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4 - 'rrgj :.1,,4s,f M- ',:"g ' T I - " 5 ,f 'fff :W- And he that is wise will observe them, M digest- ye strive and .ln 'anger be ported,W. ,e Going down' in his ship to the sea. 'efghknid lessen thefmight of yourshipti , 7,4 SL V ,jj you labor frpm morn until even, I 'fl3l'3iSfil,l ,folijthe winners t orry, 'T-nfgfldfgtfvithvfreproof for your toil, Take thy fate 'as it comes, with fsml lf is yygll-4':1Q'.:l10lf'l'll8 gun may be humbled, And when thou art safe in the harbor The 'compressor must check the recoil. They will envy, but may not r 4' So Qliqll 1-Hou, lest, perchance, thou. grow weary Take heed in thy manner of speaking, lnnthe uttermost parts of the sea, yy That the language ye use may be sound Pray for leave, for the good of theiif-U"."" 'ln thie list of the words ofa l As, uch and as oft as be. "Impossible" may not l ,Qs ,pi f wins, V Do they growl and the work be retarded? It is ill, speak, whatever their rank, The half-loaded gun also shouteth, But can she pierce armor with blank? Now these are the Laws of the And many and mighty are they But the hull and the deck and keel And the truck of the lpw is - obey ,., in ' LAW S K., X 'Q Sb Sa ckeaf JA, 1953 ' THE FOUR MONTHS AT O.C.S. WILL INDEED BE LONG REMEMBERED BY THE MEMBERS OF CLASS XI, AND THUS IT SEEMS APPRO- PRIATE TO MEMORIALIZE THEM TO SOME EXTENT. -THE ACCENT, OF COURSE, IS ON PICTURES, AS IT IS A PROVEN FACT THAT "PICTURES TELL THE STORY". IN THE YEARS TO COME, WE HOPE THAT MANY A REMINISCENT CHUCKLE WILL BE EVOKED BY THE PAGES OF THE "SEA CHEST". Classes XI fr XI-A 3 One hundred and twenty days. Gloomy days for many when trees were publishedg jovial days of liberty with its luxury of non-conformityg bitter days of departure to Bainbridge and points unknown for our less fortunate brethreng wet days in ponchoes and that seemingly endless Newport ra-in ----- all leading up to the ultimate jubilant graduation day with its coveted stars and bars. All were busy days and in retrospect all seemed to fall behind us quite rapidly. WVe smile now as we remember the various ways many kept their careful accounts of those daysg some sub- tracting from the grand total of one hundred and twenty, others counting from liberty to liberty, and the less original people marking off dates on a calendar. In the Hnal weeks, more mathematical compatriots were talking in terms of hours and minutes remaining of their term in Newport College by the Sea. It seems appropriate that the Sea Chest should be dedicated to those days at OCS, for certainly none of its students will ever forget them. Tihough it is perhaps improper to compare the OCS work with a College curriculum, still there are many similarities between the four months at Newport and the four years at various Alma Maters. Each of the four units of time were sharply divided as to curriculum and even sharper final exams. And the weekends after monthly tests at OCS were a capsule edition of college summer vacations because, to coin a most common cliche, "The pressure was off," if only for two days. And strange as it may seem, most will look back on the heartbreaks and happiness of OCS with somewhat the same nostalgia reserved for those golden college days. SECTION Administration Academics ....... 1st Battalion . A Company .... First Day .......... B Company .... Field Days ......, C Company .... Good Days ....... D Company ., Typical Days . E Company ,... Holidays ............. F Company .... Blue Days .......... I Company .... Last Day ...,....., PAG E 6 . ....... 56 58 . ...,........ 136 . ............ 156 , .,..,....... 178 4'A R4 A-' .ff-5 -54' 2 4,' 1 ofg 'rf , H QD' q - ax ,Q ll "-33. 2' ni -.-' , 0 x I Q A I X v x - 5. 1 . N ww. ,-L ,aixqia ,I r E., Q X 9 . ' x 1 .' ' . X x ' v:'.1",' 1 'f ' , .- , ,, , 4 Lv. 3 f , ,., . v .', , 1 i K Q ,. 7 K '- -Q U d'1 , ,Q x ' 'f 5' ' ' ' ' " 4 , Q 5 y A ' ,Q ll A ' 'Y I. , .1 , 1 "5 an x , s . I I I 1 Q JD " V 'gk ' ' ' 'Q 4' if - -- , , x r ' M ' ' 1- I 4 2 , -11 f . 1. X ,- sl 5 , A' i 3 u. ' 9 I ' Q , 'n - Lxbyq, ' W4' 1 rx '14 1 I 3 gs " ,f 4 . 4' 'A ' , f Q N I L. ' X f I ' 1 f. x O ' 0 Q I "' , sa- . X pq. ,h 1 1 ,- Q ' 1 A. IN 1 Q.. :lr Jr nj 1' . N " f Q' 'X . 4 ,Lf ,V " b'+' 7' . A, 1 .l ,QL 1 ,I an - ,w " I ' J 44" .. t 'Ji ' u. -' J , -- . , ' ,Z ' 'rf 'A , . 4 . f ' 15' . . 9 ff ' 0 , Q fs f' ' ' k M rn f - , I I x 'fl Q , .1 my -. fs f L -1 ,Q A v Q a AIP' Q Q4 Q 7 lnmhwwwwmpnu., 'Nw-sm MSM:-.,M'QFNN""w '0""0'l-fm-www CAPTAIN RALPH C. l0HNSON omman ing Ofhcer Commissioned upon graduation from the Naval Academy in 1932, Captain johnson was assigned to eight years of diversified sea duty aboard batt-leships and destroyers. In 1940, seasoned by this wealth of experience, he returned to the Naval Academy as a gunnery instructor. During World War 11, Captain Johnson served as Executive and Commanding Officer of t-he Destroyer Cowie, participating with merit in the African and Sicilian invasions. For his achievements aboard the Cowie, he won a letter of recommendation. ln 1945 he won the Bronze Star for his accomplishments as Gunnery Officer on the staff of ComDesLant. He then served as Ordnance Officer of the Naval Mine Depot, Yorktown, Va., and later at the Armed Forces Staff College. Subsequently, Captain Johnson became Chief Staff Officer for ComTransDiv X1 and more recently was the Executive Officer of the heavy cruiser Newport News, the flagship of the Sixth Fleet in the Medi- terranean. . At the inception of the Officer Candidate School here at Newport Captain Johnson was named its Commanding Officer, the position he still maintains. In addition, on October 1, 1952, he assumed further duties as Commanding Officer of the Naval School Command at Newport, also retaining command of the Officer Candidate School. 8 V . l . Q' "' ' 1' 3 3 5 Q' 113,524 1 utlil-an. 1 I q u-wif-Ji. 1' ,nr-QSC, 1 if' QT' ' 1'4tif'Zi1f -svn A Q fipfff f lla- ' gig: 1.f1 'mel 1 if fc uv vj iv-kk .2 '- ll' L in-V COMMANDER FREDERIC H. WHITE, JR :Miafanf Owcer in c urge A graduate of the Harvard University NROTC program, Commander White received his commission in 1934. In 1939 he was called to active duty, serving aboard the "West Virginia" and remained on this station through the conclusion of World War 11. Since that time, he has served at the 13th Naval District, on the staffs of the General Line Schools at Newport and Monterey, and as Operations Ofhcer on the cruiser "Roches- ter." In 1950, Commander White was transferred to the Naval War College, where he served prior to his assignment as Executive Officer at the Oiiicer Candidate School. 10 .xdca clam ic ibirecfor Lcon JAMEs s. smsLMAN A native of Hagerstown, Maryland, LCDR Spielman was commissioned from Midshipman's School in 1942. After studying at Cornell Uni- versity and serving on tfhe USS Valiant in the Carribean, he commanded a patrol craft in the English Channel. At the end of World War II, he commanded weather patrols operating from the Philippines and Guam. After attending General Line School in Monterey, California, Mr. Spielman was attached to the destroyer Colalum before being assigned to Officer Candi- date School. .xdaoiafanf .fgcaclemic lirecfor LCDR FRED R. NICHOLS Lt. Commander Nichols received a direct commission in June, 1942. He served aboard destroyers in the North Pacific until late 1943 when he attended Fleet Sonar School in San Diego. He became a memiber of the operations planning staff of ComSeventhFleet from late 1944 until the end of World War II. Lt. Commander Nichols was assigned to the Naval Academy Preparatory School on being recalled to active duty in September, 1950. From there, he was transferred to Newport on the opening of the Officer Candidate School in May, 1951. egnferuiewing ana! Cfcwrii icafion LCDR GEORGE B. STROTHER A Doctor olf Philosoplhy in Psychology with considera- ble experience in his chosen held, LCDR George B. Strother is well suited for his duties as Interviewing and Classilication Oflieer at OCS. Having taken his AB and MA in Psychology at the University of Missouri and his Doctorate at the University of Indiana, Mr. Strother was commissioned in October, 1942, via the Northwestern University V-7 program. After serving as Assistant Selection Officer at Great Lakes, he became IC. O. of the LCIKLB 753 in the Philippine Island area during the latter part of World War Il. Before release to inactive duty in 1946, LCDR Strother served 6 months in Officer Classification work. On release to inactive duty, he became head of the University Counselling Bureau at t-he University of Mis- souri, and later Head ol the Psychology Department at tl1e University of Minnesota at Duluth. In june, 1951, he was recalled to active duty, reporting to his present position as Interviewing and Classification Officer. f'?f?k"g,'?l1'j7"?v .img-K-1'l fl0"'7i'71'T"ffi-'f?'Bi iii? ,i si .- 4' f9if'l'fF"1?iG"f?'.Q'?'QKl,1f"' " " ' " "'-1119121133221 - ' ww QW- f -ha "lima, .tp ' .' ' .1 ...Vi tjts 2+ 1. , 'MI w..Qf,5f f f,f..' af wi'-mga JI' I F" lfgf ' I 1ii"l?ih?f'4 'Io1i0h'Z11?iil 3 V f 'ff'-iti'2Ji5H'H?f-..vf',t- if ' 5-'lfiwlig' f '3 A-4,?gJ' i,vFilc' ,,g f4f.::fr.?1 F 1.sf.,',- 4,541 w iifwf- . ' , 1. . ,M ..-:"r9a.i., A.-as--H 'f H-"w x Sz.. 2- I --,.-.tx fy , ,i5.- I .- -.fmt V, f,m:'- '. -' Vw' .-yi-w f' '-'ag-.3 t. ,ff-,ge qv., 1 Vswwgqtfqq. 1 .5-tr. ,I '53 lj A "F,fgff9is ,'1"'-.jkffrv six-I by fy 1 if S s ',.':,4-!g,,aVtSte:E.g..5V 1 if I I ,S 1 , , ,, 'l3ff.l35"iii'fia' mp2,'eff2 .gg 1 f g 1 1 'wg LT ROBERT M. HARRISON A graduate of Dennison and of Boston Uni- versities, Lt. Harrison attended the Chaplain's School at Williamsburg, Va. in 1945, before being commissioned in the U. S. Navy. His hrst assignment was as chaplain at the Naval Air Technical Training Center, Norman, Okla- homa from which he was assigned to the U. S. Naval Recruiting Station at Miami, Florida. Prior to his arrival at Newport Lt. Harrison served as Assistant District Chaplain for the 14th Naval District at Pearl Harbor. In November of 1952, Chaplain Harrison was assigned to the Ofliccr Candidate School here at Newport. ana! Uarioud ga!!! f 1 .gnferuiewing ww! gfaaaihcafion Standing: M. G. Catalano, YNSN: H. B. Gaughan, PN! LTJG A. H. Post, Jr.: J. A. Runski, PNC: R. R. Athey, PNSN Seated: LT D. E. Stewart: LCDR G. B. Strotherg LT D M Letts ',,, 5. AQL UM Ll ffl M Sfilnding: D. B. Gregg, YNSN: K. E. Rumrill, PN2j R. R. Manf- gomery, YNSN Seated: J. Fankhamel, YNSNy'CHSCLK L. Herman: J. Park, YNSN Ummm 'L Baffadon e0l'l'lel'l ., F 13 Sa! MPJOHHQ L.-D Standing: R. McLoud, SA: V. Capriano, SN Seated: V. lannucci, YNSN --C- Standing: Z. Halsey, PNSN, N. Fuller, PNSN, C. Edwards, YNSN, J. Green, PNSN, V. Lindsley, YN2, F. Kelley, YNSN, J. Fornesi, PNSN, J. Kreider, PNSA, L. Durrante, YNSN Seated: CHSCLK P. E. Morrow .SQUJQIJ el'50l'll'le l . S l I Standing: R. E. Foltynewicz, SKSN, J. J. Downey, SK2, R. A. De- Graves, SN, S. S. Margenstein, SK3, F. R. Ramircz, SN, B. Fee, SKSN, L. C. Snow, SN, R. P. Wright, SKSN Seated: R. A. Robson, SKl, C. W. Weimar, PACT, D. A. Holliday, SK2 el':J0l'll'le Standing: R. Barrett, PNSN, J. Kane, PNSN, J. McHugh, YNSN D. Fellenberg, SN, D. Brown, PN, J. Dworanczyk, YN3, E. Hall YNl, P. Timmons, PNSN, V. Blanton, YNZ Seated: LT A. A. Lang Waferiaf raining .fdzab or . -sm S' TUHO, SN, F. Rowe, MA3, J. Gleba, MAC, R. Clowry, MA3, H. h0"'0S, SN, D. Vitello, SN, A. N. Hubbs, MAI, R. Dillon, MA3, C' Ddvidson, SA Wqacbne Rear 5 15 fg Standing: F. E. Whitney, DMI, J. Spivey, SK3, E. J. Hughes, DMSN, M. E. Vaught, TD3, P. Kirkwood, SN Seated: D. W. Wagner, SN, LT J. R. French, J. C. Grimmitt, EMC machine 1660, J 'X I G. Hart, MAI, T. Stufano, SN, W. Austin, MA3, L. O'Karya, MA1 LTJG J. W. Hawthorne, R. Montgomery, SN, F. S. Bis, YN3, Ji Vezeris, MASN W., , . III -..,l9f, on-.4-w I . ' - ar N SI I IP 'iz h 1 ' II . ,, . I . ,' e 1 f. ' -1 , "' ,..-f w o 1 I,,,f ,....-- 4 1 my .-.IQ . 1 69,1-Nw' 4 5. k -14- ' . ,M p---v M . .III hum. II IA. , 1 I 'Q ,II,,,.,,,,I I.. Xu .f4f"l' 1 .'. .. ,vw . .. , .' I fa . ' ' ' In . ' ., ,,'.f, ' 1 "' IM ,Lin V, 0 ' . , . IM. I I.a m, ,II ' 4 I ' , ,.,,. . ' ' . ' ' ' v I . I I "LII . .' .I n 'n, - - M ,' ' "-.I -' Il 1 I 'Iv., . I Q I . 4. . o ' vp , Q-FII U S., . - .' ' ' N - . . - , -I - '-.., . , 4. qv .. ..-HIV L' . I . ' - uv all' 'D' , I,,,I..- 12" ' f-Q' . .I W, . , I 1 f , 3 'T 1 . , - Y I O - - . I C : 'lc 8-0-...:9., . .af - I - Z '. I 0 T I ,..f"' ' ' . . f "' ' . - I ,-"" 4 ,..--"T . I ' . ' ..-"""' - '3, . .-v" . ' - 'ag BJ' - ' L '. I .II 'V . ' ' - ' ' 'Lf 'I 1 I ', . I 1 'I . IJ' -". , 4 -"Il ', I ." , I I u .- ' ..x.-' ' I N o - .. . I . n ' I . . I - I , . GJ," . 1 ' 19 ' " Y Q ' ' O v . ' , ..n' I' 1 u I -. 1 , Il' .' I , ."l I "I 'B I ,- x-bo . , . - 'd ego 4 l I1 . an' r" ,po . . 310 ' . 4 . v . . I, 9 .II. -' 4 mp- af 7 I ' . .II - I . 4 1 J v- a 2 . In . ,. ,VT ' ' . 1 . ' I '-'.I 4 v ' o ab l90 n A - 'v ,,1,- 3 .tl 1 Qi 1. 1 .," ' n n 1 I 1 - I . 1-a., "" IL I . - V , 1 u ' v ' o N Q ' 2- o-- an-..o... , . 8 4 4 1 u ' . l '. l n U H n 1 .L-' N , I , . . A In o 1 A a O ,. - .- , V ,. .,,,3,., ' W N ' . ,, -1. v ,Q ,.,- v -... I 'J , , .3::g+.' ' LfIfv'W.,-fwgbs., 1 1. ' Q , . f. vu' "Fr , . 5 f, fa 1 . 0 . '3'-b ' ' I . .. 1 I ' ' sb U A l - . I . 'M ' Lw-Awvg ' ' ,,,.! .. , H134 " , A ' in W 'M ' ,. .,, ' ..... Q o , ...- J ,Aw,M',x ,.-" "lf M ff' ,, , u W --va.. W 1' .' .UN I, . MMM, Q U , ., . , 'W' ..., M- ' -.WT lrmw u 'X' 7? 'I -7- . . ' ,A vp- N . . N . W. - 4- AH ...wg B Q., ,M , - . . "' .,. I Aw- ' 4' ' ' Q . .. , - Q ' - , 1 4 .- - M ...,,.67........,7,........B,... ,,. 9.- . ' Q 0 if I ' y ' J. 4 4 ' vin- ,-J Q ' v- l o x'-'O u u . '5 0 'l 49 00 ,,,.... . 0 1.- Jdca Jem ic elaarfmenf 1" 3 "-' nn- - X u ' 1 , . .- in -- - ,J t r 1 ,Til u F 'W' - ' W '-v. Z' x t ,-uf-5-1, , ' H, ,.:f. . - g.:-af .- E 7 ' I f . fi rr: , , ,Mi - - iq' i' 2 -urge'-srv"f"'A 4,444 w fm fi ft f1flf',i , H ' 4 h af- t ,.oZA3"-fy? . K A P .1 8? ,wg-1., E Q, V .,,..-- Q ,Kiwi U 'lain 5 ' W i 4 P, .,'f?lf4,, ,41 fu- '- A '5f 1 X AA C . K A' :- 5 is 9 1 44. H ' ' iw... ' Ji I - I ' 'XII ' 723 uv- if 0 1 5 ' 'f,.,g.,C H1gvQ,i,v. ...I 4 ' - , e f'2'f93"'-4"f'3?' "Y -.kgf-fn ,-I-.6 4 VH - , --- 1 gisffuz 2' , J ... -ww "fx-'+ ' 1 ,-y,L,'fK,W Nu., aw' ' ' M f'f:1"f'w I .V M-, 2 A ' 1 Y . 3 1 ' ' N ' K +379 2 GO , - -30' yftfii.. if-I LCDR VICTOR E. KORYCINSKI Most of our fnow it can be told, new Ensigns faced the turbine system with a little more con- fidence, smugly figuring that it was not much different from the motors in their automobiles. However, their optimism wavered upon meeting the gland sealing steam and collapsed completely when face to face with that mighty "bull", better known as the main reduction gear. But there was no rest for the weary and the intriguing science of Damage Control remained to tantalizc the sections thinned Ollt after the quarterly dates with the dreaded Disenrollment Review Board. I-Iere we learned the conse- quences of throwing a football across the deck irresponsibly with no regard for the maintenance of center of gravity. Well, who knows? Maybe there is one engineering ofhcer in the crowd. and .05 f-4' if F za tl' X U i , 4 I A xxx X Y x "- R ,QQ ref' 'IU Jr vn- I -,g 'L V qi, , .-? r., . ,fx K I eff' SX ' .unl- N QQ V -'--ar'-'rn .. , . , , f -r sf?" fy..-,..,.TT'u W-T""'f"5'1---'z,.. . -f-ff - ' A Wh- A.- I 1- 4 f f ' .sw-w , 2" in-',1F'P" f ..:t '. ' '- "'w'7" f ' " , " I "W ..,.A.. V... ,.M,, -, w ... 6 Q . , ' . 1-ww 'A ,- ,. , .,., U, I x K - . .. , ,W ..1,.M,'. H N. x. .. W 5 LCDR CARL E. JORGENSEN Item Company graduates are assigned as corps officers, principally Supply and Civil Engi- neer Corps and their two month stay constitutes il highly intensihed program. The indoctrina- tion course consists of the essentials of the doc- trines taught to General Line students. Any line student will he forced to agree that such HD enterprise constitutes a major .problem in 2lnybody's language. Actually, the entire eight week curriculum flf Item Company is under the guidance ol the indoctrination department. The topics include Operations, Orientation, Leadership, Personnel Training, General Administration, and Logistics. Rules of the Road, various aspects of Navigation, flle principles of Maneuvering Board and so on Into the night are the essence of that gigantic Capsule. It is believed to be tl1e only capsule designed to create and nourish ulcers. E Q Q1 'ii as vs 1 'Nh .C -ll' ' " O E x L . ' ' 4' EPB y35yY,,EXtH.A.N5l . W , . I , . ... . A o s a o ,A-s X ..' - YQ my . .. 4 , f an " X 'wif W Q M I 'ET . 5. 7 ' . ...f X NA 1' , . Q 1:-A ' ' 'Q 1 A , E., - I, jk, .-161.551 fx . K , Lx , , , . ,. . .' -1 lI ' l L . . .i 302'-7 '-jx r ,lil ff" ' ' '1 WT'-t l-"ff flfffaifi- f f' ,f,-,fgfzs-f.-,tx - - X 1. 'J-f,r'3'.r? .QA 1 Jw. K. 'hairy .N . 'lo' ' Vllf-Q-K. FF-'fkifi N -.XM:Rgg..j5w?:--xii.-t'5Fr 1 sf . l X , '. -, 'E1,' QQ'+T1l'.. X'-j S AA ' Q as :ef-?tfs1il:N'---+i. ' O lalxl l A ll LCDR DAVID S. LOCKWOOD tx K s f . .. .- V X' lv-U--A .,rmnEf'i . I , if During the last two months, many a more romantic O. C. would look dreamily into tlhe eyes ofa maiden fair and was heard to murmer "What are the azimuth angles ofnthose stars in your eyes?" The barracks' conversations took on the aspect of a fortune teller's den as it was spicedwith such gems as, "Orion is in its ascension" or, "Polaris is at its zenith." However, when we finally got back down to earth with our parallel rulers clinched Hrmly in our fingers and our drafting machines well oriented, we realvized -th-at 'the course had oddly enough accomlplishcd wlhat it had set out to do, for we all had a reasonably vague idea of how, when, and where to reach H given destination with our respective ships still having their hulls in one piece. 4 - XSHAQ-:.s Ps as - r H .Mezmmos - jLJgfvs4A.. rs H525 Wec. Sire Z xl! , 550 p 'ZBDFI Dznohlin ' - l uf lg H Nf u 5 , .Lg .AA,g,. 0, JS AQQA- Q, .A.A.A,- go M 'W 4 P at Us 8 x0 'W-s,s1LA- b fn ? 'S ' 1, l5bap2 1. - ' 3ooFAr Il3o ng A I Sag. SQRPEN1' 'PB i 23 ' Q N ta' -.W 41 bwfg,: ' W Q' - ,- f- 'I I 9 . 'V . l .J i . N." .Q -lf.-533' T .,..1w: Lg...-Y- ' ' , , ,sp A , . 5 'N ."'N '. ' 5 X "',, XVV W'w Mn Ni, 'V 'YU'-v LT ORVILLE B. ROBINSON The perennial question after Maneuvering Board quizzes was just how great the tolerances would be and consider-able speculation was wasted in this department. However, everyone felt pretty proud of himself when he drew his lines from "r" to "ln" and to most, this constituted the crux of the whole topic. Communications placed a strain on the already taut memories of the First Battalion's warriors with its labyrinth of mysterious terms such as "RAT'1"', whom most had pictured as an animal particularly obnoxious to the fairer sex and never mentioned in polite society. Most were horrified by the thought that after I6 weeks ol' aggravating their old ulcers and acquiring several new ones, they might be relegated to the dubious distinction of being a "custodian". But these passing fears were alleviated by the realization that a custodian was truly a flexible title and instead of leaning on brooms in apartment houses, they actually would be in charge of very vital publications and would be directly res- ponsible to that fabled person known more familiarly as the "C, O." or perhaps the "old man". Someday you, too, may be a C.W.O. g 25 N 1 ,As I Standing: R. LT R. F. Seated: LT 5 we .in . my-1 ,V l. V, W W - I , ,i .i1i.X':y' 't nz., rind 1' 4 . ' lii.5"t,Jii1 ' Q Boucher, YN3p LTJG R. H. Nelsonp LTJG S. Hontzesp LT J. H. Towne: W00dC0Cki LT J. B. Whittemoreg A. Fuderer, YNSN R. C. Coney: LT C. E. Toolep LT N. A. Rheubon "These are the Laws of the Navy," and how strange they were to the "very green" civilians who matriculated to Newport way back on the 8th and 9th of March. Here we took a quick tour ol' the .Naval Establishment from CNO right down to the rawest recruit and the humlblest O. C. It seemed that we in Newport had been forgotten, but when acquainted with the fabulous administrative chain of command of USN, we were reassured that we too would someday get orders to duty assign- ments and Newport was only a transient phase of our Naval endeavors. Standing: LT W. E. Rummelhoffg LTJG J. R. Alleng LTJG H. L. Ross, Jr.g LT J. Finngan Seated: LT K. 0. Honksg LT F. E. Weltep LT N. W. Byer . x .1 .J -..J lPs'f' 'J' 't 1 ,.'. ' -Q .mann-U-m -Q ll "i , 9 1 pa. - U LCDR GEORGE W. WAGENHORST Of course, by far the most popular topic was taken up in the second month when we touched upon those empyrean subjects liberty, leave and discharge. Many a more imaginative O. C. was seen to lean dreamily back in his chair and Count on his fingers the days of leave he had already acquired. As a matter of fact, many had already decided how they were going to Spend them by the time the class had ended. Of course, such reveries were always conducted at the expense of a military aptitude mark. But now we are Ensigns and wish we had paid more attention to thevpart that concerned the proper procedure on going aboard ship. Let's see - shall I ask the C. O. out to supper 01' not? Might as well, maybe he'll pick up the tab. 1 X X-. ---.---f-f--'FI' L 5. A, Standing: R. W. lsert, BMC, LTJG R. L. Marshall: LT W. B. Jones, Jr., LT P. B. Davis: LT H. F. Kane: C. E. Bailey, BMC Seated: LT C. F. Faas, LCDR A. H. Waldo, Jr.: LT R. S. Watson "Down Lo the sea in ships," we shall go and as we clanrber up our lirsL ladders Quo! we shall never say USL2lll'SH agaiuj there is no doubt Lhal the minds of each of us will be groping for the nomenczlalure and principles gathered in seamanship class. May we all remember our newly acquired 'vocabulary and may none of us ever fall so low as to use those horrible words which would mark us as "landlubbers" to the crew Qligadsl what a fatej. Although a rose by any obher name might smell as sweet, slill rope is nol rope, but line and walls are not walls, but bulkheads. Standing: G. E. Stomper, BMC, LT J. D. Singer: LTJG R. A. Walling LTJG R. J. Carey, LT J. K. Lawrence, LT W. E. Reed, LTJG R. E. Hersmang H. J. Stack, YN3 Seated: LT D. E. Hihng LT F. S. Handler: LT J. N. Echternach 4'-1.- -44 LCDR ARTHUR H. WALDO, JR. No doubt the more conscientious O. C. will clutch his H. C. Enterprises' "Rules of the Road" cards fondly in his left hand as he salutes the Officer of the Deck for the first time. Witli his confidence thus bolstered, he may rest assured that his career aboard ship will be a meritorious one, for does not white over red mean pilot ahead? Those submarines might prove elusive though, as one could hardly be expected to dis- tinguish side lights 100 feet under WZltCI'. But, so long as we mind our blocks and tackles, and keep a stiff double luff, we may ourselves be one day classihed ancient mariners and amaze our grandchildren with our salty tales and sea lore. .-1. tp PPB I rw m Standing: J. S. Browning, GMC, LT L. G. Stafford, Jr., LT H. R. Outten, Jr. LT P. E. Shepack: LT C. B. Huggins, LT P. lngrahamp LT T. B. Thompson E. Halley, GMI Seated: W. G. Persons, GMC: LT D. L. Hadawoy: LT H. E. Stewart, LT C. E Day: R. Wendt, GMC I During World War II, most of the present class ol Officer Candidates were at just about t-he age lfl2-155 when they would thrill to the war pictures llashed on the screens of their local theaters on Saturday afternoons. Their bodies would throb with excitement as they gazed upon the tremendous geysers of water and earth erupted heavenward by the explosions of tor- pedoes, bombs and artillery shells. It was all so miagnihcent but it was just the spectacle that attracted: no thought was ever given to the destruction and lethal power unleashed by each of the bursts portrayed so glamorously on the cinema screen. Standing. J. Mazurkiewcz, FCC: LTJG J. R. Virts, LT J. A. Baxter: LTJG D. P Dick: LT M. R. Nickerson, LTJG J. M. Kline: H. L. Williams, FTC: LT E. E Bothfeld: LT J. L. Sperandio Seated: W. P. Beal, FTC, LT H. E. Toponce, LCDR R. C. Noyes: LT V. B. Otten, W. N. Little, FTC mmm fi 'K LCDR RICHARD C. NOYES Here at Newport, the same bright flashes of explosion were placed in front of the same eyes. But it seemed as if much of the glamour had disappeared and on leaving the darkened rooms, these eyes were no longer wide with awe, but they seemed to be blinking ever so slightly. Per- haps the eyes were growing older and the flashes were too bright for them or perhaps the minds behind those eyes were now more mature. Yes, we were men now, not boys any longer, and we had some idea of what explosion meant in terms of destruction, death and heartbreak. In considering the problems of controlling these messengers of death we all secretly hoped that we would never be the man in the glass house throwing stones. Our children should not have to learn the art of war as we did. l ,M i 4 'Tice' .f'n'::'T uf , , : . .'f' L? ! W A . ' K' 'hit . -Vit '51 'C , A fr., -,Mt ,-3 ni ' -fu . xl: .., l ,...... 31 IPB .1- ' -v'vf1?xW 5 ,wen E71 sf ' '. rc' " " ' I vv 'v 'w g 1 N' Q tk ily? g 0, gr .m ,1 ' s km e .Q 6 ' 1' 'ef 'ffl' Q' , mg 5 'g i Q " Q ,' Q E Q 1 3 , N' ' 1 q Q L g Xl - XIAG' HH Igl- lg i. - 11151 LL.. N W WWW U M11 NIMH - dlllml ! i 4 Illlll llllllliil H ililiil .,....,,,,,,,,, D 4 U .fl far? lirecfor ann! gaffagon icer LCDR JOHN E. COSTE A graduate of the Midshipman's School at Northwestern University, LCDR Coste received his commission in 1942. He was initially assigned to the USS Spica as Gunnery Officer and First Lieutenant. He then served tours of duty as Executive Officer aboard the USS Union, First Lieutenant aboard the USS Mann, and Assistant Damage Control Officer aboard the Iowa. In 1948, Mr. Coste was assigned to the Gener-al Line School at Monterey, California, and then served as Operations Officer aboard the minelayer T. E. Fraser. Following service as Inspector-Instructor of the Naval Reserve in Charlotte, North Carolina, he was transferred to the Officer Candidate School in 1951 where he assumed his present duty as First Battalion Officer. During the first month which class XI spent here LCDR Lewis acted as Military Director. On Mr. Lewis' assignment to sea duty at the end of that period, Mr. Costc took over that duty in addition. of ll to rl. R. L. Rhodes, Batt. Adj. R. Davis, Batt. Comm. G Blackwood, Asst Batt. Comm H. S. Chm C. J. Evans, Jr Company A Company B I. W. Jordan A. F. Marblestone Company C Company D C. Walters Company E diffs' ' T I . D. E. Hathaway Company I R. B. Smalley Company F jgifviizjiggk Gigi, -JK! Za! Q rf 4 W' -'I , X .Tx , 7 , L! f W ,Q J 1 3 S. Qs L , G- E ' X Q S I r , g C 3' '- 5 -H A '4 P , 7 ., f J 1 I Wy' fa b f 7 f 0 A 0 TO 1-Hr-:. EEAR ... l 32 ' ff' '3 ' f N f 1 1 Q' Wyf' g ff . RWs f'rgq,,, Ze- 5' , ' lxjl 'EPB - MAl2cu.l " in ,, ,x N " 1 n 1' ww: " M ., A' vym nl my " -' . .xv , ld. 'ar V MQW 'asv E JQ4 fig. 4 incl. 1154.4 I W l nf f ff UCS PA A' DONALD A. SAWYER, BMC .!45.4f. Komloany Of icer Chief Sawyer is serving his second tour of duty at Newport, R. I. at present, the great difference being that the hrst was as a recruit in 1937. He served in the Pacihc Theatre during the war as a crew member of the ill-fated gun- boat Erie which went down in a battle with the enemy in l942. His rescue was followed by thirty days leave stateside, a period which con- stituted the only interruption in an uninter- rupted string of foreign duty from 1937 to l945. Following various other duties, he was assigned to OCS Newport in 1951. vmpany icer Lieutenant Johnson was commissioned in the NROTC program at the University of Oklahoma in l9fl5. He has been on active duty since that time. Prior to his present duty, he served in the cruiser Miami and the AGC Mt. McKinley. In the Mt. Mz'Kinl1fy he was a member of the staff of Joint Task Force 1, which conducted the atomic bomb test at Bikini. Subsequently, LT Johnson served as Com- munications OfHcer'in the DD Agerlmlm, Gun- nery and Operations Officer in the minesweeper lfllysrm, and was Commanding Oflicer of the minesweeper .S'a11dm'ling. Following these assign- ments, he became a member of the Officer Can- didate School staff. LT ALLEN R. JOHNSON , ws is , git We .far if " nu' s x PHILIP W. AARON A-4 aa ,JE 1 Cassville, Missouri Southwest Missouri State B.S., Education JOHN W. NBOUOHAR A-1 1630 So. Santa Anita Ave. Arcadia, Calif. Staniiiord University B.S., Mining Engineering EMORY T. ADAMS, JR. A-1 5007 Longmont Drive Houston 19, Texas The William Marsh Rice Institute B.A., Chemistry Baylor University M.S., Biochemistry JAMES e. ADCOCK, JR. A-1 2722 Hillcrest Ave. Macon, Ga. Mercer University B.A., Biology HERBERT ADLER A-1 20 West 72 St. New York, N.Y. Indiana University B.A., Journalism 1020 Ritter Park Princeton University A.B., English DONALD R. ALLEN, JR. A-2 1608 High St. Leesburg, Fla. Florida State University B.S., Education' ARNOLD W. ALLISON, A-l 5632 N.E. Miami Place Miafmi, Fla. University of Florida B.S., P-h. ISlAAC W. ANDERLS A-4 1215 E, 11th W-infield, Kan. Ka-nsas University B.S., Physical ,Education A.RN'O'IJD G.' ANDERSON, JR. A-1 4-324 Furman Ave. New York, N-Y- Upsa-la College B., Business Administration ROBERT W. AGEE A-2 Huntington, W.Va. asgr y g ': 3' 'iA'iWf5q.5.?ffgZ EY QP5' is A 15 N 1 A A if. lf. AI. , . S4 ' 'N f 7' D 1 X ,fi -if px G., M i i . W 3 f in if K If ,J IV s 'H i I , r' L if-if 1 ffl sri,-is-',.' Tift? 'iii 3 A 3. ROBERT P. ANDERSON A-2 F S if F " l'.O. Box 385 Healdsburg, Calif. if " S-an Jose State College B.A., Business Administration RICHARD L. ANEMA A.5 A ' 73" lG0l SO. GI'2l'l1t Denver, C010- Colorado University in . B.A., Economics, Chemistry, Zoology GLENN E. ANKRUM A-5 R.R. :,l,i-2, Box 77 Alexandria, Ind. Ball ,State Teachers College B.S., Education 4, A' JOHN L. ARCHIE A-5 2044 Forest St. Wauwatosa, Wis. University of Wisconsin - B.S., Mechanical Engineering DAVID R. ARNOLD A-2 1050 Coventry St. Alkron, Ohio Adclhcrt College Western Reserve University J B.S., Biology NORMAN J. ARNOLD A-3 ' 417 Etiwaln Ave. Columbia, S.C. I Oglethorpe University B.A., Business Administration kv MICHAEL J. ARRIVELLO, J. A-2 62ll Hazel Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. La' Salle College B.A., Biology THOMAS H. ATKINSON, JR. At-1 620 Diamond St. Philadelphia, Pa. University of Pennsylvania B.A., History , v MARVIN W. AUSTIN A-4 Box 502 Dekalb, Texas East Texas State College B.S., Government JOHN C. BACHMAN A-5 V 13812 Burbank Blvd. Vain Nuys, Calif. J Springfield College V B.S., Physical Education Springfield College 8: University of Oregon M.S., Physical Education HAROLD W. BADEMAN A-4 1305 S. Lake Ave. Sioux Fal-ls, S.D. University of South Dakota B.S., Business Administration JAMES V. BAILES A-3 3001 Exposition Ave. Shreveport, La. Louisiana Polytechnic Institute B.S., Business Adiministration ROBERT S. BAIR A-3 1120 San Carlos Arcadia, Calif. University of Southern California B.S., Marketing ik Advertising Joi-IN 1. BALDWIN, JR. A-3 1513 Mayfield Dr. Royal Oak, Mich. Albion College B.A., Speech HENRY M. BANGSER A-5 40 East 66 St. New York, N.Y. Lafayette College A.B., Economics RONALD J. BANKS A-3 2465 Hudson Blvd. Jersey City, NJ Georgia Tech. Bachelor of Industrial Engineering ROBERT 0. BARNARD A-2 5632 Midwood Ave. Baltimore '12, Md. Loyola College B.S., Business Administration JACK L. BARNETT A-5 116-71 Sutphin Blvd. Jamaica, N.Y. Bucknell University B.A., English EDWARD F. BARNIHART A-5 R.F.D. :,!.,J:1 Mooreland, Ind. Purdue University B.S., Agricultural Economics A-5 jOHN D. BARRON 4113 junius St. University of Missouri Bachelor of Journalism M.A., Journalism Dallas, Texas 'N Q ,, 4... .V , . A DAVID G. BARSOTTI A-4 2-6th St., Broadmoor Colorado Springs, Colo. Colorado College B.A., Political Science EDWARD I. BARZ A-3 3553 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y Brown University B.A., English and American Literature BYRON A. BATCHELLER A-1 805 El Merlaldo Ave. Monterey Park, Calif. University of California at Los Angeles B.A., Psychology CAR-L S. BAXTER A-4 4521 Winston Rid. Greensboro, N.C University of North Carolina B.A., Music DONALD A. BECK A-1 3035 Ingledale Terrace Los Angeles 39, Calif. University of California at Los Angeles B.A., 'Zoology BARTON G. BECKLEY A-4 670 Veteran Ave. Los Angeles, Calif Cornell University B.S., Industrial and Labor Relations DANIEL W. BEEBE A-4 23 E. 74 St. New York, N.Y. Universit-y of Virginia B.A., Economics ROBERT C. BEILER A-5 127 North Bellevue Ave. Langhorne, Pa Heidelberg College B.A., Business Administration MARSHALL 0. BENAS A-4 5836 Buena Vista Ave. Oalkland, Calif. University of California B.S., Business Administration ROBERT E. BENNETT A-1 521 Nash St. Rocky Mount, N.C University of North Carolina B.S., Business Administration EDWARD H. BERGERON A-3 39 Fcrnwood Rd. Hamden, Conn. University of Connecticut B.A., Chemistry EDGAR L. BERGMANN A-5 1214 White Ave. Beloit, WiS. Beloit College B.S., Biology JOHN V. BERRY, JR. A-2 9 Cox St. Johnstown, Pa. The Pennsylvania State College B.A., Commerce JAMES E. BERWICK A'1 4250 Van Cortlandt Park East Bronx, N.Y. Manhattan College B.A., Political Science - JAMES K. 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A-2 302 Reuss Blvd. Cucro, Texas Rice Institute B.A., Accounting 84 Economics GEORGE C. BUCHFINK A-3 llll Sanford St. Muskegan, Mich. Michigan State College B.S., Agriculture WILLIAM A. BUCK A-3 31 Chlurch St. Wilmington, Mass. Tufts College A B.S., Chemistry, Biology DAVID E. BULLARD A-S 413 Mill Hill Terrace Southport, Conn. Lehigh University B.S., Business Administration ERIC M. BIURK, JR. A-2 1050 Dcckner Ave., S.W. Atlanta, Ga, University of Georgia Bachelor of Business Administration ROBERT C. BURNASH A-4 25 Hampton Rd. Cranford, NJ. Bucknell Universitly B.S., Commerce and Finance RANDALL P. IUUTTERFIELD A-4 212 Ardmore Drive Middletown, Ohio Purdue University B.S,, Industrial Economics JOHN M. BYERS A-5 2l0l Wroxton Houston, Texas University of Houston B.S., Photography JAMES P. BYRD A-3 l005 West Park Front Joliet, Ill. Illinois Wesleyan University Bachelor of Philosophy JOHN R. BYRNE A-2 536 Coyne Terrace Pittsburgh, Pa. University of Pittsburgh B.S., Bacteriology PAUL E. CA-HOW A:-3 934 Howe St. Dearborn, Mich. Michigan State College B.A., Business Administration IRA R. CAMP A-I Miles, Iowa Warthurg College B.S., Physical Education ARMAND V. CAMPILLO A-4 3021 32nd St. San Diego, Calif. Saint Mary's College ILS., Economics WILLIAM M. GANBY A-3 R.D. 1:2 Silver Spring, Md. Washington and Lee University B.A., History GEORGE A. CANON, III A-3 ll Capen St. Milton, Mass. Northeastern University B.S., Business Management DOMINICK CAPALDI A-I 149 High St. Woodbury, NJ. Rutgers University, College of South Jersey B.A., Social Sciences DOMENICK S. CAPOLARELLO A-5 513 South 3rd Ave. Mount Vernon, N.Y. City College of New York B.B.A., Industrial Management MORGAN R. CARAWAY A-5 Box 22 Linden, Mo. Baker University ' B.A., Economics Indiana University M.B.A., Insurance HENRY A. CARLSON A-5 54412 N. Neenah Ave. Chicago, Ill. Illinois Institute of Technology B.S., Civil Engineering EDWARD A.'CARNESECCA A-4 970 Patricia Way Stain Jose, Calif. San jose State College Bachelor of Business Administration 'is t., . U 'X 'Qt ANGELO M. CARNEVALE A'-2 29 West Dane St. Beverly, Mass. Merrimack College A.B., Economics JOHN F. CARNEY A.3 X 60 Bradford St. Lawrence, Mass. University of Notre Dame B.S., Physical Science REUBEN B. CAROTHERS, III A-2 Route 3:5 Sulphur Springs, Texas 5 Texas Technological College B.B.A., Management PATRICK W. CARROLL A-l l306 E. California St. Gainesville, Texas. ' University of New Mexico B.A., Advertising 8: Psychology ARNOLD CARTER, JR. A-5 725 Winola Rd. Clarks Summit, Pa.. Syracuse University B.S., Speech and Dramatic Art. MICHAEL OASHMAN, II A-4 212 High St. Newburyport, Mass. St. Anselm's College W A.B., History JOHN s. CASSEN, JR. A-2 2410 Logan St. Harrisburg, Pa. Dickinson College A.B., History Dickinson Law School 7l0l Colonial Rd. Brooklyn, N.Y St. john's University B.B.A., Management .- , 1 - U V KENNETH A. CHARON A-3 45-36 39 Place Long Island City, N.Y. New York University ' B.A., Advertising 71 Schuman Place Baldwin, N.Y Yale University B.A., International Relations Vale University Law School LL.B. EMIL W. CELANO A-5 GREGORY M. CHEPLIN A-3 MORTON I. CH ERNITZKY A-3 48 Rochelle 'Terrace Mount Vernon, N-Y Rider College B.S., Business Administration CLYDE F. GHESNUT Atl Trenton, Ky. Austin Peay State College B.S., Business Administration JEAN I. CHIANESE A-3 I3 Renfrew Anve. Trenton, NJ. University of Miami Bachelor of Business Administration DAVID F. CHILDS A-1 l903 Manley Ave. Bakersfield, Calif. University of California at Los Angeles B.S., Physical Education HOWARD S. CI-IIN A-2 8 Gaylord St. Dorchester, Mass. Northeastern University B.S., Electrical Engineering WILLIAM F. CHURCHILL A-5 2679 Decatur Ave., Bronx New York, N.Y. Holy Cross College A.B., English PETER T. CIRIVILLERI A-4 358 West 9th St. Pittsburg, Calif. San Jose State College B.A., Accounting, Economics Golden Gate College Preparatory for C.P.A. Examination CHARLES K. CLARK A-1 651 W. Foothill Blvd. Alta University of California B.A., Economics dena, Calif. ROBERT R. CLELAND A-3 1090 Wegman Rd. Rochester, N.Y. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Bachelor of Chemical Engineering JEROME Lf CLEVELAND 8201 Cheryl Lane University of Miami B.A., Radio and Television A-1 Miami, Fla. G C u 'N-t 0 , 1 . 'v-1 ' li' fi' .- 5'7r"i.t faigiiiliw ' 7 it'-f'ffWr1F A gi! i ' - 'f ?Afigy.,,i. UQ Hi 1 ,iii "' Quan: V, J ,ll :P h 'SL ,ci ,x 3 4 Ihr 0 P' 0 ,h ,,pvA,' -. 5 u .. .,..,-. ...................,...-.-1-an-ills!! '1 Q. if RICHARD B. GOOHRIANE A-4 1950 Haring St. Brooklyn, N.Y. Cathedral College it I B.A., Philosophy WILLIAM S. COCKRELL At4 308 16th Ave. Hattiesburg, Miss VY University of Virginia B.A., Biology 9 A as aft ARTHUR S. COHEN A-2 3200 Dorchester Los Angeles, Calif. " - 'T--K Los Angeles State College g X Baolielor of Business Education if ' 'QL'-gxx l ARTHUR T. COLBERT A-4 'C 86 Ossipee Rd. Somerville, Mass V " Boston College if 5, B.S., B.A., Industrial Management 'akkfxf Q ' .: KENNETH I.. COLBORN,II A-1 340 Pablo Dr. Palm Springs, Calif. University of Southern California B.S., Finance e .,.t A EARL o. ooLToN, JR. A-5 ll5 Geneseo Rd. San Antonio, Texas I Southern Methodist University U B.S., Geology WILLIAM E. COLVIN A-5 202 Mulberry St. Elkader, Iowa Nortlrwestern University B.S., Commerce VAN F. CONEY A-2 916 Arnold Ave. Greenville, Miss I University of Mississippi 3 B.B.A., Insurance CLAYTON N. CONGER A-1 Loup City, Nell. University of Nebraska ' B.S., Education CHARLES L. COOK A-1 K.. ka l826 N. Van Buren St. ' Georgetown University B.S., Eeonomics Arlington, Va TALMAGE N. C0O'DEY A-5 763 South Mason St. Harrisburg, V3- University of Virginia B.A., History BENNIE L. CORLEY At-2 502 S. Sixth St. Union City, Tenn University of 'Tennessee B.S., Pharmacy LOUIS F. CORNELL A-2 328 N. Mtcl'herrin Ave. Monterey, Park, Calif. University of California at Los Angeles A.B., Political Science DON J. CORRIGALL A-1 44 Frederick Ave. Oshkosh. Wis Wisconsin State College B.S., Mathemattics k Physics MICHAEL A. COSCINA, JR. A-4 8l Locust St. Bristol, Conn. General Motors Institute Bachelor of Industrial Engineering STANFORD W. COSTON, JtR. A-2 Mounted Route 11:10 Butler, Pa Grove City College B.S., Biology EUGENE F. COUGHLIN A-3 38 Alton Rd. Quincy, Mass. Boston University-College of Liberal Arts B.A., History SHERWOOD M. COURRIER A-4 Walters, Minnesota- Creigh-ton University B.S., Medical Technology THOMAS M. CRAWFORD A-2 l6l4 South 5th S-t. Ironton, Ohtio St. Joseph's College B.S., Accounting J. SCOTT CRESSMAN A-2 208 Bucks St. Wernersville, Pa Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Bachelor of Architecture University of Southern. California X Mm. 'K 8 . RICHARD N. CRESWELL Af2 1630 Jonqluil St., N.W. Washington, D.C. George Washington University B.A., Psychology JAMES L. CRISPIN A-2 27 Miller St. Braintree, Mass. Boston University B.S., Business Administration CHARLES E. CROOKSHANKS A-3 534 So. Dakota St. Dillon, Mont. Montana State University B.A., Economics ROBERT R. CROSSLEY A-3 3l9 S. Summit St. Wehfberville, Mich. Michigan State College B.A., Economics WILLIAM C. CULPEPPER A-l Morningside Drive Toccoa-, Ga. North Georgia College B.S., Physics FRED A. DAI-IL A-2 I050 Glen Oaks Blvd. Pasadena, Calif. - Stanford University B.S., Petroleum Engineering WILLIS E. DAHLMAN A-5 Grandy, Minn. University of Minnesota Bachelor of Industrial Engineering ARNOLD W. DAVIDSON A-5 North Kenova, Ohio I Marshall College Bachelor of Engineering Science LATIMER 13, DOAN A-3 I045 Roanoke Rd. San Marino, Cailif. ik University of California ' B.A., Letters and Science DONALD G. DOESCHER A-l 1307 Fairbanks Ave. Yakima, Wash University of Washington B.A., Business Administration FLORIAIN K. DUSIK A-5 4-33l South Francisco Chicago, Ill. University of Illinois B.S., Accountancy ROBERT W. JOHNSON A-5 ll65 So. 48 Lincoln, Nch. University of Nebraska B.S., Business Administration KENNETH ROSS A-4 5512 Monltvicw St. Aiustin, Texas Soulhtwcsl Texas Slate Tcaichers College B.S., Education F. LEO WRIGHT A-'5 220 Fourth St. McDonald, Pa. Washington and Jefferson College BA., Political Science A ff: 1 x I I , fi. , X, -'su' L Q... S as 1- ' fc. .. , V "Gap - :ai ' Q1' S Z? Q: itil 1 K I fi? save' af' lx wt Q llll EPB ,..1 5-Q IL,-, S Site .gimf lay' EPB I believe that I was as much an authority as anyone before reporting to OCS. You Undersnoot, who lives down the street heard at party that I was coming here, and she spent a up near Newport not so many years ago. the adorable' weather, the cool summer sea breezes, and quiet atmosphere of good old Taunton Qthat's Newport you knowy are never to be forgotten. I forget those things when I got here on that Sunday, I still hope to see them. The picture that was presented to me on the Day was one of confusion amid new surroundings a seething mass of faces. The random barracks number- ing system and the seeming lack of organization was enough to "make a man shook" when he was already confused and uncertain. The main problem, however, soon resolved itself into that of Finding the chow hall. With this accomplished, things went along more smoothly. Going to bed at 10 o'clock - oops, I mean 2200 - seemed like a joke until somebody roused us out of bed at 0600 in the morning. The waiting in line was something new, especially when ,there were about 600 guys in front of me. This'I have never entirely gotten used to. I have only one consolation from the whole Uhingg there were 1000 of us in t'he same boat that day, and the boat was sinking. ' dmc My G GP nb 99 ok, 1144, Sw K9 dx- 14' A?" Q I V xo Jguwusno NO' . ,N 2 ,fffw - +V have .ff ' W '10 ,W4 Am. femur , 'mav Fm- - Snow: esp! A K E R C , i M P Ak N Y ll ,Q X Nll 1 I , K 5 , 5 . Q .A Xu I BCH nl v in I X ' " 25462 L A ' 1 Q-,, "Q-iw www M Z Q35 ,fQi51l'2jEi1fL:, tg, x , 'ufi,'Lg .v fifltfi l i ff' 1' , 1,1-iwiifw ww 'f ,H .- Mgr, "' sitagmfi-A: QW Q 'f my r-tv-is f 'Q-5-Qgxgljafif?-i'.',,,', I-QQ., 1 Nj, -4,--. 5 4 ,gsgtggixgwiyk iv 371 L .R s it ..:,11',.gi. 'fi hi .-3, , V 'gk .El Y wf,'M.g ga' ,,, , fr.. .4 . 1- 112, 'Wi,vfgff . 1 x- fi W 'f aw X 'ifiifi'-1?J'f'-1" TV. 'I "Clif, 71" ' ,. 1 my 29 Kits . ,, 'f' 1. 'WS??fW-revs is if-g . ., f. f ' -f:'i"4'1-'1-. :sv Xiu-ee1i?sf:.t Yfsf 1' If i "" v ': '.s91'3"',fI,:ii-'TW F 1 1 J -'ing -:h.rfQYF'f 4.11 mf , .i ff., ,m,-'.:f3e:Y'?5LMg 'Y i .n'nfzr1D5'?7'g'?'1 'Qi'F',Tl'ff.'?.:'Q"i 1-,pw -,A ' xgixy'-41:1 , . W f 1 ' om an E9 t R I0 y lcef' '1V35iifl'13a Li? ff Ep-.3-iff Q-ff fisf 1, Entering the Navy through the organized reserves in 1937, LT Lake went on active duty in the DD King in 1940. He received an appointment to the midshipman school at North- western University in 1944 and was connnissioned an Ensignf Mr. Lake spent the remainder of Wforld XfVar I1 in the Pacific Theatre aboard the DD Robinsrm. ' After the War, he transferred to the regular Navy and was assigned to tfhe destroyer USS Sarshcld as Communications Officer. He later served as Executive Officer in the PCEC 877 from 1947 to 1949 after which he commanded the PC 579, a training ship assigned to the Fleet Sonar School at Key VVest, Florida. He has been a menrber of the OCS staff since May, 1951. LT ROBERT H. LAKE WILLIAM J. KEITH, GMC Jdasf. omyaany Qf icer 'Chief Keith entered the Navy in 1940, taking his basic training here at Newport, R. l. Throughout tlhe Wzlr, he was stationed mostly in the Pacific area. He was a member of the initial Guadalcanal engagement while serving aboard the Battleship North Carolina, and from 1945 to 1948, he was aboard the Wyoming and Mississippi. , From 1948 to 1952, Chief Keith was attached to the Fleet Training Camp at Norfolk, Va. He returned to Newport to assume his present duties in July, 1952. In HOWARD D. ALLEN B-3 301 Clinton Rd. Brookline. Mass. Dartmottth College A.B., Economics THOMAS E. ANDERS B-5 863 Montrose Ave. Columbus, Ohio Ohio Sta-te University B.S., Marketing DONALD W. ANDERSON B-3 Box 75 Seabrook, Md. University of Maryland B.S., Business Administration MARK N. ARNOLD B-1 500 Allen St. Gilmer, Texas North Texas State College B.A., Biology ARTHUR R. ARRIGO B-l 2301 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Los Angeles, Calif. Los Angeles State College B.A., Political Science ROBERT O. BAKER B-5 3331 Benton Blvd. Kansas City, Mo. Missouri University B.A., Zoology PETER D. BALDWIN B-4 100825 Westwanda- Drive Beverly Hills, Calif. Stanford University B.A., Economics JAMES L. BANTA B-5 1408 jackson St. Chillicothe, Mo. University of Oklahoma Bachelor Business Administration RICHARD BARNHART B-2 Box 11103 New Alexandria, Pa. Millersville State Teachers College B.S.. Education, Mathematics sumslw of mswuzv B-3 Route Ong Muleshoe, Texas University of Texas B.A., Zoology 1 f li . 5 if "' la. f' 4 :f . A 4 9' te.. 0 rs GERALD S. BLOCK -B-2 5507 West Adams St. Chicago, Ill. Depaul University ILS., Commerce IVER HOGEN, JR. B-1 5l0l-28th Ave., South Minneapolis, Minn. Macalester College B.A., Sociology, Psycltology ROBERT W. BOGAN B-4 131 East Roland Rd. Chester, Pa. Pennsylvania State College Liberal Arts, Economics IRWIN D. BROWN B-5 234 East First St. Garnett, Kansas University of Kansas B.A., Zoology Bachelor of Laws JAMES 13. CAMPBELL B-4 7800 Reuter Dearborn, Mich. University of Michigan B.A., History DAVID C. CLARK B-4 2091 Golden Ave. Fresno State College B.A., Theatre Arts Long Beach, Calif. MARVIN H. COHEN B-1 532 Flatbush Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. Brooklyn College Brooklyn Lavw School LL.B., Law FREDERIC W. COOK B-I 901-27th St. University of South Dakota B.S., Business Administration Sioux City, Iowa GEORGE F. COUPERTHWAIT, JR. B-4 2 Ivanhoe Rd. Binghamton, N.Y. Hobart College B.A., Economics, Business Administration JOHN G. CURRAN B-3 I8S Broadwater Ave. Billings, Mont. Montana State- University B.S., Accounting HAROLD J. DAHL B-2 ll20 West Fifth st. Duluth, Minn. North-western .University B.S., Business A'd'ministra'tion JAMES T. DAILEY B-2 210 Lake Drive Ripley, Tenn. Florida' State University B.S., Business, Insurance 8: Real Estate ROBERT -F. DALY B-1 507 Winona Blvd. Rochester, N.Y. College of the Holy Cross B.S., Business Administration Cornell University ROGER J. DANIEL B-4 8217 Beverly Rd. Kew Gardens, N.Y. Syracuse University B.S., Accounting M.S., Accounting LLOYD N. DARDBN B-4 Route l, Box 34 Folmm, Calif. University of Colorado ILA., journalism J.llNIliS 0. DART B-2 Rte .712 Wapato, Wash. State College of Washington B.S., Mechanical Engineering CHliS'l'ER R. DAVIS, JR. B-2 Oakenwald Farm Wayne, Ill. Princeton University B.A., l'uhlie and International Affairs RICHARD l'. DlA.W B-5 5447 So. Cornell Chicago, Ill. Loyola University B.S., Humanities DOUGLAS M. DAYTON B-4 60 Andover Rd. Rockville Centre, N.Y. johns Hopkins University B.S., Business Administration cz. Rlcznrmim DEBOLT B-5 945 N. Renaud Rd. Grosse Point Woods, Mioh. University of Michigan BA., Economics M.B.A., Business Administration S A ' 'V I it 1' ,si 'lf fl Tw a ,. Ex. 'Swv li eRN1cs'r n. DELISIO B-3 5 East Wood St. Lowcllville, Ohio John Carroll University B.S., Business Administration i a NORllliR'l' F. DELVER B-3 l637 E. ll M. Rd. Royal Oak, Mich. University of North Dakota Oklahoma Agricultural' and Mccha'nieal Col- 9 lege A.ll., Meteorology and Geography ROllliR'l' C. DE'l"l'EN B-2 Route 2 Panhandle, Texas Texas Teelniologieal College B.S., Agriculture 404 Garden Afpartmcnts Claymont, Del University of Delaware Ba'chelor of Chemical Engineering DONALD R. DIETLIQIN B-5 247 Kcokuk St. Petaluma, Calif. University of California at Los Angeles B.A., Zoology FRANK E. DINILS B-4- 838 Lakeway Ave. Kalamazoo, Mich X Stanford University B.A., Hispanic American Studies DONALD H. DINGIER B-5 R.R. gil Kahoka, Mo. University of Missouri B.S., Agriculture DOYLE R. DINGUS - Martin, Ky. Berea College B.A., Mathematics DONALD li. DINNIQEN B-3 406 West Elm St. Brockton, Mass. University of Notre Dame B.A., Philosophy NEELY F. DIXON, JR. - 2ll North Central Ave. Belmont, N.C Davidson' College B.S., Economics G J , ERNEST S. DI-CKENS, JR. B-3 RUSSELL M. DOE B-1 P.O. Box 401 Visalia, Calif. University of California B.S., -Agriculture ROBERT B. DOLLISON B-4 181 Sutton Manor New Rochelle, N.Y. Columbia University B.S., Industrial Engineering DONALD H. 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University of Vermont B.A., Political Science MICHAEL D. EDER B-3 620 Eastern Ave. B21ltim0rC, Md- Catholic University of America' B.A., Philosophy ROBERT P. EDMAN B'5 215 Maple Ave. Sehastopol, Calif. San Jose State College A.B., Social Science JOHN W. EDWARDS B-2 4328 Bruner Ave. Bronx, N.Y Columbia College B.A., Social Studies 3' fi 27115 ff '5'?15'ffSfffflZfWm 'iff 'iiijjbivgif ngifiiflf 53.15. ' ' ' "' HARRY EKIZIAN B-5 4 y i, 1888 .Arthur Ave. Bronx N.Y. ' A A 1.2 City College of New York B.B.A., Merchandising Vigyj CHARLES M. ELLIOTT B-2 I ' 3807 North Chesterhrook Rd. Arlington, Va. .X Wzvyneshurg College B.S., Business Administration HENRY B. ERNST B-4 980 Vanclerpnol Birmingham, Mich. lvayne University B.S., Mathematics DONALD ERWIN B-5 220 Michigan A've. Hohairt, Ind. Ball State Teachers College B.S., Business Education RICHARD J. ESPLING B-3 3205 Ahnu Ave. Manhattan Beach, Calif. University of California at Los Angeles B..-X., Geography CH.-tRL1zs jf EVANS, JR. B-1 Post Clhce Box .-H6 Mount Hope, W.Va. Marshall College B.S., Geology If 1 t 45 . 5 r 'lg .6 Xt 'Y v 1 i 'S LAWRENCE L. EVOLA 33-44 Farrington St. Flushing, LI NY University of the The State of New York B.S., Education JOHN A. FAHNESTOCK 318-A South Reeves Dr. Beverly Hills Calif Stanford University B.A., Economics ROBERT J. FALK 2644 Glenlake Ave. Chicago Ill Illinois Institute of Technology ll.S., Mechanical Engineering CHARLES G. FARNHAM 2600 Nebraska St. Cornell College B.A., Economics, Busines THOMAS B. FARREY, JR. 913 Main St. Worcester Mass Worcester State Teachers College B.S., Education MARK X. FECK 2420 Jefferson Ave, South Norwood Ohio Xavier University A.B., Psychology C HARLES S. FEHR 4204 Ewing Ave., So. Minneapolis Minn University of Minnesota B.A., Economics DAN E. FENN 828 Lindsey Lane Tyler Texas Southern Methodist University Bachelor of Business Administration HUGH C. FERGUSON 42 Tyler Rd. Belmont Mass Hobart College B.A., History DONALD R. FIELDS 668 So. Sadler Ave. Los Angeles Calif Los Angeles State College B.A., General Science s Administration JOHN D. FINLAY, JR. Alco Hill Brewton, Ala. Emory University - Bachelor of Business Administraltion .',. RUSSIELI. H. FISHER Bl 24 Cadwalazler Terrace Trenton, N.J. Ilrsinus College .. B.S., Chemistry ' I JOSEPH G. FLANIGAN IOS Grasmere Rd. Bala-Cynwyd, Pa. Ilniversity of Pennsylvania B.S., Industrial Relations JOHN H. FLAUGH 6I0 Virginia Ave. Erie, Pa. I, University of Miami 5 V C B.B.A., Economics .ia , L ,t f-:MP "5 axe: iii!-3' rv W 'ajft f,Affcwrf"'v.i'gg WILLIAM H. FLEISCHMANN, JR. B-3 W ii Bar-B-Bar Ranch Jackson Hole. Wyo. 1, v University of Wyoming ' V 'BX B.S., Agriculture . -, ' NORMAN FLICKER B-4 If ll Waverly Place New York, N.Y. i . A New York University ,. - .xl A.B., Law LL.B., Law , ' V A JAMES J. FOLEY 3410 l7th Ave., North Birmingham, Ala. Woodstock College 4 C --ax, B.A., English . A- I CHONG-sum FONG B-3 .ff . 1342-A Sth A've. Honolulu, Hawaii ' California State Polytechnic College B.S., Electronics Engineering 49 Mr' WILLIAM J. FORCE B I l077 Schenectzuly Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. City College of New York B.S., Chemistry ROBERT P. FORRESTAL B 200 Claremont Ave. New York, N.Y 'X St. John's University B.A., Modern Languages I Q t , are-wi N! X . fi iv SYDNOR F. FOSTER, JR. B-1 Brookncal, Va-. University of Richmond B.A., Education PETER W. FOWLER B-4 W. Home Rd. Springfield, Ohio Witten-herg College B.A., History K Political Science Ohio State University I.I..B., Law LOYD FRANCIS, JR. B-l 5515 Holmes St. Kansas City, Mo. Missouri University B.S., Business Administration Stanford University B.A., Economics FRANK O. FRENCH B-3 1666 West 104th Place Chicago, Ill. University of Illinois B.S., Journalism DONALD S. FRIESZ B-5 iq 3874 Hyde Park Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio University of Cincinnati Bachelor of Business Administration' DUANE R. FRUETEL B-2 Long Prairie, Minn. Hamline Universitfy BA., English Education FORREST W. FRYER - The Pennsylvania State College B.S., Psychology JAMES T. GADDY B-2 3807 Avenue "H" Austin, Texas The University of Texas i Bachelor of Business Atllministration ll Tower St. Boston, Mass Boston College B.S., Business Administration LFIGH M. FREEMAN B-4 3905 Happy Valley Rd. Lafayette, Calif. Route .ffl Boyertown, Pa. JOHN E. CALLAGHER, JR. B-3 JOHN iw. CALLAGHER B-1 468 Hzrwthornc Ave. Webster GYOVCS, M0- Stanford University A.B., History CHARLES T. GANN Archer City, Texas Texas Technological College R ILS., Agriculture JAMES M. GARDNER, JK. B-2 2424 Brown Rd. Sl. L0lliS, M0- Westlninster College B.A., Economics ALLAN GARTENBERG 245 East Gunhill Rd, Bronx NY New York University Bachelor of Industrial Engineering JAMES R. GASSEN B-2 Gregory, S.D. South Dakota School of Mines K Technology Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering ROLAND GAUDETTE 45 Maple St. Sipcncer Assumption College B.A., Philosophy k Pre-Med Massachusetts College of Optometry PATRICK -I. CEL,-KRDI B-5 1820 Funston' Awe. San Frauncisco, Calif. University of California BA., Physical Education Sa-n Francisco State College M.A., Physical Education JA MES GERLOCK ll22-16th Ave. Altoona Pa Lock Haven State Teachers College B.S., Education ERNEST V. GERULES B-2 3505 S. Halsted St. Chicago, Ill. Loyola University B.S., History GENE GIANNI 3767 Brownsville Rd. Brentwood Pa Duquesne University B.S., Accounting B' Q JOHN 'r. oun.IN B-5 ' 1 209 Columbia Ave. Park Ridge, 111. 1- University of New Mexico Q Bawlielor of Business Adtniuistrattion v Q . MARTIN J. GIBSON. JR. 13.1 Q i 309 liztst 4 St. Brooklyn, N.Y Al2111l111llI1'11 College I A Bachelor of Civil Engineering 5 ' L A' 6.5. i, 1-:v1aRt-:'t"r W. otnnw B-4 3.5 'X K 3213 Binz Houston Texas Baylor University 11..-L. Gertnnn xl' U 'N 'P N WILLIAM GIDDIS B-3 ' i ' " 1829 Delwood Ave. Grand Rapids, Mich. , ' Western Michigan College 1 B.S.. Etl-1lCZlll011, Plrysicztl Education tk History G1 MA.. Secondzrry Adtninistration K Supervision f, . 'YHOMAS N. GILES B-2 1128-5th St. Santa Monica. Calif. Sttint M:try's College B.S.. Economics and Business Atlministration 41"- FRANK J. GILL1iSl'I1E, JR. B-1 1112 West Albion Ave. Chicago, Ill. , .N Loyola University B.S., Social Science iw f qv-:A fgptz yi' f 1 H1 RBIERT AI. GILLIS B-l 12. Tulpelioekcn St. Pliiludelpltizi, Pu. lctnple University 'D 'sics c 1' FRANK otokmwt B-1 4' Box 45:51 1Xlillslmot'o, 1":t. ' Watsliington X jefferson College B..'K., Political Science lil.I.I0'l' .X. G-OLDBIZRC B-3 359 Russett Rd. Brookline, Nluss. University of Alztbzunn .'X.B., 1're-Lzrw Boston University Law School ROBIQRT F. GOLDHAMMER B-3 Q 70 Juana St. Crestwood, N.Y. " Boston University B.S., Economics K, if RONALD P. GOOD B-2 520 Clay S-t. Cedar Falls, Iowa Iowa State Teachers College B.A., Business Education WALTER K. GORDON B-2 1543 Nostrand Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. Clafrk University B.A., English Literature WILLIAIM K. GORE B-1 310 Burney St. Lake Providence, La. Louisiana Polytechnic Institute B.S., Business Administration ROBERT P. GORRELL 13.5 200 Irving Place Greensboro, N.C. Duke University B.A., Economics G. MURRAY GREIER 13.2 2553 Via Rivera Palos Verdes Estates, Calif. Columbia College B.A., Business Administration JOHN B. GREGORY 'B-4 29-21 160 St. Flushing, N.Y Stevens Institute of Tech-nology Degree of Mechafnical Engineer KENNETH E. GJRISWOLD B-4 Langdon. N.D. North Dakota' Agricultural College B.S., Agriculture PETER S. GROSS, JIR. B-5 ll-H5 E. l9th St. Independence, Mo Westminster College B.A., Political Science Kansa University GEORGE W. GROSSIKOPF B-3 828 Washington St. Evanston, Ill. University of Illinois B.S.. Journalism IOI-PN R. GRIUBB B-2 l725 Summit Ave. Minneapolis, Minn University of Minnesota B.A., Journalism ,. . , J K , S iff-H wg 1oHN 1. Guv B-4 lfiff-A f . 1 2118 w. mm si. c1eve1am1, 01110 ii i 'V Illilll Carroll University ll.S.S.. Sociology ' I . i RICH.-KRD A. HALE 3.3 Q 3014 Viftlfinia Houston. Texas 1. llniversitv of Houston li.S., Geology J RALPH N. I-T!1I.L B-4 7146 S. Benton Katnsas City, Mo. ' Nortlrwestcrn University ' ILS., Business Acltninistration +A .1 1: S.. 'is ,i PAUI, I.. Hi.-XNSON, VIR. 'B-5 8520 VV. Calhoun Blvd. Minneapolis, Minn. Denison University RA.. Sncech Universitv of Cliicagn ' M.l3.A., Marketing 'l 0 vs ,i Q SHANT I. HAROOTUNIAN B-4 5336 Wwlnuu St. Philadclphiag Pa. ' Temple University js B.S., Edlucation tr' -' DON.-XID A. HARRIS B-5 IPO. Box 35l Princeton. Calif. K San Francisco State College A R..-X.. l"l1vsieal liclttcation ,I . General Seromiarv Credential g . g il 'U',S,,,fii?7' A.. E-S' ' - .xi ,V ,xigajgii RONIALD L. HARVEY B-3 24 77? I 50 Reynolds Place Newark, NJ. 1 'f Noruhtwestern University 'Z f B.S., Business Administration xx 5" ' ' JAMES T. HAWK B-4 A xl 2180 Ocoee St., N.E. Cleveland, Tenn. University of Tennessee LL.B. 1:1 . ' ,i.. ' 1:21 f i.11.f'f ' "i' . . . . - RA1 MOND w. HoL1.LN1s14.c:R B-5 A it 1228 Santa Fe Ave. Berkeley, Calif. - 1 ' University of Californizi N 7 V 1 B..-X. 'l'l'1lllSlD0l'lllli011 t S ' JOHN R. HORN1.-XDY, 111 B-4 Q 'i X 300 Soul-I1 Bloaclway Tarrytowtl, N.Y. I ,' f 0 I, University of Virginia - - 1 s B..-X., Psychology .I it Q, 9 -Xu' DAVIID B. HUDSON B-5 Point Lobos 130 Carmel, Calif. University of California at Berkeley B.A., Geography CHARLES F. JOHNSON R.R. gl Box 986 Hibbing, Concordia College B.A., Economics WIILLIAIM P. L'ANiE B-5 Route 1 Osprey, Fla. University of Florida B.A., Psychology M.A., Psychology NICK MlO'R:GlA'N 1719 Palumy-ral Rd. Warren, University oi Florida B,S., Business Administration STANLEY I. NELSON B-4 421 Long Beach Rkl. Rockville Centre, N.Y. Dartmouth College A.B., History Minn. B-1 A N ,', , . . ay... 1-W5 . N., 1 wifit., A t . .15 M Jxfrf sn A r ' . K if N B 4 ' Ohio ' . Wy :R6"2"1:'f f '2 3 ' if . Q airy . - . "',1Q?Q7T.iQQ ' it u .. 'eee ' 'N 'rw . iz K' A '- .A ,Q - F ---X , K. . ' ' M U 1 GAIRY E. ROBWINSON B-5 995 Oak St. Binghamton, N.YI St. Lawrence University B.A., Business Administration GEORGE B. SMITH B-5 Docrun, Ca. Emory University A.B., Law IJL.B. . l 1 1 Y 1 k.- -I s TL- ' A r Q sf' , A i.. '6 l Y I M , . ,tim In ,- -I je. . - U , qi 'tu' 'ffl Hi -r-Mgmt I lv U 'D 4 wr y " 1 ,Q -A . V -,. ,H ,1 -..1.,., f..,.i . .,,,.ilf AMN. 1 'F '1...'- . 'M ,,,,' .. uf ' , u-- . - , I , .M ,A W ,W ,ar Q ,Q MM A A I -4- V4 1 E, ' L I v'i-if-A ...., I y . f ,l , R " .4...wt 1: u ,, H 5 -f f ' , M., V ' R., ,V x '- wt, ,. v-A .I . . ,wr - , . 1, . - .,, ' -'l -' , l "' ' 7'- 'L' w "ffiL:T'4' - 1 ., W .P my ., if A A -Q Wf. Ak 'J I '-- ,rf y. i fb .li yxxwsy ,'- -5, , if . i, fr - 4 't f a- IQ ' . . 1 if -ve, "1.-71 4 M, 1 ,4 , af, --- R '-,mrzew ' ' . r Lg," - ' , -v:. W:::a""' f,-it f, " i ' ri, .. . -H fx ffll fv-QL "ilu 'ho' 'A - I Q X .X.' -na, ri-f t . , 'Q Q N . . "- f tis. 'N A V f 1' ' "'.'..1"" A-5 , ., - uf J f ,gf Xidpdr Out ol' the deep, dark depths of the barracks comes the cry ol' that rare and exotic bird, the seetion leader: "T-U-R-N 'I'-O-O-O!" For those initiated in the bird lore of the local area QOH. Cland. Scrhoolj this call causes strong men to tremble, cunning men to shudder, andlthe wise man to seek shelterg a Field Day has arrived. Out ol' his lair comes the section leader, armed with swabs, brooms, and soap, the likes of w-hieh few men can imagine. Those caught in the carefully planned attack are liable to punishments mueh worse than torture, for they concern psycho- logical treatment. Many are the men I have personally seen eontemzplating jumping out the windows wfhioh they were assigned to clean. pr' 7' If if f' i l . jg. 1 QA t it QE 5 t, Q, ? ,gn-sul V' f ff! 2 L- VZZQ T Zyr -. A, 'V WWW fk L , Af? ly! W 1 ' ' T: -'F-' 77 Clusteretl in little groups are men trying to stzty cleztr ol' the A'out,c:tsts" who must inove the hunks, :intl the swtthhers wfho are relegzttetl to the task ol' mopping. Dusting is usually the fztte of these. Luckily, it is the "nature ol' the bird" to he- cotne tlotzile :titer ztwhile :intl it is :tt this point that the ,work ceases ztntl tlztncing :intl singing begin. Everyone may then return to his happy existence with the reztssuring thought that not for :another week will the section letttler strike with Fieltl Day. , , Y L , Z. , -1 4 'r -90 '-'JSM .. n f ' . 'Ms .aif-Eff, 31 , ., ,,r,, ,, , - iv fml I - "V fx ,fn K it 1 b ,f HA RL ' . 2 n ex gg 5 o E ompang icer LT Febel began his military career in 1943 when he was inducted into the Navy. After completing boot camp and Class "A" Quarter- master School at Great Lakes, Illinois, he became a part of ship's company. In 1944 LT Febel received an appointment to the NROTC Program at the University of Michigan and received his commission as Ensign in 1946. After graduation his immediate duty was on the PC'581, an air sea rescue ship in the Carribean. He was released to inactive duty in 1947. As a member of the Organized Reserve unit in Cleveland, LT Febel was recalled in june 1951. He' reported aboard the USS Braine QDD 630j as communications and ASW Officer. In October 1952, LT Febel received his appoint- ment to OCS stall. LT WILLIAM J. FEBEL DANIEL L. BUCKLEY, TEC Jdaaf. giomlaany Uf icer Daniel L. Buckley, TEC, joined the Navy in Boston, Mass. in 1940, and has seen much service as a trainer ol recruits. ln 1944, he helped to turn the cruiser Milwaukee over to the Russian Fleet, finishing in time to serve oll the Normandy beach aboard the HMS Capetown. Back with the U. S. Navy in September, 1944 in the USS Pasadena, Chiel Buckley spent the remainder of his war years in the Pacific. From 1948 to 1950, he tratined recruits at Great Lakes and Newport, becoming a member ol the Ollicer Candidate School in 1951. THOMAS H. ADAMS, JR. C-4 101 Gcgrgg SL BI'lSl0l, COTIII. General Motors Institute Bachelor of Industrial Engineering HUGH H. A'NlDE'RSl0'N, C-4 523 South Fifth St. Niles, Mich. 'Western Michigan College of Educaition B.A., English Master of Arts WNILLIAIM D. BLACK C-1 287 N. Mountain Ave. Upper Montclair, NJ. Rutgers University B.S., Agriculture MAIRTIQN H. CURRIN C-l 9823 Preston Rd. Dallas, Texas Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical Col- lege B.S., Animal Husbandry W'IL'LI'NM R. EDWNARDS, JR. C-3 1538 East Chester Jackson, Tenn. Union University B.S., Mathematics L.'XWR'ENCE G. ELLIOTT C-4 4-23 Monroe St. Jefferson City, Mo. Missouri University B.S., B. K P.A., Accounting MORRIS- T. EVANS, JR. C-1 404 3rd A've., S.E. Pipestone, Minn. Augustana College B.A., History ik Political Science ROBERT W. FREEMAN C-2 108 Meadow Ct. Barberton, Ohio Mount Union College B.A., Business Administration JiAfMiEsi FRENCH C-2 1023 9th St. Rockford, Ill. Parsons College B.A., Social Science WILLIAM R. GALBRIAITH C-2 512 No, "L" St, Tacoma, Wash, Seattle University B.S.S., Economics, Accounting i X 6 ff - 'f-rs' :'f:"ff ,QPF W'W'PfJii ,. 'ff 525117: Q. -qygggfgf-3 ' ,- eg,tpf,'.,fiI?fQ.,'ax fgztfgk J- X ,,"Q.',"Hgav-LM swf, ' A ' f- ' ss: ffj iff, , - g. , i 5 -1 r , 4 . .1 4 Y 2 A s l C y f' . f. df' K QE. .J-N, " .igizw ,iz F sl' l X 653 X , 1 ' Q F' " wi 'fri ' . R iar:?3i?5.f -r " 2552543545 1' 1 9 . I KIUNNETH R. GA'RDN'ER C-4 208 Broadway Bayonne, NJ. Sl. l'eter's College B.S., Biology JOHN E. GOODING C.4 1719 Fixlini St. San Luis Obispo, Calif. California State Polytechnic College B.S., Biological Science HENRY J. GOOLSBY, JR. C-8 315 Hollywood Dr. jackson, Tenn. Memphis State College B.S., Business Administration WI'I.,LI'MNf XV. GRELIS C-l 8805 Delphine Rd. Wyndntoor, Pa. St. .Ioseplfs College B.S., Finance .-XL.-NN GROB C-5 104-21 68th Dr. Forest Hills, Queens, N.Y. Utica College of Syracuse University B.A., English RICHARD E. GUTHRIE C-5 2311 Piedtnont Ave. Berkeley, Calif. University of California B.S., Business Administration KENNETH R. HAAS C-3 Main St, Davwson, Pa. 'I'he l'enn'syl-vania State College B.S., Dairy Husbandry C-2 Conneaut, Ohio GEORGE W. HAKKIO 281 West St, University of Kentucky B.S., Mining Engineering WILBU-R B. H'.-x'L'E, JR. C-3 II25 West Locust St. Scranton, Pa. I'hiladelphia College of Pharmacy Ek Science B.S., Ph2l'I'IllZl'Cy DAVID P. HALL C-2 4355 N.E. 41st St. Portland, Orcg. University of Oregon I Bachelor of Business Administration TERRE-N CE E. HAILLETT C-3 112 Bassett Ave. SIwa'nt0I1, Ohio Toledo Universitty Bachelor of Law JOSEPH K. HIANDLER C-3 31 Revere Parkway Union College B.A., Social Studies Pittsfield, Mass. PAUL J. HNNSEN C-5 Moorhead, Iowa Iowa State College B.S., Physics 84 Mathematics FRtA'NCIS A. HANTZ C.3 Duryea, Pa. 220 Swetlancl St. State Teachers College, Bloomsburg, Pa. B.S., Education Temple University W-ILLIAANM T. H'AR'BIN C-2 411 Cherry Gadsden, Ala. Alabama Polytechnic Institute B.S., Agricultural Science W-ILLIAJM D. HART C-1 715 Lee St. Gastonia, N.C. Davidson College B.S., Business GORDON E. HASSELL C-5 202 Commerce St. Beaver, Pa. Colgate University B.A., Pre-Law, Philosophy WILLIS- G. I-PA'UGE'N C-3 1205 West 5th St. Wa-terloo, Iowa Iowa State Teachers College B.A., Social Science University of Minnesota M.A., Speech JOSEPH A. HAVLOVIC C-5 G10 Terrace Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio University of Cincinnati B.S., Ed-ucation THOMAS R. HIEANLY C-3 305 Eliot St, Milton, Mass. Brown University B.A., Economics , tx T .i l 3 -P ,vfta xt 3 MM, .A t 1, Q ,g 'UL ft' s iii 4 e W f . xiii I S. at 'S ' fix. kpc. ,. , M I M ,Il A , W.. I, fff. Q! :-.1 fi '1 t, N - v ' Y W Y I , ' K, W, , 5, G U 1 ANDREW N. HEINE C-I 315 E. 68th St. New York, N.Y. .fX'mherst College ILA., Political Economics Yale University IJL.B. JOHN L. HEINZELMAN C-2 3027 Crescent Dr. Columbus, Ohio Ohio Stalte University B.S., Agriculture RAYMOND A. HELGEMOE C-2 Route l, Box 184 Saginaw, Minn. University of Minnesota Il.S., Education Speech English I.. GENE HENDRLCK C-2 R-oute 32 McKinney, Texas North Texas State College ILS., Health, Physical Education K Recreation BRUCE C. HENDRICKSON C-5 iflyz Park Dr. Holdregc, Ncb. University of Nebraska A.B., Economics HARVEY E. I-IENJUM C-4 Hoffman, Minn. Moorhead State College ILS., Science ROBERT B. HENKLE C-1 6900 Cranrlon Ave. Chicago, Ill. Cavrleton College B..-X., Political Science CURTIS T, HENSON C-4 Wagar, Ala. Alalhama Polytechnic Institute B.S., English HAROLD C. HBRMAN C-3 607 West 136 St. New York,,N.Y. College of the Citiy of New York ILA., Comparative Literature MARTIN HERTZBERG C-2 125 East 18th St. Brooklyn, N.Y. New York University B.A., Chemistry JACK E. HlI:I. Box 2ll, Route l Michigan State College ILA., Speech k Radio FRED I. HILLS T Richland, Mich. lI00l So. Parnell Ave. Chicago, Ill. University of Illinois ILS., Education in WALLACE P. HINNANT Box G Ridgeway, S.C. University of South Catrolina ILS., Mathematics JAMES N. HOBBS 403 Main St. Ellicott City, Md. University of Maryland B.S., Insuralnec and Real Estate H liRllliR'l' W. HODGE 237 Mahcry Rd. Santa Monica, Calif. University of California at Los Angeles ILS., Finavntce Wi MARTIN R. HOEJFT I907-23 Street, S.E. Washington, D.C. Illinois Institute of Technology I ll.S., Industrial Engineering V 1 Mt' . VICTOR I-IOFI? C-5 35 Sterling Ave. Fort Thornas, Ky. " A University of Kentucky if Q 'A ig ' ll.S., llotany jg x ciaokcnc 1-. HOFFMAN C-5 V I y 124 Broad St. liatontown, NJ. f 'N Saint Francis College I .A V ILS., Biology "' ' - UIANIICS S. HOGFliI.ll'l' C-5 420 Roherl Ave. Rockford, Ill. Iowa State College ILS.. Sociology ROY S. HOLMICS 336 Garden Ave. Ml. VCYHOIL N-Y- llniversity of Oklahoma Bachelor of Business Administration D H WILLIAM E. HTOPPER, JR. C-3 ' A' 1, 'A 30 Elmwood St. Crafton, P11- - Pennsylvania State College fr .Q L ., ' , 1 ' 4 L it H- M y fy 'o,, V i BA Business Law 8. Management ROBERT G HORR C.1 h- if 84 Stanley St, Mt. Morris, N.Y. ' Brockport State Teachers College nm , L ti . 35,52 ' 3 B.S., Education X , ALBERT T. HOUGHTON C-4 83rd St. Harvey Cedars, NJ. Columbia Collegc A.B., Pre-Radio GEORGE A. HOWE C-3 X 179 Osgood St. North Andover, Mass. l to Bowdoin College B.A., Government H? HAROLD D. HOWELL C-2 Bruce. Miss. Mississippi State College B.S., General Algriculture c:oNmT HOWER C.1 Smith Ridge New Ca-na-an, Conn. , Williams College P , B.A., American History and Literature A s ' l PETER B. HOYT C-4 1758 South Stearns Dr, Los Angeles, Calif. University of Southern Californ-ia A.B., Sociology .IOHN A. HUCKS C-2 722 Dobbins St. West Palm Beach, Fla. University of Florida B.S., Pharmacy f . XVRIGHT H'UGUS, J'R. C-4 Forest Hills Wheeling, W.Va. , Duke University B.A., History ik Sociology West Virginia Universitly La.w School W. HOWARD HUMPHREYS C-2 526 North Austin St. Tulia, Texas North Texas State College Bachelor of Business Administration BURT H. HUNLEY C-2 4113 Houmas SL, D0l12lidS0llViiiC, Lil. Louisiana State University B.S., Education HILTON W. HUNTER C-5 l00l St. Andrews Dr. Midland, Mich. Michigan- State College B.A., Business Administration IP MICHAEL s. IGO c-5 213 Evergreen St. Southga-te, Ky. f 'Q 1. J J' I, Villa Madonna College 'FN . "N A.B., History, Political Science 3-7 , . ' J ha 6, Louis F. IM'BROG'N0 c.4 122 Valentine St. Mount Vernon, N.Y. Q Middlebury College B.A., Political Science WILLIAM B. IMHOLT, JR. C-5 80 Ashfield Rd. Atherton-, Calif. Stanford University B.A., History MIILES R. INIGBJER C-2 Wynnewood Plaza Apts. Wynnewood, Pa. U-niversity of Pennsylvania B.S., Pre-Law sf' 'IWAIJCOTT L. ING-RAHAIM, JR. C-5 39 South Elm St. Wallingford, Conn. University of Connecticut B.S., A'griculture FRANK RJIRBY C-2 1004 Joliet st. ' Plainview, Texas North Texas State College Balchelor of Business Ad'ministrat'ion DONALD M. JACK, JR. c-3 86 Willow St. Garden City, N.Y. ' , Princeton University ' Wx A.B., History 1' C ' , 5 J 4 CRAWFORD G. JACKSON c-1 1132 Virginia A've. Aitlanta, Ga. E'lll0l'y University A.B., Biology 1 .. A all 4,1 511 2: G CARLE TON W. JACOB C-3 202 West Sth St. Plainfield, N.J. Princeton University A.B., Psychology ALFRED H. JAMES C.2 Route One Trinity, Ala. Alavhama Polytechnic Institute Bachelor of Elecrical Engineering fCommu- nications Optiony NICHOLAS JAMOULIS C-3 765 Bedford St. Fall River, Mass. Marietta College B.A., Economics ROBERT M. JIMENEZ C'-5 604 12th Ave. San Francisco, Calif. San Francisco State College B.A., Education JAMES S. JOHNSON, JR. C-3 G56 Whitney Ave. New Haven, Conn. Colorado College B.A., Economics PETER B. JOHN'STONE C-3 83 Grosse Pointe Blvd. Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. University of Michigan B.A., Clinical Psychology J. HARRY JONES, JR. c-4 409 W. 67th Terrace Kansas City, Mo. Beloit College B.A., English Composition IRWIN W. JORDAN C-4 1931 Thornton Ct. Alexandria, La. Louisiana Polytechnic Institute B.A., Economics WILLIAM: JOSEPH C-3 730 So. 59th St. Philadelphia, Pa. Drexel Institute of Technology B.S., Mechanical Engineering ROBERT F. JOYCE C-3 322 East 15th St. Scottsbluff, Neb. University of Notre Dame Bachelor of Architecture CHARLES A. JUNE C-l 1615 Grand Blvd. Schenectady, N.Y. Allegheny College B.A., Business Administration ALFRED F. KAI-IN C-l 3344 Fort Independence St. New York, N.Y. City College of New York B.S., Edfucation Columbia University, 'l'ca'chers College Master of Arts ARNOLD I. KAISER C-1 I57 Brown Ave. Holyoke, Mass. American International College B.S., Business A-d'minist'ration GEORGE KAMPSCHAEFER, JR. C-5 l40 Orchard St. Mididletown, Ohio Purdue University B.S., Metallurgical Engineering CHARLES K. KA-NE C-5 2l8 Center St. Princeton, W.Va. West Virginia University A.B., History JERALD L. KATLEMAN C-3 2328 N. 55 St. Omaha-, Neb. Babson. Institute B.S., Business Ald'lninist'rat'ion IRA L. KEATS C-3 126 Sanhican Dr. Trenton, NJ. Brown University B.A., Psychology University of Pennsylvania Law School GEORGE W-. KEELING C-2 3205 Stan-ford Dallas, Texas Southern Methodist University Bachelor of Business Administration BOBBY C. KELPE C-2 219 S. Minnesota Cape Girardeau, Mo. Southeast Missouri State College B.S., Education WILLIAM KENNEY C-4 22 Vassar St. Srpringfield, Mass. St. Miehael's College B.A., Economics gt ,L Q, t W -M ww wfw wfi- rg iw, f l ' ' S i L A fgffff fri A K 4: X A 1 1 12 , G ,, .f h A , .Q if c JOSLPH D KIERNAN C-3 1022 Mirabeau Ave. New Orleans, La. Southeastern Louisiana College B A Business Administration KENNETH R. KIMBALL, JR. 0.5 I2 Walniut St. Baldwinsville, N.Y. New York State University, Teachers College B.S., Industrial Arts Education PI-IIIIIP E. KING C-5 R I' D .-ffl Liberty, Mo. William Jewell College AB Psychology FRANCIS A. KING-SLEY C-3 171 Larch Ave. Bogota, N.J. Babson Institute B.S., Business Administration, Accounting Columbia University Graduate School of Business HOW XRD S. KLAPPER C-1 805 Seneca Ave. B1rooklyn,N.Y. George Washington University A B Political Scien-ce St Johns University Law School IIRWIN J. KLEINERT, JR. C-4 230 Main St. Rockford, Mich. University of Michigan A.B., English Literature ROBI R'I B. KLING C-2 Ridge Xcres Rd. Darien, Conn. I llc University BS Industrial Administration JXMES C. KLOHUCHIER C-5 2717 Franklin Ave. Seattle, Wash. University of California at Santa Barbara B..-K., Economics JOHNI C KLOS C-5 'lb Reservoir Place Belleville, N.J. St Vincent College B X Political Science lotdham University Law School Bichclor of Lalw IIEON.-XRD F. KNIER C-4 103-4 Ave. So. St. Cloud, Minn. St. Cloud Sta-te Teachers College B.A., Business Adiministration IYALTIBR KNIPP C-2 44-5 No. Drury Kansas City, Mo. St. Louis Theological Seminary B.A., Philosophy CHARLES E. KNUDSEN, JR. C-5 1108 South Crescent Ave. Park Ridge, Ill. Northwestern University B.S., Business Aldininistration ROY KOCH C'-5 cfo Hudson View Gardens New York, N.Y. Cornell University B.A., Linguistics JOHN R. KOCHENBACH C-3 301 McKinley A'vc. Avalon, PGH, Pa. Duquesne University B.S., Business Administration WILLIAM J. KRUER C-4- I27 Youell Ave., S.E. Grand Rapids, Mich. Michigan State College Il.A., Business Administration JEROME Z. KUNZE C-1 97 Woolsey Ave. Glen Cove, N.Y. Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn Balclielor of Electronics Engineering MATTHEW KURILICH, JR. C-3 8555 Via Amorita St. Downey, Calif. Occidental College B.A., Education EDWIN S. KUROPATA C-I 5316 Kansa-s St. Houston, Texas University of Houston B.B.A., Alccounting ALFRED KURZENHAUSER C-l 4624 Wilder Ave. New York, N.Y. Webb Institute B.S., Naval Architecture Ek Marine Engineer- ing FRANK E. 'L.-xwRENcE, J-R. 0.3 6332 Patton Ave. Nashville, Tenn. David Lipscomb College B.S., Business A-diministration V gf, U BENJAMIN H. K. LEE C-1 Box 3732 Honolulu, T.H. Chaqmnnnm College B.A., General Science JAMES LEMEZIS C.1 38216 N. Port Washington Rd. Apt. 6 Milwalukee, Wis. Milwaukee School of ,Engineering Il.S., Electrical Engineering LLOYD F. LEONARD C-3 1607 Morgan N. Minneapolis, Minn. Macalester College 13.A., Biology and Chemistry ARLEN C. LEVY C-5 5805 Narcissus Ave. Baltimore, Md. University of Maryland ILS., Pre-Physical Therapy PAUL S. LEWIS, JR. C-1 1306 East Power Sit. Victoria, Texas Baylor University ll.A., Journalism HOWARD L. LEWIT C-4 2220 Burnett St. Brooklyn, N.Y. New York University B.S., General Science, Educavtion M.A., Elementary Education GEORGE B. LEYDEN, JR. C-1 2806 Monroe Afve. Baton Rouge, La. Sewanee, The University of the South ll.A., Economics DONALD R. LICHTENBERGER C-l 104 East 'l'hirteenth St. Chicago Heights, Ill. University of Illinois B.S., General, Chemistry PAUL E. LIEBLER C-5 417 Hamilton St. Ogldensburg, N.Y. Manhattan College B.A., Economics DANIEL F. LIGHTON C-2 1408 N. El Paso Slt. E1 Paso, Texas 'Veaias Western College ILS., Civil Engineering HAROLD D. LIMBAUGH C-5 Glen Allen, Mo. Southeast Missouri Sta-te College B.S., Education RICHARD E. LIMOLI C-1 565 Ft. Washington Ave. New York 33, N.Y. Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn Bachelor of Chemical Engineering SCOTT W. DIPPINNCOTT C-4 106 Station Alve. Haddon Heights, NJ. Gettysburg College A.B., Economics GERALD H. LONG C-l l0ll Midway St. Middletown, Ohio Ohio State University B.S., Marketing HARRY LUCAS C-1 l5l3 Catherine St. Harrisburg, Pa. University of Pittsburgh B.S., Industrial Engineering STANLEY G. LUSH C-4 I0 West St, Galcton, Pa. University 06 Michigan Baohelor of Business Aklfniinistration JOHN E. LUTHER C-5 362 South Main St. Memphis, Mo. Central College B.A., History IAN M. McIN'l'OSH C-2 Ford Rd. Westport, Conn. Yaile College B.A., Literature, Philosophy and the Arts GERALD F. MCKENZIE C-4 Tralake, Miss. Mississippi College B.S., Business Administration GERARD J. MITCHELL C-3 217 Bloomfield St. Hoboken, NJ. Stevens Institute of Technology Mechanical Engineer Degree t M.S., Mathematics and Physical Science -zigwff: Wifi? 'L JOHN H. MOORE, II C-1 120 Wells St. Westlield, NJ. Syracuse University B.S., Business Administration RONALD M. NELSON C.5 Friday Harbor, Wash. Central Washington College B.A., Education B.A., Business Econofmim THOMAS W. OLSON C-4 Mid-Oak Dr., Interlaken North Muskegon, Mich. Michigan State College B.A., Business Aldlministration JAMES S. ROBINSON - C-2 151 Crosby Ave. Kenmore, N.Y. Hamilton College A.B., Psychology GEORGE D. SMITH C-1 522 Elm St. Frederick, Md. The Johns Hopkins University B.E., Electrical Engineering JOHN L. SMIITH C-5 265 Dearborn St. Berne, Incl. Indiana' University B.S., Business JACK H. STEPHAN C-4 14150 Alma A've. Detroit, Mich. Michigan State Norma-1 College B.S., Education JAMES O. SULLIVAN C-2 165 Center Ave. Abington, Mass. Worcester Polytechnic Institute B.S., Electrical Engineering DAVID R. TUFENKJIAN C-1 541 Putnam Ave. Cambridge, Mass. Harvard University A.B., American History BILL A. WILLIAM-S C-3 1600 Providence Rd. Charlotte, N.C. University of North Carol-ina B.S., Business Administration. CH'A:R'LIES G. WILSON 8329-l7lh Avc. N.W. Univcrsi by of Vfushinglon Adminislrzvtion Scnlllc, Bulchclor of Business EDWAlRD H. HL4SL'A'M', JR. 1922 Rocky Hollow Rd. jlalck-sonville Stalbe College B.S., Business Aidminfism-ation , l l 121- we Wd' P I. L f V 'T 'I ' Armisuon, Ala. rug, , F' f 'J 55 X I cf if I n if if' , R135 EPB UW Lgjooaf :Ebay F XA in X -kt l X lv .-1? 'L ug L. X :- Y 3 ll! tl tl' my 492. Wednesday dawned clear and cool and to early risers promised to develop into '1 beautiful day Also rising at 0600, with bleary eyes and foggy minds, 45 were nine hundred men of the first i battalion, OCS. They promised to de .4 . velop into nothing more than confused 'Q and gniping personnel. However, the H magic of a young spring day managed i to creep into their veins and not long after breakfast most were in the throes of a mild spring fever. It seemed as if' Engineering was the Hrst class, a formidable course, butt, fortunately, we ' were shown a movie during which we i ' could, with discretion, fall asleep or watch, as the spirit happened to hit us. Two study periods and one more class Hnished out the morning with a flourish. The instructors spared the quiz and spoiled the class. the sun was shinning on the OC's at last. 1 The two afternoon classes were pleasant enough, although we thought it rude of the instructor to awaken us with his loud voice at times. The remaining two hours which were allotted to drill were taken up with a lecture and movies by the First Aid department. . i Alter supper came a game of ping-pong as a prelude to evening studies. A realization that half the week was over was not conducive to study, so we learned much about the chances of man living on the moon as ex- pressed by various men in the section. However a few to at least a week of raiin. El i' things were studied and learned for the next d,ay's classes. The expectation of Thursday being as nice as today was very small, since the one good day now entitled us if 'Ili ll i 1 Ill! If I X X K , AX XXX l 'xt N Y ' .7 i ts Z 5 'tmtwlll I EPB ALL secune AND NO unusum. occunnuces , suz I O OG YL- I' up X 6 ,w i' Q, 'Q ' 'A' J' -s-w . .. ' Q ' 2-:K F sl-' 347 ,""X. 4 . Q it "LW . . fs, -'Ou-,. 'a q. I . . ' ,Q sux- 4 42- . 'xrw ' 1 av Aww A . My ,.., 4, x ,. .wg N H-w-.,..g, ,,..4.,. . N -W., ' Mn... 'Q ' .- A.. Q., Q' i ,. . Y Q, ,, omfaany icer LTJG Nalley was commissioned through the V-12 program at Columbia University in 1945. His first assignment was at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as a Boat Officer. Following the war he returned to school at Vanderbilt University, where he majored in Chemistry and Physics, and distinguished him- self on the gridiron. Quite widely feared for his prowess in running back punts, he set a national record in 1948 and was elected to the All Southeastern Conference in the same year. He graduated with a BA. degree in 1949 and thence transferred his academic pursuits to phy- sical education at Peabody College. He received his masters degree in 1950 and was recalled to active duty in the Spring of 1951. LTJG LEE NALLEY, JR. CHESTER G. LEUTZINGER, BMC .XQJJL 60h'l,9al'ly C Cel' Chester G. Leutzinger, BMC, joined the Navy in 1935 and took boot training in San Diego, California. He spent four years on destroyers in the Pacific, and in 1939 was transferred to China. Chief Leutzinger spent the early years of lfVorld Wlar ll driving a truck on the Burma Road whenlthe armed forces were trying to push supplies through the strangled lines from Ran- goon to Chungking. After 1943 he served aboard several destroyers, a transport attack ship, and fleet LllgS. He came lo Newport from the mine- layer Shea. GERALD B. DAVIS D-5 3621 Rawnsdale Rd. Shaker Heights, Ohio Ohio University B.S., Journalism PHILIP H. ELLIOTT, JR. D-1 2763 Derwent Dr. Roanoke, Va University of Virginia Lalw School Roalnoke College B.A., English JAMES H. GANNON, JR. D-5 215 High St. Clinton, Mass. St. Michael's College -B.S., Business Aldministration HAROLD T. HAGAN, JR. D-5 839 Colonial Ct. Birmingham, Mich. University of Michiga-n B.S., Aeron-aiutical Engineering GARY E. HALL D-4 Big Basin State Park Big Basin, Calif. San Jose State College B.A.', Biological Science ' PALMER O. HANSON, JlR. D-2 715 East Fifth St. Redwood Falls, Minn. University of Minnesota B.S., Engineering MARVIN A. HEIER D-5 8ll East 88th St. Suite 32 Cleveland, Ohio John Carroll University B.S., Social Science, History PETER P. HUNTER D-3 lll 5th St. Fowler, Colo Western State College A.B., Mathematics ROBERT F. JACOBS D-1 1622 President St. Brooklyn, N.Y. Brooklyn College BA., Economics ROBERT. E. JAMISON D-l Boerne, Texas Southern Methodist University B.B.A., Finance JXCK I.. JOHNSON 'D-4 33790 W. Luke Rd. Avon Lake, Ohio Denison University B.A.. Government, Pre-Law Western Reserve tinivcrsity Lanv School Q Waisliinglon K Lee University RICHARD L. JONES, JR. 13.2 89-4 Ferne Blvd. Drexel Hill, Pa. B 9 , Commerce ROBERT E. KELLS D-1 2460 W. Medford Ave. Milwaukee, VVis. University of Wisconsin B.S., Economics JOHN J. KELLY D-3 263 Kingston Afve. Brooklyn, N.Y. St. Jol1n's University B.A., History Fordham University I Yl'RlCK KILEY D-4 lllil Daisy Ave. Long Beach, Calif. Long Beznrli Slate College B..-X., Business Administration ROBERT KING D-5 2758 Holland Ave., Bronx N-ew York, N.Y. City College of New York Q B.B.A., Accounting ROBliR'l' L. LACE D-3 302 Bellevue Rd. Redlands. Calif. llniversity of Rezllands B..-X., Sociology yxmias M. LANG D-4 l0857 Wellworth Ave. Los Angeles, Calif. University of California B.S.. Pliysical liduca-tion JOSEPH 'l'. LANCLAIS, JR. D-2 506-2nd Ave. So. St. Cloud. Minn. Sl. John's University l B.A.. Social Sciences, lre-Law GEORGE R. IANGSHAW D-4 7ll West Iron Ave. Salina, Kan. Kansas State College of Agriculture and Ap- plied Science B.S., Business Administration, Accounting CHARLES H. LARKINS, JR. D-3 Harvey Circle KiDSI0I1, N.C- Wafke Forests College Bachelor of Business Administration MARVIN L. LARSEN D-5 230 University St. Crystal Lake, Ill- St. Olatf College B.A., History, Economics DURWOOD LASI-IBROOK D-l G19 South Moore St. Algona, Iowa Iowa Stale Tezrchers College B..-X., Business Education RICHARD A. LAU D-4 3045 Woodsdale Blrvd. Lincoln, Nebr. University of Nebraska B.S., Business Administration OIVEN LAVVLOR D-4 6432 Hartwell Dearborn, Mich. University of Michigan ILA., English Literature WILLARD H. LEAVENS D45 2028 Addison Rd. Houston, Texas University of Houston B.B.A., General Business DEMETRIUS C. LECAKES D-3 I8-05 21 Rd. Long Island City, N.Y. New York University B.S., Business Administraltion GEORGE F. LEDDER D-3 234 Chestnut St. Roselle Park, NJ. Rutgers University B.S., Agriculture WAI-TON F. LE MAY D-5 2005 Llllll Sl. Trenton., Mo, University of Missouri, Slchool of Law LL.B., Laiw ROBERT P. LENAHAN D-4 559-83 St. Brooklyn, N.Y. Saint John's University B.B.A., Management 'ii 1, 3- -vw i,- . 'L wit' 4 Y? va 33266 tw 'Y 1' :M Wk, , , e 1 ' t ss, kk'-Ji sfo. I . 1.1 .ij N, RICHARD C, LENZ D-1 Box 502 Elk River, Minn. St. Cloud State Teachers College BA., Social Science JOSEPH LESHICK D-2 Star Route, Colt's Neck Freehold, NJ, Princeton University ILA., Sociology ROBERT S.'LEVEY D-2 71 East 77 St. New York, N.Y. Vanderbilt University BA., Business Administration MYRON A. LEVIN D-1 279 West Elm St. Brockton, Mass Washington University A.ll., Political Science J.-KN E. LIDDY D-5 34 South Morningside Dr. Binghamton, N.Y. 'St. Lawrence University l'5.A., Economics WILBUR LILLING D-3 2260 Olinville Ave. New York, N,Y. Brooklyn College B..-X., History ROBERT C. LONG D-5 720 W. 77 St. Kansas City, Mo. University of Kansas City ll.A., Sociology EDMOND K. LUCITT D-3 860 N. Kenmore Arve. Hollywood, Calif University of Southern California B.S., Commerce RAYMOND J. LUTTS, JR. D-2 7202 Wayne Ave. Upper Darby, Pa. University of Delalware ILA.. Dramatic Arts DAVID li. LYNN, JR. D-3 46 Glenn Rd. Larehmont, N.Y Colhy College A.B.. History, Government, .and Economics ROBERT E. LYNN D'2 1776 Frankilin Ave. Columbus. Ohio Capital University A.B., Social Science WILLIAM R. MACLAY D-4 158 Eaist 81 St. New York, N.Y. Williams College B.A., Philosophy PHILIP E. MACY D-5 312 East Main Edmond, Okla. Central State College B.S., Business Education WILLIAM H. MADARA D-2 I5 Clifton Arve. Merchantville, N.J. Guilford College B.A., Economics JAMES C. MADDE-N D-4 108 Heniry SI, GIIICSPIC, III. St. Louis University B.S., Commerce WILLIAM D. MAGEE D-5 Eolia, Mo. Missouri University B.S., Accoun-ting M.A., Accounting PAUL A. MAGUIRE D-2 235 North Chelsea Ave. Atlantic City, N,J. Temple University B.S., Education KENNETH J. MAHER D-5 587 Leonard St. Brooklyn, New York, N.Y. St. J0hn's University B.S., Chemistry Niagara University M.S., Chemistry ALFRED L. MALABRE, JR. D-5 1105 Park Ave. New York City, N.Y. Yale College A.B., English JAMES E. MALONE, JR. D-2 130 Summit Ave. Upper Darby, Pa. St. Joscph's College B.S., Marketing Q 1 L 59' s 3 ' ,p t v 1 .fu . , LEMUEL' c. MANNING D-3 'li 'Diff' 1 1 37 Dinwitlclie St. Portsmouth, Va. , :4'F'iN. 1 William and Mary College f I vs Q amz " ,Q . A.B., B.C.L., Law , .3 A Francisco, Ind. Q W ' f' Evansville College K r B.S., Electronic Engineering Q: .., . ..,,,,. ...-.... GLENN C. MAPES D-4 739 W. 3rd St. Chico, Calif. Chico State College B.A., Elementary Education ALAN F. MARBLESTONE - 890 So. Cleveland St. Paul, Minn q Universitfy of Minnesota 4 Bachelor of Business Administration EDWIN M. MARGOLIN D-2 1311 Montelllo Ave., N.E. Washington, D.C. Wilson Teachers College B.S., Education ARNOLD M. MARROW - 60 Kensington Cir. Brookline Mass ll' V Syracuse University Q A B.A., Journalism ' K, , 7 Boston University Law School l .. Law DOUGLAS L. MARTIN D-4 1208 So. Williams St. Denver, Colo. University of Colorado B.A., Geology A University of Illinois B.S., Journalism, Advertising ALAN 0. MAXWELL D-4 2601 West Howe Seattflc, Ivash. University of Washington B.A., Political Science B.A., Chemistry I Stanford University l 6' M.S., Chemical Engineering A MITCHELL C. MANS D-2 VAHOG MATOESIAN D-5 X 1725 Walnut St. Granite City, Ill IRENEE D. IWAY D-3 R.F.D. .ffl Wilmington, Del it Williaims College DONALD G. MAYBERRY D-4 R.D. gl, Box 448 New Castle, Pa. Westminster College Bachelor of Business Adfministration DAVID M. MASSIE D-1 211 N. Broadway Lexington, Ky. Yale University B.A., Philosophly FRED R. MASON D-1 - 1417 South 5th East Salt Lake City, Utah University of Utalh B.F.A., Art k Advertising EUGENE W. MCCARTI-IY D-2 Green Isle, Minn. St. john's University B.A., Business Aid-ministra-tion DUNCAN P. McGILLIVARY D-3 2334 Vine St. Klamath Falls, Oreg. University of Oregon B.S., Political Science University of Denver DONALD C. MECKERT D-3 16 Orsini Dr. Larrchfmont, N.Y. New York Sualte College of Forestry Bachelor of Forestry WARREN E. MEI-ILE D-2 9531 5th Awe. A Inglewood, Calif. George Pepperdine College B.S., Business Afdfministration HENRY L. MEINERS, JR. D-l 413 N. Brady Arve. Montebello, Calif. University of California B.S., Agricultural Economics STANLEY MENAS D-2 2634 Lunt Ave. Chicago, Ill. Bradley University B.S., Business -Administration FRANK S. MER-EDITH, JR. D-l 85 North Evergreen Ave. Woodbury, NJ. Bucknell University A.B., Political Science fx .f E x C 1-..- fu.- ty , I- f ' Q . At. 1 iigfrpsxlv ' 5' ,I JULE F. MERKEL D-5 3228 Clevelan'd I-Ights., Blvd. Lakeland, Fla University of Florida I B.S., Business Asdministration, Marketing ROGER W. MERRITT D.2 113 Gum St. New Lenox, Ill. Iowa State College B.S., Forestry HARVEY R. MERROW D-2 112 Chestnut St. Lyninfield Center, Mass. Boston University B.S., Business Aldlministration GORDON W. MESLEY D-4 1123 West 20th Cedar Falls, Iowa Iowa State Teachers College B.A., English DONALD M. METZLER D-2 3854 N. Hoyne Avve. Chicago, Ill. Carleton College B.A., Economics .UOHIN K. MIELKE D'-5 LaFayette, Minn. Gustavus Adolphus College B.S., Biology JAMES E. MILLS D-1 150 Collingwood Dr. Rochester, N.Y. Syracuse University B.S., Retailing 1 HAROLD N. MINICK D'3 503 W. Madison St. Gibsonsburg, Ohio University of Michigan B.S., Design NORMAN A. MINOLA D-1 702 Hamilton' St., Carlin, Nev. University of Nevada B.S., Business Administration RONALD F. MITCHELL D-5 3207 37th Ave., S.W. Seattle, Wash. Yale University B.A., Chinese Area Studies EUGENE L. MITTELGLUCK D-4 615 West l83rd St. New York, N.Y. Brooklyn College B.A., Sociology FLOYD A. MITTLEMAN D-l 3128 Wilson A've. Chicago, Ill Nortlhern Illinois State Teachers College B.S., Ed-ucation ROY L. MOCK D-2 Pocahontas, Airk. University of Arkansas B.S., Business Administration RICHARD E. MONTAG D-3 1820 Ave. N. Brooklyn 30, N.Y. Utica College of Syracuse University B.S., General Business Brooklyn Law School DONNELL H, MONTGOMERY D-l 5l1'7 Montezuma St. Los Angeles, Calif. University of Southern California A.B.,4 Political Science JACK D. MONTGOMERY D-3 1735 South Wheeling Tulsa, Okila University of Tulsa ILS., Geology H. DOUGLAS MOOERS, JR. D-4 6100 Hanbord Dr. Oakland, Calif. University of California B.S., Business Administration CLIFFORD D. MORAN D-4 Route 4, Box 134 Little Falls, Minn University of Minnesota B.A., Business lk Economics ROBERT D. MORDECAI D-3 26 Magnolia A've. Newton, Mass. Ripon College A.B., Chemistry LAWRENCE Y. MOREHEAD D-1 121 Clevelasnd Ave., N.W. Camden, Ark Southern Methodist- University Bachelor of Business Administration DEAN R. MORFORD D-4 Pequot Lakes, Minn. North Dakota Agricultural College B.S., Science Education THOMAS R. MORGAN D.3 2843 Mallery St. Flint, Mich, Ferris Institute ' B.S., Chemistry JOHN P. MORIARTY D-5 255 Van Houten A've. Passaic, N.-I. Fordham Universitfy B.S., Enoglish Literature! JOHN D. MORRISEY D-1 3464 North Newhall St. Milfwaukee, W-is. Marquette University Bachelor of Philosophy H'OWARD M. MORSE D-2 379 South Parkfway ' Clifton, NJ. Lehigh University B.S., Business Administration FRANK P. MORSILLI D-2 40 Ferncliiif Ave. Nort-h Providence, R.I. University of Rlhode Island B.S., Business Aldlministration, Pre-Latw ANSLEY H. MOSES D-1 200 North Hermitage Ave. Lookout Mountain, Tenn. Davidson College B.S., Business Administration WILLIAM E. MOSIER D-5 1913 N. 77th Ave. Elmwood Park, I11. Loyola University B.S., Commerce, Marketing THURLE E. MOSS D-4 715 West 7th Ave. Denver, Colo. University of Colorado B.A., Chemistry WILLIAM R. MOYER D-3 1153 Penn Aeve. Wyomissing, P21 Albriglht College B.S., Economics JAMES J. MULCARE D-4 1590 Union St, Schenectady, N.Y. U-nion College B.S., Psychology WILLIAM MULLINS 1445 Thousand Oaks Blvd. Albany Calif University of California B.S., Electrical Engineering CRAIG M-ULLIGAN D-l 54 Maple St. Attlefboro, Mass. Georgetown University B.S'.S., History PATRICK H, MULLOY 524 N. 6th Stapl Unaiversity of North Dakota. Bachelor of Lalws CHARLES W. MUNROE D-2 P.O, Box 164, Farralon and Channing Way Sharp Pavrk, Calif. Humboldt State College B.S., Wildlife Management FREDERICK A. MUNTER 3637 Patterson- St. Washington DC University of Tennessee B.S., Ak:coun'ting FREDERICK C. MURNANE D-l 579 Rutherford Awe. Trenton, NJ. Bucknell University B.A., Economics EDWARD MURPHY 1224 High'ma'n St. Pittsburgh Pa University of Pittsburgh B.A., History, French ALLEN H. MYERS D-5 11.11. 42 Kell, Ill. Southern Illinois University B.A., Geography PETER S. MYKRANTZ 2655 Brentwood Rd. Columbus Ohio Williams College - B.A., American History SAMUEL I, NAHOUM D-3 1936-63rd St. Brooklyn 4, N.Y. Brooklyn College B.A., Chemistry , J' X St. Olaf College , f B.A., Mathematics 8: Chemistry KINGSLEY W. NASH D-8 207 E. Irwin St. Bad Axe, Mich. Michigan State College B.S., Geology WILLIAM R. NEEDHAM - 2709 Spring Gafrrlen St. Greensboro, N.C High Point College B.S., Biology LE MOYNE R. NELSEN D-4 So. Shore Dr. Albert Lea, Minn. Dana College B,S., Chemistry ROBERT L. NEWMAN - 1228 Ardcc Ave. Nashville Tenn A Maryville College B.A., History ALBERT T. NEWTON D-2 R.R. l, Box 66 Homestead, Fla. University of Florida B.S.,, Agriculture WILLIA.M A. NICELY - 157 George St. Rochester, N.Y Princeton University A.B., Economics ALBERT E. NICHOLS D-3 l54 Hilltop Dr. East Greenwich, R.I. Brown University B.A., Psychology ALAN R. N-ICHOLSON - 59 Chapel St. East Ha-rtford, Conn Q Syracuse University B.A., English A University of Sout-hern California 'fe 'C M.A., English CHARLES L. NASBY, JR. D-5 ' 5244 York Ave. South Minneapolis, Minn. PAUL j. NOLAN D-2 151 Corey St. West Roxbury, Mass. Boston Collegc B.S., Education VERNON A. NORDAUNE D-5 Northfield, Minn. St. Olaf College B.A., Chemistry WILLIAM D. NORWOOD, JR. D-2 ' 5645 Hooks Ave. Beaumont, Texas Baylor University BA., Philosophy 8: English WILLIAM R. NUGENT D-1 1049 W. 70th St. Chicago, Ill Notre Dame University B.S., Physical Education' ERNEST D. ONORATO D-4 154-1 Woolsey St. Schenectady, N.Y. Siena College A B.S., Economics ALBERT B. ORTH D-2 3830 Ednor Rd. Baltimore, Md. Johns Hopkins Un-iversity Bachelor of Electrical Engineering HAROLD W. OSTERTAG D-3 2735 Aurora St. El Paso, Texas Texas Western College University of Colorado B.S., Business WILLIAIM C. O'SULLIVAN D-3 16 Sextant Circle, Apt. gl.-l Quincy, Mass. Boston College B.S., Physics ROBERT Y. OTT D-2 Trevosc ik Southampton Rds. Philadelphia, Pa. Lehigh University B.A., Biology ANTHONY M. PAFUNDI, JR. D-I 25 Eighth St. Troy, N.Y. Siena College B.A., English, journalism ell. Jfflif W J V! I' A J 'S is x wr LUTHER W. PAYNE D-4 Route Num'ber 4 Jonesboro, Tenn. East Tennessee State College 'B.S., Chemistry George Peabody College M.A., Education RUSSELL E. PRESTON D.3 558 Lincoln St. Manchester, N.H. Sainit A'nselm's College B.A., History DONALD j. PUCCI D-1 1721 Garfield St. New York, N.Y. Citiy College of New York B.A., Education JOHN M. RUSCH D-3 Rt. 423 Thiensville, Wis. Northwestern University B.S., Speech BEN T. SANDERS D-3 205 Citizens Bldg. Louisville, Ky. Western Kentucky State College B.S., Biology LEONARD O. SMITH D-l 1433 Washington St. Dubuque, Iowa Loras College B.A., English LOWELL C. SMITH D-5 ll706 Iowa Ave. Cleveland, Ohio Kent State University B.S., Business Administration- DONALD M. STEPHENS D-I 303 E. Tulsa Ave. Sulrphfur, Okla East Centfrall State College B.S., Industrial Arts DONALD E. STEPHENSON D-5 6219 Arcadia Kansas City, Kan. University of Kafnsas B.S., Business JOHN MMSULLIVAN D-3 46 Fremont St. Mattapan, Mass. Boston College B.A., English DAVID G. TAYLOR 202 Linden A'vc. 021 Den-isorv University A.B., Business Adminlistratiian Northwesternu University M.B.A., Finance JOHN w. THOMAS, JR. 80 Prospect Hill Ave. Hamilton College B.A., Economics RAYMOND W. VINCENT k Pafrk, Ill. D-4 Summit, NJ. 635 Ninth Lafke Charles, La. Tulane University Bachelor of Business Adiministrait LL,B. ROBERT E. WEBB ion D-1 587 Pataha St. Pomeroy, Wa-sh. Whitman College B.A., Psychology BERT E. WILLIAMS El Paso, Texas Texas Western College B.S., Physics CHARLES R. WILSON Box 454 Bells, Texas North Texas State College B.S., Public School Administration A en- J 'L Y' IPB H59 ci-uen j 4 Tumi: vve ao-r A HANGFIEE , , ,Ang - 11111111 "W -I-Ti".- -. 1 l 1 I 1 ?:!IlAD Y l EPB ylaica I X x Y t 'gl' A dreary buizer that woke us at six, led us througwh the day, and put us to bed, guided our lives through O.C.S. Reveille was unfortunate, watch inopportune, shots unavoidable, quizzes inevitable, meals wildly anticipated. Gruinbling was one of the relatively few things we did not knowg we accepted the words of our leaders without question. Peacoats or no, we were happy with our lot. We felt a bolstered pride as we marched from class to class in our nautical blues and our sparkingly clean whites. Q? eu, fffl Evenings were entirely de- voted to study, not because it was enforced, but because we felt it our duty. Yes, our typical day was notunlike our college life, sprinkled lightly waith class- es, heav-ily with duties which enhanced our love of life. Our typical days C1125 will certainly not be soon forgotten. ip' ji. ,iv I X ,f ,X i I 1 it , 1,1-a1"""' I Lv LA I 'PPE 'UI-lin M S 005 v . Aff Iii' ' JT 5-1 ,ici Q. .W ' omfaany icer LT. Bisehof was commissioned at the Reserve 1VIidshipman's School at Fort Schuyler, New York in 19115, alter having been a member ol' the lirst V-12 unit at Penn State College. ln March of 1945 he was assigned to active duty aboard the Motor Minesweeper 446 which operated oll' the coast of Japan. Alter accepting a commission in the Regular Navy in 1946 his next assignment was Executive Officer ol' the AMS 12, Golalfincll. Moving up to the Destroyer Minelayer H. I". liauer, he was in turn Gunnery Ofheer and Mining Oflicer. In 1951 he became Commanding Orlieer of the Submarine Chaser 1384, stationed at Key Wfest. He continued in that duty until he reported to Newport in -june 1952. LT WILLIAM W. BISCHOF JOHN G. CLARK, GMMC .x4:iAf. Company Of icer john Gould Clark, GMM-C, started his Naval career in 1927. He shipped to China aboard the USS Sirxard in which he remained unt-il 1932. On December 7, 19111 Chiel' Clark was at Pearl Harbor aboard the minelayer Ogolaln when it was sunk by japanese bombers. He remained in the Paeilie, winning the Secretary ol' the Navy Commendation Ribbon lor mining operations in the Solomons. Chiel' Clark also wears the Navv and Marine Corps medal for rescuing a shlipmate from the sea oll Okinawa. He was assigned here in 1951. RICHARD v. ANDERSON E-2 Box 4 Paducah, Texas "' Texas Weslcyain College 1 5 ,- K B.S., Physical Education In V A W -ng DONALD K. BARNES E-2 ",. My 4701 East 46th Terra1ce'North ' North Kavnsas City, Mo. University of Missouri B.A., Anthropology .Q .- U . ksvizi MARTIN A. B-LUMENFELD E-5 3 West 87th St. New York, N.Y. A 3j'2'f'3 ' I Syracuse University A.B., Politicall Science , 'W -:N ROBERT S. BROWN E-2 , V 9 A I 81 North Common St. Lynn, Mass. ' 4 Bowdoin College N I B.A., Frenlch ' M. PM MICHAEL N: CAVALUZZI E-4 4 ,. .A j5352f?i1"' 2073 Dixie Highway Fort Mitchell, Ky. I University of Kentucky .1 B.A., Modern Foreign Languages r- ,. 14 ' ' HARVEY C. FRUEHAUF, JR. E-l 1004 Three Mile Dr. Grosse Pointe Pavrk, Mich. if University of Michigan Bachelor of Business Administration , G RICHARD G. HALL 146 No. McKinley St. Battle Creek, Mich. fffff' g Michigan College of Mining Ek Technology I B.S., Mechanical Engineering W i' 4 WILLIAM P. JACOBS Fl 24-HW 24th Awe. Long Island City, N.Y. 1' Long Island University B.S., Retail Distribution Brooklyn Law School Batchelor of Law I-IALFORD H. B. JOHNSON, JR. E-3 A . I7 West St. Fairport, N.Y. . I University of Rochester if ? "'i Q , B.A., Hist-ory Honors ' ,H CHARLES KELLY E-2 802 16th St. Phenix City, Ala. L A . V Ala'haima Polytechnic Institute B.S., Science, Education V M.S., Science, Education 5 rw ,. ' s t I . tit G X. l! -x .wu- E- .S J , . . M, 5 93:4 tl in , .fig Nkeq rv ar I 3. ' .4 1 . if ' - - , ,J . ,Nt 4 A is A J .-5 H J 3 JOHN w. KELLY E-5 223 rm 235 st. New York City, N.Y. Iona College B.A., History Hunter College M.A., Education JAMES R. LEACH -5.4 Route 3, BOX 445 Opelousag, La Izouisiana State University B.S., Vocational Agriculture Education JOSEPH J. LEAGUE E-4 739 North Main' St. Pleaszmtville, N.J. St. Ma'ry's Seminary and University B.A., Classica-I Languages LEONARD LEVINE E-5 2912 Brighton 7n St. Brooklyn 85, N.Y i City College of New York B.B.A., Alccouanting M.B.A., Alccouniting DONALD R. MALARKEY E-2 Box 221 Meadowlands, Pa. Eclinhoro State Teachers College B.S., Education JAMES O. MALONE E-4 Porcupine, S.D. Regis College B.S., Business Administration DOUGLAS P. MALONEY E-I 14 Dwight Aive. Clinton, N.Y. Johns Hopkins University B.A., Psychology ROBERT S. MARGOLIN E-l 137 Riverside Dr. New Y0rk,N .Y University oil Miami B.A., Psychology RAYMOND T. McDONALD E-l 902 North Austin. Blvd. Oask Park, Ill. Northern Illinois State Teachers College B.S., Education BENJAMIN F. MCGUCKIN, JR. E-5 North Wilton Rd. New Canaan, Conn Grinnell College B.A., Psychology DONALD M. MERCER E-3 Sleepy Valley Farm State Rd. R.D. l Media, Pa. Pennsylvania State College B.A., Commerce gl Finance JACK E. MICKELSON E-3 '29l0 Foothill Blfvd. Oakland, Calif. University of California A.B., Mathematical' Sta-tistics WILLIAM F. MITCHELL E-1 Old Dixie Highway Boca Raton, Fla. University of Florida B.S., Business Aldministration CHARLES E. MOORE E-l 802 Crawford Aive. Syracuse, N.Y. Principia College Bachelor of Fine A.rts DANIEL W. MOORMAN E-4 3848 Remembrance Rd., N.W. Grand Rapids, Mich. Wayne University B.S., Chemistry EDMOND B. MOSES, JIR. E-l 1502 Hillcrest Avve. Orlando, Fla. Universitiy of Florida B.S., Pharmacy JOHN F. MURRAY E-3 3416 Berea Rd. Cleveland, Ohio john Carroll University B.S., Biology NORMAN A. NELSON E-2 Tuleta, Texas Southwest Texas State Teachers College B.S., Elementary Education JOHN A. NORLANDER E-4 521 Stcwa-rt A've. Park Ridge, Ill. Cornell University B.S., Hotel Administration CHARLES O'BRIEN E-l Box 133 Conrad, Mont. Montana State College B.S., Agricultural Engineering v'Yf,::.1.5-f 'Y' M11 A- 1 z",.,r,.o.fy.. 7 .E '5 .J . , ,:4,,,, . N X ,,., , u. CHARLES F. OLSEN E-1 13337 Marlowe Detroit, Mich. Wayne University BA., Speech St. Davids Park St. Davids, Pa , University of Pennsylvania B.S., Economics ,,3,,H,. if STUART M. PARCHER E-1 629-B No. Kenwood Glendale, Calif. University of Southern California B.A., Journalism QF? SYDNEY C. PARHAM - Fort Valley, Ga. Emory University Bachelor of Business Administration ROBERT L. PARKINSON E-2 R.R. .-19213 Evansville, Ind. The George Washington Unriversity B.S., Physical Education University of Virginia B.A., Economics ' DON L. PATTERSON E-3 7 i 1 Box 431, Station I Canyon, Texas ' "Ps- P West Texas State College Bachelor of Business Administration- , , K ' ' JAMES H. PATTON, IV E-4 X Mayes Ave. Sweetwater, Tenn. ' ' Washington and Lee University B.S., Business Administraition M W EDMUND L. PAUL, JR. E-1 6222 Washington Circle Wauwatosa, Wis. The Stout Institute B.S., Industrial Education M.S., Industrial Education Bradshaw, W.Va. Virginia Polytechnic Institute B.S., Geology HUGH G. O'NEILL E-2 PAUL B. PATER E-2 266 Greenway Rid. Ridgewood, N.-I. JAMES F. PAYNE E-3 1309 soifmo st. coming Calif. A' University of california - B.A. Political Science Ed Q ,Q CONRAD F. PEARSON E-4 df: . JAMES K. PECK, JR. E-5 700 Taylor Ave. Scranton, Pa. Wesleyaln University B.A., Governlment Cornell Law School K- LL.B. GEORGE W. PENDERGRAFT, JR. E-5 904 Western' Bra-nlch Blvd. Portsmouth, Va. Randolph-Macon. College B.A., English RICHARD M. PENWELL E-2 6522 Brighton- Rd., Ben Avon Pittsburgh, Pa. A'llegheny College B.A., Economics tk Business Administration , . Q: FRANK T. PENDLETON E-1 41151 Marlborough St. Sain Diego, Calif. San Diego State College B.A., Economics WILLIAM P. PERCER E-2 R.R. 2 Arlington, Tenin. Memphis State College B.S., Chemistry CHARLES B. PERLIN E-5 150 East 95th St. Brooklyn., N.Y. New York University B.S., Marketing RICHARD N. PETERSON E-2 178 Green End Awe. Newport, R.I. Keene Teachers College -' Batchelor of Education The Pennsylvalnia State College Master of Education W, . , gm FRANK A. PETRONE E-4 160 I'lain'ficl'd Awe. Berkeley Heights, NJ. it Seton Hall University B.S., Industrial Manfagement SAM N. PEYER E-5 713 E, 5 St, New York, N.Y. Queens College B.A., Education we Q ,g fm., Xu. 6? " 91353 -3: .i' 5 . -4, -. - K' ' 4 -M W KM I E5 .fix s N I . Q i --'xx ' .5 N I . wr iv 1 4011! JACK E. PHILLIPS E-3 Merrimac, W.Va. Bowling Green College of Commerce B.S., Accounuing FREDERICK R. PICKARD E-4 '2428 Almont S.E. Grand Rapids, Mich. University of Michigan Master of Business Administration ROBERT S. PICKENS E-3 515 N. Whitaker Odcssal, Texas Midwestern University ' B.S., Secondary Education CHARLES A. POLLOCK, JR. E-2 21 Chestnut St. Downingtown, Pa-. Pennsylvania' State. College B.A., Science LEVERETT A. P0-PE E-4 440 S.W. 29th Rd. Mliami, Fla. University of Miami Ba-ehelor of Business AK1'1111111Sl'I'Zlll1011 CLYDE W. POWELL, III E-2 7504 Brighton Rd. University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pa. ' lm., English E f"" C "x is 1 S.-XXON PRESSLY, j'R. E-4 541 Missouri Ave. Mercedes, Texas University of Texas B.B.A., Advertising SAM M. PROCHASKA E-4 1014 Sftanlherry Kansas University B.A., Lmw I.L.B. Ellsworth, Kan. lIURDli'I"1'li C. PROTHERO E-3 Box 907 Pi'2l'll1V1CW, Texas Texas '1.CCi1I1UiOg1C111 College B..-X., Economics LLOYD A. PROUTY, JR. E-1 Lockhart, Fla. Asbury College B.A., Sociology GEORGE C. PUTNAM E-3 65 Florence St. Worcester, Mass. Clark University Baohelor of Business Adiminlistration EM.MET'I' J. PYBUS E-3 164 West Clvurch St. Fairp0rt, N.Y. Waynesburg College B.S., Physics CARL S. QUINN E-3 HQW So. Sixth Moberly, Mo. University of Missouri B.S., Aecounlting FRED J. RABASCA- E-4 1169 Halsey St. Brooklyn College B.A., Education Bfrookliyni, N .Y. JOHN T. RAESE E-1 Rt. 3 Pondella Rd. Fort Myers, Fla. West Virginia University B.S., Agriculture GERALD R. RANDOLPH E-1 711-36th Des Moines, Iowa Dranke University B.A., English JOH'N RAPHAEL E-5 460 Beach 137th S't., Belle Halrbor New York, N.Y. Fordharn University B.A., Psychology MARCUS D. RAWLINS E-I' 11728 E. 186th St. A1-tesiai, Callif. Peppcrdfinc College B.A., Education anld Psychology CARLYLE D. READ, JR. E-3 329 S. Belmont Wichita, Kan. University of Illinois B.S., Food Technology ik Food Chcfmistfry RANDOLPH L. RHODES E-5 308 Hospital Alve. LCn0ir, N.C. Wake Forest College B.S., Physical Education U 1 f V ..' . .. sr -:. -ws we 1 f .g f .J L M feifir 6 f .5 M.. A- 1 .f ' 'S wr M 1 . gl . I C Nix .J N x . ' 3 1 . , 1 ' V ' . l V ' lf, . it . . Q S.. f 0 L ' i 1 Fl fel ai Q ,', ,.s. N. Q. .., V W 5, 1,57 Une, emi, . ' fl STUART M. RECKSEIT E-5 A . , .I 22 Herrick Dr. Lalwrence, Long Island, N.Y. -'A 1 ' by Syracuse University X .Y B.S., Business Administration X nf , . , 3. 5, 2-sg gg FREDERICK J. REEG 15.5 H I02-49 187 St. Hollis, N.Y. -X x City College of New York B.S., Education ROGER E. REINKE E-1 Slll Florence Ave. Downey, Calif. .9 'ix c 4, . S1359 ' 1. ., ,L Q. 4 ' 1, I , I , ni 'Q " al Q W Pomona College BA., Physical Education Claremont Grakluate School M.A., Physical Ed'uea'tioni Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn Bachelor of Electrical Engineering ct. i s s f DEAN C. RIBORDY E-4 .J.g.rf ' R ' A R.R. .136-2, Box l08 Lafporte, Ind. , Purdue University - - ,R B.S., Agriculture .Q g, EDYVARD A. RICK E-2 34 Hilltop Ave. Middletown-, R.I. t Q Brown University . B.S., Chemistry JOSEPH S. RIEBEL, JR. E-3 109 jefferson' Ave. Haddonfield, NJ. University of Pennsylvania- B.S., Economics, Industrial Mavnagemcnt Yale University B.A., International Relations Q' of EQ . .isa i HENRY A. R1'rHNER 'E-3 1 , I 332 Connnercc St. Wellsburg, W.Va. '- 'Q - Bethany College B.S., Chemistry 5. , I mvm ROBB E-4 S Y 1 K 315 Lakeland Ave. Grosse Pointe, Mich . .Q - .sl " 'A University of Michigan- ' B.A., History ROBERT T. RIALL E-1 57 Rolling St. ' Lynwbrook, N.Y. JONATHAN RINEI-IART E-5 A .N 200 East 66th St. New York, N.Y. HERBERT R. ROBB Et-2 207 West Marin St. New Bloomfield, Pa. Lycoming College B.S., Business Adlministration' JOSEPH E. ROBICHAUX E-5 l24 East Washington St. .New Iberia, La. Southwestern Louisiuina Institute 'B.S., Agriculture STEPHEN L. ROBINSON E-2 Falrmington, Utah University of Utah B.A., Psychology JOHN ROCKWOOD. JR. E-5 3777 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd. Atlzmta, Ga. Duke University A.B., Economics JOSEPH B. RODGERS E-4 42 Jefferson Rid. Scarsdale, N.Y. New York State College of Forestry B.S., Forestry EDGAR W. ROLLER E-5 B4r0ad'wa'y Virginia' Vi-rginiia Polytechnic Instfitiute B.S., Business A'dminist'ra'tion CARMINE V. ROMANO E-4 423 S,E. llth Court Ft. Lautlcrdaile, Fla. Floridw Southern College B.S., Biology lk English, History Loyola University Medical School, EARL L. ROMESBERG E-1 l3lil W. Mafrket St. York, Pa. Gettysburg College B.A., Economics HADLEY R. ROOD E-1 l'2 Ottawa Rd. Airllington, Mass. Marietta College B.S., Business Administration JOHN P. ROONEY E-4 304 West 29th St. New York, N.Y. Fordham University B.S., Physics im, -.- VOLNEY H. ROSE E-3 Hazel Green, Ky. Morehead State College A.B., Elementary Education HERBERT L. ROSENRAUCH - X 2784 West 36 St. Brooklyn, N.Y. f Pace College Batchelor of Business Administration ROBERT M. ROUSE 1:-4 ' 6225 Walhoncling Rd. Washington, D.C. Washington College B.A., Political Science EUGENE A. ROYER - 310 lst St. East Sonoma, Calif X University of California B.S., Business Atlministraftionl a V EDMUND RUBIN E-5 12 Martense St. Brooklyn, N.Y. Maryknoll College B.A., Philosophy BERNAIRD J. RUDO E- ' 3000 Reisterstow-n Rd. Baltimore, Md Washinlgton College E B.A., Economics RAYMOND L. RUEHLE E-1 2247 Forest St. Denver, Colo. Colorado School of Mines B.S., Geophysics JACK L. SANDERS - 498 Linwood Ave. Bluflalo N.Y Princeton University A.B., Economics RICHARD E. SARGENT E-2 19 Tahanto St. Concord, N.H. University of New Hampshire B.S., Hotel Administration GLENN O. SATTELMEIER - 4634 Berkshire Detroit, Mich Miichigan State College B.A., Social Science JOSEPH L. SA'VITZ, JR. E-5 52 Chestnut St. Alvheville, S.C. University of Sout'h'Cairolina B.S., Pharmacy THOMAS L. sci-i,tNz 12-5 3502 Shelley Blvd. Dallas, Texas North Texa-s State College B.S., Education GEORGE H. SCHILDGE E-4 159 E, Main St. Gouverneur, N.Y. Clarkson College of Technology Bachelor of Chemical Engineering PHILIP L. SCI-ILEGEL E-3 Rt. 2 Box l23 Thermal, Calif. Occidental College A.B., Physical Education ROBERT S. SCHNECK E-1 200 Eaist Trade St. Charlotte, N.C. Georgia' Instiitutc of Technology Bachelor of Textile Engineering JAMES E. SCHNEIDER E-3 32 St. joseph Sit. Latncaster, N.Y. New York State College for Teachers B.S., Education ALBERT H. SCHOELLHAMMER E-2 i030 Forest Ave. Jenkintown, Pa. La Salle College B.S., Marketing DAVID SCI-IONZEIT E-5 105-24-64th Rd. Forest' Hills, Queens New York City, N.Y. Brooklyn College h B.A., Economics THOMAS W. SEAGLE E-1 753 Henderson' Dr. Chattanooga, Tenn. Va-nderbilt University Bachelor of Engineering WILLIAM J. E. SHAFER E-5 Howafrd Ave. A'mCl'y, W'iS. Wisconsin State College B.S., Agricultural Education 'ist 'K IN N! g A- . - 3 -sx, 5 PL 5 z . , iv i RAY M. SHAIW 2945 S.W. 3rd St. Miami Tia University of Miami ll.B.A., Aieeounting 'I'HO'Mu-VS J. SHEEHAN 1329 li. Wash-ingtioni South Bend ng University of Notre Dime A.B., Philosophy UUICNE E. SHEEHY 70 Grampian Way Boston Mass Boston University .-MB., Biology CHWXRLES W. SHEPHERD 927 East Wzvter St. Pontiac Ill University of Illinois ILS., journalism Pc Communicmtions XOIUMNN E. SIEGEL 8-1-49 168 St. J'll'l1'llC'l NX Hofstra College B.S., Business A'd'lll'illlSl'l'illlOl1, Mvrketlng S'l'UAiR'l' D. SfILB'A.R l80l Deerpark Ave. Ohio Staite College BA., Speech EORGE T. SIMPSON 4045 Idaho St. Sa BA., Zoology Sain Diego State College KENNETH D. SLININC 1075 St. Paul St. Rochester Pnrclue University l5.S., Chemical Engineering l'l,lllliR'l' P. SM " I I H E 3 2486 Whitmore Lake Rd. Ann Arbor Mieh University of lllichigun BA.. History NVIIJLIAM E. SIWITH 202 Willis Ave. Royll Ovk Mich Michigan State College B.-S., Industrial A'rts WILLIAM R. SIMITH E-5 402 Slouth 6th Hiawatha, Kan. University of Kansas I3.S., Business Administra-tion JOE A. SOUDDRESS Route .jtl Northeastern Oklahoma State College B.S., Education ROIFERT C. SOUTHWE-LL E-4 9337 Benn Rd. Parma, Mich. Michigan' State College BA.. Hotel Administration E-2 Spiro, Okla. HENRY V. SPARKMAN E-3 921 So. 13th St. St. Joseph, Mo. Northwest: Missouri State College ILS., Seeonda-ry Edueattion DONALD P. SPRINGER ' E-3 3506 Dennlyn Rd. Baltimore, Md. University of Maryland B.S., Agricultural Education WI'I.JLIA:M F. STA'UB E-2 1016 Main St. Darby, Pa. ' St. Joseph's College B.S., Physics MITCHELL D. STEVENS E-2 2013 Alve. "J" Lubbock, Texas Texas Technological College BA., Government GILBERT F. STONE E-4 Route 2 Cumberland Furnace, Tenn. Austin Peay State College ILS., Chemistry CRAIG B. STONESATREET E-2 65 Pembroke St. Newton, Mass. Harvard University B.A., German LELAND E. STROHM E-3 16735 Glastonibury Rd. Detroit, Mich. Un-iversity of Michigan B.S.E., Chemical Engineering M.B.A., Business AId'min'istra'tion 'Hifi .,,' me ' ' 'Q 15.2 . ii ..,. l., . E g' ,3 3 Q: 'U sz it if W i PHILIP M. SULLIVAN E-I l20 Sibley St. Park Ridge, Ill. University of Wisconsin Bachelor of Business Ail'II1llIlSlTZlllOl1 JOHN P. SWEENEY 15.5 'E 46-39-192 st. Flushing. N.Y. ' St. john's University B.B.A., Management x. N' DAVID J. SWEETMAN E-4 36 Maple St. Irvington, N.Y. Manhatta'n College B.S.. Psychology GLENN A. TAIYLOR E-4 707 Cottage Rd. Carthage, 'Texas Southern Methodist Unviversity B.S., Advertising 01, 1 ROY L. THOMAS E-4 2629-19th St. Bafkerslield, Ca-lif. University of California at Los Angeles B.S., Business Athninistration ROBERT E. THOMPSON E-2 920 East Walnut Ave. Burbank, Calif. ,A University of Southern California- ' B.S., Genera-1 Business 1 Q .l . 'flx K fel vii! iff ' ,Et A , I g XVILLIAM A. TIETZ IZ-2 ip.u " 122 I-Ionnicott St., N.W. Atl-anta, Ga. St. Vincent College A.B., Philosophy HERBERT TITLE E-4 2626 Tyler Detroit, Mich. Uniiversity of Michigan B.S., Chemistry University of Wisconsin M.S., Chemistry -IOI-IN Ii. VAN ESCHEN E-2 7l0 Franklin Acklcy, Iowa Iowa State Teachers College State University of Iowal B.A., Social Science, Ph-ysical Etlucaition HERBERT L. VAN CLUBT - 419 Simpson Pla'ce Peelcskill, N.Y New York State College for Teachers ILS., Chemistry, Biolwogy H.-XRRY I.. VINCENT E-4 2611 "A" St. University of Nebraska B.S.. Agriculture Lincoln, Nell. ,lmrtlas wAlGN1i-R E-5 415 Clevelalnd Ave. Cedarville College B.S.. Education Hamilton, Ohio Hl'iN4RY M. WAfL'K'ER E-4 317 K St. Martin, Tenn. University of '1'en'nessce B.S.. Business Administration ROB4lCR'I' li. W.'XiI.SH, JR. E-5 802 Springfield Ave. Summit, NJ. Seton Hall University B.S.. Business Management CH,-NRLICS WAL'1'1iRS E-2 9520 Mawllison St. South Carte, Calif. George Pepperdine College Pre-La-w Loyola La'w School Bachelor of Laws DON.-NLD H. YVMYRD E-3 703 Ocean Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. Princeton- Un-iversity Batrhelor of Arts University of Virginia LL.B. josia-PH H. WEBER E-3 83-11 Chevy Chase Rd. jamaica, N.Y. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Bachelor of lileetrieall Engineering GICORGIE '1'. W'1iR'NliR E-5 805 Stallord Ave. Serainton, Pa. Massachusetts lnsttitnte of Technology B.S., Economies and Engineering CH'NRI.liS R. YV'I'liSlli 12-2 2275 Brentford Rd. San Marino, Calif. University of Redlands BA.. 1'-lrysieal lidiueation j'lM M. W11,I11.-XNS1 E-l 51990 North Harrison Slhawnee, Oisla. Oklahoma Baptist University B.S.. Oilife lN1a'n.agement An-Y S. Q9 .U , 2' ff -sq' fly ,y sNOA6!CLgZf The much lnzlligncd phrase, "ull ll cis 1 no fc l ollcn nppcn c Lo be the slezidlznsl rule lor bhe llzirricd JL Yc, Lhc pci 101 s ol long slum drill and clean-ups served Lo bring THE hour Llml lnucll closcl For some liberty meuni El weekend voyage Lo Boston, Providence, or New York. On the loczll scene, dinner, following Lhe z1lLernoon's 'l'V "ses- sion" an-L the Skoul Room, was the Clllllllllillllllll of the Week's idle think- ing, steak, lobster und shrimp reigned us king. Ol course evening lxrougln l'orLl1 Llic l'0l1lZlllllC Loucll ol' l.l1e 0.11. Night- clubs, and an occznsionul dive served "'-QA... to fztcilitztte our tripping ol' the light li2lll'l2lSllt'. The Boston Pops held our zlwe as did that llIlllSll2ll hut shapely creature, the fzfmmc fatale. However, fatigue usually made it.- self felt - some wandered hnek to the base for that extra hour's sleep while others preferred at pezteeful hotel. Morning' mme .md WISIJS ol cigarette smoke could he seen over the Sunday at mu the movie or 1 casuttl stroll led t.o the Viking's linztl godsend, bullet Soon the ptcuous nrtyone hours had elapsed. Certainly liherty wus xt ntcessary part ol out ere, .1 mart that will serve in moments ol' future al.. .1 1 -W1 5. ,. -nur "'v-if 52" b 4,, N wr., A Kf'w- '11- nwg 4 4'- Mvvr- ,Shiv , . ' ' ,,Q',gj-sw- -.N A f..,...,,, Se. S .pn t .,. . . v Il ' " -I wi "--W. A .. gpm' -855 " A - - .. l ,, . - A A H A K ,,4g:,,"SHiifQf--. ,. A 'Q f .91 , """' ' Jw' ' . 1 "V -' ye- .A ,f Q., 5 'f 5 I O. , H P., A M,-, J' .,. , -new p 1 Q 4 49 D . ,, -.Z . '.. A, ff? ,:, 1,5 'B' Q,-1" J.. ,Ag pw f ,an-s ' . 1 ompang icer LTJG Bean was commissioned in February 1947 througih the NROTC program at Dart- mouth College. He reported aboard the USS Cordulm MI"-325, and followed with a tour of duty in the USS Pa1u1.'al111:lc U10-108j. He was released Lo inactive duty in April 1950. ln September 1950, he was recalled to active duty and served aboard the USS Libra QAKA 125 as Gunnery Ollicer. His next station was the Naval Gunfire School and thereafter he was assigned to the 2nd Anglico Company at Camp Lejeune. He came to OCS in November of 1952. ' LTJG GEORGE D. BEAN ALBERT L. HOLLOWAY, BMC Jddaf. Company Of icer Chiel Holloway, from East Moline, Illinois entered tlhe Navy in 1936 and served in the cruiser Rirrlzmrmd and the destroyer Truxlizn until 19110. He returned to civilian life and served with the Rock Island Arsenal Police Force until 19112, when he re-entered the Navy. Alter a short tour aboard the AO Mlf7'1'l'7Illl!.', he went to the Sub Chaser School at Miami, Florida. rl-Ie then served in the D15 AUlf1'l,'TU7II,Uilf until Wlorld VVar II ended. In 1945, he returned to the U. as an instruc- tor in seamansihip, navigation and sailing at the Naval Academy. Sea duty followed aboard the 1JD's Hank and Purvis, and it was from the IJllT'lli.S'AD1lZl'l Chief Holloway reported to OCS. THEODORE J. IPRIOECKER, J-R. F-4 404 Gill-ent Ave. Warukegavn, Ill. La-ke Forest College B.A., Business Adminfistration GORDION G. BROWN F-4 5027 Vista St. Long Beach, Calif. University of Southern California B.S.. Business Audministraition ORMONDE L. BROWN F-3 7 First' St. Waterville, Me. Colby College B.A., B-iology DAVID N. DENTON F-5 Mt. Horeh Rd. Jefferson City, Tenn. Carson-Newman' College B.A., English, Speech PHIIJLIP K. FOLK F-5 1507 Cardiff Rld. Columbus, Ohio Ohio State University B.A., Economics, Political Science, History LL.B., Law GARTH W. G'AlRRfE'A,U F-3 602 Fair Lawn Parkway Saddle River Township, N.J. Michigan State College B.A., Social Science RON-MJD M. H1AlGELlN F-4 815 South 12th St. Sa-n Jose, Calif. Sain Jose Stalte College B.A., Mathematics JOHN K. HENSHALL F-3 155 Raleigh Way, Aftla-n-tic Heights Portsmouth, N.H. University of Massachusetts B.B.A., Marketiing MAYNAIRD L. JOHNSON F-5 Plainview, Minfn. University of Minnesota B.S., Pharmacy NIJEXAINDER H. M'A'CM'I'LiLA7N F-5 2059 Weal-thly St. East Grand Rarpids, Mich. University of Michigan' B.A., History A I J 6 v' " U 0 THOMAS N. MCNAMARA F-l Quarters V-A, U.S. Naval Hospital Bremcrtonl, Wash. Dukc Uniivcrsity A.B.. Political Science EDWARD O. MCNICHOLAS, JiR. F-2 1022 F St. Slparrows Point, Md. johns Hopkins University Bachelor of Engineering JOHN, J. MCVICKER F-3 l0l-48 ll3 St. Richmond Hill, N.Y., N.Y. St. john's University Bachelor of Business Avdvministration WARREN P. MILLAR F-3 138 Chaise Rid. North Dartmouth, Mass. Wesleyan Unfivcrsity B.A., Psychology Jfuwlas G. Moon F-3 5620 Lake Shore Rd. Port Huron, Mich. University of Miami BA., Economics HOVAK NAJARIAN F-4 148 Wellman St. Boh Jones University B.S., Art Education Port' Orange, Fla IERVIN R. NEATHERLIN, JR. F-5 255 W. Malonic Ave. San Antonio, Texas St. Ma'ry's University Balchelor of Business Administration QUENTIN NELSON F-4 8146 S. Hanson Awe. Milwaukee, Wis. University of Wisconsin B.A., Business Aldministration GERALD F. NORIWAN F-2 7500 S. La Salle Ave. Los Angeles, Calif. University of California at Los Angeles B.S., Physical Education- NICHOLAS W. OAKLEY F-4 4679 Barfielid' Rid. Memphis, Tenn Memphis State College B.S., Psychology DALE A. O'BRIEN F-2 Salco, Mont. Montaina Sta-te University B.S., Pharmacy FREDERICK M. OLSEN F-5 5243 Fifteen-th Arve. S, Minneapolis, Minin University of Minnesota B.A., journalism ROBERT L. PARKER F-2 515 N.E. 96th St. Miami, Fla, Washington and Lee Unfiversity University of Mliami Bachelor of Business Administration GEORGE PATTERSON, IR. F-2 5 Clyd-c Court' Bergenfield, NJ. University of Penlnsylvanizr B.S., Economics CHARLES E. PAULESP, JR. F-4 46 Georgian Court Elizabeth, NJ. Lehigh University B.A., Industriall Psychology PHILIP M. PAYNE, II F-1 220 W. Fredrick St. Sita-un'ton, Va The Uniiversity of Virginia B.A., Chemistry WALTER M. PHILLIPS F-l Rt. 2, Box 490 Tavllahassee, Fla. Florida State University B.S., Public Aldrministration ALAN C. POTEETE F-5 Route 2, Box 1782 Grass Valley, Calif University of Redlands B.A., Elementary Education ROBERT V. PRESTYLY F-5 Manhasset Long Island New York, N.Y. Georgetown University B.S., Biology WIDLINM G. QUAFRLES F-5 521 Nash St. Rocky Mount, N.C University of Nortfh Carolina B.S., Business Administration te E. v "aiu JOHN F. QUINLN F-1 238 Aibhott Rd. Buffalo, N.Y. Czrnisius College B.S., Biology DANIEL M. REDMONYD F-3 X 790 President St. Btrooklyn, N.Y. hfilillhilflilll College B.A., History Columbia University X. Ma-ster of Arts LOUIS G. ROGERS, JR. F-l Rt. .QS Charlotte, N.C. Davidson College B.S., Business WILLIAM R. ROSE - Hazel Green, Ky. Berea College B.A., Geology and Geography JQERAROLD SAMJLER F-2 . 650 New Jersey Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. A. , e ' 1 , i l 5 ,..' Q ... .. , I - -.1-. . New York Unfiversity B.A., Radio Production M.A., Mass Comimmicavtion in Edlucation STEPiH'EN SUCHILT - 2009 S.W. 16th Ave. Portland, Oreg. Slnvnford University B.A., Biological Seienees MURRAIY SCHNEIDER F-4 702 Vermont St. Brooklyn, N.Y. City College of New York Bzrehclor of Business Administration RICHVAIRD M. SCHNELL - A 32 South Crcscenlt Maplewood, NJ , New York University B.S., Commerce, Law 3 Xi- josnvn J. SCHUBIERT F-1 309 Ninth Ave., S.E. Little Falls, Minn. St. Cloud Sta-te College B.A., Business Administration NELSON C. SCI-DUHMANN - i 182 Pennsylvania Ave. Crestwvood, N.Y Davis 8: Elkins College B.A., Psychology FREDERICK T. S01-I'ULER F-3 660 Strawberry St. Dundee, M'ich. Michigan State Normal College B.A., Chemistry FREDWERJCK SCISIM F-1 132 Wesley Ave. Port Chester, N.Y. Cornell University B.S., Afgriculture ANTHONY D. SESOW F-3 1074 Strong St. Schenectady, N.Y. Vermont State Teachers College B.S., Psychology, English MWRVIN S-I-DAM F-5 1669 Madison Denver, Colo. Boston' University A.B., Psychology W'ILLIA'M M. SHAW F-4 2 Circle Laine Albany, N.Y. The George Washington University B.S., Physical Education SIDNEY SI-IEARIN, JR. F-5 Route 2 Box 23A Plant City, Fla. University of Florida B.S., Agricul-ture DA1N'lE'L L. SHEPARD F-3 -40 Lincoln St. New Britain, Conn. Yale University B.A., History, Economics KENNETH L. Sl-HPLEY, IVR. F-3 7135 jefferson Kansas City, Mo. Central Missouri State College B.S., Education BARRY SIDMAN F-3 602 Ave. "T" Brooklyn, N.Y. University of Wisconsin B.A., Economics SCOTT A. SIMON F-4 100 Alta St., Arpt. 401 San' Francisco, Calif. University of California B.S., Business Administration Gi 5 I 5. A x .J 3 is x x 1 ki ai MINRYON SKOLICIH F-2 l52ll South Wihite Afve. Compton, Calif. University of Czilifornia at Los Angeles B.S., Business Axlfministration Roi' n. sM.1vLl.m' p.4 80-1 North 50th St. Birminghan1,'Ala. f, University of Ailzrlmnut j . B.S., Mlvertising :incl Selling BIJ.-KIINR J. SMITH F-l R.lJ. 113, Box 372 Belle Vernon, Pa. 'l'he Pennsylvatlniu Slate College B.S., A'grieult'ure l'IllWl'N S. SMll'l'H, -IR. F-5 Bainbridge, Pu. 'l'he Pen-nsylvztniu Slate College B.S., A.gronon1y R'0Bll-IRVI' Sl'AUiI.DlNC F-5 Park Ave., l'.0. Box 435 Graysiakc, Ill. Illinois State Normal Un-iversity BS., l'1'tl'lICZlll0l1 ' DON 0. S'l'AlNl'l'ZKl'1 F-3 ' 0000 Istkewoosl Detroit, Mich. Wayne University 6 B.S., Business Administration NORMAN R. STEVENSON F-1 822 Worshzun Dr. ' Wihiltier, Calif. Whittier College BA., Business Atlministrztrlion G. l3WVl'D S'l'lwFEJL F-5 liI2l Lintlell Blvd. St. Louis, Mo. Washington University B.S., Business Atlvministration l'1llUliNIl'1 A. S'l'0DO'I.'SKI F-4 i336 liust 7th St. Erie, Pu. Sl. Bonaventure University BA., Pllilosoph-y W'l'l.l.I.fX'M J. s'roNuE, JR. F-2 V 005 Main Sl. Noeonztl Texas , 1 University of Texas BJ., journalism 'P 5 LA VIi'I,l.Ii V. S'l'0'NIiBRAK'li1R Severy, Kan. K.S.'l'.C. of Iitnporia B.A., Physics RNYINIONIT 0. STRIEU 4-I3 M'cKinley Hereford Tevls 'I'exns 'I'echn1ologic:xl College Batchelor of Business AlIITlIl1l9lI"llIOI1 RICHNRD G. S'I'IbICKlIJAN1D Queens Village, NX. Cily College of New York B.S., Iitlnczxlion, Industrial Arts JOHN R. S'I'UA1R'I' 4-23 W. Lzmftlyeltc Sl. Florida State University A.B., Speech -Radio RICH-A1RD STYLE 4l4 Main' St. East Crecnvxllc Pt l'en1n1sylvz1'nia State College B.A., Commerce k Finance ROI'lJIiR'I' G. SULLIVAN IG6 Overlook Ave. Cre'1t Neck johns Hopkins University B.A., History, Pre-Lafw j0SIil"H SM' I'3IiD'I,Ii'R 685 West Iin1tl Ave. Ne Xork N X .xx Aklelphi College B.A., Business Aldministration .l'OH N l'. SXVICIEN EY l707 Main St. Buff'tlo NX Czmisins College B.B.A., Accounting wlI,l.IAM I.. SW'IiI'1'l' F 56l6 IVoocl Way 9111111101 Md Brown University A.B., In-tern1:11tion-all Relations RIISNITIII. D. 'l'A'I.I. BOX QI Huxley Minn Moorhead Stale 'Veztkhcrs College B.S.. Mat-hcmzltics fi? F S C B K . . Qi Ag,, , 4 ' " st WA "1 ii"i2SQiL2,P, if f- 'me . A A 2' 1-. 3 " YL i?tj:,Q'i:, ' 'L ' ' law E f Q 4 ,r , r - Y " xt 2 Q1 i 9 IRVIN C. TNPLIN, jlR. IF-1 4929 Los Feliz Blvd. Los Angeles, Calif. University of Southern California B.S., Public Ad'ministra'tion 1vENgrArM1N J. TAVRBUTTON, Jm. r.2 228 North Harris St. Sandersville, Ga. Emory University B.A., Economics ROLANID L. TAYLOR F-5 610 Johnston St. Tarboro, N.C. University of North Carolina! A.B., Journalism RONALD A. TERRIY F-2 226 So. Cleveland Memphis, Tenn Memphis State College B.S., Business Administration. GLENN J. TESKE F-2 5 435 Reid St. West De Pere, Wis. St. John's University B.A., Philosophy GONSTNNTINE G. TH'EO-DORAN F-1 330 N. Hancock Ave. Colorado Springs, Colo Coloraldo College B.A., History FRE-D L. THUEXTON F-4 3 Melville Lane Cincinnati, Ohio Williams College B.A., History THOMAS A. TI-I'OD'E F-2 717 Wabash Malt-toonl, Ill. Eastern Illinois Sitatc College B.S., Education EAIRLING R. THONNESON' P-Z 2140 Catalonia Way S. St. Petersburg, Fla. Florida Southern College ILS., Business Adfminlistraltion- WIA R'RIE'N TH'ORJB'U RN F-2 14 Belknap St. Somerville, Mass Tufts College B.S., Engineering AWLEX K. TINKE-R, JIR, F 3 74 Browning Rid. Short Hills, N. J. University of Pittsburgh B.A., Economics JUIJIIUS J. TIZI'AIN'I F3 Land O'Lakes, Wis. , Northern Michigawn College of Education .K B.S., Commerce A-J RICHARD G. TODD F-5 2109 S. Arlinfgton St. Afkron, Ohio Kcnwt State University ' Bachelor of Business Aldministratfionw, Com- merce JOHN TOFIWLEMIQRIE Box ji-1015 Lafayette, Calif. College of the Pacific B.A., Zoology ROBIERT R. TRJANTHAIM F-4 1633 South 14th Ave. Maywood, Ill. Northern Illinois State Teachers College B.S., Education BfA'NRI'E K. TRfE'l'9OR-MAOOONNELL 147-23 Cherry A've. Flushing, N.Y. The University of The South B.A., Philosophy ROBERT G. TRIMIBIIJE R.F.D., 421 Carlisle, Intl. Indiana- University B.A., Spanish, French 1 DONIALD L. TROEMEL 5152 South Wells St. Chicago, Ill. University of Illinois B.A., English 101-IN C. TULLOH Box 486 Keystone, W.Va. Mississippi State College B.S., Industrial Management LOVELL M. TURNER, JYR. 3726 Mockingbird Lane Dallas, Texas University of Texas B.A., Economics ii U 5 0 i . 'XF Ga. B... 'Ss ." .ww ,fwimwglw ' Alf" .li B' 'f-5 -NSS? 5" fan. 'iw .V M. E -QW fx- , 5 1 X C5 jOH'N S. TVSON, IiII F-4 Folkstoui, Ga. Georgia Inistitutc of Technology Batchelor of Electrical Engineering KE'N'N4E'I'H A. UNvD'ERWOO'D F-4 37 Stamiford l'lace Glen Ridge, NJ. Princeton. University A.B., Airchitecture M.F.A., Architecture STUART URfB'ACH F-4 lll E. 167 St. New York 52, N.Y. Syracuse Uniiversity A.B., Political Science JfA'MtES W. UTT F-1 406 Euclid Ave. Lynchlburg, Va. University of Virginia A.B., Psychology OHARILES S. VAfLE'N'TINfE, J-R. F-1 303 Lock La-n'e Richmond, Va. Yale University B.A., History E'DWAlRD K. VAN HORNE, JR. F-2 ll Richihell Rd. Scavrsdale, N.Y. Trinity College ILA., Economics JAMES F. VA'N HOUTEN F-4 404 Walnut Ave. Santa Cruz, Calif. San jose State College B.A., Industrial Alrts CLARENCE E. VEACH F-l 438 "F" Atve. Hickory, N.C. Lenoir Rhyne College B.A., Business Administration IAMES VERME F-4 Box 15, Stair Route 'A' Flemington, N.-I. Boston: College B.S., Chemistry LEON VILINSKY F-4 2052-77 St. Brooklyn, N.Y Brooklyn College B.A., Economic-s NORMAN F. VINCENT F-2 489 Walnut St. Newtonville, Mass. Denison University B.A., Speech IVAN VINKOVICI-I F-1 McCormack Alve. Bentleyville, Pa. Californ-ia State Teachers College B.S., Education MlARTIN R. VOCHT F-1 4752 Ella St. Philadelphia, Pa. Drexel Instittute of Technology B.S., Mechanical Engineering jOI-IN F. WNGNIER F-4 43 North Hillside Place Ridgewood, NJ. Georgetown University Batchelor of Science JOSEPH L. WAIHLER F-l 1617-28th Place S.E. Washington, DC. Georgetown University ILS., S.S., Economics NRTI-I'U'R C. IMAI-I'LSTIE'DT, JR. F-4 607 West 66 Terr. Kainsas City, Mo. University of Kansas B.S., journalism RIOHAIRD N. WALKER F-3 Palisade, Neb. University of Nebraska B.S., Geology WILLIAM G. VVAILSITON F-I Route 41-7 Marion, Ohio john Carroll University B.S.. Biology RtA'Y M. WAtLTElRt5 F-l R.R. l, Box 298 Delta, Colo. Unvivcrsity of Colorado ILA., Psychology F-3 WILLIAM H. WARD 307 East Franklin St. University of Virginia B.S., Commerce Winchester, Ind. 1, " f M-ofqf, 1,-M-ff fs ,-git-,-,,, , , .. . , 1 Q txf. 'f?.b?TgaLgfjf,iff. e5if1",.,g?vpYi K K fy x 5... ,A 1 5 A - . 53 is, .aft 5,3 W,.fM.ef':vV A Kzyzsii' , , 'i Li." W 9' , I 1 ' K I at -A N . T . I V hge: A 'X if . . I. tx. .Ha in U Q 6 I ' si LLOYD J. WARDIAN Gonzaga University B.A., Ecl'uca'li0n F-l E. 24427 4th Alve. Spokane, Wa-sh. DAiVID F. WAQRRIEN, 1111. 1v.4 55 South Ann St. Mobile, Ala, Spring Hill College B.S., Chemistry FRED WAuR8H'OFSKY F-5 2160 1-East 28 St. Brooklyn, N.Y. New York University B.A., Marketing DONUYIJD WA'RTH'EfN F-I V gf. X 827 Miilledge Rd. Augusta, Ga, N Presbyterian College X i B.S., Econ-omics j'lE'ROM'E M. WASSERJMAN F-2 133 Tuers Ave. jersey City, N.-I. New York University B.S., Economics you-N J. VVAFTERS F-5 R.R. l Arcadia, Wis. . J College of St. Thomas - B.A., Latin JOSIEPH G. WElNM'AfN F-l 4574 Hubbard St. Los Angeles, Calif. University of Southern Californiia B.S., Advertising GERADD L. WEISBFERGER F-4 l350 East 18th St. Brooklyn, N.Y. Pace College N Bachelor of Business Ad-miniistraition ROBJEKT S. WEISS F-2 7 Benedict Place Greenwich, Conn. University of Bridgeport Bachelor of Business Adlministra-t-ion JNY W. WEFJTH'EIM'E'R F-4 1529 41 St. Brooklyn, New York, N.Y. Brooklyn College ts B.A., Economics t Cl-TAIRLES A. WEST F'3 4567 North Ave. San Diego 16, Calif. San Diego State College B.S., Physics-Electronicvs 'KYLE WHEELUS, j'R. F-3 2535 South St. Beaumont, Texas University of the South B.A., Political Science RICHARD R. WIHIITAKNER, JR. F-4 1303 No. Catlafveras Fresno, Calif. Fresno State College B.A., Marketing and Distribution THEODORE' D. WI-HTEFORD F-2 224-2 Dryden Rd. Houston, Texas University of Texas Bachelor of Business Administration ROBERT H. WHNI-TMA'N F-l 3699 Highavood Dr., S.E. Washington, D.C. Georgetown University B.A., Economics JOHN R. WHITTEMORF. F-2 135 Malden Terrace Elizabeth, NJ. University of Virginia B.A., Geology T HOMLAS W. W'ICKLA1ND F-1 1314 East Franklin St.- Glencoe, Minn. St. John's University B.A., Business Administration LEONARD A. WILCOX, JR. K F-3 17586 Warrington Dr. Detroit, Mich. University of Michigan B.A., Political Science GENE C. WILKINS F-5 Route 2 Arlington, Nebr. University of Nebraska B.S., Agriculture RONADD L. WILLIAMS F-4 l58 N. Division St. Ooquille, Oreg. University of Portland B.A., Music and Education 'M.A., Music .-few. io 4 . , ' 'S Wg 3 at it x . ,yr fl HASKELL E. WILLlNGH'.AM F-1 E Route :,li1, Box 275 Broken- Bow, Okla. Oklahoma A k M College my i ig B.S., Agriculture t F -I k V .41 ts , Y w ' w,,. it--J, D We 1 t X " Q . 3 WMNIE L. WILSON F-5, " 313 East Ave. "F" Rxobstown, Texas Texas College of Arts and Industries B.S., Agriculture ANDREW WI'NS'KY F-3 1366 Kaiglrn Ave. Camden, NJ. Temple University B.S., Public Aldlministration JON W1sDlA F-2 504 East Ross Ave. Tampa, Fla. Florida State University B.S., Geology Q me , U W SIDNEY WIiSSN'E'R F-5 i 932 East 173 St. New York, N.Y. City College of New York Bachelor of Electrical Engineering QUIK if SANFORD S. WOLFE F-3 1976 E. 8th St. Brooklyn, N.Y. X University of Michigan i B.A., Economics ik History ,J NViILLIAlM A. WOLLMAN F-4 62 Burlington Rd. Allwood, NJ. R'i'Il'l1ilIll'lilIl College B.M., Music A HOWMAIRD wonrm F-5 is 185 west emi Awe. Brooklyn, N.Y., N.Y. Pace College Bachelor of Business Adtministration xi JOHN W. WOOD'RUFF F-3 Wilburtha Rd. Trenton, NJ. Rutgers University B.S., Pre-Medical ROBERT N. WOODWORTH F-4 454 Perry Way Sioux City, Iowa 'X Morning Side College B.A., Business Administration ,A as RICHARD K. WORTLEY F-2 5229 Marathon St. Los Angeles, Calif. University of Southern California' B.A., International Relations RICHAIRD H. W'RIGI-IT F-2 R.F.D. 43, Box 41 Maldison Heights, Va. Lynchburg College A.B., Edtucation fAlM'ES W. Wl'N'N F-I ll02 Stonewall St. Dublin, Ga. Emory University Bachelor of Business Azlministration DON'A'LD W. YATES F-1 411 Wingate Rd. Baltimore, Md johns Hopkins University Bachelor of Meehan-ical Engineering RUSSELL T. YOUNG F-5 355 Pa'rk'way Dr. Zanesville, Ohio Ohio State University B,S., Industrial Management EDWIN E. ZIMMERMATN, JIR. F-3 215 S. Buffalo Cleburne, Texas Balylor University B.A., Radio JOSEPH ZWIJEBJEL F-2 2207 Deerfield Rd. Far Rockaway, N.Y. Brooklyn College BA., Economics SIVVTH lil! x ' fi if 17 PZ HUP - Two -To-ness -Foufa , HUP- 156 As a beautiful summer sunset is followed by a chill night wind, so an enjoyable week- end liberty is followed by the chill thought of Monday and its attendant drudgery. The d-ay is hlled with memories of the relaxation on Sunday, and pierced with the prevailing monotony. One full week of classes remains yet to be conquered. Each of us harbors one isolated memory to ward off 'the evil of the day. This is most evident, perhaps, as the seotions march to breakfast, for not a word is spoken, not a smile exchanged. Each is still in his own little world of joyg or is it the fact that none of us fare awake yet? A routine "seat your section," hrings the spell to an encl anal marks the begin- ning ol' the intense actaclelnic schedule. Some have spent the weelcencl in study and so are prep-areal lor Montlay's on- slaught, hut many more have the opti- mistic view that maybe we w0n't have a test today. Despite the type ol' scheme a person has for "heating Blue Monday", the clay remains a nemesis lor all and a challenge to our courage in sucking with the course, As yet, however, I know of none who have given up the Hght on Monday. g V l A I . 'rar-:E 1.151- ,il -fl ,-1 -1 51.- 1l1. T. i l...i. li. .-Q., .ill 11-1 1 -- i 1 .-. .1- i- i-. ..-111 ..- -.1 .- i. ,111- 1- i- -11.1 3 .-1 i- ,Q i -1.-1... -1 -..1.. -1 i- " mv .2- , v . v vw,- i ,V-A. ,fg'aQ'4w1fv , , h b , wwerar-w s w '- ' ' ,,- 1 H - . L. W, '- . 'Sv Q N, f .4 .1 -,fx A, nw- x , ,fgx f A ,, - W J-,rg.x,,gv A - in ,,,-y,.Q. - A ' M""', ' "'v"""'U"'-fbv'?fruu"c111'::ev+M, .M Qmafmw-W. N xqQQl- QP' -cvv.,-.--.7 - . . - .V , -W QQ... .pq-W UWM V 'Il"""':'n ' "' ..- 0 N ' ' W ' ' ' ' ' . V l b Qrvw . ' . ,,.. , MW ' ' ' 'Q-F' -' ' - - .1-r'-5, li gn, - , I., . . y F vain , . -.J ':"2E" ' Jdf-w,.1- - I N ' ., - W .- ' .4 .-, . ' gr ,, :,-,-f'!j,,,', , W.. N..- .-1--,- - jfgp., .N gllg. I -ant ig. -J fyf' , .. 94 -V - ,,:'r-- ,.,,.."n" T" ' "UIQ "- ----.,-....f-"WL --......,,K 4,1 Q . -L I-,.---f fg.::"-- -,- A f-,,,,,, , 'M' Q., -.ue - - - -4 ' IWW' ' ,, JEL" - ----:fri w .M-sr A' -'-- - -f'-tg '-'A A N' ' ' ' ..g?'--- ' .., - mx.. . - 'L' -1-F 1 ...r.,.--- " f--1 r, f- 1, ' -1 fig-7 '- A-M iff, ' "' .. '-:ii -f "1--W --A Tri' -S3 :L , :F ir-- -..- . - - -f..f.- 2 -,f Jax'-'ga' in 7,-, 2.3, , , Q-D, ,,,,.- ml'-nf.. if 1 a . - -.: . -U ,,,,,.,a --- . "" Y .1 V "' " .--, i ., V - auf- yi A ,,..- -H .. A, . A .. ' Y ' " -v. 'GL . . 'f --.,,- .am - "" -, "W A . Av . A- . .- .. -N , A Q -4. .. I nj, nn- .,," M pm.: .,-.k- 4- ' ,,, , ,-Aki, QDNUV' ' "" lm ' - 4, W., W.. 3, -o" M, x jlfy. it ... f 1YtI"'w- S .P 0 K , wiki?-'.i. .Q . . 51 iig 2 iilrfitsis . Wei. W7 . , - Qi . k ,gr Z 1.14-41 ' ' 34 ' 131 omloany icer LT A. H. Southard, jr. was commissioned upon his graduation from Maine Maritime Academy in June, 1946. He was assigned to the destroyer USS Fcclltlm' as navigator, cnmmunii- cations and ASW officer. In early 1947, he attended ASVV school in San Diego and was assigned to the USS Ganlnar, APD42. He was discharged in june 1947 and attended the Babson Institute of Business Administration, graduat-ing in 1951. He was recalled in June, 1951 and joined the USS Rizzi, DIC-537, as First Lieutenant. From November 1951 until December of the following year, he ferried LSSL's to japan. In December 1952, he was assigned to OCS. LT ALLAN H. SOUTHARD NORMAN MAUDSLEY, BMC JOHN D. STUBBS, MMC Jddaf. Komloang Uf icem Chief Maudsley enlisted in the Navy in 1936, had his recruit training at Newport, and for hrst duty commissioned the USS Vincennes QCM 441 in Boston in 1937. His next assigmnents were in the USS New Orleans QCA 321 from 1938 to 1945, and the USS Facility QAM 2331 until November, 1945. Following this he was assigned to the USS Zclboro QDD 7771 until 1947 when he became an instructor of recruits at Great Lakes, and then to duty on Guam. Upon completion of this tour of du-ty, he returned to the U.S. in 1951 to recommission the USS Daly UID 5191 on which he served until his assignment to OCS in June 1952. ln September, 1937, Chief Stubbs enl-isted in the Navy and proceeded to basic training at Great Lakes. His first duty was aboard the USS Norllzlzamlbtoh fC.41 in which he served untiil it was stink off Guadalcanal in December 1942. He t-hen reported to the USS Im jeffrey, remaining with her through her commissioning as a DE, her conversion to an APD and her eventual decommissioning at Greencove Springs, Florida in November, 1946. After a duty tour on the USS Salisbury Sound he reported to OCS in June, 1952. 1" 'JL' joHlN n. A'1.l,laN I-l B330 S. California Ave. Whittier, Calif. Pomona College B.S., I-Iconomics DLOYND M. ASH I-1 Route :,4f:l, Box l23 john's Island, S. C. Medicavl College, Sta-te of South Carolina School of Pharmacy lmvua E. mzcicmt I-1 0 4:48 sam st. san. Diego, Calif. usfwi 2cx jmrvms A. n-Rorsos 1-1 4240 N. 'l'roy St. Cll'iC2g0, Ill- University of Illinois lS.S., Dairy Technology M.S., Dairy Technology Nortlvwestern University Master of lluusiness Aldministration UHA.Rl.l'IS ll. COHEN I-l 5 West 86th St. New York, N.Y. Syracuse University I3.S., Marketing Harvard Graduate School of Business Ad-minis- traticm M.lS.A. j0SlEl'H S. DAiVlS I-I 5555 South Everett: Ave. Chic-ago, Ill. Columbia University B.A., Liberal A-rts Harvard Graduate School of Business Adtminis- tration M.B.A. CON'N'l'I'R M. FNY I-1 ll Flying Mane Rd. Rolling Hills, Calif. Yale Unviversity ILA., Psychology antd Sociology Harvard Graduate School of Business Admin- istfration M.n.A. ' 1 CHAIRLES W. GOERING 1.1 5035 Race Rd. Cincinnaufi, Ohio Wabash College ISA., Economics Harvard Graduate School of Business Admin- istraltion M.B.A. ROISI-IRT 1-1. GREEN I-I Route I Boaz, Ky. Murray Stalte College ILS., Business Administration Indiana University M.Il.A., Business Education H'AlRfJI.l, H. HWRMET I-l 303 North Cuyler Ave. Oak Pairk, Ill. Indiana University ll.S., Finance 8: Economics Harvard Graduate School of Business Adminis- tration M.ll.A., Finance 8: General Business PAUL HIWOSOHINSKY I-l Stalnwich Rd. Greenrwich, Conn. Bowdoin College B.A., English Harvard Graduate School of Business Adminis- tra-tion M.B.A. ED'M'U'N1D G. JOHNSON I-l 59 Charlton St. Oxford, Mass Worcester Polytechnic Institute B.S., Civil Engineering Princeton University M.S., Engineering JOHN F. KENNY I-l 1957 Bellevue Rd. Harrisburg, Pa. Villa-nova College B-5-. Economics MALCOLM MVAC GREGOR I-l 66 Lewis Place Rockville Centre, N.Y. Midldlebury College Bachelor of Arts Harvard Graduate School of Business Adminis- tration M.B.A. DI-JNJIAMIN MlEN'DEL, JR. I-1 777 Park Ave. Albany, N.Y. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Bachelor of Architecture AIJIJEN P. McCOM1BS I-l 1033 Miller Afve. Berkeley, Calif. Sta-nford University B.A., journalism Harvard Graduate School of Business Admin- iSUI'3'li0IIl M.B.A. IUAFYMOND L. O'NEIL I-I 184 Ellsworth Ave. Mechanicville, N.Y. Siena College B.B.A., Accounting you-N E. PRIEST 1.1 JOHN c. 1320 Russell St. Ha-nrnibal, Mo. Missouri School of Mines B.S., Civil Engineering ROLIJOW 1-1 West 2928 Riverview Drive Spokane, Wash. University of Washington B.S., Mechanical Engineering B.S., Industrial Engineering J OI-IN A. SAIVASGE I-I Lincoln Rd. Lincoln, Mass. Harvard College B.A., Political Science Harvard Gradfuafte School of Business Admin- istration M.B.A., Finance ST AINLEY R. STASEI.. I-1 209 North Turners Crossroatl Minneapolis, Minn. Mankato State Teachers College B.A., Business Adminisvravion RICI-FAIRD L. THOMPSON l-I 1444-I Artesian Detroit, Mich. University of Michigan Bachelor of Business Administration M.B.A. M'AlRTl1N WEINBERG I-I 9 Webster A've. Brooklyn, N.Y. Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn Bachelor of Civil Engineering ROBERT L. YOUNG I-l 905 W. jefferson St. Creston, Iowa Iowa State College B.S., Civil Engineering ROY L. ALLEN I-2 5811 Julian Ave. Indianapolis, Ind. Purdue University B.S., Civil Engineering RUDOIJPH F. BESIER I-2 30-29 91 St. jackson Heights, L.I., N.Y. The George Washington University Bachelor of Civil Engineering WLLLIAIM F. B'OGAN I-2 Box 554- West St. Lucasville, Ohio Ohio University B.S., Civil Engineering IJELAfN'D W. BJROWVNE, IR. I-2 622 North 38th St. Omaha, Nebr. University of Ka-nsas B.S., Mechanical Engineering HIERMAN COVI I-2 403 South Columbus Ave. Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Manhattan College Bachelor of Civil Engineering DNVID C. DE WEESE I-2 1222 W. Ma-rket St. Lima, Ohio University of Cincinnati ' Bachelor of Business Administration 'Qu I I .. 7 A v J R:ICl-IAIRD W. FIRlESTON'E I-2 67-50 Burns St. Forest Hills, N.Y. New York University B.A., Psychology GERALD' H. FRIEIJING, JR. I-2 1202 Romafny Rd. Kansas City, Mo. Un-iversity of Kanxsas B.S., Mechanical Engineering EDWAIRD W. GOLDEN I-2 15 Fortuna Ave. Sain Francisco, Calif. Dartmouth College A.B., Mechanical Engineering Harvard School of Business Administration M.B.A. PAaU'L L. GREEN I-2 2811 Kelvin Straverrue Tucson, Ariz. University 06 Arizona B.S., B.A., Accounting DON'AeLD E. HA'THfAWAY I-2 135 East Lister St. Slhreveport, La. Louisiana- Polytechnic Institute B.S., Accounting PH'H.I'P E. IONES I-2 4318 Park Lame Cha-mblee, Ga. Emory University 3 yrs. qPre-Medical Sciencesj Unfiversity of Georgia Certificate of Hospital Administration DAJVID S. KESSLEIL I-2 2536 Quantico Ave. Baltimore, Md. University of Maryland WAILTEYR E. KU-RKELA, JR. I-2 28 Judson Avenue Ardsley. N.Y. Columbia University A.B., Economics Harvard Graduate Schgool of Business Admin- istration M.B.A. Ml-LES I. LEVl'NE I-2 825 West End Ave. New York, N.Y. Harvard College A.B., Hiswry Harvard Graduate Sbhool of Business Adminis- tration M.B.A. HENIRY I. MAERDER I-2 605 West 69th Terrace Kansas City, Mo. University of Missouri A.B., Economics MILTON' J. MERZ, JR. I-2 238 N. Northwest Highway Park Ridge, Ill. A-lleghcny College A.B.. Economics University of Pittsburgh M.Litt., Retailing EVERETT M'cCU'linREY, JIR. I-2 5636 llt-h Avenue South Minneapolis, Minn. Macalester College B.S.. Business Adrministration GILBERT C. OSNOSI I-2 1001 Covington Dr. Detroit, Mich. University of Michigan B.A., Economics Harvard Gradfuate School of Business Admin- istration M.B.A. JFJAUN E. PRIDDY I-2 Big Wells, Texas Texas Technological College B.B.A., Accounting MA'N'UE'L B. ROSENBERG I-2 72 Walnut Park Roxbury, Ma-ss. Harvard College A.B., Liberal Arts Harvard' University Graduate School of Business Arlminisbraltion M.B.A. AIIJFRED M. SCHLOSSER I-2 15 West 8lsu St. New York, N.Y. Williams College B.A., Liberal Arrlas Columbia. University Graduate School of Business M.B.A., Finance EVEEETI' J. SMITH I-2 Highland Avenue Wfhite River Junction, Vt. Williams College B.A., Liherafl Arts Harvard Graduate Sthool of Business Adminis- tration M.B.A. J'0H-N W, S'lll'1lNiMIULLEfR I-2 236 Boulevard New Rochelle, N.Y. Colgate University B.A., Economics Columbia' University Graduate School of Blusi- ness MiB.A., Finance GEORGE S. TURNER I-2 302 Crescen-ts St. Walltham, Mass. Northeastern University B.S., Marketing and Advertising JOEL E. WEI'N6'1'E1lN 1.2 452 West Fulton St. Long Beach, N.Y. Un-ivcrsity of Southern California B.S., Retailing , 'Wx t J 'Q 'Q 'ill C A- 5 if 'S J .f ROISI-ZRT C. ANDIUHWS I-8 207 S. La Crave St. I'a'w l'arw, Mieh. Western' Michigan College ILS., Business Awhninistramion- RAIYMONID C. IIAlR'N'E'I"l', JR. I-3 703 Proctor' Ave. Waleo, Texas Southern Met-hotlist University Il.ll..-I., Personnel Atllministration ROY A. lll'1l.I. I-3 I'.O. llox IGS Independence, Calif. University of Nevada ILS., Civil Iingineering A-l.I"RI'1Il s. II00'I'Ii I-3 Sasqun Hills East Norwalk, Conn. Colgate University ILA., Political Science Coltunthin Universit'y Craulttatc School of Busi- ness M.ll.A.. M-an-rketing R0ll'l'1R'l' I.. UId.XwWl.I'ZY I-3 II7 l':rrk .-Xlvemte Marion, N.C. Dzrvidson College ILS.. llvnsiness .Mlniinistrntion University of North Czrrolina M.ll.A., Accounting RICHVNRII V. DIIIZNIQR 1-3 846 North lltll St. Milwzrnkee, Wis. IRVINC I"l'l"Iil'i'RfM'.'ItN I-3 l8?lli Ilel-tnontt A-ve., Bronx New York. N.Y. City College ol' New York llztelielor of Ilusitress Atlminislrattion M.ll..-I. R0ll'l-1R'l' W. l"Rl'I'Z 1-3 R.l-ID. 11-I, llox 87 Barrington, lll. Aunlierst College IIA., l'iCOIl0IIIIl'S Hztrvatrtl Crzrtlunlte Sehool of Bnsin-ess Admin- isl rail ion M.II..K. ll.-lRVl'2Y I.. C0'I.lISfI'0C'K I-3 lI5l Waverly l'lzu'e Seheneetzuly. N.Y. Ilzrrrmont-li College ll..-K., Liherarl Arts Hzlrvzrrd Crtuluule School of Business Atlminfis- tration M.II.A. DMVID j. CRIl"I"l,'I'IIS I-3 47lll Crey Drive Los Angeles, Calif. University ol' Retllnnxls Il..-X.. lironoinies JOH'N' H . HiEN'N'ESSIY I-3 I5 Broad St. Belmont, Mass. Boston College GEORGE J. IRVRGANPG I-3 Box ll5 Nicollet, Minn. University of Minnesota MIOHNEIL J. JOYCE I-3 l3l9 Maguire St. Jaclcson, Mich. Michigan. St-a-te Normal B.S., Business Administration JOSEPH A. L'AN'E, JIR. I-8 82 Park St. West Roxbury, Mass. Tufts College B.S., General Engineering RICHAIRD M. LIUBEY I-3 3025 Dia'mond Head Rd. Honolulu, T.H. California Institute of Technology B.S., Civil- Engineering M.S., Civil Engineering JIOSEF B. MARPKS I-3 119 Seminary Afve. Binghamton-, N.Y. I-larpur College B.A., Economics Syracuse Un-iversit'y M.B.A., lnsuranlce KONMIJD W. MCKIRDY I-3 R.F.D. 3, Winding Lane Media, Pa. Princeton University A.B., Public and International Affairs University of Penn-sylva-nia, Wharton+ School M.B.A. AILAN E. PETERSON I-5 536 22nd St. Rock Island, Il-l. North-western University B.S., Business Ndministration JOHN G. IHSATI-IAS I-5 5410 Staunton A've. Charleston, W.Va. West Virginia University B.S., Chemical Engineering EDWARD- W. SOHWAB I-3 83-06 169 St., Jamaica. New York, N.Y. Lehigh University B.S., Business Atllminiistfra-tion lWA.T'I'H'IAS J. sMt1TH 1.5 232 East jamaica A've. Vailley Stream, N.Y. I The Citadel B.S., Civil Engineering AILBERT STONIE 1.3 9 Delwood Road Chelmsford, Mass. Colby College B.A., Economics Harvard Graduate School of Business Adminis- tration- M.B.A. GEORGE C. UNDERWOOD I-8 927 Douglas Avenue Elgini, 111. Massachusetts Institute -of Technology S.B., Mechanical Engineering Harvard Graduate School of Business Adminis- tration M.B.A. IOSEPH N. WI'LLI'A1MS I-8 J 1644 Linden Ave. jacksonwille, Fla. S. "' cl University of Florida Bachelor of Building Construction . g L C ROBERT E. S. AR'N'DT I-4 310 Chamonix Rd. St. Davids, Pa. Amherst College B.A., History RAHJPH M. BAXTER I-4 g I 702 East' 23rd' Sit. Austin, Texas University of Texas ' Q B.S., Civil Engineering E, DONALD C. BIELER I-4 Macada Road Bethlehem, Pa. Muhlenberg College ROBIERT BOUDREAU I-4 Q 1445 Louisiana Avenue Lake Charles, La. Tulane University Bachelor of Business Administration Tulane University 3 Q 1 -ig., Bachelor of Law N Va af PETER OAHRTWRIIGIHT I-4 8518 110 St. Richmond Hill, N. Y. Princeton- University ' B.S., Engineering Columbia University M.S., Civil Engineering ARTHUR S. CIROWE, j'R. I-4 58 Madison A'venue Wakefield, Mass. Amherst College Q B.A., Economics A "" Harvard Graduate Sthool of Business Adminis- tra-tion Q Master of Business Administration DON'AlJD M. DRUMWIOND I-4 713 N. Bond St. Springfield. Ill. Harvard College B.A.. Economics ROBrE'RiT FLAIUTT I-4 High Street Somerset, Ohio Xavier University B.S., Business Admin-istration KARL GEHIJMANN I-4 538 Bonnie Brae River Forest, Ill. University of Rochester B.A., Economics Harvard Grad-uate School of Business Adminis- tration M.'B.A. FR'AlNK G. GiOO'DL'ETT I-4 223 Castile Heights Clarksville, Tenn. Vanderbilt University B.E., Civil Engineering JOHN E. HAFIGWOOD I-4 906 North Broad St. Rome, Ga. Wake Forest College GEORGE C. H'IlB1BlEN 1.4 6901 Oglesby Avenue Chicago, Ill. Dartmouth College BA., Architecture GUS N. IACKSO-N I-4 216 West 7th Souvh Sa-lt Lake City, Utah University of Utah B.S., Civil Engineering IQENNETH M. lQAMEKM'AN I-4 5412 Parkside A'venue Brooklyn, N. Y. Lowell Textile Institute B.S., Textile Engineering MAiRVlN KLEIN I-4 5016 Tilden A've. Brooklyn, N. Y. Syracuse University B.A., Economics Harvard Law School j'OH'N T. LARSEN I-4 656 Ovingtion' Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y College of the City of New York Bachelor of Civil Engineering PS 'r S if 1 ROBIERT B. LINDEPMANN 1.4 4005 Gosnold' A've. Norfolk, V3- Virginian Polytechnic Institute B.S., Civil Engineering THOMAS W. MASTERSON I-4 f' 132 Harrison A'venue Sa-nt Antonio, Texas Southern Methodist University H M Bachelor of Business Administration RICHARD MIIIJIJER I-4 427 St. johnfs Place Brooklyn, N. Y. New York University School of Commerce, Accounts 8: Finance B.S., Retailing New York University Graduate School of Business Administration M.B.A., Real Estate ROY N. NEVAN6 - ' L 310 Riverside Drive New York, N. Y University of Pennsylvania B.S., Economics L 11 nfwm N. PUATT 1-4 981 Kimlball Avenue Bronxville, N. Y. ffif if Ya'le University A B.A., Economics, History, Political Science Hafrvard Graduate School of Business admin'- X E istration' 'Q gf -' M.B.A. g , LOMBJNRD de G. RICE I-4 - - Oakhill, Box 215, R.F.D. 921, Manchester, N.H Brown University t A.'B., Liberal Arts Boston University M.B.A., Management KENNETH R. SAMUELSON I-4 204-9-18 St. B. Moline, Ill, George Washington University B.A., Business Administration 530 Ash St. Winnetka, Ill. Northwestern! University B.S., Business Akiininisuration GNRY J. SIMOOT I-4 . 215 So. 26th Awe. Yakima, Wash. University of Washington B.S., Civil Engineering DANNY E. D. WILSON - r 174-7 Salinfa Wichita, Kan University of Karnsas B.S., Architectural Engineering WIAQLTHR D. SOO'I'I' I-4 WILLIAIM E. ACRNS I-5 1345 Somerset Drive Deerfield, Ill- Loyola University RONLAIJD C. BEA'l'l'Y I-5 5815 Margaretta. St. Pittsburgh, Pa Grove City Col-lege B.S., Commerce Un-iversity of Pittsburgh M.L., Retailing HENRY L. BLACK I-5 5415 Netherland Awe. Riverd-ale, N.Y. New York University B.S., Business Administration ROBERT E. B'R'IGGSi, J'R. I-5 237 Cherokee Dr. Memphis, Tenn. University of the South B.A., Spanish Memphis Stalte College B.S. ini B.1A., Management and Finance THOMAS F. CNVANAHUGHJR. I-5 20 Monadnock Rd. Chestnut Hill, Mass. Harvafrd College A.B., Government Harvard University M.B.A. jfA1M'ES F. ORY'AN, JR. I-5 48 Lalbel St. Montclair, NJ. Newark College of Engineering B.S., Civil' Engineering R1CHA'R'D T, DYER I-5 6ll7 Hohman A've. Hammond, Ind. Wa'bash College B.A., Economics University of Penmsylvarnia, Wvharton- Grad- uate School M.B.A., Marketing ROBERT E. FLOLID I-5 506-4th St. S.W. Little Falls, Minn. St. Cloud State Teachers College B.A., Accounting JAMES L. GIBBONS I-5 415W Fiftlh Ave. Columbia, Tenn- University of Florida B.S., Business Aldministravtion' ROY M. GOODMAIN I-E 955 Fifth' Alve. New York, N.Y Harvard College A.B., American History and Literature Harvard Graduate Sehool of Business Admin istration M.B.A.. IOHN W. HALM, j'R. I-5 1826 West 105th St. Chicago, Ill. The University of Texas B.S., Civil Engineering LOUIS D. H'IGHfI'OWER, JR. I-5 A 516 Barnett St., N.E. Atlanta, Ga. Emory University 8: University of Georgia 7 Q REU-BEN' J. J'ACKSlON I-5 2022 Armstrong Alve. Colorado Springs, Colo. University of Colorado B.S., Business Finawnce University of Colorado Gralduate School JEROME KAVN'TE'R I-5 5504 Reading Road Cincinnati, Ohio Harvard College 'A A.B., Social Relations Harvard Graduate Business School M.B.A. AlCH'ILLEAS E. KOLLIOS I-5 28 Roger St. Southbridge, Mass. Boston University B.S., Business Administration jNM'ES L. LIENDEfRM'AiN I-5 1325 Grigsby Ave. Dallas, Texas x Southern Methodist University ."' - Q1 Bachelor of Business Administration i i ss ROBERT L. IJURENSKY I-5 84 Ma-nsdalay Rki. Newton Centre, Mass. Syracuse University B.A., American Literature Wharton School University of Pennsylvania M.B.A. Harvard University Master in Economics ROBERT F. MAITHEWS' I-5 7710 Atlantic Ave. Virginia Beach, Va. .Y Yale University ' A K B.E., Civil Engineering WUJLIAIM J. NiIGHfI'lNG'A-LE I-5 1 1728 Knox Ave., South Minneapolis, Minn. Bowdoin Col-lege Bachelor of Arts Harvard University M.B.A., IRA A. POLLOCK . 440 So. Fraser Atve. Los Afngeles, Calif g y ' , University of California at Los Angeles Q, B.S., Business Accounting ROBERT E. RILEY I-5 38 Vinewood Rd. Milton. Mass. College of the Holy Cross B.A., English Harvard University M.B.A. LEE S. SANDHERS I-5 2906 Naylor na, sz., Apt. A-154 Washington, D.C. George Washington! University GEORGE J. SCUILLY I-5 230 Freeman Rd. Orchard Park. N.Y. Dartmouth College Bachelor of A'rt's Tuck School of Business Administration MJBJA. PH'IIJIP M. SNYYDER I-5 830 Main St. Mount Hope, W.Va. Hampden-Sydney College B.S., Liberall A-rts University of North Carolina M.B.A. LOW'ELL B. TEDDER I-5 10782 Paloma Garden Grove, Calif. Santa Ana' College PHILI-P S. AIRONSON I-6 60 Kenilworth St. Newton, Mass. Yale College BB., Applied' Economics GERALD' A. BECK I-6 10449 Holman Ave. Los Angeles, Calif. University of Callifomia at Los A-ngeles B.S., General Business M.B.A., Finance JACK ERIM I-6 1422 Blue Hill Arve. Mattapan, Mass. Middle Georgia College j0SEPH R. B'I:UM I-6 2253 Suffolk St. Cincinfnati, Ohio University of Cincinnati Bachelor of Business Akiministra-tion moon s. om-mx 1-s me. 2. sox 899 ojai. cam. A University of California B.S., Business Administration 'N 'S J X A 0 RALPH OUOM0 I-6 21 Bruce Ave. Yonkers, N.Y. Iona College B.B.A., Accounting New York University M.B.A., Accounting JAIMfES A. FJRUOKSON I-6 178 Madison Ave. Island Park, N.Y. Syracuse University Bachelor of Civil Engineering JOSEPH L. FLORES I-6 585 Columbus A've., 429 San Frarncisco, Calif. Salint Mary's College B.S., Business Adlministration 8: Economics SCOTT B. GIREENIE I-6 120 Ninth St. W-ilmette, Ill. University of Illinois B.S., Marketing ARNOLD B. GIJENN l-6 229 East 79th' St. New York, N.Y. Ohio Static University B.S., Business Administration New York University School of Law LLB. JOHN E. l-I'OWA'RD I-6 25 High St. Milford, Mass. University of Miami B.A., Sociology DONAIIJD R. IQEDLEY I-6 2316 W. Sani Miguel Phoenix, Ariz. Phoenlix College Associate of Arts DONWLD E. JOHNSON I-6 16 Nornh l2th SL Kansas City, Kan. University oi Karnsas B.S., Industrial -Managment M.B.A., Mafrketing and Statistics RA:Y'MON'D E. KfRnElIDE'R I-6 ' 527 East Main St. Palmyra, Pa. Juniata College B.S., Business Administration EDWARD R. LEVENE I-6 2l3,Leroy St. Binghamton, N.Y. Rensselaer Polytechnic Instit-ute Bachelor of Management' Engineering Columbia University, School' of Business M.S., Business Administration-, Marketing RICHARD LYNIN I-6 39 Can-vwa'll A'venue Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Columbia College B.A. Harvard University M.'B.A. LAKURE-NOE MELTZER I-6 7 Cooper Rd. Scarsdale, N.Y. Oberlin College B.A., Liberal .Nrtls Columbia: University M.B.A. HA-ROLD PREDOVICH I-6 209 Indiana St. Wichita, Kan. University off Denver BQS.. Civil Engineering LLOYD R. ROBUINSON, J-R. I-6 24112 East 68 Terrace Kansas City, Mo University of Kansas B.S., Civil Engineering ROBERT P. SAIUVE I-6 514 Monroe St. Ann Arbor, Mich. Michigafn State Normal College B.S., Business Akllmintistxration GEORGE S. Sl-IACKEILFORD I-6 R.R. 4391, Keister Rd. Germantown, Ohio Ohio State University , B.S., Business Admin-istra-tion CALVIN W. SFPAFPORD I-6 5775 Beaumont Ave. La Jolla, Calif. Stanford University B.A., Econfomics M.B.A., Business Administration AlLBU:'JRT A. SPENSVT I-6 1895 South Logan Denver, Colo University of Colorado B.S., Architectural Engineering HvER.IB1E'RT D. THIACKER I-6 29ll Makalei Place Honolulu. T.H. Stanford University B.A., Psychology Ha-rvard University. M.B.A. LINZA K. SELLERS I-l l67 Pine Hill Drive Mobile, Ala. Alabama Polytechnic Institute Bachelor of Civil Engineering f A vf Ngigf- 7132931 -n U! I dw--1 21-5: iiowf ,X Q f NC if , , 7 A , 1 x i consreek 59 X 6 8 I-mason av'-'k. Isuuo g R X v O. Q '--f ' :f x f EX? f ww sf. 0 X Slcou. .AAA N g Q QIQ. 1 t Room Z wi "E FV ' W- ,eggs 39 iw!! V ms .M -JV' ' N fy, ,. 4 I .Ab 4 Qgfggf EAS 6 N S ' in V M Eff-f 6' BEACH Q ,yvw-Nh Tl-IE MODIZINGS K v P GE? 7 ' F 5,436 -AAA' 'Wm-1 W- sf-22: W M "ff E Q63 Mlu. S 7 X AAAAA- ,AA-AJ' .AA-454 .Jvuv-. MILE ' if uw 4 , M- 121.21 Um Q HIQHLIGHTQ 'AAAI -- Wgf-'xfarrca-v '55 pl. .4- In jk- Lg ing f-7A"'uvA .glzingd me .,f...t Qt., The old cliche' was never more appropriate. "lt's all over but the shouting." Today we exchange two diagonal stripes for one horizontal one, and it's a great day for the Navy. A bit of nostalgic remembrance of those who have left us duning the past four months, and then another look to the future. XfVtl1ere do we go from here? Small ships, large ships, Atlantic, Paeilic, a few to scthool for a little longer, and then to sea. How many have never seen an ocean before? Well, we'll make up for lost time. "join the Navy and See the World." lt seems as il' truer words were never spoken. Now what? Oh, yes. Return the tthlirty-odd publications and assorted equipment which we used to learn all abou-t tthe Navy. Check them off, but remember them well. The information might come in handy. A long awaited moment has arrived. Give back these blue suits with the reverse crease, thirteen buttons and no pockets. Strange how you take pockets so for granted until you have to get along without them. Strip the sacks that have been so long tightened with such loving care. Put that last spit shine on those shoes. XVe're almost there. 'ig 'H Now we get those spanking new kthaki uniforms on. Grad- uation exercises start in an . ll YI ' hour. Hop to lor the last time and then our lives may occasionally be our own again. EDITORS IN CHIEF .J G. F. Mfitchell H, Weber COPY EDITOR J. M. Sullivan W. J. Stone ART EDITOR R. P. Butterfield I STAFF E. F. Barnhart R. M. jwimenez H. Ekizian H. H. B. Johnson, Jr G. E. Hassell W. Joseph H. C. Herman C. K. Kane P. S. Lewis Picture Credits to: The United States Navy Mr. Jan Hahn, Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst. The Sargent Studios, Boston, Mass. Printed by American Press New Bedford, Mass. LAYOUT EDITOR PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR R. M. Rouse I. M. Mclntosh E. J. Pybus J. E. Schneider A. C. Walhlstedt Afitd : , LTJG G. D. BEAN, Faculty Advisor ,'?V.2l. 'WB N f f N' Mi! N 1 'I v , .xaizwf -.-.Q I iw .lx 4. .Q 'Mia ITS 2 W' slim . i gn gli' . ' ' w k 44' , We :ig L. 1' .x ., J gh . Wav? gmn Eternal Fatherl strong to save, A Whose arm -doth bind the restless wave, Who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep, Its own appointed limits keep: 0 hear us when we cry to Thee For those in peril on the sea.

Suggestions in the US Navy Officer Candidate School - Sea Chest Yearbook (Newport, RI) collection:

US Navy Officer Candidate School - Sea Chest Yearbook (Newport, RI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 60

1953, pg 60

US Navy Officer Candidate School - Sea Chest Yearbook (Newport, RI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 169

1953, pg 169

US Navy Officer Candidate School - Sea Chest Yearbook (Newport, RI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 34

1953, pg 34

US Navy Officer Candidate School - Sea Chest Yearbook (Newport, RI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 97

1953, pg 97

US Navy Officer Candidate School - Sea Chest Yearbook (Newport, RI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 87

1953, pg 87

US Navy Officer Candidate School - Sea Chest Yearbook (Newport, RI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 55

1953, pg 55

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