US Naval Academy and Preparatory School - Cruise Yearbook (Newport, RI)

 - Class of 1948

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US Naval Academy and Preparatory School - Cruise Yearbook (Newport, RI) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1948 volume:

1 - E E . 3 L 3 5 p ff , ' , , KW ' , A f A l' , -: " ', 1 - F ob' K 5. .. W -A 1 1 7 , , .,,., , ., W-, MW, ,M,,,.-Y,.,. A-A'1,. - 7 , A .f . ,, ,,M,,,,,,,,.-.,f.., , V x XXx5ff-- ,xx 7 .17 of '1 fi! MI! ' iff f, XX-XX xx kg: xiii XQN Kg N E x ', Q. 1 N XX ' vx 1 . LM 1 ' xl wx N X M ' u U: X s , N , , , . X f - 1 . X . . X . , bl 3. . A .A -A X .R X x. xv ., r T .f I 5 IV' 'I Qi Q' P" Q99 Xi iv3L?E'fErf-ZVQ: IQ, KX ? Q 5 K: Nr, if X 4 b . ,,. ' my H ,J ff' NW' V ,::fW..', I :,,,,,, ,,,,,, 5, ,m .MQW Y, , . gprf' W - ' , lg' and may we prove worthy in our . X The Class of 1948 respect- fully dedicates this hrst is- sue of THE CRU1sE to Cap- tain John O'Donnell, Commanding Gflicer of the United States Naval School, Academy and College Prepar- atory. ln this position, his progressive attitude and his understanding have constantly inspired us with a desire to fol- low in his footsteps and become ollicers in the United State Navy To Captain O'Donnell we say, "Thank you lor a good cruise, naval careers." A few months ago, you men came to Bainbridge from scattered points on the globe to prepare for examinationsnow completed. These examinations represented the final barrier you had to cross in order to enter the Navy's Ollicer Training program. In the short time you have been here, it has been ot1r job to prepare you for those examinations- to give you the boost to surmount that obstacle. Not all of you made the grade: in a competitive race, all the contestants can't win. But whether you won or not, l want to say to all of you, "Happy to have had you on board. May your training here be the stepping stone to a bright future. Good luck and smooth sailing." f l W ILLIAL Commar Executi VVILLIAM P. MACK Commander, USN Executzve Offzcer The duties of the executive officer aboard any naval ship or station require a man of diverse abilities to fulfill them. The class of '48 was very fortunate to have Com- mander William Paden Mack perform the duties of this office for them. His fairness, willingness to co-operate and foresight will most certainly serve as high standards for us to follow during our careers in the naval service. Commander Mack is a graduate of An- napolis, class of 1937. His biography in the "Lucky Bag" of 1937, the Naval Acad- emy annual, attests to his athletic prowess and credits him with an "affinity for suc- cess." That affinity for success has certainly shown itself during his tour of duty here and in the past, and will no doubt con- tinue to manifest itself in years to come. In parting, the class of '48 says good luck to a good officer wwwq, GRAHAM R JoHNsToN ROBERT E LAWRENCE Commander USN QMQ Lieutenant Commandei USN qemo, Medzcal Qffwey Admmzstmtwe Asszstant . , f 0 . L ' . , 1 L ...-.....-.......-,.--.--.-.f4.,.--.----...uni . Q .............-.- gafllalian 0 ' The mission ol' NAPS to prepare men for the Naval Academx entails many problems of '1 non-'icadenlic nature. The lunctions which per- tain to thesc problems are the work of the Bat- linary regulations drill schedules intramural athletics supervision of student matches liberty anc leuc requests - 'ill these were handled efficiently and wisely by the Battalion Ollfice. Improper handling of these affairs could have made our stay at school miserable instead of the pleasant memory it is. To the oflicers in charge of the various departments we offer a heartfelt thanks for a job well done. 1 A L 4 1 , 1 ll, 4 ' c 'I ' . . talion Office, the nerve center of NAPS. Discip- I it 1 y 1 ! X V I 1 . '- . ' SAMJ BROWN Lieutenant, USN Battalzon Offzcer - l E .V V CG' 'QT 4- vw iii Front Row -- G. H. Gilliam, S. j. Brown, O, C, jackson R T Madxa, Back Row - w. P. ron, R. E. clark. w. H. Maddox J lladdeu OTS ,,..j.........-.-..... -F GENE COLLISON awe., ENGLISH DEl'ARTMENT J. D. Rumble, W. J. Cook, E. B. Fallon. T. J. Tiernan, C. D. Alberts. Lieutenant Commander, USN Head of Academic Department C. H. Schnorr, C. A. Henzel, C. B. Smith. A ALGEBRA DEIIARTMENT T. Jones, C. R. Larzalere, P. L. Nuschke J.'G. Finneran, J. J. Sullivan. If A. V. Shaw fNot ill picture - YV. G. Hearne, R. F. Jortbergj. GEOMETRY DEPARTMENT J L4 HISTORY DEPARTMENT R. L. Dise, R. F. Conway, L. M. Cayce. C. B. Huggins, R. H. Robeson. H. H. Vhxddell, J. A. Blau, H. J. Nardone. J. A. Horst, J. D. LaHaye. PHYSICS DEPARTMENT ce, . f S lfyafv M... l' l H ba , Pollock, Thomasson. Second Row - Holmes, Dain, Roth, lfirst Ron' - O'Rotn'ke, Brenning, Mins ow, ar y Iii rs! ,gal V ' Y-7 A' - ET' llttium Row - Wagner, Dobbs, Allen, Parrish, Loehr. SHlP'S COMPANY plays an all-important counterpart in making our cruise at Bainbridge pleasant and enjoyable. Their efforts in keeping the services for the inen, and the surroundings in general, secure and satisfying are in the upholding of the best of Navy elliciency. Williams, Gee, Barnhart, Robinson, Bradley, McGuire, Dreyer, Fowler, Snelgrove, Burdett, Carter, llrnnisifski, Belh, Loquet. Second Row - Donovan, Hines, Nelson, Paul, Burns, Linggi, Yerks, Har- ris Duncan Pool, Dawson, Hackler, Littleton, Clark, Conner. Third Row - Murphy, Champion, Chambers, Petitgout, Waters, Wright, Worthington, Curtis, Moody, Burnett, Long, Smith, Adams, Null, llinett, Norton. Fourth Row - Grove, Gorsline, Gaudet, Kuntz, Avaritt, Sims, Smith, Walski, Salyer, Kujanpaa, Faust, Hertlein, Kelly, Woodard, Doby, Alice. Fifth Row - Pfaff, johnson, Thieme, Pow- ell, Graves, Damron, Grant, Wilbanks, Larson, Arrington, King, Dennis, Mitchell, Bashfxil, Morning. 1 i nm in rnmmrziq ff' i ' '- ...G gg.. 'ei e nu he u:::ua,,u 3356 Q si: -2 il From the Nothing Si" I us. SONIC on p land WST , sive- OU i on 3 hill, ' came to Sli selected W Corps WCT5 Among U2 P0il'llCC5y io For the 1110 would 60m We are Y the future. and Comi Academy, ferent base uated at 5 school lil' Bainbridge however, i that the sr a real coll selves. Tl is here to atmospheri First tons' the three gym, and tion and now housi dred men, Though lege, our erned by Formatior spections, were all strictnegg 1 sible. Ea 3pCCli0l'l, Q ml- Yes Cooking 3 Share of 3 Sludies C0lll6 L0 K reviewing 'Naval Ac, enfarPf0d tors Ee Oi ad Staduatio give us r mix lear hard? Str . . 0 7114 Glaaa Speaks From the four corners of the earth we came. Nothing spectacular marked our arrival. For some of us, our first look at the state of Mary- land was Perryville. It wasn't very impres- sive. Our new base was! To a college high on a hill, overlooking the Susquehanna, we came to spend months of studying. Only a selected few, from all the fleet and the Marine Corps were fortunate enough to be chosen. Among us were some Congressional ap- pointees, too - soldiers, sailors, and marines. For the most part, though, we were men who would compete for entrance to Annapolis. We are not the first to follow this path to the future. Since 1919 other men have studied and competed for the ' Academy, though at dif- ferent bases. Originally sit- uated at Norfolk, Va., the school later moved to Bainbridge in 1943. This, however, is the first year, that the students have had a real college all to them- selves. The whole school is here to lend the proper atmosphere to our studies. First constructed in 1904, the three dormitories, the gym, and the administra- tion and school buildings now house some six hun- dred men. Though attending col- lege, our lives were gov- erned by Navy discipline Formations, musters, in spections, reveille and taps were all observed with a strictness that only the service can render pos- sible. Each Saturday we stood Captain's in- spection, and each weekend we went on lib- erty. Yes, there were duty days, too! Mess cooking and watches also came in for their share of attention. ' Studies occupied most of our time. We had come to this school solely for the purpose of reviewing enough to enable us to pass the Naval Academy entrance examination. Under tl1e capable instruction of ollicers the Academy had produced, we had every opportunity to enlarge our store of knowledge. Our instruc- tors had already reached part of our goal - graduation from the Academy + so they could give us the .best insight into that which we must learn. We studied hard and at times we played hard. Our large campus allowed us to have teams in every sport. Football games on Fri- day afternoon occupied the whole school. Not all of us made the team, so those who didn't succeed played intramural games or ran cross country. As the season moved on, basketball and swimming gained our attention. Our bas- ketball team proved to be our pride. After de- feating stiff competition in its own league, it went on to win the Middle Eastern Service Championship. After our Christmas dance and fifteen days leave, other sports also gave us a chance to relax and stretch our muscles. .Track, Baseball, Lacrosse, Tennis and Golf occupied our time. For the less athletically in- clined there was the hobby shop, the library, ' and the whole campus to roam over. Time moved on and ten- sion grew. Marking periods drew to a close and we sweated the exams. Some .went to night study, others breezed through. For all, the growing apprehension could only be relieved by taking "The Exam." Three weeks, of practice exams and then it came - The United States Naval Acad- emy Entrance ,Examina- tions - three days of the roughest tests we had yet encountered. ' Our courses had been well rounded and com- plete, our instructors the finest. With that combi- nation we already had a great deal in our favor. on leave, just as we did at but this time with the our work was over and we had done our best. On returning to the base we found that our confidence had been well founded, and many of us had passed., For those who had, only the all important physi- cal examination lay ahead. In our eight months at Tome we have learned to love the school as one does any alma mater. Many friendships have been formed and a great deal learned. It is with reluctance that we leave Bainbridge. The road is parted and we meet at the fork to say good- bye. Many of us will go on to Annapolis with the Navy as our future: others must travel the other road to their goal. Whatever our suc- cesses, though, we will always remember Tome as a happy stepping stone toward our future. W'e went home Christmas time, knowledge that 4' ' A ' . Tome, the campus, st dies, sports: ' ln years to come will youlremember 1 ,l , IH, L K . , , V - - u J . r 1 ,i ' N ' - 7 ' - v , D 7 I y s . . A W 1 y Y 7 57 ' --J 1.1 . 1 11- - f I , y . - - Q 5 - ' ' ' .L ' ' ' - V ' , ' , - ' U? 5' - ' . ' . ' ' - h- ' 1 ll ' " . 1 'I y 1 4 C it , 1. X ry. . a X i , , For 1 .t 2- .Q -,Q 1 - ., , anal" I . A J X- ' 41 . , D , y , 1 F ZR , - boati 31 the Sus e an'-a - that - stove - 11g to get a fire going 1 1 .F K- 1 . yr - nl ' ' - ' -' ' , ' ' ' - . U' " - ' ff-1. -rb- Q . fy -' . ' . H ,, . h ' - l .rx S . . A V . . j . ' - 1 , -. y , T - -.x my U . . y A , ,t U Y' 1 - 1 1 1' 5 2 2 ' z'z 1' -Q. 't " 1 -1 ' 1 l ' - L 1:7 K' , I , Y A H 'IIA- , ' l 9 s 1 "1 L t 8 ' " u ma? 37 Y N. X 1 " r D 1' if 'Il , , 1 'I 1 fl I u Y 7 i Y ' 1 4 7 1 o 1 t y fl In R ez' all the tlrfings that happene t Bainbridge iihile you mere here? ust Ill case you cant member them all res a page to help you Perhaps ne ve omitted some our faygggge memo es but may be the ones that lollom will help ou ieme E3 of the other t ngs about TH ASE Y r st impres 11ot just anot ase but a real school regular me your roommates congiessioi l p1es1de11t1al and fleet appo 1 ll oyer at lace soldieas marines 'ind lot ols11lo1s some lrom the Med bases and just a out eveiyw re boots old salts those that e e fo seeonlf e e en a couple o officers here to take the exams the ba Ao e straightene ut trying to get a table cha s and a la r your om exploring tl1 b se using the gym on the b docks h using the ort gate for extr liberty those arm drill commands hie s large hats 1 ng 3:0 g a hitch on the gs after Reveille and the OD ame around g lOl the laundry to get as still Na aftern drillin sailo trying to xecute those Qatur nd Ca ms msp tions olled neckei ert call as tl1e m 1ush for xis a busses road e rare ng meeke ds Ionday morn Ta is ins e ion eone y ng umbo uhei tl1e chow ose lon loqg aiting waiti batk the al scho 1 tm sp ere e n though it Gomc TO CI-1oolL X October I nd school o menced I3 books All lor m P you asked H itt ilion pu tt niaichiqg 0 sc to the beat the drum d bugle corps -- hovi they all y managed It change step just gs yoiuffroun pied a corner - those assignmep V he ts -1 rt quiz tomorrow bo trying to get back in the swing of studyin 7- that never did - g V .fTnark1ng,perio exams - he interviews with th' tam for those that unsatimg- all kept leaving - discharge du' and all who kept ar ' ng to take their place t ying to get a 2.5 out of 49 so that you d get sf' Q ofnight schooltnext mar jing period - getting c ght reading a ,n or a novel in the library when you should l1ave been studying 5 ing to get the dope on an assignment when there were only one or two bpoks in the library - got anything on the UN A ruman The Constitution t se volumes of notes tl1e English department gaveil t themes transcende m Neo classicism characters plotsf authors vocabulary an spelling or - those geo E testsithat everyone Hulnakedf ogs progres- si sffac ill we ever learn a bra ' levers sound E wave length +- t ose lucky stills that d History ve minute ot o nickels for a dime 1- the practice exams THE EXAM young l and the mstrtictoissfor the amount of help theyre g , ' a nn s r ori ou O'IfHi,RgTHINGS if l tixssports ,tea s F a fternoon foot ll games - civilians opfsoldiers on the ' se f our meets with '01 1 teams - int ma' games - thefinstructors' t ll te T ym and the - ming pool hours inthe hobby shop - to get spe' l e ty the c um nd bugle co s - the choir - how many fou hey could ' ayqr sing so t- y get 0730 liberty - the band and its serena s before' th ' ov'e - girls girls an , ore girls - the Christmas dance - LEAVE - the poor gu 't t had to 'stav and s nd watches- - Snow ion the gispund when ue returned - st fo the drill field - lways more trackstacross it than belonged to the dogs - hoyirxji A y dogs there, re around the base- Bones, who' died for the love .of his matei"-1-nvigeekendsio 1 ard - movies 1- all those card' g21mFS - bfldgfli P1f10Ch1C, poker -1 thef eau , contest for the yearbook - smile - . , - . -1 Ivy. - - K " l .tb 1 . . AN '-' 9 ' ,fx K ,- - . -3 5 Q . ,sz H ' ,yyy K- ' . - h a h , og h y f 6 - A ave it atm e t e exa ' ic ea IC . lf ' x -. '. 1 -g . - 11 . 0 X . . ' . rn - r ' . ' A '-.. X - y N , t ' I- - H -5 . X . g o , , ' 'i R7 l i -getting your picture taken for the ann fal the gals who came' up to takefiiyom. orders for the pictures -Xthe Alonrog ot - the Harrison, Iackson,-and, iiiiid- ison houses - Ptomaine lm- shots'-7-fy' ter Fights. in the passageways with extinguishers - held days 1 duty 'jiays - mess cooking - watches and all the other things that went to n1ake up our life. And finally Tome and classes -Q graduation - leaving after the exams - son1e to Annapolis - others elgewhefe but all a little wiser and with many memories because of their stay at NAPS. l , X . ,MA .A fa W i 2 1 1' I I A Z . ll li 'r 51 bi, t! 2 gi if if K J r' I I f . v.. x f ,, at J 1 ',1g1"z1f?q 4 l n ' J., V u v z H , M, , , , , sk f ' as 53 " 7 Q 5 fi ..x R. 4 Q1 -W J , -fe Q 5 fx U K? rf? QP si? N9 X ffl Xsq u f F22 H! X 11123 'Div v , . .J- . ' i , '-5 Adorney ' . f' A - . . ' Albert x . I R , Y I Q ., 6 f f ,A "N A N. Z tiff Alexander ' QYQ5 ..QL.,,, . i A, Alexander Q .V A . - 3' ' A ' 'sw A .l . . i :Legg ' A ' .- . f we A We A Alger N- .A 4 'L ' ' Allison A-L-. pf. - U: A r ' ri 1 4 -Xmes ' : Anderson ii- .- Mlorney, Frank "I'iI'ILIIklI'U Cleveland, Ohio Wrestling, Track Alger, Shirley K. K." Cllrarlestown, West Va. Boxing, Drum and Bugle Corps, Track Manager .Xnrlerson, Roger A. "Andy" Minneapolis, Minn. Swimming .XralIonc. liugene Xl. "lux1"' lxnnalca. N. X. Drum and Bugle Corps ,MBA Albert, Norman R. "SIrelcl1" St. Louis, Mo. Track Allison, Robert C. "Clem" Robinson, Ill. Track, Band Appell, Leroy G. "Roy" Syracuse, N. Y. Swimming, Baseball Ayres, john M. "Alfalfa" Wilmington, N. C. Alexander, Dan C. "Su'amp Rat Tunica, Miss. u Football Ames, Lloyd L., jr. "john" Norwiehtown, Conn. Astraus, Alpheus A. "Af Cubed" Long Island, N. Y. Badgett, John "Lillie jeff" Lebanon, Ky. A . E . r l . of lg, . G' 3 sz-. X ff 6- Q Alexander, Marvin G. fl'-Alex!! Leavenworth, Kan. Section Leader, Track Anderson, Leon S. lIAnd3YJ! Luverne, Minn. Austin, john A "Big Shorty" Memphis, Tenn. Tennis Bailey, Garrett R. Bramwell, West Va. Anderson Appell Astraus Austin Avallone Ayres Badgett Bailey Bail HKe: lllm Ban "Pet Mar Fool Beh' "Bet Hill Fool Ben "Be Nor Bailey Barkus Barrett Barrett Barry Bartley Basil Bates Bailey, Morris J. lKKeysJ! lllmo, Mo. Pete Marblehead Mass Barry, Peter F. 9 ' Y Football, Baseball, Behnke, Gene A. "Beans" Hilbert, Wis. Football Bernier, Francis W. lfBen!l Northampton, Mass. Behnke earbook Beilman Benson Bentley Bernier Besselman Bierhorst Bird Barkus, Burton D. "Burt" St. Joseph, Mo. Swimming, Track Bartley, Robert P. "Bobo" Worcester, Mass. Football Beilman, Donald S. 'Blue Eyes" Lancaster, N. Y. Golf Besselman, Eugene H. lfBessJI Elizabeth, N. J. Barrett, Richard H. KADOCII Traverse City, Mich. Golf Basil, John L. '1Charley" Annapolis, Md. Lacrosse Benson, Charles N. "Chuck" Santa Monica, Calif. Choir, Drum and Bugle Corps Bierhorst, David H. "Brownie" Cincinnati, Ohio Tennis Barrett, Robert L. "Scooter" York, Neb. Football Bates, Robert D. flB0b,U Mystic, Iowa Football, Basketball Bentley, Thomas E. lIPudJJ Quitman, Ga. Bird, Aldine R. "Dick" Baltimore, Md. -v I - I ...NW " ,ff A. . ,, Agttsiiggp , eats , 1 -1. T 5 x ' 2 W f ,. f We p 2 L f C srl is 5 K' ' ' ,N .. F X25 X W 1 555 X! 1 Wx B jerke Blasko Boncer Bonwell Boucher Boundy Brackin Brant Bjerke, Duwaine E. "Big jerk" Lisbon, N. D. Boucher, Roger W. "Bouch" West Warwick, R. I. Basketball, Baseball Breen, James H. lljifnli Belmont, Mass. Football Brooks, Alfred P. "Stretch" Hollywood, Calif. Swimming Team Manager Breen Brennan Brewer Brodigan Brooks Brown Brown Bruce -'34 -.A '1 Blasko, William A. "Bill" Yonkers, N. Y. Drum and Bugle Corps Boundy, Kenneth A. "Ken" Groton, Conn. Baseball Brennan, Ledwith J., "Bud" Larchmont, N. Y. Football, Yearbook Brown, Jacob C. "jake" Pinecastle, Fla. Choir om, uv- 'l 1 AeA 'q,'g.e.,x , 1. .4 . -3, . 'H ff' at . aw A fg. 'I . .l as fu, -, ., T614 K' E . , g 51, 'r as 2 YA 1' 'ff X Boncer, Lawrence L. l4Larr3yJf Bath, N. Y. Brackin, Charles F. "Mighty Mouse" Donalsonville, Ga. jr. Brewer, jack R. ff 7-exn McCamey, Tex. Brown, Robert M. '4Mother" Newton Square, Penna. Football, Boxing i.,,,.3mi',, - . AW: ez' M S Y Bonwell, Arthur D. frRed:1 Dans, Ind. Brant, Douglas D. uc-iusn Pomona, Calif. Brodigan, George D. "Brojan" New Haven, Conn. Swimming Bruce, Dale R. "Moneybags" Springfield, Ohio 'ip- X N.: Z---f . g F 2 I 6 LM Buchl "Buck Allenl Calab "Bill" Branf Cann Souti Carl, "Bill Rear . 1 A . f ' if , BOWL ' ft' ,V f i Buchholtz Burkhart B 1 Y Buchholtz, Charles R. Burkhart, Paul C. "Buck" "Clif" Allendale, N. J. Tallahassee, Fla. Calabrese, William C. Campbell james M. HBNIII lfLucky!I Branford, Conn. Cannon, Leo j. South River, N. Carl, William T. "Bill" Reading, Penna. , . 1 ls . 4. ,,., , n y , QV 'X' W "vu My at., ,a f Wi I Uniontown, Penna. Caraboa, Richard J. J. "Moose" Indianapolis, Ind. Carpenter, Albert W. "Albino" Bainbridge, N. Y.. Drum and Bugle Corps W . Burnett, john H. "Smiley" Washington, D. C. Boxing Campbell, Ronald A. r1Bu su 8 Tacoma, Wash. Carbone, joseph R. "Canvasback" St. Louis, Mo. Football, Boxing Carroll, Robert H. "Square Deal" Chicago, Ill. ws:-fcfgf Burnett Burns Calabrese Campbell Campbell Campbell Burns, Richard C. "Bolivar" Big Spring, Tex. Golf Campbell, William H. ff,BilllI Pasadena, Calif. Football, Boxing Cardamone, Michael J llMike,U Yonkers, N. Y. Carroll, William E. Kllroggyll Pensacola, Fla. Cannon Caraboa Carbone Cardamone Carl Carpenter Carroll Carroll f ,af 35. 'M 1 My x , lx Carson 5 lt, gg' Castano 1. ' i ., H S my S Chadeayne -fx 'ml'-"" Q: V Chandler X' " . 2? .3 I S Charbonneau R Charlton 5' ' 5 V ' g Vg Chittenden 'rfb ' ..,tl Q A Christensen xY" . Carson, Richard H. Castano, james W. "Puddles" "Cas" Verdoy, N. Y. Tampa, Fla. Basketball Charbonneau, George L. Charlton, Robert D. "Clzark" Albuquerque, N. M. Manchester, N. H. Football, Swimming, Tennis Cipolla, Anthony R., jr. Clark, Bryan C., jr. "Zip" "Bill" New Brunswick, N. J. San Diego, Calif. Cockey, john M. ti-IAICJI Washington, D. C. Cole, joseph B. 1:-Iodyu Okulgee, Okla. Track .Ek Chadeayne, Edward W. "Eddie" Cleveland, Ohio Chandler, Earl F., jr. ly lfLuckyJI Schenectady, N. Y. Chittenden, Richard M. Christensen, Raymond 1. "Chit" "Chris" Springfield, Ill. Spokane, Wash. Cross-Country Clark, john M., jr. Clarke, Lawrence H., jr. "Larry" "A larm Clark" Memphis, Tenn. Coleman, Townsend " T. P." New York, N. Y. Tennis F9 6-A RTV Loudonville, N. Y. Baseball P., jr. Coler, William N. llBing!l New York, N. Y. oippoia Clark Clark Clarke. Cockey Cole Coleman Coler Colllll' Lulwll Unfll" Un Cook Cookl U14 C Collins, Hawlfl l IKDOCH Chicago, Ul- Cook, jesse S.. ,Apes Sacramento. Ca Choir Cornell, Char "Chuck" Pelham, N. l Football Courtney, R "Doc" Princeton 1 Football, Si 1 mond J Collins Colson Con boy Cook Cook Cooke Cooney Cordes Colhns Harold E Doc Chlcago Ill Cook Jesse S III A e Sacramento Cahf Choir Cornell Charles H Chuck Pelham N Y Football Courtney Robert Doc Princeton 'ILIIICIIOH N I-ootball Swrmmmg Cornell Cornell Coskr Costlgan Courtney Cowan Cox Cralg ,.,--:..-""-.- Colson Flem Clem Manchester Ky Cooke Peter S .Schmedly Sea Glrt N J Football Cornell joseph Canvasback Portland Ore Boxlng Cowan Chad W M exxco Mo Conboy Rlchard F Dzck ClIlC21g0 Ill Cooney Robert Ears Dubuque Iowa Coskl Bernard J Bernie Euclid Ohlo Cox Mortlmer W Mort Sewell N J 415-we l fm ,NW Cook jack W Snake Blythevllle Ark Track Boxmg Tennls Cordes Kelth D Casey Loveland Colo Tennxs Cosugan Robert A Bob Grove Clty Ohlo Cralg Charles F Chuck Kokomo Ind ax fifkf ,go--6 -. jr. . D ' - , , ' . y - 1 - J ' Y VH ,, xr .u u ' u u u A , - J ' 1 - 1 ' ' V Y l H p ,, U - U rf .u .4 u . ' W ' . ' , , ', . . y - r - . sn ' ' H., jr. , , , . , . , . xr n U U "' ' U U U Y . . N - - ' , . - ' I ' 7 ' x. . , . , - , -, Jr- H , U - if Il v ff If , . , ' , . . , - I f -, of 1, Jill 1' A 3' ff-frm' 1 ss ' ' -1, f I X' . -X 5. ,f , ' ':,1,j fl. X x Q - b , M , yi ff 1 ' Q' ,fl 1 'gf C ' ' wk 1 V, . M, - '5'-1. s- 'ff ' f" ae I , , ' W V Vi ,, WM heb . C xv y i' 'Lg ' 'L Q l If X7 ' 5 ' Q 5: ' - f , wx. f C f , f V 4 ' 1 ' me ff' Ny! , K , Af'-'ff 5 ' A af - 9' S V- 1 , we Crouse Cumbaa Cummings Curran Curtin Dale Daley Daneker Crouse, Richard T. "Bird" Beckley, West Va. Cross Country, Yvrestling Curtin, Pat "Tender" Forest, Ohio Track Daniel, Elbert P. "Danny" Raton, New Mex. Choir Davis, Philip C., Jr. "Rumhead" Phoenixville, Penna. Daniel Daniels Davidson Davis Davis DaVolio Delahunty Delaney Cumbaa, Walter B "Boots" Miami, Fla. Dale, William R. "Bill" Ridgefield, N. Daniels, Edward E. nEdn Lexington, Ky. Yearbook DaVolio, john R. HB0bIl Brooklyn, N. 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Company Adjutant Gerrard, Robert W. IsTexJl Houston, Texas Section Leader Gleason, VVilliam j. "Nitro" Port Townsend, l'Vash. , I I M' . .r l ufil A A L iiOll9iilW" l'7 U " Leu Xen' lltiflfi 5 ' Yearbook Gore. llama: "Rondo" llergenlitlri. X Crime. lit-tl "0llll'llSli'!' Dallas, Texas lfomball. ll-x Hackett. jo dSIllllt'l"' .lrdsleiy X, V' -t X f i .ff -.,- ... 5-t Q .A M. 1 , l . . lu 1 i . , . K N 4 SN ash 75 sy' H1-if, l. 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"Les" Plant City, Fla. Cross Country, Track Harron, Lawrence J. " Laney" Wilkes-Barre, Penna. Hazlett, Wendell T. "Wendy" Kane, Penna. Hansen Hansen Hardin Hardin Hardin Harkins Harrington Harris Hardin, james M. IltIi7nJJ Annapolis, Md. Harris, Fred E. "Freddy" Des Moines, Iowa Hatch er, George M. "Hatch" Shelby, Ohio Football H ealy, Robert J. ..AI,0lJ Malden, Mass. Drum and Bugle Corps Havens Haynie Hazlett Healy Harris Harrison Harron Hatcher r Hctlgffl Hclscl llcmll HC" lflcsl H HeclgeS, Rfilllll l "Dick" Lansing, lll- Cross Country. Hester, Hamill "Hess', Magee, Bliss. Track Hill, Billy 1. "Red" Taylowille, l Hoke, jacob "Big Ed" Armagh, pf Football Hedges Helsel Hendrickson Henry Hester Hickey Higgins Hilke Hedges Ralph R Cross Country Baseball Hester Harold H Viagee M1ss H111 B111y j Fayloxvxlle 111 Hoke jacob E Xrmagh Penna H111 I-Ilnman Hodges Hoerl Hoke Holland -lQ"'95'ff 1 , as Q1'. if M, M 1 K 5 f ' W 1 s.. 1 . 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Hornish, Robert Howard, Donald R. Jamciog' ffA1ex" Upon' 'The Cat" 'lam T Corbin, ky. Queens, N, Y. Albany, N. Y. Dallas, Basketball Assistant Section Leader? Basketball, Baseball Lacrosse Hubbell, XfValter B. Huck, james A. Huebner, Richard H. John, f'Hub" "jaimie" HS11L1f1l.U "10lm"'f Muskogee, Okla. Hellertown, Penna. Toledo, Ohio Igllmbe Syvimming lootball Hulsizer, james M. Hunter, Robert D. Hunter, William T. IOUUSOU "Arab" "Rock" "Bill" MI-Ufkl' Turbotville, Penna. Los Angeles, Calif. Terre Haute, Ind. Sl- P211 Baseball Track Track Boxing Hyndman, Gerald H. jackson, XVillie D., Jr. Iacob, Robert E. lones, UBWQ' IUCN?" "Gut" 1'B0b" 1'Cl1ud Wellington, KHTIS- Fort Smith, Ark. Ridgewood, N. J. Sandus Basketball Football, Wrestling, Track Drum 47 A Nga 5- Fx 5, 'A 'nv Jameson Hemy C Jr jamze Dallas Texas Lacrosse John Hem y XV C Iohnnze Lumbe Budges N Iootball Johnson Rogel Lucky St Paul Mum Boxmg ones Cll8llC9 XV Chuck Sandusky hI1Lll KL' lhum 'md Bugle Cmps Jay ne Gordon H F0223' Hfesthampton N VVrestl1ng Johnson Clalence Deacon Nlevs Albany Ind Johnson Ronald D Romzze Oconomouoc lV1s Jones Claude F J J fs- JCHCFICQ John VV 6 lncllanapolls Ind L Johnson Fredrlck C F lags Keewatxn Mxnn Battallon Adjutant Johnston James M Smoky Pueblo Colo 'I 1 ack ones John L Rebel lolm L Xllfmm C Xlexlco Cuy Mex WV? ameson ayne JCHEYICS Jensen ohn Johnson Johnson Johnson Jensen Don W Shylock Humbolt Iowa Johnson Paul W johnny Joplln Mo Johnston Rlch I ang john Tacoma lN7ash ard Jones Kelth R Jonesy ken ance Ill Johnson Johnston Johnston ones Jones Jones ones 4 l 1 W 5 A X 'S ., Wu L Y 1 I J , ., . , . ., . , . cz ' J: .14 . 1: nj u 41 v Lll 1 I 9 - - 1 ' 1 H. - 4 1 I - , . - a 4 r ' 1 ' ' AI ' I! 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King, jack P. ..Jed,, Los Angeles, Calif. Yearbook Kobierzynski, Arthur "Ski" Detroit, Mich, Baseball ' S ...J 1 G' S.. , 0 .. '- v ...Q l josephson J OVC Kalinski Kane Karbus Kastrenos Kavcsak Kermes Kane, Franklin "Yank" Springfield, Mass. Wrestling, Section L Lacrosse Kermes, Albert J. "Bum" Eclenborn, Perma. Football, Baseball King, james C. jr. "jimmie" Eccles, VVest Va. Koger, Gerald H. "jerry" San Antonio, Texas Kershaw King King King Klein Knight Kobierzynski Koger eader, Kfflmli' llfwff grail yxntfffi Klurf gunm- KQTJK Rn.: llojoyian. fllffl' A' ' I "Toyo Wettboro. Blau llruse,Charle ll " "Chuck" West New lt-ri.. N f Lacy, loc R. "Late" Rio llsta, Cziil Tennis, Football Lane, Robert l. 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YS L QM? s ...2,'Q'1i?1-f f ftia D XX. ,ff Lavin, Charles V. "Chuck" Kenmore, N. Y. Mfrestling Lcnharclt, Roger F. lILenll Washington, D. C. Football, Basketball, Baseball Llnton, Robert L. ffB0bII Monticello, Fla. McAuliffe, Donald 1rMac11 Chicago, Ill. Football, Baseball l as Lay, james O. "jim" St. Claire, Mo. Basketball Lewis, Harold P. "Horse-Power" Lebanon, Tenn. Liontas, Nicholas A. "Nick" Manchester, N. H. Football, Baseball, Drum and Bugle Corps. McCabe, joe B. a4MaC:: Oklahoma City, Okla. Boxing fig lg A NK 'ifiw . . .W A kfwls 3 me - 7 mi' 1 Q K 1 .. .R ,xx t. xg . x . x r t s , N .X B B as . . Ag L N N . .. Q 'TY-K2 Q x It Leaver, james M. nllIil,l.U Clawson, Mich. Lewis, Richard L. n'RiCkI! Bell, Calif. Lyons, X'Villiam I. "Rabbit" Mobile, Ala. McCanclless, john R. "Mac" Bradford, Penna. Swimming 14: was . I l I I ' 4 W' f . . I S ll K . if fl lil.. L Mi l f if llcCar1y,Rifh3'd W' "Twink" I Hawthorne, Calif. McCormick. PW? be Hbllltu Centralia, Wob- llcllonald, Thomas L "Mac" Niagara Falls, N. Y. Dance Committee, Lat' Yearbook lltlillllty, lack 5. "Macy V Osborn, Ohio Basketball N - J s a l .Q li Eiga f' 'w, , .wwil .Q f ' A -f "1 P ns., in ,fx ss, I. n R. aww, fi 1 Qav Us W Y' E, 11, .W ,U , KZ 7 9' V n McCarty, Richard W. McCluskey, Yvilliam A. "George" "Twink" Hawthorne, Calif. Hastings, N.'Y. Football McCormick, Perry I McCullough, Edward B. Iihlacjl HMM!! Centralia, Mlash. Bronx, N. Y. McDonald, Thomas L. McDowell, James A. llNIacIJ If-Red!! Niagara Falls, N. Y. Latrobe, Penna. Dance Committee, Lacrosse, Track Yearbook McKinley, jack S. McLafferty, Francis R. llDickPJ 1cMaC:x Osborn, Ohio Basketball Carbondale, Ill. i 1 McConnell, William E. n'Billv Stuebenville, Ohio McCurdy, William B "Mac" Madison, West Va. Football, Baseball McGaughey, Francis "Mac" North East, Penna. Baseball McLain, Dean L. "Mac" Rushville, Neb. J. J' E59 , s ...uh , Ex 4 sw? . EQ iff ss Q X X s . , wwf 'W f . Q H who XLQW , , . s W! ix g ofiNa,'S':': ' X F X ,. X X KM I xx McCarty McCluskey McConnell McCormick McCormick McCullough McCurdy McDonald McCormick, Donald F. llMaC!I Brookfield, Mass. Baseball McDonald, Francis F.. "Budd "' 9 Quincy, Mass. McGuane, Allen "Hugh Casey" Greenfield, Mass. McLawhorn, Nicholas L., sl Ted!! New Bern, N. C. McDonald McDowell McGaughey McGuane McKinley McLaiferty McLain . McLawhorn 11 I . .. - .F-'W WW ' - MeNeely Q Y I. 7. . xr A in gm. 3 , 65 'S 532 gs! lVl'CVl1ll121l11 5 I 5 1 .5 MacPherson M Q J 1 , Malament . , s ' 1.55 ' flf I Fr .s-is-2' "W, " y 55 y Malmberg '- I . f f 5 fi' hdalnigren if 3 Ar- Y 1-H .- 'K B . . 'it 9 ' , Q if t :T 1' in Manfredi ,Il 4: KN Maron 4' 1 lv, Ml M,NCL.1y, james S. Nlewilliam, john R. MacPherson, john j. Malanient, jeroine M. "Mac" "Rusty" "Mar" V i AUVIICH New Orleans, La. Nlnliuherg, Donald S. "Smolu'y" lirie, Pen llofkey llil. Nlnrstlizill, Kurt R. 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M arsch all M Marshall Mary Mathers athewson Mayer Meltzer Merat MeYCel Mcrrl Mil B Milam Mi Mercer, Slfmlel' I "Stan" Tliefllord, Neb- Lacrosse, Dance Milano, Vim R- "-Rocky" jersey City, N- Molir, George "Snookums" Valley Stream, Boxing lllontgomery, "Magpie" Shadyside, 01 Football Mercer Mer rram 3 .f if G, Nlrchaels Mrddleton Mrlano Mlles X Mrntz Q Mohlrng gig Z Ae' ff! 3941 fail, Stan Wzllze lheclford Neb Salem Oregon HC Lacrosse Dance Commrttee Mrlcs NVrll1am B Wzllze Bethesda Md Swrmmmg Xlrlano Vrto R Rocky Jersey Crty N J Molmaro Lucrano Lou Stamford Conn Nlohr George Snookums Valley Stream N Y Boxrng Xloore Rufus Ru Lafayette La Montgomer y Danrel Magpze Shadyslde Ohro Football Mohr M olrnaro Molyneux Money Montgomery Moore Nfloor e Moran 9 '5 Mercer Stanley L Merrram Wrlllam P jr Nlrchfrels Robert llzkt Xortlrualcs lcrr a lennrs Yearbook Xlrntz Mrlton Bronx N Y Mol neux Homer M7 Y Moe Tucson Ar rz earboolt Nloor e YVrllram M Benny Tort Prerce Fla Cholr Drum and Bugle Corps "6-. A Q Xlrddleton Clyde D Sleepy alatka lla Xlohlrng Paul I Mole Cedar Falls Iowa Football Nloney Mlrllram C B1 Knoxvrlle Tenn Nlor an lVarren T J Forest Hrlls N Y fri' 'fx 96- yn- Yearbook Dance Commrttee 24055 4 ith I A A ' 0 '1 - f, . B ' Y 5' r- F Y ,V B 1 v L V ' -3' f- Q V - X r Y T K - - C ,.-4. K -:rf , - f 'i.'-hi H -- . f ,, I ,h-- :H -.naw 'iv' '- .ig . my ' x-H" ' , Qs, W ff-..1,,Av . ' Q: ' A ,, 4 Nb, 'kv I ' ,M 3 . ' 'Aa - , f" ' .Uni -4 9 3 ,, N .. ,A . - - 1. ' . - 1 Ev I ,A Q ta: -5 ' - ,wr b , , ' 1, , 4 X K x D f 1 s Q . r ga M: . . an ,, r 67' Q V , ,, I, 1 -"' f ' K , ww Q if , ,, 'W ' 'G . ,W . l fi' f' ,WQWU - ' ' r'-fx ' MQW r f , ,rr ' .e I 'N arf , ' v Swsfiz' "r1?"' , , , , SA ' ' ', . ' , ' ., '. . ' . D, ' r , . nl V JI dl ' ' JI nu' ' ,Il In ' ,II . . ' ' . V - . - l . I, ' k , . , . ' H , A ll . l , ' . , - , 7 lf , . ' 1 , . r , f l , J. uv 'U 1: ' ' ,v , -- JJ , . . r I , . . , . , .Ps V 1 Y A I I I ' 1 ! 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"Bayou Benny" New Orleans, La. Mulloy .ll Munson 3'-4' Murphy 1 Murray Murray Myres Murray Neville .......,-,,,,........---- i i'i. .Q Ri t .l.g 5, QL.. Morrow, George F. "Fish" Kerrville, Texas Swimming Mullane, Thomas E. "Uncle Tom" Bridgeport, Conn. Tennis Murray, Cleon B., Jr. ..PaV, Bayonne, N. J. Swimming, Drum and Bugle Corps Neville, Dee J. ..Nw,. Prospect, Oregon Lacrosse .Ei , ll, lf. '. fl' .+ Nicltola. Walne E "Nm" Altoona, Penna. Track Nyvold, Robert 7 ..Ny,, Minneapolis, Mil Baseball Olinger, Hetscl " Ollie" Westville, Oltla l Oflll. Marvin Baltimore, M4 Football l l i . l Bugle ku iwf E-I. r I if f f' 41 -fl Nlickola Wayne E Nert Altoona Penna Track Nyvold Robert H Minneapolis Minn Baseball Olmger Herschel Ollze Westville Okla Ortiz Marvin Baltimore Md. Football J Noell Paul E Ted Baltimore Md OConnor john E Okze New Haven Conn Cross Country Olson Milton 0 e Stordm Minn Company Commander OSullivan Peter R. Rock Nlew York N. Y. Swimming ""'s. N1CkO13 ki Norman Thomas V Baltlmore Md Baseball OHare John H Jr Flags l'a1rHeld Conn Golf OMalley john A ack West Palm Beach Ott Billy D. Sweet William Dallas Texas 3 Noell Norman Numbers Nlyvold O Connor O Hare O Leary Numbers Earl W San Francisco Calif OLeary john B Jr Irzsh Medford Mass Yearbook ONe1ll Paul X P X Dorchester Mass Dance Committee Drum and Bugle Corps Owen William . Tex Tyler Texas Football Wrestling Ohnger Olson O'Malley O'Neil1 Ortiz O'Sullivan Ott Owen 9 sc: 5 x Z ., ,. 8, is . N, . .I-ti 'V S iz ' 3 l A T' Owens, john A.. ji "Sln'r'd" Benicia, Calif. llnsebzill Patterson, lVilliani "Pnl" Czilvestnn, Texas lracll Peters, Paul lf. Ulf.-rw' l'iYllllSYlllC, Ind. lfootball, Choir Phillips. Theodore H "Phil" C-rand Rapids. Mich. 'x 5. 5' K., , x,',.1: 5 f, , 'C' as 51 if' Z?" '75 I? C'- 1 Palmer, William J jr "Bill" Dorchester, Mass. Paul, Ronald S. "Ronnie" in-5 Los Angeles, Calif. Pfeifer, Raymond "Ray" Glidden, Texas Baseball Pierce, Louis M. '4P0rky" Visalia, Calif. Football I. 4 Parker, Millard M. "Misha" Vincennes, Ind. Yearbook Pearson, john F. Arlington, Va. Phillips, Alfred R. "Red" Long Beach, Calif. Tennis, Drum and Bugle Corps Pierson, David S. "Damyankee" Havertown, Penna. Cross Country, Track, Wrestling li . lv- lk Owens Palmer Parker Paris P HUCISOH Paul Pearson Perrodin Paris, Thomas A. f'CholIy" Brooklyn, N. Y. Football, Basketball, Baseball Perrodin, Howard "Ca jun" Rayne, La. F., Ir. Phillips, Edward L. "Eddie" Kelso, Wash. Boxing Planalp, Roger N. "P, P." Oregon, Mo. Drum and Bugle Corps Peters Pfeifer Phillips Phillips Phillips Pierce Pierson Planalp Pla I ' Pot l Plate, HHYO Throggs N1 Drum and Potts, Rayi N23 Skidoo Ardmore, 1 Football Pucylowski llskiil Stambaugli Reed, W, St. Peters Choir l aseball Plate Platt ' Pollak Potts Prest Porter Pr1ce Prlngle Plate Harold F X Throggs Neck N Y Drum and Bugle Corps Potts Raymond A 23 Skzdoo Ardmore Okla Football Pucylowskx Francns 1 Stambaugh Mnch Reed W Howard St Petersburg Fla Choir W Pucylowskl Rafalowsk1 Rasmussen Rath Reed Reedy Re1nhard Rhoades -X '- X X Q P Q ' wr l 5 5 Q F , fs. f r - . Y . Q Qv q W R- '1 V l ' . . . J H U It -1 U H ,-,BI N., JI. , . . , . , . . , . If- , . ' , . . P'-, . ,.1' D. I u I 1 ' n 41" pu ..l- ' ,u ,, ,, 1 - I - 1 QA . 1 . N A , . .", ' . .", . ., Jr. J .. , ' '. , . . lfsk 'IJ an ' tl .1 I7 ll ll . , ' . . . . U ." , 'is. l ' , V. , - ' , I - ' , f ' -, jr , A. an ll .I ' II A ' , . , . fps J . ' I - W 3 ' ' fi gl, "" 4, I X Q "' W X A ff . 1 . ' R 95 "Q 1 Nik 3 'R- ..,. iw nw... y Platt Grafton S Whztey Chevy Chase Md Swlmmlng Pxest James A Io Waukegan Ill Rafalowskl joseph XV Hzmself RosellcPa1k N J Reecly Thomas M Hon esf Tom Detxoxt Mxch T1 ack Football Pollak Morr1s Bow wow Brooklyn N Y une Kenneth R Skmner Cax1ettsv1lle Ohlo Basketball Rasmussen Gordon Ras Ianesx llle lk A Remhard Clxffold C 1 F11 Allentown Penna Lacrosse 754 Porter ohn Porter kansas Clty Mo 1 ungle A am Oogee 'I1tusv1Ile Penna lootball Rath Thomas J Long Tom Nhlwaukee XNIS Rhoades Warren Sprmgfield Mass Band x Richardson Ries Rigel Rioux Roach Roalsen Robbins Robbins Richardson, jack E., jr. "Okie" Oklahoma City, Okla. Roach, Colin D. "Ser'dy" I-Iast Brady, Penn. Robertson. john M., jr. "Love'r" - St. Louis, Mo. Track, Basketball Rogers, Fretlric W. "Unconscious" Clear Lake, Iowa Choir Robertson Roelke Rocpkc Rocsch Rogers Rollins Rollins Ross :QW-' OS: N37 .1P" "1 .. T? Q' 1 v af f Alfa Ries, Allen L. "Harry" Chicago. lll. Swimming, Drum and Bugle Corps Roalsen, Donaltl Berkley, Calif. Tennis Roelke. Robert "Rokf"' Kearney, N. Basketball. Lacrosse Rollins. james " Rollo" Bath, N. X. Ifootball, Track Y 43 -'N Rigel. Nlitchcll ulaiqu Lima, Ohio Boxing Robbins. Clay "Robbie" St. Lottis, Mo. Roepkc, john R. Waterloo. Iowa Rollins. john "Rollo" Austin, Minn. Swimming, Tra 5 , K j Us if K. Riottx, Richard j. frDiCk!l Lisbon Falls, Me. Robbins, Richard li. "Dick" San I,canclro, Calif. Roesch. Malvin B. Orange, N. j. lj. Ross. l-'rank C. " Ii f'lsy" l'ittsbttrgh, Pcnna. ck Baseball t l if l l ' Q,jf5.Ql l . , l N lm Ross, Phillip H Hphilil Annapolis, Md Yearbook Sabec, Edwin "Eddie" Export, Penna Lacrosse Sappingron, W UAT!!! Decatur, Ill. Sfhell, Lawre "Larry" Seaclilf, N, 3 Swimming, C Bugle Corps l 5 Q, M ,yi QQ! IE I slr Pv- '--. M f f Ross, Phillip H., jr. "Phil" Annapolis, Md. Yearbook Sabec, Edwin J. "Eddie" Export, Penna. Lacrosse Sappington, Warren llATtIJ Decatur, Ill. Scheu, Lawrence D. "Larry" Seacliff, N. Y. Swimming, Choir, Dr Bugle Corps A. um and Rossie, Richard L. mick" Aurora, Ill. Tennis Salfer, john L. MMU., Corydon, Ind. Satterwhite, Hugh "Little Hugh" Kansas City, Kan. Track Schlaufman, Louis .1L0un Melrose, Mass. Football, Baseball C., C. Jr. Rowe, Robert H. "Sl1akey" Louisville, Ky. Safranek, Robert C. llB0b!l Madison, Wis. Dance Committee Sayer, William D. "B. B." Perham, Minn. Section Leader Schlosser, Robert B. "Sch loss" Denver, Colo. Lacrosse, Section Leader A Q .s is 2 Ross Rossic Rowe Ruesswick y Wff Sabec 5 A 'uty Saffer Safranek Sagerholm Ruesswick, Douglas L. Penns Grove, N. -I. Sagernolm, james A. ..Sag,, Baltimore, Md. Cross Country, Track, book Schaffrath, Henry G. "Hank" Chicago, Ill. Swimming Schluter, Hugo E. "Boats" Brooklyn, N. Y. Sappington Satterwhite Sayer Schaifrath Scheu Schlaufman Schlosser Schluter Year N Sl' .., f 'lf F- :X , 4 ' N! N. . , BVW? ' Schmid 5 - ,, s ag. Schrantz s ' , 'A T, 3' l Q ' Schultz ta- wg' .' Schwarzmann 1 'hiv' ,S it - Scolpino A l Scott 3 A G' -an . 5. f 'NT ar , , l i X . R ka if scott 40' . 'SV Xt 3 lg S - Shippyl, Wal Schmid, Clan-roll ,x. Scbrantz, joseph A. Schulti, Frank, jr. Sijhwzarzmann, Robert H., ji. uskippyv .IS judas ,,-Ioan ..DutC In .r 0 rr 1 .1 Cicfuncil, Idaho Phoenix, Arizona Leighton, Penna. Falls Church, Va. giminandr Drum and Bugle Corps, Track Band Singhaus, R Scolpino, Frank j., jr Scott, Richard H. Scott, Stanley R. Sebes, Edward A. giympgggc "Scoop" "SC0llie" "Scolty" "Seeds" West Englewood, N. Lancaster, Penna. Dickinson, N. D. Duquesne, Penna. Yearbook, Football, Lacrosse Football Wrestling Smith, Ort "Doc" Seidcnberg. Sherman Sell, john R. Sellers, Robert C. Semon, Richard J. nude, M19 "Gerry" "Lillie john" "Doc" "Dick" ' Cambridge, Mass. Columbus, Ohio Columbus, Ohio Highland Park, N. J. Track, Football Smith, W "Moose" Savers, George E. Shaklee, Harold G. Shanken, Martin L. Sheehan, William F., jr. New Ygrl "Sim" "Hal" "Tony" "Bill" Slircwsberry, N. j. Denver, Colo. San Antonio, Texas Boston, Mass. Dance Committee t A Seidenberg Q ma 'Ry :' . ag, SCH rs- '14, Q - f Sellers if - ' f tr w W 1, -. 4 ,., ' W Semon Ll A ' ' I . l Severs S ' Shakl e Q af 'Q 53 e Y 6, ' Shanken , X hr- Sheehan JA 1 Shippy Shine Shutt Sims Smghaus Skantze Smllll Smlth Shxppy Walter C 5k PM Dayton Ohlo Drum and Bugle Corps Smghaus Robert E New Phrladelplua Ohlo Drum and Bugle Colps Smlth Ordell Doc Bude Mnss Smxth lhlllam Moose New York N Y Smlth Smlth Smlth Smlth Sllllihwldx Spaldlng Spauldmg l rv! Shme james E nn St Louls Mo Skantze Lawrence The Bankez B1 onx N Y Smlth Rlchard C Srnztty -Xllentown Penna Basketball Slllllhwldx Patuck Sm: tty Kewaunee XVIS Basketball Shutt Lamar E Butterball Wxllxamstown Penna Sm1th james R Sm 1 tty Los Angeles Cahf Smrth Wllllam A Smztty Toledo Ohxo Spaldmg Lyle G Speed Olean N X Yearbook 'Fm' B at 5 5 cf' guns Srms Leonard F Dude Brrmmgham Alabama Slllllh Val Smzttx 'vhamx Beach Fla Track Smllh lvxllxam B J Wzld B111 Brooklvn N Y Golf Spaulclmg Donald H Hufflz XIerr1ll Mxch r , ,img My Winn 376 Z 1 A Ali ' t 4 ,v,T,x.,. wx I . i W 2 N w ' S Q I , L2 6 . -1' . B . l , RV ,K I ' ,4 X . ,J I . , - , . , ' . ,. v i Vu nhl' .U ll . n .1 n Y ' ! ' J ' 7 4! , . ' , , A. , . , v ' ' ' KK AP! if ' IJ ls ' Y!! r , 4 ' ' , . . , , . l , . , , . , . , ., r. n u I u ' U rr ' yu fr ' ' J: 1 - 1, 1 ' 2 , 1 ' - . , f L. . ', J. , . , . ll J! nn ' ' ,I If fl in J! r 7 D , . N I . . . , . . , . , . . 1 , - 7 If ' Efgw ,..k. Y f .5 . 42. fy: -3 ,X X' v , L 'N' " ' Smrtgh ' f e"2iF . A L , A 14" 9.4, , ' ' ' 51: 'QM 5 . . -.,,P1.'T?f.fg?, ' . B " j.:5yf,fL,.fj ,f u .?.'.-- ' .N . t , , 1 I kk ' - Q I f I e . ' C - N: 1 Q B ' stat-tt A R tag Q Steiner YL' bl ' Stephens 3' -51.1 rf' ,, YH, -'J X . WA N Stevens Stice Stickney Stillman Staple, David F. "Staples" Muskegon, Mich. Stevens, Donald O. "The Michigan Kid" Lansing, Mich. Yearbook Stone. james M, "Janice" Willistion Park, N. Y. Strickland, Robert N. "Bob" Mobile, Ala. ' 1 vw-is Ld., ,Q Stark, Peter A., Jr. "Pete" Hibbing, Minn. Slice, Roy B. "H. S." Urbana, Ill. Wrestling Stover, Glen F. "Smokey" Hampton, Iowa Basketball Strong, john XV. "johnny" Mc.-Xlester, Okla. 'ii .N 1 Steiner, Howard XV. "H. W." Ridgefield Park, N. J. Stickney, Carl "Stick" Boston, Mass. Streett, james "jenny" Baltimore, Md. Stucker, Gayle UNiIJJl Dayton, Ohio XV. K. G. ,, v .Q .a,, "wr . 521.1 b I, .re---s k Stephens, john P. "Petie" Berkeley, Calif. Track, Drum and Bugle Corps Stillman, Lawrence K. Bingham Canyon, Utah Basketball Strueli, joseph W. Kfjoel! East Patterson, N. J. Track Summerlin, Giles S. "Smoky" Thorndale, Texas Yearbook Stone Stover Streett Strueli , N Strickland 1 . Strong gg A V .. Stucker ' i Q . l . Summerlin ' .,-5... L 'iz 'vnu .7 41 hi. Suprenant, f'Soupy" Kankakee, Boxing Swanson, l "Sunny" Lake Bro' Theotoka "Theo" Salida, C Tombari It R itll Cohoes, Cross-Cc ff a . N lugle a af' Suprenant Homer L jr Soupy Kankakee Ill Boxlng Swanson Ronald R Swany Lake Bronson Mmn Theotokatos Thomas Theo Sahda Colo Tombarr Henry X Rzc Cohoes N Y K Cross Country XVrestlmg ' ' if Sutley Robert M u hugene Ore Boxmg Choxr Sweat john B Blondze Diamond XVash1ngton Track Thompson john M Jr ack XS llmmgton Del Toms Wxlham R Tommy jackson Mrch Drum and Bugle Corps Af IQH'--N QE wilm- 'S Z" Svec Rxchard L Ace Clucago Ill 'Drum and Bugle Corps Tauge Ldw1n C St Paul Nimn Tlck Robert G The Fnome XIcKeesport lenna Tlallb Donald X Dave lotus 0 K-. 1929 5,s...,-nv' 6335-A 91-Q Sup renant Sutley Svec Swanke Swanson Sweat Tauge Terrell Swanl-rc Robert X Red Rner Edge N J Lacrosse Terrell Wxlllam z PlllSblll'gll Penna Xealbook T111 Cameron L Cam jackson Mlss Tloller George Il ee C ee .Sanasota Fla Theotokatos '1 nomps n Tlck T1 1 Tombarr Toms Traub Troffer 1 ,V 5 1 '! ' r Q I - , . . . ' , 4 . H J: HS tn ,. ,, U .X 1 ' 1 - ' , . l ' ' , . . ! Y Q u ,l 1 l 3 5 , . . . L, - In II 'I ' 7, UEdII nil, 'IIIJ t h X r - 1 - 1 1 ' - . y 1 7 . , , L. , ., . ' ', . ' , ., 11 u rr, u .. I u ll n - ' I 1 - ' 5 W , , , . A , . - , . ' . l l - 7 A ' 1 1 1 f - r ' 1 ' ' .I .4 ' pp ..' 'Jr .. rr 4. If . I n 1 , , . ' , ' . St. . M . ' . ' . . 1 ' . . ' , ' . V 1 Q . C 5 l - - . K K A Q: + ' .- . ,. Q 'I X X D Img: .A V, A 0 1 . - '1 fs . Q .4 ' . Q51 ' L ,.x.:s' ' A 1 L " 5, Q S Y ,, - ' M ' . w fY!,f ff . .. k ,M R ... T., A Q .sr , VM K I- . lm L ., gk A W x ii G , , xx X I il tl , Q an 3 " ' L. im 2 "T 1 F1 ' A 'Q X X X R 1 - ,1 es I V ' Z S R, I XM i -X if ll 'I Eb, Mi- V ' K. X sm. f N43 n A Wav .v G' sf' . 'Q L+ or an A I A x :L :jig Q' X I nl ln. 5.1 y 2 Yr Geeks, t W A' gr h 8 Truebloocl, Howard C. Tucker, Raymond J., jr. "'l' If " Yakima, Wash. Vaughan, Robert .-X. "lir'auregarcl" llrooklvn, N. Y. Choir 4 Walker, Samuel B. Savannah, Ga. Watson, Robert F. "ficor1e" ls lndianola, Iowa Cross-Country G' ff 'cs-. Q. "'l'11ck" Classport, Penna. Yine, Victor J. "IZ 1lCkCj'C',' Carretsville, Ohio Track, Tennis Warren, josh, jr "Bull" Bath, S. Carolina XVatts, XVilliam E. --mil,-" Brooklyn, N. Y. Baseball 1 ,ja spa-A XF' Vahsen, George M. Creenwich, Conn. Baseball Voytovich, Richard j. Cleveland, Ohio Wartman, Albert C., jr. " Willy" Louisville, KV Webb, Carl "Sll0l1If1C'l'Sn R. Trueblood Tucker Vahsen Van Tassel Vaughan Vine Voytovich Walker Van Tassel, Lloyd A., jr 'Van" Mlarren, Penna. Walker, Charles T. Tennessee Xtlashington, Robert YV. "Bushrod" New Medford, N. J. Webber, Gene D. " Webb" Oklahoma City, Okla. I-011g Beach, Calif- XVrestling ' Walker Q 5 A Xvarren t Mla t 5 r r IQ man Vt ashmgton Watson Watts 1 XV ebb '- Webber I n gi' NVCDS W4 l Wenzel W hee Wh V Webster, Robert "llliss" Newington, Com Choir Wenzel, George "Hot Nose" West Hartford, Whiteside, jan "Colonel" Shelbyville, Te Football Williams, Irrii 'f0vey" Cleveland, Oh W Webster Wedge Weeks Welch Wenzel Wheeler Wheeler Whltem n lvebster Robert A Mzss Newmgton Conn Cholr Wenzel Ceorge A Hot Nose West Hartford Conn Whxteslde james B Colonel Shelbyvxlle Tenn football XX xlllams Ixun D Over Clew eland Ohlo Whlteslde Wllhelm Wlekhorst Wllll3mS W1ll1ams W1ll1ams WllllHmS Wllson ..,,, ,..,.,Y,, , . , Hx., N s Hedge Geolge F j Skz Syracuse N Y Cholr Llbrarlan Mlheelel Balley K Wheels Woodmvxlle VN Football Wllhelm Paul E W1lhe1m Great Bend Kan lV1ll1ams Rxchard D Openka -lla os, Meeks Rxchald I Portsmouth Vlaxne Wheeler Henry Red El Paso Texas Basketball lvlekhorst Wax ren A Potter Nebraska W1lll2mS Robert G Wzllze Detrolt Mxch Orchestra XS elch James 1' Clzamze Ang Somervxlle Mass Baseball Football Whxteman Samuel Sam Hastmgs Nebl as W1ll1ams Don E Wzllze Ashland Kansas Choxr Wllson James E P Xuburnulle Fla T' D J A , . Sip-.'f' fn- ,f'W li. l B 2 . B1 B ti h I7 t Q' r . "s 3 Y r . F ci 1 , - 7 , ' -y Y- V ' ' H ' ' 1- V ' , ' . - xr ' xx , i - A , - 11 ,I P 5 , A I ell! y - 1 ' ' . , . , 7 7 7 4 ' ' if I - a V s 1 K 'J Jr' gg ,u .. 1: fr n sr v fr ' . ' , . ' ' ' , lash. , ' , ' ka 4 . . , . . , 1 . , Q i . . y Q Jr. tl ll in ' ' YY KI ' ' IJ ! ! ' Q D ' ' 7 A . ,. . A . . . . - - - , " , ' . ' , - y I r 0 1- rx Lyn , A ' rl ' ' u rr . Qin A 7 , y - -W 7 1 ' , , Ag: ,exisllg fg AV . , " i t h - .I . Q I I ' . . , W A I 5 , ,Q ' I i 'rex A A , Q j 1 v 'sa f ar - 1' ' O A ' I '4 x, s . , I, Winkler t gy-s-. 93- Winsor 5:3 Wood XV urtzel Wyatt , I Ypma fa fs if 6. Yttrth Zach arias Winkler, Lawrence Winsor, Robert W. YVood, Dempsey D. Wurtzel, john j. "Larry" "Bewick" "Hotrod" "j. J." St. Louis, Mo. St. Paul, Minn. England, Ark. Harrisburg, Penna. Football, Boxing Drum and Bugle Corps Lacrosse Baseball Choir Wyatt, William C. Ypma, john Yurth, William Zacharias, jerrold M "Bill" "Ampy" "Yokum" "Zach" 1 jacksonville, Fla. Grand Rapids, Mich. Columbia Station, Ohio Vllashington, D. C. Football Zeller, john K. Zibilich, Michael A. Zimolzak, Frank "Johnnie" "Mike" "Zim" Indianapolis, Ind. New Orleans, La. Glen Lyon, Pa. Football Zeller Zibilich I Zimolzak ML i t 8 5. I L 71 - 'Z T M JOHN- S. SCHMIDT 0 , 7 j ' Commander, USN X 'Z ' Physical Fitness Officer ' 8 -NN UU M 5 fx 41 xm- Z mm f z Q N Is? 9 'Q ' ll 0 449 f ,f 4 u1d n Xia n li X X N-D WW f dffwf CZ' K' Zlwzfdall 'W "' V digit 6 m fi T ly if ,ia 4 ' ' '53 59558 'fr " LI Q ' i is 1 "S 5 7 A 1 y l 55 i 32 5 as 20 '35 45 49 41 " val' Bags T35 2lml3Sfal8i va, r--gf. ,J 1 L, agua, , , va ly, in Sl :Cav-dnilvro cw In va, First Row Decker, Scolpino, Corey, Frederick, Brennan, Grimes, Mathewson, Hoke, Deppish, Peters, Lenhardt Barry, Smith. Second Row - Orabone, Unger, Deem, Shaw, Winkler, Kenady, Burke, Hardin, Potts Schlaufman, Marshall, DeStefano. Third Row - McCluskey, Ens. Smith, Beach, McCurdy, Liontas Ker s Lantaster, Skovgard, Slack, Cornell, Ens. Sullivan, Mohr. Fourth Row - Ens. Gilliam. Mueller ck, Ortiz, Holland, Clark, Barnet, Larson, Leon, Bartley, Sliallcuburg, Comdr. Schmidt. This year's Naval Academy and College Preparatory School football team, better known as the Bainbridge "Commodores," was ably coached by Comdr. Schmidt, who was assisted by player-coaches, linsigns Gill' m, Smith and Sullivan. Having beautiful football weather, the "Commodi y " with only one week of practice as a squad, rolled to an easy victory over- o Meade to launch its season in the win column. In the next game Bainbridg lost arheartbreaker to the Receiving Station at Washington, D. C. The NAPS ekoven, .benefiting by the experience obtained during the past two gamesggcameg out on top with its game against Fort Myer. When Bainbridge matched i'ts'skil1s,with Fort Belvoir, the latter proved to be getting the greater share of the breaks. 5Qapitalizing on one, a Belvoir player intercepted a passin lhijlexd zone in theclqsiing minutes of play, and ran the entire field for the win touchdown whigh' the "Com- modores" their second defeat of the seasqi-5, ' self .f Being rather outclassed byiliei Navy Plebges, the squad fril' Ba' bridge lost its third game. A superiorjgiar e aggregation at Quantico, Virfirii A, accounted for Bainbridge's fourfthf--loss. ,covering from these three-. traight defeats, NAPS, battered butfnot demora 1, .ed, reorganized to win over the Pensacola Air Station team. taking'il'iel'l t game of the season from Westqrn Maryland jayvees, the "Coinmodores" of Bainbridge evened the schedule with four wins and four losses. ' ' ,X A few 'weeks after the termination of the season the players, coaches, and managers were feted in a banquet given in their honor at Tome Inn. Several prominent guests were present and varsity jackets were awarded. Thus, the gridiron at Bainbridge closed to the Season of 1947. 9. , gh YMM 1' all 5 gfggvfgh in W J 's ' ,N 1 -'1 I 144 N: x X , v ' I 1 5 1, xx, .sk 1' W ' - k , 'B ,QQ- ug vp "fligh- nfl" 5 W r w 'J' ,53""' ,M 0" is N989 '15 'SUN .4 'Y 3 LXR 5 11" .. ,--,,,.--..... ----, ......-f------ sf' ,Y ' -Z1.:":n-I Jgfifl ,ff f A - 9. l L ,V Xb 'fgfffi ,1,.,, f 4 ' I K vYf . jf , S .7 Yv x2 ' X Q'2?fqziM5 f V, ,Ml ,Y 200, WA ' Jo ' v ! if '7 . ..- S'-Pa 'VI ,., ,,,"..2f'7" 1211! ,-'J i ' FIU x x ' il, 51 'N Front gf '1 E' V Ron' fRUi Thzrd J an d pcsi The thfi ' prnc Hfne prev adn per team enc tea' Th lea for bri wg Fii br C0 gil be iv 5 'l lxil I x X f fi 1 i Qin.- B 5 '44 -P' za-,af F 93,5 xy ? 7 9 Ifront Row-Roelke, Stillman, Garnett, Boucher. Second Ron'-Smith, Hyndman, Stover, McKinley Robinson Third Row-Wheeler, Freeman, Lay, Castano, Floyd, Smithwick. Fourth Row-Ens. Robeson, Igns. Larzalerc, Following the call to the courts made in November by Coaches Ens. Robeson and. Ens. Larzalere, approximately one hundred aspirants responded to fight for ositions on the team that would represent NAPS in the 1948 basketball season. P The first scheduled workouts were held on F , eputdoor basketball courts, and as the month wore on, the squad that moffed i flthe gymnasium for the first indoor practice was reduced to about thiryy e-ff ,At the close of the season, about fifteen men, many of whom had .fe-riifpla ,'y, -, with other Navy teams, some few in previous All-Navy Tournaments, Xqgprpggygltghg team that served Bainbridge so admirably on the basketball courtly 'QA .F , Althou h lea ue competitiondl 'notwibegin until after the Christmas leave 3 S period, Bainbridge looked forwaxiw, affsrying league schedule with the other teams comprising the Northern lii, 1 'on ,ofthe Middle Eastern Service Confer- ence. Through hard, fast playif ',j-Rdiatldetermined will to win, the NAPS team emerged victorious, losing o Elyqoriefeague game to the team from Aberdeen. This accomplishment gave Bainbfl ' A the championship of their division of the league, and assured NAPS of Oriel-g y cup forthe trophy case. This onl served to inspii fthe vteam, however, and they began preparations Y for the playoff tournament beXweenTNorfolk NAS, Quantico Marines, and Bam- ' h NAPS team bridge, which took place March 15 and l6. In the first game, t e won a 62-45 victory over Norfolk NAS, the team that had defeated them in the Fifth Naval District Tournament. The second night found the boys from Bain- bridge even better than before to defeat the Quantico Marines on their own court, 62-57. With these two sparkling victories, Bainbridge annexed another ld h and the team members were given individual miniature gold basket- go trop y, balls to signify that they were the best of all from the Eastern Service Conference. 1 Q i ! l 0 1 'IX xx iv' Z ff. :T 'W " "'e U' ' - ""'s' I' ' 'N 'AT' 'e..i 1. ' A +l.i'L- -'l,,,,,Y,, UO 11 ml-W '1113 059 DUB WH01 - 'UQYUQIS , 2 I1 3 KSHIUO11 91 11111 gqll 1915111133 111 um 11: I 1 11s1?1uiEd OSI? S1111 qi '35 51391 9111 10 .fl '8150111 fflqmH U91111 1111101101 Sql 1 7 ' 'im P1911 919.11 . .1203 '1a.-9101.1 ' - QQ 3011 11111111 D59 Sql 9 'jul-WOLIS S111 11' 1115911 11119111 111111101 S5011 . 111 W9 J 7 rw 'rfll . 911111 Q ,QOH 1 ' nl 1 9111111 , NN , Q11 , 1911 11111 I IMA' Y- 1 ir' 1 1 1 1 1 x f NX an 1 11 X. 50 11 1111 'WW mimi' 'LIIUIIS 'sug ',112.s1111'mj 'Slli-I '51191111' 's11j,1 '011121915911 'SBIUOVI '191191d '1191u9:1 'u9s1115A '119qdu1ej '119dd1-' - 111011 11111111 'S.I9l1lUlQ '.1I'f,I,lIlIQ 11911119.11 '.1lllI1l1E19QI 1 no 110395 19115111111 'ssog '1p.11:111191 'A.I,IE'd 'll3.l,lIT1Nx 219.1015 '11J19111 - .11 'p1eMoH 'ue1u991l1 's11113 - 1 11 p 'Dllllia 111291.191111f 003 B 111 uos129s 19919111101-11911 IZ 119A0f119 1111291 9111 .101 1110 9s0111 1112 'SS0117.lIZ2D,I,lI P . 2 ' . 2 . 89111123 91131291 Sl! UHSSQ SBPLIQUEIZQI 9.101911 9199.11 .1191 IZ 112111 9.x111191I11109 ll! 119911 P211 pun '111:1s 138311 SXQQAX 11101 10 99.1111 U 111211 p9A1z11l 911 O1 S1111291 9111 10 1s0111 11111 ' 2 1111 1 9129 '9111p9119s 9111123 9A19M1 13 19U11 93111111111u1,1 11919111211 119111.11 lLlI,Jl D111 10 110111s 1 101 SQIBIJHJURD A191111 ISOLLI 9111 9111111191911 O1 119111911 9111123 111211bs'.191111 1111 'SJQHO 91131291 10112111 111211 111211 .1191 311108 pun 's1111291 AABN 191110 1111.11 9DU91.I9dX9 s1101.x9.11I 111311 PIZIIIJS 9111 10 S19111119111 9111 'U011d93X9 11101111.11 ISOIIIIX1' '119111 A111111 O1 1119 S1211 111211111 9111 11111 '1110 119111111 UQILI A1111 A191121111x01dcI12 '1111291 9111 101 s1101ss9S QDIIDYLICI 3111111011 11123911 1111111g 1191203 UQLINX 's100p1n0 199110111 penbs 91111 '.I9l11T39M 19111111.11 10 112.x11112 9111 1111.11 11111 'SDISQM M91 1S.Ig 9111 101 111.43 9111 O1 19911111109 S1291 99119121C1 1191111.11 31101 If 131,113 110111pu09 u1 SIJUEII 191112 S1111111 31111193 '111A3 9111 111 s91.191112c1 .l9l131l?D'.I3L1.7l1fI 9111 .IO-1 s19pu91u09 9111 1112 1nd IBLII 1129 91.11 17913111108 1111111g 'sug 'LIJIIZIY ll! .411129 93111111 -1111211 12 UBEQQ '111zq9s1:q 's1,10ds 1911111111s 111112 31111115 1112 '10 .IIZIIICIOCI 1s0111 llillbf HIS! 'Q' 5, 'I ' P A ,ga-1 '-o ' . 1 5? First Row - Malmgren, Reedy, Smith, Frederick, Hunter, Tick, Schwarzmann, Fudul, Nickola, Mathewson Second Row - Henry, Bird, Marshall, Ypma, Satter- white Holland ohnson, Sell, Christensen, Adorne , , J Y- Third Row - Gross, Patterson, Hunter, Schultz, Vine, Holm, Hansen, Allison, Pierson, Robinson, Alex- F x 'xi' ander. Fourth Row - Ens. Finneran, Lt. Fallon, l.TjG Nardone. ard, ' 6 IIHS. 'hack Track, the olympic part of our sports program, is composed of sixty odd men interested in the glory to be gotten only on the "cinders." Lt. Fallon and lins. Finneran, the coaches, spent much time with their proteges to get them into form for their short but strenuous sea- son. Although a greater part of the squad was practicing the relays and the sprints, some spent their time practicing the hurdles, the high jump, the broad jump, the pole vault, the shot put, the discus, and the javelin. These field events were under the watchful eye of LTQIG Nardone. In April the speedsters entered the Penn relays. Coach Fallon sent two re- lay teams, one the quarter mile relay, the other the mile relay. Also, the track team had one meet with the Navy Plebes, and was entered in the Fort Bel- voir Relays. Later in the season the team matched its speed and skill in com- petition with the Baltimore Olympic Club, and the "Spike Brigade" from Aberdeen. The year l947 marked the initiation of the Commodores into the rigors oi cross country. Under the able guidance of Ensign ll. G. Finneran, the squad of twenty began its practice during the latter part of October, and three weeks later was showing signs of developing into a well-rounded team. The first meet with the Navy plebes was chalked up to experience, as it could not be tabbed under the win column, the score being 15-40 for Annapolis. However, continued improvement was shown, and Pensacola's veteran runners were hard put to win the second trial. ' The following meet brought victory when Bainbridge trounced King's Col- lege, Delaware, by the decisive score of 17 to 38. The final meet was the closest of the season, with the University of Delaware winning by one point, 27 to 28. The first four members of the team also participated in a five mile street run in Camden, New Jersey. The first team consisted of Pierson, Thomas, Crouse, Sagerholm, Hall, Hedges, Satterwhite, Craft, Coler, and Christensen. The manager was H. A. Tombari, who gave unstintingly of time and effort on behalf of the team. Front Row - Tombari, Crouse, Hall. Standing - Mathers, 1 Sagerholm, Thomas, Pierson, Hedges, Christensen, Ens. 1 Finneran. 'iri -' , Y ' . . ' g ,M 'W!'fVf+"f33"53' " ' gf 1 5 4 A ,c , . Q, .,"5,.. 23. 15: l iii .j,fL3,1. is .'?f.lL- by Y , ll. ,wagner I . is a , iq x- Q E' W: 1 i +1 l Early in April, the fairways and tees of the Bainbridge Golf course were crowded with the followers of the great game of golf, answering the call of their coach, Ensign jones. As soon as the greens were put into condition for play, a round robin tournament was held, and the winners of this tournament became the permanent members of the golf team. The golf team from Bainbridge was very fortunate in having on the base a nine hole golf course, one of the finest in the vicinity. Because of this fact, the majority of the matches scheduled with local prep schools and colleges were held on our own golf course, a great advantage for the Bainbridge team. The proximity of the golf course, the teams played, and the air of sportsmanship that prevailed, offered the 1948 golf team a pleasant and prosperous season. .L'aGaa44e First Rau' - H rl- Fronr Row - Stevens, Barry, Ens. Jones, Lane, O'Hare- Second ROM. -rn Standing - Burns, Bielman, Davis, Kraft, Smith. For the first time in its history, Bainbridge had a Lacrosse team. The advent of this fast and thrilling sport in the 1948 season was brought about through the efforts of Head Coach Ens. Waddell and his assistant, Ens. Rumble. Since this is the first year for lacrosse in Bainbridge, the coaches were more concerned with teaching the squad the basic fundamentals and drills connected with lacrosse, preparing them' for ,play ing in the Academy. First Row - Kane, Haffenden, McDonald, jacob, McCabe Chadeayne. Second Row - Ens. Mladdell, Neville, Flores- tano, Fellerman, Rafalowslu, Mercer, Rossi, Potts, jameson Swanke Third Row XVatts Gay Basil Manfredi, Sabec, ' . ' - A , , Carbone, Mayer, Gove, Geriak, Edwards, Schlosser, Ker- shaw, Anderson, Kyle, Wood, fEns. Rumble, not in picturej. -I i - With the arrival of spring and the consequent drying of the ground, the call for lacrosse players or those inter- ested was made. lt so happened that, the latter group was the larger, for out of the forty candidates who reported to draw equipment early in March, only four or five men had previous experience with lacrosse. However, what the others lacked in experience, they more than made up for in their enthusiasm to learn the sport. Lacrosse provides an opportunity for the aggressiveness and body contact of football, combined with the speed of baketball. This season provided many men here at Bainbridge with an oppor- tunity to learn a new sport. Hall, Appetit T Ries, O'Sullnan. Traditional of rain, it can 4 Steady rains ant fore embarking Holabird, the N season got oil tt was brought ur School, Maryias all of whofn S long hours of Pf0ved to be Brainbridge 5, meets to end able SVC won Sigh! of Such till, Doe, Bier ion iT1 the V35 Chou h I Ilidvy COHCEQS 21Vy team it Hdrix Aff He Payers, , I6TlY1lS utlt. Nl' S . . The Bainbridge swimming team, un- der the able guidance of LTIG Cayce, swam its way to a creditable record dur- ing the l948 season. Against such for- midable opposition as Bullis Prep, Drexel Institute, and others, the mer- men managed to break even by winning three of six scheduled meets. The most consistent winner among the Navy men was Bill Miles. Miles lost only one race during the regular season's competition. Two other stand- outs were O'Sullivan and Huck in the backstroke and diving, respectively. These three men also competed in the sm una ,mm 31- ,L FEW, ,..r -."'W' . ,.., 'A' 4 .,i, Lane, UH A. A. U. meet at Annapolis in April. Kraft, S,,,,,,j'fa First Rami- Huck, Morrow, Platt, Charbonneau, Rollins. All in all, the entire squad and their ' Seconf Row - Brook, Murray, Brodigan, Courtney, 111211121 er 116561-vc 2 1 1 f s- 1' ' Hall A ell Third Row LTJG Cayce Miles, effort? I O O NCLH for their vsse team. The brought about .t, Ens. Rumble. :hes were more drills connected spring and the :he ground, the . or those inter- happened that, e larger, for Ou! who reported t0 in March, only :vious experience , what the others they more than :husiasm I0 learn for rtunity booifiyo contact 02 lll the Speed 01 provided mans' 3 with an OPPO Sport. ' APP - '- , Ries, O'Sullivan, McCandless, Larimer, Anderson. Traditionally the Navy likes the water. However, when water takes the form of rain, it can often cause trouble as was the case with this year's tennis team. Steady rains and a leave period left the players with only two days practice be- fore embarking on a schedule which included Hill School, Perry Point, Camp Holabird, the Navy Plebes, and the universities of Maryland and Delaware. The season got off to a flying start with the defeat of the University of Delaware, but was brou 'ht u shar ly by three successive defeats at the hands of strong Hill 8 P School, Marylaiiad, and the Navy Plebes, all of whom showed the advantage of long hours of practice. These defeats proved to be the last, however, and Brainbridge swept its remaining four meets to end the season with a respect- able hve won, three lost record. The sight of such players as Fullerton, Aus- tin, Doe, Bierhorst, Roalson, and Mun- son in the Bainbridge-Plebe matches was enough to stir the imagination of Navy coaches who wished to see a strong Navy team in future years. If Coach Art Hendrix succeeds in securing these players, any worries he might have as to tennis prospects will be ended. Doe, Ens. Cook, Fullerton, Austin, Munson, Mullane Bierhorst, Roalsen. tes, I Qwlbell The first intramural competition started on Novem- ber 3 when the section teams met for the touch football tournament. The first round was played for the various ' ' 1 f ll d company championships and this round was o owe by another round of elimination Hnals. Section 31 came through its respective games easily and was also the only team to defeat the informal of- hcers' squad. On December 18, Section 31 defeated Sec- tion 42 to cop the championship. The members of the winning team were Jayne, Rasmussen, LeBel, Kershaw, Breen Bates, Lavin, and Gorman. games that decided the lf First Row - Kershaw, Breen, Holland, Ba on a job well done. r 1' gp V 'T . .- ' I 9 s ., r' ' . All of the intramural sports were under the able supervision of Ensign McKay, who is to be complimented , I Lavin, Cook, Gorman. Second Row - jayne, LeBel, Rasmussen. Ea . . w fi' 'fs' TM" f . . s:,'-- . I . 2- 4 1. ..'fgga, 1 , " 2' "' 11.4.1 :-, , 3 FW Z . - g Q I -fa LQ - ' 1 ' ' gy ... . ' 'B !'f?"3l7'?i5i V 1 it . Ji f s U " tj iii. "g 'w wf' .' s eff' 1-I 516' - E ': ft, '52, .. ,F . V-W f 7' I .., '12 9 Al. "' ' ' 1 was -- 'CJK 3gyf'f,f 1 .1 ' . ' ,. ' ff sf a ' , mf . -W 1 , 4 . , ' Q, Y J' V ff f i. ' ' or ff. f W? f 4 xi. . . t 2 f B ff 'V+ . ' 1' a fy 1' , . I 5 If ,M ,. . I I X, any ua M f VV , ,. I 1 . 1523555 ,M g f 5 r 1 f Q ' A ,Q ., ,A fi' K 1 " L. . T Q, ' f v. -1, f Frou! Row - Clarke. Cooney. Standing Cormick, Clark, Hansen, Zacharias. Basketball, the sport witnessed by more people than any other in the United States, was the second sport to be played by our intramural teams. Section teams were organized to compete in the four elimination rounds that led to the finals. Section 21 defeated every opponent and well deserved the station basketball championship. At the completion of the season, the champs met the intramural champion from Aberdeen Proving Grounds and were defeated after a very hard-fought game. The winning squad consisted of Hansen, Clark, Clarke, Dunsmore, Dagleish, Johnston, Zacharias, and Cooney. een, Hol land, gms 'I I en Second Rvw - 7 :stil Nga, t ' . ' -' ' 5 A 5 ,,,, k ' f " :f5F.-Pj ' ' 5 . 2 'f , I more Peo? . le than :he second SPM to - 5 WQYC section ftimmari t and well team on rounds deserttfl 1 n Xt the COEPIGLEZH ' am itrarnural C ted EM were dem of HQHSCUJ' nd um, ZH chilflas' 3 t I ,111-, Fitzpatrick, Grimes. The most spectacular of the intramural competition was the boxing elimina- tion contests. Intramural boxing began in December when forty men started and February. The contests were training for the coming bouts of january divided into seven weight catagories, which corresponded with those of profes- h me ri id rules sional fights, and were fought under t e sa g . The first of these elimination rounds before the finish was the fastest, most furiously fought of the series. Eleven bouts were fought. This round was followed by two more - one of nine bouts, and another of four. The winners ' the station championship of these se bouts. Winkler and Gregory, members of the varsity boxing team were forced to ' ' n the re uired Therefore two sharp look elsewhere for the keen competitio y q . , boxers were invited to take part in the tournament. They hailed from Baltimore and gave our boys a stiff fight. Phillips, Winkler, and Gregory were chosen to enter the Middle Eastern Service Conference with Mohr as manager. The entire boxing program was under the able supervision of Ensign Sul- livan, and the fine coaching and directing of the boys, both during training and the fights, was due to Chief Boatswain's Mate Clarke. mi-finals were then chosen to compete in it C 8 Several ol our enthusiastic musicians formed a band with the aid and super- vision ol Ensign La Haye early in the academic term. The fruits of their labor produced many an evening of en- joyable popular music. It is true they did not achieve that professional touch, but they did provide a good band en- joyable to play in or listen to. First Row - Fitts, Lane, Kajaupaa, Moore. Second Row - YVinsor, Allison, Malloy. Third Row - Shippcy, Michaels, YVilliams, Schultz, Ries. The lestivity ol the holiday season was added to by a very successlul Christ- mas dance complete with entertainment and rel'reshments, not to mention that most necessary charming feminine ag- gregation lrom the surrounding com- munities. The entertainment was in the form ol a sparkling original skit entitled, "The NVayward XtVastrel Returns." The versatility of one ol our Marines was displayed in his realistic portrayal of a young lady. The music was supplied by our own Bainbridge Band. G It First Row - I Second R0 . me1a,Bens Clarke, IO! Alger, Blas Funk. C vi . . '4 Klaus Super. Il the their of en. 3 they t0uCh, ld en. l s i 5 2 :5 it i E 5 , PREP Qcuo0L f, -his Waring X, I.-gm Row - Kershaw, Plate, Avallone, Svec, Hazlett, Murray. Second Ron' - Maron, O'Neill, Shippy, Ries, Liontas, Kos- Third Ron' - Carpenter, Singhaus, Webber mela, Benson. MacPherson, Moore. Fourth Row - Wurtzel Clarke, jones, Alger, lllasko, Sc Funk. Kuntz, Neville. is f hultz, Florestano, Rhoades, Stephens, Moser, .Z Zigwyle 004714 Although the main job of the Drum and Bugle Corps was to provide music lor the morning and evening formations and parades, they were called upon vari- ous occasions to march between halves at the home football games and even lor some ol the games played in Port De- POSIL. William Nloore was drum major in charge. Drummers were supervised by Cleon Murray, while the buglers, whose jobs also included morning and evening colors, taps, reveille, and as- sembly, were ably directed bv Edgar Nloser. ' km Supervised by Ensign lack Blai , the hobby shop had facilities lor leather- craftg machine shop work, photograph developing and printing, which included hve darkroomsg and woodworking. Pro- viding materials for the shop was the hobby shop store in which materials such as leather, photographic supplies, drafting equipment, model airplanes, ships, racing cars, and train equipment, including minature motors, and even equipment for making bows and arrows could be bought. '7fae Umm Sled Editor-in-Chief J. M. DELANEY Associate Editor D. B. Gkovak Business Manager H EADS OF DEPARTMENTS R. N: STRICKLAND Art P. F. BARRY Sports W. J. MORAN Biography F. J. SCOLPINO Photography ENS. T. J. T11-ZRNAN Officer Representative Front Row - Larimer, Ens. Tiernan, Barry. Standing - Malmgren, Michaels, Delaney, LeBel, Haertling, Fabiano. It was not until the early part of March, that the idea of having a yearbook was brought to executive attention and the necessary action taken. Naturally, handicapped by such a late staff organization, the publication of the first issue of "THE CRUISE" has not been easy. Problems arose and continued to spring up incessantly throughout the school year, but these could not have been overcome if it were not for the untiring efforts of the men whose pictures appear on these pages. I wish to take this opportunity to thank the student body for their excellent cooperation, Ensign Thomas Tiernan, our faculty adviser, for his experienced advice, and joe Delaney, my associate editor, who pitched in and helped all the staff departments when assistance was needed. Dave Grover, Business Manager, and his stall? helped to lower the cost of this book by the soliciting of advertising space. To them, I also give my hearti- est thanks. The Art Department, under the direction of Bob Strickland, was responsible for the layout work of the book. They deserve praise for their excellent work on cartoons, pictures, and the numerous posters which helped to put the book across. The athletic events of the year and extra-curricular activities were expertly brought to your consideration by Peter Barry and his competent staff of sports writers. These men showed readers that our teams were of the highest quality. Recognition must be given to Frank Scolpino, our staff photographer and dark room expert, who personally saw to it that only the best pictures were used in your annual. His advice and help were invaluable. Warren Moran supervised the group which was responsible for your individ- ual biographies. They had a difficult job keeping up with the constant transfer of personnel, and they must be given highest Commendation. Last but not least, I wish to express my thanks to the representatives who brought the yearbook to the sections and to John O'Leary, our bookkeeper, for his accurate financial computations. May the future years be successful ones for you and may the year l948 mark the birthdate of the prospective series of yearbooks at the United States Naval School, Academy and College Preparatory. W. A. IJARINIER Front RQ? Curtlr The Ai most iml It was tl book "Iii and-dry" bining tl eye-pleasi Frou f 'mil limi' Spalding Grover, lirennan. Slzmzling - Pr - - . Curtin, Sagerholm, Rossi lt was the Business Stalf's problem to take care ol everything preceded by a dollar sign. They sold ads, collected subscription money and made sure that every subscriber got his copy. The stall paved the way for future business stalls by hnding valuable contacts the hard wav. lijfqg - l-laertling, :arbook turallv, issue til time up ercome fl these tcellent dented -ll the I 'ist ol Kurti- f sible 11... - ark on g H lOl!- nertlv f Qports A, ,alityl Lir Bild .fp lliffd divid' aransfer 5, 2v'hO sy, for ,1 N gtiiil The Art Department had one of the most important spots on our annual. lt was this stalf's job to give the year book "life" and make ordinary "cut- and-dry" lacts seem interesting by com- bining them with cartoons, pictures, or eye-pleasing artistic affects. I-'mul limi- - Mc.Xiieny, Scolpino, ing - Stevens, King. Lloye. Moran. Sland- Front Run' - Parker, Strickland, Hoerl. Sland- ing - Robertson, lferrcll, Consalves, lfred- erick, Molyneux. n ,J PW, The Photography and Biography lie- partment saw to it that every individual was credited with his achievements, and that all pictures were carefully made in order to give you the best possible re- sults. Their main headache was mak- inv' sure that everyone had his picture O . 1 . taken and inserted in the book at the proper place. iff Cm AIN. 3 EJ' NMA ,gjrf lin 11 lg! ' gmgrg- .,. O' " HUG Lil bf -11.9 .' Chl'lL.1fi' judgcfz 5. COHiIHLf.1' picked f the bas: k 'I-1'1C:fj York Lf, w Head of who Chfv reprimui on chit gf These men whr ture. i BET-I-Y S eauiie4 The beauty contest sponsored by "Trim Ckuisl-i" turned out to be a big success, and the participants were as beautiful a bevy of lassies as ever tugged at a NAPS man's heartstrings. Boy, whoever said that Stateside girls don't have what it takes sure didn't consider all the angles! Over seventy portraits were turned in and almost every state was represented by striking examples of feminine pul- ehritude. The original entries were judged here at the base by an impartial committee, who, after some diflieulty, picked out what they considered were the best sixteen. These photos were then sent to New York to be judged by Vlalter Thornton, Head of the Thornton Model Agency, who chose the eight winners. XVe have reprinted the pictures of these beauties on this and the following page. These portraits were submitted by the men whose names appear below the pie- ture. 's . 5 . '1' Q. ii ix 51301055 Ifxxii-is R. Hiocixs wi-:N l.xii,oR - Rosia lJl'NIoN'r I. VM, bxirrn niiina. ul. lil N c N SHIRLEY HINZ - ROBERT C. SAFRANEK JOHN L. BASIL NANCY POYVERS - LYLE G. SPALDING FRANCIS VV. PUCYLOXVSKI Cl-lARLO'1'l'l-L QOLLISON - 'I MARY FRANCES BREEN - ROONEY MCCARTHY - F RICHARD MCLAFFERTY 41 W Nm' POWERS N XL!-' C" -SPALII iT" 1 .pl .QLI I-I I I T' I J E vaxfu W. PL'cix'LmvsK1 PR.xNc,m HRH-Lx - X M" - qw .-.Q-nlv' 1-..,,,,., xx .L 1, v ,XJ i--""'i'-.- 4 Y E N N W4 ,x f .., n f r f ', 1 , -- ff af' ,V ,' 1 fa ' M of 4 ' NXX I ,f fm ,M Kem- N, ww ,. My fr- ,iff-Qgft' ,ZZ-.P , . f.. U41 544 f 1 7 A"":wff C . I q V , ,,i:,fgf . A L X4 u 'fQ3a15?H,,2.'1 Q 'U wav, I 34' f . f . -yt. , . 1 ,gp x 4,g,,f"' , u Cf L hd Ib. hc of Hx by tif fog be CH .I H- gn -An mm , 12"..'ai F HOA OR MAIN of tl1e Class of 1918 111s R'1 111ond D 1'OlllllCyCl S1111 5Clgf.ZlIll USNIC, Ol attammg tl1e h1gl1est mark among all tl1e com petxtoxs for Heet 1ppo1nt111ents l1e 111s 111 ndcd S100 He IS shown acceptmg t11e lXN'lI'C1 from L1eut Qomdr I NI Dunford USN 11110 p1e sented ll 011 behali of tl1e Class of 1939 U S Naval Academy Sgt Fort111eye1 111 1de 1 195 avelage 4 0 IS perfectj on the cnt11ncc test lt was th1s mark wh1ch placed h1n1 at 1116 he 1d of the Heet appomtment 11st and made h1111 tl1e wlnner of lhlS award Sn.. COMMIFNDA TION by Rea1 -XC1Il1lf211 Thom 19 KIAI All ARD pncscntcd to 11 llllx 11 10 SN USN 111s encn to the stnclcnt lk 111 c11d t11e most to bolster thc n1o1 1lc ol thc stlmol The an 1111 1 lold 1111st11 1tcl1 s ts 1ed by C,OIllL1l l l ll YN o pxcstntccl thc 1181111 S plpmo X818 alms o11l lox 1ct11 Y tnall held l t 1 t l L, 111111 1 IJ1lOlOgl1lJ111L shop on thc hue 1111 S f 11s excellent 13110101.31 lljllll 110111 on tlns lll nual USN the Ch1ef of Naxal Personnel L Splague ODon11ell USN YN as presented to Capt ohn not only for the outstandxng 11111111e1 1n 11111cl1 1 Ofhcex he fulf1lled h1s dutles as COllllH21IlClllg of th1s school but also as a tr1b11te to h1s ab1l1ty R -Xclmn 11 as a11 educauonal adm1n1st1ato1 eax Splague 11oted 111th 1nte1est that lofr ol thc 1ce test Heet uota CHllL11d21lCS passed the Clllldl fl for the Academy ThlS IS botl1 tl1e lzngest 1111111 1 111e11 bel as well as the lnghest pe1cent'1ge o ever to pass the exa1111111t1o11 Rea1 -Xdmnal 1 1 C011 lames L Holloway I1 USlN 15 s1o11n g1'1t11lat111g the Captam 1:1 -calf - FRADUATION DAY, May 27, 1948, was the J culmination of eight months of studying and hard work for us. The courses, under the able ' ' l' h l enabled instruction of the officers of t11S sc oo , us to prepare ourselves for the examinations. Because of this capable instruction, 70W of the men competing for fleet appointments passed the exam the highest percentage of men evei to do so before' When me marched out on the Held for the last time the tension of those long months had been released for me all knew the results of our labois Rear Admiral james L Holloway jr USN the Superintendent of the U S Naval Academy and guest speaker at our graduation exercises complimented us by saying we were the finest rou of oung men he had yet seen After the S P X presentation of the .diplomas by Rear .Admiral Holloway the special awards were given out and comniendations were presented by the Cap- tain to R. D. Fortmeyer, Staff Sgt. USMCQ F. C. Johnson, QM 2, USNQ W. M. Moore, Mu 3, USNQ and R. B. Schlosser, Sgt. USMC, for their outstanding work as leaders of various parts of the student battalion. W. B. Miles also received a comniendation from the Captain. He was presented with his commendation by his father, Capt M E Miles USN With the final award presented the entire student battalion passed in review lor the last time at this school So ended our Cruise at the United States Nax al School Academy and Col lege Pieparatoiy Before we shove off on our various courses to the lutuie me d like to extend our thanks to C iptfun O Donnell and ill the ofhceis who have sei ved under hun here lol Whether we con the help they have given us tinue on in the Navy or in civilian like we ll al ways be grateful to them for the fine prepara- tion they have given us here. THE CLAss of l948 Sgt. USMCg Moore, Mu 3, ihIC, for their ,rious parts of s also received airi. He was by his father, ed, the entire w for the last r Cruise at the lemy and Col- mve off on our , like to extend oimell and all '1' him here for hether we con- m like we'll al- e hue prepara- :LABS of 1943 A .-gl L! .' 1 .' V' .' 1-,APU Q'-.f1"' ,S in . gn, . '-l0"z"I I Q L. . all 5.5 4 V- Q,- 1 ..,. -- av' I V S S' ff: 4 Yo uf' A QD, 'M 9 Q 1 u x F 2 B +. ,rf . Li n1' A 'Qc -f E . si 'N , 'if' ' I 1 s to' .v r 1 hw .Z Q if. R ai, .4,, : ,' . X X A l " ' ' .1 . ff V ' ,hiv "ah 'E xv . J X A, I' I. X " " " S I . TL.. v ri' a' ,.' w- 1 1 Jr ,, l ti-9 if l i X. ii . 'Q' l - if1"'Il . M I K Ag: A k i if ,N J ,W ,J 'Pi' ' N i 1' if Q , X a 1 l 1 lx 5 . , X . .1 1 ,wg A W.. i 3 X i F ,412 W +5 LTR Q ,5 .1 . P' 43? . 1 , .A 2 .. hi., in . .. -,bs , 5. . ,x 5' , 'Y' V' -f 1' - l.: N , , , Q i 5 2' .-' 4-lsiwlw ., ' I ---Am J 1 ::"ffi M- ...N ui f 1 '77 . if FN ill. ci' - 0 ig tl 1216-E.. A ,vi f , . ' ,add .1 f 1 s . 5? Y 2. 'PH K A 1 1 F X Q 1 ,, ' , . '35 K v ' Q at v w X. I ' V I 1 A . '! i Q "ii l f X - Q YA i if 3 ' ,, +5 . ? gli, ,v .1 X FQ. .. , . ,....:. 93 6 ,,,,m-1 I ' Q I . QC '4 a5"'l:f'f"' Anythi' work, ar CRUISE is did, for Stall, it n possible port of denced Chcoura this H105 To tl and all desire l l.l0Tl, 3,1 their S- ilUlShem QP Anything that is worth doing requires work, and this first edition of THE CRUISE is no exception. Calling, as it did, for the utmost from the yearbook staff, it nevertheless would not have been possible without the wholehearted sup- port of our advertisers, who have evi- denced their interest in us, and their encouragement to us in the future in this most substantial manner. To them, we, the staff, for ourselves, and all the students that we represent, desire to express our sincere apprecia- tion, and hope that they will find that their substantial aid is justified by the finished product. THE STAFF 99' pffa 004-4-.004-0.040.004-000 04-0.04.0 'J 44-:v-.A:. ::: COIIIIIIIUIIIFIIH Bainbridge Bus and Taxi Co. Gulf Service Congratulations and Best Wishes ANTHONY GALLO 81 SON . . With Best Regards ' DRENNEN'S PHARMACY Port Deposit Maryland WINCHESTER'S HOTEL AND BAR PORT DEPOSIT, MARYLAN D Phone 2891 seen - wins - Llquons -AAA--J-t ---- A PACKAGE GOODS - v v v - - - J-cv JO-10.0.0-0.4-:::::.1-:::.11r:::: -::- We l I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I I I I 'I I 'I I 'I 'I 'I I ' I I 'I I I I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I iii I 'I , I Vnshes I I l 5 l I IACY I Aaryland. ...- I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I l I 5 0 4-l"""'.,J I 'I 'I I ::::::::J-65-:J-iii: v 441554K-.6-J-.0 J-.5-kJ-.Iwi-6-A AJ-5.53545-3:15-J-ii-Aliisl-A-lc:::::: : I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I I I I I Compliments of BACHARACH RASIN CO., INC. Athletic Equipment and Sporting Goods - Lacrosse Equipment 14 NORTH HOWARD STREET Baltimore, Maryland Compliments of the Direct Diamond Importers .IEWELERS Ro al Hotel 81 Restaurant y M. Greenebaum 81 Sons Fred S. Brown, Proprietor 104 N, HQWARD STREET Port Deposit -I Maryland SA ratoga 4544 Baltimore l, Md err' ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND Naval Outfitters and Civilian Tailors Tailors To The Navel Trade For Qver 30 Years 'I - - - - A -:.-.-.-::--- - - - - - " ' O 'oe N ,---- vvvvv "SP,-XLDlNG" WHEN YOU THINK OF SPORTING GOODS THE EDDIE LEONARD Q SPORTING Gooos co. Q 25 Q ? . E 169 CONDUIT S1 REET lg Annapolis, Maryland : OUTFITTERS 'ro BAINBRIDGEA "RIDDELL" Convenient Compliments of Weekly or Monthly Payments . S. 8. N. KATZ Coco-Colo Bottling Works A . , . jewelers and Szlveismzths Haivrc dc Grace - Maryland l05-II3 N. CHARLES STREET Baltimore, Md. Congratulations! I JACKSON S 5 8. 'IO Seors, Roebuck 81 Co. Baltimore, Maryland Port Deposit - Maryland Compliments of Susquehanna Post No. Coynplhngnlg Of AMERICAN LEGION PERRYVILLE CHAMBER l'0l'l'yVillC - Maryland COMMERCE Meeting lst and Srd Wednesday of Month ' ' ' ' ' v ' A A ::::- A:::: ::::o on I Finest Photo Finishing for the Most .VEIHS. 11-ii ents Ehs REET -,1-411' I, I0 Maryland AMBER 1' ,,,,f' 1, Open All Hours - Serves Best of F . if-AvAvAvAvA-' --A-' v-fiv-I iff v' -' vi -A v'v' -A-A '- Q-00-4-of-0.p00.aa04-.Q-o4..a0::aa: -J-0.0.9 A -4.4-.c A A A,.,,. ' ' ' v v - .000-t::,-Jo.-.',+:::: -- Milk Products MT. ARARAT FARMS Comero Croft Photo Service Progressive Stores u PORT DEPOSIT, MD. Main Plant is EAST GAY STREET Phone: QSM West Chester, Pa. Phone: West Chester 0570 Congratulations and Success to the ' 4' . GRADUATES OF 1948 Be-if Wwhes Ammon- to the IIUIZLERA I5I?0IIIEIi5"0 CLASS OF 19 - s When in Baltimore, Shop in ggi! wtshe HBALTIMORES FRIENDLY STORE" to the HocHsc1-11LD.KoHN 8gCo. anyway' CECIL NATIONAL BANK PORT DEPOSIT, MARYLAND U. S. Government All Banking Service Depository Since 1850 Ji Jeweler Best Wishes to the jewelry and Watch Repairing . Gifts For Every Occasion CLASS OF 1948 142 North Irkfashington Street ' ' Dane Havre de Grace - Maryland Spence S Dine 8' Compliments of Compliments of NEW BRIDGE DINER NEW CECIL DINER ROUTE 40 Havre de Grace, Md. ROUTE -I0 Perryville, oods p Open All Hours - Serves Best of F I,-,-,, , , .M-.- -.. sage: v--v... f--v ee: 4M,,,-, ,,,-w -- - v - ' ' :: :I ::: ::::- -: :: 4-vvv- --v-'- 'V "Cappy" Croft's ' White Horse up -. HOTEL 8- RESTAU RANT Perryville, Md. Don't Miss The Fun! Merrylond Roller Rink Skating Surface 90 x 210 Located on Dual Highway - Route 40 Elkton, Maryland Compliments of McLhinney's News Depot Cleaners ii- KEESEE ond WEBB Havre de Grace - Maryland U ' ' Dry Cleanzng - Dyeing - Pressing r Repairing c E c I L I N --- , N 3 DAY SERVICE Perryville, Maryland L-ll' GOOD FOOD Phone: Perryville 2531 BEER WINE LIQUOR PACKAGE GOODS Hubert Webb Walter Keesee og on oxi Derfriqville 4141 In Fond Memory There once was a section of notable fame, With as its remarkable nameg Tho' its heroes were thugs And it worshipped beer mugs, Thetfriendship of women was chiefly its aim. May the feelings and memories ever be 7le'lU For the staunch upholders of Wine, Women and Brew. T0 EACH HIS OWN IIAKE, PETE, RED, JIM sf MARTY Spence's Dine ond Dance Highway U. S. 40 - 5 Miles South of ELKTON, MARYLAND -+..,,..., 'I 'I 'I 'I il I nk I 'I 'I I Jute 40 I I I I I I I 'I I 'I B I , I, , . I essmg I, I I I I I I :r Keesee I I I ..... M I ' I notable I I meg I I Iugs I, 'mugs I, is chiefly I is ever be gf WINE, .1-"""-I N N MARTY X Dqnce of SID ,ff""N I I Compliments Of OXFORD STEAM LAUNDRY LINCOLN ROAD Oxford, Pa. MERIN STUDIOS Specialists in Yearbook Photography Providing Highest Quality lVorkman- Ship and Efficient Service for Many Out- standing Schools and Colleges Yearly. Ogicial Photographers to the 1948 CRUISE All Portraits Appearing in this Publica- tion Have Been Placed On File in Our Studios, and can be Duplicated at Any Time for Personal Use. Write or Call us for Further Information. 1010 CHESNUT STREET Philadelphia 7, Pennsylvania IN PHILADELPHIA 'fs nuan Fon NAVAL'UNlFORMS SAILORS PREFER- DLER BECAUSE they know they can walk into Ad- 1er's and walk out in a few minutes with whatever they need. Tailor made blues or ready-made uniforms in serge, whipcord or gabardine. Ratings are sewn on within a few minutes. Adler always has the newest regula- tion ratings. I cl-ness PREFER DLER BECAUSE Adler always has a fine collection of white,,blue and sun- tan uniforms and accessories. Whether it be ready-made or custom made. Chiefs prefer Adler. OFFICERS PREFER UI-ER BECAUSE of the fast, personal service. The excellent selection of all types of officer needs. YOU TOO, WILL PREFER . . . THE CLOTHIER us-no N. Isfh smear Opposite Navy YMCA 0 Open Evenings Compliments OI KISE JEWELRY Watch - Clock - jewelry Repairing DIAMONDS - YVATCHES - JEWELRY Discounts For All Serzfice Men 3: Woman Leave Repairs At Ship's Service OXFORD, PENNA. Phone 466 ::: :::::::::::::p::v-5,-,-rf,-:f: f?i:v ' v I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I I I 'I I 'I I 'I I 'I I I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I ,I I I I 'I I I I 'I 6 H . Stop For Rooms and Good Meals Compliments of Havre De Grace, Md. Joseph L. Davis Post No. 47 U Compliments The American Legion, Inc. of Havre De Grace, Md. Greyhound Post House Havre De Grace, Md. Compliments I Of R. P. Bartley, SNGM ' H. G.,SchIuter. BMQ ... y wi Section 22 13 I X H l m ' ' .. 1 Q L n...,g,,.. Contributed By The 5 of. D' fi' it ' I ff - fx who never get the WCRD! L ht- Q ct .A Q '-H THE CRUISE wishes to acknowledge the aid received by the following people who contributed materially in the publication of the Preparatory SchooI's first yearbook. Merriam, W. P. Iensen, D. W. Campbell, W. H. johnson. R. W. Sims, L. F. Davis, E. E. Daniels, E. E. VVelch, F. Tombari, H. A. joye, C. M. Wood, D. D. Watson, R. F. Hardin, M, Courtney, R. Stevens, D. O. Mintz. M. McDonald, T. L. M715 and Good Meals "AL Hom De Grace, Md. 'npfirnents ad Pogf House DC Grace, Md- Jl i i ff I . V Q. -H - A l r W he aid received U materially in The 5 first yearbook. M INCH, I. P 1. 'LX MI' v P.. P.. 1, H. A. rr 11, S 'I r,.. I NI. IJ, O. U , rr rr. I L W K s IM' 'REM ' S1- I i 3 E F 4 F s . I 's I I s A 1 r I U X 9 5 x I Z E E 2 4 I 2 . E ,:. W ' , E 1 E E li I e wa E w 4

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