US Army Training Center - Yearbook (Fort Dix, NJ)

 - Class of 1950

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US Army Training Center - Yearbook (Fort Dix, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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.mum ,h..,.. .. mww.,w,f..1,w..W.m..n.uB,.m,m.W,...,m.Mm ...M ..,.......wM,Q, , wgvmm. ,.n,.gA,.,...,,....g.4...W.Q..u.4,.,......,..,,,,,,.,.M,,,.,,.....1..w!g5gi .1153 Tum, 5 K V, 4 E 'E 1 A -. F1 .5 2 f 6 'S K I 5 Q P' ff ff 9 2 I 3 ? . ,w y of . ,I a ld? Va 4 Je. ki-'1 'Q' .s ' 435. 2 N -,L ' 3 if 'fr 'A '39 M, I ' wa I If -I Wi 6 TW' sq 4 ," ew ET., '13,-'S iff! ww ' if gl- ' EN -if 4' K. , V. 3 ,5 V r 1 1 -A Dedicated to the Fort Dix soldier .... in peace and war hevvas trained and helped to train others. proficiency played ao immieasorabl e role idthe victorious th Q li the l i o i o a o ol - - -,:.,.,,.W,.M1W.A . ac,o K, JLX. M,,mLW, li , .. , ,, . WW N bggo, K o . K - , - , , . - . g 5,f5yi?a3Q51Q as-5 V o 5-55 J3?mW,..,, - - , , in war-an ambass rold mocracy. oiissiiigigf- . ' 'fgiiiliff .rzgz fg.-1f..f:1: 1 NIIXIETEEN FIFTY if ik if: as .J ,. L1 V IVIAJDR GENERAL John M. Devine General Devine assumed command oT The 9Th Division in SepTember. I949, aTTer reTurning Trom The Ear EasT Com- mand. l-lis ThirTy-Two years oT acTive service began when General Devine, a naTive oT Providence, Rhode Island, was graduaTed Trom WesT PoinT in The class oT April, I9 I 7, as a Tield arTillery oTTicer. During The TirsT World War General Devine saw acTion as a loaTTery commander in The Third Field ArTillery. ATTer The war he earned a masTer oT science degree aT Yale UniversiTy and was insTrucTor aT The MiliTary Academy and aT The Eield ArTillery School. ln I932, he reTurned To WesT PoinT. This Time as assisTanT ProTessor in English. His miliTary schooling shows diplomas Trom The Eield ArTillery School and The STaTT College aT EorT LeavenworTh. AIDES- CAMP CAPT WILBUR McCORMACK IST LT LINCOLN LANDIS W i ll U., ..-QT ywgggllilll ffl During World War ll General Devine was arTillery commander of The 9OTh lnTanTry Division Trom The invasion OT Normandy To The heavy TighTing in The Falaise Gap which broughT desTrucTion To The German SevenTh Army. ATTer This acTion he Took over a CombaT command oT The 7Th Armored Division and soon was given his own division, The 8Th Armored. l"le remained in command oT The Thundering Herd unTil vicTory in Europe. ln l946, he organized The Universal MiliTary Training Program aT ForT Knox. The General's decoraTions include The DisTinguished Service Medal, Legion oT lvleriT, Silver STar. Bronze STar, French Legion oT I-Ionor and Croix de Guerre, and several DuTch and Czechoslovalcian awards. L General Barriger assumed his presenT pOsT wiTh 9Th lnTanTry Division on 2l June I949, Tollowing his reTurn Trom The Canal Zone, where he served as Chief OT STaTT OT The U. S. Army, Caribbean. A naTive OT Shelbyville, Ky., General Barriger was graduaTed Trom The U. S. MiliTary Academy in I9l8 as a second lieuTenanT OT Cavalry. He is also a graduaTe OT The Troop oTTicer's course aT The Cavalry School and The Com- mand and General STaTT course. WiTh The OrganizaTiOn OT The Armored Force, U. S. Army, in July, 1940, General Barriger was deTailed TO General STaTT duTy and assisTed in The OrganizaTiOn OT The IsT Armored Division, laTer becoming AssisTanT ChieT OT STaTT, G-4, Tor The Armored Force, FT. Knox, Ky. ln June, I943, he was ordered To England and NOrTh ATrica wiTh a Technical mission, checking Armored Force lOgisTics under baTTle condiTiOns. While on duTy as DepuTy G-4, wiTh The IsT U. S. Army Group, General Barriger was appOinTed To The sTaTT OT The BriTish 2lsT Army Group, laTer becoming DepuTy ChieT OT STaTT, G-4, OT The I2Th Army Group under General Omar N. Bradley, now Chairman OT The JOinT ChieTs OT STaTT. When The war ended, he was G-4, FiTTeenTh Army. General Barriger wears The Legion OT lvleriT wiTh Two Oak-LeaT clusTers, The Bronze STar Medal, The French Legion OT T-lOnOr, The French Croix de Guerre, and The Order OT The BriTish Empire, as well as The FurOpean-ATrican- Middle easTern ribbon wiTh Tive baTTle sTars. BRIGADIER GENERAL WILLIAM L BARRIGET AIDES - DE- CAMP GEORGE D. NELSO .Mu 1lV'5".lE"'EfQ1Qq il VI Il if fviii W 171132 'Lu T LT WILLIAM M. WHITESEL Colonel Marfin reporTed To The 9Th InTanTry Division Tor duTy as ChieT oT STaTT on I5 No- vember I948 from The FiTTh Corps ArTiIIery, ForT Bragg, N. C. Born in Wisconsin, Colonel MarTin was gradu- aTed Trom U. S. MiIiTary Academy, WesT PoinT, I November I9I8 wiTh Field ArTiIIery as basic branch. He is a graduaTe oT Field Ar'IiIIery School and The Command and General STaTT School. Service in various posTs in The U. S., Hawaii and The Philippines in The Field ArTiIlery, and a Tour oT duTy as insTrucTor in maThemaTics aT WesT PoinT and aT Louisiana STaTe LIniversiTy as AssisTanT Professor oT MiIiTary Science and TacTics covered his duTy up To World War II. Colonel MarTin Took The 68Th Armored Field ArTiIIery Bn. oT The IST Armored Division To NorTh Ireland early in I94-2, Then To NorTh ATrica where he was wounded in acTion and re- Turned To The UniTed STaTes in March, I943. In May, I943, he became Division Arlillery Com- mander oT The 7Th Armored Division, remaining in This posT unTiI OcTober, l945, when The Division reTurned To The UniTed STaTes Tor deacTivaTion. DecoraTions include: Silver STar wiTh oalc IeaT cIusTer, Legion oT MeriT, Bronze STar wiTh Two oalc leaf cIusTers Purple HearT and Army CommendaTion Ribbon. Foreign decoraTions held are Croix de Cruerre IFrenchI wiTh Palm, Legion oT Honor lFrenchI and Order of The Brirish Empire. His European-ATrican Middle EasTern ribbon carries Tive baTTIe sTars. ClHEFCNiSTAFF O. W. MARTIN Colonel, GSC, CI1ieToTS'I'aTf GENERAL STAFF LT COL NORMAN R. WALKER LT COL JAMES ABBOTT LT COL LEON O. POND LT COL R. J. MOULTON , Tj' MAJ THEODORE F. WEAVER AT 'iU,u,miir-" S55 Wim? ls.- A naTive oT Oklahoma, Colonel Cash had World War II service wiTh The l-IeadquarTers. EighTh Corps Area and The IlTh Armored Division. During World War ll, Colonel Cash was as- signed To The ETO as a member oT The 22d Corps and parTicipaTed in The CenTral European and Rhineland Campaigns. While in The ETO, he served as lnspecTor General of The Third Army and The U. S. ConsTabulary. ln December, I947, Colonel Cash reTurned To The U. S. and was assigned To The lnspecTor Generals Office, DeparTmenT of The Army. Colonel Cash arrived aT ForT Dix l AugusT I949 from ForT B ' enning, Ga., where he had compleTed The Advanced lnTanTry Officers' Course. Service in ForT Dix from l Au T To O T b gus c o er I949 was as Commanding OTTicer oT The 47Th lnTanTry Regiment ln OcTober, l949, Colonel Cash was assigned as DepuTy PosT Commander. JAMES H. CASH Colonel, lnT.., De puTy PosT Commander CAPT JOHN E. McCORMIOl? Mai Harold A. Shari' Capl' Frederick A. Palmer Cap? Alberf W. Perringion Capf William J. Powers LT COL NORMAN R. WALKER Isl L+ Camille G. Morgan Isl L+ Samuel R. Violan+e LT COL JAMES P. ABBOTT Cap? Francis M. Johnson ...wa rf LT COL LEON O. POND Mai Harry V. Douglas Mai Charles H. Gillens Mai Thomas E. Hickman Mai John M. Roworlh Capl William J. Dwyer Capl John E. Fuller Capl Roberl K. Koopman Isl Ll Gordon F. Cumming Isl Ll Francis P. Farley Isl Ll Horace V. Freilag Isl Ll Waller Sellle Isl Ll George M. Shuller Isl Ll Auslin J. Yerks, Jr. 'R LT COL ROBERT J. MOULTON Ll Col Ralph E. Lanham Mai Leon C. Smilh Mai Val R. Spencer Capl Joseph S. Carrion Capl Howard R. Dunham Capl Maurice N. Madison Capl John C. McNichoI, Jr. Isl Ll George A. Duncan Isl Ll Viclor L. Tipp CWO Edward A. Dicks COL FRANK R. SHINN, JR. ADJUTA T GENERAL LI Col Owen W. Huff Mai John E. Nolan Cap? Charles W. Baslian, Jr Cap+ Philip A. Becker Cap'I' John A. Brilo Cap? Clifford A. Brown Cap? Thomas F. Cook Capl John B. Cowgill Capi' William Kennedy Capi' John L. Krolcenloerger Capf Millard L. Mafher Capl Roberl D. Medaugh Capl Howard B. Miller Cap? S'I'ephen Nemeih, Jr. Capi Maynard S. Tansley Capf J. Werner Cap+ Whilney L. Young Cap+ Archie H. McLeod Is'I L+ John D. Arlhur Isl' L+ Ralph H. Davenpori' Isi LI George C. Gregor Is+ LI' Roberl' D. Legg Is'I L+ Roberl E. Lindamood Isl LI William H. McFadden Isl' LI Ernesi A. Maiello Isl LI John L. Marshall DJUTAIXIT GENERAL LTC ls+ L+ William F. Schumacher ls+ L+ Einar Berge Is+ L+. I. T. Waldow Is+ L+ Roberi' A. Sell 2nd L+ Clifford A. Clark 2nd L+ Herman A. Conracl 2nd L+ Norman Gagne 2nd L+ John J. Gaghan 2nd L+ Frank J. Gaughan 2nd L+ Charles E. Lucy 2nd L+ Fred J. Robison 2nd L+ John J. Simmons 2nd L+ Henry A. S+alls, Jr. 2nd L+ Richard L. Bar+le++ CWO Lorenzo B. Faun+leroy CWO William M. Logan CWO John P. Verry WOJG Wilbur Dunlap WOJG Rober+ E. Moore WOJG George A. Rueclenauer OL AUGUSTINE P. DONNELLY gi Q-Nw rl' DIVISION CHAPLAI Ca p+ Ca p+ Alber+ M. Shoemaker James E. Hemann LT COL THOMAS M. CHILDS LT COL DE FOREST R. ROUSH LT COL DONALD J. PROBES EXCHANGE OFFICER Cap? Isl Lf Isl LI' Rita E. Eney John J. Donegan Neal A. Chrislensen WOJG Philip L. Murray PRUVST MARSHALL Mai Maj Capf Herber+ J. Michau Waller M. Redclen Peler A. Capulo Cap? Capl Capf Waller E. Donnelly Daniel R. Lewanclowsld Edmund F. Terry Isl LI Isl LI Ernes'I D. Reamer George McFarland, Jr. IIXISPECTOR GENERAL Capi Cap? Durward H. Brann Thomas Yorgalach Cap? Franlrlin T. DeGroodI' Isl' LI' Enlo DlBer'Io ENG: EERS J. It T .. nw 7? " , A ,M , Mai Mai Capl Isl Ll Roberl E. Loudenslager Edgar G. Schwarlz Samuel W. Pinnell James P. Milchell Isl Ll Isl LI' ISI' Ll William F. Muller Sleve Szobola James E. Smilll URDNANCE Capl Isl Ll Isl Ll Isl L+ Lee J. Crall Kennelh A. Abrams George T. Johnson Slanley J. Rychlilr CWO Alberl J. Harbig MOTOR UPERATIO "5 'STE' aww sw ' 1, Capl Isl Ll Isl Ll Isl Ll Henry T. Foran Everell E. Crandall Arlhur D. Dionne John G. Searle Isl Ll Isl Ll Glenn D. Thompson Russell J. Wnelr use gg! TF' 25 r-- I ' I ' 515, 4:1 LT COL THEODORE F. ASTRELLA LT COL HENRY J. WYLIE S4 If' I CAPT LA VERNE W. HEBBE Sp ECW 'fffii I ' .igigigiiiififiiiz 5 I' 4, :f:'ffffE2EIE1E'f 2:E5.2SfE52'2I51512-Eififiiiiiffiiffiii LT COL GEORGE R. COLE ,l55:fQffQff555f5?5 fffeseffsfiffgss .t I ,..':gI2:3 '5f-f?:- V -4 4-,Gun fii -4. .1 ..-f", --:-:5:5:5:g:::5::::f ff:5f'- -1521215555511 .,gsgsgs:5:s:s:z: r I , X .yi 5 , LT COL GEORGE M. PERFATER 5 I G A 2f2E1E2EI3'1:22::.g. ":fE'f- EEF" "f2EI25f5E1E1E2f Y MAJ JAMES P. GRIEST Mai Capl Capl Isl Ll David S. Anderson Leland E. Carr Owen J. Pelerson R. H. Bucknell, Jr Isl Ll Isl Ll Isl Ll James L. Moore Joseph A. Soldalo Vincenl E. Will Mai Capl Isl Ll Isl Ll Donald A. LaFace Jack R. Pearce Winfield S. Bennell Orrick A. Childs 2nd Ll CWO George B. Barrell Andrew G. Olson Capl Isl Ll Joe D. Marberry Richard H. Pearson Isl Ll WOJG Bryanl E. Richardson Orlin B. Simons Ll Col Mai Capl Capl Alexis P. Minos Roberl O. Hillis Ealon J. Bowers Thomas E. Hanna Capl Capl Capl Capl Leo E. Hunler Bernard E. MacBrlde Leonard L. Phillips Wilbur W. Sewell Isl Ll Isl Ll Isl Ll Isl Ll Earl E. Faurol John L. Gordon Lawrence M. Kellam John J. Klrchensleln Isl Ll Isl Ll CWO Douglas P. l.aPlne Harry H. Slrauss Thomas T. Kiley E7E'52EIfif:f:1:1:'E'E'E'E ' 'IE' 4 -:f:+: :::Z:g:-:1:1E2Erfrfzfz5:5:5:55:Z:':-::IEISIErE:f:f:f:5:1:f:7EIf2:1:i .,.. ' LT COL HARLEY A. LANNING 2 L WA R FA R E , , . ffl.-:1:2:f-I-2:f." ' "' :f-f.fIfI:'7f515 figs IST LT MAX E. WINESKI LT COL ROBERT E. HOLMAN LT COL CHESTER T. BROWN MAJ EDWARD H. KYLE OFFICERS MESS Cap'I' Capf Isl LI Is? LI Harold B. Bauer William J. Sanclercoclc Lesler W. Blevins Lawrence Drew Isl LI' Isf L+ Isl' LI Is'I L+ William H. Ferguson Willis F. Mi+cI1eII Leslie P. Pryce Richard J. Shaw I VESTIC TI C OFFICER P BLIC I Mai Cap? Louis M. Szymaszelr Joseph J. Henderson FORIVI TIO OFFICE Capf Capl- Wilfred DeCI1risIoforo James R. Lewis RAIL TRANSPORTATIO Ca pf Isl Li' lsi L+ ZS George E. Thibocleau George Salliclc William J. McMahon QUARTERIVIASTER MAJ EDMUND G. CORREIA L+ Col Mai Frank Giandomenico George T. Grimes Capf Cap+ Howard C. Lee Arihur A. Nyberg ls? L+ lsi' L+ Roberf E. McCarfl1y William G. Nichols CWO Vernon J. Moal: Capf Yancy L. Busby, Jr. Cap? Elgin G. Roberfson ls? Li' Homer E. Gray, Jr. WOJG Harold L. Copeland Cap? Francis W. DouceH Isl' Li' George F. Collins CWO Guss G. Hughes COL WILLIAM W. BRIER llf, X XX gs, C., I , 5 K ,fff 'rff:!.X-L--G-Hr.. .I Qi X ,mx X I .,,..........-..-....2:-:-:2:-:A:-:2:2:1:2:211Ar-1-1-:-:f.4:-:- :2:4212125:T515:f:f:2:1:2:f:22:-az. 2221:-11:2:25:2:2E2E2E2E2E2E2E2E2E2:2f:1:2:2:2:2:2:25E52Z252E2E2E1552f:1:1:I:2:2:2:2E2E2E2: '25E2E2E2E:f:f:1:1:f:1:52:Q2:2:... . ...:1:2:2:22253225232525252225259:1rf:2:2:23E2E2E2S2E52S2frf9:f:C:2:2:52E2E2: :1:2:2 3:3:3:5:::3:-1-:-:.:-:-5.321Igigigriq:5:-:-:-:-3.1.3.grgigzg15:551:5115:-:-:-:29:21.g.g2g:g:::5:3z::5:g:, -:.g.g.g.g.g155:525:5:3:::::1:5:4:-:-:..:-:-15:1:51I1Cg:gZ5:5:3:5:f-:-:-:-211212321252g:::g:5:3:3:g:-'A:-:-:.:2:25g2gIgCg:g:g:3:::::-:-:Q.. -:4.:Z2gZg2g2g2g:g:555'-:-:-:' -:3:1:I:2g2g'-212555tgtglce:f:-:-:-:2:2:232:1g21255:tg:-:-:-:2:-:-:2:2g2gIg2g2g2gtg:52:- . .- .4.,.g2g:g:,... .,:+.g.5.3.5--'M'-3:51:25'-5.3.-253:51:11:"3:3:3:::::3""":"""''315-554-4.5:::::5:::1"3:5:::--Q, -4.55:g:::3:5:::5::::g.g.- , 25535:::::::::g54.g.3.22515522.2::::5::::::::29g.g.g.3.5.::g:5:-:5:g:3g.5:g.,5.:.:.g.533255::::::5:::g:g.:.g.g.g.g:g:1:::: :1:5:::::.g.g.g f:r:1:1-11:12 -::- -:2:2 :1:f:f:r:2. 212:21-11: :2:2:1:1:1:2:2:r 11:21:51 1.5: ':1:1:2:1: 12:2 .':-:2:2:- ':2:2:1:r:1:2ff:2::f:2: -:2:2:2:-:f:1:- :2:2:2:e:-' .-:1:2:2:- ':2:2:2: 2:::::.2: 3:2 .-:2:- ' "2-242:r:r::-:-g:2:52:r:2:gt1:33:5-:-:-:-:z2:2:2:1:kk-3235:2:-:ff22:2::g2:2:25:2:2:2:2:k2:2:2-:1:2:2:2:2:2:g2:1:2:-:-: -:-:- N :2:2:2:2:2:y:2fS1f gg.: I-1-I 4323-32:-3. g.g.g.g2g.: 'Z-I-145:-:-123 .g.g.g.g. -I-D - '-I-2422 .gn A1531'Z'I+.'.-1-Z':-:-:-1- '-2-I-Z-I-I+: -3-:.j.'.' 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Judd WGA LT COL DELMAR E. DOMKE Mai Warren Chrislopher Mai Marcus M. Jaquelle Mai David D. Krupp Mai John J. Murphy Capl' James F. Allen Capl Hu A. Blake Capl Frederick N. Bailey Capl Raymond C. Clark Capl M. J. Carr Capl Charles B. Carroll Capl John P. Dwyer Capl Valerio Federici Capl Carl A. Freibancl Capl' Roberl J. Halen Capl John H. Keim Capl Lesler W. Krause Capl William Rasmussen Capl Gerard L. Richards Capl Henry D. Slacy Capl Val Tomayko lsl Ll Raymond Riller Isl Ll Merlon Slein Isl Ll John R. Sleinmelz Isl Ll Thomas Wolever 2nd Ll Raymond J. Franz 2nd Ll Daniel G. Harringlon WOJG Daniel J. Longo I LT COL ELIZABETH B. MAHONEY Capl Hazel D. Davis Capl Mary R. DeFranco Capl Rulh D. Draclr Capl Mabel M. Eisele Capl Anna M. Evans Capl EIizabe+h Fowler Capl RulI1 E. MacEachern Capl Clirisline Moore Capl Agnes Miller Capl Dorolliy Murray Capl Geraldine McDowell CaplCall1arine Macdonald Capl Evelyn Niles Capl Gerlrude Paige Capl Margarel Paolilli Capl Callierine Pylypelz Capl Alice R. Winlr Capl Elizabelh Vielwmann Isl Ll Cecile Calelli Isl Ll Elma I. Conler Isl Ll Ann T. Duloylc Isl Ll Agnes I. Fay Isl Ll Kallierine Flynn Isl Ll Gladys Gissendanner Isl Ll Kallierine Glynn Isl Ll Anaslasia Gianaralxos Isl Ll Dorollwy A. Hillebrand Isl Ll Dorolhy Huelsman Isl Ll Elizabellm J. Horesla Isl Ll Marion E. Jaclrson Isl Ll Helen Keplinger Isl Ll L. J. Kowalski Isl Ll Virginia M. Madison Isl Ll Kallileen J. Mcl'Iugl1 Zncl L+ Ru+l1 L. Ma+++1ews ls+ L+ Irene Newman ls+ L+ Jean Niss Is+ L+ Elizabe+l1 Ruch Is+ L+ Oc+avia S. Snay ls+ L+ Corinne T. Seago ls+ L+ Fay E. Smiley Is+ L+ Na+alie Seliber Is+ L+ Alice M. S+one Is+ L+ Mar++la E. S+olxes Is+ L+ Ka+l1leen Triiclr Is+ L+ Ceridwen Williams 4 v HISTGRY 0F ForT Dix, a name which evolces memories To liTerally millions oT servicemen and women who passed Through iT or who served There, came inTo being I8 July l9l7 by General Order oT The War DeparT- menT over The signaTure oT lvlaior General llaTer Generali Taslcer H. Bliss, AcTing ChieT oT STaTT, designaTing a large area in The viciniTy oT WrighTsTown, BurlingTon CounTy, New Jersey, Then under con- sTrucTion as an Army camp, as Camp Dix. The name was selecTed in commemoraTion OT John Adams Dix, H798-l879l, a renowned Tigure on The American scene, soldier, sTaTesman, diplomaT, cabineT member. Camp Dix, which was redesignaTed as ForT Dix in 1939, covered an area oT TiTTy-Tive l55l square miles, 7,474 acres. lin 1950, 32,863 acres.l The greaTer parT oT This area was leased, however, The pur- chase oT The land Tor which 5700.000 was appropriaTed was ac- complished Tinally Tor abouT 5550.000 lT is locaTed sevenTeen lI7l miles below TrenTon in The cenTer oT a Triangle Tormed by New York, Philadelphia and ATlanTic CiTy. In May l9l7, The area was mapped by an Army uniT and The consTrucTion conTracT awarded To lrwin and LeighTon, Philadelphia, Pa. lT was planned To uTilize abouT halT The area Tor riTle and arTillery ranges and The remainder To house abouT 40,000 Troops. WrighTs- Town became The scene oT Teverish acTiviTy and as our parTicipaTion in World War l became a TacT and The SelecTive Service AcT oT l9I7 progressed, approximaTely 40,000 men enTered Camp Dix. Buildings sprang up almosT overnighT and by November I9l8, The camp consisTed oT l,655 buildings, including several leased Tarm houses sTill sTanding and in use as oTTicers' quarTers. There were acTually I43 diTTerenT Types oT buildings. Camp Dix rapidly became a good sized selT-suTTicienT ciTy capable OT handling iTs own problems and many which relaTed To neighboring communiTies. Adjoining Townships delegaTed by ordi- nance To The Army The righT To police, regulaTe and resTricT TraTTic wiThin reasonable regulaTions on The WrighTsTown-New Lisbon and PoinTville-PemberTon Roads. The Camp Dix Fire DeparTmenT was organized in OcTober I9l7 and operaTed six lol sTaTions and a Tire Truck and hose company. A huge bakery wiTh a daily capaciTy oT ThirTy-six Thousand l36,000l pounds oT bread was builT and soon addiTional ovens were required. CompleTe uTiliTy TaciliTies including a 3,000 gallon per minuTe pumping planT Tor waTer, a sewage disposal plan+ and sewerage sysTem was consTrucTed. EighT and one-halT l8V2l miles OT sTandard gauge Track were laid inTo The camp by The Penn- sylvania Railroad. The 200,000 gallon sTeel waTer Tower on The WrighTsTown-PemberTon Road, one oT The TirsT proiecTs compleTed, sTill sTands. No picTure oT The acTiviTy oT Camp Dix during World War l would be compleTe wiThouT menTioning The animals which played such an imporTanT parT in l9l7-I8. Over 7,000 mules and horses, sTabled aT a large remounT sTaTion, were used. The TirsT Army division acTivaTed aT The posT was The 78Th lLighTningl Division. This uniT consisTed principally OT NaTional Guardsmen Trom New York, New Jersey and Delaware, wiTh a Tew selecTive service men Trom Pennsylvania. Maier General Chase W. Kennedy, TirsT Commanding General, 78Th Division, became The TirsT Camp Commander. General Kennedy was succeeded by Major General Hugh L. ScoTT, who remained Commanding General oT The Piciorial sTory of barracks being buili in one day. posT and was succeeded I5 March l9l8 as Division Commander by Brigadier General James T. Dean who Turned over command 20 April l9I8 To lvlaior General James l-l. McRae. General McRae led The division inTo acTion overseas and remained in command oT The division unTil demobilizaTion. The 87Th lAcornl Division, selecTees Trom Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, whose iniTial Training was accomplished aT Camp Pike, Arkansas, compleTed Their Training here and aTTer de- parTure overseas were succeeded by The 34Th TSandsTorml Division, NaTional Guardsmen Trom lvlinnesoTa, iowa, Nebraska and NorTh and SouTh DakoTa. In The lasT Tew monThs oT World War l, The lO2d Division was acTivaTed aT Camp Dix and was The TirsT uniT demobilized. The Treasury DeparTmenT selecTed Camp Dix as an ideal siTe Tor moving picTures To spark The "FiTTh l.iberTy Loan Drive." Over f1iI00,000 was invesTed in simulaTed acTions Tilmed near The waTer TilTraTion planT in The Trench area which circled easTward Toward PoinTville and incorporaTing The heavily wooded Terrain which sur- rounded iT. RecreaTional and morale acTiviTies were widespread. The l.iberTy TheaTre was erecTed aT New Jersey Avenue and 9Th STreeT. The Y.M.C.A. mainTained nine lcil huTs and an audiTorium, The KnighTs oT Columbus Three l3l huTs and an audiTorium and a swimming pool, The Jewish WelTare Board a building aT 5Th STreeT and New Jersey Avenue, The Episcopal Diocese oT New Jersey The ST. George Club in PoinTville, The American Red Cross, a building aT 8Th STreeT and New York Avenue and a convalescenT secTion in The base hospiTal, The SalvaTion Army, a building in WrighTsTown llaTer a Service Clubl on The main corner in 'VVrighTsTown now occupied by The ForT Dix inn. This club was operaTed under The managemenT oT The War DeparTmenT Commission on Training Camp AcTiviTies. The ChrisTian Science OrganizaTion operaTed a recreaTional cenTer aT New Jersey Avenue and 8Th STreeT. A l-losTess l-louse was locaTed on Delaware Avenue iusT beyond 8Th STreeT and The Camp CommuniTy Service consTrucTed iTs acTiviTies building on The edges oT camp on The road To WrighTsTown. A Service Club was consTrucTed Trom salvage maTerials by The 303d Engineers Tor iTs own use aT The corner oT Delaware Avenue and The WrighTsTown-PemberTon Road. lT was laTer Turned over To The KnighTs oT Columbus Tor iTs No. 4 huT. There was a PosT OTTice aT New Jersey Avenue and 8Th STreeT wiTh a sTaTT OT TorTy-Three T431 clerks. During May I9l8, 75,000 pieces oT mail were received and 6l,000 dispaTched. From l May To 23 May I9I8, 26,000 special delivery leTTers were received. The American Library AssociaTion esTablished The Camp library wiTh a branch aT The Y.M.C.A. No. I huT. WiTh The cooperaTion oT The TrenTon Times, Two l2l newspapers were published, "The Trench and Camp Weekly" and The "Camp Dix Times." The laTTer was published Tor The Y.M.C.A. and was regarded as one oT The besT Camp papers. The NaTuralizaTion CourT, convened TrequenTly aT The LiberTy TheaTre, perTormed imporTanT service in World War I. On I9 June I9I8, Tor example, Judge J. Warren Davis OT The Federal DisTricT CourT oT New Jersey presided over The naTuraIizaTion oT I,I84 aliens sTaTioned aT Camp Dix. EnTerTainmenT and Tamous names in The enTerTainmenT world were presenTed aT The numerous recreaTion cenTers. I-Tarry Lauder and Elsie Janis, noTables oT The period, appeared here. The aThIeTic programs Tor The KnighTs oT Columbus were arranged by Frank Wandle, The noTed Yale Trainer. AT The conclusion oT The war, The Teverish acTiviTy oT The camp, which had housed as many as 80,000 Troops, was concenTraTed on demobilizaTion and The posT became noTed Tor The dispaTch wiTh which our TighTing men were reTurned To civil liTe. By OcTober I9I9, The pealc oT demobilizaTion had been passed and The daily separaTions did noT exceed 500 men per day. Camp Dix BeTween The Wars Once demobilizaTion was accomplished, acTiviTies aT Camp Dix came aImosT To a halT. The camp became a lonely spoT aT Times wiTh only a small careTaI4ing deTachmenT on The posT. Buildings and roads decayed and many sTrucTures were desTroyed by Tire. The camp became a cenTer oT acTiviTy again in March oT I933 wiTh The esTablishmenT oT The Civilian ConservaTion Corps and The adapTaTion oT Camp Dix as a condiTioning camp. ExTensive improve- menTs were made To many insTallaTions. SeIecTees, men beTween I7 and 28 years and veTerans oT World War I, poured in Tor enroIImenT, processing and assignmenT To worlc companies. From March I933 To July I936, over II5,000 C.C.C. enrollees were processed aT Camp Dix and over l00,000 shipped To worlc camps ThroughouT The counTry. Discharge acTiviTies were also conducTed here, 43,000 men were reTurned To civil life. More Than 200,000 men in The Civilian Con- servaTion Corps passed Through The Camp. Two I2I C.C.C. companies were permanenTly sTaTioned aT Camp Dix. C.C.C. Company I294 was aT Camp A-2 lArmy 2I locaTed aT The riTle range. This company did much imporTanT work on The reser- vaTion mainTaining Tire brealcs, pIanTing, soil erosion, and incidenTaI duTies in connecTion wiTh The processing oT TransienT personnel. C.C.C. Company 32 I 3 Tcl was aT Camp RemounT IocaTed in The area ThaT IaTer became The RecepTion CenTer. This company did exceIIenT work combaTTing soil erosion on Tarms in neighboring communiTies. In I938, C.C.C. Company I294 was TransTerred To The WesT CoasT and replaced by C.C.C. Company 3263 I939 GENERAL STAFF PICTURE Froni' row: Mai David R. WolverTon. LT Col Lawrence C. Frizzell, Col ArThur A. Poillon, PosT Com- mander, Mai Wallace E. HaclreTT, Mai Henry W. Fay, Capf E. C. Miller, Jr. Second row: Mai Jerome PickeTT, Mai William Kraus, Capi' Thomas E. Terry, Mai John Tighe. Pre World War ll AcTiviTies C.C.C. acTiviTy aT Camp Dix increased To such exTenT by I937 ThaT during ThaT year The C.C.C. Discharge and ReplacemenT CenTer was esTablished. This cenTer handled approximaTely l0,000 enrollees and dischargees every quarTer. AT The beginning oT each period 5,000 men were received Trom camps on The wesT coasT, processed Tor discharge and reTurned home. lmmediaTely ThereaTTer, approxi- maTely The same number were received, enrolled, processed and shipped To camps on The wesT coasT as replacemenTs. ln SepTember l940, The C.C.C. Discharge and ReplacemenT CenTer was moved Temporarily To SeagirT, N. J., where iT remained unTil early in I94l when iT was reTurned To l:orT Dix and deacTivaTed. ln I939, by General Order No. l issued by lvlaior General Hugh A. Drum, Commanding General, Second Corps Area, Camp Dix was redesignaTed ForT Dix. Summer Training oT The C.lv1.T.C. and Organized Reserve Corps personnel was conTinued. The posT was garrisoned by The I6Th ln- TanTry. ln The summer oT l939, 2l,000 young men were inducTed inTo The C.M.T.C. RegimenT on The parade grounds where Tormerly sTood The barracks oT The 78Th Division. Training was conducTed by oTTicers oT The 309Th InTanTry Reserve RegimenT. ln The summer oT I940, 36,000,000 was appropriaTed Tor The developmenT oT The posT. The George A. Fuller Company was awarded The conTracT To consTrucT 850 new buildings. ConTracT Tor The building oT a new hospiTal was awarded To LaFounTain, ChrisTen- son and Arace oT Hackensack. This included also The erecTion oT Two l2l TheaTres, signal company buildings, roads, drains, waTer lines, sewers and an elecTrical disTribuTion sysTem. lmprovemenTs cosTing over halT a million dollars were made To The waTer and sewerage TaciliTies. The waTer planT capaciTy was increased To 4,000,000 gallons daily, The TilTraTion planT enlarged, anoTher waTer Tower and pumps added aT The New Lisbon Pumping STaTion and a larger sewage planT was builT. WiTh The announcemenT ThaT over 20,000 men would be Trained aT ForT Dix, The housing shorTage in neighboring Towns became evidenT as during World War l. The Federal Works Agency builT "Hanover Homes," a Yp350,000 housing proiecT named Tor hisToric "Hanover Furnace" used during colonial Times Tor The manuTacTure ,, ,, , Q20 The 34Th Division Malor General Russel P I-IarTle commanding, arrived Trom Camp Claiborne La I January I942 ATTer compIeTion OT sTaging procedures The division deparTed Tor overseas in Three 3 incremenTs The T1rsT arrived in NorThern Ireland I February I942, ThereaTTer oTher uniTs sTreamed Through ForT Dix in rapid suc- cession The lsT Armored Division Malor General Orlando Ward, commanding arrived Trom I:orT Knox Ky closely Tollowed by The 2d Armored Division Malor General W D CriTTenberger while The Many miscellaneous groups passed Through ForT Dix in l942- 22nd OuarTermasTer RegimenT 55IsT Signal Air Warning BaTTalion, 382d 384Th and 389Th OuarTermasTer BaTTalions I77Th and 827Th Engineer BaTTaI1ons 379Th and 398Th PorT BaTTaIions 9OTh OuarTer- The 4Th Mechanized Division Malor General R O BarTon, arrived aT ForT Dix in April I943 and leTT in SepTember I943 Tor Train- ing in Florida beTore overseas sh1pmenT During :Ts sTay The division In The spring oT I943 The 80Th Division Maior General Frank A. KeaTing arrived During 1Ts sTay a serious TransiT sTrilce occurred in Philadelphia and a regimenT oT This uniT parTicipaTed in handling sTriIce In SepTember I943 The 74IsT Tanlc BaTTalion was sTaged aT PorT Dix as well as The 245Th uarTermasTer BaTTalion 44Th and l06Th EvacuaTion I-IospiTals 8l8Th Tanlc DesTroyer BaTTaI1on 7I9Th M P. In November I943 The 2d Ranger BaTTal1on 2I ITh Field ArTillery BaTTalion The 537Th AAA AWI BaTTalion The 85Th Division com- manded by Malor General John B CoulTer and in December I943, Early in I944 The 628Th Tank DesTroyer BaTTalion I5Th General I-lospiTal 46OTh AAA BaTTalion 3468Th Ordnance Company 628Th Engineers and The I68Th OuarTermasTer Trucking Company passed of cannon balls. This developmenf is IocaTed on The JobsTown- WrighTsTown Road. In Two IZI years, over I,600 builoings were consTrucTed including 53I barraclcs, I73 dayrooms, I78 dining halls, I72 buildings Tor com- pany adminisTraTion and sTorage, 35 recreaTion buildings, 4I ad- minisTraTion buildings, I3 chapels, I4 inTirmaries, 23 hospiTal bar- raclcs, I8 hospiTal quarTers, 26 moTor repair shops, 28 warehouses, I0 Tire sTaTions, I2 gasoline sTaTions, 6 TheaTres and 2 morgues. AT The airTield lnow McGuire Air Force Basel, 3300.000 was expended in applying a biTuminous concreTe surTace To Three l3l runways. This Tield Thus became one oT The Tew Tields ThaT could be used as a base Tor B-29's and many such planes leTT This base Tor I service overseas. Toward The end oT The war many wounded were reTurned by air Trom Europe Tor hospiTalizaTion in This counTry. TilTon General I-IospiTal named in honor OT James TilTon, Surgeon General oT The U. S. Army, I8l3-I8l5, was one oT The TirsT canTonmenT Type hospiTals builT during World War ll. The TirsT paTienT was admiTTed July I94I. The New Yorlc and New Jersey NaTionaI Guard, was TirsT To occupy l:orT Dix and assembled on The posT prior To compIeTion oT barraclcs and oTher TaciliTies. The I I9Th ObservaTion Squadron, 44Th Division, occupied The airTield. Maior General CliTTord H. Powell, Commanding General, 44Th Division, became PosT Commander. The I229Th Service Command UniT laTer The I262d RecepTion CenTer was acT1vaTed and admlnlsTered The processing OT seIecTive I . Bwnssmavm-fm fs T In February I944 The 90Th InTanTry Division, Brigadier General J. W. MacKelvie, Commanding, arrived and pre-sTaged here. AT This Time, The 90Th Division ArTillery was commanded by our own Maior General John M. Devine. During February I944, I-IeadguarTers Special Troops oT The XIII Corps, 504Th A.A.A. BaTTaIion, 297Th General I-IospiTaI, 807Th Tanlc DesTroyer BaTTalion, and The I79Th Engineer BaTTaIion sTaged aT ForT Dix. LaTe in I944, as sTaging acTiviTies declined, The TirsT SeparaTion School was acTivaTed To Train oTiicers and enIisTed men Tor duTy wiTh The numerous separaTion cenTers planned counTry wide. During The course oT The war, over I4,000 German prisoners were conTined aT ForT Dix. I The PosT NaTuraIizaTion OTTice esTabIished in I942 as an adiuncT oT The PosT Judge AdvocaTe's OTTice, played an imporTanT parT during World War II. ApproximaTely 5,000 inducTees became ciTizens and during I942 and I943, an average oT 400 persons per monTh were naTuraIized, incIuding'naTives oT European counTries who ToughT wiTh American ouTTiTs overseas and reTurned wiTh Them. En'I'erTainmenT and Service FaciIiTies During The enTire period oT The war, greaT names Trom The TheaTricaI, musical and sporTs worlds once again enTerTained The Troops. Among The arTisTs were Mischa Elman, Yehudi Menuhin, AlberT Spalding, Alexander Brailowslcy, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lhevinne, Leopold SToI4owsIci, Ossy Renardy, DoroThy KirsTen, Nelson Eddy, RoberT Woods, Igor Gorin, Lucy Monroe, Lucille Manners, Conrad ThibauIT. Kay Kyser and Vaughn Monroe and Their orchesTras and many oTher name bands appeared TreguenTly here. There were exhibiTions by Joe Louis, worId's boxing champion, and also by Miss Helen Jacobs, Women's NaTional Singles Champion. Four l4l Service Clubs, Tour l4l caTeTerias,fTour l4l libraries in addiTion To moving picTure TheaTres and Two l2l ouTdoor TheaTres, a nine l9l hole goIT course were in use, also numerous Tennis courTs and baseball diamonds. CompleTe swimming TaciliTies were made available aT Soldiers Island in nearby Browns Mills and Hanover Lalce in ForT Dix Park while The wives and children had a swimming pool on The posT Tor Their own use. DemobiIizaTion SeparaTion CenTer No. 26 commenced operaTions in April I944 and during ThaT monTh, 323 men were separaTed. ITs acTiviTies in- creased sTeadiIy-in December 1944, I3,I65 oTTicers, men and Wacs were separaTed. The ToTaI Tor The year I944 was 38554. R-Day, I2 May I945, was noTable. Over 2,000 Troops in process Tor shipmenT Trom RecepTion STaTion No. 2 To Europe and The PaciTic were screened Tor eligibiliry Tor separaTion and placed in The separa- Tion sTream. In order ThaT as many eligible men as possible could be separaTed ThaT day, all miliTary and all civilian personnel ThaT could be spared were puT To work in The SeparaTion CenTer and 744 men who arrived in The CenTer during The nighT oT I0 May T945 were separaTed on I2 May I945. The ceremonies oT R-Day were given world wide coverage by news and moTion picTure services wiTh Two l2l naTionaI radio hoolc-ups. The inTIow increased in Tremendous volume. On I5 SepTember I945, The SeparaTion CenTer was placed on a TwenTy-Tour I24l hour schedule, sixTeen llol hours oT acTuaI processing and eighT ISI hours preparaTion oT maTeriaI and adminisTraTive worlc. During The Fall OT I945, separaTion exceeded 4,000 daily. The ToTaI separaTed Tor I945 was 508306. During The summer and Tall oT I945, Tive I5I TenT areas housing I I,0O0 were used. By The end oT The year, The housing Tor permanenT personnel and separaTees, and operaTionaI buildings included 223 barracks, 23 Temporary and II9 oTher buildings and 330 huTmenTs. The SeparaTion CenTer sTrengTh aT peak periods reached 30,000 Yearly SeparaTions ICI44 ..,....,.,......,.,, 38,554 lTrom I5 Aprill l945 ....,. .... 5 08,306 I946 ...... .,.. 5 56,697 1947 ....44,.,..,..... .. 78,56I no is Mayl ToTaI SeparaTions I,l82,I I8 Tofal DisbursemenTs April I, l945 To March 3I, I946 ,.,,.............,... ,.,..... S 354,52l,I5I.39 April I, I946 To March 3I, I947 ..i.,,. ..,., 2 OI,894,299.53 ToTaI ................................,.....,.....................,. ilS556,4I5,45O.92 As The separaTion load declined, ITalian and German prisoners ol: war were reTurned overseas. The Signal Training CenTer, Brigadier General Charles lvl. Milliken, commanding, arrived Trom Camp Polk, La. and occupied a parT oT The posT, increasing iTs area as Training became The maior mission oT The posT. On I5 lvlay, I947, The SeparaTion CenTer moved inTacT To Camp Kilmer, N. J. On I5 July I947, The 9Th InTanTry Division was reacTivaTed under The command oT lvlaior General W. W. Eagles, and all acTivi- Ties on The posT were merged Therein. UniTs oT The 9Th Division earned undying Tame in World War I aT Aisne-Marne, ST. lvlihiel, Meuse-Argonne and Alsace-Lorraine. In World War II The division ToughT in Tunisia, Algeria, lvlorocco, Sicily, Normandy, Falaise, The BaTTle oT The Bulge, Rhineland and The Ruhr. IT spearheaded The break-Through aT ST. I.o and earned The TiTle oT "I'liTler's Nemesis." IT is noT possible To recounT in deTail The valorous deeds OT The men and women commissioned, enlisTed and civilian who have par- TicipaTed in The liTe oT l:orT Dix. This brieT accounT will bring To mind innumerable examples oT heroism, ouTsTanding pericormance oT duTy, ToresighTed planning and execuTion oT diTTicuIT missions and on The parT oT many Thousand moTivaTed parTicipanTs, mosTIy unknown and unsung, The saTisTacTion oT having conTribuTed a parT To The glorious record oT ForT Dix. There can be no doubT Thar This record will serve as a guide Tor Those whose privilege iT is To carry on The TradiTions oT I5orT Dix and The 9Th lnTanTry Division. HEADQU RTERS SERVICE TROUPS 1262 ASU CAPT MORDECAI M. H. DAINA CAPT ELTON O. FEENEY LT coL CHARLES F- ARNY CAPT CHARLES W. RODGERS C CKSON APT HA CAM EARL B. JA RRY H. MITTENTHAL DETACHIVIENT 0. 1, 1262d A S U Cap... Capl' ls? L+ Roberi J. Farrhing Vincen+ N. Shepard Wm. H. Dierolf, Jr. Commanding W5g+ src src Ernesr L. Bricker Russell W. Harvey James Moffaf Mfsgl George T. Archer MfSg+ Malcolm Barham Mfsgf Joseph L. Broolrs ws + DETACHMENT I, l262nd A.S.U. Anon Bfown MfSg+ J W. B s Derachmenl I, I262 A.S.U. handles all basic ad- ameinfsgfrli on minislralion of an average of approximalely 'Five John T'Coll'e" hundred l500l men assigned +o dury wilh various aclivilies and slafl seclions al' Forl Dix. This ad- minislrarion includes housing, messing, supply, re- view Jrraining in mililary subiecrs, mainlenance of M!Sg+ discipline and morale, providing recrealional facili- Pedrfdyfgfucon Hes, handling of personal problems, and all olher V. J.Nl?7LG:bbo 9 delails connecred wirh normal company adminis- iralion. The seclions composing rhis organizalion include Engineer. Ordnance, Billeiing, Recruiring, Rail Transporlalion, Finance, Orhcers' Mess, WAC De. lachmenl' "B" Mess, and l-leadquarrers Service Troops. Ben R. Gershenoff Sg+ Gene E. Luce wsg+ William Hall MfSg1' William G. Horsrcamp MfSgi' Charles A. Jackson MfSg'l William E. Lafond Mfsgl Edward C. Larsen MfSg+ Frederick Lee MfSgl' Paul H. Lee Mfsgf Thomas J. Leonard Mfsgi William E. Marshall MfSgl' Eugene J. MCG-ehean wsgi John B. Neff MfSgf Henry C. Newman MfSg'l' Raymond S. Noll MfSg'l William T. Norion MfSgi' James E. Overend MfSg'f Ray E. Felton MfSg'f Russell H. Reim Mfsgf Frank Rose MfSg+ Francis M. Turnbow SFC Waller S. Agin SFC Donald Bachelder SFC John W. Blum SFC Joseph E. Brauch SFC Arfhur R. Fealherman SFC Clarence R. Fisher DETABHMENT 1 1262 ASU IJETABHMENT l 1262 ASU SFC Edmund B. Fifzhenry SFC Ralph W. Gallman SFC Rolaeri' M. Galvin SFC Roberr A. Jones SFC George Karpa SFC Vernon L. Kennelly SFC Earl H. King SFC John V. Levy SFC Sidney McConlcey SFC Joseph Meade SFC Ralhel H. Null SFC Chrisfie Paparella SFC William R. Porfeous SFC Alvin W. Ra+liFF SFC William Schafer SFC George M. Searle SFC William W. Siephen SFC Edwin L. Walls SFC Joseph L. Willis Sgr Manuel Almeida Sgl Henry H. Andrade Sgr Benson J. Barrios Sgl Roberf Biles Sgl' Norman P. Bourgeois Sgr Carl W. Brimmer Sgl Leroy L. Chamberlain Sgl' John Chandler Sgl Willard J. Collins 5-X1 Sgr Daniel C. Conri Sgi lra Corberl Sgi Frederick W. Dambach Sgi Louis Damiani SgiWal1'er J. Danielowicz Sgr Bohdan Dziegrenulr Sgr Douglas M. Evans Sgi Joseph R. Fodor Sgr Mack Franklin Sgr James E. Hughes Sgr Roger Irvine Sgr Cosiy Jeican Sgr William Kesselman Sgi Michael Kulchlco Sgl Donald J. Lolter Sgr William Mailhiof Sgr Leonard F. Malick Sgr Miles E. Mann Sgi Telford McCaulley Sgf Edward McHugh Sgl Archie McMullen Sg'f Donald M. Meyer Sgr Maron Morris Sgr Alexander- Padick Sgf Edmund C. Pierce Sgf Salvalor Salvaggio Sgr Roberi' E. Sanders Sgi Charles E. Sasser Sgi Newion B. Sha'Hier Sgr James E. Smifh Sgf Alberf A. Taylor Sgf Roberi R. Thibauli Sgf James E. Thommason Sg'r Charles A. Wa-lson Sg+ Wendell Whiimore S91 James R. Wcrland Sgi Joseph J. Zabloclri Cpl William R. Adams Cpl Henry Alcins Cpl James E. Allen Cpl Gerald H. Alphonse Cpl Thurman Allpafer DETABHMENT 1 1262 ASU wif' me 'gf . it fab IJETAGHMENT 1 1262 ASU Cpl Clemens R. Andrzeilcowicz Cpl Eugene Babcock Cpl James BarreH Cpl William Bass Cpl Carl W. Benedicf Cpl Ar+hur J. Besseife Cpl John R. Biorlc Cpl Aubrey A. Brown Cpl Michael Bufchlio Cpl Ray Campbell Cpl Waller Campbell Cpl Sianley Chludzinslti Cpl William Comby Cpl William L. Connor Cpl John M. Cooper Cpl John F. Cunniffe Cpl Sanfe D'Adam Cpl Dominic F. DeAngelo Cpl George A. Dowd Cpl Roberi F. DuBose Cpl Paul F. Durlcin Cpl Dominic M. Earnshaw Cpl Merlin L. Evered Cpl Sfanfon J. Fellure Cpl William Ferguson Cpl Edward F. Fi+zgerald Cpl Berlon Folk Cpl Leroy G. Ford Cpl Henry J. Gagnon Cpl Alberl- Gallan+ Cpl Manuel Garcia Cpl Osvaldo Garza Cpl Louis D. Gee Cpl Reynolcl L. Genizel Cpl Joseph D. Gerdin Cpl Adolph Gollubier Cpl Roberl' M. Gregg Cpl Wilbor Grinnell Cpl Harold N. Gri'H'on Cpl Donald M. Gumins Cpl Harry Hawk Cpl Marvin E. Heliiner Cpl William E. Heroux Cpl Raymond H. Hileman Cpl Shepard A. Hindle Cpl Arnold Holmes Cpl Willard Hopkins Cpl Jack W. HurH Cpl Paul A. Johnson Cpl Theo W. Johnson Cpl Oliver C. Kendall Cpl Vernon L. Kilby Cpl Harold C. King Cpl Joseph T. Lee Cpl Pascual Leniini Cpl John Linilr Cpl Bernard Liss Cpl Julien J. LizoHe Cpl John R. Lyons Cpl Roberi A. Mahr Cpl Conrad J. Massey Cpl Leon Mazor Cpl Frank McClaran Cpl Arihur Milcelian Cpl Nicholas W. Music Cpl William O. Nadeau Cpl Vivian Oaies Cpl Charles J. OH Cpl Chanel R. Poirier Cpl Arfhur J. Puopolo DETACHMENT 1 1262 ASU Cpl Kennelh R. Reid Cpl Simon Rizo Cpl John W. Roberison Cpl Joseph G. Roy Cpl Woodrow W. Ruble Cpl Scofi Sandford Cpl Charles W. Seiferf Cpl Clair V. Shea Cpl Ray Shoopman Cpl Louis J. Sinagra Cpl Laurence A. Slrivor Cpl Edward J. Sfarrs Cpl William H. Sfyar Cpl Melvin E. Tillman Cpl Barry Townsend Cpl Charles R. Warlenberg Cpl William Wenizoll Cpl Fred Wenz Cpl Maurice B. Wheeloy Cpl Frank A. Zieniewicz Pfc Duane B. Adams Pfc William M. Adams Pfc David D. Bagdilcian Plc James Bender IJETAIJHMENT 1 1262 ASU Pic William Borezoslii Pfc Edward J. Boure Pfc William T. Bowers Pic Charles H. Bubb Pic Michael Buczuy Pfc James J. Burke Pic Lesrer Burrier Pfc Sheldon H. Caras Pic Alion P. Carroll Pic Nasario Casiro Pfc George E. Chance Pic Elmer M. Cochran Pfc Joseph Cro'H' Pic William Chance Pic Valeniino DelBene Pfc John A. DeVi+o Pfc Edward C. Fausr Pfc Bernard Fey, Jr. Pfc George I. Findley Pfc Alva H. Flanders Pic Wilfred Fleury Pic Roberi' Forbes Pfc Norman H. Gallani' Pfc An-lhony J. Ginese, Jr DETACHMENT 1 1262 ASU :SQ DETACHMENT Pfc Plic Pfc Plc Pfc Pfc Pfc Plc Plc Pfc Plc Plc Pfc Pfc Plc Pfc Plc Plc Pic Plc Plc Pfc Plc Plc Pfc Plc Pfc Plc 1 1262 ASU William C. Gunderman William R. Hall William Havrilla David l.. Hoclrell' Raymond Hyland Byron C. Joy Jol1n M. Maguire Oswald B. Mahoney Arfl1ur M. Mansfield Darious A. May James G. McAdam Arlhur McMalcin William J. Moclcabee John W. Morgan Raymond W. Morris Paul J. Mullucey Ted Newlon Nelson H. Noel Richard F. Pafrone Andrew A. Peperal: Francis J. Porcaro Girard H. Rapp Kennelli Roberis Jol1n E. Rooney John F. Ross Ernesl' Sanloro Bernard Sienlciewicz Roloerl' F. Simmons Plc Plc Plc Pfc Plc Pfc Plc Plc Pfc Plc Pfc Pfc Pfc Plc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pvf Pvl Pvf Pvl' Carl Slripslci David W. Slcleplco Amos L. Smilh Harrison W. Smilh Herberf A. Slearns Leslie A. Slewarl Daniel W. Slraula R. K. SuHon Lawrence P. Todaro Windsor P. Towle Roberl F. Wagner William N. Wafltins Roberl' L. Williams James Wills Sfanley P. Wronski Peier Vanilla James York Ivan D. Aubin Lesler L. Ayars Charles R. Beach David J. Benson DETAIIHMENT 1 1262 ASU Pvl Howard Brandl Pvi' Albino Bruno Pvf William Bufler Pvf Charles W. Carbol Pvf Donald K. Cassidy Pvf Waller Chapman Pvl Normand Charpenlier Pvl Paul Copp Pvi Donald E. Crandall Pvf Roy H. Daniels Pvf George Danlcovich Pvf Jimmy Demasi Pv+ Arihur J. Edgar Pvr James Essex Pvf Harry Ferber Pvf Konneih Fischer Pvi' Edward Forle Pvf Jerome Gallani Pvl' Billy W. Goode Pvf Elsler L. Hamil+on Pvl Douglas P. Harrigan - - ml-'n fu , M" 1 4. .L J ,.,... .F :Ln ..:. M A am. 3 . if m J 5 4, Pvf Huber? J. Higgins Pvl' Harry Kenyon, Jr. Pvl John N. King Pvi' Ivan Kolessar Pv+ James Kraemer Pvl Malcolm G. Krafia Pvf Roberl' Laber Pvl Vincenl Lawlon Pvf Slanley T. Lealre Pvl Berl K. Lehlo Pvl' Enrico A. Lippa Pvl' Taddeo S. Lorenli Pvl' Gavin MacTaggari Pvf James J. Malafronio Pvl Waller S. Malczynsb Pvl John Marlowe Pvf Spiro Moshonas Pvl' Arfhur P. Nau Pvl Richard Neuner Pvf Roloerl E. O'Connor Pv+ Alfonse C. Persico DETABHMENT 1 1262 ASU Pvl Harold Raley, Jr. Pvl Casimir R. Roe Pvl' Edward F. Russell Pvl' George J. Sl. Mario, Pvl John Schofield Pvl' Frank J. Sirignano Pvl'Alber1' Smilh Pvl Fred R. Smifh, Jr. Pvl' George Smilh Pvl Paul Sumner Pvl' Alberl' L. Tecchio Pvl' Vincenl Valvo Pvl Roberl E. Vayan Pvl' Carlfon E. Wheeler Pv+ Milo O. Wilber Pvl' James Womer Pvl Henry Woodard Rc'l' Roland H. Beurer Rc? Charles R. Player DETACHIVIE T O. 4, l262d A S U C-:P+ 15+ L+ 15+ L+ Jack E. CompTon William A. HarTley RoberT W. Crump Commanding lsT SgT MfSgT Eugene T. CoaTs Clyde R. Gillis MISSION OF DETACHMENT NO. 4, I262nd A.S.U. ln DeTachmenT NO. 4, l262nd A.S.U. is vesTed The duTy OT providing a major pOrTion OT The servic- ing personnel necessary Tor The proper mainTenance and TuncTiOning OT The garrison aT ForT Dix, New Jersey. This uniT houses Those soldiers whose capa- biliTies are, or can be, adapTed TO The dOmesTic needs OT The NinTh lnTanTry Division. and The in- dividual uniTs OT which iT is composed, Tor The basic susTenance, useTulness, and convenience OT personnel OperaTing under This command. This OrganizaTion aids in uTilizing The services OT qualiTied men who are specialisTs in The many duTies and TuncTiOns OT The PosT QuarTermasTer and Signal Corps. The bakers, pasTry balcers, shoe repairmen, oTTice machine servicemen, classiTicaTiOn warehouse- men, commissary personnel, Tood service Tech- nicians, meaT cuTTers, drivers, laundrymen, and necessary QuarTermasTer adminisTraTion personnel Torm The larger porTiOn OT This uniT. Men who operaTe The NCO club on The pOsT comprise an- oTher parTg while Those responsible Tor operaTion OT The Signal Corps insTallaTions and sysTems aT l:orT Dix consTiTuTe The remainder OT personnel assigned To This DeTachmenT. The average OT Tour hundred men assigned To DeTachmenT NO. 4, are quarTered, Ted and supplied wiThin The uniT iTselT. The men aTTend Training Tour hours per week. They are given miliTary and physical Training, accompanied by perTinenT inTOrmaTiOnal Talks and discussions as a parT OT This program. The aThleTic and recreaTional TaciliTies are aolequaTe, and morale is always aT a superior level. SFC Bob Mowl MfSgT AlTon A. AbboTT MfSgT John Beebe MfSgT Guy L. Colson MfSgT Allen A. Couvillon MfSgT Elmer O. Edwards MfSgT Charles W. Funk MfSgT STeve Gedro MfSgT NaThan Hensley MfSgT Claude R. Hilliard SgT Richard E. Slack fs' MfSgf William A. Langley MfSgi Fredriclt Maerz MfSg'l Samuel Monlaclr MfSg+ Marvin J. Morris MfSg1' Raphael K. Myers MfSgf Louis T. Owens MfSgi' Julius A. Palaslcy MfSg+ Michael J. Pallrovic MfSg+ Nelson A. Poifer MfSgf Mike Rongyos MfSg+ Clifford W. Smiih MfSg+ John A. Sromovslsy MfSg1' Adam Sfeigner MfSgf Darrell J. Townsend MfSg1' Sfanley VancoH MfSg1 Carl Venables MfSg+ Douglas W. Walfers SFC George W. Bliss SFC Warren F. Brown SFC S+anley Carmical SFC Ward B. Carroll SFC Wilbur P. Croom SFC Jack Crowder SFC Paul Davidson SFC William S. Edwards DETABHMENT 4 1262 ASU SFC William C. Farrar SFC Fay T. Founfain SFC Sfephen S. Grzegorel: SFC Elmer Hogan SFC Samuel V. Johnson SFC Franl: E. King SFC Joseph Magisiro SFC Louis D. Marcoux SFC Theodore H. Niclcelsen SFC Pefer C. Re SFC James W. Rigg SFC Ernesl' L. Sieben SFC Harry E. Sleel SFC Anfhony R. Sfreno SFC Jaclc J. Talley SFC Franlr R. Thorngren SFC Wilbur E. Turnbach SFC Louis J. Welches SFC Oswald E. Williams SFC OHo Yashowiiz SFC lvey N. Youmans Sgf Aliver J. Amaiore Sgf Wilbur A. Baker Sql Paul G. BenneH' Sgf Erwin T. Bergeron Sgf LeRoy Bowman Sgf Lufher E. Boyd Sgf John A. Boylan Sgf Wade L. Calhoun Sgf John Chencharik Sgf Harvey Cliifon Sgf Wilmer B. Cochran Sgf George C. Connelly Sgf Clarence C. Cosla Sgi John J. Cummings Sgf Arfhur J. Devlin Sql Ralph L. DuBose Sql William Ellison Sgf Leo L. Esfes DETACHMENT 4 1262 ASU Sgl Ballard Flanary Sgf Joseph Garafolo Sgi' Alexander A. Gilberi Sgi' George Gruber Sgf Kennifh R. Haffield Sgf Joseph H. Havican Sgl' Wm. Hernandez-Cuebas Sgf Edward A. Lasinslry Sql Willon E. Johnsion Sgl' Clyde E. Jones Sgf Roberi G. Jones Sgi William P. Kennedy Sg+ William B. Kisner Sgl Edward S. Kuiawa Sgf Rober-P A. LaCroix Sgi Anfhony M. LaPres'l'a Sg+ Thomas A. League Sgf JeHer B. Loclclear Sgi Armando Lopez Sgi Donald Lufes Sg+ Norman E. Mariland Sgi Hiram S. McAlis+er Sgi Dee Meaclor Sgi Joseph A. Moneypenny Sgi Anfhony Moniz Sql' Siephen A. Morawslci Sgf Louis A. Naiale Sgl' William E. O'Brien DETAIIHMENT 4 1262 ASU , . Sgf Michael J. Olenich Sgf Roy N. Parlier Sgr William S. Poole Sg'r Frank J. Pozer Sgi Charles D. Reever Sgr John C. Sali+is Sgr Sam Salvaggio Sgr John A. Silrola Sgr Sianley M. Siwek Sgr Roberi J. Siiner Sg'r George A. Weise Cpl Ben G. Alaniz Cpl Eugene A. Ama'l'angelo Cpl Wilberf K. Anlcersrierne Cpl Cliffon F. Avery Cpl Blaine H. Baker Cpl Charles Ballas Cpl Arihur P. Bernier Cpl Tony B. Bianco Cpl George A. Binei Cpl Edwin Blackman Cpl Francis H. Blanchard Cpl William H. Brady Cpl Earl R. Bruce Cpl John H. Brunner Cpl Juan C. Bruno Cpl Arihur M. Bu'Her Cpl Thomas G. Calclerone DETABHMENT 4 1262 ASU Cpl Kennelh E. Carey Cpl Thomas E. Challrer Cpl Daniel R. Choinowslri Cpl Dominic Cicco Cpl John C. Corrigan Cpl William D. Cory Cpl Roland Cosia Cpl James A. Cowiclc Cpl William O. Crawley Cpl Thomas E. Curran Cpl Vinceni' DeNunzio Cpl Palsy T. Derrico Cpl Danny P. DiDona'lo Cpl Alben' Dilviango Cpl Francis X. Dougheriy Cpl Eugene R. Doughiy Cpl Thornlon F. Downey Cpl Arihur C. Dunham DETAIIHMENT 4 1262 ASU Cpl Harlan L. Enman Cpl Carl S. Farris Cpl Lucien Fernandes Cpl Joseph E. Fi+zpa+riclc Cpl William E. Friedner Cpl Wilbur C. Funlchouser Cpl Clarence F. Garman Cpl Sfanley H. Gaw Cpl William H. Geesey Cpl Granl' E. Gladfeller Cpl Powell F. Havener Cpl John Hawrylialc Cpl Merle R. Hays Cpl Slephen B. Headley Cpl Thomas E. Hemming Cpl William H. Honshell Cpl Neil J. Houghlancl Cpl Clyde E. Howard Cpl John E. Hughes Cpl Clarence L. Ingersoll Cpl Slanley M. Jacobs Cpl Roy Jeffries Cpl Charles D. Jones Cpl Andrew R. Kalada Cpl William E. Keppel Cpl John O. Keefer Cpl EverH' A. Lally Cpl Joseph E. Lamoureux Cpl John P. Larney Cpl William F. Lavery Cpl Armand G. Legare Cpl Ollie L. Lewis Cpl Marion J. Liner Cpl Slephen J. Lisowslci Cpl Edward M. Loffus Cpl Charles R. Mahon Cpl Vicfor MaroHa Cpl Shanley W. McAndrews Cpl Gilber+ J. Meek DETMIHMENT 4 1262 ASU Cpl Andrew Michael Cpl William Mobley Cpl Claude L. Modlin Cpl Joshua A. Moncrief Cpl Manuel R. Mora Cpl Phillip Morgan, Jr. Cpl Harry P. Murphy Cpl Michael F. Murphy Cpl Eugene C. Nagel Cpl John W. Norlon Cpl George Olsian Cpl Edwin Olson Cpl John F. Olson Cpl Felix F. Palnoe DETAIIHMENT 4 1262 ASU Cpl Anlhony Pelrucelli Cpl Rudolph J. Piacenza Cpl Joe Podnar Cpl Hiram J. Prilchard Cpl Arch S. Pugh Cpl Maurice W. Rambo Cpl Arlhur W. Randall Cpl Roberl A. Reed Cpl Charles H. Regesier Cpl William M. Reming-lon Cpl Burlon J. Rhone Cpl William P. Ringwald Cpl Alberl' G. Roberfs Cpl James B. Robin Cpl Roberl F. Rogers Cpl Allen J. Russell Cpl Palriclc M. Salce Cpl Cecil R. Shelby Cpl Roger A. Simoneau Cpl Julian D. Smilh Cpl Wrignold J. Smilh Cpl John L. Spence Cpl Francis L. Spring Cpl Raymond F. Thompson Cpl Richard A. Thompson Cpl John F. Toland Cpl Paul S. Toon Cpl Joseph A. L. Tremblay Cpl Roherl' E. Trollier Cpl Joseph G. Tuclcer Cpl Rollin K. VanGorder Cpl Franklin B. Van Zile Cpl Joseph P. Wallrer Cpl Wallace B. While Cpl Edward J. Willcey Cpl John C. Williams Cpl Ray D. Wilson Pfc William J. Almeida Pfc Keilh S. Angelides Pfc Joseph F. Bailoi' Pfc James H. Bullock Pic William P. Bunch Pic George W. Calhoun Pfc Richard M. Canavera Pic Paul H. Capen DETAIIHMENT 4 1262 ASU Pfc James E. Colberi' Pfc John DiDonna Pfc Francesco C. Forzano Pic William J. Foughf Pfc Eugene Gallavan Pfc Warren H. Gerhold Pfc Sidney Greenspan Pfc Donzell B. Hall Pic Kennefh M. Helifelfinger Pic John N. Hill Pfc James P. Holion Pfc William T. Horn Pfc Clarence Horner Pfc Duane E. Howald Pfc Elmer N. Johnson Pfc Harold J. Kesier Pfc Daniel B. Larrabee, Jr. Pfc Claude W. Lease Pfc OHis C. Looney Pfc George I. MacLean Pfc Dennis R. Mara Pic Michael D. McConnell Pfc Daniel J. McGilvray Pfc Lawrence C. Mirage Pic Marlcas D. Morgan Pic Richard V. Morris Pic Clarence C. Mull Pfc Roland C. Myers Pfc Charles Mylic Pfc Nicholas J. Nuzzi Pfc Clifford A. Oliver Plc Grani E. O'NeaI Pfc Charles J. Paquef Pfc Rober+ T. Penning+on Pfc James E. Phelan Pic Roberi E. Quinn Pic James E. Rhodes Pfc Joseph F. Ricciardi Pfc William N. Richardson zr .,,. ,gm ,pref W.. Pic George H. Rogers Pic Richard C. Rogers Pic Anfhony R. Salzano Pic Leo Schlanger Pic Raymond Schwariz Pic McKinley Simpson, Jr. Pio Raymond B. Slcellon Pic Francis C. Taggarl Pic B. C. Talley Pic John G. Taylor Pic David Thompson Pic Thomas J. Toerner Pic Charles l. Trefry Pic Leo W. Uiferbaclr Pic Donald L. Vienneau Pic Rolaerl- H. Woodcoclr Pic Neil E. Wormsbalrer Pic Rolaeri R. Wren Pfc George M. Zahorchalr Pvi Hugh Allen Pvf Ernes+ F. Beasaw Pvi Roberi' Bishop Pvi' Arihur Blaclcowslci Pvf Warren T. Brandi' Pvi' Phillip D. Brown Pvi Gordon E. Burrell Pvf Bernard C. Canney Pvf Beniamin F. Carey Pvf Zino Chemenas Pv+ Joseph Chiaradio Pvf George L. Felice'H'i Pv+ Anihony Francis Pv+ Charles W. Harvey Pv+ Leonard H. Levin Pv'r Raymond Maximenlro Pvi' James T. Mulligan Pvi Donald R. Oberly Pvi William J. O'Shea Pvi' Norman F. Paren'r Pvi Gilberi' J. Pearce Pvi' Joseph A. Pisasale Pvi John A. Quigley Pvi Herman Quinn Pvi Donald F. Ray Pvf Walfer P. Schenk Pvf Roberi' E. Scofield Pv-I' Harold W. Sco'r+ Pvf Bernard Sheehan Pvf Ancil F. Simons Pv+ William H. Slevenson Pvi' Michael Ton'I'i Pvl' Donald G. Welsh Rc? Vinal S. Jones DETABHMENT 1262 ASU MfSgl Marvin T. Alvin MfSg+ Alberl E. Beeman MfSgl Arlhur L. Brunner MfSgf Gerard B. Campbell MfSg+ Ernosl H. Claylon MfSgl' Minos J. Culver MfSgl Slanley Downs Delachmenl No. 5. l262cl ASU is com- posed of enlislecl men 'From 'three l3l secllons-Posl' Orclnance, Molor Opera- lions and Delachmenl' Overhead. Posl Ordnance consisl' of Three l3l 2nd Echelon Shops and an aclminislralive seclion. Molor Operalions consisl' of 'lwo l2l Molor Pools, a clriver's lesling unll sancl an Aclminislra- live Seclion. MfSg'l Frank Goreclri MfSgl' William T. Kupcil MfSg'l Sedrick G. Laughlin Mfsgr Charles Milici MfSgl' Frank J. Minniclc Mfsgl Auslin W. Nowland MfSg+ Donald G. Sellers SFC John L. Bishop SFC Gerald E. Boyd SFC Joseph S. Deilori SFC Samuel Divila SFC Charles E. Frame SFC Joseph R. Huffmasler SFC An'l'l1ony J. lannone SFC Norman W. Kisller SFC Edward J. Maslers SFC Roscoe Mays SFC Roberl W. Monaghan SFC Doyle E. Niclrle SFC Theodore J. Noe SFC Franlrlin M. Slough DETACHIVIE T . , CaP+ Is+ sg+ Vmcenl' Sl'lePa"Cl James R. LeVaugh Commanding SFC John H. Sfanfon SFC James C. Tale SFC Andrew While SFC John F. Wolfersberger Sgi Roberf C. Adams Sgf William J. Arnhold Sg+ Roberi M. Ballard DETAGHMENT 5 1262 ASU Sgf Alberf W. Bamsch Sgf Alberi' C. Banks Sgi Oscar M. Beeman Sgf Roberi D. Buchanan Sgi George S. Cozby Sgi' Raymond C. Crawford Sgf James B. Curry Sgi Francis J. DiMaHies Sgi George T. Dowdy Sgf William C. Finch Sgf Ronald W. Fullen Sgf John N. Glass Sgi Frank J. Cordon Sgi Henry B. Hannum Sgi Roberf M. Johannsen Sgf Willard L. Kisiler Sgf Sylvan A. La Fever Sgi' Wesley L. Maihieu Sgi' Hugh H. McClariy Sgi' Frank A. Merri'H' Sgi' John C. Mlyniec Sg'I' Floyd W. Moon Sgf Henry Nall Sgf Pafsy J. Narcini Sgi James L. Nickerson Sgi' James C. Owens Sgr Charles Owings Sgi' Norman A. Peierson Sgi' Samuel L. Ramey Sgi' Charles R. Robinson Sg+ Edwin Ross Sgi James H. Silvers Sgi' Marcella L. Smiih Sgi' Alfred R. Souza Sgi' Charles M. Sullivan Sgf Aizo Talcagi Sgr Warren E. Terhune Sql Joseph Villone Sgf Wal+er A. Vreeland Sgr Claude F. Whiie Cpl Kinney C. Adkins Cpl John E. Agens Cpl Elmer Ailcinson Cpl William F. Barrows Cpl Alberi' L. Borlcovich Cpl John R. Buchanan Cpl Nalhaniel B. Carroll Cpl Ralph J. Carter Cpl Joseph J. Cassano Cpl Francis F. Cas+en Cpl Raymond C. Caughman Cpl Piefro Celia Cpl Andrew G. Cobb Cpl Marion W. Colgin Cpl Clyde L. Covey Cpl Wilfred D. Cruihers nmcnmfur 5 1262 ASU Cpl Hershel R. Cunningham Cpl Alvah E. Donnell Cpl Peier J. Drenfh Cpl Russell H. Eadie Cpl John C. Ellis Cpl John D. Eggers Cpl Wilfred C. Ernesi Cpl Vinceni L. Ferguson Cpl Harry C. Fife Cpl Richard M. Fouls Cpl Charles G. Fry Cpl Edward R. Gilliam Cpl Gus A. Hess Cpl Alfred L. Hunf Cpl Joseph L. J. Jean Cpl Jacob J. Kalohelani Cpl William S. Keilh Cpl Donald L. King Cpl Seals W. Knighi Cpl Paul P. Kodman Cpl Paul E. Kuhn Cpl William Kuhn Cpl Waller A. Lachowicz Cpl Gordon A. Langley Cpl James F. Linger Cpl Maxie R. Loper Cpl John A. Mahoney Cpl Warren Marquis, Jr, Cpl Roland J. Masse Cpl Charles McDonaugh Cpl Norman L. McKee Cpl Glenn W. Mericle Cpl Jess J. Merico Cpl Roger M. Michand Cpl George L. Miller Cpl George R. Mobbs Cpl MaH'hew H. Molrly Cpl Arlhur T. Monahan Cpl Dale W. Murphy Cpl Richard B. Norris Cpl Pefer P. O'Connor Cpl Irvin R. Orr DETACHMENT NU. 5 Cpl Ruben Orlegon Cpl Alvie S. Phillips Cpl Forresl' L. Presion Cpl Arlhur E. Ragan Cpl Frank Raimondi Cpl Roy L. Rankin Cpl James R. Ranlrins Cpl Cliflon F. Raymond Cpl Marcelo Re'l'a Cpl Ernesl A. Richards Cpl Sanio Rizzo, Jr. Cpl Audrey L. Roberson Cpl Ernesl' Robifaille Cpl Donald J. Rooney Cpl Herschel R. Ruclcer Cpl William L. Safreed Cpl Charles M. Sarge Cpl Joseph R. Schulz Cpl Waller E. Seymour Cpl Floyd S. Sheaffer Cpl Julius S. Simon Pic Joe Almeida Cpl Roberl' W. Simons Cpl Leslie J. Slaley Cpl Wayne R. Siepp Cpl Joseph J. Sullivan Cpl Fred A. Sumrell Cpl William L. Talbcl Cpl Carl C. Taylor DETABHMENT NU. 5 Cpl Leslie A. Taylor Cpl William A. Taylor Cpl Fred J. Thompson Cpl Orville L. Tipsword Cpl Richard F. Tobey Cpl Norman G. VanHorn Cpl Vic-lor P. Vienneau Cpl John J. Ward Cpl Willard Webb Cpl Marvin F. Weclrwerlh Cpl William J. Williams Cpl Donald E. Wilson Cpl Sfephen W. Wrobleslri Cpl Andrew Yarchulr Pfc Pic Pic Pic Pfc Pfc Pic Pic Pfc Pfc Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic Pfc Pfc Pfc Darrell L. Anderson Walier R. Asiringer Richard l. Baker Raymond E. Blaisdell James F. Broolcs Roberi L. Brooks Samuel L. Byrd John T. Caroline James R. Cliiion Richard G. Coxe Donald A. Doyle John J. Duggan William E. Emerson Howard L. Englelca Lawrence H. Eslcridge Ernes+ F. Evereh' Wilfred K. Fallon Leon W. Feralcer Hugh M. Ferran Philip E. Freese Plc Donald E. Gale Plc Decalur Graham, Jr. Plc Edward C. Greiss Plc Everell A. Hanshaw Plc William Harrison Plc William F. R. Housewrighi Plc John F. Johnson Plc Paul A. Kail Plc Kelly K. Kanode Plc Lloyd H. Kindred Plc James L. King Plc Roberl E. Kinyon Plc Bobby D. Knighl Plc Paul G. Leggieri Plc Edward F. Lehr Plc Thomas C. Lindale Plc Vernon A. Lindberg Plc John H. Lorenez Plc Richard A. Murphy Plc Billy J. O'Neal Plc George M. O'Reilly Plc Charles R. Palridge Plc Augusl Piper, Jr. Plc Vaughn L. Polls Plc Samuel C. Price Plc Glenn N. Raulerson Plc John D. Robbins Plc Alberl E. Rogers IIETAIIHMENT NU. 5 Plc Edmund Sallrowshi Plc James F. Schanen Plc Marvin M. Sienlciewicz Plc Calvin L. Sislc Plc Joseph P. Spisalr Plc Joseph J. Slahl Plc Elmer F. Vogel Plc Roberl E. Warren Plc Richard A. Yorlr Plc Donald E. Young Pvl Donald E. Barody Pvl Roberl H. Boolh, Jr. Pvl Howard Bullinglon, Jr. Pvl Charles R. Burroughs Pvl' Francis Check Pvf Thomas J. Conroy Pvi' Thomas H. Doherfy Pvf George K. Edwards Pvf Thomas E. Edwards Pvf Darrell L. Fair Pvi Bias A. Gamboa Pvl Rolfe A. Grover Pvf Eugene W. Haines Pvf Alvin E. Harris Pvf James J. Hendry Pvl Billy L. Hood Pvf Corfland Johns Pvf Vance L. Knudsen DETACHMENT NU. 5 Pvf Pedro L. Magris Pvf Gene W. McCabe Pvf Edward J. McManus Pvf Percy H. McNaugh'l'on Fvf Roberi E. Miller Pvf Richard G. Noll Pvf James C. Pickles Pvf Alberl' J. Rabenold Pvf Manuel P. Reese Pvf Norman Rofh Pvf Luis R. Solo Pvf Leland A. Spaulding Pvf Francis L. Unger Pvf Edward F. Uphan Pvf Russell F. Vance Pvl' Charles W. Welasier Pvi' Edward J. Wesfley Rc? Thomas W. Byrne Rcf John F. Chrisfensen Rci' Charles S. Mondana Rcf Will Z. Pope Rd Warren A. Risi Wu Q J Q x ' 'W' wg: is in ' if .:1.: 5.5 Q "-V A "" . 5 ef:-Q gr age' f rf, ,wr MEDICAL DETACHIVIE T 1262 ASU . i Mal u Cap? MfSgl' Isl Sgi' MfSgl' Wllllam D. Relber Charles E. Molson, Jr. Paul Mann George Ferguson James H. Donovan Commanding QB? if Sgr Colonel Richardson Sgr Donald F. Krasseli SFC Felix L. Lee Sgl' Earl K. Cline MfSg1 Denver L. Canirell SFC Harry C. Ausiin MfSg+ Colon A. McBride MfSgi' James W. Johnson SFC Vicior T. Sco'H MfSgl' Joe V. Crumpley MfSg+ John F. Bevans MfSgi' Nelson C. Fayeiie SFC Vincen1'Guarino S 5 -2921 LE Cl. ill 'S B MEDICAL 'DEPARTMENT The Medical DeTachmenT was acTivaTed I July I947 wiTh The mission oT Turnishing personnel To sTaTT The numerous acTiviTies OT The PosT Surgeon's oTTice. On ThaT daTe There were six Dispensaries in opera- Tion, sTraTegically IocaTed on The ForT Dix Reserva- Tion so ThaT medical aTTenTion was readily available To all personnel wiTh a minimal loss oT Time. The DeTachmenT in addiTion, also Turnished personnel Tor The MenTal Hygiene ConsulTaTion Service, DenTal Service and Tor Medical Processing. On l July I949 The DeTachmenT absorbed The personnel assigned To TilTon General HospiTal and assumed The operaTion oT The STaTion HospiTal aT PorT Dix. AT The STaTion HospiTal modern medical care, TreaTmenT and hospiTalizaTion is provided Tor all members oT The Armed Services on duTy aT ForT Dix and surrounding TerriTory, including Their depend- enTs. Emergency medical TreaTmenT is also available To civilian employees oT The army aT The numerous clispensaries and aT The HospiTal. AT The HospiTal and The Dispensaries almosT all Types oT TreaTmenT are available To miliTar personnel and Their de- pendenTs. The HospiTal has a normal bed capaciTy oT Four Hundred PiTTy l45Ol beds. The DenTal Service operaTes a large clinic on New York Avenue wiTh ThirT -one T311 operaTing chairs in addiTion To providing denTal service Tor personnel aT The HospiTal. Periodically ThroughouT The year denTal surveys are conducTed Tor all miliTary person- nel aT ForT Dix by This service. MfSgT Clifford M. English MfSgT Joseph Jodoin MfSgT OTas K. Lewis MfSgT Roberi' J. Linzy MfSgT ElizabeTh K. O'KeeTe MfSgT Maurice A. Rendell MfSgT Herberi' Scruggs MfSgT Edward L. Waple MfSgT Harold Zornes SFC George L. Davis SFC Raymond Gaberlein SFC John J. Gildea SFC C. W. HilTon SFC Roberf F. JusT SFC WalTer J. Kennedy, Jr. SFC STanley Lewandowski SFC George N. Premore SFC AnThony F. Ross SFC Bryan STack SFC Paul STrenk SFC Gerald A. SwarTz SgT Markean ArneTT Sgi' Roberf Berry Sgf John S. Blasko SgT Earl Blassingame Sgf Haydon L. Bruce Sgf Michael Caparco Sgf Howard W. Davis MEDICAL DETACHMENT AT The presenT Time The DeTachmenT sTaTTs Tour ouTlying Dispensaries where sick call is held daily Tor personnel on duTy in Those respecTive areas and cases requiring more exTensive TreaTmenT are reTerred To The HospiTal or various clinics. The personnel aT The Medical Processing UniT give compleTe physical examinaTions To all individ- uals, requiring such examinaTions aT ForT Dix. In addiTion, They give inoculaTions, make physical proTile examinaTions, Type blood and make chesT x-rays Tor all incoming enlisTees. They also keep and mainTain all medical records oT miliTary personnel aT T:orT Dix. The MoTor Pool manned by The DeTachmenT personnel Turnishes ambulance service To The enTire posT and ouTlying areas including ambulances Tor The Tiring ranges, bivouacs and occasional Trips To Valley Forge General HospiTal and The New York PorT oT EmbarkaTion. The personnel aT The MenTal Hygiene ConsulTa- Tion Service TreaT Those individuals which require ThaT Type oT medical care. As can be seen Trom Toregoing, The personnel oT The Medical DeTachmenT are required To perTorm many and varied duTies, neverTheless They Tind Time To parTicipaTe in all The recreaTional acTiviTies sponsored by Special Service and have repeaTedly been in The upper brackeTs OT nearly all PosT TournamenTs. "To Conserve FighTing STrengTh" Sgr Harry D. Edinger Sgr Elmer N. Fallis Sg+ James V. Farrell Sgl Virgil L. Fosler Sgr Charles Fowllces Sgl David Fuller Sgr George P. Glessner, Jr. Sgr Willie W. Gorden Sgr George Hardriclc Sgi Jack Helfanl Sgr Monroe E. Herb Sgr John Juslcalian Sgr Dexfer Keller Sgr Kennefh W. Kohler Sgr Paul T. Lewis Sgr Frank Lipka Sgr Arvil Lunsford Sgr Gerald F. Maloney Sgr Curlis B. McBerneHe Sgr John S. McCar-lhy Sgr Roberf W. Milnes MEDICAL DETAGHMENT 1262 ASU Sgr Charles Monfecalvo Sgr Marella Munday Sgr Salvaiore Nasfasi Sgr Talrio H. Nishimoio Sgr Clyde D. Parlcer Sgr Roberi' E. Perry Sgl' John Prichalc Sgr James Sanlos Sg+ John F. Sax sg+. Melvin L. smnh Sgr Paul A. Slainlrer Sgl Joseph E. Sullivan Sgr Francis Turinslcy Sgr Judson L. VanGorden Sgl' Richard Ward Sgl'Herman Wiener Sgi' William Zeccola Cpl William Ables Cpl Isaiah Aldrich Cpl Wilburn Anderson Cpl William B. Andes Cpl Byron S. Armsirong Cpl Walion Ash Cpl John Barry Cpl William J. Bickham Cpl Richard A. Boardman Cpl Paul Bcgan Cpl Maurice L. Boyer Cpl Chapman Bradford Cpl Willie Brown Cpl Huey Bryan? Cpl William A. Buchanan Cpl John H. Burke Cpl Argene Carpenier Cpl James Cason Cpl Charles Cafanzariii Cpl Louis Cherubin Cpl Frank Chesney Cpl Arnold R. Chrisiopher Cpl Howard Church Cpl Lufher Clark Cpl Roberi E. Clemenfs MEDICAL DETAIIHMENT 1262 ASU Cpl Leroy Cooks Cpl Earl Coleman Cpl Hoover Counferman Cpl Oliver Cramer Cpl Laurie Cunningham Cpl Pefer T. Cusick Cpl Henry Dale Cpl Merle Decker Cpl Edward J. DeFalco Cpl Grady DuckeH Cpl William Duley Cpl Charles C. Evans Cpl George Flinoil Cpl Howard C. Gallagher Cpl Lloyd D. Gallamore Cpl Floyd Garner Cpl John W. Gaunl' Cpl Rosenihal S. George Cpl Roberi' Gibbs Cpl Paul Gilmer Cpl Raoul V. Glaude Qi. ew X ,.:, -. Wil? , . QW .. .Im -1.-,e 1 33252 , . .. :V 4 :- H5 we ' 5 we F 1 1 -149 e V 5 W 'fi .. .,.. . - ,,,,, . .. ., X X +. W a it Cpl General Gordon Cpl David M. Green Cpl James L. Gulledge Cpl Lloyd W. Hall Cpl Finley Handshoe Cpl Tolberl' Harmon Cpl Alfred Harrelson Cpl Cad Harris Cpl Raymond Hari Cpl John T. Hilion Cpl Bruce Hoolr Cpl Obie Huff Cpl Johnnie Johnson Cpl Woodford Johnson MEDICAL IJETABHMENT 1262 ASU Cpl Walter Jones Cpl Elwin Kelso Cpl William J. Klymn Cpl Hills Knisely Cpl John T. Kochie Cpl Frank C. Koper Cpl Ralph O. Lanham Cpl Thomas E. Lindsey Cpl Chesfer B. Lovering Cpl Charles A. Lucas Cpl Richard Lundsirom Cpl James R. Lydell Cpl William Marshall Cpl Thomas McGuire Cpl Henry E. Meadows Cpl Wilson Medlin Cpl Fredericlx C. Meier Cpl Donald Melvin Cpl Richard A. Moore Cpl Jose Moreno Cpl James Morrison Cpl Francis A. Nelson Cpl John C. Newlovo Cpl Donald S. Parker Cpl Milion F. Phillips Cpl Oscar Picl:e'H Cpl George Polilalcis Cpl Leo PouleH'e Cpl Doris Powell Cpl William Procior Cpl Zechariah Pugh Cpl William Raymond Cpl Samuel S. Reed Cpl Edward C. Renn Cpl Allan B. Roach Cpl Bernard G. Roach Cpl Frederick W. Robinson Cpl Leonard Rohman Cpl Zigmonr P. Rosinslcy Cpl William Ruih Cpl Edward J. Sadowslri Cpl Elmer Schroeder Cpl Edward G. Schumm Cpl William E. Scoggins Cpl Bernard Sco-H' Cpl Leon W. Seadeelc Cpl Thomas Sefrle CRIAAFFGDR J. Sharkey Cpl Edward W. Sheeis Cpl Irvin Sherwood Cpl Duane F. Smiih Cpl Franlr L. Smiih Cpl Reber? R. Smilh Cpl Russell Smiih Cpl Chasline Spence Cpl Edward Sievens, Jr. MEDICAL DETABHMENT 1262 ASU Cpl Arnold D. Swear Cpl Donald F. Taylor Cpl Jackie Taylor Cpl Franlr A. Thomas Cpl William E. Tinsley Cpl Collins D. Torrence Cpl Lewis Tuclcer Cpl Marvon L. Van Horn Cpl Eugene M. Vicior Cpl John Viczoralr, Jr. Cpl Alberr R. Wafson Cpl Donald Weber Cpl Wallace W. Websler Cpl Edward Wharley Cpl Lufher M. Williams Cpl Billy Wilson Cpl Laurence Woods Cpl Richard P. Woodward Cpl Waller J. Worhmen Cpl Raymond E. Zimmerman Pfc Thomas Alewine MEDIUM DETABHMENT 1262 ASU Pfc Ronald G. Ancfil Plc Herberf Arriola Pic Norman Banlrs Pfc John E. Belcher Pic Gerald R. Benson Pic Mylin Blonh A Pic Waller C. Borden Pfc Alex Bosu Pic Harry B. Broadnax Pfc Michael W. Bruifo Pfc Charles Burneii Pfc Thomas Burneii' Pfc Elwood Cahoon Pfc Peier Cammaraia Pfc Anihony Campanella Pic John A. Campaniclmi Pfc Charles W. Caudell Pfc Francis A. Consfable Pic Roberi E. Coy Pic Kenneih F. Denney Pic William Donofrio Pic Anfhony Dorisio Pic Virgil Echard Pic William EllioH' Pic Pairiclr L. Emmel Pic Richard Fields Plc Rex C. Fredenburg Pfc Waller L. Gallareagh Pfc Dale G. Galleniine Pfc Raymond E. Grammar Pfc John Gueniher Pic George Haedi' Pfc Michael Hanlcs Pfc Harold E. Henderson Pic Thurle L. Hileman Pfc Paul Howe, Jr. Pic Billy Hudson Pfc Edmund T. Jobhins Pic Norman R. Johnson Pic Marlin M. Jones Pic Roberf N. Jones Pic Edward Kasperowicz, Jr Pic Joseph Keller Pic Jesse F. Ken? Pic John M. LaBorda Pic Roberf P. Lee Pic William H. Lewis, Jr. Pic Willie Lewis, Jr. Pic Philip Libardi Pic Henry Long Pic Adolph Maddamma Pfc James R. Malcolm Pic Leddy Malola Pic Roger Manlle Pic Daniel Maxin Pic Bernard McLucas 'Pic William J. McMullin Pic William McNamara Pic Mike Medved Pic Coleman Miller Plc Allen J. Miner Pic Donald P. Mifchell Pic John B. Morris Pfc Lawrence Murphy Pic John T. Nemefh Pic Richard Nordsirom Pic Bobby N. Owen Pic Joseph T. Parlingfon Pic Crispulo B. Pafaio Pic Thomas W. Paifon MEDICAL DETABHMENT 1262 ASU Pic Marjorie A. Paylon Pic James O. Pegrom Pic George Perry Pic McKinley Phillips Pic Russell H. Poole Pic Frank Redinger Pic John L. Robich i . '. I I ...: .:..,.,. .. .,,,, Ji gm MX? 4, ll' as ffl . e- 1 l ' ,. .,... , ,,, .. as 'QMWFN -w:- 'J , - 1' nf. .,., 1 3 W D ll . l Q 1 .ggi rmwg , ,ir J ,-., 5 ,,,, fm. s xl 99 P ....... T eoaoa l or 2- 2 'I1" '?W we ,V :A, ., W 'if .,,,.:,, . .,... .,.:,, 0 f - , 9 ,. Q by ff' fmdm' 3 W' Pfc Bernard Rosenfeld Pfc Donald J. Shannon Pfc Donald L. Smifh Pfc Charles Sorrells Pfc William S. Sfewarr Pfc Frank Tafaro Pfc William Thurman MEDICAL DETABHMENT 1262 ASU Pfc James H. Tobin Pfc Sisfo Tocchio Plc Herman Touchfon Plc William Tripp Pfc Ocfavio Velez Pfc Louis J. Venfresca Pfc Alberl N. Weeks Pfc John W. Whiiford Pfc Charles J. Wickwire Pfc William R. Wig Pfc Luther T. Wilcher Plc James Williams Pfc Clinion W. Wilson Pic Anihony Zupa Pvl' Roberi D. Adams Pvf Paul Amico Pvf Nicholas Bellomo Pv'l John Benne'H' Pv+ Harry Biccum Pvi Anihony S. Bonani' Pvi' Charles A. Brown Pvi' Vernon Brown Pvi' Roberf F. Burg Pv'f Willie Cardenas Pvl' Joseph J. Carr Pvi' Earfhen Carson Pvf William Celinski Pvl' Herberf Chambers Pvi' Pasquale A. Cifarelli Pvl' Roger W. Conani Pvi' William E. Curran, Jr. Pvf Norberi' J. Daugheriy Pv+ Charles R. Dick Pvi Charles Dowling Pvi Merle Dry Pv'l Joseph Felce'H'i Pv+ James R. Fecfeau Pv+ Sammie Ford PV? Donald Fullon Pvl' Murray E. Giddens Pvf Joseph Griffin Pvf William F. Griffin Pvl Marilyn Halleif Pvf Vernon Hayes Pvf Karl HelH' Pvl' Richard L. Higgins Pvf Donald R. Hill Pvi Alberl' Hooks Plc Eugene Howell Pvl' Donald T. Hughes Pvl Donald J. Hun? Pvf Edwin Knoblauch Pvi Walier Kosilc Pvi Harold Levy Pvf Ernesl' Luclcman Pv+ Donald Mabbeif Pvf Pascual Magana Pvf Waller Marshalel: Pvl Silber! Maxwell Pvl Gladdinge McKinney Pvi' James McLear PV? Carl M. Miller Pvf Acy Millwood MEDICAL IJETAIIHMENT 1262 ASU Pvi' Michael Moclr Pvl' Melvin E. Morgan Pvi Howard L. Murphy Pvi' John H. Nalaors Pvf Glenn Norman Pvi' Francis A. O'Coin Pvi Roberl Palfison Pvl' Sidney Poplxin Pvi' Willie J. Pugh Pvl John J. Robinson Pvl John N. Robinson Pvl' Howard Sco'H Pvl' George Shelby Pvl' Harley Silres Pvr Slephan Silcorslci Pvl' Roberl H. Simpson Pvi' Major Sleiivel' Pvl' Clarence H. Sroui' Pvl Perry Sfroud Pvi Billy Taylor Pvf Fred W. Thomas Pv'l' Archie Tolliver Pvf James A. Vahey Pvi' Orbis Ware Pvi Thomas A. Warner Pvl Edward J. Weber Pvl' Roger A. Weber Pv+ Morse Win+ersfeen Pvi' Alberi' Zaleslri Rd' John G. Hanna Rei' Vincenl B. Sherlock MEDICAL DETABHMENT 1262 ASU WAC DETACHIVIE T B Capf SFC Frances T Snider Faye Sloan ' lsifsgi Commanding MfSgT Billy Bronson MfSgT MaTilda A. Canfrell MfSgT Gladys Owen MfSgT Carmen Sanchez SFC DoroThy C. BarreTT SFC Magdalen Farrell SFC Dagmar A. M. Grofh SFC Geraldine F. GuTh SFC Blanche E. Hanson SFC Emma L. Phillips SFC Zella A. Shafer SgT JeanneTTe C. BarTleT+ Sgi' Eleanor A. Calhoun SgT Adeline M. Cervone SgT Arlene H. Davis Sgf Alice E. Flynn Sgl' Cornelia W. Heiss Sgf Sandra lnforre WAC DeTachmenT "B's" growTh during The pasT Tew monThs has been phenomenal. When The WAC DeTachmenT. I262d ASU was designaTed WAC De- TachmenT "B" our ToTal sTrengTh was 27 enlisTed women. Wifh The movemenT oT The Camp Kilmer WAC uniT To ioin wiTh our DeTachrnenT The sTrengTh Tigures climbed To near IOO. Camp Kilmer was buT The beginning as since Then our sTrengTh noT only wenT over IOO enlisTed women buT has never sTopped in- creasing wiTh a consTanT Tlow oT new arrivals. During duTy hours The girls are uTilized wiThin The various overhead acTiviTies aT This sTaTion. OTT duTy Time Tinds The members oT This DeTachmenT sTarring in various posT acTiviTies. One oT our girls was in The group OT Tour ThaT were The Tirsl' WAC's chosen Trom FirsT Army as The OuT- sTanding Soldier's oT The lvlonTh. CapTuring The sporTs headlines boTh our baslceTball and bowling Teams have broughT home Trophies. The baslceTball Team won The PosT Women's BaslceTball Championship and wenT on To ForT Devens To play in The Women's Division oT The FirsT Army TournamenT. The Team came ouT in The Runner-Up spoT when The decisive game was losT To The WAC's Trom Murphy General HospiTal 43-3I. Our record was Tive wins and Two losses. WAC DETABHMENT B Sgi Mare'Ha R. Munday Sgf Jane R. Nardacci Sgf Emma A. Schulfz Sgi' Lillian E. Tharp Cpl Theresa S. Bergan Cpl Sybil Chandler Cpl Fannie L. DeWeese Cpl Jessie E. Euisler Cpl Rufh A. Faulkner Cpl Susan E. Freeman Cpl Willie M. Jeffries Cpl Calherine Kennedy Cpl Ella R. Kneeshaw Cpl Margarei M. Smifh Cpl Margaref E. To'Hen Pfc Eihel M. Besl' Pfc Mary C. Brown Pic Audrey G. McCulloch Pfc Ellen L. Turner Pfc Mary A. Wands Pvi Geneva H. Aflrins Pvi Gloria J. BaHle Pvf Link J. Brown Pvl' Bernice M. Cades Pvl' Gladys l. Caullc Pvf BeHy U. Clifford Pvf Rena Dirlcs Pvf Josephine DiPillo Pvf Virginia L. Dean Pvl' Marilyn C. Decker Pvi Sherry L. Eason Pvi Geraldine D. Fox Pvi Shirley A. Flury Pvl' Willie P. Frederick Pvf Georgia M. Gorman Pvl' Beverly J. Graham Pvl' Audrey M. Gaylor Pvl Bobby R. Hannon Pvi' Rosalyn R. Hill Pvi' Sine M. Jorgensen Pvl' Mariorie A. Johnson Pvl Mary A. Kama Pvl Mary J. Kiiowski Pvl' Beverly J. Kibbey Pvl' Hazel R. Kozonasky Pvf Laura L. Lewis Pvi Vondell V. Looser Pvl' Helen M. Lamberi Pvl Elise L. Lee Pvf Darlene A. Loskill Pvl' Belly J. LaFrinire Pvf Becky S. Lundy Pvf Dolores Maicki Pv+ Mozello O. Moss Pvi Bessie M. Mumford Pyi' Pafricia E. McAfee WAC DETABHMENT B WMI DETABHMENT B Pvl' Bernice M. Mason Pvi Marie J. Micak Pvl' Joyce M. Mobley Pvi' Beverly J. Nu'Her Pvf Kafhlyn l. Ouelleflo Pvf Ca'H1erine M. O'Mara Pvf Violef M. Osirum Pvi' Joanne M. Plumb Pvf Rilla M. Prifchard Pvf Kafhleen M. Pierce Pvi' lnex L. Reynolds Pvi Pairicla A. Rousch Pvf Mandy L. Royal Pvf Bernice G. Reynolds Pvr Mary P. Rose Pvi' Riia A. Shaffer Pvi' Edifh H. Sfewari' Pvi' Theresa B. Symanowicz Pv'r Lucille C. Shanlrles Pvi' Rifa E. Schaal Pvf Mary V. Smifh Pv'l Marlene E. Simon Pvf Belly M. Severe Pvi' Anna M. Sl1UgBI'+ Pv'I' Evelyn P. Trela Pvi' Angela F. Tubolino Pvl' Mari M. Tomofa Pvl' Laura M. Vanzile Pvi' June E. Walfon Pvr Be-Hy A. Wilming Pv+ Anna A. Yanusaiiis Pvi' Floramae Savage Pvl Dolores Felzer COMPANY A 15th E GI ERS Cap? Ralph D. Parris lsf L1-John P ulnn Commanding SFC James A. Brewer SFC John J. Derrick Sgr Joseph F. Black Sgl' Harry Cooley Sgi George R. Ouiler Sgr Franklyn D. Pennell Sgf Joseph V. Travaglio Sgi' Adolphus E. Trybulski Cpl Alfred D. Andel Cpl Michael Adoulf Cpl Joe Aliieri Cpl John G. Bibo The l5Jrh Engineer Combal Ballalion was a pari' of The 9+h lnlanlry Division during all of i'rs campaigns of World War ll. Company A l5Jrh Engineer lCl Ballalion was re-aclivaled November l948 and again assigned To lhe 9+h lnlanlry Division and given lhe mission of lviainlenance and Conslruclion of lhe Forl Dix Ranges. As of l November IQ48, Company A had one lll Officer and eighly l8Ol Enlisled Men assigned. A+ The presenl lime Company A has 'lhree l3l Officers and eighly-Jrhree l83j En- lisled Men assigned. Some of The proiecls compleled by Com- pany A are Taylor Mounlain Demonslralion Area, Conslruclion ol Bridges on Soulh Boundary Road, and dismanlling laundry al Lalcehursl Naval Air Slalion, Lalcehursl, New Jersey. y ln addilion To 'rhe above proiecls, 'rhis or- ganizalion performs general lvlainlenance on lhe Forr Dix Range which amoumks lo approxi- malely 5.000 Man hours per monlh. 5 lsr Sgr Francis Quinn MfSg+ Joseph Gipson Cpl George W. Crego Cpl James E. Cooper Cpl William E. Downey Cpl Edward J. Dermody Cpl Raymond R. Ewers Cpl Ronald W. Gilroy Cpl Roberf L. Gallup Cpl Joseph J. Hayes Cpl Joseph Kupiec Cpl Bynum B. Oakes Cpl Dominick B. Scavicchio Cpl Roberi' W. Simons Cpl Peier Sanforo Cpl Donald J. Sampson 15th ENGINEERS PEC Louis B. Brown Pfc Max A. Bishop Pic Eugene H. Cornelius Pic Ralph E. Clinion Pic Daniel A. Clark Pic John W. Conglefon Pic Roy M. Calhoun Pic Norman A. Derosier P'Fc Frederick Hall Pic Michael Kochaniewicz Pfc Jacob F. Khederian Pic Joseph W. Law Pfc Ray J. McCauley Pic Arlhur l. Pinard Pic Harold J. Rich PEC Edward R. Reed Pic Donald L. Sfreefer Pfc Clay L. Webb Pvi' James A. Brim Pvi Homer S. Caswell Pvi' James T. Gran? Pvi Leo C. George Pvf Louis Gonzalez Pvl' Roberf E. Harris Pvf Joseph Harris Ill Pvf Gerald J. Kinney Pvi' Ted A. Konnision 'vi Woodrow D. Kimes Pd Arlhur A. Laurefi Pvi Emmell' L. Millcs Pvf Richard J. Manga Pvi James R. Mack Pvi Donald J. Miller Pvf Lowell S. Nolan Pvf Alvis N. Neff Pvf Anfonao S. Rucio Pvl' Roberi S. Slilwell Pvf Roberl P. Snyder Pvi John J. Wible Pvf Donald L. Wagner Pvl' Waller H. Wheelock Rc? Dominic Cemini Rd John P. Ginnane 15th ENGINEERS 3rd ORDNANCE IVIAIVI CGIVIPAN Capf Isl' L+ ls+ L+ Isl' L+ WOJG Roberi' B. Borden James C. Dodds Arihur C Nenno Carl Thompson Herberf L Bergen Commanding Isl-fSg+ MfSg+ MfSg+ MfSg+ Ernesi' J. Miller William C Moore Julius N Tamasy William Becldell HISTQRY or THE 3RD oRDNANcE COMPANY TMAMT The 3rd Ordnance Company was orig- inally acl'iva1'ed as a Ordnance Mobile Repair Shop in l9l8 and served ihrough The Word War l. ln l93O The Company was reaciivaied as The 3rd Ordnance Com- pany of The 3rd Division a+ Forl Lewis Washingfon. In T939 ihe Company was relieved from assignmenr +o ihe 3rd Div. and became 'rhe 3rd Ordnance Company fMedium Mainlenancei. Under 'rhis desig- nafion ihe company served fhroughoul' World War ll. During This period 'ihe com- pany earned baffle credifs s+arl'ing al Casa Blanca Morocco, Sicily Campaign, Soufh- ern France Campaign, Rome-Arno Cam- paign, Cenlrai Europe Campaign, 'ihe Air- borne Assaulf Landing in Souihern France and finishing in l-leidenheim, Germany. The Company was deacrivaled in Heidenheim. Germany in I946. On 23 February T949 'rhe Company was reaclivafed as 'rhe 3rd Ordnance Company lMedium Aufomoiive Mainienancel ai' Fori- Dix, New Jersey and has been Training al' lhal' posl' since iis reaciivafion. The mission of 'rhe 3rd Ordnance Com- pan TMAMT is 'rhe 'Field mainfenance of all smaii arms and general purpose vehicles of uniis based upon ihe Company for support SFC Horace E. Daigle SFC Waller Kumke SFC James N. Pizzolanii SFC Frank Rice Sgf Rolaeri Brough Sg+ Charles B. Calveri Sgi' lra F. DeTurk Sql Nicholas A. Foran Sgi Richard F. Henderson Sgi' Hans N. Iverson Sgf Casimir S. Jacobs Sgi' John P. Jenkins Sgf Lem O. Jones Sgi Joseph B. Lasier Sgl Arihur J. Pailerson Sgi' Jack G. Ray Sgi Edward J. Riley Sgf Bernard H. Russell Sgi' Cleophas Shelion Sgi' Vinceni J. Wenski Sgi' Paul N. Williamson 3rd URDNANBE Cpl James C. Basse'H' Cpl Oakley R. Bauman Cpl Edward H. Behnen Cpl Donald L. BenneH C l Edgar E. Blackburn P Cpl William L. Blackmon Cpl Howard G. Chase Cpl Roberi W. Cochran Cpl Francis R. Croasion Cpl John S. Crowley Cpl Jesus Diaz-Cruz Pvl' Louis B. Dionne Cpl Edwin E. Hari Cpl LeRoy Jacques Cpl John H. Jaremba Cpl Gerome Jordan, Jr. Cpl Ernesi' L. Kingsley Cpl Jesse Kozlowski Cpl Frederick Kopic Cpl Emilio M. Masciovecchxo Cpl George A. lv1cDowe -as "" i 1 U iffflISQQQZvfjgflfijfif'-iiJ i,. 1 www' Cpl John F. Monahan Cpl Joseph P. NiHo Cpl John Oialvo , Cpl George J. Pelizzari Cpl Daniel W. Pfleiderer Cpl Alfred L. Price Cpl Clifford R. RiHenberry Cpl Francis Roux Cpl Roberi' J. Sefrlemyer Cpl Frederick T. Sherwood Cpl James R. Sowma Cpl Miroslaw Szczur Cpl Samuel J. Thomas Cpl Richard Ur Cpl Edmund J. Ulinslci Cpl Anfon A. Valincius Cpl Willard Van Luvender Cpl Lewis A. Vinal Cpl John E. Walsh Cpl Russell A. Waller Cpl Charles E. Welsh Cpl Michael K. Williams Pic Bigalow B. Barbee Pic Joseph T. Campbell Pic Harry F. Dennison Pic Salvafore DiNucci Pfc Herberi Elias Pic Ernesi R. Lemplce 3rd URDNANIJE Pic Roberl' C. Lands Pic Donald R. Ross Pfc Franlr J. Roman Plc Nelson K. Rohring Pic Arnold C. Solberg Pic Edwin W. Schaefer Pfc Herschel Vaughn Pic Carlion P. Wilcox Pic William J. Wolf Pvi Joseph E. Jackson Pvf Lee E. Knighfon Pvi Charles E. Marshall Pvr Gabriel J. Smifh Pvr Russell R. Sruhr 716th MILITARY POLICE B TT LID Mai E. A. HuTchenson Bn Commander Mai M. M. WheaTIey Sl I S2 8: S3 S4 MorTor TransporTaTion lsT LT Jacob Brown WOJG Leon D. Laffal CBPT IsT LT IsT LT William F. GiITiIIan, Jr. Edw. J. Feeley, Jr. R. E. Doeblin A SHORT HISTORY OF THE 7I6Th M.P. Bn The 7I6Th IvIiIiTary Police BaTTaIion was acTivaTecI on I5 January I942 aT I:orT WadsworTh, New York, and has seen conTinuous service since ThaT daTe. The primary mission OT The baTTaIion during The war years was To provide securiTy Tor docks, piers, ships, warehouses and oTher viTaIIy im- porTanT insTaIIaTions in The New York Area. In addiTion, uniTs oT The baTTaIion were engaged in a wide varieTy oT duTies ranging Trom assisTing Uncle Sam To deliver mail during The ChrisTmas rush, To operaTing an O'ITicer's SchooI in TacTics aT EasTview, New York. Members oT The baTTaIion aIso were used exTensiveIy on Tiring squads aT The buriaIs oT deceased miIiTary personneI, aT numerous oTher ceremonies and parades, in escorTing generaI prisoners To piaces oT conTine- menT and supervising prisoner-oT-war movemenTs To all parTs OT The UniTed STaTes. On 23 January I946, The 7I6Th M.P. BaTTaIion moved To iTs presenT sTaTion aT ForT Dix, New Jersey. Ini+iaIly The Ba++aIion carried ouT securiTy and inTeIIigence duTies aT I:orT Dix and parTicipaTed in numerous ceremonies and parades ThroughouT The FirsT Army Area. AT The presenT Time The 7I6Th MiIiTary PoIice BaTTaIion has one Company on OperaTionaI DuTy wiTh The ProvosT MarshaI, ForT Dix. One Company is aT ForT Devens, Mass., perTorming all The normaI MiIiTary PoIice duTies aT ThaT sTaTion. The re- maining Two Companies, and I-IeadquarTers and Head- quarTers Company, are in Training aT ForT Dix, New Jersey. During The approaching summer, as They have done Tor The pasT Two summers, one Company will be senT To Camp Edwards, Mass., and one Company To Pine Camp, N. Y., To perTorm IvIiIiTary PoIice duTies aT Those sTaTions in connecTion wiTh The summer Training of civiIian componenTs. One oT The permanenT duTies perTormed by The baTTaIion is The Turnish- ing oT a burial deTaiI, consisTing oT a Tiring squad, paII- bearers and a bugler aT BeverIy NaTionaI CemeTery, Beverly, New Jersey. The burial deTaiI renders honors aT The Tunerals oT deceased veTerans and miIiTary personnei. The moTTo oT The IoaTTaIion is "Lex eT Ordo"-Law and Order. The 7I6Th MiIiTary PoIice BaTTaIion is a ReguIar Army uniT, and is iusTIy proud oT iTs repuTaTion as one oT The ouT- sTanding MiIiTary PoIice baTTaIions in The UniTed STaTes Army. HE DQUARTERS COIVIPAN l J Cap? James T. Carey Commanding ls1fSgf Bernard Taylor MfSg+ Troy L. Brannon Mfsgl' Mfsgf Alberi' J. Volpe H. W. VanVallcenburgh SFC Eric T. O. Alm SFC Charles C. Brow SFC George W. Pohl SFC Frederick J. Shunl Sgi' Ralph I. Druen Sgf Milfon C. Gallagher Sgf Roberi' K. Hellman Sgl Howard J. Kammerlo Cpl Fred W. Browning Cpl John B. Hallman Cpl Edward F. Knowlfon Cpl Vernon F. MacDonald Cpl Ralph W. O'Bryan Cpl James Perri 716th MILITARY PULIBE HEADQUARTERS GUMPANY CP CP Thomas P Regan Burion W Saiierfiel James C. Simmons Cpi Benjamin C. Redmerski I . I . d I I CP CP Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Roberi A. Wamboidi' Frank J. Caiena Clifford A. Golembiesky Harry W. Ledger Marfin J. Leonard Donald MacGuigan Donald G. Marker Roberf C. O'NeiII John R. Sabina Joseph Sasaia Pfc Roberf H. Schrecengosr Pv'I' Pvf PV? Pvi .Pv'l' Paul W. Huckabone Tony S. Jardin, Jr. James L. Keiiy David L. Money Emmefi L. Morley 715th MILITARY PULICE HEAIJIIUARTERS IIUMPANY Capl' James D. Thomas Commanding CQMPANY B N1 'ff' ',-. 3 ' lsi L'l' Isl' L'l' Isl l.'l' William J. Morrisroe William Lighfcap Eugene Kelly, Jr. Isf Sgr Anion DeVries MfSg+ Irving Barlran MfSgi' Charles M. Cox MfSg'l' Franl: P. Ross SFC John C. Duiai SFC James Hubbard SFC Homer B. Parfin Sgl' James D. Chancellor Sql' lsidore B. Coia Sgl' Rex H. Hoplcins Sgl' Frederick LaCroix Sgf Ralph B. Mclver Sgi' James Pla'H'on Sgr Warren M. Plude Sgi' William B. Taylor Sgi' Armsfead D. Woods Cpl Roberi' E. Barker Cpl Paul Bona Cpl Thomas E. Bonner Cpl Sfanley G. Chapfer Cpl Joseph P. Conlrlin Cpl Francis Doherfy Cpl Charles A. Dumas Cpl B. F. Flowers Cpl Wendall Z. Giggey Cpl Michael R. Ginish Cpl Earl C. Johnsfon Cpl Wilford J. Judd Cpl Geo. J. Kenney Cpl Roberi' E. Landlield Cpl David R. Lewis Cpl Donald E. MacLeod Cpl Joseph N. Mariina Cpl Teddy E. McClure Cpl Glenn E. McCombs Cpl Peler J. McGuire Cpl Franlc E. Murray Cpl Benjamin T. Plagwicz Cpl Joseph M. Randall Cpl Roy D. Sloan 'Cpl Thomas O. Tolin Cpl Leonard W. Wilson Cpl Sleve Zapoloclcy Plc Edward R. Bozalc Plc James D. Brees Plc Paul S. Di Maria Plc Henry N. Fowler Plc Max W. Fowler Plc Bernard A. Herr Plc Jerry S. Hewill Plc Charlie P. Knighl' Plc Maurice H. Krug Plc Oliver E. Lamberl Plc J. V. Lanier Plc Arlhur N. Lealhe Plc Millon O. Sl. Louis Plc John S. Love Plc E. V. McDaniel Plc T. L. McGhee Plc George J. Miller Plc William H. Monlgomery Plc Alva L. Neal 'I I lith MILITARY P0lIlIE GUMPANY B Plc Roland J. Null Plc Jack Pills Plc Richard J. Principi Plc William T. Reed Plc Richard E. Shea Plc Roberl' P. Slewarl Plc John L. Vulcovich Plc Charles D. Wrighl Plc Roberl E. Yaddow Pvl William W. Asbury Pvl' Armand R. Bonnelle Pvl Franlr F. Cavanaugh Pvl Liore M. DeRogalis Pvl Philip J. Diviney Pvl Chesler M. Girlon Pvl Lloyd F. Glow Pvl Fred G. Graze Pvl Franlr C. Keneborus Pvl' Paul B. McElheney Pvl' Vincenl J. O'Gara COMPANY C J L 'S -sv' . CaP'f 15+ L+ 15+ L+ R'cl"a"d S- Benlley Walfer P. Bieda Wilfred E. lrish ls+fSg+ Earl H. Rofl Commanding MfSg+ Lawrence J. Fifzgerald MfSg'l' Rex G. Goble MfSg'l' Francis J. Horne MfSgi George G. Thorne SFC Dale E. Burhholder SFC Philip F. Lyons SFC Lewis E. Williams SFC Joseph M. Zoaltes Sgf Jacob E. Bair Sgf Joseph Bolofsky Sgf Guyman B. Coleman Sgr Frank C. Criscifello Sgr John H. Davis Sgi James M. Dean Sgr Walfer J. Gunn Sgi' Mai-ihew M. Haupf Sg'r Ervin HolTman Sgf George D. Lilly Sgr Ray Pafricl: Sg+ Gene R. Roof Cpl George H. Andrews Cpl John D. Applebee Cpl Archie D. Braicher Cpl Crawford E. Brown Cpl Charles P. Cornish Cpl Howard L. Elder Cpl George Elders Cpl Paul L. Ellio'H' Cpl Charlie L. Farmer Cpl Ausfin W. Fellter Cpl G. C. Fugafe Cpl Sianley E. Gaidzisz Cpl Leo E. Giernef Cpl Daniel Di Giovine Cpl John P. Gourley Cpl Charles N. Greer Cpl Alheri' A. Hoffman Cpl Thomas C. Hyder Cpl Joseph Kolar Cpl William J. Kolar Cpl Hans L. Larson Cpl Clarence J. Pinlxerion Cpl Manuel J. Quesada Cpl Roberi' O. Ryan Cpl John Sherrie Cpl E. C. Siegall Cpl Edward V. Srudniclri Cpl James Tumminia Plc Bill L. Alderson Pic Arnold A. Anderson Pfc Anihony F. Asalone Pfc Alexander A. Baird Pfc Wilbur? M. Balrely Pfc Pefer A. Busardo 716th MILITARY PULICE COMPANY B Pfc Frank J. Campbell Pfc 'John J. Chris+ian Pic Perry A. Clark Pfc Richard A. Cornair Pfc Bruce P. Cowden Pfc Joseph A. Dobbin Pfc Philip L. Edwards Pfc John H. Filzgerald Pfc James F. Foley Pic Fred R. Garrell' Pfc John B. Gennaro Pfc William J. Guboslco Pfc Jack Jacobs Pfc Richard Jalrubowski Plc Frann F. Lufher Plc Roberl E. MacDonald Pfc Archie S. Maggard Pfc Donald McAfee Pfc John E. Milbaclc Pfc Claude E. Miner Pic Rober+ M. Mifchell Plc James E. Moore Pfc Phillip G. Myers Pic Edward Osifchin Pfc Jose A. Panloia Pfc John A. Parilla .iv ii. , :QL .D Q .. wifi, . A .5 --.- : .rn ,.-. 1 . Plc Pfc Plc Pic Plc Pfc Pfc Pvl Pvl Pvl' Pvi' Pv'l' Pvl Kenneth W. Parlinglon George Palferson Clyde W. Roach Slerling H. Snalce Carmen J. Spagnola Alberl A. Slaulo Donald E. Slochley William H. Barger Raymond H. Bar+le++ William P. Bresnahan John A. Bulrovifs Roberl E. Cameron John E. Carler Pvl' Anihony M. Cocozziello Pvf Jamaes J. Gaffney Pvi' Fernando L. Jouberf Pvi' George J. Lamanfea Pvl Waller W. Lee Pvl' Richard T. Mailea Pvf Pvl' Donald F. Naugh+in Roberl' J. Pauli 715th MILITARY Pllllllf COMPANY G Pv'l Marvin J. Rasmussen Pvl' William B. Redhead Pvl' Paul F. Rhine Pvl' Earl H. Russell Pvl' Delmus L. Sampson Pvf Michael J. Senese Pvl Roberl' P. Sharpe Pvl' George T. Slominslcy Pvl' James H. Somers Pvl' Philip F. Sullivan Pvl William F. Todero Pvl Gerald L. Williams Pvl John H. Zambanini Rcl Earl B. Cleveland Rcl' Selzaaslian F. Donnarumma COMPANY D Capl' Francis A. Niccolls Isl' Ll Isl Li' 2nd L'l Commanding Wilbur J. Burchslead Joseph J. Shallcross George F. Corrigan 'S+ 59+ Edward B Burke MfSgl' Sieve Nesfor MfSgl' Leonard E. Whilman SFC Jose Diaz SFC William H. King SFC James Rio SFC Emil Roycilr Sgr John C. Avioifi Sgl Herberl E. Berger Sgl George F. Clemenlson Sgi' Charles R. Dralce Sgf Dean C. Garner Sgr William E. Huey Sgl Edward P. Kansier Sgl' Waller E. Lawhorn Sgl Herman I. Lowe Sgl Roland G. Masse Sgl Louis M. Mick Sgl' James F. Triano Cpl Joseph P. Alberico Cpl Lonnie E. Caudill Cpl William A. Cunningham Cpl Giles F. Dix Cpl Waller H. Eno Cpl Gilberl' M. Fellows Cpl Russell Ford Cpl Clifford H. Gardner Cpl Howard R. Gerson Cpl Richard T. Gill Cpl Franlr E. Gloila Cpl Dannie C. Henry Cpl Edgar A. Huff Cpl William F. lcenogle Cpl Raymond N. Johnson Cpl Charles F. Kane Cpl Lloyd L. Kroul Cpl Sigmund Kul Cpl Leonard R. Lasuslry Cpl James R. Lewis Cpl Earl D. Locke Cpl James V. Mallon CP CP CP CP CP CP CP CP CP CP CP CP CP CP CP CP CP Pic Pfc Pfc Pfc I John T. McBride I Blair E. McGregor I Virgel Mellon I Roberl E. Owen I James R. Price I Delberf L. Ralsion I Barcie M. Simmons I John S. Sisson I Ernesf A. Sivalr I John W. Smifh I Edward P. Sfevenson I Harry E. Weichl I Henry Werh I Archie B. WhiH I Weslley F. Woodward I Waller E. Yarger I Sieve Yorlc David E. Andrews Melvin B. Aulf Alfred Barone Leonides Benavides 716th MILITARY PULIBE Pic Pic Pfc Pfc Pic Pic Pic Pic Pfc Pfc Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic CUMPANY ll Julius Bofvinilc Joseph M. Cavlovich Maguel A. Charbonier Theodore L. Davis Paul Friiz George C. Guniher Winfield J. Hansard Warren R. Huler Nelson H. Ireland Thomas A. Johnson Donald G. Lallman Clovis W. Lu'H'reII John P. Marielli Louis K. Malyi Chesfer J. Maves Roger J. Melville Roger E. Miller Harold L. Minor Ernesl' J. Molla John N. Nifch Lawrence O. Nixon Pfc Leo T. O'Neill Pfc Roberl' G. Pelruce Pfc Henry H. Richardson Pfc Wayne E. Shindledeclcer Pfc Harold E. Smiih Pfc Joseph V. Spadaro Pfc Richard R. Usher Pfc Millon A. Walde Pfc Lloyd A. Weeks Pfc Calvin E. Wrighi Pvf William A. Bazicni Pvf Joseph R. Burns Pvf Richard T. Falconer Pvf Billie L. FeHerho'FF Pvf Ralph J. Green Pv! Bennie C. Harrison Pvi' James R. Head Pvl' James E. Hinson Pvi' Kennefh W. Johnson PV! Earl W. Limbaug Pvi' Richard L. Meyer 716th MILITARY PULIBE CUMPANY I1 Pvi- Emery Paifon Pvi Joseph L. Penvose Pvl' John J. Slebodniclc Pv? Richard R. Srrange Pvi' George D. Sullivan Pv'l'Am'l'1ony V. Terracciano Pv+ Joseph G. Tuxbury Pvf Charles R. While Rd Jack M. Collins Lf Col Elmer W. Fugili Commanding ,Z if ll. Q B B MEDICAL DEPARTMENT 60th STATIC HOSPIT L Capl' lsl' Ll' Isl Ll Isl' L+ CWO La Ray D. Hoolcer Alexander Barislxi Carroll E. Clu'Her Gregory Dobrolel' James M. Webber Isl'fSgl' Raymond W. Cyr MfSg+ Joseph D. Young Sg+ Donald J. Gilmore SFC Olin H. Sfeel Sgi Alfred F. Huff Sgl N. H. Hand Sgl' Walenfy Kulas MfSgl John Chapulis SFC George C. Baird SFC Paul E. Lewis SFC Charles E. Marlin SFC Herberl A. Riley SFC Thomas J. Sibley SFC Donald G. Viclrers Sgl' David K. Cleclrner Sgf Anihony J. Carducci Sgl' Roberf Colburn Sgi' Reber? H. Clayion Sgl' Francis O. Deppner Sql Hershel Fisher Sgf Delmer G. Faullrenberry Sgl' Echlis C. Green Sgl' Alfred J. Haddad Sgf George M. Kalalrilcos Sgl' Clyde D. Palmer Sgl James R. Pale Sgf William Rodas Sgl' William C. Rowan Sql' Lawrence J. Slyman Sgl' Harry Tarebelslry Sgl Harold E. Whilney, Jr. Sgl Michael J. Weiss Sql Jonalhan G. While Sg+ Earl L. Wills Cpl Richard T. Alherlon Cpl William Afliins Cpl George E. Biddle Cpl L. E. Barron Cpl W. E. Breyeile Cpl Claud M. Crosier Cpl Dolphas W. Corbi'H' Cpl Joseph J. Charron Cpl Harold D. Eisenhour Cpl Donald H. Eihier Cpl Pedro L. Fernandez Cpl Roberi- J. Forresr Cpl Adam Garienmayer Cpl Howard G. Gardner Cpl Luis Guiierrez Cpl William R. Graham, Jr Cpl James W. Gillespie Cpl Hughey L. Hughey Cpl Alfred Hozinsky Cpl Roberf L. Hanley Cpl Edward J. Huggins Cpl Herber+ J. Irving Cpl Billy R. Johns Cpl Vinceni' J. Jacavone Cpl Leon Kissinger Cpl Roberi' J. Kelly Cpl C. C. Kirkwood Cpl Cliiiford L. Kefcherside Cpl Herber-I' J. Kronbach Cpl Roy J. Kilihan Cpl J. P. Lehr Cpl Jack H. McAllisier Bllth STATIUN HUSPITAL Cpl Elmer Maggard Cpl Daniel S. Meyer Cpl Francis L. Moore Cpl James C. McGwynn Cpl Wilbur J. Nogle Cpl G. L. Presgraves Cpl Gene J. Pelago Cpl Donald G. Peiers Cpl Nick J. Poulos Cpl Denver E. Phillips Cpl Winfred S. Phelix Cpl Oscar E. Richfer Cpl Rober+ R. Reiber Cpl Edward M. Ramsey Cpl John L. Schnur Cpl Aubrey W. Sfewarr Cpl Charles H. Smifh Cpl John R. Smiih Cpl Roberi' N. Sears Cpl Raymond R. Tedford Cpl Calvin M. Thomas Cpl Arnold R. Tillman Cpl Charles J. Tyndall Cpl Roberi L. Troxell Cpl Eddie F. Tucker Cpl Joe A. Wilhi+e Cpl Leroy Websier Cpl Elzie F. Weeks Cpl James L. Wheailey Pfc Roberf F. Aley Pfc Xavier Alberrs Pfc Andrew J. Byford Plc George P. Brighf Pfc Alvin H. Bryani Pfc Billy J. Breeden Pic Clinion C. Chapman Pfc Arley L. Collis Pfc Frank J. Ciskowski Pfc Dominick Del Negro Pfc Piefro D. FalceHi Pfc Allen Fonienoi' Pfc Eugene P. Garlingfon Bllth STATIUN HOSPITAL Pfc John S. Geiman Pfc A. W. GeH'y Pfc Joseph T. Holveck Pfc Reber? J. Jones Pfc John A. Jackson Pfc Donald L. Johnson Pfc S. M. Kovacs Pic Ervin J. Kudricko Pfc William J. Kisiler Pfc James F. Kilp Pfc Howard M. LiH'man Pfc Richard J. Lessard Pfc Lawrence I. LiHman Pic Donald P. McKee Pfc Ralph E. Maggard Pfc Roy Mullen Pfc Gilberio M. Monies Pfc Richard W. Meizger Pfc George Mos Pic Herberl' L. Miller Pfc Jack T. Norlh Pfc Dominick J. Nudy Pic Morris A. Pelers Plc Samuel A. Powers Plc Roberl' E. Palierson Plc Clarence A. Rehnberg Plc Fred E. Rogers Plc Seymour Shor Plc George B. Slroney Plc Ralph B. Slone Plc Earl T. Schroih Pfc James D. Swilzer Plc Leon M. Slronieczny Plc Richard B. Slufz Pfc Daniel L. Thompson Plc John S. Taylor, Jr. Plc Edwin Wallrowslxi, Jr. Plc Billy J. Walrond Plc Marlin S. Zimmerman Pvl Rober-T H. Applegare Pvl Dominiclr C. Abale Pvl' William C. Bennell Bllth STATION HOSPITAL Pvi Earl L. Brown Pvl Darrell E. Jones Pvl Rudolph O. Lairsey Pv'r James E. Lullrell Pvl Waller R. Moreira Pvl Thomas J. Morris Pvl Harvey E. Melcherl Pvl Clarence Mahlman Pvl Anlhony F. McCloslcy Pvi Donald H. Mueller Pvi Joseph D. Marino Pvl Donald H. Nalion Pvl James S. Pernicano Pvl Richard W. Perry Pvl Roberl E. Pelers Pvl' Donald F. Poling Pvl Harold E. Shadle Pvl George R. Sledman Pvl Edgar R. Tremble Pvl Ralph J. Trapasso Pvl Raymond V. Wopal Pvl' Gerard Wilson HEADQ ARTERS PERSONNEL CE TER COL JAMES D. BROWN The Personnel CenTer, Colonel James D. Brown, Commanding, in operaTion aT EorT Dix since I5 November I949 originaTed wiTh The acTivaTion oT Camp Kilmer on 4 May I942. Known oTTiciaIIy aT ThaT Time as a STaging Area under The New Yorlc PorT OT EmbarI4aTion iTs principal TuncTion was The processing oT personnel Tor overseas movemenT. One OT The highesT f'Top secreTs" ThroughouT World War II This STaging Area dispaTched more Than a Third oT The Troops serving overseas in The various war TheaTers. Four and a quarTer million men and women were sTaged and equipped To meeT The demands oT The TighTing TronTs. The raTe and volume oT This processing reached iTs peak during one 24-hour period when 58,000 Troops were loaded and shi ped. p To care Tor The iniured and siclc an I800-bed 5TaTion I'IospiTaI was esTabIished and uTiIized laTer Tor recepTion oT wounded reTurning Trom overseas on hospiTal and ofher ships. A I-IospiTaI Train UniT Trom I.eTTerman General I-IospiTaI, San Francisco, was sTaTioned aT Camp Kilmer To TaciIiTaTe Trains oT hospiTal cars in which The individ- ual was carried To The Army I'IospiTaI nearesT his home. For TransporTaTion The largesT U. S. Army Railhead was buiIT. PiTTeen Troop Trains compleTe wiTh IciTchen cars could be loaded simuITaneousIy and dispaTched direcTIy To Tour main railroad lines. These and numerous allied TuncTions were reduced aT The close OT The war and The STaging Area was alTered To include The SeparaTion and RecepTion CenTer. In addiTion The Air Force Overseas RepIacemenT Depo+ was moved up Trom Greensboro, NorTh Carolina during SepTember I946 and began operaTion in coniuncTion wiTh sTaging acTiviTies. ATTer consoIidaTion The Personnel CenTer was oTTiciaIIy esTabIished under General Order Number 40, War DeparTmenT, I4 April I947. This combined, Tor The enTire easT coasT, The TuncTions previously perTormed by recepTion sTaTions, separaTion cenTers, overseas replacemenT depoTs and sTaging areas. Under The new TiTle, Personnel CenTer, wiTh iTs aTTendanT sTreamIining OT organi- zaTion, processing procedures became more eTTicienT and a greaT reducTion in assigned miliTary and civilian personnel was eTTecTed. Then, during The middle oT I949, in line wiTh The Economy Program, Camp Kilmer was ordered To an inacTive sTaTus and The Personnel CenTer prepared To move To PorT Dix. This move was sTarTed on I5 November and compleTed I5 December I949. Col Louis B. Rapp LT Col James F. Delaney, Jr Mai Wilfred Arnold, Jr. Mai George B. Church PERSGNIXIEL CE TER Capi' William E. Broolrman Capf George H. Disbrow Capi' WalTer B. Cochran CapT Charles P. Lunslcis CapT John L. McLean CapT Paul L. Olney CapT Henry L. Mundy Capi' Phil L. Mummerf Capf Charles S. Wood, Jr. IsT LT Elmer N. Blair As now esTablished The Personnel CenTer operaTes as a separaTe headquarTers under The Commanding General, 9Th InTanTry Division, and has The Tollowing secTions under The commanding oTTicer and execuTive oTTicer: S-I and AdiuTanT, S-2 and S-3, S-4, and OperaTions. Then come The ReplacemenT, SeparaTion and ReassignmenT, and The Receiving SecTions, The laTTer Three perTorming The acTual processing oT personnel. Processing as perTormed by The Personnel CenTer is divided inTo Two main lines. For overseas reTurnees advance rosTers are secured and machinery seT in moTion To TaciliTaTe processing upon arrival. Individuals desTined Tor separaTion are given physical examinaTions, cloThing inspecTions, Tinal pay and allowances, and a discharge cerTiTicaTe. Personnel are on hand To Turnish advice and guidance on The GI Bill oT RighTs and inTormaTion regarding VeTerans AdminisTraTion. Personnel reTurned Tor reassignmenT are given a physical examinaTion, pay and allowances due, and orders To reporT To his or her new sTaTion, These orders To include leave Time when due and requesTed by The individual. ReplacemenTs bound Tor overseas begin processing wiTh an iniTial check oT records upon reporTing. Then an orienTaTion covering liTe aboard ship and highlighTs on over- seas duTy. This is Tollowed by a Tilm on abandoning ship and a Trip down The landing neTs To Tamiliarize The soldier wiTh The proper Technique in The evenT oT disasTer. When a number oT Troops are ready Tor shipmenT, liaison wiTh The porT esTablishes The size OT ship's comparTmenTs and provisional companies are Tormed accordingly. TransienT oTTicers are appoinTed To each company Tor The Trip and These oTTicers issue inTormaTion and insTrucTion as needed. AT This poinT The OperaTions Division sTeps in wiTh Trans- porTaTion arranged To shipside and The individual is ready To move. For handling Air Force personnel The 2225Th Overseas ReplacemenT Group has been esTablished by The DeparTmenT oT The Air Force. All processing on reTurnees is accomplished wiThin The group buT individuals slaTed Tor discharge are Turned over To The SeparaTion CenTer Tor The Tinal sTage oT separaTion. Airmen scheduled Tor overseas go Through The same basic sTeps and when ready To move TransporTaTion is seT up by The OperaTions SecTion oT The Personnel CenTer. ln addiTion To The above The Receiving SecTion, now an iriTegral parT OT The Personnel CenTer. receives and processes ini+iaI enlisTees Tor Training and reenlisTees Tor assignmenT and TuTure Training when needed. Finally There is a Service DeTachmenT Tor housekeeping and cusTodial deTails. These iobs as ouTlined require The services oT approximaTely T327 oTTicers and men lArmyl To insure The sTeady and expediTious Tlow oT personnel To overseas. sTaTe- side duTy or civilian liTe. IST LT. Kermii' I. Cresson IsT LT Douglas Dosfall lsT LT Larry O. Leas lsT Lf Henry R. Lema lsT LT Harold J. Magarian IST LT John Neuroclci Is+ L+ Herberf P. OsTerhaus isf L+ Ralph Wali-ers CWO Claude A. Muzzy HE DQUARTERS REASSIGNIVIENT SECTIG L+ Col Charles J. Tinlcham Mai Hugh R. Rogers Capi' James Adlcins Capi' Susan E. Basfion Cap? Hugo Brinlxwaier, Jr. Capf Harvey P. Cannon Capi' John J. Carr Capl' David J. Helierbran Capi' George W. Lancasier Cap? Charles E. Maxlield Capi' B. McCar'lhy Capi' William F. Porfer Capi William E. Esser Capi' John W. MacFaddin Cap? Wesley G. Spring Capi' Roberi' W. Siewari' Cap? Jaclc P. Siocldon Isl L+ Julia A. Bowman lsr L+ Hampson H. Fields Isl' Li Lewis A. McKinney Isl L+ Lloyd A. Osborne Isl' Li' Paul J. Riviere 2nd L+ Cliliiorcl F. Shine Mai Mai Mai Mai Mai Harry J. Bierman Arfhur J. Carlson John E. Hendry, Jr. Gilberi C. Madison Ewald E. Mieizel UFFICERS RECEIVING DIVISION -am Mai Capf Capf Isi' Lf William D. McDonneII William J. Soicany Ernes'r F. Schumacher Charies E. Carlsen Isf LI' Is+ I.'I' Igf L+ Torrence V. Jones Lucien E. LeI::eI Charles W, MacAdam5 Isi' LI Isi' L+ Raymond A. Messmer Reber? E. Sprouse Is? Li Thomas J. Kingsfon Commanding DETACHIVIE T 8 MfSg'l' John A. Sosnoslri Mfsgf H. Mazurkiewic Sgi John C. DeCarlos Sgf Paul H. Nixon Sgi Henry E. Garrison Sgf James A. Ford SFC Carl C. Gurke Sgf Ar+hur Pue Z IJETAIIHMENT 8 MfSg1' George T. Archer MfSg'I' Julien G. Duchaine Mfsgi' Oscar W. Greene MfSg'l' Lufher N. Hughes MfSg+ Fred N. Priichard MfSg'l' Franlr J. McGuire MfSg+ Russell H. Reim MfSgf William J. Spalre SFC Walier A. Deyo SFC Shirley N. Harrell SFC Roberf W. Hyde SFC Ewald Seida SFC John l. Schwariz SFC William S. Todd SFC Wilfon Venable SFC Alfred W. Underdown Sgr Thomas F. Gardner Sg+ James W. Croney Sgf Waller J. Donohue Sgr Joseph A. Dziolr Sgr John F. Hishon Sgf Edward L. Macomber Sgf Sfeve A. Mallcowslti Sgf O'l"l'0 C. Nieder Sg+ Slephen G. Suio Sgr William I. Tee+sel Cpl Floyd G. Aldridge Cpl Pe'l'er J. Alson Cpl George R. Benoif Cpl Nick M. Buglione Cpl George F. Bryce Cpl Jack D. Collins Cpl Alberi T. Freedman Cpl Sfanley Galinovslcy Cpl Pefer Kochlrowslry Cpl Cpl Cpl Cpl Cpl Cpl Cpl Cpl Cpl Cpl Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Charles F. Lane Daniel H. Moser William D. Norris Andrew E. Nebus David G. Prui'H' Delmar J. Ruff I John E. Tobin Lloyd E. Turner John P. Vicforiclc Ronald G. Wood Charles D. Auslin Dean A. Basore Louis R. Boisveri' Donald E. Crandall Franlc E. Carreiro Peler P. Danilla Ralph L. Davis Earl R. Dixon Isaac J. Everson Richard D. Fagliarons Alec Fedilcovich Ary J. Fosier Donald J. Hari Richard Hilgeman Nicholas A. Hydulre Slephen M. Joyce Nelson T. Jennings Roberf D. Kerber IJETAGHMENT IJETACHMENT 8 Pfc Joseph J. Kurfz Pfc Jack A. Mason Pfc William E. McConnell Pfc Wilbur O. Missler Pfc Thomas P. McCann Pfc Joseph B. Papesh Pfc Charles R. Player Pfc James W. Purvis Pfc John Shneer Plc Anihony G. Sorreniino Plc Waller V. Speelman Pfc Roberf R. Schwariz Pfc John R. Slecz Pfc Rol::er+ E. Thomas Pfc Clarence V. Vicllund Pfc John J. Wano Pfc Donald F. Wa'l'son Pfc James D. Wafers Pv+ Roberf D. De Fren Pv'r Joseph G. Hanussal: MfSg'l Raymond M. Blake MfSg'I' Frank Celko, Jr. MfSg+ Vicior DeSo+o MfSgi' Meek R. Hughes MfSg'l' William J. lvy MfSg'l William A. McKinl MfSgl' Lewis M. Rhodes MfSg'l' Roberl B. Robbins MfSg+ Arihur SlaHum SFC Charles F. Arebaugh SFC Andrew Aladiis SFC Leland M. Bealham SFC James R. Bryceland SFC Sieve L. Bolish DETACHIVIE T 9 Capi CBP? Roberf L. Cosner Richard S. Dougherfy Commanding Is+fSg+ 'Rober'r S. Ellis, Jr. MfSg+ Keifh F. Freeberg MfSg+ Ralph D. Highiower MfSgf Garland Blackwell MfSg+ William J. Fulham 'E 4: E ,.... 52 Q if K --:::h1 . . B -. -V H! 'Azz' SFC Norman H. Casper SFC Godfrey G. Carler SFC Frank W. Chark SFC Lawrence D. Cain SFC John K. Cherry SFC lzra C. Davenporf SFC Waller L. Haynes SFC Evere'H' M. Jeffries SFC George T. Moro, Jr. SFC Joseph A. Manecio SFC Michael C. Mraz SFC Dan V. Phillips SFC Hugh P. Ruggles SFC Dillard M. Spangler SFC Maurice J. Sherman Sgl Charles H. Bu'H'on Sgr William O. Blodgelf Sgl' Francis E. Biesiada Sgr Roberl L. Baker Sgf George H. Brown Sgf Charles L. Carllon DETAIIHMENT 9 l Sgr Andrew N. Dionis Sgl' Anrhony De Simone Sgr Elmer P. Durgin Sgr John J. Farrell Sgf Charles T. Franz Sgl' Herberf S. Gaslrill Sgl Edward M. Haines Sgr William C. Hon Sgl' Marvin G. Hoffman Sgr George A. Jones Sgl' Roy R. Kline Sgr Donald E. Monlgomery Sgf John J. Manning Sgi' Eugene S. Mayes Sgl' Dennis H. Porler Sql Clifford l. Pulnam Sql' Penageolos Venachanalws Sgl Kermil' D. Sells Sgf Karl L. Semancil: Sql' John Sedlalc Sgi' Leonard Scalf Sgr Felipe Tafoya Sgr Marion i.. Wallace Sgr Edwin A. Weissleder Sgf Clifford L. Wolf Sgl Roberi' R. Ward Sgi James W. Wines Sgl' Julian A. Wisnoslri IJETABHMENT 9 Cpl Angel Banson, Jr. Cpl Louis V. Barrella Cpl Jolin P. Boclxno Cpl Harry Bloom Cpl William H. Burns Cpl Norman R. Bailey Cpl Waller C. Culwell Cpl Lawrence R. Cooper Cpl Arnold Campesire Cpl Marlin J. Danna'H Cpl Avner E. Davis Cpl Charles O. Disolelle Cpl Gene J. Donnelly Cpl Vernon F. Frazo Cpl William C. Fleck Cpl Heclor P. Gosler Cpl Mahlon H. Groover Cpl Monserrfe Gonzalez Cpl Wilmer G. Griesi Cpl John R. Hamlaeri' Cpl Rolland J. HaHerl1auer Cpl Ralph E. Huichinson Cpl William D. Jones Cpl Paul H. Koiapish Cpl Joseph H. Kaminslras Cpl Kennelh Kneul' Cpl Joseph Lynch Cpl Theodore T. Malay Cpl Richard H. Massung Cpl John J. McVee'l'y Cpl J. P. Moyer Cpl Brian S. Mifchell Cpl Welford C. Marlin Cpl Francis E. Morris Cpl John R. Novogradac Cpl John J. Nisi' Cpl Elmer M. Olsen Cpl Sie Pigeon Cpl John Pavliclco Cpl Myrl Sedor Cpl Roberl' Shiner, Jr. Cpl Joe C. Sbarro IJETABHMENT 9 Cpl Francis J. Sullivan Cpl Arihur D. Tiessen Cpl James D. Triblaey Cpl Buford W. Venable Cpl Sfewarl E. Wrighls Cpl John R. WhiH'ed Cpl Raymond O. Woodall Cpl Lloyd A. Wilr Cpl Roberl' E. Wray Cpl Edwin A. Yowell. Jr. Cpl Michael Zalcula Pfc Julio V. Achille Pfc Philip V. Agrusa Pic Rufus G. Adams Pfc Raymond J. BarreH'e Pfc Kennefh E. Barron Pfc Fralr K. Basinger Pfc Harold Bauer Pfc John E. Bauer Pfc William G. Booih Pic Theodore R. Bobulr Pfc Waller C. Burleiic Pfc George J. Busch Nc William J. Camp Pic Paul K. Cooper Pfc Jose E. Corres Pfc Daniel W. Courf Pfc Charles E. Crosswhile DETABHMENT 9 Pfc Ralph D. Coffroih, Jr. Pfc Brady De Vore, Jr. Pfc James L. Dcoli'Hle Pic Brice G. DuVal Pfc Ralph V. Del Vecchio Pfc William G. Davis Pfc Earl E. Edgell Pfc Edward Elderman Pfc Herman L. Evans Pic Carmine A. Filio Pfc James A. Fynes Pfc Thomas J. Fahey Pfc William P. Fix Pfc Carl M. Frey Pic Bruce Gran? Pfc Leonard F. Grzegorelc Pfc Abraham Greenberg Pfc Joseph J. Giardinelli Pfc Samuel Gonzales Pfc William J. Goss Pic Joseph V. Guillemefie rv'-N. if Plc Plc Plc Plc Plc Plc Plc Plc Plc Plc Plc Plc Plc Plc Donald P. Hanna John F. Hee Franlc W. Halaraclc Franlr E. Halslead James M. Ingles, Sr. Ronald L. Jinlcs Daniel F. Johnson Bernard M. Kramer Joseph W. Liebezeil, Jr. Charles Loslrey, Jr. Billy H. Liddle Roger E. Labe Raymond R. Lemoi Charles l. Lauclrs IJETABHMENT Plc Plc Plc Plc Plc Plc Plc Plc Plc Plc Plc Plc Plc Plc Plc Plc Plc Plc Plc Plc Plc John G. Malus Roberl D. Manning Charles E. Mahan Guslav C. Muhr George T. Marlonilc Harold Meesler William G. Monlrois Richard N. Nagel Merrill T. O'Connell Lesler B. Olmslead Ira J. Oranslcy Jaclc J. Ozzimo Wilbur E. Parker Anlhony Pasquini George L. Poole Leo Rudzlci Simon C. Ramirez Richard V. Rego Kennelh E. Rowles Eugene J. Savaslani Richard M. Sears ' Pic Murray Silverman Pic Rodger B. Snyder Plc Donald Solar Plc Roberl L. Sheldon Pic Roland L. Spadaro Plc Maior W. Sparks Plc Richard A. Srafford Pic Sieve Tesla Plc William M. Taggarl Pfc Wilbur H. Touseull Plc John V. Vaughn Pic Andrew J. Vuolo Plc Slephen A. Verba Pfc Charles M. Wagslafl Plc James J. Walsh Plc Paul M. Ward Plc William l. While Plc Donald H. Williams Plc David Wheeler Pvl Coslas P. Basalros Pvl Hughie R. Balwanz DETABHMENT 9 Pvl Malcom R. Benner Pvl' Salvalore Cammarala Pvl Russell W. Dieler Pvl' John Hannalc Pvl' Roberl H. Hausch Pvl Nelson C. Klages Pvl' Calvin E. Lewis Pvl Edward A. Malloon Pvi' Jack J. Monleleone Pv'r Ma'Hhew A. Sesar Pvl Edward F. Smiih Pvi' Charles L. Smifh Pvl' Joseph R. Tellier Pvl Glenn T. Zellers Rcl Donald B. Kepner Rcl Richard J. Thornlon DET CHIVIENT 10 Isl' L+ lsl' L+ Isl Sgi Edmond J. Morancie Donald W. Bolinger Lemuel S. Prifchard Commanding MfSg+ Cecil H. Dickson SFC Pascacio D. Camacho Cpl Lawrence F. Sfoclc Sgf John T. Milliken Sgr Raymond V. Zeiber MfSg+ Odell G. Benedicf MfSg+ Edgar J. Cerveny MfSg'I' Alfred Galvao MfSg+ Ralph A. Lau MfSg+ Al+n R. McDermoH' MfSg+ Clarence R. Olewine MfSg1' Ralph Powers MfSg1' David J. Shafer MfSg+ Arlingfon L. Treihewey SFC Thomas J. Bolan SFC Chesier W. Coberley SFC James Grifllihs SFC Vicfor T. Hamel SFC Byron W. Jeffries SFC Michael G. Kohul' SFC Joseph T. Komis+ra SFC Peier R. Tassani SgiWil1on D. Ashby Sgl' Willard O. Brown Sgf Peier Berlcich Sgi' Alfred W. Buchanan Sgi Wallace H. Borders Sg+ Garfield Basi Sgl Thomas J. Connaughion Sgi' Joseph E. Cormier Sql Thomas Canning Sgi' Roberf D. Duffiii Sgi Ballard Fleming Sgi' Roy C. Hariley Sgf Richard A. Heeler Sgi' Sfanley W. Karwowski Sgf Le Verne F. Luhring Sgi' Donald J. Lichfenwalier Sgi' Vinceni' Masfracchio Sgi Bernard Riley DETABHMENT 10 Sgi Frank E. Ryan Sgi Carleion Rufledge Sgi Waonda J. Sioclt Sgf Arfhur W. Sousa Sgl Edward J. Sheridan Sgi' Gerald Smilh Sgi Henry U. Tanguay Sg+ Roy E. Weber Cpl Thomas A. Arnold Cpl Paul Barsiow Cpl Roberi V. Bauman Cpl Carrol M. Burris Cpl Arihur E. Bowman Cpl John T. Blue Cpl Roberf H. Byrd Cpl Franlr H. Burghardl' Cpl Lual E. Carulhers Cpl Gerald Curley Cpl Ralph R. Dwyer Cpl Harold F. Flemm Cpl Gino R. Felice Cpl James J. Garlland Cpl William L. Heim Cpl Nazzareno J. Marini Cpl Vincenl L. Purgalore Cpl Cary Peferson Cpl Ramon Roman Cpl James A. Ryan DETAIIHMENT 10 Cpl Roland E. Saucier Cpl Franlc Sporer Cpl Virgil V. Sparks Cpl William L. Tierney Cpl Edward G. Vollmer Cpl Waller S. Woliclri Cpl Pafriolr J. Wir? Pfc John P. Brady Pfc Odean E. Berg Pfc Leonard J. Benedello Plc John Borowslci Pfc Maurice J. Bagdas Ffc Harold E. Buller Plc Elvin Cameron Pfc Peler J. Corlese Plc Franlr J. DeFeo Pfc Raymond E. Erhardl' Plc Julius Engel, Jr. Plc Bernard G. Eiseman Plc Rocco R. Gagliardi Plc Melvin N. Goodwin Pic Neil J. Galloway Pic Peier A. Garafola Pic Charles H. Heier Pic Harold W. Huniingfon Pic Lawrence R. Heririck Pfc Roberi' O. Heidl Pfc Roberf E. Jones Pfc John A. Judge Pic Neale M. Lufi' Pfc Floyd R. Maxfield Pic William R. McQua1'e Pic Raymond J. Oriego Pfc Francis W. O'Rourlxe Pfc Sianley E. Pienlcowslci Pfc Joseph P. Passanie Pfc Walier Pochopin Pic Efrain Rios Pfc Gerald Ryder Pfc Kenneth L. Rolen Pfc Wilmer W. Raudenbush Pic Joseph A. Rosenzweig Pic William C. Schwarfz Pfc Michael M. Tully Pfc Donald Van Siclxel Pfc Alfred T. Walsh Pfc George M. Willison Pvi John Dowrick Pvi Donald F. Deneau Pvi Eugene T. Geniry Pv-I' Arfhur A. Harned Pvt Carmine Russo Pv? Julius H. Wa-ison, Jr. DETAIIHMENT 10 ,, 9th REPL CEIVIE T COIVIPAN Capl' lsl' L+ John 'Raven Isl' Li' lsi' L+ Alelwndlel' J- Replie Charles M. Brown Allen Moore Commanding Mfsgl Lee W. Richardson Sgi' Eugene R. Coogan SFC Henry G. Hannis Sgr John G. O'SulIivan MfSg+ John J. Friel MfSgi' Ferdinand S. Mansen MfSg+ George F. Ryan MfSg'l' Aleclc Silcora MfSg+ Michael Szypula Mfsgf Fred H. Woodward, MfSgi Willard L. Waisner SFC William L. Creiih SFC Anfhony T. Guueffa SFC Arihur P. Grazioso SFC Henry P. Mahan SFC Russell V. Noel SFC Fred Ruppel SFC William S. Sobofa SFC Clarence W. Snead SFC Franklin L. Salmons SFC Fosfer B. Vary Sgi Ralph Bevins Sgf William M. Blaclr Sgi Lawrence H. Croom Sg+ Russell L. De Long Sgl R. DiMar'rino Sgi' Richard B. Fredeiie Sgi' Norman H. Frifz Sgf Ray W. Galloway Sgl' Milfon R. Green Sgl John S. Hopping Sgl' John J. lanneci 9th REPLACEMENT GUMPANY Sgf Francis H. Lefcher Sgr Vicfor L. Vogel Sgl Joseph Villafore, Jr. Sgi' James B. Winier Cpl Alvin E. Bridges Cpl Tony R. Coslry Cpl Joseph Carollc Cpl Chesier A. Cummings Cpl Henry G. DesRosiers Cpl David A. DeMouih Cpl Earle L. Ellioii Cpl Joseph F. Fennell Cpl Henry F. Fifzpairiclr Cpl Ira G. Griffin Cpl Russell W. Gibson Cpl Francis M. Grady Cpl William H. Harding Cpl Charles A. Helmadollar Cpl Carl E. Haislip, Sr. Cpl Roberl E. Hale Cpl George R. Heider Cpl Clarence F. Hull Cpl William F. Howell Cpl Wes'l'el B. Koup Cpl Arfhur F. Louro Cpl Donald J. Leonard Cpl Azel E. League Cpl Joseph Mannilla 9th REPLACEMENT IIUMPANY Cpl Reign T. Marshall Cpl William l. Milos Cpl Glenn M. McCar1'y Cpl John L. Newfon Cpl Eugene W. O'Neil Cpl Aubrey M. Roach Cpl Joseph B. Rive'Hi Cpl Luiggi J. Sclamo Cpl Odis B. Toney Cpl Roland J. Violelle Cpl Alloerl S. Wilson Cpl Elmer G. Williams Cpl Henry S. Wolfe Plc Russell P. Bailey Pfc Donald W. Barnes Pic Ralph L. Colorifo Pfc Alfred A. Debrizzi Pic Charles De Palma Pic Joseph Geniile Plc Pafriclc A. Higgins Pic John W. Hafiel Pic George D. Lane Pfc William McElhenny Pfc James D. Mirchell Pfc James B. Mason Pic Carmelo Massanopoli Pfc Ronald Nein Pfc David Sfewari Pic Anihony J. Viiale Pfc Earl D. Wolfe Pic John Walerslci, Jr. Pvf Amerigo C. Chiriaco Pvi Vic-lor D. Confi Pvi Harold E. Goodrich Pvi' Siephen Horvaih Pvf William J. Mefzler, Jr. Pvf Thomas H. Smiih Pvi' James B. Verifch , V HEAVY IVIORTAR COM PAN Is+ L+ Edward J. Raven, Jr. -if l J, i qr I lsi' Sg1'Ches'ier O. McAllls'ier SFC Paul Beloclc Sgi Jack J. Siuia Sgr Joseph R. O'Hearn HE DQUARTERS REPL CEMENT SECTIO LT Col Theodore Janof T Mai Mai CBPT Edward T. Cronin Hadden Young Charles B. Alcorn The ReplacemenT SecTion was orginally acTivaTed in April I946 aT Camp Kilmer, New Jersey and aT ThaT Time was designaTed as The Overseas Replace- menT DepoT. The Cadre Tor ThaT organizaTion was Turnished by The Army Ground Forces Overseas De- poT aT Camp Picl4eTT, Virginia. Since I946 This or- ganizaTion has gone Thru a series OT reorganizaTion and sTreamlining which has reduced The organizaTion Trom six organizaTions oT regimenTal sTrucTure and a sTrengTh oT approximaTely 2000 cadre To The presenT sTreamlined organizaTion operaTing wiTh approxi- maTely 300 cadre. From The period April I946 To 30 June I949, The Overseas ReplacemenTDepoT was under The iurisdicTion oT The TransporTaTion Corps. On I July I949, This TuncTion was Transferred To FirsT Army. SubsequenTly, The ReplacemenT SecTion, as a parT oT The Personnel CenTer, was Transferred To ForT Dix, New Jersey on I December I949. The mission of The ReplacemenT SecTion is To receive. Teed, billeT and TransporT all ground 'Force personnel ordered overseas via New York PorT of EmbarlcaTion. During The Time Trom April I'-746 To February l950, This SecTion processed and Transferred over- seas approximaTely 190,428 oTTicers and enlisTed men. ADJUTA T SECTIO Capf Is+ Orville M. Owings David H. Wa9ne' MfSg+ Philip Cohen MfSg'r John M. Henzy SFC John J. Dumas Sgr Thomas H. Creekmore Sgi Roberf H. Gauvin Sgf David H. Hasen Cpl Frederick R. Sforck Pfc Thomas E. Green Pfc Wade G. Guffey Pfc Fred La Manna Pfc Joseph L. McNany, Jr. Pfc John W. Ohrnberger Pvf Rudy J. Kranwinkel S3 Capi Duncan H. Munroe S4 c:.p+ cwo Kennefh H. Paulhamus Ludwig A. Schwaiger ..,,. I .V , r . n .: 1 3 3 , - 3 41 1 3 if ' 3' X 2 v WM' g 'Q i fs SFC Harry V. Branch Cpl John A. Bloomfield Cpl Donald R. Carlson Cpl Darrell K. Clay Pvi' Leslie H. Persch MfSg'l Guslave Rosenfel? SFC Elwood N. Bran? SFC James D. Fields MfSg+ Vincen+ G. O'Brien Sgr Andrew G. Bilsalc Sql Charles W. Nye Sgr Mervin E. Shambaugh Cpl Chesler M. Johnson Cpl Vicror Kurfos Cpl Ralph E. Price Cpl Richard J. Vallone Pfc Clarence G. McQuade Pic Charles J. Monasiiero Pfc Frederick J. Nelson Plc Kennelh C. Saunders Pic Roberf E. Sinlt Pvf Nicholas Forie Pvf Glenn D. Rariclr Pvf Raymond D. Upson PERSONNEL BRANCH Cap'l' Kennefh T. Macek Is'f L+ Charles F. Klopp Isi' Li' Arfhur F. Luczak Isf L+ Ernes'I' J. McGuire lsf L+ Glenn D. Shinap CWO Verner T. Sfewari ENLISTED RECORDS Mfsgff wsgff Mfsg+ MfSg+ . Roger W. Carr Arfhur L. Knechf Rober+ E. Reed Jack H. Wleselher SFC Sianley M. Johnsen Cpl Joel J. Braunslein Cpl Joseph P. Carey Sgr William J. De Long Cpl James B. Faria Cpl Fred D. Nafale Cpl Richard A. Raululc Cpl John E. Recior Cpl William J. Rusoff Cpl lra R. Safierfield Cpl Donald B. Taylor Sgl Laurence K. Thompson Cpl Frederick W. Treiber Cpl John L. Werner ENLISTED REBURDS Cpl James A. Willard Cpl William E. Wilson Pic Pic Pic Pfc Pic Pfc Pfc Pv'l' Waller E. Avery, Jr. Harold E. Day Raiiiele Fiore Sam Neiib Richard W. Pack John Pieianza Sfanley V. Wdzieczhowsli Peier J. Rico'H'a CO Sgl' Raymond W. Gillie Sg'I' William A. Haskell Cpl Roberl' J. Byrd Cpl John J. Yodsnulcis Pic Kenneih O. Krueger Pfc Lawrence L. Langgulh Mfsgl' G-uddie P. Amoclio Q ...,,,,....,,,. RTS and BGARDS N4 ,. 1 4 if '9 ii A ""'7' 5 Q Wffyof H A 1-K We wwf may by nw., ,wi X in 5 ws ill! B' ui- ---. ..,, . , 5? F Sn U! Ui IS! 1.1. ..:'iw2i'x ,V-Mwpewwwfn 63 or SFC William J. Davis Sgr Lewis S. Chesier Cpl Vernon E. Beaver Cpl Lesler C. Brand? Cpl Thomas P. Klinger Sgl Clyde B. Marlin Cpl Herman J. Orlmann Sgf John F. Walsh Plc John M. Fay CLASSIFICATIO Mfsgl' Michael E. Reilly if, ,,,. ,.,..,,, 1 ,,.,V I ",q. 1 ... .,.q .,.,,... , . it . ff, ' -10 W 4' L W. ,.1- ,.,' ., 'fl' I ' . ' Q ....,.,,. I i ..,.,.,.....-. . N , 6 NZ Q, V . . ' .,,. 5 N iiif Q ,w -sm 1 fp SHIPPI G CO TRQL Cap? Chesler J, HewiH SFC John B. Young Sgf Charles D. Smiih Cpl Gilberfo Mello Pfc Orin J. Thompfo DETACHIVIE T 15 Capf MfSgl' Charles M. Garvey Anfhony Moncla ffl SFC Trammel W. Robinson Sgr Roberl A. Caslillo Cpl Willie B. Boykin Ph: Gerald S. Armslrong Plc William J. Sianfs Pfc Philip J. Verficelli Pvf Herman Spicer Sgl' Arlhur F. Haines Sg+ Jay D. Hiclcman Sg-I Edward F. Quinn Sgr Vincenl A. Warga Cpl Roberi F. Lockwood Cpl Theodore E. London Cpl James D. McDaniel Cpl Cecil J. Rich Pfc Joe N. Misero Pic Raymond L. Peiers Plc William J. Williamson Pvl Roberi D. Gabriel DET CHIVIE T 16 T Cap? ls+ L+ MfSg+ Charles A. Quinn Clarence Terry John Carroll DETACI-IME T 17 Cap? Isl' L+ MfSgl' Charles W- Arnold John R. Mayhew Charles P. Speer SFC Joseph J. Baronowslri SFC Howard E. Brown Sgi Sfephen Gurfler Sgl' Sleager J. Perdue Sgl' Michael Zafrano Cpl Thomas De Barioli, Jr. Cpl Max Goldsfein Cpl John A. Grohoslcy Cpl John E. Johnson Cpl Joseph C. Leavell Cpl Raymond D. Rolewslli Cpl Edward J. Murray Pfc Franlt l.. Murlari Pfc Elmer J. Reiland Pfc Franlr C. Rice Cpl Harold W. Sleese Pfc Charles E. Walker SFC Thomas L. Pinson Sgf Kennefh W. Boesch Cpl Loyal W. Ausfin Cpl Charles W. Frampfon Cpl Edward A. lnnella Cpl Sfanley J. Klemiclr Cpl John V. Ricci Cpl Carl H. Schneider Cpl Bernard H. Smiih Cpl Dan Sroda Pfc Louis F. Argenziana Pfc Edward E. Laubscluer Cpl William F. Seeley Pvf Edward J. Lislry Pvf Orlando Parra DETACHME T 18 Cap? MfSg+ David R. Shiflef Brinfon W. Herbs+ DET CHIVIE T11 Isl L+ SFC Eric W. Panisari Melvin L. Pinera MfSgl Laurence B. Kane Sgf John B. Bomba Sgl John J. Hyland Sgl Thurman G. Moore Cpl James A. Dunn Cpl Earl Hornrine Cpl Edward E. Lynch 'M ,-" if Pic John P. Deiviichael Pic Richard B. Engel Pfc Louis C. Mizner Pfc David S. Muns Pfc Berf C. Refzlcin Pic John A. Riccio Pfc Alonzo Spain. Jr. Pvf George V. Salerno Ref Fredrick Thompson IIETABHMENT 11 DETACHIVIE T 19 Cafzi' Mfsgf lslwam Pl'Hman James W. Duclcefl' Sgl William L. Golden Sgl' S+uar'r D. Hess Cpl John Gallagher Cpl Bernard H. Parker Cpl Ray P. Vara Pfc Roberf D. Emerick Pfc Orlando A. lzzo Pfc Donald E. Overly Pfc Waide E. Rimmei Pfc Douglas W. ScoH Sgi Roberi' L. Banks Sgi Clarence Covingfon Sg'I' Jeremiah Herring Sgr Lenfon Johnson Sgi' Aaron C. Perkins Sg-I' Willie J. Smiih Sgf Richard A. Turner Sgi Morris C. Whife, Jr. Cpl John Rhinehardi' Cpl Oscar S. Smiih Cpl Arfhur L. Wesi DET CHIVIE T QU SW -::Il E :vi Q' .,..: Ei: V i z 9, '1 . lsf Li lsr L+ MfSg+ John C. Duncan Adger A. Jackson Abraham L. Cobbs DETACHIVIEIXIT Q2 and 23 Capf Is+ L+ George W Libby Melvm Borensiem Mfsgf James B. Layhew Sgf Paul Domonlros Cpl Roberi' D. Hollopeier Sq? John P. Pascarella Pfc Francis E. Nadolski Pfc Francis N. Shine Pfc Davis Smifh SFC Eugene P. Bass SFC Frederick C. DuVall SFC Franlc J. Frizino SFC William T. Harmon SFC Hillard R. Penningion SFC James F. Richie SFC Manuel M. Sco'H' Sgl' Jeriel Crocker Sg+ Jess Diclcerson Sgf James E. Hussey Sgi' Grady E. King Sql Granville C. Milchell Sgl' Daniel Sabol Sgl Roberl' W. Thorpe MESS 8 lsi' L+ lsf L+ Charles R. Karsnilz Nicholas Duva 'iw an .W Sgl' Melvin While Cpl Chrisie L. Caliacos Cpl Reynold E. Domsalla Cpl Asa M. Johnson Cpl George A. Placido Cpl Frederick W. Pooley Cpl Charles W. Robey Cpl James A. Saunders Cpl Roberl' W. Slcow Cpl Raymond W. Tamlcie Cpl John F. Wagner Cpl Roberl' E. Wafson Pfc Roberl F. Carrier Pfc Philip Embrescia MESS 8 Pic William N. Graham Plc Sfanley R. Perfinslri Pfc Gerard Rosella Pfc James P. Scullin Pvi' Carlo J. Buonanno Pvl' Charles E. Caslle Pvl Edward T. Donovan Pvl John F. Fleming Pvl' Henry Heroux Pvf Thaddeaus Lorenli Pvi- Alfredo S. Mandez Pvf Nelson J. Merlcling vich 2225 AIR EURCE OVERSEAS REPL CEMENT DEPGT L+ Col Edward B. Ro+h Commanding Cap+ John E. Cleary Cap+ Charles A. Coullahan Cap+ Edwin P. Do+y Cap+ James J. Gallagher Cap+ Lloyd N. Lewis Cap+ S+anley G. McNee Cap+ Lawrence N. Willis ls+ L+ Elwyn M. Abbo++ ls+ L+ Paul J. Brown ls+ L+ Thomas S. Hancock Is+ L+ Olger H. Harvey ls+ L+ John E. Hoh Is+ L+ Hillary Perdue ls+ L+ S+anley Rosenker ls+ L+ Franklin D. Ruper+ ls+ L+ William E. Silver ls+ L+ Pe+er M. S+allings 2nd L+ Thomas E. Cli+Ford 2nd L+ Andre L. Allard CWO Al+on New+on WOJG Charles W. Wul+ CWO John E. Thompson Mai Mal Mal 0 Mal Lloyd Allan Oscar E. Bryan, Jr. David P. Clod+el+er Daniel B. Lockman Mai Mal Mai. . Belvie R. Lowrance John A. Nelson Charles E. Pickering ,M Isl Sgr Bernard Bargowslri lsr Sg+ Ludger M. Lappin Isl' Sgr Harris R. Nobles lsr Sgl' lvan F. Siorey MfSg+ Reuben E. Burgess MfSg+ Harry J. Barker MfSg+ John W. Carney MfSg+ Benjamin P. Carey MfSg+ John Doyle MfSg+ Leroy J. Ealrins MfSg+ Alberi D. Gusion MfSg+ Edward Hendrylr MfSg+ Herman J. He'l'z MfSg+ Emile S. Levesque MfSgi' Herberf W. Mafihews MfSg+ Frank M. MacGregor MfSgi Richard Manfoan MfSg'r George W. Pearson MfSg+ William A. Thorburn MfSg+ oshal R. Treaf MfSg+ Erdice J. Woods TfSg+ Ellis W. Adderfon TfSg'r William T. Burcham TfSgi' James A. Crallie TfSg+ Sianley Dolski TfSg1' John E. Hoffman TfSgi' Raymond J. Jiminez TfSg+ Waller Kraniclr TfSg+ Walier L. Koniclry TfSg+ Thomas W. Lucas TfSg+ George H. Periain TfSg+ Gerald G. Rose TfSg+ Elroy E. Rumery, Jr. TfSg+ William H. Srannard TfSg+ John A. Smifh TfSg+ John M. Thoma TfSg+ Cecil C. Thompson TfSg+ James L. Smifh TfSg1 Howard Twining TfSg+ Leonard T. Whisenhuni TfSgi' William J. Yeandel SfSgi' Carlion E. Applegaie SfSg+ John R. Anderson SfSgr Chesier Arlcman SfSg'r Lloyd G. Briggs SfSg'i Paul D. Boyeiie SfSg+ David C. Beauch SfSg+ Joseph A. B. Boisjoli Sfsgi Armand Bruno S!Sgr John G. Breen SfSgr Harold M. Booih SfSgi' James H. Cassidy SfSgi' Calvin F. Chase Sfsgi Charles F. Cleveland 2225 AIR FUREE ll.R.ll. SfSgi' Roberi' M. Casillo SfSgi' John J. Cusick SfSg+ Roberi' C. Colson SfSgi Joseph Chrzanowslxi SfSgi' Roberi' K. Davis SfSg+ Pasquale Di Giacomo SfSg'l Lewis A. Earley Sfsgi' Thomas E. Foley SfSgi' Edmund J. Fernane SfSg+ Edward J. Goldys SfSgi' Leonard H. Hovey SfSg'f Charlie E. Hill SfSg'i Horace A. Hensley Sfsgi' Joseph l. Hill SfSg+ Jim C. Johnson SfSg+ Anihony G. Jewidowlcz Sfsgi Richard F. Korona Sfsgi Charles J. Knabb Sfsgi' Joseph N. Kanior Sfsgi Lawrence E. Laihe Sfsgi' Edward J. Langill SfSg'l Richard T. Lydon SfSgi' Roberf E. Milazzo Sfsgl John P. McBeafh SfSg+ William E. Maffhews SfSg+ James A. Miller SfSg+ Joseph R. Mazuchowslu Sfsgl' Dean M. Moore SfSgl' David E. MacKenzie SfSg+ John M. Meyers SfSg+ Philip MacDonald Sfsgf Joseph S. Nowakowslmi SfSg+ Waller G. Overfon, Jr SfSg+ Jaclc D. Perkins SfSg+ James C. Pagan SfSgl Peier Polzella SfSg+ Charles T. Ross SfSg+ Bapfisf J. Romano SfSg'r Wesley W. Shorier Sfsgi Alvin P. Sfeward SfSg+ Thomas A. Silvesiro SfSg+ Marlr D. Shriver 2225 AIR FORCE 0.R.ll. SfSg+ Adolph H. Sonsinl SfSg+ Harold V. Turner SfSg+ Russell E. Tredinnich SfSg+ William Villa Sfsgl' Alberl' C. VanTyne Sfsgl Louis J. Waslco SfSg+ William S. Waile SfSg+ Samuel V. Zampella Sgl' Kayo Adams Sgl Ernesl' J. Armsirong Sgr Edward S. Bariosiewicz Sgr George E. Burd Sgf Jack E. Baer Sgl Henry J. Burke, Jr. Sgr Waller J. Blanchard Sgr George E. Blanchard Sgi' Edward G. Bimler Sgf Donald H. Corbin Sgf James C. Crooks Sgi John J. Chieglis Sgl' Joseph B. Coffey S91 Alion W. Curry Sgi Samuel S. Cassenfi Sg+ Joseph J. Czekanski Sgr Perry S. Croak Sgi' Joseph P. Chrisiian Sgr William R. Cable Sgi' Chan H. Chase Sgf James B. Davis Sgf John T. Dollinger Sgi' Thomas P. Doyle 2225 AIR FURBE U. R. D. Sgi Donald K. Dailey Sgi Benny M. Dombrowskl Sgf Edward J. Eberwein Sgf Henry S. Eyberse Sgf John C. Evans Sgf Quincy Flanders Sgf Dave H. Goldberger Sq? Bruce J. Graham Sgi' Harry A. Goodman Sgi' S. P. Gionfriddo Sgf Harley F. Granr Sgr Thomas C. Garay Sgl' John S. Hardick Sgf George F. Heydi' Sgi' Joseph J. Haszlauer Sgi' Richard H. Hughes Sgi Leroy E. Hieber Sgr Richard J. Hildebrand Sgf Clarence T. Hill Sgi' Nick F. Honiol Sgf Mariin L. Hooper Sgr Frank M. Jimenez Sgf Joseph C. Jaizke Sgr Rober+ S. Jasinski Sql Raymond C. Jailner Sql Frank L. Kline Sql Allred C. Knechl Sql John D. Kaney Sql William Kubiclc Sql Loyal W. Kelso Sgl William R. Knighl Sql Joseph W. Kish Sql Roberl H. Leubner Sql Norman A. LeBeau Sgl Frank W. Manning Sql Malcum M. Murrell Sql Jerry Murphy Sql Howard B. Marlin Sql Archibald B. Mcllquhan Sgl James F. McGuire Sql John F. McCarlhy Sql George T. Millon Sql Eugene T. Moran Sgl Joseph V. McKee Sql Raymond E. Miller Sql James M. Maior Sgl Raymond H. McKenzie Sql Charles R. Powell 2225 AIR FURIIE U.R.D. Sgl George C. Plarr Sql Buford Plew Sgl Dennis J. Ring Sql Peler Sarris Sgl Francis J. Snyder Sql Kennelh D. Selle Sgl Calvin R. Smilh Sql James E. Sleinwachs Sgl Fred M. Smilh III Sgl Harold A. Schoberl Sql Clarence T. Smilh Sgl Paul L. Silver Sql Harold Singlelon Sgl Edward G. Shaw Sgi Donald D. Sluder Sgr Simon T. Therrell Sgf James l. Thompson Sgl Newpor'rTucl1er Sgr Roberf J. Wallcney Sgf John E. willse Sg+ Donald C. Williamson Sg1'Vincen'i F. Weiihman Sgl' Ralph Zisa Cpl Oscar J. Anderson Cpl Louis E. Ardise Cpl Leroy J. Archer Cpl Conrad J. Bouchard Cpl Herman S. Berrer Cpl Merrill J. Blades Cpl Hugh H. Barber Cpl James Baker, Jr. Cpl Nicholas Behm Cpl Carllon P. Blake Cpl Joseph A. Caslelli Cpl James S. Clarkson Cpl Edward J. Cahill Cpl Roberl T. Corcoran Cpl Malcolm W. Cool: 2225 AIR FORCE U.R.IJ. Cpl Howard E. Carpenfer Cpl Francis W. Cochran Cpl Joseph E. Coleman Cpl William T. Campbell Cpl Thomas H. Carson Cpl Glenn L. Drawbaugh Cpl Charles R. Doyal Cpl James C. Dillman Cpl Pasquale DiCaprio Cpl Rober+ E. Driggers Cpl William J. Dameron Cpl Donald S. Eldridge Cpl Daniel J. Eppley Cpl Ernesl F. Fusco Cpl Ernesi' l. Finkel Cpl Donald W. Friday Cpl Jack M. Faux Cpl Siephen A. Gal Cpl John Garcia, Jr. Cpl William F. Holmes Cpl Richard P. Hower Cpl George Hall Cpl Bill G. Holder Cpl Joseph R. Hallimen Cpl James E. Harold Cpl Thomas J. Jackson Cpl James L. Johnson Cpl Russell F. Jeffreys 2225 AIR FORCE ll.R.D. Cpl Kennefh L. Kennedy Cpl Murray Kirschner Cpl Orvel A. Kennedy Cpl Walier Lemaniovich Cpl Edward A. Legendro Cpl Melvin E. Leach Cpl Charles G. Luchesi Cpl James E. Lubin Cpl Norman LaPoin+e Cpl Richard H. Murphy Cpl Edwin W. McCabe Cpl Joseph G. Markus Cpl Oscar R. Morse Cpl Millard G. MacDonald Cpl Siephen W. Mercurio Cpl James A. McVey Cpl Edward J. McElhaney Cpl Cedrick Molock Cpl Thomas H. Malcolm Cpl J. J. O'Connell Cpl Andrew Onufrak Cpl George Popovich Cpl William A. Pickering Cpl Fred C. Phillips Cpl Howard E. Ross Cpl Harold J. Riley Cpl James F. Rowley Cpl Bernard P. Rynltiewicz Cpl James Reilly Cpl Joseph A. Savidge Cpl Defmer O. Srair Cpl John M. Sreel Cpl John F. Srrish Cpi George N. Samulick Cpl Louis Silverman Cpl Harold O. Wrighl' Cpl Tad T. Walrai Cpl Don L. Walson 2225 AIR FORCE 0.R.ll. Cpl James R. Woods Cpl Harry E. Wilson Cpl Richard Willrens, Jr. Cpl Anfhony V. Zommer Pfc Berniia L. Bishop Pfc John Boafwrighr, Jr. Pfc Richard E. Curris Pfc Elwanda L. Coon Pic Harold F. Carbonneau Pfc Norman F. Duffy Pfc Billy W. Fielden Pfc Warren S. A. Fullcrod Pfc Douglas E. Graham Pfc Roberl' C. Knapp Pfc Vivian M. Oliver Pfc George H. Osborne Pfc Charles R. Parferson Pfc Frederick J. Ross Pvl' Francis G. Braclxen Pvl' Paul F. Bergen Pvf Lawrence A. Blankenship Pvf Abraham D. Curry Pvf Francis J. FroHon Pvf Alberi' E. Haase Pvl' Eldon D. McDonald Pvf Rudy J. Sanchez 9th INFANTRY DIVISIDN History SHOULDER PATCH: PaTch consisTs oT an ocToToil- a design oT eighT peTals on a khaki background. The upper parT oT The ocToToil is in red, The lower parT in blue and There is a whiTe disc in The cenTer. Under heraldic TradiTions oT The I5Th cenTury, each successive son oT a Tamily had his own in- dividual disTinguishing mark, and The mark oT The ninTh son was an ocToToil. The red and blue colors sTand Tor The colors used on division Tlags and The whiTe in The cenTer in The color oT numerals used on The Tlags. HISTORY: The 9Th lnTanTry Division was organized in July I9 I 8 aT Camp Sheridan, Ala., wiTh iTs Tield arTillery uniTs being organized aT The same Time aT Camp lvIcClellan, Ala. The division was originally composed almosT enTirely oT Regular Army uniTs. When The ArmisTice was signed on II November I9l8, The division was sfill in This counTry and iTs demobilizaTion began in December I9I8. Many oT The uniTs in presenT 9Th, however, saw combaT in The World War. The 39Th and 47Th InTanTry RegimenTs were brigade parTners in The 4Th lnTanTry Division and The 6OTh lnTanTry RegimenT was a parT oT The 5Th lnTanTry Division. All Three saw combaT duTy in France, parTicipaTing in The lvleuse-Argonne oTTensive. The 39Th and 47Th also saw acTion in The Aisne-lvlarne, ST. lvlihiel and Champagne oTTensives. The 6OTh was in acTion in Alsace, Lorraine and The ST. lvlihiel oTTensive. REACTIVATION DATE: I AugusT l94O. TRAINING: The division Trained aT ForT Bragg, N. C., upon being acTivaTed and had ForT Bragg as iTs home sTaTion while in This counTry. ln SepTember I94l The division Took parT in The Carolina maneuvers conducTed by The FirsT Army. Early in l942 The division was aTTached To The Am- phibious Corps, ATlanTic FleeT, Tor Training and in March I9-42 The 9Th came under conTrol oT Army Ground Forces. In AugusT OT ThaT year The division wenT To NorTolk, Va., Tor TurTher amphibious Training in Chesapeake Bay. DEPARTURE: ElemenTs leTT in SepTember, OcTober and December I942 Tor The NorTh ATrican TheaTer oT OperaTions. OVERSEAS TRAINING: Trained in Tunisia during lvlay and June I'-743. Final Training in preparaTion Tor acTion in Europe was given The division beTween November I943 and May I944. CITATIONS: The IsT BaTTalion oT The 39Th InTanTry RegimenT received The DisTinguished UniT CiTaTion Tor acTion on I8 June l944 near ST. Jacques de Nehou, oT Cherence Ie Roussel, France. The 2d BaTTalion oT The 39Th InTanTry Regi- menT received The DisTinguished UniT CiTaTion Tor acTion on I I and I2 July I944 aT Le DeserT, France. The 2d BaTTalion oT The 47Th InTanTry RegimenT received The DisTinguished UniT CiTaTion Tor acTion Trom 2I To 26 June I944 Tor acTion aT Cherbourg, France. The 3d BaTTaIion oT The 47Th InTanTry RegimenT received The DisTinguished UniT Badge Tor acTion during iTs drive on Cherbourg and The Hague Peninsula Trom 2l To 26 June I944. BATTLE CREDITS: lDivisionl: Tunisia, Sicily, Normandy, NorThern France, Rhineland, Ardennes and CenTraI Europe. BATTLE LOG: Spearheading oT The invasions oT NorTh ATrica and Sicily, cuTTing oTT oT The CoTenTin Peninsula in France, being The TirsT lnTanTry Division across The Rhine, and reducTion oT The Ruhr PockeT are on The crediT side oT The --Ti-K 1 , 9Th TnTanTry Division's combaT ledger. The division wenT inTo acTion 8 November T942 when The 39Th CombaT Team landed aT Algiers while The 47Th CombaT Team was hiTTing The beach aT SaTi, French Morocco, and The 5OTh CombaT Team was hammering aT PorT T.yauTey, Morocco. When hos- TiTiTies ceased in ThaT area, The 9Th was given The iob oT guarding The Spanish Moroccan border. l.aTe in March T943 The 9Th moved inTo acTion again. The 6OTh CombaT Team ToughT aT Maknassy, Tunisia, while The remainder oT The division moved To ET GueTTar and aTTacTced The enemy on The GaTsa-Gabes axis in order To relieve pressure on BriTish Torces To The souTh. Tn The weelcs ThaT Tollowed The division conTinued To drive sTeadily Toward BizerTe, and on 7 May T943 iTs Troops rolled inTo ThaT ciTy To mop up Tinal resisTance in Tunisia. The 9Th drew a combaT assignmenT nexT in Sicily when, on 9 AugusT, iT wenT inTo acTion wesT oT Troina. By T2 AugusT one elemenT had reached FloresTa and anoTher had occupied Randazzo, lceypoinT oT The enemy's lasT deTense beTore Messina. The division remained in posiTion unTiT 20 AugusT when iT was oTTiciaTTy announced ThaT The island oT Sicily was Tree oT The enemy. The 9Th leTT Sicily in November T943, wenT To England To Train Tor The invasion oT France, and landed in Normandy on TO June T944. The 39Th CombaT Team saw acTion TirsT, capTuring Guinneville. Then The di- vision hiT The Germans hard, driving across The Douve River and reaching The easT coasT near ST. T.o, D'Ourville and Barneville early on T7 June. The CoTenTin Peninsula had been cuT OTT Through The 9Th's eTTorTs. WiTh This iob done, The division Turned norTh Toward Cherbourg, seizing OcTeviTTe and capTuring The senior enemy army and navy commander oT The Cherbourg area. By T July The 9Th had cleaned up The Cap de Ta T-Tague. T.aTer ThaT monTh iT spearheaded The ST. T.o brealdhrough and laTer joined in The chase which closed The Falaise Gap. The 9Th swung Toward The easT, across The Seine aT Meluen, pushed norTheasT To The Marne wiThouT opposiTion on 28 AugusT and swepT Through ChaTeau-Thierry The Tollowing day. On 2 SepTember T944 The division laid claim To being The TirsT Allied Torce To begin liberaTion oT Belgium, a uniT enTering ThaT counTry near Momignies. TT pushed on Through Chimay, Couvin, Toward DinanT and The Meuse River. By 5 SepTember The Meuse had been crossed and on T3 SepTem- ber The division moved inTo Germany souTh oT RoeTgen. Tn OcTober The division ToughT iTs way Through SaarTauTern, pressed German Torces baclc in November and in December, was TighTing near Aachen againsT deTermined enemy resisT- ance. During The German winTer oTTensive iT was moved To The Monschau ForesT area where iT relieved The 99Th TnTanTry Division and in biTTer TighTing beaT baclc The enemy's maior eTTorT in The division's secTor. Tn February T945 The 9Th lashed ouT Tiercely aT The enemy norTheasT oT Monschau and capTured Einruhr, Two miles Trom The viTal Roer River Dam. STiTl having To TighT every inch oT The way, iT pushed on To Take Wascheid and Gemund. Tn March T945 iT helped The TsT TnTanTry Division mop up The ciTy oT Bonn, Germany, aTTer having driven TasT and hard inTo The hearT oT Germany. l.aTe in March The 9Th was one oT The TirsT Two divisions TighTing in The Remagen bridgehead area -The TirsT TnTanTry Division To cross The capTured bridge. By The end oT The monTh iT was exTending iTs holdings in The bridgehead area by crossing The Wied River near Hopper. Tn April The 9Th surged Torward again, cuTTing The Cologne- FranTcTorT superhighway aT several poinTs and Taking The walled ciTy oT Zulpich. Then anoTher TesT oT driving power which The division passed successTuIIy-reducTion oT The Ruhr pockeT. In a maTTer oT hours The 9Th moved inTo The line and broke up a maior German aTTempT To break Through The pockeT, which had boTTled up Thousands oT enemy Troops. Digging inTo The area, iT cleared Mechede and Siedleinghausen and wenT on To Take LuTzel. In The closing days OT The war iT worked consTanTIy on The shrinking Ruhr pockeT, IiberaTing 900 slave laborers Trom Tive counTries wiTh The capTure oT Sinn on The Dill River. AT war's end iT was assigned To IngoIsTadT, Germany. HEROES: SfSgT Herschel F. Briles, CoITax, Iowa, was awarded The Medal oT Honor Tor acTion on 20 and 2I No- vember I944, near Scherpenseel, Germany. when he Twice enTered The hulls OT burning Tank desTroyers To rescue Trapped comrades during TighTing in which he capTured 55 German prisoners. 2d LT. John E. BuTTs, BuTTaIo, N. Y., was awarded The Medal of Honor posThumousIy Tor acTion in Normandy in June, I944, when, aIThough painTuIIy wounded, he reTused medical aid and conTinued in acTion wiTh his pIaToon. Wounded on I4 June near Orglandes and again on I6 June, he helped spearhead an aTTack To esTabIish a bridgehead across The Douve River. TfSgT PeTer J. Dalessondro, WaTervlieT, N. Y., was awarded The Medal oT Honor Tor acTion on 22 December I'-744 near KaITerhorberg, Germany, when, risking deaTh. he called Tor a morTar barrage on his open posiTion in order To haIT a German aTTack. PTc Carl V. Sheridan, BaITimore, Md., was awarded The Medal oT Honor posThumousIy Tor acTion near Weis- weiler, Germany, on 26 November I944, when he sTood in poinT-blank range oT Tire pouring Trom enemy deTense posiTions in a casTle and wiTh his bazooka blasTed The gaTe- way across a casTle moaT, enabling his uniT To advance. SgT William L. Nelson, MiddleTown, Del., was awarded The Medal oT Honor posThumousIy Tor acTion on 23 April I943, aT Diebel Dardys, near Sedienane, Tunisia, when he conTinued To direcT Tire on enemy posiTions even Though morTaIIy wounded. SUCCESSIVE DIVISION COMMANDERS: Col. Charles B. FlIioTT, AugusT l940g Brig. Gen. Francis W. HoneycuTT, SepTember I940g Gen. IThen Mai. Gen.I Jacob L. Devers, OcTober I940 To July I94I: Maj. Gen. Rene E. De R. Hoyle, AugusT I94I To July I942g Mai. Gen. ManTon S. Eddy, AugusT I942 To AugusT I944: Mai. Gen. Louis A. Craig. AugusT I944 To May I945g Brig. Gen. Jesse A, Ladd, May I945 To February I946: Mai. Gen. Horace L. McBride, March I946 To daTe oT inacTivaTion, I5 January I947. REACTIVATION DATE: is July 1947. TRAINING: Training, as ouTIined in ATP ZI-I, daTed 6 April I949, is aT The presenT Time in eTTecT Tor all Training companies. AddiTionaI Training includes Band Training, Ad- vance Non-Commissioned OTTicers Course, SpeciaIisT Course, Leaders' Course, Army Supply Course, TypewriTing and Army AdminisTraTion Course and AuTomoTive MainTenance 84 Minor Repair Course. SUCCESSIVE COMMANDING GENERALS: Mai. Gen. William W. Eagles, July I947 To April I948: Mai. Gen. ArThur A. WhiTe, April I948 To SepTember I949q Mai. Gen. John M. Devine, 0cTober I949 To presenT. HE DQUARTIERS COMPANY 9th I AF. DIVISIO Mai Ollie A. Hood Capi' J. C. Sloan Isi' LI Franklin F. Brisiol Is+ L+ Edward A. Devlin Isi' L+ Roberf B. Freeman Isi L+ Carl M. Zilian Mfsgi Waller We-sibroolx MfSg+ Wm. H. Kuchinslci SFC Joseph Krusiclc Sgr Louis F. Biondi Sgi William H. Henon Sgr Wm. H. Higginbo'H'om Sg+ Horacio Lopez MfSg'I' Walfer W. Gilberi' Sgr William E. O'Brien I59 YEARS OF SERVICE Leif Io righf: MfSgI' Walfer J. Wesibroolr, Sg'r Harry S. Benson, MfSg+ Joseph Ayala, MfSg'I' Raymond A. EIIis, MfSg+ James Brady, MfSg'I' James H. LiHIe. Sgl Roland E. Paisley Sgf John M. Verrocchi MfSg+ Francisco C. Aquino MfSg'l Joseph Ayala Mfsgf Harold K. Bufler MfSg+ Henry J. Beflerdorf MfSg+ Auslin L. Boolhby Mfsgl James E. Brady Mf'Sgi Harold Byrom MfSg+ John E. Casey MfSg+ Alfonzo Doohalulc Mfsgi Raymond A. Ellis MfSg+ Charles M. Flelcher MfSg+ Lyle O. Giraud HEADQUARTERS CUMPANY 9th INFANTRY DIVISIUN MfSgi' Hugo E. Hermanson MfSgf Alberl' R. Krauspe MfSg+ John F. Kra'f+ MfSg+ Thomas E. LaHa Mfsgl James H. Li'HIe Mfsgl' John H. McKown MfSg+ Paul D. C. Munyan MfSgi' William E. MacFarland MfSgf Arfhur R. McElroy MfSg'l William R. Porfer MfSg+ Earl W. Peck MfSgl Henry Ruppel Mfsgl' Maurice A. Schuliz Mfsgl' John Szoi Mfsgi' Merle M. Siver MfSg1' Joseph Urban Mfsgi' Donald L. Voorhees Mfsgl Earll E. Wells SFC Anihony Alexander SFC Leonard Abelow SFC Louis R. Alexander 7 , isaea SFC John A. Builer SFC Leland J. Benneii SFC John J. Burns SFC Frifz T. Beclxer SFC John W. Blum SFC James J. Cleary SFC Cecil C. Coley HEADQUARTERS EUVIPANY 9th INFANTRY DIVISIUN SFC Harold E. Casfle SFC George E. Easfwood SFC Roberi J. Forsyfhe SFC Fred Fassbender SFC William E. Fearing SFC John P. Gregg SFC Anlhony J. Gauquier SFC Roberf C. Gilmour SFC Harley F. Goble SFC Willard Gray SFC William G. Himmelman SFC Charles L. Hills SFC Harry F. Jones SFC Alfon E. Mable SFC Ernesl J. McGuire SFC Alberl' F. Moniressor SFC Harry Meyerson SFC Harry T. Mefcalfe SFC Marlin C. Monahan SFC George C. Moomaw SFC Paul O. Munch, Jr. SFC William C. Oslerhoui SFC Frank T. Oakes SFC Paul E. Pinlcham SFC William R. Porieous SFC William F. Pflaumer SFC James H. Roof SFC Pal' E. Roddey SFC Rodney S. Railing SFC Ray M. Ruperl' SFC Sheldon B. Sioddard SFC Beriram W. Schlosser SFC Loyf C. Seales SFC Carl W. Szpalcowslci SFC Maynard L. Taylor SFC John C. Wagner SFC John R. Wallrer SFC Howard A. Waller SFC John E. Whifing SFC John A. Zarembslci Sgf Harry L. Andes Sgr Marlin J. Aversa Sgr Murray C. Bowden Sgr Joseph Bariok Sgr Theodore Bell Sgr Eugene R. Bunclren Sgi' Daniel M. Buschio Sgr Olcey R. BenneH' Sgr Harry S. Benson Sgr Homer C. Bonnell Sgf Walfer A. Bailey Sgi' Roberf G. Beyer Sgi' James T. Buckley Sgr Donald E. Bell Sgl' Peler J. CioHoni Sgi' Vicfor O. Cisneros HEADUUARTERS GUMPANY 9th INFANTRY DHHSIUN Sgf Salvaiore Cocuzza Sgl' Harry E. Clow Sgf John M. Churchill Sgi Joseph Cervone Sgr Mauro C. Diez Sgi' Donald G. Darrah Sgr Charles A. Delay Sgi Dan DeFiIippo Sgl John R. Diclcerson Sgr John G. Esmoncle Sgr James E. Feeney Sql James E. Gaulhier Sgl Waller Grzesczulr Sql Edward G. Grobelny Sgi Fred F. Gafhman Sgr Floyd E. Greenfield Sgr Lloyd R. Hammond Sgl Allaerl' Hoover Sgr Howard C. Hogan Sgl' Landon R. Jewell Sql Francis M. Kerns HEADQUARTERS BEMPANY 9th INFANTRY DIVISIUN Sgl Ralph C. Kieferr Sgl' John E. Kellerman Sgl Edward W. Kroll Sgl Hall P. Kane Sgl Paul P. Lindemann Sgl' Francis A. Leslco Sgl Slephen Limani Sgl Franlr E. Lolerzo Sgl Roberi' C. Loughman Sgl Paul J. Murman Sgl Thomas McCluslcey Sgl Rolaerl G. Monyhan Sgl William F. Mahoney, Jr. Sgl Ernesl' R. Miller Sgl Richard J. Morilz Sgl Chauncey T. Mifchell Sgl' Norman W. Marlon Sgr Thomas J. Murphy Sgr Thomas A. McAlpin Sgl Ernesr D. Nulfing Sgl' Raymond C. Norris Sgl George W. Phillips Sgi' Parlcins D. Peclc Sgl Fredericlc L. Rogers Sgi' Elberl J. Raclrow Sgl Roy E. Rawlings Sgr William H, Roush Sg'l' George M. Rollins Sgl' Ray Sellers Sgi Roberl E. E. Shermer Sg1'Arlhur F. Scharlil Sgf A. J. Slasson Sgl' George W. Shipley Sg1'Wal+er Shislco Sgl' Earl William Slcellon Sgl Joseph M. Sloan Sgl' Joseph P. Smilh Sgf Charles F. Summers Sgl' Frederick Taormina Sgl James A. Travers Sgr Waller Turnbull Sgl John E. Treible HEADHUARTERS COMPANY 9th INFANTRY DHHSIUN Sgl Theodore R. Von Tish Sgr Ernesf F. Wilhey Sgl Curlis M. Wiseharl' Sg+ John W. While Sgl' Grady W, Walliins Sgf William T. Wilson Sgl Joseph A. Wazal Sgr Alberf F. Wallace Sgl George S. Yamamura Sgr Edward F. Yopchiclc Sgr Lawrence E. Young, Jr Sgr Roberl D. Zimmerman Sgl' Samuel R. Zacharda Cpl Raymond E. Alberlson Cpl William L. Allshuler Cpl William C. Alexander Cpl William Asmussen Cpl Norman E. Anderson Cpl Peler A. Alverio Cpl Raphael W. Burch Cpl Fuslon Brummell Cpl Paul M. Bolinger Cpl Huberl Buchanan Cpl Joseph J. Borrell Cpl Rolserl W. Burgin Cpl Edgar F. Beer Cpl Edgar F .Beer Cpl Arlhur L. Burlon Cpl Richard C. Baldwin Cpl Arlhur G. Bernard Cpl Savallore J. Buongiovanni Cpl James A. Bailey Cpl Joseph Bolcarovic Cpl Jimmy J. Burl Cpl Roberl B. Carey HEAIIIIUARTERS COMPANY 9th INFANTIIY DIVISIIIN Cpl Frank P. Casaleno Cpl Kennelh H. Cornelius Cpl Owen K. Coolidge Cpl Gordon E. Corcoran Cpl William G. Cain Cpl Roberl' J. Curlis Cpl Harry M. Coffey Cpl Reginald H. Carr Cpl Norman Camara Cpl Raymond Curlis Cpl Edward Calhela Cpl Donald J. Dygerl' Cpl Donald E. Davis Cpl Henry D. Dorrego Cpl Edward F. Dooley Cpl Howard R. Davis Cpl Howard J. Elgar Cpl John D. Ellioh' Cpl Alfred C. Evans Cpl Kennelh P. Erickson Cpl Joseph Ficchr Cpl John H. Farnum Cp! Howard E. FEH-ery Cpl Dale W. Green Cpl Hugh H. Golden Cpl Leon B. Goodeagle Cpl Alessio J. Guido Cpl Burman Gill HEADQUARTERS BUMPANY 9th INFANTRY DHHSIUN Cpl LeRoy J. Giggey Cpl William L. Gilligan Cpl Joseph J. GuyeH'e Cpl Dominick M. Galie Cpl Roger A. Goguen Cpl Raymond A. Greenlaw Cpl Anfonio Garza Cpl Manuel K. Gaumes Cpl Rodney H. Houghlon Cpl John P. Henry Cpl Olie J. Holcomb Cpl Edward C. Hayes Cpl Clarence Hungerford Cpl David A. Horner Cpl Andrew J. Halles Cpl James P. Henry Cpl William H. Heggen Cpl William C. Heniz Cpl Harry B. Hiclcey Cpl Ralph R. Ives Cpl Ernesl Jagger H, 7 www -,:.5:Q12i5.'zi 1 W af I l S r N in it W Q Q lg I wo- 'E 'EV Cpl Archie C. Joslin Cpl Dominic Juliano Cpl Edward J. Kaminski Cpl Charles Klinlc Cpl Nicholas Kozalt Cpl Charles T. Kalihoff Cpl Berge G. Kondalciian HEAIJIIUARTEIIS IIUMPANY 9th INFANTRY DIVISION Cpl Allen G. Keyser Cpl Michael Kalina Cpl George N. Kasior Cpl Sanriago M. Lopez Cpl Herberl' R. Long Cpl Joseph P. Lingo Cpl Roberi' G. La'Hanzi Cpl Roy C. Leisenring Cpl Pe'Ier Lupaslcy Cpl WaI'Ier T. Langan Cpl Norman R. Lewis Cpl Daniel F. Leary Cpl Thomas A. La Masius Pfc Darold M. Mclnlyre Cpl Dominiclr Mazzucco Cpl James W. Moore Cpl Francis M. McMahon Cpl Fred O. Miller Cpl John F. Morrone Cpl Edwin C. Munn Cpl Richard H. McCoy Cpl William A. Mi'I'cheII Cpl Louis M. Mazer Cpl James O. Miller Cpl Alexander Marcil Cpl Raymond F. Mafaczynsiri Cpl Ernesi D. Newman Cpl John A. Newman Cpl James Nichols Cpl Ever? E. Orr Cpl William Parlxs Cpl James R. Palmer Cpl Joseph A. Pausienbach Cpl Joseph Paquin Cpl William R. Paris Cpl Earl J. Peclcham Cpl Edward A. Pila+ Cpl George C. Peacemaker Cpl Thomas R. Quigley Cpl Edwin L. Raymond, Jr. Cpl Charles C. Regan Cpl Edward A. Ripoli Cpl Pedro Colon-Rivera Cpl William V. Rowan Cpl Paul L. Ramos Cpl Fred J. Robling Cpl John L. Robinson Cpl William R. Ra+liFF Cpl lngnazio P. Rayo Cpl William J. Richards Cpl Wallace W. Riddle Cpl Lesfer E. Rush Cpl Herman H. Sibum Cpl Dewey W. Sherberr Cpl Lealand C. Slringer Cpl Paul M. Schwarfz HEADIIUARTERS CUMPANY 9th INFANTRY DIVISIUN Cpl Oliver G. Snow Cpl Grover F. Sfine Cpl Seymour B. Samson Cpl Richard M. Sulceforlh Cpl Roberf J. Sfempinslxi Cpl George E. Slurgis Cpl Siephen Sisak :Slew .. 'A in 'WV s Cpl Harold C. Schneider Cpl Abeline R. Seoane Cpl Ches+er W. Snyder Cpl Norris M. Slaylon Cpl Floyd A. Slciver Cpl John Szanyi Cpl William A. Schwarlz Cpl James D. Schroeder Cpl Harold F. Townsend Cpl Raymond T. Toman Cpl Thomas E. Trainor Cpl Linford A. Thomas Cpl Henry J. Terech Cpl Roberf A. Trainer HEADQUARTERS BUMPANY 9th INFANTRY DHHSIUN l George R. Toomey l Wilbrod R. Tellier l Charles N. Trask l Leslie E. Van Wey CP CP CP CP CP CP CP l Thomas J. Walsh, Jr. l Joseph W. Whifforcl l James A. Warman CP CP CP CP CP CP Pfc Pfc Pfc Pic Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc I Ches+er L. Wass l Lawrence S. Yacovelli l Arnold C. Zweeres l Leo A. Zales l Edmund G. Zalcrzewski l William F. Zollo Richard D. Arp Alfred R. Augusiine An+hony S. Asrorino Philip An'rhony William E. Anberg Frank R. Anlal Louis P. Brancafi William E. Bronson Pic An-ihony I. Boyce Plc Wilbur J. Bowman Pic Raymond Buialc Pic Laurence C. Boyle Pic Reol Bissone'He Pic Gerald E. Ball Pic John W. Beach Pfc Shirley R. Bryani Pic Gerald E. Ball Pic John H. Busse, Jr. Pic Marlin Chachlces Pic Daniel J. Connelly Pic John R. Colby Pic James F. Corbeh' Pic James H. Corley Pfc Rodney D. Carman Pic Marlin E. Capron Pic Raymond F. Campbell Pic Leonard F. Darcy, Jr. Pic Rudolph E. Dudra Pfc Thomas A. Dunham HEAIJIIUARTERS COMPANY 9th INFANTRY DIVISION Pic Arlhur R. DiBona Pic Roberl E. Flinchbaugh Pic Joseph R. Frisina Pfc Marlin A. Fish Pic George Freihoff Pic Harold Gregg Pfc William A. Gerner, Jr. Pic William R. Gordon Pic Evere'H' E. Gould Pfc Waller C. Gwynne Pfc Earl V. Gwyn Pfc John Hradslcy Pic James C. Henry Pic Ormond K. Harris 'SW 3. ,,.,,.,. . , 91 55. f " lf ' 'I' 1. ij ' 1 if M' We REQ.. gag me v. X Wes-W Pic Pic Pic Pfc Pfc Pic Pic Pfc Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic Pfc Pic Pic Pfc Pic Pfc Pic Pic Oscar C. Herr Carl R. Haefele Franlr J. Harder Donald K. Haas Ed R. Johnson Lawrence L. Kapleau Roberf L. Kriner William G. Keyes Lucas Kolumban, Jr. Paul E. Kinlile Francis E. Koberlein Raymond B. Lowe William F. Lennon Timoihy F. Leonard Richard J. Loehr Beniamin L. Lambach Edward J. Mulcahy Leon M. Mireauli William J. McDonald Norman F. MonfeHo Charles P. Mazzarella EADUUARTERS CUMPANY 9th INFANTRY Pfc Pfc Pic Pfc Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic IHVISIUN Chrisfopher N. Manos George Michaels Edward J. Modzelewsici Charles J. Miller, Jr. Donald W. McLaughlin Duncan E. MacKay John J. Mulloy Roloerf J. Morse Donald K. Norihup David F. Newman Jimmy Norris Bernard Nemirowslry Louis E. Nicholson William C. Pale Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc HEADQUARTERS 9th INFANTRY Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc 2- +5 ' 1 ww +A M IZ, X 8 5' . eff 9 e Pfc George E. Wulff Pfc Elberf E. Young Pic Charles J. Young Pfc Roberf E. Young Pv+ Francis E. Anfhony Pvi' Joe E. AdileHa Pvi' Alfred J. Amadio Pvi Armand D. Berger Pvf Samuel G. Bralley Pvi' Vernon A. Baumgariner Pvf Charles J. Bashforfh Pv+ Frederick J. Browne Pv+ Pe+er J. Bazzani Pvi' Richard J. Barden HEADQUARTERS COMPANY 9th INFANTRY DHHSIUN Pvi' Joseph F. Boyer Pvi Edwin J. Babcock Pvf Sumner D. Bearman Pvf Raymond P. Colgan Pvf William C. Cipriano Pvf Roberf L. Cole Pv+ William A. Congalfon Pvf James P. Coughlin Pv+ Rober+ L. Cole Pvi' Frank R. Davis Pvl Ar'I'hur E. Doderer Pvi Peier P. Delgado Pvl' Allan F. Esiabrook Pvi' Richard L. Ehali Pvi' Lawrence J. Fonfaine Pvt James A. Fallaio Pvi Dominick Forfuna Pvf Gilber+ G. Gyolas Pvi' Philip S. Green Pvi' Daniel W. Granf Pvf Bernard J. Heavey Pvf Malcolm G. Hamon Pv+ George D. Hines Pvl Donald C. Hawkins Pvi' Richard N. Kaiser Pvf Daniel J. Kelly Pvl' Thomas C. Kane Pvf Hecior G. Kinlock Pv+ Frank J. Kerrigan Pvi Jack E. Lindquisl' Pvi' Eugene B. Langon Pvf William L. Loeffler Pvf Charles E. McDonnell Pvf Joseph A. Murphy Pvl' Edward P. Miller Pvl' Charles W. Mounlz Pvf Charles S. Morgensfern Pvf Henry A. Mancini Pvi Frederick E. Malihews Pvf Douglas Mclnlyre Pvf Gennaro S. Mafera Pvi Francis J. Mafhew Pvi Douglas S. McDonald Pv'r Norberf T. Murawski HEADQUARTERS CUMPANY 9th INFANTRY DHHSIUN Pvf Edmund Pyfkowski Pvf Ray Pickel Pvi' Jerry L. Reich Pvl' Charles W. Read Pvf William D. Reed Pvi' Carmen L. Rossi Pvl Roberl' M. Ray Pvf Waller Soulh Pvl Walier A. Sfefanski Pvi' Daniel J. Smifh Pvl Lewis J. Slahler Pvf George C. Schreiber Pv+ Richard C. Savage Pvf Michael V. SaH'ane Pvf John P. Smiih Pvl William J. Sfeinhauser Pvf Richard H. Thompson Pvl Roberl' E. Thibaull' PV? Richard J. Vasile Pv+ John J. Wallon Pvl Jack H. Welsh ,am am . :" " :'. "'.' email' 5- Q .,, , In V . Y, Q. . 1 V if A I 'ix 9th MILITARY POLICE COIVIPAN IsT LT IsT LT IsT LT IsT LT 2nd LT HerberT J. Brooks John R. CarTer Amos E. Alexander Beniamin T. FIinT Ahldor Berg Capf James D. Manning Commanding 'f s... .3 .-1.-I , .W gg... gp fi ii ,K r 1 -, , 5 . A Q .MXSQT M!Sg+ src sg+ sgi cpl MfSg+ Alvin H. Allen H. Sfrassberger R. Landenberger Sherman Bellew Lloyd D. King Francis Bailey Flory L. Farbenf HISTORY OF THE 9Th MILITARY POLICE CO. The NinTh MiIiTary Police Com any Tormed as a parT oT The 9Th InTanTry Division diiring World War I. IT Tool: parT in all engagemenTs OT The division by direcTing and leading Troops, supplies and ammu- niTion To The TighTing areas. The NinTh MiIiTary Police were disbanded aTTer World War I To awaiT recall Tor duTy again aT The ouTbrealc oT World War ll. As beTore, when The NinTh Division received orders To acTivaTe, The 9Th MiIiTary Police were There. They were organized inTo a pIaToon, assigned To The 9Th InTanTry Division. The 9Th MiIiTary Police received The honor oT parTicipaTing in all The acTion seen by The 9Th InTanTry Division, Tor which They received eighT I8l baTTIe sTars, The French Fourragere, The Belgian Fourragere, a DisTinguished UniT CiTaTion, and a MeriTorious UniT CiTaTion. Many members oT The uniT disTinguished Themselves individually, such as. The PIaToon Commander receiving The DisTinguished Service Medal. Some OT The ouTsTanding scenes OT acTion en- counTered were as Tollows: PorT LyauTey, SaTi. Algiers, Tunisia, Sicily, Cherbourg, The Meuse, inTo Germany, The LudenclorTT Bridge, I'TarTz MTs., WiT- Tenberg and Berlin. The uniT received eighT I8l sTars oT VicTory awarded The 9Th InTanTry Division. ATTer World War II, The NinTh InT. Division re- ceived iTs homeward orders. By I5 Jan. I947, The Division had been compleTeIy deacTivaTed, buT as oT old, This was noT To remain, Tor I5 July I947 saw The glorious NinTh Division come To liTe aTTer a six monThs sleep. The NinTh M.P.'s were ordered acTivaTed by 6.0. No. 52 daTed I7 March I948, Hg IsT Army. AT presenT, The Company has The responsibiliTies oT PosT SecuriTy, Town and CiTy PaTroI, PosT SToclc- ade, and numerous oTher duTy assignmenTs which iT is commendably periorming. As True MiliTary Policemen, They srill operaTe according To Their moTTo oT "Service To The Troops." MfSgT HerI::erT F. Gore Mfsgi C. H. Johnson MfSgT C. W. MeITon MfSgT Earl T. Nichols MfSgT Thomas O. Pall MfSgT Francis Ponfon MfSgT Joseph J. Saukas MfSgT J. J. STraub SFC Bolus Aclcel 9th MILITARY PIlI.IlIE IIJMPIINY X if ' r SFC Norris Blair SFC Charles R. Conradi SFC David E. Efier SFC Timo+h L. Garner SFC Milion W. Gorden SFC George W. Kincade SFC George Lampshire SFC Roberi' Mason SFC Beauchamp Nichols SFC Beniamin PihIaIc SFC Horace E. Posey SFC Joseph Wechselberger Sgf Joseph J. Bagan Sgr Ernesf BIaIremore Sgf John J. Boyle Sgr Garland Bradshaw Sgr Henry J. Brooks Sgi' Earl E. Burchfield Sgi' Gad Chapman Sgr Theodore R. Coles Sgf WiIIiam H. Crosby Sgr DanieI H. Cross Sgr Alex. Daukszevicz Sgf Ned Davis, Jr. Sgr C. J. Derringer Sgr John P. Devlin Sgi' James DuKeIow Sgi' AIber+ L. FarreII Sgf David S. FIicIc Sgr George M. Garin Sgi' Edward L. Geris Sgr Charles B. Greene Sg'I' D. H. Greer Sg'I' N. E. Griswold Sgf Philip Guinfa -l- ' Q J .A.. . . ,AK fhf.+ 5 A Urfv 'HALH w0'f'rfE'lSiw H AWA! it ' ' F' -..-.. . , . if ' " . ..1-' + -'J . " 5' I ,,,, y .,... C. F' my f In ' '91 -, 1 ' I 8 i s- 5 .,...:.,...,,,... .W tfffffl . ' 2- 6' ' e 4, i Q ...lf '. V :: E5:,,., , Q -:-- I ' "": .- ' ,:EE:E5g:g:g..:: .,....., E Q it A ...,.,..,, ling: .... Zly . ...,. 9 , '-- .I ,,.,. L ,Q ' 5 f . Q ' , fe 2, ' - . fi .Q ,..,. ' . fi.-4. - e af 'I' 12 if , Q., ,K ,, Eff ' . sr sf' 2 3 -ff .H fd " 395.55 .. ...... . .. Q .:,... ,:,:.:... ...fag ' ..,. :fi '3' Q.. . A kv 'ii if Q ,. sy 1 if . ? if ' r ...,. if N W ii .W W W is in if V ' 'G .,.:. :Q,E.,:,, :,. . .:,.:.. , E A.,..,.A., .,. . yi, . 4 . . vibe? . 35 e M, 5 as .fa 43" if '-is-"53f5f'5E5': -'--: 3. .1:f.-.- ,.-,. Z 'f-:35E 5 45' ""' - 1 .. .. .F , ' . :: -"' " s::ES1.:..:. fk M ' I..iFF'- '-" E ' ' 1,-..z.s.1:.: ,--V . ' 'iff Q .6 12 " .,,. . ' -xm- J 22 . . 2, ' , '- .my ... 1 f ,.,, . V.A.. . .,.... . 5 1 .Ai " I' ,,., : Qt . .V , ,:,., ,..,:,. .K e. . - -ff-"'f':f'f ""' " - - V , '. EF 9 gg - 1, 12 - . '. , ' 4 jg s 1 ' 15 H .K W . I 'H 'M' sK a. M. e .... PEW .,.: . I, , 'f f " an 'i' "' .I er!-59" , U is 91 Sgl' Timolhy Hall Sgl Charles H. Hewili' Sgl Julius Hodell Sgr Ralph L. Jefferson Sgl' Edward Kelly Sgl. Ernesl Koehrsen Sgl. Marvin O. Lam Sql Paul J. LeBlanc Sgl James Lounsberry Sgl' Marino Marangoni Sgf Joseph Maslriania Sgl Soloman McLain Sgl Joseph Milcos Sgr Orville Monroe Sg+ Harrod D. Moore Sgl' Rolaerl' J. Moore Sql' Harry A. Nixon Sgl James A. Rassa Sg+ Michael Replco Sgl' Ben F. Robinson Sgl' Urvin Scudder Sgl' Olin B. Siephens Sgl Charles W. Thompson Sgr Thomas F. Tine Sgl' George L. Varga Sgl Louis F. Washinglon Sql Leo Wesf Sgi Alphons J. Wewer Sgl John W. Williams Sgl Emme'H Wolff Sgr Russell L. Yeager Cpl Orville Anderson Cpl Roberi' L. Anderson Cpl Leighfon Barrefl' Cpl William C. Beasley Cpl Carier Brewer Cpl James Brooks Cpl Francis J. Campbell Cpl Eulan Charles Cpl Faulfie Colield, Jr. Cpl Thomas J. Coggins Cpl James W. Collyer 9th MILITARY PULIBE CUMPANY 9th MILITARY POLICE UIIIVIPIINY XZ -O ll' 6 E Cpl Claude Coniey Cpl John H. Cooil CpI Willie Cork CpI Nicholas Cos+eIIo Cpl Joseph L. Cupparo CpI Raymond A. Dreadin CpI Harvin S. DuIces Cpl Ernesi' R. Duson Cpi William J. Farr Cpl Edgar Fellows Cpl Howard J. Finn CpI Dominick Franchino Cpl Raymond Frazier CpI Roiand Gauihier Cpi David Giee, Sr. CpI Mosley Haywood CpI James A. Hilliard CpI Richard Hofiman CpI Roberi' HoI+ Cpl John L. Hosier Cpl William E. Isley CpI WiIIiam Jackson CpI WiIIiam Jenkins Cpi Thomas Kaz CpI ToIber+ H. Kenny Cpi Virgo T. Kidd, Sr. CpI Lawrence Knox CpI William H. Kyer Cpi Hans R. Laue CpI Joseph Loci: CpI Henry Lopez CpI Kenneih L. Mabee CpI Tony Maieski CPI Andrew M. Markowsici Pic AImon May Cpl John F. McCar+hy CpI John L. McCauIey CpI Syivesier McNeil Cpl Roberi' V. Mofieii' Cpl Fred Monson CpI Glenn R. Morgan Cpl GarfieId A. Morris , viawwzvwvwser-r'fxfWI4Qe2vSW3??ii?"EF?3Z' Y?'W.T'H WQ'i5':f '?NaS2i'Sl?mf:We135we N.: If ,ja y 'M , 'wsgrgr::gfg5wQ's. . I I Cpl Murray Mosowifz Cpl John B. Neil Cpl George O'Green Cpl Joseph S. Osfrowski Cpl Thomas A. Profilio Cpl Edward V. Renwiclr Cpl Lacy Roberlson Cpl Jesse Robinson Cpl James T. Rushworih Cpl John Schaediger Cpl Dino Sfida Cpl Waller D. Shiver Cpl Roberl' J. Solice Cpl Joseph Solivoda Cpl Clylon W. Siewarf Cpl Daniel K. Sievens Cpl Paul J. Sullivan Cpl George Thomas Cpl L. C. Thomas Cpl Harry J. Timmerman Cpl Rober+ A. Trappe Cpl Brainerd E. Tynes Cpl Gur Vance Cpl Alberf Vanderheggen Cpl Ofha Vinceson Cpl Donald Washburn Cpl Sam H. Washingfon Cpl Harry T. Wellinglon Cpl Richard Wilhelm Cpl Howard Worley Cpl Edward Zimmer Pfc Waller Basara Pfc Roberl G. Blair Plc Don Bodenhamer Pic Joseph Bue Plc Jean Canuel Pic Will Carmicheal Pic Leonard E. Cool! Plc James M. Culipher Pic Lonnie C. Davis Pic Normand Dubois Pic Melvin J. EllioH Pfc John M. Ellis Pic Alfred Eways Pfc Vincem' Ferraro Pic Frederick Fullz Pfc Billy Ganlf Pfc Cloyd Gardner Pic Marlin Garfner Pfc John E. Gladfelier Pic John L. Gorby Pic Curlis Harper Pfc George L. Halch Pfc Arden M. Herriman Pfc Bernard C. Herschman Pic Jacob J. Holloeri' Pfc Francis G. Houslon Pfc Raymond F. Howland Pfc William Hoy Pfc Arnold Hughes Pfc Raymond Jones Pic William Kinney P'Fc Paul M. Kowal Pfc Roberf Krieger P'Fc Joseph KronenweHer Pfc Russell Lazzara Pfc Ernesi' L. Leonard Pfc Andrew L. Lewis Pfc John J. Lisf Pfc Roberf Machine Pfc Clarence Maclin Pfc Bernard McCabe Pfc Raymond V. Milanese Pfc Elmer M. Miller Pfc Paul Mimnaugh Pic Charles D. Mifchell Pfc Luigi Monaco Pfc Leroy Neil Pfc James Neumeisler Pfc Edward NorcoH' Pfc MaHhew C. O'Brien Pfc Reginald L. Parker Pfc Joseph Poleffi Pfc Philip Powers ami? -1 as f' 3. Q I ' if Hb . 1,1 "" ., 6 ,. , In ss? .K .,. we " 'r if 4' if Q.. i hifi? s if 9 :"" ",' Fl L 6 s Hz.. ir Y S 3' 1 5 9 N336 me gr' Q is 4, s . J-1 f . ww , ww'- leaf 5 . . 1 1?- J? -.1 .: .3 , 5 Q ? . qs I 'f U K, .Q 'W Q 4 Ex' ,W ,A 5' it , .,,,iA,, ,ig H 1 .J -,.:Q If ' ,, we 3 5 , - Q .ua D gf V 1 'U' ly 5 G "' I' W F wwf ..,..,, g . 5 .. 6 -x Pfc S+ephen Ragonesi Pfc Joseph Rappoccio Pic Thomas Reed Pfc Ofis Richardson Plc Frank Roberrs Pfc Lonnell Rogers Pfc Cyril Sanderson Pfc Joseph C. Simon Pic John J. Sullivan Pic Gilberr Tanguma Pic Troy Veal Pfc George While Pic Yewell Williams Pfc Roberr J. Woods Plc Edward Woznialt Pvf James Bazel Pvr Therefield Bender Pv'r Carl E. Blaclcmon Pvf Donald Carini Pvf Philip Carroll Pvf Donald F. Chandler Pvt Ralph Cruz Pvr Roberf E. Dayer Pvi Donald Dommermuih Pvf Charles E. Essich Pvi Donald Essom Pvt Ross J. Faraca Pvf Thomas F. Fogarry Pvi' Joseph E. Foley Pvr. Francis Gannon Pvf Thomas W. Gannon Pvr Ralph Garcia, Jr. Pvf Ernesi J. Gauder PV? Francis George Pvf John Griffin Pvf Raymond W. Hanson Pvr An+hony Harh Pvi Thomas E. Headley Pv+ Franl: P. Johnson Pv+ New? Johnson Pvl Reber? E. Kelley Pvf Lee N. Kerson Pvi James L. Kirchmyer Pvi' Sigmund Knas-ler Pvr Roberi Kuriz Pvr Roberf Lamberi Pvf Alberi' E. Larzlco Pvr Pasquale J. Leiizia Pvi Ralph Lloyd Pv'r Gerald S. Lord Pvr Frederick Lucci Pv+ Roberf E. Mahaffey Pvi Eugene Mahoney Pvl' Pefer Mazza Pvl William McClin+oclr Pvf Francis J. McGin+y Pvi Francis McKane Pv'l' William V. Meadows Pvl Gerald F. Moroney Pvl' Fredericlr Morse Pvf Vincenf Mospan Pvf George Moyer Pvf Earl N. Mull Pvl Lewis S. Olmsied Pvf Alberl' Orslcy Pvf William Osltin Pvf Teddy W. Paradysz Pvi' Julian S. Perez Pvi Russell Pixley Pvt William Plexico Pvf Henry Powell Pvi Richard Quiniero Pvf Roy J. Rafleff Pvi' Norman Reighn Pvf Edward Remsen Pvl' Roberi' R. Rl1uda Pvi John Richards Pvi' Charles Rivers Pvf Elwood Robinson Pvf Charles J. Rogers Pvf Clarence D. Rogers Pvl' Michael Ruggiero Pvl Thomas P. Ryan Pvi John S+. John Pvl' Donald Schweiher Pvf Adrian Serra Pvl Thomas E. Shields Pvf Jaclc Shone Pvf Joseph Sierzanf Pvf Elwood Smifh Pvf Ronald Smiih Pvi Rober'r Snyder Pvr Williard Sfephens Pvf Joseph Slone Pvi' Roberf Sirong Pvl Donald Warr Pvf Francis Waxman Pvl Gerald T. Wendle Cpl William F. Wade Rc? William J. Flowers Rcl' Donald R. Silver 9th MILITARY PULICE IIUMPANY 9th I FA TRY DIVISIGN BA D CW0 .1 H. A' h I Ralph C. Church Olin lc e e MfSgi' Noel Bermingham MfSg+ Harold Dixon MfSgl Ralph N. Niader MfSg1Apolinar Sangalang MfSgf Ralph L. Slringham SFC Siuarf Cedrone SFC George H. Ryan SFC Andrew Siumpf SFC Harvey J. Varley SFC Vinceni' Wiese Sgl Leland R. Cole Sql William Carlner Sgf Guy J. Descaro Sgi' Russell G. Springer Sgf Andrew Tocheny Cpl Edward Chervalt Cpl Ar+hur G. Dann Cpl John G. Davis Cpl Cosmo J. D'Erediia Cpl Eugene Gallo Cpl Roberi E. Karns 9th INF. DIV. BAND 9th INF. DIV. BAND Cpl Lawrence J. Mandigo Cpl Charles H. McEwen Cpl Charles O'Brien Cpl Donald Sacha Cpl Francis Sharon Cpl George T. Sousa Cpl George A. Whissen Pfc Roberf E. Burns Pfc Alfred W. Eisenbrown Pfc Emanuel Grilli Pfc Piefro Mauro, Jr. Plc Ralph E. Menear Plc Kenne+h Rounclwincl Pfc James V. Sfuarl' Pvf George E. Beversl Pvl Kennefh R. Caslanlen Pvf Warren H. Leining Pvf Alberf Nicosia Pvl Rudolph Danesl ,O X .up-M V. ag F971 l a 9th I FA TRY DIXISIU ARTILLERY L+ Col Farris N. Lafimer Col George S. Beurlcef L+ Col George B. Shanor Commanding Adiulani S-2 S-3 6 F , , 1 41 if Q 'l lv Isl' Ll' Mai Capl' Isl' L+ Isl L+ CWO Sidney W. Achee Paul C. Traver David L. Anclre Wm. C. Dobson, Jr. DeWiH N. Coons Vicfor A. Ellis S-4 Chaplain 1 Q. I -C Capf Isf L+ Capl Monroe S. Hall Joel E. Johnson Werner R. Saar Capf Capi' Lawrence Funderlourg Roberf LocIrhar'I, Jr. LEADER'S COURSE SPECIALIST COURSE Mai Cap'r IsI' LI Mai 15+ Lf Clyde T. SuI'Ion James H. Goodsell Donald D. Arnold, Jr. Omer O. Wilder Charles Monfgomery , INSTRUCTORS INSTRUCTORS Is'I LI' IsI' L+ IsI' L'I' Is'I LI' CapI' Is? LI Edward R. Averill Thomas Coughlin Ber'I' A. David Rober+ Gardenier Samuel H. Warren William C. Corey Is+ LI Is+ LI ISI' LI Is'I' LI Isf LI' IsI' LI' Charles V. Iclces C. M. Osborne, Jr. Julian R. Sheehy Pe'Ier P. Sosnowslri Jaclc M. George Beniamin Gerow IsI LI Is+ L+ Is'I LI' R. F. WrighI', Jr. Erik B. Grunlce John P. Mooney s...2x:eIa..:sfz.a,ewagM..:m....,..,..-..a .......... 'w...s.g.f,v . l .L . 9TH INFANTRY DIVISION ARTILLERY During World War II The NinTh Division ArTiIIery was composed oT The 26Th Field ArTiIIery BaTTaIion IIO5 I-IowiTzerI, The 6OTh Field ArTiIIery BaTTaIion IIO5 I-IowiTzerl, The 84Th Field ArTiIIery BaTTaIion IIO5 I-IowiTzerl, and The 34Th Field ArTiIIery BaTTaIion II55 I-IowiTzerI. These ArTiIIery uniTs supporTed The ground Troops oT The 9Th InTanTry Division Through eighT maior campaigns, someTimes TighTing as InTanTry and always in The ThicIcesT oT The baTTIe. Division ArTiIIery uniTs won many ciTaTions and in- dividuals oT The Division ArTiIIery uniTs won honors, Too numerous To record in This shorT space. Upon The conclusion oT World War II The NinTh InTanTry Division was Tinally deacTivaTed in January oT I947 and The uniTs composing iTs ArTiIIery were phased ouT. The NinTh InTanTry Division was reacTivaTed on July I5, I947 aT ForT Dix, New Jersey and 9Th Di- vision ArTiIIery was reacTivaTed by General Order No. I43, I-IeadguarTers FirsT Army, daTed I2 July I'-748, and General Order No. 20, I-IeadquarTers 9Th InTanTry Division, daTed I9 July I948. Division ArTiIIery was esTabIished wiTh sTrengTh indicaTed by General Order No. 8, I-IeadquarTers 9Th InTanTry Division, daTed I June I949 wiTh eTTecTive daTe 3 June I949. Unlilce iTs warTime mission The NinTh Division ArTiIIery was given The mission previously assigned The 47Th InTanTry RegimenT, namely The operaTion oT speciaIisT schools To provide Trained leaders in moTor vehicle mechanics, clerk-TypisTs and supply clerks Tor The Army. AT presenT The mission oT 9Th Division ArTiIIery is To conducl' Leaders' Course, Advanced Non- Commissioned OTFicers Course, The Training OT Bandsmen, and To conducT Three SpeciaIisT Courses which are The TypewriTing and Army AdminisTraTion Course IIO-E-9I, The AuTomoTive IvIainTenance and Minor Repair Course I55-E-II, and The Army Supply Course IIO-E-I3I. To carry ouT iTs mission NinTh Division ArTiIIery is organized as Tollows: 9TI-I INFANTRY DIVISION ARTILLERY I-Iq Xa Hg BTry, 9Th Div ArTy I-Iq BTry, 26Th FA Bn A BTry, 26Th FA Bn B BTry, 26Th FA Bn Sv BTry, 26Th FA Bn 9Th Division Band I"IeadquarTers and I-IeadquarTers BaTTery, 9Th Division ArTiIIery has The mission oT furnishing ad- minisTraTion and insTrucTor personnel for The Courses. This uniT is also charged wiTh The operaTion oT The Three Division ArTiIIery Ivlesses. T-IeadquarTers BaTTery, 26Th Field ArTiIIery BaT- Talion has The mission oT furnishing adminisTraTion and housing Tor all sTudenTs aTTending Leaders' Course and The Advanced Non-Commissioned OT- Ticers School. BaTTery A, 26Th Field ArTiIIery BaTTaIion has The mission oT Turnishing adminisTraTion and housing Tor all sTudenTs aTTending The TypewriTing and Adminis- TraTion Course IIO-E-9I. BaTTery B, 26Th Field ArTiIIery BaTTaIion has The mission oT Turnishing adminisTraTion and housing Tor sTudenTs aTTending The AuTomoTive lvIainTenance and Minor Repair Course I55-E-II. Service BaTTery, 26Th Field ArTiIIery BaTTaIion has The mission oT providing housing and Turnishing adminisTraTion Tor sTudenTs aTTending The Army Supply Course IIO-E-I3l. The 9Th Division Band has The mission of Turnish- ing insTrucTors, adminisTraTion and housing Tor sTu- denTs and overhead personnel oT The Band Training UniT. HEADQUARTERS BATTERY Ca pT RoberT C. MarseTT IsT LT IsT LT John J. Bernofas Gerald H. FrosT MfSgl' Maurice L. Bernholz MfSg'l Ernesl D. Burl' MfSg+ William H. Campbell MfSgI Richard J. Donovan MfSgl Edward F. Dye MfSgl John W. Harner MfSgi Gordon B. Hux MfSg+ Charles F. Leonard Mfsgl Arlhur A. Male MfSg1 Ezra L. Prilchard MfSgl' Oiva E. Pullinen MfSg'l' John W. Shirlc MfSgl' John T. Simpson MfSgl Ernesl C. Snyder MfSg1' Thorlojorn M. Vinge SFC Quinlon D. Anderson SFC John A. Bender SFC Henry Campeau SFC Isaac J. Davis SFC Vernon T. Diggins SFC Roderick P. Diggs Hllll. BATTERY 9th DIVISION ARTILLERY SFC Donald C. Finch SFC Norman Fowler SFC Henry J. Frey, Jr. SFC Edward H. Galpern SFC George E. Hamill SFC Slephen E. Koi SFC Frederick F. Lane SFS Michael Malcarun SFC Nicholas Marlini SFC Thomas McDonough SFC John W. Nash SFC James J. O'Brien SFC Jerry Pavelec SFC William D. Pi'H's SFC Ernesl' L. Powell SFC Marshall J. Sanly SFC James D. Taylor SFC Adolphe C. Tremblay Sgr William M. Barle+ Sgf Frazier Barnes Sg+ Adrian L. Bilodeau Sgr Roberi' L. Carler Sgl' Raymond Charelle Sgl' Huberl' Davis Sgl' Alvin E. Fiollcowslri Sgl Louis Gallic Sgl Clemeni Gamache Sgi Adolph Garbs Hllll. BATTERY 9th IJIVISIUN ARTILLERY Sgl' George H. Hamill, Jr. Sgl William F. Hayes Sgl' Clovis Kendall Sgl' James J. Lizon Sgl' Raymond Lo'H, Jr. Sgl' George H. Lyler Sgl' Richard Y. MacQuade Sgl William A. McDevi'H', Jr. Sgl Charles L. McGowan Sgl' Joseph F. Mezanlco Sgl' Francis J. Molcri Sgl Byron L. Pearson Sg-l' Emme'H Phelps Sgl Rober-l S. Phillips Sgl' Bellrano Piersanfi Sgl' James Pierson Sgl Francois L. Quere Sgf Roberl Schull! Sgi Ralph H. Seher Sgl' Kennelh Senfl' Sg+ Alberl' F. Unglaub Sgr John Williams Sg+ Kenneih O. Williams Sgr Rolaerl' Wollesen Sgl Marvin R. Young Sgr Joe Zalc Sgr Chesier Zaremba Sql' Ervin M. Zemla Cpl Boyd R. Abshire Cpl Norman E. Allaerison Cpl Carl W. Allen Cpl Rene S+ Aman? Cpl Charles W. Bernalovilz Cpl Harold R. Brosseau Cpl Jim Brumloaclc Cpl George Cable Cpl Richard L. CaprIoHi Cpl Sheldon E. Carmichael Cpl Alvin H. Clemons Cpl Charles Cline Cpl Alexander B. Cushnie Cpl Richard Dale Cpl Charles Dudley Cpl Eugene Evano'FF Cpl John J. FosIer Cpl Roberr E. Furlong Cpl William Gallagher Cpl RoI:er+ A. Garcia Cpl Joseph Gaslrin Cpl Thomas E. Gavin Cpl Emilio Gonzalez, Jr. Cpl S'IanIey GriIifi'I'h Cpl Ralph H. Harris Cpl Donald E. Hedglin Cpl Herberf Hickey Cpl David S. Hurd Cpl Richard J. Jenneffe Cpl Raymond JeH Cpl James M. Johnson Cpl Andrew Kelrel Cpl Alfred Kiddy Cpl Clarence J. Laushell Cpl Francis J. Lewis Cpl James A. Monigold Cpl Charles H. Monroe Cpl John J. Mosca-Io Cpl William J. Peifer Cpl Marfin J. Piacenfine Cpl Glen H. Raynor Cpl Thomas V. Reddy HIIII. BATTERY 9th DIVISION ARTIIIERY Cpl Donald Reiiz Cpl Evere'H Rioux Cpl Alfred H. Roberfs Cpl Daniel Salinas Cpl Donald Schandelmeier Cpl Elmer Shaffer Cpl Gilberf H. Shaver .iii Nw. , 31 ip! .r . - is-.I Cpl Charles L. Sherron Cpl Irving G. Smirh Cpl Roberf J. Spivey Cpl Rober+ W. Sfarkey Cpl Joseph R. Sfone Cpl Donald C. Thompson Cpl. Vincen1'Treio Cpl Ernesf C. Twisi Cpl David l. Walsh Cpl William P. Welsch Cpl Reber? W. Whife Cpl James G. Wilson Pfc Venizelo Aieles Pfc Roberr Band Pfc Roberl' E. Basseif Pfc Andrew Bem Pc Arnold Bernsiein Pfc Frederick R. Blake Pfc Louis Bornemisza Pfc Jack Bowers Pfc Johnny Bryanl 9th DIVISIUN HHH. BATTERY ARTILLERY Pfc John Campbell Pfc Roberf Carmichael Pfc Silvio W. Colo Pfc Luciano Cordaro Plc Eugene Daigle Pfc Michael Dubranski Pfc George L. Dusi Pfc John S. Edwards Plc Frank A. Encauskas Pic Dominick Ferrara Plc Evan Fink Plc James Fiizpairick Pfc Roberl Foose Pfc Charles Griffin Pfc Ernie W. Harrung Pfc Edmond H. Hawkins P'Fc Leo Herin Pfc Wallace W. Holmes Pfc Fernando Hornedo Pfc Paul E. Hunley Pic John M. Kelly Pfc Vernon M. Kompe Pic Ted Landau Pfc Waller J. Lesfer Pic John E. Maihieu Pic William J. Meenan Pic John A. Mullen Pic Anlhony Nassar Pfc Waller L. Newman Pic Dan. J. O'Connell Pfc Laurence W. Pardun Pic John M. Pichurlco Pfc William G. Picon Pfc James L. PuclreH Pfc Ples Reed, Jr. Pfc Arfhur E. Rivers Pfc George Sandore Pfc Eugene H. Smifhers Pfc Louis De S1-efano Pfc Joe L. Swango Pic Andrew R. Thompson Pic James W. Tuclcer HUG. BATTERY 9th INFANTRY ARTILLERY Pfc Donald P. Van Winlrle Pfc James E. Walker Plc Harold F. Warsinslrey Pfc Charles L. Whirley Pfc Walfer H. Wise, Jr. Pvf Joe W. Balboni Pvi William F. Barker Pv+ Emerson R. Biclcford Pvf Lewis E. Coverly Pvi Henry Fernandez Pvf William L. Goff Pvf John W. Grancey Pv+ Galen W. Haupf Pvl Michael P. Hollomon Pvf Sfanley R. Houck Pvl' Wayne M. Jenlrins Pvi' Lannis J. Mayeux Pv+ James T. McAlarney Pvf Michael J. McCar'lhy Pvi Raymond G. McClees+er Pvf Edwin McCu'rcheon PVI' Jack R. McGinnis Pvi Clarence E. Miller Pv+ Eugene J. Munger Pvf Raymond Newell PVI Harold O'DeII Pvf Raymond W. Pease Pvi Reber? F. Pedro PvIAnII1ony J. Polifroni PVI' Francis C. PraI"I' PvI Cliffon R. Sargenf Pvl' Lenfred I.. Savey Pv+ Armando ScaccI'1eHI Pvl' William E. SI1umway Pvf Jaclc R. Smifh PvI Raymond W. Welch PvI Ar-Ihur Zisa HDU. BATTERY 9th DIVISION ARTIIIERY YYY NlfSg+ Fred A. Sims Mfsgl' Clinfon H. Talmadge SFC Berfrand Galarneau Sg+ George T. BarreH' Sgr Louis H. Fox Sgf Warren H. Frede+'re Sql' William A. Valeniine Cpl Roberi' J. Clarlr Cpl Donald J. Conlrlin Cpl Thomas R. Paige Cpl John J. McGrai'h Pfc William C. McCausland Pfc John A. Kane Pvi' James W. Campbell Mfsgl John Lasltwilz Sgf David H. Acox Sg+ John M. Emmel Sgr Waller S. Sammis Cpl John R. Davis Cpl John H. Greinwalcl Cpl Harold Knighls Cpl Clarlre A. Wilson Pfc Richard HeHinger Pvl Ben Fuller 26th FIELD RTILLERY BATTALIO HEADQUARTERS BATTERY Capl' Isl L+ Isl Li' Marshall W. Slarlr Will H. Gordon, Jr. Roland A. Marmen A BATTERY Capl 2nd L+ Bedell A. Tippins, Jr. Harold G. Keelaaugh TTERY Cap? Isl Ll' Chesier C Myers Don R. Caslle Sv BATTERY Capi Isl' L+ 2nd L+ William J Sgrlllo Hans Byers Waller H. Jewell MfSg+ Daniel Mysel Sgf Frank Banach Sgi James E. DeWeese Cpl William S. Duschalc Cpl Samuel Ring Cpl Ralph E. Roberison Pfc Reginald Saucier Pfc Thomas S. Dix Pfc Jack L. Roberfs Pvl' Thomas Downs Pvl Howard Evans Pvf Andrew T. Kerr Pvi James E. Mclviahan Mfsgf Waller H. S+iIIe SFC John A. VanPel+ Sgi' Olin L. Hawkins Sgl William C. Lauder Cpl Edward Davis Cpl Marvin L. Hulson. Pfc Raymond Baylis Plc Arlhur Durham, Pvi' John L. Beclier Pvi Berfon Bergey Pvi' John Burns THE 39th WORKING . . 39th INFANTRY REGIIVIENT Histor In compiling and wriTing a brieT hisTory oT a uniT which has such a glorious and disTinguished pasT as The 39Th InTanTry RegimenT, iT is diTTiculT To IimiT iT To a cerTain seT IengTh. The vicTories and accompIishmenTs oT The men oT The 39Th could Till volume upon volume. IT musT be IimiTed To a brieT accounT which will acquainT one in some small measure wiTh Those men, some oT whom are now marching in Valhalla. A man who was once a member oT This TighTing uniT is always a member because wherever he may be, his spiriT sTiII ac- companies his comrades in arms. The 39Th InTanTry RegimenT's hisTory begins wiTh The hisTory oT World War I, being acTivaTed aT The STaTe Fair Grounds, Syracuse, N. Y. on I June I9I7 wiTh personnel oT The 3OTh InTanTry RegimenT as a nucleus. The regimenT was assigned To The 4Th Division aT Camp Greene, N. C. in GcTober and deparTed Trom There 8-IO May l9I8 Tor Europe. The 39Th InTanTry RegimenT received iTs bapTism in iTs TirsT maior campaign, The Aisne-Marne where They were ciTed by The French To receive The Croix de Guerre. AcTion in The ST. Mihiel SaIienT and Meuse-Argonne oTTensive was Tollowed by occupaTion duTies as guard, miliTary police and escorT Troops unTiI 30 July I9I9. On 2I SepTember I92I The regimenT was deacTivaTed. The 39Th InTanTry RegimenT was reacTivaTed as parT oT The 9Th InTanTry Division on I AugusT I94O wiTh personnel Trom The 5Th Division and sTaTioned aT ForT Bragg, N. C. In SepTember I942 The regimenT sailed Trom New York, reaching BeITasT, Ireland in OcTober. Amphibious operaTions aT Inverary, ScoTIand followed unTiI They sailed Tor NorTh ATrica on 25 OcTober I942. The landings oT eIemenTs oT The 39Th InTanTry RegimenT caughT The Axis by surprise. Nazi Troops poured souThward Trom Europe To hold The IvlediTerranean coasTs oT ATrica wiTh The LuTTwaTTe covering The movemenT Trom The inTerior bases in Sicily and Sardinia. Fierce Tighring resuITed in The Allied posiTion in cenTraI Tunisia becoming very insecure. The 39Th wiTh -uniTs oT The 34Th InTanTry Division and 9Th Division ArTiIIery sped To The TronT Trom Oran creaTing a concenTraTion oT power suTTicienT To sTop Rommel shorT of Thala and drive him back Through The Tamed Kasserine Pass. LaTer, on l March I943, The 39Th lnTanTry RegimenT helped To recapTure GaTsa and El GueTar in a drive which resulTed in The capTure oT BizerTe on 8 May l943 by The ll Corps. oT which The 39Th was a parT. The Middle EasT was aT lasT saTe and ATrica had been liberaTed Trom The Axis. ' On The l4Th oT July, aTTer a much needed resT The 39Th lnTanTry Regimeni' leTT BizerTe-bound Tor The LicaTa-Gela beachhead in Sicily. CombaT was noT long delayed. From I7-24 July The regimenT was aTTached To The 82nd Airborne Division. TogeTher They pushed Trom LicaTa To Marsala- sparking The oTTensive which cuT oTT The enemy in The wesT, beaTing a sTeady paTh Torward-Through AgrigenTo, Ribera. lvlenTi, CasTelveTrano, lvlazaro and Marsala. The 39Th con- Tinued To move, execuTing a brillianT aTTack againsT Cerami, iusT wesT oT Nicosia, on 29Th oT July. lT was around This Time ThaT The almosT legendary Colonel I-l. A. "Paddy" FlinT Took command oT The 39Th, leading Them in a drive on Randazzo wiTh success. Messina Tell To The 9Th Division on The l7Th oT AugusT which broughT vicTory in Sicily. On The l ITh oT November, The Division was aT sea head- ing Tor England. ATTer The men oT The 39Th landed aT Swan- sea, They moved To Camp BarTon STacey where seven monThs were spenT in This area Training Tor The invasion oT Europe. By The l ITh oT June The 39Th lnTanTry was almosT compleTely ashore, ready Tor combaT. The 39Th was aTTached To The 4Th Division To assisT in desTroying a line oT TorTs Trom TareT de Ravenoville To Quineville. LiTTle Time was wasTed by "Paddy" FlinT and his 39Th lnTanTry RegimenT. On The l2Th oT June The regimenT launched a powerTul aTTack, The TirsT acTion oT a NinTh Division uniT on The ConTinenT oT Europe. ATTer The successTul capTure oT Quineville, The 39Th reioined The 9Th Division. wiTh The aTTack conTinuing To The wesT, reaching The ATlanTic coasT on I8 June. On The 4Th oT July The regi- menT moved souThward Toward CareTan. The hugh oTTensive was To sTarT To The souTh and easT. This journey To combaT heralded The NinTh Division's enTry inTo The well remembered "Ba++Ie oT The l-ledgerows" Trom I-25 July. The 39Th had parTicipaTed in The capTure oT Quineville, ST. Lo, The CoTenTin Peninsula and Cherbourg. Now began The baTTles aT The Falaise Gap, The race across France, The Ardennes, The campaigns OT NorThern France, The Rhineland and CenTral Europe. The enemy was pushed souTh, and aTTer a Tremendous aerial bombardmenT, The 39Th pushed Through The gap in The German lines, and wiTh The Third Army poured inTo BriTTany Peninsula. Q In SepTember and OcTOber The regimenT pushed on Through The SiegTried Line in The viciniTy OT RoeTgen. Ger- many, To The l'luerTgen ForesT, where The easTern edge OT The TOresT was cleared and The NorTh-SOuTh road Trom The Duren CUT. The close OT I944 saw The 39Th in The area sOuTh OT Duren, and The German break Through, known as "The BaTTle OT The Bulge," in Belgium deTeaTed. IT was on The high ground OT KalTerherberg ThaT TfSgT PeTer J. Dalessondro, who was one OT The many ouTsTanding and courageous men OT The 39Th InTanTry RegimenT, dis- played "ExTraordinary I-IerOism" in leading his pIaToon in The deTense OT an impOrTanT road iuncTion on The high ground which bounds The ciTy. SgT Dalessondro saved his company Trom a disasTrous deTeaT, buT was capTured in The eTTorT. I-Ie received The Congressional Medal OT Honor Trom Presi- denT Truman aTTer his release aT The end OT The war. In The monThs leTT OT The war in Europe, The 39Th moved Torward Thru wesTern Germany To Dessau and made cOnTacT wiTh The Russians in ThaT area aT The conclusion OT The war on 9 May I945. From May To OcTober I945 The 39Th was sTaTiOned aT Aichach, Germany, where The regimenT served as occupaTiOn Torces. From ThaT Time unTil June I946 The 39Th was sTaTioned aT Rosenheim, Germany and Then Bad Tolz where iT was deacTivaTed on 30 November I946. The 39Th InTanTry RegimenT was reacTivaTed Tor The second Time as a uniT OT The 9Th InTanTry Division, a newly Tormed Training division, on I5 July I947 aT ForT Dix, New Jersey. The 39Th, wiTh Col. Nelson I. Foolcs, InTanTry, as iTs presenT commanding oTTicer, has served since This Time as an imporTanT linlc in building a peaceTime army by providing new enlisTees wiTh The necessary ToundaTion Tor miliTary IiTe-basic Training. CAMPAIGNS CAMPAIGNS-WORLD WAR I. Aisne-Marne 2. Meuse-Argonne 3. Meuse River 4. Arclennes 5. Lorraine . ST. Mihigl f Q. 7. Champagne CAMPAIGNS-WORLD WAR II I., Algeria-French Morocco 2.. Tunisia-Sicily 3. Normandy 4. NorThern France 5. Ardennes-Alsace 6. Rhinelancl 7. CenTraI Europe if zv, K .12 ::-' : :.,.: 1 A in .A.,..:,,, .AA, 6 m if 77 " P' Z 'P 3 . , ... ai -.-. , ,J ,-:I1h,:,:.w .3-fl, .,., M . . " 'X H , qw mm. N . "fi E- ,. , ff ff: - I A I ,,.. ,. 512' 252222."'ff,.:,'5,f'k'Ej.,,., " "" 55:-: ' 1425552151 fff ":.,.5 wwlgaw iwiw z 44 ,nm 1 W 51513: ': P :f22,.Q - sv sei.. .. . r sf..,.x ::,. 1 .1-sm.:-:,,. ..::s:Q-V, -....,:a:..,,::,gs,:g',2?f1 32' " 219546 .X :-::- 55, ,. 14 ws, , ' Y az,-. -2 V ,Zia 'gififzf' , A , .. vi, ,A x, ..1 ' 7 ff 39:4 5 Q5 in ,W A, QW jf f M sa . M y , .: E, Y xg.-5: -lvv ,I ' 7 W' X ..,.. . 4 5. . ,I , 1 - .... . ,. Y QQ ----Q ' gmmmm Wffiffggwh 5 Q. 1 g M X4 if 5 is , ff, ..... M'-42: f 4 ,M ,--:' Cas :,..., ' 12 K 4 ,.,.:.:, W wwe 4 .,,. LL is Z Y 5 pf ' if X if A HEADQ ARTERS 39thI FA TRY REGIIVIE T COL NELSON I. FOOKS MAJ WILLIAM A. DUBINSKI MAJ L. S. JOBE Isl L+ J. M. Balmer Cap? Horsl' K. Joosf Cap'I William B. Ross Capf Richard W. Secor Capl James J. Sergio Capl' Paul R. Sliclcel Isl L+ Paul W. Auslin Isl L+ Frazier M. Conway Isl LI' Jol1n A. Frederick Isl' L+ Thomas A. Grey Isl' L+ James C. Skinner 2nd L+ Rolaeri M. Griswold pm HE DQU RTERS CUIVIPANY 39th I F. REGT. lsi' L+ Ca pf Herlierf W. Hayes Chesier A. Rogaski MfSgi' MfSg'l' Danfe Graniio Franlc J. Wendson Sg'f Fred R. Ashley SFC Ernie WaHs MfSg+ Maurice Michael SFC Paul E. Mullen SFC Andrew B. Jones MfSg+ Francis R. Haclceii' SFC Wilberl N. Auden SFC Vincenl P. Coslello SFC Thomas R. Choal SFC Manson Eslep SFC Vernon L. Kennelly SFC Edwin Mayfield SFC Anlhony J. Manos SFC Burlon W. Slevens Sgl Francis A. Bellosino Sgl Roberl W. Brill Sgl Ralph S. Barney Sgl Charles R. Duffy Sgl Harold M. Denmark Sgl Alvin Donophan Sgl Kurl W. Fuss Sgl Ralph Flilre Sgl James J. Foley Sgl Carl W. Foul Sgl Paul J. Gallagher Sgl Vincenl J. Gearhardl Sgl Allred Hopper Sgl Harvey L. Johnson Sgl Alberl W. Johnson Sgl Kennelh L. Lacey Sgl Harvey E. Lawrence Sgl Roberl J. Leighlon Sgl Joseph S. Marlin Sgl William F. McCoy Sgl Ellis G. Mason Sgl Lawrence G. Menard Sgl Alexander J. Maluszalc Sgl Charles R. McMahon Sgl Leonard F. Maliclc Sgl William J. McCarlhy Sgl Harold K. Nelson Sgl Adelarcl H. Pellelier Sgl Harold Paxlon Sgl Raymond L. Polahl Q, 5, ,vw 'W' .1 , ., U l gf .5 .. ...,,. , ,E Q 1 -wr 'Y f ew . Q 4 Q-. ,. , we my ..., 'H I W Y " so as w if . ,...., . ,. .. .,,, 1 J "" I an ":':1E2E" - SEIEIEIEIE 'iv 'Q M We S J X -5 ..--' a .ffm Sgi Edwin W. Page Sgi Edward J. Rose Sgi Guielermo O. Randes Sgi' John F. Rymer Sgi Oscar A. Swanson Sgf George A. Smifh Sgl' Clarence E. Shepard Sgi' Joseph A. Shinsec Sgf Gusiave Weinschenlcer Sgf Chesier Wirlcowski Sgf Mar+in H. Wunch Cpl Roberi R. Alderese Cpl Sanio C. Alba Cpl Harold L. Alabasier HEADUUARTERS IIUMPANY 39th INF. REGT. Cpl Alberi Amburgey Cpl Joseph M. Arsenaulf Cpl Irenee J. Barsalou Cpl David W. Boley Cpl John S. Bryan? Cpl Fred T. Brown Cpl Edward H. Bassing+hwaHe Cpl George W. Barnard, Jr. Cpl Alva I. Barnes Cpl Waller J. Begley, Jr. Cpl Clarence A. Cooper, Jr. Cpl Pairiclt R. Cuihberison Cpl Roberf Collins Cpl Roberi R. Chadwick Cpl David D, Cairns Cpl Alberl' B. Dunlap Cpl H. L. Eason, Jr. Cpl Elban D. Graham Cpl Eugene C. Hoff Cpl Waller Jaroslry Cpl Jaclr L. Kimbrell Cpl Alberl Kuhn Cpl Alvin L. Kirlcendoll Cpl Ray L. Lo'H' Cpl Frank J. Magolis Cpl Wiley R. Merriman Cpl Thomas Napier Cpl Roberl J. Nichols HEADQUARTERS GUMPANY 39th INF. REGT. Cpl Thomas J. Quinn Cpl George E. Raymond Cpl Harold E. Reig Cpl Ralph E. Robinson Cpl Nelson K. Rice Cpl Richard F. Spencer Cpl John F. Toland Cpl Ludwig Wegemann Cpl Joseph A. Wanlxo Pfc John H. Beckman Pfc Louis A. Chianese Pfc Alberf L. Cosfa Pic Joseph R. Cruz Pfc William V. Davis Pfc Earl L. Davis Pfc Theodore A. Durocher Pfc Edgar L. Farrar Pfc Donald K. Groling Q if .z Q v 4 Y ,I 5 , M W' .M ,fl My if MW ' ..,., , A , ,, z K T ' if , is i x ii Q 'M ,:,: : :a:s2 ::: :1:':, J:f: 2 .-'-'- ' - I v .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,2.,.. 'K f S 5553! I i Zi? z - Q N Q. 'F' -,.. .-ef., we ' ww sv -::: ny. ,,:I . " . ff... A f 2 3 4,1 if ,T Y 5. s 'S ', Him- mx rf. 9 6 , if ...Mf is A H. sf J' .,-W if O .W W QM Q "L ' Plc Vincenl V. Hinoiosa Plc Cecil Hurd Plc Russell F. Herring Plc Guy M. Jacoby Plc Boyd H. Johnson Plc Elia Lulaomiralri Pfc Carl Lowy Plc Francis J. McGovern Pfc Carl G. Marlin Pic Carel Pills Plc Wesley N. Parielow Pic Charles A. Rubles Pfc Tex H. Simms Pfc Peier S. Sofia Pic Michael Slanlco Plc Harold D. Thompson Plc Eugene P. Valdanbrini P'Fc Norman R. Veronesi Pfc Pasquale V. Vendiili Pic Francis L. J. Vincenf Plc Bruce W. Wal+on Plc l iarry W. Wise Pvf John F. Anlhony Pvf Edward J. Collins Pvi' Rudolph Falcon Pvi Herberi J. Garfhwaii Pvl Casimir T. Jasienslri Pvf Richard Lule Pvf Alfred J. Milalt Pvf William McDougall Pvl Frederick Neiderberger Pvf Carl'ron L. Sfarlc Pvl Francis A. Shevlin Pvi William J. Thomas Pvl Roberl J. Tefreaulf Pvl Francis R. Tumey Pvi Darwin E. Van Slylce Pvi Edward B. Zekus HE ADQUARTERS lst B TTALIO 39th INFANTRY REGIIVIE T Mai Cap? Isl' L+ ls? L+ Isl' L+ Omar T. 'Hiichner William H. Horan Lloyd R. Cain A. T. 'Ellswcrfh William G Rolaerfs MfSgl' Michael A. Magyar SFC Sgi' Cpl Cpl Paul J. Lefscher Joseph G. Dees Frank D. Harmulh Geo. R. Schaefer V CGIVIPANY A 39th INFANTRY REC-IME T Ca pl' Joseph C. M uzylca MfSgl' Roberi A. Murphy MfSg+ Joseph L. Brooks MfSg'r Slephen Felber MfSgi Harry D. Roberls SFC Peler Jacobs Sgl' James J. Dwyer Sgl Pasquale Famularo Sgl' George H. Flin? Sgi Boyce Benne++ Sgl' Merle L. Dueman Sgf Michael Harley Sgl' Henry J. Murphy Pfc Gabriel C. Polifch Plc Roberf C. Thomas Cpl Wood D. Beeghly Cpl Charles W. Ezzell Cpl CliHon W. Hasfings Cpl Waller J. Lacey Cpl Donald J. Roberrs Cpl Roberl C. Schreiber Cpl Anfonio Zarba Plc Roger A. Douplaise Plc Gabriel C. Polirch Pvf Harold N. Anderson Pvf William H. Bowers Pvf Leo E. Brady Pvf Roberf G. Benoif Pvi Levi F. Dam Pvf H. Ralph Fienman Pvf Roy H. Gregersen Pvf John W. Hinlzle Pvf John H. Harbsf Pvi' Roberf W. Hamilfon Pvi Busier Heafh Pvf William A. Johnson CUMPANY A 39th INF. REGT. Pvi Murfagh J. McCrudden Pvi Francis E. Spain Rc? Donald S. Avery Ref David Ashley Rci David H. Bucllholh Rc? Ronald C. Brush Rc? Alfred W. Brousseau Ref Ralph J. Brolherfon Rcf Jaclc Y. Braun Rcl Gerald H. Bower Rc? Kenyon T. Bounds Rc? Cyril Bidwell Rci John C. Benoif Rcf Richard BenneH' if . l- ... ln Z 4 "-" -mfiziaizi M W V f-,. X' W ik f Ax af. I , K. sw ' U "" -AAAA r . ...AZ 5 . :-: ",- :::- :,., ' g . 4 ' A "f1f15'5f5:5:5:5:5 21:f ' :':'1' , A 2' A K K 1 H :::- , .v UW ...: E : as A ., -4 :En X up A J H W ,. :-Q . V ' :ZGA ' Q --':" 'V ':' ii A':' E . ' . ."A' ' ' 5 1-- :111 K Q' A' lfl .1::,2 izz ' . :.:.:., . A:" AA" 1 " Q ah gp. gsww O - ,wa fra'-'riff ., NT 1, .-. l . A,.,A I ,. Him W IJ w.. K. . Ka T U , 'I W, frm- "T fe ,f l Rd Melvin W. Belden Rd Romuald E. Benjamin Rd Theodore R. Beeson Rd Harold C. Bafeman, Jr. Rd Edward J. Benoi+ Rd Francis R. Bar'lleH Rd Donald S. Bush Rd Gerald M. Carey Rd Richard P. Canale Rd Nafhaniel W. Chase Rd Edson B. Chase Rd Roberi J. Caffery Rd James E. Clarlr Rd John B. Clish Rd Charles W. Corbin Rd John P. Coslello Rd Joseph W. Cummings Rd Charles M. Cusicl: Rd Rocco T. Criazzo Rd William R. Cooper Rd John F. Carroll Rd Richard P. Carsio Rd Fredericl: D. Chepple Rd Clarence Corby, Jr. Rd Charles A. Dominico Rd Charles R. Daigle Rd John E. DeTraf'ford Rd Raymond Devens Rd Ronald R. Decker, Jr. Rd Jacll F. Davis, Jr. Rd Donald H. Davis Rd Donald F. Davis Rd Thomas Dickson Ref Alfred J. DiNicoIa, Jr Rcl' Daniel F. Doherfy Rcf John N. Durilsky Rcl' Vincenl' E. Dolan Rcl Paul J. Emmons Rc? George B. Emmons Rci' Richard J. Elhier Rcl William D. Fales Rcf Joseph L. A. Favreau Rcl George J. Fisher Rcl James L. Fifzmaurice Rc+ Thomas L. Fix Rcl Keifh D. Fox Rcl Ronald E. Fisher Rcl Feier P. Flecchia Ref Edward R. Gardner Rcf Thomas J. Gavin, Jr. Ref Alfred A. Genlile Rcl Michael J. Giordano Rcl' William J. Glynn Ref Earl C. Griffin, Jr. Rcl Richard J. Groux Rcl' John M. Galanle Rc? Herberl S. Goldman Rc+ Michael J. Granalo Rcf Richard A. Gower Rc? Pafriclc K. Harring+on Rcl Paul R. Henry Rel Harold E. Howe Rcl Eugene E. Hudoclt Rcf William Hurley, Jr. Rc? Richard Hufchins Rcf Reber? J. Hyde L...-l W .wwf Q in--v i". V' . b Ng We Ti J A , 5 A ,Y 'R?,hf"' . - f ' V g .. 7 -. E Ea., -..' ,:,vv- Q lzugu Abll X W ' in ff 5. ,J vw' ,ff . . .,.g.g 1 ,:1. iii v . -M - we if! QB i -J ei H' 5. Tj. smwf lrr: 1 ..., ',." ' . .r llll1l1" Qu-vw. iiiiizz ig. ,.,,.,.. F . , -'-2'-' f . :':"' ' 1 ' Qi KV K 7 W.. IW U 4 , 1 lzii Srzzzrzrzrzr f , " . A .. s 4- - A J' ZAIA .,:Q5e 5 Rcf William H. Haclxeif Rcl Newell S. Hammond Rci' John W. Harper Rcl Joseph F. Hewilf Rcl Donald S. Jaclrson Rc? Viclor S. Jez Rc+ Juan D. Jouberl Rci Rcberi S. Jones Rd Harry L. Jung Rci Slanley E. JeweH' Rcf Harold D. Johnsion, Jr. Rc? Maynard L. Johnson Rc'r James A. Jones Rcl' Joseph F. Jordan COMPANY A 39th INF. REGT Rcf Sianley W. Kazmirski Rcl' William J. Kavanaugh Rc? Clyde J. Kissell Rcf Dwighi' J. Kinney Rc? John J. King Rci' Joseph C. Kepic Rcl' Louis J. Kayafa Rc! Herberf A. Lauriisen Rel' Nafale J. Lavoraio Rcl' Raymond T. Leveniclr Rcl Franlc J. Lofron Rc+ Henry Lavasseur Rc+ Emanuel Lalxe, Jr. Rc? Richard A. Lascelle Rc? Joseph G. P. LaPoin'le Rcl' Raymond E. Lane Rcf Louis P. LaFlair Rc? Franlc E. Marlin Rd Horace V. Maihews Roi' Michael MacWelch Rci' Normand Madore Rci Paul J. Michel Roi Raymond H. Mallison Rcf Roland M. McCane Rc+ Francis M. McKeon Rc? Donald L. McGuire Rd Roberf A. McLaughlin Rcf Duane D. Miller Rcf Gene R. Miller Rc+ Joseph G. Miller Rc! Donald J. Miniclci Rci' William E. Mosley, Jr. Rcf James E. Murray, Jr. Rc? Bruce R. Mansfield Rci Roberi A. NesbiH' Rcf Russell L. Nilsen Rcf Norman D. Noyes Rc? Joseph Narvaez Rcf Richard L. Newell Rcf Philip F. O'Connell Rci William A. OeHmeier Rcf James J. O'Loughlin IIUMPANY A 39th INF. REGT. Rci' Joseph E. Oliver Rc+ Russell J. Perry Rd Donald J. Pallay Rcf Seymour Posner Rc? Herberi W. Pope Rcf Roberi R. Philipson Rci' Joseph P. ParroH'a Rc? Lauren+ Paquin Rci Wilfred A. Pearce, Jr. Rc? Alexander Pefrovas Rc? Donald E. Robinson Rc? Emerson R. Robinson Rci Reginald A. Russell Rc? Alberf L. Risch A xi: ..,........ ' isa: 1: Q :-:-.., , 4 rm .A .Q 1 ! wwf 5 -' 4 ,M-. W as i V 1 M ': ..................., , Q 1 4 V 5 .1 Rcl' Leonard A. Ralsfon Rcl John W. Ralsion Rcl Pafriclc J. Regan Rcf James R. Repman Rcl Alfred C. Ries, Jr. Rcl Alberl E. Scarson Rc? Clifford C. Saniinaw Rc? Roberl' E. Sweeney Rci Joseph H. Slone Rcf LeRoy R. Shear Rci Joshua E. Sievens Rcl' Joseph W. Slawinsli, Jr Rc? Donn D. Simpliins Rcl' John J. Shesfalr CUMPANY A 39th INF. REG Rc? Gerald G. Shairaw Rcf S+even G. Szepessy, Jr. Rc? Roberi J. Taylor Rc'r Lesler H. Turner Rc+ Donald L. VanLeuven Rcl James L. A. Wosha Rc+Ar+l'1ur L. Waferhouse Rcl' Rcberl' J. Willcox Rcl' David F. Wallers Ref Francis T. Willcinson Rcl Mark R. Warley Rcl William H. Willow Rcl Slanley H. While Rcl Elmer J. Wilson Rcl Francis S. Yales Rci George V. Young Rcl Augusline J. Zogaria CUMPA Y B 39th l FA TRY REGIIVIE Capl lsl' L+ Isl' Ll' Is+ L+ Isl' L+ Alberf G. Kuclzia Granl Lasher Wilbur L. Caulhen Ellsworlh F. Vassar Raymond M. Gunn Mfsgff src src Tony P. Liplca Alberl' L. Hari' James E. Burlre Sg+ James O. Blackwell Sgl Richard T. Larzen Sgl William J. Suehowicz Sg'r Alex Parfylra Sgf Vic+or F. Zabelle Cpl Richard P. Brewsier Cpl Franlr Massalc Cpl Charles O'Donnell Pvf John Nieminslci SFC Fred Becker Sgl Warren J. Hill Cpl Francis L. J. Connell Pvf John Mosier Pvi Blaine R. Douglas Pvf Glenn A. Wrighf SFC Roman F. Dudell Cpl Joseph G. McCarfhy Pvf George Lima Cpl Sfeven J. Gruberman Cpl Morris B. Smifh Rc? Angelo Agnello Rc? Earl E. Alberfson Rcl Waller D. Bahr Rci' Charles H. Basfian Rcf Richard Beaney Rcf George F. Beasfon Rei William S. Begley, Jr. Rcl' Waller Bilylc Rci Leland E. Birdsey Rd Arfhur Blum, Jr. Rc? Roberi L. Blye Rc? Raymond A. Bouchard Rci Roberl N. Bowlen Rc? Durwood A. Boyle Rcf Joseph G. Breauli' Rc? Alfred J. Brownell Rcf Donald Burnside Rc? Joseph L. Calabrese Rcf Paul F. Candela Rci Philip J. Cangelosi, Jr. Rcf Ilario J. Carna Rc? Pafriclr J. Carney Rc? Francis P. Carier Rc? John Chambers Rc+ Joe A. Cohen Rcf Vonifacio Cosma, Jr. Rc? William F. Cole Rel James Couller Rel James Crespo Rcl Charles T. Crook Rcl William F. Cushing Rcl Ronald J. Daley Rcl Charles D. Daly Rel Harolcl E. Dallon Rel Lawrence Dambach Cpl Nehemiah C. David Rel Lewis S. Davis Rel Rolaerl W. Day Rel John M. Demidow Rel Harold Dennis Rel George F. Diedrielcs Rel Joseph Della Gioia Rel Roger V. Dolan Rel Basil Donalo Rel Adolph R. Donlrio Rel Donald E. Emerson Rel' Alan R. Elwell Rel Michael F. Fallon CUMPANY B 39th INF. REET Rel Raymond A. Farnsworlh Rel Palmer J. Febonio Rel John F. Ferzolo Rel James P. Flanagan Rel Michael J. Flannery Rel William A. Fleig Rel John F. Foley Rel John C. Forlcel Rel Roberl C. Freclericlcs Rel LeRoy W. Furry Rel Joseph J. Graham Rel Charles D. Grey Rel Richard A. Guesl Rel Alberl L. l-lamillon Rel Allred K. Hansen Rel George D. Herring Q-P' Q .fjgf ' X. if 1-"' Rcl Thomas E. Higgins Rcl Edward Hofmann Rel Donald A. Holl Rel Thomas A. Houlahan Rcl Jacque R. lnscoe Rc+ Ronald E. Irving Rcl Samuel N. Jacobelli Rcl Maurice J. Jaresl Rcl William F. Jaworslci Rcl Marlin W. Joslco Rc? Frank J. Kalselt Rcl' Henry M. Kawaler Rcl Roberf D. Kelley Rcl Frederick Kiefer Rcf Joseph M. King Rcl Chesfer H. Konslanly Rcl' Lawrence R. LaDulte Rcl James J. Landsman Rcl Alberl A. Langlois Rcl Roberl E. Leidig Rcl Bob Lovelcin COMPANY B 39th INF. REGT Rel Thomas MacDonald Rcl Bruce W. Maclver Rc+ William M. Rausch Rc+ Francis L. Manzer Rci William J. Marlin, Jr. Rc+ Forresl R. McDonald Rc+ Leslie P. McLaughlin Rc+ Joseph Mercurio Rcl Donald G. Merriclc Rcl Charles L. Meservier Rcl Richard H. Myers Rcl Howard R. Michels Rc+ Leon F. Mielcarslci Rcl Theron Miller Rcl Joseph Mino Rel William B. Misller Rd Kenneih E. Mix Rd Roberi' Mosier Rd William Nieves Rd Harry A. Noel Rd Eugene O'Hara Rd Roberl L. OH Rd Perry D. Owens Rd Gerald G. Pahl Rd Gaspare P. Palermo Rd Joseph Pariseau Rd Floyd G. Parker Rd Frederick J. Parker Rd Frank W. Parks Rd John W. Paul Rd Wayne Pecor Rd Clarence Pelkey Rd William F. Perkins Rd Sam F. Perrone Rd Kennelh Peiers Rd Charles J. Piscione Rd Mieczyslaw W. Pisz Rd Charles G. Polvani Rd Arfhur Powell, Jr. Rd Donald P. Powell Rd Charles Prell Rd Malcolm A. Priesi' Rd Henry C. Prussen Rd Somers H. Raiclifle Rd Alberi J. Reynolds, Jr Rd Edward R. Rivera Rd Beriram Robioy Rd Michael Roche Rd Mario Rodriguez Rd Rober1J. Roman Pvi Michael Roussos Rd Erhardi Rudolph Rd John Russell Rd Gerald Sahl uv'- vm Rcl Dominic Sanzo Rc? Joseph Saravo Rci John Roberf Savage Rcl William Seflcowslry Rcf Franl: Scalzo Rc? Kennefh Schanh Rc? Lawrence Schuler Rcf Charles E. Schlunlz Rcl Kenneih M. Shosl Rc? Dominick J. Sirignano Rc+ Charles J. Slaney Rcl' Michael J. Slallery Rcl Allred J. Smifh Rci Edmund B. Smifh Rci Harold E. Smifh CUMPANY B 39th INF. REGT Rc+ Warren C. Smiih Ref lvan J. Soper Rcf Harold S. Speclr Rcl Ralph W. Sfandbrook Rcl Thomas A. Sfanwycln Rci Peier T. S-lavros Rel Donald L. Slough Rcf Walfer J. Swavely Rcf Donald J. Tingley Rci Richard R. VanWarl' Rcf Eli Visnich Rcl Roberf B. WaH Rc? George Wealrland Rci Lawrence E. Websler Rc? John J. Whiizell Roi Donald F. Wilson Rcf Lawrence M. Yacovangelo Rcf Charles R. Yearsley Rci Bennie Young Rci Vinceni' Zagona Rc? James R. Ward COIVIPA Y C 39th l FA TRY REGIIVIEIXIT Capf :S+ L+ :S+ L+ :S+ L+ Roberl' Slenger Charles F. Owens Louis Roclrwerlc G. H, Weber Fi. L I s f f S gf MfSgf Edward J. Kearney SFC Donald Basiliere SFC Lulher E. Berlcey SFC Clyde C. Hilling SFC Sfanley M. Johnsen Sgi' Joseph Dooley Sg+ Joseph Doyle Sql Ralph H. Pufman Sql' Milfon R. Wells Cpl Charles Carlucci Cpl Arlhur De Carr Cpl Roberl E. Miller Pfc John H. Brooks Pfc Franlc Quallruccn Pfc Richard J. Rodia Plc John Clonan Wm. R. Gorby SFC Duane C. Langdon Sgf Roberf D. Crandall Pvf Hobarf J. Devers Pvf Mario J. Genovese Pvf Louis J. Harasimowicl Pvf William Hoffman Pvf Fred H. Miles Pvi Harold J. McAfee Pvi H. Jalmar Nelson Rd Louis N. Auger Rd Alfred W. Armsirong Rd Ar+l1ur Abravanel Rd Mario P. Alfonsi Rd Allen O. Alleman Rd Loren W. Ayer Rd Sfanley Anas+asiadas Rd Rober+ L. Burlrindine Rd John M. Blanfi Rd Charles E. Barr Rd James W. Brown Rd Kenne+l1 O. Blevins Rd William F. Baller Rd Bruce A. Belles Rd Daniel L. Brosf Rd Donald R. Brezner Rd Ralph J. Birckbichlal Rd Ronald H. Boivin Rd Wallace A. Bresdie Rd Jack Bowersox Rd Gilberi' W. Blaisdell Rd Guiseppe Berfino Rd Eugene M. Belaire Rd Leroy H. Coriis Rcf Edward E. Cheever Rcl' Norman C. Colfer Rci Cedric L. Chambers Roi Wilbur D. Clawson Roi' Waller E. Chamberlin Rcl' Thomas N. Cassera Roi Romeo J. Chapuf Rcl' Gordon R. Coolr Rci Donald J. Diclrhoff Rcf Raymond A. Dussaull Rel' Roberl' A. Deane Roi Alfon C. Dorrough Roi Guido DiPadua Rc? Donald H. Drislcell Rcf Fred D. DelPriore Rc? Roberl F. Dodds Rc? James V. Dominiclr, Jr. Rcl George R. Diehl Rcl' Richard W. DeLaurie Rei Harry Duleck, Jr. Rc? Ronald J. Dougheriy Rcf Richard A. Engelke Rei' Raymond W. Emond Rcf William O. Einsporn Rc? Charles A. Fowler Rc? Cecil A. Freeman Rc? Francis N. Frey Rel Richard M. Fries Rcl' Francis J. Flood Rcl' John P. Forfunafo Rci William Fleischman, Jr. Rcl Richard Garrison Rcl Willis W. Gould ,-r""" Rcf Hugh L. Gorman Rei' William A. Grapp Rc? Burion Glassman Rcf Philip Graziosi, Jr. Roi- Anihony A. Grunzel Rc? Grover H. Howe Rc+ Raymond L. Hamilfon Rel' Julius Hanewiclr Roi' Richard J. Hurley Rel Wallace A. Hubbard Ref Thomas D. Hinz Rcf Samuel K. Hoff Rc+ Arihur J. Houser, Jr. Rcf Richard G. Ho'FFman Ref Louis E. Hickman Rc! Thomas A. Haggeriy Rcf George Hopper Rci' Roberf E. James COMPANY C 39th INF. REET Rcf Leonard M. Jewefl' Rcf Pefe F. Killian Rci' Arfhur P. Kessler Rc? George F. Killian Roi' Edward Kloepfer Rci Ronald J. Keller Rc+ Richard L. Kerr Rd Harry E. Knighi' Rc? Nes+or A. Lopez Rcf Philip A. Lens Rcl' Raymond G. Lashy Ref Rober+ D. Loebelonz Rei Roger D. Lanoue Rci' Edward D. Ley Rc? Joseph L. A. Levesque Rcf Harry Lego Rc? James A. Love Rc? Roberf C. Lu+z Rc1Wal+er D. McKinlay Rc? Valeniine V. Manzo Rc+ Joseph L. Messina Rcf Emerald W. Mason Rc? Ronald P. Marlin Rcf Alfred J. McElroy Rc? EmmeH' F. McNuH Rcf Gerald L. Moslcowiiz Rc+ Ross C. Mas+eller Rc? George W. McGowan Ref Peier E. Miller Rd John J. McKeone Rei Ernesf A. Mannino IIUMPANY C 39th INF. REGT Rc? Joseph R. Morin Rc? James H. McCracken Rc? Elzear J. Moreau Rc? Daniel R. McGovern Ref Roberi' E. Miller Rc-l Oscar E. Nilson Rci' Rudolph E. Nespal Roi' Charles A. Novelli Rd John F. Nugenr Rc? Olaf M. Olsen Rc? Frederick Parker Ref Alan R. Perry Rd Oswald L. Pilckarainen Rc? James G. Perna Rci Floyan J. Pielrzalr Rcl David J. Poole Rcl Arlhur J. Paladino Rd Roberl' C. Page Rcl Marlin L. Pigo'H Rel' Thomas D. Ryan Rc+ Harold E. Rollands Rc? Arfhur M. Redmon Rc? Roberf J. Rubelmann Ref Edward G. Raulukaifis Rc+ Michael Rushanan Rci Richard D. Remillard Rc+ Arfhur H. Roielc Rcf Paul R. Scheeh Rcl' F. Herberl' Sanders Rcf Herberf J. Sfulzbach Rc+ Alan F. Spiher Rc+ Ernesi' A. Snyder Rcl' William H. Sanders Rcf George L. Sanchez Rcf Charles E. Smi'rh Rcl John D. Shuma Ref George L. Sealon Rel Joseph A. Senizlr Rei Couriney H. Sampson Rcf Carl L. Sponenberg Rcl Edward J. Slrasser Rc? Marion E. Simons Rci' Ralph P. Siandlxe Rcl Joseph L. Si. Amand Rcl Carroll F. Slodgel Rc? Danny Simon Rcf Glenn S. Shearer Rci Carl Sfynchula Ref Kenneih R. Sabin Rc+ Milan M. Salaoclc Rc? Francis J. Scofl Ref Edward J. Smi1l1 Rci Sfephen J. Schencl: Rcf Roberl M. Smilh Rel Alfred E. Sfanding Rci' Lewis A. Savino Rcl' Ronald Semiao Rel Raymond J. Trancynger Rc'r Pefer S. Targonslci Rcl' Daniel D. Tong Rcl' Eugene Tllebarge, Jr. Rcl' Jose A. Torres Rcf Gary J. Thorpe Rcl' Raymond H. Thayer Rcl Earl H. Terry Rcl' Edward Uminslci Rcl' George L. Varieur Rc? Franlc Wolenfer Rc? Donald A. Webb Rcf Harold R. Williams Ref Waller H. Weslco'H Rci Allan H. Weigerl Rcl' James L. Wilson Rc? Ronald L. Wl1ilel1ead Rcl Roberl J. Wallers Rc'l' Donald E. Williams Rcl Donald L. Wise Rcl' Norman C. Weslcoaf Rcl Philip A. Young Rd Joseph V. Zarlino COIVIPA Y D 39th IIXIFANTRY REGIIVIE T Capl' Clarlr W. Trainer Isl Li' Isl' L+ Isl L+ 2nd L+ John Mingen Charles F. Mundy William F. Young William A. Becldoe MfSg+ Merle H. Grove Mfsgl' William J. Kenna MfSg'r Manuel Monliio SFC Vernon G. Miller SFC John Siviclc Sgl' James A. Behney Sgl' Edward H. Hammons Sgi' Gaspard G. Landry Sgi' Edward C. Michalalr Cpl Ralph P. Ausiello Cpl Roberf L. Garrison Cpl Raymond W. Kender Cpl John J. Versaci Pfc Arfhur A. Pernilza Sgf Alberl G. Morrison Cpl Wal+er R. Palriquin Cpl Richard H. Swann Pvr Richard E. Covey Pvl Ches+er F. Kruger Pvi Eugene A. Solomon Rcf David J. Alf Rc+ Roberi D. Adler Rc? Amiello J. Amalo Rci William A. Aiello Rc+ Thomas R. Angelica Rcf Richard F. Balmer Rc? Paul A. Bibb Rd Rodney C. Brader Rcl John D. Bar+leH' Rd Donald L. Baughman Rc? Richard J. Burfon Rcf Roberl G. Bond Rci Roberl W. Brolrloff Rc? Ralph G. Buchanan Rc? Arfhur T. Borislrin Rcf Franklin D. Byers Rc? Auzie Blevins Rcl Fred R. Belloff Rcl Gary G. Brown Rc+ Vicior A. Brice Rc? Joseph M. Bowman Rcl David L. Boyd -Rc? Michael Bux Rd Ernesf A. Cologne Rc+ Franklin R. Cassel Rci William Chan? Rc? Edward R. Collins Rc? S+an+on L. Crampfon Rc? George K. Cushman, Jr. Rcl Joseph E. Cummings Rcf Roberf R. Campbell Ref WilleH J. Crissell Rc'r Timofhy F. Cunningham Rcl' Russell F. Chimera Rc+ Roberf M. Cross Rc+ John E. Carson Rc? Cecil C. Currier Rc? Joseph Correa, Jr. Rc? Charles B. Carmichael Rc+ Leon B. Cranson Rc? John H. Callahan Rel Harry F. Cramer Ref Le Roy D. Cook Rc? Donald T. Dunham Ref Ralph T. Dodge Rel' Gerard De Boey, Jr. Rcl' Joseph D. Desrochers Rc+ Andrew C. De Vigili Rcf Frank Di Masi Rei Thomas R. De Graff Rc+ Rocco Doro. Jr. Rd Anfhony DiVincenzo Rd Harold J. Dickinson Rei John A. DiBernardo Rc? Philip H. Easlman Rel Ralph C. Erickson Roi' Roberf J. Erb Ref Edmund L. Ellsworih Ref Donald Ten Eyclc Rei Ruben Escalera Rc? Harold Eisenhard+ Ref Charles E. Eslee Rc+ Jack L. R. Eichelberger Rd John E. Furlong Rcf Salvafore M. Follo Ref Edward A. Fuller Rc? Frank G. Farmer Rd Joseph G. Girouard Rd Roberr J. Gumulalc Roi' Rober+ L. Gorman COMPANY D 39th INF. REGT Rc? Anihony R. Gargano Rcf George L. Gosseclc, Jr. Ref Richard A. Grim Rd John G. Gormley Rc+ Elwood L. Gran+ Rcf Eugene C. Gregoire, Jr Rcf Joseph M. Gravel Rcf David M. Gorman Ref John E. Gebharl Rcf Charles E. Grieb Rei' Warren R. Haich Rc? Herman Hempelmann Rd' Bernard Hochheiser Rcf George D. Hixson Rc? Louis H. Hays Rd Raymond C. Haclcney Rc? Edward J. Heckman Ref Harry D. Hansford Rcl Tracey J. Huni Rel Blaine A. Harllen Rci Harold L. Howes, Jr. Ref Alberl P. Haleclio Rcl' Beniamin G. Horlon Rcf Harold L. Hyer, Jr. Rc+ James R. Harmon Rel Rayond K. Ingram Rc? Chesler Jasinslxy Ref Augusfus E. Johnson CIJMPANY ll 39th INF. REST Rcf Roberf A. Kibler Rcf Joseph E. Keersecker Rc? William J. Krysak Rci Bernard Krause Rcf Paul F. Kallo Rc? Richard J. Krzyzanowslzi Rc? Richard B. Koegler Rel' Donald J. Keele Rc? Guido Kaiando Rd Ford C. Kemery Rc? Joseph A. Leone Rc? Raymond Lesseslri Rcf Ernes+ J. La Freniere Rd Charles E. Loomis Ref Roberl P. Lamp Rei' Donald K. LuneHa Rd Samuel M. Mack Rd Wal+er F. Moore Rd Harry J. McCloskey Rd Charles J. McCar+ney Rd John J. McManus Rd Primilivo Morales Rd Carmelo D. Mangine Rd LeRoy R. Maior Rd William Murphy Rd Kennefh T. Moroslro COMPANY D 39th INF. REGT Rd. George Moffaf, Jr. Rd Joseph G. Maggiolo Rd Charles W. Mancini Rd Roberf Morrow Rd Roy Manson Rd John J. McCauley Rd John S. Michalowski Rd Ernesf Manenfe, Jr. Rd Owen G. Mulrane Rd Ferdinand J. McClure Rd Donald P. Melzger Rd Sfanley J. Mroczlcowslri Rd William R. McRober'ls Rd Ronald J. Manzo Rd Donald J. Naughlon Rd Alfred T. Nowak Rd Kleovonlees G. Nicolas Rd William G. Osche Rd Joseph V. Penlrala Rd George A. Polcorny Rd Calvin Porcu Rc? Norman Perreaull' Rc+ Egberl W. Phillips Ref Andre G. Peladeau Ref Warren J. Quinler Rd Joseph Rubino Rcl' John J. Rogers Rc+ Thomas L. Rusnoclc Rcl Aloysius Rushnoclc Ref Roi:-erl R. Range Rc+ Donald N. Slxean Ref Charles J. Swariwood Rel' Richard S. Saunders Rcf Melvin S. Sharrer Rc+ Edwin A. Soares Rcf Waller G. Shirfon Rc+ Arfhur H. Slough Rd Thomas R. Spring Rc? Gene L. Schoclr Rc+ William Schuberi' Ref John J. Shipley Rcf Thomas M. Sadecli COMPANY IJ 39th INF. REGT Rcl Ma'Hhew J. Slaranowicz Rel Arfhur H. Sawyer SFC Joseph C. ShaHas Rc? Chesler E. Sianlciewicz Rc? Franklin L. Swarh Rcf Boyd L. Uncapher Ref Floyd Van Horn Rcl Edward W. Valenfine Ref Charles S. Venezia Rcl Roberl M. Wallter Rc+ James C. Wellman Rc? Francis J. Weiland Rc? Earl A. Willmo-H' Rcl James J. Wenzel Rci Paul G. Woods Rc? Carlyle L. Wolfe Rel Edward J. Ward Rel' Edward J. Wroblewski Rcl John T. Wagner Rc+ Floyd A. Yingling Rcf Donald R. Young Rc? Anrhony R. Zandy Rcf Phillip W. Zurn HE DQU RTERS Qncl BATTALIO 39thI FA TRY REGIME T L+ Col I. ns. '75 Mai Ca pi Ca pf Isl L+ Loren L. Gmeiner Lesfer J. Chase James R. Duncan Earle H. Jordan, Jr. Edward K. Fischle SFC Harold W. Van Pell' Sg'r William F. Hari, Jr ' ...WW Sgf Pefer Kowal Cpl Joseph L. Flaherfy Cpl Howard Madansliy Pfc Thomas Kallas COM PA Capl' William S. Larlrins YE39thI FAT Isl' Li' John A. Genua Isl Ll' Joseph Caporale Isl' Ll Slanley Sobezynslri Isl' Li' Hugh O'Riley 2nd L+ Fred Walfers Isl Ll Benjamin Esles RY REGIIVIE T Isl Sgl Mfsgf Joseph M. Sfeveslcey John B, Ke,-ick SFC Lawrence T. Faullmer SFC Eugene Herlaeri SFC Edward Gardzina SFC Roberi Parsons SFC Alexander Poissani Sgr Homer E. BuFFard Sgi Denzil Edie Sgl' William A. Siiles Sgl' Donald J. Lichienwalier Cpl Duel Hesler Cpl John F. Dillon Cpl Ralph DeSalvo Cpl James H. Miller Cpl Raymond Snyder Cpl Ernesl Wilgus Cpl Edward Orzechowslxi Cpl Joseph W. Blalcely Cpl Donald C. Lucas Cpl William C. Whifsel Cpl Raymond R. McCauley Cpl James O. Hoclr Plc James B. Lamplrin Plc Roloerl W. Lipslzy Pfc William E. Miley Plc Alberi P. Bobbonine Pfc John J. Robbins Plc John A. Lafemina Pvl Vernon R. James SFC Herman W. Carier SFC Earl Parsons Sgf Doyle Mellon Cpl George Bassakides Cpl Lex Davis Cpl Price H. Easley Cpl Henry Kolalalc Cpl Roberf Kane Cpl John McCaFFrey Cpl Alberf MacDonald Cpl Everefi McCulloch Cpl Waller Magee Cpl Clinion Nichols Cpl Earl J. Shanabroolc Pfc Edward Mafihews Pvf Clinion Bliss Pvf Carllon F. Benson Pvf George A, Balmer Pvt Timofhy Burns Pvi Edward Collins Pvf Richard Dowling COMPANY E 39th INF. REGT Pvt Paul Goodrich Pvf John McDonald Pvf Chrislian G. Schunlc Pvf Frederick B. Simpson Pvf Paul J. Varvorines Rc? Leonard Arroyo Rc? William Anderson Rci' Howard Alnranies Rcf Virgil Alessi Ref Sianley Alexandrovifch Rei' Joseph Burlre Rci John F. Belin Rcf Ray Bell Rcf Eugene Brodginslri Rc? Raymond Bonner Rcf Sfephen Bridge Rci Frederick Bowley Rd Alex Belcheff Rc? Wilmonf Brady Rc? Lucien Bergeron Rei' John Barcello I "HCS" aw ,v--. ...ff WH Rc? Roberf Berry Rc? Roberi Burche'H' Rc+ Slanley Borusiewicz Rc? James Brown Rcl' Claylon Brown Rci Leonard Conenna Rcl John P. Chaves Rcl' Lewellyn E. Cole Rcf Roberf Clarl: Ref Noel Clifford Rcf Herberi Cappel Rcl' Jaime C. Carrero Rcl William Carnegie Rcl' Roberi Cochran Rcl Roger Dubuque Rc? Franklin Diclcie Rc? John Evans Rcl Jay Ellis Rcf Gerald Eldridge Rcl Solo Ernesfo Rc'l Joseph Franquinha Rcl' Ralph Flanagan Rcl' Sanliago Falero Rc? Arlhur T. Ferugia Rcl Wilfred Feliciano Rcl Maurice J. Forfin Rc+ Jaclc Flulrer Rc+ Roberf Field Roi Philip Fonseca Rcl' Waller D. French Rcl Gerald Farlhing Rci Floreni Goloerl' Rcl Charles R. Guesl' Rcl Alexander Gray Rcl Nalhan Goldfischer Rc? Roland Gaulhier Rc? Donald Groscosl' Rei George Girard Rd Chrislopher Gibbons Rc? Gerard Herberl' Rc? Herberl Hoflia Rd Daniel Smifh Rc? Casper R. Seilipane Rd' Franlr Slanovils Ref Aage Sorensen Ref John Sardelis Rel Primo C. Salfarelli Ref George Sailer Ref Edward Sullivan Ref Roberl Swarfwood Rd Halo Salomone Rcl' Edmund L. Schiavone Rel John Sesfifo Rd John G. Schmid? Rcf Leo Szmyrlcowski Ref Francis P. Sfrohmier Rd Guenfer Sonnfag Rcf Sluarf Therien Rc? Gunnar Tonnesen Ref Edward Thalman Rcf James J. Vargo Rcl' Harry Villardi Ref Roberf Walls Ref Alberf Waddingfon Rc? Leroy J. Wilson Ref Harry J. Wilson Ref James P. Whifbeclc Rcf Asher Wambold Rcf Joseph Warchu+ Rcf Kennefh G. Warren Rc! Ernesf J. Wedin Ref Daniel Wiseman Rcl Ray Weaver Rcl Roberf F. Yeasfedr Rei' William Young Rcf John R. Young Ref William W. Zimmerman Rcf Ernesf Zadol Rcf Andrew G. Zon CQIVIPANY F 39th INFANTRY DIVISIGN lS'l' Lf Isl' l.'l lS'l' Li' Gerald A. McGra'rh John H. LeClair Elwyn R. McKinsl'ry Mfsgi Herman H. Heilman MfSg1 William T. Hogan MfSgf Arlingfon L. Trefhewey SFC Murphy L. Davis SFC Jess H. Genfry SFC 'Howard Mingin SFC David J. Timberlake SFC Clarence E. Ware Sgf George F. Bammerf Sgi Alfred E. Hahn Sq? James H. Johnson Sgr Edward T. Lydon Sg+ Edward F. Yopchiclr Cpl Frank J. Holownia Cpl William M. Kephari' Cpl Wilfred LeVasseur Pic Franlc A. Oriolo Cpl Elmer A. Riley Pvi George K. Adams Pvf Harold E. Arnold CO PA Y G 39th I FA TRY DIVISIO C-1P+ lsr L+ :S+ L+ lsr L+ lsf L+ Isf L+ Sanford H. Wins+on Thomas W. Kelley Donald H. Lanier Norman L. Marlin A. W. Murphy Thomas M. Pico MfSg+ Claude R. McNabb MfSg+ James W. Tobin SFC Joseph Pinksion SFC Harold L. Simmons SFC John T. Su'Hon MfSg+ Milion Haduch SFC Billy F. Williams Sgi' Elmer N. Chesfer Sgf Franlr M. Haga Sql' William H. Jones Sgf Alberi' J. LaPage Sgf Sebasiiano Maccarone Sgi' Alberi A. Sionis Sgl' Eugene B. Summers Cpl Joseph A. Mlynarslzi Cpl Leonard Zacaravich Pfc Roberf B. Lifwiler Pvf Sferl Conlrey . U., , slow ' 4' .."wq Q 41" Mm IIUMPANY G 39th INF. REGT Pvi Ray E. Wahl Rei Richard L. Ames Rc? Thomas L. Amell Rd Ralph E. Arfman Rcf Harry B. Barnes Rcl Philip Bova Ref John F. Bogan Rcl William A. Blinl' Rc? Kennelh F. Billel' Rcl Harold F. Beichner Rc? Lee T. Belforcl Rcl' Presion C. Baynum Rc? Leroy C. Baynum, Jr. Rel' Nunclo G. Ballisfa Roi Donalcl G. Barber Rcl' Donald R. Balrewell Ref Thomas J. Babeo Rci Philip D. Buniy Rc? Richard M. Burdick Rc? George R. Bucher Rc+ William S. Brown Rcf James Bracken Rc'f James P. Broyhill Rci Oliver F. Clendaniel Rcf Melvin G. Cobaugh, Jr. Rci Barialo E. Cianciola Rci George L. Chiulli Rcl Michael E. Chervanilc Rel Donald R. Chaney Ref Alfred G. Caron Ref Joseph A. Careyva 'Rd Francis V. Czerniclri Rci Charles E. Cooper Rcf William D. Collins Rd Ralph E. Colello Rcl' Lloyd F. Coburn Rci Edward L. Doyle Rc? Harrold R. Dowling Rcf James H. Dowling Rd Anfhony D. Di Giovanni Rc? 'Hugh C. Duffy Rc? Charles Drexler Rel' Donald J. Diamond Rcf Sebasiian 'E. DeLuca Rcl' William E. Dearlh Rci Edward Darrah Rel William H. Dangro Rcl' William T. Ellerby Rcf Donald R. Emery Rcf Roberf C. Edwards Rcr Leo R. Eisenhari' Rc? Roberf H. Fullerlon Rci Florenzo R. Fernandes Rc? John T. Fanfini Rei Joseph F. Foley Rel' Leo Forlini Rel Claucle J. Faville Ref Joseph J. Falcona Rel James H. Freeh Ref Larramour E. Freeman Rel' George P. Gleason, Jr. Rcl' Francis L. Gaclway Rel George H. Greer Rel Thomas Gomullca Rel Peler E. Galloway Rel' William S. Galbraiih Rel' Carl A. Geiger Rel Louis C. Gross Rel Carroll G. Goodwin Rel' Paul J. Gero Rel' John M. Glennon Rei Donald L. Higley Rel Allaeri' W. Hreha Rel Richard L. Hoy Rel Paul C. Hilchcoel Rci' John E. Hill Rc? John W. Ha'l'eh Rci' Charles E. Hess Rc? Lawrence E. Humberson Rei' Kennefh W. Hahn Rel Ronald L. Johnson Rel Carl M. Jacobson Rel' Thomas W. Kus Rel' William R. Kline Rcl' George E. Kimmey III Rel Jack R. Kelvinglon Rel' George A. Keen Ref Ronald J. Keegan Rcl' Roberl P. Karianis Rel Merl E. Kelly Rci George Kloh ,Ref Frank L. Lumpkin Rel Charles W. Long Ref Ray D. Lemelin Rd' 'Edmond Laliberfe Rel' Richard J. Le Vasseur Rd Eugene J. Marlcus Rcf John H. McCully Rcf Perry E. MacLaren Rd George Monchalc Rc? Frank D. Milchell Rd' Waller N. Moreau Ref George H. McNew Ref Arihur C. Muih Ref Charles M. Myers Ref Hermif C. Munday Ref Daniel A. Mainello Rcf Sam A. Maida Rc? Freddie E. McCu+chan Rcf Floyd M. Nielsen Ref Joseph E. Newell Rd John J. O'Hearn Rei' Roberi' T. O'Hara Rcf Leslie E. Oerily Ref William J. Pearce Ref Daniel Pellecchia Rd David W. Pairiclr Ref Waller W. Pearson Ref Lewis E. Parsons Rd' Roberi E. Paisilevas Rd' William J. Jerlrins Roi' Peler J. La Pine Ref Harold K. Payne, Jr. Ref Charles Pappas Rcf Gilberi' T. Pander Ref William A. Paclco Rc? George W. Poniclc Rei' Harold E. Rowe Rc? Howard E. Reinharr Ref Edward Rosfeld Rcf Hollis E. Read Ref Ronald Racine Roi' Roberf I. Roberis Rd Harold W. Roberis Roi' Floyd T. Riley Roi Benedicl' Ryan Rcl Carroll B. Reigari Rcf Pafriclc J. Ryan Rc? Harold M. Schuliz Rcl Edward J. Shablesly Rc+ Julian R. Slcilromo Roi' Roberf A. Schaeffer Rcf Charles E. Speer Ref Alberi G. Slanfon Ref Wayne E. Schufferi Roi Roger Slaier Rel John Swank, Jr. Rc? 'Henry J. L. Schafer Rcf Allen J. Shoal Ref Wendell L. Slcelley Rci' Richard S. Tudelr Rei' Jerome A. Trasp Roi Ranny P. Townsend Rc? Alphonso N. Toney Rc? Jael: R. Van Valen Rc? Alberi' Vagnini Roi Charles M. VanCuren Rc? Joel L. Vanoevr Rcf Daniel Vasalech, Jr. Rd John Wheeler Rei Jesse J. Wilson Rc? Merle 'E. Wallace Rc+ Edward H. Waralxs Rc? Edward A. Weaiherlovr Rd James F. Walsh Roi Richard E. Walsh Rc? Glenn D. Wagner Rc+ James R. Winfers Ref Charles R. Williams Rc? William L. Zeis CGIVIPANY H 39th I FA TRY REGIME T Charles E. Ihling SFC John T. McKeon SFC Forresi E. Williams Sgi' Rodney Arqueffe Sq? Shirley Burgey Sgf Floyd LeBlanc Sgf Ralph C. Nicholson Sgf Pele Simon Sgf James B. Coffin Cpl Walfon J. Harimiller Cpl Thomas F. Monohan Cpl Maxmilian Sarfori Pic Leo A. Decoleau Pic Howard F. Greggs Pfc Leon Karlinslri Pic William LaFleur Pfc William Neely Pvi' William Loney X 1 I 1 15+ L+ Isl L+ lsi' L+ Isl' L1 Isi L+ Frederick Giroux MerriH B. Booih, Jr. William O. Greer Peier J. Kish John B. Culberison - T 1 T l Mfsgi MfSg+An1hony Monda Sgf Odell M. Benedici' Cpl John M. Aihy Pic Edward Campbell Pic Percy A. Hendrickson Pv+ Salvalore P. Acquaviva Pv+ William Anechiarico Pvi' James F. Abbo'H Pvi' William AlnuH, Jr. Pvf Richard J. Andre Pvf Donald M. Alberison Pvi Beau J. Bailey Pvf Sfanley F. Berna+owicz Pvi' Leopold S. Bessenhoffer CUMPANY H 39th INF. REGT Pvi Roberi' R. Blackman Pvi John A. Broolrs Pv+ Michael J. Brewi Pvf Clarence A. Brenlon Pvi John W. Boswell Pv+ Louis P. Bouiin Pvl' Wesley L. Barlter Pvi' Donald J. Briggs Pv+ Warren D. Blair Pvl' Richard S. Burley Pvf Lewis P. Bouve Pv+ Ralph T. Basiion Pv'l' Thomas Blair Pvi Wyman W. Brooks Pvl' Howard K. Brown Pvi' Lloyd F. Burgess Pvl' William E. Bond, Jr. Pvf James F. Carey Pvi' Frank F. Cooper Pvl' Marvin R. Connor Pvi Roberr L. Carew Pvr Jaclr E. Carver Pvf Joseph Cascarella Pvr John P. Chadwick Pvi Alberl J. Corniclr Pvr Joseph E. Darby Pvi' Francis L. De Wind Pvr Ronald C. Dwyer Pvi Joseph R. Dumouchel Pvf Hoy W. Eppard Pvr William J. Feldman Pvl' Granl' R. Fosier Pvf Clarence J. Frock Pvi' John T. Frawley Pvi' Eugene J. Ferguson, Jr. Pvl' Grover L. Gray, Ill BUMPANY H 39th INF. REGT Pvr Gerald L. Greene Pv+ John S. Graziul Pvl Charles R. Gogel Pvi Ernesi C. Gerlach, Jr. Pvf George L. Gisiner Pvi Russell L. Gani, Jr. Pv'r Joseph W. Gallas Pvl' William C. Hagerman Pvl William H. Harlan Pvf Thomas J. Hyland Pv+ Gerard T. Hampfon Pvr Arne Hansen Pvi John M. Harding, Jr. Pvf Jaclr H. Hall -gg... Pvf Gerald P. Hughes Pvf Kennerh E. Horsf Pvi' William N. Hoffman Pvl Kennelh N. Harlow Pvf John H. Hull Pvl' John P. Hill Pvl Carl W. Hersing IIUMPANY H 39th INF. REST Pvf Henry C. Herisch Pvi George J. Kendra Pvf Waller D. Kiiik Pvf William A. King, Jr. Pvf Alfred J. Kenneway, lll Pvf Sfanley J. Krenlrowih Pvf Thomas R. Klingerman Pvf Edward R. Krushnoslry Pvf John E. Kennedy Pvf Charles E. Kober, Jr. Pvf Roberl' J. Kohul' Pv+ John Kovachick Pv+ Elmer G. Kresge, Jr. Pv+ EvereH' A. Lanngren Pvf Joseph J. Lefczulr Pv+ William V. LeTual Pvl' Raymond C. Linck Pv'l Joseph C. Lloyd, Jr. Pvl' Roberi London Pvl Chesler B. Longcor Pvl' Roberf E. Lowery Pvl' David F. Leedom Pvi' Ernesl L. Laymon Pvi' Frederick A. Lewandowsli Pv+ William B. Linihicum Pvf Lawrence McKenna Pvf Joseph R. Moniisano Pvf Charles E. Merriman, Jr. Pvi Richard C. Milfon Pvi Thomas C. Nolan Pvf Julio D. Paglierom Pvf Vincenl S. Pace Pvl' Roberl' H. Raymond Pvf Merrill J. Roberis Pvf Anfonio V. Ruiz Pvf Thomas M. Rudderow Pvf Dennis J. Redmond, Jr. Pvf Theodore Russell Pvf John K. Riser Pvf Angelo Rinaldi Pvf James R. Regner Pvf Ernsl' Rosenberger Pvl' William H. Ross Pvf George J. Shannon Pvf Joseph F. Srnifh Pvf Ronald D. Sohl Pvf Harold A. Schoedel Pvf Paul J. Sedler Pvf Emory Shoemaker, Jr. Pvf John P. T. Simoneau COMPANY H 39th INF. REGT Pvl' Alfred E. Sfurgeon Pvf George J. Schneider Pvf Roberf Schwarlz Pvt Jerone S, Shaw Pvf Allaerl E. Smifh Pvf Jack E. Smiih Pvf Lawrence L. Su+phin Pvi' Frank A. Szchowski Pvf Emory F. Slancliff Pvf Silas H. Sieinberg Pvf Joseph L. Tono Pvf George M. Trainor Pvi Clair T. Tallada Pvf Anfhony T. Tamberino Pvl Joseph L. Theriaull' Pvl' Raymond G. Tucker Pvl Frank D. Thomas Pvi' Theodore G. Unger Pvf John J. Vansron Pvf Joseph J. Viscido Pvi John F. Vasinko IIUMPANY H 39th INF. REGT Pvl Kennefh C. Washburn Pvf Edward Wilke Pvf Richard J. Williams Pvi' Raymond E. Wlsinski Pvf Edward F. Willison, Jr. Pvf Ronald A. Wanamaker Pvf John E. Worrhinglon Pvl Roberl G. Wllale, lll Pvl' Frederick G. Wheeler Pvl' Raymond Woiiklelewicz Pvf Donald B. Youse Pv+ Irving G. Young Rcl Slanley Klim Rci' Gabriel Luhowy Rei Thomas Morlon Rci Paul McMillan Rcl Felix Mosalcowoski Rcf Frank McPherson Rc? Nicholas Marfinez Rel' Ellsworlh Meneeley Rei Allan Morgan Rel Lowell Miller Rc? Edward Miller Rc? Herberl' Nighlingale Rcl Rolaerl' Newsome Rc? Viclor Null' Rcl Charles Ness, Jr. Rei William A. Nagy Rei- Joseph Odorslci Rcl Donald Orlaen Rel' Franlc O'Bryan Rc? Joseph Powell Rel' George Price Rcf Alborl P. Pachuclri Rel' Floyd Perry Ref Kenneth J. Pofier Ref Peler Pedersen Rei' Jacl: Phyfhian CUMPANY H 39th INF. REST Rel' Donald Perry Rcf Roberf D. Ricco Rd Charles Robinson Rel' John Randazzo Rd' Edwin Reilher Ref George E. Roe Rc? Allison Robinson Rcl Theodore Rhein Rei Ernesi' Seeley Rd Merle ShalTer Rc? George J. Wasil: Rel' Harold R. Wagner Rcl Paul Whealon Rc? Charles T. Vaughf HE DQU RTERS 3rd B TT LIO 39th INFANTRY REGIIVIENT L+ Col Mai Capi' lsf L+ Russell F. Alcers Roger J. Teyssier George M. Boone Arnold Eschenbacher sFc SFC cpl Pfc Pfc Richard Anderson Frederick Anies Jesse Sibley Harold Bansemer James E. Hire CGIVIPANY I 39thI FA TRY REGIIVIE T I ...... A h V iagwgf., Q. A ' '.'AP ' -A VW '...2 -- .,A Capf Isl L+ Isl Li' lsl' L+ Isl' Ll' 2nd Ll Ray E. Jones Richard P. Callaghan Ralph M. Cloud Roberl' J. Kirk Sigurcl Olson Basqualino Massaro MfSg+ Louis A. Du Brey SFC Clyde E. Diehl SFC Wavey Duvall SFC Thomas W. Finigan, Jr. SFC Thomas C. Richards SFC Merle W. Young Sgl Harry L. Morris Sgl John F. McKillop Sql William W. Quinn Sgf Oliver B. Sadler Sgl' Donald E. Spicer Cpl Eugene R. Buonocore Cpl John M. Bussey Cpl Wallace O'Brien Cpl Russell D. Scarboro Plc Sfuarl' D. Burrih' Pic Herberr O. Fosier Pvl' Leroy T. Brighion Pvl M. W. Eachus Pvl' Felix J. Morin Pvl Sianley J. Kilpalriclc MfSg+ Palriclx Na ples Rc+ Joseph R. Alberi' Rcl John A. Allen Rcf Jack L. Alesioclt Rc? Waller R. Burlce Rci Waller R. Buchs, Jr. Rc? Charles O. Brown Rcl Charles A. Boiling Rc? Leo P. Beauregard Rc? Paul N. Bibel, Jr. Rc? Alber+ J. Bernsfein Rcl' Edgar R. Bailey Rcl' Vincenl J. Burns Rcl' Roberf G. Burke Rc? Arfhur S. Barrefi Rc? Sidney W. Bienenfeld Rc? Jerry S. Barfolini Rc? George P. Charnocis Rc? John E. Considine Rcf William J. Carroll Rc? William F. Cronin Rcl' Nick J. Casale Rcl' Anihony R. Correia Rc? David E. Crumlish Rc+ Richard N. Charpenficr Rc? Roberl' M. Coyle Rci' Edward Disbury Rcr Eugene J. Delgado Rc+ Alfred D'Anna Rcr Joseph J. DeTerra Rc+ William R. Duncan Rcl' John M. Deane Rc? Richard S. Day Rc? Lewis G. Desimone Rd Paul V. Dyer Rd Russel E. Diclrey Rd Roberi V. Dolan Rd John J. Foley Rd Harry Ferruolo Rd Franklin P. Foley Rd Roberi E. Fenwicl: Rd Dominick Francese Rd Hugh Fox Rd Gusfave R. Frey Rd William A. Gordon Rd Roberl' J. Grisell Rd Howard A. Gun+z Rd Wm J. Goodwin Rd Claude Garrod Rd Roberi' B. Hawes Rd Edward Harley Rd Charles J. Henry Rd Thomas Hurley Rel' John K. Hammond Rd Edward T. Houslon COMPANY I 39th INF. REGT Rd Richard Henalc Rd George Harper Rd Raymond Holden Rd Mario Ingordo Rd John W. lngalsby Rd Paul N. Janorowski Rd Roberl' A. Joseph Rd Daniel Kinnally Rd Tony V. Kreipovich Rd Joseph Koelzing Rd Milfon Liebowirz Rd Kennelh E. Laro 7 4- Gm- ik 1 .ww H- H E . .:.:,:. ,Af ak if . R Q F' if 2 6 Y -555555555 ::- .5 ,,:,:,.,... ,.,.,, . - ' -'1f1 :..x fffi --2ee:::... gjjf' Q of ...M ' J ., . 7 X . .,,. J ' f rrrr rrrrr R L 5 ' ' ' of " ,rf :':A.1 .Af....3 ' ' 'I'- an .wa , ,:E:.::,.:, A 3 'W sy. Q 1 ' 'Wx af. e I Q by Rci Anihony J. LoFranco Rcr Mendoza F. Lopez Rci' Harold L. Levine Roi' Ralph T. Langone Roi Henry Landry Rcr Horace Luclrer Rcf Joseph A. McNabb Rcr William F. McCune Rei' Gerald Miller Rci' John P. Morrill Rc+ Harold Moore Rcr Roberi' J. Miller Rci' Richard Moring Rcr Franlc J. McElroy IIUMPANY I 39th INF. REGT Rcr Glenn E. McDonald Roi' Kenneih A. Miclsle Rc? Frederick McCrea Rc? Walier A. Marchesi Rc+ Charles T. Morrill Roi Kennerh E. Morrill Rcf Claudio Moruillo Rei' John Muller Rci William C. McManus. Jr. Rcr David Nicoll Roi Frank Novak, Jr. Rei Joseph R. Osowslci Rc? William F. O'Brien, Jr. Rci John O. O'Brien Rci Joseph A. Owen Rci' Morion J. Oilrle Rci Nicholas Osiapeclr Roi' Roberr J. Planr Roi' Joseph E. D. Paradis n , Rc+ Julian S. Parlrer Rci' Sfanley W. Picard Rci Leonard Poirier Rc? Richard C. PraH Rci' Edward C. Pulowski Rc? Walfon J. Prudenie Rcf Joseph Raymond Rci Arlhur Reidler Roi' Roberf E. Rosa Rci' Normand Rivard Rc+ George Ro'rh Rcf Wilfred N. Rifchie Ref Roberf E. Reahm Rc! Domeniclc Scarano Rel Anfhony Sanlory, Jr. Roi James R. Sullivan Ref Gerald F. Sullivan Rd Roberi D. Sivori Roi Theodore Seaman Rcl Chauncey F. Smifh Roi Roberr J. Siewari Rc? Eugene C. Segien Rc+ Frederick F. Shaughnessy Rc+ DewiH Snell Rc'r Edward Torres Rcl' Roloerl' C. Tallman Rcf David P. Tower Rcf Raymond Tirado Ref Alberi F. VanBrunl' Rcf Frederick J. Whalen Rcl John W. Wilson Rcf Donald W. Weldon Rc? John Wanca U I tksw ,x , V ...M W am uxocm X N ' 3,1 5 UMM zzqqz- , ..,, . ' -.-,,:' ' rr.. , . 6: J. .A .,. - ' .... ,, ' iii 'Sims Q 1'f'7o Wm COIVIPA Y K 39th I FA TRY REGIIVIE T Capf Isl L+ Isl L+ Isl' Ll' lsf L1 Roberi- F, Rooney Crenshaw A. Holi' J. W. Barfholomew Francis Garner Alberi H. Pyles MfSg1 H. P. Kiedaisch SFC WyaH H. BarneH SFC Edward M. Kirlin SFC Herman N. Power SFC Richard E. Sears SFC Joseph W. Smi+h SFC Jol1n F. Sullivan SFC Russell W. Sunbury SFC George F. Warriner Sgl' Leonard F. Fraser Sg1S+epl'1en Kudacilc Sgi Clarence R. Saylor Sgf James L. Tomlinson Cpl Sleven Buclriclc Cpl James P. Morgan Cpl Roberi Wolf Cpl George W. Oafmeyer Pfc Eugene J. Couch Pvf William H. Day Pfc Roberf Michalowslri Pvf Jack E. Louizemhiser Pvf George Milchell Rel' Anihony F. Ambrosovirch Rcf John E. Adams Ref Arihur Ayres Ref Alfred Briza Ref Eric B. Baichelder Ref George Blumenfeld Rcf Eugene Borube Ref Thomas Bourque Rd' Ronald Bilodeau Ref Leo Berard Roi' Alberf Barry Roi' Allan Brunf Rei' Edward Balando Rc! Reber? Beley CUMPANY K 39th INF. REGT Rc? Waller Bradarvell' Ref Jerome Bernsleln Rcl' Harvey Cofslre Rcf Alberf Casfro Rc? Charles Chalel Roi James Chafe Rc'lAr'll'1ur C. Currier, Jr. K Rcl Donald Coman Rcf Ray Coccialo Rc? John Coughlin Rc? Frederick Curris Rc? John Czarnialr Rcf George Carl Salvafore Claramunf Rc? Braulio Casiillo Rc? Richard Day Rcl Richard C. Donahue Rci Rober+ Dellechiale Rc? Edwin Donovan Rei James Drinlxwafor Rc'r William Douglas Rc? Francis Darcy Ref Thomas DeBiase Rc? James Donnellan Rc? Joseph Dzilcowicz Rc+ Joseph DeLucia Rc? Joseph Dubois Rd Joseph Efhier Rc? Francis Enrighf Rd John Flemming Rcl' Rene Foniaine Rc? Thomas Farrell Rc? Pai Fifzgerald Rd Roberi' Fischer Rcf Leslie Fowler Rc'f Pefer Franolich Rei' David Fairfield Rc? John Fennelly Rcf George Falk Rci R. Farrugo Rci' Harry Freirs Rci' John Guinfa Rc? William Green Rcf Roberf Gregore Anfhony Grissino Rd Roberf Halliday Rd Paul Hiichcoclc Rd Norman Heller Rd Ferdinand Hoepner Rd Arfhur Hansen Rd Roberf Hogale Rd Lawrence Helifernan Rd Roberf Hobbs Rd Richard George Hegan Rd Michael Hennessey Rd Charles Hamel Rd Warren Jordan Rd Lawrence Joseph Rd Gerald Jacobs Rd Kenne+h Johnson Rd James Johnson Rd Alberi Joncas Rd Don Jennings Rd Daniel Joyce Rd Al Knyff Rd Roberi' Kaulbacl: Rd Arnold Levine Rd James Lucia Rd Thomas Leek Rd Waller Lavender Rd Eugene Langlois Rd Juan Laiara Rd John Lee Rd Francis Lindsey you N ,. 'S M1 Rcf Herberi l.iHle Rc? Edward Lheureux Rc? Edward Mills Rcf Paul MCG-uigan Rcl' Roberf Murray Ref Richard Manson Rcf Donald McCann Rcr Thomas Maloney Rcl' Donald Ma+hrey Rcf Eugene McNair Rel' Arnold Miller Rc? A. Mernado Roi' Chesfer McNeil Rcf Roberl Maifhews IIUMPANY K 39th INF. REGT Rcf Charles McPhearson Rc? Pefer Norion Rcf H. Novocinsld Rc? Elio Nicocicchia Rd Emanuel Nocera Rc? Daniel O'Connor Rel Pafriclc O'Hara Rel' James C. Oliver Rcf Alfred M. Pellefier Ref Richard Peirus RcfVincen1' Pas+ore Rcl' Jack Proverb Rd Joseph Pra+s Rcf Joseph Provencher Rc? David Pe+erson Rc? Donald Powers Rc? Verdelle Pooler Rcf Francis Picciochi Rd Herberr Polish Rc? William Quinn Rc? Theodore Queripel Rd Harold Rosignol Rcl' Warren'Rearclon Rc? Errol Simmons Rc? Daniel Silla Rc? Franklin Sobin Rci Herberi' Squires Rc? Mario Sanlolin Rc? Richard Smiih Rcf Emanuel Swass Rd Kenneih Sweeney BDMPANY K 39th INF. REST Rc? Dominic Sanducci Rc? Vincenl' Trinlra Rd Joseph Towarewicz Rc? John Thoman Rci Francis Trecarichi Roi Vincenf Taranio, Jr Roi Francis Urso Rcf Carl Venaia Rc? William Wallrer Rc? Ralph Whalen Rc? George WaiH Rci Thomas Wallxer Roi Melvin Wolfson Rc? William Wisper'f Rc? Wesion Weir Rci Ausiin Woods Rcf Carl Wafson Rci John Williams Ref Gerald Yarrish Rc? Waller Zip? Rc? Richard Zvingilas CGIVIPANY L 39th INFANTRY REGIIVIE T T lrii at .-,. .,,,1.1' J l T .'A' Capf lsr L+ lsl' Li' Isl' Lf Isl' L+ William Applegaie Kennefh Manning Rafael Ramirez John S. Pasfell Edwin Wilson MfSgl' Michael P. O'Leary MfSg+ Morrill A. Barron MfSg+ Thomas Prewiii MfSg+ Lynn Morgan SFC John Griffin SFC Ernesfo Sanfos SFC John F. Moore SFC Roberf Maguire SFC Lufher Miller SFC J. Reynolds Sgr Anionino Miceli Sgr Roberi Myers Cpl Sfewarl Kelley Cpl Charles Connell Cpl Joseph C. Kerbe Cpl Burl D. While Cpl George Larimer Cpl Marrin T. Shorl' Pfc James Elger Pvi Rolaerl' J. Anderson Pvf Donald E. Barlhelemy Pvf Arfhur J. Brown Pvf Arlhur J. Coscuna Pvl' Daniel M. Carroll Pvf Luca Delvlichele Pvi Frederick C. Feil Pvl Thomas W. Greger Pvi' T. Harringlon Pvl' Edward lldefonso Pvl' Willard M. Johnson Pvl' Timofhy A. Kennedy Pvi Joseph R. Molloy Pvf Kennefh A. Niemi IIUMPANY l 39th INF. REGT Pvl' Philip Rilier Pvf Roberl' F. Reardon Pvl' Richard L. Regan Pvi Richard Thomasen Pvf Alberl' C. Urquharl' Pvf Arihur W. Williams Pvi Franlc Williams Rd John Augliera Rc? William Ayres Rei Herberl Berlrowiiz Rcf Wallace Banach Ref Rolserf Briggs Rei Alberf Baker Rel Raymond Barrelf Rci' Arfhur Benoil' Rd Palriclr Besl Rei David Blaclc Rcf Harold Bowley Rc? Vernon Buuell Rcf David Calderara Rd Roland Carey ,as O' Rd Allie Champney Rd C. Cousino Rd Mario Cenfuori Rd John Cooper Rd Myles Caine Rd Richard Colacicco Rd F. Carabeifa Rd Trenchard Craig Rd Hedor Desiardins Rd D. DeVoe Rd Richard Dulessis Rd John Dale Rd Luca DeMichele Rd Erwin DeRosie Rd J. Driscoll Rd Kenndh Evans Rd William Fri+z Rd Mark Flewelling Rd Henry Fischl Rd Waller Friclier Rd R. Fihmaurice IIUMPANY l 39th INF. REBT Rd John Flynn Rd Verne Findlay Rd P. Georgoulis Rd D. Garrahy Rd Ernesi' Gleason Rd Harry Gonyea Rd Evarisfo Gonzalez Rd P. Grenier Rd J. Gilfeaiher Rd Thomas Gale Rd Samuel Gille'H' Rd Wal+er Hagan Rd J. P. Hoffman Rd Sefh Hayes Rd John Henne Rd W. Horowifz Rd Lawrence Joy Rd Edward Keanry Rd Leo Kafchinslry Rd T. Knighf Rd Bernard Kellom Rd Richard Kelly Rd Roberf Kelly Rd J. Kelleher Rd Edward Lodge Rd Emanuel Lopez Rd Charles LaMarche Rd R. Lamonfagne Rd J. Lovoffi Rd Roberf E. NoleH Rd Joseph Marshall Rd Harbor? Mason Rd James Mahnlren Rd Gordon Macriichie Rd J. Mallow Rd Roberf MaH'oie Rd William McHugh Rd Leo McCarron Rd Earl Merrill Rd B. Meyers Rd Rolando Mora Rd R. Morency Rd Paul Mudge Rd Norman Nordhaus Rd Pa'fr?ck Power Rd Donald Picl: Rc+ M. Pelchaf Rci F. Perry Rcl' W. J. Peierson Rcl' J. Pirozzi Rc+ J. V. Polys Rc? E. Puringfon Roi Lawrence Reilly Rc+ Kennefh Ruf Rc? Leo Ruiledge Rcf Manuel Rodriguez Rci' Roberi Reardon Rc? R. Rivnyalc Rc? Donald Rivers Rc? Daniel Riley Rc? R. Roberison Rc? David Ross Rc? Carmine Salvaio Roi' Herberi Sadiz Rc+ Richard Schulz Rc? Karl Seufhe Rcf Charles Schreiber Rc? Charles Sicuso Rci Alfred Simpson Rci Paul Sialk Rc+ Charles Sfanley Rc? Alan Sieenbergen Rd John Sfewari Rcf Frederick Swimm Rci Daniel Silvia Rc+ William Sellmann Ref Arnold Tafe Rc+ Paul Theriauli' Rc? John Trayhan Roi Joseph Vadnais Rc+ Holmes While Rc? Roberi Wise Rc? John Walsh Rc? Kennelh Young i CO PA Y M 39thl FA TRYREGIIVIE T a Isl' L+ Isl L+ Isl' L+ 2nd Lf C pf Edward F. Spross Roy A. Hagen Roy C. Harms Leslon R. McCall Lee R. Harfell MfSg+ Harry L. Ogilbee SFC Archie K. Bellom SFC John J. Doshner SFC Donald H. Morgan SFC Michael J. Tobin SFC Howard R. Berriman SFC Harry T. Wrigl1+ Sgf Alfonso E. Visco Sgf Dennis L. Young Cpl Lionel W. Duprey Cpl Francis J. Lamagdeleine Cpl Lewis J. Millen Cpl Samuel S. Nield Pfc Marlon J. Fein Rcl Gene E. Allen Rc+ Alfred B. Anderson Rc? Roberf S. Adeler Rcl' Thomas J. Burke Rcf Donald H. Benson Rci Roberi B. Barden Rc+ Richard D. Brown Rcl' John E. Ba'H'i'farano Rcl Edward H. Bishcp Rcr Douglas L. Banks Rc? Wayne M. Ballou Rc? Frederick D. Brazee Rcl Frederick W. Becker Rcf Arfhur E. Buck Rc? Edson M. Bailey Rc? Wendall D. Brady Rc? Joseph P. L. Bellelefe Rc? John Balls Rc? Edwin R. Bragner Rc+ Waller E. Brighi Rci' Roberf J. Barker Rcl George H. Brusard, Jr. Rci Richard C. Bracelin Rc+ Roberi L. Bryani Rd James B. Builer Rcl Laurence J. Broderick Rc'r Sianley R. Cook Rcl Donald R. Chambers Rc? George W. Curiis Rci Edmund F. Cushman Rc? Frank E. Clark, Jr. Rci Roberf E. Carney Rci Pairick B. Cregan Rcl Edward F. Collado Rc? John F. Charefle Rc? Allred J. Chalifouu Rcf Frank Cambra Rd John DiRocco Rci Eugene O. DeTonnancourf Rc? James R. Dabue Rcl Pasquale DiCesaro Rcl' James E. DeLorey Rc+ Fred E. Dunham Rcf Dennis G. Dacey Rcr James A. Dupuis Rcl' Roberl E. Eames Rci Ronald K. Eaiom Rcf Roberl L. Ferguson Rc+ LeRoy C. Fosrer, Jr. Rc? Philip L. Foole Roi Richard F. Fon+aine Rcf Paul J. Fiorenlino Rei' Francis W. Fosdiclr Rc1'Jaclc E. Gifflemaclxer Rc? Ronald Goldsiein Rd Thomas Gu+hrie Rc? Charles W. Goleslci Ref Andrew F. Giles Ref James H. Giblin Rc? John J. Grady Rc? Roberf G. Graham Rei Donald A. Goode Rei' Roberf A. Gemme Rc? Donald F. Gavin Rc? Raymond J. Gonzalez Rc! Marien E. Howell Ref Ralph J. Huichins Rc? Everell' Hillman, Jr. Rcf Vinceni G. Hou+en Rcf Harry Howland Rcf Arnold P. Hurley Rci Paul J. Juers Rc? Waller L. Knorr Ref John J. Kiely Ref William F. Kelly Rcf Milfon L. Knighf Rcl' Donald W. Kennedy Rc+ John A. Klinger Rcf Pafriclx J. Kelly Rcf Herberf H. A. Kern Ref George A. LaBrie Rcf Kenneih F. Largay Rcf William F. Lawion Rcf Rolaerf L. Lord Rc'f Milion G. Lizo'He Rcf Thomas J. Lewandowslri Rcl' Richard A. LoveH- Rci' John W. Larkin Rci Arcangelo Lucarelli Ref William F. McLaughlin Rc? Richard D. Maccormaclr Rc+ Michael J. Mansfield Rei Kenneih J. Murphy Rcf John H. Millon Rcf Kenneih P. Mains Rel Vince-nl R. Miraglio ... ....... 2:1'1a'- -.....,,, F Q ... 4-r-: - r' " v ' N f if if iw , g ..., z Q' -:gen A-rw' , . 'I ' 3 as f-f ir I an I 'K Rci Maurice Marlin Rcl' John A. Mogan Rc+ Joseph E. Mauger Rc? John E. Merrill Rcl James D. McCuslcer Rc+ Gerard A. Neauli' Rcl' Nunzianle R. Navarro Ref Zenon Nagler Rcl' Paul D. Norris Rc+ George F. Nauss Rc? Norman T. O'Brien Rcf John F. O'Brien Rcl' Charles S. Oliver Rc+ Donald A. Porfer Rc+ Roberi' J. Perrone Ref Angelo J. Polifo Rc? Norman J. Psloquin Rei' William H. Pendred Rd Joseph C. Rindf Rd John F. Riegler Rc+ James P. Roach Rc? John H. Ross Rel Roberl R. Riendeau Rc+ Joseph Russo Rei' John F. Saniimaw Rc? Ernes+ D. Sievens Rc+ Bernard Simon Rc? Normand Sf. Pierre Rd Louis M. S'rone Rc+ Anfhony J. Szymanshi Rcl' Harry H. Schull! Rc? Frederick C. Schmaling Rc+ Roberi' E. Tramberg Rci' Thomas R. Tyler Roi Alber+ T. Talon Rc? Howard W. Thibeau Rcl' Micall M. Tofland Rcl Bern N. Tanlcleff Rd Joseph TaH'i Rcl Edward J. While Rcl' Edward T. Wrighf Rci' Elmer B. Whilney Rei John F. Walson Rc+ Jus+ L. Wold Rcf John H. Williams, Jr. Rci Norman A. Ward Rci' Charles T. Websier Rei' Ralph H. Yafes Rei William W. Young if E 60th I FA TRY RIEGIIVIENT History The birTh OT The 6OTh InTanTry RegimenT Took place aT GeTTysburg NaTional Park, Ra., on I0 June I9I7, by auThOrizaTion OT Congress on 3 June I9I7. WiTh per- sonnel Trom The 7Th InTanTry Division Torming The nucleus Tor The Cadre Corps OT The RegimenT, The UniT moved To Camp Greene, NorTh Carolina, Tor inTensive Training. I'Iere, They were assigned TO The newly organized 9Th Brigade, 5Th Division. This assOciaTiOn was TO cOnTinue Throughoulr World War I. WORLD WAR I On I6 April I9I8, The 6OTh InTanTry RegimenT sailed Trom T'lOboken, New Jersey wiTh elemenTs OT The IJniT landing aT Liverpool, England, and ST. Nazaire, France, 28-29 April I9l8. The EspriT de Corps and TighTing gualiTies OT This newly Tormed UniT were Torcibly brOughT TO The aTTenTiOn OT The World by Their Tierce deTerminaTion in aTTecTing The crossing OT The lvleuse River on 5 November I9I8. "I" Company, commanded by CapTain E. C. AllwOrTh, reinTOrced by The remainder OT The 3rd BaTTaIiOn, leap- Trogged over The 2nd BaTTalion, in The Tace OT sTrong enemy arTillery Tire, Tor The TirsT successTul allied crossing Over The Ivleuse River. General Pershing reTerred TO This acTiOn as "One OT The mosT brillianT TeaTs in The hisTory OT The American Army in France." CapTain AllworTh received The highesT miliTary award, The Congressional Ivledal OT I-IOnOr, and HI" Company was ciTed by The U. S. Army. llAmericals greaTesT dOughbOy," so sTaTed General Pershing, OT anoTher member OT The 6OTh InTanTry, namely CapTain Sam WOodTill. During The MeuseeArgOnne OT- Tensive in November I9I8, "M" Company, 3rd BaTTaliOn, under CapTain WoooITilI, Tound iT impossible To advance againsT The enemy due To a series OT machine gun nesTs. Singlehandedly, CapTain WoodTill, eguipped wiTh a sharpshOoTer riTle inched his way Torward, and one by one desTroyed The machine gun nesTs, killing I9 OT The enemy. For This exTraordinary TeaT OT heroism, CapTain WoOdTill was awarded The Congressional Medal OT I-Ionor. Following The ArmisTice, The 6OTh InTanTry perTOrmed occupaTion duTies in Luxembourg unTiI 6 July I9I9, when iT embarked Tor New York, landing I9 July I9I9. ATTer discharging a large porTiOn OT iTs personnel The RegimenT shipped To Camp Gordon, and Tinally To Camp Jackson, SouTh Carolina where iT was inacTivaTed 2 SepTember I92I. The inacTive Regimenlr remained assigned To The 5Th Division unTiI I5 AugusT I927, iTs assignmenT was changed Tor a six year period To The 8Th Division. The 5Th Division released The 6OTh InTanTry Trom assignmenT when The IaTTer was reacTivaTed IO AugusT I94-O. I:OrT Bragg, NorTh Carolina was The permanenT sTaTiOn aT This Time, and assignmenT was To The 9Th Division. WORLD WAR ll The 6OTh lnTanTry was desTined To conTinue iTs glorious war record achieved in W.W. l. As a UniT oT The 9Th Division, The 6OTh lnTanTry was singled ouT To Take parT in one oT The TirsT major oTTensives by an American Force in W.W. ll. During Two years OT inTensive Training Trom l94O To l942, The 6OTh lnTanTry was To earn Tor iTselT, a well earned repuTaTion as one oT The TinesT and mosT eTTicienT combaT Teams in The U. S. Army. IT also received a nick- name "Go-Devils." ATTer compleTing amphibious maneu- vers in l942, The 6OTh embarked aT l-lampTon Roads. Va., arriving in NorTh ATrica on 8 November I942. ShorTly aTTer arrival The 6OTh CombaT Team was given The mission oT securing and holding The airporT serving The Town oT PorT LyauTey, N. A. This mission was compleTed aTTer 3 days oT combaT. The RegimenT reTurned To The 9Th Division locaTed in lviamora ForesT, souTh OT PorT LyauTey, French Morocco, where iT remained unTil Jan- uary I943. On I8 February I943 The 6OTh was ordered To move Toward Tunisia, and Take up posiTions in The viciniTy oT ThelepTe and Feriania recenTly vacaTed by The enemy. March I943 The 6OTh lnTanTry reverTed To a combaT Team and wenT inTo acTion againsT The enemy when iT was ordered To ioin The lsT Armored Division. Fully moTorized, The 6OTh CombaT Team aTTacked The well- TorTiTied enemy posiTion oT Diebel Goussa, a hill mass dominaTing The rail line running To The sea near STaTion De Sened. "The place everybody ToughT Tor and nobody wanTed." The 6OTh launched iTs aTTack during The nighT and was singularly successTul. Company "G," under The Command oT CapTain Wil- lard H. Barnwell, was ordered To police up The area near De Sened. Enemy arTillery coming Trom This Town was causing a greaT deal oT disTurbance. CapTain Barnwell wiTh PrivaTe lvloloTov, issued an ulTimaTum To The enemy garrison in Sened, Surrender or be wiped ouTf This was ignored by The enemy, whereupon "G" Company, wiTh lsT Armored ArTillery supporT, aTTacked Sened. This bold move caused The enemy To surrender. By audaciTy and quick acTion "G" Company killed or capTured nearly a BaTTalion oT The enemy and iTs supporTing arms. In April I943, The elemenTs oT The 6OTh CombaT Team were reTormed aT Bon Chebka, on The Tunicia-Algeria drive norTh, and The baTTle oT Sedienane Valley. WiTh The Corps Franc d ATrique, The RegimenT ToughT iTs way To BizerTe. Here, The RegimenT remained unTil 29 July, when iT sailed Tor Sicily, landing aT Palermo, lTaly. In The Sicilian Campaign, The 6OTh CombaT Team was called inTo acTion by The 9Th Division Commander on 5 AugusT I943. The German ArTillery Trom Troiana, had halTed The aTTack oT The IsT Division Tor 3 days. The 6OTh execuTed a Tlanking movemenT on The Germans in Troiana, by aTTacking and Taking MonTe PelaTo. This successTul acTion by The 60Th caused The Germans To wiThdraw Their arTillery supporT on Troiana, General Bradley sTaTed This movemenT by The 60Th was insTru- menTal in The deTeaT oT The enemy holding Troiana. On 20 AugusT, General Eisenhower announced ThaT The Island oT Sicily was Tree oT The enemy. The 60Th deparTed The shores oT Sicily II November I943, arriving in England 25 November I943, where iT engaged in inTensive Training near WinchesTer unTil iT sailed in June I944 Tor France. As parT oT The 9Th Division, The 6OTh, aTTer landing aT UTah Beach, helped clear up The CoTenTin Peninsula. ATTer I8 days in The TronT lines The 60Th moved souTh To Les Pieux Tor a brieT resT. OuT oT This acTion, one oT The ouTsTanding hero's oT The 60Th, was posThurnousIy awarded The Congressional Medal oT I-Ionor, LT Jack BuTTs, PIaToon Leader, "E" Company. WiTh indomi+abIe spiriT and a Tierce deTerminaTion To lead his men, LT BuTTs reTused medical aid aTTer being wounded on The I4Th and again on The l6Th oT June. I-Ie conTinued TighTing and leading his pIaToon unTil one week laTer, when he was sTruck down by enemy machine gun Tire. DeTermined To The lasT, LT BuTTs holding his sTomach TogeTher, goT up and made a lone TronTaI assualT Tocusing all The enemy aTTenTion To himseIT. When only I0 yards Trom The enemy TorTiTicaTion LT BuTTs was again machine gunned. I-Ie rose no more, buT his acTions noT only saved his pIaToon buT made iT possible Tor Them To desTroy The posiTion. Such are The TighTing men oT The 60Th. The 60Th conTinued To build iTs repuTaTion as a combaT RegimenT in all The resT oT The European campaigns, righT down To The lasT shoT Tired aT OOOI, 9 May I945. Honors Tor The campaigns in which The 60Th has par- TicipaTed in are: W.W. I-Alsace Lorraine-ST. Mihiel and Meuse- Argonne. W.W. II--Tunisia, Algeria-French Morocco, Sicily, Normandy, NorThern France, Ardennes-Alsace, Rhine- land, and CenTral Europe. Following uniTs have received DisTinguished UniT STreamers: 2nd BaTTaIion-Sedjenane Valley, ST. Colombe, Schwam- mauel Damm. B Company-Germany. Medical DeTachmenT-3d Bn-BlaimonT Belgium. Following uniTs have received MeriTorious UniT STream- ers: Service Company-European TheaTre. Medical DeTachmenT-6OTh InT-European TheaTre. The RegimenT has The Tollowing decoraTions: STreamer, French Croix de Guerre-wiTh palm embroid- ered CoTenin Peninsula. STreamer, Belgian Croix de Guerre--embroidered Meuse River. STreamer, Belgian Croix de Guerre-embroidered Ar- dennes. Fourragere oT The Belgian Croix de Guerre. AssaulT landing crediT Tor NorTh ATrica. Commanding OT-Ticers oT The 60Th InTanTry RegimenT, pasT and presenT, in order oT Their command: Colonel Frank B. I-Iawkins, Colonel Frank C. Mahin lThe laTe Mai Generali, Colonel William I-I. Wilbur, Colonel Frederick J. DeRohan, Colonel I-Ialley, Colonel Louis S. STickney, LT Colonel William Law, and our presenT commander, Colonel John J. Dubbelde, Jr. PEACE TIME The 60Th was inacTivaTecl on 30 November 1946, only To be reacTivaTed here aT ForT Dix on I5 July I947. Since ThaT Time To The presenT The 60Th InTanTry UniTs have Trained a ToTal oT 25,000 men. The prowess oT The 60Th InTanTry "Go-Devils" on The aThleTic Tield has carried Them To The Top, as wiTnessed by The presenTaTion oT The Commanding General's Trophy Tor aThIeTics Tor Two successive years. FirsT place in The Tollowing sporTs in I948: Swimming, Boxing, Tennis, Volleyball, and I-Iorseshoes. I949: Boxing, Tennis, and Volleyball. This RegimenT is iusTIy proud oT iTs TradiTions and achievemenTs, boTh in CombaT and Peace Time. REGIIVIE TAL HEADQUARTERS 60th I F RGT COL JOHN J DUBBELDE MAJ ALWIN J DARKOW Mai George H. Nesbe++ Cap+ Harvey E. Sweeney Is+ L+ Scribner J. Brown Is+ L+ Louis R. Deivlarco ls+ L+ Paul N. Dill ls+ L+ Dale W. Dye ls+ L+ Rober+ G. Hall Is+ L+ William B. Hensel ls+ L+ AI+onso J. Iaderosa Is+ L+ Rober+ 'E. Lynch Is+ L+ Louis J. MaruIIo Is+ L+ James M. Rober+son Is+ L+ Francis A. San+angeIo ls+ L+ Augus+ P. Silberisen Is+ L+ RoIoer+ E. Snider HEADQUARTERS COIVIPA Y 60th I F. REGT Cap+ SFC MfSg+ Morgan D. Griffilhs Richard W. Vogan Joseph S. Marlin SFC SFC MfSg+ MfSg+ MfSg+ Cpl Roland C. Delorme Alberi F. Ross Michael M. Cosla John Kearney Francis McKiernan William E. Shaver ..AAA . SFC Joseph F. Augusfine SFC Lawrence E. Ballard SFC Clinfon R. Becker SFC Paul T. Daley SFC George L. Hawras SFC Clyde L. Haman SFC Pai L. Johnson SFC Joseph A. L. Lakochelle SFC Daniel O'Neill SFC Frank B. Price SFC Charles Sfoiak Sg+ John J. Appel Sgr Donald M. Barnes Sgl William H. Chaddick Sgr Frank Corbo Sgi' Joseph V. Desio Sgi' Nicholas V. DeLorenzo Sg+ Wayne W. Felhofer Sgf Charles E. Gilson Sgf Joseph C. Geier Sgi Vinceni' R. Harbsf Sgr John E. Hopkins Sgr William J. Kolb Sg+ Louis H. Lee Sg+ Rober+ L. Legg Sgi Joseph A. Loposky Sgf Claude H. Lewis Sgi' Joseph S. Mar+in Sg+ Chesier C. Milliken Sgi Charles E. Oress Sgf John C. Robinson Sgi Henry E. Rooney Sgr James Snyder Sgr Dale P. Snider Sg+ Francis H. Sweeney Sg'r Jack F. Sfringer Sg+ William A. Todd Sgf Silvio R. Tomasim Sg+ John M. Wilinski Sgl' John E. Winn Sgr Russell Wassell Sgf Jesse C. Whife Sg+ Louis N. Wainwrighf Cpl Berl' L. Adams Cpl Marlin F. Bock Cpl Winfred V. Barber Cpl John A. Cassegrand Cpl James R. Cook Cpl Harold K. Cole Cpl George A. Casile Cpl Charles J. Campbell Cpl Thomas F. Clovis Cpl Paul K. Cossman Cpl Eihridge F. Doane Cpl Arfhur Doherfy Cpl Paul Deery Cpl Perry Dodson Cpl William E. Emmons Cpl Ralph J. Francisco Cpl John Garcia, Jr. Cpl James W. Gardner Cpl Alvin P. Higley Cpl Herman O. Hossler Cpl LeRoy F. Koefh Cpl Earl Krom Cpl Franlr Koslxy Cpl Joseph M. Keloy Cpl Gerald K. Kaiz Cpl Liego Lopez Cpl Arihur H. Laiulippe Cpl Bernard C. Leaviif Cpl Philip R. Lascala Cpl James J. Maflhews Cpl Conslanline Malisymllr Cpl Andrew Mololco Cpl George F. Murray Cpl Wilfred J. Mariner Cpl Alfred T. Myers Cpl James J. Mariell Cpl Frank D. Nolan Cpl Berf Price, Jr. Cpl Harold E. Roberfs Cpl Thomas T. Schollisseclr Cpl James Sfine Cpl Roberf M. Shanaberger Cpl George R. Shanks Cpl Waller G. Schumaclrer Cpl Lawrence Smifh Cpl Andrew P. Trofenof Cpl Joseph E. Whelpley Cpl Louis A. Wydo P'Fc Leo R. Adams Pic Edward A. Afen Pfc Marvin Adelman Pic George G. Bryer Pfc Roberl V. Brovakos Pfc Charles W. Beaudoin Pfc Leonard E. Becker Plc Richard E. Bailey Pfc Lionel A. Benoif Pfc Guy L. Biagini Pic Daniel E. Carroll Plc Reginald R. Cassidy Pic Emilio G. Ciriello Pic George R. Collins Pic Zigmund Carier Pic Anlonio T. Dividio Pfc Alberf A. Dubois Pfc James R. Dunaway Pfc Alloerf J. DeJesus Pfc George R. Falkland Pic Daniel N. Florio Pfc Louis P. Flynn Plc Carl J. Feddon Pic Srephen A. Graziano Pic Mark Giunfa Pic Anfhony S. Grossi Pic Joseph S. Giordano Pic lsaac J. Geldsfon Pic Joseph G. Galanfe Pic Glenn L. Houghfaling Pic Jack E. Holmes Plc Michael J. Hallub Pfc Edward Hor Pfc Earl R. Jackson Pfc Roberl W. Kime Pic James E. Kenney Plc Jerome W. Lynolf Pfc Archie E. Lapoini' Pfc Charles J. McAlis1'er Pic Joseph Malec Pic Gordon F. Morris Plc Edward F. Murphy Pic Darrel D. Maiilen Pic Bernard J. McLaughlin Pfc Daniel G. Mello Pfc Domniclr M. Magliaro Pic Joseph S. Niemczylc Pic Gerald Nemeroff Pfc Roberf N. Nelson Pfc Marfin J. Purcell Pic Floyd E. Pugh Pic Lloyd H. Reed Pic Herberf T. Richard Pic William Scully Pic Ray E. Smifh Pfc Jerome S. Smiih Pic Fred C. Spafford Pfc Lesier A. Tefreaulf Pic Franlr J. Tovar Pic Alberi' Uzar Pfc Billy H. Woods Pic J. W. WiH Pfc Arland Wilson Pic Delberf E. Weber Pfc Louis J. Zeleslrey Pvi George C. Carroll Pvf Rubin Colon Pvf Roberf W. Cameron Pvf Thomas C. Downes Pvf Alexander Deans Pvf Glenn C. Forwood Pvf Tony A. Fusilli Pvf James M. Gibney Pvf Alexander Z. Keron Pvf Joseph Levendel Pvf Freddie May Pvf Wayne B. Morrell Pvf George J. Nevins Pvi Waller J. Pelczar Pvf Roberf G. Snell Pvi' Andrew L. Washlro Fe. , e 1 Q' 4' PM 4 .51 ' if A! X' Q xg: , "wi-Z.:-2:5:' I,.52-I,.,.,w3f1,.:.:.. ,... :sQ,:g:g.5:5:51,:gwg- """ 4 . ,J Hs .,,, iii . -1 T Q ....... , ., ,M ll gym HE DQUARTERS 1st B TT LIU 60th I F EGT MfSg+ Max E. Daniels Capf Walfer W. Sears Sgf Boyd R. Esfabrook Sgf Maro Moralas Sgf Cpl James A. Hinds Pfc Roberf E. Callaway Pfc James J. Hearn Pvf Louis R. Marfin Leo S. Tyszecki COIVIPA Y A 60th INFANTRY REGIIVIE T Cap+ Isl' L+ Isl' L+ lsf Ll' Roscoe H. Goodell Raymond S. Davis John F. Nolan George E. Yarberry SFC Les+er J. Ford SFC Ralph G. Lovell l SFC Michael G. Szollosy Sgi Francisco Arsenio Sgf Dale McNamee Cpl George M. Barlley Cpl Paul D. Ha1'l1away,Jr. Cpl Lawrence W. Presfon Cpl Waller H. Simmerman Pfc Louis Kolodin Pfc John E. Owens Pv+ Edward G. Carr Pvf Roberi' W. Carr Sgi' John J. Micicey Sql Alonzo T. Randall Pvf Richard E. DesLoges Pvf Joseph P. Greco Pv+ Thomas E. Leonard Pic Gerard L. Lussier Pv+ Roland Miner Pvf Edward Marlinez Pvf Irving K. Morfon Pvf James H. Spillane Cpl Henry B. Bullins Cpl John J. Gallagher Cpl Howard L. Joergens Cpl Lawrence E. Knighi Cpl Joseph E. O'Bannon Cpl Marlin J. Wydeven Rci' Sari E. Anderson, Jr. Rcl Angelo Aragona Roi William G. Anderson Rc? James K. Abell Rcl' William M. Biffle Rci' Louis F. Berulli Rc+ Bernard H. Borg Rcl Paul Bohnsaclc Roi Charles S. Brown Roi' Roberf H. Bensinger Rcf Lawrence H. Brill Rci Gene P. Boisveri' Rci' Gray A. Burrell Rcf Vicior K. Bumeder Rcl Alfredo A. Barbieri Rcl Roberi D. Bensley Rcl Giliford W. Benedici Rci Oresles Bayron Rci' Lulher Carden, Jr. Rcl- Donald H. Cook Rci Frank C. Chillon Rcl' Arihur L. Cayer Roi William Collelfi Rei' William L. Cliiion LT,- Rcl Theodore L. Cedar Rc? Frederick W. Crown, Jr. Rel' Mario R. Cen+amore, Jr Rcl' James L. Corallo Rcl' Hugh J. Conahan Rel Donald E. Chapman Ref Thomas J. Clark Rcl' Alberl F. DeSimone Rcl' Leslie F. Drake Rcl James J. Donaldson Rcl William H. Dillinger Rcl Charles H. Daily Rcl Charles H. DiLione Rel' Leonard J. Deivlarco Rc? Wallace A. Dixon Rcl Roger J. Dowling Rcl Richard R. Doyle Rcl Henry A. Daggell' Rcl' Donald E. Flelcher Rcl Elmer W. Foulk Rcl' Wendell W. French Rel Edward D. Funanish Rc? George Fay Rc? John E. Ferguson Rcl' Richard A. Fealher Rel William E. Fissell Rcl' Roberl' F. Gannon Rcl Gordon M. Gurney Rc? Donald M. Green Rcl Philip Gordon Rc? Rodney C. Hunsicker Rcl Ross A. Hancock Rcl Harry R. Harbarger Rcl Joseph F. Hoffman Rcf David R. Horn Rel Edgar F. Harrison Rcl' Charles H. Hulls Rcf Lawrence E. Hill Rel' David J. Houser Rel' Maurice E. Hiller :Ef:f::,::i:,,:, y, A.:E:A.EAE:A:,::A, .,:,E Eiiiiziii aziz . .yn My-mfsw Ns Rd Richard D. Hazel Rd Philip L. Hufchins Rd Louis Halcomb Rd Howard D. Harris Rd Eugene R. lnkpen Rd Angel S. lrizarry Rd Edward D. Jusius Rd Henry J. James Rd Leslie Johnson Rd Neil P. Jenkins Rd Edwin J. Kuzynski Rd Richard l. Kimmy Rd Wayne N. Kingsbury Rd George A. Karales Rd Gaylord R. Kenyon Rd Ernesi J. Knapp Rd Sianley Kramer Rd Frank C. Klufsariis Rd Roberl' C. Keefer Rd Kazimir J. Kaczmarczyk Rd Roberl' J. Kcslzewa Rd Roberf J. Kiesewelier Rd Roberf L. Lane Rd Lee A. Laioie Rd James H. Larkin Rd Arthur T. Lukens Rd Alex Michaliszyn Rd Waller F. McCar1'ney Rd Chalmer L. Mclnfyre Rd James J. McLaughlin Rd Roberl McAndrew Rd John J. Milchko Rd Roberi' J. Mason Rd Alfred P. Miller Rd Richard J. Meredifh Rd William J. Murray Rd William J. Mclvlurly Rd Paul E. Muise Rd Richard L. McKeown Rd Charles S. Marullo Rd Donald W. Mas+ers Rd Roberi' F. Miller Rd W. McLaughlin Rd James J. Mulligan Rd Carmelo Midolo Rd Rifchie A. MacLeod Rd John G. Marriner Rd Carl Maihle Rd William A. Marlin Rd Herberl W. Norwood Rd Dominic E. Negri Rd Roberi' E. Noble Rd Bryden H. Newharf Rd Charles G. O'Baroslci Rd Theodore O'Connor, Jr. Rd Guy A. Oliva Rd Pafriclc J. O'Molley Rd Roberi W. Ogden Rd William F. Pavano Rd John 6. Pe+ers Rd James P. Planz Rd Clark W. Piifsley Rd Richard L. Reynolds Rd Anfhony J. Rodgers Rd James R. Rivenburgh Rd Darrel A. Rivenburg Rd Wilson J. Roheris Rd Richard A. Rogers Rd Roherl W. Rosen Rd Henry Reese Rd David L. Reconnu Rd Richard M. Randall Rd John E. Rozman Rd Charles R. Riichie Rd Reid L. Russell Rd William A. Richer Rd Thomas E. Scully Rd John H. Schusfer wwf! 'bf 0 MN, , ,M -: is if ,"1' :::: .'.,,. 5,g:efsae:,,.-1 -.f:5E5 5E5E5:5::::.: v v 0 W of an aw' if ,. gl ...,. - w,,ad'Y .,.,.,.. , , l .. :gf ..':::::::: .:.:. 3 -rf ' - if zu W W M ll .uw 1 uf is Eff NM :::,,, , ' Is" a2:sass.a::: ' ,fu Q, .Q .. l as:sis:a!5:a:.:.:.:.z5f,-1 1 .1 Q 'S' .dh 1- g We "'-5:5 - ,, ...,, , . 2 iiiflia. i ,, ""' --f'. za, .... , -Q., .., S , K " H ' if 'f-'- 1 3 .. .,., w-,--- t p sw' , Y . I 4121: . . .. if . . 9" ' -.f2s5a2:2:':2s5:fM.5 -' ,, sp, Qgaf i fl' W '-am -...fa-. 3. e. M uf, ' 2 2 ,,. ., fi .f 5 ,....,-X 'iv Ig J X , ,,,,,, V "F wa- fm. if Rd Frank A. Salva'I'ore Rd Ronald G. Salisbury Rd William D. Sielsko Rd Jess R. Slanley Rd Harvey Slanley Rd Evi L. Slalker Rd Rayond B. Spaulding Rd Frederick Smi'll1 Rd Fred L. Smilh, Jr. Rd Roberl' J. Slafe Rd S+eve S. Sinko Rd Roberf G. Sine Rd Alberl J. Sicard Rd Clarence A. Sherran Rd Michael C. Sheehy Rd Sfephen M. Seman Rd Alber+ L. Sfrang Rd Donald H. Smilh Rd Roderick N. Simons, Jr. Rd Dewey Shaffer, Jr. Rd Roland Twombly COMPANY A 60th INF. REGT. Rd Lloyd W. Toms Rd Carlos E. Tirado Rd Edward T. Thiess Rd Charles Thomas Rd Paul N. Uzleber Rd George P. Valko Rd Harold A. Van Appleclorn Rd Richard R. Woehrle Rd Bill M. Wilson Rd John Williamson Rd Richard E. Willelle Rd James E. Wighlman Rd William J. While Rd David L. While Rd Willard S. Whispel Rd Howard L. Whalen Rd James A. Werley Rd Edward K. Wolfram Rd George W. Yales, Jr. Rd Edward J. Yelsko Rd Slephen E. Zurn CGIVIPAIXIY B 60th Capi Michael S. Miller MfSg'l' John E. Payne SFC James V. Diclcman SFC Henry R. Hulclcala SFC Edward J. Robinson Sgi' Angelo J. Carroiii Sgi Nicholas P. Hughes Cpl William H. Formica Cpl Le Roy Nowpori' Cpl James J. Pullan Pfc Thomas G. Siamos Pvi- Donald Sasdelli INFANTRY REGIIVIE T Isl' L+ Isi L+ lsi L+ Donald Conner Ben. L. Gunfer, Jr. Donald F. Schwarzlcopf MfSg1' Warren J. Maclr Sg+ Theodore Alexanderowicz Pfc Roloerf F. McCar'lhy Pvi William H. Sianfon Cpl Kennefh F. Leonard Rc+ Louis J. Arsenaulf Rcl' Arihur H. Allen Rai Fausfo P. Andognozzi Rei Irving W. Bielby Rc? Gerald J. Barnes Rcf James M. Benvie Rc+ Paul W. Briggs, Jr. Rc+ Jaclc Brown Rc? Harry Beliunas Rel' John F. Brayman Ref Arfhur W. Burfchell Rcl' Wayne S. Barber Rc? William A. Berlcopec Rc'r Eugene C. Burnell Roi Charles R. Bazinef Rc? Arihur T. Crehan Rd Chrisfopher J. Colombo Rcf John W. Carroll Rcf James J. Caplan Rc? Ronald H. Coloma Rc? James H. Coomes Rc? Anfhony J. Cascio Rel Anlonio P. Capezzulo Rc'r Michael T. Cufe Rc? Ralph E. Cool: Rd Lawrenzo A. Colangelo Rc? Roberl' E. Caron Ref Donald A. Clasby Rcf Gvlendon E. Clark Rc? Carmen F. Chirico Roi Edward B. Cornelius Ref Warren Carney Rcf Rodney B. Congdon Rc! Donald E. Camp Rcf Gilberf W. Davison Rd Edward J. Delahun+ Rcf Frederick W. Dangler Rel Charles Damico, Jr. Rc? John DeFranco Rei Allen Roberi Fi+zPa+riclc Rc? Lawrence lvl. Foley Rcf Donald F. Foley Rcf Henry A. Frerlcs Rc? Donald E. Fonfaine Rc? Joe A. Gangemi Ref Alberl H. Gerald Rei Joseph G, R. Godin Rc? Douglas J. G-arri+y Rcf Richard E. Johnson Rcr Alvin C. Jones Rc? Donald W. Joly Ref Clifford D. Johnson Rcf Andrew J. Kosielnilr Rc? Ar+hur E. King Rcf Eugene A. Kingsley Rc! Charles M. Kimmence Rcf John S. Liberda Rc? Sfephan Loneslcy Rd Roberi O. LiHle Rcf Paul Larbig Rcf Ronald F. La Voie Rd Louis A. Logan Rd Bruce Leonard Rd Edwin Longley, Jr. Rd Roy M. Lynch Rd William J. LaCoun?, Jr. Rd George H. Lobcdzinslri Rd Darvin R. Linn Rd Raymond R. Lavoie Rd Charles E. Learn, Jr. Rd Wilfred A. Lamberi Rd Richard V. Lufhi Rd John D. Mullin Rd Salvafore Minisieri Rd Russell G. Mason Rd William Marlin, Jr. Rd Emile J. MassicoHe Rd Dwighl E. Marlin Rd Palricli W. Murphy Rd Donald A. Muenzel Rd Pder Murin Rd John H. Miller Rd Francis Middlebroolc Rd Harold L. Menzies Rd Roberf J. MacLean Rd Sfanley F. Maglowslci Rd George H. Meziclx Rd Thomas E. McDermoH' Rd Harold McAvoy Rd Edward Mailland Rd George F. Naze Rd Chesler V. Napierlcowslti Rd Francisco Ndfis Rd Edward R. Nease Rd John H. Nazlian Rd Thomas P. O'Brien Rd John R. Oliveira Rd John B. Owen, Jr. Rd John E. Oliver Rd Gerald J. O'Leary Rd George T. Owens Rd John M. O'Neil Rd John H. PraH Rd Yale W. Phillips Rd Gerald J. Pike Rd John E. PoHer Rd Roberf L. Pringle Rd Roberi' P. Pohlmeyer Rd Herman Penningion Rd Rolaeri T. Perefic Rd Jaclc D. Pegg Rd Philip A. Peiers Rd John S. Plazial: Rd Percy E. S+. Pierre Rd William Quereux Rd Charles E. Rumford Rd Warner M. Rice Rd Donald L. Ridge Rd Richard C. Rushford Rd Caspar J. Rinaldi Rd Carl P. Rdhermel Rd Neal H. Ruih Rd Frank A.'Ruby Rd William W. Rosborough Rd Charles M. Simon Rd Donald J. Smiih Rd George R. Sipes if ww lim' U Q of .i Q . if '-f: ,g -,.,,.,,,,, ,, A Q J ............... . . W' , .. i Rd Raymond A. Siromoslci Rd David A. Smi+h Rd Roberi P. Slaifery Rd Adolphus F. Siacy Rd Francis Smead Rd Thomas W. Suiion, Jr. Rd Maiihew R. Sabal Rd Alphonse S. Sabella Rd Richard J. Saniini Rd Bernard F. Tracy Rd Irving H. Thombs Rd William C. Thomas Rd Frank J. Toiaro Rd Maurice W. Taylor COMPANY B Bilth INF. REST Rd John J. Urso Rd John R. VanMeier Rd Dominiclc V. Valle Rd Ronald G. VanBuren Rd George W. VanMe+er Rd Nunzio J. Vaccaro Rd James R. Wells Rd James K. Widson Rd William D. Whifman Rd David M. Whiiehouse Rd Clifford A. Willequer Rd Augusi R. Wall Rd Waller R. Wagoner Rd Roger N. Weizel Rd Donald L. Wyman Rd Roger O. Wood Rd Richard C. Woodard Rd George T. Yellefs Rd Bernard A. Youngs , -7-- CGIVIPA Y C 60th I FA TRY RIEGIIVIE 'T MfSgI Harry B. Porferfield Cpl Reber? Wenfz Plc Richard Cachion Pfc Joseph Carboni Pfc Thomas W. Currie Plc Frank N. English Pfc Ervan G. Hendrickson Pvi Alban Breen Pvl' Hecior R. Hernandez Pvi' Andrew J. Machacylc Pv+ Roberf Margadonna Ca pf Charles James SFC Joseph F. Kouche SFC Edwin Oliver Sgl John H. Harrison Sgf Alexander McLencIon Sg+ Raymond Young Cpl Merwyn J. Sfaveley Capf Is'I' L+ Is'I' L+ 2nd L+ Roberl Delpino Lewis H. Goad Don F. Mowry Alexander Yaroslry W2 E 5, 2e21gaQ22aQQggEQ:E.E::., f 'ff:2QQgg5EEE,:,, we S91 James Couilliard Sgr Francis Doyle Cpl Joseph DePalma Cpl Terrence O'Neil Cpl Arfhur Ragan Pic Siephen L. Wilcox Pvr Cleo L. Brousseau Pvl Roberr Bonilla Pvf Wallace R. Fellows Pvi' Donald Ferris Pvr George De Angelo Pv'r Merrill LaFrance Rd Ronald Adams Rd Thomas Angley Rd Vincenf Arnold Rd Waller Abrams Rd Edgar Barrefl Rd John Byrne Rd William Builer Rd James Byrnes Rd George Burns Rd Roberr Burke Rd Alan Burch Cpl Donald L. Brown Rd Theodore F. Briggs Rd Joseph Brickell Rd John Brayall Rd Paul Boroznoff Rd Charles Boldin, Jr. Rd Ronald Bohley Rd Frederick Berry Rd Henry Barlhel Rd Roberi Beaih Rd John Berniaz Rd Lawrence Ball Rd Joseph Cyr Rd John Carney Rd Roy Creek Rd Richard Clemeni' Rel Palriclr Campbell Rcf William D. Cameron Rcf Edward Cahill Rcl Charles Cunic Rcl Francis Connelly Rci' Russell Clayior Rci' Roberl' Cole Rcl Roberl' Chapman Rcf Edger Carr Rcl Raymond Carpenler Rcl George Cabral Roi' William J. Driscoll Rcl' William Doncel Rcl Lawrence Davenporf Rc? Thomas D'An'lonio Rci' James T. Duffy Rcl' Nicholas Dialrun Rci' Donald Disolell Rcf John Danese Rcf Donald Davis Rc? George H. David Rcf Roberi' Dailey Rcf Roberl' L. Earl Rc? Roberf Eichner Rcl Sfanley J. Endres Rc? Francis J. Erilcson Rel James Fifzgerald Rc? John Freifas Rd Roberi' J. Forresl Rcl Sidney Fisher Rcf Joseph W. Fenchalc Rcf Edward J. Farrell Rcl Richard M. Farrell Rcl John Gubbins Rcl Raymond Gamble Rcl William George Rcl' George Gillaerf Rcf Richard Glennon Rcf William Golighfley " .MQ 4 . ,jf l tw ad. . a ,. 'P we in if r: rzv. 1 ' r-221:f:.. 05 1.., 3 . ' rv W Q Rei Henry Hunier Rcl' Thomas Housfon Rci Roberi' Hirsch Rci Leonard Hirsch Rcl' George Hiclrey Rci Pablo Hernandez Rci' Harold Hendershaw Rci Richard Harvaiin Rc? George Harringion Rci' Francis Harfman Rc? Sianley Halabura Rei' John W. Hare Rd Richard Harla Rci Raymond lacona Rcl' John C. James Rc? James Janes Rc? John Jeral Rc? Franklin Johnson Rel' Alan Johnson Rc? David Joseph Rci' Morion Kravih Rei James Kelland Rei' Roberl' Kelley Rc? James King Rci' William Kowalslry Rc? Charles Kammler Rc? Lionel Kelley Rc? Paul Kelly Rc+ William Kelly Rei' Roberi' Kennedy Rel Edwin Komsi Rci' William Lawler Ref Clarence M. Leake Ref Melvin E. Lighf Rel Richard Lynch Rcl' Hiram Lopez Rcl Richard A. Lazarony Rci Joseph N. Lawrence Rei Donald LaBrecque Rc? Louis Longi Rc? Richard LeLucas Rc+ Floyd Levine Rcf Thomas McGoldriclc Rci Anfonio Modesio Rel John Michael Rcf Francis Malcely Rc+ Richard McFadden Rc? Roy McCormick Rc? Jusfin McCar+hy Rc? Frank Mosser Rc+ Charles McCar+hy Rc+ Thomas Murphy Rc? James Molnar Rcf Henry Nolef Rd Michael Niedwiclr Rc? James Newcomer Rcf John Nelson Rc? Donald Nelson Rc? James O'Boyle Rci Ralph O'Hearn Rc? Clarence Oleson Rei William H. Oelschlager Rc? Roy Orliz Rc? Chrisfopher Oliveira Rcl' Edward Pecldell Ref Richard W. Poffenburgh Rc'r Charles Powell Rcl' Leo Powell 'Ref William Proul' Rc? Ralph Porfer Rcl' Richard Phillips Rci Milfon PiHides Rci Dennis PaHon Rc+ Manlilo Palmon Rcl' Richard Rummel Rc? Roberi' Rice Rcf Gerald Rush Rcf George Ross MNA pad' are .QQAN VL im- 1 is +""" s is ,wx 1 Q, wr N B Q K ll y 'W 'W R ' :12 ' z L wif , l' . f Z Q ' 1 ' ,J .--' 1 I 2 ,X v JV me 'N i H ,..,., , ff . , is is eg , .5 y 1 JAV I 3 .. ,,.. , 4,26 4 , I W S 1:- -:E :-, A QI.. by ---------:-- A A P li ,. Q l .,.. f r I ,,.',, -. '::,: 5 :g... "2 1 :VV my .Q :j,:g,l,E,g I :Iy yi 1 .',,, :,, , , , ,... E , , H . uuul , I H ,ii ,.y P V X . AA Q 122' V -:'---: I :----:-:- 2: -:-:, ,. .4 Q F Q A x-,, 3 - I :qu ..-- E , V I. Q gb' .V -Jn., X,--, . ...,.,,.,,,, ' "r'Q Ki.r.-: z r --"' ' ..:-:a-e laee-r ' , -:f'K ' 2' ff ' ' R A"" J ""': 5 it iuuuu R 4 H 7 '2 5 :QQ in luul lziilllzviuu V ll' J I- 1 'll 1 7. - 3..:,g5g ,sf. ., Q ---:- 1 :.:.:.:-:- 5 'A nz- :,. P?" llvvl "-::A:::::: --:-:::v- .'----v, l 43: : H u i I: n -. . 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REGT Rd Ralph Swiizer Rd John Sfowell Rd Maurice Twomey Rd Charles Trubilla Rd John Taylor Rd Paul TuHle Rd Lawrence Traeger Rd John E. Thompson Rd Roy Tierney Rd Raymond Tierney Rd James Talis Rd Charles Taylor Rd Donald R. Vir Rd Edward L. Vincen'l' Rd Jack P. Wesfloroolc Rd John H. Wood Rd Gary R. Waliher Rd Joseph Zdobinslci Rd Richard L. Wilhelmy Rd John Zimmerman Rd Richard Zinlce COMPANY D 60th INFANTRY REGIIVIENT SFC Palriclr A. Morin Capi Roberi' M. Ba+hursf, Jr. SFC John T. Moser Sgf William Fihgerald Sgi Fred Murphy Sgr Ellsworih E. Sam Sgf Ralph R. Sfimpson Cpl Charles H. Toffen Pfc George W. Demaresi Pfc Charles K. Emery Cpl Joseph P. Magdalein Pvf Lawrence L. Gourley Pfc Herman Sfockman ls? Ll' Isl' Li William W. Pefersen Augusf G. Sellaerf f a I if K ':" E .. 4 , Tr, gg: 9. .25 ' I new 215.. Sgr Thomas V. Cosflow Cpl Salva'l'ore Amendola Cpl Earl F. Crawford Cpl George T. Murphy Cpl William Parks Pvf Joseph A. Kelly Pvf Henry J. Nagem Pvf Irving A. Paylor Pvi Richard F. Simpkin Ref Anlhony T. Annicelli Rc+ Harold E. Avery Rcl Ernesl J. Allen Roi Jaclr E. Ades Rd Maurice L. Brewer Rcf Bruce J. Banulis Rd John E. Bard Rc? John H. Barfield Ref Roberl W. Barne'H Rc? Omer J. Baillargeon Rd Raymond N. Bu'FFum Rc? Arlhur E. Buswell Rc? William P. Bryanf Rc? Herberf A. Brown Rd Roy E. Bischoff Ref Lyman W. Bigelow lll Rci Leonard J. Beseclrer Rc? Joseph C. Bergeron Rei Byron A. BenneH Rci Daniel H. Beclxer Rd Leonard F. Barry Rc? Roberf E. Bromley Rcl' John Brody Rc? Richard E. BriHon Roi Clifford B. Brimmer Rc? Thomas J. Brighfman Ref lra C. Briggs Roi' Armand L. Boudreau Rcl' Viclor Ciampoli Rci' Abraham Chaliph Rcf Marlin R. Casula Rcf Charles C. Cuppy Rei' Richard G. Covey Ref Charles N. Conley Rcl' Harry E. Cleaver Rc? Michael Drebol' Rci' Roberf A. Doll Rcf Gerald J. Dupuis Rcf Ivan 'E. Davenporf Rcf Warren E. Darby Rci' Owen E. Dawson Rcf Roberi' P. Evans Rcf John C. Evans Rcl' Paul W. Eller Rcf Charles R. Eclrerf Rci' Roberf E. Fanion Rc? Vic'l'or T. Fanning Rc? William J. Fisfler, Jr. Rci' Charles J. Fleclr, Jr. Rci' Glendon Fox Rcf Kennefh Frederick Rcf Chesfer Ferreria Rd Joseph R. Forresf Rd Joseph L. Goupil Rci' Roberf A. Grasso Rcf Gerald D. Gould Rcf John Goriscak Rcf Salvafore A. Gilardi Rc? Allen Goodchild Rci Bernard Goldsmi+l1 Rci Joseph R. E. Gagnon Rcf Louis C. Grimm Rel Alan S. Handley Rcf Fredericlr R. Hi+zel Rcf Barfh D. Hegeman Rcf Arfhur J. Heriiage Rci' Roberf E. 'Harriman Rci Edward N. Johnson Rcf Thomas D. Jacob Rcl' Raymond J. Jedrey Rcl' Thomas E. Jones Rcl' Joseph R. Koloslri U Rc+ George F. Kline Rc? John J. Kelly Rcl James Koscielslci Rc+ William C. Laflerly Rcl' Philip J. Le Brun Rcl' Evere'H' B. Laird Rc+ Paul A. Lynch Rel' Harold P. Lynch Rcf Carmen A. Larizzio Rc+ Ernes+ R. Lincoln Rc+ Henry Lalcomslci Rc? Kennelh C. Lamoreaux Rcl' John C. Laphen Rcl' James R. Musumeci Rc? John R. Monahan Rcl' John F. Morrow Rc? William R. Mahr'l', Jr. Rcl Richard J. Miller Rel Roman S. Maciolelc Rc'l' Waller L. Moyer Rcl Donald L. Moyer Rcl Cloyd W. Mounlain Rcl John J. McGinniss Rcl Paul L. Morrisiell Rc+ Frederick H. Meyer Rcl' Kennelh May Rcl Joseph A. L. Morrisselfe Rcl Lawrence E. Mafher, Jr. Rc? Raleigh F. Midkifl Rc+ Harry 'E. Marshall Ref Archie L. McGill Rcl Waller A. Murphy Rcl Theodore J. McMahon Rcl Joseph V. McGinley Rcl David H. MacDermoH' Rcl John N. MacDonald Rcf Gerald F. McFee Rcl' Frederick C. Michalchilc Roi Roberf E. Ma'His Rc? Leonard H. Nordsirom Rcl Raymond A. Nichols Rci Leo F. Naylor, Jr. Rcl' Charles E. Ouinelfe Rci Clarlr D. Ohner Rc? James O'Leary Rc? Wesfley J. Plefz Rel' Francis D. Pawlilcowslri Ref Richard V. Perelo Rel William P. Pefrivelli Rcl' Alvin P. PliH Rcf Earl W. Roberfs Ref Joseph J. Rodgers Rcf Ramon C. Reed Rc? Reginald L. Roclzwell Rcf Richard A. Rogers Rcf Roberi' C. Rizzo Rc+ Joseph J. Rezzino Rc? Allen C. Ri'Her Rcl' John J. Ready Rcl' Herberf E. Raymond Rc? Herberf B. Schwager, Jr Rcf Leonard J. Slcalslri Rcf Franlc J. Sco'H Rcl' Earl J. Spriggs, Jr. Ref Paul J. Slilrer Rcf Rixey K. Sfoneman Rcf Francis D. Shraclc Ref Robert F. Singer Ref George A. Slrillas Rcl Edward H. Schofield Rc? Hugh F. Sfyborslri Rc? Kennefh N. Spearing Rel Daniel G. Solomon Rcf Paul C. Seiferf Rd Arlen Sulcoian Ref Joseph Sivarfak Rd Waller Smi+h, Jr. Rci James H. Silveira Rc? Kennefh E. Siull Rc? Joseph N. Schreiber Rc? Leon W. Savner Rc+ William G. Schwager Rc? Thomas E. Sanfmyer Rei' George A. Schnack Rc? Roberi J. Tremoglio Rc? Joseph F. Tropiano Rcf Archie N. Taylor Rc? Carl E. Thompson Rd Adrien A. TroH'ier Rc? Paul A. Theriauli Rei Sidney Tesla Rei Alberi' D. Turner Rd Roberf C. Tilburg Rcf Roberi' A. Tyson Rc? Leon P. Vigneaulf Roi John J. Vaccaro Roi Roberi J. Vi+ali Rci Harold W. Woodring Rci' John S. Wynegar Rcf Howard J. Williams Roi Joseph J. Walls Rcf Sianley H. Wood Rci James A. Wenriclr, Jr. Roi' Douglas M. Wighi Rcr Roberf D. Wilkinson Rc? Richard K. Woll Rei' Clayron R. Weaver Rei' David K. Wolfrey Rei' John D. Wen+z Ref Harold D. Williams Rc? John F. Webber Rc-l Ralph C. Warren Rei Reber? X. Young Rci' Daniel J. Zameiio HE DQUARTERS 2nd BATTALIU 60th I F. REGT L+ Col Mai Cap+ Capi Isf L+ Lee C. Miller Wal+er F. Ponzar Roberf J. Hoff John M. Zach M. E. Ambrazavi+ch SFC Sgi Sgi Sgi' Cpl Pfc Fred C. Wuriz James 'E. Gray Raymond Hickey Pefer A. La Rosa Angelo M. Mangini Richard Dillenbeck CGIVIPANY E 60th IIXIFANTRY REGIIVIE T Capi Is+ Li lsf L+ Is? L+ James M. Gibson William MacDermoH' Charles P Trnclceff James F Wesion SFC Wilfred Pellerin SFC Harry T. Rovnak Sg+ Alberi J. Brusnahan Sgi Bobbie O. Heplrer Sql' William H. Moran Sql Edward J. Tobin Cpl James F. Jenkins Cpl John P. Schmifi Cpl Daniel Smiihson Cpl John I. Ma-lyiasik Pfc Leonard S. Lewis Pfc Anfhony Smiih Pfc Larry Zimmerman Pvf William R. Daniels Cpl Edward LeBlanc Pvf John Laraby Cpl 'Roberi' Parise Pvf Forresl D. Balzel Pvf Harry Jchnsion Pvf 'Richard K. Russell Pvf Chrisiopher Venlurelli Pvf William H. WescoH' Rcf Donald Asbury Rd Leroy Arnold Rc? 'Richard Apple Rd Clifford C. Apple Rcf 'Rober+ Achufi Rc? Alfred 'R. Alexson Rcf Alberf A. Albanese Ref Vernon Ames Ref Vifaly J. Alexandrov Rcf Edward G. Brusi Rcf William Bransfield Roi John Bradley Ref Arfhur Blonlcenfeld COMPANY E Bllth INF. REGT 'Rd W. S. Blakely Rc? Joseph Bianchi Rel' Edward Berry Rcl' Harry Beers Rc? Joseph Beaupre Ref Vicfor E. BaH'aglia Rel James Bassford Rcf Francis H. Bar'l'on Rai' William D. Barrows Rci' Melvin Barnelf Rel Slanley V. Banas Rcl' John Baker Rcf Carl D. Bailiff Rcl 'Richard J. Ballard Rc+ Leslie F. Baylor Rai Bruce Burnap Rd Roberl Bishop Rd James Crandall Rd Daniel Connolly Rd Nicholas Colao Rd Charles F. Clark Rd 'Roberf M. Chausse Rd Louis A. Chaiel Rd Manuel Cermeno Rd Joseph Camuglia Rd Alvin Carey Rd James Clemens Rd 'Roberf Coe Rd Charles Durm Rd Sherman Dubrey Rd Eugene Dowling Rd Franlr Dorgan Rd 5Rober'r Donahoe Rd Arfhur Dombrowski Rd Lawrence Doman Rd Rodney Dern Rd Geza Dancs Rd Marlin Freda Rd Joseph Fowler Rd John Fiizgerald Rd 'Roloerl' Follmer Rd Charles Franciscus Rd Roberf Fox Rd John Furchi' Rd Fredericl: Folscher Rd Herberf Gordon Rd Richard Gosherf Rd Ray Green Rd James Gallipeau Rd Roberf Grinder Rd Joseph Gomes Rd John George Rd Will D. Hanclshew F, Rc+ Gordon L. Havens Rcl' Reber? H. Henzel Rc? Raymond 'Houselcnech+ Rcf Howard Harding Rci' Larry Heinlzelman Rc? Earl Hall Rc? Eugene Herman Rcf Roberi Holmes Rc? William Heiheringlon Rci Howard Hargan Rcl' Ellis Hordendorf Rcl' Charles Hilberf Rc'I' Roberl R. 'Hayden Rcl' Charles Hafch Rc? Lesler J. Hanlcinson, Jr Rd Roberf Jeslrey Rcl' Harry Kresse Rc? Ronald W. Krause Rci Edward C. Kelly, Jr. Rcl' Earl Kers+e'Her Rc+ Roberl Keller Rcf Harry KeHner Rc? Roberf R. LaRoche Rcf Arihur Leone Rc? James Lenharl Rc? Alberr Lee Rcl William Love Rci' John T. Lynch Rc? Paul Lehr Rc? Nicholas C. Lo Verdi Rc'r Eugene Long Rcf Roberf Lennon Rcf Joseph Merhib Rc? Sfewari Maryon Rc? Richard Murphy Rc? Harold M. Marshall Rd John Manning Rd Claude Mann . Rd Harry Myers Rd Joseph F. McCabe A Rd James Morrison ' Rd Raymond Moriarly Rd John Marino Rd Roberi Mafioclrs Rd Hans Maybach Rd Dominic Mi'Higa Rd Leroy Maflhias Rd Franlr P. Mancuso Rd George Newman Rd William Nonnemacher Rd John Nussbaumer Rd William Norman Rd Frank J. NicoleHa Rd Gerome E. Overpecl Rd John O'Hare Rd John O'DeIl Rd Philip Perkins COMPANY E Bllth INF. REST Rd Joseph A. Peck Rd James F. Le Page Rd Benjamin C. Painier Rd Harold Poland Rd Richard Poerschlle Rd Charles W. Pilcher Rd Samuel Palmieri Rd Daniel Parisi Rd William Perry Rd Edward Quinn Rd Ronald W. Raymer Rd Richard Rombauf Rd Vinceni' Rubino Rd Morris Rosenbloom Rd Richard Rodgers Rd Henry Roman Rd John F. Roden Rcl' Philip Robinson Rcl' Roneno J. Robbins Ref John M. Region Rcf Joseph V. Riggio Rcl Eugene Sfewarl Rel Roberl ScoH Rc? Elmer Schrader Rel Richard Scinla Rc? Donald G. Schmiil' Rcl Roy Snyder Rcl' Donald E. Slillwell Ref Ralph Sfaplelon Rel Edward Snyder Rel' Jay W. Saclcs Ref Harry Sneyers Rcf Charles L. Shell Rcl Edward W. Suders BUMPANY E Bllth INF. REGT Rel' Clemenl Slauffer Rci Eugene Soble Rel' Waller Tawney Rel' Louis Tucci Rcl' Gaylord Viner Rc? Donald Viola Rcl' William E. VanKirlc Rd Richard Varenas Rc+ John M. Vranich, Jr. Rc? Roberf Wilson Rel 'Harvey Wilce Rc? James Webb Rcl' Edwin Woodward Rci' Donald Worrall Rel' Roberl Worrell Rc? Louis Werner Rcl LeVerne Wirl' Rcl' James Whyie Rcl' Gilford Weeks Rel Roberf Warfel Rel Frank Wozny Rd Richard Wermlinger Rcf Wenzel Winer Rcl John Zelazny H COMPANY F 60th INFAIXITRY REGIIVIENT P Wgsgi 1 1 an - ' Xa Qv ' Clapf lsf Lf Isl L+ Isf Lf lsf Li Is? Lf John F. Mulhern Joseph Kinsinger Roberf C. Lorch Henry J. McAllisfer Joseph L. O'Neill Melvin D. Schiller J Sgl' William H. Jones Cpl Anfhony Pucci Cpl EvereH' W. Shori Cpl Rudolph J. Sian Pic Alfred K. Golden Pic John F. Johnson Pfc Ronald W. McKenzie Pic John P. Shaloo, Jr. Pvi Thomas F. Harringfon Pvi' Alex V. Ahumada Pic Wordon T. Risse Pvi' John J. Senltarilc Pvi' Thomas J. Zeller Pvi James H. Sloop Pv+ John P. Jacobifz SFC Joseph C. Zelanis Sgf William C. Messerschmied Cpl Richard Bernard Cpl Maurice E. Farnham Cpl William E. Parlrs Cpl Seldon R. Pa'Herson inger , Jr. ii i gr l l l i 4 l Ji-f ' 1d Cpl Pascual B. Oriiz Pfc Warden T. Risse Pvi Miles J. Rennig Pvl' Peier Semus Rc? William Adams Rc? Roberf K. Borland Rci Franklin D. Bowers Rd Paul E. Burion Rd Elgie D. Brown Ref Charles F. Bressler Rel Donald J. Bender Rcf David R. Behler Ref John G. Bassoe Rei Paul J. Bannon Rel George M. Ballou Rc-I' Dwighi H. Cross Rcf John W. Cracke'H' Rci Donald L. Cooper Rc? William H. Coner Rcf James R. Coleman Rc? Raymond H. Coller CUMPANY F 50th INF. REGT Roi Abraham R. Cisco Rei' Donald Chrisien Rcf 'Ernesf K. Chamberlin Rc? Eugene M. Cardulif Rc? Marlin J. Dann, Jr. Rc? Vana Digan Rc? Harold E. Dufour, Jr. Rd' Frank DiCocco, Jr. Ref Roberi E. Delahan+y Rc? Richard A. Dean Rd Raymond E. Dawley Rcf Louis W. Enrighf, Jr. Rci' Raymond E. Eldridge Rcf Bobbie N. Eckharf Rcl Rober+ L. Fox Ref Frederick J. Fouiz Rd' Donald E. Finochio Rei- George J. Fields Rc+ Charles l. Fahnesioclx Rcl Alan P. Fahey Rcl David J. French Rci' Marlin J. Guinane Rcl John J. Gunfelder Rc+ Roberi' O. Grinnell Roi Gerard C. Greenlow Rc? Roberr R. Gray Rc+ Donald R. Gordon Rd Conrad T. Ganong- Rci' Alfred K. Golden Rcf William T. Hagen 1 Rcf William F. lHamricg Jr. Rcf John E. Handlos Rcl' Thomas Hicks Rcf Jerome B. Heimsieifer Rcf Gene B. Hofferf Rd George S. Hines Rc+ Roberi W. lngersoh Rcf Fos+er E. Jones Rc? Thomas D. Jaindl Rd Roberl' L. Jackson Rc? Edward W. Kwiaflrowslii Rci' Francis E. Klepeis Rcf Herberf L. Key-lon Rc? John H. Kase Rcf Howard C. Krivan Rcl Eugene F. Luiz Rc'l' Presfon L. Loveless, Jr. Rcf Dominic V. Locilenfo Rc? Alvin C. Learo Rci' Charles J. Lahr Rd Joseph Llorca Rcf Merediih McMichael, J Rcl Warren 'E. McKay Rc? Horace M. McCabe Rei- Charles E. Marlin Ref Clarence B. Mafloclc I'- ' maui Rd Joseph Marazio Rd Eugene R. Mager Rd Nicholas L. Musella Rd Jack F. Mullen Rd John H. Muise. Jr. Rd Sfanley E. Mowery Rd Ralph L. Morris Rd Ernesf E. Morris Rd George P. Monaf Rd Merle W. Miller Rd Herberi' W. Niffing Rd John A. Nies Rd Leonard E. Nolder Rd Norman 'H. Oswald Rd Orren B. Pinlcham Rd Ralph H. Picking Rd George Pailalros Rd Jack A. Parkes Rd John R. Po'H'er Rd Donald E. Reimann Rd George H. Renouf, Jr Rd William F. Reeder, Jr. Rd Lawrence N. Rohrback Jr Rd Joseph F. Rogers Rd Charles E. Ringer Rd Donald L. Rineer Rd James T. Rudolph, Jr. Rd Ernesl' D. Russell Rd Ernesf C. Schiffler Rd James M. A. Shaffer Rd Edward Lee Scribner Rd Charles W. Scdf, Jr. Rd James A. Silsby Rd John Simlxo, Jr. Rd Clemeni' Sousa Rd Hayden A. Sprague Rd James R. Sieindl Rd Warren J. Srenquisl' Rd Franlrlin C. Sierner Rc? Alexander Slofler, Jr. Rci' Raymond L. Sfrunlc Rc+ Dennis H. Sullivan Rci Angelo Spio'Ha Rcl John A. Smifh Rei Donald O. Tilley Rc? EvereH Tomsen Rei Clifion R. Turner Rc? Charles M. TippeH' Rc? John L. Vance Rei Kennefh E. Van Wie Rcl' James F. VonDeclc Rd Charles E. Voughf Rc? Daniel 'E. Vroman CUMPANY F Bllth INF. REGT Rci' Alex J. Walslri Roi' James H. Weigle Rei- Harold E. Walfers Rcf Clyde K. Whary Rcl' John D. Wilder Rci Louie D. Wilson Rel' Russell L. Wilson Rci' Horace E. Wines Rc? James L. Winlers Rci' Donald E. Wise Rel Joe G. Wilmer Rci' Paul E. Wiimer Rc? Andrew J. Woodlyn Rei' Jerome W. Wrighf Rel Richard Wallrer Rel' Oscar M. Yanlrowslcy Rci' Eugene A. Yenfzer Rcf William A. Yesfer Rc+ Frank R. Yocum Rcl' Charles E. Young Rci' Richard G. Yurlro COMPANY G 60th I FA TRY REGIIVIE T 1 MfSg+ Tracey Overaclrer Capf Isl' Li' lsi L+ Is? L+ Felix F. Kaczorowslri Roberi Edgeworfh Jr James J Lavelle Wllham A Simpson SFC Charles R. Heckeri SFC Chesfer D. McMurdy SFC Thomas A. Mingey SFC William D. O'Connell Sgr Carson E. Carroll Sq? Michael J. Hluhan Cpl Lonnie L. Benne'H Cpl Paul E. Brink Cpl Paul P. Franzese Cpl Paul R. Noe Cpl Alfon L. Tadlocl: Pfc Gerald L. Broyles Plc James R. Neiley Pfc Roberi J. Tulak Pvf Warren F. Bell Ai Sgi' Harold A. Moullon Cpl Alvie J. Grani Cpl Philip J. Robichand Cpl Edward S. Wilson Plc John J. Angle Pvi' Gonzolo J. Pereira Rci' Arihur L. Allen Rcl' Aniimo Allocca Rci' Ronald K. Averill Rcf Carlo Alaloio, Jr. Rc? John Aposlolou Rc+ Raymond R. Abreu Rci Harry R. Brown Rc? Ralph Bernard Rcl' EvereH S. Baldwin Rci' Roberf P. Brisfol Rc? Siephen Bayazes Rc+ Oscar R. Bacherf Rcl' Roberl A. Binlcley Rel Donald J. Benne'H' Rcl' Norman C. Brown BUMPANY G 60th INF. REGT Rci' Ronald L. Barnes Rcl' David D. BuH'on Rc+ Leo J. Belanger, Jr. Rc'l' Clemenl J. Baron Rci' Donald L. Brown Rcl' Sfanley Bochnialr Rc+ Charles A. Brownawell Rc'l Roberl P. Boo+l1e Rc? Murlin H. Clemons Rc? Maurice L. Chadwick Rcl David E. Conrad Rc+ Wal+er R. Callaghan Rei' James M. Conklin Rc+ Luigi P. Capasso Rcl' Eugene K. Cassidy Rcf Anihony C. Calaeza Rci Donald P. Crawley Rci Roberf B. Crouch Rci Frank E. Clish Rci' Wilfred R. Chouinard Rc? Melvin H. Chanire Rc? Wilfred B. Curiis Rcf Lawrence E. Connolly Rci Paul Delgado Rei Bernard P. Dzurella Rc? Alberi Dubuque Rei Gerald G. Day Rci' Lorenzo F. Dannibale Rcf Henry M. Dearborn, Jr Rci John H. Doyle Rd Gerald Depre Rc? Roberi' W. Dailey Rci' Richard Davis Rc? William T.Donoghue Rc'f Edward J. Esser Rci Vernon L. lEvans Rc? Claude W. Emerson Rcf David G. Fleicher Rc? Waller C. Fliclr Rd Donald E. Fleming Rci' Henry J. Fernandez Rcl Wallace H. Francis, Jr. Rc? William K. Gasion Rci' Harold W. Gearhari Rcf Paul G. Glaser Rcf Norman H. Garniclc Rci' Arihur L. Glover. Jr. Rc? Ralph R. Goniz Rc? Joseph M. Gilroy Rei' Norman R. Gavlick Rci' Edward A. GuyeH'e Rc? Irwin Ginsburg Rc? Harry Gonzalez Rc+ Richard Grenier Rci' Jacob 'H. Heim Rc? Ralph E. Haines Rcf John E. Heislrari Q- Rd John Hesco Rc? John J. Hunrer Rc? James A. Higgins Rcr John L. Hamilfon Rc+ Thaddeus J. Hull Rcf David F. Himes Ref Alfred G. Housman Rc? Raymond R. Hauze Rcf Russell Heiser Rcf John J. 'Howells Rci' Roberi F. Hill, Jr. Rc? Charles L. Hurley Roi' Erwin F. Jones Rcf Frank E. Jordan Roi Fred H. Koplro Rc? Roberi' J. Klaus Roi Raymond A. Kaefer Ref Sfanley G. Kaplan Rci Donald F. Krohn Rcf Kennefh E. Kinney Rc? Walfer D. Kraus Ref Charles A. Laishaw Rc? Leonard R. Lilley Rc? Norman P. Lee Rc? Francis J. Leifner Rc? Dorsey N. Livingsion Rcf Roberi' B. Lohan Ref Camille J. LaFrombolss Rcf Sfanley C. Lamson Rc? Marvin A. Lance Rcf James R. Lund Rc? William J. Lumme Rei' Reber? J. Lawler Rc? Samuel F. Laird Rd Karl W. Mifchell Rc? Giacinfo F. Manno Rei Joseph D. McMyne Ref Roberf D. McDivi'H', Jr Rcf Gerald L. McLane Rcl' John P. Miller Ref Roberl T. Moreland Rc? Burion W. Manning Ref John J. Mailly Ref Pairiclc J. Macklin Rd John B. Miller Rei' Warren G. Marlin Rei' Llewellyn E. Melcalf Rei' Berlram E. Mooney Rel Jerome H. Monfagnino Rel' Paul F. Marlin Rc? Michael E. Melchiori Rd Gordon l. Marlcle Rel Roberl K. Mayer Ref William B. Neff Rcl' Earl G. Neddo Rc? William B. Null Ref John D. O'Connell Roi' Jermiah J. O'Niell Rcl Thomas L. J. O'Connor Rcl Roberl' J. Pike Rei' Daniel G. Polanowicz Rcl' George E. Polanslcy Rc? Johnny R. Phillips Ref Peier E. Peachey Rc? Donald P. Provosl Rcl' Joseph Perry, Jr. Rd Wayne E. Peferson Ref Raymond B. Pheil, Jr. Rcl John Palmer, Jr. Rel' James Perry Rc? Paul J. Parenl Rel' William F. Ralley Rcl' Jaclcie R. Rolhermel Rc+ Richard L. Roh Ref Raymond L. Roberls Rc? 'Edward L. Ruper+ Ref Lewis E. Russell Rc-l' John M. Rogala Rd Burien R. Russell Rd Waller L. Ryan Rd Ben'l' Ramskov Rd Alberl' J. Russell Rd Norman J. Siubbs Rd William A. Schweigarf Rd Edward P. Sagurion Rd Herberf R. Smiih Rd James S. Seis Rd Angelo A. Sbardella Rd William A. Solano Rd Milfon B. Swanson, Jr. Rd Charles E. Sparks Rd James W. Sfancliff Rd Floyd F. Smiih Rd Donald C. Snyder Rd Waller J. Slavish Rd Edward L. Saye'Ha Rd Emil W. Skala Rd John L. Smifh Rd Beniamin C. Smifh, Jr. Rd William A. Somerville Rd Roberf G. Siewari Rd Leonard Sfein Rd Frank R. Sioclcfon Rd Richard R. Tobin Rd Charles C. Tyler Rd Paul A. Tobin Rd Richard A. VanDemarl Rd LeRoy Vanselous Rd J. L. VanDervorl Rd Leonard Williams, Jr. Rd Terence N. Wilishire Rd Alfred E. Williams Rd Richard W. Wallace Rd Omar L. Wilson Rd Lawrence J. Wolf Rd Gilberf W. Yerden Rd Edward F. Young Rd Waller Zdanowicl CUIVIPA Y H 60th I F!-X TRY REGIIVIE T SFC Frank Legas Capf ls+ L+ Isl' L+ Isl L+ Gilberi' C. Jones Frederick E. Cummings Terrance A. Major Roberf J. Marlin SFC Alberi' R. Ciirano Sgi John H. Befzel Sql lgnalz J. Kierys Sgl' Thomas E. Seery Sgf Sfanley J. Trzecial: Cpl Joseph G. Cossideii Cpl Roberf Hepfner Cpl William F. McPherson Cpl Alphege M. Melivier Cpl Alfred B. Miller Cpl Theodore J. Ogiba Pfc David T. Flaherfy Pvf Roger F. Quinn Pvi Joseph Welch SFC Alberl' R. Cilrano SFC Guy E. Hodge Sgi' John E. Baczeli Sg+ Phillips A. Hull Sgr Paul C. Rayne Sgr Thomas E. Seery Sgl Haskell S. Whiiiingion Cpl Harry C. Bell, Jr. Cpl Joseph G. Conssiden-li Cpl William F. McPherson Cpl Alfred B. Miller Cpl George F. Murray Pvf Donald R. Burdiclc Rc? Chrisfopher R. Anderson Roi' Pasquale J. Alabarno Rci' Joseph W. Ardagno Rel' Raymond E. Adams Rc? Elfon F. Armsirong Ref Armand P. Andrews Rc? Alberi' F. Boudin Rc+ William E. Broggi Ref Edward M. Borlcowslci Rel Israel H. Broome Ref Lawrence J. Beighley Rei Raymond C. Benson Rcf Arihur W. Brule Rcf Edgar M. Rishel Rc? Peier Barvifslcie Rc+ John H. Brierley Rei' Melvin R. Breeden Rc? Paul H. BenneH' Rc? Rcberl' L. Campbell Rcl Frank M. Cunnius Rcl' Alben' R. Crayion Rc? Warren R. Coclcren Rd Clarence Coldwell. Jr. Rc'r Thomas J. Conard Rd Cliffon W. Conley Rc? John S. Carovac Rcl' Huber? 'E. Clark Rc? James A. Carier Rc? William A. Cravener Rc? John L. Consevage Rcl Aria G. D. Caliandro Rci' William M. Cosiello Rci Rob J. Cyr Rc? Theodore J. Cusson Rci' Sandy L. Dinino Rc'l' Roberi' E. Darling Rcf James A. Driscoll Rci Michael L. Dohanic Rc? David L. Dofferer Rd Anfhony J. Devorski Rc? Joseph R. Dagosiino Rc? James A. Doiron Rui Eugene F. Day Rd Roberi C. Danielsen Rd Michael J. Dayoc Rc? Franix N. DeAngelis Rei' Edward C. Dudeniioefier Ref Siephen Dmochowslri Rci Karl J. Donelson Rc? Milion J. Eisenhauer Rcf James F. Early Rc? George B. Foy Rc? Pairick C. Fiizsimons Rc? Jerry Finlxelsfein Rei Daniel B. Floyd Rc? Milfon H. Fulcher Rci' Marshall E. Flefcher Rcf Russell A. Founds Rc? James H. Fleegle Rc? Edward J. Fausi' Rcf Thomas P. Fifzgerald Ref Charles A. Frame Rcf Roland L. Gorby Rc? Leonard A. Gallagher Rc? John J. Gancarz Rc? Roberi L. Graham Rci Ruben O. Garcia Rd Henry J. Guay, Jr. Rd Larry L. Glanslci Rd George L. Gruebel Rd Richard P. Gorman Rd Nicholas A. Graviano Rd Jerome Hellman Rd Roberl W. Howard Rd Roland Hoff Rd Bernard J. Hamillon Rd Richard L. Huse Rd Perry C. Hazelbalzer Rd Warren H. Helmers Rd Simon Hann, Jr. Rd John V. Hodges Rd John E. Hislon Rd Jaclr Jamula Rd Harris W. Jamieson Rd George J. Johnson Rd Kennelh D. Jerome Rd Harry H. Johnson Rd Loren L. Jacobs Rd Andrew F. King Rd Charles J. Kremsner Rd Peier J. Kelly Rd Edward R. Klaver Rd William A. Lohmar Rd Roberl C. Lucas Rd George L. Livermore Rd Donald Lodolo Rd Calvin Longenbach Rd Rolaerl L. Malouin Rd Domenico Maffeflone Rd Andrew T. Milchell, Jr Rd Edward McAnany Rd George McReynolds Rd William J. Miley Rd Gaylord T. Mocabee Rd Norman Maclres Rd Joseph E. Macklin Rd Michael J. Manlo Rci Michael E. Miller Rc? James J. Mace Rci' Michael McKie, Jr. Rd Pe+er R. Marcinonis Rcf Frank J. Moran Rcl' Marvin L. Miller Rcf Pafriclx J. Moran Rcl John W. Meyers Rci John L. McClellan,Jr. Rci' Lloyd MacDonald Rc? Edward Mazur Rcf Joseph K. Melican Rc? John J. McGin+y Rcf Louis J. Marchand Rcf Alexander A. McDougall Rd Kevin E. McKay Rcf Michael P. Murphy Rcf William J. Norman Rcf Roberl' H. Owens Rcf Charles J. Onarafo Rcf Jack L. Olinger Rc+ Roberf P. Payne Rc+ lrving A. Press Rc? William E. Phillips Rd William J. Perry Rcf 'Harold R. Poorman Rcf Roberf J. Pasiecki Rcf John Primc Rcf Arfhur M. Robinson Rd Alberf W. Remingion Rcf Roberi L. Richardson Rcf Gordon A. Raspiller Rcf John N. Shumacher Roi Richard F. Siarr Rc? Wal+er W. Spiegle Rcf Waller J. Sco'H Rci' Waller J. Shinn Rd Harry C. Sparr Rc? Raymond L. Spencer Rd Thomas H. Schibler Rc? Roberf F. Smiih Rc+ Richard M. Senior Rci Sigmond J. Sienlriewicz Ref Earl O. SaHerley Rcf William T. Savage Rcf Fred A. Sachs Rcl Melvin L. Schenclc Rc? George Sfeffine Rcf James D. Schwenlt Rci Julian Sofia Rc? Charles A. Summers Rc+ Earle G. Smiih Rd Adrian C. Shur+le'FF Rcf Daniel J. Sanfarpio Rc+ Rober+ P. Sylvesier Rci Roberf J. Shum Rcf Roberi' T. Smifh Rc+ Richard W. Tobin, Jr. Rc+ Anfhony J. Tursi Rel Francis B. Troianowslci Rcf Donald R. Ta'H Rci' Carl C. TaggeH' Rd Waller J. Tilfon Rc? Vicfor M. Torres Rc'l' Lawrence L. TiHle Rci' Richard J. VanZile Rc? Linneus V. Vance Rc+ Charles L. Verheyen Rcf Edward F. Verombeclc Rc+ Charles B. Vermilye Rcf Willard R. VanDiver Rci' Maurice T. Walers Rcf John C. Wolfe Rcl' John A. Weber Rcl' Kennefh R. Wrighi' Rci' Rolaerl J. Worcesfer Rcl Frank Wahal Rcl Paul J. Wiggins Rci Waller E. Wilkins Rcf Eugene Yoder Rci' Richard C. Yoslen HIE DQUARTERS 3rd BATTALIG 60th I F. REGT L+ can ii Thomas P- Ward Cap+ Is+ L+ :S+ L+ C0mmindln9 Andy Maieclco Aaron C. Adlvins Joseph R. Bourassa . fs 1 L , A ':',, :ZVV ,:,- 1 , fi L'.-': J LLZLG MfSg'l Sgl' Sgl Cpl Pfc Sgl' Clarence Maynard Wilfred Cadley. Jr. Philip P. Sanlucci Waller Blaclcwood John Paialr Frank Groller C0 V, .pandas WJ e " VK is Qi w -:- Mfsgl' Floyd L. Recior PA Y I 60th I FA TRY REGIIVIE T Capi Arfhur J. Brockway SFC Alpha B. Learned Sgf Paul M. Flefcher Sg+ Charles E. Leeds Sgl Louis J. Lesnialc Sgf Sam Paneffiere Cpl Roberl' H. Quinn Pfc Alexander Cieplechowicz Pfc Roberf J. Heidlramp Pfc George F. Wrighf Pfc Charles T. Ganley Pvf John Krosfel Isl LI' Is? L+ Isl LI' Franlr T. Conislri Arfhur V. Crego Myron A. Wergerslxi COMPA Y K 60th NFA TRY REGIIVIE T Cap? Harold B. Roberfs SFC Joseph J. Dunlap SFC George A. Reed Sgl' Michael M. Bizub Sgf Henry P. Holsler Sgf Henry E. Ma'H'ila Sgf Roberf E. Terry Cpl Chesfer A. Abbey Pic James T. Swanner Cpl Carl E. Froum Pfc Harold E. Zafz Cpl Ralph 'Hamblin Pvf Louis R. Leary Cpl Lesfer L. Heafh ls? L+ Isf L+ Isf L+ Isf L+ Gene M. DeYoung Harold W. Heusfon Douglas W. Losifo William T. Lyons MfSgf Roger W. Carr SFC George Bu'Hs SFC John L. Carfer MfSg+ Alber+ J. Galus Mfsgf Edward J. Lescalc COIVIPA Y L 60th I FA TRY REGIIVIE T CBP? Isl L+ Isl L+ 5 E 2 l 'l Lf Harry W. Holifman Howard W. Edwards John W. Luxbacher Donald H. Whalen MfSgl' Rafael Melad Sgr Charles H. Ambrose Sgr Richard L. Ambrose Sgl' Carl L. Weilenbeclx Sg+ Henry G. Pofz Cpl Charles J. Corso Cpl Bernard E. Merle? Cpl Daniel Moore Cpl Edward Oblal: Cpl William E. Zigmonl' Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc P-Fc Pic Pvf Pvf Warren P. Burdge Alberl- A. Falcone David 'H. Harrison Franll J. Myszlra Richard H. Riegel Fred W. Schweclcendieclc Anfhony P. D'Annibale Roland J. Fachel CGIVIPA Y IVI 60th I TRY REGIIVIE Mfsgl Huberl' E. Eason Cap? ls? L+ Isl L+ Znd Li' Edmond J. O'Sulllvan Kerfh D Beverage Zlgmond A Zabuslu Kennellx R Reld MfSgi' Sfanley J. Buza MfSg'l' Kei+h F. Freeberg SFC John C. McGowan Sg-I Clarence F. Ballcey Sgf Leonard A. Powers Sgr R. B. Wadley Sg+ Harold J. Cohenour Sgi' Franl: P. Palernosler Cpl Donald J. Howery Cpl Ellis D. Johnson Pfc Donald R. ll'lerrold Pv'r Molse J. Ladner Pvf Salvalore R. Renzi Pvi Larry A. Robiclnand 34th FIELD RTILLERY B TTALID HISTORY The 34Th FA BaTTaIion was organized aT Camp Mc- Clellan, Alabama on 7 AugusT I9I8, per congressional auThoriTy daTed 5 July I9I8. AcTivaTion orders aTTached The 34Th FA To The I2Th Division. The acTivaTion and organizaTion daTes were Too IaTe To allow Tor parTicipaTion in any of The World War I campaigns. IT was demobilized on 6 February I9I9 To be reconsTiTuTed again on 22 July I929 and placed on The inacTive Regular Army IisT. IT was assigned To The 9Th InTanTry Division on I8 AugusT I933. IT was reorganized on I OcTober I94O. As a uniT oT The 9Th InTanTry Division The 34Th parTicipaTed in preparaTory Training and amphibious maneuvers aT ForT Bragg, NorTh Carolina unTiI iT sailed Tor NorTh ATrica wiTh eIemenTs oT The 9Th Division in November I942. The 34Th FA BaTTaIion was To parTicipaTe in one oT The mosT imporTanT campaigns in The early phases oT World War II, As a uniT of The 9Th Division ArTillery Team iT was ordered To march Trom Tlemcen, souThwesT oT Oran, To- ward Fiad and The Kaserine Pass, a disTance OT some 800 miles. Leaving on I7 February I943, The 34Th FA BaTTaIion accomplished The impossible, by covering 777 miles OT winding narrow, slippery and precipiTious mounTain roads, arriving in The viciniTy oT Thala on 2I February I943. Under normal condiTions, This maneuver would have Taken Two weeks. This is sTiII considered one oT The greaT- esT arTiIIery marches in miIiTary hisTory. ATTer compIeTing This Torced march, The 34Th dug in, and by dawn, on The 22nd oT February, parTicipaTed in one oT The greaTesT baTTIes oT ArTillery againsT German Heavy Tanlcs. Rornmel, in his aTTempT To push To The wesT To Take Tebessa, allied supply poinT, puT some 40 heavy Tanlcs, plus 3 baTTaIions OT inTanTry, supporTed by arTiIIery and dive bombers, againsT a much smaller allied Torce oT BriTish and American Troops. AT The end oT 3 days, The German superior Torces were sTopped cold, mainly by The eITecTive supporT oT our arTiIIery cannon. IT has been said ThaT never before in modern warTare had arTiIIery alone sTopped The combined assauITs of Tanks, moTorized in- TanTry, dive bombers, and dueled enemy arfillery as well. I 1 s On To Normandy-ATTached To The 39Th lnTanTry Regi- menT, 9Th lnTanTry Division, The 34Th parTicipaTed in The TirsT acTion oT a NinTh Division uniT on The conTinenT oT Europe. On I2 June I944, The 39Th lnTanTry, ably sup- porTed by The 34Th FA Bn made invasion hisTory. Going inTo baTTle, This uniT had advanced The TarThesT norTh oT any allied Troops by Taking The CiTy oT Quineville on I3 June I944. The Germans had orders To hold Quine- ville aT all cosTs, buT The superioriTy oT The Americans were Too much Tor The Germans. The 34Th FA BaTTalion is iusTly proud oT iTs eTTorTs as a uniT oT The 9Th Division, Toward The deTeaT OT The Germans. ln iTs drive on Two conTinenTs, iT achieved a remarkable record, TirsT spearheading The invasion oT NorTh ATrica, carrying iTs share oT The burden in The deTeaT oT Rommel's Torces, on To lTaly in The conquesT oT Sicily. Then on To France on The baTTleTields oT Normandy, NorTh France, Ardennes-Alsace, The Rhineland, and CenTral Europe. The many successes oT boTh The 34Th FA Bn and 6OTh lnTanTry were in a large measure due To The eTTecTive supporT by The 34Th FA Bn cannoneers. The 34Th ToughT righT up To V.E. Day 9 May I945. ThereaTTer and unTil 20 November I946 They helped in The occupaTion oT Germany. The 34Th deacTivaTed in Germany on 20 November l946, only To be reacTivaTed again on I2 July I948 aT ForT Dix as a parT oT The Famous 9Th Division. Since ThaT Time To The presenT The 34-Th FA Bn aTTached To The "Go-Devil" 6OTh lnTanTry RegimenT has Trained many men in The TradiTions of The uniT and as excellenT soldiers. Honors Tor The campaigns in which The 34Th parTici- paTed are: W.W. ll Tunisia, Sicily, Normandy. NorThern France, Ardennes-Alsace, Rhineland, and CenTral Europe. The BaTTalion has The 'Following decoraTions: DisTinguishecl UniT STreamer embroidered Thala Tunisia. STreamer in The colors oT The Belgian Crois de Guerre embroidered Ardennes. Fourragere in The colors oT Belgian Crois de Guerre. HEADQUARTERS 34th FA B TTALIO MfSg+ W. A. VanLuvender LT COL ROBERT M. CHEAL Sg+ Raleigh J. Whidden, Jr. Cpl Edward A. Olevenick Cpi Huber+ 'H. Thompson Pfc John T. Hiifwein Pfc Bernard G. Siraudis Pvf David M. Lisboa ls? Li' iS'i' L+ Arfhur F. La Fond Thomas A. O'Brien SERVICE BATTERY 34th E A B TTALIO MfSgi James R. McMahon Cap? lsi L+ Waller R. Johnson Joseph P. Luby MfSg'f Carl F. Gunderson SFC Alberi' B. Hernandez Sgi Raymond J. Desiardin Sgf James V. Murray Sgf Leonard Noens Cpl George F. Brayan Cpl Philip M. Rizzo Pfc James B. Howley Pfc Alexander J. Lucewicz, Jr. Pvi' John C. Bohm Pvf Daniel C. DiRienzo Pvi Charles W. Sfaudenmaier Pvi' Richard J. Sforclx Pvf George L. VanHousen 4 MfSgl John Cybulslri BATTERY A 34th F B TTALIO Isl L+ Francis G. Coachman SFC Viclor M. Pel'l'us SFC Marvin R. Phillips Sgl John V. Franlrlin Sgl Kurl Griebel Cpl Palriclr T. Borroughs Cpl Joseph A. Caslagnelo Cpl Charles T. Gough Cpl Thomas Buss Plc Roberl' H. Slanlon Pvl' Waller R. Yahn Isl' Ll Isl' Ll Isl' Ll Alberl R. Bahner Donald C. Dugan Quenlin Scoll-Smilh Mfsgf Harold A. Sawyer B TTERY B 34th Cap+ James O'Hare SFC Charles W. Hursi, J Sgi' George Brandi' Sgf John C. Jacobs Sgi' Harold F. WaHs Cpl John J. Donahue Cpl John B. Silva Pfc George Kallas Pvi Henry Kochnowicz FA. BATT LIO ls+ Lf 2nd L+ George S. Urbina John C. Lyness SFC Richard A. Ru prechi' B TTERY C 34th FA BATT LIO I 1 Cap? Joseph D. Palermo SFC Lawrence J. Brennan SFC Arvid C. Thomas Sg'r Edward H. Brase Cpl Thomas O. Crain Cpl Charles F. Fields Cpl Lesier J. Pifzer Pfc James 'H. Jordan Pfc Evere'H' H. Miller Plc John P. Phillips Pvi' Andrew Bonilla Pvi' Franlc M. Carrado Pvl Ronald Ruberfi Pvf John L. Slagel Pv+ Thomas W. Smiih Isl' L+ Isl L+ Willis D. Cronlchife, Jr. Thomas C. Morfon 365th INFANTRY REC-IIVIENT History The 365Th InTanTry RegimenT was an inTegraI parT oT The 92nd lnTanTry Division and operaTed wiTh baTTle honors as such during World War I. The Division was de- acTivaTed in March l9I9 and remained so unTil early OcTober l942. The 92nd lnTanTry Division was acTivaTed on I5 OcTo- ber I942. Individual uniTs were Trained aparT Trorn one anoTher. The 365Th InTanTry RegimenT received iTs basic Training aT Camp ATTerbury, Indiana. Cadre Tor The I2egimenT came Trom The Tamous Regular Army 25Th In- TanTry RegirnenT. The basics were Trainees Trom I:orT Ivlc- Clelland, Ala. During Ivlay oT IQ43 The Division was broughT TogeTher and given advanced Technical and physical Training aT I3orT I-luachuca, Arizona. IT was here ThaT The 365Th ln- TanTry RegimenT Trained as a parT oT The 92nd lnTanTry Division. The 365Th InTanTry RegimenT parTicipaTed in army maneuvers in Louisiana during The early monfhs OT I944. The Division reTurned To ForT I-luachuca in April l944 Tor TurTher Training and condiTioning. ATTer compleTing Train- ing The 365Th InTanTry RegimenT deparTed The UniTed STaTes Trom Camp PaTricl4 I-Ienry, Va., on I OcTober I944. The desTinaTion was cenTral ITaIy. The RegimenT arrived aT Leghorn, ITaly on 5 November I9-44, and on I I November I944 was commiTTed To combaT wiTh oTher 5Th Army EIernenTs on The WesT CenTral CoasT. On I December l944, The 365Th InTanTry RegimenT was aTTached To The 88Th InTanTry Division and on The same day relieved The 34-9Th InTanTry RegimenT. I-Iere in The NorTh Appennine IvlounTains, near Bologna, ITaIy, The RegimenT ToughT as a parT oT The 88Th lnTanTry Division Tor approximaTely one Ill monTh. Following This Tour oT duTy wiTh The 88Th InTanTry Division, The 365Th lnTanTry RegimenT reTurned To The 92nd lnTanTry Division, The RegimenT was deployed wiTh oTher elemenTs OT The 92nd lnTanTry Division in The Serchio Valley. On 5 January I945 The Division aTTaclced and secured The ciTy oT Barga. Following a shorT resT period and reorganizaTion period The Division pushed on Trom A,...wY Barga To Lima Di SoTo and l-lill 906 againsT heavy Ger- man resisTance. SS Troops comprised mosT OT The enemy Torces. The Division suTTered many casualTies buT held Tirm The posiTions gained. During The laTer parT oT February i945 The 365Th lnTanTry RegimenT moved To The Luzano di Belvidere Area and There relieved elemenTs oT The lOTh MounTain Division. IT was Trorn These posiTions ThaT The 365Th In- TanTry RegimenT deployed and ToughT wiTh oTher 5Th Army ElemenTs Through The Po Valley To The end OT The War on 8 May 1945. In baTTle The Regime-nT received honors Tor parTici- paTing in The Po Valley, NorTh Appennines, and Rome- Arno campaigns and was decoraTed wiTh a sTreamer oT The "Croce al MeriTo di Guerra," Following The end oT hosTiliTies The 365Th lnTanTry RegimenT operaTed numerous Prisoner oT War Camps in norThern lTaly. ln June l945 The RegimenT was moved To Genoa, lTaly, where The Division was assembling pre- paraTory To movemenT To The UniTed STaTes. Early in November The movemenT was sTarTed and on 27 Novem- ber l945 The Division was deacTivaTed aT l-lampTon Roads, Va. The 365Th lnTanTry RegimenT was acTivaTed I5 July I947 aT ForT Dix, New Jersey where iT is aT presenT sTaTioned wiTh a primary mission oT Training newly en- lis+ed personnel oT The Army Field Forces in basic miliTary subiecTs Tor TourTeen U4-l weelcs. ln addiTion To assisTing The PosT in providing services such as adminisTraTion, supply, TransporTaTion, and se- curiTy, schools and reTresher courses are conducTed Tor TurTher Training of permanenTly assigned o'lTicers and en- lisTed men and Reserve Corps and summer Camp per- sonnel. The RegimenTal Insignia is Blue, WhiTe and Gold. The l.aTin wording aT The base oT The cresT when TranslaTed means: HFORTITUDE MAKES STRONG MEN." llln 1 REGIIVIE TAL HDQS 365th I F REGT COL GEORGE S. BEURKET LT COL HARRY F LOFTON LT COL ELMER P GIBSON Isf Li' Jamus E. McGee Capi' John Sunnfelr lsr L+ Harry P. Davis Isf Lf John W. Hurns, Jr Isf L+ Thomas E. Leigh Isi' Lf Ordie P. Taylor Isf Li George Bryanf CWO Oliver P. Lasley CWO Lewis A. Mifchell HDQS. 84 HDQS CO 365th I F REGT MfSg'r Anderson Davenporl Sgf Timofhy Anderson Sgf James E. Bufler Sgr Thomas 'Carler Sgi Ulysses Coleman Sgr Joseph Covin Sgr Eddie L. Fairchild Sgf Henry H. Faullmer Sgr Charles W. Ferguson Sql William S. Griffin Sgf L. J. General Sgf John J. Henry Sgi' LeRoy Lindsey Sgr Thomas W. Roane Sgf Clarence Roberfs Sgr Willie Smilh, Jr. Sgf Roy A. Thompson Sgr William Walson Sgf Herman Johnson Sgl' Winfield L. Baines Cpl William L. Byrd Cp! Mlilliam J. Cole Cpl Cornelius Dozier, Jr. Cpl Oran A. Holberl Cpl Roberi T. Jaclrson Cpl Samuel J. Mayes Cpl Edward Smilh Cpl Harry E. Smifh Cpl William H. Taylor, Jr. Pic Maynard Presfon Pic Alexander Shellman Pvl Roberf lHenry Capi Tall' Cummings K MfSg+ Douglass D. Addison MfSg+ J. D. Evans MfSgl Waddell R. Spain SFC Dallon J. Lewis SFC R. E. Render HEADQUARTERS Ist B TT LIU 365th I F. REGT. Mai Cap+ Isl Lf lsf L+ James H. Carr James T. Baker Oliver W. Dillard Thomas J. Moore I s 4 'lf ,.,., a a:a:.1 ,,.1, 5 uf' Jzzlu I 59+ SFC SFC Cpl Pfc John F, Henderson Alfred Holi' Roberl' Brown Nalhan E. Rudd Joseph Thomas l 4 l T T l T l CUIVIPANY A 365th IIXIFANTRY REGIIVIE T SFC Karl W. Smifh-Green SFC Roberl T. Vaughn Sgl' Ulysses Moore Cpl Thomas O. Beasley Cpl Dewi++ Lacy Sgf Alvin C. Prilche'H Sgf Warren C. Burrell Sgl' Willie M. Briggs Sgl Napoleon J. Green Sgf Oscar Hudson Sgf James J. Laflimore Sgf Charles B. Reed Sgl Arlhur A. Ryan Sgf Roberf Smilh, Jr. Cpl Carl F. Beechwood Cpl Herman R. Bell Cpl Shelvie E. Harris Cpl Beniamin F. Thompson Plc Cleveland Balmer, Jr. Pic Professor Brown Pfc Edward R. Hayes Cpl James Logan Pfc Roosevell Parlrer Plc Theodis Palriclr Plc Wallace B. Slewarf Pfc Edward B. Whilehall Pvf Allen J. Perry Cpl Joseph Young Capl Leonard l. Burch Isl Ll' Isl L+ Harvey L. Wilcox George H. Moman MfSg'l' Shedriclr Williams SFC Coles M. Brown SFC Clarence Gupfon SFC James V. Manning Rd Leonard M. Adams Rd Levauglin Awlcard Rd George W. Boone Rd Odell A. Brown Rd John R. Brown Rd Waller Bradford Rd Harrison A. Boone Rd Donald W. Builer Rd Andrew Blannon Rd Aaron Brown, Jr. Rd Eo'il1a Channel Rd Roberl' L. Chappel Rd Beniamin Coles Rd Perry D. Collins Rd Donald A. Daniels CUMPANY A 365th INF. REGT Rd William Daniels Rd Alvin l. Dodson Rd William M. Edwards Rd John H. EvereH Rd Edward Flannery Rd Fagan Fiizpairiclr Rd Cain Green Rd Llewellyn Grubb Rd Ralph L. Gilliam Rd Clarence Harmon Rd 'Harold Huniley Rd Cecil M. Harmon Rd Obie Howard Rd Fred J. Jordan Cpl Jonafhan Jackson Rc? Alexander Jefferson Rc? James E. Johnson Rc? Herberf L. Jones Rci' Beniamin Jenkins Rcf Marion Jackson Rc? Valda J. Lewis Rd' David Milkins Rc? Roberl' E. Minard Rel' Clyde T. Monfgomery Ref Lloyd H. Mosley Rcf Merill Middlefon Rc? Morris Nash Rcf John H. Perkins Ref LeRoy Pheribo CUMPANY A 365th INF. REST Rd Willie T. Phillips Rel Beniamin L. Pinkard Ref Henry Poland Ref Reginald L. Sprafley Rd Warner Shorl' Ref John M. Shinall Ref Roberf L. Talley Rd James H. Turner Rcf George Trawick Rcf Herberf L. Weaver Rc? Nalhan Willis Rd Lemuel C. Wilson Rc? Shuller Wanamaker Rc? William H. Wyche Ref Roberf Whife COMPANY B 365th INFANTRY REGIIVIE T Isl' L+ Is? Lf Isf L+ Isl Lf Isf L+ Seymour Hundley Henry L. Cody William E. Allen Samuel E. Anderson Arfhur Jackson Mfsg+ Alfred O. Griffin SFC Lymon Viclrers Sgf Ernesf Owens Cpl 'Earl L. Balcewell Cpl Charles A. Goodrum MfSgf Freddie Collins SFC William T. Jackson SFC Paul Brinson Sg+ Elion Dauphiney Sgf Eugene R. Davis Sgl Harry Hill Sgi' William Lloyd Cpl John H. Johnson Cpl John W. McPherson Cpl Grani Baffle Pfc Jeremiah Glover Pfc James Haines Pfc Vernon Peyion Cpl Roscoe W. Wallace Pvi' Calvin C. While Cpl DeCos+a Fairgood Pfc Andrew J. Coleman SFC Theodore Davis SFC Walfer Gaines SFC Thomas E. Gilliam SFC David K. Keyes SFC Jchnie H. Sherrod Cpl Clyde E. Barion Pvi James Chambers Pvf Mafhew Gaines Pvf John E. Gani' Pv+ Alberi A. Harris Pvi James Paferson Pv+ Louis W. Paflerson Pvi Kennefh A. Robinson Pv+ Thomas W. While Pv'r Theodore Wyche Pvi' Alburdea Wrighi' Rd Herman E. Anderson Rd David R. Alexander Rd Alberf Alexander Rd Hous+on L. Bass Rd Wilbur T. Bell Rd Harold R. Bell Rd Roberi' Belion Rd Clarence S. Boyd Rd Henry Black Rd Joseph S. Bryan Rd James C. Bowser Rd Excell J. Blanchard Rd Cedric O. Brown Rd Joseph S. Bryan Rd John L. Black Rd Nehemiah E. Buller Rd Everard Bowen Rd Leon R. Bush Rd Herman L. Buchanan Rd Willie J. Bellamy Rd Ernesi L. Briggins Rd Herberi' R. Boone Rd James L. J. Boles Rd Jacques V. Baynes Rd Richard E. Bosion Rd Lee P. Bolding Rd Ernesf O. Broom Rd Jack Bess Rd Johnny Brown Rd Armsiead Carier Rd Joseph L. Coleman Rd John Clabon, Jr. Rd Wendell M. Childers Rd Frederick T. Clark Rd James Clark Rd Francis M. Clark Rd 'Ellis Crawford, Jr. Rd Blendor Crooks Rd Henry C. Curiis Rd Lawrence Crawford Rd William E. Chandler Rd Ralph Curfis Rd James A. Carler Rd William E. Cofield Rd Alfred Carfer Rd Alfred 'H. Davenporf Rd David Davis Rd Theodore E. Duclrery Rd Harold D. Deane Rd Maynard E. Dobbins Rd Bernel J. Donnelly Rd Marvin Dix Rd George P. Durr Rd Charles E. Embry Rd Kennefh Eaddy Rd William C. Flowers Rd Roberl W. Floyd Rd Nalhaniel Floyd Rd George A. Ferrell Rd Calvin Ferrell Rd Waller S. Freeland Rd David Gary Rd James P. Genfs Rd Harris G. Oden Rd Joseph A. Green Rd Leon Glover Rd Ozie Gibbs Rd Franz E. Gibson Rd Waller M. Grier Rd Earl Gardner SFC Waller Hamillon Rd Alex Harvey Rd Oliver Hill Rd Frank Hill Rd William E. Holland Rd James O. Hines Rd Eddie Horfon, Jr. Rd Russell A. Hughes Rd Allaizer J. 'Hill Rd Joseph T. Harper Rd Andrew R. Harshaw Rd Marshall F. Haynes Rd Clarence T. Hamlin Rd Roberl E. Hari Rd Willie J. Heard Rd Lesier Hanlrerson Rd Leroy Hunf Rd Waller Huff Rd Frank Haicher, Jr. Rd Roberl' F. Henderson Rd James L. 'Haley Rd Oliver Hill Rd Oscar M. Harvey Rd Thomas Howard Rd Henry N. Hodge Rd Jim lvey, Jr. Rd Herberr H. James Rd Tommie L. Jordan Rd Edward Jones Rd Samuel L. Jones Rd Paul Jackson Rd Herberl Johnson, Jr. Rd Roberr Jones Rd Sheddred J. Johnson Rd Eugene Jackson Rd Fred Kaiser, Jr. Rd Charles E. King Rd O'NeaI Kyle Rd James O. Leach Rd Richard LaHimore Rd Arrhur M. Laney Rd Alfred Lee, Jr. Rd Carl J. Levi Rd John Lesrer Rd Franlc 'E. Lee Rd David H. Ligons Rd James Li-Hleton Rd Calvin W. Lyons Rd Carney Lyons Rd Elfon W. McDowell Rd Sam W. McKee Rd Daniel W. Moss Rd Leon D. Mhoon Rd John Madison Rd Willie D. Mealey Rd EmmeH McDavid, Jr Rd John W. Mangum Rd Roberf S. Mixson Rd Billy E. Nance Rd John H. Norman Rd Lawrence E. O'Neill Rd Roberl' V. Oliver Rd Emerson Pererson Rd Rudolph Paifon Rd James Porler, Jr. Rd Willie F. Perry Rd Arfhur L. Piplrins Rd Edward W. Pulliam Rd James Plummer Rcf Rc? Rcl' Boyd W. Pe'H'us Bernard R. Raines Eric Roach Rcl Alfred J. Roberis Rcl William F. Robinson Rcf William L. Rogers Rcl' Roscoe R. Robinson Rcl John R. J. Ryans Ref Rcl Rcl Rel Paul K. Robinson Irvin L. Sharp Leroy J. Smilh Ernesl F. Sfeele Ref Arfhur R. Snell Rc? John F. Shy Rcl Philemon Shark Ref Clarence W. Smiih Rcf James D. Sparks Rd Charles A. Swanson Rci' Donald Smirh Rc? Joseph Sharpe Rcr R. T. Taylor Rcl' Leroy Thompson Rc? James G. Thrower Roi Pefer Taylor Rc? Andrew L. Thomas Rcf Lowell L. Taylor Rel Roberl L. Thames Rcf Calvin Talley Rc? Leroy C. Urquhari Rci Waller Williams Rei' James V. Williams Rcf 'Harry L. Woodruff Rcl' Joseph B. While Rc? Kennelh A. Whiiehead Rc? Lonnie Walker Rd David S. Walker Rd John W. Woodward Rcl' Rolaerf F. Wilson Rc? Richard V. Wheeler Rcl James E. Walker Rcl' Jimmie Williams Rcl' Sylvesier Weslon Rc? Harry L. Wilson Rc? Morris Willis Rcf Calvin C. Walker Rcl' Franklin W. Welzel Rcf James H. Woodson Ref Olis Williamson, Jr. Rc? Chrisfopher Williams Rcf Alfred R. Young CGIVIPA Y C 365th I FA TRY REGIIVIE T 15+ L+ Is+ L+ :S+ L+ 15+ L+ 2nd L+ Sievef' B- MBYO Ralph D Askew John Johnson Alfred Barnes Henry Simon Jr MfSg'r Meiro Cosion ' I I Q SFC Raymond Ash ly f . l SFC Horace Maddox l i v L' Q Sgf Lafayerfe C. Noel ,,+1' Z IMXSQ1, sg+ wana., B. Dal+on Frank O. Williams 59+ Charles Harris Sgf Herberi' Welsh Sgf Fred D. Woods Cpl Wilburn Morfon Cpl Franlr Boykin, Jr. Cpl Edward Moody, Jr. Cpl McKinley Swain Cpl William K. Queen Cpl Waller L. Brown Cpl Arihur Wimbley Cpl Jeffery Avie Cpl Ocie W. Coolrsie Pfc Nafhan A. Tibbs Pfc Eugene Gonder Pfc Cornelius McCall Sgr James Plump Sg+ Chauncey Richardson Pic John B. Johnson Pfc Milfon Monlgomery Pvl' Kennelh Miller Pvl' Willie A. Thomas Pvl Jim A. Safford Rd John Adams Rd Roger J. Anderson Rd Wilmer Argo Rd George Allen Rd William Aulry Rd Lee Burke Rd Lee E. Barreil Rd Theodore Bragg Rd James Bearden Rd Warren Bridges Rd Willie Brown Rd Lawrence Bracy, Jr. Rd Raymond Boykin Rd John Bell Rd Gerald Brooks . Rd Howard Buller Rd John H. Brown, Jr. Rd Leonard W. Brown Rd John Bond Rd Williams Branch Rd 'Fred C. Bland Rd Sherman Buffram Rd Sydney Bradley Rd Hillon Besl Rd Elson R. Brown Rd Johnie Brown Rd George Brown Rd Edward E. Boyd Rd James A. Byrd Rd Judson Bonduranl Rd Melvin S. Carler Rd Roosevelf B. Crosby Rd Ernesl' Calhoun Rd Ernesi' Cherry- Rd Weldon Colale Rd Roswell Cox Rd Henry Covey, Jr. Rd Charles Cooper Rd Leroy Coleman Rd Frederick Crump Rd Perry Collins Rd Sennie Cox Rd Anihony Claiborne Rd John Dennis Rd John L. Davidson Rd Presfon Dowdy Ref Alexander Dudley, Jr. Rcr Richard Dickenson Rci Earl Doclrery Roi' Roberr Dennis Rcf Caswell Davis, Jr. Rci' Marion English Rc? James Evans Rcf James EHson Rel' Cable Eager Rc+ Oscar Ford Rcf John Frison Rci Lewis Fleming Rcf Benjamin Graham Rd Emanuel Green Rc? Roberf L. Guinn Rci' Roberf L. Graves Rci' Alfred Gaines Rcr Ernesf Greene Rei McDade Henry Rc? Lindsey Hall Rc? John B. lHowell, Jr. Rc? Andrew Holland Rc? Gilberf C. Harvey, Jr Rc? Ben Harris Rc? Edward Hiclrs Ref Roberf A. Huff Rd Charles Hunf Rc? Charles T. Hilfon Ref Eugene Henderson, Jr Rei' Allen J. Howard Rc+ Allen Hiclrs Rc? Daniel Henderson Rci Samuel lHarris, Jr. Rc? Ernesf Hiclrs Rc? Herberl Harris Rei Lamar Harris Rc? David Hamilion Rci' Wesley Hendricks Rei' Ebenezer Harris Rcf Edward Ingram Rcl' Roberf P. Johnson Rcf Edward Jones Rci' Ermii' Jones Rcr Anderson Jordan Rci' Richard Johnson Rel' Ernesf Jones, Jr. Rc? Roberi Jennings Rci' Morion Johnson Rcf Jervis Kelley Rcl Warren Kimbrough Rei' Marcus Kennedy Rci Thomas F. Kelley Rei Sferling Kirby Rcf David Kyser Rcf Jessie C. LeH Rc? Charles Lamberl Rcf Lamar Lucier Rc'l' George Lucious Rc-l Wilford Lockelf Ref Warren 'E. Loclxhari' Rc-l Evere'H Lewis Rc? Flelcher LiH'le Rcl' Roberi Lewis Rcl' Charlze Morrison Rci Eugene Murray Rci Harold Medley Rcl' Charles Maclr Roi' I. V. Murray Rc? Floyd Merlin, Jr. Rc? Winslow Morris Rc? George Marrow Rc+ Maurice Morlon Rc? James E. McKinney Rei' James Moody Rel' Arihur Morris Rel' Clarence Mallhews Rc? David Manning Rc? Willie Moore Rei' David E. Nichols Rei James Hurl' Rci' Johnnie Russell Rcr Herberl' H. Newion Rcf Aubery Nobles Rcf Archie O"Harroll Rcl' Clarence E. Powell Rcl' George A. Preslon Rel David Paige Roi Perry Po'Her Roi' Franlzlin Pollard Rc? James Prine Rel' Roberl' Reese Rc+ James Roberson, Jr. Rci' Charles L. Roberls Roi John Ragland Rei' Henry Rover Rei' Roberf Reid Rd' Arfhur Rolan Rd John Smarl Rel' Cleveland Shaclr Rd' Daniel W. Slewarl Rel' William R. Slearns Rcl Edward Shannon Rcl' Ralph Sfrawn Rel Willie Speed Rcl Hillary Shaw Rcl' Roy E. Slolres Rcf James C. Spivey Rcl' Roberf Sligh Rd Sieve Thompson Rel' John Tale Rd' Edward Thompson Rd' Selby Thames Rel Wilson Thomas Rd' Lionell Thomas Rd George Thrasher Rd Leugene Whiffield Rcf George H. While, Jr. Rcl Joseph J. Wells Rel Arlhur Williams Rel William H. Williams Rel Avery Wilson Rc? Purvis Wallrer Rai' James While Rcl Oliver Wallxer Rel Louie Wardlaw Rcl Waller Weaver Rel Richard Williams Rcf Roberl Ward, Jr. Rcl Louis Waflxins Rel Shedriclt While Roi Clarence Wilkins Rd Francis Williams Rcl Earl M. Wallace Rcl Thomas Whifaker Rel Richmond Williams Rel' James J. Williams, Jr. Rel Henry Wrigh+ Rel M. Frank Williams Rel Bernard Vance Rel Elgia Young Rel Carl William Young Rcl' James C. Yarborough rlrsuf fu ,New -eww CUIVIPA Y D 365th I FA TRY RE E T MfSg+ Readus W. Williams Sgf Samuel Shepard Sgr Roberr H. Thomas Sgi Andrew Weaver S91 Arfhur Williamson Sgr John Wrighf Cpl Howard Gray Cpl Alfred M. Harris Cpl John L. Mason Cpl Johnny Parker Cpl Crawford L. Pugh Cpl James L. Sadler, Sr. Cpl Haze Shumper+ Cpl Harold L. Smifh Cpl Roberl L. Thomas Pfc Elmer Boyce Cpl Philip C. Moore Cpl James M. Wright Cpl Willie B. Bradshaw Pfc Thomas L. Freeman Pfc T. C. Frierson Pfc Ofis D. Jones Pfc Norman W. Walls Pfc Clarence H. Shavers Plc Alberf Barnes, Jr. Pvf Waller P. Harringion Rc? Reber? Walker Cpl Joseph H. Ray Ref Carl Harris MfSgt, SFC Wi SFC Vir SFC Jo Sgr Ler Sgl' Cle lsf Ll' Isl' Li' Isl L+ Isl Ll' Ross P. Barrefl' Anderson L. McGruder Wm. M. Danderidge Richard L. Fields s 1 5 2 S 3 5 T 5 2 5 2 2 1 1 CGIVIPA Y E 365th I FA TRY REGIIVIE T SFC James C. Lee SFC John E. Lewis Sgi Brodie Enoch Sgr I. G. Jordan Sgf Huber? Roberfs Cpl 'Horace Bell Cpl William Daniel Cpl Howard Granf Cpl Alberl W. Higgins Cpl Eugene Hughes Cpl John lvery Cpl Henry McDuFl'ie, Jr. Cpl Harold T. Randolph Pc Mifchell Shaw Pfc Plc Pfc Plc Pfc Pfc Pfc Leonard Brown Lawrence Emerson William Franklin James Goodwin James E. Harper Franklin Keels Willis Overfon Pfc Norberl E. Parlrer Pfc Thomas J. Ryder Pic Samuel Saunders Pvf McAllis+er D. ScoH Pfc Norman Thompson Pvi' Bernard Asbury :S+ L+ M!S9+ ll-yin Whife Harold Sltellon l73rd ARMY BA D CWO MfSgf MfSg'l' SFC Harry H. Hollowell Edgar H. Lewis Thomas G. Reid John R. Washingion SFC Roberi E. Browne SFC John D. Dunford SFC Beniamin W. Marlin Sgr Warren A. Boll Sgr James D. Bell Sg'r Roberl' M. Francis Sgr James Webb Cpl Louis E. Barne'H' Cpl Rolaerl' J. Brown Cpl Julius C. Cool: Cpl Hilfon J. Carier Cpl Johnnie Dixon Cpl George Duffy Cpl Roberr W. Durrell Cpl Elmer H. Davis Cpl Timofhy Garrefl Cpl Vinfon E. Hudson Cpl Clarence H. Harris Cpl Alphonso L. Holi' Cpl Alonzo E. Jaclrson Cpl Wal'l'er L. McCan'ls Cpl James E. Perrigan Cpl Gene A. Robinson Cpl Edgar R. Redmond Cpl Kennelh E. Scipio Cpl Lawrence W. Thorpe Cpl Winslon C. While Pfc Marvin Blackwell Pfc Charles E. Crawford Pfc Raymond L. Dennison Pic Roberf Fields Pfc James H. Griffin Pfc Louis B. Guidry Pfc Edward L. Hill Pic Charles L. Lisby Pfc Jerry Liplrins Pic Roy McCullough Pfc Roberi' L. Miller Pfc Lemuel L. McGlone Pfc James E. Murray Pfc Arfhur Oliver Pfc Edgar D. Pofillo Plc George J. Pugh Pfc Presfon E. Pafferson Pic Edward L. Reeves Pfc Lindon T. Seals 173rrI ARMY BAND Plc John Slriclclan Pfc Henry Sfanley Pfc James W. Wesl- Pfc Jesse Willis Pfc William A. Zimmermann Pvf Paul J. LeComp+ .ri I 1 1' . 1525.1 ,,, ,... ..,....... : E M, .A X ,, I ..,, .,,,L6h -,li wifi 'if MW .. .. ..,'., Z ,: ... za., ::,':5:S.zafsZ 3? - 51, .,..,,. , .. . X 3,3 ew . 2 4 M S 2 Q-22 , 'II' E. T la xy 'R E:I:ff:?fiiz:sr2r .':3f , ,, an H -'r': fr Qsar ,... ...,.....,,, 3 A4 A: S. . wx , 4 -1 --,:',, .:. ., 'r l C 11 ::,.:f pr'-Q., flif' ' . .1 ,-r. '23E:'i?,-fi WAC DET CHIVIENT A Cap? 2nd L+ Blanche L. ScoH Doroihy M. Fordham U Cpl Mfsgi' SFC Pvi' Cpl Cpl Ora E, Bragg Norene 'Harris Frances DeCourcey Hannah L. Bell Sally L. Hamp+on Sarah F. Morgan Sgl' Harrieife Douglas Sgr Macy 'E. Hale Sgi' Ma'Hie Siephens Cpl Rachel M. Shury Pic Opal Daniels Pic Mary Ferrell Pfc Claudia Harris Pvl' America E. Alexander Pvr Lo'Hie E. Andrews Pvi Mary A. Anderson Pvl' Mary A. Armsfead Pvl' Barbara D. Brailsford Pvi' Lillie P. Benimon Pvi' Doro+hy L. Barber Pvi Kafhleen E. Ballard Pvf Cecile E. Boyd Pvi Laura R. Barlowe Pvi' Virginia Bash WAC IJETAIIHMENT A Pvl' Mariha P. Blaclrnall Pvl Grace M. Caldwell Pvi Hazel Caufhen Pvi' Gracie Clark Pvi' Verna Chapman Pv'I' Flora M. Coolcs Pvi' Emma C. M. Camper Pvi' Mary A. Craylon Pvi Efhel L. Coleman Pvi' Daisy A. DeLaine Pvi Claudine L. Davis Pvf Waller M. Daniels Pvi' Elsie M. Davis Pvl Mary E. DeLoach Pvr Dorolhy E. Dixon Pvl- Lillie M. English Pvr Laura D. Evans Pvi' Jacqueline Edwards Pvl' Laura D. Evans Pvf Claudia M. English Pvf Evelyn Edward Pvi' Nelcie L. Flippin Pvf Julia Gomes Pvi Lillian J. Gray Pvf Edi+h O. Green Pv+ Arline Haywood Pvl' Janelle L. Hellon Pvl' Gladdora Holmes Pvi Earline O. Jackson Pvl Dolores C. Jackson Pvi- Eddie L. Jackson Pvl' Consrance M. Johnson Pvr Pauline A. Johnson Pvl' Ruih L. Jones Pvl' Carrie G. Livingslon Pvi' Gwendolyn L. Lawrence Pvf June K. Minor Pvf Anna L. Marlin Pvf Lucille Marfin Pvi' lnez Miller Pvi' Maner D. Ma'H'hews WAC DETAIIHMENT A Pvl' Elouise Miichell Pvr Helen C. Norwood Pvl Elaine Parker Pvl' Ella A. Perkins Pvl' Pearl E. Pinkard WAC DETAUHMENT A Pvl Lillian J. Pinclcney Pv+ Virgie L. PruieH Pv'i Billie E. Pearson Pvf Margaref M. Phillips Pvi' Lorena Richardson Pv+ Dolores E. Robinson Pvf Efhel C. Richwell Pvf Phoebe A. Slcrine Pvl' Cynihia M. Smiih Pv'r Ramona Smiih Pvi Rufh A. Simms Pvi Janie Sommerville Pvf Claudia Sco'H' Pvf Julia A. Sims Pvf Mary L. Sfoner Pvi' Ernesiine Tillman Pvf Janel' C. Tyler Pvi' Delores C. Thompson Pvi Maggie O. Taylor Pvi Shirley M. Tross Pvi Lizzie Taylor Pvf Mary B. Treni' Pv1"l'lazel C. Thomas Pvf Clydia Williams Pvi Charleseiia Ward Pvf Mary C. Whiieheaal Pvf Mary E. Williams Pvi BeH'y D. Wyckoff Pvf Fay G. Williams Pvf Celesiine M. Wilson Pvf Doriha L. Wiley Pv+ Mary V. Woodson DETACHIVIEIXIT N0 2 l262d ASU Isf L+ Isl' Li' lsf Li' Isl' L1 CWO Elini' M. Calcalic John H. Dunn Ralph D Aslrew Sr Wllllam F Blvens Walfer E Sione Arfhur L Franklin Mai l 4. l l l"" "n + J xi! MfSg+ Jonaihan J. Beene ' A MfSg'r Curfis Chamberlain V M f Sgr Herberl' Franklin ' ":' U :ZZ Avlvl Z iz, V Mfsgf Billy Grandberry MfSg+ George L. Harrison Mfsgi' John H. Hellen Mfsgi John R. Ishmael MfSg+ Joseph K. Jackson MfSg+ Arihur Lawler Mfsgf Leo D. Logan MfSg1' Andrew A. Maddox MfSg+ Ocie S. Riddle Mfsgf James L. Woods SFC Earl D. Blaclr SFC Tail' C. Bell SFC Sewall Campbell SFC James H. Cobb SFC Ora Dayon SFC Sidney Duhe SFC Leon E. Edwards SFC Earl F. Geniry SFC Larry E. Granl' SFC George A. Hayes SFC Rossie Haymond SFC Granville Hiclcs SFC James lH. Jones SFC Claude F. Johnson SFC Leo F. Pearson SFC McDonald Smilh SFC Napoleon O. Wilborn SFC James Williams SFC Arrhur S. Wrighi SFC Leonard Valrie Sql' John S. Brown Sgi' Solomon Barnes, Jr. Sgf Nehemiah Brunson Sgf Noble Blevins Sgl' George E. Boyce Sgf Allen B. Casior Sg+ John Carier Sgl' Joseph Couch Sgf Grover L. Davis Sgl' Dan Dansby Sgl' Warren G. Dixon Sgi' Charles E. Doleman Sgl' Chesier 'Epps Sgi' Leslie Ewing Sgf Samuel B. Greer Sql U. L. Hudson Sgi' MaH'hew Jones Sgi' Calvin H. Johnson Sgf Mil+on Johnson Sgf Kirby Jones Sgl' Roberf G. Johnson Sgl' John H. Jackson Sgf Howard B. Lee Sgl' Harold L. Lucas Sgf Ernesl F. Lyons Sgi' Henry L. McGilberry Sgf John D. McCoy . ,,,, , Sgr John A. Madison Sgi' Nafhaniel McCall Sg'r Charles M. Parroii Sgi Fred B. Powell Sgr Eubanlrs H. Perry Sgl James A. Peferson Sgr William H. Paschall Sgi' Marshall Phillips Sgi' George W. Rhea Sgf Marlin W. Ridgeway Sgr William R. Simpson Sg+ Sam Scoii' Sgf John H. Sfanfon Sgr William Smifh Sgf Franlr L. Scoff Sgr Fred Sullivan, Jr. Sgl' Clarence Taylor Sgt Louis C. Thomas Sgi' William H. Terry Sgr Waller Tarlefon Sgr Eugene E. Warner Sgf Eddie H. Wes? Sgi' Ras B. Williams Sql Thomas Wilson Sgr Loffon C. Wiley Sgf Miller Williams Sgi George Wingare Sgr 'Harry L. Wilson Sglc Charles W. Vardiman Sgi' Booker T. Young Cpl Ariece Ariher Cpl W. S. Allen Cpl James Allen Cpl Roberl' Allen Cpl Paul Avinger, Jr. Cpl Cale L. Adams Cpl Allen M. Brown Cpl Mack L. Boolrer Cpl Edward Brown Cpl Alberl E. Brown Cpl Charlie Bingham Cpl Earl L. Boyd Cpl Calvin Browne Cpl Boyd R. Brighl' Cpl James E. Brown Cpl Evereh' T. Brickey Cpl Samuel B. Blue Cpl Percy T. Benlon cpl L. H. Burley cpl Eslco Bullard cpl Floyd E. Caulhen cpl Kredel T. Compfon cpl Edward Conerly cpl H. D. Carier cpl James L. Coleman cpl Andrew D. Clark cpl Lloyd A. Drew cpl Russell K. Davenporl' cpl Lucius P. Doles cpl Sam L. Dixon cpl Roy 'Ellis cpl George E. Fulfon cpl Jesse J. Fulmore cpl Roberl T. Follis Cpl James A. Farmer cpl Joseph M. Horlon cpl Wilmer Gilmore cpl Sidney G. Greene cpl Clyde Hinlrson cpl Burl Hunfer cpl James L. HargreH cpl McCoy Hayden II cpl Edd Hiclcs cpl Charles S. Hull cpl James A. Holloway cpl Willie Harris cpl Ceniry lHough cpl Joseph L. J. Johnson cpl Joseph J. Johnson, Jr. cpl Warren N. Jackson cpl Calvin S. Jones cpl Oliver A. Johnson cpl Umphyred Johnson cpl William Knowles Cpl William Lowe cpl Edward H. Leflwich Cpl Dan Lewis cpl Levi Lewis, Jr. cpl Orfiz R. Lebron Cpl Theodore J. Law cpl Nelson Li'Hleiohn Cpl George A. lvlclvlillian cpl Eddie G. Mann Cpl Roland E. Mayo .1 M ff .XJ'5"" I.. . .ali fix" A' W f W e ...EEL -...vga --vi...-.,.v.. ni ' " Sr .3:iasa.::a-.. V f , fr sf 1: . A 2-3 if A W3 rm ,M . " 9 lg.-: vw. in KN 1 ? zz 34 X ff .,,.,,. , I ::"' "2.i25s,s:,-eg? Q 1' 2 . ' ii 2:5255 . ff -. ...A f rf r r -::::z:z::a:a:s..., EEE , 5.5 ' 1. v"'Z?,?, .fi K sw 1' iw 3 l ,,., i -'-2 5 -'i -... E 'V -.fir iii.. if 'ri " A is - 1 - Q ,:,: I "'- li- "" i 1 ... Q M nw 4 ,MN VX. 1 "-.: W 1.:i . Q ,V,, ziiqzzi :- ...lm ..,, ev A. , ,:.: . . fav ,.... Q 1 . W- 5 ..5.s:s:a:a:::,.:,-A ' "" wmv . 29" IEEE f Q Y 1 x W i af glam - 5 I.. .,.,,,:,. , . X 5 O 1 Q, t lt 5 was Jw -ass. 4' . ., 'f 5 .gc gf . 9: Cpl BurneH' Moore Cpl Lewis P. Milbourne Cpl Fred D. Morris Cpl Lazarus Normeni' Cpl Charles W. Nichols Cpl Richard R. Parris Cpl Napoleon B. Paclrer Cpl Charles A. Posrell Cpl Mafhis Pufman Cpl Alfredo A. Phoenix Cpl James H. Rucker Cpl Johnny J. Roberis Cpl Linwood Riclcmon Cpl George W. Rhodes Cpl George Rachal Cpl Willard Rubii Cpl John T. Rogers Cpl Lonnie Simmons Cpl James Sheppard, Jr. Cpl John W. Sharp Cpl George Samuel, Jr. Cpl Ruben Smiih Cpl Melvin B. Slaien Cpl Louis R. Sloan Cpl James P. Smilh Cpl Allen Sfephens, Jr. Cpl Charles Squirewell Cpl Thomas E. Simmons Cpl Malcolm Sisco Cpl Sandy F. Smilh Cpl Dennis Smifh Cpl Roberf L. Simmons Cpl Charles R. Thompson Cpl Tommie Tyus Cpl Taylor Turner Cpl Clarence Vaughn Cpl Juan M. Mendex Vaz Cpl Herberf Whife Cpl Floyd E. Ware Cpl Rooseveli Ware Cpl John H. Wellmalrer Cpl Elmer Whife Cpl Abe Walker Cpl Raymond L. Wrighi Cpl Henry Washingion Cpl Sfanley Wilkinson Cpl Clemon E. Woods Fiwi, Cpl Cpl Cpl Cpl Pic Pic Pfc Pfc Pic Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pic Pic Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pic Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pic Pfc Pfc Pfc Pfc Benny Tilley Winfred A. Union Clarence Wilson Randolph Willis Norman Brown William M. Beale Mifchell Barron Willie A. Broolcs Leslie Crawford Russell Cagle Warren J. Dunbar James T. Eure David Fuller Onnie J. Florence Clifion Gilmore Jesse L. Guidry Warren E. Griffin Anionio Gonsalves Anionio Gomez IIETAIIHMENT NU. 'I William J. Grigsby Henry lHarris J. D. Hunler William C. Johnson James S. Josey Washingion I. Jones William Kelion Alberr Kar+sen Harolcl L. LeBon Warren W. Lee Leonard J. McCampbell Willie J. Merriewealher John C. McRae Charles Mel+on Gilberl' L. Monk Sluarf A. Nolan Thomas 'E. Offer Roberl' L. Paylon L. C. Pearson 1 T Pfc Pic Plc Pfc Pfc Pfc Pic Pic Pfc Pic Plc Cpl Cpl Plc Pfc Pvl Pvl' Pvl' Allen R. Robertson Gran? Reeves LeRoy Rucker, Jr. Theo Shellman Thaddeus M. Siriclrland Joseph Smiih Melvin J. S+. Cyr Willie Sheppard Arfhur F. Tolenlino Leon A. Trudea lsom Tulces James W. Wallcer Presfon E. Williams James E. Weeks Laymon Weaihers Cladieus Beaman Ellis Burch Clarence E. Covingfon DETABHMENT l NU. 'I Pvf Arfhur L. Darden Pvl' Joseph Grilifin Pvl Andrew Johnson Pv'r John Gomes Pvl Harold G. Jones Pvi' Thomas J. Lawson Pvi' John H. Morris Pvf Branford B. O'Neil Pvl' Clifford E. Ouiley Pv'l Jimmy L. Smifh Pvt George B. Simpson. Pvl' Henry L. Seflle Pvl' George C. Smi'l'h Pvl Billy J. Sfrahm Pvl' Edward F. Thimas Pv'l Curfis L. Thornhill Pvl' Samuel E. Waller Pv'r Samuel L. Wallace Sr. d DQU RTERS PRGVISIU AL TRUCK B Ma I si LT CWO Walfer A Kangky George A. ArmsTrong Ralph B Ward AT The presenT Time, This l-leaclquarTers co- ordinaTes The acTiviTies OT T21 LighT Truck Companies and ill Heavy Truck Company, also acTs as liaison oTTice beTween uniTs. Provision Truck BaTTalion and Commanding General, 9Th lnTanTry Division. Two l2l Ligh+ Truck Companies and one ill Heavy Truck Company assigned This l-TeaclquarTers, are responsible Tor TransporTaTion oT TransienT em- barlcee and debarkee personnel and baggage To and Trom The Railhead and New York PorT oT Em- barlcaTion. In adcliTion, Truck companies assisT The PosT lvloTor Pool in inTernal Truck missions ancl in The procuremenT of supplies Trom The various depoTs in The FirsT Army Area. 42nd TRANSPORTATIO TRUCK COMPAN Capl' Marion Johnson lgf L+ lvorey Cobb MfSgf Thomas Price SFC Michael O'Loughlin SFC Philip McKinley SFC George L. Sims Sg-l' Marvin L. Earnheardl' Sgi' Joe P. Johnson Sql William Billingsley Sql Harris Bolds Sgf Vance Corlaifl Sgf Eddie B. Hurns Sg+ Calvin R. Henderson Sql Sierling R. Sfewarl' Sgl Johnnie Wesibrools ff? -1 -Jai Sgf James E. Walker Cpl James T. Amos Cpl Alvin A. Abramson Cpl Richard Brown, Jf Cpl Thomas N. Canaan Cpl Fred Dial Cpl Jimmy L. Gildon Cpl Wilbur N. Jaclrson Cpl Alfred E. Meilrle Cpl James B. Nicholson Cpl Willie Paschal Cpl John S. Polls Cpl Alvin L. Ross Cpl Clarence Slewarf 42nd TRANSPURTATIUN TRUCK IIUMPANY Cpl Roscoe F. Weaihers Pfc Ernesf G. Baille Pic George Burns Pic Ulysess Fairley Pic Freddie L. Jones Pfc Willie Percy Pfc William Segars Pvl Ulysses M. Simons Pvt Henry L Woods 44th TRANSPORT TIO TRUCK COIVIPA Y L1 1R,mwN CS, Cap? Luiher Har-I' Is'r Li' Isi L+ lsf L+ Jesse E. Gardner John C. Freeman Clyde J. Davis z MfSg+ John H. Baldwin SFC John H. Campbell SFC Jake Livingsion Sgi' Prenfice J. Favors SFC Olden Jackson Sgf Joseph L. Doles Sgi' George Brown Sgi' James Marshall Sgi' Harry May Sgf Willie Moore, Jr. Sgf Fred S. Webb Sgi' Richard H. Yancey Cpl Vinner E. Blaclcley Cpl Thomas Bryanl Cpl Slephen C. Brooks Cpl Charles D. Brown Cpl Ellis Cole Cpl Thomas Carringfon Cpl Daniel T. Carr Cpl Alonzo Davis Cpl Louis Green Cpl Charles L. Gunn Cpl Ovlin Hollingsworih Cpl Edward J. Hood Cpl Emmilf Hale Cpl Willie G. Harris Cpl James E. Haygood Cpl Jules Jacobs Cpl James R. Jackson Cpl Abraham Jones Cpl Franlr W. Jones Cpl Brisler McNair Cpl Oscar L. Marable Cpl Roberl Massey Cpl James E. Parish Cpl LeRoy Ross Cpl Jesse Seward Cpl James C. Terrell Cpl Wallace Traville Cpl Osie Trrell Cpl Roberf C. Wilson Cpl Willie Weslern Plc James Alexander , . ..,-... 1 if X 1 T Pfc Warren Bailey Pfc Harold V. Carson Pfc J. C. Crawford Pfc Emmi'H' Davis, Jr. Pfc Bally A. Elmore Pfc Granl Founiain, Jr. Pfc Waller Girven Pfc Millon Hill Pic Louis J. Legier Pfc Lucious Lee, Jr. 44th TRANSPIIRTATIUN TRUCK COMPANY Pfc Jimmie L. Manuel Pfc William L. Maclcey Pfc James E. Phipps Pfc William J. Richardson Pic Johnnie Shaw Pfc X. L. Sherman Pvl Edward Harris Pv+ Lee R. Lacy Pvl' Edward Moore Pvl' Alonzo Rush, Jr. Pvr Roberi L. Sample Pvl' Leo M. Sibley Pv+ Tilus Ward 78th TRAIXISPURT TIG TR CK CGM . , ., . ya? wx .I Capi- Johnny Y. B MfSg'l' Uriah Pernell, Jr. SFC John R. Cuffs SFC Lafayelie H. Hafcher Sgf Burfon A. Del Garde Sgf Paul P. LeMoine Sgf Louis T. Pierce Sg'l' Lonnie Brown Sgi Allen Dobson Sgf Amos Thomas SFC Howard O. Harrod Sgi' Thomas Coleman, Jr. Sgi' Hollie L. Crump Sgf Fred W. Grevenberg Sgf William J. Marlin Sql' Philip Maxie, Jr. Isl L+ Is+ L+ Isl L+ roolcs Weaver A. Turner Arfhur G. ScoH David G. L. Fosler AN Sgi Jesse Robinson Sgr Smiler Smiih Cpl Roberf S. Adams Cpl Jeffery Avia Cpl Richard J. Brown Cpl Buford Barneii' Cpl Walfer Davis Cpl John H. Donelson Cpl Alberi' H. Ducleii Cpl David L. Davis Cpl Shirley Durham, Jr. Cpl Richard Flowers Cpl Edward Farmer Cpl James C. Gilchrisi' Cpl Marcellar W. Glenn Cpl James E. Hill Cpl Carl E. Hines Cpl Roberi' L. Jefer Cpl Clarence E. Jordan Cpl Jasper King Cpl Harris Kinlew Cpl Willie C. Lewis Cpl Clarence A. Mifchum Cpl Quenfen S. McKinney Cpl John E. McDougald Cpl Lurco Miller Cpl Chauncey Newlrirl: Cpl Clarence N. Panes Cpl Judge Primes Cpl Eliiah Roberis Cpl Elijah Spears Cpl Ezell W. Sherrod Cpl Floyd P. VanArsclale Cpl David H. Walker Cpl Eugene Wallace Cpl Zedelciah Tippei, Jr. Cpl John W. Turner Pfc Roland Brown Plc Edward Byrd Pfc Ar+hur G. Clarlc Pfc Bernard O. Cavener Pfc Alberf D. Fuery Pfc Freeman Grace Pfc Curfis J. Granger Pfc John H. Hill Pfc Joseph H. Hilliard 'l8th TRANSPURTATIUN TRUCK BUMPANY Pfc Edward W. Jaclcson Pfc Johnnie B. Jaclcson Pfc Thomas C. Jones Pfc l. M. Lipscomb Pfc Dewey W. Mills Pfc Samuel Moses Pfc Charles W. Parsons Pfc James Poslon Pfc George A. Thompson Pfc Horace C. Wesl' Pfc Charles H. Whiiing Pvf Willie L. Louriclc Pvf Charles W. Tolver Pvl' Isaac Wails AUTUGRAPHS I F I L. Published by DAVID POND WILLIS Pos+ PI1o+ographer For+ Dix, New Jersey VGQXU Prinfed by CLARK PRINTING HOUSE I228 Cherry S+ree'I' Philadelphia 7, Penne. Q AUTOGRAPHS Q

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