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,1: V...s,l Jlmigit: 45:3. ?ikhavaqlv 7 : pre 5 e n+1 2y Vf , ; Ailmmmmm REAM , md Yk v,edi+ion e PUBLISHED BY THE CADET REGIMENT U.-S. NAVAL AIR TRAINING CENTER CORPUS CHRISTI - TEXAS , V" WWvW E AL The OSQU Kingfisher scout observation plane used by the Navy primarily for patrol work has had amazing success with extra patrol duties. The Iight-ormored plane, although locking: in speed and maneuverability, has performed imir- " acles in the new and dangerous missions brought about by the advent of amphibioush warfare. Kingfishers ore cotapulting from the decks of battleships 0nd cruisers into new roles for beyond the expectation of the original designers. When the full record of the Kingfishers'el I achievements are written, they will include: sub-hunting and attacking, bombing, strafing,- escorting convoys, operating reconnaissance missions, directing ship's gunfire, spotting eir- ports and enemy movement, carrying commu-: nicotion between ship and shore, Ionding'in' rough seals on rescue missions and in one in- stance being responsible for the surrender of enemy infontrymen by herding a group into the hands of our armed forces. The Kingfisher has performed a tough and important assignment in a magnificent manner. Lu...- e-.... 5W If T4 t W; The powerful rugged PBY CaTalina and PB4Y LiberaTor, noTed for Their dependabiliTy and long sTaying power have demonsTraTed on numerous occasions ThaT They have The abiliTy To go any where in any weaTher To accomplish es- pecially hazardous missions and To come back. The big lumbering PBY CaTalina, known ThroughouT The SouTh Pacific as "Dumbo" has performed miracles wiTh iTs rescue work. "Dumbo" e LiberaTor have repeaT- edly demonsTraTed in T aT T ey can almost do e parTicipaTed in 5 ' T CaTs," carry on The magnificenT iob of picking up aviaTors downed in The sea ThroughouT The war. In The TuTure, any big or importanT sTrike made by The Navy will always include The services of "Dumbo" and The LiberaTors. To all allied aviaTors cperaTing in The SouTh Pacific Area "Dumbo" and The LiberaTors are oTTen The difference beTween life and deaTh. The facT ThaT They are always included in any sTrike and are available for rescue is The greaTesT single morale facTor in our air war wiTh The Japs. , nvva-IM-,.-- .- Spearheading almost every 0f- Tock on enemy posifions or shipping in either The A v. ic or Pacific long-ronge, p 0 hord-hiTTing Wildcofs, Corsoirs which are flowr by The Navy and Marine Corps pilots from ' dvonced land Navy's best pso been instrumental in driving The Jops from shore installations, air and sea Ior have been coll. difficult and dangerous missions in oddifion To The regular duties as ary Qf- upping Pacific -ronge, of The ppulor Ire The Ts 0nd 3y the hs from d land 3f The s have lg the is, air groups erform ions in 'ies as fighter planes. The numerous tasks performed by the fighters include sfrofi , bing, defending air- The early Bottles of Coral eo and Midway, our gol- lonf and courageous fighters have been relentlessly attacking Jop shore installations, aircraft and ship- ping wiTh amazing success. The splendid bottle rec- ords of These fighter planes speak well for Them- selves-The enemy has been Turned bock-vicfory has been assured by American Fighter Pilofs who had rhe spirit and determination To win. we: be W Wp,:rwy;wuu1uyuuu mm, ii, nu... r oTTocking forces in our gollonT efforT To h The Navy during backbone of ou This was shown in essful boTTIes wiTh drive The enemy from The sea and air. The enemy, The SBD DounTless div 1' M r gave way To a The BoTTIe of Midway when our dive bombers oTTocked a new and improved 582C Helldiver :3 0rd Navy Carrier huge force of Jop oircrof carriers and drove Them off, Thus equipment. This change was necesgg inTroducTion removing The enemy's sTing and probably saving Hawaii of new dive bombe TocTics and and The Pacific CoosT. I. range, w and deadly In oddiTion To mg work, The SBDs 0nd SBQCS have x ' issions, sTrofing ene- as and shore insTollo- searching and oTTock- my ground Troop Tions, direcTing ship and shore ing submarines, mine-oning hoTogrophic reconnais- sance. The success wiTh which y have carried ouT These missions is shown by The vosT omounT of enemy shipping de- ..Tu M -;.g x". ,. x. va u. u,u sTroyed. ATTached To circrofT carriers and advanced bases Through- ouT The ATIonTic and Pacific Areas, The SBDs have been on The iob TwenTy-fcur hours 0 day. They have become The . u x i T e . . a g .y..y.v $..... -' .. u u .n . , .. .. .......-.,.arida-num: The TBF and TBM planes, fovoriTes among Navy piIoTs for The delicoTe iob of Torpedo bombing, are fosT, heavily armed and capable of carrying desTrucTive Torpedces or on equal load of bombs and mines. The planes, used by boTh The Navy and Marine Corps Squadrons, have performed in C: mognificenT manner and are responsible for The desTrucTion of Jop shio g and shore insTolloTions. moTerioI improve veloped ThoT all IpoTe in more differenT Types of missions Than 9 oTher Type of plane designed. Among oTher Tosks performed by These planes are sTroTing, high-level, skip and mosTheod bombing, scouTing, dropping depTh charges on sub- marine: ed 05 T ATTeI Coral 3 gallant oThers rose 0! planes Ope oircraf Pacific squadl shippil c1 pot in The or The l and 0d of Amine r and shore rpedo To The n de- :ferenT xmong I, skip n sub- marines and occasionally have OCT- ed as Their own TighTer proTecTion. AfTer The ToTeTUI BoTTIes of The Coral Sea and Midway, when The gallonT Torpedo Squadron 8 0nd oThers meT wiTh disosTer, The curToin rose on a new era for The Torpedo planes and squadrons. OperoTing from The decks of oircrofT carriers in The ATlonTic and Pacific Areas The Torpedo bombing squadrons in pursuiT of enemy shipping and submarines hove lefT a path of deoTh 0nd desTrucTion in The enemy fleet. nrid CIS NATS, come inTo official exi of The Navy ouihorizing iT, NATS soon come inTo ionion now operoTes planes on numerous missions Through houscmd passengers and nearly 2,000,000 pounds The Naval Air TronsporT Service, commonly known around, 1941. AiThough Then There was only 0 prominence and " reod To The Tar corners of T all kinds of we I .-r more Than 0 million miles 0 prioriTy cargo and personnel To poinTs where They are needed in a hurry is The mosT imporTonT ossignmenT e keynoTe of iTs operoTions, NATS hos esTCIbiished om ouTsTOInding record in iTs shch period of ex- isTence. is is due largely To The excellenT Training ThOIT iTs fliers and ground crewmen have previously received and To The eTTicienT use of iTs various squadrons 0nd equipmenT. The Naval Air TronsporT Service varies in iTs ossignmenTs from delivering aeroplane engines and medical supplies To The Soufh Pacific To carrying personnel and mail To Aiosko 0nd ouleing bases. NATS cperoTes scheduled plcmes beTween Com- odo 0nd SouTh America, California and AusTroiio, or To Alaska, New York and England. SkymosTers, Mariners, Coronados, Mars and oTher powerful planes are responsible for delivering cargo and moinTCIinirIg The schedules over iTs 60,000 miles of rouTes ThroughouT The world in which speed and sofeTy ploy simulToneous roles. e I I Cah To Charles Perry Mason, Rear dmirol, U. S NV NGVOI AViOfOr . . 1.! umber Fi Ty-Two, Commander, oval Air Training Bases, Corpus .hrisfi; his Volume ls Inscribed With ESteeih and A ecinn. , , wmle Z$W$$ w mm, ,. . $076 a Rear Admiqrail Charles; P. Moson,'USN, Chief of NavdiAir InferI-yg. mediatewTraining and Commander of the' Naval 'Air Training, "Bases, is in, charge of the Administration of the exiensive Aviation Cadet Flight Training Program of the World 5 Largest quoII Air'fi Training Bases. Under his direct Command is CI .Wellitrained 0nd orgdnized- f. K sfafi of Naval Officers, who dbly assist in caIrying 001 the odmi'nF ; isirafion policies of the Flight Training Program. The duties andi'h' services performed by these officers are numero'us and consist, . not only In giving the best possible flighf instruction, but In keep- ing ihe cadets in good physical condiinn They are also instru-"V menial in maintaining good morale, making available fine living- conditions, supplying necessary equipment and teaching the cd-V'M deis Various ground school courses in preparation for their im-Vf porfoni GSSignmenfs ahead as Officers and Aviators of the U 8.7 quy, Marine Corps and Coosf Guard Reserve; , The Naval Air Training Bases has mode on outstanding con- tribution to the war effort ihrough Ihe numerous services per-' ' , formed If is oniy through The coordinated efforts of the Navaluv and Civilian Personnel that we attribute the highly successfully . operaiion of this base. Through The unTiring eTTorT 0T PresidenT Roosevelt OS Commonder-in-Chief of all our armed l:' forces, The U. 5. Novel Sec ond AvioTion Branches have expanded unTil They have become The mosT TH powerful in The world Today. l1? As AssisTonT SecreTory of The Navy during World War I, he was 0 firm odvocoTe of Naval JV Sea and Air Pcwer, for The proTecTion of our shores and also 05 0 force for The moinTenonce of peace. ! There will be 0 place in The TuTure for which This greoT leader has laid The ToundoTionl The 13 combinoTion of Naval Air and Surface CrofT inTocT will provide one of The greoTesT keys To main- Toining The peace in The posT-wor world. Ar-Aw: Page I? 726 alkwazmwe JAMES V. FUHHESTAL SNRETIHY W THE MW elumes V. Tomesml begume The forTy-eighTh SecreTcuy of The Navy on May 18, W44, when he succeeded The lute Hunk Kilrx, who died April 28, 1944. Before assuming his presenT posiTion, he served 05 Under SecreTory of The Navy. h him To The office of SecreTory of The Navy, 0 weolTh of experience and an enviable record gained 05 0 business execuTive and 0 public servonT. In June 1940, he resigned as PresidenT of The banking TTrm of DiHon, Reed and Company, To occepT on oppoinTmenT os AdminisTroTive AssisTonT To PresidenT RoosevelT in work connecTed wiTh NoTionol Defense Problems. ATTer serving in This copociTy for o shorT Time, he was oppoinTed To The office of Under SecreTory OT The Navy. As Under SecreTory of The Navy, he made several inspecTion Trips To The SouTh Pacific To obToin TirsT hond informoTion on The ocTiviTies of our Torces in ThoT area. The TirsT Trip Took him To Pearl Harbor, New Caledonia, 0nd EspiriTo SonTo, New Hebrides. LoTer he wenT To The Pacific aboard a boTTleship ThoT porTicipoTed in The BoTTIe of Kwoiolein, 0nd wenT oshcre en The second day afTer The Marines hod esToblished 0 beachheod. While on This Trip, he inspecTed insToHoTions OT Solomon Island, New Guinea and AusTrolio. WiTh TirsT hand knowledge of The huge Tosk ahead of our forces, SecreTory ForresTol hos vigorously expanded The U 5. Navy in oil deporTmenTs so ThoT H is now The IorgesT 0nd mosT powerful in The world. He has combined The meTiculous planning of The Chiefs of STOTT and The use of overwhelming power To carry The war To a successful ccnclusion. SecreTor ForresTol brou hT wiT y 9 L. GATE ArTemus L. GoTes, former PresidenT of The New York TrusT Company, broughT wiTh him To his presenT posT, c1 weolTh of experience gained 05 cm execuTive in a long disfinguished and successful business career. To add further To his back- ground, he has The disTincTion of being one of our TirsT Naval AvioTors. Previous To The ouTbreok of World War I, he was given The opporTuniTy To enTer The Navy's firsT TIighT Training program. ATTer successful compleTion of This Training, he was commissioned as on Ensign 0nd designoTed os Novel AvioTor No. 65 OUT of The original group who qualified. , During World War I, he served 05 Commanding Officer of The U. 3. Novel Air SToTion 0T Dunkerque, France. He had many oTher imporTonT ossignmenTs ThoT included ocTive flying and odminisTroTive duTies for The duroTion of The War. AT The conclusion of The war in 1919, as o LieuTenonT Commander, he was released from ocTive duTy and re- Turned To civilian life. T For his ocTive service in World War i, he was awarded The DisTinguished Service Medal TUSNT, The DisTingUished Flying Cross iBriTishT and The Croix de Guerre wiTh Palm iFrenchT. He was mode 0 Chevalier of The Legion of Honor by The French GovernmenT. Page 21 VICE ADMIRAL AUBREY W. FITCH, USN DEPUTY CHIEF 0F NAVAL 0PERAT10NS TAIIU Vice Admiral Aubrey W. FiTch, USN, o veTeron of 38 years in The U. 8. Navy, succeeded Vice Admiral Jchn McCain, USN, 0s DepUTy Chief of Novel OperoTiOhs for Air. His eminenT quoliTicoTions for This posT assures Naval AvioTors of OUT- sTonding leadership in The coming show-down sTruggle wiTh Japan. 'Admirol FiTch wos groduoTed from The U. S. Naval Academy wiTh The Class OT 1906. ATTer groduoTion, he served The usual Tours of duTy wiTh The FleeT 0nd CT The beginning of World War l, was serving as Gunnery Officer on board The USS-WYOMING. He also served as skipper of The USS LANGLEY. In 1929, he Transferred To ovioTion 0nd OT The age of 46 reporTed To Pensacola for TlighT Training. Admiral FiTch wos sToTicned 0T Coronado, California, when news come of The Jop oTTock on Peori Harbor. The following day a carrier division under his command including The SARATOGA, was sTeoming Tcword The enemy in o hunT TheiT eXTended To Midway and Wake. IT was noT unTil May 7, i942, however, ThoT They come To grips wiTh The enemy in The BoTTle of The Coral Sea. When The smoke of ThQT boTTle cleared, The Jops had suffered Their TirsT serious seTbock in Their drive To AusTrGIio. His Timely decision To abandon ship oTTer his flagship, The LEXINGTON, was foToHy damaged, saved The lives of The crew. As Commander AirchTT, SouTh Pacific Force, Admiral FiTch coordinoTed Navy, Marine Corps, Army and New Zealand oir uniTs during The ioinT operoTions of Allied Forces QTIOOT 0nd ashore in The South Pacific. His "Angels of DesTrucTion" sank more ships, knocked down more planes, and occounTed for more Jops Than cmy oTher commander of shore-bosed aircrafT in The American ormed Torces. The ouThoriTy for This sToTemenT is Admiral Halsey, who recommended him for promoTion from Rear To Vice Admiral QTTer The BoTTIe of The Coral Sea. Admiral FiTch was awarded The DisTinguished Service Medal for his skiHTul direcTion of 0 Task force ThoT ouTwiTTed cmd ouTToughT 0 powerful Japanese force in The BoTTle of The Coral See. Page 22 REAR ADMIRAL HEWITT C. RAMSEY, USN J 1, Rear Admiral DewiTT C. Ramsey enTered The U. 8. Naval Academy in 1908 and was groduoTed wiTh The class of 1912. Following groduoTion he served on board The U.S.S New Jersey, U.S.S. MonTono, U.S.S. Nashville and The USS. Tingey, unTil 1916 when he was assigned To duTy 0T The Naval Air SToTion, Pensacola for TlighT Training. He was designoTed Naval AvioTor No. 45. He has served on board The U.S.S. Pennsylvania; U.S.S. Columbia; as insTrucTor 0T Pensacola,- U.S.S. WrighT; Novie goTor aboard The U.S.S. Langley; in command of The Training ovioTion squadron qT The Naval Academy,- ExecuTive Officer of The U.S.S. WrighT. In 1934 he assumed charge of The The AviQTion SecTion, Ships MovemenTs Division, Office of The Chief of Novel OperaTicn. LoTer he become ExecuTive Officer of The U.S.S. SorCTTogo. Rear Admiral Ramsey had a command QT sec: from May unTil OcTober 1942. He served in The Office of The Commonder-in-Chief, Pacific FIeeT, unTiI March 1943, when he assumed command of 0 Task Force in The SouTh Pacific. He has been deToched from ThoT ossignmenT wiTh orders To duTy as Chief of The Bureau of AeronouTics, Navy DeporT- menT, WoshingTon, D. C. He assumed ThoT duTy on AugusT 6, 1943. Rear Admiral Ramsey has been awarded The Navy Cross "For exTraordinery heroism and deTingUished service during occupoTion of Guadalcanal, Tulogi, and The BoTTIe of The Solomons." He also holds The Mexican Service Medal, FleeT Clasp, AsioTic-Pocific Area Campaign Medal, and The "DecoroTion 0nd Diploma Commondeur del' Ordre Grand Bucoe de lo Couronne de Chene, Tro'm Luxemburg. REAR ADMIRAL CHARLES P. MASON, USN COMMANDANT N. A. I. T. C. - N. A. T. C. Rear Admiral Charles P. Mason, USN, has had a prominenT parT had unusually wide experience afloaT and ashore, and mander of The Naval Air Training Bases. Admiral Mason was graduaTed from The U. S. Naval Academy in 1912. years wiTh The FleeT before reporTing for TlighT Training aT N. A. 8., was designaTed Naval AviaTor No. 52. During World War I, he served in France inspecTing and TesTing aircraTT. American-builT LiberTy-moTored seaplane delivered in Europe. Following The War, he organized The TirsT seaplane paTrol squadron in The Pacific, ever aTTempTed by The Navy and conducTed The Navy's firsT TesT of a carrier's funCTions in fleeT maneuvers. Admiral MasonTs impressive record includes service on The USS LANGLEY, famous as The firsT carrier ever ordered TO duty wiTh The TleeT, and laTer on The carriers USS SARATOGA and The USS YORKTOWN. He Took command of The USS HORNET one monTh afTer her parTicipaTion in The bombing raid on Tokyo. The Navy Cross was presenTed To him for ouTsTanding service as skipper of The ill-faTed USS HORNET aT The Time of her gallanT TighT againsT overwhelming odds off SanTa Cruz. He was laTer commander of The Task force of converTed carriers in The SOUTh Pacific area, and subsequenle was made Commander Air Solomons Islands. He remained in command of The Air Forces in Guadalcanal Area for Two monThs. Admiral Mason was decoraTed as a "Grand Officer" of The Order of The Southern Cross, by The ATTache for Air of The Brazilian Embassy in recogniTion of The aTTenTions, services and spiriT of cooperaTion exTended by The Brazilian Air Force. in The develcpmenT of Naval AviaTion. He has is now Chief of The Naval Air lnTermediaTe Training and Com- Following graduaTion, he spenT several Pensacola. Winning his "Wings" in 1917, he He has The disTincTion of flying The TirsT led The TirsT IOng-disTance flighf Page 24 meek..- -......-... .T owe. e:ru....-..-u e. REAR ADMIRAL J. J. CLARK, USN Rear Admiral Joseph J. Clark, USN, arrived aboard NAS, Corpus ChrisTi, on 27 June 1945, To assume command as Chief of NAITC and as commander of NATB. The famed commander of a carrier division in The FirsT Cariier Task Force recenle reTurnecl frcm combaT in The Pacific, he had been on duTy in ThaT TheaTre for four years. A naTive of Pryor, Oklahoma, Admiral Clark aTTended The Naval Academy and was graduaTed wiTh The class of 1918. He enTered flighT Training aT Pensacola, Florida and IaTer in 1925 received his designaTion as a Naval AviaTor. During World War I, he served aboard The USS NorTh Carolina, which was engaged in convoying Troops across The ATlanTic. Since Then, he has served The following Tours of duTy: 1919-1922, desTroyers in European waTers; 1922-1923, DeparTmenT of Seamanship and NavigaTion aT Naval Academy; 1926, Senior AviaTion Officer aboard The USS Missis- sippi; 1928-1931, ExecuTive Officer aT NAS AnacosTia, D. C,- 1933, Commanding Officer, FighTer Squadron Two aTTached To USS LexingTon; 1933-1936, member of Board of lnspecTion and Survey; 1937-1939, ExecuTive Officer, FIeeT Air Base aT Pearl Harbor, and offer a brief Tour of dUTy wiTh PaTroI Wing Two, reTurned as ExecuTive Officer of The NAS aT Pearl Harbor. For service in command of a Task Group in The Pacific, Admiral Clark was awarded The DisTingUished Service Medal and The Navy Cross. He also wears The VicTory Medal, EscorT Clasp, for service on The USS NorTh Carolina during The firsT world war; The American Defense Service Medal wiTh a bronze "A" for service on The YorkTown which cperaTed in acTual or poTenTial belligerent conTacT wiTh The Axis forces in The ATIanTic Ocean from 21 SepTember 1941 To 11 OcTober 1941, and 31 OcTober To 4 November 1941, and also The AsiaTic-Pacific Area Campaign medal. AWAxxxxxwz22 COMMANDER F.-BRUNE11 SUPERINTENDENT OF AVIATION TRAINING Commander F. Bruner assumed The duTies of Superin- TendenT of AviaTion Training on December 3, 1943, succeeding Commander J. E. Baker, who was deTached. He arrived aboard The Naval Air STaTion OcTober 18, 1943, following more Than a year of dUTy wiTh a NorTh Pacific paTroI squadron. Commander Bruner was graduaTed from The U. S. Naval Academy in 1927, and Two years laTer compleTed insTrucTion courses aT The Chemical Warfare and Torpedo School. In 1929, he compIeTed The TIighT Training pro- gram of Pensacola, Florida and was assigned To a UTiliTy Squadron on The Pacific CoasT. From 1930 To 1932, he served wiTh a FighTing Squadron aboard The USS. LexingTon and U.S.S. Langley. OTher Tours of dUTy Took him To Pensacola, where he served as a primary seaplane insTrucTor, compIeTed The aerial photography course and Then was assigned as a TighTing plane insTrucTor. He served wiTh aviaTion uniTs aboard cruisers from 1934 unTiI 1937, when he was placed in charge of The phoTography laboraTory and school aT Pensacola, He was presenTed The Air Medal for meriTorious achieve- menT in baTTling Jap submarines. CAPTAIN JOSI1PH B. 111111111, 11811 CHIEF OF STAFF CapTain Joseph B. Dunn, USN, assumed dUTies as Chief of STan, Naval Air InTermediaTe Training Command, on May 12, 1944 relieving CapTain E. O. Mchnne1, USNR, who was a'eTached for duTy afloaT. CapTain Dunn, who was graduaTed from The U. S. Nayal Academy in 1922, has had 22 years of Naval Serwce aboard cruisers, submarines, aircraTT and carriers. His service includes Three years abcard U.S.S. RCChesTer, Tour years in The submarine service, ccmmanding officer R-o, Three years a senior aviaTor aboard U.S.S. Concord, gunnery officer Pensacola. During The year 1929 he was insTrucTcr cf engineering and physics aT The Naval Academy. OTher Tours of duTy included service aboard The U.S,S. Ranger, as Squadron Commander, TifTeen monThs wiTh a squadron aT Coco Solo, Panama, Commander of VP Squadron aT Jacksonville, Florida and laTer Commanding Officer and SuperinTendenT of Training aT Cecil Field. CapTain Dunn, before coming To Corpus ChrisTi, was Commanding Officer of The U.S.S. Bogue. For his aggressive and capable leadership of The U.S.S. Bogue and her escorT group againsT sub- marines in The ATlanTic, he was awarded The Legion of MeriT. CAPTAIN HENRY 0. 1101111, USN COMMANDING OFFICER OF NAVAL AIR STATION CapTain Henry C. Doan, USN, arrived abcard The Naval Air STaTion in June, 1944, To assume duTies as Commanding Officer, relieving Commander R. M. Signer, USN, who was deTached for duTy afloaT. CapTain Doan graduaTed from The U. S. Naval Academy aT Annapolis in 1924. Soon afTer graduaTion, he reporTed for duTy aboard The U.S.S. Arizona, and laTer The U.S.S. Pennsylvania. AfTer This, he spenT Tive years in The under- seas service and GT The end of This period, was qualified To serve as submarine commander. CapTain Doan reporTed To N. A. 5., Pensacola for HighT Training and in 1932, received his designaTion as a Naval AviaTor. He was immediaTely assigned To a fighTer squadron aboard The USS. Langley, and afTer a Two year Tour of duTy was Transferred To The U.S.S. Texas and Then To The U.S.S. Idaho. Following This, he reporTed aboard The U.S.S. Rockaway as Commanding Officer. . Before reporTing aboard The Naval Air STaTion, CapTain Doan was The Commanding Officer of The Kingsville Auxiliary Naval Air STaTion. CAPTAIN JACKSON 11. TATE, USN DEPUTY COMMANDANT OF THE NAVAL AIR TRAINING BASES CapTain Jackson R. TaTe, USN, reTurned in May, 1944 from The Tsland of Tarawa, where he was AToll Commander, To assume dUTies as DepUTy CommandanT of The Naval Air Training Bases. CapTain TaTe served as an enlisTed man during World War I, when he volunTeered Tor duTy in The Naval Reserve. During This period he served aboard The U.S.S. Agamem- non, U.S.S. ConnecTicuT and was aboard The U.S.S. Borie in 1921 on iTs World Cruise. In 1922, he enTered The TlighT Training program aT Pensacola and upon compleTion, received his designaTion as a Naval AviaTcr. ATTer graduaTion, he was ordered To The U.S.S. Langley, as experimenTal and squadrch piloT. In 1925, he became a member of VF Squadron 2, The TirsT carrier squadron formed by The Navy. CapTain TaTe has had an ouTsTanding career in Naval AviaTion and has been idenTified wiTh many of The early experimenTs of Naval AircraTT and AircraTT Carriers. ATTer Two years in The experimenTal division aT N. A. 3., Norfolk, he was Transferred To The U.S.S. Mississippi, as Squadron ExecuTive Officer of VO-S, and TaTer serving aboard The U.S.S. Ranger, as Commanding Officer of FighTing Squad- ron 5. He has served on The U.S.S. SaraToga wiTh The FighTing Squadron THI HaTsT and on The U.S.S. YorkTown as Air Group Commander and Air Officer. In 1940, CapTain TaTe assumed duTies as Commanding Officer of N. A. 3., SiTka, Alaska. ATTer spending Two years There, he was given The Command of a C. V. E. Carrier, U.S.S. AlTamaha. Page 27 LIEUTENANT COLONEL J. W. SAPP, Jr., USMC WFICER IN CHARGE 0F AVIATHIN CADET REGIMENT LieuTenonT Colonel John W. Sopp, Jr., USMC, reTumed from air ccmboT duTy in The SouTh Pacific To assume duTies 05 Officer in Charge of The AvioTion CodeT Regiment He broughT To The Naval Air Training CenTer, ocTuol comboT experience of viToI imporTomce To Naval AvioTion Training. Colonel Sopp was appoinTed To The U. 5. Naval Academy 0T Annapolis in 1930 and was gradu- oTed wiTh The class of 1934 Two years loTer he repched To Naval Air SToTion, Pensacola, Florida for flighT Training. Winning his "wings" in 1937, he received designoTion es 0 Novel AvioTor. In 1942 Colonel Sopp lefT The conTinenTol shores as Cl Commander of The second Torpedo bomber squadron To be formed by The U. 3. Marine Corps and led This uniT in comboT. LoTer, he served as ossisTonT cperoTions officer of The combined air forces cperoTing in The Solomons Area. In This copociTy, he direcTed ocTiviTies of all TocTicol planes, including "Block COTS" ThOT poTrolied by nighT. This Tour of duTy Took him inTo The comboT areas of Guadalcanal, EspiriTu SonTo, New Zealand, New Georgia Island and Bougoinville. For his ouTsTonding service To Novel AvioTion 0T Guadalcanal he was awarded The Air Medals He also wears ribbons for The campaign QT Bougoinville and New Georgia island. LT. 80L. INJBERT E. GALER, USMC QWCER Jim: mm; aic CAFFTT whim LieuTenanT Colonel RoberT E. Galer, USMC, holder of The Congressional Medal of Honor and one of The Marine Corps mosT disTinguished AviaTors, assummed command of The AviaTion CadeT RegimenT on 3 AugusT 1945, replacing LieuTenanT Colonel John W. Sapp, Jr., who was deTached. Colonel Galer, a naTive of SeaTTle, WashingTon, enTered The TIighT Training program in January 1936. On 13 April 1937 he was commissioned as a Second LieuTenanT in The Marines and designaTed as a Naval AviaTor. On The day of The Jap aTTack on Pearl Harbor, Colonel Galer was aTTached To a squadron sTaTioned aT Oahu. Shorle afTer The aTTack he was assigned To command The famous "RockeTs" which laTer landed on Henderson Field aT Guadalcanal. The squadron engaged The enemy almosT immediately and over a shorT period of Time accounTed Tor 65V2 Jap aircrafT, 13 of which were To Colonel Galer's crediT. "For his exTraordinary heroism and disTinguished ser- vice," Colonel Galer was awarded The NaTion's highesT honors, The Congressional Medal of Honor and The Navy Cross. He also holds The BriTish DisTinguished Flying Cross, along wiTh The PresidenTial UniT CiTaTion. REGIMENTAL STAFF Left To right, Front row: Lt. Tigi E. A. La Hue, LT. H. S. Olson, LT. Comdr. ArmsTrong Thomas, Ex-officio; LT. Col. J. W. Sapp, Jr., LT. E. E. Stevens, Ex-officio; Capt. R. F. Ramsey, Ex-officio; LT. T. R. Deering, Ex-officio . . .Back row: Ensign K. F. Parsons, LT. K. J. Parsons, LT. W. F. Kuykendail, LT. iigi J. A. Mason, Ensign A. H. Sundstrom, Ensign W. R. Morken. M . mumw. 1., meannm- Tra W wi 80 Tri re L 11111111 111111111 00111111101111 J0lli1 L. CIIITTENDEN, USN Rodd Auxiliary Naval Air STaTion, placed in commission June 7, 1941, was The TirsT auxiliary field To be compIeTed for use in The CadeT Training program. The field is a small ediTion of The Main STaTion and provides compIeTe faciliTies Tor , use in The cadeT TlighT Training. Rodd Field was named as a TribuTe To ThaT disTinguished Naval AviaTor, LieuTenanT Commander HerberT C. Rodd, USN, who lost his life in a plane crash aT EasT Camp Flying Field, HampTon Roads, Virginia, June 15, 1932. Commander Rodd was one of our TirsT Naval AviaTors and, Through his early experimenTs wiTh aircraTT, has played a I maior role in The developmenT of Naval AviaTion. As a member of The Seaplane NC-4, he parTiCipaTed in The firsT successfui 1 Trans-ATlanTic flighT. For This ouTsTanding conTribuTion To aviaTion, he was awarded The Navy Cross for I'DisTingUished Service in The line of his Profession",- The Air Force Cross Tram GreaT BriTain, and The "Order of The Tower and Sword" from PorTugal. Commander John L. ChiTTenden, USN, is The Commanding Officer of Rodd Field. He assumed This duTy in November 1943, following a Tour of acTive duTy in The AleuTians. Commander ChiTTenden was graduaTed from The U. S, Naval Academy in 1932, and received a furTher assignmenT To duTy as CommunicaTions WaTch Officer on board The USS. Colorado. ATTer serving in This capaciTy unTiI 1935, he was assigned To duTy aT N. A. 8., Pensacola Tor TlighT Training. In 1935, he received The "wings" and designaTion of a Naval h AviaTor. AT The beginning of The War, Commander ChiTTenden was on board The Cruiser Quincy and on ThaT TaTeTul day in December ; 1941, when The Japs aTTacked Pearl Harbor, he was aTTached To a PaTrol Squadron. As commander CT a paTr01 squadron, he was immediaTely Transferred To The AIeuTian Island Area The Air Medal was awarded him for his "courageous launching of a lone dive-bombing aTTack againsT enemy insTallaTions in Kiska Harbor," compleTing The mission despiTe The facT ThaT his crafT was heavily iced. Page 30 COMMAN11EIT S. . WELLER, SN Cabaniss Auxiliary Naval Air STaTicn, second of The Naval Air Training Bases, was placed in commission July 9, 1941. Cabaniss Field is The home of Squadrons 12C and 12D, where The syllabus is devoTed To The basic sTages of The TlighT Training program. The powerful VUlTee low-wing monopiane is used To acquainT The cadeT wiTh The heavier Type aircraTT. The VulTee is also used To Train cadeTs in The arT of miIiTary TormaTion flying. Cabaniss Field was named in honor of The U. S. Navy's TwenTy-sixTh naval aviaTor, Commander RoberT WrighT Cabaniss, who won his wings aT Pensacola in 1917. He was a pioneer in The field of Naval AviaTion and during his career was insTru- menTal in promoTing The progress of aviaTion Through various experimenTs. He was awarded The "Order of The BusT of Bolivar" by The Republic of Venezuela, Tor excepTional and ouTsTanding work in The Caribbean Area. During an experimenTal Trip in The WesT Indies, his plane crashed on Navassa Island and Commander Cabaniss IcsT his life. Commander S. P. Weller, USN, began his Tour of duTy as Commanding Officer of Cabaniss Field in December 1943, replacing Commander Anderson OffuTT, USN. Commander Weller enTered The U. S. Naval Academy in 1926. AfTer graduaTion in 1930, he served on board The U.S.S. Oklahoma, and IaTer was Transferred To a desTroyer group for Training. In 1934, he received an assignmenT To The flighT Training program aT Pensacola, winning his "wings" and designaTion as a Naval AviaTor in 1935. Before The war began, he was sTaTioned in AusTralia as an AviaTion Observer. He held This pcsiTion unTil U. S. Naval uniTs arrived and Then was assigned To The sTaTT of Commander of Allied Forces in ThaT Area. Prior To reparTing aboard, Commander Weller was in charge of AviaTion Training aT N. A. S. Q , :1 x559, zww UUIHTIHY FIELD 0011111111111 CARLTUN' C. LUCAS, USN AnoTher milesTone was added To The World's LargesT Naval Air Training Bases when Cuddihy Field was placed in com- mission. The Third auxiliary air sTaTion To be compleTed was formally commissioned SepTember 3, 1941. Cuddihy Field was designed and buiiT as a separaTe and compleTe auxiliary air sTaTion. IT has ail The TaCiIiTies necessary for The adminisTraTion, berThing, feeding, recreaTion and Training of cadeTs reporTing aboard. The enTire syllabus is devoTed To The basic sTage of The flight Training program. Cuddihy Field was named in hcnor of a pioneer in Naval AviaTion, LieuTenanT George Thomas Cuddihy, USN. He graduaTed Trcm The U. S. Naval Academy in 1918 and received his designaTion as a Naval AviaTor aTTer compleTing The flighT Training aT Pensacola, in 1921. LieuTenanT Cuddihy, on numerous occasions, risked his life while experimenTing wiTh Naval Aircraft On Two separaTe occasions, he was highly commended by The SecreTary of The Navy; in 1923, for his gunnery efficiency, and in 1927, fcr The TirsT successful flighT over The Andes MounTains. In 1929, he was posThumously awarded The DisTinguished Flying Cross for his ouTsTanding work while parTicipaTing in a TlighT To deTermine The fIaT-spin characTerisTics of The F-4B-1 Type aircrafT. On November 25, 1929, LieUTenanT Cuddihy 105T his life in a crash while TesTing an aeroplane aT N. A. 5., AnacosTia, D, C. Commander CarlTon C. Lucas, USN, former N. A. T. B. Training Officer, became Commanding Officer of Cuddihy Field on July 31, 1944. immediaTely afTer graduaTion, he reporTed aboard The U.S.S. Nevada, serving There Two years. In 1933, he was assigned To dUTy aT N. A. 3., Pensacola Tor TiighT Training. He has served aboard The U.S.S. LexingTon, U.S.S. Colorado and was aTTached To The U.S.S. Oklahoma aT The Time H was bombed in December 7, 1941. He has seen duTy aT N. A. 8., Norfolk as A 3 R Officer,- N. A. 5., San Diego, as Public Works Officer, and was aT N. A. 3., Pearl Harbor. KINGSVILLE FIELD CTIMMANIJEIT C. II. B. MTHHHSITN, USN A new chopTer in The hisTory of The World's LargesT Naval Air Training CenTer wos wriTTen July 4, 1942, when The TourTh N. A. 8. Auxiliary Tieid was placed in commission 0T Kingsville, Texas by CopToin Alfred E. MonTgcmery, USN, Ccm- mondonT. Commander Donald S. MocMohon assumed command on ThoT doTe. Commissioning Took place less Than Tour monThs oTTer work was sTorTed on The new field. Comparable in land area To The Main SToTion, The siTe is designed wiTh Two fields, compleTe uniTs for each are available, providing virTuoIIy all The TociliTies of The SToTion on o somewhoT smaller scale. Here The codeTs Toke Their advanced specialized TIighT Training necessary before The use of service Type planes of The TIeeT. Kingsville is The home of FighTer Squadrons 14A and 14C, Dive Bomber Squadrons 15A 0nd 158. The SNJ Trainer is used Throughout This Training and The syllabus conToins ocroboTics, fixed and Tree gunnery, novigoTion, TormoTion flying, sTroTing 0nd IosT buT mosT imporTonT is dive bombing. Commander C. H. B. Morrison, USN, o veTercm 0T 19 years service in The U. 5. Navy, wiTh experience on boTTleships, oTher service vessels, submarines and oircroTT carriers, assumed command of The Kingsville Auxiliary Air SToTion June 1944, replacing Commander Henry C. Doon. A noTive of Springfield, Missouri, Commander Morrison is o groduoTe of The U. S. Naval Academy of Annapolis. Before reporTing To N. A. 5., Corpus ChrisTi, in May 1944, he was Air Officer aboard a carrier in The ATlcmTic. He was sToTioned 0T Pearl Harbor cn December 7, 1941 0nd loTer received orders To The EosT CoosT and evenTUCIl duTy oboord 0h oircroTT carrier. Page 33 WALDMN FIELD CUMMANITER WILLIAM A. STUART, USN oTion of The Naval Air Training Bases, wos ploceol in commission by Rear Admiral Woldrcn Field, The TiTTh AUXIliory Air ST USN, become The firsT commanding officer A. E. MonTgomery, USN, on April i, 1943. LieUTenonT Commander C. T. FriTTer, of Woldron Field. ,, . C . . Woldron Field, locoTed 5 miles souTh of The Main SToTion, is 0 compieTe AUXIhory Air UTOTIOH in every respect. IT has oil The TociliTies necessary for The Training of The hundreds of cooleTs ThoT regularly reporT obcord. Specuolized .Torpedo bombing squadrons 16A and T68 insTrucT The codeTs in The advanced phoses CT TcrmoTion flying, gunnery, nOVIgoTIon and dive bombing. . Named for LieuTenonT Commander J. C. Woidron, The Auxiliary Air SToTion wos dedicoTed To The memory of one of The mcsT ouTsTonding men in The annals of U. 3. Novel AvioTion. He was The courageous and daring skipper of Torpedo Bombing Squadron 8, who led his squadron ogoinsT overwhelming odds To meeT The Jops in The BoTTie of Midway Island. IT was during This ocTion ThoT he IosT his life. CodeTs Troining 0T 0 field dedicoTed To The memory CT This golionT leoder shore The heriToge ThoT makes U. 5. Novel AvioTion The greoTesT TighTing force in The world. . . . Commander William A. STuorT, USN, assumed command of The Woidron Auxiliary Air SToTion In July 1944, succeeding Commander l. Smelling, USNR, who was deToched. ATTer groduoTing from The U. 3. Naval Academy in 1932, Commander STuorT was assigned duTy on board The USS. Pennsyl- vonio. He served on This ship unTii February 1935, when he was assigned To TlighT Troining CT The Naval Air SToTion, Pensacola, Florida, winning .his "wingsu ond designoTion as 0 Novel AvioTor in March 1936. Commander STuorT served as NovigoTor on board The U.S.S. Lexinchn, and was ioTer Transferred To The U.S.S. Nevada 05 o piioT. In i939 he reTurned To Pensacola as o TIighT insTrucTor and Then followed wiTh 0 Tour of dUTy obcord The USS. Ronger. Commander STuorT wos Naval Air Training CenTer OperoTEons Officer before assuming his presenT posT. fli$ fix 777777 LIIII ,I 7 I777 '01 er US to id 1e 315 I6 7777 777777 LILI77III7 III 77777 7L 7777 7777777 I.IIIIIIILI7I77 777 77777777 77777777 7777777 7777 777777 I U7777777777 W7777IIL L I77 I777 IIIILII77IIL 77777 77 I777L777I IIIII7 I77L77777I7 777777.777 77.7777 IL77II M777I 77 II 777 7777777 III IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII L 77777 7L IWWIILM I777 77777777 7777 L777 777 77 I777 II III 777777 I77 7777 77377 77777777 7777 777777 7777777777 77777 7777777H7 777777 777777777777 77 H77 7777 777777. L777 777VI7 , 7777 7 I L777 LIIII, ILI,III7LILI 7:77 III 777777L7 77x . IIIIIIII7 77 LL IIIIIIII II II7LI7III7 . W77 77,77 I LL 7 IIIL I777 I7 IIIII77 7777 I777 77 N777 777 VIIIIIIIIIL 7777 777M M77777 L777 77777 77A,L .77 777I 7 V 77 777777 I I 777 7777. 77777. 7777 I77 7 IELB CHASE F CHMMAND Chase Field Auxiliary A The Commanding Officer of the s Cutchan. USN 9 NASH R ioned on June 1 ion to be placed ER A. 1943 by Rear Admiral A. E. I ISS ion was formally comm ir Stat Montgomery, USN. ieutenant Commander G. T. Mc- ,wasL In COmmISSIOn iary air stat ixth aux Navy. The ing unusual S dered one of the largest squadrons in the U. icate and 01 ink tra IS consi located at Chase Field and ' f the most hood and L IS instrument squadron 13C trument training at this squadron Fly icult phases of the cadet program iff iners are a few of the obstacles that cadets must successfully pass. Intr IS one 0 ms the- honor of the late L under- I patterns with beams, radio ranges in a plane ife , who lost his I USN I ieutenant Commander Nathan Brown Chase In The field was named crash near Pearl Harbor on June 23 1925 Commander Chase was a graduate of the U Pensacola and was designated as a Naval made with Naval Aircraft. I ing at N. A. 5., ln ight tra is H ion through var ived h He rece Naval Academy, class of 1908. S ts IOUS experimen 1. IO He had been active in Naval Av tor in 1916. 10 Av , 1943 to assume command of the Aleutian Islands July 30 m returned from active duty ' USN, I Commander A. R. Nash Chase Field. ignment to N. A. 3., Pensacola ion as a Naval Aviator. 5 Academy, Commander Nash received an as Naval 5 Following graduation trcm the U Ignat and ales ll wings ing he received his " In is tra ion of th Upon complet for flight training. ith scouting, fighter and icer of a Patrol Wing based at Seattle, w s e m C a D. a C s . w w .nfr atA VOn n O imw g.nluO n11 .IOA vr red wpn 00 n C .mmm 1 C .mgo AMmP Imy ase V W 0mm N r wo mmeN Whe emm C WWM $6.1 In std mfw eoo VIQm 1ni dmm aWB hbh S aeI humumV hSTInH aAt N m rsr enrr dm mimn. m; 0.9 Oesm mw ma pW ti, in July 1943 is Corpus Chr I IOn He reported aboard the Naval Air Stat Page 35 Q i, E z i v: Z 71 T s5 7kg ADMINISTRA'ITIIJN BUILDING The noTicns Number One Novol Training Bose become an official porT of The Navy cn March 12, T941, when The huge sToTion IocoTed souTh CT The CiTy of Corpus ChrisTi, Texas, was commissioned mm The U. 3. Navy. AT The some Time, CopToin Alva D. Bernhard, USN, assumed The duTies as The TirsT commanding officer of The Nova! Air Training Bases, OTTer cm impres- sive commissioning ceremony ThoT was oTTended by The SecreTory of The Navy, Ccngressmen, Bureau OT AeronoUTics Officials, local civic ouThoriTies 0nd guesTs. The gicmT Naval Air Training Bose known To The ovioTion codeTs as The "UniversiTy CT The Air" is 0 splendid monumenT dedicoTed To The "YouTh of America" by The loTe SecreTory of Navy, Colonel Frank Knox. The imporTonT mission of The Naval Air Training Base is To Train The young men To defend Their counTry in The air. The combined eTTorTs of Naval and civilian personnel were welded mm on organized uniT To carry OUT This mission. The Naval Air Training Boses has expanded Tor beyond The plans of The original builders. This was due To The TGCT ThoT The Novel AvioTion Program increased Tremendously 0nd oddiTionol Training TociliTies were found necessary. The Training program reached iTs peak wiTh The Naval Air Training Bases, consisTing CT The huge ivioin SToTion wiTh iTs compleTe operoTing TociliTies for land and seoplones and six auxiliary air bases: Rcdd, Coboniss Cuddihy, Woldron, Kingsviile and y-, Chose field. Each quxiliory Air base is Cl seporoTe 0nd compleTe operoTing uniT wiTh TociliTies for Training The ovioTiOl'T codeTs m The bosm, msTrumenT, advanced and operoTionol sTages of Their Training. The firsT class of codeTs To compleTe The Training program groduoTed November T, 194T. Since Then Thousands Of Novel, Morineend CeosT Guard AVIOTors Thoroughly Trained in Novel AvioTion TocTics have passed Through The goTes Of This greoT Naval Air Training Bose, enrouTe To imporTonT ossignmenT: ThroughouT The world. Page 36 CABET HEGIMENT BUILDING VWW, v w 'W... Wxxwm ' MVNW i 7 QM L gWV , M 73! vb me9 x W moqw HHSPI'ML ADMINISTRATHIN CADETS QUARTERS WW 4 AW 33:74! W, ? xuw mwm N mm W m.mmmWMAV ' Wmasgmmsmw mmmwm wwmw" W W 0FFICERS CLUB SHIPS- SERVICE W15 x;;ixhi- ppith; Vx;;en' J L E 01 A H C C I L 0 II". T nil; ? S K , r S 4 , , . WW , L x W54? S S E M N 0 I T A E R C E DR T AVIATHJN CHE L. c. N. T. ' f 1 Mgz:':: BUILDING g?x12kxsy ,7S;Zzw4 Si L. E C .x N A DR T M E x T A G SOUTH NSNW x.$$kmxkxx ackkx $$ ,, KN x PUBLIC WOHKS BUILDING : 41, 4, ?Qva ! CapTain ThornTon C. Miller, ChC, USN, began his Tour of duTy as Senior Chaplain of The Naval Air Training Bases in AugusT f 1943, afTer having reTurned from The Pacific Area where he was DisTricT Chaplain aT ; Pearl Harbor. He was sTaTioned aT Pearl Harbor on ThaT TaTeful day, December 7, 1941, when The Japs aTTacked. CapTain Miller, ordained as a minisTer aT The early age of 16, received his religious educaTion aT The Johnson Bible School and graduaTed from Drake UniversiTy. Follow- ing graduaTion, he held pasToraTes in WesT Virginia, Iowa and California, before enTer- ing The U. 8. Navy Chaplains' Corps. Since .r enTering The U. 5. Navy in 1920, CapTain Miller has had a long and disTinguished career serving The spiriTual, welfare and recreaTional needs of Naval Personnel and Their families. CapTain Miller's impressive record includes duTy boTh ashore and afloaT. He served on The Submarines Beaver ancl Camden; U.S.S. Frederick, U.S.S. WrighT, U.S.S. SalT Lake CiTy, U.S.S. ChaumonT in The China Area. , . Shore bases aT Guam, Philippines, Hawaii , ,,,,, - T V '1 . and San Diego. 1 ' '1 1' CapTain Miller was deTached Tor duTy elsewhere in November 1944, and replaced by Commander F. Richard Williams, ChC, ' USNR. CAPTAIN THURNTIJN C. MILLER, USN The Chaplains DeparTmenT mainTains, aT The AviaTion CaaleT RegimenT HeadquarTers, a full Time Chaplain who is available To assisT cadeTs in Their spiriTual, welfare and recreaTional needs aT all Times. The CadeT Church Service performed by The Chaplain each Sunday in The STaTion Chapel offers a compleTe program of worship service for cadeTs of all faiThs. The Chaplain is a source of help in many difficulT siTuaTions and counsels wiTh The cadeTs in Their religious and personal maTTers. He also conducTs TamiliarizaTicn lecTures for boTh The indocTrinaTion and graduaTion cadeTs and cooperaTes wiTh AviaTion Cadet A. J. Lindsay has a "Man To Man" Talk wiTh Chap- lain Kuykendall The Board of Governors regarding social and welfare ocTiviTies of The CodeT RecreoTion Mess. Navy Re- lief and emergency leove requesTs are handled by The Chaplain in connecTion wiTh The Red Cross. One of his mosT inTeresTing duTies is performing marriages oTTer groduoTion. LieuTenanT W. F. Kuykendoll, ChC, has been The AvioTion CodeT RegimenT Chaplain since AugusT i0, 1944, relieving Chaplain Bruce. Evans, deToched Tor duTy overseas. Chaplain Kuykendoll, in civilian life, ToughT and coached oThleTics in o PresbyTerion School in China and has served in PresbyTerion Churches in Chicago, Illinois, Newark, New Jersey, Colorado and Albu- querque, New Mexico. Before reporTing aboard The Naval Air Training Bases, Chaplain Kuykendoll wos Senior Chaplain 0T N. A. 3., Posco, WoshingTon and N. A. 5., SiTTka, Alaska. , .lemww;W A Wave kneels of char decorated' by RoTary Club aT ChrisTmos. Admiral Mason and STfo join in song of DedicoTion of New Chapel. Divine Services held aT one of Main SfaTion Chapels AlThough The scope of The Medical DeporT- menT includes The physical welfare of The enTire personnel of The Naval Air SToTicn, The prcb- lems reloTive To The AvioTion Training program are considered To be of primary imporTonce. The efficiency of The codeTs and Their fiTness for flying are given careful sTudy. CodeTs hove Their cwn sick boy IccoTed in The CodeT RegimenT HeodquorTers. There, They become ocquoinTed wiTh The flighT surgeon cr psychologisT wiTh whom They can discuss any problem which is offecTing Their flighT Training. CerTain codeTs may be referred To The Main Dispensary for special sTudy or To The HospiToI, where major TreonenTs are given. The edu- coTionol cmd prevenTive ospecTs of AvioTion Medicine are sTressed so ThGT The fuTure Novol AvioTors will be able To keep Themselves 0T maximum efficiency. CAPTAIN J. R. POPPEN, USN SENIOR MEDICAL OFFICER, NAVAL AIR STATION VIATHTN MEDICINE LT. R. S. Pebley, Med- ical Corps, FlighT Sur- geon, Aviation Cadet RegimenT LT. TigT K. J. Perkins, Psychiatrist, Aviation Cadet Regiment d ical ai d foot ives med mlure for x; $12? Cadet rece 2 3m a igzagg. ,. aw um? WMAquwW mwwywaz v, C In Sick B ilmenfs from Corpsmen 1 Sick Bay, imenf for ion ies i-nor a Cadet Reg med Ina ical attenf ive treatment for m 1h greatest of ease Ion wi ? Corpsmen handle casual? Cadets check Avia Cadets rece .rmurvm..-y mcvunnxw. meer- 2::A2..U- -w. a... q... "WV, -- , .. . 7kg lllllllllll A veTeron of 35 years in The Novel Service, Commander Poshepny, Commissary Officer for The Naval Air SToTion and Officer in Charge of Cadet Mess, sees ThoT good food is served, 08 all cadets will TesTiTy. The Commissary DeportmenT 0nd CodeT Mess have The responsibiliTy of planning and feeding The many codeTs undergoing Training 0T This SToTion. The finest of Tcods available are served 0T oll Times and 1 special occasions such 05 Thanksgiving, ChrisTmos and New Year are observed by preporoTion of some- Thing "exTro special" in good food. This excellenT food and fine service by chefs has served noT only physically, buT also in The building of mcrole durirg ; Training of codeTs. COMMlSSARY OFF SvCER CllMMANDER J. c. PoSllEPNY l l Cadets bow heads while Chaplain gives blessing h kggl 7W 2T , M wwmmqm g: r Special Graduation Dinner Parties are planned and held each week on The evening preceding Cadet Graduation. For this occasion, cadets are privileged To invite "dates," friends or relatives, making it on even more gala event. Thanksgiving Feast in 1he making Cadeis line up for Chow 2 air. Gaining 5xperience aha coandence IIviIh ever 5h5u of' cadets finally realize their greoiest ombifion. Thi5 may I05 II with a fighter, dive- bomber, torpedo bomber, scouiing, or land based bomber squadron. nuanly .. aw; .EManmmW Am i 3M? , my; AW? 3w. h 9.7. W54: 1; ,ILIKH xizx xxx xlxixgkx: . V igxz zy ?KmMKXy in- fumbl In K y 1 L sxxxxx K 'mfs et a,xiiew of somevfine po H, ,2 ,X ? X Z?, 6 n6, w M m ing the m6in art of self-defense. itlum 33;? learn N ?mmwx , w; z$5vw MW 2 J; 2W, w , M2 x ,, v, , r L :7? , ?igof3 2$ gxxx As? ? foszix Lrlnrhrurliarlvdltivrh? F I 77$jl mt, Many W: w ' L . f: ,1 ' Pushing this ball around W . . j ' , makes plenty of muscle. xv M79 Reody-Aim-Fire-practice makes perfect. Soccer makes fecum work and rugged individuals. N , Ax v .v ww$ Cadefs are using the Mark V computer to determine airspeed . . . Cadets getfing the "word" on the time ZOnes around the World . . . Dif-Dit-Dah, consiantly following the cadets to all their training b0595- ?; No girls, iumping ihe rope isnlt a cadet pus- fime . . Scaling the obstacle course. kaWmme The "Muscle Men" insist that the cadets know all the holds . . . One of the most popular sports is basket- ball. These two cadets iump for the ball . . . After cu long hard swim, cadets are forced to climb the cargo nets, maybe they make it, maybe they don't . . . Rolling! round in the hoops determines your stability . . Car- rying rifles successfully while being "buoyed-up" with life jackets. m y x 4 i ightens y u Youhre glad imes when you the ready room. m r o m VI 0 d r U f a S f ll lOn. tructo r sfra "few the ins weak poinis . ins Inspect in "MQRSV" n, can take it easy the colors and Capta when i's over . . . One of 1hese ut on some of yo After the morning hop, Ing, Checking out cf the firing range with a .45 caliber revolver . . . These happy cadets ore refurning from c: hop and the insirucfor probably gave them an "up'1 . . Puzzled cadets looking over the dif. ferent time zones. Navigation! Yo mar wax . , NWW M - Hmwm WW W. . wM... . w wwlx ; " mm mm www, Two eager cadets waiting for the Hme- chanics" to turn up the motor . . . Maybe it isn't worth it! Cold weather and a solo hop coming up. iv one of the iniricote examinations given a code? before he is allowed to fly. The usual Saturday morning review is coming up the street. hh Wyii'wxxww L m m w w vn vl o m r A e In t .m e d a m e r a s n o .h C e P s .m .m U s U e In 1 r e In 1 a e W .0 a b n sched'uled. Cadets and instructors checking the flighf board to find out when 1heir next hop is .tv 71 4 Wind, wax H m off on iving." the art of "J in Cadeis ore "pastmasfers iends wave h -fr cu solo hop . mmanzx Slim finally made the grade 3319;" .u e In AI OI inspec mg located some t. regimen ing to make The Captain and Cadet Officers when cadets are 90 ! They must have an impressuon. iberty local debutantes and are hop is only happnes Th on L zgigwfr ., . !,.,.,43 . y rmx 1x wwxw ix WAM4iM-v3huylxmy W M, . M Athletic Gear and from now " with pleniy of hard work. ir They have checked out the it out "sweating before actual flyi sfe one of the lost 5 acke? i ium weight High? .0 e m w e n f o In t t U o 9 .m IK C e In C New Athletic Gear and we hope it fits yaw? w mg lOn IK C eb Ln CA 0 f U 0 Y ion they check ighf gear up before clear Stozf in ipment allows icfure in fl because the picture goes to your home town newspaper he Mo icer of the 4th BaHal W ical check 5 your p 'Wrm e 11km l0 eCIU MM w W rad get ive aboard t al Phofo-Lob you a thorough phys . . . Spec Duiy Off he Cadet lVeS 52?? dure 'fh I ight duty in WI After the new cadet: arr 1 Ie cadet Sml ighf Surgeon g vonce proce you for fl Fl LIEUTENANT COMMANDER J. M. BARRY, USNR LieuTenonT Commander J. M. Borry, USNR, reTurned from The SouTh Pacific Area in AugusT 1944, To ossgme duTies os N.A.T.B. Physical and Military Training Officer. He re- placed LieuTenonT Commander F. C. Lone who was de- Toched. Commander Barry, noTionolly known former coach of UniversiTy of SouThern California, enTered The Navy in March 1942. He reporTed To ST. Mary's Pre-FlighT School, one of The original pre-TlighT schools, as DirecTor of Am- IeTics, on Moy T, 1942, 0nd seT up The rigid oThleTic Train- ing program. ATTer ThirTeen monThs 0T ST. Mary's, Com. monder Barry was assigned SToTT duTy wiTh The Com- mander, FleeT Air Force, SouTh FociTiC. His primary duTies were To seT up oThleTic ond recreoTionol TociliTies Tor leers and ground crews in The SouTh Pacific. Commander Barry was loTer given The ossignmenT 0T rehobiliToTion 0nd roToTion Tcr Navy and Marine flyers in The SouTh Pacific. In This work he esToblished rehabiliToTion cenTers 0T Auklond, New Zeolond and Sidney, AusTrolio. He was Then assigned To sTofT duTies wiTh The Commander, Air, SouTh Pacific, and cchinued in ThoT posiTion unTil he was deToched, 20 July 1944. PHYSICAL emf MILITARY TRAINING The Physical and MiliTory Training, under The supervisicn OT LieuTenonT Ccmrronder J. M. Barry, has 0 sToTT oT AThleTic SpecialisTs To ossisT in carrying ouT The rigid physical Training program. The program hos been designed and seT up To prepare The TuTure ovioTors To be physically oble To overcome any siTuoTion ThoT may arise. The Training deporTmenT has 0 supervised oThleTic program and TociliTies are available Tcr any form CT exercise. ObsTocTe course, TooTboll field, boskeTboll, Tennis and hondboll courTs, boxing, swimming and 0 huge gymnasium, oTTer codeTs o varied sporTs program. A special course in "Survival" given in one oT The huge swimming pools ocquoinTs The codeTs wiTh The hozords They will encounTer in The evenT They are Tcrced down over oner. lnsTrucTicns are given and Tilms ore shown in The procedure To diTch planes, use porochuTes, "Moe WesT" life jockeTs, swimming under oil-covered oner, use of life roTTs, seoT packs and back pocks so necessary To The preservoTion of life. CcmpeTiTion in RegimenTol Parades and AThleTic evenTs gives one on equal oppchuniTy To display Their skill and sTominCI. A view of The cadeTs going over The rough and Tough obstacle course mum; nun ,, 4 mi 4: I, 4 ma? a W! A similated crash landing in water-Dilbert will turn over wifh The cadet at the confrOISv-we hope he gets oul? . . . An exciting In men? of a basketball game between an Army team and NAS, Corpus . . . A right to the iuw iust misses in a bout of the Arena . . . This cadet will make a similafed landing from a parachute, in water. The obiecl is lo get out of parachute harness. l? ltls ions Instruct 1 mg A cadet of the le "Dilbert" is get? on how to get out when he turns over the wafer. equipmen Hing the word on the IS ge ivol up the cargo net cadets and then iump off In "Mae West" life jacket as a ir surv -one vicious or: controls of u part of the A cadet class se of ?he x ife l ISCI 5 through It' . Volley Ball Buoyed by Mae Wesf game. the pool ing football in life, ruff to popular sport among cadets . . m in an excnf these cadets float around the center kefs, lac f e g o 1 VI 0 w r e P o vl P e In T GRITUNIT SCHO0L 0FFICEHS LIEUTENANT J. D. LEITH, USNR LieuTenonT J. D. LeiTh, USNR, Officer in Charge of Ground Training School, N.A.S., and also Officer in Charge of Ground Training Schools, N.A.T.B., oTTended The Naval Air NovigoTion School 0T Coral Gables, Florida, ofTer enTering The Navy in January 1943. When he TirsT reporTed aboard N.A.T.B., LieuTenonT LeiTh was assigned duTy 0T Coboniss Field, TirsT 0s 0 NovigoTion Instruc- Tor, 0nd IoTer 05 Officer in Charge of The Ground School There. He assumed .his presenT duTies as Officer in Charge of Ground Training School and The oddiTionol supervisory dUTies 05 Officer in Charge of N.A.T.B. Ground School Training, losT March. Prior To enTering The Navy, LieuTenonT LeiTh was 0 sTudenT and also 0 sToTT member of The UniversiTy of NorTh DokoTo; Uni- versiTy of Chicago, UniversiTy of Michigan and Columbia UniversiTy. As a sTofT member of These various universiTies, Lieu- Tenont LeiTh ToughT moThemoTics and served in odminisTroTive copociTies. During World War I, he was 0 Second LieuTenonT of The CoosT Guard ArTilIery. LIEUTENANT L. K. MARQUIS, USNR Lieutenonfl. K. Marquis began his Tour of duTy os ExecuTive Officer of The Ground Training School in July 1944, offer having served wiTh ThoT uniT in various copociTies. He arrived aboard The Naval Air SToTion in May 1943 To assume dUTies as on insTrucTor in novigoTion 0nd lCITer become NovigoTion Officer of The Ground Training School. 1 He enTered The U. 3. Navy Through The V-ll program in SepTember 1942, and served TirsT wiTh The Naval IndoctrinoTion School 0T lThaco, New York and Then wiTh The Air NovigoTion SchooT 0T Coral Gables, Florida. LieuTenonT Marquis was groduoTed from Harvard UniversiTy in 1930, 0nd loTer become a Teacher of moThemoTiCs and science. Prior To The war, he was Headmaster and Vice PresidenT of The Graham-Eckes School at Palm Beach, Florida. it i sit sk sir i! Cadets get expert instruction in the use of he .45 Caliber automatic pistol at the firing range. xxxxwzrv x mxmw um. Practice in actual gunnery is obtained by firing these .50 Caliber machine guns. New radio equipment allows the code? 10 record his voice and later check it for de- fects . . . This link trainer operator shows the cadet 1he errors that he made in u similated instrument hop. $st This range affords cadets plenty of oppor. tuniiy for trap shooting. Getting the basic principles of the operation of a machine gun . . . Cadets getting ready for a hop in the pressure chamber. 19: i' SQUADRON l2B Cuddihy Field Lt. Tigl L. H. Reid, USNR Chief of Flight Lt. W. W. Hunker, USN Commanding Officer U. G. W. HanThorn, USNR Executive Officer Slllllllllillllls 12134 The Primary Training of The codeTs sToTioned 0T Corpus ChrisTi was concerned mainly wiTh The Tomiliorionion of Heavier Types of oircrofT. The plane used for This was The VulTee Trainer TSNVl. The requiremenTs consisTed largely of The fundamenTol maneuvers such as Toke-offs, landings and sTroighT 0nd level flying. Many dual hours were clevc-Ted To giving The codeTs cor- recT procedures. If all Check rides were passed, 0 sTudenT would Then procTice formoTion flying which would follow his dual hours of insTrucTion. Three-plcme secTions were procficed for The essentials of formoTion work. STudenTs were also required To make cross-overs, echelon, TormoTion Toke-offs and if ccmpeTenT enough, sTep-down "Y" formaTion secTions. STudenTs are also inTioTed mm The first use of radio procedure used 0T all of The Corpus ChrisTi fields. E3? gm' s it? , SQUADRON 12C Caboniss Field Lt. J. E. Brant, USNR Executive Officer I Commander R. W. Lund, USN Commanding Officer Lt. M. Lihn, USNR Chief of Flight Most important is this primary training received at the Basic fields. The future Naval Aviators will always retain the valuable fundamentals which Basic training has taught them. This training will give cadets the ability to handle the more ad- vonced types of Novel Aircraft at future bases. It was necessary to have more than one field for Basic Training for the many cadets who were sent to Corpus Christi for Naval Aviation Training. It was the purpose of Coboniss Field and Squadrons 12C and 12D to handle this situation. Similar to Cuddihy Field, 12C and 12D fought many cadets the primary requisites of flying the heavier types of Novel Aircraft. The 2V2 ton Vultee lSNVl did its job well. Students also learned much from the many Ground School subiects. Novi- gotion, Chemical Warfare, Engine study, and Aerodynamics helped the important moke-up of these Naval Students. SQUADRON 12D Cabaniss Field LT. S. S. Thompson, USNR Chief of High LT. Commander J. F. Durkin, USNR Commanding Officer LT. D. F. Orwig, USNR ExecuTive Officer T T QUADMN 1le Fields similar To Coboniss are well equipped To TociliToTe The Training of Their many sTudenTs. For much needed relaxa- Tion for The codeTs, officers and enlisTed personnel, The sToTion provides recreoTionol fociliTies such as bowling, billiards, Ten- nis, swimming, hand ball, and mcmy oTher Types of oThIeTics. From These Auxiliary Fields of The Naval Air Training Bases, will come The fuTure of The Naval defense and sTriking force. WWNWWW www.- This happy group of cadets are marching down to the flight line . . . Planes full of fuel and ready for a day of flying. at m The SNV Trainer used ex- clusively for in sirumenf training. . Jagxixxrdira 71541,; 71!? Instructors before sheets lost m ing from their flight, inute check trucfor and cadet seem pleased over the tructor before ins ight A Return their morning hop out their fl fill for the day reveals a low tire . . this cadets ins gonng up on securing and m o r f 9 n H e .n b t rl o In 5 a t e 9 s t E d a C turning home of SNV's Is re after a log cfl I0" is format Th '9 ighf n e In .1 r O f d e r U C e 5 ,5 V N s L r e .m a r T .K S G B Toxiing out for the tuke-off . . . American and British cadets securing from the flight line in formation. E g x13 WWMQQ; A formation of SNV's flying high above the vast Texas plains. WWANW, o, k I kirk? prggw: u SQUADRON 13A Main Base Lt. J. A. Mohlman, USNR Executive Officer Lt. Commander R. W. Arthur, USNR Commanding Officer Captain J. D. Thomson, USMCR Chief of Flight SQUADMNS Squadrons 13A, located on the Main Base of The N.A.T.B., and 13C, located at Beeville, Texas, were set up for one main purpose; To give future Naval Aviators The ability To fly in bad weather and land safely at Their destination. Instrument Training consists of fifteen hours devoted To flying The well known Link Trainer. This gives cadets the first sen- sotion of flying without any visual reference to the Terrain. Toward The end of ten link flights, radio procedure and beam flying are introduced. Actual flying is then put into use. Again, The ever-ready Vultee is on haid To teach students The sensations of flying blind and coming home riding a radio beam. The first stage of actual control of aircraft on instruments is concerned mainly with level, climbing and gliding Turns, stalls, spins, unusual position and the proper recoveries with instruments. The second stage is entirely the flying of radio ranges with the fundamentals learned previously. ., m..- : .,mewwmwmiruumtummy... SQUADRON 13C Chase Field Lt. R. W. Griffin, USNR Training Officer Lt. J. J. Lyons, USN Commanding Officer Lt. J. D. Copeland, USNR Executive Officer Lt. M. L. Halsey, USMCR Chief of Flight When this course is completed, 0 cadet who finished it with a satisfactory grade has acquired Ci knowledge of orientation, beom-brockefing, unknown beam work and recognition of high and low radio cones, which indicate his position near his landing field. The value of insTrumenT Training cannot be measured and of Times seems of very small value, but if The weather becomes rough and visibility is poor, cmy Naval Aviator will be thankful for The Training given him by These Instrument Squadrons. v bunu Kiihngg! ighf fructor ms . . Instruc- ighfs ion fl ior and cadet secure from an afternoon hop . . . A fl ives new students plenty -out from their ir format it check. ion of Vuhees 9 ing a cockp nvis ine d ink abouf during the ,gQSCN, 6., ,L of cadets get? fo 1h In .K. In T mg, g if? mg; g w riFFN, v.9. f rw mg 9124' After a hop the instructor gets his flight of cade's together and straightens them out on a few rough spots . . . Bruce Smith, the AlI-Americon football player, gets the word' on how to begin a slow roll from an instructor . . . The code room is always a 1'sore spot" with cadets . . . A flight of Basic Trainers over Corpus Christi Bay. 11 J 1i i e. SQUADRON 14A Kingsville Field Lt. F. 5. Carter, USNR Executive Officer Lt. R. D. Gibson, USNR Commanding Officer Captain W. B. Howard, USMCR Chief of Flight SQUAIHHlNS These squadrons were located 01' The Main Base and at The Naval Center's Auxiliary Field in Kingsville. - After completing the difficult instrument training, a future Naval Aviofor and Officer is sent To his choice, of specialized training, if possible. If he is fortunate enough To be given his choice of fighters, he will be given all types of flying which will be demanded of him when he joins the U. S. Flee'r. It consists of acrobatics, formation Tactics, fixed gunnery and all Types wag; SQUADRON 14B Main Base Captain J. L. 30995, USMCR Chief of Flight Lt. R. Merritt, USN Executive Officer A. W. Garbarino, USNR Commanding Officer of navigation. This syllabus has been highly successful and was constructed by the men who have had actual combat experi- ence and many flying hours with our fleet. Students are first introduced to 0 new type of Naval Trainer. This plane is called the SNJ North American. It is very moneuveroble and will drive at a speed of 250 MPH. After having mastered this fast plane, the cadets go through their Wim- 12.. W SQUADRON 14C Kingsville Field Lt. J. K. Allemcm, USNR Executive Officer Lt. H. M. Kosciusko, USNR Commanding Officer Lt. E. R. Parham, USNR Chief of Flight SQUADMN :IZ'IHOEKEJ with a confident knowledge that the regular planes of the Navy can be handled because of the training received with e . After each flight of six cedets is finished with this fighter syllabus, their graduation will be realized after approximately three weeks at one of the Auxnliary Fields for familiarization with the Navy's SBD or better known as the Dountless Dive Bomber. Adva it's a target are p instru . Advanced training uses fhe SNJ forl ifs fighter syllabus . . . This instructor and cadet are plenty happy because it's an "up" . . . Instructor and cadets check the sleeVe target after gunnery practice, to make sure that all hits are properly scored . . . After the hop's all over the instructor irons out a few wrinkles that developed during a the flight. KW 44' 34 d e c n a v d a n a .m n U r VI r e n n U 9 a r o f .1 6 Ce 9 n .h 1 e G . . . AhC Smith goes up for a solo hop trainer SNV. In on her a hop . . . Shooting the breeze ying a instructor on the wing of an advanced Hangar fl with an frulner. SQUADRON 15A Kingsville Field Captain A. R. 8009, USMCR Gunnery Officer Lt. W. T. Harding,USNR Commanding Officer Captain J.W. Zuber Operations Officer Captain W. W. Womel, USMCR Chief of Flight Located at the Kingsville Auxilior Air Station ' S ' ' ' ' ' given more emthSIS on Dive Bombingy, , IS quadron 15. Similar to the fighter syllabus, cadets ot ngswlle are shi sCocljfefLotlgn 1;? thef efentiol p.0int. stressed in teams of flyers. If one of 0 group fails to work, the others suffer the hard- in Eligahfs e'oih SvifESSi: stmedetrlzet ginmlgfut meEnhdIsoster to one pilot. At Kingsville's Squadron 15, cadets are grouped together quickly. 9 g roug t e program together. They are taught to perform as a team and to think SQUADRON 15B Kingsville Field Lt. C. W. Lindsey, USNR Executive Officer Lt. R. V. Wilhelm, USN Commanding Officer kl AV Lt. F. E. Francis, USNR Chief of Flight 4 We The SNJ is used throughout This Training because if is such a versatile oiwum. The syllabus contains acrobatics, fixed and free gunnery, navigation formofion flying, strafing and lost, but The most .mportont, is dive bombing. The Time will come when any enemy of our country will realize Thor cur llyers are not To be foyed with. Dive bombers will frusfrofe many such beliefs. x3322; ihe advanced stage is pal the word on whaf to do In and what not to do formation high above the . . . Cadets check the log of the squadron In iners flying ives h 2. $21: ,7; ining g S duty officer . . . A cadet a r T Y V G N cloud of fro 4 4 . 4 , , 444444 L 4 4, 4444444 4444444 4 4gx444, 44444, 4 4 444 , 4, ,4 444 44444, t "WT YH'I, run! "'1" Ika "L me in- $NJ-advonced trc: kup- ncy C y "9 er ?Fey mode hng the 1' ...Tl1e maneuv on IS n by for any emerc 6 d f r O .1 c U r 1 S n e In t f In 9 In mg m per's Beechcraft standing f the fli he flight board aw scouf I for their scheduled hop A? the completion 0 the cadets aboui a certa ers take off on a . . . Cadets at f ygianhf SQUADRON 16A Woldron Field LT. J. F. Loughran, USNR Chief of FIighT LT. J. 5. Morris, USNR Commanding Officer LT.J. E. Boudreaux, USNR Executive Offiter wQliiililiiliii The Naval sTriking force has a long reach wiTh The hard hiTTin ' . . - g Tor edo bombers. This 5 d Fieldsefd'rhe N.A.T.B., lSh concerned mainly wiTh The developmenT of Torpego bombing qua Von, IOCOTed Qt WGIdron u eTns ore Toug T all procedures from The familiarizuTion of Ior - ' - . . . . . . ger planes To The ocTuol corr m ouT of a boTTle anilseien. 1IheI beginhmg conSIsTs of primary formoTion work and; advances along unTil flying c1 wing pyosigTJion or leading c1 C1vusrisn o Ap anes IS noTurol To him. The sTudenTs are placed in flighTs 0nd procTice bombing, sTrofing 0nd Torpedo runs as 9 up. greaT many hours are reqUIred In The pocTice of Topedo bombing, which is The main purpose of This squadron. SQUADRON 16B Waldron Field LT. Commander C. D. HusTon, USN Commanding Officer LT. L. Lucifer, USNR ExecuTive Officer CapTain J. J. FosTer, USMCR Chief of Flight A WM IGB They are given single-plone, dispersed, and TormoTion oTTocks on moving TorgeTs and as Their hours pass, smooThness and cooperoTion beTween HighT members is The desirable resulT. As The mighT of The Naval Air Force beccmes more evidenT, H is only proper To remember ThoT The Torpedo bombers are The hordesT of The many divisions of The FleeT Air Arm. Their grequiremenT is To hold a speedy and dangerously close course Towards enemy shipping unTil Their Torpedo is released and well on iTs way To The enemy desTrucTion. .373? In prep- am U mS me fk G n wM ir planes the iew of the SNJ-used for advanced Ining. t a "hot" pilot . . . re cadet-you may have to use IS no tra Johnson and cadet iust came do ight of cadets walk out to . . . A v tA.L. t' l9 Apparently the cadet that the parachute is secu Instructor and fl oration to take off Instructor Lt hop is formation of " are a beautiful sight. S I High above the clouds th IIJ xv numxxmwz d e C n G V d O s U P r 0 c e In .al :01 O 5 f 8 LI 0 W e In .ol r e V o .m k s 5 r e .In. a 0-H these formation, echelon In if I war 1 Ion , Vb. -in- inations formuf' 1' '4 Wm; H? m j 97,' ighf board tells the story of student lists and solo hops. structor comb The fl also . $$$K II Sam d L Id ae 5 Wm f am so. r we C mm .rv o IK a .r 1. John Sain an Chapman, ins dron, L proposed maneuvers. the air. The blackboard is the proper place to "hash out "1 ing over on the ground ile up ' ired wh Instructor go what fransp unnNF. Ht, o SQUADRON 17 Main Base Lt. O. J. Fallert, USNR Commanding Officer Lt. M. C. Chambers, USNR Executive Officer Lt. tigl W. S. Cripe, USNR Chief Flight Instructor In battle the effective striking force of the Navy needs one primary element. This element is the Scouting and Observation missions performed by the Naval aircraft named the "Kingfisher." At the Main Base of the N.A.T.B., cadets are given a complete course of instruction in flying this type of seo-going cir- craft on water. These planes are able to land and toke-off from the water. When they are based on a Battleship or Cruiser, they are catapulted from the deck of the ship. It takes a great deal of skill and training to enable a Naval Pilot to handle these planes in sailing, mooring 0nd anchoring them properly. However, in the thorough syllabus set up at Squadron 17, the graduates are as competent as the work performed by the plane itself. During their training in this squadron, cadets are given training in formation flying, extensive day and night navigation, tree and fixed gunnery, night flying, ground strafing, glide bombing and depth charge attacks on both still and moving tor- gets. Toward the end of their training, the cadets are instructed in taking off with the aid of o catapult. These graduates of this squadron ore Well proud of the work put before them,-To find the enemy and make him known. With the best training given them in Scouting and Observation, it is certain the time will come when the enemy will be found for the final battle with th U. 5. Novel Forces. the In H 0 fl: 0 m r O I- d e C n G V d A k xwx x M mama view of the ingfishers." x i2! ' IIK g xxw V vgvx -Up close rugged A ing of a ighf ing their next fl of foreign cadets are shown on the w ingfisher discuss K D: U 0 r g A ME ,Vgakarhih r; ishers. ined up for free gunnery prac- ingf A formation of K ingl 1C9 . .. ishers geft f Kingf azesvxg. E: $9 1 4 $4 W Kingfisher stoning out on a scout mission over the Gulf of Mexico . . . Scout observation sea- planes in formation fuke-off . . . A close-up view of four seoplones in formation taking off in the Corpus Christi Bay. 1 ::;;. . AA x S Q 3534 W xv w a". w L , w', L rm bu L , W; 1;; 7 , Hwy .gw , hugs??? , . vx SQUADRON 18A Main Bose LT. B. R. CheverTon, USNR ExecuTive Officer LT. Commander G. E. Garcia, USN Commanding Officer LT. V. H. Norris, USNR Personnel Officer Captain J. L. Rone, USMCR Chief of FIighT W. T. Tozer, USN Engineering SQUADIHINS Along The Oceon Drive of The N.A.T.B., The Iorge hongors moke o remarkable oppeoronce righT on The edge of The sea. In These buildings, The PoTrol Bombers, which Troin TuTure Novol AvioTors, ore housed. There are Three main Types of oircroTT used in Training The many codeTs who go Through This Advanced Training. The PBY-5 ore more widely known as The CoTolino; The PBM MorTin Mariner; end The older Type of PBY's wiThouT gun biisTers os porT of Their equipmenT. The CoTolino perhaps is noT Too beouTiTul in oircrofT oppeoronce buT olong wiTh The heavy TighTing, bombing and scouTing oircrofT of The Navy, iT does iTs work mosT efficienle. The rescues of Naval AvioTors oTTer enemy ocTion is one main purpose of These Flying BooTs. They also deliver The moroie-building moil To small islands and ships wiTh long sToys upon The sea. The Time saved by TronsporTing The wounded from boTTle oreos is one of The mercies of war. The ocTuol Troining consisTs of primary, odvonced and group Tiying sToges. The codeTs are given The primary sToge wiTh o Thorough Tomiliorionion in The Technique of handling Twin-engine croTT. The change from single engine croTT To These Twin engine "P" booTs demands The besT insTrucTion, which is supplied by The flying officers of This squadron. of The sea. 3 of aircraft 1e Coialinc; :Tion is one long 5W5 siege wiih 3 These in SQUADRON 183 Main Base LT. J. R. Bishop, USNR Executive Officer Commander R. J. Davis, USN Commanding Officer LT. V. W. Marsh, USNR Chief of Flight de ATTer nineTeen hours of Toke-offs, spirals, Turns, glides, and full sToli landings, The codeT is ready for his TwenTy-Tour check ThoT musT be passed before his enTronce inTo his advanced sToge of flying. In This sToge, beach approaches, Toxiing, and pre- cision landings ore greole sTressed. Soon ofTer This check, sTudenTs are grouped and conTinue To fly TogeTher unTil They groduczTe. To make The TUTure onchdogs of The TleeT beTTer equipped To face The problems of comboT, codeTs are given rigid courses in NovigaTion, bombing hops and nighT flying. The codeTs who groduoTe from Squadrons 18A 0nd 188 noT only have To be capable leers buT capable leaders, able To shoulder The responsibiliTy of Taking Their crew mm The comboT areas of The Navy. The lives of many 0 Novel Carrier AviCITor have been saved by The PoTrol Bombers in order for Them To reTurn To The enemy in another TighTing ship and reTurn vicToriously. Issuon cadets and crews are taken off . the is Navy PBY seaplane is prope M' X M rly secu red' u ntil x N dzxwx igh'r toward the ramp In next fl ysz , 2x nng fructors, Ins A huge PBY tax completed Th M W a M W, WMLM JHvr. v1 3.434.433I11uif1iia.144lHllil4 . 3W1? , cm :0 u b C e h f e V 0 ID a h .m. h d n a Y B P a .m f h .m. H n O .h a .G V a N A ing the ight shee? for a cadet offer complef . . . The squadron duty officer at the flight board po The instructor signs the fl is out In mission he cadets their next scheduled hop. ; 10 It takes team work to "beach" a PBY in rough weather . . . After a flight the PBY is given a washing down . . . Salt water and dirt are washed off so that a maximum view can be obtained . . . Instructors and cadets are looking over a newly acquired PBY. ,m y, The squadron Duty Officers assign cadets to an instructor and flight schedule . . . Parking 0 PBY with the aid of a tractor . . . The line crew holds the PBY in tow with the aid of a tractor. , '07 Agmw mf .t , :10me AN 1'; tgwr m3? , X , 2 L ' A, ;; $,., $ ".;, -- , ,, adxlkiumai'dl1 1!hqur:w5a1lr51w I i x as V ??A wx 2 , ? x v ix xx v ?xyXxWxxv x$ NH wui$k$ SQUADRON 18C Rodd Field LT. W. J. Bowers, USN ExecuTive Officer LT. Commander R. W. Prince, USNR Commanding Officer LT. D. J. Murphy, USNR Chief of Flight QUAIHHIN Twin-Engined BeechcrofT is The Type of plane used by 18C for The Training of codeTs in The VB syllabus. Rodd Field is well equipped for This insTrucTion and when a sTudenT begins To fly from The air sTrip, gone are his Techniques of handling The single engined planes of The Navy. He is ToughT Texiing, Toke-offs, landings and fundemenTQI air work such as climbs and Turns. Also, during This primary sToge, emphasis is placed on insTrumenT flying of The heavy Twin-engined "Beech." The end of TwenTy hours of procTice flying brings obouT The all imporTonT TwenTy-hour check. If The cadeT passes This check soTisfocTorily, he is given Tour solos in This TronsporT. The work of These planes is primarily used 05 Training for The TUTure Novel AvioTors ThoT will fly of Their OperoTionoI bases, The larger Types of Iand-based bombers which The Navy uses. GroduoTes of Rodd Field are very well insTrucTed in NovigaTion by The sTors and during The final sToge of Training, codeTs are given ocTuoI experience in NighT NavigoTion, plus The HighT of Their BeechcrafT. Upon groduoTion, The new Novel AvioTors ore senT To various OperaTionol Bases where They conTinue Their Training in checking ouT in The heavier Types of TromsporT planes of The Navy. MOST popular are The 8-25 MiTcheIIs and The VenTuras. IL is mosT evidenT in The presenT conflicT ThoT even The mighT of The U. S. FIeeT can reach ashore wiTh disastrous resulTs for T e enemy. . ,w wwm 2g$ , AX ,hX x $ w h :Mwwm RWWW, NM ?zVM VA The plane captain secures the Beechcraft after the completion of a flight. Cadets are mustered in the hangars before reporting for flight. N, X x wwLMwW'x Lt. Ed Slutz, instructor, and cadets check over a Beech- craff before faking off on a flight . . . Cadets check the flight board to find out when their next hop is scheduled . . . Just prior to taking off these cadets make secure their parachute equipment. if 10?, 0nd 5 Beezh. Off on O heck me out when Cheduled xking off . secure IUIPment. am .. .mmA A beautiful formation of Beechcrafts on a Navi- gaiion hop . . . Lt. Ed Slutz gives the cadei student a cockpit check-out before taking off. a a2. 523$ m m V X4 h??? ?f! G$n7 ln- ith these cadets as they check out parachute equip- SNB receives a thorough check-up by this cadet on the flight line . . . Cadets at squadron 18-C, Rod'd Field, check the flight board to see when they go up . . . structor and cadets walk to their plane for an afternoon hop It's safety first w ment . SQUADRON l9 Cuddihy Field LT. C. L. WarnsTaff, USNR Executive Officer LT. C. V. Zalewski, USNR Commanding Officer CapToin G. R. Mason, USMCR Chief of Flight SllllillllHlN Many a Jop has looked up with fear in his eyes of The screaming sound of The Navy's DounTless Dive Bomber enTering iTs bombing run. Made by Douglas, iT is sturdy and dependable, able To Take iT and dish iT ouT as well. During The firsT parT of The war, if was This airplane as much as any oTher ThoT kepT our FleeT in There punching. With The idea of bridging The gap beTween The SNJ and heavier OperaTionol planes, all CV sTudenTs are senT To Squadron 19A 0T Beeville, for o Three-week Training program, flying The SBD. FiTTeen 0nd 0 half hours in an airplane which, olThough now becoming obsoleTe, is sTilI c1 Navy'sTondby, gives The sTudenT 0 good idea of whoT To expecT when he is inTroduced To higher powered airplanes 0T OperoTionol Bases. The iiTTery feeling of going up alone ofTer only an hour and 0 half dual llcheck ouT,'l gradually Turns To The calm assurance of The losT few formoTion hops, and when The wheels genle caress The runway on The losT landing, The sTudenT finally feels he is worThy of his wings of gold. i IK r 0 w Iv.. .m e r e n h p .T 0 :0 m 0 C a w 0 In tn 0 G e .um n G S .1 e d O C e .w 9 O .1 I0 9 S U .6 e n .m 0: la n O ?- .f G r e D. O D B 5 IO 6 g 9 U r e In T at These cadets are checking over pictures of various Navy War Orientation Center. combat planes shown at the A code? and an instructor inspect the SBD before turning it up to take off. ?xx? 4 ,1 476? 17?? xxx 3 a map These two room play cards to pass the time while waiting ready Ion looking oVer showing the battlefields of Europe at the War Orientation Center . . . the for their hop. truct ins are in ight of cadets are getting lost te cadets Cadets H U .wn hi Tm REGIMENT THE CADET REGIMENT SUPERVISES THE MILITARY TRAINING, THE BERTHING, MESSING, DISCIPLINE, RECREATION AND "THE HOME LIFE" IN GENERAL OF THE THOUSANDS OF AVIATION CADETS AT THIS CENTER. REGIMENTAL AND BATTAL- ION GROUPS ARE STAFFED WITH COMMISSIONED OFFICERS OF THE NAVY AND MARINE CORPS WHO ARE SPECIFICALLY CHOSEN FOR THE TASK BECAUSE OF THEIR SUPERLATIVE QUALITIES OF LEADERSHIP, AND MILITARY AND ACADEMIC APTITUDES. IN COLLABORATION WITH THE STAFFS OF COMMISSIONED OFFICERS, CADET OFFICERS, APPOINTED BY THE OFFICER IN CHARGE OF THE CADET REGIMENT, ON THE BASIS OF THEIR FLIGHT, MILITARY AND GROUND SCHOOL RECORDS, ARE CHARGED WITH THE HEAVY RESPONSIBILITY OF MAINTAINING THE HIGH MILITARY STANDARDS OF THE REGIMENT AND CONDUCTING THE GENERAL ROUTINE OPERA- TIONS, WHICH ARE VITAL TO ACHIEVING THAT END. DEVOTED TO PICTURES OF THESE STAFFS AND TO ACTION MURALS OF LIFE AT THE "UNIVERSITY OF THE AIR," IT IS HOPED THAT THIS SECTION WILL ENABLE THE NAVAL AND MARINE OFFICERS AND AVIATORS TO RETAIN AS UNFORGETTABLE THIS MEMORABLE PHASE OF TRAINING WHICH HAS TAKEN THEM TO THEIR PRESENT DESIGNATIONS. Vk Vk 1k 1k 1k at Page 139 First Battalion, RODD FlELD-LefT 'ro ,righ Hka kva: komon, Paul, Jr., 9C, bibbs.own, N. J.; Ensngn Young, Charles F., 9E, Granville, Ohio; Ensign Staudinger, Emmanuel, 9D, Linton, N.. Dok.; Ensign Skees, Miachel, 9D Anderson, Ind.; Ensign Gustafson, Howard E., 9D, Pax- ton, Ills Ensign Go', Theodore L., 9E, Ruxfon, McL; Ensign LePage, Charles F., 10A, Charleston, W. Vo.,- Ensign Parker, Howard, Jr., 9C, Hobart, Ind. . . . SEC- OND ROW: Ensign Law, Grady B., 10A West Palm Beach, Fla,- Ensign Bertrand, Carl R., 9D Amelia, Ohio; Ensign Hanan, John 0., 9D, Alameda, Calif- Ensign J. S. STOhI, LT. C. L. TriTt, L'r. F. L. OlConnell. braves, Daniel M., 9D, Solomonca, N. Y.; Ensign Kellner, Henry K., Jr.; 8C1 Hilo, Howoiiv En5i9" Gimyl Daniel F-, 9E, Wenhom, Mass.; Ens?gn Olvaney, JOhn w" 9C' MiChigon CHYI 'VOL; Ensign Lannon, Jcmes P., H, 9E, New York, N- Y.; Ensign Friedman. Joseph, 9E Lewismn, Me. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Silvisl DO"?'d G., .98, Mcssillon, 0.; Ensign Matthias, Jack M., 98, Long Beach, Calif.; 5'9" Duvudson, Harry R., 9E, Chicago, Ills.,- Ensign Cossiff, George M., 9A, LaGrange, llls.; Ensign Miller, Henry H., 9D, Baltimore, Md.; Ensign Morgan, Joseph E., Jr., 95 50H Lake CITY' Utah; Emign Maryo, Steven A., 9E, Ashtabulal Ohio. Page MO HRST ROW: 6, 9E, Hollyw Emges, Ralph Ea, Miss.; E" iuul E, 9E, LI Manse", Gean 0'40; Ensign LT. C. L. Inn, v nrr 2m. -- n---1nu-mrwm.. FIRST ROW: Ensign Wilmefh, Orlo L., 9D, Cresfon, Iowa; Ensign Clifton, Charles G., 9E, Hollywood, Calif.; Ensign Shopland, Herbert A., 98, Bogota, N. J.; Ensign Sfurges, Ralph A., Jr., 9D, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Byrd, Dwight 8., 9D, Colum- bia, Miss.; Ensign Bowers, Wilham 8., 10c, Bomle Creek, Mich., Ensign Priddy, Paul E., 9E, Long Beach, Calif.; Ensign Atchley, Frank W., 9E, Los Angeles, Calif. SECOND ROW: Ensign Turner, Jackson R., 9D, Lubbock, Texas; Ensign Manse", Gean T., 9B, Guthrie Cenfer, Iowa,- Ensign Hurt, Lee A., 8D, El Reno, Oklo.; Ensign Prior, Paul W., 10C, Huntingburg, Ind.,- Ensign Hockel, Ordean S 'I FIRST ROW: Ensign Ames, Wiliiam E., 9E, Seattle, Wash; 2nd Lt. Palmer, Thomas E., 9A, Sheffield, Ala; 2nd Lt Egan, Thomas R., 8D, Fort Worth, Texas; 2nd Lt. Kupka, Robert, 8C, Lyons, llls.,- Ensign Berkeland, Earl J., 9C, Culver, Minn.,- 2nd Lt. Stangeland, Ole G., 9E, Alhambra, Calif.; 2nd Lt. Street, Lewis C., 9D, Hoverford Township, Penn.; Ensign Rush, John A., 9E, Hoxie, Ark.; 2nd. Lt. Perkins, Don M., 9A, Grand Rapids, Mich. SECOND ROW: 2nd Lt. Zilor, Donald L, 7E, Miami, Oklod; Ensign Murfin, Robert l., 9C, Staples, Minn; Ensign Norfscroff, Julian 0., 9E, Brilliant, Ohio; 2nd Lt. Palfrey, Alfred C., 9A, Glen- Weimmmwmmmmz 9D, Odin, Minn.,- Ensign Gustafson, Arthur D., 98, Portland, Ore.; Ensign Brashear, Doyle H., 9D, Lufkin, Texas,- Ensign Lautz, Louis R., 90, LoCrosse, Wis.; 2nd Lt. Banghart, George W., HA, Columbia, Mo. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Herzfelder, Robert H., 9C, Flushing, Long Island, N. Y.; Ensign Lloyd, Gaylord H., 10C, Bev- erly Hills, Colif.; Ensign Hines, David Wilsford, HA, Detroit, Mich; Ensign Alden, Franklin, H., 9C, Mansfield, Penn.; Ensign Farmer, Lewis Turner, Jr., 9K, Louisville, G0,; Ensign Eytchison, Robert 0., 10C, Boise, Idaho; Ensign Heublein, Samuel L., 10C, Belleville, Ills.; Ensign Rivera, Ralph James, 10C, New York, N. Y. 1944 -- C u, 49 dole, Colif.; 2nd Lt. Woebbeking, Albert G., 9E, Waterloo, Iowa; 2nd Lt. Hicko- baugh, Dwight M., 9E, Madison, Kcms.; 2nd Lt. Hockman, John, 9C, Pleosontville, N. Y.; 2nd Lt. Logan, Robert, 9C, Midland Park, N. J. . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Nearhoof, Leroy D., 9B, Tyrone, Penn.; Ensign Hurley, James M., Jr., 9E, Morl- boro, Moss.; Ensign McGlore, Richard, 9C, Kokomo, Ind.; Ensign Neagle, Guy V., Jr., 9B, Cunningham, Kcms.; 2nd Lt. O'Hare, Robert E., 10A, Pittsburgh, Penn.; 2nd Lt. Barnes, William R., 9A, Huntington, Moss.; 2nd Lt. Schermerhorn, Edward M., 9D, Olothe, Kons. Page 141 - I ' :Eimh'JaJmlmhlmvTGT':'- F FIRST ROW: Ensign Allen, Edward E., 9C, Niagara Falls, N. Y; Eberley, Jack R., 9D, North Plainfield, N. J.; Ensign Knutson, Charles R., 9D, Eou Cloirs, Wis.; Ensign Tunsfill, Randall P., 9B, Bellflower, Calif.; Ensign Kolka, Kennefh E., 10D, Bay City, Mich.; Ensign Murray, Edward, 9B, West Roxbury, Mass.; Ensign Key, John, 9D, Philadelphia, Penn.; Ensign Cannon, Joseph A., 9D, Peoria, Ills. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Moore, Chester E., 9A, Holt, Ala; Ensign Hakanson, William L., Jr., 9D, Edgar, Nebr.; Ensign Naugle, John Jay, 9D, New York, N. Y.; Ensign McClanahan, James Liston, 9C, Sf. Joseph, M0,; Ensign FIRST ROW: Ensign Chamberlin, King P., 9D, Detroit, Mich,- Ensign Limpert Harold J., III, 8C, Brooklyn, N. Y.,- Ensign Koenig, Robert L., 8C, Lincoln Nebrf Ensign Southwell, William J., 9E, San Diego, Calif,- Ensign Wilson "J" 5E" 9A., Dalton, 60.,- Ensign Hough, Ward T., 8D, Sioux City, Iowa; Ensign Cahow Rlobert, M., 98, Fort Pierce, Fla,- Ensign Watts, Wallace A., Jr., 9D, Seattle Wogh SECOND ROW: Ensign Bucholz, Frederick T., 9E, Omaha, Nebr.; Ergsign P'nskkk' Virgil l., Jr., 9E, Nebraska City, Nebr.; Ensign HeHermann, LeRoy W. 9D MC: Henry, llls.; Ensign Brigham, Stanley F., 98, West Roxbury, Moss.,- Ensign, Walfholl, NW0 , M Aiken, James F., Jr., 9C, LoHorpe, Kons.; Ensign Abeln, John Benedict, 10 Minneapolis, Minn.,- Ensign Manning, Clifford P., Jr., 10D, Pontiac, Mich. . .. THIRD ROW: Ensign Leland, Beniamin T., Jr., 9B, Bridgeport, Conn.; Ensign Aus- man, Robert 8., 9A, Cheyenne, Wyo; Ensign Carter, Hobert L, 9A, Tiff Cify, Mo.; Ensign Benckendorf, Eugene T., 9D, Streafor, llls.,- Ensign Urban, Firmin J., 9A, Topeka, Kons.; Ensign Thomas, William N., Jr., 93, Liberty, Mo.; Ensign Gustaf- son, Carl E., 9C, Croix Falls, Wis.; Ensign Bogrett, John Lanisfon, 9E, Hampton, N. H. BruFe' 9D, Downers Grove, HIS.; 2nd M. Moore, Theodore R., 9C, AVOIO'I' N, J"; EnSlg" Anfos' Minard "U" Jr-, 9D, Steubenville, Ohio; Ensign Abel, Lou's F'Sher' 9E, Washmgton, D. C.; 2nd Lt. Yates, Andy D., Jr., 9c, Alexandria, Va. THIRD ROW: Ensign Bailey, Thomas H., 9E Milfon N. Y.- Ensign Miller, James M., 9E, LOHOI'k, IHS.; Ensign Barr, Chris C" 8A,, Seattle, WGShi; Ensign Mathews, Bert?" MYEHS, 9B, Wil gton, Colif.; Ensign Tanner Dlawn 0., QB, San Diego, CaM; EnSIgn Purkhursf, Benjamin R., 98, Audubon, N. J Ensign Ehrreich, Albert L., 7E, Marshall, Minn.; Ensign Smith, Frank W: 9A, Burlington, WOSh- Page 142 Second Benedict, 10C, fioc, Mich. . , nn.; Ensign Au; A, Tiff City, M0,; n, Firmin 1., 9A, .; Ensign Gustal- an, 9E, Hompmn, Second Battalion, CABANISS FlELD-Leff To righf: Lf. C. R. Newell, LT. C. S. Goodall, L'r. F. R. Oberhonsley, LT. J. E. Love. FIRST ROW: 2nd Lt. Shorkey, Fuy L, Jr., 9D, Indianapolis, 1nd,,- 2nd Lt. Thacker, William 5., 9D, El Centro, Colif.; 2nd Lt. Schorenberg, William F., 9D, Columbus, Ohio,- 2nd Lt. Hillis, Stanley R., 10D, Monrovia, Colif.,- Ensign Vaughn, Robert Ci, 9E, Riverside, Colif.; Ensign Walker, Herbert, 9E, Pasadena, Calif.; Ensign Aldridge, Junior E., 90, Flint, Mich. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Leary, William, Jr., 108, Philadelphia, Penn.; Ensign Cannon, Norman W., 9C, Inde- pendence, Mo.; Ensign Carney, Robert J., 9E, Ticonderoga, N. Y.,- 2nd Lt. Fisher, Theodore H., 9E, Somerset, Penn.; 2nd Lt. Smiih, Gordon Phillip, 9D, Story City, Iowa,- 2nd Lt. Baxter, Wilfred W., 9E, Lorned, Kons.; Ensign Trecarfin, Allen L., 10A, New Haven, Conn.; 2nd Lt. Sims, George R., 9C, Smithville, Mo. . . . TH1RD ROW: Ensign Chamberlin, Edward 3., 9E, West Harfford, Conn.; Ensign Bowen, Dale E.; 108, Henry, llls.; Ensign Willard, Robert L, 93, New Orleans, Lc.,- 2nd Lt. Angell, Victor L, 9C, Salt Lake City, Ufah; 2nd Lt. Trussell, Tommy L, 9E, Hottiesburg, Miss.; 2nd Lt. Seibel, Joseph R., 90, Princeton, Ills.; 2nd Lt. Ryan, Daniel 5., 9C, Minneapo is, Minn. FIRST ROW: Ensign Tuggle, William E., 108, Alton, llls.; 2nd Lt. Tandvig, Sher- mqn M., 98, Madison, Wis.; Ensign Young, James R., 9C, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Ewald, Philip E., 9C, St. Paul, Minn.; Ensign Clavier, John Harlan, 10C, Coatesville, Penn.; 2nd Lt. Archbold, William L., 9E, Arlington, Vo.; Ensign Peebles, Herbert L., Jr., 9A, Raleigh, N. C.,- Ensign Nutter, William H., 9A, Lake Charles, LG. . . . SECOND ROW: 2nd Lt. Lunsford, Thomas V., 9C, Haines City, Flo.; 2nd Lt. Fey, Rollie E., 9E, Turton, S. Dak.; Ensign Flanders, James H., 108, Battalion, CUDDIHY FIELD LefT To righT: LT. J. D. Strong, LT. R. J. Jackson, Lf. Hm E. E. Northern, LT. 1gW O. Ferguson. Sp.ringfie!d, Vo.,- 2nd Lt. Sergeson, Joseph K., Jr., 108, Fifmon, N' J'; Ensign Williams, Howard E., 8D, Chickosho, Okla,- 2nd Lt. Hofmeister, Lawrence, Jr., 9c, Anna, Iowa,- Ensign Price, Philip Mitchell, 10D, Brownsville, Texos ' " THIRD ROW: Ensign'Snider, Everal L., 103, Cuba, Mo.; Ensign Swine" same. M.,.Nevodo, Iowa; Ensign Woolsey, Lacelle W., 9D Salt Lake City' Utah; Ensugn Spink, George T., 9E, Kansas Ciy, M0,,- Ensign Andrews, Robert S" ?EI Danville, Vo.; Ensign Faris, George W., Jr., 93 Fort WorTh, Tean; Ensign Lunte, Paul E., 9C, Seymour, Ind. I Page 144 FIRS1 Scott 5 Ensign 9A, Th: Arthur Ensign Muss.; Ensign burg, 1 Donald rong, Lt. RH? son. FIRST ROW: 2nd L. Julien, Wilfred N., 9E, Salem, Mass.,- Ensign Walker, Scott 5., 9D, Evanston, llls.,- Ensign Gross, Robert E., 9D, Park Ridge, llls.; Ensign Rawlings, Jack E., 10A, Spokane, Wash; 2nd Lt. Spickerman, LeRoy H., 9A, The Dalles, Ore.,- En ign Ragsdale, Lloyd A., 9E, Rogers, Ark.; Ensign Hines, Arthur J., 9C, Brooklyn, N. Y.,- Ensign Gafewood, Dallas L, 10A, Memphis, Tenn.; Ensign Grier, Todd, 98, Salisbury, Md.; Ensign Robinson, Oliver C., 10D, Ware, Moss.; Ensign Henry, William, 10C, Haddonfield, N. J. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Pratt, Marvin L, 9E, Bellinghom, Wosh.,- Ensign Byles, Owe 9D, Schulen- burg, Texas; Ensign Higgins, Percy C., Jr., 9B, Robinson llls.,- 2nd lt. Abel, Donald A., 90, Aurora, llls.,- Ensign Walker, John P., , Gallup, N. Mex.; FIRST ROW: Ensign Wlliams, Richard H., 9E, Boston, Mass.; Ensign Gibb, Clyde R., 10D, Oakland, Calif.; Ensign Mee, Maurice J., 10D, Bayonne, N. J.,- Ensign Ma Robert, 10A, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign Carrufh, Royce, 9E, Comanche, Texas; Ensngn Hancock, Edward C., 9E, Dayton, Ohio; Ensign Dye, Bertie C., 9D, Mons- field, Ohio; Ensign Dean, Roger A., 9D, Grand Rapids, Mich; 2nd Lt. Staib, Robert F., Jr., 9A, Pasadena, Calif.; 2nd Lt. Hewett, Robert W., 8A, Rolling Boy, Wash. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Murphy, Thomas 3., 8B, Coroopolis, Penn.; Ensign Brent, Sherman E., IOB, Poplar Bluff, Mo.; Ensign Greenwood, James E., 103, Lawrence, Moss.,- Ensign Cummings, Richard 6., 10C, Rittmcm, Ohio; T-mm-memr 2nd Lt. Moore, Robert L., 10A, Roanoke Rapids, N. C.,- Ensign McNuIty, Frank B., Jr., 9D, Pittsburgh, Penn.,- Ensign Christensen, James 5., 10D, Alhambra, Calif.; Ensign Racine, Robert D., HinsdoIe, llls.; Ensign Whittemore, Donald P., 98, W, Medford, Moss. . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Brown, Carroll E., 10A, Dallas II, Texas; Ensign Hellyer, John C., 10D, Hollywood, Calif.; Ensign Weber, Walter 5., 9D, Manfeno, llls.,- Ensign Ottsmcm, Glenn.A., 9A, Redwood City, Calif,- 2nd Lt. Kenney, James E., 9E, Woburn, Mass, 2nd Lt. Hoffman, Bernard M., 9E, Hamilton, Ohio,- 2nd Lf. Ward, Kennie D., 9D, Versailles, Ind.; 2nd L'r. Jennings, William E., 9E, Greenwood, L0,,- Ensign SaUnders, William J., 9E, Cresfon, Iowa,- Ensign McKee, David, 10C, Santa Barbara, Calif.; Ensign Milburn, Dale, 9D, Fort Scott, Kons. l 5 , l 9 4 4 MARCH. Ensign Purdy, John N., Jr., 9A, Loudon, Tenn.; Ensign La , David R., 9E, Novoto, Calif.; Ensign Angen, James H., 9E, Hermosa Beach, Calif Ensign Huiton, Ch rles R., 9D, Kansas City, Kons.,- Ensign Dickinson, Sancho M., Jr., 9C, Leeds, Ala. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Row, Walter A,, 10A, Cambridge, Mass.; Ensign West, James M., 9A, Cedorfown, GCL; Ensign Biermcmn, Earl E., 10C, Ferguson, Mo.; Ensign Strickland, Garner P., 10A, Memphis, Tenn.; Ensign Hanson, Robert W., 10C, Bloomfield, N. J.,- Ensign Warren, Dick R., 9C, Beckley, West Vo.; Ensign Feaver, Everett H., 9E, Hanford, Colif.,- Ensign Milligan, Joseph R., 9C, WashV ingfon, D. C.,- Ensign Wachob, William C., 10C, Bloomington, llls.; Ensign Ab- bott, Dean D., 9C, Kimball, Minn. Page 145 FIRST ROW: Ensign Foster, Geremiah J., 9D, Urovon, C010,; Ensign Bond, Raymond L., 10A, Bossier City, LCL; 2nd Lt. Moore, Warren F., 10A, Chicago, llls.; Ensign Griggs, Russell F. A., 9E, Harrison, N. J.; Ensign Semcken, 108, New York, N. Y.; 2nd Lt. Bageonf, Cornelius J., Jr., 10A, Cumberland, McL; Ensign Hamil- ton Charles 8., 10A, Belmont, Mass.; 2nd Lt. Donoher, Tom H., 10A, Wichita Falls, Texos; 2nd Lt. Conner, George E., IOA, Jennings, L0,; 2nd Lt. Smith, George W., 9E, Providence, R. l. SECOND ROW: Ensign Estabrooks, Edward 6., 9D, Brooklyn, N. Y.,- Ensign Kepler, Irwin, 9E, New York, N. Y.,- Ensign Taylor, William E., 90, Glen Ellen, Calif.; Ensign DoggeH, Warrel R., 9E, Deerfield, Moss.; 9; .7 FIRST ROW: Ensign Cochenour, Dwight L., 9D, Columbus, Ohio,- Ensign Bell, J. Jack, 10A, Cleveland, Ohio,- 2nd Lt. Harrison, Richard J., 9C, Chicago, Ills.' Ensign Winters, Donald M., 9E, FoyeHeviHe, Ark.; Ensign Lorenzen, Richard M.: 9C, Hillis, L. l., N. Y.,- Ensign Martin, Emra E... Jr., HA, Chattanooga, Ten .- Ensign McDonald, Kenneth H., 9C, Auberndole, Moss.; Ensign Ginder, Augustu; F., 113, Rockowoy, N. J.,- Ensign Anthony, Robert J., HA, Ashfobulo, Ohio,- Ensign Saseen, Philip, 9B, Wheeling West Va. A . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Chris- fiansen, Vernon L., 9C, Minden, Nebr.; Ensign Eiter, Frank Friedel, 9B, Elmwood Park, Ills.; Ensign Hancock, Orval H., 9E, Columbus, Ohio; Ensign Wolfe, Henry Ensign Case, Edward A., 9E, Fillmore, Colif.; Ensign Brown, LeRoy T., 9E1 Glen. dole, Colif.; Ensign Hasslinger, Frank J., 10D, Piffsburgh, Penn.; Ensign Hussey, Patrick F., 10A, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Ensign Helfenbein, George H., 10C, Denver, Colo. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Hoiek, John W., 9E, Conneau'rville, Penn.,- 2nd Lt. Walsh, George R., 8D, Boston, Mass,- 2nd Lt. Owen, William F., 9C, Minne- apolis, Minn; 2nd Lt. Evans, Richard W., 9D, Portsmouth, Ohio; Ensign Black- man, Frank E., 9A, Fair Lawn, N. J.,- Ensign Bricknell, Carlton A., 9C, Brockton, Moss; Ensign Brown, Cecil "A" Jr., 8D, Oakland, Calif.; Ensign Voegely, Ray- mond B., 88, Denver, Colo.; Ensign Kofko, Alexander R., 9D, Freehold, N. J.,- Ensign Gibson, Kenneth W., 98, Rumford, R. I. WW, .. V. 9 . ..' Wm i Aixmww K.,.IOB, Washington! N J.; Ensign HubeneHe, Robert M., 7D, St. POUII Minnu' Ensign Doyle, Marion F., 9E, Persons, Kcns,; 2nd Lf. Clary, Ralph R" 90' Evanfr ton, Wyo ; Ensign Jarrendf, Royce H., 9E, Wycmdofte, Mich.; EHSiQ" Hough, Dur- ward Eugene, 9D, Muncie, Ind. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Merker, James H" 88' Portland. Ore.; Ensign Goudie, Albert T., 9E, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Bankswnl Phll'lp T., 10A, Bostrop, LCL; Ensign Lycan, Paul W., 10A, Omaha, Nebm EnSIgn Patten, Russell L., J ., 10A, Webb City, Mo.- 2nd Lt. Jah, MGM" 5., 9C, Columbus,.Nebr.,- Ensign Conklin, Wayne A., 9A, lPascdena, Calif.; Ensign Pr?- chackc, WIlliam J., Jr., 98, Palmer, Nebr.; Ensign Klenk, Harold Nelson, 9D' Hll City, Kons.; Ensign Mann, Robert A., 9D, Michigan City, Ind. Page 146 Fourth Bonolion W YEN A . JCTTEM, 2wa LT 0y T., 9E, GIS- ; Ensign Hum, ., 10C, Denm ille, Penn.,- 2n; F., 9C, Mints 0,- Ensign Blad- ., 9C, Braddo- ln Voegely, Rq Freehold, NJ Fourth Battalion, MAIN STATION-FirsT Row, Left To righ'r: LT. H. S. Olson, Lt. R. W. Yates, LT. J. L. Fenlon . . . Second Row, Left To right: 15? LT. W. D. Garrett, 2nd LT. W. L. McRoynol'ds, 2nd Lt. O. W. Phelps, 2nd LT. G. H. Kellor. FIRST ROW: 2nd Lt. Cashman, John N., 9C, Cwotonno, Minn.; 2nd Lf. Rey- nolds, James D., 9C, Peoria, Ills.; Ensign Holley, Lamar H., 10A, Springville, Utah,- Ensign Simon, Hermon F., Jr., 9E, Lunenburg, Moss.,- Ensign Seery, James F., 9E, Philadelphia, Penn.,- Ensign Stewart, John R., QB, Greenwood, S. C.; Ensign Moffoon, John A., 10A! Morberfh, Penn.; Ensign Cole, Russell W., 9D, Galena, Ills. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Agur, Peter V. A., 10D, Belmont, Colif.; 2nd Lt. Lopato, Jack, 9C, Berlin, N. H.,- Ensign Bott, Robert A., 103, Wichita, Kcms.; Ensign Grant, Robert H., 9D, Des Moines, Iowa,- Ensign McMorrow, William J., Jr., 9D, Boston, Mass; Ensign Lovell, Gordon 5., 9B, Foniona, Colif.,- Ensign Blume, Alfred F., 9E, Brooklyn, N. Y.; 2nd Lt. Reese, Louis, 7D, Long Beach! Calif; 2nd Lt. Miller, Herbert F., 9C, Sea Cliff, N. Y. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Thorne, Charles P., 9E, Salt Lake City, Ufoh; Ensign Werner, Jerome A., 9E, Arverne, N. Y.,,- Ensign Orewiler, Darl C., 9E, Bucyrus, Ohio; Ensign Smolsky, Constantine, 9D, Verge, N. J.; Ensign Goff, Raymon W., HB, Memphis, Tenn.; Ensign Smith, Roy Weldon, 9E, Benson, LCL; 2nd Lt. Norlin, John W., 9E, Munising, Mich; 2nd Li. Hurst, Ben R., 9C, Brimson, Mo. Page 147 Sixth Battalion, MAIN STATION-Sfonding, left To right: 1st Lf. R. W. Owens, LT. mm L. H. Lipscomb, Lt. my C. A. LonQOWSki, LTI HQ F. W. Roff- FIRST ROW: Ensign Brender, Bernard W., 10C, New York, N. Y.,- Ensign Mackie, Thomas 5., 9D, Des Moines, Iowa; Ensign Whiting, Orlon "D", 7E, Weiser, Idaho; Ensign Schlaack, Eugene, 9C, Pontiac, Mich.,- Ensign Chesler, Daniel E., III, 9E, Dallas, Texas; Ensign Hawkins, Marvin A., 9B, Miles City, Mont; Ensign Beckley, Robert, 9C, Missouri Valley, Iowa; Ensign Kirchner, James H., 9C, Peterson, Iowa. . SECOND ROW: Ensign Tozer, Elio'r F., Jr., 10A, Beverly, Moss.; Ensign Strouf, David L., 10D, Pitfsfied, Moss.; Ensign Sutterfhwaife, Fred C., 9E, Toledo, Ohio,- Ensign Shay, Maurice A., Jr., Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Ulricksen, Rex ner . . . Seated: Lt. E. Kosky. xxx; V414,,A W., 9D, Kansas Ciiy, M0,,- Enslgn Creegcxn, Edward H., 9E, Albany, N. JE; Ensign Mclnnes, Arthur R., 9A, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Burke, William 5.: H, Riverside, R. l. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Hawkins, Lewis J., 9D: 03de BIU 5.: Kons.; Ensign Yirrell, Frederick W., Jr., 9B, Winthrop, M0554 Ensign Sk'el' Rolge' E., 9C, Williston, N. Dak.; Ensign Triplett, George C., 95, Birmingham! A? Ensign Kernon, George A., 9E! New Orleans, LCL; Ensign Davis, Homer hf: Coronado, Colif.; Ensign Sells, William L., 9D, Burlington, Wosh.; Enslgn WI tinghill, Robert E., 9A, Burbank, Calif. Page 148 FIRST ROW: John 1., 9C: Sh ills,- Ensign Clal IOB, Lansing, HI Steve 5., 103, N, 1.,- Ensign l Ensign Young, Gray, Penn.; Er Mu 9C, Topeka ERST ROxA Elege "Tu nsign Zelll Vvieshinsnoner illi ' F 0m M., l . . RSWEM'SH 1 Ensig - L01 mew. 10C: St Montgo 9E, Tokomu Pm 0; Ensign Hana Detty, JumesN, ricus, Gu.; Ensig' um, Leon 1., 101 -e ElizabethJJe or", Isaac MJI .; Ensign Wolli-s Seventh Battalion, MAIN STATION-Fronf row, Left To right: LT. C. E. Thompson, LT. R. B. Roach, LT. W. C. Mobry . . . Standing: LT. J. M. Sienko, LT. Hm T. B. Bickel, Jr. FIRST ROW: Ensign Schlegel, John H., 10B, Lebanon, Penn.; Ensign Rohlfing, Rudolf F., 9D, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Dotson, John A., 9E, Dallas, Texas; Ensign Hanna, Arvid E., 9D, Woukegcm, Ills.,- Ensign Mundf, Clinton H., 9E, Bronx, N. Y.; 2nd Lt. Shay, Harold C., 9E, Somerset, Wis.; 2nd Lt. Hough, Herbert E., 9C, Lebanon, Mo.; 2nd Lt. Williams, Ralph 8., 9E, Hoges Store, Vo.,- 2nd Lt. Kirby, Joseph T., 9D, Columbus, Ohio,- 2nd Lt. Lund, Herbert W., 9D, Spokane! Wash. . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Barr, Charles E., 9E, Notick, Moss.; Ensign Meagher, John J., Jr., 9E, Medford, Mass.; Ensign Rupkey, Roberf H., 9E, In- dianapolis, lnd.; Ensign O Dougher1y, John H., Jr., 9B, CenferviHe, Iowa,- Ensign Vogel, Robert A., 9C, Hinsdale, Ills.; Ensign Duffy, Philip J., 9D, Chicago, ll!s.; Ensign Patronik, Harry N., HA, Hazel Crest, Ills.; Ensign Mason, E. L., Jr., HA Quincy, llls.,- Ensign Campbell, Roy C., 9C, Decatur, Ga. . THIRD ROW: Ensign McKinney, Charles 3., 9E, ATlcmTa, Go.; Ensign Malloy, Cormon, 10A, Philadelphia, Penn.; Ensign Klein, Richard F.; 9E, Somerville, N. J.; 2nd Lt. Carlsen, Richard L, 9C, River Edge, N. J.,- Ensign Williams, John R., 10A, Wichita, Kons.; Ensign Lisle, Rohert C., 10A, Otis, Cob.; Ensign WhiHed, Harold H., 9D, Elkhead, Mo.; Ensign Bowden, Archie, 9B, Brigham City, Utah; Ensign Hempel, Emile 0., Jr., 9D, Lucy, Lo. Page 151 FIRST ROW: Ensign Ferino, Salvador, 9A, New Orleans, L .- Ensign Rages, An- thony, 8D, New Orleans, LCL; Ensign Gelette, Claude "W", 9C, Susquehanna, Penn.,- Ensign Riggins, Ace J., 103, Wall Lake, Iowa,- Ensign Mustaine, Williard M., 10A, MT. Gilead, Ohio; Ensign Beckwith, Broinerd K., 9E, Pasadena, Calif.; Ensign Cox, Joseph 3., 9E, Plymouth, N. C.; Ensign McCook, Anson 0., 9C, Paso- dencz, Colif.; Ensign Pettinel Raymond, 9C, Virginia, Minn. . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Morse, Robert E., I A, Melrose, Mass.; Ensign McClain, Merl L, 9C, Se- dolio, M0,,- Ensign Soell, William A., 10C, ST. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Graves, Leslie C., 9C, Oxford, N. Y.; Ensign Childress, John L., 10A, LaFolleHe, Tenn.; Ensign Rus- . 0 FIRST ROW: Ensign Pinter, Eli, 9A, MCGIH, Nev.,- Ensign Boyd, Paul W., 9E, Con- cord, Moss.; Ensign Sfoney, Rex "W", 98, Beaver, Utah; Ensign McPhedran, John A., 98, Oglesby, Hls.; Ensign Crawford, Robert D., 9E, Akron, Ohio,- Ensign Gresham, Winfrey E., Jr., 9E, Henderson, Texas,- Ensign Theivagf, Sherwood L, 9D, Beordstown, llls.; Ensign Amiraulf, Robert C., 9E, East Boston, Mass.; Vieau, Harold E., 98, Minneapoli Minn. SECOND ROW: Ensign Brennan Donald R., 9E, Canoga Park, Cali Ensign BeaHie, Edwin J., 10A, Topler, Michf Ensign Williams, Tilford D., 98, South Gate, Calif.,- Ensign Cecil, Ronald J., 9E: Ensign M . r' ; ,XA; sell, Ross W., 93, Salisbury, N. C.; Ensign Johnson, Orville W., 9E, Takomo Pork, Md.; Ensign Hougham, Howard D., 9D, Forf Des Moines, Iowa,- Ensign Hurtle, Robert J., 9C, Owafonna, Minn. THIRD ROW: Ensign Deny, James N., 10A, Lyndhursf, Ohio; Ensign Chappell, Frank, Jr., 10A, Americus, G0,; Ensi Wohlers, Frederick H., 7C, West St. Paul, Minn.; Ensign Laurium, Leon J., 10 International Falls, Minn. Ensign Hays, James F., Jr., 9E, Cope Elizabeth, Me.; Ensign Lavidge, Arthur W., 108, LaGronge, Ills.,- Ensign Burckham, Isaac M., 9D, Dallas, Texas,- Ensign Brown, Melvin D., 9D, Dowcgiac, Mich.; Ensign Watkins, Edward L., 9D, Springfield, Mo. Seventh BO Ihompson, O Q 0 . V A " $$$de g .m Denver, Colo.; Ensign Brantley, Richard C., 9E, Clinchfield, GCL; Ensign Bau.m- garfner, Poul R., 9E, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Barrow, Paul J'l 9E1 Toledo, Othi Ensugn Brooks, Edgar L., MD, Chicago, IHs.; Ensign Shenefelf, Donald D" 8D, Che-yenne, Wyo. . THIRD ROW: Ensign Schenk, Eugene F., 98, Rockford! 'HS'; Ensugn Sorensen, Rondla L., 9D, Temple City, Calif.; Ensign Fretz, LGVeme' 9C' Souderton, Penn.; Ensign Adkins, Walter A., 10C, Ashland, lHS-; Ensign Watson, Carl M., 8C, Sweetwater, Texas; Ensign Hutcheson, Edward L, 9A Pimburgh, Penn.; Ensign Kippen, Alvin, 9E, Ashtabulo, Ohio,- Ensign Leeson, J Topeka, Kc Ensign Baldwin, Harry, Jr., 10C, Springfield, Ills. Page 150 L F. Smith, hf: 2nd U. Kunden. FIRST ROW: Ensign Bushey, Donn L, 10B, Evanston, llls.,- 2nd Lt. Bartz, Franklin P., 103, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Brockhouse, Walter J., Jr., 10B, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Bell, Adrian D., 10B, Dallas, Texas; Ensign Bowman, Jack M., 108, Atlanta, GCL; Ensign Boyd, Albert M., Jr., IOB, Clorksburg, W. Va. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Brillante, Louis P., 10B, Arlington, Mass; 2nd Lt. Caudle, Stanley L, 10A, Lindale, Texas,- Ensign Unverscw, Robert J., 10C, ln- FIRST ROW: Ensign Walker, George W., 9E, Sf. Louis, Mo.; 2nd Lt. Van Dalsem, Robert R., 10A, Hiawatha, Kons.; Ensign BeHis, Loyd M., HA, Dcmdridge, Tenn.; Ensign Howell, Clarence E., HB, Bay City, Mich.,- Ensign Newell, Volney B., Jr., 9A, Blaine, Wash,- Ensign Wilson, Gerald H., 9D, Cooks, Mich. . . . SECOND RO : EnSEQH Jansson, Charles J., 9E, Sarasota, Flc.; Ensign Belser, James 0., HB, Lee's sUmmif, Mo.; 2nd Lt. Baldwin, Harry C., 108, Woshingfon, D. C.; Ensign Fiedler, dionopoiis, Ind.; Ensign Schneider, Charles J., 6D, Glen UHin, N. Dok.; Ensign Moore, Jesse D., 11C, Astoria, Ore.,- Ensign Morgan, Fred C., 9D, Snoh'omish, Wosh.; Ensign Hanzel, Jerome R., 10C, Newton Falls, Ohio . THIRD ROW: Ensign Canfrick, George A., 9E, Monroe, Mich; Ensign Humphrey, William C., 10A, Albany, Mo.; Ensign Freeman, Gordon R., 9E, Denver, Colo.,- Ensign Miller, Bar, 10A, Cornelia, 60.,- 2nd Lf. Highfill, Thomas A., 10A, Dresden, Tenn.,- Ensign Johnfsone, Daryl V., 9A, Minneapolis, Minn. Kenneth E., 10A, Garden City, N. Y.,- Ensign O'Day, Henry J., 9E, Somerville, N. J.,- Ensign Von Der Heyden, Ernest, Jr., 10A, Paterson N. J.; Ensign Chadwick, Kenneth F., 108, Chattanooga, Tenn. . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Irwin, John R., IOA, Albany, 60.,- Ensign Schembrie, Joseph, 9E, Everett, Moss.; Ensign Washburn, Carlefon L., 9D, Gothenberg, Nebr.,- Ensign Long, Richard C., Jr., 9E, Pittsburgh, Penn.; 2nd Lt. Caudle, Leon F., 108, Raleigh, N. C.,- Ensign Koksfein, Emil J., 9E, New York, N. Y. Fl ST ROW: Ensign Rifchel, Joseph H., Jr., 10D, Ho ston, Texas,- Ensign Lane, Paud E., 10D, Norwood, Ohio,- Ensign Dodendorf, Raymond L., Jr., HA, Columbus, Nebr.,- Ensign Ordohl, Norman 8., 9D, Dickinson, N. Dok Ensign Hennings, Walter G., Jr., 8D, Chicago, Ills.,- 2nd Lt. Gousden, Edward J., 9D, West McHenry, Ills.,- 2nd Lt. Ivy, William H., 9E, Moco , Miss.; 2nd Lt. Monaghan, Jce Q. 10A, Amory, Miss Ensign Lufz, Howard D., 9D, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign Conway, James F., 9E, New York, N. Y. . FIRS ROW: Ensign Stirn, Jack L, 9A, Spokane, Wash, Ensign Mauger Edward A., 10A, Sec: Cliff, L. I., N. Y.,- Ensign Rees, William D., 90, Bakersfield, Calif Ensign Peeler, Billie R., 10C, Eight R. E. Battalion, MAIN STATION-Seofed, Left To right: LT. D. F Smith, LT. R. W. Poldo, Lf. QQ H. C. Jorocki . . . Standing, Left To righ'r- 2nd Lt. Roufs, Ensign K. F. Parsons, LT. W. A. STien, 2nd L H. A. Kunderf. .mwgww Gro 1e Quarry, N. c.,- Ensign McMillan, Richard A., 98, Mishowoko, mi; 2 d Lt. Hall, Jesse B., Jr., 10A, Washington, D. C.; Ensign Stokes, BirneY HAH' 9D Haddon Heights, N. J Ensign Higgins, oy T., 9E, Moneff, Mo.; EnSiQ" Lemne' Clement R., 10A, Indian Orch rd, Moss. . . . THIRD ROW 2nd Lt. Huemoellgr' LeRoy H., 10A, Grand Forks, N. Dok.; Ensign Mance, William G., 9C: Sturglsl 3. Dok.; Ensign Wood, John P., 98, Woshingfon, D. C.; Ensign Mikifcl, Thomfls' 10A Melcher, Iowa; Ensign Hardin, Harold M., 8C, Wichita Falls, Texas; EnSIgI'l Feddersen, Roy V., 10A, Denver, Colo.; Ensign Ruuchf ss, Herman 5-, 8D! Wor- lond, Wyo- Ensign De am, Henry A., BC, Wouke-gom llls.; Ensign HugheY, Harold H., 9A, El Pose, Texas,- Ensign Chambers, Frank, Jr., Plant Cify, HCI- Poge 152 FIRST Franklin Kansas ' Jack M-, V .. h. Cau onford, M5,; nald L, 9C, THIRD ROW: Frederick M,, each, Colit; William M, 1 Ensign Tole, mevelt, Uloh, Ninth Battaiion, MAIN STATION SeoTed, LefT To righ'r: LT. F. E. Huffsfedler, Lt. A. E. Rohrbough, LT. R. M. Glover . . . Sfonding, Left To righT: 13f LT. J. J. Cullen, 1ST LT. A C. Recfor, 2nd LT. J. W. Green, 2nd LT. J. R. Hort, 2nd LT. H. Moberg. FlRST ROW: Ensign Kile, Ralph E., Jr., 108, Thornton, Wash; Ensign Ashley, Wiison H., 9E, Charleston, W. VCI., 2nd Lt. Christian, Lohdon E., 10A, Richmond, Vo.,- 2nd Lt. Marquis, Robert D., 10A, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Sfiers, Charles J., 10A, Denver, Colo.,- Ensign Hebert, Leo E., 98, Eellinghom, Wash; Ensign Mead, Nathaniel 5., 9C, New York, N. Y.,- Ensign Earfy, Thomas W., 9C, Brooklyn, N, Y.,- Ensign Barth, Harley M., 9D, Kansas City, MO; Ensign King: Harry M., 9D! Arlington, Vo.,- Ensign Berg, Leonard J., 10A, Bloomer, Wis. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Endicoff, Lyle G., 108, MT. Vernon, le.; Ensign Silvia, Raymond, 10A, ToUVITOn, Moss.; Ensign Brown, Charles H., 10A, Kingwood, W. V0,,- Ensign Hatcher, Reberf L., I0A, Carthage, Mo.; Ensign Durrwochter, John C., Jr., 108. ST. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Carow, Gusfov G. E., 10D, Linden, N. J.; Ensign Belden, Gerald R., 9E, Battle Creek, Mich,- Ensign lnzer, William E. F., 9C, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Ensign Davis, Fred L., 10C, Oklahoma City, Ok 0.,- Ensign Wesson, Donald M., 10C, Denver, Colo. THIRD ROW: Ensign Rooney, Donald A., 108, White Bear Lake, Minn,- 2nd Lt. McMurry, Charles D., 10A, Greenburg, Kons.; Ensign Rubio, Luis J., 10D, Philadelphia, Penn.; Ensign Armour, Mark R., 9E, New- burgh, N. Y.,- Ensign Swanson, David L., 10A, Grontsburrg, Wisl; Ensign Graham, David P., 98, Livermore, Calif.; Ensign Metzger, John M., IOB South Williamsport, Penn.; Ensign Dwyer, Francis P., 9C, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign Sweeney, Ciliffon, 9A, AfTon, Iowa; Ensign Cockcroff, Harry K., 9D, Sayre, Penn,- Ensign Bloom, Donald F., 10C, Los Angeles, Calif. Page 155 FIRST ROW: Ensign Crumbo, Hal, 10D, Fort Duchesne, Ufoh; 2nd Lt. Carter, Wlliam 0., 108, Glendale, N. Y.' Ensign Pfundstein, Richard A., 10C, Glendale, N, , nsign George, Milton D., 9E, Blokely, 60.,- 2nd Lt. Elson, Gerald W., 10C, Miami, N.o.,- Ensign Reilly, John P., 10C, Newfouncl and, J.,- Ensign Hollenbeck, Gordon W., 9E, Akron, N. Y.; 2nd Lt. Alyeo, John D., 9C, Tipton, Iowo; Ensign Dubuque, Robert G., 10C, Detroit, Mich. SECOND ROW: Ensign DeWitt, Theodore A., 9E, Norwolk, Conn.; Ensign Greenwell, Jack, 9D, Wynne- Wood, Penn.; Ensign Foley, William J., 9E, New York, N. Y.,- Ensign Draghi, FIRST ROW: Ensign Briggs, Donald L., 108, Portland, Ore.,- Ensign Rea William 8., 10C, Rosedale, L. I., N. Y.; Ensign Hobbs, Wright C., Jr. 9Ci Kokomo, Ind; Ensign Reid, Wendell P., 10C, Logon, Utah; Ensign Myers, Roger L, 9E, Martinsburg, W. V0,; Ensign Ford Franklin C., 9E, San Francisco Coll Ensign Brown, Alan F., 9D, Richmond, Calif. SECOND ROW: Ensigr; Chalew Warren E., 10A, Grafton, N. Dak; 2nd Lt. Graves, Edward J., HA, Artesionl 5. Dok.,- Ensign Spengler, William, 10D, Glendale, Colif.; Ensign JenneH, Dwight I '1 James A., 10A, Milford, Conn.,- 2nd Lt. Lesher John B., 103, Sanford, Me.,- 2nd Lt. Kuprash, George, 108, Chicago, Hls.; 2nd Lt. Hopkins, Donald L, 9C, Weiser, Idaho,- Ensign Rees, Virgil J., 9C, Morshollfown, Iowa . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Cherry, Robert H., 10C, San Francisco, Calif; 2nd Lt. Fahrion, Frederick M., 10C, Monte Vista, Colo.; 2nd Lt. Corwin, Lowell M., 10C, Long Beach, COM,- 2nd Lt. Coleman, Gerald F., IOQ Son Francisco, Calif.; 2nd Lt. Query, William M., 98, Woshin-gfon, D. C.; 2nd Lt. Sfeimle, John T., 9A, Bradford, le.; Ensign Taie, Jack W., 98, Aransas Pass, Texas;Ensign Mower, Joseph W., 8C, Roosevelf, Utah. 10D, STcrm Lake, Iowa; Ensign Spence, Robert D., 1 C, Lynn, Mass.; Ensign Park, David E., 8A, Los Angeles, Colif ; Ensign Buschbach, Thomas C., 10C, Berwynl HIS'; EnSign Bissel'l Charles E., 103, Chicago, Ills. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Han'in' Samuel P" 10A! Shippenstrg, PCI.; 2nd Lt. Johnson, Donald M., 10A, Peekskill, N' Y'; 2nd Lt Henrich, Humid J., 9E, Hempsfeod, N. Y.- 2nd Lf. Barnum, Elm" A" 9D., .Lcmsing, Mich,- 2nd Lt. Treppo, Basil A., 10D, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Wade' William D., 10C, Atlanta, Ga. . Stockton, o llenbeck. w in ii? 7 N: , FIRST ROW: 2nd Lt. Bauer, Arthur W., 103, San Francisco, Ca1if.,- 2nd U. Enochson, Kenneth, Jr., 9E, Denver, Colo.; 2nd Lt. Shumafo, Bert E., 10A, Kansas City, Mo., Ensign Bourland, James K., 108, Cairo, 1115.; Ensign Clements, Mahlon D., Jr., 9E, Eos'ron, Penn.; Ensign Embery, Vernon K.; 9E, San Diego, Ca1if.; Ensign Gustafson, Philip E., 10A, St. Paul, Minn.; Ensign Sutton, George L, 108, Des Moines, Iowa; Ensign Dehmer, Raymond L, 9E, Mop1ewood, N. J.; Ensign Woods, Amel 6., 9A, Rosewe11, N. Nex.,- Ensign Lord, Jay Willard, Jr., 108, Wayne, Penn. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Browne, Robert L, 108, Pasadena, Calif.; Ensign Pcminelli, Gerald A., 108, Hibbing, Minn.; 2nd Tregay, George R., 9D, 0er Park, 1115.,- Ensign Vance, Harry Lee, 9E, Detroit, Mich.,- Ensign Sonkey, tFIRST ROW: Ensign Foster, Albert W., 1013, Raleigh, N. c.,- Ensign Dando, W111ard K., 108, Akron, Ohio; Ensign Vanek, Arthur J., 9E, Denver, Colo.,- Ensign H11", Charles A., 9C, Rock Island, 1115.,- Ensign Cozao, Richard F., 9E, Kansas CW! Mm; Ensign Coms'rock, Frank1yn M., 108, Co1umbia, S. C.; 2nd U- Cavetf, We111t1ce E., 10A, Kermit, Texas,- Ensign Coleman, William L, Jr., 9E: Russe11v111e, Ky.,- E"519n Waliers, Joseph W., 118, Gollipolis, Ohio,- Ensign Johnson, Raymond H., 9C! Seof'rle, Wash,- 2nd Lt. Cochran, Thomas J., 10D, Bell, Co1if. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Shisler, Myron R., 9C, Buffalo, N, Y.; 2nd Lt. Barlow, Carl F., 10C, LawrenCe, Kuns.; 2nd Lt. Hewett, Arnold 6., 9C, N. Scituofe, Moss.; 2nd Lt. Bean, Donald V., 10A, Denver, C010,; Ensign Rode, Richard H., 10C, Baker, Ore.,- William K., 108, Defroif, Mich.; Ensign Garrison, James M., 8D, Clever, M0,; Ensign Cazorf, William, 10A, BaTon Rouge, Lon,- 2nd Lt Fletcher, Billie L., 108, Springfie1d, 1115.; Ensign Grobowski, Henry, 11C, Coleman, Wis.; Ensign McKay, Jack C., 10A, Macon, Go. THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt Sauser, Donald J., 108, Evanston, 1115.; Ensign Colvin, Louis E., 9E, Seattle Wash.; Ensign Bennett, James E., 103, Seattle, Wash,- Ensign Fosher, Jack 15., 9D, Croyson, Mo.; Ensign Tumler, Erwin W., 10A, Milwaukee, Wis.; Ensign Gohr, Robert 8,, 10B, Rochester, N. Y.; Ensign Scatolini, Albert 0., 11C, Mansfield, Moss.,-Ensign Miicheleronald J., 9E, Harkimer, N. Y.,- Ensign Trice, James H., 10C, Medicine Lodge, Kons.; Ensign Sundquisf, Robert J., 10C, Muskegon, Mich, Ensign Whitaker, Lewis A., 10A, Pocatello, Idaho. Ensign Hurf, William C., 103, Ashland, Ky.,- Ensign Harding, Theodo-re C.,- 10C, Presser, Wash,- Ensign DeBord, Phillip M., 9E, CanTon, 0.; Ensign Adrian, Richard A., 108, New York, N. Y. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Berdis, Carl 6., 10D, C1eve1ond, Ohio,- Ensign Delaney, Joseph F., 108, White Plains, N. Y.,- Ensign Kengan, Earl W., Jr., 108, Hempsteod, L. 1., N. Y.; Ensign Butler, Charles W., 10A, Youngstown, Ohio; 2nd 1.1. Triece, Harry L, Jr., 11A, Dallas, Texas; 2nd Lt. Burns, Joseph K., 7D, Dodge City, Kcms.; Ensign Kirkpatrick, James 5., 10A, Tu1ic1, Texas; Ensign Stockman, Everef'r W., 10C, Drumrighf, Ok10.; Ensign Se11mcm, Lloyd E., 10C, Toy1ors F0115, Minn.,- Ensign Simmons, James A., 11A, Irving, Texas; 2nd Lt. Sfanec, Ladimer, 11A, Martin, 8. Dok. Page 157 FIRST ROW: Ensign Denoncourf, Philip J., 9D, Concord, N. H.; Ensign Delaney, John, 108, Philadelphia, Penn.,- Ensign SeHner, Thomas J., 9E, Sleepy Eve, Minn.; Ensign Jones, Willis B., 103, Ploinview, Texas; 2nd Lt. Simmon, Lawrence H., 8A, Los Angeles, Colif.,- Ensign Williams, John G., 108, Darien, Conn.; Ensign Stone, William F., 9E, Cambridge, Moss.,- Ensign Lewis, Thomas J., 10A, Memphis, Tenn.; Ensign Johnson, John W., 9A, Cambridge, Ohio,- Ensign McCormick, Edward J., 10C, Grand Ridge, llls.,- Ensign Farmer, Earl F., 10A, Mortinsburg, W. Va. SECOND ROW: Ensign Crumer, Robert J., 10A, Moywood, Ills.,- Ensign Burns, Raymond T., 10A, Corom, N. Y.; Ensign Carty, Glenn J., 98, Pomona, Calif.; Ensign Friday, Thomas J., Jr., 10B, Philadelphia, Penn.; Ensign Cowan, Jack N., Tenth Battalion, KINGSVILLE, Texos-Leff To right: Lf. L. O. Stockton, LT. C. C. Smith, LT. J. T. Owens, LT. J. W. Hilliard, LT. V. F. Hollenbeck. IOB, Franklin, Penn.,- Ensign Tuverson, Russell L, 9E, Woonsockef, R. L; Ensign Dailey, Franklin J., 10A, Little Rock, Ark.; Ensign Windler, Lester A., 10C, Kansas Cify, M0,,- 2nd Lt. Shupe, Arthur F., 10A, Longmonf, Colo.,- 2nd Lt. O'GradYI John E" 9E, Lebanon, N. H. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign London, Donald E., 9E, PunxsofawneYr Penn.; E"5i9" Stout, RiChGrd H., 93, Winnetkcx, Ills.,- 2nd Lt. Thompson, Joseph L: 9D, Floris, Iowa; Ensign Cossick, David, 9C, Woods Hole, Moss.; 2nd Lt. Miller, PGUI J" Jr., 9E! Phenix CITY: Alan" EHSign Wegener, Harold W., 9D, Higginsville, MO"; En5ig" Havranek, Josth C., 9D, Columbus, Ohio,- Ensign Nixon, Edward,P" 103, Chofhom, N. J.,,- Ensign McCollough, Robert G., 105, Butler, Penn.; Ens'gn Porter! George 5-, 103, Brointree, Moss.,- 2nd Lt. Fournier, Charles R-, 90' Wayne, Mich. Page 156 FIRS1 Enochsc City, M 0., Jr., Ensign Des MC Woods, Penn. Ensign 90, 0c cl 6., 100, n Zelenock, Pass, 0re.; ' 'W: Ensign Wyandotte, William R., nsign Even, 0C, Kansas Charles T., brook, ovjeffers' 12th Battalion, WALDRON FlELD-Lef'r To righf: Lt. A. G. Bivens, LT. F. Shoof, C. K. Woxmcm, Ensign H. A. Smyfh. mm, u-xxw WWNN K WWW meymm FIRST ROW: Ensign Williams, Paul 0., 10A, Absecon 1, N. J.; Ensign Jindra, Equr I 93, Cicero, le.,- Ensign Wood, Harold B., Jr., 10A, Essex, Mass.; Ensign Rain, Francis M., 10A, Florence, S. C.,- Ensign Sullivan, Francis, 10B, Lakewood, Ohio; Ensign Began, Herman K., 108, Greenville, Texas,- Ensign Youree, E. T., 103, Louisville, Ky.; Ensign Lufz, Henry C., Jr., 108, Corbondole, Ills.,- Ensign Cunningham, Warren W., 10A, Philadelphia, Penn.; 2nd Lt. Kreck, Loren L., 10C' HOHYWood, Calif.; Ensign Knox, Vern L., 10C, Gronfs Pass, Ore. . . . SECOND ESXV. Ensign Hall, Floyd E., 9E, Sedilic, Mo.,- 2nd Lf. Gardner, Thurman D., ' RQPesville, Texas,- 2nd U. Jones, Harry V., 108, Pittsburgh, Penn.; 2nd .Lf. LWZ, Willis, IOB, Dectrborn, Mich.; Ensign Troyan, William, 10D, Hollywood, C011f.; Page Ensign Page, Howard N., 10D, West Point, Utah; Ensign Crouse, John T., IOB, Charlesfon, W. Va.,- 2nd Lt. Crahan, Jack 3., 10C, Minneapolis, Minn.; 2nd Lt. Repar, John, 93, Barberfon, Ohio; 2nd Lt. Miller, Donald R., IOB, Newton, Penn.,- Ensign Holforty, John W., 108, Bloomington, HIS. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Martin, Delbert L, 10B, Fountainfown, lnd.; Ensign Kraus, Maynard F., 10A, Dundalk, MCL; Ensign Hoverstick, Merral P., 103, ST. Louis, Mo. 2nd Lt. Schurr, Donald H., 108, Norristown, Penn.,- Ensign Behrendf, Harold W., 9C, San Antonio, Texas; Ensign Aldrich, Carroll E., MD, Dulut Minnu Ensign Phipps, Richard 5., IOC, Syracuse, N. Y.,- Ensign Newman, Frank E., Jr., 10D, Ogden, Utah; 2nd Lt. Bratton, Alfred I., 10A, Wilmingfon, Dela; 2nd Lt. Cutler, Bruce, 9B, Belmcxr, N. J.; 2nd Lt. Currie, Lloyd F., 10C, Duluth, Minn. 159 FIRST ROW: Ensign Porter, Robert 5., 1 A, Homer, N. .; Ensign Powell, Robert H., 10A, Yeodon, Po.,- 2nd Lt. Fitzgerald, Robert E., 78, Independence, Mo.; Ensign Chamberlain, Donald A., 10D, Amarillo, Texas,- Ensign Soester, Howard H., 9D, Crawford, Nebr.,- Ensign Roth, Paul, 9E, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Yelavich, Paul, 9D, Rochelle Park, N. J.; 2nd Lt. Mikelson, Wallace W., 108, Littleton, Colo.; Ensign Clancy, Robert R., 10D, Heville Island, Penn.; Ensign Cole, Orrin W., 108, Boise, Idaho; 2nd Lt MucCormack, William H., 9C, Boston, Mass. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Parker, Ralph N., 9E, Venice, Calif.; Ensign Davis, Eugene H., 108, Peoria, Ills.; Ensign Hazlehursf, William H., 108, Baltimore, Md.,- Ensign Hecker, George, 108, Moscoufoh, Ills.,- Ensign Gray, William C., 10A, Hycmsville, Md; FIRST ROW: Ensign Scott, Harold F., 10D, East Brody, Penn.; Ensign Wade, Harold J., 10D, Saginaw, Mich.,- Ensign Maillef, Eugene N., 9E, Seattle, Wash. Ensign Linn, Paul D., IOB, Parsons, Kans.,- Ensign Kelleher, David, 10D, Greenfield: Moss.; Ensign Carnes, Billy 5., 9E, Dayton, Ohio; Ensign Goben, Howard G., 108, Springfield, Ills.,- Ensign Fifzhugh, James L., Jr., 10B, Foirmonf, Wye.- 2nd Lf. Thompson, Francis M., Jr., 10C, Borger, Texas; Ensign To , C. Stanley: 10C, St. Petersburg, Penn.; 2nd Lt. VanAHen, Lewis 3., 10C, Philllpsburg, Kons. . . SECOND ROW. Ensign Callahan, George E., 10A, Erwin, Tenn.; Ensign Goldstein, David A., IOA, Washington, D. C.; 2nd Lt. Wise, Jack L, HA, Toledo, Ohio; Ensign Moore, Henry J, 10A, Wyandonch, N. Y.,- Ensign Bradford, Don H., 10D, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Long, Louis L, 10A, Dcnville, Vo.; Ensign Olsen, Ensign Brooks, Wayne L., 10 , Denver, Colo.,- Ensign Fuller, Richard G., 10D, Savannah, Ga.,- Ensign Calhoun, John C., 10D, Savannah, 60.; Ensign Zelenock, Michael N., 118, Detroit, Mich.,- Ensign lnman, James E., 9C, Grants Pass, Ore.,- Ensign McElmurray, Vernon R., 10C, Burbank, Calif. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Pitzer, James 8., 10C, Baird, Texas; Ensign Laradie Eugene E., 98, Wyandoffe, Mich.; Ensign Lacey, Edward, 9E, Melrose, Mesa,- Ensign Carnahan, William R., 10A, Des Moines, Iowa,- Ensign Barbero, Anthony, 9E, Lodi, Colif.; Ensign Even, Glen M., 118, San Diego, Calif.; 2nd Lt. Williams, Frank L, Jr., 10C, Kansas City, M0,,- Ensign Brown, Robert 0., HB, Duluth, Minn.; Ensign Miller, Charles T., HA, Santa Ana, Colif.,- Ensign Stacey, Jack, 9B, Chicago, Ills. Willard W., 10C, St. Paul, Minn,- 2n Lf. Kennedy, Melvin C., TOD, Willowbrook, C?Hf-i Ensign RCIUSCh, Charles K., 10C, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Jeffers, Michael F., 9A, Philadelphia, Penn.; Ensign Elmore, Owen E., IOB, Indianapolis, Ind. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Rice, Rodney A., 9D, Scoffsbluff, Nebr.,- Ensign lverson, C arles W., 10A, Copron, llls.,- Ensign Pearson, Ralph W., 12A, Park Ridge, HIS.; 2nd Lt. Osier, Eugene M., 9D, Sherman Oaks, Colif.,- Ensign Fishel, Jerome H" 9E' E05? Clevelard, Oh? ; Ensign Organ, Richard C., 9E, Youngstown, Ohio; 2rd Lt. Flynn, Gerald C, 108, New York, N. Y.,- Ensign Fisher, Glen W-, 10 MISSOUIG, Mont,- Ensign Brownfield, William W, 10B, Mason CW, HIS-F Ens'gn KUrfiS, Robe" F., 103 Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign S1refz, Robert H., 73' Boonville, Mo. Page 158 1ch Bot Adams, A . w FIRST ROW. 2nd Lt. Smith, Robert H., 9E, Des Moines, Iowa; Ensign Westeren, Cyrus R., 9E, Providence, R. L; Ensign Wilson, William D., 9A, Chicago, llls.; Ensign Colby, Raymond L., 9E, Defroif, Mich.,- Ensign Morris, Orville Q., 10A, Dunbar, W. Von,- Ensign Stevenson, William K., 9E, Glendale, Calif.; Ensign Evans, Raleigh W., 10A, Hudson, Ohio; Ensign Brooks, Albert R., Jr., 9D, Worcester, Mass.; Ensign Crutchfield, John A., 9D, Denver, Colo.,- Ensign 'Colonnu, Ernest J., HA, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Cook, Albert H., 9C, Montville, N. J. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Manus, Robert M., 9C, Elmwood Park, Ills.; 2nd Lf. Neuhuus, Roland C., 9E, Hoverford, Penn.,- Ensign Moofz, James F., 10A, Poffsville, Penn.,- Ensign Evans, Quentin 8., HA, Detroit, Mich.,- Ensign Mellor, Jesse L, HA, mmwm P w FIRST ROW: 2nd Lt. Friess, Larry G., 108, Hudson, Mich, 2 d George 5-, 10C, Mansfield, Ohio; 2nd Lf. Sowa, William W., 10B, Wyondoffe, Mich; 2nd Lf. Mixson, Herman L, 10C, Williston, Flo.,- Ensign Holmes, Alfred C., 10D, Oakland, Calif.; Ensign Allen, Merrell D., 10A, Emporia, Kons.,- Ensign Mueller, Warren A., HA, Emmefsbur , Iowa,- Ensign Hancock, William F., 10A, Tampa, HQ; Ensign Taylor, Blaine W., 10D, Youngstown, Ohio; EnSiQ" Worden, Willielm T., 10D, S'rerli Mich; 2nd Lt. Bright, Andrew J. Ill, POD, Savannah: GQ' - - . SECOND ROW: Ensign LaFontaine, Gustave E., 10C, Frankfort, KY-i 2nd Lt. Loos, Billie D., 10C, Murphysboro, llls.,- Ensign Groce, Robert J., 103, Portland, Ore-; Ensign Waterman, James L, 10C, Peabody, KanS-; Ensign BeO'PY: .mnmmmmwm . Utah; Ensign Taylor, Vernon F., Jr., 10B, San Antonio, Texas; Ensign Sodorff, Roy H., 108, Pullman, Wash,- Ensign Meacham, James A., 10B, Reed Point, Mont; Ensign Stew rf, Earl, Jr., 10B, Raleigh, N. C.; Ensign Roth, Robert C., 103, Allentown, Penn . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Rollins, Ccrle E., J 10D Monhossef, L. I., N. Y.,- 2 d U. McFenn, Harold, Jr., 10A, Gory, Ind.; 2nd L. Kreidler, Jack W., 108, Los Angeles, Calif.; 2nd Lt. Kubul, George F., 108, Chicago, llls.; Ensign Ryan, Peter E. 10C, New Rochelle, N. Y.,- Ensign Unverfur'rh, Joseph F., 90, Perryville, Mo.; EnSIgn Patterson, Donald C., 10C, ST. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Andreason, Raymond R., 108, Long Beach, Colif.,- Ensign Conley, Clarence, Jr., 10C, Denver, Colo.,- Ensign Ness, Frank, 108, South Weymouth, Mass.; Ensign Cook, Vestal L, Jr., HA, Hardfner, Kons. PPPIL ,8 Robert E., 10B, Algonac, Mich; Ensign Meeker, Robert L., 10C, Erie, Kans.,- Ensign Miller, Thomas J., 10C, Durant, Oklo.; Ensign Nelson, Ed rd 3., 10C, St. Clair Shores, Mich.,- Ensign Galbreath, Charles L, 9C, Chonufe, Kons.; Ensign Davenport, John A., 10B, West Orange, N. J. . . . THIRD ROW. Ensign DeBaII, William C., 10A, Chicago, llls.,- Ensign Thibaulf, Ernest 6., 10B, Morris- town, N. J.; Ensign Watt, Gale V., 10C, Roseville, Ills.,- Ensign Keagle, Stanley W., 9E, Sioux City, Iowa,- Ensign Fisher, Clifford L, 10B, Eugene, Ore.,- 2nd Lt. Schwetie, Fred , 10C, Jersey City, N. J.,- Ensign Hearn, Richard, 10B, West Los Angeles, Calif.; 2nd Lt. Rensfrom, Wayne A., 108, Minneapolis, Minn.,- Ensign Potts, Charles R., 108, Glendale, Calif.; Ensign Walters, Joseph F., 10C, Robinson, Hls.,- Ensign White, Douglas 5., 10C, Gofesville, Texas. Page 161 QKV VMANN r w 13w m, mw 5N T ROW: Ensign Owen, William C., IOB, Urbano, Ohio,- Ensign Mungieri, Joseph, 103, Abingdon, IIIs.,- Ensign Baker, Raymond F., 10A, Philadelphia, Penn.; Ensign McCube, Stanley W., IOB, Lompoc, Colif.; Ensign Douglass, Lester P., Sidney R., 108, ST. Louis, Mo.; Ensign McKeon, Warren H., IOB, Ossining, N. Y.; Ensign Pomarico, Andrew, 108, Beacon, N. Y.,- Ensign Jeffreys, Lyman W., 10C, 10D, Tonopoh, Nev.; Ensign Skeen, Robert, 10C, Denver, Colo.,- Ensign O'Neil, Glencoe, Ills.; Ensign Refuse, Calvin E., 108, New York, N. Y. ROW: Ensign Slade, . . . SECOND Elbert J., HA, Heber City, Utah,- Ensign Tilly, Ernest, Jr., 105, Bicknell, Ind.,- Ensign Mcndeberg, Eugene 108, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign McDaniel, Charles 0., 108, Rushville, lnd.,- 2nd lt. Remmel, Carl 6., 90, Elkhart, Thirteenth Battalion, BEEVILLE, Texas LefT To right. LT. P. T, Scull, Ensign N. L. Kiesling. W , . VWxQKK m ,x lnd.; 2nd Lt. Rumrill, Edwin W., 10A, Melrose, Mass.; 2nd Lt. Brown, R'ObEIgIl-ilr 9E, St. Marys, M0,,- Ensign Baer, Elvin L., 10C, Greensburg, Kans.; Ensign 0' I William J., 108, Mt. Lebanon, Penn - ., 2nd Lt. Bolton, Howard 5., 9E! Linden, N' J". 2nd Lt. Spillane, Joseph 3., 9E, Staten Island, N. Y. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensig" Spooner, George H., 103, Foirhoven, Mass.; Ensign McAdams, Willia-m T" :Jr., 108, Glendale, Cclif.,- Ensign Papadakis, John, 10C, Richmond, Caluf.; Ensugnl Nash, James C., IOB, Kansas City, Mo.; 2nd L. Jillisky, Leo R., 10C, Troy, N- 'I Ensign Renegar, Garland M., 9E, Statesville, N. C.,- Ensign Burton, ROY K., HB' S'rockfon, Kons Ensign Shook, John R., HC, Marshfield, Mo.; EnSiQ" Page, William R., J Moss - '1 ., HC, Wilmington, N. c.,- Ensign Bergh, Winston, HB, Nf'ebom' Ensign Redeye, Nicholas T., 108, Akoon, N. Y. Page 160 FIRST Cyrus R Ensign Dunbar, Raleigh Mass.; HA, 1.. SECONI Roland Ensign k E., 103, MW 0k; Ensign Gatesville, d U. Mus, 10A, Philo- hio; Ensign D, Bonhum, th, Ken1R., nn.; Ensign M., 100 A "Texas Norther" moving In is C1 warning To get out of The heavy flight jackets. JE'RST LOW: Ensign Sohrmeid, chy A., 9D, TiHcmook, Ore.; Ensign Kunke!, o n, Jr" 108' Camden, N. J.,- Ensign Week, Rodney E., 10C, Minneapolis, Minn.,- Ensign PUCkeH, Charles H., Jr., 10D, Brenhom Texas; Ensign Kellenbeck, Verne A., .' Grants POSS, Ore.; Ensign Scherrer, Robert L, 10A, Miomisburg, OhIO; nSIQn Young, Joke Nu 10D, Livingston, Texas,- Ensign Tucker, Harrison M., Jr., 113:8, lndiOnOpOHSx Minn.; Ensign O'Neill, Joseph W., 9E, Rochester, N. Y.,- Ensign 10 mm c., 9B, Doro, N. Mex. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Foulconerl Hi"e'Y.L-I IC, Frederick, Okla,- Ensign Thorne, Glen Orval, 10A, Rocklond Idaho,- Er-1SIgn eWGY, John G, 10A, Wilmington, DeL; Ensign Giewitz, Robert E., HA! ane- cpclis,; Ensign May, Harvey J., 10A, Rexfcrd, Kor.s.; Ensign Ccr'roil, John C., 9E, Bangor, Me.; Ensign Freeman, Edgar A., 9E, Westerly, R. I.; Ensugn Monagle, William J., 108, Portsmouth, N. H.,- Ensign Howard, Edward H., 9C, Jersey CITY, N. J. . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Petersen, Norman, Jr., HA, Oakland, Calif.; Ensign French, Marion J., 10C, Springfield, llls.; Ensign Fournier, Robert A., 10C, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Ensign Phillips, Robert H., 10C, Upper Montclcnr, N. J.,- 2nd Lt. Noel, Robert A., HA, Linton, Ind,- Ensign Pragel, Warren L., 10D! Niles, Ohio,- Ensign Moore, lvren H., Jr., 9E, North Fork, W. Va.,- Ensign Jenkins, John H., 9D, Atlanta, 60.,- Ensign Gueclel, Kenneth C., 108, Dover, Ohio. Page I63 , WAN w.wxm FIRST ROW: Ensign Johnson, Robert E., IOB, Franklin, V0,,- 2nd Lt Sanford, Kenneth R., 103, Wilson, Wis.,- 2nd Lt Gillies, Hugh, 9E, Detroit, Mich; 2nd Lt. Daugherty, William A., 108, Quincy, Moss.; Ensign Tainfer, Andrew W., 9D, Eou Claire, Wis.,- Ensign Kensrue, Milo 5., 108, Inglewood, Colif.; Ensign Young, Wallace L, 10D, Medford, Ore.,- Ensign Geho, Glen A., IOB, Elmwood Park, le.; Ensign Rueff, Stanley C. W., 108, St. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Nash, Jcmes H., 10C, Maplefon, IIIs.; Ensign Brown, Emmet, 10C, San Pedro, Calif. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Kenny, Arthur M., 9B, Portland, Ore.; 2nd Lt. Miller, Reinhard R., 10C, Hibbing, Minn,- 2nd Lt. Davey, John E., 9E, Beverly, Moss.; Ens'gn McKenney, James R., 10A, Denver, Coio.; Ensign Smif , Raymond D., 10 , Soco, Me.; FIRST ROW: Ensign Keoting, Thomas J., Jr., 10C, San Francisco, Calif.; Ensign Columbo, Wellington, IOC, Scranton, Penn.; Ensign Cronin, Malcolm K., 10D, San Francisco, Colif.,- Ensign Wolfe, Raymond G., Jr., HC, Oakland, Calif.; Ensign Rafferty, Edwin L, 10A, Kansas City, Kos.,- Ensign Kelly, Louis M., 108, Dallas, Penn.; Ensign Benson, Richard P., 10A, Algonquin, llls.,- Ensign Harrison, Herbert V., 103, Elmwood Park, Ills.; Ensign Goggin, Maurice P., 108, Jamaica Plain, Moss.; Ensign Trube, Alfred 0., Jr., 108, Youngstown, Ohio; Ensign Thomas, Loyal A., IOB, CoquiHe, Ore. SECOND ROW: 2nd Lt. Dunlop, John D., 10A, Cleburne, Texas,- Ensign Pcrudy, James T., 10D, Cuthberf, C30,,- Ensign Holmes, Francis M., HC, Palmyra, Hls.; Ensign Law, Bonar D., HC, Roletfe, N. Dok.; Ensign Tollas, Roger D., 10B, ST. Paul, Minn.,- Ensign Styers, Jack E., 108, Philadelphia, Penn.; Ensign Rabenburg, Lee H, 10C, Briffon, 5. Dok.; Ensign Chose, Frederick W., 9E, Palmer, Mass.; Ensign Rogers, Thorold L., 98, Gofesville, Texas . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Grafz, Homer, IOB, Bluffton, Ohio; 2nd Lt. Mors, Robert J., 10D, Minneapolis, Minn.,- Ensign Walmsley, Thomas E., 10A, Philo- delphia, Penn.; Ensign Bricker, William H., 10A, East Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign Lowder, James E., 10A, Hopewell, Vo.,- Ensign Denton, James 5., Jr., 9D, Bonham, Texas,- Ensign Richardson, William S., 108, Providence, R. L,- Ensign Smifh, Kent R., 10C, Princeton, Ills.,- Ensign ShuH, William E., 108, Vondergriff, Penn.; Ensign Tque, James M., 108, Terre Haute, Ind.,- Ensign Winters, George M., Clinton, Ind. Ensign Sh'erwood, Harry A., 10A, Grand Rapids, Mich,- Ensign Kimtel, RiC'nard A., 9E, Washington, D. C.; Ensign Gilbert, Carl L., 10B, Coquille, Ore.,- 2nd Lt. Lewis, George W., 10A, Wilmington, N. C.; Ensign Richardson, Neil H., 10A, Boulder, Colo.; Ensign Engler, William F., 10D, Grand Rapids, Iowa THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Waller, Wilbourn, HA, Weotherford, Oklo.,- 2nd Lt Patterson, Robert V., 10.8,. Longmonf, Colo.; Ensign Walton, James L., HA, Columbia, M0,; Ensign Allen, WII!Iam J. IOC, Silver Spring, Md.; 2nd Lt. Wallace, Miles W. HA Nyssa, Ore; En-SIgn Sheffer, Richard E., 108, York, Penn.; 2nd Lt. I I Wichita, Kans.; 2nd Lt. Wilson, Donald R., SB, Portland, Ore.; Ensign Richards, Wefley H'C 10A, Vernon, Texas,- Ensign Tucker, Jack E., 10C, Elk Creek, Nebr.; EnSIgn Smith, Richard R., 10C, Newark, Mo. Kunfz, Lawrence R., 10C, Page 162 FIRST ROW: Ensign Mason, Robert F., HA, Santa Maria, Colif.,- Ensign Boland, Joseph M., 10C, Germanfown, Md.,- Ensign Aylsworfh, Robert C., 10B, Sonfcz Monica, Calif.; Ensign Arneif, Lawrence D., 10D, Docomcn, Okla.; Ensign LeJeune, Rovh A., HA, Bafon Rouge, Lo.; Ensign Rice, Robert W., 10C, Riverside, IHs.; Ensign Little, Edwin C., HA, ST. Louis, Mo.,- Ensign Sheehy, David E., 10C, Mason City, Iowa,- Ensign Koeller, Eugene 6., HA, St. Louis Mo. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Canavati, Nicholas, 12A, Laredo, Texas,- Ensign Card, Annon M., 12A, Lufkin, Texas; Ensign Adam, Roger W., HA, Shelby, Ohio; Ensign McCann, FIRST IROW: Ensign Pasketf, Robert A., HC, White Plains, N. Y.; Ensign MC' LuUghlin, Robert N., 103, Indianapolis, Ind.,- Ensign White, George A., Jr., 118, Orcesterl Moss.; Ensign Leach, Harrison L., 10D, Fayetteville, 00.; EH59" Harris, Wulrren c., 103, Wadley, Alo.,- Ensign Allen, William F., HC, Los Angeles, CO'if-i Ens'g" Sharer, John J., 10D, Washington, D. C.,- Ensign Miller, Harold R., 10A, Carney, Okla,- Ensign Cherry, John T., 10A, Henderson, Tenn. SECOND ?OW: Ensign Lagasse, Arthur Eli, lOB, Haverhill, M0534 EnSiQ" Gayman, Joseph F" IC' ThornPSOnTown, Penn.,- 2nd Lt. Bernodt, Walter C., JR, 10C: BUffGIo' N' Y'7 Harold N., 10C, Sf. Louis, Mo.,- Ensign Wilkins, John 5., 10D, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Brawdy, Billy W., 10C, Oklahoma City, Okla.,- Ensign Dock, Vilos F., 10C, Ravenwood, Mo.,- Ensign McFarland, Kenneth K., HA, Laurel, Miss. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Hogg, William M., 9E, Springfield, Moss.; Ensign Eldridge, Richard A., 10A, Mercerville, N. J.; Ensign Lynch, John F., 9E, Somerville, Mass.; Ensign Gautie, Joseph A., 108, Schenectady, N. Y.; Ensign Kopps, Richard L, IOB, Griggsville, llls.,- Ensign Fritsch, Edward F., 10B, Stowe, Penn.,- Ensign Boland, George J., 10C, Union City, N. J.,- Ensign Grier, Thedore 6., Jr., 10C, Ooklyn, N. J.,- Ensign Sibinski, Victor H., 10C, Weyerhouser, Wis. Ensign Lake, Julian 5., Jr., 10D, Greenville, S. C.; Ensign Logan, Herman .B., HA, Sedolla, M0,; Ensign LeMoyne, John R., HA, Hogerman, Idaho; Tillinghas'r, Stuart, 10D, Rumford, R. 1.,- Ensign Brooks, Jesse W., 10A, Un.Ion Point, Ga, . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Dix, Boyd H., 10C, Robinsohn, llls.; EnSIgn Shaw, Aruin B. III, 103, Pasadena, Calif.; Ensign Moskowitz, Murhn, IIOB, Upper Darby, Penn.; Ensign Gerstner, William C., 10D, Ottawa, Ills.,- EnSIgn Palma, Jerome, 108, Chicago, IHs.; Ensign Cartwright, Richard L., 10C, Muskogee, Okla; Ensign Dudley, James H., 10A, Formuille, Va.,- Ensign Bucaro, Richard, 10A, Springfield, Ohio; Ensign Beard, Darold N., 10C, Greenwood, Mo. Page 165 FIRST Joseph Monica, Rovh A. Ensign I. City, 10 View of The Captain's Personnel Inspection of Cuddihy Field. 531?: FIRST ROW: Ensign Slack, Claude E., 10C, Scranton, P0,,- Ensign Frothingham, McGregor, Texas,- Ensign Kaskie, Charles D., MD, Des Moines, Iowa,- Ensign Smith, William F., 9E, Long Island, N. Y.,- Ensign O Hopp, Michael, 10C, Detroit, Mich,- George K., 10A,, Westville, N. J.; Ensign Gould, Robert W., 10C, Burns, Ore. Ensign McCuughlin, John F., 10C, Pasadena, Calif.; Ensign Jenkins, Reginald E., . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Thompson, Lawrence P., 10B, Columbus, Ind.,- 2nd U. 118, Portland, Ore.; Ensign Brandt, Frederick H., 9C, Syracuse, N. Y.; Ensign Lemon, Chadwick E., 10A, Madrid, N. Mex.,- 2nd Lt. Watson, William D., 103: Baumpardf, William H., HC, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Mackey, Neal E., 93, Flemington, N. J.; 2nd Lt. Maddox, William C., 10C, Roscoe, Calif.; 2nd Lt- Worren, Ohio,- Ensign Dewey, Dudley 0., Jr., 108, North Hollywood, Calif. . . . Paulin, Robert E., 10C, Denver, Colo.; Ensign Hancock, Douglas F., 103, ROCkY SECOND ROW: Ensign Crider, Kenneth M.,, 11C, Denison, Texas; Ensign Doyle, Ford, Colo.; Ensign Stevens, Clifford M., 10D, Van Nuys, Colif.,- Ensign BulliH, Robert E., HC, Keewotin, Minn.,- Ensign Lyddon, Garfield 0., 12C, Rockford, Ills.; Boumgardf, William H., HC, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Mackey, Neal E: 931 Ensign Henry, William M., 11C, New York, N. Y.; Ensign Tubbs, Seurcy E., 10C, Logan Mc., Ill, 10C, Philadelphia, Penn.,- Ensign Funk, Cliff L, 9E, Burbank, Calif. Page 164 ,-- -Flrwwg-....m Rebmun, Angeles, -yton C, , Sandy, phen P., Smitha, Granite John 8., 5, COM; Lf. Charles Perry Mason II addresses 0 Rofory Club Christmas Lunch eon with Chaplain Miller and his father, Admiral Mason of The Speaker's Table, MUBST ROW: 2nd L. Karl, Andrew J., 10D, Richmond Hill, L. I., N. Y.; Ensign Tc letty' Donald, 10C, Peoria, llls.,- Ensign Schilling, Merrell F., HC, Hoysfon, 3X08; Ensign Weisner, Richard L., 10D, Tacoma, Wash,- Ensign JoneS, DGVId 5., WD', South Bend, Wash; Ensign Baulos, Clyde W., HB, Bluffs, llls.; 2nd U. hne' ThOmus J., TOB, Livingston Manor, N. Y.,- 2nd L'r. Smith, James W., 108, Slalomisgl lnd.; Ensign Gunn, CIiffond P. Jr., 981 Atlanta, Ga. SECOND Clark: Ens'gn WEber, John F., HA, Flagstaff, Ariz.; Ensign Seibold, Pfuul A1, HC, w Loke, MiCh-i EnSign Hayes, James F., HB, Caldwell, N. J.; EnSIgn Midldles- Orth, Pu". V., Jr., HB, Reedsville, Penn.,- Ensign Rendell, James V., 10C, Winne- bago, Minn.; 2nd Lt. Griffin, Donald D., 10A, Benton Harbor, Mich.; 2nd Lt. Green, Russell E., IOA, Greenville, S. C.,- 2nd Lt. Jcckson, Richard E., HA, Orange, Texas,- 2nd Lt. Hitchcock, Henry 5., HA, Pasadena! Calif. THIRD ROW: Ensign Farmer, Roy E., 10D! Coronado, Colif.; Ensign Carey, James J., 10C, Middletown, N. Y.; Ensign Eyler, Arthur H., 98, Alton, llls.; Ensign Gehrmcmn, Lester A., 108, Cheshire, Conn,- Ensign McMonus, Terence B., 10D, McIntosh, Minn.; Ensign Cloud, Robert P., 10A, Kennett Square, Penn.; Ensign Soran, James J., Jr., 10A, Denver, Colo.; 2nd lf. Miner, James H., Jr., 9D, Coluee Dom, Wash,- Ensign Swanson, chne W., 9D, Chicago, Ills. Page 167 FIRST ROW: Ensign Tracy, Gilbert L., IOB, Norfhfield, Vt; 2nd Lt. Eshom, James R., 10D, Seoffle, Wash,- Ensign Fox, Robert E., 10D, Portland, Ore.; Ensign Sfeger, Theodore R., 10B, Peotone, Ills.; 2nd Lt. Scowcroff, Robert L., 9E, Providence, R. I.; Ensign Lohmeyer, Henry F., 10C, Columbus, Ind.; Ensign Buirkle, Wesley W., 10D, Jersey City, N. J.,- Ensign Lemmons, Wilburn M., 10C, Boonville, Ind; 2nd Lt Garrett, Walter F., 103, Flint, Mich; 2nd Lt. Smiddy, Denver W,, 103, Flint Mich.,- 2nd Lt. Lansford, Breen G., 10C, Ringgold, Ga. . . SECOND ROW: 2nd Lt. Ryan, Edward F., 108, Elkins Park, Penn.,- Ensign Buswell, Orlo G. J., 10C, Morengo, Iowa; Ensign Schile, Robert L, 10B, Portland, Ore.; Ensign Hale, Myron Q., 103, Salt Lake Cify, Utah,- Ensign Fridberg, George 5., 10C, Ogden, 1944 APRIL 15, FIRST RON: Ensign Baldwin, kennefh J., 10C, Detroit, IVliCh.; Ensign kickenbuugh, Muir, E., 10C, chsehor, Kons.,- Ensign Kubicki, Ned R., 10C, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign Beaumont, Robert T., IOC, Seattle, Wosh.,- Ensign Lippold, Ralph G., 10C, Crystal Lake, Ills.; Ensign Huhn, Anthony A., 10C, Detroit, Mich.; 2nd Lt. Pittman, Teddy L, MD, Gory, lnd.,- 2nd Lf. Vaughn, Frank 5., IOB, Evansville, Ind.; 2nd Lt. Potter, Lenn J., HD, Mf. Clement, Mich; 2nd Lt. Zandf, Earl E., 118, Canton, Ohio; Ensign Roebuck, Reuben B., 10D, Wilmington, N. C. . . . SECOND ROW: 2nd Lf. Whitaker, Jack B., IOD, Tallahassee, Fla; 2nd Lt. Jorgensen, Roy L. A., HA, Duluth, Minn.; Ensign Wilson, Sam T., 10A, Arlington, Tenn.; Ensign Hartman, Ralph J., 9A, Woynesville, Ohio; Ensign McNally, Merle G., HA, Esterville, Iowa,- A7 Utah; 2nd Lt. Gravning, Vernon J., 108, Denver, Colo.; 2nd Lt. Rebman, Roderick A. F., 10C, Portland, Ore.; Ensign Crockeff, Thomas L, 10D, Los Angeles, Colif.,- Ensign Blaser, Frederick, 108, Lexington, Mass.; Ensign Mathias, Clayton C., HC, Heron Lake, Minn. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Stuart, Riter M., 10D, Sandy, Utah,- Ensign Suther, Floyd H., 10D, Seattle, Wash; Ensign Walther, Stephen P., 103, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign lmming, Cyril L, 10C, Avisfon, Ills.; Ensign Smitha, Homer G., HA, Indianapolis, Ind.; Ensign Branding, Louis, Jr., 10C, Granite City, Ills.; Ensign Branding, Paul, 10C, Granite City, Ills.; Ensign Siverfs, John 5., HA, Minneapolis, Minn.,- Ensign McKinley, Donald E., 10D, Glendale, Calif.; 2nd Lt. Granados, Antonio, lOB, Riverdale, Md. 2nd Lt. Denyer, Samuel A., Jr., 10C, Drumrighf, Oklo.,- 2nd Lt. Graham, Gordon, 10D, Providence, R. l.,- 2nd Lt. Hodges, Allen F., HB, Chuquicamota, Chile; 2nd Lt. Watson, Richard L, TOD, Vancouver, Wash,- Ensign McLinden, John W-, 10D, Mandarin, Flo.,- 2nd Lt. Armstrong, Gerald C., HC, Hamburg, N. Y. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Bell, John H., 8C, Sioux Falls, S. Dok.; Ensign Warburfon, Pou.l R., 9D, Milton, Moss.; 2nd Lf. Williams, Robert, HA, Gloucester, N. J-; Ensugn Lawson, Richard G., 12C, Frominghom, Mass.,- 2nd Lt. Welch, Robert F., HA, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign McClain, John H., Jr., 10C, Mechonicsfown, Ohio; Ensngn McNeff, Robert D., HA, Brooklyn, 1nd,; Ensign Metier, Richard H., IOD, Spencer, Iowa,- 2nd Lt. McClun, Robert E., 10D, St. Louis, Mo.,- 2nd Lt. Clarence, Edwm, HA, Panoro, Iowa. Page 166 Aess at FIRST ROW: Ensign Wesf, Fred B., IOD, Asheville, N. C.; 2nd Lt. Cherry, John, IOB, Conway, S. C.; 2nd Lt. Afchison, Louis E., 10C, Bronx, N. Y.; Ensign Duly, James L, 10A, Onowoy, Mich.; Ensign Hill, Eldon J., 108, Dallas, Texas,- Ensign Welfy, Joseph 5., HB, Wenatchee, Wcsh.,- Ensign Hoepf, Harold T., 10C" Tiffin, Ohio; Ensign Smith, Hugh E., HA, Carmel, Calif.; 2nd Lt. McGee, Norman 3., Jr., 10D, Westport, Conn.,- Ensign Wrcxy, John P., 11A, Eugene, Ore.,- Ensign McCole, Joseph P., 10D, New York, N. Y. . . . SECOND ROW: 2nd U. Pashak, John F., HA, Midland, Mich.; Ensign Sfansbury, Edward C., 10A, Charleston, W. Vo.; Ensign Krueger, Thomas H., 10D, Defroif, Mich.; Ensign Leggaf, Hugh M., 9E, Willoughby, Ohio; 2nd Lt. Schwirfz, Benjamin A., HA, Bellevue, Iowa; Ensign FIRST ROW: Ensign Wells, Bradford, 10A, Orleans, Moss.; Ensign Vande Velde, Alben C., 10A, Chicago, Ills.; 2nd Lt. Weber, William E., 118' Cleveland, Ohio; 2nd Lt. Liles, Charles E., HB, Corydon, Ky.; 2nd Lt. Turner, James B., Jr., 10D, LaurinbUrg, N. C.; Ensign Fetters, Robert P., 10D, Toledo, Ohio; EUSiQ" Johnson, lFoyd A., 113, Beaverton, Ore.; 2nd Lt. Pastrikas, Andrew E. 5., 118, San Fran- Clsco' COW; 2nd Lt. Manninger, Warren J., 108, PiHsburg, Kos.; 206' U- McDonald, EIWurd A., lOB, Newton Centre, Moss.; Ensign Hanselmon, Donald F., 9E, Detroit, Mich. SECOND ROW: 2nd Lt. Murphy, Paul 0., 10A, Cleveland, Ohio; Ems" Hooper, Richard C., 108, Philadelphia, Penn.,- Ensign Beckmannc Fred A-, 8' Union, M0-; 2nd Lt. Wilson, Joseph W., 10B, Burlington, N. J.; EnS'Q" Place, Page Sfilson, Jack H., 9D, Colfax, Wash; Ensign Leonard, Edward C., 10C, Pueblo, Colo.,- Ensign Sanderson, Robert T., 10C, Morristown, N. J.; Ensign Hudson, Charles E., Jr., 10C, Cleveland, Tenn.; Ensign Keeler, Lloyd W., 10C, Aberdeen, 5. Dok.; 2nd Lt. Nordman, Edgar K., 10A, Elkhart, Ind.; Ensign Evans, Raymond 0., Jr., 10D, Monroe City, Ind. . THIRD ROW: Ensign Sfralock, Edmund E., 10C, Wells, Minn.,- 2nd Lt. Erickson, William L., 10A, Cronsfon, R. 1.; Ensign Hanlon, Joseph T., 9D, Yonkers, N. Y.,- Ensign Preston, David, 10B, Ludlow, Moss.; 2nd l1. Hammons, Burton D., 10C, Maydelle, Texas; 2nd Lt. Hooper, Donald L, 10C, Lynn, Moss.; 2nd Lt. Doerr, Melvin E., 10D, Portsmouth, Ohio; 2nd Lt. Hadcock, Kenneth G., 10D, Grongeville, Idaho; 2nd Lt. Armstrong, Quentin C., 10A, Pecos, Texas; 2nd Lt. Caler, Charles A., 10A, Geneseo, Kans. A P 11 l L 19 , l 9 4 4 ., I ' , . 7 N' Ronald L, 113, Lansing, Mich,- Ensign Stanton, Donald H., HB, Portland, Ore.,- Ensign Colcagne, Raymond P., 10B, Union Ciiy, N. J.,- 2nd Lt. Lynch: Duane G., 108, Benton Harbor, Mich.; 2nd Lt. Lupe, Laurel L, 108, Hot Sprlngs, Mont; 2nd Lt. Owsley, John A., Albany, Calif.,- Ensign Leary, Charles C! 10C, Chicago, Ills. . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Wailuce, Reveit B., 10D, San Francisco, C0I1f.; Ensign Yetf, Norman 5., 9E, Long Beach, Calif.; 2nd Lf. Frahm, Lyle R., 10A, Detroit, Kans.,- 2nd Lf. Wood, Robert L, 10D, Swansea, Moss; 2nd Lt. Eckard, Winfred W., IOA, Hickory, N. C.,- Ensign Miller, John R., 10C, Cronsfon, R. l.,- Ensign Cook, Paul D., 9E, Tulio, Texas; 2nd Lt. Greene, Rober'r T., 10D, San Jose, Calif.; 2nd Lt. Peck, Richard L, HA, Manson, Wash,- 2nd L1. Lovelace, Robert E., IOB Kansas City, Kans.; 2nd Lt. Martin, John T., IOB, Wilkinsburg, Penn. 169 ma JW'iXmmw. Close up of code'rs enjoying The excellent "Chow" of The Cadet Mess 0T Kingsville Naval Auxiliary Air Station. FIRST ROW: Ensign Smeaton, Cleo C., 10D, Slater, M0,,- Ensign Catching, Marvin R., 10C, Middleton, Ohio; Ensign Jones, Ernest E., 10D, Littlefield, Texas; Ensign Johns, Frank C., 1CD, Hastings, Flo.; Ensign Speciale, Jack F., HA, Campbell, Colif.; Ensign Willefs, Charles R., 10A, Kansas Cify, M0,,- Ensign Davis, Archie E., Jr., 103, Rockway, N. J.; Ensign Balogh, Stephen A., 108, Bridgeport, Conn.; Ensign Morgan, George H., HA, Portland, Ore. . . . SECOND ROW: Falls City, Nebr.; Ensign Dollarhide, Ross, Jr., 108, Burns, Ore.; Ensign Co'le, Carl E., 10A, Kingsport, Tenn.; Ensign Zeigler, Donald R., HA, Defiance, Ohlo; Ensign McCall, Neal C., 10C, Washington, D. C. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Smith, Robert H., 10D, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Jackson, Stanley 6., HB, Oakland, Calif.; Ensign Wilhelm, Anthony F., HA, Toledo, Ohio; Ensign Scheffe, Charles E., 118, Indianapolis, lnd.,- Ensign Knapp, Donald F., HA, Elko, Nev.; Ensign Grant, Ensign Williams, Robert 5., Jr., IOD, Felhom Manor, N. Y.,- Ensign Ridout, John W., Albert F., 10A, Lincoln, Nebr.,- Ensign Gidel, Dale R., HA, Rockwell City, Iowa,- IOD, Pasadena, Calif.; Ensign Simning, Donald H., 10D, Minnesota, Minn.,- Ensign Ensign Kroeger, Frederick P., 9C, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Shiner, Berfrcln F" McNeff, Robert D., HA, Brooklyn lnd.,- Ensign Eick Hoff, Ralph V. E., 10A, 9C, Bethlehem, Penn. Page 168 f A., HE, sign Siler, 10C, Leo nnd, Ora; t L, HA, .; 2nd l1. FB, Indionr Y.; Ensign 1C, Allen, f. Clough, Marine Senfries inspect all cars going Through the North Gate enfronce To The Naval Air Station. FIRST R . . Knowles SW.I2nd Lt. Simons, Robert C., 10C, North Hollywood, Calif.; 2nd U- , arod R., 100, North Hollywood, Calif.,- 2nd Lt. Miller, Arthur I., 100, N ew Canaan, Conn.,- 2nd Lt. Manns, August B., 10D, Baltimore, Md-: 2nd Lt Murzelo - Tancis EVI?EEBM J., 10C, Albany, N, Y, SECOND ROW: 2nd Lt. Kennedy, " , Holyoke, Moss.,- 2nd Lt. Tirey, Frank B., Jr.; 113, WOCO, Texas; Ensign 0 . . ddo, Ph-II-p w., 100, Highland, N. Y.,- 2nd u. Farley, John w,, 11D, Leland, le.; 2nd Lt. Nelson, Joseph A., 10D, Victoria, V0,,- 2nd Lt. Bailey, Kelvin W. A., 108, Dearborn, Mich. . THIRD ROW: Ensign Dickson, James D., 98, Seattle, Wash.; 2nd Lt. Feiss, Stephen W., 10D, Cleveland Heights, Ohio,- 2nd Lt. Truex, Lowell L., 10B, Columbia City, Ind.,- 2nd Lt. Fagun, Robert W., 10C, Holly, Mich,- 2nd Lt. Parnell, Robert L., Jr., 10D, Tampa, Fla; 2nd Lt. Read, Billy J., IOB, Kansas City, Mo,- Ensign Tranter, John W., HB, Troy, N. Y. FIRST ROW: Ensign Dowling, Robert N., HD, Soufh Amboy, N. J.; 2nd L1. Smith, Claude H., 10A, Lewistown, Pct.,- Ensign Senderoff, Arthur, 10D, Brooklyn, N. Y.; 2nd Lt. Luce, Joseph W., 10C, Wotervliet, N. Y.,- 2nd Lt. Hurst, John H., 10C, Perry, GO.; 2nd Lf. Kaye, Clayton E., IOB, Buffalo, N. Y.; 2nd Lt. Anderson, Robert V., 10A, Litchfield, Minn.,- Ensign Erickson, Arfhur K., 108, Riverton, Wyo.; Ensign Jones, Henry G., 10A, Poulfrtey, Vt; Ensign Olson, Delmer G., 10D, Wallace, Idaho; Ensign Stebbings, George D., HB, Wyandoffe, Mich. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Babineau, Joseph F. X., 9E, Fifchburg, Moss.; 2nd Lt. Howard, Jimmie L., HA, Hillhouse, Miss.; Ensign Harrison, Warren E., 10D, Sanford, Hon; Ensign Meleer, Robert C., Jr., 118, Los Angeles, Colif.,- 2nd Lt. Russell, Maurice D., 10C, Northville, N. Y.,- Ensign Kling, Raymond H., 108, Deerfield Beach, Flo.; APRIL 22, 1944 2nd Lt. Clinnin, Walter A., HA, Oak Park, ll!s.; Ensign Rogers, William R., MD, Hunfington Park, Cclif.,- Ensign Tochilin, Slava J., 118, San Francisco, Calif.; 2nd Lt. Nel:on, Donald R., 108, Minneapolis, Minn.; 2nd Lt. Younghans, Harold J., 2nd Lf. Browning, Jack L., HB, Ogden, Utah,- Ensign Nelson, Robert A., HB, Cronsfon, R. L; 2nd Lt. Boylan, William F., 10C, New York, N. Y.; Ensign Siler, Lancer L., 118, Pine City, Wash; 2nd Lt Appleton, William B., Jr., 10C, Leo- minster, Moss. . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Curcio, Frank, 10C, Portland, Ore.; 2nd Lf. Thaxfon, Robert D.. 10A, Florien, L0,; 2nd Lt. Wildman, Robert L, HA, Charleston, W. Va.; 2nd Lt. Squires, Gordon R., 10A, Burlington, Vt,- 2nd Lt. Shuffleton, Paul 5., 10A, Gardner, Moss.; Ensign Smith, Richard L., 108, Indian- apolis, lnd.; 2nd Lt. Welling, Lindsay H., Jr., 10C, Scorsdole, N. Y.; Ensign Dempsey, Walfer F., HD, Pittsburgh, PCL; Ensign Dobbs, Virgil W., HC, Allen, Okla,- Ensign Mauk, Clarence C., Jr., 12A, Breckenridge, Okla,- 2nd Lt. Clough, Donald N., 10D, Hempstead, N. Y. 10C, St. Paul, Minn; 2nd Lt. Klockzien, Vincent H., 108, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign RGS'mOVICh, John 5., 10A, Nashua, N. H.,- Ensign Miller, James 3., HD, DOWO"! OhIO; 2nd Lt. Cohen, Harris C., HC, Los Angeles, Calif. Page 170 WWW NW VWW x MW me FRONT ROW: 2nd Lt. Gustafson, Warren H., 10C, Brookfield, le.,- Ensign Easley, Sidney M., 10D, Milledgeville, GCL; Ensign Keller, Robert V., HD, Decatur, Iowa; Ensign Hegg, William W., 115, Sedro-Woolley, Wash,- Ensign Kelly, Donald W., HB, Chicago, Hls.; Ensign Roesener, Herbert W., HB, Long Beach, Calif.; Ensign Kleder, John E., HA, Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign Peters, Harold W., 10C, Toledo, Ohio; Ensign Jensen, Hans L., 118, Sandy, Ufoh; Ensign Kesferke, Gordon W., HB, Berrion Springs, Mich. . . SECOND ROW: 2nd Lt. Western, George T., HA, Marshall, Texas,- Ensign Section, Robert P., 113, Edgewood, R. 1,,- Ensign Walker, Wilfred J., Jr., 118, lslingfon, Moss; Ensign Stirling, Charles 0., www W FIRST ROW: Ensign Fonville, Amon, HC, Salinas, Calif.; Ensign McAlpine, R055 5-, Jr., HA, Houston, Texas; Ensign Howell, Chester C., Jr., 118, Alameda, COM; 5199" Lovelf, Grant E., Jr., 10D, San Benito, Texas; Ensign COOPer: M' Jay, HA' DOHOSI Texas,- Ensign Malouf, Albert C., 118, San Francisco, Calif.; Ensign Casey, EdWin 5., HB, El Paso, Texas,- Ensign Robertson, James A., HQ, Charles- ton, Ark; Ensign Weber, Earl J., 118, Lodd, Ills.; Ensign Victor, Joseph N., 100 Merrick L. I., N. Y. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Moxley, Byron 5., HB, Charleston, M07 Ensign Oburn, Kennefh C., 113, Oakland, Calif.; Ensign Erickson, Dellin A., ' long, 'dOhO; Ensign Taylor, Glynn, 10D, Pleosonton, Texas; EHSiQ" TOW'eI mmw rwmmw MW WNWWWW; 8D, Tacoma, Wash; Ensign Osborn, Charles L, MD, Wichita, Kons.; Ensign Hooker, Franklin, 10D, Grand Rapids, Mich.,- Ensign Johnson, Lesier T., HE, Wonomingo, Minn,- Ensign Powell, Keith B., 118, Broodus, Mont,- Ensign Ruttger, Max J., Jr., HA, Broinerd, Minn. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Healy, Martin V., HB, Springfield, Ohio; Ensign Hansen, Bccron L, HB, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Smith, George F., HB, Audubon, N. J.,- Ensign Vergiels, Robert T., HC, Temperance, Mich.; Ensign Gardner, Keith, HA, Spanish Fork, Utah; Ensign Martin, Robert E., 10D, San Fran- cisco, Calif.; Ensign Hales, Joseph A., 1D, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Trimble, James A., 108, Cape Girardeau, M04; 2nd Lt. Mackay, Neil 8., HD, Yermo, Calif.; 2nd Lt. McNeHis, James P., HA, Chicago, Ills. 26, Wallace R., HB, Albany, N. Y.; Ensign McElroy, Joseph, 11B, Dollcgsc Texas,- Ensign Lynn, Arfhur D., Jr., HA, Kansas City, Mo.,- Ensign Fisher, William M., HA, Columbus, Ohio,- Ensign Demopoulos, Casidine, 9E, Hometown, Tomaqua, Penn. . THIRD ROW: Ensign Trotter, Thomas Y., 98, Olympia, Wash; Ensugn Smith, Allen E., HC, Indianapolis, Ind.; Ensign Strong, Richard L., 10C, Los Ensign Schulz, Alfred F., HC, Alton, Ills.; Ensign Heard, Henry W., 103, Oak Park, Ills.,- Ensign Nyhof, Henderikus, IOB, Coupeville, Wash; Ensngn Hurwifz, Donald M., 10C, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Maddox, Jamgs C., 108., Yakima, Wash,- Ensign Hedsfrom, Bruce A., HB, Kansas City, Kans.; Ensngn Bobanu, Solomon J., 103, Portland, Ore. Angeles, Calif.; Page 173 Xx, ,, I I$ x4 Xx 12wa xwwfxyy o x? 2 av: I x15? . I Is: a 4 6 ,a II I .I 4:, I II Vps I , ,I X The "Bronze STor" from Rear Admiral C. P. Mason. LT. Colonel J. W. Supp, Jr., Officer in Charge, Aviation Cadet Regimen? receives w'wr'w", Mr 4x x L L :I G xNIVAWWIII, , IX? x x, . II I II , I 1944 APRIL 26, b3 7 $$fzak$ $222.: 32.: . i; I. 'I 2nd Lt. Murphy, John J Y.; N idthum, Morgan L Mount Vernon, M I 118 Ens Augusto V., Voluntown, Manomello, HB I iel Oh Federsp Ign Ens' HA Ensign Schne Mich Emery R i DeTro ifh I IOD : Ensign Kutz, Robert, Ind.,- Ens 12A FIRST ROW Robert P., 12C, Fort Wayne Ensign Carruth, Edwin M., I IS. Ign in Rapids, W iscons W I 10C Moss. Ign Ii Conn Albert F I IO; Rossford, ider, Elle, 10C, Ens l 'I Sm , Fort Worth ign Thompson, Donald W HD, Chulo, Go Ign I Ens Sigurd, Jr., 10C 1., N. Y.; 2nd Lt. McKay, Ensign Truman, George H., 10D, Cranston, Edward 8., 10A, Bluefield, W. Va.; 2nd Lt. Feeberg, James M., 2nd Lt. Jones, Charles A., 108, Greencastle, lnd.; Ensign THIRD ROW Middleboro, HB, Yonkers 'l Jr 10C ign Foy, John D 'I . Soule, 2nd Lt Henry 0., Ensign ilodelph Texas; I I I N. Y.; Ensign Halluger, 10C, N.ospefh, L l Greenhogen, David F., Scorsdcle I IS. W Ph Ign inderoker infonv Augusta CI Robert H Goodlond I HD '1 Carroll Ens I Carlyle, llls. Childs, Wallace C Ens I 12A 'l 1' ton, Alon. I S N. Y.; Ens 10C, Ann Douglas, Thomas H., Jr., R.I 10, I Gamberf , Arden O Kans - Mayer, Herbert P Woodland, M Kas.; H I I I HD .; Ensign Glenn L 'I ign Cowperthwuite, I Penn. I Frank M., 1 1C VO.; 2nd Lt. Jackson, 10C, Norfolk, -I , Mich Royall A., Jr., .; Ensign 128, Defroi Griggs, Ign Ens ., I I B, 2nd Lt. 'l I I : 2nd Lt ., HA Mass.,- Ensign Lawrence G SECOND ROW Alley, Jenks, Edwin Hamilton, HC, Wellesley, , Portland, Ore. 128, Minneapolis, Minn; 2nd Lt .,HB Frank E Rutledge, Penn. '1 ISS I NC -I Thomas H I 2nd Lt. Streeter I Richmond Hill, N. Y. John 0., sign Hein, Ills. . . . Flannigun, Colorado n Dutting, illiamston, s, John T., 10; Ensign A view of Captain's Personnel Inspection with 0 Beech craft in the fore- ground of Rodd Field. FRONT ROW: Ensign Martin, John M., Jr., HA, Deer River, Minn.; Ensign Ford, Rom G" 10A, Chicago, Ills.,- Ensign Bartz, Wayne, HA, Los Angeles, Colnf.; Ensiign Peel, Philip 8., HA, Clifton Heights, Penn.,- Ensign Sheehan, John M., HA, lcogol "lS-; Ensign Denton, Wayne 8., 9D, El Monte, Calif.; Ensign Schul.z, P?" L" HC, Sfevensville, Mich.; 2nd Lt. Playman, Gordon B., 108, Minneapolis, Mlnnw; EnSiQ" Walther, Henry J., 108, Newark, N. J.,- Ensign Johnson, Alfred.K., C' MinneoPolis, Minn.,- 2nd Lt. McCarthy, Daniel J., IOA, Grand Rapids, Mulch. ' . ' SECOND ROW: Ensign Marion, Albert J., HA, New Orleans, La.; Ensngn Ear91ey, William C, HA, Seattle, Wash.; Ensign Reynolds, Charles'Wq HA, Covma, C01m; Ensign Jordahl, Merle 3., 10C, Dawson, Minn.; Enslgn Sab'el, Orles J" 10C, Evansville, lnd.,- Ensign Towt, Charles K" 115: L05 Angeles, Calm,- Ensign Erdahl, Philip A., 10D, Long Beach, Calif.; Ensign Sauthoff, Mervin IA., 10D, Burbank, Colif.; Ensign McClenahon, George R., HC, Decatur, llnfi.; Ensugn Howard, Russell, 10D, New England, N. Dak.,- 2nd Lt. Javoronok, Wlllle, HD, Hoverford, Penn.; 2nd Lt. Kring, James E., HD, Los Angeles, Ceilif. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Crow, Murphy, 10A,, Marion, L0,; Ensign Somerwlle, Thomas R., 93, Pasadena, Calif.,- Ensign Lundquisf, Toy H. J., NE, Seattle, Wosh.,- 2nd Lt. Russell, 5. L, 10D, New Orleans, La.; Ensign McLynn, G. F., 108, Portlgnd, Ore.; Ensign Swetf, R. E., 10D, Everett, Moss.,- Ensign Hones, R. 8., 103, Ashevnlle, N: C.,- Ensign Monk, W. J., 108, Anaconda, Mont,- Ensign J'elle, D. A., 128, Grygla, an.; Ensign Hudgins, T. F., Jr., HC, Tulsa, Okla; EnSIgn Rebman, W. L., IOD, Bear Creek, Wis.,- 2nd Lt. Jahnson, D. LeV., IOD, Broinerd, Minn, Page 175 "3R "rwciinEgZ""i . xxv9mw FIRST ROW: Ensign Brougham, Robert 8., 118, Seattle, Wash.; Ensign Rudy, Thomas P., HA, Oak Park, Ills.; Ensign Hessey, Marcus J., MD, Niles, Mich.,- Ensign Wrenfmore, Walter J., Jr., 9D, Clevelonl, Ohio; Ensign Krepelka, Jerry, 10C, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign Korff, Robert W., 9E, Lockporf, N. Y.,- Ensign Kindf, Richard J., 10C, Chicago, llls.,- Ensign Sanders, Bernie Roy, HA, Horlingfon, Texas,- Ensign Assmann, Norman F., HB, Mt. Pleasant, Mich. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Lange, William H., HA, Indianapolis, Ind.; 2nd Lt. Schoenbacher, Ray- mond '0, 10C,, Oak Park, Ills.,- 2nd Lt. Koontz, David L, HA, Henderson, Nev.,- Ensign Bane, George A., 118, Dana, Ills.; Ensign Kraus, Robert M., 10C, Portland, APRIL 29, 1944 FIRST ROW: Ensign Joyce, Martin J., 10A, Ensign Larkin, Rober? Yeannopoulos, Constantine, 10D, Springfield, Mass.; Ensign Boston, Moss.; Ensign Terrien, George, 10D, Nashua, N. H.; J., 10A, Brockton, Mass.,- Ensign Grove, Gerald R., 118, Tribune, Kos.,- Ensign Griffin, Mitchell C., HB, El Coion, Calif.; Ensign Pond, Harold K., HD, San Jose, Calif.; Ensign Schoener, Albert 0., 12A, Roslindale, Moss.; Ensign Fellenbaum, Francis H., HB, University Heights, Ohio,- Ensign Peeples, Max H., 113, Pontiac, Mich. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Levy, Abie, 9E, Jackson, Miss.; Ensign Hiser, Elwin Leroy, HB, Brodner, Ohio,- Ensign Hertz, Richard F., 9E, Lo: Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Schnobrich, Forrest E., 10A, New Ulm, Minn.; Ensign Walker, William C., HA, Washington, D. C.,- Ensign McGarvey, James F., Jr., , wnw WANWMC Ore.,- Ensign Brokken, Jack R., HA, Harmony, Minn.; Ensign Phillips, John G., 10D, Norfolk, Va.; Ensign Spiess, Morlris K., 10D, Hayfield, Minn.,- Ensign Hein, Calvin, HA, Milwaukee, Wis.,- 2nd Lt. Steele, Jack, HA, Havana, Ills. . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Clyde, Den'ron P., 11A, Maywood, Ills.,- 2nd Lt. Flannigan, Thomas E., 10D, Santa Monica, Calif.; Ensign Klinker, Everett L., 10C, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Ensign Sweeney, Patrick D., 10D, Eagle Rock, Calif.,- Ensign Duiting, Robert E., HB, Winchester, Mass.; Ensign Ballard, William E., 9E, Williamston, N. C.; Ensign Smiley, George J., 10C, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Commons, John T., 103, Elizabeth, N. J.,- 2nd Lt. Chervenic, Clayton E., 10C, Akron, Ohio; Ensign Weddle, Rollo H., HD, Kansas City, K05. Wawmg: Wwwmwwym ,5 MD, Chicago, llls.,- Ensign Woock, Robert, 118, Port Orchard, Wosh.; Ensign Cramford, Stanley R., 118, Fromingham, Moss.; Ensign Scott, Kenneth W., 10D, Pine Hill, N. J.; Ensign Crawford, William W., 118, San Diego, Calif.; Ensign Hazard, Nelson L, 10C, Alfomonf, N. Y. THIRD ROW: Ensign Israelsen, Lyle E., HA, North Logan, Utah; Ensign Sutherland, William P., 103, MGFHNIS Ferry, Ohio; Ensign Jensen, Charles W., 11B, Mesa, Ariz.; Ensign Mansfield: Richard W., 10C, Hamburg, Iowa; Ensign Schmalz, Kenneth A. H., 10D, Bostonio, Calif.; Ensign Henderson, Charles 0., 10C, Fort Collins, Colo.; Ensign Meyers, Robert N., 100, Colfax, Wash; Ensign Powelle, Siergel X., 11C, New London, Conn.,- Ensign McMinn, John A., 10C, Asheville, N. C.; Ensign Richardson, Dean H., HC, Seattle, Wash. Page 174 N FIRST ROW: Ensign Cambell, Carl T., HE, Kansas City, Mo.,- Ensign McCormick, Edward C., 10D, Latrobe, Penn.; 2nd Lt. Roberts, Norman V., 9A, Tusla, Oklo.; 2nd Lt. Harris, William 5., 10C, Paris, Ark.,- Ensign Lindsley, Kirby J., Jr., HA, New Orleans, L0,,- Ensign Albrecht, Keith F., HC, Lake Elmo, Minn.; Ensign Kearns, William E., 108, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Hayes, Paul M., 10C, Asbury Park, N. J.; Ensign Hinschbergher, Lee L, HA, Fargo, N. Dok.; Ensign Christie, Ross C., HB, Detroit, Mich. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Mills, Edgar L., Jr., HC, Tacoma, Wash.; Ensign Dillon, Clifford J., 10A, Topeka, Kans.; Ensign Hunt, Bruce H., HB, Topeka, Kons.; Ensign Kirby, Donald C., 9D, Oakland, Colif.; ; Z . KWmWXXv, W gnwwww Mg. me xx xx mewm. FIRST ROW: Ensign DeBenedictis, Donald E., 108, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Po-"PPinf, Neil R., HA, Pipen, Kons.; Ensign Slabaugh, Howard A., IOD, Saginaw, Mlch'; Ensign Modansky, Aaron, 128, Brooklyn, N. Y.,- Ensign Gillespie, Joseph, 193' San Diego, Colif.,- Ensign Smith, Joseph, HC, Philadelphia, Penn.; Ensign Blunti' George, 118, Worcesrer, Moss.; Ensign Jones, John J., 10C, Yonkers, N. Y.,- Ensign Emery, Harold W., 118, Lynn, Mass.; Ensign Krifz, Joseph F., 113, Heming- ford, Nebr. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Garmer, William H., Jr., 10C, Biltmore, 3i; EnSign Eaholfz, Galen M., HC, Baden, Penn.; Ensign Johnson, JOhn 5-: 9E1 Hon, V0-; Ensign Runnels, William J., HA, Mcndeville, La.; Ensign Smith, Ensign Hunt, Leslie L, HD,, Springfield, Mo.; Ensign Seeberg, Donald W., 10D, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Walker, John A., 9C, Greenwood, S. C.; Ensign Llloyd, Evan M., 'l'lC, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Krupp, Leo, HB, Toledo, Ohio . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Conyers, William H., HA, New Orleans, L0,; Ensign Clayion, Oramel l., HB, Gregory, S. Dak.,- Ensign Miner, Dennis L, 11C, Woodhull, Ills.,- Ensign Richter, Howard W., Jr., MD, Glendale, Calif.; Ensign Maddox, William J., HD, Kettle Falls, Wash.,- Ensign Brown, Joe F., 10B, New Madison, Ohio; Ensign Crandall, Nelson 8., 10D, Syracuse, N. Y.,- Ensign Ellis, William D., 9C, Perry, Iowa; Ensign Goodwin, Lyle M., 10C, Hershey, Nebr.; Ensign Cline, Chesier LaV., 11B, Centerville, Iowa. James D., IOB, Big Spring, Texos; Ensign Whiteside, Johnth HA, Alpin.e,.Texos; Ensign Jones, Robert D., HB, Bergen Field, N. J.; EnSIgn Deller, William J., 118, Eugene, Ore.; Ensign Brass, Gerola A., 10D, Sargent, Nebr. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Burris, Boyd, Jr., HB, Dallas, Texas,- Ensngn Doherfyf Howard F., HA, Killdeer, N. Dok.; Ensign Langston, Gene C., MD, Hutchinson, Kans.; Ensign Barry, William F., 12C, Evonsfon, Ills.; Ensign Cory, Gny E., Jr., 11A, South Bend, Incl.; Ensign Humphries, George E., 10A, Jocksonvnlle, HCL; Ensngn Wickham, Charles 0., HA, Monrovia, Cclif.; Ensign Wehr, John C., 9E, Lehighton, Penn.; Ensign Bilboo, Paul, 10D, Portland, Ore.,- Ensign Patton, Harry W., 11C, Seattle, Wash. Page 177 wwyw WWW," WWW ,m 4 4 Va$ aw'yw4V4 $V Ayw 7944x434 4 x,wx $$4s 44 4 4 NW 4L 4$4N4$Z4x 4$4 44$4s4$4$4 x4 4 ngWm '444 4x4wava 4, xx 4$ 444x qu Mm Va 4$4 , $Q$z A 14 4 , wwwa , ?VmQQkEV? 4 x 4,44 Vi ,K QVAVVA $?AKV pa 4x444 4. 7- i774 4uw44s4$ 4v 4' I g, 4 $ S - 3 o k 43x 9MM$X7J w7 m4m MWMVA x , , A AW .74 74 4 .i344w x 4w FIRST ROW: 2nd Lt. Bradhom, Lewis L., 10D, Sum1er, S. C; 2nd Lt. Hartline, Robert E., HB, Reading, Penn.; 2nd Lt. Kellor, Henry W., HC, Albert Lea, Minn.; Ensign Crawford, Joseph F., 9E, Wichifo Kols.,- Ensign Geyer, Paul E., 118, St. Louis Park, Minn.,- Ensign Elliott, John E., 98, Renfon, W05h.; 2nd Lt. Burns, John R., 10D, Philadelphia, Penn.; 2nd Lt. Lupushansky, Chester M., HA, Cleve- land, Ohio . . . SECOND ROW: 2nd Lt. Davidson, Nuihan E., HA, Dyer, Tenn.; 2nd U. Stevenson, Leland K., HA, Knoxville, Iowa; 2nd Lt. Wood, Wallace N., I28, Greenville, Alo.,- 2nd Lf. Smith, Francis B., Jr., 12A, Big Springs, Texas,- 4x744 Cadet Mel Taylor survived a plane crash and is now seen wearing o placard signifying how he escaped without injury. ,,-..Www .. 4 W wa , 2nd Lt. Browne, John, HA, ST. Louis, N.o.; 2nd Lt. Cox, George R., HA, Maryvillel Tenn.; Ensign Jeffrey, Richard A., HA, Sandusky, Ohio . . . THIRD ROW: 2Hd U- Connelly, Roy, 10D, Berger, Texas,- 2nd Lt. Kumps, Clarence M., 11C, Ripon, Colif.; Ensign DePaul, Raymond, HB Philadelphia, Penn.; 2nd Lt. Duggan, Joseph F., 9D, Milton, Moss.; 2nd Lt. Gostovny, John 1., 10A, Cliffside Park, N. J.,- 2nd U. Henry, Charles M.,, 10A, Greeley Colo.; 2nd Lt. Bloomfield Glenn E., HA, Cedar Falls, Iowa; Ensign Shepherd, Robert 0., 10C, Rothdrum, Idaho; 2nd Lt. Blending, Dale 5., HB, ST. Johns, Mich. Page 176 Captain L. F. Farrell, Commander Wossel and Captain V. R. Thomas are pictured after 0 talk given by Commander Wossel To Naval Personnel. Ax FIRST ROW: Ensign Morell, Leroy M., HA, Greenfield, Moss.; Ensign Leslie, Jean L, 10D, Due West, 5. C.,- Ensign Holes, Bernard, Jr., 10D, Hunter, N. Dok.; Ensign Queen, William A., Jr., HA, Kansas City, Mo.; 2nd Lt. Jerominski, Paul E., IOB, Wilmington, Dela,- 2nd Lt. Newharf, William 3., HA, Terre Haute, Ind.,- Ensign Atkinson, Kenneth D., 10D, Boulder, Colo.,- Ensign Murphy, George C., 10C, Buffalo, N. Y.; Ensign Murkell, John, Jr., 12C, New York, N. Y.,- Ensign Snarenberger, John A., 12A, Minneapolis, Minn. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Spain, Russell W., HC, Philadelphia, Penn.,- Ensign Slater, Charles A., HB, Brookline, Del. C0,, Penn.,- Ensign Stokps, John E., Jr., 108, Rocky River, Ohio; Ensign Keyes, Judson E., Jr., 10C, Salem, Ills.; Ensign Noah, Burton N., NE, St. Paul, Minn.; Ensign Schouboe, Richard M., HC, Beaverton, Ore.; Ensign Edson, Sanford E., MD, Fordlond, Mo.,- Ensign Boyer, William E., MD, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Hoagland, Donald W., 123, Summit, N. J. . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Marks, Mortimer J. 5., HD, Queens Village, N. Y.,- 2nd U. Roche, William E., MD, Pontiac, Mich.; Ensign Berry, John M., MD, Kansas City, Kons.; 2nd Lt. Cupps, Cecil Q., HC, Hobart, Okla; Ensign Cross, Charles W., HB, Choriton, Iowa,- 2nd Lt. Knapp, William 0., 12A, Seattle, Wash,- Ensign Kelley, Warren F., 128, Yonkers, N. Y.; 2nd Lt. Boone, William T., 128, Great Neck, L. I., N. Y.,- 2nd Lt. Boone, Olin P., 128, Boyside, N. Y.; 2nd Lt. Taylor, Kenneth L., 12A, Nokomis, Ills. Page 179 FIRST ROW: Ensign Gallemore, James C., MD, Wellingtons, Kons.,- 2nd Lt. Wessel, Edgar L, 10A, Kansas City, Kans.,- Ensign Wood, Harold D., 10D, Syracuse, N. Y.; 2nd Lt. Tehaney, John D., HA, San Francisco, Calif.; Ensign Ramirez, Armand, 10D, New York, N. Y.; 2nd Lt. Lennox, Richard H., 108, Dearborn, Mich.; Ensign Krueger, Gerald J., 9C, Mound, Minn.,- 2nd Lt. Gutshall, Dale, 10D, Cobool, Mo. . . . SECOND ROW: 2nd Lt. Farrand, Kenneth M., 10C, Independence, Mo.,- Ensign Kope, Frank A., 10D, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; 2nd Lf. Winnell, Hugh D., HA, Petoskey, Mich.; Ensign Morriss, Rex 6., HD, Topeka, Kans.; 2nd Lt. $tehle, 1944 FIRST ROW: 2nd LT. Stebbins, Merle H., 9D, Atlantic City N. J.,- Ensign Biedermann, John L., Jr., IOB, Beverly Hills, Calif.; Ensign Lewis, William A., 9E, South Charleston, W. Va.,- Ensign prisch, Louis A., 103, Homilfon, Ohio; Ensign Wagenhauser, John F., 10D, Dallas, Texas,- Ensign Hariland, William, 9C, Scranton Penn.,- Ensign Fowler, Wesley E., Jr., 10C, Syracuse, N. Y.; Ensign Kumme'rz: Norman V., 10A, Columbus, Nebr.,- Ensign Adams, Wesley H., 10C, Columbus Ohio; 2nd Lt. Shevlin, Eugene P., 10C, Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Smith, Joseph V., 10A, Springfield, Mo.; 2nd Lt. Ross, Malcolm K. Jr. IOD, Washington, D. C.; Ensign Blade, Dale 0., HA, Cameron, Ills.,- Ensign Nlolenl Harry L., IOD, Liverpool, Texas; . . . Ensign Gallagher, Paul M., 10B, Brighton: James A., 9D, Chicago, Ills.,- Ensign Goodwin, Benjamin V., 10C, Wyncote, Penn.; 2nd Lt. Bianchi, Rocco D., 10D, Revere, Moss.; Ensign Stretcher, Philip C., 10C, Hillsboro, Ore.; 2nd Lt. Burlaug, Harvey 3., 12C, Minneapolis, Minn. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Komar, Sfeven, 9E, Woonsockef, R. 1.,- 2nd Lt. Larson, Wendell M., 118, Sorotogo, Iowa; Ensign Swanson, Burton E., 11B, Brookfield, llls.,- 2nd Lt. Adams, Stanley E., 11C, Portland, Ore.,- Ensign Greene, Francis W., 123, Norfolk, Vo.; 2nd H. Wood, Fred H., 128, Indianapolis, Ind.; Ensign Mohr, Gordon M., 10D, Duluth, Minn.,- 2nd Lt. Smock, Kenneth J., 8D, Indianapolis, Ind. Mass.; Ensign McLaughlin, George W., Jr., 103, Jamaica Plain, Moss.; Ensign Castiglia, Robert M., IOD, Tuckahoe, N. Y.; Ensign Pugh, George F., Jr., 10A, Foirmonf, W. Va.; Ensign Henlein, Elmer F., 10C, Pittsburgh, Penn. . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Bell, Charles J., HC, Beverly Hills, Calif.; Ensign Winn, Tom, Jru HC, Dallas, Texas,- Ensign McNeal, Esca H., Jr., MD, Pasadena, Texas; Ensign Cooke, Emmett M., Jr., 12A, Georgetown, Texas; Ensign LaGue, Thomas L, HC, Kansas City, Mo.,- Ensign Griffin, William L., 10C, El Dorado Springs, Mo.; 2nd Lt. Klein, Douglas 8., 10D, Smith Town Branch, N. Y.; Ensign Cotton, Charles C., Jr., 118, Minneapolis, Minn.,- Ensign Harter, Leon L, HA, OFallen, llls.; 2nd U- Hermann, Frederick H., 103, Melrose, Mass. Page 178 FIRST ROW: Ensign Klotzman, Alien M., HB, Fort Worth, iexos; Ensign Brown, Roy E., HA, Winfield, Kans.; Ensign Olson, William D., HB, Hobart, lnd.; Ensign Helms, Joseph D., 12A, Houston, Texas,- Ensign Henderson, Bryce R., 118, Blair, Okla,- Ensign Peterson, Harlie A., 113, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Johnson, Harold L, 10C, Efowoh, Tenn.,- Ensign McClellan, Homer 5., 9C, Costa Mesa, Calif.,- Ensign Telin, Jerome F., HC, Piffsburgh, Penn.,- Ensign Rains, James 3., HA, Jonesboro, Ark. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Hoffsommer, Kay P., 10A, Philadelphia, Penn.,- Ensign Duffin, Raymond P., 10D, Los Angeles, Calif.,- Ensign Bodemann, Donald E., 10C, Denver, Colo.,- Ensign Adams, Duane K., IOD, Wmm , Ma W$hVWO! FIRST ROW: Ensign Vincent, Melvin J., 118, Seattle, Wash,- Ensign Kindred, Joshun E., Jr., 12A, Smifhville, Mo.,- Ensign Davis, Stewart J., 118, Portland, Ore.,- E"5i9n Haas, George G., HB, San Anselmo, Colif.; Ensign Muller, Walter L, 12A, Seattle, Wash.; Ensign Reid, Robert W., 12A, Newberg, Ore.,- Ensign Nelson, Homer A., 12C, Lubbock, Texas; Ensign Lingenfelfer, Francis M., HA, Seattle, Wash.; Ensign Klein, Donald H., 118, Seattle, Wash; Ensign Klein, Neil J., 12A, St. Joseph, Mo. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Nicholson, Donald W., HB, Peshastin, Wosh.; Ensign Leathers, Kenneih R., 11C, Warren, Ohio,- Ensign Hersh, Wayne F., 113, Kansas City, M0,,- Ensign Holmes, Neil F., 118, Superior, Wis.; Ensign Stevens, Forgo, N. Dok.; Ensign Fraser, Herbert W., 10C, Swanhmore, Fenn.; Ensign Allen, William W., IIB, Alameda, Calif.; Ensign Shuughnessy, John, HC, San Francisco, Calif.; 2nd Lt. Allen, George E., HA, Walton, N. Y.,- Ensign Adams, Robert H., 10D, Houston, Texas . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Ray, Floyd D., 93, Norfolk, Nebr.; Ensign Price, John L., 12A, Foirland, Okla; Ensign Harrold, lyndon D., HA, Groni're City, llls.; Ensign Urbanski, John, 113, De Pue, Ills.; Ensign' Kuenzie, Francis K., 11D, Watertown, Wis.; 2nd Lt. Thomas, Myron E., Jr., HB, Modesfo, Calif.; Ensign Rutledge, William T., HA, Booneville, Miss.,- Ensign Cook, Milfon J., 10C, New Orleans, LCL; 2nd Lt. Purvis, James R., HA, Pelahatchie, Miss.,- Ensign Scouler, Allen 3., 113, Berkeley, Calif. 1 ll , l 9 4 MAY "waw a Wesley H., HA, Detroit, Mich; Ensign Vest, Hcvwrd T., 12D, Joplin, Mo.; Ensign Groves, Albert T., HA, Dallas, Texas; Ensign Giegerich, Arthur N., 10C, Totten- ville, S. I., N. Y.; Ensign Richmond, William 5., 12A, Anocortes, Wash. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Schufer, Charles F., 9E, Westville, N. J.; Ensign Ohm, Victor W., HA, Worden, Ills.; Ensign Bowen, Marion L, 10D,, Waco, Texas; 2nd Lt. Nolan, Keith D., HC, Seattle, Wash.; 2nd Lt. McGrath, John F., 10D, Troy, N. Y.,- 2nd Lt. Knudson, LaMar A., 10D, Murray, Utah; Ensign Mitchell, Robert W., HB, Columbia, Mo.; Ensign Burke, Jerome A., 108, Pekin, N. Dok.; Ensign Willett, Francis M., Jr., MD, Wharton, N. J.; 2nd Lt. Kazorski, Stanley K., 11C, Pittsburgh, Penn. Page 181 ,ILummx -..v.-V.;.,-.r.'n,-,,'- m1, w, 1an. l .. FIRST ROW: 2nd Lt. Brunck, Robert P., 11B, Cincinnati, Ohio,- 2nd Lt. Smith, Floyd, HA, Richmond, Colif.; Ensign Hansen, Cedric M., HA, Nushwauk, Minn.; Ensign Pierce, Clifford C., HA, Los Altos, Colif.,- Ensign Millpointer, Frank J., HD, Oconomowac, Wis.; Ensign Robinson, Richard G., HA, Seattle, Wash; Ensign Walker, Kenneth K., 118, Detroit, Mich,- Ensign Rickman, James M., HA, Santa Rosa, Colif.,- Ensign Key, Eugene, 12A, Indianapolis, Ind.; Ensign Wine- miller, Dexter E., HC, Ookfown, Ind. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Thomas, Jack 5., 11C, Portland, Ore.,- 2nd Lt. Bunyea, Edwin 0., HA, Chicago, Ills.,- Ensign Thompson, John 8., HC, Colfax, Wash.; Ensign Robinson, Robert L, HA, Berrien Rear Admiral C. P. Mason presents Captain R. F. Ramsey, Marine Liaison Officer, Aviation Cadet Regiment, with The "Air Medal." xx Springs, Mich.,- Ensign Lemley, Leonard A., HB, Oakland, Calif.,- Ensign Seeman, Clifford E., 11c, Canton, Ohio; Ensign Forsyth, James A., HA, Long Beach, Calif.; Ensign Davis, Bennie B., Jr., 10D, Savannah, 60.,- Ensign Edwards, Donald F., 113, Morristown, Minn. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Easterbrook, Richard W., 113, Dudley, Moss.,- 2nd Lt. Slatfery, William M., HA, Seattle, Wash.; 2nd Lt. Street, Kenneth, Jr., HA, Berkeley, Colli; 2nd Lt. Heinle, Donovan R., 10C, Argenfa, llls.; Ensign Jinushi, Earl E., 118, Forest Hills, N. Y.; Ensign Rudd, Todd D-I HA, Rochester, N. Y.; Ensign Neuberg, Kenneth W., 118, Cleveland, Ohio,- Ensign Kiffer, George w., 11c, Pittsburgh, Po.,- 2nd Lt. White, Robert H., HC, Grand Prairie, Texas; Ensign Pavicic, Fred 3., HC, Kansas City, Kans. Page 180 , Moss.,- ard H., . THIRD Hansen, Rapids, t. Hein, l, Minn.; M: WA, A view of Cadet graduation exercises with coders standing in line waiting C"'"""' To receive Their designations os Naval Aviators. Officers and guests of- fend The exercises in front of The Cadet Regimental Headquarters. Donald, James R., 10A, Nashville, Tenn.,- 2nd Lt. Waterman, Charles 0., Jr., HA, Davenport, Iowa,- Ensign Lunaas, Peter E., HB, Noonk, Conn.; 2nd Lt. Lumsens, Oscar R., 10C, Detroit, Mich,- Ensign Abernuth, Fred R., 10C, Sfillwofer, Oklp.; 2nd Lt. Gabriel, Alfred, 10D, Bedford, Ohio; Ensign Goederf, Francis, 10D, Oak Ills. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Nelson, Milton R., 10D, Logan, Utah; 2nd Lf. Loux, Robert R., HA, Bemidii, Minn; Ensign Pingrey, Donald W., 118, Yakima, Wosh.; 2nd Lt. Sigwalcl, Clyde F., 10B, Charleston, 5. C.; Ensign Simpson, Taylor C., 9A, 31. Louis, Mo.; 2nd Lt. Hayden, Victor M., 9E, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Seligman, Norman, 9C, Chicago, llls.,- 2nd Lt. Kaufman, Jerome 5., HA, Brooklyn, N. Y.,- Ensign Bell, William 8., 10C, Louisville, Ky. FIRST ROW: Ensign Suhadolnik, Stephen, 10D, Frosser, Wash; 2nd Lt. Shelton, Lawrence B., 10D, Ellensberg, Wash,- Ensign Lafhum, Wallace L., 9A, STinoTer, Oklo.; 2nd Lt. Slay, Roterf 0., NC, Fort Worth, Texas,- Ensign Greaves, Walker R., 10A, Ridley Pork, Penn.; 2nd Lt. Renning, Arthur C., HC, choka, 5. Dok.; Ensign Hendricks, Robert V., HA, Detroit, Mich.,- 2nd Lt. Canada, Francis R., Pork, 93, Anderson, Ind.,- Ensign Waison, Edward A., 108, Elsinore, Calif.; 2nd Lt. Hunter, Hurry, Jr., 100, Burbank, Calif.; Ensign Carter, Harold L, 108, Hope, Ind. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Walker, John F., 10D, Springfield, Mo.; 2nd Lt. Howes, George 3., 9C, Pasadena, Calif.; Ensign Ahern, Orvin E., Jr., 12A, Portland, Ore.,- 2nd Lf. Lusseter, Edward, Jr., 10C, Springfield, Ills.; Ensign Mc- Page 183 , ,NkwaA ,, ,0 w FIRST ROW: Ensign Bangiolo, Lawrence V., 10B, Virginia, Ills.; Ensign Thompson, Donald L., MD, Aurora, Ills.,- Ensign Seibel, Reynold, 12A, Windsor, Colo.; Ensign Wrobel, Robert A., 10D, Nutley, N. J.,- Ensign Rockhill, Paul L., HA, Birmingham, Ala.; Ensign Rosemond, Robert L., 10C, Hillsboro, N. C.,- Ensign Brewiff, Richard P., 118, Tacoma, Wash; Ensign Bertschi, Reune W., 12C, Mankoto, Minn.; Ensign Johnson, Stuart C., 12B, St. Paul, Minn.; Ensign Mendrick, Donald D., HA, Elmira, N. Y. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Brodeur, Dennis H., 118, Detroit, Mich; Ensign Christy, William W., HA, New Orleans, Lo.,- Ensign Sfevens, Harold W., 12E, Gulfport, Miss.,- Ensign Lynch, David J., 9E, Los Angeles, Calif.,- Ensign Baier, fMAY 10, 1944 FIRST ROW: Ensign Provost, Robert P., HD, Mason, Wis.,- Ensign Hall, Ralph W., HA, Washington, D. C.; Ensign Beneke, Joseph 8., 10D, Orange, Texas,- Ensign Hawks, Edward A., Jr., IOD, Concord, Mass.; Ensign Harp, Alvie N., 100, Matador, Texas; Ensign ligtenberg, Vernon J., 103, Chicago, llls.,- Ensign Hood, Scott E. M., MD, Corpus Christi, Texas; Ensign Cox, Robert E., 10D, Potchogue, N. Y.; Ensign Schmidt, Walter A., HA, Sacramento, Calif.,- Ensign Herren, Robert L, 9E Abilene, Kons. SECOND ROW: Ensign Hewitt, Billie 8., HC, Linton Indj Ensign Goodsell, Norton H., 12A, Wotertown, Moss.; Ensign Deeken, Elmler H., 10C, Jefferson City, Mo.,- Ensign Terielian, Hagop, 113, Arlington, Moss.; Ensign Page 182 x mwamzwi Henry, Jr., HB, Seward, Kons.,- Ensign Carlfsi, Salvatore, HB, Bos'ron, Mass; Ensign Hallock, Bruce K., 10C, Medina, Ohio; 2nd L1. Zagrodsky, Howard H., 118, St. Joseph, M0,,- Ensign Ryburn, Paul J., 103, Kansas City, Mo. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign DeVetfe, William H., 113, Muskegon, Mich.; Ensign Hansen, Henry 3., 10C, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Keding, Earl W., HD, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.; 2nd lf. Bryant, Norman W., Jr., 10C, Minneapolis, Minn.; 2nd Lt. Hein, Edward C., 10C, St. Paul, Minn.; Ensign Honsa, Roy J., 10C, ST. Paul, Minn.; 2nd Lt. Sebby, Wayde J., 12A, Plainfield, llls.; 2nd Lt. Calhoun, Loren W., 12A, Ashton, llls.,- 2nd Lt. Studley, Kenneth H., 123, Bass River, Moss.; Ensign Curnun, Robert L, HA, Dayton, Ohio. 'vr-wwww. . x w Bailey, Billie H., 118, Houston, Texas,- Ensign Bennett, William 6., 113, Glendale, Arlz.; Ensign Tuite, Boberf, HA, Moywood, llls.,- Ensign Berg, Warren E: HA! Enumclow, Wash,- 2nd Lt. Blaha, David, 118, Fairhoven, Mass. . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt Haines, James E., HC, Bellefontaine, Ohio; 2nd Lt. Bell, George T. 8., UC, Mankofo, Kons.; 2nd Lt. Bauer, William 3., 118, Kansas City, M04 2"d 1" Tullfery, J: D., 9D, Pitfsburg, Texas,- Ensign Rieger, Robert E., HC, StevenviHe; Ohio; EHSIQD Cohen, Irwin T., 9D, San Francisco, Calif.; Ensign McKnight, Joseph G'I 10D, Ponco City, Okla.,- Ensign Sheker, Robert D., 103, Fort Dodge, Iowa; Ensign Kiser, Stephen L, 10D, Woodstock, V0,; Ensign Pearson, Richard W., 12A, Monkafo, Minn. Idi95en' :e, llls.; L, 10A, THIRD :d 108' .Unisom Conn; l, 1le 5eofge' E FIRST ROW: 2nd Lt. Golz, Roland W., 10C, Chicago, llls.,- Ensign Clark, Robert A., 103, Soufhporf, Conn.,- Ensign Young, Elmer J., Jr., IOD,, Jamaica, New York, N. Y.; Ensign Riley, Richard D., 12A, River Rouge, Mich.; Ensign Willis, P. M., HC, Shelbyville, Tenn.,- Ensign Mitchell, Charles P., 11C, Port Allen, LCL; 'Ensign Price, John A., ND, Toledo, Ohio . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Reardon, Lester L, HB, New Dorp, Sfofen Island, N. Y.,- Ensign Ordway, John 0., Jr., HA, ST. Paul, Minn.; Ensign Johnson, Robert E., 10B, Huntingfon Pork, Calif.; FIRST ROW: 2nd Lt. Burt, Robert, Jr., HD, Storm Lake, Iowa,- 2nd Lf. Blounf, Robert E., MD, Coffeyville, Kons.; Ensign Winslow, Harry F., 113, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Ensign ch Dine, Norman, HC, Beverly, Moss.,- Ensign Willis, John J., 11C, Norfh Andover, Moss.,- 2nd Lt. Kelly, Jack G., HA, Goshen, lnd.,- Ensign Sullivan, Edward 5., HD, Ipswich, Moss.; Ensign Andrews, Joseph E., HA, Corpus Christi, Texas,- Ensign Allen, Harry 0., 11B, Fresno, Calif. SECOND ROW: Ensign Clevenger, Robert G., 12C, Kansas City, Kcs.; Ensign Swan, Leroy E., 9D, Milli- nockef, Maine; Ensign Newman, Robert L., 9A, ST. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Evans, James L., MAY 17, 1944 Ensign Morgan, Russell l., 9C, Clarkston, Mich.; Ensign Crawford, James R., 12A, Fo1e, Texas,- Ensign Troiovsky, Arthur J., 9D, Horton, Kans.; 2nd Lt. Garrison, Robert R., 100, Mobile, Ala. . THIRD ROW: Ensign Moore, Rober'l W., 9B, Atlanta, G0,; Ensign Schmidt, Luther W. A., 10B, Philadelphia, Penn.; Ensign Schafer, William H., 118, Portland, Ore.,- Ensign Sullivan, Joseph W., 12A, Wayne, Mich.; Ensign Riser, Roy, IOD, Noshwouk, Minn.,- Ensign McGill, James D., 12A, Cleveland, Texas; Ensign Palmer, Randall W., HA, Adrian, Mich. E: HD, Kansas City, Kons.,- 2nd H. Wolf, John 8., MD, New Paris, Ohio; Ensign Mels- sey, Ernest Sf. C., HC, Kansas City, Kons.; Ensign Sledge, Leroy 0., 10C, Shreveport, L0. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Ramberg, Jason E., HB, Venice, Calif.; 2nd Lt. Dillon, James W., HD, East Los Angeles, Colif.; 2nd Lt. Davis, Hubert A., ND, Medford, Mass.; Ensign Feldhaus, Raymond F., HD, Cincinnati, Ohio; Ensign Fisher, Willard J., 12A, Conby! Ore.; Ensign Wages, Word W., Jr., 12C, Minneapolis, Minn.,- 2nd Lt. Burnett, Samuel 8., 9D, San Antonio, Texas,- Ensign Huber, Patrick W., 10D, Cresson, Penn. $3; i Wx gum W M, f I UM ,a MWJM W '"XxWWAx 7x 4M 7 Wx $M$m AQ , W wavy h pyww xxx? 'I ' WN mum WmewvnW xww X xw f m menwm FIRST ROW: Ensign Eberhorf, Charles F., 113, Pacific Palisades, Calif.; Ensign Mason, Mich; Davila, Daniel I., 128, Lourelfon, L. L, N. Y.; Ensign McClain, Raymond, Jr., HD, Dcyfon, Ohio; Ensign Recgle, Frederick W., 12A, Newton, N. J.; Ensign Haqse, Ensign Aberg, Robert E., 78, Great Neck, N. Y.; Ensign Lydigsen, Robert L., 12A, Dwight, Ills.; Ensign Koepke, Ernest W. G., 12A, Kewanee, IHS-i Ensign Hendrix, George, Jr., HD, Parsons, Kans.; Ensign Stewart, Robert H., 10A! Irvin E., HC, Frankenmuth, Mich,- Ensign Flamm, Theodore C., Jr., HC, Wellington, Kans.,- Ensign Walker, John H., 113, Port Arthur, Texas . . . THIRD Philadelphia, Penn.; Ensign Seidel, George H., HC, Hozleton, Penn.; Ensign Valpey, ROW: Ensign Finch, Charles E., 11C, Rockford, Ills.; Ensign Fox, Donald F., 108, Dcn'el F., 10D, Andover, Mass.; Ensign Reneau, Russell L., 9A, El Dorado, Kans.; Palmyra, N. J.,- Ensign Smikle, Richard, HB, Bridgman, Mich; Ensign Tunison, Ensign Donovan, John C., 10D, Grosse Pointe, Mich. . . . SECOND ROW: Arthur N., HC, Olothe, Kons.; Ensign Rowe, Sherman W., 108, Homden, Connv; Ensign Wanfy, Richard A., 12C, Milan, Mich.; Ensign Ford, Wallace 5., HA, Ensign Allen, Robert J., 118, Alhambra, Colif.; Ensign Glenney, Daniel J. III, HC, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Rosenkronz, Albert J., IOB, LoSolle, llls.; Ensign Lore, Houston, Texas; Ensign Haginos, Harry, 9E, Mobile, Ala; Ensign Ferguson, George, Charles W. E., Jr., 10C, Rofon, N. Mex.; Ensign Wallace, William D., 12C, 118, St. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Turner, Robert A., Jr., 118, Dallas, Texas. Page 184 Schmidt, CC Scab - ?3 ECW: . Cam's, Jr., 3.7.: Elsi?! l m, ' Els'sn Scflc, fctr VIE; Wor Information room of Woldron Field. Cadets get the latesf news on The progress of The war.- we ; FIRST ROW: Ensign Wilkin, Carl E., HA, Trenton, Mich; Ensign Locker, Carl E., MD, Dayton, Ohio; Ensign Burke, Edmund F., HB, Medford, Moss.; Ensign Miller, Donald H., HA, Denver, Colo.; Ensign Berube, Joseph N., HB, Fitchburg, Moss.; 2nd Lt. Oliver, Roy E., 10C, Knoxville, Tenn.; 2nd Lt. Sark, Thomas H., HC, Borflesville, Okla,- 2nd Lt. Ifoliaander, Joseph M., HA! Brooklyn, N. Y.; 2nd Lt. Boier, John L, 10D, Melrose, Moss. SECOND ROW; Ensign Jones, William A., Jr., 10A, Denver! Colo; Ensign Conyers, Ted E., MD, Long Beach, Calif.; Ensign Hoehn, Donald C., 128, Lansing, Mich; Ensign May, Ephriam H., Jr., 9E, Colton, Calif; Ensign lngals, Ephraim F., Jr., 12C, Wellesley, Moss.; Ensign Mc- MKV W, 4, Donald, Leland J., Jr., 118, Groyville, Ills.,- Ensign Hommun, Blake C., Jr., 12A, Fort Worth, Texas; Ensign Chuusee, Alfred M., IOB, Providence, R. l.; Ensign Graham, Clifford E., HB, Eastman, Ga. . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Hampton, Harold W., HD, Barnum, Iowa,- 2nd Lt. Hice, Kenneth J., MD, Irwin, Penn.; Ensign Eckert, Robert V., HD, Sonto Monicoe COIif.,- Ensign LeVon, John A., 9E, Kokomo, lnd.,- Ensign Lee, George E., HC, Fort Valley, 60.,- 2nd Lt. McGowan, Louis J., MD, Dighton, Kons.; 2nd Lt. Wosser, Joseph L, Jr., HD, San Francisco, Colif.,- 2nd Lf. Mafey, Douglas A., HC, Nichols, Conn.; 2nd Lt. Barbanes, William J., HC, New York, N. Y. Page 187 FIRST ROW: 2nd Lt. Hamilton, Robert W., 10B, Denver, Colo.; 2nd Lt. Smith, Henry G. Ill, 9D, Eggertsville, N. Y.,- 2nd Lt. Glessner, James L., Jr., 10D, Julesburg, Colo.,- Ensign Bleakney, Neal A., Jr., MD, Sunnyside, Wcsh.; 2nd Lf. Payne, William H., 9D, Dallas, Texas; Ensign Juzix, William, 118, San Francisco, Calif.; Ensign Souza, Gilbert F., 118, Oakland, Calif.; Ensign Clarence, Rae C., MD, Leroy, Kons.,- Eusign Cullor, Reason W., HD, Unionville, Mo. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Baird, John I., 128, River Falls, Wis.; Ensign Cordwell, Willard L, 10A, Chillicothe, Ohio; Ensign Johnson, Thomas R., 128, Van Nuys, Colif.; Ensign Yeazell, Richard M., IOD, Springfield, Ohio,- Ensign HughliH, John D., HA, MAY 17, I944 FIRST ROW: 2nd Lt. Shanahan, Jerry D., HB, Turners Falls, Mass.,- Ensign Nagel, Alfred P., HA, Girord, llls.; Ensign Fallin, Boyce M., HA, Houston, Texas; Ensign Saling, John R., HB, Pittsburgh, Pa; Ensign Hanfschel, John J., HC, Appleton, Wis.; Ensign Rosen, H., MD, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign McGillivruy, Duncan R., MD, Detroit Mich.,- 2nd Lt. Poland, Ellison W., HA, Harrison, Ohio- 2nd Lt. Bowmaster, Raymond L, 10C, Lincoln, Nebr. . SECOND ROW; Ensign Cherry, Wallace M., 10A, Albion, Penn.,- Ensign Hubler, Vernon R., HB, Eugene, OreA; 2nd Lt. Human, Lloyd, HC, West Allis, Mich.,- Ensign Sisson Seattle, Wash.,- Ensign Weaver, Keiih 8., 10A, Dalhorf, Texas; Ensign Schmidt, Philip J., 10D, Springfield, Minn.,- 2nd Lt. Proudman, Harry 8., Jr., 10C, South. ington, Conn.,- 2nd Lt. Brakke, Willis J., HA, Windom, Minn. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Breece, David K., 7D, Albuquerque, N. Mex.; Ensign Sprague, Curiiss, Jr., 10A, Torboro, N. C.,- 2nd Lt. Thompson, John 5., HB, Everson, Wosh.,- Ensign Golden, Byron B., IOD, Taylorsville, Miss.,- Ensign Myers, John R. Ill, HA, Baltimore, Md.; Ensign Wray, Daniel A., HA, Washington, D. C.,- Ensign Soika, Cas. F., 10C, Turners Falls, Mass.; Ensign Quiroga, Gustave, HA, Meridian, Miss.; Ensign Omann, Joseph M., 118, St. Joseph Minn. Janyes A., 123, Detroit, Mich; 2nd Lt. Holm, John H., 11c, Rochester, Wash.,- E"$'9n S?Eimer, Robert 8., 90, Grants Pass, Ore.,- Ensign Kruse, Richard H-, MD, Elmhursf, Hls.,- Ensign Dye, Glen L, MD, Selma, Iowc: . . . THIRD ROW: 2'1d LL Foster, Francis A., 10C, Okorche, Okla; 2nd U. Hinson, Emmett E., Jr., 10D: Floydado, TGXGS; Ensign Willetf, Marion C., IOD, Desoto, Miss.; Ensign Yoder, RclYmond A., HA, Aberleen, S. Dok.; Ensign Felden, Marvin 0., 123: Eosmhonl Ills.; Ensign Corzine, Donald E., MD, Milwaukee, Wis.; Ensign Williams, 10h"! 10C., Gloucester, N- J.; Ensign Boucher, Thomas J., HD, Kansas CiTYI Kans.; Ensugn Fraser, Don L, 10C, St. Joseph, Mo, Page 186 Jdet barracks F1RST ROW: Ensign Penningion, John W., 12A, Deorborn, Mich,- Ensign Onder- donk, Stanley V., 110, Yellow Springs, Ohio; Ensign Ryan, James E., 9E, Seattle, Wash.; Ensign Lloyd, James F., 113, Klamath Falls, Ore.; Ensign Whifflesby, Philip E., Jr., 12A, Dallas, Texas; Ensign McElhinney, J. F., 10D, Denver, Colo.; Ensign Lindquisf, Victor M., 12C, Charifon, Iowa; Ensign Kupps, Robert, 110, San Pedro, Colif.; Ensign Van Biesbroeck, Edwin, 11D, Williams Bay, Wis. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Wyman, William C., 118, West Newton, Mass.,- 2nd U. Schwartz, Norman A., 1115, Camp Taylor, Ky.; Ensign Barr, Billie G., 11C, Birmingham, Ala.; Ensign Von Bors'rel, Donald T., 11C, Grass VaHey, Ore.; Ensign Lichtenberg, Norman A., FIRST ROW: Ensign Willoughby, Milford E., 12D, Munden, Kans.; 2nd Lt. Johnson, Harvey E., 10C, Venice, Colif.; Ensign Curnutt, Esfel L, 128, Knob Noster, M0-; Ensign Gaugler, Guy G., Jr., 118, Hempsfeod, N. Y.,- Ensign Ecker, William B., 113, Omaha, Nebr.; Ensign Ehrhard, Joseph J., 118, Dayton, Ohio,- Ensign Dunhum, Don F., 118, Columbus, Ohio,- Ensign Duffy, Lawson W., 10C, Clayton, N. Mex.; Ensign Rowland, Clifton D., 10D, Elkton, Mich; Ensign Johansen, Marvin W., 12D, Oakland, Calif. . SECOND ROW: Ensign Hill, Edward J., 11A, Chicago, 1115.,- Ensign Reedy, Clyde M., 128, ST. Paul, Minn.; 2nd Lf. Taylor, Robert W., 12A, Quonah, Texas,- Ensign Goffschalk, Malcolm 0., 11B, Marysville, g$mvmmmwz l, 1 11C, Morfhosville, Mo.,- Ensign Smith, Claude M., Jr., 11A, Chicago, 1115.; Ensign Metzger, John 0., 11C, Luckey, Ohio; Ensign Fonenberry, Kenneth A., 11D, Burlingame, Colif.; Ensign Rydman, Harvey W., 11B, Berkeley, Calif. . THIRD ROW: Ensign Price, John, 11B, Bridgeport, Conn.; Ensign Kaskel, Richard J., 118, New York, N. Y.; 2nd Lf. Miller, Ronald 1., 11B, Fifchburg, Moss.; Ensign Thornton, Jesse T., 100, Clayton, Miss.,- Ensign Sfamy, Donald J., 10D, Huntington Woods, Mich; Ensign Siers, Leo J., 9D, Deer Park, Wash; Ensign O'Gara, Matthew 8., 11A, Chicago, 1115.; Ensign Peterson, Theodore, 11C, Seattle, Wash; Ensign Reed, Marion D., Jr., 10A, Columbus, Go. MAY 20,.1944 Wash,- Ensign O'Brien, Michael, 11A, Melrose, Iowa,- 2nd Lt. Borget, Raymond C., 12A, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Brackman, Billy K., 12A, Wichita, Kos.,- Ensign Quigley, Richard W., 10D, Toledo, Ohio; Ensign Stuart, Herbert R., 118, Bellevue, Iowa . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Seward, Alvin L., 10D, Lufkin, Texas; Ensign Vonn, Enos N., 12A, WebbeWs Falls, Okla; Ensign Briggs, Buford M., 118, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Knoff, John H., 128, Mankofo, Minn.; 2nd Lt. Ludwig, John J., 12C, Kenosha, Wis.; Ensign Alson, Ernest S., 10D, New York, N. Y.; Ensign Severson, Merton R., 10C, Willmor, Minn.; Ensign Kelley, William E., Jr., 11A, Richmond, V0. Page 189 wxxxxwoMxxm-nva WWW i i , FIRST ROW: Ensign Lanfhier, Raymond V., HB, San Francisco, Calif,; Ensign Tucker, Evans E., 118, Nashville! Tenn.,- Ensign Ingram, Robert D., HB, Ccmfon, Ohio,- Ensign Kropf, John E., 118, Cut Bank, Mont; Ensign Walker, Eugene E., 118, Columbia, S. C.,- Ensign Hols'rrom, John A., HA, Whittier, Colif.; Ensign Winkworfh, Frederick B., 9E, Defroif, Mich.,- Ensign Wiesner, Raymond A., HC, Monitowoc, Wis.,- Ensign Mallgren, Anthoy K., 9E, Marquette, Mich . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Nelson, Albert L, HA, Courtlond, Kons.; Ensign Overfield, Paul B., Jr., 12A, Chicago, llls.,- Ensign Rasmussen, Ralph R., 12C, Beloit, Wis.,- Ensign Powers, Thomas B., Jr., 118, Newton Center Mass.; Ensign Horner, Charles Page Time out for study, relaxation and 0 little session in The cadet barracks 0T Kingsville. J., 10A, Wilmington, Del.; 2nd Lt. Urquhart, Duncan H., 12A, Newton, M0554 Ensign Jones, Claude C., 12A, Arcadia! Flo.; Ensign Russell, Duane P., 118' Hooper, Utah; Ensign Croy, Donald H., HD, Lincoln Park, Mich. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Quinlon, David G., NE, North College Hill, Ohio; ENSiQ" Spurgln: Charles D., 11D, Billings, Mont,- Ensign Dewhirst, Leonard W., HC, Beverly, Kans.; Ensign Steinfest, Gordon 0., 9B, Miiwoukee, Wis.; Ensign LeBlanc, Moland P.,.Jr., HA, Tallulah, L0,; Ensign Puinam, John E., HA, Seattle, Wash; Ensign Strlne, Owen K., HA, Monrovia, Kons.; 2nd Lt. Williamson, John T., 123, BFOOkIYnI N' Y". Ensign Molkmus, Robert K., 128, Yonkers, N. Y. 188 Paul D., e, N C; James E., , Aflanfo, . Beeghly, 'hief River McClain, City, l"5.; Harry R., Cadet Officers in charge of a formation marching to The Mess Hall. F.RST ROW: Ensign Hodgscn, Vviliicm M., HA, Boy Minede, Ala.; Ensign Grauf, Philip L., 12A, Hamilton, le.; Ensign Goodemote, Regis L., 1A, Oleon, N. Y.; Ensign Burnett, William R., HA, Napoleon, Ohio; Ensign Craig, Claude M., HA, Alexandria, Lo.; Ensign Anderson, Harold J., 10C, San Francisco, Calif; Ensign Hurpole, Edward 8., HC, Laurel, Miss.; 2nd Lt. Lemert, William D., HA, Crooksville, Ohio; Ensign Lamberf, James L., 12A, Polo Alto, Colif.,- Ensign Lewion, Glenn W., 12A, Fort Wayne, Ind. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Dreyer, Donald H., HD, Mf. Misco, N. Y.; Ensign Best, Henry A., 12D, Providence, R. 1.; Ensign McNulfy, Robert J., 7E, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Brewster, William 8., HC, Kansas City, M0,,- Ensign Erickson, Roy D., HB, Lincoln, Nebr.; Ensign choshik, Francis, 10D, Lofty, Penn.; Ensign Yeilding, Ormend 8., HB, Birmingham, Ala; 2nd Lt. Breckenridge, Ralph G., HC., Pond Creek, Oklo.; Ensign Engberf, Byron W., HC, Evansville, Ind. . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lf. Schleicher, Willard M., MD, Green Bay, Wis.,- Ensign Popma, Eugene J., MD, Defroif, Mich.; Ensign Gleason, Richard A., HA, Columbus, Ohio; 2nd Lt. Brown, William E., HA, Winona, Minn.; Ensign Puff, Lloyd'R., 12A, San Francisco, Calif.; Ensign Clapp, William H., 10C, Sf. Paul, Minn.,- Ensign Gannon, Donald J., 10C,, Spencer, Iowa; Ensign Coleman, Frederick A., HB, Austin, Minn.,- Ensign Taylor, Cecil Ogeo, 10D, Double Springs, Ala; Ensign Copeland, Franklyn E., MD, Inglewood, Calif. Page 191 FIRST ROW: Ensign Cedarholm, Lloyd W., 11C, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Drase, George, 118, Chicago, 1115.; Ensign Berry, William E., 11C, Dallas, Texas; Ensign Davis, Carleton W., 108, Broinfree, Mass.,- Ensign Kapela, Anton, 11B, C1eve1and, Ohio; Ensign Yeager, Jack H., 6D, Buffalo, N. Y.; Ensign Adrian, Norman F., 118, Chicopee, Moss.; Ensign Harris, William H., 10C, LeRoy, N. Y.; Ensign Burch, Joseph J., 10A, Chicago, 1115.,- 2nd Lt. Henke, Harry R., 11C, Des Plaines, 1115. . . SECOND ROW: 2nd Lt. Ludwig, Darrel R., 11C, Sioux City, Iowa,- Ensign Mainwold, Herman, 12A, Toledo, Ohio; Ensign McGreevy, Walter C., 12C, Chicago, 1115.,- 2nd Lt. OHe, William E., 11D, Chicago, 1115.,- 2 Wm ,A F1RST ROW: Ensign File, Norman R., 118, Adrian, Mich,- Ensign Dubinsky, Maurice, 118, Kansas City, Mo.,- Ensign Arvidson, Howard J., 118, Newton, 1OWCI' Ensign Allison, James A., 118, Wichita, Kons.; Ensign Berkow, A1ber1, 128, Philadelphia, Penn.; Ensign Bishop, Charles R., 11B, Santa Rosa, Colif.; Ensigr1 Carr, Lawrence W., 11C, Waterloo, Iowa; Ensign Anderson, Chester, 118, San Francisco, Calif.; Ensign Ball, Adolph F., 11D, Kermcm, Colif.; Ensign Reynolds William 0., 118, Seattle, Wash. . . . SECOND ROW: 2nd Lt. Conway, Robert J. 118, Casey, Iowa; Ensign Johnson, Maurice L., 12A, 1ndionopolis, 1nd,. Ensign Eenningfield, Paul T., 11C, Riverbank, Colif.,- Ensign A1110, Howard D., 11D, Juncfion, Wis. Marlyn E Ensign Lee, James H., Port Arthur, Texas,- Ensign Heafhmcm, ton, Merle E., 128, Kansas City, Mo. M 0.. mm mmwaGV Wegmmx . 1 2nd Lf. Lyons, Richard, 11C, Gofvesfon, Texas,- Ensign Grossnickee, Paul D., 118, North Manchester, Ind.,- 2nd L1. Vail, Lemuel A., 11A, Pikeville, N. C.; 2nd L1. Jackson, Clarence T., 11A, Chompaign, 1113.,- 2nd Lt. Fo1ey, James E., 108, Yonkers, N. Y. . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Beaufell, Russell L., 10D, Atlanta, 60.,- 2nd Lt. Fellinghcm, Richard J., 118, Council Bluffs, Iowa,- 2nd Lt. Beeghly, Bert E., 118, Leavenw0rfh, Kans.; Ensign Wersflein, George W., 12C, Thief River Falls, Minn.,- 2nd Lt. Austin, Harold R., 12A, Dc1las, Texas; 2nd Lt. McClain, Charles R., 11A, Sf. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Walls, Harvey E., 12C, Granife City, 1115.,- 2nd Lt. McNeil, Edward G., 11D, Peacock, N. H.,- 2nd Lt. Wingren, Harry R., 9A, San Gabriel, Coilif.,- Ensign Lewis, John W., 128, Stuart, Iowa. anw .MWJXW . 8mm, ,2 Newcomersfown, Ohio,- Ensign McCue, Frank A Funmsky, Steve, Jr., 128, Nokomis Ills q 1115.; 2nd Lt. Bernas, Paul A I I 12A, Scranton, Penn. 11C, Berkeley, Calif.; 2nd 1'1' ; 2nd L1. Baker, Roderick F., 12C, Joliet, ., 11C, Detroit, Mich; Ensign Sanford, Robert H., . THIRD ROW: Ensign Berg, Sidney E., 118, Amherst 11C D8 11 Ensngr-u CVOUCH, Richard G., 118., Lamar, Mo.; Ensign Dewey, PGUI E" ' Ixon, 1 5-; EnSIQYf Buck, Malcolm D., 12A, Middlesbcro, Mass.; Ensign Kinder: " 11B! Cambridge, Nebr.,- Ensign Bales, Perry L., 118, Los Angeles, Calif.; 128, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Turner, Harry D., 128' 1vin C., 128, Exefer, Calif.; Ensign Penning' Page 190 pus Christi, V?????VZ'IQT FIRST ROW: Ensign Shore, Robert E. L, 12A, Portland, Ore.; Ensign Cameron, William, 123, Piqua, Ohio; Ensign Owens, Thomas P., 118, Seattle, Wash.,- Ensign Toma, Albert H., Jr., HC, Sf. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Null, Jack L, MD, Winfersef, Iowa,- Ensign Colgan, Robert F., 12C, Hermosa, 5. Dok.; Ensign Wilk, Harry, NC, Chicago, IHs. . . . SECOND ROW: 2nd Lt. Braun, Edward J., 12A, Fond Du Lac, Wis.; 2nd Lt. Willoughby, Paul D., 9D, Albuquerque, N. Mex.; 93:9 Wm 9 FIRST ROW: Ensign Bush, Julius M., 12A, Dallas, Texas; Ensign Hagen, John B., IOB, Blue Island, llis.; Ensign Krolczyk, Stanley P., MD, Toledo, Ohio; Ensign Doyle, Arthur J., 12A, Boston, Mass.; Ensign Walker, Charles H., 10D, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign O2Keefe, Paul D., 12A, Antlers, Okla,- Ensign Twedell, Jack L, llD, Sioux Falls, 5. Dok. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Carlson, Richard 6., HB, Abington, Moss.; Ensign Blake, William 0., 128, Clay Center, Kans.,- Ensign 2nd Lt. Speefzen, Willis C., MD, North Platte, Nebr.; 2nd Lt. Viole, Lawrence D., ND, North Hollywood, Calif.,- 2nd Lt. Freeland, George N., HC, Browning, Mo.; 2nd Lt. Mueller, Jerome P., MD, Milwaukee, Wis. . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Strength, John P.,'Jr., 11C, Marshall, Texas; 2nd Lt. Erwin, Tom L, 12A, Woxahochie, Texas; 2nd Lt. Johnson, William H., 128, Park Ridge, llls.; 2nd Lt. Miller, Joseph L., 12C, Jackson, Mich.; 2nd Lt. Pillon, George R., 12C, Detroit, Mich.,- 2nd Lt. Stillwaugh, William, Jr., MD, Middletown, Ohio. 27, 1944 , 2 7; QWXVMWM w 99 mix Bond, William H., Jr., MD, Saint Marys, Kons.; Ensign Bronson, Donald L, 128, Sylvia, Kons.; Ensign Apelbaum, Jacob, 12B, Akron, Ohio; Ensign Vicini, Walter, HD, Ottawa, llls.,- Ensign Emhoff, Charles E., 12A, Verona, Mo. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Byers, Harley R., MD, Columbus, Ohio; Ensign Damen, Douglas C., HB, ST. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Ludwig, Martin P., HA, Clements, Kons.,- Ensign Hall, William 3., HC, Burnhom, Penn.,- Ensign Johnson, Edward L. 5., 12A, Chicago, llls.; Ensign Pounds, John R., 12A Burkbunnetf, Texas. FIRST ROW: 2nd Lt. McCIuen, Robert E., 12A, Son Leondro, Colif., Ensign Anderson, Irvin N., 12D, International Falls, Minn.; Ensign Gartsu, George N., 12C, Woonsockef, R. 1.; Ensign Young, Harold M., HA, Salt Lake City, Ufoh; Ensign Yavorsky, John C., HA, Belle Plaine, Iowa; Ensign Quiggle, Frank D., IQB, North Freedom, Wis.; Ensign Chase, Judd 5., 118, St. Paul, Minn.; Ensign Engle, C. H., 12A, Hoquiam, Wash; 2nd lt. Conerly, John D., Jr., 10D, Beaumont, Texas . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Luna, Tulmadge H., HC, Lynnville, Tenn.; Ensign Lahre, Norman 5., HD, Lanark, IIIs.,- Ensign Henderson, Stanley D., 12C, North Quincy, Mass.; Ensign Norkewicz, Aloysius, 12C, San Gabriel, Colif.,- Ensign Ccmpony of Waves marching in a Bond Rally parade of Corpus Christi, Texas. i f 15?? Nelson, Arnold L., 1A, Madison, Wis.; Ensign Armstrong, Archie Eu 10A! Seneca Kons.; Ensign Draper, Wallace 8., 10D, Sarasota, HCL; Ensign Mifchell, James R., 12A, Dallas, Texas; Ensign Cook, Morton, 9A, Hollywood, Calif. . - ' THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Webb, Andrew 6., HA, chlo Alto, Calif.; Ensign Steele, Fred, 18, Toledo, Ohio; Ensign Miller, Lawrence E., HA, Bourbon, Mo.; Ensign Hamilton, Burl 3., HD, Joplin, Mo.; Ensign Zinn, Jack D., 128, Kansas City, M04 Ensign V055: Marlyn Wu HA, Watkins, Iowa; Ensign Bevins, Luther L, 11C, ColumbUSI Ohio; Ensign Oredson, Vincent L., HB, Sfillwoter, Minn.; 2nd Lt. Ewing, Neal R" 10C, Berkeley, Calif. Page 192 n lumpman, ., Jr., 113, sign Larson, W: 2nd U. r W., 123' Ensign Beel, , 113, For! I Rhomberg, dome, N. Y. Personnel of the Crash, Rescue and Salvage School learn how To extinguish 0 fire and rescue a dummy OUT of o simulated plane crash. i? g E FIRST ROW: 2nd Lt. Shoop, Edwin L., Jr., 11B, Gettysburg, Penn.,- Ensign Bylund, Horace 8., HC, Sanfoguin, Utah,- Ensign Rowland, Van 6., 118, Christopher, Ills.; EnSign Fabbo, Joseph V., 12A, Collingswood, N. J.,- Ensign Noonan, Phil J., 118, Clinton, 0., HD, McPherson, Kans; Ensign Evans, John 0., 118, Iowa Falls, Iowa; Wells, John 8., HB, Wellesley, Moss.; Ensign Lundstrom, Gale L, HA, Minneapolis, Minn.; EnSign Moore, Joseph H., 108, St. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Smith, Norman 5., HB, Chelmsford, Moss. SECOND ROW: Ensign Perrin, Frank W., 118, Minneapolis, Minn.,- 2nd Lt. Douglas, William P., HB, Pittsburgh, Penn.,- 2nd Lt. Wilson, Clifford 0., HD, San Francisco, Calif.; 2nd Lt. Pickett, Theodore R., HB, Corpus Christi, Texas; 2nd Lt Sanders, David R., NC, Chicago, HIS.; Ensign Strong, Edward M., 118, Lynn Field Center, Mass.; Ensign Wood, William W., IOD, Detroit, Mich.,- Ensign Ferguson, Daniel P., 10D, Leesville, L0,,- 2nd Lt. Creed, Oliver A., HA, ST. Louis, M0,,- Ensign Wiegel, Joseph J., HA, Magnolia, Minn.; Ensign Woodhead, Charles 8., HA, Detroit, Mich. . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Nicholson, Leo P., 108, Wilmette, IHs.,- Ensign Hammond, Kenneth F., 10C, Hartford, Kons.; Ensign Black, John M., 10A, Warren, Ohio; 2nd Lt. Rice, Russell D., MD, Lakewood, Ohio,- Ensign Kruger, R., Jr., MD, Golion, Ohio; Ensign Koshivos, John, 9E, Hyde Park, Moss.; Ensign Soule, Donald M., 10D, Princeton, Minn,- Ensign Donahue, James J., 108, Omaha, Nebr.; Ensign Malcolmson, John A., IID, Swansea, Mass., 2nd Lt. Sutton, James 6., NC, Raleigh, Ills. Page I95 va s'v MW 11411 31, 1944 FIRST ROW: 2nd Lt. Cauthorn, Francis S. B., Jr., 11C, San Mateo, Calif.; Ensign Thornton, Roger L., 128, Columbus, Ohio; Ensign Fitzgerald, Carl E., 11C, Oaks, Penn.; Ensign Duff, Philip 5., Jr., 11C, Woyzoto, Minn.; Ensign Fitzgerald, Joseph W., 11C, Moffoon, 1115.,- Ensign Bolton, Stanley W., 9D, Oakland, Calif.,- Ensign Tieri, John A., 128, Chicago Heights, 1115.; 2nd Lt. Rosemeyer, Lloyd A., 110, East Dubuque, 1115.,- Ensign Weideman, William C., 9A, Council Bluffs, Iowa,- 2nd Lt. Allan, C1ayton L., 11C, Wellsville, Utah . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Ryan, Vincent J., 118, Babylon, N. Y.,- 2nd Lt. McLuin, Philip J., 12C, Hillsdale, Mich; 2nd Lt. Herbert, Herschel F., 118, Fort Worth, Texas,- Ensign Hardin, Roy E., 12A, 1444 31, 1944 X 1 FIRST ROW: Ensign VermiHion, Herbert W., 11A, Columbus, Ohio,- Ensign Smith Hugh J., 9D, Hozlefon, Penn.; 2nd Lt. Wheeler, James W., 11D, Mt. Pleasant, Mich.,- 2nd Lt Cutter, Robert K., Jr., 118, Berkeley, Calif.; Ensign Dunphy, James, 11A, Revere, Moss.; Ensign Crowell, Frederick W., Jr., 12A, Horwich Port, Mossf 2nd Lt McClelland, John F., 11A, Natural Bridge, Va.; Ensign Ramsde11l Chadwick D., 118, Sougus, Moss.; Ensign Goodman, Forrest D., 11D, Albany: Calif.; Ensign Horon, Robert B., 108, Brookline, Moss. . SECOND ROW: Ensign Baldi, Roland F., 10D, Wilson, 1115.; Ensign Woodward, William F., Jr. 12D, Tallahassee, F143,,- Ensign Thomas, Virgil C., 12D, 51, Louis, MOn Ensigr1 Port Arthur, Texas,- Ensign Terhar, Edward J., 9D, Seattle, Wash,- Ensign Lampman, George, Jr., 11C, Philadelphia, Penn.; 2nd Lt. Winsby, Wi11ium W., Jr., 118, Piffsburg, C01if.; 2nd Lt. Covillard, John E., 118, Minneapolis, Minn.,- Ensign Larson, Allen H., 118, New Westminster, 8. C., Canada . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd 1.1. Hitchcock, Paul L., 12C, Coleraine, Minn.; 2nd Lt. Rowlings, Arthur W., 128, Detroit, Mich.,- Ensign Veitl, George C., 128, Deadwood, S. D0k.; Ensign Beel, William J., 128, Grand Rapids, Mich; Ensign Werner, Clarence E., 118, Fort Wayne, Ind.,- Ensign Bouch, Leland W., 11D, Janesville, Wis.; Ensign Rhomberg, Harold E., 118, Portland, Ore.,- Ensign Beckman, Edward J., 10A, Plandome, N. Y. Lippurd, George R., 118, Albemarle, N. C.; Ensign Knopp, Stuart D., 11D: Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Eclling, Gaylord E., 11D, Lincoln, Nebr.; Ensign Dixon, Marvin F., 110, New Florence, M04,- Ensign Montgomery, Eugene F., Jr., 10D! Posgdeno, Colif.,- Ensign Smith, Walter L., 11A, Harlan, Ky. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensugn Belcher, William E., 10D, Muskegon, Mich; 2nd Lt. Bywufers, Ashburn H'I 7;, Roxfon, Texas,- Ensign Maki, Robert J., 128, Virginia, Minn.- 2nd Lt. Erickson, Cllrjton, Ohio, 11D, McPherson, Kons.; Ensign Evans, John 0., 118: Iowa F0115, Iowa; Ensxgn Murphy, Edward J., 10C, San Mateo, C01if.; Ensign Murre11 Turner M., 10A: McLeonsville, N. C.,- 2nd Lt. Creegan, William R., 11C, Vallejo, Cialif. Page 194 achonics FIRST ROW: Ensign Zook, Jack F., 10D, Detroif, Mich.,- Ensign Northey, William L, 11D, Seattle, Wash.; Ensign Rice, Robert M., 12A, Hectldton, Oklo.,- Ensign Cannudy, William H., Jr., 11A, Chicago, Ills.,- Ensign Dikoff, Charles, 128, Dearborn, Mich.,- Ensign Madison, Hoberf V., 12A, DeLavon, Wis.; Ensign Chaney, Louis C., 10C, Dallas, Texas; Ensign Fliehman, John H., 11D, Defroit, Mich,- Ensign Blackwell, Phenfon Y., Jr., 10D, Memphis, Tenn.; Ensign Lavin, Paul A., 118, Leominster, Moss.; Ensign Snyder, Peter M., 11C, Evonsfon, Ills. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Blackaby, Luther 8., 118, Franklin, Ohio; Ensign Cook, Edwin C., 11C, Longview, Wash; 2nd Lt. DeBondt, Russell G., 11C, Forest Grove, Ore.; Ensign Cole, Lorcn D., 11D, Fillmore, Mo.,- Ensign Jackson, Richard L, 11C, FIRST ROW: Ensign McLean, Neil, 11C, Hoquiczm, Wash; Ensign Fleming, William H-, 12A, Mayport, Penn.,- Ensign Veitz, Henry C., 118, Upper Darby, Penn". Ensign Horst, Douglas T., 11C, Three Rivers, Mich,; Ensign Leger, Leonard A., 12C: Elk River, Minn; Ensign Jones, Morris C., Jr., 108, Saginaw, Mich,- EMiQ" l:iMey, Ralph A., 12D, East Liverpool, Ohio; Ensign Cotey, Joseph E, 12C, Chicago, 1115.; Ensign McLin, William R., Jr., 128, Springfield, Mo.; Ensign Dahms, Robert 15., 11A, Troer, Iowa SECOND ROW: Ensign Rogers, Cecil Ru 12A, Overton, Texas; Ensign Harvey, Robert E., 12A, Muncie, Ind.; Ensign Brodersen, Donald H., 9E, Glendale, Calif.; Ensign Morris, Dwight L, '28, Pratt, Kons.,- Ensign Seybold, William H., 128, Logansporf, lnd.; Ensign Empire, Ore.,- 2nd Lt. Doswell, James T., 11A, New Orleans, LCL; Ensign Shanley, Daniel J., Jr., 118, Providence, R. I.; Ensign Sandbach, WiHiam F., 118, West Hartford, Conn.; Ensign Campolongo, Edward P., 118, St. Paul, Minn.; Ensign Lake, Charles J., 12A, Woterfown, Moss. . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Flanagan, James F., 12A, Kenilworth, llls.; Ensign Chapman, Frederick R., Jr., 12A, Dillon, Mont; Ensign Converse, George K., 12A, Albuquerque, N. Mex.; Ensign Gray, Lynn C., 11C, Rockwell City, Iowa; Ensign Broome, Gene, 12A, Amarillo, Texas; 2nd Lt. Tunnell, Robert J., 108, New York, N. Y.; Ensign Cobb, Grover C., 12A, Saline, Kons.,- Ensign Delanoy, William C., 118, Alameda, Calif. 2nd Lf. Sparling, Walter E., 12A, Springfield, Mo.; 2nd Lt. Schomers, William H., 12E, Denver, Colo.,- Ensign Kingsbury, John M., 118, Brooklyn, N. Y. M A Y 3 l , l 9 4 4 Kelly, Robert N., 11C, Philadelphia, Pennq- Ensign Kramer, Harry A:., 11C, Pittsburgh, Penn.,- Ensign Bernacchi, James M., 10C, Brooklyn, N. Y.; En5lgn Joy, Franklin L., 128, Winchester, Mass.; Ensign White, Marvin P., 12C, Nocogdoches, Texas; 2nd Lt. Getz, Ralph E., 12C, Cleves, Ohio . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Cohen, Jacque W., Jr., 12A, Porterville, Colif.; Ensign White, Herbert D., 128, Oakland, Calif,,- Ensign Dunn, Addison 0., 12A, Indianapolis, Ind.,- Ensign Haggerfy, Harold R., 11A, Monett, Mo.; 2nd Lt. Meksfovifch, Frank E., 11D, Moywood, Ills.; 2nd Lt. Jackson, George, 11C, Dallas, Texas; Ensign Harris, Billy L, 11C, Marshall, Texas; Ensign Harrison, Wayne J., 118, Mclad City, Idaho; Ensign Kirchner, Julius, 128, Los Angeles, Calif.; 2nd Lt. McCormick, Kerney H., 12E, Laurel, Miss. Page 197 . wvww Ax W W Nimw W W Wy'wk $7 W 41 7W O? . yszxWW xx xmwy 'SMfSQ W 7W W Wsz x W W WNWW Wysaw , wag W WQW W, MWW$W a,xSWM w W p N WV V W Wm 2x DWAW w W L W w v V 7 W xzswmx 7v ' W xW , x , , , w m x w M x W WV Am 7W 4W ng ; wk x , xv , Kaggy 7 W . 0W A 4; W M Na 7AM 7 SWAW WW waw Sy ' ; y , V WWW, 4 j KVW ugp W4 xwga vmy AVWMW WWW W x 4 WWS'W v. y - Vithf ax x i W , x , m ,P W2W74 W asVVWNVVW W , w W, x A WV S W Wxxx QVW , x7 ,QVWSW m W gWax'Wm WW, ; W7 W-W, WV W? A WE Wm 71 Q W-xxm 7g wwxw W; W W WNW 7,7 W WKWW QWA f; 6 W WAV' , ' 7 W WWnyAf A PBY gets a preliminary check-up by on Officer and Wave mechanics offer a long flight. ?; , wmw W W wmww FIRST ROW: 2nd Lt. Campbell, Edwin L, HC, Houston, Texas; Ensign Altgilbers, NC, Chicago, llls.,- Ensign Quigley, Edward H., 10D, Chicopee Falls, Mass.; Thomas E., 12A, Columbia, M0,; 2nd Lt. Bays, Leslie W., HD, Arkansas City, Ensign Chapman, Frederick Ru 113, Chompaign, IHS.; 27101 H. Middleton, Daniel H" Kons.; Ensign Tonies, Ralph J., 11D, McClure, Ohio; Ensign Gonsier, Franz H., NB, NB, Flint, MiCh-f 2nd Lt Ferguson, Keith Mu 9A, Quincy, HlS-; 2nd Lt. Miller, Portland, Ore.; Ensign Thomas, Lawrence W., 9E, Atlanta, Texas; Ensign Wall, Richard E" HC' Chicago, HIS-i Ensign Chamness, DO" A., HB, Kansas City, MO' Perryville, Mo.; 2nd Lt. Deger, John 0., NC, Chicago, Ills. ' - . SECOND ROW: . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Conlisk, Terence R., HA, Jesup, Iowa; Ensign Voorlees, Ensign Butler, Robert C., HC, Bunkie, LCL; Ensign Pollard, Louis J., HB, Berkeley, 20h? S.' IOD' BrOOIfIYfL N. Y; Ensign hSRJples, Norman A" 10D' Pleasantville, N' Y4 Calif.; Ensign Snell, John E., HC, Wheofom llls.; 2nd Lt. Dodd, Cranston H., 11C, nSIgn McConn, William H" 10A' Philadelphia, Penn.; Ensign Hurst, Lawrence M" . I 1 D, Sh , , .- W W - - . ' Dallas, Texas; EnSIgn Reh, Donald E., HB, Detroit, Mich.; 2nd Lt. Nelson, James A., Miller R::?:rr; :1 IYI,AEngI:JOnnx;lesiga??pislet?n Tk' lhl D3 Beverly Halh': CEM" Encshgyn Texas,- Ensign Dawson, John F., HA, Lonoke, Ark.; Ensign Barnes, Leo, 8A, I ., ' ' " nSIgn oc ' ames W" , ansa ' . Mo.,- 2nd Lt. Folker, John E., 11B, Ber e f' Id N J. E ' AtkW Russell W., Clyde 5., Jr., ma, Spartanburg, s. c.,- EnSIgn Barnes, William R., 11c, Austin, 10c, Maroo, llls.,- 2nd Lt. MeHler, DongE,n1IZAI Fo'rmgso "33:5 "15' gAm-arn-aTW Page 196 0.; Ensign C., 120, sign Luff, ich. . . . 2, Max B., sign Fuini, k, Wash,- :I F,, 120 Y.,- Ensign n.,- Ensign Bend, Ind. A couple of cadets ore ocquoiming Two Waves with some of The finer points of flying. FIRST ROW: 2nd Lt. Steele, Donald E., 12A, Cincinnati, Ohio; 2nd L1. thhews, Lyle B., Jr., 12A, Wmerloo, Iowa,- Ensign Redman, Lawrence J., 128, Topeka, Kons.; Ensign Parks, Donald, HD, Pacific Grove, Colif.; Ensign Roberts, Donald 0., 12C, Albuquerque, N. Mex.,- 2nd Lt. Carson, Jack, 11c, Lindsay, OkI0-; 2nd Lt. Markovich, Mike, 12A, Garfield, N. J.; Ensign Peterkin, Ernesf J- Cu 118; Anchorage! Alaska,- Ensign Winston, Joe 0., HA, Gainesville, Flo.; Ensign New, George 5., 12B, Leavenworth, Kcns.,- 2nd Lt. Wilson, Kenneth A., HC, REd Bonk, N. J.,- Ensign Felker, Harry F., HC, Tomoquo, Penn. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Crane, John C., MD, Fennville, Mich; Ensign Wikman, Dale R-, HE, Minenopolis, Minn.; Ensign Shanks, Wesley E., HB, Los Ageles, Colif.; 2nd U. Glauser, George W., HC, Montpelier, Idaho; 2nd Lt. Lueck, Norman N., 12A, Cannon Falls, Minn,- Ensign Slater, Edward L, 1A, Berkeley, Calif.; Ensign Gullickson, Cecil F., 12D, West Allis, Wis.; Ensign Lee, Whitney E., MD, Donna, Texcs; 2nd Lt. Merfleld, Charfes T., HD, Ft. Worth, Texas; Ensign Kaney, John M., MD, Alameda, COIif.; Ensign Wolfe, Sherman E., 9D, Alexandria, Nebr. THIRD ROW: Ensign Osborne, Bruce, 12C, Chicago, Ills.,- Ensign Roderick, David M., Jr., IOD, Seattle, Wash; Ensign Love, David K., HD, Beverly Hills, Colif.,- Ensign Bunch, C. W., 9D, Hart, Mich; 2nd Lt. McKay, R. C., 128, Knoxville, Iowa,- Ensign Gorrell, L. H., MD, Mexico, Mo; Ensign Wallerstedf, R. H., 12A, Des Moines, Iowa; Ensign Williford, B. E., HC, Houston, Texas; Ensign Broha, L. M., HC, Pinckneyville, llls.; Ensign Miller, C. E., HB, Van Nuys, Colif.,- Ensign Gordon, H. W., HA, Duluth, Minn.; Ensign Hoif, J. K., HB, Oakland, Calif. Page 199 FIRST ROW: Ensign Churchfleld, George R., HC, East McKee'sporf, Fenn.; 2nd Lf. Darcy, Charles, HD, Jamaica Plcxin, Moss.; Ensign Bofson, Rex E., 12A, Boonville, 1nd,,- 2nd Lt. Cullins, George H., HC, Burbank, Colif,; Ensign Custer, Robert E., HD, Detroit, Mich,- Ensign Williams, Henry E., Jr., 12D, Tampa, Flo.; Ensign Borden, Richard D., 12C, Junction, Texas; Ensign Joseph, Jack J., MD, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Mix, William R., 1C, San Gabriel, COIif.,- Ensign Hcrfson, Frederick W., 128, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Grzyb, Leonard, 120, Detroit, Mich.,- Ensign GrimmeH, Charles D., HA, Lake Worth, Flo. SECOND ROW: Ensign Roider, Robert F., 128, Morshfield, Wis.; 2nd Lt. Collins, Jack 8., 7B, Pittsburg, Kons.,- 2nd Lt. Jennings, Willis E., MD, Leipsic, Ohio; 2nd Lt. Owen, Delmar A., 12E, Burchord, Nebr.; Ensign Wilson, Raymond, JUNE : 1944 i F.RST ROW: Ensign Morrish, William R., 12C, Clio, Mich,- Enslgn Wolfe, James C. F., 12C, Saginaw, Mich.; Ensign Mastbuum, William E., HD, Dayton, Ohio,- Ensign Rich, John L., 12C, Detroit, Mich.; 2nd Lt Opeka, Francis C., MD, Des Plaines, llls.; Ensign McGillick, John J., 12C, St. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Sioberg, Donald E., 118, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Berardinelli, Daniel R., MD, Dorchester, Moss.; Ensign Novofny, Charles, HB, New York, N. Y.; Ensign Cheatham, Donald C., 12A, Birmingham, Ala.; Ensign Hermann, Edward F., MD, Hibbing, Minn.,- Ensign McCarthy, Desmond E., 118, Oakland, Calif. . SECOND ROW: Ensign Weiss, Samuel, 128, San Francisco, Calif.; 2nd Lt. Miller, Roland R., HC, St. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Wilke, John R., HB, Allston, Mass; Ensign Schultze, Harold E., 10C, New York, N. Y.,- Ensign Webster, 10C, DeRroif, Iv.ich.; Ensign Bedinger, George W., 123, Liberty, Mo.; Ensign Basiley, James P., MD, Port Clinton, Ohio; Ensign Mitchell, Philip C., 12D, Princeton, Ky.; Ensign Marvin, James A., 12A, Lansing, Mich.; Ensign Luff, Gene 5., 12D, Tulsa, Okla; Ensign Scully, Charles E., MD, Defroif, Mich. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Wright, Walter, 10D, Flint, Mich.; Ensign Willhiie, Max 3., 113, Albany, Colif.; Ensign James, Eldon R., MD, Detroit, Mich.,- Ensign Faini, Vi'ro A., 128, Salem, Ohio; Ensign Danforfh, Jack E., 12D, Silverdale, Wash,- Ensign England, William 0., 12C, Louisiana, Mo.; Ensign Wick, Clifford F., 12C, Hempstead, N. Y.,- 2nd Lt. lvison, Maynard T., 12C, New York, N. Y.,- Ensign Koski, L. J., 11C, Eveleth, Minn.; Ensign Russ, M. B., 12E, Hibbing, Minn.; Ensign Worn, W. M., 12D, Chicago H'ts, llls.; Ensign Olson, G. 0., 10C, South Bend, Ind. Edwcrd J., MD, Waterloo, Iowa; Ensign Curry, Thomas E, II, 113, East Green- wich, R. 1.; 2nd Lt. Shank, James W., 12A, Keedysville, Md.; 2nd Lt. Regan, Philip H., 118, Salem, Moss.; 2nd Lt. Brown, Edward E., HC,, Taunton, Moss.; 2nd Lt. Brown, Richard K., IOA, Seattle, Wash; Ensign Kuhle, Robert 5., IOD: Alhambra, Calif. . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Bischoff, Kenneth v., NC, Middleton, Wis.; 2nd Lt. Dodson, J. E., MD, Terre Haute, Ind.; Ensign Loomis, D. C., 12C, New York, N- Y4 21"! L1. Miller, R. A., HC, Lyons, Nebr.; Ensign Stalker, W. J., IOD, CIOWOD, N- Y.; Ensign Frisbie, C. N., HA, New Orleans, Lon; Ensign Prose, V. L, 12A! Chicago! HlS-; Ensign Beaman, D. K., HC, Laredo, Texas; Ensign Heatson, E- w., ND, Hershey, Nebr.; EnSign Hill, H. H., 118, Gregory, 5. Dok.; Ensign Strauss, J. L., HB, San Quentin, Colif.; 2nd Lt. Stockbridge, D. 5,, 11B, Baltimore, Md- Page 198 N-WZJZdoU: FIRST ROW: Ensign Guinfer, John R., 1A, Akron, Ohio; Ensign Burbero, Weiser, Idaho,- Ensign Breaux, Marc C., 12D, Lafayette, L0,; Ensign Marcinak, Edward A., 12A, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Clay, LuMont E., NE, Atlanta, Nebr.; Eugene M., 12E, Lodi, Calif.,- Ensign Handel, Arthur J., Jr., 12E, Lodi, C0lif.; . . Ensign Stevens, Richard L, 12E, Logan, Utah, Ensign Henley, Harold, 1A, Son EnSIgn B'bby' J; T" 1A1. Portsmouth, Ohio ' ' THIRD ROW: Ensngn Hopkl ns, Francisco, Colif.,- Ensign Ridler, Robert W., 1A, East Orange, N. J.,- Ensign Wilson, Leo. P" 118' Dlxon' COI'f'; Ens'gn Mcponuld' Pewey G" 1A' Alomleda, COM'; R bert F 12D Queneme Kans- Ensi n Berfram Mohlon H 12A Chico o Ills. Ensugn Rutter, Paul, 12D, Midland, MlCh.; EnSIgn Farguhar,, Francus B., 10D, 0 ' ' f " g ' " ' . g '. " Washington, D. C.; Ensign Wofford, James D., MD, Taylor, Texas; Ensign King, ' SECOND ROW: En5lgn Taylor, Mell, 12A! Fremont, Utah; Ensign Robinson, Linden K., 123, Wichita, Kos.; Ensign Sheldrew, John A., 123, EmmeTT, Idaho; Theodore, 723, MOFFOW, Ohio; Ensign COSfenl Wesley Au HD, Detroit, Midi; Ensign Leighton, John W., 11D, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Brownlee, Marcellus F., Ensign Udell, Eugene, 12C, Philadelphia, Penn.,- Ensign Lesh, William A., ND, 128, Arcadia, Wis.; Ensign Marek, John P., 12C, Saginaw, Mich. JINE 7, 1944 "WWWWWW. .w WNW"... , FIRST ROW: Ensign Hodkinson, Frances W., HD, Ferndale, Mich.; Ensign Abel, Minor F., Jr., 12E, Grafton, W. V0.5 Ensign Weisendanger, Cgrl F., 1.23, Hartmann Arthur L. Jr. 12E Sf. Louis Mo.- Ensign McNeoI, Don F., HA, National City, Calif.; Ensign Conlan, RIc-hard, 12C, Tounton, MISS.; Ensugn . . I . ' ,. I . I I - - Warren, Donald L., 12A, Portland, Ore.; Ensxgn Barron, E. B., Jr., 12E, Overland Lomsvulle, KY4 Ensngn Felld' JUl'un W., 120 DOHCW Texas; Ensign Gldnfw' Park, Kcms. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Riddle, James E., 12D, Hot Springs, Ark.,- Herbert A., 12A, Pittsburgh, Penn.; Ensign Stuart, Ned W., 11D, Monroe, WIs.; Ensign Bourne, William G., 12A, White Plains, N. Y.,- Ensign Sill, James F., Ensign Moody, Dean C., HC, Olympia, Wash; Ensign Shackelford, JOhn 5" i2D, Piffsburg, Kansas; Ensign Weihle, Kenneth M., 12D, Lyons, Kans.; Ensign 12D, Mobile, AIO- - . - SECOND ROW: Ensign Michael, Boyd D., 1281 Newholl, Naiewicz, Joseph A., 128, Arnold, Penn.; Ensign Robar, Roberf C., 12C, Detroit, Mich; Ensign Russell, Phillip E., 1C, Glencoe, Ills.,- Ensign Luursen, Henry G., Colif.,- Ensign Gordon, Edwin, 12A, Dallas, Texas; Ensign Befus, Edward P., 10C, Oshkosh, Wis.,- Ensign Hand, Fran E. III, ND, North Hollywood, Colif.,- Ensign RWak WNW x m HC, Benwick, lcwo, Page 201 ?: V vng MN W; W2 n FIRST ROW: Ensign Fiteni, Louis M., 1C, DeTroiT, Mich; 2nd Lf. Wooley, Herbert H., 12A, Pickerington, Ohio; Ensign Tokarsky, Eugene B., 12D, Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign Wilfinger, Edward H., 12E, Chicago, Hls.,- Ensign Zumpf, Frank, 12C, Chicago, Ills.,- Ensign Tegel, Paul A., 12E, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign Crowley, Walter F., 12B, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Ensign Mofeika, Donald Q., 12C, Denver, Co'o.; 2nd L1. Gilbert, Harold L, 12A, Coquille, Ore.,- Ensign Leider, Gregory JA, IA, Fredonio, Wis. . . SECOND ROW: 2nd Lt. Dial, Oliver E., HC, Alton, Ills.,- 2nd Lt. Sheldon, Arvid K., 12D, Seattle, Wosh.,- 2nd Lt. Porter, Perry W., Jr., 12D, Unionville, Mo.,- 2nd Lt. Zelmer, John J., 12A, Soulf Ste Marie, Mich; 2nd Lt. Kenny, Donald 5., 12C, Steele, N. Dok.; Ensign Ables, Luther R., 12A, Jacksonville, Texas,- 2nd Lt. Orme Edward L, 12A, Indianapolis, Ind.; 2nd Brayton, Robert L., HC, Hunter, N. Dok.,- Ensign Stoker, James M., 12A, Kansas City, M0,; Ensign Smith, Robert W., 12C, Lubbock, Texas; 2nd L1. Streit, Gerald F., 12D, Tipfon, Kons. . . A THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Corr, Jarrett F., HC, Honolulu, T. H.,- 2nd Lt. Doigh, Harold D., 12C, Hynes, Colif.; 2nd Lt. Osborn, David D., 118, Garrison, N. Y.,- 2nd Lt. Lester, Henry C., 12A, MorfinsviHe, VCL; 2M! U" Abrahams, Charles W., 128, Winterset, Iowa; Ensign Young, Stanley 5., 123: Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Kohl, Leonard A., ND, Crete, Nebr.; 2nd Lt. Agnos, John 3., 12C, Kansas City, Mo.; 2nd Lt. Bundurski, William R., 12B, DowogiGC, Mich,- 2nd LT. Edwards, Delmar L, 12C, Thompson Falls, Mont Page 200 Sherry, n, N. Y.; hnny 5., 1k, 110, Texas; Idon C., O, 1115.; ohn A., FIRST ROW: 2nd Lt. Moore, Charles P,, 12A, Detroit, Mich,- Ensign Maurath, Robert R., 12A, Moywood, 1115.; 2nd Lt. Gillespie, Earl W.', 12A, Chicago, llls.; Ensign McGovern, Thomas P., 12A, Denver, Colo.; 2nd Lt. Koelling, Henry F., 11D, Park Ridge, 1115.; 2nd Lt. Henderson, Howard J., Jr., 11A, Rochester, N. Y.; 2nd U. Kitfield, David B., 10D, Hartford, Conn.,- Ensign Tarski, Henry J., IOB, Flint, Mich.; 2nd Lt. Smith, Howard E., 11D, Brighton, Colo. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Lyon, Don G., 11D, Monticello, Iowa,- Ensign St. Lawrence, Robert F., 110, Fitchburg, Moss.; Ensign Waldroup, John C., 118, Burlington, Moss.; Ensign Bieck, Arthur T., 128, Troy, N. Y.; Ensign Hurt, John J., Jr., 128, Chicago, le.; of the swimming pool of Kingsville with The cadet barracks and athletic field in The background. Ensign Corra, Clarence F., 128, Des Plaines, 1115.; Ensign Goodman, Kenneth W., 128, East Alton, 1lls.,- Ensign Herndon, Harold R., 11D, Shelley, Idaho; Ensign Paridy, Stephen R., 123, East ST. Louis, llls,,- 2nd Lt. Nichols, Brayton C., 11C, Chicago, Ills. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Tedds, Jack 5., 12C, W011ed Lake, Mich; Ensign Stark, Richard H., 12C, Princeton, Minn.; 2nd Lt. Rogers, Robert L, 12A, Winnetko, 1113.; 2nd Lt. Behrendt, Leo, 12A,, Chicago, 1113.; Ensign Barnes, Richard L, 12A, Medina, Wosh.; Ensign Tarlton, Richard C., Jr., 12C, Santa Monica, Calif.; Ensign Cavanaugh, Robert H., Jr., 118, Alameda, Calif.; Ensign Bray, John E., Jr., 128, San Francisco, Calif.; Ensign Tuffanelli, George T., 12C, Bellwood, Ills. Page 203 WWW AWW x FIRST ROW: Ensign Mengelkamp, Richard A., 12C, Denver, Colo.; Ensign Merilluf, Carl M., 11D, Elk Rapids, Mich; Ensign Leinweber, Elmer J., Jr., 12A, Hondo, Texas; Ensign Chandler, Deon C., 11C, Mitchellville, lowc; Ensign Wade, Laurence J., Jr., 12A, Winneticc, 1115.; Ensign Dunielson, Robert W., 12C, Minneapolis, Minn,- Ensign Davis, John 0., 1A, New York, N. Y.,- 2nd Lt. Keeling, Harvey A., Jr., 12A! Franklin, 1nd. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Saulbury, James E., 12A, Bigfork, Mont,- Ensign Preotor, Rodney 15., 11C, Windsor, 1115.; Norbert J., 12D, Gaylord, Mich,- Daniel F., Ensign Holewinski, Ensign Potter, 11D, I0, FIRST ROW: Ensign Wade, Howard M., 1A, Valentine, Nebr.,- Ensign Childs, Nuel 1., 12D, Ft. Worth, Texas; Ensign Ramirez, Jackson F., 128, Yubo City, Calif.; Ensign Kern, David E., 12E, Cincinnati, Ohio; Ensign Baker, William T., 1A, Oakland, Colif.,- 2nd Lt. Bodecky, Joseph V., 11D, Howell's, Nebr.; 2nd Lt. Becmer, William L., 12A, Grosse PoinTe Forms, Mich,- 2nd 1?. Boudreaux, Donald L, 1OC,, St. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Petitin, George P., Jr., 12C, Yonkers, N. Y. . . SECOND ROW; Ensign Hosek, John J., Jr., 1A, Victoria, Texas; Ensign Tillman, Frederick 5., 12E, Astoria, L. 1., N. Y.; Ensign MacArthur, Grant L, 1A, Salt Lake City, Utah; Ensign Walker, John G., 11D, Bonduronf, Iowo; Ensign Milton, WMW wmkmyw ,2? Reno, Nev.; Ensign Eng, Homer J., 12C, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Sherry, Robert C., 18, Rosedale, L. 1., N. Y.; Ensign Sirdevan, Donald J., 18, Olson, N. Y,- 2nd Lt. Costello, Keith W., 11D, Springfield, M0,; 2nd Lt. Khoury, Johnny 5., 108, Sulphur, Lo. . THIRD ROW: Ensign Wclker, Lawrence Uriak, 11D, Cerro Gordo, 1115.,- 2nd Lt. Willeford, Robert W., 12A, FT. Worth, Texas,- Ensign Duncan, Roscoe W., Jr., 11D, Portland, Ore.; 2nd Lt. Martin, Landon C., 12A, San Antonio, Texas; 2nd Lf. Mullaney, John J., 118, Chicago, 1115.,- 2nd Lt. McCain, Herbert A., 12A, Tulsa, Okla,- 2nd Lt. Willman, John A., 12A, Milwaukee, Wis.; 2nd Lt. Ruggles, Allen W., 113, Marion, Moss. Thomas 0., 12A, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign McKern, Roland L, 1A, Sacramento, Calif.; Ensign Hammer, Robert, 12E, Chicago, 1115.,- Ensign Snyder, Robert F., 18, Springfield, Ohio; Ensign Runsfrom, Richard, 18, Madison, Wis.; Ensign Ruoti, Anthony, 1C, Philadelphia, Penn THIRD ROW: Ensign Knoll, Philip A., Jr., 11D, Columbus, Ohio,- Ensign Barnes, Charles R., Jr., 113, Rosell Park, N. J.,- Ensign Burger, Robert E., 11D, Toledo, Ohio; Ensign Clark, Robert, 11D, Fresno, Calif.; Ensign Gerwert, James W., 11C, Pitfsburg, Kos.; Ensign Farley, Charles M., 123, New Brunswick, N. J.; Ensign Stevens, Lenhard A., 11D,, Oakland, Calif.; Ensign Rohbeck, Franklin K., 128, Gordnerville, Nev.; Ensign Farris, R. H., 128, Crosbyfown, Texas. Page 202 mam WWW 7.3m tags; 1944 1111 11C, Pomona, Colif.; 2nd Lt. Welsh, Stephen J., 11D, Peru, Ind.; Ensign Bell, Buel B., 12A, Huttiesburg, Miss.; 2nd Lf. Wolf, Gilbert N., 12A, St. Louis, Mo.; 2nd Lt. VanderKolk, Bernard J., 11D, Lafayette, lnd.; Ensign DeKeyser, Harold L, 12A, Geneva, Ills. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Pugh, Chester 5., 11D, Piedmont, Cctlif.; Ensign Rosegrant, Angelo J., Jr., 12A, ST. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Hummes, David A., 12C, Coleman, Wis.; Ensign Carroll, Derwood L, 12E, San Luis Obispo, FIRST ROW: Ensign Benes, William 0., Jr., 12A, Berwyn, 1115.; Ensign Edwards, George E., Jr., 11D, Brooksville, Flo.,- Ensign Rohr, Louis H., 12A, Burlington, Wis.; Ensign DeMuynck, Francis, 110, Kansas City, Kans.; 2nd Lt. Gay, James W., 12A, ST. Albans, Vt; Ensign Weller, Orvin H., 12E,' Maple Hill, Iowa,- Ensign Janousek, Roberf J., 11D, Ellsworth, Kons.,- 2nd Lt. Wall, John E., 12A, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Ensign Fowler, John C., Jr., 128, North Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Dodd, Walter F., 11C, Paris Crossing, Ind. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Brett, Arthur 0., 1A, San Marino, Calif.,- 2nd Lt. Wildman, Ralph H., 11D, Rock Island, Colif.; Ensign Coleman, Joseph P., 128, Arlington, Moss,- Ensign Wiegand, Robert E., 11D, Toledo, Ohio; Ensign Terhune, Clyde 0., 11D, Waterloo, Iowo; Ensign Coleman, James E., 12D, Connersville, lnd.,- 2nd Lt. Youse, Don C., 11D, Morkle, Ind.; Ensign Shuberf, Jack C., 11D, West Branch, Mich. 1115.; Ensign Solomon, Ellsworth, 1C, Cincinnati, Ohio; Ensign Berryman, Verne, JUNE 17, 1944 7, Mai. .. mWM wwmwm Jackson, William A., 11D, Oakland, Calif.; 2nd Lt. Sprowls, Walter C., 128, Muskegon, Mich; Ensign Sheldon, Jack E., 12A, Dallas, Texas . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Sfooksberry, Robert l., 12A, Granite, Okla; Ensign Sfefuniak, Rudolph L, 12A, Ecorse, Mich; Ensign Bollinger, Raymond L., 128, Kansas City, Mo.,- Ensign McKnight, Karl, Jr., 11C, Winchester, Ky.,- Ensign Kachig, Metro, 128, Youngstown, Ohio; Ensign Tuttle, Wylie F. L, Jr., 11C, New York, N. Y.; 2nd Lf. Roper, George K., 128, Richmond, Va. FIRST ROW: Ensign Seidel, William J., 12A, Harvey, 1115.; Ensign 569, Herbert M., 12A, Kankakee, llls.,- Ensign Kollsen, Homer D., 11D, South English, IOWO; Ensign Rufherfordeohn H., 128, Chicago, 1115.; Ensign Wood, Lynn A-, 12C, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Becker, Harold J. R., 12A, New Haven, Conn.,- En51'3" Turner, Willard K., 12A, Somerville, N. J. . . . SECOND ROW: 2M1 1.1. Smith, Burneal E., 11D, Springfield, Ohio; 2nd Lt. Murphy, Joseph, 12A, Canon City, C010.,- 2nd Lt. Jamison, George E., 11D, Cleveland, Ohio,- 2nd Lt. nwmmw 1 . , Wm WM cmnwwm 'NNMW .mW1 ' . 1.1me 4kwwfm1MM FIRST ROW: Ensign BlancheHe, John M., MD, Cambridge, Mass,- Ensign McElwee, Howard L., 12A, West Carrollton, Ohio,- Ensign Robers, William J,, 11D, Auburn, Maine; Ensign Merchant, Edwin W., 12A, Oklahoma City, Okla; Ensign Burd, Virle B., 11D, Trenton, Nebr.,- Ensign McCoy, Thomas W., 12A, Woodland, Calif.; 2nd Lt. Meyer, Robert F., 12A,, Minneapolis, Minn.; 2nd Lt. Murchall, Frederick A., 11D, Brookfield, 1115.,- 2nd Lt. McGee, John B., 128, Reno, Nev.,- 2nd Lt. Miller, Robert F,, 128, Ottawa, Kas. . SECOND ROW: Ensign Monaghan, Phillip L., 12A, San Pedro, Calif,- Ensign Chapman, Burdehe .1., 128, Connersville, 1nd.; Ensign Gyger, Civil 5, 12C, Rocky Ford, Co1o.; Ensign Codef F. E. Johnson receives several Christmas packages loaded post office. Wilcox, Roger T., 11D, Lansing, Mich,- Ensign Holt, Jay F., MD, Pittsburg, Kons.; Ensign Jacobson, Gale M., 11A, Albion, Nebr.; 2nd Lt. Buck, David H., 11C, Houston, Texas,- 2nd Lt. Corcoran, Clement T., 113, Kansas City, Mo.; 2nd Lt. Cotes, Charles C., Jr., 11C, Bay City, Texas . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Daniels, Jack T., 11D, Nogoles, Ar1iz.; Ensign Orr, Earl A., 118, Albion, Penn.; Ensign Harris, Jack, 11D, Chicago, 1115.; 2nd Lt Bri'n, Lloyd P., HB, Sanger, Colif.; Ensign Davis, Roger E., 11D, Ottumwo, Iowa,- Ensign Dorries, Karl R., Jr., 118, Hoverford, Penn.; Ensign Jordon, Richard G., 12E, ST. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Koehler, Jack L, 118, Wenofchee, Wash,- 2nd Lt. Haring, Donald 6., 12C, G1en Rock, N. J.,- 2nd Lt. Wilson, George M., 128, New York, N. Y. ', Iowa,- R., MD, John B., I Janke, , Penn; J., 12A, This rare view shows lucky Cadet Lindsay getting his laundry bock offer so many weeks-? FIRST ROW: Ensign McClenny, Dan C., 12B, Emporio, Kons.; 2nd Lt. Brongersma, Robert L, 12D, Muskegon Heights, Mich.,- 2nd Lt. Bruner, Robert L., MD, Newton, Kons.; Ensign Beardmore, Carlos M., MD, Mankofo, Kons.,- Ensign Lyons, George, HC, Swompscotf, Mass.; Ensign Taylor, Burney J., 10C, Mexico, N. Y.,- 2nd Lt. Miller, Arthur C., MD, Cleveland, Ohio; 2nd Lt. Terrell, Luther T., Jr., 12E, New Rochelle, N. Y.; 2nd Lt. Grosh, John 5., Jr., 12D, Portland, Ore.; Ensign Young, Fred A., 7A, Seattle, Wash. . . . SECOND ROW: 2nd Lt. Zimmerman, John T., 12C, Le Center, Minn.,- 2nd Lt. Russell, Sheldon H., HC, Cambridge, Minn.; Ensign McClure, Robert L., 12A, Welch, Okla; Ensign Bowman, Paul F., Jr., 12C, West Newton, Mass.,- Ensign Graves, Robert 5., 12D, lnmon, Kans.,- Ensign Thurston, Albert E., 12D, Helena, Mont; Ensign lhlenfeldf, Leo J., 12A, Kirkland, Wash,- Ensign Crummy, Earle L, 12C, Minneapolis, Minn,- Ensign O'Donnell, Daniel J., MD, Billings, Mont; Ensign Gerdel, John P., 11C, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Kinosian, John R., 12A, Piffsburg, Calif. . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Miller, William A., 12A, Sebastopol, Calif.,- Ensign Gray, Cecil B., 12D, Stamford, Texas; 2nd Lt. Duncan, James R., 123, Mikado, Mich,- 2nd Lt. Happersberger, Stanley C., 12B, San Anselmo, Colif.,- Ensign Chace, Earland P., HC, New Bedford, Mass.; Ensign Coughlen, James F., HA, Norwood, Ohio; Ensign Smith, Mark R., Jr., 10D, Glodewater, Texas,- Ensign Holligan, William M., 18, Amsterdam, Ohio; Ensign Galella, Eugene, HA, Memphis, Tenn.; 2nd Lt. Haines, Frederick B., 12D, Vermont, Ills. Page 207 FIRST ROW: Ensign Epperly, Wayne, 11D, Shell Knob, Mo.; Ensign Fritz, John l.., 12A, Blosdell, N. Y.; Ensign Yafes, Frank L, Jr., 12D, Dallas, Texas; 2nd Lt. Toudouze, Charles A., 12D, San Antonio, Texas,- Ensign Johnson, John F., 12A, IndianapoHs, 1nd,,- Ensign Hardman, James T., 11D, Topeka, Kons.,- Ensign Odell, Albert G., 11D, Quincy, Ills.; Ensign Myers, Rutherd, 11D, 51. Louis, Mo. . . . SECOND ROW: 2nd Lt. Gruybeal, David W., 11D, Anselmo, Nebr.; 2nd Lt. Graf, David P., 11D, Springfield, Mo.,- 2nd Lt. Gray, Harold Z., 11D, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Harsma, Robert J., 12A, Oneida, N. Y.; Ensign lngels, Roland T., 44444 44, 1444 , wmmxwwww ,M 4 8; i 3 'Fl-RST ROW: 2nd Lt. Fredericks, Owen C., 12D, Petolumo, Colifu Ensign Mafihe W111l0m L., 12D, Evansville, Ind; Ensign Hodson, Robert S. 15D C011 C l'wa, Ersign Nicholson, William E., Jr, 12D, CenferviHe A1o- Elnsi onLl 1:! .1. Richard T., 12D, Sfeelville, Mo.; Ensign Lusk, 'Harrle 11A ngn am en, Ensngn Baldwin, Edward J., 11C, Inglewood, Colif.; 2nd'lLt Aluthogmoqdllls.; 1'2D, Washington, D. C. Ensign McMas'rer, Alan, 118, Schene'cfod IN era; "BI, tlaverm-c;lre,Al:ober:E Ml"2 12D, Maplewood, N. J SECONIEI RC'DW'f. E233: ngw: , erf ., B, F 4 ' 1 Texas; 2nd Lt COWdreYI $422022; EnSIgn Behonnon, Woodrow, 12C, Lufkin, 128, Pontiac, M1Ch.' Ens' Frank D., 11C, Allentown, Penn.; Ensign McCormack Br;ce Plgn1gen13een$GChl , ., , rrcm, Texas; 2nd Lt. Harrison, Benicmin, 11C, El Cerrito Calif.; 128, Pacific Palisades, Colif.; Ensign Klaessy, Dale 5., 11D, Spencer, Iowa; Ensign Butler, Donald D., 11D, Warsaw, Incl.,- Ensign Anderson, Gerard R., 11D, New York, N. Y.; Ensign Boyce, Frank C., 11C, Jefferson City, Mo. . THIRD ROW: Ensign Slade, Byron J., 12D, Stafford, Kons.,- Ensign Thomas, John 8., 12C, Chicago, 1115.,- Ensign Galaf, Frank L, 10D, Port Huron, Mich.,- Ensign Janke, John R., 11C, Glenside, Penn.,- Ensign Keese, James, 11C, Philadelphia, Penn.,- 2nd Lt. Michie, Troy W., 12A, Pitfsburg, Kons.; 2nd Li. Morgan, John D., 12A, Moline, Kcms.,- Ensign Harfer, John A., 12E, Poffsfown, Penn. 12A, Kansas Ci1y, MO-i 2nd U' 3011' Roberf :1 2nd Lt. Halenkomp, Arthur J., 123: MinneGPOI'SI Mm II Emign Davjs, DaVid 5-, 128, Toledo, Ohio; 2nd Lt. Guffleischl Milton R" 120,, Woseco, an.; 2nd Lt. Baker, Ellsworth J., 11C, Seattle, Wash. . . . THIRD R0 1 ?;d U. Pfxcheu, Jacque 8., 128, Ville Platte, 1.0.; 2nd Lt. Bloomer: Donald M" . B, Boys:de, N. Y.; 2nd Lt. Deghi Fischer, John, I Pork, Mich; 2nd Lt. Larson, Jonjes R., 128, Obelin, Kons.; Ensign Albrecht, Gordon C., 12D, Muncie, Kons. Page 206 Angelo H., 118, Santa Rosa, Colif.; 2nd U1 12A, Clifton Heights, Penn.; 2nd Lt. Law, HCIrOId F., HD' H0111: Thomas C., 11D, Inglewood, Colif.; 2nd U' Be 51 Ensign B1air, William G., IOCI Tyler' Wt, 11D, Bismarck, N. Dok.; Ensign KirbY4 James " popular FIRST ROW: Ensign Rodgers, Robert L, 10A, Hogersfown, McL; Ensign Martin, Gabriel C., 11D, Merced, Cclif.; Ensign Stoll, Philip A., 12C, Perham, Minn.; Ensign Swensen, Moyland R., 1A, Peorlcmd, Texas; Ensign Yarbough, Billy- G., 120, Baird, Texas; Ensign DeBoe, Jake W., 11D, Honford, Colif.; Ensign Donelan, John E., 110, Colby, Kans.,- Ensign Cooksley, Joseph A., 11C, Edgerfon, Minn.; Ensign Bast, Joseph H., Jr., 12D, Hawthorne, Calif.,- Ensign Brunson, Jimmie H., 100, Henderson, Texas . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Clendaniel, Lindsay E., 10B, Denton, Md.; Ensign Sepper, Frank, 128, New York, N. Y.; Ensign Ferrel, Willis F., 123, Gravef're, Ark.; Ensign Spurlock, Elton L, 1C, Hillisfer, Texas; Ensign Gamboni, Walter J., 128, Afherton, Calif.,- Ensign Calluway, Oliver, 11D, Alice, Texas; FIRST ROW: Ensign Taylor, Martin T., 113, San Jose, Calif.; 2nd Lt. Nelson, Robert E.; 11D, Elmwood Park, IHs.,- 2nd Lt. Gill, Robert C., 11C, Kansas City, Kans.,- 2nd Lt. Kidder, H. Lloyd, 11D, Polo Alto, Calif.; Ensign Moeller, Willis H., 11D, Fort Dodge, Iowa,- 2nd Lt. Norman, Robert R., 12A, Port Arthur, Texas,- Ensign McClure, Kenneth W., 123, Lincoln, Nebr.,- 2nd Lt. Connerly, Frederick 0., 12B, Asheville, N. C.,- Ensign Nearman, Leonard M., 11D, Elk Point, S. Oak; Ensign Fleming, RoberiL L., 12D, San Diego, Calif. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Jandrey, Elton K., 11D, Appleton, Wis.; Ensign Kinstler, Jacob E. III, 10A, Lucasville, Ohio; Ensign Kemp, Edward H., Jr., 11D, Acworth, C30,; Ensign Johnston, Kenneth K., Ensign Darley, Richard M., 12B, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Stuhr, Robert E., 121D, Shelby, Ohio; Ensign Hanlon, Robert W., 12E, Sigourney, Iowa; Ensign Phifer, Paul C., 12B, Kansas City, Kos.,- Ensign Janssen, Robert J., 11D, Eddyville, lowa . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Vinyard, Vernon D., 11D, White Hall, Ills.,- Ensign Reed, Fale, 128, Chicago, llls.,- Ensign Ives, Ardon R., 11D, Rockford, Mich.,- Ensign Monfee, Walter, 12E, Byron, Mich, Ensign Wood Clyde D., Jr., 1A,, Birmingham, Ala.; Ensign Scott, Ernest 2., Jr., 12A, Dallas, Texas,- Ensign Kearns, William H., 12A, Boston, Mass.; Ensign Jones, Edward D., 11D, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Wainscoff, Floyd A., 12A, Flinf, Mich.,- Ensign Franklin, Thomas M., 110, 5' 1944 MM 2l, 12B, Frankfort, Kons.; Ensign King, Thomas H., 128, Fall River, Moss.; Ensign King, John K., 11D, Kansas City, Kons.; Ensign Pearson, Andrew 5., Jr., 1213, Hutchinson, Kons.,- 2nd Lt. Farrand, Philip 5., 128, Jackson, Mch.; Ensign Zeglis, Andrew M., 11B, Spring Valley, Ills. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Repphan, Robert H., 11C, Evansville, Ind.,- Ensign Knaus, Joseph, 110, Kansas City, Kas.; 2nd Lt. Appelfeller, Joseph E., 123, Mount Victory, Ohio; 2nd Lt. Dodenhoff, George H., 12A, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Ensign Thomas, Jimmie C., 12D, Ado, Okla; Ensign Deemer, Jonh H., Jr., 103, Norristown, Penn.; Ensign Davis, Grady T., Jr., 6B, 143G, Windsor, N. C.; 2nd Lt. Hinfz, Harold, 128, Elmwood Park, llls. Page 209 , 7; FIRST ROW: 2nd Lt. McClosky, John K., 12A, Fall River, Moss.; Ensign Dunbar Darle A., 12C, Websfer City, Iowa,- Ensign Collins, Hallie E., HB, Oklahoma, City, Okla; Ensign Newman, Dale R., IA, Marfelle, Iowa,- 2nd LT. Roberts Eugene E., HA1 Oklahoma City, Okla.,- Ensign Freeman, Allen H., HC, Wobonl Mass.; Ensign Christopher, Russell A., ND, Beloi'r, Wis.,- Ensign Langhout, Ivan J., HA, Luverne, Minn.,- Ensign Templeton, Arthur R., HA, Alameda, Colif.; Ensigr; Lewis, Walter E., 12A, Azusa, Calif. . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Nichols Gerald R., 12A, Flint, Mich.; Ensign Lasley, James M., MD, Purdy, Mo.- Ensign; Welch, Raymond, Jr., 12A, Modesto, Colif.; Ensign Laffin, Raymond 62., IQD South River, N. J.,- Ensign Lee, George E., 12A, Colfax, Wosh.; Ensign Tveitmoe Cadets going aboard The Woldron Field bus with orders To The popular advanced Bose Squadrons 16A and 16B. :wwya wa- Andrew, 12C, Berkeley, Calif.; Ensign Halverson, Merle V., 11C, HGHOCk' Minn; EnSign LeBlanc, Paul E., 12A, Boston, Moss.; Ensign Kneisel, George F, I?C' MHWOUkee' Wis.,- Ensign DeBarker, Donald D., 12D, Boulder, Colo.; Ensign Kner, Daniel L, 12c, Forest Park, Ills. . . . THIRD ROW; Ensign Day, James 6., 120 WQ'tOn, KY4 Ensign Brewer, Robert H., 12C, Cincinnati, Ohio; 2nd U. Alston, cu'Ym G" 12C! RGhWCYI N- J-; Ensign Savage, Francis J., 10C, New York, N- Y.; Ensugn Sherry, James D., 12C, Appleton, Wis.; Ensign Pregna", Henry D" 110' Charleston, 8. 0; Ensign Holtzclaw, Alvin H., 12D, Byers, Colo.,- Ensign Maxwell, Larry D., 12D, Manhattan, Kons.; Ensign Smiley, Vincent, 12D, Kansas City, MW Ensugn Lovelady, Rex, 120, Amarillo, Texas. Page 208 V. Y.; Ensign wr R., 12A, sign Warner, Woodfin E., 1ash.,- 2nd l1. rles R., 12C, Ensign Tyler, nkoto, Minn.; , William M., I111. War Orientation Center is one of the most popular plocesi'vin The Cadet Area. FIRST ROW: 2nd Lt. Diity, Jack F., 11D, Ashland, Ky.,- Ensign Koguf, Edmund, 12A, Flint, M1ch.,- Ensign Walsh, Joseph M., 12A, Salem, Mass.; 2nd Lt. Davis, James K., 128, Independence, Mo.; Ensign Rucker'r, John D., 18, Hasbrouck Heights, N. J.,- Ensign Kent, Glen R., Jr., 12A,, Houston, Texas,- Ensign Johansen, Harvey E., 10C, Albert Lea, Minn.; Ensign Becker, Henry G., 12D, Saginaw, Mich.,- Ensign Hemminger, Grant P., 110, Oak Harbor, Ohio; 2nd Lt. Crain, Eldon R., 12A, Vincennes, Ind. . SECOND ROW: Ensign Taylor, Kenneth M., 12D, Revere, M0554 EnSign Olden, Walter, 18, Cincinnati, Ohio; Ensign Whalen, Robert, 12E, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Nash, John M., Jr., 1A, Brea, Colif.,- Ensign Dunn, Theodore A., 1C, St. Clair, Mich.; Ensign McMurtray, Austin T., Wichita, Kcms.; Ensign Ambler, Joseph B., 12D, Mt. Pleasant, Mich.,- Ensign Mon, Basil J. F., Jr., 123, New York, N. Y.,- Ensign Liszak, Nicolay, 12D, Astoria, L. 1., N. Y.; Ensign Tiernan, Vincent C., 10D, New York, N. Y.,- 2nd Lt. Law, Milton E., 12C, Topeka, Kuns. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Swanson, John W., 13, Chicago, 1115.; Ensign Wildman, Everett L, 123, Miles City, Mont; Ensign Page, Henry M., 12A, Grosse Point 30, Mich.,- Ensign Lawrence, Bruce R., 123, Leavenworth, Kons.; Ensign Costello, James A., 10A, Washington, D. C.; 2nd Lt. Staunton, Thomas M., 128, Great Falls, Mont; 2nd Lt. Mazur, Mortimer, 128, New York, N. Y.; 2nd Lt. Miller, Mayo H., 123, Pleasanton, Colif.; 2nd lf. Hollon, Hugh E., 12D, Montgomery, Ala.; 2nd M. Thorson, Roy N., 128, Alhambra, Calif. Page 211 FIRST ROW: 2nd 1.1. Forward, Chauncey 8., 11D, Urbang, Ohio; 2nd L1. Schweppe, Paul R., 12A, Hammond, Ind.; Ensign Herd, Hemuel F., 128, Gold- water, Kons.; Ensign Jones, Albert L., 12C, Litchfield, 1115.; Ensign Hoenerhoff, Henry A., 128, St. Louis, Mo.,- 2nd Lt. Foster, William J., 11D, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Schultz, Ralph, 128, Detroit, Mich,- Ensign Goodman, Robert C., 11D, Vincennes, 1nd,; Ensign Petersen, Robert C., 12C, Mcnistee, Mich.; Ensign Wilson, Daryl L, 12D, Burr Oak, Kons. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Goffney, Leonard J., 12B, San Francisco, Calif.; Ensign Ufer, Alfred L., 1B, Deal, N. J.,- Ensign Bishop, Wilbur C., 12A, Lynn, Moss.; Ensign Vickers, Sydney 6., Jr., 128, New York, N. Y.,- Ensign Whitemon, Willis 0., 12D, Hoisingfon, Kons.; Ensign Orser, Ervin C., 12E, JUN1 21, 1944 .vaN-Wm xx FIRST ROW: 2nd Lt. Gibboney, William A., 11D, Tipp City, Ohio,- Ensign Black Roger L., 11D, Ot'rumwo, Iowa,- Ensign Larty, John E., 12A, Woodsville, N. H: Ensign Morrison, Irwin A., 12A, Chicago, 1115.,- Ensign Hansen, Delbert R. 12A" Dallas, Texas; Ensign Clark, John W., 11C, Auburn, Ind.; 2nd L1. W,allacel Samuel A., ND, Joplin, Mo.,- Ensign Smith, Roy 15., 1B, Gosfonio, N. C Curtis H., 12A, Nickelsville, V0,; Ensign Ruppel, Albert L, . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Marble, William M., 11C, Jeffersonville 1nd- Ensign Saunders, Robert E., 9A, Seattle, Wash,- Ensign Knight, Donald W: 12AII Albany, Ore.,- 2nd Lt. Grey, Jack R., 12A, Aberdeen, Wash.; Ensign locklwood, John A., 11c, Centrolia, 1115.,- 2nd Lt. Dennis, Harrel J., 12A, Oak Park, 1115.1 .,- Ensign Mays: 11D, Glencoe, Mo. Page 210 2nd Lt. Reiter, ; mewmwa , Millwood, N. Y.,- 2nd Lt. Tolles, Edwin L., Jr., 128, Mount Vernon, N. Y.; Ensign Mullarkey, Thomas J., 128, Cincinnati, Ohio; 2nd Lt. Ernest, Arthur R., 12A, Chicago, 1115.; Ensign Vanderhoff, James F., 18, Denville, N. J.,- Ensign Warner, Robert E., 12D, Wheeling, Mo. . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Faucett, Woodfin E., 12A, Kansas City Kons.,- 2nd L1. Francisco, Richard L, 12A, Seattle, Wosh.,- 2nd Lt. Davis, Edmond E., Jr., 12D, Colfax, La.; 2nd Lt. O'Donnell, Charles R., 12C, Chicago, 1115.,- 2nd Lt. Kieffer, Robert P., 12A, Switzerland, S. C.,- Ensign Tyler, John D., 128, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Smith, Grant A., 12E, Mankofo, Minn.; Ensign Verstegen, Marvin M., 128, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Verbeck, William M., 128, Kansas City, Kos.,- Ensign Fleicher, LeRoy H., 12D, Sebastopol, Calif. Edward A., 118, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Davies, James W.. 10C, Detroit, Mich; 2nd Lt. Clary, James C., 11A, Macon, GO.; Ensign Evans, Harry R., 11C, Fort Worth, Texas; . . . THIRD ROW: Ensi Earl, 12A, Spokane, Wosh.,- 2nd Lt. Stephan, Robert S 11D, Jamesport, Mo.; Ensign Miner, Ensign Suddath, Robert L 12A, El Compo, Texas; Heitmonek, Frank H Ensign Buvens, Joseph A., 11C, Houston, Texas gn Havron, BillY Lee, 12A, Indianapolis, Ind.; 2nd Lt. Miller, 2nd Lt Harper, William A., 12A, Chicago, 1115.; ., 10C, Rochester, Minn.,- Ensign Edwards, Delbert H-I George D., Jr., 12C, Collegeville, Penn-; u 12A, Whitesboro, Texas,- 2nd Lt. Swanson, Frank 0-; Jr., Ensign Kedigh, William E., 12D, Urich, MO-i Ensign ., 11C, Polocios, Texas. FIRST ROW: Ensign Edel, George C. F., 1C, Ogden, Utah; Ensign Newberne, Paul M., 12E, Adel, Go.,- Ensign Leighfy, William G., 12E, Lowrenceville, 1115.,- Ensign Hornberger, Lalon D., 12C, Lansing Mich.; Ensign Crockeff, Howard R., 12E, Sunlond, Colif.,- Ensign Denhort, Oran H., 12D, Portland, Ore.; Ensign Galeno, Oscar, 12E, San Francisco, Calif.,- Ensign Maryniak, Edward, 1C, Rankin, Penn.,- Ensign Moore, Thomas C., 12D, Wichita, Kons.; Ensign Jonke, Rudolf, 1E, Chordon, Ohio . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Morella, Rocco R., Jr., 12D, San Jose, Colif.,- Ensign Andrews, John D., 12D, Logan, Utah; Ensign LoveH, Mark W., 18, San Benito, Texas,- Ensign Ayers, David L, 128, Gollotin, Mo.; Ensign Dixon, Francis C., 1D, Sag Harbor, L. l., N. Y.; Ensign Probsffield, Frank L, 12D, x x Www Nwmm 1 aw'wvwxxw - FIRST ROW: Ensign Bell, David V., 1A, San Francisco, Colif,,- Ensign Brown, Julian E., 12E, St. Paul, Minn.; Ensign Fouche, George C., 1A, Shreveport 1.0-; E"519n Cunnighum, Charles, 12D, Wichita, Kons.; Ensign Moy, Donald J., 1C, HC'YWOrd, Colif.; Ensign Woolsey, Donald 5., 12E, Little Rock, Ark.; Ensign Williams, John 8., 12B, Sausalito, Colif.; 2nd Lt. Krafff, Ralph C., 128, Oakland, COIif-i 2nd Lt. Canon, Leon E., 128, Moryville, Mo.; Ensign Palko, Michael J., 1C, Horrimon, Tenn.,- Ensign Orell, Robert G., 128, Warren, Ohio; Ensign Besse, Harlan F., Jr., 12C, Concord, N. H. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Green, Thomas A., 1C, Ripley, Tenn.,- Ensign Whitehead, James W., 11A, Jacksonville, Flo.,- Ensign chelwood, Robert C., 12D, Scarsdale, N. Y.; Ensign Vogel, Frank, 10D, Sheldon, Verona, Mo.; Ensign McWilliams, Roger W., 1A, Denville, N. J.; Ensign Royster, Laddie M., 12E, McMinnville, Tenn.; Ensign Hiser, Arthur B., 11D, Manhattan, Kans.,- Ensign Huntley, William H., 128, Inglewood, Calif.; Ensign Flynn, John M., 1A, West Ville Grove, N. J. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Young, Victor K., 1A, Charles City, Iowa,- Ensign Anderson, Billie P., 12C, Republican City, Nebr.; Ensign Malinic, Robert J., 1A, Pittsburgh, Penn.; Ensign Cunningham, Patrick F., 12D, Beaumont, Texas; Ensign Prescott, Edward H., 128, Des Moines, Iowa; Ensign Murray, Roy H., 11D, Cincinnati, Ohio; Ensign Scharff, Charles E., 12D, Burlington, Kans.; Ensign King, Thomas W., 12D, Chicago, Ills.,- Ensign Zselfvay, Robert R., 18, Yonkers, N. Y.,- EnSIgn Bea", HOWGId E., 12C, W01 ebo O, N. 1 . N w 94, Iowa; Ensign Cundiff, Paul R., 12D, Vineland, N. J.; Ensign Badrion, John E., 12C, Queens Village, N. Y.,- Ensign Sfambaugh, George, 10D, Lomifo, Calif.,- 2nd Lt. Huines, Edward H., Jr., 12D, Collingswood, N. J., 2nd Lt. King, Homer F., 128, Oak Park, llls.,- 2nd Lt. Glasgow, Keith W., 12D, Follett, Texas,- Ensign Gresk, Lawrence P., IA, Cudohy, Wis. THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Lentsch, Donald C., 12C, St. Paul, Minn.,- 2nd Lt. Twiss, Robert J., 12A, Horlingen, Texas,- 2nd Lt. Williams, Robert F., 128, Richmond, Vo.,- 2nd Lt. Cragg, Harold M., 12D, St. Paul, Minn.; 2nd Lt. Colmery, Harry W., Jr., 12C, Topeka, Kons.; 2nd U. Helgeson, Arnold H., 11D, Minot, N. Dok.; 2nd Lt. Sanders, Charles 8., 11, 12C, Montclior, N. J.,- Ensign Zahler, Reuben A., 11D, Madison, Wis.; 2nd Lt. Welsh, John L, Jr., 128, Lowrenceville, V0,,- Ensign Lamborn, William D., 12C, Short Hills, N. J. Page 213 Bock stage view of The cost rehearsing for The Wave Show "U. S. S. MXWWWV WW ,.. $$va FIRST ROW: Ensign True, S. M., Jr., 12A, Ploinview, Texas; Ensign Reed, Malcolm E., 12E, South Charleston, W. Vo.,- Ensign Lagergren, Alan E., Jr., 12D, Nutley, N. J.; Ensign Clark, Harry l., Jr., 12A, Rockford, llls.; Ensign Smith, Ralph R., 12A, Chompoign, llls.,- Ensign Smith, Kenneth W., 12E, Robeline, Lo.; Ensign Hammersley, Duane V., 128, Heoldsburg, Colif.; Lieut Wheaten, Carl R., 12A, Bar Harbor, Maine; Ensign Hight, William R., 128, Cincinnati, Ohio; Ensign Sanders, Edward L., 12B, Port Arthur, Texas,- Ensign Mays, Raymond L, 12C, Pasadena, Texas . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign BurfleH, Donald, HC, Belington, W. V0,,- Ensign Price, Oliver R., 12C, Springfield, M0,,- Ensign Burr, Walter E., 123, Dover, N. J.; Ensign Clarke, Douglas J., Jr., 123, Holmes, N. Y.; Ensign Lhoika, Howard R., HC, Bagley, Minn.,- Ensign Benton, Willis R., 1D, Mammoth Springs, Petticoat." Ark-i Ensign Chisnell, Roy W., 12C, Deorborn, Mich,- Ensign Lloyd, Harald A" 12A, Silsbee, Texas; Ensign Trombley, Philip R., 12C, Minneapolis, Minn.; 2nd Lt. Wiedeman, Elmer E., IQB, Detroit, Mich.,- Ensign Bunyar, John H., MD, Independ' ence, Mo.; Ensign Holleyman, Dannie J., 12A, Selmon City, Texas . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Romeo, Anthony 0, 12B, Denver, Colo.,- Ensign Fisher, Rollo G..A-: IQB, Detroit, Mich; Ensign Bufferfield, John H., 12E, North Branch, MICh-i Ensign Caire, Etienne J. ll, 12E, Edgard, Lo.,- Ensign Vermillion, Charles E, 1A! Long Beach, Calif.,- Ensign Thomson, Joseph E., Jr., IC, Duncan, Okloq' Ensign B?"' Robert 5., IA, Reno, Nev.,- Ensign Afwafer, Daniel c., Jr., 12C, Albany, Cam Ensign Baynes, Bascom T-r JR, 120, Durham N. C- Ensign ConverY, James J" 'l 1C, Philadelphia, Penn.,- 2nd Lt. Armington, Charles R., HD, Harvey, HIS- Pnge 21?. 1k Grove, I J., 120, ngs, Md.; f. Theros, Igo, llIsA; lew York, mcan V., mis, Hls.,- chard T., Codef J. Brent checking out in 0 Link Trainer. W mm. W "mewoamn :1 M ' WNW A :wxaw FIRSTWRCW; Ensign McElwain, Roy W., 12D, Hutchinson, Kos.; Ensign Morgan, EuQBHe R., 12A, Deepwoter, Mo.; Ensign Valentine, John L, ID! Berkeley, Calif.; Ensign Moore, Dwighf R., 1A, Albany, Colif.; 2nd U. Hinson, William J., Jr., WC, Rock Hill, 8. C.; Ensign Parsons, Jack A., 12D, Denver, Colo.; 2nd Lt. Mullane, Raymond W., HB, Denver, Colo.; 2nd Lt. Portingfon, George R., HC, Plymouth, Penn. . SECOND ROW: Ensign Yocco, Caesar, 12B, Racine, Wis'; Ensign Robortus, Alexanger, 12C, Laurel, Mont,- Ensign Cribbs, Leslie E., I2A, Crete, llls.; Ensign Stone, Eugene F., 12A, Beulah, Mich; Ensign Downey, Joseph 5., 12A, Barflesville, Okla; 2nd Lt. King, Paul D., MD, Los Angeles, 94KIvzpy;M anw, Calif; Ensign Wushburn, Max D., 12A, Martin, Mich; Ensign Skinner, Merrill L., 12A, Buhl, Idaho,- 2nd Lt. SCIGS, John A., 12C, Clorksburg, W. Va. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Heusfis, Richard J., 12C, Fort Collins, Colo.; Ensign Vcnsfrom, Frederick H., 12A. Lynd, Minn; Ensign Sandt, Arthur R., Jr., 12A, Pleasant Ridge, Mich; 2nd Lt. Demon, Paul V., 12A, Rockwell, Texas; Ensign Todd, Garreth F., 12C, Bluffton, Ohio; Ensign Scheriing, Joseph J., 128, ST. Louis, N.o.; Ensign Kelley, Marvin D., 12D, Konscns City Mo.; Ensign Summers, James, C, 1D, Nashville, Tenn.; Ensign Lightner, Roberf 5., IQD, Wichita, Kcms.,- Ensign Childers, John A., 12E, Montpelier, Ohio. Page 215 FIRST ROW: Ensign CoveH, Edgar L., 11A, Sand Creek, Mich.; Ensign Hall, Elwin E., 1E, Salt Lake City, Utah,- Ensign Hurst, Homer T., 12E, Norfolk, Ark.,- Ensign Donovan, Gerard M., 11C, Brookline, Moss.; Ensign Ressel Warren, 11D, Milwaukee, Wis.,- Ensign Lone, Thomas L., 12E, Wood River, Ills.; Ensign Friedman, Stanley M., 12D, Oakland, Calif.; Ensign LeTourneau, Joseph E., 12C, Burbank, Colif.,- Ensign Balding, George W., Jr., 12C, Glendale, Colif.,- Ensign Dayhoff, Richard M., 1D, Portland, Ore. SECOND ROW: 2nd Lt. Riegel, John D., 12B, Monroe, Mich.,- 2nd LT. Tram, J. B., Jr., 128, Van Nuys, Colif.; Ensign Beck, Raymond C. 15., 1B, Stombough, Mich; Ensign Burgun, Robert H., 12B, Norfolk, Nebr,,- Ensign Rabenberg, Berle E., 12C, Britten, 5. Dok.; Ensign Frederick, JUNE 24, HIM FIRST ROW: Ensign Talbert, Corwin D., 12E, West Elkton, Ohio; Ensign Long James E., Jr., 11D, Los Angeles, Colif.,- Ensign Harlan, Richard D. 12E SOUTH Zonesville, Ohio; Ensign Padgett, Frank H., 12E, Boxley, G0,. ErllsignlCo ne Lawfrence, 1D, New Haven, Conn.,- Ensign Bernstein, Howard N., 12A Chicago 11Is: Ensngn Franklin, Billy 5., 12D, Peoria, Ills.; Ensign Hesseltine, Rlalph Jr! 11; Overbrook, Kans.; Ensign Martin, John D., 12A, Clintonville, Wis.. Ensliganeen, Elmer 0., 12C, McCook, Nebr.; Ensign Florea, Paul J., 12B, Grimles Iowa I SECOND ROW: Ensign Brown, Joseph F., Jr., 12A, Muncie, lnd.- Enlsign Denngr. Earl J., 12C, Pittsburgh, Penn.; Ensign Moore, Malcolm, 12C: Hinsdole Illsf Ensign Flanagan, Forrest W., 11D, Long Lane Mo.,- Ensign Bruit, Richard T, 11CV Peoria, llls.; Ensign Williams, Everett H., 128, Fresno, Calif.; Ensign Mchill; Harlow 6., Jr., 11D, Orlando, Fla.; Ensign Boyle, Emmett R., Jr., 123, Oak Grove, Mo.,- 2nd Lf. Frye, George R., 12C, Export Penn.,- Ensign Azbell, Harold J., 12D, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Gambrill, Robert A., Jr., 12C, Mardelct Springs, MCL; Ensign Boyer, Robert F., 12A, Red Oak, Iowa . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Theros, John G., 11D, Oakland, Calif.; Ensign Simpson, George, 118, Chicago, Hls.; Ensign Morriss, Paul G., 128, Topeka, Kcms.,- Ensign Bera, Eliot H., 108, New York, N. Y.,- Ensign Crigonis, Edward, 11D, Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign Patty, Duncan V., 12C, Woodside, Calif.,- Ensign Onion, Frank C., Jr., 128, East 81'. Louis, llls.,- Ensign Anderson, Arlo E., 12A, Blokesburg, Iowa; Ensign Ahlman, Richard T., 128, Mentor, Ohio; Ensign Bass, Orville D., 118, Dallas, Texas. Robert T., 12A, Berwyn, llls.; Ensign Nymoen, Kenneth L, 13, Applefon, W1S.i EnSIgn NGJJOnS, OmG H, 12A., Wheeler Texas; Ensign Rolfes, Lewis Wu 123' Harrison, Ohio; Ensign McIntyre, Alan C., 12E, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Foster, JOh" T" 1A: ngSViHe, Texas THIRD ROW: Ensign Keenan, Frederick Pu 11C; Bellefontaine, Ohio; Ensign Barker, Luther P., Jr., 11C, Santa Monica, Calif.; Ensugn McDonald, Loren J., 128, Springville Calif.,- Ensign Ezell, Jack D., 12D: Salt Lake City, Utah,- Ensign Grassl, SherWIn 0., 12E, Falls Church, Vet; EHSJQ" Ma-nier, William R. Ill, 12E, Nashville, Tenn.; Ensign Patton, John R., 1C: W851 Ufnon, Ohio; Ensign Kc""Pmclnn, Anthony J., 128, St. Paul, Minn.; Ensign Conner, HICXFH B., 12D, Detroit, Mich.,- Ensign Packham, Richard C. 12C, Hobart, Ind.; Ensugn Abbs, Everett 5., IQD, Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. I Page 214 FIRST ROW: 2nd Lt. Happold, Paul W., 12A, Seaffle, Wash,- Ensign Kuhn, Ruchaber, Joseph C., 12E, Rich Hill, Mo.,- Ensign Ahlborn, Gale, 128, Oakland, Melvin R., 1A, Brooklyn, N. Y.,- Ensign Penny, Howard J., 1A, Walters, Minn.; Colif.,- Ensign Klifsch, John T., 128, Reno, Nev.,- Ensign Plog, Leonard H., 12A, 2nd Lt. Gibson, Ramon J. A., 128, Mexico City, Mex.; Ensign DiGuisto, Louis, Jr., Hood River, Ore.; 2nd Lt. Leonards, Thomas C., Jr., 12D, Merion, Penn.,- 2nd Lt. ID, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Cretors, Paul F., 12D, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Viig, Olaf C., 128, Alamo, N. Dak. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Crane, James 5., O'Shea, Maurice V., 12A, Kansas City, Kons.,- Ensign Olson, Calvin 0., 1A, 11D, Camdemon, M0,,- Ensign Adams, John C., 12A, Topeka, Kons.; Ensign EnUmclow, Wash; Ensign Harrington, John L, 108, Worcester, Moss.; Ensign Lufferiy, Louis F., 12A, Sobe'rho, Kons.; Ensign Ward, Arthur K., 18, Ebenezer, Fortlage, Arndf C., 12A, Milwaukee, Wis. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Donnelly, N. Y.,- Ensign Donaldson, Thomas M., 10, Mt. Vernon, N. Y.,- Ensign Couture, Edward C., 12C, Casey, Iowa; Ensign Broda, Eugene 5., 12D, Brooklyn, N. Y.,- Arthur L., 12C, Jamestown, N. Y.,- Ensign Shidle, John H., 18, Pittsburgh, 2nd Lt. Crain, Allen L, 11C, Sprogue River, Ore.; Ensign Dingerson, Dale V., Penn.,- Ensign Tastsides, George T., 128, Hibbing, Minn.; Ensign Trump, Charles L, 10C, East Alfon, lills.; 2nd Lt. P0115, Robert H., 12C, Wayne, Penn.; 2nd Lt. 11C, Evansville, Ind.,- Ensign Arend, James R., 12E, Moneff, Mo. 9999 29, 1944 FlkST ROW: 2nd Lt. Ables, Robert J., 12C, New York, N. Y.; Ensign Frailey, Ro8erf C., 12E, Overland, Mo.; Ensign Crossen, Fr09nk M., 1C,RD:Hos,CTex;J;; Ralpli M., 12A, East St. Louis, Ills.,- Ensign Linman, Robert A., Jr., 1C, Burlingame, Enf'gn Walters, EObeHC E.,! ICIR Alon??? '31:; SEnsIltgrgteMlijgrie OMeigL. Ensi n COME Ensign Morris Dorsey F. 128 Prairie Home, Mo.; Ensign Goldstone, Chicago, H1502" U- 0" 157, 0 er ., I GU 9 .I . ., g 9' ' ' ' . Ebersol, Milton F., 1C, Beaver Falls, N. Y. . . . THIRD ROW. Ensngn Young, MUI'r'Cly, ID, Brooklyn, N. Y'; Ensign Johnson, Hth M" 1C' Columbus, Ohm; Charles 8., 12A, Canon City, C010,; Ensign Robertson, David, 128, Oakland, Ensign Roiz, Frederick, 1C, Rio Hondo, Texas,- Ensign HuHon, Bobbie E., 1A, Colif.; 2nd Lt. Alldredge, Junius L, 12E, Mesa, Ariz.; Ensign McLaughlin, Freepon; Texas,- Ensign Pettry, Amos L" 18' Charleston, W1 V'; Ensign Rose, Robert E., 118, Haverhill, Moss.; 2nd Lt. Black, Aubrey C., Jr., 12D, Austin, Don K., 13, San Francisco, Calif, . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Riley, Robert R., Texas,- Ensign Watson, Loren A., 12A, Coffeyville, Kas.,- Ensign Braakman, Jack J., 1C: T019010 Ohio- Ensign Carfer, Charles W., 1215, lrvingfon-on-Hudson, N. Y; 1C, Chicago, llls.; Ensign Mills, Glenn C., 1E, Mulvone, K0ns.,- Ensugnjx Warnep Ensign Williams ,George J. 12C Midland, S. Dak.,- Ensign Reed, Howard 5., Arthur 8., 98, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Anderson, Albert E., 1C, aneopohs, 1C! Coin, Iowa; Ensign Eves, Gerald W., 1D, Oakland, Calif.; Ensign Hoerr, Minn. Page 217 Curious Civilians look over The "Mary Aan crosh bcoT equipment of 0 FIRST ROW: 2nd Lt. Geres, Harold F., 12C, Chicago, 1115.; Ensign Agnew, Robert J., 128, Cleve1ond, Ohio; Ensign Dczy, Richard 0., 12A, Kansas City, KonsA; Ensign Muasen, John J., IB, Kansas City, Mo.,- Ensign Wagner, Kenneth, W., 13, New York, N. Y.; Ensign Perkowski, Luchen 5., 12B, Detroit, Mich; Ensign Brown, Erwin R., 1D, Whorfo'h, N. J.,- 2nd Lt. Bem, Harold T., Jr., 12E, Newport News, Vo.; Ensign Graham, James T., 12B, Highland Park, Mich; 2nd Lt. Mabrey, Donald H., 128, Kenton, Ohio . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign, Mason, Leroy Charles, 12E, Pittsburgh, Penn,,- Ensign Robuck, Harold N., 128, Knox- vi11e, Iowa,- Ensign Monroe', Charles W., 1A, Marion, 1115.,- Ensign Pierce, Herbert W., 12C, Kansas City, Mo.,- Ensign Deets, Kenneth H., 12C, Olney, Page Bond Rally in Corpus Christi, Texas. Texas,- Ensign Woodcock, Dona1d 8., 12C, Alton, Colif.; Ensign Maloney, David A., 1C, Chicago, 1115.,- Ensign Bagley, Francis G., 1C, Alhambra, Calif.; 211d 11. Phipps, Doyle R., Jr., 12C, FoyeTfeviHe, Ark.; 2nd Lt. Morency, Adelorde 0-, 1013: Cohossef, M1nn.; Ensign Dworck, Lloyd A., 128, Omaha, Nebr. . - - THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Downing, Vernon E., 11D, Rocelond, Ky.; Ensign Jung, Robert, 11D, Cincinnati, Ohio; 2nd Lt. Dyer, John R., 11C, Belmont, M0554 2nd Lt C019: Ralph W., 118, Princeton, 1115.,- 2nd Lt. Jacobson, Thomas, Jr., 1213, Alameda, Colif.,- Ensign Prouty, Gilbert, 12E, Modesto, Cailif.; 2nd U. Frueh, John W., 12C, Cedar Rapids, Iowa,- Ensign Bugdonas, Richard D., 12C, Chicago, 1115.; 2nd Lt. Reardon, Joseph W., 128, Youngsfown, 01110; E11519" Speight, Char1es G., 10D, Unodillo, Go. 216 .LCm-nmn-M? Mich.; Ensign iarry L, Jr., Ainn.; Ensign gn Anderson, Elko, Nev.,- rs, Robert R., wgham, Ala; 15, Mead L, V0.; Ensign n, John W., View of The new Ship's Service Cafeteria. Hoille; ROW: 2nd Lt. Linke, Robert W., 12E, Gronby, Colo.; Ensign Beddingfield, Pen 0'2 L: 12D, Panhandle, Texas,- Ensign MacMurtrie, Francis J., IA, Merion, 12Dn.;D Tld Lt. Adams, Billy E., 12E, Fort Worth, Texas,- Ensign Harrison, Lemuel W., 1011:; D0 as, Texas; 2nd Lt. Burch, Carroll 3., 12B, Sedan, Kons.; 2nd Lt. Bonner, Benn 1.51113, Akron, Ohio . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Roberts, Jeiss L, 12D, W.H'eiswlle, S. C.,- 2nd Lt. Allen, Robert L, 12E, Biloxi, Miss.,- EnSIgn Elmore, mm H., JR, 12C, Dallas, Texas; Ensign Brown, Clarence L., 12C, Beloif, Wis.,- 2nd Lt. Ohlemacher, William E., 128, Toledo, Ohio; 2nd Lt. Houchins, Thomas L, 12E, Oakland, Cali,- 2nd Lf. Pechar, George, 12D, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Ensign Detflaff, Reginald R., 128, West Allis, Wis. . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd U. Todryk, Stanley J., 12E, Milwaukee, WIs.,- 2nd Lt. Willingham, Thomas E., 12E, Sportanburg, S. C.; 2nd Lt. Norman, C. D., 12E, Olney, Texas,- Ensign McBride, Wendell F., 12E, Tullohomo, Tenn.; Ensjgn Sullivan, Rex E., 12E, Quench, Texas; Ensign Bailey, Andyle H., 12E, Oneonto, Ala.,- Ensign Millhollin, Wayne R., 12A, Greenfield, Iowa. Page 2 l? y N KVMKK FIRST ROW: Ensign Timpone, Phillip A., 12D, Sf. Louis, M0,; Ensign Doyle, Leo, 1D, Boston, Moss.; Ensign Quadros, Alfred A., 12A, Oakland, Calif.,- Ensign Schondelmcyer, Forest R., MD, MiddleviHe, Mich.; Ensign Ludwig, George W., 12A, East St. Louis, llls.,- Ensign Guskill, George R., 128, Thayen Nebr.; Ensign Alpers, Arnold J., 12C, Corder, Na; Ensign Roysier, Charles F., Jr., 12A, Catlin, llls.; Ensign Brown, Ned E., Idaho Falls, Idaho,- Ensign Callendar, Glenn 0., 12C, Los Angeles, Calif. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Ellis, John K., 1D, Shelbyville, Ky.,- Ensign Marquez, Alfred C., 12C, Mammoth, Ariz.,- 2nd Lt. Clem, William B., 120, Louisville, Ky.,- 2nd Lt. Olson, Ernest R., 12D, Minneapolis, Minn.; 2nd Lf. Holmes, Thomas R., 12A, Pa'rerson, N. J.; Ensign Lillich, John M., JULY 1944 yymwv FIRST ROW: Ensign Danuser, Chester 3., 12D, Marion, N. Dok.; Ensign Larsen, Edward J., IA, Park Falls, Wis.,- 2nd Lt. Call, Douglas, Jr., 12E, Richmond, Vc.,- Ensign Hall, Glen H., 12D, Des Moines, Iowa; Ensign McPherson, Alexandfr, 10D, Portland, Ore.; Ensign Gammell, Lewis W., Jr., 12E, Affleboro, Moss.; Ensign Larkin, Francis L, 12D, Fall River, Moss.; 2nd Lt. Judge, Donald R., 12A, Frankfort N. Y. . . . SECOND ROW: 2nd Lt. Briggs, Stanley L, 12E, Nutley, N. J.; 2nd Lt: 12D, Turner, Kons.; Ensign Denning, Robert L, 12C, Jonesville, Mich.; Ensign Burnett, Thomas C., Jr., 12C, Hollondole, Miss.; Ensign Simard, Hurry L, Jr., 12C, Holyoke, Moss.; Ensign Oslie, Donald W., 1C, Warren, Minn.; Ensign Newman, Kenneth L., 12A, Veedersburg, Ind. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Anderson, Mark H., 12E, Fernzey, Nev.; Ensign McBride, Maurice A., 12D, Elko, Nev.,- Ensign Peters, Clarence A., Jr., 1A, Cincinnati, Ohio; Ensign Roberts, Robert R., IA, Minneapolis, Minn,- Ensign Brown, Frederick, Jr., 108, Birmingham, Ala,- Ensign Grantham, Robert A., 11C, Memphis, Tenn.; Ensign Briggs, Mead L, 12C, Garden City, N. Y.,- Ensign Blair, Robert H., 12C, Rerryville, Vo.; Ensign Gilmore, Afhol B., Jr., 10A, Washington, D. C.,- Ensign Chapman, John W., 12C, Denver, Colo. Brewer, Charles J.,. 12E, Crystal Springs, Miss.; 2nd Lt. Allen, James F., 123! Greybull, Wyo.,- 2nd Lt. Cheatham, Bruce N., 12E, Edgewood, Texas; 2nd U- Bvrkeit Robert w., 12D, Nopo, Colif.,- 2nd u. Edelen, William L, 118, Oklahoma City, Okla,- Ensign Panton, Jamie A., 1A, Alameda, Calif. . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Show, Robert, 12D, DolzeH, Hls.; Ensign Adkins, Robert J., MD, Stillwoferr Minn.,- Ensign Gailin, Carl, HD, Hutchinson, Kans.; Ensign Pederson, Peder D., 12C Seattle, Wash,- Ensign Shelton, William E., III, 12E, Moyfield, KY- Puge 218 .a aldron Field. FIRST ROW: Ensign Hoagland, Warren L., 12D, Erie, Kans.; Ensign Kobielski, Stanley 3., 1A, Erie, Penn.; Ensign Lambert, Vernon R., 12D, Clifton, Texas; Ensign Clevenger, Heyden L, 1C, Corpus Christi, Texas,- Ensign Olsen, LeClaire E., 12D, Poynesville, Minn.; Ensign Willey, Oscar 5., Jr., 1A, Philadelphia, Penn.; Ensign Atkins, John E., 12E, Pecos, Texas; Ensign Neitzke, Emil H., Jr., 12E, Wheeler, Mich.,- Ensign Stanlake, Joseph D., 1A, Duluth, Minn.; Ensign Hampshire, Harold W., 12E, Salisbury, Md.,- Ensign Hanzi, George A., 1D, Los Angeles, Calif. . . . SECOND ROW: 2nd Lt. Glass, James F., Jr., 12A, Deepwofer, Mo.; Ensign Standish, Donald, 120, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Sufficool, James, 12D, Cedar Rapids, Iowa,- Ensign Juhl, James R., 1D, Luverne, Minn.,- Ensign Corney, Frederick D., 12E, FIRST ROW: Ensign Helms, Robert E., Jr., 18, Monroe, N. C.,- Ensign Lewis, Paul W., 12B, Sacramento, Colif.; Ensign Odeiu, Richard J., 1A, Milwaukee, Wis.; E11519" Shrum, Warren M., 12E, ST. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Perkins, Robert W., 2A, Lynn; Moss.; Ensign Duncklee, Orvil1e J., Jr., 1A, Denver, Colo.,- Ensign Carroll, James C., 12E, Paris, Texas; Ensign Hos1er, Thomas R., 1A, Findlay, Ohio; Ensign Davis, Leland E., 1A, Oklahoma City, Okla,- Ensign Giese, Stanley J., 1A, Wisconsin RC1Pids, Wis.; Ensign Beard, Clay 3., Jr., 12E, Gotesville, Texas,- Ensign Neff, EW1 W., 1A, Akron, Ohio . . SECOND ROW: 2nd Lt. Naumann, Frank E., 128,, ST. Louis, Mo.; 2nd Lt. Myers, Robert D., 128, Fairfield, Iowa,- 2nd Lt. Hughes, Robert L., 128, Los Ange1es, Calif.,- Ensign Hosack, Jarel C., 12E, Los Ange1es, CO111-; Ensign Squires, Reginald K., 12D, Freeporf, L. 1., N. Y.,- Ensign Lange, 1 W "cm", :W .Wywwfm Denver, C010,,- Ensign Dow, Charles N. D., 2A, Washington, D. C.,- Ensign Fleming, Herbert A., 1A, Browley, Calif.,- Ensign Saxton, Robert E., 12E, Hondley, W. Vo.,- Ensign Edwards, Charles B., 12E, Yorkville, Tenn.,- 2nd Lt. Fees, Fred J., Jr., 12C, CarroIlfon, Penn. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Terhorsf, John E., 11C, Milwaukee, Wis.; Ensign Laughlin, George W., 12D, Lincoln, Nebr.; 2nd Lt. Ralph, Homer D., 12C, P10Hevi11e, Wis.; 2nd Lt. Sample, William M., 12C, Avon, Ohio; 2nd U. Bailes, Joe D., 12C, Tyler, Texas; 2nd Lt. Ball, Robert E., 12C, Monrovia, Culif.; 2nd 1.1. Brown, Roger 5., 12B, Molden, Moss.,- Ensign Dahlberg, Hugh 8., 1213, San Antonio, Texas,- Ensign Blaser, Loren F., 128, Manhattan, Kos.; Ensign Dalrymple, Thurman, 1C, Detroit, Mich; 2nd Lt. Domenichelli, Eugene G., 128, San Francisco, Calif. Earl B., Jr., 12E, Jenkintown, Penn.; Ensign Lockman, Archie E., IB, Winona, Minn; Ensign logel, Edward J., 18, Newark, N. J.,- 2nd Lt. Parker, Donald H., 12D, Brodenfon, 1:10.; Ensign Silversfrone, Mario, 18, Niagara Falls, N. Y.; Ensign Villalon, Edward G., 1A, Washington, D. C. . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Alexander, Robert D., 12D, Seattle, Wash.; 2nd Lt. Spence, Elgin C., 12E, McComb, Miss.; 2nd Lt. Gibson, George A., 12E, Joplin, Mo.; 2nd Lt. McCoy, Hugh, 12C, Eugene, Ore.,- 2nd Lt. Berry, William T. III, 128, Bossetf, Vo.; 2nd Lt. Guyoff, Louis E., 12D, New Haven, Conn.; Ensign MacClelland, George R., Jr., 1B, Philadelphia, Penn.; Ensign Larson, F. H., 13, New York, N. Y.,- Ensign Crommell, T. N., 1A, Los Angeles, Calif.; 2nd Lt. Van Landingham, J. C., 128, Lincoln, Nebr.; Ensign Bors, F., Jr., 120, South Amboy, N J.; Ensign Carr, 5., 1A, Philadelphia, Penn. Page 221 FIRST ROW: Ensign Jessel, Joseph 8., 1213, Wharton, Texas; Ensign Lulz, Paul 6., Jr., 1C, Rocky River, Ohio; Ensign B1echert, Frederick 0., Jr., 12E, Salt Lake City, Ufoh; Ensign Matus, Charles V., 12E, Pittsburgh, Penn.; Ensign Nowiskie, Frank A., 12E, Philadelphia, Penn.; 2nd Lt. Coyne, George H., 128, Minneapolis, Minn.; 2nd Lt. Martin, George W., Jr., 11C, Victoria, Texas,- 2nd Lt. Shaw, Raymond L, Jr., 128, St. Louis, Mo.; 2nd Lt. Stoneman, Russell H., 12B, CIeveIond Heights, Ohio,- 2nd Lt. Turben, Carol, 128, Lancaster, Ohio, 2nd Lt. Fauchier, Clifford E., 12C, Alhambra, Colif,; 2nd Lt. Preis, Joseph A., 12B, 51. Louis County, Mo. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Sullivan, Russell H., Jr., 1213, Madison, Wis.,- Ensign Gibbons, Thomas P., 12A, Indianapolis, Ind.; 2nd Lt. Johnson, Venil P., 12C, Vernal, Utah; Ensign Erickson, Forrest G., 10D, Salt Lake This Great Dcme serves as MoscoT for Squadron 16A of Woldron Field. CW, Ufoh; Ensign Pauley. RObert J., 123, Red Oak, Iowa; Ensign On, Orlan Wl11 11D, Hartley, Iowa,- Ensign Hart, Alfred A., 1213, San Diego, Calif.; Ensign Towe 1 Carl, Jr., 12A, Morfinsville, 1115.; 2nd Lt. Tamm, Ralph G., 11D, Chicago! llls.; Ensign Ireland, James G., 123, Long Beach, Calif.; 2nd U. Hallacy, Edward Jr'f 11D, Pitfsburg, Kons. . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Taylor, Roy M., 12A, Forney, Texas, Ensign Brady, 1. L., 12A, Ogden, Utah,- 2nd Lt. Melendy, L. A., 12C, Pleasantown, Kons.,- E"519n Streng, E., 11D, Morysville, Ohio; Ensign Myers, J. H., 12C, KcnSOIS C1110 M04 271d L1. Wright, G. D., 12D, Dallas, Texas; Ensign Boule, E. .A., 12AgAh' buquerque, N- MeX-i En519n Gartlond, D. M., 1213, Flint, Mich; Ensign Setter, RI; ' "d Jv 120' Kansas City, Kons.,- Ensign Masem, M. N., 7E, Medford, L. 1., N. Y-; "' 519" 50mmers, A. E., 12C, Lokin, Kons.,- Ensign Cundoy, C. 3., 12B, Nickerson, Kam Poge 220 gn Knight, Jackie , W. V0,; Ensign , Jr., 12D, Brady, Dif, Mich; Ensign A, Lofferfy, Ohio; n, John R., 12E, an l1. Berberich, Dudonville, N. Y.; ', Martin M.,Jf-y .lls, Wis.; Ensign Waves and civilians attached To A 8 R Deporfment ge'r The word from on Officer before The start of a War Bond Drive. WNW . FIRST ROW: Ensign Braun, Thomas W., 2A, Syoseff, N. Y.,- Ensign Peef, John J., 12B, Detroit, Mich.,- 2nd Lt. Lund, John L., IQB, Walnut Grove, Minn.,- Ensign Boucoski, Anthony, 1A, Canonsburg, Penn.; 2nd Lt. O:Donnell, Andrew W., 1A, Mount Vernon, N. Y.; 2nd Lt. Sandlin, H. Lee, MD, San Angelo, Texas; 2nd Lt. Anderson, Kenneth R., 12D, Spokane, Wosh.,- Ensign Kohler, Richard L., 1A, Portland, Ore. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Griggs, James H., MD, Scottsbluff, Nebr.,- Ensign Boerner, Donald A., IA, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign KnGPPI, Lawrence, l2A, Bozeman, Mont,- Ensign Slezak, Robert W., 1C, Long Island City, N. Y.,- 10$ 1944 JULY 8, Ensign Best, Robert C., 12E, New Kensington, Penn.; Ensign Benjamin, George M., 12E, Jacksonville, Fla; Ensign McGraw, Albert 8., 12E, New Orleans, Lo.; Ensign Pennington, Joseph F., 12A, Ironfon, Ohio; Ensign Budd, Ralph R., 12D, Gillespie, Ills. . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Chenoweth, George E., 12D, Carferville, Mo.,- Ensign Byfield, Dwight, Jr., 12E, Merced, Calif.; Ensign Mahuffey, James E., 12D, Rudolph, Ohio; Ensign Worden, David 0., 13, Jersey City, N. J.; Ensign Flanagan, Raymond B., 12E, Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign Matney, Bobby G., 12D, Osowatomie, Kons.; 2nd Lt. Burke, Joseph C., 128, Flushing, L. I., N. Y.; Ensign Holme, Andy 3., 1A, Paso Robles, Calif. Page 223 m, FIRST ROW: Ensign Andrew, Guy, HC, Rockford, llls.,- Ensign Dunlap, Franklin W., 12C, Philadelphia, Penn.,- Ensign Valle, Pasquale, 1D, Cincinnati, Ohio,- Ensign Sheppard, Cedric W,, H3, West Orange, N. J.,- Ensign Zimmer, Robert, 1B, Philo- delphio, Penn.; Ensign Sfraub, Raymond E., 123, Foyeffeville, N. Y.; Ensign Durkee, Allen 3., 12C, Boston, Mass.; Ensign McGee,, Harvey C., 12D, Piedmont, Calif.,- Ensign Kaaz, Fred W., 1C, Leavenworth, Kans.; Ensign Navoni, Joseph J., 1A, San Francisco, Calif,- Ensign Wolf, John E., 1C, Coldwater, Mich.; Ensign Blaylock, Mabry, 12D, Los Angeles, Calif. SECOND ROW: Ensign Willard, Eldon L, 128, Port Huron, Mich, Ensign Swanson, Harold V., 18, Brookfield, Ills.; Ensign Tobias, Elberf J., 12D, Lyons, Kcms.; Ensign Keen, Harold C., 1C, Kansas City, Mo.; EnsignSfehlin, Rush W., 18, Easton, Penn.; Ensign Snow, Walter B., Jr., 12C, ULY 5,1944 k meQ' g2 wmwxWV 2 2 FIRST ROW: Ensign Guenord, Arthur l., 12D, Lake Providence, LCL; . . Ensi n Seckmger, Nell V., 12C, Jackson, Mich; Ensign Bowers, Philip A., 12C Bloomingtogn Colif,,- Ensign Hines, James C., Jr., Oakland, Calif.; Ensign Teske, Alan, 12C, Milwaukee, Wis.; Ensign Knight, Jackie D., 12B, Selina, Kons.; Ensign Johnson, Aubrey R., 12E, Keyser, W. Va.; Ensign Mitchell, Jack L., 12A, Columbus, Ohio; Ensign White, Garrett A., Jr., 12D, Brady, Texas . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Rosin, Alexander D., 12C, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Smallwood, Richard C., 13, Hyattsville, Md.; Ensign Rock, John, 1A, Lofferfy, Ohio; Ensign Sullivan, Charles P., 128, Bristow, Okla,- 2nd Lt. Tatum, John R., 12E, Chorlo'rfesville, Vo.; 2nd Lt. Howell, Joseph W., 12E, Tulsa, Okla; 2nd Lt. Berberich, Aloysius J., 12C, Dayton, Ohio; Ensign DeNure, Donald P., 1A, Loudonville, N. Y.; Ensign Mesnard, Kenneth E., 12E, Altamonf llls.; Ensign Manger, Martin M., Jr., 1A, Elberon, N. J.,- Ensign Romeis, Thomas J., 1C, Chippewa Falls, Wis.; Ensign Miner, Robert E., 18, New York, N. Y. Ind.,- Ensign Jenson, Myron M., IA, Mont Belvieu, Texas,- Ensign Woodard, William E., Jr., 12D, Kingsley, Kons.,- Ensign Hansen Harold 3., 1A, Alameda Calif- Ensign Cope, Robert R., 12C, Lubbock, Texas,- Ensign Tomlins, Frank R. jr. 12D', Wellington, Kans.; Ensign Calkins, John L., Jr., 12C, Detroit, Mich,- Ensign Hunter, John R., 12D, Windom, Kons.,- Ensign Lynch, Anthony V. Ill, 12C, Greenwich Connf Ensign Sanderson, Howard H., 12E, Oxford, Calif. SECOND ROW-l Ensi r; Collins, James N., 12D, Corpus Christi, Texas,- Ensign Brown, Morris E 129D Guthrie, Oklc.; Ensign Bonkiewicz, Eugene B., 12D, Lodge Pole, Nebr..'l La Croix, James R., IOC, Sarasota, Fl0.; Ensign Montellier, Richard, I Ensignl 12B, Napo- Poge 222 12D, Flynn, Texos; Ensi n Ma rath, Raymml C" 1,25! Durham, N- H-; Ensign Gaskill Glen H., Jr., 12D? 5r. ?.cuis, Mo.; Ensign B'ede'smdt, c. M., Jr., 12A Dallas, Texas; Ensign McCarty Thomas J., 18, Rockford, H's-; Ensngn Dawson, George H., 12A, Pullman, Wash. . THIRD ROW: M L" Snell, Harold D., 12D, Brownsville, Texas,- Ensign Frazier, John NJJL, 12C, New York QTY: N- Y-; Ensign Law, Raymond P., 12D, Iberia, Mo.; Ensign Gramkow' Henry C'.' 1E, Ridgefield Park, N. J.,- Ensign London Herschel D- 12D! Maitoonz Ills.; Ensngn Gardner I I , James Jr. ID Newton lowo- Ensi J k RObe" E" . . , , , , , gn un ans, :gi, C?leahd, Cglif.; Enstgn Fofoples, W. C., 1D, Toledo, Ohio; Ensign Kahl, Raf" B lthIdw'm M'Cha Ensign Coffey: c. c., Jr., 12c, Los Angeles, Colif-i 5"5'9" aug man, J- 5-, 12E, Gridley, llls.,- Ensign Coleman, C. N., 12D, High Point N' C. n a pleasure 2 V FIRST ROW: Ensign Townsend, John F., 18, Temple, Okla.; Ensign Johnson, Charles T., 10, Minneapolis, Minn.,- Ensign Torrey, George 5., 18, Los Angeles, Calif.; 2nd Lt. Bolton, Willard R., 12C, Moneff, M0,; Ensign Deutschman, Edward C., 12D, Fresno, Calif.,- 2nd Lt. Emswiler, Robert H., 12D, Blocklick, Ohio,- Ensign Hoskins, Eugene C., 120, Springfield, Mo.,- Ensign Hudson, Morris, 12D, Pitfsburg, Kons.; Ensign Harris, Gale L, 12E, Leedey, Okla. SECOND ROW: Ensign 1Hanson, John J., 18, Fort Collins, C010,; Ensign Rigsby, Lewis B., Jr., 2A, FIRST ROW: Ensign Oaks, Norman E., 128, Burlingame, Calif,- Ensign Moorhead, Daniel R., 12E, Arencl, Calif.; Ensign DeLaar, William H., 12D, Caldwell Town- ShiP, N. J.; Ensign Hawk, Frank H., 1A, Billings, Mont; Ensign Gordon, Ward C., 12C, Tooele, Utah,- Ensign Aker, Robert L., 11C, Kansas City, Mo.,- Ensign Lumper, Vic'Or Zu 12D, Couer D'Alene, Idaho,- Ensign Blazek, James A., 12A, Berwyn, Ills. - 2 - SECOND ROW: Ensign Bell, Jack F., 12D, Houston, Texas,- Ensign Branan, Clifford 3., Jr., 12D, Muskogee, Ok10.,- Ensign Aufderheide, George W., Jr., 12D: Rye, N. Y.; Ensign Adams, Allan M., Jr., 12D, Muskogee, Okla.; Ensign Richmond, Vo.,- Ensign Harrison, Ralph H., 18, Toledo, Ohio; Ensign Broadhag, Donald J., 12D, Monterey Park, Colif.,- 2nd M. Webb, Charles E., 12D, Washing- ton, D. 0; Ensign Hoffman, Jack W., 12E, Toledo, Ohio; Ensign Forsee,, lrel G., 12D, Falun, Kans.; Ensign Williams, Eugene L, Jr., 128, Charleston, W. Va. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign McClelland, Roland H., 12B, Kansas City, M0,; Ensign Moody, J. W., 128, Pottonsburg, Mo.,- 2nd Lt. Campbell, Sidney W., 12C, Stockfon, Calif.,- 2nd Lt. Helms, William W., 12B, Elma, Iowa; 2nd Lt. Stillson, William W., 128, Detroit, Mich.; 2nd Lt. Schade, Richard N., 12B, Chicago, Ills. 111111 12, 144 Gi.more, Frank C., 12C, Los Angeles, Colif.,- Ensign Nyman, Carl 6., 12D, Denver, C010,,- Ensign Payne, Jack, 12C, Bristol, Vo.; Ensign Cohen, Jacob, 12A, Indian- apolis, Ind.,- 2nd Lt. Bland, Kenneth R., 12D, Portland, Ore. . THIRD ROW; Ensign Juhl, Robert J., 120, Springfield, 1115.; Ensign Fisher, Lowell E., 128, Portsmouth, Ohio,- Ensign Rollins, Allen L, 12C, Indianapolis, Ind.,- 2nd Lt. Dirkson, Deon F., 12E, Los Angeles, Co1if.; Ensign Denhoff, Wallace W., 12C, River Grove, 1115.; 2nd Lt. McDonald, Ronnie A., 12D, Renton, Wash.; 2nd Lt. Robinson, Gus, 128, San Jose, Calif. Page 225 $0 , gV! Crash boo? is seen taking 0 group from the Naval Hospital on 0 pleasure Trip. WM w w xxN W y Wm. ng MW w INMA '0 FIRST ROW: Ensign Parsons, Donald B., 12E, Johnstown, N. Y.; Ensign Weaver, 8. L.. Jr., IC, Sopulpo, Okla,- Ensign Overman, Dana C., Jr., 1C, Kansas City, Mo Ensign Harder, Melvin 5., 18, Detroit, Mich.;Ensigs Bliemeis'rer, Paul R , Bancroft, Nebr.; Ensign Schumacher, Eldon C., 128, Waterloo, lowc; Ensign Anderson, Walter K., Jr., 1C, Wilson, N. C.; Ensign Palfreyman, Dale B., 1C, McComrnon, Idaho . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Hillard, Warren L., E, Pratt, Kons.; Ensign Potter, Grant B., IC, EstherviHe, Iowa; Ensign Bradford, Yakima, Wash; Ensign Grantham, Ed, Clayton T., 1E, Odessa, Texas,- 2nd Lt. Mendenhail, Herbert E., 12D, DowmnnglT, .; Penn.; Ensign Roberts, Gerald M., 12E, DeQuincey, LCL; Ensign Davis, Roy L, "26 12E, Oakland, Calif.; Ensign Boswell, Paul B., 12E, St. Joseph, MO' ' ' ' THIQE ROW: Ensign Day, James A., 123, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Alberts, Milton G" I New Orleans, LCL; Ensign McClain, Robert S., 12D, Albany, Ore.; Ensign syyerson: LuVerne E., 1A, Sleepy Eye, Minn; Ensign Keck, Howard, Donald F., 2A, Ensign Hughes, '1 1A, San Francisco, Calif.; 1D, Kilgore, Texas; . , . . 1 Ensngn Spuur, Wendell, 0., 12D, Tracy, Iowa,- Ensign Albem; l-U'Q" 10' E05 Boston, Moss.; Ensign Delevanfe, H. M., 1D, Brooklyn, N. Y. Page 224 e, 123, Oakland, Vood, Jack, IQA, 3y, Okla.; Ensign harsky, Joseph 1.; Ensign Horowilz, 6., 1E, St. Paul, Burruge, Troy P., , Wash. The Wave show "U. S. S. Petticoat" brings 0 sample of the South Islands to The N. A. S. Theatre. FIRST ROW: Ensign Nelson, Charles A., 18, Lawton, Okla; Ensign Sheets, Kenneth W., ID, Redwood City, Calif.; Ensign Ohlund, Robert J. $., 12D, Hilt, Calif.; Ensign Parrotf, Vincent L, 12D, Spokane, Wash,- Ensign Holland, Jack R., 128, Venice, Colif.; Ensign Eggert, Carl A., 12A, Indianapolis! Ind.; Ensign Walker, Oscar 8., 12C, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Ketchum, Robert J., 12D, Salt Lake City, Utah; Ensign Foster, Julian C. 5., 18, New York, N. Y. . . . SECOND ROW: En5i9" Coupland, Russell M., 1C, Steubenville, Ohio; Ensign Dowdy, James C., 2A, Prospect Park, Penn.,- Ensign Krump, Edmund, IC, Berwyn, llls.; Ensign Horner, Pacific John R., IE, Kansas City, Kons.; Ensign Fitzpatrick, Charles R., 2A, Buffalo, N. Y.; Ensign Hyland, Matthew P. Ill, 12E, Miami, Fla,- Ensign Rice, Roger P., 12D, Foirfield, Conn.; Ensign Raymond, Richard D., IQC, East Aurora, N. Y. . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Brown, Robert E., 12C, Kalamazoo, Mich,- 2nd Lt. Chapman, Ernest W., 128, Davenport Iowa; Ensign Nouman, John D., 12C, ST. Clair, Mich; Ensign Norwine, George F., 118, Kansas City, Kans.,- Ensign Taylor, Delbert D., 12C, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Service, M. J., 12D, Coldwater, Mich,- 2nd Lt. Ozelie, Richard, 12C, Hammond, lnd.; Ensign Pulman, Robert E. L, 12D, Frederick, Md. Page 2'27 Twyg r4; fxExmw , FIRST ROW: 2nd Lt. McArthur, Raymond, HC, Philadelphia, Penn.; Ensign Goftlieb, James E., 2C, Minneapolis, Minn.,- Ensign Ice, Richard W., 1E, Van, Texas; Ensign Hand, Nathan, 1E, Prophetstown, Ills.,- Ensign Weitzel, John, 1D, Pittsburgh, Penn.; Ensign Rowe, Francis A., Jr., IA, Philadelphia, Penn.,- Ensign Frederickson, Clifton, IE, Solwoy, Minn.,- Ensign Mendonsu, Gilberf, ID, Turlock, Calif.; Ensign Brown, Ralph H., 12D, Midvale, Utah . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Turner, Everett A., IQB, Richmond, Calif.; 2nd Lt. Smith, Van Woerf, 7A, Tuckahoe, N. Y.; Ensign JULY 15, 1944 V; 5, hwwpww FIRST ROW: Ensign Palmer, Melvin D., 1C, Inglewood, Colif.; Ensign Thomas Saylor, Murray K., 12A, Armona, Colif.; Ensign Orr, Robert 6., 12B, Oakland, Calif.; 2nd Lt. Dean, Howard M., 12A, Melrose, Moss.; 2nd U. Wood, Jack, 12A, San Angelo, Texas,- Ensign Goodpasfure, Lester H., 13, Hennessey, Okla.; Ensign Wyss, William L, IA, Jamestown, Mo. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Tuharsky, Joseph J.; 128, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Berg, Robert D., 12C, Secmle, Wash,- Ensign Horowitz, Morfon J., HB, Jackson Heights, N. Y.; Ensign Johnson, Robert G., IE, 31. Paul, Minn.; Ensign Deeney, Gerald 0., 1E, Minneapolis, Minn.,- Ensign Burrage, Troy P., 12D, Bakersfield, Colif.; Ensign Daniel, Robert M., 12C, Spokane, Wash. a Wmmwa-"h i , E Theodore G., 12D, Newton, Iowa; Ensign Caviness, Wesley R., 9C, Fort Worth Texas; Ensign Swain, Robert C., 108, Onsted, Mich.,- I Ensign Klindworfh, Carl H., 1D, Hogelond, Mont; Ensign Ferguson, Robert W., 128, Hifemon, Iowa- Ensian Prior, Jerry D., 12B, Flint, Mich,- Ensign Ford, Robert A., 12D, Atlanta Ga- Ensign Byars, Lewis D., 12D, Fort Worfh, Texas . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Ilsaac; Raymond 5., 12C, Oakland, Calif.; Ensign Wilson, Allan E., 1A, Robbinsdalel Minn.; Ensign Newbry, Lewis E., 12C, Spokane, Wash; Ensign Fisher, Randolph RI 13, Baltimore, Md.; Ensign Kelfz, Schlund, Kennefh W., Beniamin F. Ill, 12A, Matador, Texas; Ensign IB, Robbinsdale, Minn.; Ensign Bauer, LoUiS H-l 123' Norman, Okl.a.; Ensign Shinpoch, George T., Jr., 12D, Rus'ron, LO- THIRD ROW: Ensign Crow, Wayman J ., 12E, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Voelzow, Miles .H., HD, Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign Goodwin, Thomas P., 1A, Oakland, Calif.; EnSIgn Gray, JOhn E., 1A, San Luis Obispo, COIif.; Ensign Damiani, Louis J., IE, 5L FOUL an.; 2nd Lt. Oltmer, Lavern J., 123, Olothe KGnSs Ensign Belter, John W- G" HA, Willmor, Minn.,- I I . 2nd u. Mo , P l . -- 200' U- 0'9"" William L, 120, Ogden, Utah. ser au , Jr, 123, Topeka, Kans, Page 226 F.RST ROW: Ensign Green, Jcmes C., 18, Upper Darby, Fenn.,- Ensign Neilson, Thomas L, IA, Evanston, Wyo.,- Ensign Jacobs, Arthur R., 1A, Battle Creek, Mich,- 2nd Lf. Kalinowski, Frank J., 12A, Chicago, llls.; Ensign Boffum, James R., 18, Cohoes, N. Y.; Ensign Powell, Robert D., Jr., 12E, Hopewell, Vo.; Ensign Holmes, Clyde W., Jr., MD, Topeka, Kons.,- Ensign Keller, James R., 12B, Springfield, Mo.; 'Ensign Lippencoft, Beniamin 8., 12E, Haddon Heights, N. J.; 2nd Lt. Kosh, Howard, 12E, Los Angeles, Calif. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Fowler, Jerrold 0., HD, Delta, Iowa; Ensign Driscoll, John R., IB, Tompkinsville, L. l., N. Y.; Ensign Aspenson, Robert L, 12E, Albert Lea, Minn.; 2nd Lt. Joonson, Morris F., 12E, FIRST ROW: Ensign Cadenas, Ernest M. M., IA, Miami Beach, Flo.; 2nd Lt. SPENCE, Robert G., 12D, Detroit, Mich,- 2nd Lt. Stewart, Robert J., 12D, Yonkers, N. Y.; 2nd Lt. Wylie, James E., 12D, San Antonio, Texas,- Ensign Thomsen, George W., 12D, Harlan, Iowa,- Ensign Ray, Donald V., 12E, McComb, Miss., Ensign Swisher, Heath C., 12D, Bellinghom, Wosh.; 2nd Lt. Pawlak, Clinton 3., 12C, Minneapolis, Minn.,- 2nd Lt. Roues, Robert E., 12C, Minneapolis, Minn. SECOND ROW: 2nd Lt. Martin, Morris E., 12D, Fort Worth, Texas; Ensign Lavigne, Richard J. C., IA, Apponaug, R. l.,- Ensign Farmer, Lee R., IA, Alliance, Nebr.; Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Godfrey, Earl F., 2A, Cozod, Nebr.; 2nd Lt. Browne, Jesse M., Jr., 12E, Breckenridge, Texas; 2nd Lt. Cole, Robert W., Jr., 12E Richmond, Vo.,- 2nd Lt. Hayden, Carroll L, Jr., 12E, New Orleans, La.,- Ensign Bowers, Regis D., 12E, Detroit, Mich. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Valdes, John T., IA, Ithan, Penn.; Ensign Tucovsky, Emil, 1A, Newark, N. J.,- Ensign Ellis, Robert W., 1C, West Sfockbridge, Moss.; Ensign Simmons, John I., 12E, Springville, Ala.; 2nd Lt. Darling, William W., 12C, Binghamton, N. Y.; 2nd Lt. Rhodes, Tom C., 12E, El Paso, Texas; Ensign Hastings, James V., 128, Stanton, Iowa; Ensign Hunter, Stanley E., 1C, Lodi, Calif. Jth 19, 1944 Ensign Bryson, Wilbur A., 12D, Alfcmom, Ka: .s.; Ensign Foliey, John 0., 12C, Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign Goldmann, Biarne W., IA, San Pedro, Colif.,- Ensign Fishbaugh, Allen 0., 1A, Rochester, N. Y.; Ensign Coakley, Charles, Jr., 28, Easton, Penn. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Rothermich, Alois A., 128, St. Charles, Mo.; Ensign Cullen, Eugene W., 12D, Jersey City, N. J.; Ensign Grubb, Clifton D., IA, Detroit, Mich,- Ensign Griffin, Harry J., 1A, Iowa Park, Texas; Ensign Bender, Richard 5., 1A, Toledo, Ohio,- Ensign Eastman, Lotham C., IA, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Woodrell, Elbridge V., IA, Peso Robles, Colif.; Ensign Cunningham, Robert A., 1A, Kerrville, Texos; 2nd Lt. Perkin, Earl J., 12C, St. Louis, Mo. Page 229 m1- ' a mwmwma. .kndALn-aaxxtnm 7 A view of The emergency life-soving gear That is carried by Naval WM vmwxwgww , , FIRST ROW: Ensign Wissner, Curl, IB, Monistee, Mich; Ensign Burger, Robert, 18, New York, N. Y.; Ensign Hulme, Bethel M., 1B, Soylesville, R. I.; Ensign Boyles, Francis F., Jr., IE, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Bell, Thomas 6., Jr., QB, Duluth, Minn.; Ensign Johnson, Robert V., 12A, Chicago, Ills.,- Ensign Brunson, James F., QB, Sherrill, Ark.; Ensign Kalen, Sydney 8., 2D, Trenfon, N. J.; Ensign Newland, Vaughn W., IQD, Jordon, Mont. . . . SECOND ROW: 2nd Lt. Davis, Clinton L, 128, Crystal Falls, Mich.; 2nd Lt. Anderson, John H., 12A, Osceola, Mills, Penn.; Ensign Sain, John F., Jr., IQB, Belleville, Ark.; Ensign La Mettry, Robert, 12E, Aviators. :14; 1 W4, w mm $$F ,mwxMWM Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Pretzinger, Donald L, 12D, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Wilson, Albert D., IE, Englewood, N. J.; Ensign Bevan, Thomas R., 12E, New Kensington, Penn. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Looney, William 0., 18, East Providence, R. I.; Ensign Cuddeback, Glen R., QB, Canby, Ore.,- Ensign Martin: William K" 12D, Rogerville, M0,; Ensign Olson, Eugene F., 12C, Austin, Minn.; Ensign Long, William 0., Jr., 12E, Adrian, Mo.; Ensign MacMenemy, Thomas J., 12D, Seattle, Wash; Ensign Gotschall, Neil D., Jr., 128, Detroit ,Mich.; Ensign Mchre, Robert 3., 12C, Chicago, le.,- Ensign luce, Donald A., 18, Volleio, Calif. Page 228 Londplone tower at the Main Station controls The Toke-offs and landings of OH planes. FIRST ROW: Ensign Van Demark, James L, 1C, Tucson, Ariz.; Ensign Mosher, ROberf L., 1C, Birmingham, Mich.,- Ensign Adams, Paul, 1A, Worcester, Mass.; EnSign Wheatley, Chesfer H., 1C, Derby, lnd.; Ensign Ramin, Robert F., IC, Williamsporf, Penn.,- Ensign Kleiber, Alfred 0., 1C, Volley Cottage, N. Y.,- Ensign Uslar, George C., 1D, Maplewood, N. J.,- Ensign Hubhab, Oscar, 1C, Fort Dodge, Iowa,- Ensign Hinkle, Warren J., 1c, Davenport, Iowa SECOND ROW; Ensign Winner, George A., IB, Palmyra, N. J., Ensign Miller, Loyd A., 2A, Ensign Bradford, Edwin W., 2A, Tulsa, Okla,- Ensign Freed, Ensign Barnes, KeTth M., 1A, Neohi, Utah,- Wu'ff, Edwin J., 12C, East Rochester, N. Y.; Ensign Van Keulen, Adrian J., 113, Chicago, Ills. . Dawson, Minn.; Dorence A., 1E, Burnside, lowo; Ensign Baltz, John A., 18, Brockport, N; Y,; 2nd Lt. THIRD ROW: Ensign Tigue, Joseph 3., ID, Pittston, Penn.; Ensign Goldman, Clement N., 1E, Detroit, Mich,- Ensign Hixon, Beryl R., 12E, Redondo Beach, Calif.; Ensign O'Keefe, Philip J., IC, Revere, Moss.; Ensign Setomer, Sherman L., 1C. New York, N. Y.,- Ensign Heffernan, Maurice M., 12E, Omaha, Nebr. :waIxmmm mxwf N mm, s, , N WMMXWQ. x FIRST ROW: 2nd Lt. Schmidt, Robert H., 128, Minneapolis, Minn.,- Ensign Dunnill, George T., HD, Galena, Kons.; Ensign Franck, Kenneth H., 128, Long Beach, Calif.; Ensign Clague, Edward H., 12C, Detroit, Mich; Ensign Fallon, James L., IE, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Ensign Specs, Amos E., 128, Winston Salem, N. C.,- 2nd Lt. Williams, James F., IQD, Tulsa, Okla,- 2nd Lt. Michael, Glen E., 12A, Drumrighf, Okla.; Ensign Jeffers, Warren A., 2A, Raymond, Minn. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Magill, James E., 2B, East Liverpool, Ohio; Ensign Kerr, Norman W., 1C, Latrobe, Penn.,- Ensign MacNamara, Frederick L, 1D, Punxsuquney, Penn.; JULY 19, IBM NW WWWMK , mew Wmmxw . x , Rx; wawwwww , mww WWWMMWM N Ensign Degener, Donald, 2A, Lagrange, Ills.; Ensign Dzensi, Edward, 12A, Sunder- land, Moss.; Ensign Lawrence, Walter F., Jr., 12C, Woodcliff, N. J.; 2nd Lt. Stein, William A., 12A, Steger, Ills.; Ensign Mann, Billy M., 12E, Vernon, Texas . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Doda, Vincent C., 12E, Stoughton, Moss.; Ensign Thomas, James H., 12E, Charleston, W. VO.; Ensign Tifsworth, Robert W., 1C, Bloirsburg, Iowa; 2nd Lt. Rose, Wayne, 12E, Brownfield, Texas; 2nd Lt. McCown, Harrison J., 12E, Miami, Flo.; 2nd Lt. Daigle, Joseph B., 12E, Church Point, La.; 2nd Lt. Daigle, James B., 12E, Church Point, Lo.; Ensign Dicken, Carl M., 2A, California, Ky.,- Ensign Smith, Francis W., 1A, Campbell, Calif. FIRST ROW: Ensign Burnham, John F., QB, Pasadena, Calif ., 2nd Lt. Armstron , James 8., 120, Wood River, Ills.; Ensign Brown, Frederick, IE, Detroit, Michgu Ensign Rasmussens, Harold E., 1E, Minneapolis, Minn.,- Ensign Misner, Jack F 28, Crossett, Ark.,- Ensign Reeve, Carl E., 12C, Linton, .1 lnd.; Ensign Wirih, Merl a F., 12C, Walla Walla, Wash,- Ensign Baker, James C., QB, Atlanta Ga- 2nyd Lf Truiff, I V . Bowland P., 12C, Milton, Dela. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Coehlo, Harold J., 2A, Wotsonville, Colif.; Ensign Dodd, Lewis 0., IA, Salt Lake City Utah,- Ensign Davis, William P., 1A, Mobile, Ala.; Ensign Ferguson, Edasol H 'l 12D, Asheville, N. C.; 2nd Lt. Bafson, Shirley, 12E, Wiggins, Miss.,- Ensign Boyd, Jerome L., Jr., 2A, Birmingham, Ala; Ensign Williams, Robert W., 12C, Battle Creek, Mich,- Ensign Stanley, Oliver J., 12C, Pequot Lakes, Minn. . , . THIRD ROW: Ensign Drake, George L, 1A, San Jose, Calif., Ensign Corson, James 5., 1A, Ambler, Penn.; Ensign Daunf, Jerome J., 1A, Norwood, Moss.; EHSiQ" Martin, Paul D., 18, St. Louis, Mo.; Ensign McKelvey, James E., IA, Falls City, Nebm Ensign Miller, George R., 1A, Dorien, Conn.; Ensign Stewart, Robert E, IA: Norwood, Mass.,- Ensign Kentopp, James R., 1A, Doylestown, Penn. Page 230 wmhmawwi .4; FIRST ROW: Ensign Dressel, Joe C., 12E, Wilkes Barre, Penn.,- Ensign Agesen, Bruce M., 1E, Brooklyn, N. Y.,- Ensign Goebel, Don J., 1C, Seattle, Wash; Ensign Pew, Richard G., IA, East Cleveland, Ohio; 2nd Lt. Arne", William L, 12E, Ambrio'ge, Penn.; Ensign Handley, Lloyd 5., 1C, Morgantown, W. Va.; Ensign lussen, Thomas A., IA, Kenf, Ohio; Ensign Forisso, Richard C., 1A, HoverhiH, Moss.; Ensign Kemper, John T., 12D, Wichita, Kons.; Ensign Carpenter, Charles, 1A, Waterloo, Iowa; Ensign Jeidy, Leo L., 1A, Loncosfer, Wis. . . . SECOND ROW: 2nd Lt. Donoghue, Cyril J., Jr., 12D, Pittsburgh, Penn.,- 2nd Lt. Greene, James W., 12C, Wes'rhope, N. Dok.; 2nd Lt. Burgans, Charles H., 12D, Cloverdale, Calif.; Ensign Weygandt, John M., 12E, Toledo, Ohio; Ensign Beemer, Eldon C., 12E, FIRST ROW: Ensign Paul, Robert L., 1C, Atlantic, Iowa; Ensign Ellis, Trice, Jr., 12E, Little Rock, Ark.,- Ensign Carry, Charles, Jr., 1A, Port Huron, Mich,- Ensign Clark, Clyde 5., 12E, Amarillo, Texas,- Ensign Holland, Clinton C., 1C, Burbank, Calif". Ensign Dyck, James R., 12C, Jefferson Ciiy, No.; Ensign Olson, Roger D., 1A, Pasadena, Calif.; Ensign Olsen, Austin L., 12D, Seattle, Wash; 2nd Lt. Porter, Lloyd G., 12E, Blytheville, Ark.,- Ensign Moonier, Jerome F., 12E, Perryville, N'o.,- Ensign MCSOrley, James P., 2C, Toledo, Ohio . SECOND ROW: Ensign Wolmtz, Nicholas, 128, Richmond Hill, N. Y.; Ensign Teppen, Morris T., 1A, Colfax, Wis.; Ensign Zimmerman, John W., 1E, Foriboult, Minn; Ensign Voss, Carrol M., 2D, Lir'COIn, Nebr.; Ensign Anderson, Victor C., 2A1 Lincoln, Nebr.; Ensign Wolfe, Carlton, Kans.; Ensign Pedersen, Norman, 1D, Oakland, Calif.; Ensign Price, Frank A., 1A, Longview, Texas,- Ensign Willhite, Dale R., 12D, Ottawa, Kons.; Ensign McCarty, Loren J., 12E, 3?. Cloud, Minn.; Ensign McNeil, Robert 8., 12E, Williamsville, Ills. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Dyer, Robert T., Jr., 12E, Belchertown, Moss.,- Ensign Watts, William H., 12E, Carnegie, Penn.,- Ensign Pontius, Premise R., 120, Hudson, Kans.; Ensign Morgan, L'ley T., 12E,'Mocon, Go.,- Ensign Oliver, Charles 6., ID, Fresno, Colif.; Ensign McMasfer, Alvin R., 12E, Richmond, Calif.; Ensign Walters, Connell G., 12D, California, Mo.,- Ensign Winters, Walier D., 1A, Sacramento, Calif.; Ensign Keys, Jerry M., IA, Sacramento, Colih Ensign Tice, John L, Jr., 12E, Liberal, Kons.,- Ensign Cantrell, S. 8., Jr., QB, Lokeview, Mich. 1944 JULY 22, x Awijuww William D., 1C, Berkeley, Calif.; Ensign White, Charles L, 1C, Elizabeth City, N. C.; Ensign Kyler, Byford R., 12E, DeKalb, llls.; Ensign Grogan, Robert J., QB, Dover, N. J.; Ensign Plecha, Zigmund, 12E, McDonald, Ohio . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Dunlap, John M., 12C, South Boston, Mass.; Ensign Prouhet, C'ement R., HD, Pottonvilla Ma,- 2nd Lt. Page, William R., MD, Winnetko, IHs.; Ensign Proudman, David E.A 1E, Roslindole 31, Moss.; Ensign Cerbin, Harry, 12E, Chicago, llls.; 2nd Lt. Hayden, Austin J., 12D, LeSueut, Minn.; Ensign LeGrcnde, Wi'IFam E., 1D, San Bernardino, Colii,,- Ensign Johnson, Levi E., 1B, Richmond, Va.; Ensign Boafman, Edward J., 12E, Morinette, Wis.; Ens7gn Wadsworth, George W., 12D, Erlonger, Ky.; Ensign Dunn, Bernard, QB, Reading, Penn. Page 233 Glee Club entertaining guests of on "O" Club Close up of the Coder porfy. JULY 22,'1944 f . WMWHMNW .ww FIRST ROW: Ensign Adair, Alfred W., 1E, Salt Lake City, Utah,- Ensign Fitzgerald, 18, Soufh Amboy, N. J.; Ensign Johnson, Robert U., 12E, Buffalo, N. Y.; Ensign Kowka, Stephen J., 10C, Millville, N J.,- Ensign Darrow, Charles 3., 128, Antioch, Donald, 1C, Buckland, Mass.; Ensign McCarthy, Robert J., 1D, Pasadena, Calif.; Ensign Larkoski, Pauf J., 2C, Austin, Minn,- Ensign Douglas, Edwin C., 12E, Leesburg, Colif.; Ensign Varner, Byron D., ID, Lubbock, Texas,- Ensign Leslie, Alvin N., 1A, Fla,- Ensign Hern, Paul, 1C, Westville, Oklo.,- Ensign Kalweit, Ed, 12C, C'rowfords- Auburn, Wash. . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Ford, Frank J., 12B, Waterbury, Conn.,- ville, Ind.; Ensign Wagner, Douglas, Jr., 128, Van Horne, Iowa; Ensign $myer, Ensign Jefferson, Charles P., 12D Belmont, Moss.; Ensign Schwede, Raymond, Theodore M., 12E, San Diego, Calif.; Enstgn Shook, Wayne T., 12E, San Bernardino, 128, Lakewood, Ohio,- Ensign Spafford, James M., HD, Detroit, Mich; Ensign Colif.; Ensign Menke, Eugene E., 12E, New Haven, Mo. . . . SECOND ROW: Phillips, William, Jr., IA, Akron, Ohio,- Ensign Yates, Bud 0., 1A, Tacoma, Wash; Ensign Townsend, William H., Jr., 18, Willow Springs, Ma; 2nd Lt Phillipsf Ensign Baur, John F., IA, Milwaukee, Wis.; Ensign Adgafe, Leland V., 1A, Portland, Mich; Ensign Masse, Garth E., MD, Ludingfon, Mich; Ensign Welfy, Robert L, Charles 5., 12D, Providerce, R. 1.; Ensign Barney, John F., QB, Salt Lake City, Utah,- Ensxgn Sehesfed, Ove H., 12E, New York, N. Y.; Ensign Wisniewski, John 8., IA, Omaha, Nebr.; Ensign Zayak, John J., 13, BFOWUSVHIQ' Penn. P099 232 nsign efroi'r, , 12C, Minn; sdule, 5, 1D, :bern, ntree, ., 1D, A view of Cddef officers approaching The reviewing'Isfond during a Regimental Parade. FIRST ROW: Ensign Pfcmnensfein, William C., 1A, St. Joseph, 'Minn.; Ensign Solberg, Arthur E., 1A, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Hucke, James J., IA Milwaukee, Wis-; EHSign Louis, AlberiL H., IA, Cincinnati, Ohio; Ensign Bierkleillium C., IA, Madison, Wis.,- Ensign Hampton, Jack H., 18, Detroit, Mich,- EriSign Wesson, Joel T., 1A, Poncc: City, Okla.; Ensign Lipsic, Myron, 12E, Mortinsbufg, W. V0.; Ensign Bonacker, Robert N.; 12E, St. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Sf. John , Chc1rles R., 120: San Diego, Calif. SECOND ROW: Ensign de Tumble, Paul A., Jr., 12E, Arlington, Von,- Ensign Higginson, James 0., IA, Ogden, Utah; Ensign Black, John H., QB, San Francisco, Calif.; Ensign Rafhie, Martin, IB, Portland, Ore.; $2 339?? 8 Q g L g g Ensign Rose, Roger M., 12E, ST. Paul, Minn.; Ensign Teifer, Thomas W., 1A, Trenton, Mich.; Ensign McLoufh, Charles E., 13, Fronklinville, N. Y.; Ensign Goodman, Lee, 12D, Dallas, Texas; Ensign Stowe, David B., 12D, New York, N. Y. . THIRD ROW: Ensign Tarbox, William, 1C, Volleio, Colif.; Ensign Yeorsley, James R., Jr., 18, Philadelphia, Penn.; Ensign Meyer, Fred D., 1C, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Lyon, Robert R., 1A, San Luis Obispo, Coiif.,- Ensign Layne, Ralph M., 12C, Columbus, Ohio; Ensign Kelly, David D., HD, Portland, Ore.; Ensign Hamblen, James, HD, Menominee, Mich; Ensign Heath, Leroy A., IA, Defroit, Mich,- Ensign Owen, Gordon 0., 1A, Waterloo, Iowa; Ensign Rice, Keith P., 12E, Washington, D. C. Page 235 26 FIRST ROW; Ensign MeaHe, Luke L., 12E, Porfogeville, Mo.; Ensign Bosack, Donald E., 1A, River Rouge, Mich.,- Ensign May, Paul E., 12E, chrfhen, G0,; Ensign Anderson, Paul A., 12E, Seattle, Wash,- Ensign Neese, Howard C., 2C, Pearl, Hls.; Ensign Benson, Calvin, 12E, Duncan, Okla; Ensign Barber, Harold M., 1E, Minneapolis, Minn.,- Ensign Schcch, Wilhelm A., 1B, Brooklyn, N, Y.; Ensign Arends, Jerome H., ID, Walnut Creek, Calif; Ensign Horner, Spurgeon D., 1D, Crewe, Vo.; Ensign Dilts, Laverne W'., Jr., H3, Atlanta, Ga SECOND ROW: Ensign Rec, Richard L., 1A, Topeka, K0ns.; Ensign Sirok, Stanford L, 12D, Canton, Ohio; Ensign Owens, Warren L, QC, MeMorri, Mrlss.; Ensign Witt, Leonard C., 12E, Oklahoma City, Okla; Ensign Christensen, Kenneth M., 12E, l944 FIRST ROW: Ensign Green, Raymond G., 1C, Bellevue, Mich; Ensign Ruzickq, Warren E., 12E, Cincinnati, Ohio; Ensign chbackt, Gerald N., 12C, Kalamazoo, Mich; Ensign Brook, Alexander B., 12E, New York, N. Y.; Ensign Werner, Homer 3., 1C, Stockton, ColifN; Ensign Gunsolus, Robert T., 12E, Bakersfield, Colif.; Ensign Hamilton, Willard E., 12E, Chico, COIif.; 2nd Lt. Green, Arlie VL, Jr., 12E, Bor'rlesville, Okla; Ensign Brewster, Paul E., 12E, Denver, Colo.,- Ensign Buchanan, Charles S., 12E, Roswell, N. Nex, SECOND ROW: Ensign Ferris, Earnest M., IB, Detroit, Mich; Ensign Grou, Donald P., 18, Erie, Penn.; Ensign Muldoon, Francis, 18, Elkins Park, Penn; Ensign Green, Wolier R., 1B, Detroit, Mich; Ensign Evan! L. L., Jr., 18, VVellesley Hills, Moss,- Ensign Eckhoff, Warren, Puge 234' Konkakee, Hls.; Ensign Morrison, William T., 12E, Oklahoma City, Okla; Ensign Albertson, Dean H., 12E, Berkeley, Calif.; Ensign Neuman, Joseph, 13, Detroit, Mich; Ensign Noe, Edward J., 1D, LaCrosse, Wis.; 2nd Lt. Caudle, Forrest E., 12C, Moneft, Mo. . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Dressel, Melvin E., 1E, Wotertown, Minn.,- Ensign Jefferson, Fred W., 1A, Zion, Ills.,- Ensign Simler, Norman J., QB, Lonsdale, Penn.; Ensign Young, Marvin L, 12E, Falls City, Neb.; Ensign Eas1on, Charles, 1D, San Francisco, Calif.; 2nd Lt. Morris, James L, 12E, Edmond, Okla; Ensign Cobern, Walter E., Jr., 12E, Moplesville, Ala; Ensign Jones, Ralph J., Jr., 1A, Brointree, Moss.; 2nd Lt. Ware Gerald M., 12E, Runnels, Iowa; Ensign Veniuri, AIdo M., ID, New York, N. Y.; Ensign Bollard, John V., 1E, West Foils Church, V0. port, L0. New York, N. Y. H3, New York, N. Y.; Ensign Wells, John L, HD, Glendale, Colif.; 2nd Lt. White, George B., 12C, Swompscott, Mass.,- 2nd Lt. Rosemond, William C., 6D, Shreve- . THIRD ROW: Ensign Bohler, Frank L., 1D, Glendale, Calif.; Ensign Chapman, John H., Jr., 1D, Los Ange!es, Colif.; Ensign Lower, William C., 12C, CresweH, Ore.,- Ensign Harris, Rolinson W., 1A, Springfield, Moss.; Ensign Coil, David M., 1A, Columbus, Ohio; Ensign Gamble, Curtis L, Jr., 1D, Youngstown, Ohio,- Ensign Lahann, Robert N., 1A, Sioux City, Iowa; Ensign Isley, Loren F., 11D, Meodville, M0,,- Ensign Young, Robert 5., ID, Grosse Ile, Mich.; Ensign Cowan, Sherma R., 12E, Lubbock, Texas; Ensign Freeborn, George W., 12C, :4 i FIRST ROW: Ensign Ede, Woodrow N., 12D, Knippa, Texas; Ensign Benz, Stephen J., Jr., 12D, Kansas City, Mo.; 2nd Lt. Masfen, Charles F., Jr., 12D, San Francisco, Calif.; Ensign Wilson, James A., 10C, Detroit, Mich; Ensign Lamberf, Maurice J., 12E, Pinckneyville, Ills.,- Ensign Sfcples, John V., 1B, Fort Madison, Iowa; Ensign Brickman, Lawrence M., 1A, New York, N. Y.,- Ensign Smith, Leo A., 12E, St. Louis, Mo.,- 2nd Lt. Kunderf, Harold A., 12D, Lodi, Colif.,- 2nd Lt Keller, Gordon H., 12E, Birmingham 7, A10. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Smiley, Arthur E., Jr., 2C, Kansas City, Mo.,- Ensign Cafferfy, Michael J., 12E, Philadelphia, Penn.; Ensign Seaman, Robert L., 18, Syracuse, N. Y.,- Ensign Kennedy, Robert E., 18, FIRST ROW: Ensign Perreaulf, Laverne R., IE, Tounfon, Mossl; 2nd Lt. Sinclair, Robert 3., HC, Elizabethtown, Ky.; Ensign Brown, James L, 1E, Norfh Kansas City, MO'; Ensign Randall, James C., 1E, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Sheahon, Theodore E., IB, SOHHO, Kcms.; Ensign Shepard, Paul C., 1A, Seattle, Wash; Ensign Williams, Robert L, IA, Lake Geneva, Wis.,- Ensign Morris, George R., 12D, Seattle, Wash. SECOND ROW; Ensign Trycinski, John F., 18, New York, N. Y.,- Ensign Brannenl Joseph A., 12D, Long Beach, Calif.; 2nd Lt. Kirkeminde, James E., 128, San Francisco, Calif.; Ensign Schlais, Freeman F., 28, New Bedford, Moss.; Ensign Peden, Bob R., 12A, Ottumwo, Iowa; Ensign O'Hara, Hugh L, 2A, Ebens- burg, Penn.; Ensign Brown, Wesley W., 1E, Auburn, Wash; Ensign Boyer, Paul M., ID, Memphis, Tenn. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Moore, Robert W., 1D, Fort Wayne, Ind.; Ensign DuVoll, Richard A., H3, Oakland, Calif.; Ensign Sadler, Russell Y., 1C, Stanton, Texas,- Ensign Pratt, Thomas C., 18, Providence, R. l.; Ensign Swaim, William D., 12E, Hot Springs, Ark.,- Ensign Green, Everett M., Jr., 128, Richmond, M0,; Ensign Dawson, Willis E., 12E, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Beauregard, Joseph R., 12E, Detroit, Mich,- Ensign Shopland, Robert C., IB, Bogota, N. J.; Ensign Gibbs, David E., 12D, Wofsonville, Calif. ML 2 e mum, amwwxxx Council Grove, Kans.,- Ensign Turnbull, William W., 1C, Idaho Falls, Idaho,- Ensign Steele, William E., 1A, Washington, Iowa; Ensign King, Harrison E., 1C, Portland, Ore; Ensign Ellingson, Vernon 0., 1A, Yonkfon, 5. Dok. . . . THIRD ROW; Ensign Gossman, Thomas J., QB, Preston, Minn.; Ensign Graff, Peter M., 1D, Sioux Rapids, Iowa,- Ensign Droege, Dliver D., 2A, Kcmsos City, Wis.; Ensign Barry, Robert W., 2A, Rochester, N. Y.,- Ensign Sprcng, John K., 1D, Philadelphia, Penn.; Ensign Duncan, John H., 2A, Bay Village, Ohio; Ensign Rhoad, Kenneth A., Jr., 1D, Phoenixville, Penn. Page 237 FIRST ROW: Ensign Nefh, Willis J., Jr., IB, Botovic, N. Y,,- Ensign Ludwig, John 5., 1B, Poles Park, Ills.; 2nd Lt. Richmond, James K., 12C, PikesviHe, Md.; Ensign Hordke, Frederick C., 12E, Hozen, Ark.; Ensign Word, Daniel I.., 1C, Garland, Texas; 2nd Lt. Schranfz, William M. H., 12C, Hellertown, Penn; Ensign Affholder, Anthony l., 12D, Madison, Wis.; 2nd Lt. Lee Sun, Robert F., 12C, Detroit, Mich,- 2nd Lt Stevens, Roy D., 12E, Detroit, Mich; Ensign Calcagnini, Carlo, 12De Springfield, Mass. SECOND ROW: Ensign Hone, Hoiger 0., 12E, Son Francisco, Colif.,- Ensign Reynholds, Bernard N., IB, Windsor, Conn.; Ensign Pauly, Warren N., 1C, Comptonville, Colif.,- Ensign Hovde, Willard F., A typical view of cadets moving Their gear around the Main Sfofion. 2A, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Rempe, Herbert J., 123, Plainville, Kans.; Ensign Sanko, Joseph D., 13, New Salem, Penn.,- Ensign Roehrig, Richard W. C., Jr., 18, Springfield Gardens, New York, N. Y.,- Ensign Sfegman, Jerome, 128, Spear- ville, Kons.,- Ensign McCullough, William F., 1C, Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Morley, Harold, 1C, Lawrence, Moss.,- Ensign Cormier, Philip V., 2A, Grafton, Mass.; Ensign Eilers, Harris R., 12D, EdwardsviHe, llls.; Ensign Stowell, Robert 0., 1A, Los Angeles, Colif,,- Ensign Wickes, Robert 3., 1A, Webster, N. Y.; Ensign Hopmann, Richard, 12D, St. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Budge, James R., 12D, St. John, Kons.; Ensign Sawyer, Paul D., 12E, Kcmsos City, Mo.; Ensign Chamberlin, Wilbur 5., 12C, Detroit, Mich.,- Ensign Andrews, Grover C., Jr., 12E, Elk City, Okla. Page 236 'les E., Minn.; Beville, N. Y.; ery A., ioboro, efeller, uyling, L, 12E, Lt. Rohrbough, Officer in Charge, 9th Baffolion inspects The cadets for necnness 0nd milifory smorfness. FIRST ROW: Ensign Spcxhr, Herman G., 3D, Foirmounf, lnd.; Ensign Allen, Fred L, 1C, Galveston, Texas; Ensign Price, Donald 5., 2A, Ocean City, N. J.,- Ensign Brawner, Thomas M., 12D, Holt, Mo.; Ensign Machin, Rodney A., 4A, Pasadena, Calif.; Ensign Nugell, Carl P., 1A, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Mash, James N., 12D, Murray, Utah; Ensign Smoley, Louis J., 1A, ST. Stephen, Minn.; EnSiQn Revesz, George E., H3, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign Schmefz, Frank J., Jr., IB, Merchantville, N. J. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Lang, Edgar V., 18, Winner, 8' DOk-i Ensign Fisher, John R., 1C, Defroif, Mich,- Ensign Weber, Harry, 1C, Cincinnati, Ohio; Ensign Denkler, William A., IE, Memphis! Tenn.; Ensign Keen, William T., 1E, Washington, D. C.,- Ensign Calvert, Joseph L., 12C, Evansville, Ind.,- Ensign Seeland, Howard F., Jr., 12D, Little Springs, N. J.,- Ensign Woods, Douglas P., 12C, Fairfield, Conn.; Ensign Mizhari, Harry, 1D, Atlantic Cify, N. J. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Beckman, Raymond W., 9C, Lodi, Colif.; Ensign Smith, Clarence L, 1E, Walled Lake, Mich; Ensign Manuel, John P., 1A, Port Arthur, Texas,- Ensign Wool, Wilbur 8., 1D, San Jose, Calif.; Ensign Ring, Walter C., 1C, Seattle, Wash.; Ensign Carroll, Bob J., 12D, Brody, Texas; Ensign Brown, Murel, ID, Long Beach, Calif.; Ensign Robinson, Vernon 3., IB, Zamora, Colif.; Ensign Blues, Carl E., 1A, Ogden, Utah; Ensign Cannon, Cafesby B., Jr., 1D, Youngs- town, Ohio. Page 239 FIRST ROW: Ensign Lowe, Cecil, 18, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Rutkowski, Henry, 12A, Detroit, Mich; Ensign Eichenberg, Willicm C., 2A, Irwin, Penn.; Ensign Finger, Beniamin A., 2A, DuBois, Penn.; Ensign Stone, Winston 0., H3, Corning, N. Y.,- Ensign Hite, Albert W., Jr., 2A, Boy Cify, Texas; Ensign Mack, Donald W., H3, Morristown, N. J.,- Ensign Lomosney, William F., 1C, Detroit, Mich; Ensign Hobson, Donald K., 1C, Portland, Ore.; Ensign Casey, Robert E., 1E, Sioux City, Iowa SECOND ROW: Ensign Miller, James J. F., 1A, Huntington, L. l., N. Y.,- Ensign Cichon, Arnold M., IA, Detroit, Mich,- Ensign BrOWn, Stanley R. L, 1A, Kansas Cify, Mo; Ensign Ciraldo, Armand C., 1A1 New York, N, Y,; Ensign MN 29, IBM FIRST ROW: Ensign Petiis,'lelard E., IB, Hastings, Nebr.; Ensign Wood, Jesse N., Jr., 1A, Worthington, W, Vo.,- Ensign Corner, Sheldon L., 13, Far Rockaway, N. Y.,- Ensign Bonan, Eugene J., 13, Pottsville, Penns; Ensign Via, Houbert L, Bluefield, W. Va.; Ensign Davey, Francis H., 1D, Beverly, Moss.; Ensign Patterson, James A., 13, Butler, Penn.; Ensign Morey, Edgar 5., Jr., 1B, Rochester, N. Y.; Ensign Zogran, Leonard, IB, Munhcxll, Penn.; Ensign Calloway, W. M., Jr., 12C, Longview1 Texas . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign O'Brien, Leo; 1C, Wabash, Nebr.; Ensign Franklin, John W.; 1D, Oregon, llls.; Ensign Cross, Robert M., QB, Kingsporf, Tenn.; Ensign Evans, Burl E., 1E, Alden, Iowa; Ensign mmwwwmww Pullman, Willard E., Jr., 2A, Clark's Summit, Penn.; Ensign Rau, Charles E., IB,,New York, N. Y.; Ensign Stiles, Vernon E., 12E, Morine-on-Sf. Croix, Minn.,- Ensign Hill, Rodger F., 1E, Dayton, Ohio; Ensign Brunner, Robert L., 2A, Roseville, Calif. . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Bennett, Stephen J., 12D, New York, N. Y.; 2nd Lt. Millette, Eugene, 12D, Springfield, Moss,- 2nd Lt. Neuschwander, Emery A., 12E, Redwood Falls, Minn.; 2nd Lt. Hemingway, Richard 3., 12C, Woldoboro, Maine; 2nd Lt. Bell, Thomas E., 12C, Lincoln Park, Mich.; 2nd L1. Rockefeller, Godfrey A., 12C, Greenwich, Conn.; 2nd Lt. McDonnell, Herbert L, 12C, Groyling, Mich; Ensign Davis, Leo H., Jr., 1D, Trenton, IHs.; 2nd Lt. Julin, Williameq 12E, Pittsburgh, Pennv Ensign Cornell, John P., 1A, Clendenin, W. Va. Driscoll, Cornelius J., Jr., I2E, Springfield, Moss"- Ensngn Morgan, George D., 18, Blownox, Penn.; Ensign Stanley, William, 12E, Philadelphia, Penn.; 2nd Lt. Greer, Bron 0., 12E, Lindsay, Colif.; 2nd Lt. Blakeslee, Austin T., 12E, Blakeslee, Penn. . . . THIRD ROW; Ensign Ollila, Toivo J., 1B, Orr, Minn.; Ensign McFarland, James, 2A, Wilkinsburg, Penn.; Ensign Peacock, Gerald V., 1B, Harris, Iowa,- Ensign Hall, Warren F., QB, Brointree, Mass.,- Ensign Neher, Paul F., 1E, Kansas City, Kons.,- 2nd Lt. Lewis, Robert, Jr., 120, Donville, Hls.; 2nd Lt. McMurfrey, Billy N., 12E, Star City, Ark.,- Ensign Devereaux, Leon E., 1E, Bend, Ore.,- 2nd Li. 81", Webb C., 1A, Portsmouth, Ohio; Ensign Cafes, Richard K., 12C, Cincinnati, 0 10. Page 238 dmenfol FIRST ROW: Ensign Prater, William L, 1C, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign Grimshaw, Robert B., 12D, Hollis, N. Y.,- Ensign Jones, Robert M., 1E, Denver, Colo.; Ensign Sadler, Neil E., 1E, Omaha, Nebr.,- Ensign Gumber, Joseph H., Jr., 1A, Lakewood, Ohio; Ensign Jones, Robert W., 2C, Terre Houfe, Ind. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Hollingsworth, Dale J., 1E, Duluth, Minn.; Ensign Huchaba, William A., 12E, Braxgodocio, Mo.; Ensign Taylor, James M., 1C, Berkeley, Colif.,- Ensign FIRST ROW: Ensign Keosian, Vohram, 128, San Francisco, Calif.; Ensign Whifed, TheodOre Cu 1C, Hutchinson, Kans.,- Ensign Meyer, Emile A., 1E, Mt. Sterling, llls.,- E"5i9n Hooks, Pat E., 12D, lfctsco, Texas; Ensign Jones, Joseph W., QB, Salt Lake CW, Utah,- Ensign Smith, Craig R., IA, Hartford, Conn.; EnSiQ" Fernand'eZ, HiPOIifO, Jr., 1E, Gory, Incl.,- Ensign Deas, Robert A., IE, New York, N. Y.,- EnSIgn DeMatteo, William L., 1C, Bergenfield, N. J.,- Ensign Huggins, V. Russell, 1D, Andes, N. Y. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Storer, John W., Jr., 1B, Washington! D- C.; Ensign Johnson, George L., ID, Macon, Ga; Ensign Miller, Russell F., 2C, BGmmore, Md.,- Ensign Petersen, Claude B., 1C, Newton, Utah; Ensign Bishop, UG ST Heywood, Norman C., 1A, Kalamazoo, Mich.; Ensign Schalon, Edward l., 1C, St. Joseph, Mich.,- Ensign Rischitelli, Edward, 2A, Southbridge, Moss. . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Eiarfon, Donald L, 128, Moul'ron, Iowa,- 2nd Lt. Kohler, Edward A., 12E, N. Warren, Penn.; Ensign Flannery, Walter R., Jr., 1D, Orchard Lake, Mich.; Ensign Wilson, Richard W., 18, Denver, Colo.,- Ensign Glueckert, Donald, 12E, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Crippen, Paul Mc., 1E, Akron, Ohio. GI Mr 2, Charles F., 7D, Hoquiom, Wash; Ensign Gillespie, William B., 1D, Kansas City, M0,; Ensign Biersmith, Martin C., 1E, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Gregg, Andrew, 1D, BroHleboro, Vt; Ensign Bicknell, Townsend P., Jr., 2A, Los Angeles, Calif. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Nickerson, Warren V., 2C, Dennisponf, Mass.; Ensign Schneider, Robert, 2A, Bentleyville, Penn.,- Ensign Hensley, Morgan F., 2A, Hoodey, Vo.; Ensign Maftuir, Merle E., ID, Williston, Fla; Ensign Blechl, Eugene 0., IA, Oshkosh, Wis.; 2nd Lt. Talurilo, Angelo M., 123, Duluth, Minn.; Ensign Suzick, John E., 12D, Keewatin, Minn.; Ensign Davis, Lehi, 1A, Logan, Utah,- Ensign Grill, Robert W., 18, Eagle Grove, Iowa,- Ensign Curtis, Finis, 2A, Detroit, Mich. Page 241 FIRST ROW: Ensign Nickels, Walter A., TA, Toledo, Ohio; Ensign Shearer, Jerry T., TD, Boyne CiTy, Mich.; 2nd LT. Luther, RoberT E., 128, Los Angeies, Colif.; Ensign Gorwick, Gilbert 0., 12C, SonTct Monica, Calif.,- Ensign Wallace, David P., 12E, Raymond, Miss.; Ensign Fisher, John 8., 2C, Toledo, Ohio; Ensigne Farnsworth, William 0., 1E, Phoenix, Ariz.; Ensign Aldrich, Donald W., TE, Addison, Mich.; Ensign Clark, Paul E., 12C, Norman, Okla,- Ensign Nymun, William E., TA, ST. Paul, Minn. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Springer, George H., 1E, ForT WorTh, Texas,- Ensign Kersf, Howard 6., IE, Greenville, Ohio; Ensign Tyson, Donald C., TD, Berkeley, Calif. . . . Ensign Allen, Richard A., TB, Cranbury, N. J.; Ensign CodeTs marching off exTro duTy on The ramp 0T The rear of The RegimenTol HeodquorTers. Burroughs, Earl L., 1C, Clarksburg, W. Va.; Ensign Howard, Maxie, HA, Hazard, Ky.; Ensign Rau, Lewis, 1B, PorT Jervis, N. Y.,- Ensign Daman, Charles W., Jr., 12C, ST. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Kertzie, Norman J., 1A, Buffalo, N. Y. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Milliron, Vaughn 8., ID, MT. Morris, Mich; Ensign Sprague, Winston L, 2A, Barre, VT.,- Ensign Abbott, Lavern C., 10C, Salina, Kons.; Ensign Gannawuy, Daniel E., 1D, Dallas, Texas,- Ensign Lynggarcl, Reinard N., 1D, McCabe, MonT.,- Ensign Burr, Fred, TD, West FrankforT, llls.,- Ensign Snyder, Charles E. W., TE, CovingTon, Ohio,- Ensign McCoy, Robert P., Jr., 1A, PorT ArThur, Texas; Ensign Turner, Robert 8., 1D, Oakland, Calif.; Ensign Grumlich, James J., QB, St. Louis, Mo. Page 240 A group of cadets get together for 0 "Jam Session" of The Rec Mess. FIRST ROW: 2nd Lt. Baird, Roberf C., 12E, Birmingham, Alo.,- Ensign Frey, JGlmes E., 12E, Seattle, Wash,- Ensign Baxter, Carl B., 12D, Pacific Grove, Colif.: EnSIQn Blankenship, George D., Jr., 2B, Berkeley, Calif.; Ensign Bailey, Carl H., 23: Ogden, Utah,- Ensign Tomson, Robert, 1A, Washington, D. C.,- Ensign Nicholson, Arthur, IE, Manchester, N. H.; Ensign Williams, James L., IE, Baltimore, Md; EnSIgn Payne, Kenneth C., 13, Clendenin, W. Vo.,- Ensign Warner, Frank E-, 1A, Washington, D. c. . . . SECOND ROW; Ensign Campbell, Donald R., 18, Tracy, Minn; EnSign Moloff, Kenneth E., 18, OHowa, Kans.; Ensign White, Stewart 5., '25, Baltimore, Md; Ensign Van Laningham, Robert E., 1B, Lansing, le.; Ensign gwmw WWW! Delk, Clayton C., Jr., 1C, Los Angeles, Calif.; Eusign Curry, Keith W., 13, Prophets- Town, Ills.; Ensign Lee, Harris A., 18, Inglewood, Colif.; Ensign Wesfcotf, Harold J., 1A, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Bluisdell, David H., QB, Somersworfh, N. H. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Van Duzor, William, 1D, Aurora, Ills.,- Ensign Liesenfeld, Arthur, 1D, ST. Paul, Minn.; Ensign Hoffman, Paul J., 2C, Astoria, New York, N. Y.; Ensign Norbury, Cedric A., 2C, Ringoes, N. J.; Ensign Beaman, John H., ?C, Marysville, Wash,- Ensign Warburton, Kimball, IE, San Anselmo, Colif.; Ensugn Griffin, Charles A., IB, Florence, Ariz.; Ensign Koshbou, Harold J., 1E, Woukan, Iowa,- Ensign Edwards, Jack W., 2A, Seogroves, Texas; Ensign Meyer, Ralph W., QB, Dixon, Ills. Page 243 nvwnw Ensign Wood, Ensign Gerberding, David R., 2A, Minneapolis, Minn.,- Ensign Sieber, Merle K., 1D, Ardmore, Penn.,- Ensign Peterson, Edward C., 1D, Jackson, Mich.; Ensign Ensign Sums, Thomas H., IA, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign Jennings, Richai'd M., 1C, Tillerson, Roy 3., 1A, Wehsfon, Mo.,- Ensugn Seafon, Richard L, 1D, Seattle, quh. B , . . . . . . . . THIRD ROW: Ensngn Beckham, Leonard G., 12E, Amory, Miss.; Ensugn 0y City, Ore.; Ensxgn Allen, Robert 5., 1C, Culver CITY, Col:f.; Ensugn Osborne, . . . ' . - . Penny, Willoughby W., 1C, Staten Island, N. Y.; Ensngn Halef, Eugene F., Jr., Richard H., 1D, Pendlefom Ore.; Ensngn Klein, Robert W., 2A, Dcnvxlle, Illa,- 12E 5,..- Louis Mo.- Ensign Sweet Robert W. 1A Staten Island N. Y.- Ensign Ensign Mikufowski, Frank, 7C, South St. POUL- Minn; Ensign Browne, Russell E., Tanner, Louis P., 1A, Lynchburg, V0,; Ensign Creger, Robert C., 1E, Cresfon, lowo; 3C, Woukegon, IHS- - . - SECOND ROW: EHSIQn Altman, Seymour L, H3, Ensign Cox, Wilbert M., 1D, Harrison, Ark.; Ensign Tque, Earl E., IA, Spencer, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Ensign Truskelf, William Eu 7C, Coney, Kons.; Ensign King, Iowa,- Ensign Moseley, Frank W., 2C, Kansas Cify, M0,; Ensign Hart, Robert H., Harry P., 1C, Ceres, VO.; Ensign Anderson, Kenneth '15., 1D,. Cresfon, Iowa; 2C, Foirporf, N, Y. AUGUST 5, 1944 FIRST ROW: Ensign Weber, Robert C., 1A, Fresno, Calif.; Eugene E., 1A, Waterloo, Iowa; Ensign Becker, Ralph A., 2A, Seneca, Kons.,- Nwmmwwiww D FEST ROW: EnSiQ'f Benne'ft, Gordon R." 2A, EOST Lansing, Mich.; 2nd Lt. Phelps, Ensign Byler, Leonard D., 2A, Kolvesfo, Kons.; Ensign Poff, John H., 1E, Independ- aVI W., l2A, Indianapolis, Ind.; Enygn Johnson, Donald L, 12C, Rochester, ence, M0,; Ensign Huisken, Arnold 8., 2A, Edgerton, Minn. Mich.; Ensign Friedemann, Conrad J., 2A, Detroit, Mich. . , . SECOND ROW: AUGUST T 2W f1: 2 FIRST ROW: Ensign Slover, Warren P., 1C, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Baxter, 'W. Von; Prescott 6., IC, Bogota, N. J.; Ensign Frick, Rufus T., 1C, Kitfonning, Penn.; Joseph R., 1D, 5t AIbOnS, N- Y4 EnSign Damkrogen Vern J., 2A, DeWitf, NBbF-I' Ensign Albrighf, Pierce E., QB, Muncie, Ind.; Ensign Maginn, Charles E., Jr., 1D, Ensign Lane, Robert D., 2C, 'Toledo, Ohio; Ensign Nelson, Milton L, 1C, .Belvidere, West Orange, N. J.,- Ensign Hoover, Henry C-, Jr., 2C, Des Plaines, HIS.; HIS.- . . . THIRD ROW: Ensngn Boberg, She-rwoodIEq 1E, Salt Lake Clty, Utah; . , Ensugn Ecker, Harold, Jr., 1D, Fostona, Ohio,- Ensngn O'Keefe, Gordon H., HC, Ensngn Washburg, Robert W., 2A, North Warren, Penn.; Ensngn Wells, Emory N., . . . - l2 . . . . Chlcogo, Ills.,- Ensugn Mason, Murray R., 12C, Sf. Lou's, Mo.; En5lgn Arseneau, C, Greensburg, Ind.; EnSIgn Young, Robert L, 1A, SIOUX Qty! IOVYOI' Ensign Flavin J., 12E, Fort Worth, Texas; Ensign Poffillos, William L., 12E, Dallas, Texas; Hearn, Robert L: Jr'l ROCkY Mount, N- C. - - - SECOND ROW: Ensugn 5""th Ensign Brewington, John H., 12D, Waco, Texas; Ensign Gilbride, Harry L., 2C, Leon M., 12D, Birmingham, Alo.,- Ensign Rohner, George A., 18, Little Falls, N. J., Philadelphia, Penn.,- Ensign Blackstone, Joseph W., 2B, Norfolk, Va.; Ensign Frye, Ensign West, Lisle D., 1C, EHiof, Iowa,- Ensign Farley, RobertL J., 1C, Wheeling, Robert W., 38, Baltimore, Md. Ensign McPherson, Corwin R., 2C, Groveton, Texas; Ensign Bailey, AUGUST 9, 944 2 FIRST ROW: Ensign Fruzar E D. 2C Richmond, Texas; Ensign Smith, William F., Ensign BIrEwnC; Roger tEqN1B+ Ricnkgglne E23352" L.Elgefi 2-; Efigzsrgsvzk 16"er 2c, - -' ' ' ' H.,- E 2 ., r-r , reenporl ' .,- , " ' . ' ' .,- Ho Inglewood, Cahf.; EnSIgn Bell, Marlyn V., 2A, Los ATIggies,12CCczlsan 2:39: Ensign Atkins, Robert 5., 1A, Providence, Utah; Ensign Parker, Richard 5-, IB, . We, Henry M" 2C' Roanoke, Texas; 2nd U" Laskey, Ne.wa ., ' Seminole, Okla. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Olsen, Harry H., 18, Greendale, Wis.; CISCO' Colif.; EnSiQ" Main, Morton, 1E! Dearborn, MiCh'; Ensugn Landwehr, RebertF" Ensign Elser, John H., IB, West Los Angeles, Colif.; Ensign Dugeler, Edward J., 13, Norfhbrook, Hls.; Ensign Husiad, Harvey L., 2A, Owofonno, Minn.; EnSIgn 1C, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Cadwalader, Robert E., 2A, San Carlos, C0112; Ensign Finster, James T., 2A, San Diego, Calif. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Little, Philip H-1 Perry, Roger L, 13, Waterloo, Wis.,- Ensign Thorpe, Henry 5., 1D, Whitesboro, le Glendale, Colif.- Ensign Oueltte Denis T., 18, Concord, N. H.; Ensign BUHO"; N. Y.,- Ensign Ludwig, Robert A., IE, Waukesha, Wis.; Ensign Moriarto, Webster M., lee D., 1A, Salt Lake Cify Utah- Ensign Ciulis, Edward, 18, LoCkowonno, N. Y.,- ID, West Chester, Penn.; Ensign Kemper, Robert 6., 2A, Wichita, Kons. Page 245 FIRST ROW: Ensign Gugisberg, Donald M., 1C, Gibbon, Minn.; Ensign Barnes, William F., 1C, Anaheim, Califui 2nd Lt. Fulghum, Kenneth, Jr., 12E, Pensacola, Flo.; Ensign Tickner, Edward W., 1A, Rochester, N. Y.; Ensign Dunick, Duane, 28, Deorborn, Mich; Ensign Shull, William D., 1A, Columbia, 8. C.,- Ensign Katz, John A., IC, York, Penn.; Ensign Votcnek, Laddie F., 1C, Berwyn, HIs.; Ensign Liller, Paul J., 2A, Lancaster, Penn.; Ensign Ryan, Raymond J., 1A, Blokely, Minn. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Steinmetz, Joseph T., 1C, Trenton, N. J.; Ensign Gauthier, Joseph R., 23, Neopit, Wis.,- Ensign Youngren, Kenneth C., 1C, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Hagestad, Jack F., QB, Minneapolis, Minn.,- Ensign lslemun, Frederick, 1D, Cadet Fred Shedd, runner up, congratulates Cadet Frank Moseley, winner of The Cadet Tennis Singles Tournament. Aurora, Hls.; Ensign White, Thomas C., 12A, Chorifon, Iowa,- Ensign Smith, William C., ID, North Brookfield, Moss.; Ensign Quintiliani, Richard J., 20, Quincy, Moss.,- Ensign Tabor, Frank E., 2C, Saugus, Moss. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Aloisio, Veto A., 2A, Cincinnati, Ohio; Ensign Curnayn, Robert W., 2A, Cincinnati, Ohio; Ensign Groie, Royal U., 1C, Reynolds Road, Mentor, Ohio; Ensign Hubbard, Lloyd 5., 1C, Chicago, llls.; Ensign Carter, Thomas J., 1D, Rochester, N. Y.; Ensign Spaulding, John F., 1C, Indianapolis, lnd.,- Ensign Murphy, Earl T., IA, Cincinnati, Ohio; Ensign Letter, George J., 1A, Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign Morrison, John W., 2A, lrvington, N. J.; Ensign Lucchesi, Charles, 2A, Oukldnd, Calif. Page 244 n G., Calif.; ng 5., enneit Hngen Ohio; ., 2A, sane; A familiar scene To all cadets is The Novel Bus Terminal of Corpus Chrisfi, Texas. FIRST ROW: Ensign Bozles, Hubert B., 18, FT. Worth, Texas; Ensign Kfein, Ralph E., 1C, Newport, Ky.; Ensign Sirrine, Robert R., 1C, St. Johns, Mich; Ensign Redmond, Phil E., Jr., 1C, South Portland, Maine; 2nd Lt. Johnson, Donald W., 12D, OHUmwm, Iowa; 2nd Lt McReynolds, William L., 12E, San Jose, Calif.; ENSign Lindblom, Melvin E., 1E, Lindsburg, Kons.; 2nd Lt. Sabol, George J., 12E, Salt Lake City, UTGh; Ensign Schelin, Ernest W., 1D, MoneH, Mo.; Ensign Price, William F" m! Alfodeno, Calif. SECOND ROW: Ensign MacDonald, Russell D., 28, Oakland, Colif.,- Ensign Fogorfy, Marvin M., 1E, Waseco, Minn; Ensign Young, Bi" cu 2A, St. Joseph, M0,; Ensign Whiff, William 0., 2A Holeyville, A104,- Engign Eaton, William F., 1D, Farminghom, Mass.; Ensign Wilson, Nxcnolos A., IL, Galveston, Texas; Ensign Moehlman, Harlan E., 1C, Middletown, iowo; Ensign Speer, Harold N., 1E, Sacramento, Colif.; Enstgn Thompson, Richard D., 1A, Rock- well City, Iowa THIRD ROW: Ensign Kurfh, William F., 1A, Dallas, Texas,- Ensign Bush, George H., Jr., ID, Macon, 60.; Ensign Sommer, Charles A., 1C, PorTsmoufh, Ohio,- Ensign Copeland, Leon E., 1D, Flinfville, Tenn.,- Ensign Gravely, Emerson H., IA, Newberry! Fla; Ensign Haynes, William M., 1A, Dallas, Texas; Ensign Vockel, John W., 1C, Oakland, Calif.; Ensign Rice, Gitz W., 1C, New York, N. Y.,- Ensign Borgeson, James C., IE, Oakland, Calif.; Ensign Thompson, Jack M., ID, San Francisco, Calif. Page 247 TV , ia s 3. c3 i I 3 FIRST ROW: Ensign Cooper, Frederick, 1B, ST. Anne, Ills.; Ensign Loeffler, Edwin H., QB, Salt Lake City, Utah,- Ensign Humphrey, Lawrence G., 28, Lewiston, Idaho; Ensign Collignon, Harry R., IE, Winthrop, Moss.,- 2nd Lt. Thistlethwaife, Lote, 12E, Opelousos, La.; 2nd Lt. Sieg, Charles W., 12E, Memphis, Tenn.; Ensign Ferguson, Mathew A., Jr., 3C1 Salt Lake City, Utah; 2nd Lt. Moberg, Henry, Jr., 12E, Omaha, Nebr.,- Ensign Schreiber, Harry E., Jr., 2A, Donna, Texas; Ensign Smith, Patrick H., IA, Lorain, Ohio . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Kalousek, Harold L., 1C, Kansas City, Kons.; Ensign Breeding, Ralph E., 1E, Rollo, Kans.; Ensign Doering, Edgar A., 2D, Vandolio, llls.; Ensign Collins, Howard D., Jr., 2D, Baltimore, Md.; AUGUST 9, 194 Ensign Anderson, Eugene, 2A, Tinley Park, Ills.,- Ensign lngraham, Wilson 6., HA, Washington, D. C.,- Ensign Roberis, Charles L, Jr., 1B, Pacific Grove, Colif.; Ensign Coffman, Carroll F., 18, German Valley, llIs.; Ensign Rouillard, Charming 5., 2A, North Hinsdale, N. H. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign 0055, John D., 2A, Kennett Square, Penn.,- Ensign Fielder, Tom F., 2A, Houston, Texas,- Ensign Hollinger, James A., IA, Borberfon, Ohio; Ensign Keller, Ward 5., 1C, Lancosfer, Ohio; Ensign Dipboye, Robert E., 2A, Baltimore, Md.; Ensign Carney, William H., 2A, Potsdam, N. Y.; Ensign Dean, Byron W., QB, Rochester, N. Y.; Ensign Cassunos, Peter, 2A, Woburn, Moss. ,071 M Immwmm maxw W , 2 FIRST ROW: Ensign Burgess, Murray, IB, Jersey City, N. J.; Ensign Cramer, John R., 18, San Diegol CQIif.,- Ensign Clauser, Ernest M., Jr., 1D, Allentown, Penn; Ensign Halverson, Robert E., 1D, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign Toepfer, Meyrl W., 12E, East Defroif, Mich; 2nd Lt. Hon, John R., 12C, East Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign Grocer, Charles R., 1D, Silver City, N. Mex.; Ensign Meserve, Richard 0., 1C, Kittery, Maine; Ensign Richardson, Lewis D., IE, Salt Lake City, Utah,- Ensign Agren, Roger C., 2A, Minneapolis, Minn; Ensign Korum, Vernon F., ID, Alton, Ills. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Seiferf, Norbert R., 1E, New Ulm, Minn.; Ensign Broadlick, Charles R., 12E, Detroit, Mich,- Ensign Freiling, Ernest W. F., ID, South ST. Paul, Minn; Ensign Soder, Arihur, Jr., ?C, Providence, R. I.; Ensign Tompkins, Grant E., ID, Volleio, Calif. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Weeber, Charles A., Jr., IE, San Antonio, Texas,- Ensign Gray, James, 1C, Selmer, Tenn.; Ensign Ulman, Adran C., 12D, Flint, Mich.,- Ensign Miller, Elvin W., 12E, McLeonsboro, le.,-5 Ensign St. John, Robert C., Jr., 1C, Riverside, Colif.; Ensign Krugh, Homer, Jr., 1E, Sowyerwood, Ohio; Ensign Van Volkenburgh, James L., IE, Algonoc, Mich.; Ensign Ness, Elmer 0., 10D, Spring Grove, Minn.; Ensign Blounf, Ralph, 1C, Mart, Texas; Ensign Thompson, George L, 12E, Las Cruces, N. Mex.,- Ensign Harris, Albert K., 1D, San Antonio, Texas,- Ensign Fischer, Robert W., 1E, Berwyn, le.; Ensign Hurley, Frederick W., ID, Sfrofford, Conn. Page 246 x MMANWV , xvxv W454 my x, JMLMgMAN ., Fred A., Jr., 3D, Dallas, Texas,- Ensign Fell, Thurston J., 3D, Council Bluffs, Iowa; Ensign Swartz, Joseph R., 1A, Alhambra, Colif.,- Ensign Johnson, Edgar L. K., 1C, Independence, M0,,- Ensign Huse, Edwin R., 1B, Detroit, Mich. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Tormey, Milton, 2A, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Reisner, Leroy F., Jr., 1C, Tuceorowos, Ohio,- Ensign Thorson, Orville, 1E, Henriette, Minn.; Ensign Gillon, Richard F., 38, Lynn, Moss"; Ensign Schwartz, Robert J., 1C, Adrian, Mich; Ensign Hoyt, Richard L, 1C, Alma, Mich; Ensign Jordon, Albert E., 18, San Francisco, Calif.; Ensign Maitland, Robert, 2A, Coatesville, Penn.; Ensign Clcrson, Robert L, FIRST ROW: 2nd Lt. Floyd, Lonnie H., HA, Tunico, Miss.; Ensign McPherson, Donald M., 2A, Adams, Nebr.; Ensign Madden, Stephen P., 1D, Lynn, Mass.; Ensign Thatcher, Avery, Jr., IE, Cicero, Ind.,- Ensign MacDonald, Daniel P., 1D, Brockton, Moss.,- Ensign Moldovan, Aurel, 1D, Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign Sturdevanf. Rex, Jr., TD, Glendale, Culif.; Ensign Soehl, John W., Jr., 2A, Queens Village, L. l., N. Y.,- Ensign Porter, William W., 1C, Long Beach, Calif. . . . SECOND ROW: 18, Boston, Moss.; Ensign Ward, Phillip L., 1D, Ensign McCormick, Thomas, Evanston, Ills.; Ensign Quinlan, Roscoe J., 1D, Donvers, Mass.; Ensign Jordon, 2A, Beechurs'r, L. L, N. Y. GST Harold J., ID, Owofonno, Minn.; 2nd Lt. Roberts, Griffith J., 12D, Baltimore, Md,- Ensign Fowler, Donald V., 2B, Alton, HIS.; Ensign DeCeunick, LeRoy E., 1C, Bellflower, C0lif.; Ensign Hoskinson, Francis L, QB, Omaha, Nebr. . . THIRD FIRST ROW.- Ensign Fordyce, William E., Jr., QB, Indianapolis, Ind.; Ensign Nash, ROW: Ensign Leach, Daniel P., 1B, Atlanta, 60.; Ensign Zenner, Harold J., 1C, Roberf C., 23, Buffalo, N. Y.,- Ensign Karnes, William J., 1D, Buffalo, N. Y.,- En5i9" JOhnson, Bernard H., QB, Denver, Colo.; Ensign Schwartz, Donald A., 1C, COIUmbiG Heights, Minn.; Ensign Wilbur, Edward 5., Jr., 1E, San Francisco, Calif.; Ensign Renughqn, Wroy F., 1C, Berkeley, Calif.; Ensign Sweeney, James A., 1D, Alameda; Calif,- Ensign Scriven, Richard T., 1c, Oakland, Calif. . . . SECOND 12E, Meridian, Miss.; Ensign Miller, Eugene V., ROW: Ensign Lewis, Daniel E., - SD, Detroit, Mich; Ensign Putnam, Donald 5., 1D, Conover, Ohio; EnSIgn Sfransky, Fond DU Lac, Wis.,- Ensign Cowart, James M., 1C, Edison, Ga; Ensign Collamer, George R., 1C, Hilton, N. Y.; Ensign Asby, Aubrey H., 1C, Doisefto, Texas; Ensign Pool, Richard F., ID, Upper Sondusky, Ohio; Ensign Zimmerman, Frederick W. E., 1E, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Ensign Comeou, William A., 1C, Tomahawk, Wis.; Ensign Striegel, Ralph 5., 12C, Clayton, Mo. Page 249 AIG MW 9 FIRST ROW: Ensign Ghidnelli, Victor E., 1D, Santa Cruz, Colifq- Ensign Russo, Lawrence, Jr., 1D, Wotertown, Moss.; Ensign Russo, Vincen'r, QB, Woterfown, Moss.; Ensign Jagels, Garnold M., 2C, Rockville, M04,- Ensign Murken, Walter 3., 2C, Philadelphia, Penn.,- Ensign Hockensmith, William T., 2C, Frankforf, Ky.; Ensign Hickerson, James K., HC, chdolio, Mo.; Ensign Buckner, Robert 3., 2A, Anchorage, Ky.; Ensign Lundberg, Albin F., Jr., 1E, Kansas City, Mo. . SECOND ROW: Ensign Bryan, Edgar J., 1C, Bollinger, Texas,- Ensign Bolton, Edward L., Jr., 1E, Dallas, Texas,- Ensign Swan, Edward R., 1E, Eagle Rock, Colif,; Ensign Freeman, old Navy Cus'rom. This code? gets 0 shot in The arm from o corpsmon of The Cadet Sick Boy. Gerald W., 1E, West Carthage, N. Y.,- Ensign Stults, Max W., 2A, Gainesville, Fla; Ensign Fisher, Oren F., Jr., 1D, Mexio, Texas; Ensign Wise, Kenneth H., 2A, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Ensign Patterson, Ralph E., 2A, Ansley, Nebr. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Quinn, Kenneth A., ID, Irvingfon, N. J.; Ensign Gridland, George H., 1C, Bellerose, N. Y.; Ensign Euiermoser, Elwood, 1C, Philadelphia, Penn.,- Ensign Pucci, Paul F., 18, Holedon, N. J,,- Ensign Anderson, Gordon C., 1C, Grand Rapids, Mich.; Ensign Moore, John H., ID, Sfofesville, N. C.; Ensign Trakemas, Stanley A., 2A, Hudson, Moss. Page 248 Cadets gef oc'ruol gunnery practice on The ground while firing machine guns from TurreTs such 05 This. FIRST ROW: Ensign Hay, Glen W., 1D, Portland, Ore.,- Ensign Starriff, William 3., jD, Richard, Vo.; Ensign Culkowski, Eugene J., 2A, Buffalo, N. Y.,- Ensign Hosfie, Omes J., 2A, Charleston, W. Vo.; Ensign Schnapf, Marion M., 1E, Newburglm 1nd,; Ensign Chatham, William H., Jr., 2A, Kernon, IHS.; Ensign Hume, Ralph 5., 2A, Bedford, Mesa; Ensign Dahlgren, Marvin D., 1D, Minneapolis, Minn; Ensign Tef'im thugh W., 1D, Fredericksburg, Va. SECOND ROW: Ensign Fulton, th.n R., 1C, Seattle, Wash,- Ensign Stanley, Lee R., Jr., QB, Reidsville, N. C.,- nslgn McMillan, Monroe, QB, Hollywood, Calif; Ensign Lundgren, John A., 1A, Deorborn, Mich; Ensign Williams, Walter M., Jr., 2B, Knoxville, Tenn.; Ensign Betfiker, Robert C., 2B, Warren, Ohio; Ensign Henry, Melvin L., QB, Peru, Ind.,- Ensign Speakmon, Thomas L, 2A, Kerrvilie, Texas THIRD ROW; Ensign Blackwell, Robert D., 7E Grand Marais, Minn.,- Ensign Yohe, Norman A., 1A, Toledo, Ohio; Ensign Caperonis, John T., 1A, Sarutogo Springs, N. Y.,- Ensign Johnsen, Magnus P., 1D Volin, S. D0k.; Ensign Richards, Glenn D., 1A, Hardesty, Okla; Ensign chrd, John D., 2D, Little Rock, Ark,- Ensign Bergkamp, Jerome J., 2C, Cheney, chns.; 2nd Lt. Giddens, Bernice L., 12E, Leander, Texas. Albert, 1D, Broinfree, Moss.; FIRST ROW: Ensign Hall, Sydney R., 2C, Port Huron, Mich; Ensign Del Pico, Ensign Ccssis, George B., QB, Baltimore, Md.; Ensign Saxon, Donald, 2A, Detroit, Mich,- Ensign LuBarr, Richard, 2A, Detroit, Mich; Ensign Wood, Hugh N., 2A, Les Cruces, N. Mex.; Ensign Lindquisf, Harold K., 1E, Fresno, Cctlif.,- Ensign Locke, Robert L, 2D, Gilmore City ,lowo; Ensign Riccio, Edward, 2A, EvereH, Moss. SECOND ROW; Ensign Phillip, Allen 0., 18, Rockville, Conn.,- Ensign Renouf, Stanley J., 3D, Detroit, Mich,- Ensign Phillips, John C., 1C, VVoshingTon, D. C,- Ensign Wolf, John R., 19F, Sunburv, Penn; mum hwy ' NMRW FIRST ROW: Ensign Parris, Homer L, ID, Pleasant Hill, MO,- Ensign Dennis, Richard H., 1E, Tremom Mich; Ensign Huegglund, Henry 0., 2A, Reno, Nev.; Ensign Dodson, Floyd C., Jr., 1E, San Angelo, Texas,- Ensign Morgan, Berms R., 12E, Cullmon, Ala; Ensign Mills, Joseph V. J., 12E, Vienna, Ills. SECOND ROW: Ensign Nelson, Ruben E., 2B, Kellogg, Idaho,- Ensign Hendry, Claude, JL, Hillman, Thomas A., Okla; Ensign Theys, 1E, Kansas City, Mo.; Muroiz, Warren, 10, Ensign Oglevee, Donald E., 2A, Salomonca, N. Y.,- Ensign Bufeman, William W., 12C, Fronklinfon, Lon; Ensign Yelic, Mark, ID, Warren, Ohio; Ensign Larson, Harold B. R., 1A, Mound, Minn. QB, Menlo Park, Colif.; Ensign Dickhaus, Reynold V., 10, Covington, Ky.,- Ensign . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Nell, Theodore F., ID, Dickinson, Texas; Ensign Proctor, Darrell L, 18, Duncan, Jack D., 2A, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Migliuzzo, Anthony, Ensign Murray, Clark 0., In, E, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Chicago, 1115.; Ensign Keller, James J., 1E, Chicago, Ills. 2A, Woco, M0,,- Ensign Bosacki, Harold 0., 1E, San Gabriel, Colif.; Ensign James, Roy L, 2A, Both 1, Penn.,- Ensign Sobierai, Jacob L, 2C, Detroit, Mich. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Strong, Harry M., 1E, Ferndale, Mich; Ensign Nelson, Edwin L, 1C, Harrison, N. J.,- Ensign Reinkemeyer, Leo R., 2C, Tulsa, Okla.; Ensign Daily, Theodore W., 2A, Springfield, M0,; Ensign Grindle, Harold W., 1C, Wichita, Kons.; Ensign Rottinghaus, Bernard H., 2D, Corning, Kons, Page 250 M I v V FIRST ROW: Ensign Patfison, William L, Jr., QB, Council Grove, Kans.; Ensign Corie, Louis J., 2A, Detroit, Mich.,- Ensign Dennis, Robert C., 2C, Columbus, Ohio; Ensign Cox, Bert 0., 2C, Billings, Mont,- Ensign Gudiohnsen, Walter 0., QB, Port Aneeles, Wosh.; Ensign Florow, Jim 0., 2D, Pasadena, Texas,- Ensign Thorne, George E., QB, Albany, Colif.; Ensign Mercanfe, Antonio, 2D, Monferey, Calif.; Ensign Reynolds, James R., 1A, Leavenworth, Kons. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Sfriedel, Gilbert L, 1A, Victoria, Texas; Ensign Morgan, Earl P., Jr., 28, St. Louis, M0,; Ensign Gray, Robert K., 2C,'Clec1rfield, Penn.,- Ensign Pufferson, Stephen W:, FIRST ROW: Ensign Conway, David W., 1E, Wycmclofte, Mich; Ensign Baker, Gafrge Eu 2B, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Pietryka, Rudolph, IB, Bondville, Moss.; EHSIgn Rosemary, James F., 12E, Ploinfield, lnd.; Ensign Hollis, Warren K., QB, WhiTe Ho'use, Tenn.; Ensign Joerg, Oliver L, 181 Toledo, Ohio,- Ensign Larsen, Regen J., 1A, Salt Lake City, Utah; Ensign Lamon, James F., 12E, Amory, Miss.; EnSIgn Jofdahl, Henry 0., Jr., 2B, Billings, Mom, SECOND ROW; Ensign Hurt, William T., 1A, Foirporf, N. Y.,- Ensign Larson, Robert L., 1E, Chicago, IHs.; Ensign Schol'ren, Robert, 1A, Boyden, Iowa; Ensign Graham, Robert W., 2A, Logan, 0 , MMMWMXWMM, , , 23, Buffalo, N. Y.,- Ensign Wickham, George E., QB, Mill Valley, Colif.; Ensign Hacker, Robert M., 1D, Auburn, Nebr.,- Ensign Devine, Alexander J., 1D, Thorold, Ontario, Canada; Ensign Allen, Charles D., 12D, San Diego, Calif. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Jacques, Norbert P., 1E, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Peferson, Ernest E., 28, San Diego, Calif.; Ensign Smith, Earl M., 1E, Venice, Calif.; Ensign Galloway, Richard 0., 2C, Dos Palos, Colif.; Ensign Pine, Frank L, 1E, Chino, Colif.; Ensign Tostman, Willard E., 1E, Hollis, N. Y.,- Ensign Fusselmon, Roswell T., 2A, Long Beach, Colif.,- Ensign Short, Robert K., 2B, Wichita 10, Kans.; Ensign Winters, Orval W., 1A, Clarksburg, W. Va. Ohio; Ensign Mills, Daniel A., 1C, Sioux City, Iowa; Ensign Hungerford, Harold E., 1C, Hershey, Nebr,,- Ensign Cole, Donald W., 1C, Cass Lake, Minnl; Ensign Peters, Gene 0., 1D, Willmor, Minn. THIRD ROW: Ensign Ryols, Dencil A., 2C, Hannibal, M0,; Ensign Grosvenor, Robert, QB, Hollywood, Calif.; Ensign Skappel, Marvin, QB, Dossel, Minn; Ensign Long, James 5., 3C, San Francisco, Calif.; Ensign Booth, John W., 12C, Hamden, Ohio; Ensign Johnston, Jerald 0., IE, Dallas, Texas,- Ensign Burke, Joseph C., 1D, Mohoney Plane! Penn.; Ensign McKennu, Jack T., 2A! Aliquippa, Penn.; Ensign Warferstreef, Robert L., 18, Am- sterdam, N. Y. Page 253 MMmegXAM ,.. FIRST ROW: Ensign Davids, Anthony, 2C, Riverside, R. L,- Ensign Janczok, Frank, 18, Rockford, llls.; EnsiQn Trim, Robert, 1E, Flint, Mich,- Ensign Spegul, Orif W., Jr., 2A, Cincinnati, Ohio,- Ensign Shird, Owen, 2A, LaFor-ge, Wis.,- Ensign McCartney, David D,, Jr., 1A, Montclair, N. J.,- Ensign Biorkaohn R., QB, Montreal, Wis.; Ensign Jones, Wiiiiam 8., 1D, Gillespie, Ills.; Ensign Stobbs, Donald W., 1D, Bridgeport, Ohio . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Chamberlin, Roger 5., 2C, Unadillo, N. Y.,- Ensign English, James R., 2D, Bolfimore, Md.; Ensign Hokken, William T., 2C, Grand Rapids, Mich,- Ensign Moret'ri, Aldo R., 3A, Detroit, IVHChn l Bond Rally at the Assembly and Repair Shop. Ensign Coalson, Thomas E., 1A, Pomona, Calif.; Ensign Vensel, Robert E., 12A, Monroe, Mich,- Ensign Green, Seymour F., 2A, New York, N, Y.; Ensign Lebel, Raymand L. J., 2A, Lewiston, Maine . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Cutler, Maurice R., 1D, Ashmore, Ills.; Ensign Diefzo, Floyd C., IA, Oshkosh, Wis.,- Ensign Boer, Eugene F., IQB, St. Louis, Mo.,- Ensign Johnson, Robert M., QB, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Harpine, John W., Jr., IC, Nokesville, V0,,- Ensign Lang, Charles N., 2A, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Peterson, Richard H., 12A, Des Moines, Iowa; Ensign Donahue, Richard F., QB, Rochesfer, N. Y.,- Ensign Kimball, Harold D., 2A, Lone, Kons. Page 252 n L., 2B, Pedersen, Mo. . . . l Draper, He, Iowa; W., 1D, .; Ensign er, Mont; A VVove os$sm The squadron duty ocherin checking fhe fhghfschedule board. D FIRST ROW: Ensign Wyngorden, Richard I., 1D, Chicago, le.,- Ensign Griffis, E0? H., 2A, Dowogioc, Mich,- Ensign Smith, Malcolm R., Jr., 1E, St. Joseph, Mo.; "5'9" Thayer, Edwin E., 1E, Great Bend, Kons.; Ensign Sparer, Joseph W.. 9A. NC'Jvaood, Ohio; Ensign Reilly, Joseph L, QB, New York, N. Y.; Ensign Ream..." XIJIIIGLm Ev 12E, Bloomfield, Iowa; Ensign Nevins, John 0., 1C! Boston, Mass, St P t MCNUH, John L., 12E, Kokomo, Ind.; Ensign LaScoHe, Anthony J., 1D, E' GUI, Minn. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Bluisdell, Reed R., 1E Molod, Idaho,- InSIgn Shaff, Irwin 5., 1E, Seattle, Wash; Ensign Smith, Burton C., 1C, Aurora, '15.; Ensign Seiglel Leslie, IE, Kansas City, Kcms.,- Ensign Wilmoth, John H., 1E, va wa Nm , Fresno, COIif.; Ensign Flanagan, Vincent J., 12C, Bayville, L. I., N. Y.; Ensign Hoofen, Roy R, 1D, Junction City, Kons.; Ensign Bough, Lester W., 1D, Modem" Colif.; Ensign Lugger, John F., 1A, Upper Lake, Calif. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Lefler, Jack H., 2D, Sheffield, Ala; Ensign James, Weldon K., 4A, Dallas, Texas; Ensign Miller, John T., QB, Philadelphia, Penn.; Ensign Moessmer, Wallace C., QB, St Louis, Mo,- Ensign Loser, Perry A., QB, St. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Farris, Raymond, 3D, Wilson, N. C.; Ensign Gibson, John W., 12E, Nashville, Tenn.; Ensign Copthorne, William R., ID, Canton, Ohio,- Ensign Rogers, John N., 1C, Chicago, le.; Ensign Brewster, Roy 5., 1E, Merle Point Ore. ; Wwame FIRST ROW: Ensign Donmason, .nm R., 25, Liimonville, VVIS.; tnSlgn kelcming, Ensign Piltz, Franklin, QB, Sharp Park, Colif.,- Ensign. Ronins, Wi!liam L, QB, Harry W., 2A, Whittier, Colif.; Ensign Wilcox, James E., 2A, Joliet, llls.; Ensign . , . - - -uu vvvul;c7, .mij L., I.L, Nunntecpolls, an.; Ensn'gn Pedersen, Richards, John T., 2A, Salt Lake Cify, Utah, Ensign Dindinger, Lloyd A., 2A, David R., 1C, Hayward, Colif.,- EnSIgn Relse, Jushr: L, 1A, S'r. Lounsi, Mo. . . Florence, Ariz.; Ensign Walters, Robert J., QB, St. Louis, M0,; Ensign Caldwell, THIRD ROW: Ensign Swanson, Warren M., 2C, Kimbou, Nebr.,- Ensngrl Draper, James M., 2C, Mt. Clemens, Mich; Ensign Boland, Richard H., 2C, Green Bay, William L, 1E, Council Bluffs, Iowa,- Ensign Weaver, Blulrdeffe .R., 2C, MOVIHe, Iowa; Wis.; Ensign Burns, William 3., QB, Grunisville, W. Vc.; Ensign Monhcnrf, Raymond Ensign Sfegman, Paul W., 1E, Honsfon, K0ns.; Ensxgn Driver, James W., 1D, J,. IE, Grinnel, Kons. . SECOND ROW: Ensign Richey, Leland R., 2E, Erie, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Cooper, John R., 1E, Porkersburg, W. Va.; Ensign Sommers, Daniel E., 12E, Arlington, Va.; Ensign Juhl, Ira C., 1C, Custer, Mont,- Ensign Smith, Walter D., IA, Benson, Minn. Kons.,- Ensign Rasko, Robert V., 1E, East Moiine, Hls.,- Ensign Walters, Francis E., QB, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Ensign Young, Robert L, QB, East Bank, W. Va.; AUGUST 23, 19M Ensign Weaver, Eugene W., 1E, Evansville, lnd.,- Ensign Vaughn, Glenn, H3 Hamilton, Texos; Ensign Robinson, David G., 2A, Clinton, Iowa; Ensign Newman, Arthur L, 28, San Francisco, Calif.; Ensign Nicholson, Donald F., QB, San Fran- cisco, Calif. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Madden, Frank L, 1E, Dodge City, Kans.; Ensign Soderberg, Carl A., Jr., 1D, Port St. Joe, Flo.,- Ensign Floyd, Paul 5., 10; FIRST ROW: Ensign Haviru, 'Raymond H., 10C, Dcmbury, Conn.; Ensign Poole, Henry M., 2A, Lynn, Moss.; Ensign Clive, Stuari, 1E, Weston, Muss; Ensign Erickson, Lester W., 12E, Cumberland, Wis.; Ensign Ray, Franklin 0., 2A, Baxter Springs, Kons.; Ensign Morris, Roland L, 2C, Montgomery, Alon,- Ensign Lawrence, James P., 2C, Mountain Grove, Mo.,- 2nd Lt. Lowry, Truxton L, 128, Toledo, Ohio; Ensign Thompson, Clifford, 1D, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Pohlman, Donald R., 1E, Saginaw, Mich. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Slovek, Edward 0., IE, Sumner, Wash; Ensign Peeiers, Raoul H., 1C, Arlington Heights, Ills.; Ensign Webb, Robert T., QB, Duncanville, Texas; Ensign Bissinnene, Lloyd T., 2C, Putnam, Conn.; Newberry, S. C.,- Ensign Mullin, Maurice J., 1E, St. James, Minn.,- Ensign Harvey, Richard 0., 3D, DonviHe, Ills.,- Ensign Richmond, Phillip D., 2C, Flint, Mich.; Ensign Selb, Robert J., 1E, Boyporf, Minn; Ensign Lankford, Franklin, 4A, Bufler, Mo.; Ensign Morse, Richard C., 2A, South Swansea, Moss.; Ensign Whiteside, Morris T., IA, Morshfield, Mo. Page 254 John K., 1C, Quincy, Moss.,- Ensign lvers, John E., 2A, Winthrop, Mass.,- Ensign Anna, Leroy G., 1D, Belleville, llls.; Ensign Cary Herbert L., ID, East Providence, R. l.,- Ensign Johnsen, Donald C., 1D, Chicago, Ills. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Crook, Ralph F., Jr., ID, Aftleboro, Mass.; Ensign Van Voorhis, Frederick W., 2A, Findlay, Ohio; Ensign Briglia, Pasquale A., 1E, St. Paul, Minn.; Ensign Kurp, Robert A., 1E, Elyria, Ohio; Ensign Schwartz, Charles L, 12C, Palisade, N. J.,- Ensign Cain, Herbert C., 1E, Portland, Ore.; Ensign Carney, John M., 2D, Memphis Tenn.,- Ensign Davis, Frank R., QB, Portland, Ore.; Ensign Musolf, John E., 1D, Genoa, Ohio; Ensign Stinson, Robert H., Jr., 1E Cedar Hill Texas. FIRST ROW: Ensign Turabusi, Arthur F., 1E, Detroit, Mich.,- Ensign Benney, Douglas M., 18, Huntington, L. I., N. Y.; Ensign Dunham, Roger 0., 1C, Orange, Mass.,- Ensign BeaHie, Charles W., ID, Waterfown, N. Y.; Ensign Maitson, Roberi W., IC, Saginaw, Mich.; Ensign Bradford, Edward W., 2B, Reno, Nev.; Ensign Lindsay, Kenneth J., 1E, Seattle, Wash; Ensign Fowlkes, Ronald W., 2B, Detroit, Mich.,- Ensign Long, Alfred N., 2B, San Jose, Calif.,- Ensign Crawford, Edwin C., 128, East Alton, Ills. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Moore, Austin L, 18, Depew, N. Y.; Ensign Vinzant, Everett L., 1E, Brawley, N. Y.; Ensign Overfon, Eleazer C., Jr., QB, Birmingham, Ala.; Ensign Box, Byron 0., Jr., 2A, San Rafael, Colif.; Ensign Norrie, ALGUST 23, NMMXV Fullnm. Ervin 3., 1E, Temple, Okla; Ensign Cornell, Donald R., 3D, Omaha, Nebr.; Ensign Firchow, Jack R., 1C, HRST ROW: Ensign Daniels, Edward, IE, Fenton, Mich.; Ensign Braley, Jack B., 2D' Wichita, Kons.,- Ensign Bufchek, Robert L., 2C, Oakland, Calif.; Ensign Anderson, Bruce W., 2D, Placerville, Colif.; Ensign McGinfy, William A., 12D, Fairfax, AIO.; Ensign Warner, Arch W., 18, Dayton, Ohio; Ensign Lesickcl, Milton J., ID, Westmoreland, Colif.; Ensign Bennett, Edgar T., 2D, Augusta, IIIs.,- Ensign Kniffen, John R., Jr., 20, Bakersfield, Colif.; Ensign Duncan, Marvin H., 1C, WiChHG FONS, Texas . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Bischof, Eugene G., 2D, LoCrosse, WiS-; Ensign Christian, James D., QB, Chickosho, Oho.,- Ensign Duvall, Charles K., 3C' Ogden, Utah; Ensign Cunningham, James 8., ID, El Dorado, Kcms.; Ensign Ensign Cheatham, Robert G., 1E, Ottawa Ills.,- Richmond, Calif.; 2nd Lt. Dayson, Patrick J., 12E, Vincennes, Ind. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Lovall, Vernon, 3D, Wichita Falls, Texas; Ensign McLeod, James E., 12E, Mt. Olive, Miss.; Ensign Parker, William H., 1C, Arp, Texas,- Ensign Johnson, Dewey W., 1D Deorborn, Mich,- Ensign Fox, Robert 5., 1C, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Dimmetfe, James E., QB, Ellerbe, N. C.,- Ensign Leigers Anthony G., 1D, Richmond, V0,,- Ensign Koloc, Bohumic, Jr., ID, Waterloo, Iowa,- Ensign McComb, John W. H., 1C, Glendale, Colif.; Ensign Bradley, Richard E., Jr., 1D, Upper Montclair, N. J. Page 257 FIRST ROW; Ensign McDougal, William A., 12E, Belmont, Moss.; Ensign Ptacek, Jerome, 2C, Cudohy, Wis.,- Ensign Ricke, Howard, 2C, Greensburg, lnd.,- Ensign Smith, Warren 3., 2C, Longmeadow, Moss.,- Ensign McEver, William M., 12E, Goinesville, 00.; Ensign Pearce, Marshal W,, 12E, Marion, Hls.; Ensign Dunbar, Richard A., 18, North Hollywood, Calif.; Ensign Cross, Kenneth K., 2C, Onset Moss.; Ensign Adams, Charles 0., 2C, Kenmore, N. Y.; 2nd Lt. Smith, William C,, 12E, Park Ridge, Hls. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign PeHif, Jack A., HB, Canton, Ohio; Ensign Midgeft, Charlie W., 98, Joelton, Tenn.; Ensign Murphy, Edward B: 12D, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Ensign Nichols, George W., 1A, Ogden, Utah; Ensign, Cadet Brantley with 0 beautiful dive wins The diving confesf in 0 swimming meet between Pensacola 0nd Corpus ChrisTi Novel Air Stations. MMWMWAWM'N K , . Hallemn: JOhn 3., 38, Jericho, L. l., N. Y.; Ensign Vanke, Carl C., 1E,Slh0r:" Center, Ohio; Ensign Novok, Jiri J., 1D, Chicago, 1115.,- Ensign Orr, Makom ' A . D 2A: Warren, Ohlo; Ensign Curtis, Edgar C., BB, Sheepscotf, Mame . - 'THIR ROW: Ends" Stover, Lawrence L, 1C, Blue Earth, Minn.,- Ensign Shriver, 1C! Bartlesville, OklO-i Ensign Shone, John R., 1C, Denison, Texas; Emig" . W'l."am T" 1C' CrOCkeTt Califq Ensign McGrath, Robert P., 1C, Washington! D' r" Ens'gn Frunke, Glen Wu 123, Meade, Kons.,- Ensign Schneider, George " ' 1E1 Chicago, IHS-i EnSiQn 5100M, Decm H., 1C, Portland, Ore.; Ensign Cox, Royce ., 2C' Melvin, Texas,- Ensign Boswonh, Everett 5,, 2D, Portland, Md- Poge 256 : Ensign O, N Y.; 1selm P., This popular coder quartet entertained of many cadet parties. W WWANWA mwmm My FIRST ROW: Ensign Sico, Joseph, 2A, Wesffield, Moss.,- Ensign McDorman, Max M-: IP' Springfield, Ohio; Ensign Hunt, Robert 5., 38, Watertown, Moss.,- Ensign Liberg, Carl 6., ID, North Hills, Penn.,- Ensign Cunningham, Russell K., 2C, Stogghfonl M0584 Ensign Black, Robert l., QB, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign 005, David E., 2D, Oakland, Colif.,- Ensign Cobb, Augustus C. III, 3D, Lancaster, Colif.; . SECOND ROW: Ensign EnSIQ" weimer, Raymond M., 2C, London, Ohio . CCIlTlplm-II, Thomas A., QB, Las Vegas, Nev.; Ensign Blaschko, Edward X., 2D, Seotfle, Wash,- Ensign Grimm, Claude E., 1E, Saint Marys, W. Vo.,- Ensign Sellers, Elton F., 1C, Golvo, Kcms.,- Ensign Honnigan, John P., Jr., IA, Auburn, Maine; Ensign Bennett, Jerry 0., Jr., Ensign Larson, Henry Frifjoe, 3C, Fort Atkinson, Wis.; 2C, Winston-Solem, N. C.,- Ensign Davis, Marvin P., 2C, Baltimore, Md. . THIRD ROW: Ensign Anderson, Robert L, 1E, Youngstown, Ohio; Ensign Anderson, James L, 2C, Piedmont, Calif.; Ensign lscacson, Isaac 0., 3B, Malod City, Idaho; Ensign Meyer, Robert J., QB, Troy, N. Y.; Ensign Garrett, Marshall L., 18, Sacro- memo, Califl; Ensign Craig, Donald C., ID, Oakland, Calif.; Ensign Chick, Grover C., IE, Oakland, Calif.; Ensign Crutchfield, Allen, 1E, Fresno, Colif.; Ensign Beaulieu, Warren R., 2A, Lynn, Mass. Page 259 C, Paolo, Kans.; Ensign Provost, Richard A., 3D, Wilmington, SECOND ROW: FIRST ROW: Ensign Hamilton, Francis W., 2 Richard 0., 3D, Morysville, Kons.; Ensign Larson, Colif.; Ensign Myait, Bert, Jr., 3D, Cleveland, Okla. . . . Ensign Wood, Deryl L, 1B, Isonfi, Minn.; Ensign Smith, Albert J., QB, Birmingham, FIRST ROW: Ensign Jonkowski, Stanley, Jr., 2A, Minneapolis Minn- Ensi n DeSmef, Emil R., GB, Springer, N. Mex.; Ensign Chrisp, Joseph D.,I1D Ligle Rogk Ark.,- Ensign Chorak, Anton, 1C, STreclTor, Hls.,- Ensign Green Wilhom L 2CCI Rochesfer, N. Y.,- Ensign Bergman, Marshall L., 2D, Roanoke, Vla- Ensi n A: k I Willard C., 2C, Chicago, Ills. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Roih,'lRobergt Wn lei; Erie, Penn.,- Ensign Fielder, Harvey W., 1C, Berkeley, Calif,; Ensign Hanna Forest x Ala; Ensign Sexton, James R., 1D, Middletown, Ohio . THIRD ROW: Ensign Thomure, Howard L., 38, Contwell, M0,,- Ensign Nash, Donald E., 2C, Buffalo, N, Y". Ensign Nemzek, Robert E., 2A, Moorheod, Minn.; Ensign Querciagrossc, Anselm P" 12E, Detroi'r, Mich. 12E, Vi'omq Ark.,- EnSign Monier, George C., ID, Cincinnati, Ohio; Ensign HUffmaP' Theron Mc., 4A, Clearfield, Iowa; Ensign Julian, Hurry Jr., 2' ?;Tensooro, N. C.; Ensign McGillivrey, William J., 4A, San Pedro, WWED ROW: Ensngn Devantier, Louis 6., 1E, MT. Clemens, Mich; Ensign M 55' E I.le W., 1E, Detroit, Mich,- Ensign Spencer, Wallace 3., 2C, Grove an , 0 , nslgn Clausen, Donald H, 2B, Ferndale, C0lif.; Ensign Book, Robert W-: I Shenandoah, Iowa; Ensign Boyd. Harry W., QB, Montezuma, Iowa. Page 258 FIRST ROW: Ensign Ciunfini, Edward M., 2A, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign DeLashmif, George A., 12A, Newburg, Mo.,- Ensign Schulte, Robert J., QB, Rio Linda, Calif.; Ensign Levesque, Louis P., 23, Manchester, N. H.,- Ensign Orear, Edwin L, 2A, Poplar Bluff, Mo.; Ensign Skinner, James 3., 2C, San Francisco, Calif.; Ensign Myron, Jean 3., 3A, Oakland, Calif.,- Ensign lngrassia, Robert P., 2D, Rockford, Ills.; Ensign Smith, Dell W., 2C, Cleveland, Idaho . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Rembold, Alan Edwin, 3C, Seattle, Wash,- Ensign Matheys, Eugene 6., 2C, Grosse Pointe, Mich.,- Ensign Paicheft, John R., SB, Winthrop, Moss.; Ensign Cherveny, FIRST ROW: Ensign Carlin, Thomas F., 3A, New Castle, Penn.; EnSiQn O'Brien! EdWard C., Jr., 48, Pittsburgh, Penn.,- Ensign Lunning, Donald T., QB, 51. Joseph, MO". Ensign Barbee, William W., 2C, Clinton, Mo.; Ensign Newman, Rodney B., 23: Oakland, Calif.; Ensign Weed, Ellis V., 2A, Philadelphia, Penn.; Ensign Walker, Ge?rge Tv 1E, Richmond, Calif.; Ensign Mickelsen, Harry 6., QB, Geneva, N. Y.; Ens'gn WGfSOn, Edwin C., Jr., 2C, Kansas City, M0,; Ensign Warren, George M., Unionfown, Kons. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Patnode, Richard A., 3D, Schenectady N' Y4 Ensign Honea, Clarence L., 1E, Tyler, Texas,- Ensign Wend, John P., 2A, Schenectady, N. Y.; Ensign McDonald, Jack, 1D, Chicago, IHs,; Ensign Strong, Eugene R'I 4A, Huntington Beach, Colif.,- Ensign Richardson, Estel D. C., IE, John A., BB, Belle Plaine, Iowa,- Ensign Huvendick, George, 2D, New Haven, Mo.,- Ensign Perkins, Thomas E., 3D, Providence, R. l.; Ensign Oldford, Allister W., 3A, Revere, Moss.; Ensign Kiellander, James C., 3D, Brointree, Mass. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Weinberg, Milton, 2A, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Ensign Charles, Richard L, 2D, Rochester, N. Y.; Ensign Collins, Richard R., 2C, Syracuse, N. Y.; Ensign Davis, John D., 2C, Syracuse, N. Y.; Ensign Mace, Donald D., QB, Loup City, Nebm Ensign Dean, Garth R., 2D, Traverse City, Mich.; Ensign Siell, James E., 2C, Pittsburgh, Penn.,- Ensign Bernard, Jack 3., 2D, Yeringfon, Nev.; Ensign Bush, Peter 3., 2A, Mt. Pleasant, Mich. AUG 1944 ST 30, Simi, Colif.,- Ensign McDermotf, James R., ID! Cuyahogo Falls, Ohio; Ensign Wilkes, Craylen L., 1C, St. Charles, Idaho; Ensign O'Malley, Frank J., ID, Ipswich, Moss.; Ensign Paradise, Paul, 18, Norwell, Moss.; Ensign McCauley, Michael 5., 4A, Rich Hill, Mo. . . . THIRD ROW; Ensign Williams, Richard E., IE, Lamar, Colo.; Ensign Wietz, Harmon F., 2C, Hilton, N. Y.; Ensign Wright, Joseph F., ?A, Ponfioc, Mich; Ensign Chamberlain, Arthur D., Jr., 3B, Hutchinson, Kons.; EnSIgn Trbouich, Rudouph, 2A, Woynesburg, Ohio; Ensign Miles, Eldon E., 38, Pocahontas, Ills.; Ensign Cole, James C., SB, Gould, Okla; Ensign Sigler, Robert H., .IE Caldwell, N. J.; Ensign Condor, Bernard, 2C, Keloyres, Penn,,- Ensign Sfefunowncz, Walter 5., 3D, Yorkville, N. Y. Page 261 Close up of LT. Commander H. Lopez, Chilean Air Force, Lt. Commander AUGIST WV; FIRST ROW: Ensign DeSomer, Richard J., 1D, San Francisco, Calif.; Ensign Bowker, Robert E., 2C, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Peoples, George F., 3D, Alameda, Calif.; Ensign Pauls, Robert H., 3D, Gooding, Idaho; Ensign Laws, Melvin V., 3C, Kelso, Wash; Ensign Loudermilk, Elmer, 28, Covington, Ky.; Ensign Davis, William 0., 1E, Lindsay, Calif.; Ensign Martin, Jay E., 2D, Lindsay, Colif,; Ensign Cech, Joseph P., 2C, Whiting, Ind. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Shinn, Roy E., 2A, Atlantic City, N. J.; Ensign Stone, Glyn, 1E, Lctircl Hill, Texas; Ensign McChesney, Lloyd W., 2C, Cottage City, Md.; Ensign Kraemer, Vernon J., 38, Goveff, Foreign Liaison Officer and Admiral Mason. mAN W: Ad.ell, WiS-i Ensign McCofferty, James F., 1D, Foyeffeville, Ohio; Ensign Plum?" WI'PW L, 18, Newkirk, Oklo.,- Ensign Petta, Frank 0., Jr., 1D, Los Angelesl Cal'h Ens'gn 5mm! AW" M-: Jr-. 2C, Sparks. Nev. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Mom'Fe" Rab?" E" 2D! Winthrop, MOSS-; Ensign Meyer, Edward, 2D, BOY CW1 MlCh'; Ensign Wertz, Robert E., 38, Balboa, Canal Zone; Ensign DeVore, Ralph E-, Jr.: 1E' Lansing, MiCh'i EnSiQ" l-0Cke, Kenneth L., 2B, Springfield, M04 EnSIQ" Manhesl Sherwood A., 30, Flat Rock, Mich.; Ensign Fagan, Donald, 3D, New York, N' Y". Ensign Hunter, John 6., Jr., 2A, Syracuse N. Y.- Ensign Newfon, Robert L, ID, DQVIS City, Iowa. I I Page 260 FIRI Georg Ensigl Popla Myral "Ii; Remb Points cksburg, Dennis, i0 . . . zpatrick, , COM; 1 Cross, ; Ensign m, Fla,- H., QDe Weem View View of The Administration Building, Novel Air Station. 3? waiquxw 0 ,, FIRST ROW: Ensign Mize, Jerry M., 3C, San Bernardino, Colif.; Ensign Ohron, Vernon 3, 3C, Son Matio, Colif.; Ensign Hale, William C., 3C, Denver, COIO.; EnSiQH Mulkey, Robert H., 3C, Gresham, Orel; Ensign Kellogg, Robert K., 2C, Kelso, Wash,- Ensign Law, James M., 2C, Oil City, La.,- ENSign Laune, PGUI J" IE! L05 Angeles, Colif.,- Ensign Downing, Former, 2C, Holly, Mich,- Ensign Hamilton, Billy C., 1E, VonBuren, Ark.; Ensign Hamel, Normand H., 2C, Amesbury, Moss. . ' ' SECOND ROW: Ensign Cameron, George A., Jr., 2C, Montpelier, Ohio; EnSIQn Hess, Thomas M., 4A, Sacramento, Colif.; Ensign Weeks, George F., '3C, L05 Angelesl Calif; Ensign Connolly, Thomas, 3C, Los Angeles, Calif.; EnSIgn e eW . Am NW4 , WW4 QWKWMK Wm ' ? g ,, emwm wmmn ,, y," me .. Fewegwl Belcher, Robert M., 2C, Brownwood, Texas,- Ensign lnnes, Norman M., 3D, Des Moines, Iowa; Ensign Knickerbocker, Gerald C., 2A, Dalton, Mass,; Ensign Steinberg, William, 3C, Los Angeles, Colifl; Ensign Kaspar, Charles P., Jr., 4A, Long Beach, Calif. THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Sullivan, Edward J., Jr., 12E, Webster Groves, Na; 2nd Lt. Hall, Clifford D., HC, Kenosha, WisA; Ensign Zacharias, Gecm, ID, Sacramento, Calif.; Ensign JGCquof, C. Lyle, 1D, Antioch, Colif.; Ensign Williams, Marvin C., 1E, Milford, llls.,- Ensign Nolan, John C., H3, Rensseleor, N. Y.,- 2nd Lt. Braitin, Theodore A., I C, Chicago, ll!s.; Ensign Meigel, Frederick J., 38, Smifhfown Branch, L. l., N. Y.; Ensign Lamb, Samuel 5., Jr., 3D, Mystic, Conn.; 2nd Lt. Schoof, Howard W., 12E, Verona, N. J. Page Q63 1:. FIRST ROW: Ensign Ekelund, Robert L, QB, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Smith, Elven H., 1E, Omaha, Nebr.; Ensign Ford, James A., Jr., 38, El Paso, Texas; Ensign Walker, Everetf 8., 2A, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign Mercham, James E., Jn, SB, Ensign Niewold, Theodore J., 1D, Sycamore, Ills.; Ensign 0H0, John A., 2A, Rochester, N. Y,; Ensign Baker, Robert D., 2C, Gilboo, Ohio; Ensign Allison, Dean H., 3B, Sonomo, Colif.; Ensign Tobler, Jacob E., 28, Kansas Chy, Mo. . SECOND ROW: Ensign Sweet, Fred V., QB, Carrizozo, N. Mex.; Ensign Mowell, Eugene P., QB, Paterson, N. J.; Ensign Highfshue, Joseph C., 2C, New Augusta, 3nd.; Ensign Reynolds, Joe 5., 28, Roncever'fe, W. Va; Ensign Ambrose, Albert J., 2A, Rochester, N. Y.; Ensign Milum, Glen Vogf, 1C, Liberty, Mo,- Ensign Dillinghom, 30,Vl944v AUGUST FIRST ROW: Ensign Eby, Lloyd J., 3A, New Albany, Kons.; Ensign Swearingen, David L., 3C, Mason, Mich.; Ensign Hile, Ivan, Jr., 3B, Cortland, Nebr.; Ensign Startz, Robert H., QB, Parsons, Kons.,- Ensign Offen, MuHhew D., 2A, Fresno, Colli; Ensign Brownlee, Robert E., Jr., 28, Berkeley, Calif.; Ensign Atchison, Robert P., QB, Birmingham, Alo.,- Ensign Wagner, Edward C., 3D, Portland, Ore.; Ensign Ayers, George L., Jr., QB, Racine, Wis.; Ensign Thomas, Creed C., QB, Gram, Va. . SECOND ROW: Ensign Kinney, Robert 3., 1E, Wheeling, W. V0,; Ensign Dussicu, Melvin A., QB, Toledo, Ohio; Ensign Baker, Douglas Hennen, 2C, Dayton, Ohio; Ensign Reeves, Clyde L, 2C, Morrison, Okla.,- Ensign Hoffman, Vernon C., 3C, James R., 12E, Colorado Springs, Colo.,- Ensign Brown, John H., 3B, Vicksburg, Mich; Ensign Andrews, Earn N., 3B, North Hollywood, COHf.; Ensign Dennis, Henry H., QB, Lynchburg, Va; Ensign Smitley, Leon E., 1E, Toledo, Ohio . . THIRD ROW; Ensign Pasteris, Joseph J., QB, Springfield, Moss.; Ensign Fitzpatrick, James R., QB, Riverside, Colif.,- Ensign Dower, John, 2B, Loguno Beach, Colif.,- Ensign Coombes, George W., Jr., 2A, North Hollywood, Calif.; Ensign Cross, Dee H., 2A, Ogden, Utah; Ensign Johnston, Harold F., 18, Granby, Conn.; Ensign Shoulders, R. D., ID, Shreveport, Lo.; Ensign Clark, Charles F., 3D, Sarasota, Fla,- Ensign Hiilsfrom, Byron K., 2A, Ogden, Utah; Ensign Newsam, Jay H., 2D, Peoria, Ills. Winchester, Kans.; Ensign Lungstrum, Warren L., 4A, Topeka, Kans.,- Ensign Allen, Gilbert L., 2C, Brooklyn, Mich; Ensign O'Bryun, Vincent H., 1A, Rosenberg, Texas; Ensign Hierpe, Donald C., 2D, Minneapolis, Minn; Ensign Marston, Carroll J., 2D, Phoenix, Ariz.; Ensign Martin, Joseph R., 2C, Lincoln Park, Detroit, Mich. THIRD ROW: Ensign Jones, Lauren 8., 2B, Goodlond, Kons.,- Ensign Jones, Donald 5., 1C, Lancaster, Penn.; Ensign Jewell, Frank E., 1E, Tarrytown, N. Y.; Ensign Martin, John H., Jr., 2C, Key West, Fla.; Ensign Edlinger, John W., 1E, Saginaw, Mich.; Ensign Johnson, James A., 28, Lewellen, Nebr.,- Ensign McGraw, Arno W., 3D, Bucyrus, Ohio; Ensign Armstrong, Harold J., 2C, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Viean, Wallace 5., 2D, Mingus, Texas,- Ensign McNally, Robert C., 2A, Schenectady, N. Y. Page 262 N ; . . - mmx . FIRST ROW: Ensign Olson, William L, IB, Minneapolis, Minn.,- Ensign Kimbrough, Alan C., 2A, Dallas, Texas; Ensign Morrelli, Harold, 1C, Orange Cove, Colif.; Ensign Listak, Charles W., 4A, Berwyn, llls.; Ensign White, Jackson, 28, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Koch, Henry C., 1D, Akron, Iowa,- Ensign Wenfzel, William E., 3D, Hollywood, Calif.; Ensign Clarkson, Burton C., Jr., 23, New Haven, Conn.; Ensign Snavely, Max F., 3D, Valley Center, Kans. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Jackline, Charles F., 1D, Pittsburgh, Penn.; Ensign Baherson, Robert E., 2C, Gollipolis,, Ohio,- Ensign Delling, Robert K., 33, Glendale, Colif.,-Ensign Lensing, ' i FIRST ROW: Ensign Polino, Daniel L., 3A, Buffalo, Y.; Ensign weStbergr Murlin V., 2C, St. Paul, Minn.,- Ensign Wilson, Julius F., Jr., QB, Miami, Flo.; EnSign Smith, Vivian V., 2A, Hutchinson, Kons.; Ensign Rinderer, William P., 4C, Chicagol le.,- Ensign Drake, Jacob E., 3A, Franklin, Mich; Ensign Olinto, Crosby, 2A, Pihsfield, Moss.; Ensign Williams, Grover J., 1E, Council Bluffs, Iowa; Ensign FONS", Rollo L., Jr., QB, Minneapolis, Minn. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Cumiglial ChcH'les J., 4A, Santa Rosa, Calif.,- Ensign Birch, Malcolm C., 2C, Salt Lake City! Utah; EnSign Sonnenberg, Harold H., 2C, Minneapolis, Minn.,- Ensign Holmes, Robert C., BB, Cincinnati, Ohio,- Ensign Stokes, Aubrey D., 3D, Ft. Worth, Texas; Ensign Vaughn, Jean Oran, 3B, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Williams, James L, 1C, Montgomery, W. Vo.,- Ensign White, Norman E., 3D, Minofore, Nebr. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Safford, John L., 3D, Superior, Wis.; Ensign Brady, John T., 3D, Zanesville, Ohio; Ensign Bates, Thomas D., 4B, Columbus, Ohio; Ensign Morris, Minter 1, 3C, Moypearl, Texas; Ensign Stone, Douglas E., 3B, Bakersfield, Colif.; Ensign Wafers, Charles L, QB, Lindale, Texas,- Ensign Blossom, James T., 2C, Sfurgis, Mich.; Ensign Templer, Robert, Jr., 3B, Russell, Kons.,- Ensign Searcy, Harold, 3D, Decrborn, Mo. Richard A., 2D, Philadelphia, Penn.; Ensign Wear, James M., 3D, Kansas City, M0,; Ensign Dressel, John 0., 2C, Utico, N. Y.; Ensign Frampton, Elwin P., 4A, ST. Clair Shores, Mich.; Ensign Anderson, Gustaf, 4A, Bow, Wash. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign McDaniel, William M., 2A, Silver Lake, Kors.; Ensign Johnstone, Harold M., QB, Seattle, Wash; Ensign Bertron, Jack R., QB, San Mateo, Calif.; Ensign Harper, William J., QB, Moline, le.; Ensign Churchill, Bryce, QB, Ottawa, Kons.,- Ensign Trzosko, Leo J., 2C, New Britain, Conn; Ensign Gallagher, John E., 2C, Marlboro, N. Y.; Ensign Wesala, Roger W., 2A, Houghton, Mich.; Ensign Johnson, Lawrence W., 2B, Minneapolis, Minn. Page 265 FIRST ROW: Ensign McCarthy, John E., 3D, Amherst, Vo.; Ensign Powell, Charles E., 3D, Leavenworth, Kons.,- Ensign Nichols, Leonard L, 3D, Jone, Mo.,- 2nd H. Smith, George E., 3C: Los Angeles, Calif; 2nd Lt. Simonsen, Curt N., 9D, Port Chesfer, N. Y.,- Ensign Fiizsimmons, William H., 3D, Springfield, llls.; Ensign Lefevre, William A., 1E, Turentum, Penn.; Ensign Stoley, Carlton L, Jr., 1A, Portland, Ore.,- Ensign Belles, Harry L., 1A, Menomokie, Wis. . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Dorsey, Charles A., QB, New Iberia, Lo.,- Ensign Pope, Donald D., 1E, Kansas City, Mo.,- Ensign Burns, Floyd 8., 1C, Clinton, Hls.; Ensign Alexsunas, Reviewing officers of Joseph, 2D, Souih Boston, Moss.; Ensign Smiih, Richmond H., 2C, Norwich, Conn-i Ensign Murphy, Robert L., 2C, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Damschroder, EdWi" E' 1C, Toledo, Ohio; Ensign Brennan, John J., Jr., 2C, New BriTOin, Conn. ' 'l THIRD ROW; Ensign Stevenson, Richard K., 2C, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Namess, Charles R., 1E, Glendale, Colif.; Ensign Follman, Harry A., 10, Mount Vernfm: Wash; Ensign Hicks, Richard E., 1E, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Laihman' Fr'm, 12E, Webster Groves, Mo.; Ensign Pinkhqm, Virgil E., 13, Saline, KahS-i Em'g" Lancaster, William P., 12E, Louisville, Miss.; Ensign Moore, Robert P. H" 20' Battle Creek, Mich; Ensign Cannon, Daniel T., 1D, Lawrenceburgz Ky' Page 264 Spessard, , Monroe, re L, 2C, . . THIRD uarles, Jr., In Prybla, d, Moss.,- r T., 3A, Scene in The Confrol Tower, nerve center of air Traffic of The Naval Station. NeFIEEETRROW: E"Sign Shumoker, Frank K., Jr., QB, Afchison, Kons.; Ensign Roberts, 05.0" 6' 29 Alden, IOWO; Ensign Olsen, Gordon P., 4D, Detroit, Mich; En sIgn R. l, E :ene L, 4D, LOGronde, Ore.; Ensign LeDoux, Walter C., 4D, COHImICUT, D UH "5'9" .5098, Charles R., 4C, South Bend, Ind.,- Ensign Burchfield, James L, Ensli nUgcmsv'llle, Mo.; Ensign Weddell, William L., Jr., 4D, Indianapolis, Ind,- Qreg Opium, John F-, 4D, Duquesne, Penn.,- Ensign Pallett, Paul E., 4A, Portland, Ensi'gn. P ' SECOND ROW: Ensign Jensen, Stanley J., 3D, Beresford, S. Dok; 4C D eurfom George 5., Jr., 43, Kansas CiTy, Kons.; Ensign Gell, Ro!lancl F., , es Momes, lowo; Ensign Kennedy, Charles M., 2D, North Kansas ley, Mo.; Air Page 267 mm Ensign Tally, Olie A., 3D! Sinfon, Texas,- Ensign Murray, Robert E., 4A, Atlanta, 60.; Ensign Sayre, John M., 4A, Cincinnati, Ohio,- Ensign Squire, Wade R., 4D, Bereo, Ohio; Ensign Schulhof, Harold E., 4C, Chicago, Ills. THIRD ROW: Ensign Parn, Gayle T , 2D, Brookfield, Mo.; Ensign Gaboury, Paul, 2C, Woon- socker, R. I.,- Ensign Clair, William E, BB, Bushton, Kons.; Ensign Heywood, Kenneth 0., QB, Ogden, Utah,- Ensign Lewis, Harrison E., 2A, Oakland, Calif.; Ensign Ehrenberg, William R., 3D, ST. Louis, Mo.,- Ensign Johnson, Arnold T., 1E, Detroit Mich; Ensign Urban, Henry J., 2C, Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign Romer, Harris R., 2D, Howley, Minn,- Ensign Leifner, LoRayne A., 2D, Sutton, Nebr. FIRST ROW: Ensign Sutherland, John R., 3D, Seattle, Wash; Ensign Mouk, Merrill J., 2D, Des Moines, Iowa,- Ensign Birkland, Ormuncl N., Jr., 2A, Montclair, N. J.; Ensign Biffner, John P., 2D, LaSalle, IHs.,- Ensign Bevan, George I.., 2C, Monterey, Colif.; Ensign Babcock, Charles A., 1C, Wopofo, Wash.; Ensign Skeen, Richard E., SB, Denver, C010,; Ensign Evart, Ellis 5., 2D, Petoluma, Colif.; Ensign Roof Adelberf 8., 2C, Albion, N. Y.,- Ensign Repp, Frank J., QB, Woukegan, Hls. . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Lewis, James C., 2B, Memphis, Tenn.; Ensign Egan, Walter, Jr., ID, Lincoln Park, Mich,- Ensign Miller, Frank L., 1A, South Orange, 1944 MEMBER 13,, 3 3i i FIRST ROW: Ensign Dovioson, bene A., It, Kansas City, Mo.,- tr? Lemieux, Emile P., QB, Augusta, Maine,- Ensign Sheldon, John 0., Jr., 2A, Woodsville, N. H.. Ensign Johnson, Dewell D., 2A, Austin, Texas; Ensign Johnson, Claude 3., 28, Wichita, Kons.; Ensign Weems, Roberf R., 1C, Houston, Texas; 2nd Lt. Harpe, Lilburn L., 3C, Hoplond, Colif.; Ensign Bean, Weston 6., QB, Brointree, Mass.f Ensign Limbaugh, Jack L, 4C, West Point, Nebr.; Ensign Joly, Murcius P., 38, Warren, R. I. . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Straub, Robert T., 2A, Brookfield, Mo: Ensign DeWii'f, Donald D., 3C, Seattle, Wash; Ensign Ruga, Earl E., 40, ST. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Springer, Maurice D., 2A, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Rowe, William 8,: V , .ww.wv W' wW w xxx mm; x N. J.; Ensign Garlock, James J., 1D, Bodus Poin'r, N. Y.,- Ensign Spessard, Callahan M., Jr., 3D, Roanoke, VO.; Ensign Brancheau, Orville A., ID, Monroe, Mich.; Ensign Reid, James L., 3D, Farmville, VG.; Ensign Meyer, Theodore L, 2C, East Cleveland! Ohio; Ensign Miner, Cameron 3., 4A, Tacoma, Wash. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Strafman, Anthony F., 1E, Cincinnati, Ohio; Ensign Smhh, Charles, Jr., 3C, Cutler, Ills.; Ensign Hutchens, Leslie H., 28, Rochester, N. Y.; Ensign Pryblu, Albin, 2C, Rochester, N. Y.,- Ensign Cranley, Edward R., 2D, Medford, Mass.; Ensign Oswalf, John 5., Jr., 2C, El Centro, Colif.; Ensign Burns, Wolfer T., 3A, Portland, Maine,- Ensign Muhlenbeck, Robert C., 1E, Saginaw, Mich. Agymm ' a m-WMW sWZ, W . .wwm WW NW F?Vm M x W N. Y-; Emig" QB, Menlo Park, Colif.; Ensign Lortie, Charles R., QB, Granville, 23, Kansas Stalnaker, Maurice L, 128, Norfolk, Nebr.,- Ensign Lawson, Francis H., ley, Kons:; Enslgn Lambert, George 5., Jr., 1E, Springfield, 0th . .THlRD 50W: EnSIgn Robson, William L, 2C, West Mansfield, Ohio; Ensign Schillipgsl E:rsri1es HM, 14E, Freeland, Mich; Ensign Nelson, Wellsie H., 1C, Grand Rapids, Mich; Seoglne 5V oiter, Thomas J., QB, Essex, Iowa; Ensign Boxford, Aubr.ey A., w, R b I as .; Ensign Schier, Richard E,, 231 Detroit, Mich.; EnSan Spe': 0 art W., 4C, Walpole, Moss.; Ensign Such, Frank, ID, Painesville, Oth; Ensign 9:13;, Fernand L 48' New Crleons, Lo.; Ensign Stacker, John P., 231 ArcO 10' Page 266 emewwiemam'. ., wmwewaxwwcwqy e , " , e FIRST ROW: Ensign Pickering, Howard D., Jr., 3C, Toledo, Ohio; Ensign Caris, William 5., 1A, New London, Iowa,- Ensign Kauffman, Dale L, 2B, Abiline, Kons.,- Ensign Massey, Delbert J., QB, Wichita, Kons.; Ensign Huseman, Wilbur J., QB, Ellsworth, Kans.; Ensign Noah, Robert L, 12E, Fort Worth, Texas; Ensign Fagergren, William C., 4C, Salt Lake City, Utah; Ensign Scott, Russell E., SB, Satanfe, Kans.; Ensign Bruner, Raymond N., 4C, Webster City, Iowa,- Ensign Bullock, Robert Jr., Tellefson, Selmer J., BB, Robinson, Kans.; Ensign Stirnaman, Albert H., 3C, Wichita, Kons.,- Ensign Freedlund, Warren 8., 2C, Chicago, llls.; Ensign Kirk, Franklin L., 1E, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; Ensign Gilbeau, Joseph A., 2D, Carencro, Lo. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Center, Ralph T., Jr., 2A, Philadelphia, Penn.; Ensign Waterman, Jack E., 1E, Savanna, Ills.,- Ensign Tierney, Glenn A., BB, North Bergen, N. J.,- Ensign Wagner, Willis H., 2A, Kingman, Kans.; Ensign 1E, Codell, Kans. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Uncles, John F., 2C, Everett, Moss.; Ensign Mann, Marion E., 38, Emporio, Kons.; Ensign Smith, Warren L, SE, Lawrence, Kans.,- 2nd Lt. Horgan, Thomas J., 12C, New York, N. Y.,- Ensign Larsen, Russell 5., 3D, Delta, Utah,- Ensign Suchocki, Vitold, 28, Gardner, Moss.; Ensign Morrison, Este, 28, Portland, Ore.,- Ensign Currie, Bruce R., 2B, Fostoria, Ohio; Ensign Ash, Millard, 2A, Alton, llls.; Ensign Bigler, Charles E., QB, West Palm Beach, Fla. SEPTEMB I3, 1944 W FIRST ROW; Ensign Rowan, Mariin E., 28, Brookville, Penn.; Ensign Bailey, We'lter Eu 2C, Brodenfon, Flo.,- Ensign Baxter, Arthur, 2C, Kettle FONS, WOSh'; Enflgn RC1Wdon, George R., 4A, Fort Worth, Texas; Ensign Miller, John J., 2A, IWIngton, N- J-; Ensign McEwen, Earl J., 2C, Kimberly, Idaho; Ensign Morgen, Roger 0-, 2C, Unionville, M0,,- Ensign Murphy, James J., 2C, Joliet, Ills.,- EnSIgn Anderson, Kay E., 2C, Mesa, Ariz.; Ensign West, Height H., 2C, Long Branch, N. J. e . - SECOND ROW: Ensign Butrum, Carl A., QB, Defroif, Mich; Ensign Norton, DOnold C., 30, Inglewood, Calif.,- Ensign Sanders, John F., TD, Phoenix, Ariz.; Ensign Walen, Robert V., 33, Glendale, Colif.,- Ensign Beck, MaHhew J., 3D, Oak Park, llls.; Ensign Hertling, Harry J., Jr., 2C, ST. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Kernun, Richard W., QB, Newfon, Moss,- Ensign Chaney, Leonard D., QB, Stanley, Kons.; Ensign Alick, Leonard L., IE, Minneapolis, Minn. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Junglen, Marcel E., 2A, ST. Cloud, Minn.; Ensign Erdelyi, Bayliss J., 2C, Plymouth, Mich.; Ensign Esfensen, Glenn R., 2C, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Smith, James C., 30, Old Hickory, Tenn.,- Ensign Matteson, Darwin P., QB, Elgin, Ills.,- Ensign Kll'k, Terrell P. Jr., 2A, Dallas, Texas,- Ensign DiHenbir, Ed, 2C, Sanger, Colif.; Ensign Lanan, Eciwclrd 5., QB, Clare, llls.,- Ensign Waters, Willard H., 38, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign McGee, Don L, QB, Whittier, Calif. Page 269 6 W mmiw FIRST ROW: Ensign Pelfier, James E., 3C, Westwood, Cclif.; Ensign Bacon, Roy 5., Jr., QB, Wheat Ridge, Colo.,- Ensign Purdy, Richard A., 4A, LecdviHe, Colo.; Ensign Seen, George L, 1E, Henderson, Texas,- Ensign Boufmun, Raymond C., 2C, Memphis, Tenn.; Ensign Sfufhis, George A., 2D, Salt Lake City, Utah; Ensign Beckley, Dwain L, BB, Scoff City, Kons.,- Ensign Neuenschwander, Roberf C., 4C, Scott City! Kons.; Ensign Boyock, Maurice R., 38, Missoulo, Mont; Ensign Greening, Kenneth J., QB, Kansas City, Mo. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Shifflette, James D., 2D, Horrisonburg, Va.,- Ensign Bingham, Thomas P., 2C, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Kreuter, Arthur C., 2C, Holyoke, Moss,; Ensign Austin, Kenneth 8., 3C, New Instructor, Ensign J. Dodd and Cadet J. W. Sfollings climb into on SNV basic Trainer for an afternoon hop. n Dickson, Rockford, N- DGkV' Ensign Cook, Walter W., 1E, Angola, N. Y.; Ensig Rabe" 8., .2C, WOShingTom D. C.; Ensign Hosfeher, Harlan P., 40, State College, Penn.; Ensugn Castillo, Ernesto C., 2A, Douglas, Ariz.; Ensign Marcum, ROY " 2A, Ladonio, Texas . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Stoffel, Lesfer Pu 3C, WaShmgmnl Kons.,- Ensign Newbill, Henry L. Ill, 2C, Farmville, VO.; Ensign Myers, Marvm CU 2A, Morrison, llls.; Ensign Crowmer, Curtis D., 2C, Johnstown, Ohio; Ensign Porter": Lee M., 4A, Lo Hobro, Colif.,- Ensign Einar, Robert K., 33, Kifsop, Calif.; Engg Van Almelo, Frederick J. K., 2C, Nassau, N. Y.; Ensign DowneY, Paul Fqkltl Glfasfo, Kons.,- Ensign de Roulhac, David 6., 38, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign EC er, William R., ID, San Francisco, Calif. Page 268 HRS' Willian Ensign Ellswon Williarr Ensign IE, Cot Ensign lawrem ign Hosier, 1io; Ensign .ynn, Moss. sign Bond, vonee, Ills,; ge C., 33, ign Dolan, hi0; Ensign Worcester, A PBM crew gets actual experience shows men who were set adrift in life in search and rescue work. View rafts being rescued and on iniured mcm Transferred To The seaplane. 5-14wa WA w WXY, e w y .WKMRN e FIRST ROW: Ensign Metzler, Theodore P., 5A, New Castle, Penn.; Ensign Lorenz, Rebe" W,, 30, Anoko, Minn.,- Ensign Montmorency, Maurice, 2C, Detroit, Mich,- ., 1E, Chicago, llls.,- Ensign Renfro, Mac R., 2A, Los Angeles, EnSEQn Rechf, Robert E COW; Ensign Licko, Richard J., 23, Chicago, ms.,- Ensign Corzoli, Alfred J., Jr., 2C, Detroit, MiCh.; Ensign Dodson, Harold M., 2B, Toledo, Ohio; Ensign Sigman, James L" 48, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Lechtenberg, Robert E., 48, Sioux Cify, :EOWF ' ' - SECOND ROW: Ensign Zimmerman, Neal 8., 3D, Kansas City, Mo.; "Sign HOIIOWQYI Willard L, 2D, Indianapolis, Ind.; Ensign Levering, Otho 5., Jr., 3D' L05 Angelesl Calif.; Ensign Casey, John J., 2D, Cambridge, Moss.; Ensign $90,ka wN-VM,amw WMWNMN AW WWW MWMMAW WNW, Valik, Frank L, QB, Schenectady, N. Y.; Ensign Riggins, Wallace H., IE, Marshall, Mo.,- Ensign Van Meter, Robert 5., 2D, Webster Groves, Mo.,- Ensign Ward, Robert A., 3D, Fair Oaks, Cahi; Ensign Smith, Houghton 5., Jr., 3D, Minneapoiis, Minn. . , . THIRD ROW: Ensign Soelfer, Raymond H., 2C, Seattle, Wash; Ensign Morse, Marion A., 38, Adrian, Mich.; Ensign Homonn, Robert A., 2C, Detroit, Mich,- Ensign Hardesfy, Ronald J., 3C, Jennings, Kans.; Ensign Boettger, Alan D., 48, Moro, llls.,- Ensign Merritt, Edwin Sf. C., 30, Columbus, Ohio; Ensign McLaughlin, Thomas W., QB, Vancouver, Wash,- Ensign Baltz, Raymond E., 2A, Turlock, Colif.; Ensign Martin, Jack 6., 48, Evansville, Ind.; Ensign Workman, Dallas R., 2C, Vernal, Utah. Page 271 mm? swarm SEPTEMBER 3, FIRST ROW: Ensign Bumgurdner, Alf R., QB, Menard, Texas; Ensign Randall, Billie D., 2C, Yates Center, Kons.,- Ensign Oswald, Jerome L., BB, Minneapolis, Minn.,- Ensign GoIHieb, Jerry BB, Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign Hufstedler, Frank C., 2C, Mt. Clemens, Mich,- Ensign Cramer, Ernest R., 3D, Sedalio, Mo.; Ensign Beauloc, Joseph L., 2C, Berlin, N. H.; Ensign Miller, Harvey W., 2C, LoCrosse, Wis.; Ensign Kubera, George R., 2A, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Caldwell, William L., 3D, Manhattan, Kons. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Finnerty, William E., 4A, St. Marks, Sta'ren Island, N. Y.; Ensign Mercer, Ellsworth 0., 38, Baltimore, Md.; Ensign Domme, Edward C., 3D, Topeka, Kons.; Ensign Hayward, John M., 2D, 13, 1944 4, wwgggxx wahmmwkmw MIA" FIRST ROW: Ensign McDonald, Loren L, 2C, Fredonio, Kons,; Ensign Morris Thomas H., 2A, Des Moines, Iowa,- Ensign Dekoster, Donald 8., 2A, Grand RC1 ids, Mich.; Ensign Kurland, Harry, 1D, Los Angeles, Colif.,- Ensign Coburn Byro: LI 3C, Visalio, Calif.; Ensign Clark, Edward W., 48, Victoria, Texas,- Enslign Ta lo" Leroy M., Jr., 38, Los Angeles, C0lif.,- Ensign Lunkford, Royce 8., 33 Franklin Klari Ensign Yoder, Thomas F., ID, Sf. Mary's Ohio,- Ensign Coers, Leoplold J Jr, 4B" Lockhart, Texas . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Heinie, Jack G., 1E, Ottumxa -Ilow Ensign Eaton, Ralph A., QB, Ottumwo, Iowa; Ensign Holmes, Harry .1! 22, Ottumwa, Iowa,- Ensign McLean, William 0., 3D, Greenville, Ills.; Ensign Sichauf: ggxwwiv , M . . WM w Wotertown, Conn.; Ensign Wolfe, Howard M., 33, Denver, Colo.; Ensign Hosier, Roy 5., 3B, St. Paul, Minn.; Ensign James, Ralph D., 38, Toledo, Ohio; Ensign Miller, Howard 8., 2B, Seattle, Wash,- Ensign Maselbas, Alfred, 3D, Lynn, Mass, . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Beach, George E., SE, Nunica, Mich.; Ensign Bond, David L., Jr., 3D, Ackerly, Texas,- Ensign Bracken, Jack H., 3D, Kewanee, Ills.; Ensign Cooksey, Paul J., BB, Des Moines, Iowa,- Ensign Mesko, George C., 3B, Milan, Mich.; Ensign Scheperle, Cletus W., 38, Jefferson City, Mo.; Ensign Dolan, Douglas C., 3D, Arlington, Va.,- Ensign Moreira, Luis, 3C, Cincinnati, Ohio; Ensign Davis, Elmer M., 38, Liberty, Mo.; Ensign Yuskiewicz, Edward J., 3D, Worcester, Mass. mewWWWM. hqusen, iJohn J., 2C, Minneapolis, Minn; Ensign MilIS, CGTTO" W" 2A' RiChmord, Ya,- E'nSIgnVNormon, Raymond E., 28, Wheeling, W. VCL; EH59" Clawson, Harry D, RESVVK-ITTEonflmg, Penn.,- Ensign Snyder, Richard A., QB, Detroit, MiCh- ' . ' TS"; 3C 3. lnsugn Cgpalbo, Alexander, 2C, Westerly, R. L; Ensign Heinz'.HaroE i; SCHW 9: Lake City, Utah,- Ensign Nap, Harold K., 2D, Kalamazoo: M'Ch ; n59 Bronflzrflrl Robert G., 2D, Milwaukee, Wis.,- Ensign Cerny, George A" I Ensigr; F eWIIYOrk,.N. Y.,- Ensign Holler, Robert W., 2C: New Durham, IfiLoke CH Ut uhrreE, Pamel .!., QB, Stockton, llls.,- Ensign Dalton, Lenin C" 3C' -1- m E, 1A,y,Toc:mlo, r:Z'llgsnlLSChIflen, Joe R., 5A, Denison, Texas; Ensign Long, Wllla 'I Page 270 with The . ske'rball FIRST ROW: Ensign Cash, Charles A., 3B, Molvern, Ark.; Ensign Popeioy, Ivan R., 2C, New Virginia, Iowa; Ensign Carr, Kenneth J., 3C, Sacramento, Calif.; Ensign lien, Ferdinand W., 3C, Fort Jones, Colif.; Ensign Morley, David C., 33, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada; Ensign Kearns, Edward L., 33, Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign Pesfofhik, William, 3B, lnksfer, Mich,- Ensign Bissell, Douglas W., 1D, Fresno, Calif.; Ensign Kraemer, Kenneth H., 2C, Frankfort, Kcms.; Ensign Jones, Richard Van A., 33, Racine, Wis. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Garner, Ben W., SB, Union, 5. C.,- Ensign Nielsen, Gordon T., 2D, Monroe, Utah,- Ensign Painter, Beniumin D., 3B, Groville, Colif.; Ensign Norgren, Charles E., 2C, Minneapolis, FIRST ROW: Ensign Meisner, Edward, 2D, Windsor, Colo.,- Ensign Dudley, Harold R" 2B' Huntingfon Park, Calif.,- Ensign Veafch, Robert W., 3C, Hutchinson, Kans.; EnSign James, Robert A., 2A, Glendale, Colif.; Ensign Alleger, Robert B., 2B, Hcddonfield, N. J.,- Ensign Beaulieu, Francis R., 2C, Barre, Vt,- Ensign Bartling, William R., 2A, Kansas City, Kons.; Ensign Barnes, Robert R., 2C, Saginaw, Mich.; Ensign Mead, Alan L, 2D, Tobias, Nebr.; Ensign Penick, Robert E., Jr., 4A, SECOND ROW: Ensign Holloway, Sidney W., Jr., 3D' Philadelphia, Penn.; Ensign Bowen, Thane E., IE, Bellows Falls, Vt,- Ensign Goodqlel Mine" Ru 3A, Meriden, Conn,,- Ensign Konzen, Joseph J., 1E, Epworfh, Wichita FONS, Texas NM NM MN M M Minn.; Ensign Hill, Eugene F., 38, Cleveland, Ohio,- Ensign Herfog, John L., 3D, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Malek, George J., 3B, Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign Jensfad, Gilmond F., BB, Hopkins, Minn.; Ensign Lund, Lenard L, 33., ST. Paul, Minn. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Francis, Leverett M., 43, Shelburne Falls, Mass.,- Ensign Genser'r, John R., 28, Big Spring, Texas,- Ensign Tally, Bernard J., 2D, Hardin, Mont; Ensign Nelson, Burton E., 4A, Billings, Mont; Ensign Pearson, Keith N., Jr., 3D, Middlebury, Vt; Ensign Petersen, Woodrow T., 38, LeMors, Iowa; Ensign Peiersen, Norman, Jr., SB, Detroit, Mich,- Ensign Hammang, John H., 2D, Detroit, Mich,- Ensign Austermom, Alfred E., QB, San Bernardino, Colif.; Ensign Miller, Roland F., 1D, Hudson, Iowa. SEPTEMBER 20, Iowa,- Ensign Bickerstaff, Wliliam H., 2C, Pittsburgh, Penn.,- Ensign 'Lewis, Roberfqu QB, Boulder, Colo.; Ensign Provencher, Robert J., .4A, St. Clair Shores, MlCh.; Ensign Johnson, Robert N., 2C, Manistee, Mich.; EnSIgn Gardow, Gordor? A., 4 A, Westfield, Wis. . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Follus, Jerome .R., 2A, Sylvomo, Oth; Ensign Westervelf, Warren H., 3C! LaGronge, Ills.,- EnSIgn Wendel, Harry.L., 48, Salt Lake City, Utah; Ensign Carlson, Harold E., 3D, .Topeko, Kans.,- EnSIgn Winter, Homer A., 4A, Oakland, Calif.; Ensign PetersorVI, Clifford E., 28, Sf. Paul, Minn.; Ensign Rose, August H., 4A, Booker, Texas; Ensngn Br own, LyIInan W., 1C, Albert Lea, Minn.; Ensign Olsen, Arthur V., 38, Detronf, MICh.; Ensugn Dowden, Leroy P., 1C, Longview, Texas. Page 273 FIRST ROW: Ensign Raynard, Philip N., 5A, Stopleton, Nebr.; Ensign Johnson, Gerald H., 48, Aurora, llIs.,- Ensign Jenkins, David L, 5A, Minneapolis, Minn.,- Ensign Nedela, Norris N., 4A, Crete, Nebr.,- EnsignFHarder, Donald F., 4A, Independence, Mo.,- Ensign McConal, Berthold L, 5A, Cenfrolia, llls.,- Ensign Sylvester, Anthony M., 5A, Dover, N. J.,- Ensign Rand, Frank F., Jr., 5A, Pontiac, Mich. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Smith, William R., 5A, Madison, lnd.; Ensign Weidenheff, Robert H., 5A, Good Thunder, Minn.,- Ensign Booren, Alden M., 4A, Admiral C. P. Mason and General L. A. Dimillo are shown with The Captains of the Naval Air Station and Army Air Force Base Basketball teams. Morine-on-Sf. Croix, Minn.,- Ensign Bryant, Charles H., 3D, Gollatin, M04 Eng; Fletcher, Robert L, 5A, Newcastle, lnd.; Ensign Scott, Robert D" 4A' Kansas hlin Mo.,- Ensign Rust, Dorvan T., 5A, Muncie, Ind. . . . THIRD ROW: EHSiQ" M'cldugkla; Lynn L, 3D, Omaha, Nebr.; Ensign Combs, Richard A., 5A, Ponca leyl,t n H., Ensign Watkins, Leslie H., 4D, Benton Harbor, Mich.; EHSiQ" Brewer, Elso , J-; 4A, Corrollton, Mo.,- Ensign Saunders, Herbert W., 33: Hoeketfsmwn' N 2nd Lt. Mottram, William E., 12E, Hinsdale, Ills. Page 272 Irel, Miss.; rt L, 2D, . . THIRD y, Willard we, Colif.,- :I E., 481 .; Ensign Chicago, Ross W., The FIRST ROW; E Arthu r E" Novys top scoring combat flier, Commander David mwwaMNM xwgww nsign Longton, Cyril A., 1E, Compton, Calif.; Ensign Hollingsworth, . 125, Center, Ind.; Ensign Bell, Vernon V., 48, University City, Mo.; Ensign Knig ht Joseph 5, QB, Minneapolis, Minn; Ensign Weir, Gavin, 3D, Riverside, '5'; Emig" BQldWin Walter l., Jr., 2C, San Rafael, Colif.; Ensign Hall, Russell.P., Cf ChPrIOfTESViHe, V0,,- Ensign Bingham, John J., 3D, Riverside, Calif.; Ensngn end, Jlm T" 2A' Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Hahn, James 3., 4C, Berkeley, Calif. SECOND ROW: Ensign Carstensen, Robert A., 48, Clinton, IOWO; EMIQ" Cole, Wallace D EnSiQn Eve I 3D, Sullivan, Ills.,- Ensign AnDress, Norman E., 4A, Pontiac, Mich.; ns, Wallace W., 38, Lancaster, Ohio; Ensign Lang, Hugh E-, 4A, Page 2 7 . McCompbeH. SETTEMBERH20,1944 x K . 3; Mm KVV'W rmw ,, WM HM mmmmsmmwg We-MWWWM Tecumseh, Nebr.; Ensign Teuber, Robert H., 2C, St. Cloud, Minn; Ensign Barksdule, Ralph 3., 3B, Whiteville, N. C.,- Ensign Holloway, Marvin C., 4C, Detroit, 'Mich.; Ensign Westfall, Donald, 4D, Piqua, Ohio THIRD ROW: Ensign Wllborn, Howard 0., QB, Houston, Texas,- Ensign Fawley, Harry, Jr., 3C, Kalamazoo, Mich.; Ensign Adams, Wilbur L., 48, Crandall, Texas,- Ensign Gardner, Howiard W.,'4B, Carthage, Mo.,- Ensign Watts, Wendall C., 2D, Fort Dodge, Iowa; Ensugn Jamison, Marvin J., 4A, Des Moines, Iowa; Ensign Avinger, James F., 1C, Blountsfown, Flo.; Ensign Jeffus, Marvin, 4A, Horlingen, Texas; Ensign Johnson, Clarence R., 4A, New Haven, Conn,; Ensign Thompson, Bob 8., 4A, Fort Worth, Texas. WWW, , , xix; ' 4 mum ma , Awm,.wm , 0 WV 41W, "m NX ,Hwhar NW, A? ,mww. WM. , , , FIRST ROW: Ensign Lundberg, Richard R., 4A, Des Moines, Iowa; Ensign Louver, Charles G., 4A, Toledo, Ohio; Ensign Roberts; William K., 4A, Jackson, Miss.,- Ensign Steenberg, William A., 4A, San Francisco, Calif.,- Ensign Guy, Robert R., QB, Denver, Colo.,- Ensign Mumerf, Ralph A., ID, Sioux City, Iowa; Ensign Boylan, Thomas E., SD, Evonston, III5.; Ensign Freer, Milburn K., 28, Stamford, Texas; Ensign Armstrong, Robert C., SB, Columbus, Ohio; Ensign Brown, Charles E., 38, Dickson, Tennessee . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Larson, Billy Lou, 3C, Blair, Nebr.,- Ensign Mefzinger, William D., 3C, Fremont, Nebr.,- Ensign Lundahl, Carl H., BB, Des Moines, Iowa,- Ensign Murphy, Clyde 61., 3D, Manhattan, Kons.,- Ensign Smith, SEPTEMBER, 2 1944 FIRST ROW: Ensign Mitchell, Myrlin D., 2C, Seattle, Wash; Ensign McCall Graham H., 4A, Oakland, Colif.,- Ensign Wahlberg, Russell D., 3D, San Diego, Colif.,- Ensign Zabka, Robert, 3C, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign Kirby, Jack E. 4A, Los Angeles, Colif.,- Ensign Long, Clarence P., Jr., 4B, Binghamton, N. Y.- lgnsigr; Adams, William C., 4A, Houston, Texas; Ensign Batemun, Aubrey L, 4A! Dallas Texas,- Ensign Clayton, Ralph W., 43, Merced, Calif.; Ensign Akins, Gelorge El 2C, North Royalton, Ohio . . . SECOND ROW.- Ensign Dunn, Derek C. 413;, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Renison, Forrest R., 2C, Morysville, Calif.,- Ensign Nlovak Jerome C., 4C, Des Plaines, Hls.,- Ensign Barhydt, Robert E., 4A, Dodge City, Kans.f x " WkaXWwa W.,,wwiwwww , , , MMM$ M ywwv-w-W xxw NW.M 39 Kennedy, 1D, Pittsburgh, Penn.; Ensign Elliott, Wright A., Jr., 4A, Laurel, Miss.,- Ensign Kongs, Clarence H., 3B, Seneca, Kons.; Ensign Landry, Robert L, 2D, Claremonf, N. H.,- Ensign Melander, Vincent E., 3D, Saline, Kons. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Hineline, John 3., 3D, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Skelley, Willard J., Jr., 1E, El Sequndo, Calif.; Ensign Littleiohn, Leroy E., SE, Garden Grove, Calif.,- Ensign Murphy, James E., 2A, Liberfy, Mo.,- Ensign Chapman, Arvel E., 4B, Lowry City, Mo.,- Ensign Chapman, Russell C., 3A, Birmingham, Mich.; Ensign Richards, Lewis L, 38, Winchester, V0,,- Ensign Coleman, James F., SB, Chicago, llls.; Ensign Moeller, Burdetfe H., 1E, Reinbeck, Iowa,- Ensign Tomlinson, Ross W., 2B, Dallas, Texas. WWWW WWWW. ,M; ' Ensign McSherry, Roland, 1D, DGYTOn, Ohio; Ensign Barns, Burdeffe W-, ?D' Newton, Iowa,- Ensign Niemczyk, Walter L, 1E, Greendale, Wis.; Ensign ZieQEIma'er' Robert D., 2C, Decoroh, Iowa; Ensign Schrofh, Ernest F., 48, Boston, Mass. . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Eaton, Fred A., BC, Fowler, Kcms.; Ensign Dutton, James R., 3C, Hutchinson, K0ns.,- Ensign Becker, Paul W., Jr., 3C, Tacoma, Wash.; Ensign Har-Isen, Iva" W., 3A: Rochester, N. Y.,- Ensign Reimers, Glenn C., 1E, Marcus, Iowa; EnSIE!" Bloom, Thomas, 3D, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Bleifus, DaVid J" 4A' Oakland, Calif.; Ensign Newquist, Don P., 4A, Los Angeles, Calif.; EHSiQ" Wurz, Albert E., 3D, Nopa, Colif.,- Ensign Wright, Dean W., 33, Modesto, Calif- Page 274 FIRST ROW: Ensign Carrick, William J., 3D, Self Lake City, Utah; Ensign Becksfead, Samuel A., 3D, Salt Lake City, Utah,- Ensign Davis, Wallace A., 43, Salt Lake City, Utah,- Ensign Baron, Lowell R., 2C, Brigham, Utah; Ensign Bailey, Bennett H., 5C, Yakima, Wash; Ensign Green, Ralph E., 23, Ogden, Utah; Ensign Barlow, Leo H., 4A, Salt Lake City, Utah; Ensign Clark, Hugh 5., 5C, Detroit, Mich.,- Roy, James H., 20, Salt Lake City, Utah . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Jones, Earl P., 2C, Union City, Tenn.; Ensign Lambert, Harold E., QB, Murceline, Mo.,- Ensign Harte, William G., 1D, Columbus, Ohio; Ensign Larson, Lawrence E., ymw w 44 FIRST ROW: Ensign Wood, James H., Jr., 2C, Sulphur Springs, Texas; Ensign Williams! JOhn 3., 2D, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Gorringe, Gordon G., 3C, Alma, Mich.; Ensign Newkirk, Robert C. W., 3D, McHenry, Texas,- Ensign Van Auken, William L' 4B! Troy, N. Y.; Ensign Anderson, Jack, 3D, lola, Kons.; Ensign Bailey, Ernfg M., 3D, Houston, Texas; Ensign Stewman, Ralph L, 2D, Cleveland, Ohio; Ens'gn Richards, Joseph D., 3c, Sportanburg, s. c. SECOND ROW: Ensign sehfnidh F'ed L., 2C, Sacramento, Calif.; Ensign Ong, Charles C., 3C, Bell, Colif.; Ensign Keifhleyl William J., Jr., SD, St. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Weaver, Elbert W., 4 .1 3D. Flint, Mich.,- Ensign Murphy, William F., 3D, Holden, Moss,- Ensign Grady, John F., QB, Roslindole, Mesa; Ensign Wyman, Earl D., 4A, Pembino, N. Dok.,- Ensign Bresnahan, Robert J., QB, Battle Creek, Mich. . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Beach, Joe M,, SB, Jacksonville, Ore.,- Ensign Rich, Robert G., 4B, Albany, N. Y.; Ensign Kimbrough, Robert L, 3D, Topeka, Kons.; Ensign Palmer, Floyd E., 3D, Winfield, Kans.; Ensign Simpson, Albert W., 4D, Long Island, N. Y.; Ensign Baker, Joseph 8., 2C, Hammonfon, N. J.; Ensign Carver, Grant 3., 2D, Ogden, Utah; Ensign Naylor, Robert R., QB, Price, Utah,- Ensign Walden, Willis R., 3D, Drayton, N. Dok. SEPTEMBER 27, 1944 71km L 3D, Long Beach, Colif.,- Ensign Harper, Blaine 8., 3D, Poul, Idaho,- Ensign Simoncelli, Virgilio P., 2A, West Haven, Conn.,- Ensign Tucker, Vernie, 4A, Carbon- dale, Kcns.; Ensign Kieser, Joseph W., ID, Donville, Ills. THIRD ROW: Ensign Means, Charles F., 38, Goddard, Kans.,- Ensign Westra, Wayne E., 48, Barryton, Mich; Ensign Kienker, Lloyd D., 4A, Johnson, Nebr.; Ensign Hall, Howard H., IE, Exeter, Nebr.,- Ensign Allyn, Ralph 5., 1E, Stuart, Nebr.; Ensign McMahon, James E., 4C, Corning, N. Y.; Ensign Mikolas, Douglas K., 4C, Oak Park, 1115.,- Ensign Millard, Walter H., Jr., 4C, Louisville, Ky.; Ensign Chadwick, Robert C., QB, Bowling Green, Ohio. Page 277 :71 11 111,111, ' 1 11 , 1 1 ' 1 1 11' I ' 77' v1 1 '11 '1.1-11 ?1' 111": 1774,7711 , 1 11119 1 ,1 . 111 17,, I 1, '1 "7777' III? M11 ' 1n ' , 1 I I . ,' ,Ix . , I 11, . I , , 11 , 1 1 1'11". 1 f, . 1 17 77 ' . 7, I ' 1 1 1 FIRST ROW: Ensign Bell, Robert J., 4A, Glendale, Colif.,- Ensign Justice, William D., 3D, Oklahoma Cify, Okla.; 2nd Lt. Nickell, Chester T., 3D, Moreheod, Ky.,- 2nd Lt. Francis, Frank B., 123, San Francisco, Calif.; Ensign Elliott, Joseph H., 4A, Los Angeles, Calif.,- Ensign Rafhgeber, Jack 0., 4A, Alamogordo, N. Mex.; Ensign Minor, John E., 4B, Middletown, Ohio,- Ensign Chrisficm, Lorenzo P., 48, Cleveland, Ohio . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Sfurdavant, Don R., 2C, Hersey, Mich,- Ensign Seiler, Galen W., 2C, East Jordan, Mich.,- Ensign Smith, Wellington P., 1 1 117 111.111 , ,,.,1"'7 ' 71:1 1 7737777777771" 7777' I ' , '151 , 1 , , 11, ,1 1,7 7 1711; 1,9111 11 , 117 11 1 "71' The Mascot of the Aviation Cadet Regimenf "Gilbert The Goat" and cadet R. W. Wilson look over a picture of Gilbert's new pin-up girl. WW, AVW, 7 2C, Formon, N. Dck.,- Ensign Stegmann, Eugene M., 2C, Marshalltown, Iowa; Ensign Sfephanoff, Christy, QB, Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign Stephens, Charles 2A1 JOPPO, Md.; Ensign Morgan, Herbert M., 48, Hazel Park, Mich. . - - THIRD ROW: Ensign Johnston, Reginald J., 3D, Pontiac, Mich.; Ensign Cevello, William IA" 2A, Sun Leander, C0lif.; Ensign Kaiser, Lincoln A., 3D, Kirkland, Wosh.; EnsIQI" GiIannini, Dino L, 4A, Westwood, Calif.,- Ensign Hafner, John A., 4C1 De'rom MICh.; Ensign Crowney, George T., Jr., 4A, Red Bluff, Calif. '1 Page 276 n, md.; T., 4A, General Francisco Urquizo, Under Secretary of National Defense, Republic of Mexico, is shown wiTh 0 group of Mexican officers undergoing flighT Training of NATB, Corpus Chris'ri, Texas. ' "WW Aw . metmww AWW , ' KeEIRST ROW: Ensign Ramsouer, Francis J., IE, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign Eskew, E Fem W.' 23' Boonville, Ind; Ensign Markham, William, Jr., 3D: Savannah, Mo,- Jmlgn Shfes, James 3-, 3D, Richmond Heights, M0,; Ensign Fisher, Rygd, .QC, GOCksonviHe' HO-i EnSign Hubbard, Frank K., 3D, Roslindole, Mesa; Ensugn MIHermg, Erqm E".4A' La Grande, Ore.; Ensign Chandler, Weston, 4A, EvereTf, Wash; nSlsn Shll' William R-z 3D, Omaha, Nebr.; Ensign Lauferboch, Donald E., AB, Eek-m H'ssl' Ensign Menichini, Gerald J., 4D, Hudson, Perm. SECOND ROW: nsngn Shckleyl Thomas H., 2A, Rensselaer, N. Y ,- Ensign O Connor, Joseph, 3D, Glbony, GO"; En5i9n Sparrow, JESsie C., 3D Bordsfown, Ky.; Ensign Gallagher, en F., 3A' Pesomml Hls.; Ensign O Rourke, Keith, 1E, Warren, OhIO; Ensugn Wilson, Wifliam A., 4A, Kansas CHy, Mo; Ensign Schweder, Carl L. N., 2C, Kansas CiTy Kon5.; Ensign Steiner, Edward F., 4D, Baltic, Ohio; Ensign Goursolle, Noel T., Jr, 4B, Socrczmemo, Colif.; Ensign Grother, Leroy J., 48, Yorktown, Iowa . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Smith, Donald l., 3C, Delfon, Mich; Ensign Frenske, Charles R., 4A, EosT Troy, Wis.; Ensign RusseYl, Ross F., 4A, Peru Nebr.; Ensign Murphy, Walter H., 3C, Mounie, llls.,- Ensign Brown, Harold E., 3D, Kansas City, Kong,- Ensign Farr, Walter E., 38, Houston. Texas; Ensign Kroeger, Albert J., 4A Jefferson City, Mo.; Ensign Longe, Kermii F., 3D, ImCeriol Nebr.; Ensign Miller, Dean M., 3D, Walnut, Iowa; Ensign Link, Francis D., ED, Sandusky, Ohio,- Ensign OuelleHe, Savere, Jr., 3B, Plymouth Mich. Page 279 FIRST ROW: Ensign Wright, George 0., 2C, Portland, Ore.,- Ensign Legrani, Amedao, 5A, Denver, C010,,- Ensign Robichuux, Irvin J., 2C, New Orleans, LCL; Ensign Shire, Paul 5., 4A, Los Angeles, Colif.,- Ensign Harris, Murray M., 4C, Springfield, Moss.; Ensign Tudewald, Bernard W., 2A, Vantossell, Wyo.; Ensign Whipple, Donald l., 2C, Concord, N. H.; Ensign Willard, John K., 2C, Randolph, Moss.,- Ensign Phillips, Arthur C., 4B, Wheatlond, Colif.,- Ensign Shead, Frederick R., 3D, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Welfy, Curtis L., 4D, Three Rivers, Mich. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Waldron, Richard M., 2C, Genoa, Ohio; Ensign Lewis, George A., 2D, Tacoma, Wash,- Ensign Wright, Purd 8., 4A, Kansas City, Mo.,- Ensign WolcoH, Thomas C., 48, Flint, Mich.; Ensign Wright, J. C.,- 48, Augusta, Mich.; Ensign SEPTEMBER, 27,1944 FIRST ROW: Ensign Kelsey, William C., QB, St. Paul Pork, Minn.,- Ensign Lacey, Donald L., 48, Niles, Mich.; Ensign Mayo, Albert 0., 4A, Galena Park, Texas- Ensign Pettitt, Leonard 0., 4A, Logan, Iowa,- Ensign Buck, Clarence C., 4B, Eagle! River, Wis.; Ensign Phillipson, Joseph L., Jr., 4A, Des Moines, Iowa; Ensign Breckons, Clyde T., IE, Rochester, N. Y.; Ensign Meline, Reuben, 3D, Polk, Nebr.- Ensign Hallabeck, Robert J., 4C, Donbury, Conn.,- Ensign Lassiter, William 3., 3C, Jackson, N. C.; Ensign Kelly, Robert W., HD, S'r. Louis, Mo. . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Meyers, Richard M., SB, Adomsburg, Penn.,- Ensign Reece, William K. 4A, El Monte, Calif.; Ensign Risley, Clatyon E., Jr., SB, Boulder Creek, Colif.l- I Ensign Williams, John R., 2D, Harrisburg, llls.; Ensign Meyer, Richard 8., 4B Wolery, Kenneth F., SB, Sacramento, Colif.; Ensign Wiggins, Charles A., 43, Heoldsburg, Calif.,- Ensign Sneed, Robert W., 4A, Denver, Colo.; Ensign Harvey, Walter 8., 3D, Portage, Wis.,- Ensign Dorfler, Carl A., 2D, Mundelein, Ills. . THIRD ROW: Ensign Johnson, Richard R., 4C, Chicago, llls.; Ensign Hinlicky, George J., 4A, Greenwich, Conn.; Ensign McCarthy, Robert L, 2A, Lockport, N. Y.; Ensign Denson, John L. Ill, 48, Temple, Texas; Ensign McDougal, Bruce A., 5A, Orrville, Ohio,- Ensign Taylor, RoberiL F., 3D, Ann Arbor, Mich.; Ensign Witten, Harold H., 2C, Woferville, Wash,- Ensign Kirk, James D., 4A, Chesterton, Ind.,- Ensign Keifhcurf, Raymond E., 4A, Mission, Kons.; Ensign Hall, Marion T., 4A, Norman, Oklo.,- Ensign Sfrussner, Wilbur W., 3A, Rochesfer, N. Y. San Francisco, Calif.; Ensign Nevin, Cracker, 2D, Dorien, Conn.,- Ensign Harrison, James E., 4C1 Cylinder, IOWG; EnSign Miller, Wesley L, 3D, Houston, Texas; Ensugn Lamb, Christopher, 4C, Baltimore, Md. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Wadley, Robierf L, 2C, St. Joseph, Mo.,- Ensign Kirkpatrick, Martin 5., QB, Paris, Ark.; Ensugn Kirby, John J., 1E, Wakefield, Moss.; Ensign Van Norfwick, Frank C-. 2C1 Geneva, N. Y-i EnSign WOOdG", Raymond L, Jr., 3D, Atlanta, Ga.; Ensign medy' Ems: K, 2C, Orongeburg, S. C.; Ensign Phelps, Chilton L, 2A, MOVYVilIe' Mo.; Ensngn Jack, Dale R., 1A, Glendora, Cclif.; Ensign McElwain, Gerald R., 43' Qld Orchard Beach, Moine; Ensign McCoy, John L, 48 Phoenix, Ariz.; Ensign Flala, R'3Y A., 3D, Maple Heights, Ohio. I Page 278 WW N. ,mxxwmk.wywwm FIRST ROW: Ensign Driemeyer, Douglas M., 4C, Webster Groves, Mo.; Ensign Benson, Horace P., 3A, Attleboro, Moss.; Ensign Brannun, William 0., 3D, Memphis, Tenn.,- Ensign Heppler, Roland M., 3D, Salt Lake Cify, Utah,- Ensign Borgstrom, Roy, Jr., QB, Berkeley, Colif.,- Ensign Adams, Loyd A., 2C, Columbia, Alon; Ensign John, Richard C, 2C, Falls City, Nebr.,- Ensign Hall, Onzi D., 2C, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Evans, William D., 2C, Redondo Beach, Calif.; Ensign Hensley, Harland l.., 2A, Cameron, Mo.; Ensign Peck, Joe M., 5A, Mobile, Ala. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Leahy, William D., 4A, Sea Girt, N. J.,- Ensign Dronberger, Roberf J., 4A, Sacramento, Colif.,- Ensign Bradford, Bryan E., 4A, Oakland, Calif.; Ensign Oughfon, Harry J., 3C, Eddyville, Ore.,- Ensign Schulfe, Rober'r L, 2A, Evanston, Ills.,- Ensign RUEIRIST ROW: Ensign Moody, Frank G., 4A, Louisburg, Kans.; Ensign .Gilmo're, sel G" 4C' NOFWiCh, Conn.,- Ensign Cooper, George F., 3D, Grover HIH, Ohio; HUH' Ralph E, 4A, Wenotchee, Wash,- 2nd Lt. Parks, Spurgeon B., Jr., Ensign Gerrulcgscfyox, Texas; 2nd Lt. Boerner, George A., 28, ST. FOUL Minn.; Ens'gn LOYr ., 4C, Linden, COIif.,- Ensi n Oliver, James F., 4D, Orange, Texas; EnSIgn g?nsgordf Robert B., 4C, Springfigeld, Mo.; Ensign Boudreau, Maurice V., 4B, OhiomrICk-I Mo, 4 - . SECOND ROW: Ensign Kaminski,.Edward. F., 3B,HKe1ng, mhl EMlgn Crapo, Charles D., 2D, Denver, Colo.,- Ensugn Krelg, Russ.e , , Erst, OhiO; Ensign Hermens, Eugene, 48, Albany, Ore.; Ensign Decker, Wilbur E., Page Allen, George D., 3D, Kansas City, Kons.,- Ensign Lea, Dallas M., 4A, Pride, Lo.,- Ensign Pellefier, Robert H. J., 4D, Lynn Field, Moss,- Ensign Pennington, Clifford, 3D, Gropelond, Texas; Ensign Omernick, Gregory R., 4C, Stevens Point, Wis. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Dale, Alan R., 48, Boulder, Colo.,- Ensign Burrell, Jack A., 4C, Seattle, Wash,- Ensign Mendenhall, Winton L, 3D, Harlowton, Mont; Ensign Brady, Thomas F., 4A, Amarillo, Texas,- Ensign Buxton, Norman L., 38, Wichita, Kans.; Ensign Buddeke, Ivo W., SB, Chicago, IIIs.,- Ensign Foreman, George W., 4A, Fullerton, Nebr.,- Ensign Dean, Robert G., 5C, Larchmonf, N. Y.; Ensign Boston, Richard 5., 4B, Chicago, llls.,- Ensign Hoskins, Harold P., 4A, Russell, Iowa,- Ensign Crawford, Milo L., 4B, Roswell, N. Mex. "CNBEH 3C, Sterling, Colo.; Ensign Gilbert, William R., 4A, Pittsburgh, Penn.; Ensign Cino'f'ro, Joseph F., 4C, LoSolle, llls.,- Ensign Wallace, Stuart W., 48, Thornton, Ills.,- Ensugn Cook, Harry D., 5A, New Willard, Texas . Ralph D., 38, Orchard Park, N. Y.; Ensign Reel, William F., 4A, Decatur, IIIs.,- Ensign Wilson, Robert E., 3C, Wichita, Kons.; Ensign Compton, Mo-Irshall R., 4A, Blair, Nebr.; Ensign Hearn, William J., 4A, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensugn Wartenbe, Robert, 3C, Huntingfon Park, Collf.; Ensign Cobb, Donald E., 3D, Modem, Calif.; Ensign Mykleby, Oscar W., 4C, Piconne, Miss.; EnsignC Seagoe, John, 48, Cottage Grove, Ore,- Ensign Laichom, George E., 48, Detroit, MICh. THIRD ROW: Ensign Wheeler, FIRST ROW: Ensign Acaster, Horace L., 2A, Greenwich, Conn.; Ensign Gall, Cary C., 3B, Sioux City, Iowa,- Ensign McLellan, Francis J., IE, St. Paul, Minn.; Ensign lselin, William, 4C, Racine, Wis.,- Ensign Kark, Arthur E., 48, Blue Eorfh, Minn; Ensign Allin, Joseph T., Jr., 4A, Kansas City, Mo; Ensign Brown, Vaughn E., 4A, Chonufe, Kons.; Ensign DeHon, Frederic T., 43, ST. Petersburg, Fla.,- Ensign Baack, Orlo 0., 2C, Denison, Iowa,- Ensign Flickinger, Wayne A., 3A, Cherokee, Iowa,- Ensign Pool, Glenn C., 4A, Kansas City, Mo. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Casey, Desmond F., 4A, Vergennes, Vt; Ensign Hanna, Rober'r W., 3D, Moryville, Mo.; Ensign Greer, Francis W., Jr., 4B, Melrose, Moss.; Ensign Gaston, William H., 2D, Kansas City, Kans.; Ensign Simmons, Ernest D., Jr., 4A, Chicago, le.,- Ensign The start of The 200 meter free style race in The swimming meet between NATB, Pensacola, Fla, and NATB, Corpus Christi, Texas. Heiseke, Fred H., 48, Minneapolis, Minn.,- Ensign Thomas, Charles F., 4A, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Boeding, Edgar L, 4C, Seneca, Kons.; Ensign Allen, John F., 3D' ZUMI N- MeX-x' Ensign A'brighf, Edward H., 4A, Heringfon, Kons. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Foreman, Donald L, 4A, Carson Cify, Nev.,- Ensign Freeman, James K" Jr" 4A! HOUSTon: Texas,- Ensign Hubbard, George J., 4C, Kansas City, M04 EnSiQ" Whiting, James P., 4A, Arcadia, Colif.,- Ensign West, Raymond-'W., QC! Riverside, Cdlifq Ensign Swanson, Howard 5., 38, Long Beach, Calif.; Ensign Luke, Earl, 3D! Memphis, Tenn.,- Ensign Brimecombe, Donald W., Jr., 48, South Portland, Maine; Ensign Walker, William 0., 3D, Goithersburg, Md.; EnSiQ" ComeGUX, Donald 6., 3D, Wichita, Kons.; Ensign Schwallie, Lynn 0., 48, Birmingham, MiCh' Page 280 N., Jr., 3D, Ensign Potvin, Binghamton, eford, Texas,- , 4A, Noper, p, Albert N., inn.; Ensign J., 30, Clay ufts, Vaughn, Corpsmen work fast and efficiently in handling a casualty. W 2 N mmx R wwmxx m WW m FIRST ROW; Ensign Moberly, Joseph, 4A, Independence, Ore.,- Ensign Taylor, ROY, 4D, Houston, Texas,- Ensign Van Bokkelen, William M., 5C, Berkeley, Calif; EnSign Popes, John M., SD, Vcndolio, IHs.,- Ensign Zartmcn, Charles, 3C, Havre, Mont,- 2nd Lt. Todd, John C., 3D, Newport, Ore.; Ensign Tomlinson, Warren W., 30, Miami, Flo.,- Ensign Mellblom, Howard M., 4C, Havre, Mont,- Ensign Roll, Colvert L., 48, Grontsburg, Ind. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Rothschild, Maurice, Jr., 5D, Oak Park, Ills.; Ensign McLaughlin, Francis E., 4A, Cummings, Iowa,- Ensign Peterson, Garth H., SB, Kalamazoo, Mich,- Ensign Wagomon, Hastings M., 12E, MW WW 1 , WWW N .fvxmmrmmm - Bogord, Mo.,- Ensign Bliss, Lewis E., 5D, Van Nuys, Colif.; Ensign Harrington, Moody, Jr., 4C, Broodus, Mont; Ensign Futrell, Richard E., 4C, Tulsa, Okla,- Ensign Guerra, Gustavo J., 4C, McAllen, Texas . THIRD ROW: Ensign Reese, Halleck F., 5C, Pinckneyville, llls.; Ensign Nemeth, Stephen C., 5D, Canton, Ohio; Ensign Phillips, William M., SD, Pittsburgh, Penn.; Ensign Crouse, lvan F., 5C, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Spif'r, Wallace 0., 5A, ECU Claire, Wis.,- Ensign Wingate, Walter M., SB, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign McIntyre, John J., 5C, Moorland, Iowa,- Ensign Schulenburg, Jay A., 5C, Wells, Minn. Page 283 7 FIRST ROW: Ensign Crete, Richard C., 4A, Lodi, Cclif.; Ensign Conway, Richard E., 4A, Volleio, Colif.; Ensign Jacobson, Frederick R., 4B, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Carros, John 2., 48, West Hartford, Conn.; Ensign Boyle, William 0., 3D, Notick, Moss.; Ensign Day, Donald M., 4C, Piedmonf, Calif.; Ensign Dickinson, Dwight C., 4C, Richmond, Calif.; Ensign Fcrseth, Devxey C., 48, Sioux Falls, S. Dak.; Ensign Bec'kner, Richard C., 4C, South Bend, Ind.,- Ensign Billings, Emmett J., 48, Horlingen, Texas Kcms.,- Ensign Cananach, Warren C., 48, Grunton, Wis.; Ensign Ossowski, Robert J., 48, Stevens Point, Wis.; Ensign Wilson, George, 48, Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign 0003M 4, FIRST ROW: Ensign Marfin, Stephen Vvl., Jr., 48, Dallas, Texas; Ensign Suuve, Roland J., 38, Red Lake Falls, Minn.; Ensign Mitchell, William H., 4A, Sfrown, Texas,- Ensign Mahany, Robert E., 4C, Kansas City, Kons.,- Ensign Mays, Roy- mond, Jr., 48, Temple, Texas,- Ensign Gelhaus, Melvin F., 3D, Grass Valley, Calif.; Ensign Fifzmaurice, Raymond F., 4C, Silver Springs, N. Y.; Ensign Gemperline, Lynn E., 4C, Portsmouth, Ohio; Ensign Rumrill, Howard J., Jr., 4C, Cloversville, N. Y.; Ensign Adams, Fred I., 3D, Lincoln, Nebr. SECOND ROW: Ensign Carlenzoli, Henry, 48, Calistogcx, Colif.; Ensign Whitmore, Jack W., 3D, Houston, Texas; Ensign Conrad, Marion L., 2C, Terra Bella, Colif.; Ensign Phillipson, James H., Page . SECOND ROW: Ensign Young, William F., 4A,, Kansas City; Blackwell, Billy N., 3D, Memphis, Tenn.,- Ensign England, 0110 N., Jr., 3D, Louisiana, Mo.; Ensign Carlson, Archie T., 48, Erskine, Minn.; Ensign Potvin, Richard L, 4C, Detroit, Mich; Ensign Mayer, Joseph N., Jr., 4C, Binghamton, N. Y. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Cuwfhon, E. W., Jr., 4A, Hereford, Texas,- Ensign Reifzel, Warren C., 3D, Sterling, Ills.; Ensign Reber, Isaac C., 4A, Noper, Nebr.,- Ensign Murray, Thomas M., Jr., 43, Springfield, Mo.; Ensign Bopp, Albert N., 4C, Kirkwood, M0,,- Ensign Dolland, Carl A., 43, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Robertson, John H., 4C, Horlowfon, Mont; Ensign Brown, Charles J., 3D, Clay Center, Kcms.,- Ensign Rounds, William M., 3D, LaSalle, Ills.; Ensign Tufts, Vaughn, 48, Los Angeles, Calif. 2D, Lansing, Mich; Ensign Geier, William H., 1C, Fresno, Calif; EnSiQ" Dillman, Joseph F., Jr., 4B, Worcesfer, Moss.; Ensign Metz, Homer L., 12C, Wichita, Kons.; Ensign Stoyfon, James 0., Jr., 48, Dallas, Texas,- Ensign Gorden, William, 43: Detroit Mich. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Walters, Rober'l E., 4C, Marietta, Ohio; Ensign Tinsley, Frederick T., 48, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign Faust, William Cu 48! Port Clinton, Ohio; Ensign Livesoy, James A., 2D, Clifton Forge, Va.; Ensign Eland, Robert W., 48, Portland, Ore.; Ensign Koeneke, Raymond H., 3D, Herkimer, Kons.,- Ensign LOH, John R., 1C, Detroit, Mich.,- Ensign Boerner, Richard J-, 30: Kenosho, Wis.,- Ensign Kolbe, George, 48, ST. Joseph, Mo.; Ensign Reid, Norman 5': 48, Geneva, N. Y. 282 w ol Auxiliary FIRST ROW: Ensign Johnstone, Paul N., 4A, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Oliver W., 5A, Council Bluffs, Iowa,- Ensign Kerstein, George E., 4A, Chicago, llls.; Ensign Kniesf, James W., 43, Sf. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Bell, Allen W., Jr., 4C, Overland, Mo.; Ensign Drake, Peter H., 4A, Oklahoma City, Okla.,- Ensign Spiller, William M., SD, Lufkin, Texas,- Ensign Denman, Joe C., Jr., 4B, Lufkin, Texas,- Ensign Hall, Eugene H., 4B, Housfon, Texas,- Ensign Coffi, John E., 5A, Culver, Kons. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Sill, Kenneth E., 4C, Emporia, Kons.,- Ensign Cebulski, Robert A., 3D, Pueblo, Colo.; Ensign Smith, George H., 12D, Richmond Heights, Mo.; Ensign Hagedorn, Robert L, 4A, Rocky River, Ohio; Ensign McBrien, ,FVIRST ROW: Ensign Falconer, George H., 4A, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Ensign Meredith, Edward W.,f 3A, Columbus, Ohio; Ensign Farischon, Carl J., 4A, Pekin, Ills.; Ensign Bell,;,Roberf 5., 2D, Webster City, Iowa,- Ensign Crofoof, Arthur E., 2D, Hannibal, N. Y.,- Ensign Darcy, John F., QB, Rochester, N. Y.; Ensign McGowan, Richard T., 13, Grand Island, Nebr.,- Ensign Pilkington, Robert E., 4A, Emporio, Kons.,- Ensign Bennet'r, Richard H., 4C, ST. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Stretch, Leroy, 4D, Bridgeton, N. J. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Zaharko, Paul, 48, Brefz, W. Von; Ensign Frick, Richard T., Jr., 5A, Sewickley, Penn.,- Ensign Lynch, James A., 4C, Ames, Iowa; Ensign Cutter, Atherton G., 4C, Warwick Neck, R, 1.,- Ensign Miller, 4D, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Buchanan, Everett, Jr., 3D, Lewis, Kans.; Enscign Walloch, Richard, 5A, South Milwaukee, Wis.; Ensign Witfe, Miles W., 12D, Bernard, Mo.; Ensign Mefzger, Edward F., 5A, Buffalo, N. Y. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Siefker, Roy E., 2C, Lima, Ohio,- Ensign Kurdys, Felix E., 3D, Youngs- town, Ohio; Ensign Courtney, Thomas J., 4A, Lynch, Nebr.; Ensign Massey, James W., 4B, Melvindale, Mich.,- Ensign Goodwin, Roger K., 1A, Philadelphia, Penn.,- Ensign 6050, John, 48, Berwyn, le.,- Ensign Thomas, Warren J., 4A, Omaha, Nebr.,- Ensign Milligan, John R., 4A, Des Moines, Iowa; Ensign Thomas, Dean H" 4A, Mobridge, S. Dak.; Ensign Walker, Dole D., 4A, Los Angeles, Calif. 1944 00T03ERIII, Abram, 48, Chicago, Ills.,- Ensign Lelee, Vernon D., 48, Kansas City, Kons.,- Ensign Schneider, Alden C., 4A, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Briggs, Richard A., 43, Macedon, N. Y.,- Ensign Olsen, Clifford, 4C, Bicknell, Utah . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Williams, Arthur J., 4C, Woukesho, Wis.; Ensign Nelson, Raymond J., 4B, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Morrin, Donald F., 4C, Toledo, Ohio,- Ensign Wheeler, Richard C., 3D, Pembroke, Mass.; Ensign Noble, William F., 4A, Bartlett, Kons.; Ensign Garland, Edward J., 4C, Des Plaines, Ills.,- Ensign Sf. John, John T., 48, Rochester, N. Y.; Ensign King, Albert L., 48, Brocktdn, Mass.; Ensign Buck, James W., 48, Clear Lake, Iowa; Ensign Reitz, Robert A., 48, North Braddock, Penn, Page 285 .m Wmmwm FIRST " OliverW- Ensign K Overland, William - Ensign H View of Code? Companies passing in review of Kingsville Naval Auxiliary Kons' " 1' 1: ' 4 , ' Air Station. cePU'Ski' .. ' 4 HeightsJ !' o c Fr:cli:fi:kR3vW;4Ens:Egl; ixithl :hilfp HI; :C, Bridgeport, Conn.; Ensign Takkumen ., , , Inn.,- nSIgn re n, Thomas C 33 D W' I Kremp, Jose h P., 4B D T ' 4 - ' u I e m, RObel't E. I EnSign HONEY MeIVir: TegclngMlchq Ensign Reah, John, Jr., 3B, Pocahontas, llIs.; Ensi n P '"4D, Peqvonnock, N. J.; EnSIgn Decker, John E., 48, Paterson, N. J.; , ., , ocmoke, V0,,- Enygn Johnson, Lee A,, 4A, Lincoln- 9 a erson, James W., QB, Athens, Alo. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Davidson: Brookl n, - ' ' Iowa; Ensign y N. Y., EnSIgn Cox, George P., 51-5, brooklyn, 1N. L,- tns-gn rcrrell, ville, Kans.; Ensi n G D ' DGV'd R. . . I ROW: Ensign Mullen, w-u- , . , , e'? roo ,. enn. . . . SECOND ton, I d, , ergen, . J.; Ensugn Colley. G'ennr Jr" 5C' C esjer' 4B, Salf Lake City, Ufohl- lgnmsigl: 3:;ngppljfin, 27's.; Enslgn Hulbert, Carl A., W., 5nA I SEfnSIESUEGeSIs' Reberf E" 3C: CClumbUSr Ohio; Ensign Crocker, Raymond Ensign Siemens, Ralph T., 4C Cornin yIC It'an .,. Jr" 4C'.M0r$hfield, Moss.; Ensign 'll'a Igar Ed ,I- '0". EnSIgn Lew, Joseph 3., Jr., 5C, Woodbridge, N- J'; I , 9, a I .; Ensign DeLuISI, Arthur N., 4D 4D RomeyGl Ewrj J'IDJLIL 3D' New Orleans, LCL; Ensign Byers, Hardin C" Jr., , , , CL; nsugn uc , Frank L, Jr., 3D Cameron MO- Poge 284 y, Nebr.; Ensign D, Temple, Texas; V: Ensign Logan, St. Louis, Mo.; R., 4C, Horiford, Ensign Williams, , Frankfort Ind.; n, Milton L, IE, Rear Admiral Mason owords lvsf LT. G. M. Williams The Distinguished Flying Cross. FIRST ROW: Ensign Fry, Robert R., 48, Akron, Ohio; Ensign Franchof, Douglas W., 5A, Baltimore, Md.; Ensign Hechf, Ronald R., 5C, Woseca, Minn.; Ensign Hoffman, Robert 0., 5C, Berwyn, llls.,- Ensign Tyson, Irvin 8., 5A, Rock Island, Ills.; Ensign Tomsovic, Milan, 5C, Berwyn, Ills.,- Ensign Johnson, Hiram, Jr., 5A, Fountain, Minn.; Ensign Davis, Hamlet H., 4A, Dallas, Texas; Ensign Scurfield, John E., 4C, Sacramento, Colif.; Ensign Foster, John J., SB, Fort Worth, Texas . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Hack, Donald M., 5A, Chicago, le.; Ensign Weber, Fred C., 4D, Otsego, Mich; Ensign Sahaida, George, 5D, Hozlefon, Penn.,- Ensign Bradley, David H., SB, South Orange, N. J.,- Ensign Shonafelf, Charles E., 4D, Highland Park, lils.; Ensign Williams, William 6., Jr., 4C, South Orange, N. J.; Ensign Schindewolf, Eddie, Jr., 4C, Bellefontaine, Ohio; Ensign Bray, Robert W., 5A, Van Wert, Ohio; Ensign Groll, George W., Jr., 58, Chicago, Ills. . . . THIRD ROW; Ensign Seiffert, Arthur L, 5C, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Taylor, Martin E., SD, Baton Rouge, Lon; Ensign Sanders, James T., 5D, Evergreen Park, Ills.,- Ensign Richards, Harold 0., 5D, Brighton, Mich,- Ensign Anderson, Donald W., 5A, Chippewa Falls, Wis.; Ensign Bidewell, Carl 3., 5C, Marble Hill, Mo.; Ensign Kraft, Glenn E., 5D, Cumberland, Wis.; Ensign Kolakowski, Mieczyslaw, 40, Hartford, Conn.,- Ensign Burkholder, George W., E, Akron, Ohio; Ensign Morton, James, 5D, Jamaica, N. Y, Page 287 9 FIRST ROW: Ensign Mahingly, Phillip E., 4A, Polo Alto, Calif.; Ensign Baird, Harold W., GB, Almeno, Kans.,- Ensign Reece, Marvin L., 48, Topeka, Kans.,- Ensign Schau, Frederick J., 4C, Cicero, Ills.,- Ensign Werner, Paul F., 48, James- Town, N. Y.; Ensign Poppy, Guy C., 43, Pontiac, Mich; Ensign Cole, Roy H., 48, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Bare, David H., 2A, Waynesboro, Penn.; Ensign Gray, Robert J., 3D, Pittsburgh, Penn.; Ensign Powell, Robert D., 38, Glendale, Calif. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Olslund, Rober? C., 43, Fargo, N. Dok.; Ensign Pollard, Earl M., Jr., 48, El Monte, Colif.,- Ensign Thrapp, Charles C., 4A, Seattle, Wosh.,- Ensign Massmon, Lyle J., 48, Saginaw, Mich,- Ensign Anderson, Palmer 8., 00TOBER 11, 1944 FIRST ROW: Ensign Hancock, Jose h W., 5D, H ' . ' - Richard J., 4C, Chicago, llIs.,- EnsignPHayman, Tho:;28:?rgjlr.llfg EPZMgn Mor'rlss, Ensign Hogue, Joseph F., 20, Phoenix, Ariz.,- 2nd LLIBukler ICIinSIOCIBMICh-Il Macedon, N. Y.; Ensign Johnson, Robert D., 4C, Deorborn Micl';- En .0" B" 4D, Robert L., 5D, Hollywood, Calif.; Ensign Peed, Roger A. 41D $01th kygg ennetf, Ensign Rocco, George W., 3D, St. Louis, M0,; Ensigln Jane" :0: Ify, Utah; Ute: Iowa . . . SECOND ROW Ensign Fisher, Willis M. 5c, s E? C" 2C' Ensngn Heaps, James R., 4C, Detroit, Mich.,- Ensign Gibbonls Jc;h OF ler, KGPS'; burgh, Penn.; Ensign Stevenson, Andrew W., 3C, Vonckoer nWCI';h4CIEPI.HS. , .; nsugn Page 4C, Hort, Mich.,- Ensign Peterson, Richard L, 4C, Nebraska Cify, Nebr.; Ensign Owens, John R., 5C, Louisville, Ky.; Ensigh Land, Thomas 0., 3D, Temple, Texas; Ensign Nicol, Roy J., 4D, Scm Francisco, Calif. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign logan, lvin C., 3D, Humboldt, Kans.,- Ensign Wessel, John W., 48, St. Louis, Mo.,- Ensign Drag, Chester J., 48, Chicago, Hls.; Ensign Thyberg, Edwin R., 4C, Hartford, S. Dak.,- Ensign Hudnall, Vernon H., BB, Mommofh, W. Vo.; Ensign Williams, Robert W., 4C, Port Arthur, Texas,- Ensign Lanum, Thomas 0., 3D, Frankfort, lnd.; Ensign Haase, Herman J., 4A, Plainville, Kons.; Ensign Robenson, Milton L, IE, Chicago, Hls.,- Ensign Moloney, Robert M., 4D, Oak Park, Ills. Moreland, Leonard GI Jr-, 4B, Fort Worth, Texas,- Ensign Morcom, James A" :B,b Houston, Texas; Ensign Arch, John, 4A, West Allis, Wis.; Ensign Chanson: Tang; F., 4C, B.oston, Moss.; Ensign Walsh, Walter, 3D, Naperville, Ills. 4.. ROW: EnSIgn Rank, Allen H., 5D, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign Reed, Ernesf D.,. , gimpfon, Colif.; Ensign BuntZ, George W., 5D, MT. Vernon, N. Y.; Enggn RI?f Ianseisfer-rgq 5.8' Scherjecfody, N. Y.; Ensign Fortune, Arthur R., 4C, Newport! Arr: 5C an' Immlns, Daniel E., 3C, Houston, Texas,- Ensign Rumbcrg, Wlllldm. IIFossl G , rmcefon, W. Va,- Ensign Wilson, Henry D., 3D, Norfolk, Nebr.; EnSIgn eorge 8., 3B, Medford, Moss.; Ensign Becmie, Charles A., 38, Savannah, 0- 286 of Waldron W , .FIRDT ROW: Ensign Zelinske, Henry G., 43, Oak Park, Ills.; Ensign Wilson, Robert G., 5A,Muhifouspgs, Colo.;Ensign Runnels, Carl, 5D, Richmond, lnd.; Ensign Mclan, Dale 0., 4C, Trenton, Ills.; Ensign Lonergqn, Harold R., 4C, Murroyville, Ills.; Ensign Foster, Frederick W., 5A, Providence, R. 1.,- Ensign Smith, Charles A., 3D, Ogden, Utah; Ensign Remsberg, John C., 4B, Hunfingfon Beach, Calif.; Ensign Supp, Hurry H., 4C, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Habkirk, Kenneth A., 4D, Flint, Mich.,- Ensign Bass, Richard W., 12C, Ben Wheeler, Texas . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Monprode, Robert J., 4D, Jersey City, N. J.,- Ensign Terrien, Leonard A. H., 4D, Providence, R. I.; Ensign Arnzen, William A., 53, Newport, Ky.; Ensign Wall, Robert L., 5A, Park Rapids, Minn.; Ensign Kiefer, Louis l., 43, Gary, lnd.; Ensign FIRST ROW: Ensign Short, Cermd 6., ID, Hotboro, Fenn.,- Ensign Jamison, Harold W., 5A, Sayre, Oklo.,- 2nd L'r. Wydner, Charles E., Jr., SB, East Orange, N. J.; Ensign Heffner, Robert E., 5A, St. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Grentzer, John, 3D, SYrclcuse, N. Y.,- 2nd Lt. Stone, Douglas H., SB, Caldwell, N. J., Ensign Ripsco, Frank A., 4A, South Bend, lnd.,- Ensign Fiscel, Wayne H., 5A, Des Moines, Iowa; Ensign Madden, John R., 5A, Overland, Mo.; Ensign Levy, Monroe D., 5A, ST. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Felt, Edwin 5., Jr., 48, Salt Lake City, Utah . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Clarke, John C., Jr., 5B, Old Greenwich, Conn.; Ensign Kline, LOUIS F-, Jr., 4D, St. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Geel, Alan J., 48, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign Kohler, Farren T., SB, Glen Elder, Kons.,- Ensign Evanoff, John M., 4A, Kansas Simonson, John D., 38, Provo, Utah; Ensign Blixf, Melvin D., 3D, Aurora, Nebr.; Ensign Wolf, James 3., 3B, Coldwater, Kcns.; Ensign Falen, John H., SB, Hope, kons.,- Ensign Dickson, Elgin M., 5B, Hannah, N. Dak. . . . Ensign Naczkowski, John J., 5A, Manchester, Conn.; Ensign Windley, Alonzo R., 5A, Belhaven, N. C.; Ensign O4Bryan, lawrence T., 4C, Louisville, Ky.; Ensign Gibson, Lloyd J., 5B, East Sf. Louis, Ills.; Ensign Richards, Marmef P., 4C, Berwyn, Ills.; Ensign Benko, Stephen, 4D, Gory, lnd.,- Ensign Richter, Edwin A., SB, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign Larson, Richard 8., 4B, Beaulieu, Minn.; Ensign Theroux, Lee A., 43, Crookston, Minn.; Ensign Dean, Allison 5., 2D, Portland, Ore.; Ensign Tomlinson, Royal N., 5A, Charlotte, Mich. T", H City, Mo.; Ensign Devin, James N., 3D, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Tigur, Robert D., 4C, Flint, Mich.,- Ensign Sullivan, Daniel J., 43, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign Haugh, Edward M., SB, East Orange, N. J.,- Ensign Kohn, Paul L, 58, Hazel Green, Wis. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Hobbs, Willis P., 5A, Arthur City, Texas; Ensign Darroh, Earl W., 48, Albany, Colif.,- Ensign Buin, John R., 2C, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Clark, Joseph E., 48, St. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Bulkley, Otho, 48, Richmond, Colif.; Ensign Sylar, Robert A., 4A, Lokeport, Colif.,- Ensign Keith, Philip C., SB, Everett, Wash; Ensign Buerger, Robert P., 4C, Memphis, Tenn.; Ensign Oman, Kendall R., SB, Duchesne, Utah,- Ensign DeLaHe, Allen R., 4A, New Orleans, La.,- Ensign Gander, James V., 3D, Apalachicola, Flo. Page 289 FIRST ROW: Ensign Jelinek, Louis R., 5A, Forest Park, Hls.; Ensign McPherson, William H., 4B, Dorchester, Moss.; Ensign Williams, Max L., 4C, El Dorado, Ark.- Ensign LeBlane, Ralph P., 4D, Breaux Ridge, Lo.,- Ensign Resweber, Leonard, Jr.,, 4A, Sf. Martinville, Lo.; Ensign Griffin, Frank 0., Jr., 4A, Marvell, Ark.; Ensign Lookabaugh, Leonard L, 4D, Dallas, Texas; Ensign Foeller, Carl W., 48, Cowesett, R. I.; Ensign Menaul, Robert F., Jr., 4D, Worthington, Ohio,- Ensign LuBudde Kenneth R., SC, Milwaukee, Wis.,- Ensign Newbrund, Bradley C., 5A, Soyreville, N. J. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Daniels, Robert E., 5A, Hafboro, Penn.; Ensigr; Velleca, Albert, Jr., 5A, Brisfo, R. 1.,- Ensign Uncles, Richard, 4D, Everett, Moss.- Ensign Dinwiddle, William H., SB, Onowa, Iowa; Ensign Redfield, Homer E., 4C: Navigation closs Checking through 0 navigation problem at Waldron Field. Portland! Ore.; EnSiQn Lasbury, Frank R., 4C, Stafford SpringS, Conn.; Ensign Eesch, Howard R., 4D, Emporio, Kons.; Ensign Breur, Scott L, 5A, PhiIGdEIPhia' enn 4 " Ensign Thompson, HGFOId 5., 4B, Norristown, Penn.; Ensign Wells, Harrison D., 3D, Doniphcm, Mo. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Enqbnit, Dean H., 48, Des M01455: 'OWG; EnSign DeWeese, Shannon E., 43, Kansas City, Mo.; ENSIQ" Evamch, C'aFeMe J" 5C1 Milwaukee, Wis,- Ensign Gasway, Robert w., 43, Brazil, 'nd-F EnS-Ign Land.rum, Joe T., 4C, Toylorsville, Miss.; Ensign Pierson, Bernard A., 4D' SOI'PGg COI'f'i Ensign Wardle, William D., 2C, Salt Lake City, Utah; Ensign Slade: Davnd L, Jr., 4A, Wichita, Kons.,- Ensign Shanafelt, Donald E,, 4C, Rock Falls, HISJ Ensign Bingham, Richard T 53 . - ' 4 ' James J- ' Unadelle, N. Y. -, , Nelsonvnlle, Ohxo; Ensign Florlna, I Page 288 HRaT Robert 4 MclanJ Ensign l Ogden, Supp, 4 MiCh.; E Ensign I 40, Pro Robert I n E., don, bolis, sign 4B, lice, iWO; 43, sign 1ila- Leading newspaper men and magazine writers assemble at The coder swimming pool To watch The routine The coders go Through in Their survival course. FIRST ROW: Ensign Jacobs, Robert W., 48, Arlington Heighfs, Ills.; Ensign Buller, William W., 3D, Warren, Ohio,- Ensign Hodge, Ernest 0., Jr., 48, South EUClid, Ohio; Ensign McGrath, William R., 4D, Pueblo, Colo.; Ensign McVey, George P-, 4D, Lomon, Colo.; Ensign Bowles, Tommy Y., 4C, Dallas, Texas; E"5ign Cole, Evan L., 5C, Jackson, Mich.,- Ensign Barnes, Earl 0., 48, Detroit, Mich,- E"5i9n Bronkema, James R., 4C, Grand Rapids, Mich,- Ensign Dorough, Frederick E., 40, Terrell, Texas,- Ensign Hunter, Robert D., 4C, Shaffsburg, Mich. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Service, James 8., 5A, South Willingfon, Conn.; Ensign Gerdtes, Kenneth G." 3B, St. Louis, M0,; Ensign Guzy, Robert J., 4D, St. Louis, Mo.; Ensugn Baker, Arthur L, 5D, Detroit, Mich.,- Ensign Toillion, James L, QB, Kearney, Nebr.; Ensign Brcme, Robert T., 4C, Jackson, Mich,- Ensign Sible, Robert L., 4B, Engle- wood, Colo.; Ensign Bokma, Arthur W., 4D, Dayton, Ohio; Ensign Schlomann, William H., 4C, Tony, Wis.,- Ensign Bristol, William H., 5A, Berkley, Mich. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Baker, Charles L., 48, Marion, Ohio,- Ensign Prange, John R., 4C, Donbury, Conn.; Ensign Clark, Harry G., 3D, Nashville, Tenn.; Ensign Robins, Edward W., 5A, Butte, Mont,- Ensign Downing, Ralph L., 4A, North Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Evans, Kenneth, 4C, Terre Haute, lnd.; Ensign Blair, Raymond H., 4C, Royal Oak, Mich,- Ensign Anema, George, Jr., 2D, Denver, Colo.,- Ensign Miller, Harold A., 4D, Union Sfor, Mo.; Ensign Schwob, Robert 0., 4D, La Grange, llls.; Ensign Klomawesch, James, 3D, North Brookfield, Moss. FIRST ROW: Ensign Nelson, William E., 48, Wilmington, Del.;Ensign Therotola, Michael R., 5A, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign McCarthy, Francis R., 4D, Union City; N. J.,- Ensign Holden, Robert L, 4D, Wes? Hartford, Conn.; Ensign Keefe, John, 4D, Roseville, Mich; Ensign Batten, William H., 4B, Naylor, Mo.; Ensign Kafzmonn, Theodore R., 5C, Chicago, llls.,- Ensign Flanigan, Frank, Jr., 2D, Memphis, Tenn.; Ensign Nowak, Joseph L, 4C, Gaylord, Mich.; Ensign Powers, Thomas J., 4C, Oak Park, Ills.; Ensign Hexamer, Bruce E., 4C, Sioux Falls, 8. Dok. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Gehringer, Edmund W., Jr., 4D, St. Louis, Mo.,- Ensign Breeze, Marvin 0., 5A, Mt. Vernon, lnd.; Ensign Meisner, Allan W., 12C, Stillwater, Minn.; Ensign Lange, Roger L, 4C, St. Paul, Minn.; Ensign Wifowski, Daniel M., 4C, MTHBER 18, 1944 FIRST ROW: Ensign Swikoski, Stanley E., 3C, St. Joseph, Mich.; Ensign Cummings Robert, 5A, Mendocino, Calif.; Ensign Rose, Robert C., 5A, Marine City Mich: Ensign Ball, Wayne R., 48, Battle Creek, Mich; Ensign Johnson, George W 98" Jamestown, N. Y.,- Ensign Wilson. Ronald C., 4C, Fenton, Mich; Ensign Hellgesl George C., 4D, Detroit, Mich.,- Ensign Metcalf, Benjamin F., Jr., 2C Cofonsvillel Md,- Ensign Beall, Donald H., 3D, Sumter, S. C.; Ensign McConnachlie Omer E, 4B, Port Orchard, Wosh.; Ensign Carlson, Howard A., 48, Fort Do,dge low; . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Pifmon, Ralph L., 4D, Orosi, Colif,; Ensign Glannon Daniel M., 4B, St. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Morrow, James W., 4C, Lake Bluff Ills- Ensign Bernu, Leo E., 48, New York Mills, Minn,; Ensign Hendrick, James l, 3DV I Chicago, Ills.,- Ensign Miles, Charles E., Jr., 4B, Chicago, llls.,- Ensign Neller, Dean E., 48, Lansing, Mich.; Ensign Swanson, Eric E., 43, Chicago, le.,- Ensign Gordon, Kenneth 6., 4C, McCloud, Calif.; Ensign Christianson, George A., 43, Minneapolis, Minn. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Vaingaf, Rudolph, 1E, Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign Bufterfield, Roberf F., 4D, Piedmont, Calif.; Ensign Amendola, Norman A., 4B, Rochester, N. Y.,- Ensign Powers, William P., 4A, New Haven, Conn.; Ensign Rice, Charles G., 5A, Foribury, Ills.; Ensign Adkins, Gerald J., 4A, Marshallfown, Iowa; Ensign Rasmussen, Deruld E., 5D, Fresno, Calif.; Ensign Sveum, Arthur 5., 48, Minneapolis, Minn,- Ensign Offerdahl, Roger N., 48, Madison, Wis.,- Ensign McWilliams, Robert W., 4D, Britton, Mich,- Ensign Emberger, Robert, 3D, Philo- delphio, Penn. Hcrdinsburg, Ky.; Ensign Moore, Delbert E., 4D, Mexio, Texas,- Ensign Moore, JOCkI 4C4 Omaha, Texas; Ensign L95, Henry, 4C, Homfromck, Mich.,- Ensign Ohlson, Peyton L, 4D, Dallas, Texas,- Ensign Decker, Gregory J., 4C, Sf. Paul, Minn, . , . THIRD ROW: Ensign Watson, Edmund 8., 5A, Danbury, Conn.; Ensign BGUSCh' :GtOId L" 4C! Lei-gh, NBbM Ensign Beckler, Eugene R., 48, Juniofo, Nebr.; nsngn Harie, Melvm H., 5C, Eagle Rock, Calif.,- Ensign Jenson, Clifford Va 40! Deland, Flo.; Ensign Henry, Donald c., 53, St. Cloud, Minn.; Ensign Pende'y' :ENuilfer E., 48, Brogkfield, Mo.; Ensign McCoIl, Winton A., 48, Ferndale, MiCh-i nsngn Pendefy, William F., 4B, Brookfield, M0,,- Ensign Caner, Kenneih, 3D' Compton, Caluf.; Ensign Holthaus, John H., 3D, Riverside, Calif. Page 290 Leodir swimn Fresnol William Ensign FIRST ROW: Ensign Brink, Donald W., 4C, Kalamazoo, Mich,- Ensign Von Ohlen, William J., 48, Aurora, Ills.; Ensign Mann, William H., 4C, Kansas City, Kans.; Ensign Hansen, Robert L, 4C, Highland Park, llls.; Ensign Smith, Bruce P., 5A, Faribaulf, Minn.; Ensign Petrick, Robert R., 4C, Cicero, llls.; Ensign Chandler, Clark P., 4A, SfephenviHe, Texas,- Ensign Pack, Donald L, 4C, Modesto, Cclif.; Ensign Sample, Bonner A., 4C, Fresno, Colif.,- Ensign Hannigan, William, 3D, Rockland, Mass. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Nord, Robert W., 4D, Sf. Paul, Minn.; Ensign Russell, Calvin G. H., 4B, Ogden, Utah; Ensign Ude, Ruben H. A., 3D, Buffalo Lake, Minn.; Ensign Stouf, Harold W., 4D, San Bernardino, Colif.; Ensign 3 1 i 3 3 3 ,, i 3.33.3-33333M--E$DD$ 5Dgiiw 68, Sacramento, Colif.,- Ensign Holland, Richard D., 48, Collins, Iowa,- Ensign Hanson, Robert E., 33, Collender, Iowa; Ensign Horney, Allen A., 3D, Coloma, Mich.,- Ensign Scott, William T., 2A, Doyfon, Ohio; Ensign Lorentz, Harvey W., 4C, 3 3 FIRST ROW: Ensign Welty, Robert L, 4D, Three Rivers, Mich; Ensign McElhmey, James V., 4D, Peoria, Ills.,- Ensign Mortham, Richard W., 40, Hartford, Conn.,- Ensign Murray, Francis, 4D, Esconobo, Mich; Ensign Terry, James W., 4C2, CorEJus Christi, Texas; Ensign Fleming, Henry J., 4D, Philadelphia, Penn.; Ensxgn Rxce, Frank Bu 4C, Belvedere, Marin Co., Calif.; Ensign Kieppe, Richard N, 4C, Lansing, Mich.,- Ensign Blain, Arthur, 4D, Pcwtuckef, R. 1.; Ensign Thomqs, Robert, 4C' NOPUI Calif. SECOND ROW: Ensign USCGR Ward, Curtis L, SSB, Williamsburg, Vo.,- Ensign USCGR McMillen, Walter E., SE, Hammond, Ind.; Ensugn Brock, Wolcott P., QB, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign USCGR Livingstone, Robert E., Roseho, John M., 5A, Bakersfield, Colif.,- Ensign Atkinson, Robert P., 4D, Piedmont, Colif.; Ensign Dunn, John C., SB, Chicago, IIIs.,- Ensign Taylor, Richard E., 4C, Pctlo Alto, Calif. . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Threlkeld, Jack W., 5D, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Byerly, Willard E., SB, Ancmosa, Iowa,- Ensign Pollack, Nicholas A., 5E, Duquesne, Penn.; Ensign Horan, Keron E, SE, Hartford, Conn.; Ensign Pearson, Robert 0., 1E, Huguenot, Staten Island 12, N. Y.; Ensign Saliness, Harris A., 4C, Clorkfield, Minn.; Ensign Smith, Edward R., 43, Ypsilanti, Mich,- Ensign Lee, Robert A., 48, St. Louis, M0,,- Ensign Marshall, Max R., 4A, Cleghorn, Iowa; Ensign Moore, Conway W., 43, Dallas, Texas. nmonnza, 1944 Chicago, Ills. . THIRD ROW: Ensign Peters, Elliott V., 4B, Phillips, Wis.,- Ensign Van Horn, Norman 6., 4D, Grand Rapids, Mich.; Ensign Truesdell, A. 0., 4D, Jackson, Mich,- Ensign Stewart, Robert, 48, Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign Rock, Calvin C., 48, Detroit, Mich,- Ensign Noyes, Charles W., 5A, Inglewood, Colif.; Ensign Bandy, Robert K., 5A, Paris, llls.; Ensign Workman, Ernest N., 5C, Akron, Ohio. Page 293 View of 0 Wave fishing party headed for the deep sea with The Corpus 1944 0CTOBER FIRST ROW: Ensign Tubbs, Dale F., 2C, Moquoketo, Iowa; Ensign Toth, Elmer, 4C, Toledo, Ohio; Ensign Martin, Lawrence, 4C, Salem, Ohio,- Ensign Campbell, Virgil 0., 4D, San Diego, Calif.; Ensign Monroe, Arthur B., 48, Seekonk, Moss.; Ensign Skurku, Gerald, 5B, Patton, Penn.; Ensign Higginson, Edgar A., 5A, North Bergen, N. J.,- Ensign Tucker, Bert B., 4B, Rock Island, llls.; Ensign Foster, Carlton E., 43, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Embry, Charles R., 48, Louisville, Ky.,- Ensign lntlekofer, Francis L, 48, Woukon, Iowa . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign McLaughlin, Francis A., 4A, Kansas City, Mo.,- Ensign Beasley, Cecil W., 3D, Longmonf, Colo.,- Ensign Bolles, James F., 3D, Moscow, Idaho,- Ensign Krieger, Rudie F., SB, Brookfield, llls.; Ensign Giannusi, Primo, 5A, Highwood, llls.; Ensign Sisson, Thomas Christi skyline in the background. L, 4C, Jasper, Texas,- Ensign Heffernan, James M., 5A, Charleston, W- VG'I' Ensign Franks, Robert L, Jr., 4C, Beaumont, Texas,- Ensign Jones, Robert D" 4D' Randolph, Nebr.; Ensign Boshard, Dean M., 4c, Provo, Utah . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Breunig, Donald E., 4D, Samonctuk, Ills.,- Ensign Freed, Lloyd G" 58' Pittsburgh, Penn.; Ensign Burk, Kenneth E., 4C, Shelbyville, Ills.,- Ensign Bouchqrd, Jean 0., 4D, Providence, R. 1.,- Ensign Tibbs, Virgil E., 5C, Lifchfield, Ills.,- Ensugn Schulenberg, Duane E., 43, Fargo, N. Dok.,- Ensign Be", Wendell, 4D' Fres.n0: Colif.,- Ensign Callan, James E., 3D, Chevy Chase, Md.,- Ensign Olsen, Will'Fm L, Jr., 5C, Lincoln, llls.; Ensign Billermon, Loyd W., 4C, Decatur, Ills.; Ensign Borden, Leon M., 43, Johnson City, N. Y. Page 292 FIRS William Ensign Furibau Clark ' Ensign Rocklan Ensign Buffalo lukee, Wis.; und C, Jr., Wlio; Ensign mllus, Texos sign Voelkl, rC, Chicago, Charles L, sign Hyball, enn.; Ensign uard F., 6A, A doubles mafch between NATB Pensacola and NATB Corpus Christi. FIRST ROW: Ensign Osborn, Wallace J., 5D, Omaha, Nebr.,- Ensign Seward, Grant W., SB, ansos City, Mo., USCGR; EnsEQn Yates, Don P., Jr., 4D, New Braunfels, Texas; Ensign lngersoll, John 5., 4D, Huntington Park, Colif.,- Ensign Brif'r, Joe V., 3D, Junction City, Kcms.,- Ensign Hughes, Weldon R., 4D, Fort Worth, Texas; Ensign Cobbs, George W. T., 4D, Delano, Colif.,- Ensign Girten, Karl J., 53, Milwaukee, Wis.,- Ensign Burke, Thomas E., SB, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign Craig, Marion E'I 53, Milan, Tenn.,- Ensign Cobo, Charles E., 5C, Grand Rapids, Mich; Ensign Powell, Kenneth 3., 4c, son Lake cny, Utah SECOND ROW: Ensign Thorp, Harold L, 4C, Denver, Colo.; Ensign Tefreault, Louis A., 4D, New Bedford, M0554 ENSign Trueblood, John M., 48, Freeporf, Texas,- Ensign Ryyayiainen, Allen A., 1944 TOBER 25, 'X 48, Brooklyn, Conn.; Ensign Bischof, Elroy C., 4D, Little Rock, Ark; Ensign Hill, Orlo R., 3D, San Jose, Colif.,- Ensign O'Hara, John J., 5A, Roslindole, Moss.; Ensign Holland, John M., SB, Ann Arbor, Mich; Ensign Carlson, Carl E., 4C, Garfield, Kons.; Ensign Niemiec, Albert, 4D, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Moron, Charles J., 4B, Detroit, Mich. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign O'Br'en, John J., 4C, Troy, N. Y.,- Ensign Harrell, Russell E., 4B, Indianapolis, Ind., Ensign Hapanowicz, Richard, 4C, Ufico, N. Y.; Ensign Wesf, Edsel J., 2D, Leoksville, N. C.; Ensign Maxwell, Russell, 3D, West Union, W. Vo.,- 2nd Lt. Boissy, Edward T., Jr., 4C, Aurora, Ills.; Ensign Kress, Roberf P., 4D, Des Moines, Iowa,- Ensign Shults, George A., 4C, Blue Mound, llls.,- Ensign Graham, Dwight W., 4D, Minneapolis, Minn,- Ensign Kramer, Robert E., 4D, Needhom Hgfs, Moss. WWWWWWW FIRST ROW: 2nd Lt Stein, Morton, 4C, Jenkintown, Penn.; Ensign Turner, Arthur J., 5D, Moline, llls.,- Ensign McKenna, John J., 5C, Gary, W. Va.; Ensign White, Donald H., 5C, Oakland, Calif.; Ensign Scott, William A., 5C, Kansas City, Mo.,- Ensign Lang, Ervin B., Jr., 40, Sf. Louis, Mo.,- Ensign Graham, James W., 40, Birmingham, Alo.,- Ensign McClure, Jackie D., 4C, Fort Worth, Texas; Ensign Pierce, Jack 8., 5C, Arlington, Texas,- Ensign Morse, Robert E., 4A, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Sellers, Roland W., 2C, Zanesville, Ohio; Ensign Bell, Odie 0., 4C, Doro, N. Mex. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Schroeder, Warren C., 3C, Saginaw, Mich,- Ensign Smith, Robert R., 3C, Toledo, Ohio,- Ensign Pomeroy, Louis A., 4C, Amherst, Wis.,- Ensign Tofflemire, Bernard A., 30, Cameron, M0,,- Ensign Johnson, 004014414 25 1944 4 WWWWWRMMWV FIRST ROW: Ensign Elko, Joseph, 5A, Ettrick, V0.,- Ensign Wall, Edmund R., 4D, Sacramento, Colif.; Ensign Hall, Floyd P., 3D, Paris, llls.; Ensign Cleghorn, John T., 4A, Lowell, Moss.,- Ensign Smalley, Donald H., 4D, Ogden, Utah; Ensign Sullivan, John A., 5A, Binghamton, N. Y.; Ensign Fiebagh, Darrell E., 48, Coffey- viHe, Kons.,- Ensign Wahl, Warren P., 4C, Sterling, llls.,- Ensign Thege, Loane C., SB, Wahoo, Nebr.; Ensign Mcckender, Warren D., 38, Riley, Kons.; Ensign Van Kopp, Eddy, 3D, Pasadena, Calif.,- Ensign Smith, Hubert T., Jr., 4D, Youngs- town, Ohio . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Power, Edward D., Jr., 2D, Long Beach, Calif.; Ensign Brown, Stuart 5., 4B, Virden, llls.; Ensign Kofschwor, Paul L, SB, McCook, Nebr.; Ensign Augustin, John N., 5E, Neodesha, Kons.,- Ensign Blanshan, Andrew, 3D, Dedhom, Moss,- Ensign Corrigan, Donald J., 5A, Milwaukee, Wis.; Ensign Macloskey, Milton C., 5A, Los Angeles, Calif.,- Ensign Hill, Edmund C., Jr., San Francisco, Calif.; Ensign Hardway, James, 4C, Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign Van Meter, James H., 5D, Newport, Ky.; Ensign Davis, Vincent E., 3D, Dallas, Texas . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Kurkowski, John E., SB, Detroit, Mich,- Ensign Voelkl, Michael 0., 43, Rochester, N. Y.,- Ensign Webster, William R., Jr., 4C, Chicago, llls.,- Ensign Smith, Philip W., SB, Mt. Carmel, llls.; Ensign Treece, Charles L, SB, ST. Louis, Mo.,- Ensign Peterson, Roger W., SB, Rockford, llls.; Ensign Hyball, William, 4B, Hammond, lnd.; Ensign Evans, Roy, Jr., 5C, Memphis, Tenn.; Ensign Duplessis, Joseph A., Jr., 5A, New Orleans, La.; Ensign Crockeff, Edward F., 5A, Sheffield, Ala. James C., 4C, Boone, Iowa; Ensign Seaman, Allen J., 4C, Detroif, Mich.; Ensign Meusel, Joseph E, Jr., 4D, Plymouth, Mich.; Ensign Teague, Arthur J., 53: Okorche, Okla; EHSign Howard, Charles C., 4C, Elsberry, Mo.,- Ensign Downs, Richard E., SB, Whittier, Colif.; Ensign Griffin, Jack B., 5D, Oakland, Calif. . - - THIRD ROW: Ensign Clark, Bruce H., 40, Cooperstown, N. Y.,- Ensign Sawey, Align B., 5D, quinol, Texos; Ensign Hannah, Harold D., 4D, Shawnee, OhiO; Ensngn LUCGS. Donald J., 4C, Highland Park, Mich.,- Ensign Zimmerman, William C: 4A, Dallas, Texas,- Ensign Collier, Bruce M., 2D, Cleveland, Ohio,- Ensign McCarthy, Charles J., 28, New Richmond, Wis.,- Ensign La Moffe, Robert A, 2C, Momence, IHS-; EnSign David, James M., 5C, Tulsa, Okla.; Ensign Kinney, Darwin LI 531 Reading, Mich. Page 294 g the wore: FIRST ROW: Ensign Blaisdell, Robert J., SB, Molcd Ci'ry, Idaho; Ensign Weisbach, Benjamin W., 5C, Highland Park, llls.,- Ensign Vogel, John C., 4D, St. Louis, Mo, Ensign Bright, George M., 5A, Macon, Mo.; Ensign Jershin, Stanley, 4D, Omaha, Nebr.; Ensign Hennings, Robert 6., 4B, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Eisold, Gordon W., SC, Milwaukee, Wis. . .. . SECOND ROW: Ensign Norsfrom, Robert F., 5D, Muskegon, Mich.; Ensign Marx, Leo B., Jr., 5A, Jacksonville, Fla.; Ensign Hendee, FIRST ROW: Ensign Hall, Wilbur, 3C, Kansas Ci1y, Mo.; Ensign Viezbicke, Walter, SB, Virginia, Minn.,- Ensign Resler, Lloyd E., SB, Poynoffe, Wis.; Ensign Smith, Cosmo, L, 5D, Tacoma, Wash; Ensign Wilkins, Harry J., 68, Anchorase, Alaska; Ensign Mounf, DWighf 1., 4C, Grand Junction, Iowa; Ensign Flack, Charles D., 4C, Forest Cify, N. C.,- Ensign Davis, Vaughn E., 3D, Ogden, Ufoh; Ensign Gidney, JameSCNq 5C, Neodesho, Kons. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign McKenna, Richard, 50,512 Louis, Mo.; Ensign Anderson, Raymond A., SB, Mason City, Iowa; Ensign Richard C., 4D, Hockensack, N. J.; Ensign Hoot, Willard D., 4C, Fremont, Ohio; Ensign Rumpf, Donald F., 5A, Cambridge, Wis.,- Ensign .Curithers, Harold A., 5E, New Castle, Ind. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Haglund, Victor N., 53, Hurlock, Md.,- Ensign Horton, George 3., 4D, Fowlerville, Mich.; Ensign Hamilton, William H., 5B, Disfricf Heights, Md.; Ensign Link, George W., 5C, New Haven, Conn.; Ensign Muick, Cletus J., 4C, Gillespie, llls.,- Ensign Bradburn, Richard, 5E, Sparks, Nev.,- Ensign Barber, Robert M., 5B, Salem, Ore. Hoffman, Richard H., 2C, Woodstown, N. J.; Ensign RussoHo, Francis A., 5A, Thompsonville, Conn.,- Ensign Callicoaft, Linzy C., 3D, Tulsa, Okla; Ensign Fagan, Donald M., 4C, Barnes, Kons.; Ensign Crawford, Robert K., 5D, Boulder Creek, Calif.; Ensign Schneider, Vernon H., 4A, Dupo, Ills. THIRD ROW: Ensign Hopper, Wilbur M., 4C, Pasadena, Colifn Ensign Conrad, William A., 4C, Bryan, Texas,- Ensign Paulson, Jean D., 48, Hudson, 3. D0k.,- Ensign Hill, William P, 5D, Winchester, Ark.; Ensign Kramer, Wilfred A 6A, Aurora, llls.; Ensign McCabe, Lawrence E., 2D, Hibbing, Minn.,- Ensign Norris, Irving, Jr., 5C, Hastings, Nebr. Page 297 1...,.A - gwhm MW WM WM; WM WWW M44Ww4Wwme FIRST ROW: Ensign Eggleston, Kenneth, 4B, Westwood, Colif.,- Ensign Wood, Ralph J., 4D, New Troy, Mich,- Ensign Goguen, Joseph 0., 3D, Gardner, Mass.; Ensign Jackson, William R., Jr., 3D, Charlotte, N. C.,- Ensign Hartman, Warren W., Jr., 3D, Camden, N. J.; Ensign Lalor, John M., 4C, Houston, Texas; Ensign Kuhn, Frederic A., 5E, Neosho, M0,,- Ensign USCGR Lemon, Edwin 8., 5D, Hot Springs, Ark.,- Ensign Frank, Louis F., 5D, Okowville, Ills.; Ensign Haltom, Thomas M., 4D, Defroif, Mich.; Ensign Tondreauit, Leo E., 4C, South Berwick, Maine,- Ensign McGee, John T., 4D, Detroit, Mich. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Hancock, Austin E., 4D, Turlock, Colif.,- Ensign Peer, Eugene 5., 5A, Chaffee, Mo.; Ensign Burbank, Robert, SD, Allston, Moss.; Ensign Konnheiser, William R., 3D, Mefhven, A view of 0 deep ,e, KMV$me$N whm WMWW , , WMTWZWU ngawyw Mmsmthwm M0534 Ensign Watson, George L, Jr., 4C, Dallas, Texas,- Ensign Mason, Jack R., 4C, Greenville, Texas,- Ensign Hilton, Earl W., 40, Dodge City, Kons.; Ensign Meredith, Carl E., SE, Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign Hall, Harold F., 5A, Fort Worth, Texas,- E"5i9n Dixon, Kenneth 6., 5A, Clowson, Mich.; Ensign Blondell, Emil L, SB, La Grange, Hls. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Volpi, Leonard R., 4C, MartineZ, Calif.; Ensign Truux, Kenneth L, 4C, Hannibal, Wis.; Ensign Lanier, Charles V-: 4A, Avon Park, Fla,- Ensign Miskell, Lawrence D., 5A, Chompaign, Ills.; Ensign Turk, Karl L, 48, Defroit, Mich; Ensign Schuler, Lawrence E., 40, Youngstown, Ohio; Ensign Rose, Sidney l., 5A, Jackson, Mich.,- Ensign Stirnweiss, Andrew Pu 4D, Kent, Conn.,- Ensign DeWitt, Eugene HU SD, Rochester, N. Y.; EDSiQ" Stairs, William C.. 58, Detroit, Mich: Page 296 sea diver getting sealed in before entering The wafer. FIR' Benia Ensign Nebr.; 5C, Muske Grand Rapids, NW ;hes, Maury, JL, owo . . . THIRD Dlsen, Robert L, ', Kons,; Ensign Jurg, Richard A., lg, Fem; Ensign 3 Guy T., 4C, Pon- ign Brandenbmg, tfsburgh, Penn, Captain Walsh, distinguished Marine Corps flier and graduate of NATE, Corpus Christi drops in for 0 short visit in cm F4U, FIRST ROW: Ensign Stems, Eldred L., SB, Ludingfon, Mich.; Ensign King, Charles E., 4C, Santa Cruz, Colif.; Ensign Bartel, Joseph J., SB, Duron-go, Colo.; Ensign Paulsen, Harold T., SB, Tacoma, Wash; Ensign Digman, Bernard C., SB, East Liverpool, Ohio; Ensign Muir, Edward A., 5D, Chicago, Ills,; Ensign Engblom, Nels 0., SB, Chicago, IHs.,- Ensign Roos, Eugene H., 5D, Rockford, Ills.,- Ensign leone, Alfred 6., 4C, Detroit, Mich; Ensign Olsen, Raymond K., SB, Eureka, Mont,- Ensign Clipson, Richard W., 5C, Silver City, Iowa . SECOND ROW: Ensign Schaefer, John F., 5C, Sheboygan, Wis.; Ensign Clerks, Robert L., 3D, Wolfhcxm, Moss.; Ensign Bright, Warren A., 5C, Kansas City, M0,,- Ensign Crawford, Harvey A., 53, Rock Island, lllx; Ensign Merritt, Bonny H., 53 Norwood, Ohio; Ensign Reynolds, Robert 5., SB, Cincinnofi, Ohio; Ensign Gillette, Richard L., 5D, Coffey- ville, Kons.; Ensign Gay, Charles W., 5D, Iowa City, Iowa; Ensign Marlow, Richard R., 4D, Zonesville, Ohio,- Ensign Newman, James K., 5B, Akron, Ohio . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Cox, ElMyrrh L., 5A, St. George, Utah; Ensign Copes, Robert N., 4A, Aulf, Colo.; Ensign Barker, Wesley P., SB, Salinas, Calif.; Ensign Bright, Afhol D., 4D, Lakewood, C010,; Ensign Bacrarach, Melvin L., 5C, Berkeley, Calif.; Ensign Jones, Lyle C., 5C, Williston, N. Dok.; Ensign Boyd, Lucian 8., 5C, Miami, Flo.,- Ensign Barr, David M., 4C, Morris, IIIs.,- Ensign Pierce, Edward M., SD, Duluth, Minn; Ensign Johnson, Robert R., 5C, Minneapolis, Minn; Ensign Emerson, Richard, 3D, Mishowoko, Ind, Page 299 FIRST ROW: Ensign 0115?, Donald D., 5C, Detroit Mich; Ensign Warrior, Harold A., 5C, Waferloo, Iowa; Ensign Miller, Charles T., 5D, Rock Island, 1115.; Ensign Pelkey, Paul C., 4D, Oberlin, Kons.; Ensign Yates, Howard T., 5B, Lif'r1e Rock, Ark.; Ensign Warren, Kenneth F., 5C, Ludlow, Mass.; Ensign Gallup, Leonard E., 5D, Howell, MichV; Ensign Lukemon, John P., 6A, Columbus, Ohio; Ensign Moxon, Gaylord E., SB, Arcom; Colif.; Ensign Bates, Jack A., 5E, Co1umbus, Ohio,- Ensign Wilson, William R., SB, Berkeley, C0111. SECOND ROW: Ensign Whifmore, Robert 6., SB, Lansing, Mich,- Ensign Weaver, Darrell C., SB, Big Sandy, Texas; Ensign Wagner, John A., SB; Uficru, N, Y.; Ensign Z1egler, William A., 6A, MCIsillon, Ohio,- Ensign Rodgers, Francis R., 5A, Chicago 1115,; Ensign O'Bannon, John C., 5C, Scoftsbluff, Nebr.,- Ensign Rafferty, Richard R., 5C, Grand Rapids, Mich.; Ensign Wheatley, James R., SB, Cloymonf, DeL; Ensign Hughes, Maury, Jr., 5D, Dallas, Texas,- Ensign Potts, Walter T., Jr., 5A, Des Moines, Iowa . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Muraszek, Roman V., 2D, Medina, N. Y.; Ensign Olsen, Robert L, 513, Morineffe, Wis.; Ensign Troutman, James F., 53, Parker, Kons.,- Ensign Parmenfer, Richard E., 5A, Framingham, Moss.; Ensign Van Allsburg, Richard A., 5C, Grand Rapids, Mich.; Ensign Mohring, Carol R., 5A, Reading, Penn.; Ensign Anderson, Richard E., 5A, 51. Petersbur-g, 1:10.,- Ensign Randies, Guy T., 4C, Port- 10nd, Ore.; Ensign Sulser, Kenneth E., 4D, Des Moines, Iowa; Ensign Brandenburg, John H., 3D, De: Moines, Iowa,- Ensign Brown, James D., 4D, Piffsburgh, Penn. FIRST ROW: Ensign Barry, Donald W., SB, For'r Wayne, 1nd.; Ensign Boofmcn, Charles A., 5E, Dallas, Texas; Ensign Lochead, Stuart 0., 5E, SeoHIe, VVc15h.; Ensign Ke11er, Harry W., 5A, Meywood, N. J.; Ensign Borgimer, George E., SE, North Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Koch, Robert F., 4D, Union, N J.; Ensign Mueller, Edward K., 4D, Granite City, 1115.; Ensign Garner, John J., 38, MT. Carmel, 1115.; Ensign Johnson, Charles W., SB, East Sf. Louis, 1115.; Ensign Krusnick, George, SB, Pittsburgh, Penn,- Ensign Sforfs, Earl L., SB, Redwood, F0115, Minn. . SECOND ROW: Ensign Bush, Thomas C., Jr., SB, EosT1c1nc1, Texas; Ensign Heffon, William 1M, SB, Sherman, Texas; Ensign Hayes, John C. 111, 5A, Barsfow, Co1if.; Ensign Cuusey, Ceci1 J., 4D, Bossiev City, 1.0.; Ensign Caserfo, Haro1d H., SB, Covington, Len; Ensign Erikstrup, Erik 0., 4B, Rosemounf, Minn.; Ensign Womack, .5. W., 5D, Floydado, Texas; Ensign Allison, Donald E., SE, Rock Island, 1115.; Ensign Addison, William E., SE, Winfield, A10.; Ensign Reimund, Russell R., 4D, Napoleon, Ohio . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Kin1ock, Robert 6., 3C, Detroit, Mich,- Ensign Allison, Thomas E., SB, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Phillips, Verle R., 2D, Reno, Nev.; Ensign Davis, Robert 0., 4A, Sullivan, 1113.,- Ensign Fons, Gerald J., 4B, Huntington Woods, Mich; Ensign Haney, William E., SE, Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign Pancousf, Charles E. III, 6A, Philadelphia, Penn.; Ensign Tranbarger, Richard J., 5E, Conrad, Iowa; Ensign Howard, John L., 3D, Houston, Texas; Ensign Jones, Paul H., Jr., 4A, Silvis, 1115.; Ensign Rupp, Herbert H., 4C, Sfryker, 01110. Page 298 -dure while X'ns , rafts. FIRST ROW: Ensign Howell, Richard M., 5A, Salt Lake Cify, Utah,- Ensign Holmberg, Frederick L, 5A, Vancouver, Wash; Ensign Henry, Orrin E., 48, Warren, Ohio; Ensign Cooper, Samuel A., Jr., 5A, Rochester, N. Y.; Ensign Sedlacek, Joseph L, SB, Onawa, Iowa,- Ensign Gore, Robert L, 5A, Lincoln, Nebm Ensign lorenz, Leonard D., 5A, lnmcm, Nebr.,- Ensign Beddow, Harry J., 5C, Defroif, Mich; Ensign Beers, Zack B., 45, Milwaukee, Wis.,- Ensign Ervin, George F., SB, Lincoln, Nebr.,- Ensign Reid, James W., 5B, Scranton, Penn. . SECOND ROW: Ensign Buthala, Edward J., 5A, Jolief, Hls.,- Ensign Leverenz, William C., 5A, Sheboygen, Wis.; Ensign Johnson, Derold W., 48, Gregory, 3. Dok.; Ensign Nemefh, Charles, 5A, River Rouge, Mich; Ensign Lehman, Deon A., SB, Beloi? FIRST ROW: Ensign Goss, Jack E., 48, Fair Grove, Mo.; Ensign Nidy, Edward V., 5A, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Taylor, William, 4D, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Tanski, Joseph, SB, Philadelphia, Penn.; Ensign Newion, George 0., Jr., 4D, Hannibal, Mo.; Ensign Dean, John V., 5D, LoGrcmge, llls.; Ensign Wilson, Winston W., 3D, Houston, Texas,- Ensign Cassata, Victor M., 3D, Roches'rer, N. Y.; Ensign Badgley, David E., 3D, Gordendale, Ala; Ensign Doyle, Philip P., 6C, Spokane, Wash; Ensign Fischer, William J., 5A, Newark, N. J. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Larson, Wilbur, Jr., 2C, Lokefield, Minn.,- Ensign Wendt, Oscar E., 4D, Benton Harbor, Mich; Ensign Oscarson, Carl H., 4D, Chicago, Ills.,- Ensign Bell, Doyle A., 5C, Bowie, Texas,- Ensign Wick, Warringfon C., 4D, Chicago, IIIs.,- Ensign Binkley, Warren H., Wis.; Ensign Carter, James E., 4D, Buckner, Ills.,- Ensign Larson, Byron G., 5C, Muskegon, Mich.,- Ensign Russell, Sfewarf W., 5A, Youngstown, Ohio; Ensign Carroll, Michael J., Jr., 128, Leavenworth, Kons.,- Ensign Richardson, Wayne E., SB, Ann Arbor, Mich. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Merrell, Thurston, Jr., 5C, Cincinnati, Ohio; Ensign Melin, Kenneth L, SE, Alexandria, Minn.,- Ensign Warner, Robert 0., 40, Webster, N. Y.; Ensign Roark, Orville, L, 4D, Jackson, Mich; Ensign Reed, Rober'r E., 40, Decatur, Ills.; Ensign Phelps, Herbert G., 5A, Wilton, N. Y.; Ensign Cranfon, Jack H., 4D, Chickosho, Okla; Ensign Snyder, Warren C., 58, Molden, Moss.; Ensign Langille, Donald G., 4A, Pasadena, Colif.,- Ensign Nerud, Richard H., SB, Elroy, Wis,; Ensign Cummings, Henry F., 40, Pawnee, Okla. 4D, Fort Worth, Texas,- Ensign Robbins, Nathaniel, Jr., 58, Beverly Hills, Calif.; Ensign Barnard, James H., 5A, Compton, Calif.,- Ensign Kazmarek, Edward, 48, Mefuchen, N. J.,- Ensign Murphy, Charles J., 4C, Sf. Louis, Mo. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Maguire, Xenophon J., 4D, Detroit, Mich; Ensign Weir, James G., 4D, West Branch, Mich,- Ensign Churchill, James E., 4C, Ufica, N. Y.; Ensign Binkley, John H., 5B, Dallas, Texas; Ensign Dunlap, Billy F., 5C, Dallas, Texas; Ensign Jensen, Seth A., SB, Brigham, Utah; Ensign Carnahan, John C., 4A, Colfon, Colif.; Ensign Wilson, Curtis W., 5A, Persia, Iowa,- Ensign Wielgosz, Bruno R., 4D, Chicago, llls.; Ensign Nelligon, John R., 3D, Valhalla, N Y.; Ensign Gill, George R., 4D, Washington, D. C. Page 301 FIRST ROW: Ensign McDaniel, Charles 0., 4D, Andrews, lnd.,- Ensign LoFrancis, Robert W., 45, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign Giles, Gerald W., 4C, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign Eaton, Dwayne L., 5A, Lincoln Park, Mich; Ensign Solaiin, William T., 5A, Anderson, lnd.; Ensign Segasser, Arlie 8., 3D, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Benfe, William P., 5A, Cleveland, Ohio,- Ensign Saiomone, Alfred P., 4C, Ploinville, Conn.; Ensign Mikitka, John, 5C, Lorain, Ohio,- Ensign Martin, Warren J., 5A, New Providence, Iowa; Ensign Savage, Gerald M., 4D, Plantsville, Conn; . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Wagner, Florberf P., 5A, ST. Paul, Minn.; Ensign Mikutowski, Ernest W., 48, St. Paul, Minn.,- Ensign Ricketts, Leo D., SB, SubleHe, Kans.; Ensign Waterman, Francis J., 5D, Fresno, Colif.; Ensign Wore, Sidney J., SB, Sparta, Tenn.,- Ensign A PBM crew checks out in The search and rescue procedure while The other par? of The crew Hoofs nearby in life roffs. Dunham, Floyd E., 5A, Shelby, Mich; Ensign Huifon, Harry 3., 5C, Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign Radtke, Irving, 5A, Fond Du Lac, Mich.; Ensign Garrison, Joseph H. L, 5D, PennsviHe, N. J.; Ensign Suehnholz, Herman H., 5A, Wood Ridge, N. J. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Lawton, Marion P., 4D, Fresno, Calif.,- Ensign Starr, William H., SD, New York, N. Y.; Ensign Sands, John M., Jr., 38, Worcester, Mass.; Ensign McAndrew, Richard J., 5C, Roches'rer, N. Y.; Ensign Lowe, David R., 48, Fort Wayne, lnd.; Ensign Moore, Harold L., 5A, Lincoln, Nebr.,- Ensign Brown, Marion F., 5C, Boling, Texos; Ensign Sawyer, David 6., 40, Santa MCIH'CI, Colombia, South America; Ensign Spence, Ted N., SB, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Cinnamond, Donald M., SD, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Pinkhom, Gordon W., SB, Wood- bridge, Conn. Page 300 FIRST Holmberg Warren, Sedlacek, Ensign 1 Detroit, SB, Linco ROW: En 5A, Sheb Nemelh, Boring, Ora; ., 4C, Berwyn, t ROW: Ensign 'ine Bluff, Ark; Bobby D., M. sign Holloway, ushing, N. Y.; 5C, Flint, Mich; A., 4D, Wwd foin for a "Beer Bust" of the Recreation Mess. FIRST ROW: Ensign Weaver, Melvin, 5E, Fotoskolo, Ohio,- Ensign Culbertson, Alfred W., 5B, Pueblo, Colo.; Ensign Geiger, William 6., SB, St. Louis, M0,,- EnSign Camp, Vernal D., 5A, Malad, Ohio; Ensign Moore, Robe f, SB, Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign Oliver, Clark, 5A, Vanderbilt, Mich.; Ensign Solinsky, Jack D., SB, Berkeley, Calif.; Ensign Davis, William R., 5A, Barnsdoll, Okla; Ensign Bradford, Richard C., 5A, San Marino, Colif.; Ensign Huff, John M., 48, Bridge, Ore. SECOND ROW: Ensign Wegner, Earl T., 5C Reed City, Mich.; Ensign Young, William B., 5E, Glen Rock, N. J.; Ensign Drake, William L., 5A, Sheldohl, Iowa,- Ensign Howard, Jack D., 5D, Fort Smith, Arkansas; Ensign Breen, James L, SE, Charleston, IHs.,- Ensign Stone, Kendall 8., 4C, LouisviHe, Ky.; Ensign Mullen, James L., 4 , Gospori, 1nd,,- Ensign Luppi, H. N., 4D, West Haven, Conn.; Ensign McCall, Lee A. A., 4D, Bristol, Conn. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Anderson, James P., 5B, Littleton, Colo., Ensign Fitzpatrick, Francis J., SB, Bronx, N. Y.,- Ensign Evans, Alfon W., SB, Lorchmonf, N. Y.,- Ensign Curlee, Henry C., 5A, Monroe, N. C.; Ensign Meyer, Henry N., Jr., 5E, Springfield Mo.; Ensign Roth, Edward F., 4D, Polo Alto, Calif.; Ensign Hall, Lewis W., SB, Columbus, Ohio; Ensign Haglund, Jack A., 5C, Grand Rapids, Mich.; Ensign Keane, William J., 5C, San Francisco, Calif.; Ensign Beck, Arnold W., 63, New York, N. Y. Page 303 FIRST ROW; Hargrove, Harold F., 5C, Houston, Texas,- Ensign Thomas, William C., 5A, Royal Oak, Mich; Ensign McGinnis, Hugh E., 4C, Portland, Ore.; Ensign Curry, Robert E., 5A, East Haven, Conn.; Ensign Crondall, Dahn A., 3D, Alexandria, Va; Ensign Schaffer, Eugene E., 5A, Toledo, Ohio,; Ensign Cook, Baxter H., 3D, Nashville, Tenn.; Ensign Barnes, Raymond L, 4C, Denver, Cola; Ensign EllioH, Harry L, 5A, Owen, VVis.; Ensign Gay, Frank L, 5C, St. Louis, M0,,- Ensign Hammett, William R., 5E, Oakland, Coiif. . SECOND ROW: Ensign Van Asself, Robert L, 5A, Royal Oak, Mich,- Ensign Boh, Eugene M., 5E, Laurens, S. C.; Ensign McGee, Jules 3., SB, GreenviHe, Calif; Ensign Nelson, Charles N., SB, Lyndon, Kons.; Ensign Bidleman, Harold E., .58, De+roh, Mich. Ensign Amorai, FIRST ROW: Ensign Hoskins, George W., 5C, Jolief, Hls.; Ensign Crooks, Thomas 0., 18, Redwood Falls, Minn,- Ensign USCGR Gingras, Norman, 6A, Moffupuiseff, Moss.,- Ensign USCGR Codi, Michael A., 5E, Greenwich, Conn.; Ensign USCGR Tooley, John H., 5E, Berkeley, Calif.; Ensign USCGR Woodall, Paul V., 5E, Albert- ville, Ala,- Ensign USCGR Clark, Wilmer, 5E, Felfon, DeL; Ensign USCGR Walsh, Richard J., 6C, Milwaukee, Wis.; Ensign Word, Vincent P., 4D, Rochester, N. Y.; Ensign Pelkey, Raymond J., 4C, Woterfown, Mass. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Koerer, Harry W., SC, ST. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Hanson, Amos 0., 5C, Ryder, N. DGk.; Ensign King, Delbert E., 5C, Stanford, llls.; Ensign Reilly; Donald E., 4D. Westport, Joseph C., 4D, lrvington, Cclif.,- Ensign Glover, Harold D., 4D, Boring, Ore.; Ensign Bickel, Phillip I.., 4D, Goshen, lnd.; Ensign Fifzek, Richard A., 4C, Berwer llls.,- Ensign Robinson, Philip W., Jr., SB, Wore, Moss. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Forsyfh, Therod M., 4B, Cleburne, Texas; Ensign Hall, Carl, Jr., 3D, Pine Bluff, Ark.,- Ensign Crocker, William E., 4C, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Adams, Bobby D., 4A, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Cox, Edwin W., 4A, Santa Ana, Calif.; Ensign Holloway, Roberf 8., 3D, Sioux City, Iowa; Ensign Tque, William l., SB, Flushing! N. Y.; Ensign Bell, William T., 5C, Palestine, Texas,- Ensign Yuresko, Paul, 5C, Flint, Mich; Ensign Hicks, Frank R., 4C, Tacoma, VVCISIL; Ensign Rogers, Mason A., 4D, N0od River, 1H5, Conn,- Ensign McFarland, Robert R., 5C, Chicago, IIIs.; Ensign Gibson, Jack C., 5A, Jeannette, Penn.; Ensign Verse, Fred J., 5D, Dunellen, N. J.,- Ensign Meier, Harry J., 5D, Roselle Park, N. J.,- Ensign Williamson, Robert C., 5A, West Chester, Penn.; Ensign Wight, Harold W., Jr., 4D, Wyncofe, Penn. . THIRD ROW: Ensign Kosfini, Milton J., 58, St. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Curran, James T., 5C, Quincy, Hls.,- Ensign Holbrook, William H., 5A, East Lansing, Mich; Ensign Venes, James J., SB, Foirfield, Conn.; Ensign Tumicki, Joseph F., 5A, Norwich, Conn.; Ensign 001, Clifford C., 5A, Norwich, Conn.; Ensign Keller, Roberf J., 5A, Lincoln, Nebr.; Ensign Mosher, LeRoy 0., 5A, Hinsdale, Ills.,- Ensign Sloan, Richard H., 4D, Coral Gables, Flo.,- Ensign Slaffer, Theodore .B , 5D, Tuscolct, Mich. P096. 302 FIRST ROW: Ensign Seay, James 3., SB, Martinez, Colif.; Ensign Jaicks, Wilson A., Jr., 5C, Lake Forest, llls.,- Ensign Hendrickson, Blaine E., SB, Madison, Wis.; Ensign Gilchrist, Theodore Y., 5C, Franklin, N. H.,- Ensign Borum, John R., 5A, Hammond, lnd.; Ensign McKee, John C., 58, Baltimore, Md.,- Ensign Noble, Elmer L., 5C, Harvey, 1115.; Ensign Matthes, Harold K., SB, Beloif, Wis.; Ensign Klifz, Freberf H., SB, Clintonville, Wis.; Ensign Gilberfson, Warren L, 5A, Flint, Mich. SECOND ROW: Ensign Grandolfo, Nicholas V., 5D, Chicago, Ills.,- Ensign Defmers, Donald C., 58, Forest Park, Ills.; Ensign Guckien, William H., SB, Logansporf, lnd.; Ensign Binder, William H., Jr., 5C, Indianapolis, lnd.; Ensign Gilbreth, Glen H., FIRST ROW: Ensign Joy, Merlyn E., 5D, Grand Junction, Iowa; Ensign Melton, Richard 5., 5A, Detroit, Mich,- Ensign Torosicn, Jacob, 5C, Reedley, Calif.,- Ensign Truvagliq, Leo, 4B, Chicago, IHs.,- Ensign Elliott, Kenneth F., 58, Ansonio, Conn.,- Ensign Skeldon, Edward T., 3C, Toledo, Ohio; Ensign Simons, Leroy L, SB, Warren, Ohio; Ensign McFadden, Donald A., 58, East Deorborn, Mich.; Ensign MCGOVI-lm, Robert H., 5A, WyondoHe, Mich; Ensign Ransom, David R., 5C, Gambier, Ohio - . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Copeland, Kenneth W., 5A, St. James, Mo.; Ensign Ruhm, Howard C., 5D, Binghamton, N. Y.,- Ensign Sylvester, Chester R., 5A, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Jensen, Orval 0., 4D, Council Bluffs, Iowa,- Ensign Hi", 5D, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign Brantley, Haskew H., Jr., 6C, Atlanta, GCL; Ensign Grosiean, William A., 5C, Terre Haute, lnd.,- Ensign O'Toole, Lawrence R., SB, Indianapolis, lnd.; Ensign Cate, Milton,A., 5A, Big Spring, Texas . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Berry, Richard C., Jr., 5E, Westfield, N. J.; Ensign Grannis, William 6., 5A, Lodi, Colif.; Ensign Waltz, Robert E., 6A, Van Wert, Ohio; Ensign Callahan, Raymond L, 58, Denver, Colo.; Ensign Sutherland, Robert 5., SB, Hum- ingfon Pork, Culif.,- Ensign Turner, William H., Jr., 5E, Akron, Ohio; Ensign Martin, Clarence E., 68, Fonda, Iowa,- Ensign Poole, William R., 5A, Carfersville, 00.; Ensign Vomvouras, A. N., SB, Boston, Moss.; Ensign Powell, Hubert P., 4C, Indianapolis, Ind. Delmar C., 4D, Worchesfer, N. Y.,- Ensign Newman, Rolland E., 5A, Minneapolis, Minn,- Ensign BurneH, Harry C., Jr., 5C, Washington, D. C.; Ensign Garner, Edward V., 5D, Norwood, Moss.; Ensign Fisk, Charles A., L, SE, Woodland, Calif. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Hafner, William A., 5A, Sandusky, Ohio; Ensign Senn, Raymond A., SB, Rockford, llls.,- Ensign Jacobson, Clarence 0., 5A, Waferloo, Iowa; Ensign Benson, Harold E., 5C, New Ulm, Minn.; Ensign Wehy, Richard E., SB, Evanston, Ills.; Ensign Powell, Edward H., 5C, Oakland, Calif.; Ensign Millard, George E., SE, Norwolk, Colif.,- Ensign Richner, Charles E., 5C, Cleveland Heights, Ohio,- Ensign Rieger, John III, 5C, Detroit, Mich; Ensign Graves, Robert L., 3D, Jackson, Minn. Page 305 ?gw kg 1 WE; M x: W - FIRST ROW: Ensign Brown, George P., Jr., 5C, Thibodeoux, L0,; Ensign Vaughan, Lynn D., Jr., 5A, Galox, Va; Ensign Konsfuwzer, Charles E., 5C, Elgin, ills.,- Ensign Schnelle, Wilbur C., 5A, St. Louis, Mo.,- Ensign Morrison, John H., Jr., 6A Indiana Polls, Ind.; Ensign Mclntire, Robert L, SE, Philadelphia, Penn., Ensign Anderson, Paul 0., 5C, Woukon, Iowa; Ensign Windsor, William R., 5C, Jackson, Mo.; Ensign Freeman, DeWitte L., 5C, Tuscola, llls.; Ensign Allison, Adrian 8., 5C, Washington, Ind. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Tucker, Richard W., 5D, Detroit, Detroit, Mich; Ensign Carter, Clarence M., 5A, Denver, Colo.,- Ensign Boeker, Kenneth 5., 5A, Springfield, Hls.; Ensign Steiner, Robert M., 5A, Muskegon, Mich; The coumrys prominent newsmen watch cadets in The swimming pool using Naval Aviation Survival equipment. Ensign Tribell, Kenneth E., D, Winona, Minn.,- Ensign Schneider, Gilbert D., 5D, Fresno, Calif.,- Ensign Flemion, Charles 6., 6A, Grosse Point, Mich.,- Ensign Coffer, Phillip 5., 3C, Seattle Wash,- Ensign Crowley, Alfred J., 3D, Jackson, Mich. . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Brennan, Joseph 8., 5C, Gory, Ind.; Ensign Moxson, Granual, 4D, Edna, Kc1ns.; Ensign Santa Maria, Alberto Hondre, 5B, Wowo, Penn.; Ensign Revak, George, 6A, Conro'rh, Wis.; Ensign Nash, Zane W., 5A, Hastings, Mich,- Ensign Stung, Charles, Jr., 6B, Sandusky, Ohio; Ensign Oldroyd, Hal W., 4C, Salt Lake City, Utah; Ensign Olsen, Neal K., 4D, Alliance, Nebr.; Ensign Rushmore, Franklin T., 4C, Denver, Colo.; Ensign Glenn, George E., SB, Wister, Okla. Page 304 FIRST '4 A., Jr., 5 Ensign G Hammond 5C, Harv H., SB, SECOND Donald C Ensign Bi ler H., 4D, Chandlet B, Detroit, sign Dean, erre Huuie, s, Alden L, Y.; Ensign es H., 5B, ich.; Ensign PBY por'r of the 5th Wor Bond Drive display attracts The attention of civilians in Corpus Christi. FIRST ROW: Ensign Kostik, Peter J., 5C, Masillon, Ohio,- Ensign Matheney, Robert E, 5A, Blanchard, Iowa,- Ensign Lee, Robert F., 4C, Pekin, Ills.; Ensign Kane, Robert C., 5C, East St. Louis, Ills.; Ensign Lyddon, James H., SB, Kansas City, M0-; Ensign Arnfield, Frederick A., SB, Coluso, Calif; Ensign Hanna, Robert V., 53, Muskegon, Mich.,- Ensign Tomko, John B., Jr., 5A, Binghamton, N. Y.,- Ensign Brower, Jack A., SB, Cloquef, Minn,- Ensign Juvancic, Ervin, 5A, Chicago, Ills. - - SECOND ROW: Ensign Lennard, Russell R., 4C, Thrift, Texas; Ensign Carpenter, Charles B., 5 , Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Hawkins, Elm Dale, 4D, San Francisco, Calif,; Ensign Frantz, Bernard, 5A, East Stroudsburg, Penn.; nsign Loeffler, mes R., 5C, JeHerson Ci'iy, M0,,- Ensign Beal, William A., 6A, Washington, D. C.; Ensign Furrow, Marshall 0., 4C, Hastings, Mich Ensign Harpster, Harold, Jr., 5D, Lincoln, Nebr Ensign French, Carl H., Jr., 5A, Johnson City, N. Y. . . . THIRD ROW: 2nd Lt. Biggers, Bryan B., 5C, Chicago, Ills.; 2nd Lt. Sutherland, John P., 5A, Corpus Christi, Texas; Ensign Mack, John D., 5B, Denver, Colo.,- Ensign Lineberry, John T., 5A, Hole, Mo.; Ensign Conraih John H., 5C, Chicago, llls.; Ensign Lickfelf, Elwyn E., 6C, East Towos, Mich.; Ensign Henson, Glen T., SB, Weston, M0,; Ensign TibbiHs, Walter, Jr., 4D, Alameda, Colif.; Ensign Dickson, James C., 4C, Oswego, Kons.; Ensign Baltes, Robert J., 5D, White Plains, N; Y FIRST ROW: Ensign Paraskevcls, Angelos L, 68, Roselle, N. J.,- Ensign Walters, Roy G., 6A, Elmore, Minn; Ensign USCGR Sanders, Cloud, 5E, Shreveport, Lon; Ensign Greenfield, Theodore A., 5E, Raymond, llls.; Ensign Clark, William J., 48, Long Beach, L. L, N. Y.; Ensign Conty, Walter A., 5A, Wilkes-Bctrre, Penn.,- Ensign Woodall, Edward, 63, Walters, Oklo.,- Ensign Jacobson, Don C., 5A, Woukegan, Ills.; Ensign Mason, Charles W., Jr., 5C, Denver, Colo.; Ensign Morin, Roland L, 48, Eliot, Maine . SECOND ROW: Ensign Tasch, Alcuin M., 6A, Maywood, Ills.,- Ensign Cahill, Dan L, 68, ST. Louis, Mo.,- Ensign Hughes, Joseph M., 5A, Salt Lake City, Utah; Ensign Robison, Clyde, 4D, Soh- Lake City, Utah; FIRST ROW: Ensign Knight, David E., 5A, Renssloer, N. Y.- Ensign Jus Melvin W., 4D, San Leandro, Cali - Ensign Duffer, Elmer R., 41B MT Plea P9? Texas; Ensign Breifhaupf, Ernest T., 5 , Vicksburg, Miss.,- Ensign Cool; G;anvill:G1:l 5A, Trenfon, N. J.; Ensign Cheever, Robert B., 5D, Des Plaines, Illsl- Ensi n B Ii, Ross K., 5D, Provo, Utah; Ensign Dubu, Joseph W., 5B, St. Louis', Ma.gE '9 I Danielson, Darell F. A., SB, Kingsburg, Colif,; Ensign Conkey Calrlfoan "559" Walla Walla, Wash. . . . SECOND ROW; Ensign Douglass, Frank; 68 W V DI Wash.; Ensign Manning James H., 4A, Chodron, Nebr.; ., I enOfChee Ensi J SB, Salt Lake City, Utah; Ensign Carson, William A 9n ensenl JosePh E'I ., 5A, Milwaukee, Wis.,- Ensign Dwight, Roger G., 4C, Albert Lea, Minn. Ensign Mayes, Shuler H., 40, Mesa, Ariz.; Ensign Burris, Robert G., 5A, St. Joseph, Mo.,- Ensign Chandler Vernon 0., Jr., 5A, Endicott, N. Y.,- Ensign Caughlin, Raymond A., SB, Defroit, Mich. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Bennett, Arthur C., 58, Lenox, Iowa; Ensign Dean, Kenneth W., 4D, Salt Lake Cify, Utah; Ensign Dunklin, George E., SE, Terre Haute, Ind.,- Ensign Byrnes, Joseph E., 4D, East Greenwich, R. I.; Ensign Heerens, Alden J., 5C, Wilmette, Ills.,- Ensign Brower, William B., Jr., 5A, New York, N. Y.; Ensign Erickson, Donald G., 68, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Cullen, James H., 53, Cincinnati, Ohio; Ensign Waterman, Warren 0., 5A, Lincoln Park, Mich, Ensign Jewel, Joseph W., Jr., SB, Longshop, Va EpSlgn Glons, John L, 5C, Sacramento, Colif.,- Ensign Reynolds, Milton L, 5C1 SIOUX Falls, 3. Dqk.; Ensign Bradley, Walter T., 5C, Hamden, Comedian; Ensign Erhrfwnn, Poncld E., 48, Sfurgis, Mich.,- Ensign WianiS'f, Vernon N" 50 MOFIssQ, Minn. THIRD ROW: Ensign Bradford, George L, SB, Fairhaven' 5555.; Ensngn Orcm, Robert P., 5C, Los Angeles, Calif.,- Ensign Parker, JathL" W, Houston, Texas; Ensign Luff, Hale H., Jr., 5B, Oakland, Calif.; Enslgn No$dwlglrc!, Clayton F., 68, Lombard, HL; Ensign Elmies, George, SD, New York, 5A griglslgn'r, Gc3rdon E., 4A, El Segundo, Calif.; Ensign JGCQUMI Fred'D-I GI, ey, Collfq' Epslgn Gleeson, Thomas P., Jr., 5C, St. Louis, MOJ Ens'gn enn, Jesse R., 5D, Mitchellville, Iowa Page 306 -ef between FIRST ROW: Ensign Ryan, Joseph L, 5D, Denver, Colo.; Ensign Harris, James 5., Jr., 5A, Sacromenfo, Calif.; Ensign Corletf, James 3., 6A, Seattle, Wash; Ensign Robinson, Ray M., Jr., 5D, Kansas Cify, Mo.; Ensign Kullop, Harry 6., Jr., 5Cf Moplewood, N. J.; Ensign Galusho, Edwin L, 5D, Des Moines, Iowa; Ensign Sime, Lloyd C., 4D, Norbeck, 8. Dok.; Ensign Hinnenkamp, John 8., 5D, Saline, Kons.; Ensign Haselton, David 8., 5D, Glidden. Iowa; Ensign Allen, William R., 5A, West Hampton Beach, L. L, N. Y. . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Roberfs, Arthur L., 4C, Lockporf, le.; Ensign Broders, Lester W., 5D, Grinnell, Iowa,- Ensign Hoyt, Donald 3., 5E, Fond Du Lac, Wis.,- Ensign Arnold, Bob L, 5D, FIRST ROW: Ensign Crooks, Bill G., 5A, St. Joseph, Mo.; Ensign Hungerford, Max A., SB, Waldron, Ind.; Ensign LePage, Joseph J , 5B, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Pluyans, Donald J., 5A, Portland, Ore.; Ensign Nielsen, ouis A., 5A, Evonston, Hls.; Ensign Carlson, Richard 8., 5E, Rice Lake, Wis.; Ensig Davidson, James A. T., MOchloir, N. J- Ensign Connelly, Martin J., Jr., 5E, Port Aupeck, N. J.; Ensign Davidso , Russell J., 4D, Anderson, Mo.; Ensign Steward, Harold A., 4D, New Madrid, Mo. . , ; SECOND ROW; Ensign Campbell, Leonard H., 5C, DeePWOfen Mo.; Ensign Robbins, Richard w., 5A, Rochester, N. Y.,- Ensign Bruflat, Leonard K., 5C, Mf. Horeb, Wis.; Ensign Randall, Roberi E, 4D, Rochester, N' Y4 Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Bixby, Jack R., 5C, Minotare, Nebr.; Ensign Bruning, John R., SD, Palisade, N. J.,- Ensign Burton, John J., 5E, Bellevue, Ky.,- Ensign Brown, Jack F., 5D, Lancaster, Ohio; Ensign Weir, John E., 5C, Chicago, Ills. THIRD ROW: Ensign Luster, Albert 3., 5D, Seattle, Wash; Ensign Roby, Kenneth A., 4C, Sacramento, Calif.; Ensign Hennings, John H., 5C; Oakland, Calif.; Ensign Sherwin, David C., 5C, Berkeley, Calif.; Ensign Wilson, Laurence G., 5A, Seoffle, Wash; Ensign Stringer, Thomas F., 5E, Elyria, Ohio; Ensign Lamberson, George 6., 6B, Teaueck N. J.; Ensign Marshall, John T., Jr., SB, Ridgefield Park, N. J Ensign Pfuff, J n L, Jr., 4C, Bogota, N. J.,- Ensign Fowler, William P., 5D, Los Angelies, Calif. Ensign Freeman, Wayland M., 4A, Lubbock, Texas,- Ensign DaBoIl, Bri.ggs B." .5A, Hinsdale, llIs.; Ensign Crone, Robert W., 5A, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensugn Blsfllne, Charles, Jr., 4D, Sandwich, Ills.; Ensign Blackburn, Edwin R., 5A, Independenfe, Mo. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Rogers, Charles 5., 4D, Portland, Ore.; EnSIgn Suntrup, Robert H., 4C, ST. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Busby, Ralph, Jr., SB, Anderson, 1nd,; Ensign Thomas, Howard E., 4C, Birmingham, Ala; Ensign Sparkman, John M., 4B, Grove, Okla.; Ensign Maddock, Robert E., 4C, St. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Smith, Jack E., 5A, Sioux City, Iowa; Ensign Moses, Owen P., 6B, Klamath Falls, Ore.; Ensign Eckman, Lewis C., 5C, Petolumo, Calif.; Ensign Jones, James R., Jr., 68, Tulsa, OkICL Page 309 FIRST ROW. Ens; . ' gn WIIburn Ch ' Coppage, Ro er L . ' "SfoPher M., 5A, Salt L . Texas; Ensig:J Ma.gleiAlCEeranaongqu Ensign Griffin, ClaugeGCIZs UBtFlhis Ensign SB, Turlock, C I' . ' . ., , Pittsburgh, Pe .. . 'I I '9 prings, Malafesta, Heijusgnsfq Chambers, Robert M., 5AngcixlrErEZIEn H.C'rPI Orland C., Nebr. . . . SECIZONID OREQHOI Cglif; Ensign Scholenleber Pea Clny' Utah; Ensign 2nd L'r. Crane, William W T Enslgn Hansen, Charles L, 5; g; BB, Lincoln, . ., 5D, Louisville, Ky.- Ensign, Karine :bolf, Iowa,- ' r, Gymond F., NATB Pensacola 0nd NATB Corpus Christi. 5C, New York N , . Y.' ' , EnSIgn Mathews, William L., 5C, Detroit, Mich; EnSign Burnham, Will' Pleasant, Michlfrgnsltq 5C, Denver, Colo.,- Ensign MacRae Robert J 53 Mt' ROW Ensign Van SlrgzldGPStGVeson, Darrell L, 58, Ottumvxk: Iowa " - TIHIRD 5A, Kingsburg, Calif. Ensiumek DOnaId .Gv 43; Portis, Kons.,- Er2559" HAYS' Edward, iIgoger H., SB, Su rise N331 .ongyai Willianj, 53, Cleveland, Ohio; EnSiQ" Nordeen' osfer, Garland R., 4D, Okmulgelugonkfehno, Daniel, 5A, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign , 0. FIRST Rm 5., Jr., 5A, Ensign Robin 5C, Maplew Sime, Lloyd Kons.; Ensig 5A, West H Arthur L, Ensign Hoyt, B,.Wousuu, rion 5., 4D, Mich. . . . ign Alfringl Dhio; Ensign SA, Tacoma, George M, m Escamillu, oulpa, Okla. LT. Ken Mei'rz lectures to a group of cadets on the use of Moe Wests 0nd parachutes. FIRST ROW: Ensign Boisen, Earl L, 4D, Troy, N. Y.; Ensign Olson, Curtis 6., 40, Moro, Minn.,- Ensign Mofchica, Nicholas, SB, Upper Darby, Penn.; Ensign Stankiewicz, Matthew C., SB, Soufhington, Conn.; Ensign Duffy, James T., 4D, Troy, N. Y.,- Ensign Sohroff, William 8., SB, West Haven, Conn.; Ensign Davidson, Andrew, 5C, Bakersfield, Calif.; Ensign Fedor, Elmer, 5C, Hubbard, Ohio; Ensign Elam: Henry F., 5C, Westwood, C0lif.; Ensign Goodner, Jack D., SC, Nashville, Ills. SECOND ROW: Ensign Scott, Marvin E., 4D, Santa Rosa, Colif.; Ensign Harsh, James R., 5A, Woifsburg, Wash; Ensign Frunkinburger, Richard J., 5C, LOPOVTel lnd.; Ensign Nordquisi, James P., 5E, Moline, Hls.; Ensign Furtekl NUVEMB Frederick F., 4D! Ufica, N. Y.; Ensign Bowen, Ben R., 5A, Kennett, Ma,- Ensign Kulka, Edmund F., SB, Stamford, Conn.; Ensign Lambert, James L, 4D, Hooks, Texas,- Ensign Mendes, Joseph F., 58, Oakland, Calif. THIRD ROW: Ensign Burris, Joseph J., 5E, Houston, Texas; Ensign Gambrill, Russell, 5E, Streofor, llls.; Ensign OlNeal, George 8., 4D, Peru, Ind.,- Ensign Manchester, Kenneth F., 4D, Palo Alto, Calif.; Ensign Rossi, Eugene F., 5D, Milwaukee, Wis.,- Ensign Blankenship, David 3., 5E, Denison, Texas,- Ensign Barlow, Shirley A., SB, Stamford, N. Y.,- Ensign Bryan, Beniamin, Jr,, SC, North East, Md.; Ensign Hastings, John 5., Jr., 5C, Azusa, Colif.; Ensign Joice, John W., 5D Leavenworth, Kons, Pugh 31 1 3 FIRST ROW: Ensign Martin, John C., SB, Dundee, Miss.; Ensign Reed, James E., 4C, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Hendrick, Condred A., SB, Mingus, Texas; Ensign Howell, Jack L., SB, Wichita Falls, Texas.; Ensign USCGR Brown, Jack H., 6D, Kansas City, Kans.,- Ensign Holden, Wilmer 0., SB, Fort Worth, Texas,- Ensign Huiack, Ambrose, 5D, Pittsburgh, Penn.; Ensign Hassan, Morris, 4B, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Wheeler, Donald L, SE, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Ensign Millican, Ernest M., Jr., 4C, El Paso, Texas . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Morfhrup, Joseph R., 48, Rochester, 'N. Y.; Ensign Smith, Russell C., 5D, Miloco, Minn.,- Ensign Collins, Ellis L, 68, Olympia, Wash,- Ensign Ballew, James F., 4D, Frost, Texas; Ensign FIRST ROW: Ensign C-essner, Warren C., CA, Grand Forks, N. Dok- Erichsen, Bruce D., 6C, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Jacobchik, Stephen, J SB Cheverly, MCL; Ensign Feff, Owen 6., 5D, Grand Haven, Mich,- Ensign Eddy, Everett L. W., SB, Spirit Lake, Iowa,- Ensign Chose, Richard E., 5D, Berkelel Colif.; Ensign Yontz, Robert F., SB, Columbia City, Ind.,- Ensign Hague Robert By, 5A, Chambersburg, Penn.,- Ensign Akin, Bernard P., 4D, San Anglelo Texan. Ensign Foster, Charles W., 4D, Nashville, Tenn. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign ,Voillan? Raymond R., 6C, Revere, Moss,; Ensign Bioly, Benedict B., , 3D, N' N. Y,,- Ensign uscen Tucker, Richard 0., 6D, Woodland, C 'Ogm FONS, olif,; Ensign USCGR Ensign Bancroft, Crove H., Santa Ana, Calif.; Ensign Reinharf, Leonard J., SB, Wousau, Wis.,- Ensign Thiel, Fred P., 5C, Cincinnati, Ohio; Ensign Jones, Marion 8., 4D, Idabel, Okla.; Ensign Holme, Richard R., 4D, Grosse Point Park, Mich. . . 4 THIRD ROW: Ensign North, Raymond P., 5A, Springfield, Moss.; Ensign Alfring, Richard J., 6B, Arcadia, Calif.- Ensign Conners, Rex W., 68, Akron, Ohio; Ensign Keine, Raymond E., 4D, Aurora, Ills.; Ensign Malerich, Joseph N., 5A, Tacoma, Wash,- Ensign Petty, George 8., SB, Norfhbrook, Ills.; Ensign Leggitf, George M,, 5A, Marshall, Ills.; Ensign Currie, Samuel D., 5A, Geory Okla; Ensign Escamilla, Harold J., 5A, San Antonio, Texas; Ensign Dose, Theodore E., 40, Sopulpa, Okla. Leatch, Robert E., SE, Richmoxd, V0,,- Ensign Stanton, Joseph F-: 6D' R0 Chester, N- Yd nsign USCGR Shearer, Robert 0., 6C, Seattle, Wash., 5mg." Moffat, J9mes T., 6A, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign Ballhcus, Clifford, 5E, Cincinnflfh Ohlo; ENSlgn Todd, Harold 5., 5D, Stevens Point, Wis. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign WWbS'Om Raymonci L, SE, Oak City, Utah; Ensign Bigham, William E., 4D! F I ISVlHe, Ills.; Ensugn Holmbeck, Robert E., 5C, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Lowe; Trcmces D.., 68 Indianapolis, Ind.; Ensign Alexander, Herman F., 4C, Son Benita 5ZXGSL'Fnd5lgn Thomas, John R., 5A, Salt Lake City, Utah,- Ensign Budd, Alfred N., Jul IKO elphlo, Penn.; Ensign Fisk, Vernon C., 4D, Rockford, Ills.; Ensign Bedfor' mes " 58' 30" Bruno! Calif,- Ensign Closson, Jack D., 48, LaPorre, Ind. P099310 FIRST ROW: Ensign Ruenzel, Robert L, SD, Milwaukee, Wis.; Ensign Fleming, J. R., 5A, Mineral Wells, Texas; Ensign Hardy, John J., 5A, San Francisco, Calif.; Ensign Nickoloff, James A., 6A, Los Angeles, Calif Ensign Johnston, Joseph 5., 5C, Pasadena, Calif.; 2nd Lt. Moore, William L, SB, Oak Park, llls.,- Ensign Muloney, John F., 5A, Chicago, IIIs.,- Ensign Olson, Wesley W., 4D, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Brychfa, Stanley J., 4D, Wilmette, llls.,- Ensign Culberson, Donald E., 6A, Louisville, Ky.; Ensign Davis, Charles E., 6A, St. Louis, Mo. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Parker, George A., 6A, Duluth, Minn.; Ensign Renfrow, James 6., 5D, Shawnee, Kcms.,- Ensign Anderson, Robert 8., 5E, Offclwo, Kons.,- Ensign Scott, Clell L, 6A, Artesicm, S. Dak.; Ensign Shannon, James A., 5D, Roswell, N. Mex.; A; 3 g . E FIRST ROW: Ensign Kelley, Edward 0., 5E, Bellwood, Ills.; Ensign DewiH, Charles W., 6A, Birmingham, Ala.; Ensign Meek, Orville M., Jr., 6A, Los Angeles, COW; Ensign EllioH, Ernest, 5C, Royal Oak Mich; Ensign Meyers, Bernard 5-, 6A Royal Oak, Mich,- Ensign Flores, William 8., 5C, Rolls, Texas; Ensign Goddard, Harold, 5C, Boulder, Colo.; Ensign Anfoncyk, Raymond, 5A, Chicago 18, Ills.; Ensign KraWczyk, Elvin W., 68, Milwaukee, Wis.; Ensign Elliott, Robert W., 6A, SOUTh Haven, Mich.,- Ensign Heitmon, Donald F., 6A, O'Fallon, le. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Lee, Dale F., 5D, Omaha, Nebr.; Ensign Copeland, Lawrence 9., 5D, Des Moines, Iowa; Ensign Watson, Stanford J., 5E, Fresno, Calif.; EnSIgn LamPE, James 5., SB, St. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Kuryla, Stephen 0., 6A, Geneva, N. Y,, Ensign Williams, Emmons J., 5D, Grosse Pointe, Mich.; Ensign Kindl, Henry J., SD, Elmhurst, le.,- Ensign Lynch, Paul E., 5D, Beloif, Wis.,- Ensign Wood, Robert W., 5A, Sf. Helena, Colif.- Ensign Pidkowicz, John J., SB, HorneH, N. Y. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Simpson, Curtis C., 5E, Ridgewood, N. J.; Ensign Dial, Stanley 8., 5E, Springfield, llls.; Ensign Wilkerson, Edward E., SE, Cootesville, Penn.; Ensign Leins, Willard C., 6A, Buffalo, N. Y.; Ensign Armsirong, Dennis W., 5E, Modesto, Colif.; Ensign Riel, Alexander W., 6B, Hasbrouck Heights, N. J.; Ensign Cruse, Leonard W., 6A, Thayer, Mo.; Ensign Brown, Frederick J., 68, Secmle, Wash; Ensign Rocco, Richard C., 5E, Detroit, Mich; Ensign Ross, Arthur H., 5D,'New York, N. Y. Ensign Lilleboe, Monurd L, 68, Wodeno! Minn.,- Ensign Rangbow, William A., 6A, Newton Highlands, Moss.; Ensign Mahoney, WIHIam H., 5D, Hingham, Mass.; Ensign Donovan, Willam J., 5D, Gardner, Kans.; Ensign Farley, John L., 5D, Omaha, Nebr. . . . THIRD ROW; Ensign O'Brien, Robert F., 6A, Grand Rapids 6, Mich,- Ensign Kennedy, Everett P., 6A, Detroit Mich; Ensign Kirby, Arnold 'M., 6A, Berkley, Mich,- Ensign Radziewicz, Robert 5., 5E, Chicago, llls.; EnSIgn Smith, Gerald W., 5E, Yoakum, Texas; Ensign McCoy, Wallace 6., 5E, Pittsburgh, Penn.; Ensign Hoppe, Roy M., 6A, Blue Mound, Hls.; Ensign YoH, Paul 0., 5E, Momence, le.; Ensign Krogh, Darrell E., 5D, Sergeant Bluff, Iowa; Ensigh Haup'r, Eugene H., 6A, Milwaukee 10 Wis; Ensign Bowin, James R., 68, Greenwood, Mo. Page 313 Lt. Col. Sopp and Captain Ramsey of The Marine Corps Talk To a coder FIRST ROW: Ensign Sanregref, Myles L, 4D, Calumet, Mich.; Ensign Hamilton John W., 5A, New London, M0,,- Ensign Patten, Harvey L., SB, San Diego Colift Ensign Jensen, Walter A., 5C, Volley CiTy, N. Dok.; Ensign Sims, Ira W 4Dq East St. Louis, Ills.; Ensign Guefzko, Gene E., 5C, Earlville, Iowa; Ensign Ha'nsenl Robert L., 5C, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Anderson, Andrew J., 4D, Hurrisonvillel Mo.,- Ensign Hill, Gaines W., 5C, Birmingham, Ala; Ensign McDonald Jack H, 6A, Sacramento, Calif. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Werner, Todd H., ZSC Uniont Town, P0,,- Ensign Niemetto, Charles 0., 5C, Mt. Clemens, Mich.; EnsignlMasse Ellis C., SB, Morton, Miss.; Ensign Matthews, Ivan R., 5C Brookville, Penny: m 0 life roff about The survival course. Ensign Harbison, Wallace F., 4D, Alvarado, Texas,- Ensign Michael, Max A., 40 LOQON. IOWO; EnSign Harris, Richard 8., 5A, Denver, Colo.,- Ensign Fitch, Robert A: 5A1 Lorimor, IOWGJ Ensign Crosby, Clarence D., 4D, Climax, Mich. . - - THIRD ROW: Ensign LGWiS, Ralph 8., SB, Flint, Mich; Ensign Jansen, Roberi 6., 5D, Portland, Ore.,- Ensign Anderson, Raymond L. M., 4D, Miami, FIO.; EDSiQ" Miner, Lawrence L., 43: AITOH, Mo.; Ensign Hefferman, Clyde 6., 4C, Eau Claire, Wis.; Ensugn Ernster, John H., 48, Western Springs, lllinois- Ensign Abrams, EM" L, 4D! Lemon'r, 'HinOiS; Ensign Fulton, Robert W., 5A, OoklPork, llls.; Ensign oleynik, Joseph W., 4D! Shelton, COMM Ensign Arkins, Joseph, SB, LaSalle, IHSA Page 312 FIRST W J. R., 5A, Ensign N 5C, Posa Maloney, Minn; En 6A, Louis Ensign PW Shawnee, Clell L, W g i Vis.; Ensign L, Jr., st, . , THIRD aert C., 5E, :lers, lowell Jtoh; Ensign ,Longview, Robert V., gn Sullivan, gmggzurg;mm km 43.1; Four Wove Officers who were pilots in civilian life, check over on SNJ. FIRST ROW: Ensign Broddy, Don L., 6C, Adel, Iowa,- Ensign USCGR Guillemefhe, Albert J., 6A, Bay City, Mich.; Ensign Smith, Hugh W., 6D, Fresno, Colif.; Ensign Gibson, Robert H., 65, Elizabeth, N. J.; Ensign Smith, Raymond R., 68, Oak Pork, llI3-; Ensign Ahlrichs, Roy E., 6C, De Land, le.; Ensign Rush, Frank K., 68, VerSQIHeS, Ky.; Ensign Sadler, Clyde J., 6A, Granite City, llls.,- Ensign May, Warren C., 5D, St. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Bradley, Robert M., SD, Cincinnati, Ohio,- EnSlgn Roux, Eugene 8, 7A, Avondale, Lo. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Corben, Hewy l., 50, Williamsburg, Moss.; Ensign Medculf, Charles W., 5D, Iolo, Kons.,- Ens'gn Price, John T., 5C, Fort Scott, Kans.,- Ensign Lord, David A., SC, South Pasadena! Colif.,- Ensign Muclntire, Scott H,, 5D, New Rochelle, N. Y,,- Ensign Hoeller Warren J., 5D, Pe'rvville, Mo.; Ensign Bourossa, David A., 6D, North Adams, Mass.; Ensign Walderich, Raymond L, SE, Jet, Okla; Ensign Haugen, Kervin H., 6B, Stanton Minn; Ensign Wood, Richard A., 5C, Kansas City, Mo . THIRD ROW: Ensign Hill, John 3., 6A, Cheyenne, Wyo.; Ensign Magarion, Edward M., 6A, Des Moines, Iowa; Ensign Ward, James J., 6D, San Francisco, Calif; Ensign Lebsock, Leonard E., 5D, North Platte, Nebr.; Ensign Laws, Walter T., 5D, Chicago, llls.,- Ensign Boardman, Herbert W., 5E, Fall River, Moss.; Ensign Garlock, Paul J., 6A, 51. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Brown, Glenison I.. D., 7A, Kansas City, Kans.; Ensign Van Fossen, Edward D., SD, Tacoma, Wash; Ensign Voelker, William 0., 6D, Glenview, Ills.; Ensign Unger, Earl H., 60, Cleveland, Ohio, Page, 315 v mewawxmw w FIRST ROW: Ensign Bell, Richard C., 5E, Fresno, Colif.; Ensign Van Wormer, Noble E., 5C1 Flint, Mich,- Ensign Bicks, Keith C., 5E, Logan, Iowa; Ensign Ware, Robert V. R., 5D, Somerville, Mass.; Ensign Reed, Edwin, 53, Atlanta, 60.; Ensign Smith, Jack R., 5C, Port Clinton, Ohio; Ensign Nelson, Raymond D., 5C, Brookl n, Iowa; Ensign Canirell, Carl E., 5C, Springfield, M0,,- Ensign Connor, Lawton 3., 5C, Goffsfon, N. H.,- Ensign Cook, Harry W., 5C, Fifchburg, Moss.; Ensign Kinseth, Edward J., 6A, Sioux, Falls, S. DokJ . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Klquer, Leslie H., 6A, Chicago, llls.; Ensign Elquest, Harold A., 6B, Phoenix, Ariz.; Ensign Hooper, Clifford H., 6B, Asheville, N. C.; Ensign Townley, Judson, 6B, Topeka, Kans.; Ensign Taylor, Ezekiel S. Ill, 68, Macon, GCL; Ensign Seward, Carl A., Jr., 6A, a? JJ H J i FIRST ROW; Ensign Helvey, Robert E., 6A, Milford, Mich,- Ensign Jones thh F.,'6B, DOUOS, Texas; Ensign Cople, Wesley, 6A, Inferno'rionol Falls, M" m EnSIgn Fofbls, Roy E., SE, Columbia, Mo.; Ensign Gumm, John J 5D Celt 1T1l'lm; Iowa; Ensugn Porter, Charles J., 68, Hood River, Ore.; Ensign Hc-xlrknegs WnJlel'erGe, 5E,.Omohcx, Nebr.,- Ensign Covington, Beniomin D., Jr. 6A Port Ark l: -, Ensngn Brown, Kenneth L, 5C, Detroit, Mich,- Ensign Hquegvood Sor Ul l, JeXOS; Port Angeles, Wash,- Ensign Dybvig, Melvin R., 6A, Colton S DOL mueSE " 681 ROW: Ensign Ross, Carl F., SB, Oshkosh, Nebr.; EnsignIWink .Fr'c- .' RCOND Point Pleasant, N. Y.; Ensign Bower, Donald L., 6C, Salem Orel- E 7.105 V 5C, Albert W., 5E, Columbus, Ohio,- Ensign Burk, Richard D. 5E Mi'rlinerCIIZtgaastificey, ' r , nn.,- Baltimore, Md.; Ensign Jorsfod, lngemur M., Jr., 4D, Onolosko, Wis.,- Ensign Spiller, Hermon L., 5C, Mt. Vernon, llls.; Ensign Motel, Joseph L., Jr., 5C Muskegon, Mich,- Ensign Sullivan, Paul G., 5C, Hibbing, Minn. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Moore, Paul, 5E, Nashville, Tenn.,- Ensign Moore, Robert C., 5E Fresno, Calif.; Ensign White, John P., 5D, Pittsburgh, Penn.,- Ensign Waters, Loweli W., 5D, Beverly, Ills.; Ensign Russell, Lynn J., SB, Solf Lake City 5, Utah; Ensign Jenkins, John A., 5D, Salt Lake City, Utah; Ensign Lasiter, Allen L, SE, Longview Texas; Ensign Norman, Fred W., 6A, Ottumwa, lowo; Ensign Hunt, Robert V.: 5E, Windsor, Mo.,- Ensign Gabriel, Milton F., 5D, Shelby, Nebm Ensign Sullivan, James W., 5D, Lowell, Moss. Ensugn' Leckway, Charles E., Jr., SB, Toledo, Ohio,- Ensign Jensen, Kenneth '0" 6B, Milwaukee, Wis.,- Ensign Peterson, Roy A., 5C, New Britain, Conn.; Emlyn Eeplko, James J., 4C, Danbury, Conn.; Ensign Mahnkin, Cecil L" 68' Compffml Bolxdf. w .. THIRD ROW: Ensign Wilson, Harold L, 5D, Pontiac, MiCh'i Enflzn, 5:: , Killmm.E., 5C, Detroit, Mich.,- Ensign Cary, William B" 5C' Detroit, MIC q OhilgnE cty, Richard W., 5C, Detroit, Mich , Ensign Cowie, Lyle J" 68' Sandey' 6C 63 nsggn Sfudfler, EFlgczr E., 6B, Milwaukee, Wis.,- Ensign Lorenzen, Ken".et n: Mo; . mo 0, Nebr.,- Ensugn Rengel, Frank, 6C, Kansas City, MO-i Ensign Frelbau I E .ns, 5D Long Branch, N. J.,- Ensign Rodimel John T., 53 Washingmn' 'n U nSIgn Mxlllccm, James E., Jr., 6D, Indianapolis, IIHd nge 314 Zcur Wav . to NAIB FIRST ROW: Ensign Gibson, Van A., 5E, Huntsville, Mo.,- Ensign Griggs, Norman 3., 5E, Evanston, Ills.; Ensign Hasper, Louis C., 5E, Muskegon, Mich.; Ensign Wilson, Donald R., 5C, Kansas City, Mo.,- Ensign Colegrove, James A., 6A, Royal Oaks, Mich.,- Ensign Schultz, Frank E., 6C, Rockford, llls.,- Ensign Crow, Delmon'r E., 6C, Mitchell, 8. Dok.; Ensign Geucler, Vernon M., 6B, Bamboo, Wis.,- Ensign Finney, Eben D., Jr., 6B, Baltimore, Md.,- Ensign Walters, Harold W., 5D, Johnson Ci'ry, Tenn.,- Ensign Junkin, Johnnie L, 63, Snyder, Ark. SECOND ROW: Ensign Davies, Lloyd E., 6A, Waukesha, Wis.,- Ensign Faber, William C., 6A, Chicago, Hls.; Ensign Corcoran, Robert W., 6A, Cincinnati, Ohio; Ensign Wieck, Donald W., 5A, 51. Francis, Kons.; Ensign lambord, Allen C., 5D, .Mobile, Ala; Ensign USCGR Kg: 6', w: WFIRST ROW: Ensign Goefz, James R., 68, Dodge, N. Dok.; Ensign Summers, Ell'mer G., 5D, Jacksonville, Flo.,- Ensign Robbins, William L., 6A, Tulsa, Okla.; mg". SUther'Gnd, Alexander C., 6C, Columbia, 5. C.,- Ensign Soukup, Leo, Jr., 3C, Lincoln, Nebm Ensign Overdick, Kenneth J., 6A, Hopkins, Minn; Ensign IeFSIeY' George W., 6A, Toconife, Minn,- Ensign Priest, Charles J., 5B, Flofrock, Wch'; Ensign Ryan, James J., 5D, LeRoy, N. Y.; Ensign Lindgren, Earl L., 68, gfilnheopohs, Minn,- Ensign McCall, Wallace M., 5E, Norwood, Colo. . . . SECOND 6? Ensign WGHS, George C., 5D, chkdole, Calif.,- Ensign Bruner, James A., R ' Greencggle, lnd.; Ensign Domin, Phillip T., 6A, June Dole, Penn.,- Ensign Stahl, Obe" E., 63, Gary, Ind.; Ensign Deaver, Lawrence E., SE, Russell Springs, Kans.; Sorensen, Douglas, 7A, Swan Lake, Idaho; Ensign Daubs, Huberi 0., 68, Albion, IHs.; Ensign Vosyka, Edward A., 5E, Berwyn, llls.; Ensign Mayer, Frank R., 5D, Willisfon Park, N. Y.,- Ensign Willson, Lawrence E., SE, Hurlock, Md. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Cusick, Robert L, 6D, Millburn, N. J.,- Ensign Shank, Charles W., 7A, Wichita, Kans.; Ensign Rooney, Frederick T., 5A, East Norwalk, Conn.; Ensign Wu , Frederick A., 5A, Woterfown, Moss.; Ensign Sioman, Henry 0., 5A, East Port Chesfer, Conn.,- Ensign Morgan, Ivan J., 5E, Baldwin, Kons.; Ensign Wallet, John, 6A, Peoria, le.,- Ensign Baarstad, David E., 6B, Defroif Lakes, Minn; Ensign Jandernoa, Roberf A., 6B, Grand Rapids, Mich.; Ensign Dyer, Marcel N., 68, LoGrunge, Maine; Ensign Larson, John C., 6A, Dunn Center, N. Oak. H Ensign McClure, Ralph D., 5E, Huntington, W. V0.; Ensign Anderson, John W., 5E, Oklahoma City, Okla; Ensign Smith, Kenneth A., 5C, Excelsior, Minn.; EnSIgn Nickelson, John R., 5C, Fairfield, Iowa, Ensign Hull, Charles R., 6A, Barry, Ills, . . THIRD ROW, Ensign Menasco, Lawrence C., 6C, Manghom, Lo.; Ensign Fischbeck, Roy 5., 5E, Formington, Mo.,- Ensign Lucas, Burke D., Jr., 6D, Ponce City, Okla.,- Ensign McCIUnd, Robert C., 6D, Alderson, W. Vo.,- Ensign Von Auken, Peter, 5D, Buffalo, Wyo.; Ensign Lowe, Dean V., 63, Mankofo, Minn.,- Ensign Sfocker, Eldon A., 5D, Portland, Ore.,- Ensign Ivy, John E., 6A, Claremonf, llls.; Ensign Kuikman, William C., 6C, Chicago, 1115.; Ensign King, Thomas W., Jr., 6D, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Witt, Dean E., SE, Trenton, Mich.; Page 31.7 SNJ Trainer instead of usual reindeer brings Sonfo Clous To NATB W FIRST ROW: Ensign Pefrakis, Emanuel T., 68, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign Dikeos Victor H., 5E, Missoulo, Mont,- Ensign Duke, Dale J., 5C, Chicago, Ills.; Ensigr; Kern Robert A., 68, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign Reimer, John W., 5C, Luverne Minn,- Ensign Borgen, Lloyd V., 6A, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Korsgurd, Rolbert A., 6A, Des Plaines, Ills.; Ensign Overby, George 5., 6A, Luverne, N. Dok- Ensi r: Levinge, Claude, 5C, Houston, Texas . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign 1:;ombl: Joseph L. K., 6A, Saginaw, Mich; Ensign Potter, Donald J., 5D, Royal Oak Michy: Ensign Reese, Edward W., 6A, Cambridge, Wis.,- Ensign Dowley, Cloyd IE., 5Dq Corpus Christi. Columbus, Ohio; Ensign Davenport, John M., 68, Fargo, N, Dok.; Ensign USCGR Doyle, Bernard J., Jr., 6D, Hollis, L. 1., N. Y.,- Ensign Conley, Thomas E., 63' Foyetteville, N Y-; EnSign Meyring, William R., SD, Edmonds, WGSh' THIRD ROW: Ensign Smith, George E. u, 50, Columbus, Ohio; Ensign Dun'ap' Chyles E" 5C' COW"; Ohio; Ensign Blubaugh, Harold E., SE, Bouider, C0104 Ensugn COffmGn, Edward K., 68, Sloughfers, Ky.; Ensign Sluss, Louis W-r 6A' Frostburg, Md-i Ensign Weiss, Paul C., 5D, Oak Park, Ills.; Ensign Hammersleyl RICPIGrd H., 7A, Lake Geneva, Wis.,- Ensign Everly Lon L. SE, GIGSCO' Kons.: Ensngn Effenberger, Harold, 6C, Harvey, Ills I I Page 316 HRST f ME, Ev Donald F M; E! 5C, Mitch Eben D4, Tam; E: Davies, L Ensign 0 3f. Franc Carroll J. W.,a:t 0.,- Ensign Keame, ., 68, Minneopen Hls.; Ensign Gree' 6A, Nevdon, kn: er, Duane H.,.K twigs??? The undefeated swimming Team, NATB, Corpus Chrm" 5 V y 99an 1 W., 68, P010995 1 EnSIgn White, David T., 6D, Detroit Mich.; Ensign Slovuk, Walters? I Mich.,- 2nd Lt. Delahunf, Thomas K., 5D, Los Angeles, C013, 2nd Lt Herrin, Hubert L., 5D, Redlands, Colif.,- 2nd Lt. Cook, Jack Ii, 5E, AESTIIPinI Texas; 2nd Lt' V0" Kirk, Warner H., 68, Fairfield, Conn.; Ensign Parrish, RalpONE 7A, Brodenfon, Flo.; Ensign Noble, Harry, Jr., 6D, Chicago, Ills. . . .IdSEIE 78 W: EnSign McCoy, Leslie, 68, Cleveland, Ohio,- Ensign KnOVflefs, Haro MI, 78, Alden, Iowa; Emign Lane, Henry, 78, Lynn, Moss,- Ensign Klmry, John ., , 7A: Wyandotte ' her D. 78 Bellefontaine, Ohio; ' M .,- Ensugn USCGR Huston, Wa . , . , . Earls? lfilTZJIS Jghn P., 78, Youngstown, Ohio,- EnSIgn Michaelson, Lewus D.,. 78, NTSIQT elie:E0 IEJOho . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Roberts, Roberf.R., SB, Wesf Bend, losvrszEnsilgn Wallace Ernest V., 6D, Kansas City, Mo.; IflinthgI-n kKrZKAWIEkIIEJOhn, ; I ' 3D W0 e c: e, ic .; nsngn ' Barre, Penn.; Ensugn Olson, John W., . , I $E;::g::5 Robert L., 6D, Columbus, Ohio; EnSIgn OLeary, Dorman 5., 6D, Kansas City, Mo: FIRST ROW: Ensign Bartholomay, Donald R., 7A, Rochester, N. Y.; Ensign Bailey, Carroll R., 68, Newton, Iowa,- Ensign Dwigans, Joseph L., SE, Knoxville, Iowa; Ensign Larson, Adolph L, SE, Knoxville, Iowa; Ensign Rigler, Alien 8., 5E, Daly City, Culif.,- Ensign Vaughn, Edward C., 6A, North Lawrence, Ohio; Ensign Zimmerman, Howard F., 6A, Chicago, 1115.; Ensign Snider, Charles l.., 6A, Rockville, lnd.; Ensign Thier, Louis, 68, Middletown, Ohio; Ensign Roush, Stanley A., 6A, Douds, Iowa; Ensign Cass, Robert D., 68, South Bend, 1nd. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Hughes, Owen R., Jr., 5E, Memphis, Tenn.; Ensign Henschen, Arthur E., 5D, Milwaukee, Wis.; Ensign Sims, George F., 58, Indianapolis, 1nd.; Ensign Pell, Isaac N., Jr., 5E, CincinnoTi, Ohio; Ensign Pearson, Milton F., 5D, Abbeville,, Lo.; FIRST ROW: Ensign Verity, William M., SD, Chicago 1115- Ensi n We Harry M., SE, 1010, Kons.; Ensign Andrew, Martin J., 5D, Beaver Cgolo- E9715": Lesl-Ie, Irwin, 68, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Ensign Millier, James 1:1. 5D 60k ng "Fl'lg" EnSIgn Russell, Edward F., 6D, Chonufe, K0ns.; Ensign Gra1fop6glio Ri I1r Id Ci; 6D, Oakland, Calif.; Ensign Chrisfion, Joseph E., 68 Portogeville, 1V1c 0; ' 3: Fox, Robert E., 4C, Chicago, 1115.,- Ensign Newcombe, Edwin H Jr I6Bogt nSIgn Minn; Ensign Roof, Leo L., 68, Independence, Mo. SECEDNDH ROW. .EPOEUL Stuart, Robert L, SE, Weston, Moss.; Ensign Springston, Kenneth R 5E. F nSIgn Colif.; Ensign Hardy, Francis J., SE, Minneapolis, Minn.,- Ensign Bloc11tnfielld $81119 W., 58, Moline, 1115.; Ensign Irvine, Wendell J., 6C, Wilmington, Moss-IEnZIQE ,7 Ensign Kern, Robert F., 68, Cincinnati, Ohio; Ensign Fisher, Carroll J. W., 6C, Salisbury, N. C.,- Ensign Flanagan, William 5., 68, Florence, Ala; Ensign Kearney, John D., 68, Fort Wayne, Ind.; Ensign WilliamS, Richard H., 68, Minneapolis, Minn. . . . THIRD ROW; Ensign Arlt, Walter E., SD, Lombard, 1115.,- Ensign Green, Walter D., 5D, Nelsonville, Ohio,- Ensign Jones, Beniamin F., 6A, New'ron, lowo; Ensign Lamont, Charles H., 6B, Honford, Colih Ensign Grider, Duane H., 6C, Chanufe, Kans.; Ensign Quoseborth, Edmund A., Jr., 6E, 31. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Haack, Alvin F., 5E, Elk Creek, Nebr.; Ensign Merkley, Clarence W., 5D, Neenan, Wis.,- Ensign Soltis, Frank, 6C, Chicago, 1115.; Ensign Senne, John W., 68, Palatine, 1113.; Ensign Meyer, James R., 5E, Altoono, Penn, Nelson, David 5., 5E, Ph Iodelphio, Penn.,- Ensign Benoit, Robert John,Jr.,6131 Sgn Jose, Calif.; Ensign FOX, William R., 5E, Richmond, 021111.; Ensign Nelson! Kn L., 6A, Los Angeles, Colif.,- Ensign Morgan, Rutherford 3., 5C, Demif' Mmh' . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Lundeen, John C., 6A, Roseburg, Ore.; Ensign Goedfm Robert W., 5C, Mason City, Iowa,- Ensign Brown, John, 5C, Mellen, Wis.; En5'9'1 COV'eS' Omc" H-I 6C, King City, Colif.,- Ensign Gallant, William J., 5E. Yo'k' Nebgl Ens'g" Oliver, Harold 0., 6A, Pleosonfville, lowo- Ensign Sidoff: RObe" E" - l SO.n.andSCOI Calif.; Ensign Searles, Charles M.: 6A, Pasadena, COM; Ensign :g'll'cmf, Werfmouth, 5E, Garfield Heights, Ohio; Ensign Messing, Edward; LI ' Adr'om Md"? EnSEQn Trust, Orbo, 5E, Palisade, Minn Page 318 - Drive a succea u ,. W 11160 0519M TrdCY' dam noCUfeHOI H Arlhur I ' 5 FIRST ROW: Ensign Stone, Grady 3., 6C, East Point, Go.; Ensign Spaulcling, Lawrence A., 6C, Long Beach, Calif.; Ensign Adams, Roy M., 6C, Bos'rwick, Nebr.; Ensign Miller, Joseph W., 6C, Dallas, Texas,- Ensign Luther, Laverne, 6D, Sioux City, Iowa; Ensign Luther, Kenneth M., 6D, Sioux City, Iowa,- Ensign Streit, James L., 6D, Sioux City, Iowa,- Ensign Green, Thomas E., 5D, Sioux City, Iowa; Ensign Mason, Harry R., 6D, Stockton, N. J.,- Ensign Matthews, Charles E., 6D, Roanoke Rapids, N. C.; Ensign Cuiler, William, 5D, Harborfon, Va. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Moreskini, Wallace R., 6A, Vulcan, Mich; Ensign Linder, Carl W., 68, Monroeville, Indiana; Ensign Taylor, Jack A., 6A, New Augusta, Ind.; Ensign Myers, William 0., 6A, Dayton, Ohio; Ensign Afz, Howard W., Jr., 6C, Denver, J EIRST ROW: Ensign Wordle, Vernal D., 5D, Pocatello, Idaho,- Ensign Arrigoni, 0 .n P-. 5A, Binghamton, N. Y.,- Ensign Stanley, Milton L., SC, South Bend, Ind.; EnSIQn Hardin, Lloyd T., 5E, Cloremore, Okla; Ensign Housewright, Billy M., 5A, Fort Worth, Texas; Ensign Cassell, Albert 3., 5C, Fort Worth, Texas,- Ensign HeSSiCk: HOV'Vard H., 6C, New Athens, Ills.; Ensign Pescetta, Joseph, 48, Springfield, Moss.; Enngn Gillette, Fredrick 8., 6C, Dallas, Texas; Ensign Gossetf, Robert Mu 6C, 0mm, 'doho; Ensign Gottke, Clyde 5., 68, Mt. Ciemens, Mich. . . . SECOND ROW: EnSiQn Young, Donald C., 6A, Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign Baum, JOh" E" Y ' Oconomowoc, Wis.; Ensign Taft, Edwund M., 50, Norwich, Conn; Ensign OUngbIOOd, Morrel G., 6A, Millsop, Texas; Ensign Walker, ROE"?rf J-, Jr., 6C: Colo.; Ensign Baron, Charles 5., Jr., 6C, Fremont, Ohio; Ensign Hamm, Robert L., 5C, Holland, Mich.; Ensign Kelley, Wallace A., 2A, Mf. Jewetf, Penn.; Ensign Ward, James W., 1C, Rockville Centre, N. Y.; Ensign Fallgatter, Wayne 5., SD, Kintyre, N. Dak. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign McGinn, Erthur N., 6A, Powfucket, R. I.,- Ensign Noble, John F., SC, Milwaukee, Wis.,- Ensign Mclaushlan, Donald A., 6A, Andover, Moss.; Ensign Schofield, John F., 7C, New Bedford, Moss.; Ensign Hinderks, Jack M., 6A, Des Moines, Iowa; Ensign Hoxie, Rodger H., 5D, Royal Oaks, Mich,- Ensign Johnson, Joseph D., 5E, Tipp City, Ohio; Ensign Johnson, Harry 0., 5E, Erie, Penn.; Ensign Kelly, Edwin E., 5D, New York, N. Y.,- Ensign Barnes, Wm., Jr., 6B, Artesio, Calif.,- Ensign Bushong, Wm. 0., 6B, Russellville, Ind. Houston, Texas; Ensign Barker, Robert W., 68, Springfield, Mo.; Ensign Andrews, William E., 5D, University City, Mo.; Ensign Voighf, Robert L., 68, Davenport, Nebr.; Ensign lde, Stephen R., 6C, Johnston, R. 1.,- Ensign Horton, Robert L., 6C, Heath Springs, 5. C. THIRD ROW: Ensign Liebendorfer, Edward 6., 4D, Lincoln, Nebr.; Ensign Goes, Andrew R., 5D, Wymore, Nebr.; Ensign Wheeler, John H., 5C, East Lansing, Mich.; Ensign McDonald, Stuart J., 5D, Springfield, Mass.,- Ensign Cox, Richard W., 68, Lomito, Colif.; Ensign Rice, Howqrd W., SB, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Duris, Henry F., 5C, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign Hillberg, Ernest T., 5A, Long Beach, Calif.; Ensign Holt, Albert T., 5C, Roymondville, Mo.; Ensign Pickens, C. M., 5A, Somerset, Ky.; Ensign Heising, R. A., 6C, Kirfkwood, Mo. Page 321 , Wm NI v4 FIRST ROW: Ensign Danek A R., 68, . I ygust J., 68, Berw n . . ' John B.Ife5pl:,nslfffllilil$sg ?Sign Giles, Edgar M" 5D? bgulsgngnsgoq'fsmmlfh' William Ensign Briley, Paul Wp 61:, Penn'; En5i9" Petersen, John L, csBl V'sEnSIQn Hesser, land, Maine,- Ensign F'; 'dChOnute, Kons.; Ensign BUrgessqooa Turgeon, Wi5.,- Auelino M, Jr. 5C Jogger ' Donald G" 53, Cedar Rapid; Ior on E".5D' ROCk- Hls.; Ensign thbb lKenn sshnwlle, Flo.; Ensign Wood, William; AWO6; EnSIgn Lopez, Cooper, Randall A 6C es I Jr" 6D' Cleveland, Ohio . , . SECaNg, ROCk ISlond, Ensign Thompsoln 'lHowlarceimllle, Wash,- Ensign Allan, Edwin B 6C EOW: Ensign Glen W., 5E Frge of III ., 9n, 6A, Inglewood, Calif.'lE ., hlcago, llls.; , p r, 5.; Ensngn Neperud, Gaorge H .,6C nigh" Selalndsfrom, V e1 SVI 9, Wis.,- S of the Cadet Regiment. Ensign Au e . Omaha, Segit'elrllg,ns:'lelmut, 5E, Cronsmn, R. I.; Ensign Shook Wilford E 6C, Robert C3,, 5D,,Fc1irmgor:1f Egan, Edward J" 5D: Omaha, Neblru Ensign Eruce: . . THIRD ROW: Ensil Inn.; FnSIgn Moen, Wayne C., 5D Mlason CW: Iowa Warner, William M 6C9; Rodellus, George A, Jr., 6C, EthllnSfOn 1115.. Ensign City! Utah; Ensign KNerl ereS, COM; EnSign Tonnesen, Chesier L. 16C Slalt Lake 3., .Jr., 68, New CGnOGEerE: Lee M., .6C, Malverne, N. Y.; Ensiganragy, Stanley EESCiEntFrwag' LeRoy E, 503nl;CiEwn:lgntTucCI;:rl Harold R" 6A, PocatelIO, Idaho; e5 er, Pen . - .' ' Inna I, i0; En ' . 68, Harold J., 68, B'eVS?;'91r1 McDongId, Nathan F., 68 gmmkwgt 3:51;th LTiricoIn, , owo; Enslgn Wombacher, Jolhn WV 50: peo'rlia, 315. P099 320 HRST ROW: Lawrence A-, f Ensign Miller, 3m Iowa; E mm L, 6D, Ensign Mason, innoke Raph ?OW: Ensign E3, Monroevil Hyers, Willia1 sviHe, Mo.; Ensign A., 63, Cicero, IHg, IRD ROW: W 0., 5C, Tecumsek -ster, Jutk D., 60, Wis.; Ensign KeHy, 6A, Chicago, INS, nd, DuWuyne f, kes, Minn.; Ensigt Cadet Officer of The Day logs a cadet out with rifle for extra The ramp. M312: :OWi Ensign Lowry, Albert W., 5E, Sebewoing, Mich,- Ensign Pavly'ak, 6X05. E .E' Blnghommn, N. Y,,- EHSign Underhill, Charles W., 5C, Corpus Chrlstl, 6C.Clhg:115lgn Meyer, Robe" J-z 6A, Chicago, Ills.; 2nd Lt. Fletcher, Thomas 9., "sign Luresmnl W. Va Ensign USCGR Storm, Philip J., 7A, Los Angeles, Collf.,- D, Cho 501?, Ralph W., 60, Salt Lake City, Utah; Ensign Christense.n, Roland M., Harold Lppesg Neb'rw. EnSiQ" PeNy, Frank E., 68, Antioch, Ills.,- Ensugn Wackelln, ., . SE-CIQNI Chlcogo' HIM Ensign Ferefher, Arvin W., 6A, Dubuque, low: Ensign Sum ,D ROW: Ensign Argenios, James 5., 7C, Salt Lake, foy, Ufa ,- icq Pe, H'arvey 9, Jr., 6D, Weiser, idaho; Ensign Taylor, VlchIr, Jr.,.6B, 90, ms". Ensign Andel'Son, Gifford L, 60, Dell Rapids, 3. Dok.; Ensngn EllIoH, CEMBER 13, Joseph L, 6A, Martinsville, lnd.; Ensign Pennock, John C., 68, Bourbon, Mo.,- Ensign Hill, Billie 8., 6B, Lockporf, Hls.,- Ensign Therio t, Robert A., 6A, Wodena Minn.; Ensign Furlong, Raymond P., 4C, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Martin, Hugh A., 6C, Bellefontaine, Ohio . . THIRD ROW: Ensign King, Fred, 7A, Dallas, Texas,- Ensign Webb, James A. 7C, Birmingham, Ala; Ensign Gruzdis, Vitaut J., 7D, Chicago Heights, llls.,- Ensign Zoller, William G., 7C, Bluefield, W. Va.; Ensign Gauss, David B., Jr., 7D, Kalamazoo, Mich,- Ensign Nichols, Robert 5., 7A, Southwest City, Mo.; Ensign Gardner, Paul M., 7C, Traverse, Mich.; Ensign Watson, Wilbur M., 7A, Erie, Colo.; Ensign Titus, Ralph 0., 68, Minneapolis, Minn.,- Ensign Wiesf, Ralph C., 68, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign Crossway, Francis E., 63, Newington, Conn, Page 323 FIRST ROW: Ensign Longford, Earl A., 68, Winston, Mo.,- Ensign Ernst, Joseph R., 6A, Chicago, llls.; Ensign Wilson, Richard H., 6A, Chicago, Hls.; Ensign Smith, William B., Jr., 5D, Columbia, Mo.; Ensign Glodich, Samuel E., 6A, Ziegler, llls.,- Ensign Stout, Burke W., 68, Webster Groves, Mo.; Ensign Dolcm, Thomas D., 5C, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Holland, Eugene J., 5A, Liberty, N. Y.,- Ensign Kline, David, 5C, Sacramento, Colif.; Ensign Selby, Donald R., 6A, Palo Alto, Calif.; Ensign Post, William J., 6A, Torrington, Conn. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Sinclair, Hollis K" 5C, Fort Kent, Maine; Ensign Konkol, George, 68, Chicago, IHs.; Ensign Hauk, Ernest D., 4D, Torrance, Cclif.; Ensign Heller, James A., 5D, Detroit, Mich.,- Ensign Turnbull, William 5., 5E, Doytono Beach, Flo.; Ensign Farley, John M., BECEMBERWB, x 1944 FIRST ROW: Ensign Lones, Samuel H., 6C, Poso Robles, Calif.; Ensign Cummins, Frederick H., 5D, Houston, Mo.,- Ensign Howard, Billy D., 6D, Mt. Vernon, Ills. Ensign Hort, James A., Jr., 6D, Oshkosh, Wis.; Ensign Hohl, Willard R., 6C, Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign Young, Gordon 5., 6D, Portland, Ore.; Ensign Martin, Kenneth T., 5C, East Liverpool, Ohio; Ensign Mahaney, James F., 5A, Bourbonnaisl le.; Ensign Keane, James R., 6C, West Hollywood, Colif.,- Ensign Jucobsenl Verland Ds, 6A, Denver, Colo.; Ensign Boyce, James A., 7A, San Diego, Calif, . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Potts, Neal H., 6C, Wichita, Kons.; Ensign Loposer. Alexander M., Jr., 5C, Gulfpor'r, Miss.; Ensign Clampet, James V., 7A, Dayton, Ohio; Ensign Cadden, Frank J., 7A; Binghamton, N. Y.; Ensign Houle, John Ml 'i 5D, Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign Nissing, Norman F., 5D, Morfhosville, Mo.; Ensign Fox, Thomas W., 6A, Indianapolis, Ind.; Ensign Soucek, Robert A., 68, Cicero, Ills.,- Ensign Lynn, Patrick D., 6D, Sioux Falls, 3. Dak. . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Lindahl, LeRoy C., 5D, Kendall, Wis.; Ensign Coffey, Charles 0., 5C, Tecumseh, Mich; Ensign Deering, David J., 5D, Boone, Iowa; Ensign Foster, Jack D., 5D, Wenofchee, Wash; Ensign Herman, Richard D., 6C, Oshkosh, Wis.; Ensign Kelly, Michael J., Jr., 6D, LoGronge, Ills.,- Ensign Januzik, Joseph W., , Chicago, Ills.; Ensign Peters, Gerald J., 6C, Chicago, IIIs.; Ensign Wedlund, DuWayne F., 68, Ashland, Wis.; Ensign Penchoff, Daniel J., 6C, Detroit Lakes, Minn.; Ensign Cheslek, Richard J., 6A, Sparta, Mich. 6A, Menomonie, Wis.; Ensign Campbell, Robert J., 4C, Chicago, Ills.,- Ensign Burns. ROE?" A-, 6D, Kendrick, Idaho,- Ensign Kiner, Ralph M., 7A, Alhambra, Colif.; Ensugn' TYremon, Edwin J., 5 , Anaheim, Col Ensign Pratf, Charles E'I 6C! Emporlo, Fans. . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Houchins, Loren K., 6D, Little Falls, an'i'En-qgn Williams, ering A., 6C, Salisbury, N. C.- Ensign Stanislaw, Francis A., 6C' Cicero, llls.,- EnSign Hudson, Carl F., 6C, Aredclnle, Iowa,- Ensign McClintock: James 6., Jr., 6C, Rugby, N. C.; Ensign Otterness, James R., 6C, Brookingsz S. Dok.; Ensngn Bellows, James 0., 4A, Chicago, 1115.,- Ensign Connolly, Jos. V'l 6D, Pelhom, N. Y.,- Ensign Becksfrom, Lloyd K., 6D, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Anthony, JOhn F, 6D, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Ostrowski, Gilbert L, 6A' Chicago, Ills, Page 322 jade! Officer -gimentol FIRST ROW: Ensign St. John, Donald A., 6A, Toledo, Ohio; Ensign Grant, Raymond E., 6C, Baltimore, Md.; Ensign Vraspir, Donald F., 6A, Hopkins, Minn.; Ensign Stoynoff, Richard P., SD, Detroit, Mich,- Ensign Garrard, James E., 6C, Guin, Ala.; Ensign West, Jake C., 5E, Glen Rose, Texas,- Ensign Warren, Ralph G., 68, Raymond, Ills.; Ensign Heiderer, Robert, 6A, Saginaw, Mich.,- Ensign Mahady, Walter R., 68, Minneapolis, Minn.; Ensign TenEyck, Hubert A., Jr., 68, Tampa, Flo.; Ensign Brown, Joseph W., Jr., 5E, Schley, Va.; Ensign Davey, Howard P., 5D, Wilmington, Ills. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Hunzeken, Harold R., 5E, Kansas City, Mo.; Ensign Smreker, Joe M., Jr., 6C, Fort Smith, Ark.,- Ensign Goulding, William C., 6C, Mt. Vernon, N. Y.,- Ensign Cordell, Lloyd W., 5E, Marion, Penn.; Ensign Marsh, Kenneth R., 6A, Royal Oak, Mich.; Ensign Curran, Thomas C., 5E, FIRST ROW; Ensign Smith, Grady L., 7A, Richmond, Calif.; Ensign EH30": Paul 0., 6A, Eaton, lnd.; Ensign Boyd, Landis L., 7C, Creston, Iowa; Ensign Palfreymon, ?Om'd H-, 6A, Ogden, Ufoh; Ensign uscon Dillon, Clifford 3., 7D, Amaril'ol JeXGS; Ensign Schriber, Thoma L, 6A, San Francisco, Calif.; Ensign Larson, Eanjes C., 5A! Logan, Utah; Ensign Wunschel, Carl C., 6A, Union ley, N. J.,- "S-lgn PedrY: Leo R., 40, Dennison, Ohio,- Ensign Planner, Robert M" 63, ?"cch, Hls. . . . SECOND ROW, Ensign Van Valkenburgh, Howard A., 6D, mleY Park, HlS-; Ensign Shaughnessy, Richard J., 5A, Rochester, N. Y-; Ensngn amn, Howard N., 6D, Dickson, Tenn.; Ensign Meyer, John, 7A, Greeley, Colo.,- St. Louis, Mo.,- Ensign Lovell, Edward M., 6C, Birmingham, Alo.,- Ensign Mescher, John A. E., 6A, New Vienna, Iowa,- Ensign Hoyt, John 8., 7D, Yonkers, N. Y.,- Ensign Lanzer, Walter H., 6B, Woodburn, Ind.,- Ensign McGlynn, Thomas, 5E, Fall River, Mass. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Cole, Demorest N., 6B, Lincoln, Nebm Ensign Fetsch, Douglas L., 68, Lokeview, Ore.; Ensign Zerwas, Francis J., 6D, Manning, Iowa; Ensign Peterson, Donald W., 6A, Minneapolis, Minn.,- Ensign Bailey, Gordon W., 6C, Grafton, N. Dok.; Ensign Murphy, John T. ll, 6C, Bolfh more, Md.,- Ensign Johnson, Westley B. H., 6B, Bremerton, Wash.; Ensign Burns, John T., 6D, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Ensign Bristow, Gerard J., 6D, Putnam, Conn.,- Ensign Palmberg, Eugene Wesly, 5E, Ludlow, Hls.,- Ensign Baker, John L, 6C, Oneonta, N. Y.; A., 68, Sacramento, Calif. r. H i: 0' .6 0 a . K $ Ensign Reid, James H., 6C, Atlanta, GCL; Ensign USCGR Salzer, Rocker F., 6C, Jacksonville, Flo.; Ensign Tucker, Clinton D., 6A, Tulsa, Okla; Ensign Brown, Richard M., 7A, Anderson, Ind.; Ensign Christianson, Richard E., 68, St. Thomas, N. Dok. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Wifmer, David W., 6D, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Underwood, Marvin K., 6D, Wooster, Ohio; Ensign Wilson, Dwight E., 6D, Denver, Colo.,- Ensign Woodruff, Robert L., 68, Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign Kolin, Raymond W., 6A, Chicago, 1113.; Ensign Kernan, Joseph F., 7A. Chicago, Ills.; Ensign Linden, Ralph W., 7A, Chicago, Hls.; Ensign Kimball, John C., 7A, Los Angeles, Calif. Page 325 Cadet Battalion officers FIRST ROW: Ensign Peters, Edward E., 63, Mobile, Ala.; Ensign Shell Sanford F 68, Atlanta, G0,,- Ensign Anderson, Arland T., 6D, St. Paul, Minn. lEnsign Stui; Richard 6., 6C, Muskegon, Mich; Ensign Wilson, William P., Jr., 3D Muskegonl Mich; Ensign Johnson, Donald W., 6A, Eou Claire, Wis.,- Ensign Hoeiquist Oscar! L., Jr., 5E, Orlando, Flo.; Ensign Mortensen, Robert E., 5D, Wofeka Ills -l Ensi n Downing, Wilbur J., Jr., 7A, Chicago, Ills.; Ensign Perkins, Dean A., 12D chtl'r Logke City, Utah; Ensign Schneider, Stephn W., 6D, Dallas, Texas,- Ensig; Mor on Morris J., 7A, Jacksonville, Ala. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Van Pelt Clingfonl 5E, Sellersburg, lncl.; Ensign Polonec, Lubo, 68, Chicago, llls.; Ensign lgclm uistl Richard S. F., 68, Chisholm, Minn.,- Ensign Shunk, Delwyn E., 5D, Choppell qubrl. Ensign Santi, Dante R., 5E, Runnells, Iowa,- Ensign Powell, William ,M., 5E" ; W,MWNN Tecymseh, Mich.,- Ensign Carmichael, William, 6D, Manila, Philippine IslandS; Ensxgn Walker, M R., Jr., 6D, Birmingham, Alo.,- Ensign Peacock, Robert K., 5E! Trenton, N- J-i Ensign Young, Robert L, SE, Milwaukee, Wis.; Ensign Fluegge: Bruce 8., 6D, Chicago, Ills. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Mclnnis, Thomas Fa 63' Washington, Midi; Ensign Bender, Thomas F., 6B, Noshwouk, Minn; Ensign LefZ; R?be'f Wu 6D, Chicago, Ills.,- Ensign Hay, David E., 6C, Lawrence, Kans.; EHSiQn Dnehl, Robert w., 6C, Roselle Park, N. J.,- Ensign White, 5. c., Jr., 50, Memphis! Tenn.,- Ensign Schendel, Milo M., 68, Rochester, Minn.- Ensign Murphy, PGUI B" 6C! Madison, WiS-; Ensign Kidd, Robert A., 78, Lynrlw, Mass.,- Ensign Anthony. Raym?"d "-1 68, Highland Park, llls.; Ensign Santamarie, Edwin R., 73, Phila- delphla, Penn.; Ensign McGinnity, Francis 0., 6C, Gory, lndA Page 324 1N ROW: Er hmnd E-r 6Q '59" Stoynoff, F .w,Al0.; Ensign Eiuymond, ills. char R., 63, Mir 2'gn Brown, Jo: Swington, Hls. Mo.,- Ensign vriom C., 6C, A s gn Marsh, Km C.,- Ensign 7, DeKalb, Preston 5., -r F., 60, hilehead, onsus City, ns, William hio; Ensign 6C, Tucson, Irving C., FIRST ROW: Ensign Zollinger, Thomas C., 7C, Piqua, Ohio; Ensign Barnes, David C., 7C, Richmond, Ky.; Ensign Johnson, Albert W., 68, Cheyenne, Wyo.,- Ensign Richardson, Thomas B., Jr., 68, Birmingham, Alon; Ensign Korbus, Fred W., 63, Chicago, llls.; Ensign Clark, Henry C., 73, Stuart, Va.; Ensign Myers, Harold L., 5D, Lorain, Ohio,- Ensign Hammond, Joe E., 68, Dallas, Texas; Ensign Harrington, Lewis T., 68, Oceanside, L. I., N. Y.; Ensign Allen, William A., 6A, South Bay, Flu.; Ensign Heck, Robert C., 4A, Red Oak, Ills. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Hamilton, Richard F., 6B, Topeka, K0ns.,- Ensign Voile, Richard 5., 58, Birmingham, Mich.,- Ensign Dowding, William K., 7E, Cairo, M0,; Ensign Fuchs, Richard C., 7E, Forest Hills, N. Y.; Ensign Russell, Ernesf E., 5A, Westbrook, Conn.; Ensign Erekson, FIRST FKOW' Ensign Ham, Paul E., 6A, Benkelman, Nebr.; Ensign Nelson, James 3., Glen ROW:EI'inneop0lisr Minn.,- Ensign Arfinger, Walter C., 7A, East ST. Louis, Ills.; E. "MAL" Goddard, Paul L, 78, Chombersburg, Penn.,- Ensign Karr, Kenneth R., "3' I . I tinvizAllbunlJes Moines, IOWCI; Ensign Lenahan, John E., 7D, Madison, Wls.; Ensrgn Behl, imam dqun. L' 7C' meerSViHe, le.; Ensign Kurtz, James H., 7A, Defroif, Mich; Ensign Ensign AI'jiles' James R., 7A, Bennett, Colo.; Ensign Miller, Ernest E., 6C, Kennett, Mo. M"" SECOND ROW: Ensign Chambers, John E., 8A, Chilhowee, M0,; En5lgn Don M., SD, Vernal, Utah,- Ensign Burkharf, Robert W., 5D, Scoffs Bluff, Nebr.,- Ensign Sims, David H., 5E, Detroit, Mic ; Ensign Levins, William F., 4B, Minne- apolis, Minn.,- Ensign Buchanan, William E., SE, Frankfort, Ind. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Beckerle, Lloyd D., 63, Kansas City, Mo.,- Ensign Garret, Roy W., 5D, Prospect, Tenn.,- Ensign Fixari, John, 5E, Brookfield, llls.; Ensign Hogan, Kenneth , 5D, Sf. Louis, Mo.; Ensign Frye, Robert K., 5C, Lansing, Mich.; Ensign Romans, Clarence 0., 5D, Ord, Nebr.- Ensign Ursprung, Edward H., 7C, Lancaster, Penn.,- Ensign Ashmore, John E., 6 , Pasadena, Colif.,- Ensign Montgomery, Marvin D., 5D, Independence, Kons.; Ensign Karl, Howard A., 5D, Pacific Grove, Calif,- Ensign Bluckhursf, George, 4C, Midland, Mich. Johnson, Rodney E., BB, Duluth, Minn,- Ensign Duerkop, Rob.erf W., 8.8, Plaines, llls.,- Ensign Fath, William J., 78, MT. Vernon, N. Y.; Enstgn Curtis, lehard M., BB, Reed City, Mich,- Ensign Rowland, David A., 5E, Goodlond, lnd.; Ensugn Tracy, Wendell J., 5D, Plymouth, lnd.,- Ensign Wilson, Marvin J., 6C, Plymouth, Ind, THIRD ROW: Ensign Nelson, Arthur E., 6D, Osceola, Wis.; Ensign Groves, James A., 6C, Norman, Okla,- Ensign Smith, Kenneth H., 5E, Oklahoma City, Okla. Ensign White, William C., Jr., 6D, Orange, Texas; Ensign Pirnaf, Julius J., 6D, Cleveland, Ohio,- Ensign Carpenter, Joe M., 6A, Waco, Texas, Page 370 FIRST ROW: Ensign Pendleton, Ralph E., 7C, Roy, N. Mex.,- Ensign Senderling, John F., 7C, Cuyahogo Falls, Ohio; Ensign Hull, Dale W., 7C, Milwaukie,, Ore.; Ensign Frees, Thomas, 8A, Los Angeles, Colih Ensign Manning, Robert M., 78, Belmont, COIif.,- Ensign Helland, Hans 0., 7C, Wisconsin Dells, Wis.,- Ensign Johnson. Marshall, 7C, Hinckley, Minn.,- Ensign Niedringhaus, Otto F., 7A, Overland, Mo.; Ensign Reddick, Eldred C., 7C, South Pasadena, Calif.; Ensign Helgerson, Delmar F., 7A, Mission Hall, 5. Dok.; Ensign Quelland, Obed R., 7A, Williams, Iowa . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Mead, Hale K., 78, Oxford, Kons.,- Ensign Olson, Victor 0., 6A, San Diego, Calif.; Ensign Walser, Daniel 5., 68, El Paso, Texas; Ensign Stanton, Andrew C., 6A, Stamford, Conn.; Ensign Peterson, Richard H., 5C, x .N FIRST ROW: Ensign Ryan, Robert P., 5E, Billings, Mont; Ensign McCormick William, 6A, Media, Penn.; Ensign Parsons, John L., 6D, Monhuffon Kcms.f Ensign Butler, John F., 6A, Oakland, Calif.,- Ensign Bragg, Wilbur C.,,Jr., 631 Fayette, Ala.; 2nd Lt. Bugg, Alfred H., 68, Big Spring, Texas,- Ensign Brown, William P., 7D, Dallas, Texas; Ensign Gibson, David 8., 6C, Minneapolis, Minn.f Ensign Sarpa, Nicholas, 6D, Garrett, lnd.; Ensign Petersen, Philip A., SB, Mesa: Ariz.; Ensign S1ucki, Merrill G., 6C, Idaho Falls, Idaho . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Weber, Burrell U., 68, Shreveport, La.,- Ensign Byrne, Leo 1., 68, St. Louis M0,; Ensign Alderman, Walter A., 6A, Table Rock, Nebr.; Ensign Alcermissen, Joseph H,, 6A, St. Peters, M0,; Ensign Byas, John C,, 68, San Francisco, Calif; Minneapolis, Minn.,- Ensign Knighten, Arthur W., 78, Charlotte, N. C.; Ensign Hanni, Glenn C., 78, Sumner, Wash,- Ensign Larson, Raymond L, 7A, DeKalb, '-" 7C Ri Ills.; Ensign Cokas, George, 6C, Los Angeles, Calif.,- Ensign Springston, Preston 8., 2B, Summersville, W. Va. THIRD ROW: Ensign Moran, Roger F., 6D, 90,1"54 Berwyn, llls.,- Ensign Sioune, John A., 5E, Decatur, Hls.; Ensign Whitehead, oram,0hio, Lewis H., 7A, Hinsdale, llls.; Ensign USCGR Tiehen, Maurice W., 78, Kansas City, 68,066 M0,,- Ensign USCGR Wyckoff, Dwight 0., 7A, Baker, Ore.; Ensign Stevens, William yygnHeck, Rob T., 5A, Springfield, Ohio,- Ensign Kalal, Richard 0., SD, Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign ;;mdF.,6B, Pyle, Edward 0., Jr., 6A, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ensign Jones, William J., 6C, Tucson, i-ignDowding, Ariz.,- Ensign Stoughton, Robert W., 5E, Seymour, Conn.; Ensign Mord, Irving C., -; N, Y, En 5E, Turlock, Calif. Ensign Miichell, Richard F., 6A, Crufton, Penn.,- Ensign Swariz, Do Akron, Ohio,- Ensign Jae, James, Jr., 6D, St. Louis, M0,,- Ensign Benningp' 6D, Akron, Ohio; Ensign Runquist, Lynn E., 6D, Coko'ro, Minn. . . . Tl Ensign French, Bernard, 6D, Tuckahoe, N. Y.; Ensign Stalnaker, Edw- Pleasant Hill, Mo.; Ensign Guerrier, Ivern A., 6A, Detroit, Mich.; En Mofris 3., 40, Logan, Utah; Ensign Schuaf, Russell E., 4D, Detroit, Mich; . Colo.; anfen, Harry F., 70, Elizabeth City, N. C.; Ensign Johnson, Leo T., 631, 6B, town, 5. Dok.,- Ensign Thayse, Harris W., 78, Green Bay, Wis.; Ensign EmnElOSSI Fred M., Jr., 6C, Little Rock, Ark.,- Ensign Ellis, Clarence E., 7A, Ponc Vdelphia' Olden; Ensign Akin, Eugene K., 6D, Muskogee, Okla, lGilbe" Chicago' IHS-i oliver 5': A CUIterr Ralph 'ohn E., 6 ' i9" Hagan, Page 326 -er, Norman 5., 55 n Guhnstrom, Charla eke Leelunuu, Midn- gn Morgan, Frankk, lnd.; Ensign USCGR rtney W., 6B, Mimi Ibenson, John R., 65 Ensign Olson, Rodney FIRST ROW: Ensign Loeffelman, Howard G., 7E, Brooklyn, N. Y,,- Ensign Maceyka, John J., 2C, Johnstown, N. Y.; Ensign Lucal, Kenneth 6., 6C, Berea, Ohio; Ensign Frank, Harry M., 48, Bloomington, Ills.; Ensign Wehner, E. William, 78, Albany N. Y.,- Ensign Miller, Darwin K., 6D, Townsend, Mont; Ensign Bussiere, Jack , 6A, St. Paul, Minn.; Ensign Brodnan, Augustin, 6A, Cleveland, Ohio; Ensign Whipp, Melville C., 5D, Van Nuys, Colif.; Ensign Robinson, William J., 6A, Lunesboro, Moss. . . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Ham, Jordan C., 7C, Pensacola, Flo.; Ensign Bolden, DeCorsey E., 7C, Oakland, Md.; Ensign Colburn, Sanford A., FIRST ROW: Ensign Norin, Robert A., 7A, Grand Rapids, Mich.; Ensign Frans, Carl R" J'v 7D, Grand Rapids, Mich,- Ensign 07D0nnell, Roger R., 5E, Lincoln, NEbr'; EnSiSn Peters, William A., 6A, Montebello, Colif.; Ensign Damiani, Robert, 6D, 5T. Paul, Minn.,- Ensign Dean, Vol 3., 7C, Salt Lake City, Utah; EHSiQ" Bezbezian, Am M., 7C, Detroit, Mich; Ensign Devine George E., SE, Des Moines, Iowa; E"sign USCGR White, Harvey L., 55, Detroit Mich,- Ensign Anderson, Kenneth F., A, River SIOUX, Iowa SECOND ROW; Ensign Arnold, Lemuel H., 7B, GreenWiCh, Conn.; Ensign Smith, Ernest A., Jr., 5E, Golesburg, HIS-i Ensign Beckmon, 7A, Salinas, Calif.,- Ensign Elrod, Julius M., Jr., 7B, Griffin, 60.,- Ensign Haldeman, Paul J., 78, Irvingfon, N. J.,- Ensign Proksa, George 5., 6A, Riverside, Ills.; Ensign Labadie, Henry J., 6A, Wycndotte, Mich.; Ensign Mafhes William 8., 6C, Muskogee, Oklo.,- Ensign Zeigler, Kenneth, 6A Connersville, Ind. . . . THIRD ROW: Ensign Jones, Commie 3., 5E, Borstow, Collf.; Ensign McCoy, Donald E., 6D, McConnelsville, Ohio; Ensign Moiz, William K., 6C, Columbus, Ohio; Ensign Stults, George E., SE, Fort Wayne, Ind.,- Ensign Richley, Donald 5., 68, Detroit, Mich.; Ensign Buhrendorf, Robert H., 7A, Shoverfown N. Y.,- Ensign Bennett, Perley R., 7C, Lawton, Okla.; Ensign Meadows, James A., Jr., 6C, Manchester, Ga. Glenn W., 68, Quincy Hls.,- Ensign Roethke Robert R., 6C, Fargo, N. Dok.; Ensign Colman Donn C., 6D, Forgo, N. Dok.; Ensign Summers, Claude K., HA, Seattle, Wash, Ensign Cross, Robert A., SC, ST. Cloud, Minn.; Ensign Waiters, Delmas E., 6C, Oneida, Tenn.; Ensign Carlson, Richard A., 6C, North Canton, Ohio THIRD ROW: Ensign Jensen, Donald E., 7C, Blair, Nebr.; Ensign Baekey, Richard A., 6C, Columbus, 60.,- Ensign Johnson, Milton 5., Jr., 6C, Monroe, Lo.; Ensign Cusick, James E., 7C, West Roxbury Boston, Mass.; Ensign Ru'rland, Wa.lter 8., 78, Lakeland, Flo.; Ensign Crownover, Miller T., HA, Miami, Fla; Ensign LIHY, John E., 7A, Indianapolis 1nd,; Ensign Mentzer, Howard D., 7A, Toledo, Ohio. Page 331 FIRST ROW: Ensign Rech, John L, 78, Logonsporf, 1nd,,- Ensign Simon, Eugene G., 48, Sheboygon, Wis.,- Ensign Robinson, Eugene J., 5C, Anna, llls.; Ensign Strange, Elmore C., 5C, Dallas, Texas,- Ensign Thompson, Allan A., 5E, Ponca City, Okla,- Ensign Turner, Charles J., SB, Houston, Texas,- Ensign Shaffer, Gordon C., 6B, St. Joseph, Mo.,- Ensign Reed, Wesley W., 63, San Antonio, Texas; Ensign Moore, Rex D., 68, Van Meter, Iowa,- Ensign Ellis, John L., 6C, New Market, Tenn. . . SECOND ROW: Ensign Likosor, John V., Jr., 6C, Chicago, llls.; Ensign Moore, John M., Jr., 6C, 8?. Louis, Mo; Ensign McCarfy, Marvin R., 7D, Shreveport Lo.: DECEMBER 23,4944 FIKDI KOW: Ensign DeGruchy, Kenneth A., 78, Rid ewood, . .- ' Edvtlard 8., 73, Greenwich, Conn.,- Ensign Buss, Donalil G., 7ANSSnI 5?:90" EL??? Ensxgn Myers, Billy R., 7A, Fort Morgan, Colo.; 2nd Lt. Pon;merenk Sillgmrf C" 7A, Omaha, Nebr.; Ensign Covill, Miles, 78, Oakland, Colif.- Ensign Tlufe Eu enq D., 6A, White Bear Lake, Minn; Ensign Hammorstedt, Berncllrd P. 6A Slon F9 e cisco, Colif.; Ensign Turner, Grady A., Jr., 6D, Baton Rouglge Lo- E r'an- Christopher, Robert W., 6D, Baton Rouge, Lo. . . SECOND ROW-IEnsi-In Cnlmgkn Raymond P., 7C, Washing1on, D. C.,- 'E- :gn Barnes, Norman L. 7C.Scm gran f" I Colif,; Ensngn Bryant, William H., 7D, SL r Lake City Utah; Enlsiganrisz Johrflsgo, Ensign Perrier, Joseph M., SD, Fallon, Nev.,- Ensign Rodger, Norman E., 5E, Pasadena, Calif.; Ensign Talley, R. 8., 5E, Waco, Texas,- Ensign Gahnsfrom, Charles E., 63, Saline, Kcms.,- Ensign Hahnenberg, Willard J., 6D, Lake Leelonou, Mich; Ensign Huselfon, Joe 8., 5E, Rison, Ark. . . . THIRD ROW Ensign Morgan, Frank A., 6C, Cicero, llls.,- Ensign Riskos, Harry J., 7D, Ff. Wayne, Ind.,- Ensign USCGR Robbins, Lysle 3., 7C, Poynesville, Minn.,- Ensign Luhrs, Courtney W., 63, Miami, Fla,- Ensign Hamrick, Winn C., 6A, Dayton, Ohio; Ensign Gilbertson, John R., 687 Warren, Minn.; Ensign Edwards, Cloud, 6C, Pontiac, Mich; Ensign Olson, Rodney W., 6C, Norfh Branch, Minn. 7D, Pasadena, Calif.; Ensign Meyer, Vernon W., 73, Muskegon, MiCh-i Ensign Dye, Tho.mas Eu 7C, St. Louis, Mo.,- Ensign Miller, Grant W., 6D, Wenatchee, Wash; Ens'gn Blomberg, Gerald A., 7D, Prentice, Wis.; Ensign Weimer, Walter H" 7C Mopsfield, Ohio THIRD ROW: Ensign Redel, Adrian T., 6D, Vienna, MO-i EnSIgn MedOSCh, John E., 7D, Cincinnati, Ohio; Ensign McIntosh, Virgil C" 6C' Prin?eT0nl MO-i EnSign Kellison, James 8., 7D, Dumfries, VOL; Ensign Moor-e, Wllllum B., Jr., 7A, Buffalo, N. Y.,- Ensign Miller, Leonard E., 7A, Minneapolis, Minn: Ensign Meyer, Robert M., 7A, DeLand Ills.,- Ensign Beebe, William R" 63' For? Pierce, Flcn ; Page 330 m ROW: En1 fin J., QC: J07 5349" Frank, Ho lcany, N. Y-; E :ck L, 6A, 31- mgn Whippl A :1,lonesboro, N 13,; Ensign Bold .Penn, ' Hmpersferry,lm ------- SI. louim, ------- Hayward, cam. L05 A"96les,CaH . Grand Rapids, M .. Sun Fernando.Ca1H. . .Windsor Locks, Conn, Minneapolis, Minn . . , .Breckenridge,1exos ....... Tumuquo, Penn. .......... lberio,Mo. ........ Seoltle,Wush ..... Cambridge, Mag .m...,..,.Gury,Ind, ....... Rochester, N. Y. ..... Waller Luke, Mich ........ Munay,Nebc . ,Menomenee falls, Wu. ,,,,,,,, Alameda. Cum. ........ Emmett, Idaho ....... Finsbutgh, Penn. Pi'lsburg, Kan: ....... Friendship, 16M- ,,,,,,, Clinton,1M H ' St. Louis, Na ......... ChicagoJlk 2 . PalisadesPark,N.J. ...... MonmeMi ...... Ruihedord, N. w gamma ......... St. Paul, Mun. Ienlslond, nwlle, 510 Alameda, 01M 1 I ' .Crystal Springs, Md? Oxford 0290!. W: 3 East Grand ROMS, Wt .. Format, kansos Ciw, K0": ,Volin, 59? ....... H HTucsonWL ,. r V 'Hun'ingt on Parka: . - s, N ......... 61233133, KunS ""CEhinwkv L 3. """" .. 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Woltham, Mass. FARLEY, JOHN W., 12A ...................... Houston, Mo. FAWCETT, JEROME W., 123 ................... DeKalb, Ills. FIELDS, WALLACE R., 38 .................. Soperton, Go. FISHBEIN, SEYMOUR L., 1A ........ Kew Gardens, L. 1., N. Y. FLANAGAN, ROBERT E., IE .................. Chicago, Ills. FLEENER, WILLIAM R., SB .................. LoGrande, Ore. FLEMMING, DONALD W., 18 .................. Hilton, N. Y. FOX, ROBERT W., 8A ................ Grand Rapids, Mich. FRANK, HERBERT J., JR., 12A ................ Chicago, Ills. FRANK, WARREN P., 70 ...................... Normal, llls. FREW, ROBERT, 10A ................ West Brookfield, Mass. FRIAR, THURSTON R., 3D ................ Chormco, W. Va. FRIDAY, WILLIAM G., 10C .................. Chicago, Ills. FULLER, RICHARD G., 10D ................. Savannah, Ga. GAFFNEY, LEONARD J., 12B ............ San Francisco, Calif. GARDINER, JOSEPH C., JR., 10A ............ Waldorf, Md. GARDNER, JAMES, JR., 1D .................. Newton, Iowa GARRISON, JAMES L., JR., 12A .............. Dallas, Texas GASTON, ROBERT, 1A ................ San Francisco, Calif. GAUG, LELAND 5., HC, .................... Copley, Ohio GAUSE, RALPH W., HC .................. Scarsboro, Iowa GAY, HOLT, JR., MD ...................... Madison, Ills. GIANNINI, RICHARD J., 20 ................ Columbus, Ohio GILES, JOHN W., JR., 9E .......... Fuquay Springs, N. C. GOLLIHER, WALTER R., 8D .................. Dayton, Wash. GORHAM, WILLIAM W., 8D ................ Glendale, Calif. GORTON, JOHN F., 98 .................... Creston, Mont. GRAU, JOHN C., JR., IA ................ Pittsburgh, Penn. GRAVES, GORDON H., 128 ............ Solamanca, N. Y. GREEN, HAROLD L, 9E ................ Lake George, Mich. GRIFFITH, WILLIAM A., 88 .................. Portland, Ore. GRUNDMAN, ROBERT M., 10C .............. Vincennes, Ind. HABEL, KENNETH D., ID ................ Stevensville, Mich. HABER, GEORGE E., JR., 12A .............. Farmington, Mo. HAISON, EDWARD R., 8D ............ Mount Clemens, Mich. HAMPERS, CONSTANTINO G., 3A ........ Pittsburgh, Penn. HANDY, JACK R., HC ...................... Detroit, Mich. HANSEL, VERNON E., HC ............... New Orleans, La. HARLAN, VERNON, I2B ................ Vancouver, Wash. HARRAH, WILLIAM F., IC .................. Seattle, Wash. HARTMAN, ALBERT E., 8C .................. Waterloo, Ills. HASENYAGER, EDWARD L., 10A .......... Kansas City, Mo. HASINBILLER, WILLIAM P., 9A ...... w. . . .Temple City, Calif. HAUTH, CHARLES R., 9E ................ Edensburg, Penn. HAY, JOHN E., 8D ........... ' ............. Butler, Penn. HAYMOND, ROBERT E., 3A ................ Wilson, Penn. HAZEN, WILLIAM 0., 3D ................... Ramson, Kons. HEATH, WARD R., 108 ..................... Beaver, Penn. - HECK, EDWIN A., 12E ................ Barrackville, W. Va. HECKMAN, JOHN R., 9C .................. Yonkers, N. Y. HEFFELFINGER, FRANK T. II, 5A ......... Minneapolis, Minn. HEINEN, WILLIAM F., 10A .............. Greenacres, Wash. HEISKELL, GROVER L., 10D ................. Pompo, Texas HENNEY, JACK B., 9A .................... PiHsburg, Kans. HENTON, KENNETH T., ID, ................ Ff. Dodge, Iowa HERALD, ROY A., 1E ........................ Chicago, Ills. HICKLE, ROBERT G., HA ................ Long Beach, Calif. HIEBER, LEONARD L., MD ................ Lawrence, Kans. HIGGINS, WILLIAM B., 88 ................. Schuyler, Nebr. HILL, JAMES R., 12C ........................ Ysleto, Texas HILLOCK, DONALD M., 28 .............. Washingfon, D. C. HINTERMEISTER, ALBERT, HA ............... Slayfon, Minn. HISKEY, JOHN F., 10B ........................ Reno, Nev. HOAR, JAMES W., 9A ................ San Francisco, Calif. HOAR, JOHN E., 1B ....................... Passaic, N. J. HOBDAY, RICHARD A., 1D ................ Lancaster, Penn. HOFEDITZ, LE VERNE D., JR., IB .............. Fresno, Calif. HOFF, MATTHEW J., 10C ................ Wouwotosa, Wis. HOHL, HAROLD J., MD ................ Los Angeles, Calif. HOLDER, MARION L., 10B ................ San Diego, Calif. HONEGGER, ALBERT J., JR., HC ............ St. Louis, Mo. HOOKER, EDWARD G., 12C .............. New York, N. Y. HOPKINS, JOSEPH, ID .................... Belmont, Moss. HORNBURG, ERWIN W., JR., 12A ............ Merrill, Wis. HORTON, PAULL 5., 1A .................... Dighfon, Moss. HOWARD, CHAPIN E., 1A ................ McAlesfer, Oklg. HOWARD, RALPH C., 12C .................. Marietta, Ohio HOYT, HERBERT D., JR., 9E .............. Manchester, Moss. HUGHES, WALTER D., 1C .............. San Francisco, Calif. HUKE, FREDERICK L., 2D .................... Omaha, Nebr. ENSIGN 2ND LT. ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN 2ND LT. ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN 2ND LT. ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN 2ND LT. 2ND LT. ENSIGN ENSIGN 'ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN 2ND LT. ENSIGN 2ND LT. ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN 2ND LT. ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN 2ND LT. ENSIGN ENSIGN 2ND LT. ENSIGN 2ND LT. ENSIGN ENSIGN 2ND LT. ENSIGN ENSIGN 2ND LT. ENSIGN ENSIGN 2ND LT. ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN 2ND LT. ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN Page 333 HUNT, HARRY F., JR., 108 .................. Newark, N. J. HUNT, JOHN 5., 12A ....................... Dallas, Texas HUNTER, PAUL R., HD ....................... Joplin, Mo. HUSS, ALOYSIUS M., 1D .................. Mendota, Minn. HYNSON, HERBERT R., JR., HC ............ Hobbs, N. Mex. ILMBERGER, BERNARD J., 10A ................ Sedalia, Mo. ISAACSON, JERROLD A., MD ............ Washington, D. C. JACKSON, PAUL P., JR., 8D .................. Atlanta, Ga. JACOBS, WEST C., JR., 3C .................. Ithaca, N. Y. JANSEN, ENGELUS, 12A .............. Grand Rapids, Mich. JENSEN, ARDEN L, HC .................. Richfield, Utah JOHNSON, ELLIOTT Y., 108,...2 .............. Prentice, Ills. JOHNSON, THOMAS, 12E ................. Williamson, Ga. JOHNSON, WILLIAM E., 8D ................ Little Rock, Ark. JOHNSTON, GEORGE J., 1A .......... Staten Island, N. Y. JOHNSTON, HOYT, 12A .................. Palestine, Texas JOHNSTON, KENNETH K., 125 ............ Frankfort, Kons. JONES, ERNEST E., 10D .................. Littlefield, Texas JUETT, JOH M., 128 ........................ Selma, Ind. JUHNKE, MARTIN A., ND .............. Los Angeles, Calif. KAELIN, JOSEPH, HC .................. Sharon Hill, Penn. KALAS, ANTHONY 3., JR., 1D .......... Walnut Creek, Calif. KAMINSKI, WALTER E., HC .................. Trenton, N. J. KANATZAR, JACK, JR., 108 .................. Topeka, Kons. KANE, EUGENE 3., 12C .................. Palestine, Texas KAPPELER, NEAL J., 110 .................. Alameda, Calif. KAPPUS, WILLIAM J., 12A ................ Indianapolis, Ind. KASSELMAN, LEONARD E., 12D ............ Ellinwood, Kans. KEEHN, FREDERICK C., 12B ............... Cedarburg, Wis. KELLY, JAMES E., 8D ..................... Hopkins, Minn. KELLEY, JOHN W., HD ................... Tomahawk, Wis. KESSLER, WILLIAM A., ID .............. Schenectady. N. Y. KINDLESPARBER, WARD B., JR., 12B .......... Chaun'te, Kcns. KING, ROBERT C., 108 ...................... Milton, Moss. KING, RUSSELL C., 2C ...................... Lincoln, R. l. KIRBY, DONALD L., HC .................... Rockford, Ills. KIRKEMO, LELAND E., 4C ................ Bull Club, Minn. KIRKPATRICK, ROBERT W., 9E ............ Lindole, W. Va. KJAR, EDWARD A., 4C ................ Salt Lake City, Utah KOENIG, ALBERT A., JR., 8D ................ Baltimore, Md. KOETTKER, HARRY W., 5C ................ ,. . 33f. Louis, Mo. KOLONIK, WALTER, 9E ...................... Chicago, ms. KRAGH, CARL, JR., 9C .............. University City, Mo. KRAMER, JOHN A., JR., 12A ............ Horseheods, N. Y. KRAMER, RICHARD T., 12A .................. Ithaca, N. Y. KUNKEE, STEWART A., 1C ................ AfOscadero, Calif. LA GRANDEOR, HENRY B., 3D .............. Somerset, Wis. LAMBERT, GEORGE RV 5C .................. McCloUd, Calif. LANG BEHN, WILLIAM N., 1E ............ Minneapolis, Minn. LANGLOIS, KENNETH J., 10D ................ Manteno, Ills. LAPLANTE, BERNARD R., 3D ............ Fergos Falls, Minn. LARSON, EDWARD R., 2D ................ Winnemucca, Nev. LASSER, EDWARD L., 1C ................... Otfumwa, Iowa LASTER, GEORGE W., HD ............ San Anselmo, Calif. LATTANZI, ROBERT L., BD ................. Rochester, N. Y. LATTIN, ALBERT H., 1A ...................... Fallon, Nev. LAUGHLIN, WILLIAM E. B, HA ............. Houston, Texas LAVERY, JOY A, ID ....................... Lawrence, Kans. LAWSON, LAWRENCE W., JR., HB .......... Logan, W. Va. LAYMAN, PIERRE A., ND .................... Niles, Mich. LEARNED, WILLARD 0, 2A .................. Clinton, Moss. LEEPER, KENNETH V., 128 ................ Des Moines, Iowa LE MAIRE, EDWARD, 12C .................. Baltimore, Md. LEMERT, RUSSELL C., 5C ............... Corringfon, N. Dok. LEPPER, WILLIAM B., MD ................ Milwaukee, Wis. LEONARD, CHARLES E., 23 ................ Haverhill, Mass. LEWIS, RICHARD K., 10D ................... Conroe, Texas LINDHAUER, ARTHUR L., MD ................ Chelsea, Mich. LINDSAY, RAY D., IE ........ ' ............ Oskalooso, Kons. LINTEILMAN, ARTHUR H., JR., 12A ...... Goose Creek, Texas LAWRENCE, JAMES M., 1D ........... South Orange, N. J. LOESING, NORMAN R., 12D ................ Ferguson, Mo. LONG, ROBERT J., 1E .................... Kansas City, Mo. LOWERY, FREDERICK J., 1C ............... Manhattan, Ills. LUNDY, JACK R., 8D .................. Los Angeles, Calif. LUTZ, GEORGE J., JR., 10C .......... West New York, N. Y. LYNCH, RUSSELL V., 12C ................ Greenwich, Conn. MACK, NORMAN Y., 12A3. ............... Ravenna, Ohio MACKAY, JOHN R., 118 .................. Ft. Wayne, Ind. MADERICH, MARVIN 8., 1D ................ Ashland, Wis. MAGLATHLIN, LESLIE W., 2C .............. Kingston, Mass. MAHNCKE, WILLIAM H., 9C ................ Defroif, Mich. MAIN, ROBERT A., ID .................... Delaware, Ohio N ENSIGN dcgefof ADAMS, LEO B., HB ..................... FY. Dodge, Iowa ENSIGN AHERN, LEO H., 1C ...................... Burlington, Iowa ENSIGN ALBERS, ROY W., HD ...................... Ferndale, Mich. ENSIGN ALLENDER, WILLIAM J., 93 .................... Laurel, Ind. 2ND LT. AMANN, EMANUEL R., MD ................. St. Louis, Mo. ENSIGN ANDERSON, JACK K., 9E ............ San Luis Obispo, Calif. ENSIGN ANDERSON, HOWARD L., 9A ............... Pontiac, Mich. 2ND LT. ANDERSON, JOHN V., HB ............... Dubuque, Iowa 9K ENSIGN ASELYN, LOUIS ST. 0., HA .................... Flint, Mich. ENSIGN ATKINS, ROBERT E., 128 ................... Madison, Wis. ENSIGN AUTOS, ROBERT E., 9A ................... Sayville, N. Y. ENSIGN ATDELOTT, WILLIAM L., 10A .............. New Orleans, La. 2ND LT. BAASKE, ARTHUR R., MD ................ Tecumseh, Mich. ENSIGH BAHLER, MAX E., HC .................... Rensselaer, Ind. ENSIGN BAILEY, BRYAN, JR., 8C ................ Wichita Falls, Texas 2ND LT. BAKER, REX H., HC, ...................... Wolfonville, Ills. N ENSIGN BAKER, THOMAS M., 12A .................. chesville, Ky. ENSIGN BALISH, DANIEL, IB ....................... Scranton, Penn. ENSIGN BANGERT, HARRY C., 1E ................... St. Louis, Mo. ENSIGN BARBERO, MARTIN, HC ................ San Francisco, Calif. ENSIGN BARNIK, EDWARD, 4B ................ Philadelphia, Penn. ENSIGN BAROME, CARMELO, 10D ................ New Orleans, La. 9 ENSIGN BARR, ROBERT L., JR., 2A .................. Blackburn, Mo. ENSIGN BARTLETT, PHILIP F., JR., 10C ............ Myrtle Point, Ore. N ENSIGN BARTLING, WILLIAM A., 1C .............. Springfield, Mo. ENSIGN BEAGHLER, RICHARD L., 8D ............. Englewood, Colo. ENSIGN BEEMAN, EVERETT C., IA ................ Waterbury, Conn. ENSIGN BELL, NORMAN R., 3B ................... Saginaw, Mich. ENSIGN BERGQUIST, DONAL 8., 3D .............. Monterey, Calif. ENSIGN BER'KEY, WARD L., 9E ................... Johnstown, Penn. ENSIGN BICKFORD, ROGER B., HB ............ Syossef, L. L, N. Y. ENSIGN BILBREY, JOHN D., 1C ..................... Monroe, Texas ENSIGN BLAKE, DUANE L., 10D ................... Gregory, S. Dok. N 2ND LT. BLANCHARD, GORDON E., 12A .......... Morristown, N. J. ENSIGN BOINEAU, CHARLES E., JR., 118 ............ Boykin, S. C. ENSIGN BOMBYK, JOHN, 9B .................... Carsonville, Mich ENSIGN BOSTON, WILLIAM B., IOB ................ Taylorsville, Ills. ENSIGN BOX, J.. C., 28 .......................... Houston, Texas 2ND LT. BOYER, HOMER E., JR., 12C .............. Ft. Worth, Texas ENSIGN BRADBURY, DONALD 5., 2A .......... Philadelphia, Penn. ENSIGN BRADSHAW, KENNETH J., 9A .............. Hermisfon, Ore. ENSIGN BRAUN, GILBERT L., 9C .................. Woukegon, Ills. N ENSIGN BRIGGS, ROBERTA B., JR., 12D ...... Hermoso Beach, Calif. ENSIGN BROADBENT, JOSEPH W., 28 ........... Lonsdowne, Penn. ENSIGN BROOKS, BAILEY F., 2A .............. Corufhersville, Mo. ENSIGN BROSNAN, WILLIAM A., 12A ........... San Francisco, Calif. ENSIGN BROWN, BERNARD R., 8D ................... Detroit, Mich. ENSIGN BROWN, ROBERT, HD .................. Plymouth, Mich. ENSIGN BROWN, ROBERT J., 123 .................. Chicago, Ills. ENSIGN BRUESTLE, LESTER K., 9C ............. Peligon Rapids, Minn. - N ENSIGN BRUST, JOHN F., 1E ...................... Chicago, Ills. ENSIGN BURCH, WILLIAM L., 10D .................. Madison, Wis. ENSIGN BURFORD, ROBERT E., 12A .............. Wilbrahcm, Moss. 2ND LT. BURKHALTER, ROY C., HC ........... Oklahoma City, Okla. ENSIGN BURLINGAME, JAMES, JR., 9D .............. St. Louis, Mich. ENSIGN BURNHAM, CHARLES E., HC .................. Essex, MCISS. ENSIGN BURNAP, ROBERT L., 1B .................... Canaan, Conn. ENSIGN BURR, RONALD E., 2A ...................... Sidney, Nebr. ENSIGN BURT, ROGER A., 23 ........................ Hinsdale 1lls. . N ENSIGN BUSH, JAMES F., 9C ..................... . fAkron, ,Ohio ENSIGN BUTEL, JOSEPH L., 2A ....................... Paolo, Kons. ENSIGN BUTLER, ARTHUR P., 9D ...... 9 ........... Cincinnati, Ohio ENSIGN BULLER, THOMAS M., 9C ..... ........ Punxsufowney, Penn. ENSJGN BULLERS, THOMAS M., 9C .................. Moyporf, Penn. 4V ENSIGN CABRIALS, SYLVAN A., JR., 1C, . . . . ,. Corpus Christi, Texas ENSIGN CAMPBELL, RICHARD F., HD .................... Rock Mich ENSIGN CAPUTO, MICHAEL, 11c ............... SwompscothMass. 2k 2ND LT. CAREY, JAMES, HD ........................ Detroit, Mich. ENSIGN CAREY, RICHARD P., 118 ................... Norfolk! Nebr. ENSIGN CARLISLE, JAMES H., 8B ................ Michigan cn'y Ind. ?NSIGN CARMELICH, RICHARD 5., 9B ............... Dumonf N J- Poge 332 NOT PICTURED IN MARK V SLIPSTREAM ENSIGN CARROLL, ABRAHAM L., 33 ............. Hollywood, Calif, ENSIGN CARROLL, JOHN F., JR., 2A ................. Norfolk, Va. 2ND LT. CARTER, BOBBY, 108 ...................... Springfield, Mo. 2ND LT. CARTER, MORRIS W., 12D. .................. Bristol, Penn. ENSIGN CARTER, ROBERT D., BB ..................... Boston, Mass. ENSIGN CARUSO, HENRY J., 1C .............. Los Angeles, Calif. ENSIGN CAUSEY, WILLIAM G., 1A ............... High Point, N. C. ENSIGN CAYTON, GILBERT 0., 1C ................... Toledo, Ohio ENSIGN CHASE, WINN E., 2C ...................... Vallejo, quif, 2ND LT. CHEATHAM, THOMAS E., 9E .................. Lodi, Calif. ENSIGN CHISHOLM, WILLIAM J., 9A ............ Pittsburgh, Penn. ENSIGN CHRIST, ROBERT E., 128 .............. Harpers Ferry, Iowa ENSIGN CHRISTY, WILLIAM J., 128 ................ 31. Louis, Mo. ENSIGN CLARK, BOYCE E., 12A .................... Hayward, Calif. 2ND LT. CLARK, TRUMAN, HC ................. Los Angeles, CuIif. 2ND LT. COFFIELD, THOMAS D., 10C ........ Grand Rapids, Mich. ENSIGN COFFMAN, PAUL, 9A ................. San Fernando, Calif. ENSIGN COLAPIETRO, LEO J., 43 .............. Windsor Locks, Conn. 2ND LT. COLEMAN, CALVIN D., 123 .......... Minneapolis, Minn. ENSIGN COLLINS, ROSS T., 12A ............... Breckenridge, Texas ENSIGN CONAGISKIE, EUGENE 6., 9A ............. Tomaquo, Penn. ENSIGN CONDRA, KENNETH l., 12A ................... Iberia, Mo. ENSIGN CONEY, ROBERT C., 9D ................... Seattle, Wash. ENSIGN CONLEY, WILLIAM, 7C ................ Cambridge, Moss., 2ND LT. CONNERS, JERRY, JR., 10C ................... Gory, Ind. ENSIGN COOK, ROBERT M., IE ................... Rochester, N. Y. ENSIGN COPELAND, CURTIS W., 2B .............. Waller Lake, Mich. ENSIGN COTTINGHAM, HARLEY E., 4A ............. Murray,' Nebr. ENSIGN COX, WESLEY R., 12E ............... Menomenee Falls, Wis. ENSIGN COZAD, WALTER F., HB ................. Alameda, Calif. ENSIGN CRAMER, DARWIN K., 7E .............. . Emmett, Idaho ENSIGN CRAMER, OLIVER G., 1C ................ Pittsburgh, Penn. ENSIGN CREMER, JACK F., 9D ................... Pittsburg, Kons. ENSIGN'CRUM, ALGIE J., 4A ........... . ........ Friendship, Tenn. ENSIGN CUNNINGHAM, ROBERT T., HD ............. Clinton, Iowa 2ND LT. CURTIS, MAURY W., 12A .................. St. Louis, Mo. ENSIGN CUSHING, STEPHEN W., 103 ............ Brunswick, Maine ENSIGN DAVIDSEN, ARTHUR J., 8D .................. Chicago, Ills. ENSIGN DAVIDSON, JAMES B., 10B .......... Palisades Park, N. J. ENSIGN DAVIS, ALLEN C., 12A .................... Monroe, Wis. ENSIGN DAVIS, RICHARD E., ID ............... . Rutherford, N. J. 2ND LT. DEKKER, JAMES F., MD ................... Clark, 3. Dak. ENSIGN DEL CARLO, NATALE, JR., 12A ............ St. Paul, Minn. ENSIGN DEMAREST, MERRITT, JR., 9D. .Tot'renville, Staten Island, N. Y. ENSIGN DENNY, LOWELL L., 1D,; .................. Alameda, Calif. 2ND LT. DE PRIEST, STANLEY E., 12A .......... Crystal Springs, Miss. ENSIGN DE STEFANO, MICHAEL, 4B ........... Oxford Depot, N. Y. 2ND LT. DEWAR, MURRAY M., 10A ........ ' East Grand Rapids, Mich. ENSIGN DICKIE, JOSEPH F., 1D .................... Pontiac, Mich. ENSIGN DILLON, BILLY H., HA ............... Kansas City, Kans. ENSIGN DINNEEN, GEORGE P., HA ............... Volin, S. Oak. 2ND LT. DOLPH, WILBERT E., 12D .................... Tucson, Ariz. ENSIGN CONNELLY, RALPH H., 3C .......... Huntington Park, Calif. ENSIGN DORSETT, RICHARD H., 3C ................ Giddings, Texas ENSIGN DOTSON, JOHN A., 4A ...................... Willis, Kans. ENSIGN DOWEN, ROBERT 6., IE ................. Chinook, Mont. ENSIGN DOWNS, WALTER M., HC ..................... Pona, Ills. 2ND LT. DROUGHT, THOMAS, 12E .............. San Antonio, Texas ENSIGN DRULINER, GLEN E., 9C ............... Benkelmon, Nebr. ENSIGN DUGENER, MICHAEL K., 1E ................ Escanaba, Mich. ENSIGN DUNNIGAN, CHARLES E., 1C .................. Flint, Mich. 2ND LT. DUPIES, JOHN E., HC ................. Taycheedoh, Wis. ENSIGN DYCKMAN, WILLIAM J., JR., ID .......... White Plains, N. YLI ENSIGN EARNSHAW, JACK W., 4c .................... Ogden, Utah 2ND LT. EBY, BENJAMIN L., 12A ..................... York, Penn. ENSIGN EDLINGER, JOHN W., IE ................ Saginaw, MiCh- ENSIGN EDMISTEN, EDWARD D. H., 10C ............ Shawnee, Okla. ENSIGN EICHENSEER, HAROLD L., 12B ............... Hecker, HIS- ENSIGN ELGIN, GEORGE K., 88 ................... Hannibal, M0- ENSIGN ELLIOTT, DAVID D,, 93 .............. San Gabriel, Calif. 2ND LT. EMERSON, BURTON L., 12E ,,,,,,,,,,, North St. Paul, Minn. LLINC $:GNFARLEYE'1 ?:DU- waCs EjSIGN HSHBM W MN 51 EJSIGN HEW: m IGN F0 NK mSIGN WW! w ,FRE , b NFRIARr Z ENSIGN GRAU ENSIGN GRAV 2ND LT. GREET , msIcN GRIFF ENSIGN GRUN ENSIGN HABH ENSlGN HABH ENSIGN HAW ENSIGN HAM! 7ND LT. HANI ENSIGN HANS ENSIGN HARl iNSlGN HARE ENSIGN HART 2ND I.T. HAS ENSIGN HASI ENSIGN HAU ENSIGN HAY ENSIGN HAY ENSIGN HAZ ENSIGN HEA ENSIGN HEC ENSIGN HEC ENSIGN HEF 2ND lT. HEI ?ND lT. HEI ENSIGN HE ENSIGN HE ENSIGN HER ENSIGN Hm ENSIGN HIE 2ND lT. Hie ENSIGN HIL ENSIGN HIL ENSIGN HI ENSIGN HI E"SIGN Ho ENSIGN H0 ENSIGN HO ENSIGN HO ENSIGN HI ...... Library, Pen 8 .8 .Bakersfield, Cali? Brigham City, Uluh r...Kansas City, MI ....... Toledo, 0m . . . .Birmingham, Ah ..... Rochesier, N, Y, DBonners Ferry, Idaho . Ocean Grove! N. J. . . , AShudyside, Ohio ..... Brockton, Mass, ..... Columbus, Ohio ....... Albany, Ole. .......... Noel, M3. . . . .Wuterbmy, Conn. ....... Lowell, Mm ...... Roches1er, N. Y. ....... Fresno, Colil. ..... Wilmington, Del. ....... Alloonu, Penn. ......... Benion, M. WLong Beuch, com. ........ Chicago, Ills North Little Rotk, ML ....... Baltimore, Md. ....... Alumoso, Colo, ..... Hogerstown, Nd. ....... Vail,lowa I . '.Philodelphia, Penn. H ...Scarsdale, N. Y. ...... Birmingham, A0. I 1 Independence, Kons. I ...Bergen!ield, . . H..Wheeling, W. '0- HPeIican Rapids, mn- H Lonsdowne, en?- """ Cincinnaii, Io 111111 Chitago, "lf- ton av'Uioh Hunflng k CI'YI D - "L09 om. . . '50 Rodeo' Cm . 8 - ' ' ' Birlminghilm'MaiS ave" 1L - ' ' ' ' I .ColUmbUS' perm. punmore 1 M "Vat Che5 Fe 16f! ENSIGN 2ND LT. ENSIGN 2ND LT. 2ND LT. ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN 2ND LT. ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN 2ND LT. ENSIGN 2ND LT. ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN 2ND LT. ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN 2ND LT. ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENS!GN ENSIGN 2ND LT. ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN 2ND LT. 2ND LT. 2ND LT. ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN SMITH, WARREN 8., 2C ................ Longmeadow, Moss. SMITH, WILLIAM C., 11B ................... Hibbing, Minn. SMITH, WILLIS B., JR., 12A .............. Fort Worth, Texas SMITHA, ROBERT C., 12A .................. New York, N. Y. SMOCK, BILLEY, 12A .................. Speedway City, Ind. SMOLKA, GLENN, 9D .................... Lakewood, Ohio SNAPP, HERTON D., 10C ............ Steamboat Rock, Iowa SNYDER, LAWTON H., HC ................ Elizabeth, Penn. SNUDER, MALCOLM J., 113 .................. Toledo, Ohio SOLBERG, OLIVER M., JR., 128 ........ Overland Park, Kons. SPARKS, DEAN R., 9D .................. Lee's Summit, Mo. SPARGO, JAMES, 3B .................. Six Mile Run, Penn. SPERRY, LYMAN G., 1D ........................ Kent, Ohio STAHOVA, THADDEUS F., 2B .............. Rochester, N. Y. STEIN, RUSSEL, 12A ...................... Duquesne, Penn. ST. JOHN, BERNARD J., 8D .................. Adams, Moss. STRATTON, ARTHUR D., 118 .......... South Follsburg, N. Y. STRATTON, FRANKLYN H., 9D ............ Kansas City, Mo. STROEHER, CHARLES W., 9A ................ Billings, Mont. STROEMER, WILLIAM G., 12C ................. Berwyn, Ills. STROWE, RAYMOND C., 12A .................. Chicago, Ills. STUDEBAKER, CHESTER L., MD .................. Elgin, Ills. STUART, CHARLES L, 2C ...................... Perry, Kans. SUGRUE, JOHN M., 113 ................... Normandy, Mo. SUMMERS, HAROLD R., 5A, .............. East Sf. Louis, Hls. SUYDAM, WILLIAM E., 18 .................. Columbia, Penn. SWEATMAN, ROBERT F., JR., 9D .......... San Angelo, Texas TALLINI, GENAUERT R., MD ................ Arlington Mdss. TARDIFF, EUGENE W., 12C .................. Seattle, Wash. TARPY, WILLIAM A., 4D .................... Oak Park, Ills. TAYLOR, VICTOR H., HA .................... Detroit, Mich. THIRLWELL, ROBERT, JR., HD .............. Sheridan, Wyo. THOMAS, ARTHUR D., 1B ................ Inglewood, Calif. 'TIMKO, RUSSELL J., 12A .................... Chicago, Ills. TIPTON, BILLIE, 9C ........... . ......... Caruthersville, Mo. TOON, OWEN R., HA .................... Checotoh, Okla. TRAVERS, JAMES J., 113 .................... Mounds, Ills. TREEN, EDWARD W., 48 .................... Conway, N. H. TUCKER, HERMAN L., HA .................. Johnson, Kans. TUCKER, KENNETH W., 2C .............. Socramenfo, Calif. TUNKEY, WILLIAM C., 1C .................. Buffalo, N. Y. TOOHY, JOHN J., IA ..................... Oakland, Calif. TWEEDIE, EARL R., 12A .................. Thorndike, Maine TWELLS, DOUGLAS 5., HA .................. Fosforia, Ohio TWIST, OLIVER M., 98 ........................ DeWiff, Ills. UNDEBERG, RALPH T., 9C .................. Condo, N. Dak. VALENTINE, JOHN F., ID ................ Painesville, Ohio VALENTINE, RICHARD R., 7 ................ Detroit, Mich. VAN CAMPEN, HEIL L., 12E ................ Seattle, Wash. VANDEGRIFT, ROLLAND A., 2C .......... Los Angeles, Calif. VANDERPOEL, ALLEN, ID .................... Chicago, Ills. VERMILYA, JOHN F., 1E .............. Bowling Green,, Ohio WAITS, JACK E., 33 .................. Klomofh Falls, Ore. WALKER, WALTER R., 9E ...................... Delta, Utah WALSTROM, CLIFFORD C., 9D .......... Santa Monica, Calif. WARE, JACK 8., 11C ...................... Bonhom, Texas WATKINS, KENNETH W., 93 .................. Price, Utah WATKINS, WILBURN W., 9D ................... Elsey, Mo. WEAVER, CARLTON D., 12A ............ Gronfsville, W. Va. WEBB, JOHN M., 9B .................... Minneapolis, Minn. WEBSTER, HARRY R., JR., 9D ........... Minneapolis, Minn. WEINBECK, EUGENE J., HA .............. Winsfead, Minn. WETTERLUND, CHESTER J., 93 ................ Chicago, Ills. WHARTON, DONIVELL J., 5E ................ Detroit, MiCh- WHIGHAM, FRANK F., 2C ............. San Diego, Calif. WHITE, THOMAS A., 11c ...................... High, Texas WHITEFIELD, MELVIN L., HA .............. Lonoconing, Md. WILBERG, EARL DeP., 10A .................. Kenosha, WiS- WILLIAMS, GEORGE 3., 10D: ................. Ogden, Utah WILLIAMS, HARDING, 9D ..... ' ............... Osgood, Ind. WILLIAMS, MERLIN H., 12C .................. Portland, Ore. WILLIAMS, ROY N., 4A .................. Spokane, Wash. WILSON, EARL V., HB ................... Fairhaven, M055- WILSON, JENNINGS 3., JR., 123 .............. Dallas, Texas WINTER, WALTER 8., 3D ...................... Breese, Ills. WINTZI, EDWARD F., 18 ................... Baltimore, Md. WOLPERT, ROBERT L., 93 .................. Teaneck, N. J. WORLEY, GEORGE E., 100 ............... Comp Taylor, KY- WORLEY, HOWARD M., 120 ................ Wichita, KonS- WRIGHT, LEWIS E., 1C .................. Edwardsporf, Ind. YOUNG, EARLE 3., 10A ................... Odessa, Texas YOUNGBLOOD, THOMAS A., 4C .......... Nev. Orleans, .Lo. ZBIKOWSKI, MITCHELL c., 123 ............... Detroit, Much. ZIERNICKI, GEORGE, 2C ................ Philadelphia, Penn. SPECIAL GRADUATION FEBRUARY 29, 1944 ENSIGN ALLEN, LINDLEY R., 9A .................... Seattle, Wash. ENSIGN ANDERSON, GUY 0., 9A ................ ,. .Longview, Wash. ENSIGN ANGLEMEYER, ROBERT E., 9A ......... Santa Monica, Calif. ENSIGN BETTS, WILLIS G., 9D ..................... Topeka, Kons. ENSIGN BILGER, DONALD E., 9C .................... Chicago, Ills. ENSIGN BOYD, LEONARD R., 9C .................... Trenton, Nebr. ENSIGN BROWN, KEITH L., 90 ..................... Denver, Colo. ENSIGN CAREY, GEORGE H., 8D ................... Sidney, Mont. ENSIGN CHAVOUS, GEORGE L., 90 .................... Blythe, Go. 2ND LT. CHRISTIE, JAMES M., 10A .............. Minneapolis, Minn. ENSIGN COLE, PHILLIP W., 9C ...................... Corning, N. Y. 2ND LT. CORDELL, CHARLES E., 10A ................ Piffsburg, Tenn. 2ND LT. CRAWFORD, WlLMER D., 9E ................ Glenfclls, N. Y. 2ND LT. DUPLER, DALE D., JR., 9D .................. Columbus, Ohio ENSIGN ECKBERG, ROBERT W., 8A ............ V ...... Seattle, Wash. ENSIGN ELLIOTT, GEORGE 8., 8A .............. Minneapolis, Minn. ENSIGN FERNANDEZ, CHARLES J., lOC ................ Tampa, Fla. 2ND LT. FOX, RICHARD M. Ill, 9C .................... Conville, Va. ENSIGN FULLER, JACK C., 9C ................ Good Thunder, Minn. ENSIGN GEORGE, ELWOOD W., 8D .................. Portland, Ore. 2ND LT. GILMER, DUDLEY C., 9E ................ Minneapolis, Minn. ENSIGN GIST, DONALD T., 98 .................... Manhattan, Kans. ENSIGN GRAHAM, MAX G., 93 ................... Mildand, Texas ENSIGN HOGANSON, EUGENE M., 9C ............ Minneapolis, Minn. ENSIGN HOVLAND, JEROME 0., 9A ................ Hinghom, Mont. 2ND LT. HUFFMAN, JACKIE E., 9C .................. Cameron, Mo. ENSIGN HURLEY, JAMES M., JR., 9E ................ Marlboro, Moss. 2ND LT. IRELAND, JAMES D., 9E ................ Richmond Hill, N. Y. ENSIGN JOHNSTON, FRED 8., 9A ................ Alhambra, Calif. ENSIGN KINER, DEAN V., 9E ........................ Bishop, Calif. ENSIGN KITCHEL, EDWARD L., 9C .................. Logonsport, Ind. ENSIGN KOCH, JOHN L., 9C ................. 88 .Anthonies Mill, Mo. ENSIGN KOOSED, JOSEPH, 9E .............. Cleveland Heights, Ohio ENSIGN KOZUB, JOSEPH, 9C ...................... Abingdon, Md. ENSIGN KRUCK, WARREN, 9D ........................ Boone, Iowa ENSIGN LAMORE, VERN, 9E ......................... Detroit, Mich. ENSIGN LANGILLE, EDMUND L., 9A ................ Greenville, N. H. ENSIGN LAURIE, JOSEPH P., 9C .................... Paterson, N. J. ENSIGN LAUTZ, LOUIS R., 9D ...................... LoCrosse, Wis ENSIGN LONG, JOHN 5., 9A ...................... Amarillo, Texas ENSIGN MARTIN, ROBERT l., 9C .................... Staples, Minn. ENSIGN MASTERS, CHARLES T., 8C ............ Mount Pleasant, Texas 2ND LT. McALlSTER, ROY A., JR., 9C ............... Plainview, Texas 2ND LT. MCDERMOTT, GEORGE M., JR., 9E .............. Vass, N. C. ENSIGN MCGLONE, RICHARD, 9C .................... Kokomo, Ind. ENSIGN MEANS, RICHARD K., 9E .................. Portland, Maine ENSIGN MEIER, WALTER H., JR., 9E ................ Arlington, Texas ENSIGN MEYER, JAMES W., 9C ........................ Avilla, Ind. 2ND LT. MILLER, WILLIAM H., 9E ................ Summerville, S. C. ENSIGN NEAGLE, GUY V., 98 .................... Cunningham, Kons. ENSIGN NORQUIST, DALE T., 9A ................... Lynwood, Calif. ENSIGN NORTHCRAFT, JULIEN 0., 9E ................ VBrillianf, Ohio ENSIGN OSBORN, WILLIAM L., 9D ................. Loveland, Colo. 2ND LT. OWENS, DICK, 9E .................... Idaho Falls, Idaho ENSIGN PAIRITZ, HARRY P., 9B ...................... Chicago, Ills. ENSIGN PEABODY, GERARD C. R., 9E ................ Seaffie, Wash. ENSIGN PODHRASKY, JULIUS, 9A .................... Dallas, Texas ENSIGN POLLARD, ROSS F., 9C ................ Newburyport, Mass. ENSIGN PREEGE, ORAL, JR., 9D ..................... Ogden, Utah 2ND LT. RIGUTTO, RAY, 9D ........................ Portland, Ore. ENSIGN ROBBINS, CLAUDE C., 90 ............. Morgantown, N. C. ENSIGN ROWE, EARL L., 9D ........................ Ogden, Utah 2ND LT. SCHADEL, ROBERT L., JR., 9E ................ Arcadia, Calif. ENSIGN STARLEY, JOHN T., 9A ..................... Camp Hill, Ga. ENSIGN STENGELIN, ROBERT F., 10C. 8. ...... West Hartford, Conn. 2ND T. STRONG, ROBERT A., 9E .................... St. Joseph, Mo. ENSIGN STRUT, JOHN A., 10C ...................... Madison, Wis. ENSIGN SWANSON, LESTER W., 9D ............ Redlake Falls, Minn. 2ND LT. SWEDBERG, JOHN E., 9D .................... Chicago, Ills. ENSIGN TERRY, JAMES L., 98 ...................... Amarillo, Texas 2ND LT. THOMAS, DAVID 5., JR., 9D .................. Molod, Ohio 2ND LT. THOMASON, JAMES E., 8D .............. Weehawken, N. J. ENSIGN TILLAR, THOMAS C., 9E ...................... Emporiu, Va. 2ND LT. TINNEY, JOHN E., 9D ...................... Chicago, Ills. 2ND LT. TOWNSEND, JAMES V., 9D .............. San Antonio, Texas 2ND LT. TUFF, DAVID R., 9D ...................... Barton, N. Dak. 2ND LT. VANTHEROT, HARRY R., 9E .............. Los Angeles, Calif. 2ND LT. WATKINS, EDWARD E., 9E .................... Toledo, Ohio ENSIGN WHEELER, EVERETT L., 98 .................... Sanfo, Texas ENSIGN WIGLEY, WALLACE, 9B .................. College Park, Ga. 2ND LT. WILLIAMS, MERRILL L., 9E .............. Washington, D. C. ENSIGN WILSON, BILLIE L., 9C .................... East Akron, Ohio ENSIGN WINGFIELD, HENRY W. H., 9C .......... Charlottesville, V0. Page 335 ENSIGN MALEY, ARTHUR F., 1C .................... Alliance, Ohio ENSIGN MALONEY, PHILIP K., 10 ................ Chevy Chase, Md. ENSIGN MARION, OLIVER, 12E .................. Greenfield, Moss. 2ND LT. MARTIN, JAMES 5., JR., 12C ................ Tulsa, Okla. ENSIGN MARRIOTT, ROY G., 98 .................. Stillwater, Okla. ENSIGN MASON, FRANCIS M., 12C .................. Hancock, Mle. ENSIGN MATHEWSON, ROBERT H., 1D ............. Riversid'e, Cgllf. ENSIGN MATTHEWS, ERNEST C., 11D ................ Detront, Much. ENSIGN MAYS, WESLEY, 4A ...................... The Dohles, Orfe. 2ND LT. McBANE, RAYMOND D., 118 ................ Alliance, Ohlo ENSIGN McCANDLESS, HARRY 5., 1C ................ Omaha, Nebr. ENSIGN McCLELLAN, LEROY B., 12E ................ Houston, Texas ENSIGN MCCONNELL, JEROME E.,- 111C ................ Salina, Kans. ENSIGN McFADDEN, FREEMAN T., 3D ................ Titusville, Penn. ENSIGN MCGAHEY, ROBERT L., 1D ................ Pittsburgh, Penn. ENSIGN McGEEHAN, CHARLES E., 10 ............ Wilkes-Barre, PenVn. ENSIGN MCKENNAN, DONALD, 113 .............. Santa Ana, C0111. 2ND LT. MCLEAN, CARL D., 10A .................... Raleigh, N. C. ENSIGN MCNULTY, FRANK 3., JR., 9D ............ Pittsburgh, Penn. 2ND LT. McRAE, PETER 3., 11A .................... Shreveport, Lo. ENSIGN MEGENHARDT, RAY G., 12A ............ Indianapolis, Ind. ENSIGN MELLEN, EARL R., 8D .................... Maplewood, N. J. ENSIGN MELSON, ROBERT D., 48 ................ Haddonfield, N. J. ENSIGN MEROLLI, LEE, 1B ...................... Washington, D. C. ENSIGN MEYER, HAROLD J. E., 123 ................ Superior, Nebr. ENSIGN MEYERS, ARTHUR A., 9C .................. St. Charles, Mo. ENSIGN MILLER, CARROLL T., 1C .................. Alhambra, C01if. ENSIGN MILLER, DANIEL A., JR., 10D ................ Seattle, Wash. ENSIGN MILLER, JAMES 13., 8C ...................... Narrows, Ky. 2ND LT. MILLER, ROBERT L., 11A ...................... Clinton, Mo. ENSIGN MILLER, WILLIAM J. R., 93 .............. Los Angeles, Calif. 2ND LT. MIMNAUGH, JOHN D., 12D ............ New Canaan, Conn. ENSIGN MISHLER, HAROLD P., 11D .............. Johnstown, Penn. ENSIGN MISHORK, JOHN, 2D ........................ Denver, Colo. ENSIGN MOLINA, FERDINAND E., 10A ............ New York, N. Y. 2ND LT. MOORE, THOMAS 5., 12C ................. Amarillo, Texas ENSIGN MORGAN, BERNARD, JR., 128 ........ Chicago Heights, Ills. ENSIGN MORGAN, MAX W., 20 .................. Springville, Utah ENSIGN MORICE, GILBERT J., 128 .............. Baden Station, Mo. ENSIGN MORRIS, FREDERICK E., JR., 2C .............. Lowell, Moss. 2ND LT. MORSE, CHARLES F., JR., 12C .......... Shaker Heights, Ohio 2ND LT. MORSE, HASTINGS 5., 12A ................ Bofsford, Conn. 2ND LT. MORSE, JOHN, JR., 10C .................... Phoenix, N. Y. ENSIGN MORTON, VICTOR J., JR., 1C .............. San Jose, Calif. ENSIGN MORTON, WAYMOND L., 2B .................. Boyd, Texas ENSIGN MURPHY, JOHN D., 18 ...................... Pontiac, Ills. ENSIGN MURRAY, CHESTER A., JR., 11A ............ Oakland, Calif. ENSIGN MYERS, DONALD M., 10 .................. Columbus, Ohio ENSIGN NASTOS, ALVIN E., 118 .................... Seattle, Wash. ENSIGN NAUMCHIB, ALEX, 1C .................. Asbury Park, N. J. ENSIGN NICKEL, WALTER F., 11D .................. Dinubo, Calif. ENSIGN NIELSEN, RICHARD W., 98 ...................... Zion, Ills. ENSIGN NIMITZ, RICHARD A., 123 ................ Monitowoc, Wis. ENSIGN NOBLE, GEORGE P., 2D .................... Torlock, Cclifu ENSIGN NORGART, MELVILLE J., 2C .............. Glasston, N. Dak. ENSIGN OAKFORD, MALCOLM 1., 12C .................... Rye, N. Y. 2ND LT. O'BRIEN, JAMES P., 12A .................. St. Louis, Mo. ENSIGN O'HEREN, WILLIAM J., 8D ................... Decatur, 1115. ENSIGN OLDENHOFF, ARTHUR E., 18 ............ Philadelphia, Penn. ENSIGN OLSON, PHILLIP R., 9C .................... Beverly, Moss. ENSIGN O'NEIL, EUGENE, 11D ................... Kansas City, Mo. ENSIGN O'NEIL, JOHN R., 2C .................. Youngstown, Ohio .. ENSIGN OPSAHL, DUNCAN H., 1A ............ Grand Rapids, Minn. ENSIGN ORR, MARQUIS P., 12C .............. Conneoufville, Penn. ENSIGN OSTERHOLM, ROBERT E., 9E ............... Plainville, Moss. ENSIGN OTT, EARL G., JR., 12C .................. Defiance, Ohio 2ND LT. PAARFUS, EDWARD C., JR., 11C ............ Yonkers, N. Y. ENSIGN PALMER, WAYNE D., 118 .................. Roseville, Calif. ENSIGN PARK, JAMES R., 118 ...................... Toledo, Ohio ENSIGN PARRISH, REX 0., 1D ........................ Rolls, Texas 2ND LT. PATRICK, EARL F., 9E ...................... Buffalo, N. Y. ENSIGN PEED, THOMAS R., JR., 2C .............. Hockenscck, N. J. 2ND LT. PEHL, ALFRED R., JR., 11C .................. Clarion, Iowa ENSIGN PELLACK, PETER, 1C ........................ Clifton, N. J. ENSIGN PENICK, LESLIE A., 12D ................... Anohuoc, Texas 2ND LT. PENLEY, VIRGIL R., 12C ...................... Chicago, Ills. 2ND LT. PERINA, LAMBERT J., 10A .................. Madison, Nebr. ENSIGN PETERS, DONALD G., 9E .............. Parkersburg, W. Va. ENSIGN PETERSON, ROBERT A., 3D .................... Morris, Ills. 2ND LT. PETRICK, KENNETH J., 110 ................ Monitowoc, Wis. ENSIGN PFEISTER, THOMAS J., 12C ................ Alfoono, Penn. ENSIGN PHILLIPS, HARRY L., 7D .................. Chillicothe, Mo, ENSIGN PHILLIPS, HOLLIS 5., 3D .................. Los Gatos, Calif. ENSIGN PHILLIPS, JOHN F., 13 .................... Worcester, Mass. Page 334 2ND LT. PHILLIPSON, BILLY Q., 118 ................ Des Moines, Iowa ENSIGN P1CCOLO, JOHN J., 11C ............ Ridgefield Park, N, J. ENSIGN PIPKIN, JOHN A., 9E ...................... Pensacola, Fla. ENSIGN PITTMAN, LEONARD, 8C. . .. ............... Kansas City, Mo, ENSIGN PLETTS, DONALD c., 11D ................ Brunswick, Maine ENSIGN POLAND, CLAUDIUS F., 128 .................. Sterling, v0, ENSIGN POND, WILLIAM 5., QB .............. Grand Forks, N. Dck. 2ND LT. POORE, WILLIAM W., 118 .............. Port Arthur, Texas ENSIGN PORTER, ARTHUR, 11D .................... St. Paul, Minn. ENSIGN PROVOST, JEAN T., 8B .................... Riverside, Calif. ENSIGN PROVOST, JOHN D., 11C .................. Lincoln, Nebr. ENSIGN QUINN, JOHN D., ID .................... Irvington, N. J, ENSIGN RAGUS, RICHARD A., 1C ................ Los Angeles, Calif. ENSIGN RAVECHE, HAROLD E., JR., 12A ............ Brooklyn, N. Y. ENSIGN RAY, RICHARD c., 9C ...................... Kittery, Maine 2ND LT. READ, JOHN E., 113 ................ Santa Monica, Calif. ENSIGN REED, BILLIE J., 93 .......................... Alton, Ills. ENSIGN REES, HARRY L., 12A .................... Pittsburgh, Penn. 2ND LT. REESE, ROBERT v., NC ...................... Elmhursf, Ills. ENSIGN REEVE, GRANT L., 9E ........................ Provo, Utah ENSIGN REGAN, ROBERT T., 11D ............ St. Albans, L. 1., N. Y, 2ND LT. RENSTROM, WAYNE A., 108 ............ Minneapolis, Minn. ENSIGN REYNER, DALE E., 11D .................. Independence, Mo. ENSIGN REYNOLDS, ARTHUR T., 103 .................. Library, Penn. ENSIGN RICHARDSON, JOHN P., 7D ............. Bakersfield, Calif. ENSIGN RICHARDSON, THEODORE, 9C .......... Brigham City, Utah ENSIGN RIDDLE, CHARLES F., 1E .................. Kansas City, Mo. ENSIGN RITZ, FRANK G., 123 ...................... Toledo, Ohio ENSIGN ROBERTS, ALLEN G., 113 ................. Birmingham, Ala. ENSIGN ROBINSON, RALPH F., 13 .................. Rochester, N. Y. ENSIGN ROGERS, HAROLD J., 113 .............. Bonners Ferry, Idaho ENSIGN ROHLAND, HAMILTON T., 9C ............ Ocean Grove, N. J. ENSIGN ROMEKA, FRANK R., 93 .................. Shodyside, Ohio ENSIGN ROSCOE, HARVEY H., 11D .................. Brockton, Mass. ENSIGN ROTH, JEROME 3., 9E .................... Columbus, Ohio ENSIGN ROTH, LAWRENCE D., 10C .................. Albany, Ore, 2ND LT. ROUSSELOT, ROBERT E., 12A .................... Noel, M0. 2ND LT. ROWE, FREDERICK B., 128 ................ Waterbury, Conn. ENSIGN ROY, ROBERT L., JR., 2C .................... Lowell, Moss. ENSIGN ROZEWSKI, FRANK 3., 1B .................. Rochester, N. Y. ENSIGN RUBY, JAMES T., 11D ....................... Fresno, Calif. ENSIGN RUSSEL, HAROLD L, 1D .................. Wilmington, Del. ENSlGN RUSSEL, JOHN F., 18 ...................... Al'roonG, Penn. ENSIGN RUSSELL, DAVID 3., 9B ...................... Benton, Ark. ENSIGN RYALL, CLANDE W., 113 ................ Long Beach, Calif. 2ND LT. RYAN, JOHN T., 11D ...................... Chicago, 1115. ENSIGN SCHEID, PHILIP H., JR., 9A .......... North Little Rock, Ark. ENSIGN SCHELHOSS, EMMETT C., 1D ...... ' .......... Baltimore, Md. 2ND LT. SCHLOSSER, VERNON 1., 9E ................ Alamosa, Colo. ENSIGN SCHNEBLY, ROBERT A., 1A ................ Hagerstown, Md. ENSIGN SCHNEPP, WYMAN N., 9A ...................... Vail, Iowa 2ND LT. SCHOFIELD, DAVID P., 9E .............. Philadelphia, Penn. ENSIGN SCHOLL, WILLIAM A., 12E ................ Scarsdale, N. Y. ENSIGN SCHOOLEY, GLENN G., JR., 9E: ............ Birmingham, Ala. ENSIGN SCOTT, ELDON E., 118 ................ Independence, Kons. ENSIGN SCHROEDER, ROBERT W., 1C .............. Bergenfield, N. J. ENSIGH SCHUH, JOSEPH W., 913 ................ Wheeling, W. Va. ENSIGN SCHWAB, DONALD R., 3D ............ Pe1ican Rapids, Minn. ENSIGH SCHWEM, WILLIAM A., 9E ............... Lansdowne, Penn. ENSIGN SEDLER, FRANK P., 11A .................. Cincinnati, Ohio ENSIGN SHARBEK, HUBERT C., 12A .................... Chicago, 1115. ENSIGN SHARPE, EDWARD G., 10D .................... Bereo, Ohio ENSIGN SHASTEEN, WILLARD 3., 9C ............ Los Ange1es, Calif. ENSIGN SHAW, JAMES, SB .......................... Boise, Idaho 2ND LT. SHEFFIELD, EDWARD, 11A ................... Dallas, Texas ENSIGN SHERMAN, FRANK 13., 10C ................ Washington, D. C. 2ND LT. SHERWOOD, JOHN W., 11A .............. Red Cloud, Nebr. ENSIGN SHIDER, REX T., 9C .......................... Detroit, Mich. ENSIGN SHIFLETT, ROBERT W., 2D .................. Richmond, Va. 2ND LT. SHIRA, AUSTIN F., JR., 123 .................. Winona, Minn. 2ND LT. SHIREY, RICHARD L., 11B .................... Eugene, Ore. ENSIGN SHIVELY, ELI G., 9C ........................ Belloire, Kons. ENSIGN SIECRENIUS, JOEL H., 10A .............. Son An1onio, Texas ENSIGN SIGAFOOS, JOHN H., 9B ................ Doylestown, Penn. ENSIGN SILL, GEORGE W., 9C .................... Jamestown, N. Y- ENSIGN SIMKINS, ROICE E., 11D ...... '. ..... Huntingfon Park, C0111- ENSIGN SIVERTS, JOHN 5., HA ................ Salt Lake City, Utah ENSIGN SKEHEN, JAMES R., 12A ...................... Rodeo, C0111- ENSIGN SLAUGHTER, JOE W., JR., 1c ............ Birmingham, Ala- ENSIGN SLAVIT, ELI M., 11A ...................... Haverhill, MOSS- 2ND LT. SLOAN, ROBERT c., 10A .................. Winfield, Kans. 2ND LT. SMALLWOOD, KENNETH K., 118 .......... Columbus, Mont. ENSIGN SMITH, DANIEL J., 12A .................. DUnmorez Penn. ENSIGN SMITH, HARRY T., 12C ................ West Chester, Penn. ENSIGN TAL 2ND LT. TAR ENSIGN TAR ENSIGN TAY ENSIGN THI ENSIGN 1H1 mg n. m ENSIGN TIP ENSIGN 101 ENSIGN TR; ENSIGN TRE ENSIGN wt ENSIGN 1w ENSIGN TU ENSIGN 101 ENSIGN m ENSIGN TW ENSIGN TW ENSIGN UN ENSIGN V ENSIGN V 2ND LT. V ENSIGN V ENSIGN V ENSIGN V. ENSIGN V1 ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN 2ND LT. ENSIGN ENSIGN v ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN 2ND LT. 2ND LT. 2ND LT. ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN x ENSIGN ENSIGN 1 ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENSIGN ENS1GN ENSIGN ENSIGN n, Del. , Penn. n, M. , Calif. o, Ills. ck, Atk Ire, Md: 0, C010. wn, Md. il, Iowa 0, Penn. e, N, Y. am, NO. ENSIGN SMITH, WARREN B., 2C ................ Longmeadow, Moss. 2ND LT. SMITH, WILLIAM c., 118 .................... Hibbing, Minn, ENSIGN SMITH, WILLIS B., JR., 12A .............. Fort Worth, Texas 2ND LT. SMITHA, ROBERT 0, 12A .................. New York, N. Y. 2ND LT. SMOCK, BILLEY, 12A .................. Speedway City, Ind. ENSIGN SMOLKA, GLENN, 9D .................... Lakewood, Ohio ENSIGN SNAPP, HERTON D., 10C ............ Steamboat Rock, Iowa ENSIGN SNYDER, LAWTON H., HC ................ Elizabeth, Penn. ENSIGN SNUDER, MALCOLM J., 118 .................. Toledo, Ohio ENSIGN SOLBERG, OLIVER M., JR., 128 ........ Overland Park, Kons. ENSIGN SPARKS, DEAN R., 9D .................. Lee's Summit, Mo. ENSIGN SPARGO, JAMES, 3B .................. Six Mile Run, Penn. ENSIGN SPERRY, LYMAN G., 1D ........................ Kent, Ohio ENSIGN STAHOVA, THADDEUS F., 23 .............. Rochester, N. Y. ENSIGN STEIN, RUSSEL, 12A ...................... Duquesne, Penn. ENSIGN ST. JOHN, BERNARD J., 8D .................. Adams, Mass. ENSIGN STRATTON, ARTHUR D., 118 .......... South Follsburg, N. Y. 2ND LT. STRATTON, FRANKLYN H., 9D ............ Kansas City, Mo. ENSIGN STROEHER, CHARLES W., 9A ................ Billings, Mont. ENSIGN STROEMER, WILLIAM G., 12C ................. Berwyn, Ills. ENSIGN STROWE, RAYMOND C., 12A .................. Chicago, Ills. ENSIGN STUDEBAKER, CHESTER L., MD .................. Elgin, Ills. ENSIGN STUART, CHARLES L., 2C ...................... Perry, Kons. ENSIGN SUGRUE, JOHN M., 118 ................... Normandy, Mo. ENSIGN SUMMERS, HAROLD R., 5A, .............. East St. Louis, Ills. ENSIGN SUYDAM, WILLIAM E., 18 .................. Columbia, Penn. 2ND LT. SWEATMAN, ROBERT F., JR., 9D .......... San Angelo, Texas ENSIGN TALLINI, GENAUERT R., HD ................ Arlington Moss. 2ND LT. TARDIFF, EUGENE W., 12C .................. Seattle, Wash. ENSIGN TARPY, WILLIAM A., 4D .................... Oak Park, llls. ENSIGN TAYLOR, VICTOR H., HA .................... Detroit, Mich. ENSIGN THIRLWELL, ROBERT, JR., IID .............. Sheridan, Wyo. ENSIGN THOMAS, ARTHUR D., 18 ................ Inglewood, Calif. 2ND LT.'TIMKO, RUSSELL J., 12A .................... Chicago, Ills. ENSIGN TIPTON, BILLIE, 9C ........... . ......... Coruthersville, Mo. ENSIGN TOON, OWEN R., HA .................... Checotah, Okla. ENSIGN TRAVERS, JAMES J., 113 .................... Mounds, Ills. ENSIGN TREEN, EDWARD W., 45 .................... Conway, N. H. ENSIGN TUCKER, HERMAN L., HA .................. Johnson, Kons. ENSIGN TUCKER, KENNETH W., 2C .............. Sacramento, Calif. ENSIGN TUNKEY, WILLIAM C., 1C .................. Buffalo, N. Y. ENSIGN TOOHY, JOHN J., IA ..................... Oakland, Calif. ENSIGN TWEEDIE, EARL R., 12A .................. Thorndike, Maine ENSIGN TWELLS, DOUGLAS 5., HA .................. Fosforia, Ohio ENSIGN TWIST, OLIVER M., 98 ........................ DeWitt, Ills. ENSIGN UNDEBERG, RALPH T., 9C .................. Condo, N. Dok. ENSIGN VALENTINE, JOHN F., 1D ................ Poinesville, Ohio ENSIGN VALENTINE, RICHARD R., 7A ................ Detroit, Mich. 2ND LT. VAN CAMPEN, HEIL L., 12E ................ Seattle, Wash. ENSIGN VANDEGRIFT, ROLLAND A., 2C .......... Los Angeles, Calif. ENSIGN VANDERPOEL, ALLEN, ID .................... Chicago, Ills. ENSIGN VERMILYA, JOHN F., IE .............. Bowling Green,, Ohio ENSIGN WAITS, JACK E., 38 .................. Klamath Falls, Ore. 'ENSIGN WALKER, WALTER R., 9E ...................... Delta, Utah ENSIGN WALSTROM, CLIFFORD C., 90 .......... Santa Monica, Calif. ENSIGN WARE, JACK B., 11C ...................... Bonham, Texas ENSIGN WATKINS, KENNETH W., 98 .................. Price, Utah ENSIGN WATKINS, WILBURN W., 9D ................... Elsey, Mo. 2ND LT. WEAVER, CARLTON D., 12A ............ GronfsvilIe, W. Va. ENSIGN WEBB, JOHN M., 93 .................... Minneapolis, Minn. ENSIGN WEBSTER, HARRY R., JR., 9D ........... Minneapolis, Minn. ENSIGN WEINBECK, EUGENE J., HA .............. Winsfeod, Minn. ENSIGN WETTERLUND, CHESTER J., 9B ................ Chicago, Ills. ENSIGN WHARTON, DONIVELL J., 5E ................ Detroit, Mich. ENSIGN WHIGHAM, FRANK F., 2C .............. San Diego, Calif. 2ND LT. WHITE, THOMAS A., 11c ...................... High, Texas 2ND LT. WHITEFIELD, MELVIN L., HA .............. Lanaconing, M.d. 2ND LT. WILBERG, EARL DeP., 10A .................. Kenosho, W's- ENSIGN WILLIAMS, GEORGE s., 10D: ................. Ogden, Utah ENSIGN WILLIAMS, HARDING, 9D ..... ' ............... OsQOOdI Ind. ENSIGN WILLIAMS, MERLIN H., 12C .................. Portland, Ore. ENSIGN WILLIAMS, ROY N., 4A .................. Spokane, Wash. ENSIGN WILSON, EARL V., HB ................... Fairhoven, Mass. ENSIGN WILSON, JENNINGS B., JR., IQB .............. Dallas, Texas ENSIGN WINTER, WALTER B., 30 ...................... Breese, Ills- ENSIGN WINTZI, EDWARD F., 1B ................... Baltimore, Md- ENSIGN WOLPERT, ROBERT L., 98 .................. Tecmeck, N. J. ENSIGN WORLEY, GEORGE E., 10D ............... Comp Taylor, KY- ENSIGN WORLEY, HOWARD M., 120 ................ WiChifG, Kons. ENSIGN WRIGHT, LEWIS E., 1C .................. Edwardsporf, Ind. ENSIGN YOUNG, EARLE B., 10A ................... Odessa, Texas ENSIGN YOUNGBLOOD, THOMAS A., 4C .......... Nev. Orleans, .La. ENSIGN ZBIKOWSKI, MITCHELL C., 123 ............... Detroit Mlch' ENSIGN ZlERNlCKl, GEORGE, 2C ................ Philadelphia, Penn. SPECIAL GRADUATION FEBRUARY 29, 1944 ENSIGN ALLEN, LINDLEY R., 9A .................... Seattle, Wash. ENSIGN ANDERSON, GUY 0., 9A ................ .- .Longview, Wash. ENSIGN ANGLEMEYER, ROBERT E., 9A ......... Santa Monica, Calif. ENSIGN BETTS, WILLIS G., 9D ..................... Topeka, Kans. ENSIGN BILGER, DONALD E., 9C .................... Chicago, Ills. ENSIGN BOYD, LEONARD R., 9C .................... Trenton, Nebr. ENSIGN BROWN, KEITH L., 9D ..................... Denver, Colo. ENSIGN CAREY, GEORGE H., 8D ................... Sidney, Mont. ENSIGN CHAVOUS, GEORGE L., 90 .................... Blythe, Ga. 2ND LT. CHRISTIE, JAMES M., 10A .............. Minneapolis, Minn. ENSIGN COLE, PHILLIP W., 9C ...................... Corning, N. Y. 2ND LT. CORDELL, CHARLES E., 10A ................ Pittsburg, Tenn. 2ND LT. CRAWFORD, WILMER D., 9E ................ Glenfolls, N. Y. 2ND LT. DUPLER, DALE D., JR., 9D .................. Columbus, Ohio ENSIGN ECKBERG, ROBERT W., 8A ............ V ...... Seattle, Wash. ENSIGN ELLIOTT, GEORGE B., 8A .............. Minneapolis, Minn. ENSIGN FERNANDEZ, CHARLES J., 10C ................ Tampa, Fla. 2ND LT. FOX, RICHARD M. Ill, 9C .................... Ccmville, V0. ENSIGN FULLER, JACK C., 9C ................ Good Thunder, Minn. ENSIGN GEORGE, ELWOOD W., 80 .................. PorTIond, Ore. 2ND LT. GILMER, DUDLEY C., 9E ................ Minneapolis, Minn. ENSIGN GIST, DONALD T., 98 .................... Manhattan, Kans. ENSIGN GRAHAM, MAX G., 9B ................... Mildond, Texas ENSIGN HOGANSON, EUGENE M., 9C ........... Minneapolis, Minn. ENSIGN HOVLAND, JEROME 0., 9A ................ Hinghom, Mont. 2ND LT. HUFFMAN, JACKIE E., 9C .................. Cameron, Mo. ENSIGN HURLEY, JAMES M., JR., 9E ................ Marlboro, Moss. 2ND LT. IRELAND, JAMES D., 9E ................ Richmond Hill, N. Y. ENSIGN JOHNSTON, FRED 8., 9A ................ Alhambra, Con. ENSIGN KINER, DEAN V., 9E ........................ Bishop, Calif. ENSIGN KITCHEL, EDWARD L., 9C .................. Logonsporf, Ind. ENSIGN KOCH, JOHN L., 9C ................. . .Anthonies Mill, Mo. ENSIGN KOOSED, JOSEPH, 9E .............. Cleveland Heights, Ohio ENSIGN KOZUB, JOSEPH, 9C ...................... Abingdon, Md. ENSIGN KRUCK, WARREN, 9D ........................ Boone, Iowa ENSIGN LAMORE, VERN, 9E ......................... Detroit, Mich. ENSIGN LANGILLE, EDMUND L, 9A ................ Greenville, N. H. ENSIGN LAURIE, JOSEPH P., 9C .................... Paterson, N. J. ENSIGN LAUTZ, LOUIS R., 9D ...................... LoCrosse, Wis ENSIGN LONG, JOHN 5., 9A ...................... Amarillo, Texas ENSIGN MARTIN, ROBERT l., 9C .................... Staples, Minn. ENSIGN MASTERS, CHARLES T., 8C ............ Mount Pleasant, Texas 2ND LT. MCALISTER, ROY A., JR., 9C ............... Ploinview, Texas 2ND LT. McDERMOTT, GEORGE M., JR., 9E .............. Voss, N. C. ENSIGN MCGLONE, RICHARD, 9C .................... Kokomo, Ind. ENSIGN MEANS, RICHARD K., 9E .................. Portland, Maine ENSIGN MEIER, WALTER H., JR., 9E ................ Arlington, Texas ENSIGN MEYER, JAMES W., 9C ........................ Avilla, Ind. 2ND LT. MILLER, WILLIAM H., 9E ................ Summerville, S. C. ENSIGN NEAGLE, GUY V., 98 .................... Cunningham, Kons. ENSIGN NORQUIST, DALE T., 9A ................... Lynwood, Calif. ENSIGN NORTHCRAFT, JULIEN 0., 9E ................ Brilliant, Ohio ENSIGN OSBORN, WILLIAM L., 9D ................. Loveland, Colo. 2ND LT. OWENS, DICK, 9E .................... Idaho Falls, Idaho ENSIGN PAIRITZ, HARRY P., 9B ...................... Chicago, Ills. ENSIGN PEABODY, GERARD C. R., 9E ................ Seattle, Wash. ENSIGN PODHRASKY, JULIUS, 9A .................... Dallas, Texas ENSIGN POLLARD, ROSS F., 9C ................ Newburyport, Moss. ENSIGN PREEGE, ORAL, JR., 9D ..................... Ogden, Utah 2ND LT. RIGUTTO, RAY, 9D ........................ Portland, Ore. ENSIGN ROBBINS, CLAUDE C., 90 ............. Morgantown, N. C. ENSIGN ROWE, EARL L., 9D ........................ Ogden, Utah 2ND LT. SCHADEL, ROBERT L., JR., 9E ................ Arcadia, Calif. ENSIGN STARLEY, JOHN T., 9A ..................... Camp Hill, Go. ENSIGN STENGELIN, ROBERT F., 10C, ...... West Hartford, Conn. 2ND T. STRONG, ROBERT A., 9E .................... St. Joseph, Mo. ENSIGN STRUT, JOHN A., 10C ..................... Madison, Wis. ENSIGN SWANSON, LESTER W., 9D ............ Redloke Falls, Minn. 2ND LT. SWEDBERG, JOHN E., 90 .................... Chicago, Ills. ENSIGN TERRY, JAMES L., 9B ...................... Amarillo, Texas 2ND LT. THOMAS, DAVID 5., JR., 9D .................. Molod, Ohio 2ND LT. THOMASON, JAMES E., 8D .............. Weehawken, N. J. ENSIGN TILLAR, THOMAS C., 9E ...................... Emporia, Va. 2ND LT. TINNEY, JOHN E., 9D ...................... Chicago, Ills. 2ND LT. TOWNSEND, JAMES V., 9D .............. San Antonio, Texas 2ND LT. TUFF, DAVID R., 9D ...................... Barton, N. Dok. 2ND LT. VANTHEROT, HARRY R., 9E .............. Los Angeles, Calif. 2ND LT. WATKINS, EDWARD E., 9E .................... Toledo, Ohio ENSIGN WHEELER, EVERETT L., 98 .................... Sanfo, Texas ENSIGN WIGLEY, WALLACE, 9B .................. College Park, Go. 2ND LT. WILLIAMS, MERRILL L., 9E .............. Washington, D. C. ENSIGN WILSON, BILLIE L., 9C .................... East Akron, Ohio ENSIGN WINGFIELD, HENRY W. H., 9C .......... Charlottesville, Va. Page 335 aMEMoklAM. The onchers sow if fall "I Think he did noT know oughT dropped To eorTh, A perfecT body wiTh iTs borrowed wings; Save ThoT he iighTer flew . . . BUT as They had no visioned eyes 0T all, Save for his birTh To undreamed heighT. They could noT see There, circling in glad rings BUT To his ears ThoT oTher body gloriously climb, There rose a cry, Ci sound of biTTer Tears, Unhompered cmol eloTe, ThoT overflowed The brim; Heedless of wind and cloud, of space This was The only pain he Took wiTh him,- and Time, To make 0 landing 0T The Leader's GoTe. And This he bore, for ThaT he learned e're long How oll Their weeping would be Turned To song." iAuThor Unknowni AVIATIIIN CHEM BACKLUND, MILTON FORBES BETKA, WALTER BELEYKANICK, VASZIL BLAKE,. RICHARD LLEWELLYN BRANDON, ROBERT HANDLIN BUELK, ROBERT KENNETH CAMPBELL, GEORGE "E" JR. CAWLEY, BERNARD JAMES COLBY, FRANK EDGAR lli DUNCAN, JAMES LEONARD DUNCAN, SAMUEL VERNON ELLIS, CHARLES LEWIS, JR. GLADE, RULON SNYDER GOODMAN, RICHARD LEE GREGG, DONALD LOUIS JACOBSEN, MILTON FELIX JOHNSON, WILLIAM CARL JOHNSON, WILLIAM PAUL KEILLER, MORRIS JAMES KINCHELOE, WILLIAM HOUGH KOJLOWSKI, MITCHELL F. J. LAKE, PAUL GIFFORD LARKINS, ARTHUR DANIEL LASHLEY, WILLIAM JOHN HENRY, JR. LEE, ALTO BRYAN LINDLOF, HAROLD LEONARD LINDQUIST, DONALD WARREN i LIPMAN, EDWIN LOBE, CARL H McDONOUGi-i, ROBERT JAMES MONTGOMERY, "J" HOWARD MOORE, DAVID DONALD Page 336 MOSES, JAMES STAUFFER ROGERS, THOMAS EDMOND, JR. ROSE, JOHN WILLIAM ROWLAND, JEAN TURNER SARNO, ANTONIO GIUSEPPE SEERY, JOHN WILLIAM SHAY, THOMAS FRANCIS SIEBENTHALER, FREDRICK FOSTER SUELLENTROP, ROBERT JAMES TEAGUE, MARION THOMAS, ROY, JR. TOBIN, FRANCIS JOSEPH WESTER, WILTON. DALE WETMORE, CHARLES HAROLD, JR. WITMER, SIDNEY ALLEN YAXTHEIMER, ALAN GEORGE X X kW yin 0x X xW 4 IVV'ICQI9IP99rkI, with iIs beauIiIuI view 9f Corpus ChrIin sky-linep ' Iw'affoIrds many hours of enioymenI 9nd relaxaqun Io Cc'Id9IsIIn 7 IheIr 9II hours. I . ' ,, 9r9le Is 9 prerequisite of Ihe AvioIion C999I. Tdk+ AnI9 accdunI Ihe perfect phy5ic9l 9nd m9nI9l condiIioII car;- dhucivequ IhIs $I9Ie of mor9l9, Ih9 cenIer hos provid9d 9v9ry con 9i Cable Iyp9 9I r9CreoIi9n9l IaciIin 9V9II9ble. , sI 9f Ihese, In imporI9nc9, is Ihe Cdd9I Recr99Iion Mess 99 Ih9 M9in,9 Is GISpOCIOUS baliroom, wh9r9 Ire'qu9nI dances, cab . n99 baIIdlidn parIie's are h9ld. 9 Mom, bIllIard room, mUSic 9nd reading room . I9rr9cedp V9r9nda faces I119 C9d9I SWImmIng pools. IBo. lIn' ' alleys baskeIIboIH voH9y-ball, hond- ball and I9 m IrIs b nghdnd wr9sIling chIliIies are 9v9il9bl9. Each Au Ihur ,SIaIicIn has iIs own Ilbr9ry, IheaIre 9nd gymndslum. U80 9 e-h' ' 9nd on-Ihe sh9r9 provid9 off hoUr enIerIoIInme , 'I 9deIs' have proper represenquion on Ihe sIaIIOn p99 ,9 , 9nd 9 corps 9f Chuplams care for the C9deI's 9spiriIu' -- -1--' Hang. 7. awaz gr; ' um ww ; a - .m , The AvioTion CodeTs "ON LIBERTY" are afforded various Types of enTerToinmenT 0nd opporTuniTies To resT and relax from Their rig- orous fhghT Training schedules. Loco! organizofions and individuals have been more Then generous in ocquoinTing avioTion codeTs wiTh The loco! debuTonTes fhrOU9h Teas, cockToil porTies, dinners, and barbecues. The codeTs have responded yhoving various dinner dances and swim- ming porTies of Their Recreation Mess 0nd inviTing civilian guesTs. The beouTifuT and spacious Corpus ChrisTi 0V TocoTed 0T Their from door has given T em The opporTuniTy To go swimming, yochT- mg! deep sea fishing and To Take bcoT Trips T0 nearby Padre 0nd MusTong Islands for dethTTUT week-end porTies. orT Trips To Mexico, border Towns and , Tocol hisToricol poinTs hove enTered W0 making The AvioTion CodeT's Tour of duTy m This area 0 pleosonT experience. Page '34! - :.3 :: m: MN Wm... . .M j 2243s,. W 7 $$ng u , W ' W; mf a: hay Ly; 1,, a I W" ,W' I I W, Va ' FWW W ,1 V- mm W WV 4,1??? ,, , IxrrVLrFLEWh-hvnilidilr xfr. Via 922E x g$$$zh . 23y f2, $71; K KN. ,, WWW". , m Warm- ,mmmmW xxx " uIrhItww m V WM a w. qmmm , w n m w .. . f af gkk v X XX a $41, WK? $mw Rx OAXQ Rf; x x my; Xxx ix?! V2.2. ,4 . xxxx W . W . 2 6 $ w A W343 Km W' ' WWW w m ,7' 2' w? 4J1, tr 1 H" M Mr "77w, 1: , w, 7 UV 5K, " Wm m MN - u ,2 . mm ...........'thnumugpfl uueuhm' nu. nu mu ml, uv w T Q L Ms; B La, .. -. max- 4: i$ua$ig M1? at ;x, .LEmP. kw; , N 0 l... T A DR 0 N . S I H T L . L MMWWW ' h v ; , m , ' v, l , I I l' A . ' ' U ; nv ' - v V . , . 4 . . . . .,. ......u..- ., , . - - 4 ,7 , V , .-- i i i 54Maw Caz Z29 The SlipsTream, Yearbook of The AviaTiorI CadeT RegimenT, Naval Air Training Bases, Corpus ChrisTi, Texas, was founded in The Tall of 1941. The idea was presenTed for approval To Commander Erl C. B . Gould, USNR, Officer in Charge of The CadeT RegimenT by The CadeTs ThaT a record and piCTorial review T should be kepT of The cadeT "life and Training" aT The World 5 LargesT Naval Air Training Base, The "Uni- ' versiTy of The Air" ATTer consulTaTion wiTh Mr. R B. Faerber, represenTing The PrinTing and Engraving Companies, Commander Gould found ThaT such a book was possible and whole hearTedly gave his ap- provai. ConTracTs were awarded and The publicaTion received iTs sTarT. An office was seT up in The RegimenTaI HeadquarTers and sTafT members consisTed of an officer in charge of The publicaTion and a group of cadeTs who furnished TirsT hand informaTion concerning life and Training acTiviTies during Their Training period. The TirsT EdiTion of The SlipsTream, Mark I, wiTh LT. Tigi D. C. Knock, USNR, as officer in charge, and ably assisTed by aviaTion cadeTs J. W. Logan, D. R. Coe as EdiTors; J. A. Murch, B. L. Bingham, as Business Managers, endeavored To show by word and picTure The developmenT of The Naval Air STaTion from wasTe lands, sand dunes and mesquiTe Trees inTo iTs presenT modern form. PicTured in The Mark I are cadeTs in Classes 3A- 41CiC1 To 98- 41CTCJ inclusive, more Than 1200 who passed Through regimenTal life To Their designaTion as Naval AviaTors and commissioned Naval Officers. The Second EdiTion of The SlipsTream, Mark II, presenTs as accuraTely as possible, a picTure of The lives and acTiviTies of cadeTs during The period from OcTober 1941 Through June 1942. Every aTTempT was made To picTure Them aT work and aT play, and To show The Task of The World s LargesT Naval Air Train- ing CenTer, molding These cadeTs for Their war Time role as a parT of our UniTed STaTes Navy. Under The able leadership of Ensign Y. G. Holbrook, Officer in Charge of The publicaTion, a group of aviaTion cadeTs consisTing of J. A. SmiTh, R. W. Alexander, J. R. Morris, AssociaTe EdiTors; T. L. BaxTer, R. N. Herr, B. 0. Williams, Co-adverTising Managers,- W. E. McCrary, Business Manager; J. O. GusTafson, CircuiaTion Manager and S. P. Ingram, ArT EdiTor, willingly devoTed Their Time and efforT inTo compiling This book. The Third EdiTion of The SlipsTream, Mark 111, emphasized a special Theme "Navy Wings for VicTory, Ashore, AfloaT and AloTT" in picTures Each phase of The comde Training showing how The ground forces, 1 The air force and The fleeT were molded inTo The largesT and mighTiesT TighTing force in The world. LT. iigi R D FiTch as Officer in Charge of The publicaTion had a sTaff composed of officers, cadeTs and enlisTed personnel. Ensign E. H. Wenberg, ASsisTanT EdiTor; AviaTion CadeTs O.'T. GasTon, E. 0. Jones, AdverTising Managers; J. S. Cavanaugh, CarToonisT ahd many oThers who assisTed In The preparaTion of This book. Mark III was released by The prinTers in January 1944, and included Classes from July 1942 Through February 1943. The FourTh EoliTion of The SlipsTream, Mark IV, was especially dedicaTed To The members of The Allied V NaTions who are TighTing so gallanle and courageously in an unTiring eTTorT To end The war. Our Training program had expanded Tremendously and iT was found necessary To Take group pic- 7 Tures of cadeTs so ThaT all cadeTs could be shown in The SlipsTream. Popular approval of This book was shown in The facT ThaT H was necessary To order 6200 copies. EnsingJ. F. McDaniel, Officer in Charge of publicaTion, received capable assisTance from LT. R. D. FiTch, LT iigi J. A. Mason; AviaTion CadeTs C Alean, R. H. Johnson, R. D. Erickson, B. E. Jaroslaw and ' C. J. Callahan, 82k, were responsible for The compleTion of This book. ., WiTh This, The Mark V EdiTion, We TrusT ThaT The SlipsTream in iTs aTTempT To show as closely as possible 5 gm The aviaTion cadeTs lives TogeTher, Through Their hopes and disappoinTmenTs, Their recreaTion anal rouTine, how They became an inTegral parT of The greaT organizaTion, The U 5 Navy. IT is cerTain ThaT The picTures and porTraiTs displayed herein will serve for many years To come as pleasanT reminders of old friends and shipmaTes who cruised" TogeTher Through The UniversiTy of The Air." Page 358 200 who Officers. 'e of The mpT was ir Train- 0 group . Baxter, Jstofson, ompiling Victory, d forces, ;, cadets D. Jones, an of This through 1e Alhed oup pIC' TO ALL OF THOSE INDIVIDUALS AND ORGANIZATIONS, WHO 80 WILLINGLY DE- VOTED THEIR TIME AND EFFORT INTO HELPING COMPILE THIS PUBLICATIONWE EXPRESS OUR SINCERE THANKS AND APPRECIATION . . . THE STAFF ..-; - -4 Afw LT.J.A.MASONH...., .,..V............. ..V. OfficerinChorge MRS.RUBYEB.MARTIN...... .V.... .,.......V...,,,...Secrefory LT.K.F.PERKINS...4.........,.,......... ,... ..........AdvisOr MCL.A.MERRITT,JR.H...... ....,.. ......Ednorio1Assistant AK: 8. A. LINDSEY............,...4....... ...Edi'rori0l AssisTonT AK:D.N.SHARP,JR....... . ..4 ..4. ....EditorialAssisTonT i SVC C. J. Collohon.... . .,.. ............PhoTogrophic AssisTomT 3 SUC R. L. WILLIAMS..,....,.....,.., .....PhoTogrophic Assis'rom ,1; Rap H y; g. e 5 Lieutenant Mason and Secretary Martin in Slipsireom oHice Ax mW 'rwwm 7km EcaM DESIGNED AND ENGRA D BY PRINTED AND BOUND B THE PARAGON PRESS MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA L, .' '.. ' aw x - - ...: -V .- A A4 w, . Q u-amm' 4: 4 amlxevgwaiimmmwQ V '- ,, lyg IIIJHRSEJMH I 1.45, V

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