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f-H f' "WWW" "W '-'W - vqm.,-v. 4. -. ,513 ,vi G u i V ', f,,,-, X . ' . . I Q E U r ' A . ...1:,.--14. , ..u..,., ..nunn.1-n:.u.luu. A14..-..1xr.z'n-ln-Qin. 1 iv 1 I , . , . V. J ., ,V ,I N Y, 4 ,.'V L i jf i, P I 1 . 25 A Y-'3 The co MPAss 1? --- -......... fx W if 41 E I S Q 4' , . 1- 1'-4v9'Qj,,,,Q-ij,..', 1 ,f.,, ,A . -1IVi'7+H'w'. -f .f wtI1f'..' "L fkf . ,-mf' fF:v:4g7,'.. ' 1. nA 'W 1 1a 11 I . 10- 4 , h yn ,.-..- f am MM , 1 ,a 5 ' A . l X Hifi.. l mfvqgx . 9 , W . qt A ,, K f- , if-V-1.y5.hfl , 1 3. I, JF a - s iv Q, up Q X f A X "L 1 I G I c ou 'I -Jxwb xi fkfh k ' r, if K R :QMM if , ' sw gifs, 5 wxg, ,Y L ' . J. ,U I ' ,IAM H , ' M -. v -gul- . U I A-ag M W , Ax 'X 1 A uv,ll," 'En .xx x t' vw 4 1 1 - - "2-'k9x'.'vr94ZK1.','K5N T, X Y 4, , . , ,. . ,. , . ,. , , X, Afxv- .fy . Aigg-awxwi "+ f - K ,z. N . -' .ef uwwff y g,f,iG":fm'-. V, f x-x,g:-', W ' ' R' M-15? 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Q 'Rs X? vii A K w 3 wx my Q1. Q 1.""" 1-wr-"ep ,,,- li. w, iw Q 5 1 w L 1. V..4.itmi1fp ?f V+ , -ap 1,-Wy .A -j .wma ggmsfbfaffiu . 1,jf7,,.- W, , , .f . . 43- , , Q t . ,, , . 2211-gg5gg..,xf., v 1. 'gg fy , I nj,-Q.: ' r Q i W- M-A l A .xxx 9-A rx, Q mmww ,,.,! Q 4 4 , K V k L kiwi. M" KW" u..vW"'?'k wf ' ' , H "' , - W' 4' ."?7lm'i,.Df 7 ' 3,2 .4 KM , uf. ' f A 'l Q , 'aikxaifb f-. ff . ',. X ,X , f- Y Y :MVN , ww. -f W. , ' 'T ,vw I-:, X- psv " , f f I 1 ' t . " f VN' ,ly-,f H QS. ML?f2+avg,StE1s5:5,g5', 5 5--I ,--,mm fr, '-'N 1 x Q N1 ' Q 'Ewa .W-'Q-1'1.4r: 1 5'k.'A2m.g,'xm5Z- Am' ,V Y' .v .-A .f- -v u , 3, K f., ' .5 ,Q .' as mfg- ,+V V-Q-ff: K-1":."P'-f' . 'W ' - ' Q . Fu A Q A A , C., 'Y K-at 71.4 4-,.,M,.: ' ,-1 1 Al,-fvgfu. wk .., Q -- H- :Q 4: Sip-1qx'Y,f2 -Af'-',u.,.,. ,. .,,, 1, , ,. c fl , -4 -' , .A fi-,4-wx -ff '31 jig- wiv -y'g,,asix..,Lf'i . , gpg, ,,.'1'g, 5 .',j,fg1,f.7j3' w , . . -4 . .x - 1- 'img if if ' 'V "-L5i"wf'.,-F9-.'P:1? , 4 , . . .- ' ' 1 X " 'A is '- EM i""""S'.',..1." 'Q U"f'f15"4f'7l' fs 'M-gs. , , . 4- X , ' ' -ff lv ' , ,-f' , Nqr.-,--V V.-. .KA x...,w -.A . . "V ,'x. ff "':'i,"' EJ" v 714'Tn'W'-7'-'-.P-:-f '- Q A ' ui 'Jx"' 'K A X ' I V ' X 'L E Q Y , fn, -PV'-,A " ' fix TJ M. W L y3m.1"1,' r 'Q f.. J. f, '-- 'R . Y 1 , K-3 "lv, ' X WH K up-t'f rf' ' 3,114 .' .- V ' . .W ' NM- .,, hx' + R , -- ' J VL' ,- glmviv' J, M." fy'-" . K A "f..f Q ., , ,, V ...M-.v,:,k A,,,Q,,.W ,Q 14 3..i,.g,. V I QM I , 'Fm Q t l f -- '- 511:4- Hut' CAPTAIN ROBERT HALL SMITH, U. S. NAVY Commander Naval Training Center CAPTAIN nossnr HALL SMITH, u.s.N., remi- vated and assumed command of the Naval Train- Ing Center on Feb. Ist, 1951. Prlor to assuming hls present duties, Captain Smith served as Chief of Staff to the Commandant of the SIXTH Naval Dlstrlct. Captain Smith has served wlth dlstlnctlon In many key blllets, both afloat and ashore, slnce hls graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy In 1922. 'I Durlngr World War Il, he served successively as Commandlna Oftlcer of the destroyer U88 HENLIY, as Commander Destroyer Dlvlslon SIVIN, fm-""' . and as Commander Destroyer Squadron TWENTY- TWO. As special recognition for service at Guad- alcanal, Phlllppine Islands and Borneo he was awarded the Navy Cross, the Legion of Merit with Combat "V" Citation, and a Gold Star In Ileu of a second Legion of Merit with Combat "V" Citation. Following the Japanese surrender In 1945, he returned to the United States to serve with the Tralnlng Command, Pacltlc Fleet-first as Com- manding Otllcer of the Fleet Training Center at San Francisco, and later as Commander Fleet Tralnlng Group' and Underway Tralnlng Unlt at San Dlegog p ' C -- CAPTAIN HENRY FARROW, U. S. NAVY Commanding Officer Administrative Command CAPTAIN HENRY FARROW, u.s.N., became the Commanding Ofticer ot the Administrative Com- mand in February 'I95'l. Immediately before re- porting to his new duty ashore, he was Com- manding Otticer of the USS SEMINOLE CAKA 1045 which participated in the amphibious invasion ot Inchon, Korea and, later, in the evacuation op- erations at Wonsan and Hungnam, Korea. Following his graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1926, he served in the destroyer USS ROBERT SMITH during the Second Nicaraguan campaign: In the destroyer USS EDSALL operat- ing in the Far East during the Sine-Japanese un- declared war: and, later, in various other im- portant blllets both atloat and ashore. During World War ll, he served successively as Commander Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron FIVE in the Solomon Island campaign, as Commanding Officer of the destroyer USS ROBERT H. SMITH in the Iwo Jima and Okinawa campaigns: and as Task Group Commander of the Mine Force, Fifth Fleet, in Asiatic waters. Captain Farrow's many decorations include the Silver Star Medal with Gold Star, the Legion of Merit with Combat "V" Citation, the Bronze Star Medal, the Commendation Ribbon and Metal Pendant with Combat "V" Citation, and the Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon IUSS ROBERT H, SMITHD. I nlf R W, CAPTAIN FREDERICK WOLSIEFFER, U. S. NAVY Commanding Officer Recrult Training Command CAPTAIN FREDERICK WOLSIEFFER, U.S.N., assumed the dutles of Commanding Officer, Recruit Train- lng Command on 6 Aprll 1951. Prlor to reporting to the Tralnlng Center, he served as Executive Officer of the cruiser USS WORCESTER which par- tlclpated ln the support of the Unlted Nations ground forces. on the East Coast of Korea by blockade and bombardment of key enemy ports and posltlons. Slnce graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy l-If 1932, he has served afloat In varlous blllets ln battleshlps, crulsers and destroyers: and ashore as an Instructor of Mldshlpmen at the U.S. Naval Academy, andres Asslstantblrector of Tralnlng ' .'n- lv , 'ff 1 - NF KF ww' gr., Q in: ,,, - 7 'f 'fz w gfzwe w mg, , Wm ' syn! 1 W E . 7 at .fi 147' w, In the THIRD Naval District with administrative duties in connection with the College, Reserve and Fleet Training Programs. During World War ll, he served successively as the Commanding Officer of the destroyer USS WILKES in the North Atlantic, African and Euro- pean campaigns: and as the Commanding Officer of the radar picket destroyer USS CHEVALIER In the Aslatlc-Paclflc theater of combat operations. In addition to the many sorvlce and campaign medals awarded him, Captaln WoIsieffer's deco- ratlons include the Bronze Star Medal wlth Com- bat "V" Cltatlon, and the Commendation Ribbon and Metal Pendant wlth Combat "V" Cltatlon and Bronze Star In lleu of a second award. - see., 'I . ' 1 A mill, NES X COMMANDER GEORGE P. SOTOSI U. S. NAVY Executive Officer Recruit Training Command Comwmuosn ozone: P. soros, u.s.N., became the Executive Olticer of the Recruit Training Com- mand in March 1951. Previously, he had been Military Training Officer of the Recruit Training Command at the U.S. Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois. While a student at the University of Chicago In 1940, he entered the naval servlce through the V-7 Midshipmen program, and received his first commlsslon In early 1941. Subsequently, he served afloat In the USS NITRO, USS PC-476, USS PC-451, USS WILLIS, USS THOMAS J. GARY and USS COLONIAL, In various capacltles ranging 1 4 NM! ff l p . ,.,. from Head of Department to Command responsi- bilities: and ashore under Instruction at several U.S. Naval Schools and training establishments. During World War II, Commander Sotos was the Gunnery Officer and, later, the Executive Officer of the destroyer escort USS WILLIS which operated as a unlt of an antl-submarine Killer Group in the Atlantlc Ocean area. The Task Unlt to which the USS WILLIS was attached was awarded the Presldentlal Unlt Cltatlon for outstanding often. sive operations against the enemy In which a total of elght enemy submarines, Including a Jap. anese cargo submarine, were sunk. X M E I .W .H ,,,,, , , .. way. O O O History ofthe The U. S. Naval Training Cenler, Bainbridge, Maryland, 'firsl came info being when fhe Presidenl of l'he Uniled Slales, Franklin Delano Roosevell, approved lhe sile and 'rhe purchase of 'rhe land and buildings from lhe Jacob Tome lnslilule in early I942. This properly, consisfing of aboul 330 acres wilh buildings of lhe Tome School for boys localed lhereon, was enlarged by lhe purchase of adiacenl parcels of land, and lhe conslruclion of over 500 addilional buildings, which broughl lhe 'lolal area of Bainbridge lo I,I32 acres. Bainbridge is localed on high rolling land begin- The beginning of our Navy life uuul Training ning al lhe 'lop of an escarpmenl' overlooking 'lhe small river I'own of Porl Deposi'I', Maryland, on 'Ihe norfheasl' bank of lhe Susquehanna River. The res- ervalion is 35 miles norlheasl' of Ballimore, be- lween U. S. Roules I and 40, and approximalely 75 miles from Washinglon and Philadelphia. The acl'iviI'y, being localed near lhe cenler of lhe Al'- Ianlic Seaboard, is under 'I'he mililary command and coordinalion conlrol of l'he Commandanl, FIFTH Naval Dislricl, whose headquarlers are in Norfolk, Virginia. Presidenl Roosevell named 'I'he Training Cenler "Bainbridge" for Commodore William Bainbridge, commander of lhe famous frigale "CONSTITU- TlON" which was immorlalized in fhe poem "Old lronsides". In naming lhe Cenler for Commodore Bainbridge lhe Presidenl, il' is underslood, crediled him as a founder of lhe firsl Naval Training School, and expressed 'rhe wish l'ha'r lhe slandards firsl' eslablished by lhe Commodore would be carried on by lhe acfivily bearing his name. There is no queslion +ha+ Bainbridge has more lhan lived up lo Presidenr RooseveI+'s wish. The Bainbridge Training Cen'I'er was firsl ac'l'i- valed on Oclober I, I942, and len days laler was in operafion lraining lhe newly arrived recruils. A+ ' ,.lQ...4ns... Center at Bainbridge, Maryland fhe conclusion of hosfilifies on V-J Day, Augusf I4, l945, fhe Recruil' Training Command had lrained a lofal of 244,277 recruifs lo man l'he ships and far flung bases of our warfime Navy. In addifion, fhe Service School Command had lfrained and graduafed 24,484 men in fechnical rafings. From Augusf l945 'lo June l947h'l'he 'lraining acfivifies of fhe Cen'l'er decreased due fo posf-war condi- fions and l'he evenfual reducfion in fhe sfrengfh of fhe Navy. On June 30, I947 Bainbridge was de- acfivafed as a Training Cenfer, alfhough 'l'he Naval Preparafory School confinued fo operafe unfil il' was fransferred fo Newporf, R. I. in Ocfober of I949. Bainbridge, fhen, became a "ghosl' l'own" sfaffed wifh only a small Adminisfrafive and Se- curil'y Unif fo profecf fhe buildings from fire and l'he ever-mounfing ravages of fime and weafher. In fhe summer of I950, when fhe KOREAN crisis once more made il' evidenl' fhal' a large Navy is vifal fo our na'lion's defense, plans were formulafed fo reacfivafe fhe Bainbridge Training Cenfer fo pro- vide fhe needed inpuf of frained men fo man our rapidly expanding fleef and shore bases. Accord- ingly, on February I, I95I, fhe U.S. Naval Training Cenfer, Bainbridge, Maryland was reac'l'ival'ed and Capfain Roberl Hall Smifh, U.S.N. assumed com- mand of fhe Cenl'er in a brief buf impressive cere- mony. The Cenfer Commander and his small sfaff of officers and men found 'lhe vasf Cenfer fo be in a pafhefic sfafe of disrepair. The femporary build- ings in parficular, long unused and unheafed, were in need of exfensive repairs, replacemenl' ifems, and refurbishment A confracf fo resfore fhese build- ings, and fhe areas in general, 'ro fheir former use was awarded 'l'o fhe Consolidafed Engineering Headquarters, Recruit Training Command ..-A . Company of Baliimore, and soon large crews of carpenfers, eleciricians, plumbers and hundreds of o1'her craffsmen and helpers were busily engaged in lhe rehabiliraiion work. In fhe succeeding weeks lhe progress of rehabilifarion was so rapid +ha'r The +arge+ dare for +he commencemeni of recrui+ iraining was moved ahead, and on April 5, I95I ihe firsl' recruifs reporfed aboard for rraining. The original inpuf of 500 recruirs per week was soon siepped up +o I000 per week and confinued ai fhai' rare. On June 23, l95I approximalely 500 recruils complefed iheir eleven week course of basic fraining. Every week 'I'hereaHer 'lhe number of re- crui'I's complefing 'lheir iraining are in direci' pro- poriion fo fhe currenf scheduled weekly inpu+. The U.S. Naval Training Cenrer, Bainbridge, Maryland, under rhe command of 1'he Cenler Com- mander, acfually consisfs of four subordinafe ac- 'rivi+ies, each under a Commanding Officer. These acfivifies are: The U.S. Naval Adminisfrafive Com- mand, rhe Recruii' Training Command, The Service School Command, and fhe U.S. Naval Hospiial. The Adminisfrarive Command serves as ihe sfaff of ihe Cenfer Commander in his direclion and ad- minisfraiion of +he o+her subordinaie commands, and performs for him all rhe adminisfrarive, op- erafional and logisfic 'funcfions nor specifically as- signed +o orher commands. These various 'funcrions include securify, fire profecfion, supply, disbursing, commissary, Navy Exchange, personnel and religious adminisirarion, medical and denial care, mainre- nance and repair, iransporrafion, communicarions and o+her viral services esseniial +o +he eFFicien+ and effecfive operarion of a communiiy 'rofaling ap- proximaiely 35,000 persons. A componeni' acfiviiy of fhe Adminis+ra+ive Command is ihe Denial Tech- nicians School whose mission is 'ro provide recruiis and fleef personnel wilh fhe fechnical knowledge and fraining required ro develop denial rechnicians for du+y wirh ihe fleef and shore based forces. The Recruir Training Command, rhe largesf of 'I'he four subordinafe commands, is responsible for +he Headquarters, Naval Training Center, Bainbridge, Md. Regimental Drill Hull adminisfrafion of fhe Recruif Basic Training Program fhe principles of which are fo guide fhe recruif in fhe fransifion from civilian fo milifary life: fo in- froduce him fo naval cusfoms, fradifions, discipline and esprif de corps: and, by infensive fraining and schooling, fo fif him for naval service. The facilifies of fhe Recruif Training Command consisf of four large Camps each named affer famous naval heroes -Rodgers, Perry, James, and Barney. Each Camp is an enfify in ifself-wifh ifs own greaf drill hall, swimming pool, rifle range, mess hall, drill field, classrooms, barracks, and recreafional facilifies- and has fhe capacify 'I'o berfh, mess and frain a regimenf of 5,000 populafion. H' is planned fo use fhree of fhese Camps fo frain male recruifs fo fhe maximum fofal capacify of abouf I5,000 men. The fourfh Camp will confain fhe only WAVE Recruif Training School in fhe Navy: which school, previously locafed af fhe U.S. Naval Training Cenfer, Greal' Lakes, Illinois, was esfab- lished in Bainbridge in Ocfober I95I. H' is expecfed fhaf 'rhe WAVE recruif populafion will reach a fofal of abouf 4,500 young women. The Service School Command, fhe fhird major acfivify, provides furfher fraining fo recruifs and fleel' personnel in fhe fechnical knowledge of raf- ings required by fhe operafing forces, and prepares fhem for more advanced educafion and fraining in such special fields as gunnery, fire confrol, radio and ofher fechnical subiecfs. A componenf acfivify of fhe Service School Command is fhe Unifed Sfafes Naval Preparafory School which, during fhe Fall and Winfer monfhs prepares enlisfed men from all branches of fhe Armed Forces for enfrance ex- aminafion fo fhe U.S. Naval Academy af Annapolis, Maryland. During 'l'he Summer monfhs fhis School also frains and selecfs enlisfed men of fhe Navy and Marine Corps for enfrance in fhe following Fall fo fhe Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps Program af a college or universify of fheir own choice. The fofal sfudenf capacify of fhe Service School Com- mand is approximafely 4,000 men. The fourfh and lasf major subordinafe acfivify is fhe U.S. Naval Hospifal, a separafe and defached command. The Hospifal provides medical and sur- gical facilifies for fhe proper care of all recruifs, sfudenfs, and permanenfly assigned naval personnel of fhe Cenfer and fheir depenclenfs. Now esfab- lished as a 500-bed hospifal, fhe capacify can and will be expanded if necessary fo l,500 or 2,000 beds. Operafing in coniuncfion wi'I'h 'lhe Hospifal is fhe Hospifal Corps School, wifh abouf l,200 sfu- denfs, whose funcfion is fo provide fhe fechnical knowledge and fraining necessary fo develop fhese young men info Hospifal Corpsmen for dufy wifh fhe fleef and shore based forces. Recruit barracks Fw 0 ll f 1 I r ,J fx I .. ,f,1,1f1'- We're herel V r Llnen and towels, the beglnnlng That First Dug wlTH the warnings of the dire events to come from the "old salts" of six weeks training we commenced the trip thru the receiving unit. Our education started im- mediately as we were systematically exam- ined, re-examined, x-rayed, inoculated, bled, measured, outtltted and shorn in an efficient stream that left us dazed. We sa- luted anything that looked deserving, much to the embarrassment of many civilian workers and tothe glee of service week petty oltlcers. Wlth a. sigh ofvlrellef we re- ported to our company commander tired but happy for we were at last on our way. New what? "Keep this . . . Don't keep this . . . And . . ." X 'SN Important listening 50 long, Ciyyies Measure of u man More waiting! .W 414. 1' -M-if E' we Needles! "Relax, open wide!" v , 4 f, 1 Q L. v .., i Q 4 K And more needles! 0uch.... FROM head to foo we were examined: Feel here! gllifqn, there. Noihlng ,'lUlSl0d,' nelhing jon change, 1-lyos, 'lqarqijnoqelf throat, "mf fQf01fv11!Q91'e,ffv'?+m9,nsl an !!.4w"1?-. -Wllm Whllf A'lln ilfiwfQiififiifi1iK?Fr6iQif'ffl3aandlA Fefwhfffl for:"f11lf1e 32'fi if?Y . , iff M .2114 Nothing is Ieh to chance '4P'V-mpwn., J I W u20!2ou X XJ X X ,ffx 1. x The Haircut 5,4 fi wE HAD heard about the first haircut but Ei , didn't expect this. Would he leave any? fu 'M' ' ,K xxx fl ag it , x 3 Q? XX e Wk 3 gn 5 :Ly u gx 'u what e X "N-,':zf , 2 lt Z-SMX , V 5 X, wi. .LH A , Ny 5 , . Q2 1. 1 e ti-.Jw 1 . Q 5' ks ix K A I x lf: . Min 9 f f s' 4 5. e-W J, 'f , If .H In li 4'. 1 v R ,W J' if 5 is - YPWI No guess work here X Q x The Uniform EACH recruit ls Issued a full seabag of elethlng that should more than meet his needs. Ho is taught the history and sig- nificance of the uniform as well as its care. He dons his uniform with pride in himself, his service and his nation. Many miles of wear It takes a man to wear it - Some allowance for growth .QI fue., ,, -.y ' 'W HWY' 7' "" W" "V ' ' ' ' ' P INDOCTRINATION WELCCME INTO THE NAVY w---,L-.+,1n,1!nL N J '. Qnxux The executive officer welcomes us aboard . . . training commences "'-':....'-- mm my P AQ, - -Ca .Lg L ' 33 , Q . X-aw 0 4 9 x if iv ' "FQ if Q 'L XFN uni' L15 . vi? in 9 X px i I 'Y H5-T' W fn ! ww Mr' - ...Y , 9 51 T5 Qi M X, V, H l ig 1 'Q 6 N 'E . Q ' -1 F' 3,f?' fs Q i 5 . X, J 'WM W ',S .af I Yr r 3, gg if , I 2 my ag 5 Hx x GQ Ki, 1-M: e 3 , ,,,QfQf'f?v:'?i'i s ,, "F, .A., , 'f - gg my .?,?2. f . A -Q-. , , , , 1 if fa., XX 6 Q """'1"""""f " - .fv.f"' v Yiw u J " .H tw ,. V , ,' L 2 5 It I f ,Z 'V'- 3. 'WY' .gf 1 xii Q K 2 E l "Any questions?" Training aids charts illustrate most lectures ' .i .'M' L V N ' 3 I A- .v' x 1,y 1 'sf"' Discussing u classroom problem The problem is solved! kf 'A A v . K QE Classroom work teaches background of Navy history and customs Clean up time Why most sailors add weight cient organization. We live by the book NAVY food plus cleanliness, and the back- ground and experience of chief petty otilcers as instructors help make the Navy an em- I 'tl . , ,,,!,..,,, N , 7 ! ORDNANCE 8 GUNNERY "Stand by!" "This is no icy" WI , , V N w 1 w w w W 1 4 1 X I U I rl f 1 1 7 ix 5 l 3 1 l 4 I J E v "Now fhls Il the fuse latter" Catching the hot shell x 1 1 A sting for ulrercff +- M' Adlusting the sight is important L? mum, J' s M f'.Iuif,u IIMIQ bl! morn" 'QW 'Nan :J ,gf nf' Y if :fn5','-iff 5' a:'.q.I:L?' Q' ,,,,4., i gig- 5.1 5 'wr' K - , , Q -qi f' +f' ,x X' V X '13, Cv A N,-L 'xx "And fhls ls the bolt" "Then remove the slide" Future gummlths SEAM NSHIP 4.4 Q , ff AH 'L 1 A i x e :Lg .1...,f'q A. . ,-.vw ' 1 s faq "Armor and armament make the differen .5 lr. -.QQ X W .Q Q fr Eur' , ,S-. The lookout uses sound powered telephones to report bearings NAvloAnNo q ship safely under an con- ditions is largely dependent on how well a ship's crew is indoctrinated with the ele- ments ot good seamanship. The basic fundamentals of seamanship acquired by the recruit during his training period will serve him well on his first tour of duty aboard ship, his "shakedown cruise." Practical manual work and further training will greet the new sailors. Being at the bottom of the "chain of command" he will be called to exhibit his seaman- ship skills quite often. lil w A Q 0 ffl?- ,,., it S, if "" him f . 1 i I.. .. 1 E Visual signaling plays an imporiunf part in Navy communication W MW' ,A ,1 . ',' : ,All .sg 'f S, , '1::smx,,, A . Qi: "ma: ,Q x K A . N -2 f .Q ,N , 'af :, 5 1, , i ' ki.. .1,.,, ' . 1.-2 ' 5 ww nga.-X vu I-T ,Jil 2' -:cg Iwi . 1 5 Q?l:?3? 7 ,wg ,.X, 6 Y -G,-P, 5 xx, fx. fs,+.I,:v , .f.g,, f,-F M, x. fx I., -I X- . - f., vi Q A-5,1 ,I ' W .Egg -v. Q ru- - xr' -:Q xf N, i ff' M- f fm bw N Lg. f3-5, S jg 1553. 3 - N- xg Y-G 4 if N . ,Mt ,N afe.., X M . 1'-it . .fs W -Sq ' y. .4..,...1....1.L X u'l"w ...di R' 14--A fx, Q 6 A, 'Yr U-Q scnf' 216 x 'P L 44 N 4 "Watch closely" "A flamish must be lust so" f"'., . ng xv K lull K'-1 7 .IWW . 5 xx -N... T-0 .M--1' NK' - 1':!p,,3llM .,,! t I M ,X I h XY, 5 x v ?.::.,,A..Z,J ,, . l 0.43 yr , ' 1. ' d3"'M"- MASQ 'S mu' Jfi- s r K - . N gs-,M A . Ways 1 K Mauna-V - .nw X "Wo'II try this bowllne iust once more" A h A "nu 'umm' me 'bm' H "bm -an I? X 9, 1 ---q--wwf...--.-..... mp.-... - f ..Wm...-.........-..-.-........:..,4.1...f...,..........,.......,...............-,...:.,..,....x.M FIRE Fl AIHTING 1 4 Q ' Qrx ww If if 'H-w-M Xmfi X rx , vi V ,MQW 5 ififviiw ' ' N, lf v ,.1 E , , A , iffy 1 ' 55 vu I i 'lf if Q y . Uhr, , f 5 Y gi Wgi.3....W gf f in :'m'.W'we F I 'if f FFL, N- 5 A. 'Wa-.-of' ,ifigf f ' A if 4 Q P A-,mf df' L 'MW - , f' sf -.f ' ' ' N 8, W, -W, ,Wada 'N ,if f ' Yfifiidgqgg EWR NA, Y- X sw, K X N A x xg A ' f M-W 3 WRX ' i ' 3 .fm fl. X' A as Q 1 5, I, ?f' Q r - in gm "fi 1213. iff It Sw . 5 , .y-M-"""-WM A successful trial The dxygan bvoulhlng 'apparatus if 254 'miigiQQQQQshlQiiiQI 'Xi'i-A.. muwauma-fw4w,mm,.mu..W .W ,, W.. Q, ww. - M. Laying out hose N Amr kr PHYSICAL TRAIN ING Affk A L..I..B......L.,.X J' w. ual' ,-3-" I 4 I Q My 1 5 'vate H-, mv. Q,."'ff' U wx. V+ X f 1, , Q I Q bg, z 'fy' Asn. k, - ',,,q.,Q,M:jfMfa Egg 1? K- A :fiiy2aQf'.'gf.f's -5 ' T ' 5,551 ' ,, ., .UA ' Q' 4' FW-: ,, ' ffifzfgsqf , fn 'ii Z if ,A 'fy A .3f'ff,,gQfifI" Af i'YM:..g . , K Y ' .Q Y - "Nw, , 5 ff .XV f-, "mf- THE basic aim of physical training is to provide the blueiacket with a well rounded program of physical education including whenever possible games and sports of genuine interest. The blueiacket's mastery of swim- ming as a means of preserving his life is a matter demanding utmost consid- eration. Physical fitness is a must that is achieved through a carefully developed program. "One, two . . . One, two" if l ali l ""'.P".j,L,.X1V21lfS195I2l31d.l'!:"'i14lXHnd,hH1"l'l!!.l.l'ih1YY,.X' , lnsiructions from experts "Get under that oil" "After the knots are tied" I A 1 ! A Q-4. "Who's afraid?" "Take 'em off!" Watch that opening! , , Near miss "Hit the deck!" INCLUDED in the program of informal physi- cal training are many competitive events which provide excellent conditioning for the participants ancl exciting entertainment for spectators. Favorites with recruits are box- ing and wrestling matches whichtare held in the gymnasium. Forced landing! my-nw. , fl Vt' - 'Q ff Rlll 4 Ns Xxx If only weighs about nine pounds . . . PHYSICAL drill undsr arms. . . . but it seems to ge! heavier each time n-.. 'r fic-X 145' 955' gr .Af " . 4' 1 'f Dressing the ranks f VILITARY DRILL' goes on throughout- the training period and the manual of arms soon IDBCOIIIBS second l1CI'l'Ul'B. K 5 Practising the manual of arms Watching each other's mistakes f ,Q X ,J P 3 1 1: mi ' f' Qu .4 :jf-f,,K, .--3, 1 P "if , -fsfpgfmi . A f Wwe' s , ,. " . ' ' 'mqdfAI:?rg.sSz .L .E fmt K X. X.: , N. A i x if mi WQSEA 3.53 Q ' 'fx k H ' .. . .Q ., . . , ffm xr xv 4, wugwyaiywk-g.1xllw ,L b . Mx . H w N tg: ov qww. .H ' A, - ' -' .Q A .og .W at h . 1 t A djs ,A My k ,- -a N K K., I , -f A kfwwx sw .. r X, W fa nf , K' K ,. i. ff- 'iiw xs..f1h9'f,t . - , Us , , ' ,Q wi tw In h Ii's iusf as easy fo keep in step cOINiTINUEDimarching as u company helps i build an ospril'-de-corps that seems to lighten the burden of training. As graduation nears we train for Final Review. miie-fu ,LV ' 'SL' wa -im , ' Getting the dope from our Company Commander BEFORE and after classroom sessions we fall in as a company to receive instructions from our Company Commander and march to our next scheduled as- signment. In fact, it's march, march, march, everywhere we go. Prepare to march! Finally the great day of graduation arrives and we march in review The Recruit band turns out for all Reviews -we -ff- ' " ' 1-' c.-A-v.f. , ,f.,,,i.i, ' , . "af, N. ,. ,.,.-, ,.,,,,,:,.,..,.,, -rv-www'-A-Mr?-3--m-vp.-tg-1- ' r oURf proudest moment is when we pass the reviewing stand In Final Review. During the cere- mony our honor man receives his award scroll from the Com- manding Olticer. M ak 1 When we pass the reviewing stand it's "eyes right" THIS medal is awarded to the top grad- uating recruit. It is the American Spirit Honor Medal, presented lay the Citizens' Committee for tho Army, Navy and Air Forces, Inc. The award is made in rec- ognition of outstanding qualities of lead- ership laest expressing the American spirit-honor, initiative, loyalty and high example to comrades in arms. SERVICE WEEK if , S Q x ' . 1 J l , x i . W -gc s 3 . E i r 4 1 ' J Hx Food service - cafeteria style T125-:iv :if51Qs1,m-i cis, A J fH',-','a,,'-- y 2, i i 9,-..,x 'Zyl , 1- ,N SERVICE Week jsp iqiu, must.Vi,dur4ffg35jyffgg11prArQ Q55 K. K - Y .N iw Imeeggwi, ing recruit , training. ,During 'ihlsy 45,355 time the recrulfdoes the reutlyheyygjiag,3 lobs at Bainbrliclger li is 1IiaifdQ,.gf,- ,,+ ,,gik,, , MY work and everyone learns. the Q 5 Importance of delnqyhigpari hif .1'A fm, behind-the-scenes lebgffhai keep? 'l 515 the Center runningriiemoofhlygf if .V,. fr! L ' u a u ,' 5 -eq 51-Q I . I. K L ...xf:?J..',.:1.m.1,.1QLLL:2x1.1ik't,if...g..a.,,c4J Sferilizing mess gear Scrubbing trays Scrubbing them 'til they shine More than lust e few to fill Feeling spuds I' ff s 5. 5 B RRACKS llFlE x I!! I ff? nn va w ' mf!! 2 pg? 5 v52a:" I" 1 , f" - . H 1 .klffvezlmiq "-.Q ff'-V , ' 'M f y iQlf""m ' 1. X , QW ' W" Q 'jg we Q ' "'-533:-'f-fig: -,:-Q wa M-Q51 ,. . - , . I i , ,-,- 0 Wy Y ' lA., i ?mN,,....,v-.-1+-1-w""' ' P rf, x nf L ,,,, . , I , m . T ,,,, . , QW I V: , -4!' .'.v:- L W, -' t Vx its K id gi 5. A 5,943 'Q sk 2 his :m y QM W, wg riff . iff 3 W if 4 ,. f 7? if A va- , Q ,xx Q V , -jk .,,, if 'H Wzslysl mn gigs? 44 . .xg ni- 155 fx f A .f lx k WA, f ,X . , aa Nw xx 4345-' "Rl . 1 ,:sf,,, 1 Rl: 1 5 Q, , 3. ff 1 ,kt 2516,- W . 'WW' 4, . X My 5 -...... ,M 3 54 'I' P, ' . ,.. , K s R ,zz if fs 1. , V J i Q J 3,5319- vi 4. w X A W la., 'i Q :Nga EINSSS rg? W E545 QR L 'fwnqf J,- Adj RIELIGI A 1 Us Catholic services A word with fhe chaplain . jf wfmwgi 4, n s u- f ' n ms 1 LQ Informal chat with the Proiestani chaplam Holy Communion m,Av ,i T : 'f 4 1 QW!!! in -f4f3,..M - , Q ,,, wha-.4442-,.,, .. 1 R0 'f 1 4 IQ -adv, A T"-Ufjxiq ' m M: R T QQQ , . .4 ,K ,., 4, , v T' Dvvvl0?' P X.: 5 'su 'Wx-nw. xwnlg' Q i 5 i A a 'W 5 E 4 2 auf ,tgmx E' lk . .... W... ,Mal .. " " "Nothing like a plank!" ' Holiday get together with the family 'K ' iw! 4- fd M9-l fm-mi VL 'FW ,U,Yn,, if 39'1'C'.T5r'f 5,'??Y3?f5ffvL Vi , if iifik-JV fi" 5'?,,gQ::- -KLM: 1 ,, if f , A 4 f fi' 1 OTHER forms of recreation include a visit to the Navy Exchange and attendance at the recruit dances where the Recruit band plays. 00- , W A I e A ' x"Save me ev seat!" . ailing for 'tha train - 4mlA Q , ,X - "All abaardllf . x 1 Q- , 1 R. A. STALLINGS, QMQC WRST R0Wf D onald B. Allchin, Earl R. Barham, William T. Bova, Alberi J. Casey, Sierling Conrad. . . . SECOND ROW: Kennefh G. Condif, Edward T. Conlan, Roberi A. Davoli, Anfhony Delorenzo, Company Commander Roben' W. Diehl, Jr. COMPANY 244 March-June iw- 4-.2 F "K -. X ..C.R1"Q a-4 X lx Qvf' ,X K . K S N if- E4 1 79 4 M-:mrs ' 'nf- lv 1 a 'fr 1 'T FIRST ROW: Thomas A. Dlugos, Boris J. Eslcra, Morgan J. Ferris, Ronald W. Finnerfy, Thomas J. Forino, Howard Friedman, Frank Galchus .... SECOND ROW: A. L. Genovese, Hickman J. Gibson, Jr., John J. Gordon, Edward M. Gorsluy, James M. Graham, Teddy Greenberg, Don G. Holland. f 0 0 w , , qw-1: I1 25,..b,s,S5f5 L , 25- Y- --. " G VELTJ.. x, 6' ,fm , 5 fl I ,f QI I f"" K 4,r lfi Y, 4 Aix .P a FIRST ROW: James S. Johnson, Joseph J. Kennedy, Harold L. King, George R. King, Allen K. Koonlz, George Kowachilx, Kennelh L. Kriner .... SECOND ROW: James V. Lamb, Roberi J. Landolfi, Anfhony J. 'Mancuso, Francis R. McGinnis, Morfen M. Milzkelsen, Orlando A. Padovani, John Palmer. - . ff. 5. -. .. . M' I ' 1 Ri . .-1 ez Mn, If 1 ' ' X fi 4 'A Q 4 L , I L- , 1 lr e , . All 13 I "' A fx p A ' 4 X 2 my I f 5. ge . ft' ,W L . f. V- mr "' ?5Yv5.i ' I Wi ' 'A fa! Wffffwg A' ' 'Ei '22 -I 4 K ff:i'l'ff' - 1 z. 5' 5 f 'Y . in , Lv, Lx K.. I final I it . l FlRST ROW: Eugene T. Reimer, Donald R. Riesener, Louis Romano, Richard Rosenkranz, William H. Schafer, William C. Schafz, Morfon Smilh .... SECOND ROW: Joseph J. Solfiz, lra Spivalr, Roswell P. Sfaples, Hugh M. Travis, Jr., Mariin J. Tracy, A. N. Warner, Jr., Lesier H. Woodfin, Jr. i PI-4 Q- :fill i 9 , ,. I. FIRST ROW: Joseph Ziemicki, Oscar E. Beck, Fredrick Barih, Vernon Gomez, Cameron Murray, Paul Miller, Jay Kaiser .... SECOND ROW: Ashfon Mossberg, Louis Caladears, Roberi Heifsenrafher, Thomas De Mers, Floyd A. Griffin, George C. Warren, James J. Carney. 5 41 yy-an ,I if Robf. Rockefeller, Walfer R. Walker. I wi - S X i 4 ,bw , SM 1' 532 4, ir, .A KE. . ,. i F 'f ' 5 " As? I " ,gl hx. 31 g ain ll.:, N xy . Kg, ix z ' qw,-,-'fun p...4' 4 , W 1 PM A ' 19 ' yf . 1 xf15ijfl 'E.rQ-f'1' , ' +, ' by- if..-1 1. . , , S E W ' N O A Q 5 7 . I. - . - . ,w " im . ,1 :- .. ,f ,,' M 'A f 4 A I - rt ., V " ff sem "ff 1132 Sins., ., gp: S - , I .I 3 sim, si A . 2,5 1.2 1 I .,., M , qi. , A V . ,, , .. hwy ,Eg ' - 25-: iff My' "'w1'i"Ww yfjwimi- N - A-. , j , t "'-54 ' A' A ' Q3 uelffwfiv L if... V ,, 1 X ' ,vu m i 'd W' ,,., A im ' IZ X' X Y . ga wx 1 in M U Qs I' x W 4 .. ae- Q E t V? Y Q- A in ' , mic '7 if A mn' in N t , 3' '5 ' "iff kb- ' 'My J " A 'I' "Eff like R 5' rg , . . Q 15 ' ' X . -sn ' J an Ag. A 'In f j k L Q x w- M-pw,,mvlx I X, ...- n s I E xX!x. wool an-4 W. J. ARRINGTON, BMGC Company Commander COMPANY 245 March-June vw w!"'s FIRST ROW: Burion D. Alperf, Edward D. Bergen, Jr., J. R. Caialanolli, Eliol G. Clemons, Jr., John F. Conneen .... SECOND ROW: Elwood L. Corfer, Richard M. Cronin, Roberl B. Dalpe, Henry J. Fellows, Viclor M. Figueroa, Paul E. Fournier. ,. ,,.. s 'Q U - ,g,.:..t'l .3 is '-Q'-1. mmm! im Sa ALF -if v f A-,g,,.fw' S Q , . xr ,, fry ,,,,,,.., ...v .n.....M..,,.,ff -'.rJ.J, , 1 ,,.n5w. L J 4. 1 P. f+ x ff Q ,X 5-'R -,s 2" ' M ' l . V 'ol ' . ' ' . ,.-+'.l?5'1if 'i-"FE Y f" - A, Q, .f--"g'k.f. .N is--,ff-': f- wr- .: - .3 --.far . .- gf- L.:-H ,WX-4 ww- -fk. ' - ' ' , .4 'lr'-i,f25Q-.L-iw.: .QW-r ' +3 -r rf Hmm f -fL7"Q'RTi2ff A is L: 'L"f'L,f: 'K -' L "- HP.-T 'f.- T-.-1 1.-?...'f'i' 7: Aw Mxzii-'f'M:"'k,g g - ,,-Vw: ' K MW ' , QUNM4 4- .aw "-.L+.fz-A.,g'rJt31fB '-4 nog.:-',3pr 1 53 f. rx-bi '-.av -',-sv ,L yn.. ,hs '-X ', yt A .Kf fr, Ju M- r'-1 1' Nr. ffidliusuv ..n,f.QwrJ Ania--Liv M :WJ 45, -uv 'Y' FIRST ROW: Thomas I. Hall, Charles B. Hayes, Samuel E. Horn. Frank T. Kelly, Charles J. Levin, Paul A. Manfone .... SECOND ROW: Jerry C. Mezzacappa, Timo'rhy J. 'Moriarly, Vincenf W. Moifola, Raymond E. Olander, Frederick Rose, Frank E. Seipp, Roberf J. Selden. Pi Q 'lr-f f? E' J N4 L. l S, RMA , Q 1 FIRST ROW: Glen Simoes, Lawrence P. Siarr, Waller Swanson, Charles R. Todd, Jolnn Toland, Jr., Thomas M. Tubbiola, Vicior Vinuelas .... SECOND ROW: S. R. Walerfielcl, Raymond C. Williams, Roberi G. Wolf, William J. Zanzalari, Warner Baxier, Edward Burclc, James Burns. 'X-. X-.zv 'Y YT .. N . . Vx , x. S3 ! I 9 I ,', B 'Y MX fr" 15,3 qnbf ,fu 'Us FIRST ROW: Defresnes, lrwin Friedman, Lawrence Gonyea, Louis Kaiser, Carmine Laico, William Mafher, John Minnar .... SECOND ROW: Ira Nocella, Henry Nbwicki, Donold Peferson, OHQ Plagge. James Sicari, William Simons, Anfcne Texeira. N' ww,.....,.. ,. 4. ,w , . A .fff v:M1.LLV Q, wi 'lglff Jr, 67' ' 5',f,, ,,- , , V A I. M Y I I ,. V f.,,.4..',4',.' - Q. . I -fl N, ,..,,, 1 , , 1. "UNA, .' 'J ' If -rf' 1 v GUN Av , vm FIRST ROW: a MQXQ pm 'QL an ,,.-...-Q.. 'cf ,QL R xnxx sg-vw ' 'V X 1 k --f QQ wr'-w Edward Turner, Wayne Webb, Donald Welherbee, Marlin Zuclcman, E. Charlanb, R. Clark, A. Olsen .... SECOND ROW: Mille Plfll' R b ' ' n I ups, o erl J. Lleb, P. Condrnclr. , HST? fats . -. US-+A w-.f ,,,' . ,M,...f Wa.- -M aw- mn-ng mu uf I0 , l l ,H ,fy I . 1 K vm", . K it .-,,.-- hui x 1 'A I-V sf- f X. x Alt, . A Q ' M. ,, "7-., 'N 1' ' ,W My 'Rama t ,Arr-, bf., at A V x xv. .J 'E r f ,I 4 v ,.w--f.w,,g,.,,g . ,..,. , LM sf' ,...L -Q.. W M W Y, fr. W, F11 .. ,1- 14 I ,v 'Q ,ww 3 ' If, Aggm if ' I. ,J ., 0' I 5 I. 1 A w W Sd

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