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Q mf x S-Q, -P Jr' fp, if x-"' 1.-fl ' - 1? .1 ,,Q 1 Q, 'Y fry I .v ,Q 4, ilfffm! .4 4 V! 1 1 .ff ' l .I ,U I " My 'I .A tif, 1' A' 1 . Q ,, W 5 :1 ,4 ., V .4 in if .. fel ,. ,IQ ' H 3' ,. 1 L ,,3 'Q 'Q I . n ,VI ,'v L' , ,T 'qv J lu' . K I M' . 3 . 35 . lyk" , 5, ' ng - IF? ff' lf yi. 1'1" ' 1 "HV: swf' 'Rs ffvnfl Q11 QTL' .' A, 'Y a, 3 1512 ik j,?',L'a. i'TE4f': x '41-3.1 -mg? Jhxw V -.S QL .,:E,1,f A ,,' -PDQ :'.5,a'.i JQSTQ- !Z+i.i,1" lx. 1 ' Nj "P: .--'ew ij" . "VU , .sh 21 Us' 5 hw.- fjn' f'- Jlq ll i 'fd . ,gf f. ks. r, an 4-' 4 . - I , aw: b -V' 'fi A ' x 1 xl 1. I at 1 f . 'Rfb Y V 1 Q . 3 L IL, ' QHNQ' a- I V Jr F pry ' K. ,gg , we P! , gk. ' use 4 :ix IW , l, , , .S N V . 'L 9 " 2 sa --A 1 'f .'-4 A c-'K , , V,- . 'Z f w ,4 1fx, f', , 1' A V ' a pf h.. , fa z fl, f -vi" 'sv' I ,253 . ta I .1 -r. I K Y if I I . ff 1 2 6 2 4' - -' 1,5 aw , ,., A, , 3 Z ,, 1. Y', ' ' vw is "'. 4' -rs "' .7 sv - -I , , . 'A fra' 11-Z: LPA'- K -,. t ,4 V . - rf. ,Q A . 'u 6 ,,,- ! K ,ff A 1. iv 41' "I ' ' 4544, f Q 1 'As' gnu I' r li , A 1- .Timur X 1. mx: ," la f .f 4454 ,,,:' 4.5 , . fu fhydggh, J' mf ' ,A ,WA r, - np Q 1. 5, 1 'wr - 5 'fig ' V , Q, A, if ' 'W qrg., L,. , 1' M A W ' " f , 1-,D f ,X ,Y ff " tl ,af ' . , . , . N2 Vw' r , Q 4, , , if ' 1 TH" ,ef 1 A ' xi 13 .. V an ix ,' Yr i ' 1, ' W in ,I f-Q44 ' i Q- 'Un F- , , '15, AJ .xx ,qv-7,Av x 1 xg, A", 374' ' X 64 - ' ar, , Wg: fr M Hp 4 AA fd .i 2 f f f V ' A H: Y infix... KM, 'FN ' I' "" , 'iw -6'4,,,w,.! ' ' F 1 if J vt I 3, 1 V A 5 il 1 ,L ,Q W, 4 1: W i V 'Ja 4 ' u 0 ,B "' 4. F 2 f' , hhyw. ww .W -Y Facts About CVN-71 Type of Vessel Builder Keel Laid Christening Commissioning Propulsion Speed Length of Flight Deck Widest Point Height Area of Flight Deck Number of Aircraft Weight Total Crew lair wing embarkedl Weight of Anchors Weight of Anchor Chain Height of Propellers Weight of Propellers Number of Telephones Structural Steel Weld Metal Length of Electrical Cable Nuclear Aircraft Carrier V Newport News Shipbuilding October 31, 1981 October 27, 1984 October 25, 1986 Two Nuclear Reactors Over 30 Knots 1092 Feet 257 Feet 244 Feet 4 1 f 2 Acres Approximately 90 Aircraft 97,000 Tons Over 6200 30 Tons Each C2 anchorsl 360 Pounds Per Link 21 Feet Each Q4 propellersl 66,200 Pounds Each Over 2,000 60,000 Tons Over One Million Pounds About 900 Miles Still Makin Histor Naval Aviation Assistant Secretary of the Navy Theodore Roosevelt, in 1898, presented a plan to study the military uses of a flying machine designed by Samuel P. Langley. Langley's machine failed and the request was put aside. On November 14, 1910, seven years after the first flight by the Wright brothers, a civilian airplane builder and a civilian pilot proved to the Navy that aviation could go to sea. Eugene Ely flew a Curtiss biplane from a platform erected on the cruiser Birmingham, an- chored in Hampton Roads fTop Rightj. In World War I Naval Aviation successfully protected convoys from German U-boats. During the last 10 months of the war Ameri- can convoys protected by Naval aircraft did not lose a single ship to German U-boats. The greatest single stride in the history of Naval Aviation was made on March 20, 1922. USS LANGLEY CCV-ll was converted from a collier to become the world's first aircraft carrier. On board LANGLEY Navy pilots learned how to conduct flight operations at sea. The first generation of "tailhooks" got their training on her deck. By the beginning of the 1930's the Navy had made great strides in the field of aviation. USS RANGER CCV-41 fCenter Rightl, the first ship built from the keel up as an aircraft carrier, was commissioned in 1934. As the threat of war increased in the late 1930's Navy planes were ordered to establish neutrality patrols to protect the American coast. When war did strike it was from the air. The attack on Pearl Harbor demonstrated the power of sea-based aircraft. Naval Aviation came of age during World War Il with advances in night flight and airborne radar. In the years after World War Il the Navy began the "jet age". The advent of jet aircraft and super-carriers spurred Naval Aviation. The USS FORRESTAL QCV-59l, commissioned in 1955, became the first aircraft carrier designed for use with jet aircraft. Six year later the the world's first nuclear powered aircraft carrier, USS ENTERPRISE CCVN-65l, was commissioned. World tensions and global problems through the 60's and 70's again proved the need for Naval Aviation. The versatility, mobility and power of the Navy's air arm has allowed rapid response during the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam War, and has been important in combatting world-wide terrorism. USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT CCVN-71l has new and more sophisticated electronics and aircraft. The ship and the crew are proud of the tradition of Naval Aviation excellence and stand ready to respond to any call. i i i Theodore Roosevelt: meriean Idealist Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27, 1858 in New York City. As a child he struggled against frailty, nearsightedness and asthma. His love of reading helped foster a love of nature and the outdoors. He also began exercising vigorously and developed a life- long interest in what he called "the strenuous 1ife.', TR entered Harvard at 18 intent on becoming a naturalist. As a senior he began work on a book, "The Naval War of 1812" TR graduated 21st in a class of 177 in 1880 and married Alice Hatha- way Lee. After graduation, at the age of 22, Theodore Roosevelt joined New York City's 21st District Republican Club and was elected to the New York Assembly. TR's mother died of typhoid and his wife died two days after giving birth to their daughter, Alice in February 1884. TR left New York to regain his strength and confidence at the Elkhorn Ranch in the South Dakota Badlands. Returning to New York City in 1886, TR ran unsuccessfully for Mayor. That same year he married Edith Kermit Carow, who would bear him five children. Political service to Benjamin Harrison won TR a seat on the Civil Service Commission in 1889. He gained national attention by staging a fight against favoritism. Roosevelt's position: Government jobs should go to the most qualified appli- cants. In 1895 Roosevelt left the Civil Service Commission and took the post of New York City Police Commissioner. As Commissioner TR fought Democrats and Republicans to establish a merit system for appointments and promotions on the police force. TR was appoint- ed Assistant Secretary of the Navy in 1897. He immediately began building the strength of the United States Navy. During the 1898 Spanish-American War, TR resigned to do battle. He organized the First U.S. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment, the "Rough Riders" and saw action in Cuba. Returning from Cuba a hero, Roosevelt was elected Governor of New York in 1899 and quickly resumed his work for reform. He tightened control of sweatshops and pushed for government super- vision of utilities and insurance companies. TR angered the Republi- can bosses who were now torn between a desire to get TR out of their hair and a wish to exploit his vote-getting vigor. Their solution: Bury TR in the Vice-Presidency. TR became the running mate of President McKinley in the elec- tion of 19001 His colorful campaign and popularity increased McKin- ley's margin of victory. On September 6th, 1901, President McKin- ley was assassinated. One week later TR was sworn in as the 26th President of the United States. In his first year as President, TR took action on his calls for reform by suing the Nothern Securities Company. He pressed on with suits against trusts in the beef, coal and sugar industries. Theodore Roosevelt was also active and interested in conserva- tion. He set aside 150 million acres for national use, doubled the number of national parks, and created 16 national monuments. In 1902 TR moved boldly to create the Panama Canal. He mediated a peace which brought an end to the Russo-Japanese War in 1905, which won him the Nobel Peace Prize. In 1907 TR sent a flotilla of 16 American battleships around the world. The Great White Fleet was as TR remarked, " , . . the most important service I ever rendered to peace." ' In 1909 TR left the White House and began a Smithsonian- sponsored African safari, bagging more than 500 animals and birds. TR was back in politics for the 1912 election. However TR's "Bull Moose" party never gained the support needed to bring him the i Presidency again. . With the outbreak of war in Europe TR stumped hard for the Liberty Bond drive, but with the death of his son, Quentin, in 1918 TR's spirit began to wane. In the early morning of January 6th, 1919, Theodore Roosevelt died. "Death had to take him sleeping," said Vice President Thomas R. Marshall, "for if Roosevelt had been awake, there would have been a fight." Theodore Roosevelt was the first President to fly. He was also the first President to submerge on a submarine. As Assistant Secretary of the Navy he supported research and development in carrier aviation. In naming CVN-71, former Secretary of the Navy John F. Leh- man said of Theodore Roosevelt, "He was one of the architects of our modern Navy. He personified the vigor and vision of America. His complete faith in the necessity for and the value of a strong Navy has been fully justified by the most recent history." I V THE WHITE HOUSE waswimcrom August 5, 1981 MEMORANDUM FOR THE HONORABLE CASPAR W. WEINBERGER The Secretary of Defense SUBJECT: Naming of the Nuclear Aircraft Carrier: CVN 71 I accept your recommendation on naming CVN 71 the USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT. As you recall, Assistant Secretary of the Navy Roosevelt prepared our Navy for the fight it faced in the Spanish American War. As President, Roosevelt pressed Congress every year for larger naval appropriations. By 1907 the sixteen battleships of the Atlantic fleet were the most powerful concentration of capital ships in the world: by the end of his term of office Roosevelt had succeeded in greatly increasing our Navy's power. I am confident that the addition of this fine ship to the fleet will help us secure naval superiority. TQMWQQV President Theodore Roosevelt addresses the officers and men aboard the Great White Fleet Flagship, USS CONNECTICUT, at Hampton Roads, following the fleet's famous round-the-world cruise in 1907-09. 5 lrightl The carrier's largest module weighed 870 tons and was five decks high. lbelowl The gantry crane at Newport News Shzpbulldmg and Dry Dock Co moves the Island structure Into place fffghfl Hull 624D's 600 ton bow unit is lifted mto place 1' if ff a ri ff' X, , swf , V-if ' uttin . TR Together USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT QCVN-71l is the first aircraft carrier to be assembled in large sections, or modules. The process starts with the ship in pieces much like a plastic model. The pieces are prestaged in "lay- dovvn" areas, assembled into large modules, hoisted into place, and welded together. Many of the larger systems are installed in the modules while they are still in the laydovvn areas, thereby reduc- ing the need for cutting and rewelding access passages. Modular construction, made possible through the use of a huge gantry crane capable of lifting 900 tons, cut 16 months off TR's construction time. The innovative construction techniques employed in USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT CCVN-71l are now be- ing used to build ABRAHAM LINCOLN CCVN-72l and GEORGE WASHINGTON CCVN-73l. Modular construc- tion has proved its value, cut production time and changed the way aircraft carriers are built. At the completion of TR 's sea trials CAPT Parcells received the sideboard from the previous USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT, a Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine. From L to R, VADM W. H. Roden, Commander Naval Sea Systems Command, VADM R. F. Dunn, Commander Naval Air Force U.S. Atlantic Fleet, CAPT P. W. Parcells, Commanding Officer, USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT KCVN-712, RADM D. P. Roane, Deputy Commander, Surface Combatants, Naval Sea Systems Command, RADM M. MacKinnon lll, Supervisor of Shipbuilding Conversion and Repair. N LS.. . . .wp M. .. '-wiff? mm 1- Newport News V., -3 F-14A Tomcat The F-14A Tomcat is a two-seat, twin engine, supersonic fighter capable of long range air-to-air intercepts. lt also features a variable swept wing for increased maneuverability. The Tomcat can carry long-range Phoenix missiles in addition to Sparrow and Sidewinder missiles. FXA 18 Hornet The Ff A 18 strike fighter is a single seat twin engine supersonic Jet The fighter and attack versions are identical except for selected interchangeable external equipment Conversion from the fighter to the attack mode takes less than one hour The aircraft is designed for aerodynamic agility high reliability high survivability and reduced manpower maintenance requirements The F f A 18 can carry Sparrow Ill missiles and Sidewinder missiles for the fighter mission and guided and conventional air to ground ordnance for the attack mission A 6E Intruder The A 6E Intruder is a carrier borne low level attack bomber specifically designed to deliver a variety of ordnance on targets completely obscured by inclement weather or darkness Flown by crew of two and powered by two jet engines the A 6E is equipped with a sophisticated weapons system and can carry five 2 OOO pound general purpose bombs or a maximum of twenty eight 500 pound bombs - 1 9 ' 9 9 7 1 - - ' 9 a . , - 1 Q. I I .10 I l I .-P EA-6B Prowler The EA-6B Prowler is a four seat, all-weather jet designed specifically for use in tactical electronic warfare. Powered by two jet engines with a level flight speed in excess of 500 knots, the Prowler uses sensitive receivers and high power jammmers to deny the enemy use of their radar. E-2C Hawkeye The E-2C Hawkeye is a carrier airborne early warning all weather defensive aircraft with a rotating radar dome. The E-2C provides strike and traffic control, area surveillance, search and rescue guidance and communications. The Hawkeye is powered by two 4600 horse power turboprop engines. S3-A Viking The S3-A Viking anti-submarine warfare aircraft is able to collect, process, interpret and store data. A twin engine jet aircraft, the Viking carries surface and subsurface search equipment and a crew of four. The Viking can stay airborne for more than seven hours. SH-3H Sea King The SH-3H Sea King is a gas turbine powered helicopter used for anti-submarine warfare, rescue and assistance missions and transfer of cargo and personnel to ships at sea. The Sea King is able to stay airborne for more than five hours. Sea King helicopters are airborne during all flight operations from the ship. W N- 5 19 -v--4 -rw:-pvvrz 1 Q wqv 2.1-as Jr il- Jfwn- P5417 nf ws.. '1 Aan! 'H v tbl n U fr 'ff-v J., J r W. 4-,,,v,, W f 1. H y+ f"?",'4pf3"7'1'5"""'3:fi' ,-ff?'5yj'f:5kj1U 'E Lmlfmwn -2iLE.fffgQ,2f. QQ, 9-Y, 'Lge .:- Qu :+V gy fw-' 7 1 f. Q QW' , ' L 1 'ZW wi Q Y, Cgkbn gym? K Q? x..fxA'-wa fa 4-,, ,- HL ,Mm sms v L w :vu , , ,. A J . 4. Q , ,Mc QL vm L X, 1 .. , 1 Q fa -.4 4 NJ 1 .w,f'. , 1712 ' 45, 1 :Si ' 922 .2752 ' 2,53 ' flag X f 4 2 ,fl J' Qi-? 'V I 'I 5'-ll' 1253.21 illiiif' L Quill" rrniill V n:u:n:x-sun, ' V- , 1 13 -I A 1111 " - "' E F, 3 BP! mm: -aw.. 453352 -gg, ,1 ui-ui , . . ,myv-.- 9,,jg41,gus-qkyru, nb-1. n . P m---75 -,r f-if -FP ,.- "Q : 2 ,, -I -.H , -. . -.,Ua -- 1 "5----H .. ........ ........v, :mill l fisnsg i n : u 1 :xiii I H a 3 535:55 -5 5 1 mums umm: : .u !llll1l a- mmm! ' E l m E ,. V-.1-1. - V I: -- I1 2:1 IZ I1 II I: la ' bmi lvl' . L'- - . fini - 11. .,-L -.P 5 9 'gg . A nr . - 0 3 x 'sf' ' 1 5 r' I Q X. fp.: .31 h J Au ' " - 1' , I 2 s ' . N55 + " I " 'L .5 L.. 1 Q X 4 , 4. 9 s, x' x xr 'W ,. A ..'9Legf'-, ' ,Q '31, 'A F in 1 9' 0 W . f R H1 " -f 5 r wb. Ak" lv., ' 4,1 ggi FJ,- Q, ,, F34 ' 1 ey- -' , ff,-vi . Q ., -. I- . 1- L51 .:f:1.7:-Qf:s -ZE3fff1:'f" f.'f,'5" -if fiwifluff L A ' 1 . ,, .v w - ,. -'rr A . M .4 .0 ', - -,-urn:,'.-wwf-4234: ' - V fr, mf: we .wl-.1--:,f1ww E ww- .A-1:15 Qt., 1 , .5 af. , - k e. .. A:-ww-. ,.- i Wa. .1 fs , ex , Lg - -N f-'w,f,54:-iQ,'k:."-N9-Nu,1-:,v'H.-1,-f:w,-Lvvgf'- :'i"m-rely,-5 gs- 5 gb :gn ,5.y.,!Q:..Qf E..' u-5 X 'fxw ' - " Y 1- f 51543 -Am 32,35 Taxfig W, ?jz4v iflfl 'as-N 'fjii hi-I ,fi "tri .mu H175 lie :fffi if,-:S T421 9,45 afjfb Iii? eff f 155 114' 32 , , ,K W :fi w , 7, - X 1 , ALM-. E'W',,,E,, fW'H'3 ,7'f,1f2".1.5f:,:'f?'i"5 "Aff MN. "-Q. www vffM,m lm m. Q N 4. 1. ' f' L L X f ,pu- 122555 133 - mf , ua ffff w 5 ,lsyli 1 .1 , -, . ,1zifJ+' 1111 S . 1- e ,K ls El, V av - 1 L+ 1 , ,aB 'S nz: W , mm, '.. ll- 5 1 lv 2 H W f rm wa ' ' MF'-'Aw'am -M +M 'i. 'W'-sfexgz .M .6 6, gag' J Commissioning, 25 Oct 1986 The Honorable Caspar W. Weinberger Secretary of Defense "Theodore Roosevelt was a man of vision and a man of peace whose policies guided the United States toward the position we now hold - the world's most powerful defender of freedoms. Nothing that we as a nation might do to honor Theodore Roosevelt's legacy more appropriately cap- tures the strength of spirit and the force of liberty than this great ship. " Caspar Weinberger A A44 At- 'ba- , ga O i"fl1"' 'zyr- The Honorable John F. Lehman, Jr. Secretary of the Navy Secretary Lehman participated in USS THEODORE ROOSEVEI..T's keel laying, launching and commissioning ceremonies. " , . . and now we're looking at 50-year lives for these ships. So they're long term invest- ments. " John Lehman 4- 44 r gf. N'XX hifi? . XA' 1 . Q, ., V ' R "'4"' 2 , , -hw--Aahu-7-.-,d..,-1 ii, ll, lv M t W Q W 1 I V , X - o H----ff-ef-f-H-X Y o ,AX ,Cf X If Xxx xx K X1 ',rM,,.,..l. Sex M1-S. William ' McMillan Matron of Honor Mrs. John F. Lehman, Jr. Ship s Sponsor Alexandra C. Lehman Maid of Honor I ., 1,1 95,4 4 ,. , fy M , -sq' . 'MU W.. 7 I 'H Q44 'hui , N4 afrap f ,af',, , , . New .L z , , N... , ,,., ,- , ,,, . . .. 1.:....f,,. xxf ' ' , 1 1, .iq I' f W4 4 - 'bv ,,,.---5 -N'w , H A .--M,1, 2 H 1' .f4N.,W1... uv. f:,j'L , ,. '..-I'-'sig . .- I... 1 in.- rd . 'F M, X-. ,,m.1'i , "' A H ., , ' f'--:wg ,, .. 1 -K " f4.'.- H M, ,S W V , ,fm -.A+-1, - ' uh .. H Y f w Nw' , , I 1 , ,,., ,X I ,, V xxgx K .....m,,+gm:m1wL.Q....,A- --, 4,.,:,, .-..-,- ,,---,1 sgssxsesr-,vseff -a , H 1 V ffl .-it 'Yi P VI N si X is , p , 14 3565, Ifffgcliiy Q Q.. sv Y 1 , 4:gQ . K' -H ,ns 5, ?'RY' .3 ,x ' Q ff fl! Q -iff- 'lfgkx l f- mrs?-" . 1?-Q " .v., X :fx -9-fx. Ex.. '.'.K-ff' N "X 'sl A fm , fs..-.,. -.,.,f X' N-' 3 'm ,. 2 dt'-S SLM!! .f.. F 'x is ' Q. .- ' m ' , 'NP .A-' . . ,,5r:.:, ln-M -- ' im . . ..-P' F ' "Sr '. . .1 ' . . , ,Q . -',.g,-4-2.- . ,ANN x' 4 I '-Hy' W E gill f 1 5.15: . t . . --.-A , J if . 'ff ,f"'N"f-" E+! L.. .,.....-s...-A..,.........i.2...ra..g...,.1J,..a-.fpgrzzgxz a.:ia1Aa:xL..:a1fxun.k-.'.m.:azQ,.a:g..r-- ..:.:arc-.5-:iffy-:::.'-5.. 5-a 'rim-:.5i:.m':-zm2,i:4:iQ-Ls:-JI GENTS, THIS IS THE CAPTAIN SPEAKING t LET ME HAVE YOUR ATTENTION . .. 'H FOR A MINUTE PLEASE . . One ofthe, last "firsts" which you and l will experience together aboard THEODORE H- ROOSEVELT is the receipt of TR's first cruisebook. These pages tell the story of our ship, from the establishment of the Precommissioning Unit in 1984, ,through the assembly of a trained crew, sea trials, the Commissioning, shakedown, post shakedown availability, and concluding with her shock trials. E A We built her. We made her whatshe is today, and what she will be for a long time to come. THEODORE ROOSEVELT is destined to accomplish great things. And when she does, you and l will look back 'with justifiable pride on our hard work to bring alive this National asset. V, I'm proud of each and everyone of you. I'm also proud of the way our families and loved ones pulled together and united behind their, TR Men when the going got tough. lnmy .nearly 30 years in the Navy, including service aboard seven aircraft carriers, I have never seen a finer crew, nor a more understanding and supportive group of families, loved ones and friends. May God always bless this ship called' THEODORE ROOSEVELT, and the men who sail her. V T THAT IS ALL . gamgmm if i if , his Q fr CQ l Commanding Officer Paul W. Parcells CAPT, USN Captain Paul W. Parcells was born in Chicago, Illinois, and graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in June 1960. Following flight training he reported to Air Anti-submarine Squadron QVS- 38i and completed three deployments to the Western Pacific on board USS BENNINGTON CCVS-205. He received a Master of Science degree in Aeronautical Engi- neering in 1967, before completing deployments aboard USS ENTERPRISE CCVN-651 and USS AMERICA CCV-667, where he accumulated more than 150 combat missions flying the F-4 Phan- tom in Southeast Asia. After graduating from the Navy Test Pilot School, Patuxent River, Maryland, in June 1971, Captain Parcells was assigned as F-14 Project Officer and Fighter Project Test Pilot at the Naval Air Test Center. Captain Parcells became Executive Officer of Fighter Squad- ron KVF-1021 in June 1972, and Commanding Officer in Novem- ber 1973. Captain Parcells served as the Personal Aide to the Chief of Naval Operations from February 1975, until December 1976. He served as Navigator and Executive Officer on board USS FORRESTAL KCV-595 prior to completing Nuclear Power School and reporting to USS NIMITZ CCVN-685 as Executive Officer. In March 1983, Captain Parcells became Commanding Officer of USS GUADALCANAL CLPH-77 and served off the coast of Lebanon. He assumed command of the THEODORE ROOSEVELT QCVN-715 Precommissioning Unit in September 1984. Captain Parcells was designated Commanding Officer of USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT CCVN-715 upon her commissioning. . Captain Parcells' decorations include four Meritorious Service Medals, five Strike Flight Air Medals, and various service and campaign medals. He is a member of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots. Captain Parcells is married to the former Priscilla Gail Frey, of Baltimore, Maryland. They reside in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and have a son, Joseph, and a daughter, Whitney. 9- ---r- i f f' 71 :I-, QKAA' if an i 1 . , m f., , ':frf1,f. -. A ,..-w'7'1f-'- - 1 'fffipgfa iv -yi . - F A ,I "., if Q.- V' -gl O" -. A5 ll 4' . - 'L "-, Q. it ' A -r .g t , ' 5 1 5 Vixgyul ' ' - i 'F , . f r 0 I . f .. 'T 5, i i V l w r.,,, ,,r,, , ,,,,,,, ,,,,, , '1 ll l ! CAP V66, ilssilf 1110 L uver giirllli Fnbllli' allifl midi HTL' Cai: i qieni, Nivif- p IEC? p ojiif life JURY? saivei Cm-- lit. Cptozer Ficcr. CC. .. ii fe Clif" Cap: A.. :mf- liedi Plemf' I Llliiii cita- flatt- .l i 573. gl,- . EW Lllflr., I 5 Executive Officer Charles S. Abbot VlOlS, an Followinr dron W5 Pacific Q- tical Em oard UQ where i. F-4 Plum . Patuxei assigned 5 the Navi iter Squat in Noven Ride to th i Decemhe board U5 nwer Schof ve Officei ding 0ffic1 be coasif iEODOR' Septemi Q Officer' U p 0 H V -ious Serve- service if Experiment Virginia. l CAPT, USN Captain Abbot was born in Pensacola, Florida, January 19 1945. Upon graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy in June 1966, he reported to USS HENRY B. WILSON KDDG-7l as Missile Officer. In October 1967, Captain Abbot entered New College, Oxford University, England, as a Rhodes Scholar. After attaining his graduate degree he began flight training and received his wings in February 1972. Captain Abbot reported to Attack Squadron 122 at Lemoore, California, for A-7E Corsair II Fleet Readiness Train- ing and was then assigned to Attack Squadron 27 on board USS ENTERPRISE CCVN-655. Captain Abbot completed the Air Force Test Pilot School at Edwards Air Force Base, California, in July 1976. He subse- quently was assigned to the Strike Aircraft Test Directorate at the Naval Air Test Center, Patuxent River, Maryland, where he participated as a test pilot in the T-34C, TA-7C and FXA-18 projects. He was the first attack pilot to fly the FfA-18. In February 1980, Captain Abbot joined VA-46 on board USS JOHN F. KENNEDY QCV-67l. Following this tour, Captain Abbot served in VA-86 as Executive Officer in July 1981, and as Commanding Officer in June 1982. ln July 1983 he entered Naval Nuclear Power School, and in October 1984 reported to THEODORE ROOSEVELT KCVN-71l Precommissioning Unit as the Executive Officer. Captain Abbot detached from THEODORE ROOSEVELT in February 1987, to assume command of USS CALOOSAHATCHEE CAO-985. , - Captain Abbot has accumulated 2400 flight hours in over 30 different aircraft, and has logged more than 430 arrested carrier landings. His awards include the Meritorious Service Medal, Air Medal, Navy Commendation Medal, Navy Unit Commendation, Meritorious Unit Commendation, Vietnam Sevice Medal with Bronze Star, and various service and expeditionary medals. Captain Abbott is married to the former Marjorie Sellars of Cleveland, Ohio. They have three sons, Spencer, Sebastian and Matthew, and reside in Grafton, Virginia. Gail Frei' Executive Officer illiam V. Cross DR, USN Commander William V. Cross ll, a native of Omaha, Nebraska, was commissioned in June 1967 after graduating from the United States Naval Academy. After receiving his wings in October 1968, he reported to VF-121 for initial training in the F-4 Phan- tom. ln April 1969 he joined the Chargers of VF-161 and made two deployments to WESTPAC aboard USS CORAL SEA fCV- 43D and USS MIDWAY KCV-41l, flying over 175 combat missions in the Phantom. In September 1971, Commander Cross was selected for test pilot training and reported to the Navy Test Pilot School, Patux- ent River, Maryland. Following graduation, he was assigned to the Carrier Suitability Branch of the Flight Test Division as a project test pilot and participated in numerous test programs. In April 1973, he returned to the Test Pilot School as a flight instructor in charge of the fixed wing stability and control flight syllabus. He was also a spin instructor and the maneuvering performance flight instructor. During his tour at the Naval Air Test Center, Commander Cross flew over 25 different fixed wing aircraft and three models of helicopters and was NATOPS quali- fied in virtually every fighter and attack airplane in the Navy inventory. ln March 1975, Commander Cross reported to USS NIMITZ fCVN-68l as Assistant Strike Operations Officer. During his tour, he qualified as Officer of the Deck underway and was chosen as the first department head of the newly formed Training Depart- ment. He subsequently qualified as Command Duty Officer un- derway. Commander Cross was selected by the Navy as a candidate for the Space Shuttle Astronaut Program and participated in the final NASA astronaut interviews at the Johnson Space Center in August 1977. ln September 1977, he reported to the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island, under instruction. He graduat- ed with the highest distinction in June 1978. Following F-14 replacement training with VF-101, he reported to VF-32 as Main- tenance Officer. In December 1979, he received orders to VF-31 as Executive Officer, and took command of the Tomcatters ln February 1982. Following his command tour, Commander Cross was assigned to the Naval Air Systems Command as the F-14 Class Desk Officer in charge of systems engineering for the F-14A and F-14D fighters. In May 1985 he was selected for Nuclear Power School and, in January 1987, reported to USS THEODORE ROOSE- VELT CCVN-71l as Executive Officer. Commander Cross has been awarded two Meritorious Service Medals, eight Air Medals, the Navy Commendation Medal with Combat V, and several unit, campaign and service medals. He is married to the former Katherine Brownlowe of Clearwater, Flori- da. They have two children, Darryl and Melanie, and reside in Virginia Beach. 5 S alta, it-ed uber lan. iade Cl'- ions test itux- d to as a is. ln flight Flight ering l Air wing quali- Navy NllTZ tour. en as apart- 2r un- ite for e final ter in il War aduat- Q F-14 . Blain- YF-31 ters ln ,signal 5 DQSli F-14D School O0SEf SQfk'lC9 fel with 5. HQ is Y. flori- 2siC9 il Command aster Chlef Duane R. Bushey AVCM, USN Master Chief Duane R. Bushey was born in Lebanon, New Hampshire and entered the Navy at the NTC, Great Lakes Illinois, in June 1962. After Recruit Training he attended Avia- tion Electrician tAEl "A" School in Jacksonville, FL. Upon com- pletion he reported to Naval Air Test Facility, Patuxent River Maryland. In June 1964, Master Chief Bushey returned to Jacksonville for for advanced electronics "B" school. He then reported to USS KEARSARGE CCVS-33l, with two follow up tours as a flight instructor for fleet replacement navigators with VAH-123 and then VAQ-130. ' Master Chief Bushey reported to Aircraft Ferry Squadron QVFR-81l at NAS, Norfolk, Virginia, serving as Aircrew Division Officer. While serving two tours with with VFR-31 he qualified as over-water navigator in several aircraft, flight engineer for the P-3 Orion and bombardierfnavigator for the A-6 Intruder. ln January 1980, Master Chief Bushey was chosen to attend the U.S. Army Sergeant Major Academy, after which he returned to VFR-81 as Command Master Chief. In mid-1982, he trans- ferred to Commander, Fleet Tactical Support Wing One, NAS, Norfolk as Wing Command Master Chief. He reported to THEODORE ROOSEVELT QCVN-71l, as Command Master Chief, in October 1985. Master Chief Bushey has accumulated over 6,000 flying hours and made over 400 arrested carrier landings. He has received special recognition as Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet Sailor of the Year in 1972, as recipient of the General Ralph E. Hanes, Jr. Award at the U.S. Army Sergeant Major Academy, and as Tidewater Virginia's Military Citizen of the Year for 1982. His personal awards include the Meritorious Service Medal, Navy Commendation Medal iSecond Awardl, Navy Achievement, Good Conduct Medal iFourth Awardl, Meritorious Unit Commen- dation and Battle HE" iSecond Awardl. He is married to the former Susan Walker Prause of Salisbury, Maryland. They have a daughter, Terry, and two sons, Duane, Jr. and Joseph. 3 Y From The Ground Up... Hull 624D lvl The keel is laid for Hull 624D, 31 OCT 1981, three years before the hull is christened THEODORE ROOSEVEL T K C VN- 712. A worker directs a section of Hull 624D's bow into place. The final bow module is ' lowered onto Hull 624D. 22 ...kbs - v i .fd L 'r X XS 1 vu I f ,. g .I I I i I l i 1 I "We are not building this country of ours for a day. It is to last through the ages." - Theodore Roosevelt - Above left: Scaffolding supports workers preparing Hull 624D's lower bow module for placement. Above: The ability to move modules weighing hundreds of tons was the key to cutting the production time of Hull 624D. Left: A perfect tit. 23 A in Ktopj Forecastle under construction Kabovej Forecastle complete fcenter bottomj Hull 624D's Hangar Bay under construction. V, ,r . . N mg.-. i 3 V any Y, rx 5 LM A., 4 , ff1rcW'2 ,T-is , up ', t Us 3 ' '14 '1 A 3 Gr et: Q M, i ' Mak -13 , 'M-I ' 3 K l' ,iz l I, VJ A L. v igh mt ""g!if'3'f' ' Ari' -ir l- 'QE' ,MM wma.. A.., s i M1 cs c i Lv, if it , Wi . va 5 4 -he . A ,,. + ,,?.,gw H ' ltopl Pilot House under construction labovel Pilot House complete A -,. :fe ? Aw 5- '-'-NA- A - lcenter topl The island structure of Hull 624D is moved into ' place. , - ,V an i,:g-s 5 P B 25 labove leftl The lower bow section of Hull 624D weighed more that 600 tons. 5- ff? ,,.-1 labove rightl Hull 624D's most distinguishing characteristic, her island structure, is lowered into place. Ibelowj Hull 624D the night before being christened "THEODORE ROOSEVELT IC VN- 71l". H ,N Hull 624D Christened Theodore Roosevelt October 27, 1984 Ueftl Ship's Sponsor, Barbara Lehman, wife of Secretary of the Navy John F Lehman, christens Hull 624D THEODORE ROOSEVELT ICVN-711. 'Amin 1. lf :ig Sailor of the Year AK2 William E Leonard ' Aviation Storekeeper Second Class William E. Leonard was chosen as THEODORE ROOSEVELT,S Precommis- sioning Unit Sailor of the Year for 1985. Petty Officer Leonard was selected from a list of TR Sailors of the Month and nominees from each department. The candidates were judged on military and professional performance, self-improvement efforts and contributions to the command and the community. The Leading Petty Officer for the Supply Department's Outfitting program, Leonard developed a program to pro- vide l00 percent inventory accuracy for 90,000 items valued in excess of 15 million dollars. I-le supervised 25 men who received and stored thousands of items stocked aboard TR. Leonard was active in the KIWANIS Club and was a key participant in "Harborfest". l-le was also involved in the commandas "FLY NAVY EAST" project and was the Cheatham Annex Navy Relief Society Coordinator. T X Q1 .- i an it 17+ lleft and belowl CAPT Parcells inspects TR's officers and men in the PCU Building parking lot, during TR's first personnel inspection. lbottom leftl The PCU Building, original home of TR's Precomissioning Unit lbottom rightl With his wife Darlene as a guest at the PCU Building, MM2 Douglas Harper became the 71st crew member to reenlist, 7 June 1985. 1:-A ' QM 'fam , i , , xl 1 9 ' Y: l School of Ship She will be only as good as we make her." Y V' -'Q 5, ,M ftopl School of the Ship graduates gather in front of Nimitz Hall for a class photo with instructor ABI-ll Mayfield fkneelingl. fabove leftl School of the Ship students learn how to use a Neil Robertson stretcher, during first aid training. fabove rightl Petty Officer Mayfield uses a student volunteer to demonstrate features of a vest-type life preserver. fRightl Master Chief Bushey addressed every School of the Ship class. 30 WE W if F I c 21. URFULIL VA HOD uttercup '4+'s""-.j',. 1 'A A I '--,vi fm, ltopl TR's Department Heads are briefed on damage control procedures before trying to save USS BUTTERCUP. labove leftl CDR Neel, Safety Officer, rolls a two and one half inch hose after a BUTTERCUP drill. fabove rightl CDR Rhodes, AIMD Officer, plots damage to USS BUTTERCUP. fleftl LCDR Carter, Communications Officer, empties water from his boots after the BUTTERCUP drill. 31 H54 iii Ti if ,. ai Pi 'i I 7 The Building The PCU chalet had all of the comforts of home. Just being there brought the men closer together. lt was sorta like life on 'fWa1ton's Mountain." But the best part had to be . . . lfar lefti Spectators prepare for colors using the new flagpole for the first time. Ccenteri BMC r Thompkins appears a little un- l happy with the progress. tlefti l Chief Boatswainis Mate to the l rescue. Now that's Chief War- Q rant Officer material. l I i i i i i i 1 i V The City . Downtown Newport News, an exotic little piece of America with a certain flair. This city, rich in history and culture, world renowned for fine , I cuisine, friendly by nature, has been i described by some crewmen as, "the , gem of the mid-Atlantic region." ' ' --K-N . - l , , , , kjdhb KENYA UI . , i l l 4 I -J A 1986 ol hei S pupil , -. - A flag.: tfilerj : IS a lfggmsi it Mare I 5 Ciieit Vial 1 F gif gws. HH A Lth 0 Gem ,wiv and for fine e. has Hen ai. r29i0n' 4 First Ship's Movement For about three hours on 15 February for the first time. Tug boats moved CVN-71 board were the first crewmen to be under 1986, THEODORE ROOSEVELT was free from Outfitting Berth 1 to Pier 2 at the Way on b03l'd THEODORE ROOSEVELT. of her mooring lines and away from the pier Newport News Shipyard. Those sailors on Crew Moves Aboard lrightl I-lM1lsoon to be HMCD Decristafaro inspects supplies being brought aboard TR. lbelowl On 8 May 1986 QMC Gurbel and A01 Taylor set the first watch on TR s afterbrow. lbottom leftl Crewmen immediately tackled the job of stowing personal gear. lbelow rightl Supply department onloaded enough food for thousands of meals. TTT Y T l Cbelow and leftl Crew members unpack their uniforms and store their gear in their new spaces aboard TR. fbottomi Supplies were trucked to TR from Cheatham Annex. emma '3'!iEi,, Grand Upening i ' S so c?2'mched'N 5- tl ., sw, 15,3 CAPT Parcells and MS1 Kuch officially open the galley Qabovel. CDR Abbot, ENS Hudson and MSCM Sabillo open L i i The Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy, William H. Plackett, lcenterl was on hand for the opening of TR's CPO Mess. I 36 the Wardroom labove leftl. CAPT Parcells looks on as SHSN Agee cuts the first head of hair labove rightl. CWA l l 1 I X Op nings R X Q4 ftopl DKSN Brett Johnson cuts a string of one dollar bills to officially open the Disbursing Office with CAPT Parcells and CDR Williams, Supply Officer looking on. fmiddlel SHSN Green gives change to one of the first customers in the ship's store. lbottoml Wardroom cooks pose for a photo after officially opening the galley. ,I , U , ,,,.1-- ..,.,. ... 51 p 3774 M ll Cat Tests The Naval Engineering Center tested ' THEODORE ROOSEVEI..T's catapults in June 1986. The catapults heaved water-filled udead- 5 loads" which weighed up to 70,000 pounds, it l simulating the launch of naval aircraft. wwdg p K , 3 ltopl A deadload leaves THEODORE 0 0 ROOSEVEl..T's deck , . . E Qcenterl on a high speed trip out over the James River . . . fbottoml to a spectacular finish. 1, l l 1, l sl l ll' i ,F l i. l it l it l li il ll, ll l 38 1 y. 'r Fast Cruise Q E-.1 LONE V '-:J While still held fast to the pier, THEODORE ROOSEVELT began a "fast cruise" on 11 September 1986, in final with crewmen going to General Quarters, practicing firefighting and manning all at-sea watch stations. The drills were conducted with all the urgency of the real thing and for many of the younger sailors it was their first "at-sea" experience. preparation for getting underway. The cruise lasted two days, M 'M' H'-w.'.,,,,,,..'--ull -..-..,,..,.. ,, , , 5 9 9 if-c Sea Trials 4 Taking TR ' Q , To The Limit ALTRDUTE FROM PRH SMN 025302 P 2212002 SEP 66 FM PRECOMUNIT THEODORE ROOSEVELT TO SECNAV WASHINGTON DC CNO WASHINGTON DC CINCLANTFLT NORFOLK VA COMNAVAIRLANT NORFOLK VA INFO COMNAVSEASYSCO' wASHINGTON DC COMNAVAIRPAC SAN DIEGO CA COMCARGRU TNO COMCARGRU EIGHT COMCARAIRNING EIGHT USS LEXINGTON USS MIDNAY USS CORAL SEA USS FORRESTAL USS SARATOGA USS RANGER USS INDEPENDENCE USS KITTY HANK USS CONSTELLATION USS ENTERPRISE USS JOHN F, KENNEDY USS NIMITZ USS DWIGHT D, EISENHOwER USS CARL VINSON CHINFO WASHINGTON DC SUPSHIP NEwPORT NEWS VA UNCLAS IINOOOUDII SUBJ CVN-71 BUILDERS SEA TRIALS 1. ra umoenwav mam, az sep ae -wav-Pom News, va, 2. swofvc AS A auu. Moose AND You CAN use us T0 T.-as LIMIT. u N C L A 3 S I I . I 5 ? I i 3 USS AMERICA E BT 4 gi fi ,J . T 0 , lleftl TR 's CAT Team runs tests of the Number TWO catupult. lbelowj LCDR Armentrout, OOD, and CAPT Parcells listen to the pilot's orders to the tugboats. lbottomj A lookout scans the horizon from TR 's signal bridge. i FFF System Test frighti TR's countermeasure washdown system nearly obscures the ship's superstructure with firefighting foam. fbelowi The islar1d's AFFF system is activated. fbottomi Flight deck crewmen clear away AFFF foam. f-A Y., i '1Vi lui- I ,M . . gl- - ., W A i J L g i y Xl., is tip' I ni ,-N:i?.7:,,:, , cs 'ff iii ,. fi X ' 3011125 A-5'i"-W 3 P'sQ W-. F Ding n-"1T?sr- 'av- 31-1 wish 4 i i -+ A W X ...fl A ,-w.w.,.,4..,.K,,, vw Y,,,,A,,,- ,,,,... .- .mm mm.-vonw-1 .m,--S.f.-,m.- Tri' , I N 9, E 5-x :Mw- .xuf , 1 A , , ff, L Q ,AhJ 'X 'Tj--.,, C 0 . Ln ' ' I r ,mv ,' ' -V. 1 Q-ew--,g..,--vw-:fn ,..-,-,..,,4,,.....-,..,, ,..,,,.-. ,.....-...... My I L , ,A ,. vw.,m "N-.J "'-N L '1 V nz- K2 ..... ,ZS-Y' ltop leftl Flight deck supervisors lyellow shirtsl prepare for the day s operations ftop rlghtl An Aviation Fuels lpurple shirtsl crewman reels in a refueling hose. lcenter left! Flight deck crew members prepare to secure a helicopter. lcenter rightl TR s Flight Deck Crash and Salvage Crew. lrightl Helicopters make the first landings on TR s flight deck. f v i i v i N l l i X .K 4-X Builder's SEA TRIALS commenced on 22 September 1986, and included tests of all equipment and systems. When the lookouts sighted land as TR returned to port labovel, RADM Bulkley, President, Navy Board of Inspection and Survey, ordered the hoisting of two brooms signifying a "clean sweep" of all aspects of sea trials. ...,....--1,2-f-T1-w-f,-qw:-1. ,- -vvvr-: 1-in-5, -.,.f1.f:r gasp-eff 'sf' 7 iii 4 Countdown to Commissionin , Media DRY On 24 October the media got their first look at the i Navy's newest carrier. CAPT Parcells held a news confer- l ence, and TR supportors pre- i sented teddy bears to the i ' t'1 i fl't i .sr 1+ CTQW. XV V Q ltopl Peggy Maxwell from the Good Bears of the World presents CAPT Parcells with a large teddy bear and 3000 small bears for the crew. fabovel CAPT Parcells fields questions from the media during TR's press con- ference. Crightl AGAN Frederick Roosevelt attracted a lot of attention during media day. AGAN Roosevelt is a fifth cousin of the ship's namesake. ,.., :lk A 1' ,V f" 1 X X V, , 1 Q X, H T- -c, lfar leftl Bill Johnston, President of the Theodore Roosevelt Association, addresses guests at the TRA dinner. lleftl Mr. James W. Foote as Theodore Roosevelt. fbelow left, L to RJ Ed Campbell, President, Newport News Shipyard, The Honorable John F. Lehman Jr., SECNAV, CAPT Parcells, and RADMlreti Thompson pose with replica of "Lone Sailor" statue presented to TR. lbelowl The Honorable John F. Lehman Jr., SECNAV, offers a toast to Theodore Roosevelt the man and THEODORE ROOSEVELT the ship. lbottom lefti Barbara Comstock lrightl and Mrs. William Joyce. Dlnner Lee Greenwood, 27 October 8 Country music star Lee Greenwood volunteered to entertain the crew at the Commissioning Ball. On the morning before the ball, he visited TR. lrightl Lee Greenwood and his wife, Marie, in Primary Flight Control. lbelowl CAPT Parcells greets the Greenwoods in his cabin. lbelow rightl Lee Greenwood toured the flight deck with AMSC Gipson. lbottoml Master Chief Bushey presented a plaque to Lee Greenwood. ................t......,,,, Beaut Q ee s Visit TR Miss Alabama and Miss New Jersey KHeather Howard 8: Lisa Perryl visited TR on 24 October 1986. A ' hill I :np 4, flibn 576 S2 DH' 'P xNJf 2 X Q. Jr. I N Honorary Plankowner Breakfast On Commissioning Day, TR hosted an Honorary Plankowner Breakfast. Cbelowl Mr. William Casey, Director CIA lrightl. Honorary Plankowner Plaques awaiting delivery. ' ? R Commissionin 1 x ,L,.f, ffR'-. ,-fix 5 ff ' ' ff' ff? 'F 13' I w , ,V wLq1x , N w 'V' ,' , ' ,f J 5 , Y , af , ' , 4 1 , 1 ,,,, 1 , Y . K, , . , ' 3 , , -I ' , , 5 fx 1 w ,W 1 1 ,f I ' - "' W ir' f -7,45 47 :lf :L ,vff in .. Av A my . 9 'mga . 1 gcnlfn 'lg-V 4-' K""' Q .l W' Ili. I fl Y Q. X - l , LX YW '- K . Wi, ' a Y Nearly 30,000 people attended the commissioning. The Signalmen prepare to break the Commissioning pennant lbelowi. TR's Marine and Navy color guard lbelow lefti. Captain Parcells leads a salute during rendering of honors lbelow middlei. The umbrellas came out during the ceremony lbottom rightl. Teddy greeted the fans lbottom leftl. -QA File y M l 9x Theodore Roosevelt Come Alive! Sailors race up the brow tleftl, around the edge of the flight deck Cbelow bottoml, and stand at attention tbottom leftl, while the signalmen raise flags. '-6. e rv- Commissioning is the greatest day in the life of a ship. TR's initiation to the fleet included all pomp and tradition the Navy could muster. Captain Parcells leads three cheers for TR the ship and three cheers for TR the man lleftl. Honors are rendered lbelow leftl. A TR bust presented by the Navy League lbelowl. Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger reenlists TR crewmembers lbottoml. xl - 'T IJ" ffpig 1 - 11 A , . f ' I MVIS HM VIRGINIA BEACH CONVENTION CENTI'.R If? Him: 555 223325. fi? :E Fifilzfffifx -,',- '-1 - V., -uv nv ... . Z, ' ' 2 I, H4 VE Jiffy- :.: ::: hi 55: Zz: II' fag iii, rf: 3: 'sg zsf' asg a:f Nv:f :ff 1: :J fi, iff!" :af--"Q '::., ::.,. ::g,,f2: gs: ::: H E51 1-f M ,. . -... . nh... . ..Z Hill" '15 fr 'gg-1-' 5:5 as! ,:5::::. .szzzr ' rf: :if EE: W1 " - 555 25: ':::z::. ':: . 5:5 fag sr: 55' :' .. mm 'z::,::- '::..:' ,F ,wg . ll 1215- , ' . 4 I ' ., I-' r IBM vmcrmm BEACH CONVENTION U51 5.1 are ev men: .germ i:'lEi:. .I::.f2:, iszzzm :mess - -nf. -my 1 w , y nl I.. .31 .U Q.. ua gf 03 -.w ,ln JI hiv J pg an 1 H H- It V -1 5.5. -,mhz I P- Cz -1. L, .n uv 'nun' 5:56, 9.4 222:55 gm.: : -Eg xg: gs. 535 555 ,gg-Agp. ,aww 5: 2' .az r '.. I.: as .. ... -H -bg ,- r'1'- xx? 'IE W.. f 5::":'.2': 5:5.:::' V: in I-hw ,za ..: rx. :amzz zz.. mx.: .:. .. :Wm ,144 ,-W :fe fx: -': ' x . 'I ':' "2 LEW. ':: 1521 :mer z.. za.-mza...-:::: z.. ::. :.. fm -:z :az ez: :es az: 'ax :E -as. .rr ::: :sz ss: W. Hz... ... .,. z.... .. .. W. I... ..,. .... .... .,,,..i. . .... .,. .... .u ... W. .N ...W ...... . ...... ... . I I I LZ 'I t vuzf, r. 5. 1... CZ . . , , 4 E331 I Q ,, . :Wm V4 , w G. . .av if! ,' . , M55 Mun-4 +-If f f-.Hn-wa-'f"" ---Jaw: I A T I mu 1 , N . ,-.Q -,jteggqm W qw, I ffffif "" 'J A T23 f Q, uf' fi XII ggw Ci' W Em '55 if qv I I I L I 1 4 I 1 - , I :fx . V il I7 I .I ,, I , K 'X VI ' ISHS' I R 5- II xx Af, S- f-1 PAVILIO Illl VIRGINIA BEACH CONVENTION CENTER u 1 52?3?E53QiiEi5iMWM?QiE .., .I 55233 152445. 5. E? MMWIRHEE J., I I 'X 3 I 1 I 'A 14' N, I5 'Y I A-I-zI1L , CII. I gwwwg Ei at an-..,,. 1' ky- ,: !"'T"'f'3 . Cc A vi , 1 9' 'Q' I I .- W 1 1 'ez . , I , , QI, - ' ,I 'i W- ,1 fm' ' 251 ', I, ,IC L'4f,,I', I W, Q., I Q ,,,,,'.,w,tV If 5, jg3Qg,'Pf3-455231 ug Igyv g IEW! " A V , V 'Cb- KM PAVHMUN I GMI VIRGINIA BEACH CONVENTION f 5.1 .nn 3 I... .. 'Z .I I' i I ' y n I . vvnnw 1. .yn . .N . un 1... l',..I.!.!J. nn.. ...,...f..-4.4 .. vu.Z3uYw:3zvvv'lf-Z3-1nhuJql.I.nnu-..I-.H nl..--.a..x4.s..3n fwvnnv-u -nzn vnnuuulu-n-nun-fn nn. urn nag..- -w-v-1-w-v-- I-3--vw-o vu- v-you-.. fu... I..-..I. -.....u.4.. .,.w..,:.I..l- ....,.z..u..x .I-...HI I.. I......I...fIw..I1.,. .vu .1 un nw..-.I In... ..I..1..... ....u.y..f... -. NI..-.M..n......Iu.....-un...-.... ..u4I.I...f..I.I-. if - lg ,A I 'Q wir 1. 'X', ,In A I .,EI5,3,?:V1:" fi. l 3 l Sea Life Q' TR nderway Being underway on TR is a r exhilarating experience. ltop leftl Quartermasters take bearings while getting underway, ltop rightl POD walkdown before flight i ops, lrniddle leftl MARDET color guard lower the National Ensign as TR gets underway, lmiddle rightl an F-14 rockets from the flight deck, lbottoml TR enters Port. .R v Q Depermin 5-9 DEC 86 l ltopl TR steams to the deperming crib, lmicldlel TR crewmembers get ready for arrival, lbottoml pulling into deperm slip Number ONE. TRls s Rr' F -i I, l f lleftl A tug gently nudges TR into place, lbottom leftl TR entering the deperm slip, lbottom rightl TR in place and ready for deperming. Sea Sparrow and CIWS Flrlng 'Alt is quite possibly the best missile shooting ever by a carrier," said CAPT Parcells, after the first test of TR's Sea Sparrow Missile System. TR tested her surface-to-air missile system on the morning of 15 December 1986, by launching seven missiles in search of six target drones. The first two missiles scored direct hits, g obliterating their hapless targets. The final five missiles passed ll close enough to have destroyed the targets, had the missiles been armed. The final score . . . TR 6 Drones 0. ,T ,Q ri'A-' x ,g -. if ' s- , ,nur-44123:-if Hu- ' W- - e - Y, We-1-tv. '-.-1..,,,.,.. ,. A J L ,,,1,U , , V ,gnt L I .NQNN ff fm f1 41 F' P1 Ji er-4' Q' 1381 WM! RY K QQ- X 4- A X Er m',f-Ygwfr EWR: 7A,w7"lv N f N 4 'ki SS? NX S ll ,N M K W1 ff w -4 " M", J 'r I r +- . ,M Y, ,E I f-,rf 764,515 iss V Q' -df! . "2'tEii'iTkITf?F'I KH 1. ' L,X,,........,-.-.fue.i,4 ' ' " iQ1rQ5f7' 'i"M ' Wx I , p A , 1 J 1 1 L' 1 '5 Wh 1 'ff jf V. .N :Lf'V.'f ' I 4 4 5' Ts AJ . .x , , 4.1.1 r X . 1 , 4 , I . .Q . 3-.... N -W , an-...Q 1 Aw A- 5 H . ,gay . ,,,, b, H ' A -K , I vl, VL X X . s--. u K, ,f-"J ' ' , b ffl, 5.3 , , Y ,-4"Z1'- -'S X x :NJ ,f W' :YM A 4 1 N N x 'K RV., A if W I l,,.- wi-Q. H 23:1 ' k K I i I X ill , f X Yr I 3 3' -cg ,. 'S'-'Lg' . ,X ' ' .QI if f- ffg g ff f ' ' max - . X l , I 1 .1-45. 1 Uv , wil -n X -, ,C Q 0 W 9 0: n F1 f 'f 1 'P ' .L,:,,,-- ,, i C, 1 x -fi I T . HH 'P' 11 if ,wa R5 4- , , fix!! ji' 0 " 8 , 9-QQ. 'lf Q , ' -ex Ei V 2 'iz ll V is 72.4 - If , was n' -4 naman!!! A '- -r .,, , U v"'f'4-1'ff,f.,,:'L , on Ai F". 5 in. :',,: - 95982 , ' wg P vm' Q' x- i ri ,- W. "4 ,w:uf:. r,,..-.1L., f 'ggiif NU' S Ia , f W5 'f 'f ' , V .rm rx", 1 fy . ,Q ' xiii 4 ,, rvmy- 1'-'im ,,swgA,,g,-4- 1 1 ,V 'iff dr! lk Q P' f, -? -, , ,. ,iff wt Lp 1. 3 5 E.-.fn , 7 cz..." 3: 4, f?3.Z,.!l'I ' 'L 1. 4 V V ,Y M ,f 1 lla- ' l P ' A Ill 5 49 ,.f'4s5ifJ'g2,f, V- .ff fa wif A .1 - X!! -I mn 1 I X RU' 17, 'Di fi 0 ,. 7 , it -slat 23? Aw ,figmgauiinm Gaia? L q ,, wwafa - - .mf iq 1 W. ma 3,31 '-'A 1 M Q, . Cl Q5 mn YQ , 8 we A ""A:" 1- TR Christmas labovel Captain Parcells and Master Chief Bushey greet the guests at TR's first Christmas party. lcenterl Santa stops by to meet Master Chief Bushey and friends. lrighti Live music gave the guests a chance to dance to all the latest and greatest sounds. W' likwlfle' fa My it 0 f Qhftiml SS THEODORE l?00SEVELTfr. . ' ' Q 8 l fliwlllllllllll re f b .3 W 1' I ff -, is l l l 1 l Y W 'N' - --S, .. ...I lfar right! Santa settles in to take a lap full of requests at TR's Childrens Christmas Party. lrightl Youngsters move in for a closer look at the man in red. lrightj "l've been a really good boy and l want " Master Chief Bushey had some very special requests, but would they fit in his stocking? labovej Members ofthe Theodore Roosevelt Dependents' Association came to the ship to spread a little good cheer during the holiday season. - . . . , N 1 . , 1 , ., ax. 'N . -xx J . ,., ., . X 'jf-fri! 535321'V-3Qf:'f1L5fE74g5Tf3gr,4x:-':ij4f2.Qj:-nice",-' X Q:-f-,F-an?-' -cv.-..iw6:f:-. -.Y-J-.,f:.2 X .A .. My f A , , s ,- V , 1-ww.. 1 rf 151-...dflfef-f:.1w -w:mz.aiv1"5-xv-wr-..-5. 4fz11.f,'fw'e.-f--www " 1 Nxt! P, Aw .X-E, ,, J' '-V---N. 1 FA .f s 41 in .L. ,W 3 sw. V XR -v-.., . , r M 4 ff' .. . l "'P?""'r C Rescue At Sea Enroute to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, TR rescued two men who had been adrift with the wreckage of their sailboat for more than four days. Joseph Buffkin and John Frederico were spotted by SN Rodney Jackson, TR's starboard lookout, at 7:06 PM on 10 January 1987, TR was about 20 miles off the coast of San Salvador Island at the time. TR's motor whaleboat crew and SN Jackson were awarded Navy Commendation Medals for their part in the rescue of the sailors. Captain Abbot, then TR's Executive Officer, was awarded the Navy-Marine Corps medal for his participation in the rescue. , N, Nu, lupper leftl TR's motor whaleboat returns with rescued sailors. Qleftl Buffkin and Frederico get together with the rescue team. lbottoml Frederico, now warm and dry, toasts TR. labovel Members of TR,s Medical Department escort the two shipwrecked sailors aboard. lbelowl LT Hopkins interviews Buffkin and Frederico for TRTV. s. l-. yn ffm f 14 r er" SCMQQX V Shakedown, FTG, GTM lrightl "I-loly helmets, Batman, it's a CBR attackli' fbelow leftl TR's Crash and Salvage Team receives guidance from an FTG instructor. fbelow rightl ADC Wood cri- tiques a battle drill. fbottom leftl ABECCAWJ Jarrells gets head and shoulders above the rest of the flight deck crew. fbottom rightl Repair 1B inven- tories their damage control gear at the start of a drill. NA V l 5 ,f 'EEL KL' Us-. l W N.,,,. 'IIE' I lleftl The Crash and Salvage Team and Aviation Fuels crevvmen spring into action during a battle drill. lbelovvl The On-Scene Leader gives directions to firefighting teams during a flight deck fire drill. lbelow leftl Crash and Salvage Team members remove uinjuredn personnel from the cockpit of an F-14. lbottoml A rescue team in proximity suits prepare to move in as hose teams get in position to control the flames. -lg lrightl As day becomes night, the drills continue. Fire fighters practice battling flames in the dark. lbelovvl All available hands on the flight deck are involved in rigging the barricade, designed to catch a disabled plane. lbottoml Men form tvvo lines to carry the barricade into place. i532 l .lv mx W -.1 -H H- . 4-af ,V-. ,....X,... -g.,-, -N, """l 4 bw-ma! , --1 -4 A 3 I Y Q 'WS' il ,.+' x- A.. , WM xg? ec .-. -.3 A A . is 1151 'Av . I A l'Y'x .N A + A-LQ: Q ik' - I 3, A 4' 57 ., ir X , 'SP ,,,f ,l K , R,H, ,5" ' .XMI-wx ff? , , . ,f Z, .. 1 ,HJ-gm an ,, -. fvfgv ,L 5 ' . . A w . W -4. ,rl K f XJ- V, - Q, . ian- in ,4- -,..l xd K. , 1 lt ff-v'f' ' ...,---'W Q-wauun-n.,b....-.-M ,, x, 1 1 1 " .1 5 1, U .Aff X, . ., 'S ' M "' Q sam ,.- M-'-1:,.r r-'-.1 'khqvwm ,nf fr.,- Xa v.. ggi... -f-ma KM' ' ' X Q... 5-assi-.- E .,:. - . . . N , ' ' W ' x, , ', , .,., .f, 5,,..,,,h,.e,,,,,',g..,1:..,,...f,,,.::..,h:,:.-,315x,.,.T,Q?:,,f..,,,9Yf.X,,.,,J?.,g?,,,.3.,V,y,., "Intelligent foresight in preparation and known capacity to stand Well in battle are the sur- est safeguards against war. " - Theodore Roose- velt - , D Steel Beach Pieni Following three weeks of intense training in Gitmo, TR's crew was ready for a break. TR's first Steel Beach Pic- nic and Swim Call was held on January 25th, 1987, while TR was at anchor in Guanta- namo Bay, Cuba. lrightl Crew members crowd around the visiting all-female band, Che- lowl PHC Scallon gives tips during the fishing tourneyg lbottom rightl swim callg lbot- tom leftl P01 Davis holds up a prize winner. X w . l it K1 l l' 1 l H,,v 'z ? .I 'Y ,,,f 3 if , firm a' 51 U n 1-,Lx fi! I I A , .QWY , Q, 1 ' .'.'. V X ' . 1.41,-' in 1:-:if-.. - if .. ...,,. tr..-,. . .,. ,.... , :J 'I'.1-:'i-:3'fv:J-'lfff-I--I- ,::' 4' . R X -.5-.f..'.. N,-,v "'.- ,1. - ".- + f"."'1'v'n'."'u".v 1. . . '- V .. .-,gmr -.v,.' ,.-, , 5 . V 3-F 'me ,ln 0 4 ,V -0.1.1 .- W- 4.-,.1 1 f 'fy .-.I N , -':.' X . bf ,, 'N' ,-xf: , , ng f -.'.:. sg.-g,.f,.--3.-4 5 ' f ' ' ' ' nw. ug, tif: -94:31:22 3? - ,IM '- :1'-:- ': L A ra - 1 , ' 1--'-.' . , , . v. . . . . v I A 9 P 4 V , 1 - '4 4 . ,. ..+,.-, . .S I r ' - - .' D ,uf ..g.'p1f- , 5 . 1 . ..'.'.' - . ,P rj. 4.1.1-..,-. C I 'A .4-:-','.'.l': Z- - ,r - 1-' . ua... ,ggvlah nu' , -,-:,:.,:, 5 Q' 4' ' O.: ' Y , . .ut " Q ' l U' Y' 'A AA "With all my heart l believe in the joy of living: but those who achieve it do not seek it as an end in itself, but as a seized and prized incident of hard work well done and of risk and danger never wantonly courted, never shirl-:ed when duty commands that they be faced. " - Theodore Roosevelt - While the chow line serves up ribs, chick- en and burgers labovel, the all female band "Media Naranjasw entertains the crew lleftl. Pl-I2 Norr salutes the day lbelow leftl. A fishing tourney participant works up a sweat lbelowl. J 45 f Port Call Nassau, Bahamas After leaving the Guantanamo Bay Operating Area, TR set sail for the island of New Providence in the Bahamas, and her first port of call, Nassau. The ship anchored on January 28th, for five days of relaxation and fun in the sun. Hundreds of guests visited the ship each day, including the Governor General of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and the U.S. Ambassador to the Bahamas. Crew members also volunteered their time to help l refurbish an orphanage and a children's hospital. l erik - ..... itl5i+' : 'V M11 2721 l l 2i2'Eff311'?l'Q f i l . .s 'l'l'he man who makes a substantial contribution toward uplifting any part of the community has helped to uplift all of the community." - Theodore Roosevelt - TR crewmembers volunteered to spend a day at the Bahamas Children's Emergency Hostel helping the chile dren. They arrived with food fright abovel, greeted the children lrightl, cleared the yard lbelowl and left having made some new friends lbelow rightl. X .2 3l!l-SEE -. Iss , iv '-' W4-Y . ww , -' ,.. fn WCB WX! , A 1 fl,..f...Mf"1v' ., Q, , ,L C l 'iii l 1 , r L l l cooMNAvA1RL T and THEODORE ROOSEVELT was honored in 1987 by having her Sailor of the Year, EMZISWD Frederick B. Lawrence, selected as Commander Naval Air Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, Sailor of the Year. EM2 Lawrence was born in Morristown, New Jersey, on September 15, 1959. He is a 1978 graduate of Saint Andrews High School and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the State University of New York. He enlisted in the Navy in January, 1983, and attended basic training at Great Lakes, Illinois, where he was selected as Honor Graduate. After completion of Basic Electricity f Electronics and Electricians Mate "A" schools, he served aboard USS PONCE ILPD-155 for temporary duty under instruction prior to attending Naval Nuclear Power School in Orlando, Florida, and prototype training at Idaho Falls, Idaho. Petty Officer Lawrence is a member of the Logistics Support Group in the Reactor Department onboard TR. He wears the Good Conduct Medal and the Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist Insignia. XA 18 Carrler Quals Durnng Carner QUallflC3tlOnS KCQ sl new pllots quallfy on a carrler s deck and veter an p1lOtS to pohsh thelr takeoff and landmg Skl s The Navy s newest alrcraft the F A 18 Hornet Stnke F1ghter made lt s TR debut as pllots quallfled 1n the new plane It was a prlrne example of the Navy s newest equlp ment and the world s best pllots belng put to the test 2 Q 'll . n , s I u K - .es . H! Q 7 . A. x -r.. r it 'a . fi' . 4: 1. Q I if -... E- J.- .wx e 4- fn, , Wmuis. , or ' ' ,M ' W ' m,,5:::"-A. -:mr s-ei:-W 5 '-. f'-11 ,, 4 'ff "wf.u.,,..:gn,4.,, 14, 1, K H V: V Nr New M, - w,f,J'! , W L "" 'M , M ' fats ' 4 ll' , f ,mg-4, ' to or a, ' i Mah, v fm ,V -.L 'Md six F Q V ' I MN A ,M . ,mr hr - V 4' Q, Helo Do On January 12th, 1987, a helicopter from HS-11 crashed into the sea off the coast of Florida lleftl. Due to a quick response from HS-11 and TR, the downed helo's crew members were safely rescued lbelow and below leftl. , ., 1 -ff, .1 W? 'I 2,11 . , f an '11 ' ,i5,,, LZANTI A "" ' vi 1 'Fig gif' LLB' ' ' i F 'G 1 Rough Seas vm the Bahamas TR encountered some rough seas fbelowl After lea ' g . PI-I1 Kingsley holds a hatch bent by high seas during steering tests lrightl. 'P L 1- v X Q ,X ' if , . , A 1', I. I, ff! ltopl TR's guests look at the 360 pound links of the anchor chain. Cabove leftl One of TR's young guests takes a "behind the maskn look at the ship. labovel A TR crewmember shows a youngster fire fighting equipment. lleftl Rambo Jr? A helo from HS-11 flies by displaying the National Ensign ltop centerl. F-14's make passes over TR's island structure ltopl, and the crowd on the flight deck fbelow rightl. An SH-3 Sea King demonstrates at-sea rescues lbottoml. k ' ' -4' - . ., ' .... - V V . k- - A -- A -f-,-Q.,fse:-L--A.,-..A.yY.,.:ge-..ap.-.X.:1,-'ev--V. Y WWW- so . , .u..,,.. Y V fl A Q Y 'QU' B- 'Weis J W K' 2' Li V , I w!w"'9'Wma.,, 'i , 3 !"Q'1QY 4 ik , v V A K .,- H Y , .t ' wifi X' 7' . " K NS? ' 4 , 3 41. X mf W 5 , .W , X 9' 5' rw NJ Q W is jf ' . . Shiv A x ly gl J, iw 4 . 1 W.. , 7 , ev Q v ff Z , Kg Q N -. --.vv5r,..--,Y-,-.. 5 F ..--g-- ....,,.,, .,,4,, . .tw :T wwihzr-NYY! Pi, 71-1 TR Tot Day ENS Webb leads a TR Tot to one of the many entertainment venues lrightl. TR Tots listen attentively to a story being told by a TR storyteller lbelowl. While watching live entertainment a TR Tot enjoys a hearty meal lleftl. I ' A A Y on K lleftl Balloons and smiles were everywhere during TR Tots' Day, 21 March 1987. Cbelowl A good story and a group of children go hand in hand. TR Sports The THEODORE ROOSEVELT "B" Team captured the Ashore Norfolk Naval Base Softball Championship. lbelowl HT1 Phillip Walling proudly holds his trophies following the championship game. The Captain's Cup league was formed in April of 1986 to foster inter- departmental competition. Teams compete in activities ranging from basketball and softball to Hearts and Pi- nochle. W 'ii 1- 1, x-V ,. H ' o 'N in VI E' u rl , . I if ni 'Q' . . .,.,,. -, w TR,s Special Services Division sponsored trips and tournaments. TR sailors enjoyed skiing in the West Virginia mountains as well as golfing on some beauti- ful courses in the Hampton Roads area. -wg. 1, M :..,,s1. .,.,wifffs- A, , if 5 Post Shakedown Availabilit TR began Post Shakedown Availability lPSAl in April of 1987. TR provided more than 300 men every day for firewatches. These sailors ensured that all welding was done safely and in accordance with TR standards. Thanks to their efforts, TR suffered no fire damage during PSA. TR processed more than 2,500 work permits covering hundreds of jobs. Ventilation, sewage, and habitability systems for every berthing compartment on board were inspected, and many electronic systems were upgraded. The crew put ln long hours durmg the PSA pernod Sallors stood flrewatches on the catapults fabovel and cut off old braces frlghtl Others rebullt the interiors of spaces Cbelowl We wnll never forget the Red Gctopus and it's mrles of cables rurmmg throughout the shlp Lute rn the shlpyard was tough but TR and her crew came through wlth flymg W1 F r-raw. -.X ,V r 215: ' QQ? 4 During the PSA period, the lyrics to the song went , . . "grind, grind, weld, grind, grind, weld." Y i - T r ml, 'jr ..4-,...,..A.+uQL1.zy.14Q-.n.-,gn :LIC f -2:-fvrfzzzb :gif "ff'1'2'51ff5?ii'g-HTf'Qf11F9?'5v'l1v5?-" vp-:Y 'Iraq-asf'-v '-1' '-- 'f'+f."-f'-ff -'.-ef:-ffnsf-99m 'wswnifwfir'-' 'ffww'-fffif ' f' ' 1 -N .-.,.-,,-,-. M. ..g,- ,.:,L.,.:..1',ggL4. 'll' 'T' 7' " ' :J '. I " "'-- 5 1: , -t, .--':2s2- 'L SFU- A ' . -Y ---A-A ----m Y Y.V..f....,-Y , Y Y-, . .,.. .--.....-.,L.,...'.-.,,A,M,,L. 1 x SHGCK TRIALS UG-21 SEP 1987 U .733 , .5g5,3,:,,: 4. Q,-., ic' 1' " , I zgd.. - .' .- , Y. KZ!! ,....!,'5 1 " -f - 'M wr, v 4 5 V ,gn ,G 1 A 1 .5115 wf J V ,ri I, ,.: E53 '54 Qt!! Ir? Y N, L,- -"" A ' 97 ! - 1 gms 1 The first blast of Shock Trials took place at 1400 on September 2, 1987. Before the charge was detonated, precautions were taken to protect men and equipment. Some people were extremely well protected fbelowl. The USS APACHE Cbottom rightl assisted in TR's Shock Trials along with personnel from Underwater Explosions Research Division. I f i i l l 1 44.1 A YJ l Preparing for the blast was an all hands evolution. Once TR was ready, the word was passed . i "All hands brace for shock." After the blast buoys were retrieved, inspections were made, and reports were filed. Q ' ,, v Sunday, 13 September, between shots of the Shock Trials, TR enjoyed a day of sun and fun off the Florida coast with a Steel Beach Picnic. The crew was entertained with a Lip-Synch Contest and by Reactor Department's band, 'iAsgaard.', Events were held to raise funds for the Combined Federal Campaign including a 1.5 mile run, shuttle races and laps around the flight deck for money. The crew also enjoyed a fishing tournament and 3-on-3 basketball. The crew enjoyed the following: 2,500 Polish Sausages 2,000 ltalian Sausages 7,600 I-lot Dogs 10,500 Hamburgers 3,500 Steaks 11,000 Pieces of Chicken 16,416 Cans of soda many gallons of barbeque sauce, tons of onions, tomatoes, lettuce and brownies. Special Services organized the day and received outstanding support from S-2, S-5 and S-11 of Supply. More than 1300 man hours went into this event. Steel Beach Picnic :P IM 'YN ' flny .NH i r 'Wi f m f, ,sri 1 1. i in f A ' T yt , :M fx in 'ui A 'arm I ,Q 61' Hi b ' .. ' ' , N , if . ,ily J if JV, -4.1 :rw 1 f I V jr. P ','A 1 i ' 'f ' W '7' 91,5 Sl' l i: .A Wx- , k ,X i , my 1 , N , 'L 9 i ,1 N if I A i Ei 44,V :VV V, .S . , ' iv iisi J-F ,ff J ff 'T if Y t-1r A jf?" 'ai ...A -........, .W can r-fN.:::.-,..f.1-- . ,,,.. ,xx .fl 1, MW.. M WW! , V-,W A--V ..,. A- f , . 'xr-. ...AIW -.,, KJ, Q., 'inf xy! K o A Q iw al, p Wm , Wx -1. -zn- v -A . ' ' , , ll' A . . , N- ., 6 4 . ,, V f f-,- .......a....:. .-- -.. 30' " if .49 M f1 ,- -A , ' ' Jr, 5 - V V 1 Q f, " ' , X jf 5 '14 ff w A ft W - gb' -5 ' if .V Il '.'1f' gk ,.u'?+-X A' L , VL, 3 7 5 ' -, ' 'X 'A 1-"'-lf: '53 1 ,- vi. riff, o V l wx il ' 71' Y- I 9 'E :Xl in ' ff , 'gk I if X' iv .V 1 All - ,. ,,,,. , ,-query, .,, qlyli- . ' ,fp ,QA ll .W 1 ii 53 fa Q? L Q ' Ii Q QFD' 71- fa , mW L, WH 'fTww"""W"' and E uw L I iv fn 4 .5-1 K 1 f 1 f r I V v K. ,L,,,,,m .- . -. V, , ,, . .. Y-,1,,.-,U-1.,y':'.f.w.--414,2 ,v,'.,-,,q3:m:x,-gf :'fv3Q.1' ge'-'it.Y,27'1fa'::'i5:1, 141,-3-.,,3,-:'15:-.A'-fnif:1-.wdwib-1zS5!'4Q5-QQ-3.-,sfffgik' "g " - ' ' ' ' .M aiibff ,-pf ...- '43 Sur K u . 4 U' ' ' ' A if M n 4 me , . S-I ,Q ,J V- .xmnvna um. nvuaumaumu - mann.. ' ROOSEVEU 0-J .IOM :XJ ,f 1. H0085 9 In commemoration of the Bicentenial of the Consitution, TR formed up on the flight deck to voice her opinion of what we were there for . , MFor The Common Defensei' lopposite pagel, Thirteen-hundred crew members from all the departments, dressed in whites, took part in the evolution directed by WTCM Albers. To raise money for the Combined Federal Campaign, chances were sold for the honor of pressing the button to set off the charge. I-ITFN Morehouse lleftl was the lucky winner for Shot FOUR. Shot Four as seen through one of TR,s portholes lbelowl. 2'1- .luj .1 ,C 'li n '31, .. iw Q 1 " i-as if 5 f wggrf C 9 ff . N gfvtw 6 Q'-21+ 1 i fra ' 'JF' Q .J 5 fia V' lj: 5 ,J X A v , 1 in ! I i i kg f 1' 4 sn, A i fr . K , '1 we 4, , ,V Distingui h d Visitors Mrs. Barbara Lehman, wife of then Secretary of the Navy John F. Lehman, Jr., visited TR on 4 March 1987. She was accompanied by Mrs. Joanne Webb, wife of the new SECNAV, James Webb, and by Mrs. Pat Loesch. Mrs. Lehman, Mrs. Loesch and Mrs. Webb listen as LCDR Devereux explains the shipfs anchor windlass ltop rightl, Mrs. Lehman on the flight deck Cmiddle rightl. Mrs. Lehman and Mrs. Loesch try their hand at TR cooking lbottom rightl, Mrs. Barbara Lehman, Ship's Sponsor lbelowi. -w"'ry:'- ' , , Senator Edward M. Kennedy labovel Senator Kennedy listens to a brief. ltop rightl FC2 Small shows Senator Kennedy shell casings from the Phalanx close in weapons system. lbelow leftl On the messdecks, Senator Kennedy talks with crewmembers. lbelow rightl I-le is presented a "Yellow Shirt" 107 , Congressman Owen V. Pickett Congressman Owen V. Pickett QD-Vai was the first member of the House of Representatives to visit TR. Congressman Pickett, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, toured the ship, observed flight operations and spoke to the crew. Congressman Pickett checks out an A-6 Crighti. I-Ie listens to crewmembers on the mess decks fbelowi. Theodore Roosevelt IV Theodore Roosevelt IV, a direct descendent of the ship's namesake, puts on flight gear Cleft? for his familiarization flight in an F-14 Tomcat UWOQOOO HAAAHI-IH", hels off lbelowi. TRA Visitors Many members of the Theodore Roosevelt Association QTRAJ visited TR underway including young Michael Roosevelt, age 15 years lbelovvl. They visited 40 different spaces R in tvvo days, met with the crew, and watched flight operations. The TRA's donation to the ship included books for the ship's library lbottoml. -, 51 X V ev. 3 R e 'ei -s-.. . 1 f,-J "Books are almost as individual as friends." - Theodore Roosevelt - A 5' Media Visitors Media interest in any new aircraft carrier is high and TR was no exception. With the debate in Congress on funding for two additional carriers, TR took on a role as model ship for those media focusing on the debate. TR hosted Robert Whitmire CUSA TODAYD, Mike Dillard and Virginia Biggins KDAILY PRESSJ and Austin Kiplinger QKIPLINGER LETTERD ll to r, belowl. Austin Kiplinger took in the daily workings of the flight deck lleftl and Bill Kurtis lbottoml, former anchorman with the CBS Morning News and now with WBBM in Chicago, did a three-part series on TR. In every case, media went away impressed enough to present a positive view of the ship and the Navy. Q Y7i"'f'?"E'r,v'f7Y'7""'.--.i 4 . ' ' Y - e we sf-1: ,, at , 4' X " "' - - -AL . 'Q :'..--- -f' ru -:N -w e, NATO Tour TR hosted a tour by members of the NATO Sea Sparrow conference on 25 February 1987. Forty members of the conference from the United Kingdom, France, West Germany, Belgium and the United States toured the Flight Deck, Combat Direction Center and Bridge, and received briefs on various systems on board TR. 5 -Q ri .M 3" ij 4" 4 Congressional Luncheon On 16 March 1987, TR hosted five freshman Congressmen for tours and briefings. Sponsored by CINCLANTFLT, the Congressmen toured TR's hangar bays, flight deck, forecastle, bridge and Combat Direction Center. They also received briefings on TR's mission and various systems on board. , . .K , I L CDR Thomas W. Rhodes AIMD Gfficer Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department lAllVlDl is responsible for maintenance of embarked aircraft avionics equipment, test equipment and ground support equipment yellow gear. IM-1 IM-1 Division's five administrative workcenters serve to process work requests, control the flow of assets through the repair cycle, process correspondence, and maintain a complete technical publications library. AZ2 D actions on visual display , boards in the Production Control office lbelowl. ltop row, L to Rl A VCM Carlos Dorsey, ATCS Joseph Baker, ATCS August Bianchi, PRCS Paul LaPage. lmiddle row, L to Rl AZCS Ralph Taylor, AMSC Cornelius Gipson, AQC John Hunt, AD1 Rich- ard Arnett. lbottom row L to Rl AQ1 Vincent Badoud, AX1 Rocky Coleman, ATI Gerald England, Atl Daniel Jones. 116 Omen tracks maintellance LCDR Kenneth Marks LCDR Richard Andersen LT Morris Scott ' '. if .f -vl1ff,whl't5l-'13f'f', - 1-',:L:'1-2321f'?kQQtf-I I, , , l ' 105. , 5,v-43111, F ' In iv.. ,Au-f: gf 1, an l i c c C c c ci t , Ill ll fl ll' f' I i ,,.i,. . .I ,.l,.,,Q'f r- ' J..-...Y.,l Mi if I . Il W p ,x.... J 2' . 1 . ' l . . . . J W.: nw..,," .,. ., 1 'E ' -1 -T12 ..,,, V.. l Us lg Y' ATCS Robert Freshwater keeps current on AIMD support equipment requirements llefti. ABCM Edward Kiger serves as the AIMD Leading Chief Petty Officer lbottom rightl. AZ2 Wilson makes changes to a technical publication lbottom leftl. AZ1 Walter Johnson ATI Daniel Kemp AK1 Lee Roy ADI Gilbert Mendez AQ1 Ronald Miller AZI Edwin Roman AS1 James Turner AZ2 Ron Biedleman AK2 Robert Fast AK2 Patrick Morrissey AZ2 Steven Wilson AZ3 Steven Cruz AZ3 Craig Slate AZAN Karadle Willis AZAA Reuel Attwoocl AZAA Jimmy Cowart IM-2 l l l I l , 1 til A T I 1 ji 3 I ff! 1 ' X. i T slr il C . Ya i T LT George Turner ll Division Officer if The General Maintenance Division UM-2D is comprised of three branches. The ' Power Plants Branch tests and repairs aircraft engines for embarked squadrons ' labovel. Engine testing is conducted on the fantail lrightl. The Airframes Branch 2 9 repairs aircraft structural components such as stress panels, landing gear and i hydraulic actuators. The Aviation Life Support Systems Branch repairs aircrew ll environmental and survival protection systems. l V If T ADCS Paul McFarland T ADCS Calvin Peavy rg AMSC Joe Fernandez lg T ADC Scott Wood li AD1 Earl Arrowood ' ADI Terry Carroll li AMI-11 Roderick Davis AMH1 Martin Lane l AMS1 Dennis Lovello AD1 Curtis Olson AMS1 Terrence Passmore AMH1 Richard Schafer 4 AMS1 Glen Yates l AD2 Milan Aleksich AD2 Dan Brown AMS2 Michael Cummings AZ2 Keith Donnell PR2 Michael Garrett AE2 Laurence Hall l l l ' N 118 AMH2 Henry Kasner Air Wing personnel also work in AIMD. Their AMH2 Chafl6'S Kelly additional expertise enables TR to respond quickly and efficiently to aircraft maintenance needs. Skilled technicians check electronic components used in squadron aircraft labovel. AMS2 Brian Knapp PR2 William Kushinski AD2 Charles Nellums PR2 Jerome Thienes AD2 Sanford Williamson AD2 Kevin Winkler AD3 Terry McWhorter AD3 Jose Melendez AD3 Robert Williams AN Fred Albios ADAN Will Anderson ADAN Gary Augustus ADAN Todd Fischer ADAN Raymond Massey ADAN Scott Miller ADAN Julio Morris ADAN Thomas Murphy ADAN James Page ADAN Orlando Pantota ADAN Gary Poyneer ADAN Minh Trinh ADAN James Claussen ADAN Mitchell Gore AEAA Joseph Pitchford i 1 fwq ---- ---W - 27 if ig IM-3 i ii i ii l ll if LT John Wright Q Division Officer l ATCS Samuel Stotts ATCS Paul Tuney ATC Walter Applegate AWC Phillip Bogus ll ADC Dennis Cartwright AXC Joseph Edmunds l ATC Paul McKirdy AEC Joseph Nikolaus l l . AQC Michael Robbins l ATC Alan Tanner A i y l l i i- 3 AQC Bascom Wilson l AT1 James Adams l L i l l l i i A i 120 l 1: AIMD Avionics Division, IM-3, is responsible for testing, trouble shooting and repairing avionics equipment on aircraft deployed aboard TR labovel. Ship and Air Wing electron- ics and physical precision measuring equipment is calibrated by IM-3. IM-3 Division is made up of technicians from the shipas company and Air Wing. AT1 Adams repairs a Forward-Looking-Infared detection system lbelowl. if Q T Qfil 1 1 ' eei H ee i .-ii ATI Edwin Davis AEI Randall Denney AEI Roy Dittler AEI Kirk Gilliam ATI Lee Goodwill AQI Stanley Hela AOI Michael Newhouse ATI Hector Rivera AEI Lawrence Uebbing AT2 Mark Barboza AT2 James Blake AO2 Richard Carter The Avionics Division CIMSJ is responsible for the repair, calibration and maintenance of airborne electronic and support equipment used by the embarked Air Wing. The division utilizes both ship's company and SEA OPDET personnel to accomplish the . 7 - - - ship s mission of air superiority IM-3 IM-3's AT1 Davis celebrates the verification of the Mini-Vast lversatile Avionics Shop Testl lrightl. AT2 Lambe runs a test on a VAST Station. VAST test equipment reduces the time required to trouble shoot or accomplish PMS by more than 75 percent lbelovv leftl. AEAA Pitchford trouble shoots an aircraft l'Black Box" utilizing one of several "suitcase testers" lbelovv rightl. l AE2 David Henderson AT2 Chris Hershberger AT2 Joseph Hoover AE2 George Karpowich AT2 Kevin Lambe AT2 Timoth Middleton AT2 Charles Moore AO2 Earvin Myers AQ2 Steven Napruszevvski AT2 Richard Nardini AT2 James Satterly A02 Greg Shingles AE2 Aubrey Taylor AO2 Daniel Verrinder AT2 David Wood AX3 Robert Barlow Squadron crewman troubleshoots an aircraft black box" on an IM-3 test bench flefti. Testing of aircraft engines is done on the fantail lbelowl. AT3 James Bellnier AT3 Thomas Carlyon AT3 Keith Collier AQ3 Chris lnman AT3 Christopher Larson AQ3 David Mullen AT3 David Nelson AT3 Jessie Thompson AXAN Anthony Cox ADAN Keith Dubish ATAN Michael Gilbert ATAN Frederick Hart ll ATAN Lowell Kiclrliter ATAN Bernie Thompson AXAN Scott Weiss AXAN Sean Drinkwater AZAN Michael Schroeder 12' imma. IM-4 ENS Ronald Zarko Division Officer The Ground Support Equipment Division UM-ill, maintains all "yellow gear" on the Flight Deck and Hangar Deck. Proper maintenance provides for equipment availability during weapons and supply onloads, air wing maintenance evolutions, flight operations, and aircraft movement. The technicians assigned to IM-4 also perform major and minor mechanical, hydraulic, structural and electricalfelectronic repairs to aircraft support equipment. ASCS Dan Carow ' ASC Earl Olbert A51 Carey Burton A51 Charles Duff A51 Del Morris A51 Robert Noble A51 Carl Simon A51 Godfrey Vaerewyclf AZ1 Charles Westmoreland ASM2 Lloyd Beasley ASM2 Brian Blackmore ASE2 Terry Cornell ASI Simons keeps track of hundreds of tools in IM- 4's tool issue room lleftl. IM-4 uses hoists to completely remove engines from yellow gear lbelowl. ASE2 Kirk Crippen ASE2 Drrel Grifhth ASE2 Suenarine Persaud ASE2 John Schroeder ASM2 Thomas Sides ASM2 Keith Latta i ASM3 Timothy Trach ASSN Bobby Godfrey ASEAN Mark Hayes ASEAN William McAulift' ASHAN Tracy Moore AKAN Martin Smith ASEAN Alvin Westhuis AZAA Ward Bond ASMAN Joseph Brown ASMAA Tracy Gibbs ASMAN Todd Anderson gfkfrgs. f 21. ' X PQ- if x .XL HK. xf 1 1 , . f , ,, . yy: 4' X . . , , 1 ,. A Y ,x, ., 4 . . A . Lf, Q , ,KZ hi ,.x ' 1,1 X 5 xx ,. N 1- ' f I 'Q .' X Q k f . , ' x W V A ff, V, , X -E -3, :X . 1 X Y J ,. ,, f .. ,v X , -- N f. X f I , ,. l , . . w x ' . , f ,- W" 'KV' 'MY 'AW' .?5Fi.Q'Q '-f ' Q V f.w'a,' sf-- , f , ,- A , -.,.nk3,,f xx I , J f K X A .JI V I V .. k . . , A ,, ' ,X x 3 -X . N w . A - x ' ' f X . ,,.,, N 'A f ,I W , , x W ' , X N ' , .. ,, . , , If . -. ' , " . ,, ' . A 1 ' k . 1 Q HLA W -- , . ' f K"-1' f 5:7 ' 1'- "1,, ,.,, , ii fx H- "'5Nf.:l.if": 1, .V-,w f M 5,- , . , -- - 'nf fa, , A '41-4fr.h:f,1Y,,, , f - JV, . ,, Q.. ,Q 7' yy: ah,-iflf,,, :,g'?.:,L X ' f A X V X ' fm 1 1. wiai ' . , , , ' " -X' 4,,f'i'-in 5--51,1-f:i.'i-',, ff' I fQ-'YL": , ?QQf4ff" ,- H ' . ,g .- X' -A I X-rf., 11-N35i::7ff:3,. ----5:12-M1 ,-052, .1 MJ!-" CDR Gary Wasson Air Officer ir Department Air Department is the largest department on board USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT KCVN-71D and is made up primarily of Aviation Boatswain's Mates along with a few IC, EM and YN ratings. Air Department maintains control over all flight deck evolutions including launching and recovering aircraft, fueling of aircraft and all maintenance connected with flight deck and hanger deck areas. UU Wllliill , 'I t HSS iam, ' ' 4 l',""' V: - N Y V -3717-'7 I li l V-O Division if lf lf l i ,, i CDR Philip Lame LCDR Richard Johnson LT Robert Humphrey A Aggigtant Air Qfficef Aircraft Handling Officer Assistant Flight Deck Officer ABHC Eric Brown ABFC Mark Collins l ABHI Lawrence DuPont ABE1 William Gaines YNI David Goldstein AN James Gamboni if l AN Daryl Henderson i i AN Hershel Henderson AN Kevin Leflam YNSN Mark Pabon AA Robert Bone AA Mark Misseldine l AA Charles Morris W7 's AA Roger Welch I l l V-O performs the administrative functions of Air Department and supports flight operations by providing Pri-Fly phone talkers and Status Board keepers lrightl, LSO spotters and phone talkers, and the Air Department office staff. The Mini-Boss, the Air Officer's I l primary assistant, and the Aircraft Handler who directs l flight deck movement of aircraft, provide direct support to the Boss. l l l ' A LT Kerry Nye LT Gregory York CWO3 Roger Boucher ABCM Stephen Theriot ABHC Raymond Burton ABHC Carl Leabo ABHC William Smith ABHI Joseph Fuehuer ABH1 David Hupp ABHI Melvin Mayfield ABHI John Nejberger ABH2 Stephen Farias ABH2 Alexander Horton V- 1 Division LCDR John Keilty Division Officer V-1 Division manages TR's four-and-one-half acre flight deck. The yellow shirts lDirectorsl and blue shirts lAircraft l-landlersflilevator OperatorsfTractor Driversi do all aircraft movements, man the four elevators, and operate ground support equipment. The red shirts lCrash and Salvage Crevvl provide crash and fire protection in the event of an aircraft accident. The one-hundred seventy professionals of V-1 carry out their vital duties in day or night and in all weather conditions to insure TR's Flight Deck safety and combat capability. 129 ABH2 Timothy Johnston ABH2 Jeffery Wilson ABH2 Stefan Bratcher ABH3 Steven Corker ABH3 Edward Fowler ABH3 Dirk Harrison ABH3 Michael Books ABH3 Jeffrey Woole AN Lawayne Barthell AN Michael Boyd AN Robert Boyd AN Gerald Bowens AN Steven Brewer AN Ronald Burton AN Travis Calloway AN Ramon Carter AN Terry Cook AN Stacy Crutchfield AN Andrew Delisi AN Roberto Diaz AN Charles Evans AN Jake Fish AN Jeffery Fofrich AN Albert Gallardo AN Kevin Hall AN Dirk Harrison AN Floyd Havell AN Guzzara Hill AN Trent Hilliard AN Micahel Hollenbeck AN Juan Aguilar AN Michael Kemery AN John Langhorst AN William Manefee AN Charles Merck 576' fpax I oO' L XV' f X X f 4 7 f E gx U' if V P' ,, 1? ,ga w 32 ' WW ,fa ,zz , 3 9 ' it 3 1 Pl. n -0- Ui if H My vffix f Xia? ., LM F ,EL-:ix 42, , V - .wing . A AA Sheldon Griffin AA Tague Johnson AA Dewayne Lowery AA Andrew Malveaux AA John McLaughlin AA Jeffery Rocker AA Arnold Schemlzer l AA Bryant Scofield AA Phillip Silver AA Clifford Smith AA Darmson Snitker AA John Strickland AA Augustin Williams AA Christopher Windham AA John Wrench AA Drew Zimmer AR Marshall Bennett AR Thomas Billingsley l AR James Booze AR Patrick Branigan AR John Burns AR Steve Burroughs AR Terry Drake AR Bernard Dickens AR Gerald Dryfuse AR Steven Fruge AR Donald Guth AR William Lange AR Edmond Mechell AR Peter Pandozzi AR Frank Rivera AR Richard Rodriguez AR Chris Skidmore AR Craig Smith AR David Trent AR Barton Urnowey AR Michael Viti AR Leonard Volpe AR Kevin Wadley AR Steven Weimer AR James Wolfe 1 i I l i lr LCDR John Morin Division Officer V-2 The Aircraft Carrier's primary mission is the launch and recovery of aircraft. The division responsible for this awesome task is V-2. The V- 2 Division operates and maintains the four steam catapults, five arresting gear engines and all the visual landing aids systems. The primary mission of the ABE,s CAviation Boatswain's Mate Equipmentl, IC's llnterior Communicationsi and ElVl's lElectrician's Matei of V-2 is to safely operate and maintain all launch and recovery equipment. Flight operations require split-second timing and precise control from this team. Each individual launch and recovery requires precision teamwork from all members of V-2. TR,s four catapults can launch aircraft weighing up to 75,000 pounds. They rocket down 310 feet of flight deck to reach speeds of 185 MPH. Of the division's five arresting gear engines, four are used to trap aircraft in the usual manner, while the barricade recovers aircraft in an emergency. Even with a pitching, rolling flight deck, the arresting gear is capable of safely stopping a 52,000 pound aircraft with engines at full throttle. LCDR Robert Toop LT Frederick Douglas LT Michael Fralen LT Richard Mahon LT Kevin White CWO3 Douglas Winston P' ,x!, 555, V. Jl, pa' ' 2 - A 1, , ,,,X 2, ,1 JJ X . 1 " U? .... X " P53-'-' .L J' 1 k 5 ii i E , 'ilk-A P, f ., 2, V X, - , v W . f. f? ar np ti 3232 v.,. , .-v, , -in -1 JE? flwf ' ' WC:-, :rr 6?f 'kdm'- , K 1233 5 54,1 4 , 'ug W' , ,Z-4 V Pi-3, 9' '5 :I -.f. 2 X , 1 Vj3 - Y. 34,7- YF '1 - A, ,AL mmf, 'g' g g? ABE2 Frederick Smith ABE2 Donald Smithers ABE3 Andrew Thomas ABE3 Armando Cabrera ABE3 Philip Ferreira ABE3 Anthony Hughes ABE3 Darius Johnson ABE3 Lidsay Kavo ABE3 James Kennard ABE3 Terry Leverson ABE3 Brian Lewis ABE3 Milton Minier ABE3 James Schweiss ABE3 Edward Shea ABE3 Phillip Shepherd ABE3 Micahel Stevens ABE3 Kevin White AN Edward Alvin AN Gilberto Alvarado AN Christopher Avila AN Lysanias Balan AN Shawn Brilsky AN Jeffery Brooks AN Scott Bruno AN David Cernich AN Charles Cerro AN Jerry Coppock AN Terrence Crawl AN Martin Crowley AN Frederick Darnley AN Charles Deering ll AN Michael Dunbar AN Gregory Greulach if 4-Sw AJ , 1, mU?jf 'J Eli' P c, fr Zi X :Z-121'-X U ' Sv if I , . ,-w , I fm ' , ,, rd ,, f ' iw N ,ff 7 "" .mf - 1 fr, My , ,M .P 531 ' Q ,, rg , 5' glfm' I 71 1 , fad. will fi ,Ji T5 ' Z 'ffl - pr ,. V 'Gi' .ui Q Q U 4 ,Ma aw., il 72 , wgggfw W-f FQ ' A' W , " yfffg-Q., nz,-,EEP-X X ,' .fr 'gm Wx my L ,M ' 1' ,315 , M -f ,M -. 4 S, i ' W , 7 M - 'xrf f , df: W 2 -Q' 4 fa' 2 ,Q K4 --1 5 f 4 Q13 I wr V! 7 Z f ! I F ' ! J U-W in 05, I Z K if Ny' vf 2 E W gif EW' my X TY? .u - W5 ff-1 f 'Q' WN . vu-1-i if uv. ,rt AA William Faber AA Edward Faulkner AA Richard Harrold AA James Hinds AA Bryan Hudson AA Ronald lmboden AA Llewellyn Jones AA Eric Lang AA Bryant Lawler AA Michael Melton AA Andre Mills AA Aaron Mitchell AA Roderick Morones AA Michael O'Conner AA Clint Olsen AA Carlos Oreamuno AA Moises Ostolaza AA Todd Reardon AA Donald Richardson AA Donald Smith AA Robert Stribling AA Alvin Sullivan AA Michael Voht AA Mitchell Weisinger AA Walter Welling YNSA Matthew Woodward AR Johnny Brewer AR William Grant AR Jeffery Hart AR Robert Green AR Raymond Jaramilo AR James Kinser AR John Leach AR Mark Littleford AR Joel Lowery K g - we 5. -Y mwwg ,F mir WLS-4512 91 . AR Douglas Meteyarcl AR Charlie Neal AR Andra Shaw AR Richard Stubbs AR Michael Thornton AR Donald Wilson AR Lawrence Wilson I X fvnrwg- ,, . w .-2 V-3 Division V-3 Division controls the movement, placement, and security of aircraft within TR's three hanger bays. The mainstay of the division are the aircraft handlers, the blue shirts. They provide the necessary manpower, under the direction of yellow shits, to move aircraft safely and expeditiously. l lf' fix. - LT Keith Taurman Division Officer ABCS Steven Brown ABHC James Welsh ABH1 David Furlong ABH1 Mario Harris ,Q , .f ,f ,fy 4h ia ww :W 5 f?H? 5Z bv. 1 ., v-,M .iv-x ff.. jgfz.. .5225 V, 23+ ,VL -.. W, H- 4 W ,, 4 1, -g 111 if f if '75 ' 5' W,-K 'Q' fm. ,gs yr 5 X 4 We .W dj ,af 'if ,Z ' -Q: Q f 1 - 1 ill 'gk K '- x I F35 , A' ' ff QV , , ef U97 F ., X Xl -7 ID' 7 f ix XM-f al l .xcr X 3 1'5- A, ' WF' U if , f -0- QI, -cf - f 7 .514 3 Aft' mag ? N 5 E?" - :Q ,553 f ' 'N 7 f f ff 'f QL wg 7:5 hm' N A u f f p.. - egg. Q33 4 M L 4 .TL . , T, e,a':gf,.'.wrC.ff: ' 1 'aww f, J W , A,-14, .wg 4.1. ,. F' x ,v,,- 1, 'Wu iar N1 I 5 1 1 f H 'I ii 1 I 51 Q if H M ,, wr 5 5 M W l U 1 9 . V-4 Division Air Departments's V-4 Division is manned by expertly trained Aviation Boatswain's Mates tFuelsJ. They are responsible for the receipt, storage, purification and delivery of over 3 million gallons of aviation fuel QJP-51 to the embarked airwing. Working deep within the ship, members of the belowdecks crew transfer, purify and filter the fuel from the many storage tanks onboard TR before pumping it to the flight deck where the fuel is sampled by the divisionis Quality Assurance Lab before being supplied by the Flight Deck Fueling crews tugrapesni to the various aircraft. ABCS Van Brust ABFC Luis Flores ABFC Anthony Grosselose ABFC Eugene Myrtle ABF1 Larry Copeland ABF1 Robert Delossantos ABF1 Willie High ABF1 James Yunlre ABF2 Leon Daniels ABF2 Verne Dulfette ABF2 Melvin Gaines ABF2 Daniel Hines ABF2 James Nadeau l ABF2 Robert Nelson ABF2 Jeffery Pfeiffer ABF2 Joe Tyler ABF3 James Nichols ABF3 Richard Rondon LT Henry Brooks LT Doug Hatfield Division Officer l l ii l it li ,l l af Af 4 If .J lr rift I AN David Vorpager AN David Watts AN Wendell Blankenship A N Mark Weiler -Sf , E4 sf? 1-, 'ig AN Joseph Attica AN John Beedy AN Joseph Beedy AN Robert Carter AN Rafael Colberg AN Darrin Hyatt AN Daniel Riddle AN Andrew Dunn AN Steve Dunn AN Paul Ellis AN Steve Engram AN Carlos Flores AN Jonathan Gooding AN Larkin Hancock AN William Hank AN Richard Heathcock AN Bobby Heana AN Karl Johnson AN Tim Kreisler AN Donald Long AN John Maxwell AN Darryl Nash AN John O,Connell AN Robert Payne AN Dale Robinson AN Bruce Smith AN Steven Stylianos AN Darrin Stubbs AN James Topping AN Frank Valamonte ff' If J if vi -1 at sf ,. 1'6"'f"' !3l'.,.- Y' ' ...Q , , ls" jl75IQf'fy 6Q 14 aasaa use ' i 'Ns A flight deck fire can ruin the Air Boss' whole day. The Air Department trains constantly, in order to be ready to respond effectively to just such an emergency F 1 e 559 TT ,gf I0 fa' ,fi-: f 4.-V Q i .f 575 AN Robert Wolff AN Curtis Womack AA Rolland Bey ep' AA Gerald Butler AA Danny Comacho AA James Davis AA Dueco Dick AA Antonio Fields AA Joseph Fragiosa AA Ronald Franken AA Terry Hanes AA Robert Hulsey AA Leonard Jones AA Sidney Jones AA Michael Martin AA Thomas Montgomery AA Paul Morreale AA Roger Naylor AA Shawn Parson AA Alberto Pena AA Dean Price AA James Weaver AA Vincent Williams AA Richard Wilson AA Michael Simonson AR James Anderson AR Hughes Barrett AR Willie Jones AR Horace Richardson AR Paul Rogers AR Donald Turner AR Cedric Warren AR Jeffery Wolfe Communication i Departm n 5' "" A g ' -W ' - QF c '31 Z "' f LCDR William R. Carter V' if 5, The Communications Department is the Voice of Commandn. Employing state of the art circuitry as well as traditional radio morse code and flashing light, they provide reliable, rapid and secure communications in ship to shore, ship to air, and ship to ship modes. The Communications Department has two key ratings: Radiomen and Signalmen. Radiomen tune and operate satellite high frequency, very high frequency and ultra high frequency voice and data links including computerized internal message distribution systems. TR's RM's ensure her external radio communications are functional to keep her in touch with all echelons of command regardless of where she sails throughout the globe. Using flaghoist, flashing light and semaphore signals, Signalmen literally ensure the safety of the ship at sea. These communicators work around the clock inport and at sea because the voice of command is seldom silent during the ship's commissioned life. Their dedication and responsiveness are the critical ingredients which allow TR's "voice" to continue to speak in response to any naval contingency. As THEGDORE ROOSEVELT plays a vigorous part in the Navy's patrol of the world's sea lanes, communications will continue to be a vital aspect of operations afloat, keeping pace and providing fast, accurate service to the fleet. CR Division CR Division carries out electronic communications by processing all incoming and outgoing message traffic. More than 2,000 messages a day can be handled by CR Division. The division is also responsible for maintaining all tactical voice channels between other ships and aircraft. Using satellite and line-of-sight radio L. communications equipment, TR,s Radiomen carry out their mission to provide effective avenues of communications. LT William Cook, Jr. ENS Russell Colbert, J Assistant Communications Officer Division Officer RMCS Dennis Borchlewicz RMCS Donald Jones RMC Ernest Christensen RMC Charles Hoffman RMC Curtis Sobol RM1 Bernard Clayton RM1 William Lilly RM1 Richard Lincoln RM1 Gerald Lucas RM1 Terry Bates i i r l i 'i i I X l RM1 Joe Propst operating the patch panel labovel. RMSN Reggie Burl checks copy on the teletype lrighti. i l , l , RMI Joe Propst RMI Edwin Smith RM2 Scott Bell RM2 Kevin Chayer RM2 Dennis Franz RM2 Gregory McKay RM2 Steve Reisel RM2 Harold Roots RM2 Victor Sampson RM2 Richard .Schornak RM3 Carl Crawford RM3 Charles Gathers RM3 Bobby Kyle RM3 Charles Mathews RM3 James Murphy RM3 Patrick Peterson RM3 Kim Smith RM3 Kevin Taylor RMSN Guy Boyd RMSN Kendrick Broughton RMSN Reggie Burl RMSN Lawrence Carr RMSN Matthew Cavileer RMSN Dwight Culver RMSN Nivaldo Delpino RMSN Joseph Dina RMSN Daniel Dhols RMSN John Fulgaro RMSN Rodney Knight RMSN Timothy Oleniacz RMSN John O'mara RMSN Ellis Page RMSN Randy Rowland RMSN Stephen Wormick RMSN Andrew Wray RMSA Wayne Brown RMSA Cortez Cunningham RMSA Walter Vaughn RMSA Robert Walker IMSA Greg Hanvey RMSA Allen Wooden CS Division The Signalmen of CS Division, specialize in all forms of l visual communications, including flaghoist fbelow righti, ENS Stephen Evans ENS Timoth Webb semaphore and various forms of flashing light communications Division Gfficer V fbelowi. ll!! l ,V z xy lg ix X , l J' SM? Rlchafd Jeff SMSN Roderick Calabrese l if SM2 Jeffefy Jones SMSN Charlie Francis l , f"' 1 SM? Kenfwfh Oakley SMSN Billy Hatcher li 1 SMSN Sfdney Bailey SMSN Mark smith K-., 'E -Y .,,. ,. ,..,f" - :2!?.L.11?:F- " z M N Ma ii .,.,iT 1 i i .Qsfwsif ,4.-p-,-qu-M .,, .4 N-.-.vvwlv .A ,,,,,,,,.5.,.vg,. ...www - 1 Q-.fa-W1 xv.-wg '-H'-vw! Q .wg Q-ff.,-nw .. , J...,..N.N,... I 1 ,Y If 4 T 1 i 3: 12, k ' ' ' 'T,6!7m.f.-ku.N.:'1J,1 l-,-N . , . V, ., , . . ., . ,-. .. f- z.-1.5: - fx--:-V -451.-:+:-vzgV,v':':N1:-2, 1-'rar' :--is-:pix-fi?-:1..'-':I:::3:51ii11?f12f-?-i'S-51lf.?l:'?'?2f4iZ'f??Q4f?l'5EZ . , ' . , k: , -,Q ..,, ,fl -,vp - ff' 1: 5 fs, 1,5 3.5511-.A3g1,1,--.-.,':: 3: gllqg-,:.,:gf,:g: 5:43-. rlf-:,..-:-3-5-4:5-Y --Ag: 4,5--gg'-f.-,1s..5.,,,,,:-Ati::'zigfvizz-'w33.45-:mgaQ1 -5-1f51:'q:'f:-:,,.g.-.51 -3,393-. ' , .- - , - 1 'z V- - . 1- W Q' --1 -.-'11 T: 1 ?- ' '-+f . lklvli--F-V:5":"I"'1-''f1-1-'-1-1,-'F'E'19L:'-J1F:"1Til QQ----rw' ssffr--gat'-'.-12?-,nf - :--1g-.1-1.1-39:21-::'::l,--1:1-x--f,11--,-Y-3,-gftf,-. .43141.13-fy-57413,-1,21-..-5.31 QQ: Command RBIIQIOUS MlH1StIlBS Departm nt Chaplains and Religious Programs Specialists CRP sl carry out TR s religious program goal of providing every person on the ship with an opportunity to worship or express his faith in a meaningful vvay. The scope of activities range from Sunday worship services to informal personal contacts. The Command Religious Ministries Department is responsible for the operation of the ship's library and also assists many sailors going on emergency leave. Since the establishment of the Precommissioning Unit, the Chaplains have been present, adding a traditional touch to Navy ceremonies or taking the time to talk informally with those they meet in the passageways and work spaces. ITP"-1 P- lr l fi X . -av' Captain Norvell E. Knight, CHC Senior Chaplain ....i.... Of the many duties the Command Religious Ministries Department performs the baptizing of a small baby is most rewarding. Here Chaplain Condon baptizes LCDR Sc Mrs. Barry Donovan's son Patrick lmiddle leftl RPSN Linsk RP2 Wilson and RPSN McGill set up for services aboard TR lbottoml RP1 Fowler smiles for the camera during a busy underway period lbelow rightl RP2 Harry Wilson IV RPS' Philip Duffy RP3 Wzlliam Quattlebaum RPSN Anthony Lmsk RPSN James McGill l'-il, 'rn Zu P' , S' P J a Si' gl ir! j,.,,f - W , X -14' ,f' V v , j,,- ' r fi: f , ' , -L, . ' ,Txf 1 f , ' ,Y 3- I ' - A .- ,E . it , 4 - '- f'-'f,4.A-f. , 1 I , i-xfj A u ' -x , , , w ., - , "n ' v ECK ,f is T1 Q., ' r f 4 -if-2, " P, '. X yu: .. A , ,, ,. , , .,.,,-.., , , ., , , ,V , i M f f:-'iq 3:7-1 2 3 gg, A ' f' f. .2 .f j:".'.gpg,+-'. -L, 3., ., , A, 'V Lp:-T.:-j 5"--A Z -- ,-X, 3:21 ,fy '5f'Tg,ff1fsf5 wj.-if Ara, 1,41- J- ' V .-J "'-?j'g.,1J',-f ,i 71 ',?,'Lf1-V .J f' :ri , .' ., Pfffw'-' :A "' 'Q 5 if 151, ' , A W -4 V . 2 ,afqs9v?A Q1s'ff'2'BpgQ2F'.'3+-Z?,Jf if 51 12 f ,, igit.1 'eff . fzrfvm ' Q' ' , ,, L ?21',L.'f4zf:2.ffiY 2 ,', , -qlmig, , P vxrgrflll my : z "4-7415 -""':w '. - ' 21 F 1' ' -' , 4' ,- ' 'V 'rx -. "' V ' 1 ' 7 , E1 '.,- '1!'!tq':'fQ --. -A J -K t H K Q""""'-"ff":':1:1.-vf:vt.'3:.w'a.'-rr:-::'.z:' . ,,,-, t , - -4 f - - ' ' ' k -ff,--fgv.,-Q':4M'!11ff.--..!-V,,.!!...1.,,-..,. ,-,..- --,,,Tf7. ,ff'f'fWf:"'L' ' c""41"'z:'1-"4"''LQ'-1""'-----'m"'SQfP---J-'----- - , N -- AM- -,.,, . --,-- ,,Yr 1 xX .ff 62:1 IH: ' f als' X-N . J X I! af-1 ..- in ' ',f, ' 1 NN' ' ll 5 . xvwi ' 3!'TF'ff'r'U "SSM 2 aiE?i52a3ii:1!!lq,n + ny U 5 , ilielwd!! ',,' ' " R1 I, Q X LT Gerald Butkus CWO4 Richard Church Assistant First Lieutenant Ship's Boatswain Q fl ik. F? Boatswain's Mates from the Deck Department keep TR's sides freshly painted ltopl. Deck brings supplies and fuel aboard lmiddle right and leftl. Whenever it's time to anchor, Deck is there to get the job done lrightl. J, :VL l 'FM USN 13 93706 l l A ffLT.Zi3?-N Two members of Deck Department perform a little touch-up work on one of TR's liberty launches Cleftl. When MAN OVERBOARD is called away, the ready lifeboat crew swings into action tmiddlel. Passing the stopper on the anchor chain is a strenuous job tbottoml. V V N, W, .f Y,,,,. - - -- ' l l il ti ! l lil l l if First Division l A il The torecastle is "home', for the ill men of First Division, who drop and lf weigh the anchor, and maintain the forecastle and ground tackle in top l condition. While the forecastle's ii primary activity is conducting anchoring evolutions, it is also the traditional ii ceremonial area aboard Navy ships. The BM's of First Division also manage 7 l D TR's paint and cleaning gear lockers, T and Operate the forward UNREID LT Edward Balaban ENS Patrick Kopanski Assistant lst Lieutenant Division Officer stations. I I ,, BMI Anthony Kociunas, Jr. ly BM2 Donald Haney ll BM2 Frederick Hayston T BM2 Daton Matthews BM2 Brian Sperry BM3 Henry Abarca l ll ix 1 l BM3 William McCrorey l BM3 Herschel West 11 BMS' Edward Ruiz BM3 Delaney Evans ll SN Hector Alamo SN Jerry Algarin l ii li D, SN Tyrone Beasley i i SN Steve Dienes SN Andrew Ferachi SN Victor Lugo SN Victor Maisonet SN Barian Nungester ll' l SN Frederick Perry ' SN Rodney Pritchard l SN Jose Ramos 3 SN Jose Rodriguez T SN Kevin Whitney SN Carlos Carrillorivera l ii l SA Dwayne Jellick SA Faustino Ortiz SA James Phillips SR Peter Ranj li i 158 S T l, .iv ENS Thomas Truax Division Officer it '.,i .5 h Ns W ff' . - Qi! 1 ad... Second Division Second Division is in charge of refueling and line handling stations amidships. They also provide men for bridge and lookout watches at sea, and for quarterdeck watches in port. BMCS Dan Wilson BM1 Darrell McClure BM2 Dale Anderson BM2 Jonathan Dolan BM2 Stephen Stoddard BM3 Edward Hill, Jr. SN Darrell Anderson SN Calvin Bergman SN John Harris SN Dodd Francis SN Freeman Robinson SN Brian Weir SN Bernard Ziglear, Jr. SA Jesse Deleon, Jr. SA Isaac Flechacruz SA Kelly Hall SA Vincent Norris SA Jim Schatzel Third Division Third Division takes charge of the seamanship evolutions in the after part of the ship, including operation of several underway replenishment stations, boat booms and line handling stations. They also operate the shipls incinerator, for burning trash or classified material underway. BMI Charles lrvin BM1 Donald Smalling BM2 John Anzelde BM2 Michael Poehls BM2 Michael Thomas BM3 Timothy McKinney BM3 Kenneth Miller BM3 Manuel Quiles SN Tyrone Banks SN Kelly Cleveland SN Robert Finch SN James LaBar SN Jesus Lopez SN Troy Rose SN Jeffery Ryan SN Byran Smith SA Reginald Early SA Norris Hillsman ff'-Tn'-A T-5ST'TsxXJ i 4 K we . ' l l SA Wendell Knighton SA Earnest Lee I S l E 1 l l l l S l 1 l i l l l r l l l i i i i l l i i l 3 i 4 l l i l l -L4 A .- ir .,,,,, , 5 I cztirfx 9 iv wggf' 4 ff'f'15lf.'Lf1,f.' Fourth Division ,va ' """"':f-""av- 1-x::.q.1.:.1gC'..:.TI."""-"'f"" -- TI. 'T ,.. Y X i Q y K l . 1 , is 3 t 'lf' k I .,.,..,.- i ' , va 4 ' ,Q ' " X ' was 1 in ENS Daniel Ford Division Officer Ui, M ' BMC Edwin Thompkins BM1 Dennis Rysdam BMI Algie Spurlock Fourth Division's major responsibility is maintenance and manning of the ship's boats. When TR is at anchor, the crew moves between shore and TR on Fourth Division's boats. In addition to the normal seamanship activities, Fourth Division operates the ship's canvas and bunting shop and two destroyer refueling rigs. BM2 Samuel Ballen BM2 Andrew Gile BM2 Norman Grigsby BM2 Edwin Morris BM2 William Rainey BM2 Ronald Vetter BM3 Brian Blair SN Scott Barkley SN Stephen Bess SN Andrae Brooks SN Michael Cooper SN Sharif Deramus l l SN Kenneth Elliott SN Timothy Gill Sn Byron Hayden SN Michael Himes SN Darrin Houston SN James Jackson SN Eric Johnson SN Kerry Jones SN Cliff Kemmerling SN Brian Lange SN Brad Long SN John McEachern 5 :sell l W .Lf .W ' s PS -.1 ,4 . X i VY 5, 1 7 U' 'Wa , . wwfif xl SN gwgx if f . 1 "ry- 44999 'Lg'-A 3, 7 xx 1 wb, ' 1 Ji. 7 ,yer 'T 'Q ' ,- Ms i I X ,.,- 7 A , Q W!! qw CL f 5 5:32 ls l 'lf fax Y EE ', V 'G Aw. , 3, , lr' 5, ' L V f E 1 4 mfs W? N sy i dh .i dm 5 5525 5' 7' yn L hx twig by -wk! I 5,-rf? . 14" ni V WIP' W QL 7 129 X X I ii" 2 xiii if W f Q, 7 I W L V L Z l Q W -f vf 9' W -L X 5 4, 2 fy M, f .L V ,cz X NN r mmqqi iwW .,, -A, K . .4 iff' , " L 7 , A , U U LL sg?-'f"x -ix xg? M, Qu- Wi - -r 7:1 77,-m,,iw- , , , " W V "' " " f- "ff "I '-- " f'If'If"T"' 55.23 3 f 'r-4.5-vp, -'Q - Y ff' 7- -5 'W----A--f - - .s in-3- -1--Q ff- f- f-r .f - f -- -gpg ,45gg1,,,f-- -MJ .F-W - .- 4 . ---9 W I A ,Q , i- I Av V' Y- A - -----f--L-f--1- -AJ-- A, 4L,.m.4.s-. wf,,,E.LJ.1 - , 751. ,n l, has Y U-1' ew-,,11f+.M:faqt11ffzfe-r:'ifRv::a i, . .3 -m fr. .E vaifl-.W -., W, . . .. if-TA!-!.,!f Q2-f..,.m,u ' ' " ' 4 N,,l',o .N k1Q . - 7 1 r K b xxx , .lf Dental Department THEODORE ROOSEVELT,s Dental Department provides comprehensive dental care to the ship's crew. The comprehensive dental care program includes operative dentistry lfillingsl, endodontics lroot canalsi, periodontics lgum diseasesl, minor oral surgery lextractionsi, and prosthodontics ldentures, crowns and bridgesl. Considerable emphasis is placed on TR's preventive dentistry program. The program involves fluoride treatment, dental prophylaxis lcleaningl and an annual recall system. State-of-the-art equipment is available. There is a fully equipped prosthetic laboratory where quality porcelain and gold crowns and bridges as well as dentures are produced. High speed fiber-optic drills are used with the most advanced dental materials available for dental operations. During general quarters and mass casualty evolutions, dental personnel are assigned to various battle dressing stations. Dental Officers are involved in triage and patient treatment during such evolutions. The dental clinic then becomes a blood bank where volunteers donate needed blood. CDR Albert Creal Senior Dental Officer LCDR Edward Amrhein LT Michael Gorthy LT Denzel ,lines Il LT Michael Lewis LT Jines inside a patient's mouth lbelowl. Oral surgery requires the teamwork typical of TR's Dental Department lbelow leftl. Q- f", Y' 'AZ , wi-f?f' Wink? ' "M Mad-,,,,..,..----' '4'.i'f'f?-vi' J' f:il4."3A ' . M fm?r4: M 'K - f . A " ,Efvj I, w f' N DTC Dennis Waite DT1 Ernesto Gutierrez DT2 Gregory Sexton DT2 Clarence Williams DT3 Andrew Ash DN Larry Hodges DN Matthew Joyce DN Robert Prawel DN Brian Reside DN Ben Sherbert DN Tony Wright DA Darryll Butler 1 3 . X A r 1 7 9 L. ,L Engineerin T Department Deep in the bowels of the ship, Where fewftller ifeulngzn dare lor are allowedl to tread, the Smpesf O t i . - - o Engineering Department toil day and night. amidst a .prest d. Valves piping and gauges. Their mission is multi ace e . propel the ship, provide "hotel services' such as ventilatiog and hot water, coordinate the repair of battle damage, as maintain the gigantic machines employed 111 TR- .0 department aboard TR could Perform its fnlssion except, m direct and constant reliance upon the mighty Engmeermg Q ai .f TS CDR James D. Stevens Department, the heart of THEODORE ROOSEVELT. Chief Engineer X, fi A , , , 1+ . J'.J"I,,.l ,'ti7.',.i7 '," '- v'-f 'f ' ' ,Q D .' TWT' .-'TV - 0 A lscoeeawncr-4:mc,orpmQca-mrvooaoeeooeQ00000', 'ir''nnceoneeeeaec-ciam0mQ00n000-if-f:00000f' COCOQQGI6919900999956DOICIODIIOIIQV 'fhcaoftsfmncfe1:ffffxvfpawaaaafi-a1s':r:'0mf'naar-0015, ' Ewf' fd w'."ffa'i'a''f:v':i1m:w1'szaai1r090 Z' tcnrfoff' is 'wc1':?:Qei2vafr'.00Q5i if 7fTf?f"f'r' ,rriaavivai-009, H gf QP 11'-if:i::fv,v':i1'tifw:iaoat:-QQ00' I,if-'ffft--':z::::':caaaiaa0000f001:006000 , ,,E f'fCOCCOOOLIIOCOOOOQOOOSCCIIIOOOEtill' J"if0000000000000000000000a00'lEA0000.09 gigs4,00000000000n00s00000000'900'o00s000K 0000000000000000000000000seo-2:000002 'ff 00cc000000000000000000000000000000Q A 000o000000000000000000000 ' iifflllll ,LQF000000000 1i00c00000 20000000 13000000 5000000 ,ig 100100 'll 90000 'I,:0000 ig 00000 Q,f0000 30000 0000 ff. 0000 erase LD 'ffiT'Lr6L'iQ e--A-,,W.4....g.+i.a,,-,.,,J,, ,, SQJUUOQODIIIOO 0040u00000l 0000000000000000000000'000gggg3 tu,c00c00000000000000000000 'i 000000000001 0000000000000 000000p0000i 000'00'0000 0ag,00000'f -10000003 .-00400005 --00000 a00000'i -.0000 a0000 20000 00000 0000 0000 000 900 '0 A Division A Division is responsible for hydraulics, the OxygenfNitrogen shop, climate control and the boat shop. Each shop is highly specialized to serve the various needs of TR. A Division personnel do not work in the main machinery spacesg they make the aircraft elevators run, the anchors drop, and they produce fresh bottled oxygen for use in embarked aircraft by the pilots of the air wing. "A Gang" also keeps TR cool in the summer and warm in the winter. i l MMCS Michael Jaecks l MMC Edgardo Abutin MMC Leslie Alward MRC Robert Hawks MMC Julios Miras MM1 Victor Barter MM1 Robbie Boucher EN1 Tony Clopper MM1 Charles Erich MM1 Mark Moreen MM1 Skip Sage 3 MM1 Frank Salabarria MM1 Robert Vitolo MM2 Charles Askin MM2 Joe Boyd MM2 Harry Cartensen MM2 Glenn Coyle MM2 Armand Dellamura EN2 Andrew Delucia, Jr. MM2 Bradford Grove MM2 Charlie Hall MM2 Joey Hunter MM2 Rich O'Donnell MM2 Scott Neff EN2 Kenneth Seas MM3 Frederick Barton MM3 David Baumann MM3 Randy Bortolussi MM3 James Bowie MM3 Donald Butler MM3 Carl Daughtry MM3 Michael Echols EN3 Trent Grimm EN3 James Gudzinas MM3 Steven Hartwell MM3 Richard Huber MM3 Donald Mauntel MM3 Vincent Miner MM3 Michael Peters MR3 Robert Reynolds EN3 Alvin Rohrbach MM3 Randy Skeel MM3 Gregory Smith EN3 Dale Watson, Jr. ENFN James Anderson FN Rolando Enriquez Xl FN Russell Hoag FN John Homola FN James Lucas FN Terry MacGregor FN Jose Maldonado FN David McKenney ' ENFN Robert McKoy FN Gregory Miller FN Phillip Moore FN Peiter Poulton FN Kevin Presley MRFN Eric Pretty FN Kenneth Shelton FN Henry Sileo FN David Sowanick, Jr. FN Jeffrey Speer FN H.C. Taylor FN Henry Thomas FN Jon Tidd FN Dean Trafton ENFN Eddie Travis MRFN Tom Walser MRFN Charles Wargo FA Rodney Allen ENFA Chuch Bailey FA Daryl Baldwin ENFN Kenneth Brown MMFA Robert Carbo FN Frank Lanzot MMFA John Lathan FA Darnell Long FA Jack Sackett MMFA Larry Turner FR Calvin Hannon 44v"a'44" I X 1 I Q LT Dudley Berthold E-1 Division Officer E Division E Division provides electrical power and distributes it to every compartment aboard the ship and maintain TR's lighting systems and electrical motors. They also operate and maintain the ship's telephone and alarm systems, and manage the electrical safety and safety check programs. The Division is manned by Interior Communications Electricians and Electrician's Mates. EMCS James Todt EMI Dale Cossaboon EMI Gy Drake EMI John Errica, Jr. EMI Steven Lindsay EMI Homero Montesdeoca l EMI Thomas Swift EMI Keith Williams EM2 Adam Burris EM2 Ralph Clovis EM2 Bary Cobb EM2 Gregory Cobb EM2 John Dessoffy EM2 Donald Doherty EM2 Michael Healy EM2 Gary Johnson EM2 Phillip Knauss EM2 James LaClair EM2 Frederick Lawrence EM2 Daniel Lithgow EM2 Kenneth Mothershead EM2 Jeffery Phelps EM2 Scott Mahoney EM2 Christopher Martin EM2 John Meeks EM2 Thomas Millett EM2 Robert Rhubright EM2 Dale Riddle EM2 John Siedlecki I EM2 Roy Smith EM2 Kenneth Swindell EM2 Keith Thomas EM2 Paul Towels EM2 Rowland Wilhelm EM3 Timothy Charbonneau EM3 Bryan Crosby EM3 Kenneth Russell EM3 Chris Schmidt -'I K i 1 , Z Z i L, I it C I 5 W 5 5 1 l I l L 1 v N 5 l y a i d E F k if 45496 . " '14, ' ,gm Z' 5 at 'li-ff' - X F MW f 6-1 .ibn 35 , X hx lC2 Paul Moran lC2 Ernest Owensby EM2 Sylvester Precord EM2 Ronald Robinson EM2 David Sheldon lC2 Jeff Vondrasek lC2 Milhals Wright EM3 James Ayers EM3 Kenneth Bridges, Jr, EM3 Kenneth Carter ICS Paul Clark EM3 Mike Clarke EM3 Edward Cole IC3 Willie Reynolds EM3 Kevin Crowley IC3 Robert Fenoglio EM3 Ronald Fisher EM3 Juan Frausto EM3 John Howe IC3 Anthony lsenhour IC3 Rodney James EM3 Michael Karski EM3 Scott Ladwig IC3 Donald Lempitsky IC3 Bryant MacDonald EM3 John Matys YN3 Tim McBride EM3 Roger McCoy EM3 Mark McElhaney EM3 Nicholas Mercorella "rw -.P J , v-.-AA '- ' v g'15:"' ' . 231, "ii r snr' J' , - Qi. , ,gi E2 wt, 45't 00' , 9 ffm f 'Q ' Y V 9 0 if-A ff X 4 - 'E we , 6 ,Ag EL , 131 HH f U xg? 2 W XX X 0 va-fs. if ,T Q! NS X 1 .' . 'J n 4: ,..1 ff: 1 . ,,,.,.. . x "' ' yygngaqi-9'PF-'W Mfg ihmp? Hlygv , X .' v , ,ir 'ffm , . . . A 1 i .3--1. Qx ' " . X 11.-11. -- L.n' " Y' ' ' .4-P?" i " fl3Yfv , "X .. 5 - -,, M Division M Division is TR's Main Machinery Divisiong the guys who take the steam generated by the reactors and convert it to propulsion. They also are responsible for producing the fresh water we use for various needs. LT James Carr LT Mark Lusk Main Propulsion Assistant M Division Officer MMCM Donald Dahl MMC Jack Bradley BTC Edward Hinzman MMC Patrick Kimerle MMC Gregory Palo MMC Samual Yarbrough MM1 Daniel Brooks MMI Daniel Doll MM1 Tim Overman MMI William Porocki MM1 Harold Wilson, Jr. MM2 Phillip Barge MM2 Gregory Beckinghasen l C 'Jw i 4 N i 1 ..4 vw Iif,-Z' 'T fl, 's ..- 1 .1 i f , . r, P--f-'14, Y- 5, .pw Qgf j V had . M MM2 Rhett Brown AZ2 Gary Campbell MM2 Johnny Carroll MM2 Chris Chisholm MM2 Timothy Dare MM2 William Davis MM2 Michael Deyo MM2 William Diaz MM2 Douglas Harper MM2 Thomas Holzwarth MM2 Bradley Keaton MM2 Leonard Kelly u MM2 Thomas Krysialc MM2 James Lyons MM2 Kenneth Marshall MM2 Jan McCabe MM2 Richard McDonald MM2 Marcus Mills MM2 Stuart Oates MM2 Jeffrey Oleson MM2 Kenneth Radecki MM2 Arthur Short MM2 Rick Shropshire MM2 Robert Snider MM2 Stephen Snively MM2 Paul Thompson, lll MM2 Matt Vincent MM2 Vernon Vinson MM2 David Wenerick MM3 Scott Bogus MM3 Roger Colvin MM3 Fred Dietrich MM3 Walt Graziano MM3 Scott Ward MM3 Kenneth Wilson FN Darnel Allen FN Eric Anderson FN Curtis Becker MMFN Brian Bousquet FN Dennis Brown FN Edward Carter MMFN Edward Cox MMFN John Dunn FN Daniel Ehling FN Roderick Elzy FN Allan Fucili FN Michael Griebel FN George McDonald FN Thomas Messmore FN Freddie Sellards FN William Stone FN Donald Trimm FN James Tucker FN Robert Urso FN Randy Wilber FN William Wilburn MMFN David Young FN Daniel Yost MMFA Vincent Abaldo MMFA George Austin, ll MMFA Kevin Barner FA Claudio Bernaldez MMFA Jeffrey Biuk MMFA Walter Broyles, Jr. MMFA Robert Cunningham B TFA Keith Davis - J X A FA Arthur Koonce FA Michael Molina MMFA Rob Morehouse FA Jason Peterson FA Gerald Rockhold MMFA James Walls FA Timothy Dulaney MMFA John Ferguson FA Timothy Finnemore FA George Gaines FA Chauncey Gray FA Coven Green FR Larry Colton FR John Vincent R Division R Division is dedicated to maintaining TR's Damage Control System, structural integrity and collection holding and transfer system, as well as providing welding, shipfitting and locksmith services to the TR and her Battle Group. The Damage Control, CO2, AFFF, Sheetmetal, Carpenter, Pipe, and Locksmith Shops are just a few of the workcenters under R Division. HTC William Baker HTC James Counts HTC Joseph Frole, Jr, HTC Steven Stanley HT1 Kenneth Alsbach EM1 Anthony Czlonlfa HT1 Terry Knotts HT1 Phillip Walling HT2 Earl Acldair MM2 Jerald Canze HT2 Joel Fagg HT2 James Laster i l i l l al H T2 Ace Jenks HT2 Ralph Linden MM2 Michael Marshall H T2 Joseph Motichka HT2 Michael Weatherford HT2 Tony Wegner HT3 James Ashley HT3 Toby Bledsoe EM3 William Edgin MM3 David Freitas HT3 Gary Hughes HT3 Jeffrey Moore H T3 Larry Shaffer HT3 Shawn Swartz H TFN Richard Bain H TFN John Baldwin H TFN Randy Beckman HTFN Tim Benberry ,J is ll li 1 ll pl +I W i i H H , , in 'i l ll Zi N ii 'ri ,i 1 ll ,, ii W, ii li, 5 il 183 3' i il lv i gl il ii I ,.,, ..,. , ,..,. , -N u 1 1 ' f ' V- ' -' " """"4' -- - ,-------Q..-....4....Y..,, . . gg:--Y ,- Hewv- V f.,-..,. ,5 ,H ,. .. ',1Z..g',g'Q , T-TQZQEL'.QQ2'?Qii2l?-f.fg:.-.1,3E1f.',,g.,I153 . 1 5. K3- .-N V . , x 'x , " ,Q .4 xnxx, , ,, X I - 1 Y x :. ' ' 5-QQ, Y -. Q , .- ,1- x ff - x 1 , ,VV X, f,-. , Ni...Av N f . kr . fh , ,-f .,, 4 , , I K 1 x fx .. . ,f f X lf!- f ' Q X 1 Y 1 Commissioning Coordinator The Commissioning of THEODORE ROOSEVELT QCVN-712 was the culmination of a year of intense effort of dozens of TR personnel and civilian supporters. CDR William Joyce CDR William J. Joyce served as commissioning coordinator. Commissioning Coordinator i if f QQ, ri if 4 ' l Executlve Department The Executlve Department rs comprlsed of SIX d1v1s1ons which provide her crew. Mad departments, great diversity ,L ,, , 5.5:-' -' Lega1!Discipline TR Law, the Legal and Discipline Division, is THEODORE ROOSEVEL'l"s corporate counsel, legal assistance office, claims processing service, investigation manager, district attorney, and bouncer. The Legal Officer, LCDR John Quinn, JAGC, and his small, close-knit group of professionals, keep the -action in the Legal and Discipline Offices nonstop. LNC John Golla LNI Henry Wooding LN2 William Meek YNSN Danny Mitolo CWO2 Vic Yurkovic Discipline Officer " bv., -Lu' ff.,,L"r1"T'.1" X G ,.,,. - A I, f af ' 'iff ' l 3-96- H LT John L. Hopkins Public Affairs Officer Public Affairs Office The Public Affairs Office serves TR's internal and exter- nal information distribution needs, in a variety of media. Broadcasters of TRTV and pro- ducers of the "Bully Big Stick Show", the ROUGH RIDER newspaper and the TR cruise- book, PAOls contributions bene- fit every man aboard. Providing news releases to the media and ramroding visits to TR by Con- gressmen, Senators and other distinguished visitors, PAO daily enhances the sterling image of THEODORE ROOSEVELT. 'L JOC David Farmer JO2 Jim Brantley, Jr. g JOI Steve Lawson JO3 Kevin Michalowski I Q, , , 7 .-2' , ggi, I . . Y if A N.. a E' 2 i - t E' 1 rg "3 F '1 p 1 x im- ff A ,ll i- at r I li Y 1 fy 'l I '. Ex YN. ln A fr if if A T il ill A it-,Vx f Q V ' ,. ,i ,Ai ' , K A - ir, p p is L V gpwg A y g y xy A , 1. ,-ffl -A., ua-U V i u V ,Ml it lx '22 C fQ.'l'E l l X. l Jw --V -,wr-l.4.T T ' Ji -ane- Tl ri --in-nr . sms. ifztii-rw-r B+' Security Division The Security Division's rated and TAD Masters-at-Arms are TR's police force, continuously on patrol and ready to respond whenever needed. Whether conducting random inspections on the brow or secur- ing the vicinity of a fire drill, Security personnel are there to serve their shipmates. ust of 1987 the Executive Department Brig Division was ln Aug , established. Through the firm, fair and humane treatment of their prisoners, the Brig Staff strive to rehabilitate the maximum number of prisoners who visit TR's 'LCrossbar Motelf, MACM Duncan Campbell if l MAC Jesus Abelon MAC Gerald Russell MAC James Thomas BMI Kenneth Andel l l MA1 Nicholas Glavocich MAI Clifford Humphrey MA1 Thomas Jefferson MA1 Dale LeBlanc MA2 Joe Avent, Jr, AD2 William Clarke l l AB2 William Cunningham l QM2 James Goodman BM2 Kevin Henson BM2 Clarence Holland SK2 Louis Hogan QM2 William Jointer l A02 David Martin SM2 Jimmie Mavis ASE2 Alan Murawske AB2 Jeffrey Nickerson BM2 James Santoro MA2 Charles Vinciulla SK3 Duane Knecht SH3 John McFarland BM3 Mark Nasca MM3 Robert Reed ET3 Richard Smith RM3 Robert Smith, Jr. l i AB3 Robert Tomlinson MS3 Roger Trotter EM3 William Wertman ABAA Thomas Woodson CWO3 Richard Johnson Security Officer 4.-A Special Services The hard charging Special Services Division is made up entirely of personnel TAD from other departments. Operating the TR weight room, loaning out recreational equipment, managing the Captain's Cup program and arranging special events and transportation are only some of the very special services provided by this dynamic, creative division. EMI James Thomas 4? 4 ..:le..g ,. ,in i-.,-,,,......- .H e mira' fr ABH1 Romeo SantoDomingo Material Maintenance Managers, 3 M The Material Maintenance Managers Q3-Ml ensure that TR's vital Planned Maintenance System QPMSJ program is conducted properly and effectively throughout the ship. In addition to providing valuable 3-M training and conducting PMS spot checks, 3-M also maintains the ship's Zip List and administers the ever- popular Zone Inspection program. MMCS James Taylor MA1 David Duncan LCDR Charles Armentrout 3 M Coordinator MAI Duncan reads up on 3-M procedures labove rightl. MMCS Taylor gets a memo out for an upcoming spot check Qmiddle rightl. A member of the flight deck performs PMS on one of the arresting cables on the flight deck lbottoml. E 'u QX 4 3' . .Q a -2 'h . 1 , ,, 3 f -L ? 1 l '1 K A E 1 I 1 1 1 1 E GQ Ii az , ,, , ,, , , , , , , W ,, , nn, ,, W, ,,,, W ,nf ,,,, ,,,,,77,7,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,7,,,,,, ,,,, , ,,,7,7,,,,,,,7,,7 ,,,,,,,,7 ,,7,,7,,,,,,77 ,,,,,,,,,7,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, Y YW, WY, WW ,,,,,, ,, , ,, , , , xe Admlmstrative Department The Administrative Department takes care of people's paper needs. Personnel maintains all enlisted crew members service recordsg processes personnel in and out of the Navyg handles leave chitsg up- dates records and performs other tasks most personnel never see. The Print Shop plays a very visible role in the life aboard TR by print- ing more than 55 million pages a year. The Post Office, considered by some as the most important shop on the ship, boosts morale when the word, "Mail Call" is called. Admin also controls the Educational Services Office provid- ing personal and professional edu- cational courses. LCDR Andre Mayfield tleftl was TR7s first Admin Officer until April 1987. XXX X x X l l i l i L e. r LCDR Michael Scott Administrative Officer N l l l 1 i l i A l Ik, Admin CWO2 Michael Ross Ship's Secretary YN1 Robert Dennett YN1 Leon Dave Esch YN3 Gregory Parker YN3 Frank Skrajny YNSN Paul Fox YNSN Shawn Perry YNSN Michael Randolph YNSA Jerry Pech Educational Services Lil ii N N N N ii i n, R Ji 1 W M :U i i 1, X, l l ENS Timothy Looe, Eso Y x K i , PN1 Laurance Williams ll PN1 Nelson Rivera g PN2 Charlie Ayala l PN3 Tim Hunter H l PNSN David Brewer W PNSN Timothy Guiioff Y F l QM I r I 1 N Y if T U 11 i il N l V i i i N w l l . Y Q W J li F 196 3 elk' X ,,.+ X. x5 Z X xx UA. X hi. f A i flier if lmllilllf P 41.44 , , ,- J K 7 ,ll HJ Personnel The Personnel Office is a indispensible part of TR. They maintain all enlisted service records, prepare miscellaneous personnel and pay forms, issue identification cards, verify dependency status, and perform various other people-oriented tasks. They also process paperwork for reenlistments, extensions and separations of personnel on board TR. PNC Patrick Dansby PN1 Michael Myers PN3 David Adams PN3 Grover Craft, Jr. PNSN Kevin Barthelemy PNSN Shawn McGill PNSN Jeffrey Neill PNSN Charles Prock PNSN Joe Rubio PNSN Patrick Szarzynski PNSA Paul Salazar AA David Gauny f i Post Office PCCS Sterling Smoke PCI Martin Updegraffe PC2 Tobey Budd 1 l ll ll 'S PC2 Anthony Gambles tl PC3 Peterson Adams PC3 Agusta Diaz i l i i , li, i li r ,Q i l l PC3 Johnnie Hibbler l PC3 Dorwin Waddy V l l PCSN Troy Burd ' i i l 1 i l , I W l 1 PCSN Brian Collins PCSN Marc Blakeney SN Michael Holland r i l it 4 4, lx YL i . TR's Postal Clerks keep crew morale high i r with timely and professional mail service. . They operate the ship's post office at sea and inport with selling stamps, collecting f mail, handling packages and performing i various other tasks expected of any post office. At sea, Carrier Onboard Delivery CCODD flights bring the mail to TR and take l mail collected by TR's PCs. I it , il' ly i l my 198 -ll -5 3 Q, Q 3, .. S at W 3 Q I K K ' 5 '- , as ,, to .P r i Y va' S 1 ll K 'X M Print Shop The Print Shop is manned by trained lithographers. Since commencing operations in June 1986, the Print Shop has produced over 5,000,000 pages including the daily the Plan of the Day, Green Sheets, and the TR newspaper. . -'illdzl ll 4 ' V N , 5- A 1 - K ' ---,.Q ' . ,X "xff-.N , k . V " i . - L ,, , . 4' . , -X ,pf , ' :X-f,f f-e-fy Q "X, ' ' X Q r v 1 , , 1 , K - x ' X 1 xg 1 A X , , E , f,' i , Yf X x , . lf ' 1 A ff. ff ' V Ifr, in N . ff , 1 p ' if n ff f XXX I ff ' , X- 1 , X , , , , . b 1 f C x , , X f I N V, X , .Q , x f I , T . x ,N , Q. X- L wx., v "X -1 X , X , . X ' .Y ' X , ,, ,J 'V . J ,.,, X XX , V x -,inc if I ' ' ,f I Xf f ffif P f , ' f ..A4f,fl"'igf. if' 'V ,z T5 'A Q Ui -n 4.2 Q- Q I . - w - f ' I y :fx 1 1,2-,S ' . ' V 'i , A L X f ,xx . I f.,:, 1 s K ' , ,55 h 1 yn, fy In V v y i Training The Training Department designs and implements various types of training aboard TR. They coordinate the Enlisted SurfacefAir Warfare Specialist Programs, Retention Programs Drug and Alcohol Education Treatment Programs and Personnel Qualification Standards Program. Training also schedules off-ship civilian and military training schools. TR's School of the Ship and Petty Officer indoctrination courses also make up part of Training's busy schedule. The Career Counselor's ensure that TR's retention team continues to help good sailors "stay Navy." LCDR David J. Skocik Training Officer LCDR Skocik and Master Chief Petty Officer Harold Hanford go over the training schedule for TR lleftl. MM1 Prokop explains the proper use of a four-foot applicator in DC-training lbelowl. ' WQLM ---""""""-'-'1 Training HTCS Robert Patto GMC Robert Cox NCC Lester Hill NCC John Leyh DSI Gilbert Chapa AMSI Joseph Spinelli RM2 Richard Graves HT2 Neil Stier YNSN Marshall Jones AN James Spargo HT2 Stier discusses damage control with crew members going through TR's School of the Ship indoctrination course labove leftl. MM2 Pratt teaches 3-M. labove rightl. Crew members reenlisted by Secretary of State, Caspar Weinberger lrightl after arrangements were made by TR,s Career Counselors. l 3-...,r-9...-,.,..,,,. I hi fwpxrqc ,Km .Q - -'waive' , i' Wi lt 'ff 79.5 - i 444: -1 1. ,F F, l I V w I S X ,L ,.,-I 1 ,,-9-f N Medica The principle misssion of the Medical Department is to maintain the health of the officers and crew of TR. Routine services include sick call, physical examinations, preventive medicine and, vvhen necessary, emergency treatment. Besides the main treatment room, "sick bayn consists of a pharmacy, laboratory, physical therapy room, a surgical operating room an intensive care unit and a fifty bed hospital vvard i . all staffed by highly trained and dedicated hospital corpsmen. 'swf' CAPT Guillermo A. Vasquez Senior Medical Officer r nf" wi' irir f K CDR T. Arthur Hawley LCDR Scott B. Frame LCDR Albert J. Shimkus, Jr. Assistant Medical Officer Ship Surgeon l Nurse Anesthetist - Ah a ,,par,, 's ' K ' XX. . H xx 4 -3 A f Lf in F . . A 3 Z' .4 . X' A ' ,yer 'ft L A . , WPA 1 W 1' N X Q-sw Wh! 5 J 'X W, Y Y .., ,Y Y f ' 2 J-'arf' A ' , 7 .. 1' i . . A fr as NT' A 'l 1 fiiiffl-. W-,V Y 'i A W , . wt- - N .,,. V . . 4 - . , ,yr V. 1 ' V ,f B gil ' ' ' v. 456321 514-.,g5,g3 '.1q' g5w,. 9 ,fsf . ., . to , ' . ' - . 'sf , 274 LT Mark A. Dobbs CWO4 George Mara Medical Administrative Officer Physician Assistant in TR's surgical team with Htools of the trade" ltopl. Triage team during casualty drills labovel. TR's first surgical case lleftl. 205 HMCS Michael Smith HMC Nicholas Calkins HMC Joeseph Decristofaro HMC John Frank HMC Rodger Hamilton HMC Stanley MacDonald HM1 Alexander Jakimjuk HMI William Morgan HMl Wilton Scott HM2 Arthur Charette HM2 Michael Compton HM2 Thomas Gardner HM2 Mark Weimer HM2 Charles Womack HM3 James Armstrong HM3 Rodney Bass HM3 John Burchuk HM3 James Conner l K ,ya ,lx .6 "+A , 1 'H -- , -,145 .V HM3 Moyers per- forms an eye exam fabovej. I'-IM2 Weimer prepares a prescription labove rightl. "Ouch", not another blood test Crightl. i g g. wry' , 5 Q l1AP X 'Us 'sk SDK ?" Q., W.. WE -1, I, gf' ,if if ,J 35' .J HA fp-. , V ' " ia ,g, 32 ,,,..2ux wh W ,,. 'J,r'1 1 L. qi xr . , XR gn , f 1 Z N X x X 1 ' - F K x S X f X I X f ff f f f f X X 1 1 f f X f JWX X X 4 I . - X - .114 , 1 f , 1 A i . A , . fgfjf- Z 5 gjX,,'L A w ' 1 'V 1 , - " 5 ,, 'J f '- x 1 f F A x 1 , -.V A .4 NJ. 1. IX I I 1 -. 1 -1 11 1 . 1 1:1 f 1 1' 1 4, , -A ' -L ,f I X , w 1 1 ' 1- f I If X 1 N, . ' ' ' 1 If 'J 1, X it .1 ,':'XQj1-. R in ,. , 1 -, ' ' 1 'G'x yiivxx .11 ' - ' , . , , ' ,HNL ' , I ,.f-f ,f r. -S , fx Y ,,-Y NAv1caAT1o 1 .wlZ'if-'fn ' 1 3 ..,,, x fm-v1,' -A L1 V Q 1- 1 1 ' V 1"'. ,, --5 1 1 .V,, , I1 X 1 , x . CAPT Stoughton Sterling, lll Navigator The Navigation Department pro- vides tor the safe and effective navi- gation and piloting of TR. The Navigation Department's Quarter- masters are trained in both celestial and electronic navigation and are responsible tor the continuous plot- ting of the shipls position. They procure and maintain navigational charts, publications and equipment and are the keepers of the ship's Deck Log and chronometers. During critical evolutions, such as underway replenishment and the restricted water transits, Master Helmsmen are required to take the wheel because of their exceptional steering skills and experience. avig ation irri ,- ,.,-zfwr' ' swf,-3,1e 6. , . ,L lfllf ir , i,.f 5, 5:-f45iE' i Ln'-+ fi 'f J" 1453-I 4Pif-tri: rut-1:-L, 1i.,',, -'.wQrsfMsv1'5lL'f Vifgggrizfikgziffgwg.-' qlvrls: A if ' qf:iEf?E' i' ' , vi 1, ir' ' W ' ' 'i fzrqi gfii' i -753-1-'lj , H if Ng' Pm ' 1- "W lf?i?li,,,: i ' hi, i if ', ,., -M 3 is ,J f T g iff 1 l M-,V 1 ' f1':r'fws I " 1- ' M -,vf,,,.:f::g',-,VN-Q, --. "x:gf4,y'w4j::rf N 4 X' it 'T Vtccimzgilw, "' ' i, 3 " s my 4 d '-6.51. I-,W --,gxjgg 'wr F ' ' .tfagg "ggi -ia 'HQ it N'-lakh 1 K .Q-, I at hblfj-:TX f-.."- iff., .Ti F"-"' x V il ' 1.:s.'5rT'r3 34.42" fm., ws ll X -QQM W -s Wim -2, KT' xx ff - as - , x ., , xx., . ., z , 4 X 9 C, " X: ".,"'+ t, f' has X9 TN "' 'P' " 'ff' T i NQ' LN Y, 'H vu, . 1- -- me X Tc :fx ' A 433' H if V t XX I an A , . M Q x - p ii i F .Qi xx djwt- 6- ,F 1 ,uf 3 f .N . ' i -' ie A T Q T TT -f:,"fi?5ll- ,ffl 15 13 '-1 ff-. ' i V 'W' 1 ga. L, , , ., f . t f., VR , 51 mx - l'lf'1-frs,'1,, if ii' li A 2' K , -F' if F55 sf. tif.. pi- . ., , i 2-sf .S"'i1i-fr -T I 23' T T J A f , r ,, , ' , ' i 'fa -,gpiffl I x rw- 1 ' if i 1 209 i M LCDR Paul G. Isabelle Assistant Navigator QMC Stephen Gurbel QM1 Stephen Sharp QM2 Jeff Feldman QM2 Steven Htzgibbons QM2 John lfwlliams QM3 James Card QM3 Floyd Hardy QMSN Bobby Allen QMSN George Amos QMSN Harry Britton QMSN Prince Cattorini QMSN Gilberto Davila Q. fed'-if 'xx 3 Y Ax . QMSN George Edmonds QMSN Woody Hill QMSN John Hodge YNSN Curtis Johnson QMSN Norman Jones QMSN Tony Laslie Members of the Navigation team take TR,s bearings while entering port fleftl. QMSN Hodge makes an entry in the ship's log ibelow lefti. QMSN Jones taking bearings for TR fbelowl. wg. lyfg K 'x f . .X . 7XmYQ1f ,, . VNQQT Y. A , . . , X . K X14 K 'A 1 xii-, q gf, fl,4a.- 4 - A V. , 31' K s 1 J .. .f 1 , 44- . ' , ' 1 Operation The 36 officers and 339 men of the Operations Department collect and analyze tactical information, control TR's on-board weapons systems, direct the air wing's engagement of the enemy, and maintain the equipment necessary to perform their many functions. Seven divisions work as a team to accomplish the task. l l OX Division provides administrative support for the Operations Department. They are responsible for all OX Division correspondence originated by the Operations Department. The Ops Admin Officer is the administrative assistant to LCDR Hans Bleeker LT Bruce Silberman OSCM Charles Anchors OSC Thomas Arnold FCC James Shaffer YN2 Andrew Roper YN3 David Haldiman YN3 Doane Latino the Operations OffiC21'. Ops Admin Officer Ops Admin Officer Strike Ops Strike Ops coordinates the tasking of the ship's air wing, provides the short and long range schedules lknown as the "Green Sheets" and "Pink Sheetsnl, plans training and exercises, and keeps TR,s air assets CDR Chris Anderson LT John Payne ready. f"'1 si V YNSN Chris Higgins OA Division OA Division operates TR's Meteorology CMETROJ office. METRO provides environmental data to cover every facet of carrier operations - from weather forcasts for air operations and task force support to oceanographic analysis in support of anti-submarine warfare CASWD. AGCS Dean Slack AG1 Rodney Glidden AG1 Andrew Jakobowski AG1 Edward McDonald AG1 CSWD MacDonald and AGAN Brown prepare a radio sonde for the weather balloon. It will measure and transmit temperature and relative humidity data to TR Crightl. AG3 Towne prepares a weather balloon labove rightl. AN Olszevvski tunes in the SMQ-6 satellite receiver to record the latest environmental data from a weather satellite passing overhead labovel. LCDR Barry Donovan Division Officer Edin.. E. 'W' 79 e fi as RA ii fi? AGAN Brown checks the "Magic Weather Wheel" lleftl, AGAN Cantu takes readings on the flight deck Qbelowl. AG2 Richard Wagner AG3 Stacy Arms AGAN Lawrence Bogie AGAN William Brown AGAN Christopher Cantu AGAN David Olszewski AGAN Frederick Roosevelt AGAA Jeff Demond AGAA Brian Fraser AGAA Eugene Peterson AGAA George Towne 11 11 11 1 1 11' 1 111 '11 l, 1 fi 1 1 1 1 1 ,. 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 13! 1 eg' 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 11 11 1 11 1 11 11 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 OC Division OC Division keeps the skies around TR safe, by keeping track of all aircraft flying within approximately 200 miles of the ship. At sea these Air Traffic Controllers direct the flight paths of all aircraft landing and catapulting off TR. iw iA,y Cleft to righti LCDR Patrick Hogan LT Thomas Burgess LTJG John Fusto gtk vi me ?" M 'u - .im -aging fa- lr' 1 A - f ,.r xg 3 at ' 'WF-'UIQ 5 E iw 3, a 3 3 LCDR David Nash EMO OE Division The Electronic Material Organization is responsible for the maintenance of THEODORE ROOSEVEl.T's vast array of electronic and defensive weapons systems. Highly skilled personnel from the ET, DS, EC, IC, and AX technical ratings ensure that TR's state-of-the-art electronic systems are maintained and ready for use at a moments notice. From air and surface search radars and communications systems, to tactical computer systems, ships defensive weapons systems, and anti-submarine warfare equipment, OE Division is indeed the eyes and ears, of TR. ETCS Daniel Miller OEC LT Coy Meadows OEC Officer ETC Paul Brown ICC Gregory Ediin ETI Christopher Bertam ETI John King ETI Daniel Layer ICI Erin Reed - ET2 Lamont Artis l E T2 Douglas Baird lC2 Jeff Berryman lC2 Anthony Carter lC2 Joseph Paul ET2 Edward Plant ET2 Steve Rainey E T2 Michael Slivlfoff lC2 Christopher Thompson ET3 Kenneth Arner IC3 Rich Anderson ET3 Ralph Bounce ET3 Craig Buckley IC3 Rob Clarke IC3 Rich Claypool E T3 Brian Coen E T3 Pernell Coger E T3 Darald Daugherty OEC Division is responsible for the maintenance of extremely complex external communication systems which provide THEODORE ROOSEVELT the ability to immediately communicate with various Naval Commanders at a moments notice. OEC Division is also responsible for the TR's closed circuit television system, which 'displays tactical information for use in battle situation strategy. OEC Division is manned from the highly skilled Electronics Technician CETJ andlnterior Communication Technician llCllLratings. IC3 Wayne Welty E T3 Richard Tomlin OED The function of OED Division is to maintain and repair THEODORE ROOSEVELT's expansive suite of complex tactical and non-tactical data processing equipment. OED Division is manned with personnel in the Data Systems Technician QDSD and Aviation Anti-Submarine Warfare Technicians iAXl ratings. OED Division enables TR to display and process massive amounts of ENS Keller Pemod information required for effective OED Officer shipboard and battle group operations. IC3 Micahel Debien E T3 Rawn Hill E T3 Vernon McDonald IC3 Dale Mennemeyer E T3 John Richardson E T3 lan Rickey Z I 47,4-Z, . X Q T Dreary' gljx F. N 4. it CWO3 Gene Sayre OER Officer , . OER OER is responsible for the variety of integrated systems used in conjunction with safe navigation and detection, identification and tracking of all air and surface targets within the range of USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT. The Electronics Technicians fETl and Firecontrolmen KECJ assigned to OER Division maintain and repair the complex electronic systems operated by other divisions and departments, along with the maintenance of the Carrier Navigation System fCVNSl which is an integral part of both air and sea navigation. 12 ETC Larry Degarmo ETC Jerome Kaczmarczak 225 - ETI Howard Gibbs ET1 William Lancke FCI Alfonso Sanford ET1 Robert Towers ETI Robert West ETZ Gerald Williams ET1 John Willsey E T2 John Apkin FC2 Arthur Caputo FC2 Dan Lane ET2 Arthur Levi ET2 Nicholas Siewers ET2 John Sparks ET2 Jerry Wheat ET2 Terry White ET2 David Villemuer E T3 Scott Ballard E T3 Gordon Blanchard E T3 George Furbee FC3 Ronald Holmbeck ET3 Dean Maki ET3 Gary Hines ET3 William Smith ET3 Stephen Clyde I- t X 1 ET3 Eric Paslick ET3 Alan Weaver ,q .. , iv it ENS Steve Sorenson OEM Officer ,Mi OEM OEM Division is responsible for the self-defense of the USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT. Wielding three dual director NATO Seasparrow Surface Missile Systems KNSSMSJ and four Close-in-Weapons-Systems KCIWSJ, TR is capable of defending itself against any hostile air threat. OEM division is made up entirely of personnel in the Firecontrolman KFCJ rating, who maintain, operate, and repair the sophisticated electronic equipment associated with both NSSMS and CIWS. FC1 Scott Allhouse FC2 Douglas Anderson FC2 Kent Barnard FC2 Larry Brendel FC2 Brian Bowers FC2 Michael Childress FC2 Michael Elliot FC2 Grant Evans FC2 Steven Hyman FC2 Douglas Jennings FC2 Dallas Melashenlfof FC2 Peter Small FC3 Ross Michaelson FC3 Jeffery Sponseller FCSN Mike Madden FCSN Kris Ryberg FCSA Xandun Jordan FCSA David McGrath FCC Michael Santner FC1 Edward Gaston Wi ill Vw Hll , l l l i l l li lil ill I ll ll l 2 OI Division l ' l Ol Division is composed of Operations Specialists, Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Operators and Electronic Warfare Technicians. Together they make up TR,s Combat Direction Center Team and are responsible for locating, , tracking, displaying and attacking, if necessary, all g l airborne, surface and subsurface threats. OI l Division and it's 100 plus personnel are located in CDR John Roberts LCDR Richard Conavvay l TR's Combat Direction Center. CDC Officer Assistant CDC Officer i l i i. l l ,i Il l l il. l l l 3 l il 1 L l l l Hg 4 1, 228 ii so ...., ,m LCDR Mike Kaufman LCDR Ronald Raymer LT Jeff Blackburn ESW Offiflef CDC Officer ASW Officer LT Donald Diehl LT Shep Fagan LT Christopher Keswick CDC Officer CDC Officer CDC Officer EI L, I7 n E , I l ly i - ,ii 5 ? x fabove left to rightl T LT Robert Larrabee LT Doug Liscombe III LT Jacob Schnedier Cbelow, left to right? LT John Goree ENS David Smith I 5161 X P . Y ,Q x ,fgyg 'f , X M! i 6 M ww ,li He .rv ,.. if af.. ,A -1 W' + " -A WM 'V' " l f M' 7' 1 1 W , V-' 1' , H' x 4 UV 'lf 'f 4 'lf 1 '5 Xw rf' . f ,Q M 4 , 4 Sf. 4 'f X -1 As 1 L if 7 ff A? me .Qs l we 'fi' .jf A- V WF , V i, Y 4 gg 111 4 ff , . 5' iagff , " V W W' W v 4 4 7 Y. -1 'B V 4 . ,yi g 5 W MF' my 1 W Y it Z4 Y Y I 1 . V vvy, I4 if 4 2 Y 1 , wf 4, ? 4 - 4 OSSN Craig Lulfen OSSN Allen Miller OSSN Jack Miller OSSN Donnie Millner OSSN Terrance Moretz OSSN Milton Morris OSSA James Millacek OSSA Kenneth Short OSSA Richard Smaltz OSSA Peter Stasinski OSSA Camon Talen ....-, Y.--, V i, Q, .iV, g A -3 Wi f u-'S I KYKQ k X 35 TR's Operations Specialists operate sophisticated radar, navigation, and communications equipment to detect and track ships, planes, and missiles. OSSN Quinton Okonzak OSSN William Romspert OSSN Witey White Jr OSSN James Withers lll OSSN Brad Young OSSA William Houghton OP Division Photographic services, ranging from ID card photos to complex aerial reconnaissance photography, are provided by OP Division. The Photo Lab provides black and white and color coverage of all significant events aboard TR. Whenever and wherever needed, TR's Photomates are there. Most of the photographs appearing in this cruise book were taken and processed by TR's Photo Lab crew. PHC Walter Scallan PH1 Joseph Kingsley PH1 Marvin Merritt PH1 Robert Swanson PH2 Jeffrey Cole PH2 Mike Dale PH2 Christopher Langston RH2 Scott Norr PH2 Randolph Petrie PH3 Steven Borbely PHAN Sean Clatchey PHAN Larry Cravens PHAN Roger Pugh PHAA Robin Nelson PHAA Henry Raymond PHAA Gerald Reimus Pl-IAA Kevin Wastler PHAA Tony Caudill PHAA Michael Long PHAA Kerry Sarna PHAA Robert Sullivan ' l f 235 f l r l OS Division OS Division is manned by Cryptologic Technicians lCT'sl. The Divisionls primary function is to provide tactical intelligence support to TR, embarked Flag and the Air Wing. The CT's also perform other communications and special operational functions. Within the CT rating are administrative, communication, collection, and maintenance subspecialities. 1 - W i i i , V l M vii ,i i i l V ll! IH lit il lv LT James Rasbeary Jr R , ii, 1 OS Division Officer ill l l 1 l, if l g,' l ill ll , ,l il T, W it Il Ll ll' it CTO1 Larry Leatherman T 2' l T CTA1 Kenneth Owens i , i T ll CTR1 Clay Stinnett l C TM2 Dwight Cressy C TA2 Ronald Gilbert l l li l 'l l tif li Mi lil m: lil 'l li, li ll lil il-T 236 iv? ii 5. W .y' lilac i i CT2 Guy Rasnic C TM2 Robert Simmang CTO3 KC. Downing CTO3 John Lambert C T3 James Patterson CT's operate sophisticated communications systems and state of-the-art computers. Y OZ Division OZ Division, the Carrier Intelligence Center CCVICD provides timely intelligence data to embarked staff and TR decision makers for planning and execution of operational activity. CDR William Steshko Intelligence Officer 9-..,q,""-e..,.,,.,m """"iiLau-Q '14 14 Assistant Intelligence Officer Imagery Interpretation Officer Intelligence Support officer many tasks personnel. ISC Michael Minde DPI Glenn Anderson ISI Lawrence Catlett 151 Bruce Behers DM1 Michael Kohanek 152 Brian Bock Mission briefing is is just one of the assigned to OZ Y ,, 153 David Maurmann DP3 Mohammad Mirza 153 Joseph Sullivan 153 Bernie Taylor 155N John Weinberger DPSA James Cunningham 152 Timothy Foran 152 Robert McClelland 152 Paul Paxman 152 Joseph Taylor 152 James Whitlow 153 Patrick Germain 9 4 . A 52.11-.4-,...,.,,N , ,jk 9 1 l1E7ffi5rff?'r.:'1'f'l: 11-lit'f1315fff'e'??1rii-1'-1.191 fir'-"' 'L-113'-f f 1 f--1 ff 2 " 11 1.5 1 M 2-1 ' . ,1, ...N .,., , H,-...L , E ,,.4,...,,T,.,. 4 - -- f - 1 . , A N ,,,.,,,,..,, .- -.ff-1 .. , . ,....,,., -f ,... - 1 1 1 - - 1- - - ., , , , - Ax -,h QM A X , , , 1 H K V x Y .- .. ,.., ,V ... . , ,-W...-....,f....-1 , . -.-A .-..-.......... .. V . N-.....v-..-..... .. , . ...-naw-. ....h.,,......f..-,,,.., ,Y ,,. L , ,., 1 .1,, 1 , ,- . -- . . ..-Wh ,.. .. ,.......,.1,1-V. ....m,... ,..,.,,1.11.x. A .,-,.. .-..- . 1 -,' - 11 ,.1,.,, -.QQ -. -uw 1-.. 1- 1. . . 1. 1.-- . . 1 14 ..--..1- 1 1. 1. L ' .' . ,,,,m.- 1 11.-.--1.1-1, 11. .. . . . , - ,Y W .WY-11 . ., . . . .. L 'M -A-wr - --1w-ff-11w.- f-- - - 1 1 - '1 R . A M- .W W1.1f-,.1.+1..1Lf1,1WQ:.-.:.11L".:1.g.122T':f.QLz:1gmL11i "" f"Y"' 1-'f'1ggf+QeQf.-59954-9 f4,f1f1-'f'f-1- 1' 11- f- .f'i2-,f'f1L.11lf:f-1"ff?'1Y"'m'5'm"5' 9"'m7 LmQM5k?f'f'qf3k'wm'm5f5mig7 U , -. , 1 , - . gh- , 1 11....,1..M. . .. . 1 , .1 .11-11.vm11111-msn-fiieun 1 1 1 1 1 f ' 1 U1 12 Q ,1 1 111 1 .4 1 1 Q X L 1 1 X X . 1 L H1 1 11 . ,111 X4 D . I t 11' 11 1 11 11 21 15 1 - Q 1 1. 1 X 's. ' U 1 XE 2 5' 1 .1 O 11 1 . .11 . H551 .-ffl 1 1' 1 . 11 - ,,Qgi,!j 1 1, K , 1 1 x .1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 f 1 ., - .. 1 1 Tn' YA' """"'1 ' ' f' 1 I 1 1 ,W , X f, f X A! . .... 1 1 51, ,N 1 1 1 1' 1 X . W 1 ,WW -f 1 1 1 1 N 1 Q 1 : 1 1 1 ,f 1 1 f 11 LM ,N 1 1 1 1 fi Q 1 15W-Wi 1 xxxln 1 3 1-kj If I 1 1x X 1 1 1 1 1 -1, 14. 1Q W ., . . ,M 1 1 1 241 ,, ,, ., .. -..,. . W . , A, 1 . - 1,1.,. ,. ..-11.-gr L My Ad V Yi A 1 ww A A 5.44-mv,-WHA rind-, ,....--..1..,-.... ----------Ak ' ' . ,N Ax ' -Ar a ' 1-ff ,W , . h,..- 4 X .. . .yy Q, ..1.,,.ax.n, .Q gf? Ei 1. 151 ,-11 ,rw sa 'i CQ' Q11 . v. 'I' 2:1323 1 'Q -5- ? 1 n,, 1 , f, Q i"1s,, "Ax, N. 3, 1 3 4' 3113 F fx' . , . Lf.. -fe, :Ai 4 4 fi 1' 3... - 'Ygr 1 A V Dx' :iff 557' SS- 1 ff? 1161.5 f.-H11 -' aw 32253 1 1 111 1 , 1 325 1 5? 1 1 M11 11 1, . 1 W , 1 ' :Ni f ig 1 - 1 1 7 fa-.1 1 F21 - V-rlzfl ' 1 iii! ' 1 Z ,. " 5 .,1, . Ji 1- 1-1 1 .92 1 5 .1 .1 1 1 1 5221 11 1 ri? 4 Q s 1 1 4 1 ,1 1, . !:11 .2 1-' 1 1 11,3 2 f, Y wif 1 ,1 1 51 1,351 1,1 lm? sd' 1 li 1 H-1 3 11 1 '-' 1 E, A, 2 .51 .11 112 E 11 1. . 1 .5 .15 5. 11' ,- F. 1 Z1 11 15, -. 1 3, 1 E1 15 -11 1 .YS M H J .M 4 Q ., .. -0. . w 'N A-r4.,y-A-f'e92gE', '-K1-, - gf-fc 4 -iff -f'-y,"S:-0 0-aw 1-af. 1-'2"'-sas, W 2"MLa-1 A-f .M ., :N -N 'Su . Cry:-x v .zg A - N , , , , . ,, . ,,. - , . . , , . .. . , - H., T-mia, - . xg. 1- 1 . 1 Lu rw-1 .,-- gm -1 -. f.. .-.4113-...-:A-f..-111.-11-1-,:.1-:fm--..135 - -.Q-1.--1-' m -15"-17. - ,. 1 f 1 - .wwf 1' 1 . p - - - , ..- .,..: vb -1-:,- - , - ., - .:- . - 3. w V vvqgl . 4:--, dxf- ram -- -5-113 .1 -'111 . 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Zzfx f to i it I I i 1 i CDR William Locke Reactor Officer , ll , E D, it , S p ,ff ts, ,a . o l wgqxu-uri' - l i 5' - 4 ....--- ' ll' l i f it -l 'Q' l i i NK ik I Wil., ,,,, .hhgrw :Q efwra , pd 5 1 '1 l f' lar --14 .fi bi In L. 7 I f , 1 . V if X illhhl-1 3. F, I -ik ye ,A .- Y, RA Division RA Division Provides clerical support for the five Reactor divisions. ffffffffffl X, f',fff,,f f If 1 D, f"'X 4-, i 0 0 -VJ T X 4 Kumi sf MMCM Gary Retzak YN1 David Santiago YN3 David Perry YNSN Yul Clove ' Reactor Controls Dlvlslon personnel maintain all of the electromc equlpment used to control and montlor the shlp s Power Plant In addrrron these Sallofs LTJG Lloyd Brown LTJG Stephen Carpenter perform the actual Control of the Plant 24 Reactor Controls DIVISION Offlcer Reactor Controls Techmcal hours a day both 1nport and underway Asslstant .E TCS Charles Gallagher ETC Michael Durland ETC Kevin Lemire ET1 Dale Coussens ET1 Thomas Kreischer ET1 Lawrence Leo 5. .. 4 Y 5 9 V353-qs W " I 1 WI 'I ,ix 'Q ig 27' X . 19 XX if fm . Ewa? " -1 'A' W 24,,,..-Q 4 " , . x M F N .M T if ,,+ -x X Le. ff-:ax x X if A, 2 . Nt' V ' QS-K - i wk 3,9 4 wi' I I f 'Lf If -sg Y All A 3? x Y 1 '2' Y if fl - 1 'ff'f xv! M? .L Q, ', 3 , I' 'S' xv uf WL' I ,-4 Y . WF' X wg 'Q M 'N 21 X 1: 'I 1 4 was 'Q -H 'Q , -' ja i 'J -e Q V I-E, :E fix Q ff Y A In JM E Cx V 1 N 4 if vm 4 ga 3 rw? f , ur' f'l-. 'H 'fu ff'-A " H, uf 'S W F W' sp 1 1 Q. Si' M wwf 11" 14' 'I W 'Q 'il PV ET3 Robert Lee ET3 Mark Rabalais ET3 Byron Sherman Jr ET3 Thomas Supp E T3 Dixon Trietsch ET3 Manuel Valecruz E T3 Jonathan Amos E T3 Forrest Cubbage E T3 Paul Danforth i I U ff l'v'tffzH'4"+ 'A '--.qpuuQll9" Computers play a big role in the everyday operations of the Reactor Department. 11+ LT Darrel Morben RE Division Officer Reactor Electrical Division maintains and operates the large electrical power equipment associated with the propulsion plant. Thirty electrician,s mates ensure that all load centers, motors, motor controllers, and coolant turbine generators are maintained properly to provide electrical power to the plant and its support equipment. RE Divislon J EMCS Franklin Newell EMC Paul Angelicchio EMI Billy Hunter EMI Lesley Mallory EMI John Messer EMI Robert Rottari EMI James Stewart EMI John Vrooman EM2 Steven Andrews EM2 Daniel Burdett EM2 James Bykowski EM2 Todd Cain EM2 Jeff Carter EM2 Robert Cook EM2 John Delima EM2 Timothy Elliott EM2 Scott Ford EM2 Scott Grousd , Checklists are used to safely operated TR's massive switchboards. EM2 Jay Hardy EM2 Jeff Johnson EM2 Brian Kile EM2 Craig Minetti EM2 Douglas Mintz EM2 Loren Morgan EM2 Alan Resmondo EM2 Shawn Schurer EM2 Mark Snyder EM2 David Vanek EM3 Craig Baumann EM3 Tracy Fearson ummm f Q' i i EM3 Craig Merluzzi EM3 David Sowers EM3 Thomas Trouten EM3 Herbert Wathan QQ C We RL Division LT Michael Childers LTJG Charles Adams LTJG Harry Elston Chemical Radcon Assistant RL Division Officer RL Division Officer C C C CC '55 Reactor Laboratories vJ Division is responsible for all T aspects of monitoring and maintaining water chemistry for the propulsion plant. ln if i addition, they perform 'l A radiological control services for C l the other Reactor divisions and 4 the Engineering Department. "' I X 1 ' 3 . ., i i X lg ii ' Y XS-1 x 'av' .ir 4 WNXN X SNL 'NL MMCS Stacey MMI William Beckett MMI Tim Casey MMI Darrell Creech MMI Gerald Helmrich MMI Richard Jackson Y MM1 Jon Kirkwood MM1 Ronald Lafrenierre E T1 John Mefford MM2 Robert Brauer MM2 Paul Campbell MM2 Furman Duckworth MM2 Craig Ferguson MM2 William Fortune MM2 Michael Levesque MM2 Anthony Mencome MM3 Richard Nash MM2 John Noland MM2 Adam ONeal MM2 Bradley Smith MM2 David Stark MM2 Anthony Taylor MM2 R.A. Wilson RM Division LCDR Peter Filkins LT Warren Hicks CWO2 John Succo Reactor Mechanical Assistant RM Division Officer Reactor Mechanical Technical Assistant .Lf P l,, X The Reactor Mechanical Division maintains and operates the machinery associated with the operation of the ship's power plant. Over seventy mechanics assigned to this division keep the pumps pumping, the pipes piping, and the valves operating. MMCS Gary Davis MMC Peter Kennedy MMC Danny Mims MMC Brian Teifer MMC Richard Weiroch MMC David Woodbury M . i I , In It I 1. ! l gl si in 1 1 , V 5 il 1 9 I H 1 i it L MMI William Allen MMI Brian Barnhorn MMI Richard Betts MMI Eric Emery MMI Michael Harkins MMI Randy Lane MMI Tracy Larson MMI Gregory Manning MMI John Mickey MMI Mike Monnig MMI David Osborne MMI Danny Reighard MMI Thad Roberts MMI Phillip Swoveland Il MMI Jeffrey Tucker MMI John Wojtas MM2 Steven Bartlett MM2 Gerald Bennet MM2 Matt Blanton MM2 Fransco Bonilla MM2 Donald Briggs MM2 Clarence Burns MM2 Kenneth Calopisis MM2 Peter Coan MM2 Charles Conley MM2 Kyle Counts MM2 Bruce Dimond MM2 Duane Downing MM2 Jon Eggers MM2 Troy Ellis 445' Ji af V1 MM2 Thomas Fox ll MM2 Antonio Gallegos MM2 Desmond Hatchette MM2 Gerald Henson Jr MM2 Richard Hunt MM2 Jay Kane MM2 Lindsay Koberlein MM2 Robert Lagnese MM2 Jeffrey Leaf MM2 Edward Maxwell MM2 Dwayne McKeel MM2 Augusto Menendez MM2 Jeffrey Meill MM2 James Palumbo MM2 Troy Richardson MM2 Bruce Sargent MM2 Ronald Shellenberger MM2 GJ. Stanton MM2 Emit Stover MM2 Luke Talbot MM2 Michael Tennyson MM2 Stephen Valdez MM3 James Allison MM3 David Cook MM3 Gary Daughdrill MM3 Brian Gallinger MM3 Brian Harlow MM3 Shawn Heldebrandt MM3 Delmer Morris MM3 David Ofalt MM3 Leslie Seifert MMS James Thayer MM3 Robert Walker 253 .fr JL? H RT Division l i l LT Joseph Osborne LT Gordon Rutherford LT Michael Lafreniere RT Division Qfficer Propulsion Training Officer Laboratory Tfalmng Offlcef The men of Reactor Training Division are the 'cprofessorsn of the Reactor Department. The nine staff instructors train all nuclear operators for Reactor and Engineering Departments in the operation of the propulsion plants before they are assigned to their divisions. In addition, RT Division keeps track of all operator vvatchstation qualification records, runs drills on the vvatchstanders in the propulsion plant, and oversees the Reactor and Engineering 3 Departments' continuing training program. i i l 1 i F53-11-. LTJG Airis Abolins LTJG Mark Engle LTJG Maurice Harper lele lllicef l l l l l l l LTJG Jeff Hoover LTJG William Mergen LTJG Stephen Poppe 1 l l l E l .4 EMCKSWQ Kenneth Erb EMC Robert Reger MMI John Altman MMI Robert Barnes YNI Lowell Phillips EMI Norm Powell EMI Daivd Seith EM2 Steve Ahrendts EM2 John Alfultis ET2 John Cope MM2 Douglas Goode EM2 Dale Johnson ET2 William McGee EM2 Theodore Pfau MM3 William Campbell MM3 William Clifford EM3 Allen Featherlin EM3 Scott Gustin EM3 Jeff Rivers EM3 Glen Perron l EM3 Macke Porter V- .N q .43 , -.,,, , v ' , u. ' V "G , it . 1 , . .. V ' V I V . , ' Vp . , ' I , . S, . 'af . f. ! Q A 'W ' ix I . x . Q 1 9 I 1 I V . - ' 1 Q . . , . . . ,, , ' 1 . ' a A f V Q . l 5 . . , , K . . . V I ' B . ,V +V' ' -. I V W , . D 1 f . E Y f 5 . . V Q X . V ' 1 ' Q N , I B w K , W . ' f ' 1 - V V . , 4 , J . . ' - .H -i V' ' , . . - . I N Q. Q: , - .IV , . aff-+4-I V. .- .- .521 k fl J V ,V V:,:M,, i g ,ITU iz: i pg wilt-V53Vw.,'-M, ,, - H 4 " . -. 7 . . M ', As- L, 3 - -,-.J 7, V , ..f.,:,-:s,'f'f'-V35 2-Veg:-3: iw V, -1-.Qs,.:j' qi:-,.1:,g, ,:-,x:.4-f1- ,. . V . , , . . . ' , .' VV"-A 3. Fu Vfiff- M- I'116142-5-i'1'151'-Wit". 55:"i:i?',V-. i-'J' rkblk 'f' hr?-'Sf . ' ,. ' , ,1, V ' JI -X .. V . - , f A ' . . ma, 4:frV'v.Qs'V'-'sw--:.-.Vie-.' wxnre-' llfif-'!'V-if H,v1'ys'V-fr?-2' V- ' H , - 1 VV ,gppgia , , K , , . nn., Rqzgjggwfhsiegiiggffgffsfggr,-.:c?E1'3:Vg3' X'5'8' 5 -2'-2:3 w ,325 V51 eg '5,u,. , K , J may .V V, ,, V , - V - ,VV Vg ,f,..,Vq- -,NV Vw w , .+P V --, HV 'ar ,- V' -+rV-.1,-- --.-w, V, Q -X h , - ,gf-4: qw-fz.':,-,1e,:,3V ,+qq4,gV. ,gr , . ., gg-sm ., g.V-,V-1-V.-4.,5g,p e2,.32...l,, 1 -a1. , , - ,--Lf , w'- iw x ., , 5- -fm 514:-if7,5,V-gf-gr.-4gL+gV!zSfa qi,-5 .mick ,V3d,f,,, ,V xlyf. V, - U 1 -5 s1,V,1,,.Q5 Tiff? 5-22"1fV,W'ffI'1fJ"V2Egg- , fu -F111 J.'9-Q, ygjf1Vs?iQf' Y1'-lwwi V- - .5,,V.fi5":'i'i3F2fi'i5'xX5Sz:2: we .ww f -, ja-5 , 463.:.Li-2f, "5r W1" xLV' FN? ' ' ' V " 'MQ g: V, -,yy 1V ',:,g:fm.g.5.'j.q, 1 , -, f..H,-QVVLWVI-i!xv1, QV aj:M,19 -.V::--,:,gS:'LwVVf,E4 an-r rar.-m ,fs-,.-L." J--DU -- V ", 2' - .. V -- ' " V' .1, .,V,.1,:V,-...qw -r,ggb,,4u.-4,,.q Vg, .1V V - , .,1n:,,?,M:J,-: V1.q..,.4 :, ,, ',:, ,fyf1,,--9 ,-,-1. Hy.- 5- A-ff: f -' V , - , A ,- ,, , V , V-V , - 4 s,4-VH. V, 124,--.-,VV., W-v.Nn,, ,X aff- ,Vu 2 fe' 'i-CVV-1-V+--V , - V alta- 143 -yrs-V4-,1.gVf,9i,- QV -,V NLJV- 1' v,-, .- .f ' V V V - - V ' . :rw 1.- Vw Safety i , Department i l l i Fl i it i S f f' Q I 3? ,Q l P CDR Frederick l-l. Neel Safety Officer The Safety Department is TR's smallest department yet it oversees programs affecting all of TR. They are responsible for numerous programs associated with Aviation, Shipboard, lndustrial and Traffic Safety. 1 L I i l 1 l il, l T' l' i 1 Y, it T l I 1. , ll 3 ii , . n l l 1 1 p 258 i I MN WX Sai .QQQIQ ABHC Steven Cyrs YN3 Warren Lloyd HT2 Kevin Smith AO1 James Reed MMI David Purington BM1 Donald Plew ET1 Gary Brown We L '1- L .X i i n N ' ,. i .XI-X I f X. L- H , . X X X x 1 N wi X N ,,,,f X X, ,XXI I fi. H 1, k K , ' A I xg. X X 'X' .- half X :X -fb: III K iv - WAX- .-'ff ,Zi - .4 J?" ' 'K ff , XX I xr, , x , V uw ' f. X, 'X X - 1' I. X, , R ,.XjII X, X Rx, K.. f,. , Y . , .X X IX-X X K X - X XF X X X .5 'IX' XX . I , 'X , . x J A ' ' I , X 'X . 'L ' , X . , X '- I .X 2, X 'f' f X-X X . If: PII 5 X I, I X A X . , X ' ,. X: X X Xb ' X . f K ' ' ' ,n ' . N 3' X 'Qi V . . A X. AI . wa XX ,X - X XX - X I " fy . X .I. 1 2.35, -Ik ,. Xu H I QI X XXI A-,li .II XIX IX, --XIXX 1, X 1 ' -I X ' . ' X XX LX-AX' ' Ig ,I ', ' .- 'z ' , X'11,,,.1 K .X XX yks. XKXXQ'-NJ. . .-IX' . 5-..wX 3 ,.' X.gI I I I I I I -, XX gk ,wks X. X - , I I .xIXI J X X 7-..g,,..,xI 5.-I.XXIi,I, I Xv X .NXII II f mf, , ' X . . vX,Ig.Xgg,. , 1 Xg':-QAM '5X,,,gXX.,X X X , X. X-, , - 5, 'X X X .f,1q, XX , I 'I , . I,fX, ,I. gf X, 5- I. IIIXXVX-IIXj v II II X - NX. --gy.. uid?--,I wiv , . ,'X" 3 Y Xu U 'XJ"E7?'M:, G "7 WX.. 91 ' ..1XXjc'1XXf'y! fl ' ' ' -XXL 4 X' X' "xg: 45Xi.'53"1 .' 1 Q L 1' -, 5:11 , X' f"- , X, X . Q IQ- QWXX F X X. X ,' I 'I .5ms1TX,, .ru ff f",,XwffXr ' X ,X 5 X X XX 3-A-XX,-XX5X'i1p'-X, Xi' 1 X X X X ' X. ' ' X - 'Q j,o1?XjgL,,--X .,,ig2:'.:3X - . " ' ' . ,X 5--'Q-XQX1'IiA-E -'gif Ski, ' "X V' ' X-j1,.'.E :X ' 'Xj.j.'f -ikwf '-'-',,-K4,?f.":QfIv-X7f-'-'XIvi X. Xl Izfff 16l'Q:4'1.--IXI, , X IFN. , X X I X V5 ' K '. X- .1 I X. 'T ' 'I , 4 -- - ,, I rf,-XA XI :,g,X, I -. X ' ' , XX ' 4 ,X , '3,f'-,'ff2'fLi?f51'fff ' ' df I " i' A 'X 'Y' X' X. 1 ' X. 'X .- "I:"...g , 'XXX X XX X X, " ' i-'JQX1' T,'.5I,i1'I 'IIX 'ig' I 1 'X I f -A I,J","?j.22-X:"I-Ifgffsq'fg:IXE:3',3I.X,2'f'f. I X- XX X I , - -X :X :X , fXXfX- . X I, ,IXXXIMCX X, I.X5Xy.I,g,:XXXx,5q1,5X.fqIX1gv,egg ,XXgg1IgX-,I V .I ,. .,.X,. X. ,,...,f...., .. . ' XXX in . . 1 I 4- X ,,,- X ..X XX- . :wx f Suppl Department The Supply Department keeps the ship stocked with essentials to perform her missiong everything from munitions to toilet paper. The men of TR's Supply Department put in long hours to keep supplies in stock. They keep our hair cut, our thirst quenched, our stomachs full, our clothes clean, our sweet-tooths satisfied and our workcenters ready by operating three ship's barber shops, three stores, seven galleys, a laundry and a supply support center. S- 1 Division LCDR James Dykes Assistant Supply Officer S-1 is responsible for stock control and supply support of all non-aviation repairables for the ship. They also train and assist departmental and divisional supply petty officers. Stock control maintains the ship's financial status and keeps a watchful eye on the stock levels onboard the ship. LT Nicholas Clark Primary Assistant Services Officer LT Joseph Purcell Stock Control Officer LT William Zagrocki Material Officer urns NITRY x S 4 5 I Ev B, I ,E , ...A SKCM MacDonald SKC Bernardo Mamaril SKC Eugene Seldon SK1 Paul Cronin SK1 Donald Gogan SK1 Spardlin AK2 Forest Edwards SK2 Paul James SK2 Paul Koch SK2 Darren McFall SK3 Ricky Poppino SK3 Donald Whicker AKAN Donald Croyle SN Dean Davis SKSN Tracy Jeqfferson SKSN Kevin Kersting AKAN Steven Levy SA Keith Pottorff ,E r-.A ,, F l S-2 Division l l l l lil in li if.: F lv il 1, i ' CWO4 Larry Mellis Food Service Officer i i S-2 Division prepares and serves l 5 l l meals for the crew. Whether inport i or at sea, S-2's day begins where it v ended. Feeding 6,000 sailors four i l meals a day is a monumental task. wi' 41' i Ji , ll ltl l W i ll iii ' l l I l i I ll ll: iff ll ll 'l 3f i I N Q fl 1 l If g Y ,ff .31 VTAK 1 V!! " ff , 'ff N ee ,J ,N i tgtkwfi-'L i M9553 5' - ,Vg K ,W-5 K I a fx x ' .sz ,A ' , e "" -if-' 14 1.5,-ff' -'lf yn , 4,1 -M, b L .1 1 .-vmfqpw e 'H f , . ' "' V f i 1 V ,W 11: 7 In Q ' . ' 'W K ', "Esc Mal, va' a Ugg, ,,7 ,7, , C, new 1 ' fi h ' f -' - 6 1 MC5 Leon Cole M51 Danile Fockler M51 James Holmes M51 Curtis Nelson M51 Angelito Ramirez M51 Steven Ries M51 Keith Townsend M52 James Barbara M52 Jayford Brown M52 Leroy Davis M52 William Fennell M52 Jeffrey Fite M52 Timothy Johnson M52 Terry Martin M52 Keith Meredith M52 Richard Townsend M53 Michael 5tanley M53 Michael Whitby M53 Timothy Wireman M53 Michael Ybarra M55N Gregory Boss M55N Gregory Carman M55N Tommy Ford M55N Christopher Greene M55N David Gregory M55N Ernest Grimes M55N Daniel Harvey M55N Jeffery Knight M55N David Mclin M55N Wayne Powell .. fl! I may-H: A , M Whether preparing a meal for thousands ltopl or for a few fmiddle rightl, TR's cooks are among the finest. Members of S-2 prepare a salad fmiddle leftl while another pulls dessert from the refrigerator. I .11 The crewls favorite circular steaks fusliders' being prepard. MSSN Carl Rabehl MSSN Kenneth Rice Jr MSSN Terry Richardson MSSN Scott Shaffer MSSN Roger Smith MSSN Samuel Stewart Jr. MSSN Christopher Wight MSSN Mark Wood MSSN Joseph Whipple MSSA Michael Augustine MSSA Kenneth Bright MSSA David Darley MSSA William Elmore MSSA John Frenchilf MSSA Nelson Garrett MSSA Francisco Gonzalez MSSA Charleston Jones MSSA Michael Kriner MSSA Tondalay Larkin MSSA Leonard Mabry MSSA Shaun McLean MSSA Peter Miller MSSA Darryl Ramsey MSSA Dennis Truax i L lf' , . l l l l , 1 , , , l , ll l li ll l f , ll 1 I l 1 , l ll l 1 l ll ll ll lf V. :Q ,. , il ll lil l il ll M jill I WL221? 3 S-3 Division LTJG Gary Smith Sales Officer S-3 Division is TR's version of Sears and Roebuck. They operate nearly all of the crew comfort areas including the three barber shops, three ship's stores, the ship's laundry, and the ship's vending machines. TR's Welfare and Recreation receives profits from the sales. S- 3 supports you and me. SHG John Day SH1 Louge Gunn SH1 Gerald Hagans SH1 Joseph Simmons SHI Gene Thomas SHI Roger Wuokko SH2 Harold Alvarado SH1 Marceliano Andres SH2 Jerome Brown SH2 Thomas Gannon SH2 Lloyd Harris .14 4 . ,851 ,X f.. La fs' 5-. 2 f- , ,. ?"N 2-' Y! is 4 ' ,x , wgax - , v N., ,976 4 QV n gy Y Y 4 4 xi A K tg . L 1 ,F is 1' 3, fm- lff W' XXV , x 1 ff f 2 2 4 :wif as if X, my ll I Y 7-1 I X 5 3 f X N I 1 f X f Q f 6 H ,G ' ZX W! uf ,K if X V nw A ,, Q: Q fx Q if V V'. as -I- 7 J f QQ, 4 i ? I-1 . . 5 -he r L '65 'V f i l A fV fx Z L SN Marl Meskill SHSN Arthur Nickerson SHSN Kevin Owens SN Byron Patterson SHSN John Patton SHSN Eugene Peters SN Bradley Rentfrow SHSN Kevin Rowe SHSN Russell Stackens SHSN Kirk Shattenberg SHSN Adolf Timmons SHSN Jerome Turner SHSN Michael Tindall SHSN Anthony Weber SHSN Terrence Young SA John Adams SA Larry Carnell SA Michael Holewka SA Rodney Jackson SA Winston Jones SA Richard Kukkonen SA Randall Thomas SHAN Carl Zvvengel SA James Ritchie SHSA Ronnie Woodall SA David Colton .Q Q. I '. n.9'V, Q 4 iff. Q O l.'.'g O Q l ,' ,Q I Q 4, o al., S-4 Division ENS BT. Hudson Disbursing Officer S-4 Division is the Disbursing Office. They are the ship's "pay mastersw who maintain the financial records of all TR personnel. They prepare pay rolls, determine transportation entitlements, computer travel allowances and process claims for reimbursement of travel expenses, 1 - DKC James Becker DKI Romeo Jornacion DK2 James Curley DK2 David Hiles DK2 Howard Wimbrough Ill DK3 Ronnie Manley - DKSN Charles Carroll DKSN Todd Carlborn DKSN Donald Labarre Jr DKSN Willie Lewis DKSN Richard Nelson DKSN Barry Whitehill DKSN Paul Wheeler DKSA Adrian King DKSR Joseph Rogers N...43""' U.S. Nur S , Z . IAN y . !.W ,W , Lx X x F , K Z-.1--.T "i...., .4 .. ...oh-E ,NX W S-5 Division LTJG Michael Wallner Mess Treasurer The S-5 Division is responsible for the care and feeding of TR,s officers. S-5 Division personnel serve food in three wardrooms, operate tvvo galleys, and maintain wardroorn food service records. The S-5 division is also responsible for the preservation and cleanliness of officer staterooms MSCM Luccovico Sabillo MSCS Germamco Viado MSC Domingo Reboja I 273 -l M51 Bayani Muerong M51 Mark Olson M51 5antos Tolentino M52 Wayne Carey M52 Donel Kephart M52 Nathaniel Parham M52 Frank Pascuzzo M52 Michael Rockett M52 Laureano Sagadraca M53 Jonathan Bloom M53 David Fike M53 Freddie Hare M55N Christopher Andria M55N Jeff Butts M55N Micah Brimmer M55N Gerard Cournoyer MSSN Cedric Gardner M55N Peter Hitchman M55N Alan Howard M55N Robert Johnson Jr M55N Philip Kassees M55N Jeffrey Loncto M55N Jose Martinez "AS .4 A 4 J! X , -1"" E4 MSSN Matthew McLane MSSN Billie Ortiz MSSN Emmanuel Patterson MSSN William Powers MSSN Keith Rodriguez MSSN Erskine Smith MSSN Paul Thornberg MSSN Donald Williams MSSN James Wilson MSSN Michael Woodcock MSSA Bryant Defonseca MSSA Matthew Kutch MSSA Timothy Martin MSSA Count McDowell MSSA Nathan Rivard MSSA Allen Sexton MSSR Robert Hendrickson MSSR Troy Jackson SR Edward Johnson SR Todd Lee MSSR James Walker SR Matthew Waschevski MSSR John Wheelden FA Joseph McFelia l l l l i S-6 Division l l S-6 Division supports the embarked air wing. They l maintain parts for all aircraft and related support equipment. i i l l i l v w "4 ll ill ll li 'il , v AKC Yasunori Blae i AKC James Burscey lv AKC William Lair lin AK1 Richard Golladay AK1 Steven Metcalf FN AK1 Ferdinand Viado il l li i z 0 gl li 276 LT John Lehman Division Officer E, ,, ,,fA,,xl!:x4Ni. X i an My , itil' .-,.,e...,.,J,,,.. -1. IEEE ix 'gag x 1 1,5 by ii WMF lisa., Qww H 1-I L ,JN LTljgi Mark Sullivan Assistant Division Officer if is- 445 ' L. I "--.. 41-ga K K1 AK2 Howard Barbour AK2 Tommie Bobo AK2 Richard Brown AK2 Edward Winston AK2 Dion Decker AK2 Peter Fanning AK2 William Leonard AK3 Timothy Brummett AK3 Roland Kintopf AK3 Guy Labeau AK3 Donald Cappuzzo SK3 Philip Colangelo AK3 John Henry AK3 Brenten Shaner AKAN Greg Black AKAN Michael Booth AKAN Dave Cordingley AKAN Stefan Grandelis AKAN Christopher Fisher AKAN James Forsythe AKAN Todd Hall SN Ronald Hysick AKAN Reginald Mansheld AKAN Thomas Meyer AN Keith Neeley AKAN Thomas Perkins AKAN Timothy Ploof AKAN Anthony Pranger AN Michael Techaira AKAN Christopher Tsethlilfai AKAN Christopher Welton AKAA Daryl Broady AKAA Michael Casey AA Willie Cooper AN John Forsythe AKAA Kenneth Pitman AKAA CP Robinson AKAR David Hahn l T ,, 3 ' ' ' U , ll l C i i . 1 4 ' i f R ' f A A 1 , N U f 'X ,.- 5 I -X ,XX 3 A JF V Y- A S-7 Division S-7 Division CADPD is the non-tactical computerized data processing nerve center of the ship. Using the SNAP computer system, the Data Processing Technicians from S-7 provide SUADPS, AVSM, IMMS, and payroll services. DPC James Cox DPC Charles Thomas DP1 Thomas Jones DP2 Mark Bowman DP2 Robert Clarke DP3 Pete Cavanaugh DPSN John Bainbridge J DPSN Richard Brown DPSN Jonathan Chapman DPSN Jeffery Higgins DPSN Roy Jones, ll DPSN Rip Kimball -... , .,, , X WMM! ' 'L C. ,M ,, -L L M 1 "ic, an-'fl 3411 - N 2-tw, i "3 -fig ' e.,a5.,, V zgggq- -if 1 ' ', ' ' pa, .,,, Q2 wif" mug-' fi' Nfs,,ngL 522- Ls Q1-' -,fgj ., wwf. V is i 1 an ,, I ,,!V , Y , , A ' i ' ,i ,1- ., in V Bw Y K A X V, Q N- will M J is , 'M 'wc , X 3 i gl' X '1 I V DPSN Kelsey McClanahan DPSN John Smith DPSN Anthony Valdez DPSA Leo Davis DPSA Edward Feinstein DPSA Matthew Gould DPSA John Kawaky DPSA Kilboum DPSA Terence Muir DPSR David Wilhelm DPSA Dewitt Williams DPSA Dwight Williams ,Z l y W Q5 Y. , ,14 ,. will , l 41" f" MNH' --""" ,'5u'lg!4!U7:uH5u33u 1 i"""' ,.i,!'.' .:24'.' lgsii-E I 4 Q' f n 4 S-8 Division S-8 Division is comprised of personnel TAD from various departments. The petty officers of this division make up the Mess Deck's Master-at-Arms force which ensures that patrons receive their meals in a clean and orderly dining area. Non-rated personnel maintain the cleanliness of the mess decks and keep the tables stocked with condiments and supplies. EMI John I-larger BMI Thomas Torrence BM2 Ronnie Barnes AK2 George Hoffer lll BM2 Thurman Lofton AK2 Jeffrey Waldman BM3 Jeffery Lott BM3 Antonio Rubel BM3 Craig Scott SKSN Carl Alexander AN Trent Henry AN Fred Mai Hail 1-,S "ls SR Luke Powell AR Ronnie Scruggs SA Matthew Shelley SR Loyd Shobe SN Daren Moore SN Mark Sherwood SN Marcus Tatum AA Charles Eichhorn AA Calvin Jones AA Oscar Mosley AA Scott Taylor SA Brian Tilman SA Christopher Debo SA David Martin SA Ronald Mills SA Arnold Morris I i rd HllVi?l.'f , S 9 Dlvlsion LT William Munson Material Officer S-9 Division is the home of Aviation Storekeepersr They make sure that the materials and equipment needed by embarked squadrons are available and in good order, They store and issue flight clothing, aeronautical materials and spare parts, as well as aviation ordnance, electronics, structural and engineering equipment. y , , SKCS Thomas Gatti SKC Henry Powell SKI Bradley Renollet SK2 Tonnie Brown SK2 Peter Maurer SK2 Raymond Piasta SK2 Rowland West SK3 R.L. Bell SK3 Timothy Blackstone SKS' Thomas Hirst SK3 Leo Schmidt SK3 John Stefanik SN Frank Crisanto SKSN Franklin Fennell SKSN Marinucci SKSN Ronald Russell SA James Enright SA Adrian Mills SA John Pecchiar 1 14 'ff ' ?X+4:.M- A ., ,N f 1 1 ' W 1 K K I 711. I. - 1 , I , , , , . 1 f . . X M fr X1 'f'.'1 . ., ,V , 'I I 1 ., 'f - . , ,V , V, f .fn 11.!,. f f C ff, ,. ' X .. I f , ' 1 1 f . LJ? 1 1, 1 , , l xy , X-1. f f s , 'X . -.'.. X: , 1, --:'- V . 1 '1-,J " 1 al . i , 1 X N .xi 1 1 1. 1 X, X 1 f ,1,, Q., ., 1 V ,-.. . , X 1 ,1 1 f V MN f., 1 Q--------V-V-W x . . - --gy X V 1 N 1 1' 1 V f 11.1.1 .1 . f r 1 - 1 X .X. 1 1 .1, , 1 "" 1 1 !. 1 Nf,. I r f X 1 K 6 If 1 1 . 1.15, -KT 1" ' "'.Xi'.x , ' xx- 1 :gif , ' '11 ffl ' 'P 57 ,V . X Egg, !. 1 . ., ,. SETS 1 X xx: " :fi 1-gffw N, wx , X , 1 1 'fr S 1 I , f -.X , - xv 1 ,f,, 5 ,f- X, JK--.1 x - Aff, ' '7,13 . 1- 172 ',:.1.:' -1 1 V X J ,fi il CDR Jon R. Campbell Weapons Gfficer Weapons Department The Weapons Department orders, moves and stores all the bombs, missiles and bullets needed to make TR the awesome fighting force she is. From .38 caliber shells to 2,000 pound bombs, Weapons handles them with care and professionalism. Wlllwlli f , - ,H M . ,' -.- .M .1 W i Wi . ---:. .4 , 'S f .,..f""" HJ my Ell5X1"llH ll' Weapons Admin Weapons Admin Division personnel provide administrative support, by keeping Hpapervvorkn running smoothly for the Department. They keep technical manuals and publications up to date and available for use. l AOCS Jack Breedlove, YNSA Steven Marquis, YNSN Ronald Zuber 'xg t CWO2 Gordon Smith Division Officer G-1 Division G-1 Division is divided into two primary crews. One crew operates on the flight deck, while the other crew mans the hangar bays. The flight deck crew is responsible for the receipt, issue and safe movement of ordnance items on the flight deck. The hanger bay crew is tasked with the safe and efficient transfer of bombs, missiles and ordnance accessories, from the time they reach the hangar bay until they are turned over to the flight deck crew or returned to G-2. l 1 i l l i l v i l AOC Emmitt Kozel AOI William Dillon AOI Randy Manes AOI Rex Overall AO1 Lawrence Taylor AO2 Decato Burke j9 IK .li , 'if l' ii . s V if-wg . I Wm. x 4 7 , A02 Gary Dryer A02 Linwood Holden A02 Russell Rider A03 Brian Borvanslci A03 Daniel Drummer A03 James Egglleston A03 Tony I-lammonds A03 Wesley Norris A03 Allen Ray AN Michael Baldwin AN Rodney Brown AN Stephen Berry AN John Burgoyne Ill AN John Davis AN Dennis Gordon AN Rex Harris AN Hans Jenson AN Christopher Jones AN Chris Jones AN Ronald Kennedy AN Scott Lombardo AN Michael Megronigle AN Stanley Murray AA Alberto Ruiz u""'1'F S X 5 Q' AN Wayne Murdock AN Sean Robinson AN Robert Rudd AN Jeffrey Savage AN David Serra AN Rene Silva AN Oscar Villapando AN Robert Willems AN Lonzo Wilson AA Gary Allen AA Robert Bravard AA William Campbell AA Jeffrey Curry AA Dwayne Dyer AA David Ellisor AA Brian Fast AA Jon Fenner AA Carl Gilmore AA Sven Johnson AA Maurice Jones AA David McClune AA Terry Morris AA Manuel Martinez AA Randolph Roberts M -f,f:' - 'f" . if ,1" 1 iw' 1 J f:w,f1f. . , ' 'i4"Ml91lfWf,, H ily, my ' ,,,r'-S. af"-NX film 'Ai ,. ,.. A4 'E , G-2 Division G-4 Division's primary jobs are to man the armory, complete damage control vvork, and perform PMS on the magazine sprinklers. The Division is comprised of Gunner's Mates, Torpedomen, and Aviation Ordnancemen. They control access to the magazines, issue weapons, and provide line gunners for underway replenishment. TM1 Harley Clarke GMG1 Earl Norwood GMGI John Picone GMGI Mark Wickham GMG2 Timothy Frank GMG2 James King GMG2 Tim Lindley AO2 Claude Thomas Jr GMG3 Rex Anderson SN Richard Anderson SN John Ashford SN Joe Caldwell SN Willie Culp SN Clark Gable SN lan Keller SN Ernest Oliver SN Albert Renowden FN James Test G 3 Division maintains the majority of the ship s weapons magazines and properly stores and provides security for the tons of ammunition aboard. These are everyday tasks The real team efforts are directed toward assembling bombs breaking missiles out of their containers and loading ZOMM transporters , . . All to provide the Air Wing with weapons required to carry AOC David Wikoff A01 Michael Fisher A01 Rolando Hidalgo A01 Rickey Lee TM2 Robert McGhee A01 Loyd Young A02 Barry Biers A02 Morrison Davis A02 Michael Gilbert A02 Scott Mitchell A02 William 0'Neil A02 William Spurlock A02 Mark Shimel TM2 Willie Thornton A03 Anthony Arflin A03 Demetrious Beatty A03 Howard Fauntleroy A03 Carl Kelli' . ix E ! L I I w J 2 AN Ronnie Odom AN Tracy Orr AN Manwell Patillo AN Glenn Rulona AN John Spaulding AN James Thompson ,A ,njl A. Z? -SD' fl . E, f M ,Z ,fsx W' ol! N ' -4. ,gr X I fx' .kmx ,ff wi FF, f 6 X 5 FE is HQ f f fm X , W W 4, V ..,. W' 'M 4 f 7 .V - gg A B 1? J 'f 5 if my mff- ,. W5 W , Eg , A , NV f xg! W up we Q, Sw Q w ., ,fx Wag if , ff X f W wr ,, Af BN Wy W W L H if ,ms M 21 'Tiff ' 9 5 ' 5 x if QQ! MIZT- Q X5 ...f Wy A. W K I ' ffl: 1- , w- ,U 4 Wi r, ,355 U W ,M 3 fm., -4- .,. .I 'W I ,.v 1 in CWO3 Moses Coleman G-4 Divison Officer G-4 Division The primary job of G-4 Division is the weapons elevators. This vital link in the weapons chain is the only way to transport weapons from the magazines to the hangar deck and the flight deck. ln the event of a personnel casuality or a medical emergency, the weapons elevators can also be used to transport the injured safely and quickly to medical. 'xt r ff C D K uc li I VX X AOC Dennis Sayre AO1 Art Michel AO1 Michael Rushin AO2 Jeff Jinkens AO2 Fredrick Robie A03 Robert Anson ,, l".-. i i 'ggi l 5 T' 'R v . l ct, mi: t 765 lf! 3 if A li -i il it lg E. lg ' C ii 55 ,Cf l wif, ty, , ,wc lift its it 35? 1' X5 1 I' vii fbi wee " dl 551- F5 1 W if he , V Pri V, E I f 1 ' 1 l l ll 4 l l if 1. ll ll il 5- F l f l ig Q ll fl lll lil ill ' l l e ii if Q' V l l F, gi l il l 21 i i 2 ,i l , l I 295 I Ll EM3 Richard Arnold A03 John Devanathan AO3 Michael Gillispie MM3 James Lafhn EM3 Mark McConnell AN Brad Smith AN Tim Copeland AN Joseph Richinelli AN Gilbert Padgett AN Andrew Schroder AN Kevin Quinn AN Charles Lamarche AN David Cardali AN Miguel Rodriguez AN Jeffrey Gray AN Gary Shriver AN Thomas Buttleman AN Charles Brisbin AN Richard Prezzano AN Robert Burgett AN Lewis Burns AN Ronald Smith AN James Leaf AN Steven Heath I z ,,,k1a: U, Rxupuxgl .wlam Vvu , Y hm v I Mn, M -A K . -L v.y r as.- , .- V " N f ia .nas I ' au., N I umm C, ' K i t W - 31,Qgf33qEQ:h..,i4V-Llurlkxyr Y, 'B M., ' 1:59-- U - .,,.,.,. E A Ni X7 1 'LM AN Michael Berry Terrence Jackson AA AN John Wetterling AA Terence Oliver Lee Yarbrough Rodney Baker AA AA -f-5 .4 T c ' T A i AA Jon Riggs 1 AA Travis Davis F AA Terry Jensen AA Castonia Ming AA Daryle Braniecki AA Harold Hicks i i i ' g ' AA Steve Caloway AR Stephen Smith , 1- 'F- A i Q 'T .1 ' 1 M I ri' aj NV" if s J " 'N J ze. 3 I he rl H5 It I by O , A ' ' X ' . , E H W A Tj ,f by ix Y --'- ' 5 T . J H km' if T" A T 1 A -. ',U.mfr R . V , ,Ab I A , H: . F..g -Q 1 , V v 4" 1 'R .e , 1 5 L hi .. 0 A 1 1 '-sri iw' 1 . 5 2 J J 11 uf -- 'lj 0-ww-uf 4 , ' 8 ' A mv,,,1n5' f i , Q . 11979 G-5 Division directs and coordinates the breakout, assembly and delivery of all support the embarked air wing, ship's company and Marine Detachment. They maintain constant internal communications with the magazine assembly areas and weapons elevators in G-5 Division LCDR Raymond Fone Ordnance Handling Officer AOC Charles Baker AO1 Perry Hatton AO2 Brian Aherr AO2 Daniel Rusinovich A03 Aaron Hawkins AN Craig Hardy 'X, PQ. 'Wx' -w-.Ibm Q1 weapons required to coordinating ordnance routes to and from the flight deck. Q AN Richard Heimbach AN James Matthews AA Jonathin Pait ,,,,a,aWa 'KWH' 1 M,,..,.,.. 0 .-1' I-74'f1'Q rn uf- 6-5 lf, i Pin' E Intricate communica- tions are used by G-5 personnel while moving ordnance to and from the flight deck. ii E4 it , If z.. Mig iii Q13 il ri, A in!! 1 sf' 3 1 il? 0. H, I xv, V if: . ki if it 'LQ i iii? i i 7 i Q I i i 1 i i , 2 3 i 2 5 'i 1 W-Division W Division is made up of Weapons Technicians who are responsible for the sate handling, stowage, maintenance, assembly and movement of all special weapons. ln addition to special weapons, each WT is trained in operation and maintenance of installed handling systems and fire protection systems. WTC5 Dennis Albers WTC Charles Rotton WTI Carl Barton WTI John Davis WTI David Petix WTI Andrew Westberry WTI Darrell Allison WT2 Robert Evans WT2 Steven Orr WT2 C. Ratliff WT2 Guy Reece WT3 Alonzo Avila WT3 Manuel Bustamante WT3 Dale Malchow WT3 Thomas Warner WT3 Ernest Webb SK3 John Webb WTSN Robert Bonczek WTSN Dalton Kropp WTSN Brian Miller WTSN Donald Paul WTSN Ronald Thompson WTSN Barney Vigil WTSN Daniel Walker LT James Wessel LT Robert Cerwonka WTSN Vlhlliam Warren XL' I . , A V' h - W , 1 . I f I W F 3, , ' , I l A I , .V . I vu i K' . i K ,Q I W V YV iii . f 1 ' V ' , I -N ' ' R .1 - X - . , E V , , . - , X 5, -- N V , 5 . , . ' --T-Q -2- - N VA K, I -, p In . , x.,.. EN I , l I V Z N , , I . X - .l V t N K ' f ' f . ' ...a..+.i"111f,T,i.'-Y-p..l.1mfi51U'L5.?"'. '-.L,ip'? af.-J , -fn , f ' . ' . , 1 , ' .- , .-,.... V Marin Detachment The Marine Detachment is an organization whose roots go back to the earliest days of our countryis history. ln those days, Marines were employed as snipers, and as boarding parties against hostile vessels. Marine Detachments were also used to provide landing parties to secure sections of shore line where the vessel could refit and resupply while in hostile or unknown territory. Today, Marine Detachments are still required to be capable of performing such missions. The primary reason for the Detachment now, however, is the protection of special weapons and special weapons storage spaces. MarDet also provides security for conventional magazines and for the ship in general. Operationally attached to the THEODORE ROOSEVELT, the MarDet is still administratively responsible to the Marine Corps. This means that the MarDet is responsible for its own administration, disbursing, supply, maintenance, training, etc. -.'-M .....! si... if Being a close knit highly motivated group of professionals, the Marine Detachment is always prepared to meet any challenge which may confront it. We take our mission of security very seriously and train continuously to ensure the highest possible level of readiness. A MSGT Lewis instructs lVlarDet personnel in the use of weapons ltopl. A member of the Security Alert Force returns his weapon to the armory lleftl. Flag detail members fold the flag labovel. lst LT Francis Halliwell Executive Gfficer A ship without Marines IS like a coat wlthout buttons." - Admiral David G lst SGT Thomas Chavis MSGT Rich Lewis Jr SGT Ernest Crowell SGT Richard Haus SGT Darryle Johnson SGT Isaac Jones SGT Herman Schojan SGT Chris Stevens SGT Larin Thomas SGT Donald Call SGT Hung Cheung SGT Luis Diaz gi J iff f J ,' t. . nl A 'NL Y E14 ' as fl 5? if ' N, , S1 Mx 3 1 ff v 1 W 55? ' nv fx ,, - - Wfg1.f:f.,,N ,-. - W,-. , Lf3Qq:fT', ' -v . 'll-'vu.1'id:!1 Y S W ! 1 Q LCPL James Kunselman LCPL Keith Lyle LCPL Bobby Mulinix LCPL Sean Murray LCPL Charles Olmos LCPL Michael Payne LCPL Carl Reynolds LCPL William Richards LCPL James Scherer LCPL David Sears LCPL Eric Sorensen LCPL Dale Sprague fl,CPL Jeff Surprison LCPL Brian Taylor LCPL Chad Warrick PFC William Carey PFC Edward Casas PFC Chunky Dash PFC Brett Dennon PFC Ernest Escalera PFC Charles Farrell PFC Jeffery Harris PFC Jim Hawkins PFC David Kirkland Q PFC Thomas Osterhoudt PFC Charles Sendling PFC Clinton Steele PFC Thomas Stephenson PFC Keven Streightiff PFC Ronald Wetterberg I 1 I F um P J - ,x4,wz91- I A 7 ,- ,U b b O I Semper Fi" gi Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy William H. Plackett 3 August 1987 YF' Q. lf, I . 'sw it E TR Picnic r-- Q W FT P:-15.3, Sh-'T' vw f I f any Rough and Ready Teddyv by ET3 Darald Daugherty N 4 -I u 4 I 3 f ,,.f H ,xl 'X '1 yu? a w i K 1 'r 31 1 ,Il 1 i I i Ita- ' '31 T l I H . gi FF T31 I WY X ,.,,:,.w - A Q ,W 1 ' W ,. 5'f'Y:" , viii 1. - - .. 3,2E1?E':' ' " H ' 5 ,, 4 ' rx X. -in r. 2 wing. B ik 1 4 li U E' N MQ New rriva s ' 312323 7 7'FW'5" ' i X f . ,-,q3,fy,'.,i,,:v, a' ' ,Q 1, -sq,-4,1,fA , ,j wg . 3 .-. ni " ' W" if W ifi' , ,, . , .wi rn: md- 1-zifE2iIg:Y:ZEAgp5525-?t4Qi1q CDR Thomas W. Faull CDR Dana A- Fuller Dental Officer Supply Officer PNSN Dennis Abbott ADAR Robert Adams MM3 Donald Albanese AA Todd Charles SH2 Dennis Allen AR Gary Anderson AR Jeff Anderson EM3 Clifford Anglim MM3 John Anthony AA Timothy Scott AR Keith Arthur AR Dwayne Ashby ABE2 Richard Bailey RPC Moses Baines HTFR Robert Baker MM3 Shawn Ballee SMSR John Bane AR Timothy Banks FN Christopher Barge ACAA Eric Barnes AA Harold Barnes AR Kevin Bashaw MMFR lfWlliam Baxter SKSN Kerry Bean AA James Beard RMSR Gerald Belcher RMSR Daniel Beneway MM3 Stephen Bittorf AR Michael Blacksher ISSA Matthew Blaisdell MM3 Peter Bloomer MM3 Mitchell Bolden MM2 James Bowie QMSR Scott Bowman SA James Boyd MM3 William Boyd AN Larry Boykin AR Wiliam Branch ABEAN Stanely Brand AA Shane Brister AR Brian Brockman MM3 Robert Broman SR Donald Brotherton AN Anthony Bruno AA Steven Buck AR Kevin Burdette RM3 David Burnside SN DA vid Burnsteel AR Jeremy Buzon SA Randolph Byrd SA Michael Campbell AR Robert Campbell ACAN Edward Canfield AA Thomas Carey SR Lenny Carroll AN Edward Carson HN David Carter MM3 James Carter SN Dewayne Cartwright AR Kenneth Castro AN Patrick Cavanaugh OSSA Bryan Ceasar ABH1 Dale Cecil ABEC Jose Cervantes SR Scott Chapman AA James Cheatham SA Trampas Clah AA Jeffery Clark DA Lamar Clark AA Hhlliam Clark MM3 Wiliam Clifford FA Clarence Coakley SN Robert Cohen EM3 Thomas Collinge AA Victor Colon AA Robert Connell ABE2 Don Cooper E T2 John Cope MMC Lawrence Cotton E W3 Roland Couture AR Scott Cowan AA Linwood Cox RM3 Carl Crawford AR Christopher Crawford AR Jeffery Cullen EM3 Kevin Curtis HTFA Gerald Dahl AR Peter Dahlin E T3 Montgomery Dambrosio AN Jeffery Darley RMSR Justin Davidson AN Cory Davis A02 Glenn Davis AR Peter Dawood FN Timothy Deboer FR Mark Defelice SR Michael Delap A03 Richard Depoy L12 John Diamante SA David Dirks AA Harry Divido AR Jeffery Doepker HM3 David Douglas AR Thomas Draper AR John Drinosky EM3 Jay Driver HTFN Jay Eades AN Steven Eastwood AA Richard Edmundson SA John Elliot SN Scott Emsweller SR Richard Etherton AA John Evans MM3 Steve Ewing AA Troy Farina AR Rick Farley AWAN Michael Farmer AT1 John Farr AA David Favors SR John Feola AR James Fernandez AR Danny Ferrell AR Jerry Fields RMSR Jerome Fitzwell AA Richard Flemming ABH1 Ricky Floberg HT3 David Forgey RMSR Kenneth Freeman AA Kevin Gallagher AR Michael Gaskill OSSA Jimmy Gentile SA John Gerbing SA Robert Gerlak SA Alva Gibson AR Scott Giles MM3 Theo Gionis AR Matthew Glaser AR Timothy Glidewell SA Kevin Glisson AO2 Edward Glover AR Roberto Gonzalez AR James Graber SN Christopher Graves AR Jeffrey Gray AO1 Bruce Greely AR William Groom HT1 Timothy Grubbs AR Michael Guzzo EM3 George Hager AN Thomas Hale SM3 Martinez Hardnett E T3 Eric Harris SA Sammy Hartman DS3 Mark Harvey MMI Brian Hastings AEAA Adam Heeringa AR Steven Helderman AO3 Richard Henley AN Larry Hester MM3 Keith Hiebert AA Brian Hinchman AN Nathaniel Hines, Jr E T3 John Hirther AA Thomas Hoffmann MM3 Richard Hogan TMSR Theodore Honaker MSSR Garry Howard SN Duane Howell AR Thomas Hulse FN Jerry Hunziger SA Michael Hurd AA Paul Irwin AA Russell Jackson PNSA Allan Johnson YNSA Kenneth Johnson AA Michael Johnson YNSA Rattman Johnson ASMAA Jan Jones AR Jeffrey Jones AW1 Lance Jones AA Leo Jones YNSA Bruce Kathalynas SA Brian Kegel HMCS Jerome Kebbell HN Charles Kemp DS3 Duane K erkstra AA Brian Kimsey E W3 Joseph Kisloski FC3 Craig Kjome PN2 Carl Knight AN John Kostelny AT1 Daniel Krause SR Robert Labonty AR William Lachman AR Rion Landrum ABEAR Frankie Lasiter EM3 Charles Leffler AA David Lellig :L I I , nf' l if . .MC . fi 4, . ff A 1, ,ii , Y' FN r I iff: 52 F HI. p,Y5. A. A355 -gil 7 IS: 'R K1 AR :Q Ci fl L' H71 i Af S.-1 . AE V143 FA Ci v :CM FY?-Y3 DP? i r 1, A AS RMSA Stephen Liburd AT2 Vincent Lindow AA Andrew Lizardi AA Steven Loucks AA Timothy Loucks ABCS Richard Loud AA Carlton Lowe AA Peter Lubbers AT1 Kenneth Mabus AA Douglas Maitlen FN Forest Maples, IV AMS2 Monte Marler SR Tommy Marlowe EM3 Brian Marstella AR Daniel Martin PNSN Dale Marwood AR Andrew Mathe ABEC David Matteson ABEH1 Timothy Matthews ISSN Sean McCann AR Kenneth McDonald AR Michael McDonald SR Christopher McKee EM3 Timothy Miller EM2 Alvin Minor HTFR David Mitchell AA Mark Monroe DT3 Jack Moore AA Jerod Morant AR Daniel Morgan AN Michael Morgan SA Donald Morris, Jr. ABH1 Gerald Morse MM3 Ronald Nagle, Jr SA Christopher Nebauer ABEC Ricky Neely SN Steven Nelson ACAA Christopher Olsen . AA Daniel Olson MM3 Joseph Osborn, Jr AA Joseph Paggen AR David Papin AA Keith Parrish AR James Parsons AA Alvin Passmore DP2 Frederick Patterson SN John Pecchiar AA Louis Peterson AR Matthew Phillips SA Richard Pogue SA Lee Polin SA Donald Poore AA Geoffrey Pope AA Steven Poteet AR Kevin Preuit AO1 Mark Price ABH2 John Proctor SA John Queery AR Harry Rachel AO1 Bruce Ratliff AA Thomas Ray MM3 Robert Redwing SN Keith Reed AN Bruce Reiss SR Shane Remmers AO1 David Robins AA Anthony Robinson AR Lorin Robinson ASEAA Thomas Rogers SN Daniel Rooney ABH1 John Rue AA John Sagal AR Gary Salas AR Christopher Sargent AA William Schwartz AR Jerome Scott HTFR Joseph Scowden ABH1 Thomas Sessoms AR John Seybert AA Gary Shalek ADAR Raymond Shannon EM3 Sean Shannon AA Daniel Shaw ASEAR Jiles Shelton AT2 Robert Shelton AR Timothy Shelton PNSA Delmer Shepherd SA Stephen Shoecraft AN Paresh Sidpara SR Brendan Smith MM3 John Snead HTFR Leonad Snifhn AA Thomas Sollman AN Rocky Squrrel AA Daniel Stehley SN Ted Stephan SA Michael Stephans E T3 John Stetler H T3 Kenneth Stewart ABEAR Barnell Stidham AR Ronald Stokes MMFN Artie Street YNSA David Sult HTFR Christopher Tackett AA John Tate SN James Taylor ISSN Thomas Tweilliager AMS3 Chuckie Thomas AR Darren Thomas SR Leroy Thomas AWAA Monte Thomas AR Kelly Thompkins H TFA Robert Thurman AA Steven Tinsley ABEAA Michael Todd AR Oscar Torreschevere E T1 Brian Ude SA Michael Urbanski ABE2 Richard Villarreal SN Kenneth Vowell AN Anthony Wade AR Eric Waidelich FC3 Donald Waite AR Sean Walker SR Charles Wallace AA Mike Wan ISSA James Wantz SA James Warthjan AR Lanrell Watson HTFR Tracy Webb SA James Weeks AR Jeffrey Weisz DKSR Brian Welker AA Micah Wellman AA Gordon Wempen AA Troy Wetphal HTFR Zeric Wideman AA Rodger Wilder SR Andrew Williams AR Tracy Wiliams ATI John Williamson MMFA Kevin Wilson AA James Wolfe EM3 Charles Wood HN Steven Wordell SA Jeffrey Younce AMEAR Eric Young AR Melvin Younger EM3 Paul Zamarripa SR Brian Zugay i .1, ' Nl' ' anew: . 1 W w I F 1 1 w 1 w I I 7,w,5,G,fs'r, " .w,,,. f, I J i 1 , 1 1 w I , .nu- ,'-m- 1 I , 4,.,.,, , 'V F, ,V ww-any , , ' 1 , Q 'ww-. if " ' ' ' a ,iv ry, 5 f.iv"'Z.Q , ' 1 ' ,qw ' i -v1"'?, 514, . 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Petrie PH3 Steve J. Borbely PH3 Larry E. Cravens PH3 S.D. Clatchey PH3 Roger D. Pugh PHAN H.H. Raymond PHAN K.J. Wastler PHAN K.R. Sarna PHAN M.L. Long PHAN R.S. Sullivan PHAA T.L. Cauclill PHAA R.S. Nelson James C. Christiansen Damon Wilson RM1 Harold Roots TR Portfolio ' A The following Portfolio of photo- Page 326 graphs were shot by TR's Photo HF-14 on Catapult" Lab. They are for you to enjoy and PHAN Kerry Sarna treasure for lifey 16 Jan 87 Page 321 Page 327 "Commissioning of TRN PHC Scallan 25 Oct 87 Page 322 "S-3 Viking on Cats" PH3 Roger Pugh 9 Jan 87 Page 323 'iMissile Shoot" Pl-I3 Steven Borbely 14 Dec 86 Page 324 "Acceptance Trials Pl-l1qM. Merritt 7 Oct 87 Page 325 "Manning The Rail, Nassaun PH2 Norr 29 Jan 87 K. I ,np -fa-fi. -. f..,, -... . - "Unrep with USS SCOTT" PH1 M. Merritt 11 Nov 86 Page 328 "Fly 2 Director holding F-14" PH3 Steven Borbely 17 Jan 87 Page 329 '4Acceptance Trials" PH1 M. Merritt 7 Oct 86 Page 330 "Flight Deck CPO with FfA-18" PH3 Steven Borbely 7 Mar 87 Page 331 "Waist Cat Officer launching F7143 PH3 Steven Borbely 3 Feb 87 Page 332 "Ff14s Launching" PH3 Roger Pugh 13 Feb 87 Page 333 "TR Underway" Pl-I1 M. Merritt 6 Aug 87 Page 334 "Flight Ops" PH2 Mike Dale 4 Dec 87 Page 335 MTR in the Bahamas" Pl-IAN Caudill 1 Feb 87 Page 336 "Deperm" PH1 M. Merritt 10 Dec 86 H+ .H , A I M' 1 " .S MQ' 'Y' i " M y, ,., ,,,,.f 2 Ni 5.1 f . K 115 - evans. Lf I gif' 224-Ll' f 5-fl "W ,pf V' L, :f . Effie ',,f .., H+.. ri Sift AIQVL,-gfifwfi, 2 V fi f.i.12f"' , , 'Pfam -. 'P-ff w ' -4' 0' 'L ' 4 HE.. 1p--p-'-l- rar-S-v-v-'rrrw -.--w -1- 4, 'K A, . i r ff Q if gi. 'tr X . 5 i E E E Y ,. Y an wx 1-,na rw. 1+ ,sf-A nu '4 Q-' rf. 11 -iw ' ' V .MV -u M AA ,,,..,.aw.-I A , 4,.,.f,R -Nw, , - WI -V I ,f' P ' V I - H im-uf K2 -T f h"""" " 'G .. '-Vfuuwiaw V Y , JM ,, I ,I f Y 3 'T ,, . "1-M-. rj, , 1---,QM ' 4' ' ' L , , A '. .i,...m V 1 "'4t,,g.V . V 5 'M VT I ' V 1 . -- V 6 Wi? , 4- - .5---V-. . if '- . V ..,,.5I-V., .-A A . ,fn A .V , . ,I , ,- -N VL I V-1. 4 xv-. ,, A V' ,N ' , , X L1-W-w,,f' ' V'-4, V- '-If-H' 1 'j AV. -Wy. ' W, .. '- fr V, V1 .-WA w""' , -' 2- -V 1 " 1"""f-,. gwuwfifi , nw. -, VI Aww. ..,...., ,f -M 5 ' ' ...z ., , V' f ' , II I I 1 A1 ,,,, ' mag I II II ,, 1, I -.MI ,,. .. I ' . I , qi: A ' , Vw W' 'I , - , . 1 - Uihfv 1 . + ,Q , '--,Auf ' I, .' V ,121 ' 'L , . , , ,P,,,.,7.,,..,,,,,,,x,.. . , -H V V - W! A I I I - III . 2 II I I I ' ,I,w1-L-Ju f X ' IQ . n . I a D - X, ., T, V , V V fy I X X ,q .. , X 1 V , a ' I XX . x . 1 iw X ,, I , . VV .H :'Ks4wg" - Lf- f- ' g gg ,fi X , II V V., ily .,.w,1" ' r x 3 AG f 4 ' 'W , 1:14.,'.' I , I I 19 X . , ,. I W1 W- , ,I I ,,, V ,af X, V., Il , 5, Qi X , " " K '- 2 ' 422 Il pf,-1' 1 ' - zz.: , M1.,,q" 4 V X QL. if ' - .-AV "' II QI? -, V . .x' 1 S1 ,f ' ' ' ' 3 Vfi . I ' I If- I I , -" XI , ' If .S . 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