US Army Air Force Training Center - Cavu Yearbook (Goodfellow Field, TX)

 - Class of 1942

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US Army Air Force Training Center - Cavu Yearbook (Goodfellow Field, TX) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 92 of the 1942 volume:

53 -s I 1 l A Ei H EE 2 3 Qi i ? 2 5 QQ 5 5 ii ? a 2 5 1 mmnrw sa.--m ms 'Pug ff :gigs ? P X 'K 4 x fir i 1 E E '1 Q,f"""' ,. 5 f ,f . K , 1, Q 5525 bfi 'W 'mm W- M 7 , fx Rf 5 ""Nf:Q 2, ,wM, . , hiwwyb v-- k ,.A. X,,4 , JM ' Hivnww ,v,4,,E, M av- M, ,5 fax . . f K f 1 X ts, Y sian t ' 5395" 6 f 5 . f' 9 min fx 5 5 .. , M Q J V 2 wr? 55 f ff 5 if - fg,fQf'VM J A M iff 1 lblflf nlimifed 1 t,,v""w "Four score and seven years ago. our FaThers broughT forTh upon This conTinenT, a new naTion, conceived in IiberTy and dedicaTed To The propo- siTion ThaT all men are creaTed equaI." Thus spoke Abraham Lincoln aT GeTTysburg when This counTry was engaged in a greaT war. Once again we are in a greaT war and To ThaT same concepTion and To ThaT same proposiTion, This class dedicaTes iTseIT. ShorTIy we will go TorTh inTo combaT. We will go wiTh our heads held high and hope in our hearTs. Hope ThaT we as individuals, as parT of The greaTesT Air Force in The world, may be able To do our parT To rid The world of The TyranT ThaT is spreading deaTh and desTrucTion. Many Times beTore. The youTh of a naTion has been called upon To TighT The enemy. A Millions have died TighTing Tor whaT They ThoughT was righT. In This war, The youTh of The many naTions ThaT were so bruTaIIy raped by HiTIer, wiTh The youTh of The naTions ThaT have risen in righTeous indignaTion, have combined in a common cause and are looking To The UniTed STaTes Tor leadership in This giganTic sTruggIe. The TrusT They have placed in us will noT be violaTed. We musT noT FAIL! WE WILL NOT FAIL!!! By ArT Sallcin ,sgsfwg-vii f' .11 as X. if 55 3159? QWNQ .2 'M-.. ZW 5 . V XZ: ii? gf 15 il' 5 'Wm On The aflernoon of Seplember I7, l9l8. a squadron of six American planes were flying over lhe Sl. Mihiel Salienl' Secior. Suddenly lhey were a+'raclced by Ten German planes, and in 'lhe nsuing doglighi' The wing of one American plane was shol' away. L+. John Goodfellow fell To his deafh inlo fhe small woods below, fifleen miles from Mefz. L+. Goodfellow was a nalive of San Angelo, Texas. When 'the Angelo H' was only 'filling Thai 'rhe 'field be named in his honor. The ground was firsl broken on Seplember 5. I94O. and iusl' five monlhs laler fhe iirsl class of Cadefs, 4I-E. began ifs Basic Training. Since lhal lime fiffeen classes have gone +hru Goodfellow Field. The record of conljinued expansion and ever-increasing efficiency is only exceeded by Hs enviable safely record. We 'rhe Class of 42K are iuslly proud io lake our Basic Train- ing ai' ihis field. IF W. If ,,M-:E s i , fagwxgv f W Y We rr 5' 'Q s gas- 4 X W-swam. sf IJ... 3 Vmsm Num., M 4 5 ,f i 'H i if iii T ' A f 2 ' .2 5 5 Q A Q Army Air Forces decided To build a Basic Training school in San i . 'i E is . 3 as gl 5 5 if 1 2 if Z T 3 OUR BEARING IS ALONG A COURSE DIRECTED TOWARDS THE ACCOMP- LISHMENT OF A HIGH MISSION. THAT MISSION BEING TO RAISE OUR EARTH BORN SELVES HIGH INTO THE BLUE ABOVEQ AND THERE TO SEEK VICTORY IN OUR GREAT BATTLE. TO THIS END WE WILL STRIVE DILIGENTLY, HONORABLY, ANDHOPEFULLY. THAT IS OUR BEARING. I as 9 QQ, oigvw Q, .9 59, ,G 9 Gaby 59 'B , 0- Qffp 'Y ,Q 5 ,K N17 0 A X5 3: 4 QV. 9,47 X 'V O sv ,bo 44 RO BAY on L - ' S09 an - ' V COy,.'YX bgkm 0009 4941yC6 0. WGGMXQ ' ff, S I JR. 00" quocoon A ? ,5 13 I ..v. . A ' N a 1 fl- - Off ,Q , O' f ' '1.:- 'H 'zfifwlff52f3gj",2M'?fiff L, E ' X?" ..-- Q fn' V A I if A C - E olhlhanm. E LT. COL. C. B. ROOT Direcfor of Flying QQIXXL' at PJ Xl. 3' S390 Soya V . '79 Mmangxnqz W 'On CAPT. M. H. W. BROWN C0 Asst Diredor of Flying Medical Officers 4 MAJ. G. K. FAIR CAPT. J. F. DOMINICK Flighf Surgeon Assf. Flighi' Surgeon LT. J. B. TERRY LT. H. W. JOURDAN Class Officers SMITH, J. H. 49-A THRASHER, C. B. 49-B ANDREAKIS, G. A. Class Capfain NUSS, G. L. Class Adgufanf SALKIN, A. J. Firsf Sergeam' BASS, E. J. 68-A McFADDEN, T. B 68-B Class 42-K ' Q if im, f if J -. 'V,4 ' , ' - Y - .. - 4 A .T , . X. , c S. QS, Li y I . N.wA...j". , ' 'wgftsl ' ' ft,"kJf'.AT ' 5 ami vc MAJ. S. M. NUTT CAPT. W. A. MOSELEY Commanddni of Cdd6fS Assf. Commander of Cadefs Tactical Officers LT. E. E. ROACH Tacfical Officer . ,lj , - V -s ,N LT. T. H. GAITHER ' LT. P. E. ARTHUR LT. A. A. KOHLER Tacfical Officer Afhlefic Officer I Mess Officer CAPT. WILLIAM H. WARREN DirecTor of Ground School LeTT To righT: TirsT row, LTs. R. J. STuarT, G. B. Levin, T. D. RoberTs H. D. STubbleTield: second row, LTs. M. RosenblaTT, C. V. Hen- dricks, L. G. Knepshield. J. D. BarneTT, C. L. Williams. Ground chool The SecTion marched silenTly inTo The classroom, each CadeT Tinding his own seaT and sTanding aT Parade ResT. The insTrucTor enTered The room and The secTion marcher shouTs, "aTTen-shun." He marched up To The in- sTrucTor, saluTed briskly and said, "Sir, Three men absenT." Then doing an abouT Tace, he said To The class, "seaTs." He Then Took his own seaT. The insTrucTor cleared his ThroaT and sTarTed. "l be- lieve The assignmenT Tor Today was on air masses in moTion. Now TirsT-" . Or-"The discussion Today is on airfoils, Then moTion in TlighT and-" Or-"Today we'll discuss The radio range. As you know The range is Tormed by-" Or-"Today we'll have a wriT on air regulaTions. I know l didn'T warn you, buT-" Or-"FirsT l'll announce The grades on yesTerday's wriT. l'm sorry To say-" And so iT goes, on and on, every day OT a cadeT's life. The ground school educaTion oT a cadeT would cosT many dollars if he had To pay Tor iT himselT. BuT he doesn'T, aT leasT noT wiTh money. BuT he musT spend many hours ap- plying himself and pouring over Technical manuals ThaT are aT besT very dry reading. BuT when weekly grades are posTed, he geTs a per- sonal saTisTacTion oT an 80 ThaT beaTs any Teeling ThaT he ever goT in a civilian school. He knows ThaT every new Thing he learns here is help- ing To drive anoTher nail in some Axis PiloTs' coTTin. EveryThing he learns in ground school is oT viTal im- porTance To a piloT. NavigaTion, cloud TormaTion, radio code, aircraTT engines, radio comrnunic'aTion, Theory oT TlighT and on and on. CerTainly iTs Tough, especially when There is very liTTle Time Tor sTudy, buT when who ever heard oT anyThing worTh while being easy? 4 You can beT one Thing: every cadeT is Trying his hard- esT, and when all The smoke and 'powder has cleared away, every one oT The insTrucTors in ground school will be blessed by many pilo'Ts in The Air Forces aT leasT once, because some biT oT special knowledge learned in school has helped him To come ouT on Top insTead oT down under. LeTT To righT: Geo. S. Peppers, Jack E. Canner, ArThur L. Hall, Les- Ter L. Lake, A. A. Buehler, Joe C. Hoover. 5 5 e 1 E B E ? S 1 ? CHAPLAIN A. H. MANES li is wifh lhe deepesf regrel' ihal we say goodbye 'ro Fafher Singlefon and Chaplain l-loolcs, who have been franslerred 'lo olher sialions. We know fha? wherever ihey afe, Jrhey will coniinue io comlorl and lead as 'rhey did here in +he pasf. A H' is also wifh greal pleasure Thai we welcome Chaplain Manes io our Field. We lcnow fha? he will coniinue in lhe foofsieps of his predecessors and lhaf ihe Cadefs will look 'ro him for guidance and advice. 1. Y 55 z E Q E S 5 Q? :Q 5? E E , 3 ai EE l:f4m:wzw1f.MimWwwwwweQzwfzwqwwfmw-ff,.,7.,UMW-W . , -qfak f :www x - , . Presenting The Future Pilots Of The Army Air Forces fWe Hopeg 6' th quadron " " Flight LT- W- L- COSBY LT. S. E. CONLEY LT. A. J. BREDEWATER LT. H. D. RANS!ER LT. .A f xii , g-.,,,q5 ..-, ...LL I -Qifff iii In T "'6E'i?C':,.- L 'V R W iw.. ku. 1 TQ .S x..', ' 1 W.. 881 f 'X LT. M. C. DENDY LT. F. R. IRELAND LT. D. M. CROWELL R. W. HALLBERG ,,.,. Tst?'N'i5iJ:: W Ti P 152 i 9 " ' ..,... . .f w 'T .3 .ggy Tu. 3 .iifizfg ' 'R - Vifsifgvfi. 1- . 3f '5:'I'1'?:.If ' .. M , , .V --1 , ' 'V f. 'Q?:QiQQSEfIQ.f gf ' "' ,-.,.!.?T." . J if, 2 5 P33 J' fy LT. K. L. COWDEN Commanding Officer 4 X 5 Y 254 7 T SW 'F AA L YVLT 65 T. Qi..-. Q 'T 7 ...Q 5 L R g ,T .,g .-T 1 L LT. R. F. KATES LT. T. R. FLOURNOY LT. H. cs. GRAY Wm , ,.,, , in 1 T 2 ly T: T A M N. V . .E .Ri LiT3"""- gan .. ....... Q. H T . A .. Q :H Lay'-4 5. :L W . .. , i jfgfgfz . .. ,Wy .. ,.. ,. R, v - ni LT. J. w. BURGER LT. B. A. DORMAN LT- P- 5- FERGUSON Alclerson, John H. lHagl Rosedale, lndiana Primary: Vernon, Texas Anderson, Clifford P. O. Box l485 For? Myers, Florida V,I. Baker, Roloerl' T. lBobl New Braunfels, Texas Primary: Clwiclcaslwa, Oklahoma Anclreakis, George A. 3IO Galisleo Sl. Sanfa Fe, New Mexico Primary: Ballinger, Texas Baisch, Joseph M. 8l7 Lake Dr. Lalce Geneva, Wisconsin Primary: Vernon, Texas Arlcarisasri if P Primary: Ballinger, Texas T Prefliglwl: San Anfonio, Texas Baxfer, Levon G. lBarneyl l42l E. Jeff S+. Boise, ldalwo Primary: Vernon, Texas QQNA Beck, Grady L., Jr. Munday, Texas Primary: Ballinger, Texas Blanfon, James K. lRedl Box 664 Lakeland, Florida Primary: Vernon, Texas Berenr, Raymond E. 72 Lewis S+. Lockport New York Primary: Ballinger, Texas FV' Biggio, Louis A., Jr. 8l4 Abboll Blvd. Palisade, N. J. Primary: Vernon, Texas Billups, Thomas C. - Columbus, Mississippi Primary: Chickasha, Oklahoma Bonner, John S.,fJr. lBucll J T 260: Twin irslmsl ' P NlciAllen, Texas T J 1'Primary: Chickasha, Oklahoma Boggs, Charles D. fPe'lfe W. Broadway Granville, Ohio , Primary: Chickasha, C 1 ein , Brands+e'r+er, Joseph T., Jr. lJoel l8l5 Calumei Drive Sheboygan, Wiscons'in Primary: Vernon, Texas T T T H T - 77 'iff:IfSs1l3?sihg2f4L.j,,ggg?E' f Bras+, Alexander N, lAll f'i',332'f"'r'1"' " 'r 'Q " " ' l6O Babylon Turnpilce , :pg .1 Roosevelt Long lsland, New Yorlc Primary: Vernon, Texas 3 Burger, Alberl G., Jr. lAll 62Ol Washinqlon l-louslon, Texas Primary: Vernon, Texas , aw MQW Brown, John K. Paducah, Texas Parks Air College E. Sl. Louis, Bunnell, Edward R. f 326 N. Maine S+. lvlonlecello Indiana Primary: Vernon Texas Bunfyn, Tom C., Jr. lTommyl T 433 S. Fleislwel - - - Tyler, Texas Primary: Coleman, Texas Callum, Gasfon W. l805 Princess Sl. Wilminglon, Norllw Carolina Primary: Vernon, Texas s Carle, Tom R. 2215 Main Lubbock, Texas Primary: Vernon, Texas Carlsirom, Wallace N. 4Ol5 Sourh Presa San Anlonio, Texas Primary: Vernon, Texas Casfleberry, James N., Jr. Praffville, Alabama Primary' Sramford Texas Chafin, Nolen lNapl P. O, Box 645 Sinlon, Texas Primary: Slamlord, Texas Chapman, James T. lTedl 423 N. Geneva llhaca, New Yorlc Primary: Vernon, Texas -Chaney, Charles: R. lBobl T260 Sherman Denver, Colorado P Primary: Vernon, Texas Chippindale, Henry, Jr. lChipl 8523 IO6+h Sl Richmond l-lull, New York Primary: Slamford, Texas Chase, George W. l22-22 l88lh Sli- Sr. Albans, Long lsland. Primary, Vernon, Texas, cmiaefs, Ralph w. Enrerprise, Oregon ' Primary: Vernon T Cichy, George E. IOO Lindbergh Bloomfield, New Jersey Primary: Vernon, Texas Clawson, Rober+ E. Frosiprooi, Florida Primary: Sfamford, Texas Cohen, Edwin J. liviazikl I I I lNewlon Ave. N Minneapolis, Minnesoia Primary: Ballinger, Texas Collier, Thomas lBugeri I4-O7 Tlh Si. Las Vegas, New Mexico Primary: Sianniord, Texas Collin, Jack P. 937 Easr Coronado Phoenix, Arizona Primary: Vernon, Texas Cook,O'Dale J Box l3i Haskell, Texas 3 Primary: Sramiord, Texas Cosgrove, Thomas W., Jr. Zll Tacoma Ave. Buffalo, New Yorlc Primaryz' Sfamford, Texas 338 Jeff Davis Par New eans, Louisia Primary: Vernon, Texas William T T sk r Crane, Mulford, J. 64 Marker Sr. Potsdam, New York Primary: Vernon, Texas Cruze, Verne E. lCleml Morris, lvlinnesofa Primary: Ballinger, Texas Afffrf-far!fQi'. cw ' Ql'??is W 3 f Cunningham, Ralph L. 2nd Ave. Worlliingfori, Minnesola Primary: Slamlord, Texas Culkin, Lawrence P. lMikel 7Ol9 Lena Ave. S+. Louis, Missouri Primary: Ballinger, Texas Cummings, Donald M. Claylon. New York Primary: Slamlorcl, Texas Curfis, William G. lBilll . 337 Rurland Ave. e Q Cusler, Roberi E. 6l Soull1.Qra+on Parkway Easf Orange, New Jersey Primary: Slamlord, Texas Daly, Wilfrid A., Jr. 354 Palisade Ave. Yonkers, New York Primary: Sramford, Texas W. Englewood, New Jersey Primary: Sfamford, Texas Dahlander, Noel L. Y s 260 DemoresrAve. Slaren lslancl, New York Primary: Sramford, Texas Davidson, Bernard 54 Broadman Parkway Jersey Ciry, New Jersey Primary: Slamlord, Texas Dodd, Charles T. lCl1uckT 5600 Morrison Rd. Denver Colorado Primary. Vernon, Texas Davie Rees H Sopris. Colorado Primary: Vernon, Texas 49"-N.. De Hay, Dale F. Cochise, Arizona Primary: Vernon, Texas Dilday, Duard C. lsheraffl Box 7Ol Riverron, Oklahoma Primary: Ballinger, Texas 4 'Dreyer,'William T 390 N.iMadisonf'Ave. :C5reenwood,'ilndiana T T fPrimary: Vernon, Texas Dwyer, Arfhur C. Evansville, lncliana Primary: Vernon, Texas Downhill, Jaclc 67 Lakeslwire Roclwesler, New Primary: Easfin, Chrisfopher C., Jr. Kremmling, Colorado Primary: Vernon, Texas Evans, Richard F. 327 Wilwer Norrh Canlon, Primary: Vernon ffm yr' S 7-M "M iff: fi Vi M59 X 5 I 5 Y. ,V 1 1 f .1 X fi, 'i'x,,-W.. Q 3 Mm. ' s fl ' ' XX? 1 2 5 , is 6 E , , 3 A , N. . .WX ,W he Elmore, John R., Jr. Box 275 Shephard, Texas Primary: Vernon. Texas Enyarr, Dale W. K Ordway, Colorado Primary: Vernon, Texas J. F. Crowley I55 Gladsrone Ave. San Anlonio, Texas Primary, Easlr Sf. Louis, lll. Edwards, Thomas C. 629 Parlsside Ave. Buffalo, New York Primary: Vernon, Texas Gigenlour, Dodo.J.y Moore Field, Mission. Texas Thanks 'ro his crealor, Bill Williams, Class 42-G ' Fenner, JamesiH., Jr. l42 E. Huisache San Anronio, Texas Primary: Vernon, Texas Fisher, Hiram T. THU 3l6 39+h Ave S. T Sr. Pelersburg, Florida Primary: Vernon, Texas xi f N 1 , s 414 BEFORE ODE TO AN H. P. A curly-headed, red-headed lad l-las inlroduced a slrange, new lad l-le's surely been lhe barracks pride. Ever since his ialelul ride. H seems as if his blissful mind l-lad lefl his brighl young brains behind, For down he zoomed from lhe boundless blue, Flying like an eagle lrue, ' " L When lo, he spied as he neared lhe ground, him bound. Now lhis wily boy wem' on unlazed While olhers looked on shocked and dazed, And for his deed lhis lad received A polly from which he'll ' 1' x , J X . , V The olher birds sfraighl for l 5 Q be relieved When one more bird shall 'fry in vain ' To equal lhe feel of Down Wind J, i McLane. SQ 4 , S Q , X- o,f' li, 2 2 it 4 3 F g 5 JW 5 J AFTER A , LT. R. C. ASHMAN LT. A. R. BREDEWATER LT. H. B. BELL LT. P. W. CULBERT 6' th quadron sg - if A , Z 15,9 . wg . .-f. 5 ff F.. . ff .533 A ,'-', fs..-iflxi A . wf:.fZf , .i W. - pei!! LL f .if if ' fix l1QfQ, A LT. W. C. DUNLOP Flight LT. J. K. HARDY Commanding Officer A LT. R. E. STANLEY LT. R. G. YAPP LT. L. M. RYAN QS? 'lfiifffmq s . f -:- ' 5 is ff A . M A ' 5 2' -iff S ,. V p1ff2s 4z,.,.......x- M g .. wx V.: f'fz:--- ,. ,, : , , -2 ,gh , , -5-3, .. ?5N"3f?g'fr? 7 . gf rvf2. :..? Rf .WEQQQZ1 Wifi? '- f Ky fs' , XFX jf if ifyzf , f W 'ej:gS ff:j -.rf f . A554 1 ' Q ' ' ' " ffm'- , 5.14 ,X 4 A " AWQX '57 ESV " 7 ' 9 35 , . ,.,, A -A 'yf f U ' 4 ,Q 4. T' "" f' A QW ' .S f fi' W .' ' xiii.. Q , ...1 1- 'A , 1 . - 5: iiifwglz. fa A 'W .A A f .3 . f 5 .. -, r 3:5 zfw ww - '. . 'Hn fuk: Q Mr z . '1?:vE,24'g2Q , TNWEQ.. fx? .if 14: . RQ' 55231 'if "W . fl.. ' k Aw . ' , ,K if W-M , W 3... .,.1.7:gQ.w ,- Q , 2. . ,f X ' " V z ,, .P ' .l ' "" , , Xi X f . . V.. k, .pf ,fi . . Q ,. M. . - K .,, M fy , . mf we-.. . .... . ici. - ,. . ., , . . 4 4v5w.2g:zZYx,. . 7 K ,f gpiilf x A :- .nm .f mfg 4..ig2..,.mi5ggm, g..., LT. C. W. BLANDIN LT. C. W. HART LT. G. E. SHABEL LT. W. S. DAY Freeman, John H. 367'f2 Alexander S+. Rochesfer, New York Primary: Vernon, Texas Fleischman, Roberf S. 43I Fosier Ave. Brooklyn, New York Primary: Vernon, Texas Gavin, Paul F. IO34 Samford Ave. lrvingion, New Jersey Primary: Vernon, Texas Geek, John W. Hack, Rochesfer, New York Garnefr, Murray N. 405 E. Ausrin Ave. Fiini, Michigan RCAF No. T9 E. F, T. S Virden, Manifoba Genfry, James H. "Slab" 1002 Whifiingion Bossier .Ci'ry, Louisiana Primary: Vernon, Texas Gasporavic, S+ephen J. fGaspiei Primary: Vernon, Texas egiabefg, ssaggyyvieoiazgiy 760 Rogers Pl, fl i New York, New York if Primary: Vernon, Texas- an Uleyceasedi sxx, 1 5 ,Y ' 35 Easlr 91h S+. Ciiffon, New Jersey Primary: Vernon, Texas Healy, Roberi' H. lRed1 Main Rd. Tiverion, Rhode island Primary: Baiiinger, Texas Herman Zell G Corriganl Primary Chnckaslma Oklahoma Hillier, Frank O. Slrocklon, California Primary: Clwickaslwa, Oklahoma Hill Kenneih D Lucky Doug, Hobbs, Harold W. lMo+l1erl Kannapolis, Norfh Carolina Primary: Chickaslwa, Cklalwma Hollmeyer, Joseph G. Hoe, ' V: in 95 Briarcliff Rcl. Mr. Lake. New Jersey Primary: Ballinger, Texas Hunf, William F. 28I4 Tenrh Courf S. Birmingham, Alabama Primary: Chiclcasha, Oklahoma Horne, Fred B. ISZ9 Hillcresf Dr. Daylona Beach, Primary: Texas Hughes, Charles W. lCharliel 647 Cooper Sr. Waferrown, New York Primary. Ballinger, Texas Hughes, Paul J. Y New York Cify, New York - Primary: Chiclcasha, Oklahoma Johnson, Walfer B. IS inner, i P 676 Linwood Ave. N. E. Aflanfa. Georgia Primary: Ballinger, Texas Hunfer, Howfard'D. fPorlcy, S. Counlry iT-y , Brookhaven, New Yorlc Primary: Ballinger, Texas P 2 ,w- : lWnl1'i Kersey, James D. Grand Island, Nebraska Primary: Coleman, Texas Langdon, John M. lLangl lIO Norfhumloerlancl Rd. Pilfsfield, Massachuseils Primary: Ballinger, Texas Koss, Erwin J. lErvl 3l74 Norlh Bramen Milwaukee, Primary: Ballinger. Lael, Francis V. lCrabl Glen Alpine, Norfh Carolina Primary: Chickasha, Oklahoma Lang, Charles V. Jr. lAlabaml P Carrolllon, Alabama Primary: Chickasha, Oklahoma Lycleen, Charles A. lSco'Hyl 338 Wes? A. Ave. Glendale, Arizona Primary: Ballinger, Texas A Lea pley O I62 Ful Lyons, John S. lHerber+l I9 Morning Sicle Dr. indianapolis, Indiana Primary' Ballinger Texas Mackenzie, Alfred R. 29ll l59rh Si. Flushing, Long Island, Primary: Ballinger, Texasl Mayer, Marlin A. lMayorl Random Lake, Wisconsin Primary: Chickasha, Oklahoma McClenclon, lrvinfi'N., Jr. IMC, Amire, Louisiariai'f.'i T P'm ' ' FI ary. Chickasha, Oklaihoiiia MacManus, Joseph G. l72l A. Coleman Si. S+. Louis, Missouri Primary: Chickasha, Okla, Maxwell, Julius P. lPa'I'l Selma, Alabama Rouie l Primary: Ballinger, Texas McFadden, Thomas B. lToml 4250 Summii Ave. T' T Bogola, New Jersey A Primary: Chickasha, Oklahoma Melher, Lane N. I507 Napoleon Ave. New Orleans, Louisiana Primary: Chickasha, Oklahoma McLane, Francis A. T ' 4545 so S+. Omaha, Nebraska T T Primary: Ballinger, y Texas Y ' f 7 f - KN ' L-wlniav. vi ' Wlmdmx . . -W ,.- .i..:.:lw.W,..m, . 'aj . Miller, Roberi E. lCurlyl Bloomingron, Illinois Primary: Ballinger, Texas Miller, Royce F. lRus+yl R. F. D. No. 6 Rockford, Illinois Primary: Chickasha, Okla Minkler, Henry C. lMikei Colorado Springs, Colo Primary: Chickasha, Oklahoma Misanko Roberl' F lO65 Herberich Ave. Akron, Ohio Primary. Chrckasha, Oklahoma Moose, Samuel P. lSubl Newlon, Norlh Carolina Primary: Chickasha. Oklahoma r ,Musgrove, Leony A., Jr. ,lMusclej 523 Firsl Ave. So. Easl ' - . r r Moullrie, Georgia. r y L Primary: Chickasha, J Oklahoma" Nelson, James E. lJiml Gillerle, Wyoming Primary: Chickasha, Oklahoma Murray, Edward J 'P-J 552 Academy Sl. New York, New Y Primary: Ballinger, T gf ex e. ea . ww- -. Nelson, William H. lBilll .r M95 Filcon, Michigan i Primary: Chickasha Nicholson, John A. Aurora, Nebraska Primary: Chickasha. Oklahoma XX l Nuss, Gerald L. lGerryl f Oakes, Norih Dakofa A K nhl W Primarv: Chickasha. W Oklahoma ii y , 'fp QQ Oleksak, Sfephen F. fOllnel 232 Easl olh Clifron, New Jersey ii Primary: Ballinger, Texas 'X X 5 N a x X . J N Q W 'O 'swf x 1 XKDX' -I 9. n 1+ 5' new 4f' V 'i ty, A, .J ' l ,, " .A , IA.: W 5 V ,. 'if. In -ff ' ff, 1 V i . K J , ,414-2 1 , L' ,w zf-Aj ,zf figs 1 Q X X C5 .J x - r ' , f ,T 5 I XS, rx " J 0 ff , Q 1 K af' 'L , fp A ,4 ' - K j fi J ' r A .1 Q J U I K .,."'.'.. .- Q "1 :-,2-. : . :.A Vf..- I -',2 1 ,'.' "', .'-':', 5 ',":k iw' MK :,.,: Q-K? ,,,,1 'IIfQ.l. .I , , "-nxkwi wsgrsggg JM., '+ " ' Q rs 4 Y fp- f vi km , M 1- Q W . 2 Q wwwewxi' ' M6-w .mf-f QW- QM M W ,,-- V- ...,f: . , .,.. , W9 , V '-v 'K ' 2 'f -'A W '-"1-as-Mn,".,:: ..,, K I W- ij., .V , X ,, , f M ,. A x.. I. Z, Sw. , ,A . .1 11.6. .,.,, , , V , I . A , .,,, ,M ...W!,..::::,,::... , 1 49th quaclron " " Flight 3 A 2. 5 5 gi .,.. LT. Ek. Y. TREFFINGER LT. D. W. EWING LT. G. W. FOX LT. W. L. SPILLER S--ug . E '-fQ LTL f,f:'+fH,,. vs ., R Qillx 5 H, .qu AP .WV 2 ........... f M . fgi77.l',f.. fb . .' -lf : g ,VL 'P'.'rsj, Q ,ff 1 W XQEQL 'lififf' gi ' 1 'L 1.551 ...M N f W Asif LT. M. B. SCHOFIELD LT. R. D. ANDREWS LT. R. A. MACMULLAN LT. W. L. BEER Commanding Officer X Q Aw r E , . .. z . L fu 4. . 1 "' A q 1 , . , A T ' M 'Pn' 5' N, , if , A A .1 A f jg M Af , .... A.-. .. ' .5 T f . ff ..,. ... .... . if A Q2' . 1 Q ' A 'T 2 A f' Sai "'. ' A " 2 f V f L E.: . Qs' LT. L. N. MORRISON -LT. W. C. ALLEN LT. R. E. ALBRIGHT LT. J. R. HERZBERGER i , , ,A.V .. A Q g A A A :': i .,:. in ,VIH vki- 1 -lg-Zi gi. ..., .. Y A W fi"15 f ,T , ,Q T fi.: .T.A . . ' W 2 "" 1 " J .ig -.1 ' P - 1-- in 2:21 .f:: . 671' 5 bf . .' in L ng H+, - ' RT.T A , ... ' A R .,.- . s A . ' 'L".' W A A' " 'A '-" ff 1559 AH A L 'T-- , fftf -.,... ,. E, i u V' A A T':" Q ..."1. 2 V ' ' .1 T Ry 1 'H Wffsl 1ii?gffz E E.: 'LT. M. J. TYLER LT. T. O. MURPHY LT. A. K. AUCOMPAUGH LT. T. F. HAEBERLE Parker, Wilks T. Gaffney, Soullw Carolina Primary: Clriickaslwa, Oklahoma Peck, Bernard G. lB. GJ 672 S. 4Ol'l'1 Louisville, Kenlucky Primary: Cliickaslwa, Oklahoma Payne, Owen E. 7526 Eggleslon Chicago, Illinois Primary: Pearson, Jeff L: Sarasola, Florida Primary: Clwickaslwa, Oklahoma, Peasley, Kermil' R. IO9 Waler Sl. L, P Pe'l'ers Roule 4 Talladega. Y vs-va ..,ws.-My-an.,-if Smelliporl, Pennsylvaniaif Primary: Ballinger, Texas! Polk, Gaslon L. Wappoo l-lls. - Clwarleslon, Soullw Carolina Primary: Ballinger, Texas .,ia2'p!i.:i-1 . Pellisfrir A ,,.e L 25 L Procfiiff Primary! ljessllingerp' Pierce, Richard B.glPiercyl of R. F. D..Na. L H Smellwporll Pennsylvania 7' Primary: Cl'iiekasl1a,'Olclal1or3 Porier, Alfred F. lAIl Broken Bow, Nebraska Primary: Chickasha, Oklahoma Porler, Flelcher S. lPepl 426 No. Broadway Georgelown, Keniucky Primary: Ballinger.,QTexaVs Porfer, George W. 7l9 Park S+. Gainesville, Georgia Primary: Clwickaslwa. Okla. Porfer, Richard S. lDickl 2233 Wesiminsler Place Clxarlofie, Norllw Carolina Primary: Ballinger, Texas Praff, Owen E. lEcll London, Ohio Primary: Ballinger, Texas Queen, William L. Palacios. Texas Primary: Ballinger, Texas Praiher, William A. lDul:l Jacksonville'iBeach',s Florida Primary: Ballinger, Texas Ramsey, Marshall E. II I lEdl 820 E. Worlhinglon- Ave. Charlo++e, Norlh Carolina Primary: Chiclaasha, Olclahoma Reeder, Caleb L. l257 No. Wesl 35 Sr. Miami, Florida Primary: Chiclcasha, Oklahoma Randolph, Richard A. 8l48 So. Langley Chicago. lllinois Primary Vernon Rayliielcl, Clifford S. Canule, Oklahoma Primary. Vernon, Texas Reed, Alfred E. Fl. Klamalh, Oregon Primary: Vernon, Texas Riley, Joe C. lBuclclyl R. F. D. I LaFolle'r're, Tennessee Primary: Vernon, Texas Rives, George P., Jr. 6l0 Dowd Rd. Charlolle. Norlh Caroline Primary: Chickasha, Oklahoma Roberfs, Harold E. 5l8 Denver Sl. Evans, Colorado Primary: Vernon, Texas Roberison, Pefer J. R+. I. Box l79 X Casa Grande, Arizona Primary: Vernon, Texas Robison, Louis L. 38l2 Por? Ave. Roberis, James T. lDeaconl Sleelville, Missouri Primary' Chickasha Oklahoma Roberis, William T. lJinxl Thiells, New York Primary: Chickasha. Oklahoma Rofhgaber, Clifford P. lClif'fi Mouniain Lakes, New Jersey Primary: Ballinger, Texas Ruehl Edward G. I7 Alpha Place New Rochelle New Y Primary. Ballinger, Tex. Corpus Chrisli, Texas Primary: Vernon, Texas Rubinski, Edward A. lRuby 29 Chuclanunda Haqaman, New York Primary: Vernon, Texas' Rupp, William W. lliillj l27O Parlc Place Quincy, Illinois Primary: Vernon, Texas Ryan, Maurice J., Jr. l205 S. 22nd Sl. Joseph, Missouri Primary: Cliickaslwaf Oklahoma Sances, Frank V. lFranlxiel 936 Columbia Sl. Bogalusa, Louisiana Primary: Vernon, Texas Ryfher, Ray W. Glens Fall, New Yorlc Primary: Vernon, Texas Sabol, Earl E. lSabul Wendell, Massaclwuselfs Primary: Ballinger, Texas Sagebiel, Louis W. lSaggyl IOO3' E. Mounlain Sl. A Seguin, Texas T Primary: Ballinger, Texas bawiclri Bronislaw T. l32 Harrison Ave. Harrison, New Jersey Primary: Ballinger, Texas Schaedel, Edward A. 7825 Cornell Ave. Chicago, Illinois Primary: Ballinger, Texas Shavel, Howard lHowl 754 Easf 23rd Si. Broolclyn, New York Primary: Chiclcasha, Oklahoma Scobee, Cloyal V. 407 Wes? Wa hi Greencaslle, Primary: Vernon, s ngfon Sl. Seybolcl, Edgar J. Uohnnyl 7I7 Roloerls S+. New Orleans, Louisiana Primary: Vernon, Texas Shafer, Richard K. Bismarck, Norih Dalcola Primary: Vernon, Texas Sheppard, William Hi. Reedy, Wesr Virginia Primary, Ballinger, Texas Shipley, John R. Fl. Smifh Arkansas Primary, Chrclcasha, Oklahoma Slcalslci, Joseph 229 Sevenlh Sl. Palisades Park, New Jersey Primary: Slamiord, Texas ShoHs, Bryan M. lBig Shofl 604 Arco Lane Laurel, Mississippi Primary: Chickasha, Olnla. Wm Slew, John P. lPunlryl 200 Van Ress San Anlonio, Texas Primary. Ballinger, T Sigler, James C., Jr. Riflman, Ohio Primary: Ballinger, Texas Spreen, Marlin W. Taylor, Texas Primary: Ballinger, Texas Squires, Charles W. lDuck Fooll ay Norlh Porlr, Alabama Primary: Chiclcasha, Oklahoma - -.J W s f . . L, ,K u 1 , ll. f -,,:w,.,,,4s .,w,.ki-My -V ,, g,, x A Q M- ,wa-4,,.s,,,rs,l..: - Nw- -AQ Z...- l galil' Q xi 'Q 7 ji il- y'OX!-4'-"" " Y Sfahl, John J., Jr. H 5 3 . IO3 Van Buren 'Q E, . iii Franklin Square, New York ' fl his Primary: Ballingemflefas ff ew tri" 1 ii H Texas alll' alle! I i P 'VW' W Slearns, Hayden E. l J J - Weyerhauser, Wisconsin ffl' Vi Primary: Chiclcasha T Oklahoma J J J or ,,ri, 7' ,sr . l J Slanley, Lawrence M., Jr. lLarr3 4 ,i,,a f New Briiain. Conneclicui mm s' UMA is Primary: Siamlorcl, Texas ' i' Q ,. Y,,, , 'Y 1- L 5 A 'iz-ff THE TEN COMMANDMENTS FOR AN INSTRUMENT PILOT I. SeaT ThyseIT well upon Thy TiTTh verTebrag leaving noT Thy TingerprinTs on The conTrols, and chewing noT on Thy Tingernails. 2. Know Thy insTrumenTs3 Tor They are The True and ap- poinTed propheTs. 3. Follow The indicaTions oT Thy insTrumenTsy and ver- ily The airplane will Tollow along, even as The Tail Tollows The sheep. 4. Do noT sTick ouT Thy neck a TooT: sTay wiThin The conTines oT Thy abiliTy, and Thou shalT live To a happy old age. 5. Know The appoinTed words and approved meThods: so ThaT if Thy neck drapeTh ouT, Thou shalT be able even unTo ThyselT To place same in iTs proper place, upon Thy shoulders. 6. Follow Thy radio beam: Tor Their ways are The happy ways and will lead To The promised landing. 7. L.isTen careTulIy, yea verily, To The signal impinging on Thy eardrum, Tor someTimes They seem To have The Tongues OT snakes, and will cross up Thy orienTaTion, To The sad sTaTe To where Thou musT ask Heaven I-IerselT Tor guid- ance. 8. Assume noT, neiTher shaIT Thou guess, ThaT Thy po- siTion is such, buT prove To Thy own saTisTacTion ThaT such is The case. 9. BoasT noT, neiTher brag: Tor surely Old Devil Over- casT shaIT wriTe such words in his book, and Thou shaIT, some day, be called Tor an accounTing. I IO. TrusT noT Thy seaT loT Thy panTsIf buT Tollow Thy insTrumenTs, read and Truly inTerpreT The word as given Trom Thine insTrumenT board, know The responsibiIiTy lies noT wiTh The hand ThaT rocks The conTroI column, buT in and wiTh The mind ThaT cIirecTs The hand, and Thou shaIT be blessed wiTh a long and happy IiTe. , IN Of f y 5 efol 1 III TIIR Ii U eezTIGIBa i ' N .mv M l5'fHf,e!-ei.S.,f"fiL..Af'f - 1142 M. ,- , . 7 .f'L1lVL','A - , - , ' ' '- f ' 'F ' - Q t , ,V.,,?4Ak U yum mmm! KW ws. J Q? I T3 .5923 . f "' ? wg. 3 1 ' . LT. F. WALTON LT. R. D. MACK LT. H. D. MAHON LT. F. J. LATHER 49th ff " quadron Flight LT. V. E. MASON Commanding Officer g l A ra.. F42 J 5? 2 .3 : Yi, J .' it QKDQ.. -4 Z Q ' , W, Q9 R ., ' gf 2 nm. -I 3+ W-J ' ,.... AAAA . A , z ' , . ,. g f. A , in ' T' f fy, N CFA 2952 '7 " - ' T 4 X 5 K XT T ERB, KAL I , if ggi N ,.V, .lgrf fg . khih W rf' 9 A g K i .yjgjff . if- ,Q K iff: ,, W A .2 J , 'vig , . LT. W. T. BURKE LT. T. L. BOZEMAN LT. K. J. BOUCHARD LT. I. W. CHRISTENSEN ,-A' , A . gf, ,iv gee. K .1 , , v. 1 . A . V.AV .L.Q , Q, A. A. ,, U-'?1f:fff5 f. W Q - F 2 5245 E s .. "1 r 5 5 ww .. .-., ,, 5' -'- 3:4 . if 515 - S 1, " ' E 3 . ' ' f' I' T f , 'f' . . .. .,-. 5 A - V :. Y " - W sf. :if "aw 3 'W 'i A '1 Msf frxx .5-2 ' .ei 21 f . S595 L W gzgcu, Mn. -..-. - 53,-IX fmgf.. y V ly ,. ,. 1. , ' E K f LT. J. H. LEHMAN LT. F. L. PRETTNER LT. R. M. BOYCE LT. L. M. MOORE, JR. S+ifel, Louis W. lPa+l 39ll-A Palm Si. S+. Louis, Missouri Primary: Ballinger, Texas Sfiles, Harolcl lHall 226 Misileroe San Anionio, Texas Primary: Ballinger, Texas Shack, William A. lBilll 4I2 N. Drexel Ave. Indianapolis, indiana Primary: Siamliorcl, Texas Sfuarf, J. Keiili lsiul 524 Siale Si. Alma Michigan P Sfuari, Linden, Jr. iLindyl R. P. D. No. 2 Clmarloiresville, Virginia Primary: Ballinger, Texas Sfurmer, Barney P. iConga ' I475 Walion Ave. my New York, New York Primary: Ballinger, Texas Primary: Clrniclcaslwa, Olclalworna Ternamian, Surran L. iTerryl 665 Vanderloili Ave. Brooklyn, New Yorlc Primary: Ballinger, Texas Siuari, Randolph J. iRandyl IOO7 Oak Si. ' Clwaiianooga, Tennessee r Primary: Ballinger, Texas Kidl N Sweeney.Charles J., ,Jr. iBud l4l3 A. Rowan'Ave. V,.l . N Si. Louis Missouri T z Primary: Ballinger, Texas y Tessler, Charles N. lchuckl 37 lvlaine Sr. Oakland, Rhode Island Primary: Slamlord, Texas Thompson, Leonard N. ,fu wwf' Thornron, William H. lDacll l22O Wesr Main Taylorville, lllinois , Primary: Chickasha, Oklahoma Thrasher, Charles B. lChuckl Daylona Beach, Florida Primary: Chickasha, Oklahoma l622 Wellesley Avenue Sl. Paul, Minnesola James, S+ Thomas, William J., Jr. lBllll V 3945 N. Farwell Ave. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Primary: Sramford, Texas TroH'er, William P. lDuckl IIOI Vernon Road La Grange, Georgia Primary: Chickasha, Oklahoma Tibberls, 2900 Des Upshaw, Harold C. lColl 5l5 Rugby Ave. College Park, Georgia Primary: Chickasha, Oklaho 64 Chelsea Road Van Bibber, Charles E. lVanl 444 Rockwood Madison New Primary: Wagner. David W. Rochesler, New York Primary: Chickasha, Oklahoma Wahl, William lllaunohyl 67fCarllon Sl. a P Johnson1Ci+y,,New York . Primary: Chiclcasha, Oklahon Volre, Louis S. lLoul - 445 Black Rock Turnpike Fairfield, Conneclicul Primary Slamlord Texas Waclawslu, Waller B. lKellyl 55 Churchill S+. Buffalo, New York Primary: Chickasha, Oklaho md Walson, Richard C. lDlckl Binghamlon, New York Primary: Chickasha, Oklahoma WardlNeal P.. . Louise, Texas 4 P y Primary: Slamlorcl. Texas lf. Webb, Michael B. lBlarneyl 42 lnner Drive Hillancl Village Si. Paul, Minnesola Primary: Coleman, Texas Whelan, Joseph R. lMusclesl Lawler, Iowa Primary: Ballinger, Texas Webb, Phillip C. lMaiorl 4l IO Walerman S+. Louis, Missouri Primary: Ballinger Wellcer, Kennelh P. lKennyl 3427 Lexingion Ave. Si. John, Missouri Primary: Ballinger, T Wheeler, William J. II66 Wilshire Ave. Universiiy Ciiy Missouri Primary: Ballinger, Texas Wilbur, William C. lToml ll Rundell Si. Dolgeville, New York Primary: Siamlord, Texas Williamson Joseph E Willie 26lO Newlcirlc Ave. Brooklyn, New Y Primary: Ballinger, Willces, Jol1n E. lFloriclal Canfield Sl. Avon Parlc, Florida Primary: Clwiclcaslia, Oklahoma Willis, Samuel M. i835 Penn. Ave. Beaumont Texas Primary: Ballinger, Texas Willis Bobby J Reeves Apr El Dorado Arkansas Primary Ballinger Texas Willis, George W. Coal Cily, Illinois Primary: Ballinger, Texas Wilson, Samuel P. f 57 Tallman Ave. Cransion, Rhode island Primary: Siamlord, Texas Wmanl John G Jr Georgel Wood Andrew J. Uaclxl Box 398 Ocala Florida Prlmary: Chiclcasha. Oklahoma -rg-gm Wrlde Roberl' A Jack Sherldan Rd Bergen New York Prnmary Sfamford Texas Yeager, Richard A. lDicl:l' 227 S. Wood S+. Bedford, Pennsylvania Prsmary: Chiclaasha, Oklahoma Hifi, MN A , A , Q ,, 4-,g,aeN2n1!Q+i:g, QM Young, Barne'H' B. L y P ., 600 Beech Sf. Gurdon, Arkansas Primary: Ballinger, Texas kj y o gf! ff 2 of E eeerr r . , X' W I u "f i :Mi "1Mv l ?mmiiWwi 1' I' 5' ff 4 ,.i.i iJ' f- N P of j G? William R. iwauaei C 5 u 2622 uf '-5' Denver, 5 Primary: +P z L . - Youse, William H., lll lDivebombe-rl . R. R. No.. l Hannibal, Missouri ' Primary: Ballinger, Texas -1-1 ' K i i Zenclegui, Joseph G. lBudl f I' ' 32-Il San Miguel P ".k Tampa. Florida P P - Primary: Chickaslia, Oklahoma If CE A Q en air P P Q Q Z 5 EQ E Q, 2 Q, S 2 ,C 3 i 2 S 5 Z 2 Q Q sl 3 5 ? 2 5 S E 'Q 5 S .9 2 S is K 53 5 5 si ii A 2 E 1 a E ? 2 5 Goodfellow Field, San Angelo, Texas. Dear Pop: Gol your leller and lhanks a million for lhal check. Sure did come in handy. Gol behind a lillle lhis monlh wilh all lhe deduclions lhal came oul. P. X. bills, laundry, dry cleaning, barber shop, shoe shine boy. class book, and of course War Bonds. Did I lell you lhal our class subscribed IOO per cenl for War Bonds? And mosl of lhe fellows are laking oul as much as lhey can pos- sibly spare. They're a mighly good inveslmenl, nol only financially. bul also in democracy. So you see, we're doing our bil lwo ways. As I lold you before, we've gol a prelly lough schedule. Il's easy lo see why our pilols are lhe besl in lhe world. Reveille is al 5:45, breakfasl al 6:l5, llighl line al V7:OO, and we're flying five hours a day now which means lhal we don'l gel off lhe line unlil afler I2:3O. Chow is al I:O5. ground school al I:5O, physical lraining al 4:25, relreal al 6:IO and chow al 6:35. Then we're lhrough for lhe day unless you have less lhan a 75 average for lhe week in one of lhe ground school subiecls, in which case you have lo go lo compulsory sludy hall for an hour in each subiecl. Then some nighls during lhe week, we have nighl flying and Link Training. Il doesn'l leave us much lime for fooling around, as you can see. The week-end rouline is prelly much lhe same. Now lhal we're upper class. we can spend Sal- urday nighl in lown. So when we gel off, which is afler a personal inspeclion, we go in and for lhe firsl hour or so in lown, all lhe boys hang around lhe local drug slore. Then lhe forlunale ones wilh dales go lheir way afler lhem. Mosl of us lake our dales lo Sle-ve's Ranch House for dinner, or supper as ils known in lhe Army. Afler dinner, we head for one of lhree places, The Hangar, Shad- owland. and Ma Goodwin's Tavern, wilh lhe Tavern gelling lhe largesl percenlage. I neglecled lo say lhal mosl of us slop by lhe local package shop on lhe way and pick up a quarl of our favorile beverage. Mine slill is Scolch. We dance, drink. dance and drink, and drink some more. Thal's iusl aboul lhe only form of relaxalion lhal we have. Ol course lhere's always lhe piclures, bul we gel mosl of lhe shows al lhe Posl before lhey come in lown, so lhere you are. You cerlainly were righl aboul lhe girls in Army lowns Pop. The largesl percenlage are prelly nice, and some of lhose are really swell. Then, lhere's lhe olher kind loo, bul surprisingly enough lhe Cadels sleer clear of lhem. We've much loo much al slake lo lake any chances, you know. Then loo, il's such a relief lo meel some people you enioy being wilh, for lheir personalily alone. l've mel a swell girl, from a very nice family, and she's really a honey. She's a graduale of lhe local high school and also lhe U. of Texas. And we do really gel along swell logelher. She's a won- derful dancer, and you know how much I love lo dance. I'm prelly serious aboul her and when I gel mg congmission and wings, I lhink I'm coming back here lo gel her. You and lvlom will be crazy a oul er. Il's hard lo believe or ralher lo realize lhal in a very few monlhs we'll be lhrough as Cadels. We graduale aboul December I5lh you know, and you can bel lhal all lhe fellows are really look- ing forward lo il. Officers in lhe Uniled Slales Army Air Forces! Il sure does sound good. For mosl of us, il's a boyhood dream coming lrue. Parl of lhe besl Air Force in lhe world! Boy, oh boy! And speaking aboul flying, lhey're really keeping us busy on lhe line. As I menlioned, we're flying five hours a day. Thal lime is composed of bolh inslrumenl flying and formalion flying, We're having "buddy rides" now and we have quile a lime "in,slrucling" each olher. One of us llys under lhe hood and lhe olher observes for him. Il's really good praclice and we gel a chance loo, lo see how our buddies fly. The formalion flying is quile a bil of fun. Two of us fly on lhe wings of our inslruclor. I'Ie leads lhe formalion and is responsible for lhe safelyiof il. We have lo keep our eyes on him all lhe lime and woe lo lhe man lhal doesn'l. And lhen lhere's lhe nighl flying. Al firsl we praclice landing wilh a flood-Iighled runway. lhen wilh landing Iighls and finally wilh hooded runway Iighls. Prelly soon we'II slarl nighl forma- lio'n and also go on a nighl cross-counlry. The cross counlrys are good experience. They are long enough lo make us navigale and yel shorl enough lhal lhey aren'l loo faliguing. They are all lriangular courses wilh one landing being made, usually al lhe second field. Some of lhe fellows have gollen Iosl, bul lhe maiorily of us have come lhrough okay. We're all looking forward lo lhal nighl cross-counlry. Thal will really lell us if"we've learned anylhing from lhe olhers. Well, guess lhal's aboul all lhe news now. Il's almosl lime for laps and we do love lhis "sack lime." ' Wrile me real soon and again. lhanks for lhe check. Love lo Mom, and regards lo all. , Your loving son, A we fO 9223 if i MVW Zi' 0047! joglff Q 0 YA J VX J! M, C U v ffl K 49 ' ,ifa h S , . X 6 4 T g dsx , Q5 rl? O Q X M QS on G VTCCUJ b "' ' qgvbag . 7 V "' V55 d ' N ff? , my xi: t X XX 3? 1 Y , y Q M , 3 X i 4 X Ms 2 F3 5 V 22 21 Z2 555 if? as Q4 9? BZ ,ZS S A ff:-llc' 13 M "Skim .Y ..,., 'x'37"f" ' W A VCI fx 'Q W , X fi, Q , 'A' 1,g5Vi? Z FO 4 f , 6 Q! ,fffn ...Y Y :sw ' f' ' ""'MwA 9 ff Wmffif M Q . Q 7 gif M, f'15a2ps:f:s:'gg:gg fm 5',1i:.g4,' WX Q f HJ I J I QHLUJ md fl:':'1N' Sheff, 2 ' A ' 2 Y, mf , ' l I ' 3 XJ wx Eiya , xx Eg! .xii 1 ,viii-f?Yl! : 2 K Im tk - . 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Al any rale lhe advice and lechnique inslilled in us will carry us lhrough many a narrow squeeze-we hope. And when lhe lime comes we hope +ha+ we will hear lhe echo. "Your base leg is lo lar oul . . give il lhe gun and drag il in . . . use more llaps . . . bring il up lo lhe runway . . . more llaps . . . ease il down . . . flaps . . . pick lhal wing up . . . sellle down . . . use a lillle lhrollle when you balloon . . . gel lhal slick back in your lap . . . hold her slraighl . . . gel on lhose brakes . . . easy . . . clear lhe runway lo lhe righlf' urn: K .. Abi' flu K, 4 AV 1 ,A Q53 xl ,, 44 Q fix' X ibh an N EF A i 1 I W X X M I l -w--- ., 5.4440-'Tw -.-n Wfcffw ffmwmap G fig if , flV0fF snug Z Xff 1 Af A f Wx ,.. ,jg 1 K5 i k 5 l x i 13 U Q 1 E I 'Jf V. .nf ff K ' 1 A ff 'fs - - , A 'H x Z .f if' V' i.A x A, 3,4932 x N I r I-,tum ,eil rf yif n 5, FQ? 7 , . X 5 ' Y' . fy , , X 1 N A . ' 4....,M,WW.NNww.wWA:-HMM M-WW""N:fW"" , Q , , ANV igrdf. L 1 . 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WM ,fa gm 1, f f ffl M6 5 E E T 2 f 3 WM, Xff P93615 ps QPXSOMS' ,Nun F Q7 n g' In -Q , ,- 'A ' Q s .1 0 Q CONGRATULATIONS TO: Mr. ancl Mrs. Linden Sruarr, Jr., ancl also fo Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Hayden Sfearns, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Thompson, all of whom srepped off during our sray ar Goodfellow. ,,,,.-.N ed ,.,- cal' aw xl 4 , f .V ff F ,,, I , 61 " azqiqgkf NEW ff-u aff C O 41-as-6 flags' r ,Q X Sm Sv B R af , nr, Q gh 'W'-vvmnmvg Shea M..-,..f wmmwmwm NWA, ,w,,,,.-,,,,,..-Wmffw-4.N.L,..,f ,, ,.,1,,,a.,.-M -wwf M F YI 3 -fi VL! 4, 14 if 2 K ' -- f, f ? Q24QA'V5AS:f'v?G5?i1 - 'TIT' H ' 31' V - 4 x r ' kQ,iZ'1'LMwASS3113S y ,xxx f 2 XZ, vw ,f, ffff? .. gg I, ,. MH! ,f""""' n A F A ,U ff , ,,,,,, affirm 2A 1 cfQffgii, ,fff . Q?f!!fg--f V A ggfffw, V I ,,., ..,. 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We Think This edifion of CAVU is The besw' yer and we hope you will like ir. Bur ir is doubhfui if any amounr of efiorr couldiproduce a chronicle worihy of Class 42-K. THE STAFF. ART SALKIN, Feafure Wrifer xi A F 'xx TS: plsofo grab 66, B. B. YOUNG, Phofographic Ediior JOHN SHIPLEY, Phofographer J. K. STUART, Arr Edilror fd f i F z ,i if xr' X 1 QKQOTOQ6 , S x , Sap. PX 'ip Qw dwg -fi 5 fl fl fl 4 3 1 i 1 I .i 1 ,ij 1 '1 1 1 4 , 1 I I 1 3 oz 51 5. fi 3. 63 x .1 mm QeAmm.cm1vM41mw .-iz-Qmzm,4.iff W . qv f ,. .V , . X M. . M'v "'iiM fm , Q W7 f Q W W 14 4, W vw-My , I If N x K by gd! :vw 4 Q4 , , 4, -. M x XM NW M- xv 26" .M fb-Q 'Sf-ff' t ASNM K 9' "WL 'W' iq'-9396 f f , x, . V5,, ,M If - -Z W - f W U ,V Y 5 V , B H , 1- - wiv ,, f' gfgfjffr A Q 't' gr V ' 6,2 'ln NNW' ' 'H W, -Qwy f, Vl,V,? T' , px W iv A , Q: 4 , ,Q + A , I ,t , u . , .1 f V Q , , , , . . V M' I W M B 4-wkfxh., f W fi if Aaaff. -iyxga H0415 vi, 'wif . fw 4, L A Q ., We I ' '-f ' ' H "',,.gig, ffm 41' ' 4 ' we 2 Jw N Z f Q ,, , fn, ., . wr ,W wy- aff K , M , M- W M--MQ, -W. 6 1-.A W f M -q, , v, ' xlf' 2312" ,s"f' . " 54- " f A, P my 'M W x ff, ,I wwf- f Ai,Q,.f1, K, ,, f ,,,. Q Q , ,gh - " - MW H 1- ,KMA . , K . , , y , A - Q , x, , Q f W G . , , V , Q, - x ,Q ,M 6 N .lab ,MMM .,g,g A . , ,W A ...W W, an , l,,,,,y,.M A, vi, l .,,' an .. H 1, f ,K Q 'Q gm ,, I X v4 1 r I .Q ,yn ,- x I ., 1- 4 , 1 M Mr My QL N bf 'W 'ff if KMA 'L -Q XQTM., .,,,, 3 Q! 41 evxmb, A W, U ut. 'iw Q .. 'I 'U 2 M v 'QQTQ-5' A M :Lf 11. ,, 'M 4 ' ' V 'yn 1, x v K, W if K , . fmbw U 'KKQXQQ ,Wa F. , 4 N 1, i . ,W ,K V M ,,,, . mn Mwwff- I V - V W- 'mf G. ' ' "Jw L. A ' , . ' S' ' ' M. ,iw Tkgw ,WK , qi , f ,H Q f ' .l A M z , . A N if 4 AVAQUV Q H 'Q vw: ,gk 'fu - X, -ff W M xg '

Suggestions in the US Army Air Force Training Center - Cavu Yearbook (Goodfellow Field, TX) collection:

US Army Air Force Training Center - Cavu Yearbook (Goodfellow Field, TX) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 20

1942, pg 20

US Army Air Force Training Center - Cavu Yearbook (Goodfellow Field, TX) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 66

1942, pg 66

US Army Air Force Training Center - Cavu Yearbook (Goodfellow Field, TX) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 16

1942, pg 16

US Army Air Force Training Center - Cavu Yearbook (Goodfellow Field, TX) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 15

1942, pg 15

US Army Air Force Training Center - Cavu Yearbook (Goodfellow Field, TX) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 16

1942, pg 16

US Army Air Force Training Center - Cavu Yearbook (Goodfellow Field, TX) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 25

1942, pg 25

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