US Army Training Center - Yearbook (Fort Jackson, SC)

 - Class of 1953

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US Army Training Center - Yearbook (Fort Jackson, SC) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 184 of the 1953 volume:

I EIGI-ITH INFANTRY DIVISION S , vv D--0 Y O4 41 J 11 I 1? .. . '4.v, , v ,, 1-. "-Q --0 fa -."- -'A' ff' .. - a.'Q'B ' ---A, 4-up ' -.. 0- - , 0 4 -4.42" ' i,': Q' o'.' ' .na O . Y U-...- Q . nz' A. . .R . f-.'..,,,- ui, . S., .. - -f ff-,-. 0-'I-I'1'--3' "A, ',:"- rx "- of- " -- '-"'Q,. 5fC V M f--.3'2".zf'P'-n,,., . I, .- T. . J." 0 . :tg-in.'gf'E,,s....-.'..'I '.,- I' . .0 . ,Q y' Ma", ,' . Q l C-.- .. . , . ' -f. 1' -4-1. -at 'V .--111 ' . n n Q wa' 1 .4 4 U"g .qfw A" O. ' 1 T. .g71,.f . . . .. pl. Q .Lf .1 ,. it L 'Jo A . -fi :-:HY :i . -Q .,, fo 'fs . , A .H 4 , .,- .' 0 ' I . ' A 5. . ,Dv . 4 I ': I- . - L . , U 7: , S .-r.:,.-1 s -. ., -'... 'N " '.-S-'.: . I ' . ".f."5- '.'- . ...- ,J '9 ' ' ' . . .-- ,.'n ' ' '1. , P A 0 T " x,.a- I I n aL- Q"f 39 -. s, '1 ...f- .ps :J 9 N s 4-X l - I . . S Q-A, 's , n I S I I-IE MAKING n s o ' D . . -e Q W .S 'Q .. -, I A -. Qt A., .. ln- v- 'R -" ' ' ev .Q 8 U , Q . . 8 A 1- sla - In ' N ' . E '0 '-1.1557 ' . ' , ., ' ' -- 'O , te -3, 1 yfxkffi Q ',', 1. I .--.-..1.f-- 47 . . .-if--f-. . - "Na ..i" cfs' -'H ' 1.i.f'Q: '-A' '- 'i. 'S 'il' :I 2 i sl. xExaf'iverr.a':." r 1' ' G- -Z." w'i's sr " . " 'vvl ' .-- xxa' W i . . nw, ' ' -2-aww . .-W. ' -f'-r-1 . .fs A L41-Wg-,'-J ., Raft' f,,.,-1 A 4: '-4: i' f KJAA Q., .- i' xiii. f .I-"wil Q" - 'P - u A .x '.5?::4.Sf13'gf, ,, L- . l. 1344. JS- 4-. , X u- ' -'sv .. .-Q - 1. .y., ,. F . h .. " - Q ' X921 '1 "eine -' -. 7-.-"-:S-Ls.-iilfa.. V+' .1--- I ".-rr'f6iw--. ' A ,X , 1' .. . ' .,- -b f -, .ff 1 '.-. ,,,,'--- ,-' . -4-,fr :sq-" 1-xgfvtg V-,'-Q, -1 '-1--f . . --'af' . - ' '. ' , 'E --4 -4-:-f-sf-.,:... " -- Q,-'E-V.. D g .Q-.. L S.-LS ' . x . .r ,rdf trxkl . .N h : . . 4.,,-- 4, :Q ,,.' 'N- X. 4. ,.t.. .fig --- ,.. N. -. g -'-..s?'N'L. P' I.. 2 .-' .-xx '- . Q! - -qw-'Sq l..T,,, .- ., ,,,5"v2,f.,g. - w , fe..-.f .- N .. -- " C . sl I.:-iqihhgm '. ' F -...-1o'.4-25'-1 '. V, "' S- -' - y ' K 1 xl i 'I ' I. g . -Q -,K 6 I ' I N 5 ' . 1 - A -' Q I Y ax I. i' qs . N. -. ' K N-,-X' . - -. t Q. S Q N ' ,. 1 ' 'N ' - 'r. ,' ' '. . X X!! ij? X -x X-4 ya 1 x P . 2 J Q, 1 The fransifion from raw recruil' fo highly-frained, efficienf infanfryman is nof an easy one, and fhe man who successfully makes fhe change can be iusfifiably proud. He has made fhe grade in fhe hard school of fhe soldier and behind him are monfhs of infensive classroom sfudy and rugged field work. He has crawled fhrough fhe mud and dusf while live ammunifion whipped over- head and barbed wire clufched af his clofhes. He has sweafed under fhe hof sun and learned fo gef a correcf sighf picfure. On fhe M-I range he has proved he can shoof wifh flhe besf. He has been schooled in fhe chilling arf of fhe bayonef. He is familiar wifh fhe inner work- ings of fhe M-I, fhe carbine, machine guns, fhe BAR, morfars, mines, booby fraps and rockef launchers. He has learned fo be pari- of a feam. He has been 'given fhe finesf in praicfical fraining. On 'I'he Close Com- bal' Courses he has foughf and clawed his way fhrough rugged fer- rain and assaulfed fhe enfrenched "enemy." The Army has fhrown fhe book af him. He has passed every fesf, safis- fied combaf-hardened cadremen as fo his abilify. H' has been fough, gruelling work, and fhe Army is ready and proud fo admil' him inf-o ifs figh+- ing ranks. AN INFANTRYIVIAN r FUREWDHD To The Men of fhe Eighfh lnfanfry Division: The Unifed Sfafes of America is a greaf nafion foday because ifs young men are willing fo defend if and preserve if as a place in which fheir mofhers, sisfers, wives or sweef- hearfs may live in peace, safefy and comforf. You are now one of fhose young men. When you donned fhe uniform of fhe Unifed Sfafes Army you assumed 'rhe responsibilify of defending your counfry. To do fhaf you musf have physical sfrengfh, moral courage and be a well frained soldier. As a member of fhe 8+h lnfanfry Training Division you will receive fhe fraining necessary fo develop all fhree of fhese affribufes. lam sure fhe ensuing pages of fhis picforial record of your Army service wherein you successfully exchanged your civilian muffi for a uniform and an inferlude of infensive Army fraining will be a source of pleasure in fhe years fo follow. l am proud of you and your loyalfy fo your counfry. W. P. SHEPARD Major General, USA Commanding VACHEL D. WHATLEY, JR. Colonel Chief of Slaff MURRY CHESTON Colonel Depuly Chief of Sfaff TH I FA TRY DIVISIO RICHARD M. LALLY Maior G-2 SW EDWIN A. CUMMINGS Colonel G-3 ROBERT M. DAVIS KERMIT H. GATES ALBERT M. HOLLENBACI-I HARRY E. RUCKER WILLIAM C, SHURE Colonel Colonel Colonel Colonel Colonel Chief of Surgical Service Division Surgeon Posf Denfal Surgeon Complroller Chaplain HERBERT L. ARMSTRONG ARNOLD D, BLAIR HARVEY G. JOHNSTON ALVIN R. MOORE VICTOR M. ROBERTSON Lieufenanf Colonel Lieulenanf Colonel Lieufenanf Colonel Lieufenanf Colonel Lieufenanf Colonel Sfafion Velerinarian Provosl Marshal Special Services Officer Posf Engineer Headquarfers Commandanf FRANK E. SMITH AARON C. WATSON ERNEST P. WILSON JOHN L. BIGGERSTAFF EDWARD C, WILLECKE Lieulenanf Colonel Lieulenanf Colonel Lieufenanf Colonel Maior Maior Inspecfor General Ordnance Officer Adiufanl General Assisfanf Adiufanf General Public Informafion Officer I I HADDEN D. YOUNG LAWRENCE E, DENNISON RICHARD A. HALL DUDLEY T. BUNN CHARLES RAMSEY Maior Captain Caplain Firsf Lieufenanf Chief Warranf Officer Transporfafion Officer Division Safely Officer Chemical Officer Secrefary, General Slaff Adiulanf General Seclion OUTH M OUNA QCP? Forr Jackson is one of The Uni+ed Sfafes Army's largesi' miliiary reservarions, and is convenienfly sif- uafed iusi' oufside 'ihe ciiy limiis and five miles easi of fhe business disrrici' of Columbia, 'ihe capiral sire of Sourh Caroliha. Columbia, a busy, progressive cify, offers +he soldier numerous places of inferesf, enferrainmenl, educarion and religious worship. This 77,000 acre pos+, locaied in +he heari of fhe "Palme'Ho" la 'rreel S+a+e, was named in honor of Andrew Jackson, born in New Lancasier, Souih Car- olina, a maior-general of +he Army who disiinguished himself as a hero in l8l4 ai' New Orleans and who laier became rhe Na+ion's sevenfh Presiden'I'. This posf, rerrained wi'I'h +all-pine foresis and sev- eral piciuresque lakes, a spor+sman's paradise, was founded and opefned as Camp Jackson wi'rh 'Formal Congressional approval in June l9I7. A year larer, 45,000 officers and enlisred men u'nder fhe banners of rhe 30+h and rhe 8ls'I' Division were 'irained here as World War l 'l'roops +o be sen1"l'o Europe +o bolsfer General Pershing's Americaln Expediiionary Forces. Afrer +he l9I8 armisiice, +he general demobilizafion of The Army 1'ook place, and in I92l +he need for ihe Camp as a full-lime regular army garrison was pas'I'. During ihe period i925-l940, ir was S+a1'e-co'n+rollecl as an encampmenf area for ihe S'rai'e Nafional Guard 'l'roops. ln l940, lhe Camp, primarily designed as an ln- fanrry lraining posr, reverfed fo federal co'n+rol Confinued on page I2 W Q J A . Guitlons dip in saluie as +he Division . . . as was . . . passes ihe Reviewing Sfand . . . and paracling 'troops execufe an "Eyes, Righ+! THE DIVISICDN PASSES .. L X iff V r, , ,ser w J 8 5?,,5,5z4-11,1 ,Q My , zpws AL A fix, U ' ig! L..-.., IN REVIEW if' ..f wx C 9 , 1 1 Eiiiafgszw' OHTPGST Ni!! ' If 7'f'fm H ,V ,V W' 4 W-:mg MW' LIVES 01:14 H INFAN RY DIVISIO PLAY November, I946 and in June, I947 if s designafed as one of four perma- n+ replacemenf fraining cenfers in fhe ifed Sfafes. The famous 51h lnfanfry fision was subsequenfly reacfivafed on 2 Posf as a fraining, organizafion. ln April, l950 fhe 5fh Infanfry Division, 'er fhree years of credifable perform- :e af Forf Jackson as a replacemenf ining organizafion, was inacfivafecl and fhe Posf prepared for a "sfanolby" sfafus. This sfafus never fully maferialized due fo a series of world evenfs which in- fluenced fhe confinuance of fhe Posf operafions on an acfive sfafus. The im- mediafe reacfivafion of fhe 8+h lnfanfry Division as an elemenf of fhe Third Army was direcfed by fhe Deparfmenf of fhe Army and was effecfed on I7 Augusf I95O. Every efforf is made fo provide fhe soldier wifh wholesome recreafion and enferfainmenf on fhe Posf. There are locafed on fhe Posf a gymnasium, a field house wifh 3,500 seafing capacifyg a foof- ball field wifh cincler 1-rack, a sfaclium wifh 4,500 seafing capacify: fhree regimenfal baseball fields: fourfeen soffball fields, six of which are lighfed: volleyball, hancl- ball ancl baskefball courfs: four fennis courfsg fwo cemenf swimming pools and One of For? Jaclcson's many aHrac+ive chapels 'rhree lakes equipped wifh beach maferialg fwo bowl- ing alleys of six lanes each: and an I8 hole golf course. Ofher facilifies include lhree service clubs. four libraries, a hobby shop and camera shop and four fheafers. There are eighfeen chapels locafed on fhe posf. providing opporluniry lo worship 'lo each individual, regardless of failh. For fhe servicemen who are desirous of coniinuing fheir formal educafion, on-posi' classes are oFFered Posl' Hospilal The American Red Cross Building ihrough 'lhe medium of +he Army Educafion Cenfer and +he Uniled Slaies Armed Forces lns+i+u+e a+ no cos+ ofher +han a 52.00 regisfrafion fee. Nighl' classes are available a+ minimum cos'I' ai' +he Cify High Schools and lhe Universi+y of Souih Carolina, locafed in nearby Columbia. The milifary afmosphere a+ Fori Jackson befiffing- ly perpefuafes ihe significance of fhe Soufh Carolina S+a+e mo1'+o, "While l Breafhe, I Hope." Posf NCO Mess we alhkfiforg offhe 'M .gnfanfry iuidion For Ihe Ihird Time in 32 years Ihe 81'h Infaniry Division com- posed of Ihe I3+h, 28I'h, 6IsI lnfanfry and Iheir supporiing unifs was ordered in+o aciive sIaI'us al' Forf Jaclrson under 'rhe command of Brig. General Franlr G. McConnell on I7 Augusl I950. Originally acfivaled in January, I9I8, Ihe "Golden Arrow" division was sfill enroufe 'ro France during World War I when The Armisfice was signed. The 8I'h Infanlry Regimeni, 'Ihen a pari- of Ihe division, was defained and a'H'ached Io 'Ihe Army of Occupalion, serving on German soil unfil I9 Augusl. The remaining elemenfs of Ihe 8'Ih were immediaiely refurned Io Ihe Uniled Sfaies and in January I9I9 'rhe organizafion dis- banded. ln -March, I923, Ihe division was reconsfifured as an inaclive uni+. I July I940 saw 'Ihe 8Ih again ordered 'ro acfive service a+ Camp Jackson, under command of 'Ihe Iafe Maier General Philip B. Peyion, and a weelc Ialer Ihe Posl was announced as a permanenf milifary posr 'Io be lmown +herea'F'Ier as Fori Jaclc- son. The reacfivaled division consisfed mainly of ihe I3Ih, 28Ih and 34Ih Infanlry Regimenis and fhe 28Ih and 83rd Field Arfil- lery Balfalions. In Sepiember, I94I, Ihe Bfh Ioolc parf in Ihe Carolina Maneuvers, and wifh Pearl Harbor and fhe conslanf Ihreaf of an arlaclr on Ihe easl coasf by German submarines, if was direcled fo parrol Ihe Arlaniic Coasf. For six weelrs during fhe winler of I942, unifs of Ihe division palrolled Ihe shores 'from Norfh Carolina 'Io 'Ihe Florida Keys. In April, I942, afrer having reiurned fo Fori' Jackson, if became 'Ihe Blh Molorized Division. In Seplemlaer of Ihal year 'Ihe division was ordered 'Io parficipale in 'Ihe Tennessee Maneuvers and from Ihere headed for a new home al' For? Leonard Wood, Missouri. In March, I943 Ihe Bih moved 'Io Camp Laguna, Arizona, and parficipafed in deserr maneuvers. During Ihis period of 'training if was demoiorized and again designaied a slandard infanfry division. Reiurning from deserf maneuvers Io Camp Forresf, Tennessee, preparations were im- medialely begun for an overseas movement Laie in November A r M 'X' 'wf,v,m, 5 ,M Mm: Im . 1, y E Y My S4359 RH ":2:s 7.:. I ww .WZ , i Kris' XM ,Q My The currenf mission of fhe Division is io frain enlisfees and selecfees fo be skilled soldiers and fo be in subsequenf readiness for fhe role of a replacemenf in a ccmbaf unif. The moffo of fhe Division is "These are my credentials" and was so proclaimed during World War ll when Company I of the 8+h was ordered fo clear ouf a sfrip of German beach confaining pillboxes and coasfal guns. A plafoon commander, while leading his men fhrough fhese lnolls and emplacemenfs, noficed Germans waving whife flags. ln perfecf English, a German medical of- ficer announced fhaf General Ramcle was in a dugouf below and would like fo fall: ferms wifh fhe American Commanding Officer. Brig- adier General Charles C. W. Canham, As- sisfanf Division Commander, accompanied by a small group of slafi officers, arrived af fhee dugouf, 75 fee? underground. Through his inferprefer fhe Nazi commander sfafed: "l am fo surrender fo you. Lei me see your credenfials." Poinfing oufside fo doughboys crowding fhe dugouf enfrance, General Can- ham replied, "These are my credenfialsf' Firsf allied armored group fo enfer fhe baffered German cify of Duren. Advancing fo fhe fronf ,V ,e ':1. T RQ- 9. 'ESP Q QQ wma 'H 'Mn ev K " nik Q . W. Q6 gs Q wQf"'f5 3 if :Q Emi V iwwh ' Q Q M. - W ' , 'fi . ' ' .1 A H 'HUM W QIZI.: ... N b , .:LA, " A :wa -5 --.kwa 1 Wibilf-Lf Xf1grM.3,L4,s L 1 5-TCS' N1 '3'a:s-311-r'wLvL,. 'nw- . my Q QQ? ?2LiLi2bif+yg5S 5.4QQ1ss.'4- ,.,:,,1x..,5, .25 -35-55, wx v1-.34-'r. .-mr zawrfigf- - V- -Zffg',i 1 Qiiffifi?'i55f5fi?Qf!3f-VL: :Y bf"-iff f!11f?SIi3l1',9: ifliiig-14? 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A .574- , , .. ,A igverfinCf:aiosindlixfi!3iisf,'1xsf11 tif1a?'Q15'-413:aa H I F I, E - - e,., sa 5909en44.JS'19e'in9-P95i159f'ff1viihA-,f1.Qvf,Slime'-WJ 1 VVVVAE h "'Vu:l He' learns +6 Y 5 R n n G E,.4p g,1,+4+Wrong s'rrrssr r r e 1 e rr sr s e r r f N W . . . and over log barricades is parf of fhe 'tough Transifion fraining The ofher side of fhe sfory: From fhe foxhole Hwe BAR is an effecfive weapon. The braced end s+eadies fhe gun for rapid Ering, IRIIIG THE BFIR 52 QDNTESQQUREEB T5b:LX ,20'9g3d0wkQS as-,galil X51 P15942 ,995 .Ng wgwve saw One of +l1e reasons 'the Browning Auiomahc Rifle is liked is because if can be -Firm-I -From 'Hue shoulder from ihe lup or 'From a bipod on +l1e ground. This highly adapiable weapon can fire a shol a+ a 'lime or cul' loose, fully auiomalic, wi+l1 fire of six hundred .30 caliber rounds a minule. A'F'ler "dry runs" for clays 'rhen pracfice comes ai +l1e unknown clis'l'ance range. On fhe 'rransiiion range we prove i'l'1e versaiiliiy of lhe BAR by firing from every conceivable posi'l'ion. Dry-firing +l'1e Grease Gun on 'Hue range l On flue Transifion Range fhe frainee has an oppor+uni+y'l demonsfrafe his abilify The .45 caliber M-3 submlchine gun is a+ ifs besf as a close com- ba+ weapon, being able +L: de- liver a high ra+e of fire ilu ihe necessary splii'-second. Tlle M- 3's liglxiness and ease oflmain- +enance also aclcl +o Hs efficiency ancl populari+y as a combaf weapon. Firsf inslrucfion on +l1e M-3 comes ai' +l1e PRI I V, l Al f Q K k ivjsff mf: ,ilgfi-was ' 4 'L,1l.,5jT,U 5 P l:,Vii.,l, 1 1 is X, iff fix irjlilffff V , 'vf fi' l :U 'J v. fiai'ffzwfj9If'1g v X ' 1 ' Y' 5f'.f,gYu"' Y H . Y 1 iff,-1"f3l .. J Y .l ,f.g.ff x , Y -f -fl L l5'l'F3f'f1.1'f S l H if 1, XX X ' , y'l-y ,. ,L ll A "Squeeze slowly" Snghhng flue 45 v -fi' s.,1"1., X 351' Q' ', .Y, -'l9k M3 P'1:.'1Q, fl , -A 1,4 X -.. ,p ' ,w -'.1, J 1. .. , J, ,1 , . . ., Y , 1 11..1.1l WM., , 1 1, 1 , 1 ,-.11 ,f -.1- .. 4 1 J v , .g , ,- ,. 1. ,, 5 4 ,V ,V ,,qf. ,,g .1:- M.1s ' - 1 As, ,gm A., 1 ffgg-,,:, - 1 -V i' A , .hr , Nt, Zyl' '- .V 1 lu'-, .. ,W 1, 5' "" A H'..- ,1.f.,"'1. 'z' 1' '1 1 11 1 . . ,, .- - , 1 - ' -. 1 1 ,,q,, , . ., P q,l. .,.-1M-.Hx.X,, X lf. 1,,,-..4 -,,1,s:. .11nmqAV,'U:. , w'1. :f,--.1,- Q., -gf: The Col: gifif 'fseiilzgii lis,istq1fQig: .,.,,, ,-X b9v411f9fvz.f'Y'f1h ae:-,gfh.S1ft-fbgffgikafifi if-lPf?9l af1f:es+fx14,.f2oJl+ srewilwers' have,,1bfm11used'lfiv lffffrfiw,-iifffw.-l1Tb1ihS2fdQgQhfffl9siiHS1QMQ-'hxiks ifi?'JlQ36,fW4'f14QH?'bff11'Q6'f?B Wirfffeslsiiatiii ,. ,.-.74-v:,, v,X.,V,U ,,,,.Y4,..,x ,:,, 1 . Field shipping 'Phe 45 K as E 4 if , kk nf ,- 'f w A MQ 53:3 'f 1 U .. " qw , li WW W, .,,,, E M M W M Mf'L'fi1vwwM wh mm... -A . 21, : XA bF,,3'.?5Tf"'Q.iEg-S'L1aA2?sfPgv..,1vew2'4""'QsA?fh fm TNI-YT V -1 x V "' V wifi 512' W Wi? HQ M" if i w N ' f . 'FfTt2'5?fWw1w-5 W'W:,:w- ---' e 'g'-1:2-, .-'. .,,. M, , , ' Y " "" -ff if A 4' A+, " :V ,-2:,: ,., ,E2g2f' :-9- . . fu.-: ' .... v a fsizw Afwsw -.-.2 , .. M ae' 1h ,Q 11 im? M AAW- W Q .,.... ' W . H '- W 9 . Q 5 X ,K it gf-53 ,, js, N x f "NW ' - . ., fwfr. ,.,,, k 14 f"uW:1mK r W ,gf ' 1' K fi H f ,. 3: 2? K W ,Q .g 'rf-,- , 5' - ' ?3'Af33 ,:2Hi, h 4 X wg? ' 1' 5 32' f A ' 'A Wim " ' "'MiP', ": -:I"'W':'.: ' ' """':" ' ' 5 g:-ai 5. bg - J V, lf' V V . , ' J " ,,,. " Ti ,Mg-sw, Ag m, 5. , , 'Sy , .N K W A ,A 34 V ,xy . M y:W,,A,,H ' gqgk xg? .., , 'Q f. f ' 5 r S. EM, M y WANQM 'Ji W A- - A . g 11 F , ,W C 5355. A , 93 W l i. , K 1- W , 3 ? imwrww W ii, K ' ' ' xwsyw U , , ' , , , .. :5E,,:l:E -,-- : .Ein In my N V V kg JM E I L ix, 6 W -YW X ' "TL K N 2,0 -g aw 'M , " N - , ggggffc- NVQ: - A , . mp... ' liw ' v - . K V255 ,Q " ,ew.vqXi:T,,f..vf,,,i 'fn K K ' ' Aw., ,TQE W '-: 'A V mm, ., 0 ' " L Wig - - A, . '1 si W I K ""-nw M' ' Y 32 'W hp., Z-'QQ-'. I'. W ' - f 9' " vw ,A Q 1 :-zzzfef: , . fy 4 Wm, HRS W M '- -v, . f Sieadying 'iheir rifles on fhe ground, frainees ge? sei' +o lei' go wifh a ferrific wallop -itl- X j?3t f1QN,g ., 15 s Ln: Y v :' -5.4 -1' ' Fire on over info fhose frees. is W , ' 2 1 f , ':,.," -::-. ..,.w J V " ' jlwp ,asifiyrw 1 I - .1.,,5y' , .2'g2g:5!,Q55,'.I ...,, - :-.1222-iii-ygz,f?g::i5Eef:gEi1a-E' xs,ip55,g5f. -- A ' B if ,, iw Cadre correcfs posifion of 'irainee ready fo 'Fire grenades 'From M-I RIFLE G Rifle Grenades of +he fragmenfafion and high- explosive fypes provide 'the inFan+ryman wi+h a suppiemenfai source of high-angle fire fhaf is of greai value in many facficai sifuaiions. The rifle grenade of fhe an+i-1'ank+ype serves +o supplemenf fhe infan+ryman's source of 'fiaf fraiecfory fire in fhai' if can be used as a defensive weapon againsi armor and as an oiiensive weapon againsi' piliboxes and bunker +ype forfihcaiions. 'Quan . .. 4-K 'I .lv fl, , XE H AJ an -,pw ' ' A 4 fx' H' ' -u-v , ,..., ,rr , J avali- bl- W 'l -lla W1 Fix mmm w. ml,--5, 3 5 'Qgwsgfgwfw W ' ,ww-rw J" ' x. 1161 V , umm Mi R MW' '29 W " " 1, fi 5? -Q W m 'W .wx gf v 1 -we . 32- i 1 LN M L, f"fkfiQf' . - ,W 1- QQE1., 35 gh, Es. Q , M H " ' j X V:--.M 'M-ni, , , , I ' Qwmaa if-Eff S 4 ii! i U mx 3- , qyffwlgml,-w 5 Q ' 'f ,L. W, , Qf'd9"'Qi,, -1.1 W-qgg, . Q, , A cadre checks frainee ready fo foss grenade Assuming fhe sfance The hand grenade . . . fhe mosl' widely known hand grenade is fhe fragmenfafion grenade which while weighing only 20 ounces has enough bursfing charge 'ro send segmenfs flying 200 yards. Ofher fypes of grenades include fhe incendiary grenade, colored smoke grenade, illuminafing grenade, of- fensive grenade and chemical grenades which may be filled wifh mos+ 'rypes of gases. NQJ- A class observes morfar fire SeHing up 4.2 morfar kv fu all-H Y -M M 2 Firing 60 mm shell in 4.2 morfar To many infanlrymen lhe high, 'flaf sound of morfar fire is 'the deadliesl of all lhe noises of war. Because E+ can be easily dismanfled and car- ried +he mor+ar has been called 'rhe "walking ar+illery." Hs high, arching irajeclory enables if +o lob shells info posifions profecled by sfone walls and o+her obs+acles, li' can be fired wi+h a high degree of accuracy and is one of fhe in- fan+ry's mosi effeclive weapons. Enlarged morfar aiming circle Selling up 8I mm Speed in seH'ing up 'rhe mor+ar and accuracy of sigh-ling-in defermine -Phe good mor+arman THE RUCHET LIIUIICHER I+ fakes 'rwo men +o operafe +he roclcef launcher and fhey are drilled incessanlly un+il +hey work as a uni+. Each 'Trainee is given an opporfu- nify To fire ihe rockel' launcher 'lo acquainf him wi+h if. In a pinch, +he abili+y io handle 'rhis weapon may mean life or dealh. ix One man loacls while +l1e o+l'1er fires Ammo for +he 'rank killer deluxe Firing +l'1e rockel' launcher Q wh' The aimer levels his sighls ready +o Firing +he 57 MM Wilh fhe advem' of 'rhe recoilless rifle +he in- fanlry has a+ long-las+ gained a lighlweighl, large caliber weapon wilh plen+y of punch. The jeep-mounfed 75 mm is highly mobile and can deliver a fanlc a crippling blow. The 57 mm is ligh+er and can be carried by infanlrymen. H is a handy weapon 'ro soflen up heavily forfified emplacemenfs and knock oul' machine guns, and can also make lhings rough for armored vehicles. fire recoilless from prone posi'l'ion Af Q . 1, f Zeroing in from siH'ing posi+ion Holding +l1e weapon s+eady is +l1e firsl' lesson in firing from sfanding posifion Cadre walches closely as +rainee fires from kneeling posilion Sighfing 57 mm mounled on Tripod S0 Lecrurer on squad 'iacrics uses diagram +o illusirare dispersing +ac+ics. ' , 4-1 fs ful., 3, s ' 'f ' if 1 s ,A My v ,fw , V v' K L, .J , ,f A jk . , , f ' W , l h V A A .uri-iw ., . A. .vqvkhd V 1 , W vu ef er fi A4311 , s, s ff J s' . Q I ., fr-' Squad Formafion Charging Troops Squad 'racric exercises are de- signed +o weld soldiers info +igh+ self-sufficienr fighfing unifs. Under realisiic condirions ihey learn 'rhe abc's of ground warfare on 'lhe defense and in a'H'ack. The lessons learned in ihe class- room are all pui' +o pracrical use and ihe soldier begins fo under- sfand how ihey fi'r rogeiher, The squad is rhe smallesi' +ac+ical unii' in an army and in 'Phe final analysis viciory depends on rhe abiliry of ihe squad, muliiplied 'rhousands of +imes, 'ro +ake Hs obieciive or +o hold Hs posifion, v KV is .1 1' ifvgi' van '51 , x , mfg' .fs-1-A 4, za, ? vw ' x , MM ' W . N vw f'55x3Je .1 4 Ji KW hw'-sammy r X? X522 5 hw Nr lf 'Mmm Em My 'S f nj, Q W Nw fm fzxwlzm N .,-mn., Q f'3i,iiLw ' ' I They fold us 1'ha'I' fhe Army marches on ifs sfomach-buf +hey weren'+ +alking abou+ chow-'rhey also forgoi' fo men+ion crawling on our backs. Here +hey serve up half-pound blocks of T.N.T., "live" machine gun bullefs and huge quanfilies of dirl' and sand, garnished wifh barbed wire. Bur ihese are +he sounds and smells of baH'le which we sample be- fore our lives depend upon whal' we've learned, Like caslor oil, 'lhe Infillra- fion Course may no+ be pleasani' buf i+'s good for you. Thai machine gun firing live ammunifion over your head may be a bil' upseH'ing, buf a+ leas+ lhe guy firing if is on your side. The lnfilfra- +ion Course is designed fo re- produce 1-he sighls and sounds of aclual combai' condiiions so no one will gel' s+age frighf when ihe curiain goes up on +he reg- ular performance. Training like 'lhe Mock Village al'- laclc assures 'rhe soldiers, being senl' for lhe firsr lime 'ro assaull' an enemy holed up in a fown, 'lhal' il' can be clone. There are a lol of ways +o allaclc a village, bul' lhe Army is inlereslecl in 'rhe swiflesl' way consislenl- wifh 'rhe leasl' possible number of cas- uallies. To achieve lhis end, lhe Army has developed a lechnique based on hard-won combal' experi- ence. The lrainee benefirs. Wha+ 'lhe lrainee learns is noi' a hard and fasr procedure, bu'l' a syslem or rule of 'rhumb +o go on. ln combal, each village will na+urally presenl a new sei of problems, bu'l' lhe basic rules will nol change and lhe soldier will know +hem. Combaf in cifies ins'rruc'rion Advancing +o occupy a "house of resis'I'ance" ZHCHUILLE THE IIIFHIITRV HTTFICHS H UlllHGE When we mee+ 'rhe original exponen+ of gas warfare, 'the skunk, 'rhe wises+ 'rhing +o do is run, !no+ walk, +o +he nearesf exif. Unfori-unalely, soldiers on fhe line can'+ fall back when 1-he enemy launches a gas aHack, They musl' defend 'rhe posi- fion. To render i-his pracrical, +he Army has spen+ years in research 'ro develop a suilable mask +0 assure comple+e pro+ec+ion againsl' +his sinis+er, swirling fog of cleaih. , if ff lf Exil' Crying En+ering Gas Chamber GHS CHHIIIBER We are drilled in+ensely in +he use of fhe mask. The aim is +o ins+ill in us compe+ence fo use 'rhe mask and confidence in i'rs abiliiy +o pro+eci us from deadly gas. Lec+ures are given covering all 'iypes of weapons used +o back up 'rroops in combal-+l1en specially lrainecl men pul' on an impressive and realislic clemonslralion of 'I'l'1e 'Flame +l1rower cl1arac1'er- islics. Funclioning and firing will: bo'I'l1 liquid and 1'l1ickened fuel are fully explained and demon- s+ra1'ed. Cadre prepare +o demonsfrale +l1e flame +l1rower Using liquid fuel, 'rhe cadreman blankels a bunker wi'll1 a sl1ee+ of flame FLHIIIE THRDUIERS A rope of fire roars oul' of +l'1e nozzle of +l1e flafne fhrower as 'rhe demonsiralion begins E6 I SE Ei51G3?:?QM?2ESZEEifS5Z?q:fwilwhiv. 4 51 ? One, +wo, hup, four-wa+ch +he muscles grow, +he fongues hang oui' and ihe soldiers sweaf. They promise you ihaf if won'+ really kill you, bu+ your muscles cry murder. This +or'rure by +he numbers, lhey grimly call "P.T." Buf 'this is how H' seems a+ first Affer mon'rhs of sfreich, groan and sweai' i+ begins +o come a li++le easier and by +he +ime you're fhrough, you are a hardened soldier. I it , f . i .fy en E if ,,., :V iq I 4 . In Q , ' S ,. ,lg 'ix E , ,.,i, . -QQ... N inf Onward and upward it 'M i- ' , i ',.v1 , In i is 4 , ,.,, , Plwslflill. TRHIHIHG 1 s . Q "Come on up. l+'s only fwice as 'rough as i+ looks!" H Deep knee bends bring ou+ 1-he muscles and grimaces gs..s..lm an - .dna 1: J .',4,s,,.., ,same we f v v. ini "Off we go, down H1e black-+op yonder! 0ll THE ITIHRCH Who said an army marches on Hs s+omach?" xs :Wx M , y y 'V , QI' 'W My 5, :I:'. g aj gd' ' f f "'J u. , I , .W , ', A A , ' 1 M5 ,A 1 , K 'Q 4 ,.,,,. AA,AA . h .-.- 5 4, M 1-A w Q P 4 y, M in Z Q , r V if M 4 'ff vsp: ts 23' 'X 5 aj? ,fkv V Mfw 5, W 3 .... kan, ff - n A A 11 ,. , ,,.. V Q. W A V N, ,iii .K 'Y 'Q ' P ' f ef- gfmi .4-1. 1 g N 4 N Jgi w ,H I , , 'III "" '+1e yf, ,-4 Y , , 77" YW' ' Awa mi' 4 Qi, 'vfs J gg W ,awww L, ,MB Aeiigji,-V A Q, x AN ' ' wiljjgigfi '-v'-- ' ' g 55 :FWQPKEQ ' , V V , , yy H yy,-ua, is 'WM 'Qi 3 H A , 4 . PW-.-fm-MN W W mi iffkwwelmszemivaz ..vv1 Jur1f':. :taluwus fx-rw: . On bivouac Hwings never gel' lclull. B N U 0 U n C There is always some'I'l1ing 'ro be done. And you can always ear. Home S C E n E S our in 1'l1e field has Hs complicalions buf +l1e oufdoor life sui+s 1-he frainees. Cooks prepare chow in air-condiiioned surroundings w WW, W l,.,,Mmw W A. fm me Hx mz ww New . A - fooilockers arranged . . . shoes shined . . . PREPHRHTIOII IIISPECTIUII I 2' lnspecling officer examines rifle for rusl' and clirl Caclreman checks a +rainee's appearance before inspec+ion begins A IIISPECTIUII Clofhing and equipmenf inspecfion requires display of all ifems l i l .4 we fa . Y -1, - .w.,mfm.,: gm, . fx' ' -'Q x u -. ' Now you see lhem, now you clon'l' CH UUFLHGE lnslruclor calls for ques+ions while caclre- man models 'rhe compleled crealion Pan-cake make-up, Army slyle ' 2YWi2x,325+?BKifEE5w.,, ,aWN,f,,.g2f 'EWU 1 7'o'ufE!' ,2'!sz'5LT45Qwkf ' - f f' W ' , Laying inio if! Sliding in+o second Touch foo+ball lineup Acfion on H19 volley ball couri' SPURTS Waiiing for 'rhe pifch Good pro+ec+ion for Hwe passer 've MAX V. KIRKBRIDE LEONARD R. ROBINSON EDWARD H. WILSON EUGENE A, WATTS Lieuienanf Colonel Maior Lieufenanf Colonel Lieufenanf Colonel Commanding Officer Director of Training Commanding l2fh Engineer Leaders Course ICJ Baffalion Commandanf X' Vk V mg-7 R CHARLES A. FERGUSON Maior Capfain Commanding 8fh Reconnaissance Company lIST WILEY MCGARITY Commanding 23rd AAA IAWI Baffalion SPECIFI TRIIIIIIIIG REGIIIIEIIT Supply School PHELPS R. WOMBLE RALPH C. CHURCH Firsf Lieufenanf Chief Warranf Officer Commanding Headquarfers Bandleader and Headquarfers Company Sfh lnfanfry Division Band Specialisf Training Regimenf Unil' supply problem-Corporal Meyer, insfrucfor .5 "' AWFIGQWWW 01 W' .if Qs Z ij, 5 , L ,mfmwwmauwf N wg A1-1 WL? ' , s z 'ue ,,, V1 Ig A -'- .ek 3 1 b ! sy Q may E' FR viii Q.:-f i I'-"Lv: Qgm. . , 2 Planning officers of 1'he Division have found ihai' spiriiual assisfance is one of ihe biggesm' morale facrors in a basic +raining division and have pro- vided for iroops of lhe 8i'h a++rac+ive chapels for all denominarions. The Division chaplains, one of ihe mosi' acrive groups on rhe Posr, readily pro- vide rheir services for any needy soldier. P , M M Q.: ,Q wnw.m""'N in ,cava . mf .M Q .N K-s..,,,,,, M' M M gr .wfgw , 15" 1 if sg gk? Q S 1 4 2 E g y A 5 N 2 '-ffxsg f ' 4 . -if ' if 5 A . M Y ,u , is, W W 53552 ji, . .J 4: ' 'f '- .,., ,qi 5 1: L 12 225 f Q " T -f"- 33 ..,...., iw: :SLE X ' 1 A-'-: Y Xe Yxifxkfif Y x ., X sw i The slick 'n shine boys IT HHPPEIIS Relaxing in a company day room Good food plus pleasani' company in cheerful surroundings make chow one of fhe mosi' popular 'formaiions of 'lhe day 1 f I X t f' ,W ' The M-Is ge+ ex'l'ra special eF'For+ Before inspec+ion du+ies The service club-a haven for Hred frainees 2 E Z 5 5 gf s, ii wi 5 'S 2 1 5 L E Q 2 J + i e i Z 3 Q 3 2 5 E 5 i 1 ig Q ? 2 E 3 2 E 1 5 , 5 if 3 8 HISTUHY UF THE 13TH INF!-INTHY HEEIMENT This is fhe sfory of fhe l3fh lnfanfry Regimenf, Eighfh Infan-iry Division of fhe American Army in World War II. If is, however, a sfory which begins long before fhe Nazi version of German mili- farism sfruck down fhe peoples of Europe, before Japanese im- perialism ravaged China and imprisoned fhe islands of I-he Soufh Pacific--before fhe world was fhrown info fhis greafesf of all wars. John Adams was Presidenf of fhe nafion, and George Wash- ing-lon had iusf reiired fo his home in Mounf Vernon when fhe I3fh Regimenf of lnfanfry was formed on July Ibfh, I798. This was in accordance wifh fhe firsi' plan for expansion of fhe Unifed Sfafes Army affer fhe War of Independence. The l3fh was musfered ouf in January, I800, buf was reconsfifufed in 'I-he firsf year of fhe War of I8I2, and fook parf in a number of engage- menfs during fha-I conflicf. In May, I8I5, fhe I3-Ih was consolidafed wifh fhe Sfh lnfanfry Regimenf, and if saw no more acfive service unfil fhe Mexican War. Alfhough a rosfer of officers during fhal- conflicf is sfill in exisfence, no record is available of fhe Regimenf's role in baffle. Reconsfifufed on May 3, I86I, wifh General W. T. Sherman as ifs com- mander, and Philip Sheridan as one of ifs capfains, fhe Regimen'l's service from fhaf day fo fhis is confinuous. If was under Sherman a few monfhs lafer fha? fhe l3fh saw ifs firsf acfion in fhe Civil War. If was Gran'l"s plan fo hold Pemberfon, while Sherman, wifh fhe l3fh Regimen-I of fhe Unifed Sfafes lnfanfry, crossed 'Ihe Black River in rear of ihe Confederafe forces. Affer much difficulfy, Sherman succeeded in landing his forces near Walnuf Hills, Mississippi, on Decem- ber 22, I862. A week lafer, fhe heavy firsl- of fhe I3fh assisfed 'Ihe 6fh -Mis- souri in crossing Chickasaw Bayou. The main affack failed, and Granl' was driven back: buf fhe I3fh was hiqhli commended and on January II, l863, parficipafed in fhe capfure of fhe Arkansas Posf, where if received a ci- fafion for gallanfry. Beginning wifh fhe Baffle of Haynes Bluff, on May I, I863, 'rhe I3fh fook parf in a series of engagemenfs in Mississippi which culminafed in fhe as- saulf af Vicksburg. Then on May I9, I863, 'Ihe colors of fhe l3fh lnfanfry flew briefly afop fhe Confederafe sfronghold af Vicksburg. Seven men carried fhe colors fhaf day, and all seven losf fheir lives. The I3fh was fhe only regimenf fo reach fhe Confeder- afe posifion. Granf had greafly under- esfimafed fhe sfrengfh of 'lhe enemy, and fhe affack was repulsed wifh heavy losses. Though fhe price fhey paid was high, fhe officers and men of fhe I3fh fhaf day won for 'rhe Regimenf fhe mo-Ho which if sfill refains. Their valor so impressed General Granf fhaf he direcfecl fhaf fhe I3fh Regimenf of Uniied Sfafes Infanfry be permiffed fo carry on ifs colors, from fhaf day forward, fhe legend, "Firsf af Vicksburg." Affer fhe Civil War, fhe Governmenf again reduced fhe Army. ln I869, only four regimenfs of lnfanfry-fhe I2fh, l3fh, 20+h and 23rd-remained infacf. These were frequenfly broken up info one or fwo company unifs and seni' 'Io fighf Indians or assisf in fhe de- velopmenf of fhe Wesf. Companies E. F, and H had fhe honor of forming parf of Gen- eraI.Sherman's funeral escorf in I892. Company F represenfed fhe Reglmenf af fhe opening of fhe World's Columbian Exposifion in Chicago in I893. The nexf year fhe I3fh lnfanfry was garrisoned af Forf Niagara, Forf Porfer and Governor's Island in New York, and fhere remained unfil fhe Spanish-American War. When war broke ouf wifh Spain, fhe I3fh was assigned fo fhe Isf Division, V Corps. af Sanfiago, Cuba, on June 20, I898, and was engaged in baffle af El Caney shorfly fhereaffer. s Nexf fhe Regimenf was given fhe fask of guarding prisoners of war, and in Sepfember, I898, embarked for ifs home sfafions in New York. ln May, I899, if was senf fo fhe Philippines. In July. I900, fhe Regimenf refurned fo fhe Unifed Sfafes, where ifs unifs were senf fo various Wesf Coasf sfafions. In May. I903, Company I was ordered fo For-I Liscum, Alaska. From I905 'Io I907, 'Ihe Regimenf was again in fhe Philippines. In Ocfober, I9l I, affer four years garrison dufy af Forf Leavenworfh, Kansas, if made a fhird frip fo fhe Islands, where if remained unfil fhe oufbreak of World War I. In July, I9I7, fhe I3l'h lnfanfry refurned fo California and was immediafely senf fo Camp Fremonf. ln January of fhe following year, if became a parf of I-he 8fh Infanfry Division. As a member of fhaf organizafion, if did noi parficipafe in baffle in World War I. Affer fhe war, unifs of fhe l3fh lnfanfry were sfafioned af one fime or anofher af Forf Devens, Massachuseffs, Bosfon Harbor Forfs, Forf Efhan Allen, Vermonf, and Forf Adams, Rhode Island. In Ocfober, I939, fhe Regimenf was ordered fo fhe Canal Zone. There in June, l940, ifs personnel, wifh fhe excepfion of fhe band. was frans- ferred fo ofher organizafions. In July, 'rhe Regimenf was reconsfifufed af Forl' Jackson, Soufh Carolina, as a member of fhe presenf Bfh Infanfry Division. Beginning in Sepfember, I94I, fhe 8fh Division, fhen under command of Major General James P. Marley affer a brief period under Brig. General Wm. E. Shedd, and already well fhrough ifs preliminary sfages of frain- ing, fook parf in fhe Carolina ma- neuvers. Then came Pearl Harbor. The 8+h Division was ordered fo pafrol 'Ihe Aflanfic coasf. For six weeks during fhe Winfer of I942, unifs of fhe Divi- sion ranged along fhe easfern shores of fhe counfry from Norfh Carolina fo fhe Florida Keys. Refurning fo Forf Jackson Iafe in March, fhe Division resumed ifs frain- ing. During 'the following monfh, by an order of fhe War Deparfmenf, if be- came fhe 8'rh Moforized Division. Be- fween March and July, fhe Division furnished cadres of l280 men each fo fhe 77'Ih and 80fh Divisions, and a cadre of 200 men for acfivafion of Headquarfers Company, XII Corps. On July I, I942, Brigadier General Paul E. Peabody succeeded Maior General Marley as Division Command- l er. ln Sepfember of fhaf year, fhere was a mofor march fo fhe area of fhe Tennessee maneuvers, Two more monfhs of war games furfher hard- ened fhe froops of fhe 8fh. Then affer a brief sfay in fenfs af Camp Forresf, Tennessee, fhe Division sef ouf for ifs new sfafion, Forf Leonard Wood, Missouri. From December, I942, fo March, I943, fhere was anofher period of comparafive calm. Again fhe Division changed commanders, Major General William C. Mc- Mahon assuming fhe pos? on January 24, I943. ln March, I943, 'rhe 8fh moved fo Camp Laguna, Arizona, for six monfhs of deserf fraining. During fhe laffer parf of fhis period, if was de-moforized reverfing once more fo ifs original sfafus as a sfandard infanfry division. Upon complel-ion of deserf fraining, fhe Division refurned fo Camp Forresf. Preparafions were begun immediafely for an over- seas movemenf. Lafe in November, fhe Bfh arrived af 'rhe Sfaging area af Camp Kilmer, New Jersey. Then, on December 5, I943, a convoy, bearing fhe 8fh lnfanfry Division, sailed from New York Harbor. Training in Norfhern Ireland was as varied as fhe limifed fer- rain permilfed. Greafesf emphasis was placed on small unif facfics. On July I, I944, a convoy of four Troop ships and Twelve mofor Transporfs sfeamed ouT of BeIfasT Harbor, carrying The 8Th Divi- sion To The conTinenT of Europe. On July 4, TwenTy-eighT days afTer D-Day of The Normandy invasion, The Division began embarking aT Omaha Beach on The Cherbourg peninsula. Two days IaTer, if had assembled in The viciniTy of Monfebourg, where final prepara- Tions for baTTIe were compleTed. The plan for The XIII Corps, To which The 8Th Division was as- signed, was To affack To The souTh Toward La Haye du PuiTs. The 8Th Division was To pass Through The 82nd Airborne Division, Tak- ing over The cenTer of The Corps fronT. The main efforT of The drive was To be made in This secTor. Early on The morning of July 8, The Division iumped off on ifs firsT aTTack in The BaTTIe of France. The 28Th and I2IsT Regimenfs were on line, The I3Th in reserve. The firsT obiecfive, The Ay River, was sTrongIy defended by The Germans, and progress was slow. The Division had only advanced I,000 yards, when a counTer-aT- Tack hiT The I2IsT InfanTry, buT was repulsed wiTh a nighT aTTack by The reserve baTTaIion wiThouT loss of ground. The aTTack began again The nexT morning. Again The enemy counTer aTTacked. During The affernoon of The Third day The ad- vance Tempo quickened. Infanfry elemenfs isolafed small pockefs of Germans, by-passed Them and forged ahead. Corps Cavalry Then cleaned up The disorganized enemy eIemenTs. During The following Three days, however, The enemy conTinued To resisT all aTTempTs To break Through his lines. On The morning of July I3, The 28Th InfanTry was placed in Division reserve. The I3Th InfanTry passed Through ThaT zone of acTion and wenT inTo The aTTack for The firsT Time. Progress was sTilI slow, buT on The following day, boTh assaulfing regimenTs reached The norTh bank of The Ay River. The 8Th Division had been Through iTs firsT acTion of World War II. IT had reached iTs firsT obiecTive and suffered iTs firsT casual- Ties. The TerriTory iT had Taken was slighfg The advance had been slow. The lessons learned, however, were many. Commanders and Troops had become baTTle-wise To The enemy's Tacfics. Hedgerows pad! become as familiar as The hills of Missouri and Norfhern Ire- an . The 8Th Division was in The viciniTy of The Ay River and on The 26Th of July aflacked. The Division succeeded in The breakThrough of The German lines. American Armor drove inTo The breakfhrough area creafed by The infanTry eIemenTs and began The Iighfning ThrusTs Through BriTTany and EasTern France, which were To sweep beyond Paris To The fronTiers of Germany. The I3Th InfanTry Regi- menT now called Combaf Team I3, had been moTorized and aT- Tached To The 4Th Armored Division. Three divisions of The American VIII Corps, The 2nd, 29Th and 8Th, were assigned To The baTTIe of BresT. Tremendous arTilIery sTrengTh was broughf up To assisT The aTTack. The Corps plan for The aTTack was To use all Three divisions To close in on The Ger- man defenders from Three sides. The conquesT of BresT and The Crozon peninsula required from AugusT 24 unTil Sepfember I7. In four days of swifT advance, The uniTs of The 8Th Division Took more Than seven Thousand prisoners. On The morning of November 2I The drive on Hurfgen opened. AfTer much hard fighTing Hurfgen Tell on The affernoon of The 28Th of November. The firsT few weeks of December was ufilized by The Division To mop up enemy pockefs and hold Their posiTions. In The 8Th Division Secfor, The period, December I3-I7, was rela- Tively quieT. During The nighT, December I6-I7, German Troop TransporTs flew over The Division zone and dropped 300 To 500 paraTroops in rear and adiacenf areas. On The preceding day, a vioIenT enemy counTeroffensive had crashed Through Thinly held FirsT Army lines on a forTy-five fronT from Monschau, Germany, To cenTraI Lux- embourg. Thus began whaT has been commonly called The "BaTTle of The BuIge." During The remainder of January and early February, The Di- vision conTinued iTs holding mission along The wesT bank of The Roer River. There was IiTTIe enemy acTiviTy. Meanwhile, on February 5, The Division was Transferred To The VII Corps, FirsT Army. AfTer parTicipaTing in The capfure of Duren The I3Th Then wiThdrew To assembly areas in Duren To awaiT aTTach- menT To The 3d Armored Division for The drive To The Rhine. On March I7, The I3Th InfanTry reverTed To 8Th Division co'nTroI. The I3Th began The Division's offensive acTion easT of The Rhine aT I000, March 29, when iT passed Through eIemenTs of The IsT Di- vision To aTTack norfhward. The I3Th InfanTry, conTinuing iTs advance, made sfeady progress ThroughouT The day. Two more Towns were capfured and numerous groups of isolafed enemy forces were Taken prisoner as elemenfs of The I3Th also reached The Sieg River in several places. During The nighT of March 3I, orders were issued for The Divi- sion To cross The Sieg River and esfablish' a bridgehead sufficienTly wide so ThaT The easT-wesT road along The river could be used. Pamphlefs urging The enemy Troops in Siegen To surrender be- fore 0900, April I, were fired inTo The cify aT II00, afTer an hour's arTilIery preparafion. The 3d BaTTaIion of The I3Th was To seize The wesTern half of The ciTy. A deTermined enemy counTeraTTack employing Tanks and infanTry hiT The 3d BaTTaIion of The I3Th iusT as iT was abouT To begin iTs aTTack on Siegen. The enemy was Thrown back, however, and The advance on The ciTy beganf FighT- ing in Siegen conTinued ThroughouT The nighT. Throughouf The nexT day, Division elemenfs made good progress all along The line. During The nighT The ciTy was cleared of remain- ing enemy resisTance. The I3Th InfanTry, fighfing norTh and wesT of Siegen, was forced several Times To deTach uniTs To clear Germans who had infiITraTed back inTo previously cleared posiTions. The coordinafed campaign To desTroy or capTure all enemy forces Trapped in The Ruhr-Sieg pockeT began on The morning of April 6. WiTh all Three regimenTs abreasf, The 8Th Division began iTs aTTack. On The following day Troops of The I3Th InfanTry gained up To 3,000 yards, while The 28Th and I2IsT InfanTry eIemenTs advanced 4,000 yards. SubsTanTial gains were made on April 8 in The norTh- ern and cenTraI secTors of The fronT. IT was in The I3Th InfanTry secTor ThaT resisfance was mosT severe. On April 9, The enemy defense in fronT of The Division began To crumble. Only The main roads and Towns were defended and many of These only haphazardly. A general crumbling of enemy defenses was apparenf by April I0. On April I4 The I3Th InfanTry, which had again gone inTo The aTTack affer passing Through The l2IsT InfanTry, reached The Ruhr River. AT HaTTingen, Troops of The 3d BaTTaIion shouTed across The river To men of The 3d BaTTaIion, I3Th InfanTry, 79Th Division, Telling Them To call off The arTiIIery fire in This area. This was The TirsT conTacT beTween FirsT and NinTh Army Troops during This cam- paign. The enemy pockeT had now been cuT in Two. On April 28, The I3Th was aTTached To The 82nd Airborne Divi- sion. On The day following, while Troops of The 82nd crossed The Elbe aT Bleckede, Troops of The I3Th held The Walmsburg secTor of The Elbe River. By April 29, remaining elemenfs of The Division and aTTachmenTs had arrived in The Luneberg-Bleckede area. IT was in The viciniTy of Lake Schwerin ThaT conTacT was made wiTh advance eIemenTs of The Russian armies of The norTh. The 8Th Division and The I3Th InfanTry RegimenT had foughT iTs final baTTle in The European TheaTer of OperaTiolns. In Ten monThs of combaT, The uniTs of The Division had capTured 3I6,I87 prison- ers of war and vasT sTores of enemy war maTeriaI. The Division had Taken a maior parT in The Normandy, Norfhern France, Rhine- land and CenTraI European campaigns. Enlisfed men and officers of The Division killed, wounded and' capfured during The Ten-monTh period of combaT Tofaled I3,293. Non-baTTIe casualfies broughf The ToTaI number above I8,000. On :May 4, announcemenT was made of The final surrender of all German Troops in Holland, Denmark and norThern Germany. AT 024I on May 7, Colonel General Jodl, a represenTaTive of The German High Command, signed The uncondifional surrender of all German Iand, sea and air forces in Europe, To become effec- Tive aT OOOI, May 9. I945. The regirnenfal mo++o of fhe 281-h lnfanfryl as embroidered on fha scroll of fhe regimenlal colors is "VINCIT AMOR PATRlAE" ILove of Counrry Conquersl Three Regimenls have held +he designafion "28I'h Infanfry Regimen'I"' since I8I3. The firsf 28+h Infanlry was consiiluled on ihe 29'rh of January, I8I3, and on 3I May I8I5 was consolidafed wilh Ihe Ish 5'Ih, I7Ih and I9Ih 'Io 'form fhe 3rd Infanfry. The second 28I'h lnfanlry was formed in I866 from 'Ihe Second BaH'alion of 'Ihe I9'Ih Infanlry lconsfilufed 4 May I86Il, buf in IB69 if was again consolidaled wilh fhe I9I'h Infanfry. The Ihird 28I'h Infanlry Regimeni is 'lhe unil whose lineage is given here. Consfifufed under fhe Ac? of Congress of 2 February l90l, 'Ihe Regimenl' was organized in March of fhe same year af Vancouver Barracks, Washingfon. Following fhe enI'ry of 'Ihe Unifed S'ra'les in World War I. 'Ihe Regimenl' was assigned on 8 June I9I7 'Io 'Ihe Firsf Expedilionary Force Division which lafer became fhe Firsf Division. While 'Phe Regimenl was parl of rhe Firsl- Division, if dislin- guished iiself in aclion and was awarded sfreamers in 'rhe colors of fhe French Croix de Guerre wifh palm, one embroidered PIC- ARDY, fhe olher AISNE-MARNE. The Regimenl- was also awarded Ihe Fourragere in 'rhe colors of Ihe French Croix de Guerre. Wifhdrawn from assignmenl Io 'Ihe Firsf Division on Ihe I6 Oc- fober I939, and assigned fo Ihe Eighrh Division on 22 June l94O, Ihe 28ih Infanfry Regimenl- again disiinguished ifself during World War Il. All companies of Ihe Firsl' BaHalion were awarded fhe Disfinguished Unil' Slreamer embroidered NORMANDY. The com- panies o'F 'rhe Third Balfalion received Dis+inguished Unif Slream- ers 'for aclion bolh al' STOCKHEIM and al BERGSTEIN, whille Company I was singled our for an addifional Dislinguished Unrl S+reamer embroidered HURTGEN FOREST. Bolh fhe Medical Delachmenl' and Service Company were awarded Meriforious Unit Slreamers embroidered EUROPEAN THEATRE. The 28+h was reacfivared Augusf, I950 when ils Parenlr division, Ihe Eighlh, was reaclivaled al Forf Jackson. II has been serving as an Inlianlry Iraining regimenl' since reacfivalion, under 'rhe command of Col. Carl E. Lundquisf. BaH'le Honors of 'rhe Regimenl' include: PHILIPPINE INSURRECTION Mindanao WORLD WAR I Lorraine Picardy rMon+didier-Noyon Aisne-Marne S+. Mihiel Meuse-Argonne WORLD WAR II Normandy Norihern France Rhineland Cenlral Europe HISTUIIY UF THE HIST INFANTHY HEGIIVIENT The 6IsT InfanTry, a uniT of The 9Th InfanTry Brigade, 5Th Divi- sion, of World War I, was organized I0 June I9I7, aT GeTTysburg NaTionaI Parlc, Pennsylvania, pursuanT To General Orders 94562, War DeparTmenT, daTed I4 May I9I7. By The same auThoriTy, The nucleus of The regimenT was secured by The Transfer of officer and enIisTed personnel from The 7Th InfanTry. The regimenT re- mained in GeTTysburg compIeTing iTs organizaTion and undergoing Training unTil I0 November l9I7, aT which Time iT proceeded To Camp Greene, CharIoTTe, NcrTh Carolina, for furTher Training. By The end of March, I9I8, The sTrengTh of The regimenT was II6 officers and 3,595 enIisTed men. The organizaTion commenced iTs movemenT overseas on April 6Th and on The I6Th of The monTh sailed from New Yorlc in Three TransporTs: RegimenTaI Headquar- Ters, Supply and Machine Gun Companies and The IsT BaT+aIion sailing in The S.S. "PocahonTas"g The 2nd BaTTaIion on The S.S. "Czar", and The 3rd BaTTaIion on The S.S. "CzariTa." The enTire regimenT arrived in France on April 29Th and proceeded To The lDeparTmenT of Aube-I for conTinued Training. Argonne offensive on SepTember 28Th The regimenT was placed in reserve of ThaT corps. On Ocfober IsT wiTh oTher eIemenTs of The 5Th Division, The 6IsT began moving To The American III Army Corps and 5 Ocfober on was placed in reserve of ThaT corps. OcTober II-I2 The regimenT was one of The elemenrs of The divi- sion which relieved The American 80Th Division in The fronTIines and remained in The lines unTiI 22 OcTober when iT was relieved and again placed in corps reserve. 26 OcTober The regimenT re-enTered The lines and was acTively engaged unTil The ArmisTice. AfTer The ArmisTice The 6IsT InfanTry became a parT of The Army of OccupaTion and was sTaTioned in The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg unTiI early in July, I9I9. From The 5Th To The 8Th of ThaT monTh The regimenT moved To BresT, France, sailing Therefrom I3 July on The S.S. "AquiTania," arrived in New York July 20Th and Then proceeded To Camp Mills, N. Y. Four days IaTer The 6IsT InfanTry proceeded To Camp Gordon, Ga., for sTaTion, again moving on OcTober I2Th and I3Th, I920, To 2 ff'iffr:w.rl4 me-H94-"fig x? m . Q - .1 .-fgsafagseegn-f3p..S.-te'- ' g ' " ,,g,-3::grm1w"Q1'?..,-vif- . 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'a ' -Lf mc: QT?-isagigi We scar,-Que: iii: ini? rv.-'e .-rf:-e-11:as-.- ms' -A 2- 14.--.w:r14B. ,1,f.' -Zkyfi:-Kg :.1':sa,:eJ'Xr. 1, .,g:r-QA: '.a1,sg5'.-' 5,-gg,-1. - .ggggag ev51f:3fg.::f . - . .1---ge.: .-f- 5,1-:,, N-31-ag' 1 :15f'gg',A,s-is ' .seapmfsewfm-fysgfaz, af:l1,eeiSsea-5s.,41fs.-gf- ,- -nga, -'15 ifrfe-Abs...-we .rf we ah.-vw.-al-:,.e f'?f"L.,:? --'we-Qafffe.-.ameri-" Unfit! Farris '-few' " 1'-f-.N , -,...,:.. cn- .7.g-Q:-4fSg.,-,azr .. isff-x12gQ.ffe?Q?emv 1 ewmw'-u-ffsees's fsliiffsweffxeeeer 5 1eS,rq'1g1'afgli-5-gzvqfg wif-,-:--sifsezfsefff-Qgf wg-,sin :awe 14-33 e-I:-,f ,,.-,--:E-f.-.-gps? f.ev,1hr-:e:wf::' A-wie-.::f.. . me--ezfese' pzmff'-f 1.v.:YIL1-:seg-w, -,-1tl:Q:,:.'4 mink effcfe' ' .F :il rims' I3Th Training Area and Tool: sTaTion in The viciniTy of Barsur-Aube The 6IsT InfanTry remained in ThaT area un'I'iI The firsT parT of June when iT was ordered To The Anould secTor lAIsacel for rear area Training wiTh The French, The regimenT becoming affiIiaTed wiTh The French 70Th Division. On July I2Th The 6IsT InfanTry pro- ceeded To The ST. Die'secTor lLorraineI in which secTor, on The nighT of July I4-I5 The organizaTion wiTh oTher uniTs of iTs division, began The relief of The French 62nd Division. On AugusT l9Tl1 The 5Th Division was placed under The adminisTraTive conTroI of The American V Corps. AugusT 23rd The regimenT moved To Arches lVosgesl for resT and furTher Training, remaining in ThaT area unTiI The firsT parT of SepTember when iT moved To The American I Army Corps where iT relieved elemenrs of The American 90Th Divi- sion in The Villers-en-Haye secTor lLorraineI preparaTory To The ST. Mihiel offensive. When ThaT offensive commenced on Sep- Tember I2Th The regimenT was in The fronT lines and There remained unTiI The close of ThaT operaTion on I6 SepTember, when iT was relieved. AfTer iTs relief The 6IsT was placed under The com- mand of The American IC Corps and Tool: sTaTion aT Domevre-en- Haye lMeurThe-eT-Mosellel. AT The beginning of The Meuse- Camp Jaclrson, S. C., where The regimenT was made inacTive 2 SepTember I92I. While overseas during The World War The 6IsT earned The following baTTIe parTicipaTion crediTs: Anould secTor lAlsacel .......,......... June II -July I5, I9I8 ST. Die secTor lLorraineI ................ July I5 - Aug. 23, I9I8 Villers-en-Haye secTor lLorrainel ........ SepT. I0 - SepT. ll, I9I8 ST. Mihiel offensive ,.............,.... SepT. I2 - SepT. I6, -I9I8 Meuse-Argonne offensive ............... OcT. 5 - Nov. II, I9I8 For such parTicipaTion The regimenT is enTiTled To sTreamers in The colors of The VicTory Ribbon, inscribed as indica+ecl: Alsace ST. Mihiel Lorraine Meuse-Argonne WiThdrawn from assignmenT To The 5Th Division, and assigned To The 8Th Division I5 AugusT I927. WiThdrawn from assignmenT To The 8Th Division and assigned To The 5Th Division, I8 AugusT I933. WiThdrawn from assignmenT To The 5Th Division, I8 OcTober I939. Disbanded Il November I944. ReconsTiTuTed and assigned To The 8Th InfanTry Division, I9 AugusT I950. EBTH FIELD HTILLEHY B TT LIU "l3UN5HnTs" IIIJMBAT AEEUMPLISHMENTS GUNSHOT-ON THE WAY These words, signalling anolher round or volley leaving lhe guns of lhe 28lh Field Arlillery Bal- lalion, were flashed by radio or lelephone more lhan eighly lhou- sand limes during lhe ballles lo overwhelm lhe German Wehr- machl. GUNSHOT-ON THE WAY! To all arlillerymen, lhese are magic words. anxiously awailed by lhe observers crouched in lheir foxholes. GUNSHOT-ON THE WAY! Weary cannoneers, cover- ing lheir ears, hear lhe roar of lheir guns, and begin preparalions for lhe nexl and lhe nexl and lhe nexl rounds. On 5 December I943, al 3 a.m., on a cold bleak morning in New York Harbor, a long line of soldiers carrying slaggering packs filed aboard lhe ship Durban Caslle. This Brilish ship, designed lo carry eighleen hundred, was loaded wilh lhree lhousand lwo hundred officers and men. Deslinalion-unknown. The seas were rough, lhe going lough. The Chaplain's Service became so popular lhal lhere wasn'l a ioom large enough lo hold all lhe men. So, lwelve days laler, Belfasl Harbor looked beauliful-in lhe rain. The unloading was done al nighl, and lhe men of lhe 28lh filed aboard lhe lrains lo lake lhem inlo Ireland-lhe place where lhey were deslined lo spend six wel monlhs--lo lhe Caslle Aughen- laine, near lhe small village of Clogher, and Fivemilelown in lhe Counly of Tyrone. Everyone was changed afler D-Day. Possibly gelling oul of Ire- land had somelhing lo do wilh il, bul lhe ballalion was unani- mous in ils desires lo hil lhe beach in France, and il wasn'l long in coming. On l July I944, lhe 28+h Field, half loaded on lhe Liberly Ship Ackerson, lhe resl aboard lhe passenger liner, Ex- chequer, sailed from Belfasl Harbor, headed for France and lhe war. On lhe 4lh of July, il was realily. Omaha Beach-and ashore again. "Gunshol" was lo reinforce lhe fires of lhe 90lh Division Arlillery, already in lhe line, in lhe vicinily of lhe Forel de Monle Caslro. Thal nighl lhe Ballalion moved inlo posilion, al 6 a.m., on lhe 6lh of July, lhe firsl round was fired by Ballery B. Twenly-four hours laler five hundred and lwelve rounds had been fired, and "Gunshol" was speaking-in a voice of aulhorily. The ballalion was proud of ils firsl day's efforls when lhe 90lh Division said of il: "The line was held by a handful of Engineers and lhe fire from lhe 2Blh Field Arlillery." On 8 July, lhe Division as a whole was. commilled lo aclion. "Gunshol," in general supporl, was very busy. The Germans look lime oul lo lhrow a few lheir way, bul only succeeded in wrecking one gun lire. The foxholes were gelling beller and beller. On lhe 26lh of July, lhe Division iumped lhe Ay River, and lhe armor poured across. Al Sl. Lo, lhe big breaklhrough was successful. Gunshol, licking ils wounds, crossed lhe Ay River and began a series of displacemenls deslined lo conlinue righl lhrough Nor- mandy and inlo Brillany. ll had been shelled, morlared, and bombed, bul always il delivered lhe goods. The fiber and back- bone of a greal organizalion had been conslrucled. On lhe I6lh of Augusl, "Gunshol" was called upon lo help lhe Sixlh Armored al Bresl. On lhe 24lh of Augusl lhe Eighlh Division was reassembled again al Bresl, and "Gunshol" was recalled and placed under Division conlrol. The ballle for Bresl was aboul lo open-a ballle deslined lo lasl a monlh-lo be one of lhe mosl biller and leasl publicized fighls of all lhe ballles in Europe. On lhe I0lh of Seplember, afler a biller fighl, lhe Division reached ils obieclives-lhe firsl Division of lhe Corps lo do so. Bul lhe old slory, no resl for lhe weary, applied. The Eighlh was or- dered lo lhe Crozon Peninsula, soulh of Bresl, lo clean il up and open lhe harbor. ll was lo be slriclly an Eighlh Division show. On I3 Seplember, "Gunshol" closed in ils new area on lhe Crozon Peninsula. The following day lhe doughboys lumped off. Again lhe 28lh, firing walls of explosive, helped lhem on lheir way. The resislance was slubborn-lhe going slow. The lricky German had many hid- den morlars and guns-somelhing musl be done. Al 0900 hours in lhe morning of lhe l8lh, a lhunderous barrage shook Crozon. "Gunshol" and ils cohorls were beginning lhe reduclion of lhe wall and lhe forl lhal barred lhe palh of lhe infanlry. For lwo hours, under a blislering sun, lhe Cannoneers swealed, firing eighleen hundred rounds inlo lhe German forl. When lhe fire was lifled al IIOO hours, lhe doughs ploughed lhrough lhe rubble. Crozon was caplured. The banners of lhe Eighlh Division flew proudly over lhe conquered ciladels. "Gun- shol," proud of ils parl, resled and was happy. Finally, on I5 November, lhe Ballalion was suddenly and wilh- oul warning ordered norlh inlo Germany proper. The deslinalion was lhe dreaded Hurlgen Foresl. "Gunshol" hacked ils posilions oul of solid foresl and moved in. The guns bogged down-bul superhuman efforl pul lhem inlo ac- lion. Snow, sleel, rain and hail-huls lo be buill, ammunilion slored -a Command Posl buill-and lhe ballle was on. Jerry was solidly enlrenched and was lhrowing lhe book al lhe doughboys. Never was so much fire encounlered before. If a hun- dred yards were gained, lhe Hun counler-allacked. "Gunshol" fired many a normal barrage allempling lo break lhe German formalions. On one counler-ellack, all lhe ammunilion in lhe bal- lalion, over nine-hundred rounds, was fired excepl for eighly rounds. Thal allack was slopped bul il was a close call. Now a new lask was given lhe Division and lhe 28lh-lo force lhe Roer River farlher norlh, lo caplure lhe Cily of Duren, and lo drive lo lhe Rhine, "Gunshol" was ready, willing, and able. The Roer proved lo be a lough nul lo crack. Three lhousand rounds were fired in lwo days. The cannoneers, slill working in mud, paid off. Duren fell on lhe 25lh afler a lough fighl. When lhe Remagen Bridge was grabbed, lhe enlire Division began a series of shifls up and down lhe Rhine lo cover lhe flank of lhe bridgehead. The 28lh found some good spols--from lhe hearl of burned oul Cologne lo lhe cily of Bonn lo lhe Soulh. The drive lo splil lhe Ruhr pockel asunder was begun on lhe 8lh of April. For lhe arlillery, lhe race lo lhe norlh was lhe mosl difficull fighl il had as yel encounlered. The doughboys were driving up main roads, and leaving lheir flanks and rear wide open. Every displacemenl by lhe arlillery developed inlo a fire fighl. Somelimes balleries were cul off complelely. Everyone had a hell of a lime. Two displacemenls a day became a daily evenl. Gunshol on lhe way! was echoed for lhe lasl lime in lhe Ruhr Pockel on lhe lblh of April. The Boche were surrendering in droves. The greal ballle of lhe Ruhr Pockel was over. The Eighlh Division had played lhe leading role. ll led all olher divisions, splil lhe pockel in lwo, and caplured a large percenlage of lhe prisoners laken. All ranks, lired bul flushed wilh viclory, cleaned lheir Lu- gers, P38s, Mausers and whalnol, lraded cameras around, and wailed for lhe nexl round. The ballle was over, bul lhe work was nol. The greal induslrial area of lhe Ruhr lay helpless. The Division was called upon lo govern a large segmenl. "Gunshol" was ordered lo assisl, and was given an area surrounding lhe Cily of Lennep. The Ballalion moved al once, arriving lhere on lhe Zlsl of April. Bul lhis sorl of lhing didn'l lasl long. On lhe 28lh of April, "Gunshol" was on lhe road again, heading norlheasl lo ioin lhe Brilish Second Army, and lake parl in lhe ballles of Norlhern Germany. "Gunshol" closed inlo ils assembly area in lhe Brilish seclor on lhe 29lh of April. The march was unevenlful, due lo lhe fine work of lhe Ballalion Molor Seclion. The wealher was cold and wel, as usual. The silualion looked good. German resislance was on ils lasl legs, and lhe Division prepared for ils lasl fighl. Came lhe 2nd of May, and even wilh 25-mile iumps, lhe Ballalion couldn'l keep up lo lhe infanlry. Schwerin fell, and lhe Division's objeclives were reached. The Boche prisoners were clullering up lhe roads so much lhal "Gunshol" had a rough lime lo gel lo ils posilion area al Gorries. Al I500 B hours, May 3, l945, lhe Rus- sians were conlacled. Wilh lhe Brilish lo lhe norlh and wesl, Americans lo lhe soulh, and lhe Russians lo lhe easl, lhe war was over for lhe Eighlh Division and lhe 28lh Field Arlillery. GUN- SHOT-ON THE WAY! would sound no more in Europe. 1I3I:III FIELD HTILLEIIY B TTTILIU TU v1l:'ruHY WITH "nuPHE11" June I, l94l, marks The birfhday of The 43rd Field ArTilIery BaT- Talion. On ThaT day, The BaTTaIion was acTivaTed, wiTh The cadre drawn from The 28Th Field ArTiIlery BaTTaIion. FT. Jackson, S. C., was The locaTion. Men sTarTed To come in To Till The ranks from all parTs of The counTry, and a Training period was enTered upon, which IasTed Three years, Taking us all over The UniTed STaTes and NorThern Ireland. AfTer a shorT resT aT ForT Jackson, The 43rd wenT on To ForT Sill, Okla., as school Troops and from There To Tennessee maneu- vers, ending up aT Camp ForresT, Tenn., which was buT a sTepping- sTone for our Trip To ForT Leonard Wood, Mo. Then ouT of The cold winTer, we IefT for DeserT1Maneuvers in The Arizona-California deserT, in The viciniTy of Yuma, Ariz. Back easT again To Camp ForresT, Tenn., and finally To Camp Kilmer, N. Y., PorT of Em- barkaTion. Our sea voyage sTarTed on December 5, I943, and To The regreT of many vicTims of The ocean, Took unTil December I6, when our "beloved" U.S.S. Excelsior, debarked us aT BelTasT, N. I., UniTed Kingdom. Camp AughenTaine in CounTy Tyrone was home To us for six monThs. This was a period of very inTensive Training and inspecfions for readiness for combaT. June 6Th, and The invasion, found us There ready for acTiong which was noT long in coming. Leaving from BelfasT on June 27, we arrived off Omaha Beach in The 'early hours of July 4Th, cele- braTing The day wiTh The cusTomary fireworks. Only This Time in- sTead of firecrackers. They were Tracers. fired aT German planes Trying To bomb The ships in The harbor. AT 0645, July 4, I945, The firsT elemenfs of The baTTalion seT fooT on The conTinenT. Our Training period was over. Three years had been spenT preparing us for combaT, and now we were ready for iT. In Those years we had Trained Tor The hard Task ahead of us. We had Tired demonsTraTions for Mr. Church- ill, Lord MounTbaTTen, Generals Marshall, Eisenhower, Lear and many oThers. Now we were ready To demonsTraTe To The German Army whaT we had learned. NexT day, The Division ArTiIIery was aTTached To The 90Th In- fanTry Division To supporT Their efforT To drive forward, off The CoTenTin Peninsula. Here we Tired for The firsT Time aT The enemy. Being new aT The iob, and in The general confusion no one noTiced whefher BaT- Tery A or BaTTery C fired The firsT round. Up To The day of This wriTing, The argumenT has noT been seTTled. Division conTrol was assumed July 9 and The Division moved forward, Taking la Haye de PuiTs. The baTTalion dug in and for abouT I2 days sTayed in one place, geTTing ready for The big aTTack. ATTached To The FourTh Armored Division, The I3Th CombaT Team moved down The CoTenTin Peninsula aT a breakneck speed: The baTTaIion, iumping from posiTion To posiTion, always Trying To be wiThin range of The enemy. Coufances, Avranches, on Toward Rennes, capiTaI of Normandy. In The meanfime, The enemy occupied BresT, and dug in. EsTi- maTed aT abouT 30,000 sTrong, Three divisions were deTailed To clean This so imporTanT porT in a shorT Time. The Second Divi- sion on The IefT, EighTh Division in The cenTer, 29Th Division on The righT. BuT as warfare never follows plans exacTIy, iT Took a full monTh To reduce BresT, claimed as The sTrongesT forfified posiTion on The conTinenT. To CombaT Team I3 Tell The Task To clean up. The 43rd Took conTroI of all The arTillery uniTs in The viciniTy, and synchronized barrages from five baTTalions of arTillery followed each oTher rapidly, moving up ahead of The infanTry. IT was Too much for The Kraufs, and Sepfember 29 broughT surrender and vicTory, Thus ending The "NorThern France Campaign" for us. A shorT period of recuperaTion followed, ended by a long, four- day drive Through IiberaTed France. Relieving The 28Th lnfanTry Division, we Took over our secTor, and BaTTery A, aT I545, 2 OcTober I944, fired The firsT round, from German soil onfo German soil. The Rhineland Campaign had begun. Six more or less unevenTful weeks followed. On The l6Th of November, we again moved, norTh This Time, crossing The Siegfried Line, To Take posiTion in fronT of SchmidT, Germany, in The viciniTy of The large Roer River Dams. This was The HurTgen ForesT. December l7Th and The breakfhrough of The Germans in The Ardennes found us living in log huTs in The middle of The foresTg and we remained in This posiTion, proTecTing The flank againsT counTeraTTacks. We held fasT, unTil The enemy was Thrown back, and we were ready To cross The Roer River. In order To accomplish This, The BaTTalion Took posiTion oppo- siTe The Town of Dureng and The Germans knowing whaT was abouT To happen, shelled conTinuousIy. The aTTack was planned and afTer one of The mosT poTenT arTillery preparaTions of The war, The in- fanTry crossed The river. The obiecT: The Rhineland and Cologne. The daTe: 23 February I945. In supporT of The I2lsT lnfanTry RegimenT we moved forward day and nighT againsT sTrong German resisfance. Neifher planes nor Tanks, arTillery or infanTry could sTop us. And finally Cologne Tell, The Rhine had been reached. Crossing The Rhine, our iniTiaI obiecfive was To Take posifions along The line of The Sieg River, and Then To cross The river driv- ing norTh unTil conTacT could be made wiTh The forces driving down To meeT us. Reaching The river, plans were made for crossing iT, in order To Take The ciTy Siegen iTseIf. And here, The enemy Tried every Trick in his book To sTop us. Confinuous counTer-aTTacks, and in- fiITraTion of SS men inTo our lines were unsuccessful, however, and once again we sTarTed on one of our races, Ieapfrog jumping by BaTTery all The Time, clearing our posiTion of snipers, and Taking more prisoners Than we could handle. There was no way of sTop- ping us, ThaT The Germans knew, and The link-up wiTh The norThern forces, was finally effecfed. Again we were relieved, and anoTher long Trip broughT us To The locaTion of whaT was To be our IasT baTTle againsT The almos+ defeaTed Germany. Our commander, Field Marshal Monfgomery, of The BriTish Second Army, To which The XVIII Corps, Airborne, wiTh us un-der iTs command, was aTTached. PosiTion was Taken up along The Elbe River on April 29, so close To The river ThaT The building housing our command posT served as BaTTaIion observaTion posT aT The same Time. We were in direcT supporT of The 505Th ParaTroop RegimenT, a componenT of The 82nd Airborne Division. The infanTry crossed The river in assaulT boafs, and as soon as The engineers had compleTed The bridge, we crossed: on The firsT day of May, I945, AfTer Two rapid dispIacemenTs, in The supporT of The I3Th lnfanTry RegimenT, we reached The posiTion from which we fired our IasT rounds in com- baT. IT was Tired by BaTTery C aT I930 hours of The same day. The enemy defenses crumbled, and locaTed in The viciniTy of VieTz, NorThern Germany, we esfablished roadblocks, and Took counTIess prisoners, herding Them inTo a sTockade on The grounds of a German airporT nearby. And There iT was ThaT VE Day over- Took us. The BaTTIe of CenTraI Europe was over. Germany defeaTed. Relieved by The BriTish, we moved To a new locaTion in The viciniTy of Kassel, Cenfral Germany. And from There, on June I4, I945, we lefT for Le Havre, PorT of Embarkafion. This Time geTTing ready for anoTher sea voyage was a pleasure. For The goal was home and a 30-day furlough. Our boaT, The "General Squier," lefT porT The 30Th day of June and on July 8, we sighfed land. Go1d's counTry had been reached. The resT is easily Told. HampTon Road PorT of Embarkafion near Norfolk, Va., Camp PaTrick Henry and home! FT. Leonard Wood, Mo., was assigned To us as reassembly sTaTion. BuT V-J Day came, and wiTh iT discharge sTarTed. IT was a long Trek, and a very cosTIy one. A ToTal of I27,399 rounds of I05-mm. Howifzer ammunifion was fired. OuT of 5I2 Officers and EnlisTed Men, 5I received The Purple HearT, II of Them posfhumously. Nine members of The baTTaIion received The Silver STar, I9 Air Medals and 85 Bronze STar Medals were awarded. MosT men wore four Bronze BaTTIe ParTicipaTion STars on Their E.T.O. ribbons. 45TH FIELD HTILLEHY B TT LIU IJIJMBAT HISTUHY nr "nHEENBAl:1i" "Greenback" landed on UPah Beach, Normandy, on July 4, spenP Phe nighP in bivouac near ruined MonPebourg, and nexP day became Phe firsP elemenP of iPs combaP Peam Po enPer com- baP, suppor'Ping Phe 90Ph Division from posiPions bePween Vinde- fonPaine and PrePoP. We were iniPiaPed quickly. By 8 July Phe 28Ph InfanPry was ready for Phe aPPack againsP Le Haye du PuiPs, and "Greenback" assumed Phe mission of direcP supporP which, for Phe nexP Pen monPhs, iP was scarcely ever Po lay aside. On I4 July began an eleven day period of preparaPion for Phe push PhaP was Po break Phe German ring of sfeel around our Nor- mandy bridgehead. From posiPions aP Laulne Phe 45Ph waPched Phe bombing of SP. Lo and supporPed Phe doughs as Phey spear- headed Phe VII Corps aPPack againsP Phe German Ay River de- fense line in savage fighfing. By Phe 27Ph, Jerry was fleeing, and we began a period of rapid movemenf, rolling Phrough Coufances and Avranches ouP of Normandy and info BriPPany, ending up in Phe beaufiful counPryside iusP souPh of Rennes. We Pook off on Phe hundred-odd mile dash Po our new secPor of operafions, Phe greaP French porP of BresP. We were Pold PhaP Phere were abouP l5,000 Germans holed up here in Phe ciPy and harbor area. When we goP Phrough counPing Phe lasP prisoner a monPh laPer, we found PhaP Phere were some 40-odd Phousand KrauPs, many of Phem paraProopers and SS Proopers, crack Proops of Phe Nazi army led by Phe fanafical LP. Gen. Ramcke, conqueror of CrePe. "Greenback" arrived on Phe scene in advance of mosP of Phe division, and became, wiPh eIemenPs of Phe SixPh Armored Division and Phe FirsP BaP'PaIion, 28Ph InfanPry, parP of Phe famous "Brassiere Boys." who conPained BresP. AfPer Phe fighPing af BresP had gone inPo Phe mopping-up sPage, we moved sevenPy miles around Phe harbor Po Phe Crozon Penin- sula Po Phe souPh. Here CombaP Team 28 drew Phe mosP difficuIP mission of Phe Division, 'Phe aPPack againsP Phe high ground of Phe norPhern half of 'Phe peninsula, including 'Phe imporPanP airporP secPion. German arPillery fire here was Phe hePPes+ PhaP we had hiP Po daPe. We paid Jerry back aP Phe raPe of over 2000 rounds a day. By Phe l8Ph, Ramcke had surrendered and BresP and iPs harbor were ours. Affer a brief "resP" period, we performed a four-day, 700-mile moPor march Phrough Rennes, CharPres, Paris, and Sedan Po Phe Piny Duchy of Luxembourg, where CT28 Pook over from Phe FiPPh Armored Division Phe defense of a 32,000 yard fronP along Phe high ground facing Phe German border and Phe Siegfried Line. AfPer six pIeasanP weeks in Luxembourg, we shoved off one cold November day for Phe dread Hur'Pgen ForesP, in Germany. Here for aImosP Phree monPhs we lived and foughP in Phe same liPPle area in day afPer day of concenPraPed misery. The mud, Phe cold, Phe Pree burs'Ps, Phe "S" mines, and Phe greaPesP concenPraPion of German arPillery PhaP we ever encounfered Pook Pheir sPeady Poll. We fired more Phan ever before: for hour afPer hour Phe howifzers boomed away aP Phe maximum allowable raPe. One day Phe baP- Palion fired over 3,000 rounds in Phis vasP arPillery duel. And Jerry usually rePurned round for round. On 6 February we IefP Hur'Pgen and moved a few miles norPh Po prepare for Phe coming Roer River crossing operaPion. From baPPery posiPions in Birgel and forward posiPions in Lendersdorf, on Phe river's edge, we sweaPed ouP Phe flood sPage of Phe river and Jerry's morPar and arPillery fire. AP Iasf, on 23 February, came Phe aPPack. In iPs parP of Phe 45-minuPe preparaPion, from 0245 Po 0330, "Greenback" fired aImos'P I,400 rounds and iPs fires for Phe resP of Phe day were so inPense PhaP again we passed Phe 3,000 mark. The river crossing iPseIf was rough. 'Many of our men wiPh Phe infanfry had Po swim for iP: some were wounded and one lieu- PenanP was Paken prisoner. BuP once we goP rolling on Phe oPher side, we advanced in a series of briIIianP nighP aPPacks and day- IighP dispIacemenPs righP down Phe main highway Po Cologne and Phe Rhine. AfPer a shorP "resP" period and a reIaPiveIy inacPive period in which we defended Phe wesP bank of Phe Rhine, we moved on March 29 across Phe Rhine and inPo Phe so-called Ruhr pockeP, in which an esPimaPed quarPer-million Germans were Prapped in Phe largesP double envelopmenf in hisPory. The PighPing here was characferized by exPreme mobiIiPy, rapid movemenf, and a series of end-around plays PhaP dazzled Phe enemy. For Phe arPillery iP enPaiIed conPinuous reconnaissance, ofPen wiPh Phe mosP advance infanPry echelons and somefimes in areas previously unenPered by friendly Proops. "Greenback" never funcPioned more smooPhly Phan now. Three displacemenfs a day were common, and 30 Po 45 minufes afPer Phe reconnaissance parPies Pook off Po look aP a new area, Phe baPPalion would be in Phe new posiPion, firing. On I6 April, from posiPions around Niedersprockhovel, we fired our lasP round of Phe war, for a PoPaI of I2I,I28 combaP rounds. As soon as Phe Ruhr fighf was over, we Pook over miliPary con- Prol of Pwo large areas of Phe Ruhr Valley, Phe firsP around APPen- dorn and Phe second around Hennef. BuP Phis was shorP-lived. AP 0355 in Phe morning of 28 April, we began a record breaking 330- mile, 20-hour pracPicalIy non-sPop march Po Graulingen, in Phe Elbe plain. Now parP of Phe BriPish Second Army, we crossed Phe Elbe on I May and advanced rapidly and wiPhouP opposiPion al- mosP Po Phe BalPic Sea. Our lasP combaP posiPion was Phe liPPle Mecklenburg Pown of Hoorf, info which we rolled on Phe afPer- noon of 2 May. As we enPered Phe Pown from Phe wesP, Phe firsP Iarge group of surrendering Germans enPered iP from Phe easP, and aP once we became a baPPalion of miIiPary policemen. On 2 May and Phe succeeding Pwo days we disarmed, impounded, and processed in excess of 7,000 Germans, including Phe Commander of Phe OsP See Division. V-E Day found "Greenback" wearily guarding iPs prisoner of war enclosure aP HoorP. In Pen monPhs of combaP "Greenback" IosP I5 officers and men killed and I26 wounded. IPs members were awarded I9 Silver SPars, 88 Bronze SPars andiCIusPers, 26 Air Medals and Clusfers, and five Soldiers' Medals. IP Praveled in Phe neighborhood of 3,000 miles from baPPery posiPion Pc baPPery posiPion and made 80 dis- pIacemenPs. IP awarded Phree baPPIefieId commissions and had Phree of iPs men Paken prisoner by Phe enemy. IP Pook over 8,000 prisoners. This is a record which few arPillery baPPaIions can ap- proach and of which "Greenback" men are profoundly proud. 55TH FIELD HTILLEHY B TT LIU IN THE ETI1 WITH "BIflLlJl?.NHlIlJ" FirsP men oP Phe 56Ph ArPiIlery BaPPalion Po hiP France wenP over Phe side oP Pheir ships, down rope ladders and inPo landing craPP which chugged away Po Phe Normandy shore and UPah Beach on Phe evening of 3 July I944. AP II minuPes Po 6, "0549" according Po Army Pime, on Phe morning of July 6, Phe No. I gun of BaPPery C belched Plame, 30 odd pounds of sPeel and TNT arched Poward Phe German lines, and Phe 56Ph was "oPPicially" in Phe war! ThaP was Phe beginning oP a sPruggle in Europe which was noP Po end unPil Phe guns of "Goldenrod" had Pired no less Phan I44,966 rounds. AP PirsP in supporP oP Phe 90Ph Division, Phe 56Ph reverPed Po Division conProI and wheeled inPo posiPion behind Phe doughboys o'F 'Phe I2IsP InPanPry RegimenP on Phe nighP o'F July 7, ready Po supporP 'Phe Division's PirsP big acPion, 'Phe aPPaclc on La Haye du PuiPs. IP was while occupying Phe posiPions near BresP Prom July I8 Po July 26, as plans and preparaPions were made Por a new D-Day and 'Phe crossing oP 'Phe Ay River, PhaP Phe PirsP enemy planes appeared. On July 25, Phe men wenP baclc Po Pheir Piring Phe nexP day Por Phe assaulP crossing oP Phe Ay River, Phe Pinal brealcPhrough in Normandy and a raP-race, goose-chase Por more Phan a weelc in an aPPempP Po caPch Pleeing enemy Porces. While oPher division uniPs wenP on Po Rennes, Phe capiPal of BriPPany, Phe 56Ph, operaPing wiPh 'Phe I2IsP CombaP Team, was ordered Po ioin Phe 83rd Division in iPs assaulP on SP. Malo and Dinard. Advancing norPhward Prom Dinan, PirsP enemy resisPance was meP near PleurPuiP, souPh oP Dinard, on Phe 7Ph of AugusP. A'fPer Dinard, Phe baPPalion had a Pew days Po iPselP souPh of Dinan 'For reorganizaPion, Phen reioined Phe division Por Phe aPPack on Phe porP oP BresP. In general supporP when Phe drive opened on AugusP 24, Phe 56Ph wenP inPo more aggressive acPion on Phe nighP of Phe 3IsP when Phe I2IsP InPanPry relieved Phe 28Ph Regi- menP. The advance was conPinued unPil SepPember I0, and on Sep- Pember II Phe heavier weapons were adiusPed on Phe huge walls surrounding Phe old BresP PorPress. Two days laPer, having Purned Phe iob oP clearing ouP Phe ciPy proper over Po anoPher division, Phe baPPalion Pound iPselP in new posiPions near Argel, on Phe Crozon Peninsula, iusP souPh oP BresP. WiPh Phe doughboys unable Po gain, Phe emphasis wenP over Po Phe arPillery, and observers puP Phe 56Ph's guns Po worlc on Phe iob of reducing sProng poinPs which were holding up Phe advance. DevasPaPing e'FPecPs oP Phe Perrific Pire were learned early Phe nexP day when our Proops aPPaclced behind anoPher heavy prepa- raPion, broke Phe enemy resisPance and made a Phree-mile advance Phrough a Phoroughly baPPered secPor. The division had reassembled near Le Trehou, BriPPany, on Sep- Pember 22, and Pive days laPer was on a long march across France, wiPh overnighP sPops aP Rennes, CharPres and Suippes, inPo Bel- gium and down inPo Luxembourg where posiPions were occupied near Eppeldorf. Up Porward, Phe inPanPry was again in Phe line, holding a broad PronP along Phe Our and Sauer Rivers. Across Phe river was a new sighP: Germany! AlPhough ammuniPion conPinued Po be supplied only in drib- IePs, Phe baPPalion Pired iPs IimiPed amounPs wiPh Pelling accuracy unPil hurry-up orders on November I9 broughP in anoPher uniP Po Palme over, whereupon Phe 56Ph enPered inPo iPs mosP biPPer days oP Phe war, Phe HurPgen ForesP, in Germany. The HurPgen ForesP was wePg iP was muddy: iP was cold: iP was miserable. On November 30 HurPgen Pell, and when one baPPalion of Phe I3Ph RegimenP wenP on Po Kleinhau, Phe 56Ph gave direcP supporP Po PhaP aPPaclK. While Phe in'FanPry spenP Prom December 2 Po 22 cleaning ouP sProng poinPs wesP of Phe Roer River, Phe baPPalion lrepP busy wiPh numerous Pires, and was placed in direcP supporP of Phe Second Ranger BaPPalion on December 7-8 in an aPPaclc Po capPure Hill 400, souPheasP oP BergsPein. In posiPion near Birgel, Phe 56Ph waiPed wiPh everyone else Por Phe waPers of Phe Roer River Po subside-waiPed and planned Por Phe massive iump-oPP which came Phe morning oP February 23. BuP an imporPanP evenP already had Palren place on Phe aPPerhoon oP February I6 when BaPPery C, which had Pired Phe PirsP round in France, boosPed ouP Phe IO0.000Ph round, Phe PargeP being an observaPion posP. On Phe I4Ph oP March, Phe baPPalion moved inPo posiPion in DuisdorP, again assuming direcP supporP oP Phe I2IsP which had Palten over a holding posiPion on Phe Rhine. Few missions were Pired as Phe ammuniPion alloPmenP was low. Six days laPer, Phe movemenP orders came again, Phis Pime Po Palre posiPions norPh oP Cologne, sPaying Phere unPil relieved on March 29. Ahead lay Phe crossing of Phe Rhine. On March 30, Phe baPPalion displaced iusP souPh of Bonn and crossed Phe Rhine on Phe General Hodges Bridge, going inPo Germany proper where Phe Remagen bridgehead had been sPead- ily expanding Por a Ii+PIe more Phan Phree weeks. The FirsP and NinPh Armies had iusP made conPacP aP Pader- born, sealing oPP Phe indusPriaIly rich Ruhr, and Phe EighPh Divi- sion immediaPely became Phe spearheading Porce Prom Phe souPh Po reduce and spliP Phe "poclceP." The I2IsP conPinued iPs rapid advance, Phrough NePphen inPo Musen, LiPPlePield, iMiPPel Neger, Iehne, Spielwiggeg oPP one map onPo anoPher, one reconnaissance scarcely would be compIePed bePore Phe inPanPry's advance required anoPher. Oberbrugge, Possel, and Phe I3Ph wenP Phrough Phe I2IsP, puPPing Phe 56Ph in general supporP iusP Pwo days before conPacP was made wiPh Phe NinPh Army Proops, spliPPing Phe Ruhr poclreP in Pwo. On Phe morning oP April I7, all organized resisPance in Phe Ruhr poclreP ceased. From PhaP Pime unPil Phe 26Ph oP April, Phe baPPalion was on mili- Pary governmenP duPy iusP ouPside oP Mulheim, across Phe Rhine Prom Cologne. WiPh Phe EighPh Division aPPached Po Phe XVIII Airborne Corps, Phe baPPalion moved norPh on April 27 Po a bivouac in Wriedel, near Uelzen, awaiPing plans Por Phe aPPaclc across Phe Elbe wiPh Phe BriPish Second Army. On Phe 3OPh, new posiPions were occupied near Bleclcede, where Phe bridgehead had been esPablished, and Phe I2IsP ln'fanPry wenP across Po expand Phe bridgehead laPe PhaP nighP. RighP be- hind Phem wenP Phe 56Ph, and Phe baPPeries were in posiPion Po supporP Phe aPPaclc which jumped oPP early on Phe morning of May I. The complePe collapse oP Phe Germans in Phe norPh was evidenP even before Phe big surrender oP May 3, and V-E Day, coming on May 8 while Phe baPPalion was engrossed in handling displaced persons and liberaPed prisoners of war and guarding ins+aIIa+ions, came as an anPi-climax. BuP iP was Phe real climax, a happy day Por Phe Pired men who had shoP Pheir way Prom Phe shores of Normandy righP inPo Phe middle of Germany. Training had paid oPP. As high poinP men began Po leave Phe baPPalion while s+iII in Europe, Phe 56Ph began Po lose more Pamiliar Paces. Key men disappeared Po resume civilian iobs. The baPPalion boarded Phe Navy PransporP, "General Squier," aP Le Havre on Phe nighP oP June 29, sailed Phe nexP morning, and piclced up Phe shores oP Virginia Phe evening oP July 8, aPPer an unevenPPul Prip. PERSONNEL AND -,of COMPANY B -,gf COMPANY P -,gf MEDICAL COMPANY if COMPANY A COMPANY B -,af COMPANY C COMPANY C if COMPANY H PBATTERY B BATTERY A COMPANY B COMPANY H CTIVI Y 13th Infantry 13th Infantry 13th Infantry 28th Infantry 23th Infantry 28th Infantry 28th Infantry 23th Infantry 28th Field Artlllery Battalion 56th Field Artlllery Battalion 61st Infantry 61st Infantry -f MUBTAB COMPANY 61st Infantry Units Brfginning rlll'3llllIl In JAN.-MAY 19 3 1. QW' fig 3552? ma ,f ffi aifffw ,L Si? iss Qi W w2W i'l 1 H 3 x SS W Trainees receive rheir firsf rifle insiruciion on fhe PRI CCDMPANY I3TH INFANTRY Smoke can be used as a signal marker or fo obscure moveme1n+ Company B forma'rion Some classes are held in fhe greaf ou+doors -V ' W Q: , gf wg WJ am 92? ws 555355, g g54rtg1KP,,,.y,,gip.2bm4riWww'PWYP awww w!"vu'l's.2"'Ewxf smsmw' BAR sigh+ing prac CCMPANY F I3TH INFANTRY Lngh+ machine gun range TransH'ion range-barricade 'Fire D. 3 F :5.'fIE:v: . 2 Q ' Q , ...., '::a5:g::.. , , ,t 'mask Xlmfzrqg L , W- A 5552 fimzqxsh ,Aww w I ,mwgn ML M g k ,,v,fqa,WE,., ?9?:Q,.,.Am f 1 fx M , :saab - WMIWKQ A4531 .V 1M,,,,n,.D. wma 'iiiialg fix ??'Z""",f9Yig5 Tin, I Tw, , ' miami 'fgif' ' an zfkffgigfgfifg, Q M wg auf! f f .qigggx V ig:-.:. J553' 2 . SSXQL.. ' -22122 51535 w Q x f :swf 'iifriif ml X Zzsfwtiig WMM, A Q1 SQ! ' M if 1 Qfim. -.gxgfwwwk si, QT, fli4!L4fwfaZN 51 1 Www ffwMEegg.,u,m ' wax?-?2iwL, - , gf:'?T?5i:fggw?h?mWM X 4.,,MBvSZ'?'5??E2gg535g5HKx ----- M M law fig: M n nw 15 Company forma+ion Righfz Checking range scores Crouch posifion-PRI MEDICAL CGMPANY l3TH INFANTRY 1 Z 1 3 I E E if 1 S 5 E , .ve ff- M W www - Mzqmmwwmmwunmmw .f,.v.,,,wNX M ,M-ww ,fwww ' 2 3 2 ! 3 s E E E 5 L 5 E wwmw-www--WM m::fv-W. -.-- , ' , M A Aww.-ffmwva, smmgfmzsww mw vmmwm14siazmmvsai,1.sfai: ,.p,,uf"'06'fWm:2Js1z.w-"f:q2:W2: f,MEJLfW:,2.,x:es1HfVMM Learning +o use Hue M-I on +he PRI circle CCDMPANY 28TH INFANTRY Trainees spend a loi' of Hme on +he PRI Above and below: Training on ihe lighi' machine gun ...wg-l"" S Z z 3 ! i E E E mama, fw wmvMm,v-Wm wmnzw Q -124 W ': mai i le 2 S i 2 3 s E 3 2 5 3 Q 1 Q 3 - -- ---- N MM ymy.W N G fwufqmwggw nf WMWMMMMW.-. -.w fm-w N.. 1 .W-wmwwwf WMM MW, Q 4 mmm M MA ,WW M N- Learfning abou1'+he 75 mm recoilless rifle Field sani+a+ion lec+ure I S I n S Q E -3 W4 AN? 'WE , wg, f wk , Vs .:.,. ,. 155: ,gig . ,M XV: -Giza' if 1 V- uszw .W .Ri , , ' Q ,. ,if , if X gg- M. SK 1 Q wwf N ' 'W i',"II!:I:-I:Z.',f - . ,-EI 3 " f if gf 25 M ,Q 5.55 I 'f-+V ' M-I ins'rruc+ion on 'rhe PRI COMPANY 28TH INFANTRY Sigh+ing siicks are used 'ro 'reach fhe correcf sighi picfure xlfimn wkviivi' 3' :,..:3,gi --'V W' Wm .. fm mi .iffy ' '-:' ,V Ya, Q 235 .WW iv an - Q-z':f-: .I 2, "" Q , . FW I :,.,: 1 513: , 34 J -' -- .....,. g Jr: - - :,:.-fm, .. 5 Ei 51 W? .fm SM ,ysmw -.-F .....-.., V . .,,.,....,.,,' .-,-. . if - - ..g .Z .:., 2 ii ,, i , ,, ':': Ki I f' 32 ., g if f 1 , 1 :W 1 - :-V N .,.,.,. x P ..:., Ezi 1-7:-2 ,:,'q:,:,:.. 15:-,545 5.4 ,..:,:z,:g.'v N 2, ,gi ,,A,:,, A..L,..,.,,. ,: .: K ,.,., , ,, .,.,,, 9'4- : f- 5 4-Qi' .gfihf . gyfgwfxii,Sv5jiyPSu,.2gJF':' ' -A 'ii FQQ'-fzgpj A ,W.rfpwV,.,v..m A wx WQM' , My ww Q4- ' HH, "JSF 1 , W ' ' ' UZ M if fm,Q: . 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AKQEKSQBSSWVWFW' wr ww 'bw' ,1M,w VNWV www M i 'Tv11M?E , 1 1 V M P15343 ,M ,Wm 'Ma Cleaning gas masks aHer fear gas drill T T E R Y 56TH FIELD ARTILLERY Ba'Hery A lislens 'l'o a lecfure on 'Ihe ar+ of camouflage . M ' T """ ' "F3F'm""' ,ha 5lfa , -YmMW9'Sm,.,,. ,,.. mg- Physical Training-"All righ'I', le+'s see 'rhose muscles grow! On fhe heavy machine gun firing line as ? 5 x 2 I x S E E 3 2 3 5? 52 SE Ni ggi we r , 1 z 1 3.1 f ET 3 vw uv EE V3 COMPANY 6IST IN FANTRY ng BAR g Sp cl cle+ I Heavy machine gun aciivify Loading machine gun link beHs """""?W2'C.',iE Jfsff 11" wif A ,QNWNM we Aw PRI-praciice 'Fire 'From ihe sfanding posH'ion COMPANY , c 3 Sferilizing mess kiis affer chow N :lu QW 1 , am, M Prone posifion-PRI Checking Field pack Prone posi+ion-PRI llll, ' -. 3 Q 4 k E 1 2 e E E 2 5 K. i 2 5 E 5 S 5 2 5 1 2 E ffWmwwxf1M ewmWW"'qQ51w1w wwf- . 1 W , . . 1 7 W . A , rhfim-M-'Zu X ,w,KN: 'I-x ,vf x A' x7-- V M. Vim f'!'9f',"'L"""Y W. mm ., K K M1w:,f::' g ,QW ' m.44,M-Afa?1'2'5"fHf'1 . E ,x ,, A f..q.,Q,..g,,vM N., WX . x mfma,,aN,W: .www M ww M-' 1 , f fb A wmvm. 'N as J MCDRTAR CCDMPANY - - :aiu wg: pr , mfzastaams-aw 6-Y ea: ww Q in ? SY 5 , 7"""5'W1 399 1 N fl-li' M- iff mWWVWWW WWf Back row, Ieff +o righf: 2nd L+. C. Gaul+, Is? L+. C. L. Beachan, 2nd L+. L. Hubber+, 2ncI Lf. R. Grexwiii' Fron+ row: M!Sg+. J. M. Gafch, Sg+. A. Maurice, Sfc. C. A. Tafe. 13TH INFANTHY l3TH INFANTRY gi .k.k wr, 1 W I ' wif zz .,..: .I Kl A I I I 1 A I " -f , .,..,..,,... Q " -,-. ..:. -' ' gffi it "': -:Ej::1- N 1, - ::-.- 1 ,. i m .,, gl .T ' 2., QA-- A . I I li .I - + ldd . . r a . . I, .T F L. .:. , . .: , .. A . ieaid f- fi I , B. iQfffffEQ5EE'Sf"' i i, 5Ei'f1gQj,.:..,.Fg "1 +1 'V .'.. ffif 'ZETQ :,', A 1 .'-' -251.22 V T' A ' ' "" , V '5":5I,'3g.f ,.,. Q .F .lla L. L QEETQQEI . l I ' 'BA A ' ':-- A f ,, 'Elf ,gi ' , 1' A ' 55 . . - fifiwiii W . ,A,. J-W . uf S fx. we an M ll lrl M i I E r I, ,... ,. ,f jf v v .,.2 1'fV , :'A ' l , I L ,. ...I-.: - - ' I M it E. W1 Y ' ., . .,,-z . .4 if - .., . , 2,5 ,gf 'I' W f G ' ,V .,., QIAZ :gi I:l'.. -.'-. . ' ve 4 A FIRST ROW: Trainees ADAMSON, Leroy ALBRITTON, Sylvesler ALSUP, John D. ANNAS, Dulin L. AUSTIN, Harry E. BAILEY, Donald C. BARNHAM, Charles E. SECOND ROW: BARTON, Douglas B. BEAVER, Jerry M. BENNETT, Andrew M. BENNETT, James A. BERRY, Ralph E. BIVINGS, Gene BLACK, Richmond THIRD ROW: BLOUNT, Roberl O. BOLICK, James N. BOOTH, Waller I. BOYKIN, Gordon BRADY, Malcolm M. BREWER, John M. BREWSTER, Billy L. FOU RTH ROW: BRITT, Howard D. BROWNE, William, Jr. BURNEY, David H. BUTLER, John A. CAMPBELL, Charles R. CAMPBELL, Charles W CAPPS, Harold G. FIFTH ROW: CARRINGER, John H. CARTER, David Lee CLARK, Donald W. CLARK, Kennelh J. CORBITT, Ralph L. CRANE, Franklin E. CROCKETT, Jacob sixri-I ROW: caowe, Dwighl L. CROWE, Kynne F. D'AUGUSTA, Peler DAVENPORT, Richard A DAVIS, Silas J. DEAL, James C. :fill EIIIVIPI-TNY B I3TH INFANTRY FIRST ROW: DEAL, Olis D. DeHART, Glenn DEITZ, Allen H. DENNEY, Jack E. DILDAY, Gilberl E. DYER, Joseph EPPS, Ralph A. SECOND ROW: FACH KO, Charles F. FELKER, Harry J. FELTS, Mack H. FIJALKOWSI, Leon FINGERS, Henry L. FOSTER, James D, FOTTRELL, Donald A. THIRD ROW: FOWLER, Harvey B. FREEMAN, Lloyd M, FULLER, Perry GANN, William C. GARRETT, Billy A. GLOVER, Harvesfer GOODBEE, Marion FOU RTH ROW: GREEN, Charles GREENWALDT, Calvin GRIFFIN, Calvin E. GUTHRIE, George J. HAMLETT, Byron D. HART, Dan HATFIELD, James FIFTH ROW: HERRING, Julius G. HILL, Jim HILL, Richard A. HILTON, Jack H, HINSON, James W. HIX, Billy C. HOLT, James E. SIXTH ROW: HOLT, John R. HOOVER, Marcus HORNE, Samuel B, HORNER, Guy D. HOUSTON, James A. HUDSON, Murray G. HUMPHREY, James H. SEVENTH ROW: HYATT, Frank A. INGOLD, William A. INGRAM, Robert E. JOHNSON, Paige R. JONES, Sanford, Jr. KENNEDY, Herman E. KENT, Frederick J. EIGHTH ROW: KENT, Harold L. LAWSON, Herlay L. LEDFORD, William B. LEEBERT, Freo LINZMAYER, Jacob LITHGO, Samuel J. LOCKHART, Dennis R. NINTH ROW: LOFTIN, Henry E. MCBRIDE, James O. MILLER, Ralph L. R. MOONEYHAN, Bondy H., Jr. MORICLE, William D. Q fa, .....' A-1: ,.,..,.. , , ,,. I eg ,,, rj! ,. LIN fi, s .P f I .,,.3 ' NH ,. 'Z I .,. ' T "' .. " Q. EZ :-'-... . " 3. . 5.., V -:- . 1 ... . , I A, 9 ,Q .,,, ., 1 l 1 gig, A rf I j Mini? Q45 S3 ' W. 62. A 4 35? H .Ss I.. 'Msgs 2 .,,,, , ,. . . H : . li, I :li I 4. 4 i 4 M hi il . . .Z ., ' I 5? i l .,.- f ' A -':' -,,- ,.: M , , I , .A :ir S. : " , ' .., '--- :w r X' 2 ,,, t 'Qi 4? was 13, ,gil iqi . are M I I l l'-il ,Q Q ' . V " QQ iv, 2' "es: ,,,, ,,,, , , ,,,,, .. f- b, .. V , ,,, is I iliiil I 11' " gr , ,.,. . . .,,,1 3, , Tx 4 L : .-:-- I-E i :, .iff , 'fu' 142' N' M.. if . . l I ,WTA :ri-: ,.v 35 T E. ug I, V1 :if ,,.,. Qf-5 'E "' SW . . -. 11- 5 'D' ew T ll if I ..,,. E Q "-- S' .., ,L I I .. I - Z ---' -..,'.. -, biv - - L - :'- 5 .2""i:?:' 556 1- - - na, gg, 3 up Z ""' T in .22 . -f "' A ,1, if ,1.' 1 .-1,1 lfv .. QA ':., . 'A-,, . s A":f': s A six 3 ,ij 5 lg ai ,. .itz I , MW. A.A,. I I ii 2 gifs I sg Q X 1 H 3' ,I I 'Z GWR I 4 us... Q .1 M 1 22' 9 is wr.. as W . -1, 3 '55 -.fy . f N A,,A,:1,,,A , AZZA T ,,,,, ,y , , gf ...,., 2. . Ai ij' ,,.Ah K yi I ibl ZE' SSSS ZEI Ea '-: . . ' - i fr. ,K y -'-if i. .4-4 ,, 4 ,, .iw ., , S, W , I I u f I: 'iiil 1 II 'I'If:'. II . , .Q .,-. :E i i .. In k .g ,. I EIIMPANY B l3TH INFANTRY FIRST ROW: MORRIS, Bobby B. NEWTON, Norman T. PATRICK, Calvin I. PEARCE, James L. PERKINS, Joseph P. POPE, Wilber L. PORTERFIELD, Neal J. SECOND ROW: POTTER, Leonard R. PRATT, William H. PRICE, Frank PROCTOR, James S. RAIMES, J. D. RANSDELL, William G., Jr RAYNOR, Daniel S. THIRD ROW: REDING, Thomas T. REED, Delberl L. RIGGS, Claude, Jr, ROMAELLO, Delio ROGERS, James L. ROOK, Edward P. ROSE, Floyd M. FOURTH ROW: ROSS, James H. ROSTAN, Paul SETSER, Frank D. SHARPE, Donald R. SHIPMAN, James H. SI-IUPING, Charles L. SMILEY, C. E. FIFTH ROW: SMITH, Elwood B. SMITH, Gaiiher H. SMITH, John Y. SMITH, Richard T. SNEED, Donald H. STEWART, William S. STRIBLING, Donald T. SIXTH ROW: STRICKLAND, Willard E STUBBS, Allen R. SWINDELL, Billy C. TALBOTT, Franklin F. TAYLOR, Houslon E. TONEY, Willie D. TURNER, Alfred SEVENTH ROW: TURNER, George T. TURNER, Lewis C. WAGNER, David M. WARD, David M., Jr. WARD, Ralph C. WARD, William F. WARREN, Samuel L. EIGHTH ROW: WATERFIELD, Kennelh A WETHERlNGTON,Auqus1us M WHITFIELD, Lawrence WILKES, Charles L. WILLIAMS, Clarence C WILLIAMS, David J. WILLIAMS, Rufus B. NINTH ROW: WILLIS, Thomas M. WILLIS-, William H. WOLF, Russell M. YATES, Willie D. ZOFNAS, Ira R. I3TH INFANTRY Back row, lefl' lo rigl1l:Sgl. IXC H. W. Way, Mfsgl. H. G. Tindal, 2nd Ll. G. R. Chavis, Cpl. E. C. Durlt l -l- Ll P E Gervais 2nd Ll. L. E. Hall, MfSg'l'. E. H. Dixon. Fronl row: Plc. J. B. Jaclcson, Pvl. B. K. Wriglil, Cpl. C. L Colley Sql IXC L J Naplerocz, Pfc. R. L. Taylor, Cpl. C. L. Burrows, Cpl. J. M. Moye, Pvl. J. D. Hosly, Sgl. lfC A L Bond FIRST ROW: Trainees AGERTON David F. ARMSTRONG Osbie L. BARBER, Leroy BARFIELD, Charlie M. BARROW, George L., Jr. BEERY, Kennelli W. .5 E51 I r sill' ,M BARRENTINE, Wendell D. i ri SECOND ROW: BENTON, Charles W. BINGHAM, Jimmie A. BLAKEY, William B. BOWEN, Thomas J. BROOKS, James R. BROWN, Hamplon E. BROWNING, Billy E. THIRD ROW: BRUlv1LEY,Ricnard R. BULLARD, James D. BURSTEIN, Irwin CARSON, Searle H., Jr. CASSITY, Huey CHEESEMAN, Leo V. COAKLEY, Lawrence C. 439532 f -. :.. A ' -22 II. f :'..g.jE.'Y-51-:'.' '55 -155 2:45.-:gf 2-E Ns- Q5 5, it Yr 1, . .,.. v. .hy lf-. fe? ev . ,,,,, A ,., ,.... x ..,, MV? I gr? - -:.-: W 'ffl' . E.,, .-,:- ilizi 5 :'.- P ' I I Il lll' I I i:"Z ,.', A . X'-:' 'E 'Q r -". : 2 ,HQZ I: I. I 5, .... " VQIIV in '---- I --:- V"., I A .-:: .sf . : - -'1 " l .. W . 1, if? .V . ,.., 1 J fi 1.125 . ' 3535 ww. I . L y Q: , 'ik ,f ,, an ., .:' 2 9 . W iw . '-e: 1- 2f f? .I .1 ,,-,v': s .. 'mt 1 . , , ,,LE , Y I MW' Q 1: . 'J ii .ff 4- ziz ,, .. A - 5, .. . ., -Y . . ,,,. W fl ' ',,.-,---' T2 H uqlu J '.'- It I 5' .-.-., . V A-... V :I , xi, .,':. V 3 ,P al ,, if vA-. -1 T 1 -Q . J A 1 ..,.' ' nga, V Q- .. .gg-I ,:, ,Q -Q A,-.- 1-' ::,i,,, . . ay - I IIUMPIINY P I3TH INFANTRY FIRST ROW: COOPER, Clement T. COOPER, James F. COSTA, George H. CREAMER, W. H. CURE IS, George L., Jr. CURRY, Billy J., Jr. CUZZORT, John D. SECOND ROW: DANIELS, James W., J' DANIELS, John C. DAVIS, Theodore J. DEATON, James C. DENNIS, David F. D LLARD, William E. DIXON, James H. THIRD ROW: EDEN, Fredie B. EDNEY, Travis W. ELLIS, Clyde J. ELROD, Robert E. EXSON, Edward R. FAISON, Parker R. FERGUSON, Eric FOU RTH ROW: FERGUSON, Thomas J. FLETCHER, Bill L. FOSTER, David L., Jr. FOSTER, George L, FROMBGEN, Michael FULBRIGHT, Bobby G. FULFORD, Rheuscel D, FIFTH ROW: GEDDIE, Robert S. GILLIS, Kenneth D. GOODE, James R. GREEN, Frederick K. GROCE, Carl R. GUTHRIE, George J. GUTTERY, Quinton L. SIXTH ROW: HACKNEY, Joe W. HAMILTON, Edward M. HANKERSON, Frank, Jr. HARPER, Joseph W., III HARTLEY, Sylvester HAY, James A. HAYMON, Bobby J. SEVENTH ROW: HELTON, John H. HENDERSON, Howard C HICKS, Stewart D. HOLLAND, Wilton C. HOLLEY, Archie L. HUDSON, James E. HUNTER, Troy'I. EIGHTH ROW: JACKSON, James S. JACKSON, LeRoy JACOBS, John W,, Jr. JACOBS, Robert E. JEFFERSON, Thomas JOHNSON, Arthur L. JOHNSON, Rembert H. NINTH ROW: JONES, Charles T. JONES, Wallace B. KELLY, Charles H. KEMP, Jack KENT, Frederick J. KING, James M. KRANTZ, Kenneth C, IIUMPAITIY P mi-I INFANTRY FIRST ROW: LEHMAN, Harold H. LEWING, Dan LOVE, James M., Jr. LUIGE, Daniel L. MALONE, James E. MANN, William M. MARI'lN,Jimmy A. SECOND ROW: MCGILL, Bobby L. MCGOWAN, Fred H. MCLENAN, Charles E. MITCHELL, Clarence MOORE, Billy E. MORRIS, Charles B. MOSLEY, Clifford B. THIRD ROW: MROCZKOWSKI, James ODOM, R. C. OGLETREE, Joe W. OVERMAN, Roger W. OXER, Roberl B. PARIS, James E, PARRISH, Thorbus L. FOURTH ROW: PECK, James F. PENNING-TON, Wilberl S. PETTY, Glen W, POLK, William C, PULLEN, Thomas R. RAINES, Frank W. RAULERSON, Lovelle f. FIFTH ROW: RAY, Willie O. RICHARDSON, Carllon R ROOLE, William H., Jr. ROSE, Fonza L. RUDlSlLL,Edr1ar N. SALIS, Erwin C. SCOTI, Edward R. SIXTH ROW: SEAY, Charles N. SETTLE, Claude L. SHANKS, Rufus, Jr. SIMPSON, John, Jr. SMITH, Blaine H. SMITH, James E. SMITH, Roberf Y. SEVENTH ROW: STEPHENS, Joe B., Jr. STEPHENS, Marvin R. TANGUARY, Jim M. TAYLOR, Bernard L. TAYLOR, James P. TEAGUE, Edward S. THOMAS, Billy D. EIGHTH ROW: THOMPSON, George B. THOMPSON, John E., Jr. THORNTON, William S. VARDELL, Larry G. WALKER, William, Jr. WATERS, Paul WHEELER, Rufus M., Jr. NINTH ROW: WILLIAMS, Frank WILLIAMS, Irvin R., Jr. WILPON, Eugene L. WILSON, Arlhur, Jr. WILSON, Merlin WINTHERS, William H. WRIGHT, Melvin N. ag 5 , . ... ,.,. .4 .. -' 'r "Y.Z'Z. ,E . . ,Q 3, 'Q , ,. I -- . Eff I .,,, , , ai' I :Y 4 ., . Y M? i f ,HV .,,. . 3' si r I . F A .. . . .. , ,, , w' 'iff ,.. . ,,, YW I 'A II' I li . ,.., I I ' . , .,.. I R I ETTTIIT TTT 'ii' I.'."' I , I' . W -',. .,:':f ,, III' f L ."' IIIII.. .iizi -'-, 1' I : ,1 hh I , . I 1-, 5 ,,..., ,,,. I in , ,..., if. , ,V ez: E , ,' V 1 B. Q ' I ' ,... .zz I I:'1. ' I ,, ls 'Q r Reading from Ieff +o righl, fronl' row: Pv'I. Clem, Pvl. Blair, Pv+. Ballenfine, PFC Holmes, Pvl. Hand, Cpl. Richardson. Back row: SFC Calfon, Isl L+. Madden, 2nd Lf. Prongay, Cpl. Lewis, Sgt Woody. EDIII i :IFA 3' - F 3 IIIJ I-IN 13 --l. Exp -',. , .... 1,25 . , 5, . EV , 8,4 i . 2 'Ii " ':"f . A 1 " 1-if 1 'iii ,-:'i ' 9' ,..-2 A 1 FIRST ROW: ABERCROMBIE, Cha ADAMS, Billy A. ALTMAN, Hugh ANGUS, Masfers, Jr. rles E ANTHONY, James A. ASHLEY, Joe A, BAILEY, David E. SECOND ROW: Privafes HUBBARD, Aron W. LITTLE, Eugene MENG, Philip E. PACE, Fred O. SPEARING, John N., Jr. IVIEIIIIIAI. EIIMPI7-INY I3TH INFANTRY FIRST ROW: BAKER, Billy C. BAKER, Paul D. BARNETT, Carl BAUGH, Arlhur N. BEAMER, Paul J. BEASLEY, Donald R. BECKOM, John H. SECOND ROW: BOATWRIGHT, William BRANAN, Harold R. BRIDGES, James BRIDGES, Jimmy L. BRIDGES, Teddy B. BRIGHT, Frank K. BROWN, Herberl C. THIRD ROW: BROWN, Raymond W. BUCKNER, Johnnie BULLINS, Pele C., Jr. BYERS, Samuel, Jr. CABE, Ray B. CABRERA, Maximiliano CAIRNES, Clyde FOU RTH ROW: CAIRNES, Roberl S. CARSON, Searle H. CARTER, William H. CHAPMAN, William R. CONNOR, Keith W. COON, Frank R. COOPER, George N. FIFTH ROW: CORRELL, Kennelh COTTRELL, Jerry L., Jr. COWAN, Alberl' R. COWPER, Calvin S. CRAWFORD, James W. CROSBY, Philip E. CROSS, Benny C. SIXTH ROW: CRUES, Roberl CULBERSON, Aubrey J. DANIELS, Lowell T. DANIEL, Roberl DAVIS, Joe P. DAVIS, Kennelh W. DAVIS, Olha D. SEVENTH ROW: De CARLO, Johnny DICKEY, Wilford T. DIXON, Emmefl L. DOLON, Roberl L. DONALD, John T. DUNKIN, Henry, Jr. EDMONSON, Melvin EIGHTH ROW: EDWARDS, Bobbie ELLISON, Ira H. EVERS, James W. FANCH ER, Oliver W. FARLEY, Olan FARNSWORTH, William FARRIS, James G. NINTH ROW: FENDER, Ray FINLEY, Murial FISHER, Billy lvl. FLOYD, Haroland D. FOX, Bobby E. GARRETT, Charles K, N. R. H. J, . , r ..,... -,,A. ,. , 4 . 595 -:2 S jlqizn i1-':-l ..... 4 V --,,- .j ig W xy ' '.:-r :-' 3 ....,. 3 .,,, ,,., , .. kv gl X I E "2 li ' L , ., ii. '.', 1 I -1.. -'QQ' -:-r . .. '.-,.- 9 Z , , "'2 f ,,,, I ,, ,,,,, ,,,. ,,, , . sf M fe- ' Af ' '-1.552.151 2? 35 ':-.: Q 1 if . I g 1 ...m ,il I I ssK ssl r y ,fi ng M 4 ' - I,"-2 :75 -ir' 1.25. 55 '5 i i ,, ' I ,.g:' ,,, . ..,.. ,T W A 1 'Sf' 1 D .,, . ' , ,,, , , ,,, ,,, '1 if ..,.. .i . .- -.. :-.:E .a:PIE:' 'W 3,3 li ' Qs ,, . -ir . 51' f .M W W , .,.. ..,.,, . , 1-V .. . gy ,, . far? ig. i ,.,. .,... ,. '12 ,, Eflilf- J 'fii z i 3 , .. ' in . , .... " --'.' 2222- ,.'-1 1 :-i: 5 :I W ' A -Y "-2: ...--. . :-. fr" -. 4 . - - si- I fi ""' '-" ' n I 'i'f5: i?i.f, ,. f I i A 5 :I 1 1: ,Q ..-' . 1g,sF'V ' -.'-- ll . A ':"' is I f , . I ,NJA Inzn Q gmwgf Sf 5, lf i p 5 5 H, ,. , Q 4 ..- - '--1... .,., . l ., -I V 5 r w-'5,.g,: ..,. - A xxriwml' H g M. ...N I . L1 1 7' .. ,.,. . .LE , l f 'A-W L +-- -----.7 1,55 :.,.: -gzfrz-L: ,, l M l , ,5 , , S. . . . ... lyll a n i ry . iwr , I . . Mme I., r Sa 'N iffifliz. T1 .fi A,.. 'M Y' R+ igl I f .. W f t. . . 4 ,. ,5.g -L -. if . ..g- Q "1 I L. - . -. UQQ I 2 44 Zz asf' ' . I .,. mg 'SS Tx? f F Fw-R 1 S . I li I Q ...X E if . R. . RR , ' .:,, .ff ar... 6 i f-1 'L S s: 2 6 V k ,, 71. I , I . MEDICAL BUMP!-KNY I3TH INFANTRY FIRST ROW: GAYNOR, William G. GIBBS, Gordie L. GIDDENS, Able G. GLlSSON, Billy W. GOODNIGHT, Dwiqhl F. GOODWIN, William D. GORDON, Charles F. SECOND ROW: GREENE, James B. GUINN, John D. GUSTNEY, Bernie HALEY, Daniel E. HALL, Willard R. HARDAMAN, Harold R. HARPER, Ervin THIRD ROW: HARPER, James R, HARRELL, Adolph M. HAWKINS, Raymond L. HAYES, Waller F. HAYGOOD, Ervin E. HEATON, Earl HOLMES, Alfheslan R, FOU RTH ROW: HOME, Jimmy C. HORNE, Joe W. HUCKABY, Roberl HUFFMAN, Lee R, HUNTER, Troy HYATT, Leo IRWIN, Jessie S. FIFTH ROW: JENKlNS, William S. JOHNSON, Waller, Jr. JOHNSON, Franklin, Jr. JOHNSTON, Roy T. JONES, Roberl E. JONES, Tillmon E. KILGORE, Millard SIXTH ROW: KOLM ETZ, Harvey W. LAWRENCE, Easlerling A LAYTON, Arlhur J. LlNDSEY, Bobby T. LOGAN, Jerry C. MCCALLUM, David L. MCCRAN EY, Jaffa W. SEVENTH ROW: MCCRARY, Roberl B, MCDONALD, John R. McDOWELL, John A. MCMAHAN, Ralph O, MERCER, Donald E. METCALF, James A. MOBLEY, Dozier M,, Jr. EIGHTH ROW: MOORE, Ralph L. MOORE, Mack E. MORRISON, Archie A. NEAL, John Is. NICHOLS, Benlamin F. NICHOLS, Donald O. PATRIDGE, Hoyf E. NINTH ROW: PATTON, Noble PATTON, William L., Jr. PAULK, Gary PELT, Emmilf C. PEPPERS, Roy L. PERRY, Ollie L, MEIJIIIAL IIIJMPANY I3TH INFANTRY FIRST ROW: PETTUS, James P. PLOMMER, R.A. POLLARD, Angelo, Jr, POPE, Otto POPE, William A. PRINCE, James C. PUCKETT, Cecil W. SECOND ROW: PUGH, William E. PYLE, George D., Jr. OUANTZ, Norman R. RAY, Doyle E. REYNOLDS, Carl L. RHODES, John A. ROBINSON, Johnnie F. THIRD ROW: ROSS, Marvin E. ROUNTREE, James C. ROWE, James E. RUSMISELL, Charles V. SAYERS, James E., Jr. SCHOPPE, George E. SELPH, Cleveland R. FOU RTH ROW: SHEPPARD, Leo J. SISCO, Monroe SKINNER, Julius E. SMITH, Frank C. SMITH, Malcolm H. SMITH, David K. SMITH, James C. FIFTH ROW: SMITH, Lerinzo L. SMlI'H,W1Ilie D. SIAFFORD, Cecil R. STANBERRY, Frederick D. STEVENS, James J. STRAUGHN, Richard B. STRITT, Jack D. SIXTH ROW: SUMMERS, Edward E. TATUM, Boyce H. TAYLOR, Alco THOMAS, James D. THOMPSON, James TOLBERT, Fred O. TON EY, Charles A. SEVENTH ROW: TRIPLETT, Lee D. TURNAGE, Waller R. TURNER, Clyde M. TURNER, Charlie W. WALKER, Sidney H. WANAMAKER, Clarence WATTS, Billy R. EIGHTH ROW: WEASE, Thomas W. WEST, Thomas O. WHITESELL, Ray A. WILLIAMS, Donald E. WILLIAMS, Edwin WILLIAMS, William R. WILSON, Samuel B. NINTH ROW: WINDERWEEDLE, Raymond WYLIE, Sleohen W. YANDLE, Bobby G. YOUNG, Faron YOUNGER, Charles J. ZERNER, Sluarf E. -- -....,' Q, :gg ' I 1 .. .... V in h J A It my - - rr , '- ff ,.,.. X ,ff . .,.- l. . .sq Y is- .- i f rrrr I Q Q ea' A Q 2-'fi T9 3 is i . 'Tsar'- qv 4 Q -Q .f ' Q :.--- " Q' I I im' T S 'QE 'PQ f? . Z A E I. I If' r' ni' gi., ,. Wi 535' i AST 1:5 . . if I 'T' '55 1- .QL 1 4 'fa 2 , W! . . 421- . sy 5 r Y 5. . . . .4 mpg A . 12 im T i y - g ,Ni . t 2 sim it is F? -as ,. - sw, is Q 'W 'I' i fs .g. ,I L S xg . J' :ze 1.,.,,.A, ,.:,: .i .,., aer. g. Ice, :qA-' 5 J:-'r . S , X it --., m y F :VA - Q ,, E" . ,. .. In . A,., ,, A J l. :V :v-:..,:' :lv .,::::Zv' 3-ig '.,,, In , ,:," 5 M .AQ-A'1f,,2 "':' ' X 'KN :.g .2 Wg' ,. Reading from lefl lo righl, standing: Sgl. Zlrhlis, SFC Penlon, SFC Kersh, Isl' L+. Daniel, 2nd Ll. Brown, SFC C 1' S 'r M? l'1 II Pvl. TVTCWLIOTTSF. Kneeling, Pvl. Bowman, Pvl. McClure, Sgf. Vander-Molen, Pvl. Benson, Pvl. Swindle, Pvf. Davenport 28TH INFANTRY '-2.1 ,ijiljfzi-'zz 'J 'AA1. Fi A-,', 1. -3 fu. 4 .- ,,,, , TLT. if. .:": W ' , YQ A g-:ffm ::,':.Sl:. , . ' .,.,,., -V vlll V '.L.Q,:-,j- ,,,,,, 5 . ., V, Vlnni , ' lu' , ' 'Q ,,,. -- 5 -f2- A 'aa ee ee Reef A 2 A fel . vb ,-.,- Z ., ,SEQ -:-l - :V A ,VQI '-:, .:-:-- FIRST ROW: Trainees ABNER, Billy H. ALDERSON, Moses L. ALLEN, Frank ANDERSON, Norman J. BAlLEY, John H. BALLARD, John T. BARFIELD, Smarl SECOND ROW: BARFIELD, Spencer, Jr. BAUGHCUM, Aaron Y. BELANG-ER, Donald J. BODDEN,Jol1n K. BOYD, Earnesf L. BROOKS, William H., Jr. BROWNLEE, Wllllam C. THIRD ROW: BUCKLEY, Herbert W., Jr BURKES, Eugene CARDOSO, Ralph CARNEY, Julius R. CATES, Don H. COFIELD, Roscoe, Jr. COLEY, James R. FOURTH ROW: COX, Perry F. CROSBY, Malhew, Sr. CUSUMANO, Anfonio DAVIS, John R. DAWSON, George, Jr. DEAL, Lemuel I IIUMPANY II 28TH INFANTRY FIRST ROW: DICKERSON, Harold DILLARD, Charles J. DIXON, Alex, Jr. DOBSON, Jimmy L. DOYLE, Curlis EDWARDS, Lloyd E. ELEY, Aubie R. SECOND ROW: ELLIS, Clarence J. EVANS, Eddie EVANS, Harry, Jr. FELENTZER, Chrislian W. FOREI-IAND, Foy H. FOX, Thomas E., Jr. GENNOE, Samuel S. THIRD ROW: GH EE, Edward GREENE, Bobby L, HALL, Charles P. HALL, Hershel H. HARDING, Lonnie HARGROVE, Livingslon I-IARMON, Rufus J., Jr. FOURTH ROW: HARRELL, George HARRIS, Clarence, Jr. HARRIS, Jack R. HARRIS, Tommie, Jr. HELTON, Shirl B. HENDRIX, Billv E. HERENDON, James C. FIFTH ROW: HERRINGTON, James P. HOLLIS, Bonner L. HONEYCUTT, John D, HOWARD, David W. HOWARD, Willie L. HUNT, Eddie T. HYDE, Roberf L. SIXTH ROW: JACOBS, David B. JAMES, Hezekiah JERNIGAN, Charles A. JERNIGAN, Isaac P. JOHNSON, Cecil W., JOHNSON, William T. JONES, Charles N. SEVENTH ROW: JONES, James E. JONES, Ronald C. KIRKLAND, Glenn W. LAWTON, Charles LEWIS, Henry l.EWIS, John I-l. LUNA, Claude T. EIGHTH ROW: LYNCH, Edwin R. MANOUS, Travis E. MARTIN, Johnnie T. MCBEE, James MINOR, James C. MORGAN, Elige L. MORGAN, Leonard NINTH ROW: MORGAN, Lowell T. MURPHY, Johnnie R. C, MUSTIAN, Alpheus NEAL, Charles W. NEWELL, Jack T. g' use gs.. 1 W. Vijsxr " 'ra-...sf ff . fs, . .-., ....-.., l l sms I ' as-I if f 'IM' 1 bf . l ir . Ei' se, r :j:,'s:,..5:: l l . are X Q 'Q si A , 1. l l ... Jr. Wm W - .ek .. .I " ... . ' J. A ' er- in wa fa-'E 1 'w........ os.. sf ix I I I , ,,,, -.....-.- .. ,V I . V gs.- vxiak, . if ju .5 a..,w:?,.,-ff P: V- Yvvv. . .N TK Hi, :Q 5 2. f - fgfaiji-.2521 I ,l.,. , I "I 'iz'iii1:!.:ffe-.f.i'i'Z5'1'2:: ':" f E2 I , jjj?" I Q ' I ,ffl I ur. I f T. I I ':,. f ' if F Q 'I VV I ..,,, -I , YV I Fun gi? VV ,:,V A 4, VVZVV VV 3. t A 'I IL :Ei -L 22 in .T- ig.. I A . r. V V VV VV ,.., V .EV VV V V- W.-. V I i i - .--., I I ,. V.,,.: 5, ,', ..-- f l. I VV V- ,.Va.s::rV, I s ,- .fi .af I, if 'T 4 wiflffm' I 1525? I . 5 .. V ?,,w,V , ,W H , ..-VW-W-f V I ,.,, . fc. 3,1 I 2 "' .. I V' ".. 3 l , 'T -I i rr sl .Yr Q 4 ....,. ........ .Y,.... .... " I i V V. 1 . --" 1 I 'f' . .V1V11V,:Q'51 :ff 'l,, f, , C .A V , , f-wi I 1 . . s I --Q- I si .",' , ,Q -, 1 fr .- -' "M . Sl V ,V --,.- , ,V v.... 3 V..5g.:55j:j: f I -. ' ' a" V V 4 ,g .:V ,, V VV. .,,VVVVV V ,j,115Vj,,V' VV W 2 I I I li . E V ...f X Vi V V. I i Q ' 5 5 i , "ll"" ' 5 I VY ....., ,.., ...,.,. .. N.NN .,, .... ... 1 -- ' ' V' i :PII .,': .L Diem law ? I x "i,"": ' r, A I I s ' - . .., f A F IIITT l I ff " . 5-ii fi ji" .L "il R5 1 I I I I .. r--'s , .I 5' I iIfi1iIlU'5' iii? iiiiif E 7 , , V .1 b I ,,V . fl: .g i 'I if - .I ' Ei 1.' .iii f Q ttl' I ' -V ., V '. A 3-1' :--: , :': A . ERS-' i.: 3 "" '.': I ':'V T I- ' . aff -55-if F L ...I Q Q 5 . . - N T Q 5 2132715523 I I 1 I . A . , , his ' T .51 -. : .35 ...SE . .Z .f Sl: 43:12 ,...,...? Q I I . iw , I I, I I y A ir y ,ga ' A Va . ' Vl, .,' 1, ,Hg f. . 'Q fl ,X P my an 4 '- -E-1 , Q gs pi , . I1 r- AEI' . . , igzgi ,1,, , , ., ...,., ..:..: , T ':3'?-fi:-.-'-:-..-E-:.-T:-i-IfEi'l'E:.IS'5. M 1 I' J , :.':a 1 ,.., :..,:,' "-' .- Q., .., .1 . . Q , , fx I as ' S if S S . . ..,.,.... . . M, A ll I fl my, , , :,:: ..,,. ....,., 5 ,' . . 3 1, g f A x 13 M avi' H' fs, ' is 5 . :i Q "iW i'0e 3 H :,,A . -I A A I . S . ,2 Ks " :IV ' R .. if -., W0- 1 in 4' 53 'fi W5 . IT A . 4 if x I i ififisif r.'?ffff,3Q , ,.:.. 3 . I w ww. 'I .. zpz.-t EET. . ig, E gg, .... A .S A A is :,, ,AV 'b AV nj : i ,, quibu I iiuu . . A 1-v ' ,,.. .f 131- '-"' ' , ff" ii I I ' A 51 R .f"' 'i g I 1 523222121 E A 7-55' K T I --J:. ' 2,, , is A ,,., gisli S . il All ..,. A - - Q " '1 ' P... . -I ""' - LL? W ,J ' "" 5 .2 M ' 4 ' I ' ' IIUMPHNY A 23TH INFANTRY FIRST ROW: NEWELL, Joe M. NICHOLS, Allred E. N'CHOLS, James D. NIX, Lulher, Jr. O'BRlEN, John E. OWENS, Doyle M, PAYNE, Frank SECOND ROW: PHILLIPS, William E., J POWELL, Billy G. RAMSEY, Johney L. RANDOLPH, Willie RAPOSO, Anlone RATCLIFF, Billy O. RATHBONE, John THIRD ROW: REEL, William A. REGISTER, James A. RICHARD, Jack A. RICHARDSON, Henry RIGGS, Lonnie S. ROBERTS, Forresl' W. RUE, William H. FOU RTH ROW: SALAZAR, Mario O. SAPP, Aaron, Jr. SAPP, George, Jr. SAVAGE, Roberl L. SCHLEMAN, Donald H. SCHRIMSHER, Enik R. SELF, Guy E. FIFTH ROW: SHELL, Willie, Jr. SHULTS, Shirley B. SLAUGHTER, Marvin D. SLIC-H, Thedford SMITH, Amos C. SMITH, Billy R. SMITH, Clyde B. SIXTH ROW: SMITH, Roberl B. SMITH, Roberl L. SPEIGHT, Slanley L. STEPHENS, Billy J. STEWART, Oscar W. TAYLOR, Carl O. THOMPSON, Ovid D. SEVENTH ROW: TROGDON, Elwood L. TURNER, Edgar W., Jr. WARD, David WATTS, James W. WEEKS, Raymond L. WEESE, Slephen T. WETZEL, Frank EIG-HTH ROW: WHATLEY, Allen WHITAKER, Joseph G. WHITE, James Y. WHITE, Thomas WHITMORE, Andrew WILLIAMS, Beniamin A WILLIAMS, Herman I-I. NINTH ROW: WILLIAMS, James W. WILLIAMS, Jeff WOOD, Paul S. WOODLIEF, Dorsey T. WOOTEN, Daniel B. Y li A Reading from leff +o right kneeling: Cpl. BasseH, Sgf. Eafing, PFC Charlebois, Pvi. Siodhol, Pvf. Zurling +on, Cpl. Douglas, SFC Deal, Cpl. Phelps. S+anding, Cpl. Efheridge, L+. Holley, Lf. Johnson, L+. Pinson L+. Pos+en, M!Sg+. Ashfield, SFC Grands+af'F. EBTH INFANTHY , , '--' 28TH INFANTRY ii i ,, . -1' 3 ':'5 ' " "'-- L' ,'5" 3' ., . . r i i .L R ff. 4 Q1,. q:: A I ,.,I it 6 ,- -...,.,,.. . . iv G' L f V V H I qbuu , H in f .ii .. r I ' . 2 .J f iiiffef -4 f Q' 3 . is Z? V ..,. . . :W 4 iw .fi I we L I r QQ Q w 9 I M- flefxiv if Q . b,"jCe V be R WA' L L si if Q W Q. .e 'I N. . , 'A aw, -Q... . W W 1.2 I . Q - R Q .4441 . . Z12., . A,,AA- - ,.,.fE , , , , y -I , 4 V r Q : E:,V l jl: :Lx , . g "... E '... :fy I - '-Av 1 .. ':-" . ' . viii' I I? I 'lite ' in ii - " ii , ' ,. , , Y Q 1 A 'R 8 N . . - A FIRST ROW: Trainees ADJAHOE, Alfred, Jr. ATKINS, James-R. ATKINS, W. F. AUSTIN, Hal G. AUSTIN, James V. BARNES, Braxton L. BARTEE, Presion SECOND ROW: BATCHELOR, Norris G. BARE, Dallas C. BAXTER, LeRoy BEATY, Melvin C. BISHOP, Olis H. BLACK, William L. BLYTHE, Ray THIRD ROW: BOLICK, Sanford E. BOONE, Lawrence D. BOWLES, Thomas N. BRISBON, Asbery BROGLIN, Dofson BROWN, Sam BROWN, Thomas A. FOURTH ROW: BRUNSON, Johnnie L. BRYANT, Ivory BUMGARNER, Troy CAMPBELL, Roberl D. CARR, Willie CHESTER, Grover W, CHILDRESS, Vern J. FIFTH ROW: CLIPPARD, William H. COOK, W. C. CORNETT, William E. CROSBY, virgin w. CUDD, Alberl L. DANNER, Frank L. DAUGHTRY, Horace A. SIXTH ROW: D'AVlGNON, Waller J. DAVIS, Curfis S. DEGRAW, Donald E. DOLLAR, Verlon DOUGLAS, Ned L. DUNLAP, Herman L. ELLIOTT, Herman L. SEVENTH ROW: EVERITTE, William S. FISHER, James L. FISHER, Roberf T. FLEMINGS, Dempsey O FORTENBERRY, Billy G. FRANKS, Lawrence C. FREEMAN, Jessie D. EIGHTH ROW: FRYE, Jack D. GAITH ER, Quincy GARNER, James B. GILL, Lewis GIVENS, Willie GOSNELL, Jack R. GRAHAM, Harles R. IQUMPHNY H zari-i INFANTRY FIRST ROW: GRANT, Teddie R. GREEN, Clarence GREEN, William, Jr. GRIFFIN, Richard W. GRISSOM, Carllon D. GUDE, Grover HALL, John S. SECOND ROW: HALL, William L. HAMM, Tilmon E. HANEY, John A. HARRIS, Norman D. HATHCOCK, John A. HEARN, Waller R. HELTON, Chesler H. THIRD ROW: HENDERSON, Lee J. HENDERSON, Lee M. HENTSCHEL, Norman O. HEYWARD, Samuel W. HILTON, Henry D. HODGE, Roberl H. HODGES, Herberl A. FOURTH ROW: HOLLAR, O. D. HOLMES, Charles F., Jr. HOWERY, Waverly JAMES, Edward W. JOHNS, Bobby G. JOHNSON, Bobby A. JOHNSON, Huberl F. FIFTH ROW: JONES, Sam, Jr. JONES, William, Jr. JORDAN, Andrew L. KEARNEY, James M. KEATON, James L. KENT, Horalio M. KING, Beniamin SIXTH ROW: KIRBY, Henry C. KIRBY, Richard N. KIRK, Billy LAWRENCE, Donald G. LAWSON, Alvin B. LEE, Jessie C. MARINKO, Michael SEVENTH ROW: MASON, Samuel G. MATHES, John A. MCCREA, Nehemiah MCMILLAN, Alislair A. MEDLEY, Daniel L. MIKEAL, William W. MILLER, Archie L. EIGHTH ROW: MITCHELL, LeRoy MONTGOMERY, Amos MOORE, James J. MOORE, Lawyer MOORE, Marion, Jr. MORGAN, Jimmie N. MOSS, Nalhaniel NINTH ROW: NORRIS, Herberl ORR, Aclon L. PALMER, Roberl' L. PARHAM, Lee M, PAYNE, Joseph PEARSON, William M., J PERRY, Percy F. :?Tf" EIWV 'A ' 'I I A I '.":.::.: '-' gif-' i' .-1. ,X 1 .2 W . ........ , .,,., ,... , . ,..:':E9EfE:fEiis2:::Zi5:f-.. ,-fr M QI? I 5? if 1? If -12 .. - .,.,. ,,,. - , I 4 - . wg Ss.-.E:zzI?E"Els'1a1 . A J , H Y li I if desi? ' Q 1 I 'W 3 ...X . 1 i an :gm k il , D ..,. if ze- A :VY A 'ii'.-5Eaia.2L.i2 -11.5 1? 'elif . iw V .. .,,,, ..,. . . 5' 351:-" .,,.-.f . I 'T-'Y ' "wk fm" " i " 'www 'F 1 i'.Ei'.Q:',2f3'e::.E', ' .,.-,.-.....i..E1Qj'g,..., .. I :gel F ' f ..,. Y 1 I .... J ,. . .:f' mf '--- 1 -'-.4 ......, .. ff .- 'W li I u ' " --M-.-V ff-. rf .,. , . QQ , 21 239 4 ff- IY7 L of if .1 gg , . af J N .. I ,arf M. ' ..,., ., 1 . 1, ,,, ' - ,s 1--gr A ' ',,- . . .1 4 , .ff 57 'ill 5 f ,,. M M- 4 .- 4 ,.'. 2 , . iiii' 1.1- . I ":- ' . ly? 1 1 s CW a- . if , s R .21 ..., I 5- I I 1 . .52 W 4 Wi' 'ff 5"?i'? KWH . I , . W S1523 1. , V 5. 'ef W1 If "' '5 ! ,,.. A, f yi! L 'F 'M . New I 'ray' I I I gm ne.:-.4 I 'A fm at 7. .W ,-uk xewlf Q W1-'lk 2 a , we Q20-4 ,wggvl 15.15 I 'fifzf V IES? ff? . 1:8 'ir W 'i s Y A 4 W' , u...,!Y.: - A,,,, Y? W1 M ' fi . gt , :El ME 1 rw I I Z Y i yy. J, . I .. I lr ' 'Z :" X . -"f 1 i li --'- I I 1 . I l .,,.. ' 5 . if v , 'P s. 4 : i -L :.2sI'.5-Egg. I . ,. ..,.,, ' A M EJ , ' x ' if We I - . we -, 3 P' .W if , W. I 4" ., if fl i Q' ' - YY 1 J' if . A we 4 ll 1 'W .5'?:? we I fi I . Q Am I ., .,1, E I I ,,. ., AI. si I av.. li If if .2 P- .Q ,..- XJ' 7' 4. -:Q -. il -I - 'f I 'ff . vwgs . vi 'iff' W-rr P . was EUMPANY H zen-I INFANTRY FIRST ROW: PERRYMAN, Clillon PHIFER, Billy R. PHILLIPS, Julius D. POTEET, Marlin H. RAY, Virqil RICE, Roosevelt RIC-GS, J. N. J. SECOND ROW: ROBERTS, David S. ROBINSON, Dwighf S. ROGERS, Ferris L. ROGERS, Joe W. ROSE, Willie RUSSELL, Roy M. SCARBOROUGH, Charlie W THIRD ROW: SELLERS, Wilson C. SHIRLEY, Willie SIMMONS, James M. G. SIMMONS, Lurlis SIMMONS, Vesfer H. SMITH, James R. SMITH, Raymond FOU RTH ROW: SOOTS, Bradley L. SPACH, James C. STANLEY, Henry A. STEELE, James D. STEWART, David, Jr. STOMANT, Wilber B. STOUT, Owen C. FIFTH ROW: SUTTON, Donald SWANGER, Jesse T. SWILLEY, Angus J. TAYLOR, James D. TAYLOR, Joe R. THOMAS, Cornelius H. THOMAS, Harold B. SIXTH ROW: THOMPSON, Jasper C. TRENOR, Thomas D. TRIPLETT, James M. VANDERBURG, Franklin R. M VANN, William M. WALKER, Thomas H. WALLACE, Carl L. SEVENTH ROW: WALLS, Carroll WARD, Doif C. WARD, Raymond WEBB, Robert A. WHITAKER, Roy J. WHITE, Franklin H. WHITE, Herman H. EIGHTH ROW: WHITE, Theaopolis WIGLEY, Smilh, Jr. WILLARD, Coy H. WILLIAMS, George VV., Jr. WILLINGHAM, Esker F. WILLIS, Roberf N., Jr. WITHERS,GaiIl1er W. NINTH ROW: WOODY, Billie B. WOODY, Vernon WORKS, Cecil R. WYNN, Ulyses YOUNG, Herberi FIRST ROW: Cadre Sergeanf GUTHRIE, John A. Corporals CROWE, Jackson C. WI-IISENANT, W. C. PrI'vaIes MANNING, James I-I, MATTOX, Horace I-I. Trainees ABERCROMBIE, Eugene ADAMS, Ralph SECOND ROW: Trainees KOLOSKI, John ROWLAND, Lawrence TANENBAUM, Julian WILLIAMS, Bobby . .. N.. 28TH INFANTRY Q5 .v.,,. 1 , is 9 'f Q my - uf' ,. "' Wg, Q .I Ig I I I Ii II. I 5 1-I: . ' W ig 2, ai ...B .IJ iff. I 'HW ,ggi . "" A ". as .31 'L I . ll 6 :if I 3 ,A,'- ' -,Q A J --Il Q J , :il - .,.. 1 " i"'f ' f I i .5 IV - --' .. Q 4' , . E ' ,." .,.,- : - , 1 " I -vi: -as " , .1 'Si' W ,Q I .,A,.A . 1 1, ,. . ,,VA i is I .I ' if ., sci, , f' 3 ,- V is if 1 Q ' ' A, . , ,, . I , 'i -,Q' ' " 'yy if "" - if . 'A,, , 1.- -"' f is : .. H, I X ,A '.'. if .. Rb' Q :lv 'A I uuuvl I :QHV I' 'lul E Q J L ,, 3- ,rl A .,,. ' E 'SQ' 'F' I l my 5 . i s ,,5.,v , g o I I .- 2 'i V ,J mg-.Q ,Hifi- 'B s , if . , Q 1 f ,am . . il' . 'E , 'S sw' 'IF . .ri 5-11' Q . A 4' Q EUMPANY ll 28TH INFANTRY FIRST ROW: ALFONSO, Daniel ALLEGOOD, Eslon R. ALLEN, Paul V. AMERSON, Willie AUSTIN, James H. AVILA, Louis BANKS, Frank SECOND ROW: BANKS, Roberl, Jr. BARKER, William M. BARLOW, Douglas BARNETT, Bobby BARN ETT, Sherwood J. BASSETT, Alberi BATES, James M. THIRD ROW: BELCHER, Louis, Jr. BELL, Gary T. BLAIR, Tommy J. BOBLITZ, Thomas, Jr. BONNER, Hershell E. BOOTH, William E. BOSWELL, Rufus B. FOURTH ROW: BOWLING, Joseph BOYD, Paul BRADFORD, Jimmy BREWER, Charles T. BROOKS, Johnny L. BROOKS, William BROWN, Joe B. FIFTH ROW: BROWN, Roberl L. BUCK, Mack E. BUCKHALT, John , BURCH, Jack BURGESS, John BUTLER, John T. CAMPBELL, John D. SIXTH ROW: CAPPS, Bruce CARTER, Harley H. CERRA, Joseph CHAMBERS, Lloyd J. CHISM, William CLARK, Alberl CLEMONS, Roberf SEVENTH ROW: COFFER, Slerlinq COLLINS, Willis COX, James DANIELS, Clarence T. DAVIS, Johnnie DELK, William DOBSON, Charles H. EIGHTH ROW: DOUGHTON, James H., Jr DRAPER, Joe F. DUKES, Edward L. DUNBAR, Rooseveli DURHAM, John C. DYALL, William J. ENOCH, J. C. NINTH ROW: EDWARDS, Havell FALLAW, James FAUGHNAN, Richard C. FIELDS, James A., Jr. FORD, E. D., Jr. FORD, Jesse FORT, Raymond G. BUMP!-INY II 28TH INFANTRY FIRST ROW: FRAZIER, Dan S. GALLON, Page, Jr. GAMMAGE, Moses GODDIN, James O. GOSS, James J. GOURDINE, Theodore GRIMES, Roberr, Jr. SECOND ROW: GWIN, James HAGAN, Joe L. HALL, Eugene HAMPTON, George, Jr. HARLESS, Everell D. HARRIS, Wayne HARRISON, Norman THIRD ROW: HARVEY, Lawrence HASTY, Hugh D., Jr. HENDERSON, Hollis HENDLEY, James S. HENDRIX, William HERRING, Junior C. HICKS, Ira J. FOURTH ROW: HILLMAN, Fred HOLCOMB, John T. HOLDSAMBECK, Frank NI, 'T HULLANDER, Franklin D. lv rl Q., :A IRVING, Willie Eranlf IRWIN, Paul E. JACKSON, Roberl H. FIFTH ROW: JENKINS, Bennie JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, Ellioif Fred E. Harold Richard VV. Thomas R. Willie SIXTH ROW: JONES, J. L. JORDAN, Horace KILGORE, Torn E. KITTLE, Andrew LAMBERT, Clarence, Jr. LAW, Earl L. LEE, Roosevelr F. SEVENTH ROW: LEWIS, Roy L. LOGAN, Lorenzo LOWE, Horace N. LOWERY, Lon MADDOX, James T. MAJOR, John A. MALLARD, Waller EIGHTH ROW: MARTIN, Ray T. MCCAMMON, William L. . ..-.f , . .. mg ..... I .,. ,g k I, "".- i - I I I .,, .,., ., ,V gs ' Y WMWII I2 :g I I ..,. I , . .1 55 .. I ,.,. ".. T... I I :-- ::::-':' I I rrrfr I r" . ll ' I Q I.:-,'.,..,.,.. I t :..Qz,e,,z.gz,sI.:5z,:..:.':.:. W K , . , I f 5 I .. HA I... ::s-:f:-If- , . .Qs . Q :fs :rais- ,I is I AG 9 25 52'ji'2f' I E ww - " .., . . . I ,:,1.,,,:,- .. .. , I W M. ww I 4 ii,-rj f Ii T 1'-1. 3 I I 6 V f I I H' .1 .J - .. .. . . I II 1 II . .,,. .,... I2 .,.f-- Ii A - gf I N 3 I gill "..' I . II .,,rI ..'.-.: I W . -Er . 'E if I I I ' - I I I , I I I I -L.. , L .... .. I I I ugh Q + w 5 . Qs: 'J , . II' . . . .HM II ' I I II J " ' I : I W . , il ' ' II l ' h is ll ' I ii' ..,' ' , -1:21, - Q . S ,,,,..,.,,. I . Il I I I. .I ..II-I S I I ' S S W H S I I I S S 'I I ,... I . . . f I 7. ...,. Q "-- EF I - .. ' ....g I,., I "" I l" '.2' -III :-I-I W "-- f K'l' If I -I , ,Q . ., I .:i22I:ir1:r,:rE .z M CCA RY , H u d so n . I Q .fi ' f I M CC L E N D O N Be n a rn I n , J r. 5:21. V ' I l MCGEE, Terry MQGOWAN, Houslon A. MCKINLEY, Hollis E. NINTH ROW: MOBLEY, Henry M. MOIZE, Richard B. MONIGAN, Joseph J. MONTGOMERY, George MOULTRY, Theodis MOZINGO, James W. MULLEN, Billy ,:g: f-- 4 W W I if I if . If is P . fri? 'U 7 . i s. . s X .... ,. . I M 4. 4 ...,,.... . 'K lui? ., I I .... ....,.., iff: . iv, . . ,fm Ka 2: f Mfg , f?5fE..1 Q' -ff' ,gr .. ,.,. Q? -..,Q. , a. b, Z1 'G if-rr wir Ib I I Ts - ,. I I "' 2 ' If ..,-- 1 L . ..,. . Z 2 Fai 2 + siii I , 5 ea' J 1 1' sf? I.-1 ,lug ,- ' fl -,V . ,iff 'P.-- s .1 ,,.. A,.,,:. . .AA' ,,,,., I 'A" 1 I if : , p r S V QIQI ,vi sh 1, ,.., , N Sir I? Q I .Q zz in 63" 4 . . .5.-- ,. ,. , ER an N :,,11- Zf., I : I . ,Q 1, ,,,s W 'E f I3-V :, ,, 3, A I F S I .sis V vu.. so W IIUMPANY li zan-I INFANTRY FIRST ROW: NICHOLS, Junior NORRIS, Lawrence P. OSSINSKY, Max I. PACKER, James PARISH, Earl L. PATSEAVOURAS, John PECK, Joseph SECOND ROW: PERSON, Wilburn PIERCE, Charles C. POWELL, John K. QUINN, Rudolph RABY, James O., Jr. RIBBON, George T. RICHARDS, Bobby R. THIRD ROW: RIDGEWAY, John RIVES, Willie ROBINSON, Forresl ROGUL, Carl RUSSELL, Charles J. SALERS, George C. SALIS, Erwin FOU RTH ROW: SHEPPARD, Evel R. SIMMONS, James F. ' SIMS, Charles H. SLOCUM, Tommie L. SMITH, Everege SMITH, John L. SMITH, Lulher T. FIFTH ROW: SPANN, Charles SIEANS, Bennie J. STINSON, William STORY, James W. SUMMERLIN, Charles SWINNEY, Vernon TEAL, Jessie SIXTH ROW: THERIOT, Joseph E. THOMAS, Fred W. THOMAS, Willie J. THOMPSON, James B. THURMAN, Marion TRINE, Ronald VEAL, James SEVENTH ROW: VINES, James WAINWRIGHT, John T. WALKER, Harvey WALKER, Nelson E. WALKER, William, Jr. WALKER, Haden P. EIGHTH ROW: WARD, James WATKINS, Charles WEAVER, Elberl N. WHOOLERY, William WILBANKS, William E. WILKEY, Elick WILLIAMS, LeRoy WILLIAMS, Marion NINTH ROW: WILLIAMS, Maurice WILLIAMS, Richard C. NNINNINGI-IAM, Dolphin WOOD, John M. WOODY, Frank YOUNG, Andrew ,, ., , J Reading 'From Ie'F+ fo righf, sfandingz 2nd LI: James H. Murphy, Jr., 2nd LI. John D. Love, M!SgI'. P. U. Barreff, Sgr. Ken Monroe. Kneeling, SFC A. S. Warren, SFC Max Henderson, Cpl, Ken Sanders. FIRST ROW: P riva fe s ALEXANDER, Earl ALEXANDER, Fred ALEXANDER, Harry ASKEW, Frank L., Jr. BAKER, Morfon C. BARBOZA, John A, BARNETT, Delaney SECOND ROW: BARRETT, Paul E. BEASLEY, Roberf T. BEN EVIDES, Evereff BENNETT, Jack N. BETTENCOURT, George, Jr BOISSONNEAULT, Roqera BOWICK, Marvin THIRD ROW: BRADLEY, Albert E. BROWN, Belvie H. BRZOSKA, Sfanley J. BUCCIERI, Joseph A. CARPENTER, O. C. CARTER, Charles F., Jr. CHARRON, Raymond R, FIRST ROW: Trainees CODY, James DARBY, Ronald JOHNSON, John MCGINNIS, Charles RHODES, Edward I 'Q' ., .. ,:,.z. 4, . .53-. .fu j::" , or 'I' I e, W ..f:, ' W' 1 .ms- 28TH INFANTRY . Eg aims- ,- .M an 2 J .,..: ,. 4 N ,X B 5 3,1 S M' ..,. 3 1 F " " I--11 ' Q-. .- ps. . ,. 51? f , '1-' , A .I .,,, : A I W E, J ' K "-'Z' l 1 I ,Sf if-I ' f lv . S Q f .Silky ,I W lfifw X, S.,,..!..,..- fr. 'rf' 'T F4 1' -. 'ii .r -' V- I if as . 9, . ,.,, . V.,. . .V ,.... x 1 7 I U' , 'ZW ' Q T4 xv, Qi i .- F ,fflrivgk ki in nf ,M mf ' 'ir - ,.,f 1 I - I B 4 ci .,,., Eli .'--- -1 Ju ' F i s .y , ' - hig I pq. W. iii sy. Q . A . as rats? fill .. 1 S www-Q 'ig .. W .. l -r. L. ,..,-4,2 f Y 1 A swift Z ag A , , ATF' W ' rf Jae A an . if 'Q ' ,.f: :Zigi . f A if I H Y -ji ,,,. l i 5 71- '9!9,Lws .Q "-1. mx grail , .ll "- 3 iw in A . 9 s .M fx: W . ' ,I mw.....WsW... . ...L M' ' .-.whirl i W K 'QI fl? IIIIMPI-INY I3 28TH INFANTRY FIRST ROW: CHRISTOPHER, June W CLODFELTER, James D. COBB, Roberl G. COLEMAN, L. C. COLLA, John R. COPLAI, Sfephen A. CROSBY, Samuel SECOND ROW: CROWLEY, Richard J. CUSA, Paul A. DAILY, Marlin DALE, William E., Jr. DALOIA, RoberfJ. DAVIS, John T. DAVIS, Louis F. THIRD ROW: DAVIS, Wilbur DEAN, Edward T. DEES, Levi A. DINKINS, Samuel C. DIXON, Raymond DORN, Charles C. EDWARRD, Joseph FOU RTH ROW: ELDER, Millon S. ENGLISH, Ray M. ESPOSITO, Frank L. FEENEY, James E. FOLEY, Paul P. FURTADO, Gabriel FUSCO, Genaro FIFTH ROW: GADDIS, William L. GILBERTI, Carlo GONCALO, James P. GREEN, Ervin A. GUILLEMETTE, Emile R. HALES, Bobby HAMPTON, Waller W. SIXTH ROW: HARRIS, James, Jr. HERRON, Claude IIEUSTON, Willie HICKS, Louie B. HILL, Jesse J. HOLT, William, Jr. HOOD, James SEVENTH ROW: HOWELL, Charles ICENHOWER, Oscar B. JARRETT, John H. JOHN, Harry B. JOHNSON, Windell JUDD, John KANN, Donald L. EIGHTH ROW: KATZ, Milron KAY, Gerard A., Jr. KEANE, John W. KNOETGEN, William K. KORIN, Basil KURKOWSKI, Frederick KUROWSKI, Joseph G. NINTH ROW: LACEY, Johnny LAIDLOW, Donald A. LaROUCHE, Jean R., Jr LAUGHLIN, Curiis CUIVIPANY Ifi 28TH INFANTRY FIRST ROW LAVOIE, Arfhur LEAVELL, Charles LEWIS, Ernesl LIZOTTE, Maurice J. LOVE, Charles LOVE, Thomas H. MALON EY, Thomas P. SECOND ROW: MANTINI, FrankJ. MARCELLO, Dominick MCKINNEY, Charles, Jr. MCLURE, Will, Jr. MCNUTT, L. V. MOORE, David R. MOORE, Douglas E. THIRD ROW: MOORE, Randolph MUELLER, James C. MULGREW, Thomas F., Jr, MURPHY, John A., Jr. NALL, John W. NANCE, William H. NEARY, James J. FOU RTH ROW: NEWSOME, Willie M. NEWTON, Joseph W. NICHOLS, I-Ierberl H. PAVELJACK, Raymond 5 A ' ,Li W is r ,,. " .EFI Zigi.: Tk - . ., r ......fMw' ' ff Ir if . I f' ..,.1.Q .QQ gi WV V. ,W , R oma rf 25: I". 1 K . - T -V -' of ' 'A , 'vw gg 'EGM' ,, rr. J :,.r' Ei -':3. .... l fu: fo- .,.,' , W? 5 ,tk R I E at M .R rj. ' R my :I ,Q.,?,Q. V94 if R rf +4 59 'of-12. for v J ....:' . ..',-.',- 3 erin" if lb ,o ffgof sow 6 PELKEY, Wayne ,..,. .,,,,..o-- PERRY, John E. 1 fiizsz .- PIERANGELO, Michael F. "" . I . . .... - W? 2 I i FIFTH ROW: . PRICE, Willie F. Jh A RAY, Lufher , ' R REJNAL, Joseph G., Jr. " W "" I " "' E , 'ii' . . .... . , RoL1Ne,'oiZmmro F., Jr. I1-'f " SABATI NO, Anlhohy II ' sixTH ROW: I yrs 5 . SADDLER, Roosevell M. I '1 SCHLESINGER, Richard A. I - .Q I I o SQHULTZ, Joseph F, .r.. r SKUDLAREK, rhorhos -- V f , sLAUeHTER, Earl L. A ...,. shmrri, Darroll yr- --'l' ' , --...ff SNEIDER, Frederick D, I "' SEVENTH ROW: P -'-' fp. . souzfh, John F., Jr. . STEARNS, Donald G. .J ' .,, R STRODE, Emerson L. ' '1 - suNEsoN, Pohl R. ' TANNER, Jhhmio TAYLOR, Johnny L. TAYLOR, Marvin C. ...xi Q EIGHTH Row: I THOM PSON, Richard C. ' I THRONEBERRY, Maynard F. I W . I rf . . TURNER, Roy L, I ' URBAN, Philip J. H I VANDERSNOEK, Maurice - 'A s-ss I I WALLMAN, Carl H. I R l 359551. WARREN, Leonard R NINTH ROW: m WILLIAMS' James S- VJ 5 . ..,,. . rf?" -21: , L YATES, Raleigh I voushfx, irvhrg R ZANESKYI Reber, MAI I, , ,...... .... ....... . , .......... .., . . z-A xl 4 .hh ff' K ' "-I.. Q W' . Q, 3 .eg U Q, 4 .. .... . .,.. ..,. xi .Il P 5 -fr 'Sf' is , .5 . .-.. 1 of wir wi A M.. .I:-' I -'---- X9 - H sz owl fi... hr 7' ll 'W xr 96" , -I---i' I lii . i5l:5E:,.g'.2Z.g.g,..f'1'Qf..2.'.:,i " .. I 'i" :ifIf'fI'I I T? V -I I Iiis i i ..:-2 iiillf' i .... .ab W 5 . hr It 5 1 ec .... -xiii: is-if-I if Q? var., K fi -r ..' -:1:"h"?'g: -5:25 T 7' rf: ,,. .I - .Nr 'A H9 I ' . fi . ...WL sg, ..e"i' 'D M S We. Reading from leH io righl, slanding: Sgl. J. E. Houck, Sgl. Joseph Kennedy, SFC J. L. Baxler, 2nd LI. ,Frazier Bailey, Jr., Isl L+. Herslon H. Cofer, SFC Roy Singlelon, Sgl, Peler Berg, Sgl. Paul N. Messenger. Kneeling, PFC Arnold J. McBride, Pvl. Silas E. Hale, Pvl. Elma Duggan, PFC David W. French, PFC Edward N. Wallter, PFC Theodore Smiley. 28TH INFANTRY I3 I , I- I , f-5. ,,,. ., I I' ' I . . ' ' ' " - 1. . fr 1 .f x , F 'K Y ,. .,,, . . .. .... . 1 N if f 'mf g I ., , I. . riar. ...--:sg..,.gg:g::2.,2:r. ,,,e2'ii'v-:Harb ' " .- V ,ff -- .....,. N ' f g ,.,,-J" w V ma y y y K , H , .- V If D . ,,55,igg':r. gh, 1.2.2. EQ., W 2-1, " jhw v I " 51 ' N ' I I ' I. I ..,.. . . -V! , 1' W . . . .f E- 4. W V I - -3 - fs 1 'N 3' 1827 5 ff I I I . L .fl2if',5f'f":1 I i I X A - ,.,.. , ir Q , ,QQQEL egg , Q g I ' .zf.f!,.1.:j,, rg gi ,E X , M, . . . . . 2, , . . , " , . I QL . 5 I . V ' ., " f li 2 . FIRST ROW: Privales AIELLO, Michael ALEXANDER, Charles R. ALEXANDER, Harry ANDREWS, Richard L. ANGELO, Alberl, Jr. ANTHONY, Roberi ARMSWORTHY, William SECOND ROW: ARSENAULT, Joseph L. ASI-IWOOD, Johnny, Jr. ATTERBERRY, Richard AUSTIN, Teddy J. AUSTIN, Thomas BANKS, James BARKLEY, James H. THIRD ROW! IJARKMAN, Waller BENNETT, Homer BERTRAM, Ernesl C. BIGELOW, Daniel H. BLACKBURN, George L. BOHANAN, Karl D. BOUCHER, Raymond J. FOURTH ROW: BOUCHEY, Roland J. BOYCE, Irel D. BRISKlE,John R. BROWN, Richard W. BROWN, William H. BURNS, Roy C. BURTON, Bobby J. FIFTH ROW: BUTLER, Golden K. BUTTON, Roberl E. CAMP, Floyd A. CAPEZZUTO, James E. CARDIN, Maurice J. CHIARAVALLE, Vincenl CLARK, Howard E, EUMPANY H 28TH INFANTRY FIRST ROW: CONNOR, Robert E. COTE, Joseph P. CRANER, Howard CURRO, Vicent J. DALO, Joseph A. DAV EN PORT, Raymond G. DAVID, Nolan L. SECOND ROW: DEEB, Paul A, DENNISON, Arthur, Jr. De SANTIS, Nicholas J. DEVINE, Francis Di FRANCO, Michael DOHERTY, Harold D'ONO FRIO, James H. THIRD ROW: DUBY, John E. EDGELEY, Joseph ELLINGTON, Richard ELLIS, Bert N. ERNST, Anthony FERREIRA, Joseph T, FLANAGAN, William FOURTH ROW: FORGIONE, Joseph J. FORSTALL, Alfred E. FRYE, James H. GARNER, Austine GATTO, Daniel GHILARDI, Leo C. GIARDINA, Francis A. FIFTH ROW: GOODWIN, Lindbergh GORE, Gene GORMAN, John E. GOULD, Alan H. HADLEY, Robert E. HALFREY, Harry E. HAND, Douglas L. SIXTH ROW: HAYES, Robert N. HERBERT, Robert P. HENDRIX, Robert L. HENRY, Alfonso HILL, Brady HOLMES, Charles M. HOPKINS, Howard R., Jr. SEVENTH ROW: HORNSBY, John JACKSON, Robert JOHNDROW, Richard E. JOHNSON, Edgar A, JONES, Henry KACZMARZYK, Walter J. KING, Jarnes E. EIGHTH ROW: KING, William H. KUTIS, Albert LAHOOD, John M. LAWRENCE, Donald LAWRENCE, Johnnie D. LAYESS, Robert LAYMON, Joe W. NINTH ROW: LEACH, Vharles T. LEWIS, Gordon LOWE, Arthur R. LUNDERGAN, Edward J. LU PE. Christie MacMAHON, Raymond F. MAI-INKEN, Robert V, - -an f" ,, 4 V! , 'ii -, ' fjlsvii 'S A " . - W: -,.- :Qu 73? I .E--, rg'5i. .3 ,. -, 'z fs ..... E 3' 'Z-1, ""' A A .',- mg, . ye 0? I . ,I -3, M E A . ,,. 'ffl ff . J new .,, 5, I .-i" I .., 3- am vi .I is A iii ,Nj .-' ii I ' ,, ' .5 ...- I liz. W 1 .,.'!1g-s, . Ii ,,,, W 2 555-9 iffy: if I , .... . . M " ' W " I5 f..-fix .H wi? Q - - l ' 1. W 4 X I "E 'jr .": :f '-... 3",f iw- 'ij '-' fi .v . ELI: H ' ,,... w ,.iii -'-.-2:- . ,i-' "'--'r' - , I X ' ' I, - :..r ' in H. .... ......,.,....,...,. . . . 2 5' Q5 X :" . .Q ... , ., '-'- .,-'I' 'I . is :-' y - fs J ."-:' I -' A J 1 f '-5: :QI 5' -,, .. : ,-..f1ff'i' v :-..- Vsr- ..,. '.., T ,,.. W' 'ffzlf ' 'tl' :I is ..., . .s ,:v:--vv-:- I A WT. ,. 1- g Q ,,, .,,., . .. 'V' 1.. M I I :TW A ,M IQM as ,s ii si ,ii V, Mg R 1, eh, I , , A . A- Qvy, I . . 5 I -, A "": :- -. ,af :. 5: . , T vlllv I , A 1-552 ':""'!': f . . f r ' . ' I -':.-. ' " iff: ',':'., E 5 ,. ' --'1:4 - " . N .A.: I ,,., g ggi, - . .F . f. , , Ab" IT , " f .f ag. , - I, i g: Q' -: " 'R' 9 . ' ., .5 v-,, P TA - ' :Zi --h' S . M I V-1' ..., - A -f . A l l ! My r 'A f P ---. . yi , my xqq, 3, M W , . .,.: f . -T ,,... "2 '... 1 ., T I :": 5 MQ:-:I,'E'Ir. ' F' ' , .,.,.,.., T' gg? 'S H :Z ,',, I Q- 5: -.r f . ,. I 15:2 5 "fu: .ff 'wT',,-A ,:,,, ' if 'E' I H . A::', -' - . . . ,,,, , tails my Lf .. We -I f-" I.: . vs 1 ...,.V R. 4 Tag, "": . : if gs .,, . -I g v.,. :E..' I f 1 -:'- 9 .-," I :I :'- 1215. i y?.? 'IIE - ....1 . 1 - " . IITIMPANY H 28TH INFANTRY FIRST ROW: MARTIN, Billie MATHESON, John J. MEIMARIS, Nicholas D. MILLER, Howard MITCHELL, George MOON, Royal V. MOORE, Earnesf, Jr. SECOND ROW: MOORE, Jesse G. MUNDAY, James K. MUNDELL, Donald E. NECAISE, Leo, Jr. NEWMAN, Charlie L. ORCUTT, Donald R. OSBORNE, Vincenl J. THIRD ROW: PACIA, Eugene PECOR, Wesley PEER, Donald PEMBERTON, Clinfon PHILIPS, Durwood PHILIPS, William R. PIPPIN, Fred L. FOURTH ROW: ROCTOR, James H. ROY, Roger D. RUSSO, John A. SADOWAY, John SANTAFERRARA, John A SARGEANT, Harry B. SCHULTZ, Paul FIFTH ROW: SERCHIA, Paul A. SHEPPARD, William E. SIDDEN, Harvey SIEGMANN, Donald P. SIMMONS, King D. SIMON, Peler A. SIXTH ROW: SMITH, Carl SMEAL, John L. SMOOT, Thomas SOLIJRI, Roberf E. SPENCER, Ralph T. SPIER, Lesler STICKLES, Gary S. SEVENTH ROW: STRUNK, Goldman L. SUSI, Mario S. TAVANO, Anfhony TAYLOR, Douglas M. THOMAS, James E. TOWNSIEND, Thomas R. TRICOMI, Roberl J. EIGHTH ROW: TRUESDALE, Roberl S. TYSON, George W. UTTARO, Eugeneio R. VICTOR, Roman K. WALCZAK, Mafhew WALSH, William WASHINGTON, John B. NINTH ROW: WATERS, Kennefh L. WEEKS, James A. WESTBROOKS, lsiah WHITE, Donald WILDAY, Devello WILSON, Eugene WOOD, Donald 'P Reading from lefl lo righl, firs+ row: Pvf, Jones, Pvl. Blackwell, 2nd L+. Adams, 2nd L+. Skaggs Pvl Chambers. Las'l row: Pv'l. Youngblood, SFC Granl, M!Sg+. Barefool, Isl Ll. Phifer, 2nd L+ Fosler FIRST ROW: Trainees ABRAHAM, Edwin R. ADAMS, Ezra E. ADKINSON, William C ALEXANDER, Clyde K ALLEN, Earl L. ANDERSON, Jol1nJ. AVANT, Jael L. SECOND ROW: AVERY, Jessie W. BAGGARLY, Roberl C. BAILEY, Lawrence E. BALCOM, Lewis, Jr. BANKS, Jack W. BARTON, Raiford BAUCOM, William C. THIRD ROW: BERRY, Joseph BETTS, Ollie, Jr. BLACK, David W. BLAKE, Mack N., Jr. BLEVINS, William E. BOHLER, William E. BOONE, Daniel R, 4 as ix I 'M i .b 'llvlll . Rail! ... , ,. 4 PFC Nix. 28TH FIELD ARTILLERY BATTALION '-I -5 5'f'35"f.If:. -.3I- EE"T-:Isi'f'5-fS15:f.'2:E2' 2' 254-. 'TIE .Aff . ,if ' 14'-:L1 29.5-'3"EQ::-'E- ., .: ,. .,..,g,5,. ---- . -E ., ' 1 - - , , s,,,,....3..-gi-1' z-3,5.g:.a5.,.f.:53 V, .. 1 , 3 '.: ,v,-' - , ,. .'i.1, .'.- U - ' "f.f:'.f'. :'IISfE,. ': I'f,':If--'E'.1s :2"Ei'jijf,Efg-I:1-I-2'l"'I1'-E-:-:-":" ' A f L 21 V l ggi E Q L LK :YW l il - . ,.., a ..,............. ,, ,qi ,, 1 A ina ::: 1f12-2: , .elim , f-,.. , ., , .'.". ' H , Q -4 i n 'ia 'Rf 42' Q ? . . wwf 101 'K si' ' . A 'X 45' f ni . .:: '::.: .2 1. 'Z I -,E W Y W W ff ,B ,L E gg-if 5, if ,F , ,Q - .ql 1' .,..:.:. ' , 'I' I . .'Ef ?? 5K2!5 I ......,.. , ....,...V..,....... J, ,W .mia I Big? Q I 1 . " fl . 37 is 9 . Q . I l3S!f ..,.. .Y , .. . ' - . ' '1 W W fig L :fi .L Vw ? BATTERY B 28TH FIELD ARTILLERY BATTALION FIRST ROW: BROWN, Clarence BROWN, George W. BROWN, John H. BROWN, Lulher BROWN, Roberf BROWNING, Bobby BUCK, Willie E. SECOND ROW: BURDETTE, John T. BYFORD, James A. CALCUTT, Wallace H. CALDWELL, William R. CANNON, Arsline CARLISLE, Charles J. CARTER, Johnny THIRD ROW: CARUTHERS, Olin P. CLARK, Jack H. COLEMAN, C. H. COLEMAN, Colonel J. CONE, Bobby E. CONNOR, James A. COOKS, John C. FOU RTH ROW: COONE, Daniel E. COPELAND, Lark, Jr. CORBITT, Harvey W. COSTN ER, Roberl COUCI-I, Joseph CRANE, Waller H. CRAVEN, Billy D. FIFTH ROW: CROW, William L. DALEY, James G. DANIELS, Donald DANIELS, McKinley DAVIS, Calvin J. DEWBERRY, Samuel DICKENS, Ernesl' C. SIXTH ROW: DOBBINS, Herman L. DRAKEFORD, Willie C. EVANS, Earlie B. FANN, James M. FARIST, Marlin FLOYD, Henry A. FORKNET, Bobby SEVENTH ROW: FORD, Frank FRAZIER, Hal C. FREEMAN, Joseph L. GAINEY, Rudolph S. GARY, David GEE, Charles B. GIBSON, David K. EIGHTH ROW: GILL, Jimmy B. GORE, Horace D. GOREE, Clinton H. GRAVES, Berfrand L. GREEN, John R. I-IABRON, Roy L. HALLFORD, Arfhur P. NINTH ROW: HARRIS, Posey HAYES, Melvin B. HENNINGS, Rudolph W. HILL,HaroId G. I-IOPSON, Leon E. HOUSE, Johnnie All BATTERY H 28TH FIELD ARTILLERY BATTALION FIRST ROW: HUMPHRIES, Bobby L, HUNNINGS, Troy R. HUNSUCKER, Charles H. HUNTER, George L. HURST, William W. HUTTO, James JAMES, Charles SECOND ROW: JAMISON, David L. JEFFERSON, Waller JENKINS, James F. JOHNSON, Charlie JOHNSON, David JOHNSON, Roberf L. JONES, Dan B. THIRD ROW: JONES, Earl JONES, James B. JONES, Milton J. KAY, Charles E. KEEN, James F. KIDD, Lamar V. KING, Charles L. FOURTH ROW: KlNG,Kenne1hZ. KINSEY, Homer J. D. KIVETT, Allen E. KOONE, Loyd D. LACKEY, Bobbie LAKE, Fred O., Jr. LAMB, Charles M. FIFTH ROW: LANGSTON, James H. LATHAM, Claude P. LEGGETTE, Millon G. LINEBERRY, James E. LOCKE, Earl H. LOFLIN, Nalhan C. LONG, Weyman W. SIXTH ROW: LOVE, Bennie W. LOWERY, Joseph LUNDY, Charles MALONE, Eddie C. MARINA, Clifford MARSHALL, H. J. MASH, Henry S. SEVENTH ROW: MARTIN, Harold C. MAXWELL, Waller K. MCCAIN, George D., Jr. MCCRANIE, Olon E. MCKINNON, Joe B. IMCMASTERS, Ray C. MEDLIN, Bob R. EIGHTH ROW: MICHAEL, Gaylard C. MILLER, Emory C. MIMS, Louis MITCHELL, Earl, Jr. MOFFITT, William L. MOORE, Henry J. MORRISON, Lurher NINTH ROW: MORRIS, William R. NEWMAN, Ralph A. NOLEN, Floyd E. NOLLEY, Sam W. NYE, Ted D. ODOM, James C. PANGLE, Paul M. - --r - ' Q 1. ., ., W ' X fr .4 , K f P f Q rr? :. .L 1, J ,ig 5: - 2 'V A .gk 'si 2 yr H LL, Q? . f y I:" J W . ,F . if i if we -r- J.. -' nf an if in e. :,.:s www 'W' ' gf' if ,.,. . :':,. ' Q Q. . lb . ,T':,f... liil ., ,... i"r ., -sf... - Mg g.: ., , fa wif.. ..,. mm if fr Q? I .,.... . I sr I , , ' if fi Q W 5 5. if 42' 1 ,T fs Q. F . . . .. M M . ,, L 1 ,. ..,,. X iii. -f H .,,,g,,,.., . Ee' 'K A ii .,,, Z -if if 158 "', ' if ... .. ,.g.gfr.:-. ' -. 3gig:-,E-:::'-Ei'-21,2592 " " . y .E , ,... , tr: .-I wi. Q . 'fa is IV :..:- 2. .Wk . I 'tr I I . :,:., '.:' ' Ads: " x J- 31? ,E ., W . fy ,. ,gi 1 wr? ...V I-1. 'if fa X J li'-3 A1 if fy!!! T.. , , :.I ,. ,. , I .1-1..-QM 'M il' , - 1-2 3 'FCI' if j ...-'. - ig w lily I 6 Y Q sf: ,, ,, . .gi -Q QS: ,, , jim? ' 'fl 4. rr if ra E5 N 9 ? 'ZZ Y , f 4' . l I .T- awwfi. BATTERY B 28TH FIELD ARTILLERY BATTALION FIRST ROW: PARRIS, Earl C. PEARSON, Conrad S. PEELE, James L. PERRY, Lonnie POTTER, Bruce A. POWELL, Alberl L. POWELL, Ernesl SECON D ROW: POWELL, Roberl R. PUGH, George W. PUGH, Talmadge L. RAKESTRAW, Charles W. RAMER, Curtis L. REDDING, Horace REELS. David THIRD ROW: RICHARDSON, Herberf L. ROGERS, Eugene ROUSE, Lufher T. RUSSELL, Freddie G. SALTER, Willie L, SANDERS, Carl SATTERWHITE, William FOURTH ROW: SEROS, James SHAW, Johnnie T. SHEPPARD, Charles H. SHOOK, George T. SIMMONS, Waller L. SINGLETARY, Jack L. SKIPPER, Auvvie L. FIFTH ROW: SMITH, Eugene SMITH, John T. SMITH, Roloerl L. SMITH, Ronald E. SOYARS, James M. STEWART, Verlon STRICKLAND, James L. SIXTH ROW: STRICKLAND, John STYRON, John W. TATUM, William V. THOMAS, William D. TORRENCE, Charles M. UPSHAW, Lorris WALLACE, James M. SEVENTH ROW: WATTS, Clarence WEAVER, Cecil WEAVER, Douglas L. WHEELER, Alion WHITAKER, Edgar N. WHITE, Bobbie H. WHITE, Charles W. EIGHTH ROW: WILLIAMS, Freddie G. WILLIS, Laurie WILLIS, Ralph L. WILSON, Charles M. WILSON, John T. WINNINGI-IAM, Charlie G. WINSTRON, Ward E. NINTH ROW: WISE, Joseph WOOD, Junior C. WOODARD, Clinfon, Jr. WRIGHT, Donald YORK, Marion E. YOUNG, Clarence, Jr. Reading from leff lo riglri, froni- row: SFC Eddie Sfauers, Cpl. Fosfer Thorn, PFC Sam V. Morse, 2nd Ll. Josephus Shingler, Cpl. Hershberger, Willis, Is+ L+, Rufus C. Sfreafer, Pv+. Lindsey, 2nd L+. Carrol C. Cumbee, PFC Lucius Weslon, Pvf. Hipp, Pv'l'. Diclc Jones. Fronl row: Pvf. William King, iCpl. Wesley P. Smilh, Mfsgf. George A. CorbeH, SFC William Burne'l'+, Pvi. Hammond McAdam, Cpl. Billy J. Hays, Pv+. James Dicks. 55TH FIELD I-KHTILLEPIY BATTALIUN 56TH FIELD ARTILLERY BATTALION J ,ig , T if J QW ir f' " si? l i . .F . K -.: I if W SVG 'F l Q . - -'W--f 11- -- WW N-VV.. l l l. Ii ...f. l sw C' ,,,, 4. -. if -z - 3. ...,, . i l - . . ..,., , . N ,I M2 K wa- 'S X X ' l "ZZ : ,--' I W S. .-W-..-.- ..--,,...v..-..-.,..,.. E .-W..--....-...,...,,, Mia 1' . if if ,wg Y lei S i ii l 'A wa is FIRST ROW: Trainees ADKINS, Rubin D, ANDERSON, George ATTKISSON, Billy J. AYERS, James C. AYER, Ray BATES, Nalhaniel BEACH, Willie M. SECOND ROW: BELL, Beecher C. BENNETT, Jimmie BETTS, John L. BOATRIGHT, Olis BOOKMAN, Silas, Jr. BOYD, James, Jr. BOYKIN, Raymond E. THIRD ROW: BRADLEY, Maynord BRADLEY, Willie BROOKS, Ralph L. BROOKS, William B. BROWN, James A. BURCHARD, Wayne T. BURDICK, Merrill E. FOU RTH ROW: BURKHEAD, Willie R. BURNETTE, O'Bryan M. BURNEY, Fred, Jr. BURRELL, Fred BUTTS, Herberl' E. BYRD, Bobby W. BYRD, Bernice FIFTH ROW: CALBOUGH, James N. CALHOUN, Tommie CARDWELL, Jimmie L. CAREY, Oravle CARTER, Everl C. CARTER, Raymond CAUGH RON, Kenne1'hR SIXTH ROW: CLARK, George, Jr. CLARK, Nevin CLARK, Thomas A. CLIFTON, Ernesl E. COBB, Tyrus T. COCKRELL, Herberl M COLLINS, Julian W. SEVENTH ROW: COX, James C. DALTON, Morris R. DANIELS, Julius F. DARDEN, Lonnie DARSAW, Aron DAWSON, James O. DICKERSON, James R., EIGHTH ROW: DINKINS, Wilson DIXON, James L. DUDLEY, Edward L. DUNCAN, Link I. ELLIOTT, Edward ELLIS, Kelley ESLINGER, Burfon BATTERY A 56TH FIELD ARTILLERY BATTALION FIRST ROW: EVERHART, Bobby R. FARMER, Robie J. FERGUSON, Billy H. FOWLER, Harold FULLER, Godfrey E. GETER, Clifford GIBBS, Samuel E. SECOND ROW: GOODMAN, Lloyd GOODWIN, James GRANT, George C. GREEN, James T. GRICE, John L. HACKWORTH, Clyde O HARDY, Roberl' G. THIRD ROW: HARRISON, Beniamin F. HAWKINS, Sam, Jr. HAYNES, Solomon HENDERSON, Charles E HILL, Waller HOPKINS, Lulher M. HUFFAKER, Jimmy C. FOURTH ROW: HYATT, Norval R. JACKSON, Allon W. JACKSON, Crawford JACKSON, Willie J. JEFFERS, Glen C. JEFFERS, Howard JENKINS, Emory T. FIFTH ROW: JOHNSON, Roberl L. JOHNSON, Willle J. JUSTICE, Claude KELLEY, Joseph C. KELLEY, William A. KESLER, John H. KEYES, Waller SIXTH ROW: KNIGHT, Edward, Jr. LAMB, Elbert J. G. LANIGAN, Laslon LEACH, Billie J. LEONARD, Harvey F. LIGHTSEY, Randolph LINDSAY, Arlhur SEVENTH ROW: LINDSEY, Charles LOVE Louis, Jr. MANLEY, Edwin MARSH, Buddy MQCASKILL, Persell MCCOY, Allon MCDUFFIE, Troy E. EIGHTH ROW: MCFALLS, John MILLER, James MIRACLE, Wayland MONTGOMERY, Donald MONTGOMERY, Reuben, Jr. MOORE, Waller MOORE, Washinglon NINTH ROW: MORGAN, David MORRIS, Taylor T. MORTON, Irious MULLIS, Edward MYERS, Arrhur D. E E 5 I fr' , f 5. 35. .. , l - W U I I 4 I I Q. 23:22 2 T 3" Rafi? gig if .: : arf , 2 , W. ., ,W 2,,.. ...V im :s : 9 ' SJ' l 525. . 4, ,,..a ' g'f'5P3f'- . I ief' I:I.,' :,::: ,:E:Q - - -4... . .:... - ' ' " .r '2:':::.1.-. - :Ez .:. " iii ' 55125255-5 . . . ,.... ..,. .,.,. , u rf , .15 ,ww I ,,,, EJ' ,in if-" L- . lr 45. rw' f k It il ' :far f -1-:Leer -2: fe ar: mg? 'ff' if . vi A 1 X, 'bf . ,.,..,. , Q? af wif ig if riggfif M, -. yi ...., l gf , .,.,. , ,.,, I' yi: Zz. " fi., ,:g.g:f:3-E5.,.:IgE5 fE-:, . , A ..,.. f-" fe 'fi' J . . if 7 W Q ,gr , , -"-1 f """'2 5 gg PM M.. .,.. 16-fir ti ya' 5 rr ,mgyw ya ff ,Eff 5 1. -.,. .SEE ,. A ,nj - . r CNS., . he . if A . S I., 'if SEM ,. .. 3 wif 40 113' 35251: ' E il rr I ' ,,.,.,,. 1 :-, "-' ' . rr, ,mvlyql ., 433 3 I . 'gf' . rr? ...., r f .r i s .fag gs .':, l 3 I I"'. i f I" 1.ji1if3Qfiif?ji1 ,-':i j Ali 1'1" .,., I . ME: f 'W 3 '. ,I .if :ff If I' - G! fi? 1- 2: I 'if 75 I X S ma si: if 'I ee Rf 1' JAP .,, ,A so 2 ef: Y J.. 1? ,... . E s o . I I gf! I xxpi If a I 5 2 I -f 53' 1 Q .5 wi ff ...Q I iv- rf 5' If if .,., . Egg! 3 ,,.. 1 Q. . Dr E 'Rai ' ffl. 'if . I3 gg v 'if . 'If I ,.,,.. 2 ,Q I ' . 32: Ii M ,gn-' I l , L I Qs , Tfffls ai "' . as -ru ., as f 1 . if -..,. .5 Q WEE 452 .,.,, ...: I ' df' if g' . iz. A,,,1 BATTERY II 56TH FIELD ARTILLERY BATTALION FIRST ROW: MYERS, Floyd L. NARCISE, John F. NELSON, Clifford L. NESBITT, James R. NIFONG, Edwin PACE, Willie PARKER, William H. SECOND ROW: PARKS, Raymond C. PARNELL, Ellon A. PELFREY, Folie PHILLIPS, Louis V. PORTER, Willie C. POWELL, John S., Jr. POWELL, Thomas J. THIRD ROW: PROCTOR, Jerome PRUITT, Jesse J. RAMSEY, George W RAY, Clifford A. REEVES, Tommy E. REID, James E. ROBERSON, Thomas FOU RTH ROW: ROGERS, James A. SANFORD, Willie A. SMITH, Bill SMITH, Charles R. SOUIRE, Lewis, Jr. STANFORD, William M. STEWART, Alvin FIFTH ROW: STEWART, Glen O. STINNETT, Bobby T. STOFFLE, Junior O. STOREY, Glenn STORMS, 'Thomas E. SULLIVAN, Opal J. TATE, Curlis L. SIXTH ROW: TAYLOR, Booker T. TERRY, William R. THOMASON, Homer F. Tl-IURMAN, Sleven P. TILLER, Fred TODD, John F, TURNER, Mellon C. SEVENTH ROW: TYNDALL, Delbert VICKERY, George T. WALKER, Neuberl C. WATERS, Leroy WATSON, Bobbie T. WHITAKER, David R. WHITLOCK, Guy, Jr. EIGHTH ROW: WILEY, Juance WILLIAMS, Abraham WILLIAMS, Admiral D. WILLIAMS, Arlhur L. WILLIAMS, Calvin M. WILSON, Brooks T. WILSON, Harold E. NINTH ROW: WILSON, Willie WOOD, Edward E. WOOD, Homer WRIGHT, Richard W. YOUNG, Homer IIIJMPANY B ir ,Q A. 'A' B1S'1' INFANTHY . ve' 6lST INFANTRY W.. 5 ' A a .A :. - J L A ill A Q R, .,,.,. Q E .fx 'E t, . mwff Q?a,?71" " ' Oli -F Q, ,lf -,iw W' iffy url A O Q -1 -"' 1 A 5 A l il . l AA . A A " l I il z ,,,,.2 T , A lll 4 ' sf -i. ,iw ll f-- 5 ' , Aga. ,,,.,,--'- A ..., 'A V ' A A A. W 3 is if " Y A A ll i SAAA if . A in 1 1 25:1 , ::: Qi A A Q R ' ' , i 0 -f l l R - J "' -. "" 1 5 l' f iff . l A 1 A f A A. 5 ' ' J bb A if 7 A 'TT U7 ii in l W T--ll-WY ' Avi J si 'A" I ,,.": , t ' . ,1 in L A B A l rrlr n A li if A it l ee if l T l ' . - . , A ......... .M 4 .F w A be f 1 . . it A ,iv . qi A ' l i:.pQ.-sEf.ii3i'I- ' l l I l 2. 3 Y W x li 4, .,., L 1 ',.., E . Q? T K , l li Y - . -.1'.-- P T A ' , i ATT 'bb' . -:" A , Q ---- a z.-3 . : il ' A 'lla A l ' X :M AV., ,ibuz Q , ll l V fi" ' ff- ' A5 T5 ' ' -' " " ij A I ' gggtr ,V ,,,,?,,7,,A,,,,, .,.L.,.,.....,-.......,! C., Krrv Ev..- -,......, .WO,T...A,.,.,, .. ,,,, , . , . 5, C i- AA f s, A 1 A w g AA ' eaea .. 5 , . f ii A A A AA2 A , A,-: ff 'l ' 5 V 1... , 5 A - xl, ' Q 1,. E . I A,-,.- 4 i 5 - A J J - ' f:'a t RTTTTTTTW lTTm"'W"""l'w"'i'N T A in if in iw K -." . E' ' ..1. E I lf , i . 1 l at l A A I A. V, X 1, y F if : K .,, . ., . A Q ,Q . U Y 1 K Wy . e 1 K up-so " . , -me ,, V- ., - '4 .Af A. , ' l L W' A T' - l in E I :Q 'ff ,.:, :--Q if 1 W4 F' AA A A A f ' ' T ' FIRST ROW: Privates ALLEN, Alex ALMONRODE, Willie BEASLEY, Roy BEEN E, Charles BELL, Homer J. BELLAR, Vencieni N. BITTLE, Thomas L. SECOND ROW: BIVENS, Robert C. BRICE, Robert L. BRINEY, James R., lll BRODGEN, Thomas BROOKS, Henry A. BRYANT, Earnest . BUSSEY, Sam L. THIRD ROW: BUTLER, John CALHOUN, Homer CAVIN, Billy CHAMBERS, Wallace CLARK, Howard J. CLEATI-l ER, Elliot CODY, Clarence FOU RTH ROW: COLEMAN, Carlton COOKSEY, Joe W. COX, Charles F. CRIBB, Coy B. CROWDER, Joseph CUETES, Harold CULP, Cecil FIFTH ROW: CUSHON, John W. DANIELS, Hayward DAVIS, Joe, Jr. DAVIS, Willie, Jr. DAYS, Zack, Jr. DEAL, Wilbur DENHAM, Parker SIXTH ROW: DUKES, Thomas DYER, Johnny L. EVERIDGE, B. J. FAISON, Jimmie FAULKNER, John P. FERGUSON, Jack FRENCH, Robert, Jr. SEVENTH ROW: FORREST, Robert FULLER, Robert J. GAINES, William GIBSON, Theo GOGGONS, James GOLBON, Sands GRAY, J. C. -.. . IIIIMPANY H 6lST INFANTRY FIRST ROW: GREEN, Ulysses GREGORY, Joe A. GRIFFIN, John R. GRIFFITH, Carl J. HARALSON, Allyss HARMON, John, Jr. HARRIS, Clarence SECOND ROW: HARRIS, Clarence, Jr. HARRIS, Willard HARRISON, Normon HASLIP, WillieJ. HAUSER, Henry l-IELLER, Alfred HENDERSON, Alberl THIRD ROW: HENLEY, Joe D. HIETT, Robey K. HILL, Leroy N. HILL, Roberl E. HINES, Joseph E. HOEFER, Eddie HOGANS, Freddie FOU RTH ROW: HOLT, J. W. HOWARD, Sammie L. HUNT, Charles E. INGRAM, John JACKSON, Delmas C., Jr JAM ES, Herberl JAMES, Sam FIFTH ROW: JARRELL, Samuel JESSIE, H. J. JOHNSON, Clarence, Jr. JOHNSON, James L. JOHNSON, Johnny JOHNSON, Joseph, Jr. JONES, J. B. SIXTH ROW: JONES, John JONES, Roberl A. KEY, Lesler KING, Elberl L. KING, Jack KLUG, Ambrose L. LAYN E, Joe SEVENTH ROW: LEDFORD, Clyde LEE, Jessie J. LLOYD, James E. MARCHMAN, William C MCCALL, Willie MCCAULEY, James P. MCCOY, James EIGHTH ROW: MCCRAY, Arlesler MCDONALD, Ellis MCLEROY, Eddie MELTON, Auslin C. MILAM, James MORGAN, Claude W. MORRISON, James T. NINTH ROW: MUNNERLYN, Willie NORWOOD, Russell OGLE, Albert H., Jr. OWENS, Herberl PADGETT, Fred D. PALMER, Clarence S. PATTERSON, Leon -.Yr-.-, 1.2 - . sea. U' .... .... , I' ..i' f"fI . . . " . 2 W 1 . ---:- I it r1f Mia.-: 5 , fr if 5...-:A . :'-. -2. .......y. . --,:,y.:, -,,,:-,g4gg-g-g- -::"-3"-::-..-::... 0 ISS . ' 'Q as sv if I si M - 'Xi' F Q 1 Q4 'ie f ' .!2gl.St?' E ...V fi iii ' . ---- gig 3'1EYE,5:,1g,HQf 3 5 fl. f , ' .4- all wiv 'nw E .,l. Q. I was YA an . W as .13 'QW my , ., ,. ,..,...,.,.., Q, ..,.., is i , if r . A I -I Iln. lllll .. ,T -A'. lllffl' , ,,.,, f , Eli?-f. ' q fr. ,- V.. ::,l Q, I V.:, in . ,,,. , ..,. , :"i1' 1 . ' . 8 X as s as W2 i . . A-04 H , I gi? ifiii' Bw ,, 3? J sz., wi . V' Qrz- Qlt. : .. - , ... . .. , g ,... . 1 xg: is is I if ..:.,. '.-, .,... K rs. .X .. 1+ - ,.,,,,. A W ' -, :E.'2..::'9' . .... . s av as Q 'A 4' ...., Q ,. .,'. ' Q "-- I ."' "I , ..,., if ',"'i I LQQ A ' L... 1 we 1 .,.... Q si ,.,-: ",': .fs 32 ? .,..: 2 1, ' 1 ' I ...y..: , ., .. 5 .. I y g, 3 3, . :,., W' N X. . digg R R 'fi .V fm- ,S 'S 5 if S ini Q t ii' . 1 ,pg M. 8 i 1. .uw S siaG'.ae. . me Nye eye . , X Q55 .agggf-an .Q if I '96-ai g J Mg,... , lik' ra Y w X ...-.- -. Q 'l"1IIgI:tf Rise R 'QW' , 33 f i . wi' Q... Sv W.. N an 4 pf Q Fir. 'V . ,.: . , "i?'f. of Q' rf' ' m. Sf :fy . I I -...'i . .. I I . A if I ,,', 1 bbnv ','A . ' A ' .,.,, . . I ' in f rss. I W . V ,-,.- H S' :If ,.,.,,, , . 5 13 ' '.,,-' . ifi ' . Q y. 1 "iii , ---- I K 3' In fy. ,,,,.. iiai?E: We 10W ,,. e I ik zeiawfrfr s...:f :,: . I RE I if-5 I I my 4, wx , y , ""'F .. ag. .:..,. ,iv V .ig gel .. I , :: 3 " ..' v ' ' ' - , .,,A . .zax ,,,. , 2,i :A.? , , .i15.E? ...,,,,.,, .:g, . .. .....:,..:,. ,-.,:: . f . I . . 5 , ' . I I S . ..., I5 .V is , f iffl . ,,., 11 2.251 'HSA' 'f ,I I. . " - .... I 3 ff. .V.. . f iii '-'. Q sig J. BUMP!-INY B 6 I ST INFANTRY FIRST ROW: PETTUS, David PHILLIPS, Sarnmie L. REESE, John W. Reeves, John C. RICHARDSON, Harry L. RICHARDSON, Jesse, Jr RIMES, Vasco SECON D ROW: ROBERTS, William H. ROSS, Roosevelf RUSHING, Elmer RUSSELL, Paul SANFORD, Glen SAUNDERS, Romie E., Jr SCHACHT, Henry F. THIRD ROW: SCHUMPERT, Francis A. SEYMOUR, Samuel SHARP, Ivory D. SHAW, James SHAW, Lee A. SIMMONS, Sylvesler SLACK, Walker L. FOURTH ROW: SMITH, Clarence H. SMITH, Frank D. SMITH, Paul SOWELL, Mack SPANN, Charles E. SPRATLING, York, Ill STARLING, Johnnie R. FIFTH ROW: STEGALL, J. W. STEVENS, Julius C. STOWE, Billy J. SUMLIN, Melvin TERRY, Hollis L. THOMAS, William T. THOMAS, Terry slxrH Row: THOMPSON, owns UNDERWOOD, James K. UPSHAW, Ozzie B. UTLEY, Billy J. VANATTO, Eugene V. VINSON, Junior S. WAITES, Richard SEVENTH ROW: WALDEN, W. C. WALKER, James WARD, James E. WASHINGTON, Bobby WATSON, Robert L. WELLS, Billy WETZEL, Charles E. EIGHTH ROW: WHITE, Fred D. WILLlAMS,J. D. WILLIAMS, Roberl WILLIAMS, R. B. WILSON, Johnnie A. WILSON, Joseph WINDLY, Clifton J., Jr. NINTH ROW: WIST, Simon, Jr. WREN, Charles M. WRIGHT, Casper WRIGHT, Elvin YOUNG, Eliiah YOUNG, Leonard YOUNGBLOOD, Paul, Jr Reading from IefI' I'o righh D. W. MarI'in, Jr., 2nd L+., M. M, McPherson, 2nd L+., F. H. Swaink, Jr.. 2nd FIRST ROW: Trainees ADAMS, LouIse G. ADAMSON, James E. AKINS, Roberr L. ALLEN, Avery D. ALLEN, Ford L. ALLEN, RaIpI1V. ALMONRODE, Willie C. SECOND ROW: ANDERSON, Fred L. ANDERSON, Joe L., Jr. APPLEWHITE, CarI J. BAIN, Bobby R. BARKER, Bobby BARNES, Vance P. BARRETT, KeIrh T. THIRD ROW: BETHEL, Rufus, Jr. BISHOP, Leonard BOND, Lewis C. BOND, McEwen BOOZER, James T. BOURNE, James R. BOWENS, Edward "Zi, I ..,g.g .gzji "" "::2 S ,gr , L+., J. R. Evans, Sg+. J. P, Trianfis, Cpl. 6 I ST INFANTRY . . ' ,. rrr 'r'- .,.: rr. --"'- 1 L . .,.. . ...., .,,, ..... . .r . , ., ---- ...-.- .. , . ,. - - .1 ...,. ... -: ., .,.. .8 ...-.. W, . ,,,., ,, ,-,,A - ,, . . .- .. ,, ., .V we , , rw an ADW? , ..,." .Mia A' W 4" -i:iE:'f:2f-"'s'- ' --zla., x' E -'qi :- , ' ...:,::-. . 1? J .e Aim Fifi! , 3: 3 Ig -F TBR ? XS Q .ff E .. ' , ,K g Il . I , l - A If In E A i I l 1 I A i Vyr , tg vb .Q ,...,,- 1 .. F' Q I., .Lcq W .Y.. ,.- I, ,, V. . ., T 'fb V. I. fl? Ii W .1-ff , ' ..., Z - J: 1, I , I V ::,:v A V',, , A 2 vi Q ,"' x ,: , , -I -I mi ' -ri -QVQ O If: I i I h,:v .4 ..,.- I I ' i 'A-, -W . ' X W . 2::, 3 E iqngz b E ' ..:1 - I ::" 1 gf ' I ' F ' ,A , - 1. l1 . . I ..-- , iii, ' .. Z 'EW "-V.' , " ' ' ,i:' S -2?gf. f5i'f:sf 'f.'?' . Ei I ri A I r.-i'i A"A I ' vv.., ., , , bl , ',v: 3, ----: gf-5,5 . li I "I -'-- , I , .l, ' - - n,,:' -.,- I , '-'M 2 ., ,A,, y . . 8 , -,Z .,,, is iw 1 X ar IIUMPI-INY H 6IST INFANTRY FIRST ROW: BOYDS, Thad, Jr. BRAKE, Billy J. BRANN, Morris BREWER, James L. BROWN, Charlie BROWN, Roberf L. BROWN, Samuel SECOND ROW: BROWNING, James P, BRYANT, Howard L. BUCKNER, Charles BUCKNER, Wayne L. BU RGOS, Vilclos S. BYARS, James L. CARTER, Arlhur W., Jr. THIRD ROW: CARTER, Willis P. CATACOSI NOS, Consfanline CHANCE, Franklin CLEMONS, John H. COLEMAN, Edward S. COLLIER, Herman G. CONKLE, James M. FOURTH ROW: CRAIG, Ernesl R. CRAIG, Garland W. CRAWFORD, Harold CREASMAN, Ralph CROCKER, John, Jr. CUMBEE, Willard CURRY, Marvin L. FIFTH ROW: DAILEY, Emmelf R. DAUGHDRILL, Dallon DAVIDSON, Huewell DEDMON, H. D. DILLARD, Joseph F. DIXON, Edwin H. DOBBS, Olden E. SIXTH ROW: DUPREE, Alvin EASTERWOOD, Bobby EDDE, Billy J. EDENFIELD, Roland M. EMMONS, Grady J. FINKLIN, Willie FINNEY, Billie G. SEVENTH ROW: FLOWER, Winsfon P. FORE, Ray M. FOREMAN, Fred GARRETT, Roberf L. GARRISON, William R. GARNER, William A. GENTRY, Byron T. EIGHTH ROW: GILES, George V., Jr. GODET, Billy C. GRIFFIN, Ouinfon T. GUILES, Lionel W. HALSEY, Alden H. HANSON, Roy HARRINGTON, Edward V NINTH ROW: HARRIS, Harold L. HAYTH, Billy HENDERSON, William S HESTERS, Roy HOGANS, Freddie HOLLAND, Dewey HOWARD, Huey C. U!- IIIIIVIPIINY H 6IST INFANTRY FIRST ROW: HOWARD, Sammue L. HUGULEY, Lenwood ISAAC, William, Jr. JAMES, Ralph A. JOHNS, Ernesf C. JOHNSON, Johnnie L. JOHNSON, Randolph, Jr SECOND ROW: JOHNSON, Waller O. JOHNSTON, George R. JONES, Bain D., Jr. JONES, Gilbert R. KENT, John W. KING, Dannie J. KINSEY, James D. THIRD ROW: LAMBERT, Malcolm LANTZIUS, John L. LEAK, Alex, Jr. LIND, Kennelh W. LOCK, Johnson T. LOGAN, Eddie N. LOVETT, Ergen FOURTH ROW: LUNA, Ysidro C. LYNCH, John B. MALAGUTI, Ralph F. MARCHANT, Howard L. MARSHALL, Simon D. MARTIN, George M. MASON, Malhew, Jr. FIFTH ROW: MASSEY, Omer B. MASSEY, William R. MATHEW, Ralph MCDONALD, Harry E. MCGOWAN, Jesse L. MCMILLAN, Charles D. MCOUEENS, Willey, Jr. SIXTH ROW: MEACHAM, Howard MEACHAM, Roberl MESSER, Arnold MILAM, Frilz E. MILLER, Jerry W. MILTON, Alexander MONTAFU, Henry SEVENTH ROW: MOORE, Kennelh E. MOORE, Kennerh R. MOORISON,James T. MORROW, Oscar L. MUNDAY, Dale L. MURPHY, Richard J. MYERS, Richard EIGHTH ROW: NEWSOME, Roberl L. NOLES, Willie E. OTWELL, Roberf OVERCAST, Daniel OWEN BY, Tom PALMER, Leon PARRISH, David G. NINTH ROW: PARRISH, Kennelh C. PATRICK, Marlin D. PAYLOR, George PEGRAM, John T. POWE, Thomas F. . agar' iw' gi. .Elf . ,, .J 42 mi.: , -5? . 9 W R H ' . Z ,. I 1 -V l i W ..,. f M sas vs A .. ,. ., . 5 2 l 3 .1 3, i . . elf, 9 f :S I if gi fl f I I EZQ. '-". 2 - '-:1:: 5. I I I -2. M Q . "r--. 'ffl' .... A - 1 'Fi - .. 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A 3 1 .Q ..,, V .,., ,,,:. , dw YS,-F ij .... : 5 I I . ' K.. . si I . ,. ,.,-: Q r f., :'., r J sY arr I 3? ... s .Y J I . ' NX IIUMPANY H 6IST INFANTRY FIRST ROW: PRINGLE, Lawrence C. RAY, Clinnon REED, Moses REESE, Ernesl REID, Jack T. RICE, David R. ROBBS, Lulher SECOND ROW: ROSS, Hugh ROSIER, Tommie ROTEN, Glyda J. RUSH, Lonnie, Jr. SADLER, Bobby G. SANDERS, Rufus L. SETTERSTROM, Ernesl W THIRD ROW: SHELL, Thomas J. SHELTON, Warren SI-IIELDS, Theodore SIBLEY, Edgar E. SISSON, Fred SMITH, Donald L. SMITH, Emmelf E. FOURTH ROW: SMITH, Harry T. SMITH, Willie T. SPAIN, John J. SPARKS, Gordon H. SPEARS, Lamar SPROUSE, Frederick STEVENSON, James O. FIFTH ROW: STUFF, William C. SUTTON, Alva TAYLOR, Edward C. TEDDER, Henry TERRY, John TIPPETT, Thomas R. TURNER, Harold C. SIXTH ROW: VANKOOKE, James, Jr. VAUGHN, Ollie J. VAUGHAN, William R. WALKER, James M. WALKER, Oscar E. WALTERS, Thomas WARD, Billy L. SEVENTH ROW: WARD, Dixon C., Jr. WARD, Roberl' C. WEAVER, Roy D. WEEKS, Bobb E. WHALE, John B. WHITENER, Donald W. WHITFIELD, Dan L. EIGHTH ROW: WHITWORTH, Charles WILLIAMS, Charles C. WILLIAMS, James A. WILLIAMS, Leamon J. WILLIAMS, Reuben S. WILLIAMS, Roger L. WILLIAMS, Waller L. NINTH ROW: WILLINGHAM, Byron B. WILSON, Alberlh WILSON, Joseph WORSLEY, Ben, Jr. ZIERER, Richard J. HE VY MUHTAH EUMPA Y Reading from le'F+ fo righf, back row: Milcles, M!Sg'r., Posey, 2nd L+., Banning, F. M., ls? L+., Brush, MfSg'I'. From' row: Hol+, M., Pvt, Wheeler, Cpl., Hinman, Cpl. Danniles, Cpl., Ward, Cpl., Wesfbrook, Pvf. HIST INF!-XNTHY Y I ,V.,. 'Heres x4 wil 4 .... Q f1..,i:f-I-:gf-:j I I .. . -. ., '- .... - ,f J .,..,. , I A h S , .L K ggefggggigi V-2:.. ,.,,, 3- ri ., ' ' "": ' , ..,,V ,:.. E -Q SK S' 2 3 I PM if wg? 'ex gifh ::' "" , . ' W 4 il Zfi 1, ,W A 5gg.g'gQi f fl W . . . A MM' I . .-::,:- . X .3-ff.-',:..v aff: :I Q95 ag? Q MQW 2 25 Mwgm im.. .Q :M -' . 15, ww. 'I 4 3195 f Q , Jw I A? 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FIFTH ROW: BROWN, Roberl BROWN, Richard C. BROWN, Roger L. BUNZEY, Ward R. BUSH, Nafhaniel BRYANT, Raymond BYERS, William E. SIXTH ROW: CALLARI, Roberl M. CAPEN, David W. CARTER, Richard K. CAVERS, James W. CISTERN, Pefer J. CLIFFORD, Alvin G. CLOFLIN, Roberl E. SEVENTH ROW: COADY, Joseph P. CONLEY, Palrick CONRAD, Richard COOK, Norval CROFT, Morris R. CROSSMAN, Roberl M. DALOLA, John R. EIGHTH ROW: DANIELS, Charles T. DAVIS, James DEAN, Merle D. DelROSSA, Peler DEMO, Eugene DESCHENES, Norman J DEXTER, John I. me-' f HEAVY MIIHTIIH IIIIIVIPI-INY 6lST INFANTRY FIRST ROW: DIXON, Kennelh B. DUPLAIN, George J. ELAM, Lenn D. ELMORE, Lake ENGLISH, James L. ESSIGMANN, Harold E FILLION, Ronald A. SECOND ROW: FLINT, Richard E. FORRESI ER, Beniamin F. FOURNIER, Maurice R. FRASURE, Arthur, Jr. GAGNE, Lionel E. GAGNON, Pierre L. GARROD, Cecil W. THIRD ROW: GARRISON, David GARRISON, William R. GRAVES, William H. GRIFFIN, George T. G-RIMOLIZZI, John J. GUILBERT, Joseph R. HACKETT, James K. FO U RTH ROW: HARRIS, Charles L., Jr. HARRIS, Elijah, Jr. HATFIELD, Roderick M. HELLER, Charles E. HIBBETT, Richard J. HILL, John L. HOPPEL, Alden A. FIFTH ROW: JOHNSON, James C. JOHNSON, Waller JONES, Samuel P. JUSTICE, Arllie KELLY, Floyd KING, Hollis E. KOLEK, Edward J. SIXTH ROW: KROLL, Joseph W. LABONTE, Claude G. LANEY, Carroll N. LARU E, Marcel G. J. LEFEBVRE, John P. LEONHARDT, Roberl L. LESIEGE, Donald E. SEVENTH ROW: LESIEGE, Roberl E. LESSARD, Fernand V. LEVINE, Allan N. LISENBY, James E. LOWERY, James P. MACKECHNIE, Charles MASHBURN, Fred O. EIGHTH ROW: MASLEN, John R. MAYBU RY, Roberl MCOUILLAR, Charlie MONROE, Thomas E. MOONEY, John A., Jr. MOREAU, Norman J. MORGAN, Malcolm E. NINTH ROW: MORRISON, Joe A. MOSES, Joseph L. MUNDY, James G. MURPHY, Bennie H. MURPHY, Richard F. MURRAY, Donald E. MYLES, Joseph P. I s 1 W., Jr. I W M Ap, ,M 321 - J " fi S 'W W3 2,:z.sw I-gg.: 3 1 1fLi:'1Z,. ...J 5 .g f-2 -Eg.. ' .... I' 0 15 .,, 1, W. 17343: S' :wg If . 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Iris D'-is I ,-- .- em, Q2 ..i I fn- I li-J? :fr Q V uf .. A . WV 'y nag. L v J! -Q E tra . , I ' i azz : F .L '-,,- L ff 'IG I ":, '.: an .JJCJ sr r - I 5 x..-y ee, 3, 15:3 . . Y K " 'E' ,:.. ,- -,-. . . :ff we-sri : 1 1 . 75" 575.5 HEI-WY MIJHTI-IH IIIJIVIPIINY 6lST INFANTRY FIRST ROW: NEWSOME, Randall L. NOWAKOWSKI, William Jr. O'BLlNES, Thomas O'NElLL, Richard OTTANI, Richard A. PAGE, Gerald P. PAGE, John IND SECOND ROW: PALUCK, Edward PARENT, Roberf O. PARO, George L. PETERS, Ernesf PEZZULO, Louis POIRIER, Raymond J. PROCTOR, Dewey R. THIRD ROW: PRARIO, Roberf J. PRICE, Johnny PROFENNO, Augusline, Jr PROKOP, Kenneth E. RALEY, Bobbie E. REECE, Norman B. RHUDY, Gene R. FOU RTH ROW: ROBERTS, Charles ROUX, Reginald ROY, Bertrand E. ROY, Maurice RUDISILL, Roy H. RUSSELL, Coolidge SESSOMS, Clyde E. FIFTH ROW: SEYMOLJRS, William H. SHEA, George R. SHELL, Ralph SHERRILL, Henry M. SHOOK, Clifford A. SILVERS, J. S. SINKLER, Edward SIXTH ROW: SMOAK, John SPARROW, James E. STANDRIDGE, Tommy M. STONE, John A. STRICKLAND, T. L. STURTEVANT, Slanley G. SUTTON, James SEVENTH ROW: SWIATLOWSKI, John W. SZALACK, John P, TODD, Harold M. TOMLINS, Vernon VAIL, Lawrence D. VESSEY, Charles VIECELLI, Elio EIGHTH ROW: VIEIRA, Charles WADE, Horace H. WALKER, Clifford L. WASHER, Carl T. WELCH, Thomas WENGLEIN, Joseph M. WHITE, John F. NINTH ROW: WHITESIDE, Billy J. WILBANKS, Herrin E. WILLIAMS, David WILLIAMS, Roger L. WILSON, Booker T. YVON, Sylvio T.

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