 3 yrs., Sergeant at Arms 58-59, Historian 59-60, Red Cross 3 yrs., Secretary 1 yr., Ir. Planning Com- mittee. RONNIE EIDSON Hi-Y 1 yr., Track 1 yr. ALVIN EPPERSON Projection Club 2 yrs. LARRY EPPERSON JERRY ESCHLER TOMMY FARRIS 2.5 Football 4 yrs., Captain 59-60, Wrestling 2 yrs., "O" Club 4 yrs., Pledge Master 58-59, jr. :Sz Sr. Planning Committee, Vice President 58-59. ,Q . ' .xr s l l e s I pf if , Y' 'ww -us HN., ev ' 'WF Q nf" . . ..v',,. . ' 1-t,k,ii? '- -'weft' .. .- F K ko, v.. , K f. ., ., f ,V , 7. 1 . ,, ,Jil . i xi ,, ,K tv. s. 4 1 ,- ....3,.5 QW '-1 f. . f' 'f"'W E. 05 49"- 4' as ml! 5 JOE GIBBON Ir. dz Sr, Planning Committee, Treasurer 58-59, President 59-60, Mu Alpha Theta, President 59- 60, Basketball 3 yrs., Football 2 yrs. RICHARD L. CIPSON LESLIE IOE COECKLER RODNEY CRADY ROSAMOND HOLT GRADY Sabrettes Pep Club 3 yrs., Sr, Planning Commit- tee, Student Council I yr. CARL CRAY Spanish Club I yr., Safety Council I yr. JACKIE GREATHOUSE Sabrettes Pep Club 4 yrs., Student Council 2 yrs., Tliespians I yr., Sr. Planning Committee. KATHY GREEN E.B.L.A. l yr., Band I yr. SONDRA HACKICTI' Sabrettes Pep Club 4 yrs., Cheerleader 2 yrs., Student Council 2 yrs., Representative at Large, jr. 61 Senior Planning Committee, Reporter 58-59, Parliamentarian 50-60, Yearbook Queen Candi- clate 59-60. -I2 SENIORS JUDY FRY Sabrettes Pep Club 2 yrs., Spanish Club 3 yrs., Vice-President 58-59, Mu Alpha Theta l yr., Sr. Planning Committee. IOYCE FRYSINCER Yearbook Staff 59-60, F .B.L.A. 2 yrs., Sabrettes Pep Club 2 yrs., Spanish Club 1 yr. IOHN FULLER Band 4 yrs. CAROLYN GATELY F.B.L.A. I yr. KATHERINE GENTRY Tliespians 1 yr., Secretary 59-60, Plays: Jr. Play 58-59, Ir. :Sz Sr. Play 59-60. PAULINE CERRED Band 4 yrs., Thespians fNationalj I yr. ef, ---wi' 'T ,ws 3,-61 - .2 L l .IOY ANN HAGGARD Sr. Planning Committee, Choir 3 yrs., Secretary 59-60, Queen Attendant 58-59, Sabrettes Pep Club 4 yrs., F.B.L,A. 1 yr. KENT HALL Hi-Y 2 yrs., Thespians 1 yr. MICKEY HAMPTON DALE HAXVORTH Science Club 2 yrs., Band 4 yrs., Choir 1 yr., Thespians 1 yr. NINA HENLEY F.H.A. 2 yrs., Pep Club 3 yrs., A Cappella Choir 2 yrs., Girls Glee Club 2 yrs., Sextotte 2 yrs., Trio 2 yrs., State Honor Society 1 yr. KAY HOLDEN Sabrettes Pep Club 2 yrs., Asst. Cheerleader 59- 60, F.B,L.A, 2 yrs., Treasurer 59-60, Student Council 1 yr., Sr. Planning Committee. 11. ff' -ff? ' i 3 . K N.. A wi 1015145 -J 'M J Y' 9 Q N . . gf fifty' Qi" 'EUK1' 1 Q, K 1 ,H fi tio, ' 'x,,,f5J'?'t' l Lf? Eff 35, , Nw Fi' --f. 3321- ..-r -ff- p f f f A ' X. -A 5-:ff . ' r ,A A ', Y .r f--' , , ., ,K .X XB 'S . -.X . L 2' 5 -1, ,gg , ti Q. 5 , . ,., A im. " A We ..,.-- -.L oar' ...- 7-. , , i, Q mx in ,dugg 'fsrv--haw 'U' ...S '17 vs 5 f A , . ,,... . .2 f , 1 yi' 1 ' S C C . K ,,.M. yqx 70' ...ns 1 r'f"f' g is S .. 'Wfii .- I . E , .q--ww rr.' . SUE HOLLINGSXVORTH Choir 2 yrs., Girls' Glce Club 2 yrs. PHILLIP CRAIG HOLLOXVAY Band 4 yrs., President 59-60, Science Club 2 yrs., Vice-President 1 yr., Hi-Y 2 yrs., Vice-President 58-59, Rocket Club 1 yr. CLAREECE HOOK HARLEY HORNBECK DARLENE HOXVERY Cl101I'2yI'S.. F,B.L.A, 1 yr. DIANNE HUDSON Student Council 2 yrs., Sabrettes Pep Club 3 yrs., Sr, Planning Committee., Great Books Discus- sion Group 1 yr. TXVILA JUNE. HUDSON Tliespians 3 yrs., Ir. Play 58-59, -lr. 8: Sr. Play 59-60, Ir. 61 Sr. Planning Committee, Student Council 3 yrs., Historian 58-59, Vice-President 59-60, Que-on Attendants, Basketball 58-59, Foot- ball 59-60. JUDY HUSK Sr, Planning Committee, Student Council 2 yrs., Sabrettcs Pup Club 2 yrs., F,B.L.A, 1 yr. RICKEY lNGPxAlN1 Yeurbolc Staff 1 yr., Quill 8: Scroll 1 yr., Red Cross l yr.. Great Books Discussion 1 yr. ,U 445, E' E IOR PAT JACOB ,.g.gfj,,,,. CAROLYN JIMERSON FRED JOHNSON JAMES JOHNSON A JUDY JOHNSON Band 3 yrs., Band Queen Attendant 58-59, Band M M-. fp! wh' 1? .ww Wa' , A exe - . im. X 'W' Queen 59-60, Girls Rifle Club 8 yrs., President 58-59, Student Council 59-60, Sr. Planning Com- mittee. SANDRA JOHNSON Sabrettes Pep Club 3 yrs., Hi-Y Sweetheart, Library Club 1 yr., F.B.L.A. 1 yr. 'Zan-PCS' A-'lf ,Mi ' 17 W Qwmyn -vz-+ ,W--f rw Q93 ,"S 115 an . ,.. Q w 'tt Q ' ' 7 Gif! Q1 . ,.w -.S kk, 2 32 -:wiv fri fm 11.3-ff W' SUZANNA JOHNSON FTA. 3 yrs., Secretary 58-59, Girls' Glee Club 3 yrs., Sr. Planning Committee, Spanish Club 1 yr. MORECE JOHNSTON if HELEN JONES Band 4 yrs., Safety Council 1 yr., Math Club 1 yr., F.B,L:A. 1 yr. RONNY JONES Newspaper Stuff 2 yrs., Reporter 1 yr., Sports Editor l yr. KAY KATSAKIS 5' S Student Council 1 yr., Sabrettes Pep Club 3 yrs., Historian 58-59, Sr. Planning Committee. JANNA KIDD Sr. Planning Committee. JERRY KNAPP Football 4 yrs., Truck 2 yrs., Projection 2 yrs. JANICE DIANNE LAKIN Girls' Glee Club 2 yrs. ECTER LAMB r , g.yfm " ig Jigs K -'X .fig 'vt' . K :Ae -vwl' ' I L J -0' ' ww --ef ,'5 DARELL LOGAN SHARON KAY LONDON Girls "O" Club 2 yrs., Sabrettes Pep Club 3 yrs., F.B.L.A. 1 yr., Vice-President 59-60, Girls' Teams 3 yrs. IIM LYON Mu Alpha Theta, Ir. Sr Sr. Plannmg Committee, "OD Club 3 yrs., Football 3 yrs., Lettered 3 yrs. NORMA MACKEY Sabrettes Pep Club 4 yrs., Vice-President 58-59, Soph., jr. Sz Sr. Planning Committee, Newspaper Staff 4 yrs., Editor fDispatcl1Q 2 yrs., Quill and Scroll 2 yrs. CHESTER MALICOAT FRANCES MARTIN Spanish Club 2 yrs., Red Cross 1 yr., Chaplain. IAMES MAULDIN IOHNIE MAULDIN DANNY MERCER Band 4 yrs. 1- 'I' "Hui-vw LINDA LANGSTON Sabrettes Pep Club 1 yr., Choir 3 yrs., F.B.L.A. 1 yr., Sr. Planning Committee. E. D. LAW Choir 4 yrs., Choir King Attendant 58-59, News- paper Staff 1 yr., Student Council 1 yr. F RAN LAWSON Sabrettes Pep Club 3 yrs., Student Council 1 yr., F.B.L.A. PAT LEWIS Sabrettes Pep Club 2 yrs., Yearbook Staff 1 yr. GARY LINCICOME 7-5 GARY LINDER 7' 1: Choir 3 yrs., President 2 yrs., Choir King 58-59, Student Council 1 yr., Representative at Large 59-60, Sr. Planning Committee. px 1. A Q.,-gy.. M ,,..44" gy Y we Niki s- N as s 'S X 'I 'Y !'Q-" 'WN Q gnu? "'--4043 DOUG MORGAN Wrestling 2 yrs., UO" Club. JACKIE MORRISON TOMMY MOSLEY Band 2 yrs. RICHARD MUTZ Library Club, Junior Red Cross, Great Books Discussion Group. VAL BROCK MCADOO Library Club 2 yrs., F.B.L.A. I yr., Red Cross 3 yrs., Girls Glee Club. VIRGINIA MCCATHREN Sabrettes Pep Club 4 yrs., Student Council 2 yrs., Yearbook Staff I yr., Sr. Planning Committee. JANICE McCLELLAN NADRA MCLAIN JIMMY MCMURRY Thespians 3 yrs., Jr. Sz Sr. Play, Student Council. 4 6 51 I -I I SENIORS BUFORD MIDDLETON BRUCE MILLER 15 Hi-Y 3 yrs, Treasurer 58459, Vice-President 59- 60, Football I yr., VVrestling 1 yr., Baseball 2 yrs. DENNIS MILLER 95 5! JERRY MITCHELL GEORGE MONTGOMERY 15 Projection, Leather Crafts. JUDY NEL MOORE Soph. 61 Sr. Planning Committee 2 yrs., Girls "O" Club 3 yrs., Subrettes Pep Club 3 yrs., F.B.L.A. 1 yr. 'W' ,X -N , I, -nr mpg .In ww Qgrdlge Dllr Wa. neg, 'vt Fwd rw i E ir' I, f-riff 1? wc . nr gnu! BETTY FRANCES NELSON Sabrettes Pep Club 4 yrs., Sr. Planning Commit- tce, F.B.L.A. I yr. CERENE ANN NETHERCUTT CYNTHIA CVVIN NORRIS Spanish Club I yr., F.B.L.A. 2 yrs., Drill Team 1 yr. PATRICIA ANN NORTON Cirls Glee Club I yr. MARY OIHANLON Pep Club 3 yrs., Reporter 58-59, Student Council 2 yrs., Sr, Planning Committee, Steering Com- mittee, Reporter 59-60, F.B.L.A. JAMES TONY O,SHEA Projection, Printing. A 5 f x 5 ""3L,'--6 r-M5 .Y L tt'r I ., .LSL A i . f A ' ff 1325 5 - . - .' -r. ti l,-2 . ' " A A . ixfffwlil mr VIN " ff K fm f 'P fs... -.M ll' 417' TW--'fy' Q.. if-'aff 'i.iq,L'.'i2 j lx X v ' it 'f IP. K ,ilk .gp ,ka T .-g, Q-1. 4, 41-X 5 A few . A X 'J' r, .',. -r-W-'fp ' 'R' 'Q- ,,,....v BOB OUTLAW 75 5 VVrestling 2 yrs., Yearbook I yr. DON OXVENS RUSTY PALMER 7-5 Hi-Y 3 yrs., Sr. Planning Committee, Football 4 yrs., Baseball 3 yrs. ,v-151 Vw, A VVARREN PARRIS MARY ALICE PETTY Sabrettes 4 yrs., Treasurer 59-60, Soph. Ir. Ez Sr. Planning Committee 3 yrs., Student Council 2 yrs., Yearbook Staff I yr. DAVID PHARES Chess Club MARGIE PINE Student Council 2 yrs., Sabrettes Pep Club 2 yrs., Sopli. Planning Committee, Treasurer 57- 58. KENNETH PITCIIFORD XVANDA POWELL Sabrettes Pep Club 3 yrs., Cheerleader 59-60, Student Council 2 yrs., Representative at Large 59-60, Ir, 81 Sr, Planning Committee 2 yrs., Chap- lain 58-59-60, Football Queen 59-60. 47 SE IOR Z. Sabrettes Pep Club 3 yrs., Cheerleader 58-59, Head Cheerleader 59-60, Sr. Planning Commit- tee, F.B.L.A. 1 yr., Student Council 2 yrs. KENNITH RICHARDSON Projection Club 1 yr., Track 2 yrs., Student Coun- cil 1 yr., D.E.C.A. Club 2 yrs. BARBARA RITCHIE Newspaper Staff 3 yrs., Reporter 2 yrs., Feature Editor 1 yr., Drill Team 1 yr. SONIE PRESTON 5 PHYLLIS ROACH F.B.L.A. 2 yrs. BEVERLY ANN ROBERTSON Choir 2 yrs., Sextette 1 yr. CAROLE ROBINSON F.B.L.A. 2 yrs., Sabrettes Pep Club 3yrs., journa- lism 1 yr., Quill 81 Scroll 1 yr. fi K - -: -.I . :awe x ff f .-f.gfwQl f"", W1-.av-'M ,.--1, "Us 4191. rags- is ,gr :Ffa fi ff J: R 'ill .yy ilk f"7 ,ni - . Q ,, A-. M. ...pf ..,.....--1 IANICE ROOFE Sabrettes Pep Club, F.B.L.A., joumalism, Quill 6: Scroll. CLEO ROVVLAN Sr. Planning Committee, F.B.L.A. RUTH ANN ROYAL Student Council 1 yr., Sr. Planning Committee 1 yr., Choir 1 yr., F.B.L.A. 1 year., Reporter 59-60. LOMA FAYE SACKETT DOUGLAS SANDEFER IIM SANNER JOYCE SCIFRES RONNIE SCOTT SANDY SEAY Yearbook 1 yr., Red Cross 1 yr. Ns g,'. A . . . 3 ' I A . .fi . We 'Q I s NW? W Q vi' ff! A F .ff jr H Ja wr VE' - ., ERNEST SITTON ALBERT SLATER PASKARETA SMARTT Sabrettes Pep Club 3 yrs., Student Council 2 yrs., Sr. Planning Committee F.B.L.A. 1 yr. bfi- BARBARA SMITH Sopli. 81 Sr, Planning Committee, Reporter 57-58, Sabrettes Pep Club 2 yrs., Student Council 1 yr. CAROLYN SMITH JOYCE ELAINE SPEARMAN Sabrettes Pep Club 4 yrs., Vice-President 59-60, Student Council 4 yrs., Reporter 58-59, Repre- sentative at Large 59-60, Soph. Ir. IS: Sr. Planning Committee, Secretary 57-58, F.B.L.A. 1 yr. BETTY SPILLERS Sabrcttcs Pep Club Sr Pl inning., Committee Student Council 1 vr CAR ENE S'I AMPER SUE STATII AM 9. Student Council 9 yrs Srbiettes Pap Club 4 yrs, Sr. Planning Committee . .A I . . - A ,.. Yearbookstaff, Newspaper Staff, AK? 'is A . .- A , . , A QL, f RUTH SEHON journalism I yr., Quill 81 Scroll I yr. SAUNDRA SUE SELVIDCE 1 5 Basketball Queen Attendant 56-57, 58-59, Choir 4 yrs., Queen Attendant 56-57, Choir Queen 57- 58, Secretary 56-57, Treasurer 57-58, Sabrettes Pep Club 4 yrs., Asst. Cheerleader 58-59, Cheer- leader 59-60, Yearbook Staff 2 yrs., Sr. Class Section Editor 58-59, Class Sections Editor 59-60. JOHNNY SHEETS FRANCES SHEPPARD Yearbook Staff 2 yrs., Activities Editor 59-60, Student Council 2. yrs., Secretary 59-60, Delegate to S.A.S.C. 59-60, Ir. 81 Sr. Planning Committee, Yearbook Queen Candidate 59-60. DOUG SHIELDS Band 4 yrs., Vice President 2 yrs., Soph. Ir. 81 Sr. Planning Committee Sergeant at Arms 57- 58, Thespians 3 yrs., jr. Play. SHIRLEY SHRADER Sabrettes Pep Club 8 yrs., Secretary 58-59, F.B.L.A. 2 yrs., State Vice-President 59-60, Chapter President 59-60, Band 3 yrs., Secretary 58-59, Band Planning Committee, Majorette 59- 60, Band Queen Attendant 59-60, Red Cross 1 yr. f-ff: ,, - I'-Q-J qM"A""'N. L t. 11.. -Q - Wh , .fs . .qAi,, rgm-Y, Q M , Af if Y a .2 W- T s -2-"lj 'M' K .P .fm ff 'wi' -x, rm fa., .-.1 WM if , . , . . f ' ff ,- " f iv N - ' T',"f'-leg s sm W Ht, ... ,. Y i M 'f 1 MY? T. . . Nerf' A ai ,- fb' 'N 3 ' it fr P rf E X j 5 vi 5 JUDY SUMMERS Sabrettes Pep Club 2 yrs., Sr. Planning Com- mittee. JOE SXVINT THOMAS EDVVARD TARLTON Band 4 yrs., Rifle Club I yr. CAROLYN THOMAS GEORGE THOMAS BOB THOMPSON Chess Club President I yr., Mu Alpha Theta 2 yrs., Library Club 2 yrs. JIMMY THOMPSON XVAYNE TH ROWER Projection. GEORGE TILLERSON Football 4 yrs., Track 2 yrs., HOU Club 2 yrs. S0 3 107' I 1? is -Ri' E 3 it if I Q f . Q , 5 iii 12 1 .522 E IORS GLORIA IANE STEPHENS GAIL DEAN STEVENS Spanish Club I yr. JAY STEVENS 9-.Y Basketball 2 yrs., Tennis 2 yrs., Choir 4 yrs., Choir King Attendant 58-59, Sr. Planning Com- mittee. JOYCE STONEBRAKER CHUCK STUBBS J-5 Soph. Ir. Planning Committee, President 57-58, 58-59, Student Council President 59-60, Band 4 yrs., President 57-58, Oklahoma City Boy of the Month, Ianuary of 1958. IUDITH ANN SULLIVAN Choir 2 yrs., Mixed Quartet 2 yrs., Girls Quartet 5: Girls Trio l yr., Spanish Club 2 yrs., Social A-Q... 'Oi rt' x.. wr, My .sie il nf' Director I yr., Sr. Planning Committee, Sabrettes Pep Club I yr. ' as gt 3 I 'J' 'N ,. ,Af 5, ' . 'YTTTY' 'WT' -vm' it I A JW -2 " ,. I 4,.,,, ,.1. ,- - my , M NN. S ...rs 5 Q J ,,.,.., 'lf . 1 ' I fav rr L DEE TOVVLER Projection 2 yrs. LEE TOWLER 25- Iournalism 1 yr., Printing 2 yrs. SANDY TROTTER Sabrettes Pep Club 4 yrs., Parliamentarian 58-59, President 59-60, "O" Club Sweetheart 58-59, Ir. Sr. Planning Committee, Secretary 59-60, Stu- dent Council 2 yrs. KAY TURNER Student Council 1 yr., Safety Council 2 yrs, Sec- retary 1 yr., Planning Committee 1 yr. GARY VIDLOCK Bzmd 2 yrs., Hi-Y Zyrs., Chess Club 1 yr., Basket- ball 1 yr. C. W. VOWELL 25 Football 3 years., Lettered 3 yrs., Math Club, "Ov Club, Chess Club. ff! Q, ...Irs G? fi- if ,rw 4, as-AV Q Ap fvx 1'-LA H-:fr ' w , 1, X X S fr, ' .1 gr at ana, W I ' . ,-N., fs. 'J' r 'WW K 4f"'7 ' Es, , 45- is 1 , ' A .5 wx 4.l!..."f Nur' fox -.ff MIKE WARD 9. 5' Rifle Team 4 yrs. SANDRA JEAN WALKER Sabrettes Pep Club 3 yrs., Asst. Cheerleader 58- 59. MARION LEE NVEAVER Photography 1 yr., Projection Club 1 yr., Science Club 1 yr., Treasurer 1 yr. MARILYN WEISER Band 3 yrs., Band Planning Committee, Sabrettes Pep Club, Ioumalism. KATHY WELCH Sabrettes Pep Club 4 yrs., Student Council 3 yrs., Parliamentarian, Sr. Planning Committee, F.T.A. 9 f .. yrs. MARGARET WELCHEL MARY VVILLIAMS Sabrettes Pep Club 4 yrs., Sr. Planning Commit- tee, F.B.L.A. 1 yr., Y-Teens 1 yr. RUTHA VVILLIAMS Newspaper 61 Yearbook Staff 2 yrs., Business Manager 59-60, Sabrettes Pep Club 2 yrs. SUE YVILLIAMS Mu Alpha Theta, Secretary 2 yrs., Band 2 yrs., Safety Council 1 yr., Great Books Discussion Group 1 yr. 51 SENIOR Track 3 yrs., Hi-Y 2 yrs., Chess Club I yr., Art Club I yr. DENNIS WILSON GEORGE YVILSON Football 3 yrs., Track 3 yrs., "O" Club 3 yrs., Mu Alpha Theta 2 yrs. JERRY XVILSON LARRY WILSON Football 4 yrs., Basketball 4 yrs., 'KOH Club, Math Club. BOBBY WVOODRINC 2 -www. A Ha- A lem if-1 ' M8171 r1i1"fw1z1a'Q.'-,-11fwf:i,1w::Lfrfvegw -A fi':w7-'wfwc:-wwf -.'-fiiibzgkvlii 'S ' 'A i f A - . -1-tb. , Ml 1... ,.f: i fs My S ff. we i if 4' R A, f '?-,Aw M f a Ag- . - . .V v-It ,A ., N X,- 190 for I M, . :df Football I yr., Rifle Club 3 yrs., Safety Hunter 2 yrs., Photography 2 yrs., Projection I yr. SCOTT L.WOODSIDE Football 4 yrs., Track 2 yrs. Q0 s-. ,Ny w. ,, ,K . ,.,. A 2, . , K A 'Q fx, 'sf-' 'QQ 4 yr. ,..... M .. ,..-...ui-I ws. .,.. .- --gf-'11-me-is - it -1.1. my - , . . , Q 1 - 1 - K ffiieiiz , f I 1953? V4 wk? Wi: fi, if .SQ if' 4, . Q. f "kk to 'Z-1' fp, A V. f A 2gf':'4.,ix5.f 5, Leg A -. 3,5 M1 Z JS-iff urns gkgigsgxf 51. vm ,Ji,,?,:i5, gi.. fx XL iw . . . - . 1 . 1f.a-fwezff .. . . ., . .,,. - x . . . ' iffui- , : . 1 f f'lE:iQElf3fiH'1.'f.e ff 'rilifzzii f ff.-f. Nw 3 45. ifx AL ,7 ' . 1 Q- fwwi ,.,,-, .f i --a-A .,,w..,,, DIANA WOOLERY Student Council 1 yr., Spanish Club 1 yr. LARRY VVYNNE Projection Club 2. yrs., Hi-Y 1 yr. IOHNNY YERBY BARBARA YOUNG F.H.A. 1 yr., F,B.L.A. 1 yr. JANICE KAY YOUNG LONNIE BONNER Projection Club, Staff Photography. IACK CUMMINGS V Wrestling 1 yr., Track 1 yr. ' MARCINE JUSTICE Ir. Rod Cross I yr., Principal Honor Roll I yr. KAREN KEAS Girls' Clee Club 3 yrs., F.T.A. 2 yrs., Library Club I yr. mf-L5 Ro,-I M-LfCM'Nij1 vp 5' I O A QL L And here,s to our officers, Whose year is now done. Youloe helped us immeasuraloly In learning and fun. May we, in the future, To our ownseloes be true . . . To strive to he worthy, In all that we do. Of these who have led us, Of Grant lessons well taught, To find, in our lifetimes, All goals we have sought. O A toast to our sponsors York, Kester, M cCray, And Humphrey and Buekhold . . To them may we say: Thanks for your patience, The example you set . . . Your kindness, your guidance Welll neoer forget. ,.,,.,,.Mm'f Q ! .4 xr ,nm-Q W 33? 4 . , ' TTY. 7 ,,: W., BOTTOM RONV: Bill Nlercer, Presidentg james Cox, Sponsor, Carolyn Cilks, Vice-President, janell Cage, Secretary, Pricilla Sells, Treasurer. TOP RONV: Bonita Ruise, Re-porter, Sannny .I U I ORS were busy plan Iuniors emerged from their Sophomore year aquainted with the style and manner of Senior High and met the problems and responsibilities of an upper class with ease. The junior Class made contributions toward the building of US. Grant traditions. Class officers represented the Iuniors on the Steering Committee and through them the class submitted suggestions for a traditional class ring. The result was a beautiful class ring which the Class of ,til were the first to proudly Wear. Becoming Iuniors also brought with it an old '74 Troxell, Historian, Carolyn Swatck, Chaplain, Ann Mead, Parlialnentarian. ning, with no time to waste. tradition, that of sponsoring the annual Ir.-Sr. Prom. NVith excitement and enthusiasm the class tackled the problem of raising money for the prom just as junior classes before them had. They sponsored the ever present paper drives, dances, and finally the annual Ceneral's Ball which was Niareh 25. Committees took the responsibilities of publicity, refreshments, cleaning up, and all worked together toward success. Their goal was accomplished and the juniors proved themselves Worthy of attaining their supreme goal-to become Seniors! ,Q 9 CHI' 11? wa. Conslstent winners of the poster I I contest was the homeroom of Mr. ,I Cox. Pat Abbananto Keith Acheson , W NW " V: .-- VVf., on Q ,Evra V V :VH Va V QS. V . , ' I f F M N"-fi' so . is f if rr A, A ,, VT, 1.3 , , K'-aff' A A V ' fi if Patricia Acree 5 A i if -A - lessee Adams in . 1 'Q io Tc i - 1 Mary Aldridge " J -, ' . Shanah Allon V ' '11 WA' " Delica Alvarado im 3' ,- D ' Mary Ashlock A ' ' VV: 'SV it C ' ' yi 1---at M .A , ,K - ' 15 fifln if Emory Aspaugh " '-'C' - . O. f 'il-' '44 A V X V V Bruce Baker , V 4' l ,H as 2: " W, 5 - , - 1 fer' A ' Imogene Baker ' 'r ' .ly 1 f f C 'T' 1 V V Carolyn Barber I fill ffm' ' r,,i ., ' V Patricia Bowman ' Q i - Qi 'V V v ,W K f g Ralph Bratton A V 4 V ,R ff V , lx C ' if if X if , ii ,. S LW' F V Ronald Bridges . ,:' 'gi' ' .- Q V, Carolyn Sue Hriney V V V S' ' W M' W ""'r Dick Broadstone Q-Q.. f 2 t 2 Anna Brock """'gi C Crawford Brock V .,.,,., V LV. 1 H ' QV V ,V C V? Everett Brown i Q 5 . v N 4 V. Qu , '1 Mix Q? , VVL, , j , r f V V X V .a J' A . , to Y ,rr ri. ft it M Nwff'-r'-f Sf! C M V s C VV V , V V QV f .A y Fr. C. Brown 7 " :S 1 A , V .,V, 'P' "' I . Richard Brown V 5 . " Qwgis ,fb A ' 'S 4' L i '9 ' fi Sue Brown iV 'M' VV - -i ' : Ms Charles Burch V C ,gb if , X ' 'M C H - jerry Burchett Eff ,El s 'i ' V ,ft I Mike Bureman . V as V H 3 5? "" ' -X 5 ' W' A g- g . -A , s ft 1. 1 7 ' if , . than ."',5, , if . , 'hi sf- V33 V as -- Mary Io Caglo A V fa A ,au Alma Caldwell Q- ,wg ,N - ' Q "W 5 2. "' A Don Cameron X rf' 'mf LW' ' A rri' - X W A 3' H Frank Campbell Q' -QT. .5 S ' ' f 7 "M A ,. , Y V Q 3 , LaYVanda Carlisle VV V ."" V Vi V 'fi . N , VV -' 'A Vi V V , - Bc-vc-rlv Carlton Qi ii 5 'T A L I C E Q if ' x f' i , ' 4 A sa fti is 5? of , ' ' :-2 L - :rf Q a 3 'il 1 . n P ll' 1 . f - 4 it i assi? I ,ff ATHLETES FEET!!! Loucine Castle Sharon Chambers , ' as " , fx .. i Clint Chandler Alice Chaney Prentice Childress Bill Clark Jimmy Clark Leann Clay Jeanette Clingan Herman Clymer Marilyn Coker jerry Colbaugh Kay Collier Frank Combs Charles Comell James Cotton Linda Cowes Gary Cox Karen Cox Jean Craig Donna Cravey limmy Crawford Phyllis Crew Myrlena Crider Joe Crump Ion Curby Carol Daniels Sammy Daugherty Virginia Davis Mike Dawson Iimmy DeGraffenreid 56 Buster Dell f,-.f 'N , Q. , xl ,7 9 0 , Y I ' 'X if or fs 'T' fx I 1 Se- 5 3, " wif-K . U ' 55 ' f--+' 3, !- 1 .rw-f' -1 ef r ea -fa a t , K if' ,.,,,..s 1 L. . I f . 'N ' .a s i' L it ru rw ' . - " '47 ! , ,W . I L C19 Q. F' I' UNIORS ,,. s fi' if or "' 1' H, 'M a I Q M.-was Q3 .el 'Ml ff. T 2 X' 3 v I f, ,vi '76 'Sa e , 5 Q. . i .F fs I ,,,.Q , .I ,. , --r - Af. - 'F Q' Q , , '5 r A im' " V 5. .Q -ws .F k Hz M NA V! y , h E 1 ga SI. ,LV A , FTW" J 'Q V I . xi! I Wag as . r . -,ss-QQ.. 3 M , Q F1 ' 1 ,Q ,if gf iff? !,, H J- P' , 5 ,...:: Wif i? tvv 3 r - an n-mum: X n K: f ' ' .W - :::::: if lss : , "i?EE1' fSiE?"i a a s . , ff ' ff 'A i " 'fibaff m , M A Mlifraiimr ., , ff - A 1 vp t is at A ,-- l s 9- M 0' , ' "M ' ,. -.. W' ' 'K .Q at in lil! '- l - V A .Z fa ' ' N V' ,,, I , 1 A ,. -'if' ' ' r 9 N- 1 y V , -fr 1 ff M. JPIQM . K f F '1 A . .a K I A , , .gf I li . . E -' .,,! f I . E d L I .Q " - rf' f r , s,,s1 313. K uf 7 i. Q V , A 5. ,,, , fl WE ,-of A Y ,5 , 3 V . f W M' 6' W 7! U! 1 A A i K Y 4 K ,ff L' gig L 'A,, f f A W ,,, My iz . A is!! 1 A ' .. 4' X s ' ra as H is 1 'PS' , v ,Q , B Y 5 - ,gr ,,....-.,,J, QV? t W-'KST 1? I ' V ,T r 5 X N it MW? .Q if ,N v 1 ' - 5, . 'ii' 'H Mx .5 1 . :LX G 'Nm .-. f., 4 :r -' 'V xwl A tm f Alw iys in L zgerly awaited event, going.to the football game -. th 53' ' 1 M ' A Grace Demick ,i is ,ix ' "' ,Vi -' Gary Dies W 'l""" .Qfli 'W' ' Sheila Dorsey fi . Vg W Ronald Dowdy ,I lx r A, , Betty Dovsms e ,, "2 7' Beverly Duggan gf-' V gi. V V U ' oy, or B , 1,5 VK, V ya , Qi itiy ..VV "N VV Alfred Edwards PRN. x in V g V V M fr 5' w Sam Edwards Y Tim Edwards Carol Sue Ehrig Juli Elimore Richard Epperson 1 Sheila Erwin f .. ,N , my -,,-A, '11 -'52 V3 W "' A f ' M' V Suzetta Evans V,. Nw .V 2.1, 1 V -,wi VV 'ji z-- ' Bob Evertt f-N--' 5.f ' M"'.gfV EW ,fl Mike Fair A 'V' A il v V - Bill Farrier H- X ,W 4,1 If Robert Fawcett .ff L - X VV j J A x V 0 I Dickie Filler ,Z 3- X 'J' 4- . ' " i" V Q Billie Fawble , . ' R john Franklin A -' ., V, V R, , Mic-hall Fricker X , 5- ' el R' ' Kenneth Fuget ' V ' e 1, .'- NV Q V: V - 1 Ionelle Gage K .3 ree-Nest le Qs 'agfusc 5' fn 5 i- M3 'Z , Vjmsocak dbcvnahfqe ra :VV . X ,QI-il Wfielero, ':Cf2i0,3iz3f5q ' is rail ' V Delores Galindo Ferrelyn Gates "' Glen George Helen George 'W Marcell Gibson r Mary Giddon .Q ,nt "L .fx Carolyn Gilkes Carl Gill .WN-1' ,,,,4--f' LM .ing-i K E ll! fee-Nh I y W Jessie Gilpin Iohnnie Gilpin Iudy Gonzales Barbara Gore Pat Grape Gary Grimes Betty Guy Sondra Hail Darlene Hamilton Rick Hamilton Royce Haney David Harmon Iackie Harper Diana Harrell Danna Harrington Charlie Harm Ierri Healy Lynn Hendrix Carolyn Henry Donna Herriott Gwen'Hi ll Stephen Hodgin Iohn Holland Buddy Holliman Iolmnie Hopkins Mary Sue Houser Sondra Hughes Bolvlxio Hunter Richard Huskinson 58 james Hutmaker .sw The girls tennis team took to weight U I S lifting during the Winter months. Sam Gilmore . fi Chestcr Ginn e A' W ' A . L' A es: ..x1ft1v....-1:1 wwf i w 31' 4 mf , , . W A .Sl fan in Q if Www ru M 7 ' . I Q" 4 - Q , 1 yt 2 Q' - I, 7 , is ,J 9. i. M I, J E: as-5' f 43' ii, i W i Q 1 , ,Q - H , Q. Ki ' ,N W ' 5 ,ab H- ' my x H 4' H M 'A V f fn If V X' fi, 1 1 , , . h wx, ,Rf , if 1 If A I, S 3 1 y A fi 'fl' 11" " '17 'N G' " f- f- hw VN -My 7 -wr ' 'V " i . , . f 3 I 'E .fi ' f . V5 V i 1 x 5 a .r -" " i ,J ef -f ga i, x 'Q '- 'Q 'M ' . C2 Q Q li, m V ' ' I K . 5 ' V Q, 3 tv ig! ' ii Q ' if I, M 3 ,P W it as by - - '- ' :X ff W F " , .V , V Qi-r "" 2 l t we at X N 'm at was L X Q 2 we an ff' Q. N . 5 'L is Z . X 5 P 1- 1: X -" "ea vw uv 'I - Q aa fv- s My -f W - L i W W A 1 f "" N , I we , . KY 3 .ri , X' . 4. 512 l ' l Nw . A V, A J: mia lv 84,055 A , A " ' 3 N g ffzoi r f- if-Wi fi ' ' IW ' V "' kim . . K' , . FAT' me W' 5 ff gf f ' ww 5,1 1 "-Zi .,,'-:' j :A ' ir' as 5 f X I - .'-, ati- 2 - -4- iffy!"-' is K ixiasiirssfiiz fi t' fu ,.. 'B ' X fi ,. ,,- V7 iff r ag '22 F rj -ara-I ' M- f.. ,,,. 9- ffm' , , :fax i ki an fs x 'E s 4 'f ww. 5' gt A it , 1 1? , . 1' K ww l 4' l 91. 1' 55 1 a 'wifi 32 lt, . V, raW,' P2 fr.. 'LQ iv . , , it If... W mmVV . M, I C' W, K V Y X W ur - I ? J A Rx E lx , ff -f fa L Ag " X4 2, L 'i Q f f at ,, f ,ta at A i as gg. -2' 'UW 1 . - A 2, I If , K ,f , ,. A my 3 fm L,,A, K ,frm , il-fi 3 A. f l Q 6 ,.. W K fu :R ' 'E R E ' 'Zak x hr W K. VV Michael Luman Renee Mancil Practice sessions are daily requirements of Mr. Todd and his ad- vanced Band students. Evelyn Hyden Wayne Igo jack Irwin Cara Iackson Carol Iohnson Earlene johnson Helen johnson Ronald johnson Ross Iohnson Carolyn Jones Jerry Jones Terry Iones Christine lump Paul Kay Richard Kellner Linda Kempf john Kennemer Tom Ketch Esta Lea Kirk Barbara Lane Fred Lane jerry La Vamway Donald Lees Mary Lewis Carolyn Lindquist Tommy Linsey Darlene Little Mike Little Robert Lovekamp Charlotte Luman Glenda Mathis Max Edwards Ann Mead Patsy Meggs Jack Melton Bill Mercer Cletus Mercer Tom Mercer Iva Nell Miller Glenn Miles Keith Milliner D. C. Mitchell Julia Mitchell Kuyc Mixon Janine Monkres Judy Monroe Terry Montcgomery Linda Moody Charlotte Moore Jerry Moore Pauline Moose Judy Morgan Donna Myers Mary McAdoo Martha McClellan Mary Ann McCord Bill McCoy Patsy McCown V Dennis Mt-Fcelv 60 Johnnie McGuire Fvwwrwmm, fa 5 yy 2. rr gf ,-if A, tr Jimmy Chapman distributes the I J Grant Dispatch to Mrs. Matherlys Billy Martin Tamara Marvin 'Q .N ,, if :ig w 'CT' Q ' f ' Q i'sii 1' if- 1 K "TT ' M"' :ef s Q -1. My-4 W x ,J VKVY L H. E R, 5 yr ,- M at ' . ,, V Y, 3 . is J K ' Baa W C, U J Q -fit ' M J .. 3 N Q- J ,fnsgi K R is , ', , M C 5 Q M ,, -if' ' l W YG 5 ' " . - , -3' f - sf 'uf L- f , 'J' - f ' , Y' - 1 it tg :': it -'-2-' 9 , if ' , .,-5? -. Aki 'lil iieiffjav T' if " l"l's'l'9'Hau nu c'1i' i 1 'M' 5 .fft:':f:Q:'::1:r.1:2::mm , t 3 0 3 7 F, A. if-J. gi E ' if -. -, -,ff 1, If-if , 54,5 ya- it F wg 5' . .I 15 'S- 1 Q ,gr A M. A . ,Q -'r '32 L A Z gf: ,,.-,pf-s David Mclnnis James Mclnnis Catherine McLaughlin Richard MacMahon Carolyn Nelson Paul Nelson Lannie Nethercutt Carolyn Nodon Wanda Oglesbee Al Osbome Mike O'Shea Gerald Oulds Bennie Owens Ruth Ann Owens David Parker jimmy Parker Linda Parrneter Earlene Parsons Eugene Pascher Beatrice Payne Vicki Payton Aquanette Peacock Bob Pendergraft Bob Phelps Carol Phillips Sherry Phillips Linda Pinkston Betty Pocteete Mickey Poole Larry Post f Q- if 13 FN X , , , ,.. M- 4 , 3 '-T Z -'S' s c...f ,T K, , Q ' p 1.11, an fo' '1 ea i f I an a Y' ! -5 V' J Qfwfj. .i-. ' h, ,L ff? V 4, 1 1- A ffgsulisifl F es, V xvt' 5 In I , .cy fp ' , , rpv ,, .Of 3' I in 5- .L 2 " ' 49" 1,3 ' W f fe' . 1 - - A l ff' , . f A . L '-rf , ig '. M ,ff lf A -A' ' T "'-f yyey Y A ysrr,l A I if ""i fm X uliij' 5555 3 ,,. N' 'W' u 2 nf 135 1 ,, .Q In D ,Ag W LQ-Q -71 ' . MF, bu 3' . W ll X kv ir " ,ff f -A 1 'fi' lv , A ,N rd, "" 'Q A V 1 A A A3 rg A li. jg' A ' ii ' ,P i i 2' "fi is is s"".aavQ1 :Ki . ,L , 31" ' 1 'Zi - W .8 '55 5? A ,. - UG, ,, , , r, 'ij' ,. ' i T' T A gi l2ifv:Q.s,:. .ffhllllllilwfl ug . 7 5 ,a.:.r 1' if fl f l? illiflaillfifmi Y ,N-'S A 'Q f':Li'iW 4 'Inu--ll "-2 ' .' - 'az B 2 -1 we "Q" 3. ,lllllllll N 4 T Ur - F-fri r A X K Vivian Plumlee H fl' A Iames Prather b H f K f N 1' ,f-' by X. M 0 Q'-"Li J ff, QM W' 5 Rafi LLJN' Q A A THE LAST COKE PARTY! 1, HW., : inseam jimmy Pruitt Phil Pruitt jane Quick David Rappe Charles Reece Sue Reece Carmen Renzelman Ianie Reynolds Kay Richardson Mike Richardson Glenda Rogers Bendia Rose Ronald Rose Mike Rowlett Mary Royal Kathryn Sauls Susan Scarbrough Bill Schreader Charles Scott Kemi Scott Lucinda Scott Priscilla Sells Raymond Sclf Ann Seymour Tommy Seymour Jane Shaddy Bill Shaffer John Shatswell Carolyn Sheppard 62 Pat Sherrard if -in QQ, Sammye Troxell and Carolyn I ' I , my i Catley arc learning to operate our ' modern office machines. fl ra-. 'ix ! ' Malik, 5 6 L- David Price , ..,. .- y ,A 'ini lim Price " ' 0, at Si ' E 11, fi psig K he ,. 1 , .ffl S Nt , we fl 'il ,wt Q .1 "" ' 1 5 Ii is es seiy if M . A l S ' i- P M if . ' f Q i ,sf . s l 'FK K Q , !flfllQil all xi 'H' S L wif' 1 S 7' M 3 ' iw W 23 ' is W ,' ,h ,,. 'vt-N , x Q ,Tj W X ,- N ir? C- -. , . sf ifii 2 if if it 1? pi if C qu 'tv' -il my by , 'nee' yi, VV 3. ,-'44 4-ws. .am .. it-my V. K .'! Q., ,M , :rig L- '. , rpg?-of " 5 l iff P9 F ff, xki' . V ' u 'J WF 'R 'E J ' ,V ' vi Qkv v M I PM-k pa- SN, f P wr Z ' 97: 1 Q is 1 R 1 i . h 3 x S Y W V l . ' f W ly,.,m4 , ASQ lilr ,- A X 1 , , X flmgfnif 'It' 1 I E , Q AS f :YP gn 5' i 0 ft? f 35' ga 4- V A at S W, fed' 1.51 x T ...,1e.,. 13 y 5 - . '--- ,I we Q 'P , 0 .K , 1 K K Q . seg S. ,vt A T S gi .. 5 ff" 2, I ' 9' ' 11 , . Q ' ' . '15 ' W .. Q T Q ' ,. 'sr fr an in , 9 ,.-gh n J -yr . ,.,,,S, , I 1 K 1 . ,V ' f i elif ,-"'L 7 2 5 4 ' li, f - Ek J lute g.0,, Fir' w , ,,,,.nf1 g.A'99'Qsmmrf-miraiwt 'WL .Q ' " i 5 N . . 94.41 J . ' gg . V Q Cf' , .4 1 fri. T . ' if 5.7 my 'W' . , A K , .si Q H fl X S jf Q, pi ff f v X c.. p ..- W. x 1? 6' Cecil Tyner j, - Imogene Tyrell U5 Q Leon prepared for Senior picture with ABLE ASSISTANTS. ,ga -N, no -.- , ' V pg ft as--.v an 'mtl 4. Q, f f fr in W , ' rf 51,5 QI? xx 5' img Qs gi it , Y- V - of ' ii ' "ii P in S A gd, W K -'Him . -M iiii ' ia Ya S -M A Vigil, ' Q fi " af -wt fs , .In Nj L 'rr 'Mt Si' ' 1 w xy, W -.. ,F we N' iff! Linda Shiplet Ianice Shipley Beverly Simmons Sharon Simpson Mourice Smith Sidney Smith Betty Snider Stanley Stanford Leta Faye Stanton Ronnie Stewart Iack Stine Karen Stone Linda Straka David Swafford Carolyn Swatek Jeannie Swindle Carol Talkington Ronald Tedder jerry Testerman Betty Thompson Donna Thompson Barbara Tobey Pat Tompkins Bill Trent Sammye Troxell Larry Trumbley Iohn Tullis Alvin Tumer Mike Turner Ioe Tyler 9 I ness English with Miss Billingslea. - N M H V' K M -Bonnie Ulman 6. Y Y 'G' 4 - W ' 5 ,. I Y W 1" -- - A' fs-' - 1 I ' 5 fe .1 Q N I , qw E s r 551' M an "' W i W sa Jeanette Venable M f Mary Ann Voss ! , M 'gl ' Ian Wade L., i 1 1 -35 Carol Wall ,W if l M A 'T' Allen Ward lll , wi Cecil Warner l W 1 1 Boliby VVebb ,V 3 My ,C - 4, , Mike VVebb f " Roger VVelch .. 'I Tommy Welch ' f X Linda VVhalen s x M Judy VVilkerson ,,. A s Neta Williams Linda Willis David VV instead Gail VVinton Larry Woodie Charles VVright Sue VVriglit Pam Wfylie lim York , , ,W Q A 1 , ,Q .X ',.:f'w " In A 1-, 'A , it 1 WT? T-Q N. ' x 2' . V V 1 Wav- Qfifwis m aw' ,xr .,, . ,Q kr Q V' f .ggw ,, U T Kgs S i , marry, K x If g + Z. i ie :Six I! .vw-41 Io Lynn Brzmclerlbllrg beznns Rl happy smile ufter she was crowned Junior High All Sports Queen. Band ueen Aftnndants being escorted from the field will leave beautiful HlC,lllUI'1LS of B ind nu n Crowning. 'Mun A K f ' W K .7 -W-W .J .www 1..,f2.vz . .wiv -in- BOTTONI HOVV: Mr. YValtnian, Sponsor, Mr, Butler, Sponsorg Wanda Logan, Presidentg Judy Barnthouse, Vice-Presidentg Mrs. Richter, Sponsor. TOP ROXV: Janice Treiehler, Secretary, i Deanna Newton, Treasurer, Mary Little, Reporterg Frank Mcflehee, Sergeant at Arms. Not pictured: Shirley Reaves, Parliainentariang Karen Kuehne, Historian. SOPHOMORES took an eager part in Senior High. The year 1959-60 marked a time of achievement for U.S. Grant Sophomores because they earned their rightful place as members of Senior High. Eager to get into the swing of senior high activi- ties, the class gave their time and effort to our many clubs and organizations. The girls pledged the pep club and supported the Generals in every sport, the boys went out for athletics, they also joined Senior High Y, Iunior Red Cross, Future Teachers of America, and there were five sopho- mores servings as representatives at large on the Senior High Student Council. The class was also 66 active in Iournalism, on both Newspaper and Yearbook staff, and also active in the music de- partment proving that the class possessed talent as well as enthusiasm. The Sophomore class participation in each activi- ty served as an indication of the high goals and objectives of the class at large. Next year the re- sponsibility of being Juniors will weigh heavily upon their shoulders. They have more than proved their ability to meet and conquer any difficulty which they may encounter during their journey toward becoming Seniors. Billie Aldridge Nona Allen Cynthia Allspaw Jesse Alvarado Monte Anders Phyllis Anderson Larry Avody Bruce Baker Darrel Baker Gerald Baker Clayton Barefoot Linda Bames Mike Bauman Billy Beam Larry Benson Ronald Benson Carol Benjock Don Bethea Don Blackman Iudy Bolin Betty Booth jean Bowman Bobby Boyanton Kay Bradley Sue Bradshaw Kenny Brasher Tommy Briscoe Mickey Brocaw Donna Brotherton Iackie Brown Linda Brown Shirley Browning Richard Bruha Wendell Brunk Charlene Bryan Dean Bryant Allen Buckley WVayne Buckner Carolyn Bunch Sonia Burrell Ieanne Burrs Kenneth Carlisle Robert Carrol Loretta Cates john Chaney Nancy Claborn Barbara Clapps janet Clark Loretta Clingan Adding the finishing touch before the cur- tain goes up on the jr.-Sr. Play is Carolyn I I 0 Cilkes, vt Q ? JW Q 'V us Q-6' fl, kkjkzf A A A Z J, V i , vs.: 4 I V, , . 3 f Q I ,, f 'B ,rvs ' I at at at ri ff r W f -- I ti 3, ,pu was N ' L 7 A as i , K I Q' X M X1 K AN I -.Q . 4,4 is 1+ , 1. "-7 A N' M' N 6 1 A rr as if we ,fr Q if 1 ALE - Qt, f?i???2i wax if N Y N W X 5.5, ,Qi M .L lv- Hwy, cf' WQJLQQ 5 Y A we: X g w va, 5 .,Qi,. A A' ,1l"'A, . ia ,nip 4 SK 41 ,jmgth I g,,,,!5:,' yy- ?,,,.fr' Q 4 B V kv, 'gil B l -afar." 31 it fx' . sg.-rr K its U X i A W me ::.y IL if , M Q 'sf .,1A C ,. pf is A X s va Q' 'v' A 'if 1 wTS:4 Connie Conine Jerry Conner James Coonfield Sandy Cox Leo Cronin ger Jody Crosby Barbara Cross Edmond Cross Dorothy Crow John Cunnings Lewis Cunningham Pat Curtis Roy Daily Daniel Davis Diana Davis Fred Davis VVallace Davis Jimmy DeArrnan Carolyn Dixon Johnny Dorais Jimmy Dubworth Kent Duncan Roger Duncan Danny Dunn David Easterling Billy Ecton Linda Evans Donna Farris Dale Feland Kay Ferrel James Freed Sharon Fisher Donny Flatt Roy Fort Amiren Fox Phyllis Gafford Gerald Gailey Carmen Galindo Hal Garlic David Garrett Linda Greer Eddie Gerred James Gibson Jeanette Gibson Jonnie Gibson Leslie Gibson Johnie Glover Cherry Golding 68 Sheila Goodman 4 I JS Sv Counting votes is one of the many duties of the Sabrettes Pep Club President, Sandy Trotter. Don Coates Janna Coley Gary Collier XS 1 .Sb if ,fl Q ,S 5 Li -A I ,Yfw , f,, OPHO fu. m f ii 1 2?'i ' if Q K f f ' 4 F K aiffm i g iiii H i M .. S S 'S f ' A il 'hi we , 'i 2 r if 49" ' I S S ,. A A eS Y ' if ,inf V . ,irq I is Q: -I S? J J ,lx a 1 at SE a Q X '1 TW X is .ftl i JJ ' O g sg.. il S 3 ' Q " ' SW: ,-. y Q 5. 5: H A rm Joh A 1 .P lk ,i -, as .L an I Ar- ,. 1 A 1 -114 - S - f ii J S A 0 as T alii 'S' we W o s l l S a. hui? A C so S- is :Q - f " ' s f' -L.-1 Q : Ja- Q K nfl f 34 , S , gr: 2 ,- - fffff Pai, it Efi 2'-:E ? - ali we S W gag Q, S Wg n S , I i ,- S --f N' 0 'xv S- Y Q 3 is 9' 'mg A A SS- - f "" 4 fffi... H f- fi .Q VS -.1 Q xr we S X if yi , rf, 1 I S, 1' K f ' A M' 'fs fr-?" 4 ' S lg V' ' ' ' ' ' D C ii S, S ...ii Q 'L' gs - S, S 'ff' Q 'I 1 1 ' , , C A S ff we S"'Sey 2 f :Za 7 'V wr V ,SHS i JS J f ,S 1- ,XX ... 2.41 . : - BT I" J A ' k-m:.1m4:, S V an in ,- div g fn, K, , S .hif , 7 N155 lfkgxy ,J I K V,k'S ,J , if K - Tw in J I'-J W 'ts , vfa' -, W ' M7 jS H ,J-Mu, 3 f 'S -ff I RS ffl L "-. .xl AL' .4-'gm .,...A V if i K Ni . ' if ' J 7 i - ,,..,,, ""' :""'4'-fy - . J jg? NV ' aria M35 V ,. f'..,Q"i as we 'Xa . , a nf M ,mi :', :fi - fl.. ' -, N 1 LMQ .rg A, . A N J wh, i A A W . Q K M LSS, J WS, ,JL J A ,if K' ma' 4 H W ' XA H x In '1- ie 7 " 41 V I K K, Q ,-QL. ,S , .5 ,. l ii -if a W I S M "uf gr, 7 s ' I 'ef - : K l we 7 , -- 5 , A , S - JS we S J 'Q kg , W . x 1 X ,Ni has fi' -'Q , It is daily practice that makes our Jr. High Cheerleaders Tops. W... D, Q- v A- i My B A M-fi ss . , 1 S ,. X fc .,. C .. X C ' x il Roberta Gorby Billie Creathouse Linda Greene wp 1 E if .Q-YN, 'AF My K as '. 'rw K if .4 .r X f 1 fr r 3 a J Kaffe if? 1 f 11+ L f if , L vi if - 1 r-wx 6912 A ' H331-!il'i, ffl 42" 1 , f. 33 ffl t , ,1 - P , in Q 2 , A gs -N M Q W ., .,.. , 1 X1 l it i "W F1 fxl C 5 'I v- J y .. I Jah' W , ,.,.. t Ei, ,, 7 B Q f -lla my r Ms 5 g , " ve K, I -f 2 i f Xt I Q-,,. K Y . 1 - - iii V H W if QQ . as C siiir C, of fi ,W T G, . is in Li,- ' AZ' 'Gyn-'s ,gs , 173 at 7 B 'if Fl' fb A N' fi wg , . . , if' . A M 3 ,lf , 4 Mi if 'S , 3' 'Q' -,. Q- 'Y' . ,M ,Qi w 'jf' y ,C ,M i 's X v X' 3 B Xp K i -'er-f Nancy Greene Ronald Greene Charles Griffin Connie Hall Ion Hall Connie Hahn Linda Hammond Royce Garlan David Harmon Billy Harney joe Bill Harrison Reba Hart James Harvey Barbara Hay Loma Hayes Doward Haynes Scott Hendren Carolyn Hendricks Jim Henline Linnie Herman I. D. Hernandez Barbara Higginbottom Glen Hightower Ann Hill Cecilia Hilley Carole Holden Glenda Holder Sandy Holliman Pam Holkum Chris Holland Billy Holmes Jerry Horton Marie Howeth Donna Hughes Buddy Hume Margaret Huskinson Pat Hutchinson Ella Fay Ingram Lee Ingram Bonnie Iackson Larry jackson Trudy Iames Gary Jenkins VVayne Jennings Bobby Iohn Pam johnson Sandy Iohnson Emmett Iones 69 Martha jones Don Kendall Penny Kincade Barbara Kirk Bill Knapp Pat Knight Karen Kuchne Hedy LaMar Sharon Langston Linda Lasiter Robert Lay Roger Leake Diane Lee Bob Lewis Carolyn Little Mary Little Roger Little Wanda Logan Io Anna Lon g Gloria Loudon Nolma Lovett Ann Lovewax YVayne Lusk Bill Lyon Ioy Mackey Olivia Maldonado Carol Maloy Lana Maloy Sue Maloy Sharon Mansfield Bill Martin Gary Martin Linda Martin Dale May Nelda May joe Medders janet Miller Iudy Miller Bonnie Milligan Eddie Minnis Gary Mitchell Larry Mizirl Ierry Moon Mary Ann Moore Sherry Moore Carol Morris Beverly Morrow jerry Morgan Ray Moyer 70 Arless Murray Diana Lee makes a graceful set up with ease. Sam Jones , ,, I udy Day , M M Linda Kelly "' , .. X, if Q .,, ,,,r., I ,al gl? F vw", 1, CPHO ,,-,,f 6' n M-Q WM fo Mv- ,, ,J me .. -' 1 --rv' wr 'W' we 4' lx , , . M X fa , M L L t , Ax 1' up awww 7- K ., In Az: WV' ,.,. W 3 -.rf M y , 3 W .WMM ,M qs MM,9,,r ik,.,. , ri H ff: To L, -it Mar l air' Q T: Wm i L - ...r f ,Mg lytreettrl Q to K A M V - Y 1 Mg! - N i 3 l 4' X 1' M ' , no er, 1 4' ,L-MM Q3 'i'i 1 ii Q ,M ,nr 4' 3" 'Z C' 3 ka 14- up gf 9' 9. 5 s Q A V X 'CT' f ff - "'i"'?' . " QQ, 'L ' fifp,' i rl'i l B M' 'Y' ' M 'W M, Mi -fi f- W Q 2 L Mi -A L- .v fl. A f, C: T K 3 My . , QD "" me M- 'Q F' 1- L, ig- 15- ,B ,ge-x B iw - emu, it 1- A -sf' iilii M4-ar Q fl Q yi W ia, rf? 4ca'f.,,g fr s'il MM M ' lrrr gn, ff J., fl. ' . ' H x K ,I , ,., Q nfl J M t tt L A 'uf "' we 15 I, M if -ff' M W M- , L V , M vi Q' all "' 'K 'if ff' PP' M, if 'A to 1 i- , y 1 iMiii e 3 r .. 5,3 . A I ,M" ' . , 55359 M if f.-:M -L ' ,mf M4-M M I... rf.: I 6,44 'if' W 'ti i f 'W in Q .5 ji, ,M K ,VSV :I-'f'f'j J L to Jif m f gifs. if-.sz 'Q I,-fr 'ff Q l 5 , rrtg M..-ff Of Co ich Norwood holds a chalk talk before G R E theibig game. Q O Joe McCathern Q ' iii Meredith McDowell P f , Frank McGhee . g , I V: Y K ,, Q ,JL A in 'Wi j K :P 'P ' - v ,ff z e I G aa ., , M. an .K Lag 1... 5:3 V ,",.1'F Vt .' ff' Wt Fm A , PM in LL - my Ar. 3' 2, .? tg 'W' Ls f ' ' V M H .A -1 , at st if W' 5 Q i do-M ff f l P 1 P '- xx , Q X i P P 'vw Y f , ff' .11 M nf! 'fue . lx '-nun. cr in iq 'AK 5 - ,J .gr ' 1 V-,.: . K .. -Exf- tf. bp '-E " 3 A ,, N 'x i s N W, at ,aw W ml X, - 'U ,L g we 2 Y' i ,. M K wry ' iw- . -f for a :si a be 0' . L' W. K fx, i,7fg2? v 1 W.. I 'jug' a 'Q .4 - f 3 ka , l'i:I-'sa 52'-" R' J' 4 ,fm as.. ' ..--N ' as K 'H gf ..s,:.,+'-13' ,1 f-- ' 7 'P l 2 ' A . mug ,V I an N J ' ' 4? . 1- ff A , " "" W3 if-fm , . ,MW ,gf i . ' ' A K K Q "PP , at Y-fr V' wi N fs '-wt ki' 'P "' - Y - - - NM- l lf' w .ER ' www", ' ff., .fail va X . .iw ff- P - . sf 'A I 1 M 1 ' K .. , ' Kr kk K X 'f'-35 .gr K m ' .- ' Y A 'WW 9132+ K Q a mg ff--jj, 'iv 75- ' 'di V N' -as K" M ywaiz I L' .- V' I In h My I .si n L u s. ' 4 vf ,V fifty?-L gffj 'A ' K ll 5, rw? . L,-3 V, ,VL., i X "',".:Z V1 , sz: isp, 6 M i ' N r M, if H -f W J . W K' A a f i - I f -Q fi E AM A 5-ix lf" Xa ll QQ: do .. 1 .. t L e ... R.. . 5 Y, - ,yr Ja G A , 1 V V if ' I - wr. 1 --. .,,, ' ' - . . . . v ' , --. X , - 4... f V ,. 'll " My l r P K it M A- .3 a, 'as iv ' swat ,..f '- N .,-,L kfw V I . . nw Ps. 'P my I 'i v "ii" ff' fy-T Q"f',Q, E my h,,, W A ,- 1 K , r K R 1 'i fat 1 Kay McGhee Etna McLain Bobby McKinnis Reford Nash Denna Newton jimmy Nievez Bruce Nitzel Judy Norton Carolyn Novak Rita Orr Quanah Painter Shirley Parks Ruby Pascher james Pather Ralph Patterson Ralph Pearce Mike Peck George Peeler Kathy Penry Charles Pettijohn Thomas Petty Kenneth Pitt Kay Phares Ronnie Phillips Sherry Phillips Maurice Podder Phyllis Powell jimmy Power Barbara Quick Carolvn Rakestraw VValter Ramsey Barbara Reaves Shirley Reaves Toney Reed Dean Reynolds Don Reynolds Sue Rhodes Thomas Rhoten Bobbi Roberts Ierri Robinson Richard Robles Ronald Rose Zeela Rose Myron Rosebroo Peggy Roper Jerry Rowlett Kent Ryals k Sue Sachesueheimer Lona Mae Salycr 71 Bob Seymour Yancy Sexton Geraldine Shafer Cale Shropshire Dick Shuck Tommy Simon Nancy Sitton Janet Slater Mary Smartt Bobby Smith Cheryl Smith Linda Smith Pat Smith Royena Smith Sandra Sue Smith Sandy Smith Wayne Smith jerry Spargowslci Elsie Staggs Carol Steele Don Steele Ronnie Steele Raymond Stewart Robert Stewart Roger Stewart Shirley Stewart Karen Stone Ioe Sturgon Brenda Tate Bobby Taylor La Donna Thompson Sharon Timanus Lee Tolbert Lula Towler Danny Trammell Janice Treichler Iohn Trent Bill Tucker Michael Tyler Barbara Umbarger Mike Vanzant lim WValdrop Donna Walker Ralph VVall Larry VValler Bruce VVelch Carol VV est Annette VVhitakcr 72 lack Whomble Dianna Davis assists Mr. Walraven in making up the Student Council member- ship poster. Bill Scott OPHO 4 .W an Billy Scott Ronnie Scott LN ,, gy !,..f 4 wmmrr .ge ds. Q 5 it T T . 3 , ,N 4 ,Ky I s "W ro. Y ' I t J i f ""' ' I t Q 2 V E .nv ge , nf,-3 3 A dis., ,xy , A3 aw ,A 'V W2 gg, f W' 'M K 'jf ,. --1 ' N, M k -sw ':: 5 "-f ' t f . 3 -va t T V . t t . I i u .f X x - -f I W3 T 'f N " fo 2 '-- - Wt, 4 V A My A f .i 5' xy nf" fr L f' fr"'l Ellli Ein T S T t "T " rv' - ., A V - QW., ., . Q :S sr A, 1 A, t 5.5 H 2 ,:N,, R E, I aa 4 I . : ' w ,, n M" . -P fu- 33 up at x ., if if! if my ,.,a r . yi X .Q , -5' L- 1 V O ,Q . W , 5 ,Aa , az- 3 we wa , f I F I M L 'ff' - ' 'ff .A 'bfi f v ' M' af 1 S 72 II? hi' K"i"p' we , A:"' , E-' , ix."'a s,f7 kft',fl 1, f it-1 "' , , rf, Qt" -f?h'x',t':'1ff1r',' ,z QQ 'fini 'Sf' K 41 I 'm"Hi"f'ls"'Q.s'iy mm L' . ,, M" kb y lx ' ,gf 'A -- 1 Y , 'T 2 T T -- T - , l , 5 y T of jj, L r ' -- Y me f Tl.. L.. , I ,Woof aj iw 'i" w.....fP ,V m . , V ,Ri We fgg . e""o were B at fi- we K , 2 H he 1.152 'Ge A 'B' 3 , 'W N M T , , - ' Qi ' "nf ' ' , .L K qw'.a.. K v M' W if 1 may I Q. aj' l X lu " -1 Y lt , ,IV ,, , -A , A 4, .f . ' fs' if ' 1 X A 'wif ,W W, I .M Q:-we H. L, R K f ,H-vf-. 1 Q T I 3' A t vm 4:2 A, H ,gk b I . . V Y if ' -f-M' , h ., 5 X ""' . fd? , -fu if etit 'sl l . 1 Q? ' 1 ", . ' ., N y : 2, ,, A W f R, 'Q S y wr 'Q ff M V -' 'Q -ff "' -5 1 3 r -5 .4 , , 07 I f ,Q 5 nie-E K gif ? -V ' at 3, an cccc Mr. Harris and student photographers, are caught in ACTION While taking pictures. we 'QV' ra it 'R K fm. 552: . i K .4-. 1-- X 'wx .-v taiitxg -"I," f CCL f in 'A um. , . 5 ' Y' : 'S 1 sw ta. W. I '1, ,,, Vonnie Wilkerson V M A Bobby 100 VVilliams Floyd VVilliams .4 ' , - -af 1 if 1 ' S 5,-to I S9 'W 59 iw mf V, 'W It ,E gi, M . V f - , , Q'-V in by ' -L . we ia V .N ,V 1X,1lLj' Y Q' .gi 2 5' j Vg lhq. -.ri ' i if K 1 ,, - .. H... xv K 9 .v--. W 5' . on A V ...MH " " we , Q' ., car , " W' .avi-. fi, Lynda Williams Sandra Williams Sharron Williams , ag,,+ +-. 4' 3 Walter Williams .si , Q5 , - i rf Rick Williamson 5 Janet Wilmoth Q W Don VVilson AE: fw,4 QV W. ,Q vs? 5. W? Jerri VVils0n Lenny Winans Charlotte VVindsor , Danny VVorsham Marion XVright Peggy VVright S 1 Amr' midi if - , 'L' X Bailey YVynn Q In Y ., -V, I R sw X . ,f S if' f frx L 5, ' X VV Dale Young W . Q ? L' V . Rv H it 9 Earen Ygnulgig if iL" 9, vu- -1 5 V3 Q Q . Fred Babbitt ,wr ,at '-3 ' .. 'E V g V 2 f Cib Barnett K.: P fm LS' it rg N-4 ' ' " w id ' Bamthouse M f ,M My W ,W . QV It 3 Nl-.W V ILYL J' ' G , if ff' Janice Bcttcs , ,i.,e, , M 1 x fi' " Ralph Brattain Iimmy Crawford ,N - 5 Darrel Easters 5,5 A' -ff? H' VX ' A X A , ,Z ,,, : , ' WV Kenneth Estes X fra. ' 13' ., . 1 Q ' i Al f 'A Connie Evans 3 li ""',x f,Q..",l,, ' V f Carl Gentry V l "' . VCCV A "' f.i ' Ianice Harbolt I ' Wil L'ili K ,Vg k,:77 i '-"' ' ,. M N V, . f , e r ff M ' pqpp V V VV w Mark johnson . p A V L '1 Kflfhy Jones 'lj , V LV if-N if, - 1 Neata King ' A 1 VV v X , 3 Ann LaVarnwa 9 "- 'ir -if fu- w 2 "' a- fu-. Ax I Gail Lawson y .t""J,H . L4 ,lp :.p Q , ,ip li.. Carol Morrison ,V C, ,E VJ , YN, Randy OIT L, I ,, Q ,qw ,Y Y it "" gif ,rff'll Fi r.-i' s, l 'TT' 1 - P Thril Saylors V . V V4 L. 5 Henrietta Snider V V N ' " ' - p f ' V, Sharon Vlfhitcman Q2 V fi 6 V ,QF ' In Claudia YVinkl0r V- sa V, 5 V J Vlyg - c L Sandy YVoolriclge M -g-55' , .V ...L-:V-M X V ' Leonard YVorthington W ' ' 2 - V y ' ..-K , Y' f 1 . Q ' Parliamentarian, jane johnson, Chaplain, Saundra Busheyg Reporter, Gayle Wilbanks, Trcasurcr, Pam Holden, Secretary, Charlotte Vcnableg Vice President, Candy Hunter, President, Ann VVilloughlcy. FRESHMEN chose capable leaders. The Freshman Class stood on the threshold of Senior High as they organized and elected class officers for the first time. The class chose capable leaders who guided them through their final year of junior High with determination and hard work. Each activity they participated in served as a stepping stone toward the realization of the goals of the class. Members of the Freshman class held posi- tions of responsibility in Iunior High activities, serving as class officers, cheerleaders, football and basketball players, Student Council members and officers, also officers and members of Iunior 74 High clubs and organizations. Being underclassmen was not always pleas- ant and the class was faced with a multitude of realities on every hand. In every Way the Fresh- men captured the surviving friendships and ex- periences which they hold so dear. Together they Worked and played, sharing their responsibilities, and proving themselves worthy of full-fledged high school life. Next fall the class will enter U. S. Crant as sophomores and find the opportuni- ties that lie beyond. They are Well prepared for the future and will contribute to our school as upperclassmen. 4, A May I have your Attention Pleasell A ,, L Q In . rl gif, fr ' , 4 .558 si gg ' wa" , V ' A' 'Q , , l , C A 'M 22. 2 r - " ' ' e w- ie, ,, ' ,- 51:0 fern ', ,M,.,r, -.Ml rr- PL -,,.f..aLW.-., ' in nga'-n . , B eg! I B' B- + sw 1 ef 4 3, , ' T ' -N' W ' .af A . , A A- . , 'T Y 1 an K: is, A W an Tk s 'Y W A i ,J ,K , :veggie . t Q f i . 1 ' 2 ' 5-, -s.,,,.,--, s, Q12 X 0 uf Qld' N... . Q Q 'Fp 1 .4 .fi ' A' 0 B . 5 7 me 'f sm : gr -ai, X ' X X' VBQ, :fy A , ,R 1. 3 r K' 1 1 rw , V " - Ith :Alai ' f" fi J 4- 1 .ea iw,-1, sryath rf i rg me N 'ii fr: I Q .. W I f, x. s""'- ' u ' f ,- i 1, C' , S ra! f his A ef ,1- W , i g Us 2 f ' 13? In . A ' 2 ' - If' .' T- L ' at ' ' ' B Q L :wx ff, J 4 f ,ix jf J? L 1 if 1' . sf 4 , if-4 , 1 r - - ' ' ' H . , 0 , as -an - - . rr ji as r ,1 Q- rf' "lr ln K, E 4 Ax ' - A K -.. ' P sy x, ,E , , yy ., A - B ' N, 5 vw I .J :J r- 4 , -A A r or x 5 :i ' l Q J li 1 hi B E N l ,df lv h, ' gr 1 I we f fig! 5' 1 -- .- ' P? f r' if lei f' --1 f ' , .J ' ' - as:--ji 'K 3- ' 1 3' A gg 5 1 , N r L, 1 .aw -.fini A3 -g k ,, ,.., A N My A W V Q , R. 5 . L 'f 1 ... '--- .. A. z Q f 2 f if S ra A ee' of of 1 A' ill ' 5 R11 -A V'LW aTZ2.."L A is irl.il.,r ill i l ,rf 1 Tk- , W in s ar 1. " -Q.' ., . V ,QR frm , . - .Q S, , 2 .,..- , .....- ""' 5 x K' '::-N. M A- 1 0' r or 2 r W r if . error- 5 4 I A Q sf 1 of , 4 Lrfr' l , Q 1 , .N CLC , 55423 iii! , sew FRE HME Russell Alkins janet Kay Allison Sherry Anderson Sidney Anderson Betty Ashworth Patricia Bailey Steve Baird Danny Baker Mike Baker Linda Barnes Thresa Barnett Iurlith Baultinghouse Judith Ann Bell Ioan Berry lfvelyn Blocker Judy Bracllrurry jo Lyn Brandenburg, Brenda Brandon Ianie Brirlgus Ronnie Brxrlges Thomas Bridges Linda Brisco Stephen Brock Carol Brown Cathy Brown Charlotte Brown Dorothy Brown Helen Brown janis Brown Norma Brown Jean Browning Kenny Bullock Terry Burris Saundra Busliey Linda Czumday Linda Lou Cannen Sharon Cannon Lester Cape Robby Capps Danny Carlton Billy Carson Keith R. Carson Gene Carr Ioe Case Kathy Chamberlain Hal Cheancy Harvey Chadwell Bmce Clark Sharon Clark Janice Clary Billie Codner Larry Cnlbough Elaine Cowell Billye Sue Cox Linda Cox Carol Crawford Don Crockett Janis Cunningham Donna Daniels Dickie Daniels Malcolm Davis Margaret Davis Pauletta Davis Virginia Davis Ronald Dawson Charlotte Dobyns Joan Doughesiy Cheryl Driskill james Driskill Beverly Dugger Carolyn Dunn Io Ann Dunn Jolene Dnlion Dean Easter Carl Edwards Elaine Edwards Sondra Eidson Cary Ellis Iames Elmore Charles England Buddye Eppersrm Eamest Lee Evans Tamara Evans Shirley Fanning Bill Fergerson Maria Figaro Janice Filler joe Findlay Rodney Fitzgerald Sue Flanary Cheryl Fluniken Janice Forbes Frances Foxx-ble Fred Fox Bob Fnmkn-nficld Ianice Fri-onmn Curl Friclcer Iaxiivs Gail lane! Cast Charles George Pat llilvmn Tom Cilvson LeRoy Gilmore Cluarlom- Clipson Prim llllson Muixriu' iiulxlen Mike Gurdon Tommy Could Diane Green Cary Green Suzanne Gu-1-mvell Cody Criclcr Hewarcl Crimxley Carl Cutllrie Ion Ilims Bill lluiti Relx-of-.r lhls-s Ilarulil llall George Il.mulmn Anncllc llannpion Slmrmn Ilaimali Tomnw llzirrison ga- t QA. K ilgore ' Q F -fi m y 'ii ,. .,., , - ' il fflfllf Q.?L" f 11 K ce ' A ' ' I .. . 1 'li' . ' vf. J K iw, 4 " Nl: D' if, lisa, l M' 'lf wifi ru. is 1 A W l ii: J, 1: , I A A 0 mg .5 :- n E .FL Y A Q ' fiyk M EV 412 x F' "i'l WV' E iila' Mini il: is . TL 1 -V Q I4 i l l' ' 4? i 'Z as xt 'V A K' I ' X ap E C . fd 'li Vg A S jg 'ff I , iw' ze Q X if J, ,V ,Q ,, il .az he :fir gl ,F Q , SW? 3 f 5 Rfk? I f ine: 7 . 2 . I is Cary Yiclloclx limlx llml it pair In paxti'oi1i7i' ilu' s 4 7 4 L 1: 41' Q ,Ma 4--4 1. 1 x riww, . A., rf' , MRM Zhi 5 " 7 0 X 5, .D Y, 9 -A ,v '- we ,D - . 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V ,K ' ' iw ,V rilaiml L ff fe FRESHM Gary Hathcock David Hayes janet Hazen Richard Hean Scott Hendren Doris Hedgepath Claude Henderson Darlene Henry Sue Herman Finis Herron Dale Hibdon jerry Higgenbottom Glen Hightower Faye Hill Larry Hill Pam Holden Fred Holder Colleen Holland Sandra Ilolliman Mike Ilopson Sharon Hopson Sally Howard Barbara Hudgins Candy Hunter Sharron Husted Clyde Ingram Andrew jackson Larry jackson Richard jackson Denver jantz Darlene jenson David johnson jzme johnson Sliaron johnson Ted johnson Barbara jolly jack jones jerry jones Linda jones Terry jones janice Keas Charles Kemper Karen Kcrn Lynda Kerr Bill Kidd Roger King Edna Kirlillam Dennis Knight Dennis Kolke Ann Marie Kreg Beverly Lunsdovsm jimmy Leeder jane Lindsey Cary Little Kenneth Little janettc Lnttrull Alwyn Lyon Tommy Lyon Cheryl Mauldin Leonard Maldonado jamice Nlummedmy Eddie Marlar Louise Mason Carolyn Massingale Elsie Matlock Sandra May Bill Mays Iane Meggs Kave Melton Marie Merriman jack Miles Sharon Miller john Miner Gregg Moffot jerry Monroe Dianne Montgomery Rickey Montgomery William Moody Dale Moore Jacci Moore Sammy. 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' ' ' wr. fi. gg ggafugy ' . at T. . , fl.. .Q ,Q QL L L " -Q X 1. 3 :.. 3' I X . gui V4 3 ' . , 'Y' I High Aims and Achieiements are ulutaimml through weeltly Student Council meetings. im The P.T.S..-K. stiivw for hotter parent, student, teacher relatimis, bw fr' v-wuwa-'Avail vvfvsf A L.hL M' ' Not MISS AMERICA, but MRS. HOLLAND 'Q 'n well known and loved F.B.L.A. Sponsor, and 'e2'fQSZK':1 fr , 141 35 , Ui f 1 An 5 5 13 teacher. ll I i Q 9 Competition of Junior-Senior Play tickets found Cheryl Mauldin the snhjeet of Senior jinnny Chapman and junior David Ruppe's sales technique. .fgbg 2312? ' Q53 -'5 Mrs. Cillllllliltli has the attention of two of our eager learning seventh graders. Mr. Huffman, was the guest of honor at Mrs. Orens Home- rnaking class' annual Thanksgiving dinner. 'MG' img., 4 X Thr- nnnunl Student Council Christmas tree is tfllllIIlt'tl hy its officers. P""'4n. 'swf ,4r.W' " ks M,-r af" 'Uv 2. "Q--...,, George Husk, Varga Garland, Danny Gravitt, Deanne Fowler, Mary Lynne Casey, Donald Kegans, jill Thomson. Standing: Rene Oehoa. EIGHTH GRADERS U. S. Grant eighth graders returned last fall a little older and a little wiser. The activities and organizations of junior High held more meaning for the class than they did a year ago proving their growth in spirit as well as in size. No longer were they wide-eyed seventh graders who roamed the halls a year ago. Iunior High was no longer confusing and the class took their rightful place as an important part of U. S. Grant. Eighth graders worked steadily upward with activities, studies, sports,, and organizations through which they prepare for the coming 82 return cz year older. years. They took part in the Buglettes pep club, Iunior High sports, Iunior Red Cross, Junior High Student Council, Junior High Y, and the Flower Club. The class distinguished itself in each of these activities and proved to live up to the high hopes of the class members and the faculty. Their contribution to junior High will be re- membered long after they take their rightful place in Senior High School. They have proved themselves worthy in every respect of being the future leaders of Grant. rr la S, xl!! X 53:5 1' l Richard Aasa Donna Sue Abel Sharon Adams Wyatt Adams Sonny Alex Patricia Allspaw Larry Anrlt-rs Cheryl Kay Anderson Guy Anderson Mrs. Humphrey gives a proud look at seeing the excellent work done by lorry Fisher and Wesley Arcl, Robert Atkins Lynn Austin Karen Balvluit janet Baird Rolrert Baker Truman Barber Linda Bargc-r Portia Barker Clwryl Barnes Dickie Barnes Marva Beam Rnluort Beasley Carolyn Beck jerry Bendorf Carolyn Bennett Dale Bennett Linda Benson Slicrry Benson jo Ann Blevins Donna Blythe Judy Bond Verner Borror Danny Boultinglmuse Lealand Bourland Jimmy Bowman Jerry Braclllury Bartow Bradlex- Doris Bradley james Bradley john Bradley W Bob Braton l Betty llridgcs l l l Carol Bridges jimmy Brocaw jam-t Brooks james Bross Donald Brown Edward Broun Rolicrt Brown Wadic Luc Buckley XYilliauu Burcli Alxin Burr-lic-tt Andrea llurcman janice Burk Hay Burns Clautlia Burrell lrklitli Burrs l.1n'ry Byrnni l.inml,i llvrum ct-fini.. cagigai Linda Cainlxcrs fvlargarcl Cfainplvell Al Czunp Xhlliv: Capps lloln-rt Capps lionaltl Capps Scott Anderson Mzwli Ashley Brenda Ashlovk Paul Asplin EIGHTH GRADE .fd yr- ..x' - f i U-Q., game' 155' H if Q. rr , rv.: 1 me - fipx Q," r ...,r1 .ar- A Q of . Ll N. gi it A " . X fs' ge -ag Q a 5. x - 1 "" 'ggfk ' 'l M- ,7 Q N, 5 .A--f ,- Z. 'Y 3 . ' rs t f Y " 3 F X BMI M iv s ,, K X Q .V VJ- . r m,....Qn-3' . if, H 5 ,yl . 'P H - A .L , fi. 71, V - i ' ' ,,. ' .o. 2 ,. N all .a f. J g, 'If A --' . ,1 f- . H H 1 ' fe' Q I Xl, LJ. , M . dr, as A W1 S-3,f32si"7? A of X f er. . ri , w , f rf in N v y f: A , . .. W3 . nv 5 .- 1' .- W i 4 , , 7, 1.3, ' A 1 ,Y Xgfgg - ag. ' B ' jj ": 53-3552?-::s. wer, " ,f A L- w if , lg .r,-.,,,.s . . :1fi?sfSf11eif1ss::assf'fs it r 'N -Q 3 if W 5 Ls, V it Q, xi 'V "J L 2 N' ,I M' . I 'M V 'Fr if-, A A sl V, BQ N170 - A-1 . - I K V , SNPSYBY xilmif i -1 fi ' ' ,1 f C- '4' 3 , v li ' 'Y kv A + 5' 7 xx .fag -SE-' if . 4 -1' elf., , M , ., ,mpg fri ' H. V, I A J Sf Fi- f' MM 1 l' -' 1 , A 'L' k'MB , 4- U , .- -H , 'Y 'V f,", .,. wits Q S-also W' re' , wif 11 -Clin-ill' l s - ,Wi ' -- l B . 1' i M 0 B 4 -A I 6 Q A Av: l 1 ik! - ,V 1: i, 5 S 1 V ,Q-f' N y Q I " if A Q,-'gs , oi? A rfqff 55-F . I 4.1 - ...f ' ' 'tl N, I1 wif. ' - K., V .. A B "1,?915f"H?,i . ' ' V L? ' "i' M ltd' ' ' B 1 e If . F , - '41 A ,, - gl, ,. t E . - g .3 A, 5- 5 is A ' fa' i 1 9- 4 M "' .2 , .K ' a-'IQ x or ,3 -gg .4 fmiff i. ' 1 .7 .-,k i ,ff . EZ . 4, . xl 1: ... -, L t My - f ' .fl , 'B .fs my 4 J' V e A .,2: 1,4 V cf -- kill 4 , -.1-All link 1 , , ., ..,. K. . . rf.-a..,.....r1 Y . ,.'. , ' if:r . . . f Liles 2 wwe lsgw it , ' WWW "rf , 7531, V' fi .ig , 4"" I ' ' 4 ' .,ee5:.- ? k ,,-,ny ef FW 1 fs f ' P - A A fi!-flgffiifziimial ,-','.' sir. 5 f - MWHWZ img, v'., M A-,., if "W if mum V, V xx, 5 ,s ..,,,, , wma ' ' , - Aff. mi 4955215 W 'Wifi ,V 1 3421 i',T233t!i?W'l f avi five S Q Top Honors went to U. S. Grant High School when they doubled their goal of S300 in the United Fund Drive. xi Richard Clymer Connie Cohle Russell Cocheran Berta Codner ' V. Patsy Collins Sue Cooke " Larry Copper F V, Leslie Cooper , ,M , 1 .ff Denny Clark Fred Clark jimmy Clark Mike Clifton ,-'- 1 lr' D .11 .1 IN . 1. - f -' ' 14? , wg, aiffires., fm? . t M, V i N .sg rrre A for john Coppage 'lack Cornell Shzirlottc Cox Mary Crihhs I YVa.nclu Crockett Iudy Crump A R :Q fr, , al Aaron Cummins 0 Bill Curtis Sharon Daniel Virginia Daniels , x Q Terry Danner jay Davis V r Zo Davis ' i Miko Dennis ' Larry Denton Roy Dc Pue .. Q -1 Velma Dewhre Roh Dies HL-lun Dobbs Iessc Dohhs Carry Dodrill Danny Douglas Charlotte Dross t gg. 4 1 N, Q, Raymond Duke W- sv, ,A f . f , -9 8 ,ef ,Jig Diana Dunn Martha Dutcher Lindo Endes Emily Ann Ellifson Vickv Elston it Bxll Engle gy Steve Erwin f Lincln Epton ff. rfb Waimlai Estcll Diane Evans Glenn Evans Peggy Evans Murcia Fagan A Ed Fzrlvey Merry Farr ' ' Barbara Faulkner - Ek ',. my rw 1 J: J., .. . wr ir-1 . I-s I we ...ffm 3 . ff 7 A f 1' 'F' f. ., '-Q uf' Sh. J is if A . its 'SQL 2 . ,- fz af 1124 V6 , VP ' 1 L f ,QL Carla Fawcett jim Filipski I Don Fink Roger Foutch janet Franks Indy Freed ' Lcthzi Fritz Kenneth Fultz .., We for -' any 4. G we ff CL-M lil V ' . ,sf 5, .rg R 3 Kenneth Carson Russell Carroll Larry Carvans Susan Caster David Cecial jimmy Chandler Linda Chapman Chervl Childress Ieanetie Childress wy- ji. 74587 I-, 1 i ' sw, 5 -. 'W' Q . 4" 'Var ..l'V,J Vi., '..-, smilie 1 5 . . i l4..f 3. , . S 13 .-ei L .. 'ssifg-.4T+??i'lH 3 5.7 I .N eu .-A ' W H , " fe sv.-cz' 1, EIGHTH i V 5 2: Vw V . A K V 1255 Q M . x ' - , l 'Y , . -or as A -Q A ,. . rw 1 1 1 4 ' fi, N - - V- .,. V .,-- 3 - mg. ff I 5225 Atty' ' 1 , 21 new 3: 3 -" se is ' 035 41, S S ,Ll fgffsf R V' Q., we ff f 12332: , Y. , if., f 7 , ""' s I .Q or Mi ami! 'Nm YIIN- v . W 'V M Aj . 3,4 . my . -'HK -.as-1 f., M I" N. A , if ff ff , -f Q- I img -fqiugg f ' , , r , gi' Fifa V ' we 1V , .4 SE A 4 t .1 V F rif 4-1 X' hh' l 4? .Qc 4 V, J 1' V -A in si: if Quafs ..-. 3' K Q f, 'M .sf V ,. 'V 'A 'ki gl " A ' f f fig .Na A .fi GRADE 54 ff, Jil' l V qw I A. ,Q -3- -u ' 'N Qi X , llopc Galindo ' 1' ,if Iunly Garland i ' I 1 Bohhy Gardner L A 41 i . - . " 1 i ' '1 ,ix r Q. r 1 ni l A mi Vargu Garland i f W -. 7 Q Joe Garner J Judy Gamer iif i' . V " fr V ,f 'Av 7' 2' - " Ming. Shirley Garrison if 'H liurlizira Gust 7 V ,,f Ni-'Nha Catlin The technicalitics , A 7 679' , 4 fg C- Sherryl Geer 'Q af.-I ,X . f I james Gentry k Ml its ' " V Karen George 4 v , l 'F ll ,. his 5 ' Bonnie Gibson E' ii 54 A ' x f. 7 x L' . .ZW 5.1. ' 2. My 1 41- Q af ,, A1 'fii ' ,W . .y- -if . V 1- a ll f"sf?f . Ji f 15 f' . V x "1 ' - f 1, M. ,,i-'g'-:giba if if gf - """""' 4 fi liiill 33:5 1- E" by - , Yi - H9 -L' 2 J qw, fvf ,Q A 'f . s .1 ,-. cz, f ' iff, I ' " I , N Q s ix an 3 L- ' I ' ' fd' rn V., P X k I wks... r V in Mesa., M r ww ff n K ' ' , Z 4 - M in " , " "" . .. 'Y ,.. " Q v.. N v y - l ik-'V li , l ri 3 Pi av if ., X . I 1' 5, Nd if G .I 1 9 . H . A 35 X .. 2. 1 'Q ..-'Y' A Q . mfg 'W IL ff lf ' Nu- LV' ig is :ig fi 'YQ k T Q 35525 ',.'r-gf - x rf f,i5z3:,..r, - Eiizi- . . in X i . awigzznir :salsa K, .. .ew '. M ,pzuv 4 .vi A Xa my 3 1. , :S Q Q A as K Q, x A ' T. I gf, - A Q ' -- .,-, .Q..'4!x . X fi' X537 A: ' if i 7 Hr K 7. ,L SA . rj ggfigq l A " -Ji' if lv?-. L ,,, .5 Q n W. N M.. .kd y .4 g,-gf 4 W, 1? sf'-1' 4, V -1. 3 X Q ' ' ' 1 -y PM . X -f A iv ii Y n 1' r ':'- ' ' 'i Q' ' iff 5 K 1 ig: L, 'S' in ,if-M f if 5 fwfr' 1 r 1 l L E A ,V 1 , ? ' P- , W X 1 -r ff ,: - ...ay 1: w N A my an l X if .tr " W X QL , . . K Q .H sg 5 . 'V W.. ' Q 1 5. if trigoiimiwtry arc vxpln Kenneth Gibson Gary Girluns Bill Gill Ronnie Coen Donna Gurdon Lavonnu Gore Peggy Gouge Ray Guund Carol Lynn Goyer Linrlu Grady Marilyn Grape Danny Gravitt Donna Green Richnrcl Griffee Ric-luml Hagan janice llairrard Diana Hall Glenna Hamilton Chip llunsen Janice llcrhen Sharon Harmon Bob Harriet Glenna Harris lluhy llurris jeam-me Harrison Cherry llnrt Harm lluwkins Viclcy llaynlcn Dale llaiycs Kay llvllin -limmy. llc-lm Kennvih llenclersmi Cathy Ili-nsley Jimmy llvmlcy janet lln-y Blzirgxirvl lliatl Emir' llinklc C.iml.ir-v Xnna lliti Ric'l1.u'ml llolden Saumh-.r Kuy Il0ll.iLluy l.iml.n llullonell Tminny llrsl! 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Tommy Innvs Carolyn Jump I-Ilninc Kc-Ili Gail King Paul King Slzxrlmg King Slnnnn K1rl-Qlvn Ann Kniffvn Bnrlmm Kniglut lllnnly Kniglil Iohn Knipp Runzilnl Knrxpp Pntriria Kollaz' jnlinny Koons Kris King llnynmml Krnlw Furrcst Kncllnn- Carol Lang Curulvn Lunivr Stuff Lznnvr Linda I.m':iniw.iy Lnrxy l,ny jerry Leaki- Iixnmj' Linnlsuj Barbara Long lirvmla I,m'v Billy Lowc- liaxrlmru Lynch Bvwrly Nlaclzlvn Arilnn' Nlaldonanlo Ilz-rshcl Nlnluy Flrnil XI.1x'lalnnn Barlmm Mnrlz-5 D0.1nn.x Xlarslmll Ginn Xlnrslmll Cn-ole Martin Ri'ln'cr'n Martin l'.lnl Nlanlrlin 'larry Xlgissinqlll Iznnvs Nlntln-nx M4-lmlv Mgxtlunk Xlikb NI.nlm-li Slniron Mallnn-L Ilnlwrl Blacks jnaly NIL-llnn Dmnng NI:-in-1 Knrvn N11-im-1' Kin' Nh-rrill Km-lnwtli Xlillcx' Clmrlvs Mitclwll ,li-wav Mill-livll lliclmxwl Xfmxigmxwlx Iulin Xlmxruv Nnnr-y Blnnnu- Slmn Klonmv l.inrl:i Xlunnv Jack Inckson Marsha jackson Patricia jackson Sandra Iuclimrx Linda I.n'nugln Victor Icffc-rson Dickiv jnlinson Larry Johnson SEVE TH Md' W, 0 am ,, X2 , K f wr in , h ., si .k,. 5 E '1 if V ff- s ,- Q nf 1 ,' 'i if . dia , .W 7 LK 5 i!lUf'?!YF , v!"K-5 -1- ' Larry Iolinson K ' he i 7: , 'K "' ' 'vi Linda johnson K ' , ' Q' 'J Q V A llonnic Jol1nsun 3 , ' 'L ', 5 ' I RMK. 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MM Frances Sheppard and Twila Hudson add the finishing touches to Nancy Fox before her Senior picture is taken. 1 Z "5 f Karen Mullins H' W I Daryl Murry 4 2 R ' Rebecca Murray I KI :H rg- K, 'M 'A Mary Mulz if yissr M L 1 , ' ,i--, X ' ,Q , ,,, H 1 i " ' I 4' 'K' r Vernon Muzny ffl' 45 M A K Q- I Linda Mcliride ii K"-7' ' ' K Patricia McCain lv lr X fbi Mike McConnell f il fllii ll M .al H l M ' 'V ,. L A "X 7 7 lr , M' 1 'if VM" ,ff A i -'24 ' M 2- A I 'wa - -' Q f. y H if 'ali X' - gli' in L , . X l V I , , , ,Za ' 23? 'wf - r 1 Mr nl I uf' if , .M .1 f x if in -L K ,, 1 0 , Q1 A , in "EV n . 3 , W , -- ...ga --ffm S Q- - ,aw "TY, i N, f7-' YQ 'I if 'r' f lf' . , f 1 V: ji ,Mk A W v ie A X, . if L y i i ,.,M, M, Qi V L1 . M I pl X ' L 5 , ,.,,. L T gh' , ,isa ',"'f"" M- fir! A 3- ' K W K, ' if ' V V 3 , i ' 1 , 'fy K A 1: 'J' ll 4, ...MM -, ng M - K .ii 1 I "f ' 1 gigiiiiiliziiffiiigl f' '1 1 . 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Osborn XValhinv Osbum Larry Ozcretny Danni' Parker Pamvlai Pamialvv Margaix-t Paym: Mira lkiyne Iaines Payton Linda Pc-eler Billy Pl-nningion Cullen Parry Indy Pi-ixiliers Roger Phillips Wayne Phillips Sandra Picrcc Daxirl Pine Lynn Plant Frankie- l'ollm-li Ilan Polls Linda l'x'icc Sharon Price Linda Prucit Dcnictrix Psyridis Lana Pybns Cliarlotie Rainnge Peggy llainirez Sherry llaniscy l3.u'bai.x Iimiclulpli Sharon Kay Ronald llemkus Tommy lleynolrls Glenda Rice Micliaula Ridley The Teclmiculities of new machinery holds interest of projectionist, Miko Ward. 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' f ' ' LL fu awww aw we M f dw fzttm :"" 'vm Always helpful and on hand was our photography department. n . :Af , K Z .A 0 ,Q W ffm A W ,, 4 M., W Y 0 yu Q ky ,Nfl A 3- :ii - W., -, - .K he is Tor . if Q . A F 'Wy xy .,,,,, A 12 Cliff N Q I ,pu I , qw, Q WV if Q In , ,Nw QQ' gal 4 , an-A flu F W rifwj L' W, A - Mfg, 5 K ,WR ww 4 , U f we R We 1 A ' 'F N' Q. K K sf 2 ff-' Y ig 'If' F W M' - f iidifw B f' 1 .ffm ' in , ,J V ir ' 2 ' i - 'F 7' W -at - ,M 're tie , N J. F f , N, ,X , N, .f: f. is 'L 1 ,, 'I - -. -fp -.. its awful F F ft , W B V? ' A if mM-A X ff an is 4 Q., 5 B 4 We t 3 W ww at , Legg 4 fi B a . Ki it L 2 1 Siiiv fma x Ahh? 1' 551' A f The Shuffle is 5'-fr f . 'NN -rx ,, , . t , .yan . X 1 --7-.. . yi ' 5 .V .v Past lllClHOI'lUS renewefl us Karen Newell nnrlertakes tht tnsk of loeker clean up. Miss Sugllrn shows Sandy the techniques of a good volleyball player. SEVENTH GRADE Q . x f 1 ' fi v " in l 1 ff " C 5 js , T YN., w r , 9 l 1, M H 1 It 1 www i Es H P9 s A' EL? ' -if fg, '5' lr 5' :Eli ,N, ,Nw- mnx . ., 6 lourz J' , K v 'Q lk' S .nfl W T"tIyiu A " W Ali Lg -,J V ff i Efxljl i S AM: il A seg E g""3 gp v fa V M in ,ht f -fmwwgtq k7'.0V-Q si Q , w ,iz 5:3-77'ff1rr1ft . A E is ,iibtle G Qxee ,H 0 4 y 7' Q ' 3, ,M Q ,N gm. , A 1 S flcqlll, xi rl!! A l I tw! ?"'W"4f Q. '.. "-f hz' " N' 2. A A A , Q i0 A ifikwl' A y 'V ,1'..f 'Z 'f" '-vI's J Stephen Holt Sharon johnson Jenny jones Mark King Charles Kirby Roy Lakin Sondra Lee Cherrie Martin Sylvu Nippert Don Potts Carolyn Price Linda Price Donna Riley Iinnny Roberts Gerald Robinson Ruth Ann Ross Marie Seott Terry Sexton Freclzly Smith Sznniny Sinitli Bennie Snow' Corliss Stair joyee Stupp Helen 'llmlmor Rilyllllillll Vfzilker Burlxnm Whitloek jinnny VVllOII1lJlC Kay XVllllLlII1S Shirley jo YVilliznns Huy XVinkler jerry Young 'J 'J Through the eyes of the camera We see some of the many places Where the students of U. S. Grant High School spend their moments of leisure and study. These pictures show only a part of the heautiful grounds of USG. The plant is approximately two blocks long and two city blocks Wide. XVe sec shots of the spacious patio, and the front of the school. The U. S. Grant Campus covers an area of twenty-three acres, including the football practice field, the tennis courts, the baseball field, and the surrounding grounds. 2 i 4 A 1 f V K W ? 4 wygjs , A L. Q 41 ,K v f, rs WZ. 3 ,sz r , Q4 , Best of the Badmen! Thanksgiving scene catches the eyes of Barbara Lane and Suzetta Evans. "' ill I 5 if ' hm- . A ' 1 W "1 - X N ....,, fs . f ' . ,pq if 3' i 9 ei, Q, A 'f A"f Q .vvI' g ' - "A+ ix ,JM ,. I Q 5 1 . If f . is 1 3 fi l "e a I V 3. Q h 1 ,:,, i, . , v ma is 5 New Faces at Grant. Junior High Pep Club refreshes at half time break. -X LYBY ET I Sk EEfiV'4H5s F4 Our Wes Our Cheerleaders hav 4 - , I ex - .M ' f 1- ' . fi. 4 ,. K 5 ' K 'Y cv ' ww f ' . , 1 I v , ' - .- . V- V ,--- . ,,.-, . , Qmm? V7 e Miss Kay Holden represents Grant as M iss F.B.L.A. 1 v 1 , mf Y. Seniors, smile and make fricndsg you may have to start all over FEL, 'X again. -,M in V . Srd- XY'hat a mess! ctieed their KICKS well! Yell, you Generals, Ycll!!!!!!I 3 E. ctivitie ,,.,,..-wr f l4' iii iM -qw'-ff 1unw lip" mum- 6. 'ami' iv gawk , ,.,..a0--'- ,gnslvw-" ,,,w,,,,...,Jm-ann :S I .1 Q, 1 if Q32 : wif:-K if -wu!lF"'J'f --V ,wif . L. . aw- ,xii U ff? as , Q37 I 2 ., lm ' " iii Sw r ' 4 ha. r .4-up 'V 1 .' Q. , 1 3 f L 5 5 -F 6 Q5 Vi ' ' i 4 if 145: 4 ' ' i 4 QQ A. fra, M M- 0 4 W.,, 51 ww 4, ,V In , 'R P-X'7k 1 -Q fx . ..: -, .:.,, ., : : . . . V .S .Q , M. F ,Q i if 1 ' Y A . -s. , QQ 'W - N ms, 5 X D k ,Z vifilibezi Q Huw 52 Q4 sy F , gf 9 K A 5 X A g sw 4 DR 1 1. 105 BOTTOM ROW: Chuck Stubbs, President, Twila Hudson, Vice Presi- dent, Frances Sheppard, Secretaryg Judy Wilkerson, Treasurer, Wanda Doughty, Parliamcntariang Ferelyn Gates, Reporter, Patsy Meggs, Historian. ROW II: Saundra Selvidge, Elaine Spearman, Sondra Hackett, Jerri Wilson, Jeanette Dickenson, Kemi Scott, Janice Shipley, Wanda Powell, Janice Triechler. ROW III: Sue Briney, Carolyn Dixon, Trudy James, Bobbi Roberts, Sandi Smith, Beverly Duggan, Virginia Mc- Cathren, Mary Alice Petty, Pat Grape, Dickie Filler, ROW IV: M. P. Walraw'en, Sponsor, Kay Holden, Gary Linder, David Swafford, Roger Little, Judy Figaro, Mary O'Hanlon, Judy Johnson, Keith Acheson, Carl Gill, Johnnie Gilpin. TOP ROW: Connie Hall, Billie Greathouse, Johnnie Glover, Diana Lee, Pat Bauman, Roger Duncan, C. W. Vowell, Charlie Haun, Johnnie Hopkins, Jimmy Price. Both Senior and junior High Student Mr. WalraX'Cn explains plans of the sprinkler system which was installed by the Student Councils. Democracy for everyone was the prime ob- jective of the Senior High Student Council. With this goal in mind five Representatives-at-Large were elected from the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes. This group Worked with represen- tatives elected from each homeroom. The Student Council worked hard to im- prove school spirit, send delegates to National, State, and Southern Conventions, and above all improve Student-Administration Communica- tions. This was accomplished by the United Fund Drive, Toys for Tots, Poster Contests, Thanks- giving Baskets, Parent-Teacher Student Represen- tatives, and the compiling of a new Student Directory. Each year the Student Council sponsors a major project. This year the Council sponsored the installation of a sprinkler system for the front lawn. All of these activities have accomplished an- other important purpose. That purpose being the A training and experience necessary for its members to become active and capable citizens of to- morrow. -15' BOTTOM ROW: Alan Laylor, Paul Gray, Mike Poole, Kenny Bullock, Bob Herriott, Bartow Bradley, Bob Jones, John Coppage, Dale Bennett, Royce Church, James Davenport. ROW H: E. V. Semrad, Sponsor, Creecy, Sponsor, Sidney Anderson, President, Jo Lynn Brandenburg, Vice President, Lynda Treichler, Secretary, Janet Price, Treasurerg Scott Anderson, Reporter, Judy Smith, Chaplain, Joe Case, Parlia- mentarian, Kenneth Henderson, Bill Gill. ROW III: Mary Ramsey, Carolyn Palmer, Dianne Evans, Peggy Fvans, Edith Burr, Linda Eades, Deanne Fowler, Chele Phillips, Dennise Johnson, Sue McMillin, Barbara Faulkner, Carol Bridges, Judy Garland. ROW IV: Evelyn Blocker, l l s 'T . in I M 33 if 4 i, .V 5-fi b . , , En, , t-.,, . J E ' ., , . 'Lf I P, K i H J V' L Doris Weyerts, Joe Clapp, Pat Brown, Cindy Fletcher, Donna Craw- ford, Cheryl Mauldin, Bennie Snow, Dianne Frling, Jimmy XVhomble. Freddie Brimm, Richard Montgomery, Danny Stearmane. ROW V: Loretta Bennett, Nena Fox, Toni NVatts, Billie McAtee, Sharon Thomp- son, Billie Codner, Ann Temple, Ann Willoughby, Sandy Baggett, Nancy Burch, Candy Hunter, Karen Newell, Gayela Ward. TOP ROW: Janet Muller, Carol Lang, Margaret Davis, Linda Barnes, Shirley Wil- liams, Carolyn Stevens, Judy Boultinghouse, Charlotte Venable, Vicki Seikel. ouncils back the major project. Good citizenship in the classroom and in all phases of school life was stressed by the Junior High Student Council. The Council was a repre- sentative group of Junior High students whose primary objectives were student government. During the 1959-60 school year the Junior High Student Council sponsored many projects and activities. Among these were two dances, March of Dimes campaign, and the selling of Junior High student directories. The Council pledged 55500.00 to the sprinkler system which was introduced by the Senior High Student Coun- cil. They sent four delegates to the State Con- vention which was held in Norman. Its members were active in Junior High Inter-City Student Council and Sidney Anderson served as reporter of the city-wide group. Through the Junior High Student Council, members have learned the democratic process and at the same time carried out activities and projects which benefited the entire student body. Junior High Student Council Members pose after an hilarious skit. ' Y -Wim ,jg iw.. 1, .Wi .. 4iS'f"' l count of the Pap u f Carol Blanceif keeps Care C W. Vowell' They planned an successful BOTTOM ROW: S , P Y, Ponsorg Joe Gibbon, President, Jeanette Dickinson, Vice President, Sandy Trotter, Secretary, Jimmy Chapman, Treasurer, Mary O'Hanlon, Reporter, Sondra Hackett, Parliamentariang Wanda Powell, Chaplain, Mrs. McCray, Mr. York, Sponsors. ROW II: Norma Mackey, Loretta Carpenter, Nancy Bell, Ruth Ann Royal, Judy Figaro, Carol Coates, Gayle Fender, Carole Blancett, Sandra Selvidge, Elaine Spearman, Twila Hudson, Peggy Brown, Beverly Davis, Frances Sheppard, Ann Dollar. cott Kester, Sponsor' Marge Hum hre S ers brought m The year that was so eagerly awaited finally came for U, S. Grant Seniors. With it came many new responsibilities. Plans were made, traditions carried out, and new ones established. With these tasks clearly in mind, the Senior Planning Committee took over as t light of the Senior Class. Sub-Committees were formed to make plans for Baccalaureate, Com- mencement, the Senior Assembly the Senior ift s g 1 and the Senior Prophecy. The group worked smoothly and each person carried out his part, whether it was great or small. As graduation came Seniors said their final sad good-byes to friends that they had spent many e r f Cl ' y a s o goo times with. With graduation also came many new plans for the future. For some l co lege was waiting, for some that promised 'ob I 1 and for others wedding bells. Each Senior was go- ing his separate direction but with one thing in common-an education from U. S. Grant I-Iigh School. he guiding bY 316617. ROW III: Jackie Greathouse, Mary Williams, Barbara Smith, Judy Moore, Betty Nelson, Judy Johnson, Suzanna Johnson, Judy Summers, Virginia McCathren, Carol Abbott, Patti Smartt, Helen Jones, Bruce Buckner, Doug Shields, Rusty Palmer, Gary Linder. ROW IV: Marilyn Baker, Linda Langston, Janna Kidd, Rosamond Grady, Wanda. Doughty Sylvia Bendorf Ka Hold cl , y en, Ju y Fry, Joy Haggard, Judy Sullivan: Mary Alice Petty. ROW V: Sonie Preston, C. W. Vowell, Jim L o L . . Y ns, arry Wilson, Neil Bond, Jay Stevens, Johnny Yerby, Robert Isbill. U. S. Grant Juniors have proven themselves a hardworking and capable group of students. The back-bone of the class, the Junior Planning Committee, has truly contributed a large part to the success of our Juniors. The Planning Committee did just what its name implies--it planned paper drives, dances, assemblies, class ring, and helped with the Junior- Senior Play. The annual General's Ball, the Blue Moon Dance, and finally the Junior-Senior Prom were the major projects which were undertaken by the Committee. Each Thursday morning Junior Planning Committee members met and planned the success- ful activities which later took place. Sub-com- mittees to supervise work were formed. These were: Refreshments, Ann Mead-chairman: Coat Check, Judy Wilkerson-chairman, Publicity, Dickie Filler-chairman, Clean Up Committee, Buster Dell-chairman. Also a committee to take care of preparations for the Prom was elected. limi lui Yea ,....r rn-st class Sponsored d W ince of the High goals are most important. BOTTOM ROW: Bill Mercer, President: Joanelle Gage, Secretary, Sammye Troxell, Historian: Carolyn Swatek, Chaplain, Carolyn Gilkes, Vice President, Ann Mead, Parliamentariang Bonita Ruise, Priscilla Sells, Treasurer. ROW II: Mr. Cox, Sponsor: Judy Monroe, Janice Shipley, Jeannie Swindle, Ferrelyn Gates, Kemi Scott, Linda Parmeter, Myrlena Crider, Bendia Rose, Vicki Payton, Mrs. Elam, Sponsor. ROW III: Sue Brown, Judy Wilkerson, Dickie Filler, Linda Kempf, Janine Monkres, Darlene Little, Ruth Ann Owens, Donna Herriott, Sheila Dorsey, Susan Scarborough. ROW IV: Mary Jo Cagle, Jeannette Clingan, Beverly Simmons, Pat Bauman, Patsy Meggs, Barbara Lane, Jeanette Vennble, Virginia Davis, Jackie Harper, Pav. Grape. TOP ROW: David Winstead, Roger Welch, Mike Richardson, Buster Dell, Johnnie Hop- kins, Charlie Haun, D. C. Mitchell. Ve f. ':', , ,R i Mi P Norma Mackey and Janice Triechler make story assignments as a part of their Journalism duties. EXTRA! EXTRA! BOTTOM ROW: David Price, Sports Editor, Carol Coates, Editorial Editor, Norma Mackey, Editor-in-Chiefg Janice Triechler, Feature Editor, Carolyn Nelson, News Editor. ROW II: Mrs. Sparks, sponsorg Ruth Sehon, Ella Ingram, Alma Caldwell, Carol Phillips, Sherry eff t a "ax - l ' Qi , SEEN- 'Q S 1- " I f , 1 t S Wim 2 .S iii? ' we -' E51 .' een : . , M , ' , 51 z ' 3 ' , W... , Q, 1,5 ww lt 2. "' fer . .. ' 3 ' -' I 1 Q K Ju ,. . , , . fe ,n ,s 1' s v" 1 Who, what, when, where, why, and how were ever present in the minds of reporters and editors alike when writing a story for the Grant Dispatch. The result of many questions, endless writing, and preparation was a newspaper of which the entire student body was proud. During the 1959-60 school year many news- worthy events took place. These were reported with accuracy and in an interesting manner. In addition there were special additions at Thanks- giving, at Christmas, and also a "Know Your School Issue." Each issue of the Dispatch con- tained information on the activities of clubs, the Jr. and Sr. High Student Councils, and useful facts about Oklahomals Colleges. Norma Mackey served 'Qdouble duty" as Editor-in-Chief and Times correspondent, keep- ing the city aware of U. S. Grant's activities. ear! all about it Phillips. ROW III: Linda Brown, Nancy Bell, Sharon Williams, Brenda Tate, Barbara Reaves. TOP ROW: Linda Martin, Janice Reynolds, Jan Crockett, Carlene Stamper, Billie Brown, pm vi X, BOTTOM ROW' Saundra Selvidge Carol Coates, Norma Mackey Nancy Bell Esta Lea Kirk Virginia 'VIcCathern Mary Alice Petty Jeanette Dickensoii, Carol Phillips, hlma Caldwell. ROW II Carol Frances Sheppard Janice Roofe TOP ROW Carol Abbott Cletus Johnson, Rickey Ingram, Sondra Hackett, Ruth Sehon, Mary McAdoo Mercer Janie Reynolds Mike O Shea immy Chapman an Crockett Darlene Little, Carolyn Nelson. ROW III: David Price, Wanda Powell Carlene Stamper Barbara Lane H ere are loo nom ry jouwmlzsts Junior and Senior Journalism students took part in Quill and Scroll as a phase of their journal- istic activities. The club is an honorary organiza- tion and helps instill the ethics and ideals of Journalism in its members. These Journalists brought many honors to U. S. Grant during the year. Norma Mackey served as President of the Oklahoma City Inter- scholastic Press Association. Mr. and Miss Journal- ism were chosen and competed with other city Journalists, and our Times correspondent supplied news to the city paper for its weekly "Teen Page." Journalism holds the key to a promising future for any young man or woman. Through Quill and Scroll Grant Journalists practiced and polished their skill so they, too, could become writers of tomorrow. Mrs. Jewel Sparks was the group sponsor and also guided both publications of the Dispatch and of the General. 'li "-'M gi . 1.4.4. Thespians look over a copy of their new play 'lDouble Door," with Mrs. The National Thespian Society is a national honorary organization. It is different from most of the school organizations because membership has to be earned by points which can be earned acting in plays and working on stage crews. The Thespians' purpose is to encourage in- terest in high school dramatics and play produc- tion. To keep their charter the group has to take in at least ten new members every year. Students looked 'forward to the annual play presented by the Thespians. This year the play was a drama entitled "Double Door." The pro- ceeds from the play were used for the speech and drama departments. Last year half of the three hundred dollars that was made was used to build a badly needed set of scenery. Mrs. Nestlerode was sponsor of the group, and the officers were: President, Wanda Doughty, Vice President, Carolyn Codyg Secretary, Kathy Gentryg Treasurer, Robert Isbillg and Reporter, Jeanette Dickenson. Nestlerode. Thespians et ex er' ' t' g P 137203 zn HC Ing. BOTTOM ROW: Wanda Doughty, Presidentg Carolyn Cody, Vice Bowman, Twila Hudson. TOP ROW: Rusty Palmer, Chuck Stubbs Presidentg Kathy Gentry, Secretary, Robert Isbill, Treasurer, Jeanette Pat Baker, Kent Hall, Tommy Anderson, Jimmy McMurry, Doug Dickenson, Reporter, Mrs. Nestlerode, Sponsor. ROW II: Judy Coon- Shields. field, Carol Coates, Nancy Bell, Della Codner, Jackie Greathouse, Carol -is 'CLI 2 wi 112 r V V A A " '- . 4 W f .r?flI..fl:'E5.:'i ' ' ,.,.. ,. J. fix 5. A xv. .. . 5 , "5 ff? 1 it 'fi ag. 4 X Y - X ! 2 - as i f ifg w V W I we ... fw iwagf . x Ttimiyig I' laid 45, y 'Ag ' Y . Umxi x A, vs . 3 f , X va qw. g,,y pit , N, y , .Q . ,F ' g. 4 ww' 'K' K H if i L 1 Rx- . K 3 P' 5 :sz . J 5.2122 S . I A f it .. . ,im - ,. gunz, , 1 ,. fa 1 . 1 .wait -Gi. wrw . as R T U? 'f5,:,1f Vswyst DQ Wixzff ia ' Y and M S - . fi f' fvgwfzfgef g1,.1-iw!!! Q31 ' ' , kQgEf:'.',f1fifxwMQfj1,g3ai Qiikwff .'.:."i T31 wwf , iQ??C'ff7i:'f R52 ,tiifgff-5 f'T"j ZL.,. ay1:.a..a.iZ. f : 32,35 .. - ... ': ' ' 'W .- z imwf if 1-"Am will--wi? 2 I - .--:iz ' A 5' 1 ali? ,,.,'-qi, . f Lf-if ...um 1 s X X ::a's-:aww tw-wif :esac HW, ,mn . -1.1 1 stty-qw. Q,..,.,, , tsit,.,.,,, , .ina ws. 1 ,,..,, on me a , . .NN fg:,,g,ifa .,... ..,,.3i,.at, .. Q .xg . 1 Maw - 'sip-',z','f: ff-it ow ' Stax-f. , X ' 33:51, . "3 .,w'jy,'ya ,A V - , t Rx .,, :.,n:t. W B 315375 L J W'-iw-.'."fQ gs-?59',2Y33?"' : , :wf""'w is ' ... V Q-'5rC'3:'s"" i i 9 yah,-' ' .11 f54:.'fN .- , Q-:fp , f . 'iijzzig 1 .'.'w".' M' ',"i,f'5I.f. rw-X as-f' '. ,xt ' -Q -5 1. . A V, '- A .. W . - 1.,s,,,,1,f . I Anime a -' fc? in' if : 4 - ' - X naw ., ,..-ze. A l1acg,gT,m', ,jzzag Richard Pruha, Parliamen- BOTTOM ROW: Bill Waltman, Sponsor, tarian: janet Muller, Secretary, Nancy Bell, President, Raymond Stewart, Vice President. ROW' H: Kaye Yonce, Leslie Vance, Jolene Dutton, Lynda Kerr, Judy Bell, Linda McClung, Diane W'alser. ROW' III: Jannie Forbes, Janice Clary, Ann Whitten, Dick Jackson, Penny Kincaid, JoAnna Long. ROW IV: Ralph Patterson, Rick Williamson, Jessie Gilpin, Dal Mclnnis, Toni Watts, Janet Allison, Joy Mackey. TOP ROW: Roy Sam, Joe Case, Arless Murry, Johnnie Gilpin, jon Hall, Carl Gill. Haw! work results in ine awards. The N.F.L. is a national organization and its national headquarters are in Ripen, Wisconsin. The initials N.F.L. stand for National Forensic League. The purpose of N.F.L. is to promote speech activities in high school. The club furnished speakers for various occasions and competed in special speech and debate contests. Nancy Bell and Raymond Stewart brought speech honors to Grant by winning a superior rating in discussion and qualifying for the state contest. This year N.F.L. members went to competi- tions throughout the state. The colleges attended were: Phillips University, Enid, Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee: and Oklahoma City Uni- versity, Oklahoma City. The organization was sponsored by Mr. Bill Waltman who was the speech teacher here at Grant. He led and directed the group in each con- test and project they undertook throughout the year. Joy Mackey gives a speech as part of N.F.L. activities. -I' nw-- Nancy Bell and Sandy Fasgold keep up an informing Junior Red Cross bulletin board, The Junior Red Cross is a service oraniza- tion which offered a partnership through which young people worked with adults to aid people in need, and also to build bonds of friendship with youngsters overseas by sending aid and exchanging gifts and information. At the same time students had the opportunity to develop qualities of leader- ship and responsibility to everyone taking an active part in this organization. This year Nancy Bell, Mickey Poole, Brenda Mathes, and Marilyn Grape represented Grant at a special training center at Lake Murray. For the first time U. S. Grant was represented on the executive council of the County Council of Junior Red Cross. Nancy Bell was chairman of the Home Nursing Committee and Mike Fair was chairman of the First Aid and Water Safety Committee. These many activities proved the group to be well informed and interested in County, School, and State Junior Red Cross. Red ross workers are striving to BOTTOM ROW: Janis Spearman, Mike Fair, County Council Chair- man: Nancy Bell, Presidentg Carolyn Sheppard, Chaplain, Thomas Rhoten, Vice President, Marilyn Grape, Secretaryg Susan Schroeder, Secretary, Frances Martin, Chaplaing Kathleen Steed, Reporterg Brenda Mathes, Parliamentariang Linda Straka, Treasurer, Nancy Burch, Judy Bedford. ROW ll: Carol Roach, Betty Guy, Sally Ho Howard, 5 EQ .ll Leslie Vance, Saundra Fasgold, Sue Brincy, Kay Bassham, Kcmi Scott. ROW HI: Louise Mason, Barbara Davis, Jean Berry, Delia Alvarado, Janet Allison, Toni Watts, Billy Seabourn, joe Stine. TOP ROW: Mary Ann Moore, Grace Demick, Richard Mutz, Keith Acheson, Beverly Morrow, Cletus Mercer, Charolette Moore, Michael Luman, Jesse Adams. 1,,s. ,w ' BOTTOM ROW: Janis Spearman, Mike Fair, County Council Chair- man: Carolyn Sheppard, Chaplaing Nancy Bell, President, Tommy Rhoten, Vice President, Marilyn Grape, Susan Schroeder, Secretary, Frances Martin Parliamentariang ford. ROW 11: Robert Mills, Charles Kirby, Baird, Virginia Jackson. ROW Chaplain, Kathleen Steed, Reporter: Brenda Mathes, Linda Straka, Treasurer, Nancy Burch, Judy Bed- Malcolm Davis, Danny Parker, Gail King, Ray Gound, Larry Covens, Randy Acheson, Jimmy Whomble, Robert Moore, Tony Long, Glenna Hamilton, Janet Streeter, Barbara Edmondson, Michaels Ridley, Alice 111: Gary Pierce, John McFadden, Carol Ann Brown, benefit students During the 1959-60 school year the Junior Red Cross grew into one of the largest service organizations of the school. Because of this the group was divided into a Junior and Senior High section for its picture. Both units work together and have the same officers. The organization, affiliated with the Na- tional Junior Red Cross, enrolled all junior and senior high school students in its membership. Each homeroom was represented by a person elected to attend meetings and bring Junior Red 'Cross news and activities to everyone. Since 1950 the Junior Red Cross also has sponsored the American Red Cross on interna- tional study visits to Europe or the Far East. Dur- ing the summer a Classen High School student, Richard Johnson, visited Europe. The Grant chapter of the Junior Red Cross sponsored an all school assembly in which he told of his ex- periences in Europe. The officers for the 1959-60 year were: President, Nancy Bell, Vice-Presidents, Tommy Rhoten and Richard Robles, Secretary, Susan Schroeder. 1 1-. MAE st .QA Linda Carter, Carol Goyer, Pauline Dobbn, Linda Landry, Sondra W'elch, A. XV. Howard, Marine East, Linda Smith, Clandra Burrell, Terry Sexton, Larry Hayes, Steven Rose. ROW IV: Toni Watts, Loretta Burnett, Velma Dewbre, Keith Morrow, Ralph Wall, David Pine, Linda Barcum, Ann Freeman, Linda Byrum, Louis Moore, Donald Smith, Carol Roach, Judy Freed. TOP ROW: Janet Burns, Dewayne Couts, Gene Oldenburg, Dovie Bryant, Michele Rattliff, Sherry Martin, Shirley Williams, Harva Hawkins, Emagrace Rea, Terry Danner, Marsha Mabbott. 0 all countries. Junior Iligh members ot' the Junior Red Cross look at an international display in the library. 115 .4,...u-.sow-'f Y t at' 'Ci' P S: '-ww fm? M fl-1' r eq LT?-nd BOTTOM ROXV: Mr. Cox, Mrs. Nestlerode, Sondra Hackett, Judy Barnthouse, Bonita Ruise, Jeanette Dickenson, Sidney Anderson, Mrs. Humphrey, Mrs, Iilam. ROW' II: Mr. Moutray, Sandy Trotter, Twila Hudson, Candy Ilunttr, Jane Johnson, Saundra Bushey, Denna Newton, Charlotte Venable, Priscilla Sells. ROW IH: W'anda Powell, Carolyn x it as AU ui ni P' lu' Q in aw ss an is S! its iv i Swatek, Trudy James, Jo Lynn Brandenburg, Jonelle Gage, Janice Trieehler, Mary Little, Ann XVilloughby, Mr. Hostetter. TOP ROW: Sammye Troxell, Carolyn Gilkcs, Chuck Stubbs, Bill Mercer, Joe Gibbon, Jimmy Chapman, Mary O'Hanlon, Ann Mead. ew school traditions are set! Sidney Anderson looks forward to the time when she too, will wear the traditional class ring which was set up by the Steering Committee. YN... The Steering Committee was a representa- tive body of students who had the responsibility of reporting the ideas of fellow classmates con- cerning the traditions of U. S. Grant. The Com- mittee i consisted of Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Class officers and the Presi- dent and Vice President of the Student Council. The size of the committee was purposely small so there would not be the confusion of a large group. The outstanding task which faced the Steering Committee was the setting up of a traditional class ring. Each class had its say in the matter through its Committee members. Also, the group considered class announcements, a school song, and graduation robes. Senior sponsors of the Steering Committee were Mrs. Nestlerode, Mrs. Humphrey, and Mr. Buckholdg Junior sponsors we-re Mr. Cox and Mrs. Elamg Sophomore sponsor was Miss Carterg and Freshman sponsors were Mr. Moutray and Mr. Hostetter. wnnaq ,A The purpose of the Safety Council is to promote greater safety in the school and home communities. The Safety Council has safety contests, plays and programs designed especially to in- terest students in saving lives. The U. S. Grant Safety Council won three national awards for outstanding work in the field of school safety. Many individual awards were won by the members for outstanding per- formances and its President, Ann Mead, was chosen "Safety Queen." The Safety Council continuously worked to promote the safety and well-being of the en- tire student body. They kept an eagle eye out for safety hazards which could possibly cause harm to someone at our school. The officers were: President, Ann Mead, Vice President, Imogene Bakerg Secretary and Treasurer, Ann Willough- byg Sponsor, Mr. Kegans. e----...J Is R. C. Brown smiling because he just got a ticket or passed his driver's test? Promoting safety is their task. BOTTOM ROW: Ann Mead, President, Imogene Baker, Vice Presi- dent, Brenda Mathes, Secretary, Linda McCracken, Parliamentariang Donald Kegans, I-Iistoriang Larry Byrum, Reporter, Cecil Kegans, Sponsor. ROW II: Mary Scotts, Joann Combs, Barbara Wolfe, Carl Stapp, Bobby Allen, Mike McCauley, Jimmy Whomble, Billy McDonald, Leo Furrb, Allen Morgan, Dennis Skaggs. ROW III: Dudley Bell, Terri Miller, Gail Wilbanks, Linda Ellis, Kay Williams, Lana Maloy, Pauline Dobbs, Loretta Bennett, Anitta Sanders, Donna Riley, Nona Allen, Arnisen Fox, Susan Schroeder, Janet Clary, Barbara Marley, Joyce Sullivan, Neva Cash. ROW IV: Danny Gonzales, Brenda Ashlock, Janet Karen, Cheryl Anderson, Connie Cable, Dovie Bryant, Tony Watts, Carolyn Nelson, Sandra Prichard, Martha Gatten, Sharon Daniel, Donna Shelton, Cheryl Barnes, Barbara Leslie, Wanda Oglesbee, Sandra Wood. TOP ROW: Lanya Sneed, Carmen Summers, Lula Towler, Cheryl Driskill, Raymond Ketcherside, Ralph Wall, Jimmy Clark, Victor Corona, Alvin Turner, Clayton Barefoot, Mary Ann Moore, Carolyn Henry, Shirley Williams, Diana Hart-ll. l E 117 'ZR' .--""' These future secretaries practice for the day when they apply for their first big job. The Future Business Leaders of America meetings were held each first and third Monday of every month. It consisted of all girls who planned to work in the field of business after graduation. They usually had a speaker once a month who discussed the way in going about get- ting their new jobs and entering the business schools and colleges. The first of March most of the members and sponsors Went to Norman to a convention and banquet. All the schools in Oklahoma voted on the state officers during the convention. Kay Mixon ran for state president from U. S. Grant. The F.B.L.A. sponsored a candy sale during the Christmas holiday which consisted of pecan rolls and peanut brittle. The organization's President, Shirley Shrader also held the high honor of being Sta te Vice Presi- dent. Other officers were: Mrs. Dean and Mrs. Holland, Sponsors, President, Shirley Shraderg Vice President, Sharon London, Secretary, Eliza- beth Cookg Reporter, Ruth Ann Royalg Treasurer, Kay Holden. Business Students are trained. BOTTOM ROW: Shirley Shrader, President, Sharon London, Vice Presidentg Elizabeth Cook, Secretary, Kay Holden, Treasurerg Sylvia Bendorf, Chaplaing Judy Coonfield, Parliamentariang Doris Holland, Sponsor. ROW II: Mrs. Dean, Wanda Powell, Donna Walker, De Anna Cornelius, Sondra Hackett, Saundra Selvidge, Wanda Oglesbee, Carole Robinson, Elaine Spearman. ROW III: Phyllis Kidd, Nelda May, Barbara Young, Martha Jones, Judy Figaro, Kay Edwards, Karen Cox, Linda Kelly, Geraldine Shafer. ROW IV: Joy Haggard, Betty Nelson, Judy Moore, Mary O'Hanlon, Sonie Preston, Kaye Mixon, Janice Roofe, Beverly Morrow. TOP ROW: Carolyn Henry, Joyce Frysinger, Cindy Norris, Sherry Moore, Imogene Baker, Judy Blundell, Linda Langston, Billie Greathouse, Susan Scarborough. rw 42 Q ?i Wie? 'QQ 15 onb- QL? BOTTOM ROW: Joe Gibbon, Presidentg Sue Williams, Secretaryg Mrs. Brandt, Sponsor, George Wilson, Vice Presidentg Mrs. Wheeler, W Sponsor. ROW II: Beverly Davis, Judy Fry, Ann Dollar, Carole QU' Blancetr, Judy Wilkerson. ROW III: Shirley Cowell, Keith Acheson Butch Lees, Jimmy Chaney, Bob Thompson. TOP ROW: C. W. Vowell Larry Wilson, Gary Grimes, Buster Dell, Jim Lyon. Math mn be exciting and The Mu Alpha Theta Club was organized last year for outstanding math students. Members of the club must have a B plus average in all their math courses and a B average in all other subjects. Six members were left over from last year and twenty five more joined this year. The meetings were held on the first and third Mondays of each month. Book reports on math books were given at the meetings by one of the members and they also organized a Missouri Club which is similar to the Help-Me-Club at Oklahoma State University. This was for students who were having trouble with math and wanted to receive help. In addition to this project the Mu Alpha The ta Club bought mathe matics books for the school library. This year, members of the club attended a class at Oklahoma University for high school students. The first semester members took a course Richard Andree. The second semester they worked jj with the mathematical computer. in Modern Mathematics which was taught by Dr. Sue Williams reports to Math Club members at a weekly meeting X . we we il BOTTOM ROW: Ann Mead, Presidentg Pat Grape, Sectetaryg Loretta Carpenter, Treasurer, Gayle Fender, Parliamentariang Sue Brown, Re- porter, Mary Manning, Sponsor, Scott Kester, Sponsor. ROW II: Sondra Prichard, Jeannie Swindle, Linda Shiplet, Janet Miller, Phyllis Walker, Kemi Scott. ROW III: Suzanna Johnson, Ann Dollar, Janice mfg' Keas, Dorothy Brown, Beverly Lansdowne, Patricia Tompkins, Larry Hill. ROW IV: Beverly Morrow, Nelda May, Tammy Evans, Lynda Kerr, Kay Savage, Carol McKay, Paul Nelson. TOP ROW: Kay Brad ley, Velida Brown, Kay Edwards, Janis Brown, Saundra Hughes, Edna Kirkham, David Price, Charles Pettyjohn, Chuck Stubbs. Future Teachers are preparing The Russel C. Browe Future Teachers of America Club is a club which acquaints students who would like to be teachers with the duties, responsibilities, training, and personality traits necessary for a good teacher. The students get actual training and practice in teaching. The club also performs services for the school and community. Each year the F.T.A. presents a fifty dollar scholarship to the most deserving Senior member of the organization. Programs were planned for the year which took up different problems of students and teachers. Also the club published an F.T.A. Handbook for the first time. The book informed the members of special meetings and told of the goals and objectives of F.T.A. Officers for the year were: Ann Mead, President, Tamara Marvin, Vice President, Pat Grape, Secretaryg Loretta Carpenter, Treasurer, Sue Brown, Reporterg Gayle Fender, Parliamentariang Dickie Filler, Historiang and the sponsors were Mary Manning and Scott Kester. it We 'aw will 3 F.T.A. members pause after school to con- 5 ' galaxy Q ,Q sult their newly completed handbook, ,Q 120 ,E at haw t K... , The Junior High Future Teachers Club was organized as a part of the Senior High group. This club's purpose was to acquaint Junior High students with the ideals and techniques of teaching through actual experience and prac- tice. The Junior High branch of the club prepared younger students for senior high membership and opportunities that lie beyond in college. The U. S. Grant chapter of the F.T.A. was chosen to make a tape recording telling of the activities and goals of the club. This tape was sent to clubs overseas. The Grant or an exciting BOTTOM ROW: Andrea Bureman, Reporter, Brenda Mathes, Treas- urerg Judy Crump, Secretaryg Judy Smith, Vice Presidentg Diane McCracken, President. ROW II: Mr. Coffelt, Mrs. Weber, Neica Grakon, Darlene Hopkins, Dottie Starr, Kathleen Steed, Robert Beck. ROW III: Marsha Faffott, Leslie Cooper, Judy Thompson, Chele Junior High girls plan for a busy and fun filled year through their F.T.A. member- ship. chapter was chosen for this honor because it has the most active F.T.A. club in the state. Among the accomplishments of the F.T.A. were the sponsoring of a sock hop, a tea for faculty members, and programs twice a month. Their school project was helping on the bulletin board. They also assisted teachers in any way possible and were recognized by all as a talented and capable group. The future years will find these people teaching in classrooms all over the country. In a time when teachers are so badly needed their talents will be greatly appreciated. new profession. Phillips, Sally Watson, Yargi Garland, I,inda Barger. ROW IV: Mary Ramsey, Linda Barcum, Twila Wallace, Dianne Evans, Jill Thomson, Sharon Daniel, Martha Gatlin. TOP RONW: Janice Smothers, Margaret Campbell, Susan Smith, Donna Abel, Shirley Garrison, Carol Roach, Edith Burrs. - Members of the Senior High-Y write the organization's con- stitution. The purpose of the Senior High-Y was to create, main- tain, and extend throughout the home, school, and com- munity the high standards of Christian characiter. Accomplishing their purpose, the Senior High-Y par- ticipated in various sports, including basketball, and bowl- ing in a league with the other south side high schools. They also took part in High-Y Youth and Govern- ment which occurs once a year. This year it Was held November 12th and lasted three days. Youth and Govern- ment is a program with the purpose of giving high school youths the opportunity to study public issues, debate policies, write legislation, and participate in the process of government for three days. The year 1959-60 will be well remembered by Grant High-Y members because Jimmy Chaney had the honor of serving as Governor for a day. He took care of appoint- ments, ate lunch in the governor's mansion, and attended a press conference. Other Grant students took over posts of city and state leadership. H iglaest standards 0 laristimz BOTTOM ROW: Ronnie Demaree, President, Bruce Miller, Vice Presi- dent, Dennis Mclseely, Secretary, James Davenport, Parliamcntarian Jimmy Chaney, Treasurer. ROW ll: Mr. Cox, Sponsorg Ronnie Ben- son, John Grent, Herman Clymer, C. J. Babbit, jerry Wilson, Bill Scott. ROW III: D. C. Mitchell, Toney Reed, George Osborne, Ronald Rose, Dennis Wilson, Gerald Gailey. TOP ROW: Myron Rosebrook, Bill Mercer, Bryan Cheatwood, Eddie Minnis, Gary Vidlock. lZ2 BOTTOM ROW: Tommy Gould, President, Dale Bennett, Reporter, Craig Hoster, Vice Presidentg johnny Bury, Chaplain, Kris Krag, Song Leaderg Randy Heath, Secretary and Treasurer. ROW II: Bobby Hodge, Harold Embry, jack Howard, Randy Acheson, Larry Speer, Bob Brewer, Tommy Borror, Mike Watson, Donald Gonzales. ROW III: Gregory Cunningham, Paul Petersen, Tommy Jones, Mike Conn, Verner Borror, Jerry Anderson, Ronnie Harrison. TOP ROW: Larry johnson, Robert Meeks, Larry Scott, Jerry Massingill, Mike Wicker, Galen Taylor, Mike Bychlec, joe Dodson. clmmcter are created b High-Y. Good citizenship and the building of Christian character were the purpose of the Junior High-Y. This group was sponsored by the Y.M.C.A. and all activities were aided by the "Y ". The Junior High-Y was a program designed for boys of the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. Through the club the boys strengthened their bodies, developed their minds, worshiped God, and worked together for a finer community and school. Members were offered the privileges of the Y.M.C.A. and participated in athletic activities and outdoor activi- ties. The Junior High-Y offered its services to Worthwhile school and community projects and became a group of which we all can be proud. As members of the High-Y Junior High boys learned the joy of working and playing together. The qualities and ideals stressed by this club equipped its members to live successfully as adults. Sponsoring the group during the 1959-60 school was Mr. Semrad who is the Junior High boys' counselor. He ad- vised and aided the boys in all they undertook. Junior High-Y boys proudly display the club's emblem. eww . , X males- Junior High girls consult the calendar for coming events. 5 The Junior Hi-Y Teens were junior members of the Y.W.C.A. This entitled its members to many of the Y.W.C.A. activities and facilities. This year the Y-Teens had swimming parties and bowling parties at the "Y '.' Speakers from the NY" spoke to the group at various occasions throughout the year, The aim of the Y-Teens was to help each girl to live a good life while helping others. This club was made up of Junior High girls of U. S. Grant. The Y-Teens carried on an extensive mem- bership drive. Skits and announcements over the P.A. System plus amusing and clever posters were a part of this campaign. Officers for the year Were: President, Helen Hintong Vice President, Leslie Howardg Secretary, Carlene Perryg and Treasurer, Carolyn Price. Their sponsor, Mrs. Matherly, helped the girls in all they did to organize and live up to the goals of their organization. r. Hi-Y Teens enjoy fellowslazlb. BOTTOM ROW: Neva Cash, Membership Chairmang Cynthia Evans lee Mary Atherton, Mary Moose, Michaela Ridley, June Seabury, Judy Program Chairmang Carolyn Sue Price, Treasurer, Colleen Perryi William. ROW III: Mrs. Matherly, Sponsorg Carol Soemate, Nancy Secretaryg Leslie Howard, Vice President, Helen Hinton, President. ROW II: Paula Nation, Marilyn Guthrie, Doris Windle, Pam Parme- H "ggi i24 Shaw, Nancy Burch, Claudia Burrell, Marie Willis, Deanna Marshall, Paula Wilson, Carolyn Bennen, Margaret Campbell. Q0 ' tw f Y, Through the Flower Club, Junior High students learned how to plant and care for shrubs and flowers and at the same time they played an indispensable part in the beautification of our school grounds. The Flower Club this year landscaped the flower beds around the new additions to the buildings and planted additional shrubs and trees in the old beds. The U. S. Grant Flower Club won the State Contest Trophy for the past two years, and the club entered in the contest this year to win for the third year in a row, thus enabling them to keep the trophy permanently. The members entered in the scrapbook and individual poster contests. 'Ihese winners received cash awards. Officers for the 1959-60 school year were: Patricia Allspaw, President, Leslie Howard, Vice President, Mary Schrumf, Secretary, Dale McGil- herry, Treasurer, and sponsors for the year were Mrs. Elliott and Mrs. Pearson. ........, i Do pansies really grow under SHOW? Green thumbs are not required. BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Bertha Pearson, Sponsor, Patricia Allspaw, President, Leslie Howard, Vice President, Linda Schrumpf, Secretary, Keith Paulk, Mrs. Ester Elliott, Sponsor. ROW II: Alva Trucks, Linda Grady, Jimmy jally, Claudia Turrell, Gary Williams, Pepper Mackey, Mike Chifton, Eddie Matthews, janet Baird, Linda Barger, Marsha McCartney, Janice Roper, Linda Tobey, Carolyn Beck, Beth Nail. ROW HI: Don Fink, Gene Knight, jill Thomson, Chele Phillips, Connie Coble, Emagrace Rea, Louis Moore, Chuck Thomas, Dennis Payton, Paul Asplain, james Bross, Carol Goyer, Peggy Gouge, Linda Mc- Cracken, Cheryl Anderson, Carolyn Bennett, Phillis Hopson, Paula X Wilson, Robyn Norman. ROW IV: Dennis Tedder, Gene McCollum, Dan Boultinghouse, Chip Hansen, Larry Anders, Robert Capps, Robert Baker, Letha Fritz, Martha Gatlin, Gloria Sherrill, Linda Byrum, Donna Mousseau, Michele Ratliff, Donna Abel, Leslie Cooper, Sharon Rone, Donna Green, Wanda Estell. TOP ROW: Larry Byrum, Fred Lowery, Jerry Bendorf, Fred Nettle, Donna Williams, Linda Max, jimmy Brocw, joe Don Garner, Tommy Pritchard, Lester Wafly, Dennis Wheeler, john Coppage, Mike Kirkpatricks, Burt Johnson, Larry Cooper, Kenneth Ferltz, Linda Robinson, Diana Steele. 125 X? uh? i' I r BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Monjaras, Sponsorg Lana Malay, Treasurer, Esta Woolery. ROW III: Cindy Norris, Judy Fry, Vicki Payton, Loretta Lee Kirk, Secretaryg Jeannie Burrs, Vice President, Tommy Lyons, Clingan, Penny Kincaid. TOP ROW: Mike Bauman, Manuel Quintero, President. ROW II: Jimmy Lceder, Armiren Fox, Gail Stevens, Dian.. Robert Lemons, Richard Bruha, David Rappe, Tommy Anderson. Learn to understand our Pan- Cindy Norris and Ann Dollar take advantage of our new language laboratory. The U. S. Grant Spanish club was one of the first clubs organized when our school was new. Today their membership has grown, and so has the range and variety of club projects and activities. Members of the club did more than just study the Spanish language. They learned of social cus- toms, ways of life, and many other interesting things about our neighbors to the South. High point of the 1959-60 activities was K aff the Spanish Fiesta which was held December 16. At the Fiesta the pinata was broken. This was an old Spanish custom in which gayly decorated con- tainers were filled with candy, fruit, and nuts. A person was blindfolded and tried to break the pinata with a stick. When the pinata was finally broken, every one scrambled for the goodies which fell to the floor. The year was climaxed by another exciting event which was the annual Spanish club picnic. Officers for the year were Tommy Lyons, Presidentg Esta Lee Kirk, Secretary and Reporter, and Jeannie Burrs, Vice President. Mr. Monjaras was the clubis sponsor. 126 L , ,. Members of the U. S. Grant Tape Club had the unique opportunity of making friends with students all over the world. From their foreign tape pals they learned of interests, schools, social life, recreational facilities, family life, and church activities. Tapes were made by members of the Tape Club and Mr. Moutray, the club's sponsor, sent the tapes to foreign countries. In this way they cor- responded with each other and heard the perso-n's voice to whom they were speaking. The result of these efforts had a far deeper significance than it may seem. New friends were made and a genuine understanding of our country and foreign countries was developed. In this way good will from America was spread throughout the world. Officers of the Tape Club were: Carolyn Nelson, President for the second yearg Maurice Podder, Vice President and Treasurer, and Elsie Matlock, Secretary. ' 1. P , '- 1 W Tape Club members make a tape to be sent to all four corners of the world American and European neighbors. BOTTOM ROW: Carolyn Nelson, Elsie Matlock. ROW II: Sharon Clark, Carol Steele, Pat Smith. TOP ROW: Maurice Potter, Kent Rayls, M Moutray, Roy Daily, Johnie Gilpin. 4 l 127 l The Projection Club was a service organiza- tion which provided students and faculty with easier facilities and better aids to learning. Films for classes and clubs were ordered and shown by this industrious group. During the 1959-60 school year Projection Club members learned how to operate new ma- chines, show films for classrooms and assemblies, and preview new films. Among the machines they learned to operate were 16 MM motion picture projector, tape recorder, and sound system. Also included in the years' activities were visits to different school film libraries. The Projectionists had at their disposal a slide pro- jector, an enlarger and a film splicer, Mr. Harris, the club's sponsor, worked with the members and supervised their activities. Projectionists work hard to keep their equipment in top condition. Proectionists aid our school. BOTTOM ROW: Ernest Evans, Tommy Phillips, Dale Moore, Frankie McBride, Kaye Holliman, Alma Caldwell, Donny Cadion, Ronald Dawson, Edward Schultheis. ROW II: Lannie Nethercutt, Buddy Holli- man, Glen Hightower, Phil Trowe, Phil Pruitt, Alvin Epperson, Her- man Clymer, Wendel Brunks, Roger King, Kenny Bullock, Ronald Ross. ROW III: Ted Brown, Lester Beaver, Mike Ward, Tony O'Shea, Rodney Grady, Morece Johnston, Lonnie Bonner, Sammy Moore, Larry Woodie, Eddie Marlar, Billy Carson, Prentice Childress. ROW IV: Gary Green, Ronald Stevens, junior Shrum, Larry Jackson, Walter Bryant, Dean Bryant, Billy Eeton, Joe Medders, jack Whomble, Larry Mizirl, Mr, Harris, Sponsor. TOP ROW: Tommie H. McClure, Ronnie Scott, Larry Wynne, Edward Max, Chester Malicoat, W. E. Parris, jerry LaVarnway, Teddy King, Mike Rowlett, Crawford Brock, Bob Coleman. fam P1 O W .I x .. Nh xx Wgzs , A wi' 42" I HSV!!! BOTTOM ROW: Mike Ward, President, Wayne Igo, Range Officerg David Garrett, Vice President: Carolyn Barker, Presidentg Connie Hahn, Vice President, Jon Curby, Secretary and Treasurer. ROW II: Bobbi Roberts, Evelyn Hyden, Mary Little, Cherry Golding, Sandi Smith, Judy Johnson, Judy Boultinghouse, Linda Brown, Pam Holkum, Mr. Ness, Sponsor. ROXV III: Ralph Patterson, Don Cameron, Buddy Humes, Jim Henline, Emmett Jones, David Easrerling, Jeannie Burrs. ROW IV: Bill Siler, Larry Colbaugh, Phil Frowe, Gale Shropshire, Larry Mizirl, Herman Climer, Glen Hightower, Tommy Tarlton, Woody Harris, Instructor. TOP ROW: L. A. Hostetter, Girls' Coach: jack Irwin, Clayton Barefoot, Mike Richardson, Robert Fawcett, Bill Mercer, Edward Max, Bobby Woodring. They aim with steady lmnds. These boys seem pleased with the results of their day,s practice. The U. S. Grant Rifle Club was an organi- zation in which members learned the proper safety precautions when handling firearms. In addition, rifle club members earned medals and badges through the National Rifle Association. Club members competed with other teams in the city at the State Hunter Safety Meet. There the boy-girl team of Robert Fawcett and Carol Bowman placed first. Third place in the meet was captured by Grant Rifle Club mem- bers, David Garrett and Connie Hahn. U. S. Grant has the best facilities in the city for Rifle Club practice. Members meet each evening after school inn the huge indoor rifle range which is located in the school basement. The Rifle Club has proved to be a unique and rewarding pastime for its members. Much of the club's success for the 1959-60 year was due to its sponsors Mr. Woody Harris, Mr. L. D. Hostetter, and Mr. B. Ness. Club officers were: President, Mike Ward: Vice President, David Garrett, Secretary, John Curbyg and Range Officers, Wayne Igo and Bob Fawcett. 129 Q., :Q MX ,eff BOTTOM ROW: Mildred Patterson, Librarian, Shanah Allen, Presi- Davis, Gary Martin, Al Slater. ROW III: Sue Maloy, Esta Lea Kirk, dcntg Helen Johnson, Vice President, Carolyn Barber, Secretary- Carol W'est, Leta Stanton, Richard Mutz. TOP ROW: Kenneth Treasurer, Juanita Simpson, Librarian. ROW II: Linda Straka, Barbara Magerus, Kent Duncan, Bill Scott, Ray Moyer, Barbara Higgiubottom. Library members render services. Library club members pause to check some new books in our growing library. 130 Fiction, Fact, and Fancy were at the finger tips of library club members every day of the year. It was the duty of club members to assist the librarians and help keep the library in order. Each member was assigned a task and was graded as in any other class. Once every week the members of the club met with their sponsors, Mrs. Patterson and Mrs. Simpson. At these meetings they discussed tlxeir assigned duties and learned how the library func- tioned. Library club members worked in the library for an hour a day and received a credit which counted toward graduation. In the Spring the club members went to O.U. and mct with other schools in the state and discussed ways to improve libraries. Library club members served the entire stu- dent body by placing books on the shelves, keeping files up to date, and helping check out books. The tasks they had to perform were many because of the size of the library. V 'P' -3' 'vt 'Y-P BOTTOM ROW: Bob Thompson, President, Kent Ryals, Vice Presi- Shropshire, Keith Carson, james Freed, Mike Kirkpatrick, Ronnie dentg Larry Hill, Secretary, Mrs. Brandt, Sponsor. ROW II: Dickie Baker, TOP ROWU 1esse4Adams, Frank Comb-s, John Chaney, C. W. Barnes, Gcry Anderson, Rodney Fitzgerald, Don Coates, Tommy Vowell, Larry Wilson, Jimmy Chaney, Dennis Wilson. Lyons, Kenny Bulloch. ROW' Ill: Jimmy Eaves, David Price, Gale Concentration is required here. The U. S. Grant Chess Club was organized this year for Grant students interested in playing Chess. In spite of this being its first year, the club had forty-three members. The Club is affiliated with the Central Chess Conference in Oklahoma City which ar- ranges tournaments With the city schools and also arranged the tournaments with the Tulsa Schools for the State Championship. The members of the Chess Club have been given che privilege of playing Chess during the lunch hour. Probably, it is because of the ex- perience they have gained in this way that helped them take so many prizes this year. Bob Thomp- son took first place, Larry Hill took second place and Larry Wilson took third place in Class A. Gale Shropshire took first place in Class B. Mrs. Brandt is the sponsor and the officers are: Bob Thompson, Presidentg Gale Shropshire, Vice President, and Larry Hill, Secretary. One wrong move could mean disaster in this difficult game. fi- 131 mczkzng. The newest and most unique club at U. S. Grant this year was one formed by Mr. McKeen as hobby club for Junior High boys. The Club,s major project for the 1959-60 year was the building of an inter-urban H.O. layout. Later in the year, the boys expanded it. Members of the High-Iron Club took trips through the turbanal yards to see how things worked. They also rode on a "crummy" which, surprisingly enough, is a caboose. The High-Iron Club met in the school basement every Monday afternoon after school and worked on their many proj- ects. Mr. McKcen sponsored and worked with the club members and helped with the organization and election of officers ofthe club. Officers ofthe 1959-60 year were: President, Tommy Gibsong Vice President, Dean Easterg and Secretary, Billy Seabourn. As this club builds up its membership in the years to come, it will probably prove to be one of the most interesting hobby clubs at Grant. Smiles abound as High-Iron members inspect their handiwork. H19 BOTTOM ROW: Barbara Rickley, Peggy Toggerson. ROW H: Jerri Monroe, Loretta Bennett, Sharon Thompson, Sharon Houston, Jan Harmon, Charlette Wax, Euadean Wliitefield, Lucille Stumbo, Mary Moore. ROW IH: Pam Glisan, Judy Bradburry, Linda Tobey, Sheila Erwin, Linda Shrump, Paula Hitley TOP ROW Carolyn Stroupt Ruth Ann Ross, Harva Ham kms Pun Stevens 'mine Perry Karen Mercer, Louise Stevens, Shierl Hudson Fancy routines take medals The U. S. Grant Drill Team has been stepping high for four years now. Each afternoon mem- bers of the Kadettes could be seen polishing their twirling techniques. Their long hours of practice were rewarded early in the year when they re- ceived the third place trophy in a Halloween parade which was held in Britton, Bethany, and Warr Acres, October 31st, The trophy was pre- sented by the Northwest Chamber of Commerce. The Kadettes' bright red and gray uniforms were readily recognized at football and basketball games in which they were part of the half time activities. In each activity the Drill Team par- ticipated, U. S. Grant was proud to claim them as one of its organizations. Sheila Erwin instructed the group for the year. Two new majorettes were added to the Kadettcs this year. They were Mary Ann Moore, head majorette, and Jerry Lou Monroe, assistant major- ette. The club,s mascots were five-year-old Barbara Rysclec and ten-year-old Peggy Togger- son, both of Fillmore Elementary School. Intricate routines are constantly practiced by Drill Team nilernbcfs. vm., ,su Wi as we s T 2 5 at . ,t as X l' 4' as A smi?'.i'1: Szluwiieasgi is FK N N in sfsfwd' . s it This is a new sport? Now in its sixth year, the U. S. Grant Boys' 'O' Club has grown to become one of the top clubs of our school. Purpose of the organization was to promote a better interest in athletics and good sportsmanship. Boys must letter in one or more sports in order to become a member. The 'O' Club initiation has long been a much anticipated event for the entire student body. Pledges were required to dress as "women" and they roamed the halls and obeyed each and every word of club members. Pledges also uhelpedu the cheerleaders at a basketball game. The boys sponsored a pancake supper and a box supper. Highlight of the year for members was the ann ual camping trip which was held at the end of the school year. Membership in the 'O' Club proved to be valuable to our scho0l's athletes. Each possessed a sense of fair play and learned the true meaning and worth of athletics. Thus they will be well prepared to play in the "game of life." Boys promote good sportsmvznslazp. BOTTOM ROW Coach Norwood, Doug Morgan, George Tillerson, O,Shea, David Harmon. ROW III: C. W. Vowell, John Holland, Gary Billy McCoy David Swafford, Nall. ROW II: George Wilson, Mike Dies, Joe Gibblm, Jim Lyon. Q? csv ,..., itil Q9 BOTTOM ROW: Miss Sughru, Sponsorg Carol Morrison, Sondra Hackett. ROW II: Kay Holden, Diana Lee, Wanda Powell. TOP ROW: Judy Moore, Sharon London, Cletus Mercer, Carolyn Cody. Girls work together as cz team. These 'O' Club girls are discussing a very important subject--boys! Five years ago,girls who were active in sports were rewarded by membership in the Girls' 'O' Club. From its very beginning the club proved to be one of the leading organizations of U. S. Grant. Girls were eligible for membership in the Girls' 'O' Club by earning a required amount of points. These points were earned by participation in softball, volleyball, and basketball. After earn- ing the required points the girls pledged for mem- bership. Members of the club were presented with gray jackets with red letters to signify their club membership and participation in sports. Miss Sughru has been the club's sponsor and has coached the girls' teams for five years. The goal of the Girls' 'O' Club was to foster an interest in girls athletics and improve sports- manship among team members and the entire student body. .2 .. . r 2 BOTTOM ROW: Janice Shipley, Kaye Mixon, Sonie Preston, cheerleaders, Twila Hudson, Sylvia Bendorf. ROW H: Mary Little, Cherry Golding, Kay Ferrell, Linda Pvans, Ann Mead, Judy Monroe. Q ROW HI: Aquanetta Peacock, Susan Scarborough, Linda Parmeter, Virginia Davis, Sarnmye Troxell, Judy Moore, Bonita Ruisc. ROW IV: Lynda Willis, Mary McAdoo, Carolyn Swatek, Barbara Lane, Betty Spillers, Patty Bates. ROW V: Sue Reece, Leann Clay, Marilyn XY'eesir. Mary Jo Cagle, Linda Shiplet, Pat Grape. TOP RONV: Imagine Baker, Kcmi Scott, Betty Thompson, Darlene Little, Ferrelyn Gates, lm I Jeanette Dlckcmon' Spirit and pep abound in the Sabercttes. Victory, Victory, tlmfs our cry! BOTTOM ROXW: Cletus Mercer. Jonclle Gage, Dickie Filler, Janine Monkres, Jeanette Clingan. ROW' Il: Kay lidwards, Priscilla Sells, Nancy Claborn, Judy Summers, Virginia McCathren. ROW' HI: Annette Whitaker, Carolyn Dixon, Beverly Simmons, Vivian Plumlee, Sue Statham. ROW IV: Sharon Simpson, Donna XValker, Sue Brown. Connie Hall, Cheryl Stine, Jean Bowman. ROW V: Judy Bolin, Vicki Payton, Barbara Hay, Norma Mackey, Beverly Davis, Jerri Healy. TOP ROVV: Beverly Carlton, Carolyn Bunch, Jackie Greathouse, Frances Sheppard. Mull l . Wei.. an Tommy Farris crowns Wanda Powell 19S9-60 Football Queen. 'M ni J If BOTTOM ROW7: Suzetta Evans, Jeannie Swindle, Kay Holden, Assistant Cheerleaders, Saundra Selvidge, Wfanda Powell, Sondra Hackett, Cheerleaders. ROW ll: Sharon Langston, Linda Kempf, Jeanette Vcnable, Barbara Gore, Grace Demick, Betty Nelson. ROW Ill: Cynthia Allspaw, Denna Newton, Kaye Phares, Sharon Timanus, Sandy Cox, Patie McCown. ROWf IV: Linda Straka, Cara Jackson, Jackie Harper, Tamara Marvin, Shirley Reaves, Dianna Davis. ROW! V: Judy Figaro, Mary O'Hanlon, Carolyn Lindquist, Mary Tillerson, Gayle Lawson, Carolyn Cody, TOP ROW': Lynne Hendrix, Sharon London, Pep Club Section as the game draws Sheila Dorsey, Zcela Rose, Donna Herriott, Carol Talkington. Claeering aroused school spirits. BOTTOM ROW': Sandy Trotter, President, Flaine Spearman, Vice President, Wfanda Doughty, See- retaryg Mary Alice Petty, Treasurer, Myrlena Crider, Demerit Captain. ROW' ll: Judy W'ilkerson, Judy Barnthouse. Patsy Meggs, Judy Miller, Patti Smartt. ROW' IH: Glenda Mathis, Judy Kay, Donna Farris, Kay McGhee, Loretta Clingan. Row IV: Kathryn Sauls, Janice Trieehler. Jane Shaddy, Carole Holden, Nancy Fox. ROW' V: Dianne Hudson, Diana Lee, DeAnna Cornelius. LaDonna Thompson, Joy Haggard. TOP ROW': Jo Anna Long, Penny Kinkaid, Pat Bauman, Joy Mackey, Billie Great house, Ellen W'ilkerson. to a close. iw r i....a..,. He,s just tall, that,s all! Y? ,,,6,. 13, -v 138 Sonie Preston-Senior Senior High Assistant Cheerleaders-Kay Holden, Jeannie Swindle, Suzetta Evans. Kaye Mixon-Junior Claeerleezclers promote spirit Janice Shipley-Junior Cheerleaders seem to have such fun . . . As they jump up and down . . . To- draw the roars that often help . . . The team achieve renown . . . And surely they en- joy it but . . . It is not childish play . . . For they must practice their routines . . . For hours, day by day . . . Their task re- quires patience and . . . A lot of energy . . . To get the stands to yell or sing . . . In perfect harmony . . . They go all out to boost morale . . . That may decide the game . . . But ask no recognition, and . . . Acquire little fame . . . And so it should be all through life . . . To bring a brighter dawn . . . Good cheer each day that somehow may . . . Help someone carry on. Reprinted by permission of The Oklahoma City Times Wanda Powell-Senior Saundra Selvidgcw-Senior Sondra Hackett-Senior Always cheering the Junior High team on to victory were the Junior High Cheerleaders and As- sistants. These nine girls, elected by the Buglettes Pep Club last spring, began practice early in the summer. By the time school started, new techniques and yells were polished to perfection and each girl was ready to lead the Junior High student body in yells at assem- blies, football and basketball games. A good cheerleader must possess a sturdy pair of lungs, good coordination, exuberance, and the limbier- ness of an acrobat. The Junior High cheerleaders lived up to all of these qualifications and boosted the morale of the team and the spirit of the student body as a whole. Many hours of practice of their complicated routines paid off for the Junior High cheerleaders. With much patience and energy they executed their difficult paces and were rewarded by the enthusiasm and spirit of the crowd and team. To a well spirited school cheerleaders are essential. Often these hardworking girls are not given the credit due them. Still they keep their smiles and push the school and team on to Victory. Junior High Assistant Cheerleaders: Pam Holden, Varga Garland and Jane Meggs. and encourage the Generals. unior Hi h Cheerleaders Ann Willou hb Sidne Anderson Cherr Wilkerson. TOP ROW: Janet Price, Lynda Triechler, jo Lynn Brandenburg J' 'E '-2 sy, Y , Y ""'f' -nuff I f , r " ' V ' 1' Q if I aim s 1 l , il , 3 3 43 I J ingfmi' 'r S .,,' x is v. 0, ff T ff' .at ' f t ' 14 3 in to iii! 1 ', ' ' V ' f. ' i Y eil 4 2' M -,. ,, Q , X 'M it f if s l T T f 5 , ' he H I E , f 1' x V . i 7 'DN ' 7s."',24- is - is i 11 M . - is as Ri ' 'il .1 X If 'fl iff wr qzvz V 'V"A' M if .fi gf s W Q .sl BOTTOM ROW: Meggs, Asst. Cheerleader, Pam Holden, Asst. Cheer- leaderg Varga Garland, Asst, Cheerleader, Cherry Wilkerson, Cheer- leader, Ann Willoughby, Cheerleader, Sidney Anderson, Cheerleaderg Janet Allison, Demerit Captain, Susie Ruise, Pledge Mistress, Charlotte Dobyns, Vice President, Candy Hunter, Sgt. at Arms. ROW II: Carol Bridges, Lynda Rogers, Von Nova Real, Linda Chapman, Judy Garland, Karen Janet, Janet Daniels, Sharon Kirklen, Sandra Timanus, Linda Woodall, Nina Benson. ROW IH: Charlene Hopcr, Janis McFreely, Sue Lynch, Donna Ehrhart, Linda Ellis, Nancy Shaw, Sharon Ferrell, Sandy Baggett, Connie Robertson, Billie Codner, Virginia Streeter, Sharon Rone. ROW IV: Candy Hiti, Patsy Tassell, Patricia Jackson, Helen Hinton, Linda Goyer, Marine East, L'Dyne Wicker, Linda Price, Deann Troxell, Andra Kay Fink, Cheryl Driskill. ROW V: Judy Bell, Patsy Collins, Michele Ratliff, Peggy Gouge, Barbara Faulkner, Cheryl Annesley, Ann Freeman, Nelda Roach, Connie Sober, Edith Burrs, Sally Watson. TOP ROW': Linda Barger, Linda Trammell, Diedra Brown, Janet Clary, Gina Marshall, Betty Crossland, Cheryl Ryan, Janice Filler, Corliss Stair, Sharon Daniel, Marsha Jackson. The be? to support our teams their team. Junior High pep club and cheerleaders support xk 140 Two years ago 145 enthusiastic seventh, eighth, and ninth grade girls organized the Buglottes Pep Club. Today the club has grown to a membership of over three hundred girls-all of whom are full of pep and ready to support any phase of Junior High Athletics. The Buglettes Pep Club stimulated spirit and interest in Junior High Sports and promoted better sportsmanship among students. The girls' cheers at the crucial point in many ball games gave the team members badly needed en- couragement and often meant the difference beitween vic- tory and defeat. The bright red and gray uniforms worn by the Buglettes added a colorful note to games and assemblies and made known the days that games would be played. Thus even the Senior High students were aware of the activities and enthusiasm of these Junior High students. Through the two short years of existence, the Junior High pep club has proved itself worthy of taking its place as one of the leading organizations of our school. The Junior High pep club proved to be an active organization not only at ball games and assemblies but by sponsoring many projects and activities. Highlight of the 1959-60 school year for the Buglettes was the coronation of the Junior High All Sports Queen. This year the coveted honor went to Jo Lynn Brandenburg. Last spring the club organized for the coming year by electing six new cheerleaders and three assistants and officers. Six year old Patricia Duncan and four year old Buddy Kerr won the position of club mascots and appeared at the games with the cheerleaders. Buglettes sponsors for the year were Mrs. Long and Mrs. Barnes. They worked with the cheerleaders and officers and helped in all the club undertook. The short history of this organization proved that a lot of hard work went into the making of the Junior High Pep Club. Future years will see these girls working even harder as they take over positions of leadership in the Senior High Pep Club. Here they received valuable training so as to become the officers and cheerleaders in the years to come. Jo Lynn Brandenburg is crowned Junior High All Sports Queen. and strive or greater spirit. BOTTOM ROW: Sharon Scott, Parliamentariang Jane Lindsey, Treas- urer, Charlotte Venable, President: Jo Lynn Brandenburg, Cheerleader, Janet Price, Cheerleader: Lynda Treichler, Cheerleader, Ann Marie Krag, Asst. Demcrit Captain, Leslie Vance, Chaplain, Jane Johnson, Secretary. ROW II: Carol Brown, Evelyn Conner, Sherrye Baker, Kaye Yonce, Kianne Erling, Von Allen Payne, Kaye Hill, Pat Brown, Beverly Bryant, Shirleen Hamilton, Cheri Coates. ROW III: Karen Weatherford, Ann Temple, Barbara Long, Chele Phillips, Peggy Evans, Marilyn Grape, Judy Bond, Sue Holt, Judy Crump, Sherryl Greer, Nancy .Tax ,ff 'vt ies i z..- s . 1.g,.g gf ' ' " -'-' ' I, VW' Monrol. ROW IV: Diane Harris, Janice Bishops, Janet Brooks, Carol Goyer, Nena Fox, Linda McBride, Harva Hawkins, Sandra Yonce, Shirley Bridges, Sharon Adams, Sandy Holladay. ROW V: Melody Matlock, Barbara Marley, Joyce Sullivan, La Donna Boyle, Lynda Kerr, Karen Newell, Vicky Hackett, Janice Grimes, Eileen Frederick, Re Jeania Geren. TOP ROW: Linda Peeler, Linda Carter, Diana Steele, Linda Stewart, Linda Edwards, Sandy Hunter, Marcia Orr, Linda Max, Berta Codner, Joan Jones. ,-fi x L 141 Q41 From the first note to the last fr, R , . . li S 4 l 1 zo , 1, i-.a,f"'N-..,..Zg. 4 .4 K 5 4 9. L- Dru rn Major-Bill Merccr ROW I: Shirley Shrader, Gary Vidlock, Ronnie Johnston, Gwen Hill, Randall Orr. ROW Il: Sheila lirwin, Billy Fowblc, Bonnie Ulman, Mike Richardson, Sidney Smith, Chuck Stubbs. ROW III: Martha Rowe, Sue Sachsenhcimcr, Pam johnson, Kenneth Carlisle, Darryl Sloan, Bartow Bradley, Rene Ochoa, Don Blackmon, Doug Shields. ROW IV: 1 x WW. ,W i -gr 4111 our Senior Bmw' is enjoyed b all. ,gif QE? We rv wi,-7 f 35? '55 wi 'sv at ii? 5 ,XJ 'Q Y - Q 3 gf' Senior High Majorcttes: Shirley Shradcr, Laclonna Thompson, Kay Edwards. E K in, , ., Band Queen-Judy Johnson ROW I: Mary Ann Vow, Nalma Lovett, Jeanette Gibbon, Cathy Bill Martin, Reforcl Nash, Ladonna Brown, Kay Edwards. ROW' H: Terry Selby, Mary Jo Caglc, Sandra stone, Allan Grimsley, Dale Young, Neal, Marilyn W'eiser, Shnren Chambers, Leann Clay Rein. ROW Benson, Billy Martin, Joe Sturgeon, HI: Charles Cornell, Marlene Ryals, Tamara Evans, Dickie Daniels, Thompson. ROW IV: Dick Broad- Pauline Gerred, Steve Davis, Larry Bob Moran, Danny Mercer. BOTTOM ROW: Marilyn Vidlock, Linda Epton, Joan Prichett, Janit Gast, Emagrace Rea, Pam Stevens. ROW II: Chris jahnkc, Paul Nutt, John Rea, Janet Allison, Connie Coble, Cheryl Anderson, Linda Grady. ROW III: Sue Neugebauer, Beverly Lee, Dottie Starr. ROW IV: Rene Ochoa, Richard Jones, Darryl Sloan, Mike Clifton, Fred Lowery, Darrel Wood. ROW V: Billy Whitterker, Herriott Bow, Mike Pritchard, Billy Seabourn, Gary Williams, Chuck Thomas. Bam! students are well taught This junior High Band student seems to be concentrating very hard on hcr music. The junior High Band was a group composed mainly of eighth and ninth grade students who had at least one or possibly two years previous training in beginning bands. Its purpose was twofold: both as a training group and a performing group. During the school year the Junior High Band assisted the High School band at one football game and performed in assemblies. Some of these Junior High players in the eighth and ninth grade also played in the High School band if their schedules allowed it. The Spring Concert was an important event for band members and they practiced many long hours in preparation for the big event. The group met and practiced each day during sixth hour. Mr. Thompson directed the Junior High Band and helped them to understand fully their music and instru- ments. The officers for the 1959-60 school year were as follows: Bartow Bradley, President: Fred Jackson, Vice President, Paul Nutt, Secretary and Treasurerg and Re- porter, Linda Epton. BOTTOM ROW: Louis Moore, Linda jones, Deanne Fowler, Carolyn Beck, Sherrill Hudson. ROW II: Galen Taylor, Lawrence Peeples, Mike Baker, Denny Clark, Fred Jackson. ROW HI: David Hayes, Brenda Brandon, Charles Mclnnis. ROW IV: Eddie Matthews, Bartow Brad- tlmt practice Junior High students "struck up the band" and dis- played their many talents during the 1959-60 school year. These talented seventh, eighth, and ninth grade girls and boys made up the Junior High Band. Each prepared for the future and also for more knowl- edge of music and musical intruments. The first day, things seemed strange and difficult as band members explored their new music and instruments. But as time passed they became more and more proficient. The dream of each Junior High Band member was to own a red and gray uniform which symbolized member- ship in the Senior High Band. Preparation now meant musical ability in the future. Some band members only wanted to learn something about music and perhaps play in the band during Junior and Senior High School years, Yet, there were others who planned to continue with their music long after high school and even college. These people will be the band lead- ers and music arrangers of the future. ley, Portia Barker, Kenneth Little, Ed Falvey, Dale Owen, Kenneth Fultz, Dale Simms. ROW V: Donald Brown, Freddie Jones. TOP ROW: Robert Atkins, Russell Atkins, Bill Engle, johnny Ussery, Charles Smith. makes perfect. Mr. Thompson gives the signal for Junior High students to strike up the band. M-fa., V I , if s 'ra 5:05 Mr. Thompson directs the Senior High Orchestra during a practice session. The Senior High Orchestra was composed of eighth through twelfth grade students who have progressed through the Junior Orchestra. During the year the Senior High Orchestra performed several times. This included concerts, assemblies, and pro- grams outside of the school which included the All-State Orchestra at Oklahoma University where the best students from the state came together to play once a year. Senior High Orchestra members constantly practiced Orchestra students find and kept nimble fingers. The result of many long hours of work was the satisfaction and the accomplishment of a very difficult task. Through the Senior High Orchestra, a firm foundation was laid for students who continue to study music in college. Tomorrow may find these people conducting and playing in professional orchestras. The officers were: President, Buford Nashg Vice President, Bob Carrollg Secretary, Treasurer, and Reporter, Trudy James. Mr. Thompson directed the group. BOTTOM ROXV: -Ieanette Clingnn, Patricia Allspaw, Reford Nash, Carol Wall, Jerry Bradberry, Carolyn Worley, Bob Carroll. ROW II: Trudy James, Mike McCauley, Ray Gound fnot picturedj, Betty Ashworth, Marsha Tate. 146 . BOTTOM ROW: Robert Pearce, Barney Hunter, Andrea Bereman, Edward Braek, Beverly Bryant, Leslie Cooper, john Deaver. ROW II: Marilyn Oakley, Carl Shortt, Dennis Anderson, Dianne Evans, Tommy Worley, Harva Hawkins, Larry McCuan, Cynthia Glasgow. ROW III: Garry Cooner Linda Ellis, Mary Wallen, Lanna Shaffer, Bruce Thorn, Gay Gooch, Sally Buzbee, Cheri Coates, Paul Asplin, Darlene Smith. classes to be most interesting and Musically inclined seventh and eighth grade students who have had two or three years training in grade school orchestras composed the Junior High Orchestra. They per- formed several times during the year in addition to sending students to All-City events. Among these are the All-City Junior High Honor Orchestra, the All-State Orchestras and television broad- casts. Experience from these activities has prepared the Junior High Orchestra members for full-fledged mem- bership in the Senior High Orchestra. The many instruments were difficult to learn and understood but each person worked diligently. Next year many of these people will be rewarded by membership in the Senior High Orchestra. Officers for the year were: President, John Deaver, Vice President, Harva Hawkins, and Secretary-Treasurer- Reporter, Cynthia Glasgow. The violin is a difficult instrument to master and these girls seem to realize that only by practice will they accomplish their goal. ,Q 147 l The Catalinas: Mary Jo Cagle, Sheila Erwin, Jan Wade. The Music Department added a musical note to U. S. Grant,s many clubs and organizations. There was a place for any talented boy or girl who had an interest in music. Opportunities for this were offered by the Senior High Choir, Boys' Glee Club, Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Glee Club, and the Eighth Grade Chorus. Thus any person in Junior or Senior High had the chance to advance his or her musical abilities. Mem- bership into the various musical groups was approved and directed by Mr. Ballew and Mrs. Mary Manning. The activities of these groups were many, and most of them made personal ap- pearances in programs and assemblies throughout the year. Each musical group attended contests and brought many honors to our school. Ensembles were also formed and represented Grant in city and state wide events. Interest in music is important. BOTTOM ROW: Linda Renfro, Piano, Paul Nelson, Patricia All spaw,P3t Q'Nea1,Carl Guthrie. ROW II: Wyatt Adams, Jay Davis, Danny Douglas, Alvin Burchett, Jim Hensley, Don Weese, Glen Evans, Carl Fricker, David Cecil, Jimmy Jolly, Paul Nutt, Bill Gill, Linda Barger, Sharlotte Cox, Sherry Miller, Carole Stewart, Donna Gordon, Glenna Hamilton, Janice Haggard, Frances Wright, Karen Babbitt, Gladys Van Horn, Mr. Ballew, Director. ROW III: Chris Johnke, Raymond Duke, Edward Brown, Louis Moore, Larry Byrum, Larry Petty, Larry Denton, Sonny Ales, Jimmy Chandler, Ray Krob, Randy Heath, Robert Capps, Keith Knipp, Larry Noble, Larry Hill, Barbara Leslie, Cheryl Barnes, Terry Danner, Terri Miller, Karen Janet, Carolyn Prock, Patsy Collins, Louise Stumbo, Linda Hollowell, Carol Roach, Martha Gatliri, Marcia Fagan, Linda Stewart, Marilyn Williams. TOP ROW: George Peeler, Kenneth Henderson, Garry Dodrill, John Towler, Charles Smith, Johnny Ussery, Johni McFadden, Larry Anderson, Lester Wall, Galen Taylor, Fred Fox, George Hamilton, Jerry Brad- bury, Jimmy Clark, Doris Bradley, Connie Jenson, Carolyn Worley, Harva Hawkins, Janie Hutchinson, Linda Epton, Janice Hiatt, Janet Daniels, Donna Abel, Janette Harrison, Mary Kidd, Deana Kidd, Deana Steele, Nancy Wilkerson. l 148 BOTTOM ROW: Carl Guthrie, Wyatt Adams, Jay Davis, Danny Douglas, Alvin Burchett, jim Hensley, Don Weese, Glen Evans, Carl Fricker, David Cecil, Jimmy Jolly, Paul Nutt, Bill Gill, Paul Nelson, Mr. Ballew, Director. ROW H: Chris Johnke, Raymond Duke, Ed- ward Brown, Louis Moore, Larry Byrum, Larry Petty, Larry Denton, Sonny Ales, Jimmy Chandler, Ray Krob, Randy Heath, Robert Capps, Keith Knipp, Larry Noble, Larry Hill. TOP ROW: George Peeler, Kenneth Henderson, Garry Dodrill, John Towler, Charles Smith, Johnny Ussery, Johni McFadden, Larry Anderson, Lester Wall, Galen Taylor, Fred Fox, George Hamilton, jerry Bradbury, Jimmy Clark. The musical field is grcztzfying. The U. S. Grant Music Department sponsored many activities and programs during the 1959-60 school year. These were greatly enjoyed by the entire student body. First of these events was the annual Christmas program in which the Senior High Girls' Glee Club and Senior Choir performed for both Junior and Senior High audiences. Yuletide spirit was further spread when the Choir went carol- ing to the Old Folks' Home. The most outstanding activity of the year was the production of the musical, "Seventeen," This was the first musical ever produced at Grant. "Seventeen," pre- sented by the combined efforts of the music and speech departments, was a great success and was enjoyed by all. This proved that it was a busy and hard year for our Music Department, for both students and teachers, but it was one they should be congratulated for, The Three Words: Gayela Word, jane Johnson, Candy Hunter. 149 " 5 , T ,if . 3 1 ,f . 'Nr' ag :fl lbvv A - ,. TQ' O I TT R 1 for T BOTTOM RONV: Jane Lindsey, Phyllis Gafford, Charlene Bryan, jane Shaddy, Dennis Richardson, Thomas Rhoten. TOP ROW: Karen Meredith McDowell, Shirley Reaves, Gayela Word, Jean Browning, Newell, Pat Hodges, Doris Hedgepath, Beverly Robertson, Earlene Billye Cox, Kent Ryals. ROW Il: Edna Kirkham, Kaye Pine, Cherry Jenson, Judy Blundell, Beverly Duggan, Finis Herron, Bill Mays, Jay Wilkersoix, Lynda XVillis, Kay Bassham, Ruth Royal, Nina Henley, Stevens. The Senior boir performs precisely Girls, Trio: Joy Haggard, Beverly Duggan, Carolyn Nelson. Girls' Quartet: Shirley Reaves, Carolyn Sheppard, Carolyn Massim- gale, Diana Davis. ,E-Q1 BOTTOM ROW: Gary Linder, johnny Thompson, Carl Guthrie, Fred Ihbbitr, Mary ,Io Cnglc, Priscilla Sells, Beverly Lansdowne, Candy llunter, ,lane Johnson, Dinnngi Davis, Jan Wade, Piano, Mr. Bnllew, Director, ROW II: Prank Thompson, Bruce Buckner, Roger W'elch, Charles Wright, Judy Wilkerson, Tamara Marvin, Carolyn Nelson, 4 -,Ni -pw., Karen Cox, Linda Briscoe, Marlene Ryals, Sheila Erwin. TOP ROW: Dale Haworth, jim De Arman, jerry Fsehler, D. C. Mitchell, George Hamilton, Steve Hodgin, George Teague, Judy Sullivan, Shirley Cowell, Carolyn Sheppard, Fllen W'ilkerson. with sweet and mellow voices. Girls' Sextet: Carolyn Norton, Shirley Cowell, Billie Cox, Kay Bassham Karen Cox, Phyllis Gnfford. Senior High Boys' Quartet: Gary Linder, Charles Wright, Jay Stevens, Steve Hodgin. Mm, , BOTTOM ROXV: jan VVade, Piano, Gail Wilbanks, Anita Mutz, Nancy Green. ROW II: Barbara Hay, Gayle Fender, Linda Baum, Pam Glison, Elaine Cowell, Jo Ann Dunn, Pat Smith, Sharon Clark, Buddye Epperson, Caroline Parker, Sandra May, Carol Sue Ehrig, Van Cille Payne, Janis Brown, Kami Scott. ROW' III: Loretta Carpenter, Karen Kezis, Patsy Smith, Hedy Le Mar, Kay Melton, Sheila Goodman, Colleen ' 9 The Gzrls Glee Girls' Trio: Kemi Scott, Velida Brown, Carolyn Sheppard. g, 152 Holland. XY'andn Ogle shut-,Carol XVcwt, Alta Snow, Beatrice Payne, Linda Sliiplett, Loretta Cates, Carolyn Sheppard, Mrs. Mary Manning, director, TOP ROW: janet Hazen, Barbara Higgenbottom, Kay Bradley, Rose Ales, Janice Keas, Darlene Henry, Karen Kern, Ellen Smith, Denim Newton, Sharon Fisher, Judy Gonzales, Linda Greene, Sandra Hughes, Mary Sue Houser. lub gives us cz The Skylincrs: ,Q W V lx . .. 1 A 'V 'V 'N Triple Trio--BOTTOM ROW: Carolyn Lindquist, Grace Demick, Kemi Junior High Girls' Trio: Jill Thompson, Shirley Garrison, Diane Scott, Karen Keas. TOP ROW: Velida Brown, Janice Brown, Suzanna John- MCCr1k2r1. son, Saunclra Hughes, Carolyn Sheppard. beautzful sight to see and bear. BOTTOM ROXV: Patsy Sutton, Jeannie Swindle, Carolyn Lindquist Dorothy Brown, Kaye Hill, Carolyn Punneo, Linda Wright, Charlotte, Windsor, Sandra Prichard, Sharon Husted, Carolyn Hendrick. ROW H: Linda Jones, Barbara Wax, Judy Bradburry, Carolyn Vanclaveer, Carolyn Bean, Cheryl Flainken, Sue Wright, Alma Caldwell, Pat Knight, Janet Clark, Arniren Fox, Barbara Gore. ROW III: Jerry Lou Monroe, Sharon Moore, Janice Bridges, Judy Boultinghouse, Pat Grape, Carol Crawford, Janice Lakin, Mary Lewis, Ann Mead, Suzanna Johnson, Grace Demick. TOP ROXV: Kaye McAlvain, Elaine Willard, Pat Gib- son, Barbara Ombarger, Judy Norton, Velida Brown, Donna Brogher- ton, Mickey Poole, Helen George, Imogene Baker, Norma Brown, Leasa Roberts. in W ft 'K lr - n 5 S 4 ,gf IT... nw-ai," 2 Zia Q. x BOTTOM ROXV: Kenai Scott, Piano: Marsha McCartney, Sandra Vulli, Mary Scott. ROXY' ll: Brenda Ashlock, Sally Wlitson, Katlileen Steed, Jeannie W'hiteman, Brenda Matlies, Rathie W'ard, Sharon Adams, Carole Bridges. ,Indy Garland, linda Chapman, Lavinn Gore, Linda Kelsoe, Phyllis XVilliams, Barbara lfaulkner, Tnmya Sneeil, Sharon Daniel, Beth Nail. ROW' Ill: Hope Galindo, Pat Xlfoolberl, Willie Ring, l.incla Byruin, Diane McCracken. Donna Ritchie, ,Indy Smith, Linda johnson, Barbara Beginners Messermore, Karen Salinger, Janet Brooks, Linda Lunsford, Annette Mathews, Marilyn Grape, Ruthie London, Jud-y Bond, TOP ROVV: Mrs. Mary Manning, Uireetorg Carmen Summers, Trudy Whiggoner, Paula Vfhite, Llill Thomson, .luily Crump, Shirley Garrison. Chele Phillips, Paula XY'ilson, Donna Mousseau, jamie Smothers, Beverly Blay, Peggy Evans, Edith Burrs, Karen George, Bonna Blythe, Sue Nolen, Margaret Campbell. strive or perfection. Junior High Sextet-BOTTOM ROXV: Sally Whtson, Brenda Mathes, Janice Summers. TOP ROXV: Peggy Evans, Edith Burrs, -lanice Smuthers. awe 'rf The Eighth Grade Girls' Chorus was an organization in which eighth grade girls learned about music and, if interested, prepared for music participation in the future. The only pre-requisite to membership was for the girls to like to sing. In the Chorus basic voice techniques were learned and each day they could be heard practicing and singing the scales as part of their studies. Each person in the Eighth Grade Girls' Chorus was given a chance to qualify for more advanced work. Thus through the organization the girls learned of their true abilities and worked hard to improve voice techniques. The true reward of their hard work was the applause after a per- formance and the satisfaction of a job well done. The Chorus, under the direction of Mrs. Mary Manning, instilled a true interest and skill in many talented girls. Activities filled ez busy year Student Council delegates pose before leaving for Tulsa and the State Convention. The cast of the -Ir.-Sr. Play, "No Mother to Guide Her," line up for .1 group picture. The 1959-60 school year was filled with many activities and events which made the year a successful one. Through these activities, students learned the joy of working together and the satis- events broke faction of accomplishment. These the monotony of school work and prepared stu- dents for the future. On this page are but a few of the many activities which made U. S. Grant a very special school for everyone, from seventh to twelfth grade. The Jr.-Sr. Play, poster contests, and the State Student Council convention are typical of the year's activities. Honors brought to Grant were many and the future seems bright for those who will go on to college and those who will re- turn next year. i, 4 . - ,V N' H pe f, Q A is sd? These students exhibit prive winning posters from Mr Cox 's homeroom. 5 ss.-,gpg 59192- . AH' 1 5.-4rs.3'1A" 'ir cf ez: eu LTI aug, A.:-ih,,,,.S3 wr' l f 155 Tiff. D ' , nfs.. Beginners publish their first paper. THIRD HOUR JOURNALISM SFATIED: Parker, Standefer, Jones, Hampton, Scikcl, Reaves, Chndwcll. STANDING: Tate, Berry, Hudgins, Hollomnn, Mnmmedaty, Phillips, Brown, Cnnadny, H.1nnal1, Schroeder, Jolly. 1960 was filled with . . . FOURTH HOUR JOURNALISM SEATICD: Carlton, Moore, Cox, Jugate, Bolin, Little, Mercer, Cornelius, Brown, W'eiser, Smith. STANDING: Rynls, York, Conine, Nelson, W'ynnc Hamilton, Sheets, jones, Towler, Allen. Hard work by Journalists was rewarding. rf M ' ,fuigiigfgizl ,Wy E w-w-W-,,,.,-v-+--w....,.,,1..., , I wJ2S.3'5??jl warg v it 1 'QMS INK BOMITONI ROV Sturgeon Nfartm Dans Mercer Bhckmon Shulds ROW III Stubbs Broadstone Mercer Young, Bnscow Pettljohn TOP ROW H Wood Fullvor Duls Oulu Brmdluy Mgbxnnm ohnston ROW' Trlckcr Tarlton X-'N --..-.,..-. ...-In 'N"N J ,f-.f 'S--K -Q .gf-xy 47' , -we Z "9'9 ,V . BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Sparks, Sponsor, Sclvielge, Classes, Dickenson, Cathren, Petty, Roofe. ROW IV: Hughes, Lavarnway, Abbott, Chap- Eclitorg Sheppard, Activitiesg O,Shea, Sports. ROW H: Johnson, Ingram, man, Stampcr, Lane. Hackett, McAdoo, Little. ROW' III: Anderson, Powell, Kirk, Mc- General Staff records the year of 1959-60. Sylvia Bendorf and Ernie Freshour look over plans for the 1959-60 GENERAL. 'ES' wg, 'VRM- Many people, much time and effort, and hard work were the many factors involved in the making of the 1959-60 GENERAL. Mr. Harris and the school photographers pictured above Contributed a large amount of work by taking pictures of school events. Co- operation of the office and the financial secretary were also needed to make our yearbook a success. Through the many hours of work necessary, we, the staff, have endeavored to bring to the student body and faculty an accurate record of the 1959-60 school year. V5 xk Q.,-Q, A 4, . 5... .,.., , wp, , .- e , wf5l'R" 1 Q 4 P' 'E 1 7 fc' 'JFS -VE li 'f'U4"3'3"v-2 . F 1 f','1fs" Sax- 3 fn ff' Kam' QV' X' use . ' sued: A Q W HAM L Saundra Selvidge sf 3 f i WN "sf P' 'za f Cl Se ' Ed' , 1 sg - 4, R , V ass ctlon itor px .ra i max we 'iw Jeanette Dickenson ,.,- lfwnwr :Sw-"gl .,. ii, 'va'-'Tf...4ci"" 35 'Qs Xsa 'WK' 1 X, I ii... Mrs. Sparks-Sponsor Frances Sheppard Activities Section Editor Editor-in-Chief wry Mike O Shea fx Sports Editor fa i " 'i"e 1 'if" i f i ' 'ae in V Asgiailgx rs? .,Y W I " i svg.'9,"Q j4,f0,, ' --....., 440 . K, firm H kr Y :eff 374' Rutha Williams Business Manager 'ls --'N ii A' , 1 'K s Kg 0 i , M 1 7 A A 9 ' -s. J- .. g 5 ki Q' ?"x N , S .3 , A r A .1 1' . 2 V, In 'S ' ' it f Y' A. , WA, 'V -, , A - -. , 5 A f ii 1' . 5 5 , . , ., v Q , , I 5 ' -B Q , 7 -ng -', 'U f A gh" L ' 1. .H N7 va ' g .S x A " '9' i . Psp' ' 9 N I ,-fx I A J K . aim' 0 " if K K i K ' N -- -'fx N , I , Lg, 1 4" Q "' Q I-Q if-' sf ' A , V ,XZ " ', F ' f, i ' 7 1 - "Y ' a "' !"'i 'Z 1 71 7-,, , JM kk 7 , yn - A Q2 fgegwy ii K f ,. ALI TZ? K if A- V , k ,ww xkky - - Q . ,eu .Y KL .V If Y , 64 . V 'K Q 'Q Jw' , 'Ax-.,fffff?' in Q K " iw X 5 ,Q ,W V s 5' I w 4 an gi alt I ,Q X N zmcvy Fox General Queen 45 ww Wmwm , Charles Stubbs, III General King UNCROWNED ROYALTY Tommy Farris General King Attendant "VW Garry Linder General King Attendant .dw 'A4'. was :Ti Wanda Powell General Queen Attendant Sondra Hackett General Queen Attendant 'i3t"f'f jimmy F errin General King Attendant ROYALTY 3 foe Gibbon General King Attendant Jeanette Dickenson General Queen Attendant Frances Sheppard General Queen Attendant ,J Wanda Powell Football Queen wavy Saundra S eloidge Basketball Queen UNCROWNED ROYALTY , .3 M Ierri Wilson Football Queen Attendant Twila H uclson Football Queen Attendant "", H. Sylvia Bemlorf Basketball Queen Attendant Ianiee Treicbler Football Queen Attendant J""'s. A me Kaye M ixon Basketball Queen Attendant as ROYALTY Vonnie YVilkers0n Basketlzall Queen Attenrlant Diana Lee Basketball Queen Attendant Dickie Filler Bnsketlzall Queen Attendant 'Fl i v---.-...s...g Sondra Hackett Ov Club Sweetheart Wesley Arrl Sczbrette Buddy Judy Iohnson Band Queen Jay Stevens Judy Blundell Choir King Choir Queen Ianigg Shipley Billy McCoy M Les Howdy Mr. Howdy I 0 Lynn Brandenburg Iunior H igh All Sports Queen Kay Holden Miss F.B.L.A. 174 Jimmy Chapman M r. Journalism N orma Mackey Miss Journalism Put Grape Senior High Chorus Kathy Ward junior H igh Chorus Queen Pam Gleson Kaclette Queen Eff' WK 5 lg, W F W 5 E 'jp-Canal? i X X 2 nn- F 5' v f . aft' 1 i 1 j H K E L., 1 iw is If Ya A Q l ,K ., . ROW I: D. Trammel, C. Holland, D. Swafford, R, Palmer. Dell, G. Dies. ROW IV: C. Warner, R. Tedder, D. Hannoncl, ROW II: Coach Norwood, Harrison, I. Barnthouse, R. Rose, B. McCoy, M. O'Shca. 1. Crosby. ROW HI: C. W. Vowell, G. Wilson, L. Wilson, B. Our biggest brag is our mighty .-. Q. wfsiazif- -2' 1 f' - - The 1959 Grant football team has fought hard to bring glory to our school this year, as they concluded their season with a record of six wins and four losses. The Captain of the U. S. Grant Generals this year was Tommy Farris. Grantis first opponent was Midwest City, a tough Class AA team, who took the Generals for a 19-0 ramsacking. However, the following week a greatly improved Grant squad dumped the Iohn Marshall Bears 36-6. September 24, they met a good Gasady team. But the Generals, after being behind the whole first half, dropped the Cyclones 32-14. Classen was the next team for Grant to meet as they clobbered the Comets 44-0, October 8. The Generals first taste of defeat in conference competition came on October 16 at Taft Stadium, as the Vikings of Northeast were victors in a score of 12-6. . Tulsais newest highschool, Nathan Hale, took a rough setback as the Generalsstormed through with a 60-12 triumph on October 12. The next week they pinned 22-6 loss on the tougher than expected Central Cardinals. 3 7 3 is T ' ' 9.-. V9 Cf fi fs, 5 1 if tm g nigga wi fri ROW I: E. Freshour, Knapp, Moore, K. Pitt-manager B. Lyons, j. Shaffer IIOWV IV: M. Little, R. Mt-Mahon, H. C. ROW II: T. Simon, II. Duncan, G. Tillcrson, S. XVoodsiclt', BYOWH, Ly011S,'ll-F2lTl'iS- Coach Beavis, Coach Mills. ROXV III: T. Edwards, -I. Holland, eleven. Long Hours on the Southeast, with its feared passing attack, found no room for scores, as the Generals racked up an im- pressive 22-0 victory over the Spartans on November 6. Grant squared off with Harding November 13, but much to the surprise of everybody, the Eagles swarmed the Generals 22-0 to gain a tic for second in the Capitol Conference race. With the exception of a make-up game between Grant and Stillwater, the Generals season was finished. Grant lost the encounter at Stillwater with a score of 28-12. Some of our players got special recognition this year. They are as follows: Ernie F rcshour, Tommy Farris, Billy McCoy, John Holland, jimmy Lyons making all-conference. Ernie Freshour a three year letterman in football, and a two year letterman in track, Made honorable mention for all state in the Tulsa world and alternate team for all state in the Daily Oklahoman. Tom Farris the captain of the Grant Generals football team make all state for the Tulsa world and the Daily Oklahoman. Tom is a four year letterman in football and one year in track. 4 fl "wg.... QF! VARSITY LETTERME. we n, ' "1 . 3" Farris. 'XX M51 'S' ff: S T, Wilson ' Waodside XA vw ' k ,. i ., jx . xg I ,fs ' f QB 14 I W ..,: 1 Tdlerson Q' 1 Palmer , .,L.y f L hH.I'th0'L4S6k V W x I gk S ' ' , Knapp Vowell 1,3 ,Q A1 Freshour Q 1 lv lfl Lyons RETURNING V lil Q' - J N . P V" f- :fx Q aa A K 3 ' -,A vi filzfwmggf ,gpg P 'ommy Simon ,MQ 2. ja .. :L I Gary Dies Q is LI r Iody Crosby f 'X l Q K1 3 Buster Dell 4 N it . 1, Jr V' l S ,Q 2' D 'A " ,w . 1 , , - iw Nkaf. ,'f'g . Ronald Rose LETTERMEN 'Q H X - L Billy Lyons il , ff, .... I D, 3, lm 4 gi! X ,. m 0 Chris Holland QKXAQ- It LZL7 Q we v E J, , ' D 1' 3 X4 W -ffgs -if-1 .n.J,:s,b,, .M , ., 4 f j 3 y " l"l' I David Harmon V 63 Billy McCoy N Q , 5""'- ., "7 RAC. Brown D Q V P 'W . s Al f X2 ,.. ' 5 K F Tim Edwards s 1 Mike Ushea , " gy S 5 , L V Ion Shaffer A 7 ., 7 , N .WM V V Q , K john Holland David Swafford Q4 COACH Coach Don Brown Head Coach Tracy Norwood lL '41 M..u Q, H ' Wm " " ' r'x-"ii N 'fl' am l Coach Bill Mills V ' I - Couch C QACH fix Couch Benny Nalls fi L' 1. x Z -.M CUACH Morris Reaves . 7' E . ,. .. ,. K ' 4 fa- .4 s - 'X xi 21522. . fig ' f . 25 LVV M Max w , . ' 5 M " 1 I iuxaf 1 fb- . f 3' IU' L-'E he fp.: X 1 r X 4 1 1 5 . I , N 5 ,mf I practice field produced az ine All-State-All state is made up of 50 of the states finest athletes. There is an all state game in which these boys participate. All-City-All city is composed of two teams which are chosen from the Oklahoma City High Schools. Tom Farris All-Conference All-City All-State Ernie Freshour All-Conference All-City jimmy Lyons All-Conference Billy McCoy All-Conference John Holland All-Conference All-Conference-There are 25 boys chosen from each conference that make up each all-conference team. fe. N , eet. 2. Af ,- E ,. fi s e rw l J as ' 4 v I m f . The student body congratulates these boys .P Ng 55, 9 yi sl 515 gag: i r i 1? K. 5 sf' ' is '32 M-M-Q--'f 'Awx'f'- 1i,L, b ' TWC, , V FM Q , l A , A n ., fr, is 'W H533 ,s It sl fi ffl I' C5 "" F3 Q Nix ROW I: Hannond, Jones, Gibson, Baker, Keagens, Bradley Poe, Malloy, George, Bradley. ROW II: Higginbottom, Grider Moran, Pritchard, Nelson, Pitt, Turner, Seikel, Tatum, Barner, .wxxt V , U v,,,, , .,,:.:-.gary 5 , ., . i A, ,gh .- , Fergason, Wicker, T. Parker. BOW III: Shipley, B. Parker , Wolf, Tartar, Overbay, Young, Driskel, Simmons, Simpson Filipski, Farris, Baker, Coach Hieronymous, Coach Nalls. team. The unior High also sup- : ah. - 5, -. --f Grant Grant Grant Grant Grant Grant Grant Grant, S Grant Grants Junior High team had a rough schedule this year but did real good by tieing 3 and losing 6. The schedule for this year was: Moon 8 Central , ,t 0 Glassen at S 0 Capitol Hill eeee. l ,.,. 8 Kerr at B14 M on ron ey S 14 Hardinge , S 6 Southeast N12 Northeast 20 InaIr.High game Nelson pl 5, for 16y1dg1 1 tth Comets plied excitement 01' the ans GENERALS 59-60 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Grants ...LL. LLLLLLL L LLL,, L Grantee , ,,.LL at LWB4 Grant Grant Grant Grant Grant Grant Grant Grant Midwest City John Marshall Casady ta,atrtra Glassen taaaa Northeast Nathan Hale Central Southeast ttt,t Harding tttat.t Stillwater attts BASKETBALL V dlock H pkins Hmm Dies XA Cobv XX xr AF' -'rf C J TEAM 'J Bunch Ard 'I "Kham 'K VX !ISUll Gibbon Edwards 1' ROXV I: McFccly, Ard, Haun, Bunch, Vidlock, Crosby. ROW II: Coach Brown, Edwards, Dies, Crimes, Hopkins, Wilson. Missing from the picture: f,lIlJlJOI1,ClIl1Pl1liU1. The Basketball Team fought laara' February February February February February February February BASKETBALL I959-60 December 4 eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.e . .e., , ,e..... Casady December 8 eee, ,I eeIDDeeeee.,..eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Central I0-II-12-Classen Tournament December I5 .ccc ,cccvc c,,cccc.ccc C I c,,cc C .H.H.S. December 17 ccccccc,ccc,rccc..cccccc,,C Southeast January I2 january I5 Ianuary I9 January 22 Ianuary 26 2- 5 9 C 12 I6 I9 23 ,.,cc Casady cccc.-Classen ..c.c ,John Marshall cccccccccccccllarding , c,Northeast C, , ,,,,, Classen ,nc,Southeast I cc,, . ,,,,,cccc Central ccc. ,. Northeast John Marshall I ccC.H.H.S. ,,,,,,,,,H3TdII1g ROW I: Crosby, Swafford, Harrison, Trammel, Holmes. ROW II: Holland, Moore, Jenkins, Hutchinson. VARSITY "B" SQUAD thus winning C0-Con erence Clmnzlbs. JUNIOR HIGH ROVV I: Nelson, Sam, Easter, McDonald, Mays. ROVV II: Brocuwy Pritchard, Filipski, George. ROVV III: Pitt, Stubbs, Lyon Hyatt, Ferguson, coach Hieronymus. 'Vx-X BRA EE cy E ,ac ...M J 5' m A-1 ROW I: Evans, Winton, Schulthies, Rose, Herrod, Sachett, Rowlan. ROW III: Coach Coffelt, Schulthies Knight Bridley McQuin. RONV II: Weed, Pool, Howe, Fry, Acheson, Sauls, Farris, Criclcr, Simmons, Garner. Many Wrestlers bring honor and 1959-60 was the first year Grant Iunior High ever participated in WVrest1ing. The team has done real well Winning 3 and losing 6. We feel that the team should be congratulated for its efforts and I am sure they are looking forward to next year with great enthusiasm. Coach Coffelt says next yearis team looks promising. DECEMBER 3 Southeast 8 Harding 11-12 Dell City Tournament 15 Star-Spencer 17-18 City Tournament ,ao 190 Q ' -2 3-'wAx ROW I: Brown, Simon, Miller, Little, Harmon, Davenport, Ierrocl, Teclder, Shafer, Orr, Coach Mills. ROW III: Pascher Acheson, Morgan, Vanzant, Stanford, Outlaw, Trent. ROW Irwin, McGinnis, Kar II:Rh0ten, Price, Bureman, Duncan, Baker, Smith, Harlan, pcl, Vowell. prestige to their school and sehf. 26 IANUARY 7 Guthrie 12 Douglass 19 Capitol Hill 20 Northeast 22-23 Midwest City Tournament 26 Central 29-30 Conference Tournament FEBRUARY 2 Central 4 Northeast 5 Classen 8 Douglass 11 Southeast 12 Putnam City 16 Harding 19 Regional Tournament State Tournament John Trent 97 Doug Morgan 129 WRE TLI G Bob Outlaw 105 Stanley Stanford Mike Vanzant Iames Davenport 140 Keith Acheson 133 f ' k K David Harmon 147 Iiiiml 7 , , TEAM C. W. Vowell 182 Thomas Rhotcn Manager Mike Little 156 Eugene Pascher 167 Tom Simmon 182 Bill Mills Coach Bruce Miller 167' R. C. Brown Hwt. ,.f SWIMMI G TEAM 14' Ronald Rose johnny Shipley Tony Reed Bobby Parker fhw QQ s. B1lly Lyons K Al C OACH Bob Moran T C02lCh Nall Cecil WVarner YT' Gary Tarter ROW I: Hannon, McCoy, Hollancl, Swafforcl, Dies. ROW II Du nt in Ldwncls Brown Dell ROVV III Coach Norwood Holland Eclwarcls, Farris. Get on your mark get set go' U. S. Grant is entering its sixth year of competi- tion With great anticipation and cntli of the competition will be: City Track MeetCCC C C O. C. Invitational CC Conference Meet C CC CC Regional Meet C State Meet CC C, usiasm. M arch April April April B I ay Some 29-30 I6 26-27 29-30 6-7 ROWI Selviclge,Petcrson,DLnn1s onus Bendorf ROW II Cites WIIIIHIHS Orrnn Brown Hleronymus ROW IV Bendorf NVr1ght,johr1son, Herron NIcDon1ld Rqy ROW III Wheelgr Johnson Merger Hard work helps make a good team Stevens I ,Ngo e A ' :Q ..,, -V WU: Mi 5 in 2 H ? I ie "E-.Q Q 4 Q M W' , g is w 1 FH 1 I R323 x 55,5 if y I , fb We 3 ..o,L: I .,.,..:,.. Ecton, Mclnnis, Brown, Mills, johnson, Rapp Perfect form gives any goyer confzdenee U. S. GRANT GOLF SCHEDULE Mar 16 Grant Mar. 21 Grant Mar. 23 Grant Mar. 28 Mar. 30 Grant Apr. 4 Grant Apr 6 Grant Apr 11 Grant Apr 13 Grant at Capitol Hill ut Central at Harding Grant at Marshall at Southeast at Douglass at Classen at Northwest at Northeast Baseball l Q X y f : Begins in late winter. X 'Q ' ie , -V' F www .Qu ' ,Le Env., , V fi ., V s f L. rr: A 4- 5, Mississa- I I I li 'nu-5 Under the guidance of coach Don Brown the Generals baseball team turned out for practice under the handicap of a late Winter to prepare for another tough season of the popular spring sport. The Generals were Working hard to meet such teams as Southeast, Northeast, Harding and many other Oklahoma City teams. In early practice sessions the squad showed a good hitting attack and strong fielding to back, with hopes of going a long Way in the Conference. The following boys make up the Baseball team for the Generals in 1960. F erren Gibbon Palmer Ard Tucker Hopkins Freshour Harrison Lyons Webb Winton Chapman Crosby Hutchinson George lst B lst B 2nd B 2nd B 2nd B S. S. S. S. L. F. R. F. C. F. C. F. R. F. C. P. P. fi 'V 5 1 ' Q R 4 My A xx ' .4 'us A p W . ..., ' X A W - 49 r aa rr i F F i' sf' .... ll M.-,uv Nw -ww , .K ROW I: Gailley, Palmer, Ard, Chapman, Winton, Webb, F reshour, Tucker. ROW II: Coach Brown, Ferren, Harrison, Henclern, Spargowski, Gibbon, Hopkins, Hutchinson, Lyons, George, Crosby. r I , ' 3 . , ff ,MM ,,,. ...aerr M . E'-If 5 W-W X Swag , it-ii.. "KK f W . --'.- f 'f E 5 , - . , s lf. M , ,,,,,,,.,,f.. ,Wf N 4 'K r :"' Uwe , if . s c iff. 3 T V. . -ff .. " " itwi A W , 2. ' fa 5. A 4 Q X A W ,,., . ..-..., 1415.3 S. ,Km . . ' ' 2 M xr is 1 r r , ussuy pnwmf ,.l' . ..a-S: s . ROVV I: Hackett, Powell, K. Holden, P. Holclcn, Moore, Dolnbin. ROXV II: Lee, Mercer, London, Meggs, Bowman, Balin Girls prove themselves b enter ROVV I: Morrison, Hackett. ROW II: Powell, P. Holden, P. Meggs, Mercer, K. Holden. W fu gfgf fa 'CZ7 4 If' ROXV I: lluckvtt, Powc-ll, Moore, Little, Dobbins. ROWV II: Lc:-, C. Holden, Merci-r, London, Bolin, K. Holden ing into active girls sports. Holclfrn, llumlsou, Brumlcnlmrg. ROYV Ill: C. Holden, Lee, JIM! ,, A igjliiiatl' if 3 'w-1? K . x wiht ,, it fi K Q gamma 50 aalfiblltti E4 ' ROW I: Chapman, Vidlock, Haun, McFeely, Bunch, Ard, Swafford. ROW II: Grimes, Edwards, VVilson, Coach Brown, Spar- gowskig Hopkins, Gibbons. Con erence Co-Clmmpsu We, the students of U. S. Grant send our sincere congratulations to the basketball team for their hard work and effort in bringing back to their school the title of Conference Co-Champs and for winning Regionals in class AA competition. This is the first time in the history of Grant that the basketball team has ever won such an honor. 202 Regional Champs--Coach Besides these two outstanding awards the basketball coach Mr. Don Brown was elected by the coaches of Oklahoma City as the Basketball Coach of the Year. And Wesley Ard was chosen for the All-Conference team, while loe Gibbons was elected to the second team. Again we congratulate this fine team. .1 of the Year. 'QA , Q Coach Brown Basketball Coach of the Year 2 I i SBNIORS Abbott, Carol-110,111,160 Anderson, Tommy-1 l4,12l Antone, Geraldinwv Ard,Wesley-17,18l,lI9,190,204 Balohie, c J.-17,124 Baker, Gary-37 Baker, Marilyn-17.110 Baker, Pat-17,114 Barnthoure, Jem-37,110,182 Banham, Ray-17,114.1 12,111 Bates, Patty-37 Baum, Linda-37,154 Bell. Nancy-37,1l0,112,113,114, 115,116,117 neniiorf, Sylvia-37,1 10,120, 111,110 Berry, Allen-Sl Bivens, Mike-38 Blancelt, Carolvllil 10,111 Blundell, Judy-11,120,l 12 laoloo, Jsniee-1 1 Bond. Neil-11.1 10 Bowmsn, carol Ann-3l,1l4 Bray, Tina-ll Bridges, Thelmo-11 Broddltone, D. C,-S!,143,144, 1 19 Brown, John-11 Brown, Peggy Ann-11,1 10 Brown, Ted-11,110 Bmwn, Velida-39,155 Bryant, Walter-S9 Buckner, Bnlce-39,110,113 Bunch, Harold-39,188,1119,190, 104 Burden, TerrieJ9 cappr, carol-19 Carpenter, Loretta-39,110,122, 114 Chaney, Jimmy-39,121,124,1J1 Chapman, Jimmy-J9,110,11J, 11l,l41,144,l60,1l8,204 Cheatwood, Bryan-J9 Chester, Wilma--39 Clark, Deanna-39 Ooates,Caro1 Lynne-19,l10,111, 111,114 Codner, Della-39,114 Cody, Carolyn-19,ll4,117,l19 Coleman, Bobby-130 Cook, lsliealoerli-40,110 Caofnield, Judy-40,120 coseas, Kathy-40 Cbwell, Shirley-40,111 Craig, jimmy-40 Davenport, james-40,114,192, 194 Davis, Barbara-40,131 Davin, Beverly-40,110,121 Davis, Linn--40 Davis, Steve-40,144,119 Demaree, Ronniw40,114 Diekenoon, jeanerte-40,101.1 lo, ll1,l14,1l1,1s0,lsl Dollar, Ann-40,ll0,121,122s l2l Dollar, Freda-40 Doughty, Wanda-40,10l,110, 114,139 Edwards, Kay-41,120 Eidion, Ronnie-41 Epperson, Alvin-41,110 Epperson, Larry-41 Esclller, Jerry-41 Farri1, Tommy-4l,l1l,l12,192 Fasgold, Sandra jean-41.116 Fender, Virginia Gayle-41,1 10, 121,114 Ferguson, Leon-41,191 Perrrn, Jimmy-41 Figaro, Judy-41,l01,1 10,120,119 Fixher, Jerry-41 Fox, Nancy-41 Freshour, Ernie-4l,l60,l11,112 Fritz, Carl--41 Fry, Judy-41,l10,121,12l Frysinger, Joyce-42,120 Fuller, John-42,119 Garely, Carolyn-42 Gentry, Kathy-42,114 Gerred, Pauline-42,144 Gibbon,Joe-42,110,11l,1Z1,1ll, 119,104 Gipxon, Richard-41 Goeckler, Leslie-42 Grady, Rodney-41,130 Grady, Rosamond Holt-42,110 Gray, Carl-42 Grearhouse, jackie-42,110,114 Green, Rarlsy-42 Hackerr, Sondra-4Z,108,110,11S, 11s,l20,117,119,l40.160,z02, 203 Haggard, Joy-41,110,120 Hall, Kenr-41,114 Hampton, Mickey-41 Haworth, Dale-43 Henley, Nina-41 Holden, Kay-41,101,l10,117, 119,202,201 Hollingsworth, S1150 Holloway, Phillop-43 Hook, C1araecw4S Hornbeck, Harley-43 zalowery, Darlen?4S Hudson, Dianne-41 Hudson, Twila-41,l01,ll0,1l4, 111,111 Husk, Judy-43 Isbill, Robert--110,114 Ingram, Rickey-41,113,160 acola, Pat-44 lmmerson, Carolyn-44 ohnson, Fred-44 ohnxon, James-44 Johnson, Judy-44,1 10,145,198 johnson, Sandra-44 Johnson, Suzanna-44,110,155 Johnston, Moreoe-44,110 204 jones. Helen-44,110 Jones, Ronny-44 Kaoralris, Kay-44 Kidd, Janna-44,110 Knapp, Jerry-44,111,112 Lakin, janic?44 Lanih, Ector-44 Langston, Linda-45,110 Law, E. D.-41 Lawton, Pun-41 Lewis, Par-41 Lincicome, Gary-41 Linder, Gary-41,l01,ll0,1 13 Logan, Darell-41 London, Sharon-41,120,1J7,119, 103 Lyon, Jimmy-41,ll0,l2l,11l, 182.191 Mackey, Norma-4S,110,111,11J Malicoate, Cheter-45 Martin, Frances-41 Manldin, Jameo-41 Mauldin, Johnnie-41 Mercer, Danny'-41 Middleton, Buford-46 Miller, Brut?-45,194 Miller, Dennis-41 Mitchell, Jerry-46 Montgomery, George-45 Moore, Judy-46,1l0,120,1J7,ZOZ Morgan, Dong-45,116,114 Morrison. Jackie-46 Mosley, Tommy-4s Mull, Richard-46,131 McAdoo, Val Brock-46 Mecaehren, Virginia-46,108,110, 113.150 McClellan, Janice-46 McLain, Nadrz-46 MeMnrry, Jimmy-41,114 Nelxon, Berry-47,110,120 Nethercutt, Gerene-47 Norris, Cynthia-47,120,128 Norton, Patricia-47 0'1'llnlon, Mary-47,108.1 10, 1 18,120,119 O'5hea, Tony-47,1 10 Outlaw, Bob-47,192,194 Owenx, Don147 Palmer, Rusty-47,1l0,114,180, 182 Parris, Warren-47 Petty, Mary Alice-47,10l1,110, 111,119,150 Phares. David-47 Pine, Margie-47 Pirehford, Kenneth-47 Powell, Wanda-47,l08,l10,113, 11l,120,157,lJ9,l40,l60,ZOZi 205 Preston, Sonic-48,ll0,110,lJU, 140 Richardson, Kennirh-48 Ritchie, Barbara-411 Roach, Pliyllie-41 Robertson, Beverly-48 Robinson, Carole-48,120 1loofe,,1zniCl.-48,11l,l20,160 Rowlan, Cleo-4! Royal, Ruth Ann--41,100 Sacketr, Loma Fayhn Sandrfer, Douglas-48 sinner, ,lim-41 Seifree. Joyce-41 Scott, Ronnie-41 seay, Sandy-48 Sehon, Ruth-49,l'l2,11l Selvidge, Saundra-49,10l,110, ll1,l20,l19,l40,la0,lsl Sheets, Johnny--49,115 Sheppard, Franeee-49,l0a,110, 1l1,lsl Shields, Doug--49,ll0,114,141, 144,119 Sllrader, Shirley-49,120,141 Sirton, Ernest-49 Slater, Albert-49,131 smarer, Patti-49,110 Smith, Barbara-49,110 Smith, Carolyn-49 Spearman, Elaine-49,l0H,ll0, 120,139 Spillrrs, Betty-49 Stamper, Czrlenl,--49,112,160 Statham, Sue-49 srepliens, Gloria-19 Stevens, Jay-10,110,112 Stoneloraker, Joyce-S0 sruhbs, Chuek-10,l01,ll4,1l1, 122,14l,144,119,l91 Sulivan,judirh-10,110,111 Summers, Judy-10,110 Swint, Io+50 Tarlron, Thomas-10 Thomas, Carolyn-S0 Thomas, Georgsyxo Thornas, B017-10 Tliornpson, Jirnrny-10 Thrower, Wayn+50 Tillerson, George-10,l1s,l11, 182 Towler, Dee-Sl Towler, Lee-51,118 Trorrrr, Sandy-11,110,11l,l39 Turner, Kay-11 Vidlock,Gary-S1,124,14J,144, 111,190,204 Voiwell,C,W.-11,1Dl!,110,l2l, 111,110,192,194 Ward, Mike-11,130,111 Walker, Sandra-S1 Weaver, Marion-11 Weiser, Marilyn-11 Welch, Kathy-11 Welchel, Margaret-11 Williams, Mary-11,110 Williams, Rutha-11,160,151 Williams, suH11,12l Wilson. Dennis-12,124,111 Wilron, Georgwi2,l1l,l1s,l10, 182 Wilson, jerry-12,114 Wilson,Larry-12,110,l21,1J3, 180,18Z,188,l89,190,204 Woodring, Bobby-12,111 Woolery, Diana-12,121 Wynne, Larry-12 Yerl1y,johnny-12,110 Young, Barbara-SZ Young, janiehsz Bonner, Lonnie-12,110 Cummings, jack-12 Justice, Mareine-12 Keas, Karen-11,114,111 Woodside, seoer-12,111,112 ,IUNIORS Alabanaro, Par-11 Acheson,Keith-S5,I0!,116,12l, 192,194 Aeree, Parrieia-11 Adams, jes1P11,lls,l11 Addrige, Mary-ss Allen, Shanah-11,112 Alvarado, Delia-11 Adhlock, Mary-U Aslipangli, Emory-11 Baker, Bnsceii Baker, 1mogenH11,ll9,lz0,l11, 111 Barlier, carolyn-1 1,1 12 Bowrnen, Parrieia-s1,101,1ss, 201 Brarron, Ralph-15 Bridges, Ronald-ss Briney, Carol snhs 1,101,116 Broadsrone. Diek-11,144,141 Brock, Ann-15 Brock, Crawford-11,110 Brown, Everett-11 Brown, R. c.-11,1sl,lx1,191, 194 Brown, Rieliard-11 Brown. soo-1 1,111,111,122 Buren, Charles-S1 Bnrelierr, jerry-11 Boreman, Mikv51.l92 cagle, Mary Jo-xs,111,111,l44, 141,1 10,1 13 Caldwell, Alma-11.112,1l1,110, 111 Cameron, Don-55 Campbell, Frank-SS Carlisle, Lawanda-11 Carleon, Bevenly-11,13 1 Casrle, Loucine-56 Chambers, Sharon-S6 Chandler, Clint-16 Chaney, Alicww Cliildrear, Prentice-56,11 0 Clark, Bill-16 Clark, Jimmy-16,196 Clay,1.eanr1h16,lJl,144 Clingan, JeanerrPss,l1l,l11, 144,141 Clymer, Hennan-16,124,lS0, 131 Coker, Marilyn-56 oolloaogli, Jerry-so Collier, Kay-16 Combs, Frank-16 Gornell, charles-15,144,141 coreon, James-is cones, Linda-16 Cox, Gary-SS cor, Karen-16,113 Craig, jean-16 Cravey, Donna-56 Crawford, Jimmy-ss Crew, Pliyllis-56 Crider, Myrlena-56,111,139 Crump, Joe-ss Curby, Jon-16,144,111 Daniels, Carol-16 nanglierry, sammy-is Davir, Virginia-16,111,138 Dawson, Mikw!6 DeGraffenreid, Jimmy-ss Dell, Buster-16,1ll,I21,1110,1l3 Demiek, GraeH17,l1s,l19,111 Dies, Gary-17,l36,180,181,l88, 190 Dorsey, slreili-17,111,119 Dowdy, Ronald-57 Downs, Betty-57 Duggan, Beverly-17,101,112 Edwards, Alfred-17 Edwards, Sam-S7 Edwards, Tim-S7,l11,l11,l19, 190,204 Ehrig, Carol Sue-17,114 Elmore, juli-17 Epperxon, Richard-17 Erwin, Sheila-17,11 1,144,1 10, 1 11 Evans, Suzerta-17,119,140 Eyerrr, Bolo-17 Fair, Mike-17,116,117 Farrier, Bill-17 Fawcett. Robert-57 Filler, Dickir-S7,10B,111,171 Fowlwle, Billiew Franklin, john--17 Frielier, Michall-17,144.1 59 Fllget, Kenneth-57 Gage,jonelleS7.l11,1111,11B Galindo, Delores-17 Gates, Ferrelyn-17,101,111,l11 George, Glen-57 George, Helen-11 Gibson, Marcell-S7 Gideon, Mary-'17 Gilkrr. Carolyn-17,111,118 Gill, Carl-17,108,111 Gilmore, sam-11 Ginn, Chester-11 Gilpin, Jess+18,1l1 Gilpin, Johnnie-1a,l01,ll1,1Z9 Gonzales, Judy-11,1 54 Gore, Barbara-18,139,111 Grape, Par-11,lo1,l 1 l,l22,111. 111,177 Grimes. Gerry-11,121,l19,190, 204 Guy, Berry-11 Hail, Sondra-18 Hamilton, Darlene-Sl Hamilron, Rick-11,111 Haney, Royeexs Hannon, David-1a,l1s.l10,111, 192,194 Harper, JaCk.i?1l,l 1 1,1 J9 Harrell, Diana-18,119 Harrington, Danna-11 Haun, charlie-11,10s,11l,l1s, 190,204 Healy, Jerri-11,111 Hendrix, Lynn-18,159 Henry, Corolyn-11,119,120 Herriott, Donna-18,111,119 1511, Gwen-11,144 1-iodgins, Stephen-58,1 11 Holland. John-11,l1s,l1l,111, 191 Hollirnan, Buddy-18,130 Hopkins, Johnnie-1B,108,111, 111,190,204 Houser, Msry Sll+18,114 Hughes, sondra-11,1zz,l 14,111 Hunter, Bobbie-58 Huskinson, Richard-18 1-lnnnaker, James-Sl Hyden, Evelyn-19,111 Igo,Wayne19,1J1 1rwin,jack-19,131,192 Jackson, cara-19,119 Johnson, Carol-19,111,160 Johrnon, Earlene19 Johnsun, Helen-19,112 Jahnson, Ronald-19,144 Johneon. Ross-S9 Jones, Carolyn-19 Jones, jerry'-19 Jones, Terry'-5 9 Jump, chi-ireinH19 Kay, Paul-S9 Kellner, Richard-S9 Rempf, Linda-19,111,139 Kennrmer, john-19 Kereh, Tom-19 Kirk, Esta Lea-59,l13,12B,1J2, 160 Lane, Barbara-f9,111,11J,1JB, 160 Lane, Fred-19 Lavarnway, Jerry-19,1 30 Lees, Donald-19,121 Lewin Mary-19 Linquist, Carolyn--59,139,155 Lineey, Tommyhss Lirrle, Darlene-19,1 l l,111,l11, 110 Little, Miklb-19,l81,l92,194 Lovekamp, Robert-19 Lurnan, Charlottr-19 Loman, Michael-19 Mancel, Rem?-19 Marsin, Billy-60 Marvin, Tamara-60,119,113 Mathis, Glendr-60,119 Max, Edward-60 Mead, Ann-60,111,118,1l9, 122,15 8,1 11 Meggr, Passy-s0.lo1,119,2o2 Melton, Jack-60 Mercer, Bill-60,l1l,l 18,114,131 l44,1 19 Mercer, cletno-s0,111,l1s,s7, 11l,1 11,202,201 Mercer, Tom-60 Miller, Iva Nell-60 Miles, Glen-60 Millner, Keith-60 Mirehell, D.C.-60,111,124,1 13 Mitchell, julia-60 Miron, Kay?60,120,1S8,140,171 Monkres, Janine-60,111,111 Monroe, Judy-60,111,118 Montgomery, Terra-60 Moody, Linda-60 Moore, Clsarl0tte60,116 Moore, Jerry-60,181,191 Moose, Pauline-60 Morgan, Judy-60 Myers, Donnr-so Moridoo, Mary-s0,111,l11,1s0 McClellan, Martha-60 Mecord, Mary Ann-60 McCoy, Bill-so,l1s,17s,110,la1 McCown, Patsy-60 McFeely, Dennie-10,124,110 McGuire, Johnny-so Meinnis, David-61 Mclnnis, Jarneo-el Motanghlin, carlierine-sl MaeMahon, Richard-61,181 Nelson, Carolyn-Sl,l12,11S,129, 1 11,1 11 Ne1son,Pala1-61,111,110 Neeherenrs, 1.0nnil?61,130 Norton, Carolyn-61 oglesbee, Wanda-61,119,120, 124 Osborne, A1-61 o'slnra, Miki-s1,111,z1s,1s0, 151,110,111 Oulds, Gerald-61 Owens, Bennie-61 Owens, Ruth Ann-61,111 Parker, 'David-sl Parker, Jimmy-sl Parmeter, Linda-6l,111,l1l Parsons, Ear1en?6l Paseher, Eugen0+61,l92,194 Payne, Bratrice61 Payton, Vicki-6l,l11,128,lJ11 Peacock, Aquanette-61,138 Pendergrafr, Bolo-sl Phelps, Bob-61 Phillipr, carol-sl Phillips, Sherry-61,112 Pinkxron, Linda-sl Poereeee, Berry-ei Poole, Mickey-61,112 Port, Larry-61 Plnmlee, Vivien-01,110 Prather, James-sl Price, David-62,112,1lS,12Z, 133 Priee, Jani-sz,las Pruitt, Jimmy-61 Pniitt, Phil-62 Quick, JanPoz Rappr, David-62,128 Reece, Charleo-62 Reece, Sue62,1Jl Renzelman, Can-nen-61 Reynolds, Janie-62,112,113 Richardson, Kaye--61 Riehardeon, Mike-62,lll,1Jl, 1 44 Rogers, Glenda-62 Rose, Bendia-62,124,110 Rowlerr, Mike-52,110 Royal, Mary-62 Ruise, Bonita-62,118,131 sanle, Rarliryn-62,119 Scarbrough, Susan-6Z,111,120, 111 Schreader, Bill-62 Scott, Charles-62 Scott, Kemi-62,1D8,111,ll6, 1Z2,l18,114,11f,'l 16 Scott, Lucinda-63 Sells, Priscella-62,1 1 1,1 1 8,1 JS, 1 13 Self, Raymond-52 Seymour, Ann-sz Seymour, Tommy-S2 Shaddy, Jane-61,119,112 Shaffer, Bill-62 sharswell, John-62 Sheppard, Carolyn-61,1 16,117, 112.1 13,114,115 Sherrard, Pat-S2 Shiplet, Linda-6S,122,1ll,11'4 Shipley, Janiee-s1,101,l11,l1t, 140,171 simmons, Beverly'-63,138 Simpson, Sharon-63,1511 Smith, Maurice63 smiela, Sidney'-63 Snider, Berry-61 Stanford, Stanley'-63,194 Stanton, Lera Fayw61,l31 Sreware, Ronnipn Stine, ,lack-63 srone, Karen-63 Seraka, Linda-63,ll5,ll7,1l2, 119 Swafford, Dnid-6S,l08,1!6,1l0 111,191,204 Swaeek, Carolyn-61,1 1 1 ,l 1 1, 138 Swindle, ,1eannie63,1l1,122. 119,140,111 Talkington, Carol-61,139 Tedder, Ronald-61,110,192 Testerman, jerry-61 Thompron, Beeey-61,111 Thornpion, Donna-61 Tillerson, Mary-63,139 Toney, Barbara-63 Tompkins, Pat-61 Trent, Bill-61 Troxell, Sammy:-61,1 1 l,l1l, 138 Trumbly, Larry-63 Tullis, John-ss Tumel. Alvin-63,119 Turner, Mikt-63 Tyler, Joe-61 Tyne. Cecil-63 Tyrell, Imogene-si Ulman, Bonnie64 Umhaltz, Jimmy-s4 Venable, Jeallettr-64,111.11 9 Voss, Mary Ann-64,144,141 Wade, Jan-64.123,l34,110 Wall, Carol-64 Ward, Allen-64 Warner, Cecil-64,180,196 Webb, Bobby-64 Webb, Mike64 We1cl1,Roger-64,111,113 Welch, Tommy-64 Whalen, 1.indv64 Wilkerson, Judy-s4,101,1 21, 139,113 Williams, Nita-64 Willix, Linda-54,118,112 Wineread, David-64,111 Winton, Gail-64 Woodir, Larry-64,110 Wright, Chula-54,111 Wright, sue-04 Wylie, Pam-64 York, Jim-64,112 SOPHOMORES rleree, Jimmy-67 Adamr, Jerry-sr Alden, Jody-or Aldridge, Billie-S7 Allen, Nona-67,119,118 Allspaw, Cynehia-67,119 Alvarado, Jeoee-or Anders, Mona-67 Anderson, Phyllis-67,160 Avody, Larry-67 Balolnrr, Fred-75,153 Baker. Bruce-67 Baker, Darrel-67 Baker, Gerald-67 Barefoot, Clayton-67,131 Barnes, Linda-67 Barnett, Gil,-71 Barn!l10llse,Jlldy-73 ,ll8,1J 9 Bauman, Mike67,l21i Beam, Billy-67 Benron, Larry-67,141 Benson, Rmuld-67,124 Benfock, Carol-67 Bethea, Don-67 Carol-70 Woolridge. Sandy-73 Bettes, Janice-75 Blaokrnan, Don-67,144,159 lxolin. Judy-67,118 Booth, Betty-67 Bowman, jean-67,138 Boyanton, Bobby-67 Bradley, Kay-67,114 Bradshaw, Sur-67 Brasher, Kenny-67 Bratrain, Ralph-75 Briscoe, Tommy-67,119 Brocaw, Mickey-67 Brotherwna Donna-67 urown, yaelrit-or Brown, Linda-67,112,131 Browning, Shirley-67 Brtsha, Richard-67,1 l 5,12l Bnanks, Wendell-67,130 Bryan, Charlene67,1S2 Bryant, Dean-67,150 Buckley, Allen-67 Buckner, vlaynPas7,14e Bunch. Carolyn-67,138 Burrell, sonie-tr Burn, Jeanne--67,128,131 Carlisle, Kenneth-67,144 Carrol, Robert-67,14l Cates, Loretta-67,1 N Chaney, John-S7 Claborn, Nancy-67,118 Clapps, Barbara-67 Clark, Janet-67,1 51 Clingan, Loretta--67,121 Coates, Don-61,1 as Ooley, Janna-68 Collier, Gary-sl Canine, Omni4+6l,1Sl Conner, Jerry-611 Coonfield. Jams-68 Cornelius, Deanna-120,158 Cox, Sandye-6l,1l9.1f8 Crawford, Jimmy-73 croninger, Leo-tr Croaby,jody-611,1B0,1IJ,1ll, 1 90,191 Cross, liarbarn-as Cross, Edmond-68 Crow, Dorothy-Sl Cunrniingr, John-sa Cunningham. Lewis-Sl Curtis, Pat-68 Daily, Roy-s11,1zs.l44,l19 Davis, Daniel-611 Davis, Diana-68,139,1!1,118 Davis. Fred-65 Davis, Wallace-sa DeA.rman, Jimmy-58,1 13 Day, Judy-70 Dixon, Carolyn-68,108,1Jl Dorais, Johnny-sa Dubworth, Jirnnay-ss Duncan, Kent'-58,132 Duncan, Rodger-sr,1os,lsl, 1 91 Dunn, Danny'-G! Eaererling, David-sa,1s1 Ecton, Billy-68,130 rnrrarn, Ella Fay'-71,112 Ingram, Lee-rl Jackson, ltnnniwrl Jackson, Larry-71,110 james. 'rnrdy-71,1ot,11s,14a Jenkins, Gary-71 Jennings, vlaynrrl Jolua, Bobby-71 Johnson, Marlr-rs Jol-rnaon, Pam--71,144 johnson, Sandy-71 Jones, lzrnrnerr-11,111 Jonru, ltarlay-7: Jones, Martha-71,120,144 Jones, Sain-70 Kay, Judy-119 Kell Linda-70,120 Yr Kendal 1, Don-ro King, Neatia-70 Kinkaid, Penny-115,128,119 Kirk. Barbara-70 ltnanp, Bill-ro Knight, Pat-70,111 Kuehne, Karen-70 LaMar,1-Iedy-70, 114 Langston, Sharon-70,139 Lasiter, Linda-70 Lavarnway, Ann-71,160 Lawson, Gail-73,1 J 9 Lay, R Leake. obert-70 Roger--711 Lee, Diana-70,10lr1J7,1J9,171 Lewis, Little, Bolv-70 Carolyn-rn Little, Mary-ro,11l.1s1,ls9 Little- Logan. Roger-7o,1os,1 111 Wanda-ro Long. Jo Anna-70,115,139 London, Gloria-70 Lovett, Nolmo-70 Lovewaa, Ann-70 Lusk, Wayne-70 Lyon,Bill-70,1S1,1lS,196 Mackey, Joy-70,111,139 Maldonado, Olivia-70 Maloy, Maloy, Malay. MansG Lana-70,119,128 Suv70,l3Z eld, Sharon-70 Manin, Bill-10,141 Martin, Gary-70,132 Martin, Linda-70,112 May, Dale-70 May, Nelda-70,120,111 Medders, ,lot-70,130 Miller. Janet-70,122 Miller, Judy-70,139 Milliga n, Bonnie-711 Minnis, Eddiw-70.124 Mitchell, Gary-70 Slater, Janet-72 Smartt, Mary-72 Smith, Bobby-72 Smith, Cheryl-72 Smith, Linda-72 Smith, Pat-72,1 29,1 14 Smith, R oyena-72 Smith, Sandra Sue-72 Smith, Sandy-72,10l,111 Smith, Wayne-72 Snider, Henrietta-73 Spargolwski, Jerry-72,204 Staggr, Elsir-71 Steele, Carol-72,129 Steele, Dora-71 Steele, Ronniv72 Stewart, Raymond-72,11 1 Stewart, Robert-72 Stewart, Roger-72 Stewart, Shirley-71 Stone, Karen-71 Sturgon, JoP72,14s,1y9 Tate, Brenda-72,112,118 Taylor, Bobby-71 Tlionnaion, La Donna-72,l!9, 141 Timanus, Sharon-72,139 Tollaert. hen Towler, Lula-71,119 Trannnell, Danny-71,110,191 Treiol-ller, janicv72,10l,l 12, 111,119,170 Trent, John-71,194 Tucker, Bill--72,196 Tyler, Mielaael-72 unibarrer, Barbara-72,111 vanaanr, Mike72,191.194 Waldrop, Jim-72 Walker, Donna-72,110,118 Wall, Ralph-72,119 Waller, Larry-rz Welch, anne-n West, Carol-72,132,154 Whitaker, Annette-72,111,119 Wlliteanan, Sharorr-72 Wlronible, Jaelr-7z,lso willreraon, VovnniP7J,1S9,113 Easters, Darrell-73 Este, Kenneth-73 Evans, connihrs Evans, Linda-611,111 Farris, Donna-61,119 Feland, Da.le6l! Ferrel, Kay-sx,1ss Freed, Jarnea-511,111 Fisher, Sharon-68,154 Flatt, Donny-68 Fort. Roy'-6B Fox, A Gaffor Galley, rnlren--68,1 19,128,151 d, Phyllis-61,152,113 Gerald-68,124 Galindo, Carmen-SB Garlic, Garlan Hal-6 8 . Roycw6 9 Garrett, David-6!.l3l Gentry, Carl-73 Gver. Linda-68 Gerred, Eddie-68 Gibson, Jarner-tt Gibson, Jeanerre-ss Gib,on, Jonnie-or Gibson, Leslie6B Glover, Johnie-59,1011 Goodman, Sheila-63,114 Gorby, Roberta-S9 Greathouse, Billy-59,108,120, 139 Green, Linda-69,114 Greene, Nancy-69,114 Greene, Ronald-69 Griffin, Charles-69 Hall, Connie-69,108,138 Hall, Jon-69,115 Hahn, Connie--69,131 l-larnrnond, Linda-69 Harbolr, Janie.-7: Harmon, David-69 Harney, Billy-59 Harrison, Joe Bill-69,180,191 Hart, Reba-69 Harvey, Janiee-69 Hay, Barbara-69,1 14 Hayes, Lorna-71 Haynee Deward-11 Hendren, Scott-7l Hendricks, Carolyn--71,111 Henline, jim-71,131 Herman, Linnie-71 lprernander, J. D.-71 Higginbotcom, Barbara-7l,l32, 114 Higlirower, Glen-71,130,111 Hill, Ann--71 Hilley, Cecilia-71 Holden, Carole-71,159 Holder, Glenda-71 Holliman, Randy-7l Holltum, Pam-7l Holland, Chris-71,1l0,1ll3,l9l Holmes, Billy-71,191 Horton, Jerry-71 Howeth, Marie7l Hughes, Donna-71,150 1-turner, Buddy-71,111 Hulltinson, Margaret-71 1"1utcl1lnson,Pat-71.191 Mizirl, Larry-70,130,131 Moon, Jerry-70 Moore, Mary Ann-70,115,119r 11 1 Morre, Carol-70 Morris, Carol-70 Morrison, Carol-70 Morrow, Beverly-70,116,120,122 Morgan, jerry'-70 Moyer, Ray-70,132 Murray, Arles:-70,115 Mecarlaern, Joe-71 McDowell, Meredith-71,152 McGhee, Frank-71 McGhee, Kay-71,139 M 'n, Etna-71 Mgihnis, Bobby-71 Nash, Refnrd-71,145,148 Newton,Denna-7l,11l,1J9,l14 Nievez, Jimmy-71 Nitael, Bruce-71 Norton, Judy-71 Novak. Carolyn-71 orr, Randy--73,144,192 Orr, Ritr-71 Painter, Quanah-71 Parks, Shirley-71 Parolrer, Ruby-71 Pather, Janie,-71 Patterson, Ralph-71,111,131 Pearce, Ralph-71 Peelr, Mike-71 1'eeler,Georgv7l,l5U,1Sl renry, Karlay-71 Petryjolan, Charles-71,122,119 Petty, 'rlionrar-71 Pitt, Kenneth-71,111 Phares, Kay-71,119 Phillips, Ronnie-71 Phillips, Sherry-71,122 Podder, Mauric+7l,l29 Powell, Phyllis-71 Power, jimmy-71 Quick, Barbara-71 Rakestraw, Carolyn-71 Ramsey, Walter-71 Reayer, Shirley-71,139,112 Reaves, Barbara-71,1 12,1 12,1 18 Reed, Toney-71,124,196 Reynolds, Dean-71 Rhodes, Sue-71 Rlioren, jaelrie-71 Rlloten, Thomas-71,152,194 Roberta, Bobbie-71,lUK,lJl Robinson, Jerri-71 Robles. Richard--71 knee, Ronald-71 Rose, Zcela-7l,l39 Rorelarnok, Myron-71,124 Roper, Peggy-11 Rowlett, Jerry-71 Ryals, Kent-7l,129.lJ3,l 51.156 Sachsenheimer, Sue+7l,l44 Salyer, Lona Mae-71 Saylors, 'rbril-71 Scott, Bill-72,124,132 - Scott, Billy-72 Scott, Ronnie.--72 173 Vmllian-ls, Bobby joe-73 Williams Floyd-71 Williams: Lynda, vs Williams. Sandra-71 Willianu Sharron-73,112 vlilliaans, Walter-73 Williamson, Rick-73,111 Wilmoth, Janer-rs Wilson, non-71,144 Wilton, Jerri-71,101,170 vnnans, Lenny-73 Windsor, Charlotte-73,1 I 5 Winkler, Claudia-71 Worsham, Danny-73 Worthington, Leonard--73 Wright, Marion-73 Wright, Peggy-71 Wynn, Bailey-73 Young, Dale7J,145 Young, Karen'-75 Zoeller, Danny-75 FRESHMEN Atkins, Russell-71 Allison, Janet Kay-71,141 Anderson, Sherry-75 Anderson. Sidney-7s,1o9,14l, 143 Ashworth, Betty--71 Bailey, Patricia-75 Baird, Steve7! Baker, Danny'-75 Baker, Miken Barnes, Linda-75 Barnett, Thresa-71' iaaulringboure, Juriirla-11 Bell, Judith Ann-71 Berry, jean-71 Blocker, Evelyn-71 Bradburry, Judy-73' Brandenburg, jo Lyn-7 S,109, 141 142,175 Brandon, Brenda-7 1' Bridges, Janie-71 Bridges, Ronnie75 Seymour, Bolv-72 Sexton, Yancy-72 Shafer, Geraldine72,l 20 Shropshire, Gale-71,131,133 Shuck, Dick-71 Simon, Tommy-72,18I,1!1,I9li 194 sirton, Nancy-72 Bridges, Thomas-71 Briscoe, Linda-75 Brock, Stephen-7 1 Brown, Carol-71,142 Brown, Cathy-71 Brown, Charlotte75 Brown, nororliy-vt Brown, Helen-7X Brown, Jani,-71 Brown, Norma-71 Browning, jean-71 Bulloelr, Kenny-71,109,110 Burris, Terry-7 1 Buahey, Sandra-71 Canaday, Linda-71 Cannon, Linda Loo-71 Cannon, Sharon-71' cape, Lester-71 CIPPL Robby-77 Carlton, Danny--75 canon, Keith 11.-11 carr, Gene-75 Case ,Joe-rs cliarnberlain, Karliy-71 clieaney, Hal-75 cliadwell, Harvey-71 Clark, Bruce-75 clarlr. Sharon-75 Clary, Janic+71.119 codner, Billi?7S,l09,141 oolbougli, Larry-71 Cowell. Elaine--75 Cox, B Cox, L illye sue-rs inda Myrl-75 Crawford. Carol--75 Crockett, Don-75 cunninglaarn, Jann-11 Daniels, Daniels. Donna-75 Dlckir-75 Davis, Malcolm-71 Davis, Margaret-76 Davis, Pauletta-75 Davis, virginia-rs Daweon. Ronald-76 Dobyne, Charlotte-76.143 Dougherty, joan-76 Driikill, Cheryl--76,119 Drixkill, james-76,185 Donrer. Beverly-76 Dunfla Carolyn-76 Dunn, Jo Ann-76 Dutton, Jolene--76 Easter, Dean-76,191 Edwards, Carl-76 Edwards, Elaine-76 Eidson, Sondra-76 Ellis. Gary-76 Elmore, Jams-76 England, Charles-76 Eppenon, Buddyr-76 Evens, Earnest Lew76 Everu, Tamara--75 Flanning, Shirley-76 Ferraaon, Bill-76,186,191 Figaro, Maria Junhrs Filler, Janice-76 Fitzgerald, Rodney'-76 Planary, Sue76 Flanilten, Cheryl-76 Forbs, Janice-76 Fowble, Franoee-76 Fox, 'Fred-75 Frankenfield, Bob-76 lfreernan, Janiohrs Fricker, Carl--76 Gail, Jarnee-rs Gast, janet-76 Georsei Charles-76 Gibson, Pat-76 Gibson, Tom-76 Gilmore, Le Roy-76 Gilsoo. Charlotte-76 Gilaon, Pain-75,177 Golden, Muiriv76 Gordon, Mike-76 Gould, Tommy-76 Green, Diane76 Green, Gary'-76 Greenwell, Suzanne-76 Grider. Cody-76,1 16,192 Grimsley, Howard-76 Guthrie, Carl-76 Haas, Joe76 Hiatt, Bill-76,191 Hales, Rebecca-76 Hall. Harold-76 Hamilton, George-76 Hampton, Annette-76 Hannah, Sharon-76 Harrium, Tommy-76 Hathcock, Gary-77 Hayes, David-77 Hazen, Janet-77 Hem, Richard-77 Hendren, Scott-77 Hedgepsth, Dori:-77 Henderson, Claud+77 Henry, DarlenP77 Herman, Suh77 Herron, Finie-77 Hibdon, Dale-77 1-tiggenbotrorn, Jerry-11,115 Hightower, Glen-77 Hill, Faye77,142 Hill, Larry--77 Holden, Pam-77,141,143 Holder, Fred-77 Holland, Colleen-77 Holliman, Sandra-77 Hopson, Mike-77 1-lopton, Sharon-77 Howard, Sally-77 Hudgins, Barbara-77 Hunter. Candy-77,109,143 Husted, Sharron-77 Ingram, Clydr-77 Jaelrron, Andrew-77 jackson- Larry-77 jackson, Riolnrd-77 Janta, Denver-77 Jenson, Darlene-rr Jenson, Darlene77 Johnson, David-77 Jolanron, Jane-77,142 Jolrnron, slaaron-77 johnson, Ted-77 jolly, Barhara-77 Jones, Jaek-77 Jones, Jerry-77 Jones, Linda-77 Jonet, Terry-77 Ken, Janiehn ltrnaoer, Charles-77 Kern, Karen-77 Kerr, Lynda-77,141 Kidd, Bill-77 King, Roger-77 Kirltham, Edna-77 Knight, Dennis-77 Kolke, Dennis-77 Kreg, Ann Marie-77,142 Landrdown, Beverly-77 Leeder, jimmy-77 Lindsey, jan4+77,14 2 Little, Gary-77 Little, Kenneth-77 Luttrull, Janette-77 Lyon, Alwyn-77,191 Lyon, Tommy-77 Mauldin, Cheryl-77 Maldonado, Leonard-77 Mammedaty, janicw77 Marlar, Eddie-78 Mason, Louise-78 Massingale, Carolyn-78 Matlock, Elsie-78 May, sandra-711 Mays, Bill-7l,l91 Meggs, Jane-11,141,141 Melton, Kaye7l Merriman, Marie-78 Miles, Jaelr-711 Miller, Sharon-78 Miner, john-71 Moffat, Gregg-78 Monroe, Jerry-711 Montgomery, Dianne-78 Montgomery, Ricky-78 Moody, villiarn-71 Moore, Dale--78 Moore, jacci-711 Moore, Sammy-7l Moore, Sharon-7l Moran, Bolr-7l,1 lGy196 Morrison. Jimmy'-7l Muller, janet-7l Mutz, Anita-7l McAter, Billie7l McBride, Frankiwn McClung, Linda-75 McDonald, Jerry-7l,l9l Mclnnir. Dalton-7l Meltee, 'roninry-71 Mclain, Lewanna-78 Nalen. Alton-7l Neal, Lorna--78 Nelson, Carolyn-78,119 Nelson, Jerry-71,1 as Newcomb, Steven-71 Newall. Karen-73.142 Norton. Ronnien overbay, yobnnie-n.1ts Owen, Wayne-73 Parker, Bob-71,115,196 Parker, Carolina-7l Parker, Tommy'-7l,1l6 Payne, von allen-71,142 rernoin. Bob-rs Pennington, Judy-75 Penry, Linda-n Perry, jeannenb-7l Persson, Meredith-75 Phillips, Linda-7l lvlrilliur, 'rainrny-n Pl1iPP. Glenn-71 Pine, Kaye-7l Poe, Larry-78,186 Poetetee. Suzi-7s Poatell, Terry-7l Pratt, Charles-71 Priee, Janet-71,141,142 Prichard, Sandra-7l Pulliam, Wilma-79 Punneo, Carolyn-79 Quintero, Tony-79 Ratchel, Freddien Rea. John-79 Reaves, Janet-79 Reed, Allen-79 Reynolds, Paul-79 lurinelrarr, Chuck-79 Richardson, Dennis-10 Rider, Kenneth-79 Riddle, Eugene79 Roheru. Lease-79 Rosier, Gloria-79 Roar, Ronald-79 Ryali, Marlene-79 Ryhan, Sharon-79 Sam, Roy-79,191 Sanders, Curtis-79 Saver, Billy-79 Schroeder, Sulln-79,117,119 Schultheis, Edvard-79,192 Schultheis, Richard-79 Seabourn, Billy-79 Seihel, Iames-79,186 seiliel, Vicltie-79,109 Severe, Helen-79 Seymour, Goldie-79 Shaw, Bob-79 Sherrill, Ronald-79 Shipley, johnny--79,1l6,196 Shults, Myrna-79 slirunr, Junior-79 Simmons, Robert-79 Simnu, Dal?79 Simpson, Terry'-79 Smith, Ellen-79 Smith, Joyce-79 Smith, Pat-79.129 Smith, Patsy-79 Snow, Alta-79 Spearman, Janice-79,117 Stacy, Ronald--79 Stair, North-79 Stanrlefer, Jimmy-79 Standerfer, Joan-79 Starwalt, Charlotte79 Stephens, Karen-79 Stevens, David-I0 Stevens, Linda-79 Stevens, Ronald-79 sriyer, Carolyn-79 Stakes, Juanita-79 Sutton, Patsy-79 Tarter, Gary-79,1 15,196 Tare, Judy-79 Tarun-1. Danny-79,1116 Teague, George-19 1'liona,a,on, Frank-79 Thompson, johnny-79 Tboninron, xarlay-19 Thompson, Sharon--79 Thompson, Wendell-79 Tipton, Florencew Todd, Linda-K0 Treichler, Lynda-B0,l09,141,142 Trotter, john-10 Trowe, Phil-80 Tnicks, Charlotte-80 Turner, Larry-80 Tyrel.l, Gary'-l0 Tysen, Eugene-BO Underwood, Jennifer-I0 Vance, Marianna--I0 vandaveer, Carolyn-80 Venlble, Charlotte-l0,109,l41 Walker, Phyllis Ann-80 Walser, Diane--U0 Wann, Grady-I0 ward, Jaolrie-so Ward, Sue--B0 Watts, Tona-80,117 Wall, Janie-U0 waull, Judith-I0 Wax, Barbara-I0 Webb, Mickey-to Weed. Forest-I0 Welch, Cecil-I0 Welch, Donna--K0 Weyerts, Agnes-I0 Whitlock, James-80 Wicker, Mikel0,ll6 Wilbaness. Gail-H0 Wilkerson, Bill-so Wilkerson, Gberry-111,141,141 WVilliams, Mikelo Williard, Elaine!!! 3 f vn- Willoughby, Ann-uu,ln9,14l, 143 Wilson, Bob-80 Witten, Ann-80 Wolf, Mikel0,1l6 Woodall, Barbaraeto Wooldridge, Ronnie!!! Ward, Caylhro Wyatt, Perry-so Wyonr, Sherry-I0 Yarbrough, Mille-B0 Yerby, Glendel-B0 Ytrnce, KayFso,l42 Zolman, Barbara-B0 EIGHTH GRADE Asa, Richard-ll! Abel. Donna 5uFxi,l 27 Adams, Sharon-sl,l4z Adams, Wyatt-B3 Alex, sonny-si Allspaw, Patricia-U Anders, Larry-111,127 Anderson, Cheryl Kay-a3,l27, 145 Anderson, Guy-as Anderson, Scott-BJ ashley, lvlaelr-ei Ashlock, Brenda-HS Asplin, Paul-81,127,149 Arkins, Robert-11,149 Austin, Lynn-BJ nyler, Ann-59 Babbit, Karen-I! Baird, Janet-11,1 17,127 Baker, Robert-81,127 Barber, Treman-B3 Barger, Linda-15,127,141 Barker, Portia-111,149 Barnes, Cheryl-B5 Barnes, 'Dickie-H5 Beam, Marva-BJ Beasley, Robert-Bl Beck, Carolyn-111,127,149 Bendorf, Jerry-13,127 Bennett, Carolyn-85,127 Eennerr, Dale-111,125 Benson, Linda-lil Benson, Sherry-B! Blevins, Jo Ann-as Blythe, Donna-si Bond, Judy-ss Borror, Verner-13,1 25 Btrultinghouse, Danny-11,127 Bourland, Leland-BS Bowman, jimrny-sl Bradlaury, Jerry-B3 Bradley, Bartow-113,149 Bradley, Doris-B! Bradley, james-BJ Bradley, John-as Braton, Bob-B3 Bridges, Berry-is Bridger, Carol-81,145 B1-oeaw, jirnrny-11,127,191 Brooks, janet-15,142 Brass, James-31,127 Brown, Donald-s1,l49 Brown, Edward-B3 Brown, Robert-B3 Buelrlsy, Wadie Lee-sl Burch, William-li! Burchetr, Alvin-B3 Burenian, Andrea-111,121 Burk, Janice!! Burns, Ray-ss Burrell, Claudia-83,117,126 Bum. Edith-113,143 Byrurn, Larry-111,127 Byrnrn, linda-11,127 cagioal, CcCel1a-Bl Cambers, Linda-U Campbell, Margaret-ss,12s Camp, Al-BJ Capps, Millie-xx Capps, Robert-11,127 Capps, Ronald-111 Carson, Kenneth-B4 Carroll, Russell-H4 Carsans, Larry-14 Casey, Mary Lynn-112,114 Caster, Susan-84 Cecial, David-M chandler, Jimmy-84 Chapman, Linda-84,143 Childress, Cheryl-H4 Childress, Jeannette-14 Clark, Denny-s4,l49 Clifton, Mido-114,127,146 Clymer, Richard-84 Goble, Conniws4,l27,l4s Cocheran, Russell-B4 oodner, Berta-14,142,141 Onllins, Patsy-84,143 Cooke, 51.514 Cooper, Larry-84,127 Cooper, LesliHs4,lz7,l49 Coppagc, john-114,127 Cornell, yaelr-114 Cox, SharIottwll4 crilalis, Mary-14 Crockett, Wanda-B4 Crump, Judy-114,121,141 Cummins, Aaron-B4 Curtis, Bill-H Daniel, sharon-14,141 Daniels, Virginia-B4 Dannnr, Terry-14,1 17 Davis, Jay-14 Davis, Joe-14 Dennis, Mikwu Denron, 'Larry-B4 Derue, Roy-14 Dewlare, Velma-84,117 Dis, Bob-B4 Dobbs, Helen-B4 Dobbs, JesseB4 Dodrill, Garry-B4 Douglas, Danny-14 Dross, Charlotte-B4 Duke, Raymond-B4 Dunn, Diana-B4 Dutcher, Martha-I4 Eades, Linda-H4 Ellifson, Emily Ann-84 Elston, Vicki-B4 Engle, Bill-84,149 Erwin, Sreveu 206 Epton, Linda-14,146 Enell, Wanda-84,127 Evans, Diane-s4,l49 Evans, Glenn-U Evans, Peggy-114,142 Fagan, Marcia-G4 Galyey, Ed-84,149 Farr, Merry-B4 Faulkner, Barbara-14,141 Fawcett, Carla-l4 Eilipski, jim-s4,1ss,191 Fink, Dorn-84,127 Fourch, Roger-I4 Fowler, Deannh-s2,a4 Franks, Janet-14 Freed, Judy-s4,l27 Fritz, Letha-84,1 Z7 Fulrr, Kenneth-114,149 Galindo, HoptvBl Garland, Gary-I9 Garland, Judy'-BS Gardner, Bobby-U Garland, Varga-l2,ss,141,14J Garner, Judy-55,143 Garrison, Shirley-U Gast, Barbara-U Gatlin, Martha-B l,lZ7 Gver, Sherryl-l5,l42 Gentry, Ian-lu-Bl George, Karen-BS Gibson, Bonnie-85 Gibson, Kenneth-BS Gidanx, Cary-ss Gill. Bill-BS Goen, Ronnitill Gordon, Donna-lf Gore, Lavonna-BI Googr, Peggy-15,1 27,141 Gound, Ray-51,117 Geyer, Carol Lynn-85,127,142 Grady, Linda-15,127,146 Grape, Marilyn-!S,142 Gravirt, Danny-a2,sl Green, Donna-85,127 Griffee, Richard--BS Hagan, Riehard-as Haggard, janicv-U Hall, Diana-li Hamilton, Glenna-11,1 17 Hansen, Chip-1ls,l27 Harloen, janioe-as Harmon, Sharon-U Harriett, Bob-Bl Harris, Glenna-BX Harris, Rsslay-ss Harrison, jeanerrhsi Harr, Cherry-xl Hawkins, Harva-11,1 17.142, 149 Hayden, vielry-sr Hayes, Dalenl Hayes, Larry-89 Heflin, Kaye!! Helm, jimmy-B5 Henderson, Kenneth-Bi Hensley, Cathy-sl Hensley, Jimmy-B1 Hey, janer-si Hiarr, Margaret-as Hinkle, Ernie-U Hiti, Caudaee Anna-81,141 Holden, Richard-KS Holladay, saundra Kay-11,142 Hallowell, Linda-85 Holt, Tornrny-U 1-lopson, Phyllis-1ii,lz7 Horton, David-B1 Hostrr, Craig-111,115 Howard, Les1ie!f,126,lZ7 Howe, Frankie!! Howe, oryille-as Howell, Jimmy-as Hudson, Sherrill-81,149 Huff, Larry-B5 Hughes, Nancy-as Hunt, Marshall-ll Husk, George-82,81 Hutchinson, Janie-ll Jackson, Alice-85,117 Jackson, Fred-15,149 Jaolrson, Riehard-as Jalanke, Cris-l6,I46 Janet, Karen-15,141 Jenson, Connie-86 Johnson, Burt-15,127 Johnson, Dennise-B6 Johnson, Fred-is Johnson, James-86 Johnson, Linda-B6 johnson, Miehael-so Johnson, Tonia-as jolly, Jimmy-ss Jones, Freddie-16,149 jones, Ioan-56,142 jones, Bob-I6 Jones, Riehard-ss,l4s Jump, john-B5 Kegans, Donald-B2,86,ll6 Keith, junkie Kelson, Linda-86 Kennedy, Sharon-86 Kidd, Mary-as Kidd, Sherry-B6 King, Barbara-as King, WilIiwl6 Kirkpatrick, Milt+B6,117 Knight, GenPss,l27 Knipp, Keith-G6 La Mar, Kenny-as Lamkin, Anita-86 Landry, Linda-86,117 lansford, Linda-86 Lanzfitt, jot-86 Lawrencl, Clyde-is Lee, Beverly-16,146 Leslie, Barbara-B6 Lincoln, Caren-86 London, Ruth-I6 Lowery, Fred-86,127,146 Mabbott, Manha-86,117 Maelrey, Peppers-115,127 Madday, Kathryn-US Magerux, Mike-B6 Malay, Glenn-G6 Manning, Suww Martin, Mike89 Matllu. Brenda-46,123 Mathews, Annetre-as Mathews, Eddi?l6,127,l49 Max, Linda7!6sl27,142 Musimore, Barbara-86 Meyer- Laura-B6 Miler, Marsha-I6 Miller, Kay-116 Miller, Mike-sa Miller. Sherry-ls Miller, Terri-B6 Milton, Sherily-B5 Morgan. Ann-as Moore, Louis-ll6,117,127,149 Morris, Billy-Bs Moro. Ricky-I6 Morrwv. Donna-I6 Mousscalla Donna-l6,127 Murphy. John-as Murray, Steve-I6 Mustain. Danny-I6 McAllister, Ann-H6 McCartney, Marrlra-ss,l27 McCaslin, rarrieia-rs Mecauly, Milrpas McClellan, Carol-I6 McCollum, Genwl6,lZ7 McCracken, Dianel7,123 McCracken, Linda-87.127 Meradden, John-17,117 McGeliee, Darrell-17 McGilberry, Dale87 Meltay, Sandra--I7 Meltay, Tommy-17 McMahan, Ann-H7 McMillin, sue-117 Nail, Elizabeth-87,127 Nelson, Ronny-H7 Nettle, Fred-!7,l27 Neugebarer, Sue1ll7,146 Newhouse, Gary-87 Newman, Robert-117 Nipperr, Jimmy-17 Noble, Larry-t7 Nolen, sue-117 Norman, Robyn-17,127 Nutt, Paul-47,146 Oakley, Marilyn-l7,l49 Oohoa, Rene-xz,117,l4s O'Neal, Pat-117 Orren, Ray-s7 Osborn, Jolene-87 O'Sl-lea, Linda-I7 Owen, Charles-B7 Owen, Dal+l17,149 Palmer, Carolyn-I7 Pamialae, Billy-I7 Paullt, Keith-57,127 Payton, Dennis-s7,127 Peoples, LawrenePx7,149 Peterson, David-B7 Peterson, Paul-87,111 Perry, Larry-B7 Phillips, Shelly-87,127,141 Pierce, Gary-17,117 Pitts, Don-R7 Pits, Jerry Eugene-87,116,191 Poole, Mil1e87,l9Z Potluck, Gary-89 Pound, Kay-87 Prirehard, Tommy-!7,l 27,1as, 191 Prirehford, Michael-17,146 Prittchctt, joan-17.146 Proclr, Carolyn-B7 Quinrella, London-117 Quinrero. Deloris-s7 Quintcro, johnny-B7 Raelrley, Suvella-B7 Raehles, Jerorne-117 Rainx,Jant-17 Ramsey, Mary-B7 Ratliff, 'Michele-l7,ll7,l27,l4S Ralston, steve-17 Rae, Emagracwlll 17,127,146 Real, Jan Nova-17,145 Renfro, Linda-17 Renfro, Jim-17 Riee, Judy-I9 Ritchie, Donna-17 Roaeli, Carol-87,117 Robinson, Gary-B9 Robinson, Jimmy-s7 Robinson, Linda-87,127 Robinson. MikeB7 Rogerr, james-117 Rogers, Lynda-x7,l41 Rone, Sharon-87,127,141 Raper, Janiet-17,1 Z7 Rowland, Genel!li,192 Hulse, Susi1+BH,14J Rullell, Georgr-H8 salinrer, Karen-88 Sanlin, Sandy-88 Sauls, David-88,192 Schaffer, Walter-Bl Schull, Beth-ll Schultheis, John-BB Schults, Mike-lili Scott, Eddieil Scott, Mary-88 Seorr, Sharon-88,142 Scott, Terry-ll Shafer, Donna-B! Sharp, Vickie-ll Shatswell, Tina-BB Sherrardr Ancel-il Sherrill, Gloria-ll,l27 Shorter, Dennis-88 Simmons, Roy-88,186,192 simpson, Larry-as Sloan, Darryl-88 Smith, Bnnnie-B8 Srnith, Charles-111,149 Smith, Estel john-111 Smith, Gary-18 srnirh, jimmy-as smith, Johnny-as Smith, Judith-118,123 Smith, Linda-88,117 Smith, Susan-GB Smith, vielrey-in Smnthers, Janice-I8 Sneed, Tanya-ll Springer, Jo-ss Staggs, Alice-M stares, Ernlee-as Stanford, Patricia-8! starr, Dorothy-ss,l4s Steed, Kathleen-ll Steel, Dianne-l9,l17 stevens, Pain-11,146 Stewart, Carolwll stewart, Linda-ll,14Z srine, ioFas Stiver, Gary-ll Stone, Susanne-HI Stubbs, Nick-88,191 Stucky, jim-ll srnmlao, Louisa-sr summers, Carmen-BS swinr, Marsha-BG Tauell. Pa ray-1 1 Tate, Parry-is Taylor, Galen-111,115,149 Tedder, Dennis-lB,127 Terry, Mike-I 1 Thomas, charliPsa,l27,14s Thompson Thompson Thompson , janiehsx , Jill-s2,11,127 , john-as Thompson, Judy-ll Tillerson, lsurh-sa Tobey, Linda-ll,l27 Tompkins, Larry-Rl Towler, john-8 8 Towler, Deannell Trent. Eddie-K! Truelrs, Alva--88,127 Turner, Jaelr-ss Turner, Karen-1 1 Turner, Patty-G9 Tyler, Bolalsy-is Usrery, Iohnny-l9,l49 Van Horn, Gladys-I9 Vaughn, Howard-B9 Vidloclt, Marilyn-89,146 Vulk, Sandra-89 Waddle, Audrey-89 Waggoner, Trudy-89 Wall, Lester-H9 Walker, joycev Walker, Pat-89 Walker, R obert-B 9 Ward, ltarhy-as H Ward, Loretta-B9 Warren, Ronald-89 Watson, Sally-89,143 Webb, Steve-89 Weese, Don-89 Welch, Sandra-89,117 Wendell, Doris-I9 Wheeler, Dennis-89,127 Wheeler, Harold-89 Wliire, Jimmy Don-89 White, Paula-H9 Whitehouxe, Ken-89 Whitaker, Whitman. Williams, Williams. Williams, Williams, Williams- Williams, Wllliarns, Billy-s9,14s Jeannie-as Donna-19,1 27 Gary-89,127,146 Marilyn-ss Nanerte-as Phyllis-is shirley-19,1 17 Rose-119 Wilson, Jerry-ss Wilson, Paula-l9,l 26.127 Wodraslra, Charli?ll9 Wood, Da rrell-8 9,146 Woodring, Larry-K9 Woolberr, Patricia-89 Wooldridge, Parry-is Worley, Carolyn-as Woslran, Nancy-89 Wright, F rancis-R9 Wyrielr, Rolaerr-ss Yerlay, Curtis-89 Yound. Sa ndrl-I 9 Young, William-89,155 SEVENTH GRADE Acheson, Randall-91,1 l7,121s 192 Acton. Donna Daye-sl ndaini, Beyerly-91 niringron, Allen B Larry-91 by Eugene-91,119 , ob nllen. Judy-91 Anderson, Mikeil Anderson, Dennis-91,149 anderson, jerry-sl,12x Andrews, John D.-91 Anneslty, Cheryl Kay-91,143 Arnold, Ellen-91 Atherton, Mary Allies-91,125 nyler, Ann-91 Bagge1t,Sandy-91,109,143 Baker, Janetteill Baker, jerry-sl Baker, Sherrye9l,l42 Barcum, Linda-91,117,123 Barnes, Mark-91 Bean, Jimmy-91 Beck, Robert-BI Benford, Judith-91 Bell, Busil Bennight, Benson. G y jay-91.119 Robert-91 ary-91 Beason, Kandy-91 Benson, N ina-91,141 Bishop, JaniePs1,l4z Blackburn, Tommy-91 Blackman, Glenn-Bl Blair, Romana-91 Blaken, Given-91 Blakulee, Michael-Bl Blancett, Sharon-Sl Blevins, G ary-91 Book, Billy Dean-91 Booth, Mary-91 Borror, Tommy-91,121 Bowlware, Larry-91 Boyle, La Donna-91,142 Brandon, jeanell-91 Brasher, Linda-91 Bratton. Larry-91 Brewer, Bolo-91,121 Bridges, Shirley-91,142 Bxiney, Donna Kayr-91 Brock, Eddy-91,149 Brock, Martha-91 Brown, Carol-91,117,142 Brown, Dierdra-91,143 Brown, Johnny-sl Brown, Joyce-91 Brown, Judith-91 Brown, Lawrence-91 Brown, Pak-91,109,142 Bmnk, Randall-9l Bryant, Beverly-91,142,149 Burch, Nancy-91,109,126 Burks, Diannrsl Burlson, Billy-91 Burris, Richard Lee-91 Burr, johnny-91,125 Burelaer, James-91 Bushee, Sally-91,149 Byrne, Niehy-91 Cahill, Martha-91 Capps, Earl-91 Carrnack, Charon Kay'-91 Carney, Janiowsl ' Carol, Miken Carpenter, Robert-91 Carter, Linda-92,117,142 Carrol, Mike-92 Carver, Shirley-92 Cash, Johnny-92 ash, Neva jo-92,119,126 Chadwell, Cecil-92 Chastain. Marsha-92 Chairess, rhillys Let-92 Oliany, Tornmy-92 Christy, Dianne-91 Chureli, Royce-92,109 clapr, Rooesr-sz Clary, janet-92,119,143 Clay, Charlotte92 Cleary, Gary-92 Cleaver, David-az Coates, Cheri-92,142,149 Coffey, Richard-92 Oollinsworth, Barbara-92 Conn, Mike-92,121 Conner, Evelyn-92,142 Conner, Gary-91,149 Corey, Barbara-92 Cornell, Marsha-92 Cox, Let: May-92 Csnens, Larry-92,117 Cravens, Richard-92 Crawford, Donna-92,109 Cregger, Don Eyrretr-iz Crider, Darwin-92 Crossland, Betty-92,145 Cunningham, Gregory-92,121 Cunningham, Randall-92 Daniel, Eddie-92 Davenport, James-92,109 Davidson, Thomas E.-92 Davis, Dorothy Ann-92 Davolt, joyce9Z Day, Eldon-91 Deavor, John-92,149 Dewesse, Robert-92 Dewey, Elaine-sz Dodson, joe-92,121 Donohn, Dixie Lynn-92 Downs, Dennis-91 Dnlworrh, Charles-92 Dulworth, Sharon--91 Dyer, Russelle-92 East, Marine92,ll7,l4J Easter, Ronnie-92,191 Eaves, james-91,113 Edwards, Linda-92,141 Elder, Phillip Dale-sz Ellis,Linda-9Z,1l9,14l,l49 Elliston, Richard-92 Emery, Harold-92,121 Epperson, Martha-az Erhardt, Barbara-92,l4J Erlir1g,Dianne--91,109,142 Evans, Cynthia-92,126 Evans, Krirh-sz Evans, Phil-91 Farris, Neil-91,186,192 Fasr, Carl-92 Fanllrner, veronira-sz Fawcett, John-sz Fink, Andra Kay-92,141 Finucane, Mike-92 Flanery, Jon.-92 Eleteher, Cindy-92,109 Eoirleman, Kathleen-92 Foil, Neva-92,109,142 Fowler, Susan-93 Eredrirlr, Eileen-91,142 Freeman, Ann-91,117,149 Fry, Dorothy-93 Gallaway, Mille-91 Gammon, Connie--91 George. Linda-93 George, Roger-95 Gerne, Reienia-91,142 Gerred, Daniel-93 Gilbert, Darlenw9l alasyon, Cynthia-93 Gmlid, Danny-95 Gonzales, Donald-91,125 Gooch, lrenv91 Gordon, Carol-as Goure, George-95 Graham, Neica-93 Green, Brenda-93 Green, Riehard-as Greene, Joyce-93 Grimes, Jane-93,142 Grimm, Marilyn-si Groth, Lou-91 Groves, Alvin-93 Guther-ie, Marilyn-93.126 Haekeer, Vicki-93,142 Hall, Wanda-93 Hamilton, Darlene-91 Hamilton, Shirleen-93,142 Haneoelr, Branda-ss Haper, charlenhsi Harbolt, Danny-93 Hardy, Homer-si Harris, Janir-9: Harmon, janet-9!,1Jf Harmon, Riehard-as Harrinton, joe-93 Harris, Diane-93,141 Harrison, Ronnie-93,115 Huh, La Donna-93 Harely, Paula-83,135 1-lay, Billy--93 Heath, Randy-93,121 Henderson, jack-93 Has, La Donna-93 Hielrs, John-as Hicks, Mary-93 Hill, Dwain-sl Hillrerbrand, jerry-HJ Hlnenn, Helen-93,126,143 Hedge, Bobby-93,125 Hoffman, Alvin-93 Holt, Suw93.l42 Hpplrinr, 'Darlen?93 .l za Houel. Sharon-93 H.-nerd, A. W.-95,117 Huddleswn. Fritr-93 l-lndrpn, Frank-91 Hudxon, Lynda-93 Huffstoct, James-91 l-lrnnphrey, Phyllle-as Hunter, Barney-93,149 Hunter, Mike-93 Hunter, sanndra-91.142 Huston. Linda-91 Hydrn, Kathryn-93 Jackson, Jack-94 Jackson, Marsha-94,l4l jackson. Patricia-94,143 Jaelnen, sandra-94 Jnnrnaeln, Llnda-94 Ieffersnn, viernr-94 ydhnron, Daelae-94 Johnson, Larry-94.125 Jprnagln, Linda-94 johmon, R0nni?54 Jphnrnn., nanny-94 Johnston, Paula-94 jones, Bobby-94,L09 Jonex, Rlehard-s4,14s jnner. Ronald-94 Jones, Tommy-94,115 Jnrnp, carplyn-94 Kelly, Elaine-94 King, Gail-94,117 King, Paul-94 lung, Starling-94 Kirklen. Sharon-94,143 Knlffen, Ann-94 Knight, Barbara--94 Knight, Randy-94 Kniyp, john-94 Knapp, Ronald-94 Kolke, Patricia-94 Koonx, johnny-94 Rrag, Rrie-94,lzs Rrph, Rayrn.-,nd-94 Kuehne, Forrest-94 Lang. Carol-94,105 Lanier, Carolyn-94 Lavcrnway, Linda-94 Lay, Larry--94 Lezkl. Jerry-94 Leng, Barbara-94,143 Love. Brenda-94 Lowe, Billy-94 Lynch, Barbara-94 Madden, Beverly-94 Maldonado, Arrhur-94 Maloy, Henhel-94,186 Markham, Floyd-94 Marley, Barbara-94,119,142 Marshall, Deanna-94.l26 Marshall, Gina-94,145 Marrln, carplhsa Martin, Rebecca-94 Mauldin, Paul-94 Murinxill. Jerry-94 Mazhewa, Janne-94 Matlock, Melody'-94,142 Matlock, Mikey Matlock, Sharon-94 Meeks, Rnhere-94,121 Melren, jndy-94 Mercer, Dennis-94 Mercer, Karen-94 Mertile, Kaye-94 Miller, Kennetlr-94 Mirehell, Charles-94 Mitchell, Jeno-94 Mdnrgdnrery, Richard-94.109 Monroe. John-94 Mpnrpe, Nancy-94.142 Monroe, Steve-94 Moone, Linda-94 Mnore. Mary-9i,ll9,lU Moore, Robert--95,117 Morgan, Allen-95,119 Morris, Janie-as Morrow, Keith-9 5,117 Mmely, Tommy-95 Motley, Dennis-9 I Mn.-lge, Miht?9I Mnlllne, Karnn.--9 s MurrY, Daryl-91' Murray, Rebecca-95 Mun. Mary-9x Mneny, vernen-ss McBride, Linda-9 5,144 McCain, Patricia-97 McConnell, Mike-9l Mecran, Larry-95 McDonald, Billy-95,119 McDonald, Linda-95 McFadden, Robert-98 Melveely, Jann-sam McGuire, Bruce-Bl Mclnnia, Charles-95.147 Mckeynoldx, Mila-95 Nation. Paula-9 S,l Z6 Newby, Jacltiw9l' Newell, Sreven-91 Newman, Tommy-95 Nichols. Ricky-95 Nitzel, Lillian-9X Nutt, James-91 Odcrvdy, Dalw9S Oldenburg, Gen?9f olephanr, Sharon-95 Onniston, Sharon-95 Orr, Marcia-95 Orr, Marilyn-95 Osborn. Earnest-95 Osbllm, Wahtinw9S Ozeretny, Larry-sx Parker, Danny-95,117 Parrnalee, Pamela-91,126 Payne, Margaret-9l Payton, James-95 Peeler. Linda-9! Pennington, Billy-9l Perry, Oollen-9 5,126 Pewrherr, Judy-95 Phillips, Roger-ss rhlllzpa, wayne-ss Pierce, Sandra-9! Pine, David-9 T Plane, Lynn-93 Pollock. Frankieii Potts, Don-95 Price, Linda-95,143 Price, Sharon-91 Pruetr, Linda-97 leryndle, Dernerrle-as Pyhae, Lana-95 Rannge, charlprre-ss Ramirez, Peggey-ss Ramsey, Sherry-9X Randolph, Barbara-95 Ray, sharon-as Remku r, Ronald-HI Reyndldr, Ternrny-ss Rice, Glenda-93 Ridley, Michaela-9S,lZ6 Roach, Nelda-96,143 Roberts, Ricky-96 Robertxon, Connie-96,143 Rock, Ieffery-96 Rdgerr, Theresa-96 Rogers, Wilfred-96 Rogers, Jack-ss Rene, Evelyn-96 lion, Danna-as Rose, seeyen-9s,ll7,l91 Rosier, Merle96 Rawlan, Arnold-96 Rowland, Earl-ss Rnpe, Harry-96 Ryan, Harry-ss Ryehlee, Miln?96 saelrerr, Ray-96,192 Sain. Claudem+96 Salzer. Julir-96 Sanders, Aniea-9s,ll9 Sanderson, Burniw96 Sandlin, Noble-96 Sante, Pamela-96 Schmid t, jim-R6 Schofmp, Gary-96 Schroder. Mike-96 Schmmpf, Linda-96 Schwar Scifrs, tz- Ronnie96 Tommy-96 Scott, Donna-96 Scott, Walter-96 seengglna, Dicky-96 Sraburr. June-96,1 K6 Selby, Pamela-ss Selby, Terry-96 Self, Donna-96 Shaffer, Lanna-96.149 Shaw. Nancy-96,1 26, Shockley, Deanna-96 Shoernare, Carol-96.1 Short, Carl-96.149 Sitchler, Billy-96 shew, Der-nn-as srnare, Frances-96 Smith Alvin-as Smith, Beverly-as Smith. Candy-96 srnlrh, Darlene-96,149 srnlrh, Dun-96,117 Smith, Jen-y-ss Smith, Jem-as Smith, Mari-96 Srnirh. Snean-96,lzs HJ 26 Snow, Landa-96 Spradlin, Don-96 sraey, srhra-as srapp, Karl-96,119 Statham, Sharon-96 Steele, Maureen-96 Steer, Dale-95 Sell-rnan, Danny-96,109 Stevens, Louise-96.1 lf Stiffeer, Janet-96 Stine, Lind:--96 Stanebraker, jama-96 Streeter, Virginia--96,117,143 srrdupe, cardlyn-as Sulivan. Ivyre-ss,l l9,142 Sweet, Ava-95 Swindle, Linda-96 Swindle, Miltw97 Tabor, Helen-97 Tart. Robert-97 Taylor, Alan-97,147 Ternple, Ann-97,109,142 Terrell, Lee Ann-97 Theimer, Robert-97 Thomason, Margueritew Thernpedn, Arnold-97 Thompson, Jphnie-97 Thorn, llrneeH97,l49 Thornton. William-97 Tirnanux, Sandra-97.143 Tlnar, Richard-97 Trammell, Linda-97,143 Trent, Judy-97 Trove, Craig-97 Truxell, De Ann-97.143 Troxell, Tommy-97 Tucher, Charles-97 Tumer, Johnny-97 Turner, Redonda-97 Twiby, Cheryl-97 Tyler, cardlyn-ar Uhfelder. Warren-97 Uewry, Judith-97 vanderherg, Linda-97 vrnaanr. Robert-97 Wade, Diana-97 Waldrop, Chuck-97 Walker, Barbara--97 Walker, Carolv97 Walder, Duane97 vale, Ralph-97,ll7,ll Wallace, Twila-97,123 Waleen , Mary-97,149 Ward, Phillip-97 Watson, Diana-97 Watson, Mikr-97,l25 Wazson, Roy-97 Wax, Charlmksnlsf Weatherford, Karen-97,142 Weaver, Patsy-97 Webb, Patricia-97 Weber, Connit-97 Weed. Gary-97 Welch, jimmy-97 welel., Judy-97 veyern, Dorn-97.109 Wlaeeler, Gary-97 whlre, Wanda-97 Whitaker. Mike-97 Whiraker, Par-97 9 Whitfield, Evrdean-sr Wicker, L'dyne97,l4J Winton. LonniF97,l92 Willard, Rickey--97 vnlllanre, lllll-97 Williams, Franeer-97 Williams, Judy-97,126 Wallaann, Panla-sr Williama, Sandra-97 Willie, Mzrie97,lZ6 wlrr, Parn-sr Wood, Sandra-97,119 woddall, Linda-97,143 Woodie. Jimmy-97 Woods, Ernlhsr Worley, Trprnrny-s7,l49 wyrselr, Barbara-97 Yandell, sandra-97 renee, Sandra-97,142 Bond, Jndy-142 Mneny, vernpn-so Mudge, Mllre-so Tahpr, Helen-so Knlffen. Ann-90 Willis, Marie Alleyne90 Anderson, Jerry-90 Meelra, Robert--90 INDEX EDITORS- MARY ALICE PETY BARBARA LANE pi Jeans tte Dickenso n The reiiection seen as we iook into a mirror is oiten hazy and dis- F Edifor easing, 'out when the mirror is distortion 'iree and ciear the suhiect ,I Shcppa d . , . . . ff ' r may be viewed with pride and the reiiectron is rewarding. The year- Saund 'ff EJUOV . . . C I . book stair oft X959-60 has tried to pian and give you abook to mirror Im Sffifjildgige the years activities and eyents. We hope the reiiection you see is io- Sdgikc Osh f 110, . . , C teresting, pieasing, accurate, and something to treasvre, Ru Turf: llflifoi I . . . B - 3 Will' it is hard to teh ou ah the work that oes into the reduction Imnfsi Maums n"86'r oi a '0o0k such as this. Section Editors were husy at work during the summer pianning and making, a dummy. When schooi started ey ery- one had a iob to do. Some iohs were smaher than others, hut in a pro- duction ciass eyer one must work to ether and do his art. CE: There are "behind the scene workers" too, that oiten don't get the credit they deserye. Nir. Woody Harris and his photography ciass spend hours taking and deyeioping our pictures. Wagner Studio took ah oi our ciass section ictures and the ictures ior our actiyities P section. Our thanks go to them for their cooperation. Mrs. Speed, iinanciai secretary, handied our iinances. Mrs. Sewei Sparks, our sponsor, was constantiy on the go supervising our work. Oi course the Sinai credit and speciai thanks go to Semco Coior Yress tor puhhshing, our hook. 'Yo each and eyery one working on the yearbook X give my speciai thanks for a iob w eh done. Yes, it is my sincere wish that you enioy each page oi this, your X9 so GENERALW. Dogna Hugh Seanette Dickenson e CS-Fa Horrors Carol Abb culty and E arol Johnott-Class Sta Lea K-S0n1C1aSCs B Busincs Uk-Act, SFS- hffbara Liv Classes at-litres, U i Syiry MQAdc Classes Inf-'IDX vm B 3 'Cl and Ind OPC ?'1dorf-C asses rx - n and a a -, dal-nic Fgfaer-glassports S S 0ggeFfysaZQff5Igois n - ?gHdra Sicicctionyaaiqugty, o Visksqf Ingrniiit-Sp0rtsR0Yalty 5 A. I3,0bg?31FrP4CC1LE'eSfs 1 's i .- n- ,gl ' Zfydeliiivpespofa s 'te eYQ1I1LDa. s Wazdalrlgdex ttyifxctivit. N ' ,. '!,.:- f"'M . 0 les . Rafi! Jalgilsse Roovrjgsports sand ' OPCMI- acuity A ' Q' d' ' A Y S63 'g Secri ' Cfivi- , 'X .-.... .. .fax-1.4 . D35 Lavafgclascs on Q y ,Q C A f'Y- . - . ne Llrtle-Cliigwitics ,I ' fi 5 Q . H. if 1 if " A i J' d X X 1' W eT4'- ,Q it if '-f L5 . Q, ,f -'wx Yup' ,ffm f . A ' 2 Ph . Zoyllxs Andcr 8 50n-Bu ' SIHCSS mwamww gawgqgi if K '- Q fzii ..w,-335972-vm .ff 1 if S J ' ,X ,,,,. , 35 kink, K v wi S 5 11, 3 wal.: 2 .1 gp ., ,f..igm,m- J, Q52 S' Y A K .f2'.1,1-iw. w29fEfisff-'S Wf'2f54'Sv:fe5 :455-- ff A3 f - if W, .iff L' 42 L i 5 2 f Q- A ,ipw ,. ,3,,.,. . A"' fs ifxgizfaiealas 1-wi... Qrww , ,, ,E M55 s ' is ., .. , . M mfs 1 is-1. Mg .. Q. Q.. 3? f sm:.f.fz2x"26F 1, K -,Vw -fagsziig .,,,,Mr,. 1 gg, ivksa' H -' 555 r Ja gr W 5 .A W-i,.fQ.g,. , 1- if M X ' 'W' can ?.ffWw1ff.. nf ,, , W yarn

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