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0 l£ •v 1 i •. - -vV V ' , Vn . : SmmmmSiSS el molaro " ' ' ' RTpTr , TABLE OP ' GONTENT FMJULTY STAFF FRESHMAN !SOPHOMORE§, JUNIORS i. a., ' .■• «;. 1 lil.__ 49 ISqrganizations ....f?3M X...-„.. If INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS J t l® 66 JUNIOR HYGIENE ili ' EWQR HYGIENE 77 195 ,1 S .-236 r t ' -gf _-i 1 DRY Cashier Module A Dispensary Module B Module C Module D Business Office M t Dental School Picnic 77 10 ' Oh Carol, you make me do the wildest things! ' " Sorry, Hygienests only! " ' I ' ll take the one on the right! " ' Where is she? She was here just a second ago. " " You mean Dr. Kaneko checked your prep? ' " And I can cook too! ' SPONSORS Marwan Abou-Rass Al Abrams Ralph Allman Gustavo Altazurra Douglas Anderson Jacqueline Arndt Robert Avakian Jack Bamrud James Bisbas Frank Blair, III James Bleecker Mike Bryman Martin Burns Norman Cardey Anatol Chari Gerald Chittum Clarence Clever Allan Charles Jack Conley William Crawford John Crockett Thornton D ' Arc W. Howard Davis Mike Delaney Joseph Desimone Daniel Durschlag Robert Ehrke Leon Ellis John Evens Frank Flores Jane and W. C. F( Alfred Frank Harvey Freed Nathan Friedman William Futa Steven Galaif Ken Girard Dudley Glick David Good Tony Goodman Roland Grubb Archie Haljun Fay J. Hallberg Fredrick Harper Richard Helffrich SPONSORS Ernest Hornay Doyle Herrick J. P. Hughes Rex Ingraham Ray Kim Carl Lau Robert Lande Howard Landesman Elizabeth Larsen Bernard Levin L. G. Lockwood Robert McNamara Stan Malamed Don Markham Ray Melrose Paul Michaelides Albert Moss Judith Pabst Tom Pallasch Edwin Park Gordon Pattison Phil Reitz Glenn Richardson Roger Riley Paul Ross Bruce Schutte Ray Sharpe Arnold Shibuya Donna Smith Albert Solnit John Sundbye Philip Taylor Charles Thompson Richard Toguchi, Jr. Gerald Vale Pat Walker Lawrence Warner Philip Whitener Kent and Evelin Wilson Marshall Weiner Irwin Weinstein Henry Yamada Yoshio Yamaguchi Steve Yokoyama Frank Yorita Albacore for lunch bunch. Dr. Abrams: " Welcome to Oral Pathology, where is Michael Furgeson? ' " My first tooth carving. ' k ■GBSHOBn WELCOME TO VP ALBERTA ■ _ I ' ' We ' re just ramblin ' guys. " Mad dogs in Mexico. " But you said we were going to Hawaii . . . . " Fgcul K Isobel M. Boland January 2, 1918 - September 18, 1977 ISOBEL BOLAND January 2, 1918 - September 18, 1977 On September 18, Isobel Boland died of cancer after 27 years of devoted service to the students, faculty and alumni of the School of Dentistry. Isobel came to USC in September, 1950, to serve as Executive Secretary to the newly appointed Dean. She carried out a wide range of activities which included curriculum scheduling, academic records, faculty appointments and promotions, and student registration in addition to other secretarial functions. Isobel carried out these duties with skill and consideration for 17 years. Since 1967 she served in several important roles — Director of Student Affairs, Director of Student Financial Aid, and most recently as Director of Alumni and Public Affairs. Isobel was a private person who accomplished her goals in an unassuming manner. She displayed an indomitable spirit and dignity, with grace and a pleasingly droll sense of humor. In all her years at the Dental School no one can recall an unkind word from Isobel concerning anyone. Isobel was completely devoted to the school and to the University. Testimony to this fact was never so poignantly demonstrated as when she appeared for work until just three days before her death even though in great pain. Isobel ' s devotion to dental alumni was equally complete. She knew virtually every alumnus by name and could be counted upon to recall something about each. A memorial service was held at the Dental School for Miss Boland. Services were held at St. Patrick ' s Church in Williamstown, Massachusetts. Isobel was buried in her home state of Massachusetts and was survived by her mother, Mrs. J. Bernard Boland. The Dental School wi without her presence. miss Isobel and it will be just a little different DR. WILLIAM CRAWFORD On behalf of the faculty staff, and alumni, I wish to offer my congratulations upon the ?ompSn of your Sective degrees. I know your family and friends are Proud of your acCS ishmentrand you, in turn, are appreciative of the mora and support these dedicated individuals have provided to make your graduation possible. You too should be proud of your accomplishments. Completing a dental or dental hygleJreducation is more diffLit today than ten years -9°- Y°ur nancia inde mav be extreme as a result of escalating educational costs. Additionally, the curricuiurr. Tmorl corlnpTex and more rigorous as I result of the dental knowledge explosion. I «5usnect manv of vou feel a degree of antipathy towards your almamater Those in this Lteaor?pTobabry feel you are unnecessarily harassed and the extreme attention to detaM derSandId by many faculty was unwarranted. I also suspect these feelings will be ?eSced rpr1de as you ompare your abilities and knowleclge with that of future Seagues wEo have graduated from other schools - the d-fference w I am Y . Sooner or later you will view your education in a different light. At that poini you win ue hooked on the tradition that is USC. As a USC qraduate you know what excellence means. You know how to provide the bist denfanreatment for your patients. I am confident that your professional life will be a credit to the principles the faculty has passed on to you. Best wishes for a happy, prosperous, and fulfilling professional career in dentistry. DR. J. MICHAEL DELANEY Associate Dean, Student Affairs DR. ALEX KOPER Director, Continuing Education DR. HOWARD LANDESMAN Associate Dean. Academic Affairs MS. JENNEFER JOLSTEAD Director, Administrative Affairs DR. JACK CONLEY Associate Dean, Clinical Affairs DR. FRANK MCCARTHY Associate Dean, Extramural Affairs ■ .; m 5 1 s 1 I Aly Dr. Ellis Dr. Durschlag Dr. Kahnl Dr. Warner i 1 ' 1 " ' - ffl tBfl rngF t i H 4 , H Dr. Herrick Dr. Avaklan TF " Dr. MIchaelldes r J .- - f V. J • ' MMaHM Dr Delaney Dr. Phillips s . t ■• « Dr, herson fclj v T r Dr Schaefer 28 Dr. Zachary I ' Dr. De ' Mign fi " " i Dr. Wallin I Dr. DeGennaro 3, Dr. Kojpel 4 Dr. Tiber Dr. Gray ■:A ■| %■«» M % s ' ■ 0mm- ■■■ ' ■ ,| , y J Dr. Cooksey f 1 Dr. Richardson 30 Dr. Gayley ■ 4 f , PRICf IISI y i r l fvc .; .. -. » Dr. Pattison Dr. Kornblau Dr Grosso Dr Crockett } r |H| KM HV " ' r. r T " . » K «S; °- Yamada Dr. James Hal|un r. I ' H Dr. Lau «v.: tt» Dr. rokoyama Dr. VIoselh .. Dr. Therell Dr. Reisbeck Dr. Bowers Dr. Arndt Dr. Brown Dr. Browder Dr.iSprlnger TT " I Dr. Tem, Dr. McNamara mjth V-... :i " (m kS i Mf;»CHMN.OrMoT - -, fj i? » Dr. Chan 1 = " m -m I Dr. Kornblau •It , Dr. Ahazai! r ; 4 ■ i ' ' | |,||||,| " l hJ ■:...: 1 - 1 1 mjm i ' Dr. Moss Blair :-x : n ,N l - tfc " : II 42 rzr ir- - ' vi s H W i Hn K 1 f m fi - Srfi i. ' ' ■f ' ■fr, K A j 1 Pil BS » ! 5| ¥ dA r ' BI9 ra ? l ' " H [jtmm S UP 1 8 PHU raHi r y£| ' ' H S m PI I m -J « e- H s - •Sj ■ig»g 5i ••s_. WJ B Kk ' . -w ' 7 mrngsfj L Wk Freshmen L G Lab; The " G " stands For Gun! f this is another D.O. )oing to puke. m - Greatest head in the worldl Would you buy a used car from this man? 51 ' I LAB 54 Uco suft •t- " ORJ ' Hl 1 ::, ;- HV B ' ' S HR M «al[t ' ji BwM ' J 9 ' n Rp ' % 1 W j fcHJi 1 :i-: x Weip myself. - v M . 1 ' •■• ' Ad -tV ev she ►, ... ( aA ' A tWs 1 Y fib 4 WMf ' ' J H slfll ll - wp r A4 w c fj IbBiBb 56 B L A B ' — -.„ THE SUNSET BLVC SUg " BOY. DO I DO HOT WORK " OUR INITI !|L INCIS STARTS HERE . ♦ -- V LONG THE SHORT OF ] I ' LL GET THIS DAMN THING TO OPEN YET! ' KOSHER KIAPPERS Eh, No Monku, you! D L A B Hell, who needs retention! 56 " Vv- JL 1 v ¥ C If ' " . ' ' Guess who ' s got 62 Trojan custom tray 63 STYLE! ELAB AND THIS IS ONLY MY 3.0 SMILE GET THAT DAMN PENCIL OUTA MY EAR, GARY J WOW! MY VERY OWN DENTIST! : DO IT YOURSELF, WAYNE. I PROCLAIM THAT THIS PLACE SUCKS! k y NOW WHERE THE HELL DOES THIS PIECE GO? SHIT!! i DAMN IT! I AM IN CRJ WHATCHA MEAN O O. IN COMPLETE? THEN THIS DH GRABBED MY PANTS AND YOU PEEG! OH NOOO, NOT AGAIN 65 Juniors I What can I do for ya? It makes a great bookend. 9 1 i 66 X Oh this is fun, say ouch again. ' ■ Oh . . hi! Just a minute while I do my nails. Close your eyes and I ' ll kiss you. A bag of peanuts a day keeps hemorroids away. Gee, this is fun. 67 f " S«J — ' , ■,.•-- Just a continental kind of guy the Pits. tnnnj Let ' s see, l 333,323,323.322,222. ' 212:2 H My tongue is If you think you ' re going to do anything more than scale, fbrget It. The missing link is back. Please don ' t urinate in the chair It ' s got to be perfect. You think Sandy will say " yes " Just a little more, there, perfect, perfect. I don ' t even have to look to do this. B.D.O.C. dude D.Q. 3. I t I just got it up and I neopared it. Want to go surfing? r Just another rose What! Your pregnant. I l now I ' m activity chairman, but this is ridiculous. f I ' m not scheduled for a chair til v next April. k. .y Who needs a left arm. ,v ' ,« , ;■ What cSPIfe sa she ha fi ' t- 72 yVanna ride in my porsche. -w V , ' N6, I ' m not a jocl ey ir %iy spare time itwiy Good eye contact I It ' s so much easier when the tooth ' s out of the mo i)t . 4 « ,. 73 v R 74 75 I •1 J v...Nfi, !ll§..flPt, it looks fine. 76 Seniors IT »w n- U.C.S.B. Poll Set, Senior Class Vice Pres,, Alpha Omega Fraternity. -jk niA ' dj- JII ScJi.o } TWe re not using Levin Blacfes, we re using Trac _No wonder you were late for class every 3rning. Mike went through tour years of dental sctiool trying to appear unorganized and a bit messy. Actually, it was just a front to conceal that special Atkov style. While everyone in ' A lab was deciphering th e lab manual, Mike was usually done with the project. No doubt his B.A. in Po litical Science helped him cut through all of the ' B.S. " Being a quiet guy and a hard worker, many people in our class never got to know Ivlike closely. However, I am grateful for the opportunity to be Mike ' s lab partner for two years. There are few people In our class that I respect more. Whenever anyone (especially me) needed class notes or help with a late project, (Vlike was always there, Mike says he may open a chain of " twilight sleep " offices after graduation-with the home office in University Village. If this fails, he may devote his time and energy to revising the GOLD FOIL ATLAS. " I can do this with my eyes cl I now that ought to make her dentures rattle! " Steve Anderson marched through dental school to the turi a different drum. Everything Steve did in dental school reflected his individuality. He did things only on his own terms. Rarely on Monday mornings In the Sophomore year was Steve present for the partial denture lab. Yet when the project was due, he hustled around for a couple of days and presented to the instructors a beautiful, dazzling partial. In fact, all the projects Steve did reflected a high standard of perfection and ability. Steve would also pick and choose which classes he would attend, Steve ' s talents aren ' t limited to dentistry. A visit to Steve ' s " apartment which he shared with Boyd Dansie and Don Atkins demonstrated his ability to raise houseplants, Siamese cats, and Finches. Steve was raised in Sacramento and will probably return there to practice. I wish Steve the best of everything. ou know I cant take an Impression of that yd! " " Why Virginia trims my moustache, of course! " ' Enough nitrous, where ' s the dental hygiene lab. urnji d-Ct hJi kAyiH y0 - ct What can I say about Don Carlos Atkins III? In freshman year Don came to school with a full head of hair but managed to singe most of it in his bunsen burner while waxing up. While polishing his castings, Don more often than not ended up polishing his nose also, which prompted us to call him Rudolph. As a matter of fact, Don worked so hard polishing his Operative Honor Role project, that he was forced to invent the Neopar margin. When it came to making 8:00 classes every morning, Don would somehow drag himself into lecture and sleepily say, " I should be home sleeping! " Oh well, he managed to catch a wink or two during Perio lectures. Don was also quite the Oral Surgeon while in O.S. Block. In between patients, he could be found playing Backgammon in the back room. In his spare time, Don took many trips with Jose and Matt to such exotic places as McDonald ' s, the Redwoods, Eureka and the Grand Canyon. By the way, the three musketeers hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon just to have lunch! All kidding aside, Don has a sense of humor that never quits; he manages to keep his patients laughing no matter what. If a patient complains about the cost of their work, he simply tells them that it is " cheap at half the price! " Don is a very warm, sympathetic and intelligent person and has been a good friend. Good luck to you Don, you ' ll go far. " What do you mean extract the tooth I haven ' t fit the master cone yet. " ' How do we get out of here Jose? sadena City College A. A., San Diego State College B.A. Psychology alth Sciences, Biology. VXl l oA UU %J, c? WaJ " What, they towed my car away! ' ' Ten dollars on Seabisquit in the fifth. 9 ' J ' ou think your Porsche can blow the lors MY VW truck? " Jamie Azdair is a man of many talents and interests. He was a leading proponent of the " If-it-Glows-it-Goes " school, and salvaged many a carved wax fish in pre-clinical tooth carving via his dazzlingly brilliant Azdair Primo-Polish techniques. We could always count on him to have the shiniest denture set-ups. and you had to wear sun-glasses to view his gold castings. He ' s the kind of guy who could enjoy spending hours polishing DMAT bongoes . . . dedication! Jamie is a firm believer in the aTraumatic anesthetic injection technique. In fact, when we first practiced giving injections to our lab partners, he refused to allow me to do it to him. Other interests Jamie had, included a class in self-hypnosis (you can wake up now Jamie!), and marriage to a beautiful girl he hardly knew (is 7 years a long engagement?). Jamie is a good listener and a skilled and very convincing talker when a subject interests him. As my lab partner. Jamie has been a patient advisor and an understanding friend, and I sincerely thank him for it. He has the drive and ambition to be a successful dentist (if they don ' t catch him first), and I wish him the best of luck at it. FAiioaaiMrM Santa Monica College A.A., U.S.C. Dental School First Lady 1977. ' .. ■ iccdJ tt " ' That PFM doesn ' t look green to me She was young and he was nervous. " I ' m not sure what you need, let me check my requirement book. " Jan ' s always had trouble with mashers. Jan started school behind the eight ball. Initially she had to prove to every male in the school that she was competent enough to produce work as well as they could. Guess what? In no time at all she was a winner and everyone quickly forgot that a female was working that handpiece. Everyone that Is, but Joe. ° One can hardly forget that fateful day when Jan and " The Bear " actually fell in love. The auspicious occasion took place while working over a cadaver in the Anatomy lab. After dissecting the rectum, Joe looked up at Jan, and said, " I love you " . This new relationship took the dental school by surprise. Joe was a model husband. He never smoked, drank or chased women. In fact, he was verging on Homosexuality. All kidding aside. Jan is a lovely girl who will make a tine wife, mother and dentist. Good luck to her in the future. " Doctor, please don ' t check this prep. ' " I ' m finishing margins with my new Joe Dandy. " ' SS LosAng ■ .sri Santa Monica City College, U.C.L.A. B.S. Zoology, Unlversidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, Dentistry l lc J - - When Kevin came to dental school at U.S.C. he was already a veteran of dental school (or rather a veteran of foreign war) and thought he had everything under control. However, Kevin soon found out that U.S.C. was a little different than Guadalajara - but at least S.C. is quickly approaching their standards. Once back in L.A., the beaches and volleyball quickly claimed Kevin, but nevertheless, he managed to somehow squeeze dental school into his busy schedule - always having to answer instructors questions about why he was so tanned when everyone else was so pale. Really, though, Kevin did spend many hours in lab, singing until it was time for him to go and hash at the sorority that kept him alive (food-wise) for the first couple of years. His sweet, clear voice could easily be heard above all the radios in the lab, as could George Bogen ' s " SHUT UP KEVIN! " When Kevin got into the clinic he also really got into his patients, one in particular. After that they became like Mutt and Jeff, always together through thick and thin, through class three and resection, through strife and staph. All I have to say about the resection though Kev is " why couldn ' t you have done it before occlusion? " The future for Kevin is sure to hold nothing but happiness and good beach weather, which is certainly a wish from all at U.S.C, and we are positive his dental career will prosper and he will have Pumice and high shine all the days of his life. " What, I ' m supposed to be at a nutrition lecture!? " " Who turned my mobile cabinet over? " btmrm California State University Northridge, B.A. Biology, Alpha Omega Fraternity, Free Lance Musician Bruce: After finisfiing last senior clinic. When Bruce graduates his greatest asset will be his ability to bullshit. Without fail, every weekend Bruce would have new adventures with women, his band, parties, etc. Between Palm Springs, his friend ' s apartment in Malibu, and weekend gigs Bruce went out with more women than you could shake a circumcision knife at (or so the story goes). Whatever he did do on his weekends, he sure tired his bod out; Monday lectures found Bruce nodding off into sweet dreams with his mouth half cocked open. If nothing else, Bruce learned fast the if it glows, it goes. He polished Solnit teeth better than anyone in the lab, and, of course, he was willing to help out a friend, so I ' d flip him my round-out and have a quick shine just before turn in time. (He usually reminded me about it later just for the principle) And, when it came to operative, Bruce was a master at excuses. He always had a reason for his success, failure, and mistakes. In fact, the time he put a tack on my chair and Dr. Clever sat on it he blamed it on Cappelletti. But excuses don ' t imply that Bruce was dishonest, irresponsible, or sneaky just because we were the only two students in the entire lab to miss the same questions on a fixed quiz with the same wrong answers. This was really because we studied so much together, or, at least we started to study. Most of the time was spent listening to Bruce and his damned guitar which will probably be his real love. Dentistry will be more of Bruce ' s bread and butter to support his music habit. It was rare to see Bruce hyper - his last minute exam scrounging doesn ' t count. You could always find him juggling, sleeping, hypnotizing patients, or just plain screwing off in his corner. He was so un-hyper he used to get nervous about being loose. But being loose has nothing to do with the Barrett-Beard grab fanny contest. Here ' s to you, Bruce, the only Jewish kid to invite a Catholic to Passover and celebrate Christmas with the gentiles. Mazeltov, Bruce! J WaA,tu Xa loMi WbUL oa-JL i)u» - J.3 ' IjoV GJU4 (Kj8_ a«. _ I ,IA)-C " W . ' My manikin happens to like Aramis! " 84 Bob Dylan, eat your heart out J.S.C. Chemistry, Sophomore Class President, Newspaper Editor. Student 3ody President. ,g ' The denture final is really canceled? " £.■■- " Oh God. will dental school be this bad? " • ' I ' m telling you sweetheart, my work is " tits " ' The big trout is in my pants. ' " Bear " . as we so often hear Joe affectionately called, was a specialist from the beginning, he always loved anatomy, or so we thought. When no one else showed up to class. Joe was always dissecting. We later found out it wasn ' t just anatomy he loved, it was women ' s anatomy; actually it was one woman ' s anatomy . . . Jan ' s. He loved it so much that he married her and from then on it was fun with the " Beierle and Bailee Circus " . Joe ' s great sense of humor surfaced often during Operative finals. We all remember him dressing up as Santa Claus and giving out Vaseline for Christmas. Or the time, after having retried beans for lunch, he blamed his own foul odors on me as the instructor came over to grade my prep. But. by far the most memorable event was when we placed a thumb tack on Joe ' s chair, during finals, and he had Dr. Clever sit on it by accident. Joe thought he would have to give his first CPR. In addition to his many hobbies (hunting, fishing, playing grab-ass) and interests (lovely Jan), Joe made time to serve us not only as Sophomore class president, and editor of the " Tongue Thrust " , but also as Student Body President. This display of leadership is only one of his many fine qualities. Joe is an excellent operator, an honest person (disregarding Pedo and Occlusion quizzes) and his concern for his patients, friends and colleagues will make him a super dentist. Having him for a lab partner and friend was one of the nicest things that happened to me in dental school. Thanks Joe. for all your hard work and good luck from all of us. 85 U.S.C. Biology, Psi Omega Fraternity a -e«cX e .x ZciJi .e. ■Oh. will you quit playing with that airhose down there! ' Let me know if it hurts. ' Chris and Wayne. I Chris entered school already aware of the psychological bullying of the first trimester, because of a part time Df AT job. Chris mastered most of the early problems of tooth carving without resorting regularly to her bunsen burner. From there it was all downhill. Chris was a charter member of the optisil waxing study club, a veteran of the black friday operative sessions with Bradbury and Bryman. Chris is also going on doing research in a new cyanoaccyralate technique for cementing gold foil. Beyond her obvious talents technically, Chris is a past master of the " get by " method. Seriously Chris is a good technical dentist. Chris has been a good lab partner and friend. She is one of the most organized people in our class and I could always count on her to bail me out with notes or pieces of equipment I had misplaced. If Chris had one hang-up it had to be the fact that at under 5 feet she was sensitive to jokes about working intra-orally standing up on the patient ' s tongue. That and the fact that she had overcompensated for her height by marrying Wayne at 6 ' 4 ' led to some awkward positions. Overall I don ' t know whether dentistry will be the same without my little buddy. Oregon State University, Lab A Veteran, Editor 1978 El Molaro. g)o- C .vx o,. Sc. xJl o .4- J ' Jtry Jim left " God ' s Country " in Eugene, Oregon to conne to dental school here at U.S.C. When he recovered from the shock of smog and life in the ghettos of L.A., Jim had to contend with Dr. Solnifs dental anatomy class, better known as tooth carving. Like everyone else, Jim ' s first tooth looked more like an ice cream cone than a tooth and this depressed him to the point that he was sure he would never be a dentist. Needless to say, Jim learned to carve halfway decent teeth and successfully completed the course! Jim also tended to be a worry wart concerning exams, always feeling sure he had done poorly on them; his fears were ill-founded since he always excelled academically and more often than not was the one responsible for bringing up the curve for the rest of us! Probably the worst thing that ever happened to Jim was taking General Pathology. From day one of the class, he started having severe headaches and other symptoms, and after referring to his Merck Manual he was sure he had a brain tumor or some form of brain cancer. After appropriate tests, his neurologist quickly dismissed his fears and Jim ' s wife Claudia hid his Merck Manual. In spite of this. Jim could still be seen sitting in class taking his pulse every now and then just to be sure he was still alive! Why Jim worried so much was a mystery to us all since he completed all his requirements almost two semesters early and passed all his clinics with little difficulty. For the next few years, Jim will be working for the Army to pay back his scholarship; after that it will probably be going home to Oregon for Jim and Claudia. We wish you the best of luck! Thanks for being a great lab partner, Jim, and please don ' t develop any ulcers! ' Anything for a friend. 1 Jim and Claudia Sylva and her pride and joy. ' Please, no more school mom. Vf -V. Sylva has all the energy in the world. Not only did she raise a family while going to school, but was famous for her last ditch efforts which turned out perfection in most cases, except for her now patented " instacast " technique. Not only an excellent operator, but Sylva has a heart of gold to go with her talented hands. Most of all, Sylva loves her daughter, to whom these words of wisdom are dedicated. If a child lives with criticisin. He learns to condemn. If a child lives with hostility. He learns to fight. If a child lives with ridicule. He learns to be shy. If a child lives with shame, He learns to feel guilty. If a child lives with tolerance. He learns to be patient. If a child lives with encouragement. He learns confidence. If a child lives with praise. He learns to appreciate. H a child lives with fairness He learns justice. If a child lives with security. He learns to have faith. If a child lives with approval. He learns to like himself. If a child lives with acceptance, and friendship. He learns to find love in the world Best of Juck in the future Sylva, we ' re all very proud of you. McGill University Biochemistry, Vice Pres. ASC of McGill University S-3 ' " Anybody seen my casting? " M ]:m: iri.i Kt. Alison and George Dr. George Los Angeles, ' -CSBforfMa ' JS.M.C, U.C.L.A. B.S. Zoology, V.A.G. School of Dentistry, Santa Barbara IMalacoiogical Society, Yearbook Editor, A.T.E. TMSif . he ' " " ' No thanks, one yearbook is snough. " Calcium carbonate in the most esthetic form. ::-, V-i!!f, ' ' . ' : ;;; ' --, " They ' re not paging me again, are they? " Well, there is one thing for sure, George will never have to worry about being bored. I don ' t think it possible while moving 100 miles per hour all the time. George has many minor hobbies which take up much of his time, diving and surfing are two. But, his true love Is collecting shells. A visit to George ' s apartment is like a trip to the Scripps Institute, salt water aquariums, coral, Samoan artwork and above all, shells. If only old George could turn all his knowledge of those shiny little gems into a profit, he could retire from dentistry without ever having to practice. More likely dentistry will turn out to be just one mpre of George ' s many interests. After all, it ' s going to be difficult to fit patients into hiS: schedule between modeling and that six-foot swell at Malibu. So to George I wish the best of luck. After all, anyone who could survive Guadalajara to become the S.C. senior class " God of Endo " deserves it. L.A. Pierce Jr. College, California State University Northridge, Psi Omega Fraternity. " She ' s snnilin ' because I haven ' t started After " Mom, I w ant to come home Bolley is your basic quiet Mr. Nice Guy - never a bad word for anybody, except instructors, and then alw ays discretely behind their backs (such as when Dr. Herrick combed his hair during a senior clinic). Jim came to S.C. from " the valley " with five years experience n lab work which undoubtedly helped him to wax-up his way through tooth carving. He didn ' t let dental school interfere with the James Bollinger Dental Laboratory, however, as he split the time preclinically between S.C, his niche as Psi-O, his lab in Woodland Hills and the Santa Monica Freewa y astride his motorcycle, rain or shine. Bolley hit clinic with a bang-and promptly invested thousands in Unitek ' s finest procelain set up and had to do lab work feverishly day and night to pay it off. No problem-he first made a reputation as master of cast gold and procelain (Dr. Berson said " no " ), but by the beginning of his senior year the facts emerged like pits in a gold foil - Bolley had only done three ama Igams-and two of those were on special clinics. Seriously, there was no one around school that didn ' t have a good word to say about Bolley. He was a great lab partner (and occasional roommate) who will, I ' m sure, go on to be an excellent dentist. " You know you can ' t change your clinic from a foil to an alloy in the middle of the prep. " ' I s this back bar set up right? " looks like this scrap might be gold. " Stanford University B.S., Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity. 3 i fy-yx J Z Vc t-i 5e . - ' - 2 - _ 3-3 0)0 c: Curt Brohard came to us a finished product of Leiand Stanford University. Even on the first day it vi as obvious Curt would be head and shoulders above the rest of the class. Curt ' s acceptance to dental school was based on two outstanding collegiate achievements. 1) He played football for Stanford. 2) He dated a girl whose garage floor rotated 180° so she would never have to back her car out of a garage. Thus eminently qualified. Curt was prepared to excel. Preclinical academics however quickly proved to be misery for Curt. He soon found out that he had to spend at least one hour every other week studying in order to keep up with the class. Curt took to the preclinical lab courses like a duck to water. He was probably the first to realize that one ' s olfactory organ was far more important to good grades, than were one ' s hands. Forced by operative finals to spend longer than his usual 10 minutes per prep, Curt ' s morale hit it ' s low ebb. Curt left preclinical studies residing somewhat near the top of the class. Clinic memories can at best be described as a blurr since one of Curt ' s most closely guarded secrets was that he was finished with 1864 points and all requirements about half way into trimester 6. Curt ' s fondest clinical memory is of special clinic 4. He passed the V foil barely with 2 instructors signatures. Thinking that they were not adequately impressed. Curt decided to impress Dr. Kahn. Dr. Kahn promptly hooked the gingival and pulled the foil out. He gave Curt a and was duely impressed. Poor Curt became somewhat of an every emotional cripple after every roommate he had moved out. Looking to soothe the hurt. Curt first joined Psi Omega fraternity. The Delts pulled the recruiting coup of the era when it lured Curt away from his beloved Psi-O ' s with the promise he would be 50% of their 6 man intramural football team. Curt ' s mastery of parsimony is legend. On more than one occasion his colleagues swore they had seen him produce blood from a turnip. Determined not to be dull. Curt subscribed to Time Ivlagazine and pursued the finer points of Japanese sword club meetings and opera. That about sums it up-Goodbye Curt, its been big! " You mean this ape is gonna by my dentist?! " Teen-angel What a way to waste a Monday! University of California Riverside and Davis, B.S. Zoology, Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity, O.K.U. (X- ■(fvt--%7 -j XU ' ' : ,u-e .- ' ' -f- ' - C-r j Z ,,. Leolin T. Brusfi, better known as Ted, was marvelous to watcfi in action. During our pre-clinical years as A-15 and A-16, Ted misplaced anytfiing and everything and it was all " stolen " . Whether it was during Fixed Pros under ideal conditions with ideal typodont teeth supervised by ideal instructors or during Operatiave and their similar but yet different ideals, Ted managed to misplace his mamentarium, his manikin, his gold, his honor roll project, his cubicle . . . Those lab years were worth remembering. Like the time Operative demanded certain set-ups, teeth with no caries (after all, decay isn ' t ideal . . . ). So Ted called his dad, the dentist, and two days later airmail from Bellflower comes an envelope containing the perfect tooth with surrounding osseous and the proper amount of blood ... or how about the time when we gave our first injections-on each other. Ted calmly reassured me that he had given lots of shots-on horses. Will I miss Ted? Hell, yes. I survived pre-clinical because of him. During the coming years I ' ll always wonder how many times Ted will misplace his operatories, staff and office. And how he ' ll ever find them without me . . . Thanks for everything, Ted. ' What ' s to smile about? " ' You think you can do it better? ' T ..rLfixJUiAA X , Moorea and Napoleon " You mean you ' ll give me two foils? ' I " I know they ' re big. but they ' re not out to here! " Michelle Buchanan-Von Florrntin Kriebel, otherwise known to many as " Toots " has the distinction of having the largest name tag in the schools history. Her other claim to fame shall go unmentioned for professional reasons. Actually Michelle was the perfect lab partner. She not only always had her life organized but knew where I should be and where I should go. And believe me she never hesitated to tell me where to go. That is the very thing I like best about Michelle, her sincere attitude and honest way she deals with life. However, that ' s not to say she can ' t be a real stinker at times. But at least you don ' t have to wonder what Michelle thinks of things. In a place like the dental school a little frank honesty is welcome. So to you Michelle I wish a happy and productive life, even if you are a chick! ■Where the hell is that chart? ' Occidental College, B.A., L.A.D. S., M.D.S.A., Mobile Clinic " This wheel trims nails pretty good. --• " r ; ?!; " O.K., just take one " No way, my picture ' s not goin ' in this yearbook! " Back in the early days up on the third floor, things often got a little rough. You could look over at Jose, and with a low groan start to murmur Zaaa . . . Zaaa . . . Zaaa. By the third sexy Zaaa, old ZAZU would start to crack a big healthy grin. If you kept it up long enough you ' d hear him laugh and shout " All-right! " Things could be terrible, moods running low, but you could always count on Jose to cheer up when the conversation turned to sex. Once we made it to the second floor, Jose really got busy. His patients realized that they lucked out and got a dentist that really cared. He was busy, but never too busy to help out his fellow cell-mates. Well, the moustache has darkened up quite a bit, but other than that, Jose has remained pretty much the same after four years of dental school. He came here extremely idealistic and very much community minded. Somehow, he is managing to escape with his idealism intact, and he is now even more involved with the community than when we Having been associated with the mobile clinic since his freshman year, Jose has been inexorably moving up in status in that highly regarded organization. He likes kids and working on solving their dental needs has always been high on his list of priorities. There is no doubt that we ' ll be hearing about a community leader named Jose Bustos in the years to come. West Los Angeles College A.A., B.A. Calif. Slate University Long Beach, Calif. Standard Teaching Credential, Oral Pathology Clinical Oncology Fellowship. ' V imA Rick and Lynn Rick Bynes moves fast. He got through the pre-clinical years In a hurry. After a slow start in the sciences, things picked up immeasurable when we got to the hand classes. Those were no problem with his industrial arts background (we had more shelves than we knew what to do with). Our relationship was stormy pre-clinically but we became the best of friends after leaving the third floor. Rick ' s ability to do five things simultaneously on several patients never ceased to amaze me. His excess energies brought him quick results in the form of completed work. I ' ve learned to admire him for his concern and devotion to his friends. Rick ' s quick wit and mind will bring him many rewards. " What did you say about mothers? " " No, you can ' t use me for clinics. ' tL ' N-3 " Well, Christ Cappeletti, if Brohard ' s in the pool ... " " If Dr. Bryman doesn ' t like these margins, then I ' m going to red line his eye. " Gary first came to ' A " Lab ' s attention when, in the first few weel s of school, he almost had a nervous breakdown due to his temporary inability to handle the now famous " Cappelletti Carver " . Upon its mastery. Cap (as he was referred to, along with a few other descriptive terms) went on to even greater challenges; such as, an imitation of Mac Templeton that would have made Rich Little eat his heart out, as well as a remarkable recovery of a wax pattern that a certain " coach " felt would look better shaped like a football rather than a first molar. Gary knew more ethnic, religious, wife, and girl friend jokes than anyone I ever met. And, when he wasn ' t gracing the lab with that repetoire, you could probably find him commenting on how well the operative finals were going, Clever(ly) making sure an instructor got the point, or trying to incinerate his lab partner. That last incident was Gary ' s only failure in school (thank God). However, had it not been for the heroic actions of engine company 224 (thanks Rick) it might have been different. Gary turned out to be the most unlucky guy in the history of dental school when it came to keeping cars around. After having his first car stolen, the rental car which he was using was totaled while parked outside the dental school (only two days later). He obtained a new car, only to have that one stolen a few months later. Finally, the third, and newest car, was found in its parking place at his apartment one morning minus its front wheels. Well, hopefully, he ' ll have better luck in the San Francisco area where he plans to set up practice. He sure won ' t need any as a dentist, we all know he ' ll be a fine one. B.S. Biology, University of California Riverside, Delta Sigma Delta Fraternit; " No, Doctor Walker, my barber didn ' t retire. " 96 " Doctor Gary Cappelletti please report to oral surgery immediately! ' till I " John, one of your foil patients is on the phone. ' Dr. John G. Bishop West Covina, Calif. i.S. Zoology Cal Poly Pomona Calif., Vice President Delta Sigma Delta •raternity, A.A.D.S. Pacific Regional Correspondent. " What do you say guys out? " is she checking me " Come on boys, let ' s go! " ' Dr. Crawford, you mean I can ' t get n til ' 74! " John was accepted to dental school the night before classes started. As an eager freshman, he was anxious to make an example of the Admissions Office ' s lack of ability to judge talent, and did so by being the only person in Lab A to get As in both operative and fixed prostodontics. In his sophomore year, Bish made his mark in Removeable Pros-thodontics (which he refers to as " loose " proctodontics " ) by staging his own one man fire show. It started when Bruce Beard lit poor John ' s right sock on fire with droplets of flaming alcohol, resulting in the sock being burnt off to the shoe. The show continued 30 minutes later when his lab partner threw a flaming alcohol torch onto Bish ' s lab bench, spilling more liquid flames onto John ' s bench, scab box, and chair. The show was concluded when ex-Fresno fireman Richard Cohrs grabbed the lab fire extinguisher and " put-out " the bench, scab box, chair, and Bish. When he entered the clinic as a junior, John went through his first 1000 business cards in one week - a school record, which, however was broken by his roommate, Chris Truhan, this last fall. As a senior. John was Vice-President of the mighty Delta Sigma Delta fraternity and played a viscious cornerback for the school ' s football team (although he would have given his right testicular artery to play QB). In the last 4 years, John has proved to be a great friend to me as well as a credit to his school, his fraternity and most important, his profession. He was also an excellent student and a fine lab partner. I ' ll never forget you and I wish you the best . . . forever! 97 4 • i to4 B - ' m is ' ' ' f t g w ' w K r V 1 -«a dt - ►.,. " ' Oh no, another denture ruined by melite bur. ' U.C. Berkeley. ' I don ' t look like Dr. Kim. I remember meeting Matthew at orientation; he was smiling and friendly in every way. And somehow, with all the stress and stains of this institution, he managed to retain that composure while the rest of us went down the drain. If you ever needed help, (vlatthew would still be there anyway! In fact, I never knew anyone that worked as hard as he did . . . evenings and weekends included! Just about midway through the curriculum, Matthew decided to get married. Now that I think about it, it was about that time Matthew started coming in a little late every morning (Hmmm? Never lost that smile?) Even then, he always was consciencious and did well; and with all the competitive spirit, he ALWAYS supported and helped everyone with an encouraging word. Good luck to you Matthew! We all know you ' ll succeed out in the real world. Hollywood! Hollywood ' s exgirlfriend. I passed my cinics! Stanford University, Alpha Tau Epsilon, O.K.U., Commercial Pilot. „w I, r " t ' " f ' We 4Via+ ■Ji ever |od o d do .. Actually , p ,b ( , 7 I hope he doesn ' t make us turn this in. " Finger rest, check! Wrist lock, check! Okay for take off! " ■ " You want me to fly what out of Mexico! " The moment he finished carving the Right Central, Russell was designated to breeze through school, and I realized I was in for trouble. A gifted individual, Russell would succeed in any chosen profession barring, of course, sex counselor. Besides his excellence in both academic and clinical work, Russell is a talented musician, sometimes I wonder if he developed his dexterity by practicing on his banjo. During the preclinical days, school was so easy for him that he took up his latest hobby— flying; naturally he is a high flying pilot now. Having Russell as a partner actually is a blessing in disguise. Even though it had caused a lot of mental anguish and undue suffering, it pushed me to try harder. One had to, if you ever had Dr. Bryman grade your preclinical prep right after evaluating Russell. (The only solution is to work faster than Russell) I wish Russell the best whether he is flying or practicing dentistry. •s. U.S.C. B.S. Dentistry of .4ta ATCOrCt :4 UCL J ■We always ventilate our crowns " ' Rick, what are you doing in my picture? " " No, I won ' t move. " JB»»-. il " Who ' s pushy? " Margaret got married immediately before starting dental school, but it wasn ' t detrimental to her dental career, as is often the case. In fact, since her husband, Dennis, was in medical school it was a help. Since the dominant entertainers of A Lab (Cappelletti and Bynes) weren ' t at our end of the lab, I had to find some way of entertaining myself. So I tried to get Margaret to laugh at " spicy " jokes. I was lucky, however, to get any acknowledgment at all when I exposed her to a bit of levity. Margaret isn ' t real out-spoken on most subjects, but she is really into fish and aquariums. We didn ' t have that in common at first, but then I became " hooked. " Margaret and Dennis drove me all around L.A. to show me the best fish stores and many a weekend were spent gazing into the tanks. I ' m surprised that Margaret never kept an aquarium at school for all of those carnuba fish she carved. I have to give Margaret a lot of credit for finishing four years of dental school, because if my spouse was a physician I probably would not have put up with the B.S. of dental school. " Next time, take them out of the plastic bag first! " Dr. -Ri0}gMti !,,pbhr FrBsnS, Calif. California State University, Fresno, B.A. Zoology yar ' gnt Pf.awyrrJii " The Secret of my fine light beer. ' C-rJCLK. C i iy e . oaj , . ' Who is that dentist behind that wiry beard and horned rim glasses. The one who makes everyone feel like his life-long friend, capable of laughing out loud at anyone ' s joke, even the L.A. Times funnies. It ' s Rick, the cowboy from Fresno, who can shear a dozen sheep (the quick way) before breakfast, can play your favorite song on his guitar, can show you a museum collection of expensive fish that didn ' t make it in his salt water aquarium, can shittle most anything out of any piece of anything and even knows the latest baby jokes. Rick seems destined to be one of those warm, caring country dentists with a hundred hobbies and a thousand firends. While the rest of us concentrate on dentistry, Rick will be out studying the mating habits of whales (6 ft. by 10 inches . . . really Rick?) Sometimes it seems easier to imagine Rick guiding nature trail walks, or capturing neutobrachs in the act with his camera, than it is to imagine him as a dentist. We can ' t figure out how Rick can get any work done in someone ' s mouth the way he keeps them rolling all over the cubicle in laughter. ' Close encounters of the wasted kind! " M m ' My wife likes the ' shaggy ' look. ' still love the way you come up behind me. ' Greg (what committee is he on now?) Cole was by no means a stranger on the U.S.C. Campus. Born and raised in El Segundo, he graduated from the " main campus " in 1973 with a major in Biology (and a minor in campus politics). After four years, Greg knew where enough bodies were buried to gain admission to the dental school. Greg ' s pre-clinical career was characterized by diligence and perserverence. Not that there was never a discouraging word from B-1, but any set back was only temporary. Long hours and hard work finally paid off and he was turned loose downstairs. Greg achieved instant rapport with patients by reciting the Dental Practice Act while working. He wasn ' t trying to bore them, he just liked all that legal jargon. It seemed like Greg spent more time at committee meetings than in the clinic. That never seemed to affect the quality (or quantity) of his wo rk. As of the writing, Greg is unsure of his future plans. Whether he stays in California or heads for Washington, D.C. (behind closed door politics?) Greg will be a real asset to his profession. U.S.C. B.S., University of Oklahoma, President ' s Advisory Council. Committees on Management, Promotions and Student Rights, Psi Omega Fraternity. " No, I wasn ' t born in Plains and no, I don ' t drink beer! " 102 Greg doing his lab work. ' I ' m sorry about your crown, I ' ll see if I can get it off the celling for you. ' U.S.C. B.S. Biology . . . want to buy an articulator, cheap? " ?! " ?. " These Denars are easy to adjust Dan Crowley owns Tommy Trojan! Dan ' s USC heritage goes back so far that his family even possesses one of th e universities finest assets - a baseball team. Dan was raised in Los Angeles, weaned at the Coliseum, and educated (received his diploma) at Loyola High. In being such a community notable he entered USC as fledgling predent. Some of his more earth-moving achievements were: tops in invertebrate biology (do earthworms have teeth?); tops in histology (that can ' t be an earthworm?) and tops in histo-technique (Ouch!). Dan entered dental school. The quiet man of 8 Lab was hardly noticed until grades came out - or until an instructor sta rted comparing student ' s work. Again Dan was tops He always helped others; loaned out tons of notes and did a job that would make even Tommy blush. Dan with his quiet humility and truly professional demeanor will be remembered. Best of luck Dan in all your future endeavors. 103 y " The prep ' s fine, but your bur block is incorrectly arranged I U.S.C, Alpha Tav Epsilon, Freshman Class President. ' W ' Family dentistry. No, we already have some, thank you. i?S K55» " BK " " af ' - ' " " ir m Cs. ' -W . : " fc L ,l - ' Mk v ' H B ' ' Having mastered the basics by the end of the first month, Darrel turned his attention to politics. As Craig Schlie observed at the time, he was " the one who was always trying to sell us things " while running for class office. Suckers that we were, we bought the lamps and elected him Freshman Class President. Wisely, he retired from office about the same time the lamps began to snap in half. Mine gave up the ghost in the middle of an operative final. It was a real tragedy because I was using the 1000 watt globe to anneal my gold foil. Looking back I remember that Darrel was a good student . . . well sort of. And he had terrific " hands " . Plus he was a great humanitarian. He saved dozens of us from the brink with his famous " emergency wax luting technique " . If Al Solnit had only known, 3 4 of us wouldn ' t be here. He kept busy holding down a " lab job " , skiing, staffing the mobile clinic, partying with George, Rock, Jamie, Furgie or just about anybody who had some " stuff " . On top of It all he found time to romance then marry Kathy. He advanced on into the clinic where he left most of us far behind. He does outstanding work, he Is competent and responsible and is always ready to help ... he would never make it as a faculty member . . . what bigger compliment can I pay him? " oyd smiling through another mechanical exposure. Special Clinic Set Up. Dr.Beyd H. Dansi Riverlon, Utah B.Y.U., B.S. Microbiology, Chemistry aJUaaL QuAiu AO 4dc« m , r re ' s Boyd? Isn ' t H.B. here today? Where the hell is your jartner? These were just a few of the comments I heard jghout my pre-clinical days. Even though Harold was a nan, I looked up to him. He spent the least amount of in the lab during those years as I knew anyone but ys seemed to come out well ahead of everyone. t first day I met H.B. was in one of those very boring IV seminars. Boyd was well onto his way to the top in the truction business before he came to the dental school, goal and desire to make a lot of money, being his own and work short hours were immediately shattered when 300D doctor told Boyd everything he didn ' t want to hear, t ' s when he really got crazy. He tried to convert everyone and everything into a morman. He even tried to reconvert l ike Furguson, of course, with no luck. Most of us know that ' s when H.B. and Steve Anderson got to be real close; how close some of us still wonder. Boyd let Steve move in as soon as he was baptized, this was to begin a very close friendship, Boyd enjoyed many activities, among his favorite were bike riding along the beach and hiking and camping. Just recently d has taken an interest in girls and has gotten married to eautiful D ' Anne. I know that the fine dilegent work Boyd put into his dental school career will be carried out into his professional career and he will be as fine a dentist as he is a person. Kathy and I jjjjj always remember you and will be looking forward to Ifig you after graduation. " Ya, I ' m a stud when I wear a tie. ' Boyd, always willing to help " My back is killing me Loyola Marymount University, B.S. Civil Engineering, L.A.D.S. ■Mrs. Fowkes is looking for me? ' M:,ii ' :f;mm4 -CC ' Jacc n jeX j::; ;Jfyioyhcc Although trying to maintain a low profile, Marco was responsible for some outstanding achievements In his preclinical years. As a freshman, he broke the school record for setting his hair on fire with a bunsen burner. During his sophomore year, he was noted for stepping on more temporaries than he cemented. Once he had the entire lab on hands and knees searching for that ' primo ' interim restoration that had to be checked in three minutes. CRUNCH - oh well, it looks like the instructor found it. Instead of letting his frustrations out by screaming at and or bludgeoning a red-striper who just pimped him, Marco would dance. He and Tina would entertain us at lunch with a rousing rendition of ' The Bump " , interrupted by the ' Flamenco ' and terminated with the ' Mexican Hat Dance ' . After being shown how to ' Gator ' , Marco hit the floor with such verve that Dr. Malamed came running with a tongue blade yelling something about ' Grand Mai ' . Yes, there was always some nervous energy racing through Marco and if he can channel it into his practice, then he Is bound to be successful. Best of luck, amigo. " Darn, another casting ruined by the sudden bounce off the floor! " Ya, graduation will be nice. WH::, -! ml. t WSSU ' W " : : m: mk W(r University of Arizona, B.S. M.S., O.K.U. " God, you do have bad breath. " Bet you couldn ' t pull bunnies like that out of a hat. " Jeff and Cece. Cece says it ' s my best feature. Jeff came in with a redneck image, but behind the All-American look, the trim haircut, the saddle shoes (eat your heart out Dr. Riley) and the All-American peppy (now pregnant) wife CeCe, stands a warm goodlooking All-American guy. He always please d and sometimes tortured B-lab with his sight gags, drawings, and jokes. Most memorable were his drawings of how Dr. Soule first discovered pseudo-strafifed columnar epitheluim and Dr. Riley ' s submersible. He taught us the physically exhausting dance-the gator, initiated the 2nd annual Roger Riley Day, and became foosball champion of the dental school. Out side Jeff ' s lighter side are his " golden hands " . Never a day passed that there wasn ' t heard from the B-6 corner- " Oh no, I really screwed this! " or " I just blew It " . After awhile you realized that for Jeff to blow any preparation he would need both thumbs tied together, be blindfolded, and using a dull bardparker to cut it. Jeff has formed many friendships and with his relaxed attitude, easy wit, and with first class dentistry he and his new family will certainly do extremely well in the uncongested deserts of Arizona and will be missed in Los Angeles. Cal. State Long Beacti, U.S.C. Deans List, Honor Student. . z - : i- p, " What, it ' s snowing in Mammoth? " " I can ' t move without coffee. ' ' Why don ' t you open your jacket like me? ' What did you have for lunch Leon? Leon is the younger half of the infamous " Desimone Brothers " . Contrary to what is believed of the Weissman brothers, Leon and Ross aren ' t twins nor do they compete between themselves for the highest number of clinic points. Instead they see who can take the longest vacations and date the most hygienists. Leon has a lot to be thankful to Ross for though. Ross dropped back a whole year in school just to help Leon out. Well, it makes a good rumor anyway. Ever since Leon entered dental school, he has demonstrated his " born to be a dentist " abilities to do well with a minimum amount of effort. (It must be in the blood.) Except for some basic sciences, he breezed through pre-clinical and even felt comfortable taking some short vacations . . . like for a week or more in the middle of various trimesters! Now that man knows a good life style! Even though Leon lives quite a bit for today, he still is planning for tomorrow. His Dad has the practice covered, so while other people are worrying about what kind of practice to set up, Leon is deciding the right car to drive. He has already experimented with Cadillacs, Corvettes, and Porsches, and is probably only slightly less prepared than Azdair to face the real world and the used car market. All in all, we were lucky to have Leon in our class, and to keep him there. He decorated our clinic with his flashy clothes and the faculty parking lot with his cars, and it was a cold day in hell when there wasn ' t a smile on his face. " Get down " , Leon. ' Think I ' ll make enough to foot the bill? " ■ S ' r C.S.U.L.B. " Gee honey, looks like we ' re gonna loose another one. ' The day Henry Duncan walked into his first class of Dental School, no one knew what to expegt of this young, Black stranger with a hugh natural, high-heeled shoes, and smoking a fancy pipe. He had a quiet forcefulness about him that seemed a little unsettling to the students around him. Henry was a stranger for only a short time, quickly he became one of the most well-liked people in " 8 " Lab. He was always helping learning from his fellow colleagues. I think Henry established himself on the first exam has not looked back since. Undoubtedly he will be an inspiration to the Profession to the community wherever he wishes to practice. Good Luck, DR. " D " . " This is livin ' ? " " I said we ' d do it together, and we did! " . -»e . -i- ' Polishing, always polishing. Relaxing at home. What can you say about Hugh? From the beginning he was always on top of things. Half of Lab B depended on him for everything from anatomy to dental materials. In the middle of his work he would always find time to help someone else. Hugh remained calm and happy while the rest of us were frustrated and depressed. How did he do it? In the clinic. Hugh continued his good work and helpfulness. If you needed a solution to a problem people would point you to him. His patients, which included fellow students and faculty, really appreciated his work. Hugh, in his spare time, traveled through northern California, rebuilt his old Porche, rebuilt his kitchen, and just for fun, did a full mouth reconstruction on his mom. The one amazing thing about Hugh was his lack of outward ego. While some would pontificate on their godlike ability and skills- Hugh would calmly go on trying to figure out some way to do things better. It ' s a shame that Hugh, with all his talent, will probably practice in an obscure corner of northern California- hell, he could be Dean in two years. Anyway, most of the cisss of 1978 knows how helpful Hugh was and is - and wish he and his wife Elaine their best. Santa Ana College, U.C. Irvine Vice President A.T.E., Marsh Robinson Oral Surgery Study Club, Southern California Academy of Oral Pathology. E " bo y ' Young glassman. " God, I thought Valium lasts only half an hour. " University. B.A. Political Science. Psi Omega President. A.T.E. - tC-S- e A q :: Xrso4 - ,vj f4- NWveOsX; v aD .. . Caution: Puerta Vallarta may be hazardous to your bacheiourhood. Get me to the clinic on time ry look with pump spray for " Wanna hear about my Porsche. ' For " Wheels " , dental school started out as a very traumatic experience in that he was accepted three weeks late. However, when asked for a reason why this happened. Steve sheds all responsibility and points a " saluting finger " in the direction of the admissions office and says, " those peop le don ' t know how to judge talent! " The first three or four months of school were ones of long hours of study for Steve, until he got his Porsch - then all hell broke loose. He no longer was known as " the guy who came in three weeks late, " but rather as " the guy that knows all of the DHs. " Steve ' s hobbies while at school include being with his girlfriend, washing his car, sailing his Hobie-Cat. tennis, showing his car to people before class, and writing on the walls in the third floor restroom. Two unforgetable things happened to Steve during his senior year. First, he became engaged and lost a $5 bet to Cappelletti, and second, he witnessed his alma-mater, Stanford, get beat by U.S.C. in football 49-0. Yes, 49-0. As for the future. Steve ' s planning a June wedding and continuing his education in Oral Surgery. From the looks of things, he ' ll be going from four years of hard labor to three years of solitary confinement. During the last four years. Wheels has shown both excellence in the classroom and expertise with his hands-no wonder he has one of the top three grade points in the class. But. in years to come, this all will be secondary to the fact that " Wheels " is one helluva great guy who all of us will never forget. Northwestern University, B.A. Biology " Come on Lois, knock it off! ' ,, L L " All men act this way around me. ' Diane, young and innocent The Forrest at rest in " Sweet Water Junction. " Citrus College, Kansas State University Calif. Poly Pomona, B.D.S.A. President, Student Admissions Committee. " Hey bigtime, want to see some cherry dentistry? " Can ' t see the Forrest for the trees? Not so with Art around, at least not if he had some gold work with him. Then it was can ' t see the gold for the shine. Known for his willing to give anything a try to make it more shinny. Art quickly became the experimentor of B lab (like putting floor wax on his denture set up). " Now Art, you gotta know that stuff " became words for Art to live by. Being one of the hardest workers, he was never afraid of opening the " Book " , discouraged by late nights in lab, or beaten by 90 miles of freeway every day for 4 years. He was the kind of guy to search out the hardest of instructors while most of us were looking for, shall we say, a less demanding alternative. Art, together with his wife Leslie, have created some very fine jewelry by the " Black Forrest " . As if all this weren ' t enough, he was also a member of the Admissions Committee (is it all right to say that, now. Art?) And in his spare time he was enjoying his family and painting his study casts. Quite a guy, I ' m sure that Art will go far (at least as far as Pomona) and whatever he does, be it jewelry or dentistry, it will certainly be a work of Art! " See daddy, I did brush all of my teeth " R. 4 y c__ Skak " What, a T.G. at the Psi O? Awc h Yj±± VoiOt l 5. ' Ho(lKi There will be a saga In the years to come about a dental student that everybody knew of, but nobody could tell you what he looked like. The " Invisible Student " is none other than (Calvin)? Alex Fuqua. Due to the fact that for 2 years I sat next to him, I learned to recognize him thru his many clever disguises. From the astute Biochemist and Anatomist to the Funky lead guitarist of Tumbling Dice, Alex flowed with chameleon like grace. Full-bearded every other 61 2 days, Alex maneuvered thru clinic with no one instructor able to identify him for remedial grading. The gold foil wizard could astound everyone by removing his glasses and producing perfection. Macro-vision Alex called it. A very sensitive man, Alex blended in with any group of people without a ripple. There ' s no smell other than success as Alex heads into married life, rock stardom and of course dental professionalism. As a dentist, Alex can smile when leaving this school when people ask, " Who was that masked man. " " Wow, have you seen the new hygiene class. " Alex during finals. 114 =.I.S.L., H.P.S.L., Student Life Funding, Bank of America, Dental Bool store, J.C.B., Alumni Loan, Work Study, Dial Finance, Loan Sharks. OO Furgeson getting tubed going backside, El Porto. .■ ' JC , 4 , ■| love ttiese no shows " ' It ' s coming in tonight by parachute! " " Our most difficult patient. " Someday, as you walk along a beautiful beach at dawn and stop to gaze at the shimmering waters- you may see the silhouette of a crazy seagull against the sunrise. But he won ' t be of the feathered variety (though he may be flying high at the time!). No, this unusual, redcrested creature, whose major habitat is the ocean, will be none other than tvlike Furgeson, catching those first big waves. As you might have noticed, Mike doesn ' t spell his last name the way most respectable Fergusons do. He claims this is because he has descended from a long line of illiterates- cattle rustlers, horsethieves, and the like Maybe so, because during his stay at the dental school- Mike has managed to make the ' wanted poster " in just about every department. I think Dr. Pinkerton is still waiting for him out in the parking lot! Part of Mike ' s notoriety also derives from the fact he was hardly in school for the first 2 years, ' y ' et between surfing, part-time jobs, and his kids, he managed somehow to pass everything. Being as fast as I am slow- he could come in one evening and finish in a couple of hours something I had been working on for days! Mike found dental school sometimes disappointing but loves dentistry, as can be seen in his devotion to Mobile Clinic. From Rosarito Beach all the way to Yugoslavia, he has managed to combine work with pleasure in caring for the kids. 115 use Mobile Clinic, Latin American Dental Society, E.L.A. Child and Youth Clinic, Yearbook Staff, S. Calif. Academy of Oral Pathology. Our star photographer. S«i --- ■ ' rv ' Trim the moustache, easy on the sides. ' Hi Big BoyI ' Slow Bea. That ' s the name she couldn ' t escape for four years. She may have never been the first to finish during a special clinic, but her work Is always good and uncompromising even under the intimidation of time limits, instructors or her lab partner. In addition to the exhausting pace of school, Beatrice worked on several yearbooks and participated in other student associations, committees, and staffs. She spent many weekends out of town treating low income children in Calif, and Mexico, and paid her way to treat children in Israel during her summer break. Bea is not totally absorbed by dentistry. She loves the outdoors and the sea. She is a distance swimmer, skin diver, and photographer. To me whe was always a warm smile and a positive greeting in what seemed to be a power plant of negative energy at school. I was also one of the few who saw her in rare form after a couple of memorable mobile clinics. Beatrice is a highly qualified health professional who has not learned to see dollar signs roll when she looks in her patients ' mouths. There are many people out there who need her care. " He not only has ten toils, tie wants to pay for them! " Cerritos College, U.S.C. B.S. Biology " Sties a dog, but she ' s terrific ' " Just what I need, more wine! " GUMBARE - friend, companion, buddy, confidant. What better word to describe a dental student who would red shirt himself just to stay with his lab partner. Between us we could make a fortune selling honor roll projects that had been displayed as far away as Downey and Anaheim. Ross ' God-like hands were inherited from Papa Joe and his academic acumen was developed from sibling rivalry with Brother Leon. His clinical swiftness stemmed from an inborn love of speed, such as fast boats, cars and women (one did the 100 in 9.5 sec). His love of excitement was exemplified by his flirting with disaster while water skiing parallel to the surface, making 90° turns in his BMW at 60 MPH, finishing gold margins with Joe Dandys and explaining to CHIPS what their responsibilites are to the drivers of California. Gumba was considered one of the missing (on the) link of our class, but during the absences this C-lab hot dogger did a good job of eliminating his handicap. The young Godfather was an all around hit man - in baseball, basketball, tennis, fishing and hunting. Referred to as the Italian Stallion, Rosario was considered a real lady killer; most likely due to his ability as a dog trainer. Nutritional balance has been a major factor contributing to his success, some examples include donuts by the dozen, pasta, plenty of liquids at TG ' s, 901, Numero Uno or Busch Gardens and tuna for lunch. ' It ' s not a foil, huh? " Ross ' quiet manner, empathetic compassion and helpful insight were qualities he shared willingly with all class members. His sincere generosity, dedication toward excellence and professionalism will aid him through a successful future. Ross will be associating with his father and brother in a dental Organization that will offer tooth ' tection. Just a little more off this contact. Wouldn ' t you like a piece of this action. B.S. University of San Francisco, Student Advisory Committee, Student Body Treasurer, Scfiool New spaper Editor, Psi Omega Fraternity, L.A.D.S. 4 2 d. . . 3 i - ' 9 9? . ' . . . yarJ7- f A 7.o- ' x x : ,a ?7-o When Carol arrived in el lay, USC didn ' t know quite how to receive her. During the first weeks in school, practically the whole upper classmen student body had cruised by to check out Gomez and tried giving her help and advice. But, somehow, she managed to keep their hands off her work (and her body), and proved to a hot operator. With all these men in school, we had a pretty good time! (Thanks to all you guys who turned out to be pretty good friends, and phoo-wee to those that made our lives miserable.) Carol is also a very thoughtful, and wise lady. During that hectic sophomore year, she knew when it was time for a break. " I ' m going crazy! Hey, George, Howard, Tina, let ' s go to Cholo ' s for a margarita! " Well, thanks Carol, I really needed those drinks! Carol is an extraordinary woman. She was always organized, and always working hard to meet all those deadlines. She also found time to play an active role in student body government, mobile clinics, and be the editor of the Tongue Thrust. In between all that, she was flying off to San Francisco, Hawaii, and keeping her men happy (you know, cooking and stuff like that). You could count on Carol on having fun too. She was always ready to have a good time, dancing, and partying . . . and mostly eating (Boy! Did we make out with alot of freebie dinners! Carol was always watching out for us.) Carol! How did you manage to fly through clinic and run around in those high heel shoes of yours? That always amazed me. Carol ' s plans include the U.S. Navy for about four years, and a practice in San Diego, and of course, her man Mark. Good luck Carol. I ' m sure you will be successful, and always enjoy the best that life has to offer! (I ' m really sure) Thank you so much for your help, a dear friendship, and lots of good memories. Sincerly, your lab partner, Tina. " What do you mean you want to grease my articulator. " Howard and Rachel. ierce College, B.A. California State University Northrldge. »H lX [JO u VA. Take it quick. I m getting sick. 38, 22 .. . no, it was more like 36. 26 . . no it was Of course that ' s how I keep my suit arm. " Who could imagine that beneath the calm, handsome exterior stalked a genuine San Fernando Valley lowrider? Anyone who has seen Howard in action at the football games, the 901. or La Barbera ' s would know the truth. Howard was very resourceful Pre-clinical instructors were scarce when sitting in the same foursome with Carol and Tina, so Howard simply pinned up a picture of Rachel in a bikini to his cubical. Not only did he have plenty of instructors from then on, but also they were cleverly distracted from actually looking at his work Howard was one of the B lab " night people " There never seemed to be enough time during the day to goof off AND do lab work Of course one of the top priorities was a frequent trip to El Cholos with Carol, Tina, and George. We ' ll never forget the time during Solnit ' s wax-up class when Howard left his articulator at home and had to borrow one from Dr. Walker While graciously thanking him, " Hands " dropped the articulator on the floor When Walker strolled through the lab later that day Howard had the articulator in 50 pieces trying to adjust the incisal guide. Howard talked his way out of it though: " I don ' t mean to criticize your articulator, but ' Howard ' s real introduction to dental school came during final exams the first trimester The fun began when he couldn ' t remember what an upper first molar looked like during the tooth carving final Afterwards he went to Tommy ' s to smother his sorrows with a chili dog and ended up with a jaywalking ticket He then pulled an " all-nighter " right there in lab B for GenI Histo and fell asleep one hour before the 8:00 AM final - never getting to the ear and eye lectures. Howard was probably the friendliest, most easy-going member of the class of ' 78 Upon graduation he plans to associate with Uncle Gottlieb in the Valley and from there on to fame and fortune Best of luck to a great friend B.S. Chemistry C.S.L.B.. Doberman Pincher Study Club, Leader DMAT " Wedge " Trimester 2. ' See, I fold you it would be good. " - M ) (y LLotcu " T.G. Brings Fast Relief. ' " Go ahead, wet your pants, I ' ll still be five minutes more. " l George (A.K.A. the Green Machine) will be remembered by everyone ' for his perennial smile. When I think of George, I think of a guy with a brightly colored Hawaiian shirt with his whole-earth sandwiches announcing " Who ' s up for creams (ice cream)? " George is just your basic nice guy who ' s never too busy to lend a helping hand to anyone. I know, he ' s gotten me out of plenty of jams. I ' ll never forget when I met George ' s pride and joy— Wilhelm, or just Willy to an intimate circle of friends. I drove up to what I thought was George ' s house, and got out of my car, only to feel the ground vibrating. Then I realized there was a dog leaping at the front door and barking wildly. With great courage. I walked behind my wife toward the house, I knocked on the door. The door opened with George ' s veins nearly bursting while restraining a huge doberman pincher lunging at me. on two legs. I was unable to speak or run for my life. George said with sincerity . . . " Willy likes you! " It ' s amazing how some of us slaved away at night, wishing we were elsewhere. (Especially we of lab B.) George on the other hand managed to get away for plenty of surfing, got to Hawaii, become certified for scuba diving, got to Hawaii (yeah, again!), fly over L.A., sail, water ski, snow ski, . . . the list goes on and on. He says that when he gets out of here he ' s gonna really enjoy himself. Dental school does strange things to many people. For instance, George ' s affinity for the Oriental Philosophy. How much Chinese food can you eat? Also the ElCholo for lunch bunch, where George, Tina, Carole, and I became regulars. Not to mention numerous sojourns at Numero uno and the 901. We weren ' t alcoholics, we just prefer to drink over lecture. George has hopes of practicing in Hawaii; he says that it is the only place for him to live. I wish him the best, even though we ' ll all miss him in Southern California. 1 " You did say you were going into Perlo. didn ' t you. ' University of Maryland, B.S. Zoology On So vOe.xA; Wofi oA _, Wanna go back in the stacks? " I ' m Gay Gwill from Brooklyn, New Yawk " . . . The stage is set, here comes the would be medical student who settled with the idea of being a dentist. Not knowing much about the field he decided to come to the school in California because he wanted to be in the sun. Well, ' he never saw the sun the first year e.xcept to run during his lunch breaks. He also began to refine and increase his vocabulary of blasphemous terms during operative clinics. We could always hear Gary ' s four letter screams from A to B labs with that distinct Brooklyn accent. Where 95% of the class would have quit after a third of Gary ' s problems, old Gair plugged on through insurmountable mishaps from operative to back injuries, Gary never had a problem with didactic work. He could get an A on any exam anytime. When Gary entered clinic he showed he was capable of doing excellent restorative dentistry. It was just his sporadic bad luck which seemed to get in the way. Aside from clinic, Gary also managed to become an accomplished wine connoiseur and the Venice terror of the paddle tennis court. It has been a long hard road for Gary in all respects. Fortunately, he has that uncanny ability to bounce back and do extremely well. In fact he will probably join the ranks of the advanced periodentist at USC. Gary is tough, honest, and a sincere person. You ' re ok Gary. " By the way, where IS my half hollenback? " " I had ten fingers when I started in this business . , . " " Sure it hurts kid, wliatya thinl this is, Disneyland? ' " Lido Isle " Tustin California, B.S. U.C.L.A., U.S.C, C.C.H,, C.S.L.B., O.C.C, Lunch burglar. Stone Man. ' But they ' re all yellow. ' t )0 i M E _ .. Hello Dental School - Connmander Woody here. Still exploring the cosmos and I must say things are looking up. When Woody started his universal adventures is not quite clear but upon entering dental school his frequency became tuned to a different channel. Another anonymous face from U.C.L.A. Woody quickly distinguished himself as an outstanding craftsman. What took many of his classmates hours or days to complete, he artfully polished off In one short session. I should mention that Woody vi as already an accomplished artist with media ranging from painting rocks to drawing stationary and lapidary. I ' m sure this skill greatly added to Woody ' s success in dental school. Woody grew up a native of Southern California and as such developed a flair for all water sports including taking a dive with all his prospective fiancees. He clearly entered the mainstream of dental school life and became well known for his antics and practical jokes. In fact, his popularity never faltered for everyone seemed to share their lunch with him. Though Woody was a serious student spending many late hours in the laboratory, there was always time to take his " B " lab buddies out water skiing, sailing, snow skiing or most of the time just " taking them " . But as Lois and Dale gratefully acknowledge Woody in fact, " Had no time " for he was out selling " watches " . By the time all of the final projects were due in the pre-clinical laboratories, everyone knew that Woody would be delivering some outstanding work on the clinic floor. He proved no one wrong. Woody has a real knack for prosthetic dentistry and has achieved some beautiful, aesthetic results in difficult cases. Woody is possesed with some unique talents and I ' m sure he ' ll use them successfully in whatever endeavor he undertakes. And pretty soon, " its history " . " God, my first clinic and no vaseline. " The morning stone man. .Jft 7T i e World Brigham Young University, Mobile Clinic Staff. Dental School Ski DuO£ A Lor- o m s Vhat did you say about clinics? ' Two Years, two kids, not bad. Funny, those crowns weren ' t loose before the impression. Dale came to USC by the way of Utah, Sacramento. Canada, Kansas, Oregon, New York, Thailand, New Mexico and Utah again. He and his wife Elaine drove to L.A. from Utah in " Blossom " their little red Pinto. Wanting to adapt well to L.A. and USC, Dale bought " Sparky " , his 260Z and a l-londa 360 bike (What, no name for bike?). Elaine finally persuaded Dale into getting what she wanted; baby Jason and a year later Baby Jeni. Dale never liked to spend too much time in the lab. He had the knack for recovering from most anything that might go wrong, especially if all it took was a poly or green stone, or just a bit of luck. Aside from being one of the fastest guys in B-lab, Dale would dazzle the instructors with his amalgam, gold casting, or foil polishes. He is best remembered by those around him in lab, for his corny but clean expletives (and his continual efforts to reform the rest of us from using our not so clean expletives), his regular 8:00pm bedtime, he and Woody ' s constant competition, he and Gary Grill ' s differences of opinion on everything including methods of gross anatomy dissection, taking the day off to ride bikes with the phantom Furgeson or water and snow skiing, and his education on the Chicano by his dynamic and beautiful lab partner Lois. Once in the Clinic, Dale spent more time in the lab as well as at chair-side, but he never let his spare time activities suffer for it. No longer satisfied with just land, water or snow, he took to the sky and plans to have a plane of his own some day. Spending increasingly more time on Mobile Clinics, Dale quit his full time position on the mobile clinic football team and joined the clinic staff. He developed a strong interest in treating children and welcomed the challenges it brought. Dale plans to practice in central Oregon. With his strong clinical abilities, his desire to do well in all he attempts, and the support of a lady like Elaine he can ' t miss. Good luck, Partner! M.D.S.A., L.A.D.S., Predental Corps, Mobile Clinic, N.C.H.O., Class treasurer. ' If you open nice I ' ll loosen the ' On the bite block, not my finger, please. ' " You want to wear this home? What could anyone write about Lois except nice things? A beautiful person with a beautiful smile— a smile that ' s always there. Ready to listen and willing to help anybody and everybody. Who else could have put up with me as a lab partner? Along with being so nice, there are a few other things Lois is very good at. Giving effective injections is at the top of Lois ' s list. She can give an infraorbital block and a mandibular block at the same time and put your eyelashes to sleep along with the whole rest of that side of your head. I speak with five hours of experience. A couple of other things Lois is really good at is taking her time and getting herself involved with too many things at one time. Is that the Lois we all know? Lois will make a great dentist with her kind spirit and giving heart. All her patients will love her as do all the kids on Mobile Clinic that she gives so much of her time too. Best of luck, Lois— we love you. Just two final questions: 1) How do you spell Hernandez? 2) How did your brother the Jr. High School principal get so rich? " This place !? " V.S.C. B.S. Dental Hygiene, M.S. Ed., Delta Signna Delta Fraternity. ' r Jt- ■ ' a rr Mr. and Dr. Hoffman. Betty ' s daughter? Betty, otherwise known as " Betty Boop " or " Hack " was already a pro when she entered dental school having already completed a R.N., a R.D.H. and an education degree. What she did not realize was that was an education while dental school can only be called an experience. Where else would a dental hygiene instructor have to complete Perio Special patients. And Betty being Betty, even these she worried about. Betty ' s seriousness almost led to a CVA when Ingy and DEJ brought out the Frisbee. Even though she did suffer minor concussions from oft target tosses the margins on her honor roll turned out " Clickless " . De ntal school was really Betty ' s second full time job. She also was general manager, head of maintenance and supervisor for a Hollydale firm consisting of house, husband, daughter, dog and cat. Her husband must have been really understanding and developed quite a taste for T.V. dinners. Maybe that is why he bought her a Microwave. But in all honesty it was good to have Betty ' s maternal presence in the class to keep all us " kids " in line. Now all that is left is to wish you luck in medical school as I guess that ' s the only degree needed to round out your already impressive list of credentials. m ■■■■1 i §L. i 9 " 1 hm m 4 { ■1 ri l H H C.S.U.L.B., B.S. Zoology and Biochemistry, Hobie Cat Sailing Club. ctrT:.. j i ttc J-Kt Jcc Steve started dental school with annbitions of specializing, or maybe even becoming an M.D. But those crazy thoughts flew out the vs indow the weekend of our Sophomore year that we studied for all the finals " in the world. " (Neuroanatomy, Histology . . . ) The most intense time of our academic lives was the Sunday we had every 1 2 hour planned out as to exactly what we were going to study. Steve ' s tremendous persistance is the only reason I could ever study that much at one time, and even Steve went a little wacko from that day. Steve always impressed me with his knowledge of biochem physiology. In fact, I owe my passing grades in those classes and some others to Steve. He was the best teacher I had in dental school (well, Delaney is damn good too). Steve has more than his share of patience which enables him to persue academic challenges — he will be an outstanding diagnostician. Personally I don ' t think he will fulfill his potential until he becomes an M.C. Everybody entering dental school is naive. The last four years have been fun watching some of Steve ' s naivities " mature " on such matters as women, school administrators, women, religion, women . . . Most of this he kept to himself but once in a while he would write a letter to an editor when the crap of dental school overflowed the pot. I must list Steve ' s most outstanding characteristic as being the cheapest guy I have ever known. Can you imagine walking to school at night (and in that neighborhood) to use a school phone for patient appointments rather than pay a few message units for use of my phone? So I learned to be a little thrifty. All in all we went through a lot together and have developed a very valuable friendship. ' Me and my house. ' 126 ' Me and my horse. ' . dttm fe .«AA B.A., C.S.U.L.A. " If this tooth ' s vital, the partial ' s goin ' in! " " I can ' t believe this place " Bill came to USC after 11 years of teaching high school mathematics. Being bright. Bill quickly realized dental school involved more stress than teaching. Being a mathematician, he rapidly found the formula for success in a new environment. Bill was always good with his hands-with a 6V2-2i 2-9 or an end-wrench alike. He eased himself through preclinical and clinical endeavors and with his hobby of auto mechanics, was always available to ease a friend back on the road again - some notables: l ac Templeton. Mike Bryman. Virg Falldorf. etc.. etc. yours truly, etc. Bill took a lot of kidding from some of his classmates. We called him the " old man " and I kidded him about stress greying his other wise rusty-hued beard. However, the nickname (Levin) " Blades " Houston was earned by being the first of his class through removable (it was not a slur on his volatile Irish ancestry). Bill leaves SC with the intention of practicing in the San Gabriel Valley area. Judging from the past four years there is every indication that he will prosper. 127 " What ' s cookin good lookin? ' bankrCaiitornia O.K.U., A.T.E., Oral Pathology Summer Cancer Fellowship, Oral Surgery Honors. ' :. J larjL and when I couldn ' t get Into barber ' s school. ' " What, I got into oral surgery! ' Marshall was the true model of chivalry until he discovered the true meaning of 40-love late one night on a Manhattan Beach tennis court. Possibly this is why people around school would remark, " Marshall used to be such a gentle man before he moved to Manhattan " . A person hasn ' t lived until his experienced a supersonic 200mph trip to Mammoth in the " Humesmobile " unless its watching Marshall single handedly clear a crowded dancefloor in a matter of seconds. Marshall currently holds the Red Onion disco dance floor knockout record for a single song during the spinning of Brick House in which 13 were injured and 2 will never be fertile again. In addition to a dental office, Marshall is still carrying out plans for his body building gym in which he will persist in his plan to win the Arnold Swartzeneger look alike contest. But for now he ' ll have to be content with bodyguard for the Manhattan Beach Ben-Was. Marshall tried to make his way into the Dental School Hall of Fame by impressing Rex Ingraham with his imitation of a wounded seal. On the serious side, Marshall learned his pedagogics well, looked up Marsh Robinson in his sophomore year, and will make oral surgery his final endeavor. Good Luck, " Marsh " . The essence of life. You know my dad runs this place. ' " m Faster than anyone in the lab in finishing assignments, more powerful than Dr. Tool or Dr. Do-nut, able to leap into the dental building before the security in the morning. Look! Approaching the dental school it ' s the yellow bird, it ' s the buccal plane, It ' s superstudent. Yes it ' s superstudent, strange visitor from Long Beach, with powers and abilities far beyond those of uncle Rex Ingram. Yes it ' s superstudent, who can change the course of mighty instructors (by never attending class), bend ortho wire worth at least a 91 2 And who, disguised as a mild mannered comedian frizbee thrower from a great fraternity the Bicuspids, fights a never ending battle for TRUTH ( ' can ' t tell ya ' , ' you don ' t know do ya ' ), JUSTICE (cement boots for Soule, warding off cotton roll attacks from China town, and dousing hair and waste basket fires), and the S.C. way. v- A. U.C.L.A. B.A. Psychology, Founder of the Patrick M. Walker Removable Proctodontic Study Club, Hot Dog Award Recipiant, Lab " C " Paper Monitor. fie-CcUiSe- of) -t NL X -th d: - ' A (Xxd. not maJCa. u -HvAovA k. cl« »v-t " a scKotj sJDy " • oo HjJLcL -IL .l A- -to ' tUft-V VC Aj Vvu.» ti«A e4) U SC. aj o-t fi.aL.S €A, cv one, cs-pocc +M is mcrm, i 3L(i, y y Pac Wii. u}a. VCeA,. D o 5 H,tO eksQ-w DOS poriaL-ld Cu,«-Y a.rte, DOS Ja K H. U)ooda DOS t »r vj bA.o-tkfj.rS E . " But it doesn ' t matter if you ' re married. Scotch and Soda P.R.N. Karen and the kid. there Is much to be said of a young " Country Boy " raised in the backwoods of Utah only to be thrown into the rigorous grind of a mixed up dental school in an equally confusing community. The list of his accomplishments at SC Is practically endless, and would be Impossible to relate In such a short summary. Nevertheless, let ' s his some high points. In my estimation, Dave ' s relentless devotion to dentistry Is best shown by his unyielding desire to establish a modern meaningfu l dental fraternity. In early October of 1976, through months of hard labor, " The Bicuspids " were developed. Not only was he the founder, but soon emerged the leader of this presently quickly growing group. Yes, Dave was bestowed the title " First Molar " and decorated with the highest honor available ... the cusp of Carabelll. This single accomplishment along tells more than enough about Dave ' s dedication to the art of healing. I personally own Dave more than I can possibly repay. As I stood defenseless in Lab C, facing " greasy mouse and his chlnatown ' gang " , he was like my big brother with intentions of protecting me-right or wrong. On a serious note, it was an extremely pleasurable experience being Dave ' s lab partner for two years preclinically and continuing our friendship on into the clinic. I could explain further what I have gained from this tine individual, both educationally and spiritually, but I simply can ' t . . " too close to test situation " . In closing, Dave, I ' m sorry about the burning paper towel In your back pocket and the Van Osdel Incident, but admit It, you deserved It! Dave, please keep In touch. You ' re a real cool guy and smart too. Hope we have some continuing education courses together next year. Have a good summer! Love ya, Ingy. University of Utah, Accounting " This pocket Is as deep as a well. ' Hey, I didn ' t say you could eat with 3.U. Long Beach, Mobile Clinic Staff, L.A.D.S. V.P., IVI.D.S.A., Recipient of b C HOT DOG AWARD. t ' i 2 y " J. V (uJjtJ u CCLy — v -,-« W ' M ' :- ' Tina, as a pre-dental student. " " I think I had too much tequila. " " No, not till Friday night. " It ' s not tdo often you ' ll find two females that are half Filipino, both with some French blood, both under the sign of Cancer, single, and in the same dental school class, but there we were! With such similarities we were destined to be friends. After the second trimester, we became lab partners after each had lost her respective male partner. Tina moved into Lab B as a permanent member. For a summer we would share an apartment. Lab B had boasted of its " hand gods " but with Tina, it had its " hand goddess " ! It was an undisputed fact after grades were out for wax-ups. Even Windom came to see her work! Not only was she good . . . she was fast. Somehow Tina was always late for practical exams yet she managed to finish first! We won ' t forget that day in operative, though, when Tina screamed, threw her handpiece in the air, and went running out of the lab. It seems she had mistaken her finger for part of the tooth and tried to prep it! All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl. No problem! Tina always had something going. There was rarely a dull moment because she rarely allowed it! After one long Friday and a few drinks at the old 901, we decided to go for a ride. Enroute Tina made a left in the wrong place and had a policeman stop her. She must have spent 15 entertaining minutes trying to talk him out of the ticket. All the while a small crowd gathered to watch. Tina ended up signing the ticket, the bewildered policeman didn ' t notice WHOSE name she signed! Another night we were studying late for a final and needed a midnight break ... at Big Daddy ' s to dance only to resume studying an hour later! If there was a party, Tina knew about it. If there needed to be a party, Tina had one! There was a more serious side to extracurricular activities too. On any given weekend, Tina could be found working on a mobile clinic. Other evenings were spent at East L.A. Childrens Clinic. She helped in the minority orientation program, tutoring, and predental corps. One vacation when we weren ' t particularly busy Tina suggested we volunteer to help with the Vietnamese orphans who were just arriving. In the middle of the night, we unloaded the babies from an Air Force cargo plane under top military security. It was an experience we would never forget. Tina was always a bundle of energy, friendly, warm, and helpful. She couldn ' t help but be popular in the Class of " 78 " .i-j - " ; ' You don ' t like my bald spot? " U.C.I. B.S., Fullerton J.C. A.A., President Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity, Member A.T.E. and S. California Academy of Gynodontology. yX ■£yl2 ' 1. ' C ' l yt i. ' iss " I ' ll trade you two ' E ' coupons if you let me do the foil. ' " This ' ll slip by Sanders, no sweat! " - ». Jim at Nixon victory parly. There ' s two things I ' ll never forget about dental school: The day we get out and my Gumba Jim Dacey. I have to give Jim many thanks for the experiences and memories of dental school. I learned early that life insurance was a necessity with Jim being my lab partner. Especially the day in freshman perio when he cut off every papilla in my mouth znd the day we gave each other our first injection. He told me it wasn ' t necessary for me to open my mouth. It was some new technique he had read about. But I can ' t think of one person Jim couldn ' t get along with-ex cept that cop that one night who threw him in jail just because Jim couldn ' t recite his ABC ' s. Jim couldn ' t convince the cop that after G came TUVWXYZLR. Jim was also the kingpin of one-liners. He constantly supplied the guys in the Delt house with those little musketeers from Disneyland because of this quality. To watch Jim at his job at Disneyland is like watching Rex do a full crown foil. Two dollies once asked Jim what was the best ride in the park and Jim fold them his car at 5;00p.m. He was also an excellent investor-and I don ' t mean shiny-brite. Like the year he bought 18 Rose Bowl coupons to help pay for his mobile cabinet and Stanford went to the Rose Bowl. But now Jim is making plans for his new office on f ain St. in Disneyland. I know I ' m going to miss that Pillsbury Dough Boy smile of his, so what else can I say but " Salute Gumbal " ' I like it. " He ' s such a nice boy! " French Hospital Los Angeles, Far East Cafe. U.S.C. B.S. Biology. uJhj JL i€iy OtT jLUU J If I were to describe Bennett as I remember how he first impressed me, my description would include such adjectives as shy, quiet, and studious. After sitting 6 feet away from him in our little C-9— C-10 MDL corner of the world for 2 years, however. I gradually come to realize how usefully inadequate my initial impression of this seemingly serious young man was. I was pleasantly surprised to find that he possessed a refreshing sense of humor and was not averse to goofing around or pulling a few pranks. It quickly became abvious too, that he was one of the most competent students in our lab, being able to carve, wax, cut preps, pack amalgams, seat gold crowns or do whatever steps a project called for faster and better than anyone else. If ever I needed to know what 3 carvings or a 4.0 prep looked like I merely had to move 6 feet to my left and take a look at Bennett ' s work. Having such a talented " hand god " for a lab partner could have proven somewhat discouraging to this mere mortal had it not been for Bennett ' s open, easy-going willingness to share his knowledge, talent, and time. Thanks to his smiling acquiscence to all my requests for advice or help, my own knowledge and lab skills increased thus making the accomplishment of all the freshman-sophomore projects within the realm of comfortable possibility. If I survived those first 2 years of dental school as a relatively happy well-balanced human being. I owe much of it to the fact that fate some how blessed me with a friend in the person of Bennett Jeong. Thank you Bennett. I wish you well always. " Confuclous say; Lay low, avoid the limelight, do only what is necessary. " fflU " " ■ :S«»i« ' - " Yep, it ' s a 9-0 day. " ' Don ' t bug me O ' brien. U.C. Berkeley A.B. English, U.C. Berkely Secondary Teaching Credential. ,:± t ' Estee Lauder gets me better grades. ' - rJI • A few close friends knew her as Annie, some called her Sunshine, Chris Kamen thought she was Anne Jaworski, others knew her simply as Anne. But, the name she liked best was Anne Jegurgowitz! Anne Jurewitz— the one with the big eyes and huge smile, a smile so big that it required the largest impression trays available. Anne was not the type that liked to rush into things. She was most famous for advocating the four day work week. She frequently spent extended weekends at t lammoth and at her private beach in Laguna. Once she disappeared for so long that it was rumored that she was having an affair with Vince Katow. Her time in school, however, was well spent. She stayed late in lab so often that she eventually met all the janitors and security guards. But it was worth it since she saved a lot of money on towels and toilet paper. Anne was also famous for her thoroughness. She studied for exams up to the last minute— but it got her " A ' s. " She worked on her clinical projects up to the last second— but she always passed. It was amazing how she was able to work through all the chair basketball games, optoball games, cotton roll wars, and exploding plaster bombs. Perhaps Anne ' s greatest accomplishment was getting through dental school inspite of the few instructors and many patients that were biased against women dentists. In the years to come Anne will prove that women can be just as good and in many cases better than their male counterparts in the dental profession. I might consider it. U.S.C, President Senior Class. ' Mai e me an offer. ' r Utt A ' h L The Kamens. O kW l ere V. con Pedo patient? Kamen and manikin. i. Chris??? I can remember walking into C-lab for orientation and on reading the seating chart noticed that a Chris Kamen was to be my lab partner. (Wow, I get to sit next to a chick, wonder what she looks like?) Well, not only was this Chris married, the sucka was a dude and an ugly one at that (heh, heh). Yeah, it seemed to be one interesting thing after another with greasy mouse. His special humor and wit has not only gained him many a friend and notoriety throughout the school, but has gotten him first hand instructions on when to mimic the " KAG " or one why its disadvantages to take your occlusal reduction on a Vt cuspid down to the CEJ, especially during a FPROS-TPX. Talking about first hand instructions, Chris was offered a few from " Pretty Patty " , though the specific nature of them slips my mind. It never ceases to amaze me how someone can do all the junk we have to do to get through this place plus finish early, do the job as president of the class (and an exceptional one at that) and run a family (Donna might approve). Yet, Chris has done all this and still has managed to keep a very high standard of etiquette and diplomacy along with maintaining skills and reflexes of Butter knife sharpeners in foosball. As the time has grown closer and closer for departure from dental school, Chris has given this Institute more and more. We would all like to think that each of us has given S.C. something tor its future success, but " contributions " of a tangible nature are sometimes hard to give yet Chris has left this school something very real and you will find it-fourth floor head, second stall from the left. Chris-it was a privilege. BH U.C.S.B., U.C.L.A. (Cybernetics) B.S., F.E.C.E., Smegmasonics. ' MM ' Dr.Herrick, you ' re getting sleepy. ' ' No more wine until you can focus the camera. " I ' m keeping the engine warm. ■Ahhhhhl " Vince " Bonsai " Katow became the lab idol early in the game - it seemed like everything he touched became a " 4.0 " . Next to Ingy he was probably the best operator in our lab. Later he earned our respect as a formidable opponent in the " Lab C Alba wars " , and foremost lecturer on the Kennedy assassination. Vince also had his priorities straight and so he was never too busy with school to drop whatever he was doing at a moment ' s notice to go play raquetball or grab a quick beer. While we never knew for sure we always suspected he had a black belt in karate. If he didn ' t he would never have stood up in a room full of veterans at the Nine-0 on Pearl Harbor Day and yelled " Bonzai " as loud as he could, or introduced himself to the girlfriend of a perfect stranger by casually pouring a beer on her. Vince does have a serious side however and we all learned to admire his diverse knowledge. He could discuss a variety of subjects in detail and I always enjoyed talking to him because I usually walked away having learned something I hadn ' t known before. I ' m sure Vince will be as well liked by his patients as he was by all of us, and that, coupled with his clinical skills, is bound to lead to success. ' I finished Pedo without leaving the house. ' B.Y.U., B.S. Zoology U.S.C. Dental School Chapter of Z.P.G. ' mn " What, you ' re pregnant again? " During the first few weeks of school Kennedy was often thought to be an instructor because of his short hair and constant tie. However, alter the results of our anatomy exam that confusion ended. As an organizer he had no peer. His possum belly scab box was always loaded and his mobile cabinet immaculate. If he didn ' t have it you didn ' t need it. ( When exam time approached you could bet he was busy avoiding studying by I stocking urgently needed supplies relabeling equipment, and just tidying up. An improved vocabulary was part of Berry ' s dental education. We watched him mature from flip-honk to scoad belly-scum suckin-horny toad and the whole of lab c took pride in his accomplishment. Affectionately known as " Perio Kennedy " because he performed double and triple duty during perio special blocks, he was anxious for clinical experience ' I and had all his perio points before his junior year. Berry was a diligent student during the preclinical period and that is fortunate because since then mobile clinics, church meetings and regular outings with his I family of six have left little time for the intrusion of studies. This change in the i degree of preparedness necessitated an alteration in student teacher relationships and Berry was equal to the challenge. He dropped his humble inquiring student routine and adopted a put ' em on the defensive and stand up I for your rights tactic. Both seem well chosen as he always enjoyed good instructor rapport. Barry excelled in many areas, among them was human behavior and patient management. One interesting patient thought so much of his technique that a letter to the university president, dental dean, department chairman, etc. was I forthcoming. Unfortunately, the phrase " heavy handed " kept appearing. Because he finished his clinical requirements a semester early we often went to him for advice. Asked for his secret to success he explained that " There is no such thing as a clickless margin " and with realization comes better sleep at night and complete success with castings. Finally and seriously. Berry will be remembered as one of the most conscientious, considerate, and capable members of our class. As a husband (to charming Gassy) and a father (to ever growing Shane, Caria, Eric, and _ Jamie) he worked hard to blend family and academic life. As a fine friend he I will always be recalled for his helpfulness and humor. The Kennedy Tribe. 4 1 M- Dan and Sherry. And who disguised as " Turtle Man " , mild mannered dental student at U.S.C. is none other than " Super(pentothal available)Kline " . Able to seat castings with a single blow! Speaking of endurance, one only has to experience the famous " all nighter " with this man of tech-metal. He studies laboriously for a solid thirty minutes then takes one of his cat naps, waking up each hour to reset his clock for another hour. About thiry minutes before the test he " gets serious " and studies until they hand the test out. This study routine seemed to work well for Dan and he usually scored higher than most. Some are great -dentists BECAUSE of their " hands " and some, like " the Kliner " are great INSPITE of their hands. Dan didn ' t consider the job done until it was done twice (not necessarily RIGHT, but TWICE.) I ' ll always picture Dan huddled in his corner in C-lab or on the second floor lab. His horn rimmed magnifying glasses half-way down his nose and wearing his great " earth shoes " , which he kept neat by trimming the frayed edges (tags), probably with his surgery scissors. There he sat immersed in his work and encircled by garbage. You might ask, " how could ' Kline dog ' manage to have two boys (Nathan and Adam) while in dental school? It ' s easy, the ONE lecture Dan went to during dental school was on reproduction. Seriously, it has been a pleasure to associate with Dan. He has sincere concern for people ( " seen any concerts lately? " ) and for his fellow students. Dan is a real thinker and understands concepts well. He is one of the most conscientious students I ' ve known. He plans to eventually practice in Arizona. He has a great wife. Sherry who refers to Dan simply as " Kline " , and whose laugh is extremely contagious. " Don ' t we have a bathtub, dad? " " Forget it, I ' m sendin ' it out to the lab. " f . m . 1 " Want me to open that beer can (or you dude? " These seminars are a waste of time. ' Having arrived at these hallowed halls of futility a week after school began, I have spent four years alternating between procrastination, catching up, and outright ghostism. It ' s so much more challenging this way. For helping me maintain partial sanity through this long struggle, I would like to thank my wife, my family and all my friends. Also, I would like to add my sincerest appreciation to those few instructors and staff, who through their personalities as well as knowledge, made this asylum bearable. As for the future, hopefully it ' s back to sunny, smog-free Arizona. That is, of course, unless the Bucket or Wild Goose needs their own private dentist. Katz Family 139 U.C.L.A., B.A. Psychobiology, Junior Editor Yearbook 1977, Member Rumpled Foreskins, Master of Disquise. ' oc4-or of lOOoLltt ,{ JUji..u- yC - -»«- ' v erf C- 5- ' C ' ' ' «-a__tf . -V — , ' - -» i 7 and Krupa. These D.H. ' s are getting shorter all the time. Trick or Squat. " Tripod Todd, " Dartanian, Zorro; a.k.a. Honaldo LeKrause . Ron ( made a big decision when he chose dental school over drumming for a rock-n-roll band. But he didn ' t let that slow him down as he showed that you could carve a tooth by pounding out the rhythm to " Stairway, to Heaven " with a 1 2 Hollenbeck and a 1 P.K.T. waxing instrument. J As Ron passed thru his 2 preclinical years, he wrote the song " 50 Waj| to Leave Your OPER and FPROS instructor. " In tact during one OPER| final, " Dartanian " received an anonymous phone call from Arizona andi 7 hours later was seen dancing at A.S.U. to Elton John ' s live perfor j When " Zorro " entered the clinic, he was never at loss for assistants. ' : The men of the Class of ' 78 (plus Dr. Paul Ross) were always offering Ron assistance due to the aesthetics of his patients. There was alwaysl a longer line at Ron ' s cubicle than anywhere else in the clinic in hopes! of performing 4,6,8,10, and sometimes 12-handed dentistry. When the female assistants took over, Ron taught them 4-handed dentistry (4 ;_ hands on the dentist!!!). | In the summer of ' 76, Ron became night manager of " Hotel California " ! located somewhere on the howling, steamy shores of Manhattan Beach| Ron ' s motto was " Ho ' i e moe " and he was determined to teach this " • ancien t Hawaiian proverb to all of his Frauleins!! They usually responded and in fact wrote a song about Ron; " I Can ' t Get Enough of Your Lovin ' . " Occasionally, a Fraulein wouldn ' t believe in Ron ' s motto J and this would force him to reply with a reverberating " Well, a Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse Meeeee!!!!! " J In the summer of ' 77, Ron headed for the shores of Waikiki. Here he mastered the local island customs of " 3 A.M. Chariot Races on Kalakaua Ave, " " Early Morning Tailor Appts., " and " Hide-n-S.Q.U.A.T. " Well Ronaldo, from " C " Lab to 30th St. to Keystone to Manhattan Ave., it ' s been an exciting 4 years. Believe me, if we can make Dental School fun, that ' s one hell of an accomplishmtvit. A toast to your future my friend and hopefully some day we ' ll be drilling em ' together (teeth that is!!!) Frohliche Weinachten!!!!! Not bad for only a week! A couple of rambhn guys. " Never a dull moment " is tfie best way to describe ttie experience of knowing Rick, as I ' ve tiad the pleasure of doing. From tfie first time we hit a Tuesday nigfit Big Daddy ' s basfi togetfier, I knew tfiat I tiad found =■ " artner in crime, and the school had made the mistake of putting us Jher as lab partners. The rest is history. yas a leading figure in the " 50 Ways to Leave Fixed Proths " club ra co-conspiritor in the " annual Halloween costume for school " duo, sporting first his Groucho costume followed by his imitation of " Lasar " the next year. Rick also established as early membership in the " Goose Egg Operative All-Star " team, winning the coveted " Nice Tooth Selection " award. i;S.t.gving for even greater achievements. Rick tried to shatter the t artini " ' Tting record at a dinner for Arnold Palmer. By the end of the ling he had changed Arnold ' s stroke completely and then ieeded to lose his coat, shoes, keys, and glasses before he got to p back in Palms that night. enjoyed other sports also, however. He dazzled us as a member of ■ ' Rumpled Foreskins " over-the-line team, astounded us by winning dental school golf tourney, and mystified us with his gambling ifess, as he lost every penny he took to Tahoe within 15 minutes to id looking, blackjack-dealing sweetheart (next time stick to dealers nd older). i ke this entire page to describe the trip that Rick and I took to ' our last summer of school: including such things as rikshaw S down Kalakaua Ave. and braving the surf of Hanakapei beach, 1 prefer to sum it up with two words, " Ho ' i e nue " . ost recently Rick (or Ricardo as he is known at Anna ' s) has gone .taljan in his love of food, job, and women. Well, " thats amore " . n closing, I would like to say one thing seriously in this greatly ibbreviated biography of a person that I consider a great friend. I feel ortunate to have had the opportunity to get something more than a lental education from time at this school — I had the fortune to make a riendship with someone who made even a dark day much brighter for ne. Thanks and good luck always. Rick. Arizona State University, B.S. Zoology, Clinical Cancer Training Fellowship, tvtember of the Rumpled Foreskins, Yearbook 1976, Winner of the Arnold Palmer Drinking Tournament 1977. Abio Dex THL c i-tccd- il Get down!! " Yeah. I make a lot of money. " Seen any good concerts lately " ? ' Hey kid, keep your hands in your pocket! Janet Lent, who played " Mama Molar " to Captain Video, hung around C Lab for a couple of years doing a little dentistry, drinking coffee, working on the " Webster-Stein-English-Yiddish Dictionary " and drinking more coffee. Once she ' d shed the gold from her 4th phalange her hands (and brain) got lighter and better; Jan spread her wings and flew like one of her cartoon birds. After her trip to Israel and with her new " natural " , we thought for sure that she was vying for the position of head rabbi of Grad Gum Gardening. Of course, this only strengthened our initial ideas about Jan ... in anatomy she gleefully performed an excellent circumcision in lab. During boring lectures, Janet ' s superb superstructure (the essence of Semitic pulshritude) would keep male members (!) of the class in rapt attention. Her two perfect precision attachments could always open sleepy eyes, no matter how well covered up. o Jan ' s wanderings led her to the avante-garde community in Venice where she lives in a state of entropy with her VW, Shmuel, and various other Lents. She plans to practice in Israel eventually, until then she ' ll " work hard, stay crazy. " Good Luck. 1977 Israel Mobile Clinic, U.S.C. Mobile Clinic, W.D.S.A., Alpha Omega Fraternity. " I think you ' ll get used to the wrinkles. " The Lents ' Mad dog " Mongo - Lloyd. Brigham Young University, Predlnlcal Operative and Occlusion Instructor. m You mean you ' re really gonna let me teach! No, we didn ' t find him under a cabbage leaf. WML ' M wm m v . ' m : ' imm- Jeff And Sherry Jeff arrived at USC dental school fresh from BYU to find his identity taken from him, leaving only a number - 268 - and a seat - 020. He consequently set out to build a bigger and better identity. Jeff was known in C lab as a gunner, eager to do his best. His setups always looked like Audio Visual was going to do an instructional film on them. During his C lab career he managed to acquire the " Hot Dog of the Year " award in addition to picking up a few nicknames, principally among them were " Mad Dog " and " Mongo " . His support group was great - Sherry kept bringing those lunches . . . somehow between the sandwiches, Kahn project, and bookwork they were blessed by the addition of their first child, Brian. Ever busy, that Lloyd, especially since they have another one on the way. After he got into the clinic it was the same story - ever prepared, clean work, and no re-do ' s. No wonder he finished up so early. The faculty wisely decided they wanted this guy on their team so they put stripes on him and sent him up to the 3rd floor to teach operative and occlusion. When Jeff leaves USC, he ' ll leave a lot of frustrated sophomores trying to match his work. Plans for the future include going into private practice where he can exercise his full potential; and with his dedication toward helping others, his personality and many skills, he is assured a successful one. Good luck in all you do Jeff. rummy yumrnyTTvegofsormnirTggr my tummy. A.A. Los Angeles Valley College; B.S., D.H., U.S.C. ' I ' ll tell you why etter tnah any male dentist " And you folks have a Spanish surname? ' Sally is a good kid except for her latent masochistic tendency. This seems to be the only logical explanation for anyone who would commit themselves for an additional four year internment after serving two years in this sanitarium for a RDH. If this wasn ' t proof enough, she insisted on commuting from Ventura. During bried moments of sanity she could be heard muttering " What the Hell am I doing here again?! " . Sally felt it was a duty to blend into the local community, so most any morning you could find her on a side street eating or sleeping in her car. Sally has taken a lot of ribbing these past four years. Seriously, she is a very good clinician— for a girl. She has a warm chairside manner and has each one of her patients feeling that they are the most important person she ' s treating. Thank you for sharing the madness with - we have all benefited from your presence. Good luck in your two man (person) group practice in Ventura. ui mav ManKiNBtaxHBi Cerritos College A.A., U.S. International University B.A., Universidad I Autbnoma de Guadalajara, School of Dentistry. The boys in Guadalajara, 1973 I " believe " the picture on this page is the real Rader, Rager, RODGER Lauf, Laug, Laugh, LOUGH . . . anyway Tuff Luff, and vje ' re glad that he could make it here for this appearance. Sugar ' s looks are surpassed only by his omniprescence, promptness, and attention to detail. His neatness is of such a calibre that I am told even his room at home would pass a General Patton ' s inspection at a moments notice. Two great advantages Rodger had in getting through these four years are his need for very little sleep and his disdain for T.V. Rodger dodger ' s appeal and persuasiveness allows him the ability to sell a load of yesterday ' s newspapers to Hearst himself. Whoever eventually becomes fvlrs. Lough is lucky-she will always know his whereabouts-because he won ' t be behind the newspapers, but in it! " What, my agency called? " I ' I ' m back because the snow melted. " iSsiSiW ' S asmvaiXBaismiri ' i ■My patients usually pass out ' No, you blow and I ' ll suck. ' Fresno State University O.B., as Pat was known to his many friends, became a reject from the class of ' 77 after taking a summer off from the hassles of dental school. Rumor has it that he spent his summer running Rick Kahn ' s practice while Rick wrote his family dentistry grant, but, those of us who know knew he spent his time creating Klancy and scuba diving in Laguna. Pat could be a most obnoxious person - especially when you weren ' t looking for it. Many was the time he strolled up to your patient in the chair and said, " What did you cut that with - a machette? " But, even with incidents like that who else would you go to to have your ortho wires bent (for a minimal fee, of course) Not having seen any of his pre clinical work, many of us were surprised to see the superb quality of his clinical attempts, and we are still waiting for him to put some of those talents to work on that eyesore of a truck - porcelain hubcaps perhaps, or maybe just a paint job. O.B. ' s many hobbies which include radio control airplanes and gliders, scuba diving, electronics, Beierle ' s sister, and fartin ' and tap dancin ' took up alot of his time. Unfortunately, his many hours of plane and glider building often ended up nose down on the runway due to a " thumb glich " . After USG O.B. will owe the airforce several years of his lite in return tor their generosity. When we all meet again we may see quite a change in Pat, or at least we may hear a " yes sir " or " no sir " instead of " cuz " or " posta " . Than again, Oh well! Good luck and good flying Pat! " Sure I ' m hot in operative, but Obie ' s Wire Service pays the bills. " ' Boy, is this stuff bad. i ' S ' f mi % " Yes folks, at my downtown office, crediton request, se habia espartol, dentures while you wait ... " U.C. Irvine B.A. Chemistry, B.S. Biology, Edward Hatton Research Award Competition, " Make it go " Study Club, 1 ain ' t comin ' back team. cii ,ij xc i ' • ' ' " Dental hygiene taught in my West Valley location. " " Here, at my Huntington Beach location, you can see our advanced sterilization center. " " What, some guys from the F.D.A. want to talk to me again! " Phil is one of those few individuals born with the wrong name. Had his mother realized what we now know to be his true disposition, he wouldn ' t have had to wait until the freshman year of dental school to earn the name " Bumpy " . The Bump earned his reputation early by short-cutting his way through every class, exam and pre-clinical project while proclaiming, " You ' ve got to know this stuff, you ' ve got to know this stuff. " The spector of Templeton, Soule et. al. had its effect on the Bump, but he quickly retaliated, much to the dismay of Dexter Smith. We wondered why Bumpy didn ' t attend oral surgery block frequently, not remembering that he had gotten valuable experience extracting third molars from his lab partner ' s ortho models with a melite bur (and miraculously gaining seven millimeters on the back of the models). Petty tricks, like telling his lab partner to inject only a half-millimeter into his mucosa, were beneath him; the Bump went for the more exotic maneuvers, one of which Dr. Reitz is still trying to forget. In all, Phil made his presence well known, and long after we all leave, he ' ll still be known as the " Bump " . Boy, that slid right In. Harry ' s imitation of an Armenian pirate. What do you mean, you can ' t make it! Remembering our first meeting, a shy, not obtrusive, not devious but rather pleasant figure comes to mind, I recall him saying, vi lth a sparkle in his eyes, " HI, my name ' s Harry. I used to have Idiopathic Internal resorption, but Its cleared up novif since Dr. Gllck helped me, do you know him? " I smiled and walked away. Harry was the type of guy you wanted to get to know and afterwards you asked yourself whether It was worth the effort. One of his most endearing qualities was his honesty, which I rapidly grew to appreciate after he emptied his Armenian Spagetti Delight all over my newly pressed lab coat during Impression techniques. He told me he was a gagger, but I just laughed, thinking it was just another cheap Armenian trick to get out of doing the procedure. And if there was a simpler method of getting the job done, Harry would find it. like bribery. He was a true artist too, like the time he placed slick die on his wax pattern for that extra glow and Dr. Lenschs memorable critique: " We ' ve got another slippery one. Dr. Helffrich " . " Hands " fvlarkarian truly lived up to his name, but all joking aside, when the ships were down the Fresno kid came through. The only attribute that surpassed his prowess In acadamla, was his willingness to help you when you needed It most. His organization and effectiveness in getting the job done seems contrary to the mellow, easy going nature he portrays. With his many talents, Harry still maintains an air of modesty about him, a feat seldom accomplished when subjected to so much frustration and utter Insanity. But regardless of all his accomplishments to date, I will always remember him as a " Kiss-but, pain in the ass " . ' I set my own teeth. ' Hey, who put tequila in my scope? ' University of New Mexico, L.A.D.S. f - ■ vO To highlight four years with my talented friend and partner Frank Martinez would be to bend your ear. A source of energy, dedication, encouragement, compassion and notable dental skills Frank ' s popularity never waned. A man with golden hands deserved the red badge of courage preclinically; when news broke of his identity as an accomplished lab tech fellow students burned a rapid path to D-3. Frank ' s soft-heartedness, besides that for his wife Lupie and son Marty, mandated his helping all who asked despite the hours. Frank . . . who did YOUR lab work? Along with cribbage, chess and foosball, Frank enjoyed a little mischief. Many will remember moments of concern over their denture setup when the Martinez Shuffle proclaimed his once again early finish. Also, there was that rum or about the bookstore running out of Martinez 1 2 carvers — an item many in D lab now possess. If ydu would like one see the " Phantom " . Frank ' s motto reflected his humble opinion of his lab artistry: " good enough for government work " . In the frenzied tempo of dental school, another of Frank ' s sayings " Slow do-o-o-wn " rang a moment of irony reflection . . . what ' s he mean by that? The many serious facets of Frank found him teaching incumbent students or working in emergency over breaks, tutoring, working evenings in the E.L.A. Childrens ' Dental Clinic, working with LADS, and such endeavors. In all sincerity, it has been our good fortune that Frank has been one of the highlights of dental school for those of us who have known him. He has truly been " a gentleman and a scholar " ; and, to my good friend and lab coach to whom I am " dearly indebted " , I would lik e to bid Oya samena tsail The Martinez Family. Dee and Tony ' Yes, I see El Camino College, Cal State Long Beach, Loma Linda University B.S., R.D. —= ' ' •• " « » j ' -c- ;, f j ' l— . - r.,- -i t M -i-j A lUi ' ,4UL-. ' - - ' V V . , i. t — ,C BIOGRAPHY ON DEEDREA RICH She came into the Class of 1978 on 6 September 1974, as a very quiet, serious, and somewhat shy individual who had majored in Public Health, who had completed a Dental Hygiene program at Loma Linda, and who had had several years experience under her belt. That experience helped bail me out time and time again. Little did I know that she would later blossom into one of the heaviest ' gunners ' the clinic has ever known. If this is any indication of what was to be, this is how she introduced herself to us on day one, " Hi, my name if Deedrea ivlcN lillin, and I have a Class II, Division II. " " Ya, I know, Tony ' s lost a little weight. " About the most interesting incident I had In working with Dee was when I mentioned to my wife that since Dee had probed me the week before it would be my turn next; I had a hard time explaining that. It was also about that time that I began to notice she seldom really smiled. Could it have been those invisible, " ideal " , Loma Linda Maxillary Gold Foils (Class III)? Then again, could it have been that Tony had not come into the picture yet? Whatever it was, those smiles are now finally easier to get. In all seriousness, I couldn ' t have had a more considerate, and wonderful partner than Dee. She was always there, remembering every peron ' s birthday with goodies of some kind or another. Why even Tweety (alias Ivory) was remembered in spite of that horrible music he managed to effortlessly deliver to every cubicle. I ' m going to miss her, as are the rest of Lab " D " . I ' ll never forget her; she ' ll always be my partner. Best of Luck Tony and Dee Frank Martinez Jr. Almost as good as the real thing. U.S.C. Biology, A.D.S., O.K.U., Smega-Sonics. ujamJ P Q ' k)oi k ! i ' " %.djf ' No, you can ' t see my set up. " How do I get this damn foil to stick. ' Nish, get that sashimi out of here. ' " That clamp ' s got to be here somewhere. " A» C Rick Mibu , a name that has come to mean many things to me. A skilled artisan with alcote and an uncanny genius with the loose foil technique. This name stands for a mild mannered individual that is always with a kind word for anyone regardless of race, creed or national origin. The name reflects a partner that stood by me through thick and thin (never helping but always standing by). This is the name of a man that can accomplish the perfect ortho impression in only 27 attempts. Behind the name was a health food fanatic never to be caught with tvi M breath or to be found within arms length of a Coke. A man that always ate properly to gain strength for his high scoring performances with the Smegma Sonics basketball team, the only place he ever scored. The name Rick Mibu is a synonym for alertness and mental acuity in lectures as well as masterful dexterity with ortho wires. Later, in clinic the name came to stand for a new technique of propping teeth through a curtain of hair. I would like to thank the man behind the name for leaving me with a new slant on life, for the name Rick Mibu has come to mean much more to me than just a fine dentist and a free lunch ... it means a special friend. All the best, Rick. iiliMKUUiliJIU aflTOPiBKmgaiB B.S. University of Arizona, A.T.E. f " ■■■ Q vck -i n s AU " You don ' t mind if I leave this in overnight? ' maybe if we turn the denture around I love gold foil. itM L gm 13! Look what else I did in four years. «a:!4 How can you possibly say something about nothing? Well, you can ' t and here ' s proof: from the dark, dungeonous depths of some God-forsaken cave in the Arizonan desert, David Dwight Minyard came to USC and proved to us all (by his mere presence) that the process of evolution is indeed reversible. 5 ' 8 " of pure, unadulterated damnation, this half human, half white-boy creature boasted a truly pathologic-ridden face. An acute acne infestation at age 23 had taken its toll. All the members of the lab use to place bets on how many new pock marks he could average per month . . . the betting eventually ceased because no one could keep track of all those zits. As if that weren ' t bad enough, this utterly grotesque humanoid form even had severe bow-legs to boot! Dave liked to explain this condition away by referring to his many years on the rodeo circuit. Putting the lasso on those wild lambs can be quite a chore but it is now pretty common knowledge that his unhealthy habits with cactus could ' ve led to the same end result. As for his brains, well to be generous let ' s say it was one notch above plankton, maybe two notches above inanimate objects (blenders, toasters, salt pepper shakers). This may be a great revelation to you, Dave, but blacks do not address whites as " bwana " anymore and maybe even more shocking is that Orientals are actually people, too. Many of them don ' t even cut lawns anymore. Being a member of the Caucasian persuasion is not tantamount to achieving nirvana, not by a long shot. You, of all people, should ' ve known that. We understand that 3 of your best friends from Arizona were non-whites: 2 Navaho Indians and a manzanita bush. Reckon you jus ' plumb lost your senses in this big dang city. In all fairness, maybe something decent (however undeserving) should be said about Dave. The first thing that comes to mind is dental school where he proved to be one of the premier whiz kids of our class. Ranked as one of the top 3 members in each of our 4 years here, he was one of those amazing characters who always caught on quick, always left for home by 5 o ' clock) never did anything over, yet always had the time to help out other people. No small wonder he became one of the most well-liked members of our class. He was even fun to talk to. Always so generous, such a great sense of humor, so very down to earth ... we know you ' ll do well wherever you go. We wish you, your beautiful wife Martha and your two darling daughters, Rachael and Kelly, nothing but the very best. Maybe you ' ll end up in Africa or Japan! And seriously, Dave, thanks a million for all your help and most important of all, a nver-ending thanks for your friendship. Doubles as a hairbrush. Reggie with the ladies. U.S.I. San Diego, B.D.S.A. I nanKs ee To (2?c J -f " - s- r y ,an -for hi ' P ' t ' flfXe anJ Un ' i ' n fly , CIA. ' y »» v - ' lui, ' ouhe. J uiif i -for- h r l cfhJ - " i e a From the shores of distant Ghana and the Ivory Coast (where they worship mud and sticks) comes my lab partner. Along with Reggie from this far off land came many new and strange ideas. I must say that I got quite a schooling from him. I will admit to receiving a " wonderful " musical education at the hands of Reggie ' s radio. Sounds of screaming women and men swallowing live Gila monsters will remain with me for some time. Another lesson I received from ol ' Comedo concerned the finer points of feminine pleasures (all except one). Reggie ' s insatiable desire for the ultimate in feline-like pulchritude was answered in the form of the good witch of the North - " Baby Cakes. " I know it must be comforting for Reggie to know that she can materialize an assortment of rings for his nasus externus at anytime and anyplace. With all the bumps to be felt at dental school Reggie always helped me up after I tripped and fell. I have so much to thank him for, but I am most thankful for his friendship. All joking aside, what more can be said of Reggie but that he is tall, dark, and handsome, (well 2 out of 3 ain ' t bad) . k- r lOl " I recommend the ten finger special. " i ' st- Reggie hangin ' loose. Oh yes, its routine to break these tiles off ' Like my haircut! ' W- - C pur ' iua . Riddle: What ' s 2 ft. high. 2 ft. thick, 2 ft. wide, and weighs two tons? Answer: Tree trunk? , nope. Muller. What can be said about a guy that rows a boat with a guitar and serenades fish at 5 a.m. Well I ' d say he ' s different. Jeff has always been conscious of his uniqueness, specifically his herculean strength. He use to snap handpieces in half every week in operative, as well as crushing mobile cabinets that didn ' t have " Chico and the Man " stickers on them. Or when he wasn ' t attacking O ' keefe or Armistead, he would be taking his frustrations out on the cubicle or punch holes in the wall, etc . . There was a time when tvluller wouldn ' t miss a class, cut a corner, or curse. But no more. Once he got use to folks he really let loose. Then one day he met, and introduced us to Stephanie, the woman of his life. And Jeff immediately resumed his once quiet and humble self (at least until she left). Seriously though. Jeff is a nice fellow. He has the utmost respect for enamel rods and dentinal tubules, and swears by dycal and copalite. He ' s a practical person and I believe he ' ll be a practical dentist, and a credit to U.S.C. and the dental profession. Right on Jeff. Good luck and many children. I ' d really rather lift weights. " Gee I miss Armadong and those pantyhose. " S.U.N., Treasurer Delta Sigma Delta, " Around the World " Operative Honor ■ J h fui ' ■ ' Is this where I put it? " ' I just got my F.I.S.L.! ' Tims ' favorite subject. Yes, I must admit Tim Gault was one amazing person in his four years in dental school. He was unique in many ways. He was the only person I knew who made it through Dental school without being there half the time. He was the only person I knew who passed all the class quizzes and only took half of them himself. He was the only person I knew who didn ' t develop bruxing habits or TMJ p roblems while in Dental school. He was the only person I knew who would schedule a special clinic patient IV2 hrs late (3:30pm) and not panic. He was the only person I knew whose blood pressure dropped rather than increased during his four years at S.C. In general, he was the only person I knew who did n ' t give a — - half the time and got away with it! Tim experienced a couple ordeals in his four years but remained cool and came out of them without a cut or scratch on him; like the time when 7 D-Mat quizzes were handed in with Tim ' s name on each quiz and he wasn ' t even there to take the quiz! This confusion was later straightened out and everything was ok. But there were many times when his friends had to cover for him and make up excuses and alibis for his absences ' eg. " . uh he ' s in Palm Springs at his Granmother ' s studying for a big exam in Human Behavior class! " But seriously, Tim (or FLP. that ' s what his lab partner called him) was a very hard worker (whenever he was in school) He worked quickly and efficiently and thus was nicknamed ' Gunner Gault " in his preclinical years. I know Tim will be successful when he gets into the " real " world; not because of his expertise in restorative dentistry, nor because of his friendliness or eagerness to help his friends and others, but rather because of his attitude, his ability to take things in stride and his ability to put things in their proper perspective and to treat them accordingly That. I think, was Tim ' s secret to success in Dental ' .w; - Nish. wired for Special Clinic. ' 1 ' Boy, is Oral Surgery busy today. " Richard Nishikawa, please report to oral surgery. ( Dicl Nishikawa. aka " The Nish " has got to be the most easy going, together person in the class of 78. Early in his dental school career, Dickie won fame and admiration by dazzling the staff with his expertise in the arts and skills of karnuba. From then on it was easy street for Dick any time he picked up an instrument or lit a bunsen burner. While cruising through school, Dick was able to focus his time and efforts in the highly technical field of DH ' s. Specializing in Vicki Anns, Dick was able to complete two difficult cases with minimal trauma and total patient satisfaction. Certainly an impressive record of Dick ' s fine abilities. When not manipulating dental materials or women, Dick found time to manipulate the proverbial B-ball or V-ball at the local gym. Although Dick was one of the less outspoken members of D-lab, we all knew him to be an excellent operator and even better human being. Having Dick as a lab partner made school bearable and he was always there to pull me through. Thanks for a great four years, Dick, and good luck! - «. ..jfl. ' ■• ? !r ' You ' ll get used to the light. " Citrus College. A. A.; San Diego State, Cal State LA., B.A. Psychology. California School of Professional Psychology. Psi Omega Fraternity. East LA. Clinic. Mobile Clinic. A ' ot too hf]cl -foi f? hnU ' j d J ' ? The class of 1978 was blessed with the Ingraham dynasty. The nephew of " you know who " , Dan excelled in clinical skills, from his preclinical days to graduation. After all who else could prepare a 4.0 buccal pit while standing guard as lab D back door monitor? It was. this same experience which enabled Dan to excell in the " back door technique " while on dates. Dan could usually be found at dental school keggers, looking for assistants and ski partners In see through knit blouses. He usually found them. When not at keggers. your best bet on running into Dan would be the slopes of Mammouth or the beaches of San Clemente. Dan. who plans to practice with his father in Glendora, is sure to be a success. Dan was (is) a good friend in dental school and his skills and personality are sure to make him well known in Glendora. Good luck, Dan. ' You mean I don ' t look like Bronson? " Dan, stocking his own lab. ' I should have been a jeweler. ' " This is only twelve, give me another carpule. ' We all knew Ray had arrived when certain members of the operative department started calling him " foil God " . This was embarrassing for him but at least is was out of the closet. Ray was a student from Albuquerque who managed to find his way to ' Cal Wee Wee ' (Cal Western) in San Diego. But Ray was destined for bigger things such as USC and Manhattan Beach.= Ray has been accused of being a dental genius. Some of his accomplishments include shiniest manikin head in " D " lab (he perfected his own technique), " around the world " honor roll project, lubrication of his denar with essence of tuna oil (he also uses tuna oil to shine his wax-ups) and the coining of the name " Padildo " for himself. With a name like " Padildo " it is obvious this man has left a trail of broken hearts and enchiladas streaching all the way from USC to the nearest Tommy ' s Burger stand. Ask anyone about the blue smoke filling " D " lab after a fabled Padilla run to Tommy ' s. His G.I. track is in excellent order. B.A. U.S.I.U. Calif. Western, San Diego, Moderator of E.L.A. Pedodontic Clinic, Cast Gold Honor Roll. K ' " ) ■ , ' .y ' il?? ! ' i { (-d . tt ' - l :-i ' ' L U- , m ' Look into my eyes. • U ' --fiK m m 7 ■;: ' ,■»; ' ii•.: ■cliliiiP " Tell me when it comes out his ear. ,.. DOTPPPeppei San Leandro, California versify of California, Berkeley, Stanford University, B.S. Biology, Alpha ega Fraternity. " Don ' t wrap it, I ' ll eat it later. ' Don functions better after a few .rockets. ' Need I say more? " " No Dr. Ingraham, it s not in here. f r r JP l¥y " sH t Dr. Pepper, as Don was popularly known among his friends became almost an instant celebrity among the class of ' 78 soon after his arrival from the bay area in ' 74. Always full of energy and enthusiasm Dr. Pepper could be seen bounding along in and around the corridors of lab D in typical Dr. Pepper style (his style of locomotion is a cross between a German shepard and Labrador) Don soon learned that energy is what it takes to survive dental school. Although he did a lot of ' D.O. ' s ' his impressive style always seem to win the instructors over in the end. Don plans to return to his beloved San Francisco. Don however, does not plan to stick to dentistry for the rest of his life. However knowing Dr. Pepper I am sure he will t)e a dentist for a long time. Before . . . After. ' I fiaven ' t lost one . . . yet! «J 5 " Thats a good sign tfie mirror. " she togged Probably one of the most interesting figures to emerge from the class of 1978 is Cleon Plummer. " The Space Ace " as he has been called, transcended to some of the greatest heights of consciousness of any humanoid must have known. One can deduce such a state from the peculiar behavior manifested by this hard-working individual. Perhaps a rescoring of this above message will shed light. Cleon is the only Jamaican I know who will have four or five projects going simultaneously (usually including a cluttered smelly search for more extracted bicuspids), three hydrocolloid impressions and a fixed and operative assignment, AND be communicating with his outer space satellites. He would seemingly cruise in space for hours to emerge from his cocoon of celestial consciousness and ask, " Is this a right or left upper lateral? " I have never seen anyone strive harder to survive in an environment where it would seem each day would ration mdre hardship for him. The stamina of this man is a true phenomenon. It would only be the crash of Cleon ' s casetle recorder or the thud of Cleon ' s dental library to the floor during a lecture that would give anyone a clue that Cleon dozed off from pure exhaustion. (Or was it an ateroid coming in for a crash landing?) In conclusion, we all as a class must agree, and I lead the proud pronouncement ... " ... When it comes to space, Cleon leads the race. ' ' King Armadong " B.A. Pomona College, A.M. Stanford University. M.M., U.S.C, Chairman " D " Lab Buckit Brigade; President of Crossroads Pornodontists Convention. lU J. ' J ' IY ' ' IVIy God, we ' d better use 20 lb. monofilament. ' •IV Dan will be remembered for many tilings and fine times, but, above all, tiis sense of tiumor will stand out. Quick of mind, mouth, and hand, Dan, alias Armadong, helped make things bearable for the rest of us. I didn ' t know what to make of " the Dong " when I first met him. Here was a guy, having done time in at least three different colleges, careers in music and teaching, not to mention the Navy, (in the twilight of his life,) willing to submit himself to four more years of servitude. The Dong adjusted well, however. With blazing speed, the Dong was always among the first to finish anything, from a carved right max suppository to a written oral path exam. And the Dong was always a clown. Able to recognize the absurdity of it all, he once came to school as an occlusion drill sergeant, complete with hanging sock; he also squirted Rasch smack in the sock from underneath his desk as Rasch was trying to impress some hygienist. But the Dong was subject to sneak attacks himself; he has been seen running through the third floor looking for his pants, or explaining to his wife how he got his pants wet. Fortunately, Dan could also be a serious student, thank God, or our anatomy lab cadaver would still be left undissected. Armistead also had other oral talents - singing, for one. He spent more time in temple during the Jewish holidays than any gentile I know. But, with his trusty wife Leslie, who toiled in the dungeon called Doheny Library for four years, by his side, old number 287 has erupted from obscurity to who knows what. He will be missed by all; his roots lie in the Bay area, where all the young boys are surely waiting his arrival. Yes, with Dan around, doing time here was a little easier. He has certainly left his mark at this school and will be long remembered, at least until the restroom walls are painted over. Now, let ' s get out of here, the drugs are wearing off. Showing typical cool chairside manner. Visiting " Proctodontic Instructor. ' J J ' 1 " Damn fine prep Tim, but what the hell are you doing with the chop sticks? " U.S.C. B.S, Biology, Clinic Camping Award. " Air is better than deodorant. ' f l)JM i4)U 1Pu Mn M ' ll When I showed up a week late at the USC Accidental School (where teaching is carrying the meticulous to the ridiculous and learning is strictly accidental), I learned two very important things from my new cell-mate, Timothy Quon. First, you take those little green covers off of gold knives with extreme care, and second, you get up and leave when Muller comes over for no apparent reason, because odds are that he ' s just going to pass wind and laugh at you as you turn green and try to get past him. When I first saw Tim he looked like an Asian stand-in for Paul Newman in the " Hustler " -just after the thumb breaking scene. Seems Quon had pulled that little green coat off a gold too quickly-right down to the bone quickly. The day after that he had also learned that one can do very adequate thumb surgery with a Bard Parker. Back to the Health Center for stitches In the remaining thumb. Characteristically, Tim didn ' t let these wounds hamper his slow, plodding operative style. In fact. Dr. Pashayan (of blessed memory) thought that the bandaged thumbs actually helped Tim in frosh operative. By sophomore year, Tim Quon, maggot 288, was a dependable, constant point of reference in that manure pile that is USC School of Dentistry, (vlany times by virtue of his organization and calm demeanor (some would say half asleep), Tim helped this old dung beetle roll up a little better ball for that big mushroom farmer up on the 4th floor. You could always depend on Quon to be at an 8:00 class at 8:15 (five steps ahead of fy like Alkov) taking short, crabbed notes on the right half of a page (the blank left side he ' s saving for a future son who will attend USC and marvel at how little the Histo lectures have changed. Tim is the only dental student I know who has wanted to be a dentist ever since he can remember. He obviously enjoys it here, working late practically every night. If there is anyone here at USC doing conscientious work it is Tim Quon. " $8995 for this piece of crap. ' 4 ' ■ar ' W H ■ 2 - ' W 4r . ' , ' v . " i , ..i ymsmsf-m i.A. lona College NY., Science, Fresno State University, Delta Sigma Delta raternity, Yearbook ' 78. - rz " Sure it ' s good, look at Brush! " ' Oh Tom, you ' re such a wolf. ' Tom O ' Keefe. A statement in itself. Where did it all begin? Some say New York, some say Fresno. (His wife mentioned Hollywood Blvd.) Wherever it started, though, the story continued here at USC. . . and then I grabbed her like this ' Yeah, Roger isn ' t such a bad partner jfterall. " In the beginning, Tom found himself (what little there was to find) rn D lab, surrounded by odd types such as a guy who trimmed his hair by setting It on fire and a senile pervert who was into bondage and discipline. Induced by such as these, the legend of O ' Keefe began. Those near Tom were immediately touched by his diligence, his quiet concern, his inordinate drive for excellence, and his hands (not his technical skills, just his hands). Tom was quick to pour out sincere and emotional oratory in praise of the school, its great traditions, and its numerous outstanding faculty and staff. It was said that the handwriting on the wall had destined Tom for a special place at USC, little matter that the writing was on the walls of the stalls in the second floor restrooms. Perhaps his most crowning achievement was to win the acclaim of his classmates during his senior year, when, after a long and hard campaign (the only thing long and hard about Tom) he was elected class treasurer. Tom accepted the challenge of this office by performing as expected. Seemingly, with all these distractions, Tom would have had no time for anything else. Yet somehow (unbelievably) he has become a pretty good dentist, more powerful than an electromallet. faster than a speeding True-torque, and able to leap wide edentulous spaces with five unit combination bridges. Finally, let it be said that despite dental school, Tom O ' Keefe spent the last four years being himself, and being a friend to those around him After graduation, Tom and his wife Pam plan on getting out of LA. and returning to Fresno. L.A.s loss is Fresno ' s gam. STEVE RASCH ' Point me towards the bar Dr. Stephen W. ' Tiasch Newport Beach, California B.S. Biology, U.S.C, Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity, Yearbook ' 78, D-Lab Diver Young Diaper Rasch the 901 closed. " I bet you tell that to all the guys. " ■ I recall with. utter clarity, the first great shock of my dental school career. I met " Huggy Bear Rasch " . I remember asking myself, " How are his hands going to fit in a mouth? " Little did I know my mouth was going to be the first. I now have flabby lips. Steve, on the other hand has the smallest and tightest mouth. What a challenge to get through Perio. When Steve wasn ' t following the football team across the country, he would upgrade our dismal lab existence by singing Linda Rondstadfs greatest hits with minor variances. Or he would kneel under his desk with a syringe of water and squirt Dan Armistead ' s crotch. For two weeks, Dan thought there was something wrong with his plumbing. On a more healthy note, Steve would rally us to a den of iniquity called the " Bucket " . It was here that we all witnessed Steve perform his first deep oral exam. This was not easy, but Steve has an uncanny ability to handle himself in hard In lecture, Steve was at his best. In his quiet and informative manner he would let the lecturer know he ' d rather have lunch with Mary Bierle. In conclusion, other than being an enjoyable lab partner, a good friend and decent person, he ' s cute. " Don ' t use 8 round bur for retention ' I don ' t know if I ' ll ever get out. B.A., M.A., California State University Los Angeles, B.S.O.A., Summer Orientation Program. . .. . .- ' I . . .. f- Luther joined D lab in January, evidently not liking his previous student number. He became Jhe infamous 291, constantly being confused with his two predecessors, Ed Reichman and Ron Heneman. If anyone ever got his moneys ' worth out of dental school, it had to be Luther; he went through everything twice. He could be seen with a cigarette in his mouth shaking his head over his lab work until 9:30 every night. He seemed plagued by Murphy ' s Law, ' if anything can possibly go wrong, it will ' , but he took it all in stride and somehow managed to turn everything in on time. He tried everything to get ' hot ' , including setting his hair on fire. His motto was simple - " If the margins don ' t fit the tooth, make the tooth fit the margins. " A master of stories (plain B.S.) Luther managed to convince Helen to increase his loan so he could vacation in the Bahamas with his family one break. Luther will long be remembered for his friendship and his willingness to help. It was from Luther that I learned how to solder - occlusal perforations, contacts and margins. Undoubtedly Luther will make a fine dentist. Few made the sacrifices he did for dentistry and I hope the rewards will be appropriate. i ! i ' :if ' i g lM ■I ' ] " Oh my God, I forgot the vaseline! ' It worked for Richard Pryor East LA. College, Calif. State University L.A., B.S., M.S., Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity. and then I did ttiis and stie said yes. ' Wtiile everyone else in the lab was carving and waxing, Tony ' s mind was on Dee, the lady who sat across the aisle. After a year of courtship, which included many romantic moments in the lab, Tony persuaded Dee to marry him. He was smarter than we realized then, because not only is Dee attractive and intelligent, she was a hygienist. She began working two or three nights a week to help support them. In his junior year Tony discovered that there was money to be made with his knowledge of crown and bridge techniques-making jewelry. Tony spent the first two trimesters in the clinic making and selling necklaces and rings. But he soon realized that that would not graduate him from school after he received his clinical accomplishment record. He went back reluctantly to making crowns. Tony is a multi-talented guy. He does accounting for his brother, makes jewelry and stars for the Delt ' s volleyball and football teams. The football caused Tony to learn to do left handed dentistry after injurying a thumb rushing an opposing quarterback. Tony has accomplished more than most people in Dental School. Besides learning dentistry, he found a wife, learned to make jewelry, learned to be a lefty when necessary and also learned to play football well enough to be started for the first time since he was the only kid with a football in the neighborhood. ' Boy, did I pull that one over? " ' I want to patent it for weight loss. ' 166 alifornia State University Fullerton, B.A., Delta Sigma Delta Treasurer. ' Dear, who threw the cream? " " Ah nuts, no foils. " " Yes, we will shine your shoes while we ' re at it. " 4 Sure, I ' ll have it for you tonight! " It ' s Friday afternoon in D lab: Operative. The tension is mounting. Instruments are slipping through sweaty fingers. Gingival walls are chipping out of Class V gold foil preparations. Amalgam is grainy. Margins are sub. Students are breaking down: some crying, some laughing, some staring blindly into space. Then, from one corner of the lab, it begins: a percussion solo on an air syringe. (A percussion solo on an air syringe?) It ' s contageous. Soon the entire lab is lost in violent reverie; stamping their feet, banging their lamps with hatchets and hoes, percussing their air syringes. As the chaos begins to subside, being replaced again by the sweaty palms and the grainy amalgam, Tom turns to me and calmly confesses, " I ' ve decided against dentistry " . Tom was always deciding against dentistry at the most opportune times-seconds before a bridge was due, moments before a histo exam. But through it all, he maintained what so many of his classmates soon lost: a sense of humor. He had the unique ability to break the monotony and ease the tension that always infiltrated our preclinical lives. At just the right moment, when frustration was at its peak, Tom would pick up his ever-ready air syringe, make some cryptic comment about his future in dentistry, or pull a jewel out of his bottomless pit of puns ( " What would you call the University of Michigan ' s Dental School Marching band? . . . Ann Arbor Band " ) In the beginning. Tom had some serious doubts about his prognosis for success in dentistry. But, as his performance over the last four years has shown, his doubts were premature and unwarranted. Tom has succeeded, and luckily for us all, he never really decided against dentistry. A. 3 j0Ktk fl Wi;9k W H s J ( Jh. : H i % i ' Kdl ll ;e4irfa2 ::!! .fl Los AngeleSi Eafifornia .■■ | U.C.L.A. A.B. Psychology, Vice Pre sident Alpha Omega Fraternity, Instructor Dental Morphology. .. " M ' s sHU yi (2. f 1 Marty " Feldman " Roberts. ' Yes, I missed you Joel. " What do you mean Academic Affairs doesn ' t know who I am? " " Of course, I wax off every night. When Marty walked into dental school he had a very distinct advantage. It would have to be called hereditary odontopsycosis or congenital manifest dentistry. It was in the stars for Marty to enter our honored profession. It wasn ' t enough for his father, brother and countless other blood relatives to be dentists but he had to marry the daughter of a dentist. Marty knew more about teeth the first day of class than a lot of us knew after three trimesters. He did prove to be up to the challenge of " carrying o n " with some of the best performances of " D lab " . While the rest of the lab would be polishing their castings due the next morning, Marty would be marginating or waxing up or something else about twelve steps behind the rest of us. At these most trying times for the average dental student, Marty would say, " I ' m not worried " and go on playing his game of chess or cribbage. The sad part about it was the way every project would turn out great. All he really needed was a mobile polishing unit for the last minute dash down the hall. Marty was always there to help anyone who may need it. He has always wanted to teach and I ' m sure he ' ll be very good at that too. Best of luck to Marty and Andrea in the future. My place or yours? Gordon, suffering from combat fatigue. ' s;-? ' . Tucson, Ar ' iiona B.S. University of Arizona; Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity, Lab " D " Diver. No, I didn ' t sleep in this clinic coat! Gordon hails from Arizona, w here one can breathe the air without having to see it first. Early in his first year, Gordon surprised us all by excelling in the mass production of quality jewelry. We often thought that Gordon only came to dental school to develop new techniques in jewelry manufacturing. He quickly moved on to wholesaling gold and silver to other students while becoming a teaching assistant in his favorite classes, Jewelry 153A and 153B. Through careful and purposeful dedication, Gordon developed a very keen eye for selecting the B ' n B (Blonde and Beautiful) of the school. You could often find Gordon at a TG bedazzeled by a bevy of B ' n B ' s. At the end of his first year, Gordon went home for a long weekend and returned with his new bride, Jan. It didn ' t take long until Jan was going to school and working on campus to support the newlyweds. Academically, Gordon seldom attended classes due to previous business committments. However, in spite of his absences, and thanks to class notes, he usually performed very well. Many times, in fact, he would be the first to leave from exams. Clinically, Gordon has shown to have the gSden hands of a jeweler. After graduation, Gordon will be going back to Arizona, hopefully to practice dentistry. In this regard we want to wish Gordon and Jan all the best of luck and success. Vacations and days off will probably give Gordon the opportunity to glide the skies of Arizona or sit in his lab making more jewelry. I am sure that a visit to Gordon ' s office will show a small glass case filled with silver seaguls, and gold pendants and rings. I regret not being able to more fully expound on Gordon ' s future, however, I ' m very late for meeting with . . . " I really miss those drive-in liquor stores in Tucson. " ' You ' re absolutely right, he swallowed itl ' C.S.U. Northridge, B.S., M.S., Student Body Vice President, Finance, Alpha Omega; Secretary and President, A.T.E., Mobile Clinic Israel 1977. , !«S! From the beginning, Joel has had a certain air about him. He started right out as Freshman Secretary-Treasurer and found himself a niche in student politics. We in " D " lab gained a phantom lab partner though because Joel was always attending " meetings " . At least that is what we told the instructor. Joel was also elected as Sophomore Vice President and Student Body Vice President of Financial Affairs. He worked on the yearbook staff his junior year. Joel ' s other extracurricular activities were just as service oriented. Joel spent his Saturdays helping on the Mobile Clinic and became a staff member. He even dabbled in foreign diplomacy when he and his wife, Valinda, went to Israel with the Summer ' 77 Overseas Mobile Clinic. On the way home they spent a beautiful week touring Switzerland. He finally reached the top as President of the Alpha Omega dental fraternity after serving a term as Secretary. One may have thought that Joel came to school to learn the ins and outs of politics, but that wasn ' t so. He assured us that he wanted the " better life " as a dentist. Preclinically Joel ' s main concerns were sclerotic dentin and finesse on the lack thereof. Many memories were captured by Joel ' s camera: Tom O ' Keefe showing off to Tina Javier and Dan Armistead on the march. His experience in dealing with people helped him do well in clinic and graduate in April. In closing, it should be pointed out that Joel gave a lot of himself to his peers and society. Good luck to Valinda and Joel in the years to come and I expect we ' ll see Joel ' s name on the ballot for some office in CDA. " What about embezzlement. ' ' I know you ' ve got it. ' " San Diego Sweetheart. " in Diego State College, B.S., M.S., Mobile Clinic Staff, Psi Onnega aternity, L.A.D.S. rCLO l ' r S+rac. " V-o rs ujUo nno-cie -H e. asi- -ouLr netxr- : uPor-Hi " Hxe -time. «M Mo-oe John, perfecting the nose rest. ome any closer and I ' ll goose you! " " 1 haven ' t been in San Diego for two weeks, why? " f» 1 4 Jonathan: " My partner, C.U. " Ruzich, creator of the proverbial phrase, " Dr. just one more question " incurred the honorable distinction as one of the very few to receive an " 0 " faculty evaluation in Operative. What hands! (He might as well have been at the beach all trimester). Johnathan C. who was continuously plagued with shrinking gold crowns, bent gold margins, open margins everywhere, bubbled impressions, 69 mm orthomodels, and who spent many hours in the head, who was afraid of getting caught for blowing a hole through lab wall, and who typed his quizzes for human behavior, thought of dental school as a circus. But then Johnathan has always enjoyed the circus. You can imagine then how thrilled he was to think of himself as a clown, a real circus clown playing and enjoying clown games and tricks. He marveled at the enthusiasm the clowns would show while performing hilarious tricks. One such circus movement was the juggling of little bits of hot, soft, gold then hammering these pieces into handsomely prepared holes. More enjoyable to him was having the opportunity to be evaluated on his ability to perform during " special clown clinics " (SCC) by a red-striped crowd. It was during " special clown clinics " that Johnathan C ' s exceptional talent to imitate a wild duck, blossemed, he loved to quack-quack! Johnathan C ' s circus movements with the funny, soft-hot gold will truly be missed here at S.C. All clowning aside, Johnathan C. Is an exceptional clinician and operator who no doubt will perform as a fine dentist. I wish him and his wife Judy all the best and hope they live the good life as deser folk In Escondido. (MUJ c " This place is really the pits. " P " I wonder if I should have an instructor look at this? " " O.K. you guys, where ' s my mobile cabinet? " Eric came to USC by the way of West Covina and Cal State, L.A. He actually wanted to become a bush pilot but came to dental school because he was " drafted " . Early in his dental school career Eric became known for his cartoon drawings and for his sense of humor. Few people could tell whether he was joking or telling the truth. Eric had some unique problems in dental school. One problem was to determine which girlfriend to take to each football game - would it be A, B, C, D, all of the above or none of the above. Another was making sure that no two girlfriends showed up at Lab E at the same time. Also he had a tough time trying to explain why the student directory indicated that he was married. In his preclinical days Eric ' s pet parrot was very sick, making it necessary for Eric to leave school at a moments notice. One Thursday he left so quickly that he could not finish his TPE for Fixed Pros, However, to show his meaningful intentions, he turned in an I.O.U. Seriously, Eric is a fine human being and will be an asset to the dental profession. He has a deep concern for people and treats his patients with loving care. He is a true friends and like a brother to his lab partner. His future after dental school is uncertain, but one thing is for sure - anywhere he goes, everyone will love and laugh with Eric Sandoval. Good Luck Eric J. " Checkmate Tasic, your turn to treat at Burger King. Ift. { -?sa ; «£- " And it doesn ' t stick to dental work either. " A.B. Psychobiology U.C.L.A; Psi Chi; Poet; Nitrovs and I.V. Pusher. Pong - Wooosh - ping ping ping - bong - ping ping - bong - " Anybody got a cigarette? " - ping ping ping - bong - " Tasic, you f— head, haven ' t you got a cigarette? " - bong - bong - ping. Ding Ding Ding " I ' ve got to have a cigarette before I die! " bong bong bong TILT. " God, what ' ed I have to do that for? Son of a (2; !! . I ' ve got to see a patient in three minutes. Strathdee, you wanta ' play a fast game of chess? " Craig Schlie is unique. All can remember his bottomless recital before a lecture in Rutherford Hall. I can remember how he dropped my first carnuba wax carved shovel; or was it a fish, the day before they were due in the second week of preclinical. But out of this tomfoolery has arisen a student who is often consulted by his peers on patient management when we have had a particularly hard white-knuckle case. Craig ' s uniqueness has often opened a new approach to the new concepts and the old dogma we ' ve received over the past four years. Craig has certainly demonstrated his uniqueness where he confronted the past Dean with the absurd waste of expensive analytical grade chemicals in the dispensary while the Dean was delivering a moving school-wide speech on how he ' s trying to keep costs and tuition down. Congratulations Craig on getting through these four years and on growing and sharing and I still resent having to recarve that damn tooth over again. Wayne Shepard H len are wise in proportion not to their experience but to their capacity for experience. George Bernard Shaw ' Damn, melted my forceps again! ' " Doesn ' t anybody in this place have a cigarette. " Damned bunsen burner. Wayne is the kind of guy one can only say good things about, I really mean ... if one doesn ' t say good things about him. one runs the risk of making him angry. Believe me. I KNOW. I probably made him angry at least once a day for the first year that we were together. Then a funny thing happened-we became friends. Once one is Wayne ' s friend, then he ' ll truly walk on hot coals to give help and encouragement. Some of Wayne ' s finest qualities are his complete lack of pretention and his sincerity which is honest and without selfish motive. One thing still puzzles me about Wayne. How does he get those big paws into anybodies ' mouth? I wish you a long and happy life, you lab partner, Craig. I was born in a small log cabin in Burbank, California. Life was gruelingly hard. Trudging through the snow in Gardena while going to high school was one of the brighter moments. After school I couldn ' t play but had to support my family by working from midnight to eight in a dairy. Hard work, perseverance and sweat has brought me to the pinnacle of my life today: forty thousand dollars in debt and no job! ' That ' II be 59c a pound. " Why, you want this needle? " S. California State University Fullerton, Mobile Clinic, Yugoslavian verseas Dental Clinic. " Forget those n odels Dr. Desimone, I never look at them. " While the cat ' s away " Ya, I got an upper lip. want to make something of It! " ' } : {.. " E lab " trained, Greg was one of the fastest operators in our class. That probably accounted for his less frequent appearances on the clinic floor than his plodding classmates. You can bet Greg would rather be flying - literally. Earning his pilot license during his senior year, it is rumored that he sat out one of his senior clinics so he could take his written pilot exam instead! You see, special clinic foils were never a problem for Greg as long as he had a dab of super glue nearby. Seriously, Greg had a knack for turning out high quality dentistry and quickly (perfect ad dentist credentials?!?) An inveterate partygoer, Greg and the rest of the Manhattan Beach guys could always be counted on for hosting the best parties and beer busts in town! We won ' t be surprised to find him in the future practicing by the beach and reading " The Fear of Flying " . Best of luck Greg! 4uJ Royal University of Uppsala, Sweden, C.S.U. Northridge, B.A. Biology, St. Catherines College, England, Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity. • n it Ukt. ' ,V ' VK : « One man mobile clinic. Brenner will never know the difference. ' " If this is your sperm count, you are in trouble. " " Would you please speak up, I ' m looking for my hearing aid right now! " Gene is the best friend one could have. He is friendly, loyj and trustworthy even it he is " enchanted " by Egyptian mummy ' s heads, ancient Tibetan paintings, six foot antique Japanese swords and starting his own oriental antique import business. None of his real interests suffered while h did his dental school stretch. Gene was once seen chasing Dr. Kim through the clinic with a 400 year old Samurai sword for an inscription translation. (But this was the day he cemented his anterior bridge). Gene is one of those rare dental students with such an even disposition that is seems nothing ever made him loos his calm friendly manner. But this was probably because h would never stay late to do lab work, never do " anything " over and his amiable manner made every instructor his friend. Dedicated to dentistry, he spent many evenings wit! the curriculum committee, family dentistry task force and study groups while the rest of us were out partying. The future for Gene includes buying a practice in Glendale owning an estate in England, commuting to San Francisco for social life and a very active career in dentistry. He is i colleague that makes us all proud to be part of the denta profession. MSTo East Los Angeles College, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Cal,;; , State Los Angeles, B.S. Zoology. ' " ? Ya, my setup Is clean. iide from the typical feats of wonder and mutual torture 3 partners inflict on one another, Bruce was a good lighbor during the years of preclinical incarceration. ;ademically he excelled and I ' ll never cease to be sgusted by his organized notes and disciplined study ibits! His early attempts at manual dexterity netted the pical number of DO ' s, yet he persevered. ju could always depend of Bruce. His seminar attendance as always punctual, to the point of setting your watch, if )u wanted it to run 25 min. late! His chess a bility was conquerable, much to my continual frustration. And, later, 5 was always ready for pin ball. side from his role as Lab E ' s chess champion, perhaps his lain claim to fame was his position as dental school Tibalmer. Few persons enjoyed lunches more than Bruce I his 4th floor lab! And how many persons make a hobby I disecting steel hipjoints with band saws? This, indeed, as a remarkable way to supplement his hard working ife ' s income! (Come to think of it, I haven ' t seen her itely). 1 all sincerity, Bruce worked hard and performed well, fhile making my dental school experience more bearable (ith his positive attitude and friendship. His character is an sset to the profession, I know he ' ll succeed! " No, I ' m not going with anybody on the Fourth Floor. " 1 " What ' s a " start " check? ' We in E lab knew Gary would do well at SC when we observed him polishining his manikin head just before operative finals. Gary applied himself very diligently in those preclinical years and acquitted himself quite admirably. At times I considered it my own special curse from above that my preps and projects had to be graded adjacent to his. There were some advantages to having a hot dog for a lab partner . . . once when my lamp bulb burned out during operative finals I found I could get by quite nicely in the glow reflected from the finish of his class V foil. Gary also found time to become a mean chess player, a pin ball protagonist and an active participant In that internecine series of struggles which came to be know (by the custodial staff at least) as the great E lab Rubber Band Wars. Four years have gone by quickly, it seems. As we leave SC I will set forth with unequivocally pleasant memories of a lengthy and uncompromisingly honest individual. " Gee, I never dreamed Team would be this much fun. " 178 4! " Jerry would like to tell you to stick it up your Santa Monica City College A. A., Calif. State University Northridge B.A. I ' m tired of this crap, let ' s go have a smoke. .. ' fflaiSiMSySfflSSiiffi: . ;rap, another double meat whopper th cheese and I hope I can keep down. " Jerry Szkiarek was not what you would call your every day All-American, run-of-the-mill dental student. By way of Poland, Jerry settled in California in 1969. (There is no truth to those ugly rumors that Jerry is a communist spy.) After receiving his B.S. from Cal St. Northridge in five years without the benefit of knowing any English, Jerry craved for still a greater challenge. In 1974, contemplating a career either as a Polish cosmonaut or an American dentist, he chose to pursue the latter at USC. (And the Conquest goes on!) Upon entering SC, Jerry was placed in Lab E and was assigned an Hawaiian partner. Also in the same corner of the lab sat another European. Mike Tasic, a Yugoslavian. Despite these handicaps, Jerry excelled in all facets of preclinical dentistry. Jerry and Mike became inseparable friends, maybe because no one else understood them. They would always take two hour smoke breaks before getting started on a 21 2 hour operative or morphology carving exam. They could be heard muttering to themselves on these breaks about returning to Russia, " PICKA Tl MATERINAI " Clinical work was no different, as Jerry took two semesters off mastering the art of pinball-otomy, before scheduling his first patient. He amazingly completed his junior clinics in one month of the last trimester as a junior, getting no less than 4.0 ' s. The last I heard he had amassed 1800 pts. in his last trimester alone but was still a hundred pts. short in Perio. Jerry plans to practice in L.A. and return to SC as a part-time instructor in either Operative or pinball. 179 University of Hawaii " This is my sidel ick, he ' ll polish the alloy. ' " That stupid Vince left his fishing reel In here again. " You say you don ' t like the way he ' s holding his handpiece. " Alan who hails from Hawaii entered USC dental school with the hope of becoming the best dentist among the engineers (engineering degree from the University of Hawaii). In the MDL he was quiet and fast, he never stayed late, nor did he ever have any difficulties except some minor mishaps which he greeted with a loud sh . . . t, and that was the only reminder to the rest of us that he was still there. Alan hated LA. and wanted to get away so badly that one time during the sophomore operative final he got done so fast that while the rest of us were still curving our class ll ' s, Alan was on the plane to Hawaii dreaming of beautiful beaches and even more beautiful women. After school one could always see Alan wearing slippers with an aloha shirt, and drinking beer at 901 with the guys laughing with his most unique laugh even at the dumbest jokes. Alan was fast, efficient, and ready to help his fellow student with an advise or a particularly difficult procedure. I will always treasure his friendship, and so will the others who had the privilage to know him. He plans on opening a practice in Hawaii after graduation, and we all wish him success knowing that he will undoubtedly be the best at whatever he undertakes. ALOHA, and good luck. f iM r •1 F i i. i ' ; -? Damned machine! ' U.S.C.. B.S. 1976 Tasic on his way to school. Portrait of the Dentist as a Young Man ... or Mikey ' s Complaint ... or The Saga of Drobar Chovik " ' Partner! What time is it? . . . " Partner! Partner! What do we do next? " . . . Notches: Betty Jo. Stick woman. Shelly, Gordona, Shirley. Candy. Dr. Hubbs " Viva las margaritas! ' " . . . Smiley ' s breath rushed forth with a hoarse gasp as if he had been punched in the gut. Smiley ' s countenance burned crimson and tears came to his eyes as he choked. " That ' s the G--d--est excuse for a tooth I ' ve eber seen! It looks like a f— ing fish. " Using his thumb and forefinger Smiley flipped Mikes ill-fated first tooth out the window. Mike ' s countenance immediately fell as his central sailed under his nose and into the morning air. An instant later he whinced at the crisp Snap! of wax meeting cement thirty feet below. Smiley stutter-stepped the chair, stiff armed the trash can, and disappeared ■ - . Partner, what time is it? Partner! Look! I got an ■A " on my tooth! An " A " partner! Mash-ku peech-ku! I knew it was good! Skinn-missus-squirtza! " . ' Yes, one is best advised to marry a virgin ... " Perhaps I will marry. Perhaps I will not . . . " I am doing O.K. I have 4 perio surgeries ... " ■•| am doing O.K. I have 8 perio surgeries . . . ' " I am doing O.K. I have 12 perio surgeries ... " " I would stop chasing women if it would get me out of this place! " . . . ' On second thought, perhaps I would rather not get out . . . " But Dr. Mertcheff. I got an " A " in occlusion ... " " The common man will be happy with a cold beer and a color TV. Therefore. .._ will always be oppressed " . . . " These men will do the job: Reagan, Wallace, Schmidt, Maddox. Buckley ... " " out-in-out-in-out-in: to the left. MOVE! " Here lies Mikey Foiled by a class III cavity. To his friends he was fair. His girlfriends he did share. Alas, we will miss him for eternity. R.I. P. " What time is it. partner? " " Thanks, partner! " . . I like you too. Mike . . . " Of course my patient ' s not smoking, he ' s already high. " " Your bridge is in here somewhere with these cigarette butts, old saliva ejector ... " Dan and his homework. Ya, I just had a pizza across the street, why? I , c.k» -| i ' - Wa JwS. eyu ' l . ' - t i t,tyi,ljAt yiv, Smiley once said: " you cannot be a good dentist without having been a football player. " (He also said " Whafs a groove? ' ) but that ' s off the subject. History proved him right at least in my partner ' s case. Organization, neatness, some more organization. Sitting next to him was like Tampa Bay having practice sessions with the Dallas cowboys. I was faking on the weak side while he ran up the middle. We had our differences, but politically it was Reagan all the way. It was nice sitting next to someone who was almost to the right of you. Dan tried to set me on the Right moral path too, but unfortunately I had already learned of the profits of sin. It was easy for him to say. He already had a beautiful wife (on which I congratulated him many times), and soon two very beautiful kids. While I was constantly chasing . . . , but I didn ' t make out bad either. My partner speaks Chinese fluently, and only his size disguise one from concluding that he is a native of Hong Kong. I have also taught him rudimentary Serbian, except that what I taught him he already has at home. On the other hand I cannot very well teach what I an not familiar with. Good luck partner, bend those wires but never forget the most important thing in life, after all a good duck is heaven-sent. ... I can ' t breathe or talk but the tie looks pretty good. ■ ' I know that superglue is in here somewhere. " ¥ University of California, Irvine, B.S. " E " Lab " Gofer " , V.P. Yugoslav Slivovitz Appreciation Club, Survivor of Rosarito Beacfi Massacre. K iA. S MiLci . " Wfiat do you mean I have to take this clinic over? " M.-:St. Jack, showing his cool at 11:00 o ' clock. Mystery friend in Newport. " Zit popping is my specialty. ' Jack was raised in Fresno, went to high school in San Francisco and college in Irvine. " Jackson " has been an excellent student from the very first day in dental school. He put in long hours in Lab E developing his technique proved very successful in the D.H. clinic. Jack was the only one in lab E who got a 4.0 on his preps by having a lineup of pictures of his old girlfriends in full view of the instructors. In clinic he quickly excelled and gave his patients the best quality care. To relax on the weekends Jack would retreat down south to someplace called Newport. During the week it was a quick trip to the racquet ball court or to the 901 with Tasic. Jack is looking for a genral residency and a practice in Newport. We all wish him the best in life. B.Y.U., B.S. Zoology. " Nuts, I put the centrals In backwards again. " " And we keep him even busier. ' Known to some as The Gun, Tony is a man of many talents. He quickly dispelled the " Helffrlch Theory " that all good dentists are ex-football players. Tony is an ex-carpenter. Tony ' s most notable accomplishment was the miniature set (only 5 stories) for the movie " Towering Inferno. " As you know, this film was categorized as catastrophic and appropriately Tony ' s masterpiece went up in smoke. With such golden hands, it was only appropriate that Tony apply his carpentry skills in dentistry. After all, the two are closely related. In any case, Tony readily adapted to the new armamentarium but never learned to change his terms. Hopefully his patients won ' t be alarmed when he asks his assistant for chisel (binangle) or hammer (mallet). I did hear that Tony once tacked on a crown instead of cementing it. Just keep him away from the long nails. Everything comes easy for Tony. While everyone else spent nights in the lab, Tony was busy with his family. However, with two kids and a third in the " cooker " , his wonderful wife, Relda, deserves all the credit. Tony just couldn ' t have done it without her. Rumor is that Tony et al will be locating in a miniscule town in Utah. I don ' t think he ' ll have any trouble getting patients since he ' ll be the first and only dentist in that metropolis (also, everyone in the town is related to Relda). However, once he becomes Mayor nobody will ever be able to find him because he ' ll be busy fishing and hunting. Tony never did have much of a problem with stress. I guess he never heard what dentists are supposed to act like. My best wishes to Tony and his family. With his accomplishments, he will show everyone that a carpenter from a big town can make it big in a small town as well - or something like that. Someday I ' ll be able to tell everybody that I was once his lab partner. Occidental College, Los Angeles, Calif. B.A. Zoology. I really like Dr. Abrams. " Jan rolled into E-lab one day during our second year and filled an empty void in our lab. I remember thinking to myself, fiere is someone I can complain to, lay all my gripes on, but as it turned out I never got my chance. She brought all the guys with her, and it was soon the busiest mdl around. During pre-clinical days Jan was humble and quiet, but her mild mannered ways changed whenever her dog Beshka was with her. You were the Wonder Woman of the lab Jan, but your Belgian Sheepdog left a lot to be desired. How many dogs do you know of that will piss on their partners chair? It was a long time after that incident before you ever got any Cheeos ' again. Remember after our first Fixed Pros TPX you did poorly and you complained to me of tired eyes and called it amylopia or something? At first I didn ' t know what to think, but after looking at your prep and wax pattern I just figured it was another word tor being crosseyed. Jan somehow persevered and made it to the clinic floor on time, where she has excelled and has come to be known to be good with her hands. As for being a good operator, I ' m sure she is that too. Last I heard she was taking her dog thru diagnosis and tx planning so she could do a biopsy on her. What a master! Really though it ' s been a pleasure Jan. Good luck on Oral Pathology and the rest of your future. P.S. I still don ' t like the Pittsburg Pirates! How about some choppers? ' J " The operatory will be about here. ' - ' %5 i. i, fl StSaSHrH3flftfft33Ii» " She ' s not nervous, I am. ' Cal. State Dominguez Hills University, Membet of Smegma Sonics. i A-C ' -L " Warren is the tall wrinkled one in the background. " J) A - ■ " ; " This is a good location. " Warren was pretty incognito most of the time but that sparkle in his eye betrayed him along with his giggle. Unfortunately, most of the faculty could not tell the difference between his sparkle and giggle and that of his " bobbsey twin " Alan. In seminars Warren really had a system down geared toward making the most of his time. He was able to sleep behind his glasses without his head bobbing or his eyes closing. By his Senior year he could even answer questions in his semiconcious state and they weren ' t any worse than those he gave when he was awake. One of Warren ' s best features was his mother. Her lunches of rice balls and smoked fish sure made those Operative Fridays go smoother. But seriously Warren was a great lab partner (and I have quite a few to compare him with). His warmth and humor will add a lot to the dental ranks. Best of luck Warren! Warren ' s training for school began B.S. Long Beach State, Mobile Clinic Staff, Yearbook Staff. t ' ' Tfianks to my wife Patrice. ' (. .•l. . , f ' ciXl. Ears pierced free of cfiarge. " I use this finger, it ' s my favorite! ' Boy Oscar, you sure know how to tji friendly! " I had just completed a summer vacation in Mexico prior to entering dental school. The dental school, as if they were out to punish me. felt that I might have the background necessary to control a loco " mexicano " by the name of Valenzuela (not to be confused with Venezuela). When I first met Oscar, cruising in his so called VW " CHevy " , I finally realized the formidable plight of Sancho with his friend Don Quijote. Never has there been in history of (USC) someone who could bull-CHit his way through the four years ravage of dental school. At one point, I even devised and Carried out a plan to place railroad tracks across his teeth to hinder his ability to speak. The plan backfired when, not to my surprise, he began to kiss the instructors ass at every opportunity. At this point, with ' the advice of Dr. Kahn, we threatened to wire his lips and jaws together. That seemed to straighten up his act, for a while. Lucky for Oscar he calmed down in his final years at school. Initially he took out his frustrations on kids who needed dental care. Thanks to Oscar these excursions to outlying areas in need of dental services became known as MOBILE clinics since once the poor kids realized their predicament Oscar and his cohorts had to get the hell out of the area pronto. Gradually, though, as Oscar put his mind to the business of graduating his frustrations were taken out on his adult patients, cutting their gums and destroying their bone to no end until finally we convinced him to enter perio school so that his style might improve. We eve n made him change his hairstyle which immediately changed his shoddy image to a true " natural " periodontist. Now that the four years are over, I consider myself fortunate to have been able to help Oscar through these hard times. Oscar, good luck to you in Boston. (PS. Boston beware ) U.C.L.A., B.A., Alpha Omega Fraternity, Orthodontics Honor Program, Bunky Fan Club. yt yvCr ■ .yLit-ilt ' c G ' L. i c- yi ypu A. Jh f ' L vi-L-d ' ' Now let me pack this nostril. ' ' I need the payment in advance. " What do you mean I just hooked his lip? " " I didn ' t know this stuff would set that fast! " ■ " ' ■ " ■rje wS B B BEi - Having a twin for a lab partner was unusual, to say the least. The first mental exercise I was subjected to was telling Jim apart from Bill. My wife made a very keen observation orie day and noticed that Jim parted his hair on the right-Bill on the left The similarities were amazing. They wore the same clothes (not at the same time-they would change at noon), made the same facial expressions-even had identical opinions. Have you ever had an argument in stereo? (My God -what if they were triplets ... or quadruplets . . . ) I think the only other thing different is that one likes cheese and the other doesn ' t-but I don ' t remember which one. Preclinically, Jim was meticulous, careful to follow directions to the letter and always right on top of things. That was the first week. After that, he followed the advice of upperclassmen and proceeded to practice every known short cut But, he Quality never lacked and he proceeded into the clinic handpieces raging-hydrocolloid flying. While -ost of us were still making diagnostic was-ups for fixed or meet ng our first denture patient, Jim was cementing 20 or inserting his 2nd or 3rd set. When the dust had settled, he was finished and spent the rest of his clinic time in gym shorts-tennis racket in hand. But my lab partner must be a kid at heart because rumor has it that he has aspirations of building oral erector sets o " every post pubertal angles class II in the valley. Molar uprighting will never be the same. Good luck Jim. jHFJ % ' ' Wl ' : J vT- i!. i - ' SSb m pit,. ii ' WS 7 ' S3 ' il - " — ,-1 " 1 -sSfe S? „—.,»-» -.—•»•- . -— a - -ifW ' ar l-i-s r— ;-3J— 5 ,, E i,-Wt " They told me I could find Rex up there. ' Encino, California " I don ' t know which one ' s which either, they re both funny lookin! J -. , vY ' .V Wr . I knew something was strange when I looked at my lab partner. Bill, and then the fellow that was directly behind him and thought I was experiencing diplopia. Futher allegation of sesory deception came shortly after when I kept hearing guttural sounds back and forth between these two like an aboriginal tribesman might utter upon finding the bone through his nose had termites. What was stranger still was that they seemed to know what each other meant and thought nothing of it. Alas— the explanation was at hand . . . A Xerox machine in Westwood had gone beserk, somehow engulfing and incorporating a tape recroding of warthogs in a potato patch. The product that descended upon us was " the Lucky for me, though, that Bill was here otherwise I might have lost faith in this great institution. He was always there with a reassuring word. Like after a test that would pop Einstein ' s circuit breakers, I would ask Bill or his isomer what he thought of it. I always got the same reassuring answer: " It was fine ... I thought it was a good test— why? " Well, I was so reassured that no injustice had been perpetrated by this institution— who needed to ask why?! When Bill reached the clinic, he was faster than a speeding bullet with ten afterburners. He seemed to be in two places at once (could that be possible?) with patients stashed all over the school and quickly amassed points rivaling the odometer reading on the old junker he and his brother drive. When the dust had cleared— he was finished two semesters early. Now, Bill has gone into scuba diving and weightlifting. (If this had happened 200 million years ago, it would account for evolutions claim that sea creatures became terrestrial). Other physical activities such as jogging, tennis and racquet-ball accounts for his spare clinic time. If his dentistry is as good as his backhand— the future looks bright. Good luck Bill. B.A. U.C.L.A., Member Alpha Omega Fraternity, Perio Honors Program. M ' fimf:: " If it doesn ' t ily, I ' m sending it out! " " I can put a rubber dam on in five minutes U.S.C. B.S. Biology. " ... would you believe ten minutes? Half an hour? Could you come back tomorrow? " f- iZ6 L iLi a In order for me to best describe my preclinical lab partner, Steve Wilbur, I think some passages from the NEWEST TESTAMENT would be of insurmountable value. Book of Genesis: And God said. " Let there be light " , and from the beginning appeared a homemade lamp of such intensity that when the sun was not to be seen, the lamp gave forth both warmth and brilliance. To the creator of such a device, it was decided that this mortal be henceforth recognized as Bunky. And from this day it was decided that Bunky was to be sheltered from the rays of the sun, to avoid such debilitating diseases as crows feet about the eyes and skin cancer. Book of Revelations: As time came to pass, Bunky became weary of his confinement within the walls of the gold crown palace. But his belief in the wisdom of God was so strong that he accepted his new life. As the days wore on, Bunkys countenance became more haggard — his face became pale and anemic, hair in disarray, and clothes all tattered. At times he had to resort to the pleasures of sedative herbs, and he became the dealer for others in need. However, his indulgence in such a comforting life led to instances of fatigue and fainting spells. Book of Exodus: Alas it was decided that Bunky leave the dwelling he knew so well and forage into the world in search of fortune ($1 million). It was at this critical moment that he uttered the famous words, " It ' s time to blow the Joint! " while everyone listened in disbelief. In all seriousness, though, the best of luck to an easy going guy and congratulations on your marriage. 190 " Duralon works just as good as P. I. P., doesn ' t it. " " Dial-a-Prayer is in my book here somewhere. " What do you mean she ' s your chick . . . ? " A. A. Ventura Community College, B.A. Biology C.S.U. Northridge. Instructor in Dental Morphology and Minority Orientation, B.D.S.A., Dean of Women. - (I J- -C-tjv ' L x ' ' -C ' O- ' ' LM a ut. ' i n tL ' -ri-L. , " And he gives great OH.I. " ttuniti Little Big Time. ' Boy, does she ever have what it takes! " Oxnard was appalled at the birth of Gene; as he emerged with a monkey grip, on his puplicating machine. He worked in the fields, sold newspapers and stole whatever he could. Everyone knew that he ' d grow up, to be, no damn good. In high school, he loved Biology, Woodshop and Crafts. Later, he joined the Air Force to avoid the Army drafts. He was sent down south and to Viet Nam. This persuaded him not to re-enlist and become Uncle Sam ' s Uncle Tom. He went to Ventura College preparing for a teaching career. Never did he imagine, that he ' d be handling dental gear. He received a Biology degree, from Northridge; while, also, selling shoes. At night he ' d dance, in contests, to earn more daily dues. He nearly applied for medicine, but detested being on call, knowing while being a dentist, he could stay home and have a ball. In dental school, he was good with his hands and, also, too damned conceited. He would put the make on all the girls and by his reputation, he was proceeded. " Dean of Women " he was called by Delaney and " Mayor of the Dental School " , he was called by Malamed. But little did they know, that his actions were planned, to keep some sanity in his head. His B.S. was so thick that instructors would turn and run. Yet. he produces color, noise, friendliness and fun. Everyone has his next of kins. Gene ' s were none other than the Weissman twins. His patients are ladies, only: and they are hand selected, this time his chairside manner is pretty well perfected. By He was usually well dressed and not such a jerk. Occasionally, he ' d settle down. and. actually, do some good dental work. If this biography appears to be strange; I may be the blame. Because, the first and third persons are one in the same. 191 Long Beach City College, AS. Registered Nurse. U.S.C, Delta Sigma Delta, Senior Banquet Committee. ad , jJ la Qll (Ui xJicL ilf wish I could see my shoes. ' " Jan, enjoying one of lifes many pleasures. ' A-LfL ryyui n . . , Jan getting her first date with John C. Holmes. Real bundle of joy. A surgical R.N., Jan opted for dentistry so she could devote more time to the two loves in her life: her husband, Jim, and the beach. A reformed beach bunny, Jan could never stray from her beloved blue Pacific. After a short stint in a Hoover Street apartment, she moved bacl down to Newport Beach and commuted daily to U.S.C. If you were one of the few who were in the second floor wet lab before 7 A.M., you would often see Jan busy doing her lab work. Jan was one of those rare dental students who discovered how to mal e " business her pleasure ' and ' pleasure her business ' . Beneath Jan ' s fun-loving nature and her great assets(1) lies an intelligent, hard working girl. All of her patients feel the warmth and concern she has for them. Always friendly, helpful, and compassionate, Jan is truly a " joy " to be with. Future plans for Jan and Jim include a well deserved vacation and a general practice (near the beach, of course) in So. Calif. " Wait till she gets the bill. Carolann at a very tender age. p tl San Diego State University. After only a semester ot school, Carolann ' s technical ability and academic achievements put her on every list in school including the most eligible female list. She was a model student. Hardworking self-demanding and quiet. She was always early. She set-up a week in advance for our first lesson on currette sharpening . . . and began making a new bard parker blade sharper. She read every reading assignment given. I believe she is the only one who read the complete student handbook and constitution. When anyone needed notes for a class she was the one to go to. She took notes like she was eating cookies. She was also more organized than Robert ' s rules of order. Honestly. She always had backups (fortunately for me). And she was the only one who knew when somethi ng was due. I would like to thank her for all the times she reminded me of deadlines and dates. Without her quiet reminders I may not have stayed in this orbit. Probably what Carol can best be noted for is her role as academic track star. The O.J? of the test circuit. She was always the first person done with the tests. And of course, on the Dean ' s list. Carolann, nothing razzel dazzell just straight forward hardwork and excellence with a gentle touch. So, here ' s a tribute to a truly beautiful person, someone I sense more than verbally communication. She is like the sound of a single lovely cloud moving across the sky. ' What do you mean I ' m trying to look se " The palm-thumb grasp is O.K. but I ' ve got to improve this kids ' aim. " ' Open wider, I ' ll dive in. A.A. Glendale College, U.C. Irvine, Junior Class President. jaMi EiL . k ;iiW- i[iljmE. J Bij Dddi E 5 S fa. " ' " y ' 2 Dad would be proud of these dentures. Chet Yokoyama 320 To borrow one of Chefs new phrases (he always has a new saying), he could be best described as a multi-faceted marble. " (That ' s okay, I don ' t quite understand it either.) To say that he has diverse interests would be an understatement. Somehow, our potential rock star motorcycle racer, jet pilot, champion surfer, poet laureate, artist, and philosopher managed to find time for dental school. (And he did it very well.) Chet managed to add " hand god " to his list of achievements on the first day of tooth carving by carving a perfect central. How demoralizing! Well, Chet would probably quote Bob Dylan and call it a " simple twist of fate. " Chet proved to be a man of action, too. While most of us complained he decided to do something. So, C.Y. became our class president. He managed to stir things up a little (a lot?) and got some changes started, ords are simply not adequate to describe Chet. What do vou say about a person who can create poetry from key phrases of a very boring late afternoon occlusion lecture? Who else could find deep philosophy in the principles of retention? And, who else could turn impression making into a sensual experience? Those of us in E lab will long remember C.Y. jetting in late at night to complete a project. Occasionally we were blessed with his version of Chuck Berry s Blue Suede Shoes " not to mention " Hustle " practice sessions with Bruce ' and Gene. Whatever it was, it was always a treat. Chet was quite an attraction to our lab, it seems. But, he was seldom at his lab desk. So guess who became his personal secretary? At 9:00, every Monday morning, after partials lecture. Dr. Yokoyama would come ' n»° ' fb ° ee Chet. But Chet didn ' t usually roll in until 9:10. What do you say then to the doctor? All in all, Chet is a sensitive person, warm and generous. Another favorite old quote of his is from the song " Changes " by David Bowie. " ... time may change me, but I can ' t change time. " Well, maybe you cant change time but here ' s hoping time doesn ' t change you too much, Chet because we love you the way you are! f Thamlli — Chet modeling his latest shirt. f n ■Is i, -4 hfi ' y h ' ' ' ' " You ' re right, I do look better with my glasses off. " .s«-.«i ■ MM OrganizaNons ' it La ' :M ' - psi omega 203 Don Atkins 209 Chris Beninger B Wayne Beninger 212 George Bogen 213 Jim Bollinger 216 Michelle Buchanan-Kriebe! K Stewart Kriebel 225 Greg Cole 235 Steve Wheeler 238 Alex Fuqua 242 Carol Gomez 283 Dan Norviel 297 John Ruzich 307 Mike Tasic S331 Clark Chen 423 Mark Emerson The sophomore technique explained. 453 Dan Longacre 500 Grant Staley 501 Fred Stalley 504 Allan Pfeiffer 507 Steve Torgerson 508 Chris Travis 514 Dave Wilkes 520 John Ziv 629 Tom Feder 635 John Goodw in 652 Randy Jungman 661 Mike Lawlor 663 Mike Long 669 Dave Mayeda 673 Larry Michel 677 Lynn Mutch 680 Ken Ochi 697 Cesar Segovia 698 Mark Shigeoka 701 John Siever 702 Mike Smith 703 Dennis Shamlian 704 Russell Soon 705 Gary Stewart 708 Wally Thune 709 Steve Tidwell 710 Bob Turner 713 Debbie Villalba-de la Fuente 715 Tom Whitaker 718 Gary Wong 801 Lou Amendola 803 Wilson Baugh 808 John Bishop 817 Mike Conway 849 Julie Kangas 858 Val Ludlow 862 Jeff Mogalian 873 Lane Ochi 885 Rick Ramos 887 Rick Rosso 899 Oscar Szegeczky 901 Dan Tamura 903 Tim Tobias 919 Bob Rice H Dr. Steve Hook, Deputy Counselor Don ' t you wish you were a freshman again? y0 CHI Chapter 198 199 RLPHR OMECn MEMBERSHIP Cheryl Adelman Michael Alkov Ed Barragan Brad Baum Gary Baum Bruce Beard Alex Burns David Donnelly (Editor) Jim Fabe Kathy Forbes Bryan Fisch Marlene Godoy Alex Gorden Ed Grant Niel Green Richard Green (Vice-Pres.) Ginger Hansen Patricia Hassebrock Maryrose Hawkins Sheldon Hough Sheldon Katz (Secretary) Susana Kay Judy Karinen Izaak Jarczyn Janet Lent Alan Lewis Eddie Lopez Eric Mintzer Steven Ozer Don Pepper Bruce Peterson Tony Perez Randy Philps Craig Potter Susan Price Richard Redstone Marty Roberts Mark Rosenblatt Joel Rothman (Int-rep.) Jesse Saenz Alan Samuel L. Daniel Schaffer Arthur Schlachtman (Treasurer) Pascal Serrano Jerrold Singer Ronald Singer (President) Daniel Vinograd Bill Weissman Jim Weissman Martin Winer Howard Brostoff DOS., Grad. Steve Chinin D.D.S.. Grad. Glen Lepor D.D.S., Grad. Mark Spector D.D.S., Grad. Bob Berson D.D.S., Grad. Dan Durchslag D.D.S., Grad. Softball - picnic Would you trust your kids with this man? Ginger, future instructor 200 Our annual winetasting party One of our monthly dinner meetings. Picnic before tfie Dodger game ■fl K 1 1 1 mrs jpi . ,.. 1 1 1 Stieldon Katz, Secretary and Ricin Green, Vice Pres. witfi their masks off. Craig, don ' t drink that. Oh no, too late. The wiz! Dave Donnelly, wine expert and editor. The alumni join us. Ron Singer, President with Auther Schlactman, Treasurer. 201 ALPHA TAU EPSILON Honorary Dental Fraternity This organization was founded in 1920 by Dean Lewis C. Ford to honor dental students wiio have become outstanding scholastically, or who haue shown leadership as officers in the dental student body organization or as class or dental fraternity presidents The group is dedicated to serve and uphold the integrity and honor of the school. George Bogen Russell G. Chew Jim Dacey Darryl Dagdigian Hugh Eltgroth Carol Gomez Debbie Greenlee Marshall Humes Harry Markarian David Minyard Dale Parry Joel E. Rothman Steve Torgerson Christopher P. Travis David Warner Steve Wheeler Carolann Y. Yamate Chester Lee Yokoyama ZETA CHAPTER OMICRON KAPPA UPSILON Curt L. Brohard Salley Jean Lopez Leolin T. Brush, Jr. Harry H. Markarian Russell G. Chew Ricky N. Mibu Jeffrey C. Derickson David Dwight Minyard Hugh M. Eltgroth Danie M. Tay or Marshall Humes Steve Wheeler Chris R. Kamen Carolann Y. Yamate t u n Joe Beierle A.S.B. President Howard Kunihiro Vice President Internal Affairs B o d y t Joel Rothman Vice President Financial Affairs o f f Dave Donnelly Secretary 204 J Student Council Carol Gomez Newspaper Editor Dan Longacre Activities Director Dave Watson CDA Representative „«£8 . — Student Government " The Rest of the Crew- Senior V.P. Sophomore V.P. Junior V.P. Mike Alkov Mike Long Rick Harder Senior Treasurer Sec. Treasurer Sec. Treasurer Tom O ' Keefe Ed Lopez Freshman V.P. Steve Northrop Roger Garrett A.S.D.A. Representatives Presidents Advisory Council Joe Beierle Greg Cole Dennis Nielsen A.A.D.S. Delegate Graduate Student Representat ive John Bishop Wally Lott Junior D.H. Vice President Senior D.H. Vice President Carol Decker Lita Cohen Committees Executive Committee Student Evaluation Joe Beierle Howard Kunihiro Jose Bustos Ginger Hansen Steve Nahigian Cirriculum Admissions Committee Gene Stevenson Art Forrest Marjorie Scott Armando Favela Moc ule Steering Committee Steve Nahigian Ted Brush Ethics Committee Boyd Dansie Committee Agitating to Overthrow the Dave Watson Administration. Tom O ' Keefe Steve Rasch Dan Armistead Rick Mibv Ted Brush Jim Berwick Chris Kamen u.. j Mi Dr. Lyie Cohler Dr. Charles Goldstein use Mobile Clinic This years staff included Oscar Valenzuela, Barry Kennedy, Jose Bustos, Tina Javier, John Ruzich, Mike Furgeson, Candy Liles, Joel Rothman, Dale Hadley, Beatrice Gandara, Gail Fennell, Dennis Nutter, lleana Carreno, and Tony Perez. obJjL. (J C 1 Overseas Mobile Clinic International 0:- M : t; .; ms- Where did the impression material go? Clark " Chew " Gable B.D.S. Taipei College Taipei, Taiwan; Tokyo Dental College, Tokyo, Japan. ' I prefer women patients. ' Clark is a " giant " among men. He always has a ready smile and can take a joke like the best of them. As a Psi Omega Fraternity member, he learned a lot from his " brothers " - like how to cook American food, play basketball, take English lessons, and not to wear white socks. However, he has given a few lessons of his own. As a master Chef of oriental cusine, he has graced the dinner table at the house with many an excellent dinner. He has also taught some people that his ability at ping pong is not to be taken lightly. When most of his Psi-O " brothers " were busy playing cards and pool, Clark could always be found in the lab or at school working. His dedication will be to the benefit of his patients in his homeland where he plans to set up practice. 212 " Why a mask? I just sneaked a cig, " " Oh. Oh, another missing cotton roll. ' B.D.S. National Taiwan University. Fanny is a cute little doctor. One of my student assistants said, " Is she a doctor? " " Yes, she is. " I said. " She looks fifteen years old. I thought she was an assistant. " " No, she is in her early twenties and is an excellent doctor! " I said. As we all know, undergraduate dental study is kind of tough. I have felt that a hell of a lot of lab work is too much for me, a big strong male student. But Fanny keeps up with us even better. Do you know why? Because she has a clever mind and talented fingers. Full mouth recons are easier on this clacker. iti 1 D.M.D. Kyun Hee University don ' t remennber what they told us but I ' ll do it my way. ' U lA LjU . I wonder what they ' re doing In the lab now? I swallowed it! i This was my first endo, the lady even saved the tooth for me. Frank is a big tall Korean guy. He has a happy family-beautiful wife and cute little daughter. But one day in the lab I heard him say something. He said that he hated his little kid. She tried to get everything from his hand and took everything out of the closet. Too much trouble! That ' s just a complaint. He loves her. Frank is a bright, honest person. He is enthusiastic about his work. He always works hard and tries to do his best for his patients. He is a nice dentist. Me and my arrow! Seoul National University, D.D.S. Today we are going to CEMENTATION! Tae is very enthusiastic in his study. He displayed this by graduating from Seoul National University as a top student in his class. He continues to show this enthusiasm in his present day work at U.S.C. He also practiced his valuable knowledge and skills in the Korean Army for three years after first obtaining his residency in orthodontics. His hobbies are the outdoor sport of fishing and the indoor game of chance, poker (He really loves to play, even though h loses most of the time.) Tae thinks he is slow. In fact, it is not true. Because he persues perfection, it just takes time. His work is just perfect. He is the one who stays late in the lab until the guard comes to ask him to go home. All of a sudden, he became busier when his wife, Soony, became a junior. He not only has to do his work, but also has to assist her in her work. But how lucky he is. He is staying with his beautiful wife 25 hours a day. When Tae is exhausted from clinic work, Sopny comes silently and gives him a smile. What a nice couple! Our best wishes go to Tae and Soony. My patient didn ' t show! You guys are printing these pictures too dark! ms BsmmmmB m mmmM ■Perhaps I ' m not the best, but I ' m the most handsome. ' ;J!V; ;.•» ' •» tl i Stockholm, Sweden Karollnska Institutet Odont. Fak. Stockholm. ■Rough weekend. Ah Pehr? " 7av or mere iho t uou can afforS h lost,- A Y(?u ' CJuicl N learn f e ga e. Coming from a cold country (Sweden) Pehr has been one of the nicest classmates, shown by his behavior, appearance, and kindness. He helped us keep high spirits, even in the worst situations. He certainly needed some help when he was feeling down but apparently in one sense or an other we always came through. Pehr showed a good capacity to work (even late in the evening). Pehr has a very good cultural background particularly in classical music. I hope these two years in U.S.C. will have given him good knowledge of dentistry (if he knows it as well as he knows music he will be a top dentist) Good luck Viking and a very long international career. For sure he will never forget these two years and we will never forget him. My wonder women! You got to be kidding, I truely enjoy this. ) Doctor of Stomatology, Moscow Medical Stomatological Institute, Rotshllde University, Haifa, Israel. " Now who tfie fiell Is wire tapping this hydrocollold unit? " " Ver ist zee Miller? " " One out of every three dentists recommend trident. " Our Russian Import, Alex Gordon, left the oppression In the Soviet Union to come with his wife and two children to the U.S. Little did he know that the oppressive regime of USC Dental School was awaiting him. However, Alex has been able to adapt to his new environment Incredibly fast. Not only does he manipulate the engllsh language well, but he has mastered American humor and sarcasm In a very astute way. He feels he has improved his dentistry a USC, but we all know he was a dextrous and Intelligent dentist when he first came to this school. We all feel glad to have had a chance to have shared time and warmth with Alex. ' I ' ve got on a facemask because I just had my Korean lunch. ' Seoul National University, Korea; Korean Army, Dentistry. A - we . (2vJ J e f ' ' Darn, here goes that old palsy again! " This is really a piece of crap! This is Dr. Young J. Kim. He is one of the youngest students who is doing a very excellent job training and has a very smart manner. When we were in first trimester, he got the best transcript of 178 students. He always works neatly and cleanly with meticuluos understanding of dental science and technic. He has a lovely wife and a very active one year old son, exactly like his father. Whenever I meet him, I feel he is a very ambitious and well organized man. I have no doubt he will be one of the successful and excellent dentists in the future. 218 " Nuts, I forgot to put my shoes on . . . but who cares I ' m standing between the two most beautiful women in the world. " Seoul National University; Korean Army, Dentistry have been Cheong ' s partner in the clinic and know that although his English is not so fluent, we could communicate very well, thanks to his friendly and understanding nature and character. He ' s always been a warm person and very helpful, specially in my fixed prosthodontics work, in which he does an outstanding job. wish him the best for the future. " y y " Is that correct Er " Who needs Los Angeles? " Nj » ' B.M.D. National Taiwan University But I already passed the boards. Like most of the Chinese, he is from a big family. Although he Is the only son in the family, he has four sisters. Both his parents are medical doctors and all his sisters are either practicing doctors or at medical school. His study of dentistry is no doubt influenced by the family. There is another interesting thing in his family which is that everyone of them plays musical instruments. They all join in a symphony orchestra. Thomas plays bass in the orchestra; also plays violin, piano, guitar and harmonica. After he got married and moved to the U.S., his wife and he joined the church choir. She sings soprano and he sings bass. Thomas is an excellent student In our class and he loves all kinds of sports but football. He plays basketball, tennis, swimming, bowling, even billiards. His other favorite sport is fishing; he really enjoys the beauty of nature. During vacation or weekends, he loves to travel. There are still so many places that he want to go and see. Its about time to make a plan to go to Las Vegas now. , Where are the bands? She went to the lady ' s room for a second. Quick, Where ' s the binaca. Artistic performance with pins. Joong is a smart and handsome gentleman educated i Korea, trained in the army, and practiced in Seoul. As shown in his career, he is not only well disciplined in both skills and management but also diligent and sincere so that he virtually can be a leader among us. During 2 years in U.S.C. he showed us a great concern for the well being of his colleagues, and big enthusiasm about his major dentistry. He always stays in the lab until the last moment, and even on Sunday he comes to school to play tennis. He really loves U.S.C. Since he payed attention to nothing but the study he has lived alone for a long time. Last summer, however, Joong met a pretty nice girl with whom he fell in love right away. The cupid ' s arrow that he shot must be fixed exactly in her heart. " The love is a splendid thing " . Good luck! Seoul National University D.D.S., R.O.K. Army. That damn woman with the PFMs; next appointment I m using karate, look here! That karate is really wearing out my right hand. You guys really should print my picture better than this. In our pre-clinical days, Young was known as " Goldfmger for his outstanding work. In clinical days, he was selected by Dr. Miller for treatment of trouble patients. Yes, he is the best quality dentist in class of ' 78. in his spare time he enjoys fishing with his lovely wife Jung Lee M D They met in Korea during their internship in " Ye ' an-Sey " Hospital. He is also a good father to his 3 year old daughter. To a man with such ability we bid farewell and wish him good luck for the future. English workshop 4koS , -.» .. t«- " She ' s not a puppet, it ' s my daughter. ' Seoul National University, D.D.S. ' O.K. Smiley, don ' t get bent out of shape, I like the tie! ' fw i v i ' HWi ' T ' - W-i Dr. Paik is one of the smartest, kindest, and gentlest dentists in the world. He has been trained in dentistry in both the Korean and U.S. Armies. He has had a tremendous amount of experience in living in general, but especially in how to manage his time and how to best treat the patient. On first impression, he appears short and slow, however that is far from the truth. He is one of the fastest, cleanest, agd neatest dentists at U.S.C. There ' s no doubt that he is going to be one of the best dentists in the world. I believe that his excellent performance during his tenure at U.S.C. along with the tremendous assistance of his wife and family are going to make him a very successful dentist. God bless him! I ' ' ..j v«--. , " " They didn ' t fit. ' The dry look! All in the family. fjl ' -l Dr. Rhee is the kind of person that one can easily be friends with. If you needed someone to talk to, or needed some good advice, Dr. Rhee always seemed to be more than willing to listen to your troubles or to help you with them. During the two years of pre-clinics and clinics. Dr. Rhee was one of the most organized students in the 78 class. Hardly ever was a word heard from him. Not only was Dr. Rhee ' s personality of a serious nature, but also his attitude toward his work. I think it can honestly be said that there wasn ' t a harder worker and more dedicated student in int ' l lab than Hak Rhee. It was a good chance having Dr. Rhee as a classmate. He is very conscientious colleague and a good friend to have. I hope this is the last one. 224 You call this living? Here Lady let me straighten your nose Universitee Rene Descartes Paris VuJL - Oovv- My love and my proudness , eAJlvi This 25 year old Monaco established frenchman, proud father of three boys and with a lovely wife, is probably one of the most colorful guys in the program. His talent and ability to rapidly absorb information in combination with his good hands have made him successful in our program. His capability to concentrate and to give his all can once in a while carry his mind to a touch of complacency. However, sometimes he takes life easy by making some good jokes or being up to a mischief. Whatever his mood, he is always a hearty fellow. After spending the summer in Monaco he plans to go to Seattle for two years, taking a master degree in fixed prosthodontics and periodontics. After having finished his studies in the U.S. he will return to his beloved France to show that he is one of the most well educated dentists of his age. We wish Pascal and his family the best out of the future. 225 ational Defense Medical Center, Taipei, Taiwan; Officer Chinese Army General Hospital, Accupuncturist. I ' m fixing a hole. Watch out, I ' m loading. Tseh-Yen was born in Peiking China and educated in Taiwan. He served in the Chinese Army for ten years after he graduated. He also learned and practiced accupuncture for many years, and practiced it in Baltimore and Philadelphia one and a half years before coming to U.S.C. He is a quiet person, but has a friendly nature. We wish him all the happiness and success. My own little secret. Hurry up and make some money! B.D.S. Taipei Medical College, Chinese Air Force General Hospital. i - - : 7 f Some like it cool! Sam Sun graduated from Taipeh Medical College in 1969. After having done one year in military service in the navy hospital in Taiwan, he wras a teaching assistant and later a resident in the Chinese Air Force hospital for two years. Sam has always been popular among his classmates. He is always ready to lend a helping hand to his colleagues in his ever cheerful way. His work is immaculate and he is an asset to dentistry. V Jk " Look closer, I ' m Canadian! " All right, she bought it! Universidad Technologica de Mexico, D.D.S.; Class President, Secretary Mexican Dental Association. " Get your hands off my tush, dudel ' u k lc jou bu. Id. T e furuac Daniel Vinograd Daniel is a very easy person to write about. He is a man of very pleasant personality and is very friendly with everybody. Thats why after the impeachment of the previous president, he was our best (and only) choice to become the class president (also his outstanding ability to get lecture notes from regular students) and this has become one of the very few things we haven ' t regretted. Daniel graduated out of the school of dentistry in Mexico City, although his high school and predental education was in L.A. His english is absolutely perfect and he used to help some of the other students to understand the very complicated language of USC. -— His hobby is sports, any kind of sports, starting with racketball and ending with beerdrinking. I strongly do not recommend anyone to challenge him in any of those events (Everybody remembers Daniel ' s performance in the Thanksgiving soccer last year. He spent the rest of the year on crutches). His performance in school gradually progressed. At the beginning of the program, it was very difficult for him especially because it coincided with his honeymoon. But his wonderful wife Nora gave him all the understanding and support he needed. (You have to see her gringing his study casts at 9 We wish Nora and Daniel all success and happiness and please, more effort to increase the size of their beautiful family. Vaseline or not, that is the question. Made in heaven. Chung-Shan Medical School, Tokyo Dental College, D.D.S. i» 4 Z - T Just married IM: " What is she gonna cook tonight? " I ' m sorry doctor, I ' m just really tired from last night. I can ' t wait until I get home. Ying had three and one-half years orthodontic training in Japan after his graduation from Chung-Shan Medical College in Taiwan, so he can speak Japanese as well as Chinese. Thats why so many Japanese claimed to be his patients and caused lots of confusion. He enjoys his orthodontic work so much that he does all his dental work the same way: beautifully, easily and quietly. He doesn ' t talk much, though he has to act as an interpreter. Truely, he is a silent guy in our class. He even fell asleep while I was doing " Out-in-out-Ying " during the Occlusion course. But he really is a good partner in the lab and clinic, only if you can keep him awake. M m FUM B _fl|| H||H|. " P M n •■ ' I- ss V f i _ ifiai - — ' Dr. Brostoff ♦ ' ' " Qoodts j| °ye %: fc t m I Dr. Fong ., 9 1 - 1 K 1 . v- i ' The Hall of Infam IN ORDER TO QUALIFY, MEMBERS MUST HAVE CONSISTENTLY BEEN UNPOPULAR WITH THE STUDENTS. THE STUDENTS WHEN SIGHTING A MEMBER ON THE CLINIC FLOOR USUALLY ACT AS IF THE MEMBER IS INVISIBLE. MEMBERS MUST ESPOUSE TO THE PHILOSOPHY THAT DENTAL SCHOOL SHOULD BE A FIVE YEAR PROGRAM. Dr. Harper Dr. Kim Dr. Kaneko Dr. Seymour T Dr. Reeves Dr. Coleman :4 THE GOOD GUYS The class of 1978 would like to express our appreciation to the following members of the faculty and staff who have made dental school a little more enjoyable. Dr. McDonald who was instrumental in helping many of the class of ' 78 through removable. Our thanks also to Dr. Al Frank and Dr. Dudley Glick. Dr. Curnutte Dr. Kawahara 234 At Long Last! ' ' I ' r • ■ I ; ' f ir The Fastest Computer Start In The West . . . Only Seconds Away And Skateboard Certified Dr. Instacheck mmm ■Vf 1 .iWV " , ' 9;ife.:»- ■Sv Here It Is, No More Waiting In Long Lines, A Startcheck Guaranteed Not To Bounce In Patient Affairs For Six Months . . . Be Sure To Watch For Dr. Instaprep, Also Coming Soon To Your Dental School. Faster Checks Mi : And Fewer Wrecks w I , Junior Hygiene 236 il mM, . 1 p i ■a ' " ' •Mfi Linda Barnes c na Pattison Dental Hygiene Instructors Ruth Ragland Florean Crawford Senior H giene Presenting the Class of 1978 he Heavenly Hygienees To know us is to love us! 243 " Change my glasses . . . never!!!!! ' ' " - ono; " I ' m sick of my hair! " m ' 246 r x-: Kimberly, Kimie-cakes, or just plain Kim, we know Kim Groves will go a long way. She knows where she is going and she is already ten steps ahead. We were learning CPR and Kim had already taught it. When Kim sets her mind on something she can really do an amazing job — as shown in her work in clinic to table clinic. Who else could get a professional photographer to come to a dental office and donate a full Saturday cheerfully? Kim loves outside assignments. Whether its at the hospitals, CPR at the Anaheim Convention or Table Clinics on Alumni Day, Kim goes the extra mile. She may be humble enough to turn ten shades of red when Jann announced she had a new diamond ring, but we all know its a lucky guy who can catch Kim. Good luck Kim, you earned it. Kimberly D. Groves, RDH Costa fWesa, California Lee A. Bockemuehl, RD Red Bluff, California Five letters from home per day, numerous long distance phone calls, and a little help from " the man upstairs " were the only things that got Lee through the first trimester of hygiene. Boy, has she come a long way! Enzyme pre-soak and endless applications of white Shinola have made Lee the epitome of professionalism in our Sr. Clinic. Never a hair out of place nor a crease unpressed . . . why can ' t some of it rub off on us? Even with the busy schedule Lee always has time to spoil her certain special SC dental student with cookies, weekend meals, and her happy ways. And to think the first time he asked her out she accepted the date without een knowing what a " dish " he was (is)! Lee is another success story - a hometown girl making it big as a hot hygieney in L.A. A long way from Red Bluff ' s cowboys and rodeos. Yo! She ' s a good one! 248 ' wo jears A js er. Ttr jears older " Demsc Meet Demise, alias DH 3. Behind that face is an individual capable of doing practically anything in school. She has demonstrated a remarkable talent for succeeding both scholastically and clinically without spending most of her waking hours studying. If that ' s not enough, she still has time to participate in such extracurricular activities as pizza lunch breaks with the " gang " at Numero Uno ' s, Thursday night dinners (and Margaritas) at El Cholo ' s tea cakes at Chinatown, T.G.I.F. ' s, and getting away on the weekend. If Denise wasn ' t so easy-going, hyper people (such as myself) would have succeeded in driving her up the wall! She was a good lab partner in Dental Materials and in Clinic. Most important. Denise has the patience of a saint; I don ' t know of anyone who would sit four hours getting Full Mouth X-rays, or watch herself being injected by a " shaking " needle, and worst of all, listen to all my dumb jokes and still laugh! . . . Thanks Denise for making my two years bearable. Denise M. Chan, RDH Redondo Beach, California Lilita B. Cohen, RDH San Mateo, California Lita Cohen-one of the illustrious leaders of the DH Class of ' 78. You can always spot Lita running through the halls in those " flashy " socks after a cup of coffee to keep her going. Who else but Lita would show up for clinic after suffering a car accident just to prove you have to be DEAD to call in sick. Who ' s to say she goes to extremes! In our junior year she had her histo notes stolen along with her car just so she could postpone taking the final. Little did she know Dr. Soule wouldn ' t go for that. But Lita ' s inherent intelligence pulled her through Histo. Biochem, Anatomy, Dental Morph and all the rest in flying colors. Nevertheless, through all the trials and tribulations of these last two years, Lita has managed to stay on top of things. Her leadership, organization, thoughtfulness and of course that crazy sense of humor has made these last years memorable ones. If we could wish her one thing in Lita ' s future profession in Dental Hygiene, it ' s that she doesn ' t attract the same type of patients in her private practice that she had in clinic. All kidding aside, we wish the best of everything in your future. A MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE. THANK You ALL ... LITA COHEKJ - io do UiMh. QU-th(Xt SH-tAo) -UrwuTII th(lrnJs4y jOt UKAjut unQ mom and Dad, " Can I do anything? " Cheryl was always ready to help out. Whether it was with class notes that were always thorough and neat, even for histology or bringing her famous enchiladas to a pot luck. Whenever there was a dance or party, you could find Cheryl there, never wanting to miss out on anything. She always greets you with a friendly smile and an enthusiastic hello, even during finals when you can find little to smile about. Cheryl ' s patients thought she was something special. Her long, delicate fingers grasped the curette with such care while working that one of her patients decided to catch up on a little sleep and began snoring while she was working on him. " Cutting, does your dad teach here? " Dental students were forever asking Cheryl this question. Could this explain why she always disappeared during lunch time on Wednesdays? Even though Cheryl always had homework to do, she found time for outdoor recreation. When she wasn ' t hitting the books, she could be found hitting the volleyball on the beach in Palos Verdes or water skiing on Lake Havasu. Cheryl ' s warm and enthusiastic personality will be welcomed by any dental office. Thanks, Cheryl and Good-luck! Cheryl A. Cutting, RDH Palos Verdes Estates, California Joan F. Cwynar, RDH Hawthorne, California Joan is one of those mysterious girls who somehow manages to ace classes and still have time for partying, Thursday night dinners and hold onto a job. Although her smile attracts all the guys, she ' s a hard catch-she likes her independence. There is no question that Joan is also a class " A " hygienist who is very conscientious about her work. Unlike most of us, Joan is able to hold her composure and stay calm in the face of anxiety-building situations. How does she do it? JjuA DH 007: (Licensed to Fill). NAME: " Em Ell. " ALIAS: -Goldenfingers. " SECRET SERVICE MISSION: Combatting Carious Agents ... As we brought our scope to a fine focus, we took a closer look at our DH in operation. EM Ell had ties with the Soviet Union, Egypt, China, Ireland, Canada, and Mexico; since part of her mission included collecting shopping bags from all over the world. At a recent interview, when exploring her favorite shopping extravaganza here in the US, as could be suspected, she chose the finest: " Ralphing! ' At her leisure, 007 passed the time playing Softball, powder puff football, tennis, or the piano. Probing further into her private :ofe. we found she was an excellent entertainer. At a dinner party, cocktails began at 7:00 pm, vegetables and salad at 8, and the roast at 10:30. Time was well-utilized by Em Ell, especially weher there were strawberry dacquaires ... At Halloween, 007 disguised herself as MICKEY MOUSE, indicative of her attitude towards studying the night before a test: " For sure, next semester, I ' m going to study early! l! " What, then, gave 007 the License to Fill? Although her acedemic attitude was at times to " Live and Let Die " ; her clinical record certainly depicted her title, " Miss Goldenfingers of ' 78. " With this in mind, there ' s no doubt that this DH can fulfill her mission. From the bean fields of Lompoc, to the streets of LA, we leave with best wishes for Mary Lu. God bless you, EM ELL! Mary L. Debolt, RDH Lompoc, California Linda N. Dillman, RDH Sierra Madre. Calif. Linda seems a little shy at first but once you get to know her, out comes phrases that can delight the wittiest. Sitting by Linda, one hopes some of her brains will spill over to us. While the rest of us slaved over Histo, Linda had two jobs and " The Source " was only 6ne of the books she read. Then to add to this, who got the " A " in Histo? Linda, of course! Perfection she seeks, but in drawing teeth, Linda had to let her hair down. That was one hurdle this filly had to struggle with. We know Linda will go a long way. We appreciate her sincerity and dilligence and we know Linda will be an outstanding hygienist. She has just that right balance of humility and intelligence that makes her outstanding in all she does. Betty Walker, RDH Las Vegas, Nevada U. A ' Tt A- . u » fi ' t:x-. Jl -- U yQ " Well, hellooo Betty " was the way we greeted her. The " mother " of our class. Las Vegas sent us Betty with two kids and a broken down yellow bug. She always managed to get the pedo gaggers, criers, and upchuckers and handled them like a pro. Each day before clinic began, you could see Betty ' s orange chair reclined with another DH there telling her the woes of their life. She was the class shrink with sound advise for kids about those of the male persuasion. She surprised us all over the summer when she changed her name on 7-7-77 at 7 minutes to midnight. Rumor is she ' ll be the next TV series with her 7 kids - we can see it now. " The Betty Bunch " . If only she could get credit for all those pedo plaque controls. How she made it we ' ll never know. Somehow Betty always managed to come through it all with a smile, a laugh and a thought on the brighter side. She really cared about everyone and let you feel her caring. With all those outstanding qualities, how can she help but be successful in her new marriage, new family and new profession? We wish you the best of luck, Betty, in all your pursuits. But, no matter where your life leads you, keep one thing in mind - when you ' re mixing alginate, look at the wall clock, NOT your wrist watch so you won ' t get an impression of Flo Crawford ' s foot. Trudy Evans, RDH La Habra, California Trudy, the craziest CB in the class! Words can not describe her free loving, relaxed spirit yet unbelievable ability to cram her brain with facts and figures and fly through every test. Though there may be only 24 hours in a day, she manages to find 25 things to do! She ' ll make it through life well, if she can just learn to wake up and make it anywhere on time! Besides ironing her clothes while in them, leaving the curlying iron on all day, locking keys in her car, drinking Beebos, or eating chocolate cream pie for breakfast, she is a great friend and I ' ll miss her to pieces! Take care of her, Gary!! wmWi and more. (npt-iunlY) , tz " z iPt ! :v ' «J«- t:z : 7 . Most of us have had a pretty hectic time in this program, but Kathy had a few things going for her to mal e things even tougher. Like her husband Tim and her baby girl Jessy to take care of. She was also a " super commuter " , driving In from Ojai In the beginning and later from Saugas every day. Bus despite all these things, she still managed to do well in classes and clinic. Even as a junior, Kathy could always get in there and get her work done. I know she will have a lot of success in the future and will be a great asset in any dental office. I wish you the best of luck, Kathy!! Kathaleen Marie Frost, RDH Ojai, California Susan V. Garner, RDH Bakersfield, California Dental students have their " Gunners " . Dental hygiene has their " Ulcer Queens " . Susan was neither! She came to school with the philosophy that she was going to have a good time and do her best to fit school into her busy social schedule. After all, this was her first time away from the sprawling metropolis of Bakersfield and she wanted to really live it up. Not only did she maintain her socialite reputation, she also excelled In her school work, (excluding Histo of course). Susan ' s study habits greatly Improved (?) during her senior year. Those late nights when she and her junior dental student " tutor " were busy studying Oral Pathology, you dared not disturb her, as it often took ten rings before she answered the phone . . . she really got deeply involved in the subject matter and visa-versa. Our companionship made quite a striking appearance due to our great difference In size. Once commented on that we resembled " Mutt and Jeff " , only Susan would ask, " I wonder which one of us Is Mutt? " Not only does Susan Insist on always having a good time, but she seems to add a little happiness to everyone else ' s life. Susan, wherever you decide to practice, I ' m sure your presence will provide any dental office with much " excitement " . ___ — Thanks +o the. rocx.n in t iue, -+ho£ e loefe nigHrs of sfudyrng tuere all loor+hLohile ? ' • Diana was our world traveler. She is the expert on cleaning koala bear teeth after spending most of her summer in Australia and New Zealand. Diana found time in her busy schedule to keep in shape. She was a player on the Championship Powder Puff Football Team and also enjoys jogging and hiking. She is a dedicated and conscientious student, except when she is on nitrous oxide. She is probably the one who was responsible for the name, " Laughing gas " . Diana was very organized and was one of the few of us who didn ' t stay up for late night " cramming " before tests. Due to Diana ' s dedication to her patients and the Dental Hygiene profession she will be appreciated by her patients and an asset to any dental office. Good luck Diana! We wish you all the success and happiness you deserve. Diana L. Holland, RDH Torrance, California Rue Hatcher, RDH Escondido, Calif What ever happened to Paul, DH 14, that mysterious male we all looked forward to? Well, Paul turned out to be Paula who was alias Rue. For all the hygienists, being minus one male in the class was a disaster, but for a graduating blue shirt, things worked out pretty well-right Rue? When she arrived at school, her first question was, " Did they pass out a role sheet? " By the time Rue finished school she had bought enough tires, for all those flats, to buy Goodyear a new blimp. Despite that, DH 14 never let anything slip by and the result has been an excellent clinician who has sincere interests in her patients and her work. Rue ' s charisma will make any dentist feel they have discovered a very special hygienist. yT c (2 c rUi2 Our littleMarnie is a ray of inspiration and sunshine. She was always seen with a smile on her face and a l ind word to say about someone. From the beginning, Marnie was always interested in nutrition, and she would often times be found at the local " Cultured Cow " trying to decide which topping went best with what flavor of frozen yogurt. Marnie was also one of the hygienists who arrived at clinic early and left late. She was also one of the first girls in clinic to experience a " hairy tongue " in a patient! Marnie plans to work in the state of Washington. But don ' t worry - she ' ll be all right. She has great plans for her future. Marnie has realized she will need a financial analyst to help her invest and manage her earnings and she has a handsome young MBA student all lined up for the job! Who knows ... he may even put in overtime. We all wish the best to Marnie and know she will brighten up many a dental office in Washington. Look out, Washington! Constance B. Kenagy, RDH La Canada, California Margaret A. Hartley, RDH Palos Verdes Estates, California Who commuted every morning all the way from 28th Street in a sporty red Porsche 924? Connie Did! Her brunette good looks and cheery smile always persuaded the parking guard that she deserved a space in the FACULTY LOT! Connie was known for her cool aid or organization. Her lists of chores were endless, her punctuality was unfailing, and her appearance was always so " put together " . Connie HAD to be organized to keep up with all of her activities! Somehow she found time for sorority activities, teaching Sunday School, weekend retreats to Morro Bay for R and R with her family-not to mention juggling the " gentlemen " around her busy study schedule! Connie even took the responsibility of being our senior class secretary and treasurer. To what finer person could we have entrusted our meager profits from sack lunch, car mat. and bake sales? Connie was so devoted to hygiene she even volunteered two weeks of her summer to work in T.E.A.M. This kind of giving spirit seems to run in her family. You see, Connies dad volunteered to be her very first patient! (He thought she did pretty well for her first STAB at it!) Mr. Kenagy. family and friends, you can all be very proud of Connie. She ' s a skillful hygienist, a conscientious worker and a beautiful friend! Look out world — H-E-R-E- ' S C-0-N-N-l-E! jfr ' v Judy was our class pixie. She always looked like she just stepped off the beach which was one of her favorite places hence the nickname, " seashell " . But Judy isn ' t the type you would have to see to know she ' s around, just hearing her famous giggle was enough. Judy was also appropriately named " goofball " because she was always so unpredictable. Remember the time she did a cartwheel in clinic only to land in front of an instructor? Judy is a fantastic gymnast. In fact, she had a hard time trying to decide if she should go the Dental Hygiene school or become an Olympic gymnast. She plans to work in Newport practicing dental hygiene and in her spare time coaching kids. Judy has always been very ambitious, however. She was a regular participant of mobile clinic. She worked 2 jobs, one as a librarian and the other as a dental assistant. She also managed to have a most active social life Between John. Paul, George, and R— O, her head was usually spinning Even doing all this, she just couldn ' t figure out why she was always tired. Well Jude-we hope all goes well for you in the future-you have everything going for you. And once you finally get your 240Z, you ' ll be on your way. Judy Koningh, RDH La Cahada, California Sheila A. Krutzsch, RDH Arcadia, California She ' s got a heart of gold, a bright sense of humor,and fingers that could scale the highest mountain of calculus! With these three qualities going for her. Sheila has managed to endure two, long, hard years of dental hygiene school. She had a few anxious moments, however, but who wouldn ' t with one recall patient who was an habitual " spitter " and another who had " mini removeable gums " ! Nevertheless, Sheila kept CALM and managed to stay organized and up on everything! To prove it, during lunch time, you could always find Sheila setting up for afternoon clinic. She skipped lunch to sharpen her instruments, but after clinic was over, you could bet on finding Sheila and DH42 across the steet at the Cultured Cow— the yogurt queens! Sheila ' s first year kept her busy. You could always tell when she had a late night studying ... the next day she would wear jeans and a bandana on her head! Sheila has had both bad and good times while in hygiene. The good news is that she got engaged and the bad news is that the first week she had her engagement ring, she was working with mercury in dental materials class and the mercury began to dissolve the gold in her ring! Sheila will most defi nitely be an asset to any dental practice and we wish her happiness and good fortune with her work and with her marriage! Sheila keep smiling! aJ2l uo tz hM A f f f 3-J ' o _- V.- . - ' SVeorfN - V Ginger suffered a cultural shock when having to move to the pits of L.A. from beautiful Provo. Utah where she attended B.Y.U. When we first met her she was gentle as a LAMB but now she ' s rolling like a WHEEL-ER. Ginger was the only girl in the class who managed to sharpen her instruments enough to trap a dental student in 4 months which lead to wedding bells the following summer. I ' ll never forget the day when clinic was closing and Tom came looking for Ginger only to find her walking a little old lady to the bus stop. What dedication! She always managed to show up at the 901 club and order a 7-up while we all drank beer, and she still had a wild and wonderful time. Speaking of wild times, Ginger loved her first experience with nitrous oxide. All she could say was " I ' ve never felt like this before! " The future holds for Ginger 4-6 kids, her husband as a professional partner practicing somewhere in California, and a lot of happy days! Ginger K. Wheeler, RDH Northridge, California Candice S. Liles, RDH San Bernardino, California A loyal mobile clinicer since her pre-hygiene days. Candy Is now one of Charlie ' s Angels and runs the prophy merry-go-round with great proficiency. Through her maneuvering, Charlie got her some new instruments, a few dental students to do prophys and all the Santa Paula oranges she could eat. Candy ' s interests lie in a certain foreign body reaction that she picked up in Mexico. It seems to be chronic at this point, but we hope there is a cure. Once an avid snow skier, Candy now spends her time paralleling fllmstrips and swooshing through histology - in fact she liked that run so much that she went for a second trial. When they talked about expanded hygienist ' s. Candy took them literally with what she calls her " 5 pounder " . Nothing a little X-Lax wouldn ' t cure. With a name as sweet as Candy, how could she go wrong? But she did when they mixed sugar n ' spice (Candy and Ginger) in DH Lab. All hell broke loose in dental materials. Though she is one of the youngest in our class. Candy is by no means " left " behind. She strives for excellence in all she does and is a great asset to our class. We can always count on her " candid " viewpoint and appreciate her honesty. We wish her the greatest success in her future life. X+ Knas be. a le-Ff harsci yr jt r t a Aj There have been a " Lott " of outstanding people in the Dental Hygiene program at U.S.C. and Cathy is no exception. Her knowledge of plaque control has got Diane Albertson worried about her job. She should have big brother Wally in Grad Perio up to her level in no time. Her film on this subject done for the " Today " show should win her an academy award for the best " floss-er " . In addition to this and her other Hygiene activities (as if they weren ' t enough) she did an outstanding job as Senior JADHA representative, putting in a vote for U.S.C. at the National Convention in Miami, and preparing the country for the class of ' 78. Somebody had to do all of this and we ' re glad it was you, Cathy. Cathy A. Lott, RDH Torrance, California Elisa M. Luna, RDH San Clemente. California All those fortunate enough to know Elisa know that underneath that cool and calm appearance- is a person just as crazy as the rest of us! One of the biggest (and probably wisest) decisions she made was turning down a career in pharmacy for dental hygiene. Elisa was well-known for spending long hours in clinic. They were even considering giving her, her own personal key so she could come in early and lock up at night! One day, her patient forgot her " teeth " and Elisa drove all the way to Pasadena to deliver them personally. Elisa was a very organized and serious student. Her most famous comment after taking one of Dr. Soule ' s histo exams was, " But I studied " ! Among Elisa ' s well known talents are cooking. She makes a mean chilli relleno and. great homemade tortillas! In between school and studying, she manages to squeeze in a very special person in her life. Rumors are that she secretly disguises David as a patient on Friday afternoons just so she can see him during the week! Good luck to you Elisa and we wish you all the best in life! Lucinda J. Lyon, RDH Stockton, California y md a tU MMU=_ it ' s 2 a.m. Monday morning, the blowdryer is going and the curling iron is heating up - Cindy Lyon is getting ready for school. Messing up her internal clock is just one of the many things DH school did to Cindy. Fortunately for us, she ' s no worse for the wear. We know she is rough and tough, because as she told Lee one night in her sleep, " It ' s only because I ' m a wiz " . Cindy maintains her sanity by taking leisurely walks along the shore in Long Beach with her close associate, Mike. She is not used to the L.A. hussle ' n ' bussle, who would be after being born and raised in the booming metropolis of Stockton, Calif. Her country upbringing has even shown itself in her driving - she ' s still not sure whether she should drive her little yellow bug on the freeway of on surface streets. You have probably not seen her out on the lawn during lunch lately - since Sr. Clinic came upon us she ' s been spending her lunch break preparing for her patient. Such devotion! Watch out Northern California Hygienists - here comes a hot one, fresh off the press. Jo Ann S. Maehara, RDH Los Angeles, Calif. There ' s just one word that could describe Jojo . . . just one word that could fully capture the essence of her inherent nature - " generous. " Whether she be at school, afwork or just out with friends, you could always catch Jojo " lending a hand " to someone in need. Always willing to give of herself, it was surprising that academically she was able to pull herself along with the rest of us. (Although before exams she ' d be the first we ' d see climbing the walls.) Jojo was to say the least, ACTIVE. It wasn ' t an uncommon site to see her in her tennies and shorts running the track or trying to get in a game of tennis . . . wildly cheering at football games . . . dancing at TGs ... or playing foosball. Whatever our schedule, she always managed to make time for FUN. Jojo ' s spirit can be infectious and we will always recall how she made life at school that much more enjoyable! TO LL W«0 MAO£ THIS P0SS 6l-e rf,o The time: 1 p.m. The place: DH clinic. A near fatality. SH 26, afraid to get the floor wet with a stuck air water syringe, almost drowns her patient! A typical day in the life of this USC hygienist. This type of thing didn ' t just happen at school either. Beatriz ' first dinner party at our apartment complex included a main entree of burnt tacos! Her experiences as a patient were pretty funny too! In oral surgery she began " telling all " as soon as she went under IV vallum. B: " Doctor? Doctor? Will this limit my activities? " DR: Well, Bea, what are you use to doing? " B: " Some pretty wild things! " The dental students watching the surgery wanted to know more, but the doctor didn ' t think that would be too ethical. Beatriz was always up for a good time. In our junior year, she organized an ice skating party in Santa Monica. And she never missed a TGIF party either! Where there was dancing, Beatriz was there! Her curriculum included two nights per week of ballet and jazz, and an occasional midnite skating party in the Valley. She also spent her summer between classes having fun! She took off for four weeks to the Yucatan Peninsula, and did everything from touring the IVIayan ruins to spending 20 hours on a broken-down boat in the Gulf of Mexico without food. She was even invited to help co-pilot the plane on the way home! Going through customs made her nervous though. It seems her socks held quite a stash of gold! Beatriz has been doing " some pretty wild things " since she came to USC: and with any luck, she ' ll keep right on doing them! Good Luck, Beatriz! Beatriz Maynez, RDH Sylmar, California Marian D. McKindlay, RDH Las Vegas, Nevada After only a few months at school, Marian was put through the pain and torture of the " railroad tracks syndrome " . Braces! But that didn ' t stop her because Marian is another one of those who decided that dental students weren ' t all that bad, especially the graduate oral surgeons! If she was lost, we could always find her, after hours, at lunch and in between and during patients, assisting(?) in the oral surgery department. And after the arrival of our new resident pathologist it was curious how Marian had a path consult every clinic afternoon-to this day, we ' ll never know whether those lesions were iatrogenic or not. In all sincerity, Marian has a truly professional altitude which went along with her set-up: starting with the mere basics in her junior year to the ultimate in dispensers and equipment. Enough kidding. Good luck lil ' friend, and to your medical school goal. But in the meantime, I know you ' ll be doing what you ' ve worked so hard for these past two years: sleeping in mornings, working from one to five and Fridays and Mondays off. 260 Xi ' - [ e, No one se emed to get quite as up for exams in our class as Jeri did. It probably was because she started preparing for them three weeks in advance. And by the time test day rolled around, she had already reviewed a whole volume of old tests. In fact, to keep from losing any precious studying time she would put on her make-up while fighting the morning rush hour traffic during her daily jaunt to school from far away Anaheim. It has been said that on test days Jeri arrived on campus even before the campus security guards were at their booths so as to secure preferential parking right in front of the dental school. However, there was more to Jen than strictly studying. She did have to allow some time to stuff all that flowing golden brown hair up into her cap. And we all know that she ' s compassionate. One time she actually drove all over town trying to return a set of dentures to her patient who had forgotten them in clinic. All kidding aside though, we all realize that Jeri is a serious, conscientious student and will be an eager, hardworking hygienist. Be it in the Inland Empire or along the coast may happiness and good fortune follow her everywhere in life. Jeri L. McLatcher, RDH Garden Groove, California Pamela A. Meaglia, RDH Alhambra, California Pam, also called " Old Lefty " by some, is known in our class as being so organized in everything she does. Because of this she is also a great student both academically and in the clinic; she was a natural. In fact, I have so much confidence in Pam ' s ability that 1 let her give me her 1st injection, and I was numb most of that day. Thank God for coffee, that was the only thing that kept us going during all those stimulating lectures. Pam could be seen each day in her shiny 1974 Firebird getting onto the Harbor Freeway, (only too bad you cant use all that power in bumper to bumper traffic). Pam is a very enthusiastic U.S.C. football fan, and attended nearly all the games, while her boyfriend Carlo of U.C.L.A., would cheer on the other team, |ust wait till the USC-UCLA gamell! Sailing is one of Pam ' s favorite hobbies and Histo exam or no Histo exam if Pam could go sailing she would. Pam ' s greatest asset is her humorous nature and her ability to cheer everybody up when it ' s needed most. But don ' t let her fool you, even though she jokes and kids she is very conscientious in everything she does. Pam will be an asset to the Dental Hygiene profession. i jM V7 wo a ad " -fuoj uall oa out 261 ?=«!%. i- sleeping kitten. She even looked like one various tactics that always seemea to get miicn ak throwing a piece of chalk at her in Anatomy ) to her driving home from school with her books flying off her that ' s how we ' ll remember Kat. As one of the lefties of the we could never figure out how she learned to scale back " ' =irri« though always anxious to get out of clinic early, we wouit . -urning the midnight oil. But despite all the ups and downs of 3l, she hung in there She managed to keep her sanity by playing ' ball and basketball on the weekends. Besides the crazy side of there was a sensitive person from whom we all gained by knowing ish her the best of luck TVm " dxpevicAACo ' will ( he- v cam r covcv -fvTTm they 22il!! ■ ■|y knew Judy, she was a fun-loving, easy going, oifMliat seemed to have many " UPS " in the " UPS lygiene her 1st year, ' Never-gunner ' Judy Iride and come first trimesters finals she i knowledge of Histology. Anatomy, p on. Who did not, but none other than SM after that — filled week at an get you through finals. .1 tr, experience the real ,iember The IVIasked " Iculus!?), being stood Phbefiix, Arizona ite her persistent c ' patients left h the ,jaz2 ,J! ,V ThonKs for oil the memories. The pos- IS SWCC+ , nice 1o thinK oboui. OH-NO-DAH . . . Now here is one human being who can write neater than a typewriter. With her multicolored Bic pen, Vicki ' s histo notes lool ed more like graphic arts than chondroid and Howships ' s Lacunae. Not only were her notes colorful, but her personality as well. Always friendly and eager to lend a helping hand, Vicki unconsciously lifted the spirits of those close to her and managed to keep herself together through the past two years. If you found it difficult to understand her the 1st year, you probably found it even more difficult once she got her custom retainer, although for some of us it became easier. Beneath that shy, reserved oriental exterior is a girl who Is even more perplexing once she ' s out of uniform. Brains, looks, creativity and dexterity are all fantastic characteristics of Vicki, so who says this girl isn ' t gonna make it big? Good luck Vicki and thanks for everything. Vicki A. Onoda, RDH Gardena, California Patricia G. Osuna, RDH Oceanside, California Tricia, the girl who got some of us through Dental Materials and back, who never missed a game, a TGIF, a chance to go dancing, and who always, unbelieveably managed to make it through a test and come out smiling. We still haven ' t figured out how Tricia can party so much and still make it to school relatively all together. Tricia has been fortunate to have some, how should we say, " interesting patients " . It ' s still hard to believe that one wore a blindfold the whole appointment! But she is always ready and waiting, and waiting and waiting for her next patient. Tricia, why don ' t they come back? Maybe she ' s really waiting for the boy down the street to walk in!! How many times have we heard her say, " why me, w-h-y me? " Could it be that Oceanside doesn ' t have weirdos or Peyton Place? It can ' t be all that bad! Good luck Tricia, we all love you and know you ' ll be a great tooth fairy. l-t ' been redJ and ■6d heen. - QLbt It ha ' l been reaJJ- Than 1 3 So much f r havma -fcu fu ' ni5h£c Ihanks Horn Di L Bobbi is the jogger of our class. How many girls run 7 to 10 miles everyday and manage to meet a C.B. and get one of her own? She was able to meet one person in school who succeeded in baffling us all for two years-dear Herbie! I ' ll bet Bobbi Kaye is the only person who wears 8 finger cots for weeks before deciding it is easier to put on one pair of gloves. o B.K.P. was one of the few in our class who managed, somehow, to always be prepared for class along with her outside activities. One of the quieter (?) ones in our class, those of us who knew her were always hearing such choice phrases as: " You fuel " , " E.M.S. " , " shud up " and, of course, " I have to sharpen my innerments " . Bobbi plans to work near Tahoe, taking advantage of those ski slopes when not with patient or jogging. Thanks for being such a good friend and sharing your happiness with us. Good luck, Bobbi! Roberta K. Pascoe, RDH Moraga, California Tracey L. Passwaters, RDH Los Angeles, Calif. " Who was that dragging you down the stairs at Cal? " Well Tracey, who was he?? After two years none of us have met this mystery man, we wonder if there really is one! Tracey managed to make daily " rounds " of the second floor her junior year, assisting various students with " various " projects. Always smiling, always busy, always late . . . or were you finishing another nap?? . . . Tracey. Sometimes we wondered how she managed to stay ahead of the work and still maintain such an active social life. Some people have all the luck! Tracey hopes to practice in Southern California. Any place of interest will be a city which is in need of a football coach! Good luck, Tracey! Keep smiling and spreading your happiness or, " I ' ll knock your teeth out! " zxEk " You guys, can I have your attention . . . PLEASE!, we tiave another birthday today ... " As our " sunshine " girl during our first year. Jann added many needed notes of cheer to our seemingly endless hours of lecture. As our senior year unfolded, we came to see a happier more relaxed side of Jann. This was sure a change from last year when, as the " ace " of our class, she had to be limited to three questions per lecture hour by Dr. Stan. What a hot shot! We ' ve come to know that Jann didn ' t really pull all late nighters, but was hooping it up with all the other Pi Phi sisters. Lucky patients, getting such a proficient operator - with such a " guided " hand and gifted heart. She ' s super!! Carol Virginia Richardson, RDH Covina, California VS- Jann Priolo, RDH Malibu, California Carol had a knack of getting the HARDEST and STRANGEST patients in clinic every time, so it was never unusual to see her setting up two hours early in clinic — just to be well prepared. Carol is the movie star of our class, she was seen dancing on the sand with " The Fonz " on Happy Days; look for her theater debut in the movie " Grease " , too. She would always come up with something to " brighten " our day, like the first time we were in our whites and Carol played a white tornado. We all know that Carol can hardly wait until April, when she can go back to being a part-time beach bunnie and an asset to any office. r Caro . . . Did you ever wonder what that sound was echoing in the stairway? It was probably Sharon, one of the craziest people in our class. For those of you who know her, you will agree, she ' s loco. Whether she was high on life or high on colas, Sharon managed to maintain her own sanity . . . despite 7 Class III lesions. Although Sharon tried to keep a low profile, its impossible for people not to notice her. Under all that gorgeous blonde hair and petite body lies a most outspoken person who ' s not afraid to say whats on her mind, especially when she was out of her mind. Sharon is one person you can ' t forget. With her intelligence, skill, looks and an uncanny gift of gab. Sharon ' s natural latrosedation technique with her patients is one that is hard to duplicate and in this field, you couldn ' t ask for any better. Eh? Sharon M. Ryan, RDH Long Beach, California Craig M. Schoenbaum, RDH Culver City, California Craig has proven himself to be quite an amazing person. First he casually walked in and established himself as part of the group. This might not seem like much but you should consider he was faced with fortynine girls out of a class of fifty! Being likable and friendly he soon got himself adopted as everyone ' s new brother. He did have to make a few adjustments though, such as not opening doors for us girls or else he ' d find himself being a doorman as fortynine girls trailed through, or getting used to being called Doug, the name of the only male hygienist two classes previous. The greatest adjustment was probably learning how to deal with all of us girls as the president of the class. Another of his talents besides leadership is procrastination. He always seems to put things off to the very end and everything always turns out great anyway. All in all, I think Craig was the greatest addition to our class. Craig, we wish you all the best in life. yo z ao ycL crd ! :i: ' rrL. Gun 00 Diane was at first one of the more quiet DH ' s in our class. She always had a positive attitude throughout the two years, especially when there was a decision to be made between studying or hiking up the Yosemite (She always choose the latter). Her warm personality and trusting friendship was very much appreciated as she seemed to inspire a hope that we were going to graduate eventually. Along with her regenerated energy from her Hawaiian trip to Hanalei, her senior year marked a turning point in her life. Diane was special in several ways; she was one of the ' special 10 " ; always attracted people with her little girl personality; put herself through hygiene school working three jobs during her summer vacation; and of course, she was special to her loved parents and brother. Phil. The pain of fighting the traffic back to Brentwood after school was somewhat eased by playing a Genesis tape in her little Honda. In fact, everything is Diane ' s world was little: her car, apartment, clothes, and teeth. That is, everything except her heart. Diane hopes to practice dental hygiene in Europe for a couple of years. Because of her ambitious and enthusiastic personality, Diane will be a wonderful asset in any dental office. We all wish her a satisfying career with the best of health and happiness. Diane E. Smith, RDH Brentwood, California April Stephens, RDH Northridge, California 8:15 can always bring one thing for certain-April sneaking into the back of the class. Later in the day, if you ' re looking for her, just listen for ?T? echoing down the hall. No matter how late you get out of clinic, you know that April will be even later. But maybe she plans it that way because that happens to be just the right time to make a 901 stop on the way home. Is that how she keeps her place in the ratings as one of the " Top Ten " partiers of the dental school? Some people wonder how April gets the energy for all of this. We think that her mother ' s lunches could be a big factor. April has many talents, too. Her first set of grades that she sharpened still make the best set of sickles around. All kidding aside, April will always be known as a great hygienist with a heart of gold, and a good friend to us all. -Tko rJi J j t . ' i ' - fiffkJ cot J " 115. ffia ih f rrt. Debbie made herself known among our classmates and instructors within the first week of school, due to her dynamic leadership. Soon she was elected Jr. Class president and an efficient president at that. But a better title for her would have been social director. She really helped to pull our class together by her traditional Thursday night dinners. But what did Debbie have for dinner? A margarita or two. Did Debbie eat? Of course she did-she was famous for her nut mix and coffee during class. Debbie was probably the most noticeable person in our class with her blond hair and bubbling personality. Debbie was really our " sun " girl, outside by the garbage truck was a favorite spot not only to gaze at the sun, but also the dental students. Debbie, we know you were innocently involved in too many " Peyton Place " dramas in dental school, but you must admit its beerr fun. Deb, we know you love your home in Santa Monica, but you ' ll be moving soon and we want to wish you the best of luck in the paradise in the sun, Hanalei Kauai. Deborah J. Greenlee, RDH Santa Monica, California Janice M. Sugiyama, RDH Los Angeles, California Our dear friend Janice, who always seemed to be a bundle of energy especially after her hot chocolate from " The Truck " every morning, who always took very " colorful " class notes, who was such a dedicated worker, finding time to study in between those long clinic hours and the night shift, who contacted mono (the kissing disease??!!??), and was promptly treated by her med student, who hated football games and (hiccup!) turned purple at the USC-UCLA game, who danced her feet off at the T.G. ' s (double hiccup), who was always up on the class gossip, and always there to pull us out of the " clinic pits " , who was the envy of the class for being able to eat anything and not gain a pound . . . you must have heard of her famous " Tupperware " lunches, who we know will make a great hygienisti Good luck to you Jan! -fHAJOKS To Mi Two " F tMiUes " " • MoM.VAD.MARY.i-H s! n »9 Au r f r PeoneAT Norrts Ml. Drum roll please ... Introduclng-Dana, the " Nutrition Magician " She always has a smile on her face and cheery thoughts up her sleeve for anyone who needs them. Quite the contrary our first trimester. Finals week for Dana was spent in the Alpha Chi living room, pulling " all-nighters " with DH 18, and eating yogurt to soothe her near ulcerous tummy. Seriously, she has come a long way since September 76, from a " tissue traumatizer " to a competent, thorough DH who even probes 15 mm pockets on pontics! If she gets bored from her monotonous hours of studying, she adds variety to her life by changing her hair styles, in addition to talking " baby-talk on the phone with her favorite " Binkster " in Newhall. Everyone likes Dana for her friendliness and sincerity, even her " sweet little man " , who brought her freshly baked Portuguese bread after their nutritional counseling session. Her past four years have been spent in L.A., but her heart belongs in Long Beach, where her family lives, and where she hopes to practice Dental Hygiene. We all want to wish Dana much luck and happiness in her future marriage and life - she has certainly added a great deal to our Dental Hygiene Class of 78. Dana L. Teele, RDH Long Beach, California Janet M. Tomich, RDH San Pedro, California Janet Tomich Janet, a veteran commuter of the Harbor Freeway, would entertain herself in the morning by zipping her sporty " z " past the parking guards. She was well known for her " rapunzel hair " — how she got those long golden locks into her hat we ' ll never know. Janet was a favorite of the dirty old men in clinic, like the 70 year-old who asked her for " cocktails, dinner, and ETC. " I guess they liked more than her great scaling skills. But her free time was already occupied, with long distance phone calls and letters to her honey in school back east. How she managed to still get all those A ' s remains a mystery. Maybe it was those lists she was always making- she could fit more things to do onto a piece of paper than you could ever imagine. 1 know Janets looking forward to graduating in April, so she can go back to being the real " California Girl " that she is, and a top hygienist. Kvr Us T « , A N o A RVV] kTHT? Lof-f. ofuMrk - v LoH of sfiTiiUs ' •■ Well, shit-howdy as Lois would say! Lois was also known as " lo-Lo the Loose one " , but she was also lively and lovable! Lois was CRAZY about beebos (beers), banjo pickin and bearded men. These were her basic B ' s of life! She was our " back-to-nature " girl. After two years in the ghetto she keeps asking, " when do we get back to nature? " Soon, Lois, soon! Lois did have some unusual study habits. She could totally memorize any subject while watching T.V. or listening to bluegrass music. She never missed an episode of " Little House on the Prairie " or " Grizzly Adams " . And she was always in bed by ten! Thanks to Lois ' ballpoint pen in our laundry Bobbi and I had to wear uniforms that had Ink-spots in conspicuous places. Needless to say, Lois was never trusted to do the wash again! Still, Lois was a super roommate and a great friend. Thanks Lois for all the rowdy times. I hope you find all the happiness you deserve in the years to come. Lois Tylicki, RDH Long Beach, California Bi;v-id ii ' - ' ' ; . ■•?■ ' ■-- . ' ' r - : Laurel Wagner, RDH Woodland Hills, California We ' ll all remember Laurel as the girl who really knew how to enjoy herself throughout the D.H. program. Why her weekend studying at the library was actually a backpack and a pair of hiking boots in the mountains. And how about the U.S.C. football games where Laurel watched the excitement and action in the stands rather than on the field. All the jogging she did really kept her in great physical condition — why she was a great dancer at those T.G. ' s. Clinically, Laurel had great patient rapport. Once she got so close to her patient, she contacted impetigo just in time for senior pictures! And how about the first time she took a blood pressure reading and turned her fellow classmate ' s arm purple? We know Laurel will enjoy her career as a dental hygienlst. Good luck to you Laurel! piAj9 tM. eurt ' oL4 oJO fta-ff J)eurJU I N 1 4 r pv Bj, J9 ' wr- FH f fl 9 | IL»»i« ' ' ' 4 f T I I 0 ynno s-bv y ' - No nune) SiAA . . . " Where ' s Sandi? " was a frequently asked question during our first trimester. For as fast as she could gobble her standard lunch fare: one huge apple, she was off to the library to STUDY. All this soon ended our second trimester, when her attention was drawn away from the library to a certain dental student. Now when people ask, " Where ' s Sandi? " , we say she ' s probably with Howie. Sandi without a doubt was the marathon winner for the D.H. being at school the longest ... 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. was not unusual. Why? Well, she pretended to be studying in the library (on her own little table in the corner) but actually what she was doing was conserving energy. (When you carpool with a dental student, you literally live at the school). Taking a break during our summer, Sandi hopped on over to Hawaii, and we thought she wouldn ' t be back for our third trimester ' cause she loved it so much. But she did, and how can we forget how Sandi would coax us to smile as she snapped and flashed her camera for the yearbook— capturing all of us at our BEST(?) What we ' ll best remember about Sandi is her quiet smile and her genuine sincerity in helping everyone through the D.H. program. Best of luck to you, Sandi! Sandra Yasuda, RDH Gardens, California Rosanne Manzer, RDH Oxnard, California Rosanne surprised all of us in her two years of dental hygie ne. Her junior year was basically hectic and unexciting, tilled with going home to Oxnard every weekend, always being prepared for every class, and ALWAYS worried sick that she would fail the upcoming test. But ever since that first party of her senior year, we saw a 180 degree reversal in Rosanne ' s personality. She was behind in reading like the rest of us, during clinic hours she was either on the second floor visiting her favorite dental student or being paged by him. She always had a sparkle in her eye and a big smile on her face. We all remember the first and only day that Rosanne wore a dress to school . . . she ran her nylons and broke her shoe. We won ' t forget Palm Springs where she got so tan, danced all night and ran up the biggest bar bill. All teasing aside, she ' s been a great asset to the class, always keeping us laughing and in good spirits. She ' ll make a great hygienist the 2 days a week that she works. 272 Uq? 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NOW IN OUR NEW HOME IN UNIVERSITY VILLAGE, HOOVER JEFFERSON 290 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 78 FROM THE PEOPLE IN CONTINUING EDUCATION. ■J Meet me at I Before and after the Game Cocktails , Lunch • Dinner • Late Supper 37th and Flower Controlled Parking We want you 1978 graduates to know that it took a helluva lot of guts for us to ask you to join the Century Club, knowing full well what you ' ve been through financially and emotionally, for the past few years. We ' ve all been there too, you know. And we truly hope you don ' t feel quite as bedraggled as the poor dog in our little cartoon strip. The original of this cartoon, by Dr. Howard ' Terry " Tyrrel, appeared in the very first El Molaro, published by the Class of ' 52, twenty-six years ago. So you see, nothing ' s really changed over the last quarter century. Through the Century Club, that one class, those bedraggled " old dogs " of ' 52, contribute over $10,000 each year to the dental school. And the total contribution by the Century Club each year comes to a whopping $775,000. All of this has gone toward making your dental education the best in the land. In spite of all the traumas heaped upon us during our four years, almost immediately upon graduation we recognized the quality of dental education we had really received and the opportunities it had provided us. Now as alums we want to see that quality perpetuated. We ' re betting that you will feel that way within a year. But in the meantime, we do have the temerity to ask you 1978 graduates to consider the literally thousands of dental students in future classes who will need YOUR help at U.S.C. Part of the reason you are so well-trained today is due in large part to the financial support the dental school has received year-in and year-out from the Century Club. Like we said, it took a helluva lot of guts to say this, after what you ' ve been through. But now it ' s YOUR turn, Class of ' 78, to join us in helping to keep U.S.C. Dental School great, through YOUR membership in the Century Club. Welcome aboard. Class of ' 78! CMO ♦ - tS use «. t 0 r . 1 ,€ : CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 78 MARSHALL HOLLENBERG 293 1 v ' S L 1 ■ 294 296 V »r Photography by L M. Ochi 297 Iff Jim Berwick Editor George Bogen Editor We would like to thank those people who helped us organize the El Molaro this year. Putting out a yearbook is becoming an increasingly costly and time consuming chore. This year the assistance from those other than the editors was small. However, those individuals who helped play crucial roles; Curt Brohard in printing film; Steve Rasch in Advertising; Bea Gandara, Dave Mayeda, Lane Ochi in layouts; Nancy O ' Neil and Claudia Berwick in typing and fund raising. The students must evaluate in the future whether they wish to continue having a yearbook and whether they can invest the hundreds of hours involved. We would like to express our appreciation to the sponsors and advertisers, for without their help this yearbook would be financially unfeasible. We hope the students and faculty will continue to support our advertisers. Jh LXj j Jim Berwick Editor Sincerely, George Bogen Editor 300 Curt Brohard Photography Steve Rasch Advertising ' ■ ' Tricia Osuna Dental Hygiene Dave Mayeda Sophomores Bea Gandara Mobile Clinic 1 n i f A , 1 1 l " fiS 4 , i nii. isr Lane Ochi Freshman Ted Brush Team-DAU Photography Nancy O ' Neil Claudia Berwick Typing 301 DON ' T LET YOUR DIPLOMA WRINKLE AND YELLOW. LET US PERMAPLAQUE IT FOR PROFESSIONAL DISPLAY A PLAQUE EXECUTIVE OFFICES 7251 Varna Avenue North Hollywood, CA 91605 CASTERM PLASTICS 3458 E. 14th, L.A. Calif. 90023 1-213-264-4616 Tired of trying to fit your radiographs in the old fashioned paper mounts USC uses? Casterm manufactures economical easy to use clear plastic x-ray mounts. A variety of sizes are available. Casterm film holders offer superior viewing of all film and a saving in time and money in mounting your films. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK Call us for samples CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 77 UNITEK values your business and wants to help you put it to- gether at considerable savings. We can furnish almost all of your professional supplies and equipment except cotton balls. Our products are sold direct rather than through supply houses to give fast, efficient, and personalized service. Please call me for liberal dis- counts and terms . KOPPER KART We are here when you Feel the need for Lunch or a snack. CONGRATULATIONS GRADS OF 1978 George Augur USC Representative (714) 624-8764 Xantopren IS YOUR UNIFORM TIRED, WRINKLED AND WORN OUT? Get a new bang out of your uniform from PROFESSIONAL UNIFORMS TOP QUALITY UNIFORMS DISCOUNTS TO STUDENTS AND FACULTY Serving U.S.C. Dentai Students for 12 Years Featuring Barco and All Major Lines Lab Coats Personal Clinic Coats Hygienist ' s Uniforms ( Dental Asst ' s. Uniforms Technician ' s Uniforms Nurse Mates Shioes NOW TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU PROFESSIONAL UNIFORI S 229 N. Central, Glendale, Ca. 242-3404 GLENDALE GALLERIA IN THE GALLERIA SHOPPING MALL 145 N. Central, Glendale, Ca. 240-0732 ■p- 1 t0$m IP

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