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US Army Command and General Staff College - Summary Yearbook (Fort Leavenworth, KS) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Xfobjf Q E E . 3 S- Q ,X kkfd ,Nm f 'X ., q f 654 -Vx if xi aff ug-yy fxr Ex ,-f--7 fzkxi 7 1-------MW-.. . .+.. .fl 'T XXX Z f - , K' f no ff N JX7 47 x Xs- ....f" xr? 1 A. A iJf'x,f- . N. ,J seg XX I X 8 x Q by sw S 29 f Ax NJ-,elda , x ,sew ' I f R ,S W , KJ Q? X 5, KA J 1474 i fe 'T fqfllfll MNWW 1 ,f-'N.,n..x fbx Q E? !J'4 Ax F X x',,,1 .. , HA-4 J 'S-A z-'-.g-15.,,f- ., 'ig 1. . 2.4 'tyg 'QQ 1 M!--.Hx-, n .. . ,nw -Am: -Q 1 -1- N 18,35 P5 if 53 wg if -A ff L . ,. ,'.- ,,. , M. xg., ugsv -S, : E .X .fy ,V -. W fx' ,kigx-1 , ., X. .K , sf' if -, 5 ey, ps -Jas ex K la x1.:,x..xe,g.. , 1 'X k1Hi"'i"'s9"w'N11-'x N V- :fi "' 'liffqi .',ffQ."'. -1-. Ks - if ' ' Q 1 ' A n A 2 1. QX "fx, , ,il 3 . N a 5, p .-Q ,- ,L ,1 yi Q, I . - , X x ,- ,X , x . I . , , I 1 I- A - Uv ' J lm 5 - -XE -' 1"H"' . V km . , k , 3 . I rx 1 1 1 ! . :I , w 5 W uw ' , N f '5 .L x -A , f 7. ' I wi I i W-1 v 2 . 1 J 'I " ff 4. , W , , V ,I A ' 6 , - X , a Q . f 1 - ' 4 ' .if ' e 3: , ,, 4, 'M LST 5,32 ja: xxx'--,X.? H If y,,.0Qg,.L5w 1 ' ' ' W ply! '55 . . p , . J 'ff ,--,fr , a ' ' ,I V K , n ' + 1 ., Q'.,'f'L"IA"l'fi'15qVY" L' ffl' ' "F x 'M z:wi.-m,-fnlimalorf ns, if . , X mzr.x,wpaf,f I X '4 I 'Y 1bgXjy.v-N1 'xl-gmh rg 1 A 1 , L I ' , ,' .. . a swf if Q! Ll, 3 4 fx f SSKSN Q, D W X P14336 iz? Sw: wg fff x gf A R-A 5 X, pf. X -wx' ? , .hp FS ffffffff' 'iv' 5 W Mf5ibe' 'jf THE SUHIIHHRU ff...-w-., A ., I '1- MWA REGULAR UNRITED LSTATES ARMY COMMAND AND GENERAL STAFF COLLEGE Fort Leavenworth, Kansas The Summary Staff Editor-in-Chiet Managing Editor Business Manager Editorial Assistant Art Editor Photographic Editor Lt. Col. K. R. Colwill Capt. A. H. Gille Maj. W. E. Burr Mai. N. A. Parson Capt. F. E. Atchison Lt. Col. Samuel R. Reid Mai. Oliver B. Patton Lt. Col. John D. Webber Mai. Robert E. Morrison Mai. William C. Sibert Mai. Charles E. Rose ditorial Staff Mai. W. P. DeBrocke Mai. C. E. Glenn Mai. E. M. Fry Capt. E. G. Heilbronner Mai. W. R. Ptaft Mai. M. E. Richmond Capt. G. M. Wallace Art Staff Mai. H. T. Wickert Mrs. Betty Fowler Mai. T. R. Mackechnie Mrs. Mary Miller Mai. R. L. Cody Mrs. Ann Whitley Capt. R. L. Hillman Photography Staff Mai. T. A. Lowe Mai. R. H. McCleary Maj. B. D. More Capt. H. J. Shaw Maj. J. W. Ervin Mai. O. C. Vigen Mai. J. O. Shoemaker Business Staff Mai. K. R. Bull Lt. Col. E. V. Hendren Mai. P. A. Revolinsky Mai. E. F. Hart Lt. Col. V. H. Ellis Capt. T. E. Blockson Maj. K. R. Bull Maj. C. L. Cochran Mai. R. P. Larned Mai. R. H. Hansen Maj. D. A. Seibert Mai. D. A. Seibert Mai. R. H. Miller Capt. J. W. Nocita Mai. J. A. Alevaras Mai. R. J. Crawtord Capt. L. l. Stein Class Representatives Capt. H. C. Kirk Lt. Col. H. L. Bush Lt. Col. Walker Mai. L. J. Schelter Lt. Col. R. M. Leonard Mai. R. D. McFarland Lt. Col P. G. Walker Mai. C. R. McFadden Lt. Col. E. V. Hendren Lt. Col. H. L. Bush Capt. R. L. West Staff Coordinator Miss Grace O'Leary Without the turther assistance of all the Post Facilities, Mr. Bud Timberlake, and count- less Silent Workers, this book would not have been produced. 2 aft I' -L, To All Who Shall See These Presents, Greetings When we open This book iT will be Time To close The Field Manuals and The Special Texfs. We have had The course. ' There will be some unavoidable Tumulf and shoufing aT The TransporTaTion Office as The Capfains and The Kings prepare To deparf, buT There should also be a momenf or Two for sober rehecfion. How are we going To grade This year's exercise? The names of The fTrsT Ten graduafes will appear in leTTers of fiame upon suifable memoranda and Trade publicafionsg perhaps even in The Daily Bullefin. The names of The Ten will remain forever unalferable. No amounT of pieTy, wiT, or skulduggery can change Them. However, as The years pass and The Class of i957 is scaffered ever wider, There will grow up a sizeable liTTle band of men who graduafed elevenfh in The class. Only one of These will be able wiTh any assurance To dispuTe The claims of his compeTiTors. IT is To be hoped ThaT he does noT Try very hard. On The oTher hand, no one will publish The name of ThaT Unknown Soldier who bears The resf of The class upon his bowed shoulders as he passes from Grubers' flexible walls. Proof of his place aT The lefT of The line is buried deep in his brief case, sandwiched beTween The dispairing noTes from his faculTy advisor. Perhaps, in years To come, There may even be a few who will dispuTe The righT To This secref place. So, we can see ThaT buT for The Ten, our class sfanding is noT a major considera- Tion in our evaluaTion of The exercise. WhaT Then are we cerfain ThaT we have Taken wiTh us from This College? Since iT is noT our purpose here To presenf The Approved SoluTion, buT only To expose The besT Thinking available, we can poinT out one giff of The College To each of us which will grow ever more prized as The years go by. This is The bond of fellowship and undersfanding gained by us all as we foughT The good fTghT in Gruber Hall. ln fuTure years and on baTTlefTeIds yeT unnamed, The Division Commander on our lefT may well be more Than iusf one of The Adiacenf Unifs. He may be ThaT man who saT on our le-ff in Gruber Hall, who smoked our cigareTTes, and whispered The answer To The hrsT quesTion on Monday morning. When Things look black, The Aggressor Threaf- ens, and The 2OlsT Armored Cavalry won'T come and help us, we can Turn To him. In some forTy countries Throughouf The world we shall be able To find This friend. IT is our sincere hope ThaT This book will help us To keep fresh The memory of Those friends whom we have meT and learned To know here aT The Command and General STafT College. 3 .1 Y.-Y A Brief History of Fort Leavenworth T in iii l it E is ,E 5 :T 'iff Lglmg i t itil . fit'-r"' Q' ?Q::5:,:7"i,.2'3 E fig ,, ., Xi uqlh .f 4211, . .AI T X f +7 fl 2 In l827, Colonel Henry Leavenworth led four com- panies of the 3rd U. S. Infantry up the Missouri River in search of a site for a new army post. His orders directed him to locate the post "near the mouth of the Little Platte River," and on May 8, l827, Colonel Leavenworth reached the mouth of this stream. Then continuing some eight miles further up the Missouri, he halted. With the sure eye of the frontier soldier he sought the highground of the west bank of the river, and on this spot began con- struction of the Post which was to bear his name. The post was established to provide protection for the new trade routes from the U.S. into Mexico, and Fort Leavenworth soon became a vital outpost on the Santa Fe Trail, principal trade route to the south and west. 4 Permanent settlement of the area around Forf Leavenworth was slow in the years following its establishment, but, in l854, with the passage by Congress of the Kansas-Nebraska Bill, slave owners in Missouri decided to establish a community for themselves in Kansas. They selected a site some three miles south of Fort Leavenworth, and on June l2, l854, these men met in Weston, Missouri, to draw up the articles of incorporation for their new home. Leavenworth City, hrst town to be incorporated in Kansas was born. Seventeen years later, the citi- sens of this town decided to drop the "City" from the name of their community, and to call it simply Leavenworth. Meanwhile, Fort Leavenworth became an import- ant army post in the years before the Civil War. In the l84O's it served as a staging area for army expeditions into Mexico. Through it passed countless detachments of blue-clad cavalry troopers on their way to nameless engagements with the Indians, then fighting bitterly to stem the tide of invasion of their territory. During the Civil War, Camp Lincoln was established at Fort Leavenworth as a training center for Union troops. From it the garrison marched to the battle of Westport which was fought on October Qi-23, l864, on ground now occupied by Kansas City, Missouri. Here the combined forces of Union Generals Pleasanton and Curtis defeated the Con- federate troops of General Sterling Price, and the last Southern invasion of the far west was thrown back. After the Civil War, Fort Leavenworth continued in its role of staging area for the lndian-fighting army. The site of Sherman Army Airfield was used as a detention camp for Chief Joseph and four hun- dred of his Nez Perces after their defeat by General Miles on the Yellowstone River. In the Post Chapel today can be found plaques to the memory of the olticers and men of the 7th Cavalry who fell with Custer on the Little Big Horn. In 1881, General William T. Sherman ordered the establishment at Fort Leavenworth of a School of Application for Cavalry and lnfantry officers. This school was housed in the building now occupied by the Army National Bank, and for nine years it continued there, conducting a two year course for junior line oFHcers. During the Spanish-American War, this school closed its doors while stafT, faculty, and students, took part in the briet engagement with Spain. After the war, in 1901-1902, the General Service and Staff College was established at Fort Leaven- worth, and the College became a true post-graduate institution, to which came selected ofticers after at- tending the special schools of their various branches. In 1922 the school was renamed The Command and General Staff School, and from 1927 to 1935 the course was increased in duration to two years. ln 1946, a tinal redesignation established the present name: The Command and General Staff College. Between World Wars l and ll the College trained most of the olticers who were to lead the Corps and Armies of the United States forces engaged in that second great conflict. During WW ll, some 18,000 officers of all services passed through the special short courses oftered by the College. After the end of WW ll the College reverted to a full year course for its regular students and two courses a year for its Associate classes. The annual enrollment in both these programs now numbers around two thousand, of which approximately 540 U.S. and sixty Allied Officers are members of the regular ten month course. In addition to the Regular and Associate courses for selected officers of the U.S. services and some thirty to forty allied nations, the College conducts a number of special courses. These include refresher courses for National Guard and Reserve command- ers, and a nation-wide correspondence program for thousands of other olnficers. 1 ss 1 i f +1 s f ri f f vw, c - fs i 'ing 'Xxx IW, T lf X " il .M Q xx f , . G51 - T ll . I ' A I ki -1 1-Aesege-f'i' sift., 1 2. 1. , f if, 3, J 52 W i ' YM, f ,LN H ,A W. 4 .Mig f ' - V- L00 V. Y , 'W - i Eli .ku .lk ' it t 'lu-in, Q - lll ! 'l L l ' I xS"l"' - mx '-it if V' " 1' " . .1 - - lx' ' 1"-vl.l,i'T' - . V 5, 'ai .. is-ix i"'- t iri iii it 1 slu t itltittillliiiir .. V , 'r - ' -' ' A ., 'u i r' T If , . ll' .l!.!lllE ' V ts iziu. will 'll' ,,. .---' .1 ..-A r ' . 3 ""- ' ' qiutln LIU, ,H 1. ' , we--45" ' ' - - 54f.,,. .-Qs.:-M 5 ' A .. r '. P ' S- fee s: My i x 'Z .Q-15? -f . vi- . V .1 , i-.4' 'X 4.. 1 rm f-"fr'-""'- wi cas ..'s'4'sf The city of Leavenworth has kept pace with the Fort. Though the removal of the railroad terminals from Leavenworth around the turn of the centrury dealt a severe blow to the expanding fortunes of the city, it has continued a steady growth and de- velopment since that time. lvlany of the students who pass through the College at Fort Leavenworth never learn the real history of their neighboring city, but they accord it the most sincere tribute which can be given by members of the Service and their families. They speak of it simply as "a good army town," and from the soldier this is a hard-won accolade. 5 6 1 UNITED STATES ARMY THE CHIEF OF STAFF TO THB 1957 GRADLFATESS UF THE COMNLAND AND GENERAL STAFF COLLEICSE I extend my hearty' czongratuiatioms and best wishes te the 1955? graduates of the Command and General Staff Clelitege. The success mf your predeceesors amcmg the combat leaders during World War II and Korea is a testimonial to the value of the training you have just completed. Throughout the werld today you will find Leavenworth graduates making decisions which determine to a. large measure the success of the mission of the Army. At no time in history has there been a greater need fm' officers trained at the Command and General Staff College. The requirements for professional competence and imaginative leaiiierfship are ever ex:- panding izn this vital period of changing concepts ef warfare. Gradua- tion from the Army's senior tactical school opens te yen A new range of responsibility and challenge. ME, ,4?" w kkxq ,wa -7f-k ikkyqi J MAXWIEZLL. D. "I'AYLC!OR Clfieneratl, Llziiteci States As-:my Chief ef Staff 7 auoounrens f.:omsNfNrAz Aww COMMANU OFFICE OF THE CQMMANCHNG GENILRAL VQSZTST ?vfQ's:i4PSD3Z 'Q-"Win-5 Nil! Pkfozfuary 1257 TO THE STUDENTS OF THE 1956- iifi? RECSULAR COURSE OF THEI COMMAND AND CSEZNEIRAL SA'11A.I?F CLOLLEGH: Ywur gzwduatiwn frmuzxm the CQa.wz1z'mm4i :md Q3C3Iii"I'?'il S155 Cliifllogv maarks Ei Significant 1hIli.f.E?ESiOI'1t? in y, :fu1' purzlszxit mf millmrg, Studies that gxre as essential tw the Armjf: future ,is tizwg in gfczsur own c1'fi1'ceYs. in ties: futuzwe 4.5. ni: the pzzffi, "Low,'c:2aafwr'tE1 Menu will play key moles in tho A:f':f'my's5 vim! iXUi"if'?'igA1L14miaf32fl M naticmazl dazfefnse. Accordingly, I few! that ihv vrutizw Army cam rightfully shark? yolxr pride amd sgxiiwr' nwmz ire xrimt you EE!-121' Qx.cCun1pliSizefE cliuvimg thief courw: asf i.IZSSI'.TilCZ!UI1. NQW that you have: comm: this i'a1z'. pmkzz' :.fppf f2'i1,xz:1'fg,' 251' fUI"iihkl'1' 3Mcg3wazf1Qcg:n1e1:t' ,md serv. 1:30 in New A 1'n'1g,' ivs limitmi 01113 by ymu' Capacity fur cicdiczstm-'ci cfifawt. Ymxr futzwee is nz gfwiazml' own hamiiii. Yun Cam Qampplwb-,ickh thfit futxmxwf with ibn' Uigi'ts1izrii,f that ywur f?:ffn,1r't:a will be justly g'v'u. g1r4imi by tink HUIWESU I' aw :An- plishrnnmt timt prafzixxcitivfff Q-f1'i ci c+ms ,Z'iQEAlfAff.,k21E,i ical i'm' Em vi 31355 seeisved their c1oux1try well. Aicsmgg, with may CfiivZ'di,2,l c'LT1zxggia'ez,t.L11 fatmzm, I wish to feiffgz' this liIT26?l.E3' z'f2r'nir'sfiefT: fnzigfjzifil zw'vg::' Mrzswfez m Mer i?3'rwiWs. 'esm1x:z wi' jkrnn:-13 Y H1124 rniliiary Q-cialcuaacfsrf 2wz1i:Q gv Us study, ubsezfvfatifgre and pzwicftzrc if yvu firm in 4 x.J!ifi2"N,,lm' in fit yUa.zff- Seflvfss few' times Gvefisv-i11Lgrf2:a?maiz:g z'f:fs3jg3mr'wsii3ii it1vss Iuffib afmimimi ms1zmm With wgwm,! wiaa?w:+,, l inn F5fiti2ik11i1 f,', W. CS. WYMAN CQ,-msrgil, U. jxrrmy C azz n rw 2 :ui Ii 11 ,N 1 ll . '22, ME T5 A N C3 A N U C1 if N FQ 5 R' A 1 A. 'SXT fa FF' 'ffl QL, L H G 'iawf lf ,QS ll L25 av"7'wR x BRIGADIER GENERAL WILLIAM F. TRAIN COLONEL WILLIAM W. CULP Assisfanf Commandcni Deputy Assisicnf Commcnclunf ,.f"'A I 'wi' k,........ -ws 1'1"-LX 5 W, if COLONEL .IOHN F. FRANKLIN COLONEL CHESTER E. KENNEDY Secreiary Class Supervisor 12 Instructional Departments and Sections It is through the instructors thot the students receive "the best think- ing" of the College. We must remember thot their tosk is not on eosy one. Put yourself in the ploce of the mon who wolks onto the plotform ot eight o'cIocIc on Iylondoy morning soying cheerfully, "Good morning, Gentlemen. We ore beginning sixteen hours of instruction in. . ." Toct, humor, potience, ond d thorough understonding of the subiect ore re- quired to occomplish such ci tosk. Among the pictures which follow ore mony foces which will be fondly remembered for their ability to break the student borrier. Deportment VI, primorily concerned with non-resident instruction, hos hod little ploitform contoct with our clciss, ond is therefore not included here. Department I I,-I . - If BOTTOM ROW: Lt. Col. B. M. Read, Infontry, Col. R. J. Osborne, G. Costello, Infantry Lt Col F A Ay r A I Il ry Lt Col C Armor, Col. G. C. Long, Infantry, Col. L. Wollcxce, Infantry, Col. Lomont, Infgntry TOP ROW Mol A St John Armor Mol A R T. W. Bender, Artillery, Lt. Col. H, C. Porker, Armor, Lt. Col, Hyle, Infontry, Lt Col J F Stoples Infantry Lt Col M Golden L. C. Tcrynton, Armor. MIDDLE ROW: Lt. Col. H. C. Bone, Armor, thol, Corps of Engineers Lt Col A Keh lnfon r Mor Lt. Col. J. P. Geise, Armor, Lt, Col, S. G. Kuil. Infantry, Lt. Col. Caudoll, Infontry Moi W R Hunks Infantry Mol R M Young E. B. Wilder, Artillery, Lt. Col. I, Heymont, Infantry, Lt. Col. D. Artillery. ABSENT Mar K S Field Artillery 13 Department II BOTTOM ROW: LI. Col, E. D. Blake, Infanfry, Lf. Col. R. L. Irby, Armor, Cal. H. L. Ash, Infantry, Col. K. G. Clow, Armor, LI. Col. F. M. Muller, Armor, Lf. Col. H. R. O'FarreII, Armor, LI. Col. O. W. Schclnfl, Armor. MIDDLE ROW: LI. CoI. S. D. Young, ArlIIIery, Lf. Col. J. B. Stephens, Artillery, Lf. Col. A. H. Davis, Armor, LI. Col. A, T. McDaniel, Armor, Depar LI. COI. J. C. Evans, Jr., ArIiIIery, LI. Col. W, E. Corley, ArIiIIery, LI. Col. W. E. Shedd, Armor. TOP ROW: Mui. C. F. Carter, Infantry, Mai F. 1. Dirkes, Engineers, Lf. Col, M. A. PuIIman, Infantry, Lf. Col. A. U. Trimble, lnfunlry, LI. Col. G. R. Dunn, Armor, Maj. P. J. McClure, Jr., Armor, Moi. F. A. Smith, Jr., Infantry, Mai. K. R. Helms, Arvillery. tmenf III sorToM ROW: Lv com re W Mmrrur Armmer, CGI G P Nwchols Inflnury, COLW. M vom, ArV1IIery, CoI c c aerrumm Arrrror COL v W Hobson Jr lnfonfry, LI com J E wood, Ir, ArILIIery: LI com c c Edmondson Armor MIDDLE Row- Lf com A. w Mwlberg, Engineers, MQ, 1 M rcrpmey Infanvry, Lv com H L relfmm, Lrrfgrfry, LI com D D Hogoboorrr, Infanfry- Lv can L H Mermfne, ArIIlIery, LL com D, c France Jr., Arr.LLer,, Mc, E, c comp, Infanfry, MQ, I MacFarIane, Armor TOP Row, Mu, G E Beyer, Lneurrrryr LI can J M srorr Lrforrrr, LI can 1 Q, Reddwngvon Ar!LIIery, LI Con re I some ArILIIery, Lv CO4 C R Keegan Infanvry MQ, C M Mr1eu,Arr.ILer, 14 Department IV BOTTOM ROW: Lt Col. J. M. ForneJI, Jnfcntryp L? Col, J L Goodnow, ArfLJleryr Col A L MueJIer, Jnfontry, Co! J. F. Rhoodes, Armor: U Col G C Wolker, Infantry: LI Col T R, Cross, Infantry, U, C01 J, D KeLrsey, Jnfonlry MIDDLE ROW- LL CoJ. S M Seaton Artillery: U, Co! P G, Krueger, Engmeers, Lt CoJ. B. J RandoJI, Arlrlleryg LL Col N M DuhJ, Lofomry, LL. coL E E Lowery, Jr, Jnfcmtryp Lt coJ La M Amr., LrLforLLry, LL Col F, r FLooooL, Arrrror, TOP Rowr LL QoL La T, FoLLr, ArLLLLory, LL coL J vc srogLoLrLr Infantry, Lt,CoJ C c HoLooo, Infantry Lt QoL W, vv cooo, Arroor, Lt QoL w P ToJlorL, Jr, ArLrLLory, MoL. R. L. Donnely Lofomry ABSENT: Mo, H H, PrrLoLroLL, Lrrrorory Department V BOTTOM ROW: LL cor J E. soooo, Jr, Lrrfoorry, LL. Col, C v, MoLoLrgLrLrrL, Jnfontry, CoJ L T Bondsrvu QLJorLorrrLo5Lor Corps, QoL LL H shroo, Trorrrooronorr Corps, con L4 F. Duwc:Jf, ArLrLLory coL T L2 PoLroorLoo, TroorporLoLrorL corps, QoL J M sogo, LoforLLry, LI QoL 5 M como, Quartermaster Corps, LL QoL. J, A Hudson ArLrLLory, MIDDLE ROW: U Col. H, G Stover, MLJLtury PoILceg L! Co! A W Pnbnow ArILHeTyL Lt CoJ C C Jeffries, ArvLJJery, U Col K M Schmedemonn, Jnfcmryr LL Col R K, Hormlton, Armor- LL. QoL E. M. Jookrrrr, srgool Corps, LL QoL J P shorrey, LLL, Arrrror, LL QoL. J Le rrooorr Medical Serwce Corps- U Co! F E BLJrdeJI Jr infantry TOP ROW: LL Co! K C Emerson, Lrfomryr LL coL W Ls Scudder ArLrLLory, LL coL Lc T Mofok, ArLrLLory, LL Col, A. B Lorhrop Armwery, McL J M Johnson Quortermosrer Corps, Moi H D Pruvher, LrrLorrLry, Mol G vv Seabrook LLL, ArLrLLory, Mor, 5. K crLberL, ordrrorroo Corps, Mo, R. H. Auorr, Engmeers 15 Department VII Ei , , .. 2 . 2 T i 3 g ,. Z 1 2 'wvfwf v Nr-Vw BOTTOM ROW: Lv, Col. G D, Carnahan, Ordnance Corps, Lv Col L W. Pflariz, Jr., H, O. Golladay, Arlilleryg LL Cal. F D, Gavins, Artillery, Ll. Cal M M Jameson, Intanvryy Signal Corps, col. R. D waive, engineers, Col w. E, Roberts, inf.-muy, Li col. C L Li. Col. 1.1. Donahue, Amnefy, u. col. c P nimusky, uncanny, Mui. w. McCormack, Pfadgen, Amuefy, u Cal. 5, snyusy, Artilleryy Li. Col, s M, Pollen, Anauefy. 1oP ROW: Infantry. ABSENT: Mai R M Winheid, Anauefy. U. Cal, C G Micheau, Chevnicai Corps, Ll. Col. B M Kirkpatrick, Engineers, Lt Cal Joint and Allied Staff and Faculty x Ali , .. ., x I M ,,, 4. U. .,- Q- C X 5 . W in-1: sw BOTTOM ROW: Capt R 1 Baum, U, S Navy Col H D Adams, U S Marine Corps, Army, U. Cal H O Deer, U S AirForce, Mal M R Pierce, U S Air Force ABSENT Cai. R, R, Walker, U. S Air Force, Cap! E, M, Slever, U S Navyi Cal, 1. C Winchester, Mai C, S, Allen, U S Air Force British Army. TOP ROW: Mal C J lohnson, U S. Air Force, Lt, Co! J P Meslet, French 16 ALLIED PERSONNEL SECTION , , . H , ,5. ., vL"'62" I E 2.12 - - 4 Q." 1 . ry BOTTOM ROW: Lt. Col. Silva, Brazil, Lt, Col. Beaty, U.S.A., Col. Brazil, TOP ROW: Capt. Ramos, Mexico, Mai. Schuppan, Germany Mrazek, U.S.A., Supervisory Lt. Col. Borman, USA., Lt. Col. Moog, Capt. Perez, U.S.A, Eighty of our classmates are from the forty Allied countries listed below. This is the largest group of Allied Olticers to attend a regular course in the history ot the College. The Hgure is even more remarkable it one con- siders the tact that during the entire period of T908- I942 only torty-nine Allied students from ten countries attended the C 8g GSC. At the present time, nearly l,45O Allied students representing titty-six foreign countries have attended various courses at the College. Another record was set in T956-I957 when thirty-six Allied Officers were accompanied by their tamilies to Fort Leavenworth, bringing the total ot Allied dependents to l35 tor the year. Argentina Australia Belgium Brazil Burma Canada Chile China Colombia Denmark Ecuador Ethiopia France I7 Great Britain Greece Guatemala Indonesia Iran Iraq Israel Italy Japan Korea Mexico Netherlands Norway Pakistan 2 I 2 2 3 I I 2 4 6 I I I 3 Paraguay Peru Philippines Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland Thailand Turkey Uruguay Venezuela Viet-Nam Yugoslavia From the day the student arrives onthe Post until he graduates and departs, the Post personnel of Fort Leav- envvorth labor long and quietly to ease his life. Engaged in sustained combat with our problems and exams, we frequently overlook the varied and elticient services ot this organization. As tar as the student body at the Col- lege is concerned, the othcers and men of Colonel Rob- bins' statt have tvvo missions, to relieve us ot all but the unavoidable administrative distractions and annoyances, and to provide us the best possible facilities and oppor- COL. CHANDLER P. ROBBINS Deputy Post Commander tunities for entertainment, recreation, and athletics. POST STAFF BOTTOM ROW: Col. Shields Warren, Director ot Operations, Col. C. F. Russe, Inspector General, Col. W. A. Hayes, Dental Surgeon, Col. N. W. Anderson, Surgeon, Col, C. P. Robbins, Deputy Post Commander, Col. C. W. Peters, Quartermaster, Col. H. D. Schrader, Judge Advocate, Col. W. G. Neely, Director ot Administration, Col, R. S. Crandall, Engineer. MIDDLE ROW: Lt. Col, A. Frieden- vvald, Headquarters Comrnandant, Lt. Col. R. J. Lyon, Special Services, Lt. Col. D. Martin, Adiutant General, Lt. Col. E. I.. Slobe, I8 Provost Marshal, Lt. Col, J. L. Spellman, Quartermaster, Lt. Col. F. E. St. John, Transportation, Lt. Col. A. J. Sutton, Communica- tions, Lt. Col. W. B. Sharp, Chaplain. TOP ROW: Mai. H. M. Jen- nings, Finance, Mai. H. C. Payne, Past Exchange, Capt. C. W. Moore, Ordnance, 2nd Lt. H. A. Gordon, Information, Chief War- rant Ofticer J. A. Hooks, Bandleader. Absent, Mai. A. W. Greene Signal Otticer, Lt. Col. W. F, Nern, Chaplain. itll: with MOJTABA AKHAVI Colonel, Artillery Moitaba and Akhtar Nami Kotche Akltclvi JALEH AVENUE TEHRAN, IRAN JAMES A. ALEVERAS Maior, Artillery Jim and Marge Jimmy 493 BACON AVENUE AKRON 20, OHIO Class of 1957 VINCENT A. ABRIGNANI Lt. Colonel, Infantry Jim and Pauline Cathy, Paula, Vincent 288 OCEAN AVENUE LYNBROOK, LONG ISLAND EARL C. ACUFF Lt. Colonel, Infantry Easy and Mary Lou Thomas, Mary Ann, Ardis Rodney, Janice 626 D STREET ANCHORAGE, ALASKA New YORK F I J- s 11 . 0 n ,fmt :CY NORMAN F. J. ALLEN Maior, Infantry Norm and Scottie Gayle Catharine 430 MAPELTON AVENUE BOULDER, COLORADO GEORGE R. ALLIN, JR. Lt. Colonel, Artillery George and Mary George, Tom, Margaret T537 FOXHALL ROAD NW WASHINGTON 7, D. C. ft MARCIAL O. ALBORNO Lt. Colonel, Stal? Olftlcer Marcial and Chela Miguel, Maria ESCUELA SUPERIOR DE GUERRA ASUNCION, PARAGUAY GEORGE L. ALEXANDER Major, Artillery George and June George, Donald 318 SOUTH PINE STREET PONCA CITY, OKLAHOMA . --be REUBEN L. ANDERSON, IR. Captain, Corps of Engineers Andy and Nickie Reuben T850 HILLCREST AVENUE ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA IRVINE APPLETON Lt. Colonel, Artillery Irv and Beth Nancy, Susan, Martha 776 WEST MAUMEE STREET ADRIAN, MICHIGAN ARMANDO IOEL ALONSO ANDRADE Major, Infantry Armando and Lidia David, Orlando, Roberto, Eduardo, Zenda 9A AVENUE 4-92, ZONE ll GUATEMALA, GUATEMALA C. A. CHARLES T. ANDERS Major, Artillery Andy and Marge Mike, Bobby, Mary lean 922 SOUTH 25TH STREET SOUTH BEND, INDIANA GEORGE E. ARMSTRONG Captain, Infantry Army and Sally Sally Ann, Isabel Marie RR 2 STREATOR, ILLINOIS FRANK E. ATCHISON Captain, Infantry Frank and Grace Patty, Bimbo, Barbara 95 CHESTNUT STREET OWEGO, NEW YORK CARROL W. ANDRESEN Lt. Colonel, Artillery Andy and Margaret Mark, Duane 52I WEST 7TH STREET DAVENPORT, IOWA REAMER W. ARGO, JR. Captain, Artillery Happy and Jane Maureen, Reamer 9 MARYLAND AVENUE ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND BRUCE C. BABBITT Major, Judge Advocate GeneraI's Corps Bruce and Betty Douglas, Ann 7QI EAST SPEEDWAY TUCSON, ARIZONA CLYDE H. BADEN, JR. Lt. Colonel, Infantry Clyde BRANDYWINE, MARYLAND .,,.4, BYRON D. ATHAN Lt. Colonel, Quartermaster Corps By and Mary Byron, George II4I BANCROFT WAY BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA 'Cu....g,, DAVID C. BAATZ Maior, Signal Corps Dave and Bobbie cfo C, J. BAATZ IO9 ST. ROSE STREET BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS sy-ui would' CLARKE T. BALDWIN, JR. Maior, Armor Clarke and Bettie Elizabeth, Charlotte, Victoria, Clarke WARRENTON, VIRGINIA WILLIAM L. BARNES Captain, Corps of Engineers Bill and Jo Mike, Beth 504 FIRST STREET AHOSKIE, N. CAROLINA 21 PETAR BABIC Colonel, Infantry Pefor and Milica Vera VUKOVARSKA BR. I BELGRADE, YUGOSLAVIA ROBERT E. BADEN Maior, Infantry Bob and Robin Christopher Robin, Jeffrey, Barbara I538 WEST KETTELLE STREET PEORIA, ILLINOIS 1. WILLIAM S. BARRETT Lt. Colonel, Artillery Bill and Jane Robert, John, Bruce do E. R. HALL ALPINE, NEW YORK LOTFALI BAVINDI Colonel, Infantry Lotfali and Fateme Chervin, Chahrad DOVLAT AVENUE, BAGHE LADJEVARDI TEHRAN, IRAN LAURENCE O. BARRETT Major, Quartermaster Corps Larry and Deloris Bill, Pat, Bruce, Penny l53O SOUTH STREET LINCOLN, NEBRASKA RAYMOND D. BARRETT Maior, Infantry Red ana Madge Cynthia, Raymond, Barbara PO BOX 765 DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA RICHARD R. BELL Chaplain IMajorJ U,S. Army Dick ancl Elizabeth Richard, Mike C,flO MR. S. J. BREMER PO BOX 5 LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA CALVERT P. BENEDICT Captain, Infantry Cal and Gene Calvert, Charles, Craig, Gene I3I6 NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE. WASHINGTON 6, D. C. wnwu-avr?" RICHARD T. BATSON Lt. Colonel, Corps of Engrs. Dick and Nancy RR I POPLARVILLE, MISSISSIPPI HARRY C. BEAUMONT Lt, Colonel, Infantry Beau and Dawn Scott, Gregg 325 SOUTH MAPLE PALATINE, ILLINOIS JOHN J. BETZ, JR. Maior, Artillery John and Lu 3429 NE 39TH STREET PORTLAND l3, OREGON WILLIAM R. BIGLER Capt., Quartermaster Corps Bill and Marilyn Billy, Tommy l2ll WEBER STREET FRANKLIN, LOUISIANA WTR CHARLES E. BENSON Maior, Ordnance Corps Charley and Betty Carolyn, Elaine I6 ELMWOOD PLACE HORNELL, NEW YORK GARLAND C. BLACK, JR. Maior, Signal Corps Gary and Marge Gary, Nancy, Patty, Jimmy 22l8 NEWKIRK AVENUE BROOKLYN 26, NEW YORK WALTER R. BENSON, JR. Maior, Artillery Walt and Nita Bob, Doug, Candy, Curt, Cindy 601 DEARBORN LAVVTON, OKLAHOMA JOSEPH E. BLACK Major, Ordnance Corps Joe and Grace Dale BOX l FORT MYERS, FLORIDA 1 ALFRED C. BIERI Maior, Artillery Al and Millie Linda, Paul i835 HENRY AVENUE BOWLING GREEN, KY. DANIEL C. BIRD Lt. Colonel, Signal Corps Dan and June Danny, Bobby BOX 660, ROUTE No. 3 RACINE, WlSCONSIN FREDERICK G. BOHANNON Maior, Infantry Fred and Nelsine John, Mike, Tom, Kathy Ill JOSEPH STREET RICHMOND, MISSOURI KYLE W. BOWIE Captain, Infantry Kyle and Betty Sam, Kay 3745 WOODSIDE AVENUE LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA VICTOR P. BLAIR Maior, Quartermaster Corps Vic and .lc Anne cfo PAUL BLAIR 5II MAYNARD TERRACE ATLANTA, GEORGIA THOMAS E. BLOCKSOM Captain, Infantry Tom and Rae Jay 370 KIRKS LANE DREXEL HILL, PA. F3 'Ulm JOHN B. BRADY Major, Infantry Jack ancI,Maria Andy ll BOVVDOIN STREET MAPLEWOOD, NEW JERSEY ROLAND A. BRANDT Maior, Corps ot Engineers Ed and Jan Deborah c'o L. P. DUNCAN SOUTH DEERFIELD, N. H. ? SHEPHERD A. BOOTH, JR. Captain, Infantry Shep and Claudia Lee, Shepherd LAWRENCEVILLE, VIRGINIA RICHARD J. BOYER Lt, Colonel, Transportation Corps Dick and Marianne Marianne, Michelle, Maureen, Marie Lincla, Ricky T504 NORTH 3RD STREET MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA ARTHUR E. BRITT Maior, Medical Service Corps Art and Agnes Dawn Louise, Jo Ann 490 WEST i87TH STREET NEW YORK CITY, N, Y. WADE Y. BROOKRESON Lt. Colonel, Military Police Corps Brook and Bessie cfo Mrs. JAMES A. JOHNSON 3539 ST. CHARLES AVE. NEW ORLEANS, LA. ERNEST P. BRAUCHER Major, Corps of Engineers Paul and Brookes Davey, Judy, Jefl 620 HOME AVENUE OAK PARK, ILLINOIS JOHN K. BRIER Major, Armor John and Ginny Jim, Judy Ann, Steven, Tandy cfo COL. W. W. BRIER 33l4 ALAMANCE DRIVE RALEIGH, N. C. "sm ,gm EDWARD C. BRUCE Maior, Corps of Engineers Ed and Eloise Michael, Robert, Saundra, Barbara, Richard Cfo Mr. C. M. GOOD CRESCENT, OKLAHOMA , 21 CHARLES H. BROWN Maior, Armor Brownie and Kay Chippy, Ronnie BOX 45, ROUTE No. 2 GREENVILLE, PA. WILLIAM D. BRODBECK Lt. Colonel, Infantry Bill and Lue Diane, Karen, Emilie, Camille 5408 PARKER STREET OMAHA, NEBRASKA ALBERT J. BROWN Captain, Infantry Big AI and Alyce Robbie, Renee 6 HARRIS STREET CARTERET, NEW JERSEY -1 'LW Qc E , . A 5 ref," JAMES R. BURKHART Lt. Colonel, Artillery Jim and Velma James, Thomas ROCKPORT, INDIANA FRANCIS J. BUSH Major, Artillery Joe and Ebbie Carol, George, Paul, Ellen 208 ARLINGTON AVENUE JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY ROY A. BRYAN Lt. Colonel, Medical Service Corps Roy and Bette Penny, Roy, Peter, Betsy I4O NORTH 7TH STREET NEW HYDE PARK L. I., NEW YORK KENNETH R. BULL Maior, Infantry Ken and Jean BOX QOI CAMERON, S. C. I 8 HARRY L. BUSH Lt. Colonel, Artillery Harry and Mariolive Harry Ji, William Cfo ADJUTANT GENERAL I 2 6 JAMES W. BUTLER Maior, Infantry Jimmy Kathy, Jimmy 666 PIEDMONT AVENUE MACON, GEORGIA WILLIAM E. BURR II Major, Infantry Willie and Ginger William, Virginia BOX 293, ROUTE No. Il ST. LOUIS 23, MISSOURI GEORGE M. BUSH Captain, Corps of Engineers George and Theo Jimmy, Carol Ann SAGES LAKE PRESCOTT, MICHIGAN WILLIAM B. CALDWELL lll Major, lnfantry Bill and Tudy Dana, Billy, Ricky BOX IOQ, ROUTE NO, 3 ORLANDO, FLORIDA FRANK A. CAMM Lt. Col., Corps of Engrs. Frank and Arlene Frank, Arlene "ST, MOOR" MONROE, VIRGINIA BRIAN L. BUTTON Major, Armor Brian and Shena Patricia ll BELGRAVE RD. OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CAN. K fkwf " JERRY G. CAPKA Major, Corps of Engineers Jerry and Mary Joseph, Jerry, David, Vincent PO BOX 224 MIDDLETOWN, PA. ELMER l. CALDWELL Major, Artillery Elmer and May Harold, Curtis 621 MORNING STREET WORTHINGTON, OHIO . f Ms E L 3 .5u ' - :1:' MICHAEL A. CAPONEGRO Captain, Infantry Mike and Mona Michael, Frances T26 CHESTNUT STREET MONTCLAlR, NEW JERSEY 27 ' QM 1 .w z 'vi JOHN W. CALLAGHAN Captain, Infantry John and Dooley Lucy, Billy I5 THORNDYKE STREET LAWRENCE, MASS. GEORGE T. CAMPBELL, JR Major, Artillery George and Olivia Boofy, Casey, Sherry, Sandy, Cathy cfo ADJUTANT GENERAL, U. S, ARMY JOHN H. CARLSON Maior, Corps of Engineers Johnny and Jackie Michael, Kathleen, Terry, Dennis I906 JACKSON STREET OAKLAND 12, CALIFORNIA BENJAMIN L. CARROLL Maior, Artillery Ben and Cleo Ben Ill, Laura Lu 3I5 THORMAN PLACE SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS ULYSSES G. CARLAN Lt. Colonel, Infantry Hugh and Dorothy Wayne, Stephen, Laura 245 OAKLAND AVENUE ATHENS, GEORGIA JOHN T. CARLEY, JR. Major, Infantry John and Lolly John, Ann RICHTON, MISSISSIPPI VICTOR L. CARY Col., Quartermaster Corps Vic and Ruth 414 FOURTH STREET SE JAMESTOVVN, N. D. GEORGE W. CASEY Major, Infantry George and Elaine George, Peter, Joan, Winn 94 FRANKLIN STREET BOSTON 34, MASS. JOSEPH G. CARRAWAY, JR Maior, Armor Joe and Cathy Tom, John, Teresa, Melissa cfo C. V. GUNDY IOI9 HOUSTON STREET MANHATTAN, KANSAS SHERMAN F. CARTER Captain, Infantry Sherm and Lois Carrie, Martha, Susan 760 SOUTH IQTH EAST ST. SALT LAKE CITY 2, UTAH HIRUNSIRI CHALARD Lt. Colonel, Infantry loong and Prayong Aswin, Kaninya, Taratorn ISXIO BANGSON DISTRICT, DUSIT COUNTY BANGKOK, THAILAND RICHARD H. CHAPIN Lt. Col., Transportation Corps Dick and Betty James, Jeffrey ROUTE No. I, BOX 220 MONROE, WASHINGTON ff' I, ,.,..,.......- L15 ,. . ".ffIl: 1 lY,, ., , V ,..,. , it ,...:,x- ',,v2f'.:5154?'-.a:- I , . , at K - ' LE ROY W. CAULDER Captain, Infantry Pete and Doris Roy, Mike, Nancy ROUTE No. I, BOX 39 CAMDEN, S, C. ICE I H .4-P-1-w HECTOR CHAVEZ Lt. Col., Corps of Engineers Hector and Ines Hector, Sylvia SANTOS DUMONT 489 SANTIAGO, CHILE, S. A. STEPHEN E. CAVANAUGH, JR, Lt, Colonel, Infantry Steve and Blanche Patrick 1284 SOUTH ORANGE DR. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA MICHAEL CHESSNOE Maior, Ordnance Corps Mike and Garde Michael, Elizabeth, Victoria 3324 EDMUND BLVD. SOUTH MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. FRANCIS A. CHANCE, JR, Maior, Artillery Frank and Penny Gail, Karen 98 EAST STREET LEXINGTON, MASS. YOUNGCHAROEN CHAVENG Colonel, Infantry Chaveng and Mali Yowamarn, Chanrit, Sitichai I53Of5, NACORNCHAISRI ROAD, DUSIT BANGKOK, THAILAND ' in IWW , 0419 HERBERT J. CHILDRESS, JR. Maior, Artillery Herb and Mary Ann Holly Anne, Jeit, Mark Thomas 6809 ROLANDO KNOLLS DR. LA MESA, CALIFORNIA TRUONG VAN CHUONG Moior, Infantry Michou and Minh Oi Phuong, Phiphi HEADQUARTERS IST MILITARY REGION SAIGON, VIET-NAM X My I 1 iii WU WEI CHIANG Colonel, lnfontry John and Lincla Lilly, Victor, Rita, Joe No. 8l, TSINGTAO STREET PINGTUNG, TAIWAN REPUBLIC OF CHINA RAY A. CLARDY Major, Artillery Ray and Virginia Steven, Doniel, Kyle 420 NORTH RIDGEWOOD DAYTONA BEACH, ELA. TRAN THANH CHIEU Moior, Infontry Chieu and Phuong-Khanh PRESIDENTIAL PALACE SAIGON, VIET-NAM ff" -ii T U-I--I-432' ALPHUS R. CLARK Coptoin, Infantry Al and Barb Dick, Sue 2847 7TH STREET BAKER, OREGON CHOU KAI Colonel, Artillery Chou and Wang Ching Chi-Kou, An-Kou 67 WEST 6TH LANE CHENG-TSENG-SHIN-CHUN FENG-SHAN TAIWAN, REPUBLIC OF CHINA JOHN L. CLANCY Lt. Colonel, Finonce Corps John and Gert Marilyn, Jackie, Tommy 480 MT, CLEMENS STREET PONTIAC, MICHIGAN . I' ROBERT L. CODY Major, lnfantrv Bob and Gwen Robert, Cathleen cfo FIRST NATIONAL BANK HIGHLAND FALLS, N. Y. KEITH R. COLWILL Lt, Colonel, Signal Corps Keith and Marjorie Janice, Jill, Jennifer, David "GREYLEAVES" 26 WATTLE AVENUE BEAUMARIS, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA RALPH M. CLICK Lt. Colonel, Armor Morrie and Teter Kingsley, Bill Cfo R. R. CLICK RR No. 2 LAFAYETTE, INDIANA COLLINS L. COCHRAN Maior, Signal Corps Collins and Gloria Collins PO BOX 93 BRADLEY, ARKANSAS JAMES M. CONNELL Maior, Infantry Jim 531 WEST SPRUCE STREET TITUSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA THOMAS M. CONSTANT Captain, Artillery Tom and Clarine Stephen c,'o,COL. S. V. CONSTANT 370 FIRST AVENUE NEW YORK CITY, N. Y. bb 'Vu CLARENCE G. COLLINS Major, Transportation Corps Rip 1722 I9TH STREET NW WASHINGTON 9, D. C. LUIS E. CONESA Lt. Colonel, Infantry Lucho and Bebe Luis Maria, Ana Maria, Eduardo Ernesto, Jorge Horacio, Aleiandro Javier, Maria Susana, Maria Luz DIRECCION GENERAL DEL PERSONAL AV. ING HUERGO 25I BUENOS AIRES ,.' S I 'Z as V J f -F 91 , V ,,,,, if 4 GEORGE T. COOPER Lt. Colonel, Artillery Truett and Georgia George BOX 506 TAHOKA, TEXAS RICHARD F. COX Lt. Colonel, Artillery Dick and Margaret Ricky, Anne 8I5 JUNGLE AVENUE ST. PETERSBURG 2, FLORIDA FRANCIS A. COOCH III Major, Armor Fran and Betty Francis, Tony, Steve Chris, Andy 248 WEST MAIN STREET NEWARK, DELAWARE WALTER H. COOK, JR. Lt. Colonel, Signal Corps Walt and Eleva Walter IIO6 EAST BLOUNT STREET PENSACOLA, FLORIDA JOHN E. CRAIG Maior, Artillery John and Jane Robbie I42O N. ALABAMA STREET INDIANAPOLIS 2, INDIANA x ' , ,. ,. ::' KENNETH C. CRAWFORD Lt. Colonel, Judge Advocate Generals Corps Judge and Madge James BOODY, ILLINOIS GERARD V. COSGROVE Maior, Artillery Gerry and Ruth Eleanor II4 WEST I83RD STREET NEW YORK CITY, N. Y. WILLIAM W. COX Lt. Colonel, Medical Corps Bill WALLS, MISSISSIPPI WILLIS D. CRONKHITE, JR. Captain, Infantry Bud and Joy Trip, Don 209 WEST FERRY ROAD MORRISVILLE, PA. HERNANDO C. CURREA Lt. Colonel, Artillery Hernando and Stella Yolanda, Mario Cristina, Clara Stella CALLE 65A NO. I6-58 BOGOTA, COLOMBIA, S. A. ur-wld? ROBERT J. CRAWFORD Maior, Transportation Corps Bob and Ann Patrick, Dennis 1922 GRAND AVENUE ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA BUCKNER M. CREEL III Maior, Infantry Buck and Peggy Buckner, Madeleine, Patricia I4 NORTH WILLIAMS ST. BEL AIR, MARYLAND EMILE W. DANIEL, JR. Lt. Colonel, Signal Corps Danny and Nona Emily, Jimmy, Jane RED CLAXTON, GEORGIA .-QW' HAROLD O. DAVIS Maior, Artillery Hal and Anne FOX HILL ROAD PEEKSKILL, NEW YORK SYLVIO CUNHA Lt. Colonel, Artillery Sylvio RUA ARTUR BERNARDES, I7 APT. 3OI RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL BUI DINH DAM Major, Infantry Dam and Lan Bui Dinh Cau, Bui Dinh Tuan HEADQUARTERS, REPUBLIC OF VIET-NAM ARMY SAIGON, VIET-NAM . 501-f " Ill H I J I :Qu ,f Q I A 'Wm ' , is 9 -Y WILLIAM P. DE BROCKE Maior, Infantry Bill and Ginny Anne 40 VINE STREET MILFORD, CONNECTICUT HAROLD G. cle MOYA Captain, Infantry Hal and Shirley Dick, Susan, Debra, Mike IIO CATERSON TERRACE HARTSDALE, NEW YORK 4-W' WILLIS I'l. DAVIS Lt. Colonel, Infantry Dave and Vonda Kelda, Mark, Clint CXO W. VILLINGER ROUTE NO. I FAIRVIEW, WEST VIRGINIA ADRIAN A. D'ESMOND Lt, Colonel, Infantry Pat and Velma Clifford, Melinda PO BOX IO WAILUKU, MAUI TERRITORY OF HAWAII JAMES A. DAY Captain, Armor Jim and Peggy Bruce, Kevin 31 I4 EUCLID AVENUE MUNCIE, INDIANA i fa JOHN B. DESMOND Major, Artillery Des and Betty Colleen, Margaret, John 52 LEND TERRACE RANDOLPH, MASS. RAYMOND A. DECLERCQ Captain, Artillery Staf and Milou Philippe, Michel, Francoise Benoit 124 RUE V. CROISIER ROCOURT, BELGIUM GEORGE L. DENNETT Captain, Artillery George and Barbara Kenneth 2947 MANOA ROAD HONOLULU, HAWAII LEONARD P. DILEANIS Major, Infantry Pete and Betty Peggy, Jill 26 EAST TURNBULL AVENUE HAVERTOWN, PA. JOEL J. DILWORTH Lt. Colonel, Artillery Joel and Jean George, David, Jane II6 WEST WILLIAMS ST. MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA JAMES R. DEW Maior, Armor Jim and Thelma Howard 87I7 I2TH AVENUE INGLEWOOD 4, CAL. ag . ROBERT E. DINGEMAN Captain, Artillery Bob and Gaye Robert, Susan Carol 92I SUCCESS AVENUE LAKELAND, FLORIDA JEAN H. DICKSON Maior, Artillery Dick and Ruthie Gale 4II MENNIGER ROAD TOPEKA, KANSAS WALTER J. DIXON Maior, Quartermaster Corps Dick and Kay Diana, John, Rodney 1805 60TH STREET KENOSHA, WISCONSIN 35 WILLIAM H. DILLON Captain, Infantry Bill and Carol Michael, Richard, Mark I2 SOUTH 2ND E PRESTON, IDAHO DAVID R. DINGEMAN Lt. Col., Military Police Corps Ding and Jo Jessica Mary, David 92I SOUTH SUCCESS AVE. LAKELAND, FLORIDA JAMES W. DUNHAM Major, Artillery Jim and Bea Katherine, Christine, James, Sarah, Michael BOX 7, ROUTE No. 4 FORT PIERCE, FLORIDA EARL S. DYE, JR. Captain, Infantry Earl and Maggie Earl, Susan, Joseph, Stephen 775 FIDELITY BUILDING DAYTON, OHIO DONG HONG WOOK Colonel, Signal Corps Dong and Won Yong In, Yong Duk 585 TAEGU, KOREA THOMAS E. DOWD, JR. Captain, Corps of Engineers Tom 22 ATWATER PLACE SPRINGFIELD, MASS. DONALD E. EASTLAKE, JR Lt. Colonel, Armor Don and Zoe Donald II6 WEST RIDLEY AVENUE RIDLEY PARK, PA. WILLIAM C. EDLER Maior, Artillery Bill and Kay Bob, Bill, Karl, George 4l5 NORTH DELAVAN AVE. MARGATE CITY, N. J. MICHEL M. DURNERIN Captain, Infantry Michel and Nicole Ghislaine, Isabelle, Chantal I34 RUE DE TOCQUEVILLE PARIS l7e ARR, FRANCE CARL T. EARLES Captain, Infantry Carl and Barbara Constance, Deborah 2503 COPPER STREET EL PASO, TEXAS WALLACE R. ELLIOTT, JR. Lt. Col., Transportation Corps Curly and Mac Mike, Steve 504 EAST FRANKLIN STREET HARTFORD CITY, INDIANA BEN H. EMMERT, JR. Lt. Colonel, U. S. Air Force Ben and Eloise ERWIN, TENNESSEE I P is ' . I 'gl- FRANK J. EGAN Maior, Infantry Frank and Meredith Theresa, Michael, Catherine I8I2 BAYARD PLACE JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA"' JOHN W. ERVIN Maior, Artillery John and Peg Patty, Terry lO5 HUTCHINSON STREET HIGHTSTOVVN, N. J. ALEXANDER A. ELDER Lt. Col., U. S. Marine Corps Bob 86 TEMPLE COURT WINNETKA, ILLINOIS uuqq JAMES A. ETHERIDGE Lt. Col., U. S. Marine Corps James and Jane PO BOX 422 IOWA PARK, TEXAS VINCENT H. ELLIS Lt. Colonel, Ordnance Corps Vince and Phyllis Richard, William, Anne, Melinda RD No. I MEADVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA HARRIS EMMONS Capt., Military Police Corps Harris and June 822 MCGILVRA BLVD. SEATTLE 2, WASHINGTON 5 ARVINE J. EYER Major, Infantry Jeff and Shirley Kevin, Greg Ill FLORAL AVENUE ST. JOHNS, MICHIGAN FREDRIC D. FEEZELL Lt, Col., U. S. Marine Corps Fred and Helen Susan, Fred RR NO. 2, BOX I7 GALENA, KANSAS A N- I. 'HW' THEME T. EVERTON Malor, Quartermaster Corps Troy, Carmen Philip, Carmen, Chrlstianne 328 SOUTH GRAND AVE, SAN PEDRO, CALIFORNIA WILLIAM EWALD Lt. Colonel, Infantry Bill and Gina William, Thomas, Elizabeth, Katherine, Daniel 450 CASS STREET CADILLAC, MICHIGAN x ,,,, yzy H ' 'JT , i f , I V .f li HAROLD S. FISCHGRUND Mofor, Infantry Hal and Arlene Peter, John, Tom l5l3 IRVING STREET NW WASHINGTON, D.C. lun... 'hw JESSE l.. FISHBACK Lt. Col, Corps of Engineers Jess and Jane John, Jill, Jo-Anne, Jim CIO Mrs. B. E. HAWTHORN IQOI4 EAST CLARKSON KINGSBURG, CALIFORNIA VINCENT F. EAZIO Maior, Artillery Vince and Helen Sandra, Lynne 7340 DENNISTON AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PA. RUSSELL E. FELIX Malor, Artillery Russ and Fayellen Larry I43I EAST MISSOURI PHOENIX, ARIZONA NW JOHN R. FLYNN Major, Infantry Bob and Nancy Sean Michael, Kerry Maureen 523 8TH AVENUE NORTH SOUTH ST, PAUL, MINN. RANDOLPH V. FOSTER Lt. Colonel, Armor Randy and Mariorie Michael, Susan, William 4I5I HARTFORD STREET ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI I I' 'Y' li-ln ROBERT E, FISS Major, Artillery Bob and Virginia Richard, Susan c,"o Mrs. R. C. BERRY IOI2 WEST LINDSAY ROAD NORMAN, OKLAHOMA JUAN E. FRANKY Maior, Signal Corps Juan and Maria Alcira, Rafael, Julia 4 AVENUE ENTRE 8-9 QUINTA MARAJUAL CARACAS, VENEZUELA JOSEPH E. FIX III Captain, Infantry Joe and Sweeney Joey, Tom, Jane, Mary Holly 84 BLACK POINT ROAD RUMSON, NEW JERSEY BRUCE H. FRASER Maior, Infantry Bruce and Alice Mike, Jeff, Alicia, Richard WEST CANAL STREET ABERDEEN, MISSISSIPPI 'E' HARRY E. FORD Lt. Colonel, Finance Corps Hank and Fulvia Karen Lorraine I55I E. ARLINGTON AVE. COLUMBUS, OHIO DONALD E. FOWLER Captain, Corps of Engineers Don and Betty Kathy, Donny, Chuck 305 18TH STREET HONESDALE, PA. 2 - ii' Q' "FE . m,Lh KKAV V. I is ww I "AfQg.,,.wIl. A HARRY FREDRICHSEN Major, Infantry Harry and Ingrid HAGENLUNDVN 34 OSLO, NORWAY ERNEST M. FRY Maior, Infantry Mike and Steve 3605 LOUISIANA AVENUE PARKWAY NEW ORLEANS, LA. JOSEPH J. FRASER, JR. Lt. Col., Chemical Corps Joe and Mary Ellen Ginny, Pamela, J. J. III, Peter 4184 CHICAGO STREET OMAHA, NEBRASKA FREDERIC A. FRECH Captain, Corps of Engineers Fred and Barbara David, Keith CAO E. D. STRAKA 2408 NORTH 52ND STREET OMAHA 4, NEBRASKA JAMES V. GALLOWAY Lt. Colonel, Armor Jim and Eve Jimmy 47 FOREST ROAD BILTMORE ASHEVILLE, N. C. SAMUEL C. GALLUP Lt. Colonel, Medical Corps Sam and Nita Marvin, Chris,Lawrence, Beth 1051 WAYNE AVENUE DEFIANCE, OHIO Bifl Q.,fEf'iii'ii . I fx? I I if f I me ' . ilfiiflzg, if 1 ' " ' f. "mli5gQ?mI.?i'?s322f.. ' " f 1 . He: 21.72 I ,, ii I 5, 7, K, I .. H ,, . . JACK S. FRENCH Major, Infantry Jack and Jeanne Jack Jr., Lucinda, Charles DAWSON, NEBRASKA FRANK J. G-ABRHEI., JR. Major, Infantry Frank and Betsy William, Kristine 3855 EAST BARNARD AVE. CUDAHY, WISCONSIN MAHLON E. GATES Lt. Col., Corps of Engineers Ink and Pai Pam, Larry 3I2 WEST 12TH STREET TYRONE, PENNSYLVANIA FREDERICK H. GERFEN Lt. Colonel, Finance Corp. Fred and Carolyn Carol, Nancy cfo Mr. K. T. RAYBURN RR No. 4 VEEDERSBURG, INDIANA 'dv--A-iw WILLIAM P. GARDINER Major, Corps of Engineers Bill and Anile James, Jane I6II HULL CIRCLE NORTH ORLANDO, FLORIDA 1'3 , EDWARD I. GARRETT Captain, Artillery Ed and Betfye jeffrey, Paula 4506 NEWMORE DALLAS 9, TEXAS 3 ,4-'QR JOHN F. GERSTNER Maior, Signal Corps John and Ida Jo Ann, Janef, Mike, Patty, Mary, Karen 444 EAST HOSACK STREET COLUMBUS, OHIO JAMES J. GETTINGS, JR. Lt. Colonel, Infantry Jim and Helen Dick, Jim, Ellen, Claire cfo F. W. SIMONS 668 RIVERSIDE DRIVE NEW YORK, N, Y. 9 WALTER C. GELINI Captain, Corps of Engineers Wal? and Gene Jill, Christine 3936 PALISADES DRIVE EPHRAIM M. GERSHATER Captain, Chemical Corps Gersh and Dottie Dorothy Anne Cfo Mrs. GEORGE 1. B. FISHER I637 MARAVILLA AVENUE FORT MYERS, FLORIDA ii BERKELEY S. GILLESPIE, JR. Maier, Artillery Berke and Louise Sallie, Lynn CLINTON AVENUE BIG STONE GAP, VIRGINIA EDGAR N. GLOTZBACH Major, Infantry Ed and Janice Stephen, Christine, Susan Joseph PAXICO, KANSAS ARNALDO GIACALONE Lt. Col., Corps of Engineers Aldo and Jolli COMANDO DIVISIONE FRIULI FIRENSE, ITALY ANDRE H. GILLE Captain, Infantry Andre and Martine Yves, Marie-Jose, Marie-France, Marie-Claude 3, RUE DE LA REPUBLIQUE BESANCON CDOUBSI, FRANCE FREDERICK C. GOETH Captain, Armor Fred and Vivi Fritz, Bill, Linda I7I5 TRANSIT TOWER SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS ROBERT C. GOFORTH Major, Artillery Bob and Jan Sheryl ROUTE No. 4, BOX 6I6 CHARLOTTE, N, C. CARL E. GLENN Major, Transportation Corps Carl and Ethel 667 IWALANI STREET HILO, HAWAII, T. H. LEWIS H. GOAD Captain, Infantry Lew and Marian Diana, Susan, David c 'o Mrs. MINNIE GOAD MIDDLETOWN, MARYLAND I I . Ili QM A Jr, K 2 P , gk s, 5 ,V - . 'fail 's :f r' ' . - WILLIAM I. GORDON Captain, Infantry Bill and Irene Mary Lucinda, James 3I4I MT. VIEW AVENUE LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA FRANCIS A. GRANT Lt, Col., Military Police Corps Frank and Helen 4043 NE MAYWOOD PLACE PORTLAND, OREGON EURICO F. GONCALVES Captain, Corps ot Engineers Eric and Toinc Maria Paula, Rosa Maria AV. ROMA 93-30 ESQ. LISBOA, PORTUGAL wiki ROSCOE H. GOODELL Maior, Transportation Corps Ross and Lola Richard, Dianne II5 EAST WYOMING AVE. PHILADELPHIA 20, PA. I 'll' "f.Z."..?""i WILLIAM F. GRAVES Major, Infantry Bill and Margie Bill Jr., Jim, Gail. Down, Holly BOX 93 MELISSA, TEXAS DONALD H, GREELEY Lt. Colonel, Ordnance Corps Don BOX 64 OKANOGAN, WASH. ERWIN M. GRAHAM Lt. Colonel, Ordnance Corps Erwin and Sue Diana, Elizabeth I39 LOUISE LANE SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA JOSEPH H. GRANT, JR. Maior, Armor Buzz and Peg Donald, Douglas c o Mr. JAMES CLARKE BOX 343 SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA RICHARD H. GROVES Captain, Corps of Engineers Dick and Pat Carolyn, Patricia, Richard, Ann DELLWOOD ROAD DARIEN, CONNECTICUT RAFAEL GUIMERA FERRER Major, Artillery Rafa and Nucha Nenuco, Rafael, Blanca, Elena, Maria del Carmen, Mario Mercedes, Isabel, Rosa Mary, Jose Luis, Maria Jose FRANCISCO LOZANO CALLE Nr. 3 MADRID, SPAIN WALTER E. GRISCTI Lt. Colonel, Infantry Walt and Chriss Paul, Louise, Robert 2300 SEDGWICK AVENUE NEW YORK, N. Y. PETER GROSZ, JR. Captain, Corps of Engineers Pete and Connie Craig, Paul, Pamela 728 EAST SIXTH STREET RUSSELL, KANSAS . Qi ,I nf gifs Q Ss i i i I -iz: ' .7 f I ii ' ' WENDELL E. HAKALA Major, Transportation Corps Hak and Betty Wendell, Bruce, Gail Ann 608 9TH STREET SOUTH VIRGINIA, MINNESOTA GEORGE E. HALL, JR. Capt., Quartermaster Corps Geo and Pres Russ, Penny I3358 WHITCOMB DETROIT 27, MICHIGAN WALTER A. GUILD, JR. Maier, Corps of Engineers Walt and Mimi Judith, Walter, Peter TONSET ROAD ORLEANS, MASSACHUSETTS JAMES H. HADDOCK Maior, Armor Jim and Ellen Carrie Ann, Jim 423 CROCKET AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, MISS. CHARLES W. HANCHEY Maior, Artillery Chuck and "E" Beverly, David, Linda ROUTE NO. I, BOX 402-I5 BOSSIER CITY, LOUISIANA RICHARD H. HANSEN Maior, Artillery Dick and Alice Jeri, Karen I9IO TERRACE DRIVE VENTURA, CALIFORNIA WILLIAM H. HAM, JR, Maior, Quartermaster Corps Bill and Ann Susan, Martha GENERAL DELIVERY ELBA, ALABAMA NAOSHI HANAMI Lt. Colonel, Infantry Naoshi and Teruko Makoto, Goii, Koko 667 3 CHOME, AMANUMA, SUGINAMI-KU, TOKYO, JAPAN K' 7,,zfM r ,ij N , . 3 ELVA HARRIS Maior, Artillery Phil and Lore Barbara, Shirley 7IO WEST HOUSTON ST. PARIS, TEXAS EDSEL E. HART Major, Artillery Ed and Mary Jett, Nancy, Susan 308 EAST WHITE STREET CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS me 'B' FREDERIC E. HANSARD Lt. Col., Adjutant General Corps Frecl and Sue Angela, Mike, Deborah, Mel T31 COLEMAN STREET CARROLLTON, GEORGIA LESLIE B. HARDY Maior, Artillery Les and Betty Joyce, Les, Linda C 0 KING MERRITT 391 GRAND AVENUE ENGLEWOOD, N. J. JOHN T. HAYES Chaplain CMaiOrl U. S. Army Padre 2048 SCOTTWOOD AVE. TOLEDO 2, OHIO EDMUND G. HEILBRONNER Captain, Artillery Rusty and Nan Wayne, Janet 407 SOUTH NATCHEZ ST. KOSCIUSKO, MISSISSIPPI Q N ANTHONY S. HARVEY Malor, Infantry Tich TANNONY HOUSE, IVYBRIDGE DEVONSHIRE, ENGLAND RICHARD HARWOOD Maior, Infantry Dick and Grace Roseann, Sylvia, Robert Paul I4l6 20TH AVENUE GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI LEONARD J. HEMPLING Lt. Colonel, Ordnance Corps .lack and Ellen Polly Ann, Leonard C o A, C. PHELPS ROUTE No. 2, BOX 662 SANFORD, FLORIDA All 3 5, DONALD H. HENDERSON Captain, Corps of Engineers Don and Dorothy Therese RED 2 CASEY, IOWA RODNEY G. HAYLER Captain, Infantry Rod and Ginny Carolee, Diane 3I25 WEST GILBERT ST. MUNCIE, INDIANA CARL J. HELTON Lt. Colonel, Infantry Carl and Beulah Donald Wayne 430 MATTHEW STREET BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY WILLIAM E, HENSEL Lt. Colonel, Infantry Bill and Virginia Pamela, Susan, Kathy 85 NELSON ROAD EAIRPORT, NEW YORK JAMES W. HEVENER Maier, Signal Corps Buck and Margie Carol, Patricia KLINE, WEST VIRGINIA ED V. HENDREN, JR. Lt. Colonel Adjutant Generals Corps Ed and Dot Ed, Jerry, Judy, Kathryn 222 NORTH IST STREET BROKEN ARROW, OKLA. In 5 EDUARDO HIDALGO F. Lt. Colonel, Engineer Eduardo and Laura Elsa, Rodrigo, Elena, Juan IVIONTES 854 Y CUERO I CAICEDO OUITO, EDUADOR MERVIN L. HENRY Maior, U. S. Air Force Les and Betty Lester, Cynthia, Carol I305 WAYBURN AVENUE DETROIT, MICHIGAN 'GQICYFI 'ls JOSEPH P. HIGGINS Mayor, Transportation Corps Joe and Anne BOX 3Ol MILLBROOK, NEW YORK RICHARD J. H5555 IVIGIOF, Corps of Engineers Doc and Ellen Katherine, Daniel, Marte 3869 DEWEY AVENUE OMAHA, NEBRASKA HAROLD A. HICKS Motor, Infantry Hal and Betty Carol, Nodiya, Jack, Jim C O ADJUTANT GENERAL, U. S. ARMY WASHINGTON, D. C. ROLFE L. HILLMAN, JR. Captain, Infantry Rolfe and Calista Rolfe, Calista Lynn BOX 7 EMORY, VIRGINIA ALBERT R. HOFFMAN Lt. Col., Corps of Engineers AI and Carol Andy, Alan, Dee Ann T46 CENTER STREET BRYAN, OHIO CHARLES R. HILL Maior, Artillery Charlie and Beth David, Dick, Douglas, Daniel, Thomas 350 NORTH FULLERTON MONTCLAIR, NEW JERSEY HENRY W. HILL Captain, Signal Corps Hank and Neva Susan, Henry cfo Mrs, G. C. MARCUS i207 28TH STREET GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI GEORGE F. HOGE Captain, Armor George and Skippy George, Duncan T621 FRANKLIN STREET LEXINGTON, MISSOURI JEFF T. HOLMAN Maior, Quartermaster Corps Jeff and Margo Tommy, Susan PO BOX T88 WESTLAKE, LOUISIANA JOHN A. HOEFLING Captain, Infantry Jack and Pat Peggy Ann, Kathy, John I9 GARDEN STREET VALLEY STREAM, LONG ISLAND. N. Y. RALPH W. HOFFMAN Maior, Armor Ralph and Ruth Ralph, Stephen HUMBOLDT, NEBRASKA HENRY J. HUGHES Maior, Infantry Hank and Barbara Joe, Brooke, Jimmy 1536 3rd AVENUE WATERVLIET, NEW YORK WILLIAM J. HUMMA Major, Artillery Bill and Marilyn Marilyn, Michele, Melissa 513 GIRARD STREET METROPOLIS, ILLINOIS RICHARD C. HORNE III Maior, Signal Corps Dick and Mitzi Rick, Jim, John 1791 LANIER PL. NW WASHINGTON, D. C. FREDERICK R. HUCK Maior, Infantry Dick and Anne Barbara, Richard 5518 WEST RACE AVENUE CHICAGO, ILLINOIS HWANG TCHIN HIEN Brigadier General Hwang and Kyong He Kyong Sun, In Sun, Kook Hyun 1-3-22, CHONG PA DONG YONGSAN, SEOUL, KOREA GLENN P. INGWERSEN Maior, Corps of Engineers Dutch and Pat Paul, Robert, Steven 444 4th AVENUE NORTH CLINTON, IOWA ""U's, JOHN A. HUGHES, Jr. Maior, Corps of Engineers Jack and Lib Billy, Betty Lou KENTS STORE, VIRGINIA DAVID N. HUTCHISON Captain, Corps of Engineers Hutch and Jean Scott, Mary Ann, Steve WAKEENEY, KANSAS HARRY H. JACKSON Major, Infantry Harry and Pat Christine, Harry 607 WEST PROSPECT STREET JACKSON, MICHIGAN WILLIAM O. JARVIS Maior, Armor Owen and Polly Betty ROUTE NO. 5 SPARTA, TENNESSEE PAUL M. IRELAND, Jr. Captain, Infantry Paul and Bee Jay Paul III, Linda, Susan 608 WHITTIER STREET NW WASHINGTON, D. C. ALVIN C. ISAACS Major, Ordnance Corps AI and Mary Laura, Yvonne, Alvin Jr., Willlam 3I2 CALDWELL STREET DANVILLE, KENTUCKY ALVIN C. JENSEN Maior, Signal Corps Al and Marilyn Allyn IIQ MAIN STREET LAKE MILLS, WISCONSIN WARREN H. JEPSON Maior, Quartermaster Crops Jep and Dot Pamela, Warren, Barry WESTMORELAND, KANSAS ROBERT L. JACKSON, Jr. Lt. Colonel, Quartermaster Corps Bob and Jimmie Robert III GREENSBORO, GEORGIA SEBASTIAN .IAVELOSA Lt. Colonel, Infantry Basty and Lore Juanito, Rodolfo, Jose, Imelda Cecilia, Victoria, Rolando ARMED FORCES PHILIPPINES CAMP MURPHY QUEZON CITY, PHILIPPINES GRANT E. JONES Colonel, Transportation Corps Grant and Clara Carol, Grant 325 WEST CULVER STREET PHOENIX, ARIZONA WAYLAND JONES, Jr. Lt. Colonel, Artillery Buck and Jackie Diehl RFD NO. I CLAYTON, NORTH CAROLINA VERN E. JOHNSON RAYMQND E, JOHNSON Lt. Colonel, Military Police Corps Lt. Colonel, Artillery Johnny and Tina NEVIS, MINNESOTA Johnnie and Mike Chris, Van 521 SOUTH 3rd STREET GRAND FORKS, NORTH DAKOTA TOM KANELIS Captain, Infantry Tom and Verna Karen Lee 703 NE BEECH STREET PORTLAND, OREGON FRED E. KARHOH5 Captain, Infantry Fred and Jo Jeffrey, James I75 ABBEY ROAD BIRMINGHAM, MICHIGAN 751 LEE G. JONES Major, Ordnance Corps Lee and Florence Amy, Lee l6l9 FORRESWAVENUE ST. JOSEPH, MICHIGAN GEORGE W. KANE Maior, Infantry Bill and Jane Wanda, Dennis l359 BROAD STREET BROCKWAY, PENNSYLVANIA - rr Y' MARSHALL P. KEAN, Jr. Lt. Colonel, Artillery Marsh and Jane Marshall, Robert 3862 HERSCHELL STREET JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA DAVID B. KEEZELL Major, Corps of Engineers Dave 51 I EAST MARKET STREET HARRISONBURG, VIRGINIA SIDNEY KATZ Maior, Ordnance Corps Sid and Rose Carolyn, Adele 7629 WOODCREST AVENUE PHILADELPHIA 31, PENNSYLVANIA PAUL R. KAUFMAN Maior, Artillery Paul and Nan Paul, Karen Ann 544 SHIRLEY AVENUE NORFOLK 7, VIRGINIA RANDALL KELLY Major, Infantry Kelly and Virginia Randall, Judith, Richard I26 LOWELL AVENUE YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO RYOYU KEMMI Colonel, Quartermaster Corps Ryoyu and Yasuko Kazuo, Yoko .IIEITAI KANSHA NO. 7 MIDORIGAOKA, ITAMI-CITY HYOGO-KEN, JAPAN LOREN R. KEEFER Captain, Signal Corps Ralph and Mary Margaret Bruce, Steven, Sharon I2I5 VIAND STREET POINT PLEASANT, WEST VIRGINIA FRANCIS J. KELLY Lt. Colonel, Armor Pancho and Peggy Deirdre, Damian, Moira 3220 PERRY AVENUE BRONX 67, NEW YORK twin My I terre A -',II 1 1 "," ',,, 1 ' ,izjlf ",iriil',i' l',i,rl 5f " ' t ,QgLsfjEgg'i.7E I,,i-I ,zffl M. IQBAL KHAN Lt. Colonel, Infantry Iqbal and Bibi Shaukat, Nazrat, Nighat TALAGANG, DISTRICT ATTOCK WEST PAKISTAN JOHN J. KILLIAN Lt. Colonel, Artillery John and Doris Lee Michael, Danny BOX 47, STAR ROUTE LAWTON, OKLAHOMA JOHN C. KEPPER Lt. Colonel, Dental Corps John and Betty Heidi WINFIELD, IOWA THOMAS I.. KERLEY Lt. Colonel, Infantry Leo and Essie Dennis, Donna, Malcolm, Philip I2Il EAST MAIN STREET DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA 'Q 'Ogg WILLIAM P. KING Lt. Colonel, Armor Porter and Herma Patricia, Pamela, Chris William BOX 485 CHICO, TEXAS YUO-JUNG KING Colonel, Infantry Johnny and Melin GHQ, TAIPEI TAIWAN, REPUBLIC OF CHINA i' HUYNH-VAN KHUONG Maior, Infantry Khuong and Hoanh-Thu Kinh'Kha 23f8 BUI-CHU SAIGON, VIET NAM JUNG UN KIM Lt. Colonel, Infantry Kim and Kang Ho -ffI9, YONG SAN DONG SEOUL, KOREA - HENRY C. KIRK Captain, Artillery Hunk and Fran Phil, Chris WINFIELD, ALABAMA HORACE E. KNAPP Jr. Lt. Colonel, US Marine Corps Horace and Frances Charles, Thomas cfo Mr. H. E. KNAPP 8lI SOUTH 7th ROCKY FORD, COLORADO RICHARD M. KINNEY Captain, Infantry Dick and Betty Ricky, Pat cfoPAT BEAIRD GOLF CLUB LANE NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE ALFRED W. KIRCHNER Maior, Infantry AI and Regina Leslie, Keith, Lorin I33-I9 96th STREET OZONE PARK I6, NEW YORK WILLIAM A. KOENIG, Jr. Maior, Signal Corps Bill and Rev 4933 NORTH IOth STREET PHILADELPHIA 4l, PENNSYLVANIA 54 JOSEPH J. KOONTZ Lt. Colonel, Infantry .Ioe and Mickey Barbara, Mary Jo, Kathleen Regina, Cecilia I2l WOODLAWN AVENUE MERCHANTVILLE, NEW JERSEY WILLIAM S. KITTRELL Maior, Transportation Corps Kit and Doris William, Chester, Guy 706 NORTH 12th STREET CORVALLIS, OREGON HALE H. KNIGHT Maior, Infantry Hamp ancl Burlcie Gregory, Ronald, David Randy, Jeannette 2365 SOUTH SHERMAN DENVER IO, COLORADO CHEECHARERN KRISN Maior, Corp of Engineers Kris 21, TAMBOL SAMRAY THONBURI, THAILAND SHLOM0 LAHAT Lt. Colonel, Infantry Chich and Ziva cfo Z. LINDNER 47 S. BENAZION STREET REHOVOT, ISRAEL FREDERICK C. KRAUSE Maior, Infantry Brick and Joan Howard, Janice, Barbara Frederick, Peter, Richard 46OI SOUTH PROSPECT AVENUE YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA MERVIN KRIEGER Maior, Infantry Mel and Lois Janice I4 CULVER COURT SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA JOE B. LAMB Lt. Colonel, Infantry Joe and Joy Joe, Patricia, Steven ROUTE NO. 2 SHELBYVILLE, TENNESSEE KENNETH R. LAMISON Major, Armor Dick and Nomie Kenneth 2407 THIRD AVENUE ALTOONA, PENNSYLVANIA DAVID M. KYLE Lt. Colonel, Artillery Dave and Janet Michaele, Kris, David 9823 NE SHAVER STREET PORTLAND, OREGON ANDREW W. LA MAR, Jr. Captain, Armor Andy and Jule Julie, Andy, Bill 7928 GARDEN DRIVE ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA ROYCE P. LARNED Major, Ordnance Corps Buich and Liz Chesfer, Jennifer 5723 NORTH ARGYLE AVENUE MILWAUKEE, 9,VVISCONSIN LLOYD L, LEECIHI, Jr, LT, Colonel, Artillery Lloyd and Ginny Lloyd, Jane, Jimmy 7510 HAMPTON BOULEVARD NORFOLK. VIRGINIA FRANK E. LAMOTHE Major, Infantry Frank and Isoph Frank 222l Napoleon Avenue New Orleans, Louisiana ERNEST E. LANE, Jr. Capfciin, Corps of Engineers Ecl and Eloise Theodora, Ernest, Timothy Sweeden, Kentucky ALEXANDER LEMBERES Captain, Infantry AI and Mellen Alexander 93l l8th STREET SPARKS, NEVADA RICHARD M. LEONARD Ll. Colonel, Infantry Dick and Margarel Tom, Peggy, Sally Ricky, Terry 739 NORTH DICKSON ROAD KIRKWOOD, MISSOURI JOHN H. LE CLAIR Capfain, Infantry John and Shirl Mike, Sharon, Bruce l0O2 COWLITZ WAY KELSO, WASHINGTON ROBERT W. LE MAY Major, Ordnance Corps Bob and Shirley Sandra 2l08 MONROE AVENUE MEMPHIS 4, TENNESSEE 5 6 ' KERMIT O. LINDELL Maior, Corps of Engineers Lindy and Marian 77l5 PENNSYLVANIA PLACE NE ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO LENNART K. H. LJUNG Captain, Signal Corps Len and Gertrud Lars, Ann-Marie NACKROSVAGEN, 7 SOLNA, STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN GRADY F. LILLY Ll. Colonel, Artillery Grady and Marguerite Richard, Donna cfo G. BROGDON ROUTE NO. 3, BOX 508 OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA WILLIAM C. LINDAHL Major, Infantry Bill Box 42 Ardmore, Oklahoma WILMER R. LOCHRIE Malor, Artillery Loch and Prudy Wilmer BOX 432 WINDBER, PENNSYLVANIA EMILIO L. LO CICERO Major, Infantry Gigi and Lita Patrizia VIA E, CAPRIOLO 44 BRESCIA, ITALY HAAKON LINDJORD Lt. Colonel, Infantry Hawk and Nancy Jon, Bonnie, Leigh, Dick 9740 8th AVENUE NW SEATTLE 7, WASHINGTON FIDEL E. LLAMAS Colonel, Artillery Fidel and Pura Ernesto, Carina l6l A. JUAN, SAN JUAN RIZAL, PHILIPPINES THOMAS A. LOWE Maior, Artillery Tom and Kathie Tommy BOX I-45 DELBARTON, WEST VIRGINIA ROY W. LUNDQUIST Maior, Military Police Corps Roy and Edna Linda 4328 MINNEHAHA AVENUE MINNEAPOLIS 6, MINNESOTA ALBERT E. LOCKHART Maior, Infantry Al and Margot Gail, Ellyn, Douglas 682 FULTZ STREET AKRON 7, OHIO NICHOLAS A. LORD Maior, Corps of Engineers Nick and Ruth Charles, Marguerile, Mary Jane 519 JAY STREET OGDENSBURG, NEW YORK WILLIAM J. LYNCH LY. Colonel, Artillery Bill and Maggie Bonnie. Billie, George 307 SOUTH MELVILLE AVENUE TAMPA 6, FLORIDA HERBERT A. LYON Lf. Colonel, US Air Force Herb and Beffy Barby, Paul 9l6 EAST IVY AVENUE ST. PAUL I3, MINNESOTA GEORGE B. LUNDBERG Maior, Infantry Brad and Millie Allen, Lani, Lynda, Kay 223 NORTH 2nd STREET OLEAN, NEW YORK EDWIN M. LUTZ Maior, lnfanlry Ed and Mart Edward, Sfephen, Linda cfo WANKO 93 VALLEY ROAD CLARK, NEW JERSEY HAROLD V. MACKEY Lt, Colonel, Ordnance Corp Mac and Chris Bruce, Katherine 70 EAST 77th STREET NEW YORK QI, NEW YORK MICHAEL J. MALONE Captain, Artillery Mike and Lillian Alice, Michael, Jane, Patricia Mark, Barbara T496 BEDFORD AVENUE BROOKLYN, NEW YORK AUGUSTINE G. MUCDONALD Maior, Infantry Mac and Mary Robert, Thomas ll PRICE STREET LOCKPORT, NEW YORK EDWARD W. MARKEY Lt, Colonel, Infantry Ed and Ruth Kathleen, Patricia, Marguerite Edward IIQI BROADWAY RAHWAY, NEW JERSEY THEODORE R. MacKECHNIE Major, Artillery Ted and Diana Connie, Bruce 820 BENJAMIN WAY HEALDSBURG, CALIFORNIA ALLEN C. MARTIN Lt. Colonel, Artillery Al and Shirl Clint, Michele 380i Sth STREET MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI 59 FERMIN MALAGA Colonel, Cavalry Fermin and Lucy Marcia, Hector, Hernan Lucy, Marcos 232 AV. LIMA CHORRILLOS, LIMA PERU, SA WILLIAM E. MANNING Moior, Infantry Bill and Irene Williant III, Kevin, Kerry Michele 234 SEVENTH SIREET LEOIVIINSTER, MASSACHUETTS if ' LI' 2 , I ' fl! . 5,1 MARTIN F. MASSOGLIA Lt. Colonel, Chemical Corps Martin and Elinor Martin, Charles, John, Mary Ann Michael, Judy Clare II7 KEARSARGE STREET LAURIUM, MICHIGAN JOSEPH B. MAYO . Colonel, Quartermaster Corps Joe and Mary Terry, Jim I ISO ELM AVENUE PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA SAMUEL R. MARTIN Captain, Armor Bud 6I4 ROBIN HILL ROAD NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE STEPHEN G. MARTIN Maior, Infantry Steve and Mandy Thea, Steve, Fritz BOX ISI4 ATLANTIC BEACH, FLORIDA JOHN T. MCATEE Major, Infantry Mac and Hilda John, Stephen, Mark 502 PEARL STREET NASHINGTON, INDIANA 60 ROBERT B. MCBRIDE Maior, Infantry Mac and Mary Bruce, Jean I2 PATCH DRIVE COLUMBUS, GEORGIA ROY R. MAY Lt. Colonel, Infantry Roy and Lee Donna, Connie IO4 LONG AVENUE WINCHESTER, KENTUCKY RICHARD F. MCADOO Major, Corps of Engineers Mac and Barbara Michael, Carolyn RR NO. I EMPORIA, KANSAS CLARK R. MCCAULEY Lt. Colonel, Transportation Corp Mac and Mary Louise Rick, Roxane, Tim, Brian, Bob 2813 OVERLAND AVENUE BALTIMORE I4, MARYLAND JAMES H. McCLURKlN Maior, Artillery Mac and Polly Pollyanno, Nancy, Susan Robert ROUTE NO. I LALEMBURG, NORTH CAROLINA EDWIN J. McCARREN Maior, Armor Mac and Tillie Carol Ann, Eddie, Stephen Gregory 68 STEDMAN AVENUE PAWTUCKET, RHODE ISLAND HALL B, MCELREE Lt. Colonel, Adiutant GeneraI's Corps Mac and George Judith Anne 237 WASHINGTON STREET XENIA, OHIO LEO C. McCARTHY Captain, Infantry Mac and Peggy Gregory, Amy IO6 CALHOUN STREET CLINTON, SOUTH CAROLINA 'f-. X "fairer FRANCIS A. McENTEE Captain, Infantry Mac and Ruth Patricia, Priscilla BOX 23 JAMISON BUCKS COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA 61 ROBERT H. McCLEARY Maior, Armor Mac and Barbara Robert, Susan PO BOX 2994 CARMEL, CALIFORNIA RICHARD E. MCCONNELL Captain, Corps of Engineers Dick Rick 208 CLIFTON AVENUE KINGSTON, NEW YORK RICHARD D. MCFARLAND Major, Infantry Dick and Grace Deborah, Richard 325 STLJLL AVENUE AKRON I2, OHIO THOMAS J. MCGUIRE, Jr. Maior, Artillery Tom and Margi Diane, Marguerite, Maureen 29 CORTLAND AVENUE OCEANSIDE, NEW YORK CHARLES R. McFADDEN Maior, Armor Rod and Toni Leslie 14639 KILLION STREET VAN NUYS, CALIFORNIA DAVID B. McFADDEN, Jr. Lt. Colonel, Artillery Mac and Eleanor Harriet, Jean, Dawn cfo D. B. MCFADDEN FINLEY ROAD ROCKHILL, SOUTH CAROLINA GEORGE P. McLENDON Maior, Infantry Mac and Jane Jean, Patricia, Susan, George 2506.5Ist STREET COLUMBUS, GEORGIA l s ., 9- V -P STRATHMORE K. MCMURDO Captain, Infantry Mick and Mary Jane SK Jr., Dahlis Mary, Joseph Michael 3906 CLAY STREET SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA JOHN R. McGIFFERT Il Captain, Artillery Mac and Pat Chris, Katy, Lisa 2204 HALL PLACE NW WASHINGTON, D, C. JOHN J. McKENNA Maior, Artillery Mac and Ruth John 6 WILLIAM STREET CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS ARTHUR C. MEIER Lt. Colonel, Artillery Clayt, Gertrude Gretchen, Arthur, Frank 8I6 GRACE STREET COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA EDGARDO MERCADO Lt. Colonel, Artillery Edgardo, Gladys Maria Del Pilar, Liliana, Edgardo MARIATEGUI I579 LIMA, PERU CLAUDE M. MCQUARRIE, Jr. Malor, Infantry Jock and Rosanne Sandy, Scotty, Leslie Jo Crystal River, Florida ORLANDO E. MEDINA Commander, Navy Orlando, Marissa Orlando Enrique, Miguel Felipe Marisa, Martha Elena QUINTA "ORMARFE" AV. I2 ENTRE 7ay 8a ',,.4-Q ,.,,. DONALD J. METCALF Captain, Infantry Donald and Cyd Cris, Bric, Tracy, Boterre CONGAR RANCH ETNA, WYOMING ALTAMIRA CARACAS, VENEZUELA NGUYEN VINH XUAN MICHEL Maior, Infantry Mechell and Diep Phuong, Son, Thuy, Lam 37 TAN HUNG, SAIGON, VIET NAM 63 JACK M. MEISS Captain, Artillery Jack and Mary Mary, Jack, Katherine, William 4835 WEST ROSCOE CHICAGO 4I, ILLINOIS KENNETH D. MERTEL Captain, Infantry Mertel and Molli MOUNTAINBURG, ARKANSAS CHARLES F. MILLER Captain, Signal Corps Charlie and Terry Steve, Buz, Mark, Courtney cfo LACEY BOX 42 RFD RED BANK, NEW JERSEY JACK R. MILLER Captain, Artillery Jack and Tomi I275 FRANKLIN AVENUE PITTSBURGH 2I, PENNSYLVANIA MALCOLM P. MICKELWAIT Maior, US Air Force Mike and Ruth Steven, Mary Lee, Jay Ruth Anne 4500 CORTLAND ROAD CHEVY CHASE, MARYLAND SIMO MIKASINOVIC Colonel, Infantry Simo and Dara Tatiana, Branka KUMANOVSKA 32 BEOGRAD, YUGOSLAVIA RALPH H. MILLER, Jr. Maior, Quartermaster Corps Ralph and Mary Ralph, Arthur, Peter 241 NORTH K STREET DINUBA, CALIFORNIA HAROLD R. MILLER Lt. Colonel, Adiutant GeneraI's Corps Hal and Elane Andrea Lee, Christine, Jonathan 426 THIRD STREET DUNELLEN, NEW JERSEY FELIX G. MILLHOUSE Maior, Artillery Felix and Jesse Sylvia, Felix, Marion 3I4O 9V2 STREET ROCK ISLAND, ILLINOIS JUDSON F. MILLER Maior, Armor Jud and Bette Kathy, Shelley, Douglas, Jud 3240 SOUTH ZUNIS PLACE TULSA, OKLAHOMA JOHN L. MOHL Maior, Infantry John and Pat Sladen, Karen, Kathleen FIRST STATE BANK THOMPSON FALLS, MONTANA CLAYTON H. MOORE, Jr. Lt. Colonel, Signal Corps Clay and Lucile Clayton, Constance, Christian 3502 GRANADA TAMPA 9, FLORIDA CLARENCE A. MITCHELL Major, Infantry Coots Box 2433 CARMEL, CALIFORNIA HAROLD G. MOORE Maior, Infantry Hal and Julie Greg, Steve, Julie 2l0 EAST STEPHEN FOSTER BARDSTOWN, KENTUCKY KENJIRO MITSUOKA Colonel, Infantry Johnny and Matsuko Yoko, Takehiko, Mihoko 425, 2-CHOME, WAKAMIYA-CHO ICHIKAWA-SHI CHIBA-KEN, JAPAN mm-,f,,. BERKELEY D. MORE Maior, Artillery I03 EAST Bath STREET NEW YORK 28, NEW YORK 65 CORNELIUS J. MOLLOY, Jr. Major, Infantry Mike and Jean William, Michael, Nancy 70 CARLTON AVENUE HOHOKU5, NEW JERSEY GENE D. MOORE Lt. Colonel, Signal Corps Gene and Wilma Gene 23l4 9th AVENUE LEWISTON, IDAHO JAMES M. MORRIS, Jr. Captain, Infantry Jim and Lee Catherine, Jimmy 555 NE 7th AVENUE GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA ROBERT E. MORRISON Maior, US Air Force Bob and Sally Sally, Bobby 461 NORTH LIMESTONE STREET LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY CHARLES A. MORGAN, Jr. Lt. Colonel, Chemical Corps Chuck and Charlotte Jane, Charles, John Cfo DR. C. J. BLISS PERRY, KANSAS REUBEN T. MORGAN Lt. Colonel, Quartermaster Corps Reuben and Margaret 21 I4 WHILE OAK ROAD RAWLEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA MARSHALL M. MOTES Lt. Colonel, Quartermaster Corps Marshall and Frances Becky 215 HUDSON STREET WINNSBORO, SOUTH CAROLINA 66 'WILLIAM MULHERON, Jr. Maior, Ordnance Corps Bill, Lil Billy BOX l65, RD I KEYPORT, NEW JERSEY JAMES W. MORRIS Major, Infantry Jim and Mary Mary Louise, Jimmy, Bill 6 JONES STREET CARTERSVILLE, GEORGIA JESSE L. MORROW, Jr. Lt. Colonel, Infantry Jesse and Dorothy Robert MARION, NORTH CAROLINA KINDRED H. MUSE Maior, US Air Force Ken and Ruth Mike, Michelle 404 EAST ANGELINA STREET PALESTINE, TEXAS EDWARD R. MURPHY Lt. Colonel, Signal Corps Ted and Irene Edward 56 LINDEN STREET BROOKLINE, MASSACHUSETTS JAMES A. MUNSON Captain, Artillery Jim ancl Nancy Jack, Steve, Tom, Bob, JefT Cfo Mrs. LOlS PICKNER WINNER, SOUTH DAKOTA WINFRIED F. NAINGGOLAN Maior, Infantry Boyke and Doharni Lily Chairani DJALAN CHAIRIL ANWAR NO. 3 MEDAN, NORTH SUMATRA, INDONESIA HERMAN S. NAPIER Captain, Infantry Nape and Betsy Nancy, Bill cfo R. F. ORR IOOQ SOUTH 26th STREET FT. SMITH, ARKANSAS HOLADY C. NEAFUS, Jr. Lt. Colonel, Quartermaster Corps Holly and Dottie Joliene, Michele, Jacqueline 8304 GARLAND AVENUE TAKOMA PARK, MARYLAND 137 THOMAS C. MUSGRAVE Captain, Signal Corps Tom and Jo Nancy Jo, Tommy 655 HOLGATE AVENUE DEFIANCE, OHIO RICHARD NALLE Maior, Artillery Dick and Ann Denny, Bill 4l6 SOUTH MAIN STREET BLUFFTON, lNDlANA ,Ti Y CY PATRICK M. NEILOND Maior, Artillery Pat and Jeanine Michael, Kaihleen 3333 OCTAVIA STREET SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORN' EDWARD F. NIBLOCK Colonel, Armor Ed and Erne Gerald, Lawrence 3124 IROQUOIS AVENUE LONG BEACH 8, CALIFORNIA JOHN H. NEFF Caploin, lnfaniry John and Pa! John LONGWOOD TOWERS BROOKLINE, MASSACHUSETTS MANSOUR NEGAHBANI LT. Colonel, Infantry Mansour Iflf2l0 61h STREET KAMALY AVENUE TEHERAN, IRAN L. I A JOHN W. NOCITA Captain, Arlillery John and Paula Sharon, Bruce 4427 SUNNYSIDE DRIVE RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA fill JOSEPH P. O'CONNOR, Jr. Lt. Colonel, Transportation Corps JP and Carmen Cafhleen, Pai, Bob, Mike 40 ELANE AVENUE NEW ORLEANS 22, LOUISIANA BERNARD E. NEUBERT Major, Infantry Barney and Barbara Michelle, Michael, Edith, David 972 CHESTERFIELD BIRMINGHAM, MICHIGAN JOHN R. NICKEL Lt. Colonel, Signal Corps Nick and Shirley Andy, Tommy, Donny l32l MCCONNELL AVENUE PORTSMOUTH, OHIO CHARLES I. OLSEN Lf. Colonel, Armor Charlie and Lois Karen, Paul 248 DELAFIELD AVENUE STATEN ISLAND IO, NEW YORK MUSTAFA ONANC Lf. Colonel, General Staff Misiik and Suheyla Sule, Jale, Husam MAR KEMALETTIN MAHALLESI AGACESME SOKAK NR, IO SAYAZIT, ISTANBUL, TURKEY ROBERT E. ODOM Major, Inlaniry Bob and Pai Bobby, Mary Jene, Mike cfo I. E. ODOM BOX T59 HASKELL, OKLAHOMA 3, LLOYD A. OSBORNE Major, Transportation Corps Oz and Norma Karen, Lloyd, Mary oo Mr. L. DeBOEST 428 81h STREET WEST DES MOINES, IOWA OHN PE Major, Infantry Bo Ohn Pe and Hla Or Nyunf Maung Win Naing, Ma Aye Aye Myint Maung Win Kyaing Cfo MILITARY SECRETARY'S DEPT. MINISTRY OF DEFENSE, RANGOON, BURMA FRANK S. OSIECKI Maior, Arfillery Frank and Esther Richard, Pat 610 RANDOLPH STREET THOMASVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA 69 Y- JAMES C. OLSON Maior, Infantry Jay and Marge Mike, Lindo cfo Mrs. A. M. SANDERS 200 WEST ARMOUR BOULEVARD KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI CARROLL R. O'NEILL Maior, Artillery Pot and Mary Lou Patrick Cfo FRANK O'NEILL IBI4 EAST BELVEDERE AVENUE BALTIMORE, MARYLAND flaws-BNF G--IW" DAVID E. OTT Maior, Artillery Dave and Joyce Kimmy, Judy, Nancy ROUTE NO. I, BOX I7W HAMMOND, LOUISIANA JAMES L. PACKMAN Lt. Colonel, Infantry Jim and Pat Latimer, John II39 SOUTH HIGHLAND AVENUE LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA MICHAEL N. 0'SULLIVAN Major, Transportation Corps Mike and Marie 80-58 88th ROAD, WOODHAVEN QUEENS, NEW YORK, NEW YORK JOHN W. OSWALT Lt. Colonel, Artillery Johnny and Barbara Mikel Ann, Murilyn Kimberly IIOI NORTH NINTH STREET LAFAYETTE, INDIANA ALBERT J. PARKER Moior, Infontry AI and Jeanne Carolyn l323 FINDLAY STREET PORTSMOUTH, OHIO BURTON F. PARKER Maior, Ordnance Corps Bud and Wanda Burton, Robert, Donald, Steve 23 SUMMIT AVENUE WOLLASTON 70, MASSACHUSETTS DONALD B. OTTERSON Lt. Colonel, US Marine Corps Don and Betsy Betsy Ann, Mark, Brian cfo CAPTAIN A. LINCOLN KING SOUTH PARIS, MAINE CONSTANTINE P. PAPADOPOULO Maior, Artillery Costa cfo GREEK GENERAL STAFI fA8 ATHENS, GREECE 2 I I Q 5 I NELS A. PARSON, Jr. Maior, Artillery Nels and Donna Gail, Ronald ARMY NATIONAL BANK FORT LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS OLIVER B. PATTON Maior, Infantry Pat and Anne Shelby, Beirne, Barnes, Ellen cfo Mrs, M. H. PATTON RFD 4, BOX 87 HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA I WILLIAM C. PARKER Captain, Artillery Bill and Betsy Paul, Nanette IIO SAXON AVENUE BROOKSVILLE, FLORIDA WILLIAM O. PEAK, III Maior, Infantry Bill and Beenie Kathleen, Patricia, Elizabeth IBIS WEST FIRST STREET GRAND ISLAND, NEBRASKA STANLEY F. PARR Lt. Colonel, Infantry Stan and Billie James, Janis 834 JEWELL STREET TOPEKA, KANSAS DAVID PENSON Lt. Colonel, Adiutant Generals Corps Dave and Bunny Barbara, David 62 WASHINGTON AVENUE GLEN HEAD, NEW YORK 71 an-nu. LEONARD J. PASCIAK Lt, Colonel, Signal Corps Len and Cecile Jann, Peter, Mary 52 SHIRLEY AVENUE BUFFALO, NEW YORK EDWIN PAULMANN Maior, Signal Corps Ed and Rose Patricia PO BOX 282 ASBURY PARK, NEW JERSEY WARREN R. PFAFF Maior, Armor Slim 204 BASSETT STREET PETALUMA, CALIFORNIA JOHN T. PIERCE, III Maior, Armor Jack and Mary Carl Catherine, Peter, Penelope 400 WICKHAM ROAD MANHATTAN, KANSAS EUGENE I. PETERSON Maior, Infantry Pete and Eleanor Mike, Billy, Jack, Ann II40 MARTIN AVENUE SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA DEE W. PETTIGREW, Jr. Maior, Artillery Dee, Jackie Jennie, Dee CLARENDON, ARKANSAS VERNON W. PINKEY Captain, Corps of Engineers Pink and Annette Michael, Brian, Matthew, Meg 2333 CAGUA DRIVE NE ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO HARRY B. PLOWMAN Maior, Artillery Bud and Betty Jonathan, Christopher Lisabeth, Katherine Cfo O. J. LAMBIOTTE I02 BUFFALO AVENUE FAIRMONT, WEST VIRGINIA WILLIAM G. PHELPS Lt. Colonel, Infantry Bill and Dinny Susan Elizabeth 627 WEST CANADIAN VINITA, OKLAHOMA JOSEPH L. PILANT Captain, Artillery Lew and Ernie Margie, Jeannie Lou, Kathy cfo A. L. PILANT RFD NO. 2 CASSVILLE, MISSOURI DONALD F. POWELL Major, Infantry Don and Gerry Mike, Diane, Vicky 35 VERNON AVENUE NEWARK, NEW JERSEY NICHOLAS G. PSAKI Major, Infantry Nick and Pat Nick, Diane, Denise 236 ORCHARD DRIVE FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA JAMES W. POINDEXTER Lt. Colonel, US Marine Corps Jeff and Jan Jim, Jill STEVENSVILLE, MONTANA funn FRFDERICK B. PORTER, Jr. Malor, US Air Force Fred and Joan Rickey, Jane, Bill I3I2 LQPALOMA WAY COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO I E I S :I JAMES L. QUINNELLY Maior, Ordnance Corps Jim and Dolores Jane, Freddy 3801 Bth STREET MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI KHADIM HUSSAIN RAJA Lt. Colonel, Artillery Khadim and Rafia Rubina, Fizzy, Hassan SARDARPUR NOON, DISTRICT SARGODHA WEST PAKISTAN 73 'uhm-annum GEORGE S. PRUGH, Jr. Maior, Judge Advocate Generals Corps George and lunty Stephanie, Virginia 356 STONECREST DRIVE SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA WILLIAM M. PUETI Lt. Colonel, Ordnance Corps Bill and Munitn Patricia, William LOOSE CREEK, MISSOURI DONALD V. RATTAN Maior, Infantry Snapper and Jane Jean, Nancy, Mac 39l2 MOSLEY DRIVE COLUMBUS, GEORGIA GEORGE A. REBH Lt. Colonel, Corps of Engineers George and Jeanne George, Richard 6347 MEAD DEARBORN, MICHIGAN VERNON C. RAMBERG Lt. Colonel, Quartermaster Corps Vern and Norma Charles, Christina, Deborah .Iane THORP, WISCONSIN THOMPSON L. RANEY Maior, Armor Tom and Marianne Carolyn, Nancy 6Ol ROSEMARY LANE FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA KENNETH O. REED Lt. Colonel, Ordnance Corps Ken and Thers Cfo Mrs. EDWARD REED FORT SCREVEN, GEORGIA JAMES B. REES Lt. Colonel, Artillery Jim, Jeanette Steven, Susan 809 PARK AVENUE PIQUA, OHIO VERN W. REAUGH Lt. Colonel, Infantry Vern and Elaine Dianne, Duane, Pamela, Judith 275 GOSS STREET SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA GIE HYUNG REE Brigadier General, Infantry HEADQUARTERS ROK ARMY SEOUL, KOREA PHILIP A. REVOLINSKY Maior, Armor Rev and Allie Joseph, Patricia, Phillip Jr. 3008 CENTRAL AVENUE ASHLAND, KENTUCKY CARL B. RICHEY, Jr. Lf. Colonel, Medical Corps Carl and Caiherine Carl, Carlyn 308 DAVIS STREET ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA THOMAS H. REESE Maior, Judge Advocate Generals Corps Tom und Helen Thomas, Shondra, Gail 470 SOUTH I2ll'1 EAST SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH PHILIP H. RIEDEL, Jr. Lf. Colonel, Artillery Phil and Lou III TUTTLE ROAD SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS SAMUEL L. REID Lt. Colonel, Artillery Sam and Frances Diane, Tricia, Cathy, Judy 408 HERMITAGE COURT CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA KENNETH G. RING Captain, Artillery Ken and Mary Ann Harold, Louise, Denise A Patricia, David cfo JOHN RING LAKE CITY, MINNESOTA CLIFFORD C. REYNOLDS, Jr. Malor, Transportation Corps Cliff and Ricci Clifford, Jefirey LICKING ROUTE SALEM, MISSOURI MELVIN E. RICHMOND Maior, Finance Corps Mel and Mary Melvin, Anne, David Cfo J. W. GREENE I870 WYOMING WASHINGTON, D. C. ROBERT F. ROBENS Lf. Colonel, Infantry Bob and Helma Marilyn, Carolyn, Bobby 'I23I ARLINGTON AVENUE RENO, NEVADA WILLIAM A. ROEMER Major, Artillery Bill and Winkie Charliene, Joanne, Kurt, Karen I332 STUBBINS STREET BOWLING GREEN, KENTUCKY ARTHUR H. RINGLER Maior, Infantry Arf and Dorothy 37l FORT WASHINGTON AVENUE NEW YORK, NEW YORK Lf. Colonel, Adjutant Generals ROBERT V. ROBERTS Bob and Marceline Roberf, Chris QQI CASABLANCA SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Corps GUY ROBITAILLE Maior, Infantry Guy and Ann Mory, Suzan, Guy IO7 ST. JOSEPH STREET LAUZON, LEVIS, QUEBEC, CANADA 76 HARRY L. ROGERS, Ill Maior, Armor Harry and Ginnie Jeffrey, John, Wendy 1930 BRYANT STREET PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA SYED H. A. RIZVI LT. Colonel, Infanfry Riz uncl Naz Hassan, Husain, Mehor cfo LLOYDS BANK LTD. RAWALPINDI, WEST PAKISTAN CARLOS RODRIGUEZ C. Lf. Colonel, Artillery Carlos and Beafriz Carlos, Lilian CARRERA I9, NO. 7l-25 BOGOTA, COLOMBIA, S.A HASSAN SABRI Lt. Colonel, Corps of Engineers Hanan and Nevin Foliha, Felah, Faisal WEZIRIYA 4fl3 BAGHDAD, IRAQ GEORGE F. SAWYER Lt. Colonel, Armor Tom and Jane Mary, Betty, Anne, Alex Mike cfo G. P. SAWYER 25 SYRACUSE STREET BALDWINSVILLE, NEW YORK CHARLES E. ROSE Maior, Transportation Corps Charley and Marianne Mortin, Marcia CHOTEAU, MONTANA FABIO MARIO SANCHEZ SOTO Lt, Colonel, Artillery Mario and Anita Ana Maria, Maria Augusto Julio Cesar, Jorge Luis 12th AVENUE, I4-39, ZONE 2 GUATEMALA CITY GUATEMALA, OA. JOHN P. ROSS Captain, Transportation Corps John and Ginny Ann Elizabeth, John 2lVz SOUTH BROADWAY MCALLEN, TEXAS ROBERT H. SCALES Maior, Corps of Engineers Bob and Clyde Robert, Charles BOX 275 POTEET, TEXAS 77 LUIS SAEZ-LARUMBE Maior, Infantry Luis ESTADO MAYOR CENTRAL MINISTERIO DEL EJERCITO MADRID, SPAIN EDWARD A. SAUNDERS Captain, Corps of Engineers Ed and Jean Richard, Marvin, Lynn Francis Lisa Dianne do H. A. SAUNDERS MANILA, IOWA I T I I I HARRY U. SCHMIDT Lt, Colonel, Artillery Smitty and Micl Robert I275 EAST BELLEVIEW LITTLETON, COLORADO RICHARD H. SCHONING Maior, Transportation Corps Dick and Barbara Jim, John, Barbara I524 ALAMEDA AVENUE ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA I , ,nw JAMES H. SCHEER Maior, Transportation Corps .Iim and Nita Linda, James, Margaret BOX T32 ANDERSON, CALIFORNIA GEORGE A. SCHNEBLI Maior, Artillery George and Audrey George, Geri 520 NORTH 7Tl1 STREET GRAND FORKS, NORTH DAKOTA GORDON A. SCHRAEDER Maior, Corp of Engineers Gordy and Dee 217 NORTH BROADWAY CROOKSTON, MINNESOTA THOMAS S. SCHREIBER Lt. Colonel, Signal Corps Tom and Gerrie Renee, Thomas, Stuart I7 DEVON COURT NEW SHREWSBURY, NEW JERSEY LOUIS J. SCHELTER, Jr. Major, Infantry Lou and Edna David I3IO BEDFORD STREET ROME, NEW YORK JORGEN A. SCHOUSBOE Maior, Infantry Scootsie and Birte Carl, Karen DEFENSE STAFF KASTELLET, COPENHAGEN DENMARK RALPH A. SCIOLLA Maior, Artillery Ralph and Claire Juliana, Andrea 3900 NORTH REESE STREET HILADELPHIA 40, PENNSYLVANIA STANLEY W. SELANDER Maior, Infantry Stan and Fran Nancy, Brad, Cynthia 785 37th AVENUE AN FRANCISCO 21, CALIFORNIA RICHARD H. SCHULER Lt. Colonel, Artillery Dick and Irma Alison Kay 303 WEST l9th STREET WILMINGTON, DELAWARE HARRY F. SCHWETHELM Lt. Colonel, US Marine Corps Harry and Happy Harry, Sue PO BOX I030 KERRVILLE, TEXAS ROBERT W. SELTON Maior, Infantry Bob and Kay Robert, Daniel, James cfo COLONEL H. D. SELTON FOREST HILLS INN FOREST HILLS, NEW YORK ROBERT D. SCHAFFER Lt. Colonel, US Marine Corps Bob and Betty Valerie, Leslie cfo Mr. IRA D. LAKIN 32l NORTH FIRST STREET VANDALIA, ILLINOIS DONALD A. SEIBERT Maior, Infantry Si I4-I8 ll6th STREET COLLEGE POINT, NEW YORK LEWIS S. SELBY Maier, Artillery Lew and Marie Bonnie, Patti, Judy 205 EAST STATE STREET DELMAR, DELAWARE 1-MI' ALBERT D. SHEPPARD, Jr. Captain, Corps of Engineers Shep and Betty Keith, Nancy STATE OFFICE BUILDING JEFFERSON CITY, MISSOURI SHIFFERAW TESSEMMA Lt. Colonel, Infantry Shifteraw and Mulumebet Zorna, Tessernrn, Aregaw IHPERIAL ETHIOPIAN ARMY ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA HARRY J. SHAW Captain, Infantry Harry and Nancy Ann, Katherine 430 NORTH BATTLE STREET MANASSAS, VIRGINIA JOHN O. SHOEMAKER Maior, Infantry John and Marc John, Susan, Carl IQO BATTERSEA ROAD OCEAN CITY, NEW JERSEY ELWOOD H. SHEMWELL Maior, Infantry Woody and Gen Scott, Jo Anne, Mark, Nancy 72l VALENCIA STREET WALLA WALLA, WASHINGTON Al! DAVID S. SHORT Malor, Artillery Dave and Mavis David, Virginia, Monte RED INDEPENDENCE, OREGON BYRON E. SHEPPARD Maior, Artillery Shep and Tressie Mike, Naomi IIl3 C AVENUE LAWTON, OKLAHOMA EUNG KYUN SHIN Lt. General, Artillery Bogey and June Hyun Barn, Hyun Myang, Moon Hi HQ, REPUBLIC OF KOREA ARMY SEOUL, KOREA HARRY F. SIEBER, JR. Maior, Signal Corps Harry and Irene Susie, Harry, Tommy II9 EAST ATHENS AVENUE ARDMORE, PENNSYLVANIA EDGAR M. SINCLAIR Maior, Artillery Merrill and Jean Courtney, George, William Mary 32 MAPLE AVENUE NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA LESLIE E. SHUMWAY, JR. Captain, Armor Les and Helen David OLD COMERS ROAD CI-IATI-IAM, MASSACHUSETTS WALTER J. SLAZAK Captain, Corps of Engineers Walt and Vivien Deirdre 860 MINERAL SPRING ROAD BUFFALO, NEW YORK WILLIAM C. SIBERT Maior, Infantry Bill and Jess Willie, Alan, Jane Colby LAMBERT'S COVE VINEYARD HAVEN, MASSACHUSETTS ALBERT C. SMITH, JR. Maior, Armor Cowper and Cary Lisa, Cowper III I54O 44th STREET WASHINGTON, D. C. SI A ARTHUR E. SIKES Maior, Infantry Art and Pearl Randy, Marsha BARNESVILLE, GEORGIA HARRY C. SLAWSON Maior, Signal Corps Harry and Annie Steve, Nancy Cfo Mrs. HARRIET ZESIGER WOODSFIELD, OHIO if-I JAMES C. SMITH Maior, Armor Jim and Doris Sandra Lea, Ripp Allen, Jamie Ellen, Carol Jean I49I VENETIAN DRIVE, SW ATLANTA, GEORGIA ROBERT L. SMITH Captain, Infantry Bob and Mitzi Robert, Nancy, Margaret 2205 RUSSELL ROAD ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA BOWEN N. SMITH Maior, Artillery Bo and Diana Noel 288 MAPLE STREET IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO BRADFORD L. SMITH Lt. Colonel, Artillery Brad und Jeanne Penny, Brad I236 HATHAWAY LAKEWOOD 7, OHIO GEORGE M. SNEAD, Jr. lvloior, Signal Corps George and Kitty George, Jim, Bill, John, Ned LOVINGSTON, VIRGINIA a W' W ACH M. CECIL C. SNODDY Colonel, Armor Col and Helen Marilynn, Joanne 528 NORTH PLUMER AVENUE TUCSON, ARIZONA I! fl-Shin JAMES F. SMITH Maior, Transportation Corps Jim and Frances Jimmie, Jeanette Lyn cfo E. F. WEBER RFD PLAIN CITY, OHIO ROBERT M. SMITH Moior, Ordnance Corps Bob and Peggy Susan, Gale, Ann, Eric :yo E. J. BENNETT HAGERMAN, IDAHO DONALD C. SPIECE Maior, Artillery Don and Lee Susan, Donny 227 EAST WALNUT STREET BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA SIEGFRIED H. SPILLNER Lt. Colonel, Military Police Corps Siggy and Betty Alan, Wayne ROUTE NO. I CABLE, WISCONSIN CARLOS SOTO TAMAYO Lt. Colonel, Infantry Carlos and Carmen Nidia MINISTERIO DEFENSA CARACAS, VENEZUELA, S. A. 4, BASIL D. SPALDING, JR. Maior, Artillery Basil and Theo Susan, Louise, Denny 172 RUMSON ROAD, NE ATLANTA 5, GEORGIA ELMER G. SPRAGUE Captain, Infantry Gene and Audrey Michelle, Denise, Scott Steve, Jere Kay 205 EAST TWELTH PLACE CLAREIVIORE, OKLAHOMA SPENCER G. STANLEY, JR. Maier, Infantry Stan and Mary Neal Daphne, Linda, Spencer do S. G, STANLEY, Sr. CIRCLE BOULEVARD MULLINS, SOUTH CAROLINA ROBERT C. SPIKER Malor, Infantry Bob and Bette Robert, David, Susan IO4 JACKSON AVENUE MORGANTOWN, WEST VIRGINIA CHARLES E. SPRAGINS Maior, Infantry Pete and Joyce Betsy, Ellen, Chuck 425 MCCLUNG STREET HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA CHARLES L. STEEL, JR. Major, Corps of Engineers Charlie and Jan Charles, Natalie, Christopher 72II FIFTH AVENUE SOUTH ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA HERMAN STEIN Major, Infantry Buzz and Dee Tom 32I SI-IERRY STREET NEENAH, WISCONSIN JOHN E. STANNARD Captain, Infantry John and Llewellyn Dennis, Llewellyn, Fred 6l7 SECOND AVENUE WEST WILLISTON, NORTH DAKOTA CHARLES J. STAUFFER Lt. Colonel, Artillery Chuck and Marian Frederick, Charles, Alan IO7 NORTH HIGH STREET SELINSGROVE, PENNSYLVANIA JOHN E. STERLING Captain, Corps of Engineers Bud and Connie Deborah, Jack, Barbara HUGO, COLORADO DONALD K. STEVENS Lt. Colonel, Artillery Don and Adele Anne, Alice I2I0 WEST CALIFORNIA AVENUE URBANA, ILLINOIS WILLIAM A. STEIGER Lt. Colonel, Ordnance Corps Bill and Evelyn Sharon, Bill, Stephanie, Stephen 2037 SOUTH 6th STREET SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS LEWIS I. STEIN Captain, Infantry Lew and Jane Stacey cfo MICHAEL C. STEIN BIGELOVV APARTMENTS PITTSBURGH I9, PENNSYLVANIA CHARLES A. STEWARD Maior, Armor Tony and Feridah Valerie. Charles IHE PLATT, CRONDALI., NEAR FARNHAM, SURREY ENGLAND VIRGIL M. STONE Maior, Quartermaster Corps Skip and Joan William, Sue, Jenyle cfo MRS. DANNIE STONE DUNCAN, OKLAHOMA KENNETH T. STEVENS Maior, Infantry Steve and Elsie Eric. Robin cfo Mr. JULIUS BAUER I29 87th STREET, TREASURE ISLAND St. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA MILTON E. STEVENS Maior, Corps of Engineers Sieve and Marilyn 5004 APACHE STREET COLLEGE PARK, MARYLAND RICHARD W. STREIFF Captain, Armor Dick and Marian Rickv. J. D. NEW GLARUS, WISCONSIN RAY B. STROUP Lf. Colonel, Infantry Ray and Evelyn Rav, Margaret, Dorothy 4247 SUMMERVILLE AVENUE DALLAS 6, TEXAS KEITH M. STEWART Major, Infantry K and Joan Keith, John, Charles, Bruce cfo Colonel J. A. Stewart 454 CIRCLE ISLAND, PALM ISLAND, SARASOTA, FLORIDA ROBERT W. STOWBRIDGE Maior, Signal Corps Bob and June Bobby cfa Graf 3494 HOAGAN ROAD, SW ATLANTA, GEORGIA , , vw-A fix '9"""'!U THOMAS H. TACKABERRY CapTain,Infan1ry Tack and Lil Burt, Kief, Tommy, Richard, Lilian 3539 SOUTH PACIFIC AVENUE SAN PEDRO, CALIFORNIA JULIO TANCO Lt. Colonel, Cavalry Julio and Ula Jose Braulio MINISTERIO DEFENSA NACIONAL MONTEVI DEO, URUGUAY, S.A. NEELY M. SWOMLEY Maior, Signal Corps Milt and lla Mae Thomas, Richard, James l29 GARRETSON CIRCLE MILLTOWN, NEW JERSEY if ,n,.-......-..s. RYOICHI TABATA Lf. Colonel, Armor Ryoichi and Toshiko Akihiko, Yuko APT. 636, BOEICHO- KANSHA, KAMIMEGU RO, MEGUROKU, TOKYO, JAPAN 'uf DALE W. TAYLOR Major, Armor Dale and Shirley Richard, Ronald RD NO. 3 WEST SALEM, OHIO dguih-lui" JOHN F. TAYLOR Major, lnfaniry Jack and Mona Jana, Linda ROUTE NO. 4 SHERMAN, TEXAS ' W' .wigjfiiafgi 'S' ' 5 f-if W' 1 ,C .,., " "" , 5:33 L ALFREDO C. GONZALEZ TA D E O Major, Infantry Alfre and Mely Graciela, Alfredo ACERO 3I, MEXICO, 2, D. E, JAVIER TANTALEAN VANINI Maior, Artillery Javier and Margariia Javier, Margarita, Alberta AVENIDA MILITAR l537 LIMA, PERU, SA. ARINGTON C. THOMSON, JR. Major, Artillery Tommy and Ginny Robert, Patrick 408 SOUTH 9th STREET COLUMBIA, MISSOURI WILBERT A. TIEMAN Major, Finance Corps T and Marcia Alan QIO6 WALNUT STREET HIGGINSVILLE, MISSOURI EUGENE TEDICK Maior, Artillery Gene and Rioki 280 CLINTON STREET BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK CHARLES C. THEBAUD Major, Infantry Chuck and Lulu Chuck, Carroll II4 WEST UNIVERSITY PARKWAY BALTO, MARYLAND ACHMAD TIRTOSUDIRO Maior, Infantry Achmacl and Emmy Irama Sofia, Asriningati, Muhomad Mulia, Setiawati DJALAN RIAU 5I, BANDUNG JAVA, INDONESIA RICHARD J. TITLEY Lt, Colonel, Artillery Dick and Jerry Jimmie, Robbie 4412 RAWLINS STREET DALLAS, TEXAS RICHARD F. THOMURE Maior, Artillery Dick and Margie Heather, Ruie Ann, Richard Claudia 536 CALLE ROCA PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA MAX E. TIMMONS Lt, Colonel, Quartermaster Corps Max and Marge N Cynda 422 N. W. STREET FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS RALPH G. TROSS Major, Corps of Engineers Ralph and Alison Michael QI ll CAMDEN AVENUE LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA WILLIAM H. TUCKER, JR. Captain, Artillery Bill and Joyce Barbara, Cynthia 902 BEVERLY DRIVE ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA PHILIP B. TOON Maior, Artillery Phil and Lae Ellen, Phyllis, Jim, Tischa 9 CARROLL TERRACE CORNWALL-ON-HUDSON NEW YORK JOHN H. TRENHOLM Lt. Colonel, Medical Service Corps John and Doris Sarah, John, Harriet 47 PRATT STREET WINSTED, CONNECTICUT WALTER M. TURNER Maior, Infantry Walt and Nancy Walter 9l5 PARK AVENUE SANFORD, FLORIDA HIRAM S. TYE Maior, Infantry Speed and Zibby Dowell, Terry, Steven NORTH MAIN STREET EMMINENCE, KENTUCKY JOHN O. TRUBY Captain, Infantry .lack and Amy Tim, Jackie 320 RIDGEMONT AVENUE SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS NGO-TUNG Maior, Infantry General Staff Headquarters VIET NAM ARMY SAIGON, VIET NAM WENDELL W. VANCE Major, Quartermaster Corps Van and Gert 2426 ROCHELLE AVENUE MONROVIA, CALIFORNIA ELWIN A. VERNON Captain, Signal Corps Vern and Ora Nancy, Helaine, Gail cfo O. E. VERNON ELDON, MISSOURI PAUL H. UGIS, JR. Captain, Corps of Engineers Paul and Kay Catherine, Teresa. Paul 623 WEST 207th STREET NEW YORK, NEW YORK LUIS O. VALENZUELA Maior, Artillery Lucho and Eliana Luis, Maria, Patricia, Carmen, Jorge 6704 ECHENIGUE STREET SANTIAGO, CHILE ALFRED H. VICTOR, JR. Captain, Corps of Engineers Al and Nancy Peggy, Hank, Bill IOS9 LEXINGTON AVENUE AKRON, OHIO ERNESTO C. VIDELA Lt. Colonel, Artillery Tito and Monona Ernesto, Luclovico, Elena, Carlos Av. QUINIANA 4I6-20, 41-4491 REPUBLICA ARGENTINA, SA. Q rw A si .3 XFN HECTOR R. VELEZ Lt, Colonel, Artillery Hector and Chiqui Pancho, Mame, Patricio, Enrique INSPECCION de ARTILLERIA AVENUE INGENIERO HUERGO 25I BUENOS AIRES, REPUBLICA ARGENTINA HAROLD F. VIA Lt. Colonel, Artillery Hal and Eleanor Beth, Billy 612 ALLENDALE STREET BALTIMORE 29, MARYLAND Jong. . fu K 4-is , li "g 3? GEORGE C. VINEY Major, Infantry George and Peggy George, Robert, Richard, Janet cfo Mr. GROVER C. VINEY BOX 363 LAWTON, OKLAHOMA GERCO VOLLEMA Maior, General Staff Gerco and Truus Joyce, Onna, Linda, Gerco I73 VAN BOETZELAERLAAN THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS CAO VAN VIEN Lt. Colonel, Infantry Speedy and Tao Dung, Tuan IIO NGO QUYEN STREET SAIGON, VIET NAM OSCAR C. VIGEN Major, Infantry Butch and Lois Edward, James, Douglas ROUTE NO. 3 THIEF RIVER FALLS, MINNESOTA JOHN R. VOSEIPKA Maior, Infantry Bob and Gerry John, Bob, Ginny 5932 BUENA VISTA MISSION, KANSAS GUYSBERT B. VROOM, JR. Lt. Colonel, Artillery Pete and Joanie Peter, Thomas. David, Tina 30 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK, NEW YORK WILBUR H. VINSON, JR. Major, Artillery Vin and Margaret John, Margaret Ann l454 FAIRVIEW ROAD NE ATLANTA, GEORGIA JONATHAN S. VORDERMARK Lt. Colonel, Artillery Jan and Jeltie Jonathon, Steohanie I837 wimvvooo LANE sw ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO BERRISFORD H. WALKER Lt, Colonel, Artillery Berry and Clare Peter I623 EAST 7th STREET DULUTH, MINNESOTA SAM S. WALKER Captain, Infantry Sam and Snookie Walton, Sam 2102 CONN. AVENUE WASHINGTON, D. C. HANS WAECHTER Major, General Stott Hans and Leny Ursula, Hans-Peter OBERKIRCHSTR, 46 FRAVENFELD, TG SWITZERLAND JOHN WAHL Captain, Infantry Johnny and Moo Sally, Karen, John Thomas 21 OAKWOOD AVENUE RYE, NEW YORK CHARLES P. WALLER, V MOIOV, Quartermaster Corpb Page and Doreen Page, Mike, Mark, Paul 725 SOUTH PITT STREET ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA GENE A. WALTERS Maior, Infantry Gene and Margaret Margaret Ann, Billy KINSLEY, KANSAS PHILIP G, WALKER Lt. Colonel, Infantry Phil and Hillary Hillary, Sydney, Pamela cfo HENRY S. WALKER 202 SOUTH SIDE DRIVE ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA GEORGE M. WALLACE Captain, Infantry George and Bev Jane "FAIRMOUNT," STONY POINT, VIRGINIA BILLY H. WATSON Maior, Artillery Bill Mike, Vail LIMON, COLORADO FRANCIS M. WATSON, JR. Maior, Infantry Frank and Gina Carol, Laura, Scott T520 ROGERS AVENUE SW ATLANTA, GEORGIA ACE I.. WATERS, JR. Maior, Armor Ace and Trudy Paul Douglas 50 MAPLE STREET CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA GEORGE W. WATKINS Lt. Colonel, Artillery George and Sue George, Sandro, Susan Stevan MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE 1 WILLIAM L. WEBB, JR. Major, Armor Bill and Muriel George, Willy, Lucinda cfo LOYD WEBB ROUTE NO. I POST, TEXAS JOHN D. WEBBER, JR. Lt. Colonel, Armor John and Anne Nancy Lee, Danny cfo CAPTAIN JOHN D. WEBBER I6O EAST NORTH STREET BUFFALO, NEW YORK DOUGLAS H. WATSON Lt. Colonel, Artillery Doug and Jinny Pat, John ROUTE NO. 2 MCGREGOR, TEXAS JAMES W. WEATHERS, JR Malor, Infantry Jim and Jane Jimmie, Anne, Marv 300 SOUTH PINEVIEW AVENUE GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA JACK D. WELLS Major, Armor Jock and Shirley John, Eila, Susan, Ann cfo ROBERT N. WELLS CUMBERLAND, KENTUCKY RICHARD L. WEST Captain, Corps of Engineers Dick and June John, Lesley I37 WEST RIDGE STREET MARQUETTE, MICHIGAN IRWIN V. WELLER Major, Military Police Corps Sam and Carol Nancy, Red, Paul, Sally 706 FLOWER CITY PARK ROCHESTER I3, NEW YORK ARTHUR B. WHITE Major, Artillery Doc and Sally Arthur, Sora 2l4 KIMBERLY AVENUE ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA FOREST O. WELLS Lt. Colonel, Chemical Corps Woody and Marian Sharon, Robert 2I05 EVANSDALE AVENUE TOLEDO 7, OHIO his FRED R. WHITE Major, Armor Fred and Marie Dave, Doug STAR ROUTE HUNDRED, WEST VIRGINIA ROBERT R. WESSELS Major, Corps of Engineers Bob and Jerry Bill, Kirtley ROUND ROCK, TEXAS JOSEPH W. WEYRICK Major, Artillery .loe and Norma Roy, Doualas. Bruce, Laura II7 SEQUAMS LANE, WEST BABYLON, NEW YORK KENNETH S. WHITTEMORE, JR. Major, Ordnance Corps Pete and Miriam Amanda, Vanessa, Alison LAZY LOG FARM RAYMOND, MISSISSIPPI BERNARD J. WICHLEP Captain, Artillery Bernie and Dottie Deborah, Barbara 4528 AVENUE O GALVESTON, TEXAS LAWRENCE J. WHITE Malor, Armor Larry and Carolyn Robert, Catherine, Jean cfo Mr. L. C. KISSICK MOUNT HOPE, KANSAS MEADE D. WILDRICK, JR. Maior, Transportation Corps Meade and Anne Meade, Lindsay 726 GREENHILL AVENUE WILMINGTON, DELAWARE JESSE W. WHITLEY Major, Artillery Jess and Ann Elizabeth, Cynthia 6326 RIDGE AVENUE CINCINNATI I3, OHIO 4.-:sr HUBERT L. WILLIAMS Major, US Air Force Hubert and Mary Roger, Mary do FRED ERLENMAIER ROUTE NO. 2 WATONGA, OKLAHOMA THOMAS C. WHITWORTH JR. Lt. Colonel, Artillery T.C. and Nancy Nancyella, Thomas, John 7I9 WEST 33rd STREET RICHMOND, VIRGINIA HOWARD T. WICKERT Major, Artillery Wick 6lOI I6Ih ST. NW WASHINGTON, D. C. FRANCIS H. WILSON, JR. Lt. Colonel, Ordnance Corps Frank and Mary Frank cfo Mr. GEORGE C. BERLY 400 BLALOCK ROAD HOUSTON 24, TEXAS RICHARD E, WOMER Major, Infantry Dick and Fran Mandy, Sissie, Dickie BOX II4 ROAD OAK GROVE ALTOONA, PENNSYLVANIA LOUIS A. WILLIAMS Maior, Infantry Willie and Laura Mary Beth, Louise, Brenda BOX 58 BAMBERG, SOUTH CAROLINA PAUL R. WILLIAMS Major, Armor Paul and Dot Paul, Sharon, Linda, Mark cfo Mr. MARK WILLIAMS RFD NO. 4 HIXSON, TENNESSEE JOHN C. WOOD, JR. Lt. Colonel, Artillery Woody and Dot Sharon, Terrv, Debbie I45 WOODROW STREET WEST HARTFORD 7, CONNECTICUT WILLIAM C. WOOD Captain, Infantry Hawk and Pudd William, John 22 KENWOOD DAVENPORT, IOWA RICHARD A. WISE Major, Infantry Dick and Fran cfo ARMY NATIONAL BANK FORT LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS WON CHOONG YUN Colonel, Infantry Choong Yun and Choi Jung Ok Dong Hwan, Dong Chan, Dong Sook, Dong Hoon I-IO7, IKA, CHUNGPA- DONG, YONGSAN SEOUL, KOREA JOSEPH L. WOOLLEY Captain, Artillery Joe and Petey Walter, Joseph, David, Peter 335 BROAD STREET RED BANK, NEW JERSEY CHAO-YIH YI Colonel, Armor Chao-Yih and Kay Mason, Shen Chung, Pei Chung, Yun Chung 39 CHUAN CHOW STREET TAIPEI, TAIWAN, CHINA WILBERT T. WOODSON, JR. Maior, Armor Tuck and Tania Zoe 5II NORTH PAYNE STREET FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA 96 CURTIN J. ZANE Commander, US Navy Casey and Dickie Susan, Pam, C.J. I3IO8 GRANNIS ROAD GARFIELD HEIGHTS, OHIO CHARLES D. WRIGHT Captain, Infantry Chuck and Freida Cathy, Rebecca, Charles ONEONTA, ALABAMA DANTES A. YORK Lt. Colonel, Artillery Dan and Virginia Jim, Celeste MONROEVILLE, ALABAMA sill-luv-I-i.. u T 58 if W if we E 7 AM.,- sshm f "Here we come. . complete with women and children, watch- We signed-in, ing for signs and checking with the MFl's. REGJWR ' Q Q ' : . " ,ggrpw-M E 535GfSTER 'jf 1 W t i, "' 'W-4' 77 ei i me r , - f.g i 3e ig A: ' ,U if., :E I ,,x. '12-fir' ,., A It - I I . -- rv- . i 1 I , Q ' f H -:,-,, ,, A .. V' f it - ' 52 2::'i-":Fi2.1:f:f-Tia -"-, f .:-' "1:' A ' ' i f ' f. . " ,,,,......F , A 4- gi tt. A "f 3 ' ...--A " ' ""' , it it A ,t:-:- i . r Found the processing line. Showed the family where to go. 2' erin gl-Lac: J 74 1 M' C iif V .Q 7 be ,, i .52 4 l -Q .Q-. 4 x A if , - V L - "TA" rf' iitti ' ei' 'fi-S-.L f at 'isa e - . 5' i if 5 'i ' A t . it ,J I L e Dropped the women folk...Leavenworth was waiting. Found an entertainment center for the chiIdrer....Praise be! 97 , ska am Filled out the necessary papers...and a few more for luck. Picked UPSOmeOftl1e results. 973 s .ti y l 9 ll l 3 w as " t E .,1"' j ,A,AL , 3 , 1.1, ll t ,llfllV tg lll ff , ' 'H 'l'l ft i f l ll t il N 1 t as i lllll gg lnll W 3 5 g fr . fi. v,-i by 1: t tsss t S lll t s as W 2 lll lll - Wefe measured- - - . . .and weighed. Lean and mean, this crowd. 13.511 Drew a few books. Background reading for the first night study And were addressed by the Stat? of the College. Everybody was assignment. Graciously welcomed by the city of Leavenworth. glad to see us. 98 wr vw w ,A M , 2 L -' fwffriiiff g A if EEG: af' ssffws. Q f , '1,?"S1 It ' QA 'Ni 4" ' UA" f l fa 'Aff rf ' l ' r 14 si '15 in ij " 1 r -- fl f -, , Q ,A A f qv' ' 1 k - r r F In 51 1,15 L1 . iq, A: 'rf . ., . A ,wfxf ., A 1' 1 M 1 7 ., g 44 1 -5 4 49 Home is Where You Stack the Footlockers , 5 ""',-al..Qlf.zi5-ff" . 1 . 1 34 L, V ju: iv- 'W E N F' 15v?:Sf5'9ffl511-:J:E,-, z V Q. -V -' ,L..,,, ji . . -X , 'fx 1 , L . f L H rn f V . 99 1 9 33.5 5 55 I Jfllflum H., Llflflw + 'T ., lg I ...iii Q: ll 3 F I.-F "DommiY, why don'f you keep your kids ID your own buck yard? 100 I fa Post and College Heddquorlers buildings. From left to right, Sherman, Grunt, and Sheridan Halls This is how they louked before the College moved in. Grant Hall later filled the goo in ihe middle. 101 15' Wi, in 4. 5 'ali 31,-,.,.,.-at-.f-f Generol Grunt, looking South toworcl Pilot Knob. The mop is believed to the JARBALO-WESTON Sheet Konsos, l:25,000. Gruber Hall before the students moved in. 102 .1 The Golf Club. Nm- A rare photograph of the Omcers' Open Mess. Notice the vacant parking spaces 103 The Hunt Lodge. Patch Community Center. ,N Number I, Scott. The Commc1ndcnt's Quarters. at 3, A.k,. K ' H I ..,.,' Eg V. 1 , I WM V h . MW-Q t- ' - if K 7 K, :fu ,-Wgj-li: 1 it . K K 7 def, . -A r z -H e neet t hheh - ,.?f'r-U , - -221919 1' -: ?fi553l.LzT!si'7fi 'tl ' , ,I Aria. -" A '- . 1 -k.-, ww, ,-k' - W - wfnias, wifi- ' 'f ., , digg I if ., N ikki' EM I f . . A 22...-R ,ax A g L,., 'Z Q .1 'V ' A in Arkr, - V V MML K W ,-qw.. ' 4Lg, , ,,,,- The Girl SCOU, House' The Fort Leavenworth Museum. 104 4 ,.etf'fsi5s . 1 The Fort Leavenworth Theater. Movies , .xl :MM ' 6 . 'ef K' J :sig 5 3 ., . 7 ! tt 2 i i 3 T, T ,git t Q, 2 L li Q 52 F lk A 3,5 mx. 7 gk 4 1. A.. M .WM s l Gruber Hall as it appears to the man who forgot Identiication Card. Q ,- , wsdr, y.. :il 39 , mass classes, and the J. Preston Shetfey Little Theater Group. Mnem- hls Security Some of the Stat? and Faculty quarters Site of the first capitol of the state of Kansas, now reserved for Well forward and adjacent to the MSR the Smart Set. 105 -will ?,,on-JIIIWUI RT R Lieutenant Colonel William B. Sharp Caplain William E. Brown Chaplain Chaplain r 4,'e.' 4 ' Q4 ' 'Q 1 1.1, Y H at? - I' x 4, , .r .Q Af :ali 'Ai-C Agn? ' ,F" f:1:i 1 'F . - 'gs Sn ' ,hge J' 5129. 1.55, S "':4-like , The Fort Leavenworth Chapel 106 ,R wa. why 'V'U'x ix i . ' ,vfg J fa . , -wilt!! ,ggi-Lp ,,,, A V4 Qi hi qrv' Lieutenant Colonel William F. Nern Post Chaplain if 'F 1 1 15", it affia I4 ' I 'mv J' x Saint Ignatius Catholic Chapel 107 , 7? ' QW' fgzffftf 155 5, W W' gf N Q 9 X ,f NW' Q 'H - -1 QM . fp -A Y 'H9551 Im L" 1 TgaLEA.UC'1,jW,oR.,iH K. , "IZ wh, dk 5 5 4: K ' 3 3' -3 1 W E W Cfif V Q 3 54 A4473 ga 2 f W ' 1 iv N35 f r 4- 1 1' 1 X N 66,114 ' l . 5 F-1 s fbe'r A Com M United States Army Hospital Fort Leavenworth, Kansas MEMBERS OF THE U. S. ARMY HOSPITAL STAFF Fort Leavenworth, Kansas-21 January 1957 Back Weber. John 0'Connell, Robert A. Bonriurant, John C. Daniels. Howard A. Chellman. BG'-W P- faw: Maj MSC Capt MC Capt MC Maj MSC Capt AMSC l Troop Commander Chief, Outpatient Service Chief. Medical Service Chief, Supply 6 Service Div Chief, Food Service Div Front Stoltz. Ruth M. Nelson, Francis C. Anderson, Norman W. Durfee, Raphael B. Desmond, Isabelle M. 7010: Maj ANC Lt Col MSC Col MC Maj MC Maj AMSC Chief Nuwe Executive Officer Commanding Officer Chief, OB-Gyn Chief, Physiotherapy Clinic 109 Dm JSQQH-!?D9!T2cL'L,1f.. m 4956 DE Lavsfaefo 855 an BIES C90-tv ipffmop crmve us no,928 Pouo AND 39, 322 GAUE U5 ao 950 OTHER PH HL EKHMS 1MMumzA'noAlS AND -- :mw 101,307 OUTPATIENTJQ' Fz-rrsn see FH-'-EU E 99 524 WITH GLASS S PRESERW QQEOSO Roum ZYSQKQQS + M49 CHLCKS O5 - Q O Q ,af 110 A conference is concluded on a cheerful note. VOLUNTEERS. . . Army wives give willingly of their time ll8,l3l hours in 19565 as Gray Ladies and Nurses Aides. ln addition to ward duties, they operate the "bookmobile", work as recep- tionists, provide patient shopping service, assist with the Medical Library, assist mothers with small children, record immunizations and other data during the "Round-ups," chaperone women patients, help with the laboratory records, and, in general, make lite a good bit brighter for their friends and neighbors who are in the hospital, Hospital Medical Library project. A Nurses Aide and the Nurses Aides Cl1OlfmGI1 Check the flow of an intravenous solution, and pause to give a word of cheer and encouragement to the patient. Ill HI ill I :W U2 - . AVVA , V ig w,1giXe,s4aggffie4,Qg 3 - Ell'.f"HsEs3fE"P3'1fi51 , F f , w4y52fgfg::z.f2g5H1.?S?fs1 . .:VfEE': ' ' r 9ZL5i,45?4i'iif'5m"fi?!1f3V1?Y I if: "" f-f- '1 11':g1MXxsrfi'?3E55Xz5VlQ77 L' ' -M Miss x's4,?gggg5,HEsiQgsS15Eg 'V M I S-1 I f igifgiixafal 'W rvsrigfi ' f gs " 12 iitulxxx Warm 2 ,iyZ.f W 3,A g . A, -.. L3 fp I J: ' ,. f v A - - f..,,, .U 4 Q. A Q x 'I+ ' , Lf ,lf ., Eff vmxkf' f , - 4 - mf woo "The Professor" "GJ Sir" WUQZXURC L,': igxffi ',:' f I xx S X . M E :Rf At' Eiga !z so . 3 . I ' l1'F'Ng,gDf!Z5 ' s x.,,- i E59 ' 1 The Tronsporfofion Off, in Charge UPL ,,'-- Q 'Zi sa-4 ...AX ff K' -V . t s , L ss V, A 7-Q: Q -',- ., '-?"f' -7.- 1 ' . From Infcamry To Armor. II3 ss, il is at .J ,Q is M 22 Q' wg, W..-N ' .rv I Q-J ,Ax r x -M! "Doc Digs ln." E E .J ,f "The New Fofhersu -...Amf,....y,...Q,,AQ,., . b . -wx1.,.fi23Eii: E2 r , . ,wg,1.i:,,,?-.t , 1. 4 3 , 1 ,Q of .- Q off HA A A g , QA . J , , fa' 4. 3 0 as . r 1 "VVl1ere iS H101 ViSUC1IiZCF" "Damn, Q ncxrrovv avenue of opproochf' ar Y ,, igzg fe - , 32 - . M. -fav' X M , g a Y .,, , 1 fa. ,. M k A , L . 4 , lz - , I 35" 2 A A f , .,..,. , - as F "' 'Q ' - Mgr' 1 4 ' - -1 , ff: ww Mig: ,QQ-.., Y , - ' , gr L5 :V 2 ' 771 N i lligigi 1125? .a:.: Q. xx A 1 L'-- k w Q' , ,Q f l M, ' 1 I 5 . i A A l A fyamwf . . ., - ' M wg. gk?" -- r I . -f,fwm,. I , -.,-ff. . .L 2- Z: ,, '7 Rf WA- is ii A I Q 5, 'Fi ' ' , 4 Q, 1 W LL 3 V . ' .- 'ww' 1 5:if,:'a52'f2 . ' 5 , Q1fg'l"f.i '. - Y -A ...w m ly-K 11" 54:1 Q H5 "Vi - -kli--WW wk A . if M I., ' - ' si' " 1. - an 1 ' L K Q Q - In 4. A, A 5.3, I, - FE . L mg ,,,. ...f A , 1" W ' " ,, 0 w. - WW, ' K . 1 ' 'jgzjfa-Kg .5 - - I -' M' 41 X L, ., f Q. I mf -T H - ' '51 ze Sf., T I wonder what course of action they wont. "Whof hoppenedu "Real Cool" They wen? UThOfC1WClvy" "Gunsmoke" 114 Q ,. ,V M, ,K .w,,,w-fm.: fi M ii L , M ,fame 'isfsfri sw ? L., '25 Higgs, L , V Qwwgf L H ' w H K .V " - yi iififjfifi ',k3,'.",':".SfgEf3f j?Z3,'gl1 fm, 3 if , fi W' "li 2 ' K 3 3 ,,,, W, LJ , ,L,.. V,::l,,L A"-"Zig My 4 My.k,l, i:.k:V,i,.,Y. Q 1 x f X' fi fe., ii f i A T, V , V l A i MN- , A ,i,,,A,M-We 5 NA 1 i:i'5i'?j34?ff ,A .gy fx' va"rS'U - Ausirolioin version of ine brood brush. "Is it real, or ci ioke" E ,,..--N-"' 'fl' Commifiee work-or "Pooled ignorance." J""i"' Soy the secret woicl, ond get on "A" 1' S Mixing the solution The Beehive 115 5 gs M. ,gf 'P +ifaf'iw. Q -- wwf 'ffliww - , 'Exif fs . Q ., A , """ . , .. ' V .. .,,,, ,,,. .,,,. , Yi ,,.: ,. .,,:,.,,,,.2 .,,..... N, ,K -- .3 ..., l . , -, FW " "if 2 'A , ' ia, I J 2 ,, X , f V , ,gf ,- ef,--fp.-,.Jjj' .W - ' . K . ' siffpfigg fkiggviiy A . - - f gf wi- 5 ifsfwisagwbff- -if ix wiv - 11 f A r ,i 'K .1513 Where the H- is G-5.? Why did you do it that woy? Siesio it's cull "Greek" to me. W ' .Q T FUTURE G-ENERFH-S or THE nnmy-.. "Warming up" Now get this 116 ,T Wiatr A is ,1, ,?:?l, Mtmyr Tt- K N T T ,T T Wx if ,.:kL ' ff 'M 3 ,M fix JAhL if ,:., rrs s "' T if fi T if ,, ,T t s .,,. K S K tssss at T ssts T sssts Ihl isi g T "" MW ss N W 7 Y 1 sitlsii siil 1 A f HERALDRY COAT or ARMS. GRUBER EIGHT 19511958 The shield symbolizes The blue haze in which the student Toils. The green border around the shield represents The greener fields that lie beyond G-ruber's walls. The Three hearts, gules, represent The Three sections of Gruber 8 during the year-Two up and one back to symbolize the flexibility of The "College" solution. The hands, or squeezing out the last drop of blood" denote The faculty. The peak emblazoned on the shield represents The high ground to be taken aT all costs and The path within represents Gruber 8's straightforward approach to The problem. The gray cloud overall denotes The general situation. MOTTOANOLI ll.l.lGlTllVll CARBORUNDUM ll.iTerally-Don't let the B-'s grind you downl. The fence for "Fencesitters." For defense of an indefensible solution c oftock 2 up-fake high World serles mustgo on , 1, V- V ' fiiffdwg K3 J Us -W . , , K ,mf 'WW K V. 8 I vrkky 1,218 QQ - - 1 xl ,V in f , k K , 14" .- 1 M H ig! if I V? I - , ,,, 5,7 - yn " k ggzjglmb ,. V 13' H, h N . 'zikf' '12 wfmff L '7f ' f Jmgeg vfieef, H ,Egg ' I " X . W' ' , ' di ' "SYS, - f-'ff :f.., P , Tig? -"fl ' 2 iwfiifl is A - ' .. f f, f, 'fiflzfff' 5 'fe-Z 'Q 4 7 V E553 V.: yawn zf A.,LL.- f , , ,,., . .,... 2 A-, Jn V :Lass -K3 L L 5 Night ofomi ground. ...Q M Committees of work. Class Leader The CP Iocofion-notch. BUT fhe bus got stuck Img vi ,,,: F., Reverse slope-over ihere. Where are We-'P NX xv X ' Q Qf'-syn? V fx x .1 .,x,:w'f-5, sh ' -rv . iff? , , QOSNU NAITH xvmo .., ' Wir' ' I , f.-'ff' mn., ., 1 A 'I' 'N 4, -rg, ,ans .j -,ln , ' , 1 ,W edwa- ! ps? B' Q 5 YAQAK Q s . Q MQ. . 'X A 1' NN ff 1 ' 'ox ' 2 ff' - 1 .J . ' J ' ,M .W .. . 1,,:f 0 - f., 'wi V, ,. A 1 Q 'xx' in y -v f 'A x XM Q1 sw- 1-I '49 ff? fkuv- N dbg, X ,"'A: f , - . . ""r ,- H- 1 't k 41417 R15 ' A' 1. V J -. - . .- V , , A-:.f.-,iff . ' -r 1 .J , - - -- .- , g ,, i ' 'X' Q' - .' - I ,v I . . BLAC3? Hi ALI. -SITC, ChowMcou nfry style. 1' D04 MURPHY R 2 N Qffee ,.,. 36446 ffd Me Dead 7145 244 71656 ' Fame 244 an ringed Sweet 144 low, ,- 5 muua-sn-if Ji You check in The Green. For Q valium defense of The school posifion. The "NIT Pickers" haf. Some get Hnished early- .Q 1 if 51... 1-an Figh1if1gThe PVOPJIGHI Ahead of The "No sleep Mme," 121 ,..,,,...M- 'H if ,RAL Y 'lr Q Mt7fi?i'I2'5'?, Mairie de Lamballe fffcitesfduffvorrff Tfflfphonc : 0-61 M Lamballe, 20 December i956 The Mayor of Lamballe to: Captain Andre H, Gille MOM S. 7th Street Mayor of Lamballe and friend Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, U.S.A Captain, In the name of the population of Lamballe I wish to express to you our disappointment in having waited for you for more than three months. Each morning at dawn we think "it shall be today," but each evening, alas, we find it was only one more false hope. When will you finally get to our town? What has the 20th U. S. Infantry Division taken for its emblem-the tortoise or the snail? With- out a doubt, we, the veterans of l9l4, can take pride in thinking that our town may be compared to the proud citadel of Verdun which, at that time, victoriously challenged the assaults of the enemy, but this feeling does not offset our impatience. I beg you to come quickly, there is no enemy in the town, we have seen only about five or six in the last few days, and they came only for a visit. Our enthusiastic reception has been prepared for you for a long time. The fiags and garlands of flowers placed in the streets by the inhabitants have already deteriorated several times because of the bad autumn weather, and their replacement is expensive for us. The slaughter house of Lamballe, which is nearly a rival of those of Chicago with its three hundred hogs slaughtered daily, has reserved kilometers of sausages for you, which will be offered to you according to a local custom, with great piles of buck- wheat cakes. Our firemen are prepared to meet you with their tank truck filled with four thousand liters of our best wine, all of which is liable to go bad on us. Our young men, who are preparing to join the colors, elected their "Madelon" and her two maids of honor. These three charming girls have caused the fiowers to wither several times with their bitter and salty tears. Now they content themselves with sad sighs which are so strong they could have turned the two windmills which dominated our town at one time. Well then, dear friends, keep trying, come quickly, We are waiting for you, and shall prove that French hospitality is not an empty word. J. Gombault Mayor "Madelon" of Lamballe llfi I Think- Field Trip. lf soys here M0795 Move if over, cn bit if Gr Q fi, 4 W , igJM i x i X rig ,ig X ,ou rx Q-E.'r1nf run oF A 1.o'r or an.0 ADVANCE swears fm sruF5 HHH? No.. THIS weed wsummce HND INVESYVWENT IWHIL. According To- i 'I i rr Ordnance must have bldgs- Studeni prccficing. 124 KN-v-. The return of the "Green," Reconnaissance in force I, , "g f, .,,ml9' Combined stcnct. , -fwfr W. .,....i. xmf Time WW out for Teo? ' I For Wsdom beyond the CCH of dufvle A student demonstrates cz keen interest in the instruction S Wm 126 Q -,.r:-..:,:-11 , . , ?. i QQ Q K i i . 1 ,Q-,x-'if14Yg., . Wm ,M wi, 2.--?ws. 1Wrf:5T k ' ' ,, 7zJ,L , , 8435 N ,Sew Q slfff' .f - Qi!?'.,, , , .' 1' i . Y '7 Q83 K W 4 V Y WJ Y f ,. he ,3 V,Z-,Eii,,.,ii,?,,m,.ss , W., - My 'f iw: ,i r as '::t,1,2 Fi 113511 if , ii S' ' 33 8 5 WH iQki.,fwi 'f,:w.5wp:fiffw,f5. 1,1wwFSi.:,f:' 'Y Porfroif of success. I've got the school solulion. if You must visualize wifh goose eggs. A congenial looking group. Break. Two sides To ony solution. 1 I 1' 4 I ': "I':'ga'.'2'1k :I I ,' 1. n ' e .: A' , 9 9. ff X "Fool's Paradise" 4 If GK .41 DGZ 'C 9 YA . Q :wAfv161 f: I A Y 111.1111 -. 'J1i'lllZ i 1 ix' iaiyg -.r y J " - -L ?"il-pl 4' .-.1 Citrix 74? C r -7 A' 5? E. ,gf-..:- y ? Q' Potential Hq-Cmdts. ' , " A - .171 ' nba. '19 A 5: f '2 ndfvf 1 QE-1 I ' 1? : L l-' - - f. ' A... a, 1 5 ff' x 6 f r4umr.'a:nm m-xii f W nl nun A H f f Www 1 8 vs, ,QW 14 , Th T G4 prob f r , i i ifeilf Q -.".'... ' 9 Did you ever wonder iust how the famous CSQGSC troop units originated? Well, we did. Acting on a lead supplied by the college, we contacted Colonel W. R. Shanahan now stationed in Japan with Central Command. l-le advised us that the units were chosen because their designations had not been previously used. For example, the 20th Infantry Division represented an unused Regular Army division number, the 55th Division represented an unused National Guard division number, and the 72nd represented an unused Reserve division number. Colonel Shanahan further advised us that Colonel Henry E. Kelley, now retired, was instrumental in setting up the CKGSC units. The Military Review supplied Colonel Kelley's present address, a CONARC Research Unit, Fort Benning, Ga. When contacted, Colonel Kelley stated that the units were set up in 1950, when Colonel inow Generali R. N. Young was reorganizing the college curriculum. Lieutenant General lyianton S. Eddy was Commandant of the College at the time. Further excerpts from Colonel Kelley's letter follow: "There were two reasons for creating the Corps. It was realized that much student time is unprohtably spent in 'reading into the problem.' To the extent that such time is expended on details that one would be living with daily in an actual campaign, this is unrealistic, lt was decided therefore to group the map exercises in progressive series. Each series was to include as many exercises as feasible. It was hoped this would reduce 'reading in' time. Part of this plan naturally involved continuing use of the same unit designations. "The reason for selection of the speciic numbers used was to avoid use of any numerical designation possessing a large number of loyal 'alumni' among the students. Each new author tended to designate his old division in drawing up a new problem. Loyal adherents among the students were aggrieved when their old unit was not ade- quately represented in the school problems. When the map exercise was 'fought' on World War ll battletields, the situation was aggravated, particularly where the 'school solution' differed from history. "The numerical designations were selected, therefore, on the sole basis of their pos- sessing no battle record Lthat we knew oft. l am not certain whether the series concept of map exercises has endured, but apparently the good old '2Oth' and its faithful companions have fought over the last six or seven years. By now, these units must rate more battle streamers than any other military unit since the dawn of military history." So that's how it all started. 129 1 "' .f ,ziw - Io .."."ll D 4 T O 'Q an I, .ul l- 'E' ! 'A N.. 'Q' QPQ se us 'X .' l www 2 018, o4, 4,941 X FQ C4 If i m 'PFQM16 'Vr v 422 by ' N . vb u ig? 46' IP X 040 gy' K Q ' is gf Hmmm? . ' ' QVQTAQQKQBQ6 ".'?+C'Q+2?Z frog: Q36 306' ' , 96?v"fg an wi? Q26 6 Que '94, ' ,. ' f M4 vfffvf 'WM " 'ik 4862! WWW Zi:-ff 2. , My s ' 4 :ati JM FAR EAST .Fx-vmffva ways- 7dW4 f 131 5 6' V gi? 11, MZ? . -,Lo ' ' " wumfywwjf 7" mf W . , fl I V! x I I 1 . 163 , + If W ,X . ,go MM, ,jf Haocudw , ,' IRG 5, ' ww, 'dMfMWfW M 1 gJZf6 X'-is .1 -5:25. . 'W ' ?f."L ,4"1 52342, .gggggggsg I Z? 0- 1501- 5?-cgi?-TAEEVSEE A715 'fm 33295 ! ffalg Mff' M' ' 'S 7' 1, MIDDLE EAST ' AFRICA gi-2. Q-.L Q ggi 5..,,'3. 1'-2'-'rs Rxzv We-ir. N2-,S'B 4? -Q ' J , WQWWY 0 Jw ,gf A 5550 .- M.. ak Z ii? W at WLPYHN X QW '? sfifgjy 2203? Q COMQAQRQ QQL xt k kunw ." ' Zffffk' 511.gif 'Vww M 'ff' Q-+ 'f'4fffa,,L MW 4"k'Z3affL50a CQ'-vI'bL.a.w Cv WML' '11 777' " A . " as Mmm wfffw'-f ,4,,f'76""' - , ig ji 'IRE Comnfeunoau or rm,- fv-mlizqfe I Q O ' C01-I-666 vbmsconemen w4L,,,,,7g,,Ja7 Q E Mu.:-m av ENDEFWOOR OF Hvtnwf 0fHp,0r00cl,- Q 'Q gi ggi!-EyNCg!FTiOMs lg-'S 121- In 1700 8 'Ee V we- ff -' 190016 lil v, If gs . , 1700 :li JN W, S if Mfsffanp Q ' E H Wh we Q QS QW fa fff' 2 Z' 3 53355 3 4 WSW Q gr 5- 4154 Q FEW! .9 . Maw.: -2, R 5 SNQSQQS 3 ' ' EUROPE 13? O - 1 O fx CANHD Wu ', W MM' MW W QMQSNNQELQQQ .I " 433 ifm,QLf'fm, MMG 461975 pwzzf. ner WW. U RTP 127914 MZ! ,Cr Zu. FTP :rrp 04-fFl'Pr0o7P- MOLIFLIKFPHUWJ Q1W + , JMMAQAQMM mff?5fiQC,, N ' Jf4f1J5QQ7,f.Ww up-f MW THE AMERICAS S QBLJTKBN MfS'Ci'!T RICHARD E. FORD J THE HEAD .DISTRIBUTOR HARD nr wana 135 Libraries u. s. c. s. G. s. c. Library MAIN UBRARY STAFF Mrs. Lucille Faris, Mrs: Erno Basore, Miss Leora Chcmnell, Mrs. Edith Chapman, Mrs. Helen Hardesty, Mrs. Virginia Hedrick, Mrs. Jo Anne Payne, Mr. George Plein, ARCHlVES STAFF Miss Ava Headley, Miss Dolores Dowling Miss Mary Foley, Miss Mariorie Mayer, Mrs, Janice Richards, Miss Rowena San ders, Mr. Byron Taylor, Mrs. June Uicich f-an -....,.. Mlm ,,,f c hqzv va,,a,,19pg Q r eafstqi V5 'e l P is ' ' -Pu Aww .,...uuiu:...2!iJ ii? , ,,,., f ll lll. + Special Services Library Patch Community Center STAFF Miss Charity Baker, Mrs. Wanda Holder, Mrs. Norma Molen, Miss Marjorie Collins. Student Statistics Four hundred and ninety-four of the class responded more or less completely to the questionnaire. That's why none of the statistics add up to nice round numbers. Let's look at some of them, however, in the order in which the questions were asked. The average age of the class is thirty-five years, nine months and eighteen days. This includes three young- sters of twenty-nine and one old codger of forty-eight. The average height is five feet eleven inches and the average weight is one hundred and sixty-nine pounds. Four hundred and forty-six students report having gained weight since being commissioned in amounts from five pounds ffifty-nine menj to sixty pounds Cfivel, for an average of thirteen pounds per man reporting. Only two hundred and sixty-four men report a gain around the waistline. Eleven of these report as much as six inches gain and one man reports nine. The average is 2.52 inches added per man reporting. Twenty-two men report losing weight in amounts from five to thirty pounds, for an average loss of twelve pounds per man. One man reports a gain of ten pounds, a loss of twenty five pounds, and a gain of four inches around his waist. Although there is probably some wishful thinking in- volved, forty percent of the questionnaires report no gray hair and fifty-three percent report no loss of hair. Forty-nine percent report some gray hair and eleven percent state a lot of gray has invaded their locks. Fifty-two men report they are balding, fifty-five report they are losing a lot of hair, and four honest stalwarts, after ruefully examining the gleaming wastes in the mirror, report they are bald. There were fourteen bachelors out of the four hundred and ninety-four responses. Four hundred and fifty-four married couples with children have begotten five hundred and ninety-five boys and five hundred and thirty-one girls, which works out to an average of two and a half kids per family. This includes one couple with eight girls and two boys, one with four boys and three girls, and five families with six children each. Babies are expected by four of the twenty-six childless couples and by forty of the couples who now have children. Twenty-five babies have arrived since the start of the course. We own one hundred and seventy-six dogs, thirty- three cats and twenty horses CThe last figures deserves study in view of the fact that only four people reported riding as their favorite sport or hobbyl. Eleven affluent couples own two television sets, one man owns three Cmore about him laterl and fifty-seven higher minds don't own a TV. The favorite car of the class is the fifty-six Ford four-door sedan. Buick runs a close second fninety-four to eighty-sevenj, and the station wagon owners num- ber one hundred and forty-two compared to the two hundred and thirty who drive the four-door jobs. Seventeen sports have convertibles and seven are driv- ing foreign cars. Chevrolet is third in popularity, Pontiac fourth, Oldsmobile fifth, Plymouth sixth, and Mercury seventh. Three couples own fifty-seven models, one hundred and sixty-seven own fifty-sixes, ninety- four have fifty-fives and so on down the line. There are nine two-car families in the class, including one which owns two identical sedans Cno arguments in that familyj. One hundred and eighty-six votes make golf the favorite sport of the class. Bowling is chosen by seventy- two and forty prefer volleyball. From then on the CContinued on page T401 'ra-lit If Y , fm ALL?-FR en.oR'i v ' Q Z HAVE Two Re . Q 0 QUERSEAS TouRS ... v9 A W HQ oo ' AcRpTHlN ZHRVE THREE Yonai 9709. R PA T cop. 1 y L . . gouge P OL' og P fb-v-yxll, sf 94 Aoi' -gow ' H C U w X ow'-L N' 929 af 020 Ni X oc slsvees V E52 y .L J' If EUC Q V600 qw? ff z':UTfi2OM 4,9 4 . -5' G .440 56f?wc GNEHA5 FIVE ovensens TOURS., '95 'F 3 6 yep 'Pa-0 185 semen IN BOTH- fof wwll' HND .N Koraefaf ,ilk o ' PARIS YALL! RWER 9520" , Cd' 'v IIOKM 051 N 1 QFF LIMITS OFF LIMITS C' 0 O SEM' 451+ coumss Have 2 5 STAFF CommAND , ,V KI DS PER FHM ILY no 23 all sofa-I 377 ,L 1, 4, 5170 zxmsa CQLQNEI-.S I .....t as fm: sxvscrev ' be-'J UW ""' usa H 2 5-3X - - .-.F w . 7 4 - --"" " 6 1? -f-""" -nfw xv '.':'f ,J 49. n.. 'fo' 'ff 75,9 f 1 .!. , A., ,mR?SMf2:f- ouffuiff-':""' + L.- - . 9 V30 ' 155 fW"X 2 ' - NIV , U To BE Fun. .A Q9 dia ffl 4 HAlR. son, 'ACQUIRED s 5 GR 11 EY X K LUWHEQSH X p P :Ijpx ESHNQRMONL7 vcg, VA ng Q6 You G lj ,, o o 9 7- U7- ln76 SOC 5,9 A1 fgqy O N731 1 446 MEN Have Qnmsv HN AVERAGE OF I3 PouNv5,, nmo- 'If Af' x Vou STUDY nrv f Q RVERHG-E oF You OWN I76 D OG-5 VIRAQ : I 33 ZQPHRFIKEETS CouN'r LL paofi-HBLY U TH35 ON EQ. f 14-mmsTsRS CGQLDFISH 'DONT '7 ..- inn 4 ' , M" 4? . Z ...--.1-.--f 1" I 5- ---S . fxiig- , QF vas. wrves COLOR MHP5 QOQFL O OL PQ Q T Jrffff 7 M S we af F op- gg 59 3:12, IQ' Q ' 3 HouRS A mc-fn-r 139 R list spreads widely to include three ping-pong addicts and two who list elbow-bending as their favorite sport. Over half of those who list a sport participate once a week, a high standard which is not maintained by the man who reports that he plays golf annualiy. There can be no attempt to list a favorite book. The most votes received by any one publication were twenty, and those went to FM lO'l-5. Fifteen votes went to FM lOl-TO, and Rommel's Papers was third with twelve votes. Few other books for manualsl re- ceived more than five votes each, which should give you an idea of the wide reading tastes of the class. The frequency of military biographies furnishes an in- dication of the influence of the leadership paper on our current reading choices, but some titles fsuch as Auntie Mame, Dennis the Menace and The Revolt of Mamie Stoverj don't category too well. Magazines are also numerous. One hundred and thirty-two favor Time. Life goes to forty-six and News- week to forty-seven. Thirty-five read US News and World Report, nineteen favor sports magazines of one sort or another, and seven select Playboy as their first choice. From then on out, just about every magazine in print is read by one or more, including two fol- lowers of Business Week fone of whom must be doing all right, because he reports his hobby as "reading financial matter," and he owns two cars, a dog and a cat, and three TV setsi. Sports programs on TV are preferred by fifty-eight. Forty-five select Ed Sullivan, and forty-three vote for Sgt. Bilko. After these leaders, it's anybody's choice, running the gamut from the one man who mentioned Bishop Sheen to the two happy warriors who glue themselves to the set when the Mickey Mouse Club comes on. It will not surprise many that Florida ffifty-three votesi and California ffifty-onej are the most popular places chosen for retirement. Thirty-four states are men- tioned at least once, and thirteen foreign countries, but, surprisingly enough, the only mention of Kansas was the indirect one made by the man who said he 140 wanted to retire on the staff and faculty of the C 81 GSC. This reply is being studied by the experts. Ninety-three hadn't made up their minds yet. The class has an average of fifty-six months overseas service per man, running from a minimum of nine to a maximum of one hundred and thirty-two months. Twenty-four homesteaders have less than thirty months overseas service and nine men have one hundred or more months across the water. This, of course, includes tours in all-the theaters, running from fifty-two men with one tour, through two hundred and fifty-seven with two, one hundred and fifty-six with three, nineteen with four and one lucky devil with five. Three hundred and sixty students saw service over- seas in World War Two, and two hundred and fourteen in Korea. These figures include one hundred and eighty- five especially chosen individuals who were in both wars, and ten who were in both the Pacific and Europe during World War ll. Quite a few realists in this class-two hundred and ten of them, in fact, who expect to be colonels. Forty- five are looking forward to one star, thirty-seven to two, nine to three and thirty to four. One man figures on five stars and one is going to be president. There are two armored officers who plan to be admirals, one man who aspires to be Patrol Leader of the Wood- chuck Patrol, and eighty-three who wouldn't even speculate. Lot of decorations in the class: two hundred and sixty-seven bronze stars accompanied by one hundred and forty-nine clusters and twenty-one "V"s. Eighty- seven Commendation Ribbons with nine clusters, twenty- nine Air Medals with seventy-four clusters, eighty-seven Purple Hearts with forty-one clusters, eighty-eight Sil- ver Stars with twenty-two clusters, fourteen Legion of Merits, nine DFC's with two clusters, and four Dis- tinguished Service Crosses. There are an even hundred men with the Combat Infantry Badge, and thirty-five have the badge with the star on it. Two men are com- bat medics. One hundred and eight parachutists, of whom eighteen are senior and nineteen are master parachutists. Forty-one are glider-riders Clook Herman, no motorl and we have an assortment of twenty-six pilots, including three marines, five AF senior pilots and nine senior Army Aviators. Three hundred and six men have commanded in combat and two hundred and thirty-three have been on staffs in combat. These figures include one hun- dred and eighty-five who have done both. We study an average of just under three hours a night including one who says he doesn't study, three who report one-half hour, one who reports forty-five minutes and three who report six hours per night. Two hundred and seventy-nine hard-pressed students color their own maps. One hundred and thirty-six wives perform this chore, and in rhirty-five families it is a joint effort. Five hardy souls report that no one Joes their's and six are using maps colored by last year's class. Seven use their children, two sisters-in- law get credit, PFC Seback and SP3 Griffith receive one vote each, and four anonymous engineer office employees or soldiers are mentioned. One man replies "What maps?" and we feel it is best not to answer this question at this stage of the game. If he's still here, why should he worry. He may have the solution. Social life is hard to depict. A fourth of us go out four times a month, a seventh go out three times, a fifth twice, a tenth six times. Three don't go out at all Ctwo of these couples have five kids eachj and two bachelors report that they go out twelve times a month, only to be topped by one hardy bon vivant who hits the neon-lighted trail sixteen times a month. This guy is married with one child and studies three hours a night. Good organization, that's what it is. What one thing would you most rather change at the C8tGSC? Here is one answer: "Gee, I don't want to change anything! What a good deal it all is!! My quarters in West Normandy are peachy. The curriculum is dynamic. lAnswer that phone!! Kansas is a beautiful place. The instructors are keen fellows. Examinations are a stimulating challenge. lHey, church bellslj The whole course is a morale-builder and builds self-confi- dence. I never had it so good. fLook out, here comes a street car!! l love it!!! lWho keeps ringing that doorbell?i" Although it cannot be said that this is a typical answer, it does, after a fashion, reflect a number of the sentiments which were voiced in the various answers to this question. Two hundred and twenty-one students referred to the examinations in one fashion or another-the an- swers running the gamut from the stark word "exams" through such specific suggestions as "eliminate the exams" to some very detailed and sometimes heated discussions of the examination program. Most of the remarks suggest elimination or major modification of the examination program. The rest of the suggestions cover a multitude of sub- jects. Twenty-nine propose an improvement in the quarters situation and fourteen would shorten the study requirements and hours. Twenty recommend shorter classroom hours and thirteen would like to see their class standings or grades changed. Fourteen don't want to change anything flncluding the person whose answer is quoted above and sixty-four left the question un- answered, whether from emotions too strong to tran- scribe, or sheer vegetable indifference can only be surmised. Several references are made to instruction. Eight would change the caliber of the instructors, two simply recommend changing the instructors, four would like to improve what they call the attitude of the staff and faculty, and one man suggests preparing for the next war instead of the next exam. Two men are dissatisfied with the barber shop, one with the Kansas weather. One suggests changing the ventilation in Gruber Hall and two want longer breaks. One of the most specific and clear-cut recommenda- tions is from the man who wants to change the ther- mostat in the apartment downstairs. 141 SPORTS V X 5 . K? , V Mi, Q 1 S 5? 15 I , My sf k,,..,4-M xx Wa 16 , A .V.. V A- E' , I . . ., ' A - I I Vkkk M 4 ', W,- sw f" Sf A V .. , A f 7 K W -- XX so oN A1 , 91,4 TH Elini L1 0:-IE 1 ggi MPNI1 6 xp P' V T ,9 CIDA, 9 Tr' Ek px H9 , 0 .5 477-Q'!'yo'VS you M74 6 rwwxkulrl 95-ew T X9 'R f z,N"Nf4CZr"7 ,MN 66149 px ag' 099 V "'VV fl NX 429 'Vx 'wa '11 'S 1 o ' x P D 4146 ,bo HLLSI WDW- 69 'Q wx- aa' cu?-VE V' 40 34' 1p"+Q,"Q', f afbm '7 wo -P9 -N54 G91 f , UL , 2' QQ-Pl V' f 9 hx I f XB ,NT QDQJ7 Y' Qvv fx ,Cb 5 u1v'fT,iv-'xxmolu iw 4 NHT ing ANG! s T ' izuuis in 'Kb Banf Sl-JRE X o Nix Nl-0 X "LL Q i X CLASS PHRTY f' nf ' .lv RH' Ho TER LH , - 6 n" PRN' Lssinlfw Nui-S DF 'QP - L OO nqi DF HDVANU: o AWS CNVELOP , Mnfve-UVA-A ""Efvr-.- 0 E' 08.155 7-,VE -X PENE7-An Moons, ff W fi L wi M I '51 aff.. x 146 'Q 3 M BEM 'fi f A 4-v. fa C4 Z , , Y' . 1 o Y 0 x N . x - M01 FUNNY-- PM sun: 'ruev SFND THE-Y wEns'N1- cfm-uf fmywhlens TFUS SUNDHY HFTERNa0N,, 148 ,f X L. .4 af' 'Q 'wr 'On lf' lf" I 1 f. ,Mila H905 ' 1 bww., V ifwvl-0m,.,. S, - 'EM' K ww if aw - H 4 V Hp . -SW. 'L ' ,Sw ,, W 4 .W i 39- H ,l ,f,, ww Af' -:f5v.jw,: f ,ff ,S -'x' ' Y .'N' 3 , 1 Lg' W' V. ,E , , ' '--'Eff'-fb 'H-if ,152 , -1- -Q , " f "5 If ' 3 ' ,:Q'i2i7H:1a"fwff M fi? uf ' ",' ' ' kv iw -LE, - Lg,-gms" , 'xx ,gg-kr' , I '-,V'w 5551? F' : ' Sw, Vi- 'V ,. - ' ' 15, H , I f, in Q ,V , ,. . , Q , Q ' I 2 - QQV, f 4 , ,, 'ff . E in . ' .. - .Q-2 -- -. ' ' .f:- 4, , 'lm ' - V' ",- -, ' , ' 4 A 4 ,,,, ,, , , f f i Qi I , J -J - . pix ip . . an-V V , K Q ,.,. W 1 -1 :,,. ' fziiy ' iv iiggyj ,. f'fs 5f5E' .. , Q Q , Q-W, ,lL,,, 2, k , 5,7 .K be 12- 5, . f. ,,. -mfg., iq 'fa 59 J Q, A , lilies '-221555, ,AJ-Hxiw ,Kg 11,5 HW. ,W vs' zafeeiw 5155 fag K Q, AJ Q,ffff Rn 156 W WA ,,,,,, m -f.f' 4,1 effm-mLz',Q,- 1 -1 .M ,.L.,k . w W: 5 PM-A , ,, ,,m,A, JN T 3 1 -f M . R i . 'FA ' ' , . , ,X , W -Q. M, A 1 N X A -R fg-.., 4. 7 ...nd 2 158 - 1 'W -e K v 1- r ,I Jlgu. un , . ..L.z. Q 1 1 I-15 MP' INSTRUCTOR STATISTICS il r X s---, What is it like to be an instructor? What do they Q think about various points of interest? What interest- ' ing facets of personality are hidden behind the , S professional mask? ln an effort to answer these and . x other even more fascinating questions the editors i K submitted a questionnaire to each instructor. The ' following information was obtained. Some of the attitudes which we have noticed from the recesses of the classroom may well stem from lsgzuzrfks frustration. Only a little over half of the instructors ELSLCETQZ teach their favorite subiects. Although ninety percent of those queried indicated that they considered teach- ing the most interesting part of their work, only about a fourth of them said they liked teaching more than any other aspect of their job. When asked what they liked least, most of them indicated writing or reviewing field manuals or new instruction, time-con- suming administrative details, and miscellaneous paper work. Several gave answers describing what they considered unnecessary interferences with their teaching mission. Not all of the instructors are completely frustrated, however, as indicated by their indications as to what they liked most about their present assignments. The most popular feature of the instructor's job, as it can best be synthesized from the comments of a third of them, is the opportunity for rewarding and pleasant personal and professional con- tacts and associations with their military contemporaries. Ten percent like their quarters and eight percent like the post. One man likes it because he gets home every night-as he puts it-"eventually." Possibly the secret feelings of a few are expressed in the an- swer one man provided: "What do you like most about your present assignment?" "My pending departure date." When you think about it, you realize that the CZQGSC is made up of individuals, and what we learn here is the result of a great number of individual contributions over the years. With this in mind, we asked "What do you consider your maior contribution to the C8QGSC'?" Twenty-five percent indicated they consider instructing their major contribution. The remaining group of instructors provided a multitude of answers rang- ing from "a frank opinion" and "impatience with ,archaic pedantry" to "a sense of humor" and "experience in my field." Probably the most definite and uncontestable answer received was the shortest-"me," Three of the platform men felt that their most significant contributions were those which they had made to the United Fund Drive. One man referred to his glowing personality, while another lamented his departed 2Of2O vision. The most pathetic answer was from the man who listed his departure as his maior contribution. fContinued on page 1641 xv -7" ,ff P 4 .4 . .Q L5 P u- JVJ3 C, 5' 1 ,A Q 62 I Qt A 3 5. 'W vim v . wr uh 4 1 . . 7-RX I S Jax No A W fo Sum I f77Ol'fZe rh- Q is U71- ee 0, Q7 Droble 'PL 3 162 XEQQW-'X i ' I Cmoo MoRNwff. GENTLEMEN CH f 4 1' :f I O Twsiiggxxx Bssfsv-,,NTN5Pvnrnrm,7 IN CON, 6--9 -.a B8 T 'X ,NHYQ4 nl- Fggwun 705' f ,TV MP HHVL6 dr' KAQMH5 6 K fpiv 77,105 faywov plgkp If f,VJOU5f, fluff! ' -,mf aussi-RA75! ,uri Wt C0465 A jgilolf ff: '7f77ffVb -541. arf ,T ' gg7'1MffT5 XSQUEE 5 410 4' ff Z 1 x , ,W , '70 ,,,tl ' fx- ', F64 , QW 2 so X VX 0 X n l 3. Ah,fff""v Qjw aw uk mo hours ' ' We YO I Q 4 We've had some rough ones, bei Xhks Ks the MSX Mme We ever s 01 'N ore, but een the Xnstrucior go to sKeepX fl' 9 his ,L 4 P L 640 1 9 11795 I H soqrys 1 G e 4 v W1 Dgfpbg MVN I Sb 'X ,Q I 'q9lg7Dff: L 1 00,190 4 3 U F X nv 7769 47? DPP Cbqgckxk 65 57, FSM Z fl Ngcl QQ '71 N V N05 9 P ONECF Viv 9 Bom S ow 6496, I7 by f AN Y QYZ STIO N 5 ew fWQW,Q,5 AT 'rms POI NT 0 X fx 'X -fa , 1 ,f Q, , .A 13321 ' f T LL-J E LL We e ri , Y 7 l V x IX 163 x lConHnued hom page161J 0 E Q Q. How long does it take an instructor to prepare an ,og mp hour of instruction? Realizing that this question called 2 for estimates, we asked it anyhow. We got estimates. 8 One man said sixty-five hours. Another said two. The rest of the answers were in between, coming out to an g i average of about seventeen hours of preparation for STUDENT'5 one hour on the podium. According to the informa- ylgw 0,-A tion received, the average instructor teaches a little Tvplcnf' INSTRUCTOR over seven hours a week. Do the instructors like you? Here is a question which has undoubtedly burned in the breast of every inhabitant of the echoing corners of Gruber. Did he really sneer at me, or is that his way of smiling? We asked the instructors to describe the type of student they most prefer and the type they most dislike, and now we are able to provide you with a checklist to determine your Student Appeal. Too late to use it here, of course, but it may come in handy at the lheaven forbidi War College. Certain characteristics stand out clearly. If you are eager to learn, twenty percent of the instructors think you are peachy. Being intelligent and something called "an active participant" rates you tops with fifteen percent, but you're on dangerous ground here, because if your active participation involves attempts to impress the instructor with your ill-gotten knowledge you are abhorred by thirteen percent. ikule l: Be intelligent, but don't let it show.l In this connection, knowing the school solution is considered very bad form, and letting the instructor or other students know you know it is grounds for losing your amateur standing. lFainting upon presentation of the school solution by the in- structor is definitely frowned upon.l Problem-hghting may or may not be considered active participation, but, anyhow, six percent of the instructors say don't do it and twenty-five percent say go ahead and get it out of your system. lRule two: The odds are about four to one in favor of problem fighting, if you don't count your fellow-students.l So you decide to participate. How? Simple, we have selected the most commonly used adiectives to provide a guide. Be constructive, interested, energetic, cheerful, bright, happy, trustworthy, loyal, courteous and kind, but, for heaven's sake, don't be talkative, vociferous, verbose, argumentative, loud, stubborn or incoherent. Be eager to learn, but never, never ask for the exact words to use on an examination. Admit you don't know it all, but don't be eager and stupid. You must not hog the discussion yet you should comment on other student's answers iwithout impressing them or the instructorl and you must never be an obvious bluff who lacks something called depth in his answers. lRule three: Watch what you say when you recite. The instructor may be listening.l If you were unaware of these aspects of the much-maligned instructors during the year at least now you may look back in retrospect and with the added light furnished by these short paragraphs review your relationships with the men with the pointers. Who is to say who was at fault? Just remember one thing. It may happen to you! The End WOMEN'S ACTIVITIES LADIES LINGERIE DAY OFF POST IHAPLAIN ...and the hospital needed people in its auxiliary services. 2 mtg? " When we registered the women folk were encouraged to participate in various activities, each according to her particular interests: Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Brownies. The Chaplains wanted help with Sunday Schools and Choirs. GA ...., moms H' g Q comm gi The Women's Club gift To the arriving sfudenf, Bowling for the energetic. ...I 5 " 'U li 3 ef- aw-ff International exhibits for The res? of us. COHSGS- - - . . . luncheons. . . . , .ond teas To Hll in The gaps. --"VXA W. ,A van, gyaulv- 'W Y ,V 8---ww, ,..,,, 4 Ll 1, Z A! Q W, W., L3 Q- WW .M P' ,L in A Aww v"""'x K, Q DN 'r W. My-. 1 Q 4 wah if . Q fem, Q Q :Lu my , feng-ww xx 1., f . 1-wr, s"f5f11Q3H:22fvve.L Eli f, Su 551' Z3"l'EkVv4 75 ' 4 ng rw- 1fax,wL , - f.-, 1 ummm - 1 wg fc IRE ffm . 1, 1' rm ' -,Q , .?,,W5-ivig Q W 'iiifiiifvfif M Ke E3 , may S, Art Classes . . . iii' serious ones, foo! I5 The do-it-yourself hczfmokers. A Top-Secrei Organization. And exercise classes, Too E jf I 91-4 li' NSW, 4.2 q.?'4m.,, l 4 "':'n For those who wanted to sing. . .The Women's Club Choral Group ,NM vy two ...I One. .. fhree! ,NM They dndn't bowl oll the fume, Heroines of The Republic First CIoss...1hey were Den Mofhers for the biggest Cub Scouf Pcick in The world. itil' C? f , The Girl Scout Leaders. 'emi-572'lfi'9 rv ilu it 4? 94' - '?gSk2':i2S'iM .H 1 1 'W A-20'-tcm N.n.,,A1J,j GW Brownie Leaders OFlicers of the Army Daughters' Club And still there's time for o party for the young'uns, "...ond while your husband is busy with his studies. . . . . .the Women's Club offers ci vclriety of inter- esting octivities. 41 -yrs... -1' -W 5' Aww 55.25 O r cu chot across the buck Yord N krf 4 l 22 1 ,Ria 5" oo N 'ii ' 2 n 1 X X Q ,. Q 0 N Rift?-A ' A Q , X if X ., f sig A, A ww , ' X NN ' K - A4 HQ, Wx V O XNxxX 1 SX 400' V5 506 e ' e X 7 MPH 'N ' , Q, GD I .W, 'N W 2 - W! " A X J f N A ' K ff 14-' if' A! 91521, f 2, ' 4 141 X W-Q f", hfngl, X fl f , '+A . 1' t We have Q Ve ity' Normandy fy close-knif lime group here in West You'p,e. uuuev. ARRES1' Foil rn-was T0 mesa H FLASHING' REO LIGHT f 5- 2 5'- 1' .1 if I V A V Ya!-7,1 A -I A -I .. 71 pos:-Z 'TWH ZONE!! 7 ,A A 7 K"fY+M1 1 - , 0 A , X A ff fl X IW' ' St Q ' A v S5 k ' K ti AQ L .Ll ' .'."9 If . 1,1 l".. V ,1 g Q 1 N.z 0 u. , ' 4 ,,-J' 15 .l ,'? 1 1 ' fx: Egg 7lY li .g.':'gx .QT - 2 f V x o'f:o.:o K td 5 QA. ff M qs op A -W ,-3,35 QQ . Z- W . f A N A DAY IN THE LIFE ' ,A f OF A WIFE wa wi' ' ,.. XL fog? We A A f A L IN CARTOONS -. -b f X Sk... mu:-mu discover Y welve Years, four kids' ond now T just 0 dummY- ARD! X v10W" Too H , 1 NE?-9 W5 KUQUA' fgfx o CS-f i y,.n-HSV W p, NND-- ONFIDCN I N. K X MQ Gr-Q57 B M5 Coks ff -L, r IX K 1' I Q L 11 - - H- I N " - fp - 7 M 41 -- "-"':" " .ff - ' E PQ 1, xul gglllf mm, ,, LG? m i? , ,C 'W - -- +C-A M 1 ll ,f . , ns Q5 I Q L"' 'S V -AN -Autglf ' 1 DON'Tx" A N X '? 744f9' LEADERSHIP mpeg Mux A 8 A, Rememeargnouzy I .QYL-E,,.... A ,fs Y,Nl6H? "'0""6"' . 0w"N"og' F 5 51.-V Wi 2 -M yyxwxxfww GX WW 1 - X " J Q s-- f nj f Allt..1- ? 7 X ff! 0 md X W lj Well, I h d h don't I? 1 Z LPQIES COFFEE ' I-fi'-95.2-'QREN - f TENSJE FORMULA FLQAN HQUSE L5 . PRePAfTiFpE.:wnv YPE -EQLOR MAPS 'RON -SEVV r ' Q L - 140-- 'I ' X QW. -f L L THEY CALL IT r - . Rf' WE CALL nr -sziksiiffva Sf! E C , 'QYQHS' ET ,' L PE up L 211511310 N L . I J I . ' r Qf,lL1IllIIll1!D5 L :mf f xi L LL L , ,I I ' , ' Lyaw i ' X 7 , nw ,L 'f -, - - ,rj!NI ? 5 , 'I'f,' I..N IN lvn mjf 5 eww Lane LL LL sf L L L LLLL naw A cfigafiullm LQ ' L ,Mwffa1q4LL M 1 ifril liilllillll ww L, . L L LL L L Alffkly ,4lff7YlAyl'lW Y? UWA! Iliff! ,gllfl DIY! M ffyfllfl IX l7fllflf fJ3 fwQQf14Uf nav fun! fwfdzy M fyf 7 Af .,4n41af 121 Gln' QOUIIIIIHIIIKE :mb 051-111-1711 Shlff Q'ull1'yv ,Unf Aubry mfQ'f1r1r!r1,.41 nlfunff Jfulflf ruff! fffdyfff wffrfbnlf fn'44nf fnfff fLf.1l2fl! .Jffzffkffz 01 M VN! ffffff 'xdlnffl 'A'75"'7" 7' Af aff? rf?,1fyL 44, 14111 fraud! ff filllllll 'f5l4K'l'l9 jf!! fl'Stillll7lIP il Ill!'fl'llf Wlff! 5,21 dffffffgffi wx145v!ffQ mg fwfw 12ff'.45Q2 ' -i f f MVZJQ6 f5k?afv'of7 f4yf'rf.fy X M 11.1-.' Q,,,,,,,f Lf 4f,.,,,,,p: A,,.,,,L m,!W,47,f!,,,,!'C2Y LWQLMMLL LY :LLrr2.I.L Ami W W' YN- WA ivvmk ! : JH' n HONEIB G-O 1 , M0 you Remy ANY? H A Q cL'-55 1, Cf? 9 251 QNXSQ 1 PM COM-ly -Q -4-il ISEIQY 'L' Q A W LL . fgmflw, K ai Sung ' Q . R,'0043cfwD-w':w A ? ?!,'o"f3"M'ffy'-f - -+573 11 -9+ Wsmfwyklak www 4 , A.,, QQ. A ,Aa W AWAY WE M. . Q Mehr. 'P m W' MA V h ggfitifi' A 'wvh 'wi ik M 'Qu BWQP X V4 N G Am C' Cu l ul N Y ALL SWL OXU- ? x65 1 W LL 'LL 35 DHRNED IF if OW Sb PF M HINT BLEWH' - 00599, I --WELL 11.4. 85 UHRILEU, 6359 To SEE YoU, 'V -sz,-Q HV ' , IVYHC UH 660, avr , ' .1 -vifmqx Gap . Jin, Eglv Y , K 7- 'Q UH. 044 by r 46. 0 S6 fp, , 4? Q. '91 4' 411, V . 'V I ya I I . J .1 WELL ,' UR 'S SD , 4:51, SEEANGHLL BE OAC Qff x 5 rf You 0 '- jx g H16 1 Lg B N f .ll K ' Rfgr ubby I ' ' NX DLE P9 ' N 4 I N M A ,.,'- fx IVQQWM Nb 0 1 ,N X X 1 X O 41 A 1 E 6-'W-'S f " X ' 9 X Q wa X E T ck,--L X M4111 ff 1 ff ari a ho Ks soon 'O tiscover C x Oscar God' W - f IW! X of Op' , xxege- Affwox Kiigepfnoi necess0flW CO IN :ug l?- 'xx'-X mor co UN Dy LD , ING, FR'ENo amp X 5 I S ,gfrlys FIN U evqiefi GNGWK MQIT ox, LETS zzsnuv NIT rms CNE ., new AMWAXJ ,ffm W" rw" mHAfIi7Sl nov-ff cwfH"-- J-' Y MQGH Cl VV, No H D "aw, ,H cm? - Ee Ho X? Dfkrlysqs wMFq0R1z Q55 E9 y-N My r E KM H K oven I ' ' H'5'6 iqi ,sf v X, 19:11 Vx LL 6 'ig -ruREE Haaeq,-7-'frnns THEYWHNT-, No WHAT- 0.K-,one uP MJ -F N mFI ATTRCH -,-HE 1 46,WHlT- -ft Rltoyq Q- 3 To Typ :own - 'I- B911 WNY WUUY ADVISOR' U4 se: r'-Y PM 1 +""v HOW's this be ggv-PT 'THKS' e ifle On fn: 1, rzommcmdef Wheo Normally Overall 5' S 466 ,fx O.K. Nowx TH e need for generally exer . control is d 9 VOLLEy boss Hr delegation .Overall 055001 mes ossoulf elegored to ,Rx Q So Bhoqu NT Look which is rar T conrrol S confrol exc the 9,3 , Na Wm,- exf u e f , M Qlfflle Ecedes 'he ngedwhen M6 JW '5-ONLI A-,156 for af' f QQ Q 5 Pa, I gg? 57 5 " 1 -rs? 0 D!! 2.,.f f-"" 178 . 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U 42 ' "Y f 2 . 4 4 f ' I v C 7 E f , , w -5 Q0 ' 1 , :1 Q . 7 ,I 'jk A tgffg' K I 'v-at sk. I , 1 .1 ' 151 ,S Sw Q Rf Y,'h f X2 A gr J K '19 , L x y 'Y ' X 'TX' gint 35,2 lx, F N " W Pass QI., . I 0 :L 'fa' E .fhxirigl "' A - 1 A . xi 'six o Z ' N X ,9 . S It ? 19 xo ff j ' M 1, ww, . W COME HERE CHILDREN -f' ..-Y' ' x ' QXX -I Q- ' , , Q - , I I1 ' I , 7 It v' 1: Q IQ g -" H ,, L ' 9 :F ' I I Z? :Hg ?A,A . 8-zifl t o If E PM l I Rim 'L THE scuoom. AND 1 no Now wma ALxKE Yf 179 THEBHR CLOSES KN 5 muon? A:- ,. fx x GFQANT fm g,52z2zg4yi7zg,,4ggJg4 QgggZfgif '20f7f' 505616 fo Cafoe year 047,42 fftf M4 of 50,1100 7ff27f Q AE, Pj' Ji S X K df XXEZ, X X K' X ing! I Qx it fy S CD! EEN? ff XX S+ 1 oox 5 - ,A Qk B2 ERA? X, w +-- - -fl, 4009? 2 of 7156 WL LQ digxj 70 MWJ 957 Ji'-Q W . , fri! . ex Xfil ,.n xa D17loAl. 2zYfo1v, 9121: me M: nnsover frzlg Llffwn yozfk ,Ahh 'aafzamfsdreffr N 6' 2 Q60 C'0f7? 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Luxemberg Cops ond lnsignio - - - Blue Dress Uniforms it is CLOTl-HERS OF MEN AND BUYS SINCE i9IO 427 Delaware LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS COM PLI MENTS OF THE ARMY CO-OPERATIVE FIRE ASSOCIATION FORT LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS ZWJQIJ 1887 ISSUERS OF EXCLUSIVELY PERSONAL PROPERTY FLOATER INSURANCE FOR ALL OFFICERS OF THE ARMED FORCES WORLD WIDE 1-fl LOWEST COST BROADEST COVERAGE WE INVITE COMPARISON I 'fs 4, ' t , Q. , . .1 zr. it .V H , ., l fi' same , ,.., Af A my L... MM" K K X? . . Q, " ' New shade 46 Poplin shirt worn with "Army Green" :rr 5 Uniform. X X , ' ,lf Ne nsigifsiial I A ,U E I - o z .xx 7 iw - Qiiwl is K . X f f :Jw 'R' R WN. Q 6 -if "ne-' ' ,YFLY ee nz ffl' A E: y fl Q. 0 l l tssi, XM, Q, ' , ' Wilkie? r ., 1- - Q, 2 Shi! - .A 75541 ?5?BWQ?f52 ,Z R .t bg its Hi 4 isis 23 " REGULATION ARMY L 9 A EW 5. ,, SHIRTS AND TROUSERS Amy S""" Wm Shi" A and walking shorts. ' SMWJ Army tropical worsted and gabardine shirts CREIGHTON SHIRT COMPANY, INC, NEW HAVEN, CONN. a"d"0u5"s- Available at Better Uniform Stores and at Your Local Post Exchange one policy, one low monthly premium lt's here-One policy to look after-one low monthly premium to pay-and you have life insur- ance for your whole family that automatically in- cludes every new-born child, after fifteen days-at no increase in premium . . . Find out how you can get this remarkable new coverage tor your family . . . Ask Prudential Special Agent "Les" Orwig about Pruclential's Family Policy. L E, "Les" Orwig L. E. --Les" Orwig Special Agent Suite 917, 101 West 11tl1 Street . Kansas City, Missouri 0 the fBus.l BAltimore 1-4800 ,IM QRBS., CYPFGSS O souvnwlsuuu nan: ollltl novsron, vllns INSURANCE CONIPANY OF AIVIEIIKCA Pro essional Photo raph tor the HYEARBOOK " l'lorron Johnson Studios 2l5 Professional Building llO3 Grand Avenue Kansas City, Missouri Congratulations Graduates of I956-57 Class We're proud that we have been serving the personnel of this post for over twenty-five years. O. H. Gerry Optical Co. 22l Professional Bldg. KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI 3 Convenient Lozatio s 428 Ward Parkway Kansas City, Mo. JEfferson I-2734 22I Professional Bldg. Prairie Village Medical Kansas City, Mo. and Dental Center Vlctor 2-I477-78 ENdicott 2-7744 TERRACE COURT iyioperaixi Motel. ISOO South Fourth HIGHWAY 73 One Mile South Business District APPROVED BY THE AMERICAN MOTEL ASSN. TV PHONE MU 2-0499 AIR CONDITIONED W. C. PACEY, Owner COPPER, BRASS, ALUMINUM PRODUCTS FOR DEFENSE INDUSTRY 0 prime contractors to ORDNANCE CORPS QUARTERMASTER CORPS CHEMICAL CORPS OI1 free flight rockets steel Cartridge cases fuse Components Q subcontractor to DEFENSE INDUSTRY for brass, Copper, aluminum forgings and welded steel tubing Q 'V 8 I8 Ol '-3, +- awake- S 'V 6' IUMINO REVERE COPPER AND BRASS INCORPORATED ROME MANUFACTURING COMPANY DIVISION Rome, New York PF-'IRST NAME IN sEc:uRiTY" PRISON EQUIPMENT We have served the Security needs of the Armed Forces for over forty years. Catalog, estimates and technical information upon request. GZQWMJWW aaa w - - Graduates of the Command and General Staff College are now living at Aiqwic q ILLAQE Alexandria my Virginia 5 Minutes from the Pentagon Rent a 3 bedroom, full basement house with Westinghouse garbage disposer, automatic washer and automatic dryer. All maintenance services are included in rent. Over 7576 of Warwick tenants are service ofhcers attached to Pentagon, Navy Annex, or other nearby Washington and Virginia military establishments. We are actually 5 minutes from Pentagon by car, 8 minutes by scheduled bus. ONLY 35125.50 A MONTH Call or write for free brochure: Warwick Village, Mt. Vernon SZ Commonwealth Aves FOI' QUARTERS t BOQ'S 'A' CLUBS Elastic labric back f7,I3Sl3IIdQllI'3lIQ practical even in light colors vinylplastic upholstery III: IIEII lf, 2 V Q ' -2 -Fgfpxo .... P oi" -F 'W' i P595 3 55 L . -vii'5 'f t 'au .' 'L .te 3 ' i i cY"'. , l 'P' l y 5 Ii - w ,X ,r 'z . .rx . a .,k 'F if. Jr. ' gd uf . ggi , . ,,,,.,.f?' .iffifgggiz -1545?-,gz ,f,e. f . -1 5'1" - I , 'rags , 4. 'll -V K . J". iff" M 'Y' ' ' si' -5 'lv A P '5- ., Q-:.,f"2c5:,f rw' ' ' -. . J ' 1 s 1 5 .aid-?fr.,i lfgjggg ,v .v . f,g,2fj? 1 1,1 4 ff!! J " 1sf"'F. ' f e - ' ' 'ag if? ' ma" 'th 1f?i1'i"l1 111' "ff if A '6- at .f at aff.-'ifiiffiraf . :.'fySl'll1l75ggK-',,,llxSg?'21l'?l 1 if if "i-'ik' Af , if if Rik df" 545fl"lf'?3j,f3?:1f?:Xj,1 5935-53351 'A' Practical vinyl plastic Low initial ' 1-f cost. Little maintenance needed. xiii qxfi ,'!.?1'v,f,Cf51:s!f?f?a5'f , . . . 1 V S1 Q-, ' Keeps clean with ordinary soap and jghi A Qgfw is ' - - ' J ' 1- 'il af fi l-'ff Wafer- F00d,df1Hk and PefSP1faf10n e as rl' e . anne aeet Q - - A L ' 'L Q5 x99 i-' stains clean off readily. Durable if 4, qw- - app- e Vye. - - - 'l ll,, Y Q25 and scuff resistant. Plam, printed, 1' . embossed and textured. Variety sew '-:7: '-" . .. 1 ? '--, of Colors and Pmefns' L H ' . , l-.ii Also rfgld and sem'-rlgfd vmyl plosllc tx -N13 .,f-s . . s--e A for lammalmg lo wood and metals. E Ideal for walls, Pcnelm9f parflhons, l-" " "li " i" ' cabinets, desk iops, shower slalls elc. .. , .. .,.. ,,.. , ,. , .i galil: 4 M4 r gb - . m bwsfw U I flv- if KS4? atm THE IYIASLAND DURALEATHER COMPANY' PHILADELPHIA 34, PA. WRITE T0 PROMOTION DEPARTMENT FOR BROCHURE GS MADISON M. LETTS, C.L.U. Military Specialist-Estate Analyst New York Life Insurance Company 902 South Broadway Phone MUtoo.1 2-7174 After Hours Phone MUtoe1 2-0661 Leavenworth, K ansa S LETTS FOR LIFE They Walk with a Military Stride Genuine Corcoran Pararroop Boots CORCORAN INC. Stoughton, Mass. u r r s Van . LEADS THE WAY WITH THREE IMPURTANT "FlRSTS"! . ZDICQ -W9nnQd"M0v1hg United Van Lines is the first and only company to offer the shipper a ' complete system for organizing the many details of a long-distance move. United alone provides such time and work-saving "extras" as floor plan Q- charts and road maps outlining the route to destination. From start to finish, United "Pre-Plannedl' moving means faster, safer, easier moving . . . anywhere in the world. Q O . lbng gf Ebufpmenf United Van Lines is the first and only company to offer the shipper the EQ added security of N9Sanitized vans, padding, covers and other equipment. l This specially formulated hygienic process acts as a barrier against mildew, un mold and unpleasant odors. ..keeps the shippers' belongings "fresh as a daisy" from old home to new. . Eeffe Qomeffg Malone 1f, ?' 1f' United Van Lines is the first and only company to offer the services W f of a professional woman moving consultant. Through Bette Malone and 4 M ' v H ,,,, United's Home Service Department, a shipper may now get, free of Q charge, the answers to any special moving questions. Mrs. Malone will Ml also gladly furnish information concerning school, medical, recreational and other facilities available in the city to which the shipper is moving. n I 1' e Van Lwtes Inc. ileiil -- E PRE-PLANNED MOVING IN VANS SW? ':'f' fi A UNITED VAN LINES iCANADAl LTD. MORE THAN 550 AGENTS IN U. S. o CANADA n HAWAII o ALASKA o PUERTO RICO e WEST GERMANY LX CLEM TUGGLE Army Representative For THE TRAVEIERS INSURANCE CO. HARTFORD, CONN. NO WAR OR AVIATION RESTRICTIONS UNRESTRICTED DISABILITY COMPLETE ANALYSIS SERVICE SERVING FT. LEAVENVVORTH OFFICERS FOR OVER T6 YEARS LIFE MEMBER MILLION DOLLAR ROUND TABLE PHONE COLLECT T49 ATCHISON, KANSAS THERE'S NO SERVICE cmes LIKE SERVICE CITIES SERVICE! Always look for this welcome sign. Its the emblem of quality known to millions of motorists in the United States and Canada. THE APPEARANCE OF ADVER- TISEMENTS IN THIS PUBLICATION DOES NOT CONSTITUTE ENDORSE- MENT BY THE COMMAND AND GENERAL STAFF COLLEGE OR THE UNITED STATES ARMY. THE ARMY NATIONAL BANK OF Fort Leavenworth, Kansas Lfdn .fdvny Sruice .gmfifzfffion 'A fmlhvigh ETL! TT ' S HI , fri ,I-is TK I TOONERVILLE STATION TAVERN PKC. STORE SM D' I 1' I T F'Hh WE DO SELL OPEN DAILY TILL ,0.Mfsc::"Asff,,edw2aMsQs S , I 1 A.M. GAS FOR LESS 30 Bridge Fare Returned on 53.00 and 56.00 Purchases All Brands of Motor Oil AND ALI' PAY SUNDAY Full Line or Decante s junction Highway 92 and 45, Beverly, Mo. 'mr ' CL 203 :ll THE I fu I-Al On Military and Civil Operations in more than 38 countries from the frigid Arctic to the steaming Tropics . . . the del-Iavilland Beaver and Otter are the most advanced utility aircraft of their kind. Adaptable for use with floats, wheels, skis, wheel-skis or as an Amphibian gl-Zeaverj. THE DE HAVILLAND AIRCRAFT OF CANADA LIMITED ' You ARE ALWAYS -f'N',0,fN Q Q vi' WELCOME AT DOROTHY'S 412 Delaware Leavenworth, Kansas I Y I . 1 gk TiU': 1 EQ! -'EU '!-' 1 11111311 0 0' Visit our Famous Candlelight Buffet Every Sunday 12 to 2:30 p.m. and 5 to 8 p.m., and every Wednesday and Friday night, 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. 51.95 per Person Children under 12 years of cqe 31.00 All you can eat. FAMILY RATES -- CHILDREN FREE COFFEE SHOP F t r. Open from 7:00 a.m. till Midnight. ea u mg PIONEER CLUB HOURS Nationally Advertised Mon. thru Fri. 4 pm - 'I2 Sat. I pm - 'I2 Women's Wearing Apparel H O T E IJ C O D Y Fourth and Shawnee MU 2-6822 Under direction American Hotels Corp. Compliments of MARTIN K. EBY CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. 610 North Main WICHITA 5, KANSAS BACON'S SHOE STORE Quality Footwear For The Family LEAVENWORTH. KANSAS Serving the United States Army at Fort Leavenworth Since 1887 with the Finest in Laundering and Dry Cleaning q iii E LAUNDRY: INC. 405-413 Cherokee . . . feauenworllz, Karma: 3, "For the Rest of Your Life" SIESTA MOTEL Modern-Air Conditioned-Steam Heat Mr. and Mrs. Earl Murry, Managers Phone Platte City 312 I - Always Fine Food SIESTA CAFE Highway 7I and Main Street PLATTE CITY, MISSOURI "Purveyors of Potables to the Post Since I933 Your Headquarters for the Largest Selection of Domestic and Imported Wines, Cordials, Liqueurs and Beers in the Entire Midwest. BAR GLASSWARE, BAR GADGETS AND BAR TOOLS. HERBS, SPICES, PATES, NIBBLETS, FINE TEAS AND COFFEE. SPECIALTY GRO- CERIES FROM THE WORLD OVER. THE AUSTIN STORE 2 Miles North Centennial Bridge-In Missouri Joseph Shaw, Manager Phone Platte City 396 BE VVISE BUY GUY'S GUY'S POTATO CHIPS Packaged in the YELLOW and Green CELLOPHANE BAG To Be Sure They Are FRESH Be Sure They Are GUY'S GUY'S NUT gl POTATO CHIP C0. 2215 Harrison St., VI. 2-8550 Kansas City, Mo. HAREN 8. LAUGHLIN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 953 Minnesota Avenue Kansas City, Kansas LEAVEL BUICK COMPANY fr 4-3 Years of Successful Auto Operatlon 1n Leavenworth Fifth 81 Oak Streets Leavenworth, Kansas Phone MU 2-3800 Cp. Rod - uw "fer W J 01 fb Me, gf' MQ dllm '6004 lt hos been o reol pleosure to work with the stofl in the production of this 1957 Yearbook of the Commond ond Generol Stott College LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS .Harry SEM! H jmgerfale Phone MU 2-1342 x..l.f Juno, rigijl N! LEAVENWORTH MOTORS, INC. 7-l-l'l 8: DELAWARE PHONE MU 2-5254 THE FERREL MEYER FAMILY Thanks you for the pleasure we have had CHEVROLET serving all your Dairy Needs. When you are stationed at Fort COMPANY Leavenworth again, remember- for PLATTE CITY, MISSOURI DAIRY PRODUCTS SALES ond SERVICE Call Phone l9l MEYER DAIRY MU 2-2921 NEW OLDSMCBILE USED ...rm-h Lewis and Son PLATTE cnv, Mo. Ff LEW aw. ga PHONE 55 or 455 12732714 pl-AWE Bmofal 01-1? CITY Your Best Deal Mo., From the Best Dealer BEST WlSHES TO THE 1957 CLASS The Command and General Stal? College lbldberry alppliance Company Your General Electric Dealer in Leavenworth serving the post and the town with CE Housewares and Appliances. X My CX Mobile Maid Af l D h sh X is X IAIA' Q' ' he ll ,T-fgrgs N - T f A A lT'S BEEN A PLEASURE TO SERVE YOU MU 2-4261 424 Cheroke St t BX W QQLBENL i t C0 CKT Al R EST A U 1 -f X t I S :I I X Q Charcoal Broiled X , , w V-...- Club Steak ' L S Roast Prime Rib i X i E of Beef Kansas City Sirloin me 1 Chuckwagon Dinner E Sunday ' ' -2710 O, K, I600 Genessee Victor 2 AT THE KANS WM!!iere ffae .SEMA jd Em 7, AS CITY STOCK YARDS Congratulations KENT6kMARSHALL HOMES INCORPORATED FOR LIQUORS AND WINES DUNNS PARTY STORE 2M Miles NE Centenial Bridge on Highway 92 at Beverly OLIVE HARDWARE CO. Sixth a WHOLESALE AND RETAIL HARDWARE nd Cherokee Phone MU 2-3503 Leavenworth, Kansas Compliments of Gmini Emma CREDIT BUREAU DIVISION- COLLECTION SERVICE DIVISION 72s DELAWARE LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS ZECK MOTOR COMPANY, INC. HOME off Qersonafizea' SERVICE 3RD 84 SENECA LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS MU 2-4544 1422 East Grayson Street San Antonio 8, Texas MEMBER di V 4Y . A MEMBER EEDERALREsERvE SYSTEM ?i'.?Y5i?l'll "" ' 'F ,E,EW, ky 1 FEDERAL DEPOSITINSURANCE fl Q A S - E.ME A SXXX CORPORATION l l,L i l 1 B H X g i l l x i t if f f I 1 lt! l is. fllliiaiaiiil National Bank of Fort Sam Houston at San Antonio Now in its 37th year of specializing in serving the needs of members of the Armed Forces -regardless of where stationed. Many thousands of officers have made this their per- manent banking home. Service by mail is our specialty. Inquire about our liberal per- sonal signature monthly payment loans to officers. DIRECTORS H. J. Brees lPres,i J. F. Preston Lt. Gen. U,S.A. Retd. Mai. een. u.s.A. Retd. S. L. Weld Col. U.S.A. Retd. Ira Longanecker Col. U.S.A.F. Retd, Jess J. Laas, Executive Vice Pres. W, E. Prosser Mai. Gen. U.S.A. Retd. W. E, Fitch General Insurance Special Service on Uniforms Superior Quality Prices Right -.i. 1. i 2 RUGS, DRAPERIES, SLIPCOVERS CLEANED " jg "zygR FUR and WOOLEN 2 STORAGE IQ 1 HARRIS BROS ' . Y Cleaners and Dyers A' , ' M 317-19 Shawnee Phone MU 2-3535 ' his New! lik GUETZ! . . . Wei h Wonderful Go get Goetz for a beer thatfs wet'n wonderful through and through. Pour yourself a glass. Ever see a creamier, whiter, more inviting head on any beer? Je fgreafesf beer' zkz ycafzf gf M. K. GOETZ BREWING CO GUETZ 61w1ff?y.f 0 Breweries: Kansas Citv 81 St. Josenh Missouri '::" RIDE BUSES RIDE BUSES RIDE BUSES i IE. l: 3gjll'1IIIf-uf: IIIHHHIG LEAVENWORTH TRANSIT INC. Serving Fort Leavenworth, Wadsworth and the City of Leavenworth. KANSAS CITY LEAVENWORTH BUS LINES, INC. Hourly service between Leavenworth and Kansas City, Mo. Also Charter Coach Service For information call Mutual 2-2244 I320 Ottawa, Leavenworth, Kansas. Telephone Mutual 2-2244 SPECIAL ORDER COMPANY Your Shopping Service for Service Shoppers No item is too large-No item is too small For All Personal and Household Needs-Ask SPECIAL ORDER First! 2I0 Seneca Street, Leavenworth, Kansas Phone MU 2-7333 l'0N7lAC.. PONTlAC GEORGE GREEN PONTIAC, INC. LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS 740 DELAWARE Mu 2-0744 MONTEREY PHAETON COUPE B 81 G MOTOR COMPANY 7th 81 Shawnee Streets LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS Phone LINCOLN MU 2-2513 MERCURY 7? ED'S TV CLINIC T.v. RENTALS 11" 21 " 24" - All New sets COMPLETE SERVICE fr PARTS FREE 505 Old Phone 999 Ch k New Phone MU 2-5367 YM III L 424 Delaware ' LEAVENWORTH OUR 30th YEAR OF SUPPLYINC- FASHIONS FOR ARMY WIVES CSJA0!9!9il'lg af C740 Wocfef Z5 om zfxlozfrience yolfff PI'lf'0l7! A MODEL CHARGE ACCOUNT IS YOURS FOR THE ASKINC Q P L LE-ii L were SHO: 3 1, OLDSMOBllE CADILLAC Sales Service Oldsmobile-Cadillac PERRY L. BLACK MOTOR CO. 200 Som Bmdwoy LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS MU'UG'2'3381 FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF LEAVENWORT H OLDEST BANK IN KANSAS ESTABLISHED 1856 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation RALLS' CLEANING CO. 2 BLOCKS souTH or FT. LEAVENWORTH Oriental 8. domestic rug and upholstery shampooing, repairing, fringing, binding, mothprootiing. Free pick-up and delivery Try our cash-and-carry dry Cleaning service- you save 25c on every S1. aaseis 155453 , . - - olliigg l llllflll l' fm, .lll ll g 1 come only from I T S EV' I L L E Congratulations 81 Best Wishes Class of 56-57 B 81 I ACCEPTANCE CO. 5th 81 Cherokee LOANS-PERSONAL-AUTO-FURNITURE Phone MU 2-5512 ROCHE Cleaners 81 Dyers 410-12 So. 5th St. Phone MU 2-1544 LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS Quality dry cleaning and pressing of all garments Drapes and Curtains-Small Rugs-Slip Covers Suede-Leather Garments Cleaned 8. Retinished the Lano-Luster Way Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Olson MIDWEST NO. I MILK -We ' 'listemark I Serving Leavenworth iii. M I I' K ,Sp A Complete Line For 75 Years in Tit 33, ,., ,fy '55 of Dairy Products Including Ice Cream Tasternark Is Now Foremost DECOURSEY CREAMERY CO. 753 Shawnee Phone MU 2-2952 For Home Delivery COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE TOTH'S BUNGALOW PAT and DAVE TOTH, Prop's. STEAKS 81 SHRIMP OUR SPECIALTY Temptingly Served T031 Metropolitan PHONE THE roars FAVORITE RESTAURANT MUTUAL 23253 Mu 2-7031 closed on Monday CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH AD' sz, F Tb 'icgffifilgwoxdno' 3 CLARK MOTOR COMPANY 4th and Cherokee Sts. We OLGA 8. RICKEY BEAUTY SALON 600 North 5th Street Leavenworth, Kansas Phone MUtuaI 2-4745 SALES SERVICE 'Ill milk OF QUILIYY I UL i Mews WEAR LEAVENWORTH, KANS. Wishes You THE BEST OF EVERYTHING WHEREVER YOU MAY GO. KNOX HATS HICKEY-FREEMAN SUITS VARSITY-TOWN TUXEDOES CORONADO AND KINGSRIDGE SUITS CLOTHCRAFT SUITS ALLIGATOR RAINWEAR MT. ROCK TOPCOATS VARSITY-TOWN TOPCOATS VARSITY-TOWN SUITS SEASON SKIPPER SPORT COATS PALM BEACH CLOTHES ARROW SHIRTS MANHATTAN SHIRTS MANHATTAN PAJAMAS INTERWOVEN HOSE JANTZEN SWEATERS MCGREGOR SPORTSWEAR HICKOK BELTS HICKOK JEWELRY HICKOK BILLFOLDS WOOL AND GABARDINE SHIRTS BY PENDLETON The list of our brands on the margin read like the "WHO IS WHO" in the field of men's wearables . . . truly the finest! WE SHIP CLOTHES TO OUR FRIENDS IN THE ARMED SERVICES ALL OVER THE WORLD-we keep a permanent record of their sizes and alterations, and they know it . . . It's lots of fun and ioy to read the personal notes from our friends in the armed services stationed all over the globe, usually attached to their monthly remittances lwe like those too . . .l. But seriously, this phase of our dealings with you affords us more real pleasure and satisfaction than even the strictly "business" end of it. We will cherish forever the many lasting friendships with the Officers of our Armed Forces which it was our good fortune to establish during their tour of duty in Leaven- worth. PLEASE DROP IN TO SEE US WHEN YOU HAPPEN TO BE THROUGH HERE, AND PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT US.

Suggestions in the US Army Command and General Staff College - Summary Yearbook (Fort Leavenworth, KS) collection:

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1957, pg 115

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