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fm ' SmM ' ' frM flWi s:m sm dmmsi smimmz ■ 9 " m- ' l. ' ii%.tJ • I , •»- " «=ri -. " S ' -.9 -t ' " i fL 7 .5.5 Tfieocfore ki Carrier J jr " 14 1171 1 iSSr »•• : tf«P»i tif s -%— . -, V - -• - ' i t (CV-W 8) f.i- saftffl ' - ' ' Jr— - Jk !TT ■Mfc ' V2B ..:4.- A. J, cwr 71 cvws TR THE Man 6 DESRON 52 Administration 58 AIMD 78 Air 110 Combat Systems 148 CRMD 170 Deck 180 Dental 192 Engineering 200 Legal 228 Medical 236 Navigation 246 Operations 256 Reactor 284 Safety 318 Supply 326 Training 362 Weapons 370 CVW-8 402 Under Secretary 516 l_ATE Arrivals 522 1st Strike 28 2 jV% Slovenia 190 Ian6 52 I 58 78 110 ONTENTS ' t! . 38 By the numbers 16 Homecoming 528 , ly-; imaim3aisu.imanm mmnaMmma vr What an amazing year this was for USS Theodore Roosevelt! The ship returned in Marcl K,afterare hero ' s welcome. Soon we began preparations for shipyard maiaten QQ nd the neKt s-iMt WhQi May 2003? After an accelerated Planned Incremental Availability from June until November 2002, Ar ' ca ' s Big Stick training cycle of seven months was likely to be cut short. Sailors were told to pack for tl ompositeTra In February,, while the ship performed in the warm waters of the Caribbean tt long-ant :3tedwor(lca months! .j , _ TR Sailors answered the calf futy with the same enthusiasm shown by the ship ' s nam Keacentury assignment in Washington to ride into history with The Rough Riders during the Spanish -ericanWar, as we sailed off to Operation Iraqi Freedom in spite of the uncertainty of the mission anc ' dateofitsi We couldn ' t havQ cl.Qne. bQtJer. The TB C rrier Mr Wing Ei ht team galvanized iCltO a fight.; ytthat ma War II. Every Sailor can be proud of his or her task in making this incredible mission and journey ssible, Fron reservists called tg active duty all the way gp tQ the most veteran Sailors on their last jou|iysatsea,ei ership in Iraq. I have enjoyed every minute of being Commanding Officer for this Qur seCQOd wartime ( ' •• freedom we hold so dear. On the following pages, you will see history unfold in front of you. The 5,500 stories you !llseeareg| and family we hold dear; stgries that will ring in the ears of childrea and grandchildren ai Stick. " Captain Richard J. O ' Hanlon, Commanding Officer USS Theodore Roosevelt B iSS!i IT SiGiSS$G!tS £Z ttiefiextjg ment. Who would have thought tiiatj UiJftifituriUBaifQni a second deployrnsay er2002,ferca ' s Big Stick was given the word around Christmas time thaftPie alreacfy , ipackfofb (Dmposite Training Unit Exercise in January as if it would be for deployment. ' [lelofafEiiated word cam t America ' s Big Stick was returning to war for the second tim r ship ' s nanscce a century earlier. Then Assistant Secretary of the Navy Theodore Rooseveff fei l m. eSpaois rsrican War. The same sacrificial attitude could be felt throughout the ship and airwing jssionaoth date of its conclusion. intoaig i(!uni.t tot made hiStQCy during the largest deployment of carrier air strength siQQQ WQrld iP(jjourpep5sible. From the most junior Sailor away from home for his or her first time to the leirlastjofjiYS at sea, e qjl contribution was vital In helping complete the mission tQ topple to lead- i m oyment In tess ton a year. We will never forget our time tq etor, defending to 0 f ll see are a testament of hard work and dedlQatlon thousands of miles from the friends 00 |t hQW someone toy love gave Qf tomselves to preserve freedom aboard America ' s Big Theodore (1859 Theodore Roosevelt, the second of four children, was born Oct. 27, 1858, In New York City. As a child, he struggled against frailty, nearsightedness and asthma. His love for reading helped foster a love for nature and the outdoors. He also exercised vigorously and developed a lifelong interest in what he called ' ' the strenuous life. " He entered Harvard at 18 with the intent of becoming a naturalist. As a senior he began work on a book, " The Naval War of 1812. " TR graduated 21st in a class of 177 in 1880 and married Alice Hathaway Lee. After graduation, at the age of 22, Roosevelt joined New York City ' s 21 District Republican Club and was elected to the New York Assembly. TR ' s mother died of typhoid in February 1884, and his wife died later the same day of Bright ' s disease (a kidney ailment) while giving birth to their daughter, Alice. TR left New York to regain his strength and confidence at the Elkhorn Ranch in the North Dakota Badlands. Returning to NYC in 1886, TR ran unsuccessfully for mayor. That year, he married Edith Kermit Carow, who would bear him five children. Political service to Benjamin Harrison won TR a seat on the Civil Service Commission in 1889. He gained national attention by staging a fight against favoritism. TR ' s position: jobs should go to the most qualified applicants. In 1895, Roosevelt took the post of NYC Police Commissioner and fought Democrats and Republicans to establish a merit system for appointments and promotions. TR was appointed assistant secretary of the Navy in 1897. He immediately began building the strength of the Navy. Concerning an experimental steam-powered naval aircraft, TR wrote, " It seems to me worthwhile for this government to try whether it will work on a large enough scale to be of use in event of war. " The war he was referring to was brewing with Spain over control of Cuba. During the 1898 Spanish-American War, TR resigned to go to battle. He organized the First U.S. Cavalry Regiment, " The Rough Riders, " and saw action at San Juan Hill. Returning from Cuba a hero, Roosevelt was elected Governor of New York in 1899, and resumed his work for reform. He tightened control of sweatshops and pushed for government supervision of utilities and insurance companies. TR angered the Republican bosses who were now torn between a de sire to get him out of lOOSE ' 1919 sflfhairaifi tlytioo: bofY iiog mats moital f tsfJRwas ifc first ye m by 511 msts in the iii in com Anal use, rated 16 n I1902,TR ipeacewhic i, and w( liierican bat llTRieft 111 I was back TR ' s idency a " Eyrope,H iiQuentin W,lntti5 Death had! feidentTh tevelt hi ve been a ffesident to ssybmarine the Nob of Namifigc Wiohnf 63rchitec umpletefai hasbl listory; 1001! lOOSEVELT 1859 ' is love for 30 work and New York of ' eft New Ota 3 to NYC in xessfully r,tie it Carow, fifive ifviceto onTR3 fvice I. He intion by nst ti ' on; jobs )St took the 1919) ' ought jbiicans tern for fomotions. lilding the 16 to be of itrolof the Firs ' igfrom s work for flOf out of heir hair and a wish to exploit his vote-getting vigor. Their solution: bury him in the vice presidency. TR became the ' unning mate of President McKinley in the 1900 election. His oopularity increased McKinley ' s margin of victory. McKinley was mortally wounded by an assassin Sept. 6, 1901. A week later, TR was sworn in as this nation ' s 26th president. [n his first year as president, TR took action on his calls for reform by suing the Northern Securities Company, then trusts in the beef, coal and sugar industries. TR was also active in conservation. He set aside 150 million acres for national use, doubled the number of national parks and created 16 national monuments. In 1902, TR moved to create the Panama Canal. He mediated a peace which brought an end to the Russo-Japanese War in 1905, and won the Nobel Peace Prize. In 1907, TR sent 16 American battleships around the world. The Great White Fleet was, as TR remarked, " the most important service I ever rendered to peace. " In 1909, TR left the White House but continued to live the " strenuous life. " He began a Smithsonian-sponsored African safari, bagging more than 500 animals and birds. He was back in politics for the 1912 election, though TR ' s " Bull Moose " party never gained the support needed to bring him to the presidency again. TR stumped hard for the Liberty Bond drive after the outbreak of war in Europe. However, with the death of his son, Quentin, in 1918, TR ' s spirit began to wane. In the early morning of Jan. 6, 1919, Roosevelt died. " " Death had to take him sleeping, " said Vice President Thomas R. Marshall. " For if Roosevelt had been awake, there would have been a fight. " Roosevelt was the first president to fly and the first to submerge in a submarine, as well as the first American to win the Nobel Peace Prize. As assistant secretary of the Navy, he supported research and development in carrier aviation. In naming CVN 71, former Secretary of the Navy John F. Lehman said, " (TR) was one of the architects of our modern Navy. His complete faith in the necessity for a strong Navy has been fully justified by most recent history. " • Ship ' s m The keel of " Hull 624D " was laid at Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company on Oct 31, 1981. Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger authenticated the keel laying of TR by initiating the first weld. On Nov. 3, 1981, Secretary of the Navy John F. Lehman announced the world ' s newest aircraft carrier would be named after the 26th president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt. 9,15 1531, eventui ' {f " lien Iraqi fc iration Pre iSSdaysats TR was christened and launched Oct. 27, 1984, by Mrs. Barbara Lehman, Secretary Lehman ' s wife. On Oct. 25, 1986, TR was commissioned, and officially became a part of the U.S. Atlantic Fleet. TR was the first aircraft carrier to be assembled in large sections, or modules. The process started with the ship in pieces, like a plastic model. The pieces were pre-staged in ' Nay- down " areas, assembled into larger modules, hoisted into place, and welded together. Many of the larger systems were installed in the modules while they were still in the lay-down areas. This reduced the need for cutting and rewelding access passages. Modular construction, made possible through the use of a huge gantry crane capable of lifting 900 tons, cut 16 months off TR ' s construction time. The innovative construction techniques employed on TR have been used in constructing every aircraft carrier since. Capt. Paul W. Parcells was named commanding officer in Feb. 1984, and, that October, the ship was officially christened. On Oct. 25, 1986, TR was placed in active service. Capt. Dayton W. Ritt became TR ' s second commanding officer on Oct. 3, 1987, and on Dec. 30, 1988, TR started her maiden deployment, which was also the maiden deployment of the first 10-squadron air wing. Carrier Air Wing Eight. USS Theodore Roosevelt was awarded the Battle " E " from Commander, Naval Air Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, on March 20, 1990. i hip ' s anyofioct, TRby " ouncedtiie [ISTORY I Dec. 30, the first _ the Dn June 9, 1990, Capt. Charles S. Abbot became the ship ' s third commanding officer and on Dec. 28, TR and CVW-8 deployed for Operation Desert Shield. TR entered the war on Jan. 9, 1991, eventually flying over 4,200 sorties (more than any other carrier) and dropping more than 4,800,000 pounds of ordnance before the cease-fire on Feb. 28. " i When Iraqi forces turned on the Kurds, TR and CVW-8 were among the first coalition forces in Operation Provide Comfort, flying patrols over northern Iraq. After a 189-day deployment, with 169 days at sea, TR returned to Norfolk on June 28, 1991. On Feb. 14, 1992, the ship won its second Battle ' ' E. " This was followed by the award of the Battenburg Cup for 1991 as the Atlantic Fleet ' s " premier ship. Capt. Stanley W. Bryant became TR ' s fourth commanding officer on Aug. 27, 1992. TR and CVW-8 began their third deployment on Mar. 11, 1993, teamed with the Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force (SPMAGTF) to test the concept of embarking a multi- purpose Marine force on a carrier. TR hosted President Bill Clinton ' s first visit to a U.S. Navy ship, then sailed to the Adriatic as CVW-8 planes enforced Operation Deny Flight in the U.S. no-fly zone over Bosnia. In June, on the way to only her second port visit, TR was ordered to turn around and transit the Suez Canal en- route to the Red Sea to participate in Operation Southern Watch, enforcing the no-fly zone over Iraq. Deployed for 184 days, TR spent 169 days underway. Her flight deck logged over 16,000 hours, and CVW-8 flew more sorties than during the Persian Gulf War. For its accomplishments, the ship received its second Meritorious Unit Commendation. - In November of 1993, TR entered Norfoll Naval Shipyard (NNSY) for a Selected Restricted Availability (SRA). Heading bacl to sea on April 14, 1994, TR became the first nuclear carrier to complete an SRA ahead of schedule at NNSY. Awards for 1993 continued. TR received the CINCUVNTFLT Golden Anchor Award for the best retention in an Atlantic Fleet carrier. On March 10, 1994, TR received its third Battle " E. " Then on June 3, TR was awarded its second Battenburg Cup as the best ship in the Atlantic Fleet. On July 8, 1994, Capt. Ronald L. Christenson became TR ' s fifth commanding officer. Ooeyf an tier si ; Sea to 51 itwo(iiontti5 Q ljil-S wen .fzooeovefS i ]ao, 1 200( r(l,Portsf little ship ' ipt, Rictiard J liieganheri ine transit lAring Freed ifces in creati (jaeda. AftJ ilf tiit two pi toai Uni fertile depio Oct, 30, 21 ig ttiroygti iiposite Uni heywooldnc TR and CVW-8 began their fourth deployment in March of 1995, operating in the Red Sea in support of Operation Southern Watch. TR also conducted flight operations in support of Operations Deny Flight and Sharp Guard over the skies of Bosnia and in the Adriatic operating areas. Deny Flight evolved into Operation Deliberate Force, as CVW-8 aircraft led NATO strikes against strategic Bosnian Serb targets in Sarajevo-Herzegovina. During TR ' s transit home. Secretary of the Navy John Dalton came aboard and awarded the Theodore Roosevelt Battle Grgup the Navy Unit Commendation for the Bosnia operations. " In 1996, TR received its third consecutive Golden Anchor Award and Commander, Naval Air Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet ' s first Security Excellence Award. OA V-3 joined TR in May 1996 prior to her port visit to Halifax, Nova Scotia. On Nov. 1, 1996, Capt. David Architzel became TR ' s sixth commanding officer. TR left for her fifth deployment on Nov. 25, 1996, conducting operations in the Mediterranean and Arabian Gulf in support of Operation Southern Watch. On July 8, 1997, TR entered the Newport News Shipbuilding yard for a one-year Extended Drydock and Selected Restricted Availability (EDSRA), her first major overhaul since commissioning. In February 1998, TR received her fifth Golden Anchor Award while in the I 0 W «i w ' theshiJhlpyard. One year later, TR returned to her homeport at the Norfolk Naval Station. seconc ' ■- M apl PavId R. Bryant became TR ' s sevfenth commanding officer on Sep. 22, 1998. )n. ' k Naval SY)fora R began her sixth deployment in March 1999 with G W-8. They were called to duty in the onian Sea to support NATO ' s Operation Allied Force. TR and CVW-8 conducted air strikes or two months over the skies of the former Yugoslavian Repulic against the Serbians. TR nd CVW-8 were then dispatched to support Operation Southern Watch, enforcing the " no- y " zone over Southern Iraq. TR returned to her homeport of Norfolk, Va., on Sept. 24, SRA), »599- 5eao(i itn Jan. 7, 2000, TR entered a Planned Incremental Availability at the Norfolk Naval % lIRl)ec3Tsfhipyard, Portsrbouth, Va. This six-month maintenance period ended on June 30, 2000, »carne:B| hen the ship departed on sea trials. SWalieailofI (fjSy. fffapt. Richard J. O ' Hanlon became TR ' s eigth commanding officer March 22, 2001. 593 deceived raiGoldei for itie best n Atlafitic OfiHarcti receivedte Tiled 00 IS awarded tenburg Cyp ipintlie ;• III S4 h 4 ai began her seventh deployment on Sept. 19, 2001, with Carrier Air Wing One. After a outine transit of the Atlantic Ocean, TR and CVW-1 were called to support Operation nduring Freedom. Receiving support from around the country, TR and CVW-1 led coalition orces in creating a more stable government in Afgahnistan and hunting down members of I Qaeda. After breaking the record for the longest period underway since WWII, TR ' s crew nly hit two ports after a record 159 days at sea. TR was again awarded the Battenberg up. Naval Unit Commendation and Battle E. TR pulled back in March 27, 2002. fer the deployment TR moved to NNSY to complete a six-month maintenance availability. )n Oct. 30, 2002, TR returned to the fleet in preparation for her next deployment. After loing through an accelerated training cycle, TR left Jan. 6, 2003, for the strike group ' s omposite Unit Training Exercise. Shortly after leaving Norfolk, the crew was notified that hey would notNJ e returning home as planned. After completing COMPTUEX, the Theodore Roosevelt Strike Group surged to 6th Fleet to show coalition resolve by supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom, along with six other strike groups, before returning from the unscheduled deployment May 29. an enemy tttat ri men mdw i tdeirdomr. In ' i miStary andmradSes eaudedout m efy edmjefy e; ecMam Our forces eanfironfed medevetty mk Afwatfate andimrakiy 6nt mn in mffom sRmvedtdeirdeceiuy and §pt t mfantd ofSattH Jbmrieau Sendees set an dating t at m(l stand far a((time. — Numbers from 2003 Operation Iraqi Freedom Cruise USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) returned home on May 29, 2003, from its five-month deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Listed below are some of the stats the TR compiled during this historic deployment: Sorties: Flew more than 6,500 sorties, 1,703 in combat. km Launches Recoveries: 7,230. Flight hours: Totaled more than 15,000 flight hours, resulting in a 99.2 percent aircraft sortie completion rate. Ordnance cost: Dropped more than 1 million pounds of ordnance estimated cost of $38,326, 000. Jet fuel: Consumed nearly 1 1 million gallons. Mail: Moved more than 1.7 million pounds. Reenlistments: 86 Sailors reenlisted for more than 400 total years. Miles steamed: 43,225 miles (total since Jan. 5). Meals: 568,689 consumed Food Cost: $5,079,125.37, S2l,433j I, Types of Food Consumed: Bacon: 13,912 pounds. Fresh Eggs: 46,172 dozen. Frozen Eggs: 41,575 pounds . Milk: 5,632 containers. Coffee: 3,729 cans. Flour: 6,948 bags. Sugar: 3,024 bags. Butter: 15,174 pounds. Bottled Catsup: 39,740 bottles. Chicken: 93,763 pounds. Steaks: 7,783 pounds. Shrimp: 12,606 pounds. Hot Dogs: 25,7 14 pounds. Hamburgers, 5 oz. each: 41,746 pounds. Freedom Fries: 81,340 pounds. American Cheese: 26,923 pounds. Shredded Cheese: 14,833 pounds. Ice Cream: 1417 containers. $1,498,416.93 in Merchandise sales from the Ship ' s Store. $339,130.50 in Soda vending machine sales. $139,122.85 in Snack vending machine sales. $281,836.00 in Phone card sales. $21,433.61 in Concessionaire sales. q m r r " H H -• -4 M, J-i ' ■■;; ' :r ' Wi HlftSS?«S« .-tf Wr«i ( ' j: ! ' ,irJ«.AriTOV ' Commander, Theodore Roosevelt Strike Group Rear Admiral John C. Harvey, Jr. qn ear Adm. John C. Harvey, Jr., was born and raised in Baltimore, Md. He received his commission from the U. S. Naval Academy in 1973 and immediately commenced training in the Nuclear Propulsion program. Rear Adm. Harvey has served at sea on board USS Enterprise (CVN 65), USS Bainbridge (CGN 25), USS Mclnerney (FFG 8), USS Nimitz (CVN 68) and USS Long Beach (CGN 9). He commanded USS David R Ray (DD 971) and USS Cape St. George (CG 71). Rear Adm. Harvey has deployed to the North and the South Atlantic, the Mediterranean, Baltic and Red Seas, the Western Pacific, the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Gulf. Ashore, Rear Adm. Harvey served at the Bureau of Naval Personnel (two tours) and as the Senior Military Assistant to the Under Secretary of Defense (Policy). hhhhS " fc» ' ¥ ' 1 20 Rear Adm. Harvey is currently serving as Commander, Cruiser-Destroyer Group Eight Theodore Roosevelt Strike Group. Rear Adm. Harvey is married to the former Mary Ellen Swift of Upper Montclair, N. J. They have two children, Sarah and David. MHMHMMiPdP gien Swift of ihand Chief of Staff, Theodore Captain Walter J. Donovan Capt. Walter J. Donovan was born in Quonset Point, R. I. He received his commission from the U. S. Naval Academy in 1974 and his wings as a Naval Flight Officer in 1976. Capt. Donovan has served at sea in Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron ' s 135, 139, and 138, and as Operations Officer on board USS George Washington (CVN 73). He commanded Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 138. Capt. Donovan has deployed to the North and South Atlantic, the Mediterranean and Baltic Seas, the Western Pacific, the Indian Ocean and Arabian Gulf. Ashore, Capt. Donovan served as 16 ' " Company Officer at the U. S. Naval Academy, Executive Officer in Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 129, Chief of the Joint Reconnaissance Center at Head Quarters U. S. European Command, Stuttgart, Germany and the senior military Advisor in the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency and U.S. State Department. Capt. Donovan is currently serving as Chief of Staff for the Commander, Cruiser-Destroyer Group Eight Theodore Roosevelt Strike Group. He graduated from Gonzaga College High School in 1970, received a bachelor ' s in General Engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1974 and earned his Master ' s degree in International Security Affairs from the National War College in 1974. Capt. Donovan is married to the former Kathleen R. Ullrich of Annapolis, Md. They have two children, Liam and Courtney. le Theodore ; ' o? Air VVhh. ' i i. ikc Groi idiate ing USS Theodore Roosevelt, u, USS Anzio, and USS Cape St. DG-S exercises oversight of unit le " ' «- trike additioiP jve func Bmateriai readiness tr roup. CC W ' eports to CuP ' inior ;: commanders in the Atlanti. Capt. Eugene P. Sullivan Cmdr. Bruce B. Mack Cmdr. Roy N. Peterson Cmdr. Peter C. Rasnice Cmdr. Tom Halvorson Lt, Cmdr. Ron Hanson Lt. Cmdr. David A. I orales Lt. Cmdr. Dean A. Muriano Lt. Robert S. Bridges, Jr. FCC (SW) John P. Guilfoyle YNC (SW) David W. Haldiman Picture MSC (SW AW) Daniel A. Not Vennard Available ENl Christopher L. Blakely LNl Piper A. Duff ATI Jeron L. Little EWl (SW) Jeffrey D. Nance ISl (SW) Yuler A. Puentes cm Davenna Y. Picture Not Available Teasley OSl Paul S. Thurman CTRl (SW) Paul D. White IT2 Castidad D. Aponte YN2 Missina Barrett MS2 Marcus K. Burton FC2 Aaron W. Coke 0S2 Michael C. Harris 0S2 Alicia E. Jacocks 0S2 Joe Lindsey CTR2 Alton L. Neese CTTSN Matthew D. Edger AN (AW) Mitchell R. Garcia MASN Steven A. Schlotzhauer SKSA Jansen D. Butler SHSA Melanie A. Crownover AR Ian S. Kline Lt. Cmdr. Chris J. Arends Lt. Cmdr. Richard Callesen, Jr. Lt. Cmdr. Christopher E. Dunphy Lt. Col. Brett J. Grosshans Lt. David A. Stroud AVCi l l ichael D. Smith EMCS (SW) Charles T. Kunzer ADC Randy C. Coffey BMl (SW) Jeremy J. Eden FCl (SW AW) Shawn C. Harmon AMEl Darius W. Lackman % i ' i? . [ UninmillUM ' " ! " " " ' ! ' A t ■ - -V ' " .V ' ' " t l n 1 TR LAUNCHES 1st STRbl " Opeiabc Months of training and sM launch of its first strikes in i All of the squadrons emt Hussein ' s palace complexes One of the main goals of communicate with the milit of the Iraqi regime, said TR| " As we flew away we co " Gandhi " Gaiani. " The mi By 7:30 a.m., all 20 plan " The success of tonight ' s crew was tasked to train an According to Capt. David pilots. The flying time to th returning home to TR safe, " Everyone is excited, " sai TR ' s return to the game ii " Last night validates all tl- toted tn John C. Harvey. " In less the J itiisa other carrier out here can si st ' jaiionairst The ait ilairsOffii le targets isatotaisui c edinthe K gives mi imatana tf,Cofii itswassev tytreme land, " Our thatii mfrnmBmrnmr-- ■ ' : es , SltES IN SUPPORT OF OIF ' anjJe paid off for the crew of USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) and Carrier Air Wing Eight (CVW 8) with the ' %iJirt of Operation Iraqi Freedom. ' - ' S ' senil aJDoard TR were utilized, whether in a strike or support role, in the attack against one of Sadam an AM broadcasting station in central Iraq. :oalition air strikes is to sever the Iraqi governments ' ability to stay in control of Iraq and the ability to rces. The aim of attacking command and control and military infrastructure targets is to speed up the fall c Affairs Officer Lt. John Oliveira. 2 the targets engulfed in flames, " said Fighter Squadron (VF) 213 Commanding Officer Cmdr. Anthony ail 20 plan ifigtimeto etoTRsafe, tottiegame . " In less ti lit here an as a total success. " nched in the strike were back aboard TR. softooigtit! ions gives me a great sense of satisfaction, " said TR Commanding Officer Capt. Richard J. O ' Hanlon. ' This sfltotraioj form at an accelerated schedule, and they preformed magnificently. " oCaptOavi swiand, Commander of Carrier Air Wing (CVW) Eight, the mission presented many challenges to the gets was several hours long and involved multiple refuelings, and the pilots still preformed flawlessly, A ith a tremendous sense of accomplishment. sexdted sa wland. ' ' Our young guys now know that we can do this and our old salts are glad to back in the game. : ue in that it was certified for deployment in February and is now deployed in the Eastern Mediterranean, celerated training we have been through, " said Commander, Theodore Roosevelt Battle Group Rear Adm. jr months afl:er our initial training we are on the front lines answering the orders of the President. No iat! " Commanding Officer Captain Richard J. O ' Hanlon Capt. Richard J. O ' Hanlon became the eighth commanding officer of USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) on Inarch 22, 2001. He is a 1976 graduate of the United States Naval Academy and was designated a Naval Aviator in September 1977. Seagoing assignments include service in Fighters Squadron 46 on board USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67) flying the A-7E Corsair II and Strike Fighter Squadron 132 on board USS Coral Sea (CV 43) flying the F A-18 Hornet. Capt. O ' Hanlon also served as the Staff Strike Operations Officer with Carrier Group 3 aboard USS Enterprise (CVN 65) and USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70). He commanded Strike Fighter Squadron 37 on board USS John F. Kennedy with a follow-on assignment as USS Carl Vinson ' s executive officer. Capt. O ' Hanlon also commanded the fast combat support ship USS Sacramento (AOE 1) homeported at Bremerton, Wash. Under his leadership the ship completed a deployment to the Arabian Gulf and won the Battle Efficiency Award as well as the CNO Safety and Golden Anchor Awards. Capt. O ' Hanlon served ashore at the Naval Air Test Center, Patuxent River, Md., conducting developmental and engineering test projects on the A-7 and the F A-18. He was also assigned as the Executive Assistant to the Chief of Legislative Affairs, Washington, D.C. Prior to reporting to USS Theodore Roosevelt, Capt. O ' Hanlon served as Chief of Staff to Commander, Naval Air Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet. He is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School (Class 81) and completed the rigorous nuclear power training program in 1995. Capt. O ' Hanlon has flown over 3,800 flight hours in 30 different military aircraft and has logged over 800 carrier-arrested landings. He is the recipient of two Legions of Merit, the Bronze Star, three Meritorious Service Medals, three Navy Commendation Medals as well as numerous unit commendations and awards. fitoriois jusonit 31 c V I ' APT. Terry B. Kraft reported as the executive officer of USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) in February 2002. A native of Monterey, Calif., he is a 1981 graduate of the United States Naval Academy and was designated a Naval Flight Officer in 1982. Following initial A-6 bombardier navigator training with Attack Squadron 128, he reported to Attack Squadron 55 in November 1983 as aircraft division officer and safety officer. He participated in operations against Libya in April 1986, launching from USS Coral Sea ( CV 43). In November 1986, CAPT. Kraft was assigned to Attack Squadron 128 as an instructor and served as the navigation phasehead. In May 1989, he received orders to Attack Squadron 115, forward deployed to Yokosuka, Japan, as the safety, administration and operations officer. While there, he went into combat during Operation Desert Shield Storm in January 1991, flying off USS Midway (CV 41). In July 1991, he attended the Air Command and Staff College, Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala., and earned a masters degree in political science from Auburn University. In September 1992, CAPT. Kraft served at the U.S. Pacific Command, as the air operations officer and director for| the operations planning team. In October 1994, CAPT. Kraft became the executive officer of Attack Squadron 95 and participated in Operation | Southern Watch (OSW) over Iraq. In January 1996, he reported to Electronic Attack Squadron 129 for transition to the EA-6B Prowler. CAPT. Kraft became Electronic Attack Squadron 131 commanding officer and completed a WESTPAC OSW and an expeditionary OSW from Prince Sultan Air Base, Saudi Arabia. His squadron was awarded the Battle " E " for 1999. Following command, CAPT. Kraft completed a Federal Executive Fellowship at Harvard University. CAPT. Kraft has accumulated over 3,700 flight hours and 1,000 carrier arrested landings. His awards include the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Navy Meritorious Service Medal (Gold Star), and multiple individual and strike-flight air medals. 32 Id director fi ' , CAPT, Kraft •; ' Is include tfie i 33 xttwsism imvjaijafirg an uiaimjuaxi aasM i am Biii itmiiuiaHsrmii ■: Command Master Chief CMDCM(SW AW) Grady Evett Command Master Chief Grady Evett was born in Landstuhl, Germany. He spent his formative years on Army Posts throughout the world. Enlisting in the United States Navy in July 1975, Master Chief Evett completed Boot Camp in Orlando, Fla., prior to attending Personnelman " A " School in Meridian, Miss. In December 1975, Master Chief Evett started his career at sea on board USS Fort Snelling (LSD 30). During four years on board the " Fighting Fort " he completed two deployments and was advanced from Seaman Apprentice to petty officer 2nd class. His next duty station was Naval Air Station, Meridian, Miss., before returning to sea on board USS Mississippi (CGN 40), where he was advanced to petty officer 1st class and qualified as a surface warrior. He then attended personnelman " C " school prior to reporting for duty at Navy Recruiting District, Richmond, Va., as an enlisted classifier where he was advanced to chief petty officer. He next reported to USS Arthur W. Radford (DD 968) as personnel officer. His next assignment was as leading chief petty officer assistant officer in charge Personnel Support Detachment, Mayport, Fla., where he was advanced to senior chief petty officer. Selected to fill the Admin Department leading chief billet at Pre- commissioning Unit John C. Stennis, he reported as the 15th crewmember. He was advanced to master chief petty officer in 1994. He commissioned USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) December 1995. While on board Stennis he attended the U.S. Navy Senior Enlisted Academy. ::.,4, m m Accepted for the command master chief program he reported to USS Nicholas (FFG 47) as her first command master chief in October 1996. Master Chief Evett was selected to serve as the first command master chief for the Program Executive Officer, 21st Century Destroyer and Service Strike Programs of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research and Development. Leaving the Washington area, Master Chief Evett assumed the duties as the 8th Command Master Chief of USS Theodore Roosevelt on July 7, 2000. Master Chief Evett is an Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist, an Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist and has been awarded the Navy Commendation Medal (Gold Stars in lieu of 5th Award), and the Navy Achievement Medal as well as numerous unit commendations and service awards. 34 I 1 I mmm mm Command Master Chief CMDCM(AW SW) Beth L. Lambert w • Command Master Chief Beth L Lambert was born in North Ft. Meyers, Fla. She entered the Navy in July 1978 and completed boot camp at Recruit Training Command Orlando, Fla., before attending Airman Apprenticeship School. Master Chief Lambert entered the Navy as an undesignated airman, struck for aviation structural mechanic (structures), and was the first female Sailor to be designated in this rating in 1979. In 1988, she was the first female selected as the United States Navy Shore Sailor of the Year, and she in the first group of female Sailors stationed as ship ' s company on an aircraft carrier, USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69), in 1992. Master Chief Lambert has served at Training Squadron 19, Naval Air Station, Meridian, Miss.; Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department, Rota, Spain; Fleet Logistic Support Squadron 40, Norfolk, Va.; Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy ' s Office, Washington D.C.; Commander Naval Air Force, Atlantic Fleet, Norfolk, Va.; Fleet Composite Squadron 10, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; Naval Support Activity, Souda Bay, Crete; and Carrier Airborne Early Warning Wing Atlantic Fleet, Norfolk, Va. Master Chief Lambert was selected for the command master chief program in July 1997 and attended the Senior Enlisted Academy in Newport, R.I., where she graduated as the Academic Excellence Award winner She has served as a command master chief for Patrol Squadron 9, Kaneohe, Hawaii; Commander, U.S. Atlantic Fleet and reported as the CMC for USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN71) in February, 2003. Master Chief Lambert ' s assignment aboard TR makes her the first women to be selected to serve as a Command Master Chief of an aircraft carrier. Master Chief Lambert is an Enlisted Air Warfare Specialist, Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist, and has been awarded the Meritorious Service Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with a silver star. Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal with four gold stars. Joint Meritorious Unit Award as well as numerous campaign and unit commendations. She is married and has three children. 36 l?? S i--M ;s :i ' " ;;; ' v ' iS ?v ' ' -. ' :- ' " -.-; " ' . •- ' ■■ii fi i WSiWiW ' I wiCCBear true faith and allegiance. mior • • ._ ' iXjuit " ' aw ' " SfS txeme smjit i . i ' j Commander, Carrier Air Wing 8 Captain David A. Newland Capt. David A. Newland is a Portsmouth, Va., native and the son of a Navy ' Mustang. " He graduated from UCLA, and was commissioned an ensign in March of 1980. He became the commander of Carrier Air Wing Eight October 2002. After initial Naval Flight Officer training at Pensacola, Fla., Capt. Newland reported to Attack Squadron 128, NAS Whidbey Island, Wash., for A-6 fleet replacement training. In February 1982, he joined Attack Squadron 95 and deployed on the USS Enterprise (CVN- 65). In May 1985, he reported to the Pacific Missile Test Center (PMTC) Point Mugu, Calif., for duties as the Tomahawk project flight test officer. Following the flight testing of over 50 Tomahawk missiles, including the development of the new Tomahawk Submunitions Missile (BGM-109D) he transferred to the staff of Commander, Carrier Group One at NAS North Island, Calif., as the strike weapons officer. Following deployments on USS Constellation (CV-64) and USS Independence (CV-62), in June 1990, he transferred to Attack Squadron 128 as the Safety Officer of the Navy ' s largest aircraft squadron. In June 1992, he reported to Attack Squadron 115 as the administration officer, operations officer and maintenance officer. He reported in August 1994 to the Air War College at Maxwell AFB, Ala. In August 1995, he reported to Carrier Airborne Early Warning 120 for transition training to the E-2C. In October 1996 he reported to Carrier Airborne Early Warning 126 and completed deployments on board USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) and USS Enterprise (C N-65) which included Operation Desert Fox. In April 1999 he reported to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Current Operations Directorate. In June 2001 he reported as Deputy Commander, Carrier Air Wing Eight and assumed command in October 2002. Capt. Newland has accumulated over 4,200 flight hours and over 930 carrier arrested landings in eleven different military aircraft. He is authorized to wear the Bronze star (second award). Defense Meritorious Service Medal and Meritorious Service Medal. Capt. Newland is married to the former Janis Keipe of Palmdale, Calif. They have two sons, Bryson and Tyler. Deputy Commander, Carrier Air jIl Captain Stephen J. Laukaitis native of Elysburg, Pa., Capt. Stephen J. Laukaitis graduated from the United i- States Naval Academy in 1980, and was designated a Naval Aviator in May of 1982 and was assigned to A-7E fleet replacement pilot training with Fighter Squadron 174 at NAS Cecil Field, Fla. Operational assignments for Capt. Laukaitis included a tour with Fighter Squadron 72 embarked on board USS America (CV 66) beginning May 1983, a CAG LSO tour with Carrier Air Wing Six embarked on board USS Forrestal (CV 59) starting July 1988, and a department head tour with Strike Fighter Squadron 86 embarked on board USS America (CV 66) from in 1991. In December of 1996, Capt. Laukaitis was assigned as executive officer of Strike Fighter Squadron 146 embarked on board USS Nimitz (CVN 68) and subsequently became the 39 ' ' ' commanding officer in April of 1997. From January to April of 2002 he served as the director of combat operations for the Com bined Force Air Component Commander at Prince Sultan Air Base in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 1 . . i Shore duty assignments included tours as an Instructor Pilot and LSO with the A-7E Fleet Replacement Squadron, Fighter Squadron 174 from July 1986 to July 1988 and as a student at the United States Naval War College in Newport, R. I., beginning in August of 1993, earning a masters degree in national security and strategic studies. Additionally, Capt. Laukaitis was assigned to the United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency in Washington, DC, from July 1994 to June 1996. In August 1998 he became the Head Aviation Junior Officer Assignments Officer (PERS 432). In October of 2002, Capt. Laukaitis was assigned to Carrier Air Wing Eight as deputy commander. Capt. Laukaitis has accumulated over 3,300 flight hours and 930 carrier arrested landings. His awards include the Legion of Merit, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, the Strike Flight Air Medal, the Joint Service Commendation Medal, three Navy Commendation Medals, the Navy Achievement Medal, and various unit and campaign awards. He is married to the former Paula Lee Holt of Orange Park, Fla. They are the proud parents of three daughters, Laura, Grace and Kristen. mmmmimmmmmmmm.u m. 43 CDMCM(AW SW) Melyii c ommand Master Chief Melvin Draper, Jr., was born June 30, 1961, in BIytheville, Ark. He graduated from University High School in Waco, Texas, the summer of 1979, then enlisted in the Navy in October of the same year. After completing Basic Training in Orlando, Fla., Master Chief Draper served at the following commands: USS Barry (DD-933), United States Commander, South Atlantic Force deploying with USS O ' Bannon (DD- 987), USS Crommelin (FFG-37), Navy Recruiting Command, Houston, Texas, USS Schofield (FFG-3), USS Marvin Shields (FF-1066), Naval Stat ion Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, USS Chosin (CG-65), Afloat Training Group Middle Pacific, Senior Enlisted Academy Class of ' 91, and VF-11. Master Chief Draper has made eight deployments. He is currently serving as the command master chief for Carrier Air Wing Eight. Master Chief Draper attended mess management specialist " A " and " C " schools. Navy Recruiter Orientation, and is a Master Training Specialist. Master Chief Draper is an Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist and Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist: his personal awards and decorations include the Navy Commendation Medal (three awards). Navy Achievement Medal (five awards). Navy Unit Commendation (two awards) and various unit and individual service awards. Master Chief Draper is married to the former Ida Reyes of Lorain, Ohio, daughters Cristin and Melanie. They have two 44 Pilpipiip iW 0rp Cmdr. Gregory J. Fenton Cmdr. Todd C. Templeton Lt. Cmdr. Damien R. Christopher Lt. Cmdr. Edgardo A. Moreno D O 1 m i i B Lt. John S. Morell Lt. Erich P. Roetz Lt. Patrick J. Schuette Lt.j.g. Erica E. Munzinger Lt.j.g. Amanda K. Rich Lt.j.g. Jason C. Turse YNl Ebber C Chamman YNl Christopher R. Ezzelle PNl Larry T. Hancy OSl Jerome E. Hormuth SKI (AW) Marco F. Martinez EH Fieink J. MonctiX Jr. 46 1 ytSk -T r n H n[mim jj i wj M i Lt. Cmdr. Joseph A. Rodriguez Lt. Cmdr. Stephen E. Small Lt. Cmdr. Daniel R. Truckenbrod Lt. Cmdr. David A. Walch Lt. Scott M. Boothroyd CW02 Michael R. Toombs AOCS Paul T. Snead ATCS Jon W. Turner AZC Robyn W. Andrews MSC (AW SW) Dewayne Parker n o (Tv IT! Jennabeth Ross IS2 Tracy S. Spoon YN2 Adafre N. Freeman IS2 Ervin J. Pond ,i«! ' i♦ ' » i®ffl» W S aeES,H»S« ,iW mffi«» iioim-sjssmm vmwjms COMPTUEX The Theodore Roosevelt Strike Group left Norfolk, Va., Jan. 6, 2003, to begin its Composite Training Unit Exercise. COMPTUEX lasted about three weeks, and consisted of a series of tests such as the blue water certification, basic carrier operation skills and several days of war games. The final test was to be a port call in the Virgin Islands, but when TRSTRIKEGRU completed COMPTUEX Feb. 4, it was instead sent into the 6th Fleet operating area to enforce the United States ' stance on the global situation. Nine thousand Sailors put their lives on hold to accelerate their training and respond as ordered to answer the Nation ' s call. It. I •% I mmmmmmmmmmmm — n L t L if .r ' M Kr ' 4Aji! V 1ri||H |; s p mf« I ' v-m :i ' il Commander, Destroyer Squadron Captain Mark E. Kosnik apt. Mark E. Kosnik was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. He graduated with honors from the University of Notre Dame with a bachelors degree in finance and received his commission through the Naval ROTC Program in May 1978. He earned a masters of science in oceanography and meteorology from the Naval Postgraduate School (June 1985) and completed a Fellowship at the Harvard University, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs (WCFIA) (1998-99). Capt. Kosnik assumed command of Destroyer Squadron Two and USS Theodore Roosevelt Strike Group Sea Combat Commander in September 2002. His prior sea tour was as commanding officer of USS Arleigh Burke (DDG 51) from August 1996 until April 1998. During this period, Arleigh Burke completed a two-month deployment to Northern Europe for Operation Northern Lights Bright Horizon 1996 and won the Battle Efficiency Award for Destroyer Squadron Two in 1996 and 1998. Capt. Kosnik ' s other sea tours include executive officer, USS Antietam (CG 54); Combat Systems Officer, Destroyer Squadron Nine; Weapons Officer, USS Albert David (FF 1050); CIC Officer and First Lieutenant, USS Jouett (CG 29); and Operations Officer, USS Conserver (ARS 39). Ashore, Capt. Kosnik served as Executive Assistant to the Director for Surface Warfare (OPNAV N76A), Head Combat Systems Section Theater Air Warfare Branch (OPNAV N865E), lead Tomahawk Strike Planner for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Joint Operations Directorate (J3) Joint Operations Division (JOD) and instructor at Tactical Training Group Pacific. Capt. Kosnik was named the Atlantic Fleet winner of the Admiral James Stockdale Award for leadership in 1998. His other awards include the Legion of Merit, Navy Marine Corps Medal, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal (two gold stars). Navy Commendation Medal (gold star and Combat " V " ), Joint Service Achievement Medal and the Navy Achievement Medal. squadron i Squadron, DESI m Durii toosevelt ' Ombinei nisaon ai time I rfTR(SG fomtlie[ 2staffpb sdiemeo 52 N76A),Head ■for the joint icalTra 9 ,r,irs Medal Destroyer Squadron Two was formed in the Atlantic Fleet in May 1919 making it the oldest squadron in the service. For this reason, Destroyer Squadron TWO is also known as the Premier Squadron, the first among equals. DESRON TWO is now composed of four ships: USS Arleigh Burke (DDG-51), USS Carr ;fFG 52), USS Porter (DDG-78), and USS Winston S Churchill (DDG 81). During OIF, DESRON TWO served as the Sea Combat Commander (SCC) for Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group (TRCSG) operating in the Eastern Mediterranean as part of Combined Task Force 60. As the SCC, COMDESRON TWO was responsible for numerous Tiission areas, including Surface Warfare, Force Defense, LAMPS Element Coordinator and Maritime Interception Operations Commander During this period of time the ships and aircraft }f TRCSG conducted Tactical Air and Tomahawk strikes into Iraq during combat operations Irom the Eastern Mediterranean. As Maritime Interdiction Operation Commander, the CDS- 2 staff planned and executed a number of critical MIO Boardings of suspect vessels in support of the worldwide war on terrorism. Further, during OIF the SCC staff managed the daily scheme of maneuver of all CTF 60 forces, including 2 aircraft carriers and up to 14 surface combatants. •r-© » » 53 vmam Cmdr. Timothy J, Sorber Cmdr. Robert P. Sherede Lt. Cmdr. Kyle E. Westbrook Lt. Cmdr. Michael J. Reagan Lt. Chadwick B Bryant Lt. James R. Neai Lt. Timothy J. Buckley Lt.j.g. Chad M. Lamb J ' « « M ' -r " . ■ • »j D 5 li mmm DCC (SW) James M. Croyle STGC (SW) David R. IDetwiler OSC Kari B. Little GSMC David L. Peterson EWC Joseph C. Romero 54 Lt. Cmdr. Jeffrey A. Uthe Lt. Cmdr. Chris Alexander Lt. Cmdr. Jeff Washko Lt. Cmdr. David C. Dye Lt. Cmdr. I icliael Elliott Lt.j.g. Jeffrey S. Tamulevich Lt.j.g. Colleen M. Lowe Ens. Kevin J. Aitemara ITCS Clinton W. Felder OSC (SW) Edward J. Bolder, Jr. OSC (SW) Timothy B. Satterwhite MSI (SW) Daniel L. Field SKI Frank R. Sorano IT2 Rick D. Weaver 0S3 Abraham L. Slocum State of the We last met in an hour of shock and suffering. In four short n ithSfOi INIO nd rid and resoh confii Armei id con York and the Pentagon, rallied a great coalition, captured, arreste Afghanistan ' s terrorist training camps, saved a people from starva Our progress is a tribute to the spirit of the Afghan people, to military. When I called our troops into action, I did so with comp them, we are winning the war on terror. The men and women of enemy of the United States: Even 7,000 miles away, across ocean escape the justice of this nation. Our nation will continue to pursuit of two great objectives, disrupt terrorist plans, and second, we must prevent the who seek chemical, biological or threatening world... My hope is that all nations parasites who threaten their countries But some governments will be timid in the they do not act, America will. ..During these to see the true character of this country in a weak and materialistic, that we would splinter The American people have responded magnificently, with cou heroes, hugged the families, and looked into the tired faces of res None of us would ever wish the evil that was done on Septem country looked into a mirror and saw our better selves. We were country, and to history. We began to think less of the goods we c For too long our culture has said, " If it feels good, do it. " No the sacrifice of soldiers, the fierce brotherhood of firefighters, andkbrai what a new culture of responsibility could look like. We want to bja natic unique opportunity, and we must not let this moment pass. ' theJnion Address msta ' Nn iths, our nation has comforted the victims, begun to rebuild New arrestei nd rid the world of thousands of terrorists, destroyed , and freed a country from brutal oppression... tols resolve of our coalition, and to the might of the United States ithcompie confidence in their courage and skill. And tonight, thanks to imenofi Armed Forces have delivered a message now clear to every ocean|nd continents, on mountaintops and in caves -- you will not be steadfast and patient and persistent in the First, we will shut down terrorist camps, 400 bring terrorists to justice. And, terrorists and regimes nuclear weapons from the United States and the will heed our call, and eliminate the terrorist .. and our own. Many nations are acting forcefully... 4| face of terror. And make no mistake about it: If ast few months, I ' ve been humbled and privileged time of testing. Our enemies believed America was 1 fear and selfishness. They were as wrong as they are evil. vjthcou |e and compassion, strength and resolve. As I have met the •sofresisrs, I have stood in awe of the American people... Septem r the 11th. Yet after America was attacked, it was as if our entire ewerei ninded that we are citizens, with obligations to each other, to our (jsweci accumulate, and more about the good we can do. t, " Nov merica is embracing a new ethic and a new creed: " Let ' s roll. " In ers and le bravery and generosity of ordinary citizens, we have glimpsed 3nttol)) nation that serves goals larger than self. We ' ve been offered a r. rp ot business Takina c. Liig care oi Dusmess care of business Tak mt mmm a m i u W ,T r-1 r--. - r: f 11 SI neM W NAV . fO care of business Tak ' g Q jQ f business ITI ' a. s_- ' W . iJ«— t, A ' ■•f i V ». e " .« 4 r NEV ■piaav x " I v ' i iomie-saisna- KKfgBiigJtwiW!g»ggiBi»»»i ir i awwf.i g«»ffj(atj«iraai wwmrnm Administration Officer Lieutenant Commander Terry Chauncey y t. Cmdr. Chauncey is a native of l ulberry, Fla. He began liis naval career ' _« in August 1980 aciiieving tlie rank of Ciiief Petty Officer before earning his commission as a Limited Duty Officer ensign in July 1991. His initial enlisted operational sea duty assignments include USS Mount Baker (AE- 34), and USS John C. Calhoun (SSBN 630)(BLUE) and USS John C. Calhoun (SSBN 630)(GOLD). He returned to sea duty and served on tDoard USS Henry L. Stimson (SSBN 655)(BLUE) and remained there until his commissioning. Highlights of his enlisted sea tours include recognition as the first third class petty officer in the Navy to achieve designation as an Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist and earning the coveted Silver Dolphins of a submariner. Lt. Cmdr. Chauncey ' s operational sea duty assignments as an officer include service as ship ' s secretary on board USS George Washington (CVN 73) where he was assigned special duties as White House Liaison between the ship and President and Mrs. George Bush. He was also assigned special duties as Aide to the President (Bill Clinton) during the 50 " Anniversary of the Invasion of Normandy (D- Day) celebrations. Lt. Cmdr. Chauncey is currently serving as the Administration Department Head on board USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71). Assignments ashore include: Head, Submarine Manpower Requirements Branch on the Staff of the Chief of Naval Operations, Washington DC; and Executive Officer and Deputy Chief of Staff on the Staff of Commander Submarine Group Ten, Kings Bay, Ga. Lt. Cmdr. Chauncey ' s personal decorations include two Meritorious Service Medals, a Navy Commendation Medal, five Navy Achievement Medals, and numerous unit and campaign awards. Lt. Cmdr. Chauncey was the runner up for the Navy League John Paul Jones Award for Inspirational Leadership (2000); the first LDO to be awarded the U.S. Naval Submarine League Admiral Frederick B. Warder Award for Outstanding Achievement (2001); and recently presented the Navy Marine Association Award for Outstanding Leadership in Combat (2002-2003). He is married to the former MaryLee DeLorme of Charleston, S.C, and they have one 12 year old son, Kyle. They reside in Stafford, Va. 60 mmmmmmmm nm. CHELL am R YNCS Jan Medley .AiPPIPfgffitive Departmi W Byriad of ratings which provide lai, educational, informatlo W ersonal services to more than 5,000 jrd TR. Yeomen, personnelmen, journalists, lithographers, career |at-arms, airmen, firemen and seamen make up these divisions le BDf the administrative officer. Their ij ission is to Improve the quality of life and career management maintet BIb ' our TR Sailors.! The Ship ' s Secretary ' s Office is responsible for the processing of all awards, fitness reports and correspondence requiring the commanding offi attention as well as maintaining the daily schedi of the commanding officer including the coordination with Public Affairs for the many distinguished visitors and various ceremonies Additionally, X-1 provides administrative supj including all printing requirements, to flag stU wing and ship ' s company personnel along with taking care of all outgoing corresponderK officer transfer recelpts separa tlQns, host of other administrative ar for the executive officer. Our mot Standard. " " Let the watcftwords ofafC ourpeopfe Be the ofif famifiar watchwords of honesty, decency, fair- deaCing and common sense. " —TV{, ft I ■I an Ens. Scott Trojahn LIl Donald L. Ames YN1(AW SW) John T. YN2(SW) Meredith A. Mitchell LIZ Shonn D. Moore MS2 Carlos Ortiz YN2 Maira J. Seagren LIS Katrina A, Fortin YN3 Diana Santiago YN3 Tishy E. Sells MSSN Tiffany B. Graham musm CW02 Ramil Y. Salvador PNCS(SS SW AW) Alan Huppmann PNl Stuart B. Davis PNl(SW) Tommy L. Haynes PN3 Kimberlee J. Hoskins PN3 Robert M. Rivera PN3 Valerie Sweat PN3 Daniel N. Vasquez PN3 Kristina M. Zahnter PNSN Elliot C. Ahlschlager " 14 6 must treat each man on his worth and merits as a man. " We must see that each is given a square deaf, Because he is entitled to no more and should receive no Cess. " - Like any corporation, there is a " Human Resour why Personnel is a vital part of the TR team. Their best possible quality of service. This state of the art customer service center function: large PSD on a Navy base. It is manned by 32 personnelme and pay related processes are performed for the crew an Entitlements such as Family Separation Allowance, Hazardous Assignment Pay, and Tax Free and Imminent Danger Pay, are In addition, they process the gain and loss documents for r; nsfering from the ship. They also process all reenllstments, separiSbns and retirements entation for members staying Navy or moving on after completion of active duty sei , The also monitor the billet stmcture and manning requirements to ensure TR mai ' i:? the best possible manning posture to execute successfu ombat deploymen manner as a re all pensonnel d air wing. uty Pav Special DutyJa — in the X-2 office. reporting to afKl 3 PNl(SW) Sean M. Hughes PN1(SW AW) Resty Titoy C. Orduna Jr. PN2 Kenyatta J. James PN2 Judy A. Reid PNSN Tenee L. Brown PNSN Wanda D. Palmer PNSN Joy M. Ryan PNSN Lloyd J. White PNSA Omar Cordova-Rivera PNSA Kevin N, Freeman untKiiiJii ItHlflKllltUlk iMiusfifniik [engtd of time after Cosing its respect for tfie (mv, after Cosing the Caw-a6icCing spirit, the spirit that reaCCy ma s orcCerCy CiSerty. " - T ' USS Theodore Roosevelt Ship ' s Brig Is a unique and sometimes unknown area of the ship. The Brig Is operated by a highly qualified and trained staff who are charged with the rehabilitation of prisoners through strict discipline and the highest levels of military bearing. They have a wide variety of responsibilities including, but not limited to, the safe movement, training, security and dally routine of all prisoners within the Ship ' s Brig. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Brig Staff were responsible for the rehabilitation of prisoners so that they may return to the ship as productive and motivated Sailors. They assisted In TR ' s highly successful portion of the campaign In the War on Terrorism. MAC Sherrill R. Robinson MAI James Harris MM2 Carlos A. Ardila EM2 Ebony L. Ash MA2(SW) Robert L. Butler MM2 Nicholas V. Gawel MA2 Stacey A. Jones PN3 Christopher J. Alamanza AT3 Dacia W. Strattard ABF3(AW) Garry L. Thornton PH3 Theodore L. Wilkerson IRS Lt. John A. Oliveira Lt.j.g. Tommy Crosby JOC(AW SW) Aaron G. Strickland CS e mmm " Uie editor, the puSCisfiet; tfie reporter who honestCy aruf truthfuffy puts the exact facts Before the puSfic, who does not improper reasons things that ought to Be stated, who does not say what is not true, who does not colbr his facts to give false impressions, who does not manufacture his facts, who ready is ready, in the first pCace to find out ivhat the truth is, and, in the next place, to state it accurateCy-that man occupies one of the most honoraBfe positions in the community.. " --15 n a ifliflife J01(SW AW) Robert E. Kerns J02(SW) Kirk L. Boxleitner J02(SW) Kathryn J. Whittenberger JOSN Camy L. Thompson ssafty -- !;;! TR ' s Public Affairs Office l eeps the ship ' s crew informed and in touch with the outside rid, and keeps the outside world up-to-date on all the important doings of the nuclear- ered aircraft carrier and its crew. The Shipt)oard Infomnation, Training and Entertainment (SITE) television system informs TR ' s crew with weekly editions of the Bully Big Stick Show - hosted by the commanding officer, executive officer, and command master chief - and when the ship is underway, the SITE TV system entertains its crew with three channels of movies. Ttie Rough Rider newspaper spotlights the achievements and accomplishments of TR ' s ' , and when the ship is underway, It also compiles the most Important articles from llian newswire services to keep the reading audience on board the Big Stick up-to-date on rything that going on back home In the states. When the civilian media is interested in finding out what TR and its crew are up to, the TO answers their questions and even plays host to their reporters, escorting them aroun ' : the decks and showing them what this ship and its Sailors are capable of " Our coaCition is on a steady advance. Vi e ' re ma ng good progress. M ere fighting an enemy that %iows no ruCes of Caw, that wiCCwear civiCian uniforms, that is iviCCing to CCin order to continue the reign of fear of Saddam Hussein. (But we ' re fighting with Bravery and courage. M e cannot ow the duration of this war. et we ow its outcome; we wiCfprevaiC. The Iraqi regime wiCCSe disarmed. The Iraqi regime wiCCSe ended The Iraqi peopCe wiCCSefiee. JAnd our worfd wi[[ 6e more secure and peacefiiC. " - (president Qeroge W (Bush, Mar 25, 2003 r MiiHli n Ens. Daniel E. Uhler NCCS(SW) Eddie Sanchez NCC Brian E. Becl ham NCl(SW) Grant L. Sticl ney AN(AW) Abigail R. Hagen monitors every facet of the enlisted advancement system onboard, ley administer all Navy-wide advancement examinations, validate testing criteria and selection board eligibility, provide guidance to candidates in preparation for officer accession program applications, conduct service record entries and maintenance, prepare good conduct awards, and provide professional guidance to help Sailors improve their career development. Additionally, they are responsible for administering the following tests; Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, Officer Aptitude Rating Exam, Aviation Selection Test Battery, Defense Language Aptitude Battery, and the Defense Language Proficiency Test. Navy Career Counselors provide quality career guidance in matters pertaining to reenlistment incentives, officer programs, follow-on duty station and school order negotiations, selective reenlistment bonuses, professional development boards, rate conversions, and retirement planning. Additionally, they provide the crew with career information training and offer transition assistance to all separating crewmembers onboard. Together the X-6 Division provides every Sailor up-to-date and accurate career information so that they are afforded the opportunity to make an informed decision to stay Navy. Christina M. Cramer AN Shontell 1 . Chiasson " We xvor cCvery Harcf; But I made it a point of getting a coupCe of Hours off each (fay for equafCy vigorous pfay. " - ' HfKS • gra; mii»sh MWR continuously lifted the morale throughout Operation Iraqi Freedom. The MWR team kept the crew entertained with mess decks movie mania, fun games social hour, ping pong and Sony Playstation tournaments on a weekly basis. The MWR team stocked more than 400 movies and numerous games for the crew to enjoy. Mega Bucks Bingo was played via the ships TV system offering great cash prizes. Open Mic Nights and special events were held in the First Class Mess. The Big Stick Gym, Rough Rider Gym and Cycle City were utilized by the crew 23-hours- a-day. The MWR team maintained and repaired 30 rowing machines, 11 treadmills, 25 life cycles, 20 stair steppers and all the weightlifting equipment with outstanding results. Tours, Tours, Tours! MWR provided a wide variety of tours for the crew of TR throughout the Mediterranean Sea. A terrific response to the planned trips and I tours was reflected by 1,000 to 1,500 satisfied TR customers during each port f , ' ' ' ' . V. f WS ml e£C WWM ff S AK2 Oraefo Unobagha MA2 Stacey Jones MA2 Scott Stanfield ABH3 Kevin Harris AN Oba yana Allen FCC John Guilfoyle ABH3 Christopher Waiters SKC Pamela Nelson rrCS Clinton Felder AG2 Megar) Mitchell ABH3 Netrick Hayes ENl Freddie Huger AS2 Scott Levenduski MMl Stacy Eckmann rrc Vernell Horton AG3 Rockaet Mays rrc Veronica Hanna ABH2 Christopher ABES Matthew Saruse ATI Pierre Menefield Mohrmann ABH2 Dawn Santiago All Paul Koss AM3 Patrick Davis ABH3 Matt Scarlato AT3 Michael Day AMAN Mathew Lowe ABH3 Juan Ramos S I GCM Sean Graham AZ3 Andrea Buchanan IT2 Shawn Maddron ICC Michele Cwenar AMI Alex Ellis AE2 Scott Strader YNC Margaret Bonner AK3 Kisha Vilabrera AZ2 Pedro Salgado tics Danny Deville AS2 Nelson Avillanoza AZ2 Shaunta Wells ICC Jeffrey Carlsen AT3 Tracy Moore AN Shannon Tomaszewski ClUKatrezia White AT2 Ervin Blankenship EN2 Randy Noell MMl Louis Smith AS2 Justo ABF3 Garry Thornton FC3 Victor Zirkelbach Valverdehernandez DT2 Claudia Calderon tUKristieYork ATI Kurt Prenger ABH3 Christopher Hulse AC2 Steven Byers EWl Dwight Spencer ABH2 Stephanie Seymour AN Stacie Smith TTl Monica Brown A03 Joshua Shellenberger AS3 David Crossley OSl James Thomas PHI James Foehl AS3 Teresa Felch CTMl Thomas Parent AC2 John Hack AZ3 Paris Ivester OSl Paul Thurman ABE3 Amanda Walker ABH3 Eric Ruiz CT03 Daniel Rohr AN Abigail Hagen ABH2 Lyndon Peabody cm Warren Willi ford AN Brandon Schreiber ISSN Angela Moore JOl Robert Kerns ABH3 Michael Vernatt ABF3 Allen Harris ENl Christopher Blakely ABH3 Chris Surowiec AZ2 Jason Osborne MSI Daniel Field A03 Chris Wilson FC? Levi Miller ABE2 Piotr Andrzejczak A02 Jason Cannan AC3 Miguel Chavis AK3 Comonella Prince A02 Darin Hall SK3 Angel Avila Calle TTl Deanna Hall A03 Stephanie Manfredonia 0S2 Charles Kirkpatrick HM2 Brian Campbell YNl John Cruz ATAN Travis Harlow HMl Christopher Wagner CTA2 Brian Fernberg SKC Latricia Gregory- HM2 Donald Highley TM2 Totitha Perez Thompson AIJ Michael Mathew 172 Jessica Contreras m Gloria Gibbs YNl Michael Livingston ATI Kevin Mott MS2 Timothy Tuck PNl Aileen McKinney ABH2 Rodney Strickland SKI Kelvin Alcorn LNl Shannon Minixpryor AT2 Jody Woolwine ABH2 Robert Anderson AN Carlos Estevez AT2 Christopher Lent EM3 William Buck ABH3 Allison Hunt TT2 Stephen Lawson ABE2 Joseph Noriega ENl Selena Prater MMl Phillip Wygans ABE3 Julie Rickett PR3 Stephanie May ATI Joseph Williams A03 Brandon Flynn ABE2 Aaron Francis ABH2 Juan Canales ABH3 William Weaver FC2 Shawn Chapman ABH3 Julia Shannon SK3 Michelle Sterling AM3 Casey Jones AZl Michael Harrison CTM2 Krystl King A03 Jennifer Mackenzie A03 Jayson Callorina AT2 Jason Love AK2 Jennifer Marshall PNl Resty Titoy Orduna Jr. All Daniel West AS3 Pedro Coreasargueta rrc Ernest Hoffman MMl Catherine Haynes LI2 Shonn Moore CTRC Gerald Bates HMl Keith Rivers Ul Donald Ames AN Kimberly Cornell ENC Daren Ray AM2 Danny Hart ABHl David Dalton MMC Stephen Berkel AT2 Jason Rauch BM2 Rashad Williams PCC Thomas Wilson AT3 Danilo Meulener rrc Roy Rodgers MMC Ralph Scalici ACAN Brandon Ghost ' i MWSQ m e£C I wm mS CTRl Leroy Revere MRC Robert Mathias AOS Ryan Grogan AIJ Kelly Potter ATS Dacia Strattard AT2 Karen McMillan PN3 Corey Whitlock AOS Carlton Powell T " w mm f " SHS Marsha Tinsley MS2 Gary Cain AT3 Miguel Teixeira AZ2 David Bonner IS2 Latrisha Ashley IS2 Jason Medaris ACAN James Stevens m Kevin Hamilton till Davenna Teasley HTC Marvin Stout AT2 William Rexroth 11 J Adam Pence OSC Karl Little 113 Justin Meals SKSN Heatfier Armstrong JOC Aaron Strickland AK2 Tashell Wright GSMC David Peterson ABF2 Edwin Powers EM2 Andrew Bierman EWC Joseph Romero ET2 Tamkia Williams SKC Derick Grant ATAN Angela Fitchard SKSN Wilbert Sattenvhite ATS Christopher Johnston STGC David Detwiler PN2 Kenyatta James 112 Labrina Hunter ATS David Kallestewa ABEl Demetrius Rushin AT2 Bryan Sorendino klJ Kenneth Norton in 172 Christie Breazeale AS2 Candyce Mosley AT3 David Dunning AT3 Scott Rossi TT2 Reginald Merzier ABEl Tony Williams ABHS Terrence Elbourne ADl James Janz ASS Roger Owens TTSN Larry Jackson DK2 Latoya Milwood AS2 Emmanuel Adjei AZ2 Susan Gramley ABE2 Christopher Lopez DCC James Croyle ACAN Michael Poole PHS Theodore Wilkerson 112 Nathan McBride MA2 Rot)ert Butler EMS Alfred Wiltshire ABH2 Thomas Buljat AT3 John Cassidy EMI Andrella Pusha AT2 Robert Glass SK2 Anthony Williams , A02 Thomas Willis AS2 James Bush SK3 Angle Tapia jfejl 1 A02 Justin Hutton ATI Jeremiah Dant MAI Roger Braithwaite A02 Christopher Lawson ATAN Eddie Cobb HTC Benjamin Wigington ABES Jeremy Ross ATAN Ryan Marlatt AC3 Nina Lane ATAN Jason Young AGS Bradley Lindsay EMC Michael Burns ATI Timothy Radtke MM2 Manvil Johnson A03 Michael Starkweather YNl Rogie Wright MMS Brett Johnson m Jonathan Becker All Terrence Rivers Cr02 Justin Deemer CTRC Christopher Wolski PHS Phillip Nickerson Jr. MM2 Brian Price HlJCalinaShevlin CTR2 Bryan Schmuck m. YN2 Herbert Johnson A03 Maya Johnson ABE2 Roderick Rogers _ YNS Terrell Jackson SK3 Desiree Datres PC2 Donna Smith ABFS Nathan Thomas MM3 Christopher Geiser BMl Jermey Eden ABFS Nakari McWhorter AE2 Kevin Brown AS2 David Mitchell ABE2 Calvin Griffin ABH3 Robert Manet FCS Lonze Sowell ABFS Luis Mejia A02 Dewayne Fuda ISl James Cross AT2 Antonio Rodriguez SK2 Daisy Jackson ISl Bryan West AMS William Johnson AT2 Andre Richardson 0S2 Lakia Perez SK2 Gregory Bell AN Kelvin Pate AS2 Joshua Green HMl Curtis Maxwell AD3 Kevin Perkins SK2 Veronica Powers ABHAN Samantha Smith AGAN Ian Hoerner AT2 Fred Gilliam AZS Michael Logan AM3 Jeffrey Monzon SKI Tamela Sims-Tripp AISMarkFildew ADl Jorge Estrada ATS Jason Short ATS Dane Curtner LIR3 Ricardo Vazquez IC2 Jamel Jones ATS Jesse Pasquarello CIR2 Alton Nee ;e CTRl Paul White ATS Peter Worgess OSSN Kelson Bracey OSl Aloysius Elzie ATS Dareck Frazier IS2 Nicholas Bleeker SK2 Tanisha Moore AT2 Jerry Norman tIJ Christopher Porter ACAN Aaron Vanbrunt ABES Phillip Allen AS2 Levi Harris OSC Edward Bolduc ATS Jeremy Stephens 0S2 Unday Walker AN Latasha Butler CIR2 Fletcher Martin MMC Alvin Walker HMl Jerry Acevedo IT2 Victoria Johnson ABEl Danny Villone DCC Roger Astrum ATS Jeffrey Haeger mmmifm ' mmi ' mfmmmmm Maintenance Officer Commander Michael E. Belcher Cmdr. Michael E. Belcher was born in Indianapolis, Ind., and enlisted in August 1979. After completing Basic Training and aviation machinist ' s mate " A " School, he was assigned to Helicopter Training Squadron 18 and subsequently to Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 16 in Pensacola, Fla. After graduating from Troy State University, Ala., he reported to Aviation Officer Candidate School and was commissioned an ensign in 1985. In December 1985, Cmdr. Belcher reported to the Checkmates of Fighter Squadron 211. He served in several ground maintenance officer billets while completing deployments on board USS Kitty Hawk (CV63) and USS Nimitz (CVN68). His next assignment was with the Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department at Naval Air Station Miramar, Calif. In November 1991, Cmdr. Belcher reported as the Maintenance Material Control Officer for the Goldenhawks of Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 112. During this tour, he again deployed aboard USS Nimitz. In 1993, he was selected as the " E-2C Hawkeye Maintainer of the Year. " From January 1995 to December 1997, Cmdr. Belcher served as Assistant Maintenance Officer for Commander, Helicopter Anti-Submarine Light Wing, U.S. Pacific Fleet at Naval Air Station North Island, Calif. He was subsequently assigned as AIMD Production Control Officer aboard USS Constellation (CV64) where he deployed to the Western Pacific and Persian Gulf in support of Operation Southern Watch. In January 2000, Cmdr. Belcher reported to the Staff of Chief of Naval Operations in Washington D.C. as the Assistant Head of Aviation Technical Training. In this role, he was responsible for policy, programming and budgeting for all Navy and Marine Corps Class " A " and " C " Schools. During this tour, he earned a master ' s degree in business administration, technology management from the University of Phoenix. In April 2002, he reported to USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN71) as AIMD Officer. His decorations include the Meritorious Service Medal (two awards). Navy Commendation Medal (four awards), the Navy Marine Corps Achievement Medal and various service, campaign and unit awards. 161 !nsi„ firm in Cmdr. Belcher and his wife, Pai-Jiun, reside in Lorton, Va., with their two children Jennifer and Michael. wmMmmmmmiKmmmrTFxm The mission of the Aircraft Intermediate i aintenance Department (AII D) is to provide intermediate level maintenance, inspection, test and check, calibration, component repair and maintenance support equipment to the TR Strike Group and air wing. AIMD utilizes more than 18,000 pieces of equipment to support the many systems found in airwing aircraft and battle group systems. AIMD has the capability to test, repair and service more than 16,000 different components. The level of these repairs range from the small delicate work performed by micro-miniature repair technicians to the complex work performed by jet engine mechanics. Altogether, AIMD routinely completes in excess of 6,100 maintenance actions per month while deployed. In short, AIMD does whatever it takes to fix whatever is broken, so the strike group is always ready to fight. 4kiiiii Ltjg. James C. Cherry AVCM Andrew P Fulton AFCM Kurt E. Schassberger PRCS Mark A. Mcbane AZC Nielsa G. Jackson ADC Robert L. Mckoy AOC(AW) Michael A. Messico AZC Robert L. Montague ATC Glenn M. Wright AMI Michael P. Bevilacqua AZ1(AW SW) Edward E. Davignon ATl(AW) Michael A. Erickson AZl(AW) Jeffrey K. Harmon Sr. AEl Richard T. Inman AMI Joseph T. Juba ASl Christopher W. Mitchell ATl(AW) Larry D. Schwartzwalder ATI James B. Sondor ATl(AW) Donald L. Terryah AEl Hasker L. Yon III AKl Barbara L. Zurenda AZ2 Susan L. Gramley AM2 Danny R. Hart IM-1 Division is Ali D ' s staff division and is divided into three branches which provide the administrative foundation for the department ' s three production division. The Production Control Branch is the nerve center of Ali D and provides the coordination, leadership and management for the production efforts of personnel dispersed through the work centers. The IMRL Branch manages and maintains inventory control of 18,000 pieces of critical support equipment. The Material Control Branch coordinates funding requirements, procures and also manages the Tool Control Program. The Quality Assurance Branch is a team of specialized rating experts who manage and monitor maintenance programs to ensure production quality is held to the highest standards throughout the department. They also maintain a 12,000-volume technical publication library and oversee the department ' s safety program. The Maintenance Admin Branch performs the clerical and administrative services to support AIMD. amiMHimmmmjmimim AK2 Jennifer L. Marshall AZ2 Jason C. Osborne AZ2 James N. Parsley AZ3(AW) Dana D. CichonskI PN3 Corey J. Whitlock AZAN Brandon T. Harrison AZ2 Pedro L. Salgado AZ2 Anthony Sciarrotta AT3 James P. Bernisky AZ3 Andrea M. Buchanan l fy, cfeaffairfy, and ep mLet us J ouvsefves i ve spent my ivfiofe fife, my aduft fife in this profession preparing to fig H and win a nation ' s - our nation ' s war J tfiin the same is true for these , young men and women here, they ' re not eager to go into conflict, But it is what we do. " We fight and win on nation ' s war, am they ' re ready to c that. " - Commander, iftf ' Meet Vice Mm- ' Tim ' Keating, ' Mar 4, 2003 The General Maintenance (IM2) Division of AIMD consists of approximately 80 ship ' s company and SEAOPDET personnel. These highly skilled and experienced aviation machinist mates, structural mechanics, hydraulics technicians and parachute riggers inspect, test and repair various aircraft engines and provide oil analysis processing; perform non-destructive inspections (NDI), aircraft wheel and tire replacement, aircraft structural and composite repair; hydraulic component repair and line manufacturing. They also perform fluid analysis; ensure aircrew survival equipment is operable and ready for use. As a team, these technicians provide the best possible customer service and technical expertise to CVW-8 and the entire TR strike group. r ■n I mmmmmmmm Lt. Bret A. Washburn ADCS Dan Datan AMC(AW) Alberto C. Gatmaitan ADC Scott A. Pistella ADl Jorge E. Estrada ADl L.C. Grissom ADl Mark K. Gustke PRl Jason H. Harmon AMI Joseph K. Holleman ADl James M. Janz AMl(AW) Shawn M. Minatre AMI Lorraine Marie C. Ogo AMI Juan M. Rivas ADl Lloyd Roberts Jr. AMI Noe Vasquez PRl(AW) Brian J. Westcott AMI Theresa J. Wright ADZ Anthony D. Caudill AM2(AW SW) Christopher R. Gilmore AM2(AW SW) Vincent J. Herrera PR2 James R. Hess PR3 Richard J. Blevins AD3 Robert N. Caperton AM3 Joe P. Collins AM3 John L. Hanley AM3 William Johnson PR3 Stephanie T. May AM3 Jeffrey M. Monzon migfity things, to win gCorioiis triumpHs even ' ougfi cfiec recf Byfaifure, an to ran witd tfiose nor spirits xvfio neither joy nor suffer much u ' ecause they five in the gray t-wifight that oxvs neither ctory nor defeat. " - ' V wmanrmmmmi r ii-i i ' I 1 1 1 II n PR2 Aaron R. Ludwig AT2 Jerry P. Norman AM2 Raymond D. Panner Jr. AD2 Alfred L Pettaway AM3 Christopher G. Aylsworth AM3 Patrick G. Davis AS3 Rolando De Medici AM3 Luis F. Deguzman AM3 Kenneth M. Denny AM3 Curtis D. Dickson AM3 Casey R. Jones AD3 Derell M. Lawrey AM3 Jesus Y. Lorigo AM3 Luis A. Marin AD3 Darren J. May AM3(AW) Joshua B. Moyes AD3 Sonya L. Mewborn AD3 David H. Ohison AD3 Kevin M. Perkins AD3 Erin B. Petrie AM3 Eric M. Peyton AD3 Christian E. Quinoines AM3 Jason T. Reynolds ADAN Keenan W. Mussie Ar 1AN Tliomas Starl AMAN Biliy R. Stepliens AI IAN Chad Wedelcind ADAN Jamar D. Blackmon AI IAN Charles J. Cartwright AMAN Shawn Cherry V5 A.- ' " • " •• ■ ' ■ ' ■- msi ' -ii f i fmsTsmm AD3 Mose L. Ross AD3(AW) Oliver E. Solis PR3 Clifford A. Stone AD3 Richard B. Sweatman AMAN Michael A. Bee AMAN Jason M. Christoffersen PRAN Matthew B. Conrad AMAN David A. Harding ADAN Steven A. Lehmann AMAN Matthew P. Lowe ADAN Daryl L. Williams PRAA Dustin N. Batton AMAA Rafael L. Bustamante PRAA Jeremiah W. Cranford AMAA Christopher W. Philip Lt.j.g. Chad E. Trevett CW02 Todd A. Pollock AZCS(AW) Juan G. Perez ATC(AW) Vincent P. Carrico O diAilMl AEC Tyron A. Swinton ATI Robert M. Barlow ATI Thomas B. Blumel AElBenedict J. Besch ATI Steven R. e Harshman ATI John J. Jeness j ATl(AW) Lora L. Lorenzi ■ 91 ATI Samuel L. Mack Hi f ATI Kevin J. Mott ATI Robin D. Norton ATI Kurt J. Prenger ATI Timothy P, Radtke mamammsmm . k ATC Fred J. Heinzl ATC Mark R. Lewis AOC Booker T. Mitchell ATC Mark A. Soloman ATC Riley E. Swinney AEl Charles E. Brennan AT1(AW SW) Lloyd A. Brown AEl(SW) William R. Brunelli Sr. ATl(AW) Ronald A. Burgess Jr. ATl(AW) Michael B. Castro AOl Gregorio McDonald AOl(AW) Nelson P. Mendez ATI Pierre M. Menefield ATI John A. Morrison AT1(AW SW) Christopher N. Morrow ATl(AW) Raymond A. Richardson ATl(AW) James D. Scorrano AEl Luke L. Sickles ATI Duane L. Smith AEl Richard L. Smith IM-3 Division is responsible for the repair of all the avionics and aircraft armament equipment installed in or utilized by the embarked air wing. The division is composed of 226 of the most extensively trained avionics, electrical, calibration, ordnance and administrative Sailors in the fleet today. IM-3 was a cornerstone in the high success rates attributed to CVW-8 during OIF. The skilled technicians in IM-3, working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, repaired an average of 200 items per day achieving repair rates continuously above 90 percent. To repair the myriad amounts of equipment from simple VHF radios to the newest weapons LASER targeting system, these technicians operated and maintained 47 Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) state of the art test stations as well as 240 additional complex portable test sets. By maintaining a record breaking 99 percent test station availability throughout the Mediterranean deployment, they enabled CVW-8, TR, and the Strike Group to prove that the carrier based air wing is available to the orders of the president and the joint chiefs of staff. ■ ■HBHHOBin ATI Victor E. Vannatter ABEl Danny J. Villone ATl(AW) Joseph L. Williams enough to shed his SCoocffor his country i goocf enough to Be give a square deaC afterwar ' More than that no man is entitfecfto; and Cess than that no man shaft have. " -- AT2 Ervin L. Blankenship AT2 Alvin Bradford A02 Sean 0. Bramer AT2 Kimberly A. Diver AT2(AW) Michael Dobrowolski A02(AW) Erich M. Francis AT2 Paul Koss III AT2 Christopher B. Lent AT2 Christopher M. Lett mmmmmrsrvsm AT2 Timothy L. McConnell AT2 Dawna C. Annis AT2 Rachel M. Bailey AT2(AW) Nathanael H. Banks AT2(AW) Shaun A. Bennett AE2 Kevin M. Brown AT2 Fredrick D. Cochran AT2 Paul C. Cordes AT2 Jeremiah J. Dant A02(AW) Darrell K. Dees AT2(AW) Heather L. Franklin A02 Dewayne A. Fuda AT2 Fred R. Gilliam AT2 Robert E. Glass AT2 David L Hudson AT2 Jason B. Love ET2 Lawrence R. Lundquist AT2 Jason A. Mahler AT2 Jason J. Manning AT2 Jose M. Martinez AT2 Chad E. Mascenik AT2 Karen E. McMillan AT2 Montgomery S. McNew AT2 Eddie D. Meharg AT2(AW) Justin G. Olson AT2 Jeffrey A, Perry AT2 Jason H. Rauch AT2 William S. Rexroth AT2 Andre L. Richardson AT2 Terrence J. Rivers AT2 Daniel J. Robertson AT2 Antonio Rodriguez AT2 John J. Schiavo AT2 Brendan C. Sharak AT2 Brian C. Sorendino AE2(AW) Scott Strader AT2 Ann Marie Tomski AT2(AW) David E. Tullio AE2(AW) Wayne Varisco AT2 Daniel K. West A02 Leon B. Williams AT2 Donald R. Wilson AT2(AW SW) Joseph C. Wolz AT2 Daniel C. Woody AT2 Jody S. Woolwine AT3 Nicholas J. Adcock AT3 Jason D. Bartlett AE3 Michael S. Bogle ATS Scott M. Bos AT3 Caleb S. Calcine AE3 John A. Casali AT3 John J. Cassidy AE3 Daniel J. Codiroli AT3(AW) Michael J. Day AT3 Barret A. Denman AT3 David A. Dunning AT3 Damario R. Evans AT3 Mark W. Flldew AT3 Derek A. Frazier AT3(AW) Robert J. Fuller AE3 James L. Gambrell AT3 David L. Genyard AT3 Roger Gibson II AT3 William L. Hackett ABF3 Vernon E. Harris AT3(AW) Kevin E. Huskonen AT3 Wayne E. Johnson Jr. Tar an ay the Best rize that Rfe offers is the chance to wor hard at worh worth doing, " -i: i i a a i liiiiMiiii f AT3 Christopher L. Johnston AT3 Todd B. Jones AT3 Jeremy E. Kieser ET3 Joseph M. Knudson AT3 Matthew J. Lane AT3 Randal S. Lee AT3 Joseph P. Lemonds AT3 Monte D. Maggard AT3 Joseph R. Mansfield AT3 Michael D. Mathew AE3 Jibri 0. McElveen AT3 Danil O. Meulener AT3 Tracy R. Moore AT3 Orlando O. Morales Jr. AT3 Robert B. Morgan AT3 Ann M. Morrison AE3 Timothy C. Pinkleton AT3 Kelly G. Potter AT3 Thomas D. Purkey AT3 Luke P. Rachal AE3(AW) James L. Ridgeway AT3 Ryan A, Rutkoski AE3 Jelissa P. Sam AT3 Laretha Slaughter AT3 Shane K. Smith AT3 Jeremy M. Stephens AT3 Jeremy S. Stone AE3 Marty A. Swofford AT3 Miguel G. Teixeira AT3 Mark C. Twomey AT3 David A. Washington A03 Ronald E. White Jr. AT3 Michael S. Williams AE3 Sean T. Willoughby AT3 Peter D. Worgess AEAN Joseph H. Amend AOAN Adam Butner AEAN John J. Canccelu ATAN Eddie L. Cobb ATAN Dane A. Curtner ATAN James D. Dalrymple ATAN Christopher L. Donatelli ATAN Tony B. Dorset AOAN Evan M. Duvall ATAN Angela G. Fitchard AEAN Alan M. Gagnier ATAN Rocky A. Gall ATAN Justin S. Geschke ETSN Curtis L. Gilmore ATAN Travis S. Harlow AOAN Chad W. Hayes AEAN Jason G. Hodges AEAN Terry Huggins Jr. ATAN Ray E. Immel ATAN Abraham T July ATAN David A. Kallestena AEAN Darnell B. Kelly iiiiiiii AEAN Thomas R. r Linger Jr U J ATAN William T Lodge 4- ATAN Ryan R. Marlatt AZAN Troy D. Massie H ATAN Daniel Morales H H ATAN Elliot C. Nix Hi ATAN Jesse L. Pasquarello ATAN Brandon R. ( Pettigrew AEAN Martin J. Ramon r. ATAN Scott A. Rossi MJ AEAN Eric J. Seifert A HI ATAN Jason J. Short KtUH tun tint ti , ut debauch _ , to Qood wishes on behaif of virtue whife you do nothing about it Justice is not mereCy words. It is to be translated into fiving acts. BB f ATAR Joseph J. Wolf Kevin R. Williams ATAN Paul W. Sidelinger ATAN Patrick R. Sohn ATAN Jeremy R. Tomlinson ATAN Anthony L. Wells AEAA Nick E. Hall ATAA Devin C. Mckelvry AEAA Chris C. Paccassi ATAA Robert G. Ponce AZAA Joshua S. Reranis ATAN Jason S. Young DmsTisa nr I i 1 - , «- ' l liifliMiliii D 1 ENS Mich ael J. Martin ASCS(AW) Garald S. Tripp ASC(AW) Bryan Rosenberg ASl Deborah L Cashin ASl Keith B. Gehry ASl William M. Marcum ASl Hung T. Nguyen ASl Jaelean F. Papp ASl Richard R. Peterson ASl Daniel L. Rivers ASl(AW) Charles A. Vansteinburg ASl Tony 0. Walker ASl Laird F. Young AS2 Emmanuel L Adjei AS2 Nelson V. Avillanoza AZ2 Nora H. Bard AS2 Dale E. Bunnell AS2 James C. Bush AS2(AW) Tom L. Cousins Jr. AS2(AW) Yuniel Delgado AS2 Joshua R. Green AS2(AW) Michael B. Green AS2 Levi B. Harris AS2 Christopher 0. Johnson AS2 Florian J. Klein The Support Equipment Division (11 -4) maintains approximately 1,600 items of support equipment, which are vitally important to the maintenance, start-up and launch of Air Wing Eight aircraft. Every piece of support equipment used on the flight deck or in the hangar bay is operated and maintained by the skilled technicians of IM-4. Supporting equipment consists of starting units, tow tractors, tow bars, forklifts, hydraulic and electrical power supplies, air conditioning units, liquid oxygen and nitrogen servicing units, 20-ton jacks, mobile fire fighting equipment, as well as the 52-ton crash crane, also known as ' Tilly ' 7 aCways Befieve in going fiarcCat eveiytfiing. ' My experience is that it never -pays to Cet up or grow sfxic ancffaCf Seliincf. " -- " T I IhSSRRBuQ UBmB AS2 Scott D. Levenduski AS2 Kenzy C. Nazaire AS2 Hector M. Perales AS2 Reynaldo C. Riego AS2 Owen M. Sullivan AS2(AW) Heidi M. Thoma AS2 Justo D. Valverde AS3 Newton R. Arias ASS David Beaubrun ASS Rodolfo E. Capayachi ASS Pedro A. Coreas ASS(AW) David A. Crossley ASS Cory A, Deblonk ASS Teresa C. Felch ASS Mark J. Henderson AZS(AW) Paris J. Ivester ASS David C. Mitchell ASS Candyce L. Mosley ASS Noe E. Mota ASS Roger L. Owens ASAN Cory A. Cleveland ASAN Thaddeus Jones ASAN Kendrick Ratliff ASAN Nicholas L. Shirley ASAN James R. Siders ASAA Matt J. Caldwell ASAA Leopold A. Chambers ASAA Scott B. Dunat ASAA Chad B. Wilson uj jicii C BM neo of poisons and terror is new. T fie nejQis of Iraq and terror is ofd The comSinatio ' With this trac record, Iraqi denials of supporting terrorism ta the place aCongside t ' When we confront a regime that harSors ambitions for regionaC domination, hides wea not confronting the past, we are confronting the present. Jinduntess we act, we are cc l e Vnited States wifCnot and cannot run that ris to the American peopCe. Leaving, or years is not an option, not in a post-Septem6er 11th worCd. 9Ay colleagues, over three months ago this councit recognized that Iraq continued to pc in material Breach of its disarmament oSCigations. Today Iraq stiCf poses a threat and I Indeed, 6y its failure to seize on its one Cast opportunity to come clean and disarm, Ira serious consequences for its continued defiance of this counciC. My colleagues, we have an oSCigation to our citizens, we have an oSCigation to this 6oi war, we wrote 1441 to try to preserve the peace. ' We wrote 1441 to give Iraq one [as. ' We must not shrin rom whatever is ahead of us. ' We must notfaiCin our duty andoi ijan nunnnvMMWiUMJ ■( I C rr cidr r. j ' r) t P. U ly U ' . ' ,i[sl gr- tfier m l H I H it aCfa weS ofCies. I ifciijw s of mass destruction and provides Haven and active support for terrorists, we are i mtiiu) onting an even more frightening future. . . limi y ussein in possession of weapons of mass destruction for a few more montfis T j0i 2 threat to intemationaf peace and security, and that Iraq had Been and remained yatd ' stiff remains in materiaf Breach. as put itseffin deeper materiaf Breach and cfoser to the day when it wiffface lo see that our resofutions are compfied with. ' We wrote 1441 not in order to go to nee. Iraq is not so far ta ng that one fast chance. ' esponsiBifity. f» r fc ■3- Speed Low Drag High Speed Low Drag High Spe igh Speed Low Drag High Speed Low Drag High | Speed Low Drag Hiqh Speed Low Draq Hiah Spq igh Speed Low Dra iC2xc: i T.r T.T " n-K o XJ " o jh .m 1 ' IP :p( [h Speed Low Drag High Ipeed Low Drag High Sp [h Soeed Low Draa High ) Spa Speed Low Drat ligh Speed Low ' L Speed Low Dra } • liah SDeed Low |J ' - u m w €si( i ? I Speed Low Drag Hig] led Low Drag High S; Speed Low Drag Hi- ed Low Drag High S; Speed Low Drag d Low Drag High J-i r r " h ciy-sc:::.(= f= T.r-iw T T ' :: r H 1 Cfh f DRf d Low_ ,Dr. c--. Low Drag High Speed Low Drag High eed Low Drag High Speed Low Drag . Low Drag High Speed Low Drag High l eed Low Low )eed Low ■eed b Low )eed Low |cii Low Dr )eed Lr Air Department Officer Commander Vincent Drouillard mdr. Vincent Drouillard was born and raised in Royal Oak, Mich. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1982 and was designated a Naval Aviator In May of 1984. From 1984 through 1986, Cmdr. Drouillard served with Fleet Composite 10 at Naval Air Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, flying the TA- 4J Skyhawk. He transitioned to the F-14 Tomcat and after completing training, was assigned to Fighter Squadron 33 at Naval Air Station Oceana, Va. From 1987 through 1989, Cmdr. Drouillard deployed with Fighter Squadron 33 aboard USS America, and was selected to attend Navy Fighter Weapons School Power Projection Course. Cmdr. Drouillard reported to Fighter Squadron 43 from 1990 through 1991. He flew the F- 16N, F-5E and various series of the A-4 Skyhawk aircraft. In addition to training fleet aircrew in strike fighter tactics, he was the Aviation Ordnance Officer and Administration Department Officer. From 1992 through 1994, Cmdr. Drouillard was assigned to Fighter Squadron 21 at Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Japan. As Operations Officer, and designated Strike Lead, he deployed aboard USS Independence in support of Operation Southern Watch. Cmdr. Drouillard was next assigned to Commander Naval Air Forces, Pacific Fleet in San Diego, Calif. Chai orthesa ivisions, lutiesi . The Dlijeltaf From 1997 through 1999, Cmdr. Drouillard was assigned as Operations Officer of Carrier Air Wing Seven. He ' ' noel deployed aboard USS John C. Stennis to the Arabian Gulf, in support of Operation Southern Watch. While in CVW- light schf 7, he screened for aviation command and completed his master ' s degree in Business Administration from thejic ,. University of Phoenix. Worn From 1999 to 2002, Cmdr. Drouillard served first as the executive officer and then as the commanding officer of Fleet Composite 8. He was next assigned to USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) as the Air Department Officer, ipi loves on Cmdr. Drouillard ' s personal decorations include the Meritorious Service Medal, Air Medal (First Strike Flight Award), Navy Commendation Medal (four awards), Navy Achievement Medal a nd various campaign and unit awards. Cmdr. Drouillard is the son of Alfred and Pauline Drouillard of Royal Oak, Mich. He is married to the former Nelly Alina Shealy of Wilmington, Del. They have three sons, Benjamin age 16, Christopher age 15, and James age four. liKlependei Charged with the most challenging mission on board, Air Department is responsible or the safe launch and recovery of high performance tactical aircraft. Consisting of five livisions, the 15 officers, 21 chiefs and 539 enlisted personnel readily perform their luties with exacting precision, pride and dedication. The operation of the Air Department extended over 17 levels and decks from tower fuel tank voids deep in the ship and from bow to fantail. A non-stop evolution, its )ersonnel positioned, fueled, launched and recovered aircraft to meet the ever-changing yvhiteioOM light schedule. It was a complex operation that required constant coordination between ill five divisions including the air wing and other ship ' s departments. Air Department )perations always run flawlessly and without mishap. During the course of deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the entire r Department accomplished extraordinary feats. Conducting more than 21,000 aircraft noves on the flight deck and hangar deck, they battled tight quarters and extreme veather conditions to safely launch and recover more than 7,000 aircraft. To keep CAG-8 jircraft airborne, more than 12 million gallons of aviation fuel (JP-5) was pumped. rstoifron rdngoffei iri t : T ABH3 Eric E. Ruiz ABE3 Justin T. Tarr ABE3 Anya Tavares-Gallo ABF3 Nathan A. Thomas AZ3 Silvia Velasco ABEAN l atthew J. Paiva ABHAN Krishna E. Prasad AN Emmelene Whitehorse AA Tamer V. Abdeimalelc Comprised of two integral entities, V-0 is tasked with the administration and primary flight coordination functions for Air Department. The administration of an organization is crucial to smooth operations. Sending and receiving up to 150 pieces of correspondence daily, V-0 personnel ensure orders, awards, training and other administrative documents were forwarded in an effort to take care of 575 personnel assigned to Air Department. Primary Flight Control personnel provide vital information to the Air Boss specifically for flight operations. It is their responsibility to ensure the correct position of the flight deck lighting, landing lens setting and actuation and recording of all flight deck operations for normal and emergency operations. " yi nation needs heroes. It needs examples of valor so tfiat it will owjust How it ought to Sefiave. " Lt. Frederick B. Hoo Lt. Jerome D. Morris ENS Guy Jordan ABHCS(AW) Dennis B. Clifford ABHl(AW) Israel Garcia ABH1{AW) Martin A. Mcnelll mt ' ABHl(AW) George H. _ Nahim Jr. jl g ABH1(AW SW) Dennis m D. Parker Hl ABH2 Christopher E. Mohrmann ABH2(AW) Brian A. Racine ABH2(AW) Juan A. Ramos ABH2(AW) Charlie Rembert ABH3 Jamie T. Brown ABH3 Jason M. Correa ABH3 Shawn J. Davis ABH3 Sean H. Devereaux n m (imiM mm ABHC Keith Watkins ABHl(AW) Andre L. Bone ABHl Fernando C. Byrd ABH1{AW) Henry L. Cooper ABHl Kevin D. Dawson ABHl James K. Priest ABHl(AW) Michael D. Wynn ABH2 Juan R. Canales ABH2(AW) Juan I, Barragan ABH2 Keith D. Germano ABH2(AW) Stephanie L. Seymour ABH2 Rodney Striclcland ABH3(AW) Yvonne Bailey ABH3 Way ne S. Beirola ABES Jacques M. Brown ABH3(AW) Kevin R. Harris ABH3 Christopher A. Hules ABH3 Eric Jeanlouis ABH3 Geoffrey T. Johnson ABH3 Chris F, Johnston ABH3 Corby A. King ABH3 Lucas N. Murgia ABH3 Sabrina K. Noble " VnCess a man is master of his souC, aCC other nds of mastery amount to Cittk. " - r ABH3 Julia L Shannon ABH3 Jermaine M. Sims ABH3(AW) Chris B. Surowiec ABH3 Danny K. Thompson ABH3 Philip D. W. Turk ABH3 Michael W. Vernatt ABH3(AW) Christopher L. Waiters ABHAN Anthony J. Brown ri V-l Division is responsible for the safe movement of aircraft on tine flight decl andtof operations during launch, recovery and re-sil evolutions. The 148 assigned personnel havifee primary duties; directors, who wear yellow ! i,are skilled technicians responsible for the safe ttfcof aircraft, plane handlers tractor drivers, who ! Hue shirts, work under the direction of the ' VeMfe " to ensure the safe movement and the secur 1 aircraft. Crash and Salvage personnel, who rred shirts, provide fire protection and respond ti aircraft emergencies on the flight deck. These highly trained professionals carrj t eir responsibilities and duties around the clock, support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, V-l o more than 24,142 moves, averaging to 170 support 110 sorties daily, confined to the 4.5|esof the flight deck. Exposed to the extreme con and inherently dangerous environment a with jet aircraft, they maintain TR ' s highest safety and material readiness. ABHAN Kevin J. Cahill AN Jesus Camarena ABHAN Brian J. Carroll AN Jodi L. Caswell ABH3 Jesus Ortiz-Velazquez ABH3 Jose A. Perez ABH3 Agapito Ramos ABH3 Nathan Saenz ABH3(AW) Matthew L. Scarlato AN Jerenrjy J. Betterton AN Kendrick B. Bledsoe AN Martin N. Boyd AN Brett D. Bright ABHAN Christopher 0. Brown AN Shakara L. Cobb 3forthed ghtdedo ator veyandrs esonnefs ee yeyeioi ;, are for tlie safe ing of ,4 rblue loftfie irts " jndttieseGlf so(Tnd,wfJr red ndrespondl ml gssionalscalt their fKltliedol xJofii,V-l|:ted agingtoltesto tottiejesof e)(Pe(Jjs tjfimentajd TR ' shOT of " roughout -past fiistory CiSerty fias aCways waC cf Between the twin terrors of tyranny and anarchy. " — 7 li li AN Jess M. Collazo AN Barbara J. Cora AN Nestor A. Cora AN Thomas E. Davenport AN Michael W. Edwards ABHAN Julio H. Fierros AN Calvin N. Figures AN Sarah N. Foeldi AN Allen E. Gross Jr. AN Kyle J. Grosskopf ABHAN David L. Heard AN Chad H. Hill AN Cleadis Johnson ABHAN Eric Jones ABHAN Daren J. Karoi AN Angela M. Lewis AN Kallyn A. Mclaughlin ABHAN Juanita M. Mitchell AN Andy A, Nunez AN Tomas E. Pacheco AN Javier Ramierez AN Brandon W. Rice AN Chad S. Rowlee AN Rodrigo A. Saenz AN Jennifer G. Santos- Urrutia AN Brian M. Saxton AN Preston K. Smithwick ABHAN David M. Som AN Elizabeth A. Speare AN Angel C. Vasquez AN Steve F. Winer AA Jesse M. Bodie AA Derek J. Bunner AA Charles W. Lindsay AA Kevin B. Montoya ' jVb triumpfi of peace is quite so great as the supreme triumphs of war... It may he that at some time in the dim future of the race the need for war witt vanish; hut that time is yet ages distant. J4.s yet no nation can hohd its pCace in the worCd, or can do any wor reaCCy worth doing, unless it stands ready to guard its rights with an armed hand " -- ' T AA Travis S. Green AA Alex J. Orzo ABHAA Anna P. Quinteiro AA Mike A. Surface AA Jeffrey A. Tate AA James J. Wells AA Michael A. Wilburn AA Justin L. Zarate AR Jerimy D. Breechen AR Adam Foresi AR Derrick L. Holsey Lt. Cmdr. Richard W. Prest Lt. Cory A, Dixon Lt. Jolin H. Fox Lt. Steven A. Wyss ICC Michele T. Cwenar ABEC Gary E. Johnson ABEC(AW) Todd C. Kirby ABEC Tyrone D. Roseborough ABEC Larry R. Saxton IC1(SW AW) Jerry W. Brashier ABE1(AW SW) Stanley O. Chatman EMI Patricia L. Dale ABEl Joe R. Debones ABEl Glynn D. Doyle ABEl(AW) Joshua M. Green ABEl(AW) Philip J. Kraft ABEl Acie Robinson Jr. ABEl Demetrius A. Rushin EM1(SW AW) Michael D. Stevens Ens. Louie Cedilios ABECS Johnny E. Eggleston ABECS Alfred Rogers ABEC(AW) Ken Burleigh EMC(SW SWCC) Michael B. Burns ABEC Kevin S. White ABEl Melvin R. Abner IC1(SW AW) Kamau A. Adams ABEl Kevin A. Avise ABEl(AW) Patrick P. Bourgeois i V-2 Division personnel, the ' ' green siiirts ' launch aircraft from catapults on the flight deck, trap them in the ' ' gear " (landing trap), and record the whole evolution on video. Their world is a constant battle with the elements - blistering sun, sudden rain, cold, unforgiving heat, the catapult steam and grease, long days and seemingly endless nights. And after a day ' s flight operations, when their shipmates are turning in, the Green Shirts, with their tired faces covered in grease, immediately start maintenance and preparations for the next day ' s launch. These highly qualified Sailors maintain an arsenal of tools that enable them to accomplish this mission every day Four steam-operated catapults accelerate aircraft from 0-150 MPH in less than three seconds. The recovery is a controlled crash of a 50,000-pound aircraft, screaming to a halt in 340 feet. Each of the four " wires " they can catch is attached to an individual, hydraulically operated arresting gear engine, and for emergencies, there is a barricade. The division also lights the way for night operations, maintaining all flight deck lighting. Pilots find their way to the deck using V-2 ' s high-tech Fresnel Lens or " Meat Ball, " and all critical evolutions are constantly recorded and televised by the division ' s numerous surveillance cameras. To maintain it all, there is the Bos ' n, a limited duty officer that stays on top of every casualty, every part and every tool. His day ends when all maintenance is complete, and every piece of equipment is up and ready for the next day that is approaching fast. The catapult and the arresting gear officers, or " Shooters, " bring it all together, monitoring the training, qualification and flight deck coordination of the Green Shirts for aircraft launch and recovery. There are many other motivated sailors working diligently behind the scenes in the division ' s Administration, Quality Assurance, Supply, Damage Control, Maintenance Control and Maintenance Support work centers. Their hard work and dedication, knowledge and spirit are unparalleled and truly make flight operations on America ' s Big Stick happen. The Sailors of V-2 take great pride in their contributions to Operation Iraqi Freedom, and the accomplishment of more than 7,200 successful launch and recovery evolutions during this deployment. ' ' I fiave never won anything without hard (k6or ancf the ej(ercise of my good judgment and careful iptanning andwor ng Cong in advance. " T ABEl(AW) Brian E. Sullivan ABEl Joseph H. Turner ABEl Carlis Wallace ABE2 Piotr Andrejeczak AZ2 David E. Bonner. ABE2 Lester C. Coats ABE2 Joseph S. Dalessandao ABE2 James C. Delacerda ABE2 Aaron C. Francis ABE2 Rigoberto Garcia ABE2 Calvin Griffin ABE2 Matthew A. Lewis ABE2 Iran D. Miles ABE2 Joseph N. Noriega ABE2 Roderick J. Rogers ABE2(AW) Gerardo G. Roybal IC2{SW) Jason R. Stephens ABE2 Harry Webster Jr. ABE2 Edward M. Witkowski ABES George J. Armijo ABE3 Gabriel Agosto- Rondon ABES Casey C. Barkley ABES Michael A. Betancourt ABES James J. Brown ABES James H. Cummings ABES Chandra M. Debernardi ICS Jamie F. Gardamez ABES Jason E. Gilman ABES Christopher L Gonzalez AZ3 Jacola L. Greene ABES Latricia M. Griffin ABES Diann M. Holmes ABES Bradley W. Jennings ABES Lester J. Landry ABES Christopher M. Lemelle ABE3 Julie R. RIckett ABE3 Jeremy P. Ross IC3 Nicolette H. Ryan ABE3 Leonardo C. Sarigan ABE3(AW) Matthew C. Saruse AZ3 Simone R. Sheeley AN Tiffany Burto ABEAN Jonathan L Campbe ABEAN Ranee S Chrlstia AN Donald D. Cope ABEAN Jeromy S Crawfor ABEAN Ricky Criswe ABE3 David C. Lucler IC3 Victor S. Martin ABF3 Christopher D. Newsome IC3 Joshua R. Nicholas IH m M E ift B M M i IC3 Miguel 0. Ojeda EM3 Douglas 0. Owens EM3 Laurance S. Patterson ABE3 William A, Ramos ABE3 Martino M. Rhone ABE3 Brad A. Thompson ICFN Dean R. Bennett ABEAN Michael R. Beveridge ICFN Janice E. Brooks AN Vincent Brown fe. " ' Wfien people as me what I Ci Best aSout wfiat ' s happening in the S avy today, I say I Cove the tone of it. The tone of it is caused By the commitment of the young people — the men and women who want to ma a difference - the morafe is shy-high. " - Chief of avaC Operations Jidm. Vern C(arh arch I 2003 f f liiiii ABEAN Douglas R. Fisher ABEAN Brian D. Fletcher AN Kedar Gandhi ABEAN Craig S. Gilmore ABEAN Jason B. Gonia ABEAN Jermaine M. Guiley AN Den-ick J. Hall ABEAN Leslie L. hail AN Brian E. Harian ABEAN Asim B. Henley AN Francis E. Hicl ey AN Carl E. Jackson ABEAN Kian T. Kadota AN James A. Lakofsky AN Kajuan M. Lang ABEAN Matthew E. Lambardi ABEAN Anthony A. Mangino ABEAN Ricardo E. Moreno ABEAN Elvin R. Ortiz Rosado ABEAN Drew K. Pelletier ABEAN Jose L. Perez ABEAN Israel Perezrodez ABEAN Brandon L. Priddy AN Michael L. Riley AN Edward L. Robinson ABEAN Rashelle A. Rodriguez ABEAN Mario Salinas AN Eddie C. Smith ABEAN Clinton R. Thetford ABEAN Fabian J. Thompson ABEAN Felix Torres ABEAN Angel D. Vivesramos AN Charles E. Walker AN Danny J. White AN Damian L. Word " I have a Horror of words that are not transCatecC into deeds, of speech that does not resuCt in action. " - ' T ' " eace is generaCfy good in itseCf But it is never the highest good unless it comes as the handmaiden of righteousness; and it Becomes a very eviC thing if it serves mereCy as a mas for cowardice andsCoth, or as an instrument to further the ends of despotism or anarchy. " -T AN Shanta L. Wright AA Jessica M. Boekers AA Antliony J. Bucceri ABEAA David F. Butler ABEAA Michael Y. Cruz Delvalle AA Donald W. Earl AA Chris M. Hilger AA Christopher A. Hopicins AA Mary E. Inman ABEAA David A. Kubatzke ABEAA Michael C. Miller ABEAA Francisco J. Moiinasibrian ABEAA Cameron K. Standi AA Randy C. White AR Karina Becerra ABEAR Gregory M. Detwiller ABEAR Kurt R. Francis AR Frederick Gaither Jr. AR Barry D. Nanton AR Gamalier Pagan-Figueroa ABEAR John C. Wilcox " ' Tfiere is no disgrace in faiture, only in a faiCure to try. " — Lt. Stuart Mattfield ABHC Doyle D. Frey ABHC Albert Steward ABHl David A. Dalton ABHl(AW) Orlando D. Ramirez ABH2(AW) Ashanti N. Cooper ABH2 Kenneth F. Doswell ABH2 Lyndon D. Peabody ABH2(AW SW) Dawn M. Santiago ABH2(AW SW) Connie G. Thorton ABH3(AW) Obayana A. Allen ABH3 Kirby A. Benishek ABH3 Paul M. Borkowski ABH3 James C. Burrer ABH3 Diana A. Caragan ABH3 Misti D. Carmichael ABH3 Terrence R. Elbourne ABH3 Allison J. Hunt ABH3 Alexis L. Kline ABH3 Robert A. Manet ABH3 Nicholas A. Meader ABH3 John C. Ritter ABH3(AW) Christine M. Schoch BHAN Jamie L Adams V-3 Division is responsible for all activities that occur on the 80,000 square feet of the hangar deck. The hangar deck is divided into three bays, separated by two divisional doors, which are the hangar decks primary fire boundaries. Each hangar bay has access to an aircraft elevator that transports both aircraft and equipment to and from the flight deck. The primary responsibility of V-3 is to ensure the safe movement of aircraft and equipment is completed in the most expeditious manner possible. Divisional personnel maintain all fire fighting equipment on the hangar deck to ensure operational readiness at all times. Aircraft are commonly moved within inches of each other to maximize total use of the confined area of the hangar deck. During the deployment, V-3 had more than 10,500 aircraft moves in support of flight operations. The aircraft elevators were cycled over 4,500 times to permit the movement of aircraft, supplies and ordnance. " Let us ep untarnisfiecC unstainecf, the honor of tfie f[ag our fathers Sore aCoft in the teeth of the wiOfest storm, the f tag that sha[[f[oat above the soMfiCes of a united -peoipky a peop[e sworn to the great cause of CiSerty ' ' and justice, for themseCves, and for aCfthe sons and daughters of men. ' ' — 1t ' TT W -J . AN Dewey R. Anderson AN Noel A. Ayala AN Quamisha N. Black AN Justin M. Bridges AN Latasha L. Butler AN Jonathan W. Carlock AN Paul R. Cupstid AN Teadra K. Devillars AN Oumou L. Diallo AN Scott N. Francis ABHAN David L. Frazier AN Shannon Harland AN Nicholas J. Hinds AA David A. Hurst AN Mikael E. Kladste AN Maria S. Losapio AN Miguel A. Manquera AN David G. Martinez AN John R. McMurray AN Michael 0. Minjares AN Jonathon Morris AN Logan S, Ricks ABHAN Amanda G. Robertson AN Derrick R. Robinson ABHAN Samantha A. Smith AN Crystal J. Strawn AN Benjamin R. Swickline AN Jose L. Torres AN Ian G. Totten AN Jason A. Trapp ABHAN Michael R. Vaughn AA Deserick J. Cantey AA Philip R. Clark AA Ryan J, Condit AA Louis L. Gant AA Terry P. Henderson AA Tim W. Henderson AA Jason R. James AA Alyssia D. Schnaufer AA Ashley R. Tackett AR Freddie Manuel AR Elliot R. Vanleuvan AR Stephen R. Williams " JVbtHing in the worlxfis wortfi having or worth doing unCess it means effort, pain, difficuCty... I have never in my Cife envied a human Seing who [edan easy Cife. I have envied a great many peopfe who (eddifficuCt Cives and fed them weCC. " 7 p iMm Lt. Cmdr. Glenn J. Estrada ABFCS(AW) Stanley E. Mainor ABFC Calvin J. Blocker ABFC James D. Vaughan ABFl(AW) Eric L. Alexander ICl Levy M. Alexander ABFl(AW) Scott B. Hansel ABFl Patrick D. Perkins ABFl Eric V. Smith ABFl Derrick N. Tolliver ABFl Wilfred B. Wahee ABF2 John M. Deemer ABF2 Jeffrey P. Heller ABF2 Troy M. Huffman ABF2 Lacey L. Jones ABF2 Ramon A. Perez ABF3 Kevin D. Bass ABF3 Jan Z. Davis ABF3 Wilfredo A. Delgado ABF3 Allen M. Harris EM3 Raymond S. Homsher ABF3 Seth A. Hutchinson ABF3 Nakarl F. Mcwhorter ABF3 Luis D. Mejia ABF3 Robert A. Milligan Identified by their purple jersey ' s, the ' " Grapes " of V-4 Division maintain and perate the ship ' s highly complex aviation fuel system and supply oil for the catapult ube oil system. Comprised of 120 Sailors from the ABF, IC and EM ratings, they ' eceive, stow and issue JP-5 through a myriad system of pipes, valves and tanks with :he storage capacity of more than three million gallons. From the lowest levels of the ship to the flight deck, you ' ll find the ' ' Grapes " meticulously working to ensure that only clean, clear and bright, safe-for-f light JP-5 is issued to the embarked air wing. During our combat deployment, V-4 safely and efficiently delivered 12 million gallons of JP-5 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. ABF3 Kimyittia I. Pleasant ABF3 Ed J. Powers ABF3 Aaron B. Rathburn IC3 Stephen L. Rock AN Felix Barbosa AN Jonus A. Barnes ABFAN Thomas J. Beatty ABFAN Jonathan E. Bowie AN Couvel L. Bradley AN Jerry W, Cormier AN William J. Crowley ABFAN George T. Delle AN James Deleon ABFAN Jonathan C. Denzmore ABFAN Bruce Hardwick ABFAN Antonio L. Haynes AN Clifton L. Hobbs AN Corey L Jefferson ABFAN Adam W. Jenser ABF3 Melba M. Rodriguez ABF3 Arnett F. Singleton ABF3 Jesse S. Thomas Jr. ABF3 Paul M. Veling ABF3 Connie L. Vidas ABFAN David A. Brown ABFAN r»1arius K. Bynum ABFAN Terry W. Carr ABFAN Andre L. Conyers ABFAN David B. Cordell AN Nicole E. Frith AN Issac H. Gomez AN Latasha D. Govan AN Jason C. Graham AN John P. Halter AN Christopher W. Johnson AN Bryan C. Lagios AN Daniel C. Laughlin ABFAN Jason L, Lawhorne ABFAN Carlton B. Lee " Ijfiis is a testing time for our country. Jit tHis Hour we have troops assemSCing in the MicCcCCe ast ' There are oppressive regimes that see terriSCe weapons. M eface an ongoing threat of terror. One thing is for certain: we didn ' t ash for these chaCfknges, But we wiCCmeet them. I say that with certainty, Because this nation has strong foundations that won ' t Be sha n. " — (President george W. (Bush, TeB. 6, 2003 Auui AN Steve P, Maddy ABFAN Renee M. Martinez ABFAN Courtney J. Mckinney ABFAN Scott M. Melagrano AN Mikal L Mitchell ABFAN Tanisha M. Moore ABFAN Michael G. Moorehouse ABFAN Brian A. Noel AN Basilio A. Pena AN Deltrick D. Porter ABFAN Zac A. Robertson AN Desiree P. Rose AN Herman K. Seltzer AN Rodney N. Singh AN Otis D. Singleton ABFAN Matthew W. Sutermeister AN Michael J. Tehas AN Justin M. Tenney AN Lisa L. Toungate ABFAN Anthony C. Turzio ABFAN Jason Vazquez AN Mario A. Wade AN Tarayn J. Watkins ABFAN Shanyn N. White ABFAN John M. Zyduck ABFAA Donald A. Brown ABFAA Rachel K. Cargle AA April G. Croom ABFAA Gilberto Escobar AA Nicholas W. Freeman AA Sara M. Garrity AA Peter A. Grubbs ABEAA Candace J. Hillock ABFAA Michael E. Howard Jr. AA Joshua M. Hunter " M fienever you are as cfifyou can do ajoS, utt ' em, ' Certainty I canl ' T fien get Susy and find out how to do it. " -r ABFAA Brian R. King ABFAA Brian K. Mumpowers AA Laray C. Northern AR Moses B. Davis AR Hayward Marrow Jr. ABFAR Victoria D. Martinez AR Angel Padilla ABFAR Jorge A, Pereira ABFAR Juan R. Reyes AR Brandon W. Shoemaker ABFAR Victor J. Ubieta AR Michael F. Valiente ABFAR Earon T. Williams " Hie onCy man wfio never ma s a mista is the man who never does anything. " - ■i ' jai 1 ' ..; m:f.m.tigmmsm!W i:-ii}x m- ' Mw:mim ' ) si. ' !mmmfMiSsi ' TR PULi s IN TO SouDA Bay, Cri )ok its fir lHPty of the cruise at Souda Bay, Crete, an island about 80| »st of mainland Greece. _Crete is home to one of the oldest known civilizations on earth and is cc :e of the Greek Gods because Zeus was said to be born there. Its hilly_ rj is home to a thriving olive and grape industry. Vineyards and oiivel be seen everywhere as one traveled its storied paths. TR Sailors visited this historic island in early April. They visited the harbor well as taking tours to ancient ruins from the island ' s history as a trading postj civilization on the Mediterranean as well as stopover for numerous empires Nearly 4,000 years ago, an island nation grew up on Crete. The pre-dates other recorded civilizations along the Mediterranean. More of of commerce than an empire, the Minoans built the first known royal m Palace, near the modern day city of Herakllon. The story of the Minotai Greek mythology takes place in the hallways and passage of this storied, b| facility. Originally built nearly 4,700 years ago, Knossos fell to an earthquake twic years. The second time it fell, the economy of the civilization could not sustaij its nearly 100 rooms on three stories, and it soon was overgrown with weeds A farmer stumbled upon one of the buried columns from the former manslj " historical treasure was unearthed and restored to its present-day appearance! almost hear the hustle and bustle of the ancient island ' s commerce through the " to mention the feel of the history of this most ancient of wealthy states. t ' -t ' ' 9. f l i .« I ' m i j i.4P«i - --S2 ' «iMHlljH jjlljllipil« iiinnia» 1111 III HI !■■■■» II i»Jigyiiii|» ii M iyipi iigyg y " cyarryTT — kj x w j. i_ji ik: 2 T SYSTEMS COMBAT SYSTEMS COMBAT SYSTEMS Q jr-- ' :ystems combat systems — • ' SYSTEMS COMBAT SYSTEl ITEMS COMBAT SYSTEMS [SYSTEMS COMBAT SYST] W gj mi oar " ' " ?ni occ CUE ctco: G3r -- IT OJJJJL C ME C )M )M JA AT DMBAT SYSTEMS COMBAT 1 AT SYSTEMS COMBAT S " OMBAT SYSTEMS COMBAT BAT SYSTEMS COMBAT S ' SYSTEMS COMBAT SYS BAT SYSTEMS COMBAT SYSTEMS COMBAT SYSTEMS SYSTEMS COMBAT SYSTEMS COMBAT SYSTEMS CO] STEMS COMBAT SYSTEMS COMBAT SYSTEMS COMBAl SYSTEMS COMBAT SYSTEMS COMBAT SYSTEMS CO] AT SY AT T» 1 t- »rsT] S ' AT i 1 B ir COMBAT SYSTEMS i BAT SYSTEMS CO] COMBAT SYSTEMSi I S ' BAT OMBA BAT SYSTEMS COMBAT SYS1 OMBAT SYSTEMS COMBA " " BAT SYSTEMS COMBAT SYSTF ' -■ A r-. G r nc 3MB. r SYSTEMS COMBAT SYSTEMS COMBA i ' ,. [BAT SYSTEMS COMBAT SYSTEMS COMBA ' i :OMBAT SYSTEMS COMBAT [BAT SYSTEM :OMBAT IBAT T tw f ' ni itBana m t iiiim Combat Systems Officer Commander John L. Pagona, Jr. Cmdr. John L. Pagona, Jr., a former chief electronics technician, was commissioned as a Limited Duty Officer in March 1985. His first shipboard assignment as an officer was aboard USS Forrestal (CV59) as the assistant electronics material officer for Communications Division and later as the AEMO for Data Systems Division. He was then assigned as the maintenance officer at Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facility Jacksonville. Cmdr. Pagona was detailed as an emergency fill to the electronics material officer billet aboard the USNS Chauvenet (TAG29). This assignment was 13 months of unaccompanied, arduous overseas sea duty. Cmdr. Pagona next reported to Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps at Jacksonville University and completed his bachelor ' s degree in business administration at the University of North Florida. Next he reported as the electronics material officer aboard USS Monterey (CG61) where he earned his Surface Warfare Officer qualification. From there he reported to Fleet Information Warfare Center as the N6 Department Head in charge of both ADP administration maintenance and Opposing Force simulations in support of battle group and JTFEX training. Completing his tour at FIWC where he earned his master ' s degree, Cmdr. Pagona reported aboard USS Eisenhower (CV69) as the combat systems maintenance officer. This tour was followed by a return to his roots as Officer in Charge of Combat Systems Schools, Service School Command Great Lakes. He reported in November 2002 to USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN71) as the combat systems officer. Cmdr. Pagona completed 30 years of naval service in November 2002. His awards include the Meritorious Service Medal (gold star), Navy Commendation Medal (three gold stars). Navy Achievement Medal (gold star), and various campaign and service medals and ribbons. Cmdr. Pagona is the proud husband of Diana, the proud father of Anthony, Amanda, Raymond (Navy), Kelly, and Mark (Navy), and the proud grandfather of Taziona and AJ. 150 1 distribut Combat : " Eyes; " 3nde)(ti combat Systems Combat Systems is the " Eyes, Ears, Voice, and Big Stick of TR. " Established in June 1996, Combat Systems Department is responsible to the commanding officer for all non-propulsion, non-avionics electronic and combat systems electronic equipment. This includes the ship ' s self defense weapons systems and all automatic information systems (tactical and tactical support systems) as they pertain to maintenance, operations, integration, configuration (hardware software), data management, network management, security and distribution of the ship ' s complex electronics systems. In layman ' s terms, Combat Systems Department provides service to the war fighter in the form of " Eyes; " radar, navigation, and satellite TV systems, " Ears and Voice; " internal and external communications suites, telephone systems, Internet services, and combat information support services, and " Big Stick; " NATO Sea Sparrow Missile Systems and Phalanx Close-In Weapon Systems. ■. J iE ' jP;5k-- 0ro 151 mmm . frronsts Iraqi peopk are regm of their mvn destv good duy: Ui i-:: freedom. Our vie r 6 ' Ut it is not conwi- yet, in parts ()J ' 1 ui dangerous ekmein fiave waged th determination aim witii i purpose, jAndwe widsi tftrougli untt - ' ' ' ■■ - - President yeoigi : LpriflSrJOOl : I rrc Veronica A, Hanna ITC(SW AW) Ernest Hoffman ITC(SW AW) Roy Rodgers m Monica A. Brown m Arthur K. Gordon IT2(SW) Danyell Stamper 112 Jeffrey S. Moore IT2 Bradford A. Gratton TT2 Katisha L. Burns 3 Lisa S, Smalls IT3(SW) Maurice W. Ruclcer Jr. " " 3 Ericlt D. Mosiey 3 Corey J. Nugent ITS Bridget L. Rodriguez IT3 Erin M. Mikrirt 3 Jasmine Rodriguez iT3 Brandon M. Donaldson rrSN Brenna S. Assemany ITSN Aivin S. Brathwalte rrSN Larry D. Jackson CS-1 provided communications support for staff and embarked air wings that provided Sailor plnones and Internet connectivity for shipboard morale. The message center was very busy during Operation Iraqi Freedom by processing over 340,000 incoming messages and sending out 7,498 outgoings. Both were records for a deployment aboard TR. CS-1 also had four reenlistments, 17 Enlisted Surface Warfare qualifications and nine Enlisted Aviation qualifications during the deployment. i mm The Network Security division was established to enforce policies and procedures on the network, identify vulnerabilities and insecurities within the network and help to detect and prevent attacks to the network. CS-2 ' s secondary mission is to ensure accreditation and proper documentation of the network and manage the LCM program for the procurement and dispersion of equipment on the network. s».v:»fe. -jpYff trTrtii) ' l|lg| I K y HlgMIII IT2 Samary Benaberodfiguez IT2(AW) Cf " •= ■■ " « Breazele !T2 (SW AVVj Stepnen A. Lawson IT2 (SW) Tina E, P ' leador 2 Reginald Merzier I iiei. ' tie iisejor ilie beincj -wliosc tepid soul k iows nothing the qreat and generous emotion, of the high pride, the stern : ,-t ' [ofty enthusiasm, oj the men ivho quell the storm aruf hunder " ' " ' ?? ir.niiiiiiiiwiiii All of Theodore Roosevelt ' s crew and embarked airwing rely heavily on e-mail and Internet access for morale and work-related issues. The CS-3 team strives to deliver the fastest and most reliable service possible when it comes to personal computer use on board TR. We understand the benefits of e-mail, and the link it maintains with people at home. The network has over 5,000 users, with 95% network uptime. Success is now and will continue to be a must for every technician in the CS3 Division. r fi lie sible nd tfie HM CW02 Scott H. Beil ITC Gary Frazier ITC Sharon Hunter ITl Deanna B. Hall ETl(SW) Sean K. Hester ETl Franklin D. Lopez ITl Josie L. Warren ET2 Phoebe D. Bates IT2 Tialicka L. Burgos ET2 Andrew C. Duckworth IT2 Kevin J. Flint IT2fSWl Kevin D. Hamilton IT2 Labrina D. Hunter IT2 Tracy K. Johnson IT2 Giovanne P. Keels IT2 Nathan T. Mcbride ET2 Glen D. Moody IT2 Danny Perez IT2(SW) Maanew i ' . Reeve ET2 Heather M. Rober IT2 Cindy L. Rochefort IT3 Narissa S. Adams ET3 Paul Albrecht ITS Fernando Chavez IT3 Veronica Colin ET3 Matt L. Dillion IT3 Ramon D. Johnson IT3 Ranae E. Khansarai ITS Jennifer A. Littlejohn IT3 Nicholette L. Moore ET3 Beth M. Newsted ITS Adam B. Pence ITS Peter G. Solis ET3 Gregory D. Vanness ITS Jerald D. Woodall ITSN Jarred J. Kendall ITSN Timothy A. May ITSN Kinalah V. Threatts ITSN Kristopher S. Velazquez ITSN Richard C. Wozniaic Ltjg Mary L. Berri.: : FCC(SW) Men C. Sanders -CC Raymond P. Vida ET1 Jason B. Kiiiouc " Caidwe rC3 Matthew t Christiense ET3 William R. Claypoc FC3 William L. Goide ET3 Jason E. Goff n ETl(SW) Kevin S. Rainer FC2 Wallace E. Kidd FC2(AW SW) Keith K. Krum FC2 Armando L. Viliatobos FC3 Tammy L. Burkhardt f7 ' ,wJ ' I ' " I ' hc3 Yaoshawna R. Jarrett FC3 Jaysen R. Jones FC3 Michael T. Lewis FC3 Anthony F. Nelson FC3 Kevin A. Scott o IMilil FC3 Katarzyna J. Swierczek C3 Leonard M. Uhyrek T3 Mayden P. Zamoras I CSS Division is responsible for a wide range of systems and equipment naintenance. The Advanced Combat Direction Center uses complex computers, iisplay equipment and radar switchboards to present an accurate overview of the actical situation. The Anti-Submarine Warfare Module equipment is used as the Dhmary center for support and coordination of Strike Group anti-submarine operations. The Meteorological Center equipment provides weather pattern imagery and sensor data for tactical air support applications and general weather information, [n addition, CSS Division is responsible for maintenance of all Xerox copiers on b i mmmmmmm the di in r}f:i: ,.t ' ■.,.- ,-r- CS6 Division is an electronic maintenance team consisting of a division officer, two chief petty officers and 26 enlisted personnel. The division is composed of personnel in both electronics technician and fire controlman ratings. Their combined efforts are responsible for the preventative and corrective maintenance on equipment crucial to the success of USS Theodore Roosevelt ' s mission in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The division ' s equipment is divided into three work centers. CS61 consists of three complex air traffic control radars, the Shipboard Air Traffic Control Communication System, and the Direct Altitude and Identification Readout system. CS62 maintains all critical air search, navigation, and surface search radars on board. Identification Friend or Foe equipment. Electronic Chart Display system, an Automatic Radar Plotting Aid and six radar repeaters. CSS is primarily responsible for all navigational aids on board TR. These include the Fathometer, Global Positioning System, Digital Data Converter Radio Sets, Tactical Air Navigation System and the WSN-7 Gyrocompass. CW03 Ray H. Bigot ETl(SW) Matthew W. Abbott ETl Kay A, Pedersen CI Miction E. Peters •Tl Jess W. Seymore Tl (SW)Michael L. Spruill T2 Timothy J. Hashberger ;T2 Hyewon Kim ;T2(SW) Marchal A. Moody ET2 Christina Torres ET2 Jeremy S. Trejo iT3 Emily D, BohSe T3 Leah L, Conner :T3 Keith A. Dunn FC3 Jonathan P. Guldos Fa Richard W. Hill ET3 Christopher F. Kerr ET3 Michael R Moon ET3 Christopher M. Porter FC3 Adam C. Richardson ET3 Salomon J, Sorriano FC3 Joshua Zurenda The 31 Fire Controlmen of CS7 Division proudly serve as USS Theodore Roosevelt ' s last line of self-defense, providing 360-degree air defense coverage against potential anti- ship threats. Vital to our ship ' s mission of enforcing the peace in numerous and varied environments, our FCs maintain and operate a complex weapons suite comprised of the Nato-Seasparrow Surface Missile Systems, the Phalanx Close-in Weapons System and the MK 23 Target Acquisition System. fl 9. Hiiliil CW02 Scott J. Chisholm FCCS(SW) Pedro Garcia FCC(SW) Jerome H. Kinsey FCl Domingo Bonuz FCl Brian E. Jantzen FC2 lohn P. Carlberg FC2 Alexander R. Ducharme FC2 Levi T. Miller FC2 Casey A. Relation FC2 Richard T. Ross FC2 Christopher M. Schikevitz FC3 Jeremy W. Allen FC3 Sandra S. Brown FC3 Christopher P. Daniels FC3 Frank W. Degraw FC3 Steven H. Goad FC3 Coliin B. Goehring FC3 Joseph D. Haskell FC3 Jason A. Marks ET3 Kevin D. Merchant FC3 William H. Nassau FC3 Kenneth D. Sapp, Jr. FC3 Aaron L. Schaffer FC3 Christine M. Stevenson FC3 Kelly A. Tritt FC3 Jason W, Williamson FC3 Jonathan W. Wyman FC3 Victor E. Zirkelbach IC3 Sharyna N. Bryant IC3 William J. Cromwell ET3 Rache! Espinoza Ltjg. Johnny L. Turner ICC(SW AW) Joseph E. Dismuke ETC Bill Murray ETC Joseph K. Naneville ICl James F, Hawkins ET2 Sam D. Alderfer ICl James F. Hawkins ET2 Sam D. Alderfer ET2(SW) Dwaine E. Heroux ET2 Douglas W. Miller ET2 James A. Nairn ET2 Leigh A. Sayre IC2 Caria Walker ET2 Tamika C. Williams ET2 Christopher W. Wilson ET29(SW AW) Kristie J. York ET3 Justin L. Beaver ET3 Avery W. Brunk l ' s " CS-9 is responsible for the maintenance of all types of mission critical electronics communication systems on board USS Theodore Roosevelt. The division is divided in to five different work centers and is comprised of more than 30 personnel in two different ratings, electronics technicians and interior communications technicians. Together they maintain a remarkably diverse range of communications systems ranging from the ship ' s SITE TV to the SHF satellite systems. ■i nck E. Ratfies jdger L. Stokes rFN Jeremy A, Wiese ET3 Matthew A. Everson ET3 Heather R. Gan ey ET3 Nicole R. Goulart ET3 David J. Graffius ET3 Pauline Grant ET3 Michael P. Hurst ET3 Dustin J. Johnson ET3 Antaine T. Jones ET3 Daniel A. Kressin ET3 Dean J. Morales ET3(SW) Kenneth C. Norton in ET3 Joshua P. Pierop IC3 Jonathan W. Scott IC3 Travis A. Shockley ET3 Anthony A. Snel! ET3 Michael J. Staniscow ET3 Luz I. Uribe IC3 Christopher M. Walton IC3 Norman W. Zoelzer ICFN Alissa Henderson lit: ;,■,.,,„ of this waf Kir. ' Tfie outcome is clear. Tfie regi " am ' Kussein is gone. It ' s o ' ver. It wiCfnot 6e tfiere in a rei ' ativel y precfictaSfe -period of time. JAncf tfie peopfe in Iraq need to H, tfiat it wifl not 6e long before tfiey unfl 5e fiSerated. ' The vcua:cj.yrtip and tfie miCitary in Iraq needs to know that they should act witfi fio nor and stop defending a regime tfiat is s ho nfy going to Be m tnry. " - Secretan of (Defense Donald (Rumsfeld, iMarch 25, 200 mmimm ip- j - 168 U% J ' . m Picnic 4 t - • 1 m j ' - c Hl Mta ,- 1 0 Jr%fcK? ; ' _ Bj l kk 1 r f jlgj fc y i, tW I ' ■j isl 1 _r ' L 5- . Jtt|I K r HlBMto||K 1 %tm • c. ' 1 ' ' s l •fc. — «i- If ' T» ' . ia l ti .t.-MMiiUMyii ' mb ' fUiU ' OiademaiifKTiitiWi, rHl !W«f«.V ' f! r, iSijiMv .fAV ttmMgmifmarisr ' WJS mff ' M ' fm ' A Command Chaplai Captain William M. Petruska C apt. William M. Petruska reported as the Command Chaplain of USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) Strike Group in June of 2001. He was born in Hazleton, Pa., and is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, subject of the Diocese of Scranton, Pa. He was ordained in May 1973. Capt. Petruska received a bachelor ' s from Pennsylvania State University and a master ' s equivalency from IMount Saint (Gary ' s Seminary in Emmitsburg, Md., in 1973. Before receiving his commission in l ay 1984, Capt. Petruska ministered to five local churches in the Scranton area. His first duty station was as a chaplain at Naval Hospital, Guam, from September 1984 through December 1985. He was then a chaplain with the V Marine Division, FMF, 13 " " MAU, at Camp Pendleton, Calif. During Operation Desert Storm Desert Shield he was stationed at ASU Bahrain. In October 1988 he was a chaplain at Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, III. He transferred to Naval Station Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, in July of 1992. He then became the force chaplain at COMUSNAVCEN before becoming the staff chaplain at Naval Station, Annapolis, Md. In June of 1997, he was the staff chaplain at the U.S. Naval Academy. Capt. Petruska is authorized to wear the Meritorious Service Medal (three awards), Navy Marine Corps Commendation Medal (three awards), Navy Marine Corps Achievement Medal, and various other unit and individual awards. 172 mmmmmmmmmmm. n o ; " •«■■ %|,a ' r Mr- at. U9.N .«HSO« W " [engious Minji )nnel on bo as shM life, in. Thel ouri he ship lesourc inablesl research! lames. xess lent Is to provide for the leodore Roosevelt (CVN 71). ind when the air wing embarks, iry focus of the chaplain is to :ludes the support and Other |k|| x:lude, but are moral is HHPal counseling, incident WRnan Mmt. When dealing with ai Kent to lanagement and suicide the administration of CRMD. jam of five RPs and a number of wing. They serve the ar- lip ' s library, the Chapr computers for e-mail, v e ■e also available fo ' o Command Chaplain Commander Ronald D. Craddock Bsaft«raMBjai!WBiH Cmdr. Ronald D. Caddock, a native of Miami, was enlisted in the Air Force before graduating fronn Shorter College of Rome, Ga., and receiving his Master of Divinity degree from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, N.C., in December of 1986. Cmdr. Craddock was commissioned and assigned to S ' ' Force Service Support Group, Fleet Marine Force Okinawa, Japan in March 1987 as battalion chaplain of Landing Support Battalion. Cmdr. Craddock reported to the Naval Air Station Cecil Field, Fla., in July 1989 as Light Attack Wing One chaplain. Beginning July 1991, Cmdr. Craddock was command chaplain on board USS Dale (CG-19). From July 1993 to May 1997, Cmdr. Craddock worked with the Coast Guard as command chaplain of the USCG Training Center Chapel, Cape May, N.J. In 1997, Cmdr. Craddock attended the Pastoral Care Residency program at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, Va. In June 1998, Cmdr. Craddock was assigned to Submarine Squadron Support Unit, Norfolk, Va., as command chaplain for two submarine squadrons. In September 2001 Cmdr. Craddock reported to Joint Forces Staff College as staff chaplain and instructor and deployed to United States Central Command as deputy command chaplain. His responsibilities required him to deploy forward to the USCENTCOM area of responsibility including Afghanistan during Operation Anaconda. Cmdr. Craddock reported to the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) in March 2003 as strike group command chaplain. Cmdr. Craddock ' s personal awards and decorations include the Defense Meritorious Service Medal (two awards). Navy Commendation Medal (three awards), Coast Guard Commendation Medal, and various unit and defense commendations. He is married to the former Beth Pulliam of Rome, Ga. They have three children. Faith Rogers, Ronnie and Thomas. They have two grandchildren, Serena and Lucas. i 174 1 l(twoaw2fu5)j and defense Lt. Cmdr. William R. Dermott lonniea ' laiOBKUMHKmat " Tfiere is one test which we have a right to appfy to the professors of aff creecfs- the test of conduct. More ancCmore, peopfe who possess either reCigious SeRefor aspiration after refigious SeCiefare growing to demand conduct as the uCtimate test of the worth of the SeRef " - Lt. Diana A. Lantz RPC Derrick D. Hubbard RPl Tronda L. Johnson RP2 Harry T. Walls RP2 Johnnie L. Wright RP3 Stephanie E. Ponko OSW Brad K. Billhardt AN Kathleen E. Davis ABFAN Jamie L. Memmer SN Lydell D. Wimberly TTatXi jgeiiKiGJI Super Bowl J 1 m . ? " ' .1 - ' -♦ . ? L ;- . •V.J Pfi f i i p ii pww The bulkheads of USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) echoed with sounds familiar to sports fans: yelling, stomping, shouts of joy and moans of defeat. It was the Super Bowl, and again, TR was out to sea. America ' s Big Stick witnessed the Super Bowl last year In the middle of the North Arabian Sea while supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. This year, the ship is in the middle of the Caribbean Sea completing Its Composite Training Unit Exercise. The turnout was a mixture of people in every color of flight deck jersey, mixed with coveralls and utilities as well as civilian clothes authorized for the special event. No matter what they were wearing, the crew shared the same expressions of waiting, until a team scored. Then half of the crowd erupted into cheers, and the others mourned the mistakes of their team. " I think everyone ' s having a great time, " said TR ' s Commanding Officer Capt. Rich O ' Hanlon. " It ' s a great turn out and a festive occasion. MWR did a spectacular job! " The ship ' s Morale, Welfare and Recreation Division brought out Its giant projection TV and had snacks galore for the festivities, including nachos, chill and buffalo wings. O ' Hanlon did his part to rile up the crowd by throwing plush footballs into the crowd, along with little desk football games. The throng, which was a mix of people sitting, standing and jumping around, responded enthusiastically to the prizes. Other items given away as door prizes Included portable DVD players and CD players. Throughout the commercial breaks, TR ' s MWR threw out more novelty Items, Including light necklaces, noisemakers and Super bowl T-shirts. Again, the crowd howled back their approval with each item thrown and each score made. The game came at a bit more convenient time than last year ' s " It ' s a great turnout, much better than last year ' s 3 a.m. party, " said TR ' s Administration Officer Lt. Cmdr. Terry Chauncey. " Go Bucs! " For some, the chance to enjoy themselves and having a distraction from work made the party even better. " It ' s nice to be able to see the game out to sea, " said Interior Communication Electrician 2 " Class Jonquil Hagan. " It takes your mind off what Is really going on. " Part of the crew was reminded of previous games with friends and family. " This is great, " said Lt. David Stroud, Carrier Air Wing Eight chaplain. " It makes me feel like I ' m at home. " M?m 7T -n imn tne torpeaos, toiri EJpeea imeaa T. . r...n-i r. - Ahead! ' Mh t: t ai .t i Jiy ... imi m ' - 1 liMHIiHMIIilii the a t a t a t a t a " t a- t a t aii t arr ; ' ' tl ' :, amn ' ■IP ' 1 he torped orpedos , torped( r. ' edos , the ' Ajrps 4? te %» ' m ' ' S w .u»tiXjrii»i ' fJJV:H ' :t ' i:U ' i ' t im-!ffl A " At " J !imUiiimii»!ii xms!fmsmim ' ia-.v»mmsmiKMmisuimmit First Lieutenant Lieutenant Commander Jose J. Rodriguez Z, if} -ir ' ! -fr»rr vs ' -.y-— t.JT ' iT-asTM»rm-y— . • -n ' n-fTTMnn- ' " ' " — — t. Cmdr. Jose J. Rodriguez is a native of Guayama, Puerto Rico. He began his jLnaval career in August 1978 achieving the rank of senior chief petty officer before earning his commission as a Limited Duty Officer ensign in October 1990. His enlisted sea duty assignments include USS Garcia (FF 1040), USS Richmond K. Turner (CG 20), and USS Charles F. Adams (DDG 2). Following a three-year shore duty tour at U.S. Naval Station Roosevelt Roads, RR., he returned to sea duty and served on board USS McCloy (FF 1038), where he achieved his designation as an Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist and became one of the first enlisted members on Destroyer Squadron Two ships to have qualified as an officer of the deck under way. His operational sea duty assignments include service as aviations facility coordinator. Search and air rescue officer, STREAM division officer, and ship ' s bos ' n aboard USS Haleakala (AE 25) where he qualified as a surface warfare officer and was assigned special duties as personal reliability program coordinator, nuclear weapons, ship ' s physical security and assistant cargo officer. He also served aboard USS Nashville (LPD 13) as 1 lt He was assigned duties as Marine Expeditionary Unit off-load debarkation control officer, assistant physical security officer, VBSS and price crew OIC. He is currently serving as the Deck Department head on board USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71). Assignments ashore include: surface operations and port operations officer aboard US Naval Station Roosevelt Roads, RR., Caribbean area coordinator for Commander Western Hemisphere Group, boarding and liaison officer for all visiting units to non-traditional ports in the Island of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Under Commander Amphibious Group Two, he served as marine pre-positioning force officer and assistant operations officer while assigned to Amphibious Construction Battalion Two at Little Creek, Va. Lt. Cmdr. Rodriguez ' personal decorations include: three Navy Commendation Medals, five Navy Achievement Medals, three Good Conduct Medals, and numerous unit and campaign awards. He is married to the former Susan Elizabeth Brisbois of Brooklyn, Mich., and they have two sons Jonathan Michael (15) and Joel Alexander (13). They reside in Virginia Beach, Va. 182 I ' ' am ' ' ' " ■• ' ' i WlgaMr CK DEPART -■■ -f jipl f Deck Department is comprised of three divisions, each tasl ed with a specific )ect of deck seamanship. As long as there have been ships in the Navy, there have in boatswain ' s mates caring for them. The men and women who earn their pay in ; proud and tradition-laden rate are some of the finest Sailors in today ' s Navy. Their expertise and responsibilities are as vast as the oceans they sail upon. Tbodore Roosevelt ' s Deck Department, three unique divisions, one great team. i nimaiMmMM " It Sefiooves every man to remember that the wor ofthe critic, is of altogether secondary importance, ancfthat, in the end, progress is accomplished By the man who does things. " - BMl William P. Balestrieri BMl Anthony B. King BM2 Fikisha A, Meadows BM2 Shawn T. Rollins e r iiii ill I(- o es liiiiitt gg H BM2 Carlos B. Washington BM3 William W. Boll BM3 Darren C. Cobbs BM3 Nathan A. Cooke YN3 Derrick A. Jackson BM3 Desmond H. Johnson BM3 Jonathen J. McSweeney BM3 Molly A. White SN Kevin A. Cleveland SN Jonathan W. Jones SN Jason L. Lagoe SN Taneika Payne SN Jessica R. Spell SA Glenroy 0. Brathwaite SN John F. Hall SA Ashley N. Johnson SA Conrad R. Leavitt BMSA Thomas J. Reinosa SA Samuel Rosario, Jr. SA Melissa L. Sinak SA Michelle R. Stepp SR Avery Evans SR Josh A. Houle BMSR Richard A. Nelson SR Rocio Serrano The personnel of 1st Division are responsible for the maintenance and reservation of the ship ' s Foc ' sle, anchors, 196 inflatable life rafts, and 29 spaces. Additional responsibilities require personnel of 1 ' Division to man »plenishment stations for underway RAS which could last for several rduous hours. Consisting of boatswain ' s mates and seamen, they are responsible for manning small boat crews as well as bridge watch stations. More notably recognized for the impeccable condition of the Foc ' sle, P f Division offers Its invaluable support for retirement ceremonies, award imonles, and divine worship services. !HIMHI HUlBai Var Setter is it to dare mighty things, to win gforious triumphs, even though chech red By faiCure, than to ta ranh with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much. Because they [ive in the gray twi fight that ows not victory nor defeat. " - tlSKK Ens. Brenden L. Vesey BMC (SW AW) Richard J. Slavick BMl (SW) Roosel H. Chalweil BM2 Alfred M. Newton fl i ii « 1 BM2 Mark S. Riblett BM3 Washington D. Gee BM3 (SW) Melissa L Hagen BM3 [Donyal E. Hill BM3 Zachary H. Puckette BMSA Arthur K. Banks SN William E. Blake SN Tamika R. Foote SN Patrice A. Gardner SN Daniel J. Hoffman SN Frank Kennedy SN Nicholas W. Mayhew SN Lesley D. Nivens SN Cecilia Salazar SN Tiffany M. Whaley (f r fS BMSN RicharxJ J. Williams SA Michelle E. Duncan BMSN Randy L. Hightower BMSA Ronald Murphy SA Miranda D. Rivers SN Jonathon R. Smith SN Larry K. Stewart, Jr. SR Damon A. Brodrick SR Andrew S. Cook SR Anthony L. Wheatley Second Division maintains, preserves and operates all the ship ' s underway replenishment stations and the ship ' s ceremonial quarterdeck areas. Throughout the Mediterranean Cruise, Second Division kept the ship mission-ready by successfully transferring fuel, parts, ordnance and other vital supplies during nearly 40 underway replenishments. Second Division ' s workmanship can be seen throughout the ship in the form of canvas covers, skirting and furniture upholstery. These items are manufactured and repaired by Second Division personnel in the ship ' s Canvas and Bunting Shop. Lt.j.g. Matthew J, Powel UIMIHRK. sorrows and joys afike. It is what a man does with them — not what they do to him — that is the true test of his mettle. " - f r 1 ! " Tfi I c (iMmmm Uiiiiiiii o BMC (SW AW) Jason L. Blickens BMl Michael B. Brown BMl Tyrone Corbett BM3 Dwayne D. Lawson BM2 Jose L. Tamayo BM3 Bienvenido P. Alcantara BM3 Andrea L. Commander BM3 Eric U. Galvan BM3 Jerry B. Jones BM3 Morgan M. Langlois BM3 James M. Reif BM3 Jessica Y. Smith BM3 Steve Stephens SN Anthony R. Alfred SN Marlon Baggett OSSN Christopher J. Harris SN Joseph E. Hassler SN Clifton M. Knight ITSN (SW) D.C. Knight SN Holly Q. Metcalf SN Nathan W. Propst SN Derrick M. Sandoval SN Alexander E. Storms SN Cesar H. Trevino AN Christopher Holick SA Abby J. Ramos SA William C. Robertson SA Danielle M. Vandorst SA Tiffani R. Vargas Third Division is responsible for the safe operation and upl eep of USS Theodore Roosevelt ' s seven small boats. Demonstrating their pride and professionalism, Third Division was flawless in the execution of boat opera ons during the various port visits, passenger transfer and search and HHIB exercises during the Mediterranean Cruise. Third Division is also in charge of the safe and timely rigging of the sterndock and aft accommodation ladder, providing easy access to and from the ship via the intail. VSS nUeodore iRposeveCt (ff 71) Sailors too a Breaifrom supporting Operation Iraqi Treedom witH a Ciberty port in the quaint . After more than a month of sending war planes screaming offtRe deci,of Jimerica ' s (Big Stic to 6om6 Iraq and contriSute to the ,;, TJie main port in a former-YugosCavian repuBCic, Xoper is nestled Bet-ween rolling mountains in the northern Mriatic., easy driviufj j in the repuBRc ' s 40-mile coastCine. Commercial ships moved in and out of the port throughout the five-day port calC. mjs Many Sailors were happy just to take the ship ' s free liBerty Bus route to nearBy (Portoroz, perhaps the Best-kept secret in the P H well as a casino where a few Sailors made (or lost) a few ' Euros while passing their liBerty lime. P Others were happy just to get off the ship and get a Breahjrom its recently completed support of Operation Iraqi freedom By mingli (For the more adventurous T SaiCors, ship ' s Morale, Welfare and (Recreation arranged 28 different tours to take Sailors on weCl-ear southern reaches of the nearBy Jilps. Sailors who went to Venice were treated to a Boat ride to historic San ' Marco ' s square and given a tour and glass Blowing demomtn Once praised By {apoleon as the most Beautiful place in ' Europe, San Marcos ' (Rfnaissance-era arches cover some of the Venice ' s mo Since the city allows no cars, getting around is either on foot, or By water - either By traditional gondoCa, modem water tajQ. or Boa ' Other Sailors elected to visit the china factories of ' Kove, Italy. Clay from the soil around the city is the secret to some of the finest i retailers in the Best stores around the world under the LenoJC Brand name. Ihe same factories were offering huge discounts By Buyin Jlnotherone of the tours went to see the Lippizanner Stallion farm in Lipica, Slovenia, and continued to a nearBy castle on and in , had a 60-foot ceiling. ifTXSailbrsfeCt tike " parking " a Bit closer to the ship, nearBy Trieste offered Big town attractions aBout 30 minutes from the shij i Sailors on this tour checked out a JfapsBurg-era (early 19th century) castle, admiring the Botanical gardens and the picturesque coas: even went to the Trieste stock,e change. Ji shopping spree guaranteed that Sailors would have a chance to pick,up a few souvenirs , T s Sailors will not soon forget the local flavor of ' Kpper, nor thii memoraBle Breakjrom an historic wartime cruise for America ' s ' i -P over, Survenia, fe ' liagMad ' , the sound of liberty caff, RSerty caO was a welcome sourufin T SaUors ' ears. dozens of favorite ' European vacation spots, and steeped in " old world " traditions. lUe smafCtown is the major port Jt, ' f»r ort, along a two-mile stretch ofjidriatic shoreline had more than a dozen hotels -with Bargain-priced souvenir shops as Ttttim ' ' cats in the cozy confines ofl oper ' s downtown. ' stinations such as Vienna and SaCzSurg, Austria; Trieste, l icenza, Jixnano and Venice, ItaCy; and ski " V ' " ' ' • ' %■ . ry for world-famous Murano Cass. ps and historic cafes. «« : (i anywhere. !NearCy 100 china factories around the dty produce dishes, cups, serving dishes and decorative china for 6awi: i fie manufacturer. )ciltnMz f mountain. (Both attractions date to medieval days. The finaC stop on this tour was the caves near Lipica, one of which rthem Adriatic. After funrh in the center of town, the tour group visited 9fiman ruins, chec dout two churches and the Cocaf cuCture. am ma mmAWT. ru; rus Brui ru! rush Br Brush Br rush- Br rush BrI rush: B: .OSS Brush Floss Brush Floss Floss Brush Floss Brush Flo iloss Brush Floss Brush Floss ji Floss Brui iss Brush Floss Bn Iloss Brush |c Floss Brus :oss mmim Dental Officer Commander Kathleen Kenny Cmdr. Kathleen Kenny was born and raised in Western Springs, a suburb of Chicago, III. She attended Southern Illinois University receiving a bachelor ' s degree in dental hygiene. She then attended the University of Kentucky where she received a masters of science in education. She went on to pursue a dental degree at the Medical College of Virginia, graduating in 1987. After a one-year post dental school internship at the Medical of Virginia Hospital, she decided to join the Navy. BDC Fallon, Nev., was her first duty station from 1988-1990. She was then transferred to Okinawa, Japan, from 1990-1991, where she served with the Marines. Cmdr. Kenny ' s next assignment was BDC Mare Island and BDC Naval Weapons Station, Concord, Calif., during 1991-1995. She applied and was accepted into the Navy ' s Postgraduate Dental School and sent to the National Naval Dental Center at Bethesda, Md., for a residency in prosthodontics from 1995- 1997. Her first assignment as a prosthodontist was at the Washington Navy Yard, 1997-2000 and then was reassigned to the newly completed Tri-Service Dental Clinic at the Pentagon until July 2001, at which time she reported to USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71). Cmdr. Kenny ' s awards include the Navy Commendation Medal and Navy Achievement Medal (four awards). She is a Diplomat of the American Board of Prosthodontics. TR ' s Dental Department ' s mission is to provide comprehensive dental care to more than 5,000 personnel. Emergency care is also provided to other ships in the Strike group by means of medical evacuations. For the first time in the Atlantic Fleet, a portable dental unit, TR dentist, and dental technician were flown to the smaller ships to take care of their routine dental needs. Dental services include operative (fil lings), endodontics (root canals), periodontics (gum disease), oral surgery (extractions), and prosthodontics (dentures, crowns and bridges, and implants). Considerable emphasis is placed on our annual recall program. This Wes Itie ., r " A tife of authentic concern for the Cess privifegecC is the 6ad[ge of authority in a cutture. Acts of mercy are the onCy credCentiaCs for true greatness. " --1 ' ' ipsifite Atlantic ' fitotfie ' ,rti i program is driven by our computerized record management program, which generates annual recall lists for all TR personnel. During mass casualty evolutions, dental department personnel are assigned to triage, treatment and battle dressing station duties. The Dental Department itself is manned as the ' ' walking blood bank. " The Dental Department is highly trained and dedicated, with five dental officers and 18 dental technicians. Together they have helped TR ' s Dental Department become the premiere provider of dental care in the Atlantic Fleet. Lt. Benjamin C. Anderson Lt. Toni A. Bowden Lt. Christopher L. Cooper rr.xn you play, ?fay hard; when ou wor dbn ' t }fayataCC ' - ' W DT2 Beatrice A. Osei DT3 Trudy L. Goff DT3 Vaughn C. Hardrict DT3 Kenneth E. Koehler J , lll DTI Joaquin Escano DT2 Tisha W. Atwell DT2 Claudia Calderon DT2 Calvin E. Dunn iililili DT3 Wanda A. McKie DT3 Richard L. Morgan DT3 Michael L. Villella DN Dustin W. Adams DN Raymond A. Flores, Jr. I am convinced that this war was not fi tHe fast war and it zwn ' t 6e Ci tfie next one. . . tfie y for us is to create capaBifities tfiat fiave tfie fCexiSiCity to Be used wit fi great advantage anywBere we re caCfecfto go. . . eing aSfe to win, Being aBfe to cCimB in tBe ring witB tBe enemy and Being victorious, tBat is t Be acid test. . . " We ' re Here to ma% sure tfiat wBen tBe president caCls again, we ' re going to Be ready. " - Chief of S avat Operations JAdm. Vern ClhriApriCl7,2003 lilW r-wnr fmr ' r - S-: ' . " ' m r : S •% - me» U inSt«1 ej- i:- ' 3 - ' ' - ' " ' ' ' - NGi: IG " NEER mW -r •: — ; -r— 1 - ■- : ;■■! hi ' ■•• J. .J i_J . ING F Tr;:TM JGINE ' 1. i i O nIGIN ' TNG ; ■iGim G1 :ng e 7 V w 1 J !-■ J, [.M Vj ' " - ' ' . ' T 1 . " 1 rs ]•; : ! V Eg- J.i. r.i-K1N ■■frWi ING ENGT rV ( .SJAVY RIN hief Engineer Commander Robert S. Finley ' ET75; 5SBIBOTirHSS3»J ' ;. wi3t, i3icaw BiBa«waHnwa3»»iwtga!gs ' Bagas! ' BB»; ' : Cmdr. Robert S. Finley, a native of Napa, Calif., enlisted in the Navy in January 1975. After completing the nuclear power pipeline, he reported to USS Alexander Hamilton (SSBN617) Gold crew. He completed five strategic deterrent patrols and earned his submarine warfare qualification before transferring to USS Boston (SSN703) in November 1979. He qualified as a l aster Training Specialist when he served as an instructor at the Submarine Training Facility in San Diego, Calif. He was commissioned as an ensign under the Limited Duty Officer program and reported to USS Enterprise (CVN65) in July 1985. During this tour he served as the E-3 division officer and electrical technical assistant. In October 1987, he transferred to USS Holland (AS32) where he served as nuclear repair officer and outside machinery repair officer and completed his qualifications as a surface warfare officer. In April 1991, Cmdr. Finley reported to the staff of Commander, Submarine Squadron Two as quality assurance officer and assistant material officer. He returned to sea in December 1993 aboard USS George Washington (CVN73) as the reactor mechanical assistant. In November 1996 he was assigned to the Naval Submarine Support Facility, New London, Conn., as the outside machinery repair officer, assistant production officer, and planning and estimating officer. During this tour he completed his bachelor ' s degree in business administration at Eastern Connecticut State University. He then transferred to the Naval Intermediate Maintenance Facility, Pacific Northwest where he served as production management assistant. In August 2001, he received his master ' s in business administration from Regis University. In July of 2002 he assumed the responsibilities of chief engineer aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN71). Cmdr. Finley is authorized to wear the Meritorious Service Medal, the Navy Commendation Medal with three goli stars, the Navy Achievement Medal with three gold stars, and various unit commendations and service ribbons. Cmdr. Finley has one daughter, Katie, and one son, John. 202 0nm :W; 4t- - ' ' gKiifiii ' liVi " ift ' if ' ■ii ' - ' if ' iirii- ' iigwirwrawilfc ' In inginee e pri Inning, to fight istributed ' Stems o[ chip ' s welders coordini fe repairs tht ship ' s life Lt. Cmdr. Michael G. Pasquarette Lt. Cmdr. Peter J. Pasquale Lt. Cmdr. James P. Gompper Lt.j.g. Roger W. Taylor STGCM (SW AW) Sean E. Graham Iy300 f the departmental jistant ensures that )ughout the ship are assistant maintains the electrical officer ensures that officer keeps the piping and re strike group with the machine fenager supports ship ' s force depot, intermediate and ship ' s force Ens. Brian R. Ratkovich GS-12 Craig E. Walls MI CS Jeny R. Leatherwood MMC Stephen W. Berkel MMC (SW AW) Stacy A. Eckmann MMC (SW) Donald E. Marier MMl John IC Comett MMl (AW) James A. Crouse MMl (SW) Gregory D. Gaskell ENl David D. McCain MMl (SW) Clay B. Norris ENl (SW) Selena Prater MMl Billy W. Ring iliaries DivV Hsh air s| of mecha ni lllps on ti Jryers, aircraft elevators, aj oxygen production. A-Gang [a large collection of shops le A-Gang fixes broken tioning units. They are afso )h priority on crew comfort! raullcs Shop maintains and o [to and from the flight deck, a IS of stores from the Hangar Ba r deck equipment such as mooring and refueling at sea equipment. Any illed away, you can bet the Hydraulics S )mes to the crew ' s quality of life, th d Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (j m and Heat Shop maintains 40 h pace comfort and all laundry equfpm khan 5,000 personnel. The Galley Main :fuding ice machines, small refrigerators falleys, each equal to a large restaura iditioning units and five refrigeration irate and maintain 13 electric fire lent, jet blast deflectors and fin id Nitrogen Shop is responsible fo liquid oxygen and nitrogen plants lallons at approximately 300 degrees )ilots and medical staff personnel for breatlji )razing of metal. Nitrogen is used by aircraft from weapons systems to jn lay-ups. In support of the ship ' : fit Steam Shop plays a vital role. T and associated equipment, Th )ng, but the reward is the satisf; mission of launching aircra maintains and operate joats, and the Captai the anchor windlass, Sotn o are used for transporting theT craft elevators, which a I store conveyors Hydraulics is aisc t and ip :ene. Galley ce it nerous Idle the] fees ble toin the a I components of from libertv p- M of ship visitors and man overboard recoveries. " IfanjAmerican is to amount to anything fie must reCy upon himseff, and not upon tfie State; he must ta pride in his own wor instead of sitting idfe to envy the Cuc of others, e must face Cife with resoCute courage, win victory if he can, and accept defeat if he must, without seeing to pCace on hisfeClhw man a responsiSiCity which is not theirs. " I rJ a MMl Brian K. Snow MM2 (SW) Dennis J. Carroll MfA2 (SW) Nicholas Meyer MM2 Michael J. Newcom MM2 Terrence A. Spears MM3 Rafael A. Cartagena ENS Jason R. Colon EN3 Jeremy C. Corkern MM3 Eric A. Fazekas MM3 Alfredo T. Fowler MM3 Lushonda D. Hall EM3 William D. House EN3 Jeremy W. Ketchum EN3 Christopher J. Linstrom MM3 Shohn A. Lorenz MM3 Felix J. Lugo Marrero EM3 Jason L Miles EM3 Patrick A. Miller MM3 Daniel P. Murray MM3 Brian P. Oeike EN3 Matt J. Ramsey EM3 Carlos T. Scott EN3 Brice L. Shaffer MM3 Morgan C. Smith MMFN Christopher L. Bodiford MMFN John C. Davison FN Emmanuei Decembre FN Kevin P. Estepp MMFN Brent J. Galloway ENFN Dale A. Joiner MMFN Michael C. Jones MMFN Caleb Jupiter FN Corey B. Lee MMFN German D. Martinez FN Angel L. Martinez-Ramos MMFN Justin M. Nutt FN Carlos Patlan FN Luis 0. Rosario MMFN Bryan K. Sibley FN Richard A. Thompson FN Christopher R. White MMFN William J. White FN David M. Williamson EMFN Kyle Winn FA Philip J. Blodgett FA John P. Callison FA Maria D. Dickinson FA Noland A. Flowers MMFA Rachel L. Francisco FA Bruce R. Kelly, Jr. FA Emanuel M. Waters MMFA Rodney M. Willis FR Andrew J. Simmins ENFR Joseph M. Weaver wmm DCC Roger P. Astrum DCC Michael L. Hutson DCl (SW) Ted E. Hedges DCl (SW) Dennis W. Lamm DCl (SW) Steven E. Roberts DCl (SW) Marc C. Short DC2 Staci L. Gross MM2 Delboria Y. Hampleton DC3 Justin R. Barber DC3 Jermaine A. Coleman DCS Rosanna L. Colp DCS Bruce Gerould, II DCS Virginia Grimm DCS Anthony J. Holbert DCS John E. Hughes DCS Jae W. Lee DCS Jeremy A. McLeod DCS Cale S. Morgan DCS Shawn D. Roche DCS Corey D. Ross DCS Frank A. Serrata DCS Jonathan C. Sharp DCS Nicholas A. Shurmantine DCS Aaron M. Zehnder FN Richarde T. Anderson YNSN Monique J. Branch FN Brandon D. Livingston FN Howard Matos FN Eugene Reynolds DCFN Charles K. Ens. Luke S. Sullivan CW02 Gregory Collins DCCS (SW AW) Frank G. King , n -- , j liM " ever wiCC I sit motionfess wfiiCe directCy or indirectCy apofogy is made for tHe murder of the fieCpCess. " T YNC Margaret Bonner ' • .. (na! miiitaryTTrcnghters. )m fire, flooding or damage ' jft. They repair firefightint for shi pboard Damage and :hemicaL dsion [ipment us lage through( )oding emergencies, lich consists of 10 list control tanks jde of the ship. These tanks allow id from one side to the other. Tl ' )g massive aircraft launch and re course ta|tti| personnel in kid. The Fir Hny ' s Office is! ; personnen H ■MVn 6 board perfl| H rn. C »hipboai | well-k responsi l vated and H against imM | otice! H lillion pourflPlPA ater feied flight deck and is Division also teaches damage control and of the DC Division that rate is the only Navy rate )ntro} is important to know in the jment is " Damage control is rol Division is our first and oniy 5 jsters. They are always r mum. ' ' Progress Has Srougfit us SotH unSoundecC opportunities and unbridled difficulties. This the measure of our civilization will not be have done much, hut what we have done with that much. " --GT DCFN Jake M. Wright FA Rashad J. Gant FA Cecil B. Johnson FA Orion K. Wiggerton FR Dennis 0. Wallace Lt.j.g. Emily M. Montgomery Ens. William A. Dennis ICC (SW AW) Jeffery D. Carlsen IC2 (SW AW) Travis M. Howard IC2 Jamel R, Jones EM2 Herby B. Pearce EM2 (SW) Kevin D. Ware IC3 Dynasty D. Anderson EM3 Greg A. Barfield El 3 Luis E. De Los Santos IC3 Royal-Kenneth M. Delacruz IC3 Anthony R. Ditro EM3 G.R. Fair EM3 Fredericl L. Felz EM3 Benjamin J. Fugate EM3 Cornell C. King EM3 Fernando Landeros IC3 Jared B. Mason EM3 Clifton D. Page EM3 David A. Ray EM3 Michael J. Rice EMC (SW AW) Kevin E. Chamblin EMC (SW AW) Robert C Strickland EMI (SW) Eriit E. Dirks EMI Hayden V. Reece EM2 William C. Hardic IC3 Kelyn B. Bledsoe EM3 Henry V. Chambliss IC3 Troy M. Connor EM3 Henry Cruz IC3 Hershell L. Davis IC3 Brian Hasaan EM3 Artay 0. Hooks EM3 Gregory W. Morton, II IC3 Clinton T. Jordan EMS (SW) Jeremy T. Kagebein EM3 George W. Terrell EM3 Nathan J. Toth EMS Lemarcus A. Watkins IC3 John Welch ICS David B. Wright f lOilf H ■|nridicati nc i theifl HJPr casua ties m M ■im. Without !■ " If I must choose Between rigfiteousness ancf peace, I choose rigfiteousness. " -T b. EM3 James W. Johnson EMS Steven D. Allen ICFN Alan D. Ryder ICFN Jesamen L Caguioa EMFN Luis Chavera EMFN Joshua S. Clark EMFN Antwan G. Clay FN Andrea K. Deming ICFN Omar M. Drammeh EMFN Jowell D. Green EMFN Kevlonta K. Hinson ICFN Harley E. Johnson EMFN Daniel G. Kuhn ENFN Fredrick J. Lamar EMFN Grant E. Uvely EMFN Tyghe L. Long ICFN Sean A. Luke ICFN William C. McCutcheon EMFN Nathaniel D. Miller ICFN Gabriel A. Mora EMFN Adrian D. Morris EMFN Germaine Pelican FN Theresa C. Poole EMFN Anwar S. Saleem, II ICFN Jamie Shirey EMFN Jonathan R. Smith EMFN Anthony J. Thomas EMFN Melvin M. Wall ICFN Robert L. Ware EMFN (SW) Domeona T. Williams EMFA Raymond Croak, Jr. EM FA Tony Diaz EMFA Benanore D. Green EMFA Hugo A. Ledesma EMFA Darrell R. Meadows " T he country needs and, unfess I mista its temper, the country demands Sofd, persistent, experimentation. It is common sense to ta a method and try it, ifitfaiCs, admit itfran y and try another (But aSove aCC, try something. " EMFA Justin M. Mitchell ICFA Clifford A. I ohler EMFA James H. Robertson, Jr. EMFA Mark C. Rogers ICFA Shawn M. Rowe EMFA Agimah T. Thompson m d i ' " In tfiis wart He miCitary usecfan unprecedentecC comSination of power, precision, I speecC ffej(iSifity ancf, I woufcCadcC, compassion. . . ou protectecf our country from agatdering cfanger ancf fiSeratecf t ie Iraqi peopCe. . . " You CiSeratecCa country, But How you cCicfit wiCCfieCp transform tfie way we cCefencf our country in t ie Zf ' century. " -Secretary of defense onaCcf msfefcC, Aprif 28, 2003 " (Do what you can, witfi what you have, where you are. " -T CALL f« 5?! id i n r r MRC Robert L. Mathias HTC Mervin Stout HTC (SW) Benjamin N. Wigington HTl (SW) Hugh M. Cassidy HTl William M. Champion HTl Joan E. Parker Lewis MR2 Andrew M. Appleby HT2 (SS) Israel Colon MR2 Adam J. Lemoyne MR2 Aaron J. Marshall HT2 Gregory S. Morgan HT2 Joseph W. Newport HT3 Matthew W. Abbott HT3 Thomas A. Aloisi HT3 Tony M. Broxson HT3 Erich H. Caudell HT3 Christopher A. Chappell HT3 Rodney M. Herring HT3 Daniel R. Lamb HT3 Greg Lewis HT3 Lance J. McGee HT3 Cole A. Parrish MR3 Dunte J. Rice HT3 (SW) Calina C. Shelvin HT3 Jonathan W. Trivette " l ere is onfy one quaCity worse than hardness of heart and that is softness of head, " -r ' i. HTFN Jared J. Frank FN Joseph F. Kindberg, Jr. HTFN Christopher S. Lafever HTFN David J. Lethert HTFN Jason A. Miller HTFN David Zayas HTFA Timothy M. Douwenga FA Joshua R. Montemayor HTFA Charles M. Piccolo MRFA Jason W. Reno MRFA Kyle H. Stevens MRFA Marcus W. Taylor MRFA Ricky W. Willden MRFR Robert Rutkowski HTFR John A. White ENS Joshua Sims LTJG Athena K. Beidleman ENS David W. Whitsitt CW02 Glen E. Spitnale MMC David T. Fannings MMC Dale J. Simpson ABEC William T. Sparks MMC (SW AW) Aivin J. Walker, Jr. ICl (SW) John T. Bodie MMl Paul G. Burdette MMl Erik Ericksen HTl Hal A. Koudelka ABEl Judy S. Sun ETl Harold L Sutherland SK2 (SW) Gregory D. Bell SK2 Khalila Z. L. Gross IC2 Lawrence S. Silber rb leeded care le btion in s the nee or des, ship ' s afioat fATIS) ince Ides as lies, etc. The 3M Office routine iy :tions throughout the ship to prrective maintenance icifications, thus ens ' ' : Iplished through reg: . : provides comm:v their departfTK ; : fiiwimmisis sawsi Hangar Bay Two on board USS Theodoj of colored flashing light in the midst ofl the vast midnight blue Mediterranean IJ walla added swooning vocals, thunderif the ever-rocking nuclear-powered alraj their support for the troops. The band ' s lead vocalist J.R. Richards,! Bassist Scot Alexander, Percussionist P| Wood brought a little bit of home to TR has been operating in the Medlterre Iraqi Freedom and is currently on its ' " We wanted to give music and show oil been working so hard during OIF, " saidi here. We jumped at the chance when ll respect for all the Sailors here. It ' s reaj country, " he said. The band is on a military tour, ' ' Meet a been to Rota, Spain; Naples, Italy; an( among others with more to come. Dishwalla toured the ship then put on Men Overboard, with Percussionist Lt.jj Personnelman Senior Chief (SW SS) Al Master-at-Arms 1st Class (SW) Robert played during Alexander ' s on-stage hai| (SW) Craig Ellis, gave him a ' ' high and ' ' It was the least I could do, besides pl the Navy, " said Alexander. Dishwalla played hits from their newly as many of their oldies but goodies. Bay Two was filled, bulkhead-to-bulkhe isgiig monic sound waves of Dishwalla and M " This means as much to us as it does t m ' i Manager Leo Rossi. " Sailors put their II ' w j wanted to bring home to them. " We got into the music business becau! ] beginning, it ' s the thoughts and feeling %s||g] are born into songs. The Sailor swabbiflij Inspire us to keep going, " said Rossi. The band autographed pictures, " Roosc Sailors on board TR. A signed Rooseveli Dishwalla show for free, according to R " Among any honor, being able to comei the highest honor we have, " said Alexai ' wmammmmsmmaammaim, afdUSSThi jsevelt (CVN 71) was a blaze en ship " as its Sailors cruised ly 19. The rock band Disb- and hypnotic rhythms to rier in their way of showing s Richards 1st Rodney Browning Cravens, iloney and Keyboardist Jim It sea that evening. Sea in support of Operation ck to homeport, Norfolk, Va. port to the troops that have 1. " It ' s really cool to be out offered. I have a lot of azing what they all do for our iet the Troops. " They have n on USS Kitty Hawk (CV ), ' lerraneai «xals,ttiundi •powered oops. ni ' rojssionist lit of home to intheHedte yroitlyonte ' isic and show luring OIF; Si s chance wheii fi here. It ' s fe r»;oyr;Meet a?ies,Italy;a ' e to come. ' " ' nputo :ert for the crew. TR ' s band, isionistlt :ch Finke, Vocalist Guitarist e SW SS) ppman, and Bassist Vocalist ?SAj Robed in opened for Dishwalla and i, son stage tit FR Barber Ship ' s Serviceman lima ' high aoc " d do, besides p isic, to show my support for ler. tHu their newif «d album, ' ' Opaline, " as well but goodies. yiead-to-bulkt) rith Sailors rocking to the har- Dishwallaandl erboard. ousasitdoes crew, " said Dishwalla Band ijlorsputthein n the line every day.. .we tottiem. tmsinessbecat i love to play music. And in the ghts and feel " 5ailors like these out here that Saiiorswa!) 2 deck inspires stories. You all J ' said Rossi. Jujjfgs " Rooi passes " and various Items for SjgdRoosevf s will get you in any future , according fo J Ijigf nf lere and play for the troops is 111 rneys at Law : itorneys at Law :nei tt :ne t V o rne " • ' ti :J tt Tit - ' , PRN0 ■ ' it;ki£i L ' i ' - ' i f ' ii t4; ' ;ii , ' dfV?v «;iitfiwtwi««»Ki»Bgi(WMe«g K»uwwM» Judge Advocate General Lieutenant Commander Robert J. O ' Neill y t. Cmdr. Robert J. O ' Neill is a native of Fort Bragg, N.C. He graduated in 1989 - tFrnm the University of North Carolina at Pembroke with a bachelor of arts degree. In 1993, he received a Juris Doctor degree from the Louisiana State University School of Law. Lt. Cmdr. O ' Neill was commissioned an ensign in the Judge Advocate General ' s Corps Student Program in 1991. He attended Officer Indoctrination School in 1991. Upon completing law school and before attending Naval Justice School, O ' Neill clerked at the Armed Forces Legal Center in Fayetteville, N. C. After graduation from Naval Justice School in 1993, Lt. Cmdr. O ' Neill served as Defense Counsel, Trial Counsel and Legal Assistance Attorney at Naval Legal Service Office Detachment, U.S. Naval Station Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico. In 1995 he was assigned to the Naval Station and completed a brief tour as Staff Judge Advocate. Following the completion of his Staff Judge Advocate tour in Puerto Rico, Lt. Cmdr. O ' Neill was assigned to the Naval Legal Service Branch Office, Bahrain, where he served as Branch Head for twenty months providing legal services to battle groups deployed to the Arabian Gulf. In June 1997, Lt. Cmdi O ' Neill transferred to Commander Fleet Activities, Yokosuka, Japan, where he served as Staff Judge Advocate. In 2000, Lt. Cmdr. O ' Neill was assigned as Assistant Force Judge Advocate, Commander, Naval Surface Force, U.S Atlantic Fleet, Norfolk, Va. During this assignment, he served as the legal counsel for the investigation and lega proceedings following the USS La Moure County (LST 1194) grounding in Chile. In addition, during this assignmen he was extensively involved with the USS Cole (DDG 67) investigation and memorial construction In 2001, Lt. Cmdr. O ' Neill was selected to attend postgraduate school at The Judge Advocate General ' s School ir Charlottesville, Va. In May 2002, he received a Master of Laws degree in Military Law. Lt. Cmdr. O ' Neill ' s personal decorations include the Navy Commendation Medal with two gold stars and the Na Achievement Medal with two gold stars. 230 1 mmmmmmmmMmm liigtiiisassignnie] clion. USS Theodore Roosevelt ' s Legal Department provides and coordinates the implementation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), Manual for Courts-Martial, the Judge Advocate General Manual (JAGMAN), and other military laws and regulations for maintenance of discipline and the administration of justice within the command. We also provide assistance in command policy, decisions, ethics, processing of all military justice, administrative law, liaison with state and local officials and agencies, environmental law, contracts, supervisory ind administrative functions and legal assistance for ship ' s company and Carrier ir Wing Eight Sailors. Prior to our surge deployment, more than 5,000 legal locuments were generated to help Sailors organize their personal affairs. stars ami «« Siiii MSi iiSii MiimSiiiSi •■■ " ■- ' ■ ' taaavKBUMM " very time a [aw is Broken, every individual in the community has the moraftone of his fife Cowered " -T wmm wmmmsBmR • S?SST " " " S ' Ens, Marie L. Hart LNC Angela L. Langley LNl Juanita D. Foust PNl Aileen C. McKinney LNl (SW) Shannon Y. Minixpryor LN2 George W. Amerson AN (AW) Maggie L. Campano ' Wb man is aSove t ' ie Caw and ' no man is SeCow it; not cfo ive as ny man ' s permission tvfien we require liim to oSey it. OSedience to tfie faw is d emanded as a right; not asf ed ' as a favor " -T ' The [Iraqi] regime has a history of reckless aggression in the Midj is clear: using chemical biological or, one day, nuclear weapons, o ambitions and kill thousands or hundreds of thousands of innocent nations did nothing to invite this threat, but we will do everything course toward safety... before it is too late to act, this danger will reason the U.N. was founded after the second world war was to coi the innocent and destroy the peace... The United Nations Security! ...All the decades of deceit and cruelty have now reached an end. refusal to do so will result in military conflict commenced at a tim war is to apply the full force and might of our military. " -- Preside on in the Mi ' weapons, " ofinno ' oeverythin 5 danger wii] I ' arwastot ionsSecurtj hedanend,: cedatatii fast. It has a deep hatred of America and our friends... The danger lied with the help of Iraq, the terrorists could fulfill their stated pie in our country, or any other. The United States and other feat it. Instead of drifting along toward tragedy, we will set a moved We believe in the mission of the United Nations. One nt aggressive dictators, actively and early, before they can attack ncil has not lived up to its responsibilities, so we will rise to ours, am Hussein and his sons must leave Iraq within 48 hours. Their )ur choosing... The only way to reduce the harm and duration of " Presi||3eorge W. Bush, March 17, 2003 I H K W pyww sawTJOTweu WMme maXf t ii iJ i a six mam msmiwmsmimpmtijmas mmm i ma Bsass ergency, Dial 91 Case of Emeraen ergency, Case of ergerii Case of ergency, ' d o vi vJ JL .ergency , Case of lerqency , rg lerc 1 Cc ' ' lerl i ki- ' It z " V y z Die .eirgei ncy, aergencj , LgJll ja 1 f of Emerge: , - In Case ( Emergency] . In Case o: .lEmergency , " X X V ci o ti vJ , merqencv " In Case ol temergencyj f VrfA.. iki? X,»rf ' j - E - m r lim- ine ' e !ncy ' HimMpyij Rll l ippnqifiJIUHIilll I II I ll " I ' l. ' •, ' " ' . , ,i.Jii ,iMtmmiiisaassmi% zMi . W 1 0 L ? ' T ' " ! i!i " :., ... -■j sm vmKimTWMMms isaiB Wtas Senior Nedical Officer Captain Michael McCarten Capt. Michael McCarten, a native of Cranston, R.I., was admitted to the Navy ' s Health Professions Scholarship Program in 1979. He graduated from the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1983. Following internship at the Naval Hospital Oakland, McCarten completed sea tours as general medical officer aboard USS Denver (LPD9) and USS New Jersey (BB62). In 1986 he began residency training in family practice at the Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton. His post-residency tours included Naval Support Activity, Holy Loch Scotland and Naval Hospital Newport, R.I. In 1995, McCarten attended the College of Naval Warfare at the Naval War College. His follow on tour was as group surgeon. Third Force Service Support Group, Okinawa, Japan. In 1998, he entered the residency in aerospace medicine, first completing the master of public health at Harvard University, followed by two years of flight and clinical training at the Naval Operational Medicine Institute, Pensacola, Fla. In July 2001, Capt. McCarten reported to USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN71) as senior medical officer. Capt. McCarten ' s decorations include the Meritorious Service Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (gold star in lieu of second award). Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (gold star in lieu of secon| award) and various campaign, service and unit awards. iciiic Through countless medical emergencies, surgenes ahd daily sick calls, the TR Medicfiich Department has never failed to answer the call of the sick and injured. TR maintains a 51- bed in-patient facility, with a state-of-the-art operating room, three-bed Intensive Care Un and eight isolation beds. TR also has a fully capable laboratory, optometry, aviation medicine, preventive medicine. X-ray, pharmacy, physical therapy, psychology and a substance abuse (SARP) program. Our newest expansion includes a teleradiology suite, d ■ E ( Sifcki li HMCS Frank L. Mordica, Jr. stjiitoofsec V :Z- -■ ' vhich allows our physicians to obtain X-ray interpretations within hours if necessary. The department consists of the senior medical officer, general surgeon, general ledical officer, physician ' s assistant, battle group nurse, psychologist and physical irapist, two flight surgeons and an anesthesiologist during a deployment, one senior petty officer, several chief petty officers and 40 hospital corpsmen of various iaities. Cmdr. Louis A. n Damiano ,K. • ' Lt. Kirsten M. Betak X Lt. James E. Callan M. Lt. Christopher S. Ha H Ficl e B HMl (SW AW) Stacey D. Hamilton HMl Kevin C. I artin Hl l Curtis A. I laxwell HMl Rex A. Meyer HMl Troy W. Murphy HM2 Donald P. Highley HM2 Jeremy Jordan HM2 Jeffrey D. Poole HM2 Patrick S. Smith HM3 Shannon Leavell i.- " ■ -i;;! S i ' x- rm rfl«| :=V ■: ■ ' _Wk k 4 " - 1 ' 5 ' J ' ' ' fw ' r rs. mLwmWMfmt r Lt. Vincent Grimm Lt. Joseph l arcantel Lt. David R. Whittal er HJVJC (SW AW FMF) |v|ichael J. Felton HMl (SW) Jerry Acevedo Hl l Arnel G. Pelayo HMl Keitli A. Rivers Hi l Christopiier P. Wagner HM2 Brian D. Campbell HM2(SW AW FMF) Jerome S. Harding HM3 Clay Cowley HM3 Harry J. Egleston HM3 Ingrid D. Knight HM3 (SW) Joseph J. Nicholls HM3 Rebecca E. Plante HM3 Matthew J. Trottier HM3 Denecia L. Weekes HM3 Mark E. Wright HN Peter R. Flagle HN John G. Harris ixnmmBBaa Bsam ' ' WTnn ' s ana jJUiiuiAiiuy syay ii aii i unay anaj Afinds and Following Seas Fair Winds and Fo: ing Seas Fair Winds and teas Fair Winds and Fol ig Seas Fair Winds and 5eas Fair Winds and Fol ig Seas Fair Winds and 5eas Fair Winds and Fol iQ Seas Fair Winds and iiiia .d Fol and d Fol ' and d Fol and d Fol and d Fol and and Fol| and and Fol and and Foi; I JUMvC ilL.or " 11 iOWl AiiU Vl:1 I oun -nrr f f ;=iC2, ids and and Fol ids and I and Fol ids and I and Fol J wv- ids and I and Foil ids and I! and Foil ids and I W iT W-inHc: piiid Foil rmm ling Seas Fair Winds and Following :- ' [lowing Seas Fair Winds and Following zing Seas Fair Winds and Following Sea .lowing Seas Fair V|ii(ipMBft Following zing Seas FaxJ gMMf iMSMBgow .lowing S zing Se j.lowing zing Se .lowing zing Sb Llowinr ving S Llowi 7ing _ - zinc Llov. zingiliii i .low zing ulowii zing St " tlowing ing Seas c .1. Navigator Commander Sherman R. Lupton mdr. Sherman Lupton is a native of New ' Bern, N. C, and a 1983 graduate of the United States Merchant IMarine Academy at Kings Point, N. Y. He was commissioned an ensign and reported for aviation preflight indoctrination at NAS Pensacola, Fla., with follow-on training at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas, and NAS Whiting Field, Fla. He was designated a Naval Aviator in June, 1985 before reporting to Helicopter Combat Support Squadron Three for training in the H- 46D Sea Knight helicopter. Cmdr. Lupton reported for his first tour to Helicopter Combat Support Squadron Six in Norfolk, Va., in April 1986 where he completed deployments aboard USS Santa Barabara (AE26) to the Mediterranean Sea and USS Milwaukee (A0R2) to the North Arabian Sea in support of Operation Earnest Will. He reported on board USS New Orleans (LPHll) as ship ' s navigator in June 1992 where he deployed to the Indian Ocean in support of Operation Restore Hope in Somalia. In July 1994, Cmdr. Lupton reported to Helicopter Combat Support Squadron Eight where he served as training officer, maintenance officer and officer in charge of Detachment Two. He deployed to the Mediterranean Sea aboard USS Wasp (LHDl) providing around-the-clock search and rescue support for the 24 ' MEU in support of NATO Implementation Forces in Bosnia. Cmdr. Lupton served ashore in Helicopter Training Squadron Eight as operations officer and flight instructor from July 1988 to May 1992. He completed a tour at the Bureau of Naval Personnel in Washington D.C. as the helicopter sea assignment officer and shore coordinator from January 1997 to May 1998. In August 1998, Cmdr. Lupton returned to Helicopter Combat Support Squadron Six as executive officer and assumed command of the Chargers in December 1999. In February 2001, he reported to Helicopter Combat Support Squadron Three at NAS North Island assuming command of the H-46D Fleet Replacement Squadron in June 2001. During this tour. Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 3 transitioned to the Navy ' s newest helicopter, the MH-60S. He reported to USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN71) as ship ' s navigator in September 2002. Cmdr. Lupton ' s personal decorations include the Meritorious Service Medal (2 awards). Air Medal, Navy Commendation Medal (4 awards), Navy Achievement Medal and other campaign and unit awards. avigat sioien) - itofthe; fctio %detai Piouse,( andtyj Igfit instructor l 0,C3St Navigation Department consists of 19 enlisted personnel and two officers. The primary mission of the ' ' Nav Team " is to safely navigate the TR. The divisions are NS [signalmen) and NX (quartermasters). The quartermasters are equipped with latest Jatate of the art navigational tools for plotting the ship ' s position, but are still oroficient in the techniques of celestial and visual navigation. During special sea and anchor details, the QMs take bearings and plot the ship ' s position on charts in the Dllothouse. QMs who have obtained the Master Helmsman qualification are trusted py the commanding officer to drive his ship during special evolutions. Signalman is e of the Navy ' s oldest ratings. Being well schooled in the arts of flashing light, maphore and flag hoist allows the SMs to communicate effectively with vessels of y country. The signalmen are also responsible for identifying all foreign ships by ss and type, being proficient in navigation rules of the roads and posses a orough understanding of voice radio procedures. 249 i maaafR SM2 Jeb M. Kramer AftT SM2 Shawn C. Reece p ' X- SM3 Tabetha J d Bermee m K SMS Shanissa L. B l Syon I H SMSR Krystal L. Brown SMSR Amanda C. Joiner SMSR Tracy L. Shaw SMSR Brian Drenning " (progress has Srougfit us Sotfi unSounded opportunities andunbridted difficuCties. Thus the measure of our civiCization wiCCnot Be that we have done much, But what we have done with that much. " -- ' 250 JBn nORB JMSN Gregory Brown QMSA James C. Booth QMSA Melissa N. Gnecco QMSA Tanya M. Sorey QMSR Marshay A. Brown QMSR Misty M. McCormicl " What coaCition forces have accompCishecC in Operation Iraqi freedom is remar Sfe. ' They crossed hundreds ofmiks in Iraq — facing death squads and dust storms — to liberate Baghdad in Cess than a month. Today, Because of coaCition forces ' tenacity and s CC, the regime of Saddam Jiussein is no Conger — and the Iraqi peopCe are free to determine their own destiny. " — Secretary of defense (Donahf RumsfeCd, May 14, 2003 Cmdr. Michael J, GiannettI QMl Michael McKnight QM3 Bonnie J. Albares QM3 Justin D. Bradshaw 252 " 0 NHM rn nKmrra Vf Ji m, • i»jttii.»u iwntJM ■ngBBODHKOi uni s ai_ Iways watching We are 5 are always wat chin g Lwa ' ' al Lwc f .I H H s . ,i.! | r i«AfiJ» liCi always watching We are We are always watchingi Iways watching We are are always watching fre § ZSSi£lieiti ifo - Iw 5 a " r Iways wcLUL 5 are alwa Iways watc 5 are alwa Iways watc 8 are alw Iways watch 8 are always ' " " wat Iways watching 3 are always wat ? y lW( lW( smms always wat watching We always watc! v atching We, always wat watching J «i warn mgfimummxi f " ' ' .i -■■« ' :■ ' -. ' ■■ ■.:• -ivTi,;-,: ' -; ' i ways watching We are always wa:. are always watching We aire alway |.ways watching W e are alwa ys wat are always .ways wa are a, pA ays w I are alwa |ways wat i are a " wy :ay e j t aoinEiwrignMwufliiiiMiiwiiiinii Operations Officer Commander l ark R. Hunter C mdr. Mark R. Hunter reported as the operations officer of USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) in April 2002. A native of Glenwood Springs, Colo., he is a 1982 graduate of the United States Naval Academy and was designated a Naval Aviator in 1984. Seagoing assignments include service in Fighter Squadron 93 flying the A-7E Corsair II and Strike Fighter Squadron 151 flying the F A-18A Hornet on board USS Midway (CV 41). He served as a staff landing signal officer with Carrier Air Wing Five on board USS Midway and USS Independence (CV 62). His follow on tour was with Strike Fighter Squadron 151 flying the FA-18C on board USS Constellation (CV 64). He served ashore at Strike Fighter Squadron 125 in Lemoore, Calif., as an instructor pilot and LSO. He also served as the light attack strike fighter detailer at the Bureau of Naval Personnel in Washington, D.C. Follow on shore tours included serving as flag lieutenant to Commander, Allied Forces Southern Europe in Naples, Italy. He completed Joint Professional Military Education Phase I at the United States Marine Corps Command and Staff College in Quantico, Va. Cmdr. Hunter also served as executive officer. Strike Fighter Weapons School Atlantic in Cecil Field, Fla. Prior to reporting to USS Theodore Roosevelt, Cmdr. Hunter commanded Strike Fighter Squadron 82 on board USS Theodore Roosevelt. Under his leadership, the squadron completed a combat deployment to the North Arabian Sea in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. During his tenure the squadron was awarded the CNO Safety " S " as well as the first SECNAV Safety Award. Cmdr. Hunter has accumulated over 4,300 flight hours and 1,050 carrier arrested landings. He has flown 90 combat missions in support of Operations Desert Storm, Southern Watch and Enduring Freedom. His personal awards include the Distinguished Flying Cross with combat " V " , Bronze Star, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal (two awards). Strike Flight Air Medal (eight awards). Navy Commendation Medal (seven awards, three with combat " V " ), Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, NATO Medal, and several unit awards and commendations. " proper I Onpnt L Lt. Timothy V. Parker OSCS (SW) John T. Appleton M. to ' ttKNfftfiAr ' itiasflowi O ' jn. His persons ] ,afKl5evera ' The Operations Department controls the functional and tactical operations of :he ship. This includes the collection, evaluation and dissemination of combat and Dther operational information required for the assigned mission of the ship, as well as the scheduling and execution of all tactical and routine operations. The Combat Direction Center controls several warfare and detection modules. Strike Operations schedules and coordinates all ship and air wing operations, including the zoordination of weapons employment. The Carrier Intelligence Center gathers ntelligence information for the ship and strike group. The Photo Lab provides photographic support to the ship for intelligence, investigations, public affairs and ceremonies. The Ship ' s Signals Exploitation Spaces provides continuous indications and warning and special intelligence communications support to the Strike Group, ir Operations coordinates all flight operations and includes the Carrier Air Traffic Control Center. The Meteorology Office continually monitors sea and weather conditions, providing valuable information for operational and daily briefings. k 259 Lt. Cmdr. Peter J. Smith AGC (AW) Amador Reyna, Jr. AGC (AW SW) Robert W. Tyo n c r II rr 1(9 IS I AG3 Bradley M. Lindsay AG3 (AW) Rockael M. Mays AGS Andrew J. Silvis AGAN Jose R. Bonilla 260 i iUh liilliiiil AGl Scott A. Ferguson AGl (AW) William G. Pontious AG2 (AW) Megan M. Mitchell AGS Jason A. Alonen AGS Nicholas F. Day AGAN Nadine M. Butterfield AGAN Jeffery D. Dawson AGAN Talon B. McChesney AGAN Derek J. Pridemore AGAA Ian J. Hoerner OA Division, known also as ' ' METRO ' ; is responsible for the collection, evaluation nd prediction of environmental, atnnospheric and oceanographic conditions affecting e ship, the air wing and other battle group assets. Junior aerographer ' s mates stand atch as weather observers and record weather conditions hourly. This information is ital for the senior forecasters to provide timely and accurate environmental predictions ritical to flight operations and safe navigation of the ship. Weather balloons are 3unched daily and provide a multi-functional, three-dimensional profile of the upper itmosphere. These profiles are analyzed and used to predict how the environment will iffect the sensors and weapons systems of the Strike Group. Oceanographic issessments are conducted to evaluate the physical properties of the water column, vhich is important for determining tactical acoustic conditions. These combined environmental, atmospheric and oceanographic predictions enable battle group :ommanders to employ all available assets in a way that provides the strike group a lecisive tactical advantage in the air, on the sea and below the ocean ' s surface. 261 Cmdr Spencer Butts Lt. Cmdr. Erik W. Greve Lt. Keith R. Silinsky Lt.j.g. Osei J. Adoma ACl (AW) David D. Burdloff ACl (AW SW) Odarious L. Chambers ACl Keith J. Dillard ACl (AW) Troy D. Field ACl (AW) Asenath J. German AC2 Brandy M. Arnold AC2 (AW) Corey T. |--V Patterson AC2 (AW) Christopher D. Pisani JSrM AC3 Miguel C. Chavis mPw AC3 Frank A. Franco H B ACS Beau J. Gautreau H MM AC3 Christal D. Johnson n Bfl n ffi P ' Cs ' f- % n Lt.j.g. Anthony J. Balsamello Ens. Paul J. Kite ACC (AW SW) Orlander A. Bullock ACC (AW SW) Joseph L. Clark OSC (SW) Bt7on L. Hoogstraat AC2 (AW) Clint W. Bates AC2 (AW) Steven D. Byers AC2 (AW SW) Bobbi J. Davis AC2 (AW) John F. Hack SK2 (SW) Tanisha S. Moore ACS (AW) Darren S. Johnson AC3 Nina Lane AC3 Kevin J. Lettich ACS Deangelo T. Quarterman ACS (AW SW) Justin R. Traughber AN (AW) Kimberly L. Cornell ACAN Jahaira L. Figueroa ACAN Brandon M. Ghost ACAN Jeremie J. Gregory ACAN Michael B. Poole ACAN James H. Stevens ACAN Aaron C. Vanbrunt ACAA Joseph C. Miller OC division consists of three sections. Air Operations is responsible for ;oor(Jinating all matters pertaining to air operations and the proper functioning of IpATCC and ATO. Carrier Air Traffic Control Center (CATCC) is comprised of two Independent work centers, Air Operations and Carrier Controlled Approach. It is the :entralized agency responsible for the status keeping of all carrier air operations and :ontrol of all airborne aircraft under the operations officer ' s cognizance except those |3eing controlled by CDC and the air officer. CCA is also responsible for operational :ontrol of aircraft departing the ship and recovery of inbound aircraft after a mission [s complete. The degree of control depends upon meteorological conditions and :ime of day. The Air Transfer Officer is responsible to the Air Operations Officer for :he safe and orderly flow of passengers, mail, and cargo on and off carriers by ' aircraft. ii ■uwitsaiiaM misdeeds of the men who do things is easy, Sut it is mar dfy ineffective. It is what evitmen count upon the good men ' s doing. " -- ' T OIC is the largest division in Operations Department, manning the Combat Direction Center (CDC) with over 60 highly trained operations specialists. CDC is comprised of five separate but equally important modules. The Tactical Operations Plot monitors all surface traffic in the vicinity of the USS Theodore Roosevelt and works closely with the navigation bridge for collision avoidance. They also coordinate with the personnel of the Surface Warfare Module who are responsible for identification and prosecution of surface targets both near and far. The Detection and Tracking Module serves as an early warning center for all airborne contacts. The Air Warfare Module controls the tactical deployment of fighter aircraft assets on board TR for the strike group. Lastly, Display and Decision, is where all the gathered information is displayed and tactical decisions are made concerning the employment of TR ' s weapons systems. 1 II Lt. Scott R. Langmyer Lt.j-g- Charles A. Hicks OSC (SW AW) William C. Alexandria OSl Stanley A. Brent OSl Peter W. Brie OSl (SW AW) James C. Cole OSl Timothy S. Debessonet OSl (SW) Darrell E. Fender OSl Chester McKinney OSl (SW AW) Robert F. Regan 051 (SW) James B. Thomas 052 Jinger R. Babb 0S2 Johnnie T. Boone 0S2 Willie S. Bouie 0S2 Mark S. Peebles " I have often Seen afraid, But I wouldn ' t give in to it. I made mysetf act as though I was not afraid, and graduady my fear disappeared. " -T ' 0S3 Eisha T. Brice 0S3 Susan E. Cain 0S3 Michelle Cantu 0S3 Candice N. Carter 0S3 Tiffany M. Caudle 0S3 Toccara Y. Daniels 0S2 Angel L. Figueroacruz 0S2 Lakishia M. Howe 0S2 Christopher W. Huchton 0S2 Dominique Jeanpierre 0S2 Charles B. Kirlcpatrick 0S2 Gabriell T. Livingston 0S2 Charles W. Mackel 0S2 Derek J. Martinez 0S2 Lakia L. Perez 0S2 Greg P. Reynolds 0S2 Jennifer E. Streete 0S2 Lynette F. Waiters 0S2 iviark A. Williams 052 Richard D. Williams 053 Ajar M. Bamberg 0S3 Toccara C. Davis 0S3 Michelle D. Duncan 053 Nicole M. Jefferies 0S3 Jasmaine A. Liburd 0S3 Noe Mejia 0S3 (SW) Linday P. Walker 0S3 Melvin Melo 0S3 January G. M. Prather 0S3 Carmen W. Ronca 0S3 Bridget L. Stiltner 0S3 Victoria N. Taylor OSSA Daniel G. Hill 0S3 Cypclone A. Thomas 0S3 Kelley A. Williams 0S3 Linda A. Workman OSSN Atiya T. Shrieves OSSA Zavrick L. Davis OSSN Kelso J. Gracy OSSA Justin A. Dillard OSSA Charles B. McClendon OSSA Roderick L. Morgan OSSR Brian G. Prass OSSR Kellen J. Venters 267 ttmrnmam Lt.j.g. Troy D. Townsend EWC (SW AW) Peer J. Tuckson EW2 (SW) Melissa R. Buck EW2 Brenda L. Crehan a. D ■■■B Ifl EW2 James M. Williams EW3 Christopher M. Arwine EW3 Paula M. Burd EW3 Lester 0. Edwards EW3 Jamie Y. Garrett EW3 Christopher D. Lomont EW3 Alberto Ramirez EW3 Jarred D. ff?t Swartzmiller EW3 Alexis V. Toro EW3 Tlmottiy A. Williams iM EWSN Robert Lang EWSN Laura A. Skinner H H EWSN James W. Ware ■B o .S A. utifliin n ID Early warning and anti-ship missile defense are the primary roles for the Sailors who man the electronic warfare (EW) module on board USS Theodore Roosevelt. Using the most expensive radar detector in the world, the EWs are on 24 hour surveillance to identify possible threats to our ship and our strike group. Once radar has been detected, evaluated and identified as a threat, we have the ability to move into action. Utilizing a high powered jamming and deception system, the AN SLQ-32, the personnel of the EW Module can eliminate any opposing weapon or weapon system that threaten our safety. " If it radiates, we eliminate! " 268 uumuiuji stic you wife go far. It sounds rather as if that were But a homeCy ofcf adage, yet as is often the case with matters of tradition, this truism is actuaCfy true. " -T ii B-. KOWSK - ' »s4 ' U.5.MAVY 270 |V II wamm ( . irm M t i f I niiimU The USS Theodore Roosevelt Undersea Warfare Module is responsible for the collection, evaluation and dissemination of tactical Undersea Warfare information and facilitating the functions performed aboard the carrier in conducting undersea warfare missions. The module also provides mission support and analysis of current undersea warfare information to carrier based aircraft and surface units in support of carrier operations. 271 ■IHllUilUII PH2 Jeremy T. Hall PH2 (AW) Michelle McCandless PH2 (AW) James K. McNeil PH2 (AW SW) Angela M. Virnig PH3 Matthew B. Bash PH3 Sabrina A. Day PH3 Amy Delatorres PH3 Philip A. Nickerson, Jr. PHAN Aaron D. Burden PHAN Todd M. Flint PHAN Brad Garner PHAN Danielle Trevant PHAA Jeffrey Carl PHAR Chris M. Thamann " fie country needs and, unfess I mista its temper, the country cCemancfs Sofcf, persistent, e:x enmentation. It is common sense to ta a method ancC try it, if it fails, admit itfran y and try another, ut aSove att, try something. " Ens. Gail E.P. Cline PHC (AW SW) Eric Clement PHI (AW) James E. Foehl PHI (AW SW) Gwen A. Truett DM2 (SW) Karen E. Cozza The primary mission of the Photo Lab is the operation of the intel work [enter. This work center processes thousands of feet of Tactical Air Reconnaissance od System (TARPS) film. The film is obtained during missions flown by F-14 bmcat jet fighters that are configured to hold the TARPS. TARPS imagery is used or target acquisition, prestrike target identification, poststrike target assessment, arget tracking, maritime surveillance and map surveillance. Additionally, the Photo Lab downloads and prints Surface Surveillance poordination imagery, which is gathered by air wing pilots. The Photo Lab also ans the " SNOOPY " team. When " SNOOPY " is called away over the ship ' s nnouncing system, a team of highly skilled photographers is immediately deployed the signal bridge to photograph potential enemy vessels and aircraft. The Photo Lab transmits more than 600 images per month to the Chief of aval Information. These photos are used for United States Navy historical ocumentation and are also released to national and inter national media wire ervices. Images produced by the Photo Lab have appeared on the front page of newspapers and magazines nationwide. The Photo Lab produced more than 1,500 selected images for use in this ruise book. Commemorative photographs for distinguished visitors, photographing ship ' s ceremonies, passports, investigative photography, portraits, collages, graphic ayouts and aerial photography are some of the many services offered to ship ' s ;ompany, the airwing and the strike group by the members of the TR Photo Lab. Lt. Cmdr. Richard E. Smoak Q CTRC (SW AW) Gerald M. Bates Jj CTRl Crystal L. Brown CTMl (SW) Thomas R. HH I Parent Hj fl CT02 Justin M. Deemer CTT2 David R. Dunbar CTA2 (SW AW) Brian S. Fernberg CTM2 (SW) Krystal King CTR2 (SW) Fletcher Martin CTT2 Matthew P. Morgan CT03 Brian J. JwicKinney CT03 Daniel L. Rohr CTR3 (SW) Ricardo Vazquez CT03 Kevin M. Willmann CTRSN Vito J. Asklns I loadi com 0r% 274 1 ii CTRl (SW) Leroy A. Revere CTRl (SW AW) Ben Watson cm (SW) Warren M. Williford CT02 James S. Bryant CTR2 Kevin L. Crockett CTR2 (SW AW) Bryan A. Schmuck CTR2 (SW) Roger L. Shreeve CTM2 Travis J. Vahlberg 0S3 Tamara C. Brown CTR3 (SW) Jeromy J. Howell C A ijm CTTSN Michael A. Moore CTOSN Jason K. Richard CTRSA Evan T. Chauvette CTOSA Edward Hernandez CTRSA Scott W. Moore r " •M yr The Cryptologists of the OS Division provide tactical intelligence support to TR, mbarked flag and the air wing. The CTs also perform other communications and pecial operations functions. The OS Division ' s cryptologists are comprised of several ubspecialties such as administrative, communication, collection, interpretive, technical nd maintenance subspecialties. In addition to its normal ship ' s company manning, the division is augmented for epioyments and exercises by as many as a dozen cryptologic technicians from shore- ased commands. Using finely-honed analytical skills, computers, a special intelligence ommunications center and other state-of-the-art electronic wizardry, cryptologists irovide intelligence support to TR ' s tactical decision makers, embarked strike group ommander and the air wing. 275 nujHi ■m Cmdr. Ronald G. Rice Lt. Cmdr. Joseph R. Robson Lt. Judith R. Lassuell Lt.j.g. Mitchell H. Finke ISl (SW) Bryan K. West IS2 (SW) Latrisha D. Ashley IS2 Nicholas J. Bleeker IS2 Susan M. Ferguson IS2 (SW) Derrek H. Francis IS2 (SW) Justin M. Jones IS2 (SW) Amy Kosowski IS2 (SW) Otis J. Lee IS2 (SW) Jason T.W. Medaris IS2 Amanda R. Province ISW (SW AW) Robert L. Tipton IS3 Kenneth R. Bellomy 276 Ens. Steven W. Marchand Ens. Jessie L. Sherry ISCM (AW SW) Shelly A. Wall ISC (AW) Sandra C. Steffan ISl (SW) James M. Cross The Carrier Intelligence Center (CVIC) serves as the focal point for all strike rations supporting the air wing and strike warfare commander, as well as ividing indications and warning of enemy threats to the strike group. Ship ' s |)mpany and air wing personnel work together in CVIC, correlating and analyzing I source intelligence to provide estimates of the enemy ' s possible course of action. furing the deployment, CVIC provided support for 538 strike missions within Iraq id over 200 briefs in response to Operation Iraqi Freedom. CVIC ' s ability to xurately predict changes in the threat environment allowed the strike group to viftly and effectively respond to changes in national tasking. CVIC utilizes state-of-the-art automated systems for data retrieval, operational telligence, photo interpretation, mission planning, and administrative and graphic uction to provide a near real-time, fused intelligence picture to the strike group, r wing and ship ' s decision makers in defense of the ship. CVIC has approximately 65 personnel, ship ' s company and air wing, that are parated into five work centers. Supplementary Plot (SUPPLOT) is responsible for rike group indications and warning, and providing fused threat analysis to the jictical action officer and strike group watch officer. Multi-Sensor Interpretation I SI) is the imagery cell that receives near real-time imagery, which in turn is ploited and disseminated to assist in the overall fusion of intelligence. MSI lalyzed over 800 images in support of OIF. Strike Intelligence Analysis Center IAC) Mission Planning is responsible for maintaining the current air, ground, and issile threat orders of battle. Personnel ensure that all pilots are fully briefed on ecific targets and associated threat before leaving TR ' s flight deck. In addition to ission planning and briefing, there were over 50,000 charts ordered and over |0,000 graphics created, all in support of strikes in Iraq. Brief Debrief work center roduces and presents pre-flight briefs via a closed circuit TV system to squadron lady rooms that are used to prepare aircrew for their missions. Debrief personnel roduced over 200 mission reports and documented numerous cockpit videos for air ing proficiency and accuracy during Operation Iraqi Freedom strikes. CVIC admin also an integral part of the team responsible for producing operation and situation Imports for all shipboard casualties and personnel incidents. In addition, their ormal daily responsibilities are memorandums, personnel evaluations, award itations and maintenance of a classified publication library of over 1,000 documents nd 5,000 digital products. ■HHUUIOVJ ■imiiui Ji 278 iUlk liliiHii u IS3 (SW) Jason M. Drummond IS3 (SW) Christopher D. Gillespie IS3 (PJ) Walter R. Key IS3 Michael D. Utech, Jr. ISSN Alexia B. Allen ISSN Daniel C. Clifford ISSN Cassie R. Cuevas ISSN Philip D. Demacos ISSN (SW) Angela M. Moore ISSN Jessica R. Morphew n « " iiiliiiiii ISSN Nathan D. Phillips ISSN Frank E. Sacco ISSN Alyson B. Strong ISSN Deborah D. Woods ISSA Jeffrey Hillyer funtanamu uiuuuHumaRB " In any moment of decision the Best thing you can do is the right thing, the nej(t Best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing. " — ' T ' S I 1 I c Cmdr. Edward T. Hobbs Cmdr. Gregory A. Nottingham Lt. Cmdr. Daniel G. Case Lt. Cmdr. David A. Cimprich Lt. Cmdr. Carin C. Tullos Lt. Cmdr. Daniel J. Walford Lt. Andrew F. Brennan Lt. Gejuan A. Sweat Ens. Bryan P. Brownlee Ens. Patrick J. Hagan Ens. Robert B. Welch Ens. George D. Young YNl Kevin B. Sales JM T " - If .,« ! » A m EWl (SW) Dwight E. Spencer AN Marabella J. Youkhaneh OX Division is the Operations Department ' s ' ' front office " and includes the Operations Administration office. The division is comprised of the operations officer, administrative assistant, department leading chief petty officer and two yeomen. The function of the division is to ensure all departmental requirements are met in a timely and efficient manner. Additionally, the division coordinates the multiple functions of the Operations Department, ensuring the ship successfully completes all assigned tasking. 281 iwmmmmutitMiau I. I HBa I A MMIh A MU AMM B Dring goo Tg u eWeD rings good | good thi . ' tC s good good thi s good good thi s good good thi s good ood thi s good ood thjrio gs good good thittc s good W ,55 do rings good things to lif a brings good things to rinrrc? rrnoH fhinrr.Q o lif c j X ' X fi ' yJf ' LJ ' " ' ' vij o O Ct hil ood We brings good th:| ife We brinqs qoo S 0 - S Q - s gooi oodtt sgood od tt s good gooi mgs s to ings 3 to ings s to ings s to 3 goo( ood ti t ings 3 to ings 3 to to lire We brings gooaunings ro life We brings good things to to life We brings good things .. life ' T I ' M i - --|------Y |j-- o to lif life W( to life We life We 1.- ' mgs s tc ings s tc ings s tc .ings s to lings fs to ings s to life o lif if e .o Reactor Officer Captain Jon A. Greene apt. Jon A. Greene was raised in Scottsdale, Ariz. He graduated in 1981 from the United States Naval Academy earning a baclielor ' s degree in political science. After completing his training pipeline, he reported to his first ship, USS T exas (CGN 39). There he served as electrical division officer, electrical officer and reactor training assistant. Following this tour, he transferred to the Nuclear Power Training Unit in Ballston Spa, N.Y., as an instructor. Capt. Greene then attended the Navy Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif, where he earned a master ' s degree in national security affairs. He returned to sea duty as the combat systems officer in USS Moinester (FF 1097), then as reactor electrical assistant in USS George Washington (CVN 73) and executive officer of USS Mississippi (CGN 40). His next assignment was as a project manager for the Maritime Command and Control Information System on the staff of Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic. He then served as commanding officer of USS Mclnerney (FFG 8). Capt. Greene reported as reactor officer of USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) in September 2001. He and his wife, the former Elise Brown, have four daughters Morgan, Chelsea, Paige and Madison. Every major city needs a power company to keep it going and TR is no exception. Our power company is the men and women assigned to Reactor Department. Thanl s to tiie iiard working machinist mates, enginemen, electricians mates, electronics technicians, yeomen and officers assigned, TR answered all bells while shooting planes and making the lights burn. The two reactor plants provide the steam used for propulsion, the catapults, the electric power and even the water Wiedfr( 286 igineers; mi mUBH ■HH Lt. Cmdr. Thomas Prusinowski Lt, Cmdr. Carl Zeigler Lt. Cmdr. Christian Dela Rosa Lt.j.g. William E. Bain MMCM(SW) Brian S. Corallo ctor ve drink. Hotel services such as heating, cooking, hot showers and laundry are also jpplied from Reactor Department. Reactor Department is made up of highly trained nd qualified nuclear power school graduates as well as many skilled conventional yedallbel ingineers. The uniqueness of the nuclear reactor and the demands placed on us upside squire an extensive and thorough qualification process with the critical watch jj d gwate tanders personally certified by the commanding officer. 287 Lt. Marc R. Deltete Lt. Bill Lamping Ltjg. Nick J. Kay MMCM(SW) Chris J. Chisholm if MMl(SW) Jeffrey K. Finley MMlBrandon A. Fry MMl(SW) Catherine L. Haynes MMl Kirk C. Little MMl Marvin C. McCoy MM2 Brendan H. Boyd MM2 Derek L. Cabell MM2 Jason R. Cohan MM2 John N. Crowe MM2 Jeffrey A. Gordy MM2 Nicholas N. Nogan EM2 Erica M. Randall MM2 Christopher J. Scannell MM2 Brian J. Schmoke MM3 Anthony J. Abbot iS laH 288 n 1 r o i-A. a i m dA MMCS Michael K. Jordan MMl(SW) Billy G. Carter MMl Thomas A. Cunningham MMl(SW) Matthew T. Dravis MMl(SW) Scott English MMl(SW) Thomas M. Medley MM1(SW AW) Louis E. Smith MMl(SW) Brian P. Taylor MMl(SW) Jamie L. Yorova MM2 Christian M. Aletky MM2(SW) Michael C. Guy MM2 John D. Jackson MM2 James D. Lefler MM2 Willie M. Mcdonald MM2(SW) Silas L. Mchenry MM3 Michael A. Baldwin MM3 Scott Bennett MM3 Quinton J. Berkes MM3 Mason L Blakney MM3 Joshua A. Burchett MM3 Jesus J. Colon MM3 Christopher L, Dupree MM3 David J. Elrammuni MM3 Jared C. Farney MM3 Eduardo M. Ferrioi I Machinery Division is made up of 85 highly qualified and efficiently trained achinist mates who convert steam from reactors for use in propulsion, electrical Dower, freshwater and heating. The men and women of M Division maintain and operate a number of complex 3ieces of equipment including four main engines, the ship ' s service turbine generators and distilling plants that produce 400,000 gallons of freshwater per day. Without these dedicated men and women, the ship would not be able to go anywhere. If the snipes don ' t groove, the ship don ' t move! l ' 289 MM3 Holly J. GIbble MM3 Jeremy D. Gordon MM3 Jason C. Halter MM3 Melina T. Hardaway MM3 David L. Hensley MM3 Dan E. Hetman MM3 Mitch J. Hoover ! M3 Leonel 1 . Hormaza MM3 August Jacobs MM3 Anthony R. Kaplewsici MM3 Samuel L Lara MM3 Christopher B. Lloyd MM3 Robert V. Low MM3 Justin S. I ozny MM3 Michael D. Ottolini MM3 Jesse W. Packs MM3 Jonathan A. Reifsnider MM3 Raul Rodriguez MM3 Andrew M. Sarter MM3 John W. Schultz MM3 Steve P. Serrano MM3 Andrew R. Steffee MM3 Todd C. Wright MMFN Randolph J. Benton MMFN Ross A. Boudreaut MMFN Joshua A. Crosby MMFN Nicholas L. Diezel MMFN David W. Dihcse MMFN Melissa A. Golbach MMFN Kevin K. Hanison Jr. MMFN Jonah N. Hills MMFN Siegfried D. Kreusel MMFN Dwight D. Lee Jr. MMFN Allan D. McQure 290 i MMFN Doan Pham MMFN Sirron N. Ringer MMFN Darion J. Sexton MMFN Andrew H. Spalo MMFA Travis M. Hall MMFA Dustin M. Moore MMFR Brian A. Hendricl MMFR William T. Hendrick MMFR Joel T. Morrell ' ' OnCy those are fit to tive who do not fear to die; and none are fit to die who have shrunkfrom the joy of fife. (Both Cife and death are -parts of the same great Adventure. " — 292 1 MMFN Max Thwaits MMFN Justin F. Vasquez MMFN Alan J. Warrick MMFN Uhisher S. Williams ; U 293 " %eep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground. " — Lt.j.g. Alisa Fyfe ENCM Charles J. English MMC(SW) Ralph Scalici EN1(SW CC) Freddie Huger EN3 Al L. George EN3 Randolph A. Griswold EN3 Richard A. Manet ENS Barbara J. Martinez 294 MMl Anthony R. Selph EN3 Scott A. Bittinger EN3 Jason M. Bowman EN3 Mauricio A, Caldron EN3(SW) Justin M. Perry EN3 Daryl B. Rosarge ENS Randy J. Sam ENFN Michelle N. Hamilton ENFN Cynetra K. Kuykendall ENFN Matthew J. Robinson MM FN Octavia N. Shelton ENFN Vanessa V. Vasquez ENFN Eric A. Woods ENFA Chevis K. Clyburn ENFA Tamborer Fishburn ENFA Christopher L. Hawkins ENFA Joel Medina ENFR Christopher A. Hearne ENFR Adrian Swan ENFA Darius D. Williams ReactorT xiTiaries Division ' s main mission is to maintain the auxiliary equipment for the reactors and provide electricity during casualties that cause loss of ship ' s power. Spearheaded by ENCM English, the 36 men and women of RA operate and maintain the ship ' s turbo charged GE 654E4 diesel generators that supply power to the propulsion plant and other vital loads when the normal sources are unavailable. RA personnel also maintain two re-boilers, which supply heating steam for hot showers, laundry, and meals and two oily water separators. We look to RA Division to provide the emergency power to get us going again. 295 Lt. Chad Parvin Lt. Todd C. Zeener Ltjg. Brian G. Guernsey Ens. Roger R. Somero ETCfSS) James Fumich ETCS Charles Wimpey ETl Troy T. Brown ETl Robert Coggin II ET1(SW SS) Timothy J. Euman r " e man who ows the truth and has the opportunity to teCCit, But who nonetheless refuses to, is among the most shamefuC of aCC creatures. ( odforSid that we should ever Become so Uveas that. " 1 i wmmsmmm 1 Reactor Controls Division personnel operate the high tech instrumentation and I ontrol equipment that monitors and controls TR ' s reactors. These electronic ' s tJchnicians specialize in a vast range of knowledge form nuclear physics to Ticroprocessor technology and stand watches that control every aspect of the plant )m ventilation to main engines. Their in depth knowledge and intense training are jt to the test daily where there is no room for second best or almost right. Year ' irlund, these Sailors represent the cutting edge of naval nuclear power. f O D, P ■■ ' . ETl Scott J. Kumono ETl James A. Quillen ETl(SW) Owen J. Raymer ETl(SW) Chris D. Sampson ETl(SW) James A. Taylor ET2 Christopher J. Sample ET2 Joseph C. Bellina ET2 Cheryl M. Boring ET2 Thomas D. Boyle ET2 Donna M. Carter ET2 Allen M. Deshler ET2 Christian H. Engh ET2 Scott C. Folckemer ET2 Edward L. Foulks ET2 Leslie A. Grant ET2 Josiah P. Grawey ET2 Erica L. Hoffman ET2 Matthew C. Hutchins ET2 Danielle M. Jones ET2 Jana M. Kahlmeyer ET2 Joseph S. Leichliter ET2 Jarod Littell ET2 Shateek R. Major ET2 John A. Mirdo ET2(SW) Eric L Rushing I 297 ET2 Scott R. Sally ET2 Jacob M. Scherer ET2 Elisha T. Shadden ET2 Jason B. Simmons ET2(SW) Christopher L. Smith ET2 James P. Spivey ET2 Nathan S. Waldren ET2 Thomas J. Whitehead ET3 Olivia S. Arroyos ET3 Steven Craig Brewer ET3 Michael J. Elliot ET3 Donald P. Fife ET3 Clifton J. Hooper ET3 Matthew D. Hughes ET3 Daniel Marshall 299 The electrician ' s mates of Reactor Electrical Division, which are 107 strong, maintain the ship ' s electrical power plants, consisting of the ship ' s service turbine generators, emergency diesel generators and switchboards that provide power to the entire ship. All of the electrician ' s mates are trained as nuclea operators. Always vigilant whether at sea or in port these are the operators who ensure that the lights stay lit and electricity is always available to the ship for all equipment from missile systems to soda machines. Reactor Auxiliaries owns the emergency diesel generators. Reactor Electrical owns the emergency switchboards and takes any actions required when a casualty causes a loss of power, under way or in port. We own the ship ' s service and coolant turbine generators in the propulsion plant and th switchboards and provide all power to the ship from our 4160-volt generation. It then is transformed to 450 and 120 for ship ' s loads. Along with providing all the lights and power, which keeps the TR going, RE also maintains the Technical Publications Library, Meter Calibration and Tool Issue Electrical Safety shop. EM2 David J. Egbert EM2 Elizabeth A. Kemple EM2(SW) Scott A. Leueque EM2(SW) Douglas F. Nix EM2 Benjamin D. Norman EM2 Denis R. Rees EM2 Joshua G. Reynolds EM2 John G. Ritter EM2 Jonathan R. Schmid EIVI2 Shara L. Stevens EM2 Calvin L. Thomas EM2 Simone C. Voss EM2 Sharia V. Winjum EMS David P. Bernstein EM3 Lisa R. Borum EM3 David J. Bruce EM3 William J. Bucl EMS Thomas A. Cunningham EMS Mike Quoc A. Dao EMS Brian M. Delhi n i A iAiA I 300 A9k ' Sndelectrq ' frominissji esd tatesaoy rinpoft, I ling all the ' sliop. o ' «»«« ' !■ Wiiii Lt. Faith K. Tabatsko Ltjg. Lake M. Johnson Ltjg. Paul A. Turner EMCM(SW) Roilie G. Bartley EMC Pierson C. Cantreil EMC Scott L. Walters EMI Alfred A. Caston GMl Jeffrey T. Plyler EMI Jason P. Sousa EM2 Holly A. Andrews EM2 Steven J. Bauer EM2(SW) Andrew W. Bierman EM2(SW) Timothy Blackman EM2 Jill A. Bonar EM2 Travis L. Bost " It is BotfifooCish andwic cCto teach the average man who is not weCC off that some wrong or injustice has Seen done him, and that he should hope for redress elsewhere than in his own industry, honesty, and inteCCigence. " EM3 Jesse Gillians III EM3(SW) Damien V. Gonzales ET3 Wendy M. Hoerner EM3 Alejandro Infante- Rosario EM3 Erin K, Peterson EM3 Paul N. Quick El 3 Julie D. Rosado EMS Steven M. Roy 302 HBg 1 EM3 Michael M. Maringola EM3 Stephanie 1 . Miller EM3 Jessica A. Moon EMS Don L. Nguyen EM3 Brent M. Oakes EM3 Glen W. Ryan EM3 Alfred G. Wiltshire III EMS Rowdy Yates EMFN Gabriel E. Burns EMFN Cedar J. Falcon I ■m 303 Lt. John J. Gallagher MMC(SW AW) Evan J. Means MMl Alicia A. Gerald ' ' Tlie course of t His war is cCear. The outcome is cCear. UHe regime ofScuCdam !Hiissein is gone. It ' s over. It will not Be there in a reCativeCy reasonaSCy precfictaBfe period of time. And t fie people in Iraq need to ow that, that it wiCCnot 6e long Before they will 6e CiSerated. Hie leadership and the military in Iraq needs to ow that they should act with honor and stop defending a regime that is shortly going to be history. " - Secretary of defense OonaQf msfehf, March. 25, 2003 feUELl Others f f i i« Jm iM g 1 1 rf l|l» «rf Y ;: MMl Jeremy W. Lafaive MMl Otho W. McLeroy MM2 Kerry D. Claiborne MM2 Jonathan E. Duchnowski MM2(SW) Matthew Fehrn MM2 John A. Fabian MM2 William B. Funke MM2 John C. Higgins MM2 Brian Horlor MM2 Christopher J. Johnson I M2 Brian J. Kulik Miv|2 Meredith L. Mead MM2 Frederick K. Miller MM2 Sean M. Moninger MM2 Lam N. Tran MM2 Melanie A. Weiskerger MM2 Matthew T. Wolf MM3 Matthew A. Bruette MM3 Christopher S. Embry MM3 Alan M. Everding MM3 Christopher A. Geiser MM3 Matthew T. Haskell MM3 Joshua A, Mendez MM3 Jonathan S. Moss MM3 Colby D. Sparkman MM3 Troy G. Sparkman Reactor Laboratories Division is responsible for analyzing and maintaining all reactor plant and steam plant water chemistry. RL division is comprised of machinist mates with specialized training to designate them as engineering laboratory technicians. RL is also responsible for maintaining proper radiological controls associated with the reactor plants and providing radiological support for reactor maintenance. Recognized as experts in their field, ELTs are constantly vigilant to ensure chemistry and radiological controls in the reactor and steam plants. j 305 Lt. Stanley G. Dickerson MMC Lawrence D. Welch EM2 Gary E. Dodge EM3 Blaine E. Blocker EM3 Joshua P. Seilhymei ET3 Kristi M. Taylor «iP " eautoi J king mm 306 conduct Reactor espe; MM3 Nicholas R. Coleman MM3 Travis W.R. Croom MM3 Harold B. Howie MM3 Michael W. Kuhn ET3 Timothy B. O ' neal 1 Reactor Department personnel are second to none thanks to the hard working team in Reactor Training Division. RT personnel welcome new personnel and help them qualify as basic nuclear engineers before sending them to their parent divisions where they continue their in-depth watch station qualifications. RT is also the core of the Propulsion Plant Drill Team, which conducts the many complex drills to ensure the men and women of TR ' s Reactor Department are second to none and are ready to proceed to the tip of the spear. 307 " Hie Best e cutive is one who Has sense enough to pic goocC peop[e to do what he wants done, and seCf- restraint enough to h ep from meddling with them white they do it. " - ' i3gecoi 3. From ' ■ slpkee ■Retrain ' teamt ■lingd matesi andthf ENC Darren T. Ray MM2 Wade B. Hall MM3 Devon M. Schinhofen MM3 Terrence Woodly Reactor Department ' s Damage Control Division is responsible for all of the amage control equipment located in department-owned spaces, which exceeds 00. From the propulsion plants to personnel berthings, we maintain the equipment ) help keep our people, and the rest of the ship, safe. RXDC also is an integral part p the training of Reactor Department personnel. We support the propulsion plant ill team by providing maintaining any equipment required to properly run drills Squiring damage control equipment. We also provide training lectures to our new hipmates on the proper use of self contained breathing apparatus, emergency :ggress breathing device, and gas masks when first arriving on board, and then at cheduled intervals. Our job is to keep Reactor Department safe so they can do their Db and therefore the ship can complete its mission safely. A9k 309 ± Ltjg. Jim J. Von St. Paul Ens. Jason A. Davy MMCM(SW) David A. Woodbury MMC Hanl J. Morehouse I Ml Clause B. McDonald MMl(SW) Creg S. Nash MMl(SW) James A. Powe II MMl(SW) Theodore F. Reuter iSIISIHH I MM2 Paul R. Godin Jr. MM2 William T. Haderlie MM2 Dennis D, Ivy MM2(SW) Joshua J. Justice ij i iM MM2 Matthew L. Nelson MM2(SW) Whitney L. Patrick EM2 Tanya S. Perse MM2 Jesse J. Preuss 310 i irnmini -1 l; (i i n Oi iMii r MMC William A. Morris MMC Mickolas F. Smith l l l Howard S. Coe Ml l(SW) Christopher J. Grady MMl(SW) Theodore J. Krause MMl Jamie C. Smalley MMl(SW) Jonathan M. Zimmerman l l 2 Christopher J. Aycox |v|M2(SW) Barry L. Bausch Ml 2 Matthew E. Falilcinberry MM2 Ryan W. Karlin MM2 Andrew L. Ludwig MM2(SW) Benjamin A. Martin MM2 Derek L. Meyers MM2 Christopher B. Nelson MM2 Russell E. Pyburn MM2 Adam L Ramos MM2 Benjamin M. Schiffli MM2 Shane P. Scott MM2 Tyler A. Steffens Reactor Mechanical Division operates and maintains the mechanical support equipment for the ship ' s reactors. These dedicated men and women control the production of high- pressure steam in a hot, noisy and harsh environment. This steam is the source of ships propulsion, electricity, fresh water production and the ability to catapult aircraft off the flight deck. RM divisions ' steam is the vital first step in everything that happens on board TR. 311 M M2 Kenric J. Scarbrough MM2 James L. Stott MM2(SW) Rob M. Tanksley MM2 Maria M. Taylor o 312 »« r. ' •» " S- MM2(SW) Sean M. Valovaine MM2 Benjamin A. Vanderhulst MM2 Kwambe 0. Wright |V|M3 Andrew T. Bartlett MM3 Harlan Cassel MM3 Amy K. Corlis MM3 Tina J. Crossin MM3 Joshuah A, Dawson MM3 Nicholas R. Downing MM3 Christopher D. Eccleston MM3 Lawrence J. Godin MM3 Rhyan P. Horan MM3 Patrick J. Keplinger MM3 Shaquitta R. Leday MM3 Darren W. Maly MM3(SW) Francisco Martinez Jr. MM3 Margaret S. Mcadam MM3 Jacob T. Menard MM3 Mark A. Minnella MM3 Douglas V. Moore MM3 Thomas A. Mule MM3 Kelly R. Peterson MM3 Adam M. Potts MM3 Travis W. Pratt MM3 Michael N. Tran MM3 Ricky J. Wajcik MM3 Samuel Z. Williams MM3 Aaron A. Yeaton MM3 Khristopher J. Yodichkas r fi 313 Although Reactor Admin Division is the smallest division in the department, it is one of the most important ones. RX Division personnel maintain all the support roles of the department, from the hundreds of daily reports, J memos and instructions the yeomen take care of, to the ' department ' s maintenance availability coordinators, career counselor and even the master chief, the senior enlisted advisor. The questions " where am I, where am I going and what am I going to do when I get there? " are answered by the people in RX Division. ■ 5 JOHNSON y . NAVY I .S. NAVY ETl(SW) Mark D. Nelson YNl Barbara A. Thrower YN3 Tomorror T.C. Caine MM3 Lavonda D. Fitzgerald YNSA Cliffton D. Monk 315 , -ii-- ' : jA7 .»■« — tjpr " -n .- - W . ' »- ,K ■ Bg ' is ' ri tf ) Atife ' a pws fefci .t -. - :: -j« 4 ' s • ' -afSCi v i ttfrnemmi y First Safety First Safe fety First Safety Firs " " ' ! «BB W ' « I «( 1 » A 1 ■ » » » 1 rs BiillCl It IK mux y «t HOS fety y First fety F- - :y Fir; I fety I :y Fir fety I y Fir fety I fety T Fir l_ k_ Oi. A- V SA KTy+i (■xtfl SAF£ry4-Vi ;af ety Fifl t Safety ' Safety FirsC ety First Safety Firstj . First Safety First lammmBsmBm s y- Safety First Safety First Safet jrst Safety First Safety Fira ||tst Safety Safety Fir] y First Saf Safety Officer Commander Jeffrey G. Wolf c School. mdr. Jeffrey G. Wolf was commissioned Jan. 19, 1979 in Pensacola, Fla., after completion of Aviation Officer Candidate He was ordered to Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 33, Naval Air Station North Island, Calif., in Inarch of 1981 as the squadron legal officer, detachment operations and maintenance officer. In November 1984, Cmdr. Wolf and his crew located and affected the rescue of the crew of the Taiwanese merchant Dai Lung, swamped and sinking in Typhoon Orchid. In Inarch of 1984, he was selected for duty as an FRS instructor until April of 1985, when he joined the Training and Administration of Reserve program. In March of 1986, he reported to Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 74 at NAS South Weymouth, l ass., and served as squadron administrant, operations and maintenance officer Cmdr. Wolf graduated from the Naval Postgraduate School with honor in December 1989. He then reported to Helicopter Anti- Submarine Squadron Light 84, serving as squadron maintenance officer and officer in charge until July of 1993. During this tour, Cmdr. Wolf was the first U.S. Navy pilot to qualif as an helicopter aircraft commander in the new SH-2G Super Seasprite, and the first to locate, track and attack a submerged target. For his tour as officer in charge, the squadron was awarded the Battle " E " , the Helicopter Reserve Wing Retention Award, the CNO Safety Award, and the Chief of Naval Reserve Readiness Through Safety Award. Cmdr. Wolf ' s next duty station was the Bureau of Naval Personnel in Washington, DC, serving as the director of resource management (PERS-9). He then reported to USS John R Kennedy (CV 67) as safety officer in February of 1996 during Operation Southern Watch. In March of 1998, Cmdr.| Wolf reported for duty as executive officer. Naval Air Reserve, Norfolk, Va. He reported to USS Carl Vinson (CVN 71) as safety officer, and was en route to the Persian Gulf on Sept. 11, 2001. After completion of Operation Enduring Freedom and the remainder of his tour, he requested and received orders to his third carrier as safety officer of USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71). Cmdr. Wolf ' s personal decorations include The Meritorious Service Medal (three awards), the Air Medal (Gold Star] The Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (two awards) The Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, and other service and operations awards. He is married to the former Margaret Fulhmer, and resides with her and their four children in her hometown of Lancaster, Pa. F. ,Ciii( il Vinson (W Operation irier as safety tanetow ' IS the Safety Department ' s mission to enhance operational readiness by ministering an aggressive operational safety and health program, which reduces erational injuries, illness or deaths, decreases material loss or damage and aintains safe and healthy working conditions for personnel. The occupational safety spects of the program address the elimination or control of hazards. The ccupational health aspect are primarily concerned with the identification and limination of adverse health effects caused by exposure to hazardous chemical, hysical and biological agents. An important part of the Safety Department ' s mission is to prevent pollution, rotect the environment and protect natural, historic and cultural resources. The iafety Department is committed to ensuring the ship operates in a manner ompatible with the environment. Ship ' s operations and environmental protection are pmpatible goals. The Safety Department provides leadership and personal bmmitment to ensure that all ship ' s personnel develop and exhibit an environmental Protection ethic. I " Jl true -patriot must necessariCy 6e a zeatot and fighter for the truth. He must hoCcfto the mean and enforce the dictates of righteousness with justice. ' ' -T 322 fMi AKl Kelvin B. Alcorn ETl Dorene A. Johnson AOl Thomas D. Lamb DCl (SW AW) Mark Sawyer BM2 (SW) Glenn E. Dixon YN3 Duriel D. Harris 4 t 323 :i s»FJi«fi«»«:wwww«aK ' - ' ■ ,■ : ' ;-- ■,%iWt«xmimitttmt s !tmi " M- . 4 J IMIf— II !■■! " ■illJMi ' MM . ., ».,. . .. ., .rtTV. m Demand Supply Demand Suj pply Sc Demand Supply De S TT- « - ' s« » -i - Ti .9W » - iX 1 )ply Demand Supply Dej Demand SuddIv Demand S " f ply Sc Demand Supply Dei mand Supply I nd Su |ly Demand Su; Bfc D w mand Supply (U d ly Sc Demand Supply ' r ' j ' mand Siinply )lv Demand Supply Demaixd " ' ' " ' J Demand Sup; L PIxly Dei land Si D jid D T7 ' Supply Officer Commander Parke L. Guthner Cmdr. Parke L. Guthner was born in Colorado Springs, Colo., and grew up in Brush, Colo. After graduating from Brush High School he attended the University of Northern Colorado where he graduated in 1981. He was commissioned via Officer Candidate School in Newport, R.I., in 1982. Cmdr. Guthner ' s first operational tour after completing Navy Supply Corps School and Navy Submarine School was aboard USS Silversides (SSN 679). While he was attached to Silversides, the ship completed a Mediterranean deployment, a North Atlantic deployment that included operating under the North Pole and one from Norfolk, Va., to Bremerton, Wash., via the Panama Canal. His next operational tour was aboard USS Nimitz (CVN 68) where he served as supply services officer and then supply readiness officer. During this time Nimitz deployed to the Arabian Gulf. Cmdr. Guthner also served as the first supply corps officer on a battle group staff serving as the N4 (Logistics) on Commander Carrier Group Six Commander John C. Stennis Battle Group. During this tour embarked on the USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) the ship completed an around the world deployment that started in Norfolk, Va., and ended in San Diego, Calif. His shore tours have been as the trident logistics coordinator at the Navy Supply Center Puget Sound in Bremerton, Wash.; the chief of the Contract Management Branch at Defense Contract Management Area-Denver; the Transportation Management Training Division head and subsequently the academic director at Navy Supply Corps School, Athens, Ga. Additionally, he served as the supply corps LDO CWO detailer at BUPERS in Millington, Tenn. Just prior to reporting to USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) he served as the comptroller and assistant force supply officer on the staff of the Commander, Naval Air Force Atlantic Fleet. Cmdr. Guthner has a masters of science in management, emphasis in financial management from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif. Cmdr. Guthner reported to TR as the ship ' s 10 supply officer Oct. 29, 2002. He is married to the former Regina Raney of Athens, Ga. They and their children Emily and Andrew reside in Chesapeake, Va. The miss teifiTR- idesalloi overe)(te inessasi materesp H 328 1 lopalassi! 5 advise,; «rtnient ' s i3workp %fi E 1 II " SJJfM M ' Uini r. Arthur T. Rowe :CM (SW AW) Kathryn i Ruggiero The mission of the TR ' s Supply Department is to provide material support to r aintain TR and the air wing in maximum material readiness. The department ovides all of the material and services necessary to enable the ship to operate at Ifa over extended periods of time. Supply also accounts for all expenditures on ladiness as well as services to sustain the comfort, welfare, and morale of the crew. Itimate responsibility for all these functions rest with the supply officer. He is isisted by the assistant supply officer, the principal assistant for logistics, the lincipal assistant for services, and the other supply corps officers assigned to TR ho advise, assist and implement his policies in the accomplishment of the Cipartment ' s functions. They, in turn, rely on the 640 chiefs and Sailors who staff t e 13 workplaces of the department. 329 S-0 Division is the Supply Department administrative iiub made up of the Supply Officer Cmdr. Parke L. Guthner, Assistant Supply Officer Lt. Cmdr. Arthur T. Rowe, Principle Assistant for Logistics Lt. Gregory Menard, Principle Assistant for Services Lt. Eric Jafar, and YN3 Michele BIymire and SN James Weber as administrative support. ivoufcf rather go out of po Cities fee fing that I had Whe what ivas right than stay in with the approval q ail men, hjioiving in my heart that I had acted as I mLaht not to. " —d R, 330 . ' nH r iiii Lt. Daren C. Mainer Lt. Gregory R. Menard YN3 Michele A. BIymire Iraqi Treecfoiiu " We were ready ivhen (President (Busfi and our nation caded on us to deCive? -mvafcapa6iCities that were appfied across the fud spectrum of joint 1 -derations. Investments in current readiness, adjustments over the Cast su months in anticipation of OIT, and your steadfast commitment to missiM accompCishment made this happen. " - Chief of avaC Operations Mm Vern CCarl Aprd 24, 2003 m mmmamauaiumatimm mtlia Mtn gridt iviCeges come eat respo nsiSifities. (Bfessings Bring witfi tfiem duties. Ancf tfie joy of CiSerty is tJie most sobtt oSfigation ever entrusted ' to men of nations. " ' 332 |(,S1 Lt. Wayne Saunders SKC Derick A. Grant AKl (AW) Todd F. Duerheimer AK2 (SW AW) Norman S. Mansfield SK2 (SW) Rodger Williams, II Hi Stock Control Division requisitions, procures and manages 97,000 line items valued in excess of $346 million consisting of consumable material and repair in support of TR and CVW-8. In addition, S-1 Division manages TR ' s $70 million operating budget and 3.2 million gallons of aviation fuel. S-1 is comprised of one lieutenant and 10 storekeepers. 333 CWOS Paul T. Jone: MSC (SW AW) Lor-- ' • Deiro HTC (SW) Ma Richaiuaun 1 (SW AW) Glenn P. Bouchf MS2 Timothy W. Tuck MS3 Douglas M. Brow MS3 Cindy M. Garza MS3 Aaron J. Keliev " (]3e practicaf as weiT as generous in your ufeafs. ' Keep your eye tfie stars and your feet on the ground. " -1 ! , HWMIMBtiWM MSI Michael A. Johnson MSI (SW AW) Jeffrey B. Loncto MS2 (SW) Gary B. Cain MS2 (SW AW) Elizabeth E. Carvalho MS2 Donald Lake MS3 Nikie Lowe MS3 William H. Moore MS3 Maryrose L. Moses MSB Leonard J. Sayers MS3 James E. Stevens MS3 Jamie L. Stewart MS3 Stephen D. Tinsley MSSN Aaron A. Boyd MSSN Ben P. Dunlap MSSN Javier Duran MSSN Jeremiah J. Durham MSSN Jennifer Merante FN Leslie P. Norman MSSN Calvin R. Powell MSSN Daniel J. Silverstritch MSSN Emily A. Smith MSSN Christopher Williams MSSA Isaih A. Compos MSSA lisheri T. Hannibal MSSR David L. Rodriguez Food Service Division administers and operates two enlisted messes and a ciiili ir, providing 20,000 meals per day. During the course of a day, food service will use )0 dozen eggs, 300 pounds of hamburgers, 400 pounds of potatoes, 450 pounds of [occoli and 45 containers of milk. S-2 Division is responsible for procuring, issuing id accounting a three million-subsistence inventory. In conjunction with S-2 vision. Food Service Attendants Division (S-2M) operates the mess deck dining [eas and is responsible for cleaning all food service gear. S-2 and S-2M are )mprised of a chief warrant officer, a mess management specialist master chief, a lief and a chief on the mess decks, 60 MSs, 70 food service attendants, 20 mess :k masters-at-arms and 98 S-2M food service attendants. Ltjg. Deborah Davis-Reid SHC(SW) Richard A. Chavez SHI Terry Douglas 3H1 Locksley D. Richards SH2 Simon Sam SH3 Cynthia L. Beale SH3 Richard R. Bridgeman SH3 Christopher L. Brown ' fufness jencfs upon his Ang up to ' mfs insofar %e can. " 7? ( SH3 Marquita R Jennette SH3 Konesha K. Johnson SH3 Miranda M. Kennedy SH3 Crvstai Ketler The Sales and Services Division provides higii quality retail, laundry and barber services to the crew. Profits from the retail outlets provide funds to the ship ' s Morale Welfare and Recreation fund. S-3 is dedicated to enhancing shipboard quality of life for the TR crew by operating a retail store, more than 30 soda and snack vending machines, two barber shops, a laundry and dry cleaning plant, and by hosting Navy Exchange Concessionaires aboard to sell popular gift items and memorabilia to the crew. Sales from retail outlets exceeded $2.5 million during the deployment. Additionally, the laundry processed more than 85,000 pounds of bulk laundry and 6,142 press pieces each month of the deployment. S-3 is composed of the sales officer, 49 ship ' s servicemen and 27 temporarily assigned duty personnel throughout the division. 336 (xy V am SHI Todd D. Washington SH2 Kayla N. Hate SH2 Kevin J. Levert SH2 Marvin A. Mackabee SH2(SW) Derrick B. Rasher SH3 April M. Davis SH3 Ramsey A. Dewitt SH3 Titos A. Gibson SH3 Kimberlyn A. Haight SH3 Kristina E. Hatch SH3 Joshua J. Kinder SH3 Terrell E. Mcgee SH3 Angela M. Shotwell SHSN Tamara M. Benard SHSN Masheba D. Berry SHSN Cleveland Knowles SHSN Shenika R. Nichols SHSN Demetrice S. Roberts SHSN Kristie L. Roberts ISA Carolyn D. Cook r in briSA Deon A. Drayton AN Aaron T. Everhart SHSA Quechez D. Hawkins SHSA Franklin S. Heaid SHSA Kristopher L. Henry SHSA Orlando Hernandez- Torres AA Edward L. Jackson SHSA Katrina A. Jenkins AA Ciiristopher M. Kearney SHSA Elizabeth L. Lightfritz SHSR Kerry L. Cook SHSR Cory F. Craig SHSR Keyetta C. Cunningham SHSR David N. Scott SHSR Tad K. White 339 The Disbursing Office is comprised of a Disbursing Officer ensign Chris Meyers, Deputy Disbursing Officer LCPO DKCS (SW AW) Kevin Burkle, an LPO, DKl (SW AW) Wendell Stephens, and 12 disbursing clerks. In addition, seven air wing DKs were embarked throughout deployment. The Disbursing Office processes payroll, travel claims, split pay, and cashes checks for over 5,500 personnel. With an accountability of $10 million dollars on board, the USS Theodore Roosevelt Disbursing Office faces great volume while under way: 359 travel claims worth $110,622.10 per month, 2,934 split pay accounts worth $397,010.00 per month, $479,728.17 in Ship ' s Store collections and $149,663.17 in general mess collections per month. 340 ,iit4m f ' CU ' , :sSt( Ens. Chris S. Meyers DKCS (SW AW) Reynor K. Burkle DKl Wendell K. Stephens DK2 Ton! Y. Diaz DK3 Christina M. Ferrera DIG Sonia K. Kla-Williams DIG Joshua M. Laisure DK3 Markell L. Strait DKSN Mark A. Crichlow DKSN Stanley L. Johnson ■as) for either the man or tlie nation fiat aspires to great deeds. It is ays Better to be an original than an nitation. " - ' T ' R tical ejjiciency is common, ana idealism not uncommon; it is th fiiioinatwn which is necessary, and i imSination is rare. " — T Ens. Valerie M. Snellings Ens. Bert J. Rodriguez MSC (SW) Jenny L. Wright The Wardroom Division is responsible for the care and feeding of TR ' s officers and the embarked air wing officers. S-5 personnel, numbering in excess of 70 mess management specialist and food service attendants, serve meals in two wardrooms and operate three galleys, including the commanding officer ' s mess. S-5 is also responsible for a hotel operation that encompasses the general housekeeping, preservation and maintenance of more than 250 staterooms. Additionally, S-5 provides the utmost comfort to various distinguished visitors and coordinates numerous formal luncheon, dinners and sunset receptions for visiting dignitaries and diplomats. 4 I 342 ,f..: MIHii MSI Daniel D. Guertin MSI Kenneth Staples MS2 (SW) Ronak Beilard MS2 Steven P. Bradley MCT I cc. crgedlman MS2 Edwin V. Lee MS3 Jonnetta L. Howell MS3 Amanda L. Pankow MS3 Keith J. Primeau MS3 (SW) Jerri A. Pruitt f MS3 Shondrica A. Pulphus MSSN Santos Cruz MSSN Jijuanna L. Harris MSSN Iceri T. Plump MSSA Amber K. Hassler MSSA Tomarkus T. Presswood MSSA Jaques N. Rhodes- Gasabile FR William L. Coles, III MSSR Guyruss G. Doughty MSSR Vrantevaz T. Gonzalez i " . " 343 Lt, DeAngelo M. Ashby Lt.j.g. Tracy D. Rider SKC (SW) Latricia F. Gregory-Thompson SKI (AW SW) James C. AK2 Becky J. Raymond SK2 (AW) Orefo A. Unobagha AK2 Anthony C. Williams SK2 Tashell A. Wright AK3 Andrew A. Delillo AK3 Oscar L. Garcia SK3 Diedre C. Williams AKAN Crystal G. Elliott AKAN Gregory 3. Guiledge SKSN Veronica M. Jackson AKAN (AW) Christian N. Sanchez TARP Guy L. Leopard As the primary supply contact for aviation parts support, Aviation Stores Division requisitions, expedites, receives, inventories and accounts for over $200 million of aviation depot level repairable, aircraft engines and consumable repair parts. S-6 division also manages and expedites high priority, aviation, mission essentials requisitions for CVW-8 and AIMD. The division has two officers, two chief petty officers and 50 aviation storekeepers providing outstanding customer service to support TR ' s mission. r -ran SKI (AW SW) Kopera Washington AKl Joseph E. Weber SK2 Jonathan Dorsey SK2 Misty D. Plunkett SK2 (SW) Veronica L. Powers SIG Frank J. Griffin SK3 April N. Raine AK3 Michelle R. Sterling AK3 Angie Tapla AK3 Kisha J. Vilabrera Vfe r r mi fit a ly usecfan tnprecedented comSitmtion of power , v ' ecision, speecf, fle.xibHity ancf, woiifcf Mcid, compassion. . . ' You protectecf our country from agatlwnng danger and liSeiated tfie Iraqi peopfc. . . ' You liberated , muntfy, ()ut urw you did it wiffiielp wunsform tiie way we defend our country in tfie 2f centwy. " - Secretary of (Defense . ( ' i ' -.- ' ii)« 345 Ens. Erik J. Robinson SKC (SW AW) Wanda F. Payton SKI (SS) Terrence E. Farley Material Division receives, stores, inventories and issues all general, medical, nuclear reactor plant and flight clothing material encompassing over 106,000 line items with 42 storerooms. Additionally, S-8 receives and ships all cargo for the entire strike group, all calibration equipment and aircraft engines. Average daily issue is over 400 requisitions in support of TR, CVW-8 and CCG8. The division is comprised of 29 storekeepers and aviation storekeepers, four chiefs and a division officer. m niiaa sral, sing over iMttiinii .... ,ii ,CVW-! SKI (SW) Tamela N. Sims- Tripp SK2 Anita D. Gosha SK2 Kelly H. Fealrheller SK2 Johnny Griffin SK2 John G. Hext SK2 Michael A. Malloy SK2 Angela M. Talley-Minor SK2 (SW) Randolph M. Vance SK3 Desiree A. Datres SK3 Anthony J. Derkins SK3 Shona P. Johnson AK3 (AW) Shamal D. Mays SK3 Monica C. Myers SK3 April M. Rabren SK3 Tiffany M. Scott SK3 Mary E. Swann SKSN Tonya M. Hembree AN Isaac D. Regan SKSN Aaron R. Stamperphillips SKSA Steven Bailey 347 348 | % . ' Ik X I ' 5, N VV The Customer Service Division of the Supply Department once again rose to the allenge of short notice requirements and uncertain scheduling for the strike oup. The division is responsible for all high priority ANORS, CASREP and open rchase requisitions. We expedite all last minute purchases from local, national or ternational vendors in order to ensure all departments within the command are le to meet their expected mission. Staffed with 10 highly trained storekeepers, 2 division takes great pride in their technical knowledge and sawyness when it mes to logistics as well as ensuring the least amount of logistic delays are given to y part being tracked by each expeditor. We processed over $550,000.00 in arious requisitions and moved 1.8 million pounds of cargo through the logistic ipeline while operating within the Mediterranean Operating area. Despite our uncertain schedule throughout the entire deployment and the aunting task of processing CASREPS, ANORS, Servmart requests and all other mergency requirements laid at our counter our personnel excelled in both dvancement and warfare qualification. We managed to return home with three few enlisted dual warfare qualified petty officers, one aviation warfare qualified etty officer and one advancement to second class petty officer. h 349 SKC (SW AW) Pamela T. Nelson SK3 Henry C. Kobbah SK3 Robin R. Winn nii Supply Quality Assurance Division is comprised of five personnel and reports directly to the assistant supply officer as the quality assurance program manager S-10 Division performs audits and spot checks in the vital areas of logistics support and ship ' s services so that effect inventory, financial and personnel management is achieved and applied toward the ultimate goal of increased readiness. ; ' 1 N AOC Randy L. Robbins MS2 William R. Deese MS2 (SW) Carmelo J. Otero MS3 Tikaya E. Mclver MSB Amina S. Robinson MSSN Sean M. Henry MSSA Jimmie Frazier MSSR Jimmy C. La " Tar Setter is it to dare migfity things, to win gionous tnuiupiis-even tfiougfi cfiec recf By faifure tftan to take ranf{witfi tfiese poor spirits ivfio neitfier enjoy mucfi or suffer mucfi. e wise, tfiey five in the gray twilight that know not oj victory, nor cfej-eat. tHortrue sorrow nor true Cove. " --l R, " rile first Requisite of a pod ' citizen in ' s Q{epii6fic of ours is that he ViafCSe aSfe and viffini] to pidT Y own ■weight. " - ' 7 7 , The mess caterer, 10 mess specialists and 23 food service attendants comprise S-11 Division. They are directly responsible for the overall quality of life for more than 350 senior enlisted khaki. S-11 maintains the CPO Galley, mess area and lounges, and prepares 1,400 meals a day while TR is under way. S-11 is also responsible for laundry and the overall cleanliness of 13 berthing spaces in support of both the ship ' s company and the embarked air wing on board TR. PCC (SW) Tom C. Wilson PCI (SW AW) 3ames D. Harris PC2 (SW) Donna M. Smith PC3 Jiiienne R. Commerford PCS (SW) ijnce T. Temple PC3 Joseph A. Ward PCSA Danny R. Moore PCSR Thomas W. McLees The Postal Division provides a special connection to home while on deployments. They strive to provide a level of service equal to that of their civilian counterparts. Mail is delivered to the crew using the Navy ' s unique mail orderly delivery system. The post office provides a full range of financial mailing services and offers USPS money orders. TR ' s postal operation is one of COMIJ NTFLrs premiere operations and provide s technical mentoring and oversight to the strike group ships and squadrons. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, TR ' s post office handled more than 676,000 pounds of mail, sold more than $87,000 in postage stamps and metered postage, and more than $299,000 in USPS money orders. 354 1 355 SKC Bryant Davis m SKI (SW) Robert A. H2 Langston SKI Mario T. Simbuian Hl MM2 Vicandre A. HB| HA Atkinson BHjj ABHAN Lakeisha S. Kelley SKAN Dante D. Ketchens AN Jeremy D. Young PB 1 ' I ' alien as a whote 1 tfiere are no Setter citizens of tfiis I . .Qountry than tfie -■ I icers and 1 isted men oj on I H 1 1_- H Mliiliiiiii k. 1 1 ' 1 i -4 i ,s» Hazardous Material Inventory Control System Environment Compliance (HICS EC) Division maintains a line item inventory of 570 items. Our mission is to provide customers with an easy avenue for returning unused quantities of HAZMAT for reuse and accepts used HAZMAT for easy disposal and training the crew on the proper usage, storage and control of HAZMAT to ensure a safe work environment for us all. Environmental Compliance ' s mission is to thoroughly support ' ' COMNAVAIRLANTs strategic plan " and lead the fleet in complying with local, state, federal and international environmental laws and regulations. S-B operates 11 plastic waste processing units, one paper cardboard trash compactor, one metal glass crusher and one food waste pulper to help accomplish TR ' s goals. 356 MMMm SK3 Christopher J. Lopez AS3 Rodney A. Addison EM3 Aaron W. Haines MM3 Kevin M. Post FN Christopher T. Bryant rsj-. Duntauis J. Beard AA Levi S. Eichelberger ADAA Michael L. Tarquinio AR Kevin A. Jones AR Teslin Turley Led by SKC(SW) Prunty and SKl(AW) Panchal, SX Division ' s eight personnel perform preventative maintenance on all damage control equipment, as well as various non-damage control items, located in Supply Department ' s 786 spaces. SKC Kyle W. Prunty SKI (AW) Sumanlal M. Panchal MS3 Christopher A, Gray SK3 Jessica Heard MS3 Amanda 1 1. I 1iller DK3 Latoya A. Milwood J_ A. (1 vmvsmEmM p- ' i ' -l l ' q knowing is half nd knowing is h cnowing is half nd knowing is cnowing is half md Y enow ' nd W enow: nd enow: nd enow nd enowin nd knowing is enowing is hali nd knowing is enowing is hal nd xe ilia Kiiuwiny is he V :ng And knowin l knowing is hi ■n -_ -n J m. enow nd enc " md cnowi nd cnowi md inow: ' - smm I iVl i: ; knowing is I And knowing knowin And k] knowing i And knowi; knowind tfiche battle And knowmu x ,; naif i Jialf the battl the batt lialf t [sulthe b c.ialf tl Is :;i the bat I ' . ' MRfffiffflXk ' i?.:;, la 1 f o .fc; f la ± j1 (Ci Training Officer Lieutenant Commander Margaret Ward t. Cmdr. Margaret Ward was raised in Wilmington, Del., and graduated from ■- the University of Delaware with a BA in english concentrating in business and technical writing. In February 1989, she received her commission as an ensign from the Officer Candidate School in Newport, R. I. Her first assignment was at Training Squadron Ten in Pensacola, Fla., where she was the assistant administrative officer and legal officer. In April 1992, she transferred to Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station, Mediterranean Naples, Italy, where she served as the administrative officer. Following her tour in Italy, Lt. Cmdr. Ward transferred to the Fleet Combat Direction System Support Activity, Dam Neck, Va., as the physical and personnel security officer. In March 1996, she became the officer in charge of the Personnel Support Detachment, Keflavik, Iceland. Lt. Cmdr. Ward reported to Headquarters North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Space Command in Colorado Springs, Colo., in November 1996, as the manpower, readiness and plans officer in Jl. While in Colorado, she earned an master ' s in management from Webster University. From October 1999 to November 2001, Lt. Cmdr. Ward served as the protocol officer to Commander, U.S. Forces Japan. Navc Lt. Cmdr. Ward reported to USS Theodore Roosevelt in January 2002 and is currently serving as the training department head. Lt. Cmdr. Ward is a fleet support officer authorized to wear the Joint Commendation Medal, Navy Commendatioi Medal (with one gold star) and the Navy Achievement Medal (with one gold star). 364 mro 1 mllllmi ' mw, ' i, ' iii«ler,y.Ste asthetraiiiiiS lafl Coninen - The Training Department takes care of Sailors ' training needs from the moment hey first step foot on board TR. " School of the Ship ' an introductory course that eaches the basics of life on board a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, is one our primary unctions. Training provides sen ices to support the crews ' professional growth, xluding the Navy College Program for Afloat College Education, an opportunity to earn :ollege credits through computer based training, instructor delivered courses or video eleconferencing, and offers testing services for ACT, CLEP, DANTES, and Excelsior -ollege exams. One phase of the inter-deployment training cycle involves formulating the long ange training plans and TEMADD TADTAR budget. Training takes the lead and nanages the training funds in excess of $600K annually. The integrated training team jnder the direction of the executive officer, is coordinated by the training officer and is esponsible for ship-wide exercises involving two or more of the ship ' s training teams md all general quarters drills. Training Department is also responsible for the command iponsorship program, where enlisted personnel in receipt of orders are assigned a sponsor who assists the new crewmember and family in every way possible. k r 365 366 | % « Ens. Kevin S. McGuirk Ens. Martin C. Oliver YNl (SW) Micliaei M. Livingston PN2 (SW) Fernando Bells EM2 Michael R. Boykin DK2 (SW) Statina R. Cooper 0S2 Alton Jl. Salgado AN Carlos F. Estevez AN Tiana J. Ware " vety com Sat mission, as xveCfas the [ogistic, medicaf and other support required for operations of this magnitude, ivas masterfuffy executed. ' You have ' ' very reason to Be proud as you steam toward homeport and a much deserved reunion withfamify and friends. " - JAdm.. J Sert Matter, Commander, 2 ' " ' - Tfeet, ' May 3, 2003 ' iiiaSi, 367 - jmrn m ' -smmmm i t tma i mmMm iUlil Hmi ' Jl r v J- r-vo ±r Kj ±jr ij j. x jti ' x r- kj 4_ x xiv x xtlisJ jl xjtw ±jr Kj d. ±j- j: AS lYAOYAS lYAOYAS lYAOYAS lYAOYAS lYAOYAS YAOYAS lYAOYAS lYAOYAS lYAOYAS lYAOY. f lYAOYAS P J)YAS lYAJ lYAOY. YAS lYAO ' ■■Vil f YAOYAS lYAOYAS lYAO ' S lYAOYAS lYAOYAS YAOYAS lYAOYAS lYAOYAS S lYAOYAS lYAOYAS lYAO " YAOYAS lYAOYAS lYAOYAS AS - w i iP " . S ' i AOYAS lYAO S lYAOYAS lYAOYA, iTAOYAS lYAOYAS IY_ S lYAOYAS lYAOYA rAOYAS lYAOYAS lY S lYAOYAS lYAOYA fAOYAS lYAOYAS lY S lYAOYAS lYAOY. ' ■»•• ' i Weapons Officer Commander James L. Hildreth native of Shelbyville, Ky., Cmdr. James L. Hildreth earned his commission TL through Aviation Officer Candidate School, Naval Air Station Pensacola, Fla., in November 1979. He was designated a Naval Flight Officer in November 1980. Cmdr. Hildreth ' s operational assignments have included Patrol Squadrons Eleven and Eight, both home ported at Naval Air Station Brunswick, Maine. His qualifications include tactical coordinator, squadron NATOPS evaluator, instructor TACCO and mission commander. His deployments included two to Keflavik, Iceland, and one to Naval Station Puerto Rico where his squadron responsibilities ranged from division officer to operations officer during a tri-site deployment. i There have been several non-flying operational assignments in Hildreth ' s naval career. The first was as ship ' s company aboard USS Saratoga (CV60) where he was the ship ' s EW officer and senior tactical action officer. Cmdr. Hildreth was assigned as a staff officer to Commander, Second Fleet Commander Strike Fleet Atlantic where he qualified as one of the three battle watch captains and participated in numerous Joint Task Force Exercises, Operation Northern Light, Operation Unified Endeavor and Operation Strong Resolve. Cmdr. Hildreth ' s shore assignments included Patrol Squadron 30, NAS Jacksonville, Fla.; Commander Patrol Wing 5, NAS Brunswick, Maine; and Supreme Allied Command, Atlantic (SACLANT), Norfolk, Va. From 1984 1986 he was a flight instructor at Patrol Squadron 30. While assigned to Wing Five, he was selected to establis| a Maritime Patrol Reconnaissance Detachment that operated from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in support of Operatior Desert Shield Desert Storm. During his NATO assignment at SACLANT, Hildreth was responsible for the development and establishment of NATO ' s Joint Analysis Lessons Learned Center in Lisbon, Portugal. The service awards Cmdr. Hildreth has earned include the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal (two awards), the Navy Commendation Medal (three awards) and the Navy Achievement Medal. He is married to the former Debra Myatt of Shelbyville, Ky., and they reside in Norfolk, Va. Their children, Johr and Natalie, have completed their bachelor ' s degrees and now reside in Maine and Massachusetts, respectively. 372 !smsFmmmsma«e mamuw aaamBBtKMKiamxaemmK3 5iKsaii!w »ii Mid?, use durin that is used safely within ' , alr-to-groun s the offens tions. Addiffl K and n its defense agl Kle magazines are p uided okas, flares, small arms and received, built up, broken down and accounted for on a daily and airwing. Weapons personnel ipave an in-depth handling and building requiremen f rder to achieve their mmander Patrol (,Va, Froml lestaM sWefbrttie tiie Meritorious tye«(i«nt Medal , ' ietts, built and are ready for ioad o aircraft they are jazines to the flight deck by one of ten weapons elevators department j afely mov l this ordnance within the rom magazin Be hangflplBr flight deck, requires more ttKltK support equipment and 25 electric forklifts. )rimaj Sur force protection are the small firearms that are ihipBHH|P Small arm U descriptions are locked in the by the Ship ' s Security MlMh, Ship ' s Self Defense Force and by banders. The department maintains more than 40 magazines )ut the ship from the 03 level down to the seventh deck. ■VUHr K VX rt VM ft ' A rt I tMnVlf ' ' V CW02 Robert E. Clift AOC Samuel L. Anderson . J AOC (AW SW) Landon Mm M M. Wells I PtI I AOl David M. Allen H A02 Terry W. Grassman A02 Chrlstin L. Gruben A02 Tommy C. Heavner A02 Richard J. Russel A02 Greg W. Snyder A02 Ryan D. Turner A02 (AW) Thomas Willis A03 Richard G. Adams, II A03 Jamie N. Bilbrough A03 Jeremy M. Bovair A03 Terrance D. Britt m A03 Kenterean A. Evans A03 Phillip J. Foster A03 Vernell W. Hartridge A03 Jacob M. Hutson tl f r 1 A The flight de lent and accountini is tasked with the sal ' from the G-3 Divisiorf 0 carrier air wings. The hangj of the aviation weapons si formed flawlessly during two Operation Enduring Freedom [then five million pounds of livj AOl Jose I. Flores AOl Kenneth P. Jenkins AOl (AW SW) Paul Leslie AOl (AW SW) Michael L. Long GM2 (SW) Robert D. Benjamin ight deck and hangar bay ordnance men responsible for the receipt, Inspection, Jtems on the flight deck. The int transfer of ordnance and transfer to the flight deck and ordnance men also maintain 2,800 iulpment (AWSEP) on board. G-1 has Operations In the past 18 months and Operation Iraqi Freedom in which iwere expended. " soever wiCC I sit motion[ess whiCe cfirectCy or incfirectCy apoCogy is made for the murder of the heCpCess. " --T% 376 1 A03 Maya D. Johnson A03 Elizabeth M. Konarzewski A03 Carlton L. Powell A03 Timothy P. Secrest A03 (AW) Joshua E. Shellenberger A03 Gregory R. Smith A03 Daniel Torres A03 Nicholas M. Trepanier A03 Ryan M. Vogt A03 Anthony B. Whitney -3! «• ' , liiiiHiiii AOAN J.T Balkum AOAN Tiffany N. Benesch AOAN Brendon S.H. Burden AOAN Jessica R. Under AOAN Shawn C. Davidson AN Jeremy L. Durbin AN Alexander Fernandez AOAN Tami K. Gomez AN Alexander T. Jensen AN Edward D. Jones AOAN Alan H. Klngsmore AOAN James Mason AOAN Lee M. Mcintosh AOAN Arnold I. Miranda AOAN Michael Motley AN Anthony M. Myers AN Carlos J. Orta AOAN Zoila A. Polanco AOAN Jeremiah E. Rich 377 AOAN Christopher W. Seegmiller AOAN Clayton W. Stringer AOAN Christopher L. Tate AN Keith E. Villanueva AOAN Richard W. Weelcley AOAN Robert R. Williams, Jr. AA Jordan M. Snyder AOAA Ahmed 0. Artis AA Brian G. Beltran AOAA Howard C. Bowen AA Joseph W. Crabtree AA Wacey D. Flatt AA Eric D. Jackson AA David L. Langston 378 AA Matthew C. Perry AOAA Steven A. Ramos AA l ichael A. Ross AR Jeremy D. Gore AR Antwon D. James ,«rr 1 379 CW02 Theodore R. Forsythe GMC (SW) Darrick D. Williams TM2 William B. Conyers GM2 Jacob A. Nyman GM3 John M. Larson GM3 Stacmann N. Livingston GM3 Raul A. Mata Tiv|3 Billy J. Metzger GM3 David L. Pastor GM3 Eric T. Richardson I on mans the armory and ma] Bbth of these jobs are very complex and r and maintains all of the small arms for th systems provide fire protection to thousan G-2 also provides line gunners for underw inaintain the ship ' s crew small arms qualifica ■Hi 380 V I TM2 (SW AW) Tolitha A. Perez GM3 David Dagdagan GM3 Harry T. Ford GM3 (5W) Kiana N. Garcia GM3 Isaiah K. Joseph GM3 Hector E. Rios GM3 Derricl L. Snipes GM3 Bradley S. Stiner TM3 Derricl L. Wall er Gi 3 Stacey A. Neal Mtt AN Sean W. Brown AN Williams A. Crisostomo TMSN Oscar R. Gay GMSN Selena W. Lemon TMSA Gary A. Hill Lt. Matthew E. Arnold AOC David Childs AOC (AW SW) Steve H. Miller AOC (AW SW) Vernessa T. Trent AOl Jermaine L, Moore AOl (AW) Robert W. Vrenick AOl Edward T. Williams AOl Gregory M. Williams A02 Samuel E. Burkett 382 m AOl Jonathan L. Boyd AOl (AW SW) Carl E. Cummings AOl (AW SW) Alexa Holmes AOl (AW SW) Tyrone M. Johnson AOl (AW SW) Travis E. Jordan A02 Shurhonda R. Griffin A02 (AW) Justin T. Hutton A02 (AW SW) Nathaniel L. Tucker A03 John P. Briseno A03 Kirk L. Fant A03 Ronald I. Frostad A03 Michael T. Germann A03 Valerie E. Gladden A03 David A. Gregory A03 Ryan A. Grogan A03 Robert L Hamblin A03 Jason A. Heath A03 Bennie G. Hughes A03 Tedra L. Johnson A03 Charles R. Kinney A03 Jennifer D. l acKenzie A03 Carlos F. Marzullo A03 Matthew T. McGraw A03 Jerome L. Miller A03 Christopher R, New jtion H i tow H HHlndncSH bomfl H Hp guid l ers 3 | ■|L20mm tdH )tls itiagazirreslncl is itenance of thousands of tons of jest missile. Their daily efforts are lagazines, the assembly of precision Ireaking missiles out of their W aircraft guns. 383 ■ii v 4 l l l A03 Michael K. Puckett A03 Christopher A. Reazer A03 Victor 1 . Segarra A03 Eric 0. Shum A03 Michael M. Starkweather A03 Targan Wehye A03 Larry D. Whitt A03 Edward C. Welner AN David Benegas AOAN Matthew E. Blake AOAN Holland J . Bost AOAN Gabriel J. Castaneda AN Joseph R. Cox AN Joel Cruz AOAN Deandre Q. Davis AOAN Jessica F, Drenth AN Joe M. Dunsmoor AN Janett E. Figueroa AOAN Almeka T. Green AN David L. Harris AOAN Ryan W. Henderson AN Warren T. James AOAN James C. Junge AN James W. Kinaman AOAN Kyle S. KInsey AOAN Paul Kneipp AN Christpoher C. Krieg AOAN Rebecca G. Langlois AN Jordan Leon AOAN Nathan L. Lewis AN Alicia M. McConahy AOAN Jason A. McKendree AOAN David Morales AOAN Christopher M. Poison AOAN Bianca S. Ramos 9 n 385 AOAN John C. Rash C ■ AN Vern A. Rodriguez AOAN Winston L. 1 J Rouse Jl l AN Jason R. Salazar H AOAN Andrew J. Seals AN Gordon D. Shine AN Corey G. Short AN Andre A. Smith AN Caonabo Suriel AOAN Jeffrey C . Taylor AN Jonathan J. Tayo ■nf AOAN Scotty Tenley _ !)r _ AN Aaron G. Thomas htJ! AN Darryl A. Thomas I H AOAN Lawrence W. Vactor AOAN Doward W. Washington AOAA Gregory J. Bey AA Tion C. Brown AA Christopher W. Brown 386 .c ' ,v» 4 f AA Kevin D. Butler AA Tyler R. Doran AA Nathaniel J. Eaton AOAA Benjamin A. Garcia AOAA Jeremy C. Geninatti I w AA Trent M. Houthoofd AA Jason M. Howe AA Kyle S. Jarrell AA David A. Johnston AA Noah S. Keiter AA Matthew W. Kelleman AOAA Yong Li Kwong AA Erik A. l-addaga AA Roy Longoria AA Jose E. Lopez AOAA Joseph S. Marchbanks AA Jose A. Martinez AA Brian P. Moreno AA Heladia Moreno, III AA Brent J. Payne 387 AA Brian Ramirez AA Derricic E. Ruales AA Nicholas T. Self AA Charles E. Simington AR James bouchard AR Marcus A. Cuyler AOAR Frank L. Fiorvante AKAR jviichael J. Grant AR Jack T. Green " T fie greatest men are those who wouCcC wiCfingfy serve in the shacfows. The [east and the fast are the first and foremost. " - ' 0ro 388 1 AA John B. Smallwood AA Michael R. Upton AA Ezequio N. Vaquera AA Joe A. Velazquez AA Jamie C. Vetter ft ' II AR Tyler J. Home AR Antwan D. Hue AOAR Kevin J. Kodrin AR Alfonzo P. Leflore AOAR Evan J. Mason AOAR Terrance E. Porterfield AR Jessie W. Powell AR Robert W. Southerland AR Andy Vong AOAR William J. Wilkie piMlJII rFllsj| ' a« HI1M. ■v 1 rr fl ' ' t k 1 m •V - ' i - ' ' . i Lt.j.g. Thomas A. O Brouwer m . TMC (SW) Thomas J. Js A Gallagher ■ MMl (SW) Andrew P. Chastain l l EMI Jeffrey R. Haag ■h EM3 Brittiania G. Campbell A03 Joseph C. Curtis MM3 Brett W. Johnson MM3 Josh R. Lacy A03 Stephanie Manfredonia AOAN Travis C. Brown AOAN Eddie Carter AOAN Narcisco P. Cruz AN Mark P. Davis MMFN Aaron C. Handzo ' isifr ' • ■ 390 tf MM2 (SW) Herbert L. Brown A02 (AW) Michael S. Dewberry EM2 (SW) Marcus Maximin A03 Thomas Anderson, Jr. A03 Jayson V. Callorina MM3 Sean N. Roberts MM3 Michael J. Schmoker MM3 Aaron G. Smith AOAN Ryan P. Barlow EMFN Robert J. Brown " 1 jport •comple) Joads amor link in the personnel )ons elevators are designed mgar bay and the flight lalso used to nu ld lva nd safely ig emergei 391 AOAN Jack S. Henry EMFN Roberto C. Lopez AN Joseph A. Montgomery AOAN Christopher N. Murrestrada AN Billy J. Osborne AOAN David A. Richardson AN Brian Z. Walters AOAN Douglas Williams AA Jonathan E. Anderson EI FA Lamiont R. Porter AA Derrick L. Evans AOAA Matthew J. Koch AA Sean P. Lacy AA Jonathan C. Whitfield AR Daniel S. McKinney AR Cleve J. Smith AOAR William R. Spade r . iilfl LTJG Andrew C. Baldwin AOCM Timothy J. Cox AOl Steven M. Leist AOl Jay G. Magan AOl (AW) Christian Saxon AOl (AW) Freddie L. Vance :fil AZ2 Xotovio Bell A02 Jason M. Cannan A02 Darin J. Hall YN2 Melanie K. I ansion A03 Daryl E. Jasener A03 Gary P. Schiller A03 Michael J. Snyder A03 Brian S. Ward A03 Chris L. Wilson YNSN Corey D. Williams me ordnance itibn Accounting work f ' inate dnflHH ypr every bomb, missile, bullet and : it is loaded onBBBship, until it i i|| r expended or rack the ship ' s allowance for each wHftm ordnance, maintain ship ' s fill, and maintain the ship ' s retail ordnance system database. Weapons Admin provides information and p the department running smoothly. All pertinent notices ling daily message traffic, are held in the office. The jter-departmental memos, letters and formal e departmental leading chief petty officer and the uality Assurance provides the data collection for all g Including the proper packaging stamp of approval for ail sferred to other facilities. Quality Assurance also includes the worl H MIor the replenishment of all office supplies and velopment of all the divisions. Lt. Gordon W. Johnson MACS (SW AW) Philip A. Farley MAC David E. Deree, Jr. MAI (SW AW) Justin J. Anderson SKI (AW) Deric R. Jeffries MAI Dennis D. Mattingly AOl Robert J. Pritchard FC2 Shawn L. Chapman MAI (SW) Robert S. Baldwin MAI (SW PS) Roger N. Braithwaite ATI (AW SW) Lloyd A. Brown MAI Robert A. Files MAI Larry R. Goodeill MA2 Alicia G. Curry MA2 (SW) Lamont D. Duncan EM2 Chiyon H. Gaither SH2 Tyana M. Holmes AM2 Joshua E. Lazanis MM2 Benjamin A, Vanderhulst AS2 Glenn N. Warner 0S2 Shantae M. Webster SK3 (AW) Angel J. Avila ABH3 Wayne S. Beirola PN3 Eldin Foco A03 Luis D. Fonseca-Pabon AD3 Jason M. Freese AT3 Robert L. Hoglen IT3 Mark R. Martin faster- : dating " Iplinej fern dev( law It ret jn at mt, m thre( king with )n maintaii ■Sypof H ent. Their primary Charles (1649), " Maintaining good order i modern law enforcement equipment and security and safety of TR and crew. Using closed-circuit jean cover more area with fewer personnel, and if a ftch can radio a patrol unit in the area. A new aspect of kce protection and anti-terrorism - all baggage and ;hip during the deployment was checked by security Irlor to a crew member ' s return to the ship. During this ,500 civilian visitors were screened prior to embark, and )arcels were checked before being transported to the ship, less than 50 young men and women, the TR security |il against anything that might put TR and its crew at AT3 Tyler S. Paschal EM3 Thomas R. Polhamus HT3 (SW) Calina C. Shelvin ENS Danny J. Velezacevedo 9 ' O 398 L I ISSN John I. McKenzie AN Donald L. Perkins MASA Courtney R. Crawford FA Robb D. Escamilla MASA Angelee K. Glanfimeier MASA Kraigg D. Jones- Weaver MASA Kristy L. Keller AA William M. Minnick AEAA Ryan C. Terrian FR Roberto Rodriguez CW04 Theodore R, Dingle MMl Robert Lorensen The Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) det from their parent unit, EOD Mobile Unit 2, located a serve as safety advisors regarding any weapons carr a 24-hour watch ready to safe any missile, bomb becomes damaged or unsafe. They also provi explosive threats directed at TR, either whi " he team also enhances inspections prior to and They also provide fi ship, on land or in the o iThose Who Dare, " they can " parachute insertion or rope suspension metho explosive hazard. sture by isits. to any expl R ' s opera ' rted via fevV 1 " ar Setter is to dare mighty things, to win gCorious triumphs, even though chec recf By faifure, than to ta ran with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, Because they five in the gray twiCight that ows not victory nor defeat. ' ' --T SM 401 I % IIMCi 1 ' . im ■s :%n. VF-2i3 i »LACK LIONS :i.M;;i;vf,v.sV ' a f il! .i!Vsf ' «i lHi M ' iWS Fighter Squadron 213 Commanding Officer Commander Anthony Gaiani C 1985. mdr. Anthony Gaiani Is a native of Lewlston, N.Y., and a 1984 graduate of The Citadel. He was designated a Naval Flight Officer In Cmdr. Gaiani first reported to Fighter Squadron 102 Diamondbacks, deploying to the North Atlantic, l edlterranean and North Arabian Seas aboard USS America (CV66). In December 1989, he reported to Fighter Squadron 101 where he served first as the TARPS phase leader and later became the first FRS strike phase leader. He was twice named RIO Instructor of the Year and In 1992 was awarded Fighter Wing One Fighter RIO of the Year. In October 1992, he was assigned to the Fighter Squadron 84 Jolly Rogers as the assistant operations officer and maintenance officer, while Fighter Squadron 84 was assigned to USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN71) and deployed to the Balkans In support of Operation Deny Flight and later to southwest Asia in support of Operation Southern Watch. He also became a Graduate With Distinction from the U.S. Naval War College. While assigned to Fighter Squadron 84, he was awarded the Fred Dillingham Junior Officer Leadership Award. In October 1995, Cmdr. Gaiani was assigned to Fighter Squadron 101 as maintenance officer, and in March 1997, completed the course of Instruction at the Armed Forces Staff College. In October 1997, Cmdr. Gaiani was assigned as the air warfare officer to Commander, Striking Forces Souther Europe, where he was responsible for the Integration of NATO Carrier forces and Tomahawk missiles throughoL NATO ' s southern region in support of Operation Allied Force I In March 2000, he was named a joint services officer. From August 2000 to November 2001, he served as executiv officer at Fighter Squadron 213 Black lions before assuming command in December 2001. He participated In Operatic Enduring Freedom, flying more than 40 strike missions In Afghanistan He has accumulated more than 2,700 flight hours and 600 car rier landings. His awards include the Defense Meritorioi Service Medal, the Joint Service Commendation Medal, the Air Medal, and various campaign and unit awards. Gaiani and his wife. Colleen, currently reside in Chesapeake, Va., with their children, Elizabeth and Anthony. ;cyti land ' lief IKM( ixecutive Officer ommander John A. HeftI iig forces Soi imisste D MerW - ommand Master hief CMDCM Charles D. Hardin 1 407 Cmdr. Brian M. Kocher Lt. Cmdr. Gregory C. Cavanaugh Lt. Cmdr. James F. Skarbek f. « if Zk 408 l n Lt. Norman H. Chasse Lt. Mark W. Tankersley Lt. Anthony M. Toma Ens. Myles A. Ranstead n IS P « n o C !» », «»?, ttWn O. AFCM John L. Stedman, Jr. ATCS (AW) Quinn F. Berdan AECS Thomas A. Keiser AOC Richard 3. Burry ADC (AW SW) David B. Clark AEC Steven A. Cobb AZC Anthony M. Dimiceli Aivic (AW) Ken A. Frasson ADC (AW SW) Jeanette Goldstone ATC Joseph M. Magnotta ADC Kenneth B. Robison ATC (AW) Brian R. Rowe ATC (AW) Kevin L. Washington AEl Matt R. Abplanalp ATI (AW) Edward J. Aughenbaugh, Jr. DKl Daryce G. Brady ADl Corey C. Coon AMI (AW) Timothy J. Cox -« € ' .A,. TE! ' r 409 i I i • AMI Anthony Davidson ISl William J. Ellston AMEl (AW) Travise 0. Flisrand MSI Cedric Gardner PHI (AW) John M. Gorenelo ADl (AW) Sean V. Harley AMEl Edwin N. Kandal AOl Michael T. Korsnes AMEl Eugene R. Kuntz PRl Anna L Lamb AMI (AW) Eugene T. Long AKl (AW) William McKinney AMEl (AW) John G. Neal AKl (AW) Nathan A. Perritt AOl (AW) Erik J. Sherman AMI (AW SW) Arthur J. Sisson AMI (AW) Scott A. Tiemann ATI Andrew 0. Walker YNl Tonia M. Williams AME2 Jorge L. All AM2 Brian S. Allen AME2 David L. Brooks AT2 Dirk M. Bryant AZ2 Jessica L. Clanton IS2 Benjamin D. Evans AE2 (AW) Jason L. Hall AM2 (AW) Benjamin A. Harris A02 Taco Herrera AD2 Rander V. Hodge AE2 James P. Honaker AZ2 Lasherrie N. James AE2 Joey D. Jose AM2 (AW SW) Jason E. Lamberecht A02 Daniel M. Lipscomb AE2 John E. Mann 0ro 411 AT2 StEven J. SchiHz A02 (AW) Maurira O. Simmons AE2 Allen J. Strang AE2 (AW) Jason R. Tmeman AT2 Michael R. Vanderiet AD2 Miguel A. Vargas AME3 Joshua W. Alflng A03 Joseph K. Barber AME3 Brett A. Bingham AM3 Marlon E. Blount AT3 Kevin A. Bortow AM3 Shaun P. Brayer PH2 John A. Marshal AT2 Michael S. McGary AT2 Marvin R. McGee, Jr. AT2 Stephen D. McKean 1 PR2 Robert L. Meggs PN2 E.C. Michel AE2 Michael J. Michel AM2 (AW) Joshua A. Mize A02 Donnell S. Myers AD2 Luis M. Vegas IT2 Eric M. Vere IS2 Josh G. Waggoner A02 Greg R. Wolf AD3 Kenney B.C. Acres AD3 Aaron Brockway A03 David R. Cangham AM3 David M. Crum AK3 Ana R. Diaz AT3 Lawrence D. Eisiminger AD3 Gilbert R. Fieela AM3 Garvin R. Francis AT3 Alan R. Graham AD3 Beverly A. Graham AT3 Brad S. Harris A03 Keith L. Masker AT3 (AW) Justin W. Henson AM3 Danny L. Higgins AE3 Christopher M. Hockey A03 William C. Hodge AT3 Stephen M. Hoskins PH3 Shawn T. Hussong AD3 Robert S. Kane AM3 William J. Kitts AM3 Timothy G. Krumpter A03 (AW) Usa L. Ladd A03 Johanan L.K. Lobo AT3 Antron Marshall AD3 Gabriel E. McConico YN3 Deonna N. McMullen 413 A03 Justin A. Roach AT3 Michael L, Roberts AD3 Kenneth A. Schmalbach AM3 James A. Sciarrino AT3 Amber M. Sears AM3 Mark E. Shaffer A03 John Smiiey IT3 Diane F. Smith AE3 Daniel T. Spurlin AZ3 LaToya L. Stevenson AT3 William L. Stoclcton PH3 Joshua E. Stoddard AM3 Francisco Lire AM3 David B. Williams AT3 Christian D. Zambrano AN Ryan D. Anderson AN Carlos E. Arayjo Quezada AN Shannon M. Arrington AMEAN Chris Chastian AOAN Rocardo Cortez ADAN Shiloh L. Dion ADAN David Durant AN Mario D. Fierro- Ortega PHAN Michael A. Foster liiiii AEAN Marvin D. Hates . ■ AMAN Vincent R. f Holder | c1 AMEAN Justin T. ii Jaehnig AN Aundre A. Kendal M i AMAN Scott P. Lesher ■ H AOAN Robert A. BH Massard ADAN Jeremias B. Sales AEAN Jerry D. Shipman AN Maciej Strzelczyk AN Yu T. Tarn AN Kenneth J. Thomas AEAN Billy Q. Truong 414 1 ' .3jp ADAN Jason S. Bardol AMAN Andrew T. Bates AEAN Jerry J. Boudreaux AN LaToya T. Burgman AMAN Salvador Caideron AN Darlene Gandara AN Marlon Garcia AOAN Robert L. Garrison AEAN John A. Gearhart AMAN Philip A. Haley ATAN Andrew W. McVey AN Carlos A. Ordonez AZAN James P. Owens AMAN John C. Owings AEAN Stephen M. Rasberger AEAN Peter F. Warren AOAN Keon M. Williams AOAN Nathan D. Wilson AN Chong Z. Zhao MSSA Trinity K. Crist 1 415 . 416 j 1 Ml AA Michael E. Cross AA Cacy J. Foreman AMEAA Joshua J. Coins AA Derek A. Huebbe AA Jacquena D. Rannbo PHAA Paul D. Summers AR Matthew A. Albers AMEAR Christopher M. Brown AR Conrado Del Castillo ARAR Justin J. Schols ADAR Jeromy A. Vojacek ADAR Christopher L. Wright k " Tfie business of a navaC officer is one whicfi, aSove ail others, needs daring and decision, and if he must err on either side the nation can 6est afford to have him err on the side of too much daring rather than too much caution, " — 7 " , 1 417 T .nVii iairxv My I r I) aw m fMie» »i».««!M i mm ■mmmmm i mmiimssmmimmm sm AiDi ' mmi strike Fighter Squadron 201 Commanding Officer Commander Thomas W. Marotta C mdr. Thomas W. Marotta graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy with a Bachelor of Science in Oceanography. He was commissioned an ensign and reported for flight training in Pensacola, Fla., and was designated a Naval Aviator in March 1987. Cmdr. Marotta reported for F-14 training at NAS Miramar, Calif. Upon completion, he reported to Fighter Squadron 21 where he deployed on board USS Constellation and USS Independence, completing two six month deployments to the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean including Operation Desert Shield. After three years with the Freelancers, Cmdr. Marotta reported to instructor duty with the Gunfighters of Fighter Squadron 124, where he was chosen by his peers as the Pacific Fleet F-14 Instructor of the Year. In 1994, Cmdr. Marotta became CVW Paddles for CVW-14 completing his third deployment in support of Operation Southern Watch. Cmdr. Marotta left active service in 1995 and immediately affiliated with Fighter Squadron 210 at NAS Dallas, Texas, as a Selected Reservist flying the F-14A Tomcat. He remained with the Hunters as they moved to NAS Fort Worth JRB and as they transitioned to the F A-18 Hornet in 1999. .-.x ■1 tS p ill V In November 2000 Cmdr. Marotta assumed duties as executive officer of Strike Fighter Squadron 201. Cmdr. Marotta assumed his current duties as Strike Fighter Squadron 201 commanding officer in March, 2002. Cmdr. Marotta has logged over 3,000 hours and 500 carrier landings in naval aircraft. He has been awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal, Navy Commendation Medal (two awards), Navy Achievement Medal (two awards), Navy Expert Pistol Medal and numerous service medals and unit citations. Cmdr. Marotta lives in Collierville, Tenn., with his wife, Kathleen and three daughters, Lexie, Paige and Lauren. 420 i immmms msxRBimmxmmTimmiiim(ii w mBiKmmmsm immm iiiR}mmi Medal (two Command Master ajgeandUoreophJef DMCM Richard L. Johnson Cmdr. Doug Beal Cmdr. Sean Clark Cmdr. Rod Dewalt Cmdr. Shawn Grenier r : ' «: ?!•» ' ■ ••«• ' iJ-J ■« ' |g|g|g|ji n Lt. Cmdr. Talmadge L. Crowe Lt. Cmdr. Paul A. Laube Lt. Cmdr. John J. McGrath Lt. Cmdr. Rob R. McGregor Lt. Cmdr John P. Mooney Lt. Cmdr. Stephen F. O ' Bryan o ' n o f fl B Ij l U 9 Ij H H S mt m AVCM Joe Blackbum x« AMCS David G. L3 Devanzo .m ' ATCS (AW) Leslie J. Gerrard tfi i ATCS Patricia M. flPI R Helmich Ei B9 AMCS David L Kill ■1 ATC (AW) Melissa Childers ADC (AW) Paul R. Freeman AEC (AW) Joe L. Higgins PNC Marlene D. Humphrey ASC Bradley D. Jones ATC David S. Lawrence o 110 m Ib iq a Cmdr. Edward H. Hill Lt. Cmdr. Nicholas M. Anderson Lt. Cmdr Ray W. Arnold Lt. Cmdr Mark D. Brazelton mm g g ' 4 - ,RU : IMHiliiiU n Lt. Cmdr. Sean A. Rackley Lt. Cmdr. Martin R. Rumrill Lt. Cmdr. Michael Rushenberger Lt. Russell S. Jones CW03 Ken H. Layre ADCS (AW) Raymond M. Powers YNC (AW) Aaron A. Batiste AMC (AW) Daniel P. Bernhardt HMC Kennam R. Bourg AMEC (AW) Gary D. Chapin AMC David A. Mason YNC (AW) Dwayne A. Mitchell AEC Edward E. Mullenix ATC Michael F. Murnane AMC (AW) Wesley D. Osburn AZC Joseph K. n ? ' Parascandolo ■• AOC (AW) Scott M. mSi . Smith BIBi SRI Steve A. Berry PRl James P. Black, III ■h AMI (AW) Michael S. Brown AMI (AW) Gerald A. Campbell AMEl Mark A. Cupps AMI Scott E. Daniels AEl (AW) Laurie A. Davis AEl Edward Dobbs AMI Robert J. Ferrero ATI Williams A. Furguson AKl (AW) Rachel E. Guzman AEl William S. Harreii AEl Russell E. Hawkins AMI (AW) Michael J. Hvass AMEl Darrin D. Lee ADl Daniel E. Martelle AZl Tommy Mata, III ATI Victor Molina ATI (AW) Ricky L. Morgan YNl (AW) Robert A. Mosher ISl David R. Parrish n ATI Richard M. Radigan ADl Bobby J. Reed ADl Travis Y. iAk Rodenbaugh AMEl Donnell R. Tharp, Jr. 1 AKl Darreil W. Utech ADl James H. r Vanderbeck, III ATI (AW) Wulf H. . Werner AEl (AW) Doug W. mMJ Williams H hIA ATI Travis Zamora Ka AT2 Greg W. Allen l H AE2 Enrique Alvarado AM2 Roger C. Anzualda AM2 Lloyd F. Barton AE2 Jeronimo J. Bartz AM2 Phillip L. Bates 424 AM2 Jeffrey P. Bobo AM 2 Jeffrey L. Brown AM2 Daryl K. Brunson A02 Stephen Buckhorn AE2 (AW) Brian F. Gallagher PR2 Kevin W. Gfeller AM2 Michael A. Gobea SK2 Sean P. Hale AD2 Jeffrey R. Hams A02 John D. Hurt ,mro iiilU " Major comSat operations in Iraq Have encfecf... Operation Iraqi I reedbm was carriecCout wit i a comSination of precision ancf speecf and Boldness t ie enemy did not e:)Q)ect and t ie wortif Had ' not seen Before. " -- President Qeorge W. (BiisH, May 1, 2003 , 426 i 5M AE2 Victor M. Cano SK2 Benito H. Carabajal AI E2 Edgar E. Casteneda AT2 Donald L. Craig IS2 Michael G. Delrie AE2 Cesar 0. Johnson A02 Lance A. Keeling PR2 Brian H. Leverett AD2 Roberts W. Lyons MS2 Errol L. Malcolm AE2 Jason M. Manning IT2 Rudy Martinez AD2 Christopher J. McRee AZ2 Vickie E. Meriwether AT2 Michael L. Mills AT2 Patrick M. Minogue AM2 Charles W. Murphey AME2 Kerri Noack AM2 Brian E. Orth AT2 Stephon M. Parsons AM2 Anthony L. Patterson PN2 Michael D. Porter MS2 Leonard Priestly AD2 Leonard L. Pruitt " ' w " X ' t ' ■ " ' " ' ' ' ■■■ . ' 0no |Vi 427 " Let us spea courteousCy, cfeaCfairCy, ancf ep ourseCves armed and ready. " -- AM2 (AW) Daniel J. Queen AS2 John G. Rose f S ' • f ' § iM SK2 Mark G. Santoyo AD2 Donald M. Simmons AT2 John A. Smith AE2 Lyie A. Smith AI E2 Eric L. Soyez AE2 Tony L. Stone AD2 Mark E. Tanner AT2 Richard E. Torrey AS2 William C. Twombly, Jr. AM2 Shawn A. Vanderhouwen A02 Robert G. Waldron AD2 Peter J. Wessinger ML. AT2 Douglas P. Wiggin AM2 Jared L. Wiggins AK2 Melissa J. Wiliette AM3 Gerardo Aguirre AD3 Michael R. Allen AZ3 Cynthia Beauchamps ATS John A. Bridgeford AM3 Michelle D. Christian AM3 Eugene C. Deyo AD3 Michael S. Dorrough A03 Jimmy M. Godwin A03 Joann B. Green AM3 Steve A. Kelley AT3 David E. Lacaze AM3 Joel P. Lamprich AM3 Shannon M. Leonard AE3 Eric L. McGaha AT3 Jose R. Medina AE3 Tara R. Mitchell AD3 Jimmy D. OTIara AZ3 Timothy L. Peck AD3 Gabriel Ramirez AZ3 Carlos R. Reynoso YN3 Kendell E. Richardson. ._ l 429 AM3 Michael C. Richardson YN3 Antonio D. Robinson Al 3 Annette L. Ross YN3 Stephen D. Selman AT3 Shannon J. Taylor ATS Samira P. Tschuor AM3 Schonn S. Underwood AM3 Jason L. Vieman ATAN Thomas A. Bohl AN Steve L. Collins AN David DeAnda AMAN Kory L. Geesaman ADAN i latthew T. Haag AN Eric C. Hedstrom AOAN Bobby L. Hix AMEAN James S. Huetteman AN Lawrence E. Laird AMAN Yan L. Levin AN Ricliard L, Matthews AN Shawn P. McClure ASAN Bark D. Miller AN Fernando Perez AOAN Marco V. Pumayugra AZAN Vannessa Reyes AMAN Andrew A. Roberson AN Robert M. Schlaich AO Jamie L, Shields AOAN Harry Sykes AMAN Bryan T. Trigg AOAN John C. West ADAN Gregg E. Zeller AMEAA Jonathan A. Jones AEAA Daryi W. Larson AEAA Derrick R. Wynns SKSR Carlos Bell AMAR Adam P. Gee 0n i 431 w VFA ' TS k (ff. J yr Cj VAIJONS strike Fighter Squadron 15 Commanding Officer Commander Andrew L. Lewis Cmdr. Andrew Lewis, a native of Los Altos, Calif, graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1985. He was designated a Naval Aviator in April 1987 in Kingsville, Texas . Following an instructor tour in Training Squadron- 23 in Kingsville, he reported to NAS Lemoore, Calif., and VA-122 for A7E replacement training. In November 1989, he joined the Bluehawks of Attack Squadron 72 at NAS Cecil Field, Fla. During this tour, Cmdr. Lewis served as avionics armament division officer, personnel officer, and LSO. He completed a deployment from August 1990 to April 1991 in support of Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. After decommissioning the last A-7 squadron, Cmdr. Lewis reported in October 1991 to 899 Naval Air Squadron for Sea Harrier conversion and duty as an exchange pilot with the British Royal Navy. In August 1992, he reported to 800 Naval Air Squadron for two extended deployments aboard HMS Invincible. During this tour, he served as division officer, electronic warfare instructor, and assistant operations ofRcer. In April 1994, Cmdr. Lewis returned to Cecil Field for training in the FA- 18. In January of 1995, he reported to the Golden Dragons of Strike Fighter Squadron 192 in Atsugi, Japan. He served as the safety, administrative, operations, and maintenance officer while deployed twice to the Western Pacific and Persian Gulf. During this tour, he was selected as the COMNAVAIRPAC Aviator of the Year for 1996. In August 1997, Cmdr. Lewis reported to the Air Command and Staff College at Maxwell AFB, Alabama. Afte completion of joint education, he reported to the Joint Warfare Analysis Center (JWAC) as a CINC liaison officer. In Ma ' 2001, he reported to the Valions of VFA-15 as the executive officer. He assumed command in August 2002 Cmdr. Lewis ' personal decorations include the Defense Meritorious Sen ice Medal, Air Medal with combat " V " (three awards), Strike Flight Air Medal (five awards), and Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with Combat " V (three awards). He has accumulated over 4,017 flight hours, 847 arrested landings, and 176 Harrier deck landings. Cmdr. Lewis is married to the former Mar McEachen. They have four children, Andrew, Margaret, Daniel, and Paula, j They reside in Virginia Beach, Va. 434 ommi j mmB mamtmimnmi swmmasimsmmKimm!simMmmii awism xecutive Officer :ommander Edward D. angford h (Bitot V ' (B||. riff ommand Master hief » MDCM Bryon Clare 435 Lt. Cmdr. Geoffrey S. Gage Lt. Cmdr. Scott A. Kartuedt Lt. Cmdr. Daniel J. Keck Lt. Cmdr. Norman A. Metzger a iiiiiiii Lt. Cmdr. Edward C. White Lt, Spencer Abbot Lt. Raymond F. Barnes Lt. John R. Becl er Lt. Joseph P. Bingham Lt. Brian K. Genton Lt.j.g. Justin K. Hendrickson Lt.j.g. Mitchell R. Allen Lt.j.g. Jonathan R. Biehl Lt.j.g. Robert I. McClure Lt.j.g. Matthew H. Morton Lt.j.g. Jay J. Owens Lt.j.g. Sterling M. Stedman Lt.j.g. Ben A. Stickney Lt.j.g. Derek Strass Lt.j.g. Bryan C. Quinn Ens. John D. Goeres AVCM Gregory M. Hausler a Mhibiiiiy a a o f a a fll f ' -ss,fs. C) AMCS (AW) Mark D. Gray AECS (AW) John R. Hatfield ATCS Gail A. Hoffman AMCS Wayne A. Johnson ATC (AW) Scott D. Curtis AOC Joseph A. Elliot ADC (AW) Raymond A. Forbes YNC (SW) Ricky B. Henry AMC Noelia Martinez AZC Frank L. Stubbs PRC Francisco R. Warner AEl (AW) Fanandus H. Ballard NCI Todd E. Barker ADl (AW) John M. Barnett AOl (AW) Ronald T. Bass AMEl Lawerence J. Becker AMEl Susan D. Berns SKI (AW) Irving T. Brittingham ADl (AW) Rodney G. Busitzky AOl (AW) Joseph W. Cool 437 ADl Ricky L. Erwin AEl (AW) Bruce J. Greenman AEl (AW) Eric Joyner AEl Alfonzo Kelly ' ..) aa jBmssm AKl (AW) John K. Lawrence AZl Patrick J. Lewis MMl (SW AW) i elvin B. Lucas, Jr. ATI Stephen S. I ills Ai l Carlos E. Morris ATI (AW) Jaclcie l iurray AMI Thomas Neely, Jr. AMI (AW) Aaron M. Perl ins YNl Tina J. Rousseau AEl Mark A. Shade AOl (AW) Todd R. Snedeker ADl Richard A. Zych SK2 Charles D. Bell AM2 Ron M. Bradley AT2 (AW) Joshua A. Brown AT2 Erick S. Butterfield AD2 Thomas J. Colie AE2 James E. Cooper AT2 Christian T. Crum SK2 Conrad D. Cullen AME2 Jason M. Frazier AS2 Robert 0. Gleaves IS2 Jeremy R. Groth PN2 Derrick G. harden MS2 Joseph A. Harrison MM2 Thomas T. Hawkingberry DK2 Karen A. Hurt AME2 (AW) Robert W. Ishee AT2 Bradey S. Jackson AME2 Bobby J. Jewell, Jr. MS2 Edward T. Jones A02 Jennifer M. Kirsop A02 Marvin Knowles, Jr. AT2 Dustin E. Large YN2 Lenita M. Maze AM2 Christopher G. Myers a A02 Christopher L. JA Moore A02 Jonathan M. Pietrunti m mt AD2 Mark D. Preszler B PR2 (AW) Todd M. Standinger AZ2 Amy R. Tromley PR2 Peter J. Whtttaker MS2 Judd C Woffbrd AE2 Theodore Woitazek AME2 Jennifer L Yoder AD3 Christopher S. Buckley AM3 Dustin A. Buckner AZ3 Jennifer J. Byrd AE3 Shawn C. Carr ADS TTiomas G. Chapa A03 Aaron D. Cleland A03 Joshua J. Faciane AE3 Thomas N. Fink ADS Juan J. Garcia- Galindo SK3 Letesha S. Hamilton AM3 Raoul Harding ADS Stephen D. Harney 440 H H HHHHBi i K Bp MP H i H 1 " ' ' ' r ] A03 Edward S. Colon ITS Kristina A. Crowson A03 Bennett Donnell AD3 Luciana M. Erdmann A03 Randall J. Erickson AM2 Takeshi Sakai AM2 Jeremy Sanchez AZ2 (AW) Richard N. Santana AK2 Wateb S. Santana A02 Jarmaine T. Slade AT3 Michael D. Aldrich AE3 Marco A. Alvarado, Jr. AM3 Nicholas W. Barlow AT3 Gareth T. Bell AM3 Brock A. Bowers AT3 Matthew A. Heller AM3 Anthony M. Hill A03 Jeb B. Krause PR3 Miranda L. MacLeod A03 Luis A. Marin 441 AT3 Kurtis J. Muller AK3 Gary 0. Myers A03 Kevin T. Nelson HM3 Francis M. Nicola AM3 Jaris K. Pitts liiiife AE3 Logan L. Shook AM3 Francisco Y. Sosa AM3 David B. Stauffer AT3 (AW) Brian M. Swafford AT3 Natalie R. Taylor 0 iMiM AM |A||b r 1 g AM3 Krystal N. Thorn SK3 Javier E. Trevino A03 Donald C. Walker A03 Ro L. Warfield AE3 Richardo L. Watt AD3 (AW) Marshall T. Wells PR3 Joshua D. Wood AE3 Christopher D. Young AN Paul G.J. Ahlers AN Christopher R. Bird SKSN Gary A. Black ADAN Dustin E. Cabossart ' I ' linWiiiii jiii¥iMft ' " ■ li AMEAN Luis E. Casal AZAN Robert L. Ciminski ADAN (AW) Javier Class AZAN Cyntrel M. Clay ADAN ChadT. Conway o AN Franklin C. Cope AMAN Samuel E. A Dann jy AN Cruz A. Davila J H ADAN Bradley J. Ford k AOAN Mark D. Gill wKm AMEAN Jonathan T. Ginger ADAN Juan C Gomero AN Rainer R. Innis AMAN Timothy Irfan AOAN Etk L Johnson ADAN Nathaniel L Kilgore ATDAN Jason Minnick AOAN Samual D. Mories PRAN Jamie 0. Palacious AN Jaime A. Panesso PRAN Michael P. Pasquale AOAN Nicki R. Popp X rA- IS E t (m«Sf!iamssM VNSN Emmaka L. Porchea AN Travis A. Radford SN Marc D, Sidenstecker AN Erick L. Valerio AMAN Brian 1 . Vera AN Philip J. Verostao YNSN (SW) Vaughn J. Whitefield AEAN Wesley J. Wiggins AOAN Dwain B. Yeadon AA Charles C. Kinsley AZAA Jeremy R. Ackley AA Guiouanni Delgadilbaugeles ADAA Mervette J. Hall AWAA Michael A. Harris SKSA Terrell L. Jones AMAA Kenneth M. Kawelmacher AA Sandra Malter AA Teddy C. Mirjah AA Eric A. Pistilli AZAA Mark A. SandounI A just warts, in the long run, jar better for a man s soul than the most prosperous peace. " — 446 IHHHaH AA Jimmy N. Schnitzer AA Julio C. Vaidez AA Khia K. Watt ADAR Kit Chan AGAR Adam S. Dillch AR Rodolfo Vasquez mamamimewmimwimB.vs«miBsmimimmeaamms3mMimmmmmmimmm VFA-87 WAR PARTY A strike Fighter Squadron 87 Commanding Officer Commander David J. Morgan Cmdr. David Morgan was raised in Lockport, N.Y., and graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1985 before being designated a Naval Aviator in May 1987. Following Fleet Replacement Pilot training in the FA- 18 Hornet, he reported to the Rock Rivers of Strike Fighter Squadron 161 in January 1988. Cmdr. Morgan transferred to the Strike Fighter Squadron 131 Wildcats where he served as the aircraft division officer, NATOPS officer, air-to-ground weapons training officer, and nuclear weapons training officer while deployed aboard USS Independence (CV 62) and USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69). Cmdr. Morgan reported to the Fighter Squadron 45 Blackbirds in October 1990 as an Adversary Instructor Pilot flying the A-4E, F-5, and F-16N. In June 1993, he transferred to the staff of Commander Carrier Group Two, where he served as flag lieutenant. He returned to the Wildcats as the administrative officer, maintenance officer and operations officer. The squadron deployed aboard USS George Washington (CVN 73) and participated in Operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Southwest Asia. In August 1997, Cmdr. Morgan attended the U.S. Naval War College in Newport, R.I. During this tour he also served as an associate fellow on the CNO ' s Strategic Studies Group XVII. Cmdr. Morgan next reported to Headquarters U.S. Central Command in Tampa, Fla., where he served in the Operations Directorate. He completed refresher training in the FA-18 Hornet with the Strike Fighter Squadron 106 Gladiators and reported to the Golden Warriors of Strike Fighter Squadron 87 in July 2001 as the executive officer before assuming command in October of 2002. Strike Fighter Squadron 87 was deployed on board USS Enterprise (CVN 65) and Cmdr. Morgan participated in the first strikes int o Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. Cmdr. Morgan is authorized to wear the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Air Medal (Individual Award with Combat V and Strike Flight Award), Joint Service Commendation Medal, and various campaign and unit awards He has accumulated more than 2800 flight hours and 500 carrier landings Cmdr. Morgan and his wife. Colleen, live in Virginia Beach, Va., with their sons: David, Michael, and Brian. i tarn »CM s «. 4 T. Jf • jcecutive Officer jmmander Gregory J. enton t of Operation U jliiardwJtfi ,a«lBran. [Command Master hief EMDCM Paul L. Lafrance i 451 f T-w. T f) kMUMU ' i C ,( n US 1 1 m m iH n 452 SM .-iendersor Ken Vv AMC (AW) Johr.r.if if 453 Flury AOl Shawn C. Kirchner ATI Lyndon A. Lufien Finn AM2 Darre!! D. Barrow 455 1 1 I Will -l l 1 1 1 V9 Wfif " s ' o uWiiittittii n JIb» ' CM 1E2 Kathrin L. Bobini; AD2 (AW) Matthew D. Brent AM2 Harland H. Bross, III AZ2 (AW) Apryi R. Caripo Mlitt AE2 Marvin C. Chambers A02 Jacob A. Ciarric AME2 Kevin C. Craig AT? Ch? " F. Crfift ' ln ' ' Am Kanoa. ' i . ueiean AD2 (AW) Rea N. De!ni!3r AE2 Trevor I. AM2 Maurice K. ru ' Les PN2 Terrence M. Forehand A02 Bryan A. Hampton AM2 Wesley M. Herlic ' in M. K- ATl Raymond D. l . ; , 02 (AW FMF) Michaei A. 5Wson N2 (AW) Amy M. Lisinski HM2 Tammy J. Lowrey £2 Shawn S. Lucas :S2 Charles L. Mapp IS2 David J. Maxweii ADZ (AW) Anthony t Hnk!.! AT2 Brian T. Norri ' : AME2 Renzo Nunez AM? (mP; Mirh3p! ! . Orr At s AWjNorris b, Robertson AK2 Dan E, Rockv AZ2 (AW) Kathy i AE2 Melissa S. J?.- PR2 Karl 457 AE3 Corey A. Black AE3 David Biosser AM3 Jose R. Boteilos AD3 Cecil L Campbell A03 Dan Charron SK3 Jose L. Esobar PN3 Christopher L. Garrett A03 Mark A. Graham A03 (AW) Jon A. Heye. AM3 Eriberto Huerts Cs C mmm iu Jasmine 5, Josepn AME3 Henry G. Labasan AK3 Andy 0. Lopez A03 Anna M. Mazy A03 Jaieen M. McKinnis A03 Thomas L. Pearson AT3 Dannie E. Phiiiips A03 James S. Rhea AM3 Haris Ribic AT3 Kevin Rice 1 459 ny Rol John C. rtdnda Z. Sikon ■nrr. ' l ' I Tir A03 les R. Trac ;uiy O. Wa! - ' iony L Wl!i ' ' K ' Li Cynethia M. " ' ' " -■ Gag.. 1 jwn C. Ahi Betzaida Baldge AN Wendy M. Bilyei ADAN Renaire O. Btakf ■ " •■- ' ■ ' ' ■ ' ■ ' ■- ' ' ' ■ ' ' , Bosm Jrennat AN Jamei D. Brows ADAN Andrew X Bur-- ADAN Aubrey A, 460 | £i AN Melissa R. Deb AN Danielle M. De; AN Trung Q. ; AN Christopher T. Gabaldoi ADAN Nugbepo A. Gob- ADAN Thomas A. G 1 i I . ci ( 461 N James R. Lemar ADAN Amy L. Lemke MAN Jimmy Martinez AN Shawn J. Massey TAN Craig K. Peterson AMAN Horace Ramroop, Jr. ■ n Juan C. Rera?- ' AN Carlos Reyes MAN Richard A. Walker il AEAM Arne!! fe. ' Washingt ' HL_ ADAN ■h-, ! : S H John M. I B| Burnha " ' ' mtM 5MF " iarript: " S :4EAA VViiiit | T R. Rprk Y ' ' . AEAN P m K. RGth AMEAA B H Clifford E. 3 Schanbeck ■C AN Ai;a u, i iiiier AEAN Joseph D, Morrson AMEAN Joshua AN Elijah A. Nguyer; AOAN Hakeem Pedru AN Juan M. Salas ADAN Coiwyn S. Sankev PRAN Mark S. Srhsrt AN Anthony S AMAN " v:3M s oi.ifc: A. Carey AA Terry L. Clemo AMAA Levi Eicheiberger AA Jim J. Henry AA Corey L. McBryoe AR Charles L. Cook AR Ponce D. Cureton AR Andrew L, Grigsby AR John A. Perez 463 LN: HAWKS y »TfTnnnii»PTi»iii-niMiriiTTriMrfnffMn Electronic Attack Squadron 141 Commanding Officer Commander Matthew J. Faletti ■■V -y- F--, - .- -. ... -• ' ■ ' — ■-- ' ■ ' - ' ' ■ Cmdr. Matthew Faletti is a native of San Jose, Calif. He attended the University of Southern California, earning a commission through the NROTC program. Upon designation as a Naval Flight Officer he completed A-6E replacement training as a Bombardier Navigator in Attack Squadron 128, Naval Air Station, Whidbey Island, Wash. His initial assignment was to Attack Squadron 155 as the nuclear safety officer, legal officer, operations training officer, and avionics and armament division officer. Cmdr. Faletti flew combat missions in support of Operation Desert Storm from USS Ranger (CV 61). In January 1993, Cmdr. Faletti reported to the Staff of Commander Third Fleet. During this assignment he served as the ASUW officer, battle group readiness officer, and Tomahawk and cruise missile officer. Returning to Naval Air Station, Whidbey Island in early 1995 to complete refresher training in the A-6E, Cmdr. Faletti then reported to Attack Squadron 115 forwarded deployed to Yokosuka, Japan as the safety officer and maintenance officer. The squadron participated in numerous deployments from USS Independence (CV 62) in support of Operation Southern Watch and the Taiwan Straits Crisis. From November 1996 to August 1999, Cmdr. Faletti was assigned to the Operations Directorate, Joint Staff, National Airborne Operations Center and as a SIOP Advisor to the NCA. Cmdr. Faletti reported to Electronic Attack Squadron 141 in August 2000 as the executive officer, and assumec command in November of 2001. Cmdr. Faletti ' s awards include the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Air Medal with Combat " V " (two individual three Strike Flight Awards), Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with Combat " V " (three Awards), Navi r. and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (two Awards), and various unit citations and campaign awards. ' OlIllDj Cmdr. Faletti is married to the former Patricia Parsons. They have two sons; Matthew and Brett. ' tiief 466 i KiWWII9inWK8«MKMKMRIKaiM!S»WSKHSn»U»a ;-«SaM5eS:: ixecutive Officer ommander Peter A. ellegrino Y(twoiodivi jree Awards), N ommand Master :hief :DMCM Ronald J. Rottler 1 467 Lt. Cmdr. Chris Bieber Lt. Cmdr. Tim l urphy Lt. Cmdr. Gregory J. Parker Lt. Cmdr. David W. Samara Lt. Dana M. Leinberger Lt. William K. Littrell Lt. Thomas S. McGowan Lt. Dennis M. i etz Lt. Jeffrey Montgomery Lt.j.g. Laura K. Krueger Lt.j.g. Elizabeth M. Somerville Lt.j.g, Melissa S. Stephens Lt.j.g. Warren Van Allen CW03 Daryl E. Hagemann AMEC Cory H. Carlson SKC (AW) Bernard A. Deguzman AZC (AW) Delayne L. Gerber AEC (AW) Dean Q. Hestmark ATC (AW SW) Don R. Mackinnon ■BlHl 468 Lt. Cmdr. Charles C. Sparks Lt. Robert H. Eastman Lt. David W. Flemming Lt. Eric P. Iliston Lt. Vincent R. Jolinson Lt. Benjamin A. Phelps Lt. Matthew B. Ross Lt. Jason W. Willenberg Lt.j.g. David B. Damato Lt.j.g. Dawn M. Frank AVCM Kenneth J. Cleveland ADCS Mike B. Wendell AMCS (AW) Jose L. Zamora AMC Lloyd L. Billups ATC (AW) Michael J. Schindler AOC (AW SW) Wayne A. Slack AMI Jason Dunham AMI (AW) Mat D. Evans AMI Mark J. Filik « =• f n 469 AEl Donald H. Gale AOl (AW) Kevin J. Gray PNl (AW SW) Michael T. Howard AMEl Terrell W. McMahan AMEl (AW) David H. Myers PRl (AW) Dominic W. Peacock AOl Timothy L Pilgrim AMI Patrick A. Radcliffe AMI (AW) Robert W. Tiedman ADl Keith D. Wall AEl (AW) James M. Waters ATI (AW) Jacob L. Wedekind ADl (AW) William G. Zabelka SK2 (AW) Amy J. Buckley HHD 470 ifm AT2 Dustin J. Daniels AT2 (AW) Justin J. Dazell AT2 (AW) Josh R. Field AT2 (AW) Huston J. Fields PR2 Oscar Garza S -i a r a flRS . ' ' C? ' . is f m o. n p if H m 11 n a Cs n o iA li M tt YN2 Tina E. Goode EW2 Christopher D. House AM2 Robert A. Isaacs PR2 John J. Jatko AM2 Kyungnho Kim YN2 Victor M. Lermusik AT2 Gary Martinez AM2 Nathan J. I liillken AM2 (AW) Leticia C.l . Morales A02 (AW) Matthew M. Muravez 1 iai jA DK2 (SW) Wilson F. Palacio AT2 Alexander J. Peake AM2 Jared H. Quinn AE2 Michael L. Rachels AT2 Mark D. Reed AD2 (AW) Jason G. Rose AM 2 Patrick M. Rzeszut AME2 (AW) Joseph A. Scott AE2 Richard W. Stratman 112 (AW SW) William H. Suthoff, Jr. IS2 Phillip R. Swinford [ All Seing president, or Being wedtHy, or going to cottege, or anything else — comes up to the success of the man ancf women who can feet that they have done their duty and that their children and grandchiCdren rise up to caCCthem SCessed ' -T ' .- .. ..m. ., ... - - " " ' n ' JBi o o " ittiflil AD2 Westley 0. West IT2 (SW) Dorothy M. Young AM3 Don Bares AZ3 Jim R. Bryant AD3 Heather S. Bullock MS3 Zhi Cheli A03 Shawn C. Dollahan AT3 Taylor J. Drow AT3 Rob E. Emmert PR3 Dennis R. Flannagan, Jr. AD3 Roberto Garcia AM3 (AW) Jesse A. Gielen AD3 Joshua L. Gilbert AT3 iviatthew J. Gorrell AM3 Jesse J. Halfacre AE3 Rena F. Hannawald AD3 Ramirez Horacio Aivi3 (AW) Cory T. Keller A03 Edgar C. Lopez AD3 Alexander J. McGill HME3 (AW) Kenneth V. Miller A|V|E3 Dale J. Morgan AT3 Krisanna M. Moyer AT3 Todd C. Noe AT3 David P. Olson AD3 Pierre R. Pilacin AD3 Adam Reyes AT3 Robert Smith A03 Antonio J. Stuart AM3 (AW) Harris L. Torres AZ3 Tharonous W. West AM3 (AW) Michael A. Zahariadis AE3 Margarita G. Zuniga AN Isidro Arreola PRAN John S. Baker MX- ' 1 473 AN Jordan C. Bigcanoz P AEAN Noah B. Bowman A HN Andrew P. Boyd AN Michael L. H H Brioles I S AOAN Damien A. Hernandez ATAN John P. Kelley ISSN (AW) Emily J. Kennedy AM Gerald A. Nunez AT Matthew E. Rowe AN Joseph A. Watts AEAN Daniel R. Yaeger AN Yen Xrong X. Yuan AMAA Jeffery A. Banka AA Jeffrey D. Baylor AA Shawn P. Ramsey YNSA Amber M. Romero ATAA Anthony Soodsamai AN Jessica M. Stovich AA Johnathan D. Surita fl i- li(-J 474 i a AN Betzaida Colon AN Justin A. Fayfrench AMAN Jonathan W. Garrison AMEAN Raul Gutierrezcamarena PRAN Michael D. Gutirrez AT Rickey P. Ruiz AMAN Kyle W. Shireman AMEAN Jeremy D. Stephens ATAN Sakima M. STringer AN Lorenzo J. Taylor AA Rafael E. Betancurtoro AA Gregory P. Ciego AMAA Scott T. Degraw AEAA Philip M. Hoffman AOAA Carl D. Johnsin AA James M. Yarbrough AA Viktor S. Yunoshev AMAR Jason R. Bebee AR Michael T. Dixon AR Steven A. Ramos i A 0 AMEAR Brandon D. J d ' Richards AMAR Josh A. " If an Jimerican is to amount to Jl H I Roggen anything fie must reCy upon himseCf, Hi 1 1 and not upon the State; he must take pride in his own wor instead of ;V .o i sitting idle to envy the Cuc of 1 " J AR Krysztof S idor others. Tie must face Cife with 1 ' resoCute courage, win victory if he can, and accept defeat if he must. — »; without seeing to ptace on his feCfow man a responsihiCity which is not theirs. " -- ' T .MM ' H 9. K. . aW aW wseMafmmiumxaii)mm«nnismiXi- saBBuamcsj m»mNaa »v Electronic Attack Squadron Commanding Officer Commander Vincent C. Bowhers — — .ML.JU [■■■10 iiji j«»c«. «pCTii. !t»»«j.»in»a»»jtnCT,v»».T»- -.j-jr.»i»c»»c»f Cmdr. Vincent Bowhers was raised in Weston, IMass., and enlisted in tlie Navy before being commissioned an ensign upon graduating from the United States Naval Academy in 1985. Following a short tour as a research assistant in the Naval Academy Oceanography Department, Cmdr. Bowhers was designated a Naval Aviator in 1987. Next Cmdr. Bowhers completed his E-2C Hawkeye training at Electronic Attack Squadron 120 and immediately deployed with the Steel Jaws of Electronic Attack Squadron 122 aboard USS Forestal (CV-59). He completed three deployments with the Steel Jaws prior to reassignment as an instructor pilot and training landing signal officer at Electronic Attack Squadron 120. Cmdr. Bowhers ' next assignment was as CVW-7 ' s LSO aboard USS George Washington (CVN-73) for her maiden Mediterranean Persian Gulf Deployment. After completing his " CAG Paddles " tour, he attended the Naval War College, earning a master of arts degree in national security and strategic studies and was designated the president ' s honor graduate. Cmdr. Bowhers returned to the fleet in 1996, serving as assistant operations officer and operations and maintenance department head for the Screwtops of Electronic Attack Squadron 123 while embarked on USS George Washington. Prior to reporting to the Bear Aces of Electronic Attack Squadron 124 he was serving as an action officer in the Joint Staff Operations Directorate. Cmdr. Bowhers has over 4000 hours in the E-2C Hawkeye. Decorations include the Joint Defense Meritorious Service Medal, two Air Medals, and six Navy Commendation Medals. Cmdr. Bowhers is married to the former Wendy Elizabeth Putnam of Warren, Penn. thirteen-year-old boy named John and a ten-year-old girl named Meredith. They have two children, a 478 1 ii£»fflKNtW«Kl«tl " «Sk¥f«WMr»aiiW« »M«l«l»»MWi : 5 -i ' .- ' i:iif 9 im i r!Tmr- B B K xecutive Officer (ommander David L. luttram Meritoria vetywcm pommand Master ?hief iMDCM (AW SW) William F. [eane 1 479 Lt. Cmdr. Andrew D. Burden Lt. Cmdr. Chris A. Higginbotham Lt. Cmdr. William J. Maslanka Lt. Cmdr. John D. Peterson Lt. Kevin F. Lynch Lt. Scott R. McLain Lt. Matthew Thomas Lt. Ryan S. Yusko Lt.j.g. Eric C. Cook Lt.j.g. Amanda M. Cronin Lt.j.g. Matthew J. Tharp Lt.j.g. Matthew T. Ventimiglia Ens. Andrew H. Tarn CW02 Lawrence J. Stewart ATCS (AW) Michael A. Lucas ATC (AW) Donald E. Farstad 480 AZC George E. Lockamy AMC Randy A. McVicker AOl James R. Baril AMI Kenneth D. Chouinard PNl Michael T. Clement Lt. Cmdr. Rob Polvina Lt. Shawn E. Frazier Lt. Jeffery J. Gaydash Lt. Christopher R. Hobbs Lt. Wesley J. Joshway Lt.j.g. Christa B. Hawks Lt.j.g. Albert B. Head Lt.j.g. Roger W. Mitchell Lt.j.g. Emerson R. Sterns Lt.j.g. Wade C. Thames ADCS Bryan N. Lundberg AMCS (AW SW) Lloyd W. McCourtney AEC Michael F. Blair AMC (AW SW) Franklin T. Chaff in ADC (AW SW) Dustin J. Daube AEl (AW) Victor R. Escobar ATI Christopher R. Harmon LIl Lorenzo Jefferson AMI (AW) James N. Litvak AZl Michael S. Mattocks PRl Diosdado U. Pagador AZl (AW) Eugene E. Pruitt AMSl Joseph Schutte ATI Aksd E. Suarez NCI Thomas A. Szudi AMSl Kevin D. Wiersma AKl Bernard Willis AEl (AW) Barbara D. Wright AM2 Charles F. Abbey AE2 Andre Camacho AD2 Ray L. Carter YN2 Brenson B. Collins AT2 Korry D. Darnell AT2 Douglas Dvorak AZ2 Nuria E. Foose AZ2 Melvin R. Frankilin 112 James Green YN2 Emilio D. Harris AZ2 Jeny M. Heider AD2 (AW) Jeff Holder AT2 NkiTOlas K. Horner AE2 Jennifer L Hulfck AE2 Danyne M. Huyghue AK2 Steven D. Joseph AM2 Elliot A. Lugo PN2 (SW) Mary Ann Manlangit AD2 Sheryl L. O ' Halloran AM2 Maja Primorac AT2 Carl Saunders AME2 Kurt E. Schmitz PR2 Jarrett P. Seabolt AZ2 Michael B. Vaughn DK2 Jamie P. Waggonier MS2 Sheron Watson AEl (AW) Robert E. McDonough ATI Allen J, Moran AEl Roger A. Moss ADl Ronald L. Oliver 482 ' ' Onfy those are fit to five wdo cfo not fear to die; and none are fit to die who have shrun Jrom the joy of Cife and the duty of life. (Both Cife and death are part of the same reat Jidventure. everyet was worthy adventure worthiCy carried through 5y the man who put his personaC safety first. " -T(Ii AM3 Bradley P. Buehrie AE3 Willie C. Dixon YN3 Catrina E. Dural AD3 Terry D. Felty AM3 Joseph C. Forbes AM3 Anthony D. Gibson AM2 (AW) Brian G. Wicker AE2 James A. Wood AM2 Steven D. Wood AME3 Ricky L. Bentley AT3 Jih J. Hijar AF3 Demaris G. r ' Jackson ' . .- i AT3 Charles E. Kline " ' m. AD3 Marshall A. (tm tf Laborn AK3 (AW) John M. I H Lefeaux H i PR3 Chris H. Masuhr 1 mx 484 AD3 Michael J. Meehan ADS Christopher P. Mercado AE3 Christopher W. Nelson AME3 Bud E. Newby AT3 Rudolph I. Peterson AM3 Marc W. Price AM3 Randy D. Roller AD3 Steve M. Scheiba HM3 Jason C. Singley AM3 Don S. Smith AZ3 Jennifer J. Stalker AM3 Kerry V. Staniford, Jr. AZ3 Kaylanna D. Williams AMAN Fidel A. Aparicio Gomez ADAN Richard B. Bailey 0X 1 485 AN Jason W. Barnes AN Joseph C. Bonilla AKAN Darrin J. Burton AMAN Andrew A. Carroll AN Gary M. Marquis AN Francisco W. Martinez ADAN Ro que R. Minaya ATAN Kelvin Mitchell AMAN Christopher G. Napier AN Brian Rimler ADAN Jeremy B. Skinner AN Mirnasser Taghavilarijani AN Victor T. Waken ADAN Jerry L. Webb AMEAN Casey L. Cotnoir AMAN Glenn R. Hardin AEAA Richard K. Larson AA Ray Marino AA Peter Marquez 486 1 0m o r a iiiiil n iiiiiiii D i il Iiiiiiii n f AMAN Daniel L. Duncan AN Donald R. Johnson ADAN Joshua H. Johnson ADAN Samuel B. Legg ADAN Leonardo Marlngil ATAN Joshua R. Nykamp AN Tanya Palacios AN Desiree A. Pennington AMAN Brian G. Pritz AN Justin Reid AMAA William Allenbaugh AA Chet H. Allison AEAA Alfonso L. Arriola AA Franchi D. Ayala MSSN Joe W. Ball AMAN Jammie J. Marshburn AEAA Nicholas W. Mundy ADAA Christian J. Schlenker AEAA Jeffrey A. Wilson ADAR Michael R. Hennessee ADAR Fabio S. San Andres ADAR Omar Santiago AMEAR Keith J. Stancliff AR Clinton A. Tilton AR Daniel J. Tucker ri 487 V I K I N r nMijrhMnnivaijmitfnm.£anYM Sea Control Squadron 24 Commanding Officer Commander Brad Robinson C mdr. Brad Robinson is a native of Haddonfield, N.J. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy Class in 1983. Upon earning his wings of gold as a Naval Flight Officer in April 1985, Cmdr. Robinson reported to the Fleet Replacement Squadron, Air Antisubmarine Squadron 41 at NAS North Island, Calif., for initial training in the S-3A. He then received orders to the Sea Control Squadron 30 Diamondcutters, where he served as legal officer, aircraft division officer and NFO NATOPS officer. This tour included a deployment on board USS Saratoga (CV 60), and two detachments as the first squadron to transition to the S-3B on board USS Independence (CV 62) for their around the horn transit; and on board USS America (CV 66) during Northstar exercises. In December 1989, Cmdr. Robinson reported to the Superintendent, Naval Postgraduate School as the flag lieutenant. After a thirteen- month tour as aide he entered the antisubmarine warfare curriculum, and earned his master ' s degree in applied physics. In April 1993 he reported to Sea Control Squadron 27 for refresher and instructor training in the S-3B. Cmdr. Robinson then reported to Sea Control Squadron 24, where he served as administrative, training and operations officers. During his tour in Sea Control Squadron 24 he deployed on board USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) in support of Operations Southern Watch in Iraq and Deny Flight Deliberate Force in the former Yugoslavia. In January 1996, Cmdr. Robinson reported to the Pentagon for duties on the OPNAV N81 staff. He then reported to the Director, Naval Nuclear Propulsion as his aide-de-camp from February 1997 to November 1998. He returned to the Sea Control community, and served as chief staff officer. Sea Control Wing, U.S. Atlantic Flee|i from March 1999 to January 2001. His awards and decorations include two Meritorious Service Medals, Strike Flight Air Medal, two Navy Commendation Medals, one with " V, " two Navy Achievement Medals and various unltjrQmwjj and service awards. ' Cmdr. Robinson is married to the former Rhonda Mayo of Kingsport, Tenn. They currently reside in Orange Park, Fla., with their two daughters, Ashley and Courtney. lief 490 1 ufiwwnmra BRJ BBiORMizmnBraKni :xecutive Officer :ommander Thomas J. asanelio iff, Heto DNo«fflt)erl j,0.S,Atl3 f ice Medals, Si iaidvarioys sdeioOrangs ommand Master :hief ;mdcM Lennie Nowlin 1 491 prosperity, gives no weigfit whatever when the ctash of arms comes. " --T Lt. Cmdr. Robert N. Cooper Lt. Cmdr, Obra L. Gray Lt. Cmdr. Courtney B. Smith Lt. Jack Thomas M, Hurley Lt. Timothy S. l cDonald Lt. Gregg S. Sanders HBISlfl I Lt.j.g. Kyle M. . Horlacher Lt.j.g. Ryan L. Kahle ■: - Lt.j.g. Kenyon P. Kellog H B Lt.j.g. Robert J. H P H Shuman I H AECS (AW NAC) T.L. Brown ADCS (AW) Antoinette T.M. Euvrard AOCS (AW) Christopher S. Lapierre Senior Chief Carlos A. Fontanez 492 ,iitJii», I I Lt. Cmdr. Matthew N. Tobler Lt. Stephen W. Allum Lt. Curtis S. Chance Lt. Jose R. Cordero, Jr. Lt. Brett W. Dresden ( a |g|g|g||| e» 1 ll IJ Q Lt.j.g. Nate A. Davenport Lt.j.g. Jonathan M. Fay Lt.j.g. Richard W. Gaines Lt.j.g. John A. Gallucci Lt.j.g. Chris S. Hahn Lt.j.g. Jonathan A. Styers Lt.j.g. Paul E. Vidal CW04 Lonnie H. Cool AVCM Charlie A. Jones CJNIDCM (SS AW) Lennie B. Newlin AMEC John V. Joseph AMC (AW) Jerry W. Snow NCC Jud T. Timmons AEC Michael R. Yarck ATI (AW) Dion G. Blair 9 T " 493 AMI Wayne C. Budke PNl (AW) Darnell M. Davis AMI (AW) Mark A. Fontaine AHl (AW SW) Sharon E. Franck ADl (AW) Dominic J. Gromelski AMEl John J. Jensen ADl (AW) David W. King AMI (AW) Christopher J. Leech ATI (AW) Donald W. Lemcool ADl John W. Lynda PRl (AW) Richard A. Miller ITl Fredrick Mosley 494 AEl (AW) Frank C. Primm ATI (AW) Stephen R. Pusteznik ATI Bill J. Rhodes AZl (AW) Keflyn D. Rice ADl (AW) Willie Robertson AEl (AW) Robert S. Savela AEl Patrick F. Sharrar ADl (AW) Kenneth P. Smith ADl John A. Steele AMI Delores J. Webb AK2 Brian D. Bail PR2 Anthony B. Allen AM 2 Kevin 0. Becca A02 Gerald A. Berthelot AK2 Jason L. Bradford AM2 Lance D. Bryan AD2 Robert C. Carroll AME2 (AW) Paul D. Foster AK2 Stephanie M. Foster AT2 Peter H. Fox A02 Rocco J. Frakes AZ2 KetlyL. Gabel A02 Joshua B. Glover AM2 Shane S. Goodman HM2 Jon T. Hardenburgh AM2 Ronald L. Havens AME2 Robert G. Headley SK2 Karrie A. Hopkins 495 MS2 Jeffrey A. Johnson AE2 Christopher M. Jorgensen SK2 (AW) Katrina L. Kurasz AT2 Lisa M. Lopez AT2 Alfonso 1 . Moroni AM2 Leeallaw L. Panti AE2 Neal D. Pass A02 Travis N. Pease AE2 Robert M. Pennell YN2 Sonya Y. Taylor AT2 Catherine L. Thompson AM2 Willie C. Threatts AME2 Kenn R. Walls AE2 Gerald L Williams AE3 David W. Brown AE3 Anthony W. Broyles AMS3 John V. Byrd SK3 Jenelle A. Callender AM3 Miguel A. Cardoza .1 ! 4-0 A AM2 Brian N. Lorts MS2 Michael T. Luzunaris AM2 (AW) Darren R. Marsicola IS2 Charlotte M, Mayberry A02 Justine M. McGranahan AM2 Frederick E. Perry AZ2 Timothy J. Reiland A02 Marc L. Saks AM2 Steven D. Schultz AZ2 (AW) Samuel Service AME2 Chad L. Wittig AD3 Jennifer M. Von Querner AD3 Adrian Abbasi AT3 Shawn Q. Allard AT3 Joshua D. Bland AE3 Allyson C. Coley AM3 Jay R. Conyers A03 Ryan G. Dooley AT3 Elliot J. Fanning AT3 Riina L. Garvin 497 498 I CK AM3 Carlos M. 1 k. XT ' Gonzalez AM3 Dennis W. V Hageman Mlif . SS . AE3 Sedric L. Heard I ' mlB AK3 Jorge L. HflSW Hernandez mm c iM lAi AT3 Natasha Jackson AM3 Blake W. Kindig AM3 Jason E. Lackey AM3 Jamie A. Lavallee lil |« i , WMiiiii AD3 Brandon L. Matteson AD3 Kent J. Mayers AT3 Kevin P. Newcomb AT3 Nicholas J. Olson fj AK3 Marc D. Shipley A03 Nicole M, SImones A03 Odell Smith AK3 l elissa C. Thomas MS3 Christopher A. Torrentes PR3 Sarah D. Ursch AD3 Craig R. Vacucin A03 Craig 1 . Vandervoord AE3 Rolkford H. Vansach AT3 David M. Wakefield ADAN Norberto S. Agosto AOAN Kim Bennett AEAN Michael J. Boothe AN Kenneth L. Brown AN Corey L. Callihan ADAN Joseph D. Colson ATAN Kevin C. Cullen ISSN Miguel Dejesus AMAN John R. Ernest AEAN Anthony J. Fernandez m 1 499 AN Jason R. Fontiane AN Paul A. Garza AEAN Joseph A. Gillespie ISSN Christopher M. Gordey a PRAN Shane B. Grimmett AEAN James R. Herman, Jr. AKAN Mary S. Johnson AMEAN Michale F. Jones ADAN Anthony B. Labbruzzo AEAN Scotty R. Lawson AEAN Banny K. Lazareno- Chavez AOAN Royden G. Lee AMAN James R. Lenhart ADAN Kong Wing J. Look Fong AMEAN Richard W. Mace AN Tymil L. Marshall ADAN Tauris A. McDuffie AN Pamela L. Milner ATAN Amber P. Montgomery AN Bobby J. Murphy AMAN Jason L. Nyquist ADAN Douglas L. Peery AN Nathaniel D. Pepper SKSN Gordon S. Poe AN Quintin L. Powell AEAN Michael M. Rodriguez AN Adrian H. Russell AEAN Jose L. Saballos AN Sergio M. Sanchez ADAN Matthew W. Self AEAN Richard K. Smith ATAN Amanda Stokes AN Robert B. Thomas ADAN Edwin Zelaya AEAA Jason L. Boyce AA Christopher A. Fiandt AEAA Billy J. German AA Eric C. Givens, Jr. AA Christopher K. Johnson AA Tsiah D. Loucious AA Earl V. Murry AMAA Charlotte J. Puckete AOAA Gilberto C. Triana AA Terrance T. Wade TD 501 I: HS-3 TRIDENTS .•■i-,!i!,i,m:. ,v:x ' m:»Mmxassmii- Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron Commanding Officer Commander James B. Hopkins II Cmdr. James B. Hopkins was born and raised in Oak Ridge, Tenn. He attended the University of Tennessee, and was designated a Naval Aviator in 1984. In 1985, Cmdr. Hopkins reported to Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron 1. Flying with the Seahorses, he completed fleet replacement training in the SH-3 Sea King and joined the Dragon Slayers of Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron 11, embarking on USS America (CV-66) and USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN- 71). In December of 1988, Cmdr. Hopkins reported to Naval Recruiting District Atlanta as a nuclear power officer candidate. Cmdr. Hopkins reported aboard USS Forestall (CVA-59) in February of 1991. He served as bow cat branch officer, arresting gear branch officer and V-2 division officer. In January 1993, Cmdr. Hopkins returned to Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron 1, where he assumed the duties of administrative officer and served as an instructor in the SH-3. Cmdr. Hopkins detached from the Seahorses in February 1995 and joined the Night-dippers of Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron 5. While with the Night-dippers, Cmdr. Hopkins completed transition to the Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk and deployed on board USS George Washington (CVN-73). His duties at Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron 5 included serving as squadron safety officer, administrative officer and maintenance officer. Cmdr. Hopkins detached the Night-dippers in July 1997 and reported to the staff of Commander, Naval Air Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet as helicopter antisubmarine warfare training and readiness officer. Commander, Naval Air Forces Atlantic (COMNAVAIRLANT) air services coordinator and COMNAVAIRLANT exercise coordinator. Cmdr. Hopkins ' personal awards include the Meritorious Service Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (three awards), and the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal; as well as numerous campaign and service awards. Cmdr. Hopkins and his wife, Alison, have two daughters; Stephani, age six, and Natalie, age three. 504 Chief 1 nppF ;i maMKW t.!maaB immEatmm3A 5- ' ' ixecutive Officer ommander Steven W. iolmes 1 squadron safe idff, Naval f Irmander-Na j5g coordinator. am jsCanmentiaW luscafPpa " ttie lommand Master hief :MDCM James W. Griffin i 505 T Lt. Cmdr. Michael L. Hudson Lt Cmdr. Mike A. Lile Lt. Cmdr. William G. Miller Lt. Cmdr. Kenneth E. Nafrada Lt. Kevin Colon Lt. Jason C. Jones Lt. Jack E. McKechnie Lt. Dustin Smiley Lt. James 0. Vega Lt.j.g. Michael P. Keaveny Lt.j.g. John T. Westoff Lt.j.g. Bryce C. Wolf Ens. Suzanne P. Surratt CW04 Robert W. Powden AEC Robert E. Buhrman AMC (AW) Richard A. Daege NCC Marie A. Malacara ATC (AW SW) David Over AMC Robert B. Pafeea ADC (AW) William M. Renfroe YNC Demarco L. Washington ATC Douglas E. Watson AMC James R. Westbrook ADC Robert J. Whittington AMI Jeffrey A. Araya AWl Gregory S. Baker ATI Troy A. Barras AKl Kim J. Belus AZl David M. Blackburn AMI Barry L. Brooks AOl (AW) David L. Butts AWl Christopher L. Freischlag Petty Officer I ' ' Class Rafael E. Garcia AMI (AW SW) Aristile S. Guidry 506 Lt. Cmdr. William D. Pfeifle Lt. Cmdr. Scott Swenson Lt. Cmdr. David A. White Lt. D ' andre L. Knight Lt. John D. Shannon Lt. Jason Young Lt.j.g. John J. Aiderinie Lt.j.g. John C. Andrade Lt.j.g. Aaron S. Anthonsen Lt.j.g. Timothy P. Atherton AFCM(AW) Gary S. Donner AWCS (AW NAC) Louis H. Doughtery ADCS Marc A. Houslin ATCS (AW) Danny L. Reed I TTnini— iiniiinitinniiiiiiiiiiiiniiMi«ln|i|WinillMllllWT l miiaaaimiBanasmaBisaKiitimm mxf.msmm ADl (AW) Carl S. tk Jasper K ' Nl Tracy L. Kavolius gBa AMI Eric B. Kooiker ADl Rory E. Malotte IS AWl Troy A. Weatherly AW2 Aaron A. Albright AW2 Jon B. Arens YN2 looses L Balls AW2 Richard D. Benaman AD2 Kermit Curet Sanchez MS2 Richard Daniel AT2 John H. Davis AM2 Wesley W. Depue AD2 Christian J. Desiderio AE2 (AW) Jarod li Hopkins AK2 Brian E. Kemp AZ2 Troveno L. Lawrence AM2 Ronald L. Leach AE2 Tyren A. Leeks, Sr. 508 AKl Martino M. Massaro ATI Jackie Pemberton ATI Joseph M. Stock AOl Lewis M. Stromberg DCl Cassius D. Watkins AW2 Zachariah A. Beninque AD2 Frederick L. Bryant AT2 Joe W. Burrouglis AZ2 Lawrence F. Cook MM Chandra C. Cudney YN2 James A. Foster AW2 John L. Gaonon AW2 Patrick N. Habr AD2 Michael N. Hanes AW2 Darrel Harrison I S2 Antonio D. Lindsey AE2 Pedro J. Marrero AW2 James E. Mcbride AE2 Robert J. i edford AZ2 Keith J. i eeks 4« »rf. HIM AW2 William E. Price AM2 Tyson R. Rees AM2 Jerome A. Samuel AZ2 Jesse K. Stephens IT2 (AW SW) Raymond C. Sutton PR2 Jeremy M. Swanagan AZ2 (AW) James J. Thomas AT2 Michael D. Thorson AD2 Ramon A. Torres AE2 Gabriel L. Tyree AW2 Sean C. Upton AD2 Shawn D. Warfleld AM2 (AW) Steven E. White AW2 James L li Wiilard AE3 Michael E. Barger A03 Thad S. Behuniw AE3 Joshua R. Bejarano AM3 Derrick I. Bethel AW3 Jason 0. Boutwecc AD3 Gary S. Cales MS3 Stanley G. Campbell PR3 Jason W. Christianson A03 Justin G. Cowdrey AM3 Brandon W. Critchfield AD3 Rene G. Davis AT3 James E. Dillinger YN3 Deosmond D. Drone AM3 Maciej M. Dziurgot 0rO i 511 " The Vnited States, afong witH a growing coafition of nations, is resofvecfto ta whatever action is necessary to defend oursefves and disarm the Iraqi regime . . . T}fE gj4.M IS 0VE(R, " — (president Qeorge W. (Bush, Ted. 6, 2003 o n t ' ittliiiii AW3 Nathan D. Freischlag AM3 Josh D. Guyer AK3 Rusty S. Hodges AW3 Jesse D. Hubble AW3 Aaron J. Huthchinson AT3 Nicholas Izquiekdo A03 Kenneth B. Johnson AE3 Joseph M. Kalata AW3 William H. Kosiroe HM3 Manuel Lozada AT3 Michael S. McDowell AD3 Steven L. McQueen SK3 Michael J. Nebelski AM3 Steven W. Pamplin AE3 William B. Patterson AM3 Todd M. Priffner AD3 Daniel B. Robinson AM3 Jonathan T. Shoemaker AT3 Michael D. Sneed PR3 Anthony R. Stepp MS3 Matt A. Stojic AK3 Timothy G. Thompson AT3 Juan R. Velez AE3 David B. Warrington, Jr. AN Jose M. Alonzo ATAN Andy R. Buchanan AMAN Brandon J. Bailey AEAN Jeremy R. Beyhl AMAN William H. Boatz AN Ryne E. Bridges AN James Cameau AMAN Juvon R. Campbell ITAN Drew A. Corbin AN Katherine J. Delaney AMAN Ahkyi D. Derricks AN Craig W. Doyle AN Felipe V. Freirepardo AZAN Kayla R. Gulley ADAN Willie J. Hawthorne 1 513 1 AMAN Brandon S. Hipp AEAN Eric M. Hoener AOAN Tommy E. Lester AOAN Jeremie W. Light AMAN Paul Ortiz AI AN Brian T. Parlcer AN Ranfis Perez ADAN Christopher M. Rivera AOAN Brett S. Rosen AKAN Anibal Sanchez-Reyes AMAN Andrew Smith AZAN Matthew S. Surougns ADAN Rick E. Vancleve AN Arthur W. Weaver 514 i ATAN Robert R. Weyand ADAN Randy G. Williams AN Roberto M. Zapata Ocampo ATAA Kenan W. Blevins AMAA Anaiah Boyce AA Raul Leon AA Jason A. Nicholson AEAA Patrick A.H. Sablan AZAN Amber Schott AA Mare R. Solomon AR Sanjay Budhoo AR Michael J. Meiner AR Michael A. Montijo AR Edgar Salas AR Leunela D. Sanchez 0 f c $ f l - - 1 i: ' f t« Emphasizing safety and empath lit individiia Navy Susan M. Livingstone mad M v aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt 7ij During her visit, Livingstone ob jthoftti the ship. She observed flight op pisitedth Air Traffic Control, and ate with rtrsduri In an interview with TR ' s Comm jOfficer,Caf Livingstone remarked on how p( siewaswiti Secretary of the Navy Safety Aw Safety is paramount in importar readiness on the flight deck of an aircraft tjneofthe Earth. Winning the naval safety iteameffoi Empowering the individual Saiici gtiigrstroi on during her visit. " We are developing a new archii intheNavj " The most vital link in this is thej asjjijf j knowledge, the tools, the Inforn mm n done and done well. " ■Iiofth ' pi5itedth« i?. readiness (one of the liteameffoi ' wttierstroi iintheNavi W Sailor, a so we can Ix Livingstone has been in public set nyearcr Army before being named Unden ar " I wish every American had the i aboard this ship, " said Livingstc qd motivation, the teamwork and tl ir| Living P Si Wwiimpori.: % delivers around the globe in the ; {, " In today ' s world, that 4.5 acres ,ji Livingstone. " We can ' t always be n airfields. You provide the presid power whenever it is needed. " Petty Officer 1st Class Wendell be very open. " She really seemt doing out here, " said Stephens. " influence who really cares about r mh}i t nttellyou ' " stterrori isiiH L J r f — I % n J ( " jtn individual Sailors, Under Secretaiy vingstonem, i t visit to an aircraft carrier Dec. 6, 2QQ « wRoose«! |i). % l,livingston«t nuch of the training going on through ot tewedflisliti n, visited the ship ' s Combat Direction Center lni|,)nilite«Jl smbers during her whiriwind tour of the T « fwltilll ' sCo Officer, Capt. Richard J. O ' Hanlon, »»Wonhw he was with the TR winning the first eNavySafety; W SI wrtiRifflpM! :a readiness issue, said Livingstone. Wbrfiithg ickofanaM s one of the most dangerous places on titenavalsafet is team effort and an individual effort. ™ eMmdualSs nother strong point Livingstone remarked inf a new ar( in the Navy, cafled Force Net, she saitf. Ink in this is t lual Sailor, assuring he or she is getting 1 ' so we can be sure they 9r setting their joJi i been in public nany years mostly with the Dept. of the % jng named W ary of the Navy for the Bush AdministratrSil ineriantiadtlti jnity to interact with the great Sailors :j j ' saidUvingst an ' t tell you how impressed I am — the teamwork and jrity makes me very envious of the job they the 4.5 acres ofll.S. sovereign territory TR ainst terrorism. pvide is incredibly important, " said w ed we will have access to land-based |B| h the ability to project American fighting -lens dined with Livingstone and found her to ssted in what we had to say and we are k often you get to meet someone of that each Sailor has to say. " N V ¥A m- - ' K TWtj. " ' imsi.imHt ' wimfiBmmmim-immv: 4 • • ' i Lt. Robert J. Etheridge Lt. Lawrence Gabriel Lt. Richard Green Lt. Niclioias A. Hudson Lt. Jim Salter Ltjg. Chad W. Lukins Ltjg. Shawn T. Rumbley L.t.j.g. Antonio Scinicariello Ltjg. Nathan T, Strang CW02 Thomas W. Cummings SKCS Jeffrey G. Troll FCC(SW) John Guilfoyle ACC Benjamin L. Heim SKC Rogelio I. Nioko AEC(AW SW) Perry Ward AOl(SW) Carlos Castelianos AOl Barnhili AOl David E. Faison AOl Michael B. Garr AOl Dean L. Gary PNl Lee Hagins CTTl Nathan B. Herring ADl Florence T. Inay YNl Herbert L. Johnson « - • i ' ' ■ ' ■. 523 w AZl Christopher A. Morin AOl William J. O ' Brien PNl Beth Torres DK2 Gerald Brooks CTT2 Katrezia D. White A02 Donia D. Williams AS3 Daniel Bender AS3 Carlos Bernal IC3 Alain Brin ASAN Anthony Bright PNSN Brad Hackworth AN Darius J. Henson PNSN Joshua Hudkins AOAN James M. Hunsicker 524 ' jui o Mid AN Trevor Patterson AA Nicholas Schweikarth AOAN Zacharias Singletary ABH2 Ryan S. Cushman SM2(SW) Edward E. Jones ABH2(AW) Jonathan M. Mowrer YN2(AW) Gregory Salazar CTM2 Robert B. Sheehan SM3 Tiffany Culbreth PN3 Robert Dymond AK3 Jorge L. Hernandez AZ3 Jose Pinero AD3 Andrew J. Rodriguez ET3 Genaro Rodriguez AD3 Sifford EM3 John Stewart MMIN Stacey Hinman EWAN Jesci 525 ' m ■«iA r ATI Hopewell ADl Little ATZ(AW) Bradley MM Michael Brasie EN2 Shawn Etheridge DK2 Randall Gribb AT2 Haley ET2 Daniel Schneider EH2 Demetris Stepp AD3 Beasley MM3 Darling ET3 John Hoover ITS Chris Johnson AME3 Lemdu K 526 AEAN Jack G. Pence AOAN Randolph Hill. Jr. MSSA Oscar Aguiire AA Jamar Nicholoson ICFA Collin Owens CTRSA Michael A. Pfaeflin AR Victor L. Joseph AR Thomas Meade AR Shamarr Robinson AR Daniel Vitulli " It ' s not the critic who counts. It ' s not the man who points out how the strong man stumSks, or where the doer of the deed coufd have done it Better. The credit Sefongs to the man in the arena, whose face is marred By dust and sweat and B food, who spends himsefin a worthy cause, who strives vaifantCy, who errs and come up short again and again, who at Best %iows the high achievement of triumph, who at worst, faiCs whiCe daring greatfyfor he h iows his pCace shafC never Be with those coCdand timid souls who ow neither victory no defeat. — Theodore oseveft r Wfiat an Histonc cruise Um has Been! In ! taKii 2002 we returned from ourmemora$(e " " ImnnuA motuhs after retmninff from tfiat deployment we teamed tmf time to once a ain answer our nation ' s catC Oursuye demp instnimentaCinfreeit the Iraqi peopS from an opptesstwldf gdfri bn. OuraBUity to sufge proved once a ain» thefleA;i$itity ofthnxiu the CKO is (bofiit to o italize on our great 9(avy ' s suf ek il the ig S lCK " in harms%iviyadiiing another proud diaiyki Hi ith owr iTOO comBat sottiesffown and more than one m remowa rc ue leader, we a fSi e future generations if l Mp Hi Hthsemct to out oiSMn wmes samfipe, andasJimethm;iU nt that veiy ew in of IC AJIiM MAM mo 7 ) 1 1 " « i-iO. — . L. L mr iVhi west ot hm tmvct Sit . Indjofiilt. mv !t?ijri mk wisncsjorit iwutcrpu rcnmon tvUnyonr mUii:s,jncrhls.i -tOiiiiiUVfitVhf MTWlflftrMBTf ' ' ' ' «it put us 6a (fn tfie %wtifstit e atuftnadc us Msm, anlremoviti a stfuwe vfinstaBitityjfhm thejlni ian jwwerattJ ' %vtllSS vettsa Bl mlforetikvs ww that i pmK ji Uwf fkJ fit to tHcimtuyaitioiuxa dnpta idm} UtellkoSow sn ft mmc. hmipouiufs of precision vrdhanoe droppcdwe not m(y fkfpel iimmaitifjltmnmn ' sa safettimiifin wfiidi to Kfe. l(«mtat i Mm dMui, wc n . ■ , :4UH IDIU rm itJtis lhiL% kww to ivmwr fiNvi ifom w iit ws BiWi SnA T am pwmtto dilTyou ]li0 t yoth Tor ifiiXf mntnm} hyyonr tiomc iihJutSs soutfi hvi ftavc iibru in tfic ifefcrisc ofonr Uron iVuCS si icfvciton x fh fiomA " Miiy 2% 20( } fm ' .fy.iii mi ' b f ? ? J y ' } . • T t ? f 1 ? fir ft ». t.. I i i m r d?i [SS Ltf orne adc Q VlpHiH % ¥ A «r «iii N ' n= n i ' . ' IS ' •SilT ' " ' 1 •II HUH V li ■iiil it ■I II M 41 till IIBI mh l t. 1 l , , m W i mfl WW Qudlfl ABEC(AV SW) LARRY SAXTON ABEC(AW SW) TYRONE D. ROSEBOROUGH ABEC(AW SW) WILLIAM T. SPARKS ABECS(AW SW) JOHNNY EGGLESTON ABF1(AW SW) PATRICK D. PERKINS ABF3(AW SW) ALLEN HARRIS ABH1(AW SW) FERNANDO C. BYRD ABH1(AW SW) GEORGE NAHIM ABH2(AW SW) CONNIE G. THORNTON ABH2(AW SW) DAWN M. SANTIAGO ABH3(AW SW) CHRIS HULSE ABHC(AW SW) TOM P. MOORER AC2(AW SW) BOBBI J. DAVIS AC2(AW SW) CUNT W. BATES AC2(AW SW) COREY PATTERSON AC2(AW SW) JOHN F. HACK AC3(AW SW) TROY D. FIELD AD2(AW SW) JEFFREY HOLDER ADC(AW SW) DUSTIN J. DAUBE ADCS(AW SW) ANTOINETTE T.M. EUVRARD ADCS(AW SW) BRYAN N.LUNDBERG AE1(AW SW) DOUG W. WILLIAMS AE1(AW SW) LAURIE A. DAVIS wf AE1(AW SW) MARK A. SHADE AE1(AW SW) RUSSELL E. HAWKINGS AE3(AW SW) JEUSSA R SAM AEC(AW SW) MICHAEL E BLAIR AEC(AW SW) PERRY W. WARD JR. AEC(AW SW) TYRON SWINTON AGC(AW SW) AMADOR REYNA JR. AK1(AW SW) DWAYNE A. THOMAS AK2(AW SW) JASON L. BRADFORD AM1(AW SW) JOSEPH JUBA AMC(AW SW) FRANKLIN T. CHAFFIN ABE1(AW SW) JOSEPH TURNER ABEC(AW SW) CARLOS M. DEJESUS ABEC(AW SW) KENNETH BURLEIGH AMC(AW SW) RANDY A. McVICKER AMCS(AW SW) LLOYD W. McCOURTNEY AME1(AW SW) SUSAN D. BERNS AN(AW SW) ABIGAIL HAGAN AN(AW SW) BRANDON A. SCHRIEBER AN(AW SW) KIMBERLY L CORNELL AN(AW SW) STACIE N. SMITH A01(AW SW) AL COHRAN A01(AW SW) ALEXA HOLMES A01(AW SW) CARL E. CUMMINGS A01(AW SW) GREGORY M. WILUAMS A01(AW SW) JONATHAN L. BOYD A01(AW SW) KENNETH STAPLES A01(AW SW) KEVIN GRAY A01(AW SW) LAWRENCE P. LESUE A01(AW SW) NELSON P MENDEZ A01(AW SW) RODNEY GREEN A01(AW SW) TYRONE M. JOHNSON A02(AW SW) ANDREW E. BETTINSON A02(AW SW) ERICH M. FRANCIS A02(AW SW) NATHANIEL L TUCKER A03(AW SW) ERIC SHURN A03(AW SW) STEPHANIE MANFREDONIA AOC(AW SW) BOOKER T. MITCHELL AS1(AW SW) CHARLES A. VANSTEINBURG AS1(AW SW) CHRISTOPHER MITCHELL AS1(AW SW) DANIEL RIVERS AS1(AW SW) HUNG NGUYEN AS1(AW SW) JUAN LUCERO AS1(AW SW) RICHARD PETERSON AS1(AW SW) TONY O. WALKER AS1(AW SW) WILUAM M. MARCUM AS2(AW SW) EMMANUEL ADJEI AS2(AW SW) HEIDI THOMA Im AS2(AW SW) NEWTON R. ARIAS nm AS2(AW SW) REYNALDO C. RIE AS2(AW SW) YUNIEL DELGADO AT1(AW SW) ROBIN D. NORTON AT1(AW SW) RONALD A. BURGESS AT1(AW SW) STEVEN R. HARSHMAN AT2(AW SW) MICHAEL DAY AT2(AW SW) RACHEL M. BAILEY AT2(AW SW) ROBERT FULLER AT3(AW SW) DAVID GENYARD AT3(AW SW) JASON YOUNG AT3(AW SW) SHEILA DANIELS ATC(AW SW) DONALD E. FARSTAD ATC(AW SW) RILEY E. SWINNEY ATCS(AW SW) LESLIE J. GERRARD ATCS(AW SW) MEUSSA CHILDERS AW1(AW SW) CARL W. HESS JR. AZ2(AW SW) ANDREA BUCHANAN AZ2(AW SW) DAVID HART AZ3(AW SW) PARIS J. IVESTER AZC(AW SW) NIELSA G. JACKSON AZCS(AW SW) JUAN G. PEREZ BMl(SW) DONALD T. CORBETT BMl(SW) VICTOR D. JACKSON BM2(SW) FIKISHA MEADOWS BM2(SW) MARK RIBLETT BM2(SW) SHAWN ROLUNS BM3(SW) BIENVENIDO P ALCANTARA BM3(SW) MORGAN LANGLOIS BM3(SW) NATHAN A. COOKE BM3(SW) WASHINGTON GEE BMC(SW) JEFFREY UNDSEY CTM2(SW) TRAVIS VAHLBERG I WS Qml ed CmmnmSmB CTOl(SW) JOHN B. HILL Cr02(SW) JUSTIN DEEMER CT03(SW) BRIAN J. McKINNEY CT03(SW) DANIEL L ROHR Cr03(SW) KEVIN W. WILLMAN CrRl(SW) CRYSTAL L BROWN CTRl(SW) LEROYA. REVERE CTR2(SW) ALTON NEESE CrR2(SW) KEVIN CROCKETT CTR3(SW) JEROMYJ. HOWELL CTR3(SW) RICARDO VAZQUEZ crRSN(sw) vrro askins CTn(SW) DAVENNA TEASLEY Cni(SW) NATHAN HERRING Cm(SW) WARREN M. WILLIFORD Cn2(SW) DAVID DUNBAR CTT2(SW) JOHN E. DERSERAUX CTT2(SW) MATTHEW P. MORGAN CTT2(SW) MELANIEJ. BURKETT CTT3CSW) JASON RICHARD CTT3(SW) MICHAEL MOORE CJTSN(SW) MATTHEW EDGi DK3(SW) JOSHUA LAISURE DN(SW) LEONARD HENRY DN(SW) RAYMOND FLORES DN(SW) ROLAND L JONES DT2(SW) BEARICE OSEI DT2(SW) CALVIN E. DUNN DT2(SW) MICHAEL VILLELLA DT2(SW) TISHA W. ATWELL DT3(SW) DEANGELO TRAVIS DT3(SW) RICHARD L MORGAN DT3(SW) VAUGHN C. HARDICT DT3(SW) WANDA S. McKIE EMl(SW) BROWNING S. PERRY EMl(SW) JEFFREY PLYTER EMl(SW) KEVIN CRYMES EM2(SW) ANDREW W. BIERMAN EM2(SW) BRENT J. SPICER EM2(SW) CHIYON H. GATTHER EM2(SW) CHRISTINA A. SMITH EM2(SW) DENIS R.REES EM2(SW) DOUGLAS E NIX EM2(SW) ELIZABETH A. KEMPLE EM2(SW) ERICA RANDALL EM2(SW) JUSTIN H. FARRINGTON EM2(SW) LEMARCUS WATKINS EM2(SW) SHARA L STEVENS EM2(SW) SHARLA GREGORY EM2(SW) STEVEN BAUER EM2(SW) TIMOTHY S. BLACKMON EM3(SW) BRENT M. OAKES i__JL EM3(SW EM3(SW EM3(SW] EM3(SW] EM3(SW, EM3(SW] EM3(SW EN1(SW EN2(SW EN3(SW EN3(SW EN3(SW, EN3(SW, EN3(SW EN3(SW, ET1(SW] ET1(SW, ET2(SW ET2(SW, ET2(SW: ET2(SW 2(SW, ET2(SW, ET2(SW ET2(SW ET2(SW, ET2(SW: ET2(SW ET2(SW ET2(SW ET2(SW, ET2(SW ET2(SW, ET2(SW ET2(SW ET3(SW, ET3(SW, ET3(SW, ET3(SW, ET3(SW, ET3(SW, ET3(SW, ET3(SW ET3(SW, ET3(SW ET3(SW ET3(SW ET3(SW ET3(SW EW3(SW, FC1(SW, FC1(SW, ' ) BRTTUANIA CAMPBELL ' ) DAMIEN GONZALES ' ) DAVID J. BRUCE ' ) DOUGLAS O. OWENS ' ) MICHAEL M. MARINGOLA ' ) RONNIE A. CUCALON ' ) WILLIAM J. BUCK ' ) CHRISTOPHER BLAKELY ' ) DEMETRIS STEPP ' ) BARBARA J. MARTINEZ ' ) DARYL B. ROBARGE ' ) JANARIUS L HARRIS ' ) JUSTIN M. PERRY ' ) MATTHEW J. RAMSEY ' ) SCOTT BTTTINGER ' ) FRANKUN D. LOPEZ ' ) JASON B. KILLOUGH ' ) CHERYL M. BORING ' ) CHRISTOPHER L SMJTH||||,| ,n ' ) DOUGLAS W. MILLEI ' ) DWAINE E. HEROUXJ ' ) EDWARD FOULKS ' ) ELISHA SHADDEN ' ) ESPEN AAMODT ' ) HYEMON KIM ' ) JASON GOREY ' ) JASON SIMMONS ' ) JAYSON A. CISAK ' ) JEREMY TREJO ' ) JOHN A. MIRDO ' ) LESLIE GRANT ' ) MARCHAL A. MOODY ' ) SHATEEK R. MAJOR ' ) TAMIKA C WILLIAMS ' ) THOMAS BOYLE ' ) ANDREW R SENDZIK ' ) ANTHONY SNELL ' ) BETH NEWSTED ' ) CARRIE MERCHANT ' ) CHRISTOPHER M. PORTER ' ) DANIEL A. KRESSIN ' ) DUSTIN J. JOHNSON ' ) EMILY D. BOHLE ' ) JAIME ETORMA ' ) KEITH DUNN ' ) KEVIN D. MERCHANT ' ) MAYDEN R ZAMORAS ' ) MICHAEL MOON ' ) NICOLE R. GOULART ' ) JARRED D. SWARTZMILLER ' ) DOMINGO BONUZ ' ) MICHON E. PETERS BSWS Qm. FC2(SW) ARMANDO L VILLALOBOS FC2(SW) CHRISTOPHER SCHIKEVITZ FC2(SW) RICHARD T. ROSS FC2(SW) SHAWN L CHAPMAN FC2(SW) WALLACE KIDD FC3(SW) CHRISTINE STEVENSON FC3(SW) JAMES COLE FC3(SW) JONATHAN P. GUIDOS FC3(SW) KATARZYNA J. SWIERCZEK FC3(SW) LEONARD M. UHYREK FC3(SW) LONZE L SOWELL FC3(SW) PETER J. FIGUEROA FC3(SW) TAMMY BURKHARDT FC3(SW) YAOSHAWNN R. JARRETT FN(SW) ANGEL MARTINEZ-RAMOS FN(SW) RICHARD T. ANDERSON GM2(SW) JACOB A. NYMAN GM3(SW) DAVID A. DAGDAGAN GM3(SW) DERRICK SNIPES GM3(SW) KIANA N. GARCIA GMC(SW) DARRICK D. WILLIAM. HMl(SW) CURTIS MAXWELL HM2(SW) JEREMY JORDAN HM3(SW) DENECIA WEEKES HM3(SW) JASON C. SINGLEY HM3(SW) MARK WRIGHT HM3(SW) REBECCA PLANTE HT3(SW) LANCE J. McGEE HT3(SW) MATTHEW W. ABBOTT HTSN(SW) JASON MILLER ICl(SW) LEVY ALEXANDER IC2(SW) JASON R. STEPHENS IC2(SW) JONQUIL HAGAN IC3(SW) BRIAN HASAAN IC3(SW) SHARYNA N. BRYANT IS2(SW) LATRISHA ASHLEY IS3(SW) JASON M. DRUMMOND IS3(SW) MICHAEL UTECH ISC(AW SW) SANDRA C. STEFFAN ISCM(AW SW) SHELLY A. WALL ISSN(SW) ALEXIA ALLEN ISSN(SW) CASSIE CUEVAS ISSN(SW) DEBORAH WOODS ISSN(SW) JESSICA R. MORPHEW ISSN(SW) NATHAN D. PHILLIPS m(SW) ARTHUR K. GORDON m(SW) JAMES RENTERIA m(SW) JOSIE L WARREN m(SW) MONICA E. BROWN IT2(SW) CASTIDAD APONTE IT2(SW) CINDY ROCHEFORT IT2(SW) DANNY PEREZ rr2(SW) GIOVANNI KEELS IT2(SW) JASON B. ROGERS rT2(SW) JEFFREY MOORE rT2(SW) JERALD D. WOODALL IT2(SW) KEVIN HAMILTON IT2(SW) LAKETA YOUNG-WALLACE IT2(SW) RICK WEAVER IT2(SW) TIALICKA L. BURGOS IT2(SW) TINA MEADOR rr2(SW) TRACY JOHNSON TT3(SW) BRANDON M. DONALDSON IT3(SW) COREY J. NUGENT IT3(SW) NERISSA ADAMS IT3(SW) RANAE KHANSARI C TT3(SW) VERONICA COUN r rTSN(SW) CHRIS JOHNSON Jt ITSN(SW) DECARLOS KNIGHT ITSN(SW) LARRY D. JACKSON TTSN(SW) RICHARD C. WOZNIAK J02(SW) KIRK L BOXLEITNER j J02(SW) KATHRYN WHITTENBERGER ■—■ y U3(SW) CHRISTOPHER HODGE jllll jr LNl(SW) PIPER DUFF |l||illl|||,;r-- LNl(SW) SHANNON Y MlfWO WR MAl(SW) DENNIS D. MAT TINGU T Al(SW) JAMES HARRIS — lAl(SW) ROBERTA. FILES MAl(SW) ROGER N. BRAITHWATTE MA2(SW) ALICIA G. CURRY MA2(SW) LAMONT D. DUNCAN MA2 SW) SCOTT J. STANFIELD MMl(SW) BRIAN R TAYLOR MMl(SW) ERIK ERIKSEN MMl(SW) JEREMY W. LEFAIVE MMl(SW) JOHN R. ATTEBERRY MMl(SW) KIRK C. LTITLE MMl(SW) LOUIS E. SMTTH MMl(SW) OTHO McLEROY MMl(SW) SCOTT A. ENGUSH MM2(SW) ADAM L RAMOS MM2(SW) BARRY L BAUSCH MM2(SW) BENJAMIN A. MARTIN MM2(SW) BRIAN KUUK MM2(SW) DELBORIA HAMPLETON MM2(SW) JESSE PREUSS MM2(SW) JOHN A. FABIAN MM2(SW) JOHN C. HIGGINS MM2(SW) JOSHUA JUSTICE MM2(SW) KENDRIC J. SCARBOUGH MM2(SW) KERRY D. CLAIBORNE MM2(SW) KWAMBE O. WRIGHT MM2(SW) LAM N. TRAN MM2(SW) MARIA M. TAYLOR MM2(SW) MATTHEW DRAVIS MM2(SW) MATTHEW E. FAULKENBERRY MM2(SW) MICHAEL C. BOOKER m OSSN(SW) HfCfSW) Kfl2(SW) mis D flH2(SW) WW NH3(SWi flM3(S MM3[SW, HM3(SW MH3(SW MR2(SW MPfSI MRfN(Sl MSI{SW MSI(SW HS1(SW MS1(SW MS2(SV MS2(SI MS2[SI MS2(S ' mis MS2fS MS3(S1 MS3(SI MSSNf NCC(A OSlfSi OSliS 052(5 K1{S 0S2{S 0S1{S asiis 0S2(S 0S2(S 0S3(S 0S3( i ESWS QmdfiQd GmmnmfSers 0S3(SW) TOCCARA Y. DANIELS 0S3(SW) TOCCORO C. DAVIS OSSN(SW) KELSON J. BRACEY OSSN(SW) MARCUS K. BLACKBURN PC2(SW) DONNA M. SMITH PH1(AW SW) JAMES E. FOEHL MM2(SW) NICHOLAS A. MEYER MM2(SW) NICHOLAS J. GAWEL MM2(SW) ROBERT M. TANKSLEY MM2(SW) RUSSELL E. PYBURN MM2(SW) SCOTT A. BENNETT MM2(SW) SEAN M. VALOVANIE MM2(SW) VINCENT HOLTON MM2(SW) WADE HALL MM2(SW) WHITNEY PATRICK MM3(SW) AARON A. YEATON MM3(SW) BRETT W. JOHNSON MM3(SW) BRIAN P OELKE MM3(SW) CHRISTOPHER A. GEISER MM3(SW) FRANaSCO MARTINEZ MM3(SW) JAMES L. STOTT MM3(SW) TONI C. SWEATM. MR2(SW) AARON J. MARSH MRFN(SW) JASON W. RENO MRFN(SW) KYLE STEVENS MSl(SW) CHERYL D. STORY MSl(SW) KENNETH STAPLES MSl(SW) MARLENE Y KEMP MSl(SW) MICHAEL A. JOHNSON MS2(SW) ANGELA N. CAMPBELL MS2(SW) CARLOS ORTIZ MS2(SW) DONALD LAKE MS2(SW) MARCOS K. BURTON MS2(SW) RODNEY LOTT MS2(SW) STEVEN BRADLEY MS3(SW) AMINA S. ROBINSON MS3(SW) TIFFANY B. GRAHAM MSSN(SW) JIMMIE FRAZIER NCC(AW SW) MARIE A. MALACARA OSl(SW) GARRET B. McGEE 0S2(SW) ABRAHAM SLOCUM 0S2(SW) ALICIA JACOCKS 0S2(SW) DEULAH SPANN 0S2(SW) GABRIELL UVINGSTON 0S2(SW) JENNIFER E. STREETE 0S2(SW) LAKIA PEREZ 0S2(SW) LEANNE V. TAYLOR 0S2(SW) MARK WILUAMS 0S2(SW) MICHAEL HARRIS 0S3(SW) JASMINE A. UBURD 0S3(SW) MICHELLE CANTU PH2(AW SW) ANGELA M. VIRNIG PH3(AW SW) THEODORE WILKERSON t PHC(AW SW) ERICA. CLEMENT PN1(AW SW) DARNELL DAVIS PNl(SW) STUART B. DAVIS PNl(SW) TRACY KAVOUUS PN2(SW) CHRISTOPHER J. ALMANZA PN2(SW) FERNANDO BELLS PN2(SW) KENYATTA J. JAMES PN2(SW) MARK A. LESTER PN3(SW) ROBERT M. RIVERA PNSN(SW) JEFFREY T. HOOD QMSN(SW) BONNIE ALBARES RPl(SW) TRONDA JOHNSON SH2(SW) KAYLA N. HALE SH3(SW) APRIL M. DAVIS SH3(SW) CRYSTAL M. KETLER SH3(SW) DONISHA JENKINS SH3(SW) KIMBERLYA. HAIGHT 1 SH3(SW) MARSHA L TINSLEY SH3(SW) ROBIN R. WINN SH3(SW) TITUS GIBSON l))|l}||||vJ) SHSN(SW) CLEVELAND KNOWW , SK1(AW SW) DERIC R. JEFFRIES SK1(AW SW) RACHEL GUZMAN - " SKl(SW) TAMELA N. SIMMS-TRIPP SKl(SW) TODD E DUERHEIMER SK2(SW) ANGELA M. TALLEY-MINOR SK2(SW) ANITA D. GOSHA SK2(SW) DAISY JACKSON SK2(SW) KELLY H. FEAIRHELLER SK2(SW) KHAULA GROSS SK2(SW) RANDOLPH M. VANCE SK2(SW) SIMON SAM SK2(SW) VERONICA L. POWERS SK3() SHONDA P JOHNSON SK3(AW SW) COMONELLA PRINCE SK3(AW SW) SHAMAL MAYS SK3(SW) APRIL RABREN SK3(SW) DESIREE DATRES SK3(SW) JESSICA HEARD SK3(SW) MONICA A. MEDINA SK3(SW) MONICA MYERS SK3(SW) TIFFANEY SCOTT SKSN(SW) HEATHER ARMSTRONG SKSN(SW) WILBERT L SATTERWHITE SM2(SW) EDWARD E. JONES SM2(SW) JEB M. KRAMER SN(SW) NICHOLAS W. MAYHEW TM2(SW) STEPHANIE M. HANNAH TM2(SW) WILLIAM CONYERS YNl(SW) MICHAEL M. UVINGSTON YN2(SW) DAVID HINES YN2(SW) MEREDITH A. MITCHELL YN2(SW) MISSINA BARRETT Da SSWS Qmiif ed Cmmfm ers SH3(SW) TITUS GIBSON SHSN(SW) CLEVELAND KNOWLES SK1(AW SW) DERIC R. JEFFRIES SK1(AW SW) RACHEL GUZMAN SKl(SW) TAMELA N. SIMMS-TRIPP SKl(SW) TODD E DUERHEIMER SK2(SW) ANGELA M. TALLEY-MINOR SK2(SW) ANITA D. GOSHA SK2(SW) DAISY JACKSON SK2(SW) KELLY H. FEAIRHELLER SK2(SW) KHALILA GROSS SK2(SW) RANDOLPH M. VANCE SK2(SW) SIMON SAM SK2(SW) VERONICA L. POWERS SK3() SHONDA P JOHNSON SK3(AW SW) COMONELLA PRINCE SK3(AW S N) SHAMAL MAYS SKSCSW) APRIL RABREN SK3(SW) DESIREE DATRES SK3(SW) JESSICA HEARD SK3(SW) MONICA A. MEDINA SK3(SW) MONICA MYERS SK3(SW) TIFFANEY SCOtP SKSN(SW) HEATHER ARMSTRONG SKSN(SW) WILBERT L SATTERWHITE SM2(SW) EDWARD E. JONES SM2(SW) JEB M. KRAMER SN(SW) NICHOLAS W. MAYHEW TM2(SW) STEPHANIE M. HANNAH TM2(SW) WILLIAM CONYERS YNl(SW) MICHAEL M. UVINGSTON YN2(SW) DAVID HINES YN2(SW) MEREDITH A. MTTCHELL YN2(SW) MISSINA BARRETT YN3(SW) DERRICK A. JACKSON YN3(SW) DURIEL HARRIS YN3(SW) JANET STILES YN3(SW) PHEFEUA SELLS YN3(SW) SABRINA HART YN3(SW) TIMOTHY JAMES YN3(SW) TOMORROR CAINE YNC(AW SW) AARON A. BATISTE YNC(AW SW) DWAYNE MITCHELL YNC(AW SW) MICHAEL J. SMFTH YNSN(SW) MONIQUE BRANCH PHC(AW SW) ERICA. CLEMENT PN1(AW SW) DARNELL DAVIS PNl(SW) STUART B. DAVIS PNl(SW) TRACY KAVOUUS PN2(SW) CHRISTOPHER J. ALMANZA PN2(SW) FERNANDO BELLS PN2(SW) KENYATTA J. JAMES PN2(SW) MARK A. LESTER PN3(SW) ROBERT M. RIVERA PNSN(SW) JEFFREY T HOOD QMSN(SW) BONNIE ALBARES RPl(SW) TRONDA JOHNSON SH2(SW) KAYLA N. HALE SH3(SW) APRIL M. DAVIS SH3(SW) CRYSTAL M. KETLER SH3(SW) DONISHA JENKINS SH3(SW) KIMBERLYA. HAIGHT SH3(SW) MARSHA L TINSLEY SH3(SW) ROBIN R. WINN SH3(SW) TITUS GIBSON SHSN(SW) CLEVELAND KNOWLES SK1(AW SW) DERIC R. JEFFRIES SK1(AW SW) RACHEL GUZMAN SKl(SW) TAMELA N. SIMMS-TRIPP SKl(SW) TODD F. DUERHEIMER SK2(SW) ANGELA M. TALLEY-MINOR SK2(SW) ANITA D. GOSHA r SK2(SW) DAISY JACKSON SK2(SW) KELLY H. FEAIRHELLER ) UunVkJk) ' SK2(SW) KHALILA GROSS Mmi " ' - SK2(SW) RANDOLPH M. W vdf ' Hlllllllltilppy SK2(SW) SIMON SAM ' l K2(SW) VERONICA L. POWERS SK3() SHONDA P JOHNSON SK3(AW SW) COMONELLA PRINCE SK3(AW SW) SHAMAL MAYS SK3(SW) APRIL RABREN SK3(SW) DESIREE DATRES SK3(SW) JESSICA HEARD SK3(SW) MONICA A. MEDINA SK3(SW) MONICA MYERS SK3(SW) TIFFANEY SCOTT SKSN(SW) HEATHER ARMSTRONG SKSN(SW) WILBERT L SATTERWHITE SM2(SW) EDWARD E. JONES SM2(SW) JEB M. KRAMER SN(SW) NICHOLAS W. MAYHEW TM2(SW) STEPHANIE M. HANNAH TM2(SW) WILLIAM CONYERS YNl(SW) MICHAEL M. LIVINGSTON YN2(SW) DAVID HINES YN2(SW) MEREDFTH A. MTTCHELL YN2(SW) MISSINA BARRETT YN3(SW) DERRICK A. JACKSON YN3(SW) DURIEL HARRIS YN3(SW) JANET STILES YN3(SW) PHEFEUA SELLS YN3(SW) SABRINA HART YN3(SW) TIMOTHY JAMES YN3(SW) TOMORROR CAINE YNC(AW SW) AARON A. BATISTE YNC(AW SW) DWAYNE MITCHELL YNC(AW SW) MICHAEL J. SMFTH YNSN(SW) MONIQUE BRANCH fflSN(S«0 MH1(SW)I m0 W1(SW) m(sw) mm MM2[SW) HH2(SW) mm MM2(SW MM2[SW MM2[SW m{% HM2(SV MH2(SV HM2(S MH2(S MM2(S MM2(S MM2( miis MM2(S HM2(S MM2{S MM2(! mill MM2f! mil mil MH3fl MM3{! MM3(: MH3(, MM3( mi HRff m WS Qmlij ed GmmmifSefs YN3(SW) DERRICK A. JACKSON YN3(SW) DURIEL HARRIS YN3(SW) JANET STILES YN3(SW) PHEFEUA SELLS YN3(SW) SABRINA HART YN3(SW) TIMOTHY JAMES YN3(SW) TOMORROR CAINE YNC(AW SW) AARON A. BATISTE YNC(AW SW) DWAYNE MITCHELL YNC(AW SW) MICHAEL J. SMITH YNSN(SW) MONIQUE BRANCH MMl(SW) JEREMY W. LEFAIVE MMl(SW) JOHN R. ATTEBERRY MM 1(SW) KIRKC. LITTLE MMl(SW) LOUIS E. SMITH MMl(SW) OTHO McLEROY MMl(SW) SCOTT A. ENGUSH MM2(SW) ADAM L. RAMOS MM2(SW) BARRY L BAUSCH MM2(SW) BENJAMIN A. MARTIN MM2(SW) BRIAN KUUK MM2(SW) DELBORIA HAMPL MM2(SW) JESSE PREUSS MM2(SW) JOHN A. FABIAN ' ngM MM2(SW) JOHN C. HIGGINS MM2(SW) JOSHUA JUSTICE MM2(SW) KENDRICJ. SCARBOUGH MM2(SW) KERRY D. CLAIBORNE MM2(SW) KWAMBE O. WRIGHT MM2(SW) LAM N. TRAN MM2(SW) MARIA M. TAYLOR MM2(SW) MATTHEW DRAVIS MM2(SW) MATTHEW E. FAULKENBERRY MM2(SW) MICHAEL C. BOOKER MM2(SW) NICHOLAS A. MEYER MM2(SW) NICHOLAS J. GAWEL MM2(SW) ROBERT M. TANKSLEY MM2(SW) RUSSELL E. PYBURN MM2(SW) SCOTT A. BENNETT MM2(SW) SEAN M. VALOVANIE MM2(SW) VINCENT HOLTON MM2(SW) WADE HALL MM2(SW) WHITNEY PATRICK MM3(SW) AARON A. YEATON MM3(SW) BRETT W. JOHNSON MM3(SW) BRIAN P. OELKE MM3(SW) CHRISTOPHER A. GEISER MM3(SW) FRANUSCO MARTINEZ MM3(SW) JAMES L STOU MM3(SW) TONI C. SWEATMAN MR2(SW) AARON J. MARSHALL MRFN(SW) JASON W. RENO MRFN(SW) KYLE STEVENS MSl(SW) CHERYL D. STORY MSl(SW) KENNETH STAPLES MSl(SW) MARLENE Y KEMP MSl(SW) MICHAEL A. JOHNSON MS2(SW) ANGELA N. CAMPBELL MS2(SW) CARLOS ORTIZ MS2(SW) DONALD LAKE MS2(SW) MARCOS K. BURTON MS2(SW) RODNEY LOTT MS2(SW) STEVEN BRADLEY MS3(SW) AMINA S. ROBINSON MS3(SW) TIFFANY B. GRAHAM MSSN(SW) JIMMIE FRAZIER NCC(AW SW) MARIE A. MALACARA OSl(SW) GARRET B. McGEE 0S2(SW) ABRAHAM SLOCUM 0S2(SW) AUCIA JACOCKS 0S2(SW) DELILAH SPANN 0S2(SW) GABRIELL UVINGSTON 0S2(SW) JENNIFER E. STREFTE .,»,||j 0S2(SW) LAKIA PEREZ «||||p - ' " " " 0S2(SW) LEANNE V TAYlOm 0S2(SW) MARK WILLIAMS 0S2(SW) MICHAEL HARRIS 0S3(SW) JASMINE A. UBURD 0S3(SW) MICHELLE CANTU 0S3(SW) TOCCARA Y DANIELS 0S3(SW) TOCCORO C. DAVIS OSSN(SW) KELSON J. BRACEY OSSN(SW) MARCUS K. BLACKBURN PC2(SW) DONNA M. SMITH PH1(AW SW) JAMES E. FOEHL PH2(AW SW) ANGELA M. VIRNIG PH3(AW SW) THEODORE WILKERSON PHC(AW SW) ERICA. CLEMENT PN1(AW SW) DARNELL DAVIS PNl(SW) STUART B. DAVIS PNl(SW) TRACY KAVOUUS PN2(SW) CHRISTOPHER J. ALMANZA PN2(SW) FERNANDO BELLS PN2(SW) KENYATTA J. JAMES PN2(SW) MARK A. LESTER PN3(SW) ROBERT M. RIVERA PNSN(SW) JEFFREY T. HOOD QMSN(SW) BONNIE ALBARES RPl(SW) TRONDA JOHNSON SH2(SW) KAYLA N. HALE SH3(SW) APRIL M. DAVIS SH3(SW) CRYSTAL M. KETLER SH3(SW) DONISHA JENKINS SH3(SW) KIMBERLYA. HAIGHT SH3(SW) MARSHA L TINSLEY SH3(SW) ROBIN R. WINN r«) -J J02 Kal A nj. Whittenbei ' er rJ n - r- cc i ' C I ' vA ' amy L Uiorrij t Editors m-PH3 Sahrina A. Uh. ' ditors w Bash Cra-phics PH3 Brad Garner -Pfl i Contributer. JOC Aarron Strickland JOl Rob Kerns J02 Kirk Boxleitner J02 Jessica Benigni Ens Gail Cline PHC Eric Clemenir " PHI Gwen A. Truett PHI James E. Foehl PH2 Michelle D. McCandless PH2 Angela M. Virnig PH2 James K. Mcneil DM2 Karen E. Cozza PH3 Amy DelaTorr PH3 Brad W. Ganur IH3 Jason L Lagoe PH3 Phillip A. Nickersou ii[3 Theodore L Wilkerson PH3 Jamie L. Mill ' HAUhfUiielle Trevant PHAN Jacob A. Fadtey pfmmtAaron D. Burden PHAN Tony C. Foster PHAN Michael D. McCannCole PHAN Randall P. Damm PHAA Eben I. Boothb PHAA Jeffrey R. Carl PHAA Christopher Tharr ■■■»i»fii— nniBMwiwnTTwiwfTiiT ' riairniii ' Ill ll A " 1 4 ' -.3 ll f. .t-V VSS Tfieocfore pm Courier ir TVn . fi, mi: t:fMf i Bmmim: iim i m mm0m L ' .. seveit fn J 71

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