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MVWQQ, Two MK? ia ll 45 . 4 History of Naval Aviation Assistant Secretary of the N plan to study Samuel P Theodore As a love In Theodore "che birth child h Amen Moose Hull 624D's keel was laid on October 31, 1981, at Newport Building TR News Shipbuilding 81 Drydock, in Virginia. Five years later she was commissioned USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT CCVN-715. TR was completed ahead of schedule due to a new technique called "modular construction." TR was built in sections at different locations in the shipyard. Each piece was then carefully placed together to form the 100,000 ton aircraft carrier. f-ir c , i Q f' ' '.'if0f:i- V ,, V 4 :fl w,+L:L,3,,Q,!,L,mi'. ' Jw ,, -f'7'31f'V I f.5m,w.wj4ff51f'f',' W V' 3 3, ?'9'W".- ,.f'5:'f11 W , I ,, 1 , A , E Hkhfjkw. . V f T'7il,p-441, ' , , 5 40,-..,,',, - 'mat ,Lf f 4 ,L if , I I I '-c,, y u 4 MW 'iw F-14A Tomcat Aircrfzft of C VW-8 A Q 'ww VFA B7 E nl Carrier Air Wag EIGHT The task of Carrier Air Wing EIGHT CCVW-82 is to conduct offensive air operations against land, surface, and subsurface targets and provide the Carrier Battle Group with sustained defensive air operations in support of assigned missions. Embarked on USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT CCVN-711, CVW-8 employs 86 hi-tech aircraft capable of air warfare, strike warfare, anti-submarine warfare, and electron- ic warfare. The air wing's principal offensive striking power is shared by two aircraft: the A-6E Intruder and the PXA-18 Hornet. The strike! fighter CHornetl role is fulfilled by Strike Fighter Squadrons FIFTEEN and EIGHTY-SEVEN QVFA- ISIVFA-87l. Medium attack bombing operations are pro- vided by Attack Squadrons THIRTY-FIVE and THIRTY' SIX KVA-35fVA-36l. The Intruder and Hornet squadrons perform long range air-to- ground missions, interdiction of major communications routes, anti-surface warfare, and in- flight refueling. 1 e X The primary air defense for TR and her surface escorts is provided by the E-2C Hawkeye!FX-14A Tomcat tearnsg The Hawkeyes of Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron ONE TWENTY-FOUR CVAW-1241, Withtheir distinctive frotat-a ing radar domes, give long-range early warning of approach? ing aircraft. The Hawkeyes then provide .radar control to the Torncats of Fighter Sqaudrons PORTY-ONE and I EIGHTY-FOUR QVP-41fVF-84D for interception, identifi- cation, and, if necessary, the destruction .of enemy targets. The Hawkeye-Tomcat team maintains a defensive barrier I a of several hundred miles around the Carrier BattleXGroup, ensuring that no potentially hostile air contacts cross the barrier without being intercepted. The F-14A Tomct, with X r its variable swept wing design, can provide low-level photo- X. graphic intelligence when equipped with a camera pod. Anthsubmarine warfare QASWJ is of continuing impor- , tance to aircraft carriers. Air .AntifSubmarine Warfare Squad- , ron 'rwEN'rY-PoUR qvsrzfn, flying the s-sa Viking, the . if Navy's carrier based ASW aircraft and the SH-SH Sea King i helicopters of Anti-Submarine Squadron NINE XCHS-9l, working closely with T R's ASW module, provide an effective rtr, . sea' going weapons platform to combat enemy submarines.e...Xpg The SH-SH also provides search and .rescue and "vertical . freplenishrnentf' capabilities, X issi XX X X X . . X. X e Airborne electronicfdefense is provided by a squadron. EA-6B Prowlers.. These yaircraftf from Tactical Squadron ONE .FORTYX-.ONE fCW+QF141l are XCaPaliieS intercepting and countering a53Iar'ietyX of electronicgsignals jamming I i surface :to aair . X radarsi X j order to protect X SIOUP aircraff if T ii rirrer .X 1 X X e X X CVWKXKSX . . . rf' i VF-41 VF-84 VA -35 VA-36 VFA-15 FfA'131H01'1:ieri VFA-87 Vs-24 VA Q.141 VAW-124 Hs-9 12 Uss THEODORE Roosrvmfr fCVN 71, X ' X K X K X A. - . XXX XX . - 1 X X. XXX X mm Xr.r . - X. r X H X . . -- is i . .. X X X X XX X . XXXXXX X X . X X . XX-.XXXA r - XX .- .. XX Xa -fXXXXf. . .X X XX- -X X. X X X .K X. . . X . . XXX--gg X XX.. KXX.XXXX.X XXXXXKX -X X Qmca X X ac .X X X X X X X X K X .XX-XXX.XXXXXXX XXXXXXX X XXX XX R F A-is .Hafr1er1.X.Xii 5-20 Hawkeye R .Xi X X.. XXWTQS X X f, X X X X X XX 1 S51 X X X XX XXX X X XX XX .. ,X , X ,XXX XSXXNX NX A .X - X. X - XX X X - a X- X. X. X.. X . X X f -XX. -XX X. X. Xp X X X XXXS N X .X -X Q . . ' . XT X Q. X -is Q- Y TX TX XXX X S i f I X NOX XTX XXX is NX fefXXX.Xf. XXX XWNX K K XX .. KX K X .. X X . K X K . K XXX .XX KXKQ :X XXX XKXX XXX XXKXXjX,X.XXXXXK.XXXXXX.X. . .XX.X X X275 K . K, K K . . X. K..K XXKX. K X XXXXXXXXXX X Xa . X . -. X . X K X X I .. X X X Y 05: 1FXRXifXX'XfiXdXXiXXrXX X X X .X X Q .. XX .Xi X ,,,,, X S i e X X 1 s i. . XXeX X Xi E. X X. . A-6EI11f1'Udf21'iX X f?RnadX2 X XX- X - I 5 X .- . X. sg . . . X . X XXXXXXXXX, X XXK:XXXNXKXM X,.V X X X. X-X WXXXX Ki, r .. Q X .. XX XX X. X X X 5 .X .XXXX.X.XXXXX E ' X B N iXX X XXX S . X -,XX X X XXXXXXQN Xe.- X X X TN X f - - X . K K X X XX X X. X- X.X X.Kf XXX-. XX. XXKXX.K-XXX KX KK.K AX X K X, X X XX Ks - X XX XXX . XXXXXKXXQX.XXXXXwXXXX? K V . X . X XX . X . our . .X X... X XX X X . fe XX Q- NX X.. X X X EA -6B Prowler I F . .XXXXXXXXXXXE X X..X..X. X X.--. for OX X X X. -XX XXXXWXA4 X SH-SH Sea TX PXXNXXSNXVXE 1 FXXSXX.-X X. X K. K K K X .X X .K KX XK XKK.XKXXXXXXX X . K K . K .KK K X XXKXXXXXK X .XX XXXXXXXXXXX - YNSQP 'XX S SX-XXXJX XX . X NX N XX X E X XX X XXX XKK . X X. XXXY ,1 . XX XX. Xe X XXX X X XXX-XX-X. . S K. XXKK X X .X I S . . XX SRX: X .X.K . . . . A W SQ - K g . K X X .KX . X. K..X KK..X X .X KKKX KX I X X A typical day starts before the sun comes up. Prior to aircrat? berhg launched, the flzght deck has Foreign Object Damage KFODQ walkdown. Cooks began serving breakkst at 0315 and wzll serve mare than ZQ000 meals dunhg the day. Aire: a full mght of work the aircrak maintenance crews head for bed. 14 USS THEODORE Mlm-, ,,., Z I f ,. I i ! N 20 USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT CCVN-711 Captain Dayton W. Rift Commanding OfHcer 22 CVW-8 Captain john F. Manning, jr Commander, Carrier Air Mug EIGHT in 4, "' A -, aa-1'-s '-"...,...b.1. 1 . 5 'ke 'fi' fx - M ... A , I A, fl A , 1 fZ.Q"'wf?1-iz. ,rg " -"1 ".4..xf--.I XV--iw M' -in ,...-1-V.. - f - N bw! M-A71 , "H '-:VA , . r I" J kk'-I . vi 534, wi y Q- 5 4- ' . , 1. ,1 X ,SF .Jw 1' 'Q v- 5 214:51 1 if '75 Agn' J .YV 4 E Y , 4:13525 :f 4 gvffzgavrsi 1- ff 12:31 ,. Qi, , , ., x , fiwfd-' 11" ilghfffnf ' 5 fxwif X, ...- ' -f.1,'wmgvQ Q- 4' 4 , XX, KK Jil- ww 'sfo 'Qs' f 3' AOCM KAW jack L. Breedlove Command Master Chief A 26 Command Master Chief r " ' - ' -- ' ' ' " -1 ' ' " ' ' " " "' ' " "LTf"""T""""'Tf' 'T'-"W-' -"f"""""U"WNl"4 'Wiv"U-LiJr5Jv'1N97Ir45hJ4A-2Ukdiibbi-iS4-hM'e!eHlG04A-is?h1di5M'L!.iaorhz:13ls-L'Cx1,:S',L'L:SLh!idAlKxE7F-kiwi? ki-Tzziix'-. ,L.f'.1-432-L' 'xlkx " . fy .- LH: s -5' 15222. - ' - ' 'W Y Q . ' u all 'Sf' Q- v 4 "?' ',....,.,.. . v:'v'f':.:',3 'V' . Q1-1'3:11f:9 wq --Q... Mfg.. . sf -w"?'s'1f.. 1 ... .ngwl m ffm: ww ,K ff .J v-0' nu W F-T' ""va, . f "T am, we '3""..:,R1LlLIX ,..1.-f -by in ., x w 1 , 's 14? V f W xxx, J ff '42-.K A M. v Ku 1, N K'-. YV, 'N N A -. ,V pf' ,J "xx -X, 4 Y!- K Vai' ll H at f' J' , . M' , f N. ., ,, f M w, 'M x-':,1:,u-rf. -:Wg i5,f.g...v'.,L.g,.h:x V f ,x..:1:.."f V 4 , 1t,4.j:agqx.- W-Q, . -:3555rv.'?,,?,?Z:f-w: jgp.-, ' es-,Ly-.LTYA-um vp yr? i n 111' f. I .vw-r .5L-,, g.,L1',,A :lr 'gg2'Nf i5w45,-Y' --1-,X 5 . -f 7:,,7,.9g!,5-- in1.yH,? Y,..nL,ilM-4mAi.,..E, ,h,hum,,:.,,,,4Am,ALAzu+,f, ,vnu L . fx I m g .. A f -,,:.f'zL'-pA :so,.u,,,,.,.l 1 ,,f , .., . 4... wqig ,V Y, . D r 4 ' USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT ICVN-71j Sailo of the Year . .. , Fw, MA1 fSWfj Charles Vinciulla, t. 1989 32 Sailor of .the Year W ii? ., i...9n-A.: 15159 CAPT Ritz' Takes Command TR held its first change of command on October 3, 1987, as Captain P.W. Parcells turned over command to Captain Dayton W. Ritt. The ceremony was held in Hangar Bay TWO onboard TR. Captain Parcells assumed command of USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT CCVN-711 Precommissioning Unit on August 17, 1984, and became TR's first Commanding Officer upon her commissioning. He left TR for a post in the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Legislative Affairs, Washington, D.C. hange of Command 56 SHAKEDOWN S f R S ffm' 3, - -18 Through SHAKEDOWN the Crew of USS Theodore Roosevelt and Air Wing EIGHT worked and trained together in Damage Control. Flight deck operations played an important part in TR 's final battle problem. When the alarm sounded for the final GQ of SHAKEDOWM TR and her Air Wing were ready. Whether on the flight declr directing aircrak, in the Hangar Bay, or being the On-Scene Leader for a simulated aircrah' fire, the officers and men of TR and the Air Wdng once again proved themselves as the finest in the fleet. . 51 T .. ,. ,pw 5' , M: r ,e19"e. rf., , ,geggo N, L, Ag, .L ,R+ T T : w.e,::g.m:f . 4+.- vft5M!?a2r2'r4-ig TR crewmembers enjoyed their leisure hours in Fort Lauderdale. Some visited the hospitalized while others toured Walt Disney World and still others met George Steinbrenner. -. i X A. 40 Fort Lauderdale TIGER Cruise '88 On 5 April TR with more than 1200 for the journey Virginia. The fathers, sons cousins and friends enjoyed packed three day ride TIGERS watched an Air Wing air drills by MARDBT and enjoyed the company of their TR sponsor . 42 TIGER Cruise i3 g wi, ' 'f H- rg Fleet Carrier Quals A, 41, 21' 1, ', H il 551' ,51- , . 1 . AZ if gf 1 4 , , l M N x E 2 5 4. 3 k 11 ig 1 E i 46 Fleet CQ -1 flrvv QE? f X Wflig. . 'CB' cs , 2, , - . 4. img yffw R 1 , 2-. f',' "gg Qi. ,A ff in if , "' K' 'V -V wr 'if l"'l.'0 44, ,Q ,, . f' 48 14th Inner-American Naval Conference I R, Kgs, X 5:3 J Caribbean Cafner' Qual f wi , X 5 , Rf' , f, S u ff- fffff f, X! " 1 ffl- "',,..,. 52 Caribbean CQ V x QQ Okkfyf. - 1 xx x A wx gi X TR personnel visited Bluebeardls castle, where legendary pirates kept their treasures, while other crewmembers refurbished a Community Health Center. 54 St. Thomas If " ., . fy? n.,,', - My-nr , . . lilly- . ., .gr .LM 7 V . o., . ' 1, n" '. ' 'Qc ,V f I V Q hf.. . . . - M . Ts: , -.,,f,- ' ' . . I .A In . ,D - . . , is r Y 'I' a ,N 'wg "" ':'3 4 'su K , 'F Y 1. -za. ' Q , '. 1. 2 , f.' Ei V V --la. ' mf! . ,,, -Q P -Q . , . - ,, . 1 , , re-"' - -. All . F' ' 5. p,'1s ' -1 " ' "I-'L149 I . I-ir? ' V -- , '. , , 'G -' ., A' Y E-322198-Q . '5 . , . , , . -3. , ...Qld A .M , Lf- P . P lr' warg' . ,v ' A , 1. O ., 15' . ef- F . Z1 """N A I 'of ' .ff -, 1 - ,:-.R ..-3 xv- ....r,. Id 1, 1 -me - , '-' -e-- ". . , 9-,, .e.,.a,:-ff '4aq-'ef,qk T' 1' , -an Q O ' 5.2, 1 -2-'lb' -- :via 'n 2' . Q? 9' . . ' " ,'.- -W ,- -."" .' L. 83 ' ' ' "F +-I 'Af Q .5 -.,- Pe. NJ. 7' N N 3 "N'L'Nx -, Marshal Akhromeyev was briefed by TR Enlisted personnel, who would not be allowed to handle such complictaed tasks. A month after the Marshals visit, President Ronald Reagan remarked on the historic event to the 70th Annual Convention of the American Legion. "We took Marshal Akhromeyev to visit our newest supercarrier, the USS Theodore Roosevelt. I was told he couldn't get over the fact that we had Cenlisted rnenl doing work that the Soviets would reserve exclusively for officers, in many cases, very superior officers. And he couldn't believe that our enlisted people were so self-assured in speaking up when asked a question, so articulate in giving their replies and so ready to add their opinions," said the President. 58 USSR on TR 62 Ship's Picnic ependenfs Cruise I1 15 J i f 1 ": A f f OI ,101 I that 64 Dependenfs Cruise f f ,ff 1 ,. i " Y"154u X- ...WM . 'QRS . sa , . JV -'Af '41 A M-""gj - .ka x, s ,vpQnx1w5 TBAMWORK ,ss 'avi QSFI' ..-'Wen TR anchored in Wilhelmshaven, Federal Republic of Germany, to make her first overseas port call. Crewmembers enjoyed tours of neighboring Hamburg, Amsterdam, Cologne and Brussels. They saw everything from cheeses to "Coaster- Mobilesf' The first European port visit was a success and led the way for future good times on the . . . "Great Adventure.' 7 W lh lmshaven 1 74 Wilhelmshaven FLEE TEX On 7 November, TR headed south for the Puerto Rican operations area with members of the battle group, Together they launched strikes against enemy targets while defending against h attacks. TRXCVW-8 carried out their part the wtth what Vtce Commander 76 PLEETEX 1-89 1 E 5 3 - - .- 'Q ity "v. W 0, . .pi ., 'J Q -:. va , , a ' ' . '16 . 241, 1 .. ,o. -p.'.,-". Un.. P . N .3 T f E ' War 5 1 wig a .P , ,fiigig :Sip 55322 f:se592f5H"' ug ,J '. , gf.-. V Mgiwkusfggs ' A' w , .5 , fl 1 X vw sa-.W -,',,V '1' ? V, Z' Tv? nf J: 1 f fi , " 445' ' ai. Q, sifzvt , H, ,, Z? V N4 , up - .J -ref Q1 A Qi, -1: P V IA ... . f. :1,,. - -'.'fP.!' -ov an 1 .i ' , f' flti. ,- lf , 1 N '4- 5' r ! f P t 1 1 5 N V nf U 'I I , 1 I P . I v f f I 51 ,A W? W . -4 Falun- A- . i - walt-M 1' A 1 TR 'S Great Adventure begins 30 December 1988 Turnover lr , gi ,T 52 J 212 aw just TR rendezvoused with I C V-6 7 Q for Turnover. down two Libyan MIGS Tension was high, but training and Work were 3170111 as TR assumed the "Watch" l 21115 began her maiden Mediterranean deploy- ment with the Sixth Fleet. TURNOVER lit- l-QL. I: 84 Palma de Mallorca - V - . ., ,.,. , , .. x , ,.L , 1 M , M 2 I V F'-at P V z K ,ITN 1 W K V zu, N ,vm V, , ,...-.- , I ,..., ,,..f.,1,-11-7.3. .,. .., -Ffh, V.-,-pufw.-, Y K .b . I, . V ,'. ,f,.' ,I V- , , - W' , V V V , . .,, .. ...,. Y . ,,,, ,V ,. ,, , , , ,,,. ,. , y FV? ff Egg , W K VFW H22 1 ., HQ M ,V ,,. L NIS, , IQ Z sv i, , ' 'Z fi: :I-ff ,, W1 : lik? Wi X w --Y , Q E, 5 Ez! 4 .iq i , 15 : fa Q .195 s EEE! T 'li I 1 , V535 32? IE Msg N sfi 5 , ,Q 5 "Ewa Wi. SI: E iii a Lg i -:Q : 'arf s I, Mi' 'i E,-1? Lili faire 423W ,liff 2 I 5 1 125' iii? L?5 Wi U! 2 15? Q fir Pie 52 if E6 2322 113. :fi iii: E355 ii! 4. Q -Ms 5:1 TV .,, 4.4. by 88 Marseille, France M arseill , France ,....,,M. bfi. Qs f l ,EW H535 if -1135 -Q--1 -mfr 11, J 'W J 'W .w 'mi .U 'f ' 'V '-iliff' 91? ' V? ,, fi ' ' 95 A' , fifnifff 5' ' W1 -f 3 fffif if TQ 1453 , ' ' f ,fl 2- ' A . 2101 , 6, M- If A Um. Q ' A N x if.v " L, "AH , , ' ? f ' 'A' f 5 A 'ff 'b ' ff, . I Q... - 7 5' ..,- I 3 A ,f:::f'i ,J , K ' v K- '14 'Z' ,'?:. 4 4 ,. .Z ,, N ,TQ , 4 ,,,. N- L - 'VJ-',,.,. W ...... . W +P W' I ,, sk 1,,,,,n ,.-.M,..X.,,A ' an - 4 V-'Z 1 , ,. ' ' Mu f Q, .- ,, , ' wwf f ,,.f,gg,W- will "' 13 A' ,...f.w.,.. ' 5, an ' fi ' if m 'Wi -W W L yi sms'-vv:f1'.a , x'QQms-mf., VW, ,.,,.-...., L, Af, ,,,,f.,N- H fzvnz-w'dwf""' "" 7 'MVQ 'hh' "i Q , 1 ,xy " ' , , g I V ,l .E ,,V, 'V ' ... M, r er Alexandria Egyp I ab ,L 59' 17.-f-z 11' 92 Alexandria, Egypt ' :aa V f-'Milf -t.f:J'f U l v '. V x a i -Nya- ZH' ai? 55: 253 45? :S ia f., -if , 11 m is as we 3551? 45 3. A g 11. 11 1,5 I if il? fi 2 1, vf ? Q, - 5 fi 1 5 2- .2 ns Qi. iff? p V Ns , li 3 55 Xi Q fi kk? E 1 E I Q ' s I I ,I I -E I ij ii Q, fi 3 1? NS . 1, , Q ... . n. Q va. u ,. M H 'H , s N, In "s 'Q -. . . 1.5. 0-.,,"'h ' v 5 "N-. . vu, 1 wq,,, " ,,.s""w-,A " 'Ns Ts s w, ' 'Nw N guys. . '-g JN- Hs. . - , "--. 1-,hwy-Z. "ln,,,,'- .. win... an N---... S.-5 s.. N-. sn 1 1 snr 94 Alexandria, Egypt . ....,.-LA 5-.iv """ -. ......, .J-qw il L- Ai' I 1 IJ l 4 Antalya's tiny harbor provided a very relaxed atomosphere. The tour to the Perge ruins where Peter the Apostle founded his first Church in Turkey was one of the highlights of the stay in Turkey. fi. rf? -s Q E I i 1 i 5 1 i I l 98 Antalya, Turkey is l-5'1"-ir, l gg v w x l w i l 1 l l m i ! v r 5 1 W I I T: I J li l l I Q v Q4 W i l Naples, tzily M V 100 Naples, Italy fi? if J f tb' .-,. K ,fxhfzr I A ' 'W ,I . Q .Q -. TR and CVW-8 spread across Italy visiting Rome, the heart of the Roman Empire, touring St. Peter's Square or heading north to ski the Alps. W -val '-- " in zf M ' , -. are " ,. 'i'9f,.f Hailff '45, '- N, ,A ww, ui Y, 7 Y 102 Naples, Italy Ml Toulon France 2 1 4 2 - , ' . ' E , X5 E Q 4 an f ' K . f W, ' , 5 , i wygya MWA'- HW!-J' 1 ' .fi , 104 Toulon, France 4 25 Ffa? "5 Q' H I I dx k , V - -A.,': we im-M W i Y iiiii! .. v Y , V , , V .,., -QW,-,.-. -, .H Monaco The playground of the r1ch and famous was a glance at the glamourous for the crew of TR and CVW 8 The Grand Caslno, whlch made nearly 35700 m11l1on last year, drew many to test therr skxlls The French Alps overlooked the t1ny farrytale country of Monaco 108 Monaco T sg 4' K 7.2! angier M 0 occo ..""1q,., me -02 ,,xk. I W 'ki ,f .4 5, -nv wk- . ,.., Qs f ' A "'f4 " 4 Lf , ., -1l"0'WH .W .Wx X ' ' 'Tl-. 1 10 Tangier, Morocco 1. iii, 3 3 fi .,. ex: F? , iii ul 2.1 gi J' fy: ff, 531 1-4 '? 1 1 sra el f fi? ri N, :xl :Wi 4... 55' X, L 23? x-32 5212 fi W 421 3 ,Mya W3 :ri 25 i if Z in iii E 1 3 ll I 3 iw 521 ,n . N 112 Haifa, Israel 1 14 Haifa, Israel KQFJE Dewar' 1 116 KRBE Power 104 xxx!" x 7 qw i Q kwa Biff'-1. Mi V1 'K 118 Rough Ridef Spor new his Cruiser-Destroyer Captain john Mazach Chief of Staff l CCDG-8 CAPTjolm Langknecht CDR Eric Briggs CDR Grey Glover CDR Louis Harlow CDR Bill Hirst LCDR ,hm Clager LCDR Mark jensen LCDR Frank Klein LCDR David Markham f --,.4:'3 Q-, ' i I I i . r ?L'LTiW3fIc?LZffJ1292Ul2Z? .wild , Q x 2 X ,Ex xg , , " , Q 2 Mg f r I ,rf ,4 'f7'G'gL gwm , , A ff' . A' , N ,f , Q Q ff , . hr , N ,W -1 -g 3-s. ,'ff'r'f"f' , . -Y f, ff .',., . ., V , , , I i Q1 'f 'ff . V??3 , 5 x ,a J, , .I MZ ff ' JW Q We L 'S K ' 1 g 1 'wvy 4 , - 4 ' Nia f - I rg ' 1g, pf.zf 2 f , 2, . H' am M, .-f'11Kw:2:?1'1X'f53iT4?'f' ,7'1'fmsa1:Ef'GgfZ1wgg6 1 'P' , , - - ,M -3 f iii 4 f,-wfff.-,naw 4 Q,fam,-.Qe.iaafef1g1f "gf 'Ku v V .. . W ,X - - .Q 2' " jjygfiggeiky . 3-. I 4 ,, . I f f 4 ' f 1 i ,z 101.931-M - ,L 1,5,',,y,314?'5 ' ,.m.-fx.-.:, 1 wig ,T - -wit' 0 K ,L '5"s2fs5- 411 5521: ,ff 2395 -' rifviii +: 52' .. N Y' , 45292, YQ r H .,,, ' "11'3fQQef,f.' ' 'iV1sg1iQi:j'.. IRIS? f'fJ?"z,, 0 5 ,A-W.: --X ezeyfxuf ua f-snr.: f-wffgfie 4: , WV! lyk! I 3fg7'g'--',.'I7f '-'Tiff f?ivf',V"fJ . 1.-3. lf.-:I '34 fff-If N :v,.. s, A-its X: -gvjfgf,-,Lk HL, Tajik 5+ 273321 2 -if , , 1 . VWX' 4- 'mf Q m f 1 f59M3lfQ'f f ff V LL 5 VVV. Q 5, 5 , . W X2 f .ifwfll f" Mid? , .49 A K , iff W, .K A, .gm 34, . A NZ 5 252' fig? K , X 2 ,,.,,N2fQ x -i V ggi: ' -1, Fl- l'f24-IN? Y X , 7,fgN,.' V L , df of' 114 Publrc Affarrs Ofhee LT john Hopkins Public Afhirs Officer ,IOCKSVVQ David Farmer jO1,Fm Brantley, jr. jO1 Steven Lawson jO2 Anthony Bussard jO2 Kevin Michalowslci jO3 Roger Durcher .IO3 Pat Lauderdale SN jm Davrk 134 X-1 A, Recreational Services WTCM Dennis Albers Rec Services Officer ADMIN LCPO AWC KA Wj Robert johnson ABH1 Timothy Matthews AO3 Crafg Hardy AN Danlel Showalter AA Ernest Hromada 136 X-2 PN2 Robert Mailloux PN2 Charles Prock PN3 Dennis Abbott PN 3 David Brewer PN3 joe Rubio PNSN Richard Gregory PNSN Daniel Lintag PNSN Robert Oden PNSN joseph Stivers PNSN Timothy Watson PNSN Kelvin Williams PNSA Brent Benlien PNSA Ronald Dipmore PNSA Larry Fioretto PNSA Alan johnson PNSA james Parsons PNSA Larry Pennington PNSA William Strahan C WO2 David Durham X 3 Division Officer X3 MACMISWO Timothy Peckham MA1 Kenneth Andel MA1 Alhed Cardona AMS1 Michael Clark MA1 David Duncan MAI Gerald Giovagnoli MAI Nicholas Glavocich QM1jim Goodman MA1 Gary Granger MMI Donald Halls BM1 Clarence Holland SKI Aurelio Mnchaca MA1jeffery Nickerson WTI Carl Ratliff ABH1 Albert Reaves MA1jay Sines AO1 Richard Turner MA1 KSWQ Charles Vinciulla gil. 140 X-3 GMG3 Richard Anderson, II AT3 Eric Barnes DP3 Richard Brown BM3 Anthony Callahan AMS3 Gregory Day AMH3 jackie Frame ET3 Marvin Head ABH3 Nathaniel Hines, jr. SH3 Michael Kelly YN3 Daniel Mirolo AD3 james Page ABI-I3 Mark Price AQ3 Wayne Price BM 3 Marlon Sherrod ABH3 Paresh Sidpara ABE3 Michael Thorton SH3 jerome Turner AMH3 Edward Wagner, III AO3 Brent Yarbrough SR jermal Butler AQ?" . . 1 t . ,Q i , My, I il vga, ff A 5 1 ' ak' ,JU ,np ,wg ,, 1 Q A i 2 . 5 3 , E v IM- i 1 1 LCDR Reginald Howard Ass 't AIMD Officer IM-1 Division provides administrative support, production scheduling, quality assurance monitor- ing, and berthing compartment maintenance for the department. The 55 men in this division are professionals who pride themselves on their ability to manage the department so production divisions are able to work at maximum efficiency. Maintenance Administration provides personnel management services ranging from arranging training courses and career counseling to word processing support for the inevitable stack of pa- perwork. Constantly adjusting priorities to fit re- quirements, Production Control provides close management of the department's repair effort. Quality Assurance monitors the production effort to ensure that we continually turn out only the finest product. They work closely with our cus- tomers to keep us all headed in the right direction. The unsung heros of the division, the berthing compartment cleaners, are temporarily attached from other divisions to maintain living spaces in top condition. 144 IM 1 .23 1 ' l LCDR john Kennedy LT john Wright PRCSI A W2 Paul Material Maintenance Quality Assurance Lapage Control Officer Officer Department Leading Chief Petty OHicer Jl a X K FZ Xa - f AZ2 Christopher Baxter AK2 Garth De Verger AK2 George Hoffer 7 4 ,'f ' GGY 'fl' G' 6 I Z 5 S 3 3 3 5 3 4 2 Q5 , ,Qi AK2 Patrick Morrissey AZ2 Tim Stibal AK3 Daryl Broady y AK 3 Alvin Ferguson AZ3 Brandon jackson AZ3 john Nelson AZ3 Anthony Snyder AZ3 Karadle Willis U AN Deon Anderson l 6 E fr? X i ff 'I AZ3 George Gallant gn ll All AZAA Adam Kaliski AZAR Darrell Chapman AZAR Troy Pa ylor 146 IM-1 AEI Harold Abels ADIKA Wj Earl Arrovvood AMSI Dennis Lovello AMSI Monte Marler ADI Gilbert Mendez PRI Michael Mullins AMS1 Terrence Passmore PRI joseph Sa voie AMHIKA Wj Rick Schafer PRI jerome Thienes ADI Michael Van Valkenburg ADI Milan Aleksich AD2 William Anderson AX2 Robert Barlow AMH2 Patrick Brocato AMS2 Michael Cummings AMH2john Davis AQ2 Ronald Flatley PR2 Michael Garrett AMS2 Gorden Hayes AMH2johnnie Hearns AMS2 Brian Knapp PR2 William Kushinski AMS2 Daniel Mann AD2 Robert McKoy AMS2 Clark Merscham AMS2 joseph Moore AD2 Kevin Murphy AD2john Snell AMS2 Brian Starnes PR2 james Stewart AD2 Gregory Tindall AD2 Kevin Winkler AMS3 Fred Albios PR3 Raymond Barton AD3 Rodney Brown 150 IM-2 AMSAN Kevin Whiringer ADAA Maurice Bagley ADAN james Claussen PRAA james Crawley AMSAA Bruce Foster PRAN Douglas McKown AMHAA Warren Michaux ADAA Howard Oliver PRAN Thomas Poirier ADAA Gregory Powers ADAN William Smith AMHAA Sylvester Spinetta AMHAA Richard Stouff ADAA T Mark Tefh' PRAA Tim Watson AR Pablo Maurosa AZAR james Melenson ,M-an,,,N 435 'Hp-A J ' , I 4 Q IM-3 AQ3 Andrew Franzone AT3 Richard Fyock AO3 Carl Gilmore AT3 Frederick Hart, II AT3 Vincent joiner AT3 Harry Mill AQ3 Rick Mitchell AT3 Da vid Nelson AT3 Stanley Owens AT3 john Paysse AQ3 Randolph Pfeiffer AT3 Bynum Rayfield AT3 james Russell AQ3 Peter Shiffbauer AQ3 Daniel Shade, jr. AT3 Bradley Stocking AT3 Steve Vandergrifk AX3 Scott Weiss AT3 jefhey Williams AQ3 Curtis Young AT3 Edward Young AN Dwayne Ashby AEAN Douglas Binnion ATAN Christopher Brown ATAN Keith Carrico ATAN Nhchael Cenname AOANjohn Grose ATAN Troy Hartman ATAN Lowell Kickliter AEAN Andre Miller AN Michael Morris ATAN David Reynolds ATANjames Schuette ATAN Scott Smith ATAN David Strothman AEAN Ronald Winchester AEAN Michael Belliveau ATAA Charles Ethridge AA Albert Leech ADAN Lawrence Long ATAA Anthony Salotti ATAA Duane Taylor .5 ATAA Martin Wilkes ATAR Brian Huddleston 8 ,, - r,- i x x 4 I I WW! O -4" WW - 160 V-O V-0 CDR Lar Stampe Mini Boss LCDR Richard johnson Handler LCDR Robert Toop LT L.E. Hartman ABHCS A. Steven Brown Department Leading Chief Petty Officer The heart of TR's Air Department is the V-0 Division, the center of information administering to over 622 enlisted personnel and 20 officers. V-O is divided into two parts: Administrative and Pri- mary Flight. The Administrative section sends and receives over 150 pieces of correspondence daily, and is responsible for the timely and correct sub- mission of over 622 evaluations annually. Primary Flight Control is directly responsible to the Air Boss and Mini Boss for coordinating and recording all aspects of aircraft launch and recov- ery. Working closely with Air Operations, they ensure correct and timely aircraft data on flight status, fuel state, pilot's name, and aircraft side numbers are relayed to the "Boss" They are the tower professionals. 162 V-1 LCDR Francis Garrison Division Officer LT David Duncan LT Robert Ellis LT Greg York ENS Richard Contini V-1 Division manages TR's four- and-one-half acre flight deck. The yel- low shirts fdirectorsj and blue shirts lfaircraft handlersfelevator opera- torsftractor driversj do all aircraft movements, man the four elevators, and operate ground support equipment. The red shirts fcrash and salvage crewj pro- vide crash and fire protection in the event of an aircraft accident. The 127 professionals of V-1 carry out their vital daily duties day or night, and in all weather conditions to ensure USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT's flight deck safety and readiness are the "best in the fleet." 'Y -4 A ASCS Steven Good ASC Earl Olbert ASC Godfrey Vaerewyck AS1 Steve Brodie AS1 Kirk Crippen ASI Seunarine Persaud AS1 Bruce Savor AS1 Carl Simon ASM2 Brian Blackmore ASE2 Terry Cornell ASM2 Michael Forsberg ASM2 Bobby Godh'ey ASM2 Hartzell Haines ASE2 Mark Hayes ASM2 Maurice Poole ASM2 Thomas Sides ASE2john Smith ASE2john Sorber Numa. ASM2 Forrest Thurman ASE2 Timothy Tracy !,M fZ,,,f 66 L! ., 168 V-1 ABH2 john Langhorsr AK2 Charles Rivera ABH2 Troy Robinson ABH2 Michael Shaw ABH2 james Wiggins ABH5 juan Aguilar, jr. ABH3 jim Anderson ABH3 Lawayne Barthell ABH3 Thomas Bayne ABH3 Marshall Bennett ABH3 james Booze ABH3 Patrick Branigan ABH3 Shane Brister ABH3 Terry Cook ABH3 Linwood Cox ABH3 Robert Diaz ABH3 Edward Fowler ABH3 Kevin Gallagher ABH3 Sheldon Griffin ABH3 Tom Haberberger ABH3 Trent Hilliard ABH3 Nathaniel Hines, jr. ABH3 Calvin jones ABH3 Michael Kemeny ABH3 William Lange ABH3 Gerald Leahy ABH3 Dewayne Lowery ABI-I3 Andrew Maleaux ABH3 john McLaughlin ABH3 Michael Morgan 170 V-1 .iii-" .L I Qngfx l"b'3W'e-if ABHAN Cliff Smith AN Craig Smith ABHAN Edward Taylor AN Kevin Wadley AN Rodger Wilder AN Leroy Vogrich AA jeremy Buzon AA William Clark ABHAA james Douthit AA john Evans AA David Gibson AA james Gibson AA Pat Grace AA Channon jermstad AA Gerardo jmenez AA Kenneth Katschke AA Tracy Mackey AA Philip Recidoro AA Frank Rivera AA Lee Rowedder AA Howard Sparks AA Clyde Warren AA Christopher Windham AR Shawn Abbott A 47'-4 V r! I Y 4 172 V-2 f-.,., V-2 1 LCDR Michael LT Mark Laughton Fralen Division Officer Division Officer The men of V-2 Division execute the carrier's primary mission of launching and recovering aircraft. Safely and quickly they catapult off and trap numerous aircraft both day and night. Accomplishing this demanding task requires ex- tensive training, and sound equipment maintenance. Cata- pults, operated and maintained by the aviation boatswain mate equipmentman, hurtle aircraft into the air at speeds approaching 170 mph. These ABE's also operate and main- tain the arresting gear, cables stretched across the flight deck and connected to a network of machinery below which safely stop the aircraft upon landing. If an emergency arises, they can erect a barricade to safely "catch" the troubled aircraft. V-2 Division's interior communications electricians and 'Nur electricians mates "peak and tweak" the Fresnel lens, the manually operated visual landing aid system, the intergrated launch and recovery television surveillance system, and all the flight deck lighting. These systems assist aircrews when land- ing during the day, night and in all weather conditions. The division's quality assurance team inspects all catapult and arresting gear equipment. The damage control branch ensures operational and readily accessible damage control equipment. Support branches provide maintenance assistance and supplies, and ensure all systems are "up and running." The catapult officers, chiefs and the men in the green jerseys work as a team. On the flight deck there is no room for error, and this team performs as the "best in the fleet." l 1 n ul-1-1 1- 1 n n - nw ' 42-3 141 Q-- , ' W, Y M ABEAN Michael jones ABEANjan1es Kinser AN Terry Lancy ABEAN Douglas Meteyard ABEAN-Iulius Moore, III ABEAN Scott Cowan ICFN Darrel Shyne ABEAN Darren Thomas AN Oscar Torreschevere AN Orlando Vega ABEAN Morris White ABEAN Lawrence Wilson AA Harold Barnes AA Robert Bone ABEAA john Bridges ABEAA Marty Crowley AA Floyd Davis ABEAA David Dillon AA Lavaughn Dowling AA Ralph Ernst ICFA jefkey Gold AA james Good AA Todd Gray AA Steven Hubbard qos I if diff, ' h yf 1 4 ..,5,, , . f-an x 'B ,ff ,ff ,fi , , ,, ,V 6 41' 49 Y. is ml ,WE EZ V! 'K ifilfff yfwg, '1 . ,,,,5W.,. ,WW -'F xg' err wr .gy K f f ff! x 'Of M57 YM ,, , xx? Q f xi- 184 V-5 ABHAN Eric Hayes AN Steven Helderman AN Michael Kane AN Mark Krolikowski ABHAN David Lavigne ABHAN Andrew Lee AN Kenneth Oliver AN Carlos Sanchez AN Eddie Searrght AN Michael Siverly ABHAN james Simpson AN Ronald Stokes ABHAN Michael Weber ABHAN Sidney Webster ABHAN Vincent Williams AA Keith Arthur AA jefhey McDaniel AA Scott Morris YNSA joseph Russell AA Raymond Schaver AA Michael Trueblood AA Michael Walter ABHAA james Weaver AA Mark Baca AR Bobby Boswell AR Sylvester Bronson AR Brian Cole AR jeffrey jahn AR Xanard jordan AR Lowery Noles, jr. AR jamie Oldham AR Frank Proscia AR Thomas Richardson AR Billy Ridgway AR Mark Samblanet AR Stephen Snyder AR AR Ted Wanshon AR Dwayne Williamson ? ABF1joe Tyler ABF2 john Beedy ABF2 William Cunningham ABF2 William Hawk ABF2 Daniel Hines ABF2 Michael Pruett ABF2 Daniel Riddle ABFZK A Wj Bradley Shallcross ABF2 Mlton Wood ABF3 joseph Attical ABF3 David Brandt ABF3 joseph Bennett ABF3 Wendell Blankenship ABF3 Anthony Bruno ABF3 Robert Burroughs ABF3 Danny Camacho ABF3 Robert Carter ABF3 Rafael Colberg ABF3 Steven Dunn ABF3 Paul Ellis ABF3 Michael Fenton ABF3 Carlos Flores ABF3 joseph Frangiosa 188 V-4 1 AN Kenneth Castro AN Michael Conroy AN jeffery Cullen ABFAN james Davis ABPAN Dueco Dick AN Andrew Eades ABFAN Troy Farina AN Tracy Fields ABFAN jonathan Gooding AN Michael Guzzo ABFAN Todd Gwynn AN Bobby Heath ABFAN Barrett Hughes AN Thomas Hulse AN Carlton Lowe ABFAN Michael Martin ABFAN Roger Naylor AN Horace Richardson ABFAN Darin Watts ABFANjefr?ey Wolfe ABFANjeremy Yeager ABFAA Reginald Beck AA jeff Brasfield AA Fred Clausen cxscxs1'r1,f.zz1:::-i,-- g f A am: Na: ,...1 Q 2 ?P.:.'81-,- ...... - 190 COMM N E i 1 ...i fu ""wL2Z21t H A' ,Q T f 1 , - w..,...,., , M-.,.7,.. FlE2Z'qZ4?faf:'iw-'M fffiffl 15 VZ w?f1kv5?41i 'V , -af34ibm2eM,.: .v w - ' M , gfk-fa-m,4f1,ws4,z' ,gf ,, . 1 ,, wffwf- I , V ,mv g? i 1 H ' Mizz. Wi I .- 4 f i ' 9' If N? Mg fi 'Q 15-,W :HQ V s Y- if 1" . 6'3- lea' Z 3.5. 5. - , I- 5 g r .,.1,,.,, J' 3 gift F 1 I pf iv" fu I-. I'- '- f- Command Religious Ministries 1 5 1 Z 1 5 E fi' CDR john Maiorana LCDR Mitchell LT Robert Pllpkin Schtanz "Stand by fortevening prayer This word from the boatswam mate of the watch of the watch each evenrng just before taps alerts everyone that rt IS trrne for a word of prayer Thrs mrghty vessel pauses for a few moments, reflectmg on the day that has been and on the tasks ahead for those who work through the night Over the shrp s IMC pubhc address system the Chaplain s farmhar voree rs heard Let us pray The Psalmrst says of us They that go down to the sea rn shrps, that do busrness on the great waters, these see the works of the Lord, and hrs wonders rn the deep Let us praise the Lord for thrs day, because we come to htm wrth prrde an our accomplrshments, wxth 196 CRMD Whether from TR's flight deck or atop the Mount of Beatitudes in Israel, CRMD got the word of God out. thanksgrvrng that we have been kept safe, and wrth hopefuiness that our future may be one of contrn ued achxevement O Lord our God, we thank you for this day and ask you to bless our work We are grateful for farmhes and frrends and for homes toreturn to, the thought of whrch fills our hearts wrth warm antrcr patron We return home a htrle wrser and more apprecratrve than we were when we sarled from horneport Encourage us when we need rt, comfort us when we hurt Pour your love on our natron and on those whom we love, this day and forever , - s s y , , Y I , ' f s If 's u , I , f s ,Q I ,, I 'ff' ' f I ' f 4 7 ,I ' ,, , X , 'rf' , , ' f I I I I ' ', , X, , , , ,, f , , 7, 3, f , f, f, ,,,f , , f f ,If , ,,f' 4 , f , fy I f f , ' f , f ' f , ., fr X f I f f , f , ff H I f f- ,fVf,!, -, , f Q f f , , , n ,ff ' s f ,M ' N V, I f, ai ' Ulf, glam ' 1, M , " V, ,, ' ' ' H, ' , ,, f " 4 ' rf f' , , ,ff I T f f , , f ' f 2, ff i X, ' X 'X ,ff O ff I f Q I ' f H f I, A, I I , V,V, , , ,, , V, I X f N ff, -f ,Cf ,',,fqf ,f ' X I ' 7 , J f , f ffff,,7'f,, ff 'a, 1, ff ,f f, 7 fffff, ff,,,X,ff f 4-,,,,,f V, f fr f If I ,,f gr f , , ' - 57-Q,v,'f,,ff,f mn, fr 4 I, f, f . 4 Q ' ' f ,, f ' K ', f , , f f f , ,'!k H ff f X 'V I ' f .ff Q 5,7 H, , V, 'V , I g f V' 4 , f, ,f Y f . ' , ,, f' , ,. ' eclc , f w N i . x 1 5 1 1 3 3 1 w. 5 2 F E 5 198 DECK 2 f 7 Z , 1 nl f 2 1 w i l 4 l f 3 4 200 1SI S LT john Price Ass 'r lsr LT C WO4 Keith Campbell Ships Boatswain BMCM Danny Qualls Leading Chief Petty Officer LT Steve Sorenson Division Officer til March 1989 LT Tirnorhy Webb Division Officer First Division is in charge of all de- partmental spaces and equipment in the forward section of the ship, with their most notable area being the forecastle. The forecastle contains the anchors and forward mooring lines and is also used for worship services and advancement and award ceremonies. These sailors are the experts at anchoring the ship, and are also in charge of towing gear, life jackets, and inflatable life boats. Addi- tionally, First Division is responsible fOf mooring lines one, two, three and four whenever the ship gets underway from or moors to a pier. 202 2nd 2nd LT1g Russell Colbert, jr. Division OfHcer Second Division specializes in under- way replenishment and fueling at sea. They maintain all refueling stations and equipment, and are also responsible for the quarterdeck area and the THEO- DORE ROOSEVELT museum. Addi- tionally, Second Division is responsible for mooring lines five, six, seven, and eight, and all Deck Department equip- ment and spaces amidships. BMC Richard Connolly BM1 Charles Bush BM1 Warren Caldwell BM1 john Nugent BM2 Robert Cohen, jr. BM2 Mchael Thomas BM3 Rodney Barnes BM3 Edward Barginere BM3 Andrae Brooks BM3 john Greene BM3 Duane Howell BM3 Sterling McSwine - 204 3rd rd LTjgjoe Lacefield Division Officer Third Division is responsible for the ship's boats, including 50 foot utility boats, 40 foot personnel boats, 26 foot motor whaleboats and the Captain's gig. Additionally, Third Division maintains the boat and aircraft crane, the fantail, all boat booms, and mooring lines nine, ten, eleven, and twelve. They are also in charge of all other equipment and Deck Department spaces in the after section of the ship. I BMC Stephen McCal1ister BM1 Arthur Herbert BMI Willie Page BM2 Troy Rose BM 3 Herbert Burkes BM 3 Bruce Dutton BM3 Cleveland Kelly BM3 Edwin Morris BM3 joseph Nowhirney BM3 Carlos Rivera SN Mke Campbell SN Tea' Casarez ww' 'Www X ef, , , f.. f f f ' " f, ,f 2 'A HM. .WM m,....w-awww.,-ww -ui X X M Q W 4 .P - Z f Z4 1,-2 aj so Z f Q- ia 7 T W 1 f Q :W .Q X X X f X pf? I ,a Z aj-xi 7 27 W , W' a , X .sm f 4 af 4 J' ggi 2 7, Z ZZ , ,, - f W if 1 Q , M ff 7 f. ,Mfg X, W! 1 V 1 l LCDR Edward Reeg LT john Griffin LT Denzel jines, II LT Paul Richardson Co R e I T ! DTC Norm Langrehr DTC Ernesto Gutierrez DT2 jack Moore W DT2 Kevin Williams DT3 Victor Alicea DT3 Michael Chatt a DT3 Lamar Clark DT3 Richard Davidson DT3 jefkey Dunn DT3 Terence Williams DN Frank Smith i DN Ionacio Vasquez ' 1 1 DN Mortez Williams DR Paul Moberly 208 DENTAL 14 B 41 29: E HJ 1, 'vii Q - ' ' 'f 'Y W"-f W ' fi, r J i gli cas' x if ,y, ig 7, ya if Gai 1 i 212 ENG Log Room LCDR Albert Lord jr. Damage Control Assistant LCDR james Warren Main Propulsion Assistant LCDR Eddie Gardiner Auxillary Assistant The Chief Engineer and his Principal Assistants work in the Engineering Log Room. The Yeomen of the Log Room, supervised by the Department Leading Chief Petty Officer, provide administra- tive support for the Department, in- cluding word processing, distribution of paperwork, administration of the Maintenance and Material Management GMD System, and Career Counseling. EMCSKSWQ Bill short MMCI S W2 Bernard Sage MMI john Gulizia YN1 Robert Maar YNSN Bruce Kathalynas YNSA jonathan Moore FR Mark Overstreet --T.-. M 4 p 1 - h,,,,...-ww EM3 Bret Bacon EM3 Robert Blazier EM3 Timothy Charbonneau EM3 Bryan Crosby EM3 jim Eckels EM3 Allen Featherlin EM3 john Green EM3 Thomas Hauser EM3jon Hughes EM3 David Lesser EM3 Scott Macke EM3 Brian Marstella EM3 Anthony Marzzarella EM3 john Meeks EM3 Ehain Mendez EM3 jimmie Lee Miller EM3 Nathan Polley EM3 jefhey Smith Q 'W "" "J M Div xy T l 222 M Div l l LT Glenn Parton Division Officer Machinery CMD Division maintains and operates all the machinery that pushes TR through the water. They make all the fresh water for the crew and reactors. They also operate the ship's only auxiliary boiler. M Division consists of both nuclear and non-nu- clear trained machinist mates and boiler technicians. MMCS Matthew Schwarz MMCKSWQ Edward Myers, jr. MM1 Gregory Beckinghausen MM1 Ralph Causey MM1 Timothy Dare MM1 Douglas Harper MM1 Richard jarosl-ri MMI Marcel Maestas MM1 Rick Shropshire MM2 Dana Allen MM2 Chris Chisholm MM2 Fred Dietrich I X N 1 N I 224 M Div FN Ronald Hill MMFN Clay Marrow MMFN Matthew Maynard MMFN Thomas Schneeberger FN Robert Urso FN Leon Wilkes MMFA Larry Beeman FA john Boughter FA joseph Brideau FA Robert Crabtree BTFA james Graham FA jimmy Hester FA Glen Lorenz MMFA Robert Nagel MMFA Todd Riggs FA john Sheldon FA William Wilburn BTFA Chad Woolard FR Willie Dearing, III FR Michael Ipsen FR Timothy Palmier X 1 Q r 'Z "Milf g, 5 'Eli' 21- 6, :fr f 'Q VW mf f , , vm. , .f L ff - A f',f N, sf uf' Q f . 'f'- LZ?-E I-gi wwor' , x l ,-.V if A., ,,+ , W W 6 -v VL ' 6 1 W I M -f4: N i, . A V! My ,. f ,A ' , 'gf 1 f xxfsrt' N QA'A X: iii," 5? .Md Q Q9 Tix W' S ff! N, ,Q v "' ' 55 ' , V use ' f XX :E ' gggggx'-, 5 XM I W UW MEDICAL ,ga-J M.. 230 Medical ' CDR Larry Opoliner LCDR Charles Nikon L LCDR john Pierce LCDR Boyd West LT Robert Darling i LT james Gordon i i i i LT Timothy Hannon LT Steven Hasring C WO2 Dennis Blue i Z P w 4 O , ", why X ,aw MQ.-fff"""' 232 Medical q 234 Navigation x -, ' , 1 M1 ,- A .awww mufm Aw- 7 f ,. ,JM h.v.M,,.,-.Qf M W, M, ,,, k - 4:31 ...... IA, 1-efffcvf , , U V, ,,,, ., M,.,,v.,,,-H W W' W --W-'W' ffm wf 1 wwfff-wf-H ww ff' 1 W W- M1 :A 5- 4. M,-,,,,m ,MJ X, NMMA MMM' A Y v f f X M X W-ff, .X,, ,,., ,:,,..,,-,,. f,wufMtv,,,V,,,,QMW,NeS N! VI GA TI O 1, ff A , 1- W, ff.,m,,, .. A mfmmf., U ,f In VY-W4 , '- LT Edward O'Brien 256 Navigation Ass 't Na vigator QMC Donald Pohlmann QM1 Terrell Davis QM2 Woody Hill QM2john Hodge QM2 feffery Ryan QM3 Norman jones QM3 Michael Morris YN3 jose Rosario QMSN Shane Brown QMSN Michael Delk QMSN Warren Holifield, jr. QMSN K.C. Mason Z .HSZMV , , my if 51342 X QMSN Cecil McNew QMSA Chuck Mason YNSA William Stokes QMSR Sammy Hartman i and 1 swmvw-mslx-M.,, f:vv6'H: , ' wrz f wil 7 ,fd 45435 Qw- X v , W 352' I P M ' 1 V ' " 1 h'W55i?gZiffi ' " H .sf z'f:ffZZ1f:q,ff WA, , f v.,f MWWHU M? Q mf.-fp,mvm"V' . I f ' J, f - ' ' ' X 4 ' 7 , g, 1 . 11 g!v4',f3 f X2 Z' '. 1415.4 ' ' . 4 ' ww f ' f Mp, Q? . .figgiii x' , Th 'k'f A +1,'fzf ' 'Q , ,.,.Y ' If J 77' yn. vw-Mvyf3f"fT'?1,, ew, fkyidffffi 3aW?QM, , il l' 'X' 2 , f A if 5 f , fH 1 S avfmwwukwwi 1V+sfHJ d5if7i1Hi ' "AE ff' N' A sf l ,wear f+ V f 'V' 938 ?i.lHul Y Tw 'WW'-C" xi fx, 3, ,1u:i-Y r- , 41 LW ,AQ OW, ' 2, I i fi 4-n4"""' pr 0 M I J ., " at ' A, "W A 2, 1 F x I " 'v f " ,WW isfiavfzvv Tk ,, . 1nQav,fvW:i!,Y lf ' I lk -an .... is V , w OX Ops Admin COXQ is a multi-fac- eted office which supplies adminis- trative support for the twelve divi- sions of Operations Department. The backbone of this organization is a team of seven yeomen, whose out- standing working knowledge and overall dedication keep all corre- spondence, typing and filing for the Operations Department running smooth as silk . Additionally, OX facilitates the flow of the inter-de- partmental and inter - divisional infor - mation by routing departmental message traffic and distributing daily and weekly schedules to the entire ship. LT Bruce Silberman LT Wayne Stamper OSCM Fred Elks, jr. OSCMK A Wj Robert Lamy YN2 Randolph Nutter YN3 Nathaniel Washington, jr. YNSN Lawrence Buck YNSN Chris Higgins YNSN Walter Williams YNSA Kevin Parks X W, YV, 244 OI -lie LCDR Micky Bailey LT Frederick Allen LT David Buckey LT fm Denmark LT Douglas Fuse LT William Harrison LT Lionel Mew LT ,Fm Morrione LT Tom Williamson ENS Xavier Vargas C WO4 Stephen Skidmore 3 X A ,Z K i I " , W A, 1 I 'Q gym PTD? 'Ill CVIC CDR Charles Mauro Intelligence Officer LCDR john Made! LT john Hall LT Neil Wiley LTjg Michael Werbowerzki LTjLg Kelly Shackelford ENS john Fedorowicz 248 CVIC Knowledge of the ene- my's capabilities and in- tentions is critical to ful- filling TR's mission of putting ordnance on tar- get and fighting the ship in any situation. The Car- rier Intelligence Center QCVICD correlates all source information and ties together estimates of enemy action with the ship's capability to effec- tively respond to the threat. Working closely with the Combat Direc- tion Center, CVIC contin- uously evaluates collected data and recommends ef- fective actions to ensure TR's ability to carry Ollf her mission. CVIC is com- posed of three divisions, Intelligence, CryptologiC and Photographic with eight officers and 75 H160- 250 OS OS LT Doug Culp Division Officer CTO1 Larry Leatherman CTA1 Kenneth Owens CTO1 Guy Rasnic CTR1 james Williams CT M2 Dwight Cressy CT O2 Doug Sharpless CTM3 james Patterson CT OSN james Williams CT OSA Anthony Abate Cryptologic Division is manned by one officer and nine ship's company personnel, and is augmented for deployment by as many as a dozen Crypto- logic Technicians from shore- based commands. Using finely honed analytical skills, comput- ers, a special intelligence com- muncation center, and other state-of-the-art electronic wiz- ardry, they provide intelligence support to TR's tactical deci- sion makers, embarked battle group commanders and the air wing. I, an ...., r , 1 I' 5 . EIO, if Fl' sd 2 1,,,7 1 1 OEC , 254 OEC I- LT Dennis Ventura Division Officer Communication Maintenance Divi- sion is made up of two distinct groups, Interior Communication Technicians and Electronic Technicians. The Interi- or Communication Technicians main- tain both the ship's information, train- ing and entertainment television system and the Intelligence Centers classified, closed-circuit TV system. The Elec- tronics Technicians are resonsible for the maintainance and repair of a variety of equipment ranging from complex satellite communications systems to liberty boat radios. They also maintain cryptologic gear, data-link transceivers, meteorology equipment and the naval automated message system. Combining knowledge and skill provided by the Navy's best training schools, they pro- vide dedicated, continuous communi- cations support to ensure effective training, and entertainment for the crew's morale. OED 256 OED LT' Patrick Kopanski lg Division OfHcer DSC john Howett DS1 Paul Adams AX1 Dennis Benkendorf DS1 Gilberto Chapa DS1 Paul Henderson DS1 Robert McDonald DS1 David Pentecost DS2jon Bothwell DS2 Richard Bryant DS2 Stanley Burch ET2 Derrell Chapman DS2 David Craig Data Maintenance Divi- sion maintains TR,s suite of complex tactical and non- tactical data processing equipment from the Ad- vanced Combat Direction System to personal desktop computers. Manned with personnel in the Data Sys- tems Technician QDSD rate and Aviation Anti-Subma- rine Warfare Technician CAXD rate, the division en- ables TR to display and pro- cess massive amounts of in- formation for effective shipboard and battle group operations and decision making. Whether the system has been in the fleet for years or is a unique state-of-the- art prototype, Data Mainte- nance Division's highly trained technicians keep if running. 2:7 1 i i l l i l i .4 f DEM 258 OEM CWO4 Charles Bovasrro Division Officer The Missile Maitenance Division is responsible for TR's four Phalanx Close-In Weapons Systems 120mm computerized gatling gunsj and three NATO Seasparrow surface-to-air mis- sile systems. Each weapons system con- tains complex intergrated circuitry and radar guidance and control equipment. Comprised entirely of Fire Controlmen, the division deals with widely varied tasks from changing oil in radar direc- tors and greasing the gun systems to troubleshooting and repairing intricate electronic components and circuit cards in the fire control computers and radar transmitters. As operators, maintenan- cemen, and technicians, they stand bat- tle readiness watches at sea to provide TR with self-defense capabilities against aircraft and anti-ship missiles. . f X 'tts "I .N ,go es-f"N wmmmxgiwgw .Z GER 260 OER L- ETCKSWQ johnny Collinsworth Acting Division Officer "The eyes of the ship" best describes Radar Maintenance Division, with Electronic Technicians and Fire Con- trolmen maintaining, operating and re- pairing all of TR's air search radars. From long range surveillance aircraft in the Mediterranean Sea to pleasure craft in the Chesapeake Bay, nothing goes unspotted by their radars. The Division also maintains the automatic carrier landing system for hands-off carrier landings, and the ship's carrier naviga- tion system, which provides precise navigation information to a variety of shipboard systems and air wing aircraft. Radar Maintenance Division also main- tains vital electronic test equipment for the ship, ensuring it is properly calibrat- ed and in good working condition. Mi- cro-component repair of electronic equipment is yet another service provid- ed by this versatile division. - LCDR Tom Sage Division Officer The primary mission of the Meteorology Division is analy- sis and forecasting of meteoro- logical and oceanographical conditions for THEODORE ROOSEVELT and other ships in company. Staffed by a mete- orological officer and Aerogra- phersmates, they accomplish their mission using sophisticat- ed state - of -the - art equipment, including a dedicated weather teletype, facsimile broadcasts, satellite data and observations from numerous sources. Me- teorology unravels the mysteries of the wind and the sky to en- sure safety of all personnel and equipment on board. i ,. ,. , . ,, ,, ,A ,.,,.,, Z ,,,. X ,Z L,,,,.,, my My I V N I I Y Reactor NUCLEAR PROPULSIUN PLANT STEAM STEAM GENERATDRS OTHER AUXILIARIES RA LCDR Christopher Cain Ass 't Reactor Officer MMCMKSSQ Lilton Davis, LcPo 266 RA ETCKSSQ Barry Moore YN1 Otis Hogan MMI Richard jackson ET2 Douglas Mayfield EM2 Craig Merluzzi YN3 ferry Pech YNSN David Gauny SR Stephen johnson 2 f 'fr 'XY Reactor Administrative CRAQ Division is one of six divisions in Reactor Department. With four permantley assigned yeoman and ten tern- porarily assigned personnel from other reactor divisions. While RA Division is the smallest reactor division, it plays a major support role in the successful operation of the Reactor Depart- ment by editing, formatting and typing all cor- respondence from the department. As a result of their timely and efficient processing of Reac- tor Department correspondence, the yeoman have rightfully earned their reputation as the "First Team." Damage control, 3M system, physical fitness, career counseling and supply COPTARJ status are monitored at the depart- mental level by RA Division coordinators. RA Division also has housekeeping responsibilities helping to ensure berthing spaces are cleaned and well maintained as well as providing laun- dry pickup and delivery service for the depart- ment. These tasks may appear inconsequential but they contribute as much to the successful operation of the Reactor Department as stand- ing watch in one of the propulsion plants. 268 RC ET2john Dowd ET2 Michael Gelhaar ET2 Lee Hanson E T2 Eric Harris ET2 Thomas Hinckley ET2 William Hollingshead E T2 Robert Lee E T2 Frank Meeker ET2 Paul Olijar E T2 Calvin Sleppy ET2 William Smart ET2john Stetler E T2 Dixon Trretsch ET2 Maunel Valecruz ET2 William Barker ET3 Brett Costello ET3 Forrest Cubbage ET3 james Cullen T E T3 Montgomery Dambrosio ET3 Michael Felkkrrchiner ET3 Glenn Gilbert ET3 Michael Harris ET3 jefhey Ingram ET3 Christopher jenkins ET3 Robert Killory E T3 David K wiatkowski ET3 Todd Luhman ET3 Michael Maine ET3 Greg McMullen ET3 Christopher Mller T ET3 Charles Minturn ET3 Mchael Noyes ET3 john Ortolano ET3 Mlchael Pohland ET3 Mlchael Puglio ET3 Michael Ramsey ET3 john Reilley ET3 Thomas Rosendale ET3 Byron Sherman ET3 Paul Towner ET3 David Weyant .iff w L - L.: I g 5. Hi 272 RL MMC john Holcomb MMI Paul Campbell MMI George Glatt, IV MM1 I SWQ Ronald LaFrenierre MMI Anthony Mencome MMI james Smith MM2 Robert Broman IWM2 William Campbell MM2 james Cobb MM2 james Dickinson MM2 Steven Ewing MM2 David Freitas MM2 Douglas Goode ,MM2 Richard Hogan MM2 Gregory Kramer MM2 john Kupiec MM2 Dennis Mattison, jr. MM2 john Mller MM2 jesse Paul MM2 Charles Pittman MM2 Mark Walter MM3 William Clifford MM3 ,hm Crothers MM3 Rickey Hendrix ET3 Christopher Lamb MM3 james Lipari MM3 Michael Robme MM3 john Snead MM3 Samuel Wood 34811-3'0 FR 159487 274 RM MMCSKSWQ james Newton MMC Lawrence Cotton MMI Steven Barrett MMI William Black MMI Kenneth Calopisis MMI I SWj Brian Corallo MMI Constantine Destebno MMI Thomas Fox IWMIKSSQ john Gray MMI Desmond Hatchette MMI Gerald Henson, jr. MMI David johnston MMI Edward Maxwell MMI john Mickey MMI jeff Miell MMI Charles Sizemore MMI Christopher Stanton MMI Emit Stover MMI Dana Vecere MMI I SS j Andre Whnkfield MMI Steven Ward MM2 james Allison MM2 joseph Amico MM2 Peter Bloomer, jr. MM2jerald Canze MM2 Daivd Cook MM2 james Cordia MM2 Michael Elliott MM2 William Fortune MM2 Sean Fulmer MM2 Edward Green MM2 Brian Harlow MM2 jefhey Harper MM2 Frank Hearn MM2 Delmer Morris MM2 David Ohlt MM2 john Ramski MM2 Bruce Sargent MM2 Paul Smith MM2 james Thayer MM2 Eric Ward MM3 Robert Anderson MM3 john Anthony MM3 Shawn Ballee MM3 Terry Beranak MM3 Stephen Bittorf MM3 Mitchell Bolden MM3 Richard Bond I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I A I i 276 RL LCDR David Zebrowski LT Edward Farlrbairn LT Patrick Kelso LT Gregory Parkinson LTjg David Acker LTjg Daniel Collins LTjg Mark Feffer LTjg Ken Kutzer LTjlg Gary Stewart EMCSKSWQ Charles Germano E TCS Kevin Greybill EMCSK SS j Brian McMurtrie MMCKSWQ Kurt Beifus MMC Keith jensen MMC james Marcy MMCK SS Q Denzel Struchen MMC Michael Sutton MMC Thomas Weber EM1 Steven Andrews EM1j0hn Dessofgf ET1 Keith Devine Reactor Training CRTQ Division introduces all of TR's nuclear trained personnel, both officers and enlisted, to the demanding and rewarding challenges of operating and maintaining surface nuclear propulsion plants. Instructors with expertise in each area of reactor plant operations are assigned to RT Division from each propulsion division in Reactor and Engineering Departments. In addition to training newly reporting personnel in all aspects of reactor plant design, these senior, technically qualified staff members, under the direction of the Division Officer and the Propulsion Training Officer, coordinate and track the entire propulsion training effort. Safe operation of the propulsion plants is our most fundamental and important goal. In pursuit of this goal, propulsion plant watchstanders are drilled extensively in complex and challenging casualty scenarios. Our continuous pursuit of excellence is the key to successful operation of TR's two nuclear power plants. Di A N 5 E x l HIICE I 5 i " V , ' fvmuwq- -mmmxfmunf v SMM ' ' " x, XXX A,,A WW,,,,,, 'ii -. ,X l1.mi5-ff.l-W.. f,,,.L,. 'N 'W' LCDR Kenneth Eidnes, jr. C WO2 Frank Rivas 280 SMM 'UQ' nl'-W 282 Safety Safety 418. Safety ABCM K A Wj Steven Cyrs 284 Safety ? Suppl 286 Supply EQ i Supply 5 UPPIY The Assistant Supply Officer and Prin- cipal Assistants are resonsible for advising and supporting the Supply Officer through centralized policy implementation and co- ordination of the efforts of the various supply divisions. The Departmental Lead- ing Chief Petty Officer is resonsible for advising the Supply Officer in all matters pertaining to the morale, welfare and training of enlisted members of the Supply Department. The Departmental Yeomen are resonsible for processing all adminis- trative items. l i i l LCDR Robert Cowley LCDR Garrett Rrggins LT Bill Munson AKCM Michael Chandler YN 3 Byron Patterson YNSN Scott Underhill l i i li SKCKSWQ Sterling Hawkins SKC Eugene Seldon SK 1 Louis Hogan SK1 Paul Koch SK1 Darren McFall SK2 Frank Crisanto SK2 Scott Doherty SK2 Malcom Elam AK2 Edgar Ellis SK2 james Enright SK2 Franklin Fennell, II SK2 William Hayes SK2 Paul james SK2 Raymond Piasta SK2 Ronald Russell SK3 DeWayne Cartwright AK3 Reginald Mansfield SK3 Adrian Mills SK3 john Pecchiar SK3 Ronnie Scruggs SKSNjamey Behringer AKAN Steven Levy SKSN David Martin SKSN Walter Reavis AA Cornelius Rials SA Fred Suggs SR Brendan Smith T 292 S-2 MS2 David Gregory ET2 Eric Harris MS2 Alan Howard MS2 Edward johnson MS2jefHey Loncto M525 S WQ David Morrison MS2 Warren Powell MS2 Carl Rabehl MS2 Ruel Reyes MS2 Terry Richardson MS2 Arnold Ross BM2 Aundre Spencer BM2 Michael Taylor MS2 Mchael Woodcock MS2 Michael Ybarra BM3 james Akins MS3 Raleigh Anderson MS3 Michael Augustine MS3 Kenneth Bright MS3 Waring Davidson ABE3 Cory Davis BM3 Ortiz Faustino MS3 Tommy Ford MS3 Cedric Gardner MS3 Christopher Greene BM3 Duane Howell BM3 Richard Lucas MS3 Leonard Mabry BM3 David McLin MS3 Danny Miller, jr. BM3 joseph Nowhitney ABH3 Keith Parrish BM3 Mark Pickett BM3 Donald Poore MS3 Roger Smith MS2 Edison Valle MS3 Kris Wight MSSN Anthony Barnett MSSN james Beasley MSSN Stacy Bridges MSSN Charles Everette MSSN Daniel Harrison MSSN johnnie james MSSN Shannon jones MSSN Derrick Mings MSSN Lewis Smith SN james Weeks MSSN Glenn Wilson T V. Y w 1 w N W 1 x A ,.1Ll-l fgw- Y 294 S-3 LTjg Daniel Celebucki SHCS james Hunt SHCjerald Hagans SH1 joseph Simmons SHI Gene Thomas SH2 Dennis Allen SH2 Harold Alvarado SH2 Marceliano Andres SH2 jerome Brown SH2 George Drapeaux SH2 Lloyd Harris SH2john McFarland SH2 Arthur Nickerson SH2 Kirk Shartenberg SH2 Russell Srackens SH2 Brian Stroh .SH2jose Torres SH3 Lawrence Acree SH3 Larney Armsteacl Sales and Service qs 3 Dwi sion administers and operates three retail stores two barber shops a laundry and dry cleaning plant a tailor shop and 11 vend ing machines S 3 Division pro cures, receives, and stores a 31.9 million sales inventory for 352.1 million in yearly sales. S-3 Divi- sion is comprised of one Lieuten- ant Cjunior gradej, 64 Ship's Ser- vicemen and 20 Laundry Assistants. LTjg Chris Ray 5, DKCS james Becker DK1 David Hiles DK1 Romeo jornacion DK 1 Arsenio Vergara Disbursing CS-4 Division is re- sponsible for the disbursement and accountability of 39 5 million of public funds S-4 Division cashes checks, exchanges currencies, main- tains pay records and processes travel claims. S-4 Division is comprised of one Lieutenant Cjunior gradej and 23 disbursing clerks. DK3 Richard Nelson DK3 Keith Olson DKSN Freddie Cartwright DKSN Adrian King DKSN Willie Lewis DKSN Brian Welker DKSA Christopher Puglia DKSA Richard Strickland DKSR Thomas Fitzgerald DKSR Mark Moeller 298 S-5 SR Anthony Steele MS3 Samuel Stewart, jr. MS3 Dennis Truax MS3 john Wheelden MS3 joseph Whipple MSSN Pierre Perkins MSSN Ralph Thompson SN Theodore Thompson MSSN james Walton MSSN Wayne Zimecki MSSA Daniel Alex MSSA Stephen Baum SA Roger Haizlip MSSA Donald Letcher MSSA David Shands, II MSSA Robert Tipton MSSA Russell Worhach SA Paul Yerke SR William Bessur SR Todd Brietzlre MSSR john Collins, jr. SR Henry Eubanlcs MSSR Thomas Madara MSSR Shawn MCMinn SR Elwin Saunders LT Brad Hudson AK3 Kenneth Pitman AK3 Anthony Pranger AK3 Michael Techaira AKAN Dave Allen AKAN VWlliam Bunker AKAN Whllie Cooper AN james Roark AKAN Tracy Williams AKAA Robert Campbell AKAA David Capwell AKAA Tyreece Miller AKAA Dennis Nichols AKAR Thomas Barr AKAR Scott Lewis S8 LT Thomas Wilbur Material QS-82 Division receives, stores, issues, and inventories all gen- eral stores and general aviation stores material contained in 42 storerooms throught TR. In Addition, S-8 Divi- sion manages off -site Beach Detach- ments resonsible for advanced logis- tics and material movement while deployed. S-8 is comprised of one Lieutenant and 40 Storekeepers and Aviation Storekeepers. CWO2 Ernesto Francisco A at aw, sa' ' xx A XAMNV P' , fri ,,,,, img, -f -:-m'f, 3 -N, NW an Q . , r ,2' " VW Y, V, 2 E ,, . AK1 Paul Cronin SK21SWj Tonnie Brown SK2 Philip Colagelo AK2 Stehn Grandelis MS2 Paul Thornberg AK2judson Tsethlikai SH3 Ruben Branch SH3 james Ritchie SN David Early SR Gary Stewart A 'VIZ w it ' l ., -I -1 ' , ff, 462 If Supply Quality Assurance S 10D Division runs the internal control program which audits financial in ventory and other departmental functions and procedures on a con tinual basis S 10 Division reports directly to the Assistant Supply Cf- Hcer as Quality Assurance Program Manager for an outside review of supply operations. S-10 is com- prised of one Chief Warrant Officer and several personnel of varied sup- ply ratings. -nur mu I l raining , . , gr , ,fuwdv M ,.f,.. ,QW,1a'-fu in ff' Mu W ,x-1, Q9 f i' f,7, ii lam? M, ,,,. , Wwe' P 306 Gaining 'mat Q 2 . , X I B 2r? l afhieff' f Training Dept OfHce The Training Departments main office sets up school quotas for ship's company and issuing all TAD orders for ship's company and air wing personnel. The Training Office manages the ship's TADTAR budget and processes all TAD travel claims for ship's company and air wing personnel receiving funding from the ship's TADTAR budget. Additionally, the Training Department is respon- sible for the School of the Ship, which indoctrinates all newly reporting personnel to shipboard life. LT john Fusto, LTjg Chris Ingersoll, Mr. Dale Long B I l PNCMK A W2 Dwight Capps MMCM I SS Q james Strzelczyk MRC Robert Hawks, III EM2 Edward Cole M52 Patrick Gustave AC3 Kelly Chism AW3 Eric Sweeney AN Greg Frazee AA David Chappell 508 Training l sf rv """'f"'u.. 310 Weapons Wea pon 3,,,,2.,,' ,. 1, x' ft f,":41,,z1k 1 N, Vx x 'img J,ki-lfbgfg ryik :nk-zv., , V V - ny In n ,Q .L ,Mi F ,:-fwf Jifww. 3' V f,,,,,Ark:U f , .,,. A I, ,Hg QQ.: ,nk 3' I . t I F, ,Y f: LF ,Ja , 1-. Q jug i,3,,,kw.'. .3x.iw4gQ, , 'lmhgff 'qQQ',?f'rguwf2b ixfigv tg' In 324573, img, ,EZ Nil 'Qu L rl ,, A4 1-f3'Q,9 75? 1 ' W - fi .4 Qg'W' f'wf 5y X,m,1 -' 1'6"f'Qf18r.:4W, " 14 1' 4" , QAM-0 -3, " A -wwma,,'f,'fT-15" ,, ,314 ,""f"E-'W??fi,',, "'f'u'?f "5"gf1:-Q'3?'f , "' -fu-f 5 'M' f I ' -. H2 .zf ,f,w,gf g4y1, , wf A f f-f 2.5, HQ, J nw c 1 f'Q55iff,K?E?Hx:g5,2,,,,,g., , QQ., 4 , I 'wr-4 ?"5lf1v ,ni .," '- ac" - 'C' 'W i,m fb"i ww ' W,-,. K ,Q rn .,,,,,.A. ' - : '?gv3okc v -V.. W, , v 35715 , L, ,. - , . .M MMM M ,W M JM! MJ. MW f f f Q, ,Q '4 W 1:f,1ii,f:,f:,:1 4,,, - 1.-0v,,,.w..w........,........u..g..g......,.... . ,,,L ., . s Wep Admin AOCSK A W1 Dennis Cartwright AOIKAWQ Loyd Gilbert YN2 Greg Parker YN3 Steve Marquis SN Mike Wan YNSR Sammie Green 312 Weps Admin LT Daniel Duquette Weapons Admin, although not a formal division, provides infor- mation and data processing to keep the department running smoothly. All pertinent notices and instructions, including daily message traffic, are held in the of- fice. All inter-department memos, letters and formal correspondence are prepared by the yeoman and Leading Chief Petty Officer. AR Patrick Lowe AR Shannon Williams AR Stephen Williams l , LTjg Gary Able ENS Scott Randall QMC Patrick Berman TMCK A Wj Steven Dicketts GMG1 james King GMG2 Timothy Frank GMG2 Earl Norwood GMG2 Ronald White GMG3 Scott Dorer GMG3 Timothy Faircloth GMG3 Alva Gibson GMG3 Karl Hammond GMG3 Daniel Rooney SH3 Ronnie Woodall GMGSNjudd Clark SN Claude Guy GMGSN Robert Moses SN Steven Pearson SN Daniel Smith GMGSN Tyrone Winston E G-2 Division mans the armory and maintains the weapons magazine sprinkler systems. Both of these jobs are very complex and require different skills. The armory stores and maintains the small arms for the ship, all G-2 personnel are qualified in small arms. The weapons magazine sprinkler systems provide fire protection to millions of dollars of ordnance around the W clock. G-2 also provides line gunners for underway replenishment. SA Michael Braxton, II SA Michael Flores 4 i x 1 i r ' ' 4 N- , F F K, n If f t r E r L V 1 R Q i 3 ,I E -I 1 X E r S ? L r a E 1 .v-. . fx T , .,,,,f- Zfff- -X J fffffix-x V ,ffxfkxx I X-655 4, If Y ,V V A.. ,I xgk A - 1 ,ill ,V g 4- my ,X .-X, '. Q FQ1 V 5. 74 NX -- , NJN ' .fi-' ' 'P:f'w. fffff Q' A' ' FT!" I v- ' ' ' ,-f' '5xQ'fQf1' Xfgi XR ,av . , -' I V V. fx - nt f ,, 3, f' xx-ff fd ' v '. 'xsx ,fx ' -Y ' fx ,Hg-, 4 V ,Q -2,21 . - -1.7 xy ---'Q ' . ,- ,J QW f , , V, - , T . X-J., k - V .Q-ff, ,, il , X kim, NX Xvdg jN , xwff . x,,ff' ,f ' 3 NA Twif '-- f - L f- f ff -71 v -Vf , ,. N x,f. kxj' XJ! 1,1 1 , 1 - , xx Ng! Rf' f x 1 Q ' Xi,2" , W . XZ, k XJ wif f xx Q J J W p., v , V .tv "'?f?f' ,f ww, .N 7 'T . VVVV ig., M Sw W' I - Q ,,,., A I X L L 5 ' 'flag' uw -44,74 ,gf--1' T MY, WM "Nahum ff fwfw-M k7?5wvfXQ""W'i ,WWA H , i L45 ...r,y.w2,g,i.f,..,, LWQ A U . ff ,Q I WWWQM, 5,0 X x ' V ' 'Q 5 Q m ,A ,. , mf M 4 'm ,A .QW ,VV. i ig 1 ..,, ... , 4--ni ' 5 1 , 47" ' .:,,x.Q, 1 Q ,f ,Q 7, Q , 'P K' f ya 1 1 A Y nf- lmag Kg-,MQW Agn. 1 328 CVW-8 it ' " ' in , if TI "'. Q ! CDR Charlie Akins LCDR john Bois, jr. LCDR Emmett Carter LCDR Kevin McNamara T R l T LCDR Kerry Shanagan LCDR Lawrence Tant LCDR Rodger Welch cAPT john Blum i l cc 4 LT Robert Darling LT William Glenn LT Douglas Thompson i LT Michael Yarnoff l i 4 ,-111. WED VF- VF-41 wx 532 VF-41 CDR Kenneth Heimgartner, Executive Ofhcer AVCM Robert McRae, Command Master Chief AD1KAWjjames Maupin, COMNA VAIRLANT Sailor of the Year LCDR Scott Callaway LCDR Emmitt Dickens LCDR Brad Goetsch LCDR Allen Groves LCDR Ted Pataflorito LCDR Rolland Thompson LCDR Bob VanWert LT Robert Allen ENS Dan Nightingale LT Gary Ranno LT jerry Seagle LT William Stubbs LT Burke Wellborn LTjg Richard Abrom LTjg Charles Braclmey LTjg Steve DeSantis LTjlg Scott Hines LTjLg Michiel Hurley LTjg Leo Mitchell LTjg Gerald Parsons LTjg Steve White 1 l i ,ii-E f VF-41 AMH3 Carey Wilkinson AQ3 Brian Wolhom AZ3 Steven Wright AD3 Zeus Zaragoza AN Curtis Adams AOAN David Baden AMSAN David Barnes AEAN David Boyea AMEAN Steven Brudzinski AOAN Erik Buerger YNSN james Childress AN Arnaldo Crawford, Sr. AMHANjefHey Crim AN Gregory Crist AN David Cook AN Dalton Dailey, III AMHAN Craig Dotson AQAN Tony Edmondson AEAN Todd Funke AN Matthew Gagne AOAN Adgar Gonzalez PRAN Michael Hillin AEAN Steven Hudson AEAN David jones AA Gary Bowman AA Robert Brown ADAA Andrew Dubourg AMSAA Paul Ehrlich AMEAA Peter Emerson AMEAA john Engh AMEAA Allen Frazier AA Scott Fredrick PNSA Gilbert Gifford AMEAA George Gravier AA Bob Hedman AMHAA Ricardo Herrera AA jeffrey Hill MSSA Derrick Hunter AMSAA Robert K wia tlco wski AMHAA jonathan Lang AA james Lee AA Steven McBeain AA Claude Miller AA David Mitchell ADAA jose Morillo AA Travis Mott AA Karl Ott ADAA Peter Rohs 4 QNX N NX ,f W i 1 . i 7 x o N r N W i CDR Marty Chanik AOCM Leonard Executive Officer Hammock Command Master u Chief i X i an LCDR Thomas Bauer LCDR john Bois, jr. LCDR Kurt Daill j LCDR john Dormer l of j i l 4 i LCDR john Miller LCDR Rolland Thompson LCDR Gerald Tomlinson LT joseph Aucion l I i l 1-fd v 1 YNSNjeff Brescia AN jefhey Choate AOAN Charles Clowers AN Terence Daly AKAN David Daugherty AQANjohn Desantis AMSANjon Eriksson AN Anthony Evans PRAN Thomas Harrington AMHAN Shon Huettl AEAN Romulious Hurst AMSAN Clifton Kelley PHAN Michael Lambourne AOAN Scott Lecates ATANjohn Lockhart AMEAN william Marszalek AMSAN William McCloskey AMSAN Ronald McMullen AN Gilbert Morningstar AN Donald Murray AKAN Ronald Owens AMSAN Matthew Peach AMHAN MArk Perry AMEAN joseph Ranegan YNSN Gregory Robinson YNSN Troy Rudy AOAN Steven Shiflett AN Michael Valentino AOAN Dennis Winslow ADAN Brad Wintermyer PHAA Aurelio Ayuso AEAN Michael Barrs AA john Capone AEAA Raymond Emel AA Troy Error AA jeffery Fowler AEAA Anthony Grass PRAA Mark Hardin AOAA james Harger ADAA William Klinkert, II AA Carlton Koonce AQAN Randall Merrill AA Bear Michael ISSA Robert Miller AMHAA Ernesto Moreno, II AEAA Richard Nellis AKAA Christopher Nunn AA Robert Platt VFA-15 354 VFA-15 QQ M MV N'-1:wJ,?,v:f-4-M , , ,f , X X ,, V f W., -vw fy, ,, W.,-,,,, M AM, , If V, K X I K I fwffw-V-f V' , h , V M, H ggg,-, .0164 Q K Sk . V. ,S1Nx..g,,,.....Q.Lf.A,.K,,mQ.A.k MMMM A N..NNxx.x+NNXX. A VFA-15 CDR Brian Calhoun, Executive Officer AZCMK A Wj Dennis Gruber, Command Master Chief LCDR john Hoffman LCDR Gregory Malinak LCDR ,hm Stone LT Paul Axelson LT Greg Brand LT Patrick Felts LT Gregg Gardiner LT Bob Harrington Y QCP' AVCMK A Wj William Nabors AVCMKAWQ Gary Young ADCSK A Wj Terry Gossell AMCSKA Wy Michael Lyle AQCSI A W1 Thomas Miller NCCI A W1 Alvin Baxter AMHCKAWQ Kenneth Conrad ADCK A W2 Donald Hendrik: AMSCK A WQ Garland Mangum ATC I A WQ William Marshall AMHC Angelo Rivera YNCISWQ Michael Sandoval AQCK A Wj Ricky Wynn AZ1 Ty Anderson AMH1 Barry Angermeier MS1 KSWj Anthony Asaro AMS1KAWj Steve Ashcrok AO1 K A Wj Lionel Brown AD1 I A Wj Michael Gionet AO1 K A Wj George Gonzalez AQ1 Kraig Heeringa PN1 Larry Hyers AD1 I A Wj Darrell johnson AMH1 I A Wj Llewellyn johnson g H , V-1 7"W l i 1 i 1 ,,.. - ,UMW f V, V - - ' 1 --K X . - X -f X X Nwm NN-XN X VFA -8 VFA-87 LCDR Mark Benson LCDR Bill Gortney LCDR Carroll Lakey LCDR Robert Nelson LCDR Dick Palmer CAPT David Bell LT john Clagert LT David Culbertson AZCMIA W2 Ed Hopkins A VFA-87 AECMKA Wy Ric Dill AMCSK A Wj Willie Williams AMECIA Wj Bruce Arthur NCCKAWQ Dave Bean ATCK A Wj Benjamin Bell ADC Lewis Carter AOCKA Wj Lee Clark AZCK A Wj William Conroy, III ATCKA Wj john Crawmer ADCKA Wj Blair Guy AECfAWj john McCord PNC Octavio Perez AMSCK A Wj Wiley Sorrells AQCI A W2 Lee Wilkinson AMS1 K A Wj Mitchell Allen AD1jefhfey Brewer AD1 Michael Chartes ATZKA Wj Michael Chatman AO1 Doug Disrler AQ1 KA Wj Keith Dorson AEIKA WQ Anthony Evans AO1jerry Fife AT1 Charles Finley AME1 Alan Haines I 5, 1 VA-35 LCDR Dave Adamson LCDR Gary Boyce LCDR john Dolenti LCDR Richard McCollum LCDR Leon Miller LCDR james Stark, jr. LCDR Rolland Thompson LT G11 Bever CDR james Anderson, Executive Officer AQCSIAWQ Fred Bryant, Command Senior Chief VA-35 LTjg Louis McPhail LT jg Eric Slezak ENS Kenneth Minnard C WO2 Michael Lynch ' A yi ffff r f .aa , .4 ., I Y. H . 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' ENS Robert Coco ENS john Pedorowicz ENS Robert Neville USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT New Arrivals Retalces t S l ENS Scott Randall In H Q A a I I 1 xx X Q X Y 456 Homecoming Homecoming ll Q mjf: ,i,, , f ' 9 3 4 ,..,,...,...,m-w..-W------W-v-.., ,..,.,, . 458 Homecoming , fiyg.-Q,,10,i1mM f f f f f f f f fd f f aw- I X 3 ! 2 5 , ,ff 3 1 3 3 i 5 1 I E 1 . 1 W ix T! , 1 .N A 'L W i 'rg' 5, , N 11 4 . , fx fb 1 i HL I is Xl T21 ,v i ii 1 -.1 N Cf V, 3 Y i 1 Q w 1 1 s t1on Warfare AMSCK A W2 joseph Fernandez PHZK A W2 Scot Norr DTZCAW2 Kevin Williams HM21A W2 Andreas Alfer ABF2f A W2 Daniel Riddle EMCI A W2 Zosimo Francisco SK2f A W2 Donald Cappuzzo AT2f A W2 Brian Edinger ATZKAW2 Edward Scavone ATI K A W2 john Williamson AE1 I AW2 Randall Denney AEIIAW2 Lawrence Uebbing SKZK A W2 Tonnie Brown A Look Back On The 'Great Adventure" Q I V 470 A Look Back . 'XA'-2135. if fs 497 WM 1 ,i,,,,.f.G.y, f wg ' 1-if -?M +W?1 3 ' ,V W ,,,n-Q4 41, f if , f 1 'Ti ' :i'fi+f'5'?6f,'Zfi .5 WW -ff.-45,43 inf. 115: f,:,.M9y1 W:-K'7fi4Xw4" 3. ff ' ,az I'-ey i'i'?47,Q7?-564214 , ,MQ ff 7927.10 1 Wg. X x, ,V Lf5il"1Y?fEV!'I fi wwf' fn ., V ' 175: 0' ,fl f C" 4 yi! fi ,nn wx u " , ,,,,f:g4c-:z:f-54? S z rj, ,F 4 xg, lvl-1 ff N W- .24,.M- ' 4 ,-'Z -N ' 1 up , X",-' ..-1:95,-,f-v . 4 4. ..w,fV.,,.,,, V455 wa if bf ' " fvw-V ,,. ff 'Ww- ww I U ,421 7" ,I f1:.2K'1" f, ,fx Z , 3 , I , ,YA . ,if fif f , .J 5 ,pb MW' 9 f,,f ,,, H34 f J f ,7- fw., g:f311l??+e 'w1f7i:'1',1fE'i6",' :3?2.g.emUg , ,K "H ,V ,,.L f .iw 52, ., Q 1 L W vu -Q .f ,, 4. V , -Ls' , ,. J. 3 .Nj 'sq' x. L", ff f ,Af ky , W" ' 1 :fr ,ffl 4' , ,fi f , 'fn . , ff , f' H V "' A 'L 4.67: ' ,, W. ,. ya wif' 'KWH f" ' " -c f f 7'-'CJTIZ ,ggjr , f' 4-ff Q ,W -:xr - , r. , vcff H df MM -' 5.7, x' , A... 1 A, W -Q'n-if " wf 474 A Look Back . '? 1 4 rw f 715 , A ' 1 di'?2J5fg4f 1'-111-I 1511: fi 1 71' . 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K V 5- rf G51 x EW N Q Welcome to TR J c 'G1'e3 I A dven fare ' ' wx Q-X I i +.. Uss THEODORE ROOSEVELT QCVN-711 light ie gm: 'Il fvfgt, ill I . MH OW Fa CIS Typ 6' "Mr-V TI e Liberty R's spirii he0dorr Presideri muld haw s the EN :he Navy rmlll r modffn :lete faid' r j A Launch Commissioning On October 27, 1984, Hull 624D was christened THEODORE ROOSEVELT CCVN-715 by Mrs. Barbara Lehman, the ship's sponsor. Two years later, on 25 October, then Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger proclaimed, "I hereby place USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT CCVN-715 in commissionf' A rain soaked crowd of 20,000 witnessed TR come to life ac pier 2 at Newport News Shipyard 8c Drydock Company amidst a flury a horns, buzzers and cannon fire. if D A USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT QCVN-71 5.7 1 4"1'f'f 'ff' ,aff f f , f ' f, f 4 f ' ' V W0 ffffffggfgZfy4w1y,4,7g ff f f f , F7 M ,Iv . 'fig Q '?v:, ' ' ' 'ink , ,M W i M, mqig ,ll 'll 1, Prowler is a four seat, all-weather jet use in tactical electronic a level Y and fntiH rgers. barrier kroup, as the , with horo- d. npor- quad- g, the King u IS 91, 3eCtive Hines. ertical ron of tronic ble of is and mike 1 Whether it? szgnalmen hoisting flags or srorekeepers searching for needed parts . . . it's all in a day? work. O USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT fCVN'71j 15 1:29 20 I W IT fg 1 ffm ,Y X! X SQ, K 8 in XJ X xax If ff Nu A 5 9 SSRN ex K' B Xu 4 3 X '1 xx A Q X, 4,-. CH REA HWRBOR is E rr O z .Me SN ,335 F7 A IUVVUFQ mHwW f""9' 229 ' 3? ?',q,qy ,980 M'7Mw 39 FFJJH: F T Jwwg 301 35 MA WYWQE ga-35f7 in 1'-97? M ,. 'kf?'-...- ZOH Lu, 7 1 K W" :ff f if 5 use r COHMANDINQ arf-vcsn M' ,I g i, Hsoaane noosevenr fcvlv-ry H 30W to n 'H as ll N2 ' N744-5a4.,4nAf7,Qz X34-na, ILLQUGH sua.:- ,ad -41. .Mawr d'7'f445-I, ' . -441'vz,14o'Z ' . 1"""' ma' M 44 .-,...,Q, fm 1, dab!! N akmzf s . 4' . NYQ affuaaggv ,aa 'yuaf -Z 5140,-.. afv dhgg Zdgiazyl Ante ,I an 4: ' 'K' guy -mf "W ffrmlnnf -0? 6206! J36 My ,ff 9 , -ff' 'rn yn 'M-rf' M9 V 1 1Gm 3434. Rear Admiral David B. Robinson Commander, Cruiser-Destroyer Group EIGHT n r Ri a . . . i i r . earAdm1ra1Rob1nson 1sfaPnat1ve offTexasQrHecarfendedn - i 8cM Umversmy P1fIO1f,!fO entgigmg ghe United States, in He graduatedfwithfhe classiof 1963 andiwas duty a ion,gUSS . CCDG-8 19 Captain Dayton W. Riff Commanding OfHcer e ' m A native graduated and was Pacxfi P - 3C ment Squadro safety College VELT Warfar Intelligence His He is Carolina. His so USS l member J ject 1 Captain john F. Mannmg, r Commander, Carrier Air Wag Captain john F. mia, graduated of Mechanical tor in March IOI1 869.11 One Officer ate ron Fleet and Naval ICHXCIIIC Test Award. lowing of the manded to his In December EIGHT, than THEODORE Pilots and aircraft types. He is marficd-to Pennsylvanialf nreasidecf Tracy, john gaMaty. 7 , a n Q f a ,, ,X ff, ff' Commander Executive Commander Alan near Phoenix, He was School in 1968 As a CVF-1023 made two Forty Officer School, to Strike Pilot in the 1976 as a staff of N orfolk, Power the Hrs Flight Air He is North Carolina. their sons, Alan f + ,,,, . 'R' 'ffff' ff,fffffff" f , W f ff X7 f, frjfylff, f f X X f ' , f ff ' X ,f f ,f ,fy , f ,iff fr, ffffiff ff Gvffff, 'X fffff! f' ff f ,f 2 72741 Vfgyff f f 7 1 Executive Officer ZS OCM KAW jac1faL.B1'eedI O V6at Command Master Chief f V 7' , , J f 7 fff, ff f ffffffff ff, , if ff, X fffff, X, ,yffafyf iifffffg iff, f f f,f,y,f Master Chief Independence, e Training Following CAOD "A" to Attack Station, Aircraft August C VC Eington, was Safety was Port, SEVELT Department june 1988, THEODORE e Master Navy Achievement mendation C Good Conduct V He is married Harbor, reside in Command Master Chief 27 , QIOCM fSWj Larry W. Luther command Naval States Au Connie" After tor of a Hous the major tion and Hall. C note Iowa's Luther fense WA's to Carrier Air Chief and Roosevelt C Master Chief Luther University of Tennessee University in Boston, MAQ from l X oo K , igfibxsosotloiiw Q Q Q - f o X X , XgpoyX.Q - , s goo QRS? X fox ' X v os'QgSer1io the the group s 47 shipsa He staffs , Command Senior Mediterranean deployment Navy Good Conduct THEODORE He' is married to the form California. They have three Patficiag I , CCDG-8 31 COMNA VA IR LA NT 1988 Sea Sa11or of the Year - Y fl V M, x .XY Q, 9 V ADI james L. Maupin F1ghte1' Squadron FOR TY-ONE rl-62"4n -- Before assuming Command of CaptainlRitt served as the Strike Projec- ftion Evaluation and Anti-Air Warfare Department! Head at Naval Intelligence Center, Washf .f"'0vp,A-. 41? i ,, 1 ,dl s.,,,,,-F ., , ""-mm, WZ? L ,, uf Z 7 1 1 if 1 L GITMO was a constant series of bongg bong, bong and call to "General Quarters." The training and practice prepared TR fofihat one day when it might be real. . f .iff 4. -L SI-IAKEDOWN 37 Lauderdale, Florid Spring Break '88 USS Theodore Roosevelt made he Florida during Spring Break '88. baseball, Walt Disney World, Dial-A Sailor and Easter Services at various churches. ,S Pr ai mf .4 "W CMI' l 5 ii Fas 5 r first stateside Port Call in Fort Lauderdale, Crewmembers enjoyed New York Yankee Ft. Lauderdale 39 Beauty in Florida comes in many forms . . . the Southern Belle, a priceless automobile, or 5 the peaceful beauty of the Easter Sunrise Service , held onboard TR. 1 I il Fort Lauderdale 41 MY' , My ff Q 'f , ff' fff TR began Fleet Carrier Quals CCQD on 18 April in VACAPES. Air Wing squadrons and Air personnel finely tuned the CVW-8fT R flight operations day and night for two 14, mp. ,,f Z., , . Fleet CQ 45 3 ,1 i ":g,f 2' rm' ,-'35,-31359 , w " iff. Y, . .2 ff ,' ,, 40 4 -' ifflggy , is KTM! Xi ff, inf ,f fm" 4 , YQ k f, ,. 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Thomas 53 4, 417 St. Thomas offered warm, white sandy beaches, clear water and friendly surroundings . . . under close supervision. St. Thomas 55 f,f! ,fff :ff f fyf , ,ffff ,ff UW! Awww ffw' Q H X fff' f ' f' Af? A f ,fM rf, 4, I fd, , f 4 V ff ffff ussa 99 ,IfR1 :5 75' mm:-Q i L K I 4 -am Qvh 7 lv, -' n4:'iT:154.5 , 4. . tw , 4 ,,...u Q ,,fi,,, f My gf 'f . ,ffl gn-, A , ,.+ - aiL,.Lg 4 I ,, 1 A Mmm, M , Y. zfnmzw-vac 214. ' - ' ' ,dx WW: U , ,. 'Q 7 55392255 4. 1mff3fj'J'ffrf,4:h'--,., M 5, - mf' ' ,wQxa,,4?fgw'af.fffifff21'411f:f'--25:-'-ww.Q ' " A " f-mr4.fm1:fwf:',w.M,. v - ' , ,, 1 ,1 willy,-,r-, A - fgyw-, " 'fH'x4f:f,,. f' A Wm :Zim t ufgvffl lf fj fn' '48 n'gff,.f1w x. , V . v " W' w?25lfWW4 . W wiv? 4f,,L,,. y gr . V. up ff" if 6 3-5 at f f ff 'Hn I i' . lg.. , ,A - Q , ,f A .v In Ap w"Q"' W, JY' wi 'Q . qs" H252 49 as YQ! 9.94 -,fb QQE , ' , ,yf,,yw1"QL ,yy Kiki Q 'f2.f4i"1f .',l.-114 X m 4 I . .. . A . . I-,N ' .uk f 7 I E L! 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If lv . f5"lLf 'iff-af' K K " " .' z'Y?i'3-5' i ,f , ,A rg H ri 4 S Underway 30 DEC 88 81 en ture ' ' Portcalls .wif 1 5 1 l Palma, Mallorca TR anchored off the coast of Palma de Mallor- ca, Spain for her first Port Call of the "Great Adventurenjanuary 21st. The city of Palma lies on the south side of the 62 by 47 mile island of Mallorca. It is a vacation mecca and the provincial capital of the Balearic Islands with a population of 460,000 Ironically, Palma would also be TR's last Port Call of the "Great Adventure". TR's,Ianuary visit to Palma was chilly. The May visit was more enjoyable because we were on our way home as well as the change of seasons. We soaked up the warm Mediterranean sun. TR's second visit also gave crewmembers a chance to see sights they may have missed the first time, like Bellver Castle, built in 1300 by King james II of Mallorca. 'Palma de M ll 25' 1 1 x .U 6 I 4, V. 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' The mosque is the church of the Moslem religion and none is more elegant than the Great Mosque of Mohamed Ali. It also holds the tomb of the late Shah of Iran. Most Americans viewed the treasures of Tutankhamen when it toured the U.S. TRICVW-8 crewmembers saw them in their native land. They saw-the solid gold burial mask of King Tut and touched ancient columns which supported temples from 1300 B.C. Alexan dria, Egypt 93 S I v L ll. -L. fi" , E -5 2? , Vg, TH gr-"" mf Sailors learned some new and wonderful xxx. things in Egypt, shopping in the "Hey joe" district, new forms of dance, how to ride a Camel, and where to buy papyrus, the first form of paper. Some sailors visited the burial site of the late President of Egypt, Anwar Sadat. Alexandria, Egypt 9 X N 49. ,Q-. . ffwsi ' Risfsllz w f 'f f 1 r -H YE I 4 'N 1 ' ,Q M rw .f f ' rv v ' fx -gf Y lv 1 ff ix 7 'C ,af 35 '5 1, ' Regs nw? 5 'x 'S " . H .' Le T' 5 ' f ' 'Arif . ' ' H5335 :ff-W ff A' ra: was ,1 . 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V,:, V. ..,,,VV .VA . -. VV , . , 5, ,V sw- A V ' ' " V 1 V V .Vg V. J wwfgg- fikx .V " V + V 72 V -- ,11..4,1f.V1m.f,. -V: 'f 'Wm 4 I V ,,.. jx:-f,ff.g?ze'g.:V1',2 ' -V " ' 'QZV . I ' I.,-V V '-1V,,VV.,-,-.Vg .. g.VV,Af V VV..VvVgV1gV,' . 'H' L 52.12.52- , V , 5? 'Q Q 2 f. .. w F by 1 M. ,...V " ff 'ln , ,- ifa V , 1 I d' i"f I VI , I 3fL'?i?rV? V , I Vg, 'gig:,I:fV, ,, Y IVffKi5.1I.I,.3,V.,-.9,gI!V,LI.I.: IIVIIQ,I,V.C LN IIV W gi , g !.VV':' 1 ' . '--51.721 'wfk A.. x ,.. V,V- WV - - -.-V,.V-- V - V V ., . , .. V , , -, V VN--K .. ,.I,, ,. V .. . ,A ., ,ffl ' . - 91522, " 'WKJ' . II... II, W ,I I . I .. I., , I, I fi , . -3 .V I1-325' ' VI,,V-b"V.-12.w.2'IJ,'V,- 5. Q. .2 . . 4-H, 1 , - ,. V-f-- ., VV.. VV' . ,. . V. . f V . :wuz , .4:"4fP, V V-fail W'M.V,I.1. VV- xf V- . ' V ,C f . :V VV V: V x ' IQVVV. 3 ' V ...f-VV - -, vfff '-XVVV.:,.. " V' - af AV V. A V V. . V V, V V - . ' Wy ' V - . fx . . V I ...wx ,Iv W 74 ,I ,, MI wg. VI , - I I, I ,IWW 3 V .M , , v . . V-rf-V -- . -af '... -- , ... ' .V V , -V- .V VV -QV V .V -. gf. V ff-V-, V- w, V. ,- 4- '. VV ,V . V '- W VV 'V V --.444 ' V , 'VG' agp-I - -- ,I,V:V. K. I ,, II M VVVIIQI ,I 1 V V . V .V .. V . . . r-1. ., , ,V VV V. - , ,-dQ,,I4.Ii,V , V I ,I I -- Ii V MSI- 3 .Lf . I I, -Ig V. Vfw ,-' . 'fVf-A V + I, -'X 1 Q15 'f " - '11 ', .--. " - f K 0-.1 , " ',',1.V 1, , .. I -,il . Almost every Navy ship makes a port call to Naples at least once during a Mediterranean deployment and TR stopped on March 15th. In addition to seeing the sights of the city, crewmembers went on to Mount Vesuvius, Sorrento, Rome and the island of Capri. as: 2 56 we .ridgw -V - 2 3 545 . 'M 1 U , J- ' . V , z ,V I it J i V V E if . J I 4 . , :I 5f,.t,4J ,Q M 4 my I I F at W. grid , . - ' H i ' ' . .-.. .Ju u,"Bf ' Th' 1 ' ' Wdgd' ' l,fV'i'f2W":'f'd7" -,. "ii-af--fw,:w'f f" "X" -1. ohm d Naples, Itaily 101 .4- 1 1 v 1 ' . "4 !',1 , 1 . 1 .4 V .wmv-1 .W , ,52,,,i.?,5g..,Q,. .M ..x9aJf,g.1f?n - -Aahggg: N. :YE W. ' -'fa x J 2 5 ix 'r 31 ' 1 1 Toulon, France 105 vw. +-ff 'X 0 . ,M Q2 9 459 LZ f' ' .J 1-' ' ' Q ,a 1, A ' f. V p I W ww., s b .ij t . FIV rw 1 gmgs':" .3 ,M.,3,,i,3 rw- Lf is .2 .- 'PY 'mfg , Fx-' :jf 'g,.3', '. Fir. 5 ' V . 4? R3-iii , EA- 4 2 ' 3 n iw? 3 V ' 5129! X, ,JS .Q 3 if .e,v.:,, 2 x , if 1, aff 74, ff, 3 W 'ff .Q 4- wfa' Monaco 109 After leaving Naples, Italy TR made for the North African nation of Morocco. TR anchored off the coast of Tangier for a three day Port Call to the "gateway to Morocco." The people are Sunni Muslims of Arab, Berber, or mixed Arab-Berber stock. They were warm, friendly and persistent people and didn't give up easily when trying to make a sale in the local bazaar. Tangier, Mor 1 1 1 l Coastline is drive from the famed 1 x x , - I, Q xv XSS TR's stay in Haifa once again showed the spirit of care and concern for our fellow man. Many members delivered toys to orphaned children in hospitals. A select few were given the honor of being baptized in the River jordan. Tours were offered to various areas of interest such as the Dead Seas, ancient Roman ruins and historical shrines dating back to the 16th century. Haifa, Israel 115 Helicopters and rescue swimmers from HS-9 aided by USS South Caroline CCGN-371, pulled 14 British men and one woman from the MED on April 13, 1989 after their sailboats broke up in rough seas. The sailboats were part of a 16 boat flotilla from Toulon, Corsica and about 30 miles off of Corsica at the time of Harlequin" and seas QxY3Uf3f,f RXUERS Q0 U Eff REUERS 4 52" HUGH YYEKUERS Basketball 115-2 Gr 7K W 4 7 W1 ,fn ,Af X X Q5 M,!Wy5M X ff from W fffvmff ff ff fff ithfthe iversat1Ieeande mobile Uvness fCru1serfDestroyer Group e fr qoml miie Sixth Pleefein e e ff, L, 47 ff ?ff,i,!ffffy, , ,f,,f, , ,, the on papture the :ne 1985 and has'Since to fthe'Mediterrainean Sea. not Qfily on1me,ihtainf presence ineclose vprdximity to Sea littoral troiible Spots, but the NATO anime and effec- mtergrgted e operations and multi -na - Si:ith'F1eer during e CCDG-8 LCDR Robert McIntyre LCDR Da ve Prothero LCDR Michael Reed LCDR Daniel Shinego LCDR William Yoshida LT Fred Pfirrmann LT Glenn Vandewarer LT Warren Wiggins ENS Daniel Flury CCDG-S OSSN Mark Drll ISSN Thomas Engelthaler OSSN james Lugabihl YNSA Troy Rose BM 1 Guy Baker PN1 I SWj Stephan Burge MS1fSWj Lamberto Deseo OS1 james Lee LN1 jesus Lopez, jr. OS1 Charles Maynes IS1fSWj Greg Mumma OS1 I SWQ jose Perez RM1 Sammy Twisdale YN2 james Denihan RM2 Mchael Edwards OS2 james Kelly OS2 Richard Smith EN2 Peter Zendler RM3 Stempet Flores OS3 john Lindsay OS3 Mark Pickens OS3 Gregory Ray CCDG-8 Ship'5 Company 127 .. :-q,e.x.-.y'::.f1:ff:'- '--X','.-ggilf agiixzzz -Leg,-2-:sib aa,-. ,- .nga i Lithographers, Yeornan, Personnelmen, Postal Clerks, journalists, Legalmen and Master-at-Arms. A variety of different ratings that make up one of the most diverse departments in THEODORE ROOSEVELT Administration. Despite its many functions, Administration, or AD- MIN, has one mission - support. ADMIN doesn't turn the ship's engines, fire the Weapons or launchfrecover aircraft. It does keep track of every sailor's record, and ensures that every crew member and receive his mail. ADMIN keeps all the ship's correspondence on file, and ship's Operation ofthe TR's radio physical security and In one way or another, every offi er on TR comes into Contact with basis. If he checks out his service take a tour in a foreign country, television - he is being served by ADMIN doesn't just "push paper is a service organization, whether one needs legal assistance, print- ing services, or movie tickets -- ADMIN takes care of the crew. of ADMIN, as well as ' ' of c -f LZ' 'ff Xo ADMIN N N l YNC Leon Esch YNC Peter Tama YN3 Michael Cooper YN3 Bryon Dickerson YN 3 Tony Meister YNSR joseph McCormick YNSR Edward Ramsay X-1 131 iff Print Shop w k . Xa - 15 Q 1, Y I - l i 3 l I LIC Randall Hoar LI3 james Grider LI3 Brent Olean L13 Stephen Robertson LISN Michael Sommers LISN james Yaworslri LISN Whlliam Raub X-1 133 Personnel OfHce - ENS Edward Flint X -2 Division Officer PNC Michael Myers PN1 Louis Mondelli PN1 Nelson Rivera PN1 Luis Rodriguez PN1 Douglas Taylor i PN2 KA WO Tim Hunter X-2 135 nt I. PCC Larry Tharp PC1 I S Wj Richard Buchan PC2 Anthony Gambles PC2 Cecilo Gonzalez PC3 Thomas Billingsley PC3 Troy Burd PC3 Brian Collins PC3 Rodney Cooper PC3 Michael Holland PC3 Ian Keller PC3 Barry Staskywicz PC3 Maurice Thompson PCSN Kenneth Snyder MA1 I SWQ Russell Ledford MA1 Timothy Mutter MA1 Richard Wilkes AMS2 Paul Belsinger O52 Charles Buggs MA2 Charles Cowart AO2 john Deyermond SH2 james Doubikrn AQ2 Mchael Elling ABF2 Robert Elriclc MAZKSWQ Gerald Giovagnoli AQ2 Alhed Hawkins, jr. AQ2 joseph jefferson SK2 Tracy jefferson ABE2 Darius johnson AD2 james Martin OS2 Quintin Okonzak OS2 Keith Ritchie DC2 Barry Robertson OS2 Larry Sorrell AMH2 Theodore Taylor EM2 William Wertman AE 3 Anthony Acosta MM3 Clay Acosta V l X-3 139 Legal OfHce X-4 ENS Curtrs Hovey Drscrpline Officer Mr. Stanely Baranowslci Naval Investrlgative Service Mr. Robert McSherry Naval Investrlgative Service LNCjohn Golla LN1 james Barnes LN2 james jones YNSA Nelson Statorz LCDR james McPherson Legal Officer X-4 141 qi- 0. Ifpfuj if i f WW f OW 4' ?- S- AFCMKA W1 Frederick Willis ATCSK A Wj joseph Baker ATC Alan Tanner AXC joseph Edmonds AMSCK A Wj Cornelius Gipson ATC Paul MCKirdy AZC Edwin Roman AQCKA Wj jefhey Straclc AZC Bradley Tinsman AQCKSWQ Bascom Wilson AD1 Richard Arnett AZ1 K A WQ Gary Campbell AO1 Glen Davis AMH1 Roderick Davis AZIKA Wj Angel-Luis Delgado AS1 Charles Duff AQ1 Stanley Hela ATZIAWQ Dan Kemp AMS1 Martin Lane AK1 Roy Lee AD1 I A Wj Curtis Olson AT1john Ritland AE1 Lawrence Uebbing AMS1 Glenn Yates IM-1 145 The General Maintenance Division, or IM-2, has personnel from the AD, AMS, AMH and PR ratings. The 46 ship's company regulars are complemented by 49 SEAOPDET and temporarily assigned squadron personnel from Naval Air Stations Norfolk and Oce- ana, VA,.Iacksonville and Cecil Field, FL, and Whid- bey Island, WA. The division is divided into three branches, 400, 500 and 800. Power Plants Branch C400j Aviation Machinists Mates QADSQ perform off aircraft tear- down, inspection, build-up and performance testing of seven different types of engines, maintenance of air refueling stores and spectrometric oil analysis. Airframes Branch C5005 Aviation Structural Me- chanic QAMH and AMS? ratings perform metallic and composite structural repair, hydraulic component troubleshooting and repair and Non-destructive In- spection CNDIQ of aircraft, support equipment and ship's launch and recovery equipment. Aircrew Sur- vival C800j, the PRS, performs inspection and main- tenance of aircrew life preservers, life rafts, para- chutes and liquid oxygen components. LT Scott Bray IM -2 Division Officer IM- ADCSKSWQ Paul McFarland AMSCjoseph Fernandez ADCK A Wj Scott Wood IM'2 147 AMH3 Greg Gie vvarto wslci AD3 Mrlce Gore AD3 Terry jensen AD3 jose Melendez AD3 Scott Miller AD3 E. Scott Parsons PR3 jesus Quintanilla AD3 Minh Trrnh AD3 Robert williams AD3 Sanford Williams AD3 Victor Ysasi ADAN Robert Adams ADAN Steven Altman ADAN Gary Augustus AMSAN William Bagshaw ASAN Robert Bahr AN Gerald Bowens AMHAN Thomas Celli AMSAN Timothy Dryden AN Steven Fruge AMHAN Donald Gothard AMSAN Scot Hamilton AMSAN Donald Harper PRAN Anthony johnson ADAN William Keith ADAN Kevin Lewis AMHAN Mark Lowe AN Darryl McCall PRAN Da vid Pierce AMSAN Gary Robison ADAN Michael Selmer ADAN Raymond Shannon AMHAN Tim Shelton AMSANjames Spruill AMSAN Stacey Sutcliff ADAN Gregory Toledo IM-2 149 The Avionics, or IM-3 Division, provides functional check, adjustment and repair of removed aircraft avionicfarmament systems and components. The 76 ship's company per- sonnel are responsible for maintaining in- stalled test benches and program upkeep. When the air wing embarks, 157 SEAOPDET personnel from the squadron home bases augment the permanently assigned crew to perform component test and repair. The technicians assigned to the division are extensively trained and come from the AE, AO, AQ, AT and AX ratings. These professionals maintain and utilize the latest in automatic test equipment. IM-3 also pro- vides valuable service to other departments ranging from the calibration of aircraft launch and recovery systems to intricate mi- cro-miniature repair of electronic assemblies. The men in IM-3 take great pride in their capability to assist in ensuring air wing mis- sion readiness. IM -3 ATC Richard Dunningron AQCjohn Hunt AECKA Wj joseph Nikolaus AQZKSWQ Whcenr Badoud AT1 Wayne Corscadden AT1 Dale Crampton AQIKA Wj David Effler AT1james Farr AEI Kirk Gilliam IM-5 AQ2 Christopher Lesuer AT2 Charles Moore AT2 Steve Mowatt AT2 Richard Nardmi AT2 Darrin Nickrent AQ2fefhey Pustelak AT2 Tod Richard AQ2 Bruce Richards AQ2 Ronald Sharbon AEZK A Wj Aubrey Taylor AQ2 William Taylor AX2jimmie Tenney AQ2 Larry White AQ3 Wayne Woodbmg AE2 Ronald Wright AZ3 Reuel Attwood AQ3 Busby AT3 William Chapman AT3 Scott Combs AX3 Aaron Coombs AX3 Anthony Cox AT3 juan Torres-Deltoro AT3 Andrew Enger AQ3 Brian Fletcher IM-3 LTjg Ronald Zarko C WO2 Dennis Foster ATCS August Birnchi AECS I A W2 Phillip Bogue ATCS Paul Turney ATCK A W2 Gerald england AOCKA W2 Robertjones ATCK A W2 Donald Smith AT1fames Adams AO1 Robert Beatty AE1 Brian Bence AE1 Larry Cain AE1 Stephen Cubage AE1 Randall Denney AE1 Raymond Hart AT1 Christopher Hershberger ATQ I A W2 Michael johnson AT1 Daniel Krause AT1 Kevin Lambe AT1 Timothy Midleton AQ1 Ronald Miller AO1 Earvin Myers AE1 Hirman Rivera AD1 Paul Roberts AQ1 Britt Salmon AT1 Derick Westfield AEI Frank Williamson AT1john Williamson AE2 Michael Arneson AT2 Mark Barboza AT2 David Bates AT2 Ronald Beach AT2 Eric Beers AT2james Bellnier AE2 Harry Coon AT2 john Cummings AT2 David Dodd AT2 Neal Douglas IM-3 I. Z Air 159 if risnhell idminislcfg Jfficerslf rive and ll on sends if ndence de. f0rrCf1 5- wily- fgponslbfi rdiilldul i :h and W mrioni wool liifmhi lllfl fl ABEC David Donnell ABE1 Lawrence Burke ABE1 Donald Smithers YN2 Mark Pabon ABH3 Darryl Henderson ABH3 Ira Rogers AN Carl Bergquisr AN Hershel Henderson AN Daniel Hornstrom AN james Graber AN Todd Marker AN Timothy Berg AA Tracy Hauser AA john Knight AA jon Willis AR Edmond Bager AR Kemmy Frazier AR Gregory Shipley V-O 161 N I H iour- f vel- shim meri- rcrali S. HHK 1. Thi , PIO. n Illi CHEF mghi fll5Ulf ELT4 .ie fhf 55651 IM- ENS David Knauth IM -4 Division Officer Support Equipment Division QIM-4D is responsible for providing common support equipment, or "yellow gear" to the air wing and departments aboard TR. They maintain equipment ranging from the complex Aircraft Crash Crane C"Tilly"j to common aircraft jacks. The technicians are versatile, because each man must know how to repair mobile electric powerplants, diesel engines, hy- draulic test stands and gas turbine com- pressors. Rigorous preventive mainte- nance, corrosion control and timely repair to equipment are essential ele- ments ensuring this vital link to readi- ness is maintained. IM-4 163 ASEAA Robert Savage AR Garrett Parcher ASM3 joseph Brown ASM3 Tracy Gibbs ASM3 Edward jacobs ASE3 john Sterle AZANjmmy Cowart ASAN Claude Hughes ASMAN jan jones ASMAN Raymond Mills ASMAN joey Rodriguez ASEAN Thomas Rogers ASEAN james Shelton ASMAA Michael Ebling AZAA Dennis Hunter ASEAN Sebastian juarez ASEAA Steve Mason AA Gregory Nanney ASMAA john Riter AZAA Scott Rogers IM-4 165 ABCM KA W2 Michael Martin ABCS KA W1 Steven Hirtes ABHC joseph Fuehrer ABEC KA Wj Robert Wade ABH1 Dale Cecil ABH1 Stephen Farias ABH1 jerry Milliron ABH1 Gerald Morse ABH1john Nejberger ABH1 Patrick O'Donnell ABH1juan Oquendo ABH1jay Parris ABH1joel Payne ABH2 Robert Boyd ABH2 Stein Bratcher ABH2 Ramon Carter ABH2 Kevin Coleman ABH2 Steven Corker ABH2 Steven Delisi ABH2jeffery Fonich ABH2 Dirk Harrison ABH2 Alexander Horton V-1 167 ABH3 Orlando Orona ABH3 Robert Reddick ABH3 jefhey Rocker ABH3 Darren Sapp ABH3 Barton Urnowey ABH3 Alh'edo Vallejo ABH3 Brian Warren ABH3 Keith Watkins YN3 Troy Westphal ABH3 jeff Wickert ABH3 Rodney Wood ABH3 jefhey Wooley ABHAN Travis Calloway ABHAN Bernard Dickens AN Donald Guth AN jeff Hall ABHAN Floyd Harvell AN Daniel Higginbottom AN Thomas Hunter AN jefhey jones AN Douglas Maitlen AN Thomas Montgomery AN jessie Moreaux AN Robert O'Neal ABHAN josh Pandozzi AN David Papin AN Alberto Pena AN Kirk Peterson AN Emilo Rodriguez AN Steve Rowe AR Thomas Stevenson AR Chris Swesey AR Michael Yule AR Miles Armstrong AR Dale Benadum AR Todd Blumhardt AR Carlos Bonihz AR Robert Bowker AR Mark Boucher AR Tim Burke AR joseph Burnley AR Steven Burroughs AR Aaron Caples AR Scot Clontz AR Brandon Cloud AR Derrick Dalton AR Stephen Graham AR Michael Hicks AR Lorne Hugley AR Philip Long AR Sean Moore V-1 171 LT Norman Lyster LT joseph Peck LT Michael Shettle C WO3 Douglas Winston ABECS I A Wj Floyd jarrells ABECS Richard Loud ABECS Ricky Neely ABECjose' Cervantes ICC Gregory Edlin ABEC I A Wj William Gaines ABEC K A Wj Richard jones ABEC David Matteson ABEC Gerald Prevost ABE1 Dale Bostwick ABE1 KA Wj Don Cooper ABE1 Dewitt Dorsey ABE2jefrTey Russerr lC2james Schweiss ABE2 Andra Shaw EM2 Edward Shea EM2 Phillip Shepard EM2 Michael Srevens IC2 Chrisropher Thompson IC2jarnes Turner, jr. ABE2 Richard Villarreal ABE2 Wilberr Wafford IC2 Wayne Welry ABE2 Michael Wilson ABE2 Kelvin Youngs ABE 3 Chrisropher Avila IC3 Russ Beardsley ABE3 Kevin Brewick ABE3 Terence Crawl ABE 3 Perer Dahlin ABE3 Kevin Dailey ABE3 Anthony Emilian ABE3 Edward Faulkner, III AZ3 Thomas Fedl ABE 3 Elliorr Foxcrofr V-2 175 Yi 35 AA josh Hurley AA Brenton jones ICFA Eric Keister AA Melvin Keller AA Rodney Lawton AA Mark Littleford AA William Lombardo AA Mark Long AA Scott Lovelace AA james Mattas AA Robert Miller AA joseph Schnur AA Steven Shearer AA Donald Smith AA Barnell Stidham AA Richard Talty, jr. AA Roland Turla AA Daniel Villareal ABEAA Mitchell Weisinger AA Gerald Williams AR Alberto Benitez ABEAR Stephen Bertrand AR Demetrious Butler PRAR Randal Campbell V-2 179 LT Derrol Poole Division Officer ENS K eirh Robinson V-3 Division fHangar Deckl is divided into three teams, one in each hangar bay. Each bay can hold uup to 11 aircraft. Aircraft are sent to the Hangar Deck to perform maintenance that cannot be accomplished on the flight deck. V-3 Division personnel move multi-million dollar aircraft within inches of each other in order to get as many aircraft into the hangar as possible. The V-3 Division is made up of ABH's and non-designated airman. The average age of these men is 19 years old. They also stand conflagration sta- tion watches Caircraft fire watchj, and main- tain the cleanliness and material conndition of the three hangar bays. V-3, "We pack'em tight, and do it right!" V-3 V-3 181 n, X fww X X GV, fax - X X, 0 X f 1 , K V V, xy ,Lf xx x ' x 9 , ,WM wwv M, f ,A vw, N. ,f xv 2 .Xn- , . , , A X, . NxXXxAx W,,,WW,W,,?MwV,,fQASX,M I x Q 4,f Lg! X fifwmf x 9 xx - uwqj - p - 1. ww W, I ww f , -A x ,X Nw . N-, f Q 54 f fm X W w I , X x A? X x X,x1. sy N. dig X Qx AS' Ox .jg x ' Vw! Qu M , , T fs 1 Q ' 55 N537 Q A fx f x 1 Z, k 'ASAE ww 1 , A ,KQV fx fx N: J W 4 Zf"11f'5QX' W3 x Mm. Vff ,, X I- X x .X ' Qx X, , X Air Department's V-4 Division is re- sponsible for the receipt, storage, delivery and purification of aviation jet fuel UP-55. More than 100 Aviation Boatswain's Mates ffuelsj, commonly refffered to as "Grapes" because they wear purple jerseys, operate over 40 watchstations to provide ,IP-5 fuel 24 hours-a-day. In an "average" day V-4 will fuel aircraft with 275,000 gal- lons of jet fuel, transfer fuel to another ship at the rate of 200,000 gallons per hour, or receive fuel from a tanker at almost one million gallons an hour. With a capacity of fr-me than three and a half million gallons of jet fuel located in the 186 tanks throughout the ship, constant system monitoring is necessary to ensure safety and to prevent fuel contamination. Miles of piping, hundreds of valves, and dozens of pump stations enable TR's "Grapes" to provide fuel to aircraft and associated support equipment. Additional- ly, V-4 supplies fuel for all of TR's auxilia- ry systems Cboilers and emergency diesel generatorsj and the ship's liberty boats. V- 4, the team that "Pumps with Pride." LT Thomas Rizer LT Richard Mahon Division Officer ABFCK A Wj Mark Collins ABFC Carl Walker ABF1 Vernon Carr ABP1 Robert De Los Santos ABF1 I A W2 Ruben Presley ABF1 Brian Stierman V-4 185 'MfM:.'Mlsl,,4g,,q NM 'sk , ji 9 if JI ,wi M4 44, ,ff 6 up ,y f' ,ww M, r M M 'na .aw-W' daft -wif? 2 v'??3f' 1 4 'W E-me 'lm 7' -m nw M r mfr , A S, w M ' M, M 'fn 5 1 Q5 Q- W Ev ABF3 Ronald Franken ABF3 Darrin Hyatt ABF3 Leonard jones ABF3 lwllie jones ABF3 Mchael Kirkpatrick ABF3 Donald Long ABF3 john Maxwell YN3 Craig Mazzei ABF3 Todd Mccafferty ABP3 Charles Newman ABF3 john O'Connell ABF3 Dean Prire ABF3 Richard Rendon, jr. ABF3 Dale Robinson ABF3 Nhchael Sirnonson ABF3 Bruce Smith ABF3 David Story ABF3 Darrrh Stubbs ABF3 Steven Stylranos ABF3 Donald Turner ABF3 Frank Valmonte ABF3 Brett Whrnberly ABF3 Robert Wolff ABFAN .Nhchael Blacksher 2, 1 iiwws, AA Richard Fleming AA Todd johnson AA Daniel Morgan ABFAA john Morgan ABFAA Arthur Morris AA Tim Norden AA Mark Orlando AA Christopher Ortel AA Felnr Reeves AA jefriey Rock AA jerome Scott AA Richard Williams AA Richard Wilson AR Peter Corcoran AR Robert Covert AR Brian Croon AR Daniel Danowsky AR juan Fonseca AR Chris Grosman ABFAR Ezzard jones AR Eric Langevin AR Darryl Maxwell AR joseph McWhirter AR james Moore AR Robert Payne AR Gary Porcher AR Kevin Preuit V-4 189 COMM 191 S 9 , S B qi" Y 1 l 3 , , 1 , ? RM3 Dwight Culver RM3 Charles jones RM3 Stephen Liburd IM3 Lorenzo Lozano RM3 Stephen Wormick RMSN Willie Bass, jr. RMSN Gerald Belcher RMSN Kermit Brown RMSN Mark Crpolla RMSN Darrick Copeland RMSN Alto Daniels RMSN justin Davidson RMSN johnny Hunter RMSN Gary Keller YNSN Vincent Pratcher RMSA Varlon Anderson RMSA Scott Antone RMSA Daniel Beneway RMSA Guy Charles RMSA Eric Coggins RMSA Kenneth Freeman RMSA Antonio Hall RMSA Tracy johnson RMSA josejones RMSA Bryant Law RMSA jason Mitchell RMSN Mark Morrow RMSA Tracy Spivey RMSA Michael Zoeller SR Ernest Fitzell SR Tony johnson RMSR Anthony West COMM 193 more are han- CRMD 195 RPC Moses Baines RP2 Philip Duffy RP3 Anthony Linsk RPSN Andre Haynes SR Larry Clanton RPSR Terrance MCG X TR's Command Religious Ministries Department caters to just about every faith onboard, from Roman Catholic to Judaism. uire CRMD 197 BMC Donald Plew, jr. BM1 Anthony Kociunas, jr. BM2 Dale Anderson BM2 jesus Lopezotero BM2 Timothy McKinney BM2 Aundre Spencer BM2 Michael Taylor BM2 Hershel West, II BM3 jim Barrett BM3 Christopher Damon BM3 Robert Gerlak BM3 Steven Gordon BM3 Kelly Hall BM 3 Daren Moore BM3 Steven Nelson BM3 Faustino Ortiz BM3 Donald Poore BM3 Nick Rolland BM 3 David Torres BM3 james Traxler SN Ronnie Barr SN jason Boanicksen SN Scott Brandt SN john Feola, II SN Fred Gray SN Roger Lueclr SN Raymond Osorio SN William Roscoe SN Stephen Shoecrak SN Bill Zanatta SA Dwayne Carter SA Danny McIntyre SA Allen Miles, jr. SA jose Sanchez SR Eddie Collins SR Delois Dubois SR Michael House SR Lee Moore SR Tony Turner SR Denis Querrard SR David Wachowiak SR Donzell Young lst 201 SN Scott Chapman SN Bryan Clancy SN jefhey Graver SN Michael Hurd SN Brian Kegel SN Troy Klose SN Matthew Mann SN Anthony Martin SN james Miller SN Wade Nelson SN Felibr Rodriguez SN Andrew Trojnar SA jay Campbell SA Trampas Clah SA Darren Cofer SA Robert Cooks, jr. SA james Peacock SA David Porterfield SA Andrew Williams SA Brian Zugay SR Michael Delap SR Alex Flournoy SR Antraun Glenn SR Alvin Pointer SR Lee Polin SR Leslie Rolfe SR jefhey Siegler SR Loavel Summerville SR Donnie Tankersley SR Alphonse Wells 5rd 205 storage porcelarn, gold, and ets underway, the dental with her a six month store of dental allowance list QADALJ supplies. in three store rooms and one deep storage locker, This combination of new technology and highly trained, dedicated personnel has helped T R's Dental Department become the premiere provider of dental care in the Atlantic Fleet. DENTAL 207 DENTAL 209 ENG 211 A Div Auxiliaries CAD Division maintains and repairs all steam operated and gear driven galley equipment. They operate and maintain all air condi- tioning equipment, aircraft elevators, vertical stores conveyers, oxygen and nitrogen plants and steam systems to TR's four catapults. They also main- tain and repair all ship's small boat engines and the emergency diesel generators. A Division also has a well equipped machine shop. Their motto is, "we can fix anything except a bro- ken heart and the crack of dawn." A Division consists of the machinist mates, engineman, and machinery re- pairman ratings. LT Scott Sonnemaker Division Officer ENS David Britt Technical Assistant A DIV 21 r I :X E 2 DIVISIOH personnel are the non nuclear trained electncians and they maintain all the electrical systems outside the propuls1on plant 440 volt and below They also mamtam the ship s gyro com systems E 2 D1v1s1on electricians and 1nter1or communrcatlon elec tricrans also ma1nta1n all coprers on the ship , . pass, telephone system, and alarm ' ' 7 l - Drv LT joseph Flynn Division Officer C WO2 Roy Gibbs EMCK S Wj Zosirno Francisco EMCKSWQ Manuel Gapuz ICCKSWQ Kenneth Klinger EM1 I SS Q Martin Angell EM1 K SWG Richard Calomeni EMI Roger Herron IC1 Kevin Lacy IC1 I SWO Kirk Rosa EM2 james Ayers EM2 Kenneth Bridges EM2 Kenneth Carter EM2 Michael Clarke EM2 joseph Essex EM2 Ronald Fisher EM2 Scott Ladwig EM2 Timothy Locke EM2 Mark McElhaney ICFA Earl Union FR Alhed Lewis FR William Keys FR Kevin Padro FN Torey Martin FN Anthony Neubauer FN Timothy Russell FN john Wright FA Nick Bauer FA Corey Brown FA john Lewandowski jr. FA Lance McKenzie FA Douglas Patterson EMFA Michael Raeford FA Ronald Rekunyk FA William Trelfora' E-2 Div 221 11-ff R Div LT jg Robert Hitchcock, r. Division Officer Repair QRD Division maintains all the ship's sewage systems, pip- ing, damage Control and fire fight- ing equipment. They weld metal and repair and install piping sys- tems The major portion of the ships fire fighting and damage control expertise Comes from R Division R Division consists of hull technicians and damage Con trolmen HTCISWQ joseph Frole, jr. DCC Steven Stanley HT1 Timothy Grubbs HT1 Phillip Walling HT1 K SWQ Woody Weatherford DC 1 Tony Wegner HT1fSWJjames Williams HT2 Richard Bain HT2 Tim Benberry HT2 Tobi Bledsoe DC2 Thomas Clohessy HT2jay Eades HT2 Robert Elkins HT2 David Forgey HT2 Thomas Higdon HT2 William Hovey HT2 Mark jones DC2 Kenneth King R Div 225 DC3 Bradley Young DCFN Harry Banks, II HTFN james Barnes HTFN Vernon Billedeaux FN Floyd Brack FN Daniel Couch FN Eric Drummond HTFN Curtis Goins FN Sean Handlin HTFN Thomas jennings H TFN Philip Katzenberger HTFN Darren Lrlgon HTFN Robert Miller DCFN Patrick Mullins FN Mark Schaffer HTFN Roland Sepulveda DC3 Wesley Smith H TFN Stevie Strlggers FNj1rnmy Vaillancourt FN Ronald Wieneke FA james Cleaver HTFA Gary Nikon HTFA Leonard Sniffin FA john Thomas FA Floyd Hyden FR Craig Anderson FR Charles Greene FR Bernie Knrlghten FR Ronald Learherwood FR jerome Rivera HMCSKSWQ Jerome Kebbell HMCK A Wj joe Decristohro HMCK A Wj Rodger Hamilton HM1 Ramon Bundalian HM1 Arturo Enriquez HM1james Parlier HM1 KSWQ Bill Morgan HM1 Robert Resino HM1 Wilton Scott HM1 Charles Womack i HM2 Andreas Alfer l HM2 David Carter HM2f A W2 Gordon Edwards HM2james Hardy HM2 Walter Minnich, III HM2 David Moyers HM2 Raymond Shields I HM2 Robert Wilson twat Medical 23 HM3 james Armstrong HM3 Ronald Back HM3 john Bacon HM3 Wes Burden HM3 jerry Christmas HM3 Frank Collins HM3 David Farah HM3 james Ganz HM3 Percy Hardy HM3 Darryl johnson HM3 Charles Kemp HM3 Steven Macas HM3 joseph McCain HM3 David Paff HM3 Danny Pelhey HM3 Timothy Reid HM3 Alex Sanchez HM3 Bert Smith HM3 Steven Wordell HN Darrin Eason HN David Gray HN jon Twords HA David Smith The Navigation Department provides for the safe and effective navigation of THBO- DORE ROOSEVELT. Quarterrnasters trained in both celestial and electronic navi- gation maintain a continuous plot of the ship's position. i During critical evolntions where precision is of major importance, such as restricted water transit and underway replenishment, master helmsmen are required to take the wheel because of their exceptional steering skill and experience. Signalmen literally ensure the safety of the ship at sea. Maintaining a continuous watch underway, signalmen use flashing light, flag hoist and semaphore to visually communi- cate with Navy and commercial ships. LT1g Stephen Evans Division Officer SMCISWO Kenneth Mc SM1 Charles Hall SM2 jacob Miller SM2john Sloane SM2 Mark Smith SM3 David Colton SM3 Charlie Francis SM 3 Martinez Hardnett SM3 Richard Pogue SM3 Cary Smith SM3 Craig Starkey SMSN jack jones SMSA john Carroll SMSA George Marlowe SMSA Timothy Mullis SMSR Randall Anderson SMSR Hans Wagner Gra th Navigation 23 The Operations Department is res nsibie for many tasks aboard P0 TR -- from the shxp s rent mtelhgence . I . n VICCS 2. d graphic se over 300 first 1 89. Operations H Strike Opera tions Staffed by four officers, Strike Operations is responsible for gener- ating TR's daily, weekly, monthly and long-range schedules. Virtually every evolution TR participates in is planned, scheduled and coordinated by Strike Operations. In time of war, Strike Ops will plan and coordinate air strikes against enemy ships and air fields. From choosing what weapon will be used and what aircraft will carry it, to when and where the mis- CDR john LCDR john Payne LT Dou I ' - . gas M LT . . . . . Errlschwerger Assy Strike Ops ASS, Strike gsm Assirfiggi RSPH sion will take place, it is Strike Ops Strike Ops OffYCGf Officer Officer Offfcfi P5 that "runs the show." 1 Air Operations is staffed with five officers and 30 enlisted air traffic controllers and consists of three branches, Air Operations, Carrier Controlled Approach and Air Transfer Office. Air Ops manages the complex task of scheduling and executing daily carrier flight operations. They also provide all pertinent information involved in flight planning, airspace management procedures and flight restrictions. The Carrier Controlled Approach CCCAD branch provides radar air traffic Control services to TR's aircraft during the launch and recov- ery phases of flight operations. CCA also provides several additional services unique to operations at sea. Unlike shore CDR Gerald Srettler Air Ops Officer based radar approach facilities, Departure Control controls airborne tanker aircraft for aerial refueling in addition to ensuring the safe, expeditious departure of mission aircraft. When aircraft have completed their missions and return to TR, the marshal controller establishes the approach sequence by "stacking" the aircraft at different altitudes above the ship. He then issues holding instructions, expected approach times and radar vectors to returning aircraft. The Air Transfer Office schedules and coordinates the transfer of all personnel, amil and cargo which arrive or depart TR by air. oxfoc 241 AA Briar! N352 Kee KA Rogff I l Edwafd Rlbgi R and Pe' The Combat Direction Center CCDCD is the nerve center of the ship where combat decisions are made and directions are given to battle group forces. Con- tinuous analysis of own force dispositions and those of potential enemies permits timely responses to threats above, on, or beneath the sea. Working close- ly with the Intelligence center, CDC constantly as- sesses TR's combat readiness and the hostile threat, and coordinates effective responses. CDC is manned by three rates, OS, AW, and EW. The OS's COperations Spacialistsj are primarily re- sponsible for the detection, tracking, and identifica- tion of all ships, planes, and missiles in TR's operat- ing area. Additionally, they assist in search and rescue operations and radar navigation in restricted waters. Once detection and tracking information is dis- played, it is disseminated to the Tactical Action Offi- cer CTAOD for further evaluation. Using the best electronic equipment available , the OS's can identify the enemy before he poses a threat, permitting a rapid, effective response by the TAO. The AW's CAnti-Submarine Warfare Operatorsl job is to locate, identify, and track all submarines in the Battle Group's operating area. Working in the Anti-Submarine Warfare Module CASWMQ, AW's are veterans of many hours in the air with ASW squadrons, flying P-3, S-3 and SH-3 aircraft to locate submarines. The primary mission of the ASWM is to plan, conduct, and analyze anti-submarine warfare for the carrier and embarked air wing. Capitalizing on augmented sensor processing facilities and automatic data collection and dissemination, AW's provide tac- tical support for the S3-A aircraft, SH-3 helicopters, Light Airborne Multipurpose - Helicopter System and land-based maritime patrol aircraft. The Electronic Warfare Module is the leading edge of threat detection in the Combat Direction Center. EW's CElectronic Warfare Operators and Techniciansj operate and maintain highly sophisti- cated electronic equipment designed to passively and actively exploit the electronic spectrum. EW is one of the few ratings that both operate and maintain their own equipment. Quite often the EW module is the first to know a potential adversary is approaching. Coordinating with Intelligence, they are able to alert the ship and air wing to the threat in time to counter it. CDR james Lmqursr Combat Officer ,ki Q I I R, S I in i. Y' S -2. eu. i 2 f W F A I .-3. ol the tas- iics and to E1- 15 3: 131111 OU the SL? f Tue tai ima C6115 correlates . ' if ffgmlflal -4 :E mir: will 'di Jblh I0 ff: 1.659096 ll, if rodhisf ' E WD -'e:. UK cliff 'llmsmb A--f ,, -7 '1 W Ollff ii: -jrrf lr ,gt my -,:', . . A 'I if . lkv Intelligence Division's mission the Operators - where the enemy is, what his strengths and weak- nesses are, and what his next move will be. With six Intelligence Offi- cers and 30 enlisted men including Itelligence Specialists, Data Pro- cessing Technicians and a Drafts- man, they operate around the clock. Using state-of-the-art automated systems for data retrie- vel, operational intelligence, photo interpretation, mission planning, administration and graphic pro- duction, they provide a continu- ous flow of finished intelligence to the ship, air wing and embarked staff. is to solve the hard problems for Q Z ISCSK A W2 Michael Minde DP1 Glenn Anderson IS1 Bruce Behers ISI Brian Bock IS1 KA W2 Edward Dillingham IS1 Timothy Foran IS1 Gregg Blain IS1 Darryl Holmes DM1 KA W2 Michael Kohanek ISZK A W2 Ken Laurion IS2 Dave Maukmann , IS2 Sean McCann IS2joe Sullivan IS2 joseph Taylor IS2 T Daniel Tewilliager IS3 Matthew Blaisdell IS3 Kurt Hirth IS3 james Wanrz DP3 Dewitt Williams ISSN Rodney Cooper DPSA Llord Costello ISSN David Hardt , ISSN Billy Harris - l ISSN Dante johnson ISSN Richard Royston ISSA Timothy Kubiak ISSA Marry McGray ISSA Douglas Miller ISSA Edward Nice SR james Cunningham OZ 24 7' I LCDR Richard Quijada EMO Through four divisions, Com- munications System Maintenance, Data System Maintenance, Surface Missile System Maintenance, and Radar System Maintenance, EMO provides maximum operational readiness of all electronic and combat systems aboard TR. OE OE 25 T , .H ,f 4 ta Ji if v X 4 " 5. Exaw ,pm :g -. ,, 73- .. - . ,Q ix I V A , 4 f - www.-fs -N L ,An V - - ,J ,rc ff V--. 'nit e- . s o - W . L.: I i tenance Divi- s TR's suite oi icai and non- a processing rom the Ad- bat Direction :rsonai desktop Manned with the Data SYS- jm QDSJ rate 1 Anti-Subntn .E Technician gf division CH- iispiay and pin. amounts Of for 5ffCCflVe d battle WP and decis10H ther the system ' s me fleet for leaf . e- re grate-Ofth ' , , Mninfe' fe W1 nignn esioff it f1ciaHS keep i ET2 Clyde Stephenson DS2 Timothy Taggett DS3 john Fullerton, II DS3 Duane Kerkstra D53 Brett Pearson DS2 james Hardage DS2 David Hatten DS2 Thomas Herland II DS2 Steven Herdloff DS2 Todd Huff c DS2 Clark jackson DS2 Lee jacobs DS2 john Mcdermott AX2 Richard Moon DS2 Donald Norse DSZKSWO Scott Ramsey d DS2 Paul Shalek Q FCCKSWQ jerry Banks FCC Michael Santner FCCKSWQ Scott Williams FCI Gerald Germann FC2 Kent Barnard FC2 Brian Bowers FC2 Larry Brendel FC2 M'chael Childress FC2 lVHcahel Elliott FC2 Grant Evans FC2fefHey Gamel FC2 Dallas Melashenko FC2 Robert Voight FC2 Albert Williams FC3 Bruce Alexander FC3 johnny Bass FC3 Richard Bell FC3 Brian Gardner FC3 Michael Haas FC3 Xondualjordan FC3 Craig Kjome FC3 George Lutz FC3 Lawrence O'Neal FC3 james Patterson FC3 Gerald Reed jr. FC3 Peter Small FC3 Gregory Weed FC3 Billy Wickerham SN james jeffrey FCSN David McGrath FCSA Michael Lahey ETCSKSWQ Michael Gogan FCCKSWQ Kim Lavine ET1 Arthur Levi ET1 Howard Gibbs FCI Dan Lane E T1 K S W3 Nicholas Siewars ET1 Robert Towers ETIKSWQ Brian Ude ET1 David Villemuer ET1 jerry Wheat ET1 john Willsey ET2 Mchael Billing FC2 Arthur Caputo, jr. ET2 Derrell Chapman, jr. ETZKSWQ George Furbee, Sr ET2 Gary Hines FC2 Ronald Holmbeclc FC2 Douglas jennings ET2 Dean Maki ET2 Whlliam Sanders ET2 Richard Smith ET2 William Smith ET3 Frederick Anderson ET3 Scott Ballard ET3 Randall Berke ET3 Gordon Blanchard ET3 Louis Fegan ET3 Brian Schuttloffel FC3 Keith Varnado ETSN Eric Paslick ETSN Farel Wood ,fu -f 'K . ,, . lsr 55, .Q if , ff AGAN jesse Whlliarns AGAA jack Boller AGAA justin Sutton AGAR lVHchael Cruz AGCS Ronald Brady AGCKA W2 Rodney Glidden AG1 Andrew Lawhorn AG2 Stacy Arms AG2 William Brown AG2jefHey Demond AG2 Brian Fraser AG2 Frederick Roosevelt, jr. AG2 George Towne AG3 Michael Marta AG3 Gene Peterson AGAN Michael Olson S ni f. Reacrm ff ion is one .ent With lterrtem- rer reactor ie smallest port rolein :or Depart- ing allcor- As a result rg of Reac- he yeoman tion as the 5M system, iridS11PPll' the dfptff' iinators. RA Porisibilities are cleaned viding law' 'che JW' oflfquenml le Successful 5. ent 25 mn m Plants. Operation and maintenance of nuclear instrumentation and control equipment is done by the of men in Reactor Controls CRCJ Division. From testing vital monitoring sys- tems to maintaining areas near the reactors, RC Division personnel work around the clock to keep both reactors operating safely. As reactor operators, instrument watches, log recorders, throttlemen, reactor technicians, and watch supervisors, division personnel are charged with keeping a watchful eye on a myriad of systems during underway opera- tions. RC personnel are highly trained in all areas of electron- ics and nuclear propulsion operations and are capable of performing any of the thousands of possible repairs to pro- tection and monitoring systems in event of a malfunction. LT Ariel Navarro Division Officer RC Division has six workcenters, each with its own area of responsibility for maintenance, watchstanding, and qualifica- tion. RCOO handles administration of the division as well as assisting RA Division in maintaining the berthing area, and acting as Messdeck Master-at-Arms. The men in RC01 and RC02 perform the maintenance tasks on the reactors and associated equipment. RC03 ensures all test equipment is kept in good working order and supplies are ordered. RC04 keeps the damage control gear in each division's spaces clean and ready for use. Technical Pubs Library personnel continuously update hundreds of books used by watchstanders as refer- ences in daily work on or around the reactors. ETCS William Ward ETC Dale Coussens ETC Patrick Park ET1 Louis Balor ET1 M'chael Haydon 5 ET1 Thomas Kreischer ET1 I SS Q Kevin Schultz ET1 Gary Wickham ET2 jonathan Amos ET2 Albert Caristo, jr. ET2john Cope ET2 Paul Danforth ENS Daniel Howe The men f Reactor Electrical QRED Division operate and maintain electrical equipment associated with TR's two re- actor plants. This small, hard working team of individuals works with other Reactor and Engineering Department divisions to provide electrical power for the propulsion plants. Their duties in- volve watchstanding as well as mainte- nance. RE Division also runs Reactor Departments tool issue room and co- ordinates electrical safety of personal and government owned electrical equipment. RE RL LT Howard Thomas LTjgjonarhan Dentch Reactor Laboratory CRLD Division's dedicated men are tasked with controlling chemis- try in reactor and steam plant waters and managing the radio- logical concerns of operating a pair of nuclear reactors. The men of RL Division are highly motivated with extensive train- ing in chemistry and analytical laboratory techniques. Their day-to-day work involves keeping a dynamic chemistry environment in balance, moni- toring radiation levels in work- ing spaces, measuring and tracking the radiation exposure of all propulsion plant workers, and supporting maintenance and repairs in the propulsion plant. RM LT Patrick Berry Division Officer LT David Meeks LT Stephen Poppe LTjg Alhea' Broch ENS james jones Reactor Mechanical CRMD Divi- sion's highly skilled nuclear machin- ist's mates operate and maintain fluid systems which service the reactors in THEODORE ROOSEVELT. Divi- sion personnel spend hours perform- ing maintenance on complex me- chanical components in addition to participating in continuous training requiring each mechanic to demon- strate knowledge of plant operations. Through hard work and dedication, the men of RM Division maintain reactor plant mechanical systems in optimum working condition. 355133 , r'1 l3L'4:Xf ?iy+ A . ,av r V ,- wig , 1' 1, 41 4 '- f. if ,J ams 11 ffl M ,,,.f41fgf-qfrfxf 0,4 fa: . f -Q f-',.,.1 1 41. .- ,-a 4 ff. F H ' ' we , " fs- W J ' ,ff 'A-.Qi ' ' We ,Q s -Q ,, . 4, Q' ar, , ' 'f MM3 james Bowie MM3 Dennis Brackett MM3 Timothy Cepukenas MM3 Kirby Coggin MM3 Robert Ericson MM3 Paul Fagan MM3 Brian Gallinger MM3 Edward Handschuh MM3 Todd Hanks MM3 Shawn Heldebrandt MM3 Keith Hiebert MM3 Mickey High MM3 james jones MM3 Tnnothy Klinger MM3 Darrell Lapcinski MM3 Gene Love MM3 Ronald Nagle MM3 Andrew Nighswander MM3 Steven Olszowy MM3 jefkey Powell MM3 Scott Reinhardt MM3 Robert Segrest MM3 Gerald Stem, jr. MM3 Brian Stillwell MM3 Charles Tolson MM3 Robert Walker RM2 r fi v l 7 Management Ships Maintenance Management CSMMD sup- ports ship's force planning, coordination, and management of depot, intermediate and ship's force level repairs throughout the ship's life. SMM is also tasked with management of the ship's 3-M program and operation of the Maintenance Sup- port Center, and management and coordination of the ship's Quality Assurance Program. SMM has four divisions: administrative support, Production Control, Quality Assurance and 3-M. SMM Administrative Support Division supports the department with administrative services. They also review, prepare and track all ship generated Ship Alteration Requests. All master files for the department are maintained by admin along with a master file of Title K 8: D Ship Alterations. Production Control Division ensures all repair work planned for accomplishment during the de- pot, intermediate and self availabilities and repair of other vessels is planned and completed. The Quality Assurance Division ensures com- pliance with procedures contained in the COM- NAVAIRLANT Quality Assurance Manual and the Quality Assurance Assistant ensures that all tests and inspections are performed. I-Ie also con- ducts training for Ship's Force personnel in all aspects of the QA program. The 3-M Division is the focal point for the ship's 3-M program. All facets of the 3-M pro- gram are managed out of the 3-M work center. The Maintenance Support Center CMSCD is part of the 3-M Division. It assists Ship's Force in COSAL verification, ACR's, part numberfstock number verification and CASREP processing. LCDR Mchael Obuchowski Z HT1 Ken Ansbach MM1 Victor Barter AO1 I A W2 Decaro Burke AO1 Robert Gilmore ET1john King BM2 Samuel Ballen YN2 Nelson Rose Safety 28 Supply 28 S- LT Da vid Baucom Stock Control CS-lj Division pro- cures or requisitions, manages, and ac- counts for 35236 million of general, reac- tor, and general aviation stores material. In addition, S-1 Division accounts and manages TR's 332 million operating budget and 3.2 million gallons of avia- tion fuel. S-1 is comprised of one Lieu- tenant and 23 Aviation Storekeepers and Storekeepers. S-1 289 LCDR john Goree C WO2 Leon Cole Food Service CS-25 Division adminis- ters and operates two enlisted messes pro- viding 20,000 meals per day. S-2 Division is responsible for procuring, issuing and accounting for a 32 million subsistence inventory. In conjunction with S-2 Divi- sion, Food Service Attendants CS-ZMD Division operates the mess deck dining areas and is responsible for the cleaning of all food service gear. S-2 and S-2M are comprised of a Lieutenant Commander, Chief Warrant Officer, 72 Mess Manage- ment Specialists, 86 Food Service Atten- dants, 19 Mess Deck Master-At-Arms, and 86 Mess Cooks. MSCS Rodolfo Abutin MSC Phil Dizon MMI jeff Gilmer MS1 james Holmes MS1 Keith Meredith MS1 Laureano Sagadraca ET1 I SWQ Nicholas Siewers MS1 Keith Townsend EM2 john Alfultis MS2 Raymond Chantrell MS2 Valencio Dillard AD2 Terry Fisher Q S s S Q f 1 5? 2 J. j I 1 ' , S-3 K4 v w sf' W' , Y . v 7 4:7 1 -,. A fx ,, V .g .Q V If hr ri 1- :11 ' WZ 4 if K ,. ' , ,fir 4412 Y ,K 'mf' 1' 4 sf 12 ? E mm, I on is re- menr and illion of an cashes ies. main- 55435 travel of div and25 ,, , F, -t..,ar UW ENS Peter Favreau I MSC Willy Bulosan MSC Mark Olson MSC Dommgo Reboja MS1 Robinson Buemil MS1 Wayne Carey MSI Steven Reis MS1 Mchael Roclcett MS2 Micah Brirnmer MS2jefHey Butts MS2 Mario Calara MS2 Bryant Defonseca MS2 Peter Hitchman MS2 Philip Kassees MS2 jose Martinez MS2 Donald Whlliams MS2 james Wilson MS3 William Akins MS3 Christopher Andria MS3 Troy jackson MS3 Pablo Ortiz M33 Emmanuel Patterson MS3 William Powers MS3 Michael Scott MS3 Scott Shaffer Wardroom CS - 5D Division operates ward- room messes and pro- vides hotel services for berthing 508 officers. S- 5 Division manages four officer's messes, and general housekeep- ing, laundry and dry cleaning services for all embarked officers and distinguished visitors. S-5 has one Ensign, 67 Mess Management Specialists and 55 Food Service Attendants. S-5 29 'F :A- 1 t K -Z9 ' F"""ai P-L IO AKC Modesto Agbuya AKC Yasunori Blae AKCKAWQ james Bursley AK1 Howard Barbour AK1 Dion Decker AK1 Thomas Hale AK1 Mark Lanning AK1 Ferdinand Wado AK2 David Hahn AK2 Larry Pritchett AK2 john Pruschen AK2jefHey Waldman AK2 Andrew Worsley AK3 Gregory Black AK3 Michael Casey AK3 David Cordingley AK3 james Forsythe AK3 john Forsythe AK3 Rodney Lowe AK3 Keith Neeley LT Wilbur Chapman 1 Data Processrng CS 7 Drvrsxon operates the slupboard non tactlcal Computer su1te and perrph eral data processing equrpment under Supply cus tody and reports directly to the Supply Offrcer S 7 is comprrsed of a Warrant Off1cer and 19 Data Processrng Technrcrans I DPC Paul Ciarelli DP1 Renato Alvarez DP1 Dennis Swanson DP2 Leo Davis, jr. DP2 Peter Fanning DP2 Edward Feinstein DP2 Kelsey McClanahan DP2 Terence Muir DP3 jonathan Chapman DP3 john Kawaky DP3 Mark Kzlboum DP3 Rin Kimball DP3 Roy jones, II DP3 David Wilhelm DP3 Dwight Williams DPSN Ricky Bryant SN Troy Slawson SN Lawrence Sutton, II DPSA Don Heesacker DPSA Tracy Stafford DPSR Patrick Barter DPSR Ronald Boose DPSR james Rivaro DPSR Michael Roberts DPSR Douglas Seitsinger SR Keith Wright C WO4 Charles Pabst S-7 31 I 7, CPO Mess CS-11D Division operates of the CPO Mess and berthing. Managing the CPO Mess, berthing, laundry and dry cleaning services for all embarked CPO's. S-11 is comprised of one Chief Petty Offi- cer, six Mess Management Specialists and Food Service Attendants. S - 1 1 MS1 William Fennell MS2 Major Greene MS3 Matthew Kutch MS3 Michael Stanley AN jefhey Vaughn SA james Iams SA Harry Taylor ,J-,. 1989 Captain Ney Food Service Wnners N9 NF N CCC - The mission of the Com- mand Career Counselors is to create a career-oriented, total command envi- ronment reinforced by an active career information program leading to crew retention which meets or exceeds the established retention goals of the chief of Naval Operations. The CCC's ensure all retention and incentive messages are correctly prepared and conduct pre- separation seminars to help personnel in their transition from the military to the civilian community. They also oversee all reenlistments and retirement cere- monies, ensuring they are carried out in a professional manner. The Educational Services Office provides a wide variety of educational services to the crew. They administer Navy- wide advancement examina- tions, coordinate requests for commissioning programs, pro- vide a liaison with Navy Cam- pus for off -duty education, and administer shipboard educa- tional programs such as Func- tional Skills and the PACE Pro- gram. The Educational Services Office also handles all advance- ments on board TR and makes all service record entries per- taining to crewmember's ad- vancement and educational his- tories. PN3 joe Roberts PN3 Paul Salazar y SN Dean Davis PN1 Carl Knight, Sr PN3 Kevin Barthelemy PNSA Byron Boone ESO C WO4 Terry Wait' CAAC - The Counseling and Assis- tance Center QCAACD on board THEODORE ROOSEVELT is a small, efficient organization designed to help our shipmates with substance abuse problems. The CAAC is responsible for screening individuals identified as sub- stance abusers and reccomending a treatment suited for their individual needs. The CAAC is also responsible for conducting Level II group counseling sessions on board while in port and underway to meet the needs of all TR and air wing personnel who need or desire treatment for their abuse prob- lem. CCC 85 CAAC NCC john Leyh NC1 Timothy Fitzmaurice NC1 Verne Dulrette NC1 Leon Daniel AMH1 joseph Spinelli SA john Querry Training 34 ' Pm. Weapons .although not nrovides infor- iprotessing P I0 mem running grinem notices including drill' aheldinrheol- lament Hlelllosv ndenff torttSp0 d veomlfl all :he A fn. Qficer. G-1 G-1 Division is divided into two primary crews. One crew operates on the flight deck, while the other crew mans the hangar bays. The flight crew is responsible for the receipt, safe movement, inspection and ac- counting of ordnance items on the flight deck. The hangar bay crew is tasked with the safe and efficient transfer of bombs, missiles and ord- nance accessories, from the time they reach the hangar bay until they are turned over to the flight deck crew or returned to G-3 Division. LTjg Timothy Lane C WO2 Gordon Smith AA Steven Tinsley AA Lanrell Watson AA Michael Watson AA Darren Wright AR Archie Artis AR David Bascio AR Clifford Bonner AR Timothy Davis AR Hayward Dykes AR Michael Emmett AR Billy joe Gallahar jr AR Sterling Giles AR Samuel Guzman AR Neil Hainley AR Alhedo Ramirez AR Michael Shuford AR Mil-re Weinke f , G-4 Division's complex system of 10 weapons elevators are designed to move heavy loads to and from the hangar bays and flight deck. This vital link in the weapons chain is also the only way to transport weapons from the magazines to the hangar deck and flight deck. In the event of a personnel casualty or a medical emergency, the weapons elevators can also be used to transport the injured safely and quickly to medical. G-4 C WO4 Moses Coleman AOC Thomas Lettis MMC Randall Lozon AOC David Wikoff AO1 Mario Ackles AO1 I A W2 Morrison Davis AO1jefHeyjenkins AO1 K A Wj joseph Mahachek, jr. AO1 David Martin EM2 Richard Arnold AO2 Rodney Baker r, AO2 Robert Bownds AO2 Ronald Carpenter AO2 Tim Copeland AO2 john Devanathan AO2 Tony Fobbs AO2 Edward Glover MM2james Laffin EM2 Mark McConnell TM2 Robert McGhee AO2 William O'Neil AO2 David Serra AO2 Keith Simmons AO3 Richard Aldridge IC3 Michael Beasley G-4 319 G 5 Division in Weap ons Control is the nerve center of the weapons de partment They track co ordinate and account for every bomb missile bullet and flare that leaves a magazine on its way to the flight deck for use. Along with tracking ordnance, G-5 monitors the ship's allowance of each weapon tYPe ' LCDR Floyd English AOC Charles Baker AO1 Art Michel AO1 Michael Rushin AO2 George Clarken AO2 Hans jensen AO3 james Leaf A03 james Matthews AO3 Kenneth Parson G-5 321 EOD l l LT Anthony Rodgers Explosive Ordnance Disposal CEGDD is a de- tachment assigned to the ship. They are safety advi- sors on all weapons on board. EOD maintain's a 24 hour watch to safe any missile, bomb or other ordnance that becomes damaged and unsafe. They also provide the ship with diving services and re- spond to any bomb threat. 1' - xmE:S!4E.i9 Q - ,-A-if xx: ' 5-- " 5.115115 -. 5 -, ,s.j., 5 54.-1 . ,T r4L-.1'r::5,2-1-,Q V ,'-,Q6.,v.'g ' , LN -Q ,, . . Q , NA . .. x. Y ,t - ., ,, --1 ..:. ' , ,, .,.' -.Lx xi5 1 i v Y v I I i I Q A P ' -' ' 4 xc Xcfip, xa,:kw QfYi i": "iL:if9iaiifsfii-,i K gf' -awk hx . M-vveqs ge. ' "" K"" ""':,A.r-Y:-'l":.."' ZR: 'gfwwqlg'-1Y'1v" H. af- 'Js3.,..-Q Q.. .-rw - .. fa., W, .A-1-L i 15, Juv ,-1N:r'-,,,v, newsvi- iff-h,.,, . Jasc "' , X we ., .A -x fuk x 4 Qc, SLN. x ..-, qt 19. , kv .5 . -wi gag 5655 if .,.-f frrjif 1'.23d'.,-" N,Q,.g::Q 44-49:43 N V... , ,+.e,,..E'f,':1'b'L.: E ovens-, Ty-if gif' J' fl"-T. 'f"1':- ,, "' ", 11, " . f'-1 H ,.fE:g-N Air wang sas Air' Wag EIGHT The task of Carrier Air Wing EIGHT CCVW.8Q is to conduct offensive air operations against land, surface, and sub-surface Group with sustained assigned missions. Em- sophisticated aircraft capa- targets and provide the Carrier defensive air operations in barked on TR, CVW-8 ble of air warfare strike anti submarine warfare and The by two flying the Twenty-Four CVS carrier based ASW aircraft and the SH of Anti-Submarine Squadron Nine closely with TR's ASW module, provide an effective sea going weapons platform to combat enemy submarines. The SH-SH also pro- vides serach and recue and vertical replenishment capabilities. Airborne electronic defense is provided by a squadron of EA- 6B Prowlers. These aircraft from Tactical Electronic Squadron One Hundred Forty-One CVAQ-1415 are capable of intercept- ing and countering a variety f electronic signals and jamming surface-to-air radars in order to protect strike group aircraft. CAPT Donald Weiss Chief of Staff 2f1f87-2f1f89 CAPT-john Mazach Chief of Staff CVW-8 Wm cvw-8 YNCS Frederick Amidon AOCSK A W2 Leslie Green AMCSK A W2 Robert joseph ADCSI A W2 Ernie Summerville ADC Michael Albesser AZCIA W2 james Merry AO1 I A W2 Delbert Berrhold AME1 K A W2 Mark Rassano YN1 Larry Scott AK1 Wayne Sullivan AN joseph Bales YNSN Brian Demange AA Ryan Cormier AA james Dolby SR Charles jacobs The mission of t CVF-415 is to intercep airborne missiles in establish and ed area. VF-41's when it was ginia. Flying th squadron 1948 the ments to ROOSEVELT 1948 to january 1950. its home base to sioned for 1950 cruise NAS The BL CK ACES 'VF41 ,Sk LT Walt Burkett LT Steve Carroll LT john Cochrane LT james Convery, III LT David Fox LT Scott Ginder LT Morgan Havens LT Sean Kelly LT Stephen Mooradian CAPT Reid Murphy LT Thomas Paulk LT Francis Payne VF-41 355 'i , if , . . me ,--fa. A., Ya. . - I' f NW . A A '-fe if ' W ' . fi: . i , f , "Im:-Z:2':9i'3'j,. -ffiefzi' . ., :-1, f ' . -W 'ww 5 4 ' i':.g.qyiy,j1','+ ,V Wfffy ff ' " 'WSJ' 4 -nf 1-':'f-2?1:ff1..fa111 'wm1 ' -' ff' ' ,J I ,Ziff 1.1 ,y f, ' wr- .. f -pm.:-z,., ,f1"- . ' 1 ' -Q 'W . . 1 Z, v "'WW?f-W'i:Ml A ' "".,w"1 Af f ' i .' 7.51.1 , H1 'W ff 34 ' I ,. 4 . Q" 3 1 V A 5 .3 V ,,.z9i "5 7- V F. 'fx' "' 7 1' 'A ' .. -'J' ' 15:6 .rff'jf2x. 4, ,, 3 1 g " 'Ia 15.1 ff? ' ' ' 4 pf A 1. ' Q -' 33 f 1 1 t ,YE . 9:4-1 Q 1 ,,,, 445, A A6551 1 JV, ., 1 I If 'S fn--f M .,-X. Va. . in X ,wr ' -CL... " x 5..,:'fl-"' rv ftxmjx -' f3,rf-- I3 ' ft'-. , - V n. f?i"f,.-54-'Z , . ,i x Q ., V f ,qi- f-"5 ' ' 4 'B . 'ff1W'L',T af, X -. t . ,- - ., . ,wf ,r . slj, 1. U: . 1- "iff ' Q 1, 'J' N ' "'-vii. diff ,--, . .A .:. wffffiw..-'. " " H' . y,m5i'.5,,f.p1 -,mv - 0 .-.A 4 1 fffj- 212-' - X " ' ' 11'-V .g:2,H1J::-'fi 4g:,,,P'i?.s2 Q , 5 'iii 4.-1 , ff 3,,, , vv .1 4 413.-' 14535-' .-,J 7:Kf..l'.' JS,-M . ,,+-nm, -V 5 . -3- .fmvlt K., , q.4.1.4,i- E, C. ' 1 PS5 1 ' Pl", k ,. 1 x S. i I Q f AA Michael Stirrup AEAA Dave Tulenko AKAA Oscar Viquez AA Richard Whlggins AA Bart Williams SR jefhey Alexander AOAR jerry Carter AR Louis Cullooyan AR jonathan Fields AR jamie jordan AR john Lynch AR Peter Hargrave AR David johnson AR john Noboa AR Rich Diaz AOAR james Rayburn ADAR David Stahlman, jr. AR Pedro Valdivieso AR Rivera Wilmer AR Mark Zofcin AMSAA Timothy Yetzer YNSA james Youngblood YNSR Christopher Henderson Fighter Squadron EIGHTY-FOUR CVF-841 is a Fleet Fighter Squadron flying the P-14A Tomcat. VF- 84's mission includes fleet air defense, strike escort, and maritime air superiority. Additionally, using the P-14A TARPS pod, the squadron is tasked with fleet tactical air photo reconnaissance. VF-84 traces its roots to VF-17 of WWII fame. In only 67 days those jolly Rogers and their F-4U Corsairs destroyed 154 enemy aircraft and sank seven ships, a record unsurpassed throughout the war. With the arrival of the jet age and the subsequent need for additional fighter squadrons, VF-84 was corn- rnissioned on july 1, 1955 at NAS Oceana, Virginia. The squadron adopted the nickname "Vagabonds" and flew the FJ-3 until 1959 when the Fury was replaced by the F-8U Crusader. During this period the squadron adopt- ed the Jolly Rogers nickname and the Skull 8: Cross- bones insignia. In 1964 the squadron commenced transition to the McDonnell P-4 Phantom II and flew several versions of this capable and versatile aircraft for the next 12 years. During this era VP4-84 made six cruises aboard two carriers, including a combat deployment aboard USS INDEPENDENCE in which the squadron flew 2,700 hours and 1,507 combat sorties with over 700 strike missions against targets in North and South Vietnam. The final F-4N was transferred from the squadron in March 1976 and aircrews began transition training for the F-14 Tomcat. Completing the training and accept' ing the arrival of their first Tomcat a year later, the jolly Rogers joined Carrier Air Wing EIGHT aboard USS NIMITZ for their first Mediterranean deployment in the F-14. In May 1989, VF-84 Completed eight years of acci- dent free flying. VF-84 completed its last USS NIMITZ deployment in june 1987. Today, VF-84 continues its long tradition of excellence as a member of CVW- EIGHT with USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT. CDR Rocldun Deal Commanding Ofncer VF-84 343 LT james Bauser LT Rick Beck LT Thomas Bernarooh LT james Cobell, III LT Steve Cummings LT Steve Dupuis LT john Einhorn LT Ronald Fines LT David Gerling LT Gary Gomez LT Randall Gross LT Thomas Kalhas LT Chip King LT August Koster LT Thomas Neely LT jon Whitten LT Ted Wirginis LT james Wolf LT Brian Wood LTjg Paul Ashcroh VF-84 Mlffphr AQ1 David Drpalmo AE1 Rocklyn Faher AT1 KA W2 joel Farkas AO1jmmy Ferdon AME1 joseph Fornal AME1 jerry Gerecke DK1 Daniel Hayes AQ1 john jones AMSIKA W2 Edward McCarthy AO1 Timothy Nealy AD1 joe Richter AK1 Gregory Shade AO1 I A W2 james Smith AE1 I A W2 Gregory Vanlier AMS1 Charles West AZ1 Horace White ADI William White AD2 Mark Adkins AMH2 Rodney Allred AE2 Carl Aten AD2 Donald Ayers PH2 Troy Bender AO2 Thomas Bitters AD2 Robert Brooks AT2 Bruce Butcher AO2 Bryan Canty PH2 Andrew Churchill AZ2 Michael Connell AD2 Rudy Damron AQ2 Wade Dewitt VF-84 MS3 Brian Fulk AQ3 Robert Gosse AME3 john Gruber AZ3 Carl Hilley IS3 Darryl HUlen PH3 Donald Kolb AZ3 jeffery Lowery AT3 Russell Mason AQ3 Bruce Moore AMH5 Michael Nelson AO3 Chuck O'Neill PH 3 jeffery Raymond AT3 Ramon Saavedra AMS3 Peter Sanl AE3 Richard Smith AD3 Ermito Tabones AMS3 Scott Trurnble AMH3 Clifford Wright PRAN Tommy Asmann AKAN Robert Ausbon AQAN Michael Benton AOAN Albert Blanc AOAN Steven Bradley 'ir Meg, 733' x . w :gi 5431 111 fwfr 1 x,'yp' 'T' , ,. rnx, ,U 4 L V HfiNAji-L '42 UPPVQ I lm, , . 'Wa-ff VF-84 351 AA David Purtlebaugh AA William Richardson AEAA Raymond Schatzman AA john Tabacsko AMSAA Robert Talton AMSAA Edward Vorel AA Theodore Woitazek AOAR Alhed Beebe AR Bryon Berg AR Mark Clark AR Louis Elmes AR jefhey Ferschweiler ADAR Gerald jones AR james Mason AKAR Mark Porter AKAR WO. Osborn MSSR David Patrick AR Ronald Plesh AOAR Mark Raye AR Mark Ryder AR Martin Shannon AR Montree Shaw AKAR Kevin Sprenger AR Ty Tennison AMSAR Stephan Van Allen AR joseph Younce the oldest squadrons m Navy celebrated Strike Fighter Squadron 15 CVFA-152, one of ' US. , a its 47th 1989. Since its month after the attack on Pearl has Hornet 1 pleted in 1987 If began maiden cruise in December 1988. -NIJ I XXX 'Gunn sw- VFA-15 355 LT Thomas Huff LT Morri LeLanc1' LT Robert May LT james Nichols LT Barry Reneau LT Frank Schaede LT Scott Sweda LT Rollana' Thompson LTjg Michael Ortwem ENS Thomas Crain ENS Mark Gooden C WO4 james Bohac AEIKA W2 William King AME1 I A W2 jackie Lee AZ1 K A W2 Richard Lee AO1 KA W2 Paul Lemieux AMS1 I A W2 Ernest Mattison AO1 I A W2 VWlliam McBride AME1 K A W2 Christopher Morales AMS1 I A W2 Octavio Pagan AE1 I A W2 Gary Pilgrim AMS1 KA W2 Michael Pitcher AME1 KA W2 Benjamin Pitts AMH1 Ernest Schuenemann AE1 I A W2 Lonny Streeter AQ1 I A W2 Gary Taylor AE1 james Tennial MS2 Albert Anderson AK2 William Armstrong AMH2f A W2 Allen Arntzen AT2 Ronald Burge AT2 Kendall Byrd AO2 Leslie Castle AO2 Timothy Earwood AO2 Anthony Floyd AQZK A W2 james Franklin VFA 15 Y s N x N 111 i g X -..ix z LW .Z 61 5' fE'A'6'l fur 15 T 5324 ' : A M AA Trent Mills AA joseph O'Neill AA Frank Ortiz AMSAA Brad Patton ADAA Terry Proffer YNSA Derrick Robinson AA Steven Weeks AA William Scbomer AR Claudie Allison AR Donald Butler AR Edward Bush AR Greg Crugby AR Clinton Galloway AOAR Ronald Gill-:ey AOAR David Hamilton MSSR Rodney james AR Bryan Merrill AR Steven Norris AR Larry Robinson AR Lonny Rosenblum AR Robert Sapp AR Thomas Sevek AR Robert Stubblebine AOAR Martin Taylor AR Scott Wolfe VFA-15 WHS on 1 ITICITI - arrested landrng. In October the world's most powerful Arr Wing EIGHT, aboard TR, In December of 1988, VPA-87 flew aboard TR for their first Mediterranean cruise with the IVA-18 Hornet. They now fly the most advanced tactical aircraft, in the most: powerful air wing, aboard the newest and largest nuclear powered aircraft carrier in the world. sea- going air wing CDR Often Crouch Commanding Officer VFA-87 565 N i LT Robert Hickey LT Kevin johnson LT Russell Mason Y LT William Reuter LT Scott Stearney LT Michael Steed LT Tommy Lee Summers T l LT Rolland Thompson LT Rich Walter ENS William Hamblet ENS Peter Kowenhoven i C WO3 Virgil Gyrion ggaunnlnlvvvif VFA-87 'I 'I 'El 4 i 1 I 1 X I S S Hi Q I nf 4, Z E f , 1 4 I if I l. S S Q 4 I Attack Squadron TI-IIRTY-FIVE KVA-353, the Navy's oldest attack squadron, was estab- lished at NAS Norfolk on july 1, 1934. Origi- MHY d6SigI1afCCl VB-313, the Black Panthers deployed aboard USS RANGER flying the fab' tic-covered Great Lakes BG-1 biplane. lt is staggering to consider the technological ad' vances VA-35 has witnessed over the years. Compare the capabilities of the squadrons orig- inal aircraft to those of the all weather attack Grumman A-6E TRAM Intruder that is flown today. The 750 hp BG-1 attained a max speed of 188 mph at 8,900 feet, climbed to 5,000 feet in 5.5 minutes, had a Service ceiling of 20,100 feet and carried a payload of one 1,000 pound bomb a total of 549 miles. By comparison, today's 18,000- pound thrust A-6 Intruder can attain speeds over 550 mph, zoom climb to 5,000 feet in a matter of seconds, fly at altitudes exceeding 40,000 feet, carry 16,000 pounds of external stores and using aerial refueling can fly combat missions in excess of 2,000 nautical miles. They have seen action in 20 U.S. and one British carrier. Whenever and wherever the U.S. has found itself in conflict with other nations, the Black Panthers of VA-35 have been there. They were in the Battle of Midway, Korean War and Vietnam. VA-35 was the first opera- tional A-6 squadron to deploy with the forward looking infrared radar and laser equipped A-6E TRAM aircraft. They were alos the first squad- ron to become double winners of the Atlantic Battle "E" and CNO Aviation Safety "S" awards in 1959. They have since repeated that feat in 1972 and 1977. VA-35's last deployment was with USS NIMITZ before joining Carrier Air Wing EIGHT and USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT in 1988. LT Mark Eddy LT joseph Gibaldi LT Mark Holst LT Thomas johnson LT William Milam LT Eric Newstrom LT Harold Ricketts LT Neil Rikh LT Brian Scott LT john Snedeker LT Mark Snyder LT Frank Spagnuolo LT joseph Stewart LT Greg Wells LT Bob Wetzel LT jeffrey Zaun LTjLg Edward Baron LT1g Daniel DeBuchananne LTjg Russ Lindsay LTjg Doug MacArthur VA-35 V Q X S S f Li 5. -1 1 I Q 1 X x 5 i 1 ! 1 Attack Squadron THIRTY-SIX QVA-365, while only es- tablished in 1987, still shares the heritage and traditions of the previous VA136, originally established as VF-102 on 1 May 1952 and redesignated VA-36 on 1 july 1955. The Roadrunners have served aboard USS SARATOGA, USS ENTERPRISE, USS INT REPID, and USS FORRES- TAL. In December , of 1965, they flew their first combat missions into Vietnam. Accumulating over 3000 combat hours, the crews of VA-36 earned, 171 Air Medals, one Bronze Star, and several Distinguished Flying Crosses and Navy Commendation Medals. In july 1968, during an around-the-world deployment, VA-36 engaged in their sec- ond combat excursion to Vietnam. They logged over 4200 combat hours before being disestablished in Angusti1970. The fierce spirit of the famed Roadrunners was rekindled on 6 March 1987 when the current Attack Squadron THIR- TY-SIX was established Flying the Navy's premier all- weather attack aircraft, the Grumman A-6E TRAM Intruder, VA-56 joined Carrier Air Wing EIGHT aboard USS THEO' DORE ROOSEVELT and set the pace as an integral part of the attack arm of the Navy's newest operational nuclear powered aircraft carrier. LT Shawn Cassidy LT David Commons LT Mark Donovan LT Wayne Grumney LT john Houser LT Phil Hullinger LT Allan Hux LT james jenista LT Carlton jevvett LT Steven johnston LT Robert Kametz LT Mark Kinnane LT Edward Pitca vage LT Peter Rasnick LT Larry Reid jr. LT john .Spagnvolo wwf s D ,f sf , fr QQ' M' AEC Robert Hoskins ADCK A Wj Collen Langford, jr. ATC PAtrick Lueth AMSCK A Wj james Maxwell YNCKA Wj Robert McRae AQC Ronald Novak AMECKA Wj Timothy O'Conner AOC Scott Reis AMSCKAWQ Thomas Twiddy ATC Frederick Wallace AMHC Robert Wallace AD1 Teodulo Bentulan, jr. PN1 ISWQ Phillip Brannon AZ1 Mark Brekke AO1 Eric Decker AQ1 Winhed Fallert AE1 john Farlin ADI john Hoehn AMS1 Robert Holt AME1 KA W2 Daniel Hunt AE1 Marcus jones AK1 Kurtis Kaufman AZ1 Charles Leathers AMH1 I A Wj joseph Maline VA-36 1 x S u--' -K I A 5255 V 149 :ijbf , ng. mg I L!.,,,Lf. ,.V, ,, . ,N6 . . 451714 ' ' 3,'3g?zeff 1525 3 ' P1 :Ce .twzzw f n 541135559 asap, .z vw -4-cv vfg:f,..m,w 'SQ :Arm ifawpw in ..,.. gf, I. 51, siii f? wifslfifflr ' 5 'Sf Q-3, NSS? 'ff1frff'2 rv nf! iz". viqsp 2' Em , ' 5 c-KW' X -f Z 59 'nga 8, , Amfss' 1 , I F 3 S f asm- y15f,q.Q .1 '?:r:i-'?u2'fzsL5s.f .b..,4, ,, . "Qi, ,Wm ,f:1aa 'Z44' fiif H23 1,11 w.vfwzaA ' J A. 591'-3 ,-riff'-3' 4' -eff ms .gy 1,1 lm., ,ay K1fi11'3..2?2: 2 '52 W2 ' 4 A 5 , Nga A 4 Q, V 1: bf .,.A,,4Y, 4 " .f f,,.-fm- 'z:fz4's2Af?fe-:nf n 5:52551 . i- 1. A, J-y 'r' ,za ,- iff' , 5 , . .N , ' ffzseri is g W 21,3 J' s ,. ,ma v , A m gp .ww--. ,M -f :- fyff . - ,. , ..-- tiff' 12:3 I 'I 1 Q V '- .Vf -f fu, W' N f . ,S-"'1.wVIq 17, ' 71iEi,f.f. ' 3551535 ,WF f f 1 1 582 if 1 4 , f, 1 :Mr ' , ,, f M- f-.,. 4 Q, 4 J an 4. f uv 7IE.,,,g, , av:-,W L- V .,. ' 0 Q93 '31 "KVA, Mg 4 V 4 I V XLNI4 wif: 1 -Q 'f ' 1f2s::5.':-,. ., "Tig: gf, z. , ' 13'-'2'C,L-1'.2 ff' Y , 'f 3561512 -33,21 jan , . v . ,Ii-Wfv?!'fi?:21:g.v' , -,115-21,-' ,f-"ap ,ww .ff , , .gfgffggkr-gw, :ff fsffiv 'fs 21:?fl!zW"-f:'2fs?f' 5 52. W' ' ' 5' f Q 2 ' ' -, N- 'Hb' ' 'f P 'cfs 'WM ' ', VZ ' fy. , ,.,, , ,. ,. , ' " , ,,,,mf1,mf i- C., ,fgfiiff ' f " '33 'ff fbi! ZfJffiZnSf. , ..fy ,4y,f:1qw1'1y' " H , , my f, U ' J ' - 'ff-',zzff,fz " J If ,f1,,gggmf,,f , ,Qy4,,. ,wwi,54 A ,gwyaf ,,.,Q.,,.:A ,,,, , , , 2, 744' vw vu.. sa 4 fa mg' mum wr .Ja-5 X0 , A W 'Zn f,j" In , , N, .vw gm. Z: rw . " ff-M. w . ,Mi 1 if K . ,,., , Srgf 'V- iff' ' ' , .! 1 K X K H' -., .x ,-Q me NQSMZ, . X ? up ISSA William Kupski ADAA Rick Maker AA Shawn Olds AA Howard Paczynski AEAA Francis Rowell ADAA Kenneth Shaffer AOAA Thom Teague AOAA jarvis Tucker AMSAA Patrick Tuton AOAA Gary Vaughn AOAA Ricky White YNSA Dennis Williams Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron ONE FORTY- ONE CVAQ-1415, nicknamed the Shadowhawks, was es- tablished on 1 july 1987. Based ashore at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, VAQ-141 is under the administration direction of Commander Medium Attack Tactical Elec- tronic Warfare Wing, U.S. Atlantic Fleet. VAQ-141's primary mission is to provide active elec' tronic countermeasures CECMD support to protect the air wing and carrier battle group by jamming enemy radars and communications. Its secondary mission is to provide electronic surveillance for fleet operations. Finally, VAQ- 141 is responsible for providing active electronic jamming for surface and air radar operator electronic counter coun- termeasures CECCMD training. The EA-6B Prowler's primary weapon, the ALQ-99, can either jam or assign targets for the high speed anti-radia- tion missile QI-IARMJ. The aircraft can externally carry pods, HARM or drop tanks on the five stations depending on the mission. Sensitive surveillance receivers in the tail fin pod are capable of detecting radars at long ranges. Emitrer infor- mation feeds into a central mission computer that process- es the signals for display and recording. Detection, identi- fication, direction-finding, and jamming-set-on-sequence is performed by the crew. VAQ-141 is composed of 28 officers and 186 enlisted personnel. The seven aircrews consist of one pilot and three electronic countermeasures officers CECMOSJ. Two ECMOS operate the ALQ-99 system from the aft cockpit and either can assign, adjust, and monitor the jammers. A third ECMO in the right front seat is responsible for communications, navigation, missile fire control and de- fensive electronic countermeasures. The squadron has five Grumman EA-6B ICAP II fim- proved Capability Phase ID Prowler aircraft, all of which are capable of employing the HARM. CDR Arborlz Rylam Commanding Officer VAQ-141 397 LT Steven Hall LT Raymond Hanshew LT Mark Holcomb LT james Kennedy LT jeffrey Kirby LT Keith Miglio LT Sam Mills LT Keith Olsen VAQ-141 X ' ' 4 F ai? 7 4, x s Y 3 . v., W ,Q I I ,r i J I 1 X fi? 2: ,,. ', 1, T1 fs ff 3 J V D 1585" 'wmmxk sl v p , l, r A gsfwi, A E fr ,J X n. 5- W Qs rl. affix -"'f""N1':zw 'A 4 VAQ-141 405 ', ammg Squadron ONE 1243 is one of seven N orfolk. SUCCESS 1241 CDR VWYIiam Carter Commanding Officer VAW-124 409 AFCM Larry johnson AMCS Billy Hendrix ADCSIA W2 Wayne Smith ATCK A W2 Mark Arndt AEC Robert Barrett AMHC Ernesto Ferreria ATC Dennis Hudgins AMSC Freddie Miller ATC Frank Nelson YNC john Robinson ATCKA W2 jefhey Saylor AE1john Duff AEI I A W2 Nicholas Ferraro, AMS1 I A W2 Ernest Garrett AT1 Andrew Georgi AMH1 Charles Gibson, jr. AEIKA W2 Stephen jones AZ1 Ronald Kirby YN1 Larry Malden PN1 Christopher Martin AD1 KA W2 Scott ONeil PN1 Daniel Page PR2james Adams AZ2 Clinton Bell jr. v L- . -V. A. vfe M., 11' -'- iff! ,bw 6'ff,A.f1,vp.?Zs,,, ,fs :afar ag. ,. A y ' .I 2.569 . kWj55Z,k,1,,xf:WL, , X 'F A l M, iL,f,.,f , Qi! AT2john Thomas AMH2 james Thompson AME2 Danny Walker AZ2 Alvie Watts AMS3 George Butts AT3 Christopher Dowell AE3 Ricky Estes AMS3 Michael Graver AZ3 Todd Hampstead AT3 james lllingsworth MS3 Daniel McCormick AMS3 Steven Mill AMS3 Chummie Price AS3 Ramel Ramirez AMS3 Craig Ringelstetter AD3 Terry Seabrooke AD3f A Wj Ernest Stover AME3 Thai Tran M53 Anthony Ward AMS3 joel Wright AN Robert Anderson AMSAN Vince Arcaro AMEANjaye Atkins PNSN Michael Benn VAW-124 ADAN Samuel Smith YNSN Patrick Thomas AMHAN Tony Thornton AN Michael Whitman AN Timothy Wnterbauer ATAN Daniel Wright ADAA Benny Baker AEAA Christopher Gassen AA Thomas Grant AA jose Guzman AEAA Warren jenkins AMSAA LArry Kurtzer PNSA Kyle Lewis AA Alberto Locsin ADAA Albert Matthews AA Vincent O'Hara AA Chris Portalatin PRAA Thomas Schrnk AA Troy S weitz AMSAA Alvis Williams, jr AA Christopher Wujek AKAR David Caldwell AKAR Dwayne Campbell AR Henry Cintron AZAR David jefferson AR Steve Lewis AR Gordon Lockwood AKAR joseph Predix AR Ulric Safe ADAR Richard Worley Air Anti-submarine Squadron TWENTY-FOUR CVS-24D traces its history back to 1 january 1943, when it was commissioned Bombing Squadron 17 CVB-173. The squadron embarked aboard USS BUNKER HILL and USS HORN ET and saw action throughout WWII. The postwar period saw its designation and tasking was changed several times until 8 April 1960, when it was finally designated VS-24 and assigned its present ASW mission. The squadron exists solely to ensure the accomplish- ment ofthe Navy's primary mission, to maintain control of the seas and deny its use to the enemy in a wartime situation by countering the submarine threat from a fully mobile base, the aircraft carrier. During the 53 years in existence, the squadron has flown five different aircraft types from 15 different carriers throughout the world's oceans and seas. The last major change for the Scouts occurred in August 1975 when they transitioned from the S-2G Tracker to the new S-3A Viking. In October 1987, VS-24 embarked aboard TR con- ducting advanced phase training in preparation for the "Great Adventure" cruise. 4494 s 5 3 I i z I ! 5 1 X n I 1 i E 5 2 P E I K r 1 v X l ,M LTjg David Mayo LTjg Douglas Selvwright LTjg Robert Worthington ENS Wlliam Banta AFCMKA wo David Bebout AVCM Stephens james ATCSK A Wj Daniel Harper AOCS Daryl Spencer AZCK A Wj Gerard Bisson AECKA Wj Robert Da Silva AKCKA Wj Alan Franke AMHCKA Wy Michael Gribble A WCKA Wj Ralph Hahn YNCK A Wj Arnold jenkins AXCK A W1 Terry Logan AMSCK A Wj Arthur Miner C WO2 john Howle un ff !,,,,,., Z iff yr f I 04" ,L W' gy , F MW WW I wh! f fi 55.-- - J' , ,,: - ii fi? new ' , Y 'F f ! "ma VS-24 429 3 I Ilia. ' iff vig vgiimuf a .Hgh AR Brian Prost PNSR Daniel Semenchvic AR Todd White I MSSA Brett Morrison ADAA Albert Noa AA Randy Rodrigues AA james Shepherd AA Michael Smith AA johnny Tabales AA Robert Wagner AMSAA Richard Walker ADAA Warren Walkerbey, III AMSAA Richard White AMSAA Russell Withers AR Duke Cannon AR Brian Emmerich YNSR Devante Evans AR Douglas Hermann AZAR Keith Hunt AR jack McCrary AR Billy Pearce VS-24 'WT ,au Rhode ' pter hehco Ho 9 SEA GRWYX HS-9 435 vt , 1,135 :fri 'Vi Arifto-,:. Nj' V V , L, 3,1 ,Q:,.,f,M,,.,-V, , . f, , , fx- .:,,'yyz':f4,,4.v-. Mi. I Q., f ' tszztriffwfsffizvaa , , ', ,4,, ' ' 'i' ??i422fifi.f, ,-f,Tf,' Qi! if f' 2f' f'F7.Qf,:Qi4 ,TTL .in ,Lili ' -' lHfLf2"73"'1wfefff.?yQ-f"'g-ffpg , V LQI, , V ,i,V,w9V 5 .V f - ,' , f ,',,'1fh-4 F' fvmji, V, A-M .V 5ff,:'.3jZ,A:c,Z A, .,l, , K f , 1. 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X 9,1 1, M f 4, xi fwff dm 71 f CAPT Wiliam P. Leek, USMC Commanding Officer lsr LT Mchael R. Usovicz, USMC Executive Officer 14' Til if It-fl a different uniform. Their hair is a lot shorter. a little taller and are a little tougher. Them seem like a novelty onboard an aircraft carrier, but actually Marines have a long and proud tradition of sea service. The missions have varied extensively over the years, but never have their duties been more important. The USS Theodore Roosevelt Marines primary mission is the security of special weapons. However, they also augment the ship's security force in physical security matters. In light of the ever increasing potential for terrorist activity, the presence of a highly trained and responsive sea duty Marine is critically vital. The Detach- ment's Commanding Officer, Captain William P. Leek, USMC, is responsible to Captain Ritt for the security mission, as well as MARDET's secondary mission of providing appro- priate honors and ceremonies when required. The Marines perform a vast array of functions beyond They 132 ilil their designated missions. Many of these missions are carried out alongside the sailors of the USS Theodore Roosevelt. Their gung ho attitude make them particularly suitable for the emergency response teams. They man the .50 cal machine gun mounts during General Quarters, andensure they are knowledgeable on all matters pertaining to damage control. Classroom style training is always a big part of their routine, and of course the Marines work hard to ensure their spaces are among the cleanest and best kept on the ship. As guardians of tradition, the MARDET takes great pride in their secondary mission of rendering appropriate honors and ceremonies. From the most elaborate extravaganza, such as the Silent Drill Team, to the most routine evolution such as morning colors, each event is approached with motivation and pride. ' MARDET 44 F we rf H- it 6 il 1 YA?-'QSti?3QlE-:la."Q A .tr 1. aws- ww. pa GYSGT Gary Zomow LCPL joseph Bush LCPL Matthew Cancel LCPL Cary Craig LCPL Byron Davis LCPL David Delavina, jr. LCPL Randall Eckert, jr. LCPL Barry Frain, jr. LCPL joseph Fyda LCPL Robert Gordon LCPL Terrance jackson LCPL jamie Kennedy LCPL james Koveck MARDET 445 1 xi " I t if r I Q it 1 fir wk Q ,K M' Q if W v 4 . gf Q + "' Q ,r n- vb Y 4- -C.4.aZ?Q'7 T-QA f , u 421514 11- www up IM ,I A' 5 WL ,arg ffmwwmlmiwpm v dw' Y MW .va 1 wwhw we 1 W-W... If ,Wim wa- ' iwfmw WM-.yi ,N ,ff WW. WW f A. Fifa My ,f-my fr40a wr 1 wavmmmnzr- , VA 'WW Wf"fs,. 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