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v , L x X 1 Ffa' X. , 4 X . . O X I S A I I , . 1 I 1 , , 'A . Y 4 I r P W 41 - '. 1 34 --'54Q'If . 5 N .fx ,- A- ' 1 P I x X KX L 1 My 1 an A! ,fuk J 14 ,v l ,gg lf- ., -. ,L .11 AHWTLZ. lm ,.- bk... -.Q-2... .,. H I I g I P f I r ' C , L ' IELD RTILLERY SOHO0L 1 p F , A r QF1. SILL, UKLAHUMA V, E 1 l V I , ig I w wf Y, v 1,., K 1 7,3 W - iw ' ' ' 1' ,.., 5, . 'f" ' ' r W nljmlvv u-lm!!! T T. T 41, Qi, 6 ' .' . ., 0 ,.:- , ' ' "',.- - ' 713, ' i' X1 . . VEA. Q I A Q jr Q l . I , I V, I V 9 0 0 li fi' 3, , 9 9 0, Q A, W ' 1,-' ij ' l, A ' 1 T fre J J, w 'w,. WT l in 3 L ' l ,421 W x ltr, la. , 5 RQ' .1 0F THE FIELD ARTILLERY SGIIODL The following device is approved for fhe Field Ariillery School, MOTTO: Cedaf Forfuna Perifis lLel' forfune yield fo experieI'ICe. For? Sill, Oklahoma, for use on slalionery, diplomas, mural deco- or skill is beHer fhan luclcl. whens' ein DESCRIPTION: The shield is red for Arfilleryg 'l'he field piece de- SHlELD: Gules, a field piece of fhe lbih cenfury paleways in plain or. CREST: On a wreafh of 'ihe colors lor and gulesl fhe arm of Saini Barbara embowed clofhed of 'the second, issuing from fhe upper poriion of an embalfled iower argenf, and grasping flashes of lighining proper. 2 picfed, having been used in The l6ih cenfury, is +he forerunner of fhe modern arfillery. The CI'eS'f is fhe arm of Sain? Barbara, The pairon saini' of Arfillery, holding flashes of lighfning alluding 'lo 'rhe pagan idea of Jove's abili'l'y lo desiroy wi'l'l1 his bolis ihai which offended him. ' THE FIELD ARTILLERY The Field ArTiIlery School, Tamed ThroughouT The world as a cenTer oT Tield arTillery lcnowledge and progress, was esTabIished by The IaTe Colonel Dan Tyler Moore, Then a capTain, as The "School oT Fire Tor Field ArTiIIery" in I9l I, and CapTain Moore became The TirsT commandanT oT' The school. The superioriTy oT The arTillery oT Toreign coun- Tries having been realized by many UniTed STaTes Army Tield arTillery oTIicers Tor a number oT years, The War DeparTmenT in I908 seIecTed CapTain Moore To sTudy in Toreign arTillery schools in preparaTion Tor Ia similar school in The UniTed STaTes. CapTain Moore visiTed The ar- Tillery schools in England, I-Iolland and AusTria and was a sTudenT aT The German arTillery school aT JuTerborg during I908 and IQO9. ReTurning To The UniTed STaTes, CapTain Moore was senT To ForT Sill by The War DeparT- menT in November I9IO To make preliminary arrangemenTs Tor esTablishing The school. Soon aTTerward a board OT oTTicers, ,consisTing oT LieuTenanT Colonel D. J. Rumbough and CapTain Jesse Langdon, boTh oT The FirsT Field ArTilIery, and CapTain Moore, was appoinTed To TormuIaTe deTailed plans. The FirsT Field ArTillery, ordered To I-Iawaii, was replaced in March I9II by The FiTTh Field ArTiIIery and Colonel Rumborg was replaced on The board by Colonel I-Ienry M. Andrews. The board was dissolved in June I9II. General Orders Number 73, War DeparT- menT, June 5, I9I I, direcTed The. esTablishmenT aT ForT Sill The "School oT Fire Tor Field Ar- TiIlery" and anoTher order daTed July I9 desig- naTed CapTain Moore as commandanT. Cap- Tain Moore wlas succeeded as commandanT by Maior General Edward F. McGIachlin in Sep- Tember I9 I4. SGHUDL The TirsT class was held SepTember I5, I9I I, when I4 capTains and 22 non-commissioned oT- Ticers assembled as sTudenTs. WiTh The ouT- brealc oT World War I The school was expanded greaTIy and Thousands oT oTTicers received Their Training aT ForT Sill. The name was changed To The "Field ArTiIIery School" in April I9I9. During World War II Thousands more Tield arTillery oTTicers and enIisTed men have aTTended courses aT The Field ArTilIery School. OTTicers Trom several Toreign counTries also have been senT To The school. I-IeadguarTers oT The Field ArTiIIery School is IocaTed in McNiair I-Iall, which was named Tor The IaTe LieuTenanT General Lesley J. -McNair, commanding general oT Army Ground Forces, who was Icilled by a bomb in France in July I944. Major General Louis E. I-Iibbs, who com- manded The 63d lnTanTry IBlood -and Firel di- vision in The deTeaT oT Germany, is The presenT commandanT oT The Field ArTilIery School, hav- ing succeeded -Mfaior General Ralph McT. Pen- nell on AugusT 30, I945. OTher commandanTs, in addiTion To CapTain Moore, General McGIachlin, General Pennell and General I-Iibbs, have been Maier General William J. Snow, Brigadier General Adrian S. Fleming, Brigadier General Lfaurin L. Lawson, Brigadier General Dennis I-I. Currie, Maior Gen- eral ErnesT I-Iinds, Maior General George LeRoy Irwin, Brigadier General DwighT E. AuITman, Brigadier General William Cruilcshanlc, Maior General I-Ienry W. BuTler, Brigadier General AugusTine McInTyre, Brigadier General Donald C. Cubbison, Brigadier General George R. Allin, Brigadier General Jesmond D. Balmer and Maior General Orlando Ward. I I . I I . x . Q' v, Swf. ',1.,,, -:C , 1:14. X x , 1- .-if J .,,, 1- , 2,7 y ,- A .11 ' ,g N iii I rf , y.. ?,' 'J M 'Q if u, 4 i J" Vi :wi ., . .A ks 5 f. f 2 , ,1 ,,, , 1, 1 - 5 ' ' J C, X I 1 .921 , 5 . . Q A 'v " I, A' I ' if' ' .5 54 .e ' -fa .. - . .4 1 . Q -5, M' Z iw av .- If J' 1 - ' mhfarg eruice Rear G. H. PAINE, BRIGADIER GENERAL, U. S. I-I. George H. Paine was born on I4 July I884 aT Scran- Ton, Pennsylvania. He was graduaTed Trom UniTed STaTes MiliTary Academy in I906 wiTh The degree oT Bachelor oT Science and commissioned a Second Lieu- TenanT, InTanTry, on I2 June I906. He was TransTerred To The Field ArTilIery and was promoTed To FirsT LieuTenanT on I3 July l907g To Cap- Tain on I July I9I6g To Maior lTemporaryl on 5 AugusT I9I7g To LieuTenanT Colonel lTemporaryl I9 April I9l8: To Colonel lTemporaryl 30 July I9l8g To Maior lPerma- nenTI I July I920g To LieuTenanT Colonel I6 February l930g To Colonel I AugusT l935g To Brigadier General lTemporaryl 5 April l94I. His TirsT assignmenT aTTer graduaTion Trom The Mili- Tary Academy was wiTh The SevenTh lnTanTry aT ForT Wil- liam Henry Harrison, MonTana, Trom I5 SepTember To 6 OcToIoer I906 and aT ForT Brady Michigan, To I3 July l907. He was commissioned a FirsT LieuTenanT in The Field ArTiIlery on I3 July l907 and assigned To The FiTTh Field ArTillery sTaTioned aT Camp SToTsenburg, Philippine Islands, where he served unTil 5 May I908. He was Then reTurned To The UniTed STaTes wiTh his regimenT which was sTaTioned aT ForT LeavenworTh, Kansas, unTil I6 OcTober I9083 aT ForT Snelling, MinnesoTa, unTil I2 November I9I I. He aTTended The MounTed Service School Trom 20 SepTember I9l0 To I July l9I I. He was on.recruiTing duTy aT SpringTield, Illinois, Trom I2 November I9II To I2 November I9l4. He Then served wiTh The Third Field ArTillery aT ForT Meyer, Virginia, unTil I January I9I6 when he was Transferred To The FirsT Field ArTillery and laTer To The NinTh Field ArTiIlery aT SchoTield Barracks, Hawaii, where he served unTil 3 OcTober I9I7. He re- Turned To The UniTed STaTes and was assigned To The l7Th Field ArTillery aT SparTa, Wisconsin, on I0 OcTober I9l7. The Tollowinq December he sailed wiTh This regi- menT wiTh The American ExpediTionary Forces To France. While serving wiTh The American FxpediTionary Forces in France, he parTicipaTed in The ST. Mihiel and Verdun Sec- Tor engagemenTs wiTh The Second Division unTil 8 May IQIS. Upon his reTurn To The UniTed STaTes on 30 May l9I8, he was sTaTioned aT Camp Jackson, SouTh Carolina wiTh The Field ArTilIery Brigade Firing CenTer unTil 3I De- cember I9I8, On I January I9I9, he was assigned Agsisf- anT CommandanT, Field ArTillery School, aT Camp Zachary Taylor, KenTucky, and Camp Knox, KenTucky, where he served unTil I AugusT I92I. He enTered The School oT The Line aT ForT LeavenworTh, Kansas, on I5 AugusT l92I and was graduaTed as a DisTinguished Grad- uaTe on 30 June I922. He immediaTely enTered The General STaTT School aT The same sTaTion and was grad- uaTed on 30 June I923. On The Tollowing AugusT l5, he enTered The Army War College aT WashingTon, D. C., and was graduaTed on 30 June I924. He was assigned To The General STaTT Corps on I AugusT l924 and senT To The Philippine Islands where he served as G-4 oT The Philippine DeparTmenT, sTaTioned aT Manila unTil I5 Sep- Tember I927. He reTurned To The UniTed STaTes via Eu- rope on I3 March l928 when he was relieved Trom The General STaTT Corps and assigned To The FiTTh Field ArTil- lery and Field ArTilIery Board aT ForT Bragg, NorTh Caro- lina, where he served unTil I6 June I93I. He was Then assigned AssisTanT ChieT oT STaTT, C-4, HeadquarTers, Hawaiian DeparTmenT, aT ForT ShaTTer, TerriTory oT H6- waii, unTil I2 April I934 when he was placed on de- Tached service and became The DeparTmenT RecreaTion OTTicer and ProvosT Marshal unTil 7 July I936. He re- Turned To The UniTed STaTes and was placed on Tempor- ary duTy wiTh MID, GS, WDGS, unTil I3 SepTember l936. He served as MiliTary ATTache aT Rome, ITaIy, Trom 28 SepTember l936 To 9 December I940 when he reTurned To The UniTed STaTes and was placed on Tem- porary duTy aT WashingTon, D. C. He was assigned To command The 35IsT Field ArTilIery RegimenT, Camp Liv- ingsTon, Louisiana, on I0 February I94I. He was pro- moTed To Brigadier General U. S. Army lTemporaryl 5 April I94I and assigned To command The 46Th Field ArTil- lery Brigade, Camp LivingsTon, Louisiana, which he com- manded unTil The inacTivaTion oT ThaT Brigade I5 Sep- Tember I943. He was Then TransTerred To The Field ArTil- lery ReplacemenT Training CenTer aT Camp RoberTs, Cali- Tornia, as AssisTanT Commander unTil 3 December I943 when he was assigned To command The 3lsT Field ArTil- lery Brigade lSchool Troopsl aT The Field ArTiIIery School, ForT Sill, Oklahoma, which he commanded unTil iTs inacTi- vaTion I2 February l945. He was Then assigned To com- mand The newly acTivaTed and reorganized School Troops aT The Field ArTillery School, ForT Sill, Oklahoma. STAFF 4-as -aj? , 31 Ni -in P-Q -9-Mi BOYD L. BRYANT EDWARD B, HUNTER FREDERIC BEEKMAN Maior Maior Captain Maintenance Officer Assistant S-3 Assistant S-3 11 'VU ,nv I PELEY D. ROBINSON WILLIAM R. WITTIG LEON BLEAKNEY JAMES W. BRAVARD Captain Captain First Lieutenant First Lieutenant S-4 Assistant S-4 Assistant Adiutant I 81 E Officer -1- IQQ '51 .asus- X . 1-'JL' NICOL COOK, JR. EARL A. LUNDQUEST JOHN S. PALMER JACK H. SETTLES First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant Assistant S-4 Munitions Officer S-I, Aide-de-camp Assistant Personnel Officer Q fm W? bl! PETER H. SKIPPER WALTER M.- WILKINSON JAMES P. CROW WILLIAM C. DAVIES First Lieutenant Flrst.L.leutenant Second Lieutenant Chief Warrant Officer Personnel Officer Ammunition Officer Aide-de-camp Assistant Personnel Officer ? Q 3 A s S ir rr" GERARD A. FRANG CAPTAIN Commanding ir HEADQUARTERS AND HEADQUARTERS DETADHMENT FIRST ROW: OWEN, Lloyd H., lfSql., 222 Olis Ave., Sl. Paul, Minn. BULLOCK, Waller M., M!Sql., Landrum, S. C. KOONS, Richard L., MfSgl,, 3004 Silver Sl., Jacksonville, Fla. MARRON, Frank, M!Sql., 7200 S. Vernon Ave., Chicaqo, Ill. DUNION, William, rfsgf., 41 saufh A, si., Tafivilic, cami. SECOND ROW: DRULEY, Barl T., SfSql., 8232 S. Marshfield, Chicago, lll. REICHMAN, Philip E., S!Sql., 504 S. Slale Sl., Champaign, Ill. SHAININ, Bernard V., S!Sql., l242 Madison Ave., New York Cily, N. Y. HEAD, Wendell, TX3, 227 S. Jordan Ave., Bloominqlon, Ind. BEASTEN, J. G., Sql,, 6l2 Norlhside Dr., Wilminqlon, Del. THIRD ROW: BOWMAN, Joseph F., Sql., l583 Garfield Ave., Sall Lake Cily, Ula , CARDOZA, Thomas E., Sql., Milpilas, Calif. CLARK, James W., Sql., Rl. I, Gideon, Mo. GJERVIK, John M., Sql., Evanslon, Wyo, HAMMOND, Elmer G., Sql., Greencaslle, Ind, FOURTH ROW: KRUSE, Peler, Sql., Maralhon, Iowa. LEAPHEART, Shellon R., Sql., Rl. 4, Lexinqlon, S. C. MADOLE, John E., Sql., 362 N. Johnson Ave., Ponliac, Mich. MARSHALL, Joseph D., Sql. PALADINI, Elven W., Sql., 2ll Poller Ave., Slalen Island, N. Y. FIFTH ROW: POHLMAN, Elmer R., Sql., Rl, 3, Box 2I4, Delphos, Ohio. PUCKETT, Leonard, Sql., Araral, Va. SMITH, John W., Sql., l8866 Reopelle, Delroil, Mich, STURM, Georqe A., Sql., 75l Faulkner Ave., Daylon, Ohio. COCXIKECRHAM, Zebulon V., TX4, Frances Lee Apl., Laurinburg, SIXTH ROW: COATSWORTH, Thomas W., TX4, 709 Fourlh Sl., California, Pa. DEVEREAUX, Joseph C., Jr., TX4, I75-02 89l'h Ave., Jamaica, Lonq Island, N. Y, DOWN, Kennelh W., TX4, l3265 Robson Ave., Delroil, Mich. JANTORNI, Alberl J., TX4, Chicaqo, Ill, MIELENZ, Rolaerl W., TX4, 603 Green Sl., Yanklon, S, Dak. SEVENTH ROW: MOHR, Wendell M., TX4, 539 Perrysville Rd., Wesl View, Pills- burqh, Pa. PETERSON, Elba R., TX4, 235 S. Ouincy, Sedalia, Mo. REILLY, LeRoy J., TX4, Wesl Cheshire, Conn, SECONDI, William J., TX4, 2l3l Lurling Ave., Bronx, N, Y. SEMKO, Mike G., TX4, Rl. 2, Box I84, Tarenlum, Pa. EIGHTH ROW: SILVERSTEIN, Burlon E., TX4 20 Clarke Pl., Bronx, N. Y. SMITH, Clark V., TX4, 902 Gore, Lawlon, Okla. WARWICK, Waller A., TX4, I427 S. Quaker, Tulsa, Okla. CIESLUK, W. S., Cpl., I5 Church Sl., Roslyn, Long Island N. Y. CLORE, John H., Cpl., I8l N. Walnul Sl., Franklin, Ind. HEADQUARTERS AND HEADQUARTERS DETADHMENT FIRST ROW: COLLINS, Charles F., Cpl., BI4 Baltimore St., Hanover, Pa. EVANS, Clyde E., Cpl., Frisco City, Ala. GILDEHAUS, Carl H., Cpl., 67SI Doon Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. GREGORY, Lawrence J., Cpl., McArthur, Ohio. HERRICK, Elmer D., Cpl. SECOND ROW: LESSARD, Robert C,, Cpl., 603 E. Loomis Sl., Ludington, Mich. LOCKENOUR, Berl, Cpl., Salern, Ind. MOORE, Harold D., Cpl., Guthrie, Okla. MOORE, John H., CDI. OVERSTROM, Edmund A., Cpl., IOS Martin Ave., Staten Island, N. Y. THIRD ROW: PATTERSON, Joe L., Cpl., 37 N, Union St., Lamberfville, N, J. RIHN, Alois P., Cpl., 354 Preston Ave., San Antonio, Texas. WALTERS, John E., Cpl., l3I Grand Blvd., Scarsdale, N. Y. BECK, Homer W., TIS, 208 Spring St, Thomasville, N. C. HART, Howard A., TIS. FOURTH ROW: MUELLER, Paul J., Jr., TIS, 643 Scotland Rd., Orange, N. J. RUSSMANN, Arien R,, TIS, 82I4 W, Colfax Ave., Lakewood, Colo. WALDVOGEL, Jerome, TIS, ICO Dunnelcn Ave., Dunnelen, N. J WILES, Clifford C., TIS, 67 Ninth St., Zanesville, Ohio. YELTON Stanley, TIS, 4323 Third, Riverside, Calif. FIFTH ROW: ADAMS, Durble, Pfc., RI, 2, Raleigh, N. C. ALEXANDER, Ralph K., Plc., Landis, N, C. ALTMAN, Irwin, Pfc., 2l37 E. I2th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. AMBJORNSON, Evert, Pfc., RI. 4, Chuclrey, Tenn. ANDERSON, Joseph W., Pfc., RI, 7, Box 685, Jacksonville, Fla. SIXTH ROW: BAILEY. D-FWWDSCY. PIC., ZI3 Hobart St., Welch, W. Va. BATCHELOR, James A., Pfc., Hughes, Ark, BERTOLINO, Charles F., Pfc., 70-ll 52nd Ave, Maspeth, Long Island, N, Y. BIGG, Waller V., Pfc., 226 N. Moore St., Ottumwa, Iowa. BLAESER, Leonard F., Plc., Ri. I, scum si, Paul, Minn. SEVENTH ROW: BRONVN, David A., Plc., 357 Hibbs Ave., Glenolden, Pa, BEUTLER, Earl E., Plc., B3-I S, Boise Ave., Emmetl, Idaho, CATT. Marlin E., PIC., Effingham, Kang, CHOVSTAL, John J,, PfC,, Mounfain Rd.. gu,-igngfonl MMS CLARK. Jaws F., Pre, 621 mmf Ava., Elizabeth, N, J, EIGHTH ROW: COFFIN, Tl1COdOrC VV.. N. J. ' Pfc., IIS Roberfggr AVQN Haddoniiegd COHEN. Seward, Pic., :eos E, Lambs-a se., sallam., Md, CONNEL X ' ' .. 5 " Dr.. , it ,,, M, , -, , , ilslandhi N.VII.iIanii P Ci' in -Sycii Aim' C LA Ci N' Shale CONTI, John V., Pic., S32 S'e'ioan Aves Defrei' Mice, CREARY, Jar-Q5 En Jr.. :ich 125 "C" 51- I-a.A4:,, OHL Q. - a. I I ' :. L ' f . 7 iv in i - HE DQUARTERS AND HEADQUARTERS DETACHMENT 1 45- L 'f . ,.... .f L 'T' 5. I3 FIRST ROW: CROW, Leland G., Pfc., Morrillon, Ark. CUERO, Ernesl' C., Pfc., 3230 S, San Pedro, Los Angeles, Calif. DALE, Richard, Pfc., Broomfield, Colo. DAVIS, Cliflon W., Pfc., IIO9 5. Ridge Ave., Tiflow, Ga. DAVIS, Larken C., Pfc., 609 W. Sixfh SI., Slillwaler, Okla. SECOND ROW: DESTEFANO, Robert F., Pfc., I60 Lincoln Ave., Mineola, Long Island, N. Y. DROLLETTE, Simon, Pfc., Box 85, Dannemora, N, Y. ESOUIVEL, Pele E., Pfc. FAVATA, lgnazio, Pfc., 2I06 Ninlh Ave., Tampa, Fla. FLINN, Louis R., Pfc. THIRD ROW: FIPPS, Joseph B., Pfc., Cerro Cordo, N. C. FORBUS, James O., Pfc., Rl, 2, Lineville, Ala. GAUTHIER, Louis J., Pfc., Bangor Sl., Gorham, N. H. GERSTLEY, Norbert J., Pfc., 5345 Harper Ave., Chicago, lll. HABERSTROH, George E., Pfc., 9 S, Liverpool Ave., Egg Harbor Cily, N. J. FOU RTH ROW: HALSTEAD, Wade W., Pfc., 4ll0 Holly Ave., Columbus, G HEED, Slanley, Pfc., 5407 Ravenswood Ave., Chicago, lll HERRING, Carl, Pfc., ll? Firsl Ave., W. Cullman, Ala. HOLDEN, Joseph S., Pfc., 20 Thomas SI., Bloomfiield HOLTE, Marlin, Pfc., 404 S. Sl. Paul SI., Auslin, Minn. FIFTH ROW: HOWARD, Cecil L., Pfc., Rl, 3, Alexander Cily, Ala, HOWELL, G. W., Pfc., Box 45I, Ranger, Texas. HUNTER, William J., Pfc., lll2 D. Ave., Lawlon, Okla. KIDD, Lonnie G., Pfc., Box 252, Dobson, N, C. KOHLMAN, Paul W., Pfc., 349 S, Springfield, Chicago, lll SIXTH ROW: KOLLMANN, Waller, Pfc., 2670 Gladslone, Delroil, Mich. KOSTYRA, Wa Iler, Pfc UND, Herberf E., Pfc., MALATESA, Palsy, Pfc MAN DELL, Sanford J., SEVENTH ROW: 50 Saunders Sl., Lawrence, Mass. 9l8 Clinlon Sf., Cincinnali, Ohio, 2l Van Zandf Sl., Albany, N. Y. Pfc., l832 E. Eighlh Sf., Brooklyn N J MARCUS, Harry, Pfc., 2028 S. Monlfrey Sl., Alhambra, Calif. MAZSIGLIA, Paul, Pfc., l4l Wesl lOlh SI., New York Cily, Y MCGREGOR, Glen, Pfc., Armslrong, Iowa. MOSS, Ralph W., Pfc., l22I Malcolm Ave., Newporf, Ark. ORCECO, Louis L., Pfc., IOOO Montgomery Sf., San Francisco, ail, EIGHTH ROW: PARK, HORACE E., Pfc., 99I5 Monfe Dr., Dallas, Texas. PARRINELLO, Joseph P., Pfc., 2444 Wilcox Sf., Chicago, lll. PAYNE, John J., Pfc., Sherwood, Tenn, PAYOR, Edward F., Pfc., 408 S. Pearl Sl., Shamokin, Pa. PEEK, Frank C., Pfc., Rl. 2, Box IZOB, Salem, Oregon. HE DQUARTERS AND HE DIIUARTERS DETAGHMENT FIRST ROW. PCWELL, Richard D., Plc. , REYNOLDS, David A., Plc., P. O. Box 65I, Oklahoma Cily, Okla, ROBLES, Joseph P., Plc., 362 S, LaVerne Ave., Los Angeles, Calil. ROMAN, Alberl, Plc., Marvel, Ala. SCHACHT, Elvin W., Plc., 30I W. Ninlh Sl., Michigan Cily, Ind. SECOND ROW: SECONDI, William J., Plc., 2l3l Lurling Ave., Bronx, N, Y. SILVAS, Benny L., Plc., 3022 Logan Ave., San Diego, Calif. SILVERINO, Joseph, Plc., Komilk, Village Sells, Arizona. SIMMONS, Dock, Plc., Box 5245, Sonora, Texas. SMITH, Fred B., Pfc,, Nalalbany, La. THIRD ROW: SMITH, John, Plc., Rf, 3, Overlon, Texas. SMITH, Roberl M., Plc., Box 604, Appalachia, Va. TARANTO, Joe S., Plc., l203 Lee Sf., Biloxi, Miss. THOMPSON, Carllon, Plc., RI, 2, Jackson, Ga. TOLER, Tom, Jr., Plc. FOURTH ROW: VORVOLAKIS, John, Plc., I532 E, 36lh SI., Cleveland, Ohio. WAGNER, Lewis, A., Plc., 68I Grant SI,, Akron, Ohio. WARD, Samuel F., Jr., Plc., 3005 Ave., A, Fl, Worlh, Texas. WEILER, Jack H., Plc., 3762 Drakewood Dr., Cincinnali, Ohio. WEINER, Samuel, Plc., 5205 "D" Ave., Lawlon, Okla. FIFTH ROW: WICHTO, John, Plc., Wapwallopen, Pa. WISE, Buford L., Plc., RI, I, Graham, Ala. YATES, Henry, Plc., Cuervo, N. M. YELDA, Joseph J., Plc., 99 Harper Sl., Defroil, Mich, BAYLIS, Carllori M., Pvl., Seaford, N. Y. SIXTH ROW: BOYSEL, Fred W., Pvl., 690 W, Slale Slreel, Columbus, Ohio. DEAN Oli-.fe J., Pvl., Box 7B, Delroif, Texas. DECOSTE Leonard, Pvl., Grallon, W, Va. EHRLICH, Henry, Pvl., 24 Melropolilan Oval, New York, N. Y. HECTOR, Reimler J., Pvl., Eslelline, S, Dak. SEVENTH ROW: HOLLAND, Huber? E., PM., ZOB Fl. Sell BIvd,, Fl. Lawlon, Okla. HORTON, Lf.-ray, PJ., -Il2 E, Second Sl., N. Lillle Rock, Ark. LATTIMER, Emesl F., Put., 6l5 Cawula Ave., Wgrgray. N- Y, LEACH, Wibur E., Fvl., Rl. -3, Box 28, Many, La, IJ.-XRKOWITZ Gi.-wge, Fvf., I9II New York Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. EIGHTH ROW: I-IQFADDEN, Vfl f.1"- T, Tude, Tenn, IJLKINNEYI JJ'-195 DH Fw., IO-23 S, Kingsley Dr., Los Angeles Call, ' ' NEVILLE l.'.'TIiah' 5., PJ., Hg--79493. 7035, CSV-JG, Ea-xargi, if fp- PARSONS. N'-'illiwi S.. F . 637 N. C-au' Sl. Ml, Vernon Ohio NINTH ROW: S.-RD.-XOK-X, Ffffo, FJ., l3JI N'-'aaa PI., Honolulu T. H. TANNER, Gfevgg F,-h 14:4 2335- AVC. yi .Sak ppm rsrsas, was f-,z Ha-.-fy A-J, I I 9' THARP, Rah . , 955 N. Cs:-.1 5-, 3:6355 ind, v.'H.r.Cx-.', R af., Q- I e 1 ,-, :Pe Ov' , Mich. V N ' 2' . L X-1-N62 , 1 gef f ...M ,355-J., f QW ,, fx A 5 ka. f f f Z J, , ,g 7 . V WZ f X if ,fijif 415 f W 9 ff Z 4 f 4? Zi 54 W ' i ff 5 , X Q2 W xf 'ff - f'i'fN:,-:W 3 S43 xy 1 ., , My N h V V pw , V A ':f.-- ,ff , ,j, ,, N L, x X X f wk S w Q 1 f 's 7 . ,ppfizff-.fig , "' 4 ' fvz' 1' J Z, 1 3 f y 4 Z H , fi' f ' fy V V L ge X X 1 y . 4 Q 'V x 1 MA I , 1 Y ws 015 X ,rw 'g I U Ns y E5 A 13 '-lf' .41 I E. If 1 V i Q v W E E V 3, " 'Q ' 4 L' f Ag K' I Il X1 -. - ,rg-, Q i W, 7 526TH ROCKET FIELD ARTILLERY BATTALIUN LIEUTENANT COLONEL EDGAR E. DEMUTH Mr. Wing TO: The lvlen oT The 52oTh RoclceT FA BaTTalion ' I. The daTa incorporaTed in This picTorial review are evidences oT The spiriT and The sTamina possessed by The high Type young American whose preparaTion Tor combaT has been my privilege. 2. The phoTographs and hisTorical maTerial conTained herein rekindle T pleasanT memories, and recall Triendships born aT muTual problems and cherished in ThoughTs oT muTual achievemenTs. 3. To The loved ones and Triends oT The 526Th RoclceT FA BaTTalion we again express our appreciaTion Tor Their conTidence and Tine supporT. 5W7'W EDGAR E. DEM UTH LieuTenanT Colonel, Field ArTillery Commanding 16 ir EDGAR E. DEMUTH LIEUTENANT COLONEL, FIELD ARTILLERY Commanding ir nlsronv or THE 525TH BUCKET FIELD ARTILLERY The 526Th Field ArTillery BaTTalion was acTiva- Ted aT Camp Joseph T. Robinson, ArlcanSaS GS 6 IOS-mm. l-lowiTzer BaTTalion on I7 April I944. The BaTTalion was aTTached To The 2I3Th Field ArTillery Group under The XXI Corps and FourTh Army. Cadre Tor The 526Th came Trom The lO3rd ln- TanTry Division. lvlaior l-larold L. Beynon was Ba++aIion commander. ln may I944 Msgar Ellis Danner assumed command oT The BaTTalion. The 2l3Th Field ArTillery Group, wiTh The 526Th Field ArTillery BaTTalion was TransTerred To The XXXVI Corps in SepTember oT I944. LT. Colonel Edgar E. Delv1uTh Toolc command oT The 526Th Field ArTillery BaTTalion in Novem- ber l944. ShorTly ThereaTTer The BaTTaliOn was TransTerred Trom 2l3Th Field ArTillery Group To ReplacemenT and School Command. Under ReplacemenT and School Command BATTALIUN The BaTTalion was spliT up inTo Three parTs: Head- quarTers BaTTery, Service BaTTery and "A" BaT- Tery were sTaTioned aT Camp lvlaxey, Texas. BaTTery "B" was sTaTioned aT Camp l-lowze. Texas while BaTTery "C" was aT Camp Livings- Ton, La. Each Tiring baTTery supplied overhead Tire Tor The lnTanTry Advanced ReplacemenT Training CenTer aT each camp. On 5 April I945 The 526Th Field Ar+iIIery BaTTalion was reassembled aT ForT Sill, Oklahoma and placed under School Troops, Field Ar+iIIery School. Gn The day beTore iTs TirsT anniversary. I6 April l945, The 526Th Field ArTillery BaTTalion WGS redesignaTed The 526Th RoclceT FA BaTTalion. The IO5-mm. l-lowiTzers were exchanged for T-66 4.5" mulTiple roclceT launchers. The 526+h commenced Training as a RoclceT BaTTalion and compleTed Training aT ForT Sill, Oklahoma. 1. J 4. 4 A5' MOM Eiecvll' us Medic SRMUEL P ii 1 GEORGE F' . Elequiivt' 1 LATHR, ET DN I: I-lead- A" Bal- . Texas. I-Iowze, Livings- overhead Iacernent Artillery Oklahoma I Artillery ersary. I6 rtalion was Battalion- ,anqed to ne 526i r I1 't5IIOVl and offla' tel? ITCQ .."'f'7,l THOMAS M.ARTlN, JR. HASIE E, HENDERSON RALPH M HENDERSON Malor Captain Captain Executive Officer Commanding Officer Battery B Battalion S-3 'lx 'N EVN 'Nw --. .--' , ,ai ALFRED LEFKOWITS GEORGE W. NEWELL FRANCIS L. PLOUFF Captain Captain Captain Commanding Officer Commanding Officer Battalion S-2 Battery C Service Battery IRD ,,-nv vo. 'ir'-'H 9x iffy," .al X 'I' 'fl 1 A . JAMES F. SULLIVAN GEORGE C. AYCRIGG NEIL D, BERLEKAMP CLARENCE E. CASSIAS PAUL E, CHAMBERLAIN Captain First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant Commanding Officer Executive Officer Battery A Platoon Leader Battery C Battalion Motor Officer Reconnaissance Officer Headquarters Battery Battery A JP' 'ff-35 lik ang. .r 1' l L 1 uf H SAMUEL L. COHEN LLOYD E. JONES JAMES J. MacGILLlS First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant Medical Officer Executive Officer Battery C Platoon Leader qs M...-4 4-W' L 1 WILLIAM H. MAWHINNEY BRUCE E, McDONALD RUEL B. MEADOWS First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant Platoon Leader Battery A Battalion Motor Officer Motor Officer Headquarters Battery ,u.....qv ,,. fx .IVR 4- L. mr' .-.--7 X.. 4,4 .X gi? 1' N , . 'Q GEORGE W. STEPHENSON CHARLES L. NASHAN BENJAMIN H. PARKINSON, JR. JOHN S, WALMSLEY WILI IAM D, WALTERS WINSTON B. CARROLL First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Executive Omcer Ba-tery B Battalion Survey Officer Battalion S-I and Adiutant Motor Oiticer Battery A Assistant gammunications Reconnaissance Officer icer Battery C 'Tk A ,, . talfva . I ' ' xiii' ef RY ' ' H , ,.,. .. . LATHROP MILMAN JOHN R. SCHAEUBLIN KENNETH IE. SCOTT Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant SGCOHC-I Lieutenant Motor Officer Battery B Ammunition Train Commander Platoon Leader Battery A ' ' I 9125 K 'Xl V-.I ,ff .Afe-I ROBERT L. STROMER WILLARD W. WHITING MYLES F. LAMPKINS Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Warrant Officer tiqt Reconnaissance Officer Platoon Leader Battery C Assistant Battalion S-4 Battery B Reading clockwise from lop lefi: Colonel DeMul'l1g Maior Marlin' Ve. hicle Disparcher: Supply Room: Radio Secfiong Heaclquarrers Secfion Opposife page, counrer-clockwise from upper left Ammunirion Dump- Some Play: Some Sleep: Some Ear: Some Ready Some Drillg Son-,El Resh and ii' was ever +hus-some serve KP. I if l-'jL'i51'l"Ei I el lf' a '1 .QE " V 'lf 5 'fa' ' if i , DL It . S, , ,QL Le if . . 1'Qi,-5:35 ' ,-I xx L. ,-,. -'VM ,i s. , V Y I f Ukl 'f , is f ,fd x L 4, i f, I' 5. . ' vi. ' .L Q 3 ' 353 W e 7 Q 1, ' Q ' Q Q L , 1 Yr' A7 M I 4. " 1.13 , ,L..J' A . ff, K M, , A . ,V I, A ,, EW . .K ,un . w r... ,L J .f.',fQ--Hn' A WA, M- -u 5 . 4, ., . Hy., W U A 1 9 A' A' me ,tum if , 4Y,FZ??,: , 4 x 4 .Q X - - - , - . .- .1 4. V . A am.. .. "'t'ig',r -V, 2' L '.' :I ,- V .. M , S , N. ,yn . I ,, ,, nl, '. I . - , - . . .- 4 Q, J .QV ,V in' ., ,.y- . -.151 n l' ,X ,kina- .- . lf, ff fm- -Q M.-x',., 4.-,nj X1 pi,igd ,Au , 9 1 ,..,- J., v "F, gm' 'Lp I'1.,,,1:,-4.9, .,.,.s,w"'. :-' - .3 U 1 '-" '.,-5.5--.4-.'m . U- P. ' . . . .L-TM' s N 3 i r 2 ! E 3 I 4.4! -Jr 455, 'Goff Fire Direcfion Cenfer. Launching 'rhe Rockeis They re Off On Targef , QW. 'JJ , bi f. MP-'Z V, I FIRST ROW: LAMAR, H. G., IfSgl'., ZOI7 Grandview Ave., El Paso, Texas, MORROW, Lawrence R., MXSQI., 24l4 Benderwirlh Sf, Rockford, lll. BARNES, William H., TfSg'r,, Rl. 2, Millerfon, Pa. DOLBIZAS, George C., SfSQI., 63 Whilney Sl., Roxbury ass. HERBERT, Francis J., SXSQI., 574I N. Hope Sf., Phila delphia, Pa. HERvO!LlX, Michael J., SXSQI., 3I9 Second Sl., Oconlo is. SECOND ROW: PLAUCHE, Emile M., SXSQI., 726 General Perishing Sl. New Orleans, La. RAYIMANN Phillip, SfSgl., IO74 Easlern Parkway, Brook- Yn. . - VOLLMER, Donald E., S!Sq'r., l4l6 Lafayelle Ave., Maf- loon, Ill. BALOG, Rudolph P., Sql., 520 Tafl Sl., Gen. Del. BAUER, John H. Sgl., 8 Main Sl., Franklin, N, J. COPELAND, Richard N., Sgl., Highland Park, Mich. FIFTH ROW' QUARTERS B TTERY THIRD ROW: TULINI, Arnold G., Sql., 2l E. Main Sl., Maple Shade N. J. VON SZYMEROWSKI, Ollo J., Sql., 4lIO Burns Ave. Defroif, Mich. WERBROUCK, Marcel A., SQL, 4500 Woodhall, Delroif Mich, BLOSS, Willard G, T!-1, 739 Kendrick SI., Florence Ala, CALDWELL, Vernon L., T!-I, Rl, l, Republic, Ohio, HIGGINS, Albert, Tffl, 20l9 "O" Sl., N. VV., Wash inglon, D, C, FOURTH ROW! MAZZAGATTI, Louis, TM, 37I8 E. 3lsf Sl., Erie, Pa CORCORAN, Michael L., Cpl., II7 Bessemer Ave. E., Pillsburqh, Pa. CRONE, James F., Cpl., Rl. 3, Box 2l8, Sanla Ana Calif GJEVRE, Andrew G., Cpl., Sfarkwealher, N. D. GRANGER, Auslin O., Cpl., I3I3 S, Boyle Sl., Sl. Louis M . GREEN, Joseph W., Cpl., IZ4 Cook Sl., Chaffee, Mo e 3 GREENE, Luke J., Cpl., 703 Mani Rose Ave., Roanoke, a. 5 LEFKOWITZ, Simon, Cpl., 463 Sfevenson Pl., Perlh Amboy, N. J. LEMERANDE, Edward C, Cpl., Laona, Wis. MARKEE, Clarence E., Cpl., Rl. 3, Amery, Wis. MEACHUM, Marvin E., Cpl., 23l7 Hickory Sl., Tex- arkana, Ark. PENDRY, Thomas C., Cpl., Walkerlown, N, C. HE DOUARTERS BATTERY "".1? FIRST ROW: if-.NTOI-'O Pnilirr Cpl,, l54 Merri'l St., Rochester, N, Y. ZCHMIT Hfnq' J., Cpl., V995 Guy St., San Diego, C f. WILSON, WilIirIrII M. Cpl,, 228 Broadway, Fort Edward, N, Y, DENNr Alvin M., TXS, 4l5 W, Minister St., lndepend, I-ni' K 13. DPUCKENMNLER Donald J., TMS, 2758 N. Washing- tf,'I Blirl., Arlington Vo. SECOND ROW: KADAR, Jrirn-y., TX5, 432 S, Seventh St., Newark, N. J. KIMBROIIV, Jurnus A., T!5, Hollywood, Mo. IEWIS Owrqe B. U5 l22 N. Grant St. Manhiem, Pl. IUDIOW, Wriltcr R,, TXS, Barnegat, N. J. IAICCINIIII, Jw, A., U5, 6 smilh SI., waldwick, THIRD ROW: NADDEO Willigrn R. T!5 404 60th St. West New PARR, Riclmrrl E., TXS, B04 W, Wayne St., Lima, Ohio. PRESS, Hurry J., TXS, 369 Vernon Ave., Brooklyn, N, Y. ROBERTS, P.Iul E., TXS, Rt, I, Biloxi, Miss. ROGERS, Wesley R., TXS, New G-louchester, Me. FOURTH ROWS TREMPER, Francis H., TIS, Marqaretville, N, Y. BAKER, Claytnrt F., Pfc,, 428 S, Fourth St., Colwyn, lil, BAREFOOT, James L., Plc., Rt. 2, Manteo, Miss. C'-EESEY, Edward T., Ptc., l29 E. Sixth St., Frederick, JQIINSON Walter E. Pfc. 947 Third se. Hancock FIFTH ROW: KlPFERLNRiclI.Irr.l M., Plc., I34 Fulton Ave., Roches- tr-r I Y, KNIGHT, Rrwgf-r W., Plc., 2l7 Merrimac St., Newbury. Ivrgrl, Mass, KOHNE Hr.-rrvian E., Plc., 265 Fair Sl., Washmgton, Mo NEEDHAM, Ernest R., Plc., 30 W. Harriet Ave., Pal- is Iflr-S l9.Irlc N, J. QANTELLO, Jruc A., Pte., 236 Ashland Ave., W. M.I'IlI,IInl-1, Pa, SIXTH ROW: I-'-FLCII, CMAJ. T., Rte, 245 Quinnipiac St., Walling- ! I7 ,fI'r', 5RE?0V5'4Ig Creftruc M., Pvt., 2608 Vega Ave., Cleve 'I' I C 'rift VCFIYDEN Murlc J., Pvt., Gen. Dol., Seneca, Mo. KI'-lllli Simi. Il, P.t,, I28 Baruch Pl., New York, I' Y. I1.I-.'A1wxNf.I4I' Armin, J., PI, 1362 5, 3ISI 5I,, I' .- In: YEIIENTH ROW: . null. Nr I l.', IJ, 9 Ktwf-JSI:-, PIA 5.,,,3C,,5C.l l"'1-il '-'- ' I"' F l'.'. J.I-13--Iyer: Tefnri, --XNNIOII l:.-. I'I lx P.: l2I Ccnxln-II,, AVC-H Lcd: N ,I, ' 'F . vi '-'Z w' . F. F '. V5 - 333, Sf" I vnburq, Toms. ' - - I- -I' -I nv'-A-r wig, .,,:' EIGHTH ROW: , ' ' -1' sl' J '- I I vi' .Avg Alban-.' N, Y. 'EZ' gg X- ."'- NIR AI-I' R, '., 6 5J,Il'71 St, NQ.+.'3'n.! lx' 3:-'IT 'R M: '- Q Pu. 3I27 Ser-I QL Sly' pups, '- - 591' QI7 Aw:-,, Tri" . 9 A- ' J if 3 N l"": SE F'lI:4.IQ'i.1 ."' 1 I NINTH ROW: .I 'XI ' I-V 534: Nw JV I ' ., sei ' .f'Ql.y F "cs TENTH ROW Ihr -w. SERVICE fy V '. A ..,. 'iii i... GH, ,V 1 W i L l" A W " Rf. , wifi. 'Ls' fax , a ' , . . I .. in Sgr...-' ,A 1:3 ..1. , 'A V . 4 A . .. lfifg 1 ..A .. 1, 'Ar a ii, , 5 1. fi ' If? " ' TTE FIRST ROW: DOEMAN, Presfon L., l!Sgl., Box 653, Hunfsville exas. PASTORELLI, Gene, MXSQI., Box 323, Cuddy, Pa. BLUM, Ernesf P., TfSqf., 202 Third Sf., Jackson, Mich. OPARA, Steven, TXSQI., 373 Oakland Sf., Brooklyn N. Y. BRADBURY, Leo M., SXSQI., Meridian, Okla. GARRETT, Glenn J., SXSQT., Rf. S, Rcrn, Md. SECOND ROW: JONES, Ishmael R., SXSQI., I7l8 Sanla Monica Sl. San Anlonio, Texas. ORR1lCK, Roy, S!Sgl,, 452 Winnipeg Ave., San Anlonio, exas. WEISS, Frank C., SXSQT., 6ll N. May Sf., Aurora, lll. CAPLINGER, Fred, Sgf., Rf. I, Trafalger, Ind. COOK, Arfhur H., Sgr., l2O E. Seminary Sf., Charloffe Mich. JEFFRIES, Daniel W., Sql., 2l7 Psi. N. W., Washing- fon, D. C. THIRD ROW: ZDYBICKI, Dyonizy C., Sql., 2765 Roulo Ave,, Dear- born, Mich, BIELOBOCKY, Edward J., TX4, IO36 E. 7Isf Sf., Cleve land, Ohio. BROWNING, Denzil W., TX4, IO3 Barnwell Sl., Burlinge lon, N. C. BUDZ, Michael J., TX4, 4l3 S, Marshfield Sf., Chicago, lll. FERREIRA, David, TX4, Box 26I, Thornfon, Calif. LINDSAY, Charles W., TX4, Box 408, Blacksburg, Va. FOURTH ROW: MOSS, John H., TX4, l533 Vincel Sf., Kansas Cify, Mo. PAOLETTA, Angelo, TX4, 64 Sunsef Ave., Johnsfon, R, l. TURNER, Ralph W., TX4, Rf. I, Lifflefield, Texas. CARNLEY, Cecil A., Cpl., Rf. 4, Brewfon, Ala. HALDIMAN, John E., Cpl,, I769 27fh Ave., Columbus, Neb. HILL, James E., Rl. l, Versailles, lll. FIFTH ROW: HINDS, Alfred C., Cpl., San Francisco, Calif. KOELLING, Ora, Cpl., Marfhasville, Mo, MOUNTS, Joe G., Cpl. ROBERTS, Jerome W., Cpl., l4S9 Ford Blvd., Lincoln Park, Mich. SUTTON, Clyde R., Cpl., 206 Dewey Sf., Belleville, lll. YOBST, Joseph, Cpl., RI. l, Pefoskey, Mich. SIXTH ROW: CHRISMAN, Roberf E., T!5, RT. 4, Frankforl, N. Y. COMES, Earl D., TXS, May, Ky. DILISIO, Edward H., TIS, 1220 Firsf Ave., Coraopolis, P . FREEFIIAN, Joseph, TXS, 922 Old Auburn Rd., Phoenix Cify, Ala. GIANNINI Vasco, P., TXS, 363 Naples SI., San Fran- cisco, Calif. , , GULISH John, TIS, 98 Price Sf., Bridgeporf, Conn. 27 SERVICE B TTERY FlRST ROW: JOHNSON, Pa,-rngnzl J., TXS, l8O'.Q Third Ave., Rock ici-'vi l l KELLER E. W., TXS, Preazanl Grove Calif. lfUl'lSTMf'1N, fvlnar E., TIS, l395 E. Michigan Sl., Yysl- I.--es, mfr., POOEPS, Fr-Jrzis P., TMS, 34 Elrn Sl., Wo'cesler, Mass. SCHNEXDEP, Benlafr-ir.. WS, 346 N. Ogden Dr., Los I-.'qfglf1z, Calil. STODDARD, Richard M., US, 6699 Mayfair Sl., Dear- born, Micr, SECOND ROW: WATKINS, Samuel L., TXS, Van Lear, Ky. ALCANTER, Louis J., Plc., IB Kansas Ave., Kansas Cily, Kant. ANDERSON, Leroy R., Plc., Slar Rl. E. 4, Gryqla, M'nn. BARRON, Mullin, Plc., Rl. I, Loaclwapoka, Ala. BILLOIJ, Paul E., Plc,, l9O Howard Sl., Enola, Pa. BLAKE, Claude C., Plc., Owensboro, Ky. THIRD ROW: BRYSON, Duane J., Plc. A CAMPBELL, Gllbcrl M., Plc., 306 Bcnnell Sl., Elal River, Mo. cmzven, J.,rr.Qg, Pre., Bw 577, Ashdown, Ark. CREAC-ER, Ernfgxl T., Plc., Rl. S, Harrison, Ark. GLOSSIP, Francis M., Plc., l237 Denver Sl., Kansas Cry, Mo. HEBEPLE, Jolln L., Jr., Plc., 3955 Quarry Ave., Balli- M-f. FOURTH ROW: HEINER, Harmrl A., Plc., 2207 Prospecl Ave., New Hol- ' lNi'.. Ll'-rn, HELMLY, Jolln J., Plc., I807 Oqcechcc Rd., Savannah, Cm, KILGORE, Cornell, Plc., 8l5 Kilgore Sl., N. W., Al- lanl-1, Cui, LJMANNA, Anlnony, Plc., 204 Benziqer Ave., Slalen ls- l.inrl N, Y. M.icLEOD, Ervin T., Plc., I3 Owens Pl., Quincy, Mass. MlCHAELS, Francis l., Plc., 69l0 Colqale Ave., Cleve- lanfi, Onin. FIFTH ROW: MILLER, Rolnerl J., Plc., 57Olli Dover Sl., Warren, Olin MILLER Zan, Plc., Sluarl, Iowa. l-TEES, Rnlw-rl D., Plc., Rl. l, Emerson, la. SOIO, Plc., H339 Labrosse Sl., Dclroil, Mich. "-lRAllM, Efiwafrl J., Plc., IZIO W, Galena Sl., Freeport Ill. lFACi-O, M--lxin P., Plc. SIXTH ROW: IUKUA, E.rfi--:w-- M, Plc., Harland, Mlnn, lv'lEf'xSEl illfrlign L., Plc, l-'-'ElllER, Clmrlvs lv'-l, Plc. I-'vlllllfxlvls Ken "f- llw H., Plc., Sl? S, Cllrllon Sl., Bal- 'r" . 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BROWN, Ralph W., SfSql., 6l24 Marlborough Ave., Delroil, Mich. OUATTRINI, Ennio, S!Sql., 6lO E. John Sl., Lillle Falls, N. Y. TARKA, William S. , SfSql., 2506 S. Sacramenlo Ave., Chicago, lll. ADAMS, Ollo N., TX4, ll Summer Sl., Winlhrof, Me. SECOND ROW: COFFEY, Vincenl J., TX4, Wymore, Neb, GROSHONG, Leo G., TX4, 52lI Pryor, Sl, Joseph, Mo. LUEBKE, Glenn F. TX4 324 . , , College Ave., Wesl DePere, Wls. MERRITT, Bennell H., TX4, Delroil, Mich. SMITH, Frank P., TX4, IOI Soulh Fllzhiqh Sl., Roches- ler, N. Y. YOCNHER, lqnalius G., TX4, I87 W. 8Olh Sl., New York, . Y. , THIRD ROW: CAMP,,Joe B., Sql., Box 56, Junclion, Texas. FLOOD, Alfred, S!Sql., 523 Tenlh Sl., Sioux Cily, Iowa, HEWIG, Earl E., Sql., Shiner, Texas. HOPPER, Donald R., Sql., l40O Washinqlon Ave., Al loona, Pa. KEIWTZ, Richard E., Sql., 603 Williams Sl., De Pere ns. PARSON, Ray E., Sql., l009 N. l0lh Sl., Ml. Vernon lll. FOURTH ROW: RIEDEL, Julius F., Sql., Rl. I, Box l8, Cuperlino, Calif SCANLON, Ted C., Sql., Milwaukee Ave., Wheelinq Ill SLAMA, Roberl w., sql., BOX moz, Pollef. Neb- SPRINGSTEAD, Georqe H., Sql., 2l7 Pacific Ave., Ala- meda, Calif. THIELEN, Norberl F., Sql., Rl. l, Carrol. IOW5' THOMPSON, Slanley J., Sql., IOI4 Henry Sl., Delwll. Mich. ..l FIRST ROW: WILSON, Jack J., Sgf., 446 S. Third Easf, Sal? Lake Cily, UIah. BLAZESKI, Joseph C., Cpl., 244 Pacific Ave., Jersey CiIy, N. J. cmznou, Vernon, c., cpl., mac Kanawha Blvd., cnnflesion, W, Va. . CRAVER, Charles A., Cpl., RI. 4, Winslon Salem, N. C. FLAHERTY, Eugene J., Cpl., Avoca, Iowa. SECOND ROW: GREW, John, Cpl., I0 N. 58Ih Ave., W. Dululh, Minn. HAMILTON, Harry C., Cpl., 22l32 Nevada Ave., E. DCIFOII. Mich. ' HAWKINS, Richard L., Cpl., 7l9 Ninlh Ave., San Francisco, Calif. HAYS, Frank S., Cpl., 4l6 W. Sim, Monrovic, Calif, JAHNKE, Raymond E., Cpl., 3l34 Monlicello, Chicago, Ill. THIRD ROW: McAMlS, Homer F., Rockford, Tenn. MCKINNEY, Paul E., Cpl., 3I5 Church SI., Lancasler, Pa. OLEVANO, James G., Cpl., 333 Hill Ave., Endicoll, N. Y. PAHOLSKI, Waller W., Cpl., 4 Brandon Rd., Dudley, Mass. PHILLIPS, Trueill W., Cpl., IOO9 Greer SI., Forl Worlh, Texas. FOURTH ROW: REID, James W., Cpl., 504 Manley SI., Wesf Bridgewaier, Mass. WEBER, Richard w., cpl., 4528 N. Lincoln Ave., chicago, ui. YOUNG, Oliver D., Cpl., RI. I, Box I04, Walnuf Grove, Calif. BUHLER. Roscoe J., TIS, 3225 S. 23rd SI., E. Sall Lake Ciiy, UIah, ' CHRISTMAS, Harold C., TIS, Pine Hill Rd., Salf Point, N. Y. FIFTH ROW: COSBY, Leroy B., TIS, RI. 2, Amory, Miss. DOMS, WiI'iam, TI5, 4035 Aldine SI., Philadelphia, Pa. DANIELS, Leigh W., TI5, Ramsey, III. PFEIFFER Jacob W., TI5, 4l99 Weslern Ave., Defroif, Mich. REMALY, Samuel P., TI5, 652 N. l6Ih SI., Allenlown, Pa. SIXTH ROW: ROTH, Emil W., TIS, Box 36, Clemenls, Calif. SINEATH, Lconidas, TI5, 454B Boqard SI., Charleslon, S. C. SPAKOWSKI, Joseph, TI5, 205 Warren SI., Jersey Cify, N, J. STRITZINGER, Morris, TI5, I3-C Roso SI., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. THOMAS, Jackson D., TIS, RI. I, Willow, Olcla. SEVENTH ROW! UPTON. Marvin H., TIS, Box 562, Paradise, Calif. BARKER, Calvin E., Plc., IB-I4 Commerce Ave., Vero Beach, Fla, BUCK, Orville, Plc., RI. 5, AusIin, Minn. CHAMPAGNE, Ulric L., Pic., 6-3 Middlessex SI., Harverhill, Mass. CHASTEEN. Henry C., Plc., IBO-4 Souih-ern Ave., Lexingfon, Ky. EIGHTH ROWS COURE1-KS. Ham- c., Pic., 209' 32nd sf., Naffaia, vn. ELLIOTT, Haw-cl B., Pic., Hwricanc Mills, Tenn. ELY, G-Croc, Jr., Pic., RI. I, Briigebomv, N. J. GAROZZO, J. C., Pic., SIZ9 S. Mulligan Ave., Chicago, III. GROVES, Robert G., Plc., SZII Pryor, SI. Joseph, Mo, ,. . . .--1 .1 .,. -.u .IM I1 H' 'T nf ' .gyxx f df-2 H. J f. if' 4' 1 . . , .g,.f,r.'. 9 ff!! f .: 5 6 ff .rw f 'f f I 2 . ff . f f. Q., ,,,, , . 2 xCWf1?Pf?' ....7,.. Sm ff ex FIRST ROW: HINDERER, John W., Plc., Canby, Minn. HODGES, Lesler D., Pfc., Box 202, Merrill, Ore. HOLBROOK, Walker J., Plc., Rl. I, Box 54, Coeburn, Va, HUGHES, Armel, Mifflin, Ind. KOLANICH, Mike, Plc., l425 Poplar Sl., Norlhamplon, Pa. SECOND ROW: KOZLOWSKI, Jerome, Plc., 9336 Marquelle Ave., Chicago, Ill. KRATOCHVIL, Henry, Plc., l9l3 S. Troy Sl., Chicago, Ill. MARTIN, Clair D., Plc., Eox l7l, Welferville, Mich. MCCLELLAN, Cecil R., Plc., Coolinga, Calif, MCDIFFETT, Raymond L., Plc., Dwiqhl, Kansas, THIRD ROW! MEREDITH, James N., Pfc. MILLER, William M., Plc., 68 Taylor Pl., S. Orange, N, J. MISTOWSKI, Sigmond P., Plc., Waler Mill, Long Island, N, Y. MORROW, Harry M., Plc., 423 Hillcresl Ave., Glenolden Pa. OUIGNTON, Richard N., Plc., l96BQ Carroll Sl., S, E., Allanla 5. FOURTH ROW: RICE, Warren E., Plc., Jere, W, Va. SCHhl:11l'IlaT, Carl C., Plc., 56 W. Kingman Ave., Ballle Creek ic . SULLIVAN, John J., Plc., 522 Van Dozer Sl., Sfaplelon, N, Y, C TACKER, Harold C., Plc., 280 N. McNeil, Memphis, Tenn. VALENZUELA, Frank R., Plc., Box 62, Yolo, Calif. FIFTH ROW: WINTERBOTTOM, Pele, Plc., 60 Prospecl Sl., Darlmoulh, Mass WOOD, Roberl, Plc., Box 64, High Sl., Founlain Cily, Tenn. BLUMENFELD, Jack J., Pvl., l65I W, Third Sl., Brooklyn, N, Y CALLES, Pasqual H., Jr., Pvl., 89 Palmello Dr., Pasadena, Calif CARRADO, William F., Pvl., Rl. 9, Box 43l, Phoenix, Ariz. SIXTH ROW: CASTANEDA, William, Pvl., 642 Fullon Sl., San Francisco, Calif. GARRETT, George W., Pvl., l208 Broadway, Cincinnali, Ohio. KOLYER, Harry W., Pvl., Box I45, Hope Valley, R. I. LEVESOUE, Conrad J., Pvl,, 346 Main Sl., Nashua, N. H. LYONS, Vincenl J., Pvl., 27 Remsen Ave., Wappingers Falls N. Y. SEVENTH ROW: MASKO, John, Jr., Pvl., l6I6 Trenlon Ave., Brislol, Pa. PHILLIPS, Ralph W., Pvl., 203 Cleveland Sl., Forresl Cily, Ark. ROEDER, Byron, Pvl., Amhersl, Nels. Sl-IQNYO, Charles H., Pvl., Highland, Kans. SQKOLSKY, Frank A., Pvl., l708 N, Wicklilfe, Oklahoma Cily Okla. EIGHTH ROWS TRIMMER, Jesse R.. Pvl.. Savannah. MO' WISE Kennelh M. Pvl., 358 N. Washinglon Sl., Franklorl, Ind. WOLF Richard E.. Pvl-. 463 N- SM SI-i Pew' 'nd' FIRST ROW: WOHLHORN, Chas. J., I!Sql., Box 2I, Fl. Tilden Lonq Island, N. Y. BROWN, Frederick V., SfSql., Slacyville, Iowa. DEMOTT, Samuel, J., SfSql., Elida, N. M. EVANS, Prenlice, SfSql., Jasper, Fla. JERGENSEN, Oscar W., SfSql., Newell, lowa. CLARK, Herberl L., Sql., 599 Main Sl., Banqor, Me. SECOND ROW: DIMARCO, James, Sql., 608 E. Wyoming Ave., Philadel h' , P . GRIFEPOE, A-hqelo O., Sql., 27I7 Cambria, Philadelphia a Lwoivs. owen, sql., Ri. 2, sox 634, sam cruz, Calif LONG, Earl F., Sql., I38Bl McEouqelIo Sl., Delroil M'ch. LYEN,l Wayne E., Sql., 93l9 Walers Ave., Seallle Wash. SCHULZE, Albert, Sql., 5937 Alma Sl., Philadelphia, Pa THIRD ROW: VOLKENBORN, G-uenlher W., Sql., I2IOl E. Ouler Dr. Dclroil, Mich. WAINDL, Charles, Sql., 34I8 Ridqeland Ave., Berwyn III. MANNING, Andrew C., TX4, Sharon, Wis. BECKMAN, Raymond M., Cpl., Tinlah, Minn. BRASIETI, Lyle L., Cpl., S05 W. Ninlh Sl., Hunlinqlon . 0. BROESSEL, Clarence, Cpl., Rl. I, Epworlh, Iowa. FOUR-TH ROW: BROOKS, Jimmy L., Cpl., Rl. I, Blueridqe, Texas. BRYARS, Thomas O., Cpl., Daphine Ala DAVIS, Edward A., Cpl., 303I W, Tullerlbn Ave., Chi- caqo III DQBERARDINWS, Paar, cpl., ass Terra Alla sf., N. E. Warren, Ohio. FORMICA, Joseph J., Cpl., 2009 Orphadox Sl., Philadel- phia, Pa. FUHRMAN, A. G., Cpl., I9l45 Fielinq Sl., Delroil, Mich, FIFTH ROW: JOHCNOSQN, Ralph E., Cpl., 563 Harrison Sl., Denver, John A., Cpl., 206I E. Collage Sl., Sl, Paul, MANLEY, Harold F., Cpl., 26937 New Yorli Sl., Enlgglcr, Mich, MARTINEZ, Manuel G., Cpl., -H7 N. Bailey Sl., Los Anqclcs, Calif. MCDONALD, O. E., Cpl., I303 Nebrasia Sl. Bo n Iowa. I O I PELLEGRIN, Arrwicnd N., Cpl, SIXTH ROW: REZENDES, Gilbcrl, Cpl., -25 Nindscr Sl., New Scsi- ford, Mass. ,,. I-VILSON, Anders A., Cpl., V.'g-'lcirilv Vlagh. 'W 3 ZELI., Lawrence, Cpl., 192-1 CH, Y'e'.s' Ave., Lcs A:- qcles. Calif, x ANIZRES, Frede'icl NV., T,'5, VJ, Peirself Sl., Grew, BOLTON, Gccrqe E., T S, Lawson, Ma. q ii BYRUM, Kennelh L., TIS, Frisloe, Ms. I' BATTERY FIRST ROW, Holssle, William L., Us KING, Paul E., 175, 4I0 LOTT, Alan W., U5, 34 , Enterprise, Ala, S- Milner Sl., Ottumwa, Iowa, Meadow Brook Rd Needh M MADD -. dm, ass. M OX. John H., TXS, I068 Walker Ave., Oakland, Calif, i,c,l,rslmzE, Albert, vs, Cowen, Ky, sEcoND R-ow. POWELL. Joe W.. Tfs, Batesville, ohac, SECORA, William F., T!5, I63 Main St., Rochester, N, Y, SMITH, Wesley, TXS, Rt. I, Box I49-A, Niles, Mich, RL155 T 5 , il li For, DOdge,iOwa,l f. 80651 I Ave. S., Bremen Apts. TSARNAS, Nlck A., Tf5, Box 3l, Willets, Calif. THIRD ROW: AUERS, Roy, Pfc., Newport, Minn, BLo2JDl:l,l,,onLcrry M.. Pfc-. l0908 N. E., Sandy Blvd., Portland BOYI-E. GSOVQS T., Pfc., 79 Garden St., Stanford, Conn. BRADSHAW. Don C., Pfc., Rl. 2, rfccwalcf, occ. CHRISTENSEN. Keith H., Pfc., Plains, Mont. FOURTH ROW: COX, Paul L., Pfc., Box 454-O, Rt, 5, Lockland, Ohio, CURLE, Raymond L., Pfc, FARKAS, Louis J., Plc., I234 Mine No. 42, Windber, Pa. FENDER, James, Plc., B07 N. 16th St., Griffen, Ga. GIBBONS, James F., Pfc., County Line Rd., Villanora, Pa. FIFTH ROW: GILBERT, Delbert B., Pfc., Saul, Ky. HALL, Willie N., Pfc., Rt. 2, Mt. Airy, N. C. HARMON, A. P., Pfc., Flemingsburg, Ky, HARRINGTON, William, Pfc., Rt, I, Box ISI, Abbeville, La. HOBBS, J. W., Pfc., Rt. 2, Walters, Okla. SIXTH ROW: MANSFIELD, Leonard A., Pfc., 923 E. 73rd St., Los Angeles, Calif MILLS, Holden C., Pfc,, 5958 L. I. Belgarden, Cal. NEWLON, Burl H., Pfc., Ellamore, W, Va. O'MALLEY, Joseph M., Pfc., 52 Baldwin St., Cambridge, Mass POLEK, Joseph F., Pfc., 4383 Pechin St., Philadelphia, Pa. SEVENTH ROW: RANKER, Howard J., Pte., 920 Scranton Ave., Millvale, Pa. ROBERTS, William C., Pfc., 260 Chapel St., Hamilton, Va. SLUSHER, Vernon D,, Pfc., Wallsend, Ky. SPOONER, Norman J., Pfc., 3l Vine St., Albany, N. Y. SWINDELL, James H., Pic., 32I N, l2th St., New Castle, Ind. EIGHTH ROW: SZALKOWSKI, Charles, Pfc., 9I3 Sunset Ave., Ulica, N, Y. WILLIS, Charles W., Pfc., St. Claire, Mo. WITHERSPOON, Bryan, Pfc., Artesia, N. M. ZOVARAS, Gus M., Pfc., 648 Bollvard St., Cleveland, Ohio. ARNOLD, Russel, Pvt,, 432 N. Sixth St., Lebanon, Pa. NINTH ROW: CAMPANILE, Ray LLI Thomas P Pvt mend, Pvt., 253 S. Seventh St., Newark, N, J CAVA , -. - DeROBERTIS, A., Pvt., 7Il6 Fort Hamilton Pky., Brooklyn, N. Y MARTINEZ, Fred I., Pvt., 2I5l G-lenlarm St., Denver, Colo. MORGAN, Bil I, Pvt., 308 MacNeiI St., San Francisco, Calif. TENTH ROW: MULL, Walter T., Pvt., Rt. I, York, S. C. PARTAIN, Charles T., Pvl. PELPREY, Chester, Pvt., Sewell. KY- PLOUY, Albert J,, Pvt., 34l8 Pittsburgh, Pa. SANC 33 H52 Richard D., Pvt., zsa w. Fourth sl., New Ycflc, N. Y FIRST ROW: FERGUSON, Henry J., l!Sgl., Sugar Grove, Va. MCGINN, Reynolds, l!Sql,, 53-49 96lh Sl., Elmhursl, Long Island N Y BARTON, James P., S!Sql., 934 E. Second Sl., Palerson, N. J. FLANAGAN, Herberl J., S!Sql., I36 Covel Sl., Fall River, Mass GRAHAM, Marvin C., S!Sgl., Odessa, Texas. SECOND ROW: HALL, George R., S!Sql., McKillrick, Mo. JOSE, Owcn J., S!Sql., Rl, I, Commanche, Okla, SUNTER, Charles W., S!Sql., lI4O S. Euclid Ave., Oak Park, III THAYER, William E., S!Sql., Ranqer Slalion, Kelliher, Minn. ALBERS, Earl H., Sql., Burwell, Nels. THIRD ROW: BARBER, Leroy, Sql., 2676 Hazel Sl., Erie, Pa. BYRON, Waller A., Sql., Rl. 2, Mound Cily, Mo. CRAWFORD, Thomas M., Sql., Due Wcsl, S. C. DQSANTI, Camillo G., Sql., Allanlic Cily, N, J. ESTEE, Waller C., Sql., 236 Pearl Sl., Somerville, Mass. FOURTH ROW: HAMMER, Frederick J., Sql., 809 Knickerbocker Ave., Brooklyn N. Y, KEELER, Oran D., Sql., Myrllc Poinl, Ore. KNIGHT Wilfiarn K., Sql., Scooba, Miss. PENHOLLONV, Frank Sql., Bax l7S, Norllwfield, Conn. DRENV, Allan T., T!-I, Rural Dol, 3, Wellsboro, Pa. FIFTH ROW: GRIFFIN, Vlilliarww EM T -5, T59-aminqg, Okla. LASTER, Reber? R., T'-1, IIO S, Caerclcc S'., Girard, Kars. ARMENTRQUT, Hwbcfl N., Cpf, Rl. 2, 52x l26, Elllon, Va. SERS?-ITEIN, EGMJFCJ M., Col., 5933 Hazel Ave., Pr'Ia:lelp"ia Pa. GIBSON, Jack R., Col., S055 Page Rd., Jackson, Mich. Q . ,4- M gg, PJ. .K ' e TTERY FIRST ROW: HESS, John F., Cpl., 409 Eighth Ave., Altoona, Pa. JACKSON, william R., Cpl., Rr. 2, Duke, Okla. JOHNSON, Robert N., Cpl,, Cedar Key, Fla. KNUTSON, Earl V., Cpl., 2II Third St., N. E., Little Falls, Minn. LOGAN, Charles G., Cpl., Mason, III. SECOND ROW: LUEDKE, Raymond W., Col., Ada, Minn. MCDONALD, James K., Cpl., ll5I6 Idaho Ave., Hollydale, Calif. PEIRSON, William, Cpl., Little Paper Mill, Rd., Yonklin, Del. RAMIREZ, lsidro O., Cpl., 226 Simpson St., San Antonio, Texas. ROBERTSON, D, W., Cpl., IlI5 N Third Ave., Columbus, Miss. THIRD ROW: ROLFSON, K. E., Cpl., l20I E. Maple St., Glendale, Calif. SANCHEZ, Rudolph F,, Cpl., 484 N. Townsend St., Log Angeles, Calif. TYSKA, John J., Cpl., I2 Kimball St., Chicopee, Mass. WHITEHEAD, Dorsie, Cpl., Star Rt., Neelyville, Mo. WOOD, Vernon W., Cpl,, 823 Putnam Ave., High Point, N. C FOURTH ROW: ALLEN, Ray, TI5, I329 IOO Ave., Oakland, Calif. BRUNKE, Fred C. L., TIS, 709 Good Hope, Cape Girardeau, Mo. CATANIA, Vincent P., TI5, 666 N. llth St., San Jose, Calif. CHURCH, John L., TI5, I436 Fourth Ave., Terra Haute, Ind. EATON, Robert J., TI5, 9 Garfield St., Calais, Me. FIFTH ROW: EATON, George W., TI5, Rt, 5, Fayette, Mo. GREGORY, Lester E., TIS, Box 69I, Bryson City, N. C. HARBISON, Lowell E., TI5, Greenville, Ohio, JENKINS, Melvin E., TI5, Rt. I, Box 30l, Sandy, Utah. JUHL, George F., TI5, Rt, I, Templeton, Calif. SIXTH ROW: MICHELA, Anthony J., TIS, I97 Hillcrest Ave., Albany, N, Y. MILLER, Wilbur R., TIS, 302 Beech St., Corydon, Ind. NANFRO, Angelo, TIS, 54 Eldridge St., New York City, N. Y. ROMANOWSKI, Harold J., TI5, IO Glinko St., Scranton, Pa. SMITH, Walter H., TI5, 92I Galena Ave., Dixon, III. SEVENTH ROW: SODEC, John S., TI5, II34 E. l6Bth St., Cleveland, Ohio. TANNER, Almon, TI5, Rt. I, Whitesville, Ky. ALLLTTCQ, Vincent, Ptc., 29 Center St., Hempstead, Long Island BEDENBENDER, Grover J., Pfc., Winnsboro, La. BERGER, Philip, Pfc., 200 Fillmore St., Riverside, N. J. EIGHTH ROW: BRADBURN, Chas. A., Pfc., Vayland, S. Dak. BRASWELL, James, Ptc., 24I Camden Rd., Wadesboro, N, C. BUTZ, Harry, Pfc., II4 S. St., McCook, Nela. CASTRO, Manual A., Pfc., Rt. 2, Box I93, Madera, Calif. COPPOCK, John L., Pfc., 2635 Chestnut St., Kansas City, Mo. NINTH ROW: DAILEY, John J., Pfc., Foot of Water St., Gloucester, N, J. DAVIS, Rema L., Pfc., Rt. I, Hemingway, S. C. DELSID, Alfred, Ptc., 838 S. Mission Ave., Tucson, Ariz. DEVORE, Leslie M., Pfc., Bergman, Ark. BATTERY ... FIRST ROW: EBERLY, Ralph T., Plc., Camden, N, J. GREEN, Lewis, Plc., Tezas Cily, Texas. HAMRICK, Paul E., Plc., Rl. 4, Carrollon, Ga. LAKE, Donald G., Plc., Hacker VGIIGY. W, V5- LEACH, Jaclson, Plc., Fayell-3'-lille, Ala. SECOND ROW: MALADY, William E., Plc., 6243 Clearview Sl., Philadelphia, Pa MANCHESTER, Isaac C., Plc., Mercer, Mo. MARLER, Ruben, Plc., Barnard, N. C. MQCOWAN, Hubert L., Pfc., Rl. 2, Ardmore. Tenn. McMULLEN, Allred E., Plc., Poplar Bluff, Mo. THIRD ROW: MURPHY, Harry A., Plc., 2755 Orlhodox Sl., Philadelphia, Pa. NERI, Michael, Plc., 36 Amber Sl., Johnslon, R. I. NIPPE, Curlis N., Plc., Rl, I, Slrassburg, lll. NOYES, Harold R., Plc., Main Rd., Charleslown, R. I. NUGENT, Paul V., Plc., 4342 Lancasler Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. FOURTH ROW: PREBBLE, Clarence L., Plc., Lyons, Mich. PRINGLE, Mallhcw A., Plc., Rl. 2, Connellsville, Pa. SCIALABBA, Jack F., Plc., 409 Freeland Sl., Pillsburgh, Pa. SCULLION, James B., Plc., ISI9 7lsl Sl., Norlh Bergen, N, J SCROGGS, Franlr, Plc., Wesl Asheville, N. C. FIFTH ROW: SHAVER, Charles, L., Plc., Holcomb, Mo. SOULLIERE, Wilberl, Plc., 4lO9 Lakeview Ave., Delroil, Mich. STEIMLE, Thomas R., Plc., 54I Englewood Ave., Teaneck, N. J. TEBALDI, Mario M., Plc., I6 Easl Park Ave., While Plains, N. Y TEICHMAN, Auqusl F. Plc., l904 Bloomfield Sl. Ca e Girardeau . . P Mo, SIXTH ROW: TODD, Leon K., Plc., Jonesboro, N. C. TOWRY, John D., Plc., Rl. -I, Fayellevillc, Tenn. VAILLANCOURT, Arlhur L., Plc., Rl, I, Box 77, Mason, Wis. ELIZONDO, Louis, Pvl,, Rl, 4, Box 727, Sanla Anna, Calif, C-OBEIL, Jean P,, Pvl., 86 Daniels Sl., Filchburq, Mass. SEVENTH ROW: LEXVIS. V-'D3Cl'J.s' NV., Pal., Vvlcodvillc, Fla. MJCDONALD, FM-if A., Pxl., I62 Lonqwcoj VJ., Dqlfoil, Mich, MITCHELL SJVYVUQI B., Pvl,, -ZZI Nvalrlul Sl,, Allentown, Pg, ROTH, N'-'am-'i.1., rm., Re. I, Shvglby, Mm., SAUBER, John F., Pv',, Zl-I Caryl Arr,-,, Sf, PJUII Mm., EIGHTH ROW: SEYMOUR, Eqicza' E., Vw, 33 MJ ,K-,QW pn, NC,,,.J,g N, J, SCULLY, Jsscuf F., 30 Hy-gsm 53, H,,,,gO.,,, CCN, 5'C"N AV.--a lcv' P., -'., 264 NF" A-uc., N1-.R Y:rL N, Y, SMT?" 'T al: L., Fw., 79 S' Cssin"g N, Y, SCOSE J". J., PH. 5:- 3-1' 5-1.-s Ri., S'::':s:..'o NINTH ROW: Y.-XNLEN Jam- H, 2 gg i flu. ,, ST xi T.-." L - 34 ,. CVC, 3, I-'-"'lEQ-KN "4 A ,, - .. .A , N N ' ' l 623RD FIELD ARTILLERY -E... H UBSERVATIDN BATTALIUN HEADQUARTERS 623D FIELD ARTILLERY GBSERVATION BATTALION Pom SILL, OKLAHOMA ir To fhe Officers and Men of fhe 623rd FA Observafion Baffalion: Greefings. The fime now being fhe eve of peace and nof of baffle assures us fhaf fhis unif will nof long remain on acfive dufy sfafus wifh a primary mission of observing for fhe field arfillery. Some will soon refurn fo civilian life, some will aid in governing occu- pied counfries. Whafever is in sfore for us lef each man resolve fo fulfill fhe dufies and responsibilifies of American cifizenship wifh fhe same unselfish spirif fhaf has confrolled our efforfs while af war. Working fogefher we have affained proficiency. The officers and men of fhis baffalion have displayed common sense, courage. abilify and indusfryq characferisfics which give us pleasanf memories and confidence in fhe fufure. fwwffgfl HERBERT F. LAYLE Lieufenanf Colonel, Field Arfillery Commanding 38 fl- v-pf . I ' HERBERT F. LAYLE LIEUTENANT COLONEL, FIELD ARTILLERY Commanding 39 IIISTIIRY 0F THE 623RII FIELD ARTILLERY IIBSERVIITIDN BI-ITTALION ir The 623d Field ArTiIIery ObservaTion baTTalion i was acTivaTed January I5, i945 aT ForT Sill Okla- homa and assigned To The 3lsT Field ArTillery Brigade. To build a baTTalion Tor combaT baTTle Trained personnel were reTur,ned Trom ObsrevaTion BaT- Talions engaged in The European TheaTre oT Op- eraTions, and arrived aT ForT Sill during The period beTween IO February and I8 February. Under The direcTion oT LieuTenanT Colonel Her- berT F. Layle The baTTlion sTarTed Trom The day of birTh To Train Tor iTs combaT missions. OT- Ticers Trom The Field ArTilIery School, The Field ArTillery ReplacemenT Training CenTer and The 624-Th Field ArTilIery ObservaTion BaTTalion and enlisTed men who had come Trom Topographic Engineer UniTs wiTh a Tew Trom Advanced In- TanTry Training CenTers sTarTed wiThouT delay To geT The iob oT building a baTTalion under way. Individual and Cadre Training was conTinued unTil The baTTalion was broughT To approximaTe Tull sTrengTh upon The arrival oT individually Trained Tillers during The lasT halT oT March. While Turnishing many replacemenTs and suT- Tering losses due To TransTers boTh in enlisTed and oTTicer sTrengTh The baTTalion perTormed The mission oT Turnishing Troops and personnel on re- quiremenTs Tor The Field ArTilIery School and aT The same Time carried on an inTensive uniT Train- ing program Trom The daTe oT arrival oT Tillers. On I9 June The baTTalion was ordered To move by rail wiThouT delay To Chicago, Illinois Tor Tem- porary duTy under The operaTional conTrol oT The Commanding General, SixTh Service Command. This duTy in Chicago was Tor a period slighTly less Than Two weeks and The baTTalion arrived baclc aT iTs home sTaTion aT ForT Sill on The nighT oT 3 July. For The worlc done in Chicago The baTTalion received a leTTer oT commendaTion Trom The Commander oT Troops, DisTricT No. 3. SixTh Service Command, ASF, Chicago, Illinois. InTensive Training has been conTinued since The reTurn To ForT Sill and The baTTalion awaiTs whaT ever mission may be in sTore wiTh conTidence ThaT eiTher as a uniT or as individuals iT will per- Torm iTs missions in The True TradiTion oT all well Trained and disciplined soldiers. " HILL. wiiLiAMMI::o, I Elecuiive OWU ! N I JOHN H, M, Fir I L' Meleiroli 'Ar' ...a LLL WILLIAM W'. HILL, JR. ROBERT O. SCHAEFFER JACK L, MARSHALL MGIOV Maior Capfain Execufive Officer Baffalion S-3 Assisfanf Baffalion S-3 'X 'fix ...D -av 'N .. I X IRVING R. WILLIAMS MARION E. ELMORE Capfain Firsf Lieufenanf Baffalion S-4 Commanding Officer Baffery A . TV' 1' ""' -nf,-.4-Q ,f ,A '7 JOHN H- MFDONALI-. JR- HORACE L. MITTEN, JR. JAMES M. NORRIS Firsf Lleufenanuf Firsf Lieufenanf Firsf Lieufenanf Mefeoroloqy Officer Baffalion Mofor Officer Commanding Officer Headquarters Baffery -'5' ,,..-nl' ani' " .fum 499 JAMES H, ATKINS SOLOMON COBITT Second Lieufenanf Second Lieufenanf Execufive Officer Baffery B Communicafions Officer gn, '433' 1q,,,f Mfr if I ABNER MORRIS Capfain Medical Officer f' LX X THEODORE L. ETHERINGTON Firsf Lieufenanf Survey Officer Headquarfers Baffery CHARLES C. READ Firsf Lieufenanf Sound Officer Baffery B f'-JV' gan. wwf ROBERT J. CROOK Second Lieufenanf Communicafions Officer Baffery A ,.f" irc' ,ec-Q HAROLD J. SEABORG Capfain Baffalion Survey Officer GEORGE H. JONES, JR. Firsf Lieufenanf Commanding Officer Baffery B JOHN M. STAUT Firsf Lieufenanf Flash Officer Baffery B WALTER G. FRANTZREB Second Lieufenanf Assisfanf Sound Officer Baffery A ROBERT J. KUMMER JOHN W. VAN TIELEN LOUIS P. WHITE ERNEST W. BUSCH STUART E. McCA.BE Second Lieufenanf Second Lieufenanf Second Lieufenanf Chief Warranf Officer Chief Warranf Officer Flash Officer Baffery B Assisfanf Communicafions Survey Officer Baffery B Assisfanf Baffalion Adlufanf Assisfanf BaffaIion S-4 Officer Headqua rfers Baffe ry " ' 4115 ,,-,. .J ,I . szann AT W 0 R K Reading cloclcwise from fop leffz Lieufenanf Colonel Layleg Capfain Williams and Ser- geanfg Baffery A, Firsf Sergean'r ancl Clerk: BaHery B, Firsf Sergeanl and CQ: Head- quarlers BaHery, Firsf Sergeanfg Capfain Marshall. 's men ol + 'lo leller mi :xl rousing lll is piclu Sollball f--..-- -. ...-.:........,.- ..:.'?.A,... . 4- ,, AND PLAY No beHer morale builder anywhere fhan a good rousing game of coniacl sporis . . . The men of 'rhe 623rd worlc hard, buf when +hey play, 'rhey play equally hard. A+ 'rhe righ'r is picfured +he 623rd Soffball ieam- 'rhe Soflball Championship winner al' For+ Sill. 1 f we 1,91 7 91" vi Above: Sill was never like 'rhisg Righfz Chicago was a cliriy cify, ancl we had fo slay cleang Below righ+: This is fhe +rain which fool: us 'rhere for Hme Sfrilceg Below Leif: Even ihe Firsf Sergeanf ancl Supply Sergeanf gel a few minufes off. QQ Rv A vi ,Vi 4' in-ra .J- Y"'! , H H5 1 NX 'Ax N YI X S Y o 9. XA 'x xx -i 'I. ,l ,, 1. D ,E .fl LN -:Q . " A X. Z' ,sf 6 I 5 N N Y Qflaiian' 'Swv "qi L A 1 'S Q 2 N 'TY A ve ifffE5'?' ,- 52? ni -, . ' 'v Q 6,5 1n'g I 1. 4 I I I' 's f ,,,n,. , 1 f fi' '1 T' 1 s-...JK5 " 4 l A f ,..4 HE DQUARTERS -A- B TTERY 'S-4- --nn. 1 ,fg- -45' 5 .I 7 'Q I i U I X .f g.4 Q41 ' S in 's.... as LL FIRST ROW: HARRIS L, E. lv' SQL REELEY R.i'.i'z D., M S.1l. Guhlera Ru., Savaari Ma. VJHEELER D. A.s' ei J. M S32 325 N, I0"' Sl., CC'-al'is, OW. ofwis R, F T sal. HAlv'lv'ACK E. R., TSgl. W. 3lll L-:Nuff-llew .Ax fif. Siaokai Wash. SECOND ROW: BAUM Michael, SSql. 87 Hi-nr,' Baurn, Passaic, N. J. CAMERON, Erwin E., SSq',, 652 Slale Sl., Lancasler, Pa. DUNN, Wi lard, S Sql., Trinilx Hesirilal, Minol, N, Dak. FELTNER, Warren, SSql., Rl, 9, Peabody, Ky, GOENNER, Leonard, S, Sql., Clearlake, Minn. THIRD ROW: HOROWITZ, Michael, S.Sql., 2725 Malcolm Ave., Hollywood Calf. KROL, Waller C., S.Sql., 235 Huron Sl., Brooklyn, N. Y. PIPER, A, W., SfSql. WILLIAMS, William S., SXSql., 722 S. 2Slli Sl., Forl Sniilh, Ark. WISNIEWSKI, Slanley, S,fSql., lS3I Warren SI., Sl. Louis, MO FOURTH ROW: HARBLE, Ralph W., TU, Juncliori Cily, Ohio. EDGMOND, Granville J., Sql., Canyon Ferry Rl., Helena, Morrl, FOWLER, Jasper D., Sql., Rl. I, Hunlinqlon, Texas. GOLDEN, Elzv E., Sql., Warfordsburq, Pa. MENNA, Nichols J., Sql., IIE9 Porler Sl., Philadelphia, Pa. FIFTH ROW: MINER, Leonard F., Sql., Riverside, R, I. REICHERT, Vincenl A., Sql., 5305 N. 37lh Sl., Milwaukee, Wis. SELKE, Roberl H., Sql., 3404 N. l5lh Sl., Milwaukee, Wis. STAFFORD, Dee R., Sql., 260 Lucerne, Memphis, Tenn. TANNEY, C. P., Sql. SIXTH ROW: THOMAS, Bob L., Sql., 23 S. Palm Wav, Lake Worlh, Fla. ADIKAI, Alvin, TX4, shipfafi, N. M. BECKER, Waller L., TX4, Rl, 2, Box SZI, Sanqer, Calif. BRIGGS, John C., TX4, Rl. 7, Box 838, Besserner, Ala. DOYLE, Norman E., TX4, McConnellsburq, Pa. SEVENTH ROW: EINHORN, Morris, TX4, 2 Columbia Sl., New York, N, Y. FRITZ, Hairy C., TX4, Wesl Jellerson, Ohio. HEINKE, Roberl W,, TX4, KRYSTOPOLSKI, Ed J., TX4, 9I6 Bennell Sl., Wilminqlon, Del. MABRY, Roberl, TX4, Box I74, Duncan, Okla. EIGHTH ROW: McLEAN, Donald H., T!-4, 333 N, Park Ave., Lombard, Ill. NICKOLOFF, Vladimir, TX4, 2003 Hamillon Ave., Lorain, Ohio. PAGE, Lonnie A., TX4, 240 Ouachila Ave., Hol Springs, Ark. RASINSKAS, Charles, T ,f" 4, l283 Gurd Ave., Hillside, N, J. SIGLIN Charles R., TI4, 423 Parlridqe Sl., Elmira, N, Y. NINTH ROW: STOUT, John T., TX4, Rl, l, Wauseon, Ohio. VANDERVORT, A, J., TM, WHITE, Calvin C., rw.. BEIGHT, Earl J., CDI., New Middlelown, Ohio. DANCI-l, J., CDI, TENTH ROW: LEDLOW, Raymond E., Cpl., Rl. I, Box l26, Newlon, Miss. MCMAHON, Richard E., Col., Manchesler, Iowa, PATRICK, Frances J,, Cpl., 688 Easl I28lh Sl., Cleveland, Ohio PETERSON Roberl J., Cpl., II76 Elmore Sl., Green Bay, Wis. PETRONI, Col., 672 Vendome Sl., San Jose, Calif. HEADQUARTERS B TTEBY FIRST ROW: SEWELL, Elmer L., Cpl., Coushalla, La. VOC-EL, Eugene T., CDI., Rl. I, Kouls, lnd. ALBRIG-HT, John J., T!5, 3420 Braddock Sl., Philadelphia, Pa. ALLAN, Roberl W., T!5, I232 Floribunda Ave., Burlingame, Calif BENEVENTO, Joseph, TXS. SECOND ROW: FRAZZINE, William, T!5, I842 Wesl 33rd Ave., Denver, Colo. G-LOVER, Herbert C., TIS, Cleveland, Ga. GLUCK, A., TXS. HARRIS, William G., TXS, 3I6 N. l8lh Sl., Terre Haule, lnd. JONES, Gordon F., T!5, 5425 E, I0lh Sl., Indianapolis, lnd. THIRD ROW: JOHNSON, Clarence P., TXS, l406 Perry Sl., Danville, Ill. KENNEDY, Daniel F., TXS, Rl. 3, Tillin, Ohio. LAPETINA, Michael J., T!5, I04O N, Monilor Ave., Chicago, III MEACLE, Francis J., TXS, 293 Douglass Slr., Brooklyn, N. Y. NIEPORTE, Roberl H., TXS, I623 Pullan Ave-,, Cincinnali, Ohio. FOURTH ROW: PRATT Thomas, TXS. Sl-IAPIRO, Norman, TXS, 3l4 Legion Sl., Brooklyn, N, Y. SMITH, Alonzo M., TXS, 4l5 Easl Spring Sl., Boonville, Mo. STEELE, Francis J., TIS, 20 Winlhrop Sl., Provincelown, Mass. BEAVER Carl C., Plc.. Rl. 2, Carlhage, Mo. FIFTH ROW: BROWN, William, Plc., IS54 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn, N, Y. CASON, Charles T., Plc., I2-14 Warder Sl., Springfield, Ohio. COFER, Edward, Plc., 20I Wesl Pleasure Sl., Searcy, Ark, EVANS, Jasper C., Plc., 226 N. Chey, Tulsa, Okla. FERRARI, William, Plc. SIXTH ROW: C-OODHART, Stanley I., Plc., 2SII N. Spangler Sl., Philadelphia Pa. GREER, Virgil L., PlC,, Box 86, Transylvania, La. GREESON, R, B., Plc., IO7 McGlue Sl., Rome, Ga. HAMMOND, Harry E., Plc., I8 Sell Sl., Johnslown, Pa. LEECHAM, Vendel F., Plc., Roselon, N, Y. SEVENTH Row. Muizpm, RW-rand J., Pl c., I4OI Seller Sf., Franklord, Philadel phia, Pd, PEARSON Army Plc., RJ., Mann, POS,l,NOLSKY Ai.-mari s. we 2075 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn . Y, PITRE, W. M., Plc. Lalourche, La . RICE-LEMAN W.i.r.s A Pi: 113 W, gidp, Sy, CU,,,b,?,la,,d, Md EIGHTH ROW: ROSANELLI Alfie i Plc., Lairrman Am. I-lgfbcfo, pa, SANCHEZ Ricardo M, Plc, Bkhcp Texas, SNIDER EH-'vi' Plc. New Mysrfrfia, om. THOMPSON, Vlfadgs Y. Plc, ISGS Licng Q,e,, Leasing, Mich, WANUKOVICH Ax.. D41 327 Hcmosc, AVC, B,cO,,,y,,, N, Y NINTH ROW: WELTY C'-vles W. Pt iz' w. in-2 S+., Bafrinqfen III vu? L. ff, lb2'y N, cf-W.,.:',r 5., Salem OH, ' ' HATCH DM.-T R' pf- Fil W 631 SH, S12a"'e Wash. HI-INNELL NV' 'JW JH 3-'. 237 Belvidow A-.e, Co'u"k:us Cnio FIMENTFL MJ'-" :-' 3 WYWV'-'gi Rd. S:v"e'viIe Macs TENTH ROW: RONVAN ,Igg- RUSSELI. R55-2' wr. Alg, 48 FIRST ROW: HARMON, Riley E., Mfsqi., 7I8 Fifth Ave., Picayune, Miss. LEWIS, Ray J., MfSgt., East Marion Rur. Sta., Marion, N, C. BRYANT, Charley, T!Sgt., 9I8 West Diamond St., Monrovia, Calif. FREEBERG, Aldor L., SfSqt., 6l4 Hawthorne St., Red Wing, Minn, FREY, Bernard, SfSgt., l52 Gordon Ave., Fords, N, J. SECOND ROW: MEDO, Edwards, S!Sgt. MORGAN, Robert R., S!Sgt., Lewis St., Plainvillc, Conn, OLSON, Danley G., S!Sgt., Sterling, lll. RITER, Austin W., SfSgt., Osage, Iowa. SUGAR, George V., S!Sgt., 425I Composite St., Pittsburgh, Pa. THIRD ROW: FRANK, Robert H., Sgt., 2ll S. Jefferson St., Mount Union, Pa. GEDDIS, Robert M., Sgt., 63l6 Cherokee St., Philadelphia, Pa. HOLST, Richard P., Sgt., Salt Point, N. Y. HUKILL, Martin R., Sgt., 505 W. l2th St., Wilmington, Del. KROPP, George M., Sgt., 405 S. Broadway, Baltimore, Md. FOURTH ROW: PANCHAK, William M., Sgt., Box 4I8, Rt. 2, Saugerties, N, Y. SALYI, Ernest L., Sgt., l875 E, 3lst St., Loran, Ohio. SHERIDAN, Harold A., Sgt., 7641 N. Jersey St., Portland, Ore. THOMPSON, Alton M., Sgt., Jacobson, Minn. ANDERSON, Carl, TI4, IO66 Yellow Stone Rd., Cleveland, Hts. Ohio, FIFTH ROW: BOOKWALTER, William M., TX4, Stella, Neb. BROOKS, Ernest, TX4, Jackson, Ga. CLOFFI, Thomas C., TX4, IIB Church St., Poughkeepsie, N, Y. FLEMING, George J., TX4, 4ll l0th Ave., Haddon Heights, N. J FRASCINO, S., TX4, SIXTH ROW: FREEMAN, J. F., TX4, 6342 Delrnar, St. Louis, Mo. I-IARRINGTON, Leslie J., TX4, ll Knott St., Essex, Conn. HORTON, Robert H., TX4, 540 S. Coronado St., Los Angeles, Calif MELLOR, John W., TX4, 4lO S, West Ave., Vineland, N. J. TWOMEY, William E., TX4. SEVENTH ROW: VARNA, Colon C., TX4, 2l7 Liberty St., Asheboro, N. C. ELLIOTT, Owen, Cpl., l704 Pleasant, Knoxville, Iowa. FREUNDEL, Earl J., Cpl., l402 S. Carey St., Baltimore, Md. HAAS, Robert F., Cpl., Rt. 4, Carm, Ill, HODGSON, Harvey W., Cpl., Cavalier, N. Dalr. EIGHTH ROW: IWANSKI, Jerome P., Cpl., IO93 Walden Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. JONES, Paulie, Cpl, MCCAFFERY, Thomas J., Cpl., 556 Royden St., Camden, N. J. 49 BATTERY msr ROW: PEDERSEN, nm, cpl., zona, Blackrock fm, Bronf. New Wk CIM, N. Y. PENDERGRAFT, George Vf. CDI. PETERSON, Eyl, CDI. PICARIELLO, A, CLI. VINTCHIK, Jack, Cpl., 4245 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. SECOND ROW: SCI-IULTE P, W., Col. TPAHAN, Juv'-f:Z O., cpl., III9 E, Vcfmllllon SI., I.af0y6II9, LO. TUPNER, lflilrmd I-I., CDI., I927 Memorial Ave., Williamsporl, PG. BKTEMAN, Louis K., TXS, Gales Creclf, Ore. CONTERAS, A. G., TX5. THIRD ROW: CUMMINGS, Harrison, Jr, T,f5, RI, 4, Lincoln, III. CRANDSTAPF, W., US. HOLM Wnllard W., Tf5, Trlpoli, Iowa. HUDNALI. Thorngas G., TXS, 45IO Slonewoll SL, Greenville, Tunis. LEVERSON Horold A., T,5 I33O Foorlll Ave., N., Fargo, N, Dali. FOURTH ROW: MIGLIACCIO, Joseph, T,5, Brooklyn, N, Y. NEFF, Euqcnc E., T!5, NEUMANN John I-I., TXS, 983 Lab.-oolnle, Grosse Pointe Park, Mldv. PELL, WIlIn.3vv1 F,, T,f'5 Kinqwooi, V!. Va. PETRANOFF, James S., T'5, 492I York B'.'j,, L05 Angeles, Calif, FIFTH ROW: rzosssom, Q. D., ws. SMITH, Lyman W., T 5, Wcslon, Mass. SMITH, Slfw-ml P., T5 SO? C-rlqq SL, Blq Spring, TQ-3435, ANSELETTE, Eliwwxl TI., Pla, QOI6 S90 SI., New Orleang lg, BLACKIIAWK, JJCII, Plc, VJn lloolr, N, Dol. SIXTH ROW' CLARIDQE, lI.yrr,' V-l,, FIV., H535 Ll'-wgI,n Avv., BJIIlr'nL,v',-A Mfi, IVIULOUS J '-n Ffi. DONQTTI-'IU J I' L., l'li., -ISI 821 SI., Bm ll,n, N, Y, DUNN,l4.1.'u" Pfi, MUSSI, Aww Il. 233 EJ5' 767' SI, Now York, N, Y, SEVENTH ROW: NJ-XQHB.-KR, E., Pi NORDGUIST, A'?'k. , FIC., 333 C-'AFI SI., QT'J',', Ind, VAN METER E.:.s.v.:, PIC, RI, 2, F'ff'.: LIP, Vvllg, ACN'-KTO J f 7-',, IUIT B71 Sf., LJ: SJIVQ, :lf CCs'eL.J Q 6 A-Q-wf, K., , EIGHTH ROW: issnx " H . I I I I 5, . - . Pl. - Ry, Q ,,.,.,,, ff '5E4T'.f X 2. SZ, Lvl. 'TN' k?LxCSx , . VE-KSEHS Jr- x.".:N5 'K-', NINTH ROW: s+-'I.A.'::5,p ,. P , , wxxsfx I wg I A435-5. NEK. C r , 4 5,5-gh S5 Nc.A,,:,, Cen, Ax? no ,Jai 1 fx 1 I I I 4 N 7. . f' X . 7? ly! f . 'fig W- 4. I I . .X.. . .. A ff BATTERY FIRST ROW: McEVOY, Cga, I., 95.37, ISO? Ashr' on SY., Sault E'e. Mcwe Viqrp, ROSSIN Thfo A, IJ S112 Edin Minn. TURNER, .I ir" M S.1?., 27 Larxtw S'. V-Kwrcficstcr Mass. HEDNER Jgsc-or T., T S:1f. IB? High Sf., Plyfncufh, Pa. CLEMENS pr wr S S Sqf. SECOND ROW: FRANK, Bowl, S Sql. 45 Owflakv Park, Bufinqlon, Vw. JEZICH, R S sal., 594: Elm Bank Ai ,,-A , sr. Louis, MO. KAYE, Anlrrw, SSQI., 63l Mooru-L River Dr., Lnr-sing, Mich. KOKOCZKA, A. J., S Sqf., ll2B Knohwool, Jacksan, Mich. RYBAK, Joseph F., S,Sqf., l632 W. Fierce Ave., Chicago, lll. THIRD ROW: SRUROEON, Frank O. S.flSgl., Bonners Ferry, Idaho. SWUDZINSKI, Ray J., S,7Sgf,, 3325 W. Polk SI. Chicago, Ili. WHITE, Roberf B., S7'Sgf. ABELI, John, Sgf., 9486 Knodcll, Delroif, Mich. BLATZ, Gilbert A., Sgl,, Belle Plainc, Minn. FOURTH ROW: BUSCH, W,, Sql., 35 Concord Sf., Jersey Cify, N. J. CAMPBELL, Ralph R., Sgl., Burke, S. Dak. FUOATE, Ralph, Sgl. HAGANS, Preslon E., Sql., Box 53, Hereford, Texas. HOISINGTON Louis E., Sgf., 26 Oak Sf. Oxbridgc, Mass. FIFTH ROW: MADRID, Carlos, Sgf., BB Chisholm Avo., Miami, Ariz. ORTEGO, Rufus J., Sgf., Rl. I, Box II6 E., Basilc, La. RAYMOND Howard J., Sql., 922 Froude Aye., Scranlon, Pa. STEELE, Richard, Sgr., l323 Franklin Sf., Olympia, Wash. VEST, J, N,, Sgl. SIXTH ROW: WELCH, Harry M., Sgf., 628 Brcckinridgc Sf., Buffalo, N. Y. OODFREY, Oliver J., Tfl, 702 N, Columbus Sl., Galion, Ohio. HAMPSHIRE, Roberl M., TX4, Box IB6, Richfield, Ulah. KEELINO, John W., TX4, 7l4 E, L, Highway, DeKalb, Ill. KORZENIEWJKI, W. O., T74, 225 S. Broad Sl., Oriffilh, Ind. SEVENTH ROW: MOSSMAN, J., TX4, SHIRREFFS, Arlhur J., TX4. VOTOCEK, Joseph, TX4, 25lI S. Hardinqs, Chicago, llI. WALBEY, sam W., TM, Rf. 1, Wilder, laaha. BUTEY, Roborl W., Cpl., Rl. l, Denlon, Texas. EIGHTH ROW: CIVIJARJESE, Dorrinick D., Cpl., 32 N, Ohio Ave., Aflanfic Cifv CUMMANS, John E., Cpl., 2ll4 Harrison, Boise, Idaho. CURRIER, Roland L., Cpl., Box 227, Douglas, Wyo. G-IOIYANNI, Joseph D., Cpl., l552 Edgewood Ave., Chicago Hgls. l. NINTH ROW: GOODMAN, Kenneth, Cpl., I49 W, Avenue 30, Los Angeles ai. HAHN, Gerald D., Cpl., Highbridge, N. J. USAK. CIWESIGV B.. CDI., 4948 S. Wolcoff Sl., Chicago, Ill. MARTIN, Adam C., Cpl., 26 Union Aye., Ncw Holland, Pe. MARUCA, B., Cpl. MCGAHEY, Howard A., Cpl., 736 "F" San Bernardino, Cai" BATTERY FIRST ROW: NUT!-L Jac ff, fn' I6O Be'i'o3 Sd, Jorfisfofm R51- CIXEN ff F. Cd. 353 Srnrrose Sf., BrookI,'n, N, Y. IAIJFDEPHE JE D1 1. F. Co., Ifhrda, Mlfr. HCI' Bur, Ca. 2214 Home S2 Lcdfsflile, KVM wwf, cf. ., we E. ziy S-., B':oVI,'ri. N. Y. SECOND ROW: .VACIQEP Rfrurrx F. Cr.. II-17 Wes? 27Iri Sf., Erie, Pa, IIIQKEP Ju" J., CLI., Rr. I PI3lsIovf, N. H. f!INO'.,Pf-D, Myrfs Cp ., 228 New York A-rc., Jersey CIW, N. J. YOUNG MIr:'.uYI CV., RI. I, S'roCIfbrirJqe, Mich. EPHJKMI-.N Pf,' J., T5 4067 St. Lmis AJC., SI. Louis, Mo. THIRD ROW: CAIAPEELL, Lf.rr,,f R., T 5, ISO? NinIIi Awe., Seafile, Wash. CAMPBELL iwiuf. C T 5, omweii Sorinqs. La, TUCIIS, Angm' E., T S, 302 CIiriTon Ave., BrookI',n, N, Y. JOIIF-IISEN, Vfffscw, T 5, MI, PIuQSar1I, UTQIW. KUJAWA H'-'r,' J., T,'S, 309 E. Sfrcider SI., ToIcdo, Ohio. FOURTH ROW: wirsux, cswin. D., Ts, PIaucHe.iIQe, LQ. M CABE, Emfwx F,, T 5, 24 Maple SI., Providence, R, I. MINERIK, E'1f,wI J., T,5, I467 E. MonIqomery Ave., PIiiIadeIpI'iia, J. NOEI J1"'.-L M., T,5. mains w.,ii,.gf, B, Vs, 3is First Si., sismgiom, Pa. FIFTH ROW: voir-mfs, r.4,f.x5 o, T 5, ami, Fig. PUIISTORTER WiIIi.u"i M., T 5, 2326 Concord, Him, Midi. Scimiez Riff? D., Ts, IEZI sfmrfril, Kanfos Cm, MQ. TERI-Y B "ri YY' E.,T5,B1' 5-I, PI.3fL.Ju, A 3. T-'-'AIT AWWH VT C., TS, 5547 Mr..w:gsIQ Aw. Eficino, Catif. SIXTH ROW: FIIHIV, C. 'I.'1L,I3Ii.,Br,l '?I P',s1rg.1 OIIQ. 5f2Eg'NI'Xl.l7vI,A.USEN If I rI W. PIL., 2IO9 Smrsbur, SI., SI. Louis, HURLOIIAI-'ITT L." J W.. Orwz RJQIQIS, MICH. iixLiTT.T J "1 I.',, Tir, 230 I. ",- S A .f-., BfIirigs, Mimi. -TNQQE il.-.vm -- 323 Siwsrf S'., BIsf?r'i:rf.- NIJ, SEVENTH ROW: -Uiiriu-1 'uni I .1 f FC FIJI'-, A..- v-as-5,f,qiif., Qaigf, IWW ' 1 1' S2 Pa. Kr? f Q, ,, . EU J-I f- si wifi, N, Y. -g.-.L--1 i Nl J. EIGHTH ROW: ig xi Q. is T--f '- . nr' -':,,.:Mf 4 . .wr ., NINTH ROW: " x O . TENTH RONV: x x ,I ,Q .v. 52 -1 rvo"'! X. -.2 .24 .-.1' .VI , 628TH RUGKET FIELD ARTILLERY BATTALION X fa ,is HEADQUARTERS szari-1 ROCKET FIELD ARTILLERY BATTALION FORT SILL, OKLAHOMA if 20 Augusf 45 To: The Officers and Men of fhe 6Q8fh Roclcef FA Bn. I. This is your record. If porfrays in some small measure fhe esprif de corps, fechnical skill, and devofion fo dufy of many men working fogefher as members of a feam in fhe realizafion of a common obiecfive. V 2. You have done well. You have welded fogefher an organi- zafion fhaf is proud of ifs repufafion and confidenf of ifs abilify fo do a "fough job" well regardless of olosfacles. 3. No man ever commanded a finer baffalion of field arfillery: no man was ever more proud of fhe achievemenfs of his com- mand. You have richly endowed fhis baffalion wifh a fine fra- difion which will inspire fhose who follow wifh fhe same desire and deferminafion fo excel. l frusf fhaf you will ever uphold nofhing buf The highesf fradifions of our arm. Sincerely yours, 6 JAMES B. ANDERSON Lf. Col., 628+h Roclcef FA Bn. Commanding 54 X S - 1 I JAMES B. ANDERSON LIEUTENANT COLONEL, FIELD ARTILLERY Commanding EXTRACT OF SERVICE RECORD: Anderson, James B, B-UI'aI1 I6 Jul II. B Ariz S'ra'Ie 33 BS U of Ariz 38. Ariz NG pvf. I58 FA 2 Aug 29 'Id I Ocf 29. Pv+ Corp Sgi' I58 Inf. I5 Jul 32 'ro 7 Feb 36. NYNG pv+ 258 FA I Sep 39 'Io I7 Nov 39. Ariz NG 2 L+ I58 Inf 8 Feb 36 Is+ L5 22 Jul 37 +o I9 June 39. 2d Lf 258 FA I8 Nov 39 Isi' LI' 20 May 40 Capf I7 Nov 40 Mai 3I Jan 4I. LI' Col 460 Prchi' FA Bn. I3 Apr 43. 628 FABn I8 Sep 44 fo 20 Aug 45. C8655 Apr-June 4I PrcI1+ S Nov 42 NDOC Feb 43 Mining engr Amer Mei' Co Lid NY 39 'ro Feb 40. 1 55 nlsronv or THE szarn Rocker FIELD ARTILLERY BATTALIUN The 628Th has drawn iTs lasT breafh, The end was signfled- appropriafely, by a flurrY of Paper W0Flf. NOW ihali The Old baTTalion" is no more, leT us review some of The highlighfs of our acTiviTy ThaT gave us nighfmares, sore feeT, aching Paflfs- wef days on The road, cold nighTs in The field, loTs of shooTing, fancy barracks aT Sil-I, and plenTy of headaches in Chicago. Above ull ThaT, we found plenTy of laughs, and many friendships To rzherish. T April To SepTember: On a damp morning in Camp Chaffee, April 20, I944, The baTTalion was born. An enlisTed cadre of sevenTy-nine men from The 78Th Division and sixTy-five men from The ASTP were greefed by TwenTy-nine officers from uniTs ThroughouT The counTry. These were To be The hearT and brain of The Team led by Maior James T. Avery. This small group played hard and Trained hard To be ready, when The resf of The men arrived, To build a Top-noTch ouTfiT. On AugusT 7 The men came from ForT Sill, ForT Bragg. and Camp Roberfs To puT The baTTalion near Top sTrengTh. The following Two days we Took our individual Training TesTs and came Through wiTh a fine raTing which en+i+led us To move on To The nexf Training period, field work and plenTy of iT, Sepfember Through January: i ThaT happy inTerlude which brings memories of a log fire, "early American plumbing," soff, creamy mud, and chaTTering Tanks. During This period we learned To work as a baTTalion in The field. The big operafion was The maneuver wiTh The l6Th Armored Division, Remember? Three weeks insfead of four in The field. Lucky To geT ouT of ThaT exTra week were we noT? Sure. JusT Take iT in December: iT's colder Then anyway. AT The beginning of This period we losT a fine man. Our baTTalion commander, LieuTenanT Colonel Avery, was Transferred To a division ready To go overseas. IT was Tough To see him go, buf we were happy ThaT he goT his promofion while sTill wiTh us so ThaT we could share ThaT Thrill wiTh him. Our new commander, LieuTenanT Colonel James B. -Anderson, Took over The worry and ioy of leading a high-spirifed ouTfiT ThaT knew iT was going places To do Things, "PracTice BaTTery and BaTTalion TesTs." was The cry Tar The monfh of January. New men came and The baTTeries had To readiusf and refrain Their men. Many old friends were gone and were missed, buT as The new men Took Their places we moved on amid rumors of changes of sTaTion To almosf everywhere. February To May: The firsT of February we received The definife word: "We will move To Camp Gruber, Oklahoma abouT The fifTeenTh of This monTh." ThaT was iT. The Talk was ThaT we would be overseas in Three monfhs. Buf we could depend on The 628Th To be differenT and Thus we came To ForT Sill, Oklahoma, on The TwelfTh in a pouring rain. The Whife Palace never looked so good as iT did ThaT Tirsf midnighf when we moved in afTer an eighfeen-hour swim from Chaffee in icy wafer. Following a brief period of orienfafion aT The ArTilleryman's Valhalla we iumped info The Treacherous whirlpool of school re- quiremenTs. Shoofing was our long suiT and we had plenTy of iT here. This was desfined To be ThaT infangible somefhin we had Q been working Toward, alfhough we did noT know iT when we arrived. By aTTenTion To duTy and The conscienfious efforfs of all The men and officers, we developed uiTe a re T T' T Training, efficiency, and playing, g pu a ion or appearance, 56 ln April The "old man,"i Jim To you now, Took a bride. Whaf a wedding and whaT a bride! A real arTillery wedding. Re- member Jim and Doris on The caisson as They rode around The posf? You know, he never was quiTe The same man affer ThaT. Always wanfed To go home in The evening insfead of having school or nighT problems. May To AugusT. Parade Troops, Tourisfs, Arfillerymen. This was The period of recognifion for The work of The pasf. ln May we were chosen To parTicipaTe in The parade in Okla- homa CiTy for LieuTenanT General McLain, WiTh Trucks and equipmenf freshly painfed we IeT+ for The ciTy-in The rain. We had a nighT sTop aT Will Rogers Field To clean up, see The ciTy, and prepare for The big evenT. Nexf day, men and maferial glisfening in The hoT Oklahoma sun, we drove Through cheering Throngs, pasf The reviewing sfand and back To ForT Sill wiTh a commendafion. Upon our reTurn we iumped info preparaTion for our Annual General lnspecTion To Take place on June 7 and 8. Affer mad days of scrubbing,' painTing, and checking we were ready. Our raTing was excellenf, and boTh Major General Pennell and Brigadier General Paine made special noTe of The fine reporf. Our supply sysfem was parficularly ouTsTanding. Soon Thereaffer, we were chosen To fire The demonsTraTion for a group of disTinguished officers from TwenTy-Two naTions. The resulTs were excellenf and once again we were commended, ThaT same day, we were alerTed for our big excursion. AfTer a TwenTy-four-hour waiT we goT under way, by coach Train, for Chicago and The sfrikei. And again iT rained. We arrived laTe aT nighT and moved To our bivouac area in Washingfon Park, ThirTy minuTes from The loop and five minuTes from Sixfy-Third and CoTTage Grove Everyone will remember ThaT bi Two weeks in ' Q The ciTy and The fun we had: whaT is noT remembered we will leave unsaid. l-loT on The heels of our Trip To The big ciTy, for which, iT is rumored, some people were noT ready, we were husfled To Camp Hood lyou guessed iT-in The rainl for The big hush-hush ex- perimenf ThaT was To be The Nips' undoing. Here was an ar- Tilleryman's paradise, beaufiful hills for observaTion and plenTy of shooTing. Remember Those cool nighfs under The sTars and The blisTering days in The Texas sun? We could noT reTurn Too soon To dear old ForT Sill, buT iT was a glorious end To our arTillery days. On The firsT of AugusT we puT our howifzers away for good and became a rockeT baTTalion. Shorf lived To be sure, for The Japs quif and The rumor came ThaT our days were numbered. By AugusT 20, nine of The officers had received Their orders, among Them LieuTenanT Colonel Anderson. We haTed To see Them go. Swell guys To remember, This was The beginning of The end. for VSVY Sl"OVTly over Two hundred of our men and virfually all our officers leff., WiTh Maior Shealor, who had been our S-3 since acfivafion, in command, we received our orders To inacTivaTe The baTTalion on SepTember II, I945, ThaT day is gone. WiTh due respecf, a handful of us who were There ThaT April day in forTy-four have puT To bed The 628Th FA BaTTalion. WiTh pride in our achievemenfs and wifh memories of True comradeship befween The officers and men, we Close The book on The spiriT of a fine baTTalion. May iT never have To rise again. T 1 ii'T iii, l ilallls' i i i l ! l l i i l l -JJTCOOK, Ji. S l iilieulenani w faiiuice0lfiC2f V laHer1A l l DAM S Maki? Q. ,f Q""' ,C-a, -, . ' f :xl X i x,x ij- XM WA'-TERMH-. SHEALOR CHARLES M., BUSBEE JOHN R. eases LLOYD L. IRELAND JOHN H. WERNET R. N. ROWLAND aaffaliisitrs-3 B iiaipiam ' Capiiln Caplaln Caplaln Capldln a a lon S-2 Commanding Officer Battery C Battalion Liaison Officer Commanding Officer Commanding Officer Service Battery, Battalion S-4 Battery B ' -,.' sy S. if ' iN,.TY,, M.. . 4,1 XL, ji, it ,, V QA, yi K , . V N , bw: A. V ' ,Q K X, Xt: 6, ' ri, .Q L. X A 1 ii. P X , f , -if P P. .. .3.." H 4' . 'Z . ,Q 1' ,S . 4. Q Rh Q b T 0, ' pkg. ff' . xl' it --A - A sie ' L S V" 'L' Ef f-L . C. . . A 1.5.5 """ ,, . E I. .. 4"""' 'f z 2' -A isis! . .1 E?"-QL ' ' ' Ye - 3 f ..-,L S ri - X . : 3, ,f i "T I ,. I A A T I!-.1 lf' ii A f ' ay!! A ' N NICOL COOK, JR. SPILLMAN N. F-lTZPATRICK,JR. S. M. GLASGOW, JR, ANDREW F. GOLEBIOWSKI JOHN E. GOODE JAMES L. KEEGAN First. Lieutenant, First. Lieutenant. First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant Reconnaissance Officer Reconnaissance Officer Executive Officer Battery A Battalion Motor Officer Ammunition Train Commander Battery A Battery A 'Z-'Z .49 N .-an fff A . O K if " N, J' 'Nm l l 5 at i LYNDON M. KING, JR. CLOTA C. LEONARD LESTER L. MENG CARL H. STROUSE FRANK H. ABBOTT, Ill First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Medical Officer Executive Officer Battery C Executive Officer Battery B Reconnaissance Officer Motor Officer, Battery B Headquarters Battery DANIEL H. BERRONG ROBERT E. J. CARTON EDWARD P. HENRY VINCENT W. KAFKA HARNED R. MORRISON Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Motor Officer Battery C Battalion S-I Platoon Leader Platoon Leader Motor Officer Battery B KJ 'Q S57 4-hs 5. 'Uh LO .ad 11. 1 I -- I HERBERT S. PARNES MELVIN G, SHIMM HAROLD J. TRUETT LAURISTON A. WILCOX HAROLD G. MELLER Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Chief Warrant Officer Warrant Officer, iigi Platoon Leader Platoon Leader Battery B Motor Officer Service Battery Personnel Officer Assistant Battalion Supply Headquarters Battery Officer ForT Sill, Oklahoma Augusf 22, l945 Dear Julie, i Having resolved To bring my procrasTinaTing self up To daTe on my correspOr1deUCe. l have dglvekd IHIOI ThaT ancienT file of "unanswered mail" from whence I have dug ouT your now somewhaf mouldy .le,TTer o orrors. can iT be Truel May IO, I944, ThaT leTTer, forwarded on To me, came shorfly afTer my arrival in ForT SmiTh. Arkansas. and caughf me in a diTher from which I have never fully emerged. I You asked me how I liked being an army wife, Well, my dear Julie, The answer. ToHThaT would provide excellenT maferial for a full-lengTh book. Maybe someday l'll wriTe The "Saga of an Army Wife. In The meanflme. li youre sTill inTeresTed, l'll aTTempT To give you aT leasT a glimpse inTo The lives of Those creafures somefimes referred To as camp followers, The women who do Their besT To make "homes-away-from home for The men They married. The diTher I menfioned involved a franfic orgy of searching for pofs and pans.. curTain maferial, dishes, mops, eTc., among The almosf depleTed sfocks of war-iammed ForT SmiTh. One day I. hiT The lackpof and wenT up The elevafor aT The Goldman I-loTel proudly carrying dishpan and ironing board, which were laTer Taken by cab To our new home when we moved in. The very firsT chore of an army wife af a new sfafion is To find a place To live and is abouT as complicafed a maneuver as anyfhing she has To do. Some of The girls spenT days and even weeks siTTing aT The Homes Regisfrafion Office waifing for someone To move ouT of a house or aparTmenT. Well, finally everyone goT seTTled, afTer having removed The dirT and debris in some cases lefT by The' lasT TenanT, making curfains, slip-covers, hanging picfures, and Trying in general To make The place look as much like home as possible. I musT say Too ThaT The effecf was usually preTTy good, Besides being hecTic, iT really was loTs of fun and forfunafely we gof To sfay in Forf SmiTh long enoughfo make if worfhwhile. When we were all seTTled, our Group Commander's wife, Mrs. Bush, a very lovely person, decided To organize The wives in some way so ThaT we could all geT Togefher and become acquainfed. So once a monTh we mef aT The Officers' Club for a duTch luncheon and bridge. Each Time The girls from one of The baTTalions acTed as hosTesses, making all arrangemenfs and geTTing The prizes for bridge, eTc. We had loTs of fun and somefimes as many as sixTy girls aTTended. They devised some preTTy clever mefhods for avoiding cliques by Their seaTing arrangemenfs. One Time we were seaTed according To The sTaTes we were from and once according To our birTh monThs. Some- Times They conducfed quiz conTesTs wifh prizes for The winners, and once we all Took our favorife recipes and ex- changed Them. We had had only one or Two parfies when a new group Commander came To us, and his wife Took over The problems of The group's social life. Mrs. Bedinger was a wonderful person Too and we all came To love her. She was really like a mofher To us all. Each baTTalion had iTs parTies Too and The girls in our baTTalion meT bi-weekly aT The homes of The differenf ones for bridge and refreshmenfs. Finally, however, we came To be Too large a crowd, so we began Then To have dufch luncheons Too. ' Besides our social acTiviTies and keeping house, some of The girls parTicipaTed in Red Cross work. Two mornings each week The wives from The whole group made surgical dressings. Also in our baTTalion were Two members of The Red Cross Mofor Corps, Two I-lome Service workers. and a couple of Nurses' Aids. One Time we decided ThaT we would like To improve our bridge, and a few of The girls didn'T play aT all, so we each boughT ThaT lesson book of CulberTson's, you know, We mef aT The differenT girls' houses, and sfudied, dis- cussed, and Tried To puT inTo pracfice a lesson each week. ' We really had loads of fun and everyfhing usually wenT along fairly smooThly unTil suddenly someone would hear a rumor ThaT we were going To move somewhere, and in The army one rumor has The power To launch a long campaign of wild speculaTion and evil forebodings which Throws all The wives inTo an immediaTe and indescribable sTaTe of iiffers known as being "nervous in The service." We've had several affacks of This peculiar ailmenf, buf The worsf was in January and lasTed a whole monTh, AT one Time we were so sure of being senT To Camp Gruber ThaT some of us wenT so far as To go To Muskogee and go house-hunTing. Silly girls! Lucky ThaT Muskogee had noTh- ing, and I do mean nofhing, To offer, because we came To ForT Sill insTead. Oh, yes, we did move, and This is iusT abouT where you came in, where The girls are once more knocking Themselves ouT Trying To find places To lay Their weary heads, ThaT is affer They have again dusTed and scrubbed, made and hung curfains, eTc. Why repeaf? lT's The same deal! Our life here in LawTon-has been much The same as iT was aT ForT SmiTh. We sTiII have our baTTalion parTies. bridge games, and good Times in general. We also aT regular inTervals "sweaT ouT" rumors. As a maTTer of facT, nine of our officers were Transferred lasT week wiThouT The aid of a single rumor. They iusT received orders, bang- llke ThaT! We sure haTed To see Them go. So now everyone wonders, "Who will be nexT?" You know, sixfeen monThs' is aulong Time To. live so closely wiTh The same people, We have always had such a grand crowd of.real good Joes, boTh The officers and Their wives. ln The army you become acquainfed wiTh people very rapidly. LosT souls so far from home have a greaT deal in common and sorT of flock Togefher nafurally. Wefalll llljve 'flle Same lf1'fefeSlS. we have laughed Togefher and cried TogeTher, we share The same worry always and we ee T e same deep grafifude for The good forfune ThaT has come our way. Griping is a favorife sporf in The 'army Zndlwe do .our share of iT, buT we do UOI' Complaln- There is noT a one of us who would noT puf up wifh a greaf eahmore ingionwqenience and hardship Than we have yeT known as long as we can be wiflq our husbands, And as TUE GE We QP Ofeglhe neCeSSI.Ty which has broughT us all TogeTher, we do appreciaTe The pleasanT associafions ThaT 'I 55 een OUV P"V'l'-399 lo eflI0Y. We have made some close and lasfing friendships wiTh people whom we will really hafe To leave when The Time comes for all of us To ge our Separaife Ways. Good heavens. Julie, l've rambled for Too long already, and There are sTiIl dozens of Things l'd love To Tell you agaoufz lgguess Theyll keep. Sixfeen m.onThs in The army is iugf Simply +00 long a period +0 Cover in a brief rvismlzowsloodness only knows whaT l will have To reporf in my nexf leTTer, Maybe l'll be wrifing from Tokyo.. AffecTionaTely, Margie 58 K N i r. s l l + le .x T' I L I I 1 I 8 X L., 7 .i1"T' X X ' W' ' - P' X "XF N sys! xx.-Av-. f , vi 5 A x A x k 2 V xxx - E-gn! S "N '- -Q 1 .. 1- 316 fx i251':9.i ' 'Zi 2 xxx N 1 X x ' A 1 YQ or . -,1'f:+. -35-S ask xx prifx 5 ay.- m Mxxwsmwm ' 'ARIN 1 X .x "MW ' Q--M N f Q w -NM-Nx 5, X u N - wh , ww -ww RSS K www .WA W .N X- X M, X ,gy,v.W+SM,m N , . M- M W , . I ', NWXX NNN-x x .x X 'xx' .M , X . .M ,M nwwwxzyunng in NNN X x A. ,..W,.Nw W www., f , K - - A ffg MV . . N., . A , . NX Y.-if s ,. ,., "NY , V A..qN.- ,. Y. .. Q1 ur :NM ,-an Sf'-p.. S L. --45+ ' 2 X 1 xg , , .L X S S - X h ,f 'N k N n v v . ,H fu l W -. WN. . .. " 'N 'Wm K 4,1 w we I-4' 1 I rs ..r.-1, 4-1 578i s f f1 Many? H 3 Q , 2' - , W AY. -oolk A QQQU Q It 2 g . 4 ' A , , 1. X5 . 'f-1 ..,' ?q 1 3,J ij 25.14, , -. .gy .,.. .,.., ..6Z,..... 9, Vwlmf wr QAM ,':Q,i3G f , ,Wf'eSnQ M, f"W:-. X 3 if 'gs if wfw..,.,...f MZQQQJUW , jf f Q , 'Y X. :ss x X W K. X X X V , X 9 ,gt K ,X 'Nm WW :K N xysvflw N X1 4fWfS,,,,, WQQ N A Mfgm, ks , fx N 1 J' AN. ' :Q ffl ,f 1 ,Y I, - L 'Wes 417, , vs ff 'fsfhfv .Gr - f - f ffl ,i 2 ' Q K fl ' we A gg, I 1 . fi ,V f I, sl ,r X1 -2 . Q ' ,J . Q r, . 4 I X N 5 1 ., Q nl J-T K si K l ' I- mv 'Q QV K as 'K g4 k ,"zv'5'mr "' wt vl , T, ' ggjin- - .-fn .A A., , , ,, V, ., ,MLM N V , .-xvA..,,,,,e.,...-... .. .. , , f.-. F 4, , g.LA-1.-,:.f '3f'N,, T Q ' K ,N A T 4 -' M T , ,Nm :Y - he T T h hx I xt fi -,hh Teh he TW lTa1eiT. T0P Ro' The Bahhahon T944 and made he men who C who composed hheuhenanh T parhcularhy de The hormer co hhihe The Tahhe enhance inho hose Shahe an nh. Thereahh hrhllery Bahhe The men c hcdphh, Kuph T. Hale, E. P heheman, Ha T. Nees, mu ience on Hi. Despihe T hifi OT The Chaffee WGS proud flames. Shnge 1. e Camp with .W M4 1 .1 f fr rr . .--- I-l T ll L E T l C w -I A c T I v I T I E s y , . , y, Q, 1 ,I 'T 'ii . - A r-.E-T.g-lJL .l.'..l.l' t Reading LeTT To RighT, BoTTom Row: Jackinsky, Brown, Dahn, Meg- lio, Kazeil. Top Row: Coach Miller, Nebls, Kobar, Schneider, Taylor. BASKETBALL The BaTTalion organized a baske+ball Team in The Tall of I944 and made an excellenT record. lT was a crediT To The men who organized and coached iT, as well as Those who composed iT. LieuTenanT Leonard and WarranT Officer Meller are parTicularly deserving of praise for Their conTribuTions. The former conceived The idea and organized The Team, while The laTTer ,proved an excellenT coach. Prior To his enTrance inTo The service, Mr. Meller played wiTh San Jose STaTe. and San Francisco STaTe Colleges in Califor- nia. Thereaffer he was a member of The 25OTh CoasT ArTillery BaTTalion and The 2OTh Armored Division Teams. The men composing The BaTTalion Team were Burke lCapT.l, Kupka, E. R. Taylor, J. R. Moses, W. T. Moore, E. Hale, E. Peferson, J. Mack, J. L. ATTig, C. E. Moore, BaTeman, Hayes, Moore, C. Adams, E. M. Benson and F. Nees, mosT of whom had acquired previous exper- ience on High School and College Teams. DespiTe The inTense compeTiTion from oTher mem- bers of The WesTern Arkansas League while aT Camp Chaffee and The WhiTe League, aT FT. Sill, The BaTTalion was proud of The men who had won 25 ouT of 29 games. ln closing iT should also be noTed ThaT in addiTion To Those already menTioned., invaluable supporT was provided by The officers and men of The BaTTalion. BASEBALL The BaTTalion has been well represenTed in baseball since The acTivaTion of This uniT. Playing iTs firsT year aT Camp Chaffee, Arkansas, The Team finished in firsT place wiTh IO wins againsT Two losses. This year, aT FT. Sill, Okla- homa, wiTh Training schedules rendering impossible any play during June and July, iT finished second in The firsT period wiTh four wins againsT Two losses. WiTh The re- sumpTion of play The firsT parT of AugusT, The Team won one and losT one and promises To provide Tough oppo- siTion for iTs opponenfs The remainder of The season. The following enlisTed men make up The Team's rosTer: Adams, Koziel, OTTo, Taylor, Dahn, Miglio, MarTin, Niehls, Jach- insky, Hammond, Fronack, PeTerson, Hale, VoghT, Kobar, Grey, Snyder, O'Toole and Brown. SOFTBALL SofTball proved a popular pasfime in The BaTTalion, and lnTer-BaTTery games drew large and enThusiasTic au- diences. The Officer's Team ran rough-shod over iTs op- ponenTs in The OfTicer's League by finishing wiTh seven consecuTive vicTories finishing far in fronT of iTs nearesT confender. The Officer's Team was composed of The fol- lowing: Major Shearer, CapTains Rowland, VoighT, Wer- neT, WorThingTon, Busbee, Taylor and LieuTenanTs Le- Clair, STrouse, Becker and Crook. The EnlisTed Men's BaTTalion Team enfered a league in LawTon, Oklahoma and was firmly enfrenched in firsT place when iT was forced To wiThdraw due To Special DuTy AssignmenTs. The Team was made up of The fol- lowing: Hammond, Tighe, Oyurko, Nowack, Moore, Nye, Davis, Fonack, Snyder, Bowers, SmiTh, lvlaiewski, Miller, D'Angello, Range and Herron. GOLF This BaTTalion promoTed The only Enlisfed Men's Golf TournamenT, which was held aT ForT Sill and represenTed by I6 compeTing Teams. AfTer considerable compe- TiTion, BaTTery "C" and BaTTery "A" combinaTions played for The PosT Championship. The combinaTion, represenfing BaTTery "C", consisTing of Cpl. Pascal and Pfc. Clapper, won over iTs worThy opponenfs 3 and 2 and was proclaimed champion. The TournamenT was such a success ThaT plans for anoTher were in progress aT The Time This volume wenT To press. Reading LeTT To RighT, BoTTom Row: Coach MIller Burke, Taylor. Top Row: Moore, W. T., Nehls, Moses Moore. C. E. M Q, Z , Q 5 IIE DQUIIRTERS FIRST ROW: ADAMS, Clayfon D., lfSqf., Rf. I, Duncan. S. C. STAHL, Alberl C., MXSQT., 5324 Claxlon Ave., Sf. Louis, Mo. WALLACE, Harold E., M!SgI., Box 523, Garber, Okla. BECKER, Slanley M., TlSgl,, l4l-25 Norlhern Blvd., Flushinqs, Long Island, N, Y. PAIT, Beniamin H., T!Sgl., Manchesler, N. C. BAIR, Richard E., S!Sgl., I46 Juanila Sl., Lancasler, Pa. SECOND ROW: CHURCH, Wayne C., SXSQI., Rf, l, Box lO8, Wilkesboro, N C. KEANE, John P., SfSgI., 22 Keep Sf., Madison, N. J. OTTO, Clarence H., S!SgI., Wes? Phalia, Mo. RAJPOLT, Eugene M., SfSgl'., Moodus, Conn. SAMPLE, Charles, SISQI., 255 Third Sf., Beaver, Pa. SPRAYBERRY, Olon E., S!Sgl., l22 Easl' Vine SI., Blyfhe- ville, Ark. THIRD ROW: HENLEY, William B., T!3, Box 3, Sioux Rapids, Iowa. WILLIAMS, Billy G., TX3, Cherry Lake, Madison, Fla. oursicffrv, John A., sql., 702 Easl l5lh sf., Bedford, l'I . HOLLINGER, William L., Sgl., 7I06 Orchids Ave., Parma, Ohio, CASTO, Granville L., TX4, Vinfon, Ohio. CLEMMONS, Melvin A., TI4, III39 Hawlhorne Blvd., Inglewood, Calif. FOU RTH ROW: CUMMINS, Georgie P., TI4, Main SI., Falmoulh, Ky. FITZGERALD, Chesler F., Jr., TX4, 338 Norlh Charlolle SI., Lombard, Ill, GRASHQM, James C., TI4, 4445 Bell Line Rd., Columbia, MEAD, Jacob J., TI4, S90 Easl l37lh Sf., Bronx, N. Y. MOSES, John R., TX4, 3 Elmdorf Dr., Scarsdale, N, Y, STAIEICEC, Joseph J., T!-1, 2600 Forbes Sl., Pillsburgh, a FIFTH ROW: BAGZIS, Anlon J., Cpl., Box 264, Benld, Ill. BORIEIC, Edward J., Cpl., 4334 W. 3lsl Sl., Chicago, COLE, Donald D., Cpl., 4400 Roosevelt PI. Gar Ind . Y. . FULL, William E., Cpl., 422 Haslings Sl., Easf End, Pmsburgh, Pa. GOOD, Glen F., Cpl., 933 S, Perry, Denver, Colo, BATTERY I I - , L. ... y, . if L I 1 f if .if l .ss P NAQPR 'R 'I ,au Q r ,515 'X , .7 . . fi., aw., ,.,,., . Q L. gg? fy. A :. - ' I 7 . 3' " f. ", f si i 3 , iii' 31 ifllfl. rf.: V s ' '24 f L... L' ' 7. if A A 5 . -.Eze ' . 'ii'-.Li 352. I li 5 , 5:3 I ' , .Z NR E , A ,fz ,.,g.., ' s X fi' . ., , X ., 3.1, ,, . , . , .. :fa W W- -' as' , . 55. , ,,. f, , . X, V 1 , ' f . ,fy ef. J , x Y 1 -A .. I , , 1 I ,. fi I Q , . . 1 "P" " ' N' ,, Q '- . Q mf S-H if - :ffl V' ffl. . as :ssh ff f,.n,,..... f fm.: , Aj Q Q V f . X me F ...ww VM 'wo . 4:4 'V sm i -f - -'Zi . , , .. , ,, QW., 3315- I 2 fir if, 33,4 4 W Q sf.. . X E., ji !f,., i X ,.. XR a 2 X 1' , H P- .W .. 5. ff fi v fs, .se 1 . iw ,, , i " If ,,,, ,,, . - ,H rw. ff sw.,.fis2',, N ii , 3, ., ,f WWW .,7 4 - . ff I Ms X 4 Z f 23 , f' V 4 I I It , 4 f NY mfg I A? f IK , ., . , , ,. 4 ,f , A., 4 , , - . . A 2-1 , -rv ' ..,. 3 I , . r. .nf . I gm.,-.. ..... 1 .,., .... .,,...m,.,. , , ,M X Z, . .. , A Aw, .,,. , , 'HV' II, I A Q, ,iff ' 2 1 'Li " ig. Q -9 V . ., , , gif, Fi :U L' WW A - 'f fi Qiuk, a I , , ,.,, . , . ,mn - f, , 64 3, N " . s 3 X . X gl 1 X R ii XX syn, ..X:X,- .5 B x 1 Q ' ! XX? S' 1 N X X ' X X I X ci X Q E., ,Q 22-XXESE Y' f .gg -- ' 1' ef? 1 .A 1 X X X 3' Q li I I .X BTI , ' X. ' ,V XX: - 'T' .,, 5. . ,. s. XM, A A . XQX XX 1 ,f ss I' A 13' ' XYX L, XY x. ' 5 X ag -2 . . I fi lx AX Nl 1 XX? , 'N fa X. Xi I 8 HE DIIUI-IR IX. :XLS '-" gy-' .f 1 X, , , , N S1 X SM SY' X X.X,X X w. Www , . ,X N NYXSN 'X 2X . VXXES ... - XX 1s,. PX. N X XX M X XM ,N .X X :EX fi 1-XXX, ,,,,. NX .. - '1' Xr:'eTffg g X XSS .XQQ XX , XX E, if 1 SQ A 1 as 'SQ :X X u.a. ' I X NX ,N 'XX , if ' 'Ng f 1:5 lex X ' 1XX ww I li "' R S ai im X X X N f F X XNZR , I I X,,, . Yi X X sf s X 1 .NN XSS 1 r WN X R X X. 'i X ,X, , ., ., ff Q., . .X . X X ff Y X XX . QQ AX , , .X b x XXes.X X XX : TEBS BATT X lil XX Ni. HTLQ N S RQ B 6 1 YN Y :Lag . w X ,W pg X X ,qssg ' L X -XXgXX ,f,,fc,,. is X l gi S Xi X X af, X x Y 1 X Q X ,E 5 -, ggkw- 1' X XX fi . , ,f3',gXjt X X N. Zig .. ,F X,g ,XX ff S S , 22,11 V XX . 5311 ,I X :CSN 0 X X X X4 X -K , xx X 3,7 , ,MX . V X , ,X,.,,X - , . ,,,, 441, -.XX iixfff Q., X X? A N X I , ggi X N XXX XX 5,3 XS X N fl 19 5 N XXXXNX X X X XFWX . I N X SB X my Y X QR , if ? R Mb Xi X , X fe Y Y S Xe X f X sx Of I 0 , X X? X X X f J ZX X QS- .XX X .. N H V, js! X. SXXQ XXXX W7 NN B J xt XXw.!ff' efy ii 5 X XX. -X . ,X... X . . at XX ,,,,,.. ..,.....,. , ..,,, ,VNV WU 5 :Xl ii . 'X if YNA' M X, . 'X' V1 A 1 :X s, X AX K .5 frm' f X N- 6. '35 ! 'Vi .XXX . XXXX is 6 s Xff QI, .xssss rvf A, XX X: ,S X. I XX X3 N .. , ,XX rr- Y , X X is X Xg-fm' , Q X , Q " I f A .. .XX VIWQVQXM-1 X 1QXXX 2 , ,V Sl .img ,. XX , ' W? 1 'wr ,X . r -XX- -. '. ' "" 5 X. X X , x , Sip, . Xgg QNQX , fa .. K? . , .X 1 A XXXX c X - kwa. f . if . 1 N F' X AX' Y . ' Y ' ..,, X v- X X,X, XX . S X XY-'Y 1' XX.-f -r X ,ZW N f, S ,XXX 5, ja XX XX. :XX . 4-1 Q p,MffiX Xi Y fr' ,XXXNN X K, M. 1 5 .X 65 ERY FIRST ROW: I GREGORY. James P., Jr., Cpl., 3231 washingran 51. Fresno, CBIII. ' ROB+E,FiTSWt4g!ge1ssus, Jr., cpl., 1026 215+ sf., Hunting- WEAVER, James E., Cpl., 619 Wyandotte St., Bethle- hem, Pa. DOIQISY. Robert W.. Us, 1621 E. Perkins, eurhfie, a. EADS, Edgar A., TXS, l28 S. Broadway, Georgetown, Ky. , FESTAVAN, Jack M., Tf5, I-laynesville, La. SECOND ROW: HARDMAN, Malcolm R., Tf5, I434 Cuyler Ave. Chi- cago, Ill, ' I-IUNLEY, Eugene, TXS, Williamsport, Ky. LOLLEY, Glenn L., TIS, Rt. I, Oil City Pa. McCAIN, William H., Tf5, Angie, La. I MICKELSON, Richard C., T!5, 24I3 N, W, Sixth Ave., Camas, Wash. MUILPHY, Robert H., TIS, 2I22 Valentine Ave., Bronx, THIRD ROW: PERAA, Irving B., Tf5, 54l Park St., Negaunee, Mich. RAMIREZ, Pascual G., Tf5, I444 East San Fernando, San Jose, Calif, REYNOLDS, Everett, T!5, Mount Ayr, Iowa. ROSENTHAL, Gabriel C., T!5, I623 52nd St., Brooklyn, N. Y. SHIMKO, Thomas, TXS, 595 Wilkes-Barre St., Wilkes- Barre, Pa. WIEDEMANN, Elmer A., Tf5, 2I2O N, Sheffield Ave., Chicago, Ill. FOURTH ROW: BARTH, Altrecl E., Pfc., l44B Valencia St., San Francisco, Calit. BUDA, Joseph P., Plc., 4339 S. Rockwell St., Chicago, lll. FOOSHE, Peter E., Ptc., 478 S. Warwick St., St. Paul, Minn, GARRY, Marlin L., Pfc., 2039 Southern Blvd., Bronx, N. Y. GONZALES, Francisco A., Ptc., Rt. I, Box I96, Devine, Texas, HAY, Wallace A., Pfc., 476 Ashford Ave., Ardsley, N. Y. FIFTH ROW: JOHNSON, Clair, Ptc., II6 S. Franklin St., Topeka, Kan. KOZIEL, Stephen A., Pfc., Leroy, Mich. MAGAW, Ronald N., Pfc., I429 Seventeenth St., N. W. Canton, Ohio. , PAQUIN, Norman A., Ptc., II4 Vune St., Fall RIVBF, M . PIERCTET Ephraim C., Pfc., 563 East Second South, Salt Lake City, Utah. . ' RUT, Emil T., Ptc., l330 S. WISCONSIN Ave., Berwyn, SIXTH ROW: SPITZ, Kenneth E., Pfc., 6604 Lincoln Pl., West New York, N. J. THRASHER, James R., Pfc., 6 West Stone Ave., Green- ville, S. C. REINDL, Paul P., Pvt., Onawa, Iowa. TAYLOR, Earl R., Pvt., 42l5 West I5th St., Little Rock, Ark. ERIIIGE FIRST ROW: LINDSEY, Howard S., M!Sgi., 406 Slanion Ave., Florence, Ala. BOYKIN, W. T., Jr., T!Sg'r., Ri. l, Sims, N. C. BROWN, Clyde l., T!Sgi., Mexico, Me. SEAY, Lewis M., T!Sgl,, lOl2 Soulh Clay Sf., Hopkinsville, Ky. MCDONALD, Genoal, SXSQI. SECOND ROW: MOORE, Frank, SlSgl'., 3l2 W. Eighlh Sl., Slillwaier, Okla. RE, Louis V., S!Sgl., 6703 l0lh Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. ROSNER, Alberf E., SfSql., l204 Haddon Ave., Camden, N, J. WITHROW, Arnie, S!Sgl., ISSB Ohio Ave., Bremerlon, Wash. KILINSKY, Ray, TI3, 5l3 S. Sevenlh Ave., Maywood, Ill. THIRD ROW: MULRUEENY, Thomas J., Sql., 4435 Wenlworfh Ave., Chicago, l SCHNEIDER, Robert R., Sgi., 2573 Tecunseh Ave., Springfield, Ohio. SMITH, Paul C., Sgl., II9 Powell Sf., Ridgeway, Pa. SNYDER, Paul E., Sqf., 727 Easl High Sf., Portland, Ind. BISCS-lhOFF, Franklin F., TX4, 330 S, Van Buran Ave., Barberlon, io. , FOURTH ROW: COOK, Bryan J., TI4, Woodside, Del. DUNN, Rober? E., TX4, 303 Halhway Lane, Upper Darby, Pa, GALLOWAY, James T., TX4, Frisco Cily, Ala. JAC:1iY1lCH, Alberl P., TX4, 3l0 Houghion Ave., Mainislique KOBAR, Peler J., T!4, 7405 Drexel Ave., Chicago, lll. FIFTH ROW: GRAY, Herberl L., Cpl., 2046 Park Ave., Indianapolis, Ind, HANCOCK, Charles C., Cpl., 490l Live Oak Sl., Dallas, Texas, MCQETTIGAN, Joseph J., Cpl., 323 Clearbrook Ave., Lansdowne 6 . PASCAL, Joe, Cpl., I787 Washington Ave., Bronx, N, Y, PORRAS, Joe, Cpl., 930 New Depoi Sf., Los Angeles, Calif. af ,f B TTERYi sex X I . C . X . 2 ? bk 1.. 2. " "., - "z" , A f-.-V ..., 'A L. .... 1 .mn . , "J 'Y ' ' A Ui 1 , I L.. Y :fag-1 3 . ZS, -If . :F 'Q 4 2 2 Q X ,ff " Ni. x p f I -SQ Xi. 1Z5:X -:M 4,26 As Ns jf. 'K X AX x N Q X QQ S. X . Xt I 93 s X f , . W - "fm: .if A 1 be SX f mx Q X x we s S ,XE .S ,, S I si, I Xa' 3 if X W Exif MQIXX E S? N , XX x 3 Sl W, X 3 Ni Q . gg 2 -. S35 "4 s, Ni f?t,? i XXVI? is X I s- ENE.. X X sEs:f A , MXQEAQQ I AX- X I .. CX I E ,WS W' .Q SW S X I sri. I A 'I RSF!! 352 N 1 A XX Q L NX' X Ri' I Li ' 1 as Nw :..,X..Xf I at . X, R lf9S WRT 5 A Is I l- tg I Q X x I I, X. as Q IPI SRX KSSS XX., S fl? S, Ne, 4 .X I V iski.. S ww. X X 5 f . .5 SSSQ ,gt I I X5 QS If R , S! X greg SNS.. X l, rg sg I f n ist i, w I if X is T MEI i 1.2. X Mita IX! 31. M S' X its , mg iS5":' I.2:r rw . ,.- SX, f f . ' ' LW" sa '2 ?. .,,,s . sy ' I faeizsa. .Xxis New x sb I Xl. S I' - Xa' F QX ,., .,X, fs v. '+',.,.aQf -lx EDIO I X 4 ' Q 1 ' i Xi vt Mraz' ' ff ANN-sf " A N X -M96 NX X Q X 5. I as geeks , f 3 4 . 'X 419.2 X , were 5 It - X Esiagw X Y X',,:.. -':.. 1:5 :?, . A AX! RA R Six If fx N I f 'WP fu XX 5, If k ss, 39, -2 SQ ,gh X X. s S if ag. x 4. . S I 3 N X v-0 . 3 affyif if-fe ' 1. sk -V 5, :S XI IX If . ,fur . if .SX-.ffgcwss X i, . se N-1,,:iLSfe X, .Q S s " f- . ii 3.313 A M- . X .g. Sfwfx, Q gf , se- I as '- is rX X I ' M.. N3 45255552 X www ' AXE? - I seg, . --www? .e 4 , vi , M A, ,. , . g kv .I . , . X 'hw 1 W fr , X ff, S ,. W v I ,,, WM ' ae W nf, Q 1 X 0 f M X., A N, ff f f . , 47 40 MQW , ,X Z 5 s.. If ""g", XX F..- Q . rye N 11: PM -- W? 'N nxt: -:Xa xx X ' Q55 D Sit fg jllg Mt SVf'S?TIfIE t in , . I I I VKX ,LQ N14 f v N X IX- wi Xt! is - if X QXXXS AS L Wim 2 XS is 3' I. 4fW'fiQ I I SMX I.. . .... A ' 6 w .. W ss 7 I I l 9 X N 2 X 5 Q SI I A , , . . I asf. . ....:i- 1, ...... al l X I S Y' fs XRS ' tx rg N f fi , X SN X X f xg 5fX.?iii3Il sa C' X I Ax QRS 33 X Xe sa. sw skein. L f N -ss Xe, . SE Q A X X , . 3 ,, ,mf Xfg f1.,' Z 4, 'FM . J ...Wi I+. I '4 lv' L , FIM 'S I .N , ,-.,-gy., ,Q SW .IX sfa 1' Q I ff T E FIRST ROW: BURKE, William T., TIS, l4l3 Commerce, Wellsburg, W. Va. CARTER, Donald R., TIS, 6I0 Acorn St., Rockford, III. CRONLEY, William J., TI5, 930 Paseo, Kansas City, Mo. FLOYD, Hassell D., TI5, Friendship, Tenn, GIBBS, Walter A., TI5, 906 S. Whittle Ave., Olney, lll. SECOND ROW: GSELL. George M., rfs, 3228 Mayfield Ave., La cfescenis, Calif. GUERRA. Oscar M.. TIS, R+. 3, Box 89, Edinburg, rms. HAYES, William L., TIS, 600 S. l9th St., Mt, Vernon, III. KERSCHNER, Stanley, TI5, 923 Buttonwood St., Norristown, Pa. O'TOOLE, Peter H., TIS, 2053 W. Fifth St., San Rafael, Calif. THIRD ROW: PEPIN, King, TI5, 92l4 N. Gilbert Pl., Portland, Ore. PLESSINGER, Jay, TIS, Rt. 4, Green Castle, Ind. RADCLIFFE, Worth D., TI5, Shadrack St., Waynesboro, Ga. SCHMIDT, Charles M., TI5, Red Lake Falls, Minn. SCHMIDT, Frank H., TI5, 4l09 West Liberty St., Cincinnati, Ohio FOURTH ROW: SHELTZ, George A., TI5, I649 Norfolk, Houston, Texas. YOUNG, Foster L., TI5, Rt. 3, New Bethlehem, Pa. BACKES, George M., Pfc., 24l9 Grand St., Parsons, Kan. BOWERS, Francis, Pfc., 455I 46th St., Woodside, N. Y. CHESSON, Lilton, Pfc., Rt. 5, Box l22, Lake Charles, La. FIFTH ROW: CLARK, Ernest, Pfc., Dillon, S, C. EGAN, James C., Pfc., 363 Seventh St., Niagara Falls, N. Y. FOWLER, James R., Pfc., 383 Love Joy St.,.Atlanta, Ga. PESEK, Irving G., Pfc., 2639 Wesley Ave., Berwyn, lll. SHEHAN, Calvin C., Pfc., Cassville, Pa. SIXTH ROW: SPISOK, John L., Pfc., ll5 Dolak St., Westville, lll. WEBSTER, Donald E., Pfc., 6l5 Oak St., Dallas, Ore. WICHITA, Frank W., Jr., Pvt., IIS South l9th St., Temple, Texas ng-r cumeur , .. . X5-we ,sw .Xe ,, ml ...X ., X X .ZF ef nw: ,115 A , il .iw yi., 355, vfgfg I il IZXS . :.-..::. .XX. V! Hi I :ss ' lj " 1 . f S NW P' X3 FIRST ROW: MROZLA, Stephen G.,.SISgt., Long Prairie, Minn. HILDEBRAND, Joseph A., TI3, 4 Sherman Ave., DuBois, Pa. CQLETTI Anthony J., TI4, 6I Rogers St., Quincy, Mass. WERS-H-ER Louis H,, Cpl., 570 Winthrop Ave., New Haven, Conn MCGRATH Frank H., Jr., TI5, 2603 N. Third St., Clinton, Iowa. SECOND ROW: SCHARITZ, Harry M-. o'coNNoR. John J-. Pfc-. BOSIOW M655- POLLACK Hal. Pfc-. 32'4 Kingsbfldge AVC-I B'0'I"- N' Y- TI5, 2024 Angelica St., St, Louis, Mo. KEWLEY Roy, l!Sg'r., 4805 Easion Ave., S+. Louis, Mo. ALTHAUS Theodore, SfSgf., 2407 Easf Main S+., Durham, N. C. DAHN Herman D., S!Sg'r., Bonfield, Ill. KUNACH John F., S!Sgf., 5l4 Lynn Sf., Rhinelander, Wis. MATTURRO Anfhony J., S!Sgi'., 4633 Carpenfer Ave., Bronx, N. Y. MOLL Emmeif J., SfSgf., Ri. 2, Vergennes, lll. SECOND ROW: SHAPKUS Sfanley A., S!Sg+., 3429 Vista Sf., Philadelphia, Pa. ATTIG John E., Sgf., 6l9 Woodlawn Ave., Sunbury, Pa. TLETT James R., Sgf., Rf. 3, Abbeville, S. C. BLANKENSHIP, Olfis T., Sgr., Covingfon, Tenn, PFEIFER Donald W., Sgr., l57 Elmwood Park, Tonawanda, N. Y. WHITAKER Warren D., Sgl., Olney, lll. 1 I , , l l n -,fx ij! ' , R :L 5? xl' , A ' fgfjpf- fi, .Q - Lf... A,,,'-gi WW5lL1QJ -A AJR' js 3. V 'mf' ' ' is , Q, I , V Q , i.z, 4' 1 Q' ly Q, W .--. Y, B' " ' - ,..,, 137 THIRD ROW: ALDEN, John F., TX4, Rf. l, Okemos, Mich. CORNS, Milron, TX4. ' CRESWELL, Henry P., TX4, Cinclare, La. LIMPERT, Richard F., TX4, 87 Oneida Sf., Rochesier, N. Y. MCDONOUGH, Richard, TX4, Pompion Lakes, N. J. POMERANTZ, Bernard, TX4, l824 76ih Si., Brooklyn, N, Y, FOURTH ROW: SEELBACH, Andrew H., TX4, Caro, Texas. YINGLING, Clarence M., TX4, l440 Berryhill Sf., Harrisburg, Pa BOUKNIGHT, Madison C., Cpl., 2808 Hunl' Ave., Newberry, S. C BRADLEY, Roberf W., Cpl., 75l8 Waison Sr., Philadelphia, Pa. DuROFF, Sidney, Cpl., l062 Sione Sf., Los Angeles, Calif. EDSALL, Mark G., Cpl., Main Sf., Hamburg, N. J. FEHLBERG,.Roberf E., Cpl., Coram, Moniana, GEORGE, John E., Cpl., RT. 2, Box 242, Tarenium, Pa. GOLD, Dave H., Cpl., 405 Chesier Sf., Brooklyn, N. Y. HOLDEN, James W., Cpl., Box l82, Covingron, La. KAPLAN, Harvey B., Cpl., 88 Lowell Sl., Rochesier, N. Y. PROCHAZKA, Lee J., Cpl., 63 Hawihorne Ave., Easf Orange, ' ' . lf, . I 7 A, V, 5.1 . ,,.,, .. ,,,,, . W- . 1 . 5,7 Q M , Lk 5 , ' 2 3, 2 A ' if--, .. awry. f J., 173 ' 'V 1. ,W-1. - xl ' 'f'y?4 5,2 ,. if 5 W iw. 2 'fgfyzff -i is Q, . f , , .. ,, -. Q S 8 , W V 'PW1 . ,. r by 'oefwwwm ra- . . , gl 1 vs vi Ei L if 4 .,- , il' X is wg P 1- V g J, hug-eX.A Q-if , 'WWF5-A l' ' 7, ZW?" "rv , 'Q ', - 5,12 ,w,f,, 41514. , .J X .. ,411 W y. 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QXHQX: Y KX X , Sm : i" me Xin I W 9 C, X1 w X 'ew me i X X, R 'Q ii if so A ,SKK iw A S Xf X X I 3 X HX X Q S K' A f 5,4 X ,gf Z? X45 REX X X K Q QQ? NP S I S, X X Q X 3 X .fa W 1 . New 1 WAS N H SQAAXSMX .fi 3 r IS?" X .a.ix,eX " X X , X X X X37 2 5 if 2 ,A W A X f Q 5 X X A XQ1: - l Qi Q A S - I X 'Aa ,X j L -i:Nw:.:n i X X fa S S w My . SX ls i i A, . XX, , Sl Xx I X X I AN fi f W X 2, Q , X X - ,XX X , 5 X 'X Q IE, X X X ,fl X X Wg X XXXXSN Q S s ,X XX f f ZLKKKQX X X X X ASX A A S X X .gg SM. Q ix, +' Wkfgm x W' X , iw.. X: .- .X - :f f - neewaX S X A XXX S W 4 X, Q 1 A A Q . U, f A X -, W... 5 :X Xa . . 1, X fffe f XX ,A his M 'fe 5 1 5 . Fiizsr now, ROB ERTS, Harry B., CDI., 3I4 S. Lahoma, Norman, Okla. SATTERWHITE, William M., Cpl., Cushing, Texas, SMITH, James H., Cpl., Rf. 2, Gaslonia, N, C, BECK, Ervin L., Tf5, Jamestown, N, C, BRYANT, Earl F., rfs, R+. r, Sligo, pa, SECOND ROW: HANCOCK, William E. LISIGNOU. John C., Tfs, ras Lilch MARTIN. James C., Tfs, Oxford, Air, i US. R+. 3. Box 124, Philadelphia, Miss field Ave., Sebaslopol, Calif. MIGLIO- Adolph J-. US. ZIB W. rifih si., Spring Valley, iii. PURWS' Clifford W-. Tf5, Louisburg, Kan. THIRD ROW: RAPP. Lawrence H., US, Ri. i, Snider Ra., Mason, Ohio. THOMPSON, John T., TIS, l7lO Wagoner PI., Sl, Louis, Mo. VAN l-lEWi Roland B-. Tf5, 24 Gardner Terrace, Delmar, N, Y. WHYSONG, Roberl W., Tf5, R+, I, lmier, pa, BOYD, Melvin C., Pic., 2233 N. Leavilf Sf., Chicago, III. FOU RTH ROW: CHRISTIAN, William W., Pfc., Rl, I, Celina, Texas, DONLEA, George, Pfc., Rowley, Iowa. FONZASIN, Chirillo J., Pfc., Box I42, Princelon, Mich. FORRISTAL, William L., Pfc., 2I6 N. Oakdale, Salina, Kan. GOREVIN, Leland J., Pfc., 643 Caslro SI., San Francisco, Calif, FIFTH ROW: GRAHAM, Walier L., Pfc., lI37 Meridian SI., Shelbyville, Ind. GUY, Harold S., Pfc., 3532 I6OI'h Sf., Flushing, N. Y. HARMON, Cornelis, Pfc., Rf. I, Box 354, Waierford, Calif. KING, Adelore A., Pfc, LATOZAS, George, Pic., I99 Fisher SI., Pontiac, Mich. SIXTH ROW: LEWIS, Barrel? D., Pfc., R+. 3, Box 299, Sebaslopol, Calif. LOWNDES, Joseph A., Pfc., Firsl Ave., Wes? Berlin, N, J. MCCRACKEN, Richard, Fic., 25-93 36lh SI., Long Island, N. Y. MERRILL, Gerald S., Pfc., 2l4fh Sf., Anadarko, Okla. PRESTON, Burl, Pfc., II4 N. Payson SI., Ballimore, Md. SEVENTH ROW! ROBERTS, Lyle F., Pfc., 2l2 Kiel Ave., Easf Peoria, III. SALINGER, Theodore, PIC., I32I "B" Sl., Johnslown, Pa. SPARKS, Dave, Pic., RI. I, Box 3, Vicforia, Texas. S,-EVENSQNI Charles E., Pfc., 3I2 Norlh Sl., Meadville, Pa. VANCE, Minor. PfC-- Onego- W' Va' FIRST ROW: ROWE, Nalhan A., l!Sgl., Georgelown, S. C. DOUGLASS, Frank, Sfsgl., Ore Cily, Texas. GARNER, Hal G., SfSgl., Rl, 3, Carlhage, Mo. GYURKO, Andrew J., SfSgl., Rl. 4, Glousler, Ohio. HICKS, Charles A., SfSgl., 505 N, Hyde Park Ave., Durham, N, C. KAYNE, Thomas E., SfSgl., 64 W. Schiller Sl., Chicago, lll. SECOND ROW: JACHlNSIil,, Thomas E., Sql., 255l S, Kedzie Ave., Chi- caqo, . NEHLS, Frederick J., Sql., 4l4 Boyden Ave., Maple- wood, N. J, NYE, Harvey G., Sql., Il3 Norlh Mulber Sl., Hagers- lown, Md. SMITH, Floyd F., Sql., 407 Fiflh Ave., S., Lewislown, Monl, STELTER, Norman F., Sql., Rl. 2, Wampum, Pa. VAUGHN, Roy S., Sql., 4442 Ouilman Sl., Denver, Colo. THIRD ROW: WHITCOMB, Maurice P., Sql., IOZ4 E. Willard Sl., Muncie, Ind, FRIEDMAN, Meyer, TX4, Franklin, La. HAMMOND, Carlyle M., T!-1, Rl, 2 Lorian, Ohio. WILLIAMS, John E., TX4, Norlh Willcesboro, N. C. BROWN, Gcor e R., Cpl., IOO9 N. Sl, Johns, High- land Park, Til. DAMMANN, Chas. E., Col., Hillsboro, lll, FOURTH ROW: GATES, Thomas B., Cpl., Widener Farms, Elkins Park, Pa HERRON Roben C., cpl., I76 s. virgin Ave., Los Anqelcs, Calif. MOORE, Charles E., Cpl., Slalion B., Clarksburg, W. O ossorsxv, Jack, cpl., zzo wsaswonh Ave., aim, N. Y. RANGE, Irvin L., Cpl., 323 S. Third Sl., Osborne, Kan. SCHMIDT, Andrew J., Col., SIB Blessing Sl., Pills' burqh, Pa. FIFTH ROW: SEH, Edward VV., Col., 60-I SpruCC Sl., New Caslle, Pa TIG-HE, omni w., cpl., lS3l E. san si., Phsisaepaza. WORKMER, Frank A., Col., 576 Main Sf.. Lilfle Falls, BOGNNER George F. T 5, Joolin, Mc. MAEUaCE?"TNl, Joe, J-,, r s, no Asics A-.en ssnes Rm, Mcohsmzv, Eugene C., rfs. 825 Norlh sans S+., ouznc., '4.'A . .. . 7 l . f git. W,-e : i f ' ' " 2 , if 1 , . li-sf. 'r - .y , ff ',"fw.. , ' 2 , vm , 1 5, ' ', l lv 'if' ., I 72.5 .ff"i'-if ' ':. . .M ' ' 'r " . ' ' 'gf ' 'riff' ' " ' f- " L , , - .zf'.. , ' J -f " A ' -I 'f i ' f- rf ix- "limi, ' Q, , . ' ., 'fi W- - " V. ' .. ' .fm f lf .J "r . fi? T "' ' 'X' 4 ' lf: ' ' , , ,, , Q-, .Ez . w V . 44.5, -: J - ' f -'i ff' ,i . rl i i ' I , . - ruff I I 'P' 'l 2' a " .5 I J f '. - ' ' 7 A zs.i"?3f' 1' . ' A 1 " S-'fr'-Q. "-ff , ,vdff , , ,,,, ,, , .. ., . f ,, ., ,, M, , , Q, hal Q' - 'Q . .. 'j ' , '1v'v-an-I u 4 r s., .f .r.,MfK ,, -I ,, , 1 P.,-,-1-2 . 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X R DSX 1 I Y Q 2' 'SIU 31 N ., .. .xxx . ,. ...gfgfgi s V x . X A X X S . ' Q. . '4. .QNQZ . S i2-fm I . . 1 s . Nw c s. " NNN X . ' . x. I -4., . S vi , gk , as .ml-,by f as ' ' I XX? 331 2, ., N 1 l A ix D SL fgxifek I .o v-'W . .4 A212213 1' Q if 'N Q 'if if xi Q X S XX Lf X X f ' W 4 " l 'E A A A Q , X xmg. xX X C . I IX w ,fs Y s F Nz 0 J . . . X X 4 , . : .1 H FW, 3' A as xw X X x i Ss X S N f .f sf f A 2 sg M.. ,TZ f f f ' fs X . Q is ww ff I 'D A ' xx S x X. aw ? M- Q-1,-,A ff 1s X-xX fu Xp? . X. 5 , 5, Q . . ' Wei, I A ge. tw . 4" f . . if f Qsff . 1 .vmfm FIRST ROW: MUNDEN. Keith E Minn. -I US. 330l Vincenl Ave., N., Minneapolis NOWACK- Bob A-. US. 4I7 Aramor PARTHEMER, Jake D., Jr., Us, Frankfort, Kan, Puen, Harr SAVEY- Dale E-. Tfs, :eos iiih si., Rapid ciiy, s. oak. e SI., Grand Rapids, Mich V Mu U5. Rl. I, Lancasfer, Ohio, SECOND ROW: svo Colby, Kan. i' ' ' ' Q2 ' BODA, Wenslow A U5 Box 262 ISS S Mission Rid SI THAMES. Georoe L., Us, 1405 w, izih si. Bay cify Texas VACLAVIK. VIVQII V-. US, 806 W. Loomis iSI., Ludinolon, Mich. W ORRELL, Jack G., Tf5, IIOI Maple, Duncan, Okla. BLACK. l'IeNVY N., Pfc., RI. I, Seffner, Fla. THIRD ROW: BOWMAN, Ellis R., Pfc., RI. 2, Merril, Mich. BRITTEN, James W., Pfc., Groom, Texas. CASSO, Anlhony J., Pfc., Rollerdam Junclion, N, Y. CLAUDE, Toomey J., Pfc., l025 Wesl' Ninlh SI., Muncie, Ind, CROCKER, Fred W., Pfc., IO44 N. Mildred, Dearborn, Mich. FOURTH ROW: D'ANGELO, Joseph L., Pfc., 2I89 Cornell Rd., Cleveland, Ohio. DAVIS, Elzie A., Pfc., RI. 2, Maplesville, Ala. ENCINIAS, Willie, Plc., Villanueva, N. M. FRANKE, Lloyd J., Plc., 222 S, Birch Sl., Sanla Ana, Calif. HOWELL, Maynard P., Pfc., III Eighfh Ave., S. E., Minor, N. Dak. FIFTH ROW: KOTEVICH, Andreia S., Pfc., IO48 Jackson, Gary, Ind. MAJEWSKI, Al. H., Pfc., 34I5 Comsrock SI., Delroif, Mich. MATUS, Edward, Pfc., 275 Monlicello Ave., Jersey Cily, N. J. MAYS, Percy L., Pfc., RI. 3, Slephens, Ark. MCHAUGH, Valenline, Plc., Rl. 3, Box 30, Sebasfopol, Calif. SIXTH ROW: MILLER, Merle D., Pfc., Poslville, Iowa. PARKER John W., Plc, 409 E. Waldburg SI., Savannah, Ga. PENN, Earl, Pfc., LaPush, WGSII- PRITCHARD Wallace C., Plc., l38 Reynolds SI., Rochesfer, N. Y. OUINLAN James F., Pfc., l7O Easfern Parkway, Devon, Conn. SEVENTH ROW! - RAKQWSKI Jerome, Plc., I929 S. l2Ih SI., Milwaukee, Wis. I -1 Pa RHQAD5, Roberl' N., Plc., ,I8 S. Enola, S. Enola, . TERRELLS Jim if. Pfc., lI42 Villa Nove Ave-. Swafhmofe. PB- FLEMMING, Willia HARRIS, Russell W., Pvf., Troy, V6- m B. Pvl., 450 Lugf, San Bernardino, Calif. ere:-m-I ROW? LAECHELT, edward L.. Pvf-- Mundeleln- 'll' MABERR Y Roberl E., Pvf., Milledgevillei Ill- FIRST ROW: CASSELS, William R., l!Sg1., IOII Alba Ave., Durham N. C. ELMER Ervin D., SfSgl., Rf. 2, Monroe, Wis. MCGILL, John L., Jr., sfsgr., Rf, I, Ydrk, s. C. MORGAN, Warren, S!Sgf., Rl, 2, Box 97, Charlesfon Mo NASE, 'adbarr w. s., sfsgr. Rf. 2, Perkasie, Pa. VOGT, George T., S!Sqf., Cincinnati, Ohio. scono Row: BUSEIZINSKY, Alberf, Sgf., lOl Sheridan Sl., Sfralford ELLICEOFIE, David G., sql., 623 carnind Real, Arcadia HATgaT','rrad A., sgr., l43l7 Viclory Blvd., Van Naya - aif. JEZIORSKI, Bernard, Sgl., ll23 W, Maple SI., Milwau- kee, Wis. PETESSON, Edward C., Sgf., 6l08 Marlborough, Delroil ich. ROTHROCK, Robert S., Sgl., Alloona, Pa. THIRD ROW: DURHAM, Paul M., TX4 Casnovia, Mich. McCk?NhNELL, Howard A., TI4, W, Chicago Sl., Quincy ic . MILLSPAUGH, Roberl C., Jr., TX4, 24l N. W. 34Ih Sf. Oklahoma Cify, Okla. I MOCIDIRE, Malcolm, T!-I, 35 W. 92nd SI., New York Y Mooizefwausann r,, rf-1, Wardell, Ma. OLS2N,J Eric M., T!-1, bll Bloomfield Ave., Monlclair, FOURTH ROW: RIBAR, Andrew R., TM A I' I A I , rung on pl., 307, San Fran- cisco, Calif ROLLINS, Clifford L., rf-1, Tacoma, Wash. NOla,MAN, Paul R., Cpl., 42Il Wilson Ave., Cleveland, CHU, POETKER, Armin cpl., Roland, Olcla. POST, Alan J., Cpl., 3024 Haussen Cr., Cniraqa, Ill, sHlr:Ag,hoanald H., cpl., 702 E. Grand River, Brighfon, IC . FIFTH ROW: SlNiFRY.Slanley, Cpl., IS36 While Plains Road, Bronx, SMPEIHIT Russell, Cpl., 2445 Neweasfle Ave., Chicago, WEPOZSR, Chelcie, Cpl., 2I3S I7rh Sf., Parkersburg, W, ZIMNNG, Alan, Cpl., l336'i Esles Ave., Chicago, FEDEWA, Roberf E., Us, Porfland, Mach, X A Xl N JN K Sf X R X N Raw I X b i I su S , VS S1 ' .- ., sw'-Q--1:-fw. . xxx, . Xa 454 .. ' .X Y y la . . Q. l XX2. fl- ' S XM .e X . KS .csc . Y ..,.c S .,, We-FNXGEQ X, . Ps i s a . ,. A.l, , . L X 5,,,.,, f a XY-rx XI A F F T si S s X T ig S X I X ' SX C ff f s f NW RS 0, R N 'R f SX l X X Q x4 c ' N s X f Hx M f N 1 N f X fa N EN.. I 73 Fmsr ROW: HALE. Erwin E.. US, 3675 asian Ave., chicago, iii. KNU,L?,2,N' Oliver Mn I75. ZI3 Easl Union Sl., Delroil Lakes, STEWART. Daniel W.. TXS, 308 sem si., cincinnair, ohio, SUBOLISH, Michael, Jr., Tf5 RI. I, Hazlelon, Pa. ACKER. Harry E., Pic., Croolcslon, Minn. SECOND ROW: , BASKOVIC, Frank H., Pic., 2I25 Scoville Ave., Berwyn, III. BRASWELL, James A., Plc., IO0I Magnolia Sf., Pele-rsburg, Va, CHANDLER, Leonard S., Pfc. CLAPPER, Roberl G., Pfc., Bedford, Pa. CLARK, Arllon C., Pfc., 4I2 Velasco Sl., Houslon, Texas. THIRD -ROW: CONNER, Marshall V., Pic., Check, Va. COOK, Roberl W., Pfc., 242 Richmond Ave., Richmond, Ind. DEADRICK, Fay S., Pic., Second Ave., N. E., Pipeslone, Minn. DeVAULT, Henry H., Plc., 6 E, Woodlawn Terrace, Clairlon, Pa. FARIA, Joseph S., Pic., Rl. 2, Box IO Pelaluma, Calif. FOURTH ROW: GIANATTASIO, Ed GOODMAN, Carl C., Pfc., Indianapolis, Ind. ward, Pic., 2OI 45+h Sl., Union Cily, N, J. HELGOE, Norman M., Pic., Shalslad, Minn, JACOBSEN, Thomas C., Pfc., 9I lrvingfon Rd., Rochesler, N, Y. JOHNSON, Slep hen J., Pic., 2520 W. H. P., Cologne, N, J. FIFTH ROW: KEEL, Douglas J., Pfc., Ponloloc, Olcla. KNEESKERN, Claylon J McCLOUD, Cl NARDI, Alberl, Pic., III3 50Th Sl., Brooklyn, N. Y. , 3, Kaukauna, Wis. ,, Pfc., 209 Fonclair Sl., Johnsiown, N. Y. arence C., Plc., 624 High Sf., Aurora, Ill. Prossr, Alai. J., Plc., R+ SIXTH ROW: IDT Fredrich G Pillsburgh, Pa. SCHM . " l356 Klone Sl., Green Bay, Wis. vmoeraiviuss, Pajrick B., Pre., VARNEY, Frank J., Plc., Belgrade, Me. WARD Dennis L., Plc., 2948 Hedges, Fresno, Calif. 'T M' h, BUDESKY, Thomas, Pvl., I3432 Fenelon, Deiroi, ic SEVENTH ROW: . cRoYLE, William J., Pvf.. Templefofi- Pa' SEAN V,,.g,i, pv+,, City Route, Ozark, Ark. Nmrizess, charles T., Pvf-. , my m 1 ,vi Eff-' .. . . , vp . xl. we 1: f.. .w fr- - fa, SOCI L CALEN WEDDINGS June I944 Lieulenanl and Mrs Frank H. Abboll, lll July I944 Lieulenanl and Mrs J. D. Sugg Augusl l944 Lieulenanr and Mrs. H. J. Truill January I945 Caplain and Mrs Harvey Van Dusen Marcln l945 Caplain and Mrs G. T. Worllninglon April I94-5 Lieu+enan+ Colonel and Mrs. James B. Anderson BIRTHS 52 TH Oclober I9-44 Caplain and Mrs C. M. Busbee-a dauglnlrer, Pamela Ann November I944 Mr and Mrs H. G. Meller-a dauqlnler, Bonnie Jean February I945 Lieulenanl and Mrs. Lesler Meng-a son, Timolliy Edward June l945 Mayor and Mrs W H. Slnealor-a son, Roberl Holmes ON-TH E-WAY Oclober l945 Malor and Mrs Jolnn L. Shearer November I945 Mr and Mrs H. G. Meller December I945 Caplain and Mrs. Roberl M. Rowland February i946 paplain and Mrs. G. T. Worflningfon February I946 Lieulenanl and Mrs. J. T. Harris March IQ46 Lieurenanl and Mrs. H. J. Trui+'r 74 Plat? Biiminqllam ' ' Phoenix - Blyihoville - A ' HlSmill1 - - Losfinqeles - San Francisco Hollywood - - Denver . New Haven Wilminglon . Dislricl of ColL imma .. l Mlanla . . Chicago . . Springfield . lnclianapolis- , DSS Moines Wiclnila lfluisville , New Orleans P0r'rland U Ballimo,-e B0Sl0n Delroii i Minneapol. XlaCkS0n W Kahgas Sl' Louis annngs Place Birmingham . . Phoenix . Blyiheville . Fr, Smiih . Los Angeles . San Francisco Hollywood . . Denver . . New Haven . Wilmingion . Disirici' of Columbia Miami . Ailania . Chicago . . Springlield . lndianapolis' , Des Moines -Wichiia , Louisville , New Orleans Poriland' , Baliimore E Bosion , Deiroii' , , M innea polis Jackson , Kansas Ciiy Sf. Louis , l Billings . Alabama azaru FIELD ARTILLERY BATT Ll0N REUNIUN LOCATIONS When: Any New Year'5 Eve if you are near 'l'he following places. Wha'r Time: 2l00, Ho'l'el . l-loiel Thomas Jefferson Arizona Arkansas 'California Colorado Conneciicul Deleware Florida Georgia Illinois lndiana lowa Kansas Keniucky Louisiana Maine Maryland MassachuseH's Michigan Minnesofa Mississippi Missouri Monfana Hoi . . l-loiel Adams l-loiel Noble Goldman Hoiel . . Bilimore Si. Francis Knickerbocker ' . . Shirley Savoy l-loiel Tafi l-loiel Du Poni Washingion Siarler . The McAllisler . Bilimore A . Sherman Abraham Lincoln . . Claypool el Fori Des Moines The . . The Allis l-lorel Brown The Rooseveli The Easiland Lord Baliimore Parker l-louse l-loiel Book-Cadillac . . . Nicollei Edwards l-loiel , . l-loiel Muehleback . l-loiel Siailer Norihern l'lOiel Local Time. Place Omaha . Reno . Concord . . Arlanric Ciiy . New York Ciiy Buffalo . Raleigh. . Fargo . Cincinnaii . Cleveland . . Oklahoma Ciiy Tulsa .... Porila nd . . Philadelphia . Pirisburgh . Providence Charlesron . Columbia Pierre Memphis . Nashville . Dallas l'lous'ron Sali Lake Ciiy . - Burlingion .- Richmond . Seaiile . Charlesron Milwaukee Cheyenne 75 -HW Y. ,.-,ef-g , .- "" Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New York Norih Carolina Norih Dalroia Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island Soulh Carolina Souih Dalroia Tennessee Texas Uiah Vermom' Virginia Washingion Wegi Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Hofel . l-ioiel Fonienelli . The Riverside . . Eagle l-loiel . The Ambassador The Waldorf-Asioria . . . l-loiel Siailer .l-loiel Sir Waller . . Hoiel Gardner . Nelherland Plaza . . l-loiel Siailer . . The Skirvin . . . The Mayo . l-loiel Mulinomah . Bellevue Siraiford l-loiel William Penn Providence Bilimore , Francis Marion l-loiel Wade l-lampron Si. Charles l-loiel . l-loiel Peabody Holel l-lermifage . l-lorel Adolphus . . Rice l-lo+el . . l-loiel Uiah . Vermoni l-loiel John Marshal l-ioiel . Olympic l-loiel The Daniel Boone l-loiel . . l-loiel Schroeder . . Plains l-loiel we eff- ff---.7--W-Nw Wwwnmww-vymfqyff f ' QW? ,KW 664TH FIELD ARTILLERY 1 gi-4- BATTALION 1 l 1 n 76 Balrlra key P' were Jrive U- was I and To + I Ee er form Spec Jrhe Jfalic 9Xp1 H. The in 4 plei eve The COT I HISTURIGAL sxercn or THE 664TH FIELD ARTILLERY BATTATLIDN The 664Th Field ArTillery, a baTTalion oT l55 I-lowiTZer5 M-I, was acTivaTed as a separaTe baTTalion, aTTached To The XXIII Corps, on The 2IsT day oT February I944. The bayfalion . was commanded by Maior, now LieuTenanT Colonel, George R. Creel, Jr., The oTTicers oT The new baTTalion meT Tor The TirsT Time in January, I944, aT ForT Sill, Oklahoma, where They aT- Tended The "New UniT OTTicers Course." Upon com- pleTion oT The course, They were ordered To Camp lvlaxey, Texas, where The baTTalion was To be acTivaTed. In February, a cadre oT experienced- non-commis- sioned oTTicers arrived Trom The 753rd Field ArTillery BaTTalion sTaTioned aT Camp Beale, CaliTornia. WiTh This key personnel as a nucleus, The new men in The baTTalion were To be Trained To do Their iob in any TheaTer oT ac- Tive operaTions where They mighT be used. The cadre was inTerviewed personally by The BaTTalion Commander and assigned, according To qualiTicaTions and Training. To The baTTeries. . Early in April, The Tillers arrived Trom The Field ArTiI- lery RepIacemenT Training CenTer, Camp RqberTS, Call' Tornia, where They had been Trained in Their individual 5PGCialTies as cannoneers, cooks, clerks, drivers, and IU The many oTher iobs ThaT are necessary so ThaT The ,baT- Idlion can say "On The way." The Tillers arrived wiTh The f9XpecTaTion oT a hard iob To be done, and They Touhd 'I- They were Told ThaT iT They worked hard and lOa5?ed The Individual Training TesTs which were To be fJ'V?n W'TlT' Ih Tour days iT would noT be necessary To a9.a'n Wm' PISIG a period oT basic Training. WiTh ThaT incenTive, everyone worked hard, did his besT, and passed The TGSI5- The BaTTalion had compleTed one sTep in :Ts Training Tor CornbaT. ATTer an excelIenT sTarT, The period' oT uniT Training was begun, in wh To be Trained To ich men wiTh individual specialTies were E work TogeTher and TuncTion as a Team. veryone had To hiT The ball." Many hours each day yvere devoTed To sTrenuous Training and much sleep was osT each n1ghT in order To accomplish This mission. Since a Turlough plan was in operaTion, The men all had some- Thing Tor which To look Torward. IT Took Time, buT IiTTIe by liTTIe, everyone Tound ThaT iT The individual iob was done and all worked TogeTher as a Team Tl-IE BIO JOB wouldisoon be accomplished. During This period, The baTTalion was in The Tield 80 nighTs ouT oT I20 by acTual counT. By The middle oT July, The baTTalion was ready To Take The uniT Training TesTs To deTermine how well IT could TuncTion as a combaT Team. The TesTs, given by XXIII Corps, were passed and The organizaTion was ready Tor combined Training. The baTTalion moved across The Red River inTo The ForT Towson maneuver area near I-lugo, Oklahoma, and spenT some Time work- ing wiTh The InTanTry oT The 99Th Division Tor iTs TirsT period oT combined Training. Everyone TelT ThaT The 664Th was ready Tor combaT. A move was made back To Camp Maxey To spend The necessary Time in The Tield To qualiTy Tor overseas serv- ice and To waiT Tor orders To sTarT packing Tor overseas movemenT. UnexpecTedly, orders were received in AugusT sending The baTTalion To ForT Sill, Oklahoma, as school Troops Tor The Field ArTilIery School. The year ThaT The baTTalion spenT aT ForT Sill gave ample opporTuniTies Tor The Train- ing oT new personnel, necessiTaTed by calls on The uniT To Turnish replacemenTs Tor skilled men in key posiTions To uniTs already in The Tield oT combaT. During The spring oT l945, The baTTalion was released Trom iTs duTies aT The School To move again inTo The Tield and operaTe as a uniT so ThaT The primary mission could be accomplished. IT was aT This Time ThaT The baTTalion again compleTed The Army Ground Force UniT Treiining TesTs, and Then seTTled down To The rouTine oT Field ArTillery School requiremenTs. In May, The baT- Talion was selecTed because oT superior' discipline and courTesy, To Turnish 300 men as a guard oT honor Tor The visiTing oTTicers oT TwenTy-Two Toreign counTries. This was considered a privilege and honor, and The baTTalion was commended by The CommandanT, Field ArTilIery School, Tor a superior ceremony. IT was in June ThaT The BaTTalion was ordered To Chi- cago, Illinois, To aid in relieving The Truck sTrike. IT was aImosT a vacaTion Tor The men in The mosT hospiTable ciTy The baTTalion has experienced and everyone made The mosT oT T.he opporTuniTies. On The 8Th oT AugusT, The BaTTalion Tired.The 50,000Th round oT arTillery ammuniTion Tor The Field ArTillery School. Fired by BaTTery "C," The round marks a good iob well done by The baTTalion. d oT The baTTalion and iTs accomplish- mexhif grid Tgdejlu conTidenT ThaT in baTTle iT will hold iTs own wiTh any organizaTion and be able To say: "MISSION ACCOMPLISI-lED" 77 4. I r P L any "' :-qk'--- - N . -1 A HEADQUARTERS 667-LTH FIELD ARTILLERY BA1'1'ALIoN Fort Sill Oklahoma TO ALL MEN OF THB 66lLTH: This volume , a pictorial review of men and activities of this battalion, is respectfully dedicated to each one of you. This book is published primarily as a keepsake and memento of your service in this battalion, It is hoped that in later years this volume will bring back warm memories and instill in you a. feeling of pride and comradeship. It is published also to focus your mind and eye on the organ- ization you helped to build. As such, it is hoped the publication will inspire you with confidence in your associates and in your battalion. Q Mark well the faces pictured here. They are your friends. Your friends with whom you will share many lfardships and sacri- GEORGE R CREEL JR Lt. Colonel, Field A1'ti1161'y Commanding' fices, and above all--a great victory. GEURGE R. GREEL, JR. LIEUTENANT COLONEL, FIELD ARTILLERY Commanding 79 far- sfvs' rf 'QT' ,if N 'sq L, r. - I 'E X . 1..,.,-.14 5. s LEONARD H FULLER JOSEPH B. SARVER, JR. JOHN C. DeWENTER GROVER C. DRIVER, JR. RALPH J. .FRICK Maioi- Major Captain Cap-tain l Caotarn . Battalion Executive Officer Battalion S-3 Assistant Battalion S-3 ComrtEarlci'!lr1y:gBOffrcer Comrfaaarmglrtyg AOf'ficer 9 as qc... fi fn' 14 of Z... QF.-.I 1 5 ......a. ,,, ...J ,fx '33 .5- fw' N l JOHN B. HANCOCK LEON S. IKITCHIN JAMES M. VAN HOOSE FRED W. WRIGHT MARION C. ALLBRIGHT Captain Captain Captain Captain First Lieutenant Battalion Liaison Officer Battalion S-2 Commanding Officer Battalion Motor Officer Reconnaissance Officer Service Battery Battery C i"'f1rv0 LJ 4-'T' 4-.f.f7' fel' ,X .J- TROY O. BRUMLEY NEIL BUCKLEY NEAL J. DUNN MARVIN E. HABEL First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant Commanding Officer Motor Officer Reconnaissance Officer Assistant Battalion S-2 Hoadouarters Batterv Headquarters Battery Battery A T WILLIAM A. MCCULLOUGH First Lieutenant Assistant Executive Officer and Motor Officer Battery B is TIN' bv in at i ,f 'Ula ww-eff' .A 'R FRED J. McDONALD First Lieutenant Executive Officer Battery B fm f 5 X X "'hg RICHARD J. MILLER HERBERT A. PREVETT ROBERT V. SHEARER CHARLES L. SWEZEY JACK E. TOMLINSON . JAMES R. BARRACKS First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Ewcutlvc Officer Battery A Commanding Officer Battalion Surgeon Assistant Communications Motor Officer Train Commander Battery C Officer Service Battery 'VK Q'-v fer on bn' ii .Af 'ii I w.-q WARREN H. BECK GROVER J. CRITES JOSEPH B. GRIFFIN, JR. DAMON C. SHELTON JACK I. WIGAND A. H. BARRETT- First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant' Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Chief Warrant Officer Warrant Office-I' ilQI Executive Officer Battery C Assistant Executive Officer Liaison Pilot Assistant Executive Qfficel, Banalion pei-gonnel Officer Assistant Battalion S4 Battery A Headquarters Battery Battery C SWEETHEARTS 0F THE 664TH 4151 f f S v . 'X' !'f,y,:?,- , Nui 5' . , . ,. r i ' . M, Q 1 . 1 I., ,, v. Y ITL .- fr , , ffimf A LQ Jag? X N 1. r 2 "5 x x , X 1 V 7' , 1 , 5:1 fn A in-455 ef3k JR i 1, .xi .4 ii ,-7, x 0 4 x 15 Q Z . -- :Q ff i' fi. 1" f V X -i ,".f " ' f SPDRT r- iffy li! , ff 1 Hg Q-.Y 1 .5-, , , ---ff 4 ---1 Healfhy bodies make alerl' soldiers, and fhere is no bel'- +er way 'lo slay in good physical condifion +han by acfive pariicipafion in con+ac+ sporls. The men of fhe 664+h enjoy playing and waiching sporfs, and incidenfally They are good. g elf f , I M 9 4 .Y ii M. 5 if Q his , 35' li -hiig la Y' 5 if-Riga? Spf? gas 'Q ff' J- ww o Q ' rx' . H " x .N- E ,', 0, - X X V g lift 'fs . '4 X. . Ax 31 , 35.2 lx. ,,. 1.2, ' s wr V 1 Y , I 'B . , f lf! .,x f. I y .1 x f Q .u j , ,,,-nf-'-P : -., - ddqki iz?--an ,.,J x ' ' KJ , , 3 1 k 1 ,f 3 1 Q Q : , f ' 4 ' ' cz . ,593 1- V X 4 5 4 'jg ' 1 A XS, 3 -. f . I gl . . , 'K X v 4 1 Ex 1 5 x l , 1 E ? I-9" '!lISS'I3.J.s.. , fx x . HE DQUARTERS BATTERY FIRST ROW: FORSYTI-IE, R. M., Cpl., Cabocl, Ma. HARDCROVE, Hugri F., Cel. Caifrrn Hill, Ma. LEVERETT, Roberr L., Col., 709 E. Washington SI., Howell, Mich, MICSIALEK, Smnlei, J., Cpl., ISII B SI., Lnwlan, na. MOORE, John H., Col., RI, 2, ClwgiII.xnooa.1, Tr-mi. RICKER, Vfaylarrd, Col., Cwem-ville, Tc-nn, SECOND ROW: UTTECH, Norman H., COIN Fiiliia, Minn. VIENT, L., Cpl., Boi l78, Twicy, Calif. WAUGH. William H.. Col., l753 I-'VesI Maine A-.a., Baldwin Park, Calif, BOND, John A., PIC., 7l-I Swan SI., Louisville, Ky, BOWLDS Herman Jr. PIC l709 VVL-sI NinIIi SI O'h'CfISbOFO, Kyf I ii i ii BROIJVNING, Dean VV., PIC., RI, -I, Pleasanl I-Iill, MQ. THIRD ROW: BURLESON, DeIberI, PIC., L-gxinqlon, Okla. BURNS, Jay N., PIC., I6-I3 Touhy Ave., Chicago, Ill. CLARK, CliIIord, PIc,, N. 32l Helena SI., Spokane, Wash. COFFLAND, Roberl M,, PIC., Culdfrsac, Idaho, COTNER, Harry T., Plc., RI. l, Bradshaw, Nvlar. ESOUIVEL, PeIe, Pfc., -I7-I4 Fisher SI., Los Anqr-Ive., Calif. FOURTH ROW: HAYISAS, Alexander, Pfc., 2631! CrysIaI SI., Chicago, POWELL, Richard D., Pfc., 817 Easl Ohio SI., PilIs4 burqh, Pa. RADMAKER, Harry A., PIC., Ivesdale, lll. SPICZNEXR, I, M., PIC., I33 S. Ninlh SI., Brooklyn, SPOOR, Charles, PIC., Box 7l, Lawfon, Okla. TURNER, Dick L., Pfc., 222 N, Louasana SI., Al- buquerque, N, M. FIFTH ROW: WIMMER, Richard J., PIC., RI, I, Muensler, Texas. BUPKEY, Clarence, PvI., 7l8OB C'onIz Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. COSSELTI, Donald D., PvI., l32-3l 4lsI Ave., Fluzhinq, CRUM, .Charles H., PvI., l9l6 WalnuI SI., Jackson- ville Fla. DAMCATO, Joseph G., PvI., IO23 lO2Ih Ave., Oakland, ai. D'AMBROSIA, Joseph R,, PvI., 4842 N. CenIral Park Ave., Chicago, Ill, SIXTH ROW: EARLE, Frank N., PvI., 29 Sand SI., Brooklyn, N. Y. FAGER, Gerald, PvI. FATICA, Enrico R., PvI., 12032 Wade Park AVC., Cleveland, Ohio, HALVORSON, Henry, PvI., CloquiI, Minn. HENSLEY, Fred E., PvI., RI. 3, PrinCeIon, Ind. JESSO, Thomas, PvI, SEVENTH ROW: KUNST, James R., PvI., 329 Benson Ave., Grand Rap- ids, Mich. LAFONTANO, Joseph J., PvI., 2929 N, Van PelI SI., Philadelphia, Pa. LEVINE, Sfanlcy A., PvI., 9l-ll l49Ih SI., Jamaica, N. Y. MAZZA, ArIIhonv, PvI., 237 Easf l5l SI., Bronx, N. Y. RUGGIERO, ErnesI, PvI., 60 SIraIIord Rd., Brooklyn, N. Y. SANKS, Jack W., PvI., 3326 NorIon, Lynwood, Calif. EIGHTH ROW: TEEL, Jessie, B., PvI., RI. 3, Boaz, Ala. VENTO, AnIhoriy, PvI., 639 EasI Oak SI,, NorrisIown, Pa. WEBER William L., PvI., 304 Fair Block, MinoI, N. Dak. WEITZMAN, Harry, PvI., 50l Undercliff Ave., Bronx, N. Y. YOURISH, Leo, PvI., 440 FairrnonI Ave., Newark, N. J. MEDICAL DETACHMENT NINTH ROW: CUTILLO, Leonard, TX3, 269 E. 2lsI SI., PaIer5on, N. J. CUNNINOHAM, Edward J., SXSQI., lO20 LaIayeIIe SI. Walerloo, Iowa. e WILLIAMS, Philip J., 114, rosa, vvsyne Ave., Williams- porI, Pa, MASSA, Frank M., Cpl., 2lO Gale SI.. Braddock Pa. STREETMAN, Russell, TXS, 2324 Scovell CourI, Shreve- porl, La. BENEDICT, Richard M., PvI., 3236 LaIayeIIe Ave., SI Louis, Mo. TENTH ROW: CAREY, 'IrueII M., PIC., RI, 3, San Marcos, Texas. HOFFMAN, Theodore C., PIC., 308 IN, l04Ih PI., Chi- cago, lll. STRICKER, James E., PIC., Leesburg, Ohio. STROUD, Joseph E., PIC., Box 34, Alford, Fla. 87 SERVICE BATTERY FIRST ROW: GOLDSTEIN, Paul R., T.'5, 536 Belmont Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. KIRKWOOD, Homer M., T 5, Houston, Mo. LINDERKAMP, E., TfS, Rockford, lo-wa. MARTIN, Earl B., TXS, 702 Minnesota A-rc., Holton, Kan, NORRlS, Max J., TIS, I920 l4th Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn. SECOND ROW: PARSONS Verne H., TXS, Brattleboro, Vt. PLENGE, Fred A., TXS, l3B-39 90th Ave., Jamaica, N, Y. RAINS, Leslie A., TXS, 262l Davenport St., Omaha, Nob. ROSE, Lewis F., TXS, 6303 Richfield Road, Flint, Mich, l BRANDON, Luther C., Plc., 257 A St., Huntsville, Ala. THIRD ROW: BUSCH, Joseph R., Plc., Eden Valley, Minn. CARROLL, Fred, Plc., I744 West Second St., Livermore, Calif. CHAFFIN, Mandel A., Plc., Glenwood, Iowa. CHINDAKL, Earl O., Plc., IBI7 P St., Sacramento, Calil. CORBELLO, Joseph N., Plc., Westlake, La. FOURTH ROW: CRAWFORD, Mearl R., Plc., 5lO E, Fourth St., Amarillo, Texas. DAVIS, Roy W., Plc., Kennewick, Wash. DUBBS, David, Plc., 26l0 Webb Apt. 309, Detroit, Mich. FLYNN, Willard E., Plc., 76I6 l2th St., Detroit, Mich. FRYE, M., Dean, Plc., 208 High St., Ashland, Ohio. FIFTH ROW: GARCIA N., Plc., 3l5 East Cleveland, Albuquerque, N. M. HALSEY, Oera V., Plc., l52l S, Fourth St., Omaha, Ncb. JENSRUD, Harvey M., Plc., Rt, 2, Crookston, Minn. KERRICK, Clifford D., Plc., Box 3l4, Hardin, Mont. LAZIK, Victor, Plc., Miami Beach, Fla. SIXTH ROW: LONEHILL, Amos, Plc., Box I34, Kyle, S. Dak. MCDANIEL, James L., Pfc., Sullivan, Mo. MOTTERN, Phillip, Plc., 406 Broad St., Elizabelhton, Tenn. MYATT, Joseph A., Plc., DeKalb, Miss. RALPH, Oliver W., Pfc., l25 West St., Charlec Sl., Brownsville Texas. SEVENTH ROW: PABIAN, Matthew, Plc., 1036 N. Richmond St., Chicago, lll. SZOKA, Steve, Pfc., BB Guersey Sl., Buffalo, N. Y. THORSON, Elmer A., Plc., 7203 E, Fourth, Spokane, Wash, ZEEHANDLAR, Thomas E., Plc., 5Il0 l9th Ave., Brooklyn, N, Y. BRAYMAN, James R., Pvt., 400 W, College St., Marshall, Mo. EIGHTH ROW: CLARK, Willard, Pvt., Box 53, Meclrlinq, S. Dak. COUCH, M. E., Pvt., 708 Ave., "N" Wheldon Pk., Springfield Ohio, COYLE, James L., Pvt., 600 N. 23rd St., Philadelphia, Pa. JONDA, Michael, Pvt., 90 Snyder St., Struthers, Ohio. JUOKOWITZ, Robert, Pvt., S35 Williams Ave., Brooklyn, N, Y. NINTH ROW: LOVENTI, Frank, Pvt., 58 Chapel St., Stanford, Conn. RAMSY, ldus L., Pvt., Box 353, Wilburton, Okla. THOMAS, James, Pvt., Okmulgee, Okla. WALKER, L, L., Pvt., East Flat Rock, N. C. WINNEMUCCA, Roy L., Pvt., Western Shoshone ld., Res., Owyhee Nev. FIRST ROW: FISHER, Jacob W., l!Sgl., B343 22nd N. W., Seallle, Wash. LINK, Edgar M., S!Sgl,, I933 Wesl Eourlh Sl., Williams- port, Pa. MADDEN, Clarence E., SfSgl., Lillleporl, Iowa. SAGMILLER, Desmond L., S!Sql., IO9 Third Ave., N. E., Mandan, N. Dak, GRIFFITH, Woodrow J., Sql., Boonsboro, Md, JACK, R. O., Sql., Pelrolia, Pa. SECOND ROW: LEHMAN, Clyde, Sql., 204 Second Ave., N. W., Man- dan, N, Dak, EACHUS, Clifford E., TX4, Rl. I, Hunlcer, Pa. FRAZHO, Roberl, TX4, 68l4 E, Kirby, Delroil, Mich. NORTON, Lloyd R., TX4, IOB S. Rosanna Sl., Gilroy, Calif. PETERS, James M., TX4, 24l Maddock Ave., Trenlon, N. J. SOWL, Harold G., TX4, 40l7-A N. Porl Washinglon Rd., Milwaukee, Wis. THIRD ROW: CHEVEZ, Daniel, Cpl., l548 Delaware Sl., Berkeley, Call EDEN, lCharIes, R., Cpl., Fresno, Calif. FUHR, Jack, Cpl., Brislow, Neb. EUHR, Joe, Cpl., Brislow, Nela. JOHNSON, Sherman L., Cpl., 823 S, Eighlh Sl., Kansas Cilv, Kan, MERRILL, Russell J., Cpl., Box 6, Sl. George, Ulah. FOU RTH ROW: MOOREHEAD, William E., Cpl., Roclzlord, Iowa. MYRICK, Ray, Cpl., Pendelelon, Orc. NOLAND, Cecil M., Cpl., 802 N. Liberly, Independ- ence, Mo, RAINWATER, Davlc G., Col., Rl. l, Daylon, Wash. RINCK, Cyrus, Col., 967 Cherry Sl., San Carlos, Calif. SILLS, Howard M., Col., l7l7 Easl Mallon Ave., Spokane, Vlfash. FIFTH ROW: WAl3:E, Luciie J., CDI.. 2l2 W. Fourlh Sl., Downe alll. BAKER, Charles D., TS, 5302 Ouecns Axe.. Sr, Lcals, Mc. COOK. Loren E., T 5, Fonda, Iowa, FIX, Harold L. TS, Rl. I McCcnnellsoerq, ra FRIESEN, Ewald B., T 5, G-lad.-in, Mich. JOHNSON, Samuel C., T.5, 435 N. 59'h Aus. I Dululh, Minn, 90 X 'F' Q--. Huff BATTERY FIRST ROW: LEONARD, William T., T15 Rt, l, West Burlington Iowa. McDANlEL, Kenneth K., TX5, Addy, Wash. RETKE, Lloyd E., TXS, Atkinson Neb. RUNNESTRAND, Kenneth, S., Tf5, Rt, 3, Grand Junction Colo, SECOND ROW: SHECKELS, Charles, T!Sqt,, Damascus, Md. TRUESDELL, Eugene H., TfSgt., 22ll Ridge Ave., Rock lord, lll. WELLS, William F., T!5, McHenry, Va. BABCOCK, Paul E., Plc., 647 S. 42th, Louisville, Ky. BAKER, N, L., Plc., Blomkest, Minn. BARRIS, Adolph C., Plc., 9358 Kimbark Ave., Chi caqo, lll. THIRD ROW: BLAU, Jacob, Plc., l432 Otter St. Franklin Pa CHIARETTA, Guido, Plc., II4 South Seventh St., Law ton, Okla. CUNUNIPNGHAM, Clarence R., Plc., l038 Sullivan, Ogden ta , BIRKS, Robert J., Plc., Box 222, Merrill, lowa, EAMES, Dean O., Plc., I96 S. First West, Logan, Utah GEHRKE, Duane E., Plc,, Backus, Minn. FOURTH ROW: GLOVER, Dixon M., Plc., Monticello, Ga. HAMMERS, George, Plc., Lampe, Mo. HUWE, Lyle G., Plc., Huntsville, Wash. LASSITER, Jacob T., Plc., l7IO Arthur Ave., Nashville enn, LEISTNER, Stanley E., Plc., Potlatch, ldaho. LOWERY, Walter V., Plc., Nicholasville, Ky. FIFTH ROW: LUCCAS, Edward A., Plc., Corral de Finna, Salinas alil. MARTINEZ, Plc., Rt. 2, Box 5, Lyons, Kan. McCARFEL, George A., Plc., 330 Kaulman Ave., Dulu que, Iowa. McMANUS, James, Plc., Byars, Okla. McSEVENEY, Merle V., Plc., 2537 Scovill Ave., Clcvc land, Ohio. MCVAY, Frank M., Plc., Princeton, ldaho. SIXTH ROW: MERCER, George E., Plc., Rt. l, Richmond, Mo. MORFITT, Richard L., Plc., Kennwick, Wash. MULLUEN, Russell H., Plc., Il5 E. 64th St., New York City, N. Y. NEWTON, Arnold L., Plc., Potlatch, Idaho. PEAK, Ralph F., Plc., 982 S. Emerson, Denver, Colo. PHILLIPS, Henry Plc., Cayuse, Ore. SEVENTH ROW: PLUMB, Barrington D., Plc., 3lO7 Dudley St., Lincoln Neb. RAUSCH, Robert J., Plc., Finlayson, Minn. RETRUM, James S., Plc., Cottonwood, Minn. ROGERS, William E., Plc., Clyde, Kan. SANDS, Jonah, Plc., Star Rt., Castle Olsla. SILLS, Victor T., Plc., Sapulpa, Okla. EIGHTH ROW STOWE, Harry H., Plc., Waterville, Minn. ALCORN, Wilbur, Pvt., 24l4 W, lBth St., Little Rock A k, BOWMAN, William T., Pvt., Stroud, Okla. CHATLOS, Albert C., Pvt., I73 S, Seventh St., Duquene P . cooic, James W., Pvt., Veradale, Wash. CURPHEY, Kenneth, Pvt. NINTH ROW: G-LICK, Albert W., Pvt., l9l5 Stratmore, Wilmar, Calif LARSEN, Edward W., Pvt., Box 565, Houlton, Ore. LOGER, Harvey L., Pvt., Harris, Minn. PILGRAM, Sammy D., Pvt., Box IB4, Riverbank, Calil. PINCHBECK, Ted, Pvt., 52 Pinewood Ave., Albany N. Y. RICE, Ted E., Pvt., IOIO Raynolds Pt. S. W., Canton Ohio. TENTH ROW: ROARK, Dawson L., Pvt., Hennassey, Okla. ROBINSON, Gerald, Pvt., Rt. l, Crofton, Ky. RUIZ Frank T., Pvt., 5l5 Locust St., Kansas City, Mo SMETSER, Paul W., Pvt.. Waynesboro, Pa. 91 FIRST ROW: FRANK, Joseph B., SXSQI., 9l9 Spring Brook Rd., Alcoa, Tenn, LAMBERSON, John P., SfSgl., Hancock, Md. REMSBURG, Carl, SfSgl'., Warfordsburg, Pa. SIMS, Sammy M., S!Sg1., I43 N, Vendome Sl., Los Angeles, Calif LARY, Harlin, TM, 380I N, Audubon, Spokane, Wash. LASLEY, Eddie A., TX4, Scammon, Kan. SECOND ROW: OLIVER, Ellis, TX4, Pembina, N. Dak. ROEPER, Theodore, TX4, Sl. Louis, Mo. SCHLOBOHM William TX4 l6l8 S rin Sl., Davene . . . P 9 porl, Iowa, FILONI, Elmer, Sgt., Box 396, Coal Cenler, Pa. HOWARD, Claylon C.-, Sql. MONTAGNE, Roberl E., Sql., 9l3 N, Fiflh Sl., Monle- video, Minn. THIRD ROW: ROUNDY, Roberl M., Sql., Aberdeen, S. Dak. Bllilg, Allan, Cpl., Rl. 4, Box 372, Lewis Rd., San Jose, alif. BIERIG, Carl R., Cpl., Okeene, Okla. EPPERS, Arlhur J., Cpl. HOAGLAND, Melvin, Cpl., 74I5 Lydia Ave., Kansas Cily, Mo. HOLLOWAY, Charles H., Cpl., Boise, Idaho. FOURTH ROW: HUMBERG, Carl, Cpl., RI, 2, Thornlon, Iowa. JOLNEK, Pele S., Cpl., Cedar Rapids, Neb. KOEHLER, Fred, Cpl., 5203 N. Cannon Sl., Spokane, Wash. LAYMAN, Eddie, Cpl., Forl Worlh, Texas. MAZZOTTA, s., cpl., 4055 Howley sf., Pillsburgh, Pa, MOLONGO, Angelo L., Cpl., 32-29 45lh Sl., Asloria, Long Island, N, Y, FIFTH ROW: MUNDEN, Charles, Cpl., lO33 S. Fourlh, Daylon, Wash. TINCQLE, J. R., Cpl., 327 N. Schilferdcckcr, Joplin, o WELCH, Willard W., Cpl., Rf. l, Dayfon, Wash. COX, Carl L., TXS, Den? Sl., lronlon, Mo. DAVIS, Jim, TXS, Harrisonville, Mo. FOX, Clifford TIS, Lake Benlon, Minn. SIXTH ROW: HEGGY, william L., ws, 4:7 N, nina, esma, ni, HILDING, Richard G., TNS, -IOS 3rd Sl., Lewiston, Idaho. HITT, Byron L., TXS, 2603 Sl, Vincenl, SI. Louis Mo. HUNT, Sam, T!S, Rl, I, Emmett, Idaho. SEVENTH ROW: DOUTY, Leslie, Pvt., 3 NV'-illen Sv., Nvorgggfgr, Mass, , P BATTERY B FIRST ROW: LOBE, Bernard B., T5 30 E. Olive Sl. Lorrq Beach, N. Y, McC-INNIS, Dick, T'5 Bax 222, Ladysmiffi, Wis. PAGE, Robert A., T5, 35 Acadeffuy Axe., Easl I-Vex' rnoulh, Maas. ROHRABAUGH Vern, T5 Salem Grp, STRARHORN, Samuel F., TS, Myrtle Neal, Rl. 2, Oke- rriah Okla. VAN HALE, Vernon, TXS, Sauk Rapids, Minn. SECOND ROW: WILKINS, David M., ws, Ri, i aa. 7, Fawn-I, Calif, ADDISON, C. W,, Plc., Rl, 2, Bov 283, Arcadia, Fla. BIBLE, John M, Plc., -IIZO Adair Ave., Minneapolis Minn. BOTTS Pasco, Plc., Rl, 3, Millon, Fla. BROWN, Viclor, Plc., Ramsay, Ill, BRYAN, Louis, Plc., Sl. Louis, Mo. THIRD ROW: GILLIAM Charlie T., Plc., 3 Lcnqley Sl., Pelzer, S. C GOETTLICHER, Raymond J., Plc., I-H6 Second Ave. Mankalo, Minn. GREEN, Glenn A., Plc., Rl, 7, Box 90, Fresno, Calil. GREEN, Ralph W., Plc., Rl, 2, Windsor, Mo, GREISE, Fred A., Plc., 22l4 Dear Park Blvd., Omaha Nebr. GRIFFIN, vv. A., Plc., Boa H. Ava.. Lawlon, om. FOURTH ROW: HANSEN, Roberl, Plc. HIGHFILL, Richard L., Plc., Hepler, Kan. MEYER, Roy, Plc., 7735 S. Ada Sl., Chicaqo, Ill NIEMAN, Arlhur E., Plc., IB4I W, School Sl., Chi- caqo, Ill, PARTRIDGE, Wayne F., Plc., Allerlon, Iowa. RAW, Dale, D., Plc., B94 Grand Ave., Sl, Paul, Minn. FIFTH ROW: ROBERTSON, Alexander, Plc., 736 Collaqe Grove, Flinl Mich. SAPER, Leonard, Plc., BIB Taylor Sl., Joliel, Ill. SMITH, Edward W., Plc., Sandpoinl, Idaho. STRONG, Raymond F., Plc., Dakola Cily, Neb. TESCH, Arlhur W., Plc., 023 N, Main, Le Sueur, Minn THEYSON, William E., Plc., Minneapolis, Minn. SIXTH ROW: TITENSOR, von S., Plc., Bedford, Wye. TORRES, Bill, Plc., Box 692, Eagle Lake, Texas. TRISLER, Willie G., Plc., Rl. I, Talala, Okla. UMBERGER, Joseph, Plc. VALLEJO, E. B., Plc., Box 75, Valenline, Texas. VELASOPJEZ, Manuel D., Plc., I332 Villa Ave., Sanger Cali , SEVENTH ROW: WEBB, Ivan L., Plc., Box 309, Porlerville, Calil. WILSON, Archie L., Plc., Rl, 3, Manhallan, Kan. WILSON, Frank, Plc., Box I72, Nyssa, Ore. ZAKULA, Miche, Plc., Box I437, McGill, Nev, ASH, Menno, Pvl., Bridqeville, Del. CI-IAVEZ, Juan, D. D., Pvl., 765 W. Manhallan Sl., Sanla Fe, N. M. EIGHTH ROW: COLTER, Louis, Pvl., 26 Chadwick Sl., New Porl, R. I CONTRERAS, Henry G., P-fi., 1039 N. whale Si., Han lord Calif, CRABTREE, Lowell, Pvl., Farris, Okla, DEERING, Arl. J. Pvl., Box 95-7, I-lawlhorne, Nev. FOSHEE, Alvin F., Pvl., Hornbeck La. GILBERTSON, Gilberl, Pvl., Mayville, N, Dak. NINTH ROW: HARBOR, Bob., Pvl., 34 Linden Sl., Harrisburg, Pa. NETZLEY, Richard, Pvl., 530 Norlh Sunllower, Covina Calil. PACKARD, Frank Pvl., III7 Cumberland Bend, Ore. SLUDER, James E., Pvl. TALLEY, Thomas J., Pvl., BI3 N. Commerce, Gaines ville, Texas. THOMAS, Paul D., Pvl., Rl. I, Broken Bow, Okla. TENTH ROW: WHITSELL, Harry, Pvl., 57 Harding Ave., Penns Grove N. J. WILKEN, Jerry J., Pvl., Rl. 5, Carrollon, Ohio. WILLIAMS, Delma H., Pvl., Box 434, Dania, Fla. ZASTE, Peler E., Pvl., Belcourl, N, Dak. 93 FIRST ROW: DENISON, Russell H., lfSgI. AVERA, Marvin J. SfSql., Box 533, Springhill, La. sarees, Robert D., sfsgf., 1222 scum Pieasanf, ln- dependence, Mo. CROTTY, Irvinq T., S!Sgl., Pembine, N, Dak. DOONE, Rfnberl E., S!Sgl., IZI9 S. Elmwood Ave., Ber- wyn, I . PARSONS, William H., SfSgl., l705 N, Jessica, Sioux Falls, S. Dak. SECON D ROW: CUMMINGS, Clarence E., Sql., Box 7l, Rushford, Minn. GINTER, Joseph J., Sql., I36 Lidys Road, Duponl, Pa. SPURLIN, Elvis L., Sql., 5l6 l2lh Sl., Pacific Grove, C l'f. VICIENDCIA, Manuel G., Sql., I23I Vine Sl., Artesia, l'f. CASE? 'Thomas M., TN, Box SI4, Suller Creek, Calif. LAIBINIS, Alberl G., TX4, 2ll Cenler Sl., Pillslon, Pa. THIRD ROW: SCHAEFER, Kennelh W., TX4, Box I73 lronlon, Mo. TUCKER, Eve-ren M., rf-1, 2345 oak S+., Baker ore. BEARDSLEY, George M., cpl., 33 Mill sf., Nunaa, N, Y, COBB, George, Cpl., l438 Broadway, Brooklyn, N, Y. CUSUMANO, Jacob P., Cpl., 5997 McClellan, Delroil, M'ch. DECKER, Roy K., Cpl., Box 2l4, Culler, Calif. FOURTH ROW: DOFELGEL, Harold L., Cpl., IOOB Pacific Ave., Venice, GUECREIIBRO, Alfred H., Cpl., Il27 Pollle Ave., Fresno, HUNTER, Marion E., Cpl., I702 Ky. Ave., Connersville, KEIhI1Il'ilN, Max Cpl., 8 Fealher Bead Lane, Bronx, N. Y. MARUK, Leo, Cpl., I-108 Plane Sl., Avoca, Pa. MILLER, Ronald C., Cpl., 2l9 Mill Sl., Clio, Mich. FIFTH ROW: ROOO, Omar E., Cpl., Euclid, Minn. SHAFER, Larry A., Cpl., IOI Blackburn Ave., Lalonia, KY. SHARP, Dale R., Cpl., Box 255, Benlleyville, Pa. WHITAKER, Raymond O., Cpl., 324 N, Monroe Sl., Mocomb, Ill. BROWN, John H,, T!Sgl., 6I7 Dunbar Ave., Excelsior Springs, Mo. CURSY, aller R., T!5, IO43 Beidcman Ave., Camden, , J. SIXTH ROW: DAVIS, Leo E., TIS, Box 74, Slurgia, S. Dak. GARTNER, Arlhur, TfS, Upharn, N. Dai. JANDRON, Louis, T,"S, 2648 S. Elllel, Delroil, Mich, xmuse. Joseph M., ws, 353 E, ban. sr, chsesqa, nl, PARRISH, Henry H., TXS, 2035 John Sl., Goldsboro, N. C. SHAMBLEY, George NV., T,'5, Rl, -l, Camden, Ari, SEVENTH ROW: SEEFELD, Arnold E., Plc., NVillow Lake S. D. 94 ,... s .I cgi P -s f .N Q. BATTERY. FIRST ROW: SEIU Cianan W, TS, 221 Lee, Avo., S., Madison S. Oak. St.':Tr-I Rrberf J., T 5, 707 Park, Lawton, Okla. TAYLOR C'a'les, TS, I-iS South M., St., Newlanc, N. Y. THORNTON Pavick T 5, sir H sr., Lawton, ous. TONEY, Raewr, T S, Box 236 Scottdale, Ga. WORKMAN, Raef-rt L,, T S, 905 Fiesta St., Rosvniead, Calif, SECOND ROW: ARMITAGE, M.ran L,, Plc., 223 Chestnut St., Pontiac, Ill. BAUSUS, Ea"', H., Plc., Thurrwtond, N, C. BRESSLER, Harry P., Plc., 1937 Hearst Asc., Berkeley, Calil, CASAS, Manuel D., Plc., lO9S Sisth St,, San Bernardino, Calil, COFFER, Ebron A., Plc., SI Charlotte St., Pontiac, Mich, DAVIS, E. E., Plc., West Decatur, Pa. THIRD ROW: GENOVESE, Joseph, Plc., 9l28 Greenwood Ave., Chi- cago, Ill, GILPIN, Lee, Jr., Plc., Garnett, Kan. GOMEZ, Augustine M., Plc., 380 Holt Avo., El Con tro Calif GRIEGER, Way'nc, Plc., Box 26, Arthur, N, Dal. HALL, Ella H., Plc., West Plains, Mo. HAMAN, Augustine, Plc., Towner, N, Oak. FOURTH ROW: HANKS, Rav, Plc., Elko, Nov, HENRY, Granvel L., Plc., 463 N, Gale Hill, Lirialsay Call HERMONIE, Harold, Plc., I83-I Luniner St., Lincoln, Nab. HOMOKI, William B., Plc., III Blake St., Elyria, Ohio, JIMENEZ, Aurelio, Plc,, I2l Olive St,, El Centro, Calil. KEYONNIE, Keith B., Plc., Castle Butte, Winslow, Ariz. FIFTH ROW: LAWRENCE, Tommy C., Plc., Qulin, Mo. LINDOUIST, Marion E., Pfc., SOI N, Sixth St., Hamil- ton, Mont, MARTELL, Lloyd, W., Plc., 304 North Ilth Avc., Pasco Wash. RONGO, James L., Plc., 825 Willow Avc., Hoboken, N. J. RUSSO, Joseph R., Plc., IOI4 S, 3rd St., Pcl-rin, Illi. nois. SMITH, Foy G., Plc., Rt. I, Box 27, Laton, Calil. SIXTH ROW: THOMPSON, Gerald R., Plc., 485 Carroll St., Akron, Oh' . TWEET,IOLester W., Plc., Box 473, Osalcis, Minn. VISHION, Homer G., Plc., l357 Semplc Ave., St. Louis, Mo, VOLPE, Joseph A., Pvt., 723 57th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. WOOD, Carl N., Plc., Salina, Kona. WRIGHT, Virgil E., Plc., 2354 North St., Lincoln Nob. SEVENTH ROW: BEGLEY, Bill T., Pvt., Box 293, Louellcn, Ky. BOOTHMAN, James W,, Pvt., 275 Montgomery Avc. Providence, R, l. CASTILLO, Aleiondro, Jr., Pvt., Rt, I, BOX 6l, Holt' ville, Calil. CLOSE, Carlton C., Pvt., Kansas City, Mo. ENGELKING, William F., Pvt., 20 I6th Ave., N. E., Sl. Paul, Minn. FERDINAND, Anhui, P-vi., l7I7 Ave.. H., Broollyn, N. Y. EIGHTH Row. GIRASOLE, Joseph J., Pvt., 133 seth si., Niagara Falls, N, Y. GRANATA, Rudolph, Pvt.. isle N, 64th sr.. Phila- delphia, Pa. HALL, Robert T., Pvt., 507 E. Central Ave., Titusvillc, Pa. I-IARRILL Milburn M. Pvt. Box IO4 Wa'neSville Mo, . . i . 7 . LASKO, Walt S., Pvt., 8l2 Grant St., Portage, Pa. LISBY, Ivan C,, Pvt., Fillmore, Incl. NINTH ROW: LOPEZ, Ray M., Pvt., 693 North Fourth St., San Jose, Calif. LYNN, John W., Pvi., 21:3 Ilth Ave., S., Minfieapa- Iis, Minn. MIKLOUCICH, Joseph R., Pvt., Box 203, Aurora, Minn, ORR, Carson J., Pvt., 96 E, l56 St., Harvey, Ill. PENNISI, S., Pvt,, I722 South Eighth St., Omaha, Neb. PAWELCZYK, Ernil R., Pvt., l648 N, Kedzie Ave., Chi- cago, Ill, TENTH ROW: RIGDON, Aaron D., Pvt., 8Sl Darphin St., Mobile Ala. ' ROBINSON John L, Pvt. 5508 Second Ave. N. Se- attle, Wash, i I I i ROGERS, William F., Pvt., 27l2 Napier Ave., Macon Ga. TERWILLIGER, Hobart L., Pvt., 4l Water St., Newton N. J. WILLIS, Joseph N., Pvt., 380 North Seventh St., Clin- ton, Ind. E 1124, 7- 'pf-Q FIELD IIRTILLERY TRAINING DETIIGHNIENT No.1 I I HEADQUARTERS FIELD ARTILLERY TRAINING DETACHMENT NO. I-FIELD ARTILLERY SCHOOL FoRT sn.L, OKLAHOMA . 1? I7 July 1945 TO: The OTTicers and Men oT Field ArTiIIery Training DeTachmenT No. I. IT is a greaT pleasure To Take This opporTuniTy To address you. You have an imporTanT parT in The deveIopmenT oT The Field ArTiIIery by rea- son oT your empIoymenT as school Troops in The reTreshing Training and Training oT oTTicers and oTTicer candidaTes. IT is a Tough job To come Trom combaT uniTs and Trom overseas and To seTTIe inTo a TighT schedule oT school requiremenTs. You have done iT well. You are improving daily. You are rapidly becoming a body oT school Troops oT which The Field ArTiIIery School can be proud. You are Ioolced upon as model Troops wiTh The mission To be and To do Those Things which an ideal Field ArTiIIery uniT musT do. For your spiriT, your drive, and your cheerTuI cooperaTion in The pasT I commend you. I exhorT you To keep your mission in mind and To conTinue To sTrive Tor perTecTion in The TuTure. QTKN' 3 GEORGE V. SAMPSON I.ieuTenanT Colonel, Field ArTiIIery Commanding. rsgga GEURGE V. SAMPSDN LIEUTENANT COLONEL, FIELD ARTILLERY Commanding 98 2 .esO' fr LN JAMES TU'PFER, JR. LEO BUNDZENS Malo! Captain Battalion S-3 Commanding Officer Battery C 79 T 93' fii:..'T'?vx DAVID W. DAVIES WILLIAM E. DUFFY STANLEY H. McDILL Captain Captain Captain Battalion Executive Officer Assistant Battalion S-3 . Battery Commander and Adiutant 'Y' 4210" I' if -19 ' 2 PAUL J. KIRBY RALPH E. ANDERSON JAMES A. MILNE First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant Reconnaissance Officer Commanding Officer Executive Officer Battery C Headquarters Battery Battery C I SES? WILLIS I. YUST HENRY W. CHUST1 EDISON M. TEMPLE First Li'eutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Battalion I 8: E Officer Reconnaissance Officer Headquarters Battery ' , 99 MOVING UP SETTING UP FIRE DIRECTION CENTER x V YA. ,. ,- VV .4V,VV- Axnxv V Chg' phlmf "v.:' 53731: fi er 5359 fx -'ig 4' 531153. , . . Q, , ., -' .lvaxfi VLH . ' ying? -.V L, . . '. KJ ' V3--r .iw ,- 'QV VD .. .'.iq1f1.VA-. Us JV Vxf?'im "N ' ' . -.x VSVH' 775: ., ' " ' Ny. -, : , 1' n gvff F Q qs' fix b xnxx w 4 '3,8F!'v4" .r ,L 2' f ,Lf ' 7. V . f z K 1- ik' , .1 fgifr. N .-.. Af-1 + g.2fV -N -IV . gz,.,,gfy,V -VVVHJ, V 5 1 . .8 , . , f ' , . Wxf 1 'J A Q 1 5 Wv ,- f 'f' 7 49" 1" 'J W' ' 4. ge A aft ' 4 1' 'nw 4 r - ,.. 'Y -1 ' S QT,-Z" 1. -1 ri . .V , V. V .lf . 551' .' .-"f- 'xi Vi. 1,1 KVHJVVHA' f .8+',VV:VV.f VAV :I 1 4 arf : .1 Q.: ' , 1 2.19 1.141 Q '.?f:m -sf Q W V' ..- Vf., x . '-MNH "'l,.'c4h?? ' X1 3 5 Wim an .ti 4. 'yr , ,, Y, VV .V 1, .Q VV l -Fw' , . 5 - 3' ' ,.,. V'-wif.. fu' ', . '37 if. 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M' 1 A dwg QVV VH 'X ,V ' " , ,v V AM ' vi x , ' .' , . 5 '-,3:Vge'.4'.,:, ,-V'S.'5,4 ,fe , B-1-4. ' sq 0 -,'.'Vf'. .,., .VA V. ' . . 31.45, aw f,, J VV V V5 ' V N" A , S V, ,VV ,V -1'--g,"VfV,af',Tfq fl. . VflQ3' ' VV: -' 'S 1--1 .ig .V ' . ,V 1. - :,,,,Q4.J'53",,,,Vl ' . 5193- -1 ",A,W-:in,,,gff ",,,',' ,VSV .nip- .. , -1- , f'.-..s.- -5 - . ' "-" L, fy' '-H+. A ' " , zrtwwzw x - 1- 1-:W - , ' -:t:4,fvf' 1. , g,f,:vfwL if-I . ,,,, . . , . , ,. N -.-If -Jw, ' 1-s.'wq,6QVV, 416.157 I A 1 . XJ- , ',Ar,'A:,'vE94' w. wi ' 1 - .- fc, G - f ,,,fV . I ,mm , - V XXV ,lf -. nf, .VCV T, W f ,ff-M ,-Q MXH 1" -...L-'24,-Y. F V , . TWV, , - 1,6 1 I .V 4 V . 1 x I I l MAINTENANCE Reading clockwise from upper leffz The Jeeps gel' cleaned: 1-heir 'Hres checked: The IOS gels Hs cleaning: and 'Phe old spii' and pol. ish: The ieeps are ready for inspeciiong Even +he radios gef fha old one +wo. Everyfhing has +o be lcepi' in 'rip lop shape ready fo use and ready for any so1i'l' of inspecfion-fhis is fhe iob of main- fenance-everyone is a mainfenance man here, ran any mmf you can emi Xf Q'QZ Q, ' Qi ,9 f '11 ' 'nv . A X :Un w EJMQ W fav, IM, f Q Tfgiiisxd ' ' '- k 'SD 5 K f ff X, ,. XJ bb Q N K' in 1- 1 1, ,, D 1' X. 'L -, A V A- muon: nonumu we -um UOIIVIAIMY YOSIITNAY SWYUIE FUR -. 5' 51. J ,f 'gk 2 ' 1 1 - nuvvounnuturvsuvr: at , X55 Q QQ lmdmlol All IAVXR n 5 vucuem A - " kt K x m vnu ulfv , Ulf? v we XWQQ5-i Z-T: use mn was us www' Q - XNSQ: L .f-"ff-' 50' ill? 5 4- 1 2 tx 1 . xx,:fw,W5', 2 1 'NUS HE DQUARTERS FIRST ROW: WALKER, l!Sgf., Box lOl, Morris, Okla. JEFFERS, L. C., SfSgl'., Greens Fork, Ind. THOMAS, A. R., SfSgf,, 630 E. Pinckley Sf., Brazil, Ind. WOLK, S!Sgf., l0Il N. Humboldf, Minneapolis, Minn. HABEELAND, W. H., Sql., 33l Broadway, Wellsville, O io, LOBEL,YJ. H., Sql., l886 Harrison Ave., New York N. . SECOND ROW: MALONEY, Daniel, Sql., Feasferville, Pa. MIRASOLA, Benny R., Sql., 469i Algonquin Ave., De- lroif, Mich, DROEGE, R. G., TX4. GLAZE, W. M., TX4, 570 N. Winler Sl., Salem, Ore. HALL, H. A., TX4, Rl. l, Box IO9-B, Magnolia, Miss. JANETT, Joseph A., TX4, 620 Tex, Ponliac, Mich. BATTE THIRD ROW: MICALE, J. A., TX4, 58 Easlon Ave., New Bruns- wick, N. J. POIESZ, Emil, TX4, l64l S. Bailey Sl., Philadelphia, Pa. BACOLA, Leo, Cpl., 2575 Concourse, Bronx, N, Y. BLAlR, J. B., Cpl., 535 Jackson S+., Hayward, Calif. CHANEY, T. B., Cpl., ll59 Third S+., N. E., Wash- inglon, D. C. DOOLEY, Arlhur E., Cpl. FOURTH ROW: G-ILL, Allon, Cpl., Box 309, Rr. I, barasora, r-ra. G-ERLOCK, Geodfred, Cpl., Sugar Cily, Colo. HARLACHER, J. R., Jr., Cpl., 34l W. Elk Sf., blen- dale, Calif. WAQKLER, J., cpl., 2:5 E. l8'rh sf., New York, N v. BANNING, Fred H., T!5, 337 Norfh Sl., Lewisfon, Idaho. - BIRNBUAUM, Howard L., T!5, l70 Jewell Ave., Jersey Clly, N. J. , l I 0 IIRTERS BATTERY 4,4 f 'lf' vhs' ar FIRST ROW: COOK, Robert, TMS, -I Broe:.I St., Rochester, N. Y. COON, Henry J., TfS. HANWAY, L. J., TXS, Rt. S, St. Joseph, Mo. HARMON, C. A., TNS, l322 High St., Saginaw, Mich, LANG, R. M., ws, 4348 Kirby Ra., csncrrmii, om. MARTIN, J. C., TXS, BZI Webster St., N, W., Wash ington, D. C. SECOND ROW: MCCARTHY, C. B., T!5. PILLINGER, Gcorgc, TXS, I369 Rittenhouse St., Phil- adelphia Pa, PROUSTGAARD, Lcn C., TXS, Payson, Utah. SULLIVAN, J. L., TXS, Sullivan, Mo. TONE, Albert G., TXS, Akron, Iowa, ZARCONE, Anthony J., TXS, 429 E. 56th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. THIRD ROW: ANDERSON, Charles H., Plc., Yale Farm, Street, Mary- land, BOWN, Lucien, Pfc., 338 S, First West, Manti, Utah, DIXSON, L. W., Pfc., 35l4 T St., N, W., Washington, D. C. ESKINS, Ronald E., Plc., Box IZO, East Bank, W, Va. INGRAFFIA, Vincent, Plc., I56 Blackford Avo., Port Richmond, New York, N, Y. JANSEN, F, D., Ptc., 6036 France Ave., S., Minne- apolis, Minn. FOURTH ROW: KAUFFMAN, J. P., Pfc., S707 N. Washtenaw Ave., Chi- cago, III. KENNEY, E. M., Ptc., 442 Eighth Avc,, Clinton, Iowa. MCDONALD, G. B., Pfc. MASLOWSKI, J. S., Pfc., 474 Statc St., Perth Ambray, N. J. MUSARRA, Rosie, Ptc., IOB0 Jay St., Akron, Ohio. PATALANO, O. J., Pfc., 2I Vcrnon St., Providence, R, I. FIFTH ROW: SCHAUB Albert W., Ptc., 35I3 Harford Rd., Balti- more, Md. ANDERSON, Bill, Pvt., ZIS Dinnis, Houston, Tefas. BIGELOW, Robert J., Pvt., B24 Alton Rd., Miarrii Beach, Fla. CASSIDY, J. R., Pvt., IO8 S, Foundry St., Hagerstown, Md. COLE, Arthur T., Pvt., 2I2 VV, Portage Ave., Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. COLLINS, E, L., Pvt.. Cumberland Center, Me. SIXTH ROW: DAVIS, S. R., Jr., Pvt., 72l S. Jetterson St., Hobart, Okla. DELINSKY, H., Pvt., 2000 Anthony Ave., New York, N, Y. JORDAN, E. J., Pvt., Hugo, Okla. MARCONI, J. P., Pvt., I24 E. Bacon St., Palo Alto, Pottsville, Pa. McGINTY, John P., Pvt., 23I6 Monterey St., Detroit, Mich. McKNlGHT, Jack, Pvt., Fort Worth, Tevas. SEVENTH ROW: NOON, John R., Pvt., Jacksonville, Ohio. PAOLETTI, Anthony C., Pvt., 240 Goodell St., Buffa- lo, N. Y, PATELZICK, E. H., Pvt., 2046 Eagle Ave., Alameda, Calif. STEVEART, M. A., Pvt., IZO Glenwood Glade, Oakland, alif. TERAMANI, E., Pvt., 4lIO Granite Ave., Baltimore, Md. WOODS, Robert G., Pvt., 430 Anderson Ave., Cliffside Park, N. J, uf 5, L5 rim, . Wf . . x ,fi , - My za.. , A Sfffrif ., ,. .f 3 sp ,P 4, -r ff ,,- E! if.. Q? .AA ' XV ..- .AG . f H? 1 2: .V r X . f Y L 4, M . X A li 2- , ww ffmfff ,vwqgg X k -"-. Q . f .5 v. Ag. X X X 5 5 Q X wr Q sw Xxx X x Sw N W xx x XX Xxwxm X X X xx , A .. , Rf .19 '-.5 X . X ,. N. Ez: 'X . we I XX x kgs f-ggi, Q TSN' X' A nag?-'1Sgi. fx S ,L X. .. Q, K fi: X1 135- :ya U? .- Q.. Q ' C , ff! iggix 5 f Q ,, M V X , 'Ms 1 , wif? 3. f Q A - ,',, . , ,,, " I' , -1 y A .LVM ,rl b ' ' W A , ,, 5' 1' ,A ' ' , , ' Mu 4: ,1 :V V'y, .15 'ixjdy .AQ A "Xw':4 I " ' 357: vs, V " ,t fx '55 5 -V f K .125 7i .Mp , i ,K . 'N' gk? .4 . 9 114' V' ff 1, , 'VH' L' 'fl A .. . fi 6 il f ,J .1 5 A 1 . A . 1,....l 2 .. .ft N wx A we gms ffl L f?"ff" - A. -2 JY., Q fb , . fav'-'f i xkai' S 'f 3 ,Q , 1 . Y Q' . if I . ,Y . if ff if rf? L I . , 1 ,-.Q 1, 5' A . it- 'ii fggig. Sf Q. fix w A 2 x 5,1 . af- 4 ig fx iff: M , .kv-Q , YE? Lin , cg ,Q 54? mf, f wi V, , , , Zh ,J j",,Z ,X , TTERY B FIRST ROW: ZYSKOSKI LC:'J'.1 I 53' HUDSON Ar'n-' H., S Sw. BRESCHAN Jes--C", Snr., Ib7l S. -4-:rn St., Mil-sa, .-,-Lr I.'.'i5, SCHJOFDT Oscar 5, Snr, Re-'Um-', S, Dal. SIWMSKI, Furl L.. sau. S.igl.i.II!e Lane, N'-lillirfq ton ra. I-V-LSON, Rafe 1 C Sat., 22:3 I'ifx".s.i', St., Smit" Fc'-. Pa, SECOND ROW: BUIE Robert N'-',, T,-I, Rt, S, Lexirxztqrr, N, C, MCCALL, H-gnrw H., T-I, Cautana, lotsa. ZIEQLER, OIIOWIJV I'I., T-1, IOZI G'.tI'.i'vi St., Pells, TL-ras. DOYLE, Charms E., Cpl., C-'censLm'o La, IDLEBERG, Max, Cpl. LEVVTON, Austin B.. Col, THIRD ROW: SAMPLE, Robert Cpl. SPINNER, Ernest B., Col., Centralia, I- SULLIVAN, William B., Cpu WINDEIVIULLER. l"IL'nfi'. Cpl., 552 Colle-qc Avi.-,, Hal land, Mich, GREENBERG, Bernarfl H., T,'5, 2305 Vermont Axe., To ledo, Ohio. HENDERSON, Buford M., TIS. FOURTH ROW: PETERS, Wilson R., T!'5, Howardsvillr-, Va, ACOSTA, Jesus R., PIC., Box 3l6, Winifred, Kan. DeJAYNES, Donald D., PIC., Box -I8-I, LaPrairie, III. DOWELL, George H., PIC., l303 S. Fourth, Rieli mond, Ind, FLOYD, Roberl L., PIC,, Inqram, Ky. FORTIN, Joseph P., PIC., 56 Water Sl., WaterviIle, Me FIFTH ROW: GOMEZ, C-il M., PIC., Robstown, Texas. HAMILTON, Basil, PIC., l322 E. llth St., Davenport, Iowa. I-IARTLEY, Tom W., PIC., 492 Andrew SI., St. Paul, Minn. HOLLAND, Ben F., PIC., 2524 Poplar St., Detroit, Mich, HUGHES, Joe T., PIC., Piney Flats, Tenn. HUMPHRIES, Lambert C., PIC., 2l6 77th St., S., Bir. mingham, Ala. SIXTH ROW: HYPES, Russell B., PIC., Rl. I, Box 220, Hardy, Va. KNIVILA, Toivo J., PIC., Rt, 2, Oqerna, Wis. KOLB, Carl H., PIC,, RI, I, Auburn, Mieh. KOONTZ, Donald I-l,, PIC., Holsopple, Pa. LAND, Herbert T., PIC., l9l3lg W. Washington SI., Indianapolis, Ind. LOUALLEN, Crannel E., PIC., Rt, l, Decatur, Ala. SEVENTH ROW: MAINE, Harold L., PIC., SuIIield St., Windsor Loelrc Conn. MAY, Joe D., PIC., Rutledge, Ala. MCCLARD, Denzil X., PIC., Rt, I, Purico, Mo. STRAFF, William J., PIC., I4-47 Vvfesley Ave., Berwyn, Ill. STRANDELL, Irvinq, PIC., Albert Lea, Minn. TIREY, Ray l., PIC., Bolivar, Mo. EIGHTH ROW: WILLETT, Branch, PIC,, S17 E. 68Ih St.. Shrevcporh La. BENDER, Franlc, PvI., Detroif, Mich. BROOKS, Harold, Pvt., 329 Deds Ave., DavIon, Ohio, BRYANT, Jov, Pvt., B01 828, Wasco, Calif. DAVENPORT, Emery A., PIC., Rt. I, LaCenIer, Ky. DENNISON Parker PvI. 830 N. llth Milwaukee was. ' ' ' ' ' NINTH ROW: FRANIAK, Walter, Pvt., ll332 S., Troy, Chicago, lll. FRY, Jessie Pvt., I2-4 St, Marys SI., Phoenixville, Pa. GOHLKE, Edwin w., Pvt., 6515 W. Motive Ave., Mil- waukee, Wis. LEE, Paul L., PvI., Rt, I, Haneeville, Ala. LE TOURNEAU, Cassimere J., Pvt., Rt. 3, Stillwater, Minn, MEZA, George, Pvt., Boz I6, Bonsall, Calif. TENTH ROW: MOI-IR, Francis E., Pv'r., Rl. 4, Amboy, Ill. OVERLY, William C., Pvt., 534 W. Main St., New Hoiland, Pa. RINEER, C-ardiner F., Pvt., 68l2 Chalmers, Van Dyke, Mieh. RINE,I I-larl', John H., PvI'., Throckrnorfon, Texas, IO7 BATTERY FIRST ROW: TURMAN, Howard S., l!Sgl., Sonora, Texas. HUDSON, Henry L., SfSgl., l2OO Washinglon Sl., Norwood Mass. NELSON, Norberl H., S!Sgl., ll0 N, Sl., Hoquiam, Wash. BALL, Joseph F., Sgl., 3408 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va. KOONS, Donald M., sql., 876 zlsl sl., Ogden, ulsll. SECOND ROW: MCCANCE, Kennelh, Sql., 205 S, Dean Sl., Bushnell, lll. SPRINGER, Russell, Sgl., Box 3l9, Carrolllown, Pa. EMRICK, Wendell W., TX4, 2426 Lawn Ave., Kansas Cily, Mc. GREEN, Mark D., Cpl., Kaysville, Ulah. MINTZ, lsadorefA., Cpl., 2242 S, Slh Sl., Philadelphia, Pa. THIRD ROW: SCHARFBERG, Fred l., Cpl., l559 Jesup Ave., New York, N, Y STANEK, Arlie A., Cpl., Hillsboro, Wis WALDREN, Palrick E, Cpl., Porl William, Ohio. BENOIT, Thomas H., TXS, l50 Cherry Sl., Brocklon, Mass. DORSEY, William B., T!5, 9l5 San Bruno Ave., San Francisco Calif. FOURTH ROW: GANZER, Julius, TIS, 228l Slrauss Sl., Brooklyn, N. Y. TINSLEY, Roberl L., TIS, l220 Harvard Blvd., Los Angeles, Calil ANDREWS, William T., Plc., 59 Carroll Sl., Trenlon, N. J. BAUMANN, Ernesl G., Plc., Rl. 4, Susquehanna, Pa. BECKALD, William W., Plc., Rl. 4, Cokalo, Minn. FIFTH ROW: DEAN, Elias R., Plc., Walls, Ark. EDDINGTON, Kennelh, Plc., Rl, 2, Macomb, lll. HARSHMAN, Buel C., Plc., Heppner, Ore. HANSON, Irwin M., Plc., Ridgeland, Wis. HENNES, Norberl N., Plc., Richmond, Minn. SIXTH ROW! METTLER, Huberl M., Plc., 6l5 E, Lewis Sl., Forl Wayne, Incl. PlLEJA,CNichoIa F., Plc., 730 Quincy Sl., N. W., Washinglon, REICHERT, Edward M., Plc., 923l S, Hobarl, Los Angeles, Calif. SALLEE, Willie R., Plc., Caledonia, lll. SEGUIN, Joseph C., Plc., 3l3 N, Slsl Ave., N., Dululh, Minn. SEVENTH ROW: SURGENER, Troy E., Plc., Corbin, Ky. TERRY, Ernesl M., Plc., Newporl, Ark. TOTH, Alex J., Plc., 320 Lime Sl., Fremonl, Ohio. WAGNER. Ernesl E., Plc., Box I4l, Turllc Lake, N, Dak. WEED, Willie, Plc., Porlageville, Mo. EIGHTH ROW: ALlNGER, Dave E., Pvl., Rl. 2, Box 364, Vancouver, Wash. HAMMERS, Roberl W., Pvl., Logan, lll. HOLT. Ralph D., Pvl., Durham, N. C. JUSTICE, McClelland, Pvl,, Bax 407, Pikeville, ky. KOKER, Waller, Pvl., 9l6 66lh Pl., Kenosha, Wis, NINTH ROW: METZ, Waller H., Pvl,, Buffalo, N, Y. MILLER, Lawrence J., Pvl,, While Casllc, La. MOTTER, Jchn A., Pvl,, Rl, l, Vcnug- Pg, MUZYCZEK, Anlhorlv, Pvl. SMITH, Robert C., P'.'l,, 7-lOl Silorg Rin Brggkl-,n' N, Y, TENTH ROW: STICKLER, Harry A., Pvl,, Warren, Org, TROINA, Anlhony V,, Pvl., 8 Essex Sl., Nulley, N, J, NVINKLER, Roberl M,, Pvl, ZIEBART, Anlhcny, Fvl,, Rl, 2, Au'd'a, Oro IO8 INFANTRY ,,,,u Q on pfvw V1.4 -up, ,. ivvhg Q. . . .4 rut. . x I '4 LF 446 Au. TRAIN NG DETACHMENT 109 HISTDRY 0F THE 1B6TH INFANTRY I-IND INFIINTRY TRAINING DETAGHMENT O EEEEEEEEZLO.. ..g.gI:iEE:::E . Qx CREST: ThaT for RegimenTs of The Ohio NaTionaI Guard. WREATH: ArgenT and Azure. MOTTO: "FoIIow Me" DESCRIPTION: The Three NaTionaI services of The RegimenT are commemorafed in iTs whiTe shield wiTh blue border, The older and IaTer InTanTry colors, wiTh The black MaITese Cross 'Tor The Spanish-American War, The border for The Mexican Border duTy and The Rainbow Tor The World War. The l66Th lnTanTry, Ohio NaTional Guard, was or- ganized in I877, as The FourTeenTh InTanTry, Ohio Na- Tional Guard, Trom exisTing companies in Columbus, WesTerville, WesT JeTTerson, Marysville and Richwood. The RegimenT was musTered inTo Federal Service Tor The Spanish-American War as The FourTh InTanTry, Ohio Vol- unTeers. IT served overseas in PuerTo Rico Trom 3 Au- gusT I898 To 29 OcTober l898. ATTer The war The Regi- menT was disbanded and immediaTely reconsTiTuTed in The NaTionaI Guard oT Ohio as The FourTh RegimenT oT InTanTry. The RegimenT was again musTered inTo The Federal Service in SepTember T916 and served on The Mexican Border in The viciniTy oT El Paso, Texas, unTil Febru- ary l9I7. The RegimenT was again musTered inTo Federal Serv- ice Tor World War l and redesignaTed The l66Th lnTanTry OT The 42nd Division Illainbowl. The RegimenT served overseas wiTh This Division Tor a period oT eighTeen monThs, during which Time iT parTicipaTed in The Tollow- ing engagemenTs, Lunneville SecTor, Lorraine, 2I Febru- ary To 23 March I9I8: BaccaraT SecTor, Lorraine, 3I March To 2l June I9I8: Espearance-Soulain SecTor. Champagne, 4 July To I4 July I9I8: Champagne-Marne Deliensive, I5 July To I8 July I9I8p Aisne-Marne OTTen- sive, 25 July To 5 AugusT I9I8: ST. Mihiel OTTensive, I2 SepTember To I6 SepTember I9I8: Essey 8: Pannes Sec- Tor, Woevre, I7 Seplrember To 30 SepTember l9l8: Meuse-Argonne OTTensive, I2 OcTober To 3I OcTo- ber I9I8: Meuse-Argonne Offensive, 5 November To IO November l9l8. The RegimenT was also a parT oT The Army oT OccupaTion Trom I6 November I9I8 To 6 April I9l9. IT was musTered ouT aT Camp Sherman, ohaoon wrviayisis. ' Upon iTs reorganizaTion Tollowing The World War The I66Th lnTanTry once more became The FourTh InTanTry. Ohio NaTional Guard in I92O. On I July l92I if re- ceived iTs warTime designaTion, ThaT oT The l66Th lnTanTry, SevenTy-TourTh Brigade, ThirTy-sevenTh Division. In pasT years The RegimenT has served in several STaTe emergencies. Chief among These calls To service were The I9I3 Tlood, The Ohio PeniTenTiary Tire, relieT adminig- TraTion in The I-locking Valley, indusTrial disorders in The coal mining areas, disorders in The Sfeel areas Trom I92O To I937, and The Ohio Tlood in I937. V The RegimenT was again ordered inTo Federal Serv- ice on I5 OcTober I94O aT Camp Shelby, Mississippi as a parT oT The 37Th InTanTry Division. In February l94I, The RegimenT was Tilled To war sTrengTh by The receipT of SelecTive Service lnducTees. In December I94I The FirsT BaTTalion, I66Th InTanTry was designaTed Task Forces I28O and I29I and assigned To overseas duTy on Island bases oTT The coasT oT SouTh America. On I February I942 The 37Th Division was Triangu- larized and The I66Th InTanTry lless FirsT BaTTalionl was assigned To The SouThern DeTense Command wiTh The Second BaTTalion sTaTioned aT Texas CiTy, Texas as a parT oT The WesTern GulT Sub-secTor and The Third BaTTalion and auxiliary.uniTs sTaTioned aT New Orleans, Louisiana, as GuIT SecTor Reserve Troops. In OcTober I942 The Third BaTTalion and auxiliary uniTs were moved To ForT Bar- rancas, Florida as a parT oT The EasTern GulT Sub-secTor. On The I8Th oT July I943, The I66Th InTanTry lless FirsT BaTTalionl was relieved Trom SouThern DeTense Command and aTTached To Third Army. On 22 July I943 The Second BaTTalion, Third BaTTalion and Auxiliary UniTs were uniTecI in Camp Shelby, Mississippi. On I SepTember I943 ilqe FirsT BaTTalion -was ordered To reTurn Trom overseas lless personnel and equipmenTl and reassigned To The I66Il1 InTanTry, bringing The RegimenT TogeTher again Tor The TirsT Time in over TwenTy monThs. This reunion WGS SIIOVTL lived however, Tor on I2 SepTember I943, orders were received assigning The RegimenT To ReplacemenT and School Command wiTh The Second BaTTalion going To The Tank DesTroyer School aT Camp Flood, Texas and The remainder oT The RegimenT going To The Field Arfillery School, ForT Sill, Oklahoma. On I February I944, The I66Th InTanTry was ordered inacTivaTed. AT The same Time The Third BaTTalion I66Th lnTanTry and Company "D," I66Th InTanTry were or- dered reorganized and aTTached To The 3lsT Field ArTil- lery Brigade, ForT Sill, Oklahoma. In OcTober I944 The Third BaTTalion plus Company "D," began receiving overseas roTaTional reTurnees and commenced The shipping ouT oT Those men who were qual- iTied lbuT had noT served overseasl Tor overseas duTy. On 7 December I944, Company "D," l66Th lnTanTry was ordered inacTivaTed. On The I9Th and 2IsT oT Janu- ary I945 The lasT enlisTed men oT The original I66Th In- TanTry were shipped To ForT Ord, CaIiTornia and ForT Meade, Maryland. This leTT The Third BaTTalion, I66Th ln- TanTry aImos+ enfirely composed oT overseas reTurnees. On I2 February I945 The Third BaTTalion, I66Th In- TanTry was inacTivaTed. This inacTivaTion removed The number I66Th Trom The War DeparTmenT LisT. The sTrengTh oT The UniT was TransTerred To Field ArTiIIery School and organized as The lnTanTry Training DeTach- menT, School Troops, Field ArTillery School under The command oT LieuTenanT Colonel Oliver l'l. Gibson. During The monTh oT June and July I945, oTTicer over- seas reTurnees were assigned To The InTanTry Training De- TachmenT and guaIiTied oTTicers lwho had noT been over- seasl were shipped To ForT Ord, CaliTornia. These oTTi- cers included LieuTenanT Colonel O. I-I. Gibson. On 2I July I945 Major John M. Eubank assumed The com- mand oT The InTanTry Training DeTachmenT, Field ArTilIery School. HEADQUARTERS INFANTRY TRAINING DETACHMENT-FIELD ARTILLERY SCHOQL FORT siLL, OKLAHOMA 'A' . , 6 AugusT I945 TO: The OTTicers and lvlen OT The lnTanTry Training DeTachme,nT. You are playing an impOrTanT role in The developmenT OT The Field ArTillery by reason OT your assignmenT as School Troops in This Train- ing and Training OT OTTicers and OTTicer candidaTes. IT is an exceedingly Tough assignmenT To come Trom eiTher combaT uniTs or overseas duTies and To acclimaTe yourselves To an enTirely dilTerenT aTmosphere OT miliTary liTe. You have done iT well. You are improving daily. You are rapidly becoming a body OT Troops. Trom approximaTely TorTy divisions and Trom every TheaTre OT opera- Tions, being welded inTo one uniT. A uniT wiTh spiriT, wiTh pride and wiTh esTeem OT which you can be iusTly proud. ' You are loolced upon as a model. You are The lnTanTry, The men who seT The sTand'ards OT miliTary courTesy, discipline and Training Tor all soldiers, wiTh The mission To be and To do Those Things beTTer Than any OTher miliTary uniT. For your spiriT, your drive, your cheerTul cOoperaTiOn and your espriT de corps l commendiyou. l bid you To always lceep your mission in mind and conTinue To sTrive Tor perTecTiOn in The TuTure. . 777. JOHN M. EUBANK lvlaior, lnTanTry Q Commanding H2 1 I JOHN M. EUBANK MAJOR, INFANTRY Commanding 113 EUGENE E. MILLER CLARK E. SCHNEIDER BENJAMIN SWAIM EARcL7aC3iaiL1UKE HUMPHcRtELginMARTIN Capfain Capfam Caphm Execufive Officer Commandinq Officer S'3 Headquarters and Headquariers Company 48217 HAROLD J.-WOLFF LAWRENCE ZACHOW JESSE D. BATES DONALD W. DULLY JOHN W. BUZICK CBPTBH1 , Capfain Firsi' Lieufenanf Firsi' Lieuienani Firsi' Lieufenanf Commanding Officer Commanding Officer Plafoon Leader Company B Plafoon Leader Company D Plafoon Leader Company D Company C Headquarfers Company 'Banff X.-' El:TON'S. ELEY ALDEN.G. FEICK JOHN L. GAYHART DAVID G. GORERNER JR. MACK H. HUNTER First Lleufenanf Farsi Lieufennnf Flrsf Lieuienanr Fi,-sf Lieufenanf ' Firsf Lieufenanf Plafoon Leader Company A Execufive Officer Company D Plaioon Leader Company A Corn' landing Officer Commanding Of'fiCOI' Company C Company B v , N' LO 1 1 !w I , 5.4 3 A , X J . Lf. Xu ef Wx I , H ,-K CLARENCE W, JOHNSON DONALD J. KENNEDY PET Firsf Lieuienanf Firsf Lieufenant EFiixs?'LiEEErleE?nL:LAS ROBFERI ii 'SERN' JR' FRED Dt- LEMOTS Baifalion S-3 Plafoon Leader Company B Munifions Officer Plafooririeadil: gjrrnfpany A AdZzEafnfIOlo:1rp?3r:1Y D 114 - X 1 . 3 "St is IX L-A f ' 1 ix. ' 1 .1 i' F I WILLIAM. C. LEWIS RICHARD H. LUEHMANN CECIL L. MATLOCK FRANK L. MILLER, JR. WILLIAM A NELSON First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant Platoon Leader Company A Platoon Leader Company D Platoon Leader Company B Platoon Leader Company C Platoon Leader Company A if, an-:Q IJ I XX- ERNEST S. OSTROM First Lieutenant Platoon Leader Company C A .C CHARLES H. SILVER First Lieutenant Platoon Leader Company C mga- REGINALD C. POIRIER First Lieutenant Acting Commanding Officer Headquarters and Headquarters Company if 7.5 WILLIAM C. SOLANICH First Lieutenant Platoon Leader Company C REUBEN R. POSTEN A. QUERIN CLARENCE E, RASH First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant Communications Officer Platoon Leader Company D Platoon Leader Company C fvsl' -41.331 --f is-44 I 2 it 1? GEORGE E. STRIPP RICHARD T. TARNAS First Lieutenant First Lieutenant Platoon Leader Platoon Leader Company B Headquarters Company 'VN ran ,.--5 0-Q J I x PX I, C. HAROLD TERRY First Lieutenant Platoon Leader Company C d In ti- 3 if JOHN O. THISLER WARREN H, THOMAS ROGER WOOD RAYMOND L. MADIGAN LEO S, GRIFFIN First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Commanding Officer Platoon Leader Company B Motor Officer Platoon Leader Company B Company A 115 ip Vi if Qwf. , W ff f r AwQ'v4i rv .-4, , , , 'V ffs , '4 3 ff6i1l!!'Q ff ' ' ' 5 , ws' Q ,iZ,'fzi' A l I 1 I w X H' I E252 E? - B Emi 1 ' f I Eff 5+ E5 X .5723 in Riff: Lil. I mf sq rw-M 4 ,.. Q. ' 1 . . hp G 1: J lp ' 3 ' N if , . ag , J- . E :L 'xxtm Fx A J A - V il q ,-r A '- I' HA, - ,X , XNANKK . , -V Y 1 I . 41" 0, hx ' j ' 3?-. . ' . ' ' ' 'ff ' 'Q If vu if L r ,K V f x l .Fa-J N , i mi. , -,I L .......,.........,.. ,Q uh -......... 1, I ,Wm A M - a il , x V- .K h ' g y .5 X' ri 1 f V, . X 0-YA, k Ex ra K Lk S X 7- K Q 1' -I , , . M - NJ: K f jx ,N ' ' FW. F ' f ls f 2, - L X. Q : m Q ,Q X in W ' qi.. 'f - 1 Q Ill ,, ,. -------' ff' a'X E, x -I ,' can and 5 ,r as 4 A f 1 I I Q --1. , ,M J- .1"?'HFH'fL-'I' xx -'AP , .,X n Pi 1. 0 H - r -, w NX v Q... in lg. -, -uv V '. 'H ,zwyg 1 1, ,.,.,, , bv, .vh kg ' T... ivy. ' '- - ,wil Q 1. HE DIIUARTERS COMPANY FIRST ROW: CARROLL, Shelby, SfSgl., Box 27l, Collon Planl, Ark. CORBITT, Herman C., S!Sgl., 505 Lexinglon Ave., Vienna, W Va. KIMMER, Paul H., S!Sgl., Rl. 4, Lillle Rock, Ark. MURRY, George D., SfSgl., 716 Old Home Rd., Ballimore, Md. SAWYER, Thomas F., S!Sgl., McClelland, Ark. SECOND ROW: GRIMMIG, John P., Sgl., Rl, 4, Box 3230, Tampa, Fla. GILBERT, Harry L., TX4, Oak Hill, W. Va. TALLMAN, Laurence E., TX4, l808 E. Dennyway, Seallle, Wash. WERTZ, Kennelh W., TX4, 307 E. Monroe, Williamsporl, lnd. CANTERBURY, Delmer E., Cpl., Wallon, W. Va. THIRD RO-N: FAIRCHILD, Charles, TXS, Easl Boslon, Mass. FETTIG, Joseph C., TIS, IOOS 2lsl Logansporl, Ind, GERHARDT, Jacob P., TIS, l529 N. Cass Sl., Milwaukee, Wis. LAYSON, Edgar J., Tf5, 2ll2 Markel Sl., Camp Hill, Pa. LEE, Verl C., TXS, 26ll Eads Ave., Sl. Louis, Mo. FOURTH ROW: LEVERETT, Willie E., Jr., TXS, Parroll, Ga. WEST, James T., T!5, Slop I7, Sl. Albans, W. Va. YOUNG, Jake C., T!5, Clillon Cily, Mo. ALLLN, LaVerne L., Pfc., 7l4 Bem Ave., Benidii, Minn. BESANCON, Lesler H., Plc., l53l McKinley Ave., Yakima, Wash FIFTH ROW: CLOWSER, Adam G., Plc., Spencer, W. Va. V DAVIS, Jack S., Plc., IIO Spring Sl., Spencer, W. Va. HARTFORD, Emmell l., Plc., 24l6 E. I0 Sl., Kansas Cily, Mo. HUMPHRIES, James H., Plc., 964I Yosemile, Delroil, Mich. JOHNSON, Daniel W., Plc., 2356 Soulh Ave., Whilman, Mass SIXTH ROW. LOWREY, Claylon T., Plc., Saranac, Mich. MANNING, Melvin E., Plc., Pemberlon, W. Va. MATT, Norman C., Plc., 3770 Spollswood Ave., Memphis, Tenn NEWTON, Roberl I., Plc., 376 W. Fullon Pl., Canlon, lll. POZDEL, Edwin R., Plc., 3425 W, 66lh Sl., Chicago, Ill. SEVENTH ROW: SHIRLEY, Oscar, Plc., Rl. I, Rolhsay, Minn. SHOUTS, William B., Plc., 322 Poplar Sl., Mankalo, Minn. SMITH, lra D., Plc., Newlon, W, Va. STABLER, Thomas A., Plc., Rl. 3, Franklin, Ala. WAENJCE, Harvey J., Plc., 5435 Monlerey Rd. Los Angelels aif, ' EIGHTH ROW: WILKINS, Maurice E., Plc., 649 N. Firsl Ave., Upland, Calif, COUNRTNEY, Joseph, Pvl., I6 Denormandee Ave., Fair Haven . J. HOFFMAN, Alberl P., Pvl., 125 Pearl Sl., Ml, Holly, N, J, JENNINGS, Claude E., Pvl., King Cily, Mo. LOCKE, Charles B., Pvt., 623 Twenlielh Sl., Beaumonl, Texas. NINTH ROW: MONDO, Polar, Pvl,, l43l Swedesboro Ave., Paulsborqp, N, J, SCHACHTER, Sam, Pvl., -526l Ninlh Ave., L05 Angglesl Calif, SCOTT, Prentice, Pvl., Sebree, Ky. SMITH, Joseph A., Pvl., SZIZ Chelwynde Ave., Philadelphia, Pa, VAN DUKER, Frank L., Pvl., ll-l-I Harrison Sl., Allon, Ill, TENTH ROXV1 CIPOLLA, J. J., Plc., 1735 Long Axe., Chicago, lll, CARUSO, Slepaen, Pvf., 72-2 Medina Sl., Philadelshia, Pa. 120 FIRST ROW: DUK,E, VILGYVWB E-, TfSg'r., 59 Buena Vesla Sf., Washing on, a, HONZA, Theodore J., TfSgl'., Websler, Minn, YOUNG, Hulmon E., TXSQI., Park 609, Lawton, Okla CHANEY, Frank E., SXSQI., 9IO2 N. Mohawk Ave., Por? land, Ore. . DIEIE, YCharles, SXSQI., 640 Flalbush Ayc., Brooklyn, EVANS, Ralph W., S!Sqf., l73 Carfcr SI., Bafcsvillc, Ark. SECOND ROW: HARDMAN, Edward P., SXSQI., Orfon, W, Va. MCCLOSKEY, Edmund J., SXSQI., 906 Carpenter Sl. Columbus, Ohio. ' MITTS, Melvin J., SXSQI., RI, 5, Springfield, III, SCHUETTE, Henry W., SXSQI., 939 Haley Avo., Na poleon, Ohio. TURNBULL, Joe, SXSQI., Rf, 2, Fairfax, Okla. ZIRBEL, Arlhur M., S!SgI,, Rf. I, Pofeau, Okla. FIFTH ROW: THIRD ROW: CAIwTU, Marrir, Suv., Bc- IOI Sa" Jam T-4-af. DARCEY, Donafi, Sn., Bs- I2, R2 2, Sai? Laiv Cs Utah, FRIEDERS, Mcrl VK., Sqf., 434 E, Cram? Sf. N.Vsl'5icl Wis, HUTCHERSON, Rarvwcnsi E,, Sgr. 'IIS Afraj R1 Biddeford, MC. LIITLETON, Vlilliaro M. Sat., 6I4 MWQ' Auu., Seal! Wash. ROBINSON, Alfred Sgt, II2 Cunfa' Sf., Uhricrwsvi Ohio, FOURTH ROW: SHAW, William A., Sgr., Sulphur, Oila. TERRACCIANO, Alphonso, Sql., I6 Viclor Ave., Lonw Branch, N, J, LAMBERT, Lawrence C., T'-1, Condenl, La. BARTOS, James J., Cpl., Box 25, Cline , I n Pa. Pa. CAMPBELL, Raymond, Col., Librafv. GRAHAM, Byron VV., Cpl., Bow 453, Rl, I, Ogdpn Ufah, GRIFFING, Jewell O., Cpl., 306 Monroe Sf., Nalchcs, Miss, PAMPLIN, James, Cpl., Rf, I, Dermcif, Ark. HAPPEL, Harold A., TIS, 827 Louis SI., Easlon, Pa. ADAMS, Joseph W., Plc., Rf. I, Winthrop, Mc. ALABURDA, John J., Pfc., 37 S, Lehigh, Shenandoah, Pa. ALEXANDER, Lloyd J., Pfc., Rl, 4, Union Cily, Ind. Z AA 'TR I .X 41, :X 7 , ,f. - M ,s I : ,:,.. FIRST ROW: ANDERSON, Elmer, Pic. AROCHA, Ofilio M., Jr., Plc., l3I0 San Luis Sf., San Anlonio, Texas. ASHLIMAN, Norman, Pfc., 239 Alberl S., Pillsburgh, Pa. BARRERRA, Johnny, Pfc,, Box 372, Lampasas, Texas. BEEDLE, Arlhur, Pfc., Bird Haven, Va. SECOND ROW: BENNETT, Francis J., Plc., Rl. l, Sandy, Ore. BENNETT, Richard, Pfc., Vivian W. Va. BERUBE, George A., Pfc., Box 2I7, Milroy, Pa. BERRY, Joseph H., Pfc., Graves Mill, Va. BEVINS, Frank, Pfc., 53 Hamillon Sl., Harrison, N. J. THIRD ROW: BONE, William E., Pfc., 4Ol Congress Sl., Flal River, Mo. BOOTH, Jefferson P., Pfc., Rf. 3, Cainsville, Mo. BOSWELL, Frank, Plc., Rl. I, Box I37, Boyle, Miss. BOWES, Frederick, Pfc., II6 Glover Sf., Jersey Shore, Pa. BOWMAN, Harold D., Pfc., Rl. I, Box 7, Princelon, W. Va. FOURTH ROW: BUCHHOLZ, Arlhur C., Plc., I2 Linden Sl., Nalrona, Pa. BUNTIN, Roberf W., Pfc., Nolfoway, Va. BURNS, Kennelh C., Plc., 537 W. Allanlic Ave., Knoxville, Tenn CEBULA, Joseph, Plc., B2 Marlz Manor, Plymoulh, Pa. CERNANSKY, Peler, Pfc., I433 Pennsylvania Ave,, Pillsburgh, Pa. FIFTH ROW: CLOSE, Arlhur, Pfc., 44 Alexander Sl., Princefon, N. J. CONNELL, Lewis D., Pfc., I2l E, Easley Bridge, Greenville, S. C CORCORAN, Joseph, Pfc., I325 Chesler Pike, Eddyslone, Pa. COULON, William M., Pfc., 38lI Ashworlh Ave., Seallle, Wash. COGGER, Joseph, Pfc., IB44 Charles Ave., SI. Paul, Minn. SIXTH ROW: COX, James M., Plc., Mayer, Ariz. CRABTREE, Don M., llll Meeker SI., Della, Colo. DERR, Elwood G, Plc., Easl Burrows SI., Bellefonfe, Pa. DILLIBERTO, Dominic J., Pfc., I42O While Plains Rd., Bronx, N. Y DIORIO, Alfonso, Plc., IS2 Ninth SI., Brooklyn, Pa, SEVENTH ROW: ERLWEIN, Peler F., Pfc., 255 Temple Sl., Paferson, N. J. GEISICK, Raymond, Pfc., Greely, Colo. GERTZ, Waller V., Pfc., 378 Goshen Ave., Elkharl, Ind. I-IAWKS, Clarence H., Plc., Rl. 3, MI. Airy, N. C. EIGHT?-I ROW: HENSON, Kennelh T., Plc., Box I59, Sunray, Texas, I-IINMAN, David I., Plc., 623 N, 20:5 Sf., Omaha, Nab, HOOPER, Bruce, Pic., Rf. I, Traverse CE:-,i, Mid, HORELICK, George Pic., 6 N. I:OU'fh Anggnigl .rv ws. fx, Q K . fB...L.1 122 ,v FIRST ROW: KETCHUM, Daniel W., Plc., I938 Flushing Rd., Flint, Mich, KIRIK, Joseph A., Plc., 43 S. 3lst St., Pittsburgh, Pa. KOWVALSKI, Leonard S., Plc., 3766 E. Grange Ave., Cudahy is. LASATER, Elmer A., Plc,, Elba, Ark, LITTLE, Clarence O., Plc., Rt, 2, Urich, Mo. SECOND ROW: LOISELLE, Roland, Plc., 3l Dubuque St., Manchester, N. H. MARTINEZ, Santos, Plc., l24 Glass Ave., San Antonio, Texas. MEYER, Carson C., Plc., B508 Douglas Ct., Brent Wood, Mo. MORRISON, Herbert E., Plc., Rt, I, Steele, Ala. MURPHY, George P., Plc., IBO Scioto Ave., Chillicottc, Ohio. THIRD ROW: NABER, Jerome F., Plc., Rt, 2, Marshall, Minn, NIELD, William S., Plc., l655 Meadow St., Philadelphia, Pa. OBAL, Peter, Plc., 2444 Tremont Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. PALACIO, Santiago L., Plc., 6l4 Central Ave., Santa Ana, Calif. PRATER, Oral, Plc., Cannel City, Ky. FOURTH ROW: PUCKETT, John W., Pfc,, Rt, 7, Benton, Ky. RAINY, George E., Plc., Rt, 3, Box I62, Aitkin, Minn. RICHARDSON, Herbert, Plc., Rt. 2, Morton, Miss. RILEY, George, Plc., Rt, I, Weleetka, Olrla. ROELLI Richard W., Plc., Rt. 2, Box l2l, Oregon City, Orc. FIFTH ROW: STALLMAN, Frank A., Plc., Rt. I, Box l87, Mt, Vernon, Ind, STEPHENS, Loral, Plc., Elizabeth, Ark. THOMPSON, Clarence P., Plc., II4 E, Pleasant St., Mt, Vernon Ohio. TORREZ, Pedro, Plc., Rt. 3, Box 67, Lockhart, Texas. WHITE, William H., Plc., Rt. 2, Myers, Miss. SIXTH ROW: WOLFE, Casper, Plc., Box 257, Ft, Collin, Colo. ZLOCZOWER, Herbert A., Plc., Hechalutz Farm, Creamrich N. J. BOREN, Arnold T., Jr., Pvt., 85lO Forrest Ave., Elkins Park, Pa. CHIAPEL, Nicholas P., Pvt., 4429 Westrninste' PI., St. Louis, Mo COLLERAN, Edward J., Pvt., I38l W, 44th PI., Cleveland, Ohio SEVENTH ROW: DIEHL, James H., Pvt., l68 Cooper St., Brooklyn, N, Y. FISHER, Grayson L., Pvt., 705 Maxwell Ave., Frederick, Md. FURBEE, Harry J., Pvt., New Martinsville, W, Va. GORDON, William L., Pvt., 2409 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va. MEEK, Frank, Pvt., Value, Miss. EIGHTH ROW: PERRY, Robert S., Pvt., Lowrys, S. C. STONE, Wendell L., Pvt., 8l5 E, Buchanan St., Indianapolis, Ind WALTON, Allred C., Pvt., Rt. 7, Box 608, Tacoma, Wash. FIRST ROW: KING, Charles L., lfSgl., Box 6l, Proiecl Cily, Calif. MCCASKILL Ollie A. TlSgl. Rl, I, Camden S, C SALAMACHA, Michael, Tfsgfi, 7 Helena S+., 'Raehesi ler, N. Y. CARSIDONA, Joseph S., SfSgl., I442 Lexinqlon, Ave., El Monle, Calif, ELKlvl'dS,vHarry H., S!Sql., IO49 24lh Sl., Parkersburg . a. ELLIS,d Olaf H., SfSgl., 5I S. Indiana Sl., Danville, In , SECOND ROW: HALLER, Roberl C., S!Sql. LYNCH, John W., S!Sgl., 7229 N. Paulina Sl., Chicago Ill. PARKS, Roy O., S!Sql., Okanoqan, Wash. WADE, William E., SfSql., Rl, 2, Boyerlown, Pa. WOOD, Glenn M., S!Sgl., Rl. I, Websler, Wis. BAILEY, Bernard L., Sql., Box l6l, Slalion B, Charles lon, W, Va. I3, Box 66, Porlland, Ore. Sql., Rl FIFTH ROW: WEICK, Waller, Sql., Rl. WILLIAMS, Roy, Jr., Ore. THIRD ROW: BINE, Melvin R., Sql., l3945 Young Ave,, Delroil, Mich COWAN, Veauleau, Sql., Rl. I, Box 6l, Ferriday, La. CRAWFORD Charles J., Sql., Rl. I, Box 33, Sl. Al bans, W, Va. DUGAN, Charlie E., Sql., Box 85 Boslon, Ky. ENGLAND, Alberl A., Sql., Rl. I, Sycamore, Ohio, FODE, Melvin M., Sql., Rl. I, Jud, N. Dak. FOU RTH ROW: GOUDREAU, William E., Sql., 97 Plain Sl., Pawluckel, R. I. HARER, Edwin S., Sql., 777 Laurel Sl., Elmire, N, Y. MAURITZEN, Raymond B., Sgl. MCDANIEL, Haskel, Sql., Rl. I, Box I7, Casey Creek K . PlTTlvlIAN, Cecil C., Sql., Rl. 2, Selma, N. C. SEVIC, Tony A., Sql., Rl. 3, Charleslon, Mo. . 9, Box 385, Porlland, NEIDRAUER, William N., TX4, 66 Auburn Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. FURROW, Raleigh E., Cpl. G RAFFEO, Cha rles F P ., C l. MacDONALD, David M., Cpl., I8 Oak Sl., Sloninqlon, Conn, , 4 - 1. '1 A l0u,..A, .6 "'-45' fs , I 'sq ' ' I wifi. ., ,,.. A, 1 ,,., .. 1 v ,.... iv 571, , , I H ' T , ,, l . l f I . me 1 . , -I. X 7 "- " . . f '37 P f r I - . rv if ff ' f, t , . 1 I w 19- , I' -ff' 'gm c . ,.,.. . , M I , . 4. -ff' . , . f sad.. 1 G .1 il I 43 .,. . , 5 :fj "EE: -6 f 5: 5 I . .1 -E5 1 117 V 1. I X DFL Ji ar t. 41 I,-f' A 1 I gif 'v.Y Q' ii 'l A ' 7'-1' 52555, JW . 'tl . I u ,jg - .1 . , ,- ' f' ' , i f -, ' Q " .E '.-x " . .Qt .DQ , ,fix x ,, 1 1 ' 'Mass :iz Q -'r 1-7. Ar . . ia M I ' . . .rf . fl-3' . A -A F 'R .13 L.L1s'i, I" i S, x's:, .. . X 5 .' V C Q, I , , I ffa- 119, , If , .. l -. l 5. 5. 3 Mr 4 9 COMPANY FIRST ROW: OBREMSKI, Cg15',3r't JH MAYNARD Joe T5 Irie: Ky. ANQSKEY, Andrew' J., Pig., Rf, l, Rennselaer, Ind. 3ED:TT: Rssc-r' H., Plc., -506 Vienna Si., Newark, N Y. BOX, l"la'.ei, M,, Plem Rt. 3, Florence Ala, BREVWER, John O, Pfc,, Rt, l, Salt-na, Ind. SECOND ROW: CASTUETTER, Artl-uf L., Plc., IS9-I S. Eiqhth St,, Nobles- uille Img, CHAVE2 Jaan A, Plc. Paqosa Junction, Colo. CHI-IRMA. F'-Nl G.. Plc., Duquesne Ave., Terrace, Pa. CLAY, Henry T., Plc., Bow 266, Mound City, Kans. CONTRERAS, Joe B., Plc., San Anqlo, Texas. COS6'shRl, John, Plc, IIISB Kinsman Rd,, Cleveland io. THIRD ROW: CRUX, H. A., Plc., 527 East F. St., Ontario, Calif. DECINA, Louis P,, Plc., 34-GO tO6th St., Corona, Lonq Island, N. Y, DOBIAS, Charles A., Plc., l-10 Taylor Ave., S. Hacken- sack, N, J, DURACHKO, Adolph D., Plc. Box lOl, Clarence, Pa. EHMNKEY Edmond S., Plc., 9 Finlay St., Amsterdam GADZIALA, Stanley J., Plc., 2238 Woods St., Phila- delphia, Pa. FOURTH ROW: G-ARRETT, Dalmer J., Plc., Rt, 2, Pulaski, Pa. GATLEY, Thomas J., Plc., 204-l Dennie St., Philadel- phia, Pa. GEARY, Henry S., Plc., II7 W, Clay Ave., W. Hazle. ton, Pa. GLOTFELTY, Mahon C., Plc., 949 E, Illinois Ave. Spolcane, Wash, HALE, Roy C., Plc., Rt. 3, Ferrum, Va. HARTMAN, John H., Plc., 207 49th St., Union City N. J. FIFTH ROW: HAYES, Harold J., Plc., 927 S, Walnut St., Lansinq Mich, HEMBY, Cecil, Plc., Rt. 3, Opp, Ala. HODGES, John R., Pfc,, Ellsmore, W, Va. HOLLOWAY, Joe C., Plc., l6lS lBth S, E., Washing ton, D. C. HOLT Orville, Plc., 35l2 E. Marlnct St., Stockton HORNUNG, George F., Plc., 38 Yale Pl., Buffalo Calif, N. Y. sixm Row. N Curtis F Plc R 2 Richwood Ohio HOSKI S, ' ., ., t. , , . HOWARD, Bernard S., Plc., 2925 Selma Ave,, Knox- ville, Tenn, HURST, Ernest S., Plc., 2l9 Costal Highway, Port Went worth, Ga. JACONSKI, Stanley E., Plc., 299 Chapel Ave., Jersey City, N. J. , KEECH, Dewey L,, Plc., Rt, 2, Box 526-B, Fort Smith A ls. KENNVEDY, Walter J., Plc., I636 Lemoyne St., Los An qeles, Calif. SEVENTH ROW: KOLSTEE, Billy E., Plc., 2 Linwood Ave., Celoron N. Y. KUNZE, Harold L., Plc., 535 Hollnaqle St., Phila delphia, Pa. LAMB, Edgar, Plc., Rt. 2, Gibson, Ga. LISTER, Earl, Plc., Indian Wells Ariz. MADAR, Dominic S., Plc., I36 Lafayette Ave., Palmer ton, Pa, , MANNING, Carroll R., Plc., Rt, 3, Walnut Ridge Arlr. EIGHTH ROW: MATRAFAILO, Paul G., Plc., Rt, 59, West Nyacl N. Y. McCARDELL, Ross, Plc., 297 W, Market, Clearfield P . MCCOMAS, James O., Plc., b05 S. High St., HillSbOfO Oh' . McCOliJ Lawrence W., Plc., IIO6 N. 45th St., Omaha Neb, McGOWAN, Michael J. Plc, McHALE, Kenneth R., Plc., 508 Foose Ave., Duryea, Pa NINTH ROW: McSWlGG-AN, Clement J., Plc., 224 Segal St., Phila delphia, Pa. MILLER, Joseph T., Plc., 8l48 Beachwood Ave., South Gate, Calif. , MILLER Roland R, Plc., Peebles, Ohio. MISHEE, Henry, Plc., 3304 W. Beach Ave., Chicago Ill. MUCHA, Steve Plc., 2l Talcott St., Swoyerville, Pa. TENTH ROW: KILTS, Jack t-l., Plc., 322 Main St., Binghamton, N. Y 125 '.', NSS . ww Q aww x I A Q, K, fs' YQ r . W E- Y ,ax ' A ' .1. ,P"f'f?f,. fl ' Q . I N 9 C Aw- . X'+ffg' iw . 155 f xjz, -. A . 11 nr- ."" I 'A , 4 Q 'Q I I . .I L. X : , - -1-jgvfc .ua ' N 2' .1 1. I lf, rg? M ,, -,Jw Y- '-4 .MJ A , ,Q . V , U A . r" .fa-' f .Y '45-.., T -ai.: If I -2 A , 4 M - . 4 4' ,, sz ,'i Pb- we 'iz' 77' 43 'Q nr-' 'za ' ---....-., ' -.,,.d .'3w"f 1 - -.,., f X I .' ' 1 si ,XT g., lfA X 'M . F' ,I . 'X ,Q , 1 I .X -4- fq 5' -L., I. A A , 1 52157 4 FIRST ROW: JENKINS, Ralph R., lfSql., Chanulc, Kang, CRADDOCK, John W., T!Sql., 66l3 Slralmore Sl., Chevy Chase, Md, McCASKEY, Raymond, T!Sql,, 20 Lilllufield Ave., Buffalo, N, Y. MUQIN, Irwin D., TfSql., ISI Spencer Ave., San Jose, a i , NAUGHER, Roland E., TfSql, BRADLEY, Charles H., SfSql., 3lS Elsie Sl., San Fran. cisco, Calif, SECOND ROW: COIEN1-John A., S!Sql., 720 3Olh Sl., Manhallan Beach, air. DIAZ, Cecilia, sfsgf., I6-E, rom si., New York Cily, N. Y. GREEN, N. E., SfS'3l., Lyndonville, Vl. HAMMEL, Harold F., SfSql., Baldwin, III. KIESEWETTER, Roberl, S!Sql., 902 Firsl SI., Pollsvillc. Pa. KONTAXES, N., SfSql., Box 94, Dunlevy, Pa. THIRD ROW: MAMICH, John D., SfSql., Box 299, Slerlinq Hill, Oqdensburq, N. J. BLATZ, John T., Sql. BROWN, Gale, Sql., Lizemore, W, Va. BUNGO, Louis, Sql., Box 4, Smoke Run, Pa. CATSLANA, Joseph J., Sql., S46 Culverl Sl., Sidney, hio. DOTSON, F., Sql., Malewan, W, Va. FOURTH ROW: HINDS, Woodrow W., Sql., Pleasanl Plains, III. JAGGERS, Bud, Sql., 344 Waler Sl., Joliel, III. MCGOUGH, James F., Sql., Monlqomery, Ala. O'KEANE, Vincenl F., Sql, 29l6 Wesl Michiqan, Mil- waukee, Wis. RADECSKY, Michael J., Sql., Flal Ave., lselin, N, J. SCHERACK, Noah P., Sql., 302 Soulh Ave., Toledo, Ohio. FIFTH ROW: SMITH, Daniel W., Sql., Main Sl., Wesl Leesporl, Pa. SMITH, Harvey B., Sql., Mocksville, N, C. STEWART, Roberl W., Sql., Ripley, W, Va. STUDER, Lawrence, Sql., 904 Weslern Ave., Covinq- lon, Ky, THOMPSON, Kennelh, Sql., l602 Wilson Ave., Louis- ville, Ky, FRAHM, Gerald D., Cpl., 63 Temple Ave., Delroil, Mich. SIXTH ROW: HEBERT, Amedee, Col., 738 Lakeland Dr., Balon Rouqe, La, PATARI, Leo M., Cpl., 807 Helrnholz Ave., Waukegan, ll. PENNLINE, Anlhony J., Cpl., 427 lOlh Sl., Monessen, Pa. SCNIFFMAN, Meyer J., Cpl., 453 Empire Blvd., Brook- lyn, N, Y. WINKLE, Leo A., Cpl., I75O E. Lalirner PI., Tulsa, Okla. HENCKE, Thomas F., TXS, Green Ave., Williamslown, N. J. I27 IIIJIW P.A N Y' 0 Fl RST ROSV: JANISZEWSKI, Frank, TIS, Scarbro, Va. MOSIER, Dale L., TXS, Amesvllle, Ohio. ALLEN, Elmer J., Plc., Talmo, Ga. I BALDOCK, James, Plc., 503 South Eighth St., SI. Joseph, Mo. BENEVENTO, Vincent F., Plc., 535 Marcy Ave., Brook- l , N, Y, BENNIEN, Frank J., Plc., 64 Park Ave., Hoboken. N. J. SECOND ROW: BENNETT, James C., Plc., Start, La. BOLDINE, Louis, Plc., 220 W. Chapman St., Ely. M' n. BORDICIK, Mike A., Plc., 259 Main Sl., Cadogan, Pa. BREWER, Clifford, Plc., Smithfield, W. VG. , BURKE, John T., Plc., 7Bl7 Water St., St, Lauis, M . BUSOUE, Didier, Plc., IB3 Preston Sl., Hartford, Conn. THIRD ROW: CHAPPELL, Otis L., Plc., Utica, Ky, t D COPLEY, William N., Plc., bll Mulrfleld Rd., Los Angeles, Calil, DANIEL, Woodrow, Plc., Monticello, Ky. DAVIS, Gilbert F., Plc., Hardinsburg, Ky. DAVIS, John D., Plc., Wichita Falls, Texas. DEMENT, Ernest, Plc., Huntington, W, Va. FOURTH ROW: DONOVAN, Roydal, Plc., Rt. 3, Lebanon, Ore. DUKAS, William H., Plc., 267 Park Pl., Brooklyn, N. Y. EPPERLEY, Joe, Plc., 4l3 South-Browne St., Wewoka, Okla. FAULK, Wilson J., Plc., Rl, 2, Kaplan, La, FERRUCCI, Frank L., Plc., 3l9 Walnut St., Camden, N. J. FERGUSON, Orville, Plc., 2B2I Caroline St., St. Louis, Mo, FIFTH ROW: FRANK, Michael J., Plc., 335 S. Grant St., Wilkes- Barre, Pa. FRANKEL, Elmer L., Plc., Camp Point, Ill. GARNER, Hobson C., Plc., Rt, I, Cordova, Ala. GETTY, Wayne L., Plc., l92O Broadway, Bay City, Mich. GIBSON, Claude E., Jr., Plc., Tuskegee, Ala. GILLIAM, William D., Plc., Lewisburg, Ky. SIXTH ROW: HILL, Lonnie M., Plc., El Dorado, Okla. HUNT, Bartley, Plc., I9 Parker St., Central Falls R. l. KENNARD, Everett L., Plc., Rt, I, Box IZ3, Ridge- lield, Wash, KERSEY, Clarence L., Plc., Box IO-43, Seminole, Okla. KLOTZLE, John R,, Plc., 7 Bartlett Ave., Haverhill Mass. LOVE, Albin R., Plc., Trafford, Ala, SEVENTH ROW: MCCURDY, Eugene R., Plc., Crippey Iowa, MEANOR, Robert K., Plc., Rt, 3, Cafaopoiss Pa MEECE, Luther N., Plc., Somerset Ky. ' ' MURPHY, Robert A., Pfc., Poseyville ind, NORRIS, Aaron L., Plc,, Lakepark IG5, OLESZKIEWICZ, Marlin s., Pea ' EIGHTH ROW: ONDQREJCAK, Thomas, Plc. 9l Fitch St Caffe-ref J ' " - PAGcf'3ir:1y,'iJqO'5Q5k, Plc., rss Kelly si., am., Ne., YM PALMER, ci a Plc, Rt 2 ci, nl ,I Piizowti, oalmlinie AQ, Ffh. .538 Eliifiloi' Ga' adelohia, Pa, I SHUI Lane' Phil' emwaxygwgmggamagg NINTH ROW: REVERIL-SC-Jantcs S, Plc., Rt, I, Bok 39, Pembrake, RYAN, waiitsft H., Pre., Nvmffa- N J SANDERFORD, I-is C Pla -' ' Vicksburg. Miszllm -I Fil NIU Halls SCHAEFFER, My W C wood, Pa. UI I' Pl " Rl' 2' BOY 27I, Fleet- Ferry Rdu ., I . lt, in GI qi W 1: COMPANY Sl Q-NEW4 I J. 24- I3 r .1 sn JM-. C:-. N A. .' 'mx' --: -5 ' QQ I 5, 3-: lj Q-' N, Q. U.. , i 1-.-:vs Q . 5 :f 3: L+ - x .I v':M: Q. f iw Aw I- STSI-ASSE 5 .: , SECOND ROW: 50-1 xi-5 Eff 5 si v., STRONG Cvvw N. .. 5- 243 gum .- 7 svuwr 4 ' N wx SYLVESTEQ RI. ::. I-1523 Cl,v.,fi1'f ITN' " IJ ' TWO?-"3'SON Ju- Q. W. TCHCES AM M' ' I1-:I A, 4, F C1 5, THIRD ROW: TURNER' Iv'.a- FV". IIQOA O..I"If.' S2 C' 1' I --. '-1. URSCHEL E"-1 P21 36-5 E, I.4.."', I.'.I.I: vm I' 1, VALLECORSA Jrwfi' Fi' 207 IIIW' A.-. AVI.,-gxv rn WALSH R.x"':f1 r' -170-Z I'.x1-- Aw, 9. Iv..f9 If". INHETZEL Nm", PII OWN: SVFI VJ, VJ, WFIITNEY J, HV IN, ,IQ PI. IS-IO S, II.1'..1r1 TJSI O- 1, FOURTH ROW: VJILLIAMS, CUCII R. IIIC. B" IOHW fn-I4,I'f, A'I.'. V-'ILSON Mwfw T. P". 32 VI-f'g': 92. K'-, --f VJ Va. VVOODY, Vv'IIII'1"w E. PIL, -H3 W, CUIIVI WI'a?f-' swf I1.f.1, YOUNC, K'-vfvfff Wg. 2293 D.'1II1L1v-I' Nunn CIIII YOUNG Oiw PW' D-Ipmi K,. ZELKOINSKI VNU- PL, -2-IOI IJfC',fI'cH S' VJIM-f'I I'-11, VJ,V1, FIFTH ROW: ZYCHOVJICZ, J'S'-O PI3 AISI E. S'ff'IcIv"r SI., Tm Iwxf CHICK, JJIIIV. E. PM., I5739 M,"I1' AVP., II.xrv1-,' III ELEIJIINGN .I""w S, PW., 2424 S, If'-'JII5 SI., IIIHIIIVII-I DII1 IRI. HAVJLEY, RXDI: A., PVI. HI4 N, CII.-fm OAI IH' Ord, III. I-IUDSENS TImr'x'. A., PHI., RI, I, C',Iu'vI,u1, Od. JENSEN, Dun PH. SIXTH ROW: LANGIIEIO C"1,?f,'1 O. FM., Eat? OHJVVI Ffgfifi MINI, LIBASCI B.1"f., B. PA., IEC II.,f'v",n Sf., Erf,'.?I,'1 N. Y. LOPEZ Of-H, C, PM, 975 YJ, Sf-fwfi SI., Pfwufn CJIII. MAHLE E"If"'1I'1 EW. DLI: 'ff Vw. 4 MAKSIN Jw' Q21 Sf.If.f,I Sa, Cwfwwh, vin. MARKOVICH 5.1" I PH. 43.Ifu'."1U'7SI. Swhrfu' Pa. SEVENTH ROW: IVATINEZ EJNM, P., pf". MQSTQLLER I-I'1r.fg, VJ., IW. 9" 3 Sf'.C'f,rrf, pi. NOOERINO C73 V., PH, 775 U'I','I f"Iff:., Bfomr N. Y. OLKEVXSCZ J., PV., 627 BuuIc.'f:f'.I B-Jf'n'vf: N, J. WKDTVIDEE R'iL'a"i C., PW. I97 HzJqIfz'1 fwff. T'f-"7 J. POLINCHAK N72? pvf, BIIE Vf. SCCOWI SI., CIIfjCI'jl EIGHTH ROW: OUJSLEY TC" F. PJ, S'f:'I5,', I-1454, RO?-ERS J.V'Qs L., PN, 3I33 Szwh Lame SI., O','f'I s5Lf':ff"'Qf' wma, N. Dah SULLIVAN Ef:f.3": Pri, IO907 IIZW SK, PICIMVIQF' H" Lrg Ifyz N. Y, TAYLOR Daft W. Ji, Pri., TI'cf'fcv, Pa. TPENTA .'.f"5g", CAM -442 V759 Oueew Sf., Arn .' PQ. NINTH ROW: 'WGZL E'a'f 53. PA. B21 I5 Jewel N, M, YARBERRY, H5':,I3, E., Pd. Rf. I, EngIewOOd, Tenn ZABRODSIIQI, fmgpcf, PA., 2107 Brandy Wine SI., Phil ecelsma Pa. ZEPLING, Mer PA., 29 Cannon Sf., New York, N, Y FIRST ROW: HAGEN, Earl M., T!Sgl'., Pelican Rapids, Minn. JETTA, Walfred W., SfSg'r., 4235 lllh S+., Calumel, Mich, MILLER, Thurmond F., S!Sqf.. Marion. Va. SAIGH, William K., SfSgf., 5450 Delmar Blvd., Sf. Louis, Mo. SYDENSTRICKER, Ray R., S!Sgi'., Sprague, W. Va. CALLIS, Willoughby M., Sgf., 33l Sevenfh Sf., N. E., Washinglon, D. C. SECO ND ROW: LISTER, Gordon K., Sgf., 43 Lindenwood Rd., Slone- ham, Mass. WHITE, Robert, Sgr., Pink, W. Va. HAYES, Harold E., TX4, Parkersburg, W. Va. NOWICKI, Harry S., TX4, 3l7 S. 35lh, Souih Bend, Ind. BAER,ll-lenry A., Cpl., B23 Ashbury Sf., San Jose, Ca i , HANSHAW, Ronnie E., Cpl., Rf, 36, Valley Park, W. Va. THIRD ROW: NIELSEN, Roberf E., Cpl., Marquefle, Neb. NORD, Robert C., Cpl., lO325 Kerchoval Ave., Deiroil, Mich, PRA'Q5R,V Leonard H., Cpl., 304 Kessinger S+., Beckley, . a. RUSEN, Woodrow, Cpl., Rf, 3, Box 3l5, Ballarie, Ohio. HOWELL, Willis B., TXS, War, W. Va. JONES, Lloyd, TIS, 3IO N, 2lsi Sf., San Jose, Calif, FOURTH ROW: TURNER, Willard, TXS, Oak Creek, Colo. ASHCRAFT, Raymond, Pfc., Sfar Rf., Vandervoorf, Ark BETHEL, James D., Pfc., 3420 S. Wood Si., Chicago BILLING-SLEY, Leo, Pfc., Box 5ll, Mounds, lll. BOSTIC, Thomas F., Jr., Pfc., Rensford, W. Va. BROWN, William H., Pfc., Booneville, Miss. FIFTH ROW: BURRISK, Herman E., Pfc., 2l5 E. Dixon Si., Fayelleville Ar , CAREY, William F., Pfc., 293 Morris Ave., Elizabefh N. J. COLAROSSI, Ralph, Pfc., H04 Vance Ave., Corapolig Pa, CONDICT, Earl D., Pfc., Rl, l, Bernie, Mo. COF2lEJfO, Fabian M, Pfc. 435 N. Cypress Sf. Orange a n , CUMPANY FIRST ROW: COIRURE. Rene, C., Plc., I-UI E"'.a.L- A'-Lx, Chicago DELASHMUTT Kenne'h i.,, sy.. H: 3,-as om. POISQBRQSKI Joseph L., Pfc. 23 Rr..-r si., Fur: Frm EDGINTON, Edward M., Plc., I-356 Blur Asn RJ, Rc-,s rnomi: Onia, ' EMIG, Ellon J., Plc., Cornins Mich, ISDN, DilI'cwr1 Pa, SECOND ROW: FLESHER, Ray L., Plc,, Hillsdale, Kaus, GARTEN, Ray B., Plc., Talcoll, XV, Va, GORE, Hayes, Plc., Uneeda, VV, Va. GRAPHAM, Paul R., Plc,, 750 Alden Sl., Meacivhlc, J. HALL, Carl J., Plc., ISO Easl Sf. Bullala, N. Y. HALL, Claude, Plc., Box 2l-A, Clarendon, N, C, THIRD ROW: JANICEK, Willie V,, Plc. Rl. 6, Terrell, Texas. KENNEY, Michael A., Plc., ZI8 First Ave., N, W. Cedar Rapids, Iowa, LAIL, Alberl L., Plc., Rl, 2, Conover, N. C. MATZEN, Bernard G., Plc., 29 Pulnam Avc., Lyn- brook, N, Y. MELOTT, Truill W., Pfc., Rl, I, Nalalia, Texas. MILLIGAN, Sylvesler, Plc. FOURTH ROW: MYNES, Edward, Plc., Jellrey W. Va. NEWLUN, Howard L., Plc., Coallon, Ohio. ORN, Donald J., Plc., Slirum, N, Dak. PAULEY, Elseworlh D., Plc., Rl, S, Box 3I5, Charles- lon, W. Va. PIONTKOWSKI, Roberl J., Pfc,, 2I32 A, W, Milchifll Sl., Milwaukee, Wis. RAMSAY, Kennelh M., Plc., Walpole, N, H. FIFTH ROW: RAUCCI, Julian A., Plc., 2IO E, Schcllenqer Aye., Wildwood, N, J. RESTINA, John G., Plc., l495 Broadway, Scheneclady, N, Y, RYAN, William A., Plc, 609 ioih Ave., ocwsii iowa. SAINE, David L., Plc., Crouse, N, C. SECCO, Joe, Plc., Buckner, lll, SHAPPEE, Clillord L., Plc., Rl. 2, Horscheadn, N, Y. SIXTH ROW: SIMPSON, Charles C., Plc., I5E33 Woodbin Sl., De- lroil Mich. STRAKA, Cyril F., Plc., 52:0 Poe way, Pimbufqh, Pa. TODD, Roberl Plc, Jameslown, N. Dak. , , WHEELER, Paul W., Plc., Rl, I, Pleasanl Cilf, Ohio. WINKLES, Beriiarnin F., Plc., ZI3 "L" Sl., Silverlown, Ga. WOODARD, Clyde B., Plc., Elkharl, Teras. SEVENTH ROW: YOUNG, Corbell, Plc., Rl 3 Kevil, Ky. BOGGESS, Herman J., Pvl,, 608 Palrick Sl., Charlez- lori, W. Va. , DYE, Jesse W,, Pvl., Dormilory L-I9, Sausalilo, Calif. FRANKLIN, Charles W,, Pvl., 504l S. Grand, Sl, Louis, Mo. GARTIN, Richard E., Pvl,, Rl, l, B01 IS, Duncan, A'z. HEAVrENER, Fred W. Pvl., Vandervoorl, Ark. EIGHTH ROW: KEEPER, Earl L., Pvl., Parkers Landing, Pa. KENNEDY, James H., Pvl., Rl, I, Thomasville, N. C. LEIBRAND, Roberl C., Pvl., 2949 N. A. Sl., Philadel- phia, Pa. MARR, RICHARD G., Pvl,, B Kenmore Sl., Rochesler, N, Y. PERSIANO, Vincenl J., Pvl., ZIOO Mapes Ave., Bronx, N. Y, SANGER, Clifford P. Pvl., Glen While, W. Va. NINTH ROW: SHEALY, Edgar, Pvl., 85 Old Colony Afe., Taunlon, Mass. SILVERS, Henry F., Pvl., Rl, I, Cherry Run, W, Va. STIVISON, Morlon V., Pvl., Ogallala, Neb. WHITTIG, Merrill A., Pvl., Walerloo, Ind. FIELD ARTILLERY MOTUR PO0L DETACHMENT F. A. S. . .. ..,,. ...V ,x..,..,M...,m.v..-.x .M , P . , n ,. .X fn 1, A 'n " A ., 9' Q ' eg .Q j .., S -I ' . ? T? Q . F. J. RAYMUND MAJOR COMMANDING xx S 3 M X Q. ff 513 ? 133 1 ,' .3 4 V . r is W '---f.:.:, I. 7' M443-iJ.fTf mmlvilf N- -1. ",l.. , w.,W 5 1 3. ' if 'A' MARION L. SWINEHART Capfain Acfing Adiuianf 'K' FRANCIS G. KULLECK ARNOLD M. SMITH Capiain Firsf Lieufenanf S-3 and Operafions Officer Mofor Officer In Charge of Mainfenance Secfion 134 Q65 ffm 1 7w'N 'fix 1-"' 4 - I f GEORGE A ELOYD ' NEAL w. HARRIS Capf' Cammanainigonofficer C cagfain ROBERT B. HILGENDORFF Company B omrgliariffprag Oxficer Commacrigiiiairbff nY Q icer Company D 'QU' rx wie .ex ROBERT J. REED Capfain Ei COBB CHARLES L. OLMSTED Commanding Officer Full Track anljugiggge l Firsf Lieufenanf C0mPal'1Y C Officer Headquarfers Corfgggfiy Execuhve Officer Company D 1-'N I , f ff- SAMUEL G. TUELL HAROLD F. TURNER FRANK T. EDSON Firsf Lieufenanf Firsf Lieufenanf Second Lieufenanf Execufive Officer Company A Mofor Officer Company C Execufive Officer and I 81 E Officer Company C 4--'NOX' i . THOMAS L HUNT FORREST MOORE Z1AxncliI,'LIi5m.iT3ri-31,15 Warrant Officer iiQi M . Second Lgiuienggicer Cosncnqlanding Officer Mainfenance Shop Officer Eilgaiiirfqaunacrfers ogompany Headquaffeff Companv Headquariers Company T 135 e If i r, X..,. l l Q 9 . -A 5 gif? Y Hz -v, H -4 !A."' A 'W Here's where fhey ge? gessed .f.... 1 .1 .1 'K i -'? "'x ' .' . 4.0.1 , Q.: up-fha Service S+aiion. An M-5 I '. 2 r 'lg Q t A, yr i . . - 1 I H195-9:.T? fxm ,x V fav'-1 Y lf gfrr-ri,1w"'f4,r r .Qff:, f 3 L . .11 A ' WW' ' 3' ,, .M 'X V , -:af , ' 'ff' we 4 X. 'p 1 , N, M257 ' 1' ffp .4 , f MY , 1" .-54 vf A r :Wx I X .... uw. .. M... ' Tra:+or geis fhe once over from well Trained lmm ' now f 4 wel . . - - 4-'W' -'-ff' -' 1 fu. rf" ' 85 .U-...:unv""' 'nw 'F' rl M4 ,M ,-"' ,f""fr f",,i'k, Ai ,..,-W.. 'v . "Mn, -' ,nt fan 'f i I V ,I he 4. 1 2 1 ?ff?' ,mf f f agp . f Y x pf 'Y xy ,R A wfxwzbi ,, 51 M , x NfVzK7fmgf.A4Qf 4 3 9 Q N3 6.6, f ,V fy , 'Ng EXW mv f f 7 f f M W -, W S ww iwfff' ww -' QMSZSZQYSZ f-0 f A: I W Ula! HKZTW mVZq,.,,5MM5,,,Qb4, Ayvy 32,4 V f N x ,MWY Y E .1 Z, J, 0 ff? 1, f 4 A X X W h ained Pecialisfs. who know fhe anafomy of 'V ese r . J ARUUND THE AREA On this page are seen pholograplws of fhe Moior Pool Deiachmenf a rea. Reading clockwise from fha upper righf hand cor- ner are: The Non-Commis- sioned Officers' Club: +l1e Barracks: and a panorama of fhe area. f?1+1',F'1?-Viv Here is -4, Play me Mwww, t V 4 1 A ,. Q ' 1, .,,. , 4 'f I , f T 4 bf .AM 1 ..- N-, ,wal K' F? in 'H if rx YJ! S S 555555, . H Sees 5 Here is where we sleep, eaf, work, play lwl1en we can'+ gel' awayl, and Q ll I ll Keep Em Rolling. 1-.,,-N-A "lik-ee.. --Q. , . ,M .V xx S--1,,,.v-' N F -sy... "'-'rs . , 3... "'-. X -bi x xl, . ...A-, ., - wo ew M, URK Reading counier-clockwise fro m b e I o w: Policing fhe Barracks: Laundry line-up: L+, Cobb shows how fo keep ine vehicles. ' -gxx 'ix .NNN mn -3 :F J 4 ip, .a ,J mv ,gy-f Znf 4 ,, so U ,Vw I. dr N, gk 'M-M' , X. V , ' ' In M 31-Zix A if Aff X e Z . J, , cu",- JIU-vw 5"'! -his in npr--- Baba! amiga . . Q zz W' ,r . sf .K , ' 5,1- " 1: H1571 -is 1534- ' fevyig 1 196' - gfqiwu -4 L -L f X . . 1 N , r X. S 'Ni-X PL Heallhy soldiers are soldiers who have Time for play. 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THIRD ROW: HAMMOND, James O., TX4, Rt, 4, Newark, Ohio. HIGUERA, A. E., TI4, Box I63, Costa Mesa, Calif. HUMPHREY, Lloyd, TX4, N, English, Iowa. JACOBS, Harold, TX4, BIB E. 73rd SI., Hynes, Calif. JOICE, George C., TX4, Box 7I, Tuolumne, Calif. KONKOLY, Thomas J., TX4, 4957 East 90th St., Cleve- land, Ohio. FOURTH ROW: LIOTTI, Sorgi T., TX4, I47B East 57th Sf., Brooklyn, N. Y. MCREYNOLDS, Arthur S., TX4, 735 Osage Ave., Kansas City, Kans. NAPOLA, Urho M., TX4, Boy 55, Covington, Mich, ORTWEIN, Joe A., TX4, Verona, Mo. PARDEE, Kenneth, TX4, Rt, I, Shelbyville, Mich. POPPLE, Richard, TX4. FIFTH ROW: SHEPHERD, Carl C., TX4, 4I24 W. 2lst St., Litfle Rock, Ark. SOTA, Julius, TX4, BI6 lOth Ave., Munhall, Pa. TINSLEY, James F., TX4, l47l Tippecanoe Ave., San Bernardino, Calif. TOBIAS, David L., TX4, Burnettsville, Ind. YOKLIC, Marlin J., TX4, 2I6 and M, Weirton, W. Va. ANIQERSON, Clayton O., Cpl., I2lO Dearborn, Lawton, kla. SIXTH ROW: BRAY, Charles E., Cpl, FJELSTAD, Wendell C., Cpl., l204 Oak, Lawton, Okla. CJULDENZOPE, Milton P., Cpl., Rl. 3, Box I45O, Port- land, Ore, HELMUS, William E., Cpl., I45-22 2lSt Ave., Whilestone, L. I., N. Y. HILL, Charles F., Cpl., Pavo, Ga. TAXIN, Harry M., Cpl., 2765 Webb Ave., Bronx, New York, N. Y, SEVENTH ROW: WICHLINSKI, Leo F., Cpl., 2228 A Warren St., St. Louis Mo. DOWNING, Floyd E., TXS, Omaha, Nebr. ESPOSITO, Dominick A., T75, 388 Sullivan Pl., Brooklyn, N. Y. HUNTER, OSCO, Tf5, Rf. I, Bell City, MO, KESSINGER, Homer H., Tf5. LANDRY, E., T75, Rt, 2, BOX I9-A, Arnaudville, La. EISHTH ROW: MAYNARD, Joseph E., TXS, Allen, Ky. NEWMAN, w, J., Ls. OUBRE, Stanley P., Tf5, Box 334, Elizabeth, La. SAIENNI, yviiiim Q., TIS, 812 S. Franklin sf., Wil. mington, Dela, SHEPHERD, Aubrey C., T,f'5, Lorton, Va. STINE, William H., TXS. NINTH ROW: UMSTED, Archie, T,5, Rl. I, Wetumka, Okla. WILCliIf'i?4S, B., T,'5, B450 Flower Sl., LOS Angeles, a I . WITSESELL, Emmett E., TXS, Rt. 2, Glens Falls, wooococx, rim, rs, Ri, io, East Lansing, Mach. AMELL, Edward M., Ptc., Kooskia, Idaho. AIKIIDISON, Donald E., Plc., Rt. 2, Box 2497, Edmonds, asn . 1 4: I-,al ,Q .fy . I gl . 11,4 JP' iv' l UN I 7,4-'A 11 OA ,145 . 145 ,-.. HEHDQUHRTERS AND HEHDOURRTERS COMPANY MOTOR POOL DETACHMENT FIRST ROW: QALL, .VL-r':': S., P5-, Iblg Com--,CTG Sf' km, IM' , Ohio, CATHERM.-KN if. J. rf tw I p,, CORCCRAN, LL- 5. f . I COSTA Aff:-,I V, I' , 43.3 Thy.. ,z IJ'-J, CV.: CROSS, Joseph S., rg. 325 27"- S2 Nf.I:: -f Nr.. Va. DEVIER, Erfsr L., P':, Bm 75, Pun, N, D., SECOND ROW: DIMMERS, Rollo E Plr, 'x'."'ftL- Ewa' La-'A "H DUREALJEC, John P. Pic., IO3 SL-"ml A.L-,, L-.t'I'f- EBBER, WilI3,tr I-l,, PIQM SI9 XV.1nUf SQ Afly' I ,,, GERSON, Sicir-., Plz. ISIS A.-. L. B' .1 N. V GREEN, FIo,cx F., Pfc., -I0-I C-url-IBNI, L,1.v,' fn' GRINSTEAD, Vlcty R,, Pg, 287 5' Qi,,f,.r' A. Columbus, Orig, THIRD ROW: GRISSLER, Joseph, Pfi., IOI-I6 92'J Sf, O: iv New York Clt, N, Y, I GULIEJDTLA, Joseph, Plc., I7I6 Di.K.aIb Avv., BH 3I,: HAMMOND, Alzwndwr A,, Plc., 32-IO-I Ltrwlf C4 Wayne, Mich, HAVKJKINS, Oscar R., Ji., Pff., -129 sm.. sf., cr- ll' . Y. HENDRICKSON, Melvin K,, Pfzi., Dorgtig MIN: HUDDLESTON, Kcnrmth O., Plc., 326 N, CM' C Silverton, Orc. FOURTH ROW: HUFF, Glenn N., Plc., 3-346 Mcciltthwm RI. CII 1' Ohio. ISAAACS, Stanley S., Pfc., 707 East Gcati- Pl., St. If...' o. ROIDCFI I-I,, Plc., S24 FIIIIU SI., Hlmtifilt W, Va. JACOB, Felix PIC., 2020 Dmtc St,, N-.fa Orli-ms, L1. JORGENSEN, Louis L., Plc., 2II9 N,, Muliqitri Ave Chico o III Q , . KANAREK, Max, Plc., 2726 Pinqrcc, Detroit, Mich. FIFTH ROW: KELLNER, Donald B., Plc., 6I5O Bi-act.-, Dctr-At, Miqh LaFLEUR, Joseph A., Pfc., 523 Broyifmf' Fitll Piwrr Mass. LIVINGSTON, R. J., ,, Pfc., 50 Currgtici Sf., B1-mf-'z field, N, J. LONG-O, Joe P., PIC., 998D Wittffr St, Mwitrlfill- Pa. MAEHREN, R, N., Pfc., Aron, Mirir, MARTIN, Andrew, Pfc., I45 Dcmswz Aw, Wigs: lltvl-w Conn. SIXTH ROW: MEYERS, Marvih, Plc., Szuerfof, A'i7. NICHTER, Sebastian M., Plc., 4l4 S. Pri-Html St., Lani' ville, Ky, REEDS, Max L., Plc., Su SCOMA, Lawrence T., r'ir"Qr5viIIfg MO. Pfc,, 74II I-Iirrts Blud., Dnlu Texas. SCOTT, George, Pfc., 5I7 S,'cfJr'iorc St., Gfcfvmctlu I d. SIADHEK, Andrew, Pfc Mohclo-'21, R. I. SEVENTH ROW: 4 , SNAPKE, Norbert A., Pfc., I930 St., Louic, Detroit M'ch, STAFIN Adam J., Plc., I3I St, S. Scarl"Jff',, BIJ Island, Ii. , TIMMS, Richard, PIC., 6009 Ilth AJC. N, :NH Sfrattlff Wash. V TROWBRIDGE Wil . E., Pio. Horse Carle, Ky. VJILLINQHAMX Chgrfg H., PTC., PH 3 C'CS":C, S C. , WOODRING, Robert W., PIC., B51 494, 5'1'tI':Cf':II'r O?la. EIGHTH ROW: I I V YORK, Keifre Pic.. Ssrhgfielv MQ., , , ZOMBECK, John P., Plc., I205 Third St., WIWJDC' Pa. , , BISHOP, 'Nalwr J., PJ., Gwval Dewey' Fitzge' aid, Ga. F , BROYLES, .Jaws P., pn, Bw Ibn, cQ.fffar , Twp. MQNEAL, Archie E. Pn,, l39l Pocn Islam, Spring field MD. , , , F 4 - PAULSTEINE, K., PJ 396 Tenfzrial Kc., Ee' 3' I-lu' bor, Mich. W: Ab-ygw, TN., 22I Li'i-ew Bild., Brad L. Pvt., Choprwar., Kors. . 'rn' N- Yf . I SCHROEDER, Marvin 1 I FIRST ROW: ALLRED, Wayne H., I!Sql., Lehi, Utah. LAKE, Wilbur, TfSql., Au Gres, Mich, l HUDSON, John E., SfSql., General Delivery, Browns- ville, Tenn. , SHIRLEY, William P., SfSql., I39l N, W., 3Olh Sl., Mi- ' FI . WAEl6llfXN,aWesley, S!Sql., 6I2 Ohio Ave., Jellerson- 'Il I d. WILSOISII, ESOFQG, S!Sgl., 54i5 S. Harper. Chicago. Ill. SECOND ROW: DOBBINS, James J., Sql. Sparla, N. J. HAYDEN, William, Sql., Rl. 2, Box 40, Conroe, Tekas. KOWALSKI, Michael, Sql., 6 Easl Laurel Sl., Frackville, Pa. MINICHINO, Joseph A., Sql., 2 William Sl., Wesl Haven, Conn, , SMITH, Carl E., Sql., BI3 Arch Sl., Zanesville, Ohio. COTTRELL, Edward B., Cpl., I4l6 R. Sl., N. W., Wash- inqlon, D C, THIRD ROW: MARTIN, Andrew S., Cpl., Andale, Kans. SCHULMAN, Jacob H., Cpl., 578 Mercy Ave., Brook- I n N. Y, WILLIAMSON, Fred W., Cpl., 604 Jellerson Sl., Wash- inqlon, Ga. CONTOS, Nicholas, T75 I4 Dodge Sl., Lowell, Mass. KUHN, Charles, Tf5, Rl. I, Box B8-A, Marlinslerry, Ohio. MAZUR, Andrew E., TXS, 3902 Calalpa Sl., Indiana Harlaor, Ind. FOURTH ROW: ROI-ILFING, Daniel L., TIS, 2850 N. Slillman Sl., Phila- delphia, Pa. ABNEY Ray D., Plc., Box SZI, Brownfield, Texas. ADDISON, Lloyd B., Plc., 6lI Easl Sevenlh Sl., Panama Cily, Fla. AUERBACH, Frank, Pfc., BIO9 Highschool Rd., Elkins Park, Pa. BARKER, Thomas A., Plc.. Rl. I, Box I9, Rebecca, Ga. BEAVER, James R., Plc., Box 77, Gainesville, Texas. FIFTH ROW: BORIS, Irving, Plc., l3B Winnikee, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. BRANDEBURA, Nick, Plc., I9 Colecresl Sl., Carnegie, Pa, BROOKOVER, Paul, Plc., Rl. 2, Palesline, W. Va. CAMPBELL, Charles F., Plc., SB9 S, Main Sl., Marlins. x llc, Iris. CHRAPKIEWICZ, Charles, Plc., 284-I W. 38lh Sl., Chi- cago, Ill COATES, Roberl B., Plc., S9 Elm Sl., Rulland, Vl. SIXTH ROW: DCAMBROGGI John P., Plc., Rl, I, Charleroi, Pa, DECARO, Tulin J., Plc., IZO4 Barrackg Sl.. New Or. leans La, DICKERSON, Emir R., Plc., E. Smith Porl, Pa. DOCHTER, Johr Plc., Box 76, Aquilar, Colo, FARFALLA, Sana. G., Plc,, ISZS S, Olden Axe. Tren- lar N, J, I GERMANO, William L. 363, O'chard Sl., New Bedford Mass. ' IA6 COMPANY FIRST ROW: GRAY -QA-i. A., Pill. HAMlLTON RCLHI J, if.. 7321 S'--.:.:' .s i. 'L lx HARMON, Pa.l L Wi. R' l Cn' Ml Ok i. HOLTZ Al Fl: 4235 VJ. J.,...g.r: Bug, Q' .43 Ill, JASEK Josvzx 955. Bc Li--- SY C'i,i.' 'r-, N lr. SECOND ROW: JONES Marcus D. PIE. 3780 22'1 Sf., SJW Fr.i'fS-0, Ca' JORDAN, Jolin H., Pfq B.: -IQ, Vli lg Poi" T'--as, KEGOLIS Gcoqc F., Plc. -ZIS W. Coal Sf. S"--mv-xo.i'-, KENNEDY, Jarrrcs H,, Pig Sl-5 Fon--r S', T.'.gi, Cal KNAPP, Mar-.dn D., Plc., 466 H--Mira Sf., Manslif' i, O"ii. THIRD ROW! LANDON, Malvurm' M. Plc., IZ3 l2ln Sl., N E Canlgi LATIMER, Albcrf, Pic.. Rf. l Cmfniava K.. MCCORMICK, Lco C. Plc., PN 2 Bri.-Lklm, Wie. NELSON, Charlus E., PIC., 4303 Somlnrgrn Parlway, Loail.-ill PAWARSKI, Henry, Plz., 6l3 Norlh Oal: Sl., Buffalo, N, Y FOURTH ROW: POGUE, Harrison S., I-fc., Rf. 3, Norrislown, Pa. POLLITT, James R., Plc.. IOSO Ouarrigr Sl., Cliarli'-',lo'i, W, SABO, Frank E., Plc., 22Ol FronTS1., Momma, Pa. SCHIFFMAN, Jerry, Plc., l3l4 Ocean Parlwa-,' Broollyvw, SCHRULL, Erncsl, Plc., Nfgwlon, Iowa. FIFTH ROW: SEIDENSTICKER, Waller, Plc.. Comfort, Twas. SOKOLOSKI, Henry F., Plc., Rl. l, Box 79, Olyplianl, Pa. SOLAMO, O. Joe, Pfc., Box 52. Cucamonga, Calif. STEEN, Lewis S., Plc., 2I9 Haalor Rd., Broolrlawn N. J. TERRY, Wilfon C., Plc., Rf. l, Box I4B, Roswr-ll, N, Mfr. SIXTH ROW: VOSS, Carl F., Pfc., 3806, 25th SI., Dutroit, Mich. BRYNILDSEN, Herbert, Pvt., 25 Elm Sl., Wusrfifflfl, N. J CLARE, Woodrow W., Pv'r., Shiloh, Va. I1 V! s EQKES, ofvsiie A., Pvi.. 907 S. eww si.. Mwiifsff' 1 eios. Kenneth L., im., 432 West Adams si., wif, om. SEVENTH ROW: HAASE, Marlin R., Pvf., Rl, 3, Wuapaca, Wis. HAMETA, Charles E., P-.i,, 2l6 Ease ww si.. Nw mv Ci, N. Y. HAVVK, Wayne E., Pvf., Perkinzvillo, Va, JONES, Harold L., Pvl., Cobleslcill, N. Y. JORDAN, Norman, Pvt., Harwmonrl, La. EIGHTH ROWS KALKA, Carroll E., PA., B31 242, McLean Twins. KEMMERER, Rob-ffl, Pvf., Rr. I, Wifogao Po. LANGE, Roberl, Pvl., 2722 Morlfbfivl Cincinrali, Ohio. MARTIN, Henry E., Pvl., 2ll lblli Am, Cnarle: Cily, lofl MASON, Leo J., PJ., 698 Ella? Fzwfr Sf., Sp'ir.gvi'Ic UN NINTH ROW: MONTELEONE, Leonard L., PM., I9l9 W, Cgriita Ave., CF q Ill. NEWBERRY, Wi iarf A., PM., Suncl Calif PEEVY, Orlean L.. PN. Coffonwcoo, Tef. POWELL, Ever? Pvi, Har's'o"Q, Orla. ROSIER, El'ne' A., Pvf., 1065 N. Lafcr, Lanzirig Midi. TENTH ROW: SHlSHlDO Minoru, PN., ManZa'5', Calif, STEVYART, Paul V., Pvf. TRUJILLO, Abeff J., Fwf., 554 Main Sf., Bingl'ar'. Canyor Urah VICKERY, Williarn, PH., Rl. l, Ole-ego, Mich. ZIMMERMAN, Robert A., Pvr., 34 Oakridge Are., Hillside Ill 147 X x WEN' New Xsweemnffwe-smear s S N Q33 i n v l FIRST ROW: McGURK, Joseph F., l!Sql. . DUCKETT, Leslie B., S!Sgl,, l223 Druid Pl., Allanla G . HAMPTON, John D., S!Sgl., Box 2l5, Rl, 2, Concord N. C. KERBOW, William l'l., Sfsgl., l-lenriella, TSXQS. WEINBERG, Harold J., S!Sql., Bridgewaler, S. Dak. DAHINDEN, Joseph C., Sql. SECOND ROW: GOLDSTICK, Harry B., Sql., 22l S. Broadway, Wallers Okla. SAND, Abe., Sql. AYRES, Brommer J., TX4, BRANIGAN, Marvin M., Cpl. , CHRISMON Wilford C I. 3448 F Sl. Eureka Calif . . P i - - - - HEINDEL, Wilberl L., Cpl., I3 S. Highland Ave., York, Pa THIRD ROW: IMBODEN, Vernard E., Cpl. MORRISSEY, Thomas P., Cpl. TAFOYA, Adolfo M., Cpl., Magdalena, N, Mex. WATTS, David G., Cpl., 28 Emerson Sl., Newlon, Mass ZAGAMI, Nickolas, Cpl. BEVERLY, Bennie L., T!5, Rl, 8, Lafayelle, Ind. FOURTH ROW: DOLEZAL, Edward, T75, Higqanum, Conn. GRECO, C-asper P., T!5, 25I E. Oak Sl., Norrislown Pa GULKO, Samuel, TXS, 66 Chiswick Rd., Brighlon, Mass REID, Everelf T., TXS, Rl, 2, Independence, Kans. SANCHEZ, Manuel P., T!5, 4660 Gleason Sl., Los An qeles, Calif. ALLISON, Norman E., Plc., Rl. 2, W, Middlesex, Pa. FIFTH ROW: APPLE, Edward A., Pfc., 233l Harlandale Ave., Dallas Texas. ARSENIO, Vincent R., Pfc., 727 Brunswick Ave., Tren lon, N. J, BISHOP, Broadus D., Pfc., Rl. 6, Box 74, Sparlanburg S C eimwisl, Samuel c., Pre., 2706 A Afesenai si., si Louis, Mo. BRICCHI, Louis J., Pfc., 3502 Walnul Sl., Chicago lll, CARPENTER, Archie E., Plc., 59 E. Burkley Sl., Zanes ville, Ohio, SIXTH ROW: CRUMP, Delberl O,, Pfc,, Box 96, Henriella, Texas, DAVQSON, Roberl T., Pfc., 929 Simmons Ave., Huron . Dak. DURR, Geofqe, Pic., 84 Balden Sl., New Britain, Conn FRAILEY Arthur M, Plc., Box ll4, Jenks, Okla. GANCZEWSKI, Joseph, Pfc., 408 Wilson Sl., Buffalo N Y eARN'ER,' samuel c., Plc., Elmore cm, ous, COMPANY FIRST ROWg ,P-,Lp .:,MJ , U 'V ,X :ssh 1. M ii, S-L:-KQOQ :' i::.::E:' -' A I '-I 'N C-fn ' 2'-4 ' I' IW" " '- .. . . A Q,- A ' Nx- ' :-.Nx ,K r AJ- i iris' 1 lad, I ' SECOND ROW: 'A--gg Arfh '. In 1:3 E N- ,k'.,,,,v, JASON 1- r .,, :,.,,, -,, . KLUDS KOFSKY 5 Q, f .4 ,.,5',,E'Qj .Uh ANL-V .. x,.,fx,,,, - - -- KNAW H--:ff E. Jw lf: os? Q' I . - E CJ.-5. .. .I x L 5 IvVJf?Lr nf, II." P ,I A .. num... f LLOYD lv'-lf, V4 D-J, 11.33 I- :,,NxL,, S Pl, MEF ' THIRD ROW: LONV, JOINT P. PT' ff S-, iq-,, Sv gl fu My LUSH Cfmn N. Pm., .-'Q .IIIr- N Q ' ' MARRIOTT HMV J-, :rg 327 5, y..-,, 'Cpu PJ, I l MURPHY, Furl .I ?":, TI-9 ' - 14,4 pg g,,I 'mr-. Im. ' FOURTH ROW: NOVAK, Vlcfgr I' PI , NIO I' IILLIMI MVN, PENOR, Eqrl L., Pig., I305 C'--fwlr Av--, Eff- .-fr NVQSII, PETERSON, H, Pfg, PWL, RM... N, 5-my RECIO, Felix, Jr. Pi, I23l p,4,,55f, S, 8,,.,,. ,5 T1-x.JS, l ROACH, Clwslur, Pig., 900 Armin-wg Se, FII-1.4fL.Ie,v. Mo. ROIH, JQSQDIW F., PIL. 9039 Jv.xJr"If- SI. Nw.-. O learns LJ, SCALICE Slllr-ll Plg., IOI5 E, ZSIII SIM PM'-fa., N. J. FIFTH ROW: STANLEY, Earl H., PIC., 7430 S, Cr,-.rm SI. L,'nr.,.1 III. STEVENS, LQSIUI' J., PIC. Vfl.5 vw Cray-I, VJ., lr, STODULSKI, William J,, Fig, I65 Ffrgglfr, Riu If!!-,Ib-I Mass. VIERLING, Edward R., Plc., 652 NV, IOIII Elm'-rl Orc. Y NG Foum A Plc., Kmfawrx, K.. OU , . ABARR, Jack W. Pvl, SIXTH ROW: BARKER, William A., PJ., 57I5 P'I.'?r 1-'- Lnblmnl Ky. BERILLA, Wllllgrrw M. P-.'I,, RI, 2 8,1 YO, Ewrwlm Wash. BERGMAN, Vlfaltfgr L., PJ., BOCKIv1AN,Wn','rIc R. PA., Erfg? OPM. BUGANSKI Bmigrmln S. P-.tu IIO WIIIUN S', M rldcn, Cum. BUSE, GCWQ E, PW., Rl. l CVWJYIM lf'-f11'. SEVENTH ROW: CARY, Charles R., PJ. Hager" wr, lrillz, DAVIS, Charles H, PM., 6328 Cav'-Ilz Aw V Nu,s, Calif. DUFOUR, Edrmmd PM., PI, I, Fur! K-yn? IA'-. ELLIS, Ra,rTwQr.d I-I, Pal., B91 244, L"'x", H43-'--rl. FRYE, Elvin E., PW., 609 SCCCWI Sf. S, VJ. Clnrl Io.-fo. , GRAHEK, Bermffi, Pm 428 E. Sr--Vim Sf., Elf IAII EIGHTH ROW: HENRY, Carroll A., PAA., 3737 Slff Do: Huw Iowa. HOLDEN, Vflugrv H, PJ. PM 3, l'!f:sf, Mizz. JAMES, Rug' YJ., PJ. IZZ7 F-fl" fue., F'1I'Sl,,'q PJ. -EWIS Edward G., Pri. I67 Kcwnl Blvu., Owl, N. J. LEINTl"llNAlTE, Earl PJ., I-SIE CC'q':' Ol'VIL"J 7733 MANESS, BeaI.l:'ii C., PN., PI, I, Sf-agrfzw N. NINTH ROW: New-JCOMB, L,Ie R., Izl N, J4ff.'.,n, Ifwizc S Dar. n NUZZOLILLO, Jczeolr, Pfl., Bc' 57, Naf'-alle, Va. PIOTROVJSKI Tfc"'aS R., Pal. f'+.i"Q,', Ill. I PROSPER, A'wfISc'.' J., PN. AGI SDfI",'I Sf., E"D0'Iu Pa. RIZZUTO, Anwcm, PN., I57 Nez? Arc., 28, La: A Q-e'Qs Calf. A I SCI-ILILZ L," H. 312, SL"g Valef, Mlffw. TENTH ROW: SPI?ADL1N,'NaIerS. F-ft, SNELL, J,:"C9 E., Pff, PI, 3, Tllllr, CVO. STALKER, n'!?lllam L., Pvf., 3l0 Wes? Jelferszn, Bc var, Mc. STEIDING, Rlchafc M., PVT., MU f ard, Md. 149 C FIRST ROW: LEWIS, Ben H., lfSqt., Rush, Ky. HOFFMAN, William B., SfSqt., 2ll7 N, Third St., St. Charles, Mo. O'DONNELL, Sylvester K., S!Sqt., Chapel Hill, Triadel- phia, W, Va. WAGNER, J., S!Sqt., Rockdale Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. CAWTHORNE, William R., Sqt., IZ39 Main St., Wells- burq, W. Va. KENKEL, Louis V., Sqt., 2IO S, Flower St., Los An- qeles, Calif, SECOND ROW: KROFKOP Joseph W., Sqt., 545 S. Seventh St., Shamo- in a Bl.OFK,NStx?nIey, Cpl., 4IO9 Kinqs Hlqhway, Brook- yn, . . COUFFER, Jack C., Cpl., I625 Country Club Dr., Glen- dale, Calif, FISHER, Nelson H., Sqt., 4334 McGee, Kansas City, Mo. KORNIAYN, Jerry R., Cpl., I908 Belmont Ave., Bronx, MUl.L'IS,'Theodore R., Cpl., Chester, S. C. PROCTOR, Rudy J., Cpl. THIRD ROW: SCHRECK, Joseph J., Cpl., I37 Herman St., Buffalo, N. Y. SHIEMAN, Willis W., Cpl., Rt. 6, Box 587, Salem, re. STOMPER, John, Cpl., 400 Ellicott St., Batavia, N. Y. CRABTREE, James H., T!5, Olway, Ohio. DEES, Charley R., TIS. JENNINGS, Walter, TIS, General Delivery, Lone Moun- tain, Tenn. FO U RTH ROW: JOHpNSl?lS1iI Charles S., U5, 537 N, Harvey Ave., Oak ar , , MAYER, Frank J., TXS, Rt., 2, Monmouth, Me. PIERCE, Donald, TXS, Clark St., Batavia, Ohio. RUIZ, Felipe L., T!5, l32 East St., Hollister, Calif. TANTON, Buford A., TXS, Yantis, Texas, THOMPSON, Braxton C., TIS, 2032 Greene SI., Char. lotte, N. C. FIFTH ROW: WESOL, Ehaddeus, T!5, 3536 West Cortland St., Chi- cago, , BERWIOLEK, Steve, Ptc., Box 96, Clarksville, Pa. BELLENGER, Joe N., Jr., Pic., 255 South Eighth Sl. Gadsden, Ala, BEHLING, Roy S., Pfc., Tomahawk, Wis. BRODEUR, Norman H., Pfc., IO4 Main St., West War- ren, Mass. BROWN, Victor L., Pfc., Valleye Southwood Rds. Hockessin, Dela. H? FIRST ROW: BRUMLEY, L. D., Pff., wwf vang., K,, CAIN, Sherman, PIC., Pulaski VJ, CARLSON, ArIhur E., PIC. COKER Tom B., PIC., 6l2 Wesl' Ezqhfh SI., M'. Pcasqv' PICKENS. Hawwvod. PIC., Q30 Cormac Si., Auqugfg, 93, SECOND ROW: DOUGLAS, David N., PIC., RI. 3, RiChnrond, K.'. POTTER, Reynold E., PIC., Sfratlon, MQ. FRAZIER, Hubbard W., PIC., Copperas Cam Tera: FRYE, Clarence W., PIC., Fallentimbgr, Pg, GEORGI, Harold P., PIC., RI. 5, Forf Wayne, Inrl. THIRD ROW: GILBERT, David, PIC., 2235 E. Rooscvelf, S?oCldpn, Calif. GRAVES, Juliug A., PIC., Fayeffeville, Ga. HALLORAN, William V., PIC. HEADLAND, Waldemar C., PIC., Pilfsburqh, Pa. HEDEEN, Elmer R., PIC., Zumbro Falls, Minn, FOURTH ROW: HILL, Roberf C., PIC., I43O Esrcy SI., Chester, PQ, HISKY, LuCien, PIC., Balfimore, Md. HOPKINS, John C., PIC., 39Ol Windom PI., N. W., Washirmqlffn D. C. HORELICA, Frank S., PIC., Cameron, Texas. INTINDOLI, Ralph, PIC., 54-3I I53rd SI., Flushing, N, Y. FIFTH ROW: JENKINS, Frank, PIC., RI. I, Sneedville, Tenn, JOHNSON, Willard, PIC. KNUDSON, Carl E., PIC., Pelican Rapids, Minn, KONIECKI, Alford J., PIC., 4508 Bermuda SI., Philadelphia, Pa. Ja.. ff L ' LALO, Aldo D., PIC. ISIS Parlr Hill, CanIon, Ohio. SIXTH ROW: LAMBERT, ChesIer E., PIC., Rosebud, S, Dall. LAMONTAGNE, John B., PIC., l34 Columbia Sf., BridgQDO'I Conn. LAY, Gordan, PIC., RI. 5, Carlisle, Pa. " LEACH Danaia E. Dre., iso4 Millmafi sf., Peoria, ni. ES, Wilberf F., PIC., ISI Cleveland, Green Baf, Was. SEVENTH RCW: MAPLES David C., PIC., Odebclf, Iowa. TTSON Howard M PIC Rf 2 NifoI'eI Mirn , Mounr, Jain A., Pre., 3439 E. Canfield, unfair, Mic . 4' 5' PLICHTA, Joseph R., Pff., 203 Washingmn sf.. Balfircare, Ma. PRATER, Hercial G., PIC. EIGHTH ROW: RUPP, george A,, PIC., 437 S. I7Ih SI., Saginaw, Mich. SAKOWSKI, Pefer J., PIC., RI. 7, Norwich, Conn. ' SCROGGINS liIus W., Pfc., Rf. 4. Vernon. Texas. FIRST ROW: SELF, Beacher, Plc., Wilder, Kans. SNODDY, Kennelh G., Plc., l2l0 N. Van Buren, Marion, lll. TUURI, Alberl G., Plc., 247 Fisher Sl., Marquelle, Mich. URANGO, Rudolfo, Plc., Box 643, Oxnard, Calif. WHITAKER, Joseph H., Plc., I334 Gables Courl, Tampa, Fla. SECOND ROW: WILSON, Elmer L., Plc., l926 Twin Ave., San Gabriel, Calif. WITVOET, Fred, Pfc., Chicago Heighls, Ill. WOLFORD, Leo D., Pfc., Rl. 2, Porlland, lncl. ZAHN, Andrew J., Plc., Hague, N. Dak. ALLEN, Fred H., Pvl., 9l9 S. E. l2lh, Paris, Texas. THIRD ROW: BYRNE, Thomas J., Pvl., l4 Oak Pl., Gloucesler, N. J. CAMARDO, Frank J., Pvl., Riverside, N, J. DeJESUS, Joe, Pvl., l552 Orchard Ave., San Leandro, Calif. GORENSTEIN, Irving, Pvl., 5465 Greenwood, Chicago, lll. GROUT, Theodore K., Pvl., 27 Easl 33rd Sl., Kansas Cily, Mo. FOURTH ROW: HEIN, Franklin W., Pvl., Rl. 3, Allenlown, Pa. HOPPLE, Earl J., Pvl., 545 N. Ninlh Sl., Lebanon, Pa. JOHNSON, Leo D., Pvl., Muncy Valley, Pa. JONES, Ernesl, Pvl., Rl. l, Box I99, Clackamas, Ore, KLAUS, William A., Pvl., 2l7 W. l7lh Sl., Hays, Kans. FIFTH ROW: LEONARD, Donald, Pvl., Nicollel, Minn. LUSK, Howard L., Pvl., Alexandria, Minn, MCFADDEN, Virgel A., Pvl., 722 Redden Courl, Danville, lll. MEDLEY, Harold E., Pvl., l75O E. Allanlic, Springfield, Mo. MOOD, Homer G., Pvl., l92l Firsl Sl., N. W., Washinglon, D, C SIXTH ROW: MORELAND, Charles E., Pvl. OCKERMAN, Kennelh L., Pvl., 2l2 Cenler Sl., Rock Springs Wyo. PERCIVAL, Leslie, Pvl., Sall Lake Cily, Ulah. RAJCZAK, Felix A., Pvl., 2206 Cudeback Ave., Niagara Falls N. Y. REED, Melvin L., Pvl., 614 Calhoun Sl., Salem, Va. SEVENTH ROW: ROSE, Wilson, Pvl., Wyoming, W, Va. ROSS, George S., Pvl., 29l6 Key Blvd,, Arlinglon, Va. RUSSELL, Emil V., Pvl., Box 338, Forl Worlh, Tex. SCHMITT, Roger A., Pvl., Rl. l, Box ll9, Augusla. Wig, SODDERS, Elmer J., Pvl. Box IIO6, Edinburg, Texas, EIGHTH ROW: STOPlTA, Moses D., Pvl., 280 Fisher Ave., Ponliac Mich. WACK, Arlhur, Pvl., 88 Cornelia Sl., Broolclyni N, Y, WOOLEY, William A., Pvl., Rl, 3, Cedar Grove, Tenn, WYATT, Norman H., Pvl., Woodbridge, Va. FIRST ROW: SANDERS. James V.. lISgt., Rr. I, Garvin, owe. COTTINGHAM. Robefi. SISQI., Wafsonville, Calif. KROHE, Fled l..., SISgI,, Rf, I, Beaver' Pa. MYERS. CIWVIGS I--. Sfsqf., Rf. 3, Box 86, Brislol, Tenn. YOUNG. Charles J.. SISgr., 9:4 D sf., Lawfon, okia. SECOND ROW: GRALLA, Edward, Sgr., l928 82nd SI., Brooklyn, N, Y, KOWALESKI, S. B., Sgr., Toledo, Ohio. REGAN, John M., Sgr., 72l5 Race SI., Piffsburgh, Pa. SHAIN, E. R., Sgr., 3047 Corfland, Chicago, Ill. CARPENTER, James G., cpl., Elbridge, Tenn. THIRD ROW: EVANS, Darrell K., Cpl., 820 N. Oregon SI., EI Paso, Texas. GRIM, Carl E., Cpl., Lewisfon, Idaho. LESSARD, Oliver J., Cpl., 9 Kirk Sf., Springvale, Me. NOBLE, Marion, Cpl., Cenlralia, Kans. PILEWSKY, Joseph, Cpl., Newlon, N. J. FOURTH ROW: SWIONTEK, Benny T., Cpl., 7I5I S. Aberdeen, Chicago, Ill. BARNEY, Wilfred F., TI5, Box 22I, Baniam, Conn. BEHM, Carl F., TI5, Rl. I, Omro, Wis. BRUNSON, Kennelh L., TI5, RI., 2, Lawrenceville, Ill. DELOACH, E. W., TIS, Grenada, Miss. FIFTH ROW: DOUGHTY, James T., TI5, 5 S. Union Sf., Sodus, N, Y. EAKINS, Victor S., TIS, Rf. 3, Xenia, lll. FANDRICK, Alexander R., TI5, 336 Poplar SI., Wyandofre, Mich GRENKIEWICZ, Joseph S., TI5, 66 Bancrof? Sf., Providence, R. I NOLEROTH, Ray TI5, Oakland, Calif. CUMPANY FIRST ROW: RAWLETT, Raymond A., TXS, I4l9 Penn Ave., WaSl'1ir1q'fOV1. D- C BABITCH, David l., Pfc., 2550 Detroit, St., Flint, Mich. BADGER, Howard, Pfc., Cincinnati, Ohio. BLACK, Jake P., Pfc., 503 N, Guadaloupe, Carlsbad, N. M- BORYSZEWSKI, John P., PfC., 3369 Frederick, Detroit, Mich. SECOND ROW: BOZINOFF, John, Pfc., 309 Mitchell St., Jackson, Mich. BRADY, William T., Ptc., B03 Dresden Ave., Louisville, Ky. CARTER, Robert K., Pfc., 5235 Miller Ave., Dallas, Texas. ATES Robert E Ptc 4I6 W Chawnee Ave Plymouth Pa. CO , ., ., . ., . CORDELL, Arthur J., Pfc., 37I lnnis Ave., Columbus, Ohio. THIRD ROW: EASTLICK, James, Pfc., lI2O Washington St., Waterloo, Iowa. FILEGER, Albert S., Pfc., 7l3 Holland St., Erie, Pa. GARNER, Howard, Ptc. GLASGOW, Floyd W., Ptc., Odem, Texas. HARRIS Nathan E., Pfc., I08 Sawyer Rd., Buzzards Bay, Mass. FOURTH ROW: HART, Ralph L., Pfc., ZIO7, 27th Ave., Oakland, Calif. HEMP, Frederick M., Pfc., 645 E. Bocie St., Philadelphia, Pa. HENGEL, Clarence A., Pfc., Milroy, Minn. HODSON, Harry S., Ptc., 6l7 Elleson St., Guymon, Okla. HORNBERGER, Lee, Pfc., Hershey, Pa. FIFTH ROW: HOVIS, Bill, Pfc,, Polk, Pa. HUDSON, Nolen, Ptc., Commerce, Okla. INGALLS, Jasper, Pfc., 728 N. Minn Ave., Sioux Falls, S. D. KRINGS, Karl N., Pfc., I9 E, Page St., St. Paul, Minn. LOSKO, Edward, Pfc., I5 Bellvue Ave., Westview, Pa. SIXTH ROW: MOLES, Wayne, Pfc., I9lI Broadway, Kansas City, Mo. PASSE, Clarence H., Pic., 609 S. Oak St., Lake City, Minn. PATTON, Robert C., Pfc., Rt. I, Deer Park, Md. PAUL, Herman J., Plc., Hurlock, Md. RALSON, Bernard L., Pfc., Willapa, Wash. SEVENTH ROW: RAY, H. E., Ptc., Chattanooga, Tenn. REBER, Ray, Pfc., 99I Martsole Ave., Pittsburgh Pa, SAGE, John C., Ptc., 802 Seymour, Lansing, Mich. SELIG, Keith N., Pfc., S606 Marburn, Los Angeles, Calif, SIMSKI, Ted C., Pfc., 53 Dales Ave., Jersey City, N. J, EIGHTH ROW: SMOLEN, Frank W., Pfc., Southbridge, Mass. SOBCZAK. Waiter J., Ptc., 5438 S, Union Ave., Chicago Ill sPsNcER, Harold L., Pte., 3oz seyenii. si., oqden, vif STOAKES Donald, Plc., Primrose, Nebr, VM-ENTE. A"'Q9lO A-. Pfi., 47 Madison Ave., Cranston, R. I. NINTH ROW: WALL, Albert D., Ptc., Dodson, La, WILSON, Charles M,, Pfc., Rt. 2, Box ZI4-A, Okmulgee, Okla WOLF, Anton J., Pfc., I526 First Ave., S. E., Minot, N, D, wkfwu .IA 41-'X J A GUMPANY FIRST ROW: ALLEN, Benfile A., Pxt,, lrgrtgn, T5-,Ay BERTRAND, Junious J., Pvt, SIO Reed St, Villelatvp LJ CAMERON. GUY P., PW., Kf101villQ, Tgnn, i i CARUSO, Samuel A., Pvt., 5II Owpng AWN Mikwsow, pa, CHLERCHILL, Raymond E., Pvt., I27 Minnesota Aw Agnfgbhy hio. i SECOND ROW: CONNELL, DeWayne E., Broclrsbufq Ncbr, COVARD, Arthur, Pvt., Rt. l, Cathaqg, N, Y, DeSOTO, John E., Pvt., Oqilvie, Minn. DEVER, Elmer L., Pvt. DONNELLY, Robert C., Pvl., 2053 Loxlcy Rd., Toledo Ohio. THIRD ROW: FITZPATRICK, Charles, Pvt., Box 787, Humble, Texas. FULLER, Walter, Pvt., 40l W. 32nd St., Little Rock, Ark. GARNER, Clarence J., Pvt., Cordova' Ala, KARSLAKE, Arthur D., Pvt., Rt. l, Box 358-A, East Lansinq, Mich KINCADE, Paul E., Pvt., 7l9 State Ave., Kansas City, Kans. FOURTH ROW: KNORR, John L., Pvt., Kent, Wash. KOHLMAN, Lam C., Pvt., 3ll6 Risedorph St., Flint, Mich. MANGIERI, Adolfo A., Pvt., Il7O Seventh St., New Kensington Pa. MAYRAND, Wilfred E., Pvt. MILLER, Roy B., Jr., Holden, Mo. FIFTH ROW: MORROW, Virgil L., Pvt., Rt. 3, Brasher, Mo. ODEGAARD, Harold C., Pvt., Sisseton, S. D. PETERSON, Cecil O., Pvt., Dunn Center, N. D. PRESLEY, Harlan L., Pvt., Rt. 2, Milford, Texas. PREVATTE, Robert E., Pvt., Box 38l, Lumberton, N. C. SIXTH ROW: PRICKETT, Bailey P., Pvt., l423 l5th, Santa Monica, Calil. PRITCHARD, Thomas E., Pvt., Horse Heads, N. Y. RICE, Henry J., Pvt., 203 N. 22nd St., Terre Haute, Ind. RILEY, James D., Pvt., Box 374, Clarendon, Texas. RYAN, Jerry W., Pvt., 2l E. Churchill Dr., Muskegon, Mich. SEVENTH ROW: SAHR, Miltred B., Pvt., l224 N. Rhode Island, Mason City, Iowa. SERAFIN, Walter J., Pvt., I379 E, 27th St., Cleveland, Ohio. SMITH, Harold, Pvt., Rt. l, Hillman, Minn. SPEARS Hensel E., Pvt., Rt. l, 5, Solon, Ohio. STEINHEIMER, Moms L.. Pvt. 204 N. Market si.. New Aim. EIGHTH ROW: TONY, Mitchell M., Pvt., 449 E. Long Ave.. New Castle, Pa. TOPEL, F. C., Pvt., 4l6 Smith Ave., Oconto, WiS. VAN aoxrere, vemon, Pvt., 202 S. Main Sf., Cllfllontfillfr WG- WALKER, Hubert, Pvt., Rt. 5, Coolreyille,T9nf1. WALLACE, Cecil D., Pvt., Amelia, ohio. NINTH ROW: WATKINS, John, Pvt., Manson, N. C. WEBB, Clinton, Pvt., Dalton, Ga. WHITTON, James A., Pvt., CaseY. lll- I55 I FIELD ARTILLERY N X TRAINING DETACHMENT No. 2 Z N "'-'l--- - I I N A X . Qi. U23 F . 'e,p- Al' ' ,quasa- wp. 1" ,if I .. ,f JOSEPH M. AMBROSE LAWRENCE DRAKE CommaEgIDrIgmOfficer A Commacr-igiJrIgIIIOfficer Baffery A Baffery C WILLIAM P. HEDRICK RICHARD J. JENNINGS Firsf Lieufenanf Firsf Lieufenanf Commanding Officer Baifery B Reconnaissance Officer Baffery B Ang: 'ii' , 'U .4 iff . lf, DONALD R KELLOG Leo A. Nesuls 'EDWQRQ LE- QNESTEERRY ' ' ' IBU Enan euferanf FIISI LIeuIenanI Rec:-imnaissance Officer Firsf Li Reconnaissance Officer Baffery C ii? A 157 :HE DQUARTERS BATTE FIRST ROW: COBURN, Bernarr M., lfSgt., 4325 Caruth Ave., Dallas, T . V JOHNSON, Maurice L., T!Sql'., Box l32, Cimarron, Kan. JOHNSTON, Charles R., TXSQT., 28 W. Seventh Ave., Tarentum, Pa. WITHERSPOON, David H., T!Sgt., Greensboro, N, C, KUZSMA, Victor J., Jr., TX3, 308 East Main St., Somer- 'll , N. J. PRONLJISE, James S., SfSgt., 37 Logan Ave., Gibb? lown, N. J. SECOND ROW: SMALE, John V., SfSgt., l8l Lakeview Ave Crosse Ae4Farms, Mich, CRAWFORD, James M., Sgt. JACKSON, Walter, Sgt., 420 New York Ave., Toledo, Oh' . LAWSOCN, Grover L., Sgt., 408 E. 36th St Cleve land, Tenn, MCCONNELL, M. J., Sgt., 203 E. Fifth St Clara, M' h. HOLMcOUEST, Arthur J., TX4, I479 Compton Terrace, Hillside, N. J. THIRD ROW: AGUIRRE, Mike S., Cpl., Box 952, Coolidge, Ariz. JORSAN, Charles K., Cpl., 705 I6th Ave., Laurel, s. RlLEYlSEdward V., Cpl., 508 Linwood Ave., LaPorte, l d. WOLll:E, Leslie E., Cpl., 946 E, Seventh Sl., Hopkins- ville, Ky. FLAD, Charles R., T!5, l423 N, E., 28th Ave., Port- land, Ore. GALLERY, Charles D., TI5, Franklin, Minn. FOURTH ROW: LAREZEN, Verdon O., Tf5, 2636 Stingle Ave., Garvey, aI', MEI'-lL,lVirqil H., T!5, Ellsworth, Kan. UMBREIT, Merril E., T!5, Great Bend, N, Dak. ALLEN, Raymond H., Pfc., 42 Waterville St., N. Grafton, Mass. DOWNEY, John J., Pfc., 4742 Sylvan Ave., Pittsburgh, P . JOHNSTON, John M., Pfc., 4l Palm Court, Santa Paula, Calif, FIFTH ROW: KlELY?flEC, K., Pfc., l35l N, Hoyne Ave., Chicago, I LINDSEY, Milton A., Pfc., 34l2 Pardee Ave., Dear- born, Mich, MAHONEY, Jimmie A., Pfc., 637 D. St., S. E., Wash- ington D. C. PIEKUT, Edward A., Pfc., 834 Lyndhurst St, Baltimore TS, Russell J., c., on 6 ulu ., Ida, ic N, K, John, c., 8 Iron St., Norway, ic. SIXTH ROW: W TSON, ac O., Pfc., Hermleigh, Texas. COCKRAM, Huge, Pvt,, Bassett, Va, HUNGERFORD, George C., Pvt., L by's P. O. Solo- mons, Md. RHOA, A, J., Pvt., E. Cleveland, Ohio. ,922 lf f X 'i f if QL! ., 'f JOM iff" '. , .f 5,444 , 157 , WS., MM ,mffz rrrrr IISG1-. CLYDE E. Rumsnsonn 902 B Sr. Lawton , Okla , 159 FIRST ROW: CARhI2lNhELLl, Joseph A., SISgI., l9I72 Keafing Aveu Def,-051 REED- Jimmie L-. S!Sg+., 628 N. E., sevenfh oklahoma cn, Olrla, HAMER. Bob. Sql., Box I386 Wapanucka, Okla, TOMS, Gilmore F., Sgl., Charlolfesville, Va. GUILFORD, Sam., Cpl., Newlon, Mass. SECOND ROW: HERMES, Mark J., Cpl., Wahpefon, N, Dak. MANCINI, Alberf, Cpl., I44 North Sf., Warren, Ohio, MASON, Evereil, Cpl. MCCANN, Charles E., Cpl., Box 94l, Law1on, Okla. MITTAG, Thomas E., Cpl., Glendale, S, C. THIRD ROW: TEGEMOLLER, William S., Cpl,, I020 S. Roena SI., Indianapolis Ind. RUSSELL, Ernesl R., Cpl., 2308 W. Fayelfe Sl., Baltimore, Md. SCHAEFER, Joseph, TI5, 975 Kalamath Sf., Denver, Colo. BARTOS, Ernesl, TI5, RI. I, Orange Grove, Texas. BLOODGOOD, Charles, TIS, 520 Bordenlown Ave., Soufh Amboy N. J. FOURTH ROW: CLEAR, Leo T., TIS, I250 Convenfion Sf., Bafon Rouge, La. FARNSWORTH, Linlon D., TI5, Slockporl, Ohio. KINCAID, Lloyd, TI5, Cranden, Wisc. LEWIS, Vaughn R., TI5, Garland, Ufah. ALBOHER, Jack M., Pfc., IO22 S. Capilol Ave., Indianapolis Ind. FIFTH ROW: ARMAND, Eslon, Pfc,, Rf, I, Collonporf, La. BARNHART, D, J., Pfc., 605 S. Division, Kellogg, Idaho. BICANICH, slam, Pfc., 22 Fifth s. E., Chisholm, Minn. BIRCH, Erling, Plc., Kalama, Wash. BUCHMANN, Roberl, Pfc., l237 S. l9fh Sf., La Crosse, Wis. BATTERY FIRST ROW: CAUDILL, Magnus G., Pfc., Sophia, W. Va. ELLIS, James G., Pfc., 600 W, Second St., Breckenridge, Texas. FINDLEY, Louis, Pfc., Rt. 4, Seymour, Ind. FREEMAN, Dewey, Pfc., Box I65, Dadeville, Ala. LETTOW, Norman W., Pfc., Milwaukee, Wis. SECOND ROW: LOWE, John R., Pfc., III4 Elgin St., Key West, Fla. GLEECK, George W. Jr., Pfc., Layton Apt. IB, Hot Springs, S. Dak, . GRAHAM, William C., Pfc., Rt, I, Sumrall, Miss. HAIRSTON, James W., Pfc., Cave Springs, Ark. HALL, Robert L., Pfc., 7 Partridge Lane, San Francisco, Calif. HENDRICKSON, Chester H., Pfc., 3926 Emerson Ave., N., Minne apolis, Minn. THIRD ROW: HENRY, James W., Ptc., Rt. 2, Denton, Texas. HOOVER, Vernon H., Pfc., Box 2l2O, Hammond, La. HILLS, Harold R., Pfc., 249 Blunk Ave., Plymouth, Mich. JACKSON, Charles, Pfc., Rt, 2, Handcock, Wis. FOU RTH ROW: KEMPSTER, Eugene, Pfc., lO8 H. St., Wallace Idaho. KENDRICK, Billie E., Pfc., Emma, Ky. KINGSBURY, Edward C., Pfc., Leominster, Mass. KLEINFELDER, Walter H., Pic., 203i Plum St., Frankford, Pa. KOEPSEL, William W., Pfc., Saukville, Wis. FIFTH ROW: LAUE, William A., Pfc., 426 N, Bradford St., Baltimore, Md. MARTINEZ, Gilbert, Pfc., Box 52, Los Alamitos, Calif, MILLEFOGLIE, Anthony P., Pfc., Detroit, Mich. OLSEN, Fred E., Pfc., 259 Towt St., Salinas, Calif. PETERSON, William K., Pfc., Rt, 2, Longview, Wash. SIXTH ROW: PIERCE, Ivan L., Pfc., I227 S, First St., Arkansas City, Kans. PODSAKOFF, Fred D., Pfc., Rt. 2, Box I3, Kerman, Calif. ROSE, Jack B., Pfc., l375 Irving St., N. W., Washington, D, C SCHULTZ, Raymond F., Pfc., 603 Williams St., Janesville, Wis. SHOOBRIDGE, James A., Pfc., 8lBO Irving Rd., Warren, Mich SEVENTH ROW: SULLIVAN, Frank R., Pfc., Pleasant St., Hartford, Conn. TAYLOR, Elvy, Plc. WOLFF, Thurl V., Pfc., Council Bluffs, Iowa. WEISSGARBER, Michael, Pfc. WATSON, Allie W., Pfc., 2825 Flint, Waco, Texas. EIGHTH ROW: DAVIS, Edgar R., Pvt., King City, Calif. FREEMAN, Curtis, R., Pvt., Beacon, Tenn. HOliT, William N., Pvt., 5I0 S, University Ave., Knoxville, enn, JAMES, Leonard, Pvt., Bold Springs, Tenn. JAPP, Elmer C., Pvt., Rt, I, Cushing, Minn, NINTH ROW: JOHNSON, Clernit J., Pic., Rt, I, Alma, Mich. McCORY, Rolland R., Pvt., l4l2 Carlisle St., Saginaw, Mich. MYERS, Sam J., Pvt., Rt, I, Louisville, Miss. NORTON, John F., Pvt., 6II Hunter Ave,, Jglietl Ill, VENEC-AS, Lazaro M., Pvt., Box 4I2, Sanderson, Texas. had E ewan V. 'IP Gm' E MMIII IW: llllllAI, YW' ' ,bg 2. S Noe' S IIILIIAIIS, Sa' L IAIIIIB., F. K FIRST ROW: GOLIDAY, Franklin E., lfSg'l'., Lexinglon, lll. GREG-ERSON, Juel M., SfSg'f., Gunnison, Ulah. VAN HOOSER, J. T., S!Sg'r. HENSON, Alberl, Sql., 2Il Wesl Illh S+., Rome, Ga. HOOKER, George, Sgl., 4l8 N. Kensinglon Ave., La Grange, lll. SECOND ROW: L MURRAY, William T., Sgr., l95 Halslead Ave., Harrison, N, Y NIELSON, Roy D., Sgl., 207l Adams Ave., Ogden, Ulah. THOMAS, Alberf, Sgr., 924 W. Fiffh Sl., Willmar, Minn. WILLIAMS, sam L., TX4, 2143 s. sam si., Rockford, Ili. BARTHEL, John F., Cpl., 8l6 Congress Ave., Saginaw, Mich. THIRD ROW: BIRD, Ray F., Cpl., lI729 Geraldine Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. FARLEY, Henry F., TIS, Morrislown, N, Y. FULTON, A. L., T!5, l4OI E, Kent Sf., Slrealor, Ill. MILER, James E., Cpl., 99 Auburn Ave., Shelby, Ohio. MCARTHUR, Millard R., TXS, 304 S. Main S+., Yale, Mich. FOURTH ROW: MOMINEE, Paul, Cpl., 22l Adams Sl., Dundee, Mich. MOORE, Fernley S., Cpl., 220 Sl. Clair Sl., Marine Cify, Mich. PlEKVLJ'l'OWSKl, Raymond, Cpl., 2035-A S. Fiflh Place, Milwaukee us. POLK, Joe, TXS, 300 Griffilh Rd., Monroe, N. C. SCHMUDE, Ray, Cpl., l2Ol Minnie Sf., Porl Huron, Mich. FIRST ROW: SMITH, James C., TIS, 26l7 Sl. Albans Rd., Cincinnali, Ohio. AURIEMMA, William, Pfc., 54 Church Sf., S, Orange, N. J. ALBRIGHT, Carl D., Pfc., Long Beach, Calif. BURCHAM, Franklin H., Pfc., Rudd, Iowa. BUTCHER, Edgar L., Pfc., ll7l Pacific Ave., Sal? Lake Cily Utah, SECOND ROW: CONNER, Waller R., Pfc., lO48 Pafapsco Sl., Ballimore, Md. CRANWILL, Roberf T., Pfc., Manifo, lll. DESIDERIO, Louis M., Pfc., 750 Frederick Sf., McKees Rocks, Pa DUNNE, Sieve, Pfc., San Diego, Texas. ENGLISH, James W., Pfc., 205 Madison Sf., Vidalia, Ga. THIRD ROW: EURY, Cliffon, Pfc., Rl. 5, Monroe, N. C. GALBRAITH, Melvin D., Pfc., Rf. 2, Kiffanning, Pa. GEIGER, Willard D., Pfc., l6l8 Sfanford Ave., Sl. Paul, Minn HOLCOMB, Delmer E., Pfc., Rf. I, Belmont, N, C. HUNTER, William A., Pfc., Box I99, Aberdeen, Miss. FOURTH ROW: KRAUS, Gilberl L., Pfc., Eskridge, Kans, LADUE, Frederick R., Pfc., 253 S, Main Sf., ST. Albane, VT. LAPHAM, Winfield H., Pfc., l5l S. lOlh Sl., Newark, N. J. LEMKE, Roland H., Pfc., 909 Wesf Fourrh Sl., Applelon, Wis. MORAN, Glenn, Pfc., 608 Main Sf., Quanah, Texas. FIFTH ROW: NAIEIANA, Carlos R., Pfc., 203 N. Frederick Sr., Cape Girardeau o. RICCIARDI, Roberf, Pfc., I43 Hunferdon Sl., Newark, N, J. SARGENT, H. H., Pfc., 92l Soufh 7 Lawfon, Okla. SCHWARTZ, Rubin, Pfc., 63I3 24lh Ave., Brooklyn, N, Y. SELZ, Peler H., Pfc., 7l05 N, Ridge, Chicago, lll. SIXTH ROW: SPADY, Leonard W., Pfc., Rl. 3, Hooker, Okla. STEPERNS, Cecil F., Pfc., 5537W Sierra Visla Ave., Hollywood ai, TRUMBETIC, Louis l., Pfc., l38 Maine S+., Fallsfon, Pa. WELLS, James E., Pfc., 20 S. Clinfon Sf., Middlefown, Ohio. WARREN, Wilson T., Pfc., Rl, I, Fancy Farm, Ky. SEVENTH ROW: BALDWIN, Charles C., Pvl., 3520 Elmley Ave., Ballimore, Md. BEROLDO, John A., Pvf., 244 Day Sf., San Francisco, Calif. BREMER, Edward S., Pvf., I60 Dewey Ave., Bufaflo, N. Y. CUNJIFF, Clellie J., Pvl., 406 Jefferson Sl., Jefferson Cify, Mo GRONEWALD, Vernon F., Pvf., Rl. I, Robertson, Mo. EIGHTH ROW: HENRY, James W., Pvi., Soulh Harwich, Cape Cod, Mags, LARRABEE, Lewis C., Pvt., Rf, 2, St, Albans, Me, PRICE, Harrison M., Pvl., Sfar Roule, Seneca, S. C. SHINKLE, Louis C., Pvl., 1922 Jackson, Kansas Ciry, Mo. SCHQIEFER, Francis J., Pvl., 34 S. Dunlon Sf., Arlington Heighl"s yr. W T? ,,e'.Vg W, , If ,J 2 W f Z .f ' 1 , af ,ww ' V , f " , . W ' 17 1 jf , L . . I Q, hw, M r ff. V, 5 2, .,,Q:.A , - . -fl . HIST IO" WADE ' BRAZICZ FERR Cf HA'l""' In -P-' SECOND GREENE Y 1 BECK? FUNK- .,. ' HZ, GOLDEN SUSIE '- it ' if fl 1 4. 2,1-is 1 , L, 5144 i gf' I A Q. 3.514 Q' fa 'ik W 1 5 I 3. FIRST ROW: WILDS, l-luberl' C., lfSg+., Callahan, Fla. BRADDOCK, Leland W., Sgl., Burchard, Neb. FERRICK, John J., Sgf., 58l Eagle Ave., New York Cily, N. Y. HANCHAK, Charles B., Sgl., l5l3 Hays ST., Homeslead, Pa. RHINACK, -Harold E., Sgl., 809 Michael Ave., Lima, Ohio. seconn Row: ' GREENE, Joseph A., TX4, 7035 Broadway, Jackson Heighfs, New York, N. Y.. BECKER, Edgar C., Cpl., 2508 Jacob Sl., Wheeling, W. Va. FRANKLIN, George G., Cpl., l9l2 Wesl Boulevard, Tacoma, Wash. GOLDEN, Richard P., Cpl., BOI4 S. Elizabelh Sl., Chicago, lll. GUSLIE, Chesler V., Cpl., 58 E. Fiflh Sl., Bayonne, N, J. THIRD ROW: KAISER, Joseph L., Cpl., 200 Second Ave., Waseca, Minn. STERN, Israel B., Cpl., 2848 Brighlon Sixlh Sf., Brooklyn, N, SAYLAR, Harold, Cpl., Eighfh Sl., Hill, Corbin, Ky. FARRAR, l-luberl R., Tf5, Rl. l, Greeley, Kan. GRANT, James C., Tf5, Il27 Floyd Sl., Covinglon, Ga. FOURTH NOW: KRAMER, Millon, TIS, IS9 Lee Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. REIMERT, Waller G., TIS, Rl. I, Macungie, Pa. WARD, William D., Tf5, Rl, 4, Box IO3, Lakeland, Fla. Y 'F I 1 .K . fry.. .... v.--------'WU , 1 1 X x W J I w X , I ' r W , A 1 1 1 I v J I ' 1 . I L 1 i , A s., 1 X ! 1 f a ' 5 ' . i , 1 1 1 1 I 5 . l 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 I X 1 1 1 i 1 1 5 I I 1 1 I 1 1 1 i 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 L 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 Y 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 N Q 1 1 . , .. I' , FV! . n 3:2 ,, , f ,f .k ,r-X 'S'""-H"ri"'u?,w'.i I V 'V - xx, In-H -y,,.5 f . . , , ., 5, ,, , I 1 Y 1' Y l ' f F v . I v F. , f x I - , 1 1 x n S i I . i 5 E i 1 I f 1 V ' x V V1 L, 1 I L. i 5 u P if w v 1. r' f t f 1 5 V M ' 1 ' 1 L 4. N n w I , i yt n , 4 W , M , KL i Y . , E , 1. . I r I 1 I+ V. , I any . . Q I 6 41 'X X n i r N X K L1 1 1 4 , I 5 A I xx I 'S 1 Q i v E I I l y T i . 2 V F ' ' 11. F ' V . V A x , . ,Iv , , ' e -- ,1fvf'1 .' . Y Q V r'-. 'lyk ' ' I,-4 .r. f ' - ' I ' ' ' - 1 3'l', I '- . ' , iff - '..' . "' '.,.-L - - 4.

Suggestions in the US Army Training Center - Yearbook (Fort Sill, OK) collection:

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