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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1945 volume:

E dorm 0,2 'ev X V:iif!795fJ 'X REIORD BUUK 1945 5 rpyg CQ! X L Efoms PRESENT ETUDENT5 E Someone 0nce Saicf, "It's the little things that count" and on this auspicious occasion- the Graduation of the Class of 1945-we have come to realize the true meaning of those words. For after all, it is the little things that will bring back memories of our college days in the years to rome-a faded football pennant . . . a yellowed play program . . . ticket stubs . . . a withered gardenia . . . painted favors . . . some torn newspaper clippings-just junk tucked away in an old scrap book. But it won't be junk to us-rather, it will be a book opening before our eyes. A book of memories that will bring laughter and tears . . . remembrances of work and fun . . . of four happy years shared together . . . of being, above all, a Pennsylvania woman. This, then, is our memory book to be tucked away carefully in our hearts forever. '7!w 04:44 of 1945 We will a aememhea- Althea Kratz Hottel, Dean of Women For her sense of humor, her encouraging smile . . . Beranse of her personal interest in each one of ns . . . Befanse of the meaning she has given our college years . . . For the inspiration to barry on the standards of Penns,vl'uania women everywhere . . . ,Ind for ronntless ofher reasons, we dedifate our Reforrl Book to Mrs. Hottel. Nm! the cffninidaalaaa OUR APPRECIATION AND GRATUUDE IS EXPRESSED TO THIC BIEIWBICRS OF THIC ADMINISTRATION XYHOSF f10OPliR.-XTION AND INTEREST HAS HELIJFD OUR YEARS AT PENN TO BE SUCCESSFUL. THOM .KS S. GATES Clmfrfmzfz GEORGE XY. Mc'C'I,IfT,T,.XNl7 ITXUT. KIUSSICR ,I CLTCKIICNS KOLU f71'U.ffrfU11l f71'Ui'n.vf C'fI1lf'lH1"Y KARL G. MII.I.IiR MRS. .XLTHEX K. UOTTICT. ,IOIIN S. MINNICK Dvmz nf llzu Ci0HA'.1fL' fm' ll'mm'11 JJUCUI of II'w1f1r11v Hull: nf l1zr,S'ulwul of 1511115111111 LA MRS. YIRGINIA K. HENIJICRSON GICORGIC S. KOYT. MISS UICSSIIZ IE. COLLINS l,L'I'.Y0717IC'I f,fI'I't'f0l' llmu uf N10 ,Sflzwll nj' lfizzr .Alrlx .I.9XI'.fflllIf Dmzu uf lllrzrzmz ?E"f'Z? manom Wf fffw fu ,, ,- 4 T Q53 KW L' l...:,...1Q ' Us ENXOP' 7fzank4 fem Une fwemafzied- OF Coon FRIENDSHIP, GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP, Coon FUN, AND BEST OF ALL-- Goon LEADILRSHIP W Nlilclrcrl llill, siclmt uf Class ul 1045 SENIOR CLASS COUNCII.--l.rff ffl Viyflzl, fzwzf Vnzvt Blair. Hill, Rcpcttog lmuk lvzvz Yitelcs, I,j2lCliCI'lll2l11, Ljumlmcr, Seuu, Franks. gullof pep ancffallaf flue- fjewuuylaania ' 4 5 Hey Day, the last real function of the Senior Class is finally here. At graduation we may be talked over, cheered over, prayed over and cried over, but on Hey Day we have our celebration for ourselves. Looking back over this year, the many activities recall themselves in jumbled succession. The Class of '45 got off to a flying start when it elected Midge Hill president. As our sopho- more prexy she gave us a sample of her orig- inality and initiative by expanding Sophomore Day into Sophomore Week, and senior year, spoke up for another session of rousing activity under her leadership. Undergraduate Camp gave the seniors their first chance to display their mettle. Patience Franks was elected chairman of the Freshman Tea Committee, and did her best to make the neophytes feel at home at Penn. Phyllis Steven- son was made cheerleader: Marguerite Boyd was her assistant. We held up '45 traditions by carry- ing off musical honors for our retort at the Pirates' Ball. january 15 arrived just as we were getting Christmas out of our systems and Senior Week, under Emily Gamber's chairmanship, put most of us in need of another vacation. Monday got the ball rolling with the Sophomore Luncheon and Dr. Hottel's tea. The freshmen did the en- tertaining with a tea on Tuesday. The alumnae supper at Sergeant, Where "Betty jordan" made quite a hit by offering the seniors cookbooks, gave Wednesday a permanent place in the week's memorabilia. Poetry Commission and the Junior Tea filled Thursday, and the trip to the Ice Follies on Friday evening put the cap on the year's Senior Week. A goodly share of the credit for the success of the Weeks activities belongs to Carol Dickson's publicity committee. Patience Franks provided us with emblems worthy of the memories of Senior Week of 1945 when she selected light leather wallets impressed with the seal of the university. Exams crept up on us before we realized that we had been letting studies go by the board, and we had to drop our senior superiority and cram with the rest of the classes. As the spring semester started, seniors began a mad rush on the university photographer to get their pictures for Record Book and then sat down to fill in activity sheets. A spring rushing season added a new pressure to our crowded last semester. The tea for juniors with Shirley Clemens as chairman and the Sophomore Tea finished off the class social activities for this year. lYe resumed the traditional May Day Pageant this year and entertained our May Queen at f'The Ernperor's New Clothesf' After today, the juniors will have moved into our places and we shall have added another vine to the ivy weighted walls of Penn. It has been a job well done by the class ofhcers: Midge Hill, president, Margaret Blair, vice-president: Eva Repetto, secretary, and the Senior Class Council. None of us will forget the teas, class meetings, commissions, dates, class songs and friends that four years of Penn have brought us. We are all proud to be called Pennsylvania women. UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA . m ls V.:,, . 35 tiki g M wk Ji K 4 QVIV, , W- G f'NQ ' 1' :X y .,-'--:,.,: 5 A Allll 1 l Anita lean Adsit Marilyn Alf! Ethel Anstaett Karen Evelyn Aronson Nedra Artz 503 S. 44th St. Easton, Pa. 1306 Wayne Ave. 13th St. :S Lindley Ave. 260 S. 6th St. Philadelphia, Pa. Topeka, Kan. Philadelphia, Pa. Lebanon, Pa. ADSIT-College for Women, lune '45, Kappa Delta . . . Settlement House, 1, 2, 3, C. A., 1, 2, 3, 4: Presbyterian Cabinet, 2, S, 4: Rifle Team, 25 l.V. Soft Ball, 35 Swimming Team, 4. O ALFF- -College for Women, lune '45. Alpha Chi Omega . . . Choral Society, 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 3, 4. I ANSTAETT'-Nurs. Education, lune '45 . . . Nursina Ed. Association. O ARONSON-College for Women, lune '45 . . . Louis Marshall Council, lg lnternational House, 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer of French Club, 47 Choral Society, lg Delta Phi Alpha, 3, 4. O ARTZ- Nurs. Education, lune '45. Alpha Omicron Pi . . . Bennett News Business Staff, 2, 3, - ' t' Center, Business Manager, 4, Business Manager Freshman Handbook, 4, Service lnformaion 3, 4, Choral Society, 3, 4. S h 1 of Education lurie '45 Zeta Tau Alpha. O AVERBACKfCollege for ATKINSON-Q c oo , V . Women, October '44. I BADGER--elllmann-Carter, lune '45. Chi Omega . . . C. A, Canterbury Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, l.V. Swimming, 2, Penn Players, 1, Choral Society, 3, 45 Golf, 2, Settlement House, 2. I BAGDON-4Co11ege for Women, lune '45 . . . Louis Marshall Cbuncil, 1. O BARDSLEY--College for Women, March '45, Trans. from Beaver College. Alpha Chi Omega . . . Bennett News. 2. Barbara Atkinson Diane Averback lane Hillis Badger Lorraine Bagdon Lois Bardsley Buckingham, Pa. 2434 S. 3rd St. 7036 Marsden St. 1347 Tabor Rd. 211 Summit Ave Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. lenkintown, Pa ""' A 1 " Q ' y ' it 423 'H' g M A .4 ' at rg . l 'QQ 'W 'Q-2, Y SENIOR CLASS OF 1945 "' 4 if Q - . P , ,.QQ- 3 ' ' 'I 4... , A r ::1:' ':'A , -1 :"'2 ,ff-. 5 as ef 'rv at 1:SA Wt ' fe, rr ' W . - ,., d , S d , ,'V' ai- aii I - -- . ,,.,,, " 4 My t ' ' H . f 1 Margaret Gibson Baxter Mary Louise Beck Margaret Wright Blair Edythe Weiss Bloom Ianet Bowen Abbotsford 61 Morris St. l25 Radnor St. 1620 Wakeling St. 4260 Parkside Ave. 49 Melrose Ave. Germantown, Pa. Bryn Mawr, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. East Orange, N. I. BAXTER-lllman-Carter, lune '45, Alpha Xi Delta . . . C. A. Cabinet, 4, Canterbury Club Vestry, 2, 3, Treasurer, 4, Class Commission, l, 2, 3, 4, Settlement House, 2, 3, Bazaar, 4, Green Lane Counselor, 2, 4, Choral Society, l, 2, 3, lunior-Frosh Tea Chairman, 3, Chairman Mother-Daughter Dinner, 4. I BECK-College for Women, lune '45. Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . Red Cross, 3, 4, Varsity Tennis, l, 2, 3, 4, Choral Society, l, 2, 3, Glee Club, l, 2, 3, Gamma, Clhi, 2, 3, 4, French Club, 3, May Court, 3, Varsity Badminton Team, 3. O BLAIR-Colleae for Women, Tune '45. Alpha Xi Delta . . . C, A. Cabinet, l, 2, 3, Bazaar, l, 2, 3, 4, Green Lane Counselor, l, 2, 3, Red Cross, 3, Vice-chairman, 4, Senior-Frosh Tea Chairman, l, Soph Supper Chairman, 2, Pirate's Ball Chairman, 3, New Student Tea Chairman, 4, Vice-president of Class, 4, Bowling Green, 3, 4, Sphinx and Key, 3, Who's Who, 3, 4. 0 BLOOM-lllman-Carter, August '45. Sigma Delta Tau . . . Choral Art Society, 2, Basketball Team, 2. O BOWEN-School of Education, lune '45, BOYD-College for Women, lune '45, Alphd Xi Delta . . . Hockey, l, 2, 3, 4, Badminton, 2, 3, 4, Manager, 2, 3, Basketball Team, l, 2, Softball Team, 2, 3, 4, I.V. Tfennis, l, W. A. A. Repre- sentative, l, W. A, A. Secretary, 4, C. A. Commission Leader, 4, C. A. Cabinet, 4, Glee Club, l, 2, Who's Who, 3, 4, Pi Gamma Mu, 4, Phi Beta Kappa, 3, 4, Athlon Athletic Society, 4. O BRENNAN-College for Women, October '44. Kappa Kappa Gamma. . .Class Council, 2, Golf, l, 2, 3, 4, l.V. Swimming Team, 2, Lacross, 4, Choral Society, l, 3, Redt Cross, 4, May Court, 2, Treasurer of Fraternity, 4. 0 BRESSEN-Oollege for Women, lune '45. O BRUMBAUGH-College for Women, October '44, Delta Delta Delta. . .Red Cross-Nurses' Aide, 3, 4. O BUCKLEY-College for Women, March '45. Zeta Tau Alpha. . Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Delta Phi Alpha, 3, 4, President ot Fraternity, 4. Marguerite E. Boyd l30 Strathmore Rd. Brookline, Del. Co., Pa. 95 Barbara Brennan Iudith Alice Bressen Anne S. Brumbauqh 270 E. Main St. 5439 Gainor Rd. l W. Windemere Ter. Clarkesburg, W. Va. Philadelphia, Pa. Lansdowne, Pa. W , D 3. ..,. .5 'V 'ul' . N0 3,3 .f 'TEV -er i . V Q., E P sv' an . , l . ' V .1 1' ' r. .1 ' S . 5 German Nancy Buckley l020 Kenwyn St. Philadelphia, Pa. ..:a2' "" l X.. . ...an-fr' ' , Q if . M ,, . 5 my' UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA fl ., . I V, t -H g b A I LI- NI'INN . Q .E ,QYPW I -' . ,:""' M 5, ,Qt Q b 'W in '23, fu. iM .. 6'-3 gi ,, 'F' nw 1 ,::- .Q lv .x ' if-'jfrfvf .. ff I ,.:: , if I W. lx t Alice Callaway Elsie B. Chetkowska Lorraine Clayton Shirley A. Clemens Genevieve Comber 624 Buffalo St. l9 N. Woodward Ave. 6107 McMahon Ave. 6425 N. Beechwood St. 7928 Park Ave. Franklin, Pa. Roselle, Wilmington, Del. Philadelphia, Pa. Germantown, Pa. Elkins Park, Pa. CALLAWAY-College for Women, lune '45 . . . Choral Society, l, 2, Sergeant Hall Social Chairman, 2, 3, Penn Players, l, 2, 3, Caducean Society, 4, Seraeant Hall Resident Council, l, 2, 3. O CHETKOWSKA-Nurs. Education, lune '45 . . . Nurs. Education Association O CLAYTON-College tor Women, August '45. Alpha Ornicron Pi . . . Brazilian Club, 4, French Club, 4, Spanish Club, 4, Pi Delta Phi, 4, International House, 4, Choral Society, l, C. A. Com- 0 CLEMENS4College for Women, lune '45, Alpha Omicron Pi . . .Choral Society, l, May Day, 2, C. A. Commission, l, 2, 3, 4, Pan-Hellenic Council, l, 2, Vice-president, 3, Green Lane Counselor, 4, President of Fraternity, 4, Pi Gamma Mu, 4, Record Book Stall, 4, Senior-lunior Tea Chairman, 4, Permanent Class Secretary, 4. O COMBER-School of Education, March '45. Delta Delta Delta . . . Class Cheerleader, l, 2, 3, Vigilance Committee, l, 2, Class Council, l, 3, Newman Club, l, 2, 3, Hockey, l, 2, Basket- ball, 2, Who's Who, 4. mission, l, Pan-Hellenic Council, 3, 4. COONEY-College for Vxlomen, lune '45, Kappa Alpha 'llheta . . . Choral Society, l, 2, Glee Club, l, 2, Class Council, l. O DACKERMAN4College for Women, lune '45. Alpha Xi Delta . . . President oi W. S. G. A., 4, Executive Council, 3, 4, Governing Board, 3, 4, President of lunior Class, 3, Green Lane Counselor, 2, 3, Senior Head Counselor, 4, Vice-president Class, l, Class Council, 2, 4, Sphinx and Key, 3, Penn Players, 2, 3, Property' Chairman, 4, Softball, Z, 3, Captain, 4, Basketball Manager, 2, 3, VV. A. A. Coundl, 2, 3, 4, Athlon Athletic Society, 4, Who's Who, 3, 4, C. A. Cabinet, 3, 4, Newman Club, l, Z, 3, 4, Permanent Class President, 4. I DALSHER, A.-College for Women, lune '45 . . . Choral Society, l. I DALSHER, H.-,College for Women, lune '45 . . . Choral Society, l. O DAMSKY-School of Education, lune '45 . . . Bennett News Business Staff, 2, 3, 4. Elaine Hoiiman Cooney Ianet C. Dackerman 437 Newbold Rd. 8316 Forrest Ave. lenkintown, Pa. Elkins Park, Pa. ' ,., , 'AQ 4 ay 4: X 1,--:' """ 4 l 3,50 4, 1 Alice Dalsher l836 Borbeck Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. 7942 W 2 Q iiiri' 49 ,, L Helen Dalsher 1836 Borbeck Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. .1,, 'S' ,- M fi tr. X ' .esllg 7 .F , my 52. Marcia Helen Damsky 6234 Hazel Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. inf' M' get Q? ,f t Concetta Ann De Leo 724 N. 65th St. Philadelphia, Pa. Corinne Diamond 4936 Pine St. Philadelphia, Pa. SENIOR CLASS gy 3 Qtr i at , if OF 1945 ,nh 490' 'sr :V l Nettie Diamond Mary Iay Dickerson Carol Dickson 2444 S. 9th St. 39 Ardmore Ave. 350 Roumfort Rd. Philadelphia, Pa. Lansdowne, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. DE LEO-College for Women, lune '45 . . . Red Cross, lg Bennett News, l. O DIAMOND, C.e lllmann-Carter, lune '45 . . . Red Cross, lg Tag Day, 2, 3. I DIAMOND, N.-College for Women, lune '45 . . . Varsity Softball, 3. O DICKERSONeColleqe for Women, October '44. Zeta Tau Alpha. I DICKSON--Colleqe for Women, lune '45. Kappa Kappa Gamma. DIETZfSchool of Education, lune '45 . . . German Club, l. I DI GIOVANNIeSchool of Education, lune '45, Alpha Xi Delta . . . Mortar Board, Vice president 4, President 4, Who's Who, 45 Pi Delta Phi 3, Secretary 45 lunior Week Committee, 3: C. A. Bazaar, 3, 47 Green Lane Counselor, 1, 2, French Club, 47 W. A. A. Council, 2, 31 Newman Club, lg Phi Gamma Mu, 4, W. S. G. A. Executive Council, 45 School of Ed. Student Advisory Board 2, 3, Vice-- chairman, 4. O DI NICCO--Colleqe for Women, March '45 . . . Red. Cross, lg Italian Club l, 4, Secretary 2, President 3: American Chemical Society, 3, 4. O DISBROW-College for Women, lune '45, Trans. from University of Delaware. Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . Red'Cross 3, Blood Donor Chairman, 4, C. A. Bazaar, 3. O DUFFYvSchool of Education, March '45. Zeta Tau Alpha. Ruth Dietz 513 W. Girard Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. , . ' Marie Doris di Giovanni Marie A. Di Nicco Mary Ann Disbrow l6l5 Ellsworth St. 40 Chestnut Terrace 27 W. Ridley Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. 4:-1, Philadelphia, Pa. Ridley Park, Pa, Q. ew" A A ldf' V ' , 3? A ' I 7 ' ' M. Elaine Duffy 2223 N, 2nd St. Philadelphia, Pa. ,Q Wi A UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA ' "1" ww 23' 'X ,awww 4' 2 5 lean Ellen Duvoisin Anna May L. Dych Hester Caldwell Eckert Maryiane Ede Eleanor lane Edwards 105 N. Diamond St. 1030 E. Columbia Ave. 5427 Wayne Ave. 309 Robinson Ave. 1615 N. Edgewood St. Clifton Heights, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Germantown, Pa. Pen Argyl, Pa. Overbrook, Pa. DUVOISIN-lllmanACarter, lune '45 . . . C. A. Canterbury Club, 2, 3, 4, Choral Society, 3, 4, Gamma Chi, 4. O DYCH-College lor Women, Iune '45 , . . American Chemical Society, 3, Caducean Society, 4, German Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Newman Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Delta Phi Alpha, 4, Phi Beta Kappa, 4. O ECKERTP-College for Women, March '45, O EDEeCo1lege for Women, lune '45 . . . Choral Society, 1, 2, 3, Methodist Cabinet, 2, 3, 4. O EDWARDS- School of Education, lune '45. Alpha Xi Delta . . . W. S. G. A. Governing Board 4, Treasurer W. S. G. A. 4, Executive Council, 4, Sphinx and Key, 3, C. A. Commission Chairman, 4, C. A. Cabinet, 4, Chairman Mother-Daughter Dinner, 2, Basketball Manager, 4, W. A. A. Council, 4, Choral Society, l, 2. EVERLlNGflllman-Carter, March '45. Alpha Chi Omega . . . Penn Players, 2, 3, 4, May Day, 2, Newman Club, l, 2, 3, 4, French Club, 4, German Club, 4. O FACTOR-College for Women, lune '45 . . .Phi Mu Epsilon 3, Secretary 4, Phi Beta Kappa, 4, Delta Phi Alpha, 4. O FARLEY--College for Vfomen, lune '45 . . . Choral Society, 3, Red Cross Nurses Aide, 3, Friends Group-C. A., 3, 4. O FIEND---College for Women, Iune '45, Trans. from Bryn Mawr College . . . C. A. Cabinet, 4, C. A. Westminster Cabinet, 3, 4. O FINKLESTEIN--College for Women, lune '45 . . . Varsity Softball, 3, l.V. Basketball, 4 M. Laureen Everling Stella Factor Edith Y. Farley Lisabeth Marie Feind Elaine Finklestein 5340 Oakland St. 2540 Kensington Ave. 202 W. Richardson Ave. Bryn Mawr, Pa. 2277 E, Cambria St. Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Langhorne, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. mf , le er , ,, ,,, , in ag 2- 2 mi -f vig' iffy, -1 . ,QW ..,. I ,. :rl -----, A PM , ,gg 4 ,WM f W f . -'2f5' f " fi - , ,...--5" ' Z f f ii'-e:: 5 "f Q " ' if ..,......-- , . .,,, . f ,2 i , t f 16 it .J ti v SENIOR CLASS OF 1945 M 3, .': 5? :"f,: V-":E:E W V Q M53 is TSW 'Z M -'--- z "" ' eff if X . N gf t . v. , an Y Ieanne Robertson Fiske Beverly Flood Betty E. Franks Patience A. Franks Deborah Friedland Lower Merion, Pa. Monmouth lunction, N. I. l6l7 Park Blvd. 424 Larchwood Ave. 5238 N. Sydenham St. Camden, N. I. Upper Darby, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. I-'ISKE-College for Women, lune '45. Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . Dramatics, l, 2, 3, 47 Glee Club, 4: Choral Society, 3, 47 Red Cross, 4, United Nations Conference, 4, American Academy ot Political and Social Science, 4. O FLOOD-School of Education, lune '4.5. Kappa Alpha Theta. I FRANKS, B.fColleqe for Women, lune '45, Trans. from Agnes Scott Colleqe, Ga. Alpha Omicron Pi. . . PanAHellenic Council, 4. I FRANKS. P.flllman-Carter, lune '45. Alpha Ornicron Pi . . . Record Book 2, 3, Editor 47 Red Cross Board 3, War Fund Chairman 4, W. S. G. A. Executive Council, 45 Who's Who, 41 Class Council, 4, Emblem, Chairman, 4, Ring Chairman, 3, C. A. Cabinet, 3, Freshman Handbook 3, Editor 45 Canterbury Club Vestry 2, 3, Secretary 4, Chairman Senior-Frosh Tea, 4, May Day, 2, Chairman. War Chest Drive, 3. I FRIEDLAND-College for Women, lune '45. Sigma Delta Tau. FRIEDLANDER--College for Vxfomen, lune '45 . . . Pi Gamma Mu, 3, 4, Sergeant Hall Resident Council, 2, 3, 4, W. S. G. A. Planning Committee, 4, Softball, 2, 3, 4. O GAMBER-Colieqe for Women, lune '45, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . Class President, lg Class Council, 2, 45 C. A. Cabinet l, 4, Vigilance Committee Chairman, 2, Senior Week Chairman, 45 May Court, ly Mortar Board, Vice-president, 4: Phi Beta Kappa, 41 Pi Gamma Mu, 45 May Court, 4. O GARAGUSOvSchool of Education, lune '45, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . Choral Society, Z7 Newman Club 2, 3, Vicefpresident 4, Settlement House, 4, President of Fraternity, 4j Pen-Hellenic Council, 2, 3, 4, Red Cross, 3. O GEORGEfSchool of Education, lune '45. O GLENNON-School of Education, March '45, Trans. irom School of Nursing, Iersey City, N. I. F. Ruth Friedlander Emily M. Gamber Anita Marie Garaguso Margaret George Catherine Glennon 324 Foster St. l67 Blackburne Ave. 612 N. 64th St. Oqontz G Olney Aves. 146 Hillside Rd. Greensburg, Pa. Lansdowne, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Elizabeth, N. I. 1 5 " PN! is 'a -AU If ' "" MM' E ,,i'V' l is """'f l A 3 . 5 ...... .:. ' M' 4' f El 1 V e,:,:,, ' 5 0 i E . 5 W, it 1 .. X , UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA swf. 3 azi A ia K: A T ma ,ri aid? t ff. 'fi A ' V M . , i 1 - S Elaine Klebanoii Gott Hattie Gottlieb Rosalind Grant Charlotte Grass Harriet D. Greenspan Elkins Court Apts. 6245 Addison St. McCallum Manor 200 E. Groves Lane 2405 N. 57th St. Elkins Park, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Mt. Airy, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. GOFF-College for Women, October '44. Sigma Delta Tau . . . Bennett News, l, 2, Swimming Team, l, 2, 3, 4, Service lnformation Center, 3, 4, Louis Marshall Society, 2, 3, 4, Red Cross, 3, 4, C. A. Bazaar, 3. I GOTTLIEB-College ion Women, lune '45 . . . Vice-chairman of Braille, Phi Beta Kappa, 4. I GRANTW-College for Women, March '45. O GRASS-College for Women, October '44. O GREENSPAN'--College for Women, lune '45. Delta Phi Epsilon . . . Bennett News, 2, 3, Hillel, 4, Louis Marshall, l, 2, 3, Red Cross Hospital Work, 4, Tuberculosis Fund, 4. GREY, I.--School of Education, lune '45. Kappa Alpha Theta . . . May Day, l, C. A., l, 2, 3. I GREY, N.fSchool of Education, Iune '45. Kappa Alpha Theta . . . May Day, l, Eta Sigma Phi, l, 2, C. A., l, 2, 3. I GRIFFITH-V College for Women, March '45. Alpha Xi Delta . . . Resident Council 2, 3, President, 4, W. A. A. Representative, 2, Red Cross, 2, Caclucean Society, 4, Delta Phi Alpha, 4, Phi Beta Kappa, 4, Who's Who, 4, German Club, 4, C. A. Bazaar, 2, 3, 4. I GRIFFITHS-College tor Women, March '45. Delta Delta Delta . . . Secretary Class, 3, Class Council 3, Penn Players 2, 3, Secretary 4, Chairman Hey Day Tea, 3, Bennett News, 3, 4, Bowling Green, 2, Dean's List, 3, Sergeant l-lall Resident Council, 3, 4, C. A. Canterbury Club, 2, 3, 4, Record Book Stalt, 4, O GROOTS-College tor Women, March '45. Sigma Delta Tau . . . Bennett News, l, Settlement House, l, 2, Red Cross, 2, C. A. Bazaar, 2, 3, Tag Day, 2. Ieane Wharton Grey Mary Nancy Grey Shirley Louise Griffith Edith Evelyn Griffiths Helen Groots 405 Bryn Mawr Ave. 405 Bryn Mawr Ave. 54 Butler St. 2l Crescent Rd. 5820 l2th St. Cynwyd, Pa. Cynwyd, Pa. Forty Fort, Pa. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Philadelphia, Pa. ,,. . fe-2 J 'E' f 'HY 4 .,m:s:.. . P -Q SENIOR CLASS ,gr ,Q 5 ei-"LE . 5 E Barbara lane Hadley Mariorie Renwick Haines Katherine Hammer 703 Redman Ave. 606 Zolhinqer Way 323 Kent Rd. Haddonfield, N. I. Merion, Pa. Cynwyd, Pa. 3 2 A"' "'A gr, ff? 2 if eff? f Ioy Viasha Hawk 400 lst Ave. Parlcesburq, Pa. OF 1945 aa , i St .f .ef i f , E lean Hays 2402 Avon Rd. Ardmore, Pa. HADLEY-College for Women, lune '45 . . Choral Society, l, 2, 35 Glee Club, l, 2, 45 Red Cross, lg C. A. Bazaar, l, 25 French Club, 45 Pirate's Ball Committee. I HAINES-College for Women, March '45. Kappa Kappa Gamma. . ,Varsity Tennis, l, 35 l.V. Basketball, lp Bowling Team, 25 Varsity Golf Team, 4. O HAMlVl'ER4Colleqe for Women, October '44 Delta Delta Delta . . . Red Cross, Nurses Aide 3, Vice-chairman 4. O HAWK-College for Women, lune '45 . . . German Club, l, 2, 35 Bed Cross Nurses Aide, 35 Caducean Society, l, 45 American Chemical Society, 35 Presbyterian Cabinet, l, 2, 3, 4. O HAYS-Fine Arts, October '44 . . . Gamma Chi, 45 Music Club, l, Z, 3, 45 Choral Society, l, 2, 3, 45 Class Cou Commissions l, 2. HIGGINSON-College for Women, lune '45, O HILL--College for Women, lune '45, Alpha Theta . . . Class President, 2, 45 Class Council, l, 35 May Day, l, 2, 45 Penn Player President 3, 45 Bowling Green 3, President 45 Chairman Father-Daughter Banquet, 35 C. A. C 2, 45 C. A. Bazaar, 2, 45 Who's W'ho, 3, 45 Sphinx and Key, 35 W. S. G. A. Governing ncil, 35 Kappa sl,2, abinet, Board, 2, 3, 4, Executive Council 2, 4, Corresponding Secretary f3, Planning' Committee 45 Penn Players Best Director Award Z, Director Z, 3, 45 Glee Club, l O HILLES--School of Education, lune '45. O HOAGLAND-College for Women, March '45. Alpha Chi Omega . . . C. A. Bazaar, 3, 4. O HODGKINS-School of Education, lune '45. Alpha Chi Omega . . . Choral Society, lg Glee Club, l5 Penn-Hellenic Council, 2, 35 Red Cross, 25 Settlement House, 25 G Club, 25 Westminster Cabinet l, 2, President 3 Music Club, l, 2. Louise M. Higginson Mildred Hill lane W. Hilles ll28 Wakeling St. l255 Mt. Olivet Bd., N.E. Swarthmore Apts. Philadelphia, Pa. Washington, D, C. Swarthmore, Pa. y . I Q t""" -A 4 .V Sf , , A.: jf. K... A P Q., 'lf A gk : ' lwf +A, tk' f -.,... 97 -5 Y , , ,, Y ' fifty tl A 'Tj Ioan Kamp Hoagland 350 Hickory Lane Haddonfield, N. I. Car GTITIGH olyn A. Hodqkins 530 Laurel Rd. Yeadon, Pa. AH H -ww UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA .W GL 'et ,fr . 4 In I V., I M, Mr . HIL M is , T a0H , K -:.,.'. .,,vV .., ef -v,,,,,vv Helen Marie Homa Kathryn lane Hughes Marie Humphrey Virginia Mae Iames 305 Fleet St. 426 E. Franklin St. 452 Glyn-Wynne Rd. 220 Township Line Pottsville, Pa. Slatington, Pa. Haverford, Pa. Llanerch, Del. Co., Pa. Elaine Iustin 1131 N. 65th St. Philadelphia, Pa. HOMA-School of Education, lune '45. Alpha Omicron Pi . . . Red Cross, l, 2, 4, Volunteer Hospital Aide, 4, May Court Program, 2. O HUGHES-School of Education, Iune '45 . . . Red Cross, 2, Sergeant Hall House Committee 3, Chairman 4, Vice-president 4, President 4, W. S. G. A. Executive Council, 4. O HUMPHREY-'College for Women, Iune '45. Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . Varsity Badminton, 2, Red Cross, 3, 4, Panel-lellenic Council, 2, 3, President of Fraternity, 4. O IAMES-lllman-Carter, Iune '45, Alpha Chi Omega . . f. Trans. from Ursinus College. O IUS'l'INelllman-Carter, Iune '45, Delta Phi Epsilon . . . Fraternity Social Chairman 3, Pledge Mother 4. KAPLAN, D.-College for Women, Iune '45 . . . Service information Center, l, 2, 4, Varsity Basketball, l, 2, 3, Bennett News, l, Red Cross, l, 2, 4, Louis Marshall Council, 2, Hillel, 4, Volunteer Hospital Work, 4, Brazilian Club, 4, Spanish Club 4. O KAPLAN. F.-College for Women, lune '45. O KENNEDY-College for Women, Iune '45. Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . Varsity Softball, l, Pan-Hellenic Council, 2, 3, Chairman Tuberculosis Seals Sale, 4. O KING-College for Women, Iune '45, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . Red Cross, 4. O KINNAMAN -College for Women, Iune '45. Delta Delta Delta . . . Bennett News, l, 2. Doris S. Kaplan Flora Kaplan Elizabeth Ann Kennedy lane Faunce King Virginia C. Kinnaman 6Bl2 N. Sth St. 3029 Diamond St. lll2 Montgomery Ave. lU4 W. Springfield Ave. 512 Manor Rd. Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia,Pa. Rosemont, Pa. Chestnut Hill, Pa. Wynwood, Pa. . ' """"rr' f . 2 'e,-,,- 'ny' Agfx V W 4 'r H-at , t-.-.. SENIOR CLASS OF 1945 an-if 356- mm ew. me 'tl' v,: " 'W' ' WIP? .a-if 'wwf 43' nigh-Q : 41 I k , Mary M. Klaes Wilma Frances Korn Virgina Bates Kraemer Miriam R. Krieger Reba Levin Dover, Del. 5536 Baltimore Ave. 1138 E. Stafford St. 216 McAlpin St 1531 Belmont Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. KLAES--'Nursing Education, Iune '45 . . . Nursing Education Association, O KORN V-School ot Education, lune '45 . . . Louis Marshall Society 1, 2, Council 37 Hillel Foundation President, 45 Penn Players, 1, 2, 3, W. S. G. A. Executive Council, 3, Who's Who, 3. O KRAEMER- College for Women, lune '45 Alpha Omicron Pi . , . Pan-Hellenic' Council, 27 May Day, 2, C. A. Bazaar, 3, Green Lane Counselor, 4, Record Book, 47 Fraternity Treasurer, 37 Pi Mu Epsilon 3, Secretary 4. I KRIEGERfCollege for Women, October '44, Trans. from Temple University . . . Asst. Psychology Instructor, 4, O LEVIN--College for Women, March '45, LEVINE---College for Women, October '44. Delta Phi Epsilon. . . Bennett News, 1, 37 Louis Marshall, 3, 4, Record Book 3, Associate Editor 47 Modern Dance Group, l, 27 Red Cross, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer of Fraetrnity, 3, 47 C. A. Bazaar, 2, I. V. T'ennis, 4. I LIVING-STONfCollege for Women, October '44. Alpha Chi Omega. I I.ONGENECKERgCollege for Women, lune '45, Trans. from Russell Sage College. . . Settlement House, 27 German Club, 27 Modern Dance Group, 35 Choral Society, 2, Christian Association, 4. O LUBICH--College for Women, Tune '45 . . . Delta Phi Alpha, gf German Club, 2, 3, Service Information Center, 27 Choral Society, 2, 3, Newman Club, l, 2. I LUSH---College for Women, lune '45 . . . Penn Players, 2, 3, Bowling Green, 27 Brazilian Club, 3. Ruth Eva Levine lane Anne Livinston Nancy Longenecker Mildred N. Lubich 246 W. Upsal St. 1011 70th Ave. 3422 Walnut St. Brooklyn, N. Y. Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. V zzlz ..--":' ' - R , .,..,.,,., 1 ,.., ,Mg ,V ' .I ,lr i 5 I' we . ,,. , 19151 . 1... :Q W '- 1 3' it W' if ' 'T . 5 Marillyn D. Lush 260 Meehan St. Philadelphia, Pa. Qi? " Y' ., E' rx s F 5 , UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA 2 dn... it M , . U E: . , .Z Dorothy MacFarland Edna Helen Mackie Ruth A. Mankin Rita Mann Rita Ann Murano 64 E. Clearfield Rd. 1728 Spruce St. 1354 Arbordale Rd. 217 Bound Brook Rd. 638 Fitzwater St. Oakmont, Up. Darby, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Overbrook Manor, Pa, Dunellen, N. 1. Philadelphia, Pa. MacFARLAND--College for Women, lune '45, Delta Delta Delta, O MACKIE-College for Women, March '45 . . . Trans. from National Park lunior College. I MANKIN-HCollege for Women, lune '45. Delta Delta Delta . . . Bennett News, 1, 25 Class Nominating Committee, 2. O MANN-College for Women, lune '45, Sigma Delta Tau . . . Bennett News l, 2, lunior Editor 3, Copy Editor 4, Service lnformation Center 2, 3, President 47 Sphinx and Key, 35 Who's Who, 41 Treasurer of Fraternity, 4, W. S. G. A. Executive Council, 41 Pi Gamma Mu, 4. I MARANO-lllman-Carter, Iune '45. Zeta Tau Alpha . . . Newman Club, 2, 3, 4. MARKLE-Nursing Education, October '44 . . . Nursing Ed. Association. I MARTIN-College for Women, March '45. Zeta Tau Alpha. . .Pi Gamma Mu, 41 United Nations Conference Representative, 4. O MCANANLY--College for Women, October '44, Alpha Xi Delta. O McCOY---College for VVomen, lune '45. Kappa Kappa Gamma. O McDOWELL-lllman-Carter, Iune '45, Trans. from Hood College. Chi Omega . . . Red Cross, 4. Mary V. Markle Elisabeth Lois Martin Ioan Mcl-lnanly Ruth McCoy E. Winiired McDowell 542 King St. 318 Madison St. 3043 Carman St. 30 West End Ave. 5 Stellar Place Philadelphia, Pa. Sayre, Pa. Camden, N. I. Haddonfield, N. l. Pelham Manor, N. Y. 13' li on 'M an -Q iwl M 4" P Qlilfi g A, 'S' ':"' . 2 W I , ' 1 A gin """' 2 ' 4 may r A A i V 5, ,R ,f .,,,: 3 ,V i Rosemary McHenry Elizabeth McLaughlin 5602 Angora Ter. 231 Forrest Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. Ambler, Pa. SENIOR CLASS OF 1945 f lean C. McMackin l822 Ferry St. Easton, Pa. Elizabeth M. Meiswinkel 649 16th Ave. Prospect Park, Pa. Lois McWilliams York, Pa. MCHENRY--Fine Arts, October '44 . . . Chi, 47 Red Cross, 25 Newman Club, l, 2, 3, 4. O MCLAUGHLIN--Eine Arts, Iune '45. Kappa Kappa Gamma. O MCMACKIN--School of Education, lune '45, Alpha Xi Delta . . . Penn Players, l, 27 Choral Society, l, 2, 37 Red Cross, l, 2, 3: May Day, 1, 4, Treasurer of Fra- ternity, 4. I McWILLIAMSeSchool of Education, Iune '-45. Chi Omega. C MEISWINKEL-f School ot Education, lune '45, Trans. from St. loseph's College, Maryland . . . Choral Society, 37 Christian Association, 3, 4. Choral Society, l, 2, 3, 47 Music Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Gamma MERION Colleqe for Women, lune '45. Alpha Omicron Pi . . . Bennett News l, 2, 3, Editor-in- Chief 4, C. A. Cabinet, l, 2, 3, 47 Canterbury Club Vestry l, 2, President 3, 45 'Who's Who, 47 W. S. G. A. Executive Council, 4, Red Cross Board, 35 Phi Beta Kappa, 3, 45 Green Lane Counselor, 3, 4. 0 MILLER, L.---Colleqe for Women, Iune '45. Sigma Delta Tau . . . Red Cross, lg Phi Beta Kappa, 4, American Chemical Society, 3, 47 C. A. Bazaar 2, 3, 4, War Chest 2, 3. O MILLER, V.-College for Women, lune '45. Chi' Omega . . . Choral Society, l, 2, 3, Glee Club, l, 2, 3, Pan-Hellenic Council, 2, 3g Christian Association, l, 2, 3, 4. I MILLMANfSchool of Education, lune '45, O MIMM--lllman-Carter, lune '45. Zeta Tau Alpha . . . Carolyn S. Merion l3 S. Broom St. Wilmington, Del. Choral Society, l. Leah Miller 6446 N. 13th St Philadelphia, Pa. QI? 'Q' Virginia Miller Marie Millmcm Evelyn Graft Mimm l3l6 Deveraux Ave, l4ll N. Redfield St. St. Petersburg, Pa. Phialdelphia, Pa. Wilmington, Del. H15 WE' 'SX' t UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA 59 f 4 gg , . V ,. ' " . :,. .A .gizl Q. , 3 A f W 555-'A .3 , I Marilyn Dee Mitchell 5440 Morris St. Germantown, Pa. Lois Ann Monaghan 262 Indian Creek Rd. Overbrook, Pa. Ji 'ras ff "' ' Anne Monihan 99 Corinthian Ave Ocean City, N. I. Frances P. Morrison 44 Afton Rd. Yardley, Pa. Beulah F. Matt 271 S. 63rd St. Philadelphia, Pa. MITCHELL-School of Education, Iune '45. Alpha Chi Omega . . . Pen-Hellenic 2, 3, President 4, Who's Who, 4, W. S. G. A. Executive Council, 47 Penn Players, 1, 2, 3, 4, Vigilance- Committee Chairman, 3. O MONAGI-IAN-elllman-Carter, Iune '45. Delta Delta Delta . . . Bennett News, l, 25 President of Fraternity, 4. I MONIHANfCollege for Women, lune '45, Trans. from William and Mary College. Alpha Chi Omega . . . Varsity Swimming 2, Captain 3, 47 W. A. A. Council, 4. O MORRISON+1llman-Carter, lune '45, Trans. irom Wheelock College and Hollins College. I MATT. B.-College for Women, March '45 . . . Bennett News, 2, Louis Marshall, 1, 2, 35 Hillel Foundation Council, 4. MATT. Z.-College for Women, March '45 . . . Louis Marshall Society, tion Council, 4. O MURDOCH-College for Women, lune '45 Center, 25 French Club 1, President 4, Pi Delta Phi, 3, 4, Phi Beta Kappa, School of Education, Iune '45. Alpha Xi Delta . . . Secretary of Class C. A. Cabinet, 2, 3, 45 Bowling Green, 2, 3, 47 Choral Society, 27 French Club, 2, 45 Pi Delta Phi, 3, 47 School of Ed. Advisory Board, 3, 4, Brazilian, Club, 3, 45 Spanish Club, 45 Settlement House, lg Chairman Soph Luncheon, 2, C. A. Bazaar, 3, 4. O NIXON-College for Women, lune '45. Alpha Omicron Pi . . . Red Cross Work, 4, Volunteer Hospital Work, 4. O NOBLE- College for Women, lune '45 . . . C. A. Settlement House, lg Louis Marshall, 2, Hillel Founda- tion Executive Council, 3, 41 Chairman Social Welfare at Hillel, 4. Zeldah V. Matt Amelia C. Murdoch Elizabeth I. Nicholson Mariorie Elaine Nixon 271 S. 63rd St. 5041 Hazel Ave. Girard College 2U N. Lincoln Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Newton, Pa. 'R fe- W' Wh-A on 4? 1, 2, 37 Hillel Founda- . . . Service information 4. O NICHOLSONf , 2, Class Council, 1, 2: Rosalie Noble 5724 Osage Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. M "K" I -9,- SENIOR CLASS OF 1945 , ---A-- 421 . , . e2,, E Iaqn i I zzz .isiz 7, Z '. :,:,,,, . Y Z if 1, , Frances Mae Payes Dorothy Mae Peele Natalie Ann Pincus Myrtle Cinsky Mollie Potash 46 S. 60th St. 21 East Ave. 6033 Christian St. Worchester, Mass. l03i Wyoming Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. Woodstown, N. l. Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. . . Bennett News, 3, 47 Louis Marshall, PAYES-College for Women, March '45. Delta Phi Epsilon . of Fraternity, 4. O PEELE-School l, 2, 37 I-iiilel Foundation, 47 Pi Gamma Mu, 3, 47 Treasurer of Education, lune '45, Trans. from Gilford College, N. C. Alpha Xi Delta . . . Varsity Hockey, 3, 47 Basketball, 3, 47 Tennis, 37 President Women's Athletic Association, 47 Who's Who, 4. I PlNCASfillman-Carter, lune '45. Delta Phi Epsilon . . . Louis Marshall Executive Council, 2, 37 Hillel Foundation, 'Vice-president, 47 War Chest l, Chairman 37 Allied le-wish Appeal Chair- man, l, 2, 37 Pan-Hellenic Council, 27 Cheer Leader, l. O CINSKYW-College for Women, October '44. Alpha Chi Omega. O POTASHfColleae for Women, Iune '45 . . .Louis Marshall, l, 2, 37 German Club, 47 Pi Gamma Mu, 3. PLATT-lllman-Carter, lune '45 . . . Taq Day, 37 Red Cross War Fund, 3, 47 Record Book Staff, 4. I PROMISI.OFF+Colleqe for Women, March '45 . . . Bennett News, 27 Louis UA.LEYeColl-ege for Women, lune 45. Kappa News, 27 Treasurer oi Fraternity, 4. I Delta , . . Newman Club Cabinet i, 2, Pres- Marshall, l, 2, 37 Hillel Foundation, 4. O Q Delta. . . Newman Club, l, 2, 3, 47 Bennett QUINLAN--College for Women, lune '45, Kappa ident 37 Red Cross Board 3, Treasurer 47 Green QUlNNfSchool ot Education, lune '45. Alpha president 47 Bennett News l, 2, 3, Associate Edito Lane Counselor, 17 Blazer Chairman, 2. O Kappa Alpha. . . C. A. Cabinet 3, Vice r 47 Red Cross Board, 37 Pi Gamma Mu, 3, 47 Mortar Board, 47 Who's Who, 4, Irene Marie Quinlan Roma Yvonne Quinn Lillian Platt Marcia H. Promislofi Lucille Qualey 634 N. Sth St. i546 W. Cumberland St. l625 Haight Ave. 2819 W. Queen Lane Cunard St. Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Bronx, New York, N. Y. Philadelphia, Pa. Marshaliton, Del. im "' frr ,Q .6 9 - Hi 6 Q. I 7 m ,Wi Jw fri if 'L "" , 1 9' . W ,K 3 X 'wwf UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA di? S Alice Reii 419 Hopkins Lane Haddonfield, N. l. . N 7 tif Eva Margaret Repetto Alice Richardson 628 Overhill Rd. Conestoga Rd. Ardmore, Pa. Berwyn, Pa. me M Naomi Rittenberg 5400 Arlington St. Philadelphia, Pa. 'WDW H. Ethel Romm 726 W. Roosevelt Blvd Philadelphia, Pa. REIF-Fine Arts, lune '45. Alpha Chi Omega. O REPETTO--College for Women, lune '45, Delta Delta Delta . . . Class Secretary, 47 Red Cross Board, 3, 47 Chairman Nurses Aide, 47 Bennett News Business Staff 2, Circulation Manager 37 Fraternity Treasurer, 47 Chairman Big Sister Party, 37 Class Council, 47 Hockey, l, 2, 37 Basketball, l, 27 W. A. A. Representative, 4. O RICHARDSONfSchoo1 of Education, lune '45, O RITTENBERG- -School of Education, lune '45. Sigma Delta Tau . . . Bennett News, l, 2, 4: Modern Dance Group 1, 2, 4, Chairman 37 Louis Marshall, l, 2, 37 Hillel Foundation, 47 l.V. Swimming, l, 27 Red Cross, 2, 3, 47 C. A. Bazaar, 3, 47 W, A. A. Council 3, Vice-president, 4. O ROMM-School of Education, lune '45, Sigma Delta Tau . . . President of Fraternity, 4. ROSENW--College for Women, Iune '45. Siarna Delta Tau . . . Service information Center, l, Z, 47 Red Cross, l, 27 War Chest, 37 C. A. Bazaar, 3, 47 Louis Marshall Council, lj Pan-Hellenic Council, 2, 3, 4. I RUB'Nelllman-Carter, March '45. Sigma Delta Tau. O RUDNICK- lllman-Carter, lune '45 . . . Louis Marshall Council, 17 Red Cross Worker, 47 Hillel, 3, 4. O RUSSELI.flllman-Carter, lune '45, Kappa Kappa Gamma.. . Red Cross, 2, 3, 47 Settlement House, l. O RUTKOWSKI-College for Women, lune '45. Rita S. Rosen 4608 N. 12th St. Philadelphia, Pa. Shirlee S. Rubin Helen Rudnick 5423 Wynnetield Ave. 5261 Akron St. Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Elizabeth Russell Cambridge Apts. Germantown, Pa. Ianina Rutkowski Forty Fort, Pa. 'mf-'I -GV SENIOR CLASS '-'Sf 77 Jef is 4 SS f if ' ' ' ,. 7 A,iA rg A ten t i 7 7 4 i , Ruth Friedlund Sablosky 5235 Sydenham St. Philadelphia, Pa. Marguerite Saltzman Catherine Santa Maria 2533 S. 21st St. Philadelphia, Pa. Manoa, Pa. SABOLSKYfCollege for Women, October '44. Sigma SALTZMAN-College tor Women, Iune '45, Sigma Phi President, 4. 0 SANTA MARIA-Collegef . . . Class Council, l, 2, 47 I.V. Tennis, l, 27 I.V. fed' R. ,I ff' If TI' " Wfwfa 'lr X A ,YQ ' Betty Anne Schechter D 5717 N. Camac St. Philadelphia, Pa. E OF 1945 W orothy Marie Schwab IO4 Yeakel Ave. rdenheini, Phila., P Delta Tau . . . Louis Marshall Society, l. O Delta Tau . . . Phi Beta Kappa, 47 for Women, Iune '45, Kappa Kappa Hockey, lp Bennett News, l7 Penn Pi Delta Gamma Players, SCHECHTER- Illman-Carter, Iune '45. I 47 W. S. G. A. Planninq Committee, 4. O SCHWAB-College for Women, Iune '45. Delta Delta Delta. , .Penn Players, 3, 47 Bennett News, 3, 47 I.V. Hockey, l, 2, 37 IV. Modern Dance, li Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 47 Choral Society, 27 Glee Club, 2. SCHWENDNER--College for Women, Iune '45 . . . Choral Society, li Glee Club, l. O SENN-College for Women, Iune '45. Chi Omega . . . C. A. Cabinet, 2, 37 Newman Club Cabinet, 27 Bennett News, 27 Green Lane Counselor 2, 3, Iunior Header 47 International House Council, I, 27 Service Information Center, 27 Pi Delta Phi, 2, 3, 47 Delta Phi Alpha, 3, 47 Phi Beta Kappa, 3, 47 Pi Gamma Mu, 47 President of Fraternity, 47 Who's Who, 3, 47 Mortar Board, 47 Class Council, 3, 47 Choral Society, l. I SERPOSS--College for Women, Iune '45 . . . Choral Society and Glee Club, l, 2, 37 International House, 3, 47 Portuguese Club, 3, 47 French Club, l, 2, 47 Italian Club, 47 German Club, 4. O SHAPIRO----College for Women, Iune '45 . . . German Club, 2, 3, 47 Delta Phi Alpha, 3, 47 Bennett News, l, 2. O SHIEKMAN-School of Education, Iune '45 . . .Red Cross, l, 27 Service Information Center, 3, 47 Swimming Instructor and Life Saving, 37 Penn Players, 3. Betty L. Schwendner 5l6 Swarthmore Ave. Ridley Park, Pa. U4 it it ff u!'m'N I 7 Q' ei Marie Betta Senn 207 Cynwyd Rd. Bala-Cynwyd, Pa. Adrina Serposs Greystone Hall West Chester, Pa. Alice Shapiro 450 S. 49th St. Philadelphia, Pa. Phyllis Shiekman 4829 Osage Ave. Philadelphia, Pa, .... , Ivpl :I A es se ,,. egg 'W "S," , 7' mf UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA .,..-..- .A,, ,sa I W, .M i 3 r 1 ,W r Lillian Sholtis 940 N. Centre St. Freeland, Pa. 317 Cherry Bend lO24 Water St. 28 W. Sellers Ave. Merion, Pa. Meadville, Pa. Ridley Park, Pa. Barbara Ott Shryock Elizabeth D. Skelton Martha L. Snyder Anne Bonnell Speirs ll3 Argyle Rd. Ardmore, Pa. SHOLTIS-School of Education, lune '45. I SHRYOCK-College for Women, lune '45. Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . Bennett News, l, 27 Service Information Center, 2, 3, 47 Choral Society, 35 Dean's List, l, 3, 45 Bowling Green, lg Pi Gamma Mu, 4. I SKELTON4College for Iune '45. Alpha Xi Delta . . . Caclucean Society Secretary, 45 W. A. A. Council, 45 Manager, 4: Modern Dance Group, 2, 3, 45 May Day, l, 47 Bed Cross, l, 2, 3, 47 C. A bury Club, l, 2, 3, 4. O SNYDEH--College for Women, lune '45. Kappa Kappa . . . Choral Society, l, 2, 4g Glee Club, l, 25 Class Council, lg Bed Cross, 3, 4g Italian Club, SPEIRS-College for Women, lune '45, Trans. from University of Delaware. Kappa Kappa Women, Hockey . Canter- Gamma 4. O Gamma . . . Penn Players 2, Business Manager 3, 4, Outstanding Member Award 37 Service Information Center, 3, 47 Bowling Green 2, Production Manaaer 3, 47 C. A. Bazaar, 37 W. S. G. A. Executive Council, 45 Chairman United War Chest, 4, Who's Who, 4, W. S. G. A. Planning Committee, 4, C. A. Commission, 4 SPIERS-College for Women, October '44. O STACKPOLE-School of Education lune '45, Trans. from University of Maine. Delta Delta Delta. O STEVENSON-Co Women, lune '45. Alpha Xi Delta. . .Mortar Board Freshman Award, ly Chairma lunior Tea, lg Editor W. S. G. A. Scrapbook, 27 Bowling Green, 2, 3, 4, Clommission , O. T., liege for n Frosh- Leader, 2, 3g Sphinx and Key, 35 W. S. G. A. Treasurer 3, Vice-president 4, Governing Board 4, Executive Council 45 Who's Who, 3, 45 Phi Beta Kappa, 3, 4: Mortar Board, 47 President of Fraternity, 4, Green Lane Counselor, 2, 35 Chairman Iunior Week, 37 C, A. Cabinet, 2, 3: C. A. Bazaar, 2, 3. I STElNMEYERfSchool of Education, lune '45, Trans. from University of Maryland. Alpha Xi Delta . . . Choral Society, 25 Home Economics Association, 2, 3, 4, Christian Fellow- ship, 3, 4. O STIFF-College for Women, Iune '45. Kappa' Alpha Theta . . . Sergeant Hall Resident Council, 2, 4. Sirley Spiers Margaret E. Stackpole Phyllis Stevenson Doris E Steinmeyer Mary Remer Stiff 5324 Wynnefield Ave. l43 Comy St. 5548 Miriam Rd. 324 Strathmore Rd. 417 I-ligh St. Philadelphia, Pa. Augusta, Me. Philadelphia, Pa. Brookline, Del. Co., Pa. Mount Holly, N. l. EF: "l" , V 2 ,.,. sw " ..- ' . , ' B "" ' 1 f"3"" --P ' ' ""' ' ' 'W mi ' .... , .... .--r- Z M 'GE 'ik ' lm ii 2 Q-QQ ' ,Q , . ig? . at Aff: 1,v:. I ' 1 V, lk., NM L 2 SENIOR CLASS OF 1945 1015 f""? ...,,,,,m Wm Q Wax .::. . ' in Marlyn Kuskey Shrut Vera S. Stuhris Mary Marlin Thomas Doris Ann Tiliany Ianice Townend 4103 Spruce St. 222 Seminole Ave. 5504 Webster St. 2256 Rudy Rd. 101 Seeley Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. Palm Beach, Fla. Omaha, Nebr. Harrisburg, Pa. Arlington, N. l. SHRUT--School of Education, lune '45. Sigma Delta Tau . . . Student Advisory Board of School of Education, 3. O STUHRIS-College for Women, October '45. Alpha Omicron Pi. . . Hospital Volunteer, 47 May Court, 2, Red Cross, 4. I THOMAS-Fine Arts, lune '45. Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . Chairman Big Sister Party, lg Commission Leader, 2, C. A. Cabinet, 25 C. A. Bazaar, 37 Red Cross, 3, 45 Class Council, l, 3, 4: Who's 'Who, 4: Undergraduate- Camp Chairman, 4. I TIFFANY-College for Women, October '45. Chi Omega . . . Bennett News, l, 2, 45 Choral Society, lg Glee Club, l, 25 Christian Association, 1, 2. O TOWNENDfFine Arts, lune '45. Alpha Chi Omega . . . May Court 3, May Queen 4. TRAUTVET'I'ERfSchool of Education, lune '45, Trans. from William and Mary College. Alpha Chi Omega . . . President of Fraternity, 4, Spanish Club, lg Red Cross, l, 2. O TUCKERe School of Education, lune '45 . . . Choral Society, l, 2, Glee Club, 1, French Club, 4, Portuguese Club, 4, Hillel Council, 4. O TURVILLE. F. E.-College for Women, lune '45 . . . Glee Club. 2, 3, 4, Choral Society, 2, 3, 47 French Club, 45 Pirate's Ball Committee, 2. O TURVILLE, M. C.- School of Education, Iune '45 . , , Newman Club l, 2, 3, Secretary 4. O UHI.MANNfCollege for Women, October '44. Alpha Xi Delta . . . Canterbury Club Vestry, l, 2, 3, 4, Choral Society, l, 25 Pi Delta Phi, 2, 3, 4, American Chemical Society, 4. Lucille E. Trautvetter Annette Sidney Tucker F. Elaine Turville Marie Celine Turville Augusta Ulmann 308 Evergreen Rd. 211 McDade Blvd. Ouart. U.S.N. Yard 42 Kent Rd. 217 Urban Ave. Ienlcintown Manor, Pa. Collingdale, Pa. Boston, Mass. Upper Darby, Pa. Norwood, Pa. ian -lib' -Q' fs' 'iw - we ii W- ...,, 1...- ' ":' . X 1 fi' 2 UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA Z '...,- I' V I 'R 1 . kg :zi I in 2 it 2 Mariorie Underhill Helen T. Viteles Harriet Voss Norma Waschler Geraldine L. Weisburg 127 Wayne Ave. 529 Broad Acres Rd. 2227 Market St. 2619 Kensington Ave. 4524 Old York Rd Springfield, Del. Co., Pa. Penn Val., Narberth, Pa. Wilmington, Del. Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. UNDERHILI.-College for Women, lune '45. Kappa Delta . . . Choral Society, 1, 2, 35 Settlement House, 1, 2, 3, 45 Treasurer of Fraternity 3, President, 4. O VITELES-College for Women, March '45 . . , C. A, Cabinet, 2, 35 Service Information Center 2, 4, Chairman 35 Sphinx and Key, 35 Mortar Board, President, 45 Who's Who, 3, 45 Fox Award for Social Service, 35 Red Cross Board 3, Secretary 45 Hillel, 2, 45 Class Council, 45 Green Lane Counselor, l, 25 C. A. Commissions, 1, 2, 3, 45 Interest Commissions, 2, 3. I VOSS-"College for Women, lune '45. Alpha Chi Omega. I WASCHLER-College for Women, lune '45 . . . Bennett News, 1, 2, 35 Phi Beta Kappa, 45 Pi Gamma Mu, 4. O WEISBURG-College for Women, March '45. Delta Phi Epsilon . . . Louis Marshall Council 1, Secretary 2, 35 Hillel Secretary, 45 Varsity Basket- ball, 15 Volunteer Hospital Work, 15 C. A.-L. M. Drive, 2, 3. WELSH-lllman-Carter, lune '45. Delta Delta Delta . . . Bennett News, l, 25 Secretary of Class, l5 Pan-Hellenic Council, 2, 3. O WENTZYSchool of Education, March '45, Trans. from College of Chestnut Hill. Zeta Tau Alpha . . . Red Cross 1, 2, Nurses Aide 3, Social Service 4. O WETTER-College for Women, lune '45. I WEXLAR--College for Women, March '45. Sigma Delta Tau . . . Settlement House, l, 2. I WILDER4Colleqe for Women, March '45. Sigma Delta Tau . . . Bennett News, l, 2, 35 Modern Dance Group, 2, 35 Louis Marshall Council, 35 Service Information Center, 3, 4. Nancy Pollock Welsh ll4 Avon Rd. Narberth, Pa. Clara Bordona Wentz Helen Elizabeth Wetter Elaine Wexlar 12 Rose Lane 605 Kenilworth Apts. 2601 Parkway Chestnut Hill, Pa. Wissahickon Ave. and Philadelphia, Pa. School Lane, Phila., Pa. 1.52" ,,. 5. n . fi W' W in . 'ull' 1 v""""' ' ' '15 5 1 'i W '20 , ., In 1 y A, QI: 5 .Q lite Selma Wilder 2601 Parkway Philadelphia, Pa M , . ,tt , f t SENIOR CLASS OF 1945 f '25 ' A ,et Q, -er ' ' of-' .2 I 1' ,. I .ar 1 . 48 it . Evelyn lean Wilford Irene Williams Frances L. Wolfe Mary Cranston Woody Julia Ann Wright Windrush Harbor Farm l934 Ashley Rd. 3804 Locust St. 35 Kent Rd. 930 Church Lane Oxford, Md. Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Upper Darby, Pa. Yeadon, Pa. WILFORDfCollege for Women, Iune '45. Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . Choral Society and Glee Club, l, Red Cross, 2, 3, 4, Pi Gamma Mu, 4, C. A. Social Committee, 2, 3. O WILLIAMS-- College for Women, March '45. Chi Omega . . . Treasurer of Fraternity, 3, Choral Society, l, Bennett News, l, 2, Red Cross Board, l, 2, Pi Mu Epsilon, 4. I WOLFE-College for Women, March '45 . . . Caducean Society, l, 2, l.V. Swimming, l, Bennett News, l, 2, 3, 4. O WOODYf4College tor Women, lune '45. Alpha Xi Delta . . . Pan-Hellenic Council, 2, 3, C. A. Cabinet, 2, Commission Leader, 2. O WRIGHT- 'lllman-Carter, lune '45. Kappa Alpha Theta ...Red Cross, 3, 4, President oi Fraternity, 4, May Court, l, Gamma Chi, 3, 4, Choral Society, l, Z, 3, 4, Glee Club, l, 2. YOHE-College for Women, lune '45 . . . Delta Phi Alpha, 4, C. A. Bazaar, 3, 4, Sergeant Hall Resident Council 3, Editor Newspaper 4, Newman Club, 3, 4, Volunteer Hospital Worker, 3. O ZALTZMAN-School of Education, Iune '45 . . . Bennett News, I, 2, 3, Portuguese Club, 3, 4, Hillel, l, 2, 3, 4. e 51.4, VIRGINIA CRAEMER--422 Harvard Ave., Swarthmore, Pa. College for Women, March '45 Chi Omega . . . W. A. A. Council, 3, Hockey Team, 4, Mortar Board, 4, Phi Beta Kappa, 4. MARY LOUISE FANGER-2031 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. College for Women, lune '45. Alpha Xi Delta . . . Newman Club, 4, Cauducean Society, 4. BARBARA SALUS KEMP-326 S. l9th Si., Philadelphia, Pa. Shcool ot Education, October '45. Sigma Delta Tau . . . Pi Gamma Mu, 3. RUTH LEVINE-5217 N. 16th St., Philadelphia, Pa. College for Women, Iune '45 . . . Modern Dance Group, l, 2, Dramatics, 2, 3. ROSELLE SCHWARTZ--Shaker Heights, Ohio. School of Ed.-O. T., October '45. Sigma Delta Tau. MG,-y jane Yghe Francys Zaltzman 204 S, Begvgf St, 5613 Woodcrest Ave. Ygyk, Pg, Philadelphia, Pa. A 1: :,. .-'.,. QQQ. , Z. -,,. R 1'9" G 'ff z ii glue' . . P y I ' ,aaa when az W Qallege Me- It does not seem so long ago that we were trying desperately to find 34th and Walnut Streets, and standing wide-eyed in the crazy melee of Bennett Hall. The babble that filled the hall on that first day is by now classic: f'Has anyone seen a girl in a blue sweater and skirt?" . . . f'Where is this place called Irvine Audi- torium?" . . . ffDo we have to fill out all these papers? I7 As every other good Pennsylvania class, we winced with horror at the sight of our freshman pictures, stood in pathetic be-towelled lines in Weightman Hall. and screamed lustily at the football games. VVe were really not very orig- inal-fbut, four years later, from a sentimental senior viewpoint, the activities of our first years become more signincant as a part of the college life we are leaving. Much has the university given us . . . remember the outstanding lecture courses, hilarious professors, and the personal friendships with the faculty that developed? We can reminisce, too, as a united groupfThe Class of '45. Freshman Camp in September, 1941, launched us into college doings. Green Lane was the ideal spot to meet our fellow classmates, organize our songs, and become acquainted with campus leaders. Mrs. Hottells reception was a gracious note in the whirl of Freshman Week activities. And, of course, we would have been utterly lost without the helping hands of our Big Sisters. Then came Pirates' Ball - the night of the sadistic sophomores. Despite smeared faces and voices cracked from praising the sophs, we yelled 'K '45 is quite alivei' and enthusiastically mur- dered the tune of "Yes, My Darling Daughter." The attack on Pearl Harbor in December of that ,vear sobered us to the realization of the privilege inherent in a college education. We Cabin Three, Freshman Camp 1941 were the last class to enter upon a peacetime campus. That class was beginning to function as a unit, too, with the election of Martha Houser to its presidency, Janet Dackerman and Nancy Pollock as vice-president and secretary. Class council members were Genney Comber, Elaine Cooney, Midge Hill, Doris Koch, Betty Nicholson, Marty Snyder and Mary Thomas. After weathering two weeks of rushing, we felt really collegiate and settled down to hard work. We did have time to give a tea to the seniors of that year which caused some comment. The upper-classmen were pinned with angel wings, while the frosh blossomed forth with pitchforks. This and Midge Hill's famous monologues made us a well-known class. On May Day. Judy Wright and Betty Felton represented us in the Bowling Green production at Morris Arboretum. Fall of 1942. So now we were sophomores, re- turning to familiar sites and just brimming over with fiendish ideas for Pirates' Ball. We gave those poor frosh the full measure of what we had received. Entertainment. lipstick, and candy- apples made the evening memorable. But we made it up to the new class at the Soph-Frosh Dinner which followed. Midge Hill led the class that year, while the council was composed of Martha Houser, Jan Dackerman, Barbara Bren- nan, Mary Thomas, Nancy Pollock, Betty Shack- lett and Elaine Sloane. Rushing was as strenuous as ever that year, only now we were on the other side. And we thought it was hectic as rushees! By April we considered ourselves sophisticated college women we had hurdled two rushing seasons and three exam periods. Nothing could be as bad . . .Little did we know! The acceleration program, summer school, and one week of exams in June were just about to descend on our innocent heads. This was accompanied by the increasing preval- ance of uniforms on campus: ROTC, V-12, and the A,S.T.P.'s. Even if we had wanted to climb ivory towers, the changing campus scene forced the reality of war on our attention. Mike Houser organized the first sophomore week, as we wore cur blazers proudly. Came the Frst of Mav, and Bobby Brennan and jan Townend did the class honor on the May Court. The ceremonies were held at Irvine Auditorium that year with a Victory motive. Hey Day, with new Sphinx and Key members, saw us on our way as juniors. 7Ue'ue4wicfaWLfca4facfiea The responsibilities of campus leadership were now ours. After a long summer of job-holding or accelerating we returned in November to com- pare notes. President janet Dackerman, Vice- president Betty Shacklett, and Secretary Edith Griffiths aided in the selection of our Little Sis- ters, as we dropped the role of hazing sophs and prepared to do unto the new frosh as we had been done unto. It did our hearts good to see the looks of gratitude they bestowed upon us as we explained that they didn't have to go directly across Woodland Avenue. Pirates' Ball came as usual, with our own Margaret Blair leading it. This time we sang along with the new frosh. The remainder of the year saw in- creasing responsibility and participation, and five members of the class joined the ranks of Phi Beta Kappa. In May we chose Fifi Beck and jan Townend for the May Court, and in June came the new members of Mortar Board. Council members were: Midge Hill, Jean Hays, Evelyn Kimbell, Genny Comber, Marie Senn, Mike Houser and Trudy Tiers. Memorable that year was the increasing tempo of war activity on the campus. Red Cross drives, a Service In- formation Center for Volunteer Jobs, and the awarding of Civilian Defense pins on Hey Day had become part of college life. Other important innovations were the additional courses being offered women in the Wharton School, Market- ing, accounting and finance were subjects of in- terest to the College for Women. .'45-our final year! We welcomed our war brides back to campus, thrilled to the Allied advances in Europe and settled down to be sophisticated. Now we were the Big-Women-on- Campus-and didnlt we love it! According to President Midge Hill, there was a difference, even in the way we walked. After electing Mar- garet Blair, vice-president, and Eva Repetto, secretary, we chose as council members Janet Dackerman, Patience Franks, Emily Gamber, Kaki Santa-Maria, Marie Senn, Mary Thomas and Helen Viteles. Then we turned to welcom- ing four hundred new frosh. There had to be some changes made, after two weeks of rushing left the women limp and the professors livid, so Pan-Hellenic, under the leadership of Dee Mitchell, started working on a revision of rules. A tangible result was the first February rushing season in Pennsylvania's history and more liberal rushing for future years. Another infiuence of Janet Forclietti and Midge Hill Hey Day 1943 the increased population at Penn has been the agitation for recreation facilities for women. W. S. G. A. President janet Dackerman called an open meeting to discuss the problem, with the help of Mrs. Hottel and Miss Collins. We hope that a not-too-distant senior class will see it solved. Senior Week was a merry-go-round of teas and activities headed by Emily Gamber. The high- light was the alumnae dinner where f'Betty jordan," of radio fame, offered us all cook books! The spring semester seemed even more crammed with study and activity . . . "Have you passed your swimming test yet?7' and f'Have you had your senior picture taken?" were the greetings of the day. It was nice being a senior, already we were starting to reminisce, nice to take the Marriage Course at last, and to elect six mem- bers to the May Court with our own lovely queen, Jan Deininger. Marty Snyder, Emily Gamber, Midge Hill, janet Dackerman, Judy Wright and Nancy Pollock Welsh were the final selections. jan Dackerman and Shirley Clemens will lead us permanently as president and secre- tary in the future. And so another Hey Day has rolled around and we have passed on our seniority to the Class of '46, In future years, as we look back, welll say, "Yes, we were the Class of '45 . . . the class that entered in peace, knew the hard- ships of war during our four years of study, and finally, in the last part of our senior year, heard the bells of V-E Day ring. We leave a university which has been the center of our life -- intel- lectually, socially, and personally. Our memories are behind us, our future lies before us, and our friendships will last forever. BARBARA SHRYOCK, Ilistorian. 7fze aamfeftl' IW 'uf IZ - mfg zaz Q A ,. t'f.f3"'k' 1-.gmqgggx N x Xxx W 'C 1 QYYU 1 5 . E Our own frwsh C'llIlD . . . wplms im Iioiisupaiwy . . . cniiipiis ifwriiirc clminluci' . . . spectamrs spcutzmtin' . . . yum-yum . . . senior i-xy-vs ciijuyiug fi-nsli crimp . . . wiizitk tliif? . . rise and whine . . , lfvzl, puur fI'1iSll . 2-z-z-Z! . . . bwyis town . . . time Out for studios . "su I sox to him" . . . 8 zfhaiwe Eaiuqlfzeafcfcfaydiaaiew FRESHMAN SONGS CTune: AMAPOLAJ I Vu: a Freshnian, a frightened little Freshman, I don't know niueh about the things at Il. of l'. But 1,111 willing, I hear it's very thrilling .-Ieeording to the tales the Juniors tell to ure. I'nz a Iireshnian, a frightened little Freshman But you can bet I won't be one for long. The Juniors lozie nie, they think lots of nie. ll'e're together forty-five and forty-three. if bk Dk SOPHOMORE SONGS fTune: HI POLISHED UP THE HANDLE OF THE BIG FRONT DOORUJ llf'hen I was a Frosh I took a lot of sass That was handed to me by the present Senior elass. I learned to ent and I learned to erani And the easiest way to pa-ss an e.ran1. I memorized my handbook so earefully That they eouldn't do a thing at Pirate's Ball to nie. ll'e polished up the apple so farefully That now we are the leaders of the U. of P. Dk Pk 4' JUNIOR SONGS lTune: YES. MY DARLING D,-XUGHTERJ '45 is quite alive, the pride of Pennsylzwnia. lflfe like studies, lowe our buddies, working is our mania. Now that we have shared all the joys and fun of being here at eollege llfe have showed those other elasses that we shine with knowledge. Alumni thought that they were the tops but we showed thein when we got started. Yes, tlzey hased us, not amused ns, we left them downhearted. Other elasses think they're super, we'lI be their surzizzforsq They ean't put ns in a stnpor, we're the forty-Evers! SENIOR SONGS QTu11e: HERE VVE AREJ IIere we are, baek at sehool again Class of '45 begins its senior year at Penn ,- Two hundred Seniors, the ereanz of the erop The elass that has surely hit the top. Here we are, we're the Seniors now l'Ve're no longer frightened Iirosh, we know the ropes and how! Two hundred Seniors, loyal to Penn And all set to show our stuff again. llle ean remember when we were Frosh, we didn't know a thing Except that we would love the U. of P. But by Deeeniber we knew just what our eollege life would bring, lVe got to know our pals, and lifted in harnzony- So, here we are, we're tl1e pride of Penn, lfVe'll go on together for one more year and then Two hundred Seniors will ever surfiifie :Ind live on as the Class of '45. 251 Ik Ill CTune: HIE MEIR DIS DUSIIENJ Of all the elasses here, and there'1'e been some You will agree that were the 'most winsonze, And though well soon be goin", it's been nice known' The Class of '45. If you want to see, the best at U. of P. hlfe know you'll agree it's '45. In easeyou are slow, we want you to know, That we're on the go for '45. In '41 as Freshmen our elass started out right And when we landed on eainpus we were hits overnight. So now that you're wise, you'll surely realise That we take the prize for '45. Pk Pk PII CTunc: EVERYTHINGS UP TO DATE IN KANSAS CITYJ The Seniors are the tops at Pennsylfvania. VVe'z'e gone about as far as we can go. lVe"'ve gotten straight "A" averages, to show that we are bright, And for our Alina Mater we have eheered with all our might. The Frosh and Sophs and Juniors all agree that we are right- Uf'l','Z'6' proved that we fan really run the show- Yes sir! We'11e gone about as far as we ean go. Eaaind ancf lsfeaufq Sane In Mix The Class of '46, under the leadership of Pres- ident Evelyn Stanton, began its busy year by dashing off to undergraduate camp at Green Lane. Here, between meals and mirth, the juniors composed songs for Pirate's Ball and added the finishing touches to the Big Sister program and plans for Freshman orientation week. Freshman camp at Spring Mountain House found Evie Stanton officiating as the new- comersl president. Once back on campus, the '46ers met the new Frosh "under the clock" and then eagerly helped them to complete their registration. These Big Sisters introduced them to campus leaders as well as to their future classmates and showed the awed Frosh the sights of the campus. Soon after came the annual Big Sister Party with Elaine Hooven serving as chairman. The li'l Frosh, Wearing their best baby bonnets and car- rying their rattles, provided the entertainment. Pirates Ball found Milnor Alexander acting as mistress of ceremonies, with her fellow class- mates dressed gayly in pirate costumes. The juniors were rewarded for their efforts at under- graduate camp when the judges selected their serious song as the best tune. Sophs, the despised hazers, Frosh, the tired victims, as well as juniors and Seniors welcomed the apples, pret- zels and cider which brought the evening of fun to a close. Little sisters were feted at a junior-Freshman tea later. VVinnie Kurz, chairman, chose an Pewmfuflaania '46, autumn theme resplendent with crimson leaves and yellow pumpkins. At last the suspense of waiting was ended when the Sophomore-Fresh- man night rolled around. At that time, Evie Stanton announced jackie Wendel as the new Frosh president and the juniors officially relin- quished their role of Sister Class, so the Fresh- men came into their own. Bea Dyson provided the Juniors part in the entertainment for the evening. With the coming of Senior Week, the Juniors entertained their superiors at a tea. Janet Clarke was in charge of this event. A red or blue stone set in gleaming gold began to make its appearance on the fingers of many Juniors since Ring Chairman, Molly Schwebel, had ably taken care of their purchases. Then came Spring and that week of weeksgthe one monopolized by the Class of ,462 There was the usual round of teas climazed by the day that the juniors readlly "did the town." It was agreed that a good time was had by all and the only regret was that it ended too soon. Thus e11ded a useful and fun-packed year, made possible through the efforts of President Evie Stanton, Vice-President Milnor Alexander, and Secretary Bebe Chianese. They were assisted by the Class Council, consisting of Jean Broad- belt, Bea Dyson. Elaine Hooven, Anita Reyes, Molly Schwebel, Helen Tyson and Nancy Wilson. At this point the class will relax and look forward to the thrill of being a Senior. COUNCIL-l.vfl lo right, front wrzu: Cliiancse, Stanton. Alexander, srrona' row: Broadbelt, Tyson, Hooven, Reyes, hurl: ruin: Mclffiinivy, Dyson, Schwebel. ZUe'fLe Me clcadzt deal' from fa n fl '47, COUNCIL-I.fff In Vfjlflf, front mtv: Kopeika, Harris, Reiderg bark roizvz Sudlow, Pheffer, Sloane, Pratt. HSophomore Class, you gotta stick together, Sophomore Class -" and thatls how our first undergraduate camp started-new glorious words to an old favorite. Class camp was so different from frosh camp. This time we spent hours on the farmhouse porch making up songs, espe- cially a super-duper retort, and gabbing instead of listening to the ins-and-outs of all campus activities. 'fOh Sophomore Class -'l we found an even stronger espirit-de-corps than we had before to match our graduation from the fledgling class. Most fun of all was the hazing committee at Pirate's Ball. All dressed up to scare the stablest minds let along a green froshls, we had to stop and gasp in horror at the chief of our crew, the mighty Adele Kremer. Paddles, damp soap suds, and silver oxide twhich didnlt show up 'til the next day and didnlt come off 'til the next weekj kept we pirates mighty busy for hours. Some of us came out of the fray worse than the frosh. Then came the serious business of the evening when we, along with the seniors, won the retort for the second year in a row. Of course, we wanted to pay back and con- ciliate the frosh, so we had a tea. It was a very dainty, ladylike tea, headed by Jackie Nevin. Next on our busy program came Sophomore Night, when we played host to all the classes and the administration as well. Skits provided the entertainment and, to be sure, we won be- cause of our dramatic interpretation of the greatest of all classics, "Soph-White and the Seven Froshf' Eileen Kirshner as the beautiful Soph-White had the only serious part, while joan Sutton as the Hvoice of the magic mirror," Harriet Pheffer as the wicked queen, and the seven little frosh kept the audience in the aisles. Climax of the evening was Evie Stanton's an- nouncement of the frosh president and the re- freshment committee closed the event by spon- taneous renditions of ffDad's Old-fashioned Root Beer" and f'Pepsi Cola Hits the Spotfl Thanks to jane Hammel, chairman for the calm before the storm-rushing started the next week. The rest of the yearls activities were class week events. Right after our annual visit from Saint Nick we had a luncheon for our big sisters the first day of Senior Week. Harriet Pfieffer was the efficient chairman of the day. How those seniors could eat! CWe didn't do such a bad job ourselvesb. Next on the calendar was a tea for the juniors with Judy Auritt as chief-cook-and- bottle-washer Cor would cup-washer be more ap- propriate?j. This was in honor of Junior Week. But then came the week of all weeks-Sopho- more Week. For then we were queens of the campus and feted and fed by all the rest of Pennsylvania Coeds. Now since all good things must come to an end, so must our sophomore year at Penn. But every time we think of our days as sophs, we'll remember the enterprising work and gay smiles of our President Jane Harris and her council. 7Ue'ae Iflze dau Maj 'really 'Tennsylvania '48, the-Red and Bluell was the song that ZOO new freshmen lustily sang as the train pulled out of the Schwenksville sta- tion. This was our own class song, judged best at Freshman Camp. There, they told us we were lucky to have it so easy at Spring Mountain House with heat, blankets and modern con- veniences. The blazing autumn landscapes, the cramped knees ffrom sitting on the 'fountain roomn floorj, Dean Miller's first words to the freshman class, and Milnorls singing, all helped to make us a real class. Back on campus, came the shock of seeing the idolized upper class BWOC's in collegiate clothes instead of the informal dingy jeans and gaudy plaid shirts. Then came the Big Sister Party at the C.A. Dressed in imagination and brief baby clothes, we paraded in a foolish circle before our Big Sisters. Everyone howled when jane Eddy Thompson was voted most original in a diaper and safety pin outfit. After the mad dashing from new student teas, luncheons, meetings and dinners, we met our fate with the sophs at the Pirate's Ball hazing session. Our Big Sisters were of no protection as the ignominous 747 on forehead and hands left the unmistakable taint of silver oxide. Our only consolation during this and other forms of tor- ture was the fact that next year when we are sophomores . . . I KJ aania '48. However, the biggest highlight in the history of our class was the Sophomore Supper when after class skits, Evie Stanton, junior Prexy, handed the mallet with the green ribbon on it to jackie Wendel, first president of the class of 1948. Later elections completed our officers with Helen Williams, vice-president and Frances Purdy, secretary. By this time we had remembered to forget our little badges of froshhood Land also the back stairwayj but with rushing, out came the name plates as We learned to juggle innumerable tea cups. Tag Day held a special thrill as we sat together wearing our new colors at Chapel. But the climax of pledge life was the big Pan-Hel Formal in our honor when our hmothers' made sure we had dates. At last we were allowed to entertain our upper classmen during their respective week celebra- tions. The tea for seniors was a great success. Finally, when our first Hsweating out of examsl' was over, we were duly promoted to the rank of "upper freshmenf' We had passed the hard first mile of adjustment and were able to give the new March frosh solicitous advice on the Whyis and whereforels of campus life. But the biggest thrill was yet to come. At May Day our two prettiest gals represented us on the May Court and at Hey Day we proudly took our oath and moved up to the sophomore class. IN MEMORIAM THE CLASS OF 1948 DEDICATES THis PAGE TO THE MEMORY OF RICARDA BREHME. COUNCH.-1'.z'ff fn riglzt, front row: Stevens, Ylfilliams, XVendel, Purdy, Mattiuglyg back row: Zell, Page, Scott, Aruffo, Buckley. 1111-Q.. Biff N MZEQ E Af-+1 ,N X I x 1:2089 0-K y ' fw 'W ' H4 ' X Gy ix.-iv ... - YH MJ VNXX NV W fQ0,3',. .11 X . J Wew "' , 4 . . 3,0 if 'il'XlXf. M-' EO. Q - o o I we it u ' 1 K ' 3 - xx.m,..x. Q full J, I xiii lllllu fill! . ' VI , fron! rflfut SCllVk'L'lJUl, l ,1lL'liL'I'Ill1lll, Slk'Yl'IlSUll, Iimlwzmls 3 MIM' l'H'Ii'i llruzullac-ll. Xxitllfltl, Ilill. VV. S. G. A. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL-I.vff In riufflzl front row: Mitulicll, Ili-oacllmclt, Scllwclicl, lV71lCli6F1'DZill, Stcvmisoii, liclwzu-mls. IJ. llillg lvark ww: Griflitli Marion, Speirs. Korn, XXI-iiclcl, Alcxzxiiclcr, Franks. xlilllll, M. Hill, Hooven. "Dack." We 'll canquea GOVERNING BOARD consists of the officers of Womenis Student Government Association and the four class presidents. This very important body coordinates all the activities which W. S. G. A. governs, including the Vigilance Committee, Frosh Orientation, election and voting policies, planning and discussing class projects, and the eligibility of ofhcers. This group appoints editors of the Freshman Handbook and the chairmen of the many activities during orientation week All new officers are trained for their positions during a probation period in May and take over these offices at the Hey Day exercises. WOMEN'S STUDENT GOVERNMENT EXECUTIVE COUNCIL perhaps has done more this year than ever before in initiating progressive measures for women on campus. Through an unprecedented mass meeting in their quest of securing more recreation and housing facilities for women on campus, students began to participate more actively in their government. Executive Council which is made up of the ofhcers of W. S. G. A. and the presidents of all campus activities, acts as a coordinating group. These leaders make reports of their work at monthly meetings. janet Dackerman, the capable and charming president, was assisted this year by Phyllis Stevenson, vice-presi- dentg Molly Schwebel, recording secretary, Jean Broadbelt, corresponding SCCI'Et3I'yQ and Jane Edwards, treasurer. RESIDENT COUNCIL is an organization created in the interest of the women residing in Sergeant Hall, for the purpose of maintaining pleasanter living condi- tions among the students. The Council is aided by the advice of the Directress of Residence and also residents are free to offer suggestions. Although the body was only recently established, under the reorganization of 1938, it has since been verv active in sponsoring a variety of social functions for the enjoyment of women living in the dormitory. RESIDENT COUNCIL-I.4'fl to riglil, .viflingz Hughes, Griflitli, Markleyg standing: Hunter, Patterson, Synnesvedt. 7fze 7945 Recaacf Bank "Record Book meeting Friday at onefl That's the sign We saw in Bennett Hall every week. The staff met in the Green Room at Sergeant Hall and throughout the year planned the Record Book. Editor Patience Franks usually came to the gatherings with good ideas fvvhich We exe- cuted in this bookj. Most of us dashed around, did our share of digging for information, and wrote about activities and fraternities as best we could.. "Do you have all the senior activity sheets? . . . 4'Who Will identify the women in this picture?ll . . . t'Is your article finished? . . . itWhat about the art work?', . . . f'Wherels a typeWriter?'7 All these and many more queries, plus music from the piano parked there, were associated with our office. The task of getting out the Record Book was a difficult one, but we had fun doing it. In its history, it has been called The Womens Record, but recently the trend has been to call it the Record Book. In 1943 it was published as the Almanack. This year it is primarily a Memory Book. The first Women's year book appeared in 1915. It was a small, limp-backed book of only eleven pages. It contained the names of all students in each class, and a class prophecy. In 1917 the book was larger, had a stiff back, and contained a message from the Undergraduate Association in addition to the previous material on classes, activities, and campus pictures. Individual pic- tures of the seniors with names, addresses, activ- ities, honorary societies and fraternity affiliations made their initial appearance in 1920. A class picture and Writeup by the class president took the place of the lists of names and addresses of all classes except the seniors. By 1932 there were 134 pages in the Record Book and profuse Write-ups and art work. Assisting the editor, Patience Franks, in creat- ing this yearls book were juniors Doris CDeej Mitchell, copy editor, Elaine Hooven, art ed- itor, and Anne Scheerer, technical editor, plus fifteen staff members. The gal seen running around with a Worried expression on her face and long lists of numbers was Business Manager Shirley Henninger, without Whom the book could not have been published. Her assistants were Harriet Pfieffer, Kay Holcombe and Barbara Houseman who, with other business staff mem- bers, supplied the ads for the book. Credit is also due to our photographers, Mr. and Mrs Victor E. Junetteg the printer, Mr. Ray Raff, and photo-engraver, Mr. john Reis. And so, despite the left-handed typewriter, the piano in the office, deadlines, and Hdummy head- achesfl we present our efforts and memories for your close inspection and hope that you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them. -THE RECORD Book STAFF. Luft io rigIzz',' front row: Herbert, Clemens, Kaunard, Schmidt, Housemang second row: Daniell, Kracmer, Scheerer, Henninger, Franks, Hooven, Mitchell, Pfiefferg bark row: lixar, Christman, Mink, Tanscy, Kranenburg, Patterson, Landcnbergcr. t gennelili fvewd Yiwu . 1 Y,xt.ll,L,-'Aff ,- , B ',,,-g'f,' HQ 'N 'fxf:?4 l'eEa2 Organized under the efficient leadership of Editor-in-Chief Carolvn Merion and backed bv an unusuallv large staff of re- porters, this year's Bennett News staff has 'provided Pennsyl- vania women with both a voice in the affairs of the university and an ear for the events of the world. Throughout the year a strong editorial policy has reflected the boards liberal interpretation of freedom of the press. The purpose of the paper, "to search out and print the truthi' and "to provide a channel for the expression of student thoughtfl X 2'-.-41 2 2" has shown itself in letters to the editors, as well as in the editorial column. The Bemietf News has given active support to the movement for a womens clubhouse with appeals for widespread campus backing and suggestions for the realization of the plans. The paper has surveyed questions connected with womens fraternities, and has not only accepted but welcomed letters to the editor, which have commented on everything from the C. A. dances to the policy on admissions. Elaine Hooven and cohorts in the feature department have written poetry and play reviews, inter- views with interesting people and accounts of tours to historical Philadelphia. Pennsyl Points has watched with insight the foibles and furbelows of college co-education while the gossip column has provided reading on campus affairs in the social whirl. Carolyn designed ways to improve the efficiency of the staff. At her request Dr. Reese D. Iames, faculty advisor. held a series of four lectures during Monday lunch hours. These talks treated the coverage of news centers, the writing of news and feature articles, and criticism of certain aspects of the paper. A list of campus news centers has been compiled to suggest sources of possible stories. A style book has been written to give the basic directions for preparing copy and counting headlines. This year's Bennett News was changed in appearance as well as in efficiency when the first page had its face lifted. Assisting in the production of the paper were: associate editor, Roma Quinng copy editors, Helen Tyson and Rita Mann: proof editor, Anne Scheerer: assistant proof editor, Lucille Topkisg headline editors, Marga Ross and jean Allen: feature editor, Elaine Hooven, assistant feature editor, Flossie Wilsong sports editors, M. L. McKinney and Judy Aurittg editorial associate, Ida Landenbergerg special feature columnist, Dorothy Schwab, and a large group of reporters. The excellent work of business manager Nedra Artz and her staff has brough the Bennett Xews a long way toward financial independence. Luft to viyffit, fron! I'0'Zx'I Herbert. Blountford, lleucdict. YYilson. Allen. llulfraync. llickcl. Rittcnbcrg. NYcudel, Peck. Hertwickg .m'mm' row: XVright, Shaw. Scheerer. Hooven. Lilly, .Xrtz. Marion, Quinn. Nlann. Tyson, Topkis. llamsky: tlzirzf row: firiiiiths. Levcrgood. Summers, Yogt. XYebLr. Tansey. Klanos, Prodromon, Cope, Rov Linszxlotta Landcnberffer, XVil'hclms, Schwab. Tanzcr, lfislnnan, liorsari, lixarg bark 1'o'zt': Rciskau, .y y A Q J A ' - it I 4 Sutton Aruifo, Qfillff. H6llI1lll"'Cf, Stratton. Rlaxton, Auritt, Sloane. 1 , 5 D "Would you like to be a camp counselor? Do you want to meet men? Do you wonder what your classmates are thinking? Are your , , mother and dad curious as to why you never get home on time? 6 It wasn't long before, as freshmen. we discovered that the answers to these questions could be found in one place-the C. A. By signing up for an appointment in the familiar black book of Ted Ninesteel, who is in charge of womens activities at the C. A., our freshman year was off to a dying start. There is always something to do, or someone to talk to at 3601 Locust Street. There is an almost endless list of activities sponsored by the C. A.: the University Camp, punch hour, bazaar. commissions, All-C.A. dinners, social social services, denominational luncheons. just name it and the C. A. has it! Dodie Hill, C. A. president, has done a splendid job. She and her capable cabinet have made the year 1944-45 a great success. "Let me straddle my old saddle" The "Red n' Blue Round-up," which was the theme of the bazaar this year, topped all other successes and hit a new financial high. under the creative chairmanship of 'Lanky Lainy' Hooven and her capable committee. Memorial Hall transformed into the "old corral' was a sight to remember. The authentic ranch decorations, plus the workers dressed in bright, colorful plaid shirts, dungarees, and big straw hats, made it a gay, inviting, and an almost irresistible place. "I 10210 my University Camp down in Green Lane" Almost every Pennsylvania woman knows and therefore loves Green Lane. Many are the students who have begun their college life at a Freshman Camp held at Green Lane. During the summer Green Lane becomes the University Girls' Camp for underprivileged children, and Pennsylvania women become camp counselors. To those girls who have acted as counselors. the University Camp C.-XIZINTZT-l.r'fl to 1-igflzf. fron! Vrvrv: I Dackernian Xlclit-clinic Quinn llill Yan linden lloyd Nlcrion funk 1'u'zt': I loovcn Kurz llaly l,yncli liurrows Norris Purdy l.isovitcl1 llaxtcr Glll',lzN l.AXl'. COUNSELORS- Imfl I0 7'1'f1IZf, lr ru 'out ' ru: llwugliley liurz illt'lll"llS lirvnicr nzidfllr' Vo-zu: Marino lllair Sn-nn Dackerman Marion llrixtcr Kopcika Iwurk lwwt Yan linden Cope lbgily XUTTIS llurrows Hill Kracnier Scliucrcr mawzalzm means a great deal more than "class'l campsg for they have come to know the inspiring joy of giving and sharing the best that they have with the children and with each other. Uni- versity Camp counselors will never forget campers skit night: Arthur and his truckg Mrs. Doorls cinnamon bunsg midnight snacksg chapelg singing under the treesg Ted's devo- tions each morningg learning to love and un- derstand the children with all their pranksg sharing in their fun, crammed into ten short days: also learning a great deal about life. Yes, as Pennsylvania women we can truly sing, f'Memories that linger, constant and true, memories we cherish, Green Lane camp of youf' 'fMy dreams are getting better all the time." Every Tuesday afternoon from 4.50 to 6:30 the C. A. sponsors the popular Punch Hour in Memorial Hall, which is designed to give the service men on famous and the Penn students a chance to make "those dreams" come true. While the V-12 band beats it out, girls and fellows chat haooily together over punch and cookies. "See you at punch hour" seems to be the campus password. HSfIf1H'IlIlj' night is lhe lfrzeliest night in the week" Those special Saturday night dances at the C. A. have provided a wonderful opportunity for lonely fellows and girls to meet and make Saturday night something of the gay old date night that it used to be. "Follow, follow the gleam" By no means the least of C. A. activities are the class and interest commissions. Once a month the classes meet for dinner, followed by an informal discussion of some timely topic. A new innovation this year was the C. C. C. -Collegiate Coordinating Council-which is backed jointly by Hillel, Newman Club and C. A. Together the members of this council, acting as representatives of their respective organizations, have planned and sponsored the monthly All-C. A. dinners. "I want a girl just like the girl that married dear old dad!" Two of the most popular C. A. functions are the Mother-Daughter and Father-Daughter Banquets. Peggy Baxter and Marilyn Dee Mitchell were chairmen of this year's successes. Now we are at the end of our four years of college and looking back we have many pleas- ant memories. Top: C'nrrul blrililcrs--Baxter, Daly, Shay, Tyson, Chairman Hooyen, Ninestcel, lllair and Auritt: Camp lIi'tlfll'I'.YflJZlt'lCCl'lllZlll and Scum: Counselors buugalowg candy store: Ted: Canterbury Club: workvcamp weekend, alle! aww an The Hillel Foundation, located at 3613 Locust Street, is a center for extra-curricular activities on the Penn campus, established on behalf of jewish students. Hillel aims to aid the university in training responsible, democratic citizens and to train jewish students for active participation in jewish life. Hillel groups or committees are designed to carry out these objectives. The Personnel Committee is charged with the task of fitting new members into the Hillel com- munity and of stimulating greater participation and interest in the program. The Interfaith group seeks to promote under- standing of non-jewish religious communities and cooperates with other student religious organizations. The Social Committee tries to make Hillel a friendly student center. It plans dances, parties and receptions and works with other groups in conducting the Thursday Open Houses. The Religious Committee helps other groups plan the weekly Sabbath Hour and arranges for holiday celebrations. Tarbuth fthe Hebrew for "culture"j organizes and supervises the Foundations' jewish cultural and educational activities. It also conducts courses and discussion groups. Other committees which aid the Foundation in realizing its objectives are the Hebrew Speak- ing Group, Library, Music, and Philanthropy Committees, Hillel Players, War Service Com- mittee, Hillel Zionist Group, Publications, Pub- licity and Art, Recreation and Athletics, Social XYelfare Group, Hillel Town Hall, Yiddish Kul- tur Farein, Cooperative Dining Room, Graduate Session, and Evening Session Groups. Hillel at the University of Pennsylvania is a functioning student democracy. The executive committee, this year, was temporary until the new constitution was adopted. The officers were: Wilma Korn, president: Leo Greenfield, vice- president: Dorothy Ginsburg, secretary: and Mitchell Glick, treasurer. Under the recently adopted constitution and with the able guidance of the directors, Dr. Isaac Rabinowitz and Rabbi Sidney Morganbesser, Hillel has presented a program which has en- riched the life of Penn students socially, cultur- ally and religiously. The Spring Dance, the one- act plays, the Cabaret, the lecture and discussion series presented by Town Hall and Social Wel- fare, and the Friday Evening Sabbath Hours, have combined to make the program of the Hillel Foundation of interest and value to all students. Xvilnm Korn COUNCIL-Lcff lo right, fron? 7'0it'I Kremer. Ginsburg, Kopeikag filling: '. ' B. Matt, Tucker, Korn, president, Z. Matt: sfnmffuzyi Ruttenberg, Kihrick, Pmsldmt' VVeiss, Liebster, Halpern. Patricia Gallagher, COUNCIL-l.wfl fo riufffzl, .t1'flz'1zg: .-Xrnffo, Turville, Gallagher tpresidentj, president. Garaguso, Hespeg siazzdinz-rf: Dych, Bretsky, Mosshart. Gaining the cooperation of all the Newman Clubs in Philadelphia was the greatest achieve- ment of our campus chapter this year. Under the leadership of Patricia Gallagher, council president. the Newman Clubs from Drexel and Temple joined ours and held a Tri-college com- munion breakfast on Sunday, March 11th. An- other new activity this year was the glee club which was organized at the beginning of the second term. The group learned litergical music and later in the year sang at special religious devotions. The opening function on our special events calendar was a tea for freshmen at the close of our membership drive in the fall. Frosh were then invited to join the club and were introduced to Newman activities. With Christmas came our annual party for the children of St. james' schools. Margaret Mosshart decorated the hall with crepe paper and tinsel in addition to the traditional tree. The children, as usual, wel- comed the ice cream and cake with excitement and claimed that it "couldnt be Santa Claus 'cause he had brown shoes on." Regular club meetings were held every Mon- day night. After the business of the evening was over, discussions were held. The chief topic of these discussions was f'Marriage and the Family" and Father john Donnelly, club chaplain, ex- plained to us the church's stand on many of these subjects connected with this topic. jean Daley, elected earlier in the term as discussion leader, selected and planned the discussion programs. The second weekly activity was the Thurs- day afternoon dance. Newmanites spent their time dancing to the tunes of the recorder and sipping cokes. Holidays brought special decora- tions, as did the War Stamp day, when admit- tance for the dancers was the purchase of a War Stamp. The annual "wearing of the greeni' came at the St. Pattyis Day Dance, when Houston Hall Auditorium was bedecked with shamrocks, clay pipes and high hats. Penn's fair colleens and dates gave due homage to the Saint and enjoyed a festive occasion. To climax this yearis activities, it is only fit- ting that we add a word of praise to Patty Gallagher, whose efforts have kept the Newman Club running in full force and purpose. lwcvzlm Eaafuf- Xlrl lyQ I Stevenson, Yitelcs. Scholarship. leadership and service are the qualifications for members of Mortar Board, the national senior honorary society. Girls in the junior class with these outstanding qualities tapped in the traditional Hey Day service, be- come members for their coming senior year. This year members are: Helen Viteles, presi- dent: Marie di Giovanni. vice-president: Vir- ginia Craemer, corresponding secretary: Roma Quinn. recording secretary: Phyllis Stevenson, historian: and Marie Senn. treasurer. The March graduation of Helen Yiteles left a vacancy in the society that was filled by the mid-year tapping of limliy Gamber. Marie di Giovanni succeeded Helen as president, while Emily Gamber became vice-president, Mortar Board activities calendar. a project started last year. took the form of a red-covered date book which was consulted by coeds all year. Service for the year began at Spring Moun- tain House when Mortar Board gave a dinner at Freshman Camp for the new frosh. Soon after the start of classes the society sponsored its an- lom, left to riyflzl: Craemcr. Di Giovanni, Quinn. Senn, SY dw' 5564 nual party for transfer students. For the second year the club renewed a service to fellow stu- dents and the war effort by opening a War Stamp booth in Bennett Hall. Under the chairmanship of Marie di Giovanni and Emily Gamber, volun- teer workers sold War Stamps for Uncle Sam. An innovation in Mortar Board's program this year was a series of informal student-faculty dis- cussions. These meetings to discuss campus topics have served to better relationships between women students and their professors. Open houses given for students at the homes of faculty members as a result of these discussions have helped the two groups become better acquainted. Annual social affairs sponsored by the Board are the Smar-Tea and Reunion Dinner. The Smar-Tea is given each spring in honor of stu- dents on the Deans List. At Reunion Dinner, Mortar Boarders. past and present, gather. Every year the Mortar Board Cup is awarded to the outstanding girl in the freshman class on the basis of scholarship. activity and potential achievement. are 5 . -W2 -1 ' ., fx., . 'W' A252 lim Jaw 'W' Election to Sphinx and Key, junior honorary society, is based on character, leadership and service in campus activities. The society aims to promote better service through the companion- ship of those who serve. Officers this year are: Elaine Hooven, president, and Molly Schwebel, secretary-treasurer. Other junior class members are: Milnor Alexander, jane Edwards, Doris Hill and Rita Mann. Senior members are: Mar- garet Blair, janet Dackerman, Jeanne Greyer, Midge Hill, Elaine Sloane, Phyllis Stevenson and Helen Viteles. Sphinx and Key's service for the year began during the orientation program when members helped plan for Freshman Camp. Under the chairmanship of Elaine Hooven, the society di- rected Dean Hottel's formal reception for new students. Ender the leadership of Molly Schwebel the society organized student guides for High School Day, By means of talks, tours and teas, students from nearby schools were given a sample of Penn life. Tag Day is set aside each December to col- lect contributions for Christmas baskets for Philadelphia's needy families, and campus booths pfaimc ana! Key- MEMUICRS-Tofv fo IPUHUIII, Icff to riglzf: Alexander, litlwards, Hill, Hoovcn, Mann Schwcbel, are manned by volunteer workers. This year Millie Alexander acted as chairman. The Green Egdirb bridge party was held on March 17th in honor of St. Patrick. The gala affair was directed by Dodie Hill. Fortune-telling and a quick-sketch artist made the afternoon an enjoyable event. The annual reunion tea for past members brought reminiscences of Sphinx and Key activ- ities of former years. Dinners and luncheons given by members throughout the year brought the girls closer in their aims of service to Penn. The special project of this years society was plans for a revision of the activity program and attempts to increase student interest in campus organizations. Each year Sphinx and Key gives an award to a senior who has rendered outstanding service and who has not been given previous recogni- tion. The reward for her service was made on Hey Day. ' Eelia Kappa Phi Beta Kappa was founded on December 5. 1776 at the College of William and Mary. The Delta of Pennsylvania Chapter was established at this university in 1893, and in September, 1934, permission was granted the chapter to form 3. College for lYomen section. Election to membership in the society means recognition of outstanding scholarship and has ev l.iQt! to z'1,t1711', lzwzl: Lush: fzrxf rw-zu: Gottlieb, fiamber. tiractucr. lloyd, Murdock: lwurk rmv: Wasch- ler, Rogers, Miller, Slevcnsoii. Merion. St-nn, Factor. come to be a prediction that the member will make a worthwhile contribution to society. The election takes place twice a year: in the spring from the junior class and in the fall from mem- bers of the same class who are then seniors. They are selected by an electoral board com- prised of nine faculty members, three alumnae, and the otncers of the society. Wfw '4 C9 ' 7112115 'T." M If lag ll' IXIEMIIICRS-Sillino, Ivfl lo righii Korn, Steinnieyer, Tan- seyg sfomfizigz Baxter, Nichol- son, Killough, di Giovanni, Arssrtm' ATEIXIBERSI Alexander, Bowen, Giangnlio, Hays, Hill, Kurz, MacCorlqell. Mclicnchnie, Sholtis. Pi Lambda Theta, founded in 1917, is the national honorary educational society for Women. The qualifications for membership are based upon evidence of high professional standards, keen interest in education, and qualities of in- tegrity and enthusiasm that will make it pos- sible for her to become a leader in her chosen field. The purposes of the organization are to foster We KD llulois HIL, Mwe?f.omu an mqgaiuu UN wqlidlfs R850 -:cas BllLMliI'.R5-lmff lo rilolzl. ,front ro-rv: Rl. Hill. Mitchell. Spiers, Ganiber, Alexancler, Coniber, lfranltsg .Vt't'UlIt7' Vow' Yiteles. lfine, Griiilitlis, Senn. Edwards, cli Giovanni. Quinn: flzird rotu: Stanton. Korn, Quinlan, lloyd, Hoown: llork row: liroaclbc-lt, IJ. llill, Dackerinzni, Scliwebel. Xnsaxr Mlaxlrsansz Xlerion, Xlzinn. Crztciner, Pt-cle, Shay, Crothvrs, Thomas. Gallagher, Blair, Stevenson. 0 pi .famicfa 7fzeZ'a professional spirit and to seek and maintain the highest standards of scholarship and professional preparation, especially among women: to work actively to further the cause of democratic edu- cation, to cooperate in the solution of problems which interpenetrate various field of knowledgel to develop a professional fellowship among women engaged in education: and to encourage graduate work in accordance with these purposes. Each year twenty-five students are se- lected from the juniors and seniors en- rolled in the College of Liberal Arts for XYomen, the School of Fine Arts, and the School of Education and are given nation- wide recognition through the publication of "Whos Who Among Students in Amer- ican Universities and Colleges." These girls are chosen on the basis of outstand- ing contributions in respect to service and leadership and future possibilities in social and economic circlesi The choice is made by a committee comprised of members of the university faculty, administration, and the students elected the previous year who are listed again. '70 fznaw pemviyluanica- New Student Week introduces freshmen, transfer students and Pennsylvania to each other. After a rousing week-end at Freshman Camp, during which campus leaders imbue the new class with Penn tradition, action shifts to the campus. Here frosh meet their "big sisters" in the junior class and transfer stu- dents find 'tcompanions' who are in their own class. Besides helping the new students through the intricacies of registration, big sisters and companions introduce them to campus organizations and other Pennsylvania women. Mrs. Hottel's formal reception pre- sents new students socially to campus leaders and women of the University administration, A luncheon, given by the sophomore class, gives new students a glimpse at the leading faculty members of the administration. The luncheon, followed by W. S. G. A. opening ex- ercises and a W. A. A. meeting, introduces the activities of women's organizations. A supper and dance at the C. A. informs the girls of the program of the Christian Association and acquaints them with Cabinet members who lead the program. A great amount of effort is put forth to stimulate new participants in the campus ac- tivities and Penn traditions in general. ee We 'iv -SVN Q Q ,,:, 6 , 8 One of the highlights of the welcoming program extended to freshmen in the first few weeks of school is the Big Sister Party. Here the sister classes join together for an evening of fun and it gives the frosh a chance to do a little hostessing for their junior big sisters. The spotlight this year was pointed to Jane Eddy Thompson who, under the direction of Elaine Hooven, took honors as chairman. Little sisters donned baby clothes and had a great time romping around the C. A. as would-be three year olds. The climax of the evening came with the usual baby parade, viewed by judges Dr. Elizabeth Flower, Nancy Welsh and jane Harris. Joanne Anderson took the bows as the prettiest baby, while jane Eddy Thompson was judged cutest tyke. Sally Flynn was outstanding as the funniest. The entertainment of the evening was well handled by the little sisters. A cleverly pro- duced skit, with an all-frosh cast, brought approval and applause from juniors and frosh. The purpose of the Big Sister program is to help the freshmen get acquainted with Penn during registration and orientation weeks. In March the "older" freshmen played big sisters to the March freshmen and gave them a Big Sister Party, which is one of Pennls most delightful traditions. .94 Za lace pe nia Hey Day on june Sth is an important event among Pennsylvania women. At this time new ofhcers of campus organizations as- sume their positions and all women's classes move formally ahead to their respective year. After the academic procession into Bennett Hall Gymn, the retiring W. S. G. A. president hands her gown and gavel to her successor. The new president, as her first ofhcial duty, conducts the Hey Day exercises. The mem- bers of VV. S. G. A. Executive Council ex- change corsages with their successors as tokens of the year of office. lVinners of prizes are announced. Tradi- tional awards to women students are the Mortar Board cup to an outstanding fresh- man, Sphinx and Key award to a senior for service, Charles E. Fox cup for social service. Chi Omega prize to the outstanding senior in sociology, and the scholarship plaque to the fraternity with the greatest scholarship im- provement. The traditional tapping ceremony informs new members of their election to Mortar Board. Gamma Chi, glee club honor society: Sphinx and Key, junior honorary so- ciety: Athlon, athletic honorary society: and Bowling Green, dramatic society, all announce new members as well. Afterward, the seniors plant ivy underneath their plaque outside Bennett Hall. QT' Pirates BalleOne dark night in early No- vember bones rattled and skeletons danced in Weightman Hall Gym! Pirates were mak- ing merry and drinking the blood of innocent Freshmen at the traditional initiation of new students. Lead by Adele Kremer, cruel soph- cmores hazed shivering frosh who were forced to crawl through jungles, eat worms. walk the plank, and recite the Freshman Handbook. ll'ith the freshmen sufficiently submissive, Milnor Alexander. chairman of the ball, in- troduced the guests of the evening with tlow- ery verse. Then followed the customary song contest, joining seniors and sophs against juniors and frosh. Each side sang a slow song and a retort to the opposition. This past year the junior-frosh slow song was judged best while the seniors and sophs won with their retort. Pirates paraded in the costume contest with bold strutting and capricious capering. The judges announced that Millie Alexander was the prettiest pirate and Peg Bishop the most original pirate. Midge Hill entertained with one of her famous pantomimes. Ronny Schwartz read a monologue and other songs and poetry were presented by jean McBride and julie Yarnell, My . 4.5, Rec! Gaau The University of Pennsylvanias Red Cross Unit this year took the lead in calling together delegates from college Red Cross units from the Philadelphia area for the purpose of organizing a permanent council. Milnor Alexander, chair- man of the Penn unit, organized the meeting, since Penn is the oldest of all college Red Cross organizations. Beaver. Drexel, Temple. Bryn Mawr, Harcum junior College, and Ogontz junior College were represented. The Council of College Units for the Phila- delphia Area was formed for the purpose of bringing about a closer alliance among college groups, and of undertaking a mutual aid pro- gram in promoting Red Cross activities on the various campuses. Members of the Red Cross Board are the chairmen of the volunteer services in addition to Milnor Alexander, chairman, Margaret Blair, vice-chairman, Gloria Verstein, recording secre- tary: Inga Rest, corresponding secretary: and Irene Quinlan, treasurer. The Home Nursing Course. under chairman Mary Anne Schlosser, aims to teach simple nurs- ing procedures so important during the critical shortage of trained nurses. Emmy Lou Butler, chairman of hospital work, called for volunteers for work in local hospitals, no preliminary train- ing being required. Mary Ann Disbrow headed the drive for blood donors. va, na, A Jun-ior Red Cross was established at the University Settlement House under Lenore Lin- salata, chairman of settlement house work. The surgical dressings group, under Peggy Thompson, made dressings for Red Cross and hospitals at Wistar Institute. Eva Repetto capably recruited nurses, aides. Red Cross teas and social events were planned by Elaine Hooven, social chairman and students were kept informed of Red Cross activities by Helen Tyson, publicity chairman. The 1945 War Fund Drive featured five dol- lar shares to be dedicated by the purchaser to relatives in service. Total daily returns were posted as everyone watched the twelve-hundred dollar goal being approached. Almost all the co-eds on the campus had a part in this drive by soliciting for it in booths in all the buildings on the campus and buying their individual shares. This drive was headed by Patience Franks and its success was insured by the pub- licity Helen Tyson and her committee supplied. This year, more than ever before, the Student Branch of the Red Cross has come to mean something to every girl on the Penn campus. The chairman and board members have made known to all the need for volunteer workers in order to aid the war effort. BOARIJ-l.t'ff to rfgflzt, front ro-rv: l.insallotta, Lcvergood, Butler: xiffiizg: Yiteles, Franks. Disbrow. .-Xlcxandcr, Blair, Repetto, Quinlan, bark row: Allen, Thompson, Lynch. Hoovcll. Tyson, Hespe. Sefwe .... S. 9. 6. llO.'XRDfI'.vff to right, siffnzgz Yiteles, Mann. Sack, Rosen: stnrzdifzgz Kremer. Spiers, Kaplan, NYilder, Kopeika, .-Xrtz. In an effort to take a more active part in the war, the women students of Pennsylvania or- ganized the Service Information Center. The Center provided the opportunity for students to secure information concerning worthwhile work, and contacted agencies where their services would be of value. To the S. I. C. office in the basement of Bennett Hall come many calls from such agencies as the Russian War Relief. The Motor Corps, Canteens throughout Philadelphia. hospitals. settlement houses, day nurseries, emer- gency aid, and many other groups. Those girls who were interested and qualified for the jobs needed acted as typists. receptionists. student- teachers, aides. delivery-girls, or any other odd- job assistant that was needed. The members of the Center registered people who are doing or who wish to do, war work. lt determined where volunteer workers could be most useful and advised the applicants where to apply. This year, in an effort to enroll all women students in war work, Service Informa- tion Center conducted a survey among the frater- nities and worked with the Pan-Hellenic Council to secure the reports. The number of houses doing war work was determined as well as the total hours of war work given by each fraternity girl. Each house agreed to pledge a certain num- ber of hours to war work a month and co-operate with the Center as much as possible. The survey was then extended to include Sergeant Hall and later to independent com- mutors. In this way, the total volunteer work of the Pennsylvania women was determined by this one group. Discussions were held to get suggestions as to the best way to encourage people to contribute to these worthwhile agen- cies that needed student help. Publicity in the Bennett News was used. as well as posters and charts in the fraternity houses. The total stu- dent enrollment of women came to realize how vital the work of this Center had become and by second semester more than half of them were volunteering and doing their part for war work in Philadelphia. The officers of the Service Information Center for 1944-1945 were: Rita Mann, president: Ellen Lee Sack, secretary: Anne Spiers. chair- man of personnel: and Barbara Shyrock, chair- man of job procurement. UO.-XRD-l.vfl In Vlilfllf, frrml: Mitclicllg .iffflillltll Speirs, Schwab, Griffiths, Midge Hill as Hill, slnnding: Everling, Alff, Dackerman. Frannie Frosh. Opening event of the 1944-45 season of Penn- sylvania Players was a tea for freshmen and any other students who might be interested. On No- vember 15th, freshman interviews began and last until December. Freshmen must have these interviews if they hope to take part in any of the plays. Our first production was the traditional Christ- mas play and this year we gave "Why the Chimes Rangfl Leaders in the cast were: Midge Hill, Dick Hammerman, Harold Prince and Eileen Miller. In January the Players presented two series of one-act plays in Houston Hall Auditorium. The series given on the 17th included "The Three Timerf' directed by Adele Andeluccig "Suppressed Desiresfi directed by Anne Speirs, and '4The Florist Shopfl directed by Midge Hill. The second series came on the last of the month. UWhere, But in America," directed by Jeanne Fiske, UThe Trysting Placefl directed by Cath- erine Santa Maria, and "Bayfield Picturefy di- rected by Dick Young, were presented. Activities stopped in February in tribute to exams and the Mask and Wig Show, but re- opened in March. March 6th brought tryouts for our major pro- duction, 'fPride and Prejudice," a dramatization of Jane Austin's novel. Playing the leads were: Dick Hammerman, Midge Hill, Anne Speirs, Howard Burnett, Marjorie Little, Adele Ange- lucci, Henry Guettel and Harold Prince. The curtain rose on this, one of the most successful productions in all the Players' history, on April Sth. A matinee and two evening performances were given. Needless to say, much of the success of the play was due to behind-the-scene workers. Penn Players directress this year was Miss Margaret Kearney and she was assisted by the popular Mrs. Louis Day, better known as Jean. All undergraduates are eligible to try out for the clubls plays and committees but there were only seven actual club members this year. They were: Midge Hill, chairman: Anne Speirs, busi- ness managerg Edith Griffiths, secretary, Dor- othy Schwab, publicity chairman, Marilyn Lush, Marilyn Dee Mitchell and janet Dackerman. In the spring new members were elected and they were Adele Andelucci, Jeanne Fiske, Kath- rine Santa Maria and Harriet Pfieffer. Mag lay lflemaaied Gone are the Clays when Morris Arboretum was the scene of May Day festivities, echoing the fun and laughter of rehearsals and the joy- ousness of the final performance. Wartime re- strictions have seriously hampered production plans but Bowling Green, one of Penn's oldest organizations, is doing its best to keep in exist- ence the tradition of the May Queen. Until its return we have many fond memories to recall. Remember our freshman year and "Lt. Kijen when fairies and spirits danced on the green lawns? Remember Miss Quinn with her special hat and slacks? Oh, for the days of the Maypole. In 1943 we went all out for ffMay Day goes to War" produced in Irvine Auditorium. This beautiful pageant brought a salute to the United Nations and was climaxed by the crowning of Keith Grosvenor as the f'Goddess of Liberty." Last year we were without any kind of Bowl- ing Green production. However, a group of seniors got together and brought us a formal May Day Court in Eisenlohr Gardens. The May Queen with her court was presented and Helen Vittorini Spurck was crowned fairest of all. This year Bowling Green surpassed expecta- tions in their production of the customary pan- New Clothes," given in Eisenlohr Gardens on May 17th. With Miss Collins aiding as advisor, this yearls grand success was directed by Midge Hill, president, and assisted by Ann Spiers, pro- duction managerg Margaret Blair, business man- ager, Betty Nicholson, costume manager, and Phyllis Stevenson, publicity manager. The pantomime was narrated by the Dr. Stabler of the Penn Zoology department and included drama, comedy and dancing. The climax, of course, came with the crowning of the May Queen and the procession of her court. The May Queen is always a senior and is elected by all four classes in the spring. Her court consists of six seniors and two representa- tives from each class, totaling twelve. This year Jan Townend Deininger was crowned May Queen and was received by an enthusiastic audience. Her court included: Janet Dackerman, Emily Gamber, Midge Hill, Martha Snyder, Nancy VK'elsh, Judy Wright, juniors, Bea Dyson, Elaine Hooveng sophomores, Margaret Bishop, jane Harris, freshmen, Betty Cooke, Barbara Grafton. tomime. The club's choice was t'The Emperors -wr 'W' A ,lim Towllcncl lit-iningcl' MIVIMBIQRS - lfrff I0 Vigfllf 1 Stevenson, Speirs, , Hill, Blair. .fifli Zaefuf Waice -- X 2 i ,XlL'XllllKlL'Y, Ticrs. i 4' 'fl' s -'t fi.XlXlNl.X Clll -Lvfl to rigflzli llaly, 7lfamen'4 Glee glade Under the direction of Mr. Robert Elmore and President Milnor Alexander, the Womenls Glee Club very ably con- cluded one of its most highly appreciated seasons. The group inaugurated its season with two radio broad- casts, both presented to heighten the Christmas festivities. These broadcasts were followed by engagements at Swarth- more, Girard and Haverford Colleges, the latter followed by a dance at the school, and a special program given at St. Marlis Church in Philadelphia. Throughout the year, the choral group was of valuable assistance in many Chapel services and in the various Cultural Olympic programs. During an Inter-American Friendship festival sponsored by the Cul- tural Olympics on April 4th, the Glee Club not only sang, but also supplemented its singing with Spanish dancing. To climax this successful season, the Club accepted an invitation to par- ticipate in the Bach Festival, held on May 25th, at the Academy of Music. Many of the major musical organization of the Philadelphia area were represented in this musical festival, which featured Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra. The choral group made tremendous strides this year, even though the male faction 'went to war." The members showed marked enthusiasm in their work, and were instrumental in bringing to their group well earned recognition of achieve- ments and deserved acclamation from music lovers throughout the city. me uyoisin Colt-liowcr. lol poi , Turyillc, Sl'1tnicl', Criner. Klallic-ws. Nll.Kll,l.ly5- -Inf! lu11,t,71f,j1m1l mtv. lxul ,. D . , , ins 1 i 1 x 1 xYZllCl'llUl'I .vrmrzci V0-iv: NYeiss, Rlcllribc, Hamell, Lilly, .Xlt-xanfler, liby, Tiers, XYortlii1ig'to1i. XYendel, Cassel. XX'gll1g fluffy yugo: Everest. Butts, Cliristman. XYilson, Xlcliinney. llolburn. Mantis, llaly. Sharlock Sclialz, McCalw, Thompson, Exar, Cooling, Hokkcn. Sucllow. Lang, l.t-inbach, Garretson, l.ittle, Xlcbcr, Artz. Pi Mu Epsilon-The oldest honorary frater- nity on campus is Pi Mu Epsilon, the mathe- matics society for those people who have done B work, or better, in their math courses, This year there are only three women members: Stella Factor, Irene Williams and Virginia Kraemer. Originally the local organization was known as the Yiniculum Club, founded by the women in the School of Education. MEMl5liRS: Factor and liraemer. Aizsi-:NT Rlaxinicnz XYilliams. Delta Phi Alpha-better known as the Ger- man honorary society, is composed of those people who have done outstanding work in Germanic languages and literature. There are approximately fifty active members this year, and seven new members were elected this past spring. Dr. Adolph C. Gorr is the adviser. MEMIEICRS: lfurz and llych. A-XRSI-2N'I' Rlmrlxlilesz Buckley, llielricli, llietz, Factor, llriflitli, firoscvt-nor, Hammer, liaslcin. l.ol1r, l.ubicl1, Xltfall, Prviseudanz, Ross, Sveml- svu, XXvtIUllX'L'l', Yarvinlco, Yolie. Pi Gamma Mu-the social sciences society. was founded in 1927 to instill a scientific atti- tude toward social questions. Membership is based on scholastic achievement, and every year a plaque is awarded to a fraternity that shows the greatest improvement in scholar- ship. Pi Gamma lXIu's adviser is Dr. Edward W. Carter. MElX'll3lCRS-fmff to riyflif, front zwrzvt ll. Nlatt, Quinn, Z. Matt, lmvk z'o'2u: Martin, l7I'lL'CllIlllllCI', Payes. Aasizxr Mi-Ixrmilesz Mann, Di Giovamii, Dorn- blum, Cranston, Clemens, Shyrock, XYasclilcr, Dyson, lit-ysen, Xlvilford, Shore, llockenberry, Tansey. lloyd, Swim. Pi Delta Phi-ln 1938 the honorary French fraternity, Pi Delta Phi, was established at Penn. It is the most recently organized hon- orary society on this campus. although the first national chapter was founded at the Uni- versity of California in 1906. Excellence in the French language is a requirement for membership. KlEMl3lilQS: Klurdock and Di tiiovainii. 69111 Un pe nada! Wamm '4 14U1.Ze2fac "Come on, team. Let's go!" Again this year, as in years past, women at Pennsylvania have joined in this familiar cry of encouragement for their teams to hold high the standard of the Red and Blue. The Womens Athletic Association belongs to every woman student on campus, be she the athlete, the manager, or the rooter. We are proud of all those who have participated in any one or more of these capacities. The fall season saw hockey players by the dozens invading River Field again. Boasting seven all-intercol- legiate stick swingers and led by Betsy Crothers. the team emerged Y with a record string of five victories BASKETlS4Xl,L TlCAlXl-Left lo riglzl, .rififngft Crotllcrs, Gager, and 0116 tie, The Penn-Beaver match McPliilli1nyg sttI11r1'1'11y: Ranglilcy, Craenicr. Mink, Coach Russell. proved to be the most important and most interesting of the college hockey season as both teams entered the game with undefeated records at stake. After an exciting battle, it was the girls from Bennett Hall who kept their slate clean to register the first undefeated hockey season in Pennls history. With the coming of winter the athletes scurried indoors to bowl, swim, and play basketball or bad- minton. The mermaids had a very successful record despite a heartbreaking loss to Temple which ended a six year winning streak. But, under Captain Anne Monihan and dependable Judy Auritt, the team started from the defeat to make a comeback which we hope will last another six years at least. The basketball team met some stiH opposition this year but managed to put up a good light every time. The return of most of the squad promises a team better than ever next year. Spring found us outdoors golfing and playing softball and tennis. With Captain jan Dackerman holding down the hot spot, the softball team was prepared to meet any opponent, including the Bryn Mawr hard-ball team. Varsity tennis players had a high record to uphold from last year but managed to meet this challenge in fine style. A l Frou! rot. Mcliinncy VVilson Skelton Synncsyedt lini scrorzd ro-rv Goger Mink Boyd Crotlicrs Hess Rittcnberg las! ro-zu: Auritt lfdwards Page Pncffcr Dackcrman Rlonihan Craemer ' Chianese One of the biggest events in the W. A. A. year was the founding of an athletic honorary society called Athlon, the Greek word for athletics. Members are elected on a point basis but must also meet certain scholastic requirements and show enthusiasm, dependability, sportsmanship and re- sponsibility in their participation in sports. A girl may be elected at the end of her sophomore year or there- after. Five charter members were chosen by an election committee. They were Marguerite Boyd, Betsy Crothers, janet Dackerman, Sue Gager and Dorothy Mink. Points are accumulated by managers, varsity and junior varsity players in both major and mingr Sportg, Captains Of row: Rasler, Anritt, lXlonihan, Davies, SDONS, alid H1056 serving OH XV, A. A, Shay: .Yflllllilillflf Young, Mitchell, Coach liyans. Sloane, Reshgatoor. Council. These points are awarded as stated in the by-laws. The society has tried to set a high standard which will only allow elections of those athletics which are deserving of such an honor. Elections were held again this spring and the new members announced at Hey Day. The YY. A. A. was pleased to award six ten-point bracelets and four blazers to girls who had reached twenty points. Gold hockey sticks were presented to the members of the undefeated hockey team. Among the bracelet winners were Dorothy Mcljhillemy, Eunice Shay and Dorothy l'eele Kraame. The blazer winners included Ginny Craemer and Mary Lees McKinney. The VV. A. A. was led by Dorothy l'eele Kramme, the beginning of the year. and Betsy Crothers took over the presidency second semester. Naomi Rittenberg was then elected to nll in the vacany of vice-president. Other ofhcers of the Council were: Marguerite Boyd, secretary: lileanore Hess, treas- urer: and Dorothy Mink, member-at-large. The junior varsity teams had excellent records this year, too. From all of us who have come up from the ranks to you who some day will come up, too, we say, "Nice going! " HOCKEY TIQXM- lmfl fo Vliflllf, klztwliizgfi Ncliinney lloyd tfrothcrs Swrgcant Mink: .vitrlifiizzltfz Skelton, Craenicr Hess Gager Nlcljliillimy liurton Coach lfarqnaln' Am, ice 7aJay, facfq? Those sports which are not played by a large number of students are classed as minor sports. The participants work hard, however, and experience as much fun as those partici- pating in major sports. The Dance Group had an active season and, as usual, was the object of much praise and admiration. The Cultural Olympics demonstration was beautifully done. President Bebe Chianese and her group have made good use of a generous allotment to buy material for costumes and other equipment. The members are a very enthusiastic lot and are sure to go places in the future. The shortage of golf balls could not stop those energetic lassies who enjoy chasing those elusive white spheres from hillside to hillside. Badminton has provided lots of fun for all the players on the team who have caught the en- thusiasm of Harriet Pfieffer. The players had the experience of outside competition which has helped to develop more confidence and assurance, that will go a long way towards a successful season next year. Bowling has also had some interesting matches scheduled by hard-working Catherine Eni. The loss to Drexel was by a very slight margin and served :X'l'lll.UN-l.vj'f In I'Iif!IIliI Mink, llackerman. lloyd an Crothers. .-XBSIQNT: Gager. Top row: Penn's intercollegiate hockey players: Donkey Day at Franklin Ficldg cramped quartersg Betsey in her stride. lfollouz row: NVho'll get it? Kerplash! VVho wants it? cf""' l"i5!11ri'.v ro11v'1'i'.fy Plzilu. lIll1lllAI'L'7' 411111 Tin' 1fi'v111'r1gf linllclirz XTODERX DANCE GROUP-Inf! fn l'!-glIIf,f7'll71f ron" Lhiancse, Rittvnberg, Broadbelt, Harrison: bark mtv' Lnrtis, YYood, Cipolla, Syllnesvcdt, l.ipp, Skelton. Marmaris QXBSENTZ Pollen, Lysle, Renninger. lnjv row: XN'idc open spacesg shuttlecock chasersg want 1 sling' shot? ,lfiddlc row: After the battle: on the side es for a change. Bflfflllll row: Far far zlwayg Dottie at ease: watch out-Temples coming: eager beaver. to strengthen the morale of each bowler and the determination to be on top of such close ones in the future. Lacrosse is a new sport which was started last year and hailed again this year. The interest has grown rapidly. Several matches were scheduled for lacrosse, archery and golf this spring. The added en- thusiasm shown in these sports gives great promise of interesting seasons ahead. Fourth Floor Bennett Hall found itself all dressed up in green paint, venetian blinds, soft carpets, easy chairs and sofas at the start of the fall semester. W. A. A. sincerely appre- ciates the generosity and interest shown in its activities, which is expressed by the outfitting of this grand lounge. lt is open to anyone at almost any time and is used proudly to en- tertain visiting opponents, for meetings con- cerning athletics, for studying, or merely for loaiing. And so closes another year of athletics. We will long remember the friendships that we made and the fun we had working and playing together as we strived to uphold the honor of the Pennsylvania Girl. i V Q 'Y A Tu ll1Nl0YQ1'Z1ll cznnp . , . COUIISCIUYS and mascot . . . Nlllllllkilll . . . dUl'll1 shturs . . . little rod vznbuusc . juvial Juniors . . . nl swinnnin' lloh- . . . sozxkin' in the ann . . . Ann goes lu lunch . . . anmv maidens . . Franny says hcllu to Father lion . . . Betsy Cllllltillg . . . counselors in their Sunday best . . . wc gave . . . C7f Lg frugal X:-22v,:-E7 Ufeli 'N' L. 'fx wi-Iayix E2 wfai Simi 7a Paamale Sulwhaacl- Two members of each fraternity are delegated to Pan-Hellenic Council and this group attempts to promote a friendly and cooperative atmos- phere among fraternity women, to formulate fair rushing standards, and regulate all inter-house affairs. The officers this year were: M. Dee Mitchell, presidentg Rosalyn Fine, vice-presi- dent: Anita Garaguso, secretary: Charlotte Garretson, treasurer: and Adele Potteiger, pub- licity chairman. Looking backward over four years of rushing seasons, we will remember especially our last year of parties and problems. meetings and teas which culminated in the pledging of more than two hundred Pennsylvania women to the eleven houses on campus. To celebrate this event, our annual Pan-Hellenic Formal. headed by Peg Thompson, was held in January at the Hotel Philadelphian and proved to ge a great success. Pan-Hel has been working to establish less stringent pre-rushing rules this year. Also, a new movement was directed to bring fraternity mem- bers into more active participation in volunteer war work through cooperation with S. l. C. For the first time in Pan-Hel history, a regular sys- tem of spring rushing was formulated to meet the needs of the March freshmen. A round of open houses and luncheons were held. As a result, a number of girls were pledged, enabling them to join a fraternity without waiting until their sophomore year. ln the spring, basketball and swimming tourna- ments provided informal affairs which fostered inter-fraternity spirit. At the annual songfest the top honors of the evening went to the house showing the most originality and skill, while scholarship honors were conferred upon the house which attained the highest average. The high spot of the traditional affair was the hand- ing over of the gavel by Dee Mitchell to Pan- Hel's new president. VOUNCII,-I,pfl In 7-iiflyl, ff-on! rozu: Schultz. Tyson, Clayton. l.t'vcrgood: .rrtwuztf Vote: l.illy. l'ottt-igcr. Mitchell. Garaguso, Garretson, Copeg bark row: Cunningliain. Thompson. Reiiner, Yan Rotlen, l3urrows. Dattner, Adsit, Franks, Reiser. aaa ea mega O x llll' O . b. .l 'Lt .EQ I 'P 8 llllrt CWQLO Oi' I Sl MIQMIEERS-1'.vfl lo Vliflllf, front row: Millar, King, Gashill, Rincliffe. Roberts, Moelcler. Caral. ll. lfirshner. lfyerling. Terry. li. liirslmcr. Uukhart: .rvcolzzf ro-for Reenter, Hill. Olivier, Cannon. Allardice. Hodglfins, Smith, Monihau. Reyes. .-Xlff, Troutyettcr. Mitchell. Schwebel. Yauss, Hoagland. Smelyerg flzird rote: Str'mg'e, Lirzunur, Congdon, Reiff. llycrs. Holcombe. Coucart. Scott. XYatts, Reilly. .Xnderson, llrown. Tahlquist. XYilliams. Pollitt. Yarnall. Ford, Herbert. Finck: track Vo-tw: Morrison, llreau. Darus, Conly, llardsley, lludd. Maclfarlancl. llelli, lleadley. Evans. Xxitlfflllllgtttll. Oeters, l,J'.Xmelio, Cliaridse. Bishop. Navarro. XYhitaker. Larson, lligli. Allen. At the last regular meeting of Alpha Epsilon chapter of Alpha Chi Omega, President Lucille Trautvetter decided that the chapter activities for the school year 1944-45 should be reviewed. Before classes began we had our annual tea dance for the Middies from Annapolis after the Penn-Navy game. First back-at-school activity was a tea in honor of our new housemother. Mrs. Natalie Edgar. lt was then that we introduced her to the campus. Next we plunged head first into rushing and all that goes with it. lt was very gratifying to pledge thirty-nine girls at the end of the two week period. The week of january 21st brought Miss Martha Leighton, Eastern Province presi- dent. to the house at 3919 Locust Street. We all had personal interviews with her. February lst. Lambda Chi Alpha and Sigma Alpha Epsilon gave a tea dance for the chapter and the prohts went to the C. A.-Hillel Drive. The next week we had an exchange dinner with Kappa Kappa Gamma. The chapter gave a party for Orthopedic Childrens Ward at the Univer- sity Hospital on the first of March. Pledge Formal was held in the chapter house early in March. just in time to be caught by the curfew. April 23rd we entertained faculty mem- bers at a tea and not long after we had initia- tion. Spring formal came in the middle of May, Our cultural calendar included speakers on the Red Cross. WAVES. modern dancing, so- cialized medicine. marriage, and a vast variety of subjects. The chapter pledged itself to give a maximum amount of time and effort to volun- teer war service. As part of this work we decided to go as a body and donate blood to the Red Cross. Many members enlisted in the Nurses Aide Corps or acted as hospital volunteers. Much of the success of this year is due to our president. Lucille Trautvetter, and our sub-ofhcers. Marilyn Alff, vice-president: Dee Mitchell. recording secretary: Evelyn Smith. corresponding secretary: and Anita Reyes, treasurer. Respectfully submitted. RECORDING SIQCRIQTARY. nzpaao-ni LI Ll Shirley Clemens, president of Psi chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi, called the last meeting of 1944-45 to order. The events of the year were reviewed. Before school opened, all the girls helped clean and paint the chapter house at 3707 Locust Street. In November a tea was given for our housemother and later another tea was given for faculty members. Near the end of the month we received a visit from our traveling secretary, Nancy Vance Moyer, whose helpful hints in- sured a successful rushing season. A tea was given in her honor and other campus fraterni- ties were invited. On December Sth a Founderis Day dinner was given at the house by the Phila- delphia Alumnae chapter. During rushing the A O Pi's sprang a sur- prise which had been in our minds for a long time. We pledged our housemother, Miss Helen Zanzinger, and asked our alumnae advisor, Dr. Helen Campbell, to act as her ifmotherf' It was a thrilling event in the life of our chapter. At the close of rushing the Alpha O's pledged twelve freshmen. Afterward, the actives gave a Christmas party with the new pledges as guests of honor. During the summer the A O Pils had gone as a group to roll bandages for the Red Cross. It was decided to continue this worthwhile ac- tivity every other Tuesday night. On March 11th a dance was held at the house and initiation took place March 12th. The active and alumnae chapters had a dinner afterward. The next week the new initiates gave a Scavanger-hunt Party for the older actives. On April 26th we were honored with a visit from the A O Pi national president, Mrs. Dor- othy Dean. A tea, to which the other houses were invited, and an alumnae-active Formal Party were given in her honor. The week-end reached its climax when members of the house attended the National Convention in New York. In the Spring, monthly Saturday night dances were given by the A O Pils. A picnic given for the chapter by the alumnae was held in May. With house party at Ocean City the chapter ended a busy, successful year of activities. Respectfully submitted, RECORDING SECRETARY. MEMBERS-Left fo riglzf, front row: VVciss, Artz, VVilkinson, Shetlock, Austin, Harker, B. Franks, Stabinsky, Nixong second row: P. Franks, Daly, Kracmer, Clemens, Clayton, Sclieerer, Stnhrisg Iuzrk rote: Merion, Lutz, Garbee, Anderson, Cronquist, Maxton, Aruffo, Gatter, Cienkowski, Hittner, Baclie. BTEMBERS AnsENT: Homa, Zanzinger, Gilcreest. ,rlzpfaxfm The last meeting of Alpha Xi Delta, 3822 Locust Street, was called to order by the presi- dent, Phyllis Stevenson. The activities of the year were reviewed. November arrived, bringing with it many plans for the year. These first few weeks saw the arrival of a High School Day tea and a tea for our alumnae. Rushing soon overtook us and We were busily engaged with parties, climaxed by the pledging of thirty girls on December 20th. Fraternity mothers and daughters enjoyed a be- lated Christmas party and the Pan-Hel Dance. january was highlighted by a visit from our national president, honored with a formal recep- tion and an all campus tea. We also have been fortunate in having our province president with us on numerous occasions during the year. A new idea to promote inter-fraternity spirit through a series of fraternity open houses was inaugurated. The pledges did their bit with their annual pledge tea. Other customary inter- fraternity activities such as the sport tourna- ments and the song contest received our en- thusiastic support. The spring term brought the pledge dance at the house, innauguration of new officers, March rushing, pledging, and a continuation of pajama parties and get-togethers for the fraternity. A series of Sunday tea dances for groups of men's fraternities was held. lnitiation, on April 7th, was held for twenty-five pledges. Mothers and daughters dined together and had fun at the Initiation Dance that night. The big social service project of the year was Red Cross. This year money was raised in a na- tional effort to send pianos overseas to hospital ships. Well over 5200 from the Philadelphia area was presented at our annual Founderls Day Banquet at the Warwick on April 14th. Other projects of the year included giving blood, read- ing to the blind, making scrapbooks for hospitals, and the spring pledge project of making stuffed animals for the Red Cross. The closing weeks of school saw our annual faculty tea and the climax came with a success- ful dinner-dance at the Barclay on June Znd. And now that June is here we'll forget exams and head for houseparty in Ocean City. Respectfully submitted, RECORDINGVSICCRIQTARY. MEKTIZICIQS-Lz'ff to Vigflzf, frwzf mtv: iillllll, Rest, Patterson, Rust. Trizotti. l,ipp, lli Giovanni, lloyd, Mitchell, Grifiitlig .rcrmld ruru: Marino. Lynch, Xicliolson, Blair, Stevenson, XYoof,ly, Baxter, Mchlackiu, Skelton, Dackcrnian, Russell, Shaffer, flzzrd wiv: llisliop. Lcvergoocl. Slizlw. Cassel, XYilson, Sullivan, Fanger, Edwards. Stout, Yarcinko, Hutton, Iaggard, Stevens, Sutton, Pncffcr. Purdy: bark Vow: flare, Buckley. Gentry, Kurz, Phillips, Hanncrs, Tnllane, XVz1ndcrcy, Frank, Rouglilcy, Everest, johnson, DePaul, NVilliams. '0 T 'Pt T l 'il MliMBERS-Lvff fo Vllffllf, yfrmzf zwrzvz llanicll, Dankworth, XYllL'ClQI', Kimball, Lightner, Hitchens. jack, VVallg .fwolzrf row: Richard, llanlon, llipson, Craemer, Christmau, Semi. Miller, llroadbelt, Mcllowell, Klachcrg bark ro-zu: Garretson, Good, Xlatlicws. llolburn, Curtis. Blcliinncy, Spacli-. Morrison. McCann, Herbert, Loud, Lilley, llenedict, Stratton, llztycy, 'l'il'1'zu1y. The final meeting of the Beta Alpha chapter of Chi Omega, 3831 Walnut Street, was called to order by the president, Marie Senn. Rushing plans were made for teas, open houses and parties. Pledging was held and the Christ- mas party followed, Both pledges and actives met during Christ- mas holidays for dinner and theater. The Ice Follies were attended by a large group. A letter was received from Roddy Pagett, our eleven year old foster child from Buckingham, England, whom we have adopted through the "Foster Parents' Plan." Roddy displayed his artistic talents in a hand-painted greeting card to the chapter. Beta Alpha gave a tea dance january 6th for the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity in return for the one given us in December. Pan-Hellenic Formal was affirmed a great success by all on January 13th. Chi Omega Mothers' Club pre- sented the house with a beautiful lace tablecloth and matching scarfs. In the monthly letter from Mary Love Collins, our national president, she congratulated Beta Alpha for having won the scholarship cup in 19443 also the song plaque with an original song by june Steigerwald, former president. The actives sang at a song festival given by the alumnae for the benefit of the Red Cross. Every- one had a wonderful time at the card party- also alumnae-sponsored. On March 17th, a gala party was held in honor of Saint Patrick, The actives, for whom it was given by the newly initiated members, enjoyed the evening. Bernie Berle's Orchestra was featured at our Spring Formal--held April 7th at the Hotel Philadelphian. Before the dance, our Fiftieth Anniversary Banquet was held at the same time as those of our ninety-six other chapters all over the United States. Favors as well as the yearly awards were given to actives and pledges. The last meeting of this term was adjourned by the president. Respectfully submitted, RECORDING SECRETARY. :sara :maze :zezza Psi chapter of Delta Delta Delta opened an- other successful year with the first meeting held on Tuesday, November 7, 1944. The first impor- tant business of the year was rushing. After a tiring, but gratifying rushing season, the Tri- Delts added hfteen names to their list of members. On january 2nd the house at 212 S. McAlpin Street had a gala New Years party with plenty of gifts, gab and good things to eat. Ginny Kinnaman acted as old man 1944. and Gennie Comber portrayed baby 1945. Social activities were not neglected at the Tri- Uelt house! The Phi Delts honored us with a tea dance on january 7th. Many Tri-Delt sisters met, chatted and danced at the Pan-Hellenic dance on january 16th. Then. January 28th, the Philadelphia Alliance gave a tea for the chapter at the home of our national president, Mrs. Charles Perrin. The pledges were the guests of honor. We entertained the Phi Gams on Feb- ruary 4th at a tea dance. On February 7th and 8th the Tri-Delts en masse occupied a block of seats at the delightful Mask and Wig production. We had the pleasure of entertaining Tri-Delt's traveling secretary, Barbara Edinger, who proved a help and inspiration to every member of the chapter. The chapter decided that each member must participate in some type of war work to cooperate one hundred percent with S. I. C. We engaged in a minimum of two hours of work a week and our time was spent in such worth- while activities as Nurses Aid, Settlement House and Red Cross. The pledges gave three teas this year for pledges of other houses and their formal was a big success. It was held at President Loie Monaghans house on May Sth. Initiation was held on Sunday, April 15th and the pledges heaved a sigh of relief when their dreams to be an active finally came true. A bridge party was held at the house Saturday, May 19th, to raise money for a scholarship for some worthy under- graduate. The year was brought to a gay and fruitful close at the house-party in Ocean City. A per- fect ending to a perfect year of Tri-Delta sisterhood. Respectfully submitted, RECORDING SIQCRETARY. MEMBIERS-lmfl lu 1'l'-flllf, fron! Vote: .'Xngellncci. Iloovcn, Thompson, Heermann, Repetto, Schwab, Viele, Harscyg .vrumzlf row: Mcliinney, Maclfarland, Gritlitlis, Ramsey, Mankin, VVulsli, Monaghan, l.owte, Kinnamon, Safrin, Cornberg lfzim' rofu: jones. Skillern, Hullihan, PfliTL'I'StJll, Quinlan, Henninger, Arader, Mclllcary, James, J lleebner, Pratt, lioswelli lurk ro'zt': Thompson, Burton, llay, Flynn, Gager, Chalk, Lawless. Houseman, butler, Alexander, Mcfonnell, Lamb. blEMliliRS qXnsENT: Tyson, XYilson. Hothe, Pansius, XYelsh. XYigham, Gunson, lVentz. ellapfagpadw MIQNIIIICRS-Lift to right, fron! rrrzui Selnick, XVolson, Rose, Swartz, Segall, Hcrshaw, Hill, VVilsong svrmrtl' row: Griner, Jaffe, liuscliell, Stanton, R. llattner. j. llattner, Katz, Pays, llompf. Kibrick, lYeinrott, Musel, Auritt, third row: Sklar, Hirshorn, Stern, Vcrstein. l.aveson. Silvert, llroclyg Imrlr rmv: Brodsky, VVolf, Cohen, Dakelnian, Roscnian, Goldinan, Ergange. Kllikllll-IRS ABSENT: August, Austin, Boyce, Coopersmith, Dornbluni, Fairstein, Finbcrg, Fine, Goldman, Gastnian, Glove, Greenspan, Gurcnson, justin, Kandel, Kean, Oberson, Pincus, Pollon, Shore, Silvers, Xlieiiilmcrg, NYcisbcrg, VYeiss, NYolfson, Zitscrnian. Nu chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon congregated for the first meeting of this year on October 30, 1944, in our new house, 3914 Spruce Street. Rosalyn Fine, president, conducted the meetings and her capable assists were: Natalie Pincus, vice-president, Frances Payes, treasurer, Har- riet Greenspan, recording secretary: and Lois Pollen, corresponding secretary. In November we opened our new house by serving tea to university students and faculty members. In late November our parents Ushow- ered" us with gifts for our house. December was the month of events and activ- ities for D Phi E. After a thrilling two weeks of rushing, we pledged twenty-two girls. During our Christmas vacation, Nu chapter played hostess to our many sorores at International Con- vention. The program was full of many new and different experiences which made convention such a grand success. At election time, Dorothy Madway, one of Nu chapters own. was elected president of National Executive Council. In january, we gave a tea dance to raise funds the C. A.-Hillel Drive. We made scrap books for overseas hospitals, sweaters for the Russian War Relief, and collected funds for the Red Cross, United War Chest and the Allied Jewish Appeal. When finals were over, we breathed deeply and had time for more activities. We rolled bandages and gave our blood to the Red Cross, sold defense stamps for the war effort and con- tributed to the Infantile Paralysis Drive. In honor of Founderls Day, March 17, 1917, we celebrated initiation week-end. On Friday, March 16, 1945, we installed twenty-two pledges. Afterward, an ice cream and cake party was held at the house. On Saturday night, a punch-bowl and dance were given in honor of the new actives. On Sunday the parents celebrated this gala occasion at tea. Spring found us busy with Red Cross and our other activities until it was time to say goodbye to the seniors. Respectfully submitted, RECORDING SECRETARY. X apps, rqfpfza '7fzeZ'a MICMIZIQRS-I.t'ff In right, -f7'17l11L roto: Fcller, O'Xeill, Slnnnan, vlourrlet, Taylor, Malloy. Klcillanus, Seltz, Burton, Seinisclig .wrtnlzd roto: McCabe, Mattingly, Grant, Walters. Cooney, Hill, NYright, XYanner, N. Grey, Stiff, Sucllow, Mitclincr, Bailey, Hllvflll row: Miller, Kelly, Gartner, Dulirnyne, Torscli, Henshaw, Cope, Vliinslow, Norris, XVood, VVQ-nrlvl, Lisovitcli, Van Roclen. Smith, llarris, Gracffg buck rmv: lgler, Krackel Dixon, Ebert, J. Grey, Nevin, Dickson. Hama-ll, Rrey, Grafton, Burrows. gXliSl2NT RTENIRRRSZ Bishop, Henszey, Benson, Flood, Eby, Snider, Ameisen. Blaclfwan Spence, Redfield, Brennan, Doyle. The first meeting of the fall session of 1945 of the Beta Eta chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta was called to order by Judy Wright, president, on Tuesday evening, November 7th. With the loss of last years seniors and the marriage of several of the girls, the chapter now numbered forty-seven. The hrst item of new business to be discussed was planning for the rushing sea- son whfch was slated for December 4th. Plans were conceived and the Thetas spent busy hours in preparationg the highlight of the season was the Gay Nineties Party, which revealed an amazing amount of versatility. We concluded a very gay two weeks with the pledging of seven- teen new Thetas and an informal party in their honor. Christmas vacation was a festive time and everyone returned to the campus ready to settle down to work. Although scholastic achievements were the prime concern, we found time for a round of social activities. There seemed to be numerous teas for every occasion and many of us spent hours in the choral society, dramatics, or kept busy with war Work. The end of February came and with it examinations. Immediately upon our return to normal life, the district president, Mrs. Wilson, came to spend a few days with the chapter. Initiation day was not far off and the pledges as a fare- well gesture before becoming active Thetas, showed their originality in presenting a gala evening of entertainment. In the spring the Theta Formal at the Barclay was a highlight and we found time to entertain our parents and the faculty at tea. Of course, there were the usual number of engagement rings and the re- sulting five pounds of candy. For the chapter, the season came to a formal close late in june, but for the seniors graduation day brought to a close four inspiring and wonderful years at the University of Pennsylvania. Respectfully submitted, RECORDING SECRETARY. l Kappa :zsezza Even before classes were resumed in Novem- ber, the Sigma Theta chapter of Kappa Delta had met several times at various members' houses for informal meetings to discuss plans for the coming year. Immediately after classes began. Kappa Delta. at 3411 Chestnut Street, was plunged in rushing plans. Several girls from our chapters at the University of Maryland and Brooklyn College came to assist rushing and were also entertained by the chapter. K D emerged from rushing with ten new pledges. After the pledging ceremony the whole chapter had dinner at the Adelphia Hotel and then returned to the house for the annual Christmas party. Early in january, Kappa Delta held an in- formal dance for members of the Naval R.O.T.C. and V-12 groups on campus. We also gave a party for the alumnae now resident in Philadel- phia and gathered many interesting friends from different chapters all over the country. In February the Mothers' Club of the chapter surprised all the girls with a party after their weekly meeting. The pledges gave a tea for the pledges of other campus fraternities and a very successful bridge party for the active members, alumnae and their friends. The chapter went in a body to see the Mask and Wig show and a snack afterward. In February we were entertained by the Rev- erend Kolb at his home and spent a most en- joyable evening raiding the icebox and chatting by the fire. The pledges were given "second degreel' in preparation for initiation on the same evening and initiated two weeks later. On a Saturday evening in April the Kappa Deltas held a date-dance and later the final dance of the year was given at the house. Pres- ident Marjorie Underhill declared it a success. During the week between final exams and graduation, a party was given for the graduating seniors at the house. Then the whole chapter spent a prolonged week-end at the shore. Throughout the year, the K lJ's also partici- pated in other activities such as the Red Cross War Fund Drive by working in booths and the inter-fraternity basketball tournament. Respectfully submitted, RECORDING SECRETARY. MEMHICRS-l.i',fl fu right, fron! ro':t': McDowell, l.:tugau, lfarlmaugli. Stanton, liretsky, Spillane: svcond ru-zu: Atlsit, Sclilosscr. Daly. Tuwilan. Underhill, Qualcy, McClarin, lfctskog lfurk mtv: Diclil, Slialfer. Young, Congreve, Hertwick, XYard, Mcllecliriv, llurt. Mminizias .Xusizxrz litter, Schultz. 1 U uf ' e 3 Kerala K'f'F'lm G' XIHNIBICRS-f.vfl fo right. from' ro-zo: Bell, Lovemau, Quittuer, Allen, McCoy, VVinfrey, Stokes, Potteiger, 1 Tunis, Toland, Cutrlc, Xl. Cunninglianii .vvrmzfl mtv: Fox, IJ. Cunningham, Butts, hlcnnings, Zell, Beck, Thomas, lluniphrey, llisbroxv, Kennedy, Hzunuer, Spiers, Yan Pell. Sangree: f1Ilvl'lfl'0'Zx'I llreed, Mcfanallgliy, Rlccluskey, jones, Ganibcr, English, lYelford, llavlcanberry, Santa Maria, Fields, Dexter, Snyder, Sliyrock, Swain, Page, NV:irton. Huclsall, Cook: lnzrk form: Whiting, Norris, Merritt, Russell, lfernley, lie Saint Pllallc, Ellison, King, llougli, Klcl.auglilin. All'fMBliR5 .-XnslcNT: ,Xlexanderf llzzird. Corson. Crothers, lit-Coursey, -loues, XYinfrey. The final meeting of the Beta Alpha chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma, 3323 Walnut Street, was called to order by the president, Molly Humphrey, in the chapter room. The events of the year were reviewed. The house opened November 2nd with thirty actives and three pledges. On the 19th we stepped out socially with a tea dance given for the V-12's and the R.O.T.C.'s, and on the 21st we enjoyed an exchange dinner with the Thetas. Initiation was held November 21st for Kitty Anne Ellison, Carolyn Fields and Jane King. Nancy Winfrey from George Washington and Penn State's Mary Lou jones were affiliated soon afterward. Our second exchange dinner was on the 28th with the Tri-Delts. On December 2nd we were visited by two of our national officers, the province president and the field secretary. Rushing started Monday and found the Kappas entertaining at Opening Tea. Pledging was held December 2Oth for our thirty new pledges and this was followed by a Christ- mas party given in their honor. january 13th found the Kappas enjoying the Pan-Hel Dance, and on the 21st the Phi Gams and the Phi Kaps were guests at a tea dance given in honor of the pledges. The end of Ian- uary we resumed our program with the Red Cross making surgical dressings twice a month. February lst the Kappas entertained the faculty at tea, and on the 6th we had an ex- change dinner with the Alpha Chi Omegas. Our main plans for the second semester cen- tered around initiation which was held April 13th and 14th, followed by a banquet and dance in honor of the initiates. Elections were held for the new officers and by the end of june plans for the house party at the shore were well under way. With best wishes to the fifteen graduating seniors, upon motion the meeting was adjourned. Respectfully submitted, RECORDING SECRETARY. MMKKK sam .wa vm Meetings were called to order by our presi- dent, Ethel Romm. The minutes were read and approved. Our first major business was rushing. Rozelle Schwartz headed our rushing show and dinner. But the grand finale of the period was the pin- ning of our twenty-three proud pledges. They elected their own officers: Charlotte Lax, pres- identg Margie Greenstein, treasurer, and joyce Goldstein, secretary. We gave a super pledge dance in their honor on February 1Oth. In real S D T spirit, the pledges went all out for their project which was a new, original and timely idea-a Hpin-up-boy" contest, through which they sold fifty dollars in War Stamps. The pledges reciprocated for all the affairs given them by the men's fraternities with a suc- cessful tea-dance on Sunday, March 11th. The moment all the pledges had awaited came as a surprise on April 14th-initiation with a dinner and dance that made a day that will always remain a milestone in their lives. Two acting groups have been added to S D T -a Mothersl Club and an Alumni League. Both have been wonderful in assisting us in any prob- lems that might have arisen during the year. The actives have also taken part in this year's events. We have volunteered two hundred and hfty hours to war work per month. Our chapter also devotes one meeting a month to Russian war relief. We went all out for the Red Cross Drive, raising one hundred and sixty dollars, which put us at the top on campus. The C. A-Hillel Drive brought forth an open house with Phi Sigma Delta. In spring we again rushed freshmen, planned some gala events in their honor and pledged eight girls. The end of the season heralded a parents' luncheon and a faculty tea. Officers besides Ethel were: Naomi Rittenberg, vice-president: Rita Mann, treasurerg Ellie Rieder, recording secretary, and Rita Sloane, corresponding secretary. All business thus dispensed with a motion was made for adjournment. The meeting was for- mally adjourned. Respectfully submitted, RECORDING SECRETARY. MEMBERS-Left io rigflzl, from ro-zu: Lax, Dia-nes, Tobin, Able, Grossman, Schwartz, VVeisman, Simon, Kessler, .s'4'r01zd row: lleckcr, Clein, Rosen, Sloane, Rittcnberg. Ronnn, Mann, Reidcr, Mileslone, VYilder, H. Topkis, blower, Iliird row: Sulman. R. Schwartz, Goldstein, Stein. Groats, Miller, Gardzln, Robinson, Blumbcrg, R. Schwartz, Oliensis, XYcxlar. Friedman, Greenberg, Shrut, Treicliland, Freidhofg buck roto: Grienstcin, Schwartz, Tadbill, Rurnstein, Topkis, Marvis, Tracsotf, Seplow, Raclinell, Bliss, Canarek, Milstone, Tyson, Licbster. Mlcxlnlclcs A1351-INT: Bloom, Foster, Hazen, Kemp, Gricl, Rubin, Raltzman, lYirtsliafter. ga va ,Wa The Alpha Beta chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha was founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 1918 and was the fourth national fraternity on campus. This year was a busy and successful one for the Zetas, especially with the planning and dec- orating of their new house located at 3828 Locust Street. Their proudest decoration is the plaque awarded them for the greatest scholastic advancement in the preceding year. The first social function of the year was the tea given in honor of their housemother, Mrs. Foster, introducing her to the campus. This was followed by rushing and every effort was put forth to have entertaining and friendly teas, open houses, overnights and parties. The Nosegay Supper was a great success and was their in- formal party. Much to the delight of all the Zetas this year's rushing season was a success- ful one. The month of December also witnessed the party given by the alumnae group for the active members. Other winter activities included the active party for the pledges and the return party by the pledges, card parties, rummage sale and scholastic party. The scholarship party is spon- sored by the pledges or actives, depending upon which group gets the highest average. The most important activity of March was initiation on the twenty-fourth, which was followed by a dinner party. War activities were not neglected by any means and the chapter worked cooperatively with the national chapter in a blood donating program. The year terminated with the Senior Party at which time the hopes and plans of next year were anticipated. Officers of the year were: Anita Garaguso, president: Madeline Cruesemire, vice-presidentg Betty Maxwell. secretaryg and Arlene O,Neal, treasurer. Respectfully submitted, RECORDING SECRETARY. lXTFIRiRERSif.rff io riyflzf, frmif row: XYoodams, I. Adams. Tripner: XCFUJIKIY rmu: Blauth, Martin, Cope, Garaguso. Maxwell. O'Xeal. Gallagher. Maranog bark V0-rv: lframbese, Tulcolly. Fisher. Thodes, Laws, Hoskins, XYanjorsky, C. Adams. ATENIBIZRS Ai:sEX'r: Cichetti. Crusemire, Duffy. Keene, Koran, Lovell, Matthews, Mimm, Riaboff, Roof, Shearer. Snyder, Zanglii. It is not easy to say f'Goodbyel, to someone dear, or to turn onels back on a beloved, familiar scene. The future is unknown and hazardous, while the present is warm and safe with memories of yesterday. It is always hard to leave, but somehow we find the strength to go ahead, to do what must be done. Our four years at Pennsylvania have meant much to us. The period of time has been short compared with the centuries of history, and yet for each of us, these years have been full of significance and rich with meaning. We have received a truly liberal education from our Alma Mater. Our actual studies have been of great importance, for we have delved into worlds unknown to us before, and found new pleasure in more familiar ones. But we have gained far more than actual informa- tion. We have learned to think, to take the facts presented to us and fit them into a larger picture which forms the whole. We have been taught to accept new ideas, to hear opposing views and theories and decide for ourselves which is better or more logical. We have acquired new values and standards. We have had the opportunity to formulate our own philosophy of living instead of childishly accepting that of another. We have learned to appreciate other civilizations and cultures, and thus have lost many of the prejudices and misconceptions which blind and hamper our people. We have formed deep friendships and lasting memories which will play an important part in our future happiness. The world into which we go has need of people who have received such benefits. Now, more than ever before, clear thinking, tolerance, and understanding are tremendously essential. Chances for the forma- tion of a better world have been lost in the past because of individuals who were too petty, too involved in their own tiny universe to care what happened to the rest of the peoples of the earth. We must not fall into that group, for as university graduates, we have an obligation to fulfill, a debt to repay to society. Let us make good use of the advantages we have received, let us make the most of the privileges granted us. If we cannot strive together and achieve the goal which is so precious to every human being, who will be able to? The time has come for us to leave the comparative security and isolation of college, to face the issues of the day, and to meet the problems of life in a world community. There will be setbacks and misfortunes, disappointments and obstacles to overcome. We shall have great need of the inner resources we have built up. We shall realize our dependence on, and be grateful for the spiritual and mental train- ing we have received. Our university has given us the equipment with which to work. She has given us the foundation on which to build. The rest is up to us. What we accomplish with our talents, what sort of superstructure we erect depends on each of us individually. We have been well prepared. We will not disappoint Pennsylvania! "All knowledge is vain save when there is work, And all work is empty save when there is love, And when you work with love you bind yourself to yourself, and to one another, and to God." fKAHLIL GIBRAN. PHYLLIS R. STEVENSON AGNEVY, JANE-3413 Tyson Ave., Phila., Pa. .'xliE5A-x.?DEll, ELAINE--1 Maple Lane, Collingswood, ALEXANDER, MILNOR-1701 NValnut St., Camp llill, Harrisburg, Pa. ALLARDICE, BE'I"I'l-I-1335 Shady Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. ALLEN, IQATIIEIKINE-1429 N. lfront St., Harrisburg, Pa. ALSPACII, ANN-207 Pawling Ave., Troy, N. Y. ANGELUCCI. ADELE--T38 S, llltli St., Phila., Pa. APFELBAIIM, CHAIILENE-47313 Osage Ave., Phila. AVERBACH. DIANE-2434 S. 3rd St., Phila., Pa. BAILEY, RI"I'H-614 llrexel Ave., Drexel I-lil', Pa. BAKKEN, GLORIA-920 3rd Ave.,N.YV., Minot, N. D. BANRITIERGER, EVA-2905 N. Marietta Ave., Milwaukee, is. BARDSLEY, ELEANOR-416 Kent Rd., Upper Darby, Pa. B.-IRRET'I', HOSE DIARY-2324 Reed St., Phila., Pal. BARRIE, GEORGIXE-217 Argyle Rd., Ardmore, Pa. BASLER. HELEN-1020 Cornell Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. BELL, BARBARA-1064 YVheatland Ave., Lancaster, Pa. BELLI. HAZEL-Pipersville, Bucks Co., Pa. BENEDIFT. PAULINE--22 Fox St., VVaterbury, Conn. BENJAMIN, ANNA-340 YV. State, lkledia, Pa. BENSON. EIiEAN0IIEAf3349 Glenview St., Phila., Pa. BIBEN, ELAINE-45 Argyle Sl., Rochester, N. Y. BINGAMAN, JEAN-1430 Lardner St., Phila., Pa. IIIRK. RUTH--1205 Stafford St., Phila., Pa. BLACKDIAN, ROSALIE-S1515 Chelten Ave., Phila., Pa. I-ILUDIBERG. JOAN--ISOO Pine St., Phila., Pa. BOKAILO, HELEN-13-17 E. Columbia Ave.. Phila., Pa. BOYCE, JOYCE-639 West End Ave., New York, N. Y. BOYIIE, DOR0'l'l'IY--3315 Chestnut St., Phila., Pa. IIRADLEY, JEAN-ITZ5 Pine St., Phila., Pa. BIIOADBELT. JEAN-F5105 Chaneellor St., Phila., Pa. BRYAN. ANNE-3229 Central. Kansas City, Mo. IlI7DD, BARBARA--ll Bayard Ave., XXY0tNllll1l'Y, N. J. l!Ii'I"l'S, EMELYN-357 Aubrey Rd.. NVynnewood, Pa. BYERS, CORINNE-627 Villa Rd,, Drexel Hill, Pa. CAMPBELL. BARBARA-203 Broadway, Rel Air, Md. CANNON, MARQITERITE-8310 Higli School Rd., Elkins Park, Pa. CASSEL. ELIZABETH--628 Derstine Ave., Lansdale, Pa. CERCEO, EMILY-1179 S. 11th St., Phila., Pa. CHAILK, BARBARA--4301 Marvine Ave,, Drexel Hill, a.. CI-IAPPELL, NIARY .lANlE+4330 Lauriston St., Phil'l. CIIIANESE, BEBE--1164 Hamilton Ave., Trenton. N. J, CIIRBIISTIE, JANET-306 YVashington St., Abington, ass. l'HRIS'I'3IAN'. MARY-7276 Bradford Rd., Vpper Darby, Pa. CICCI-lI'I"I'I, ROSEMARY-1437 S. 15th St., Phila,, Pa. CLARK, JANET-137 Leslie Ave,, lvlerehfintville, N. J. COHEN, MURIEL-5408 YVyndale Ave., Phila., Pa. CONGDON, SHIRLEY-109 Morton Ave., Ridley Park, Pa. COREY. JEANNE'I"l'E-515 Sussex Rd.,XVynnewood, Pa. CORSON, MARGUERITE-1105 Allengrove St., Phila. CRAIG, DOR0'I'HY--282 Hathaway Lane, XVynnewood, Pa. CROTHERS. BETSY-Plushmill Rd., N'Vallingford. Pa. CRITSSIMIFRE, DIADELIXE-207 Brookdale Ave., Glen- si e, a. BAILEY, JEAN-2119 46th St,, Penrisauken, N. J. DALSI-IER. ALICE-l936 Borbeek AVe,, Phila., Pa. DALSHER. IIELEN-1336 Borheek Ave.. Phila., Pa. DALY. EDITH-318 E. Hortter St., Phila., Pa. DAYEY, JOYCE-Clementon, N. J. DAY. MARY-29 VVellington Rd., Ardmore, Pa. deCOIiRSEY, MARY-9728 Germantown Ave., Phila. DEITZ. BIANCA-1116 Arrott St., Phila., Pa. DELOVITZ. IlER'I'I'IA7l-161 N. Hollywood St.. Phila. DEWIITTH, NANCY--Ill Fl. King' St.. Lamrister, Pa. DENNIAN. MARY-525 York St., Camden, N. J. DICKEL. ENINIA-1109 Edmonds Ave., Drexel Hill. Pa. DICKSON. JOANNA-5224 N. Princeton Ave., Swarth- more, Pa. DIEHL, ARLENE-T151 Andrews Ave., Phila., Pa. IJOMPF, VIVIANS-4262 N. Sth St,, Phila,. Pa. DYSON, BEATRICE-34lS Tyson St.. Phila., Pa. ENGLISH. CATHERINE-Tl? Reeehwood Dr., Upper Darby, Pa. ENI. CATHERINE-1525 S. 10th St., Phlia,, Pa. ERGANG, ELAINE--5723 Yvoodbine Ave., Phila., Pu. IPELDMAN. LEONA-Garden Court Apts., H-205, 47th and Pine, Phila., Pa. FERGUSON. llEI.ENfR.l'.D. No. l, Glasslmoro. N. J. FETSKO. JAf'OI'EI.IYI4'--416 ld. -itll St.. Retlfeliern. Pa. FOX. ELIZAIIETH-2424 E. Lake Dr., Raleigh. N. C. FITLCOLY. IIABE'l"l'IC--l00 Roelielle Ave., Phila., Pa.. GALLAGHER. PAT--101 E. Greenman Rd., Haddon- field, N. J. , , G.u.x.o, CONCETTA-2503 Aretie Ave., Atlantic City, N. J. GAIIBARINO, JANET-S. Hillsille Ave., Ventnor. N. J. GAIIRETSON, ClIAIlLO'I"I'E-110 N, Phila. Blvd., Aher- deen, Md. GASKILL, JEAN-150 Kedron Ave., Folsom, Pa. GA'I"l'ER, SONIA-812 Glenside Ave., VVyneote, Pa. GERBER, MARGRIT-4505 Springfield Ave., Phila.. Pa. GIANGIULIO. EYELYN-2229 S. 23rd St.. Phila., Pa. GILLILAND. IIETTI'-20 Hemlock Ave., Phila., Pa. GINSBYRG, IiEA'I'RII'l4l-1-141 S. liroad St., Phila., Pa. GINSBURG, DOI-IOTHY-l9fl6 N. Tth St., Phila., Pa. GLENNON, CATHEIHNE-146 Hillside Rd., Elizabeth, N. J. GULDIIERG. JOAN-85 Highland Ave., Gardiner, Me. GOLDIN, ELLEN-5818 Vifoodcrest Ave., Phila., Pa, GOLIJNIAN, AMY-1733 67th Ave,, Phila.. Pa. GRANT, MARY-20 Radcliffe Rd., Cynwyd, Pa. GREEN, GLORIA--1813 Ashley Rd., Phila., Pr. IiII1l1!jlIfEN0IIi. GRAEME-1028 VV. Upsal St., Mt. Airy, ll a., a. GIVNSUN, MARY ELIZABETH-3805 State Rd., Drexel Hill, Pa. GUIWINSON, EDITH-94 Pershing Ave., New Rochelle, . Y. HABIIEGGER, JEANNE--110 .Ierielio Rd.,Abington,Pa. IIAIIPERN, FLORENCE-3015 Berks St., Phila., Pa. HANINER, JOAN-904-R, Alden Park Manor. German- town, Phila., Pa. HANLAN, MARJORIE--433 Montana St. Phila., Pa. HARKER, KATE-522 Central Ave., Cheltenham, Pa. HARRISON. JOAN-850 Arlington Rd., York, Pa. HATIIAVVAY. GERTRUDE-419 VV. School Lane, Phila. HAVIK, JOY-400 lst Ave., Parkesburg. Pa. HAYES. DOIIOTHY-2622 S. 72nd St., Phila., Pa. HAZAN, WIILDIIED-1393 Oeean Pkwy,, Brooklyn, N. Y. HEERDIAN. RUTH-2401 N. 53rd St., Phila.. Pa. HEISLER, COR NELIA--135 S. Lake Ave., Albany, N. Y. HENNINGER. MARY-3412 VVarden Dr.. Phila., Pa. HENZEY, FLORENCE-S01 S. 56th St., Phila., Pr. HESPE. DOIIOTIIY-4628 Larehwood Ave,. Phila., Pa. HESS. ELEANOR-321 Davis Rd,, Llanareh, Pa. HILL. DORIS ANS-T829 Flourtown Ave., XVyndmoor, Phila., Pa. HOCICENBERRY. ANNE?-108 Huck Lane, Haverford, Pa. I-IODGKINS. CAROLYN-530 Laurel Rd., Yeadon, Pa. HOLCONIBE, ELEANORWIO9 State Rd., Bala-Cynwyd, Pa. HOOYEN, ELAINE-389 Ypland YVay, Drexel Hill, Pa. HOPKINS, EIiIZABE'I'H-42 E. Durham St., Phila., Pa. HORICNSTEIN. EVELYN-6329 N. l3th St., Phila., Pa. HONYARD, ELIZABETH-Lake Cormorant, Miss. HINYIE. ANNE--1820 DeKa'b St., Norristown, Pa. HI'N'I'EIl, ANNE-401 Gateonvlme Rfl.. Bryn Mawr, Pa. IlI'N'l'ER. MARGARET-1 Oll Olive St., Coatesville, Pa. Hl"I"I'ENIi0l"K, IIARIE-3024 N, 25th St.. Phila., Pa. ITSYNSON, BE'l"I'Y-4532 Old York Rd,, Phila., Pa. JAFKOWVICK. DEBORAH J.--Meshoppen, Pa. JAEGER. EILEEN' M.---Presbyterian Mense, Parkes- burg, Pa. JAGGARD, SARAH M.-1037 Park Ave., Collingswood, N I .L-uvliiil NANN'-219 ndgehni Rd., Merion, Pa. JAURDET, NATALIE V.-R14 Sycamore Ave., Merion, Pa. .IOHS'l'0N, LOUISA H.--309 Grayling Ave., Narberth, Pa. JYRGEXS, CAROL A.-923 Morton Rd.. Bryn Mawr, Pa. KA'I'Z, JEANNE-5143 N. 16th St., Phila., Pa. KELLER, EMMA LOU-423 Newbold Rd., Jenkintown, Pa, KFILLEY, MARTIIA A.-2374 Euelid Hts,, Cleveland, 0. ICENDALL, JOHN-101 Rerkely Sq., Atlarltir City, N. J. KERR, MARION P.-R. D. No. l, Newtown, N, J. KETFLS, MAE-837 10th Ave.. Prospect Park, P3- KIBRICK, WIA'l'lI.DA-5732 Yvooderest Ave., Phila., Pa. KIRSHNER, IIE'l"I'Y-507 Valley Rd., Llanareh, Pa. KOEIILER, HAZELE473 Wilde Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. KORS. XVILNIA-5536 Baltimore Ave., Phila., Pa. KVRZ. ETHEL-4532 Higbee St., Phila., Pa. I .AXIIENBERGEIL IDA-ll0 XYheatshef Lane, Abing- ton, Pa. LANG. JEAN--Euclid Ave. and Ford Dr.. C'eveland, O. LARICY, ALICA-Mechaniesville Rd., Torresdale, Pa. I JGIIOYYITZ. ELAINE-ITR5 Pt, Breeze Ave., Phila.. Pa LEYIY. NIIRIANI G.-4120 Parkside Ave., Phila., Pa. LIEIIERSIAN. ISOBEL--57729 N. lTth St., Phila., Pa. LODGE. ELIZABETII-S, Pittsburg, Tenn. LONDUN, GLADYS--2607 N. Napa, St., Phila., Pa. Mzu-CABE, JANE-508 E. Selgwiek St., Chestnut Hill, Phila., Pa. Mau-f'ORIiELL. SALLIE-306 S. Slst St.. Pllllih- P3- M,,,.l.gyyAgy, BE'P'I'1' J,-R35 Maple Ave., Collingswood, N. J. NIIII-FARLAND. ICATHRYN-342 E. 9th St., Consho- hoeken, Pa. . NIADAN, MAIIY-6239 Carpenter St., Phila., PH- yuxx. RITA-217 Bound Brook Rd.. Dunellen. N- -T. MANNING, E. DOROTIIEA-106 Urban Ave., Norwood, Pa, MARTIN. ALBERTA--1718 N. Gratz St., Phila., Pa. MARVIS, MARILYN44946 Pine St., Phila., Pa. lWlA'l"l'HEVVS, JESSICA-414 S. 44th St., Phila., Pa. MeCANN. BETSY-301 W. School Lane, Germantown, Phila., Pa. M1-CANN. FLORENCE-1527 Oregon Ave., Phila., Pa. MUFLEARY, DOROTHY-298 Blain St., Oneonta, N. Y. Dlx-CLEARY, MARGARET-5520 Morris St., Phila., Pa. MQCORKILL, BARllARA+1142 Line St., Sunbury, Pa. McKIgIgfI?IE, JOYCE--3200 "C" Marshall Rd., Drexel 1 , a. Mt-KINNEY, MARY-520 ivyndmoor Ave., Phila., Pa. MECLUSKEY, EVA--2622 N. 17th St., Phila., Pa. MERRITT, SARAH-125 lylaple St., Mt. Airy, N. C. MESSEY, RITA-3043 W. Berks St., Phila., Pa. METZER, EYELYN H. IMRSJ-1320 Foulsrod St., Phila., Pa. MILLER, ANNE-209 E. Broad St., Paulsboro, N. .T. MILLER, VIRGINIA-1316 Deveraux Ave., Phila., Pa. MILON. JOSEPHINE--2146 S. Opal St., Phila., Pa. MINK. DOROTHY-323 YV. Providence Rd., Aidan, Pa. MISHEL, SELMA-T314 Argus Rd., Phila., Pa. MITCHELL, DORIS S.-1011 Carroll Rd., Carroll Park, Pa. MOHLER, ALICIA-601 Shadeland Av., Drexel Hill, Pa. MOORE, I-lEA'I'RICEf6239 Addison St., Phila., Pa. MOORE, EUNICE-152 Jackson St., S. River, N. J. MORETT, FRANCES-382 VV. Magnolia Ave., Phila.. Pa. MORRISON, AGNES-Orwigsburg Pa. MOSES, FAY-326 S. 19th St,, Phila., Pa. MIISELENHEINI. LOIS-5227 N. 16th St., Phila., Pa. NIGHTINGALE. RUTH-6524 Beechwood St., Phila., Pa. NORRIS. MARY--2419 Hollis Rd., Merwood, Pa. NYE, MONA VV. QMRSJ-2130 Loeust St., Phila., Pa. OLIVIER, ELISE-Flower Observatory, Upper Darby, Pa. O'NEAI.. AIILENE-13 Fairfield Rd., Upper Darby, Pa. OPPENHEIM. BERNIFE-1803 S. Gth St., Phila., Pa. ORIEL, IIENEE-llfl XV. 9-ith St., New York, N. Y. OTLEY, GLORIA-Yvalnut 8: Paul Rds., St, Davids, Pa. PACI. SPLENDORE-1420 Moore St., Phila., Pa. PERRY. CLARA-1309 Castle Ave., Phila., Pa. POLLON. LOIS-5445 Lovust St., Phila., Pa. POTTEIOER, ADELE-251 Sagamore Rd., Brookline, Upper Darby, Pa. PRESCOTT, MIRIAM-5017 Springfield Ave., Phila., Pa. PRINCE, BERNICEf5622 Lebanon Ave., Phila., Pa. RAMSEY. MARY-A6871 N. VVashington Blvd.. Falls Church, Va. RAPP. I'HYLI.IS-S. Pemberton Rd., Pemberton, N. .T. RAUSCI-I, NIIRIAWI-331 Preston Ave., Girardville, Pa. REED, NANCY-ll5 Lexington Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. REICH. NIURIEL-ll5 Pennbrook Apt., 63rd and City Ave., Overbrook, Pa. REIF. LOIS-419 Hopkins Lane, Haddonfield, N. .T. REYES. ANITA-9324 Forrest Ave., Elkins Park, Po. RINEHART, DOROTHY-4012 VValker St., Phila., Pa. RUTENHEHG. ISOBEL-2348 77th Ave, Phila., Pa. RUTLEDGE. VIRGINIA IMRSJ-5 Gareau Ave., Vvare, Mass. RYTTENBERG, RVTII-303 Cooper St., Camden, N. J. SAFRIX. JEAN--6652 Tlineoln Dr., Phila., Pa. SANTORO. MARY-All Rochester Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. SAYXYARD. FRANCES-T4 Russe'l Rd., Fanwood, N. J. SFHAEF, NANCY-522 N. 18th St., Phila., Pa. S AREII, THELMA--2436 N. 56th St., Phila., Pa. ADLER, ZENA-1139 N. 41st St., Phila., Pa. ALLEIVIAN, FLORENCE-3318 Locust St.. Phila., Pa. A LLEN, DOROTI-IEA-505 Valley View Rd., Merion, Pa. ALLEN, JEAN-5753 N. 12th St., Phila., Pa. AMEISEN. H. DENISE-T027 Boyer St., Phila., Pa. ANDERSON, BEATRICE-920 Columbia Ave., Palmyra, ARADER, JOSEPHINE-1920 N. 61St St., Phila., Pa. ATCHLEY. AMY P.--2281 Pennington Rd.,Trenton, N. J. AURl'l'T. .IUDITI-I-6047 Christian St., Phila., Pa. AUSTIN, JOYCE-104 S. Avolyn Ave., Ventnor, N. J. BABCOFK. BARBARA--450 E. 2nd St., Moorestown, N. J. BACAUSKAS. JOSEPHINE---234 Mountain St., Phila. RARE, MARIANNE-101 Urban Ave., Norwood, Pa. BARGER, DOROTHY L.-1239 High St., Xvilliamsport, Pa. BARTLEY, REGINA-S10 Brandon Ave,, Norfolk, Va, BAUMANN, MARY E.-Orchard Lane Ft. YVash., Pa BEATTY. MARGETTA-2025 N. Broad St., Phila., Pai BENEDICT, MARTHA-215 N. Highland Ave., Lans- downe, Pa. --Continued SCHAIFEX ELIZABETH-1600 Riverton Rd., Riverton l. . SCHEERER, ANNE-153 Blackburne Ave., Lansdown a. SCHPEEVEEIS. BERTHA-131 Beecher Ave., Chelten- iam, a. SFHNYER, SYLYIA UVIIISJ--6244 Chestnut St., Phila. SCHULMAN, FRANCES KMRSJ-115 S. 43rd St., Phila. SCHXYAH. NOIUIA-Ridge Ave.. Conshohocken, Pa. SCHXYEREL. MARY L.-139 Pelham Rd., Phila., Pa. SEGAL, SHIRLEY-159 XV, Roosevelt Blvd., Phila., Pa. SENIISCH. RUTH-409 Noble Rd., Jenkintown, Pa. SIIAFFER. MARY-647 E. Allegheny Ave., Phila., Pa. SI-IAY, EUNICE-214 Cornell Ave., Swarthmore, Pa. SHEPARO, DOROTHY'-50 N. YVel1es Ave., Kingston, - v Pa. SHIEKMAN, PHYLLIS-4829 Osage Ave., Phila., Pa. SHORE, RERNICE-6404 VVoodland Ave., Phila.,Pa. SILYERS, l'RlSf'ILLA!663T N. 15th St., Phifa., Pa. SINDELL. EDITH-4933 N. Camac St.. Phila.. Pa. SMITH, EYELYN-4150 Disston St., Phila., Pa. SPARHAXYK, .lEANNE'l"I'E-508 Locust Ave.. Phila. STABINSKY, MARIE--3534 N. Broad St., Phila., Pa STANTON. EVELYN-14 Lenape Rd., Colwiok, N. . Clvlerchantville P. OJ STEINBERG, IIERNICE-A5940 Lebanon Ave., Phila., Pa. TANSEY, ELEANOR45228 Saul St., Phila., Pa. TAYLOR, EDYTHE-402 E. Athens Ave., Ardmore, Pa. TEAL, GOLER--5731 Poplar St., Phila., Pa. TERRY, PA'l'RlI'IA-3820 School Lane, Drexel Hill, Pa. TIFFANY, IJORIS!2256 Rudy Rd,, Harrisburg, Pa. TOPKIS, HARRIET-S00 XV. 22nd St., Vllilmington, Del. TORSCH, MARY-3906 Forest Park Av., Baltimore, Md. TIIASOFF. JOYCE-1710 Pine St., Phila., Pa. TYSON, HELEN-4528 Kenwood Rd., Drexel Hill, Pa. VERSTEIN, GLORIA-5001 E. Roosevelt Blvd., Phila. VIELE, NIARTI-IAY45O Strath Haven Ave., Swarth- more, Pa. VOGT. MARION--l 501 N. 5th St., Phila., Pa. WYALDNIAN, NAONII-2935 Frankford Ave., Phila., Pa. NYALKER. JEANNE- XYANNER. WIXRILI'-S17 State St., Lanr-aster, Pa. NYASILEWYSICI, ISABELLE D.-402 S. Planover St., Mantieoke, Pa. WYEBSTER. ELIZABETH-Main St.. Hulmville, Pa. IKEQBQICRG, IIERENDA--3 S. Andover St., Margate, VVENTZ. ANN-104 Elmwood Rlvd., York, Pa. KYETTER, HELEN-605 Kenlworth Apts., German- town, Phila., Pa. YYEXLER. 'FOBY-470-47 lileflallum St., Phila. Pa. XYIGHASI, NANCY-535 Central Ave., Cheltenham, Pa. KYILKINSON. LOIS-2ll0 Chelton Ave., Phila., Pa. XYINFREY. NANCY--i507 N. Edison, Arlington, Va. XYILSON, NANCY-S37 Rlythe Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. XYINSLOWY, MARY---4724 Larf-hwood Ave., Phila., Pa. VVOJFZYNSKI JOAN-1716 VV. Hunting Park Ave., Phila., Pa. XVOLSON. DOROTHY-l 500 Edzmont Ave.. Chester. Pa, XYOOLEVER. NIARYALIFE-350 Llandrille Rd., Cyn- wyd, Pa. XYOOD, ELNIIRA-5241 Devonshire Ave., St. Louis MO. YARENIKO, EYA455 Kelly Ave., YVilkes-Barre, Pa. YAKARIAN. ROSE-1227 Pratt St., Phila., Pa. ZANGHI. NOIIMA-2435 S. Rosewood St.. Phila., Pa. ' J BERENSON, MAE-5611 Chester Ave., Phila., Pa. BERESCHAK, HELEN-50 Main St., Lost Creek, Pa. BERKOSI ITZ. LILLIANW-327 Roseberry St., Phila., Pa. BERNARD, t'Ef'II.E-1730 Pine Phila.. Pa. BISHOP. HARBAIKA490 Adams St., New Britain, Conn. BISHOP, ELIZAIIETH-3650 XV, Duval St.. Phila.. Pa. BISHOP, MARGARET-T025 Boyer St., Phila., Pa. HONNAFFON, ANNA-3439 Walnut St., Phila., Pa. BORBEFK, RIYTI-I-1706 Meadow St. Frankford, Phila., Pa. RREAU. ENID--736 Bullof-k Ave., Yeadon, Pa. BREQINAN, JEAN-14 S. Broadway, Gloucester, City, .'. J. BRETSKY, MARTHA T.4329 E. Mine St., Hazleton, Pa. RRISFOE. NANCY-1311 N. 60th St., Phila., Pa. BRITT, CATIIERIXE-128 AxvEStLl3l9 Rd., Upper Darby, Pa. BITNIN, SARA-1019 Pine St., Phila., Pa. BIIRNS. A. GERA LDINE-327 E, Roosevelt Blvd., Phila. HURROXYS, ELIZABETH -Kenilworth Apts., Alden Park. Germantown, Phila., Pa. BURRELI., ELIZABETH--711 Knorr St., Phila., Pa.. 8 HIYRT, HELENE-173 Frazer Ave., Collingswood, N. J. BURTON. MARILYN-1747 Jelferson St., Phila., Pa. HUSCHELL. LENORE--3222 Kensington Ave., Phila. IIUTALLA. HELEN-550 VV. Church St., Masontown, Pa. BUTLER, EMILY-513 S. 48th St., Phila., Pa. VALVES, JEAN-1716 Locust St., Phila., Pa. CARL. BETTY JANE-3804 Spruce St., Phila., Pa. CHAIKEN, SHOSI-IANA-1540 E. Passayunk Av., Phila. CIPRIANI, JOSEPHINE-1725 S. 12th St., Phila., Pa. COLEHOXVER, JESSIE-225 Derwen Rd., Merion, Pa.. COLGAN. CHARLOTTE-1224 Allengrove St., Phila., Pa. CONLY, WIARIAN--Crest View, VVyncote, Pa. CONNOLLY. MADELEINE-1221 Overington St., Phila. COOLING, RUTH-2806 Baynard Blvd., Wilmington, De . COOPERSMITH. .lEANNE'l"I'E-5220 Gainor Rd., Phila. COPE, EDITH-151 S. Penna. Ave., Atlantic City, N. J. COPE, JEAN EVERETT-Buckingham, Pa., Box No. 21. CRAIG. SIIEILA-1001 Marion Ave., Belleconte, Wil- mington, Del. CROMBIE. RUTH-501 Shelbourne Rd., Manoa, Pa. CUNNINGHANI. DEBORAH-100 Chesney Lane, Phila. CURTIS. RUTH-432 S. 42nd St., Phila., Pa. IYANIATO, ELISA-2113 Snyder Ave., Phila., Pa. DYKDIELIO, JEAN-631 Penfield Ave., Upper Darby, Pa. DANKEY. MARY E.-S60 Park Ave., Phila., Pa. DATTNER, JOAN-5003 E. Roosevelt Blvd., Phila., Pa. DA'l"l'NER. RHETA-5003 E. Roosevelt Blvd., Phila. DEITCH. HEIINICE-518 S. 5th St., Phila.. Pa. DENICHICK. SELNIA--4631 N. Warnock St., Phila., Pa. DeSAIN'I' PHALLE, NIARGARET-1900 Panama St., Phila., Pa. DICI1gS0N, BARBARA-751 Cornell Ave., Drexel Hill. a. DIYSDIORE. LOUISE-Filkview, VV. Va. DONNELLY. REGINA-5137 Hazel Ave., Phila., Pa. DOYLE. MAUREEN-4516 Longshore St., Phila., Pa. DRIQEHECLLER, MARY K.-1315 W. 20th Av., Spokane, as 1. DUFFY. EILEEN-253 Weymoizth Rd., Darby, Pa. DULANY. JULIET-2445 California St., Wash., D. C. EHERT. CELIA-Hamilton Rd., Merion, Pa. EBY. CHARLOTTE--112 Bentley Ave., Bala-Cynwyd, Pa. ERY. HELEN-2037 Pine St., Phila., Pa. EI-IRLIFH. ROSETTA-6540 N. 16th St., Phila., Pa. EISENBERG. NIARIAN-5001 C. St.. Phila., Pa. EISENBERG. SHARON-6228 N. 12th St., Phila., Pa. ELGART. LENORE--5420 Woodcrest Ave., Phila., Pa. ELLISON. KATHERINE--KKG, 3323 Walnut St., Phila. EPPRIGI-IT. DORIS-5439 Vifindsor Ave.. Phila., Pa. ETTER. MILDRED-826 W. Cobbs Creek Pkwy., Yeadon. Pa. FAIRSTEIN. LORRAINE-823 N. 7th St., Phila., Pa. FARBER. PAUIJNE-e-5629 Diamond St., Phila.. Pa. FERQTLEY. JOAN--Cresfeld Farm, Plymouth Meeting. a. FEVV. EYANGELINE-1254 N. Alden St., Phila., Pa. FIELDS. ROSE-4932 N. 5th St., Phila., Pa. FIELDS. CAROLYN--105 Simpson Rd., Ardmore, Pa. FINBERG, LIANE-Philipsburg, Pa. IFINK, MARJORIE-718 W. 15th St.. Tyrone, Pa. FINKEL. FRANCES-3818 Cambridge St., Phila., Pa. FLAEIERTY, ANNE--601 E. Norwegian St., Pottsville, a. FLIGGS, KATHRYN-8216 Cedar Rd., Elkins Park, Pa. FORJEIBAISGITH. CATHERINE--3157 Atlanta Rd., Cam- en, . . FORMAN, MARTHA-5214 Church Rd., Phila., Pa. FRAMBES, ALINE--4531 Pine St., Phila., Pa. FREEDMAN, DOROTHY-5511 Chester Ave., Phila., Pa. FREIDBERG, SHIRLEY-128 E. Baltimore Pk., Clifton Heights, Pa. FRENCH, ADELE-28 Franklin Ave., Merchantville, N. J. FREZZOTTI. JULIA-1932 S. Salford St., Phila., Pa. FRITZINGER, MURIEL--7030 Erdick St., Phila., Pa. GAGER, IDA-719 E. VVillow Grove Ave., Phila., Pa. GALARES, AMELIA-7155 Glenloch St., Phila., Pa. GALLICHIO. MARGUERITE-5928 Cobbs Creek Pkwy., Phila., Pa. GARUFI, YOLA MARGARET-2005 S. 11th St., Phila. GARTNER, PEGGY-T19 YV. Lycoming St., Phila., Pa. GASKELL, NORNIA-549 N. 35th St., Camden, N. J. GASTMAN, DEBE-918 Madison Ave., Scranton, Pa. GAVULA. MARY-2300 S. 23rd St., Phila., Pa. GILBRIDE, JANE42521 S. Broad St., Phila., Pa. GILLESPIE, ALICE-Danville, VV. Va. . GILgA?, DOROTHY---255 Handy St., New Brunswick, GLEANER, SHIRLEY-Robbinsville, N. J. -Continued GOLDMAN, AMY-1733 67th Ave., Phila., Pa. GOLDMAN. ROSE-l505 Nedro Ave., Phila., Pa. GOLDSTEIN, BERNICE-6510 N. 9th St., Phila., Pa. GOLOVE, JUNE--5111 Chester Ave., Phila., Pa. GORDON, ABLYN-6360 Morton St., Phila., Pa. GRANT, FRANCES-10 Maple Ave., Sidney, N. Y. GRECENBERG, l'HILIPI'E--75 Stimson Rd., New Haven, onn. GUNCHEON, THERESE-9 Lodges Lane, Cynwyd, Pa. HAAGEN. ANNA-223 N. Mulberry St., Lancaster, Pa. HAEGELE. ANNCLEISE-335 Oxford Rd., Brookline, Upper Darby, Pa. HARLOXV. MILDRED-11 Vifellington Rd., Upper Darby, Pa. HARRIS, JANE--6431 Woodcrest Ave., Phila., Pa. HAMELL. JANE--5012 Stenton Ave., Phila., Pa. HEIDT. KATHRYN-1431 Unruh St., Phila., Pa.. HENSIIAWV, ELIZABETH-228 E. Highland Ave., Phila. HERBERT, JANET--420 E. Durham St., Phila., Pa. I-II'I'CI-IENS, ELSIE-1618 Longshore Ave.. Phila. HOLBURNT, RUTH-2103 N. Redfield St., Phila., Pa. HOLLAND. BARBARA-415 VV. Price St.. Phila.. Pa. HOSKINS. ISABELLE-628 S. High St., W. Chester. Pa. HOITSEMAN. BARBARA--3902 Locust St., Phila., Pa. HUGH. GERTVIUDE--113 W. Chestnut Ave., Phila., Pa. HITTKIN. FAI'--1236 Queen St., Pottstown, Pa. ITSVWSOY. JAVNE--5638 Diamond St.. Phila., Pa. JACK. ELIZABETH-511 Keystone Ave., Cresson. Pa. JAEGER. NANCY-310 Marvin Rd.. Elkins Park, Pa. JANES. R.OMONA4New Brooklin Rd., Erial, N. J. JOHNSON. MARJORIE-118 Newell Ave., Trenton, N. J. JOHNSTON. JENNY LOU-VVychwood, Rose Valley Rd., Moylan, Pa. JONES, FLORENCE H.--370 S. Main St., VVi1kes-Barre. Pa. ICAYAREIC. GITSTINE-212 S. 60th St.. Phila., Pa. KANIIEL. ZELDA-145 Sth Ave.. Montgomery. W. Va. KATZ. HILDA-223 S. 58th St., Phila., Pa. IIELLER, EMMA L.-423 Newbold Rd.. Jenkintown, Pa. KELLEY. DOROTHY R.-5384 Chew St., Phila., Pa. KILLEFOR, MARGARET-14 Rosedale Ave., West Chester. Pa. KIMRELL. CAROL-2311 Green St.. Phila.. Pa. KIRKMAN. JEANNE-4309 Howell St., Phila., Pa. KIRECHIIE. CTHRISTIXE D.-653 Stuyvesant Ave., Tren- on. . . KIRSI-INEB. D. EILEEN--927 Edgewood Rd., Penlield, Upper Darby. Pa. KLAGES. NOUVEI., M.-2027 N. 3lst St., Phila., Pa. KLEIN. MARILYN--4804 N. 13th St., Phila... Pa. KLEIN. ROSALIE R.-5242 Arbor St., Phila., Pa. KOI-IN. PHYLLIS-1512 S. 5th St.. Phila., Pa. KOOKER. MARIAN-8 Evergreen Rd.. Norristown, Pa. KOPEIKA. VVILNIA-228 S. 21St St., Phila.. Pa. KORAN. DOROTHY-82 W. Catawissa St., Nesque- haming, Pa. KRAEKEI4. PHYLLIS-524 Wellesley Rd.. Phila.. Pa. KRAIMAN. CLAIRE-5308 N. Broad St., Phila., Pa. KRAMER, JEANNE-825 Ormond Ave., Drexel Hill. Pa.. KRAEMER. ADELE-1918 Pine St., Phila., Pa. LAMB, RUTH L.--589 Springfield Ave., Summit, N. J. LANG, AGNES-104 Tyson, Glenside, Pa. LAGAN. MARGARET-5205 Saul St., Phila., Pa. LARSEN. ANNA-1519 Jackson St., Phila., Pa. LAWELESS, PATRICIA-211 Glendale Hd., Upper Darby, a. LEVERGOOD. JUNE-921 Yeadon Ave., Yeadon, Pa. LEVIN. ANNE-2949 Richmond St.. Phila.. Pa. LIEHSTER, LILA-4837 Osage Ave., Phila., Pa. LIGIPITNER, MARYLOU-208 Maple Ave., Marysville, a. LILLY. CATHERINE-915 Ormond Ave., Drexel Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. LINDERMAN. MARY--Homewood Apts., 31st and Charles, Baltimore, Md. LINSALATA. LENORE-1204 Edgewood Rd., Penfleld, Upper Da rby, Pa. LISOVITCH, NADIA--624 N. 4th St., Phila., Pa. LLOYD, ELLEN-330 N. 23rd St., Phila., Pa.. LOHR. BETTIE NI.-Carver Hall Apt. 103, Oxford Ave. and Leiper, Phila., Pa. LOYBIE, GERTRUDE .L-2 Highland St., Cambridge, ass. LOVELL, CLARICA-6 Yvhittredge Rd.. Summit, N. J. LOVEMAN, ANNE L.-17 Mulberry Lane, Bowling Green ,Media, Pa. LUTZ, ERNA-T58 Hawthorne Rd., Bethlehem, Pa. LYNCH, BARBARA-819 7th Ave., Prospect Park, Pa. LYNCH, JESSIE-5635 Vifestminster Ave., Phila., Pa. 5 LYON, MARY-33 Nippan St., Phila., Pa. MADAN, MONA GLADYS-6239 Carpenter St.. Phila. MALLOY. HENRIE'I"l'A-4505 Spruce St., Phila., Pa. DIANGELS, NANE'I"l'E--Apt. l034, 2601 Parkway, Phila. MARINE, ANNA-12 Ogden Ave., Col'ingsWood, N. J. MARKELY, DORIS-1955 Fairview Ave., Easton, Pa. MARLOVV. DOROTHY-106 Sylvan Ave., Rutledge, Pa. MARSHALL, JANE-Route 3, Vkfest Chester, Pa. MARTICELLI, DIARY-923 Center St., Freeland, Pa. MARTIN. ESTIIER--1726 Erlen Rd., Phila., Pa. MARTIN, MURIEL-Box 921 Aneon, C. Z., Panama. MAXVVELL, INEZ-225 Bert Ave.. Trenton, N. J. Mm-FANS. MARY T.-47-il l"r:inkforfl Ave., Phila., Pa. M0f'IlLl.OUGH, ANN-251 Rector SI.. Phila.. Pa. DIUDERNIOTT. IIOROTHY Il'.+420 Port St.. York, Pa. McFADDEY. ADIELIA--48 VV. Hazelwood Ave., Rah- way. N. J. TlIr'CL.-IRIN. ELLIN-901 Orniond Ave., Drevel H'll, Pa. Dk-KEANEY. JE.-iYKE+12i9 Pratt St.. Phila., Pa. 1lc'YEIL. JEAN-R. D. No. 4. Dover. Del. NIcPHlLLl3IY, DOROTHY-l09 Jackson Ave., Colling- dale, Pa. MEISEII. GRACE-55222 Rliltviiovw Ave.. Phila.. PH. MERRIMAN. MARGARET-T215 Collenbrood Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. MILLAR, GERTRUDE-605 Runnymede Ave., Jenkin- town, Pa. MILLER. ELLEN UVIRSJ-5017 Gramsbfick stu Phila, MILESTONE. BIENA-5727 VVynrlale Ave., Phila., Pa. MILSTONE. NANCY--5066 Vvvnnefielrl Ave., Phila., Pa. NION'l'FlS De0CA. NORNIA-986 Pratt St., Phila., Pa. MORRISON. .IEANNE-32 Harrison Pl., Trvington, WIITRYFI-I. MARILYN-3410 Vaux SL, Phila., Pa. NAGLE. SARAH-152 XY. Hovffm' St.. Phla.. Pa. YKVARRO. VICTORIA R..-.1220 Chestnut sf.. Phila. YFVIN. JAQIYELIYE-T011 N11-nt'-fr-we sf., Phjwin Pq, NORRIS. TIIILDIIED--2419 Nollis Rfl., Merwood, Ifnper Darby. Pa. NITTIUEO. KATHERINE-70? ldllgewoorl St., Baltimore, d. Ol-IERSON, EDI'I'H+31 V' '2"o"fl1v"v, lxT"'l'f'll Ch'1nk,Pa. OLIFINSIS. DORIS S.-1020 Unk T-arte. Phila.. PH.. PAFI. .IOSEPHINE-1420 Timm-Q St., Phila., Pa. PATLOVE. LOLA-6711 N. 17th St.. Phila.. Pa. PAYPTERSOV. MADGE-609 NT. M-Hin Ave., Soranton, Pa. N. J. PELOSI. lWARlEil944 S. 15th St., Phila., pa. PETERSON. VERV4-i991 ll. Tioga St., Phila., Pa, PFEIFFEII. IIAIKRIET--'i'0T S. ROWITIHII Ave., MeI'iOl'1, Pa.. PFPOMMER. ELIZ. B.--55216 Whithv Ave., Phila POPKY. MARY-6511 N. 17th St., Philo.. P-1. PORPECA. NIARIE-2142 Q 16th Si.. Phi'2.. Pa. POSTER. EVELYN-6161 Pine St.. Phila.. Pa. POTTS. ELIZ. QMRSJ-303 VV. School House Phila., Pa. PRATT. HELEN-Bowling Green. Media, Pa. PHODROMOU, DIAGDALINE-443 YY. Roosevelt Blvd., Phila., Pa. PURO, MARIAN--403 Franklin Ave., XV. Collingswood, ., Pa. Lane, N.. J PYTKO. HELEN-4476 E. Thompson St., Phi'a., Pa. QUIXLAN. CATHERINE-145 Camp St.. Meriden, Conn. QUINN. ELIZ.-518 Tilgham St., Allentown, Pa. RACHMELL. LOUISE-5850 Loretto Ave., Phila.. Pa. RADBILL, GLORIA--2414 Ave. K, Galveston, Tev. RKGOT, NIARIEN J.-864 Ciittell St.. Easton, Pa. RAUGHLEY, CAROLYNT-Senlshurv Rfl., Dover. Del. REDFIELD, MARGARET--l55 Main St., Phoenixville, Pa. REED. BERNARDINE-4500 Vvwlnut St., Phila.. Pa. RFIMER. DIARGARET F.-135 VV. 'Znvl St., Berwick, PEI. RENZULLI. MICI-IELINA -15 Chatham Rfl,, Upper Darby, Pa. REST, INGA-67 Barker Ave.. Sharon Hill, Pa. RHOADS, MARY-Sycamore lf':nr'n, AllflHh0Tl, Pa. RIEDER. ELEANOR-6236 N. 12th St.. Phila., Pa. RINCLIIVFE, PEGGY J. -- 633 Strath Haven Ave., Swarthmore, Pa. ROBERTS. MARY--139 Glenview Ave., TVvnoote. Pa. ROBINSON. SUZANNE-l3T!R Gflth Ave., Phila.. Pa. ROOF. GER.kLDINEg7l5 flth Ave.. Prospert Park, Pa. ROSEX, HELEN-415 XV. Dianmnd Ave.. Hazelton. Pa. ROSEN. JUDITH--1610 Conlvn St.. Phila., Pa, ROSENTHAL, BAHETTE-'P-16 VV. Vpshal St.. Phila., Pa. ROSS. HAZELLE Y.-SS T'tic'a Ave., YVeStmont. N. J. ROSS. MARGARET-65 Chapman St.,VVatertoWn. Mass. ROTUNDI, MARY L.-357 Lyons Ave.,XVilliamsport, Pa. -Continued ROU'I'HENS'l'EIX, FLORENCE-5606 VVOodCrest Ave. Phila., Pa. ROY, MYRTLE J.-5605 VVyalusing Ave., Phila., Pa. ROYLE. HELEN-f50l6 Saul St., Phila., Pa. RUIIAN, -lUDI'l'H flvlt. Arlington, N. J. RUSSELL, JANE-6140 McCallum St., Phila., Pa. RYAN, R. TERESA-113 Jackson Ave., Collingdale, Pa SCHATZ. MARION-1828 Pine St., Phila., Pa. SCI-Il'LZ. MARION-A937 Duncan Ave.. Phila., Pa. SCHVYARTZ, DORIS-5623 N. Park Ave., Phila., Pa. SEBOLD, ll. LOUISE-110 Springfield Rd., Aldan, Pa. SELLERS, ARTIE-l02 N. 55th St., Phila., Pa. SELLERS. MARION-1730 VV. North St., Bethlehem, Pai SELTZ. NIARIAN-122 XVinehester Rd., Merion, Pa. SEPLOXY, CAROLYN A.+5 S. Main St., Yardley, Pa. SETTLE. ALICE-2901 Strathmore Ave., Baltimore, Md SHAFER. ZELNIA-2126 Belle Ave., Lakewood, O. SHANIOF, KRAINA-303 Upland St., Chester, Pa. SH.-illll, ANNA-608 4th St., New Cumberland, Pa. SHEFFLER, MARILYN-419 Chapel Rd., Elkins Park Pa. SlIE'l'll0f'K. RFTH--5310 N. TVater St., Phila., Pa. SHIVE. RIZTH-644 VValnut, Columbia, Pa. SILVERMAN. ROSLYN-505 lVoodbrook Lane, Phila. SINIKINS, VIRGINIA-123 Springfield Ave., Merchant- ville, N. J. SINGER, MILDRED-49 E. Collings Ave., Collings- wood, N. J. SLOANE, RITA-4156 Girard Ave., Phila., Pa. SLOTIN, SYBIL-731. S. Frazier St., Phila., Pa. SlVIALLVYOOD. ARTHITIILYN IIVIRS.J-5441 Haverford Phila., Pa. SMITH. JEANNE L.-382 Lakeside and Midfield Rd. Phila., Pa. SNIDER. MILDRED-115 Edgernont Rd., Upper Mont- clair, N. J. SNOOK. 'DIARY E.-1012 Spruce St., Phila., Pa. SNYDER. GLORIA-9l2 Rundale Ave., Yeadon, Pa. SNYDER. XYIl.DA--3901 Garrison Blvd., Baltimore, Md SPADE. VIRGINIA-T523 Boyer St., Phila., Pa. SPENCE. JEAN-4909 N. Camac St., Phila., Pa. SPILLANE. JVNE--1660 Bridge St., Phila., Pa. STALBERG. JUDY-5672 Lebanon Ave.. Phila., Pa. STOKES. GER'l'Rl'DE CVIRSJ--1102 VV. Market St. Phila., Pa. STRAUSS. IIERTVIINA R.-927 N. 64th St., Phila.. Pa. STROBAFH. PAULA---1239 S. 2nd St., Phila.. Pa. SUDLOVY, PHYLLIS-370 Boumfort Rd., Phila., Pa. SULLIVAN. I'AliLINE.-235 S. 21st St., Phila., Pa. SIYLMAN, MIRIAN-323 S. 18th St., Phila., Pa. SUMMERS, GERALUINE--540 Spruce St., Phila., Pa. SUTTON. JOAN-129 WV. Drexel Ave., Lansdowne, Pa SVENDSEN, EVA-5600 Baltimore Ave., Phila., Pa. SYNNESTVEDT, ANN-VVaverly Lane, Bryn Athyn, Pa SZPIL, WVANDA--Fairview, Quakertown, Pa. TARTAGLIA. MICHELENA-1427 S. 15th St., Phila., Pa TAYIN, l1E'l"l'Y-209 Segal St.. Phila., Pa. THOMSON. MARGARET-412 McClenaghan Mill Rd. VVynneWood, Pa. TOBIN, BERNICE-5Sll Drexel Rd., Phila., Pa. VAN RODEN, HARRIET--412 Brookside Ave., XVayne Pa. YOGT. JOAN-314 IV. Church St., Lock Haven, Pa. XVARD, MARY-1304 W. Russell St., Phila., Pa. WVATKINS, VIRGINIA-R. F. D. No. 2, Munroe. N. Y. XVATTS. MARGARET-417 Eutau St., New Cumber- land, Pa. VVEINSTEIN. SUZANNE-5654 Gainor Rd.. Phila., Pa XVEISS, HELEN-1250 Manor Park, Lakewood, 0. WVEISS, .I-KNIFE--A5441 Gainor Rd., Phila.. Pa. VVEISSENBERG, LILA--107 N. 34th St., Phila., Pa. VVELCH, JEANffGlel'1 MillS, PH. KVELDIE. HAZEL--46 N. Horace St., Vvoodbury, N. J XVEYL. ELINOR--255 Harvey St.. Phila.. Pa. VVILHJELM, ANNA--Old Forge Rd., Huntingdon Val- ley, Pa. KVILSON, FLORENCE-723 Chelten Ave.. Phila., Pa. KVILSON, HERIYIINE-2434 N. 56th St., Phila., Pa. VYOLFSON. VALERIE-4827 Pine St., Phila.. PH. XYOR'l'HlNG'l'ON, BE'l"l'Y-l 42 Fernbrook Ave., VVyn- Cote, Pa. YARNIALL. JI'LIA-Bryn Mawr Court. 'Rryn Vlawr, Pa YOVNG. VIRGINIA-135 Chatham Rd.. lip. Darby, Pa ZACHXYIILIA. ANNE-1323 E. Susquehanna Ave., Phila XAl!E'I'SIiY. LILLI.-SN-527 S. 3rd St., Pllllil-. PH- ZEIDWIAN, BETTY-421 Penn St., Camden, N. J. ZEVIY. NIIRI.-ill-2562 N. 29th St., Phila., Pa. ZIEGLER. RUTH-3127 Frankford Ave., Phila., Pa. ZION, JANE-4833 Pine St., Phila.. Pa. ZIRKNIAN. JEAN-105 Ellis Rd., Upper Darby, Pa. ZITSERMAN. PHOEBE-4729 N. 13th St., Phila., Pa. gae ADAMS--CATHERINE-117 Ave. E, Latrobe, Pa. ADAMS. JOYCE-4024 Vernon Rd., Drexel Hill, Pa. ALLIENIJ GLORIA-XVellwood Manor B-4, Merchantville, ANDERSON, CAROLYN-T805 A1-umm-e Ave., Wynd- moor, Pa. ANDEERSON, JOANNA--3S15 Huey Ave., Drexel Hill, a. ARUFFO, MARY-122 Powell Lane, Upper Darby, Pa. AUGUST. IIARRIET--4715 Osage Ave., Phila. Al'5'l'lN, JITLIA-4540 N. 11th St.. Phila., Pa. BARB. ELAINE-T846 Montgomery Ave., Elkins Park, Pa. IQACI-IE, DOROTHY-62 VV. Broad St., Nanticoke, Pa. BAILEY, SHIRLEY-30 Narberth Park, Narberth, Pa. BAIRIITI MARGERY-608 XY. Harlwell Lane, Chestnut i ,Pa. BAKER, BARBARA-416 Virginia Ave., Manoa, Upper Darby, Pa. BARCA, LOUISE-1215 Porter St., Phila., Pa. BARCLAY, DIANA-530 Oxford Rd., Bala Cynwyd, Pa. BECKER, GLORIA-5413 YVyndale Ave., Phila., Pa. BELL, SARAH-225 VVashington Ave., Manoa, Pa. BENSJQIIIT, MARY-26 6th Ave., Atlantic Highlands, . J. BERNSTEIN, NAOMI-7609 Mountain Ave., Elkins Park, Pa. BERSHANV, VIVIAN-4222 Lancaster Ave., Phila., Pa. BESIIGETOOR, ELEANOR-3 Oak Ter., Merrhantville, N. J, BILI.E'l"l'. ANTONIA-2031 Pine St., Phila., Pa. BINDER, SHIRLEY-1809 N. 13th St., Phila., Pa. BINNS, NANCY-4508 Mitchell St., Phila., Pa. BIRDSALL, EUGENIA-139 Booth Lane, Haverford, Pa. BLAUTI-I, AUDREY-Yardley Rd., Morrisville, R.l"'.D, No. 2, Pa. BLISS, GLADYS-1742 65th Ave., Phila., Pa. BLISS, PEARL--909 N. Franklin St., Phila., Pa. BLOI'N'l', CAR0LYN7S3-15 Cedar Rd.. Elkins Park, Pa. BOEEHORE, KATHRYN-TOS Shadeland Ave., Drexel ill, Pa. BORDNER, NANCY-7122 Sellers Ave., Upper Darby, Pa. - BORSARI, RITA-2641 S. lseminger St., Phila., Pa. BOSKYELL, JANE-159 N. Latches Lane, Bala Cynwyd, P'i BOURCART, MARIANNE-Avenida Juares 59, Coy- dacan, D. F.. Mexico. BRADLEY, PATRICIA-North St., No. Reading, Mass. BRADLEY, SHIRLEY-6236 Magnolia Ave., Phila., Pa. BRANDT, DOROTHY--203 York St., Camden, N. J. BRAUNFELD NORMA-5224 Lebanon Ave., Phila., Pa. BREED, HELEN--105 S. Cambridge Ave., Ventnor, N. J. BREY, ELIZABETH-3122 VV. Penn St., Phila., Pa. BRILL. SELMA-6343 Elmwood Ave., Phila., Pa. BRODSKY. ROBERTA-5730 Larchwood Ave.. Phila. BRODY. CH.-iRl.0T'I'E-5719 N. 13th St., Phila. BROOKS. KATHLEEN-1010 Elizabeth St., Williains- port, Pa. BROKYN. GODFREY-Tanyard Rd., Sewell, N. J. BRONVN. IVAMARIE--55 S. Rolling Rd., Springfield, Del. Co., Pa. BRUNTON, BARBARA-705 Gfeythorne Rd-, WYUUC' wood, Pa. IIUCKLEY, HELEN-1020 Kenwyn St., Phila., Pa. BURKHARDT, ELSIE-511 E. 17th St., No, VVi1d- Wood. N. J. BURTON. JOAX-620 E. Willow Grove Ave., Phila. BUTCHER, LOIS-33 E. Grant St., Viioodstown, N. J. CADDELL, JOAN-Cedar St., Stony Brook, N. Y. CLAVANE, GLORIA-Lago Colony, Aruba, Netherlands VVest Indies. CAPORALE, BRUNIIILDA-256 S. l2th St., Phila., Pa. FARLIN. JOAYNE-2416 N. 16th St., Phila., Pa. CARROLL. ANITA-516 VVoodbine Ave., Narberth, Pa. CHEYNEY, MARGERY-6140 TVayne Ave., Phila., Pa. CIENKOXYSKI. CYNTHIAH-6807 Bradford St., Phila. FIPOLLA. GERALDINE--1803 S. 20th St., Phila., Pa. CLARK. MARIE!81 Hawn Lane Chestnut Hill, Pa. FLOIFSER. .IEAN-Mziin St., Oley, Pa. COHEN, ALLYNE-22 Moran St., Waterbury, Conn. FOHEN, ANITA-2400 N. 32nd St., Phila., Pa. COHEN. SELNIA-ll00 Madison Ave., Lakewood,N. J. CONGREVE, MARY-ll0T Longacre Blvd., Yeadon, Pa. COXXOR. JITANITA--281 E. Butler Ave., Ambler, Pu. COOKE. ELIZABE'I'Hf250 YV. Hartwell Lane, Chest- nut Hill, Pa. CRI?1Il?CY, PATRICIA-202 E. VVilloW St., Yvenonah, CUNSINGHAM, MARY-100 Chesney Lane, Erdenheim, a. DAK1GlljNIAX, CAROL4l20 N. 3rd Ave., Highland Park, DANIELL. NIABEL-242 Long Lane, Vpper Darby, Pa. DANKVORTH, CLAIRE-3223 Marshall Rd., Drexel Hill, Pa. DAVLS. BARBARA-HR Erdenheim Rd., Chestnut Hill, a. DePAUL, GLORIA-1756 Mayland St., Phila., Pa. DEXTER, NANCY-T918 VVinston Rd., Phila., Pa. DICKHART, LEONA-243 S. 13th St., Phila., Pa. DIENES. JOY-2317 79th Ave., Phila., Pa. DuFRAYNE. ANN-1108 S. 46th St., Phila., Pa. DUSINBERRE, ANNA-2810 Cortland Pl., N.VV., VVash- ington, D. C. EDERER, HENR.IE'I"I'A-11 Surry Rd., Melrose Park, Pa.. EISENRERG, MARIAN-5001 C St., Phila., Pa. EVANS, MARJORIE-1201 Darlmorth St,, Scranton, Pa. EVEISIEST, RITA--86 NY. Albemarle Ave., Lansdowne, a. EXAR, HELEN-626 Swede St., Norristown, Pa. FAGER, JEAN-10 Howard Court, Staten island, N. Y. FAIIK, Tl-IELMA--4617 Higbee St., Phila. FARREN. ANN-615 Prospect St., Portage, Pa. FEHR, MARILYN--R34 Milton St., Easton, Pa. FELDNIAN, NIONA-881 N. Tth St., Phila., Pa. FEIQE-R, BARBARA-322 Pennington St., Elizabeth, A . . FINCK, ELIZABETH-111 Summit Ln., Bala Cynwyd, Pa FISCHER, MARILYN--6016 Cobbs Creek Pkwy., Phila. FISHER, MARY-819 Lehigh St., Easton, Pa. FISHER, MURIEL-4812 Shelbourne St., Phila., Pa. FISHMAN. RHODA-609 VVest Ave., .lenkintown, Pa. FLINN, SALLY-51 VV. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. FOREJ, NATALIE-320 Drexel Court Apts., Drexel Hill, a. FORMAN, MARTHA-5214 Church Rd., YVynnefield, Pa. FOSTER, DORIS-1114 Foulkrod St., Phila., Pa. l4'RA1SifgYi, ROSE MARY-S4-22 124 St., Richmond Hill, FREE, MARY-940 Itaska St., Bethlehem, Pa. FREIDHOFF, HULDA--121 3rd Ave., Johnstown, Pa. FRIEDMAN, MARILYN-308 Pelham Rd., Phila., Pa. GARBEE, DORIS--3804 Grantley Rd., Baltimore, Md. GENTRY, LOUISE-6614 Horroeks St., Phila., Pa. GERRER. CAROLYN-367 Fairview Ave., Orange, N. J. GETZENDANNER. yIARY- 3442 Anchentorely Ter., Baltimore, Md. GODSON, MAISY-44 S. Clearfield Rd., Oakmont, Upper Darby, Pa. GOLDMAN, LYNORA--6175 N. 17th St., Phila., Pa. GOLDSTEIN, BERNICE-6510 N. 9th St., Phila., Pa. GOLDSTEIN, JOYFE-5303 Arlington St., Phila.. Pa. GOOD, GLADYS-407 Linden Ave., Riverton, N. J. GOO53, SHIIIRQLEY-118 Philadelphia Ave., Egg Harbor ity, . . GORCDON. .IEANETTE-305 Vifashington, Norwich, OIIH. GRAFTON, BARBARA--BOX 26, Concordville, Pa. GRAEFF, BETSY-Norris City Ave., Norristown, Pa. GRAGZHOLQ, ELIZABETH--716 Clifton Ave., Colling- ae, a. GREEN, MARGARET-5528 Poplar St., Phila.. Pa. GREENBERG, ANNE'I"l'E-3107 Kensington Av., Phila. GREENBERG, PHILIPPA--75 Stimson Road, New Haven, Conn. GREENSTEIN, BERNIFE-5716 YVil1ows Ave., Phila. GREElNg:S'l'B13IN, MARJORIE-1550 Elmwood Ave., F01- cro t, a. GRI21ER. IIELENE--174 Farmington Ave., VVaterbury, .onn. HAFKLER. OLIVE-819 S. 48th St., Phila., Pa. HAHN, FRANCES-2725 N. 13th St., Phila., Pa. HAMILTON, DORIS-60 Hartley Rd., Lansdowne, Pa. HAVISTRON, MARY-6353 Ross St., Phila., Pa. I-IANNERS, RUTH-804 Old VVyomissing Rd., Reading, Pa. HARKINS, CLAIRE-6647 Wayne Ave., Phila., Pa. HAYLES. JANE-69 S. Whillelsey Ave., VVallingford. 101111. HAZELQIFIST, FERN-3820 Locust St., Phila., Pa. HEADLEU, DIARY-511 E. Zlst St., Chester, Pa. HEEBNER, MARGARET-563 Fountain St., Wissa- hickon Hills, Pa. HENNENSTATT, RACHEL-Ellsworth Av,, Pittsburgh. Pa. HERBERT. ANN-R.l".D. No. 1, Newtown, Pa. HARTVVECK. VIRGINIA--4399 Cottman St., Phila.. Pa. HIGH, NANCY-113 S. High St., WVest Chester, Pa. HILRERRIAND, MADELINE-30 VVest Broadway, Red ion, a. HILL. LOUISE-2121 Grand Concourse, New York, N. Y. IIILTNER, VIVIANvl42 E. 10th Ave., Conshohocken, Pa. HIRSHORN, ANNE'I"l'E-1362 Park Blvd., Camden, N. J, HOLLINGER. JEAN-Abbottstown, Pa. HONOSKI. VIRGINIA--250 Priseilla Lane. Aldan, Pa. HORN. NIADELINE-25122 N. 12th St., Phila, Pa. HORSEY, VIRGINIA-529 Kenmore Rd., Merion. Pa. Forrest Ave., Ambler, Pa. HOUGH. JANE-23l I-IULLIIIEN, JEAN-51 Summer St.. Bradford, Pa, HITRYYITZ, JOYCE-1000 N. 45th St., Phila., Pa. HU'I"I'0N, JEANNE-201 Mill Rd., Brookline, Upper Darby, Pa. ICHELSON, VERA--927 S. 60th St., Phla,, Pa. 4 IGLER, JANICE-4007 Baltimore Ave., Phila., Pa. ITSYNSON. JAYNE-5638 Diamond St., Phila., Pa. JAFFE, SHIRLEY-322 5tl1 St., Philipsburg, Pa. JAMES, RUTH-1200 Knox Rd., Wynnewood, Pa. JELALIAN, ROSE-3922 Fairmount Ave., Phila., Pa. JENNINGS, ANNE-357 W. Mt. Airy Ave., Phila., Pa. JOHNSON, DOROTHY-520 N. Monroe St., Media, Pa. JO!-l?S'I'fIgN. .IEINNY-"VVychwood," Moylan-Rose Vai- ey, a. JONES, GAIL-S-T213 Hazel Ave., Upper Darby, Pa. JONES, ISABELLA-XVarwick Hotel, 17th and Locust, Phila., Pa. JONES, JANE-901 Morgan Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. JOSLYN. BURGESS-Spring Rd., South Salem. N. Y. JULIANA. CARDIELLA-1829 S. 21st St., Phila., Pa. KANJORSKI. XVANIJABELLE-20 S. Han0X'e1' St., Nanticoke, Pa. KARDISH. THERSA-5010 Erringer Pl., Phila., Pa. KEAN, GLORIA--41702 Locust St., Phila., Pa. KEENE, ANNEil7l3 VValnut St., Phila., Pa. KEER, PATRICIA-29 Morton Ave., Ridley Park, Pa. KENNARD, JOAN--lOl7 Childs Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. IiES1S,Ii?R, GERTRUDE-17 E. Union St., Bordentowri, KESSON. JANE-1242 Brighton St., Phila., Pa. ICING, ELIZABETH-6243 Morton St., Phila., Pa. KIRMSE, FLORENCE--126 Glencoe Rd., Upper Darby, Pa. KLEIN. MARILYN-4804 N. 13th St., Phila., Pa. KOLBER. RUTH-2649 N. Napa St., Phila., Pa. KORIS, JANE-4473 Silverwood St., Phila., Pa. K0RbNg1AHISIgR, CHARLOTTE-28 Oakwood Pl., Eliza- e , . . KRAFT. ROSENIARY--106 S. 53rd St., Phila., Pa. IIRANENBITRG, KATHERINE--7 Tull Dr., Stop 30, Schenectady Rd., Albany. N. Y. ICRIFK, FLORENCE-246 XV. Upsal St., Phila., Pa. KUHNS, VVIXIFRED--206 E. Main St., Mechanicshurg. Pa. l.uFOND, BERNIFIC-1012 N. 66th St., Phila., Pa. LAlVgl, XYINIFRED-318 Highland Ave., Upper Darby, a. LARISIO-lf, EDITH-Mount Vernon Ave., Laurel Springs, LARSON, EDNA-1510 Ashton Rd., Manoa, Upper Darby, Pa. LAVESON, FLORENCE-5422 Wyndale Ave., Phila., Pa. LAXVS. MARION--314 Park Ave., Swarthmore, Pa. LAX, C'HARLO'l"I'E--209 E. 22nd St., Chester, Pa. LEE, ELIZABETH-5921 Chestnut St., Phila., Pa. LEI-INEIS, 'PHERESE-3104 N. Patton St., Phila., Pa. LEIBACH, ANNA-322 N. 5th St., Reading, Pa. LEVY, BARBARA, LEVY-1920 S. 5th St., Phla., Pa. LEXORE, LEXVIS-2020 Ave. T, Brooklyn. N. Y. LIXSKY, RI"l'H-320 S. St. Bernard St., Phila., Pa. LIPSIUS, HELEN-300 YVyandotte St.. Lester, Pa. LIPP, JEANNE-5930 Nassau Rd., Overbrook, Pa. LIPSCHUTZ. NANCY-5642 N. Uber St., Phila., Pa. LI'I"I'LE. MARJORIE-55 Ondale Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. LLOED. .IEANNE-1107 Larchmont Ave., Penfield, Del. o., Pa. LONG, MELVA-504 Tilghman St., Allentown, Pa. LI"I'O, JEAN--1852 W. North St., Bethlehem, Pa. M1-BRIDE. JEANNE-638 Morris Ave., Bryn Mawr, Pa. lVIcCON'AUGHY. GERALDINE-1389 Military Way, Lake City, Utah. McCONNELL, SHIRLEY--259 Trent Rd., Penn Wynne, Salt Pa. Mc-DO'NALD. BURR-328 Midland Ave.. St. Davids, Pa. Mt-DgVYELL, ETHEI.-21 Mansion Rd., Springfield, Del. o., Pa. ' McKINNEY. SYLVIA--8346 Cadwalader Ave., Elkins Park, Pa. NIcRlAI-ION, JANET--343 E. VVhartOn Rd., Glenside, Pa. Mm-MANUS, MARY--Ogontz Manor, E-14. Phila., Pa. MeNABB, MARY-24 Sycamore Rd., Manoa, Upper Darby, Pa. M1-NEI.l.IS. MARY-1330 65th Ave., Phila., Pa. MACALLIS'l'ER, DOROTHY-5647 N. 16th St., Phila. MALF'I'l'ANO. AURORA-1024 Mifflin St., Phila., Pa. MANQJS, ANTOINE'I"l'E-1426 Belleview Ave., Camden, . J. MARSHALL. DOROTHY-311 E. Upsal St., Phila., Pa. MA'I"1'HEVVS, GVVENDOLYN-5451 Thomas Ave., Phila. MATTIA. GLORIA--2336 Vernon St., Phila., Pa. MATTINGLY. GAY-69 Hopkins St., Hilton Village, Va. MAXTON. JANET-Maple Ave. and VVoodmere Court, Paoli, Pa. MAYO. JULIA-4lR17 Carpenter St., Phila., Pa. DIICHNER, R.IY'I'll-T743 Fayette St., Phila.. Pa. MILLER. .lANEfl429 Madison St., NAV., VVash.. D. C. NIILNE. RI"I'H-.134 XV. Pierson Ave., Somers Pt.. N. J. HILUX. El.lZABE'l'H-2146 S. Opal St., Phila., Pa. MORRIS. BARIIARA-Caversham Rd., Bryn Mawr, Pa. MORRISON. RUTH-R30 Muirfield Rd., Bryn Mawr, Pa. MORROWY. ELIZAIIETH-2236 S. 21st St., Phila., Pa. NIOSSHART MARGARET--1317 VVynnewOod Rd., Ard- more, Pa. MOUNTFORD, JANE-3320 Rowe St., Camden, N. J. iContinued MYERS, MADELINE-1319 E. Montgomery Ave., XVynnewood, Pa. NADEL, SUE-193 E. Roosevelt Blvd., Phila., Pa. NAVARRO, CARNIEN-4320 Chestnut St., Phila.. Pa. NEFF, DOROTHY-6124 Jefferson St., Phila., Pa. NEUNIEISTEII. PHYLIJS-5348 N. Broad St., Phila., Po.. NEXYMARK, GEIISII.-1924 Arch St., Phila., Pa. NICHOLSON, MARJORIE-526 Highland Ter., YVil- liamsport, Pa. OETERS, FLORENCE-515 Glenside Ave., VVyncote, Pa. O'NElLL, JEAN-Huntingdon Valley, Pa. PAGE. MARY-State and Spring Mill Rds., Bryn Mawr, Pa. PARKIN. I'HYI.l.IS-7439 Normandy Lane, Melrose Park, Pa. PARNELL, MARIE-146 Fl. lst St., Phila., Pa. PARNELL. DIARY-502 Lafayette St., Tamaqua, Pa. PARRIS, VIVIAN-2637 N. 30th St., Phila., Pa. PATTERSON, SUZANNE-564 Montgomery Ave., Hav- erford, Pa. PECIQ, l!IARGARE'l' fMRSJ-124 Linden Ave., Rut- ledge, Pa. PEFFER. LEONA-1917 W. Olney Ave., Phila., Pa. PHILLIPS. JANES-534 Kerper St., Phila., Pa. POLIS. BETTY-5720 N. 5th St., Phila., Pa. POLLER, CLARE-635 XVheeler Ave., Scranton, Pa. POLLITT, MARY-i052 VVakeling St., Phila., Pa. PI'RDY. FRANCES--133 Forrest Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. RABKIN, BARBARA-1531 Bradley Ave., Camden, N. J. RADBILL RUTH-224 N. Bowman Ave., Merion, Pa. RAPP, MARJORIE-506 Tatnall Ave., Glenolden, Pa. REGXERY. ANGELA-201 E. Madison Ave., Collings- wood, N. J. REILLY, LUIS--22 XVellington Rd., Upper Darby, Pa. REISGEN, PA'l'RICI.t+270 Mather Rd., Jenkintown, Pa. RIABOFF. TATIANA-643 N. 15th St., Phila., Pa. RICHARD. RUTH-2-ii' Sagamore Rd., Brookline, Upper Darby, Pa. RIGGS. ROBERTA-125 N. Poplan Ave., Pierre, S. D. RIGNEY, ROSE--i025 Duncan St., Yeadon, Pa. RING. IGNA--Modern Farms, R.F'.D. No. 1, Belmar, N. J ROAN, DIARJOIIIE-580 Washington Ave., Plymouth, Pa. ROBERTS. CAROLYN-739 9th Ave., Prospect Park, Pa. RIJBSON, CATHERINE--Retliel, Vt. ROGERS, JOAN-535 Sussex Rd., YVynnewood, Pa. ROLLE, JOYCE-wl09o Alcott St., Phila.,Pa. ROSE. DOROTHY-4818 N. Franklin St., Phila., Pa. ROSENEAX. EVELYN-1329 Pacino Ave., Atlantic City. ROSNOY, MINI-V-1845 Osage Ave., Phila.. Pa. ROTH, ALICE-9ll Atwood Rd., Phila., Pa. RO'lg-I, REIXEE-1620 XVoodmere YVay, Brookline, Del. o., a. RVBIN. 'SVILMA-6242 XVashington Ave., Phila.. Pa. RITKDESCHEL, MARY--i114 Marlyn Rd., Phila., Pa. RULEFF, JEAN-ll5 WV. Ffortter St., Phila., Pa. RUOFCHIO, JOSEPHINE-707 Wharton St., Phila., Pa. RUST, MARJORIE-405 Trites Ave., Norwood, Pa. SADEL, MIRIAM--1900 Orthodox St., Phila., Pa. SANDBERG. ISAHEL-4629 Sansom St., Phila., Pa. SANGREE, FlI.LEN+5305 Old York Rd.. Phila. Pa. SARGENT. JEAN--124 Chestnut Ave., Narberth, Pa. SI' ANTLONT. DOROTIIY-522 VV. Godfrey Ave., Phila., Pa. SCHAFENAFKER, DOROTHY-134 N. Main St., North Vifales, Pa. SIIEIBER. MARGARET-5542 Greenway Ave., Phila. SFHZQIIDT. BARBARA-59 Stratford Ave., Aldan, Del. Jo., Pa. SCIIXYARTZ, .lACQ,IlEl.INE-300 Madison Ave., Lake- wood, N. J. SFI-IYYARTZ, ROSANIGND-6515 N. Bouvier St., Phila. Sf'O'I"l'. JEANNE--828 Kearney Ave., Cape May, N. J. SEGALL. THEIJIA-4651 Xvalnut St.. Phila., Pa. SELNICK. GERTRYDE--6429 N. Smedley St., Phila.. Pa. SIIAFFHAN, A ITDRlCYke505 VV. Abhottsford Rd.. Phila, SHAHINIAN, SYLVI.-1-6128 Ellsworth St., Phila., Pa. Sl-IAINES, ELAINE-2229 N. Front St., Phila., Pa. SI-IAYAMAN, PATRICIA-1625 Union St., Reading, Pa. Sl1A1sI.?1f'H, ETHEL--77 Smith Ave., VVhite Plains, SHAVV, BARBARA---P. 0. Box 277, Saybrook, Conn. SHEEHAN. ELIZ.-ll!E'l'H--l515 VVildW00d Ave., Cam- den, N. J. FIIUWIA, MARY-5524 XVayne Ave., Phila., Pa. SILVER. Lll.l.IA'Ni-4232 N. 8th St., Phila., Pa. SILVERT. ELINOH-5333 N. 15th St., Phila., Pa. SIVOY. MARY-15? YV. VVyneva St.. Phila., Pa. HKILLERY. N.-i'VFY76T Overhlll Rd., Cynwyd, Pa. SKLAR, GERALDINIC-1203 S. 61st St., Phila., Pa. SI OXX. SI-llRLEY7iR? 'ke-lmont Ave., Patterson, N. J. SLOTNICK. Rl"I'll-ZS35 Prairie Ave., Miami Beaoh, Fla. SNIELZER, MARTHA--422 Bryn Mawr Ave., Cynwyd, Pa. SMITH. GVVENDOLYNfDrybrook Farm, Germantown Pike. Fairview Village, Pa. Qaeda SMITH. DESIREE-147 lfernbrook Ave., XVyneote, Pa. SPADE, llld'l"I'Y-7523 Boyer St., Phila., Pa. S'l'AN'l'0N, SHIRLEY--501.2 Nvoodbine AVC., Phila., Pa.. STAi!Il7l,0NlS, JEAN-336 W. Lloyd St., Shenandoah, a. STARKE. Ml'l'ZI-T800 Argus Rd., Phila., Pa. S'l'ElN, JACQIIELINE-61 IC. Mowry St., Chester, Pa. STERN, Blf1'l"l'INA-2321 76th Ave., Phila., Pa. S'1'EYENS, ANNE-63 Ardmore Ave., Lansdowne, Pa. STOKES, DIARY-23 Railroad Ave., I-Iaverfurd, Pa. S'I'0U'I'. .ll+1ANlC'I'TE-250 Cliveden Ave., Glenside, Pa. STRANGE, BARBARA---5314 Penn St., Phila., Pa. S'l'RA'l"l'0N, BEATIRICE-583 Main St., Agawam, Mass. STROIIACH, l'Al'I.AY123!l S. 2nd St., Phila., Pa. SVYAIN, JEAN-2027 Delancey Pl., Phila., Pa. SXY.lR'l"l'Z. PHOEBEYSZZS Arlington St., Phila., Pal. TANZER, SEMA--206 NY. Elst St., YVilmington, Del. HAI'l,ANE, FRANCES-1028 l'l. Rittenhouse St., Phila. THOMPSON. JANE HIIISJ-501 XV, l-Iortter St., Phila. TULAND. SUSAN-T916 VVinston Rd., Chestnut Hill, Pa. TONSKY, FRANCES-5254 Lebanon Ave., Phila., Pa. TOPKIS. l.UCIl.l.E-1075 Park Ave., New York, N. Y. 'l'0UHII.I.. DORIS-50l S. Narberth Ave., Merion, Pa. 'l'RAVAGl.lNE, BE'I"l'Y-1024 Lancaster Ave., Bryn Mawr, Pa. 'l'Rl1'NER, NANCY-319 Barker St., Ridley Park, Pa. 'l'l'l.Il3Al'!l, GERTRYDE-T15 S. 21st St., Phila., Pa. TUNIS. MARY-St. Davids Court, St. Tlavimls, Pa. 'l'l'RNER, DIARGARET-ll Main St., ltloutfromery, Pa. YANDERS'l'l41Wll'EL, PA ULA-106 S. Chase St.,XVheaton Ill. v.xN l'EL'1'. MARIAN-Edgehill Rd., Wayne, Pa. VASTINIC, NELLE-267 Kent Rd., VVynneWood, Pa. YEITH. ll0IS--4213 Disston St., Phila., Pa. YY.-lHl.Q,lIIS'l'. IRMA-3004 Knorr St., Phila., Pa. -Continued NYALL, ELEANOR-Mayfair House, Germantown, Phila., Pa. VYALI., MARGARET-21 Kenderton Ave., Roslyn, Pa. VYANDRER. RU'l'H-3312 Tudor St., Phila., Pa. NYARBURTON, ANNA-433 Pine Crest Rd., Springlield, Del. Co.. Pa. XYARNIICIQ, ANNE--5050 Baltimore Ave., Phila., Pa. XYATERBOR, LOUISE-500 Gregg' St., Shillingtou, Pa. XYICBER, IIOSEMARY- 228 is Court Ave., Upper Darby, Pa. XYEFIITER, l'HYlllllS41TO2 67th Ave., Phila., Pa. 0'ElNRO'l"l', RITA-Garden Court Apts., 47th and Pine Sts., Phila., Pa. WYENDAL, JOAN-307 Hillside Ave., Livingston, N. J. VVENERD, SALLY-6360 Ross St., Phila., Pa. WVENNER, MIIRIEI.-246 Cliveden Ave., Glenside, Pa. XVI ARTON, ll4AlI Pine Rd Rosemont Pa I . . I - ., , . XYHEELER, S.lI.l.Y--433 VV. Springettsbury Ave., York, Pa. XVHI'l'AIiEli, ISAREI.-1924 Panama St., Phla.. Pa. XYHITING, JOY-26 Highfield Rd., Villanova, Pa. XYILKIXSON. FLARE-Frogmore, S. C. XYILLIAMS. I-IAZEI.-1111 Overington St., Phila.. Pa. KYILLIAMS. HELEN-1026 Foulkrod St., Phila., Pa. NYILSON, ANNE-10 bl. Plumstead Ave., Lansdowne, Pa. vYIR'l'SCHAF'I'ER. EILEEN-5343 Arlington St., Phila. NVULF, CONS'l'ANl'E-825 VV. End Ave., New York, IN. Y. XYRIGHT. DONNA-Main St., Millerstown, Pa. XYllIliH'I', l.0RE'l"l'A-5223 XVarringt0n Ave., Phila. YARNALI., JI'l.IA-Bryn Mawr Court, Bryn Mawr, Pa. 1'I'lN'l'lS, ARLENE-5398 Winnefield Ave., Phila., Pa. YOUNG. MAY-4012 Pine St., Phila., Pa. ZARETSKY. Illl.l.IAN'-'527 S. 3rd St., Phila., Pa. ZELI.. FRANCES-124 Evergreen Pl., E. Orange, N. J. ZERR. MARY-5002 Pine St., Phila., Pa. ZIEGLER, RERNADINTE-307 H. 4th St., Bethlehem, Pa. ZION. JANE-4832! Pine St., Phila., Pa. Us 'A -'-2 . 1. r.nilN5i?!e1E we 5' l T tg Su. J g X A 7 as is limi' glllillll . A , , 1 munl Il un I w 1' i . my fb. K , .5 I? E L Q W E1 V 'Z 'NE Monn'sU,5' 53' A Moose Your Jewelry WW: C'oni7a'ence- 73 years in the jewelry business in this and stationery, at almost any price you city, under the same name, is only one of have in mind. the manY reasons WhY YUU Should 3009131 Send for our catalog, it will help you in S- KIND 81 SONS 35 YOUT jeweler- selecting gifts for home and personal use. In our store, you will find the most in- Our Plan of Divided Payments is arranged teresting assortment of jewelry, silverware, to suit your income. S, KIND 8, SQN 3 JEWELERS 1 chesfnutsi. at Broad-Philadelphia 80 YEARS TRAINING FOR BUSINESS STATIONERY GIFT HEADQUARTERS Acc-Qunfing O Secrefqriql Cgurges Class Rings and Iewelry For Men and Women LENDING LIBRARY GREETING CARDS SUMMER SCHOOL - Begins Monday, June 18th .K l, FALL TERM X 1 DAY W- Tuesday, September 4th 0 EVENING - Monday, September 17th as Pelncls scHooL 'H OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION PEIRCE SCHOOL BLDG.. PINE ST. WEST OF BROAD I H I H E N N H Pen. 2100 PHILADELPHIA 2, PA. Race 5617 IUniveI'siIy Owned and Operatedl Eiga 3. Jlewh in Flowers Telegraphecl Everywhere REPORT COVERS LATEST FICTION FLOWERS - GIFTS Official University Textbooks 3429 Woodland Avenue and Supplies COKE CORNER RING BINDERS BARinq 5340 PHILADELPHIA. PA. IHE IUWNSEND EIVIPIUYIVIENI SERVICE UNDER THE PERSONAL SUPERVISION OF MARY A. TOWNSEND Owner POSITIONS NOW OPEN FOR COLLEGE WOMEN In PRIVATE AND DEFENSE INDUSTRIES INTERVIEWS - . - 9 A.M. TO 5 P.M. 1411 Wqlnuf Sf, RITtenhouse 3610 Sa .Banq- 1lZ"4 Jean yacc! ia know you

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U Of Penn Women Student Govt - Record Book Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 6

1945, pg 6

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