US Naval Reserve Midshipmens School - Capstan Yearbook (Notre Dame, IN)

 - Class of 1944

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US Naval Reserve Midshipmens School - Capstan Yearbook (Notre Dame, IN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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r ,.-.,,., -M.-.x .. W ,v .9 U 5 .4 ,.,. ,Jaw .ggi 1 4 --1-2, N - dig. ', .fam kb ? -I 1 -.Q Q55 'W' , W1 'Q N ,pw . , f'.i 1 W '75 'cap 122, sw f-in .,,V. Y. ,-mx.-. .1 .ffff x"f.-fwv-fp-f wk, ,.-1 -2-?5S5""' -x , r H. V' 1 f.5fffQ,uZi? ,A ..X., x qv., W. 7' r.- Y ,M f "f-A-.,,F,.W. 5 -sa- Q V 1 - --.wwma I , K i M .,.,v N, , .- J. kv A: f.. M Jn., A .0-'F 'Nm , W W P '-,z. , . . N AW, ,,x..,.,x-W , UMWMA Mm- Aim, M.. .'..m0,0f. wb' 4441 Q, .fxffw , 1, . 1 ,iw dl s -ff.,-I '-muff.:--V w- :.f y...-4 MK' 1' . W, .f,.':?"'3:w , V igwwgumww mf-5-1q'f"""' N.-fi'fFC'1sw,'2' 'gk W Y 'Sq , ,..,, -,,7,,,,,.,..,,g.,y5 v ,,.-.:. 5 1 . -, . , , -2.-2-1 '. W,,,w,,,,,,q,3.,, - W"-H - ww gr-agii Q-mf -R fm u ll"'-Q, ff' f lin' 3. 9 w 6 w reid ay 5'7I,, S 'llzffllfl I IL '4 O" 2. 1 f Sv yr S iff, ,fllf Q "flint, E ,fi fly! jf, 3 gr'-uv ' 'YW X 011111 ff 4? .y : A"o,, 413' Q 54 Hd HW, f-"U 'I' 3 UNI:- N ' dv!!! 5,2310 E ,QV " inlifrfo 1 V' . .. . X "yr 7 -P 1 'C 4,5 N 'Cx My "HW M46 0' " 5 1:11- F 'C -Z' 4 " if "L- -, f 4 1. we x .- ,ff X XSS' ,grilling if ff! 107 N N24 .gf if i 1 y ls' b ,1 4 'Q mf if , xi X al.,-Q". R S 1. K N R R Q 4, ' Ex 5-jcafw X xx X1 Ctff ,ff N xi Wu, 1 x, 11 t - x K -44" wx- j xl M xv f 17 st 1 MIDSHIPMEN -Q xx. 2 QTQN wool av 2, V3 .3 5 Q-. VL V l Sv si., Q my .6 1 63' .. 'Q '34, ' i ...F Y -N,-05' -QF QP 1 4:5 ' NT vv vw "2 ""+.. E S ,dig ",, x ijipff A 4,-ff,f4'fs'w5 0 Y deff vw' :ws M ull' gf Q., 'nfl 41 1' ru, I .1 Q ' k5.,1f .fr f Q "4 S QQ Qi' 'ry ,pf x ?i3p5Z43D' f Qyf ffffw 11 ffllinff J ' 'f"'fWmf I 'llllllfi PW", X 69" rllllffffflllll ' f Q 4 . o o 6 0 K5 In 1 n " I I :Q p ' n-70? 7 Q 7512 1 - 1- be gs -iw 'W-'15 Hb Q 5 Q f P 4 ' an ,zllil " P-F 1 .3 ff 'L-:mg Egg' A' fn A I W fwf- xrigf g nigga, rf mi 'M4 M A .3 Y ff A F- fy? " 5' ' ' ' ' ' , .sk ze ,V x , . I' 1 se. ' i 3436, ,gf V Jxx jx fy J - if gwgyi V nn V, d.. Q? . V iw X. Y I .. El f Kinpid In P , K1 'T l 0 T' t Q gwlll' w , ' -Q, .:- H"-, 1 11' 4 . ' Q? Q ij, Q - , : 1,1 ..51Txff!fl'2' , X Em We f , f :NN af'-:S N, f 5,5 A .. 'ZH 3 .,. 'fkr-wresi-1vnQ-9v,msg.w,. wi -F14 4 x rf ' V? si N HONORABLE FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT Preszdenl Qf the United Szfales Qf America Commander-In-Cfzid, United States Nelly Zine Lette? world for which you light+and for which some of you give your lives-will not come merely because we shall have won the war. It will not come merely because we wish very hard that it would come. It will be made possi- ble only by bold vision, intelligent planning, and hard work. It cannot be brought about overnight, but only by years of effort and perseverance and unfaltering faith. You young soldiers and sailors, farmers and factory workers, artists and scholars, who are fighting our way to victory now, all of you will have to take your part in shaping that world. You will earn it by what you do nowg but you will not attain it if you leave the job for others to do alone. When you lay aside your gun at the end of the war, you cannot at the same time lay aside your duty to the future . . . Today the embattled youth of Russia and China are realizing a new individual dignity, casting off the last links of the ancient chains of imperial despotism which had bound them so long. I This is a development of historic importance. It means that the old term, "West- ern civilizationf' no longer applies. World events and the common needs of all humanity are joining the culture of Asia with the culture of Europe and of the Americas to form, for the first time, a real world civilization. ?Franklin Delano Roosevelt, September 3, 1942 5'1"-niet: - J 5.4 L ,ya OFFICIAL U. l l5l MY SIGNAL , X - REAR ADMIRAL RANDALL JACOBS, U.S.N. Chiqf qt .NdUdf Personnel HONORABLE FRANK KNOX Secretagf Qf the Nazgf Q'9v""'3hf ,fe REAR ADMIRAL ARTHUR S. CARPENDER, U.S.N X Commandant, Ninth Naval District 1 I OFFICIAL U S NAVY PHOTOGRAPHS J , ADMIRAL ERNEST F. KING, U.S.N Chify' Qf Naval Operations orhfivf O il w,,,f 41 I '1 1 -'53 A- . ' .' A.-s-n . .,f 'T' ' ' -' "2 . ,. .-I 'T' ig, 1, 3' "1'?7'if.-'ev' J 5395- ' ' u J 'gi- f ' " ,' ffl "1:f.s1f -.:f'?'-41,:if,11, ,' : , -" ,gi A 1.555 J' L 'film Lim if -7-'E' ' :gel ,mx ' . r ,. 'LU '5lL.. ,F .2-J'2aLi'., :g4,fl?2W'4E!' '. .iw..1e.',2' L: I?" 0 1- mu if AMN.- U".CS',.' - H' , V. -'i""i ,.-.. .-.-c - h b2a's!i'L-...1- .- -' . . . I, ji ,f . fi-EIL-" 1 'F-UW' 1, if r r '1QQL',l f?ifQ'+,gig,.1 2 '- ' 2 1:35 Li X f.q THA lsj, 1, ' 'rigs 5 I " uv I-H P9 , .W .. , ir f A-c. ..,.. -1. f-- .-s---, L, -. : -, f ' .,,i:y.- . . u-f-L1rw,Q,- ,. -. ,,.,.5.,.,,f, 5 1491: 51,44-1-I .V A A A ',",P'hf1, A .. - ' ' ' - -f-M 511 Leven A 1, A . ' 4 1 A v 'Lv , if -4 " x Y fb nf v s M 1: , alum -. .. f - El T52 ,QI ' V -. . '.a : '-Ani, ,ka ,ji U4 in V if . I f iv. f 4 U x . fy! , , I ' A3 , ., - 91 f ,' fa'-H B" f 4 I l up 1 5 , f - . ' 211- , ly .- , ' f Q, H If 4 Q. . ir, M 5 we 9' 'fn "' I ff 1 V . 4 1 g +1 ,lf Dis 3 - L- , 54.1.1 Fgic uf'-n , . 1 r . 1 Agp.: rngilg. . . ,ui .Sap 0, 0 fi' 5 0 if ,V 5 35-351 .g 1: 'gp I ,.41,,l. I I A :aff-migif ' ':2?a4f'i9Z3- ,.iQ:!s1'f" f 1' 'Zigi-N I lf' 'J-'L-wma? ' Af :.a'g3,-'.' 1 - :eww .1 .,.,, cm, .A J., 352-E272 -5 , '- f'i,,riEY?Fl?5i w '4 . K-1 I .,Er"'QG'74!'i. - , 1351: 4 , 1,11 f .pyifful - :gf -N Vi , ' e sp.,-'.. i- is 1g1'N.,ij' 3 '. fE?E:J.f , . ' - . iir.2'f1- - i ' , Ugyzigxfzifaliwv . , f, M- 1' e1'1 ' ' "fl'ii,ff,ig.f, Q.2Q'fff-23":i'1 gy 'f," .' rn 1 122711 , 1 .-My 15527131 f , rag g a. 'f r, if N 3259 335515175 I EE, ,. 1 V if ag - Zy,,,,: .. Vp, v'f1+-vfyf, .-.fauif "viii, .z,::-'Mi-jQ:,: JL' ''h'L,'.gf,,r'g,-59.5,-,.if-1nu r--iw Q if-islfwq-. ,-. '. 1, ,. M,-1-..-.---2: M .,,,.,..,.ql.,: 1- ,, - .Ln ,:,.q3.-lgvyrjlw 4 ,f '1 dl 4- "V 0 e u s n n u o f Discipline necessary to keep us ever mindful of our responsibilitiesg Knowledge to keep our ships afloat through fair weather and foulg ' Training to make worthy officers of us always, x We dedicate this Capstan to our Com- manding Officer, captain amed iclzaral Barry .l' 1 X l y ,.,w,f gli? V., ,f.,.,,.,ipm- A , ,f,,,,'3 E' "5-""'.5. ff.gllfn.Qse. ' iiiqv' '- ? " 11, V -L . ' Y . . ., X . 212335.-If-.1 Q, 4 .,.- a Y sg ' , ' - 1-"w"' Mu f sr " w F'uy- 4 ,--Hai phil., . , -Ma. .,, ,ml 'v . " f"ri's1'.,1 ,...,,4. M Hg, Jig! j?'5:'!'v .. .wx ",,,?1fg:'L' ' - ers.. 'fl .g:,A ' -T39 -:Y "."'aLfg,.3g ... ,. - ,. V.-.Lf ...A ' --A-.,, - -ff-1' .1 -M-1-, 1:2 ' N '--V "i'1f:,2w va ri If 'H a 'M ' B' L IF J U 4. ' sw- ' . lg. QC' , .. 4 -r 9 , 1 Q 'ggi J AI " . i'-'hifi . +- as .f5f:r:::w.:fwdfff' ' we ft 1' L,-1, ..1.f,,,:?Qf:g'l-Wg.-M55 .f 3 br, mv w-g3l1'3.f.,f,,:,.,.,,,,gW,.g.,,,,g,,',,'q'3LQgg. 'H'-'. n..,,g,i, ' ' A V in M "U ' -J'.s5'i.l+ i .iifiick . f, s qi 1 -.4 M 4 ,, 1 un- , V- , ,,'5'S" if 4 L x 1' U .ami -f 1F P 5 7 .M J 4 r 4 4 N rlfznti 4. J ,L , , .,, f PY -44 NSRQLQQG9' .. ' ,. ,, Www -N55 , ' 'QL sry, , 'vu--H li. X n p: .:"fHfz -. -, , f ' 4 --Mm ,.:.2,!1,,-1.S..:". H' - be '. , V 515 ZW cr '-.- . 1 fx .,g -Zizzgmiez. 1 .- f M l. 'v 1,?sE'b:?Z: ' flifx ' 235+ - ' :wasp-':, - .1:f,'sf" 4- fs Cl N,:,,,,.s,f.., .if C ,s . -1 1.9 CJ ,-gf ,,.,,,-.1-'iff .. A.- . .- ,. Llifxyffii I Fl - nf. -4-in fa,-1 , ..,.f Maw- .ii-.qv " - 'Q ' ,-J. ,,g'-i5iie'Qil?E' , '- i-H3232 T252-i'g, f A, .i' 3,-11'f1E7j?11 " 5.1 .1 15,175 'N ' f . 1- A .:1'1'ffv4. ' . '7 .. rms?-F-X4 5.4-.13 f'v"fQwE1,. I rl We - V siawwf f ' 1 as-HE-fl' 511 .:,zj1tgE5Lf7f'g,gf'l HQ, z, - , ,ggfga . i.i,1:'gmgylnz-'.:,.s Y. w-2:55-i5ff5Zf,Q1':,! . -"'f 5 ' ' ' "4:srQfSff',.L-'11 ,Z 4' . 1 f ZA -. N- . .' .-,L,,-, ,AI 1. 4... V : - V: -'i'??'I-lM:y3fi!.1.gLl?"1 I ' ' V 1 me-4 HH: 5.1. ,, .I .. .,g.g5,5,1yg I Ji.. :gig ,"i"fF'?"' . jf-15:51, iq?-sRLgY.??f""" df -' ,I - 1: ,,g,fgf'f+:f '1i':1r5,.."Ns-.Ls - 'f ' . J-' pwl, .fi s '- .Q X f33sffAfiS.V,4. 'X Jim . -.u..,.., ,, 'rn .'-f, I - - , 4... '1 -yn, . 'W' T , . . gr 4, "far T5 - ,'1m,-af,Lg.Q.2i2 21p.j1,I3:,- - 4 ' I.. Y- A ,v..,.,4A V" . ,il , . ' .,..:.,', g ,, ,- , . 122411 'iffy'---" ,.... A Y :W X f rf ik. -1: , . . 'f5r 1' -' Z Q, I"",--151' T' - 'I " ,Qi-'iff -m' ' " . - 'w4QfQfi'1 ,.r."- 2- if, 'f A-'f'jHf i-if! 'fy qi- iz is ,nfl xyfiv- '- M 2 in 'yt V' w'ei-3.g5-L7vfi- .p.-gr... t 13, A ,xi ti- .1 .1232 "WA fsif,-f.,g' -f , JE , Q:--P. 21-ff. - S b 11' f A fr . vi 'i1Z"Q'fW: ,-1 "'1,fb'iv-,a K .-.r , ' ?'ti5'5 1 ,f 5 ,- , -WK 1 Lllsbv ' v F 1"'. U1--.,'.g,,,,E551-'P' ,I 1 WS .4 hi X 4,2 I 1 ' VQJVY4-Q ,, J A,.lA,,., 'REV f -fl V, ilplzih Q X -kan-3 if IH: ' ww X- hw -. x SEK , if: ' , f r' rr- ' .1 W ,. -ff . y , : ff ,-v . ' -2 " , W, .fx ' :5 1 L if - '04 n .1 " -"" ' 'QS ' . ,, , 1- f V 1 W , 3 o o' o o Thirty-nine years have gone into the naval career of Captain Barry-years of duty on practically every type of ship under the American flag. Upon graduation from the Naval Academy in 1909, Captain Barry went to duty on board the battleship Missouri, and was later transferred to destroyer service on the Drayton, then tothe battleship Michigan, upon her commission- ing as the Navy's first dreadnaught. During lVorld 'War I, the Pampanga, a Spanish gunboat raised from the floor of Manila Bay after the war of 1898, was commanded by Captain Barry serving in China. He also served during this tour of duty on the Asiatic station as Captain of the Yard and Aide to the Commandant at the Naval Station, Cavite. The battleship North Dakota stands next on his list of assignments. Thereafter, he served with the Navy Department in Washington from which duty he went to command the destroyer Reno. Then, after a tour of duty at Annapolis as instructor in Seamanship and Flight Tactics, he served on the staff of the Commander of the Train Squadron of the Atlantic Fleet. Captain Barry served for two more years in the Navy Department in Wash- ington, and then took the course at the Naval War College before becoming Executive Ofiiccr of the light cruiser Trenton. In 1938, after duty ashore as Executive Ofiieer of the Naval Training Station, Newport, Rhode Island. he returned to the Trenton as Commanding Ofhcer, during which time the vessel served as Flagship of the European Squadron. He came to Notre Dame from Colombia, South America, where he served for two years as Chief of the U. S. Naval Mission to that country. The devotion and loyalty ofthe midshipmen to their Commanding Oflicer is expressed in the dedication of their classbook to him. . RICHARD BARRY Captain United States Nazy DUI.: ls ' fl' -l c'You will always have to iight to pre- serve what you will have won. You who are now offering your lives for your country must live for your country. 'You must have a voice in determining the future, in shap- ing a peace that will be permanent be- cause it will be based upon charity and justice." REV. J. HUGH O'DoNNELL, C.S.C. President Qf the Universzy of Nolre Dame ll ij la. 2 , 5 L . i QC? QM' gndigh folzn foaaplz farle f Juedaf of ,Honor ' ' lo Announcement washma e on De- cember 21 of the posthumous award- ing of the Congressional Metal of Honor to Ensign John joseph Parle, USNR, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Vincent Parle, of Omaha, Nebraska, for valor and courage above and be- yond the call of duty during the assault on Sicily, July 9-10, 1943. Ensign Parle graduated from Notre Dame Midshipmen School and was commissioned on Janu fy'28, 1943. . - gf if " ---,, ,I Nil ,. 1-I gi.-- ...-, A , 1 , fad' N. 'Q'-Q. iex-3 C' t t -. 1 s-1 , il 121 fx ' Sz., if . .-KVM. ' If 1 if 'T .E . - , V. , 1. Z," ,A i AQ 'TA "63n'. -,rl . 4 .V 2 N' 'Jef , ' " . . ,GH 4 ye ', 4 xx , ' ff.,-' ' ' . 4+ U:-"-'fiqvfw l -. ,. ' 'P W 1: 'b .. -' - -- f 1 s We ij. ff 1 S' ' , 3 t . . "For valor and-courage above and beyond the call of duty as Officer-in-Charge of small boats in the USS LST 375 during the amphibious assault on the Island of Sicily, july 9-10, 1943. Realizing that a detonation of explosives would prematurely disclose to the enemy the assault about to be car- ried out and with full knowledge of the peril involved, Ensign Parle unhesitatingly risked his life to extinguish a smoke pot accidentally ignited in a boat carrying charges of high explosives, detonating fuses and ammunition. Undaunted by fire and blinding smoke, he entered the craft, quickly snuffed out a burning fuse and after failing in his desperate efforts to extinguish the fire pot, finally seized it with both hands and threw it over the side. Although he succumbed a week later from smoke and fumes inhaled, Ensign Parle,s heroic self-sacrifice prevented grave damage to the ship and personnel and insured the security of a vital mission. He gallantly gave his life in the service of his countryf' E131 . . . . executive M. D. FAIRCHILD Lieut. Commander Unitea' States Nazpf Coming from the Diesel Training School at the University of California to become Executive Ofiicer of the Midship- men's School, Commander Fairchild brought with him eighteen years of naval experience, a love of the Navy, "innate aifability and friendliness" and a 'gstrict disciplinary Sensei,-making those who served under him both love and respect him. Since being graduated from the U. S. Naval Academy in 1930 Commander Fairchild has seen duty on many types of ships in the fleet and two tours at Annapolis. He saw duty as a member of Admiral William H, Stanley'S staff on the cruiser Chicago. During the Spanish Civil War, Commander Fairchild was on the destroyer Kane when she was bombed while evacuating American citizens from the war zone. With a young Americanis critical analysis of all those who say "Thus thou must do", the ntidshipmen studied and admired their Commander. They will remember him as an oH'icer who justly administered discipline whenever found necessary, whose home was a rendezvous of fellow- ship and cheer, and who was never too busy to listen to problems or offer a helping hand. .- .Q 1..l , l EL.. M - 11 mix "'Zf. it 'AZ hz 'R '. ,i it 5.1. i lil X, IA., . p -'ak .l,.- 'J Q, .. . .llsfxrk , . , Oli Oytlge Members of the January 1944 Graduating Class: . since coming to this school. You will now take your places in the Navy, in the service of your country, and in You gentlemen of the class which this edition of the Caprtan commemorates, leave us to become commissioned Ensigns in the United States Naval Reserve+your goal so doing willjoin brave men who man our ships and stations in all parts of the world. ff .O You will come to know more clearly that the traditions of the Navy are made by Of., men, the fighting men of our Navy, the Hiron men in wooden ships,', the seafaring 1 nfien who may have been outnumbered or outgunned but never outgamed. V Those of us remaining behind will watch your careers with great interest and ' u wherever you may go you carry from myself and from my staff our sincere best ' I' ' wishes for a happy cruise, happy hunting, and a happy landing. Good luck to you all. X , , -.fe 1 ' n -Vik '. 1 r W C J. RICHARD BARRY, Captain, U. S. Nazgf, Commanding C You have completed the training prescribed by the Navy for the commission of Ensign. In so doing, you have satisfied ofhcers of the Navy of your fitness to dis- charge the duties and responsibilities now resting on you. We know that you will justify the faith we have in you, that you will earn your commission again and again whenever occasion offers. For, merely to hold to that which has been earned and to go no further-that is to go backward-for men or for nations. , I You are now in a position to contribute to history as the American Navy has made I history before. In the not too distant future, you will have the honor of being a part of that Navy which will again report to the Nation, I"We have met the enemy and they are ours? :, 'W 155115. m gzqali.. ' , 7. I uf" I 1522 , fr' U ,jj 3323? i ' ' ' ' nl-'w f. ,,, r ' r. gf lr" - wx. y .. -.-,1-1 . ...lim-0' N.-1.7, , ,Q We-' ' "' L.g"Xl'4,i'fq-:ang .M. D. FAIRCHILD Lieulenant Commander, U. S. Nazgy CRel.D Execznfive Ojfcer VF VV- V- X """x,5 f "-.. ' . A Q. xr .VV ..l.f 1. .L .3 Y N ' . - ' C .. 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A girhf ,Getdenant aft? - A 1 LIEUTENANT T. A. WAAGE USNR Wilmette Illinois Mr. Waage made his first cruise on the old U. S. S. Alabama in 19174 as a seaman with a Naval Reserve unit. He attended the Midshipmen,s School in Pelham, N. Y., and graduated with the first class on December 22, 1917, being ordered after graduation to the U.S.S. Princess Matoika, under command of Captain Cnow Admirall William Leahy. After making twenty-one round trips to Europe as watch and division officer on transports with the rank of lieutenant, he was confirmed in rank in 1921 in class two. He reenrolled in the Naval Reserve in 1923 and continued reserve cruises and training until 1928. He was again commissioned in March, 1942, and ordered for active duty to Abbott Hall as instructor in seamanship, until October, 1942, when detached to Notre Dame. alalminiatra tive alide LIEUTENANT H. F. SMITH USNR Long Beach California Graduating from the U. S.-Naval Academy in 1925, Mr. Smith served as ensign aboard the U. S. S. Mississippi under command of Captain Cnow Admiralj Thomas C. Hart until May, 1927. After being detached from the Mississippi he served on board the U. S. S. Sapelo until March, 1928, when he resigned from the Navy. From 1928 to 1933 he served with the Naval Reserve. Leaving an insurance business in California, he reported to Notre Dame for active duty in April, 1942. X l 17 Jnteruiewing Ufficer LIEUTENANT E. N. BRAINE USNR Minneapolis- Minnesota Mr. Braine, interviewing ofhcer, received the degree bache- lor of business administration from the Universityiof Minnesota in 1928. He was employed by General Mills, Inc,, Hour and cereal manufacturers, from 1928 to 1942, being manager of the personnel record department, manager of the em'ployer's retire- ment system, and manager of the ernployer's health association. After entering the Naval Reserve in October, 1942, he served ten months as an administrative and interviewing officer at the Office of Naval Officer Procurement in Chicago. Following temporary additional duty at several naval officer training ac- tivities, he was assigned to Notre Dame on August 20, 1943. alicle to gxecutiue 0 ficei' LIEUTENANT , I R. C. TEFFT USNR Rochester New York Mr. Tefft graduated from Union College in 1933 with a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering and several foot- ball letters, and later did graduate work at Syracuse, Rochester and Cornell. From 1933 to 1942 he taught high school mathe- matics at Irondeqoit High School, and was assistant to the super- intendent of schools in Rochester, N. Y. He was commissioned May 22, 1942, and sent to Harvard. From there he was de- tached to Columbia, and was ordered here in October, 1942. 1 Medica! Ieparimeni 1 '1 "1' Zak COMMANDER G. S. VOGAN, USNR 38 Pine ,Ave. ' Kane, Pa. Commander Vogan, head ofthe Medical Department and senior member of the Medical Board, was awarded his degree in medicine by the University of Pittsburgh in 1916. After taking special courses at the Army Medi- cal School, Washington, D. C., he was commissioned a first lieutenant in the U. S. Army Medical Corps in 19185 serving one year in France with Base Hospital No. 70. Commissioned a lieutenant commander in the Naval Medical Corps Reserve on january 28, 1935, and at- tached to mobile hospital No. 1, he first saw active duty December 19, 1941, at the U. S. Naval Hospital in Philadelphia. He came on duty at the Midshipmcn's School October 1, 1942. ' Lt. Com. E. Blackburn, USNR Lt. Com. E. H. Engel, USNR 1114 Cleveland Ave. 33 Emmons Court South Bend, Ind. Wyandotte, Mich. -U. zy'Irta'z'ana, '23 U. zjflfeljrayka, '28 7 .1 'mr- gam- V Lt. Com. A. Rettenmaier Lt. G. E. Gardner, USNR USNR 524 N. Columbus St. 251 N. 15th St. Lancaster, Ohio Kansas City, Kan. Ohio Slate, '34 Crezlghlon, '26 ental 3 Qbepi. . fe- Lt.Com.H.W.Rinesmith,USNR Lt. H. H. Stahlhut, USNR Lt. Cjgl F. F. Prescott, USNR 4511 Magnolia Ave. 3028 Hoagland Ave. 1021 Thomas St., S.E. St- LOUIS, MO- Fort Wayne, Ind. Grand Rapids, Mich. Wbrlzznglon U., '30 U. fjlndiana, '28 U. ry' Mz'chzlgan, '37 18 l L . "-silk-1:51, ' f- 'I 'U e. .V K' , ' V e xecufive Iept. LT. COM. CHARLES W. MYERS, USNR Mr. Myers, Senior Watch Officer and head of the Executive department, was graduated from the U. S. Naval Academy in 1922 and served as junior turret ofiicer aboard the U. S. S. Arizona for twenty-one months thereafter. Re- signing from the Navy in 1924 he became a distributor of petroleum products. Having applied for active duty in December, 1941, shortly after the beginning of the war, Mr. Myers received orders in February, 1942, and reported to this station from his home in Bethany, Missouri. He was promoted to lieu- tenant commander in November of the same year. .- .4 .+..'.h.,,- . " v"f1f , if ..kv . 3' .I We--2 i e y f -r-, 1. 2 xecuiive LT. C. N. SPRINGER, USNR 536 Union St. Niles, Mich. Mr. Springer, Discipline OHicer and Assistant Senior Watch Officer, began his career in the Navy as an ap- prentice seaman. After four months training at Great Lakes in 1928, he boarded the destroyer Mareno. While at sea he was trainer on a broadside gun and mess cook for the chief petty oflicers. He took examinations for entrance to the Naval Academy and was appointed in July, 1929, graduating in 1933. After graduation he resigned from the Navy and accepted a position with the Standard Oil Company of Indiana, serving as account- ant, purchasing agent, and draftsman until recalled to the Navy on August 17, 1942. Li. A. P. Brown, USNR Lt. w. O. Gollnick, USNR 4609 Columbia Ave. Newport, R. I. Dallas, Texas Middlebuya and Marquette S. M. U., fzo 728 and '40 YT! fo,-f-v Lt. Cjgj A. C. Pence, USNR Lt. Cjgj A. C. Calabro, USNR Huntington, N. Y. 6 Lexington St. Columbia, '37 Charlestown, Mass Bod-lon College, '3 7 Ens. Richard Tain-ter, USN Ens. R. D. Sweitzer, USNR Ens. J. F. Clark, USNR Ens. M. Jefferson, USNR 1164 Strong Ave- 1425 Third Ave., S.E.d 1415 Addington Road Milton, Del. Elkhart, Ind- Cedar Rapids, Iowa Toledo, Ohio Woynerburg College, ,47 Slole U. rjlowiz, 138 Olzio Universigf 1201 N Ens. M. L. Cowen, jr., USNR Ens. E. C, Finder, USNR Ens. L. E. Burgoyne, USNR Ens. D. Wells, USNR 210 Marietta St. I 1255 Fourth Ave. 109 S. Main St. 38 Washburn Ave. St. Clairsville, Ohio San Diego, Cal. Berrien Springs, Mich. Wellesley Hills, Mass. U. rj Virginia, ,42 San Diego Sl. College VV. MI'ChZlQ0lZ Col., ,39 Darlmoullz, ,43 no 3'-L .N I, -l X . V J Q - vs fu. r :hw -,- H W ,,. , V . N- I , ill-.1 ' S J X ii I ff-x 1 1' X . . ' iff fig . Ens. A. Higgins, USNR Ens. J. L. Hutchinson, USNR Ens. W. Patton, USNR Ens. S. W. Rider, Jr., USNR Platte City, Mo. 121 Woodland Drive West Union Extension 224 Groveland Ave. Cenlral, '43 Pleasantville, N. Y. Morgantown, N. C. Minneapolis, Minn. Darlmnullz, '43 W'ake Foresl, '43 U. Q' Mz'nnes0la, ,43 Ens. B. L. Smith, Jr., USNR Ens. W. B. Thompson, USNR Ens. F. E. Swagerty, USNR 1 802 Cypress St. Salem, W. Va. Escalon, Cal. Greensboro, N. C. Salem, ,43 College fy Pafff, 747 Duke, '43 12110 Supp y -Qbiaburding . Lt. F. C. Rutherford, USNR Lt. Cjgj W. Covington, USNR Ens. V. E. Negus, USNR Ens. W. Sepke, USNR 421 Euclid St. 111 Everett St. 215 B St., N.E. ' 4451 W. Monroe St. Santa Monica, Cal. Rockingham, N. C. Washington, D. C. Chicago, Ill. U. C. L. A., 47 Duke, 258 Smillz, '39 Sl. MaU1's, '43 welfare fubfic tl Jzefatiolu an 0 ecreatzon Lt. Cjgj P. T. Sprinz, USNR Ens. H. N. Duda, USNR 8641 77th St. 13 W. Augustine Ave. Woodhaven, N. Y. Mansfield, Ohio Columbia U., ,36 DePauw, '43 Officer Ens. Anne Warden USNR Communicatiolw Ship 7.4 Company Officer V ' Bos'n. W. E. Dregalla, USNR 238 Krebs Ave' 1624 Elmwood Ave. Pascagoula, Miss Lambulhj ,27 ' Lakewood, Ohio 22 U. lj Indiana .. e akacfemic Iepta. LT. COM. WILLIAM P. BURLEIGH, USNR Mr. Burleigh, head of the Academic Depart- ments, served a year at sea as quartermaster first class from 1917 to 1918, and was commissioned an ensign on July 10, 1918. He served as gun- nery officer on three gunboats and one destroyer, and as deck and communications officer on an armed transport in the Naval Overseas Trans- portation Service in World War I. He also served on a mine sweeper after the Armistice in the North Sea, and remained active in the Naval Reserve until March, 1926. In February, 1942, he was recalled to the Service as lieutenant, and from May until Oc- tober, 1942, was with the Ordnance Depart- ment at Abbott Hall. He then came to Notre Dame as head of the Ordnance department. In February, 1943, he was promoted to lieu- tenant commander and made head of the Aca- demic Departments. Mr. Burleigh is a gradu- ate of the University of Chicago and the Colo- rado School of Mines. He lives in Glencoe, Ill. auiga tion IDSHIPMAN Joseph Stanislaus Gish was piqued with Navigation-who among us wasn't?-and P-works were his pet groan. It wasn't that the subject was diflicultg he merely be- came confused when required to sail a course of six hundred miles in forty minutes. To substanti- ate joe's confusion we herewith reproduce a typical P-work-with the permission of the Hydrographic Office, of course. 0600 You are Navigator aboard the U. S. S. BOWDITCH. As the sun rises, you realize that you must get a fix. Broad on the starboard beam you see two black buoys, broad on the port beam are two red girls, not bad either. Instructions: Left-Ninety degrees-Rudder. 0700 The girls saw you before you saw them and escaped. The Captain will finish his break- fast in two or three hours, and probably will want to know what ocean hels taking his morning dip in. Radio Beacons A and B bear 090 and 000 respect- fully. Oh, oh, where are you now? ' .f ' : f 1 1 , J- ' I ' . ' 1 'f . IE. f ' t 1 ff! " ff: I 1, ,. . , ..'- X ' "ff 1 5 ' 1.- Yhf' ' ff- 5"':lL,.f".1 . 2: "'-1? 'f x . . . .. -. -XXQV. e z.3jgf::,-.its , . . all' fi 'l , ' . ' 1 1' ',"' r' ,132 '-'. ji. ..'. P1-e 1 f"'.::::3. V . .- 291, 11.-. . 1 ' - fast I1 ' .,.. ,.., .,, , . 3. ,,..,.., , - W :v -V , .. .. .. ,-.2449 1: -4,024.1 ' 1 . yi. if 2 l ,c , if l' f 1-'Ig - ' i fax. 1 , -1 , . 1, A ,.i.,,..,,1 0800 You are well away from land Cnow you can eat that pound of candy you've had hidden in your laundry bagj, and visibility is decreasing. Instruc- tions: Obtain bearing before it's too late. It's too late. 0900 Still looking for that fix? Tired? Haven't been getting enough sleep lately? Take it easy, mate. Youlve still got twenty minutes to go. In- structions: Do not look on paper next to you. 26 X 1000 You have found a convoy, thanks given Buddha, and are steaming ahead at standard speed. You tune into RBN for an EP, but all you get is an LOP 'and the Lone Ranger. Plot the intersection. 1100 Fire breaks out on your ship. CProbably that firebug that bothered the roving watches so much.j You are busy remembering your station and are not required to plot this DR. Besides, the onionskin paper has become so strong that the water in your eyes effectively incapacitates you. tgigx 0947 Yes, we know you know that you passed that point two hours ago, but we thought weld re- mind you to tell the Hydrographic Ofhce about that obstruction buoy you smashed. 1200 Fire under control, and fog lifted. You discover that the U. S. S. DUTTON is flagship. 1245 The CO informs you that your 1100 posi- tion should have been plotted and that you are now on report. Instructions: Estimate the number of extra duty hours you will serve. 1246 You are in a tix now. Plot it. 1259-50 Ten seconds. 1300 Knock off. Pass papers to starboard. Mr. Gish, did you not hear me when I said "Knock off. 9 3 ' Seriously, Navigation gave Midshipman Gish and the rest of us, perhaps, a better understanding of its problems than any other course. Logically advancing from one step to the next, the Naviga- tion course made us feel that we can successfully keep our ships off the rocks. But 'Midshipman Gish still doesn't like that "Ten seconds-knock off" business. 0I'l!ll6ll'lCe V a rff.l"i4 LT. R. C. URBAN, USNR 14 Nancy Blvd. Merrick, Long Island, N. Y. A graduate of the Cooper Union Institute of Tech- nology, Mr. Urban, head of the Ordnance department, holds degrees in chemical engineering and education. He is an expert on ship models and has acted as ship model consultant for the New Bedford, Penobscot and Salem Marine Museums, and as secretary-treasurer of the-New York Ship Lore and Model Society. After re- ceiving his commission in May of 1942, Mr. Urban was a member of the Ordnance department at Abbott Hall. Helwas ordered here in October, 1942. f Lt. E. H, Dunlap, Jr., USN Lt. H. E. Dickey, USNR 117 Paxson Drive 629 11th Ave., N. South Bend, Ind. Fort Dodge, Iowa U. S. Naval Academy, '39 Cornell and Iowa Slate, '22 Lt. A. R. Pennell, USNR Lt. Cjgl E. C. Peck, USNRH 3 Oneida Circle - Greene, N..Y. Winchester, Mass. Calgale and Syracuse, ,28 and ,36 Tale, '30 -wal' gh .em Lt. Cjgj J. F. Davis, USNR Lt. fjgj C. H. Clark, USNR Lt. fjgl C. W. Fotis, USNR Ens. E. D. Wallace USNR 917 Brown St. Talahassee, Fla. 465 Essex St. 1030 E. 44th St. Morgantown, W. Va. U. lj Florida, 534 Lynn, Mass. Austin, Texas U' 'Ur LV- Va- and PWM-, ,32 Tzgftr and Harvard, '37 Baylor and U. fy' Texas, '40 28 l -fe fu- l-5.-J 'Q' Ens. R. C. Townsend, USNR Ens. E. R. Bellows, USNR Ens. G. E. Carlisle, USNR Ens. M. L. Green, USNR 18 Shore Drive 6930 South Shore Drive 1510 Oakley St. 1207 Main St. Great Neck, N. Y. Chicago, Ill. Topeka, Kan. Mount Vernon,AIll. Princeton, ,42 Oberlin College, '37 Washburn College, '39 U.' of Illinozix, '37 C' 'ez'- 'CT' Ens. F. P. Ford, USNR Ens. D. W. Gordon, USNR Ens. H. H. Budke, USNR Ens. W. L. Schanbacher 60 E. 196th St. 607 E. Third St. 356 S. Chautauqua St. USNR New York, N. Y. Larned, Kan. Wichita, Kan., 196 Nursery Ave. Fordham, '47 U. of Kanras, '43 Wichita U., '43 Geneva, N. Y. Syracuse, '43 Ens. J. A. Halekamp, USNR Ens. N. P. Olson, USNR , N MN 4708 Wolshusen Ave. Kilgrove, Texas ' Webster Groves, Mo. Kilgore jr. College, '38 U, of Mighigan, '43 "jail passed the daleline, Commander." 29 .s I '75, ' When the nights are long and weary, U. E o .ct the sailor's far from And He dreams of Varga's creations, s Hit 'cross the foam. And form .mv- PN CU 'U U -C1 4-a U ffl CU U U 5-4 5 -4-J .2 Q. rn ..-1 .-C2 4-I Z? 2 ng through the skiesg wi 3 B 1: R0 2 .H-1 4: 3 tment, I1 TLC urs with con ho he fill t it May lonely eyes. many tired, open And w0n'l find OZ! you, menj 2' Take her wilh 'ui is QS Q '-Q 2 Q an in NC ms 143 N -N m Q mu E0 'N -Q -Q S B a5QD Ave., Chicago, Ill.', dll squire, Inc., 979 N. Miqhig " Copyright, 7943, ly: E ecognition, .fookoul Uraining Lt. Cjgj J. Wg Goddard, USNR Ens. W. B. Brown, USNR Ens. E. W. Ferrill, USNR Greensburg, Ind. 1115 St. Andrews Road Alto Pass, Ill. Butler, ,29 Midland, Mich. S. Ill. Tkaclzgnr Col., 137 Delroll College rj Law, '35 1-1- 0. 9 of ESQUIRE " Why does this gun always go pjft imlead qf bgompv sIf30 Urclnance IDSHIPMAN S. Gish, after studying Ordnance, found himself a compatriot of that Greek who knew 20,000 of his fellow country- men by name, for he discovered that the 5"-38 had nearly that many parts, each with a diHnerent name and the smaller the part, the bigger the name. Living on the fourth deck, Gish customarily studied in the shower-the only place free from the constant din of "Now Hear Thisf'-and was one night trying to remember whether a semi-fixed mousetrap would be painted a green cheese color, or the usual Navy blue and gold. The steam grew thicker, he found himself unsteady, and to save himself turned on the cold water. The fog lifts. The wide-open breech of a sixteen inch gun yawns its hungered and smoking mouth toward him. "Kamaira vis, e katrista katrianaf' thinks Ensign Gish, "Ordnance instructor said I didn't have to know anything about turrets ex- cept the four structural parts and the three com- partments? But thereiis his crew before him, waiting impatiently for the next order. Joe wishes for the little red Ordnance book, and to quiet his nerves starts reciting the five advantages and seven disadvantages of a turret gun, finds him- self stymied at No. 3, quickly switches off into the six parts of a Mark XIV firing lock, which he is fairly certain is used on bag guns. By this time he observes several bags on the deck: ammunition. f"Bag gun, separate loading, projectile goes in first. Where's the projectile? Order more from handling room. Keep talking to crew.j 31 "This is a radial-expansion gun. Incremental differences of radii in any circumferential metallic body under internal hydraulic compression create- dynamical tensions according to Lame's first law which states that 'at any point whatever in a cylinder under fluid pressure, the sum of the tangential ten- sion and the radial expansion varies inversely as the square of the radius,' which cause one radius to bear upon a lesser but vectorially similar radius, extending it in a peri- pheral direction, producing maximum strength with minimum weight effectively abolishing all reticulated or alveolar internal stress. Or am I esoteric?" The gun captain yells "Load Gun", Joe is rammed into the breach, in tumbles the powder, the Smith-Asbury system changes translational into rotational motion, and the breech clangs shut. A slight click tells Joe that a combination lock primer Cwith its wisp of guncottonj has been inserted, the muffled cry of "Fih-er" is heard in the blackness, and Ensign Gish passes out. J. S., opening his eyes, found himself lying on the tile floor of the shower, feeling very hot and very wet, steam surrounding him, water pouring down upon him, and at his feet the red Ordnance book. A quick look at his waterproof watch told him that he had a classification interview in five minutes-which realization quickly got the water turned off and clothes on. "Yessir, I know I put down armed guard in my questionnaire, but after thinking it over, I think Iid like to go to Harvard Supply School." eamanalzip dab LT. G. A., WALRATH, USNR Bettineau, N. D. Mr. Walrath, head of the Seamanship department, is a graduate of North Dakota State college and holds an M.S. degree in engineering from Iowa State college. He entered the teaching profession on leaving Iowa State and was head of the Engineering department of the North Dakota School of Forestry prior to entering the Navy in August of 1942. After indoctrination at the Naval Reserve Ofhceras Training school in New York, Mr. Walrath was assigned to the Ordnance department of the Naval Training School at Columbia and was transferred to Notre Dame on March 1, 1943. x Lt.J. R. Grandfield, USNR Lt. H. S. Faust, USNR 1220 Ocean Ave. ' 220 E. Fourth St. Brooklyn, N. Y. Lewistown, Pa. New York Universigl Susquehanna, ,26 'Tvvi if ' Lt. fjgj R. W. Ludlum, USNR Lt. fjgj W. H. Raleigh, USNR Chester, N. Y. 2635 Farwell Ave. Cornell, '37 Milwaukee, Wis. U. af Wz':corLrz'n, '29 and '40 'ew fvi Lt. flgl L- Broyvnley, USNR Ens. W. H. Gregory, USNR Ens. C. L. Bryner, USNR Ens. D. D. Stolz, USNR 3 E. William St. 1963 Plymouth St. Dunbar, Pa. 412 N. Wiegel Ave. Bath, N- Y- Philadelphia, Pa. Waynexboro, '40 Watonga, Okla. Bfoown Law Sfhoafy '30 Temple '35 oklahoma C29 U. 240 321 ealnanahip IDSHIPMAN S. Gish, whom all of you have undoubtedly met at one time or an- other during your midshipman career, excelled in all branches of 'study at Notre DZUUC, FCPOYYS to contrary notwithstanding, but his particular glow was Seamanship. joe fancied himself quite adept at mooring, sig- naling, etc., Qhaving once wandered over the Brooklyn Navy Yard for an entire day while work- ing for Western Unionl and gave numerous in- structors merry ned and sleepless nights with his innovations of Corp, Turn, Form and Posit, and the curious sealore he dug from Popular Science dur- ing his spare moments. - 'To Hnd out what sailing with an old salt is like we'll follow joe through a day's journey. joe knows all about "mother told me I'd have days like this," and is about to prove they do happen. joeis ordinary place of abode being in the lower' bunk, just abaft the locker and slightly to star- board, the day begins as roomie hops lightly down on his shoulders at 0610 and utters a bright morn- ing greeting while joe shivers out of pajamas and into' undress blues. First classes are boring but joe is game and with no little effort keeps a fair. sense of humor well into the afternoon. ' 1 Seamanship is the coup de grace. Stanislaus, as his father always calls him, forgets to sound off as all section leaders should . . . and with his ego dented by public rebuke, sinks to his chair-de- 34 pressed, despondent, beaten-with his mother,s voice ringing in his ears, .",Ioey, you now realize that your mother was right. lf mamais baby had gotten into the Quartermaster Corps, as Uncle Philbert advised, he wouldn't have Seamanshipf' Exhausted, reverie is in order and joe slowly leaves Plan Zand his classmates in the wake of a mythical ship. "They don't appreciate me around here, they don't. Yes, and sure' as Mohammed, theylll end up some day all aurrounded by japs, and then I'll steam in and rescue 'em, and they'll be sorry for always putting melon report." The blinker merrily flashes short-long incompre- hensible messages from the wall, but the sea is choppy, land far beyond the horizon, and joe's brain swirling. ' Flukes, pendants, in again, out again, blinker, scuppers, runways and plugs . . . meanwhile the patient instructor plods- wearilylon, beating into civilian minds phraseology that swells B.j.M. to seven hundred odd pages and Knight's to many hundred more. Questions with little or no point are asked constantly . . . "XNhat do you do when your landing barge runs aground?" . . . "Does the chain of command bear any resemblance to 'at short stay'?U . . . c'How many stars did Old Glory have in l873?', . . . On, on, endlessly into the night . . . or at least for nearly an entire hour. Yes, the naval phraseology and the tricacies of naval law and communications kept the dust off the books governed by the Seamanship department. joels only regret at the end of the course was that he could not go back to the days of windjammersland shout at the top of his voice, '4Avast, you lubbers, reef the topsailsln W3 3 frat-,'-mr 'Q - .Q ,AX I - Maui' ,im ffyrnyre ESQUIRE "WeZl.f Sort rj a c0z'n02'a'ence, ell Admz'ral?,' E351 X Ens. C. E. Seger, USNR Ens. W. C. S. Remscn, USNR Ens. R.j. Lavidge, USNR Ens. W. G. Blair, USNR Sherwood, N. D. 64 Second St. 101 Bassford Avc. 5624 N.W. Fifth Ave. Minot St. Tea. College, '47 Garden City, L. I., N. Y. LaGrange, Ill. Miami, Fla. Dartmouth, '43 DePauw, '43 Geneva, '37 9 Ens. M. B. Savage, USNR Ens. H. E. Upson, USNR Ens. A. L. McDonald, USNR Ens. W. Loper, USNR 1325 E. Front St. 443 Hudson Ave. Banks, Ore, 152 N. 20th St. Port Angeles, Wash. Newark, Ohio College rj Pacwc, '36 Wheeling, W. Va. U. ty' Washington Harvard, '43 Bethany, '43 F F , ' 2 A '75 , ,5 g Q f Q 4 Q Li ' If x If Vg Ens. M. Clark, USNR ' u - 7gll,49" 1466 N. Los Robles Ave. K X-'IQ . W Pasadena, Cal. ' m ' U. ry' Calyornia, ,42 ' 1331 amage Conirof '-,.2'-A nv! Y - ., V X, ..- g :.. , ,-.f-4.-.--U, . ,q : . ' . . Ax., .Q :ff LT. K. G. PEARCE, USNR 1419 S. Knoxville St, Tulsa, Okla. As head of the Damage Control department, Mr. Pearce came to Notre Dame in September of 1942 from his civilian position as mechanical and construction engi- neer for the Carter Oil company, a subsidiary of the Standard Oil company of New Jersey. Mr. Pearce served in the Navy from 1929 to 1930 when he received an appointment to the Naval Academy. Shortly after his graduation from Annapolis he resigned his commis- sion and went on inactive duty. He was ordered here immediately upon returning to active duty. Lt. Cjgj B. P. Hayden, USNR Ens. B. Kubish, USNR 306 S. Webster St. 109 Collins St Saginaw, Mich. Hannibal, Mo U. S. Nazwal Academy, '38 U. qf MZ-.YIOZIVI-, 47 Ens. A. Rookus, jr., USNR Ens. E. S. Fleming, USNR 12153 Northlawn Avc. lvlintcr City, Miss i Detroit, Micli. flffillmfu, '42 U. :yt Ilfficlulgnn, '42 ,ar- at Ens. W. C. Smith, USNR Ens. Roloff, USNR Ens. B. lVIcCulloch, USNR Ens. R, H. Pcrinc, USNR 80 Seventh Ave. 418 E. Van Beck Ave. 630 Dartmouth Place Norwood Addition San Francisco, Cal. Milwaukee, Wis. Evanston, Ill. Eastland, Texas Smnfordf 737 U- Qf Ilvifcomhl, '57 DP!!!-J'lIlZ U., '43 E. 'YP'.x'z1r Sl. Ten. Cnlfr' P f36 l G-. Ens K H Hlebsch USNR Zenda Kan Soullzweslem Collcgf 43 I? Ens. F. D. Winder, USNR 47 Washington St. Meriden, Conn. Tale, '42 Ens. P. L. Martin, USNR Waterloo, Ind. Indiana Central, V13 ESQUIRE "Firm Mate Higgins, Pm placing you infull command Q' the shfl E371 Zn , amage . Lion frof QRPEDO wakes and screaming dive bombers, A.P.'s and Thin-Walls, have no terror for. Mid- shipman Gish, J. S., who has mastered the com- plications of C.--he's been informed. A thou- sand miles from that legendary part of this earth called "the sea" and from anything even faintly approaching the histrionic curves in Plate I, he has arrived at a point where he can keep a ship, con- verted into a sieve by shells, floating and lighting. The first month wasjust a series of lines . seen, unseen, ridiculous, pediculous, imaginary, phe- nomenal, incomprehensible lines. He gazed rap- turously at Daliesque blocks and drew . . . but never happened to ascertain what was, or what was imagined to be, there. Then he was given new provocation for beating his bean against a bulkhead, and climbing pipes as well as trees. Definitions . . . from the super- structure deck down to the most obscure rivet in the hold . . . from the rabbet in the stem, or nearby, to the what's-it on the aft end. By this time he began to feel quite salty and prided himself on being a real man-oi-war's man. But about this time Plate II arrived, and Stanis- laus got completely tangled in formulae . . . Great Lakes began to beckon. Then the sun rose in the East . . . l38l iWith stations manned and guns in position, Joe, as a real old salt, "damned the torpedoesn and any other paltry pellets which might blast holes in his ship's side. Joe got on the ball . . . in fact he tried to keep two steps in front of the ball if at all possible. Center of gravity pushes idown, and buoyancy pushes up. Sheer, is longitudinal, and camber is transverse .' and donttforget the metacenter. - Yes, Joe "gave the blarst'd course a beating, and makstad the bloody sciencef' if such it might be called . . . but manyls the'Saturday night he spent 4, f Fr' if ,. " My 1.: 12,1 - , .uf . I ff ' . J.-. .' 2 ff .. . ,, .......f....,s--.. probing stability, access, compartmentation . . . after detouring into dendrology the previous week. It's been a delightful mess and Joe understands it all now, but, while he will perform his duty to the best of his ability, how joe wishes he had volun- teered for a billet where D. C. is unnecessary. Even amphib couldn't be as bad as studying Plate Il for tons of displacement under infra-red light when sixteen inchers are whistling past the quarterdeck. i 455458 Shzllfs Compajgy Q CMU? i393 1 FT . ini r, - 1 --QMM 3 VT: 'i-L A ' -1.4 if 'Vi-5 "N, 1 ,fir f - ,pa . ,- L :. W .1115 f.. xnni-, --'- , ,w,ny'fsa..Ww,- w.Q..u.u-.wwnamfw z' aww,-.1H:mr--.,fA.,,,,1W.,.A:f:,-.'.w1--, ,,.4,,,ww. , 1, f B Y , 1 .fi N' V ,gzqw ,. X , -W. ,,, www-, wfz c .1 1, 1 .1 E1 1 ' 1 -1 '. l 1 i 1 5 ' 1 Y I C we -'2'a51z,.n. Jgatialion Comm-anclerd f. 1.-...H I ' fix " w - , X 1 V 1 ! '1 1 ,X 2 , p 1 . A' 1 .J , ' ' ! ,, V ,' 4 1 . 1 ,' :I - , f ' 1 ,IVA 1 z, , ' fgQs 1fYe?v?i ff1 2 "Ja 4-,iwfg n Zi-'vc-Ji .' ' . W' ' ' In aff' ' W - - ' f f'13f1 K ' Wil' 7 ': 1, ww, ,, ,gg K Why, , f, gm 'N as A' A 9? , ' ,f N'-'fl :f5ff1,,f-, 4 1 3 1 1, X . , ng 4 5 I .,,V --'W----., ,, f,f , , 4' 4 ,7 'Zegqff--ffm ' K W Q L ., .412 Q. 1-'P"I"" 7 yr , I f F aff A I I ,few 1 ' M X fffzfgfff, Wu, .. ,VJ N .f'f1?Q, , Jfffiqif ws 5 MA, I-?m:,i4, Hfliw. ' 2,?mE2,7' qw , , , ,yin V I I , !5,H,,,.q,,, Q fr -J W x , ,ff 1,-:f 0 1 4 1 gvghmgf f f ,wg 'ws 7, , AMW mf ,151 -: 1 J wffxlf rgj, 'rm' 8 A 'I' '+ ,ga Qi? E 552 I . t,,-,xl -. .fgons 'TZ 972: li 5? , , . .x 1' 1-5 H Q.-Q , r M, kj' ' ,R '. ' M ,- " x ' Nj' ,A,. . .. , .,,. .,,,. , x' , T" "" 4' ,.,., ' L " W lffzlp .1 sit P um W F ' f' 1-we ,,, ,.: ,W N. "'- 6 ' A EK ,i ,,., . e. .. , I-mm-Nwy. .,h,, ...Y lffffllf ff I! f11f'fff fluff I 111, I ' . H iff" J" 'JI f 1 W9 43, 5, T ma 'a Ti, N. lim xg R I . WWW ,. X15 .4X,' wi Us 31" -4 , V wa 'Uh pg -1 we T ' vp 1 'YREW .5wff5fp,:L M ' 5 HN . J,.a,' LEO ABOOD JOHN R. ADAMO THOMAS A. ADAMS, JR. JAMES P. AKEY 2051 Lark St. 1032 W. Russell Place 715 S. Market St. 911 McKinley St. Lakewood, Ohio San Antonio, Texas Brenham, Texas Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. Ohio St., '43, Chem. Sl. MaU1':, '43, Accl. U. Qf Texas, '43, Mgt. Daniel Baker, '42, Pol. Sc. 3 9 flfs X il? 1 feoy Z ,.,..- f l. Q f Wffiwf 0172 X ' , 860 P-QW, WILLIAM C. ALLMON HAROLD W. ALTON X J Eff Industry, Pa. 663 Fellows Ave. A Purdue, '40, Mech. Engr. Syracuse, N. Y. Syracuse, '43, Tram. DONN W. ANAWALT CHAS. B. ANDERS, JR. F. C. R. ANDERSON, JR. BERNARD ANTHONE 810 L St. 1222 First Ave. 39 Temple St. 87 Chatham Ave. Aurora, Neb. Jackson, Miss. Arlington, Mass. Buffalo, N. Y. Nebraska, '43, Pre-Law Miss. St., '43, Aero. Engr. Barton Col., '43, Acct. Penn., ,43, Bus. Ad. l47l 'gi WILLIAM F. ARIANO JOHN M. AUSTIN MARTIN BAIER CHARLES E. BAILEY 1202 S. 52nd St. Vernon St. 5101 Forrest Ave. 1025 Garden St. Philadelphia, Pa. Bethel, Maine Kansas City, Mo. Hoboken, N. St. Jo.veplz'.r, '43, Chem. U. qf Maine, '43, Civil Engr. 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Tryon St. 7119 26th Ave. Craddockville, Va. McKeesport, Pa. Charlotte, N. C. Kenosha, Wis. W. Cf? M., '43, Math. Pitt., '43, Plzar. Duke, '43, Accl. U. qf W'z'x., '43, Mech. Engr, QR. Q 5 W, 'M' A ex 0 'iw l EDWARD DALEY EUGENE C. DALRYMPLE Q! I A ' W 616 W. 13th st. Amory, Miss. ' 4 Carroll, Iowa Miss. St., '43, Bur. Ad. Creighton, '43, Mkt. DONALD S. DAVIES JEFFERSON W. DAVIS DUANE D. DAY WAYNE L. DECKER 325 Racine St. 1304 S. Hull St. Amity, Pa. West Des Moines, Iowa Delaran, Wis. Montgomery, Ala. Muskingum, '43, Bus. Ad. Centra! Col., '43, Chem. Beloit, '43, Pfzjuicx U. Qf Ala., '43, Aero. Engr. 1531 LIU-LES DEFFES, JR. ROBERT W. DEGENHART MELVIN DEMBINSKY WARD DETWILER, II 1021 Henry Clay Ave. 2435 Niagara St. 1108 Cadillac Dr., S. E. 1009 Three Mile Drive New Orleans, La. Buffalo, N. Y. Grand Rapids, Mich. Grosse Pte-. Park, Mich. Southwestern, '43, Phyriw Notre Dame, '43, Chem. Engr. Mich. Sl., '43, Civil Engr. Lehigh, ,43, Cz'z1il,Engr. CHESTER W. DEWALT JAMES DEWHURST CHARLES KI. DOLAN MARSHALL E. DOMASH 230 W. Park Ave. . 114 Myrtle St. 1634 Tenth Ave. , 1426 jonquil Tr. Columbiana, Ohio Erie, Pa. Brooklyn, N. Y. Chicago, Ill. W. Rexerve, 143, Biol. Villa MHTIAZ, '43, Math. Sl. Pelerix, '43, Eng. Norlhwexlern, 343, Rel. - W l54l SSW ww 4 5 3- fr., .. .ami Q , in .fm-a' 4 ED. A. DONOVAN, JR. CHARLES L. D'OOGE RAYMOND J. DOOLEY FRANCIS E DORE 21 Tip Top St. 40 Kings Road 4318 Fourth St., N. W. 601 Deming Place Brighton, Mass. Chatham, N. J. Washington, D. C. Chicago, Ill Boxlon Col., '43, Acct. Amherst, ,43, Math. Catholic U., ,43, Aero. Engr. Ripon, '42, Rom Lang . I A C J , ' Z1 if. . 1.0 Xe 0 xg JOHN F. DUDLEY , ROBERT M. DUDLEY Q 5126 Springfield Ave. 70 East Main St Philadelphia, Pa. Tilton, N H Villanova, 7113, Acct. U. ry' N. H., ,43, Elec Engr ,QR MARK W- DUTTON, JR. RICHARD W. DYE JOHN V. EICHORN CHARLES s. ELLIOTT 1039 IfIam11t0I1 Blvd. Perrinton, Mich. 24 Oak Ridge Road 1945 Crescent Ave Hageistown, Md- Mz'ch. Stl., ,43, Chem. West Medford, Mass. Charlotte, N C V' P' Iv 39, Affh- Eflgf- Boylan Col., '43, Plguic: U. zy'N. C., '42 Com 561 np. K5 y .. Rb f , , ' 1 J 499 -X JOHN M. ELMORE, JR. JEROME H. FABER RUSSELL C. FABER BERNARD FALCOVICH 3230 Grove Ave. 3156A N. 13th St. 8989 Byron Ave. 3352 Stockholm Road Richmond, Va. Milwaukee, Wis. Miami Beach, Fla. Shaker Heights, Ohio U. If Rich., '43, Eco. U. rj Wz'J., '43, Eco. U. of Miami, '43, Eco. Miami U., '43, Bw. Ad. . all if 0"" """x , U cf C XXX Q e icjx 'X MX. D' MX, P CLIFFORD T. FAY HAL S. FINDLEY 'V ' 906 w. 22nd sr. , Flemington, W. va. X ' CS N V Minneapolis, Minn. Alderxon-Broaddus Col., '43, Ed. U. ey'Minn., '45, Gen.'Bu.v. GERARD W. FINNERTY MILTON F. FLEMING EUGENE FONS VINCENT T. FORNER 640 Newton St. 61 Tulip St. 6224 N. Berkeley Blvd. 15896 Hartwell Drive -Chestnut Hill, Mass. Summit, N. ' Milwaukee, Wis. ' St. Louis, Mo. Barton Col., '43, Ind. Mgt. Amherst, '42, Eco. Marquette, '43, Aoct. St. Louis, '43, Pre-Med. l57l HENRY A. FRENCH, III 1715 Eastland Ave. Nashville, Tenn. George P6Hb0Ql Col., '43, Chem. IE CHARLES I. FREY DAVID L. FRIEDMAN LESTER W. FRUTH 810 Monroe St. 136 E. Main St. 1023 Gerlock Drive Donalclsonville, La. Plymouth, Pa. Fostoria, Ohio Loyola fjSoullz, '43, Fin. A Ga. Tech, '43, Ind. Mgl. Miami U., '43, Fin. 4 N V' C ' J Z Q X MJ, XX NW' mzgsyp, ' I Q' 4127" gf' ROBERT J. FUTORAN GORDON M. GALLOWAY 4 15 Parkview Ave. V 810 Ingleside Place Bronxville, N. Y. Evanston, Ill. Princelon, '45, Eco. Oberlin, '43, Bus. Ad. EDWARD W. GARNHOLZ HAROLD W. GIBBON ALEX. KI. GILLESPIE, JR. RICHARD J. GINNANE 2533 Florent Ave. Milnor, N. D. Stratford Road 633 Allison Ave. M-?lP1eW00d, MO- Nob., '43, Civil Engr. Harrison, N. Y. Lorain, Ohio Wafhlnglon U-1 '43, Law Darlmoullz, '44, Ind. Engr. john Carroll U., Bur. All ISS ED. A. GODWIN, JR. MILTON GOLDBERG EDWARD F. GOIJAN ABEL F. GONZALEZ 1645 Madison 2855 N. Soth St. 355 Nineteenth St. 105 William St. Beaumont, Texas Milwaukee, Wis. Brooklyn, N. Y. San Antonio, Texas U. U Texas, '43, Bank. 111117. Sl. Tm. Col., '43, Ed. Pace Inst., '43, Anal. S. M. U., '43, Bur. 'NLS W ! 2i HAROLD R. GOODE DANIEL R. GOODMAN WW X I ,W Q 3514 Harvard Ave. 109 Newbold Place I fm Dallas, Texas Kew Gardens, Long Is., N. Y. gil' S. M. U., '47, Com. Nortlzweslern, '43, Bur. Ad. 45' FRANK R. GOODMAN GENE C. GOODMAN HENRY S. GRAUTEN WALTER N. GREULE 2836 Coolidge Ave. 4432 Potomac 1722 Harrison St. 451 W, Vernon Lane Oakland, Cal. Dallas, Texas Evanston, Ill. Fort Thomas, Ky. U. ay' Cal., '43, Bur. Ad. S. M. U., '43, Bus. Ad. Purdue, 343, Elec. V. P. I., '43, Mel. Engr. l59l 3 5 IL I . ive' xv IRA L GRIFFIN JR 811 Queens Road Charlotte N C Prmceton, 43 Chem Engr Wy' S! F PF ,7- .qzfun uae' JOHN E GRIFFIN CHESTER J GUSTOWSKI HERB I HACKMEYER 5011 Bloomington Ave 83M Ward St 101 Bienville Ave Minneapolis Minn Worcester Mass Mobile Ala St Thomas 43 Acrt Hob Crow 43, Eco Sprzng Hz!! 43 Acc! h 5 ,I f-N M2 A I J X f' DAVID C. HAINES ROBERT J. HALL Q ' J J 1137 Sage St. 605 Garson Ave. , 3 ,E is Evanston, Wyo. Rochester, N. Y. E.-W' U. ry' Mz'ch., '42, Arch. Engr. Pratt Irul., '43, Arch. MARION M. HARRIS SIGMUND M. HARRIS RICHARD E. HARTUNG WM. R. HARVEY, JR. 1901 W. Collins St. 3217 Holmes Ave. 300 VanBuren Ave. 232 Camden Avc. Corsicana, Texas Minneapolis, Minn. Teaneck, N. J. Salisbury, Md. BUIZUY, 573, Bible U. W' Minn., I43, Bus. Ad. Lafayel!e,'43, Eco. U. of Va., '43, Eco. E601 'rw' b , 'JOHN G. HATTON GEO. C. HEPBURN, JR. ROSS H. HIGIER ROLAND D. HILL 1326 W. Washington St. 2556 N. Murray Ave. 157 Prospect Avc. F armerville, La. Milwaukee, Wis. Milwaukee ,Wis. Gloversville, N. Y. L. P. I., '43, Cibi! Engr. Mz'l. St. Tea. Col., '43, Ed. Beloil, ,43, Geal. Darlmoullz, '43, Bus. Ad. i A ' X ij , ' M483 'I. Ar W O A , H 1 M E. L. HILLIARD, -IR. BERNARD J. HOFFMAN ' jg, Waskom, Texas jasper, Ind. v ' 152' Centenagf, '43, Com. Sl. joseph? Col., '43, Acct. ' ' JOSEPH O. HOGAN JOHN D. HOLLAND WILLIAM B. HONEGGER CARL E. HOUSEKEEPER 7405 Huntington Drive Jonesboro ,La. Oakley, Cal- 714 Five Oaks Sf- Normandy, Mo. L. P. I., '43, Bus. Ad. Stanford, ,43, Bus. Ad. Dayton, Ohio I Washington U., '43, Elec. Engr. U-'ff Dafhm, Chem- E611 ROBERT J. HOWARD W. H. HUMPHRIES CLINTON F. IVINS, JR. GEO. H. JEWELL, JR. Rosendale, N. Y. 1923 Makiki St. 937 Hillside Ave. 651 May St. W. EJ" M., '43, Bur. Ad. ' Honolulu, T. H. Plainfield, N. J. Fort Worth, Texas U. of Washington, ,43, Ind. Mgt. Princeton, ,43, Engr. U. ry' Texas, '42, Math. N 1 QMWW F msmumow , - M - e+...-.liL .. Seal WN A 66 fifl I gy Z I FRANK R. JILLSON WAYNE W. JOHNSON ' Whitingham, Vt. 1611 Northampton St. Norwich U., ,43, Eco. Easton, Pa. Lqfayetle, 237, Math.' KENNETH JOHNSTON ALMON E. JONES GEORGE A. JOSEPH, JR. HARRY S. KAPLAN 2967 N. Hackett Ave. Stony Point Peninsula Marmion Way 2952 S. Miami Ave. Milwaukee, WHS- Newport, Mich. Rockport, Mass. Miami, Fla. U- 'Ut Wi?-, 773, ECU- Purdue, '42, Eco. Boston Col., '43, Physicx U. ry' MzAami, '43, Eco. E621 1? x V v-u-- ix., ISADORE KATZ GEORGE A. KEARNEY WILLIAM F. KEEFER ORVILLE F. KELLER, 15702 Parkside Ave. 62 Fountain Place Tampa, Texas 3909 Geavois Ave. Detroit, Mich. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. U. cy' Texas, '43, Trans. St. Louis, Mo. Wayne U., '44, Chem. Canisius, '43, Chem. X Washington U., '43, Mech. Engr A Ui K IQ 'QPVW S ' 52 A y' , fo , P 9536 'ai of ,A . .9 Q X X U Wx -4. E- 4 L e f 4 L JI x is PAUL KELLER, JR. LAWRENCE W. KELLEY X ' J M 309 Breard St. 55 Redlands Road ' Monroe, La. W. Roxbury, Mass. L. P. I., '43, Bus. Ad. Amherst, '43, Chem. M. KENNEDY, III JULIUS W. KING ROBERT M. KITTEL MARTIN KLEINMAN 4239 S. Claiborne Ave. Heidelberg, Miss. 240 Central Park, S. 2537 Brookfield Ave. New Orleans, La. U. fy' Miss., '43, Accl. New York, N. Y. Baltimore, Md. Lyglg ljS0ugh, '43, Fin, Princeton, ,43, Eco. Columbia U., '43, Bus. l63l was ww f THOMAS P. KOEBEL LEIF H. KONRAD, JR. G. E. KOROWICKI NATHAN H. KOWAL 3701 Seminole Ave. 3550 Stein St. 1501 Taylor Ave. 3291 Clements Ave Detroit, Mich. Spring Hill, Ala. Arnold, Pa. Detroit, Mich. U. ry' Delrozil, '43, Aero. Engr. U. Q' Ala., '43, Mech. Engr. Duke, '43, Acct. Wayne U., '43, Chem 1.9 P fi 1 QQ w 'ffl ' . ,Di fl C971 " 1 - W DAVID B. KULTGEN BERNARD H. KUMMER 401 Mt. Lookout Drive 717 Georgia Ave. ' Waco, Texas Bristol, Tenn. U. ly' Texas, '43, Bzu. Ad. Georgetown, '43, Math. W. M. KUYKENDALL ROBERT G. LARKIN TRAYTON L. LATHROP DAVID E. LAWLOR, JR Yamhill, Ore. ' 132 Boston St. 2214 Winnebago St. 15 Smelter Hill Linfield Col., '43, Bur. Ad. Salem, Mass. Madison, Wis. Great Falls, Mon. Boston Col., '43,'Acct. U. of Wis., '43, Pol. Sc. Mon. St. Col., '43, Mech. Engr E651 ERNEST L. LAYLAND 525 Matshan Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa. Carnegie Tech, '40, Met. Engr. . ,ll S 61,- 0 Xxx F. H. LEBARRON, JR. ROBERT E. LECKRONE CHARLES K. LEE 1854 Willow St. 2553 Gilbert Ave., N. E. 42 Central Ave. San Diego, Cal. Canton, Ohio Dayton, Ohio U. ly' S. Cal., '42, Pre-Law Ca. Tech., 342, Ind. Engr. Purdue, '43, Com. N Aa 2 L ea? 7 Qf lk H, Q 5 2 C fix, LEE R, LEVINE I. HARRISON LEVY 1367 East 12th St. Hotel Anthony Wayne Brooklyn, New York Akron, Ohio U. cj N. C., '43, Acct. Lehigh, '43, Eco. 5-4' BEN LEWIS, JR. R. P. LINDENMANN JOHN B, LINEHAN EARL R. MAAS Lawrenceville, Va. 6639 Mardel Ave. 4413 Caruth St. 738 W. Main St. U. of Va., '43, Chem. St. Louis, Mo. Dallas, Texas Watertown, Wis. Waxhinglon U., '43, Chem. Engr. S. M. U., '43, Bur. Ad. U. ly' Wir., 143, Civil Engr 66 I T. C. MAC DADE, JR. WILLIAM T. MALONE RICHARD D. MANSFIELD EUGENE VI. MARINOVIC 710 Milo Terrace 379 Collier Road 5098 Oregon St. Los Angeles, Cal. Atlanta, Ga. Detroit, Mich. Duke, '43, Bus. Ad. - Ga. Tech, '43, Buy. Ad. Delroil Tech, '43, Com. 4865 Austria Ave. St. Louis, Mo. Sl. Louis, 213, Acc! 'I tha, ' Y fl ' . 5 H. fa f I . 3"'.- 'sw .W Sn! -' r fit . wwf. xg, i :c"i, X . I f-522 ,i fft I I 5. , I I f Jr ,J Cari.- We is 1 I ., , ,, ,f A ' 5 5 f' h X . lg-Xxx f, J. DONALD MARTIN JAMES M. MARTIN ,Q " 1 L-' 1405 Three Mme Drive Diamond, w. va. Grosse Pte. Park, Mich. U. Qf W. Va., '43, Bus. Ad. L-fi U. nj Detroit, Chem. Engf. if SAMUEL R. MARTIN PAUL ll. MASUR EDWARD AI. MAURUS RAYMUND A. MAZUR Mt. Gilead, N. C. 187 Main St. 9381 Mendota Ave. I 77 Scars St. Daviziron, '43, Bus. Ad. Sayreville, N. J. Detroit, Mich. Buffalo, N. Y. 7 Rulgerx U., '42, Chem. Wayne U., '43, Accl. U. qf Bzgjfrzlo, '43, Chem I67l CHESTER F. MCCANN JOHN o. MCCARTY L. H. MCDONALD WILLIAM E. MCGUGIN Enterprise, Texas 2939 Habersham Rd. 503 Lamar Ave. 1209 W. Fourth St. S. F. Au.rtz'n, ,43, Com. Atlanta, Ga. Selma, Ala. Coffeyville, Kan. Ga. Tech, '43, Mech. Engr. U. cy'Ala., ,43, Aero. Engr. Kan. St., '43, Bact. WMZZZQEQ l L rf MMWFW f I ffm! ' A.: 3 M .. 'wx ,H F45 ZZ , I N z i A . ---nfl , ' mei-' , g Lu M16 n I . 1 of ,A - 25 . ' l he H li. '3 .. 1 A N- 5' X . ' V M. JOSEPH M. MCRAE HUGH S. MELLOR M- Q E N 435 s. Milledge Ave. 28 Billings Park -f. DN x. Athens, Ga. Newton, Mass. - I U. zy'G'a., '43, Eco. Boston U., '43, Bur. Mgt. GEORGE R. MENKES WM. H. MERRITT, III RICHARD T. METHENY MERRILL M. MEUSHAW 1410 Indiana Ave. 17600 Woodingham Drive 3125 Fifth Ave. V 3100 Ferndale Ave. LHPOPICQ Ind- Detroit, Mich. Beaver Falls, Pa. Baltimore, Md. Northwestern, '43, Ind. Mgl. U. fy' Detroit, '43, Acct. Geneva, '43, Bus. Ad. U. Q' Texas, '43, Petr. Engr. l68l ' o EDWARD MILLER HAROLD A. MILLER, JR. HERBERT MILLER NORMAN MILLER Eau Claire, Wis. 417 N. Jenison Ave. 429 N. 33rd St. Adams St. St. Margfs, '43, Eco. Lansing, Mich. Milwaukee, Wis. Green Bay, Wis. ' Anlioch, '43, Personnel Marquette, '43, Bus. Ad. Northweclern, ,43, Law . Qi me .751 .T2 J e X M , . T .1 .ef MQ,Q5Q,ff2fj, C , - l 3. ai K 2 4: lip L I uf, JOHN B. MONIZ - N. E. MONTGOMERY Q fi, 214 Bellevue St. 1095 West 15th St. l. j, New Bedford, Mass. Austin, Texas ' Jv. C. sf., chem. Eng. U. ry' Texax, wa, Bw. Ad. "LM R"""'U"' W WW CARLTON L. MORSE, JR. JOHN C. MYERS ROBERT W. NAILL JOHN B. NAIRN 94 Edmunds Road 611 Bridge St. 502 E. Chestnut St. 285 Rockingham St. Wellesley Hills, Mass. Johnsonburg, Pa. Santa Ana,ACal. Rochester, N. Y. U. ry' Maine, '43, Mech. Engr. Perm., '43, Acct. U. ay' Redlands, '43, Bur. Ad. Cornell, '43, Elec. Engr E691 rv ,. .-KN: Z Y X ERVIN J. NAULT TRAVIS E. NELSON BERNDT E. NORDHIELM PHILIP P. O'DEA 425 Third St. 523 Coulter Drive 492 E. Grove St. 2649 January Ave. Neenah, Wis. Bryan, Texas' Galesburg, Ill. St. Louis, Mo. U. rj Wis., '43, Acct. Bzylor, '43, Bus. Ad. U. of Ill., '44, Mech. Engr. St. Louis, '43, Acct. 4..fzf+ J . 1 1 ' ' Q, . .af 1 14.1 1 v 77 A ' .. . M .4 1 I ..... to at .1 1 ..... 6. 1 it ,. ll ,, 5 N. My 5351 Sf? ' ,.,.,, ff"' V - I MARK E. ODLAND HARRY O. O'DONNELL , I-.- f 1719 s. Fifth Ave. 2319 Calhoun sr. 7773-"' ""' ' "VA ' Sioux Falls, S. D. New Orleans, La. '75 -". Augustana, '43, Moth. Lzpfola of South, '43, Fin. Kem. ,wg N. A. OLEASZBWSKI THOMAS E. O'SULLIVAN HOWARD C. OTTEY ARMAND PALLOTTA 7243 Reuter Ave. 1028 Fairmount Ave. 7237 Bingham St. 3324 Hillman St. Dearborn, Mich. St. Louis, Mo. Philadelphia, Pa. Youngstown, Ohio Detroit Tech., Mech. Engr. St. Louzk, '43, Eco. W'cU'ord Col., '43, Eng. Youngstown Col., '43, Engr. 70 1 HENRY F. PANTER ALEXANDER H. PAPPAS JOSEPH B. PARKER FORREST E. PEELER 4926 Nechel Ave. 3708 Liberty Heights Ave. 307 Pasco Encinal Belwood, N, C. Dearborn, Mich. Baltimore, Md. San Antonio, Texas Lenoir Rlzyne Col., 343, Pre-Med Detroit Tech., '43, Acct. Penn., ,43, Bus. Eco. Princeton, '43, Mech. Engr. 5 0 4" .ra ,K 3' f a 15-5 A ' AN- .4 A ' . . gn L A v1 ' 055 it ' . Y f ' - .j..1f::4"'fw' ' A 5-.N " .' ' I, -. D. J. PEPPONES HAROLD E. PHARR , fggigfyiv Q h 3,361-gf 577 Isham St. 2830 Oneal St. :lx New York, N. Y. Greenville, Texas I ,I -- - '11 '- san jore si., '43, Bw. Ae. E. Tex. Tm. coz., '43, Bu.-. Ae. 'H' ' f , G. H. PIMBLEY, -IR. MILTON W. PIXLER ROBERT F. POOL NORMAN M. POSTLES 4151 East 111th St. 210 S. Walnut St. 723 Poulus St. Milton, Delaware Cleveland, Ohio West Union, Iowa .J Dallas, Texas A Marquette, '43, Acct. W. Reserve, '43, Math. Ia. Sl. Tea. Col., '43, Physics S. M. U., '43, Bw. Ad. - I71l WILLIAM C. POTTER .DONALD F. PRATT EDWARD L. RABB DONALD H. RATHBUN 1602 Lake Ave. 443 Ira St. 220 W. Lee St. 16160 Parksfide Ave. Gothenburg, Neb. Richland Center, Wis. Kingsville, Texas . Detroit, Mich. U. ry' Mich., ,43, Chem. Engr. Carroll Col., '43, Bus. Ad. Baylor, '38, Zool. Detroit Tech., '43, Sc. Mi 41. . 'r Q V0 ,ed -. lf I k i. -4 if ll fi 9 '- lil? 9 ix fire!! . I J- A .. - XA, , Y , ,... Y A GERALD D. REYNOLDS FRANCIS P. RICE w ar - :.'2T'f-?1-1-f'2aef- . '4--' :ww Q ' ' ' " ' -A 437 Palm St, 1351 Dewey Ave. w,..g.,w,....,..-.,.4....w,.f.....,M,,...,.,...fJ5f7-::f- Bellflower, Cai. Bartlesville, Okla. mmIMM"'A!MI"'vm?iWf:"W w"",Ml-W Pasadena Col., ,4-3, Pflyiirs Stanford, ,4-3, Gen. Eflgr -y---9' DAVID D. RICHARDSON WILLIAM B. RIDER HERMAN A. RINKE ROBERT C. ROBBINS Louisville, Miss. 747 Fairview Ave. 4124 Beethoven Ave. Shiloh Road Miss. St., '43, Gen. Bur. Webster Groves, Mo. 4 St. Louis, Mo. Bridgeton, N. J. Washington U., ,43, Math. Sl. Louis, Plzyxies Waslnnglon Col., '39, Chem E721 ROBERT A. ROBERTS JACK D. ROBINSON JOHN T. ROBISON JAMES A. ROONEY 19 E. Main St. 1247 E. Campeau St. 440 Chautauqua Ave. 43 Moultrie St. Buckhannon, W. Va. South Bend, Ind. Portsmouth, Va. Boston, Mass. W. Va. Weslqan, '43, Math. Tale, '43, Metal. U. rj N. C., '43, Chem. Boylan Col., '43, Ant. 1 A. L. ROSENBERG F. R. ROWE, JR. CARL A. RUPPERT, JR. 527 Walnut St. 1205 The Terrace 2002 Fourth St., N. W. Elizabeth, N. Hagerstown, Md. Washington, D. C. Ind. U., '43, Accl. Ml. St. Mary's, '43, Acct. Calholic U., '43, Arch. THE NEW XIORKER "Fol.vom's seasick, sir." l 73 l QQWKXX .N x , K W r fv- MQW I xm.. - Y 1' N, f ff ' X. , wk" ,, 12015, , N " JW' fxxlg x'7F7y,fw' N Q N ' Wffllx JW.: 'ny,.-mf,-:'D . 'lycff-We XX W ' -- fi 'W'6'l9Y'1F. " V "W ,,'.:wL-,. '2 ' N ' '-W, v ., ,W ,A - f W1 ,yy L :- Y 1 11'7,'Wi'"f'?f'1w'ipfzW 'A , , ,Q W-N . ' uw- , . W N N X -K ww " g?iw,.1-j"'X ' WW ' A Wy 1? sg xx .V xx, tx , f . ' f 2' uf' M 1 . X: . W y,W, ,a5,,, V, M ,N up , 3 A . ' ,.l '4 fAtf"'L, ' 1"4,.': K--, 'N ' .,, 1, V V w- ' , N A N-'k42n2'2""x'Q" Y -.ixx ' . N , ,.f"YA J, ., :Mtv X I : -f'W,?9jaE . Y ' 5' ggi- ' . V . M .- vw ' ' ' 1-- ' . 'Z lf23" '4?X',-,P--,1.. 9' . X " , 'J15 , . , " , - S , -aff' " ,, :M T',f""'f lf' wllismi i X Q' X ' - , 'V' ' 'E' I , 1' i' - 5 IVV, 'ffffw 'V T X ' ' , 'mf ' Q K ' , ,mx ,qpgu , ,-U, . . w Y . 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Wa:hz'ngton U., '43, Bus. Ad. Dartmouth, '43, Bus. Ad. l751 k 'I .- , -fa' in , ra- "" ,xx JOE G. SCHOGGEN B. SCHUMACHER ' JOHN W. SEEDOR MILTON I. SHADUR 317 W. Ninth St. 317 Webster Ave. 404 S. Lehigh Ave. 4566 N. 31st St. Tulsa, Okla. Jersey City, N. Frackville, Pa. Milwaukee, Wis. Park Cal., '43, Ad. SZ. Peter? Col., 343, Eco. Muhlenberg Col., '39, Cfwm. ' U. zy"Chicago, 543, Math. -me CARL W. SHANNON L. N. SHANNON, JR. The Sunset 1420 Windsor Circle Carson City, Nev. Birmingham, Ala. Occidental Col., '43, Eco. Auburn, '43, Ind. Engr. JACK W. SIEVI SIDNEY R. SILVERMAN M. S. SILVERSTEIN MORRIS SIMBERG .Bellingham, Wash. 2329 Tilbury St. 1440 Hawthorne Road 6327 Gates Ave. U. cy' S. Cal., ,43, Ind. Mgt. Pittsburgh, Pa. Winston Salen, N. C. St. Louis, Mo. Piti., ,43, Ret. U. cy'N. C., ,43, B. S. Washington U., ,43, Acct. .f76j X ,M - - ix. V, 5, .Q 1 N 'ff ' .. eww, 'fy W 2. ALBERT A. SIMON LAMONT B. SLEE CHARLES P. SMITH, JR. MINOR M. SMITH 2922 Barnes Ave. 3531 N. 4-7th Ave. 325 Lowerline St. 810 Locust Ave. New York, N. Y. Omaha, Neb. New Orleans, La. Charlottesville, Va. C. C. N. T., ,43, Mgt. Creiglzion U., Math. Lcyvola 1y'South, '43, Plysicx U. ly' Va., '43, Eco. . A 0 ,Ll v iimrlfi K ' f' ffm- 5... ffl ' ' ' g h 4554: I A l?"-. an 41 " CEM 1 -I Nf- Q f 'fiif f fl! 1 , fl ' '-4' sig. Md' ' , - 1, A 3 .Q , ph i. ,I sim "'l wif , ,wa,:-ig.,,,1:51'.l5!"1 'l .- II ', 'f ' is ' F- 1 - 1 , 1 4' A M f"?'-, -ii?" .lil j.Q.?'13ff'1" . , 'lf-mm." ??f' j!.'f 5' -'Wlf:'EiYf,wi-Ji-""'5-'3. V fl 1512. Ei .1 ' 1- si 4:1!l?.f ..l'Z3rJ?i'e iw- . V. RICHARD K. SMITH JOHN A. SPEZIALE 841 E. Morris St. 46 Alice St. 7- j g -. f"ii1.-.qu 1 1 '." . ' Indianapolis, Ind. Torrington, Conn. f y- flffr' gi. I ' 'Q :,.1.,z.....3 Butler U., '43, Chem. Duke, '43, Eco. .i"' if-' - " " ' WILLARD F. SPORLEDER MERRILL R. STELLERA ALFRED H. STEPHANI CLINTON F. STEWART 25 Idlewood Ave. Excelsior, Minn. 1013 S.. Washington St. Albany, Ore. Hamburg, N. Y. Carleton Col., '43, Eco. Park Ridge, Ill. U. ay' Oregon, '43, Bw. Ad. Dartmouth, '43, Bus. Ad. Lllwffflff C01-1 ,4-3, BW- Ad- ' 77 KENNETH M. STEWART DONALD E. STILWELL HASSEL V. STREETMAN ROBERT H. STURMAN Lamonte, Mo. 723 Park Ave. Grapeland, Texas 8120 E. Jefferson Ave. U- ly, Mo., ,433 Bm.. Ad. Elyria, Ohio Baylor, '43, Acct. Detroit,.Mich. Willenberg Col., '43, Bus. Ad. Colgate, '43, Chem. P57 , lk ,EK ZA fgivrilffxv RVN , G J ,PX 117541 VR R' if ' L f. MHS! J: xl l TU N l RIDGWAY SUTTON JOHN F. SWAIN A X NA V 1408 S. Wilton Place 1031 Cambridge Drive MGM! Dwled M, h dw Los Angeles, Cal. East Grand Rapids, Mich. h i V me mg a M' ' U. C. L. A., '43, Bus. Ad. Penn., '43, Eco. GQ!" . A ,,..w- DANIEL L. SWEENEY JAMES C. SWEENEY DONALD R. TAYLOR HARDY S. TAYLOR 1430 B Avenue, N. E. 431 E. Seventh St. 1125 Buckingam Ave. 1100 Eighth Ave. Cedar Rapids, Iowa South Boston, Mass. Norfolk, Va. Tuscaloosa, Ala. Sl. U. of Iowa, '43, Acct. Barton Col., '43, Soc. W. 6? M., '43, Law U. qfAla., '43, Bus. l78l TERRY TAYLOR KENNETH W. THEIS FRIEDRICH H. THOMAS ALVIN F. THUMMA, IR. 4225 N. Drew Ave. 1801 Beech St. Roswell, New Mex. 1318 Oak Hill,Ave. Robbinsdale, Minn. Pine Bluff, Ark. Purdue, '43, Plzar. Q Hagerstown, Md. U. cy' Minn., '43, Chem. Engr. U. fy' Ark., '43, Accl. Franklin GJ' Marxhall, '43, Eco KH lin? f' 2. .ff-T- . my-A , ,,,. if " . 5' W' I -:BM ,Y I gg GBX! if A K egx L f xx , as 'f' 1 - 5X K X Q is A U N P x, N j1X:, Q, N I l Q if i Tl I 1 I x X X 4 f MERRILL WJTILGHMAN ARTHUR G. TISDALE 9' ' X' ' Princess Anne, Md. 73 Highland Ave. AY Georgetown, '43, Eco. Cambridge, Mass. umm gm Nm, ww 5,19 aga,,,.,,. Boslon Col., '43, Buy. Ad. Vw 'Wg' HENRY M. TONKIN, JR. TIMOTHY TROTT B. C. TULLY, JR. ROGER B. TURK 106 Romano Ave. 2 Grove St. 257 S. Belvedere St. 115 North St. Coral Gables, Fla. New York City, N. Y. Memphis, Tenn. Harrisburg, Pa. M. I. T., '47, Physics Cooper Union, '43, Elec. Engr. Cornell, '47, Civil Engr. Dickinson Col., '43, Math. i79l ,XA LEON C. TURNAGE VICTOR S. UNDERWOOD R. E. L. UPCHURCH JOHN H. VAN NESS 107 East 30th St. 203 Ithaca Road Bedias, Texas 31 Collinwood Road Austin, Texas Ithaca, N. Y. U. cyf Texaf, '43, Acct. Maplewood, N. U. ry' Texas, '43, Govt. Cornell, '43, Hotel Adm. Princeton, '43, Chem. Eng. fy r . 15' A t 511 . -ri. i Fl l 111' U EU' r W. T. VAN ORMAN CHARLES R. VARLEY I-Iecla, S. D. 908 S. 11th St., E. .Northern Sl., '43, Ed. Salt Lake City, Utah U. ry' Utah, '43, Civil Engr. ,:.-- Aw. A. C. VELASQUEZ JUNIUS VERCHOT HARRIS M. VINOKUR MILES VUKSON Santa Clara, Cal. Birmingham, Ala. 1011 Brook St. X 54 Adams Hill U- Qf C01-, '43, Law Bir. Southern, '43, Chem. Fayetteville, N. C. Eveleth, Minn. U. UN. C., '43, Acct. Sl. Cloud Tea. Col., '43, Bux. Ed. A I8O D. H. WAGSTAFFE JOSEPH WALKER JAMES B. WALLACE JOHN F. WALSH 164 Stockbridge Ave. 415 Sherman St. 419 Market St. 20 Granite St. Menlo Park, Cal. Rockford, Ill. West Bridgewater, Pa. Peabody, Mass. Slargford, ,43, Bur. Beloit, '43, Chem. Pitt., ,43, Mech. Eng. Boxton Cal., '43, Acct. M 4 'D PA: X an F lil NO' lillvl 4 lfglil 9 'N .-. ffl R 4 1 ., ' J ml.. ,jf jagrq W 7 'wig ' 51 ' ,, f -A ' M. , L A .1 M. LAWRENCE A. WABTON JOSEPH S. WARD, JR. ' fl if 'X X 1 I Indianapolis, Ind. 1156 The Terrace f " 3 " 'N Gen. Malors Inst., '43, Pm. Engr. Hagerstown, Md. ' Catawba, '43, Bus. Ad. DONALD D. WELCH, JR. ALLISON H. WELLS GORDON S. WEPFER G. S. WHEATON, JR 35 W. 71st St. 807 N. Broadway 3347 N. 16th St. 1766 James Ave., S. New York, N. Y. De Pere, Wis. Milwaukee, Wis. Minneapolis, Minn. W. fb' L., ,43, Bqs. Ad. U. cy' Wz'r., '40, Eco. Marquette, '40, Chem. Carlelon, 213, Eco. l81l ,- f , f ROBERT E. WHEELAHAN WALLACE E. WHITMER BILLY B. WIESE OREN F. WILLIAMS 508 N. Alexander St. Oregon, Mo. 1001 N. Randolph St. 123 Lincoln Ave. New Orleans, La. Go. Tech., '43, Mech. Engr. Champaign, Ill. Oakland City, Ind. Tulane, '43, Cizfil Engr. U. zjlll., '47, Law U. ry' Toledo, '43, Chem. Engr. Q 1 If ff? 9 1 X Q1 l X ,Q Z X I'-L1-l'lm1 . ,xr K R. T. WILLIAMS, JR. WARREN J. WILLIAMS X' ' ' 4 I f Q ' - 826 High sf. 205 13. Downie sr. I Trenton, Tenn. Alma, Mich. U. ay' Term., '43, Engr. Cenlral Mich., '43, Mwic V .1,f'Iw1Llg,?LLl I. L I AN , 1 I , Lfwtvgui I, I I. ,Vw-. JOHN A. WILSON STANLEY P. WILSON HERBERT WITT MASON W. WOLF Wilson Mills, N. C. Hamlin, Texas 527 N. Harrison St. Almena, Kansas U. zy'N. C., '43, Bur. Ad. N. Texas St., '43, Bus. Ad. Stockton, Cal. Southern Col. of Optomeigf, '43 Col. of Pacyic, '43, Buy. Ad. l 82 I W. P. WOODBRIDGE, JR. ROBERT H. WRIGHT P. C. YANKAUSKAS, ,IR CHRISTIAN F ZURN JR 106 Westbourne Terrace 620 Third Ave. 6 Whitney St. 824 Hllborn Ave Brookline, Mass. Eau Claire, Wis. Worcester, Mass. Erxe Pa U. fy' Va., '43, Eco. U. Qf Mz'nn., '43, Aera. Engr. R. I. Sl., '43, Aero. Engr. Grove C191 Cal 43 Acct x N ' KX 'mg , . . s THE NEW YORKER Q. ,Q ,f '-4 R X ' 'X 'NJ x J ,J I gif ,I Q fd ,mfg H531 . 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ABEL THORSTEN AHLBERG 251 Herrick Road 1224 Chase Ave. Riverside, Ill. Chicago, Ill. U. lj Chicago, Pre-Med. Norffzweslern, '43, Bur. All. 3 ,gs vw-f 'ir' LEONARD F. ALBERS 7755 Gissler Ave. Richmond Heights, Mo. St. Louzk, '43, Com. ,,w-. M. O. ALCORN, JR Magnolia, Ark. U. zjflrk., '47, Chem. JOSEPH ALEXANDER GEORGE D. ALLARD FRANCIS F. ALLEN, JR. JOHN D. ALLEN 2441 W. Tenth St. ' Flora, Miss. 362 63rd St. 320 W. Grand Ave. Indianapolis, Ind. Mz':s. Sl., '43, Ag. Eco. Oakland, Cal. Eau Claire, Wis. Butler U., '44, Bus. Ad. U. ry' Cal., '43, Eno. Eau Claire St. Tea. Col., '43, Eco V GUL L FTTMI 17'f9ff'f7?2Y ,f ,, 1 ni, C 4 M worm ,,1, ,ff - - ' l JIU x K fi! X l l ' i P l -Ji ,- X 1 - K . F!-,nd "Z on f ,'5'5 l ,fl , W 'Ty Z 1 Q N . fe' ' 7 - PAUL E. ALLEN WARREN T. ALONSO , V-Q W 300 N. Main St. 415 W. Cold Spring Lane g QE? gh' Meadville, Pa. Baltimore, Md. Allegheriy, '43, I-Iz'.s-tag: johns Hopkins U., '43, Eco. I l 871 GEORGE W. ANDERSON HOWARD R. ANDERSON NORMAN E. ANDERSON SHERMAN F. ANDERSON 4765 N. Diversey Blvd. Partridge, Kan. 3206 S. E. Knapp St. 617 N. Maple Drive Milwaukee, Wis. , Kansas Sl., 542, Ag. Eco. Portland, Ore. Beverly Hills, Cal. Carleton Col., '43, Eco. U. cj Ore., Law V f Stafford, '43, Eco. TERENCE ANDERSON E. B. APPELQUEST GEORGE H. ARBOUR ALWYN J. ATKINS 161 Union Ave. , 160 Highwood Ave. 3377 Esplanade Ave. Heflin, Ala. Bala, Pa. ' Leonia, N. -I. New Orleans, La. U. of Chattanooga, '39, Biol. St. jofeplzb' Col., '43, Acct. Denison U., '43, Geol. Loyola zy'South, '43, Fin. 0 ,,u0"'f 'iff ZW 5 9:1 'Wwe ji Q V uouo 5 X ii 'dj' M, Q ... ' ' Dv f . I I up 4 ' lfqii . X 0 ,M R " lv . Q no K " Ii , GORDON J. AULIK HILREY L. AVEN - I 1110 Fourth Ave. Hart, Texas 5' M Antigo, Wis. W. Texax St. Tea. Col., '43, Geog. Marquelle, '43, Law l88l 'E' is K, - , ANDREW C. BAILEY LORENZO P. BAKER, JR. THOMAS P. BALLOU WILLIAM A. F. BANDLE 27 Warren St. 193 Woodland Ave. 922 W. Eastland Ave. 2321 Hord Ave. Needham, Mass. Columbus, Ohio Nashville, Tenn. Jennings, Mo. Amherst, '43, Eco. Dartmouth, '43, Math. W. Carolina Tea., '43, Phys. Ed. Sl. Louis, '43, Acct. Us JOSEPH P. BANE WILLIAM L. BARKSDALE W. O. BARNES, AIR. ROBERT T. BARTLOW 53 Ellery St. 513 Nancy St. I 123 Seton Place 393 Richmond Ave. Cambridge, Mass. Charleston, W. Va. S. Orange, N. Buffalo, N. Y. Boylan Col., '43, Eco. U. ry' Mz'ch., '43, Geal. Hamilton, '43, HZDSIOIZQI U. :yt Mich., '43, History f ,j x Q .' 5 ,1 m y ff' fy, ,- L rl ,gf 5 , . mp 1 Q J Q J- ,gf fl STANLEY A. BAUM MAURICE H. BAUMANN ggi 5621 N. 16th St. 319 Quarry St. ' Philadelphia, Pa. Staunton, Ill- Antioch, Acct. Washz'ngton U., '43, Acct. l39l ' W. K. BAUMGARTH C. A. BECHTOLD CHARLES E. BECK HENRY P. BEETS 3401 N. Union St. Gaylord, Kan. South Whitley, Ind. 503 S. Jackson St. St. Louis, Mo. Kan. St., '47, Ag. Manchester Col., '39, Phys. Ed. Morristown, Tenn. St. Louix Col. qf Phar., '42 Tusculum Col., '39, Chem. DENNIS D. BELL ARTHUR M. BENTON BEN C. BERG GLEN A. BERGAN 774 N. Williams St. Chadbourn, N. C. ' ' 500 N. Eighth Ave. Williams, Minn. Paulding, Ohio N. C. Sl., '39, Ag. Ed. Newton, Iowa U. Qf Minn., '43, Ag. Dajiance Col., Biol. U. zy'I0wa, '43, Pol. Sc. rw N N sTPf O X ' WWW sl' Fi 11' il W5 'C sand' Q fJ"' gf l90 RENZO P. BERNI CHAD M. BERTELSON 1217 Seventh St. 172 Edith Ave. A North Bergen, N. Salt Lake City, Utah Sl. Peter'J Col., '43, Chem. Brigham Toung U., '43, Soc . I Fw ELWOOD M. BEVINS CAESAR T. BIANCONI JOHN R. BICKNELL LEE C. BIGGS 426 Neal St. 26 Grove St. 2225 Broadway Humboldt. Neb. Grass Valley, Cal. Glen Cove, N. Y. Parsons, Kan. U. zyfflfeb., '43, Ag. U. Qf Cal., '43, Bw. Ad. St. johnlr U., '40, Hislogf Kama: U., '43, Phar. HUGH R. BIRD ROBERT C. BLAKESLEE EARL I. BLISS DANIEL T. BLUE, JR 246 Center St. Kenyon, Minn. 58 Rensselaer Ave. 120 Caledonia Rd. East Aurora, N. Y. Ancioch, '43, For. Tr. Cohoes, N. Y. -Laurinburg, N. C. U. qf Rochester, '43, Eng. Union, '43, Law U. ny'N. C., Acct. 001 welll' PACE! 4 M WCW EFTFAC . 3 gn- C . 0 l' 4.4 'oz CP CD ,IAMES A. BOATRIGHT DELMAS H. BOEN VW 700 W. Third St. Guntersville Ala. . ' . 'ff' 5774 Llttle Rock, Ark. Berea Col., '43, Bzol. llgxk U. ry' Ark., Elec. Engr. l 91 l BRIAN BOJONELL EDWARD W. BONN ARDEN P. BONNER, JR. FRANKLIN A. BOWES 546 W. 147th St. 717 Royal St. 902 Poplar St. 10509 S. Claremont Ave. New York, N. Y. Alton, Ill. Murray, Ky. ' Chicago, Ill. C. C. N. T., '42, Adv. Texas A. G? M., '43, For. Murray St., Soc. Sc. D Rollins Col.,"43, Physica' EDWARD G. BOYLE, JR. CHARLES T. BRACKNEY RALPH V. BRADBURY, JR. JAMES E. BRADFIELD 11 Valley Rd. L Center, Col. 3412 N. 12th St. 419 N. Chestnut St. Woburn, Mass. Kan. St. Col., '43, Agro. Birmingham, Ala. Barnesville, Ohio Boston Col., '43, Soc. U. :yi Ala., Bur. Ad. Ohio St., '42, Agro. NDI cr-m 60 1 sv: " emu. ees ' 'V Q4 ii Y ' I r 4 Q I 1. ..-. 1, 4 Q 'X v Q f C t -1 1. K Q 'cfvff 4156. . ,,..........4.f,,1 V--U-.-.nwwtm U 3:71. : W., -ww f92 ' x JESSE BRADFORD EDWARD D. BRADLEY 405 N. First St.- 58 Chestnut St. Lufkin, Texas Jamestown, N. Y. Howard Payne Col., '40, Soc. Principia Col., 743, .French T 'Tvs' Ji.. ,114 lf' fu RICHARD W. BRANSON EDWARD B. BRATCHER EUGENE J. BRAUNER SAM W. BRECHER 136 C. St., N. E. Caixa 2844 457 Fourth St. 108 Field Place - Miami, Okla. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Woodland,.Cal. New York, N. Y. N. E. Okla. Sl., Ed. Baylor, '43, Eng. Wash. Sl., '43, Baci. Columbia U., '42, Com. WILLIAM K.. BREUEI. HENRY J. BRIGGS, JR. IRWIN BROMBERG MIULIAN D. BROOKS 1251 Garden St. 2634 State St. 1934 S. 60th St. Jonesville, La. Hoboken, N. New Orleans, La. Philadelphia, Pa. L. P. I., '40, Soc. Sc. St. Peter? Col., '43, Math. Loyola nj South, '43, Eco. Phila. Cal. of Plzczr., '42 ., 14' 'Nl' cw.- "", . I f . . 1' n xr gi f" f , 1 A - .z "'i 'IQ 631- Q 5' ,Sf-9 ' Z W is I 'I .' I SF' WILLARD BROTHERS FREDERICK D. BROWN y "' 24 Hobson Ave. 135 Sherman Ave. ' HI dom give G damn if YOU ,ook G North Providence, CCdaI' Grove, dozen pills-pul 'hose punts on right!" Providence Col., Pre-Med. Brown, '40, Eco. , l93l 'TG4' . Bidi' F. I. BROWN, JR. JAMES B. BROWN WILLIAM F. BROWN, JR. DEAN B. BRUBAKER 2329 N. Spruce St. 406 W. 12th St. Iva, S. C. 612 N. Tenth St. Little Rock, Ark. Sterling, Ill. Wqford Col., '43, Bw. Ad. Beatrice, Neb. U. zy'Arz'z., '44, Math. ' Carleton Col., '43, Hzlfl. U. ry'Neb., '43, Bus. Ad. EDGAR J. BRUML R. C. BRYANTLJR. M. A. BUFFINGTON EDGAR Q-. BULLOCK, JR 2930 Meadowbrook Blvd. 3756 Beech Ave. 1505 S. Eighth St. 1925 Delaware Ave. Cleveland Heights, Ohio Baltimore, Md. Alhambra, Cal. Wilmington, Del. Antioch, '43, Eco. Lzyfola Col., '43, Soo. So. Whittier, Bio-Chem. Princeton, '40, Chem. C11 21,54 7 E fvcviff 77 lg I lg H7 Sl Q.: 1 4-.. W GG' I K mix F0 S, Z Pl N5 X K., Q Qxkf 53 WILL A. BURCH, JR. FREDERIC M. BURR fy Eastman, Ga. Washington, Conn. X N. Ga. jr. Col., '42 Tale, '40, Eng. 1941 S Y' 1' SPENCER BURROUGHS CHARLES R. BURT CHARLES M. BURY JAMES W. BYERS 2748 Curtis Way 523 Lamont St. Geddes, S. D. 60 S. Tenth St. Sacramento, Cal. Akron, Ohio U. ay' S. D., '42, Zool. San Jose, Cal. U. cy' Cal., '43, Pol. Sc. Ohio N. U., '42, Plzar. Stanford, '43, Eco. Q., 3 " ' lol V' xl' STUART G. CAHN NEAL CALHOUN ROBERT F. CALLAHAN EDWARD F. CANFIELD 38 Watson Ave. Eddyville, Ky. 3335 N. E. 20th Ave. 25 S. Madison Ave. Elizabeth, N. Western Kerztuclgl, '43, Biol. Portland, Ore. Upper Darby, Pa. U. UN. C., '43, Acct. U. of Portland, '43, Bw. Ad. St. joseplzk Col., '43, Phil. if- X N. N aft g' JAMES E. CANNON, JR. BERNARD P. CAREY, JR. gil! 1718 Home Ave. 6346 Woodbine Ave. Hartsville, S. C. Philadelphia, Pa. Clemson, '47, Textiles St. jo.replz'.r Col., '43, Eco. l95l 6"' JACK K. CARLTON 3442 Penick si. Shreveport, La. Centenafy Col., '42, Chem. X HAROLD G. CARO MARLAR L. CARPENTER MARK M. CARTER, JR 45 Stratton St. Boston, Mass. Boston U., '43, Buy. Ad. Rabun Gap, Ga. 1108 Ninth Ave. Rabun Gap-Nacooclzee jr. Col., '42 Seattle, Wash. x "UWM FRANK P. CARVEY HORACE J. CARY, JR. Lakewood Country Club 602 W. 27th St. Dallas, Texas Kearney, Neb. S. M. U., Bus. Ad. W. C99 L., '43, Pol. Sc. 7 U. Lyf Wm., '43, Eco SI, I - . -. 1- If ---M . swf. . . at . 2 -----2-2-2:2221 :Af---.-A.-.. -..-..-.L,.4f.. .KK.,.,,,..-..... -. -. :, Jazz- .:-::. .C x I - F96 l I rg 2 - -,t N i -W .f 5" J ff 3.39, gxww ,f ,, ,E 5, 'gt ,ff ' .M ,vf xr 'rr ref' 1' -1. -'swf-1-f-N 1 fa 'Lt' bk Hee. all ff, Lf ,. A? igf f Iv: ' +25-. fi gb 'v' K' 'H e,3,'i3-3 , ,gi qswWl 3- 5 A . - . ' .T .H ' V w vw' . fs, 3 X ,, , ' fa N wx gk A NORMAN M. CASSELL AUGUST CAVALLORO JOHN D. CHAMBERS HUBERT E. CHANDLER 101 Marlboro Ave. 19321 Ryan Road Sanger, Texas 1045'Ferger Ave. Chattanooga, Tenn. Detroit, Mich. N. T. S. T. C., '43, Ind. Arts Fresno. Cal. Chattanooga, '43, Chem. Wayne U., ,43, Bus, Ad. L- S- U., '42, Chem- ' RICHARD R. CHARTRAW HERBERT N. CHAVKIN JAMES T. CHEATHAM CHRIST A. CHRIST Crandon, Wis. 3975 Sedgwick Ave, 501 Hill St. 819 S. Seventh St. Stout Inst.. '43, Ind. Am- New York, N. Y. Connersville, Ind. Kansas City, Kan. . Columbia U., '47, Chem. Berea Col., '43, Fin. Kansas St. Col., Ind. Engr. 9 ni? . 4' 3 fi Sl ' E MW' .,,,flIll!,ll!l'.L?l Q , T WM- O 4 E 14 5 X Q ol T1 5 ' ff as F f ' ' ' 1 ERNEST G. CHRIST GERARD J. CICCARONE igfy 65 Van Liew Ave. 63 East St. Milltown, N. J. Annapolis, Md. Rutgers-, '42, Ag. Lzyfola Col., ,43, Soc. Sc. T981 6-ff' WILLIAM D. CISNA C. H. CLANTON, JR. DANA E. CLARK FREDERICK N CLARK 333 152nd St. 740 E. Normal St. Chatham Road 274 Inland St Calumet City, Ill. Springfield, Mo. Orleans, Mass. Kennywood Pa Beloit Col., '44, Govt. Drug Col., '42, Eco. Springfeld Col., '43, Plgys. Ed. Bucknell U. Mech Engr ' . Z- G. S if d t... J., 5 ' B ,iw V. ...Mn 1 1.5 'Rs 95- O ' ' 1.7 QL HERBERT G. CLARK, JR. WILLIAM A. CLARK, JR. C. J. CLAUDON, JR. CHARLES P COBB 1514 N. Webster Ave. 2 Acton Place 311 Wildemere Road Whitehaven Tenn Scranton, Pa. Annapolis, Md. W. Palm Beach, Fla. Duke, 43 Eco Sl. Louis, '39, Soc. Sc. V. P. I., Bus. Ad. W. Ca? M., ,43, Law Q ' Q 4 V l v A M L: 'QU I J ' f 5 ' 431 -fd' ff ! QQ X W 1 4 f JAMES W. COBB ROBERT COLE Z 634 C St. 3760 S. W. 100th St. - ' - Lemoore, Cal. Seattle, Wash. ' U. Qf S. Cal., '40, Optomelgl Lirfeld Col., '43, Soc. 99 '3 Gs' M. COLEMAN, JR. C. D. COLLINS, JR. EDGAR F. COLLINS JOHN E. COLMAN 4 Piety Corner Road 815 Randolph St. ' 1413 Highland St. 731 E. Price St. Waltham, Mass. Holly Springs, Miss. Denton, Texas Germantown, Pa. Barton Col., '43, Accl. U. Qf Mz'fJ., ,43, Com. N. T. S. T. C., '47, Bur. Ad. St. jofephis Col., VI3, Malh. VICTOR A. COLTON JOHN E. CONATHAN CARL W. CONE CHARLES J. CONROY 1215 S. Rimpal Blvd. 264 Tremont St. n 2310 Seventh Ave. 6450 Magnolia Ave. Los Angeles, Cal. Braintree, Mass. I Canyon, Texas Chicago, Ill. U. fy' Cal., 717, Mgt. and Ind. Georgetown, '43, For. Ser. W. T. S. T. C., 543, Chem. Lqyola U., '43, Accl. lk rlllllw ' 4 eb " QV 3 ES 1Q'e?ni'w Q? gl k- , H- 4 lwzlm- XXXQ' ig. 7552- ai ,J . Q' E Wlffifffffffuf X Lia-9 J M Weil A X Tx 4 0 ii W 5. W N 9 lleffn 3 5 "Vinum L ll f1OOJ JOHN T. CONWAY WILLIAM A. CONWAY 805 E. River Road 2226 Catherine St. Minneapolis, Minn. Philadelphia, Pa. U. ey' Mz'nn., '43, Eco. St. joseph? Col., '43, Accl. -ff I ,7- ALLAN S. COONEY M. J. R. COONEY II JAMES W. COOPER KENNETH E. COOPER 100 Tremont St. 201 Lakeside Ave. 317 Loring Ave. Haddonfield Road Barre, Vt. Avon-by-the-Sea, N. W. Los Angeles, Cal. Moorestown, N. J. Ohio St., '43, Chem. Seton Hall Col., '43, Bw. Ad. Stanford, '43, jour. Colgate, '43, PW. THOMAS A. COOPER PHILIP A. COPENHAVER EUGENE F. CORCORAN THEODORE J. COTE Geyer Road , 4837 Kimbark Ave. Cando, N. D. 70 Daley St. St. Louis, Mo. Chicago, Ill. N. D. Sl., '40, Chem. Leominster, Mass. Bowdoin Col., '43, Biol. Carleton Col., '44, Eco. Maxx. Sl. Tea. Col., '43, Ind. Arls ' KX4. 22 1. , X1 . ff Q2 6 , ref Z ,V f Ph CHARLES v. cox JOHN L. CRAIG, JR. ff 2940 Sedgewick Road 3001 Bideker St. , M Shaker Heights, Ohio Fort Worth, Texas 7 Duke U., '43, Chem. U. ry' Texas, '43, Psy, l101l , 3 Q IAF 1- A en WILLIAM C. CRAIG PHILIP J. CROAK DOUGLAS L. CROCKER DWIGHT N. CROSS ' 1145 Chipeta Ave. 108 Chestnut St. Grantsburg, Wis. 851 W. Wooster St. Grand Junction, Col. Rutherford, N. J. U. fy' Wis., I43, Phar. Bowling Green, Ohio Mexa Col., '36, Com. St. Pelerlv Col., '43, Biol. Bowling Green Sf. U., I43, Mkt GRAHAM B. CROSS J. R. CULVEYHOUSE WALTER H. CURRY JOHN H. CUTTING 7080 Oak Grove Blvd. 117 E. Eighth Ave. San Jose, Cal. 915 Edgewood Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. Gary, Ind. San joys St., '43, Eco. Pelham Manor, N. Y. U. ey' Mz'nn., I43, Arclz. Indiana U., '43, Bw. Ad. Colgale, '42, Eco. 1 M... ...N N . L- 1 JOHN C. DAGLEY WILHELM C. DAHMS - 1421 Michigan Ave. Belle, Mo. . . . W1 fm. gznllrmrn. if ondiumfdly mf if ow miflrxl airrquflf' Springaeld, Ill. U- qf Mo., 542, Ag. S. Ill. Nor. U., Com. I 102 1 I .am vm, . . , .1239 04? 1 JEROME B. DAICI-IES W. A. DALESSANDRO WILLIAM DALY JAMES M. DANIEL 2901 Parkhill Drive 117 Clarke Ave. 59 Playstead Road 706 E. 12th Street Ft. Worth, Texas Jersey City, N. J. Newton, Mass. Georgetown, Texas Baylor, 213, Bus. Ad. Sl. Peler'.v Col., '43, Phil. Boston Cal., '43, Acct. U. Qjt Texas, Acmf. 5 -,., c n k 'girffb DONALD P. DANIELS, JR. MICHAEL DANIELSON WILBERT DARLING MARSHALL J. DAVID 645 Prospect Crescent 2370 Danforth St. Pasadena, Cal. Hamtramck, Mich. Harvard, '43, Fine Art: Mz'ch. St. Nor. Col., Math. 6325 Phillips Ave. 129 Woodlawn Ave. " Pittsburgh, Pa. New Orleans, La. Pill. Col. rj Phar., '43 Lzyfola gf South, '43, Chem. 7:-T. .SIL fl. -I -' , , - -, RE, gf- -f - --W, rpg.-Qi. ...fn 1, , 5 . :H , I,-., VN. --' Q 1 r,, W.. k ' 4 - - .. V., 1 . - -wgfi-"', : 525 I -' N 'A ' ww v 2.. . i'-,' ""i I i-,ifig..f?'f 5 '- ., - Ml 1-11 -,, I ' '2,f?f,, if I Hur " , I, . .41,! I Tb, EDU714 Q 'film X 1- .. " , fi ,:. 1 ,.,e .. 1 ' -' 1 ROBERT E. DAVIDSON DAVID W. DAVIES, JR. " 'P 1675 Hague Ave. Higbee, Mo. St. Paul, Minn. N. E. Mo. St. Tea. Col., '43, Bus. St. Paul Col. ry' Law, '43 I1031 JOHN S. DAVIS 2635 Palmerston Ave. W. Vancouver, B. C., Canada Princelon, '43, Int. Af. RICHARD L. DAVISSON JAMES E. DEARING ONEIL G. DECOTEAU 503 W. Broadway 94 Deerhurst Blvd. Hammond, .La. Wellston,'Ohio Kenmore, N. Y. La. St. Nor. Col., '42, Com Rio Grande Col., '43, Sc. Canisius Col., '43, Hislov ' JOHN G. DEGENKOLB JOHN A. DELANEY KIPRIAN D. DENEGA, JR. CASPER W. DESCHU 5940 Echo St. 97 Stearns Ave. 4547 N. 17th St, 40 Comstock St. Los Angeles, Cal. Lawrence, Mass. Philadelphia, Pa. New Brunswick, N. J. U. cy' Cal., '38, For. Boston Col., '43, Math. Temple U., '42, Eco. Rutgers, '43, Ag. F24 f104J JAMES A. DEUTELBAUM HARRY J. DEVINE, JR 48 Riverview Ave. 4822 W. Woodlawn St Pittsburgh, Pa. Milwaukee, Wis. Pitt., '43, Bus. Marquetle, '39, Phil. A. P. DICKENSHEID, JR. RAYMOND J. DIXON DENNIS F. DONAHUE MELVIN J. DONE 74 Howitt Road 564 Compo Road 40 Ash Ave. 764 Hawthorne Ave W. Roxbury, Mass. Westport, Conn. Somerville, Mass. Salt Lake City, Utah Boston Col., '43, Soc. U. ry' Conn., '43, Bur. Ad. Boylan Col., '43, Bur. Ad. U. ry' Ulalz, '47, Chem 3 . l N :J ARTHUR DOOLEY, -IR. DAVID H. DOUD WILLIAM C. DOWNARD JAMES E. DOYLE JR 154 N. Parkside Ave. 624 N. G St. 1505 Tyler Park Drive 530 E. First St Chicago, Ill. Tacoma, Wash. Louisville, Ky. Salt Lake City, Utah DePaul, '43, Bus. Ad. Stafford, '43, Bus. Ad! U. fy' Loui.v11z'lle, '40, Pol. Sc. SZ. Maqyir Col., ,43 Zoo! .IOHN R. DREFFER, JR. FRANCIS T. DRUMM 339 S. Cole St. 2323 Morris St. Lima, Ohio Philadelphia, Pa. Ohio Sl., Ed. Penn. St., '43, Sc. N051 X E 'ff-5. 95 23 F xxmx so rss' A iw LilWv' s 552 , ??...,, a ff IW ffg f 2 f Q .lg , 5 W Q V , C .Ag 5 l ,O Q ,rw JOHN DUANE, JR. JOHN L. DUE LEE S. DUKES, BARNEY R. DUNN 263 Robinson Ave. Columbia Pike 2207 Statesville Ave. Camden, Ala. Bronx, N. Y. Ellicott City, Md. Charlotte, N. C. Auburn, '43, Ag. Manhaltan, '43, Acct. johns Hopkins U., '43, Geal. Dazfidxon, '42, Chem. ' WILLIAM E. DUNN, JR. GEORGE D. DURO GENE H. DUTTER ALEXIUS A. DYER, JR 109 Langdon St. 916 W. 36th Sit. 448 King St. Glyndon, Md. Newton, Mass: 1 Chicago, Ill. Ravenna, Ohio Loyola Col., '43, Acct. Boston Col., '43, Acct. Ill. St. Nor., '42, Phy. So. Kent. Si., '40, Math. I. Nil Y flfHfpKL Frlolub 'Q ,1,Dv-'E 653115 f 2 , f V, 1 ,f M Q N f . i A Em il . ' f - N . 5 ,,, , x I' JL Z 'I ll 1 S J' X CHARLES A. EAKIN WILLIAM R. EALY by i 3014 Louisiana Ave. Pkwy. 1401 Pennsylvania Ave. New Orleans, La. Steubenville, Ohio L. S. U., ,43, Ind. Ed. Ohio St., '43, Arcl. N061 -IAMES A. EDINGTON CLIFTON L. EDMAN DONALD B. EGER RUSSELL H. ELIOT 3905 Rookwood Ave. 1127 Yosemite Ave. Buena Vista, Va. 51 Main St. Indianapolis, Ind. Tuvlock, Cal. Brirlgewaler Col., Chem. Foxboro, Mass. Butler U., Mu5z'c Ed. u U. ry' Cal., '38, Plzar. Boxlon U., 713, Bus. Mgt. JOHN F. ELLIOTT ROBERT W. ELLIOTT 34 Laurel Road 107 E. College Ave. Milton, Mass. Westerville, Ohio Boslon Col., '43, Eng. Ohio Weslqan U., '43, Chem. N071 THE NEW YORKER 1 SSW X- -'Wx+n , 'f 'z 'EX'-I5 Y - 1 V V C I , x , X x H mu, Ar X ll X X I 4, W ,, ,,. W"?'533fFmv U, X r X Yap X wg M. l if Q 3 1 A R-ww H "lux ' JRR ' NN - X ,: X ' 5353 2 NNN X 'ff W . -2 -lfk. ,'-M' i 1 WILLARD B. ELLIOTT FRANKLIN C. ELLIS JEROME EMER DWIGHT W. EMRICK Osborn, Mo. 8 Lincoln Street 3201 Argyle Street 708 Delafleld Road N. W. Mo. Tea. Cal., '43,.Chem. Buckhannon, W. Va. Chicago, Ill. Fox Chapel, Pa. W. Va. Weflqan, '43, Phys. Ed. Northwestern, '43, Acct. Pitt., '43, Bus. Ad. A. F. ENGELBRECHT OSCAR V. ERICKSON THOMAS F. ERWIN ROBERT L. EVANS I 240 Cummins Highway 415 S. 71st Ave., W. Beaver Dam, Ky. 32 Cushing Ave. Roslindale, Mass. Duluth, Minn. Kentucky U., '43, Pg. Nashiia, N. H. 'Boston U., '44, Physics Duluth St. Tea. Col., '43, Biol. Amherst, '43, Eng. I SEMAYQOAEW n WN LL ME oPF,,,,.v,D,,.1! vil'0yT vigil' -IKM 1 P1 1 I' sim Q 5 if 4' ' J f Q ,, fi, 0 0 ' 4 W' an .g xmf o 'Q -' fs! . Q Q x YS? - ll ii XTX! ' EDWARD L. FABIAN BERNARD T. FALTEN - 1' Q 930 Fifth Avenue 1629 L st., N. E., ft , New York, N. Y. Washington, D. C. U. qf Va., '47, Eng. Scranton U., '36, Chem. f1091 1 SALVATORE FAVAZZA LAWRENCE FEINBERG ROBERT S. FINLEY GEORGE D. FISKE 28 Fort Square 1945 N. W. First Terrace 425 Northern Ave. 1725 Orchard Ave. Gloucester, Mass. Miami, Fla. Crowley, La. Los Angeles, Cal. Boston U., '44, Bur. Ad. Florido U., '43, Optametgf Southwestern La., Chem. New Mex. A. CGS' M., Mech. Engr. FRANCIS M. FLAHERTY CHARLIE H. FLOWERS JOSEPH A. FLYNN C. E. FOEHNER, II 26 Pearl St. 1801 Sledge St. 350 Greeley Ave. Pocahontas, Ill. Attleboro, Mass. Marshall, Texas Staten Island, N. Y. S. Ill. Nor. U., '43, Hislogf Boylan Col., ,43, Soc. Baylor, '43, Bur. Ad. C. C. N. T., '43, Acct. 9,51 pL.uoo7 I A . wi ,ph aft' ,,..wJ"l' f N0 a PM w W llNNP'wi'MElm GLPMQML 7 gc A v wl' ' , f X ,f ' W2 1 .4 ff 3 2 y 1 B Q af 4-z K 1 -.XLR DANIEL FOGEL ROBERT J. FOLEY 0 f gf 5530 Kimbafk Ave. 729 santa Fe Ave. Chicago, Ill. Berkeley, Cal. Chicago U., '43, Pol. Sc. U. of Cal., '43, Pol. Sc. 1:1101 to I mv- S CAMERON B. FORREST- WILLIAM L. FOSTER LEWIS W. FRANCIS DALE Y. FREED Uniontown, Ala. 729 Fifth Ave., W. Kingston, Mo. 1236 Isabella St U. zy'Ala., '43, Chem. Hendersonville, N. C. U. ry' Mo., '43, Bus. Ad. Williamsport Pa W. Carolina Tea., Chem. Lehigh, '43 Fm xg. gy LEONARD H. FREEMAN E. C. A. FREILINC MARTIN W. FREY 126 Park St. 1310 Willard Street 2065 Grand Concourse Brookline, Mass. San Francisco, Cal. New York, N. Y. Barton U., '43, Mkt. San Francisco U., '43, Chem. N. T. U., '47, Hiring: f, 5 0 ' u a U' ' Q - 0 O ,. ." U O . . '3 3 E 1' u L 5 X Q " L A a , 4' n 3,6 U ' Q n ' G 0 V 6 "V la , M X ,, 6 X 4 U " B , , I ,- 1, 4541-.. in ov - 4 I o f lQjgf ffw Wx-. K A L-'AN SHERRILL FRIEDMAN BERNARD P. FUCHS P 5 214 Brush Creek Blvd. Farmersville, Ill. 4mm . Kansas City, Mo. U. UNI., '43, Ag. Washinglon U., '43, Law f111l LOUIS FRIEDMAN 1002 W. Market St Louisville Ky Lvui.rvz'l!e Col. cy' Plzar 40 u J sl L U, u.J J 6 -7 1 u V L 5 X Q C cf ' 0 u cf a U U xl 04,0 0 L, U ff o 0 U If ,f U U 'K 0 f QQ: fx 0 -1 v 6 4 Q ' QU 2 K I Q H4 IL ffglxixxx 139 - .,-H' JOSEPH B. FULLER WILLIAM D. FULLER JERRY H. FUNK SUMNER D. GAINSBORG 2133 Walton Way 5522 Tennessee Ave. - 4532 Otis Drive 1494 Beacon St. N Augusta, Ga. St. Louis, Mo. Overland, Mo. Brookline, Mass. Prexlyftefian Col., '43, Eco. St. Louzlv, '43, Acct. Bmrilqy Col., '40, Chem. Boston U., '43, Law CHARLES A. GALLAGHER .IOHN J. GALLAGHER 'L. F. GALLAGHER ROBERT -I. GALLAGHER 401 Riley St. 5750 N. Fairhill St. 14 Haverford St. 407 Susquehanna Ave. Lansing, Mich. Philadelphia, Pa. jamaica Plain, Mass. Olyphant, Pa. Mich St., '43, History St. joseph? Col., '43, Bur. Ad. Boston Col., '43, Hixloqy Soranlon U., '43, Soc. Sc. 1. ,,, gig, 1'- Qngu 1' fl 'limi ,G 07 1 I112j G. -I. GALLINGHOUSE ' JAMES E. GALLOWAY f Algiers, La. Throckmorton, Texas S. E. La., '43, Pre-Law Texas A. if M., '44, Com. Engr Li 1. JOHN R. GANNETT CLEMENT E. GARDINER THOMAS J. GARDNER MICHAEL J. GARGAN 6435 Cecil Ave. Auburn Farm 1409 N. Prospect Ave. 12 Matchett St. St. Louis, Mo. Thurmont, Md. Milwaukee, Wis. Brighton, Mass. Washington U., '43, Pijy. Princeton U., '42, Eng. Mil. St. Tea. Col., '43, Ed. Boston Col., '43, Econ. 4 QF..- JAMES J. GARRITY, JR. JAMES A. GARVEY 'JACK S. GASCOVITCH ERNEST P. GEENBERG 140 North St. 4520 Main St. 162 Devon St. 3896 Reading Road Salem, Mass. Snyder, N. Y. Dorchester, Mass. Cincinnati, Ohio Catholic U., '43, Arch. Canz'siu.v Col., '43, Latin Mays. Col. zyf Plzar., '43 Ohio St., '43, Zool. X K4 2 1- '- 5 y x.-.. I K' SL X - J 'O , I . O ,1, Q4 E f 1-545:15-:'f. f 1 9 A , ,ifiyy Q 0 I f x, ff Y X ff 2424 Y X QD! K 1 Y X Z f IRWIN A. GELLAR WILLIAM J. GEORGE 'X' i ? 3100 Sheridan Road Twin oaks Drive ff Chicago, I11. Pittsburgh, Pa. if C. C. N. T., '47, Acct. Geneva Col., '43, Buy. Ad. L1131 I -In Q J ta? ' JERALD GERSHON EDWARD C. GESE CARMAN F. X. GIACCONE JACK P. GIBSON 6209 Harrison Ave. 705 Richmond Ave. 72 Bulwer Place Bensonville, Ill. Kansas City, Mo. Buffalo, N. Y. Brooklyn, N. Y. Iowa Sl. Col., '43, Land Arolz Waxhington U., '43, Acot. N. T. U., '43, Biol. Colgate, '43, Phil. ' MELVEN J. GILPEN BERNARD L. GLASS PAUL F. GLYNN JOHN G. GODAIRE 335W N. Monroe St. 21 Loomis St. 127 W. Chestnut Ave. 3239 Pulaski St. Muncie, Ind. Burlington, Yt. Chestnut Hill, Pal St. Louis, Mo. Ball St. Tea. Col., '43, Eng. Buxton U., '43, Law St. joseph? Col., '43, Phil. Sl. Louix, '43, Bw. Ad. G. 1141 Loom TTL 1-HAT 600 I ul GPS? o A vl Q O H , ' Q 0 9 Q' '- QQ f V 4 3 'l O -...n.r Q ,' - of in 9 MORTON P. GOLDBERG EDWARD R. GOLDEN 2 1128 Lincoln Ave. 2201 Richland Ave. Tj fi New Castle, Ind. Wheeling, W. Va. ' Indiana U., '43, Adv. Bethany Col., '42, Biol. f114j WILLIAM E. GOLDER DANIEL J. GORMAN . 100 Bedford Ave. Daisy Hill Farm Bellmore, N. Y. Chagrin Falls, Ohio Columbia U., '39, Phar. Georgetown, '43, Eco. RAYMOND A. GOSSELIN GEORGE E. GOUDELOCK 346 Coolidge Ave. 803 Carolina Ave. Manchester, N. H. Hartsville, S. C. Mass. Col. zyf Plzar., '43 Clemson Col., '43, Text. Engr. GEORGE P. GOULET HUBERT J. GOWNLEY 204 N. Lincoln Ave. 509 River St. Bay City, Mich. Scranton, Pa. U. ly' Grand Rapids, '43, Phar. U. fy' Scranton, '43, Acct. JAMES W. GRACE MARTIN D. GRADY 5728 Giddings St. 1129 Beaconsfield Ave. Chicago, Ill. Detroit, Mich. LQJIOIH U., '43, Math. U. tj Mz'nn., '43, Arch. K ' " f--. Q, L ,mf . X gs - 527 fl G . J' 3 ff ii gh, J kgfx H A ,fl ..e"i'ii:' Y . ll ' I f! JOSEPH D. GRAHAM M. F, GRAVENDER, JR. ,,-fx., -' 610 Main sr. 3504 Humboldt Ave., S. V .f'Af- 'QW Sistersville, W. Va. Minneapolis, Minn. Marietta Col., '40, Chem. U. Qf Minn., '43, Geal. l 1151 JESS D. GREEN JOHN A. GREENE ROBERT W. GREENE CHARLES M. GRETHER 1606 N. Rhodes St. Greer, S. C. Perry, Ga. 300 S. Crest Road Arlington, Va. Furman U., '43, Math. Mercer U., '43, Chem. Chattanooga, Tenn. N Kama: Cily U,, '43, Biol, U. of Chattanooga, '43, Clzem. GERALD H. GRIFFIN ELDON L. GRIMES EARLE H. GROSSMAN MORTON C. GROSSMAN 630 Birch St. Ursa, Ill. 409 Arbuckle Ave. 1007 Winslow Ave. San Mateo, Cal. Culver-Stockton, '39, Biol. Cedarhurst, N. Y. New Castle, Pa. San Francisco U., Forestgr U. Qt Ind., '43, Acct. Ind. St. Tea. Col., '43, Acct. R fn- .gg :A t 1' 1 41"2"f ff" , 1' Q ' o 3 C? WILLARD Y. GRUBB ERNEST J. GSELL J.:-1-' GM 1 it 2411 Cumberland Ave. 3 Madison Ave. Mount Perm, Reading, Pa. E. Orange, N. -I. E' Albright Col., '43, Chem. Lehigh, '43, Govl. l1161 Q 69. JAMES S. GULEKE EDWARD J. GUNN, JR. MORTON HACK 1607 Harrison St. 9014 Beverly Court Reistertown, Md. Amarillo, Texas Detroit, Mich. john: Hopkins U., ,43, Bur. Eco. U. cy' Texas, '43, Zool. Wayne U., '43, Heallh Ed. CHESTER H. HACKE 1318 Caroline St. Alameda, Cal. San Fran. jr. Col., Mech. Engr HARRY C. HACKMAN, JR. JOSEPH J. HADAR DONALD H. HAGE 1035 Broadway Ave. 135 Canal St. 2925 Perry St. East McKeesport, Pa. Greenville, Pa. Denver, Col. W. GJ" j., Pre-Med. W. Reserve, '43, Pol. Sc. Denver U., ,43, Acct. JOHN S. HAGEMAN Sanborn, Minn. U. of Minn., '40, Zool. ROBERT P. HALEY WILLIAM F. HALEY, JR. WILLIAM P. HALLMANA JACK K. HAMMOND 900 Lincoln Ave. 141 Robbins Road Grandview, Texas Palmyra, N. Watertown, Mass. U. of Texas, '38, Accf. W. Cb" L., '43, Pub. Ad. Boylan Col., '43, Acct. l117J 510 W. Bridge St. Austin, Minn. Sloul Inst., '43, Ind. Ari: r YSWW WN Y .JOHN W. HAND CHARLES K. HANSEN JOHN G. HANSEN GEORGE V. HANSON 6438 N. Damen St. 620 15th Ave., S.. E. 2131 N. 118th St. 1550 Phillips Ave. Chicago, Ill, Minneapolis, Minn. Wauwatosa, Wis. Racine, Wis. Lqyola U., '43, .Plzz'l. U. ry' Mz'nn., '43, Bus. Carroll Col., '44, Eco. U. of Wz'5., '43, jour. ARTHUR B. HARDING ROLALA E. HARGRAVES HILLIARD M. HARPER CLARK H. HARRIS 85 Greenvale Ave. 2114 N. 19th St. - 508 W. Church St. 42 Tuscaloosa Ave. Yonkers, N. Y. E. St. Louis, Ill. Greenwood, Miss. Atherton, Cal. Sl. jo.replz'i, '42, PQI. U. fy' Mo., '43, Geal. U. ey' Mz's5,, Bus. Ad. . San Jose Sl., '43, Bus. Ad. .ff il I1 lngi? 11,11 A """'f,v'e hi' 5L..1c'. . lfxifu 'ii Y' V A ,A Q . . . I an Q Q 'Xiu GEORGE B. HARRIS WALTER M. HARRIS Lf., X , 1161 Woodward Ave. 503 W. Ruby sr. ,, .5 77-,g, Q.1'l, Akron, Ohio Independence, Mo. ' ' Kent St., '43, Pol. Sc. U. cj Mo., '43, Bw. Ad. 11191 1 ,Z X HARRY L. HARRISON, JR. H. C. HARRISON, JR. THOMAS P. HARRISON WILLIAM T. HART 121 Lodges Lane 3521 St. James Road 15 Beacon St. 850 N. Hawthorne Lane Bala-Cynwyd, Pa. Baltimore, Md. Concord, N. H. Indianapolis, Ind. Lafayette, '43, Eco. Lzylola Col., '43, Eng. U. cy' N. H., '43, Eco. U. ry' Mo., '43, Eco. HARRY J. HARTL, JR. JACK T. HARTZELL WILLIAM B. HARVEY HAROLD D. HASLETT 3526 82n'd St. Batesville, Miss. 308 S. Main St. 1804 E. State St. Jackson Heights, N. Y. Miss. St. Col., '43, Ag. Erwin, Tenn. Ithaca, N. Y. ManhaZlan,. '37, Eng. Wake Forest, '43, Eng. Cornell, '43, Ag. Eco A F 'M 'Qui' " H , . omg A 'NI 'F '- 1 . 0 .555 A . , ., -- --at - ' A f gg , . , 'HUA l,-, 'ff F .--" t V I 'sk H., f so FQ, 4, V . w Q.,r'-g . Q 4 .1 wg f ' ' 1.7 J ir I 'Y . H syn Qi Vis " i 'ii V--- EDWARD V. HATHAWAY HOWARD P, HAUG w-H-ww.. . W. -r-- , of A 3865 Ruckle sf. 614 S. McClun sr. ' Indianapolis, Ind. Bloomington, Ill. Ohio Sl., '40, Sc. Ed. Ill. Wfexlgfan, '43, Sc 11201 Q' Iz- x K' 0 MARK H. HAYS, JR. THOMAS HAZLETT WM. L. HEADRICK, JR. ROBERT M. HEATH Guild. Drive 74 Carleton Road Oakdale, Tenn. 261 Center St. Chattanooga, Tenn. Belmont, Mass. Tenn. Tech., ,43, Biol. Wallingford, Conn. U. qf Term., '43, Eco. Boylan Col., '43, Ed. . WKJZQIUH, '43, Pty. GEORGE S. HEBB, JR. JOHN G. HEISEL, JR. ERNEST M. HELLER LESLIE L. HELLER, JR 3 Stowell Road 503 E. Seventh St. 231 N. Oliver St. 951 Prospect Place Winchester, Mass. Superior, Wis. Wichita, Kan. Brooklyn, N. Y. Bowdoin, Col., '44, Eco. Super. St. Tea. Cul., '43 Chem. U. qf Texas, Plzar. Spring Hill, '43, Eng. 'fl :S 'Q' J' Qf'x,N,,aM w fvx -,iq :ww ' li' 1 ga'-1 "' 'fi . A N.:- 1 f5i5?if?a'm. '53f"w"'V 1.3-flaxsf. gf-A ,, 525133353115-sqgQ3'1L,,,, . .fm ' WWHEN. will1ae2l'f"Qs:5?P!I?H' ,ff i ws1':wg:f,. 4-,:,-gf-'ml K . ,..sQ... . ,.. 3' -4104 M., ,.-v f . . T- .' 'i :gg-.314-N,!af1lJ' 1 Mwa -' ' ., 54. Y 4:5 .. 2:2 Sf. 15- 11351 mil ,lf -- fgcgap. ,Q ' J . Aww.-Mvfff ROBERT J. HELLERER CHARLES E. HELSEL 569 Crescent Ave. , Iuka, Kan. L- , Q, ,f.,.,x. 12 fe f 2 ' I A' ' .k.a'J41z-i Awww' Buffalo, N. Y. Seatlle Pac. Col., ,43, Math. Canisius Col., '43, Hislmy H211 L. B. HENDRICKSON ROGER J. HENNESSY LYMAN H. HENRY JACOB B.- HENSON 701 W. Devirian Place Excelsior, Minn. 302 Third Ave. East Main -St. Altadena, Cal. Sl. Tlzomaf, '43, Soc. Sci Charles City, Iowa Piketon, Ohio U. qfS. Cal., ,43, Com. U. oflowa, '43, jour. Ohio Sl., '43, Hislogz KENNETH M. HEPLER NORMAN G. HERREN ALBERY B. HERRICK III HENRY O. HERRIN, JR. 120 W. Harrison Ave. - Perks, Ill. 1074 Fourth St. 100-A W. Earle St. Wheaton, Ill, S. I. JV. U., '43, Histogf Santa Rosa, Cal. Greenville, S. C. Ill. Init. Tech., Mech. Engr. Stafford, ,43, Eco. U. ry'S. C., '37, Pfzof. .., RSX I gig, I -21: ,,Nx '99 ' ,J If i 5 A E5 ri '-,N I -A .vii '41 '1 ,A fx 5 Q 'gf I gi Y 1, 0 V x ln! Xl ,I MT X ffl' JOSEPH s. HERRINGTON CHARLES M. HIATT, ,JR 806 Jackman Avc. 428 S. 23rd St. JI. Mn Avalon, Pittsburgh, Pa. Richmond, Ind. Kenyon Col, '43, R91. Earllzam Col., '43, Biol. 11221 VONNIE M. HICKS, JR. JOSEPH W. HIGGINS WALTER -I. HIGGINS DONALD L. HILLMAN 1539.Iredell Drive 1243 Stanyan St. 10907 110th St. 880 Front St. Raleigh, N. C. San Francisco, Cal. Ozone Park, New York, N. Y. Warren, Ohio Wake Forexl, '43, Gen. Sc. S. Fran. Sl. Col., '44, Art Bfookbln Col., '40, Gaul. Ohio St., '43, Pal. Sc. v""' MILTON L. HILLMAN GEORGE H. HILLS, JR. FRANK G. HLAVATY JOSEPH F. HODAPP 4 Brinsley St. 3605 Paxton Ave. 7751 Burnette St. 127 Howard Ave. Dorchester, Mass. Cincinnati, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Dorchester, Mass. Mais. Col. ry' Phar., '43 Kenyon Col., '43, Spanish Det. Inxl. Q' Tech., 713, Bus. Ad. Boston Cal., '43, Acct. A653135 f sl? .gil ,v, I EN , I MEL Ffa .I X I It ' WARREN R. HOFFERT WILLIAM H. HOGAN I f - I M , 306 oak Grove sr. 510 s. wiuomet sr. ' ' 4g"'- Minneapolis, Minn. Dallas, Texas -' - ' Sl. jolzrfs U., '43, Biol. U. ry' Texas, Chem. 11231 A. A. HOLLENDER ROY C. HOLMES HERMAN O. HOMANN ROY H. HOOPES, JR. 2000 Prospect Ave. Nortonville, N. D. Altamont, Ill. 2114 44th St., N.W. Bronx, N. Y. jamexlawn, '42, Chem. E. Ill. St. Tea. Col., Rocklzurxt, Ed. Washington, D. C. Texas A. Cb' M., '43, Eco. Washinglan U., '43, Hiylog' HIRAM C. HOUGHTON DANIEL J. HOULIHAN LEE D. HOWARD JAMES H. HOWE III 1112 Boundary St. ' 723 N. Valley Ave. Tioga, Texas 1022 Hampton Park Red Oak, Iowa Olyphant, Pa., N. T. S. T. C., '43, Phys. Ed. St. Louis, Mo. U. ry'Iowa, '43, Eco. U. y'Scranton, '43, Acct. Washinglon U., '43, Bw. Ad .elf ,C Q l Q11 2 JOHN W. HOWE ALLEN E. HOWLAND K ' .ax A 15 Sterling Ave. 44 Maple St. fx Buffalo, N. Y. Hudson Falls, N. Y. Canixiur Col., '43, Acct. Dartmouth, '44, Hislovy 1:1241 Q JAMES R. HULL JOHN HUNT PHILIP M. HUNT LEWIE S. HUNTER 5506 Highland Ave. 1837 E. 85th St. 3214 N. E. 40th Ave. 1081 Woodward St. Kansas City, Mo. Los Angeles, Cal. Portland, Ore. South Bend, Ind. Ifansax, '43, Pre-Med. Fresno Slale, '44, Com. U. ry' Ore., '44, Hislmy Wrford Col., '35, Engr. W. A. HUTCHINSON LEWIS P. HYATT AAUSTIN T. HYDE CHARLES B. INGELS II Albion, Neb. Arab, Ala. Damascus, Va. 20 Ridgeview Ave. U. qfNebra5ka, '43, Ag. j'ackJanm'll.e St. Tea. Col., Ed. U. cy' Va., Biol. Orange, N. JOSEPH P. IRVIN WARREN L. ISRAEL 914 Flanders Road 5616 Virginia Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. Kansas City, Mo. Weslchexler S. Tea., '43, Phy. Ed. U. Qf Ifzznras, Pfe-med. f1251 Princzfia Col., '43, Chem 1 i ,R X . , Ii LX I ' rx' , - 515315 lg I We JAMES D. JACKSON MYRL W. JACKSON ROBERT J. JACOBI RAYMOND L. JAGELS 316 E. Black Diamond St. Robinson, Ill. 51 Burke Drive Cole Camp, Mo. Richmond, MO. E. Ill. S. T. C., Main. ' Buffalo, N. Y. Sl. Louis Col. zy'Ph'a7., '43 Centra! Col., 343, Eco. J Canisius Col., '43, Acct. x STERLING w. JAMES, JR. VERNOL R. JANSEN, JR, OLIVER T. E. JERSTAD WILLIAM c. JETER 2523 45th St. . 2453 St. Stephens Road Carnation, Wash. 431 Crockett St. Galveston, Texas Mobile, Ala. U. rj Wash., 343, Pol. Sc. Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Baylor, '43. Eng. U. cy'Ala., '43, Eng. U. :J Tenn., Bus. Ad. f126l EDWARD T. JIRIK ARTHUR E.JOHNSON, JR. 510 N.W. Fourth St. 812 S. Second St. Faribault, Minn. Mt. Vernon, Wash. St. john? U., '43, Eco. U. cj W'Z2Jh., '43, Eco. .rf ,. .Lg E DAVID S. JOHNSON FORREST W. JOHNSON HARRY W. JOHNSON ROBERT W. JOHNSON 917 N. State St. Yakima, Wash. Greensburg, Kan. 827 E. College Ave. Waseca, Minn. Wash. Sl., Zeal. Kan. U., '43, Musz'c Appleton, Wis. U- Qf Minn-, 147, Ag- Ed- Lawrence Col., '43, Zool. .Tw-,f VAN H. JOHNSON I WARREN L. JOHNSON CLIFFORD E. JONES DAVID B. JONES Winston-Salem, N. C. 2020 Cedar St. 11 S. Sherman St. 118 Center College St. N. C. St., '47, Agro. Berkeley, Cal. Liberal, Kan. Yellow Springs, Ohio U. ry' San Francisco, '43, Eco. Southwestern, '43, Pre-med. Anlioch, '43, Chem. Xie , 1.73 l -' x j.',L1cf s' .l , nr, VK - wx, - 1 v welf. I 'li Irmff 1.45414 Xl, . '. ll F' xp VXIIX Q X I iw'l,-lllgfiif-dll ," 4 f is , - l. T - Grd?"- lg Z3 l ff -L ' 11 - 1 fn .gg -- ' H f . -aff? ' ' ' 4 .ff FY '. .-C JERRELL W. JONES JOHN P. JONES ,Qf NX T. g. Gresham St. 532 Country Club Road ' I Indianola, Miss. Brevard, N. C. ff ' U. ry' Mz'::., '43, Bus. Ad. Wake Forest, '43, Physics -ff l127J I- 1 K VINCENT JONES JAMES J. JORDAN WILLIAM S., KAESS TRUMAN F. KAHN 9956 Wallace St. 144 Woodland Ave. Wheaton, Minn. 880 Parkway Drive, N .E Chicago, Ill. Lansdowne, Pa. U. cy' Minn., '43, Phys. Ed. Atlanta, Ga. DePauw, 343, Chem. St. josephh Col., '43, Acct. So. Col. ry' Oplomelyl, '43 SIDNEY S. KALLICK JOSEPH F. KANE EDWARD R. KARP 6804 S. Crandon St. 6516 Belmar Terrace 911 Simpson St. Chicago, Ill. Philadelphia, Pa. Bronx, N. Y. U. cj Chicago, ,43, Pol. Sc. Perm., '42, Acct. C. C. N. T., '43, Acct. IRVING KAUFMAN WM. A. L. KAUFMANN 140 W. 175th St. 1001 E. Jefferson Ave. New York, N. Y. Detroit, Mich. C. C. N. T., '43, Accl. U. ey' Mich., '43, Law L1281 1 J V K 'L EX ' 4. if W Yi if EA 5 Ii 1' Z 'ul' '-. Q- 4 ' 5. 1 ga f 74' :MV f , . -M 1'?f?7'?if.3g+:W. I 3 , Zigi. f xx + 1 -A 'HmEZFQ 2555 5 , , Yu X L 1 i I n 2 X 2 W- f Q v Fa 1' an . 1 ,rf L99 iJWlrL.d.aJMx f MJ K 1 Q I 'b I -5. '4 ' A i 4. . , .. lf' 4' 1 ff- . 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V 7:3""Q?jrf1-If-Aff .531-i'E'? -1 , wif, 'V I ff E1 E2 1 , A f , i if f 'Q "ff -2 1 qllv gif Ally I at , P, 4, 1l nffr? 'riff if? In F . F IJ 1 ' H ,Wv'X', ' ' ,w.,,.w NN Q W Q MARTIN KEAN JOSEPH S. KEELTY HENRY KELLER LONNIE B. KELLER Sparrowbush 5307 N. Charles St. 218 E. Prospect St. Bronson, Texas Orange County, N. Y. Baltimore, Md. State College, Pa. S. F. Auxlin Col., Acct. Manhattan, '47, Ed. Lqyola Col., '43, Soc. Sc. Perm. St. Col., '43, Pol. Sc. WILLIAM E. KELLEY JOSEPH P. KELLY, III LAWRENCE J. KELLY, JR. EARL M. KERNS 229 Lakeview Ave. 6177 Washington St. I 1711 N. 28th St. - Waterloo, Ind. Cambridge, Mass. St. Louis, Mo. Philadelphia, Pa. Purdue, '43, Bus. Ad. Boslon Col., '43, Accl. St. Louix, '43, Bur. Mgt. LaSalle, '43,-Acct. Uv' FRANK w. KILBURN, JR. ROBERT s. KILKER iii, - if-. n H4 5 : M! .S . ..,. . I f D ' ef--QQ! Q , A ,. ,ff 3' " Nw, ' Wx, 53 waban Ave. 7231 Winchester Drive "WE ' -- ' Waban, Mass. Pasadena Hills, Mo. " PVEJIQJGH, '43, Gout. Wa5hz'ngl0n U., '43, Law 51331 RICHARD F. M. KILROY HAROLD B. KING HENRY E. KING ROBERT W. KING 148 Grant St. 619 Cedar Lane 803 E. Grace St. Eagle, Idaho Portland, Maine Hopewell, Va. Richmond, Va. W U. ly' Mich., '43, Forertgl x Boston U., '43, Phy. Ed. W. db' M., '43, Phy. Ed. Columbia U., '43, Pqy. LEE G. KIRK JOHN J. KLEIMAN, JR. HARRY J. KNOUFF GEORGE C. KOFFSKEY Bentonia, Miss. 4342 Madison St. Halifax, Pa. 4138 Magazine St. Miss. St., '43, Ag. Chicago, Ill. Dickinson, '43, Chem. New Orleans, La. Loyola U., '43, Acct. HAROLD KOSLOW HARRY KOTTLER 11 Poplar St. 9603 Pierpont Ave. Boston, Mass. Cleveland, Ohio Maxx. Col. of Phar., '43, Chem. W. Reserve, Bus. Ad. f134J Loyola fy' South, '43, Phar It .1 1, 1' , . 'Vvk Q. . ' A -'Vg' "I - -S f'-V"'3:'?'1f7fi L"?H.Q, .f lf-A A-if "X - ,..1,agQ5-ck .. 4 . " XL ' -1"-w.'v-. .-x . 'Q' is "ff 31- iii' ESQUIRE - P' 1 D N PHILIP H. KRUTZSCH RICHARD G. KURTH VINCENT J. LABARBERA ROYCE W. LAGRAVE 1536 31st St. Pewaukee, Wis. Suffern, N. Y. 424 41st St. San Diego, Cal. U. cy' Wis., '43, Agro. Grove Cigf Col., '43, jour. Sacramento, Cal. S011 Diego Sf-, '43, Plly- Ed- jamextown Col., '43, History VICTOR N. LAMBETH CHARLES C. LANCASTER RICHARD L. LANCASTER JESSE C. LAND Sarcoxie, Mo. Bowie, Md. 1473 Neil Ave. Canton, Ga. U. fy' Mo., '43, Chem. Lzyzola Col., '43, Chem. Columbus, Ohio Piedmont, '47, Math. Ohio Sl., '43, Eco. " feifk dx X. VX. l', ,J L. E ir. I Q ' ROBERT E. LANDO WILLIAM c. LANE Coronado, Cal. 6 Woodland Terrace San Diego St., '43, Zool. Westfield, Mass. ESQUIRE . Kenyon, '43, P91. f1351 THOMAS J. F. LARDNER HENRY G. LARSON RUSSELL O. LARSON CHAS. L. LATIMER, JR. 133 Margin St. 3215 N. Francisco Ave. 200 S. Elm St. 42 Clemenri Ferry Road Lawrence, Mass. Chicago, Ill. Sauk Center, fMinn. Charleston, S. C. B0ston'Col., '43, Ed. Wright jr. Col., 237, Engr. U. of Minn., '43, Aero. Engr. Col. fy' Charleston, '44, H13-toy: RAYMOND G. LATIOLAIS WILLIAM LAVALLE ROBERT E. LAYMAN HARLEY B. LEARISH Kaplan, La. ' 9305 101st Ave. - Daleville, Va. 704 Pine St. Loyola of South, '43, Phar. Ozone Park, N. Y. Bridgewater, '43, Eco. Johnstown, Pa. sf. jmf.-, wa, Biol. ROBERT J. LEE DEAN LEITER 120 Willis Ave. 548 School St, Medford, Mass. , Columbus, Ohio Boston Col., '43, Ind. Mgt. Ohio St., Daigz Tech. 51361 Otlerbein, '39, Phydcs . is n 9 x siiili J- Erik 3: .. vm' 'A 631 . 1' , S' fy' 'Z ' T ' J ,M 1135 .- -W X 'Q um WP ' 2 . 0 f Y? Q -E, :rf 1 or' . .1 X -r . ' ' " 52. if ii' LLOYD E. LENARD RAYMOND M. LENNERTZ WILFRED R. LEVIN JAMES B. LEWIS West Monroe, La. Crown Point, Ind. 129 East Ave. 116 E. Stevens St. L. S. U., '43, jour. .Notre Dame, '42, Pre-Med. Lewiston, Maine Camilla, Ga. Bowdoin, '43, Eco. Emoy, '43, PQI. WILLIAM M. LEWIS CARROL B. LIECHTY WILLIAM P. LILJESTROM NORMAN W. LIND Faison, N. C. 323 W. Fourth St., S. 407 W. Eighth St. 811 South Ave. N. C. S., '43, Zool. Springville, Utah Ellsworth, Kan. Mankato, Minn. Brigham Young, '47, Acct. .Notre Dame, '43, Plzy. So. Superior Sl., '44, Geology EDMUND .I LINDBLOM CELESTER T. LOCH 4530 S Lowe Ave 27 12th Ave., S. Chicago Ill St. Cloud, Minn. A U cy' Clzzcago 43 Pub Ad U. ry' Minn., '43, Phar. rr i 9. P ,N V ,f ,W PT, ,nil , gr e, is, 'I , N , ,, ,..,. .. .5 . 5' f i' w '3 ' G,-.iff .fm 1 . 3 5' E129 If H" ' " I 1 ,Ai ' 1 5 WI, - -.g3M'?SJff.:.N..o - , f-f-"mfg-.,......w ' . , , . . I: 137 I A BORIS S. LORWIN JAMES S. J. LOUGHMAN JACK W. LOVE JOSEPH K. LOWRY JR 3000 39th St., N.W. 6531 N. Francisco Ave. 316 Magnolia Ave. 50 Elizabeth St Washington, D. C. Chicago, Ill. Hannibal, Mo. Ellicottville, N Y Georgetown, 343, For. Ser. DePaul U., '43, Soc. Sc. St. Loui: Col. fy' Phar., '43 Georgetown, '43, For Ser HERBERT LUEBBE ROBERT M. LUKES RAYMOND B. LUTZ ROBERT P. LUX Nelson St. 1713 Verde St. Elkin, N. C. 16 Ballantyne Brae Upton, Mass. Bakersfield, Cal. N.- C. St., 143, For. Utica, N. Y Clark U., '43, Physics U. ry' San Fran., 343, Chem. Hartwick, 343, Pg: 71 5 . ll? ' ilsl N 59 'lf 1 we Iblhb V .W is - .H ilzmmh- " WILLIAM T. LYBRAND JO1-IN s. LYNESS 822 Fifteenth Ave. 28 Atkins Ave. J, ,,,, I E I Prospect Park, Pa. Lynn, Mass. gi' 2. Amhefff, AEN- Boslon Col., ,4-3, Eco. ' ""'G ---A 'a-. ,, -"- ' 2" few-v "-5' - --ef: 11381 . -N X X GEORGE M. LYNN ROBERT M. MACINNIS JOHN MACKINNON DONALD F. J. MAGUIRE 184 Ayers Ave. 502 Washington St. 3760 Merrick St. 4908 Lotus Ave. Youngstown, Ohio Gloucester, Mass. Dearborn, Mich. St. Louis, Mo. Ohio St., '43, Ed. Amherst, '44, Eco. U. ry' Mich., '43, Fin. Notre Dame, '47, jour. i DANIEL J. MAHONEY MERLE B. MALLERY N. L. MANFREDONIA CHARLES F. MANNING 589 Carey Ave. 322 N. McNeil St. 441 Gregory Ave. 185 Hammond St. Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Memphis, Tenn. Weehawken, N. J. Waltham, Mass. U. rj-Scranlon, '38, Ed. U. cy' Ala., '47, Chem. Fordham, '43, Biol. Boylan Col., '43, Acct. A lk f xi xt' we ang 5265: 5-f'5f'lf?qm-959, SQ ?- YV' X 5 ' W' -f p '5 1 "-2 ' ... X . 5R.1"y"' W. f - I . , , A: . - 1 2 w "..,w:6'e - 1 g , ff - 'fr - -' .1 f . f- g I Q Sew x ., L., , , .-wmv, A Q! 2 ,B S' mg, A - g , wwf- a ru' ZZ, X ff 5: '-L1 1 3- 9:1 - , I- ,V 45 I 4- J. , X L., . .,- .. U. ...Q as , . , ': 3 333 w 1 xg ' s' ,,. , g . , - :i'.w4,1:v-., . mi'e'-225.1 1?-r us-'off -f.,f,f,, nah -2 s W' 7 -M . ' 'L' '1" 11 T' 342,44 " ' -'F' gl . Y ' ' f1e?Q:5'QFiev w'z'ive2ffneiifqQg1',- ,?...1.fw' " ' -'2g9if4'?5Qffm1::.fsniLm2Y.Q.,.2.21?. ",- f JOSEPH L. MANSON, JR. LLOYD W. MARSALIS 408 Brunswick Ave. 253 Herndon Ave. Blackstone, Va. Shreveport, La. Hampden-Sydnq, '47, Math. U. rj Miss., Soc. 11391 JACK A. MARTIN JAMES E. MARTIN JOHN S. MARTIN WOODROW W. MASSAD 1919 Harshrnan Blvd. Waynesboro, Ga. 273 Spalding Drive Healdton, Okla. Springfield, Ohio Mercer, '43, Physics Beverly Hills, Cal. U. ry' Okla., '47, Zool. Ohio Sl., '43, Plzy. Ed. U- ry' Cal., '43, Eng. DONALD K. MATTISON CHESTER F. MAY PAT I-I. MAYFIELD CHARLES F. B. MCALEER 16 Perry St. 1555 Grand Concourse Roby, Texas 91 West St. Auburn, N. Y. Bronx, N. Y. N. Texas St. Tea. Col., Ind. Arif Malden, Mass. Alma Col., Math. Sl. johnlv U., '43, Acct. Barton Col., '43, Hislogf SZ f., ,, , Ll' tif. ' in x 5' -s ,Wi m - 'F - 511. ..-19:1 - ' ' . , 'li V -V +"" 'D 1"'ff"' M 1 1 W ,I ,I A' ,' A 'ax 1 Q ik i N 1-. 1 . 111 g 44. ? 51 5' J. -'il El 1'-0l'Ff 1 -'-- cv '-'1"., x'i'5r'-Au Zi gi! MARVIN MCCLAM BILL c. MCCLELLAN A . Lake City, S. C. y 112 cemm Blvd. MW: Clemson Col., '43, Ag. Rio Vista, Texas if I S. M. U., '43, Phy. Ed. L 140 1 - J JAMES MCCORMICK CLAYTON R. MCCULLEY ALBERT L. MCDERMOTT WALLACE N. MCDONALD 2002 Yahara Place 821 E. Seventh St. 1027 Middlesex St. 509 N. 38th St. Madison, Wis. Dallas, Texas Lowell, Mass. Omaha, Neb. U. ry' Wis., '39, Com. S. M. U., '43, Acct. Boxlon Col., '43, Hixlogf Harvard, '43, Histogl H. D. MCELROY, JR. C. H. MCENTYRE, JR. JACK R. MCEVENY JOHN F. MCGINNIS 4227 Herschel St. 2957 Avalon Ave. 3056 S. 31st St. 2150 Washington St. Dallas, Texas Berkeley, Cal. Omaha, Neb. San Francisco, Cal. ,U. cy' Tex., '43, Eco. Starjord, '43, Hisloga Creighton, '47, Law U. zy'San Fran., ,43, Pol. Sc. if. 3. -.. ,.4' ,i.. -A -1 41 is 0.-. . .. ws Jw Q . Q I - s ' X ww vu ' .. - . Mx i 1 's q' 2 'I A 1 PY' Q Q 4' ' ,in a Her : 4 A9 'i "3 1 ff 1 rg, y K? 1 A ,riff ,E f' 1 Ax I i'i"X . 7' . gn . 1? M. 'li 521 xi, rg" 4-ga 'gg A ff " -1 TT- - ' w,N"'nL5?:d3: ' 7 ' r -fa-'F .B JAMES A, MCGOLDRICK MORRIS L. V. MCGOUGH 1908 Belvedere Ave. Mer Rouge, La. Upper Darby, Pa. L. AS. U., '43, Ag. Eco. SZ. j'0:c,t1h'.v, '43, Acct. r 11411 GEO. S. MCKENZIE, JR. JOS. R. MCMAHON, SR. ROBERT R. MCNITT STANLEY E. MEADOR 804 N. Alpine Drive I 4221 S. Rochebl Ave. 975 Pine St. 417 Columbia St. Beverly Hills, Cal. New Orleans, La. Winnetka, Ill. T Council Grove, Kan. U. US. Cal., '43, Mkt. Ltyfala cy' South, '33, Histwy V Norlhweslern, '43, Adv. U. ff Mo.,"43, Bw. Ad. JAMES L. MEANS MONTE MERKEL ROY C. MEYERS EDWARD MIGIELICZ 106 W. Third St. 835 S. Elmwood Ave. 4970 Wabada St. 2101 E. Elm St. Villisca, Iowa Oak Park, Ill. St. Louis, Mo. West Franfort, Ill. U. ry' Iowa, '43, Com. U. Qflfan., '42, Bur. Sl. Louis, '43, Accl. Mo. Si. Tea. Col., '43, Phyf. Ed VERNON B. MILLSAP OSCAR G. MILNER .IOHN W. MISHLER, KIR. Bruner Ave. 360 Washington St. Gordon, Neb. Evergreen, Ala. Whitman, Mass. Crrzghlan, '43, Phar W'. CD' L., '43, Com. Brown, '43, Eco. N421 W' - :E Y'y+.,J , . 4 . Y- v 'E 4-A fx 4 WN WWA VK 1 x RALPH M. MITCHELL JOHN T. MOAKE CARMAN J. MOLINARO RICHARD MOLLOY 302 Chestnut St. 1007 W. Goodall St. 57 Harvard St. 124 Augusta Ave. St, Marys, Pa, Marion, Ill. Winchester, Mass. Baltimore, Md. Dickinson, '43, Chem. S. Ill. Nor. U., '43, Phy. Ed. Boston U., '44, Bus. Loyola Col., ,43, Math. WILLIAM P. MOLONEY DONALD F. MONTY FRANK B. MOORE, JR. HAROLD C. MOORE 6072 Neva Ave. 3155 W. 40th Ave. 2173 McKinley Ave. 934 N. Isabel St. Chicago, Ill. Denver, Col. Lakewood, Ohio Glendale, Cal. Loyola U., Eng. U. ry' Denver, '43, Chem. Georgetown, '43, Eco. U. Q' Col., '47, Ag. E, . mr ,QL ,J eg, -1 "'f1c-... f :I ..,. ' 'af' --44 ..:,. ..,.. I .. -EPB 'r' -' - OLIVER P. MOORE ANTHONY J. MORENO U, ' 4024 Winchester Road 13359 117th sf., 4' "W Louisville, Ky. Ozone Park, N. Y. L ' Ga. Tech., Ind. Mgt.. Sl. johnlr, '43, Math. L 144 J , CHARLES F. MORGAN ALBAN F. MORRIS, JR. EUGENE N. MORRIS RICHARD W. MORSE 1001 S. Sixth Ave., W. 893 Parkway Blvd. 131 N. Austin Blvd. 94 Edmunds Road Newton, Iowa Alliance, Ohio Chicago, Ill. Wellesley Hills, Mass. Ia. Sl. Cal., Eng. W. Rexefve, '38, Bus. Ad. Loyola U., '43, Phil. Bowdoin, '43, Math. HANS W. MUELLER GEORGE D. MULLEN GEORGE S. MULLEN RICHARD J. MUMFORD Wallings Road, N. Royalton 169 Sheriden Ave. 77 Sherman Place 88 E. Bayard St. Brecksville, Ohio Medford, Mass. Jersey City, N. J. Seneca Falls, N. Y. W. Rexerve, '47, Acct. Boston U., '44, Phy. Ed. St. Pelerlv Col., '43, Eco. U. rj Ala., '43, Hirlogw :X ' N.. - A "-' ,A ' 'H " -I7 rm va.. f .. P1 'K' . I , W A- fi.. I ,fx J M-and :ff - .rr rfowww--'H w, PAUL B. MURRAY FRED L. MUSSER 686 Park Ave. 529 Oakwood Ave. New York, N. Y. Highland Park, Ill. Georgelown, '43, Eco. Ia. Sl. Cal., '43, Zool. I145l ' I , H JOHN MUYSKENS, JR. HERBERT G. MYERS LEONARD R. MYERS WALTER S. MYRICK Vista and Vernon Roads 515 N. Fourth St. 12 Vanderbilt Road 121 Nueces St. Jenkintown, Pa. Toronto, Ohio W. Hartford, Conn. Lockhart, Texas Colgate, '43, Eng. ' Kent St., '43, Speech Cornell, '43, Histogf ' S. W. T. S. T. C., '43, Buy, Aa'. MARTIN NEIDUS GEORGE NEIL RICHARD C. NEIN ROBERT H. J. NELSON 11719 Kinsman Road 579 W. Calhoun St, 249 N. Main St. 17352 Parkside Ave. Cleveland, Ohio Springfield, Mo. Camden, Ohio Detroit, Mich. W. Reserve, '43, Bus. Mo. St. Cot., '42, Com. Miami U., '43, Math. U. ry' Detroit, '44, Phil. li f xf VICTOR NESTER CHARLES H. NEUHARDT 213 Second St. 2517 Hemphill St. Albion, Mich. Fort Worth, Texas Albion Col., '43, Math. Texas A. 59' M.,"43, Arch. l146J -f ROBERT L. NEUHOFF PRESTON E. NEVINS WILLIAM W. NEWBERRY WILLIAM R. NICHOLS 57 Joy Ave. 319 W. Third St. Jewett, Texas 1223 Gladys Ave. Webster Groves, Mo. Maryville, Mo. S. Hauslon, '43, Buy. Ad. Lakewood, Ohio Amherst, '43, Eng. U. cy' Mo., '43, Pfzy. Ed. Ohio SL, '43, Ang, JAMES A. NICHOLSON ANTHONY NICKACHOS MANUEL M. NICOLAIDES CHARLES F. NILES, JR Hamlin, Texas 1725 S.E. 16th Ave. 4809 Eastern Ave. 907 W. Main St. N. Tex. S. Tea. Col., '43, Bur. Ad. Portland, Ore. Baltimore, Md. Russellville, Ark. U. ay' Ore., '43, Bw. Ad. U. lj Md., '43, Bus. Ad. ' U. qf Tenn., '43, Civ. Engr fy, . Y 1, . 4 Q A 1' ,X " " ' 'YQ " 2 - 1 A 'Sirk gf . , Y .- 'iw :fm-. ,ax , -1, wr" zff:f'4'- -v 3, , PAUL H. NOLTE RICHARD E. NOON .5 '- .' ' Srl . . . ' 412 S. Baldwin St. 105 Lincoln St. " 'D 'i' -fr ,Q M , Madison, Wls. Hudson, Mass. H we W- s" '- 7 M - ' - U. ly' Wis., '43, Soc. Mass. St. Col., '42, Chem. I147l ROBT. w. NORDSTROM WM. E. NORMAN, JR. SCOTT A. NORRIS, JR. THOMAS E. F. O'BRIEN 315 S. Linn St. 3129 N St., N.W. 3414 Beechwood Blvd. 24 Sharon St. -. Bay City, Mich. Washington, D. C. Pittsburgh, Pa. Boston, Mass. Mich. St. Col., '43, Chem. Georgeiown, '43, Dipl. Lafayetle, '43, Accl. Boston Col., '43, Sac. JOHN P. O'CONNELL ARTHUR J. O'CONNOR CHARLES O'CONNOR, JR. JAMES R. O'CONNOR 278 Hollis St. 33 Brookdale St. 2309 N. Union St. 155 S. Sixth St. Framingham, Mass. Roslindale, Mass., Des Moines, Iowa St. Helens, Ore. Barton Col., '43, Govt. Boston Col., '43, Pre-Med. Drake U., '43, Accl. Ore. Col. cy' Ed., '42, Soc. Sc. 9' 3 . 5? . Q2 2-ffby SEM 27 IP . , ' ' -.T 5' Z. h Q5 A xi' ' ' v-SP - . f . . , a S f26:'g"5 A gg ' - 1 .,. L . J , eyv ,ws 1 - - if -,g l ' . ' 'ff' H' 0 L., ,J ,- X' X THOMAS C. OCTGAN OLIN M. ODLAND 667 Garland St. Dell Rapids, S. D. .i in , Winnetka, Ill. Auguxlanrz Col., '43, Chem, N EW-ihmjzzpighu Kenyon Col., '43, Eco. I 148 l X l 'Q-v 'Q-W... JAMES H. ODOM CHARLES O'DONNELL JOSEPH P. O'DONNELL JOHN P. O'FERRALL Q Apple Springs, Texas 202 University Ave. 38 Raymond St. 200 Augusta Ave. S. Houston St. Tea. Col., '39, Biol. Buffalo, N. Y. Medford, Mass. Baltimore, Md. Canz'.rz'us, '43, Hislogl Boxlon Col., '43, Hisloyf johnr Hopkins, '43, Eng. . Xl' P17 s.-f n""' -a..ff EDWARD J. O'KEEFE JOHN E. O'KEEFE JOSEPH L. OKRASINSKI ALFRED M. O'MEARA 30 Royal St. 28 Harvard St. 3800 Brooklyn Ave. 630 Vine St. Allston, Mass. Chelsea, Mass. Baltimore, Md. Denver, Col. Boston Col., '43, Acct. Boston Col., '43, Soc. U. rj Md., '39, Phor. U. U' Denver, '43, Bus. Ad. CHARLES R. O'MEILIA RICHARD OPPITZ 1832 E. 16th Place 709 N. Collington Avc. Tulsa, Okla. Baltimore, Md. Okla. A. CL' M., '43, Chem. Loyola Col., '43, Arlx l1491 WILLARD N. ORENSTEIN ARTHUR OSTROWSKI ARTHUR F. OWINGS STANLEY I. PANITZ 626 Eastgate St. 323 Elm Road Mariposa, Cal. Riverside Drive St. Louis, Mo. Ambridge, Pa. U. rj Cal., Chem. Salisbury, Md. Washington U., '43, Bus. Ad. Geneva Col., '43, Chem. johns Hopkins, '43, Pol. Sc CHARLES E. PARKER WILLIAM T. PARKS ARTHUR B. PARSONSNIR. F. D. PATERSON Brownsboro, Texas 5308 Zara Ave. 52 Edgewood Road 4238 S.E. Division St. S. Houxlon St. Tea. Col., Bus. Ad. Richmond, Cal. Scarsdale, N. Y. Portland, Ore. S. Franczirco jr. Col., '42, Bus. Ad. Lehzlgh, '43, Bus. Ad. ' U. ry' Ore., '43, Geal. A , if 1 4, . ,I E . - f V51 , 74' I fri 4'5" 'A "KWH ' ' 1 I ,ly ,ij V, -X A XA, . JA' W , K wtf' . ,V 1- 'X !L I, 'ff l ,f he , I .' . y UMIWQI 7 A Q fy 'il rl bw ' A , - U. Sf , f Z., F, i , 1 QL ' fx- ' F- If GEO. W. PATRICK, JR. L. NEALE PATRICK, JR. " " ' ua QQ? 6 864 Columbia Ave. 211 S. York St. f. .7 Springfield, Ill. Gastonia, N. C. Norlhwexlern, '43, Accl. U. of N. C., '39, jour. N501 FRED Z. PAYNE, JR. CHARLES N. PEARSON ANDREW L. PEDATA CLAYBORNE B. PENCE Flagstaff, Ariz. Tracy, Cal. ' 10 Moonachie Ave. Tatum, S. C. U. of Ariz., '43, Acct. Lo: Angeles Sclz. ay' Opl., '47 Moonachie, N. J. Clemson Col., '42, Ag. Ed. Paterson Sl. Tea. Col., '47, H13-topy xl"'A ALAN S. PERRY JOSEPH H. PETERS GEORGE T. PETTIBON HERBERT PETTINGER 65 Strathmore Road 505 W. Sterling St. 474 Heller St. 1731 E. 36th St. Brookline, Mass. Coffeyville, Kan. Rochester, Pa. I Brooklyn, N. Y. Bowdoin Col., '43, Eco. Baker U, '42, Bur. Ad. W. fb' j., '43, Eco. U. zy'A!a., '43, PU. 'gg- X-1 FRED J. PEYTON LUCIUS B. PHELPS T 768 Grand Ave. Batesville, Mass. puf,,,,5f St. Paul, Minn. Min. Sl., '42, Ag. ' Sl. Thomas' Col., '43, Soc. Sc. f15lJ J JACK G. PICKENS EUGENE J. PIERACCI CHARLES C. PIGG CHARLES J. PIPES, JR 1748 S. Louisville St. 595 Franklin St. Mt. Vernon, Ill. 1216 A Ave. Tulsa, Okla. Santa Clara, Cal. So. Ill. Nor., 143, Com. Lawton, Okla. Okla. A. ii M., Bus. San jose Sl. Col., '44, Ply. U. ry' Okla., '40, Malh. GEORGE H. PLOUGH PAUL J. PLUNKETT RAY. POINDEXTER, JR. JOSEPH F. POLKA 85 Dana St. 717 E. 34th St. 214 Cedar St. 3368 N. Central Ave. Amherst, Mass. Baltimore, Md. Kennett, Mo. Chicago, Ill. Amherst, '43, Eng. Loyola Col., '43, Math. S. WG Mo. St. Col., '43, Eng. Chicago Tea. Col., '43, Math , - 1 ' 5511, x,,..f1?f - 41 Xa A 4 A ' adv Q D lm Q CHARLES M. POTTER EMERY B. POUNDSTONE Qi-gf 1805 E. Washington St. Grimes, Cal. in li 6,19 Orlando, Fla. V U. of Cal., ,43, Bur. Ad. U. of Fla., 14.3, Acct. 11521 y I FRANK A. X. PRAUSA DAVID M. PROWELL ROGER A. PTOLEMY PAUL E. PUCHSTEIN 325 Harnilton St. New Orleans, La. Cortez, Col. 4381 Ingham Ave. Easton, Pa. L. S. U. Mich. Sl. Col., Com. Columbus, Ohio Lqfayelfe Col., '43, Eco. Ohio U., 343, Fin' ff" VV' EUGENE PUETT CARROL E. PUGH ROBERT H, PUGH EDWARD KI. QUINN, JR. Athens, Tenn. Stockport, Ohio 430 Lindenwood Ave. 1405 N. Fourth St. U. ly' Term., '47, Bur. Ad. Ohio U., '43, Sec. St. A Akron, Ohio Philadelphia, Pa. Ohiu N. U., '42, Chem. St. josephx, ,43, Accl. o if? .. 51 . 1t,fsx42.5.. all U ,I 1 'AX Wi. 'V X V Q K mix , ff JUEL H. MOSLEY VINCENT P. O'CONNELL f, 'V 1433 Bessie sr. 5078 Minerva Ave. if Cape Girardeau, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. S. E. Mo. St. Col., '43, Chem. St. Louis, '42, Accl. l1531 ' .1 ' 1 1 1 I x M. 5. 5. Jgacfin , N f . . H ,,,v,,..,xff1w..,,M,...!,.2.. IM4",x E 1 . ,: ,S Mf"E7'L - A N35 HP? : gifs: ' , .QD ,Lx , v5,4gi:.,, , 'f,f",f'.'1 . f if N 1 Aga. :gf-H I 2 X 3 59.1-nf . +:.N5Q3'?,, D .g Q' - 1 ' . ..., jg. ,,.,. ,..51i5.L,...n ..... gzxzfgn.. T M :1L:i.Y2'5JaifilfM is ' 4: ,she-s-:Lf-" 57 y Jw Q , .1 .Wy WM. ssf-J.,,, N-"A"'f' o f , " .fa-V Q ' ix I f I p n 1 1 I l . If I X 1 I I' f s , K ' ' I aww MM FRANCIS II. RAIKOWSKI DANIEL J. RANSOHOFF EDGAR R. RASOR BERNARD D. RATSHIN Rice, Minn. 3509 Biddle St. Allen, Texas 2034 Sixth St. Sl. Jolznls U., '43, Biol. Cincinnati, Ohio S. M. U., '43, Plzy. Ed. Brooklyn, N. Y. Columbia U., ,43, Soc. Sl. 7 Nofthwextern, '43, Chem. ,-fx C. N fb Y X I ROBERT F. RAY PAUL M. READ Eau Claire, Wis. 125 Park Drive U. gf Wir., -343, Eno. Bostcn, Mass. Dzjanre Col., Math. ROBERT W. REAS MICHAEL R. RECTOR JAMES F. REDDING ,IGHN A. REEDY 4800 Bishop Road 219 S. Fourth St. 351 Duane Ave. Amory, Miss. Detroit, Mich. I Shelton, Wash. San Gabriel, Cal. Mz's:. Sl. Col., '43, Com. Wayne U., '43, Govt. U. ryf Wash., '43, Geal. Stafford, '43, Eco. l157l CHARLES' C. REES, JR. RALPH REICHMAN CLIFFORD A. REID' ' R. G. REIFSCHNEIDER 503 Owen Road 1060 Sherman Ave. 186 Ampere Parkway Lau-rel, Iowa Wynnewood, Pa. ,New York, N. Y. Bloomfield, N. J, Iowa Sl. Tea. Col., '43, Phyrics Kenyon Col., '43, Eng. Maryhall Col., '43,'Plzy. Ed. Rulgers, Accl. ' ' :V LA-SA! ,fl 5 ' 1 fe 1 1 .J HUBERT REIGERT WILLIAM C. REMICK 293 W. Main St. Smithfield, Va. Madison, Ohio W. fb' M., '43, Acct. Ohio St., '43, Ag. Engf. - FRANK S. REYNOLDS H. RICE S. B. RICHARDSON JAMES O. RICHARME,JR. 71 N. Reynolds St. 206 N.W. 18th St. State St. Norco, La. Milltown, Wis. Oklahoma City, Okla, Lowville, N. Y. Lzyfola QfSouth, '43, Law River Falls, '43, Ag. 011111. A. GJ' M., '47, Com. Hamillon Col., '43, Hislogf M581 1' x WM. M. RINGLE, JR. JOHN RIPPLE MARION RIZZO EDWARD F. ROACH 105 Oakland Ave. 12 Fifth Ave., N.W. 139 E. James St. 755 E. McMillan St. Gloversville, N. Y. Rochester, Minn. Falconer, N. Y. Cincinnati, Ohio Hamillan Col., '43, Math. U. qf Minn., Law King Col., '43, Lang. U. Qf Cirzcinnali, '43, Chem. 04,0 W ATl0,yj , . QAM V VX!-2,-P ' Q . W f .' ? WILLIAM W. ROBERTS MARTIN A. ROBIN I ns 1610 Elmwood Ave. 5251 N. Hutchinson St. TCL? Wilmette, Ill. Philadelphia, Pa. Mz'ch. Sl., '43, Phy. Ed. Penn. St. Col., '47, Optics GEORGE J. ROBINSON -IOHN B. ROOT D. D. ROSEBOROUGH FORREST C. ROSELLINE 8220 Colonial Road College Hill 736 Clayton St. 800 N. Marshall St. Brooklyn, N. Y. Clinton, N. Y. Mount Dora, Fla. Henderson, Texas .Niagara U., '42, Sc. Hamilton Col., '43, Hiring MaU1vz'!lb Col., '43, Pol. Sc. U. qf Texax, '43, Govt. 11591 WM. K. ROSENGREN GEORGE A. ROUNTREE CHARLES R. ROUSE, JR. EMIL RUCKTENWALD 45 W. Vernon St. 1014 W. First St. 1105 Valley St. 2212 W. Vine St. Phoenix, Ariz. Tulsa, Okla. Baltimore, Md. Milwaukee, Wis. U. 1y"A7iz., '43, Law john Brown U., '43, Radio Engr. Lzyola Col., '43, Ari: Mz'l. St. Tea. Col., Mwic A X , - f I . K fi , "' X if - ' . u ' VKX X , H Q ' X lllxlll l Q IA - -2- E g R , JOHN RUSSO NATHANIEL P. RUTTER - I 1461 E. Seventh St. 4440 Lindell Blvd. ' Plainfield, N. St. Louis, Mo. - N. SZ. Tea. Col., '43, Math. Tufts Col., '43, Histofy EDWARD G. RUYAK CLARENCE E. RYAN WILLIAM H. RYAN, JR. JGSEPH R. SAKALA 554 Hillside Ave. 1535 26th Ave. 500 South St. 2318 S. 56th Ave. Bethlehem, Pa. Moline, Ill. Greenville, Ala. Cicero,.I1l. Temple U., '43, Pre3Law St. Arnbroxe, '43, Biol. Auburn, '43, Phar. U. of Chicago, Bw. Ad. f1601 WG fn' URANO J. SALVADOR BERNARD E. SAMP DONALD I. SANDBURG CHARLES H. SANDERS 31 N. Erie St. 2520 Hackberry Lane 414 S. Downing St. Florence, Mo. Albany, N. Y. LaCrosse, Wis. Denver, Col. Ufcy' Mo., '43, Agric. Siena Col., '43, Chem. U. fy' Wix., '43, Am. Inyt. U. Q' Denver, '43, Relailing WM. P. SANDERSON, JR. EDWIN SAUL, JR. Carterville, Va. New Brunswick, N. Randolph-Macon, '43, Math. Columbia U., '43, Chem. Engr. FRANCIS S. SAUNDERS JAMES P. SAWYER ROBERT H. SAYRE ARTHUR L. SCHARF, ,IR Aulander, N. C. Fourth SL Market Sts. 130 Wheatland Ave. ' 502 N. E St. U. ry'N. C., '39, Chem. Darlington, Pa. Logansport, Ind. Tacoma, Wash. Geneva Col., '43, Chem. Purdue, '43, Engr. Dartmouth, '43, Spanixh 11611 1 AV" RICHARD G. SCHAUB NORMAN H. SCHEER FREDERICK S. SCHNELL PAUL W. SCI-IOTT 2228 Ridge Road Rosalia, Wash. 2201 Ogden Ave. 7 Versailles Blvd. Highland, Ind. 'Waslz. St. Col., '43, Plzar. Superior, Wis. New Orleans, La. U. fyf HL, '43, Aygh, Superior St. Tea: Col., '43, Malh. Lzyfola cy'SouZh, '43, Fin. 34 1" . f . I! f ff . , Mgkx ai lla W 'ill . e he 1 11 L ALBERT G. SCHRAFF FRANK W. SCHWARZ ,,' ji X 3639 Rocky River Drive V 318 Baker St. ld ST Q ku, TS' f Cleveland, Ohio San Francisco, Cal. Q? Sl. joxeplfs, '47, Biol. Ursinus, Chem. ? K- ALFRED J. SEGADELLI MILTON F. SEILHAN MITCHELL F. SHAKER ROBERT C. SHATTUCK 39 Ashland St. Iota, La. 371 W. Park Ave. 1258 Wealthy St., S.E. Arlington, Mass. Southweftern U., '47, Ag. Nilcs, Ohio Grand Rapids, Mich. I Borlorz Col., '43, Soc. John Carroll U., '43, Soc. U. ay' Gr. Rapids, '43, Plzar. L1621 WILLIAM H. SHAW 1501 Vogal St. Abilene, Texas Hardin-Sirnmom' U., '43, Drama JOHN W. SHAWLEY JOHN F. SHEEHAN EDWARD F. SHEERAN Beechwood St. 37 School St. 231 Triangle Ave. Coalport, Pa. Somerville, Mass. Dayton, Ohio Weslchesler Col., '43, Ed. Bbslon Col., '43, Ind. Mgt. U. zyfDayton, '43, Bur. il -. K K ., 22 A I' .vm I J f l . f 1 REX A. SHERMAN TODD W. SHIRLEY Kalamazoo, Mich. 2100 E. Maple St. I Wexlern Mich., '47, Ind. Arts Enid, Okla. N Tis. X Phillipr U., '43, Eco. 3296 E. 149th St. Cleveland, Ohio EDWARD J. SHOUPE ROBERT G. SHREFFLER EVERETT W. SHULER STEPHEN SHUSTER 257 W. Main St. 14 S.W. First St. 806 Seventh St. Shelby, Ohio Homestead, Fla. Windber, Pa. Ohio Sl., '40, Chem. U. qf Fla., '43, Horl. Ind. SZ. Tea. Col., '43, Acct. W. Reserve, '40, Bur. Ad. H631 VICTOR SIBERT EARL SIEGEL ROBERT L. SIEREN RALPH D. SILVER Norfork, Ark. 5759 Westminster Place 504 Palrnwood Ave. 4900 N. Avers Ave. U. zy'Ark., '47, Ag. St. Louis, Mo. Delta, Ohio Chicago, Ill. Sl. Louif, 543, Bus. Ad. WDMCZHCE Col., '43, Biol. U. ry' Chicago, '42, Physics 440169 X N. G K? l O' N XCROXX BLAINE SIMONS, JR. WILLIAM K. SIMONTON 1619 S. Second Ave. 2400 Willard St. Sioux Falls, S. D. Wilrnington, Del. XXV,-lxxmvm, XLXXM xx . XXX U. cyfS. D., '43, Pre-Law Bowdoin Col., '43, Chem. ll U JIM C. SIMS IRWIN W. SKLARSKY MORTON SLAVIN EDWARD B. SLOTE, JR Woodville, Texas 4114 Ocean Ave. 3724 75th St. 3525 212th St. S. F. Am-tin, '43, Chem. Brooklyn, N. Y. Jackson Heights, N. Y. Bayside, N. Y. U, cy"N. C., '43, Chem. Columbia U., '38, Phar. Amherst, '43, Biol. 11641 ANDREW C. SMITH DUANE T. SMITH FLOYD M. SMITH LUTHER L. SMITH 327 E. 17th St. 308 W. Gordon St. Prescott, Kan. 725 High Ave. New York, N. Y. Topeka, Kan. Pittsburgh fKam.j, '43, Bur. Ad. Redlands, Cal. St. john? U., '43, Biol. U. fy' Kan., '43, Soc. Sc. U. lj Redlands, '43, Ed. T ' 1 -122 X f I KW 3 T A 5 T NNW. I , ,- I if "N Z ,N 'L 1 X ,, 7.1 ss t I V , V Q i M I Q , , . Y X , ,a ,a V I l ff N 'S 51 ,fy CHARLES S. SNAVELY ROBERT N. SNIDER T5 ?, Conover, N. C. Brownwood, Texas Lenoir Rlyme, '43, Bus. Ad. U. Qf Texaf, Chem. FRANK V. SNYDER WALLACE R. SOLI LOWELL SPICER FLOYD L. STAMM Smithtown Branch 2012 Rucker Ave. Stilwell, Okla. 3908 Cornelia Ave. Long Island, N. Y. Everett, Wash. Okla. A. G? M., '43, Agro. Chicago, Ill. Harvard, '43, Eng. U. aj Wash., '43, Eco. Loyola U., '43, Biol. N651 , 'rvf 'Phu ,- R. G. S. STANFORD EARL R. STANLEY HENRY A. STEDDOM, JR. EDMOND A. STEPHAN 5088 Enright Ave. Windham, Ohio 1025 Second St., N,W. 345 N. Poinsettia Place St. Louis, Mo. Kent Sl., '43, Biol. Mason City, Iowa Los Angeles, Cal. Waylzinglon U., '43, Bus. Ia. Sl. Col., ,43, Ind. Eco. U. C. L. A., '43, Acct. MICHAEL A. STEPOVICH- PETER M. STERN 1332 N.E. Williams Court 1122 N. Springfield Ave. . Portland, Ore. Chicago, Ill. Notre Dame, '43, Law ' U. fy' Miami, '40, Ed. THE NEW YORKER ROBERT L. STEVENS EDWARD J. STEVENTON HAROLD F. STILL, JR. O, M. ST. JOHN-GILBERT 408 E. Elm St. 2069 Ferdinand St. 212 Rodman Ave. Alexander Young Hotel Albion, Ill. Detroit, Mich. Jenkintown, Pa. Honolulu, T. H. Ariz. St., 143, Eng. Detroit Tech., ,43, Buy. Ad. Amherst, '43, Eco. Stafford, '43, Eco. I 1-66 J .,!'k vu- ROBERT N. ST. MARY ROWLAND G. STOEHR WILLIAM STOLL ALBERT W. STON 251 E.,Main St. 4254-A Michigan Ave. South Vienna, Ohio Salem, N. Y. Malone, N. Y. ' St. Louis, Mo. U. fy' Colo., 713, Eno. Sl. Lawrence, '43, Biol. Union, '43, Law Waxhinglon U., ,40, Acct. r . jx? I 'P ff- '. BALLARD B. STORY 21 Ocean View Ave. South Portland, Maine Bosion U., '43, Accl. k THE NEW YORKER H671 m W W . N V, V mg . X WWW X 1 ' .Mil I .IOHN T. STOUT CHARLES KI. STRICKLER HENRY A. STROMAN WILLIAM A. STRUTHERS Paoli, Incl. 55 S. Cedar St. 725 Parkside Ave. 1171 Glen Drive Earllzam Col., '43, Eco. Gencva,Ohio Buffalo, N. Y. San Leandro, Cal, Purdue, '43, Chem. U. qfBzgH'alo, '43, Soc. Sc. Slarford, '43, Soc. Sc. 'NFO- ggi 2121, l lr x W 7 DTS NORMAN P. STUMPF JOSEPH A. SULLIVAN X X Q, 600 First St. 57 Harbor View St. Q Gretna, La. Dorchester, Mass. Loyola of Soullz, '43, Phar. Boston Col., '43, Math. THOMAS D. SULLIVAN MERWIN A. SUMBACH E. R. SWAFFORD, JR. CHARLES M. SWART, JR. 2057 N.E. Alameda 182 Proctor Blvd. Longview Drive, Beverly Hills Leatherwood Lane Portland, Ore. Utica, N. Y. Rossville, Ga. Wheeling, W. Va. U. of Porlland, '42, Hur. Ad. Penn, ,43, Bur. Ad. U. Q' Clzaltzznoogo, ,43, Eco. W. G? J., '43, Eng. 11691 Ji. i .,,,' IRVIN R. SWARTLEY, JR. RICHARD E. SWARTZEL RUSSELL P. SWEET Allentown Road 2588 Paxton St. 74 Deer Hill Ave. Lansdale, Pa. Akron, Ohio Danbury, Conn. Dickim-on, '39, Hiring: 4 Ohio U., '43, Chem. Bowdoin, '43, Chem. ROY, E. SWOBODA 1610 Poplar St. I Cairo, Ill. SL. Louif cgi. fy Phar. E-fs' flq .s-.Q -yy 7t fs.- x . i. .i-.aa E A P"":-Ejw BARTON M. SWOPE HAROLD J. TALBOT, JR. . 3755 Ruckle North Kennebunkport, Me. Indianapolis, Ind. Amherst, '43, Math. Butler U., '43, jour. - KENNETH L. TALLMAN CECIL M. TAMMEN ANIELLO TANCREDI GEORGE L. TAYLOR, ,IR jasper, Mo. Clara City, Minn. 228 Webster St. U. Q' Mo., '43, Daigf U. cy' Minn., '43, Arch. E. Boston, Mass. Mass. Col. ry' Phar. N701 16 Lennox St. Beverly, Mass. Boylan U., '43, Phy. Ed. 'w WILBUR G. TEUBNER BRUCE W. THAYER GEORGE H. THIELE COLLINS S. THOMAS 1020 N. Madison 2740 Harrison St. 150 S. Delaware Ave. Tallulah, La. Dallas, Texas Evanston, Ill. Wenatchee, Wash. L. P. I., '43, Accl. S. M. U., '40, Chem. Lehigh, '43, Bus. Ad. U. ry' Wash., ,47, Arch. Iv' ' l hw f M A y ' 4s - x 4 -X- A A f N l l X67 .5 A V GEO. M. THOMAS, JR. RANDOLPH G. THOMAS 0 I K Cameron, N. C. Arlington, Cal. T5 .C A U N. asf., '43,Ag.Ef1. Wa5h.St.'C0l.,'4t3,Ge0l. RAYMOND A. THOMAS WILLIAM THOMAS, JR. R. R. THOMPSON, JR. SPENCER G. THOMPSON 439 Hope St. 9400 Cote Brilliante 47 Sixth St. 716 Mantooth Ave. Bristol, R. I. Clayton, Mo. Aspinwall, Pa. Lufkin, Texas Prov. Col., '43, Soc. Sc. S. W. Mo. S. T. Col., '40, Com. Springjelfl, '43, Plym. Ed. Sam Houslon, '43, Chem. l1711 BURTON THORNQUIST H. J. THURBER, JR. S. K. THURSTON, JR. JAMES G. TINSLEY 189 Bellevue St. 2221 Forestview Road - 447 S. Collier St. Haynesville, La. Newton, Mass. Evanston, Ill. Centralia, Mo. La. Tech., '42, Bus. Ad. Bowdoin, '43, French Colgate, Soc. U. Ly' Mo., '43, Bw. Ad. A ' HAROLD W. TITUS ROBERT F. TOOMEY Minocqua, Wis. 271 Whitney St. Superior St. Tea. Col., '43, Biol. , Conneaut, Ohio Niagara U., '42, Chem. if if li W , xx: -.. I . 17 If x X Y I K -- I 1 , i 4 , f 'f' Y1 ftp .7922 . Q , ' f 'FL ' - " pd .9 Q .a"' 1 ,, . 1 F, i, Q 1 w ffl 2Y'x'ff" f 1 I an ,..-, XA' V Q of X A 1 4 1. , . 4. f . fl . e. P e if 'U X, ,VN fl A l ' 731.231 IEE! 47 I Q! JOSEPH T. TRACEY HAROLD R. TRAFTON GEORGE G. TUBB ORVILLE Y. TUCKER 375 Baker St. Watsonville, Cal. White Deer, Texas Stanfield, N. C. W. Roxbury, Mass. Stanford, '43, Eco. U. tyr Texas, '43, Geol. Appalachian, '42, Math. Boxlon Col., '43, Plzyxics l172J E, ' 9, 15-T .1 -.-,W-,, v-uv. ,Q WILLIAM E. TURNBULL GEORGE W. TUTTLE JAMES G. TYSON ANTHONY G. ULRICH Griggsville, Ill. 14 Woodland Ave. Nashville, Ga. 1461 Lawson St. W. Ill. S. Tea. Col., Chem. Bloomfield, Conn. Peabocbl, '43, Ed. Houston, Texas U. fy' Conn., '43, Ind. Mgt. Sl. Edwardk, '43, Biol. ' twig ,gg X fa g m QR 1 x-3,5 3 PM ' J f , 'ffl f i . "" - A f Toll I l f 1 Q we C s. ' ffm. X ,I n O ,6 w KS X 9 E l QX . XJ 1 gxf L if I " X .. ,gif A Q' . ' J K H V XJ X , . A ' X WM K W. G. VANDERHAYDEN D. W. VANNATTA, JR. T " , U 323 N. Main St, 1127 Hayes Ave. - 'L X Stockton, Ill. Fremont, Ohio W ,Inf Bradley, '43, Ind. Arty Ohio St., '43, Spanish MARVIN D. VERONEE WILLIAM VOGEDES, JR. FRANK A. VOGEL WALTER R. VOIGHT Johns Island, S. C. 1915 E. 30th St. 234 W. Rosser Ave. Columbus Ave. U. UN. C., '43, Hislozy Baltimore, Md. - BiSIT1211'Ck, N- D- Niantic, COUN- Gelguburg, '43, Malh. U. ry' N. D., '43, Acct. U. of Conn., '43, Hz'.floUJ f1731 f"f- 5 1 'R , i '. 'W 4" s , . 1,12 F. C. VAN DOLLEN IRA L. WIAGNER CORNELIUS T. WALKER GERARD V. WALLACE San Miguel, Cal. 1263 Boynton Ave. 410 Southway ' 28 Magdala St. Fresno Sl., '43, Biol. New York, N. Y. Baltimore, Md. Dorchester, Mass. Norllzzvcslerzz, '43, Bus. Ad. Loyola, '43, Acct. Boylan Col., '43, Ind. Mgl. f Q ,. f 1 TFA x Wx, ff fl, 'VFW 2,56 ' V A QQKX - ., ,,x. y Nl ll N if X 1 - X ,, F ' . l N f:? X .,.l - -i ' ' 5'3" A , fi CHESTER C. WARD, ,IR. EDWARD L. WARE 1,01 - 'X zoo-S. 24th Ave. 119 s. Barnes st. , , fc T5 Hattiesburg, Miss. Mason, Mich. ' y- ' ' U. of Miss., '43, Sec. U, of Grand Rajzizlx, '42, Phar. " ROBERT E. WARING H. B. WARREN, JR. GEORGE D. WATKINS JACK WAXENBURG 3103 Second St. Breese, Ill. 316 S. james St. 923 22nd St. Vicksburg, Miss. St. Louis, '43, Biol. Ashland, Ky. Moline, Ill. Miss. Sl., '43, Prod. Mgt. Randolph-Macon, '43, Mallz. U. ry' Miami, '43, Eco. f174,l gi-f Y-r-. LOUIS C. WAYS ROBERT B. WEBSTER HARRY W. WEEKS JOHN WEILER - 4333 Stanhope Ave. 104 Brecce Terrace 2218 Beverly Drive 152 N. Broad St. Dallas, Texas Madison, Wis. Charlotte, N. C. Norwich, N. Y. St. Edwaraur, Buy. Ad. U, fy' Wis., '43, Zool. Duke, '43, Eco. Prall, '43, Arch. if .. , ws-X ,. I f' MU F A ---""', - -, . CLARENCE A. WELLS ROBERT M. WELTON x ' l my 1 " f ,A 4 ,fi x ,,i , I ...ffi X jltx'-X 1 MJ, : l Z . -:"',"T,f is X 7 .f " L 1 1. ' , '9' . , X ll ' I x ' A ' lil' ll .L ' 1 ' ' E 5 - ' 113 E. zisf sr. 4 Morrison Ave. Q ,, '1 ' 4' Ts Anniston, Ala. Wethersfield, Conn sfacksonville Col., '39, Ed. Trinigf, '43, Hislogf KENNETH V. WENDLAND R. VI. WESTENDORF FREDERICK E. WEYBRET DANIEL V. WHELTON 3474 N. Humboldt Ave. 118 Fillmore St. Milwaukee, Wis. Dayton, Ohio U. of Wz':., '43, jour. U. cy' Dayton, '43, Chem. 11751 Soledad, Cal. 57 Montvale St. Slafjord, '43, Eco. Roslindale, Mass. Boxlon Col., '47, Lalin x THOMAS E. WHITE W. E. WIEBENSON, JR. A. H. WIESENTHAL RICHARD C. WILAND Bellevue, Ohio 201 The Roosevelt 5854 Douglas St. 244 E. Main St. Ohio St., '43, Pre-law Aberdeen, Wash. Pittsburgh, Pa. Kent, Ohio Reed Cal., '43, Math. Pitt., '43, Phar. 1 Ken! St., '47, Soc. Sc. -.153 EDWARD H. WILCOX SAMUEL B. WILDER A 13 Schofield Ave. 694 Berkley Ave. , U55 ELEWLE Dudley, Mass. Orange, N. ' Boston U., '43, Ed. Bowdoin, '43, Chem. MILO C. WILDRICK PAUL G. WILLIAMS ROBERT L. WILLIAMS ALLEN L. WILLIAMSON 221 Stephen Ave. ' 1717 Franklin St., S.E. 314 N, Indian Ave. 58 Crestview Road Scranton, Pa. Grand Rapids, Mich. Palm Springs, Cal. Columbus, Ohio Columbia U., Eng. Kenyon, '43, Eco. Georgelown, '43, For. Ser. Ohio Sl., '43, Ind. Mgt. 11761 8 1 ROBT. M. WILLIAMSON CHARLES M. WILLIS WALTER WILLIS IRVIN WILLITS Gainesville, Fla. Beulah Ave. 351 62nd St. Augusta, Kan. U. ofFZa., '43, Pfzy.fz'cx ffylerstown, Miss. Brooklyn, N. Y. Phillzllif U., 143, Eco. U. cy' Miss., 143, Eco. SZ. johnlv, 1-40, Soc. Sc. M., aiu lofof M .spas jill A R .oo ' L 'fa . ' 1" ' f ' L flag' 5 9, 1 ad J T. M. WILLSON, JR. ROBERT R. WILSBACH ' 941 GOlf AVC. 512 N. 34th St. ff, 'CYO0 H00, C'glbfgZ'nf" 73460, Kerrville, Texas Philadelphia, Pa. S. W. T. T. C., '47, Eng. St. josepfzlv, '43, Eng. CHARLES A. WILSON, JR. CURTIS WILSON EDWIN J. WILSON FRANCIS R. WILSON Stevenson, Md. 2010 Appleton Ave. 967 87th Ave., W. 3871 Arboleda St. john: Hopkinx, 143, Bus. Eco. Parsons, Kan. Duluth, Minn. Pasadena, Cal. Kama: Sl., '43, Bus. Ad. Dulullz Col., '43, Ind. Engr. Fresno Sizzle, '43, Spanish x f177l JAMES B. WILSON LEO F. WILSON HAROLD D. WIMBERLY REX H. WINDHAM 9 E. Lincoln 34 Silk St. 738 E. College Ave. Luverne, Ala. Harrisburg, Ill. Arlington, Mass. Jacksonville, Ill. Birm.-S., '43, Speech Culver, '43, Bus. Ad. Boylan Col., '43, Buy. Ad. Ill. Weslqgfan, V13, Biol. 5.5 V ,f I -L e. yejga' ' MARK L. WODLINGER CHARLES s. WOODS ' fl-,zi-igfg, .I , 912 E. Fort King Ave. 309 W. State St. M ff1"7' " Ocala, Fla. Albion, N. Y. S' A " li U. qfFla., '43,-Baci. Antioch, '43, Bus. Ad. SAMUEL F. WOOL WILBUR WOOMER, JR. JAMES C. WYNN . HAROLD E. YAHNKE 4525 Flora St. 405 S.W. 29th St. Ft. Towson, Okla.' 2737 S. Quincy Ave. St. Louis, Mo. Oklahoma City, Okla. Okla. A. G? M., '40, Arch. Engr. Milwaukee, Wis. lfVaJhz'nglon U., 213, Law Okla. Cligl U., 213, Chem. Milwaukee Col., '43, Ed. H781 I . .,.- W.:-.gli , -L Vx, . 4 . W. H ROBERT L. YANCEY FRANK L. ZEIGLER LOUIS A. ZELESKEY, JR. GEORGE E. ZILLGITT 1112 N. Harvey AVC. 804 Wilson Avc. 5515 Amherst St. 2002 Midlothian Drive Oak Park, Ill. Tifton, Ga. Dallas, Texas Altadcna, Cal. U. rgf Chicago, 147, Chem. Lincoln, 142, Bus. Lam S. ZW. Il., 14.3, Acrl. Slmgforzl, 713, Law Q. 3' ROBERT B. ZIMMERLI ,IOHN ZIOMBRA 280 Park Ave. 1503 N. 13th St. New York, N. Y. East St. Louis, Ill. Colgale, '43, Chem. Sl. Louis U., '43, Accl. BENNIE K. ZTALEFF 1217 N. Wolcott St. Chicago, Ill. Lalrr Farexl, 140, Biol. fl P Z9 ir' H791 .z-x.,.,.- ,H ., ...i :Rfk "o" af 5 f ,, ,wmgul A-ws. .NM-A ,fd ' Iliff!! I X ffllllll ,r fl ' , 1: V V If 5 I I u V b , ' L If '55 , V . . A . -' . ' I " 'I ' ' 1' .1 , jjllll, V' R X- Y Q l, V..V 1 ,... . . '- ' If f31 ' Am'i 5: Y.'. lr ' A .r bAAQ I I 1 Z ' ' ,r f ' ' f . -If - ff.: lffgl-ff 'ii f I , x J I 4 , ' , . 5 'I ,, Iv., T. fgigil gg I X x' , - 1 fir 1 1.-.,f if , ff ' X f , f " , f :ff I . - V ,' A I 1 1 I I I t ' ' If Y' 3 ' Q M ,y . , . ,If q L I I ' , .1-, I , V- ' , A. I ' Q ' :ff I :.! Q C I Q . , I Q 1 1 I 1 .'..,, I X 1 I I "Qi if,-Q ,' , - , 1 ' ,I I f H '7 if C Q N I I ,I , I Q Q -J' . , ' 'CWI ii I 1 ff ' fl b I ' ' ffl ya ' ' ' 3,5 K 11,1 11 jill WV' f12'igf,i , ' j 3131 QA f-in ,1 , X P- ! -M 318' ec gf' -5 if W1 on 1 b W rg M -,,. X 1 ' "iam Q o ,,,, I I I ffl! K W9 .v WWW JESSE E. ABER, JR. JOHN E. ADAMS CHARLES F. ALBRIGHT KARL S. ALBRINK 258 Tuscarora Road 4324 Aldrich Ave. 837 Frederick St. 431 W Clinton St. Buffalo, N. Y. lklinneapolis, Minn. Bluefield, W. Va. Napoleon, Ohio U. rj Aliclz., Civil Engr. I1 flzealorz, Plyxicx U. lla., Pljyclzology Ohio St., Civil Engr. 1 N. i nW ffm - 4 l , , f 2, ,- V!! f . il ff. f li? 4 A 5142, y '4 li X M.. l I. X j X ROY E. ALDERSON ROLAND Z. AREY 4028 W. Seventeenth St. X V J Bridgewater, Va. I Topeka, Kan. " -4' TJ' Calawba Col., Hixlogr Emporia St. Tea. Col., Bus. Ad. WESLEY F. ARNOLD JAMES E. ATKINSON PAUL W. ATKINSON ALVIN L. AULENBACHER 16 Clinton St. 800 Pine St. 398 Pearl St. 3840 Brownsville Road Avon, N. Y. Pine Bluff, Ark. Leetonia, Ohio Pittsburgh, Pa. Geneseo Sl. Tea. Col., Ed. Vanderbill, Elec. Engr. Youngstown Col., Chem. Pill., Pelrol. Engr. f182l ROBERT E. BAARSON ' WALTER W. BADGER ROBERT R. BAIRD, JR. HAROLD H. BALSER 600 Hauser Blvd. 1657 N. Mayfield Ave. Sanger, Cal. 8476 Monroe Ave. Helena, Mont. Chicago, Ill. U. qf Nwada, Civil Engr. Rossmoyne, Ohio Montana Sl. Col., Chem. Engf. Cornell Col., Eco. Mz'amz' U., Psychology 4 JOHN M. BANNISTER, JR. 364 Brooks Ave., N.E. Atlanta, Ga. Ga. Tech., Civil Engr. MILLER E. BARTON 1705 Arlington St. Independence, Mo. U. af Ma., Chem. EDDIE A. BARTSCH, JR. NEALE W. BAUGH PARKER B. BAUM HUBERT C. BAUMLER 202 York St. 15822 Forrer St. 426 North St. Potosi, Wis. South Houston, Texas Detroit, Mich. Portsmouth, Va. Wis. Mz'ning School, '40 Rice, Elec. Engr. Duke, '44, Physics W. fb? M., Chem. msg fwf- CORNELL L. BEACH GUY W. BEARD BURTON H. BEHRENS DONALD W. BELCHER 142 Barrett Ave. 4223 "B" St. Sioux Rapids, Iowa 550 Prospect St. Jamestown, N. Y. Little Rock, Ark. Iowa Sl., Biol. Westfield, N. J. W. 6? jf., Eco. Hendrix, Eco. Tale, '43, Chem. Engr. I Q , . Kyle- ,wfpl N L, v 3.31 I A JV0 gd? . fl f Y, V 9041? 'Qi X it NICHOLAS A. BELDECOS ! Q HERMAN H. BEMENT 311 Pcnnell St. 74 Raymond St. Chester, Pa. Rockville Centre, N. Y. Swarthmore, '43, Meclz. Engr. Purdue, '43, Engr. V. RICHARD BENNETT WILLIAM' D. BENNETT DONALD E. BENTLEY ROBERT A. BERWICK 529 Wilmington Blvd. 90-49 179 Place 58 Harbor View Ave. 615 Hickman Road Wilmington, Cal. ,Iamaica,9N. Y. Winthrop, Mass. Des Moines, Iowa San Diego Sl., Iizlvlory Queens, Pol. Sc. Norlfzeuxlern, Buy. Ad. Iowa SL., Chem. f184l J GLENN M. BICKFORD LEWIS S. BILLIG CARL R. BLANCHE JOHN M. BLICKLE 2937 Norwalk Blvdf 30 W. 190th St. Burdentown, N. 1 S. Bartram Ave. Artesia, Cal. New York, N. Y. Cornell, '43, Civil Engf. Atlantic City, N. Chapman Col., Math. C. C. N. T., '43, Elec. Engr. Rnlgers, Chem. .0 ' .f -119 I fufjr' kr:-1 -LIB . . C7 w --. x . rw . ffw . A . fllq-f Em- CARL S. BLYTH DUANE C. BOGIE 755 Montclair st. f ' 204 Milwaukee st. Pittsburgh, Pa. ' Whitewater, Wis. Lenoir Rlzyne, Nat. Sc. U. ry' Wz'J., Speech EARNEST H. BOLIN BARRY BOWERS DAVID G. BOWERS EDD W. BOWERS 8024 Harrison St. 29 Ziegler Track Haskell Hall Monteguma, Iowa Kansas City, Mo. Pennsgrove, N. Tahlcguah, Okla. Grinnell, Eco. Cen. Mo. Sl. Tea. Col., Clzem. Vanderbilt, Mech. Engr. N. E. c0kll1.J Sl. Col., Chem. H851 :I X i fs 'hw A ff- n 5 5 F l QPF' FREDERICK W. BOWMAN JOSEPH W. BOWMAN, JR. JOHN E. BRANDT ROSS E. BRESHEARS 320 W. Ashdale St. 630 S. Linden Ave. 510 Wheeler Ave. 2453 N. National St. Philadelphia, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. Scranton, Pa, Springfield, Mo. Muhlenberg, Math. Princeton, Chem. Bucknell, Civil Engr. S. W. Mo. S. T. C., Math. w U " in fl: f I J, ' XB . ' 1 .' 1 Q 2 I ,1 S5 I I 1 S 14 MARION W. BREWER f Q 1 ---Q, -'4 ERNEST L. BROWN Mount Vernon, Texas I 1843 Garden Lane U- ry' TCXUS, '43, Eco. 4 E Y Cincinnati, Ohio ts' - W U. ry' Cin., '43, Clzem. Engr. RICHARD E. BROWN ROBERT L. BROXHOLME WALTER O. BRUNING E. V. BRYAN, JR. 2618 Walnut St. 440 W. San Antonio' Drive 36 Eastover Court ' Cimarron, Kan. Huntington Park, Cal. ' Long Beach, Cal. Louisville, Ky. U. zjlfan., Buy. Ad. Chapman Col., Bw. Ad. U. rj Cal., '43, Cz'z'z'! Enlgr. U. zU'Louism'1!e, '43, Mech. Engr. f186'J ALDEN BRYANT . WAYNE W. BRYANT RICHARD P. BUCCI WILLIAM H. BUCK, JR. 345 Coleridge Ave. Grand Canyon, Ariz. 64 Wareham St. 3327 Spottswood Ave. Palo Alto, Cal. Ariz. Sl., Phy. Sc. Medford, Mass. Memphis, Tenn. U. qf Cal., Mech. Engr. N Norlheariern, Ami. Memphz's St. Col., Bux. Ei! f fm I EDWIN H. BURK, JR. X f.,-" 1023 Indian creek Road s - f xg M Overbrook, Pa. Princeton, Phyyzbr ' - THOMAS M. BUSH, JR 2219 23rd Ave. Gulfport, Miss. Ga Tech., Aero, Engr. GEDDIE J. BUTLER ROBERT B. CAMPBELL OSCAR T. CARLSON RAYMOND C. CARPER Scotland Neck, N. C. 920 N. 12th St. Byers, Col. 1710 E. 46th St. E. Carolina Tka. Col., Sc. Herrin, Ill. U. of Col., '43, Civil Engr. Ashtabula, Ohio S. Ill. Nor. U., '43, Math. Allegheny, Chem. f187J CHARLES W. CARR KENNETH D. CARROLL WALLACE CARTER, JR. DONALD W. CASEY N. Kansas City, Mo. Cen. 1140. St. Tea. Col. EDWARD A. CEDERBORG 1455 Excelsior Ave. Oakland, Cal. U. ry' Cal., '43, Civil Engr. 404 E. Main St. Rolling Fork, Miss. I 7261 Rcfitcr Ave. W. Frankfort, Ill. Mzixx. Sl., Civil Engr. Dearborn, Mich. S. Ill. Nor. U., '43, French 1 Hillsdale, '42, Chem. - 'fin' n ' '-yflvff. x l Q il N I X - 1 F X I j XX ' , ., 5 . - . f , fg 5 ' , ts. A if 1 SIDNEY CHAMBERS 1 -Fix 71023 N. Mariclosa St. " J C 4 Hollywood, Cal. - U. S. C., Phar. Chem. Allgood, Ala. U. qfflla., Civil Engf. ALAN B. CHENEY OREN L. CHRISTENSEN WILLIAM CHRISTENSEN W. V. CHRISTENSEN 1105 Wilson Ave. Succasunna, N. J. 214 Manitou St. Fresno, Cal. M. I. T., '39, Civil Engr. Northield, Minn. U. zy'Cal., '43, Civil Engr. Sl. Olaf, Biol. H881 1 A ' f WILLIAM E. CHURCH GUIDO nj. CICCARELLI CARNEY B. CLEGG RUSSELL A. COHN 8218 Poe Ave. 1051 Schoonmaker Avc. 315 S, Spring St. 6438 N. Whipple St. Detroit, Mich. Moncssen, Pa. Greensboro, N. Chicago, Ill. U. Qf Mzleh., '43, zlffrch. Engr. Cal. Sl. Tm. Col., Inrl. Arif U. of N. C., 144, Cam. U. ry' M1'zh., Nav. Arch. Q f f!X.f0,:-Nj A Xxx XX . 44.-1" ,QV 5 Lf X LW lx f f 9 ROBERT W. COLOCGI N - ALEXANDER J. CONRAD 19 Bridge St. Q 12937 Lake Ave. Seneca Falls, N. Y. Lakewood, Ohio f Cornell, '43, Mech. Engr. , T5 U. S. C., '43, Pol. Sc. EDWARD L. CONRAD JAMES A. COOK EDWARD H. COOLEY GORDON C. COOMBS 2025 Lemoine Ave. 705 Chester Place 110 Columbia Ave. 65 Hall St. Fort Lee, N. Pomona, Cal. Swarthmore, Pa. West Haven, Conn. Ohio U., Ind. Engr. U. ry' Cal., Chem. Swarlhmore, 543, Meclz. Engr. Tale, '43, Inrl. Engr. 11891 JOHN G. COUGHLIN, JR. CHRISTOPHER P, COX II HARRY S. COX JACK R. COX Edina, Mo. Harrison St. 2220 Eastern Ave. 1024 S. Walnut St. Muhlenberg, Bus. Ad. Easton, Md. Covington, Ky. Pittsburg, Kan. ' i Yale, 343, Ind. Engr. Ohio Wexlglan, Bus. Kan. Sl. Tea. Col., Malh. . I 7 iv 'E xx -'ix -'JK f A F Y Q' ' ,f : I X l I N D s 4 I . X DAVID W. CROCKETT NORMAN A. CRONE shelbina, Mo. I l 4502 32nd sr. U. q'Ala., '44, Aera. Engr. Ts Mt. Rainier, Md. Cornell , Aero. Engr. ROBERT J. CROSS JOHN N. CURTISS HUBERT E. DAHMS R. H. DAUBENSPECK 1729 N. Mason Ave. Brooks School - Donnellson, Iowa 1746 18th St. Chicago, Ill. North Andover, Mass. Iafua Weslejyan, Plym-ics Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Carleton Col., Geal. Tale, '43, Chem. U. qf Cin., '43, Mfch. Engr f19OJ DONALD C. DAVIDSEN ROZIER T. DEDWYLDER R. M. DEMERE, JR. RALPH F. DEMI, JR. 583 Bryan St. E. Sunflower Road Turners Rocks Greensburg, Pa. Elmhurst, Ill. Cleveland, Miss. Savannah, Ga. Urxinu: Col., Soc. Sc. Elmhurst, Chem. Ga. Tech., Arch. Tale, Ind. Engr. Cv f ,f ' , X V V l, : Y '51 f X T f 1 ef I f it , 1 .1 ,ff . Ax ' J 1 - J . f FRANCIS S. DENNIS, JR. j JAMES S. DESMOND 728 Milledge Road fl I -J 559 19th Ave. Augusta, Ga. ' T5 4 San Francisco, Cal. Ga. Tech., Chem. Engr. . U. ly' Sanla Clara, Civ. Engr. WALTER W. DIERKS RALPH DITCHIK HARRY R. DITTMAR W. H. DOERSCHLER, JR 3001 E. 6th St. 263 National Boulevard 305 Renshaw St. . 4958 Arapahoe St. Kansas City, Mo. D Long Beach, N. Y. Clawson, Mich. Jacksonville, Fla. Kan. Cigl Tea. Col., Ed. Clark U., Geog. Alma Col., Chem. U. ly' Miami, Ee. H911 I 'D VERNON F. DOWLING WILLIAM R. DOWNEY CLIFFORD E. DOYLE GEORGE S. DRACHA Rock Hall, Md. 34720 W. 12 Mile Road 1244 Edgewood Ave. 106 Oley St. Wash. Cal., Malh. Farmington, Mich. Jacksonville, Fla. Reading, Pa. U. qf Mz'ch., Nav. Engr. Georgia Tech., Aero. Engr. Gelbshurg, Ea. JOHN B. DREXEL PAUL LI. DRISCOLL GEORGE R. DUNCAN HERBERT E. DUQUETTE Garwin, Iowa ' 115 North St. 6910 Clayton Ave. 608 Cedarcroft Road Iowa St. Col., Engr. Harrisburg, Pa. St. Louis, Mo. Baltimore, Md. Drexel Tech., Mech. Engr. I-Iarris Tea. Col., Chehz. johns Hopkins, '43, Civil Engr. GEORGE DURHAM CHARLES D. DYER RAYMOND L. EDWARDS WILLIAM L. ELLISON ' 101 W. Upland Road 719 W. Seventh St. 2429 Ninth Ave. 1612 Watchhill Road Ithaca, N. Y. Bloomington, Ind. Oakland, Cal. Austin, Texas Cornell, '43, Aero. Engr. De Pauw, '43, Chem. Cal. Tech., ,40, Diesel Engr. U. cy' Texay, Chem. Engr. H921 ,w:f'zig..' ,, . xf ' K 1 V ' ' '- .' - f 1 A f W. MQW BW ,, ,YS WM. B. ELWANG, AIR. DAVID A. EPTING, JR. RICHARD G. ERNST GORDON E. ETTER 1507 Wilmington Ave. 1306 Confederate Ave. 111 W. University Ave. 833 W. High St. Richmond, Va. Columbia, S. C. Cincinnati, Ohio St. Marys, Ohio Ilanvjzflefz-Sjvllzzy, Pfguhics fVewberU' Col., Pqych. U. fy' Cin., 34.3, Chem. Erzgr. Tri-Sizzle Col., '43, Chem. Efzgr. ' . fda . Q zf THOMAS C. EVANS 1029 N. Main St. Pocatello, Idaho VERNON R. EVANS 4138 Eierrnan AVE. Baltimore, Md. U- KJ 140710, IVGUI- johns Hopkins, '43, Elec. Engr. ROBERT G. FABIAN GEORGE L. FALLIS 1 EDWARD A. FARRELL JOHN F. FAULKNER I Hill AVG. Malad,'Idaho 239 S. Washington Ave. 2123 S. Main St. Langhorne, Pa. Brigham Young U., Ed. Duncllen, N. J. Littlc Rock, Ark. Prim. Slalf, Pgch. Newark C01 . cy' Engr. Ga. Tech., Mech. Engr. I 194 I 91:1 2 "I, 'll X EUGENE L. FEAGIN, JR. GEORGE J. FEINMAN WILLIAM A. FERGUSON WALTER W. FEIBIG 1225 Hyman Ave. 487 E. 93rd St. 37 Longwood Ave. 1825 N. Halsted St. Hendersonville, N. C. Brooklyn, N. Y. Holyoke, Mass. Chicago, Ill. Auburn, Pharmagf C. C. N. Y., ,4.3, Civil Engr. Pifexleyon U., Mollz. Chicago Tea. Col., Math. . , . :R , ' 1 gil? Q J r 'N Y- 'C xi K Lf ' I af 'Six . ' XX, GEORGE M. FINLEY I 'Mfg E ROBERT W. PINNEY 316 N. Military st. FJ, 12008 silmor Ave. Lawrenceburg, Tenn. ' ' Cleveland, Ohio Flo. Southern Col., Chem. Ifent'St., Marketing HARLYN M. FISHER RALPH L. FLETCHER, JR. JOHN P. FORD, JR. MAX B. FORNWALT Woonsocket, S. D. 93 Bluff Ave. 2902 Grant Ave. 112 Walsh Road ' Tanklon Col., Speech Cranston, R, I. El Paso, Texas LaI1SClOWf1C, Pa' Brown, Economic: Nolre Dame, Aero. Engr. M. I. T, Engr. H951 - 1 JAMESHL. FORT ALLAN P. FOSDICK WILLIAM S. FOSTER HENRY M. FRASER, JR 3800 T St., N.W. 3130 Victoria Blvd. Sabina, Ohio 1805 N. 69th St. Washington, D. C. Cincinnati, Ohio Earllzam, Bur. Ad. Wauwatosa, Wis. Tale, 144, Ind. Ad. U. Qf Cin., ,44, Illech. Engr. Offawfl U-1 Pfj- Ed- ' if ,al lmfgwif 21 x I lf. w GEO. W. FREDERICKSON ' RICHARD R. FRENCH Star Monte W 858 Ogden Ave. Cuba, Mo. ' I Toledo, Ohio Springfifld Col., Mallz. Toledo U., Chem. WILLIAM GALLIK DONALD CEE MILTON R. GEERDES CHARLES R. GEISER Herkimer, N. Y. Parma, Mo. 7315 S. Green St. 5719 Hamilton Ave. Oswego S. T. C., Ind. Arif U, Qf Ala., Ag. Chicago, Ill. Cincinnati, Ohio Ufeflern Mzich., Eco. DePauw, '43, Chem. f196j .I I .f LEROY E. GERDINC, JR. T. E. GLASSEN SAMUEL L. GODARD EDW. M. GODSCHALK 605 Hillen Road 18 Culver St. -Iamcsville, N. C. 124 Stonehouse Road Towson, Mcl. Seymour, Conn. E. Car. Tm. Col., Matlz. Glen Ridge, N. J. Iifesl. NIJ. Col. Tale, '43, Chem. Engr. Sl, jghnh- CQL, A715 N Q. Q9 s .- Go 6 ff A92 ' ggi: X 2, , .rff'7 ISV 11,11 1' e,5"f'4i, s, .VV pm' rx G, Q 42 X X 5. ,, ' ' C7 X . 'f l . P PAUL B. GOODERUM 5 RICHARD H. GORDON 666 Johnson St. 3 jf' S 25 W. 54th St. Winona, Minn. 'fr L , New York, N. Y. U. ay' Mz'nn., '43, Aero. Engr. Cornell, '43, Arch. CHAS. B. GRADOVILLE BURL D. GRAFF EARL GRAFF WILLIAM M. GRANFIELD Veteran's Facilities Shelby, Nebz Shelby, Neb. 1114 Shrader St. Fort Lyon, Col. York Col., Malh. York Col., Aflatlz. San Francisco, Cal. Iowa Sf., Engf, Stanford, Pelrol. Engr. f1971 ,ug GORDON H. GRANGER ARTHUR B. GRAYBILL GEORGE A. GREEN BILL B. GREEVER 933 Terrace Ave. 212 N. Myda 1501 Hinman Ave. 108 Pirie St. Fresno, Cal. Temple City, Cal. Evanston, III. C Bluehelcl, IW. Va. Fresno Sl., English U. Qf Redlandf, Plysfcs Tale, '43, Ind. Ad. V. P. I., Mech. Engr. - - ..-.. --L,,,,, - "1-7 - --'3-L15 . fi' ' ul.. : . . 71:1 ff? ,-A g Q J- JR Z , X I . 1 A -S ,f0j'i"1X1'1 ' F '. X f X ff TL f ix I .fg,,, - ,pxgf R hwy CHARLES GREGORY RITCHIE M. GREGORY 717 Ninth Ave., S. 4025 Huntington , St. Cloud, Minn. ESQUIRE Fresno, Cal. Sl. jolznir U., Math. 1 U. S. C., Cinema. JOHN L. GRETZ V. C. GRIFFITH, JR. WILLIAM A. GRIFFITH ROBERT GRISCHY 210 N, VVayne Ave. 400 Sixth St. A Canton, S. D. 2718 Silvcrleaf Ave. Wffiylw, Pa. Shenandoah, Va. S. D. Sch. Q' Alina, Mel. Engr. Cincinnati, Ohio Lehigh, 343, Alai. Engr. U. rj Va., 743, Acct. . Miami U., Chem. 11981 15 PAUL W. GROVER E. W. GURGANIOUS, JR. HERBERT L. GURNEE EDWARD A. J. GURRY 336 E. 67th St. jacksonville, Fla. 2006 Marshall Ave. 8081 Rolyat St. K New York, N. Y. U. cy'F!a., Pre-filed. St. Paul, Minn. Detroit, Mich. Manhallan, 740, Ind. Engr. U. of Minn., '43, Bus. Ad. U. ty! Detroit, 243, Aero 7 -1,- f X fx ffqf . , 'M 4 N f, TE fj1.rB'XZ'lf3,Lf -ffm' ', ,vw ,, . v 1 , I 1 .1 v M2 Y E , My A Ji jg Xyexjyyxfqxflikqgfbikz 7 Q A -T 7 O Vfxfwmmf J exif 1 l UW ju, .K X E, fa A N6 mm X X f N, aff' 4 f J bqpr 49X N T 0 QV 5 f I P or a X 3 UKKSD5 Q 1. HQQN4 ,D Q X S7 77-X Z M jxfniax 7 53 Lf X 'agfbak 5 Z, '7 P 'Y X wi ' Nl y 'N, Z Ai ' X' RUFUS K. GUTHRIE ' ,QQ x , RALPH G. HALE Mullin, Texas ff 329 ,D ff f X 603 S. court sr. U. fy Texas, chem. Veg! N QV! THE NEW YORKER Cleveland, Miss. WWWLW QL Ark. A. ca M., sw. Sc. JOHN L. HAM, CHARLES T. HANCHER AUGUST C. HANSCH, JR. STANLEY G. HARDY 604 Chestnut St. Winchester, Va. Whippany Road 32 N. 12th St. Dubuque, Iowa Dartmouth, Bus. Ad. Whippany, N. Newark, N. Iowa Weylgyan, Chem. N. Y. U., Arts N. SI. Tea. Col., Sc. H991 JOHN A. HARREL RICHARD C. HARRIS MARVIN T. HATLEY, JR. HAROLD L. HAUSLADEN 703 N. Chickasaw St. 327 56th St. 525 E. Main St. Howard Lake, Minn. Pauls Valley, Okla. Des Moines, Iowa Albemarle, N. C. U. lj Aflinn., Elec. Engr. Okla. A. C3 M., Bus. Ad. Iowa Sl., Chem. Engr. Duke, ,43, Elec. Engr, I wine!" " . , . KA , v 1 - 4 FREDERICK E. HAWKINS 7 Lyman Ave. Port Jervis, N. Y. GEORGE L. HAY II 2517 23rd St. Lubbock, Texas Cornell, '44, Chem. Engr. U, lj Oklgv AM,-gh, Engy, CLARENCE E. HAYNES ROBERT E. HEATON WALTER E, HEFFLER HAROLD H. I-IEIDRICK 520 Nashville Ave. 303 Century Apts. 315 Grace St. Escondido, Cal. Colby, Kan. St. joseph, Mo. Houston, Texas Sonia Clara U., Elfc, Engr. Kan. St., '44, .lI11!!z. PIZIAIS' Air Col., '43, Aero. Engr. Riff, flflrclz. Engr. A Lzool 'A fw- "1 Tak ,vi HEBER C. HEINE PAUL E. HEIRONIMUS JAMES E. HENCKEN RALPH A. HEPLER 6030 N. Amherst St. 3659 Girard Ave., N 6840 Bradley Ave. 76 Madbury Road Portland, Ore. Minneapolis, Minn. St. Louis, Mo. Durham, N. H. U. M Colorado, '43, Engr. Carlelon Col., Plyuivx Iowa Sl., Mech. Engr. Tale, '43, Intl. Ad. ' X l 1 . -f.. . 'sp- WM. F. HERSHEY, JR. 630 North .1 sr. Muskogee, Okla. - Purdue, Mech. Engr. - GILMAN W. HERTZ 177 N. Main St. Clintonville, Wis. U. Wix., Nat. Sc. JOHN M. HERZFELD JAMES E. HICKEY GENE K. HILDEBRAND ARTHUR B. HILLABOLID 2837 N. Marietta Ave. Kent, Ohio 144 N. Lombard St. Myrtle Creek, Orc. Milwaukee, Wis. Kent Sl., Cam. Dallastown, Pa. U. fy' Orr., Em. Colgale, UI3, Geology IV. Clzesler Sl., Pfzyxicx l2011 I .ffm yn., C Y:""' JAMES C. HILTON WILLIAM T. HOFFMAN HENLEY C. HOGE III JOHN L. HOLDEN 6507 Ridgeway Road 3318 Canal Ave. 1504 Greycourt Ave. 10 Garden Place - Richmond, Va. Brooklyn, N. Y. Richmond, Va. Cincinnati, Ohio V. P. I., Chem. Tale, Arch. Engr. Hampden-Sydngf, Sc. Cornell, Math. if-QQ5..---.5-V?'E,lrv1 ful r All ,N lie., ,.,. r' WJ . , , 3 . ,Q I T . Q 5 . - - A ,. - , . JAMES E. HOLLAND, JR. ' . + LEAHMAN J. HOLT 486 Foul-th st. -3' . f watumpka, Ala. Fall River, Mass. I X rm! 'iw' Auburn, Mech. Engr. Prozfidence Col., Ed. ESQUIRE ' aw' " U . . A ' ' JEROME J. HOPE JAIXIES O. HOPKINS JOHN C. HOPKINS LOUIS AA. I-IOYING 4114 Couts St. Walnut Hill Lane 145 Santa Clara Ave. 146 S. Hanover St. San Diego, Cal. Dallas, Texas San Francisco, Cal. Minster, Ohio San Diego Sl., Engr. S. M. U., Bus. U. ay' Cal., Civil Engr. U. qf Cin., Chem. Engr. 12021 X KENNETH T. HUBLER JOHN E. HUFF, JR. VERNON Z. HUTCHINGS KENNETH H. IVEY 104 VV. Chester St. 719 Cleveland Ave. 1153 Waukegan Road 514 Moreland Ave., N.E. Nashville, Ill. Ladysmith, Wis. Glenview, Ill. Atlanta, Ga. S. Ill. !Vor. U., Alalfz. U. rj Wir., Plzarmagf U. qf Ill., Clzem. Vanderbilt, Clzem. Engr. RALPH H. JACKSON ESQUIRE THOMAS F. JACKSON 1413 DeBree Ave. 32 McDonald Ave. Norfolk, Va. Waterbury, Conn. U. UN. C., Com. Tale, 343, Civil Engr. WILLIAM JACKSON, JR. HOWARD F. JACOBSON THOS. M. JARMON, JR. ALBERT P. JENSEN, JR 304 Cottrell Ave. 35 Herkimer St. 3303 Drexel Portland, Ore. West Collingswood, N. Bridgeport,'Conn. Dallas, Texas Ore. St. Col., '43, Cizfil Engr. Penn., Mech. Engr. Ohio Sl., Com. S. M. U., Pyclz. ' 12031 HARVEY C. JEWETT III EARL A. JOHNSON IRA S. JOHNSON, JR. EDWARD R. JOHNSON 1206 N. Main St. 1044 Cornell Ave. 426 Boardwalk 616 Bon Air Place Aberdeen, S. D. Fresno, Cal. Ocean City, N. J. La Jolla, Cal. . I4'z'lZz'amJ, '43, Eco. Frexno Sl., Pycfz. U. ry'N. C., Chem. U. U Cal., Chem. CECIL M. JORGENSEN A. P. JORCENSON, JR. JAMES C. JOYSLIN ROY E. JULIE 126 S. Fourth St. '3608 Haven Ave. 4220 Aldrich Ave., S. 26 Lynclen St. Price, Utah Racine, Wis. Minneapolis, Minn. Rye, N. Y. U. rj W'z'.v., Chem. Engr. St. OZU, Eco. Hamilton, Malh. WILLIAM D. KEARNS PIERSON KEATING CLAUDE B. KEEVER, JR. ALLAN W. KEITH 96 Undine Ave. 6 Carteret Place 1615 Washington Ave. 2029 Sierra Vista Winthrop, Mass. Garden City, N. Y. Waco, Texas Alhambra, Cal. Boiron U., Ed. Tale, W3, Ind. Ad. Texas' A. Gi' M., Acct. Sanla Barbara, Aero. Tech. f204J hiv NW MW WILLIAM H. KEITH JAMES K. J. KELLEY WILLIAM L. KELSEY DONALD -I. KENALEY Birmingham, Ala. Carleton, Mich. 1317 Tenth St., N.W. LeM-ars, Iowa Auburn, Elec. Engr. Ml.6h. Sl. Nor., Chem. Cedar Rapids, Iowa Western Uniqn Col., Chem. Iowa Sl. Col., Engr. if f I C 'fx 01 iii' M . gl j 595 -v, .z Aix- I QI ,Q X ,x35?s' P 'g e' 152 ui" L I I H152 fl Y -"' xiii' '- I ,gig ,, 2. GEORGE KENDIG Q . B. F. KEPPLER, JR. 645 N. Fourth Ave. Y in 984 Union Terrace Phoenix, Ariz. ' Union, N. Ariz. sz. coz., se. W. ef M., Bus. Ad. IRWIN KETROSER HENRY A. KINGSBURY MILLARD F. KIRK MARVIN E. KISSEE 1426 Knox St., N. 1 Curve St. 1211 MollboreeTerrace 1653K A St. Minneapolis, Minn. Medfield, Mass. Philadelphia, Pa. Sparks, Nev. U. rj Alirm., Law U. ry' flld., Civil Engr. U. qf Idaho, Math. Lzoej 1,5 V ' 3 Q 9 y 11 . 1 EDWIN E. KOVALESKI RICHARD B. KRAUSE MARVIN M. KRESS VICTOR L. KRONBERG 2645 Commor St. 4316 Fremont Ave., S. 3505 Rio Grande Mt. Angel, Ore. Detroit, Mich. Minneapolis, Minn. Austin, Texas MZ. Angel, Hiking: U. Qf Dflrozl, Chem. Cnrlelon Col., '44, Urol. U. qf Ykxax, '43, Trans. Q2 S156 55314 WALTER A. KRUEGER QS' - W JOHN C. KUIUINEN 1121 s. East Ave. X ' 7 312 E. Longyear sf. Oak Park, Ill. Bessemer, Mich. Purdue, Mech. Engr. U. ry' Mz'clz., Civil Engr. ROMAN L. KULKA MEYER LANGER JACK M. LANING LAURENCE A. LANTZ 5004-Ionathon Ave. 1243 Elm St. 523 Swain 104 Ashland St. Dearborn, Mich. Dubuque, Iowa Elmhurst, Ill. Melrose, Idass. U. J Detroit, Afro. Engr. U. rjlowa, Auf. Elmlzuwl, Cfzem. Cornell, '43, rlfeclz. Engr. 12071 . I GENE L. LARSON JEFFERSON LARSON MARSDEN LAWLEY, JR. C. LAWRENCE Scandia, Kan. Lakeside, Ariz. 4100 Bonsall Ave. 1735 Holyoke Ave. Bethany, Sc. U. Ly'Arz'z., Matlz. Drexel Hill, Pa. East Cleveland, Ohio Penn. St., '43, Com. Darlmouth, '43, Physio: l, fffhazff f X vga R . ROBERT A. LAWRENCE J ,J ' ROY M. LAZAR 445 E. Ninth St., N. X 417 Center St. Logan, Utah ' Taft, Cal. Utah St. Ag. Col., Physik: TS 'U. Q' Cal., Mech. Engr. GLENN W. LEADINGHAM JOHN E. LEGROS ARTHUR W. LESAC . WILLIAM D. LEE Sciotoville, Ohio 1048 Chicago Ave.X 923 S. 75th St. 1023 Floral Drive, SE. Ohio U., '43 Oak Park, Ill. Milwaukee, Wis. Grand Rapids, Cal. Tale, '43, Chem. Engr. U. cy' l'Vif., Chem. Engr. Albion Col., ,4.3, 11118107111 f208J GEORGE F. LEININGER ANTON LEONE CYRUS LEVINTHAL BURTON K. LEWIS 3314 Askew Ave. 208 N. Seventh St. 135 S. 17th St. Ravenwood, Mo. Kansas City, Mo. Berld, Ill. Philadelphia, Pa. N. W. Mo. S. T. C., Soc. Sc. Karuax Cigz U., Hzlrloq Mo. Sch. ry' Mz'neJ, C. E. Swarlhmore, '43, Plguicx q6"V" we' L0 MAHLON D. LEWIS f C X X ARNOLD J. LIEN 1103 Central st. f J 608M Ninth sr. Bedford, Iowa 3 L Menomonie, Wis. I Tarkio coz., Biol. g -' ' sm: Inst., Ind. Ed. HAROLD S. LINK HAROLD E. LOOP SANTO J. LOSCOCCO VASCO LUCHI Homestead, Pa. Bow, Wash. 5 Port Norfolf St. 1945 Hutchins Ave. Pill., Melallurgy W. W. C. E., Ply. Ed. Dorchester, Mass. Portsmouth, Ohio Boston Col., Bus. Ad. St. joseplz, Clzem. f2091 HILMEN J. LUND NORMAN S. MACKIE, JR. JOHN B. MACPHERSON DONALD A. MAGILL Scabey, Montana Edgerstoune Road Concordia Col., Physics Princeton, N. J. Tale, English '?v:,r 1350 Berkshire Road 117 Carpenter Lane Grosse Pointe, Mich. Philadelphia, Pa. Wayne U., Plzysirs 'HOU67ff07CZ, English , T Off 671 - QW! 1,1 , r Q Q lx grail ? I . o LJ, JAMES F. MAGIN WM JOHN C. MARSHALL, JR. Range Line Road 1860 Caldwell Milwaukee, Wis. 1 Beaumont, Texas Tale, Mesh. Engr. S. M. U., Pub. Ad. JAMES R. MARTIN LESLIE R. MARTIN, JR. WILLIAM K. MARTIN WARNE C. MARTY 716 N. Court St, 20 Birch Road 812 EW. Eighth St. Oakdale, Cal. Ottumwa, Iowa West Hartford, Conn. Silver City, N. M. U. qf Cal., Mel. U, qffowa, Math. Yale, Math. Texas A. G? M., Math. Q IZIOJ I'-wx ROBERT H. MASON W. MATLOCK CHARLES H. MAY HARLOW D. MCCOSH 70 Ferncrest Ave. Zephyr, Texas 235 Hubbard St. 604 W. Sixth St. Cranston, R. I. Daniel Baker, Ed. Allegan, Mich. Abilene, Kan., R. I. Sl., '43, Merh. Engr. I N. Ill.'Col. lj Opl. Wichila, Musz'c 'bf f K l X 'lf 1 , , 'Lili X' W 2 " A ri ? , Q 'Mia-.. F , I :Jag 1 . f Q L . 4 l , fX V 1. L . GARLAND T. MCCOY X A Q FRANCIS R. MCDONALD 1344 Magnolia Ave. 'df 777 14th Ave. . Norfolk, Va- 5 Paterson, N. V. P. I., Mech. Engr. Georgetown, Biol. THOMAS R. MCGEE WILLIAM F. MCINTOSH ISAAC C. MCLESTER MALCOLM MCLOUD 1518 Stillman Ave. 1114 W. Roosevelt St. 2401 Lexington Ave. 33 Valley Road Corpus Christi, Texas Phoenix, Ariz. Ashland, Ky. Scarsdale, N. Y. U. lj Texas, Arch. U. qffiriz., Civil Engr. Vanderbill, 543, Mech. Erzgr. Darlymoulh, Bus. Ad. f2111 w DAVID I. MCNAIR WAYNE H. MEAGHER ALBERT MELTZER JACQUES D. MEYERS 309 Park Ave. ' 9618 Prospect Ave. 205 Everett Place 1324 Sheridan Ave. Cloquet, Minn. Chicago, Ill. Englewood, N. KI. Pittsburgh, Pa. Lawrence Col., Chem. U. ly' Chicago, Chem. Rulgers, Bus. Ad. Carnegie Tech., Civil Engr. M wx by jg N L 4 U Q f ' jl 'Q 'KTTS f " 4 L El i ,E , l Q - . Q f g 2 7 .XA ' xl C 2332? x V V O THEODORE J. MICHEL , ' e ALDEN F. MILLER 1536 Louisville Ave. .1 Q 'rig 754 Polk sr. St. Louis, Mo. f U ' QM Q Huntington, Ind. Si. Louis, Chem. Valparaiso U., Bur. Ad. HARRY C. MILLER, JR. ROGER E. MILLER ROSS D. MILLER ROBERT M. MILLNER 47 E. Isabelle St. LaBelle, Fla. Big Spring, Texas Bertha, Minn. Lebanon, Ore. Ga. Tech., Civil Erzgr. U. rj Col., Arch. Erlgr. Hamline U., Bus. Ad. U. qf Oregon, Arch. l2121 lc ARTHUR L. MILSTEIN GEORGE A. MINGES ROBERT W. MITCHELL JAMES P. MOLONEY ' 1017 Superior St. Harrison, Ohio 427 Blackman St. 95 W. Fifth St. Toledo, Ohio U. ry' Cin., '43, Elec. Engr. Clinton, Ind. Bayonne, N. U. 'rj Toledo, Phil. Rose P. I., ,43, Civil Engr. Manhattan, Physics ROBT. M. MONTGOMERY 2031 Joseph St. New Orleans, La. Tulane, Chem. I GILBERT MORDOH 1118 S. Capitol Ave. Indianapolis, Ind. ' Purdue, 213, Mech, Engr. fl GUN f CLARENCE R. MORRIS JACK MOSES JOHN M. MUNN THOMAS K. MURDOCK Perryton, Texas S01 First St. Junction, Texas 19 Windsor Ave. E. Tex. S. T. C., '43, Math. Vidalia, Ga. Tex. Tech. Cal., Textile Engr. Meriden, Conn. Ga. Tech., Mech. Engr. 12131 Tale, English WILLIAM C. MURRAY EUGENE E. MYERS WILLIAM G. NAU DONALD M. NELSON 1 208 E. Eighth St. 182 Brooklyn Ave. 419 Iowa Ave. Avery, Iowa The Dalles, Ore. Salem, Ohio Muscatine, Iowa Iowa Sl., '44, Elec. Engr. U. of Ore., Pol. Sc. Ken! St., Bus. Ad. Iowa Weslejzan, Math. .,,. .W H-,h....- . GEORGE P. NELSON, JR. Y 215 Clifford Court San Antonio, Texas St. MaU1'J ry' Texas, Chem. JAMES J. NELSON 120 Blount St. Nacogdoches, Texas S. F. Auxlin, Malh. , LAWRENCE E. NELSON WILLIAM E. NICODEN TYLER K. NORTON HARVEY V. NOVAK ' 7419 Hampton Blvd. 210 Rostraver St. 27 Mariposa St. Montfort, Wis. Norfolk, Va. Monessen, Pa. Los Gatos, Cal. Platlevilfe Sl. Tea., Ag. M. I. T., '44, Chem. Engr. Penn. St., '43, Met. Stanford, '44, Soc. Sc. f214J f NORMAN OBERMAN ERVIN C. OLSON CHARLES J. ORI RAYMOND F. OWENS 1632 S. Highland Ave. 10923 Prospect Ave. 210 S. Fulton St. 1815 W. Sixth St. Los Angeles, Cal. Chicago, Ill. Allentown, Pa. Little Rock, Ark. Lo: Angeles Cigf Col. Purdue, Aero. Engr. Mil!er:zfz'lle S. T. C., Ind. Arls L. I. T., Matlz. V ,f-V. Y .-V... 1 1 xi JIM.. xg ,I ' - 4 -f.-g.:.,,. , .,,,,, . EDWARD W. PARKER ' ' "' C ROBERT PARKER 1592 S. 15th St., E. ' 1159 N. Larel Ave. Salt Lake City, Utah Chicago, Ill. U. lj Ulalz, '44, English Lzylola U., Fin. STANLEY M, PATTEN CHARLES H. PAULETTE DARRELL P. PAYNE ALLEN L. PEEK 304 N. Pershing St. Farmington, Minn. 224 Fourth Ave., E. 3901 Reading Road Liberal, Kan. U. zy'Kan., Civil Engr. - Cresco, Iowa Cincinnati, Ohio U. zjlfan., Accl. Iowa Sl., Civil Engr. U. ry'Ill., Physici- L215I JOHN B. PERI HOWARD M. PETERSON JAMES E. PETERSON KEITH A. PETERSON 1470 W. Willow St. 855 Tatum St. Gresham, Ore. 820 Marin St. Stockton, Cal. St. Paul, Minn. U. ry' Ore., Pre-Law ' Vallejo, Cal. U. qf Cal., ,43, Chem. U. cgfMz'nn., Malh. U. qf Alinn., '43, Elan. Engr. E.. PHILIP A. PETERSON ,El N 'M' ? ROBERT G. PETERSON 6 Stonleigh Road LM 'l"' M"'T""' 2528 N. Bernard sn. Worcester, Mass. ' Chicago, Ill. Tale, 543, Chem. Engr. H Sl. Olaf, Chem. WADE A. T. PETERSON RICHARD L. PETRI CUSHING PHILLIPS, JR. WILLIAM E. PHILLIPS Bellevue, Wash. 4338 Rockhill Road 1369 Hyde St. Lorin, Miss. Seallle Col., Math. Kansas City, Mo. San Francisco, Cal. Mz'Jx. Sl., Ag. Ed, N U. fy' Kamal' Clgz, Eco. Cornell, '43, Civil Engr. 52161 Eji:LE,',::4,:frL'i,' fi '3 .' !- -' -TX A ' -14,-.5 ,TJ i Y I, 1 0 ' i V, QW Qs -V af , wiv X my N 'Pais A 'V NWN "' 'X Q ' is ws. X 11 . ,A ,Q N? 4, ' Eg, 04' N V6 ,YI 'WX X. v JACK A. PHINNEY D. R. POMMERING, JR. CHARLES A. POPE HARRY T. PORTER, JR. 6915 Bear St. 1034 Chespeake Ave. 17 N.W. Sixth St. 6 Sylvan Lane Bell, Cal. South Norfolk, Va. Homestead, Fla. Wyorning, Ohio Sanla Barbara St., Ind. Ed. The Ciladel, Hzlvlmy U. cj Fla., Ed. U. fy' Cin., 143, Merh. Engr. EUGENE B. POWELL CHARLES W. PRESSLER 401 Lima AVC- 1496 Arthur Ave. Findlay, Ohio Lakewood, Ohio Findlny Col., Chem. Cornell, ,43, lffeclz. Engr. EUGENE L. PRICE ASHLEY H. PRIDDY CHARLES B. PULLUM OTIS D. PURDIE 1620 Prairie Ave. 1012 Harrison St. 11755 Mendota Ave. 75 Personette Ave. Mattoon, Ill. ', Wichita Falls, Texas Detroit, Mich. Verona, N J. E. Ill. St. Tea. Col., Com. U. qf Texas, Illecfz. Engr. U, ry' Detroit, Phil. Cornell, 143, Engr. f218J ROBERT QUAST ROBERT QUIST FRED T. RAGAN, JR. FAY C. RAYMAN 9250 S. Ada St. 224 N. Russell St. 4401 Gallatin Road 804 Lansing Ave. Chicago, Ill. Ames, Iowa Nashville, Tenn. Austin, Minn. Chicago Tea. Col., '43, Malh. Iowa Sl., Gen. Engr. Vanderbill, '43, Eleo. Engr. Czzxlavus Adolphus, Bus. Ad. FRANK L. RAYNOR KENNETH M. REAS 1010 W. Fourth St. 15874 Ohio Ave. Freeport, Texas - Detroit, Mich. Baylor, Rglclzology Lawrence Tech., '43, M. E. ROBERT B. REED WM. S. REGENOLD, -IR. RICHARD S. RICE RICHARD T. RICHARDS 740 Hesperides Road I I 1511 Vinton Ave. 60 Stevens Road 430 E. 57th St. Lake Wales, Fla. Memphis, Tenn. Needham, Mass. New York, N. Y. Ga. Tech., Arch. Engr. U. rj Tenn., Civil Engr. Darlmoulh, '43, Civil Engr. Tale, '43, Civil Engr. 12191 ROBERT P. RICHTER ROBERT S. RIPPEY, JR. ABNER A. RISSLER JAS. T. ROBERTSON, JR 542 Ann St. Broadway 313 Second Ave. 3730 Brookside Road East Lansing, Mich. West Norwood, N. Charles Town, W. Va. Richmond, Va. Mich. St., Bw. Ad. Lehigh, Bus. Ad. Shepherd Col., Math. Hampden-Sydnegz, 713, Math. WILBUR H. ROBITSCHEK 4529 Altgeld St. Chicago, Ill. J. BL RODDENBERY, JR Q 602 N. Brodd St. Cairo, Ga. DePaul, History Emory, Chem. - FREDERICK P. ROSE DANIEL R. ROSS LLOYD G.-ROSSEBO CHESTER A. ROUSH, JR 171 Audubon Ave. 5365 Cabanne St. 420 E. 48th St. 105 First St. Mt. Vernon, N. Y. St. Louis, Mo. Indianapolis, Ind. Point Pleasant, W. Va. Tale, '43, Civil Engr. Waflzington U., '44, Pre-Med. Purdue, 343, Prod. Engr. Ga. Tech., Chem. Engr. fzzoj JOHN R. RUSHMER JOHN B. RUSSELL ARTHUR R. RYAN JESSE A. SANDERS III Cincinnati, Ohio 3430 Grove Ave. Schwartz Road 6610 Robin Road U. rj Cin., Meclz. Engr. Richmond, Va. Lancaster, N. Y. Dallas, Texas Randolph-Macon, Mallz. Ilhaca Col., '43, Speech U. Q' Texrzf, Civil Engr. PETER P. SCHAUFFLER -A ILL! roy.- LOUIS L. SCHNEIDER 2407 Pine St. 115 S. Union St. Philadelphia, Pa. Tecumseh, Mich. Swarthmore, I43, Civil Engr. Adrian Col., Math. WM. J. SCHOENBAUM WM. A. SCHUCHARDT EDWIN J. SCHUFFMAN EUGENE S. SCHUMAN 4139 Vinton Ave. 5 Sylvan Lane 800 W. Princess Anne Road 2210 Forest Glen Road Culver City, Cal. Wyoming, Ohio Norfolk, Va. Pittsburgh, Pa. U. of Texas, Mech. Engr. Duke, '43, Bus. Ad. N. T. U., Radio Prod. Duke, Eco. f2211 mmf' WILLIAM G. SCHWARTZ BURTON C. SEARS EDWARD B. SERVOV LOWELL D. SHAWVER 2304 S. 71st St. 1236 Asbury Ave. 512 Arlington Ave. t Bornarton, Texas Philadelphia, Pa. Evanston, Ill. McKeesport, Pa. U. tj Texas, Elec. Engr. Drexel Inst., Mech. Engr. Purdue, Mech. Engr. Duquesne, ,44, Chem. ' "Hn f , 1545: ... I i-I 4 nv . , ,Q ,HL .4 iii' xr-3. . wl'-"fW1f7'a?M .eip Lf- tw., '- f 4 'E YJ .A f i l, ,b Q. , :Inf-gh, .. K fc - I Qi f , 45?- -'Qf' G ., , . -, , I ,+g ,,t .- -,ig sg: - ..,-. -G. V . f-,.:- .mf 012 25334 2-, W ,tg - Eff ie 'Q-4,2 ,gg v i g- 1. . xx . .. , ,, ,,. , . - -,,.. 2.3 'f will M .fa imma? xx ,Jun - 1 , VE V -ZQEM4 A I-Y .4-fy -.L-.v V x V B if T-v ,,, Q- I-stu ' V ,Q f , Q 1- . i -, Ai' ' Five--f'1 fu, " " " f" A 'PW' . ' ' N E Q , lf if fi! FRANCIS A. SHEDD I ii" "ii ' ' ' I 2 'L We ' THOS. D. SHERBERT, JR. 604 Fifth St. s Ben Wheeler, Texas Jackson, Minn. E. Texas Sl. Tea. Col., Math. Iowa St., Mech. Engr. GLENN H. SHIPLEY IRWIN I. SHULL STANLEY -I. SIEGEL KENNETH F. SIMMONS Brownsville, Pa. 1728 E. 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ZACHARA FRANK ZIZKA PHILIP ZLOTNIK 4547 Martin St. Storrs, Conn. 1609 S. Park St, Paterson, N. Willimantic S. T. C., Ed. Brenham, Texas Bucknell, Soc. U. rj Texas, Clzem. f2281 PETER ARNO . , THE NEW YORKER "I tellyou we're on our wqv to Estes Park! We had no zdea we were parked near a Nazgf Slatzon f22kJ 1 ,:' u ,,, , 1 1 z fi I 2342? N ,4 H. f ff? 4-JY' nv 2 , ,W t - iz-,. " ,.-'P-fjf, . ' 1" 5-fllfv. f""r f-1.15355 -' ,, .7'f"f'f'. 5 i - V - A W 1 ik ffAf-Eg5f,gx- 1 H' M A, K: f- ., , , M , B3 r ,,,33w5:,3,,+:QLh3.,' w' -n 'f' F, ,V u W- - ,EZ . - ....yx75 4 -1:PQf'W- -. . in ,.,.,::w'ff- .-, .,," W1 1. tw f' " g,.f 1 1 MQ '-if I- ' ' We ?' Mr F653 h ,I xv.. ,,.. .., 7 ,I gffj wxggf'-fy f, I -fn T- " ,, -x M . , - . , Q 39.5 . X ' - Lx f -- - .. v- 'W?'1f2 . 'T' P., A ii"2?5?:i5',:ei?35'?gEf-7?2?f321f?5Zg- i:.55'Q.'f'2E':1w,- mfg Qfg1??CF152Q.E v 2 " ' " 'Eliihzn 'fi-1:,ff', if-fQ,,"Ix59:'kZiBR6rbl'g-Y 2 I ,,,H ,. , Vkyq ,Nl . A - K-., ,,,1g5:w+ f-1 .f Ar-f-:.'::r, jx.. ' I . D: .nam wx:-V215-R V NH 6-lit:-xx I Q ,uf- ,- , 1. 1. e- -P115 .fl :xr 5 ' A 4 - ,:f:w:4 I, X-, ,1-x' 'X Q ., J J X 1 NS A ,i 1 . N., . . ..,, . V ij f 4 ii, WJ f 4 F 1' Q 4 A i 45749 z 27 K -,X 1 m , 0 24 , lk , I X X, x .fx 8 fra c ff! 'ug' .rw ' - ' f Q rn' L3 '85 fum ,, ' .sw fm X xy ff, 5 ,Zfgfg 41 af,-Quay! A li O? 4 W of Sy ' 44138 Ar? if ,ww H.. .. V .w 4- qw Qf ei, - Qin. Viff , wg - -vw,-, 14 - ' QMAW " -: Qyrsz '11 91--, . ,I - v.,' QQ- H, vii - :Wjff 3 '-,, ,,., A K':f:17M':2": 24: ' ,, q 4- Y. W tp if ".', pf' f wsqv . . wiggq w ' 94, fm- ,Mx A I z, li .A v. Q4 , K ,,. , ,. , in liz! - A ','k 1 2 ,-,,!..,f . - MH fe .W . K , -W"n,f 1. f. ., .. -A - W - v :.::.-'JS-2 ,E ' -, wif '-,,,7.1. by 19- . 4 V - 13,-r . v ,. 5 f . W .: -.:.- . x ..,-- .-,g. af. , I, V- . - .... , ' u . . f-'U g . ., f ' ' w:f'r,a.-5' f wigw-f7,ffi P , 'mf Z 'il' . .4 . .. V4f"11" ,Q 1 f 1-1 . Mr.. 'Q N' ' f4j9,j-:fra-" .v .,4'f-, , --H EMI. : up 1 5 af eff arming , gif 4-gig'-,pf '11- :gas A " --"Tw 4 'gm ' J' fn. - .f,-' ' '1 ' 4.ffgf.g . x : 'FLW' 13 E1 -' -' M 1 'X 'Y - , Ip, , K .HCV MY,-'., A A ,,.' 'J nwsg. al rinlzwx 'ma 4 ALL:-if T119-'1-M21-4-' Lu- wh "L 55 1 1 6 s 1 apiain any Choir No naval base is complete without that group which pre- serves the Navyls reputation for good song-the choir. Best known for the weekly broadcasts over WSBT, the South Bend Station, a tradition of previous classes, the choir also welcomed visitors aboard every Monday evening to hear music ranging from the popular tunes of the day to melodies of the middle ages, a dash of folk-song, mixed with light opera. Perhaps the best known work of the choir was its part in the Happy Hour Show. The director was Midshipman Bernard D. Ratshin, a New Yorker graduate of, Northwestern University. He majored in chemistry and did musical work as a form of relaxation and diversion, but had training in voice as well as harmony and theory and choral work at'iNorthwestern. The choir had a complement of sixty men and from this group also came the announcers and accompanists, to whose excellent work the success of the choir was due in part. The accompanists were Midshipmen Ed Canfield and Dick Westendorf. Announcing for the group were Midshipmen Harlan Shaw, Ed Bradley and Alan Perry. K sg, 4.,., M ,,,.. :X, M is -.a.,,i if 3: ,-e:MN,,,c,,4W c '- ' c ,:, . i ,. ,..1,,xQ, N M ,. A MMM WGA.-aw. ' - . N . L ' - , . 1 - :Hrs , Q -2' '4..'t::: 12 1,52 - Z, C :I .i ww-1 4 gi ' 4: -:Q ,. . ' X se -airirfyzxaiiiffi 55 ? ' 1 la I A 32 'X-'Ps '-, -' ? 'A ' ,, 5 ' 1 a f ' , i A 'EJ fi M, :' g. , Nj' .' l'zis5" "7'5:'f '- WM n -' :I-f 'Jr ff u - . . 2'Q'2fi3 V "' . t if' Ln , ' of W ' 1 V : X -at.. tw . . .W. - iw, . -. Q .wt gm t, "Ia-ilk Nga- 1 ' " -,12.2?:'--3 I :: :,. -gg, ' ' xg, ' 15, 9 7:En2fQ'f"'l-:f"1'3 ' :K ' . :iii .s 'Rr-7 :qt s- -- X .1 -- f- -1 '- ' 1 -f. - - -ts,-M-H, - '14, 1. , ,.-. -:f::t.'--A " Y Q . -, 1 .. 511, 'ff y f-:V-Q, - , A 4. ,. Q' , . -:- 1- -: :fi:?f' X ..,.. l'Ul'l'l all ugle 6101194 As hundreds of midshipmen scurried daily from compart- ments, through snow drifts and into chow hall at 0630, the Drum and Bugle Corps took minds off an additional two or three hours of sleep which were wanted but not slept, the Drum and Bugle Corps furnished the drummers to put snap into marching to and from classes every hour, the Drum and Bugle Corps helped alleviate the monotony of inspections on Saturday morning. Under the guidance of Ensign Richard Tainter, for many years a Navy Bandmaster, and directed by Midshipman Chester J. Claudon, Jr., the Corps throughout the months of training rejuvenated weary middies and put pep and vigor into all formations. Aside from backs braced by the bugleis blast and steps evened by rat-tat-tat, the Corps had entertainment value- playing at football games and other midshipmen gatherings, However, those bugles invariably reminded the Midship- man-as if he could ever forget-"You're in the Navy Now-Mistah P 5 aI'lC8 f2341 an i "Jive" and 'chep-cat" swing aren't things to be associated only with saddle shoes and sport coats. Midshipmen, in their Navy blue, also had ways and means of producing the fast foot patting melodies-the Midshipman Dance Band. The Band received top billing for the tea dances at the South BendfService Men's Center, there gaining favor as number one choice of all service men and dates alike. Station activities also found the band on hand to keep the situation strictly on the "jive" side. The band was one ofthe main attractions for the "Happy Hour," and played for other special programs at the Drill Hall. Composed of experienced musicians, the band possessed a number of special arrangements of famous swing tunes. Ensign Duda, Welfare and Recreation Officer, rated the band as tops-a pandernonium of syncopation. Featured soloists in the 14-piece organization were Mid- shipmen Golden on trumpet, Sweet on the trombone, Hillman from the Sax section and Carey on the drums. he Caluian The scene? A charming one-Executive Drill-two to three hundred tired, grimy, and irritable young men march- ing in a slight drizzle-said drizzle coloring conversation very much. The command "HALT" rings out and Capstan men are politely asked one pace forward. This is the line that made the Pepsodent ads. Brighter smiles will be seen only at Grand Central when the satin and lace number is waiting for her favorite ensign. Although the Capstan staff escaped the athletic period which followed, featuring that well-known "you-know who" on the raised platform, it took much more than athletic periods to produce the juggling of material and mental gymnastics which brought forth this, the fourth, Capstan. More than one 4.0 was sacrificed to the rather slate grey god called Hdeadlineug more than one study period was interrupted by, "Chuck, you know how I hate to bother you, but we've got to have this by 0800g" and often times the boys with the night club tan from Compartment 440 Qwhere the Hoors always had half-an-inch of art guml broke up the little game of follow-the-leader, and though weary were cheered by the thought of morning calisthenics. f235l Ulze ,Dramatic anal OMI' Thirteen days before graduation the entire regiment filed into the drill hall-not to train to be "communications officers", but to take a good-natured crack at everything on the station with half-an-inch of 990-TZ, around sleeve, and quite a number who had two half-inches. That was the evening when all scores were evened, the one time in four months when midshipmen were bossg when ensigns didn't say a thing about "Get shahp, mistah!" Yes, that was a night that will be long remembered by no-longer-embryonic officers-a night of fun and frolic and good-natured jest. The Third Battalion led off with its "Battle of the Brandywine", featuring its hazy quartette and professional blind-dates. The Fourthis "From Badin to Worse" paged Admiral Halsey between card games in the Ward Room. The Second Batt topped the night with a series of impersonations as Midshipman E. Colman took the audience on a tour of "Morrissey Daze", featuring well- known persons like "The Damage Control Department's gift to the Double-Bottoms", 4'All I want to know about my men is :How many of you played football'?,' and others. S. Siegel, emcee, kept things running smoothly all evening. Main contributors to the evening's entertainment, aside from the skits, were the Choir and the Dance Bandg the former rendering "When Day is Donel' and 4'The Navy Hymni' and the latter giving out with plenty of hot swing. Bob Trotter tickled the ivories well enough to get two en- cores from the crowd, and Bob St. Mary pulled excellent tricks from among his embroidered handkerchiefs. The evening was closed by the cast and audience singing the National Anthem, led by the Choir and Dance Band. Other entertainment planned by the Dramatic Club was sacrificed to study-the concentrated program being too solid to permit hours of rehearsal necessary for presentation of any plays. ' U We 4 A f W A ' , X s . J "W H ,b , , ' A -A 3 f,, fi" M mm. J V" L.-, Vx' ' J E 5 ' .filf EAV, ' EA -, 1 ,,1:52.,.:.EM f 1 , I A ,B Q A i Ill . ,, V - x -if I 1 . ' H-2 B 5 3 ,f ' ggi.,-1 W aj' ' iff v-2:40 I A T v if M ls .. MW., 5 .,-. ,MI ' I H . v---1-MI ilu ,. 14:11-K-,.,f 'S '54 ' IH :NW ., ..,,. . A fihfffig-',."5 551 ' NJ, 3 Q 'Y K ,f fx s HI HI I it ,WW K 1 poria Although the men in the Fourth Midshipman Class didnit exactly ask for it, they caught the "Spirit of Notre Dame" on the athletic fields and in the gymnasiums. Ath- letics occupied a most prominent position in the lives of the middies. Organized sports and outside competition were meager, but the future ensigns found that the tradition at Notre Dame still lives-every apprentice seaman and every mid- shipman participated in some form of athletics. From that first morning intearly October when the 0555 bell knocked the seaiman straight from his bunk into calis- thenics on the hard, cold, cement sidewalk-otherwise known as an exterior passageway-until the fag end of the four months here, there was little let-up in that business of hardening muscles. Directed by Lt. A. P. Brown, athletics officer, the sports program showed the Navy method- of preparing young men for combat under tough conditions. The program ranged from the rugged obstacle course to volley ball. Between these came football, baseball, track, basketball, tumbling, soccer, swimming and the worst nightmare of all, calis- thenics. . Q The early morning "ghost patrolu garbed in gray sweat suits lasted about a month until the Indiana weather caught up with the yawning stoop and squatters. Although the 0555 bends went the way of so many "good,' things, afternoon calisthenics remained to plague every middie for the entire four months. But, as each day went by, sore muscles became more and more a thing of the past. Fellows who had shown no inclination to touch their toes were soon laying their palms on the deck without any semblance of bent knees. Sit-ups and push-ups no longer brought the quantity of grunts and groans that were so much in evidence during the first week. ' The puffs and pants that came with double-timing during the early stages of indoctrinationturned to easier breathing after a few jaunts, and after two weeks of coaching in the art of running by Chief Specialist Quinn, a noted Mid- western runner, the boys began to take shape. Competition reached its highest peak in the aerial-minded "tag" football games which added much to the variety of injuries reported at evening sick call. Swimming paced the field for indoor sports. The two lengths seemed mighty long to many the first afternoon in the pool at Rockne Memorial Gymnasium. Speed swim- ming also had its pitfalls. But the sub-squad remedied most of the faults and soon there was more resembling fish than Friday dinner. 52381 T" ,' "- ' J . , , . 7 :L H r J N nv 7 Strength Tests proved the worth of the athletic program. First given during the early days of the indoctrination period, they brought out clearly that few of the middies were in physical shape. Tests later during the training period indicated that all the aching muscles, panting and pufiing were not in vain. The famed weapon of the infantryman-the rifle-had its part in the athletic career of the middies, in the rugged Physical Drill with Arms and Bayonet Drill, which put stress on the part of the anatomy whichphysical instructors call the most underdeveloped part of the American youth's body-his arms and shoulders. I Cross Country, under Chief Quinn's direction, stood alone as the only organized team representing the Mid- shipman Class. , P... , articlpatlon wasn t the only taste midshipmen had of athletics. They had the chance to turn to America's favorite Saturday afternoon pastime-spectating, and for the football lovers among the class, it was a treat to watch the nation's number one eleven function. But to the amazement of other fans and sports writers alike, the Mid- dies reserved their lusty cheering for the underdogs. f fi? 1 . : ?'g::gi5:. H' . 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On that day the big gray cattle car made many trips between South Bend's busy railroad station and the rear of the U.S.S. Morrissey. From Maine, Oregon, Texas, Florida, South Carolina and Missouri the future ensigns were dis- gorged, wane and weary, upon strange ground. "You,re in the Navy now. As future officers of the fleet, you will be expected to conduct your- selves at all times as gentlemen, you. will be ex- pected to work hard-keep on the ball. You will be expected to obey commands instantaneously, when you reach the fleet, you will have great re- sponsibility on your shoulders and will have to think. Until that time, don't think-obey and continue to obey and maybe something can be made out of you-but you're a pretty ragged looking bunchf' After depositing luggage on sidewalks, the ap- prentice seamen were taken to the chow hall. Looking back through the haze of, time it seems there was an extremely good dinner that day. At any rate, there were only three or four good meals cmbarkaizoi Ol' eaten in that building-the first one, Thanksgiving, Christmas and noon January 20, 1944. D After that first mess of beans and potatoes, the problematical civies were arranged alphabetically and led off to Lyons, Morrissey, Howard and Badin, the firetrap. That first day somehow managed to recede into the past. The weary, and now wary, embryonic ensigns dropped off to a restless sleep after uttering prayers for a safe voyage and damning thirteen buttons. Yes, late that afternoon they received their "gear,' with those eternal thirteen buttons. First they stood in line to turn in their orders and be assigned to billetsg then they stood in line to draw their bedding, and then they stood in a gigantic line at the stadium to draw uniforms. Three things stood out in their minds that day, "on the double, in line, and waitf' It was on the double to get there, in line after you got there, and wait half the day. The story goes the rounds that the only person to be fitted in a correctly sized uniform was a 4-F civilian. And he wasnit turned loose until the medical department wrote seven letters to Wash- ington, three weeks later. cf Jlebarfcaiion Tyllge Run A Hours passed into days, backs began to straightef and so did columns of threes. Many things hap- pened in the thirty days while the state of appren- tice seaman lasted. , First, there were physical examinations, x-rays,. blood tests, short arms, eyes, ears, etc., etc., etc. Then came shots, frequent shots, varied shots, hot shots,-cold shots: tetanus, typhoid, yellow fever, smallpox. The story is told of one luckless chap who was stuck nine times while he stopped to scratch himself. - Calisthenics came next on the list of unforgeta- bles: 0555 and 1630. Many were the schemes for avoiding the terrible bends 'but none were successf ful. The 0555 grind stopped only when the hands of the lads began freezing to the sidewalk. Executive drill utiliged more time during the weeks of indoctrination than any other part of the concentrated program. Raw civilians had to be molded into sailors who could march in reasonably straight lines for reasonably long intervals. The ensigns and O.P.Ofs were "stricter 'an hlw on the man who went to sleep marching but were always willing and eager to help one who tried. "Well, mister, just what do you think yozire doing? X Wake up and get those commands, or P11 have you polishing brightwork every Saturday for the rest of your natural lifef' Day dreams faded into nothingness. Watches soon came to be a regular part of the day's routine. Roving, security, mate, assistant mate, MJOOD, AMJOOD, MOOD, Regimental Quartermaster-all had peculiar difficulties to be mastered, and each was'a chance either for a good report or a bad one. The days were to come later when the fire bug started making things hot and watches were doubled. There wasn't a man in the regiment who didn't want to take care of that bug personally. Inspections were a part of the life of the seaman after a couple of weeks and continued with him throughout four months whenever weather per- mitted. Room inspection or personnel inspection either could, and did, add up demerits. 3 After one month, indoctrination came to an end. Each man who stood the test of constant studying, executive, athletics and the thousand other things that were done during those four weeks was ad- vanced one short step to the rank of midshipman. Came October 25 and 27-indoctrination exams. Weary seamen obediently went to bed at 2200 and got up at 2300 to study all through the night. The next day they found that the questions on the exam sheets had somehow been overlooked during the period of study. On Thursday, October 28, indoctrination period ended. Each man was issued 348.34 by Ensign Negus, and after-paying the tailor, the laundry and contributing to various and sundry other funds ended up with about 315. The academic board met that day and effectively weeded sheep from goats, though some goats remained for a time longer before receiving the axe. Friday, fourth period, almost one entire hour was taken from class schedule to take the oath of mid- shipman. Forty of theisixty minutes were con- sumed marching to and from the drill hall, fifteen in waiting after we got there and five in becoming midshipmen. That afternoon we went back to classes in "seamen,s blues"'as if nothing had' happened. That weekend was the first weekend in dress blues and cameras were in action all over the campus for two days. Every midshipman managed to get into town at some time during the week- end. That was before the days of restricted pro- bation for the bad little boys. . Not so very long afterwards the first Specialist group had final examinations-November 19 and 20-and on November 23 those recommended by the academic board received their commissions. The Generals stayed in their compartments as much as possible that day to escape the humiliation of saluting their former equals. Oh, most happy and sad day! s November 26 next rolled around, a new class of Specialists arrived and built up the ego of the Generals who could look at the plebes and forget that the same mistakes had been made two months previous. More misfitted quniforms, more physi- cals, more executive-oh, what wouldn't we have given for amnesia, not a bad case but one to make us forget it all. The tailor had his day again December 3, re- ceiving the 326.50 still showing on his books. The laundry got 35, 319.50 went for insurance, and Sweeneyls received the balance of 365. More examinations, G's and S's this time, De- cember 9-10 and December 15-16, more cramming, more flunks, more goats got the axe. Oh, for an easy chair, a carton of .Ccensoredj and a bottle of Cdittoj. At least some of the S's got through the bottleneck and reached the lofty estate of midship- men . . . a few reached Great Lakes and eventually wound up in the same place-on a landing barge. The lucky Sis gave away most of their A.S. pay . . . you know, tailors, etc. CWe have forgotten to make an entry for Thanks- giving-as aforesaid we had a good meal that dayj December 17 the Capslan Christmas cards arrived -midshiprnen cursed the editor and began madly scribbling. From that time until the Week after Christmas little studying was done. "Besides, what the hi, the assignments have already been sent to Washington. Heard the other day 972, are getting amphib anyway." And thus it went. Christmas Day, 1943, those who could borrow, steal, invent or otherwise find relatives in Chicago got shore leave, the rest Csave the watch squadl ate noon chow in town. And we are told the food was excellent. QAddenda: Middies got ten well-needed dollars on December 230 Laundry bags became too small to hold all the grub and sick bay became too small to hold all the stomach aches. The day after Christmas the thermometer jumped from seven below to about forty above, and cat fever reappeared. 'fGood morning, evening, I beg your pardon, sir, good afternoon," became one long sniffle and sneeze, The middies, bushed by now, began to count the days, then the hours, minutes, seconds, until noon January 20 . . . 20 days, 480 hours, 28,800 minutes, 1,728,000 seconds C59 mealsj . . . oh boy, oh girl, oh mother! January 17-Monday-After another period of cramming, examinations, and mourning, the aca- demic board met to recommend midshipmen for commissions. The rest of the goats deposited books, collected jumpers and railroad tickets. Well, fellas, Officers of the U. S. Navy, today's the day . . . january 20. You've come a long way, youive learned a little D.C., Ord, Nav and Chow We think that enough has been said about chow for this issue-we hope nothing need be said about it next issue. Suffice it to say, like it or not we always ate three meals a day. Sea, a great deal of discipline-let's see what you'll do with it. The last paragraph will be written by you: V "Dear Mom, No, I didn't get those fifteen days. fReport immediately', they said. Love, Johnnie? .V N 'Q' S iberiy an Liberty-that magic word which sent shivers of anticipation through weary bodies on Saturday afternoon and spatters of memory through weary minds on Sunday night, liberty, the day and a half of frolic each week which compensated for the other five and a half of toil. At 1230 each Saturday the usual bell gave an unusual tinkle-"Liberty has been declared-uni- form: dress blues, white shirts, raincoats--Bow- ditch not required." Those not on the watch squad, extra duty, restricted or otherwise caught in the tentacles of Navy Regulations, pitched every- thing pitchable in the center of the room and dashed for the nearest bus, tugging at a leather strap they jostled into town, and scurried in every direction. That was the state of affairs on Saturday after- noon. During the course of the day the crowd changed a little-after two hours the extra-duty men secured to town, four hours later the on-com- ing watch squad and these treed for the week re- turned to the station, and the off-going watch squad quickly left the station. The avocations of the middies over the weekend were many-dancing, eating, drinking, bowling, golfing, and dancing again. The U.S.O. with a ilzei . host of beautiful hostesses and entertainment and music galore was the hub from which all parties radiated. Another prominent spot was Sweeney's Shamrock, and the Indiana Club and the Brandy- wine Club cannot be forgotten. Tea dances were held at the U.S.O. Saturday and Sunday afternoons, often featuring the Mid- shipmen Dance Band. Saturday evenings other or- chestras were on hand to handle the entertainment. On the mezzanine was the canteen-free choco- late milk at all times and supper served Saturday night, there also was the "Juke Boxf' The music room on the first floor featured light classics for those who liked to sit and listen and relax. Ensign Duda, recreation officer, generally man- aged to fix up some sort of party for each weekend fa trip to Elkhart for Saturday and Sunday, a scavenger hunt, or a special dance at the Bronze- wood. Yes, the meandering of the middies during those one and a half days were many-but, whatever the doing of the day, they all came back at 0059 and 1759, on Saturday and Sunday respectively, with hazy looks in their eyes, sweet nothings in their ears, and memories of fingers in .their hair. o 0357-Remember almost nothing but knowwl - Q f This is an autobiography-not en- . tirely auto as I was threatened with extra duty if it weren't written-but still a biography of the best known man on the station Cno, not W.E.N.D joseph Stanilaus Gish. A if-.:.:: , - -Q I have no real reason for the dribble to follow as my mother already knows .5 What I'm to write, my girl apparently cares little, and Ogden Nash refuses to buy my production, but here goes: I :Fig ..- .. .'f-9138 ...S ,, ff,.1,Jf:pa 1Qwp51-L-.5 41 Q? I Ji ,X I I r' 1 4... Q3 rf . lit, 1 Toward the end of my junior year in College, I, S. Gish, known as Joey by some and Stan by others, felt the tentacles of Selective Service slowly entwining themselves around me. To evade same I signed on ddtted line and thus was found on the campus of one Notre Dame University, on the territory of one USNRMS. That is the preamble. This is the tale. KI. S. Gish, I assure you through no fault of his own be- came very well known. In fact there's scuttlebutt to the effect that the re- '. 1l 1 :fy ,V 7: 5.2535 ff' Q S .Xi 1 if .- :Gig xt 4, nowned Mr. Ageton has even heard of him. During V-7 he had been unlucky enough to receive serial number 000-00-00 and when he became an officer in a qualified, very qualihed, sense he was given file number 000000, but the top prize of all was when he came up with Laundry number 0000! I, J. S. Gish, spent ,113 days at USNRMS between the fateful day September 30, 1943, and the most remarkable day january 20, 1944, as did 1,400 other midshipmen. After long and deliberate consultation with my Egyptian soothsayer I picked out one day's journey for your perusal. I name a particular day, it might have been any day, they were- all alike. Listen . . . The day? Thanksgiving. The weather? Typi- cal. The time?i' 3' Mm WATCH 0000-0400 .' . 1 0130-Rolled over like all normal ie- 3295 sleepers but this time I seemed to F5535 be signing my name, middle initial :Vrj too. Queer. 0157-Staggered along the 3rd Deck muttering threats and con- templating dire schemes about sleeping midship- men and 0.0.D.'s. 0159-Slap happy and with devilment in my eye I relieved an atrophied roving watch and began the inimitable game of follow the leader. Noted it was none too warm and was darn glad I was from Boston. g . ' . 0213-Resolved-ftoilffiii 3. 152: pt write my "Sand , T mth' Q thank hir1gQifor5.ur hofne's 1 " geographggxlocation. My , ' sgufthern had by ffgthis time becgme quite i f-7 " r-' U y,,,.5',1,9""numb, and .ligpt ,mum- 'in ,QQ bling something about 5' 2 sunis declination. 0320-Gently,sriowing-white and Christmas like. .Related tags of ice skating to petrified fellow protectorate, Wltigagg-wasfgmildly bored and practi- cally dead. njgf' ' . r couldn't raise my hand in salute. Some qigack threatened-'jfiot to relieve us and kept muttering about watch being improperly relieved. Q X rx w, MORNING WATCH 0400-0800 X X X N. X if - .M 0400.001-Hnsackii. er, Q. .. 0550-'tru 1-l' I ' Anne. Right now, '1.i 1' Z ' Q, at 'A ,ff 1 wo .lu g j'fi'u"'t' QL A. of you tomorrow 2 wi N 6-X have an uncontrollableglki Q urge for calisthenicsf-43 0552.5fNever could touch my toes-but now V canlt even see them. Hope the fog at sea - - - X - - - zzzz. 0555-Flat on my back. "Let me sleep, Ma, I'll get a jobifetomorrowff e 0612-"The-,Beaver shaving brushj logged out to Room 3'0fSE,f?willt'iire'turn--at 0619-Drummf' 0642-Sausageitsausage, eggs and potatoes. Haa- a-a-a buns, I love9?em to death. "'No, oh no, not again? CVoice of stomachb. I ' 0709-Gently ,liftu last speck of dust off wash basin. 07?if0f" hear this, cleaningidetggfilt"fallP out im- mediately."N'l' .. V Fel 4 5- , L 0727-Gently 'liiiftwlast if 0730-"Now hear this, first period formation." .. KNO warningj Crammed .f 4 4 Hex N" .. - 4 M r1'iS'Y5?' Q' 5- 'S , .M L2-481 gear under left arm, speck of dust off Lt.'s desk? "e 1", ' I S Qi Q he i .1112--'mi-A 1 1 f f lr 1' f x X n' -1.1 , KS,-f' ,-' 'Y 5 ,fax ,, If rf ,A tv ff' R K -1' 1 ,if --- N,-A 3-7" f ll 1' K, ,A 'ufiisqilared hat, prayed for a safe CL landingffand disappeared in a swirl of bocligs V,., down the aft l ladder. ' yr 'Yr , F QIQXXIQZNEON-V WAQQH f it .41- at, M0390-1200' 'dX B2 0800-Zoom-1-100 secand. E -wffw"'r3Airocobra? A-20? B-26? iBogue? New Jersey? "Let's try it againz, x boys-ready-now." Zoom! Airocobra? A-20? 'fl if -f fr - 0936-Red buoy-ntfr?7Q83'1y. ,Looks like a if channel. What the -lligyllfafgever bewin San Fran- ' cisco anyway. There's -some talk about landing gzgfix barges going around-I wonder? it iii nl f....,' H. 0940-Navigator's what? No, d'on'tii.believe it. Black too Sighed, leaned back and lit at-,weed . . . f ll, -3.2 ' . ' , Q , . xfafmwhati am I doing incorrect now folks? .,.,, DOG WATCH 1600-2000 1649-"Feet apart, hands on hips. Ready- V beeeee-gin."' . . . "Same thing once moref' . . . "Alright, there are some loafers in the crowd falways r werej, letis have it 'A again." , 1701-Carried off east drill field by two ' - ' not so gentle pharma- r cist's'n'1ates. Guess it f .1 3 7 f 5 ff 3' , ,e, , i r iff. K 5 I 'X 445' ,Q .air F5 . tff' 'D' EI 1 A I ,gg VP' ta Ur fl vw 'fry J IP ,ln li- un l'fu'ffH' I I was the typhoid that morning or maybe I I Iylfllllll i u the unusual occasion of a good meal. 1730-Special liberty having been declared man- aged to convince doctor I was now well. 1735-Left note on door. "Will be at usual place and booth." 2017-Arrived at usual place after many stops en- route. Found usual booth occupied. Occupied an- other. w ENQYS li 'L 'A' --ifii , -1 1 -MLP, .- 7' ' 1' '-T' --:U s 19123-- fr 1 , Xia if la f. iif2.,lOf5-Lulled by the gentle clickinggofgtelegraph 2027-Sparkling amber, 'E I Xkeeysfrdreamed of Coral , 4 A a shaded light with smoke X, 31Es,,,,,,,,5iS1eg- H, .V lazily curling about it, a , , gf? 73 , beautiful but hazy picture' of Anne, or Mary, or , 3135-N0 Incentive Q .,,, . Ruth, hazy, hazier, haziest. -lri ferr lunch-Anne '-, ig? . . 'L didn,t Write Even if fxag.. f s ,-1, 23,5 2100-Metacentric height . , f 1. 11- M d . . QT she had, stew is still ,II " gf 96579 ICS' low' gfhddledatfneli fstew. No don't tell . i i? 5 . a- e Coume perm 0 ro if imc we clidn't have 1 'iff' ii 'A with Stop Watch. 2.2 s X2 5,9 .Ai ' -zggjgf' f' 2148 - L ft 1 1 i h d u , . ,, ,',,' , ,wig e usua p ace. , t at ay - H " 5 Blonde at left and brunette to tx ,,'i AFTERNOON WAIIQLIJ 1200:E160O if N f right. "Take a'p1ng'1n the . ., fl! sr .4 . I5 gulf! Swab the decks-H QQ. 2:31300-Statlcal Thls was MQW 9 dently somebody put No. 5 ly sl ' evidtfritlypot the answer. a ship weigh ' ten pounds? 2 WXV, MID WATCH 0000-0400 140Q++H,e5e's that trunnion gear again. 0049-N ' O ' T - - D - " EYCS not IOC V xgesidgs, Offhewwggj good, must be an S. However, 1t,S the only bus . I ' gear. Maiy5e,QDQ5o,Q,Yin .,,. l..'r 3 nd F X' around. H Driver, doesh thlsh bush go to Notruh his Ape theagaargsgffall the Daaame? rage,,..,..vIf I another 0059.5-Mid'n. Gish, sir. Yesh, shir, Midin y ,...tree'iaI'llu,:bu5?-that loin cloth Gish. Room 304. Noshir, really, I'm not. fin tF1e"Sears-Roebuck cata- gg 0100-Hit Sack. ' 1510-Did a right shoul- lbguej der arms in three counts and v 5 o wk., 5,4 r :I-'I Yi' ' rf ..: 'Id ' Ju," , ffl? . f i bl lin , is 55: started down concrete high- . T way again. L249jl Yes, they were all the same and all very provok- ing. But each night as I fell exhausted into my bunk 10" off the deck, 'mid flashing lighthouses and booming guns, through angles and vector dia- grams comes that girl-Anne, or Mary, or Ruth. -iv' 255 . I 5 it if v fi-xii 'i 'il air r M51-3 fnapectiona Early in Midshipman life, Joe Gish learned two ways of doing things-wrong and Navy. One of the primary channels through which he learned Navy method was Inspection. Room inspections-occurring during Joeis ab- sence--were popular with officers. He never found out what procedure was used. Scuttlebutt had it that the inspectors were armed with giant micro- scopes, wore white gloves and completely over- turned rooms in Search of dust. A varied collection of particles having been assembled by the sleuths, C.P.O.'s were detailed to make reconnaissance 'of the room and assign demerits. Sufhce it to say joe got his share. On Saturday mornings well-groomed hair, dust- less uniforms, and thirty-two point shoes were in order. The Captain and his staff spent a fractional part of a second looking at each rnan while Joeas joints slowly solidified. Remember inspections? Ensign S. Gish will. Wherever he goes he'll hear the words of a famous petty oliicer ringing in his ears, c'Youse guys is un- tidy and I'rn puttin' all of youse on repoatf, I Mail Cal! Twice each day Joe Gish waited for that letter from Mary, or Josephine, or Grace, or Louise- those letters which never seemed to show up. They had always been so attentive back in College when joe had the sport roadster. "Nothing todayg' well, better luck tomorrow? All the others got letters but Joe's were always 'lost in transit-his mother was the only one who loved him. Mail Call was the meeting of happiness and pathos, Jan wrote today and Russ wore a' smile for twenty-four hours, Doris didn,t and George was grouchy as an old mule. Tomorrow the process would be reversed. But whatever the luck, all the ,section turned out for-"Now hear this, Mail Call for Section 34? Silo!! "Section 30 fa!! out for shotsf' The last word had scarcely rattled off the ear drums of those hardy souls who hold down the aft end of the passageway when every door did a 90 degree turn and each doorway framed two faces. Faces-each radiat- ing a pearly grin that would have the old cat of Cheshire fame tagging the local pharmacist for an Ipana special. Yet something of the skeptic lurked in those smiles. Inexperienced as they were in the ways of the Navy, still the respective owners of those faces felt that somebody was giving out the malarkeyf Shots were something to be associated with Sweeney's. Then, quick as a Navigation P-work, dawned the truth. In something of a ripple move- ment to the rear, each face shifted gears. Gone were the smiles, gone the dreams of Green Pastures and Four Roses. Suddenly all was action, feet Hew down the ladders and Middies poured onto the parade from every side. Seconds later, file after file began "funeral marching" into Sick Bay. There' they stood, one on each side, with needles poised. Down darted the hypodermic. "See, it doesnlt hurt," reassured the mate, "just don't stumble over the bodies on the way out.', ue.4tionnaire4 We are people who knock gently on your com- partment door on a Sunny Saturday morning, we are the fly in your ice cream, we, like Webster's Dictionary and that race of men who want to know about your wife's age, Hhow many teettii has little Mary?", and your "net income up to the 29th last," are information bound. For years humans have ignored signs like "Slow -Men Workingn, "Don't Feed, the Zebra", "Powder Room", etc.g but they really go all out when it comes to "Directions to Follow When Fill- ing Out This Questionnaire." We have been tolerant but are partial to long underwear and disturbing ties like those incorrigi- bles who write instead of print and who attempt humorous answers to serious questions. Sure, we've put mustaches on posters of circus women, and turned "Wet Paint" signs over on park benches-but, dammitall, there's a limit. This is typical! t. ..VV, gum su 1.,gtwttt1tA-M' 438-,Jef e' T 2 5 . ' ' 'First f. ' , -- Z A . , 3 L25sssN.'.f. .511-ar..btaei.4 X 4 4 g . f fi 'ff t' P571 gigs., ,fn IZ.. , 3. ig W , gtquiirur, .b-K K . Y- -1. 1-pitsma ' , f it Q ,. H ..,. L M an M A V .4 3 ,A - Vg ,:,.1'....-..1-as K Lx 4 . if , F A' A A- A JC-2if'jg'1 ,V t""' V ' +V ..m. .. ' 1 - 0' - , V, ' ,V 1 oilyat- . P b ,, " f 'i9tfZ43e4': . ' . - ai T V'1TY,'U?5W , .- 5 .5 A ie: rl.l.:. 1 ibfii-3isi40f1v" if "1'.i"'tW in' V' " - Q5 1.ss1ua:?::.a1fs,.: M..-wmv if-rflf '-ie 5ffm"': . , V C-. -bl5't'atmZ...i TL idMVC99f5 IVJ f"l'4'L""" i"l I .. S g , I ' . .Ii I y1,g,,,,,Jg,,-3 4H',3tffvfu'avt,.gL.1lt., .Aryh-, Whit? 1 I .f-life-facie-f+-wUf.Sf4Qakt hu -Q 'H W W :ffm S Q ,.-. 3 Q. U Q ii-4:2 5 I :QQ I I Q.. I ,, avi 49 ,,ll I 4. sf' ,.' :-.:..xu 9 -,Till ffl - gi 'C 'Q X 'xuj ' N fi T"-'dl' + 'F A LT. HARALSON F. SMITH Ojicer Advisor editorial staff CHARLES L. LATIMER, JR. Editor-in-Clzigf Capdtai FEATURE: L. Neale Patrick and John F. Elliott. edilorsg H. R. Bird, Brian Bojonell, R. Hellercr, H. O. Homann, W. A. L. Kaufmann, V. LaBarbera, S. A. Norris, Blaine Simons, W. K. Simonton. PHOTOGRAPHY: Harley B. Learish, edilorg L. Chapelle, H. N. Chavkin,J.J. Garrityhloseph Haller CV-12j. ART: B. C. Berg, Jr., W. E. Dunn, Jr. H2541 I tl JAMES H. I-Iowxa III SAM W. BRECHER . Business Managers l57u.4ine.4.4 Sta LT. KENNETH G. PEARCE Ojker Advisor if ACCOUNTING AND CIRCULATION: W. D. Cisna, F. A. Prausa, R. D. Silver, D. T. Smith, W. F. Sporleder. ADVERTISING: J. J. Howe, I. Kaufman, E. R. Karp, R. S. Kilker, W. N. Orenstein, J. W. Russell, Jr., F. Russell, G. D. Sabotnak, R. Schmidt, A. H. Stephani, H. S. Taylor, W. T. Van Orman, W. P. Woodbridge, Jr., C. F. Zurn, Jr. f2551 n afppreciafion As the Capslan comes off the presses there are many to whom thanks are due for help in its compilation. First on the list come the officers and midshipmen for whom the book is designed, their cooperation through questionnaires, flood lights, and flash bulbs, was essential for success of the book. Next on our list of notables is Mr. Ray Moran, our publisher, whose con- stant advice and help through the various stages of picture-taking, copy- writing, and proof-reading contributed immeasurably .to the betterment of the book. The Peerless Press is thanked for the publishing of the book. Lt. Haralson F. Smith and Lt. Kenneth G. Pearce, editorial and business oflicer advisors, are to be thanked for their time and effort, cooperation and guidance toward the fourth Capslan. Lt. Smith is wished God-speed as he leaves for sea. ' Lt. Qjgj P. T. Sprinz, public relations officer, is due thanks for pictures and information he obtained for the book. Yeoman Charles R. Stahl and the Waves in the Administrative Oflice are thanked for help throughout prepa- ration of the book, Chief Quinn is thanked for his help during the taking of mug pictures. The South Bend Tribune contributed many pictures taken by their staff photographer. Life offered use of two of Tom Bea's paintings which, un- fortunately, we were not able to use. Esquire and The New Yorker let us use much art from their pages, which we hope has been credited in each instance. Mr. Varga is thanked for his "April,' girl. We also tender thanks to the Motor Torpedo Boat Squadrons Training Center at Portsmouth, Rhode Island, for the pictures of the PT,s inside our cover. Lzsej QL f-fx 1 1'2" 4vr"Q' Aff' A brief word of thanks to our advertisers with whose support this book was pub- lished with whose support this war will be won. Today4our advertisers are working for Uncle Sam . . . Tomorrow-they will be working for you again. Give them your whole-hearted sup- port now and in the years to come . . Q Ni I I S K N x i i '. 1 , '. 1 9:15-L.-44:1g.1q1':-sl:-52:15-g:g.L,.I ----Y-A -. - 5..-:mga2t,Af2s..4g:.iZJQ.Qa't+e4f'2uy4l:,gears -r::,s:g41:a::,-., , ' .M in -411-15:56'-:f.:::a-t.j1:e:a-rf-1:-grew s:- 41-leafs: .-:.::1:-.etzagt P .,fo?.. . .4c:i'q':6tE'T-.':.:Qpa:39,153:Eg'M-115-Plii 5'3fC:kY'afr'Q5-.'-'i S.wxL3'e'H:r:.g,3,.,.. 54.4.-'c,, v .g.-'Azlshtra 'rt2"'i5E.i'.'i-"'?'f'ff4":?':yf,-11-:ffm-.2a"'12Ek -i :.: 1427T'I:-:ici-'7?E::'Et1-,1'5G -'-Bti---I-':,.-. h ,tg q,.y,m - ..gfg..qf:Q1,:-,Q,,'3S:tg,::',..j1,t.,:'gL-iwft, fs.-:,,..s.5S1.vf v5,.,: 9,1-,.f.,.,,5,-,,,..:g-3.-...-..-.-1 N, ,4y1,:-.s..::Lw,f.-.rv ,. .- .a'1sF-Ssffwg.-we tsv-we--my---Qaw''z:5:'E'1'?2'kfffm-f::r'2-q::1'95-?:gif-2f-:fxt::4.:'21K-EQt'z.f: -geif1p2,t'ffiE:?9::efg:: ., , .--t.,',.w,q.,-.qNX,,fi.t td..1-b---a-4.--:,..s-.---4-...if-:.s.fnrfgz-1.-.Lg4.X.-K.,,,.:s,1t,'.,.-.::-f. L-.s.:...t ,,,-.4-,,.,-.-,.M-,- -at-.J -,-1.-,,. , P--what-"Kw....,f.' -1, 5-Xi'-as., gun: gg: ':,-c-3-.'sw A-1-,....u-:inn--179 ,:f..s.'y7,3g.-Q. 1.,1g.,rr- -v.v..7,Ji1,'-.1f- '- -1'1::.--- ,vpn ' eg -,hh .5 .1 i,-,.i,,-W-gf... ,s 22 -55-.1-:ft-f-1--.::55f-A W.-s.-cz.A-:,,-ie..-1--,.1.141.5-52.5,.tgp--.-'.-:,Q.:.--t: al.- 1: P ...-11,,,,1f.-Qml-5,1.f,-,e.J,x gg ft' x .. 1-'tififfg' .5-f:.I' QE.. ' A :Hi 1.1-'mrs :es-fc-2,2 1,w1s5iW?Ii2?5:.'-V-"gtg:-f1':E:.':.gaA-12'-L25'Q'Li5.fE:L-Y-sg7:n,4ggi!4r .remfigspwfsfit-:-259:t..-te,-fiA I 1 2aeM-isi.1:ef-21-- -. 1 , -s'.-Eyqr.-Meri:-:.s.. f:fpr.:.D:t-fjtfmw mia-,.-at--1-ef :.-f1-f-.-r-c-A:'w-J-we I-.f-fa-.4-N:-.,s-,. 1s:--n...::.- -. i wr--vf,.4-:vt-4:1f1::9fs.-4--1-,fn-1 1 , 'Hg-5154,-.matggvigfglitcz Qtgf22.31535my.32:13-E555sqgqgiqjp-g's,':fn.1-1:-aww if-'-'rf 4:3-.1:sf5:15-rlizfrifge-'igztA-ff-iff-2. L I '5we-55.35zcffdfql-:Jig-E:'-'If' ' - Nga?-xr:-i+'1325219-arf"-' ' i'ji.'1't -"fl , ' ' E ' 2. " ""' . u 'tmaqqy-:ffgqzwtsaff -JA-' '. - :tyE,,:qsA.,e11,rgg '- . -, e -,q.4r.s3.-gmsc.:u-1' -, , .:.g.f.- - 'tfwvifsflteimr - - - '.- '. ' , e553:..- - .- N.. ' '-. - 1 . - . - . . . .- ,, s Q ., . Z . s . . . V , . ,von ' V A -.,, MS 1 ,.,:r-'ti' ' . . . ts . . . . . . INDEX TO Adler, Max ....... . . . , . , ...... Uniforms Alka Seltzer, Inc ...,........................ Medicine American Foundry Equipment Co. . Foundry Equipment Bendix Corporation . . . . . B. G. Corporation .,.. Browning, King ......... Coca-Cola .............. Dexheimer-Carlon Studios. . . Douglas, W. L. ........ . Electric Boat Company. . . Evans Case Company .... Finchley's ............ . . Gilbert's .......,. I , , . . . Merchants of South Bend. Mishawaka Rubber and W Northern Indiana Transit, Notre Dame University. . oolcn Inc ....., . Aviation, Automobile and Marine Accessories . . . . . .Spark Plugs . . . . . .Uniforms . . , . . . . .Beverage . . . .Photographers ........Shoes . . .Boats . . . .Lighters . . .Uniforms Uniforms Merchandise Co. . .Ball-Band Products . . . .Transportation . . , . . .Education AD l2571 VERTISERS .Uniforms Beverages . . . .Publishers .Uniforms Parker-Winterrowd. . . . . Paul Sweeney .... .... Peerless Press ...... - ...,. . Price, E. V. ..,............ . . Restaurants of South Bend .... ........ ....... F o od .Collars Roche, Williams and Cunnyngham, Inc. ...... Advertising Sibley Machine and Foundry Corpn. ...... Machine Tools Reversible Collar Company .......... ' ....... K. . . Simpson, -I. B. ....... ...........,........... U niforms Sollitt Construction Company. . . ......... Contractors South Bend Hotel Association .......... Accommodations South Bend Lathe Works ....,.......... Precision Lathes South Bend Toy Manufacturing Co. .... National Defense South Bend Wood Parts .......,... Precision Wood Parts Studebaker Corporation .... Aircraft Engines, Automobiles Tums ...................................... Medicine Van Horne and Company ...................,. jeweler Washington Shoe Repair Company ........ Shoe Repairs Wyman's .......,................... Department Store 'A' Your measurements are on file and rearders for custom tailored uniforms will be shipped to any part of the world. ' A , tulrlfwn Congragt cbvwhea e to the . en . M5J4l1vP"' lil. 5' fblldtre Dame .M 5 VERY Naval Ofiicer knows the importance of smart appearance--tl1at's why so many 'Officers arefpartial to Ed. V. Price Custom Uniforms. They know that each uniform is cut and tailored to their own individual measurements- and they know that each uniform is meticulously tailored by the same skilled craftsmen who have been serving America on the Civilian front for almost fifty years. . 227 WEST 117 SOUTH VAN BUREN . LA SALLE AVE. CHICAGO . SOUTH BEND Custom Tailored Since 1895 V--F-V-if-r 1' C A HEllCAT'S Fun - - H ff-'H I- 1 f- Q A i -R ' . ,-. .Ne, ...., ., ,-,.. 1 Z Avnxg, Q 4 ' A-ii' 3. ' 'f?hs,,.,-5 ,. -,,. ' '-'3f?Evaf-.111 ": -. . w.,t..... K. .-s-,gpg Q STRUMBEIIG GAIIBIIIIETIUH HELPS GIIIE THE HAIlY'S FASTEST FIGHTER IINMIITCHED When the new Grumman 'GHel1cat" goes roaring from carrier decks to knock Axis planes from the sky, Strombergii Injection Carburetors assure constant power flow under all flying con- ditions. Compensating instantly for changes in altitude, atti- tude, or temperature, Stromberg Carburetors help give the "Hellcat" more climb and speed, and greater maneuverabiljty. Automatic fuel metering permits lightning-fast acceleration and deceleration of the motor. In the light of laboratory research and battlefront experi- ence, Stromberg Carburetors are constantly being improved to give the planes in which they fly still greater striking power. 1-rmdmark of Bendix ,aviation corporation f' X .-, a.s,Qv.r L ,, , - - " gems. ,A - + -my-E f ' if if 17 'I 1 ' ' 1' VV .- rj r, ' iii. 'i J 13.1 N 1 Q Y A '- jg, f . ,, 'iNil5i fit- ' V - fx-A at n " c 'asf' X-F Via? U, ' ' . fa E sf t an INJECTION CARBURETOR The Stromberg Aircraft Car- buretor is an important mem- ber of "The Invisible Crew" . . . precision instruments and controls, which more than 30 Bendix plants from coast to coast are speeding to our fighting crews on world battle fronts. I , f.', I K , G x -' A I ' mf fmrfsfezf aww it H . yrA'Q tttt M m 1 ' Q I BENDIX PRODUCTS DIVISION -,t.Q i-,r', .f,,,, , , 0 1 ' senolx Avmnon CORPORATION , soutu nano, INDIANA Ayii, VY., , ,, L.-:SQ . as JYM4' O I 0 3' Ch O I9 East Jackson Boulevard W S CORPUS CHRISTI - 8 , , - ... ...- 4, -va --1 -4 9-rv-xr. N . -..,,. . ,.., -r"'b5- H-, , g - 1 x- , L, - N. J ' ' -.. . ., . ' sy. f,-3. ' .ea:',,,,Q..,.-fl if A GMT? 7197! gn QP' LC WMM' UNIFORMS and ACCESSORIES You will have no problem whatever in buying your oflif cer's uniform if you will simply be guided by the same standards of worth and excellence which you employed in the purchase of civilian apparel. This standard is composed of three elements: the quality of material employed, skill of workmanship, and the repuf tation of its maker. Their combination is your absolute assurance of complete satisfaction. When you buy Finchley uniforms, you secure these in their fullest measure, plus the incomparable degree of character and distinction for which Finchley apparel has been famous for over a quarter of a century. Additionally, you assure yourself of equipment rated at its honest worth, that is regulation to the core,'and that has been designed, developed and executed for your comfort, appearance and practical service. Complete price lim hr all lmzncbef of the Jereice will be mailed upon requeyt. Delivery on day ofpurclmte If detired. ARMY EXCHANGE LICENSE 654 0 NAVAL UNIFORM SERVICE LICENSE 20 M IE! of -f I M. W4 ez, 4 I, jf W W 1 J 'U m Z m IP 0 O r"' JP le L I I ,Z f.W JWMM, ,. al af' ,y ff 0 eh , e , 0 M , 4,09 . 19 fe 1 ,451 Q. 'f- W new u1 05 Z -P ""' 11 E :S 3' S na 4 W Q 72 3 C fb PALM BEACH ,Lg..- A 0 N L x Electric Boot Company Products M Aiiuvi are ca Aklv V2 'AA E c to the Axis NATIONS 514165, Fast, powerful, long-range submarines, as built by EBCO, pack a potent punch. Submarine sailors are credited with 7717 of all I ap shipping sunk since the war began. Elco PTS are the wor1d's fastest combat vessels. The record of PT victories, often against heavy odds, is sensational. Never has so new a service won such great respect. --Q.,-4 Y, k A, Electric motors and generators of our manufacture I furnish reliable power for a multitude of purposes ,Sf lllh' ' aboard ships of the Navy, Coast Guard and Marl- if: '12' """l'i t iine Commission, ELECTRIC BGAT COMPANY 'W 33 Pine Street, New York 5, N.. Y. Eleclric Molors Submarines Molor Torpedo Boats ELECTRO DYNAMIC VVORIQS NEW LONDON SHIP AND ENGINE WORKS ELCO NAVAL DIVISION Bayonne, N. J. X1 Groton, Conn. i Bayonne, N. J. BEST WISHES ir E ROCHE, WILLIAMS SL CUNNYNGHAM INCORPORATED AcZvertz'sz'ng CHICAGO . NEW YORK . PHILADELPHIA The Connells of SouthBend are traveling... They've left the ioblof building Flying Fortress engines at Studebaker to their Dad EORGE CONNELL is in the Ma- rine Corpsg His brother Fran- cis is in the Navy. Both are in the air service. Only a little while ago they were one of numerous family groups in the Studebaker factories--headed by a father who has seen active service as a Studebaker man for over 28 years. War has separated many of the famous father-and-son teams that have long made fine craftsmanship one of the great traditions of Stu- debaker's home community. But steadily, off to the fighting fronts, from the Studebaker fac- tories, move ever-increasing quan- tities of Cyclone engines for the mighty Boeing Flying Fortress- tens upon tens of thousands of big multiple-drive military trucks-as well as other vital war materiel. It's reassuring to every Stude- baker man-on the production line or the firing line-to know that each shipment Studebaker makes today is helping to hasten the dawn of a safe, new tomorrow. After victory comes, still liner Stude- baker motor cars and mo- tor trucks than ever will be built for civilian use. h0'ND5 STUDEB KER Builder of Cyclone engines for the Boeing Flying Fortress, big multiple- drive military trucks and other vital war materiel QQ 1943. The Studebaker Corporation p Mull' '- On his Studebaker iob over 28 years Charles R. Connell began his Studebaker career before either of his air-crew sons were bom. From early boyhood, their ambition was to follow in their father's footsteps in the Studebaker plants. That has been a typical family experience in Studebaker's home community for over 91 years. Appointed b y United States Navy Department I OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTORS OF THE NEW REGULATION U. S. NAVY Ti 3 j V,,.,,,,,t,,,,f,.f,,f5,,fmm?Qi'5' 5- 12200 worn roman: Q i ,i' 3 ? qmeuynwxol Q9 f l' YXKXYO i f SXXNY Z i W f Q 4- g- S .M Q2 ,jew E W AND A EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTORS OF D U N I-I I L L Made to Measure ,NAVAL UNIFORMS Regulation Fabrics ELASTIQUE-WIDE WHALE SERGE WHIPCORD-GABARDINE TROPICAL WORSTED KHAKIS-WHITES "IF IT Exlbertbf Tailored ana' Sgfied to T our Ina'ivia'uaZ Measurements w , . if 6-WA!" A KNOX TERMS TO SUIT YOUR CONVENIENCE No Interest or Cargring Charge A DIER "ON THE CORNER" Michigan at Washington DOESN'T FIT WE WON'T LET YOU WEA Knox OFFICERS' CAP Complete with 3 Covers 318.50 Premier Qiualigr RIT 4 1 , 'Tf 54,4 I ongra fula iionJ blficerd M X ADUER "ON THE CORNER" Michigan at Washington D,OESN'T FIT WE WON'T LET YOU WEAR' IT S Q96 or 'x X 7-7Rs7'A ID FUR THE TANKS K -up SOUTH BEND, LATHE WORKS South Bend 22, Indiana Lathe Builders for 37 Years Hurtling at top speed over rough terrain, fighting dust and dirt as well as enemy shell fire, even the toughest of tanks may occasionally call for me- chanical first aifl. , Dangerously close to the battle lines, gallant crews of skilled technicians follow with their mobile ma- chine shops ready to make emergency repairs on any ailing tank and speed it hack into action. And there are not many jobs they can't do in the field, for their equipment has been carefully selected to provide the utmost versatility and precision. An essential tool in the mobile shop is the lathe. We are proud that one of our wartime assignments is to supply South Bend Precision Lathes for these indispensable units in An1erica's motorized army. if BUY WAR BONDS.'k , X y ongra iula tions rom e BALL-BAN Planf Mishawaka, Jmfiana yor the 5eruiceA T BA'-L-BAND G't,Rbb ,At',Bt Diving Suits, Life Saving Suits, Fire Suits ' Wool ul ers U ers 'cm Pos . . ' d F' h' Socks, Felt Insoles, Knit Bootees ' Pilot Boots, Shoe Hummg an ls mg Foolwear Pacs, Mukluks ' Arctics, Rubbers, Boots ' Rain- Laumer Work shoes coats, Rainhats, Coated Fabrics ' O. D. Suiting Tennis Shoes 'nd Huy Shoes and Overcoating ' Aviation Fuel Cells 0 K"l"e" and Fel' F"'We"" Fuel Storage Cells 0 Known by the RED BALL Trade-Mark AAA PRIORITY ON iciory Toy manufacturing is our business in normal times. But to- day we are glad to be working for Uncle Sam . . . pro- ducing war items that he needs in Africa, Australia, and Alaska . . . devoting our time and ettort to an AAA Priority on Victory. And when priorities become mere memories, we will be making toys again . . . perhaps for your children. SOUTH BEND TOY MANUFACTURING COMPANY SOUTH BEND, INDIANA WERE ONE 0F THE FEW. . :"liif,' - 1 who i amz lake yom woeaune Having discovered long ago that, in uniforms too, therels no substitute for fine custom tailor- ing, we skillfully adapt regulation correctness to your personal proportions. We fashion every detail of your figure, in our own work- rooms, to a uniform that's your clothing double! That's just one reason why you'll find Browning King apparel definitely superior although it may not always be the lowest- priced. Our long experience with fabrics and our faithful cutting-to-measure in our own workrooms are the ultimate assurance of your complete satisfaction. UNIFORMS Fn0M S40 " meaame FIFTH AVENUE I NEW YORK 215 W. WASHINGTON STREET SOUTH BEND, INDIANA We also carry a complete line of regulation accessories and furnishings VAN HQRNE 8. Co. 'I14 WESTAWASHINGTON AVENUE Qbiamoncfa if ?fUaiclze4 Pk fewefry . SOUTH BEND, INDIANA ' Hats Cleaned and Blockecl -36 ' Our WOIJ-C Can Take It clfvaalzington Shoe Repair Co ' 'I'l6 W. Washington Avenu 6 Mfg . . . . but a vast improvement over the lighter fl used in the last war." From uniforms to weapons, everything used by our fighting men has been improved since the last war. The new Evans' Spitfire Lighter Cspecially designed Service Model? may seem like a small detail, but small things have their own importance. Hold.the Spitfire in your hand . . . it Fits your grasp, is easy to handle, and surprisingly light in weight. The edges are rounded, it's flat, and doe-sn't bulge your pocket. See the new Windjammer flame guard that keeps the Spitfire burning .until you've got your light. And don't be surprised when one fill-up takes care ofa whole month's smokes. Extra Hints are stowed below."' 1 09 fd ' seivlice MO QAN LIGHTER V As the Captain says, a lighter's just a detail. But if you're a man who likes mechanical equipment that always does its stuff, an Evans' Spitfire Lighter is one detail you'll appreciate so much that you'll be bragging about it, too. EVANS CASE COMPANY, NORTH ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS DRAWING ACTUAL SIZE :i:Q0 53 .. an f E.. .. W - , , , , A , . ,,. en, , -N.-,-saw -.Q , V- K x f rv i 'vz-cw 4-!mI?','T1Z 'i'f'7r.1T."1'!,1v- . v ' 1 fr,1:.s'-1 V HS V' Q , ww 2" " 'P' 512' 'r" "' fi'FiSEf"'+-alliliilfir'-'W1 : " 1, T'f'f"'i"'frw35?f-,, 'f?'fr'i' if -i 5 . ifeii ifi ,V fezeiff :if 152 2 -1, ni Y V ef 2, 'ft' f -' -1. V si, s, 2: imwip 'wie ,. 12 ,2 ff, e , U h inf, f 'uapwf' rf' ,qw 'H , ' H-' f- 'ff - ' , , me -ii d 1, . .1 el-bf'-41'f'93H"'g'1 'f -V I A T Eg E Us ..,. ..,X'h.,vv-1 , . . -'i1:::"'fr3q"v H . . . N.-,,:r'-...,E.::',:'.f-'T,,.a..L.f.""f'2g...,,"l"'if?5,""'A'gs.,+,':."'Es..YL'f"',1Q'Z!-3'Ta-.wiissfw Q, cw. E , -, -,-- . E- ,Q,,,,',,.gQQQfQ. ,Ill .....-...' I I if TUO YOU ALL In upholding the Proud and Gallant Traditions of the Fighten'est Navy on the Seven Seas. Good Luck and God - Speed to Every One of You. ' ' f TM E RI MARK L V . 'f "f M . I rouuo n EQUIPMENT o IWW gl ,UT-sTT f ON WAR ,k IIIIAIEIIIEAIISDIIIER MISHAWAKA, INDIANA PRoDucTloN I ' ik Manufacturers of AIHLESS ABRASIVE BLAST CLEANING A, i' EQUIPMENT AND DUST COLLECTING EQUIPMENT. ii Ii li ARNISI RETHE U WHE I GiNATE OF WAR CR' Machine tools form the basis for a war production- program. For an unfold number of precision drilling . operations must be performed to produce superior fighting equipment. And in the fooling for this war Sibley has played an important part. A 1 mr 2:f'f:1'r:,f- if'1J.,f','3.."IEIi,f'fT.'Li DRILLING MACHINE MANUFACTURERS SINCE 1876 ka Sewer A 3 G R E AT PRODUCTS Q mom THE HOUSE . - I 10 For I'eI e HEADACHESLGUA Mm NEURA Hes SIAUSQUU-XR AC AND PAINSX , cogent! ACICISI IIZDIGESIION' OFQUALITY A 'I 1" II ' ,W DAY TABLETS GRE V IT D UxgLE'IS IN P- I' sms 1. VIIW CONIPIU III AMW B' 3- W S0 IWIQII if X -J-A - p0tenCY I J' , ff Ou wk 9.2.51 'INR' - rwnms F y Y gmQI A"'?fA'A g,'1,,., .... V, OHIY CI 1 of ' mb 9 1 I ..f3-Ii och dv'IY' ---f'f-'ff-' A .W-ff-"'f'f"fQf am . f A 1 A A f . " y ' f'-- gy -2.5 af n ew .. A " ' fi ' f -I 11 lie' My 1 A A W is "" Af 'ig-gee .Qu ,LF 5' Vg .II ,,f. .Q-,J "e..V-'wi 'uf 1 -'Vid' E .,,,, .,., MILES LABORATORIES, INC., ELKI'IART,' INDIANA Hama of Alka-Seltzer and ONE-A-DAY lbrnndl Vitamin Tubllh . NWI. NEVHI K 14 THE FIFTH FREEDOM I from Laundry Worryl Forgef Iaundry bofher and expense. Wear LINENE COLLARS as 'Ihousands of o'rher correc'rIy dressed Navy Offi- cers do. Throw +hem away when soiled. LINENE COLLARS are sold in pack- ages of Ien a+ Sc each - or Iess. Ask for Ihem by name - LINENE. AND SHIPS' UNIFORM SERVICE SHOPS STORES MADE BY REVERSIBLE COLLAR CO. 111 PUTNAM AVE., CAMBRIDGE, MASS. THEY SEE YOUR CAP FIRST!- It's New! It's Revolutionary! my if f 'E H wif' V - .,L,..,1-qfff.. '- 4 1 -ff V .. li ,. "fi-if ,, f fy" if --" f, ,,- f-4--.ii-fq -' . sz 'z.g, -- ,,..f .j' ,:,1L::vf ' ' - --.- , ' .,..-:425:.z.'i-'.'-ll E' 'Y - , ,,,. - "Mf?fC"' E .,,.,. , V - .-,,4 E ' -- S?A'Wlfl S152 NAVAL OFFICERS CAP RACTICALLY every Naval Officer will want this cap. It's exclusive features are: . . . Removable Grommet for quick changing of covers . . . Guide Hook for easy insertion of grom- met . . . 'lSelf-Starter" centering pin to cletermine exact point for placing cover . . . Flexible Band construction and Lighter Weight for solid comfort. This is why the Dobbs Sea-Master is the world's smartest Naval Cap. DYE MODERN . I l E RT 815 - 817 S. Michigan Street UTH BEND'S LARGEST STOREAFOR ME APPOINTED by U. s. NAVY 5 f ,f Cmfomzzed HICKEY- FREEMAN NAVY OFFICER S' UNIFORMS and up THERE'S nothing finer than Hickey-Freeman navy officers' uniforms. Tailored to the highest standards and individualized by the Modern Gilbert's expert fitting, Hickey-Freeman uniforms assure naval officers long, hard wear and complete ease and com- fort. In buying your uniform here you have the advantage of a fine store's taste and exacting quality standards. THE MODERN GILB RT'5 813 - 817 S. Michigan Street' IN SOUTH BEND TAXI FREE TO GILBERT S 1 1 w 1 1 l luv ' 7 22555 we F' A ' - ' 7 9 rVlCe en S ,, . W,.. X --Q- f ' t I q n - '-4:3.,.:.g:3:3:::::3g- ':--.g:-:g'Qr.:::-.' '5:r:t:3Zk:pg:5:::Q9fQgofEZx --.- - "' " f 'A" A"'A T' ""' , ,. ,.,:::.,1 ., . . . is headquarters for the useful practical things that men in the Services really want and will use. It is conveniently located on the main floor in the Men's Shop. Mail orders gladly filled. f GEORGE WYMAN 81 CO. or 103-109 N. Michigan Sf., South Bend, Ind. Phone 3-5101 ii Bed wished E we EXTEND ourz coNcRATuLAnoNs AND Besr wnsuss TO THE U. S. N. R. MIDSHIPMEN OF NOTRE DAME. ' I South Kem! .Noief aluociaiion HOTEL HOFFMAN MORNINGSIDE HOTEL HOTEL LA SALLE JEFFERSON HOTEL I y I .....l Have a Coca-Cola :Let's be friendl "E . . . the way to win cz welcome wherever you go There's friendliness in the simple phrase Have a spheres, Coca-Cola stands for the pause tbatrefresbes, "Coke". It turns strangers into friends. In both hemi- -has become the high-sign of the good-hearted. BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF SOUTH BEND Q 1944 The C-C Co. I Serving the NAVY and SOUTH BEND Northern Indiana Transit, Inc. l l i " CONGRATUW-AUGNSS I AND BEST WISHE I SouTI-I BEND WOOD PARTS, INC. Complete facilities for the manufactnre of precision wood any quantity -and to meet any requirement, from individual pieces to entire assemblies. ' SOUTH BEND, INDIANA CDNGRATIJIATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO ALL GF YOU' S' fame! Sweeney .15 Q' L, , k - w ,gf 1 w ff' ,f 0 Q , . - ,Vw fe , , ,g we fx, sg . 5 mf ,f U' NA L U IF Individually Hand I to Individual Measures J. B. Simpson offers a complete and efficient ser- vice that literally- reaches from shore to shore . . . an advantage of great value to men on the move. For instance, an order placed at Notre Dame may be delivered and fitted at Corpus' Christi . or New York . . . or St. Louis . . .orJaclcsonville, . . . or at any one of a score of Simpson Naval shops in all parts of the country. Wherever you find a Simpson Naval Shop you find trained, cour- teous, efficient personnel to serve you. -A -A The long experience ofJ. B. Simpson assures naval NAVAL Q NAVAL H . ' . I b 0FSHiJEER'S OHQQSESIS . officers the standard of quality, design and tailor- Sgfiggfi 'l A BSI?-'SSS is Vi . . . . . . - 5 wi 'K JL, ing that will give complete satisfaction. All Simp- V son uniforms are skillfully designed for best ap- ' I pearance and durability and are sturdily construct- Q v ,. ' , ed for more days of wear. ' . NAVAL V NAVAL 0FFICER'S H " AVIATION WHITE gg OFFICERS Q -- Sifigfifi 'Z '- UNIFORM A ' ' 5' X F I ,lm i r i Q? . A X y , 0 .m:aN oiieaais IN SOU I H BEND --- 205 M RAINQOAT pi ox-'F1cER's OVERCOAT9 If . "'l llfwnh d X viiiiiiliiiiilxviic fif'Y?E'i? J' 'l D k Cl ,l . . 'mn .ll OVEMOAT ig bag, or Zero ec y 'U , 4 l g l CHICAGO Loop, CHICAGO W. s., CHICAGO N. s., WAUi tl fl l BOSTON, PITTSBURGH, DETROIT, ST. LOUIS, KANSAS Cl WAYNE, SAN FRANCISCO, SAN DIEGO, MEMPHIS, HOUS l i E I OR Cut and Tailored Cbamlfer by J. B. Simpson, Inc. b A ' 1fW e H J .1 Q . '4 MANY DISTINCTIVE FEATURES OFFERED E? IN J. B. SIMPSON NAVAL UNIFORMS ik l.-2 YOUR NAME IN GARMENTQ in addition to a smart monogram label bearing your initials on. the inside pocket of your jacket or blouse, Q-F75 every Simpson garment contains a linen label with your name and date lf? and number of order. Printed in fade-proof ink, quick and positive identification can always be made. lil? ' BODKIN BUTTONS with the attached slide that ig can't he lost and which are so easy to remove are at V, 1 . r.-V, removal when garments are to be cleaned and F3 V, ,Y f ' of . . . .f LX 2 a feature of Simpson garments. This permits easy " :sf 0 pressed and eliminates loss of buttons. M SECRET MONEY POCKET IN TROUSER WAISTBAND: Many officers find this neat and convenient pocket is mighty lilg handy, It is right on the waistband of the trouser linsidel: is easily accessible and does not interfere with your comfort. ,.- ' ,., its TALON SLIDE CLOSURE AND GRIP- n 11. PER FASTENER STANDARD ON ALL i TROUSERS: We have set aside a larxle I Y. supply of metal grippers and Talon zip- per fasteners to use on military uniforms. fAt present, it seems we will be re- wi stricted in our use of these items for civilian purposes.i ,ij 1 1 l 3 s 2 w Ja 2 fl W ' T""I"""f V ft. .wee-mga. 35 POCKET OPENING IN FACING OF COAT FOR QUICK REMOVAL OF BUTTONS: Buttons are easily removed in f' just a minute's time through the little pocket opening in the facing. This opening will not gap or fold over, as is - - the case with the old-fashioned method of leaving the facing open. ,. ' ' . N - 3 Q: 15,15 , 5- iikifi H il? 1.:Q"' 0,,,,.,fwf. 1 .. l, . 5 f if x I x 2, l . .V 5 I 4 4 Q Qi f . 2, . 72 , .. CHOICE OF POCKETS: You may have regular side pockets cr quarter top or half ton pockets in trousers. Individual preferences, as allowed within regulations, are followed on all personal details. 11 C. TAILOR g ORTH MAI TREET anteen on the Campus KEGAN, PHILADELPHIA, NEW HAVEN, NEWARK, NEW YORK, TY, CLEVELAND, TOLEDO, INDIANAPOLIS, YOUNGSTOWN, FT. TON, CORPUS CHRISTI, PENSACOLA, JACKSONVILLE, SO. BEND. ,AMAILCOUPON o A - foe flare luusrurso I flllfll llfllf0lP,4l 5157105 With price list and actual samples of uniform materials. J. B. SIMPSON, INC., 205 N. Main St., South Bend, Ind, Gentlemen: I Please send me your Free Illustrated Catalog of Naval Uniforms with price list and samples of ma- terials. , Name ........ Address ....... ---------- City ,,,,,.. ....... S tate ........ N Congratulations to the Fourth Graduating Class forn the Merchants and Restauranters ry' South Bend KRAUSS JEWELRY STORE 207 North Michigan Street SUNNY ITALY CAFE I Italian Sgile Spaghetti 601 Northt Niles Avenue GOLD-TONE STUDIOS 128 West Washington Avenue RECO Leaders in Sporting Goods 113 North Main Street CHINA INN American and Chinese Dishes , 210 North Main Street R, K. MUELLER jeweler 214 North Michigan Street THE BORDEN COMPANY Furnas Ice Cream Division 825 South Main Street ARCADE MARKET 121-123 North Main Street MARK'S CAFE 1 134 North Main Street Sen Sai Gaz' CLUB LIDO 127 North Main Street Q SAILORS HOME FURNITURE COMPANY 326 South Michigan Street HOWELDS CAFE Hffhieken In The Rough" 213 North Main Street BUSINESS SYSTEMS, INC. Ggfts-Greeting Cards-Stalionegr 126 South Main Street HARRY E. BERG Registered jeweler-American Gem Soeiety 109 West Jefferson Boulevard SAM'L. SPIRO 81 COMPANY 121 South Michigan Street BRUGGNERJS NEWS CENTER 127 West Washington Avenue TOWN CLUB Steaks-Slbeeialgl 115 West Center Street LAWSON'S JEWELER 108 West Washington Avenue MELODY BAR . Broiled Steaks 126 North Main Street WILLIAM'S FLORIST 219 West Washington Avenue SELBY SHOES 130 West Washington Avenue The Merchants ana' Restauranters fy' South Bena' Extend Heartiest Congratulations to all New Olivers THE UNIVERSITY CDE INIOTIQE DAME and its affiliated departments THE BCDOKSTCDRE + THE LAUNDRY THE DINING HALLS f THE HUIDDLE THE SCHOLASTIC + THE GCDLE SHQP Extend Congratulations to the Graduates cj the januagf, 7944, Class ofthe United States .Naval Reserve MtdSflZpm6N,5 School IT IS THE hope of Notre Dame that your training period on the campus has been as pleasant for you as has been the entire relationship of the University and the Navy. These re- lations extend, officially, back to the inauguration of the Naval R.O.T.C. unit in September, 1941. Unofficially, they reach back to the Christian concepts of our country's founding fathers, which are so completely in accord with the spiritual, academic and cultural objectives of the University. Notre Dame, with your country and your Navy, is proud to share, in a modest degree, the reflected credit of your participation in the fight to preserve these principles. x ' p PARKER-WI TERRUWD For 35 years South Bend's old established t M 79 buabnzxszozvv fficere ni orme Congratulations Ensigns - We extend 'to ou rnan thanks or J' J' your consideration ana' eofylidence. PARKER-WINTERROWD Every Garment Custom Made Open Saturday To Your Measurements Phone 3-6318 and All garments measured, fitted and delivered E for Sunday Afternoons i from our own shop. Appointments Cmnmzm lo fd., Llnzzefl :Slam oltmy, WHY? I ana! Canal Quan! . . anfolizczaff 6 u 4? i n e guilfeza AVIATION SPARK PLUGS THE B Ci CORPORATION 136 wlssr 52nd smear, NEW Yomc Za: Maha 2.,f4e,f,44wa.,m44ap..w.,ezm 1 M IDEXIIEIMEII-CAIILIIN aympmmmwm ir 912 ODD FELLOW BUILDING PE NSYLV NIA AND WASHINGTON STS INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA W. L 'Pu 16? We have something in common.. Yes, there's a very real bondbetween you midshipmen and our W. L. Douglas Shoe Company.- For we're both working for Uncle Sam and the Navy. 6501, of our production today is on Navy shoes.J And many of the men on the ships you'Il eventually help command will wear shoesmade by W. L. Douglas. 4 When you select new shoes to wear with your uni- form, remember the name W. L. Douglas. lt stands for over 66 years of fine shoe quality you can trust- and all day shoe comfort that never lets you,down. W. L. Douglas Shoes are 56.50 and 58.50, some styles S5.50. . ' pmgfwa 210 South Michigan Street-South Bend Open Monday Evenings until 8:30 I W. I.. DOUGLAS SHOE CU., BRUCKTUNLMASS. R. HER STORES IN PRINCIPAL CITIES--GOOD DEALERS EVERYWHERE lzerewitln acknowledge our sincere thank! ami appreciation to the alctuiaorg Officers anct .ftiictdlzipmen of time Capstan Jtaff for their effortd anct co-operation in developing. this fanuarg iuue of the Cap.4tan---an outetanzi- ing achievement and contribution to the gourtlz Catan of the .fi'iict.4lzipmen,4 School. P E E R L E S S R E S S PUBLISHERS OF THE CAPSTAN , , , FOR THE FIRST, SECOND, THIRD, AND FOURTH Printing and Lzthographmg GRADUATING CLASSES SOUTH BEND, INDIANA Q,-mf A.-f xv- wrwg, 1,-x,.,. yd. . ' k'?SQr1Y1"?'

Suggestions in the US Naval Reserve Midshipmens School - Capstan Yearbook (Notre Dame, IN) collection:

US Naval Reserve Midshipmens School - Capstan Yearbook (Notre Dame, IN) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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US Naval Reserve Midshipmens School - Capstan Yearbook (Notre Dame, IN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 28

1944, pg 28

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1944, pg 57

US Naval Reserve Midshipmens School - Capstan Yearbook (Notre Dame, IN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 219

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US Naval Reserve Midshipmens School - Capstan Yearbook (Notre Dame, IN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 266

1944, pg 266

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