US Naval Training School at Harvard University - All Hands Yearbook (Cambridge, MA)

 - Class of 1942

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US Naval Training School at Harvard University - All Hands Yearbook (Cambridge, MA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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V' A KYLE XRS? , lviifxblix-flqfwllf 5 +L if i'f'9'Vf ' SX! hi - uf.-!.:fg. ' 5 af.:,s.a:1'.v' ' ' ' 'v'fwL.hHiP 2 'xnxx 'I 3 "' nz 1, ' -it I 'la' 151 -A f Q YL ' ' J V V .,5'5,1'5 :,. . A ,. MZ- Ewa, ,-.f:-,,-gg--- g, .-f.h.'-:- x X '21:12:"- f ' , :...," 3.--l .':.- 'Fj 5X . .- rf s .- , I 'r ' - - X . f. . ,:'-' .-3 vs 'U M xx L ' r I' Hr'-A17-lf' '5f"xWN'T Nix' Q If 'vm' 'fllh 'f.'?'A -Y ., 1 -1, ff. .1 NN. y I .f , r n 1 1, ,, H 'xXX- th ..., ,EHI..f:.,1 NX XQ Y YW of ALL HANDS Published by and for the second class of the Indoc- trination and Communication School of the Naval Training School at Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., October, 1942. THE EDITORIAL BOARD Editor-in-Chiet, Lieut. C. M. Brooks, Jr. Managing Editor, Lieut. J. A. Wilcox Assistant Managing Editor, Ensign J. C. Woodle Features Editor, Ensign E, I-I. Soper Assistant Features Editor, Ensign l.. B. Abrams, Jr. Art Editor, Ensign J. C. Mattimore Assistant Art Editor, Lieut. CigD P. T. Rathbone Photographic Editor, Lieut. S. F. Schneider Assistant Photographic Editor, Ensign E. D. Cole Staff Adviser, Lieut. C. l.. Updegraph THE BUSINESS BOARD Business Manager, Ensign I-I. Bleicher Assistant Business Manager, -Ensign S. N. Wilson Advertising Manager, Ensign E. W. Gendron Ass't Advertising Manager, Ensign W. B. Carruthers Note-The illustrations of '4Ensign" Donald Duck which appear In the pages of RECORD OF AN EXPERIENCE were drawn expressly tcr ALL I-IANDS and are the generous contribution of Walt Disney Productions to this class-book of the Naval Training School at Harvard University. if .1 fy , ts" its , . ,-1 -hs.,..,-x, .. , .pw 1-v-, ,- -A 4 ii? . iw 51 'LF fi A 'X' PHOTO EY HERBERT STIER, BOSTON TRAVELER ,, R - Q., M- '- The Class Book of the Naval Training School flndoctrination and Communicationj Harvard Uhiversity Cambridge ' l Massachusetts October, l942 IIEIII ft ,J ., sw- sfg f' When you reported I met you with questions, and as you Ieave I greet you with commendations. During this period ot two months, I have Watched you from cIose aboard to a distance avvay. It has been a pleasure to observe your reactions to this period ot transition from the Freedom ot civil Iite to the precise demands of a military or navaI adiustment. I realize that it has been ditticult for some to subordinate their teeIings but I have observed your progress as a group and as individuals. I am proud of your record. It has been a priviIege to serve with you. May I congratulate each ot you and wish you a 'Bon Voyage" as you taI4e up your assignments in the First Iine of our national defense, the United States Navy. Q Hin "Cn lneltalf ot tlte University, l welcome tlwe presence at l-larvard of tlwe Naval Training Sclwool and tl'ie otlter organizations representing tlte service of our country. Suclw academic and military co-operation augurs Well For tlte vvar and tlwe post-vvar period. l extend my best vvislwes to all Navy and scien- tific worlcers in our midst." ms f caste -- ' . . . v-. , -. . k ',,..x,,.,z,,. vjggge4.ff'4-5353?155731-E':3?3g1LgS:i.f2:22241-Q:g'iz,:f12.263.f5.E'?Q.,lEEF,'f,QL1'.."'-fi-:J 5.Ff:':2':'f-1.2-Q:-z,'f"EUi -.a.4-2f:4i'f2,f-:sais-vim.-f,s1f:,y 1 - ' ' '- ' K X " " 1 M.: 'A x te-':1..g:'::yA-.f,.f:'z:5,"-sw24, -'iw-V ' . . ' 1 , ff-,:?:.ef-:.":fm,,,ff-X-.ffA mmm , 1 A -. rf .ffm,v-'.1a::::::'1f.-r-.--f-:wiv 'm-+-z.ff::'f:' - -- 154 '.:1.f::-W. H' 'fm .v ' ,.-1.- C:21imIf4s6 Q . t, Z I' 2. 1' L " 1'--if,'f,:'?'i, 6.I-3j5is:giE'i-gijfff--'Es-P5'q,Z'3 -M15-m11.s'f.: .. 5 gf c 2-:vwaff.1':- -2:2121 'Lx-is. ' I , 4 k:f-wsvf, 11 ,,.gfs1:i:sf-:1.:fShi-?f"'w-22,f91'4:':Lf2:i1ff,,,e'. ' f':1f '?' ., ff if "NX 32:..,f.,-'1f'f-It-'fi f f 5132! r- 1 'i V: '21-xv 1 -asm:-:'f "f'e,f:'i:.1-1.-. 1' ,:,61::,. g,:1:':a2 4' -' agvgzgrzv-:g,,,,-. f :sf-3 V, - '37 -g .2-qw 2' f V149 1 e :W-,V,ghg,W?Mg:.g,-:q2x4,:4g,wg1 ,g 4 .. :, . , ,fm X ef.: f ,g.fz:zv, :za Jrgrv mgs,W,2g,mx,.., , . - N- sal -1 .t . . -,-.taf 4-.4 W., wan :Y ,- V Juffii -4 ' . ,f.g1',- ':- ,wggo 41,2 gay- A ,wg-1-5 ' -42 "QF ff 1 , V 1: 321,-, ara'-.4552 .Q ,-, , - Q Vx 11'-1-wh:-.1 'V -.,, A - ' ' I 15.11 -- "'-251153 iz:f?-fT5:- 'i f . . - , md, m v, -- W, iff. ,A fi ' 2 'f I . -am V "iris 42525239 - .n saffftgff-f'fw ' , - Jv,"A:o2 ' 13.,:1a,41'f2'f541, .vzargl .. ' , av' " Y jf- . ,, ,f .1 ,.,'j Y-Er,"':1r-Zff digiiiw .3 , ff . v. - , re 12' :QA -4'-f Jiffy ,'f:'::1:z:-., ffiff' ,, 1 "" 2 '.:."f' ff. 1- 1, ., 61: 21-2224 "sf 921, M: -. fbi if 3 -, , -my V 5,215 .A -, f - fr" 'assi fx-, r . new yy 9 , 1-4:-1-Lv. -n - 4-,:- . 'V 2'f?:cx.,'f1-' , f1.:z'5.,e:"f ', ,. 4 Hs: va x-:, - .f - f- ' I' I" Q 'J-If -ag, .fff,.7,za' t .ff ,Qsex1f.wK1s'-f , 1' - ffifi:-:fr--:1.:..': f."fi'f3Jf5-21.LEZ-fi: P7 F232 f:i"2.'1f..V2E4f3 wav? wt- :if A, , -w.:.-- w g-A THQ:-3+ . , - M, 1 1 fx ,Q j, x eff A "'?W',? 1 W' 5 1901 .XA f W A 459, M W , ,Q , ff f wwf .,, I X IXQW? nfxwf ww yi 1 , 46, I ,HC ,wr i 'gpg' ff , ff MAE 1,1 ,Q , f A af f f ff V4s,ZizQV , ,fm f ' Eff W Q A- ff f ,,W,g',, W , J 1 ,f 'VV Zfgffwpay ,, 'X' ' for 2 9, ff 1 aff!! JA, A, ,Q v4f13v?5'f'fl? up 5,53 x 2+ :Q A ,Q x ' 3 N A X7 , X9 1 X X' f ff vx..WM,,Q. .4 .av Q X 1 an-w qw. ng fx, K V N 1' f r"X 'QQ L 3315 w. 2' X' 9 +4 -QVQ57' 2' X 1 NLT f , N X393 J fe! in gf, W L ff ,V A? ,ff 1 19 ye? 9 4, , x P? 5 X. Q1 mf 5. JP , f W an ggi QW fM Of MCH k.Q?g,?x Q N we, 6 1,1246 x W4 J 90 7 Q 5 N215 , N . ,W Q Q f 'U X16 z , fx NPN L, X' X -"ff , 0 W 2 Z" 'if "W 'fix C ff W ww f J A 4 Q ,4 , 1 f , , , QXAL, f MH X? 2 .15 W4 5 1 X ' J. x J xbf J. ff f' ' 51 "4 Q31 4 , M! A CAPTAIN G. N. BARKER Official Duty: Commanding Qiticer ol the several Naval Training Schools at l'larvard. Naval Training School Clndoctrination and Communicationb l'larvard Naval Training School ' Cl2adarD l-larvard Naval Supply Corps School l-larvard Naval R. O. T. C. l-larvard y Professor of Naval Science and Tactics Brief History: Captain Barlcer was appointed to the Naval Academy from Massachusetts in 1903 and graduated in 1907. l'le then served successively on the USS. Nebraska and the U SS. South Dalcota. l-le then became a member of the faculty at the Academy from 1913 through 1915. ln 1916 he was on the USS. Michigan and in 'l9'l7 was an Executive Qtticer and Navigator of the U'.S.S, Nicholson. l-le commanded the U.S.S. Drayton during 'l9'l8. During the follow- ing postwar years he Filled many impressive posts in connection with the Armistice as well as executive commands of the United States ships Mahan, portland and l-louston. Captain Barlcer holds the Navy Cross and has been Professor of Naval Science and Tactics at l-larvard University since T939 and Commanding Qtlicer ot the Naval Schools at l-larvard since 1942. COMMANDER CHARLES A. MACGOWAN USN Official Duty: Qiticer in Charge, Naval Training School Clndoctrination and Communicationb, l-lar- vard University. Brief History: Appointed to the United States Naval Academy from Maine in 1910 and gradu- ated in 1914. l-le served on the U.S.S. Georgia as Engineering Radio Qilicer from 1914-15, on the U.S.S. Kansas as Radio Otticer in 1916, on the U.S.S. Lamson as Executive and Engineering Qtlicer 1916-17, and on the U.S.S. Isabel as Engineering and Radio Qtticer 1917-18. l-le subsequently 1 was based at Bordeaux, France and at the U. S. Submarine School in New London, Conn. l-le then did graduate work in Radio Engineering at l'larvard University from which he went on to serve on the U.S.S. New York and as Radio Material Otticer ol the First Naval District, 1925-27. l-le was Battle Fleet Radio Qtticer in 1927, on the U.S.S. Arizona 1928-29, and continued in important Radio and Communication olticerships until 1934 when he became Commanding Qliicer of the U.S.S. Barney. Retired in 1935 he was recalled in 1939 as District Communication Qtticer ot Manila and then became Communication Qtticer oi the Western Sea Frontier in which post he served until his appointment to his present duty at l-larvard University on June 24,1942 LIEUT. COMDR. E. HANNA C-VCSJ, USNR Official Duty: Executive Qiiicer. Brief History: Enlisted in the United States Navy in 1917 and on graduation from Naval Electrical School, Mare Island, Calif., served on the U.S.S. Qregon and at a number oi high power Naval Radio Stations. l-le returned to civilian lile in 1919 and became a member ol Naval Communications Reserves when it was lormed in 1924. l-le was recalled to active duty in September 1940 as Executive Qtticer, Naval Training School CRadioD, U,S.S. Despatch, San Francisco, and on May, 1942, was ordered to duty as Executive Otticer, Naval Training School, flndoctrination and Communica- tionb, l-larvard University. i LIEUT. CARL FLETCHER BRENGARTNER C-VCSJ, USNR Official Duty: Rersonnel Clfficer. Brief History: University of California. Married. Civilian Qccupation, Electrical Engineer. Com- missioned an Ensign USNR in 1935 and Lieutenant Cigl USNR in 1940. Commanding Qfficer, Unit 4, Section 1, 11tl1 Naval District, Naval Communica- tion Reserve from 1936-40. Reported for active duty 1940 and commissioned Lieutenant USNR in 1942. Became Rersonnel Cfficer, Harvard Naval Training School in Qctoper, 1942. Residence, Los Angeles, California. LIEUT. EUGENE W. SWEETLAND USNR Official Duty: Personnel Officer, CDetacf1ed, October, 1942D. Brief History: Graduated from Ll. S. Naval Academy in 1922 and spent tlwe following fifteen years in civilian life as head of the Aventine Rress, New York, and as founder and president of time Con- sumer Sales institute of New York City. Called back to active duty in the spring of 1942. LIEUTENANT FRANCIS E. ADAMS D-VQGJ, USNR Official Duty: Senior Indoctrination Instructor. Brief History: University of California, B.Sc., 1934. Married. Civilian occupation, sales engineer. Recent active duty before appointment at Harvard Naval Training School as Phase Officer, Operations, School at the NAS, Jacksonville, Fla. Residence, Berkeley, a i . ENSIGN JAMES R. BASH D-VCSJ, USNR Official Duty: Assistant to Detail Officer. Brief History: Instructor in Journalism, Director of Student Publications, indiana State Teachers College. Graduate NTS, Harvard University, 1942. ENSIGN THOMAS WILLIAM BRADLEY, JR. D-VKSJ, USNR Official Duty: Instructor. Brief History: Washington and Lee University, B.S., 1939. Single. Civilian occupation, personnel director. Member Phi Gamma Delta. Attended NTS, Noroton Heights, Conn. for communication instruc- tions. Residence, Bristol, Va. ENSIGN JOHN WILLIAM BYRNS D-VCSJ, USNR Official Duty: Instructor. Brief History: University of Wisconsin, B.A., 1938. Married. Civilian occupation, salesman. Member of Delta Upsilon. Attended NTS, Noroton Heights, Conn. for communications instructions. Residence, Madison, Wis. . 11 ENSIGN WILLIAM ROBERT CARSCADEN D-VKSD, USNR Official Duty: lnstructor. Brief History: University of Maryland, pre-law, University of Maryland, LL.B.,1937. Married. Civilian occupation,attorney. Attended NTS, Noroton Heights, Conn. for communication instruction. Residence, Cumberland, Md. ENSIGN JOSIAH B. CHANDLER D-VCPJ, USNR Official Duty: Instructor. Brief History: Dartmouth, A.B., 1930, Tuclc School of Business Adminis- tration, M.C.S., 1931. Married. Graduate NTS Harvard University,, 1942. Residence, Needham, Mass. LIEUTENANT G91 R- T. CLOSE D-VKSJ, USNR Official Duty: lnstructor. Brief History: University of Minnesota, BS., B.E., 1939. Civilian occupation, boys' worlc, Y.M.C.A. and Master, Blake Country Day School, 1940-41. ENSIGN JAMES T. COX, JR. D-VKSJ, USNR Official Duty: Instructor. Brief History: Vanderbilt University, B.A., 1939. Married. Civilian Occupation, Investment Broker. Member Pi Kappa Alpha. 12 ENSIGN VERNON THOMAS CRIST D-VQSJ, USNR Official Duty: Instructor. Brief History: College of William and Mary, B.S., 1936, Southern Methodist University, M.A., 1938. Single. Civilian Occupation, Taught mathematics and Coached in Virginia public high schools. pttendeji NTS, Noroton I-leights, Conn. Residence, Providence orge, a. ENSIGN DONAL WOOD EAKIN D-VCSJ, USNR Official Duty: Instructor. Brief History: Miami University COhioD, A.B., 1939. Single. Civilian Occupation, Recorder and Steel Inspector. Member Sigma Nu and Tribe Miami. Residence, Canton, Ohio. LIEUTENANT Cigl LEROY W. FARINHOLT, JR. D-VCSJ, USNR Official Duty: Instructor. Brief History: Johns Hopkins University, A.E., 1931, University cf Maryland, LLB., 1940. Married. Civilian Occupation, Professor of Law. Graduated Harvard NTS, 1942. Residence, Macon, Ga. CDetached, October, 19425 ENSIGN JAMES HERBERT FINLEY, JR. D-VCSJ, USNR Official Duty: Instructor. Brief History: Pennsylvania State College, B.A., 1933. Single- Civilian Occupation, Salesman. Member Chi Phi. Attended NTS: Noroton I-Ieights, Conn. for communications instruction. Residence, Wyndmoor, Montgomery Co., Pa. 13 LIEUTENANT-COMMANDER JOHN L. FLANNERY M-CCSJ, USNR Official Duty: Senior Medical Officer Brief History: Georgetown University, B.S. in Med., 1927, George- town University Medical School, M.D.,19Q9. Internship and residency St. Francis Hospital, Trenton, N. J. and St. Christopher's Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa. Post graduate work at Columbia University. Active practice of Medicine in Harrisburg, Pa., specializing in chiIdren's diseases, 1937-42. Ordered to active duty at U. S. Naval Hospital, Chelsea, Mass., 1942, thence to the Supply Corps School, Boston, Mass. and to NTS, Harvard University. Married. ENSIGN DONALD WILLIAM FRITZ D-VCSD, USNR Official Duty: Instructor. Brief History: Michigan State College, AB., 1936. Single. Civilian Occupation, Insurance Examiner. NTS, Noroton Heights Conn. Residence, Saginaw Mich. LIEUTENANT fig, PORTER EUGENE GREEN D-VCSJ, USNR Official Duty: Instructor. Brief History: Shurtleff, I9h.B., 1934, Chicago, LL.E., 1939. Married. Civilian Occupation, Lawyer. Attended Indoctrination School, Notre Dame. Residence, Nashville, III. ' ENSIGN SOLON GIBSON HALE USN Official Duty: Instructor. Brief History: U. S. Naval Academy, B.S., 1949. Married. Varsity Lettersvantd head cheer-leader at the Academy. Residence, Murray, Y 14 ENSIGN HENRY RAWLINGS HAMNER USN Official Duty: lnstructor. Brief History: Graduate of E. C. Glass High School, Lynchburg, Va. 1939. Entered U. S. Naval Academy in 1939 and graduated in 1942. ENSIGN FRANK CHARLES HANSCHE, JR. USN Official Duty: Instructor. History: Graduated U. S. Naval Academy 1942 with Class of ENSIGN H. MARSHALL HANSEN D-VCSJ, USNR Official Duty: Regimental Sub-Commander. Brief History: San Francisco State College, University of California, A.B., 1941. Civilian Occupation, Physical Education Teacher. Served as Assistant Personnel Director at San Francisco World's Fair, 1940. Married. Residence, Oakland, Calif. ENSIGN RALPH MORGAN HANSON USN Official Duty: lnstructor. Brief History: Annapolis Preparatory School, U. S. Naval Academy. Graduated 1949 with Class of 1943. 15 .2 ENSIGN WILLIAM HUGHLETT HARDCASTLE, JR. USN Official Duty: Instructor, Brief History: North Carolina State College, U. S. Naval Academy. Graduated 1942 with Class of 1943. ENSIGN CLIFFORD L. HOFFMAN D-VCSI, USNR Official Duty: lnstructor. ' Brief History: University of Michigan, B.S. 1938, M.A. 1939. Married. Civilian Occupation, High School Teacher and Coach. Residence, Garfield, N. J. ENSIGN JAMES LEMUEL HOLLOWAY, Ill USN Official Duty: Instructor. Brief History: U. S. Naval Academy, B.S., 1942. Single. Residence Arlington, Va. ENSIGN HARVARD CHRISTIAN HUBER ' USN Official Duty: Instructor. Brief History: Nutley High School, Nutley, N. ,'l.j U. S. Navy, 1937-39i NAPS, NOB, Norfolk, Va.: U. S. Naval Academy. Graduated 1942 with Class of 1943. 16 ENSIGN WILBYRD EDWIN IRVIN D-VKSJ, USNR Official Duty: lnstructor. Brief History: Texas Christian University, 1931-35, London School cf Economics and Political Science,'.,1936. ENSIGN ARTHUR EDSON KENISON, JR. USNR Official Duty: Buildings and Grounds Officer. Brief History: University of New Hampshire, 1934. Civilian Occupa- tion, New England Tel. and Tel. Co. NTS, Noroton Heights, Conn. ENSIGN WILLIAM MARSHALL KNAPP USN Official Duty: 1st Battalion Officer. Brief History: U. S. Naval Academy. Graduated 1942 with Class of 1943. ENSIGN ALBERT CONSTANCE KOPLEWSKI USN Official Duty: Instructor. Brief History: U. S. Naval Academy. Graduated 1942 with Class of 1943. Single. Residence, Dowagiac, Mich. 17 ENSIGN HENRY C. LINDGREN D-VCSJ, USNR Official Duty: Assistant to Welfare and Recreation Officer. Brief History: Stanford University, AB., 1934, M.A., 1935, Ph.D., 1942. Civilian Occupation, Teacher. Member Phi Delta Kappa. Residence, San Francisco, Calif. ENSIGN HOWARD SHACKLEFORD MOORE USN Official Duty: Regimental Commander. ' Brief History: U. S. Naval Academy. Graduated in 1942 with Class of 1943. Residence, Washington, D. C. ENSIGN BERNARD W. MOULTON USN Official Duty: instructor. Brief History: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass. Cone yearl, U. S. Naval Academy, 1943 Cgraduated 19491 Member of varsity sailing and gymnastic teams at Annapolis. Residence, Syracuse, New York. LIEUTENANT fig, THOMAS SHAW MOULTON D-VCGJ, USNR Official Duty: lnstructor. Brief History: Harvard University, 1935, Wichita University, 1938-39. Member of college crew, football and track teams and licensed pilot. 18 ENSIGN HARRY D. MURPHY D-VKSJ, USNR Official Duty: lnstructor. Brief History: University of Washington, B.A., 1938. Single. Civilian Nfilcciupation, U. S. Immigration Border Patrol. Residence, Aberdeen, as . ENSIGN A. X. O'CONNOR D-VCSH, USNR Official Duty: Instructor. Brief History: St. Peter's College, A.B., 1936, Seton l-lall, M.A., 11943. Single. Civilian Occupation, Teacher, Residence, Bayonne, ENSIGN FRANK PARNELL OMOHUNDRO USN Official Duty: Officer of the Watch. Brief History: Purdue University, U. S. Naval Academy. Graduated 21949 xivigh Class of 1943. Won "N" on Academy crew. Residence, arrett, n . LIETUENANT fig, ARTHUR A. REZNY D-VCSJ, USNR Official Duty: lnstructor. Brief History: University of lllinois, B.S., 1932, NLS., 1939. Married. Civilian Occupation, Teacher. Residence, Ann Arbor, Mich. 19 ENSIGN HUGH HENRY SHARPE, Ill D-VCSJ, USNR Official Duty: Instructor. Brief History: Union College, AB., 1938. Civilian Occupation, Radio, Programme Department WTRY. NTS, Noroton Heights, Conn. LIEUTENANT Cigj L. L. SHEELEY D-VQSJ, USNR Official Duty: Instructor. Brief History: University of Florida, B.A.E., 1936, M.A.E., 1940. Married. Civilian Occupation, Dean of Boys, Public School. Member Kappa Phi Kappa and Kappa Delta Phi. Residence, Miami, Fla. LIEUTENANT fig, BURTON W. TAYLOR D-VCSI, USNR Official Duty: Instructor. Brief History: Yale University, B.S., 1928, Columbia University, Ph.D., 1935. Married. Civilian Occupation, College Professor. Residence, Brunswick, Me. ENSIGN WILLIAM M. THOMPSON D-VCSJ, USNR Official Duty: lnstructor. Brief History: Syracuse University, B.S., 1939, Rutgers University, M.S.,194SZ. Married. Civilian Occupation, instructor. Residence, Passaic, N. J. Q0 LIEUTENANT Kigj ROGER N. TURNER D-VCSJ, USNR Official Duty: instructor. Brief History: University of Michigan, A.B., 1931, l.L.B., 1934. iixngrle. Civilian Occupation, Attorney. Residence, Battle Creelc, ic . LIEUTENANT CHARLES L. UPDEGRAPH D-VKSJ, USNR Official Duty: Welfare and Recreation Officer. Brief History: Findlay College, AB., 1993, Boston University, M.A., 1926. Married. Civilian Occupation, Y.M.C.A. Secretary. Resi- dence, Westwood, Mass. ENSIGN MELVIN W. VONARX D-VCSJ, USNR Official Duty: Assistant to Welfare and Recreation Officer. Brief History: Pennsylvania State College, B.A., 1938, University oi Pittsburgh. Single. Civilian Occupation, Teacher of Physical Educa- tion. Residence, Johnsonburg, Penn. LIEUTENANT GILBERT FREDERICK WELKER C-VCSJ, USNR Official Duty: Senior Communications instructor. Brief History: Entered Naval Services in 1923, graduating from Naval Radio School, Great Lakes, lll., 19523. Duty at Pearl l-larbor Sub- marine Base and Sub R-7 till 1925. Under vvater sound school, San Diego, Shore Stations, 11th District, 1926, USS Neches, 1998-29, commissioned in Naval Reserve, 1936. Recalled to active duty, 1940. 21 LIEUTENANT figj RALPH M. WILLIAMS D-VCSJ, USNR Official Duty: lnstructor. Brief History: Ohio State University, B.A., 1929. Single. Civilian Occupation, College Professor. Residence, Coral Gables, Florida. LIEUTENANT GEORGE PERCY WHITELAW MC-VKSD, USNR Official Duty: Junior Medical Officer. Brief History: Yale College, Ph.B., 1931, Harvard Medical School, M.D., 1935. Served at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston and the Deaconess Hospital, Boston. Married. Residence, Boston, Mass. ENSIGN J. B. MACKEN D-VCSJ, USNR Official Duty: Detail Officer. Brief History: HoIy Cross College, A.B., 1936. Single. Civilian Occupation, Newspaperman. First duty, Harvard NTS. Residence Winthrop, Mass. BOATSWAIN C. NUNAMAKER USN Official Duty: Instructor. Brief History: Cecils College, Spartenburg, S. C. Enlisted in U. Navy in 1924 and has served continuously since, including duty on the Asiatic Station and duty with the Pacific Fleet. Residence, lrmo, S. C. BOATSWAIN ERNEST A. PENLAND USN Official Duty: Instructor. Brief History: Clover High School and Kings Business College, Gas- tonia, N. C. Enlisted in U. S. Navy, 1919 and has served con- tinuously since in submarine and mine forces of the fleet. Residence Reedsville, N. C. QQ EXPERIENCE IN TRANSFGRMATION EXPERIENCE IN TRANSFORMATICN uEuT. CHARLES ivi. Biaoors, Jia., usmia This boolc is the illustrated roster ot a group of men who have chosen to put aside civilian interests in the vital cause of intelligent service to their country. As citizens we have represented the United States from the deep South to Oregon, from Vermont to California. As civilian Workers we have consti- tuted lavvyers and teachers . . . engineers, students and business execu- tives, to cite only a few ol our peacetime pursuits. But, and this is of im- mediate moment, with today vve advance toward more active duty as Re- serve Crlicers of the United States Navy in time of war. Al.l. HANDS is, as nearly as possible, the record ol an experience in utrans- formationf' as well as a printed muster of men which in post-vvar years will inspire satisfying reminiscence. Many aspects, human, humorous and historic, of our arrival and residence in l-larvard's Yard go to make up this experience. But before reviewing these there is need on all our parts to try to set down three deeply felt acknowl- edgments. Actually any narrative, no matter how long, which developed the lact of our pride in our relationship to the Navy, the fact of our indebtedness to the splendid men who have taught and trained us here, and the fact ol our gratelulness For l-larvard University's extended hospitality, would be under- statement. Qur determination is to iustily this relationship, uphold and 5 L. lo i extend the principles ot this training and defend and preserve those insti- tutions ot democratic America ot which the Universities are so great a part. John Ruskin once wrote, "lt is well to have not only what men have thought and felt, but what their hands have handled, their strength wrought and their eyes beheld, all the days ot their lite." l-le suggested sensations which certainly have been ours during the days ol our lite at Harvard Naval Training School. What student otlicer can say he "felt" no emotion when First he held in his hand the trim white cap which he now wears so easily on his head, correctly "squared away'?H ls there any one of us, ex- cepting those untortunates who had known the old Army manual of arms, who did not feel that he had "handled" something when he lugged a Winchester up from the musty cellars ot Memorial l-lallr? Where is the man who overlooked the grade his "strength had wrought" on the chinning bars or padded mats ot the Indoor Athletic Building? ls not the picture of the sharp steeple of the l-larvard Chapel, poking at a New England Fog, a sight which you have Hbeheldn . . . and will remember? This leads to reminiscence ot the sort already mentioned here and carries us back to the First ol the days in Cambridge when a hot September sun poured on a blue serge queue waiting before number seventeen Quincy Street to sign anything and everything in quintuplicatel "Qurs not to question why, ours but to stand and Fryli' From the shock ol Hdrawingu bed linen at a Naval Store in an eighteenth century New England Chapel to the somewhat relieving sound of tatoo and taps, that day was one ol crowded paper-work, endless standing in line and very real automatic friendships. With the hideous bells of a second morning, Cthe Hhowlersn of the good ship l-larvardD, we found Hhit the deck" was more than the name of a Broadway show and staggering from our 'ihammocksn we received presentation copies of that unique iournal ol the l-larvard Naval Training School, TI-IE SCUTTLE- BUTT. Somehow Tl-IE SCUTTLEBUTT lying on a barren desk-top in the halt light ot a Massachusetts dawn managed to replace the home town daily . . . and the cry "Get out of the head" soon superseded the more modulated announcement, 'Breakfast is readyf, The reveille ol that premier morning, together with our copies of "the fountain ot intormationn quickly became a part of our earliest daily consciousness. -lhat this consciousness might not lapse, the -lraining School curriculum was tltoughttully arranged to include, each day, twenty minutes ol supervised calisthenics to keep us on our toes. Certainly not one of us Failed to tingle with anticipation at the dulcet voices ol the Chiefs, suggesting that we "two-block" our trousers, do away entirely with our stomachs and violently wave at each other in the unified execution ol four hundred and Fifty "sky touchersln ' Every seemingly arbitrary duty had its humorous side and, oppositely, each had a deeper import. Many of us were feeling for the First time the real 25 need lor discipline and respect lor military ceremony. When, at colors, the chimes ol local church bells synchronized with the notes ol the Star Spangled Banner and the national ensign was "brol4enH over the elms in the Yard, the real end to our daily means and the profound importance of our every eltort was impressively returned to mind. What at First was a sell-conscious salute turned into the subconscious action which means courtesy and mutual respect lor the uniform we have been taught AL 0 it o 7 9 gg to wear. ln daily formations we learned that 'ithe rules for military etiquette are founded on custom and tradition" and that their strict observance is an important factor in discipline. From Commander Macgowanis welcoming address to our class in Sanders Theater to the admonitions of the Battalion Commanders we had respect, precision, gentlemanliness, honesty and pride in purpose drilled into us, both by advice and example. This has been an experience of privilege. Qther matters also were drilled into us thanlcs to the patience ol those young olrticers ol the staFl who warned their pupils against getting their heads caught in the proverbial Hbightf' What explaining it toolc on their parts to illumi- Q6 nate us regarding the elusive message contained in "two vertical pulsating red lights" or to sell us on the dubious truth that a "prolonged blast" is shorter than a "long blast," in spite of logic. That we have not "bilged" at l'larvard Naval Training School is proof of their persistence. bias A And, since we spealc of things being drilled into us, there is the affair of drill itself which, by the very virtue of the time it toolc from our daily lives, became a featured part of the transformation experience. "All drummers and buglers report to the Middle Entrance of lhayern was an announcement which filled us vvith transport, for vve were off and away across the Charles River bridge and over the cinders into Soldiers, Field in no time, with never a student officer uslcylarlcingn in ranks and never a glance toward the Cam- bridge coquettes. Certainly Ensign Moorefs fantastic accomplishment of getting thirty men to goose-step on alternate counts vvhile entangling them- selves in a spiral line-labyrinth, Ccarrying guns at left shoulder arms the whileb was, considered by most of us the penultimate in military performance. And when the spiral was untangled in proper order it was felt that perfect drill Nirvana had been reached. Finally, when vve ourselves took over a platoon for drill We KNEW this to be true. 27 Amongst other incidental information obtained during our lndoctrination there were the following items which need not be dwelt upon but which should be briefly mentioned here: the pointers gained from the moving picture entitled facetiously ul-low to 'falce Care of Yourself After l-laving Reached the Age of puberty" . . . a filml, facts gleaned from positive memorization of The Watch Qfficers' Guide, including all punctuation and the index, how to eat with no time or room to eat in, how to yell :Now 'ei hear this" in order to be heard on the fifth Udeclci' of Matthews,-how to rearrange furniture and personal belongings in your ucabinu in order to please the most fastidious Inspecting Qfficersi and how to conduct yourself with military bearing although "on watch." All this and much more too was involved in our naval education here. There were times when exhaustion from so many hours filled with real duties was more than we thought we could talce. Yet we took it, didn't report too many blisters or fevers to "sick bayi' and were both pleased and proud not to, since we soon found our- selves feeling better than ever we had in civilian life. Nliraculously we were ready for more. We got more, and reminded ourselves that on ship-board we would get more than that, and lilce itl Then by sections we were off to the Dispensary for "shots" . . . "The third typhoid is worstn . . . iiWait 28 till you get tlte yellow Fever needleln . . . "VVl1icl1 arm did tlwey stab tltis time?" . . . "Both" etc. Yet all of us came tlwrouglw, from small-pox to tetanus, and learned to take vvliat we lcnew was really a minor unpleasantness compared to sltrapnel in tlwe belly. We tool4 some pleasure, too. At Training Sclwool tlwere "Was" a little time For tlte Hliglwter side." llwrouglw our Executive Qtlicers, Statl Qflicers and tlwe student body itself tlwere was organized extra-curricular activity, extending from Glee Club, company baseball and rifle teams, to musical comedy relwearsalsi Tlwere were tlwe mass trips to Wellesley dances, vvitlw student otlicers in Uslwore leave dressi' . . . eaclw one a member of a ltand- Y 5 4 some "band of brothers", iourneys to tlwe Navy Yard, tlwe nooks and crannys ot tlwe Qtticersi Clubs tlwere and in Boston tovvn,tlwe glittering Regimental Ball, and open-ltouse vvitlw punclt and pulclwritude at Plwillips Brooks l-louse. And mellovving Friendships tl'trougl'm the progressing days. S29 ln leaving the l'larvard Naval Training School we are taldng with us to many corners oi a chaotic world the background ol organization and discipline, lcnowledge and tradition, good-fellowship and courtesy which has been insufficiently touched upon in the preceding paragraphs. The photographs which Follow will help crystallize remembrance. lt there has been levity in presenting some of these reminiscences it is not intended to reflect upon the training we have received, For "naval ollicers, more than men in any other profession, must be able to see and laugh at the humor, the comedy and the absurdities with which late in general and naval lite in particular are so Filled." ln conclusion we might suggest that the Axis rush to its Hllag bag" and Hbreal4 out on its highest truclcn the signal EMERGE 36Ol ll ALL HANDS are coming . . . from the deep South and from Oregon, from Vermont and California . . . each one with simple Faith and great determination. V lg THE ROSTER OF ALL HANDS 5. NAVY U Lmrfmuu I IIIIETHI , xx ff , K .xi X x 'VXA-Ex as M 35. H51 ', K X ff 032 N5 Q ,SL 4 jj: x X Q f . if f Q ' z ' ff fi 'f ' f' ' ,f if X f ..wJ"' 72:1 2 -N My f - KK - I X Q A R, Yi ff 7,41 1 R 'VNU ? X fy XXX I " o."'k'k-WK X MMA I. mr . IIN STUDENTS ' - v 1 ve, XJ V LAWRENCE B. ABRAMS, JR. Ensign, E-VKPJ, USNR 182552 Glen Ridge New Jersey Birthday: Feb. 26, 1916 Single B.S., Yale, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Mech. and Hy- draulic Eng. ROBERT K. ADAMS Lieutenant figl, D-VKPJ, USNR Flint Michigan Birthday: Oct. 29, 1909 Married A.B., University of Michigan, 1930 M.A., University of Michigan, 1931 Civilian Occupation: Actor and Writer. DAVID A. ALLEN Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR Charlotte North Carolina Married BS., University of North Carolina, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Manufacturer. CARL C. ALLISON Lieutenant Cigj, A-VCPJ, USNR 182806 Columbus Indiana Married B.S.C.E., Purdue University, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Manufacturing Plant Superintendent. NATHAN E. ALLISON Lieutenant, A-VKPJ, USNR Taverville Missouri Birthday: Feb. 8, 1907 Married B.S., Central Missouri State Teachers College, 1934 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. GEORGE F. ALT Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 158928 Jacksonville Florida Birthday: Oct. 96, 1918 Married B.S., The Stout Institute, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. EDWARD R. ANDRLIK Ensign, E-VQPD, USNR 115798 Cicero Illinois Birthday: March 30, 1920 Married B.S., University of Illinois, 19452 Civilian Occupation: Civil Engineer- Draftsman. VINCENT J. ANSELMO Lieutenant Qigl, A-VCPJ, USNR 151880 San Francisco California Birthday: March 14, 1911 Married B.S., University of California, 1934 M.A., University of California, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. EMERY L. ATKINS Ensign, E-VCPJ, USNR 175463 Arcadia Louisiana Birthday: Dec. QO, 1914 Married B.S., Louisiana Polytechnical, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Engineer. HENRY A. ATOR Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR Washington District Columbia Birthday: Jan. 9, 1906 Married Ford Motor Co. School, 1999 Civilian Occupation: Tool Designer. BRIGGS M. AUSTIN Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 190610 Rochester New York Birthday: Oct. 18, 1915 Married B.A., Dartmouth, 1937 M.C.S., Amos Tuck School of Business Administration, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Eastman Kodak Co. GERALD W. AUSTIN Lieutenant Cigl, A-VCPJ, USNR 152201 Houston Texas Birthday: Dec. 1, 1914 Married B.S. Arch Eng., Univ. of Texas, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Structural Engi- neer. ASHBY W. BALDOCK Lieutenant Cigl, A-VCPJ, USNR Stanleytown Virginia Birthday: Nov. 16, 1911 Married B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Inst., 1934 Civilian Occupation: Furniture Manu- facturer. EDWIN BARNES Ensign, A-VCPD, USNR 152257 Battle Creek Michigan Birthday: April 2, 1915 Married Hillsdale, 1933 Civilian Occupation: Banking. RICHARD L. BARTLETT Lieutenant Cigj, A-VKPJ, USNR 1 53064 La Jolla California Birthday: Sept. 29, 1911 Married Univ. of So. Calif. Eng. Ext. Sch., 1942 Civilian Occupation: Civil Service. JESSE W. BAUMGARDNER Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 152337 Jacksonville Florida Birthday: Nov. 30, 1915 . Married B.S., Florida Southern, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. GEORGE R. BECK Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR ' 175295 l-lanford California Birthday: Jan. 18, 1942 Married B.S., Univ. of Calif., Berkeley, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Appraiser. JAMES N. BELL, JR. Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 175311 Virginia Beach Virginia Birthday: July 5, 1904 Married B.S., Virginia Miliary lnstitute, 1926 Civilian Occupation: Merchant. CHESTER J. BENEFIEL Lieutenant figl, D-VCPD, USNR 149631 Tulsa Oklahoma Birthday: March 8, 1907 Married B.A., Tulsa University, 1931 Texas Tech. 1934 Civilian Occupation: Athletic Coach. HOWARD BENOIST, JR. Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR St. Louis Missouri Birthday: May 26, 1915 Married A.B., Yale University, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Banker. JOHN R. BERRIAN Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 152473 New York New York Birthday: May 26, 1909 Married B.S., New York University, 1932 M.A., New York University, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. WILBUR D. BEUCLER Lieutenant, A-VCPQ, USNR 172146 Columbus Ohio Birthday: Nov. 30, 1906 Married A.B., Otterbein College, 1928 M.A,, Ohio State University, 1941-2 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. GLENN W. BILLMAN Ensign, E-VCPJ, USNR 113277 Long Beach California Birthday: June 20, 1918 Single B.S. in Science, Calif. Inst. ofTech., 1941 M.S. in Chemical Engineering, Calif. Inst. of Tech., 1942 Civilian Occupation: Chemical Engineer. WILLIAM S. BISHOP Lieutenant, D-VCPJ, USNR 175444 River Forest Illinois Married Civilian Occupation: Newspaperman. JOHN R. BLACKINGER Lieutenant figl, D-VKPJ, USNR 1 78468 Atherton-Menlo Park California Birthday: July 6, 1905 Married Ph.B., Santa Clara University, 1928 Civilian Occupation: Sales Promotion. JULIAN B. BONDURANT Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 1 51 865 Memphis Tennessee Birthday, Oct. 1, 1904 Married Civilian Occupation: Armored Car Con- cern. EDWIN T. P. BOONE, JR. Lieutenant figl, D-VCPJ, USNR Lumberton North Carolina Birthday: Aug. 14, 1912 Single A,B., Univ. of North Carolina, 1934 Civilian Occupation: Publishing. ROBBINS R. BOSWORTH Ensign, A-VCPD, USNR Fostoria OIUO Birthday: Oct. 25, 1917 Married B.S., Case School of Applied Sci., 1939 Civilian Occupation: Ass't Production Engineer. GEORGE E. BRAND, JR. Ensign, A-VKPJ, USNR 153417 Detroit MICIWIQHT1 Birthday: Oct. 25, 1918 Single B.A., Dartmouth, 1941 Michigan, 1941-42 Civilian Occupation: Student. JOHN L. BRANNAN ' Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 191 547 Muscatine Iowa Birthday: Nov. 16, 1916 Single B.A., University of Iowa, 1939 Civilian Occupation: School and Ground School Teacher. JOHN B. BREED 7 Ensign, A-VKPJ, USNR 129264 Swampscott Massachusetts Birthday: June 3, 1917 Single Harvard, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Photographer and Explorer. CLAYTON E. BRELSFORD Lieutenant Cigl, A-VCPD, USNR 1 74486 Birmingham Michigan Single B.S. CMech. Engrj, U. of Michigan, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Airplane Assembly Supervisor. JAMES M. BRIDGES Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR Richmond Virginia Birthday, Nov. 17, 1902 Married B.S., William and Mary, 1925 Civilian Occupation: Ex. Secty. CHARLES M. BROOKS, JR. Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 178825 Cotuit Massachusetts Birthday: Aug. 21, 1908 Single B.F.A., Yale University, 1931 M.F.A., Yale University, 1934 Civilian Occupation: Teaching. GEORGE A. BROWN Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR ' 1 53626 Anderson South Carolina Birthday: Sept. 6, 1907 Married ' A.B., Woffard, 1929 Woftard, Columbia Univ., Univ. of South Carolina, 1929 to 1942 Civilian Occupation: School Adminis- tration. RALPH H. BROWN . Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 178482 Milford Connecticut Birthday: Oct. 2, 1920 Single A.E. in M.E., Cornell, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Student. THOMAS J. BROWN, JR. Lieutenant, D-VCPJ, USNR Charleston Missouri Birthday: Dec. 5, 1903 Single LL.B., Missouri University, 1924-29 Colorado University, 1929 Civilian Occupation: Attorney and Busi- ness Man. CARL L. BRYAN Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 1 8291 7 Houston Texas Birthday: Aug. 1O, 1908 Married University oi Texas, 1925-28 Civilian Occupation: Geophysicist. EDMUND C. BUNKER, JR. Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 175111 Columbia South Carolina Birthday: Sept. 24, 1915 Married B.S., College of Charleston, 1936 University of South Carolina, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Radio Announcer. GARRETT BUNKER Lieutenant figl, D-VCPJ, USNR 1 52585 Stamford Connecticut Birthday: Sept. 9, 1911 Married Yale, 1935 ex Civilian Occupation: Business Executive. JERRY A. BURKE, JR. Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR Appomatiox Virginia Birthday: Dec. 26, 1915 Married B.S. in M.E., Virginia Poly. Inst., 1938 Civilian Occupation: Fire Prevention Engineering. DEXTER D. BUTTERFIELD Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 149846 Exeter New Hampshire Birthday: June 8, 1905 Married Ph.B., University of Vermont, 1926 A.M., Princeton University, 1929 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. LAN H. CALDWELL Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 152440 Cramerton North Carolina Single B. S. Engineering, U. N. C., Ga. Tech. 1936-39, 1939-42 Civilian Occupation: Aeronautical Engi- neer. SIDNEY E. CALDWELL Lieutenant, E-VCPD, USNR 179289 Portland Oregon Birthday: April 4, 1898 Married B.S., Oregon State College, 1923 Mass. Inst. of Tech., 1932 Civilian Occupation: Electrical Engineer. MARVIN H. CAMP Lieutenant figj, A-VQPD, USNR 183935 Waco Texas Birthday: Mar. 12, 1914 Married B.S. in E.E., Univ. of Texas, 1935 Civilian Occupation: International Busi- ness Machines. ROBERT J. CAMPBELL Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 149174 Paris Texas Birthday: July 4, 1918 Single B.S. in M.E., So. Methodist Univ., 1942 Civilian Occupation: Mechanical Engi- neer. HENRY F. CANTEY Lieutenant Ggj, A-VKPJ, USNR 182487 Birmingham Alabama Birthday: Jan. 10, 1912 Married A.B., Birmingham-Southern, 1933 M.S., Vanderbilt University, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Accountant. CHARLES E. CARRELL Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 190533 Lemmon South Dakota Birthday: June 2, 1917 Married B.Sc. and LL.B., U. ofMinn., 1934-1940 Civilian Occupation: Attorney. H. CLIFFORD CARROLL, JR. Lieutenant figl, A-VCPJ, USNR 151021 Clarksville Missouri Birthday: Nov. 30, 1912 Married Antioch College B.S.M.E., Purdue University, 1934 Civilian Occupation: Sales Engineer. WILLIAM B. CARRUTHERS Ensign, E-VCPJ, USNR 182573 North Fork Virginia Birthday: July 3, 1914 Single B.S.E.E., Univ. of Virginia, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Electrical Engineer. JOSEPH F. CASLIN Lieutenant figj, A-VQPJ, USNR 176814 New York New York Birthday: Aug. 25, 1941 Married A.B., Fordham, 1933 Civilian Occupation: Mechanical Engi- neer. EDMOND CASSOU Lieutenant Cigl, A-VCPJ, USNR San Francisco California Birthday: June 14, 1915 Single B.S., University of San Francisco, 1936 Civilian Occupation: Radio Contractor. NAZZARENO P. CEDRONE Lieutenant figl, E-VCPJ, USNR 179089 Brighton Massachusetts Birthday: May 24, 1913 Single B.S., Boston College, 1934 M.S., Boston College, 1935 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. RICHMOND D. CHAMBERS Lieutenant agp, A-vim, usNR 170695 Washington District Columbia Birthday: Mar. 30, 1911 Single University of Maryland George Washington University Civilian Occupation: British Air Com- mission. GENE H. CHANEY Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 153036 Los Angeles California Single B.A,, Univ. of Southern Calif., 1942 Civilian Occupation: Student. WILLIAM B. CHASE Lieutenant Qigj, D-VCPJ, USNR 1 74200 Freedom New Hampshire Birthday: Aug. 27, 1900 Married B.l-l., Springfield College, 1922 B.P.E., Springfield College, 1923 Civilian Occupation: Ski instructor. THOMAS A. CHRISTIE, JR. Ensign, E-VCPJ, USNR I 143766 Glen Rock New Jersey Birthday: Nov. 10, 1920 Single Clarkson College of Tech. Bachelor in Elec. Engr., 1942 Civilian Occupation: Student. ALBERT F. CLARKE Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 174035 Pittston Pennsylvania Birthday: March 21, 1918 Single B.S., Scranton University, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Aero-engine Ac- cessories. JAMES R. CLARKE, JR. Lieutenant, E-VCPJ, USNR 179521 Concord Massachusetts Birthday: Sept. 1, 1902 Married M.E., Cornell, 1926 Civilian Occupation: Lubrication Engi- neer. ROBERT L. CLARKE Lieutenant Cigj, A-VQPJ, USNR 192076 1 Midland Texas Birthday: Aug. 5, 1914 Married A.B., Stanford, 1936 Civilian Occupation: Geologist. WELDON L. CLARK Ensign, A-VQPJ, USNR 191043 Wichita Falls Texas Birthday: Jan. 25, 1921 Single B.S., T.E., Texas Tech. College, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Ship Building. E. DARGAN COLE Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 151292 Cartersville Georgia Birthday: ,luly 13, 1915 Married B.S.C., Univ. of Georgia, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Coca-Cola. BEN F. COLLINS, JR. Lieutenant Cigl, A-VCPJ, USNR Los Angeles California Birthday: Aug. 4, 1912 Married University of Washington, 1934 Civilian Occupation: Aeronautical Engi- neer. WILLIAM C. CONNER Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 178603 Arlington Texas Birthday: March 27, 1920 Single B.B.A., LL.B., Univ. of Texas, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Attorney. FREDERICK W. COOPER Lieutenant, A-VCPD, USNR Yuba City California Birthday: Oct. 30, 1907 Married B.S., Univ. of California, 1928 M.A., Univ. of California, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. RICHARD F. COOPER Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 153088 Rochester New l-lampshire Birthday: Aug. 12, 1915 Married A.B., Dartmouth, 1937 LLB., I-larvard, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Attorney, WILFRED C. COPE Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 180339 Rockdale New Yorlc Birthday: Nov. 17, 1914 Married B.E.E., Rensselaer, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Plant Engineering. WILLIAM A. CORNWELL Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 17488 Corcoran California Birthday: Feb. 9, 1916 Single B.S., Univ. California, 1938 M.S., Univ. California, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. CHARLES L. COX Lieutenant Cigj, A-VKPD, USNR 152008 Pekin Illinois Birthday: Aug. 24, 1914 Married B.Ed., lll. State Normal U., 1935 M.S., University of lllinois, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. WILLIAM j. CRAIG Ensign, E-VCPJ, USNR 1 78919 Clinton Illinois Birthday: March 19, 1913 Married B.S., University of lllinois, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Metallurgist. WALKER E. CROSBY Ensign, A-VQPJ, USNR 1904-73 Kirkwood Missouri Birthday: Aug. 11, 1915 Married Westminster College, 1933-35 A.B., Vanderbilt University, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Salesman. C. BIRNEY CURRY Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 131307 Atlanta Georgia Birthday: April 23, 1921 Single B.S., Georgia Tech., 1942 Civilian Occupation: Student. W. DAVID CURTISS Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 153601 Sodus New York Birthday: May 31, 1916 Single A.B., Cornell University, 1938 l.L.B., Cornell Law School, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Lawyer. WILLIAM J. CUSHING Lieutenant figj, A-VQPJ, USNR 175349 Los Angeles California Birthday: Dec. 7, 1909 Married Catholic University, 1931 Johns Hopkins Civilian Occupation: Aeronautical Engi- neer.' ROBERT j. DAVERMAN Lieutenant figl, A-VQPJ, USNR Grand Rapids Michigan Birthday: Oct. 22, 1912 Single B.S.E. CCh. EQ, Univ. of Michigan, 1936 M.S.E. QCh.E.D, Univ. of Michigan, 1936 Civilian Occupation: Consulting Engi- neer. , DONALD C. DAVIS Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 131237 Seattle Washington Birthday: Jan. 31, 1920 Single University oi Washington, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Architect. CHARLES P. DAY Lieutenant, A-VKPJ, USNR 175464 I Short Hills New Jersey Birthday: July 16, 1904 Married S.B., Harvard, 1927 Civilian Occupation: Aviation. PAUL L. DAY Lieutenant, A-VCPD, USNR 1 51213 Wilmette Illinois Birthday: ,luly 26, 1899 Married R.M.A., U. S. Army Air Force, 1917 Civilian Occupation: Sales Manager. RALPH C. DAY, JR. Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 175098 Los Angeles California Birthday: Aug. 27, 1917 Single B.S., Oregon State College, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Aeronautical Engi- neering. LEO H. DEE Lieutenant figj, A-VCPJ, USNR 191537 Ossining New York Birthday: ,lune 23, 1913 Married B.S. in E.E., Mass. Inst of Tech., 1935 Civilian Occupation: Engineer. DALE DENHAM Lieutenant Cigj, A-VKPJ, USNR 192075 Los Angeles California Birthday: March, 8, 1913 Married M.E., I-lamren Engineering Inst., 1936 Civilian Occupation: Eng. Drafts, Ship- building. NICHOLAS J. DERGAY Lieutenant Cigl, D-VCPJ, USNR 174015 Cambridge Massachusetts B.P., Boston College, 1937 ME., Boston Univ., Cvrad. School, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Recreational Di- rector. C. ROBERT DERHAMMER Ensign, E-VCP7, USNR 178668 East Cleveland Ohio Birthday: July 14, 1918 Single B.S., Case School of Applied Sc., 1941 Civilian Occupation: Metallurgical Engi- neer. FREDERICK W. DITTMANN Lieutenant D-VCPJ, USNR ' 1 51460 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Birthday: Feb. 2, 1904 B.S. in Econ., Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1926 Civilian Occupation! Investigator. JAMES H. DONNELLY Lieutenant figl, A-VCPJ, USNR 1 53410 Saunderstown Rhode Island Birthday: April 28, 1911 Married A.B., Princeton, 1934 L.B., Harvard Law, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Lawyer. STANLEY T. DONNER Lieutenant Cigl, D-VCPQ, USNR 151547 Norfolk Nebraska Birthday: Dec. 1, 1910 Single A.B., University of Michigan, 1932 M.A., Northwestern University, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. JOHN H. DORSEY Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 175460 Bethesda Maryland Birthday: July 16, 1908 Married U. of Detroit, U. of Alabama, 1931 LL.B., Georgetown Law, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Litigation Attorney. HERMAN J. DREYER Lieutenant Cigl, A-VCPJ, USNR 1 52499 Springfield Massachusetts Birthday: July 12, 1910 Single Fitchburg State Teachers College Civilian Occupation: Teacher. ROBERT M. DREYFUS Lieutenant Cigl, A-VCPJ, USNR 182857 Hattiesburg Mississippi Birthday: March 26, 1911 Married B.S. in E.E., Louisiana State Univ., 1932 M.S., Louisiana State Univ., 1933 Civilian Occupation: Geophysicists. DONALD L. DUBOIS Lieutenant figl, A-VCPJ, USNR 06712 Pacific City Oregon Birthday: Oct. 18, 1910 Married B.S. in M.E., University of Idaho, 1934 Civilian Occupation: Civil Engineer. LANGRAVE T. DUNLAP Lieutenant, A-VKPJ, USNR 172809 State College Pennsylvania Birthday: June 29, 1903 Single B.S., Marquette University, 1925 M.A., Penn State College, 1932 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. JOHN R. DYKERS Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 153405 Jacksonville Florida Birthday: Nov. 27, 1899 Married B,E., Tulane, 1921 Civilian Occupation: Underwriter. ARTHUR R. EDWARDS Lieutenant figj, E-VCP7, USNR 179326 Dayton Ohio Married B.S. in E.E., Rice institute, 1931 Civilian Occupation: Methods Engineer. MARK U. EDWARDS Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 1 57296 Berkeley California Birthday: Jan.25,1921 Single B.A., University of California, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Student. JUDD E. EHRHARDT Ensign, A-VKPJ, USNR 1 74130 Forth Worth Texas Birthday: Aug. 29,1915 Single Texas Christian University Strayer College American Academy 1937 Civilian Occupation: Senior Engineering Aide. ADOLPH W. EHRHORN, JR. Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 150675 Sacramento California Birthday: Dec. 15, 1905 Single A.B., San Jose State, 1928 Stanford University Oregon State Civilian Occupation: Teacher. JOHN E. ENGLISH Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR , 152925 New I-laven Connecticut Birthday: May 4, 1918 Married B.A., Yale University, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Business Executive. STRATFORD ENRIGHT Lieutenant iigj, A-VCPJ, USNR I-lollywood California Birthday: Sept. 27, 1909 Married U. C, L. A., 1930 Civilian Occupation: Writer and Pho- tographer. WILLIAM M. FERGUSON Ensign, A-VCPD, USNR 184294 Seattle Washington Birthday: Dec. 2, 1917 Married A.B., Kansas University, 1938 LLB., I-larvard Law, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Lawyer. GORDON H. FITZPATRICK Lieutenant Cigl, A-VQPJ, USNR Franklin Massachusetts Birthday: May 16, 1911 Married B.S., Tufts, 1933 Ed.M., Boston University, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. N. H. FORD JOHN M. FOUTS, JR. Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 313710 Dallas Texas Birthday: March 29, 1916 Single B.S., University of Texas, 1938 M.A., University of Texas, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Petroleum Engi- neer. HARRY E. FOX, JR. Lieutenant, E-VCPJ, USNR 182642 Lock Haven Pennsylvania Single B.S., Pennsylvania State, 1928 Civilian Occupation: Electrical Engineer. JOSEPH M. FOX Lieutenant, E-VCPJ, USNR 1 179702 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Birthday: June 25, 1903 Married B.S. in E.E., Univ. of Penna., 1925 Civilian Occupation: Sales Engineer. JOHN D. FROST, JR. Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 178581 Spartanburg South Carolina Birthday: April 18, 1902 Married A.B., The Citadel, 1922 M.A., Univ. of North Carolina, 1935 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. JOHN W. FULLER, JR. Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR Denver Colorado Birthday: Aug. 28, 1915 Single U. of Colorado, U. ofChicago, 1933-37 Civilian Occupation: Investment Banking. JOHN H. GARDNER Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 173498 Los Angeles California Birthday: Nov. 18, 1912 Single B.S. in B.A., U. S. C., 1936 Civilian Occupation: Insurance. SAMUEL N. GARDNER Lieutenant, A-VQPJ, USNR 190600 Griltin Georgia Birthday: July 1, 1907 Married A.B., University of Georgia, 1929 M.A., University of Georgia, 1932 Civilian Occupation: School Super- intendent. EDWARD W. GENDRON Ensign, A-VQPJ, USNR 150575 Hartford Connecticut Married B.S., Univ. of Conn., 1941 Civilian Occupation: Aviation Instructor. WILFRED S. GIBBS Lieutenant figl, A-VKPJ, USNR San Jose California Birthday: March 10, 1912 Married A.B., San Jose State, 1932-37 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. CHARLES GILFIX, JR. Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 159699 Revere Massachusetts Birthday: July B, 1918 Single A.B., I-larvard, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Administrative As- sistant. WESLEY GINGERICH Lieutenant, A-VKPJ, USNR 153660 St. Louis Missouri Birthday: Jan. 99, 1906 Single BS., Teachers Col. Kirksville, Mo., 1934 Wisconsin University, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. JOHN L. GODWIN Ensign, E-VCPJ, USNR 178859 San Marino California Birthday: June 19, 1910 Married Vanderbilt, 1933 Civilian Occupation: Engineering. ARMISTEAD C. GORDON Lieutenant, C-VCPJ, USNR Charlottesville Virginia Birthday, July 9, 1897 Married A.B., Col. of William and Mary, 1916 M.A., Ph.D., U. of Virginia, 1918, 1991 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. ELLIS R. GRAHAM Lieutenant Cigl, A-VCPJ, USNR 183009 Columbia Missouri Birthday: May 19, 1911 Single B.S., Brigham Young Univ., 1933 Ph.D., Univ. of Missouri, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Research and Teaching. JEROME B. GREEN Ensign, E-VKPJ, USNR 1 7981 4 Brooklyn New York Birthday: Sept. 9, 1919 Single B.S., Mass. Inst. of Tech., 1939 M.S., Columbia, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Chemical Engineer JAMES P. GREEN Ensign, E-VCPJ, USNR' 179375 Spokane Washington Married B.S., Gonzaga University, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Electrical Engineer. WILLIAM M. GRESSARD Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 159949 Kent Ohio Birthday: July 30, 1915 Married Denison U., Kent State U., 1939-35 Civilian Occupation: Executive Secre- tary. WILLIAM J. GRUBBS, JR. Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 175099 Akron Ohio Birthday: March 10, 1908 Married B.M.E., Ohio State University, 1930 M.S.C. in M.E., Ohio State Univ., 1939 Civilian Occupation: Mechanical Engi- neer. EDWIN C. GULICK Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 151199 Van Nuys California Birthday: April 1O, 1910 Married B.A., Occidental College, 1934 Civilian Occupation: Banker. DARROW E. HAAGENSEN Lieutenant Cigl, A-VCPJ, USNR 191568 Grand Forks North Dakota Birthday: Jan. 31, 1912 Married B.S. in E.E., Univ. of N. Dak., 1934 M.S. in E.E., Univ. of Penn., 1938 Civilian Occupation: Electrical Engineer. PHILIP F. HACK Lieutenant Ggl, A-VCPJ, USNR Memphis Tennessee Birthday: Aug. 24, 1909 Single Tulane University, 1925-28 Civilian Occupation: Sales and Advt. Mgr. ARTHUR J. HALL Lieutenant figj, A-VCPJ, USNR Princeton Minnesota Birthday: Feb. 7, 1914 Married B.A., St. Cloud State, 1936 A.M., Stanford University, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. THOMAS H. HALL. Lieutenant figl, E-VCPD, USNR 179889 Wilmington North Carolina Birthday: Aug. 8, 1909 Single B.S. in E.E., Georgia Tech., 1932 Civilian Occupation: Operating Engi- neer. RALPH E. HAMMER Ensign, E-VCPJ, USNR 1 79378 Lynn Massachusetts Birthday: Oct. 21, 1910 Single BS. in Ch. E., Northeastern Univ., 1935 Civilian Occupation: Chemical Engineer. JAMES F. HANING Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR Ada Oklahoma Birthday: Dec. 20, 1913 Married A.B., University of Oklahoma, 1936 LL.B., Univ. of Okla. Law School, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Lawyer. IRA B. HARKEY, JR. Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 169084 Metairie Louisiana Birthday: Jan. 15, 1918 Married AB., Tulane University, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Newspaperman. HARRY W. HARMON Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 130882 Los Angeles California Birthday: Feb. 8, 1918 Single B.A., Univ. of Southern Calif., 1941 Civilian Occupation: Architect. RALPH L. HARPER Lieutenant figl, A-VCPJ, USNR 179105 'Rockville Maryland Birthday: Feb. 13, 1910 Married B.S., Milwaukee School of Eng., 1935 Civilian Occupation: Electrical Engineer. THOMAS F. HARRIS Lieutenant figl, A-VCPQ, USNR 191211 Lebanon Tennessee Birthday: Feb. 26, 1910 Single A.B,, Vanderbilt, 1932 A.M., Vanderbilt, 1933 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. GEORGE K. HARRISON Lieutenant Cigj, A-VCPD, USNR 153568 Sherwood Maryland Birthday: Oct. 5, 1914 Married A.B., Western Maryland Civilian Occupation: l-ligh School Prin- cipal. LAURENCE W. HARRY Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 183753 Fostoria Ohio Birthday: March 7, 1903 Married Ohio State University, 1990-93 LL.B., Cleveland Law School, 1933 Civilian Occupation: Attorney. ROBIN B. HATFIELD Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 159560 San Francisco California Birthday: Nov. 9, 1915 Married A.B., University oi California, 1939 University of California, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Personnel Director. ELWOOD V. HATHAWAY Ensign, A-VCPD, USNR 190494 Minneapolis Minnesota Birthday: Jan.1O, 1990 Single B. Aero. E., Univ. of Minn., 1949 Civilian Occupation: Aero. Engineer, WILLIAM J. HEIN Lieutenant Cigj, A-VCPJ, USNR 1 59696 Flushing New York Birthday: Aug. 93, 1914 Married A.B., Colgate University, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Lumber. CLARENCE H. HEINKE Lieutenant figj, A-VCPJ, USNR 159000 Wausau Wisconsin Birthday: July 13, 1919 Single B.S., Capital University, 1938 M.A. Ohio State University, 1949 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. ALLAN B. HEINSOHN Ensign, A-VCPD, USNR, 151999 Valley Cottage New Yorlc Married B.A., Princeton University, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Airline Operations. JAMES H. HERB Ensign, E-VKPJ, USNR Mt. Lebanon Pennsylvania Birthday: May 7, 1913 Married BS., Carnegie Institute of Tech., 1938 Civilian Occupation: Mechanical Engi- neer. WILLIAM H. HOCKSTRA Lieutenant Cigj, A-VKPJ, USNR 149815 South Euclid Ohio Birthday: Jan. 91, 1914 Married A.B., Baldwin-Wallace,1936 Western Reserve University Civilian Occupation: Teacher. ALBERT D. HOEHN Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 1 83814 Muenster Texas Birthday: July 99, 1918 Single B.S., Texas University, 1949 Civilian Occupation: Electrical Engineer MILTON T. HOLLOWAY Lieutenant, A-VQPJ, USNR 151 B46 Champaign Illinois Married B.A., Grinnell College, loWa,1928-32 University of Chicago M.A., University of Illinois, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Airport Director. JOHN A. HOLMES Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 148051 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Birthday: Sept. 2, 1916 Single B.A., University of Pennsylvania, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Architect. REUBEN G. HOLMOUIST Lieutenant Kigl, A-VKPJ, USNR 1 72838 Minneapolis Minnesota Birthday: July 26, 1909 Married A.B., Gustavus, 1930 M.A., Columbia, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. FREDERICK L. HONHART Lieutenant Ggj, A-VCPJ, USNR 180340 Grosse Pointe Michigan Birthday: July 7, 1912 Single University of Michigan, 1930-32 B.S., Hope Col., Holland, Mich., 1934 Civilian Occupation: Industrial Engineer. PAUL J. HOOVER Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 191167 Cleveland Ohio Birthday: Aug. 11, 1908 Married Civilian Occupation: Business Executive. JAMES D. HORAN Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR San Francisco California Single B.S., Univ. of San Francisco, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Postal Telegraph. ISAAC H. HOUSTON Lieutenant figl, A-VCPJ, USNR 170423 Greenville South Carolina Birthday: March 22, 1910 Married AB., Yale, 1931 ' M.B.A., l-larvard Grad. Sch. of Bus. Adm., 1933 Civilian Occupation: Business Executive. THOMAS J. HUGUENIN Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR Greenville South Carolina Married Darlington, 1936 The Citadel, 1938 Civilian Occupation: General lnsurance. GORDON C. HUIE Lieutenant, D-VKPJ, USNR 153114 l-laines City Florida Birthday: Aug. 20, 1899 Married Ll..B., John B. Stetson Univ., 1923 Civilian Occupation: Lawyer. ROBERT P. HUNTER Lieutenant figl, D-VCPJ, USNR 147880 Pgultney Vermont Birthday: Sept. 9, 1910 Single B.S., Mass. State., 1933 M.S., Mass. State, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Phys. Ecl. Director. WILLIAM M. IRWIN Lieutenant Cigl, A-VQPJ, USNR 152040 Cape Girardeau Missouri Birthday: Sept. 4, 1914 Single Kansas University, 1936 Civilian Occupation: Aircraft Instructor. CORRESS T. JAMES Lieutenant, A-VfPQ, USNR 174620 Greensboro North Carolina Birthday: May 11, 1908 Married George Washington, 1941 Capitol Radio Engineering lnst., Wash- ington, D. C., 1939 Civilian Occupation: Radio Engineer JULIAN D. JAMES Lt. Commander, D-VCPJ, USNR 152882 Jefferson City Missouri Married A.B., University of Missouri, 1923 l.l..B., University of Missouri, 1925 Civilian Occupation: Lawyer. HAWLOWE M. JOHNSON Lieutenant figj, A-VQPJ, USNR 192016 Farmington Minnesota Birthday: July 15, 1913 Married B.A., Concordia College, 1934 Civilian Occupation: Banking. OLIVER K. JOHNSON Lieutenant, E-VCPD, USNR 180129 Topeka Kansas Birthday: March 7, 1904 Married B.S. in E.E., Univ. of Kansas, 1926 Civilian Occupation: Electrical Engineer. RAYMOND E. JOHNSON Lieutenant figJ, A-VKPJ, USNR 179549 Lincoln Nebraska Birthday: Oct. 26, 1914 Married A.B., Doane College, 1936 M.A., University of Nebraska, 1938 Sc.D., University of Michigan, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. ROBERT G. JOHNSON Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 131535 Los Angeles California Birthday: April 13, 1918 Single B.A., Univ. So. Calif., 1941 Civilian Occupation: Architectural and Engr. Draftsman. ROBERT L. JOHNSON Ensign, A-VCPD, USNR 174266 Los Angeles California Birthday: May 16, 1920 Single B.S., University of California, 1941 M.S., University of California, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Design Engineer. WILLIAM P. JOHNSON Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 152263 Durham North Carolina Birthday: Sept. 26, 1901 Married A.B., Furman University, 1924 M.A., Duke University, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. DAVID E. JONES Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR . 131266 Inverness Mississippi Single Civilian Occupation: U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. JONATHAN L. JONES Lieutenant Cigl, A-VCPJ, USNR 152971 Landis North Carolina Married A.B., Catawba, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Public School Administrator. CRANSTON H. JORDAN Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 159035 Auburn Maine Birthday: July 12, 1903 Married A.B., Colby College, 1994 A.M., Bates College, 1935 Civilian Occupation: Teacher, WILLIAM E. JORGENSEN Lieutenant Ggj, A-VQPJ, USNR 151707 Corvallis Oregon Birthday: Oct. 13, 1913 Married B.A., University of ldaho, 193B University of California, 1940 M.A., Oregon State College, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Engineering Li- briarian. CHARLES L. KARR, JR. Lieutenant figi, A-VCPJ, USNR 174594 Chattanooga Tennessee Birthday: Jan. 13, 1914 Single B.S. in Mech. E., N. C. State, 1935 Civilian Occupation: Aircraft Engineer. EDWARD R. KARTER Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 153043 Denver Colorado Birthday: Feb. 3, 1917 Married B.S., University of Denver, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Accountant. of V 50 CLARK E. KAUFFMAN Lieutenant, E-VCPD, USNR 142986 Leesburg Florida Birthday: April 21, 1895 Married B.S. in M.E., Wisconsin, 1917 Civilian Occupation: Consulting Engi- neer. HAROLD C. KAUFFMAN Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 174815 Alturas California Single A.B., Univ. of California, 1933-37 LL.B., Univ. of Calif. Law Sch., 1939-42 Civilian Occupation: Law Student. GEORGE C. KEAGY Ensign, D-VKPD, USNR 174404 l-lagerstown indiana Birthday: Dec. EZO, 1917 Married B.S., Northwestern University, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Sales Engineer. JOHN R. KEENER Lieutenant, A-VQPJ, USNR 152449 Washington District Columbia Birthday: Jan. 20, 1907 Single A.B., George Washington, 1940 LL.B., National University, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Bank Examiner. PAUL G. KENNEY Ensign, A-VKPJ, USNR 180251 Boston Massachusetts Birthday: Dec. 22, 1916 Single Lowell Institute, M. l. T., 1940 Civilian Occupation: Test Engineer DONALD C. KERR Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 173942 Rochester New York Birthday: May 14, 1914 Married A.B., Stanford University, 1935 Civilian Occupation: Eastman Kodak Co. JAMES E. KING Lieutenant figl, A-VCPJ, USNR 191444 Joplin Missouri Birthday: March 27, 1913 Single B.J., University of Missouri, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Air Traffic Engi- neer. LEROY J. KOOS Lieutenant, A-VCPD, USNR 174395 Culver City California Birthday: Oct. 2, 1907 Married A.B., U. of C. at Los Angeles, 1931 LL.B., Univ. of Southern Calif., 1936 Civilian Occupation: Lawyer. JOHN S. KREIDER Lieutenant figj, A-VCPJ, USNR 153611 Glendale California Birthday: May 9, 1905 Single Ph.B., Dickinson, 1927 M.A., Southern California, 1932 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. EUGENE J. KUPJACK Lieutenant figl, A-VKPJ, USNR 140222 Chicago lllinois Birthday: Jan. 8, 1912 Single Chicago Art Institute, 1932 Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, 1931 Crane College, 1930 Civilian Occupation: Model Maker. qw' S t ta JOHN R. LAMBERT, JR. Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 173341 Thurmont Maryland Birthday: Oct. 19, 1916 Single A.B., Western Maryland College, 1937 M.A., Princeton University, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Graduate Student. LAURENCE W. LANE, JR. Ensign, D-VQPJ, USNR San Francisco California Birthday: Nov. 7, 1919 Single B.A., Stanford University, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Student. ROBERT K. LANGDON Ensign, E-VKPJ, USNR 179775 Waukesha Wisconsin Birthday: May 10, 1916 Single B.M.E., Marquette University, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Engineer. FRED B. LANIER Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 153042 Moultrie Georgia Birthday: Dec. 27, 1914 Married B.S., University of Georgia, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Chemist. DANIEL L. LASSITER Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 1 40209 Dallas Texas Birthday: May 31, 1913 Single B.S., University of Oklahoma, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Geological Drafts- iTldI'1. JACK LA ZAR Lieutenant Cigj, A-VCPJ, USNR 77507 Paterson New Jersey Birthday: Nov. 8, 1911 Married B.S., Paterson State Teacher's, 1936 New York University, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Industrial Training Director. MERLE L. LEHMAN Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 183003 Windber Pennsylvania Birthday: March 4, 1917 Single B.S., Penn State, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Aircraft Testing Engineer. M. KENT LEMARIE Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 1 52144 New Orleans Louisiana Birthday: April 15, 1920 Single B.S., Loyola of the South, 1941 Civilian Occupation: F, B. I. DWIGHT H. LEWIS Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 191035 ,laclcson Michigan Birthday: July 5, 1908 Married B.S. in Ac.E., Univ. of Michigan, 1931 Civilian Occupation: Sales Management. JOSEPH R. LEWIS Lieutenant figj, A-VCPJ, USNR 1751 O9 St. Michael Pennsylvania Birthday: Nov. 9, 1913 Married B.S. in E.E., Univ. of Pittsburgh, 1935 Civilian Occupation: Electrical Engineer. ar- ,v 52 WALTER W. LIDDELL Ensign, A-VCP7, USNR 151140 Jacksonville Florida Birthday: July 22, 1917 Single A.B., University ol Florida, 1939 Civilian Occupation: General Motors. FRANK R. LINTHICUM Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 1 53152 Baltimore Maryland Single A.B., Yale, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Sales Promotion. WILLIAM H. LIPSCOMB Ensign, E-VCPJ, USNR 180074 Greenville South Carolina Birthday: Feb. 25, 1912 Single B.S., Furman University, 1934 B.S. in Textile Eng., Clemson Col., 1936 Civilian Occupation: Lubrication Engi- neer. HENRY B. LITCHFIELD Lieutenant Cigl, E-VCPD, USNR 179774 Atlanta Georgia Birthday: May 14, 1910 Married B.S., N. C. State College, 1936 Civilian Occupation: Equipment Engi- neer. CHARLES H. LITTLE, JR. Lieutenant Cigj, A-VKPD, USNR 159250 Charlotte North Carolina Married A.B., Davidson, 1933 M.A., Univ. of N. Carolina ,1939 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. FREDERICK E. LLEWELLYN Ensign, E-VCPJ, USNR 179593 Glendale California Married B.S., Calif. Institute of Technology, 1938 M.B.A., Harvard University, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Life Insurance. WILLIAM W. LOMERSON Ensign, A-VKPJ, USNR 131277 New Rochelle New York Married A.B., New York University, 1939 M.A., Columbia University, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Geologist. VINCENT F. LOPRESTI Lieutenant figl, A-VCPJ, USNR 183818 Plainfield New Jersey Married University of California, 1937 Capitol Radio Eng., Washington, D. C. 1939 Civilian Occupation: Radio Eng. RICHARD W. LOUNSBURY Ensign, C-VKPJ, USNR 153770 Oak Park Illinois Birthday: Aug. 29, 1917 Married B.S., Chicago University, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Geologist. MAXWELL F. MacNALLY Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 19Qi061 Lansdowne Pennsylvania Birthday: May 23, 1903 Married B.M.E., Ohio State University, 1923 LL.B., Temple University, 1934 LL.M., University of Pennsylvania, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Mechanical Engi- neer and Lawyer. JOHN W. MACY Lieutenant Cigl, A-VCPJ, USNR 153998 El Reno Oklahoma Birthday: Nov. QB, 1914 Married B.S. CBus. Adm.D, Univ. of Okla., 1936 Civilian Occupation: Aircraft Instructor, ARTHUR MALSIN Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR New York New York Birthday: June 7, 1913 Married B.A., Yale, 1935 B.Arch., I-larvard, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Architect. ERNEST D. MANNING Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 150840 Florala Alabama Birthday: Oct. 19, 1915 Married A.B., University of Florida, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. CLAYTON MARK, III Ensign, E-VQPJ, USNR 183161 Evanston Illinois Birthday: Jan. 20, 1916 Married B.S.E.E., Northwestern, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Engineer. WILLIAM A. MAROUARDT Ensign, A-VfPJ, USNR ' 179108 Austin Texas Birthday: Sept. 10, 19520 Single BS. In E.E., University of Texas, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Student Engineer. WILLIAM F. MASSO Ensign, E-VQPJ, USNR 182445 Syracuse New York Birthday: June 21, 1915 Single B.Ch.E., Syracuse University, 1937 M.Ch.E., Syracuse University, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Chemist. HERBERT E. MATTHEUS Lieutenant figl, A-VKPJ, USNR 180193 Palo Alto California Birthday: May 29, 1914 Married University of California, 1935 Stanford University, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Radio Engineer. j. CLARKE MATTIMORE Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 151595 New York New York Birthday: Aug. 20, 1916 Single A.B., Dartmouth, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Advertising. BRUCE K. MAXWELL Lieutenant, D-VCPJ, USNR 153330 San Diego California Birthday: Sept. 10, 1904 Married A.B., San Diego State, 1925 University of Southern California Civilian Occupation: Counseling and Guidance. VADEN R. MAYERS Lieutenant figl, A-VQPJ, USNR 150465 Burlingame California Birthday: April 25, 1912 Married ' A.B., Chico State, 1936 Stanford University, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. WILLIAM W. MAYFIELD Lieutenant Cigj, E-VKPJ, USNR 153068 Clarksburg West Virginia Married ' B.S.M.E., Purdue, 1933 Civilian Occupation: Production Engi- neer-Geologist. HARVEY K. McARTHUR Lieutenant Cigl, A-VCPJ, USNR Mission Texas Birthday: Nov. 30, 1914 Married B.S., Okla. East Central State Col., 1937 Civilian Occupation: Electrical Engineer. EDWARD A. McLELLAN Lieutenant figl, D-VCPJ, USNR 174226 Sumner Mississippi Birthday: Sept. 6, 1912 Married B.A., University of Mississippi, 1933 Ph.D., George Peabody College, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Educational and Sociological Research. THOMAS R. McCRORIE Lieutenant Qigj, A-VKPJ, USNR 174025 Cumberland Maryland Birthday: Oct. 1, 1913 Single B.S., Bradley Polytechnic Institute, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. PAUL F. McDANlEL Ensign, A-VKPJ, USNR 131257 Puyallup Washington Birthday: June 20, .1917 Single BA., Univ. of W., 1936-41 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. WALTER C. McELFISH Lieutenant figj, A-VCPJ, USNR Willard Ohio Single Ohio Wesleyan University, 1934 Civilian Occupation: Production Engia neer. LEE V. McLEAN Ensign, E-VKPD, USNR Baton Rouge Louisiana Birthday: March SZ6, 1913 Single B.S., Louisiana State University, 1934 M.S., Louisiana State University, 1936 Civilian Occupation: Electrical Engineer and Teacher. REGIS C. McNAMARA Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 153955 Binghamton New York Birthday: Feb. Q, 1908 Married B.S.C.E., Notre Dame, 1933 Civilian Occupation: Deputy City Engi- neer. A. MASON McNEILL Lieutenant figl, D-VCPD, USNR 174656 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Birthday: Sept. 19, 1909 Married B.S., Lehigh University, 1931 C.l..U.,Univ.oi Penn Night School, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Insurance Agent. ROLLIN L. McNITT, JR. Ensign, A-VCPQ, USNR 150825 South Pasadena California Birthday: Jan. 11, 1916 Married A.B., Stanford University, 1937 LL.B., Stanford University, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Attorney. I V 1 V 1 N WILLIAM W. MEADE Lieutenant Qigl, A-VKPD, USNR 191292 Madison Wisconsin Birthday: Sept. QO, 1913 Single B.S. in M.E., Univ. oi Wisconsin, 1935 Civilian Occupation: Sales Engineer. GEORGE H. MERZ Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 175091 Bellerose New York Birthday: ,luly16, 1918 Single B.S. of A.E., Tri-State, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Material Testing Engineer. GILDAS E. METOUR Lieutenant Cigj, C-VCPD, USNR 1 52156 Miami Florida Married A.B.-M.A., Univ. of Pittsburgh, 1932-33 Ph.D., Univ. of Pittsburgh, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. RALPH E. MILLER Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 179350 Brandonville West Virginia Birthday: ,luly 8, 1915 Married B.S. Science, West Virginia U., 1940 Civilian Occupation: Administrative Su- pervhor RALPH W. MILLER Lieutenant, D-VKPD, USNR 115291 Van Nuys California Birthday: Oct. 16, 1899 Married U. C. L. A. S. S., 1939-42 Berkeley, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. KENNETH E. MONTAGUE Ensign, A-VQPJ, USNR 175414 Beaumont Texas Birthday: Oct. 4, 1916 Married B.S., Texas A. and M., 1938 Texas University, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Aeronautical Engi- neer. RICHARD A. MONTFURT Lieutenant Cigl, A-VCPJ, USNR 175605 Litchfield Minnesota Birthday: Jan. 14, 1915 Single B.C.S., Drake University, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Production Engi- neer. EDWARD H. MOORE Lieutenant Cigl, E-VCPJ, USNR 180279 Portland Oregon Birthday: Eeb. 10, 1909 Married B.S. in M. E., Oregon State, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Mechanical Engi- neer. JAMES M. MOORE, JR. L'eutenant A-VCPJ, USNR 153225 Jacksonville Florida Birthday: April 22, 1907 Married Georgia Tech., 1926 Civilian Occupation: Business Executive. JAMES W. MOORE, JR. Lieutenant, A-VKPJ, USNR 190526 Elizabeth City North Carolina Birthday: April 25, 1942 Married B.S. in M.E., Ga. School of Tech., 1928 Civilian Occupation: Industrial Manager. P' JV .7 ' f t r HARRY R. MORGAN Lieutenant, E-VKPJ, USNR 179067 Sedllle Washington Married B.S. in E.E., Lafayette, 1920 Civilian Occupation: Electrical Engineer BARCLAY MORRISON V Lieutenant figj, A-VCPJ, USNR 1 82533 Montclair New Jersey Birthday: Nov. 16, 1912 Married B.S. in Eng., Princeton University, 1934 Civilian Occupation: Petroleum Refining. GEORGE F. MORRISON, JR. Lieutenant A-VCSJ, USNR 182773 East Orange New Jersey Birthday: Sept. 15, 1908 Married B.A., Babson Insitute, 1930 Civilian Occupation: Ass't Production Manager. EMIL L. MUELLER Ensign, E-VCPJ, USNR 182599 Davenport Iowa Birthday: June 8, 1920 Single B.S. of E.E., Univ. of Nebraska, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Electrical Engineer. RICHARD A. MUMMA Lieutenant, C-VCPJ, USNR 151842 Hagerstown Maryland Birthday: May 17, 1905 Single A.B., Johns Hopkins Univ., 1926 A.M., Ed.D., Johns Hopkins U., 1937 Civilian Occupation: School Adminis- trator. WEIDLER B. MUSSELMAN, JR. Lieutenant, A-VQPD, USNR Mission Beach California Birthday: Sept. 3, 1903 Single San Diego State and U. S. C. BA., 1929-so University oi So. California, 1930-33 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. CLAUDE W. NASH Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 172954 Chagrin Falls Ohio Birthday: Oct. 28, 1904 Married B.A., Emory and l-lenry, 1925 M.A., Ohio State, 1934 Civilian Occupation: School Superin- tendent. MASON W. NESBITT Lieutenant figl, A-VKPJ, USNR 1 52417 Baltimore Maryland Birthday: Dec. 9, 1912 Married Tri-State College B.S. in A.E. and M.E., 1935 Civilian Occupation: Sales Engineer. BRUCE D. NICHOLS Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 1 5321 7 West Orange New Jersey Birthday: Feb. 28, 1918 Married New York University, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Wright Aeronauti- cal Corp. VIRGIL H. NORRIS Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 151648 Burr Oak Kansas Birthday: Oct. 25, 1904 Single B.S., Kansas State Teachers Col., 1930 Civilian Occupation: Orchestra Director. THOMAS J. O'KEEFFE Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 151025 Newton Massachusetts Birthday: Nov. 26, 1913 Married B.S., Boston University, 1917 Civilian Occupation: Radio Engineer MORRIS J. OLDHAM Ensign, D-VCPD, USNR Parkesburg Pennsylvania Birthday: April 9, 1920 Single A.B. in Ec., Franklin and Marshall, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Expediter. GUSTAVE l. OLIVIER Ensign, E-VCPQ, USNR 180159 San Francisco California Birthday: Dec. 27, 1919 Single BEE., University oi Santa Clara, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Electrical Engineer. JOHN A. ORDWAY Ensign, C-VCPJ, USNR 152058 Franklin New Hampshire Single A.B., l-larvard, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Student. C. BERT OSBORNE Lieutenant, E-VCPJ, USNR 124579 Chattanooga Tennessee Married E.E., University ot Michigan, 1925 Civilian Occupation: Sales Manager. H. GEORGE OSBORNE Ensign, E-VKPJ, USNR Fullerton California Birthday: Dec. 7, 1915 Single B.S., California Institute of Tech., 1942 Civilian Occupation: Mechanical Engi- neer. EMIL D. OTTO Lieutenant, E-VCPJ, USNR 182714 New York New York Birthday: June 23, 19OO Single B.S., Cooper Union, 1927 B.E.E., New York University, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Radio Engineer. GUS J. PAPAZISSIS Ensign, E-VKPD, USNR 168623 Astoria, Long Island New York Single College of the City of New York BS. in M.E., 1942 Civilian Occupation: Student. STEPHEN R. PAPP Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 152987 North Falmouth Massachusetts Birthday: March 7, 1921 Single B.S., Massachusetts State College, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Student. MYRON E. PAULEY Ensign, A-VKPJ, USNR Stillwater Minnesota Birthday: Feb. 7, 1915 Single B.Arch., St. John's University, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Architect. BEVERLY F. PEAIRS Lieutenant Cigj, A-VCPJ, USNR North Sacramento California Birthday: Feb. 9, 1912 Married University of Virginia, 1930-31 St. Mary's University, 1931-32 A.B., San Jose State College, 1940-42 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. ARNOLD E. PETTER Lieutenant figj, A-VKPD, USNR 182727 Wallis Texgg Single B.S. in E.E., University of Texas, 1933 Civilian Occupation: C-eophysicist. SAMUEL C. PHILLIPS Lieutenant figj, A-VKPJ, USNR 151601 Norfolk Virginia Birthday: Sept. 18, 1909 Married William and Mary, 1930-31 Civilian Occupation: Valuation Ac- countant. E. CURTIS PLANT Lieutenant, E-VCPJ, USNR Jersey City New Jersey Birthday: Oct. 3, 1901 Married B.S., Mass. Inst. of Tech., 1924 Civilian Occupation: Electric Power Engineer. BERNARD T. POOR Lieutenant Cigj, E-VCPJ, USNR 180207 Saylesville Rhode Island Birthday: July 29, 1907 Married B.S., University of Miami, 1927 Civilian Occupation: Public Utilities Executive. L. McGEHEE PORTER, JR. Lieutenant, A-VKPD, USNR 180331 Birmingham Alabama Married Virginia Military Institute, 1926-Q8 A.B., University of Albama, 1930 Civilian Occupation: Sales Promotion. OTIS G. POWELL Lieutenant figj, A-VCPJ, USNR 174527 Yuma Arizona Birthday: Aug. 12, 1914 Married A.B., Arizona State, 1938 M.A., Arizona State, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. CLEMENT A. POWERS Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 152204 St. Louis Missouri Birthday: Sept. 15, 1906 Married B.S., S.E. Missouri State Teachers, 1929 M.A., Missouri University, 1934 Civilian Occupation: Director, Division of Tests and Measurements. IRVIN A. POWERS Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 150909 Wheaton Illinois Birthday: Nov. 5, 1911 Married Wabash, 1933 Civilian Occupation: Estate and Tax Counsel. MICHAEL E. POWERS Lieutenant Cigl, E-VCPD, USNR 180305 Walpole Massachusetts Birthday: Sept. 15, 1910 Married B.S., Boston College, 1934 M.S., Boston College Grad Sch., 1935 Civilian Occupation: Technical Sales- man. kc 7 V L I Q WILLIAM E. PROPER Lieutenant Cigl, E-VCPJ, USNR 178619 Brooklyn New York Birthday: April 14,1914 Single E.E., R. P. I., 1935 Civilian Occupation: Electrical Engineer JOHN L. PUTERBAUGH, JR. Lieutenant figl, A-VCPJ, USNR 179894 Dallas Texas Married B.S.-A.E. CM.E.D, Cornell Univ., 1936 Civilian Occupation: Petroleum Engi- neer. PHILIP A. RABENAU Lieutenant Cigj, A-VCPD, USNR 1 82680 New Yorlc New Yorlc Birthday: Dec. 9, 1910 Married BS., College of City of N. Y., 1939 Civilian Occupation: Actuary. JOHN E. RAMSAY Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 151187 Salisbury North Carolina Single B.A., Univ. oi North Carolina, 1938 B.F.A., Yale University, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Architect. PERRY T. RATHBONE Lieutenant Qigj, D-VCPJ, USNR St. Louis Missouri Birthday: ,luly 3, 1911 Single A.B., I-larvard, 1933 Harvard, 1934 Civilian Occupation: Museum Director. WILLIAM A. REDMOND Lieutenant Cigl, D-VKPJ, USNR 153948 Chicago lllinois Birthday: Nov. 25, 1908 Single B. of M.E., Marquette, 1931 ,l.D., Northwestern, 1934 Civilian Occupation: Attorney. PRESTON B. REED Lieutenant figj, A-VKPJ, USNR 1 53301 Sacramento California Birthday: July 22, 1913 Single B.S., University of California, 1935 Civilian Occupation: Business Analyst. JOHN L. REINHARDT Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 153558 Cynwyd Pennsylvania Birthday: Feb. 13, 1920 Married A.B., St. ,loseph's, 1938-42 Civilian Occupation: Real Estate Broker. T. FREDERICK REMINGTON Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 153206 Buffalo New York Birthday: March 31, 1919 Single B.A., Colgate University, 1941 University of Buffalo Law Civilian Occupation: Paymaster. LEE RINGER Lieutenant Kigl, D-VQPJ, USNR 152700 Los Angeles California Married A.B., Univ. of Calif. at L. A., 1932 Civilian Occupation: Advertising. RALPH G. RISHEL Lieutenant Qigj, D-VCPJ, USNR 152419 Northumberland Pennsylvania Birthday: March 15, 1911 Married A.B., Susquehanna University, 1934 M.Ed., Penna. State College, 1935 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. CHRISTIAN E. ROGERS, JR. Lieutenant figj, A-VCPJ, USNR 179075 Dallas Texas Birthday: July 9, 191 5 Married BS., Louisiana State Univ., 1937 Civilian Occupation: Associated Press. KIAH R. RONE Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 191382 Oklahoma City Oklahoma Birthday: March 27, 1900 Married A.B., University of Oklahoma, 1922 Civilian Occupation: Fire insurance. ALEXANDER M. ROSS Ensign, E-VCPJ, USNR Bayonne New Jersey Birthday: Oct. 9, 1919 Single B.S. of E.E., Newark Col. of Eng., 1941 Civilian Occupation: Electrical Engineer. GEORGE E. ROUSE Lieutenant Cigl, A-VCPJ, USNR 1791 O9 Canton Missouri Birthday: Sept. 1, 1909 Single B.A., Culver-Stockton, 1939 Washington Univ. CSt. Loliisb, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Social Welfare. LARRY W. RUDDELL Lieutenant figj, E-VKPD, USNR 180189 Seattle Washington Birthday: Nov. 26, 1919 Single University oi Washington, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Sound Engineer. JOHN A. SANFORD Lieutenant Cigj, C-VQPD, USNR 152801 Greenville New York Birthday: Oct. 11, 1908 Single A.B., Union, 1931 Ph.D., Cornell, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. WILLIAM H. SAVAGE Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 152590 Reno Nevada Birthday: Dec. 1, 1913 Married B.A., University of Nevada, 1936 Civilian Occupation:Personnel Manager. JOHN S. SAWYER Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 183938 New Orleans Louisiana Birthday: May 26, 1909 Married BC. in Civil Eng., Lehigh Univ., 1933 Civilian Occupation: Engineer. RICHARD B. SCHMIDT Lieutenant figl, E-VCPJ, USNR 153892 Springfield Ohio Birthday: Dec. QQ, 1907 Single M.E., Ohio State University, 1927 Civilian Occupation: Consulting Engi- neer. SAMUEL F. SCHNEIDER Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 1531 80 New York New York Birthday: June 19, 1907 Married B.S., Springfield, 1932 M.S., New York University Civilian Occupation: Photographer. WALTER H. SCHULKE Lieutenant, D-VCPJ, USNR Helena Montana Birthday: Jan. 9, 1898 Married Civilian Occupation: Banker. NORBERT L. SELL Ensign, E-VQPJ, USNR 179868 New York New York Birthday: Oct. 19, 1913 Married B.S. in E.E., Newark Col. in Eng,, 1936 Civilian Occupation: Electrical Engineer. LYLE T. SEWARD Lieutenant Cigl, E-VCPJ, USNR 179690 Monticello indiana Birthday: Feb.19,1907 Single B.S. in E.E., Tri-State, 1929 Civilian Occupation: Distribution Engi- neer. ABE SHAFER, lll Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR Edgerton Missouri Birthday: Sept. 25, 1916 Married Iowa University, 1936-38 LL.B., Kansas University, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Auditor and At- torney. FRANKLIN R. SHAFER Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 179208 Ouray Colorado Birthday: April 9, 1907 Single B.S. in E.E., University of Utah, 1930 Civilian Occupation: Electrical Engineer and Surveyor. EARL W. SHAW, JR. Lieutenant figj, A-VCPJ, USNR 174987 Worcester Massachusetts Birthday: Feb.i17,1915 Single M. l. T., Lowell Tech., 1938-39 George Washington Univ., 1941 Johns Hopkins University, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Mechanical Engi- neer. RICHARD C. SHELDON Ensign, E-VCPJ, USNR 179474 Rochester New York Birthday: Oct. 5, 1920 Single B.S., University of Rochester, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Aero-Engineer. PAUL G. SHORT Lieutenant, D-VCPJ, USNR 174064 Dallas Texas Birthday: Nov. 6, 1904 Married University of North Carolina, 1925 Civilian Occupation: Coordinator, Mo- tion Pictures. CHARLES A. SIMMONS Lieutenant figl, A-VQPJ, USNR 190829 Shreveport Louisiana Birthday: Nov.18, 1912 Single B.S., S. La. lnst., 1935 Civilian Occupation: Engineering Drafts- man. STANTON J. SINGLETON Lieutenant figi, A-VCPJ, USNR 150576 Athens Georgia Birthday: Oct. 24, 1910 Married AB., University of Georgia, 1932 M.A., University of Georgia, 1936 Civilian Occupation: Teacher, GLENN C. SMITH Lieutenant Cigl, A-VQPJ, USNR 270323 Lehighton Pennsylvania Birthday: June 3, 1910 Married M.S., Temple University, 1935 Ph.D., University of Virginia, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. HENRY G. SMITH, JR. Ensign, E-VQPJ, USNR 180319 Hopkins South Carolina Married B.S. in E.E,, Univ. of S. Carolina, 1933 Civilian Occupation: Soil Engineering. WILLIAM P. SMITH Lieutenant, A-VKPJ, USNR 153145 Jacksonville Florida Birthday: Aug. 28, 1907 Married Ph.B., Yale University, 1930 Civilian Occupation: Advertising. FRANK SMITS Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 1 52496 Prairie City Iowa Birthday, March 29, 1917 Single A.B., Central College Clowab, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. EMMET H. SOPER Ensign, A-VKPJ, USNR 141994 Emmetsburg Iowa Birthday: June 4, 1919 Single B.A., Cornell College, 1940 M.S., Texas Tech. College, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Student-Geologist. JAMES H. SPANN, JR. Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 152841 Summerville South Carolina Married B.S. in Ed., Univ. of S. Carolina, 1937 M.A., University of S. Carolina, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. FRED H. SQUIRES, JR. Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 151902 Oakland California Birthday: July 4, 1917 Married AB., University ot California, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Life Insurance. GEORGE W. STAIGER Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 175282 Cleveland Heights Ohio Birthday: Dec. 3, 1915 Married B.S., Case School of Applied Sc., 1938 Civilian Occupation: Industrial Engineer. EDWARD C. STARK Lieutenant, D-VCPJ, USNR 153237 Detroit Michigan Birthday: Nov. 20, 1903 Single B.A., University of Michigan, 1924 Civilian Occupation: Manufacturers' Representative. WILLIAM D. STARK, JR. Lieutenant Qigj, A-VQPJ, USNR 172116 Jacksonville Florida Birthday: Feb. 10, 1,912 Married B.S. in B.A., University of Florida, 1935 Civilian Occupation: Life Insurance. JARED R. STARR Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR Danville ' Illinois Married B.S.M.E., Purdue University, 1928 Civilian Occupation: Sales Manager. WILLIAM P. STEVENS Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 192890 San Marcos Texas Birthday: June 19, 1903 Married A.B., Baylor University, 1923 M.A., Baylor University, 1924 Civilian Occupation: Construction Engi- neer. JOHN W. STONER Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 191304 Redwood City California Single E.E., Stanford University, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Electrical Engineer. OTTO L. STONER Ensign, E-VCPJ, USNR 1 79693 Denver Colorado Birthday: Jan. 7, 1913 Single B.S. CE.E.D, University ot Colorado, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Electrical Engineer. ELLSWORTH E. STROCK Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 15Q833 Orange New Jersey Birthday: Aug. Q, 1908 Single B.A., Yale, 1930 M.A., Yale, 1932 Civilian Occupation: Insurance Mathe- mancmn. RALPH C. SWARTZ Ensign, E-VCPJ, USNR 108091 West Salem Ohio Birthday: June 25,1919 Single B.S. in GE., Univ. of Cincinnati, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Engineer, ALBERT R. TEGGE, JR. Lieutenant Cigj, A-VCPJ, USNR 179934 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Birthday: April 30, 1913 Single B.S.F., University of Michigan, 1936 M.F., University of Michigan, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Wood Products Research. IVOR R. THOMAS Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 182860 l-layward California Birthday: Dec. 26, 1916 Married B.S. in Civil Eng., Univ. of Calif., 1940 Civilian Occupation: Civil Engineer. RICHARD S. THOMAS Lieutenant figl, A-VCPJ, USNR Roanoke Virginia Birthday: July 17, 1909 Married Tri-State College B.S. in A.E. and B.S. in M.E., 1934 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. 3 64 MERRILL O. THOMPSON Ensign, E-VCPJ, USNR 179699 Southport Maine Birthday: Feb. 16, 1917 Married B.S., University of Maine, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Mechanical Engi- neer. MILTON W. THOMSON Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR Dallas Texas Birthday: Feb. 17, 1915 Married La Salle, 1933 Civilian Occupation: Aviation Executive. STANTON THORSON Lieutenant figf, A-VCPJ, USNR 1 50585 Stephen Minnesota Birthday: May 31, 1913 Married B.A., Concordia College, 1935 M.A., University of Minnesota, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. ROBERT V. THURSTON Ensign, D-VCPD, USNR V 1 74741 Payette idaho Birthday: June 23, 1914 Married A.B., Univ. of Southern California, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Newspaperman, GEORGE W. TREPANI Lieutenant, E-VKPJ, USNR 179969 Long lsland New York Birthday: July QQ, 1905 Married EE., Polytechnic lnst. of Brooklyn, 1929 Civilian Occupation: Consulting Eng. SCOTT A. TREVARTHEN Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 192073 Memphis Tennessee Birthday: March 12, 1903 Single St. John's Military Academy, 1918 Civilian Occupation: Civil Engineer. WILLIAM R. TUCKER Lieutenant figj, A-VKPJ, USNR 150111 Baltimore Maryland Birthday: Dec. 23, 1910 Married A.B., Johns Hopkins, 1933 l.l..B., University of Maryland, Law, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Attorney. EUGENE T. UNDERWOOD Lieutenant, E-VCPJ, USNR 180144 Richmond Virginia Married Certiticate, Ga. School of Tech., 1925 Civilian Occupation: Lighting Engineer. GEORGE W. VARN, II Ensign, C-VCPJ, USNR 1 52415 Jacksonville Florida Birthday: Dec. 1, 1920 Single S.B., Harvard, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Economist. BOYD W. VENABLE Ensign, E-VCPJ, USNR Ogden Utah Birthday: Jan. 7, 1919 Single B.S., University of Utah, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Mining Engineer. MELVILLE J. VICKERMAN Ensign, A-VCSJ, USNR 115054 White Plains New York Single B.A., Amherst College, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Magazine Pub- lishing. IVAR VIEHE-NAESS, JR. Lieutenant figl, A-VCPJ, USNR 191617 I Chicago Illinois Birthday: Sept. 11, 1914 Single B.S., Armour Inst. of Tech., 1936 Massachusetts lnst. of Tech., 1940 Civilian Occupation: Architect. WREN B. WARREN Lieutenant figl, A-VKPJ, USNR Russellville Arkansas Birthday: Jan. 13, 1913 Married General Motors Institute Arkansas Tech., 1935 Civilian Occupation: Factory Repre- sentative. IVAN W. WASHBURN Lieutenant figl, A-VKPJ, USNR Arlington Vlfglnld Birthday: May 18, 1913 Single B.E.E., George Washington, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Electrical Engineer. JOHN A. WEBSTER Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR y 180400 Canton Massachusetts Birthday: Feb. 10, 1920 Single Tufts College, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Engineer-Radio. WILLIAM M. WERDER Lieutenant Cigl, A-VCPJ, USNR 174382 Redwood City California Birthday: Sept. 7, 1910 Married A.B., Stanford, 1931 Civilian Occupation: Insurance Agent. GEORGE E. WERNER Ensign, E-VCPJ, USNR 178428 Lenox Massachusetts Birthday: Aug. 2, 1914 Single B.S. in Ed., Boston University, 1936 M.E., Boston University, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. HOWARD W. WHITLOCK Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 179052 Ridgevvay South Carolina Birthday: March 9, 1908 Married B.S., Clemson A. and M., So. Car., 1931 Civilian Occupation: Cartographic Engi- neer. JACKSON A. WILCOX Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 191378 Highland Parlc Illinois Birthday: Aug. 21, 1909 Married A.B., University of Michigan, 1930 Harvard Grad. Sch. of Bus. Admin. M.B.A., 1932 Civilian Occupation: Operating Man- ager. ROY D. WILLEY Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 170193 Byron Wyoming Single B.A., University of Wyoming, 1930 Ph.D., Stanford University, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. CLARENCE P. WILSON Ensign, A-VKPJ, USNR 179336 Ontario California Birthday: Dec. 26, 1916 Married B.S., University of Washington, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Aircraft Material Control. SIMON N. WILSON Ensign, C-VCPJ, USNR 1 52885 Washington District Columbia Birthday: Oct. 17, 1914 Single B.A., Antioch College, 1939 Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy M.A., 1940 Civilian Occupation: Broadcast Analyst. RALPH A. WINTER Lieutenant Qigj, A-VCPJ, USNR 149704 ' Parlcville Maryland Birthday: Sept. 22, 1910 'Married B.S., University of Maryland, 1933 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. WILLIAM E. WOLF Lieutenant Cigl, A-VCPJ, USNR 191621 St. Louis Missouri Birthday: March 1, 1912 Married A.B., Washington University, 1936 M.A., Washington University, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. JOHN R. WOOD Lieutenant Cigl, A-VCPJ, USNR 153521 North Easton Massachusetts Birthday: March 23, 1915 Married A.B., Dartmouth College, 1937 M.A., I-Iarvard University, 1940 Yale University Civilian Occupation: Wood Technolo- gist. JOSEPH C. WOODLE Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 158766 Irvington New York Birthday: Nov. 20, 1915 Married AB., Princeton, 1937 LL.B., University of Virginia, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Lawyer. ELWYN C. WOODWARD Ensign, A-VCPJ, USNR 175297 Wilmington North Carolina Birthday: Dec. 30, 1915 Married University of Alabama A.B., University of Maryland, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Business Manager. C. GILBERT WRENN Lieutenant, D-VCPJ, USNR 174570 Minneapolis Minnesota Birthday: April 2, 1902 Married A.B., Willamette University, 1924-26 A.M., Ph.D., Stanford Univ., 1928-32 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. H. JOHN WRIGHT, JR. Lieutenant figl, A-VCPJ, USNR 17311 5 Chappaqua New York Birthday: May 23, 1914 Married B.A., Yale University, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Automobile Mn'i'g. CLAUDE W. BROWN, JR. Ensign, D-VCPD, USNR Charlotte North Carolina HENRY V. COLBY Lieutenant Qigj, D-VCPJ, USNR 1 53635 Befl49leY California ISAAC W. WRIGHT Lieutenant Cigl, A-VKPJ, USNR 174601 Nashville Tennessee Birthday: Feb. 12, 1915 Single B.S. in M.E. Univ. of Tennessee, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Engineer. FREDERIC A. WYATT Lieutenant Cigj, A-VCPJ, USNR 178830 Schenectady New Yorlc Birthday: Oct. 13, 1910 Married A.B., Union College, 1932 Civilian Occupation: College Adminis- trator. HAROLD E. YOKELA Lieutenant, A-VCPJ, USNR 180069 San Carlos California Birthday: June 29, 1909 Married B.5. in Elect. Engr., Univ. of Calif., 1932 Civilian Occupation: Radio Engineer. NORMAN E. ELIASON L. JAMES RANDALL Lieutenant Qigl, C-VCPJ, USNR Ensign, E-VCPP, USNR 1 53421 136487 Gainesville Florida Mart TGXGS E. W. HOLT Lieutenant Qigl, A-VCPJ, USNR I. C. YOUNG ERNEST J. RENTNER 152770 Evanston Illinois Q M H1 S STIIIIE TSI T f Y K T 5 -- ,,ta ,.,,z.,,,. M-M 3- M, W... -'IN HARRY B. ALLEN Lieutenant Cigj, D-VCPJ, USNR 179920 Rochester New York Birthday: Oct. 14, 1911 Married A.B., Syracuse University, 1934 Civilian Occupation: Oil Company Executive. WILLIAM W. AYDELOTT Lieutenant figj, D-VQPJ, USNR Aetna Tennessee Birthday: Aug. 14,1919 Single B.S. in C.E., Univ. of Tennessee, 1935 Civilian Occupation: Construction Engi- needng. FRANKLIN P. BACKUS Ensign, D-VQPJ, USNR 175230 Alexandria Virginia Birthday: Dec. QQ, 1913 Single George Washington Univ., 1930-33 LL.B., University of Virginia, 1936 Civilian Occupation: Lawyer. HOWARD W. BALL Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 113732 Merrick New York Birthday: Jan. 5, 1914 Married R. C. A. Institute, 1932 Civilian Occupation: Shipping Master. TED C. BARNES Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 178920 Chillicothe Missouri Birthday: Nov. 11, 1915 Married B.S. in C.E., Kansas State College, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Civil Engineer. CARL E. BAUMGARTNER Lieutenant figj, D-VKPJ, USNR 180098 Cincinnati Ohio Birthday: April 4, 1907 Married B.S. in Edu., Ohio State, 1932 Civilian Occupation: Recreation and Administrator. ROBERT C. BAXTER Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 179558 Mt. Vernon Ohio Birthday: March 22, 1916 Married B.A., College of Wooster, 1938 M.Sc., Ohio State University, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. JOHN E. BECKMAN Lieutenant Cigj, D-VCPJ, USNR Chicago Illinois Birthday: June 28, 1910 Single B.S., Com., Northwestern, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Field Examiner, Civil Service. HARRY L. BENBOUGH, JR. Lieutenant figl, D-VCPD, USNR San Diego California Married University of California, 1931 San Diego State College, 1927 Civilian Occupation: Retail Furniture Business. FRANK M. BERG Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 152340 Miami Florida Birthday: May 229, 1918 Single B.S., University of Miami, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Student. WILLIAM E. BERGMAN, JR. Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 175475 New Orleans Louisiana Birthday: May 4, 1913 Married B.Arch., The Univ. of Texas, 1936 Civilian Occupation: Architect. VINCENT A. BERTOLINI Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 179202 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Birthday: July 1, 1917 Single B.S., Albright, 1939 LL.B., Dickinson Law School, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Lawyer. H. D. BLAKE HAROLD BLEICHER Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 180223 Washington District Columbia Birthday: Oct. 23, 1915 Married LL.B., Columbus University, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Business Manage- ment. JOHN S. BROEKSMIT, JR. Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR Lake Forest Illinois Birthday: Oct. 12, 1920 Single BA., Yale, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Student. ALEXANDER C. BROWN Lieutenant figl, D-VKPJ, USNR Hilton Village Virginia Birthday: Nov. 30, 1905 Married B.A., Yale University, 1928 Civilian Occupation: Secretary Mariners' Museum. ROBERT N. BROWN Lieutenant figj, D-VQPJ, USNR 178872 ' Akron Ohio Birthday: May 15, 1906 Married B.C. Ch. Eng., Armour Tech., 1928 Civilian Occupation: Sales Engineer. WILLIAM G. BROWN Lieutenant Cigj, D-VCPJ, USNR 179838 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Birthday: Sept. 12, 1911 Married B.S., Washington and Jerterson, 1933 Litt.M., University of Pittsburgh, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. GEORGE E. BUSHNELL, JR. Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 179515 Santa Monica California Birthday: Aug. 30, 1915 Single A.B., U. C. L. A., 1937 Civilian Occupation: Aircraft Material. BERNARD R. CARMAN Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 175542 San Diego California Birthday: Jan. 23, 1914 Married B.A., San Diego State College, 1936 Univ. Southern California Civilian Occupation: Teacher. WILLIAM L. CHAMBERLIN Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 1 80108 Waverly Pennsylvania Birthday: Nov. 19, 1915 Married B.A., Yale, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Import-Export. ROBERT R. CHASE Lieutenant figj, D-VCPJ, USNR 179284 Buitalo New York Married Ph.B., Brown University, 1933 Civilian Occupation: Business Manager. ALAN D .CHIPMAN Ensign, D-VKPD, USNR 175225 C-rand Rapids Michigan Birthday: Oct. 11, 1916 Single B.S., Michigan State, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Organic Chemist. JOHN F. CHRISTOPHER Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR Yonkers New York Birthday: July 31, 1912 Married B.S., Columbia, 1938 M.A. Columbia, 1940 Civilian Occupation: School Adminis- tration. RICHARD V. COOK, JR. Ensign, D VCPJ, USNR 179449 Nashville Tennessee Birthday: April 20, 1912 Married B.A., Vanderbilt, 1935 Civilian Occupation: Distilling Tech- nician. ROBERT H. CRAWFORD Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 178991 San Francisco California Birthday: Sept. 1, 1920 Married B.S., Univ. of Calif. at Berkeley, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Accountant. ARTHUR M. CROCKER Lieutenant figl, D-VKPJ, USNR 1 74552 Oyster Bay New York Birthday: March 7, 1909 Married A.B., Princeton, 1931 M.B.S., I-larvard School Bus. Adm., 1933 Civilian Occupation: Banking. CHESTER H. CURTIS Ensign, D-VQPJ, USNR 180238 Clarksdalel Mississippi Birthday: March 21, 1913 Married B.A,, University of Mississippi, 1935 LL.B., University of Mississippi, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Attorney. WALTER A. DANKER Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 178982 Charleston South Carolina Married B.A., St. Francis College, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Industrial Super- intendent. CHARLEY M. DAVIDSON Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR Marshal Texas Single B.B.A., University of Texas, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Accountant. FRED W. DONLEY Lieutenant figl, D-VCPJ, USNR Hudson Ohio Birthday: Nov. 17, 1907 Married B.S. Ind. Engrg., Ohio State Univ., 1931 Civilian Occupation: Advertising Ac- count Executive. RICHARD P. DWAN Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 175373 Burlingame California Birthday: March 1, 1920 Single B.A., Stanford, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Publishers Repre- sentahve. ROBERT L. EKIN Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 174401 Towson Maryland Married A.B., Dartmouth, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Analyst. FRANK L. ELLIOTT Lieutenant Cigl, D-VCPJ, USNR 179027 Cedar Grove New Jersey Married Ph.B., Yaie, 1927 Civilian Occupation: Statistician EDGAR R. EMERY Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 178656 Norristown Pennsylvania Birthday: Jan. 31, 1920 Single B.S., Haverford, 1942 t Civilian Occupation: Journalist. 6. 1'5- fy, CHARLES R. ESTILL Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 180066 Bronxville New York Birthday: Dec. 17, 1914 Married A.B., Colgate, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Advertising. SAMUEL B. FOSTER Ensign, D-VQPD, USNR 179551 , Webster New York Birthday: Aug. 21, 1914 Married University of Rochester AB., Hobart College, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Gelatin Specialist. JOSEPH N. FRAME Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 182419 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Birthday: March 30, 1919 Single B.S. in Ed., Temple University, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. DAVID A. FRANK, JR. Lieutenant Qigl, D-VKPJ, USNR 175466 Dallas Texas Birthday: Sept. 6, 1910 Married B.A., University of Texas, 1936 LLB., Southern Methodist Univ., 1937 Civilian Occupation: Attorney. EDWARD M. GLASER Lieutenant figj, D-VCPJ, USNR 179184 New York New York Birthday: April 8, 1911 Single B.S.S., Col. of the City of N. Y., 1936 Ph.D., Columbia University, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Psychologist. RENE J. GUNNING Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 179887 Baltimore Maryland Birthday: Aug. 26, 1922 Single A.B., Loyola CBaltimore, Mdj, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Student. THOMAS R. HARRISON Ensign, USNR 174482 Arlington Virginia Birthday: Eeb. 1, 1919 Married LL.B., Southwestern, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Insurance Execu- Hve ELLIOT H. HARTFORD Ensign, D-VQPJ, USNR 178759 Bournedale Massachusetts Birthday: Sept. 19, 1920 Single A.B., l-larvard, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Student. ALBERT H. HAYDEN Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 173971 Charlottesville Virginia Birthday: Dec. 4, 1914 Married B.S., University of Virginia, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Auditor. RICHARD O. HERSTINE Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 174300 Bethlehem Pennsylvania Birthday: July 27, 1920 Q Single B.S. in Economics, Univ. of Penn., 1942 Civilian Occupation: Student. JAMES E. HIGGINS Lieutenant Ggj, D-VKPJ, USNR 174432 Chicago Illinois Birthday: April 7, 1909 Married Armour Inst. of Tech. B.S. in Mech. Eng., 1926-30 Civilian Occupation: Sales Engineer. MANARD E. HOLT Ensign, D-VQPJ, USNR Opelika Alabama Birthday: Sept. 30, 1913 Married B.S., Alabama Poly. Inst., 1938 M.S., Alabama Poly. Inst., 1941 Civilian Occupation: Soil Conserva Honkh KENNETH G. HORTON Lieutenant, D-VKPJ, USNR Arlington New Jersey Birthday: April B, 1906 Married Ph.B., Brown University, 1927 Civilian Occupation: Telephone Engi- neer. WILLIAM H. HOUGH Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 178964 Woonsocket Rhode lsland Birthday: March 3, 1920 Single B.S., Harvard, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Student. ERNEST C. HOYER Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 180111 Chicago Illinois Birthday: Dec. 6, 1915 Married B.S. and M.E., Armour Tech., 1937 Civilian Occupation: Industrial Engineer. CHARLES R. HUGHES Lieutenant Cigl, D-VCPJ, USNR 174187 Gainesville Florida Birthday: April 17, 1910 Married A.B., University of Florida, 1931 M.A., University of Florida, 1932 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. FRANK S. HUNSAKER Lieutenant figl, D-VCPJ, USNR 175234 Bridgeport Illinois Birthday: June 22, 1909 Married B.S., University of Illinois, 1931 Civilian Occupation: Athletic Director. GLENN E. HUNT Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 179369 Albuquerque New Mexico Birthday: Feb. 29, 1920 Single B.S., University of New Mexico, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Civil Engineer. HOWARD C. INMAN Lieutenant figj, D-VQPJ, USNR 175527 Oakland California Birthday: July 13, 1910 Married B.S., University of California, 1936 Civilian Occupation: Advertising Sales Manager. RICHARD M. JEFFERIES, JR. Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR Walterboro South Carolina Birthday: Oct. 30, 1919 Married A.B., Univ. of South Carolina, 1942 Univ. of South Carolina CLawD, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Student. CHARLES W. JOHNSON Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR Chicago Illinois Birthday: March 4, 1917 Single B.S, in Bus. Adm., De Paul Univ., 1941 Civilian Occupation: Student. ROBERT H. KAMPSCHULTE Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 180051 , Fair Lawn New Jersey Birthday: Aug. 24, 1913 Married B.S., Chem. Eng., Lehigh Univ., 1935 Civilian Occupation: Sales Develop- ment. EDWARD T. KENNY Lieutenant figl, D-VCPJ, USNR 182499 New York New York Birthday: April 20, 1911 Married A.B., Fordham, 1932 LL.B., Fordham, 1935 Civilian Occupation: Lawyer, Fire ln- spector. ARTHUR W. KING, JR. Lieutenant figf, D-VCPJ, USNR 150356 Duluth Minnesota Birthday: June 5, 1910 Single B.A., Yale, 1932 Civilian Occupation: Lumberman WALDO A. KIRKPATRICK Lieutenant figj, D-VKPJ, USNR 169606 Ventura California Married B.Arch., Syracuse University, 1926 Civilian Occupation: Architect and Teacher. LYNN KIRTLAND Ensign, D-VQPD, USNR 178925 Exeter New Hampshire Birthday: May 17, 1913 Married A.B., Williams College, 1935 M.A., Princeton University, 1937 Ph.D., Princeton University, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. PHILIP KRAMER Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 179043 New York New York Birthday: Jan. 27, 1921 Single B.B.A., Col. of City of New York, 1940 Harvard Grad. School of Bus. Admin. ' M.B.A., 1942 Civilian Occupation: Business Research. JOHN R. LAWRENCE Lieutenant, D-VCPJ, USNR 178955 Yakima Washington Single B.S., Whitman, 1927 Civilian Occupation: Engineer. MAURICE M. LEMME Lieutenant, D-VQPJ, USNR 175781 Toledo Ohio Birthday: Feb. 23, 1905 Married A.B., Oakland City College Clndj, 1926 A.M., Indiana University, 1928 University of Michigan, 1938-40 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. PAUL C. LIGHTLE Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR Tucson Arizona Married B.S., University oi Arizona, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Plant Pathologist. ALVIN L. LUGN Lieutenant, D-VQPD, USNR 167416 Lincoln Nebraska Birthday: Nov. 22, 1895 Married A.B., Augustana College, 1916 M.S., State University of Iowa, 1925 Ph.D., State University of Iowa, 1927 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. WILLIAM A. MOLLOY Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR Chicago Illinois Married Armour Institute of Technology B.S. in Civil Eng., 1934 Civilian Occupation: Civil Engineer ROBERT B. MATER Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR St. John Kansas Birthday: ,luly 7, 1916 Married B.S. Commerce, Kansas University, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Accountant. LEONARD T. MATTE Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 179311 Luzerne Pennsylvania Birthday: April 9, 1920 Single A.B., Univ. of North Carolina, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. J. S. MATTHEWS LEM G. MAY Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 175532 Penwell Texas Birthday: July 31, 1913 Married B.S. in Geology, Oklahoma, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Petroleum Engi- neer. LAWRENCE McKAY Ensign, D-VQPJ, USNR 179560 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Birthday: Sept. 19, 1913 Single B.A., Babson Institute, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Industrial Engineer THEODORE C. MEEKER Lieutenant, D-VCPJ, USNR 1 53882 Prospect Heights Illinois Birthday: March 29, 1903 Married B.S. in B.E., Lewis lnstitute, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Bell Telephone Co. DONALD C. MITCHELL Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR White Plains New Yorlc Birthday: March 31, 1914 Married Georgetown Univ. and National Univ. LL.B., 1936 l.L.M., M.P.L., National Univ. 1937 Civilian Occupation: U.S. Administrative Officer. ESPY W. MILLER Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 179050 Mill Creek West Virginia Birthday: April 13, 1914 Married Concord State, Athens, W. Va. A.B., 1937 M.A., Northwestern University, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. JOHN R. MITCHELL Lieutenant, D-VCPJ, USNR 179198 Sdn Mateo California Birthday: Oct. 27, 1899 Married BS., University of California, 1921 Civilian Occupation: Banker. H. G. MOLL RUEL I. MORRIS, JR. Ensign D-VKPJ, USNR Appling Georgia Birthday: Aug. 9, 1918 Single B.S.A., University of Georgia, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Dept. of Agri- culture. WILLIAM j. MULLANEY Ensign, D-VCPD, USNR Scranton Pennsylvania Birthday: glen. 26, 1912 Single A.B., University of Detroit, 1932 LL.B., University of Detroit, 1935 Civilian Occupation: Attorney. RAYMOND K. MYERSON Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 179799 Chicago Illinois Birthday: Oct. 21, 1917 Single Oberlin College and Univ. of Chicago BA., 1940 University of Chicago, 1939-40 Civilian Occupation: Relations and Per- sonnel Counselor. MAXWELL E. NELSON Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 179172 North San Diego California Birthday: Feb. 19, 1916 Single A.B., University of California, 1938 M.B.A., Stanford University, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Job Analyst. KENNETH W. NEWERF Lieutenant, D-VKPJ, USNR 170113 San Mateo California Birthday: July 9, 1904 Married University of Southern California, 1927 Civilian Occupation: Richfield Oil Corp. HENRY L. NEWHOUSE, II Lieutenant figl, D-VCP7, USNR 178669 Chicago Illinois Birthday: Nov. 27, 1907 Married B.S., Mass. Inst. of Tech., 1929 Civilian Occupation: Architect. EGBERT R. NICHOLS, JR. Ensign, D-VCPD, USNR 179188 Whittier California Married B.A., Univ. .of Redlands, 1936 M.A., Cornell Univ., 1937 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. WILLIAM L. NICHOLSON Lieutenant Cigj, D-VQPJ, USNR 179325 Sandusky Ohio Birthday: Oct. 25, 1908 Married B.S., Denison University, 1930 Civilian Occupation: Marine Insurance. ALEXANDER W. NISBET Lieutenant Cigj, D-VQPQ, USNR 179239 Little Rock Arkansas Birthday: July 18, 1913 Married A.B., Oklahoma University, 1935 LL.B., Arkansas University, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Attorney. GILBERT B. PARKER Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 178908 Sherman Mills Maine Birthday, June 12, 1909 Single A.B., Bowdoin, 1932 Middlebury Civilian Occupation: Teacher. WILLIAM C. PORTER Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 1 82505 Washington Pennsylvania Birthday: March 30, 1915 Married A.B., Washington and Jefferson, 1935 LL.B., I-Iarvard, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Lawyer and Teacher E. P. POWERS HOMER S. POWLEY Lieutenant figl, D-VQP7, USNR 180106 Norwalk Ohio Birthday: Nov. 7, 1909 Married B.Sc., Kenyon College, 1931 M.Sc., Ohio State University, 1932 Civilian Occupation: Production Man- ager. WILFRED A. PRATT Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 179059 Centralia Washington Birthday: July 22, 1913 Married Eastern Washington College of Ed. BA., 1937 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. ROBERT G. PRINCE Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 175611 Ocala Florida Birthday: Oct. 3, 1920 Single Civilian Occupation: Accountant. ROBERT E. RATHBURN Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 178445 Boulder Colorado Birthday: Feb. 12, 1914 Married B.S,, University of Colorado, 1937 M.S., University of Colorado, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. LYLE G. REYNOLDS Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 180103 Santa Rosa California Birthday: May 11, 1912 Married A.B., University of California, 1935 M.A., Stanford, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. LYNN E. RICHARDS Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 1 80212 Cleveland Ohio Birthday: Feb. 18, 1913 Married A.B., Western Reserve University, 1935 LL.B., Western Reserve University, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Attorney. EBER J. RILEY Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 175216 DeKalb illinois Married B.S., University of Illinois, 1936 Civilian Occupation: Civil Engineer. JOSEPH S. RIPPEY Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 179769 1 Rochester New York Birthday: glan.31,191O Single A.B., University of Rochester, 1931 LL.B., University of Buttalo, 1934 Civilian Occupation: Lawyer. WILLIAM D. ROBERTS Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 179995 Spokane Washington Birthday: Nov. 18, 1915 Married Ph.B., Gonzaga University, 1938 B.L., Gonzaga Univ. Law School, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Attorney. FRANK L. ROGEL Ensign, D-VCPD, USNR 175655 El Paso Texas Birthday: Nov. 7, 1914 Married B.S. CBUS. Adm.D, Univ. of Colo., 1937 Civilian Occupation: Accounts Super- vhon SHELLEY R. ROLFE Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 178915 Concord North Carolina Birthday: April 13, 1920 A.B., Univ. of North Carolina, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Sports Writer. HENRY J. ROLFS Lieutenant figj, D-VCPJ, USNR 179393 East Orange NSW .IGVSGY Birthday: June 91, 1908 Single B.A., Newark University, 1936 M.A., Columbia University, 1939 Clvilian Occupation: Personnel Director. WILLIAM B. RUDNER Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 134058 Memphis Tennessee Birthday: June 4, 1920 Single A.B., Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Student. BERGER SAYLOR Ensign, D-VKPD, USNR Pfaittown North Carolina Birthday: Sept. 8, 1914 Married B.S., Com., University of N. C., 1937 Civilian Occupation: Accountant. FREDERICK A. SCHAFER Lieutenant Qigj, D-VCPD, USNR 179535 Houston Texas Birthday: Aug. 15, 1912 Single B.A., University of Oregon, 1933 B.Arch., University of Oregon, 1935 Civilian Occupation: Architect. FREDERICK A. SMALL Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 179348 Merrimac Massachusetts Birthday: March 12, 1914 Married B.S. in Ed., Boston University, 1934 Civilian Occupation: School Principal., SAMUEL F. STARK Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 179171 Grass Valley Oregon Birthday: Nov. 12, 1918 Married A.B., Pacific University, 1940 Oregon State College A.B., Univ. of Washington, 1940-41 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. R. KNOWLTON STUART Ensign, D-VQPJ, USNR 179370 Huntington West Virginia Birthday: Dec. 14, 1918 Single B.S,, Bus. Adm., West Va, Univ., 1949 Civilian Occupation: Motor Transporta- Hon KEITH H. SWANHOLM Lieutenant, D-VCPJ, USNR 180209 Boise Idaho Birthday: July 13, 1899 Married B.A., in C. Eng., Stanford Univ., 1921 Civilian Occupation: Fire Protection Engineer. STANLEY H. SWIH Lieutenant, D-VKPJ, USNR 175379 Cameron Texas Birthday: Jan. 12, 1900 Married Texas University Civilian Occupation: Theatre Owner and Manager. RAYMOND T. TAYLOR Lieutenant figj, D-VCPJ, USNR 1 80270 Cromwell Kentucky Birthday: June 19, 1910 Married A.B., Murray CKy.D Teachers, 1935 Civilian Occupation: Accountant. JACK C. TENNISON Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 180089 Texarkana Arkansas Birthday: Feb. 9, 1920 Single B.S., Georgia Tech., 1942 Civilian Occupation: Student. JOHN H. THURNAU Lieutenant figf, D-VCP7, USNR 175363 Chicago lllinois Birthday: Jan. 12, 1906 Married A.B., University of Michigan, 1928 Civilian Occupation: Advertising. ERNEST L. TROWELL Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 179953 Oliver Georgia Birthday: May 25, 1920 Married B.S., Georgia Teachers College, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. JAMES E. VANCE Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 179506 Birmingham Alabama Birthday: Aug. 4, 1915 Married B.S., Ala. Polytechnic Inst., 1936 Civilian Occupation: Bank Clerk. JAMES A. VARGA Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 175610 South Bend Indiana Birthday: Jan. 14, 1917 Single B.S., E.E., Univ. ol Notre Dame, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Electrical Engineer. LEON A. VERHOEVEN Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 180183 Everett Washington Birthday: Dec. 6, 1912 Married B.S. in Fisheries, Univ. Washington, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Biologist. JOHN K. WALKER Lieutenant figj, D-VKPJ, USNR 1 75328 ' Odkldrtd California Birthday: June 1, 1910 Married A.B., University of California, 1933 Civilian Occupation: Investment Banking. RICHARD M. WANG Ensign, D-VQPJ, USNR 179143 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Birthday: Oct.9,1919 Single B.S., La Salle College, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Accountant. JAMES E. WARE Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 178904 Columbus Georgia Birthday: Sept. 17, 1913 Married B.S., Sou. Ga. Teachers Col., 1935 M.Ed., Duke, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. THOMAS D. WARREN, JR. Lieutenant Cigl, D-VCPJ, USNR 180229 New Bern North Carolina Birthday: Nov. 21, 1905 Single Univ. of North Carolina, 1923-27 Civilian Occupation: Lawyer. ELIAS P. WELCH Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 178604 Alameda California Birthday: July 25, 1916 Single A.B., St. Mary's CCalif.D, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Insurance Claim Examiner. .,g:. JAMES H. HASTINGS Ensign, D-VQPD, USNR 153812 Los Angeles California Birthday: Nov. 17, 1917 Married B.A., Southern California, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Personnel Work. HOWARD A. MILLER Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 149747 Chicago Illinois Birthday: Dec. 17, 1912 AB., Knox, 1934 Civilian Occupation: Radio Station Owner and Manager. ROBERT I. WINSLOW Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 179472 Portland Qregcn Birthday: Feb. 12, 1918 Married B.S., University of Oregon, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Public Accountant THOMAS W. WHITESIDE Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 174583 Spartanburg South Carolina Birthday: Nov. 29, 1911 Single l.l..B., Univ. of South Carolina, 1935 Civilian Occupation: Attorney. ' 't""vx'-k X3',f'1Fi"M?Qx7T'R"' ' ' "N ' if ,gv ,51 7 95779 ,. ,, , . - -V Q,j.',,:?gW' 95.5 L-1-ahlfgfyldfifgdf '11 .nf - 3- Q- . . 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Car., 1940 LL.B., Univ. of So. Car., 1941 Civilian Occupation: Attorney. JOHN B. BAUER Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 153467 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Birthday: April 26, 1915 Single B.A., Yale University, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Salesman. WARD H. BEALL Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR Washington District Columbia Birthday: Aug. 19, 1914 Married B.S., Georgetown, 1936 George Washington Civilian Occupation: Underwriter. A. BRUCE BELFIELD, JR. Ensign, D-VQPJ, USNR 174545 Roanoke Virginia Birthday: March 8, 1916 Married B.S. in Civil Eng., Va. Poly. Inst., 1940 Civilian Occupation: Civil Engineering Draftsman. GERHARD BECKER Lieutenant Qigl, D-VQPJ, USNR 175039 Cleveland Ohio Birthday: Nov. 17, 1910 Married Ph.B., University of Wisconsin, 1932 Civilian Occupation: Printing and Pub- lishing. WILLIAM W. BENNETT Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 175183 Port Richmond New York Birthday: Nov. 28, 1912 Married Pratt Institute, 1934 Civilian Occupation: Mechanical Engi- neer. HAROLD E. BINDER Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR Pottston Pennsylvania Birthday: June 15, 1915 Married Ph.B., Dickinson, 1937 LL.B., Dickinson Law School, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Attorney. JOSEPH W. BOWNE, JR. Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 174800 Englewood New Jersey Birthday: May 26, 1913 Single A.B., St. Lawrence Univ., 1936 N. Y. U., 1937 Brooklyn Law, 1938-39 Civilian Occupation: Banker. ROBERT E. BOOZER Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 174760 Du Bois Pennsylvania Birthday: Aug. 20, 1942 Married Slippery Rock S. T. C., Penna. Bs. in Phys. Ed., 1936 Civilian Occupation: Coach. PAUL L. BROGAN, JR. Ensign, D-VQPJ, USNR 174683 Glenolden Pennsylvania Birthday: July 2, 1914 Married B.A., Penn State, 1936 Civilian Occupation: Insurance Brolcer. DOUGLAS A. CHANDLER Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 174550 Watertown Massachusetts Birthday: May 24, 1910 Married B.B,A., Northeastern University, 1933 Ed.M., Boston University, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. LAWRENCE E. CHRISTENSON Ensign, D-VCPD, USNR 150374 Winfield Kansas Birthday: May 23, 1915 Single Ll..B., Kansas University, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Attorney. JAMES CHRISTIE Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 175297 Boothwyn Pennsylvania Birthday: Oct. 12, 1911 Married B.S., Univ. of A., 1936 M.S., Univ. ol Penn., 1940 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. GROVER CHURCHILL Ensign, D-VCP7, USNR 152662 Pelham New Yorlc Birthday: Dec. 17, 1912 Single A.B., I-larvard, 1934 Civilian Occupation: Nevvspaperman. ARCHIBALD C. COOLIDGE Lieutenant, D-VCPJ, USNR 174638 ' Lakeville Connecticut Birthday: Dec. 10, 1905 Married A.B., Harvard, 1927 B.Litt., Oxlorcl, 1929 Ph.D., Trinity College, Dublin, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Schoolmaster. HENRY C. CULLUM Lieutenant figl, D-VQPJ, USNR 151200 Augusta Georgia Birthday: March 23, 1906 University oi Georgia, 1928 Civilian Occupation: Business Executive. FRANCIS R. CUMMINGS Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 174469 Mitchell South Dakota Birthday: April 16, 1917 Married LL.B., Columbia University, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Government Ana- lyst. RAYMOND W. CURTIS, JR. Ensign, D-VKPD, USNR 174641 Marblehead Massachusetts Birthday: Sept. 29, 1920 Single It B.S. in B.A., Boston University, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Student. THOMAS C. CUSHING Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 174799 Miami Florida Married B.S., Columbia, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Director Physical Education. WILLIAM K. DALTON Lieutenant figj, D-VCPJ, USNR 175351 Springfield Massachusetts Birthday: Feb. 26, 1912 Married Antioch College Mass. lnstitute of Technology Civilian Occupation: Sales Engineer. JAMES F. DINNEEN Ensign, D-VCPD, USNR 171715 Medford Massachusetts Birthday: July 24, 1915 Single A.B,, Boston College, 1937 LL.B., Boston College, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Inspector, Dept. of Justice. JOSEPH ENTZMINGER Lieutenant figl, D-VCPJ, USNR Houston Texas Birthday: May 6, 1913 Single LLB., University of Texas, 1936 Civilian Occupation: Lawyer. NOYES D. FARMER, JR. Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 174582 Grasmere New Hampshire Birthday: June 24, 1917 Married A.B., Tufts College, 1938 Gordon Div. Sch., l-larvard Div. Sch. 1940-41-42 Civilian Occupation: Clergyman. JOHN H. FARRELL Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 153488 New York New York Birthday: Oct. 23, 1919 Single A.B., Fordham University, 1941 Fordham Law School, 1941-42 Civilian Occupation: Student. JOHN J. FITZGERALD Lieutenant figl, D-VQPJ, USNR 175068 South Bend Indiana Birthday: April 12, 1912 Single A.B., Boston College, 1933 Ph.D., Univ. of Louvain, Belgium, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. JOSEPH M. ,FITZGERALD Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 1 75489 Philadelphia , Pennsylvania Married A.B., Mt. Sr. Mary's, 1939 Georgetown and Philadelphia Law Sch. 1939 until 1942 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. THOMAS FLETCHER Ensign, D-VCPD, USNR 174167 New York New York Birthday: Nov. 5, 1914 Single B.A., Princeton, 1935 Civilian Occupation: Real Estate. JAMES E. FORNWALT Lieutenant figj, D-VCPJ, USNR 1 75158 McClellandtown Pennsylvania Birthday: March 27, 1911 Married A.B., Washington and Jefferson, 1933 Civilian Occupation: Teacher and Prin- cipal. AUGUSTUS F. FRICK Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 175051 Montclair New Jersey Birthday: Jan. 7, 1916 Married A.B., Princeton, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Personnel Advisor. FRANK J. GAFFNEY Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 174636 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Birthday: Dec. 27, 1920 Single A.B., St. Joseph, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Student. WILLIAM F. GILLESPIE Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 153142 Long Beach New Yorlc Birthday: Nov. 3O, 1914 Single B.A., Univ. of Notre Dame, 1936 N. Y. Univ. Law, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Tralitic Control. ARTHUR P. GORDY, JR. Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 174222 Columbus Georgia Birthday: Dec. 16, 1919 Married B.S., A. P. l., Auburn, Alabama, 1936 Civilian Occupation: Recreation Super- vkon GEORGE A. GORECKI Lieutenant Cigl, D-VCPJ, USNR 174603 Bethesda Maryland Birthday: Sept. 7, 1908 Married BS., QChem. EJ, Univ. of ldaho, 1929 LL.B., Georgetown Law School, 1934 Civilian Occupation: U. S. Patent Ex- aminer ARTHUR P. GOULD Ensign, D-VQPJ, USNR 170454 Arlington Virginia Birthday: May 9, 1917 Single B.S., New York University, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Sales Coordination and Promotion. ROY W. HANNA, JR. Ensign, D-VCPD, USNR 173946 ' Goshen Connecticut Birthday: March 4, 1913 Married A.B., Trinity Cl-larttord, Conn.D, 1935 Harvard Business School, 1938-39 Civilian Occupation: Government Statis- Hdam WILLIAM H. HARLEY Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 174913 Barnwell South Carolina Birthday: July 16, 1914 Married A.B., Woitord College, 1935 LL.B., Univ. of So. Carolina, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Attorney. FRANKLIN R. HARTZOG Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 151752 Bamberg South Carolina Birthday: March, 15, 1914 Married A.B., Wofford, 1931-35 Civilian Occupation: Auto Dealer. J. H. HASTINGS JOSEPH C. HEIDE Lieutenant figj, D-VKPJ, USNR 150358 Jersey City New Jersey Birthday: Nov. 1, 1910 Married University of Notre Dame, 1928-31 B.S.C.E., Villanova College, 1931433 Civilian Occupation: Construction Eng. and Plastics Eng. JAMES C. HERNANDEZ Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 1 53674 Middleburg Virginia Birthday: Oct. 1, 1919 Single B.S. in Com., Washington and Lee, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Expeditor. JOHN G. HINDS Ensign, D-VQPJ, USNR 152168 Santa Monica California Birthday: Feb. 10, 1917 Married B.S. in B.A., Univ. of So. Calif., 1940 Civilian Occupation: Claims Adiuster. GEORGE E. HOBBIE Lieutenant Cigj, D-VCPJ, USNR 149917 Petaluma California Birthday: Aug. 17, 1905 Single Civilian Occupation: General Business Manager. NEWTON K. HOVERSTOCK 4 Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 153801 Galveston Texas Birthday: May 3, 1916 Married A.B., University of Kansas, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Commercial Repre- sentative. E. H. JONES E. S. KARSTEDT CASSIUS M. KELLER Lieutenant figl, D-VCPJ, USNR 174873 l-luntington lndiana Birthday: May 27, 1905 Married B.S. in Ed., Huntington College, 1936 Manchester College Civilian Occupation: Newspaper man. ROBERT C. KENAN Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 174595 Upper Sandusky Ohio Birthday: June 23, 1914 Married B.A., Western Reserve Univ., 1936 Civilian Occupation: Business Planning. ELMER G. KIEHN Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR Pasadena California Single A.B., Pasadena College, 1949 Civilian Occupation: Student. EDWARD LANDSBERG Ensign, D-VCPD, USNR 174992 Boston Massachusetts Birthday: Aug. 12, 1911 Single A.B., l-larvard, 1936 C.B.A., Boston Univ., 1930-32 Civilian Occupation: Accountant and Office Manager. FRANZ M. LANDSTROM Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 150397 Ceresco Nebraska Birthday: June 14, 1913 Married B.S. in Bus. Adm., U. of Nebraska, 1935 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. JULES E. LEVIN Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 174943 New York New York Birthday: July 16, 1917 Single B.B.A., Col. ofthe City of N. Y., 1941 Civilian Occupation: Public Accountant. EDGAR LOCKWOOD, JR. Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 153535 Greenwich Connecticut Birthday: Aug. 9, 1920 Single B.A., Yale, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Student. EDWARD A. LUTZ Lieutenant figj, D-VCPJ, USNR 174450 Elsmere New York Birthday: july 10, 1910 Married B.S., Cornell University, 1931 M.B,A., l-larvard Business School, 1937 Ph.D., Cornell University, 1940 Civilian Occupation: State Government Official. ALFRED E. MAGRISH Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 150265 Cincinnati Ohio Birthday: Aug. 13, 1912 Single A.B., Yale University, 1932 Civilian Occupation: Retail Execuitve. JACK L. MALONEY Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 1 74458 Pottstown Pennsylvania Birthday: Oct. 31, 1915 Married B.S., Ursinus, 1937 M.S., University of Pennsylvania, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. ROBERT MARKS Ensign, D-VCP7, USNR 1 5211 5 Troy New York Birthday: Nov. 25, 1919 Single A.B., University of Michigan, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Student. H. GRAHAM MEGAW Ensign, D-VQPJ, USNR 174202 Boothwyn Pennsylvania Birthday: Feb. 8, 1914 Single Univ. of New Mexico, 1936 Temple Univ. Law School, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Farmer and Law Clerk. DONALD j. METCALF Lieutenant, D-VKPJ, USNR Des Moines lowa Birthday: Oct. 14, 1899 Married Grinnell College, 1918 New York University, 1921 Civilian Occupation: lnvestment Banking. ARTHUR G. MILLER Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 174767 Boston Massachusetts Birthday: Feb. 22, 1914 Married B.S., Springfield College, 1935 Ed.M., Boston University, 1936 Civilian Occupation: Director of Physical Education. H. A. MILLER STUART E. MOLL Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 174464 Albuquerque New Mexico Birthday: Sept. 1, 1912 Married B.S., University of Illinois, 1934 Civilian Occupation: Life Insurance. JOSEPH A. McCARTHY Ensign, D-VCPD, USNR 174759 Winthrop Massachusetts Birthday: April 7, 1914 Married B.S., Boston College, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Underwriter. J. DALE McPHERON Lieutenant Cigj, D-VQPJ, USNR 175140 Louisville Kentucky Birthday: Jan. 27, 1912 Single A.B., Miami University, 1934 Civilian Occupation: Advertising Exe- cuHve. WESTON S. NEWTON Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 175219 ROd1'1OlC9 Virginia Birthday: Feb. 13, 1914 Married A.B., Marion College, 1938 Civilian Occupation: Financier, DANIEL J. O'CONNELL, JR. Ensign, D-VQSJ, USNR 175022 East Boston Massachusetts Birthday: July 26,1918 Single A.B., Holy Cross, 1939 LL.B., Boston College Law School, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Lawyer. Y - . PAUL P. PAXTON Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 174645 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Single B.A., University of Pennsylvania Civilian Occupation: Salesman. . 1 KIRBY B. PAYNE Ensign, D-VCPD, USNR l 152484 Washington District Columbia Married B.A., George Washington Univ. Civilian Occupation: Librarian. 4 , - ., . ' KARL F. PFITZER Ensign, D-VQPJ, USNR 175188 Buffalo New Yorlc Birthday: July 31, 1920 Single A.B., Syracuse University, 1941 A.M., Harvard University, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Student. 92 ROBERT M. PRICE Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 175149 Germantown Pennsylvania Single A.B., Princeton, 1937 B.A., Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Architectural Engi- neer. WILLIAM T. RALEY Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR Duluth Minnesota Birthday: Sept. 28, 1917 Married B.A., Yale University, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Commerce. LOUIS REYNAL Lieutenant figl, D-VKPJ, USNR 170915 New Yorlc New York Birthday: Oct. 26, 1905 Married A.B., l-larvard, 1928 Civilian Occupation: Interior Designer. HORACE C. RODGERS, JR. Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 174869 Wallingford Pennsylvania Married B.S., Penn State, 1935 Civilian Occupation: Farm Management Specialist. S. L. RODGERS Joi-IN F. ROGERS Ensign, D-VCPJ, usNR 1 52927 Lahaina, Maui Territory of I-lawaii Birthday: May 22, 1918 Single A.B., I-larvard University, 1941 George Washington University, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Student. CLARENCE A. ROSS Lieutenant, D-VKPD, USNR Upper Montclair New Jersey Married B.S., Rutgers University, 1923 M.B.A., New York University, 1928 Civilian Occupation: Supervisor-lnsun dI1CS. SAMUEL G. SADLER Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 175232 Eustis Florida Birthday: Sept. 30, 1914 Married B.S. in Ed., Univ. of Florida, 1934-40 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. DONN M. SAMUELSON Ensign, D-VCPD, USNR 173951 I-lollywood California Birthday: April 15, 1915 Single A.B., U. C. L. A., 1936 Civilian Occupation: Plant Engineer. MELVIN SCHNEIDER Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 1 75204 Chicago Illinois Birthday: Jan. 12, 1914 Married B.S.L., Northwestern Univ., 1935 LL.B., N. U. School of Law, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Attorney. STEPHEN H. SCHOOLFIELD, JR. Lieutenant, D-VCPJ, USNR Marion South Carolina Birthday: Feb. 14, 1902 Single B.A., Univ. of South CSewaneeD, 1923 LL.B., Univ. of South Carolina, 1926 Civilian Occupation: Lawyer. PAUL C. SCHRAUER Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 175481 New York New York Birthday: March 15, 1914 Married B.S., New York University, 1936 M.A., Columbia University, 1937 Civilian Occupation: Physical Education. THOMAS W. SERING Lieutenant figj, D-VQPJ, USNR 152005 Los Angeles California Birthday: Sept. 29, 1909 Married B.S., University of California, 1931 MS., University of California, 1933 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. WILLIAM F. SHIELS Ensign, D-VQPJ, USNR 150808 Cockeysville Maryland Birthday: Aug. 25, 1912 Married A.B., Catholic Univ., Wash., D. C., 1939 M.S., Catholic Univ., Wash., D. C., 1942 Civilian Occupation: Social Worker. KENNETH D. SIMPSON Lieutenant Cigl, D-VCPJ, USNR 153221 Minneapolis Minnesota Birthday: Nov. 28, 1911 Single l-lamline University, 1930-33 B.A., University of Minnesota, 1934 Civilian Occupation: Business Adminis- tration. JOHN H. SMALLEY Lieutenant, D-VCPJ, USNR 152155 Chicago Illinois Married B.S., Northwestern, 1924 J.D., Northwestern, 1927 Civilian Occupation: Lawyer. THOMAS J. SMITH Lieutenant Kigl, D-VQPJ, USNR Miami Florida X Single B.S., University of Florida, 1933 Civilian Occupation: Accountant. JAMES B. STEELE, JR. Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 1 53018 Tulsa Oklahoma Birthday: Jan. 9,-1920 Single B.S., University of Texas, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Engineer. JOHN P. SULLIVAN Lieutenant, D-VCPJ, USNR 174752 Worcester Massachusetts Birthday: Jan. 14, 1907 Married A.B., l-loly Cross, 1929 Civilian Occupation: General Insurance. LUCIUS S. SWANSON Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 150552 Wilmington California Birthday: May 18, 1920 A.B., Univ. ofSouthern California 1942 Civilian Occupation: Student. PETER VAIL Ensign, D-VQPJ, USNR 153117 Los Angeles California Birthday: Nov. 1, 1916 Single A.B., Univ. of Southern California, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Aircraft lndustry. ADRIAN H. VAN HUIZEN Ensign, D-VKPJ, USNR 174516 Mt. Rainier Maryland Birthday: Aug. 31, 1920 Single B.A., University of Maryland, 1942 Civilian Occupation: Student. WILLIAM E. WARD Ensign, D-VQPJ, USNR 145146 Kansas City Kansas Birthday: Oct. 4, 1911 Married B.S. in Bus. Adm., Kansas Univ., 1936 Civilian Occupation: Certified Public Ac- countant. HOYT L. WARNER, JR. Lieutenant Cigj, D-VCPJ, USNR 153394 Cambridge Massachusetts Birthday: May 22, 1911 Married A.B., I-larvard, 1932 A.M., Harvard, 1941 Civilian Occupation: Student and Teacher. C. RAYMOND WESTCOTT Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 175224 Providence Rhode Island Birthday: July 14, 1910 Single University of Alabama, 1934 Civilian Occupation: Personnel Man- ager. 7 95 RONALD W. WHEELER, JR. Ensign, C-VKPJ, USNR 150221 Forth Worth Texas Birthday: June 1, 1914 Married B.A., Texas Christian University, 1936 M.A., Texas Christian University, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Musical Director. T. W. WHITESIDE JOSEPH B. WHITMORE Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 53883 Portland Oregon Birthday: Nov. 23, 1913 Single B.S., University of Oregon, 1940 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. ,IOHN D. WIMMER Lieutenant, D-VCPJ, USNR 149186 San Diego California Birthday: July 3, 1897 Married B.A., Miami, 1919 M.A., Stanford, 1926 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. ALFRED A. YORK Lieutenant CigJ, D-VCPJ, USNR 174974 Greensboro North Carolina Birthday: Nov. 18, 1904 Married A.B., Oglethorpe University, 1928 Civilian Occupation: Salesman. IRVIN C. YOUNG Lieutenant, A-VCPD, USNR 1521444 Cleveland Ohio Birthday: June 19, 1905 Married B.A., State University of iowa, 19329 M.A., University of Toronto, 19352 M.S,, University of Michigan, 1934 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. J. E. KELLEY J. N. ALBRITTON E. S. JACKSON L. M. ALLMAN ' L. E. JESSUP W. L. ASPER D. H. JONES HENRY D. BLAKE D. T. JOHNSTON Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 72192 Woburn Massachusetts Birthday: Sept. 5, 1910 Single JOHN S- MATTHEWS A.B., Yale, 1933 Ensign, D-VCP7, USNR Boston College, 1940-41 178950 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. AIPUQUGVQUG New Mexico Married A.B., Univ. of New Mexico, 1936 J- M. OCCUPBHOTI: Bdfiii CdSi'iiGl'. A. B. CAWLEY G- F- MEYER W. R. HOWELL J. R. MURRAY 96 .lULlUS S. YOUNG Ensign, D-VCPJ, USNR 174407 Lexington North Carolina Birthday: Aug. 27, 1917 Married B.S., Wake Forest College, 1939 Civilian Occupation: Sales Manager. EUGENE P. POWERS Lieutenant figl, D-VQPJ, USNR Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Birthday: May 5, 1913 Married B.S., University of Pittsburgh, 1938 M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh, 19452 Civilian Occupation: Teacher. FREDERICK A. SMALL Ensign, D-VQPJ, USNR 179348 Merrimac Massachusetts Birthday: March 12, 1914 Married BS. in Ed., Boston University, 1934 Civilian Occupation: School Principal. RUSSELL S. THOMSON Lieutenant, D-VCPJ, USNR 175235 Ft. Wayne Indiana Birthday: June 21, 1903 Married U. S. Naval Academy, 1925 Civilian Occupation: Civil Engineer. QW if 1.5. W Wi V' , S V W. , , .Q X . - g ' 4 4 X I f .8 STUIIE GLEE CLUB 98 CTIVITIES 99 CHAMPIONSHIP BASEBALL TEAM, COMPANY FIVE SCUTTLEBLITT BOARD 'IOO THE SCUTTLEBUTT, established at the Harvard Naval Training School in July of this year, is a daily newspaper ot, by and For the student otticers. As in , ,Ho the case of the class-boolc, all responsi- bility For news gathering, writing copy and publishing has been voluntarily assumed, in addition to regular training duties, by a student otticer statt. THE SCUTTLEBUTTS illustrated pages have featured news oi the students and their activities, but news of the School as such and ot naval policies and pro- cedure also has been, in a restricted sense, part of its contribution. ln this last regard and concerning the Schoolis relationship to the city of Cambridge, Harvard University and the Harvard CRIMSCN, the Executives ol the School and its Welfare and Recreation Qtticers have been a I . i fx constant guide and aid SCUTTLEBUTT as a naval term means news rumor and information in general Wth this in mind it has seemed Fitting to use the word to introduce the following pot pourri oi photographs which are the graphic recall oi two months in transition THE U TTLEBUTT HARVARD S U K A J ' The Fountain of Information NAVAL TRAINING SCHOOL llndoctrination and Communication? voL. 2, No. 17 cAMBRlDaE, MASS., TUESDAY, oc1'oBEn 6, 1942 PRICE 5 CENTS 'iO'l i M fo 5 I wr. X .9 QW U L 2 5 ' f xo 1 .wx ,rx -. ,,,V.. ,1 f-,. - 1 53 Lf ' M ' ' -MY HOQPQCE I 1 'N Xxx 'fi i ' e Ll 'LX N K" '35 X X fr Ai I' L f X K , I l A .,,, N f: Zi' mg 5 I XX, A2 1' b "1"x . 3 Q I ig.. f Q' .F W TF A 7" 'lg' xq A Q J ! ' , vv .:..' 1 if .blv . 1: ff .i J , X ::. ggi., ' r: rs ' W ., x , x. , , g.-:':.- -3' .- 5, H, ..,, ., x m- TQ:-1 ' t 1 , X1 I .f Zmagk ' x x x x X. X ' fy-fi ' - A fzgfs3:.,g1ifg"ii'1.4 F. , . A --: ff-vga ..: z Q , xx x 5 Q X, :RORE I ' : ,, 'fE--aEf2- EN nw .,....,,,, K,,,..,...-'F , 1 ,,., 3, 1 .NE figs a, Wm- is .,,.. -w wg" QQ . .- ,ey -D 1- Egg? X -qui off Jf . K 1 j '. .. 3 K- . 0 .' R . , . -1 K XX IZ 494' ,f ff 'F f yy fri x .,f, il Xf M Wa ff A N' ' V551 xfxii ,. 1 Q ' IQQQLBQQ. 1 1 ' f . X7 i I 1 1 w K, v6 IKM I -a f . , H ' 5'Fi-iff? 5" f nl Q fm , .3131 223: ' 4 , V., gif Fifi, , lv-it M Aj- I COMPLIMENTS OF LlMlT E nssvsonoffi 336-340 WASHINGTON sr., BOSTON OFFICERS' UNIFORMS COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF J. AUGUST 1320 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE CAMBRIDGE TROwI::ricIge 1104 I ARMY AND NAVAL OFFICERS' UNIFORMS AND ACCESSORIES WE ARE NOW LICENSED TO SELL SERVICE RIBBON AND IVIEDALS TO ALL WI-IO OUALIFY. BRING YOUR AUTHORITY TO WEAR TI-IEM WI-IEN YOU PURCHASE THEM 1 THE ONLY WHITE FRONTED STORE IN THE SOUARE WHEN YOU WANT REGULATION . . . SHOES OR HATS SHIRTS OR CAPS BELTS OR SOCKS anci UNIFORMS Officers and Student Officers of the U. S. Nav h S Harvard Cooperative Society HARVARD SQUARE WIRES AND CABLES Insulated with RUBBER, CAIVIBRIC, PAPER or PLASTICS SIMPLEX WIRE and CABLE CO. CAMBRIDGE, MASS. A Q -st W, ax, .x H? . zzzz. , .,.. in N . V QQ, l f ! ,ref ,ee tra? T ' f: 1 pwsefe -was J ' 'a ' Y V f t f..5.:: .. ,pf , sg ,A X -- , i .- ,fn .mwfza 'f fi gy t .rt J, A. ,..t it iw i we ' 2 ff . , 'fait 5 "E, 'E ' 5 12.5. te-53.4.17 2 E , :. ' - ' t 5 ., 'L' ' .1 ' 2531 i"' 1 Q ' ,. N- X rl W3 f i 5 x . 45 " 2,21 'N -: f 1 X fs ,aaa Fifth Avenue at 41st Street There is a difference in uniformsl The difference is in the maldng-the way they are tailored, the way they fit, the way they loolc- on youl You see this difference, you feel this difference the moment you try on a uniform by the modern Rogers Peet. Smartness-for men of all builds. ln our uniforms we combine the genius of our Master-Designer with the skilled handwork of tailors trained in our own workrooms. NEW YORK-BOSTON And in Boston: 13th Street VVarren Street Liberty Street Tremont St. at Broadway at Broadway at Broadway at Bromfield St. HOTEL STATLER Boston's Meeting Place for Uncle Samls Armed forces. Officers' Club Headquarters Welcome to You- Gfficers of The Naval Training School Dancing in the Terrace Room Chick Floyd and His Orchestra Featuring Edith Caldwell, "The Girl with the Velvet Blue Voice" c. e. co Cleansers-Lounderers CAMBRIDGE STORE 58 CHURCH ST., HARVARD SQ. STAdium 1400 NOVAKOFF I 5 AJ-vqgj-3' .J ' Z ' A v BROTHERS Navy Oficers' Uniforms and Equipment ' '- W, -,envy Q 0 H 41 Wapping St. Charlestown ,- Lu -, CHA 0778 i Remember SEE YCU Mcrsscsolf AT Qualify and Freshness M B ld l make C fl C S Fcmny Farmer Candies fhe popular Giff 1412 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE HARVARD SQUARE, CAMBRIDGE 1 B0YISf0n Sf- Cambfidfle Bu WAR BO Laundry - Stationery BGB SLATE H E L CONTINENTAL ROGERS MEN'S SHOP . Remember the For Your Navy Regulation Shirts and Accessories OXFORD GRILLE - Re :mental Ball 36 Cl1urcl1 Street off Harvard Square 9 Serving Delicious Food in a Refined Atmosphere at Moderate Prices "THE PUB" Cocktail Lounge and Bar lies the Finest Selection of Liqueurs collected from Fifty Nations Telephone-EI.lot 8277-9153 Facilities Available for Banquets and Socials IIIIIIIAIU DIAIISI-I CONlPAHIY I'llE Sflllllf' fill! DI EIU lg., Q ' New UNIFORM SHOP and Navy Officers SIXTH FLOOR - STORE FOR MEN l-lere you moy mC1l4G your selections in strictly moscu- line, cluolilce surroundings, uninterrupted by our other customers. Hundreds of otlicers liove olrecicly delegcitecl to us the responsibility of outtitting them with their correct uniforms oncl ciccessories. -l-lieir complete approvol of our worlqmonship ond service is your guorontee ol sotistocfion. Jordan Marsh Company Has Been Licensed by the Navy ancl War Departments to Sell Regulation Officers' Uniforms UNIFORMS AND ACCESSORIES- SIXTH FLOOR-STORE FOR MEN az mi Qgfwv, JM. Qfficial photographer to the NAVAL TRAINING SCHOOL HARVARD UNIVERSITY AUGUST 1942 154 Boylston Street Boston, Mass Knowledge . . . I With an organization of men who know their worlc in a plant of moclern equipment, we are en- abled to offer you an efficient service and the highest quality of PHOTO-ENGRAVING IN une, HALF-Tous, on COLOR DONOVAN 8. SULLIVAN ENGRAVING CO 470 Atlantic Avenue - Boston, Mass. LA -2 2 S7 'Q . A 'V' 3 . C2 -5315: . . . A is L 12, 0 , -X uk 'ghmsuhnsav ' ' Q Vx rv .4 .,., 'Si' fir LEOPOLD MORSE for almosl a cenfury The uniform house for all New England Service has always been a Morse by-word and now Th-aT once :again our counTry is aT war, we again Turn our hand To The 'huge Task -oT helping To ouTTiT Uncle Sarn's army and naval oTTicers. Realizing The necessiTy Tor speed in service, we have rernodelled our depiarT- menT To accomrnodaTe more sToclc and we have Tripled our sales Torce wiTh Trained personnel. We sTand ready To serve you and Turn you ouT Tully equipped in The shorTesT possible Time aT reason- able prices . . . a nineTy year repuTaTion Tor Tair dealing sTain'ds behind every purchiase. wk' UNIFORMS and ACCESSORIES for ARMY, NAVY, COAST GUARD and CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS AT prices Thai challenge comparison is CONVENIENTLY LOCATED IN HARVARD SQUARE

Suggestions in the US Naval Training School at Harvard University - All Hands Yearbook (Cambridge, MA) collection:

US Naval Training School at Harvard University - All Hands Yearbook (Cambridge, MA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


US Naval Training School at Harvard University - All Hands Yearbook (Cambridge, MA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 90

1942, pg 90

US Naval Training School at Harvard University - All Hands Yearbook (Cambridge, MA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 54

1942, pg 54

US Naval Training School at Harvard University - All Hands Yearbook (Cambridge, MA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 87

1942, pg 87

US Naval Training School at Harvard University - All Hands Yearbook (Cambridge, MA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 39

1942, pg 39

US Naval Training School at Harvard University - All Hands Yearbook (Cambridge, MA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 97

1942, pg 97

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