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%. 1 s -tP -_ ' ' " I £; h m sSf V CZIF=IF=l_ICZDr i-]M5Wr.P -v. ' ' W ' WB V ,j ' yrs«wsJ w«w» ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' " ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' M I M 3 T 3 3 M 3 V 3 M T Y N I N E T E E N S E V E N T Y r (=III_F=ll=?C=3 AT THE DENIS by John Lennon Madam: I have a hallowed tooth that suffer me grately. Sir: Sly down in that legchair, madam and open your gorble wide — your mouth is all but toothless. Madam: Alad! I have eight tooth remaining (eight tooth left). Sir: Then you have lost eighty-three. Madam : Impossyble. Sir: Everydobby knows there ' s four decisives, two canyons, and ten grun- dies, which makes thirsty-two in all. Madam: But I have done everything to save my tooth. Sir: Perhumps! but to no avague. Madam: Ah! why did I not insult you sooner? Sir: Too late, it must be now or neville. Madam: You will pull it out for me then? Sir: No, madman, I will excrete it. Madam: But that is very painfull. Sir: Let me see it — Crack! there it be, madarce. Madam: But sir, I wish to keep (was anxious to keep) that tooth. Sir: It was all black and moody, and the others are too. Madam: Mercy — I will have none to eat with soon. Sir: A free Nasty Heath set is good, and you will look thirty years jungle. Madam: (Aside) Thirty years jungle; (Aloud) Sir I am no catholic, pull out all my stumps. Sir: O.K. Gummy. I read the news today, oh boy - I used to get mad at my school The teachers that taught me weren ' t cool You ' re holding me down, turning me ' round Filling me up witli your rules Lennon and McCartney SSI Sa " ' !M4 ' . i: V visJ4. .. ' Siii ' ■Sk-M- ' ,: . -W J ' . :J! I pulled into Nazareth I was feeling ' bout half past dead I just need some place Where I can lay my head Heh mister, can you tell me Where a man might find a bed? He just grinned, shook my hand " No " was all he said Jaime Robbie Robertson I n- ' J Daylight falls upon tlie path, the lorest falls hchiiul Today I am tiol pivy to dark uncertainty The shadow tremhles in its wrath. I ' ve robbed its i)lackness blind And tasted siiidi_i;hl as my fear came clear to me I think 1 understand Fear is like a wihjcrland Stepping; sloiic-- on sinking sand Joni Mitchel J SI - H Xv 12 Listen to the sound ot the earth turning oivo Ono In the dime stores and bus stations People talk of situations Read books, repeat quotations Draw conclusions on tlie wall Some speak of the (uture My love, she speaks softly She knows there ' s no success like iailure And that failure ' s no success at all Boh Dylan . I ' d love to turn you on. Lennon and McCartney I mk DEDICATED . . ...TO JOHN RONNAU WE LOVE YOU WE THANK YOU, GOD BLESS YOU - 1 A vV: l . Bf A c ' ' - a . PLASTIPAK 1BO ' nAsnc •TUMMue j DOCTORS OF 20 DENTAL SURGERY Y yrr ' ' WIf " ' ■ 21 r TIMOTHY S. ARNETT, D.D.S. The secret of education lies in respecting the pupil.— Emerson. J Xi iSmi RONALD N. ADACHI. D.D.S. constantly inserting one 6-unit bridge after another. A very conscientious worker, Ron has proven that he is one of the finest o|)erators in the class. As a junior, he was " hang-loose " and relaxed, but during the senior year he has been a veritable ball of fire. One instance of this was the time F!on was seen running up and down the stairs between three patients . . . each in a different department, and each on a different floor! Ron ' s other interests include painting, writing, music, and sports, especially volleyball and basketball. The " phantom " , as he is often called duo to lii ' fine ' seminar attendance record, plans to pursue a career in art and literature while in his spare time practice a little dentistry in the South Bay ana. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA University of Southern California California State College at Long Beach Psi Omega iM iT ■- ' : ' ' r: y ,Y ' ■ ■t m MICHAEL L. BARAFF. B.A.. D.D.S. On knowledge- ' . ■ ..J . ' .. . ' " ' ' ' ' " " ' " " P° " P " ' " ' - .v..ocl .enl ' ° " ' l ' r ' ' H ' ' " " - ' -V ' l ' " " ?- " . d.,n ' l mean al.out medicine, bul about things in general?-Is he a ..f information and good s,nse?-If he does not kno v anything but medicine, th.- chance is that he does not know mucl, about that. Knowledge once gained casts a light beyond its own immediate boundari.-s.— Tyndall On perfeelion — Perfection does not exist; to nnderslaml it is the triumph of machiess. — Alfred de Mussel On education — Dull boys are more likely than oth. rs lo get into diinculties, largely because they want, and need, more work w less itttelleetual work, but do not gel il. — E. H. Johnson lossess it is the most dangerous kind hands and PAUL BYRON BECKSTEAD. B.S.. D.D.S. Paul, not known for his scholarly attitude toward dentistry, has spent the last four years as painlessly as possible. He jjot an early introduction into the more frustratinj; aspects of dentistry liy bein " ; placed next to a very noisy Italian duriiif; the first two years in the fondly remembered " S T " building. With such a traumatic beginnin};, Paul managed to make the next two yars as enjoyable as possible. With frequent fishing trips and skiing holidays, he cured most of the frustrating aspects of dentistry. There was however one member of the operative staff, a nior member, who managed to remind him over and over that dentistry has a direct relation to a scholarly work, The Cast Gold Adas. After graduation Paul plans to make his home close to the ocean and a.ssociate with his father in Westwood Village, California. - w- G. BERMAN. D.D.S. Two roads diverged in a yellow wood. And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth; Then took the other, as just as fair. And having perhaps the better claim. Because it was grassy and wanted wear; Though as for that the passing there Had worn them really about the same, THE ROAD NOT TAKEN Robert Frost And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden back. Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back. I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled iiy. And that has made all the difft rence. ALAN BERRY, D.D.S. Alan is a native Southern Californian, and has spent most of his life in San Gabriel. Although he has enjoyed playing the proverbial role of the " pro- fessional student " , he is just about ready to toss in the towel and finally accept his D.D.S. degree, after already giving up .and accepting his B.S. from Brigham Young University. He has gained a great deal of valuable knowledge from his " short " stay at U.S.C., not the least of which is. that a young fledgling, would-be dentist has a lot to learn. One thing that Alan has learned, as his wife Betty will testify, is that it always helps to have a captive patient in the next room! Upon graduation, Alan will forsake many student ties, including his active membership in- the newly functioning Beta Tau Delta Fra- ternity. He and his wife, like most graduates, have their future dream but his most immediate plans include a possible associateship, and a practice — Yes! in Alhambra! Looks like Alan is doomed to spend the rest of his life in Southern California, too! " Though we may be learned by the help of another ' s knowledge, we can never be wise but by our own experience. " — Montaigne Jnili. NEIL BORRN. D.n.S. LEONARD BROTHERS. D.D.S. The nirknanip O.J. will live in history for a lonj: time but not just hrcause of a quick SC tailback. Leonard Brothers, who drinks nothinp stronger than oranpe juice, has been called O.J. for four years, after the Oranjie l eonard hamburger and Julius stand on Jefferson. His career in Dental School and with the Dells " pot off to a great start when moving into his room at the house, he met his new roommate (Harry Reece) portraying Michelangelo ' s " David " ms fig leaf and surrounded by pictures of nude male bodies. O.J. wasn ' t loo sure he liked this so he moved across the hall to be with John — his instructor in everything. " Does this wax pattern look o.k., John? I think it looks o.k. " In his junior year he decided that a little redhead named Shirley would make a better roommate and they were married. Then it started. Operative, partials, pros, perio, fixed pros, you name it — ever finish the bridge you broke just as it was ready to cement? His wife (poor girl got a II foil on a clinic), molher-in-law, " twin " , and mother got the full treatment. If he had gotten married sooner he " could have supplied his own pedo patients too. O.J. has put so much work into his family ' s mouths they can ' t possibly turn uj) in his Fresno office some day looking for 50% discounts on dental work. Unless after his two years in the USAF they have managed to cultivate some more dental prob- lems for him. So good luck, O.J. and keep on answering your own questionsi THOMAS M. BUCH. D.D.S. " And now also the axe and be content with your wages. " — jfrom St. Luke neither accuse any falsely; mm ' , --- WILLIAM JOHN BUSACCA, D.D.S. A.B. in Biochemistry, University of California at Berkeley. Sacramento Hobbies — Backpacking, mountain climbing, and conservation Immediate plans — 2 yrs. in the U.S. Public Health Service Practice location — San Jose Area Food for thought: " We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their creator with certain un- alienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such prin- ciples, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. " Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1776) m m ■ .or ji ,.w %V«iv 5 : ' S DAVin L. CARKY. D.O.S. GERALD L. CHAPMAN, B.S.. D.D.S. What a wonderful feeling! JRRRY CLEMENT. D.D.S. Fm.ny. lu. .lo,.sn 1 I.u.k Hawauan. Surr .nough hrV a native Hawaiian, if y.n, don ' t l.. li.-v, n.o just look at his straight hiack hair. J.-rrv .s a., islamlrr who .an,.- to 1 „• nuunland s,-,-king famr an.l fortune, fretlin- a DDS and a wife. 700 was That quiet suy who sat near Ihe smks " Hu- freshnuu, an, lai.s. He always had a eute gal with gr.-at legs con.o visit him in the labs at o.. OHe s..|do,n offered Ins le l,sl pohtjea points of view unless asked (unlike others), hut he was first to help if needed. Jerry was o est w,lh M.sinHlors and s.mlents. " I don t think n,y ortho models look lik,- an alligator, " and " W.-ll I tried. Dr. Parnieter, hut I don ' t tinnk tlu prep ,s any goo,) Th,; .,„ y .n„ur elass to wrar hikini l.,-!] l.ottom pants, (lashv shirt.s. and a .scarf, Jerrr was a loyal I M-(). o natt.-r h,m har,l he tne,l h.- eouMn 1 gel those game tickets from P.-t, ' f,.r Kvss than «l " 5 ,-ach. H„w,-ver you l,.ok at him, Jerry Si n 11 " ; " " r- " ; " • " ■ ' •• ' ■-• " ■-• ' ■. ' ; .= , " y «, ' io worke.i hard and wll. He will pn.hahlv he su,e,-ssful in anything he does or ,4- that -I ' ' l l y- (so thai s her naiiiel will j.iiv long skirls— such a sham,-. ' , TiJCHARI) COLLIS. D.D.S. Rich divides his time quite generously l)etween Manhattan Beach and his associates in the DAU work area. Another ai sociate of; Rich ' s was Doyle, who personally led him through the perils of operative dentistry. Some of us weren ' t so fortunate to ha c such dis- tinguisl ed drinking partners at the heach. Rich ' s tendency for faux pans was quite well depicted on the evcninj up until two in the morning telling tall tales of his stolen car only to realize laler than he had left it at school. Directions can sometimes he. confusing from the hack door of the 901. Dr. O ' Brien — rather Dr. Collis — is number one on The Brides magazine mailing list and is soon to wed. Rich plans to go into a group pradiee in Manhattan Beach with Mick, Fast. Dick, Brutus and other Manhattan Bcadi after-hours jet setters. ; jBB ' ; •; DONALD J. COmz I. D.D.S. I.— Another duffed day— Rolled out by Plug I. — Rolled out by Reese [.—Build for breakfast. Get the flippin ' Sausage cookin " . [. — No way for Re.x rerark. [.— Artually.the rack wasn ' t that bad. . .. [.—Ranch exodus. Sheet. Another patient; building for lunch. .— Plugeeth— time for rhow. Hashing is so bud. The Ranch i so good. .—So full. Kill for the rack. Sheet, another paticni. C. Reese calls me " TURKEY " . .—Another day shot to hale. " Are you ready to hit it or are you ready for a— uhh. " ;.— Chow. Those mothers are done. Geeth is building. 15 minutes to power rewire the Ranch and fix the amps before Tic gets here. .—Tic— get your sheet set up. Gotta gel at least 4 new songs down— Two gigs this weekend. " Play the right note. Quinch " . .—Gotta get lab work done. " TURKEY " , again said Reese. .—Just .skullripped. Virginia ' s for sure. 1 Tom Collins. The .sounds are so hoi. Tommy ' s- I ' ll buy the third. .—Oh— my life is the rack. Plug! Why boogie right now? GEORGE lWAY, D.D.S. ): mri ' ' : s mrfi;mii :. ' V:.:.. ' .f r o- o-., . . .„ u result of a loss of sleep. Denial school ._. , ..._ . _ , . other half was getting the " Newhall Express " to run on time twice a day. George upon entering class, late as usual, looked as if he had ridden a motorcycle down from the hills. George also had a scientific flare as he did research on just how long an individual could tolerate an acrylic temporary. The result after 11 months turned out to be the " Conaway Onlay " . George does have one thing in his favor — strong legs. These were received as a result of George ' s many trips down to the lemonade machine in the S T when he would, as usual, lose the flip. George also has to rank along with Attila tht; Hun as he would spend all of his children ' s milk money at the 901. Through all of this it must he said that no one worked harder or deserves to get out to open a practice in Newhall an.d live in Los Angeles. than George. Word has it that George pla CHARLES E. CONNORS. JR.. D.D.S. Fr ' ,?nf ; ? ' ■ " ' ' ' ' " , ' ' " ; " - G ' -orgia h,- was grad„aU-d in 1955 from Gc.rfjia Tech with a B.S. dejrroe. After ten years in the Air orce as a p.Iot, he compU-U-d his pred -ntal courses at Santa Ana College. His plans inelude private practice and teaching. ROBERT DAVIS. D.D.S. " Your Akron Rcnrcsciitativc ' K iimtm T ¥ ' ' ' l ' 0 w DAVID DETER. D.D.S. " A bee is never as busy as it seems; it ' s just that it can ' t buzz any slower " " The wild man " , is 180 lbs. of freopraphic tonfiue pomp through the elinlc at one of his two speeds, full or with after-burner, wearing his clothes out from the inside. He ' s often s,en at the 9-901 with Tohn-Johnson. David can also be found arriving at the clinic at daybreak to set up for his O.D. block. Or he has lieen seen calming his patient with a well-timed " RKLAX!! " He ' s the only person at school who takes his mobile cabinet home so he won ' t have to look for it in the morning, After three years of walking away from the competition, David has recently been selected by his roommates as the life recipient of the Wild American Male Turkey award. While relaxing on a skiing trip in Colorado in bis Senior year, David, in a futile .search for clinic foils, was caught doing an oral diagnosis on a perfect stranger on the gondola, using a ski pole for a perio probe. He i.s " considering graduate orlho after two years in the Navy, during which he will have to learn how to swim, being from Chico. At one point during his dental career, his roommates Hipped to see who would put the third central in to close his diasteina, but he decided he ' d rather show o(T his uvula in centric occlusion. Other than having a run-away thyroid, David is one of the premiere operators of the ■ ' m - BILL DOMS, D.D.S, ; :ii:TiT JE5. a!!y ' j " - viV ' : vni ii ' i After earning a chantc lo participate in clinical affairs following 2 outstandingly dismal years in the S T, Bill discovered that he was no longer bumping elbows with his classmates but trying to bump them out of their clinic chairs in order that he might be able to earn a few clinical points. At the end of his junior year he found that by working straight through lunch he was able to climb from 98th to 96th ' in the class. Realizing that he would have plenty of extra time his senior ye r he took on the job of Class President, and then to keep busy in the evenings he became the " midnite hydrocolloid maintenance man. " But it was all worth it, forat graduation Bill received a very high honor from the Operative Dept. for his outstanding work and dedication: 20 points of 4.0 in hydrocolloid and amalgamator technique from Dr. Flygenring. He also received honorable mention in the gold foil essay contest from Dr. Ingraham, for which he was awarded a life-time supply of mat, non-cobesivo. cohesive, and extra- pliable gold foil. ' ■ " T S J v U« «-fl JOHN M. ECKER. D.D.S. JAMES EDGAR ECKHART, JR., D.D.S. And so, where from here? I am 25 and have been in school all my life. The years of education have been poorly planned — a lot of wasted time. It is behind now, and I don ' t regret it much — who could have predicted the way things would change from 1955 to 1970? It seems that I am finally prepared with the essentials to enter a profession. Society has molded me to its advantage and satisfaction. Now I will try to mold myself — the real education starts. Where from here? The first step is to figure out what I want to know, what I need to understand to relate myself to the complex world. Then I ' ve got to find the route to learn about these things. Finally I hope to put these things together and to understand them in a philosophy that; accepts change. Up until now I have been told a lot, have repeated a lot, and have remembered little. I hope that in my future I will be able to find a significant and rational life style without becoming polarized. mmmmmfm mn m : ' -W E ' :;t .:?-f A.!;5- (V . :■■■ 1) ■ ...... tt ' VAtl-:V . V, ' ;v; " . ' : ' .y! DAVID EGGLESTO] , D.D.S. ;■.:» at Dave spent his pre-dental years at L.A.C.C. and U.C.L.A., transferring to U.S.C. in 1965. Hand-God of the Soph Class in the S T, Dave spent most of his time drinking milk in the Histo Lab. During the clinic years, Dave pulled of! many a finesse playing bridge in the basement lounge; he was always good for kibitzing, a new deck of cards, or a bridge lesson. , At the end of his Frosh year, he met (along with a few of his classmates) the Home Coming Queen of Valley State on a ski trip at Mammouth. With the courage of a full pint of straight whiskey and under tremendous competition from the only Porsche driver in the class, Uave was successful in Courting her, and was married in August of his Junior year. After graduation, Dave will attend a two year post-graduate program in Prosthetics at U.S.C. ' ' ;. DONALD ENGLE, D.D.S. ' : J ' ' J-it ' - ' i ' BOB ESCHERICH, D.D.S. fntrni Prrt ' n?,t; ° , . i ' ' V ' f, " ' " ' " g " , mold breaker who acquired his first dental practice scaling teeth on dachshunds, iilin . 1- 1 » 1- ' ' ' " t ' ' " u ' " ' 1 , " ' " P? ' " " ■■ " " ' " construction and architecture in favor of dental school. He maintains a hvely interest in his wi e three children, and the home they are renovating in Diamond Bar, and a firm belief in Citroen ri ' s re ' tirTX " " ' " " r ' 7 ' " " . ' ' P ' - ' i-l. - f ° " ° outh American dental students, and the Naval Reserve from w lie he IS retired. After recuperating from dental school in Tahiti with his wife, he will open a practice in Diamond Bar. VINCENT W. FARHOOD. D.D.S. AN OUTSTRETCHED HAND Each of us was made liy God and some of us grew tall. Others stood out in the wind their branches bent and fell. Those of us who walk in light must help the ones in darkness up. For that ' s what life is all about and love is all there is to life. Each of us was made by God beautiful in His mind ' s eye. Those of us that turned out sound should look across our shoulders once and help the weak ones to their feet. It only takes an outstretched hand. Rod McKuen mm: ' ' ' ' ■•;■ ' : ' frwm: ' m mmi JOHN WILSON FARIS III. D.D.S. Man travels but once this road. Funny stories, laughter, nicknames, good times and bad; those who would remember, will remember, mank d ' ' ° " " ' " ' nostalgic after twenty four years of joviality I will leave this thought— more for myself and my friends than Standing on the brink of this milestone, the years past seem but a shadow of a life; an era of planning and working for this moment which will pass as a dot in time. The third in name to pass this point yet only I have been here, now today Much has happened along the way— some friends, some not, they know their names. Much help, some hindrance, some hurt. A hfetime ot learning to bring me here. I am here. I am. What now? Man is ruled by his head and his heart, by knowledge and love. Knowledge is limitless, love eternal. Only time is the great limit- ing factor in life. All the skill and knowledge of the world is worthless without the time to use it. All of man ' s riches and fame cannot buy one precious second of time. Love only can conquer time. In all the future uncertainty one thing is sure, I found my other half we shall endure. , o . , « !(« jlS HraMOTiU STAN FARNLIM. D.n.S. After two years of pre-deiit at the University of Arizona. Stan decided to leave tlie dusty deserts of Arizona and liecome a dental student at SC. After pulling the pointer out of the microscope occular in histo, since " the blasted hair was in the way " he has finally started to come around. After a slow start — he was known as the " butcher " in anatomy lali— Stan finally made it to the Clinic. Orig- inally known for asking the dumbest question in lecture, a new rumor is filtering out that Stan and Dr. Ingraharii arc . pending a lot of time in the coflee room together — maybe we ' ll find him practicing with Rex in Hollywood soon. If not, there ' s proliahly nothing that will be able to keep Stan from heading back to his Arizona deserts where he can shoot his Colt Single actions and go hunting every day of the week. DAN FARRAR. D.P.S. I(1()|)S laliwork . . R;iss clicck ; . . . . Town Gown . piiti Formal .... SoiiK . Galniia .... R . . pinipiiiu . . . . Fns. iwn .... Bear Hunt .... Boar??? .... WAG .... (la rent! . . . Soiilc .... McKcfvcr ' .s .... Grcg-i ..... 901 ... . Junior Clinics ■N . . . . Split cast .... Siorras . . . . Pantopiapli??? .... FMR Racliclor parly .... cahinet chrck .... Mar-ro .... Alasska . . . Psi Oiiu- ' ?a .... Bassott ' s . . . Granny Goose .... . . . double clinics .... graduation?? .... loans HUGO J. FERLITO. A.A., D.D.S. WE APPLIED BY THE THOUSANDS, WE CAME BY THE HUNDREDS, TO SUFFER AS IF WE HAD CANCER. WE SOON RECOGNIZED PEOPLE AS POINTS, SO IT WAS AS VOLTAIRE SAID OF DOCTORS: " They are men who prescribe medicine of which they know Htde, to cure diseases of whicli they know less, in human beings of whom ihey know nothino;. " IT WILL CHANGE, IT MUST CHANGE! LOVE AND PEACE never again — 638 — -.iL ' ■ ' " [ •:,.:, ■ ' ■ :tfJ3¥!3 • f vp - ' • BILL FRITH, " Willy " was a member of the resident Delt " Wild Bunch " until this past year when a certain person suhdued him and convinced him of the advantages of Wedded Bliss. He hasn ' t been the same since. On football game days he could be seen maneuvering a bicycle through the parking lots, puffing on a pipe, and directing the parking nightmare until game time. His plans upon graduation are in- definite with military duty perhaps a possibility. JOSEPH FYANS III, D.D.S. lome town of Salt Lake City. Joe was encouraged to go into dentistry: " Once you get into dental school you ' ve got it made, and after that it ' s just easy money. " Joe found he enjoyed dental school so much that he tripped down his staircase to injure his back, just so he could have another year at it. But, alas all good things come to an end! While in school Joe and his attractive wife, Carol, witnessed their family double in size with the appearance of Tiffiny and Christine. He kept them fed while improving his skills as a part-time janitor. One speculative thought: How many of his 9 o ' clock patients really knew he was scrubbing toilets at 8 o ' clock? For the " easy money " he will probably migrate once more to the Rocky Mountains, where, after-all, if he tires of the plush life, there is always a demand for part-time janitors! GREG GANNAM. D.D.S. Honore Dc Balzac stated, " There ' s never any point in telling had news in a hurry. " Goofns has dropped the hail so inaiiy , .. one is sure which team he ' s playing for. Word has it that after graduation he will replace K.O. Turner. Alun-: with this. Greg will carry on further research in the medium of barnacle cements. Shorts was ohscrved during Soph. Endodontics, a|)|)lying his patient with a seldom seen facial douche from his zonite syringe. Cassanova, often noted for his many sorties to County General, has taken up hand instrumentation. Greg ' s clinical endeavors can best be described in the quote by Michel Eyquem De Montaigne, " Of what u.-ic are colours to some one who does not know how to paint. " Though Greg has provided some of the lighter moments of the la. it four years, he has ])r( ided also a more iniporlant qiiantltx. dependable friendship. PAUL GAUTHIER, D.D.S. HIGH FLIGHT lave slipped the surly bonds of earth And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings; Sunwa rd I ' ve climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth Of sun-split clouds . . . and done a hundred things You have not dreamed of . . . wheeled and soared and swung High in the sunlit silence. Hov ' ring there, I ' ve chased the shouting wind along, and flung My eager craft through footless halls of air. Up, up the long, delirious, burning blue I ' ve topped the windswept heights with easy grace Where never lark, or even eagle flew. And, while with silent, lifting mind I ' ve trod " The high untrespassed sanctity of space, Put out my hand, and touched the face of God. AL GRANT, D.D.S. JIM HALJUN, D.D.S. Practice management should come very easily to Halj, D.D.S. Holding a B.S. in finance, a masters in Business Administration, and being very well-known m the field, Jim is purported to be able to simply make money appear; no work, no nothing. Now, armed with the skills of dentistry, something else for which he is well known, he will doubtless prove a formidable power. He will probably escape taxes because the government will have no bracket high enough to put him in and will simply forget it. Jim has served the past year as president of Delts, and even w,-nt .so far as to recently divulge some of his secrets of finance to the brothers. He is a regular in the Delt Lab, complete with " iced beverage " to make the hours pass faster. In the clinic a flash of a salt- and-pepper gray head indicated that Halj was passing through, confirmed as he came into full view wearing his famous Plaids. The Mighty Silver Fox plans to practice in Santa Monica, where, as a true devotee to the profession, he can be close to his true loves; the Ocean, the Snipe and the Club. i ' y.. mmm CHARLES HAND, D.D.S. Thank You Adam! • % DANIEL HOLBROOK HAYMORE. D.D.S. Dan comes from Salt Lake City and spont his collog,- years at BYU. At USC he was a member of ATE. BTD, and OKU dental iternities. His senior year his wife Sandra presented him with a n. ' w hahy named Brian. Brian ' s picture goes along-side the diploma. While in California, Dan spent a lot of time hunting and fishing in Mexico and Arizona with his friends " had hands " Fred. Bill, and Bite. Dan plans to practice one year in Boise, Idaho, and th -n int.. a two year grad school, and then hack to Boise. mmrmmMiBMrnm P s- BARRY A. HERMAN, D.D.S. After eight years of higher education and toiling toward a goal which was horn at the age of 9 with my early visits to the dentist ' s oilice, the " impossible dream " of becoming a dentist has been realized. There were moments of. hearlhreak and times of stress and I am very grateful to my wife, Sharon, and my family for their moral support and for having the faith in me that this moment of J graciuation would become a reality. I want to thank them for always " being there " and for giving me the opportunity to attend U.S.C. ; Dental School. With these reflections on the past, I now look forward with great anticipation toward practicing the art of dentistry. 1 JAMRS HIGGINS. D.D.S. Big Jim Duck, after more than a decade, is still awaiting the year of the Stanford Indian. Durin}; llie wail, while in Raja, B..I. Duck re|iort d that he shot down 40,000 Canadian Honkers with a single .shot from his trusty daisy air rifle, while looking over his shoulder with a front-surfaced nu)ulh mirror. He then stripped naked and lea|)ed into itear freezing water to retrieve the Honkers, while simultaneously figliling off mani-aling sharks and alligators with a sharp lined 3-A explorer. In the comparatively unexciting worl.l of dentistry. Dr. Bullrcss Duck is rumored to he a protege of " ihr Bass " ; lea.ling THK .ATI.AS on the loil.t with his loops. Dr. Duck is also writing an addendum to Monheim ' s hook on local anesthesia, regarding his special technique for mandiliular blocks; testing the sharpness of his needle on the vermillion horder of the lower lip before entering the oral cavity. Big .lim will -el out lo correci the intra-oral prolil.-ms of San Diego after a two year tour. with tlie Navy. . reflection ol mine: ' There are hul three events which concern mankind: Birth. Life, aiul Death. All know nothing of their hirlh. all suhmit to die. and many forget lo live. " — I,a Bruvere hirlh. all s ■ •yi r-firri.- ' fi ■■■ " M.- ' ' :fr E. CLARK HUBBS III, D.D.S. One of the best natured -uys in our class. Clark has the sol.- distinction of receiving ' a score of I.elow 10 on one of Dr. Soules freshman Insto exams and stdl makmjr it through. Known by his classmates as the Buccal Fat Pad. ' " Buc " could he -talked into a game of -n.lf without any efTort regardless of tlu- day or time. Some of Buccal ' s trademarks: Round tlu- world casting. Friday afternoon at the 901: a taco wagon to a luxurious Toyota, cutting the lati.ssimus dorsi muscle with a mere slip of the hand. Clark plans to associate with his father in Los Angeles following graduation. KEN JOHNSON, D.D.S. Ken has spent most of his life here in Southorn California. Hi! was horn here in Los Anacics and projircsscd throuixli school, ' raduating from Dorsey High Srhool. From therehe left California to attend Brighani Young University wliere he v -nt for three years. In 1961-, Ken left the United States and spent two years in Australia. He then applied and was accepted for admission to the University of Southern California School of Dentistry. Ken has played a very active role in the class of 1970 and in the student liody at large, being a nieinher of A.T.E. and Beta Tau Delta fraternities and spending his senior year as Student Body President. His main interests outside of the dental ])rofession lie with his church and various sports activities. He is an a id sports fan and sfient most of his His future plans include practicing here in the Southern Cal area and he hopes to he a go id addition to the dental profession. : yo : ■% .■ ' ' i! p;f PAUL R. JOHNSON, D.D.S. It ' s a Beautiful Day w BARRY JONES, D.D.S. " An enterprise, when fairly once hefiun. should not he left till all that oiifrlit is won. " — Shakespcari ' And of the four years of " joy " : ■ .the S T .... grades .... all-nighters ....$$.... pimped .... molar endo .... Dr. GaJutia .... WAG .... dre; code .... Bass checks .... douhle elinirs .... hair over the collar .... clean moliilc cabinet .... lousy imprp.«.sions . . . partials .... DARRYL JONES, D.D.S. Amidst the poverty that prevailed in Scptomlx-r of 1966 came a ' iant of a man (literally) with a fast ear (so he told us). A collection was miniediately taken for tliis poor lad and with the help of his classmates Darryl has managed to turn the last 4 years into a mod- , erate success. The dental school ' s J. Paul Getty had numerous talents and very few inhibitions which each student and instructor will validate. " Five o ' clock and all ' s w.-ll " was the first but not the last. Each on. ' irot better and each time Darrvl got redder. Being of the lower classes, Darryl never had tim.. for fun before Dental school, so when he started in 1966 he tackled sports like he attacked the women. He has been seen skimg (or so he cal»s it) down the clinic floor in his famous " think snow " outfit, practicing his golf swing (?) on the head; and has personally inspected every bar west of Hoover in search for more women. Joining the " Earl— break your Engagement Movement " Darryl was voted the man most likely to succeed despite his low financial status and introverted tendencies while in school. Es: - .;JV ' - -.t ELMER ROBERT JONES, D.D.S. For details sep Grant ' s Atlas and the PDR. My ambition is to put a high sh God bless America, yea apple pi( le top of my Moiiile Cabinet. w . -V . -X ' , ,0h ::i: JIOBERT A. KELLEY, D.D.S. i- Remember :— The Anatomy Lab when it was over 100 degrees— The carving tests— mama nature— The easy Histo. Exams— UDMC— The first Operative quiz— Mes. V— The Histo. slide shows— 5:15 and all is well— The afternoon prosth. lectures with slides Beaver- State Board denture set-ups— Ricar toe collection— The S T Destruction— MIOP—THIOP— Your first Clinic— The back bar set-up of the week- Letter writing— The Fly— Trying to find out what the new Perio requirements wer«--Getting an Endo case signed off— Your wonderful porcelain inlay— The Director lives— but in the Jr. class— The great cabinet check— The graduation— did we have one? Its been a long tmie baby, and Lord you know I ' ve paid the dues . . . MICHAEL TTKORMAN, D.D.S. I see the world through a mouth mirror I love teeth, all shiny and bright And when a patient is smiling Everything ' s right. Operative dentistry ' s groovy Everyone freaks on decay A wonderful life for a dentist Filling teeth day after day. Fixed prosthesis is heavy A reputation earned by success Bridges and crowns and splints Fixing all mouths in a mess. Prosthetics means service to people Communication is the key The lab tech makes the dentures The rest is up to me. Perio is the future Here is where I ' ll play Cleaning and cutting and packing From day to day. Research is a mystery Few talk about it Few think about it Maybe it will go away. W BS All the faculty molds us " You will thank us, " they say. " The best years of your life, " they say. They see it all through a mouth mirror. H -i MARK S. LASKA, D.D.S. in SUCH a lantastic and rlan rprous world — wp will not find answers in old dogm battlegrounds against fading rncmies long after the real struggle has moved on. We ourselves must change to master change. We must rethink all our old ideas and be lefs before they capture and destroy us ... . America must look to its young people, the children of this time of change. And we look esperially to that privileged minority of educated men who are the students of America. " Robert F. Kennedy September, 1966 CALVIN S. LAU, D.D.S. How soon hath Time, the subtle thief of youth. Stolen on his wing my three-and-twentieth year! My hasting days fly on with full career, But my late spring no bud or blossom shew ' th. Perhaps my semblance might deceive the truth That I to manhood am arrived so near; And iiiward ripeness doth much less appear. That some more timely-happy spirits endu ' th. Yet be it less or more, or soon or slow. It shall be still in strictest measure even To that same lot, however mean or high, Toward which Time leads me, and the will of Heaven. All is. if I have grace to use it so, rer in my great Taskmaster ' s eye. John Milton 1632 it BARRY LEE, D.D.S. I sincerely believe that Preventive Dentistry is the only way of ever meeting the dental needs of the people. I regret that this field has been neglected m my dental training, and I ' m sure in every other dental student ' s training in the country. I also believe that tooth decay and periodontal disease can be eliminated using today ' s kn owledge but not using today ' s practices. My goal will be to put today ' s knowledge into practice, providing true preventive dental treatment. This is what the goal of the profession should be. A thousand reasons for worry, A thousand reasons for anxiety Oppressed Day after day the fool, But not the wise man GARY V. LEELING, D.D.S. 4MC i,,v.. Wt.. ROGER C. LEWIS, D.D.S. ) " : ' ! ' ' ' X.:V lo ne strong and true; to be generous in praise and appreciation of others; to impute worthy motives even to enemies; to eive without expectation of return; to practice humihty, tolerance, and self-restraint; to make the best use of time and opportunity; to keep the mind pure and the judgment charitable; to extond intelligent sympathy to those in distress; to cultivate quietness and non-resistance; to seek truth and righteousness; to work, love, pray, and serve daily; to aspire greatly and labor cheerfully— this is to travel heavenward JOHN LICKING, D.D.S. John is easily one of the more quiet members of our class. In spite of his shyness he began to be noticed during the latter part of the S T days for his ability to pull margins more than 2 mms and make them perfect, and for such useful skills as soldering on margins. He has certainly risen from those days to become one of the best clinicians in the class, distinguishing himself by such small under- takings as placing a class V foil on a maxillary second molar as part of a double clinic! A resident Delt for 4 years he holds seminars in the lab whenever the occasion arises. John is certainly destined to be an outstanding clinician, and surely to help maintain or extend the reputation of the Air Force dentists for the next 2 years. - ' 4 ii iMidm:t, r,ii iU ' MiM:t .w Bob is alwa) McCartney). Friday afternoons is when Bob was at his best— you could either " find him drinkingWs favoritrbeverage (Red Mountain) or at the 901 drinking skips. Bob was always one of the guys who " never studied " but ended up with some of the best grades in the One of the more " unlucky " guys in our class, he always seemed to work on well-built female patients, finished all his requirements 4 months in advance and received orders to report to Hawaii for 2 years. Bob_plans to practice west of the Mississippi River, in Colorado during the winter months for skiing, Newport Beach during the summer tor surfing, and in Glendale in the off seasons to meet expenses. m imssmmB:: ' :-;- ' : ■ ' i t ' DAN MANOLESCU, D.D.S. " Test! What test? Do we have a test tomorrow? What class? I didn ' t know we had that class. " This quote typifies Dan throughout his four years of dental school. Of course, you could ask most guys about Dan, and they ' d reply, " Dan, Dan who? I didn ' t know he was in our class. " Dan was one of the better operators in the class of seventy, winning " the technique award as a freshman. One of the more famous exploits of this award winner was to crack the % crown abutment on his sophomore bridge and then cutting a virgin tooth to fit the already completed casting. Frequently seen in the city ' s night spots, this New York transp ant is a real big spender from the east.. Dan and his lovely and loving wife Amanda have no immediate plans for Susan, Eric and little Sidney, but rest assured that all will fall to place at the last minute. " Vi- ' ' lISAy ' : -J ' ' ' ' ' - ' - ' ' . ' kf v " l ! X!i ' f ' . ' i£i, ' AilXtl ' 3SiA ' } MICHAEL JOHN McCARTNEY. D.D.S. nrn.r« . ' ' ' ' T " " " " ol the famous S T row, " The Notorious Group " (601-609). You could always hoar Mike ' s voice above all Z eo..lHr " ' a ' ° ' u " " u " ' " f? " " h- consumed daily. If he wasn ' t in his seat in the penthouse C rd level of ol ' S T), z,raf6! o:brd ai Jiol ' rd reep ' at ' rioo. " " ' " ° " ' " ' •- " " ' ' ' " " ° ' " ' " " ' ' ' " ' " " ' - " ■- " ' " - -- ' - ' - ' - -- °f ' ' -• Hotro d ' sLtrTn ' r ' the Glendale Group you could never he assured if they would make it to school; with Mike ' s crazy purple VW, Hotrod Sanger, and Sleepy Ch.eo Lusby. Mike d,d manage to slip over to the 901 on Friday afternoons, but who didn ' t. In closing a motto made famous by the notorious group, " What can they do to you? " (F MIKE MEACHER. D.D.S. Benedict Moochie. the Child so he ' s jcnown to us. He ' s probably known by a lot of other names to a few ronimiltrcs around s.l.ool. The Child has had some trouble with Boards in the past: There ' s been skis, surfboards and National Boards— all busied. ,., The Child also has quite a mind of his own— he tends to fly off on tangents for a while only to completely abandon them a few weeks later- ho...... we call them— they now number in the 50 ' s. He is quite a persistent fellow as most of the girls he ' s taken out in the past four years can attest to— the Meacher marathon is a page out of Napoleon ' s book: All night forced marches with the attack coming usually at dawn. .iici.ii. No one really knows what Meacher will do upon graduation— he may teach a class in penmanship— he s pretty good at it. But as it did in bchool, Jiis sharp, quick wit will keep him out of trouble — we hope. A reflection of mine: " People who are too concerned with little things usually become incapable of big ones " .— Francois. Duke De La Rouchefoucould 4 •■ TravCTvjJL ' vst- ;-7.v. ' - --.-v ' .,yv.ft i «;:a»BaK7.». ' i?j,-f,r;.L ' : i.riv. ROBERT KEN MEHLMAN. D.D.S. r.aIi low ' Si ' m " llu ' ' ;;. : ' ' 2 " ' ;H ' ; " ' " TP " T ' ' r ' " - " " T " ' ' " " ' ' ' - ow s graduation so rapidly approaches, I (luram, , and to .n pan .u. uith..ul whose support and encouragement my graduation would have heen inlpossibh wmi ' ' . m i00 DAVID A. MELONI. D.D.S. " Ways must be found to promote the idea that [)roblems associated with population growth will more than cancel the " advantages " of financial prosperity. Perhaps the best way to do this would be to encourage Americans to ask exactly what our financial prosperity is for. What will be done with leisure time and money when all vacation spots are crowded beyond belief? Is it worth living in the Los Angeles smog for 50 weeks in order to spend two weeks in Yosemite Valley — when the valley in the summer may be even more crowded than Los Angeles and twice as smoggy? What good is having the money for a fishing trip when fish are dead or poisonous because of pesticide pollution? Why own a fancy car in which to get asphyxiated in monster traffic jams? Do we want more and more of the same until we have destroyed ourselves? Sizable segments of our population, especially the young, are already answering that question: " Hell, No! " Their response should be considered carefully by population-promoting tycoons. " Dr. Paul R. Ehrlich Professor of Biology Population Biologist Stanford University P ' EDMOND MONAK. D.D.S. Easy E,l(Iy Frundly . " Dirty Eddy " , " ' El Tij-re " , or just plain " Ed " liails from Pasadena, California; and claims any- wh.TO that Ins Mi.slan- and yaciit will tak,- lum as his playground. Ed adapted himself to the rigors of dental school quite readily an„ was soon known as one of the ring leaders of the S T Friday night Red Mountain roof parties. After making several treks to Arizona n.e ame quite the eowl.oy— or is it " dude " . Ed now goes to the desert quite regularly to get th( dust off his newly acquired arsenal, r hes oli to t,i.- or lakes water skiing. Being one of the few haeholors left in the senior class, Ed is going to he prime marriage lalenal m I asad.-na m the fulure. Anyway. Ed. the hesf of luck to a grad we ' ll all he proud l(. remember as " El Tigre " . - " iff! RICHARD MOSELLE. D.D.S. boautiful is that which I do and think, not because of what you will say if I do not, only that I feel so and flow unliothered there. when you will say I ' m not but you may be, I do not see but you look, and I cannot feel but you enjoy, then I will know that you have what I try to be, wish to see and hope to feel. .ysr JACKSON ADAMS MOSES. D.D.S. Mv autol.,.mraphy is tijc sum of my Irivimphs multiplied l y my imajrination divided hy my defeats subtracted from that wh„h 1 can I r..n,.Mnl. T I havn t l. ' arned as much as I have forfrottei, I hav.-n ' t used as much time as I have wasted hut I have tT " , " ■ " ' " ' ■ " . ' " ' ' ' ' • " ' ' " " k I " (1o " »Jt I mean, why is John Lennon l.anned from this countrv when they let Agnew on i.V..y how will pollution he stopped when our resources are aimed at a 18 hour deodorant and a 30 hour work-week? why arc Mxon s speeches less articulate than Boh Dylan ' s songs? but I too ha c fewer answ.Ts than questions more ideas than problems less olten afraid iIkim luippy more often stoned than angrv I ' ve known a lot of people I nev.-r met a motorcvcle I didn ' t like. DAN MURPHY. D.D.S. The " General " , having hcen dcroralrd annually and knowing the cost of over exposure, turns gently to his next in eoninuind and expresses his good intentions. (Of course the war knew nothing of this.) Searching for the fifth star, which was gallantly misplaced days (sometimes years) ago, he can only wish that his old friend was here to take his place. He was a grand fellow and splendidly adept. Not once, but three times had he pledged his allegiance to flags of diflFerent colors and reniarkahly different failhs. " I ' ve seeii these hc: fore " , he would insist, " and have always considered them with some reservation " . This frivolous attitude sometimes found him curecrj and stripped of command. This would not refer to the damaging effects of napalm or milder doses of eyclamate on those who itidulg(i| in such sport, hut occasionally even the peacemonger must suffer the consequences of nohle ignorance. ' ? mmmmmm % BOB HISAO NAGANO, D.D.S. You inust know that it is no rasy thing for a principle to become a man ' s own, unless each day he maintain it and hear it maintained, as well as worlc it out in life. — Epicletus KENNETH KENJI NAKAMURA. D.D.S. " You have to lick your mind. If you tell yourself that you are tired, then you really feel tired. You must tell yourself that you are ' not tired and keep pushing yourself. " — John Havlicek, Boston Celtics r ■.er,I .;.v ■ id ' - I ' ( CLYDE NELSON. D.D.S. Clyde was born in Los Anpeles and graduated from Hollywood HiRli. He attended Los Angeles City College and Brigham Young University in Prove, He enjoys target and slceet shooting, and a politiral discussion now and again about the general apocalyptic condition of the world. ' WHMSSi H.s future plans including practicing ,i, downtown Los Angeles with Dr. Alan Kerns and at his own office overlooking Pershing Square. £ 1 He and Karen plan to settle in Hinlndge and ultimately hope for " eight more just like Lisa and Garrett " . ; .«m»™n lo Jerry Rubin and any " pinkos " who consider burning a bank an act of love, he has included the following quote: Property is the fruit of labor; property is desirable; it is a positive good in the world. That .some shou ld be rich shows that others may Decome rich, and hence is just encouragement to industry and enterprise. i«!,rlnl ' ;h " !,7,i°nwn°riM ' ' " ' } ' ' f " ' ' ' ' » ' •= of ' ' " ? ' ' ?f ' " " ' e ' ™ «ork diligently and build one for himself, thus by example assuring that his own shall be safe from violence when built. ak,.„1,„., March 21. 1864 • • ■ Abraham DOUGLAS NEWBERRY, D.D.S. Perhaps Doug was one of the better organized guys in our class. Doug was always ready with any assignment right oh tiiiie (even if it meant staying up all night). Losing gold, losing patients, losing most anything are Doug ' s trademarks — also you could always go to Doug with your problems — he always had one that would top yours! Doug plans to go into practice with his father in San Diego. Doug ' s famous line: " Wanna go get a beer and talk about it? " " »yc RONALD ALLEGRE NORMAN. D.D.S. Ron, who was born in San Francisco, Calif, was raised in Long Beach, Calif. When he was a child, Ron ' s father introduced him to his favorite sports, hunting and fishing, in which he still actively participates. However, during the years he has also become inter- ested in such hobbies as water skiing, snow skiing, archery, taxidermy, and camping, all of which he plans to enjoy more extensively upon completion of Dental School. Before attending Dental School, Ron attended Long Beach City College and Calif. State College at Long Beach where ho majored m zoology. While in Dental School Ron has been active in Psi Omega and Beta Tau Delta fraternities. Roij and his wife. Donna, have two children, Kristin and Brian. After a two year associateship in Long Beach they plan a reloca- tion to the Southern Orange County area. Ron hopes to specialize eventually. GARY OBERSTEIN. D.D.S. Gary, who has told almost everybody in the class about his new Henway, is well known for his corny jokes and changing moods. When asked what his proudest moment in dental school was, he boasts about being John Licking ' s campaign manager for three years. If it weren ' t for John ' s reluctance to run, Gary is sure that the " Bullet " could have been student body president. Gary ' s favorite pastime used to be basketball until he fractured his thumb, so now he ' s content playing cards with Baraff and the boys until after the state board. This summer Gary plans to begin an associateship in Beverly Hills and finally marry Cathy, his own personal hygienist. After a Hawaiian honeymoon, they plan to settle in the West Los Angeles area. mm ' wm . smm,, ED PERKAL, D.D.S. Ed is a jovial, well-liked member of our class with diverted interests; golf for one and dentistry for another. Only Ed knows which comes first. Well traveled, Ed knows the streets of Tijuana like his own back yard. Whether around the hearts table, or working oa migrant farm workers in the San Joaquin Valley, Ed always has a clever word and a smile. Back to Long Beach, Ed? „ ,i2aa a2iMSii; ■V ' FRED PETERS, D.D.S. Fred came to USC from Phoenix, Arizona, having done his predental work at Arizona State University. He was kind of a turkey our first two years, but his excessive studying was curtailed when he married a great little girl named Karen, who kept him away from the books at night. .. A real sports fan, Fred could be found rooting for SC at weekend games, that is, in between hunting and fishing trips with the boys. After graduation he and his wife plan to set up private practice in a small Arizona town. Fred eventually wants to phase out entistry and become a forest ranger. WILLIAM QUAN, A.S., D.D.S. Bill ' s claim to fame is that he has that rare attribute — a southern (Chinese) accent. " Cowboy Bill " was born and raised in that great desert metropolis, El Centro, California, in the hub of the Imperial Valley. Bill has progressed a long way from Anatomy table 7 to his present level of high technical proficiency? Bill was considered a go-getter during his early dental school career, hut since then has " wised up " . His favorite pastime is dove hunting or duck hunting in the Imperial Valley. Bill- had a pleasant surprise during his Junior year when his wife Anna presented him with a lovely daughter. Kimberly Rosanne. Now they ' re a proud little family. Bill ' ? immediate plans are to REST, and then to open his private practice in El Centro. He has also decided to violate a cardinal rule by having Anna as his receptionist. COTE REESE. D.D.S. Day kicked off by Plug walking on face V4 hour before alarm . . . roll the Dago out air . . . godlike . . . looks tight for Abrams ... ' " I am in the rack! " ... 9 :45 ... the wow . . . perfect day, low tide, good ray.«, winds offshore, north swell at Pheewls . . . got . . . Greeted at information by the Got. " Cote, baby, what are we going to do? " . . . 12:; mail and powering lunch . . . Plug dancing for sawdust cat food . . . oh Eeth . . . San( burning the morning grissle the rack was so good . . . sheet . . gotta get a bridge in the mouth . 12:30 at the Ranch . . . Joh-Joh, Sand down the latest board a bit ready for the sanding coat " . . . WHY didn ' t I get a chair for the afternoon patient . . gotta get partials cooking was so hot . . . you wouldn ' t believe the pcifection waves . . . unreal " . . . building real heavy for some mean chow . . . late for morning patient . . . . . hurting bad . . . why iiic- goil ? saloon and Clete reading siranjir . . . Dago quote " that molhcr is .6:18 P.M. " Hey, Colooz, Malibu burgers wouldn ' t be that l)ad . . . Plug going nuthouse for choV . . . sheet on her ... pet the tube on ... I am so @ ; — hungry for sounds . . . Fridays are unbelievably good. a Ranch-In tonight I am so ready ' .m-m vyi j.rjW LM ; V . . JOSEPH S. REYNOLDS. B.A.. D.D.S. .lanks ro an und.TStandinn; wife, four years of Dental School were survived, in spite of the school; thanks to a son, Andrew Wil- ham, liorn February 12, 1969, finances were at an all time low. Savagery was his trait on the football field as long as he didn ' t have to move. Joes plans for the future are: lose 20 pounds, stop smoking, and practice with the Air Force for two years, later to set up in Washington State. •» ' t- Joe ' s activities included; Junior Class President Alpha Tau Epsilon Student Honorary President Omicron Kappa Upsilon National Dental Honorary Society Vice President 7:00 A.M. Second Floor Lab Squatters (Pres. Daryl Ruby). World ' s Champion 16 oz. Coors Fore-arm Curl (First runnerup — Doug Newberry). ' - ? -A ?; ??: V i •: ' , - . .f f »f »» r; ' ' RUSSELL ROOPENIAN. D.D.S. " If it were not for rug nnTcliaiils, wlu-re would funiilurr rtsl its weary lif; " fallur ' s farm Ix ' forc corning to Russ was born and raised in Fresno, California. He worked for 12 years on tlie vineyards of his father ' s farm Ixfore cor Los Angeles in 1964 to attend Los Angeles City College and U.S.C. Over the years Russ was al.le to save an enormous sum of which carried him through the first two weeks of dental school. Since then, lik - mo.-it other students, the Bank of America lias almost like a father to him. o - i ■ i i • Russ has always been active in student aflairs (Anyone we know Russ?). One of his more noted eotitrihulioiis to our detila was his donation of aluminum plated ashtray;. " , io our student lounge. Now, all students (an put their l.utis in (he can. When asked why he wanted to become a dentist, Russ replied, " From the time I picked my first grape from the vine, I kne ' those good hands. " And so a childhood dream has blossomed into reality. We are sure Russ will he a valued a.ldition to Southr fornia if he keeps practicing good dentistry and .stops pinching rear ends. heir butts in (he can. " irst grape from the vine, I knew he a valued addition to I I 1 i JOHN BAILEY ROSS, D.D.S. W ' ' mm ■ ' . ■ ' .♦ ' b ■i-?;. ' v3 f v PHILLIP SACKS, D.D.S. Having completed eight years of formal education I feel at a loss to explain the amazing fact that my accumulated knowledge 1 introduction to the realm of ideas and thoughts. That education should end here is not constructive reflection. Our mind is not just " a warehouse stuffed full of goods. " We have been given the very beginnings and future development in a complex society demands more than the concession " too much to learn or understand. " Wisdom dictates that it is for the betterm ' nt of all that we know and will know that we forge ahead with open mind and an open heart. That we, as professionals, should seek a comfortable niche from which we may speculate upon the ills of the world is unjustifiable. Continued education, not only formal, is essential if we are to serve those inter( sts most needing of attention. Roger has some mysterious quality about him which makes him accepted in every clique in our class. He is the Killy, the Andretti the Palmer, the Popeye (sailorman) and the Captain America of the wax carving set. His feats at Mammoth are matched only hy his prowess as a gunner. ' Four years of study, lab work and frustration came to an end in April; Four years of persistence came to an end in May. Roger plans to marry Karla Sloan (recent D H Grad.) soon after graduation. Karla is going to send Roger back for a family training course —Graduate Pedo for two years at U.S.C. and then a year of ortho in Michigan. Nick Name: " Soup " Most Famous Possession: Spotless watermelon green Mustang Best Quality : His ability to select wedding gifts. ...•■ir?f; ' . ' »» jii ». »■ ;. ' , ..;: ' . ' :M.y r::: RICHARD SATO, B.S., D.D.S. ■Ji jarf JWfr«(r -»r ' .- ;.■■,■ « ' ■ Hailing from the tiny community of Arroyo Grande (where?) Rich came with an easy going attitude. WheneFcr he wasn ' t sleep- ing in class, he was usually home in the rack or off pursuing his favorite pastime, fishing. One of his most shocking experiences was walking into the last Pedo lecture, only to find the final being given. He is always ready with a wise crack or a practical joke. Extracurricular activities include sports, hunting, filling and double clinics. Future plans involve taking a vacation after School and then finding an associateship near San Diego. ARTHUR WILLIAM SCHULTZ 11, D.D.S. The end of Dental Scliool, and the start of a career. Now what? The future, of course. So what am I oinp; to do about it? Help people. Dentistry is the knowledge and skill I need to be able to do that. And what ' s in it for nie? The chailenpe and excitement of spending my life doing what I love to do. ' : v- WHENCE C ; ' .iK.pMi j w m- ' M ' ' j Mim-fPi ' iii hM:: m m mm wpm ■ ■» , fuvr-i K ' iKJjX ' ' -i,!0)Ui!ti,::„,, . I ' f , ' .V. .;,V -n.w, v MX . : : )■: . - ' ■ ' r ' irs- j -tl ' CLIFFORD G. SORENSEN, D.D.S. Dr. Sorensen claims Sacramento, California as his home town. He graduated from Sacramento Senior High School, attended Sacramento City College and graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.S. in Music. He was a missionary representing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) in Southern England for two years and served in the Air Force Reserve until his honorable discharge. He married the former Janet Chappell of Roy, Utah. He is an active member of Beta Tau Delta Dental Fraternity. He chose to attend USC feeling that it offers the best education in Dentistry available. He plans to establish private practice of Dentistry soon after graduation. A timely quote from a poet: Your task, to build a better world, God said; And I so small and useless am, I answere d. How? There ' s nothing I can do. I his world IS such a large vast place, But God in all his wisdom said So complicated now. Just build a better you. %mv7P$€ GARY VIRGIL SPARKS, D.D.S. Fork tongue talking from me Swim like an eel fantastic nakc Take my love when it ' s free Electric feel with me You call it loud ) But the human crowd j Doesn ' t mean sh t to a tree — Jefferson Airplane 1970 ■r ' k X . .«f- H. ROBERT STENDER, D.D.S. After employment with the Edison Company, reading meters and dodging dogs. Bob concluded that dentistry was definitely to his liking. ' Hb also worked on electronic assembly, and spent one summer with a Fellowship Research at USC. Bob entered Cal State L.A. on a Vocal Scholarship and two years later entered USC Dental School. He has commuted from Arcadia driving his little red Triumph. Bob married after completing his first year at Dental School. His wife Dottie is a Registered Nurse and is employed at Arcadia Methodist Hospital in the Operating Room. It was common to see her sitting in the Clinic chair as Bob treated her. " Harry Bob " !! Whose idea?? Bob is still trying to find out who had his clinic cards printed that way. Bob ' s outside interests have been involved wit|, music, skiing, skating, and bridge. In fact, that last interest monopolized many lunch hours. It was common to see a pack of cards in his pocket for he never wanted to miss an opportunity. Bob joined the Delts and this sparked still another sport-pool. The Stenders, Bob and Dottie, plan to live in the Thousand Oaks area. wmwmmfmmm i KENNETH R. STROUD, D.D.S. I) i: SHIGERU TAKEHANA, D.D.S. Wf -u: fm? ' i DENNIS RAY THOMAS, D.D.S. Man is a social being, he is real only because he is social, and can realize himself only because it is as social that he realizes himselfV The mere individual is a delusion of theory; and the attempt to realize it in practice is the starvation and mutilation of human nature. with total sterility or the production of monstrosities. F. H. Bradley CHARLES H. UDOLPH, D.D.S. R.tWiW iW ' tWi W , Hr attended tlie University of Southern California underfrradiiate school and received a B.S. degree. After graduation he will continue his dental education in the University of Southern Californfa graduate pedodontic proeram. He plans to practice in the San Fernando Valley. . ::!-:! ' :ii- rl GEORGE WALTERS. D.D.S. THE ROAD NOT TAKEN The roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the Undergrowth. Then took the other, as just as fair, And having perhaps the better claim. Because it was grassy and wanted wear; Though as for that the passing there Had worn them really about the same, And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had t rodden back. Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on lo way. I doubted if I should ever come back. I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverge " in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled bv. And that has made all the ' difference. —Robert Frost ,J % py t Ht x GARY WARBURTON. D.D.S. t SCOTT WEST, D.D.S. mm: I, Scott West D.D.S., B.F.D., D.L.G., T.G.I.F.. B.S.. M.O.D., P.F.C., 0.0. O.D.. X, K.O., R.F., A 01, P.F. F.Y.. R.W.B. R.P.D., B.J., K., F.D., F.M., D.H., D., D.A.U., 6i ,-2i , 9, III, II, V, O.S., R.H.D. R.H.F., C.H.I.P., V.D., I D, " J " . U.S.C.-F.U.C.L.A., O.T.R., B F, S.S.C, W.A.G., V.I., D.W., N.NI.A.G. BEING OF UNSOUND MIND DO HEREBY LEAVE IN A SUPPOSEDLY DIRTY CABINET TO ANYONE WHO WANTS THEM, THE FOLLOWING ITEMS— 1 foil a.incal.T, 1 .I.ctn.rnall.n, 2 6i ' -2V -9 ' s, 1 crown cast out of nirkcl.s H700 empty " Rod Mountain " Itottlcs, 600 Copccol dispensers, 18 compuL-r l»)oks, 10 Ten Day " shei ' t.s, 1 Lennox manual. I Thompson carver, no foil patients, . ' 2 perio special patiiMits, 1 extra oral traeinj;; device. 1 Hanan articulator, 2 Johnson-Ogeihy articulat.irs, :V2 pieces of silk. 1 jar of d -ad wax, 1 library card, all my ortlio pliers, 1 surveyor, 1 R.P.D. lypodont, hundreds of culiide maintenance forms and honor code slips, 1 sli ;htly used jar of Ney ' s Purple Unnecessary Undercut Wax. .S dirty, faded, blue clinic gowns, and a lot of ties. iRi ■ ' ■ ' Al WES WIEMi D .D.S. A ' A for his expertly tailored shirts and his flashy cars throughout dental school. Known for his ability to be talked into anything not associated with dental school: A fourth at bridge at " Ingle ' s Eatery " , a fourth on the links, or a fourth at the 901. He was famous for his ai)ility to get intoxi- cated at the school ' s Emitting office (the 901) with very little money. His ambition is to take the Bass onto the golf link.s and outdrive him by all the dam overwaxes that he has had to put on and shave off later. Married with a child thru dental school did- not interfere with Wes ' s activities, it merely gave him a safe way home from every one of 1169 ' s parties. JAMES R. WILLIAMS, D.D.S. t «„,„ ;„ Salt I alcp ntv Utah in March of 1942 Jim spent his first nine years in Utah. Following a move to Arizona in 1956, he aSe3ed Sa nth S ol Me Community College, a ' nd Arizona State diversity. On January 30, 1965, James R. Wdhams ' 1:;JX: ::i;1i 3.: " Ty :shman at the U.S.C Dental School. After many trying days in t Wee Tecjmic building under the hand of Dr. Soule, Dr. Gregg, and others, and alter two years of struggle and work getting patients to k,.p the.r appointments, the goal of graduation is in sight. ..,,.• After graduation with the class of ' 70, Jim will go into private practice in Mesa. Arizona. ai3i uiiu.uiaiikMa kWi«MiiiailitillMMaMWIM EARLE G. WOLFROM, D.D.S. l,arie will always be rpmemboredas theman with the classic ku h. Throughout the halls of the S T his laugh ochot-d. And who can forget his salesmanship in our Junior year; " Anybody want to buy a diamond ring? " ! No matter how bad the situation, ol ' Earle always kept his smile. Even after wrecking his Cougar, and Lusby and ihe Hog. and his elbow; he kept his good-naturedness and composure and stuck with the rest of his class. So, when you see some little guy at a convention with skis under one arm and a paddle ball in his pocket, go up and buy a pencil from him. ' -m - mmi BM ■ ' 0: ' uSiSKiSBS ' ' ' BILL YANCEY. D.D.S. The Hog, through four years- of dental enthusiasm, never wavered in his uncompromising standard best represented by his motto " plenty good enough " . This standard is exemplified by his anatomically perfect zin rock squash bite temporaries, well adapted at fifteen paces. He is also well known for his theories on pulp sedation, made it a firm policy to temporize for no less than six months. Word has it that after graduation Yancey will be taking post-graduate courses in oral microbiology from Dr. Milo Don Appleman, whose face to this day is still a rumor to the Pig. Bill started off his wave of dental enthusiasm in freshman anatomy lab., by making a token appearance every Wednesday afternoon in spikes on the way to his two o ' clock starting time. Six months through the freshman year, with the S and T still a nasty rumor to the Pig, he was introduced at a party in Palm Springs to a fellow classmate of his. Unfortunately, Yancey couldn ' t have picked the guy out of a crowd until he was told the fellow was a dental student. Coming into the final year, the Hog has really come around. Often he can be seen as early as two o ' clock for his nine-thirty patient, doing a denture adjust once or twice a month. Despite his sporadic appearances, Yancey has provided a certain relaxed attitude too often missing in the dental profession. A reflection of mine: " It is a triumph of reason to get on well with those who possess none " .— Voltaire 1. •T?J J7i ; ' v.i:i, .■ ; iVl:■■. ' r. :■ ■ l:: " ' :;-r ' HAROLD TAKASHI YOSHIKAWA, D.D.S. Harold was born at Manzanar, California in a relocation camp during World War H which is set in a desert landscape and ornamented with U.S. soldiers. Thus was Harold ' s first experience as being an American citizen. Soon after the war, his family moved to Venice, California where he attended Venice High School and received a B.A. in zoology at U.C.L.A. Now it is four years from the time he has entered dental school and all these past memories of his life and also the wonderful experiences that he gained from taking all the double clinics or at least rescheduling them because of no patients come to mind. Harold feels that all of these experiences cannot be ever changed but the future can be guided. Therefore, this thought once seen in the past is given as strength to all students during their stay at the dental school. Yesterday is already a dream — and tomorrow is only a vision, but today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope, — look well, therefore, to this day. ERNIE CHALEKSON. D.D.S. Six years after lii |ireiiiatuie liirtli in Ankara. Tiiikev. Kinie and his nmllier rnaile llieir way across the Atianlie t(i ihuse wonderful United Slates he l(i es so nun li. Ernie, in his ehiMhood. quickly oyercanie tiie hinuuaf;e liarrier and exceil ' d thru his elementary and hi;;ii school classes. After altendinii Coluniliia University on a scholarship for ' Z ' -, years and transferrinp; to USC lor one semester, he uas acce|)teil to Dental School. The ins|)iration of Ernie ' s acliie enients on those of us who know him uell has indeed lieen revsardin and liel|ied to spur ns on to jireater .yoals in the field of dentistry. He mystically impresses his patients and pe -rs with a confidence that makes us. his classmates, feel that he has clinically e |ierienced much more than us. Ernie ' s holiliies include hike ridini:. weiuht liftin, (16 ounce cans), and cleaninji his cahinet. After aradnation Ernie plans to start his own practice in No_ ales, Arizona. As he has in the ])ast. we are sure that Ernie will huidle olistacles to estahlisli a successful practice in this fast growini; community. RANDY GATES, D.D.S. 127 SPECIAL 128 STUDENTS 129 :mM GUSTAVO ALTU AHRA. D.D.S. Wmm ' mmmm cm. w - ' - ' ■ " ;■ ■ . ' ' rs ' r::c Y Wv S? W " ! ' ft " ? a vi- v.wyavw.i. StiS M FREDOON FAHIMY, D.D.S. ■ ' n-f ;,: ft:.. . ' - . :(■ V " •w.r ■ ' M t7,V? WILLIAM FISHER, D.D.S. JEAN JEFFREY. D.O.S. ' ■wmm j: « QP % ' " § -i ' OE PAPAYIANIS. D.D.S. ,,0;;p- -::. V. t TADEUSZ ROWINSKI, D.D.S. ■■ ' Wf-rnxB SELIE TAN, D.D.S. 139 DENTAL mi jyK ' f r as V ' 140 HYGIENE TRICIA BARBER CSCLA use HUNTINGTON PARK. CALIFORNIA DOROTHY ANNE BERKHEMER VENTURA COLLEGE VENTURA. CALIFORNIA Looking for a roll, Tricia? YOU AND ME TOGETHER WALK Let us you and me Togctlipr walk benealh the tree You I know to see is me And what is truth l)iit honesty Have I found you in wliat I see Is beauty truth or can it be That when I think and suddenly All I know for it is you I see The sun the moon the rain the sea What for this or that to be Can ever never happen without lliee Or is it you; or me Ah ha; lis we You will see and so will ine When voii and me together walk heiu ath the tree Free Ly Mirhael Kirshner 142 Hold ■itill Dabby, it ' s on yo ur no- t now. ANN BESS CITRUS COLLEGE GLENDORA. CALIFORNIA If Ann were a color, she ' d be sunshine yellow be- cause she always radiates so much joy and happiness. If she ever decides not to practice dental hygiene, her 70 mile daily jaunts to school have qualified her to enter any long distance race. If she were an animal, slie ' d have to be a beaver because she ' s always so industrious in decorating her home and cooking for her husband. If she were a fish, she ' ll surely be mounted on a golden plaque and displayed as the best catch ' he . rmy has ever had. Oink. DUANA BURGESS ORANGE COAST COLLEGE IRVINE. CALIFORNIA During our Junior year, when we were all so ex- hausted with our trying schedule, this one managed to get over to the gym to practice basketball regularly! She hoped instructors just thought she was blushing instead of recovering from the exercise ! Of course we can all tell when she ' s been skiing for the weekend because she ' s so happy she glows. Duana ' s always good for a witty remark at just the right moment. and we ' re all happy that some people finally learned her name. The Flying Nut 143 KATHY DANIFXS CERRITOS COLLEGE LA MIRADA. CALIFORNIA There is no tlifficulty tliat enough lo e will not con- quer; No disease that enough love sill not heal; No door that enough love will not open: No gulf that enough love will not bridge; No wall that enough love vill not throw do vn; No sin that enough love will not redeem. It makes no difference how deeply seated may be the troidile; How hopeless the outlook. How muddled the tangle. How great the mistake; . sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all. If only you could love enough you would be the happiest and most powerful being in the woild. Emmet Fox There . . . that looks a lot better. DIANE KAUFMAN DAVIDOWITZ SAN FERNANDO VALLEY STATE COLLEGE WEST HOLLYWOOD. CALIFORNIA Diane Da-wid-o-witz. the daily bathtub drinker has ■-uch animated facial expressions that one look at Hoffman ' s ring made it disappear forever. .And have you ever noticed how all Diane ' s dresses are all the same style? When she finds something she likes she sure sticks to it! But she seems to have fared well through dental school: she managed to get caught by a dental stu- dent. And we ' ll never forget the way Diane helped our student-facidty relations junior year as our class president. Best wishes, Da-wid-o-witz. 144 K iilrincnl runs high in llic OH clinic. LINDA SMITH Dr VLIEGER LONG BEACH CITY COLLEGE LONG REACH. CALIFORNIA Linda is one of the more stable, quiet, mature-type girls in our class as she proved last year at the luau by dancing on the tables, making quite a name for herself in the process. Hotv many screwdrivers in half an hour?? She ' s also been the ring-leader in fun and games like getting the whole class to wear their D.H. caps with street clothes to the Path, lab final. Aft«r that daily drive, we ' re sure she ' s pretty sick of the scenery between U.S.C. and the " Beach Cities " where she plans to pr actice, exclusively. No Linda, it ' s the small mirror that goes in the mouth. GAIL ANNE DOUGLAS use MONTEREY PARK. CALIFORNIA There are places I remember all my life though some have changed. Some forever not for better. Some are gone and some remain All these places have their meanings with lovers and friends I still can recall. .Some are dead and some are living. In mv life I ' ve loved them all. From In My Life John Lennon Paul McCartney Honest, Tom, it ' s only colored water! 145 HARRIET COLLINS FISHLR use NEWPORT BKACII. CALIFORNIA Harriet will always- he reninirliered for her ' week- Ion;; vacalioiis (laken in the niidille of the semester). her perpetnal ahsenee from block assi;;nnients (Charlie was a more familiar si;;ht around the clinii- than Har- riet), and for never ' onee coming to school with her hair combed. .She ' ll never forget her wedding last summer, for more reasons than one! She still has rice in her clothes. With her problem hair and constant diet of cheeze- piiPTs and skips, we wonder just how long Charlie can take it. Next to you. Harriet, we ' ll always remember Charlie the most. Munch. CATHERINE ANNABELLE FLYNN ORANGE COAST COLLEGE DANA POINT. CALIFORNIA Catherine Flynn is a native Californian who loves to visit ( " alifornia ' s parks and beaches. She enjoys camping, fishing, and swimming. Some of her hobbies include foreign correspondence, stamp collecting and sewing. She enjoys pets and raises Siamese cats. She hopes to take up square dancing again after graduation. i i ijr JCliSkL I - " i BK r TjST 146 You say all the good parts are underlined? BARBARA FOND UCLA LOS ANGELES. CALIFORNIA Due to Barbara ' s great sense of equilibrium, it took ber one full year to conquer the front steps and keep from falliufr on ber face (especially before tests). But that ' s to be expected . . . after all, who else could lean on a tree and roal her uniform with tar the day slie had Fish for an instructor. While maintaining one of the highest grade point averages in the class, we have yet to hear Barbara leave an exam without saying " Oh, I know I flunked that. " We all wish Barbara as much success in her marriage to Richard as she has had in school. Sure it ' s Cepacol, Barbara. NANCI K. HERRON SANTA ANA COLLEGE SEVEN SEAS DIVISION OF CHAPMAN COLLEGE SANTA ANA. CALIFORNIA " The Orient is my next adventure! " Nanci has travelled extensively throughout the world. She hopes to learn a few exotic recipes and bring them back to try out on her friend . When she is not sewing or making her own jewelry, Nanci finds time to skin and scuba dive. Catalina is one of her favorite diving spots and she hopes to dive in the waters off Mexico this summer. With her attraction to the sand and surf, Nanci hopes to move to the Newport Beach area. Slurp! 147 BETH HINES FULLERTON JUNIOR COLEECE TUSTIN. CALIFORNIA " Let the sun sliine in " ... it always does wlien Hines is aionnH. Straight from Oranpe County ' s FiiI- lerton J.C., Belh fame to the .S T full of laughter and a smile that even Mrs. Fisli couldn ' t get rid of. Although at times a " little " forgetful. Beth is one of our Unforgetahles. She loves the out-of-doors and adventure seems to follow whatever she does. As for future plans, ihings are still up in the air, (as Beth still is herself), due to the undecided plans of some guy named Rich. Peek-a-boo NORMA HODGE LONG BEACH CITY COLLEGE use LONG BEACH. CALIFORNIA Norma Hodge is such a dedicated mother that she leaves her block assignments early to rush home to her children! Norma decided to enter dental hygiene since she did not want to be a teacher or a nurse. I ittle did she realize that a dental hy-gee-in-ist is both! Actually, the Nancy Nurse from the class of ' 70 would not be caught on the clinic floor without her white watch band. The acceptance committee thought that Norma ' s age meant that she would add stabiHty to the class . . . tsk! tsk! So far, Norma ' s greatest scientific discovery has been sangria. 148 f " .hug-a-lug! CLAlfDIA ANN HOHN NOTRE DAME COLLEGE CALSTATE FULLERTON DOWNEY. CALIFORNIA Claudia Hohn fno. that " HOHN . . . HOHN) is self-assurance with a stammer, poise while rubbing her fingertips raw, and serenity with a crirk in its neck. Most of us spent our junior year trying to figure out how Claudia could nod her head in time with any professor ' s syntax, and the better part of our senior year trying to figure out where she spends the first 20 minutes of each class. We never found out either. All kidding aside, Claudia is one of the most hard- working girls in our class — a characteristic which was rewarded when Claudia was chosen to join the masters program at Columbia University next fall. We just hope that those New York restaurants won ' t interfere with Claudia ' s perpetual diet — another interesting paradox, oh well. Best of luck, Claudia, and remember, next to you we ' ll always remember the back of your head the most. J 1 So this is where you spend the first 20 minutes of each class! JUDY KOESTER RIO HONDO COLLEGE WHITTIER. CALIFORNIA ■ F4f H ■■ 11 w - ' HsSi K I Bf ' ' v 1 Adole-scent skin got you down, Judy? 149 CHRISTINE LASITER use LONG BEACH. CALIFORNIA Spppdy Las-ppter. thp patipnf pleezer Is rhpiislu ' d at honip as tlip husband teaser. She knows she ' s the Grill ' s top tuna fish eater. And also the Lounge ' s best knittinfj arliiever. (And -eldorn found drunk as a skunk at MrKeever ' s). Her lii ' brown eyes are surely pood deeeivers If any disillusionment has ever crossed her seatpr! Althou{;h she may not be the bpst parakeet keeper. We predict loads of success for our speedy Las-eeter. It ' s better than seeing a patient! ANNE-MARIE LODGE LACC LOS ANGELES. CALIFORNIA 150 Your place or tiiinr. tiocloi ? PAMELA L„ PRESTI UCLA LOMITA. CALIFORNIA Pam was at the health center just about as often as she was at the dental school this year, after psycho- logically catching all the diseases discussed in pa- thology. Pam was one of the top students in the class, re- ceiving the Dental Health Education Award. She says she never would have made it without her husband Richard being so helpful. Recently. Pam has taken up snoiv skiing and water skiing, so she ' ll have fun any season of the year. With graduation curing all her ills, she ' ll undoubtedly have a bright future. Just like the Academy Awards! DIANNE McLAIN UCI TUSTIN. CALIFORNIA Dianne will probably never be noted for her mas- sive donations to the alumni fund or for her undying devotion to the patron saint of dentistry .... HOW- EVER .... it will be a while before another DH ambles through .school with quite the style Dianne has shown. Few before or since have demonstrated an equal capacity for both wit and sarcasm a la McLain. In a last ditch effort to maintain her sanity, Dianne has spent most of these last two years at the law- school, impressing them all with our correct clinical attire. Rumor has it that Dianne plans to take " the Bar " in August. McKeevers or the 9-0, Dianne? Following graduation, Dianne plans to practice in L.A., or work in the school system, or enlist in the service, or travel to Europe, or retire, or What dental hygiene means to me. 151 NANCY VEE McLENNAN UCLA MISSION HILLS. CALIFORNIA Nancy McLennan, the new Nancy Hoffman, made it tlirouph these two years with flying colors. The only time she became ner oiis about success was at occasional tests, when the cracking of her knuckles could be heard by her neighbors. .Since meeting Rocky, Nancy has begun scuba div- ing, which they will enjoy on their two month honey- moon in Hawaii this summer. On their return, she will practice in the San Fernando Valley. Aloha, and best of luck Nancy! Smile, Nancy. PAMELA McSPARRAN UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA use PALOS VERDES. CALIFORNIA 152 This iv ill, u.i we In u-h mil l ' cth. KATHLEEN MEISSENBl ' RG CITRUS COLLEGE GLENDORA. CALIFORMA What is il?!!! Take a deep Ineath and read on: thi is the ionpest. most nn[)ionoiHirahIe name in the class. It helongs to tlie only one in the class who can say the wrong thing at the wrong time and get away with it, or so she thinks. She jokes with everyone, friend and foe alike, spends as much time as possible at .San Clemente body-surfing with the rest of the guys. Her friends tell us that, at this point, it is Kathy ' s ambition to work for a big, brawny, hairy- chested, curly blond-haired, blue-eyed, suntanned den- tist who wears swim trunks to work. Actually, we think she should go into research on her latest find: booze is better than any known local anesthetic! Keep your hands to yourself. Meissenburg. CHLOE SHIELA MINX LONG BEACH CITY COLLEGE use LONG BEACH. CALIFORNIA How do you ' iay " Cheer?! " in Italian? 153 CHERI CHRISTINA MURRELL UCLA use LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA Choii is on( ' of llie few persons who knows wliere all the dives in L.A. are that serve dinner for less than a dolhu. What ' s the matter Cheri, did the silver- fi -h earry off all the stoves at the Casa I.oma Apts.? Cheri ha a knack of knowing everybody ' s secrets, and with her quick wit and haifi ton;:iu , nohody is safe. Yet slir can he more tolciant than anyone at times, findinj; the he t in (lie worst of ns, as well as the worst in the best of ns, Cheri won ' t I)e the " half-haked " hyjiienisl an irate in trnclor has prophe- ied lier to be. In fact, she ' ll be one of the best if she ever stojis takinj vacations. After all. who else was seen shnfflinp around Soph. Perio. in a pair of beat-up clops all semester? And who else i- :ood buddies; with Crazy I arry, the Mad Hawaiian? I ' m ure we ' ll all be seein : a lot of Cheri in the futnie — at the beach, at the movies, in Mexico — anywhere bnt tn the ofiice if at al! j ossii)le. LINDA JOYCE NAZARETIAN use LOS ANGELES. CALIFORNIA " Linda Na er. iih, " is a familiar phrase we ' rp all arciistonird tn liearins at tliP hrpinnin!; of earli spitipstpr. Artiially, this fivp syllable surname, whirh has stopped even nnr most verhose instvuetors in iheir tracks, identifies none other than 29 — I.inda. Bnt then alon-i eame John, and since last April she ' s had a new name, must more conducive to correct pro- nunciation. Just when we w ere all learning how to say Naz-are-tian too. oh well. Linda ' s unique sense of humor lias hrijilitened many a histo. lab., many an afternoon in clinic, many lunch hours in the lounpe — need we go on. As far as aca- demies f;o, nobody takes a set of notes like Linda ' s. Of course, there ' s always the problem of the first 15 minutes of the niorninp ' s first class — somcliou the " early bird " larcly makes it. ' In the years to come, we all wish the best of every- thinp to Linda. Now, if she could only leain to kcc]) her hair off her collar .... Sure beats workinp; ' 154 Knil one. pml o. CAROL NEWBERGER UCLA LOS ANGELES. CALIFORMA With great expectations, Carol ranie to (ienlal srliool with a solid philosophy of success: why kill yourself? From this point of view she read and traveled her way through the perils of the last two years, still managing to accomplish more than most of us. Want to know what ' s on top of the best seller list, or what ' s the most controversial play of the sea- son? .Ask Carol. Quiet Carol, as she impresses yon at first, is one of the few girls in the class to tell a clinic instructor where to go and live! (Your hair is still down on your collar. Carol). A great girl and never known to say a mean word. Carol plans to travel a while and then settle down to practice in West L.A. (if nothing better comes up first). Read any good books lately. Carol? Hair on whose collar? MARGARET (PEGGY) O ' GARA ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY PHOENIX, ARIZONA Does everyone remember Dr. Pallash ' s pharmacology tests? Yes. yes. And does everyone remember spend- ing an hour and a half to finish the mid-terms? Well then surely you can recall the final which Mild- Mannered Margaret took in 20 minutes, and left mut- tering about " .All I want to do is pass. " This should tell us all something about Peggy. Peggy is an ex- ceptional girl and just because she can make a nifty rabbit face, don ' t you think for one miniile that that is any sort of a personality indicator. (.Actually it ' s more like a giraffe — just kidding. Peggy). Peggy is one of the few girls in our class who was never afraid to say what she thouglit and wasn ' t intimidated liy the " voice of authority " . In .Tune, Peggy will hop on her little blue roller skate (she says it ' s a car named Baby Blue) and head for Phoenix where she will take her state boards in the .Arizona State Prison. Is it true they won ' t let you take in chisels, Margaret? Even the periodontal variety? .Scram ! 155 LORNA PARK UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII HONOLULU, HAWAII Loma (also known as Clierry Hil!) Park, and her biotlieis Griffilli anrl Yellowstone National, all at- tended the U. of Hawaii before rominf; to USf!. Loina. who loves to " siiek-eni-up. " ean pet hiph on a pieee of over-ripe pineajiple. She is also known for her famous verbal expressions: " Nya-a-a " and " What? " whieh eonstitule 98% of her eonversation. Serionsly, I orna is one of the nieest pirls in the elass. After all, who else eould be bosom buddies with Meissenburf; for two whole years? We all hope she does well on her state boards in Hawaii (don ' t forpet the iiineai)ple [iiophy paste). Aloha. IjOrna. Suek-ein-up Lorna! JEAN ELIZABETH PATTERSON GLENDALE COLLEGE BURBANK, CALIFORNIA Always happy and eager to get things done may best deseribe Jeanie. During our junior year. Jeanie was constantly hassling about being on lime to elass. Chances were if yon saw someone streaking past ask- ing what time it was. it was Jeanie. Many were surprised when .she came to .school with a diamond on her hand. She plans a fall wedding and will work in the Rnrbank area. 156 ( " .imnic s ' rnorc o ' that gingerale. CATHERINE L. ( " PINKY " ) RENDALL DOMINICAN COLLEGE OF SAN RAFAEL DIXON. CALIFORNIA Known as Pinky to her friends, we have all miii tiered how slie earned that name. How was that again. Pinky? A regular allendant at each TG and Delt party, Pinky discovered early the analgesic effects of skii)s. It has heen jiredicted that approxinialely 3 months after graduation Pinky will heconie a giant cheese piilT due to her constant consumption of same. Pinky claims that following graduation in June she plans to work. But those of us in the know have heard nnnors ihal -he plans to join the W ' aikiki set. How " hout it. Pink? Yes. I really aui going to eat il all! MARY RHOADS SANTA MONICA CITY COLLEGE use WEST LOS ANGELES. CALIFORNIA Super-gas Rhonda Rhoads (better known as Mach I Mary) divides her free time between hot-rodding, scaling her pampered canine roommate ' s teeth and polishing her sparkling turtle ' s shell. We knew some- one would find a good use for our porte polishers! Oh? ou can ' l keep youi appoinlment ' ; 157 SANDY ROBINSON CSCLB ARCADIA. CALIFORNIA Mr?. Rnl insnn. belter known as Sandy, is one of llie handful of o[irls working on their second degree. However, it ' s obvious that .Sandy has found her forte in dental hyfiiene. But who knows what degree she ' ll po after next. Sandy [ilans to praotice in southern Orange County, where she ran join our other rlassniates at the beach on her dav off. Ordy ten error- from Ki-li today!! KATHRYN JEAN SAYAMA use ORANGE. CALIFORNIA Katliy is one of the feu Orange County birds in the class, -pending more lime there than anyone else (not that Mike had anything to do with it). I5ut Orange isn ' t really so far away when you can whip down there in a red sports car. Kalhy plans to work in O.C.. down by the beach preferably, after her wedding, of course. Guess we ' ll all see you down on the sand, Kalh. One thing for sure though, we won ' t find Kalhy working at General Hospital. Not after her last ex- perience there. Good luck anyway. Kalh! 158 No. Rclh. iui hold ihe chop-lick- this way! LINDA SWICK UCSB SALINAS. CALIFORNIA I enjoy my work. JODIE SUS.4N WEINREB use LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Our rlas?e.= ' answer to Ann-Margaret. 159 DIME JIMOR C TiUJEi;E 5A PEWJa CAURHRXIA KidJWvn i tfftrams or eVtf nJSr nH « wftml «»» iriMK- svruni iBi «ud war a» ■ ««»« WMft: PioiSE wwrrvTY nOWXE CAUFORMA r 6C3 - 1 ..■ VIRGI. i w-Ar p.f wOiNO LACC LOS ANGELES, CALIFORIVIA Mmi wf iw feat» fc««ra waitiinis; for 2 yftaT fm- Vir- jjwria to mafeft a rflBr.i»wiro fjro h nr eywrn , - - and we ' re »(!iill|! waiJuiing, Wfev ftHw 6 n1i Vfipgrnia-. wowM ask her rla ' miaille» tnow IVra »fe«r «Ei(iniM fXiiwfy for am exam? Wf ov elW- wmM nepfv to a; taternetvt like " ItV faiiru- inDSf " wilifi ' ' iHl-»iVfe-? " Tw eW raam wfcwper aroj ♦ttWI AM kf Mi(ttg aaiidle, Vlrsp ' niiai ii «tie irf (Iik nw) t r.nw- «iieTii|tt i » tI ph! mm rJatw, atjwj fin« fif ifi few aiwirtTOg i!u wiW nieoeii llie»f;i!aille!» to tielpi arwitfiw, Viirgrniai waw- ««»► O ' ff nine rrew ffeat fw?a rf ?[ew Ywitfe Cilty fen»t few a ' lvdi $nii(ifA n. sIT tfirowsrh «Eiie (lerilJ fs( Jinoatowni — hii ' vlinj!: heen ffif only one to ' vMb tfcwie itf te, Odv li6a.wfe» to ai womfcrfiil jotIT YeaJt, aiwl it waw tfens Oonigt 161 162 CLINIC 163 COMMUNITY DENTISTRY use MOBILE DENTAL CLINIC 164 S ijiiciiit; - ' 165 Dr. Barbee Dr. Daniels Dr. Moore Dr. Ronnau Dr. Sparks 166 WATTS CLINIC m " - 167 DENTAL ASSISTANT UTILIZATION PROGRAM Dr. Chess Dr. Conley Dr. Girardot Dr. Glazman Dr. Havekorst Dr. Kennedy Dr. Klein Dr. Maeda Dr. Rieder Dr. RoMiins Dr. Toguchi Dr. Vanderheide Dr. Yoshimura Vera Wiesley Linda Johnson 168 4t Janice Alululian Emily Aiulujo Barliara Case Angela Grandinctti Judv Guinn Kalhie Pelletier Marilyn Poduska Ciiervl Sclilapper Joyce Tanaka Jane Watanabe Flurenre Yamagiirhi Eiko Yasutake 169 DIAGNOSIS AND FDW ram TREATMENT PLANNING Dr. Finke Leah Pearlman Zelda Firetag 170 ENDODONTICS Dr. Beniis Dr. Beveridge Dr. Ciileman Dr. Dustman Dr. Frank Dr. Ga ron Dr. Click Dr. Grudin Dr. Kalhnan Dr. Rudolph ▼ Dr. Sander Dr. Simon Dr. Wfichman Dr. Zidell Dr. Zinidel ' i : - 171 FIXED Dr. Abelson Dr. Anderson Dr. Cdllnns Dr. Colnian Dr. Davics Dr. Elirlirli Dr. Grinspan Dr. Havpkorst Dr. H.ilt Dr. Katz Dr. Kt ' nney 172 PROSTHODONTICS Dr. Lew Dr. Lopez Dr. D. Miller Dr. G. Miller Dr. Osaki Dr. Rieder Dr. Schmidt Dr. Stone Virginia Ford Ray Younes 173 OPERATIVE Dr. Bassett Dr. Curry Dr. Flygt-nring Dr. Fort Dr. Gardner Dr. Haln-nnan Dr. Haljiin Dr. Harmatz Dr. H.-rrick Dr. Horn Dr. Insrahani 174 7 L f Dr. Jones Dr. Kahn Dr. Kaiser Dr. Kaneko Dr. Kishi Dr. McNaniara Dr. Olson Dr. Renicha Dr. Shibuya Dr. Voss Dr. Yanase 175 ORA ja 176 DIAGNOSIS Jill Alzina Ginny Berry- Joanne Dennis Francis Loftin Francis McCantes Gloria Ontiveros Danielle Sawyer Dr. Aduddell Dr. Andrew Dr. Casagrande Dr. Frieden Dr. Garrett Dr. Keropian Dr. Leemon Dr. Moore Dr. O ' Grady Dr. Re)-nolds Dr. Weisser 177 ANAPHYLAXIS AOTHM 6Y MA DRUG REACTION ORUO OVERDOSAGE Dr. Barbee Dr. Lytle Dr. Mills Dr. Montemarano Dr. Prout Dr. Reynolds Dr. Robinson Dr. Ronnau Dr. Shiiken Dr. Warrick Dr. Yoon Dr. Bellin Dr. Blatnick Dr. Tate Betty Alexander Elisa Amaya Shanty Anderson ORAI CARDIAC ARREST AIRWAY OBSTRUCTION SHOCK 178 .lOM BODY Ai PHYXIATION CONVULSIVE SEIZURES STATUS EPILEPTICU8 SYNCOPE ADRENAL INSUFFICIENCY INSULIN SHOCK MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION ANGINA PECTORIS H SURGERY 179 ORTHODONTICS Dr. Allman Dr. Anderson Dr. Baker Dr. Bisk Dr. Eads Dr. Givens Dr. Johnson Dr. Lance Dr. McClean Dr. Meyer Dr. Shimono Dr. Stoughton Dr. Tanaka Dr. Zamarin 180 f. a ' PATHOLOGY Dr. Abrams Dr. Melrose Ida Eichorst 181 Dr. Ariauflo Dr. Grossman Dr. Sohireson Dr. Atkins Dr. Hyman Dr. Schwarz Dr. Becker Dr. Last Dr. Stahl Dr. Benjamin Dr. Levine Dr. Vogan Dr. Canter Dr. Nemeth Dr. Waldow Dr. Denison Dr. Pallasch Dr. Ward Dr. Frisch Dr. Schafer Dr. Yamada Dr. Gray 182 PERIODONTICS Sandra Loe N- ■- " " «?! ' « 2 f V .r - ' « «firf «,,«. " •- ' u . I J 51 y£Wf ' t» - tjr 183 REMOVABLE , 48cs Dorothy Pemberton Clara Gibson 184 PROSTHO- DONTICS Dr. Cousin Dr. Davis Dr. Frank Dr. Gamer Dr. Gordon Dr. Landesman Dr. Levin Dr. Mascola Dr. Nedelman Dr. Richardson Dr. Sauer Dr. Sosin Dr. Sparks Dr. Stevenson Dr. Tjan Dr. Tokuyama Dr. Weiner 185 t 186 Dr. Daniels Dr. Galutia Dr. Groppr Dr. Horany Dr. NishimiiR " Dr.Rolil.ins Dr. RuIk Dr. Waiul.-rly Biiiiiiy Booth . ' liiila Chiki ' v PEDODONTICS - " ••. ' jf.; ' -. , ' .•M. ::,-a 187 GRADUATE ENDODONTICS Dr. John Doaran Dr. Ronald Roue Dr. John Wantulok Dr. Ed Whit.- ORAL SURGERY Dr. Robert Bellin Dr. Harry Blatnick Dr. Thomas Tate Dr. Goodsell Dr. Hendrifks Dr. Tall Dr. Cordova Dr. Lopez Dr. Ozawa PEDODONTICS Dr. Jeff Brown Dr. Dave Markle Dr. Dave Powell Dr. Al Walker Dr. Edward Sharp Dr. Philip Trask RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY Dr. Jack Conley Dr. Jim Haherman ORTHODONTICS Dr. Alan Barbakow Dr. Kerry Davirro Dr. Stephen Gold Dr. Jamea Jacohson Dr. Gerald Malovos Dr. Walter Peters Dr. Michael Powers Dr. Peter Silcher Dr. Russell Strauss Dr. Derick Tagawa Dr. Dell Aldrirh Dr. Nick Balenzano Dr. William Brady Dr. Mark Dewey Dr. Phillip Mahan Dr. James Paddnr Dr. Christopher Palma Dr. Roy Parle Dr. William Redmond Dr. Victor Sands PERIODONTICS Dr. Stephen Levine Dr. Theodore Muir Dr. Carl Primavera Dr. Ian Vogan Dr. Cullen Ward PROSTHODONTICS Dr. Roger Koslen Dr. Fred Fahimy 188 STUDIES TynrVit. . 189 1 : n ,«f ■ ' • 190 191 192 193 UNDERCLASSMEN 194 195 JUNIORS " .. H ■ (-| » " m A CLASS OF 1971 -( J .,i l(l V |HH 198 199 TANTE TAN DPI NE 200 1 201 SOPHOMORES ' - CLASS OF 1972 C I T € FRESHMEN 206 CLASS OF 1973 r iWTTTTTmnnr Binwfm : 207 208 209 DENTAL 210 1 F- ' m .. ..Mmi 1 ■ P 1 -• k i CLASS OF 1971 HYGIENE :vV; ? I 213 ACTIVITIES 214 215 w_ 4 1 fiy, ' ' p oaXega DELTA SIGM 224 DELTA ft ALA ► 225 ADMINISTRATION 226 227 DR. JOHN INGLE DEAN 228 DR. PAUL EHRLICH DIRECTOR OF CLINICS DR. ROBERT REEVES ASST. DEAN OF PRECLINICAL AFFAIRS DR. ROBERT RUTHERFORD DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS DR. CLIFTON DUMMETT ASST. DEAN OF EXTRA-MURAL AFFAIRS 229 MISS ISABEL BOLAND DIRECTOR OF STUDENT AND ALUMNI AFFAIRS MR. WARREN CLARK ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 230 DR. WILLIAM CRAWFORD ASST. DEAN OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS PATRONS IFTB ' ' ' " SyIu. ' ' " ' ' ' l " " 232 SPONSORS 233 THE STAFF OF EL MOLARO 1970 AND THE STUDENTS OF THE U.S.C. DENTAL SCHOOL WISH TO EXPRESS THEIR DEEP APPRECIATION TO THE ADVERTISERS WHO ARE DISPLAYED IN THIS SECTION. WITHOUT THEIR HELP, THIS PUBLICATION WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE. 234 Bioblend® Teeth make any denture look more natural. Bone-like enamel. Wrap around translucency. Internally blended color. These are just a few of the esthetic refinements which distinguish Bioblend from all other artificial teeth. The result: Bioblend Teeth are now being used more often for complete dentures than any other teeth in the world. Any other! Available in porcelain or plastic. TRUBYTE Creator offint products for dentistry Denttply International, York, Pennsylvania 235 i I i O S Q. TO n (1) 3 " - O) • CO TO I B « E 5 |5 O n Q) .ii TO 3r TO D 3 a ■5 TO n ,.= o , P " E - c =- 3 OJ m • ' 2?£ ?! E C ) : o Q. o TO , o) 9 - o c - B " O Q. 0) 3 o E c P E TO. TOt joS-Slrm C -o O ,£ 03 » c X) 3 en ™ S E :i: Q.( ) O) OT TO 5 Q. (o , fLc Qf nd fDtl t ... Coastals ' Citation Medallion combination -truly a great pair, ready to provide star performances in your offices. The ultra-compact, 6 port, floating head Citation dental unit and the Medallion slim line, contoured, patient chair were designed to compliment each other perfectly, functionally and aesthetically. They belong together. Here ' s a system that is unexcelled in it ' s flexibility, efficiency and beauty. Here ' s comfort for both patient and doctor. Available in a broad range of decorator colors. Ask your dealer for detailed information on these and other com- patible Coastal products. COASTAL Dynamics Corporation 219 Rose Avenue, Venice, California 90291 237 META- PROSTHODONTIA (The art of reaching beyond the commonplace.) Congratulations. By compl eting your required course of training, you have qualified yourself for professional dentistry. Now you are ready to practice. As you direct your knowledge and skill toward your own patient problems, we hope you have embarked on an unceasing search for the better way. The Swissedent system of Extended Swiss Denture Service is a perfect example. As the culmination of years of international research and development. Extended Swiss Denture Service affords you the only practical, totally consistent method of providing your patients with full dentures featuring non-interceptive seating, balanced-occlusion stability and the most accurate physiologic characterizations known to man. Extended Swiss Denture Service is the modern approach to prosthetic dentistry. Simple. Certain. Universally recognized and acclaimed, it affords you the rewarding opportunity to begin your practice with the ultimate degree of professional satisfaction and service. Won ' t you take a moment to investigate the possibilities with your first denture cases? Contact: Swissedent Corporation, 345 W. Cerritos Ave., Glendale, California 91204. V. 238 32nd Street Market Hoover at 32nd St. Sam to 12pm daily 749 8626 8:30 am to 12 pm Sunday 749 - 8090 239 m ADVANCED PROSTHETICS Everything is new except our craftsmanship and expertise OUR NEW NAME BUTTRESS ASSOCIATES OUR NEW HOME 965 South Western Avenue OUR NEW LAYOUT OuT new quarters provide us with the additional space we have needed for some time. All systems from departmental layout to accounting procedures have been redesigned to deliver the best possible service and to maintain the highest standard of quality in our product. OLD AND RELIABLE The most Valuable element we bring to our new laboratory is our 33 years of maturity in crafts- manship. This ability enables us to produce the best in prosthetics, utilizing all of the latest techniques. BUTTRESS ASSOCIATES dental laboratory 965 So. Western Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 90006 Telephone (213) 737-3830 Serving Dentistry and Dental Colleges Since 1917 HEADQUARTERS FOR DENTAL MODELS AND BROWN PRECISION ATTACHMENTS 28-page Illustrated Catolog sent on request. COLUMBIA DENTOFORM CORPORATION 49 East 21 Street New York, N.Y. 10010 " T ie House of a Thousand Models " For lustrous, washable finish on stone or plaster models, use Columbia Model Gloss . . $3.20 per quart. 240 DENTEQCO P.O. Box 269 South Gate, Calif. 90280 m Hank You know Us We know You and what You may need for your dental practice CALL US: HANK ER JACK Jack 869-6389 NE 1-5932 ESTATE PLANNING a ni 1 B CORPORATE PLANNING PENSION PROFIT PLANNING g G. A. DONLON ASSOCIATES M.O.N.Y. LOS ANGELES 14547 TITUS AVE., VAN NUYS, SAN DIEGO CALIF. SAN FRANCISCO 781-5661 TUCSON 241 Insuranc0 jssii couns0lora Insurance Administrators since 1937 (or tne Southern KEELING COMPINT Caiitornia Dental Association 616 South Shatto Place Los Angeles, California 90005 (213) 388-1391 ? e appreciate youz U6e o( out aCCoy and mezcuz cap6uCe6 tkzou kout youz AckooCing ...we tzuAt tkU wiCC continue (oz mang eaz6 in youz pzactice ■: - Ij J ' aHii --- ARGENTUM ALLOYS for highly satisfactory long-lasting silver amalgam restorations . . . used by the most critical in your profession who demand the best! • Complement your skill with Hammond ' s Argentum Alloy • It mixes readily, is clean working, has the proper consistency for good packing, carves easily and smoothly to precision contouring, and takes and retains a high silver luster. • Used in dental schools for over thirty years • Guaranteed to meet U. S. Government and A.D.A. specifications HAMMOND DENTAL MANUFACTURING COMPANY Forty Years of Dental Alloy Service 4496 INDUSTRIAL ST., SANTA SUSANA, CALIF. 93063 i iwi.;«usji ' 242 ... IS THE MOST CRITICAL PERIOD of time when establishing a practice. You ' ve studied and sacrificed for four years. You ' ve learned a great deal and now you ' re a professional man. We ' ve been learning also. For the past 90 years we ' ve been gaming experience, training people, and developing services. Now we ' re both ready. Together we can form that combination so necessary to all successful enterprises— the combination of business acumen and professional training. P PATTERSON DENTAL CO. NATIONAL IN SCOPE I LOCAL IN SERVICE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE: EILEEN AND KENNETH T. NORRIS DENTAL SCIENCE CENTER SIRCAL, INC. Financial Assistance to: Junior Dental Students Senior Dental Students Advanced Dental Students Dentists Beginning Practice b p Seniors, Interns, Residents of California, Inc. One Wilshire Building Los Angeles, California 90017 624-1205 5.5.WHITE SS PEN4WU.T CORPORATION DENTAL HEALTH PRODUCTS 1138 WILSHIRE BOULEVARD. LOS ANGELES. CALIFORNIA 90017 (213) 482-0470 GOLD A selection of nine complete lines TEETH The finest and largest selection of teeth in Southern California. MERCHANDISE Over 20,000 items for your selection. EQUIPMENT All major brands to choose from and many other selected lines. OFFICE PLANNING Complete office planning service including: Locations, Financing, Architectural assistance. Contractors assistance. Interior decoration, and Technical assistance. Congratulations Class of 70 . . . Compliments of a friend. Have you always wondered what that line meant in a Yearbook? We did. We figured it out. When someone makes a very good hand instrument, he ' s your friend. If it ' s FERRIER or JEFFERY, he ' s saying that you have a connoisseur ' s taste in dental equipment, and that ' s a compliment. O. SUTER DENTAL MANUFACTURING COMPANY 632 Cedar Street Chico, California 95926 FORMED FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF THE SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY Qntuiy lub SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY DENTEQCO P.O. Box 269 South Gate, Calif. 90280 1 ■ 1 Hank You know Us We know You and what You may need for your dental practice CALL US: Jack HANK ER JACK 869-6389 NE 1-5932 245 SPONSORS CURIEL SIMPSON, INC. EASTERN DENTAL INSTRUMENT MANUFACTURING COMPANY ER-ROL DENTAL LABORATORY Specializing in crown bridge HARMOND DENTAL PRODUCTS CORPORATION THE 901 CLUB E. E. JOHNSON CO JOHNSON-OGLESBY MFG. CO., INC 246 SPONSORS McSHIRLEY PRODUCTS MISDOM-FRANK CORPORATION ORANGE LEONARD O ' ROURKE DIAMOND CO SHAW DENTAL SUPPLY CO SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA DENTAL LABORATORY ASSOCIATION VIADE PLASTICS 247 SUPPORTERS EL MOLARO 1970 would like to express its appreciation to the following indi- viduals and groups who, as supporters of this publication, helped to finance this undertaking. The following people include Century Club members, faculty and staff of the U.S.C. School of Dentistry, alumni of the U.S.C School of Dentistry, as well as interested friends. Bruce K. Adams, D.D.S. R. H, Alexander, D.D.S. Ralph B. Allman, Jr., D.D.S., M.S. Dr. Samuel E. Allerton Robert G. Andrews, D.D.S.. Alvin L. Armer, D.D.S. Charles B. Armstrong, D.D.S. Paul J. Arnerich, D.D.S. Wm. F. Arnett, D.D.S. Dr. A. M. Ashman Dr. Robert Avakian Frederick V. Ayres, D.D.S. Dee V. Anderson, D.D.S. Jack H. Anderson, D.D.S. Glenn A. Baker, D.D.S. Donald W. Barker, D.D.S. Wilson B. Baugh, D.D.S. Dr. D. C. Beckman Jackie Behrens Robert V. Bellin, D.D.S. Bert J. Bengston, D.D.S. Herbert I. Benn, D.D.S. Dr. John L. Besser Norman Beyer, D.D.S. Leon D. Birnberg, D.D.S. Dr. Frank C. Blair, Jr. James H. Bletcher, D.D.S. Roger Bloch, D.D.S. Edward P. Boiler Gerald E. Booth, D.D.S. Dr. Gerald H. Borden Leo Braun, D.D.S. Dr. Michael Braun Maurice Edward Bristow, D.D.S. Katherine J. Britton Dr. Warren G. Brown 248 H, W. Bull, D.D.S. Orlan K. Bullard, D.D.S. Paul E. Burkhalter, D.D.S. John A. Bussing, D.D.S. JayS. Bush, D.D.S. California College of Dental Training Howard H. Chernow, D.D.S. Nickolas T. Chester, D.D.S. Dr. Rulon C. Clark George L. Clarke, D.D.S. Jack F. Conley, D.D.S. Dr. Harvey H. Cooperman Cornelius Dental Laboratory Dr. W. H. Crawford Custom Dental Laboratories, Inc. William E. Dahlberg, D.D.S. Dr. Milton D. Daniels Robert C. Davies, D.D.S. Lewis L. Davis, D.D.S. R. Morley Davis, D.D.S. Sherwin N. Davidson, D.D.S. Lon Denison, D.D.S. Dental Laboratory Group Joseph P. Desimone, D.D.S. Donald M. Dinsmoor, D.D.S. Joseph S. Dossen, D.D.S. C. O. Dummett, D.D.S. Paul Ehrlich, D.D.S. Wm. Charles Eichner, D.D.S. Louis W. Einzig Dr. Stewart Everson John Faia, Jr., D.D.S. Bernard H. Falibion, D.D.S. John W. Faris, Jr. Dr. Louis AA. Feldman Philip Ferrara, D.D.S. Dr. William Z. Finke Knud Flygenring, D.D.S. Richard K. Frampton, D.D.S. Alfred L. Frank, D.D.S. Williams. Frank, D.D.S. Dr. Robert Franks Ronald A. French, D.D.S. Sidneys. Frieden, D.D.S. Nathan Friedman, D.D.S. Dr. Roy A. Fetterman Clarence K. Fong, D.D.S. Dr. Edward F. Furstman 249 Bernard R. Gavron, D.D.S. Kenneth L. Gaynes, D.D.S. Donald L. Gilmer Morris B. Gluck, D.D.S. Abraham M. B. Goldstein, M.D., Assoc. Prof. LeGrand H. Goodsell, D.D.S. Donald E. Gordon, D.D.S. Dr. Robert V. Gregg John N. Groper, D.D.S. Charles S. Gray, D.D.S. George H. Gray, D.D.S. Dr. Leo Grudin Richard N. Gubler Guggenheim Bros. Dental Supply Co. Edwin W. Halvorson, D.D.S. J. C. Almy Harding Garwin L. Harris, D.D.S. Harvey Dental Specialty Company Richard E. Haymond, D.D.S. Dr. Meredith J. Hendricks Louis A. Herbers, D.D.S. George J. Higue Harold E. Hill Larry B. Hill, D.D.S. Ken Hiroshige Melvin K. Hoffman, D.D.S. (In Memory of) John B. Hopkins, D.D.S. Ernests. Horany, D.D.S. Robert E. Horseman, D.D.S. Dr. G. P. Hosterman Walter B. Hunter, D.D.S. Robert E. Huntington, D.D.S. John I. Ingle Sterling B. Iverson, D.D.S. Dr. Donald J. James R. H. Jessup, D.D.S. George S. Johnson, D.D.S. Sid Josoph, D.D.S. Juliette R. Kohl (Julie ' s Inc.) Richard L. Kahn Dr. Frank Kaiser Laurence B. Kaplan, D.D.S. Dr. Alex W. Kalionzes William M. Koto, D.D.S. Lawrence L. Kaylor, D.D.S. John Kennedy, D.D.S. James P. Kenney, D.D.S. Iru Klugman (Litton Dental Supply) 250 Dr. Joe F. Kobara Katsumi Kometani Alex Koper, D.D.S. Donald W. Kraus, D.D.S. Dr. Jakashi Kumamoto Richard T. Kumashiro Dr. S. R. Kunkel C. Elwood Laine, D.D.S. Dr. Mrs. Allan P. Lamont Sylvan Lande William Lande, D.D.S. Carl C. Lau, D.D.S. James F. Lawson, C.D.T. Dr. Bruce Lensch Bernard Levin Edward K. Lew JackC. Longley, D.D.S. Los Angeles Dental Supply Co. Henry Lurie Dental Ceramic Studio Robert E. Lusby, D.D.S. William D. Luthy, D.D.S. Lynd Dental Lab. Donald G. MocQueen, D.D.S. Yoshimi AAaeda Ronald P. AAalouf Wells F.Martell, D.D.S. Michael M. Martin, D.D.S. Theodore S. Martin, D.D.S. Calvin R. Maxwell, C.D.T. Theodore R. McNeer, D.D.S. Jack N. Megerdichian, D.D.S. Gerald R. Mells, D.D.S. Dr. Lee Metcalf John W.Miller, D.D.S. H. Chester Moore Peter J. Montemarano, D.D.S. Dr. Jay Montgomery Robert A. Shuken, D.D.S.) Seymour Morrow, D.D.S.) H. E.Moses, D.D.S. William G. Motley, D.D.S. Joseph A. Mozer, D.D.S. Edward N. Murachanian, D.D.S. George A. Murrell, D.D.S. Charles I. Nedelman, D.D.S. Charles F. Nelson, Jr. Floyd N. Newton, D.D.S., M.A. Kenro Nishimine, D.D.S. 25] G. Stanley Norton, B.S., D.D.S. " Old Grey Eagle " U.S.C. Dept. of Graduate Orthodontics R. L. Van Osdel, D.D.S. Thomas J. Pallasch, D.D.S., M.S. Harvey D. Parrott, D.D.S. Cassius E. Paul, D.D.S. SanfordW. Paul, D.D.S. John A. Perrodin, D.D.S. William Adolph Peschett, D.D.S. Waiter L. Phillips, D.D.S. Charles L. Pincus, D.D.S. Richard Polachek, D.D.S. David Powell, D.D.S. Dr. Pablo P. Prietto Dr. Reed A. Quesnell Harry Quint, Jr., D.D.S. Ruth H. Ragland L. W. Reeve, D.AA.D. Robert L. Reeves, D.D.S. Carl E. Rieder, D.D.S. John W. Rice Dr. Robert E. Reed Resnick Dental Laboratory Dean R. Reynolds, D.D.S., M.S. Dr. V. William Riedel Dr. James A. Rizzo Lawrence Rizzo, D.D.S. Carl A. Rolin, D.D.S. Terrell L. Root, D.D.S. Jack S. Rounds Edwin J. Ropes, D.D.S. R. Quentin Royer, D.D.S. Irving Rubel, D.D.S. Francis A. Ruh, D.D.S. Robert Rutherford Allan L. Sander, D.D.S. Hugo V.Schmidt, D.D.S. I. Cecil Schneider John M. Shanley, D.D.S. Ward B. Skinner, D.D.S. Dr. Martin D. Smith Preston Smith, D.D.S. Kihoshi Sonoda, D.D.S. Ronald C. Sommerfield, D.D.S. John D. Soule Southern California Dental Lab. Assn. William G. Sparks, D.D.S. 252 Lawrence A. Spaulding Harvey AA. Spears, D.D.S., M.D. S. Sigmund Stahl Robert T. Stewart, D.D.S. Herbert Stroschein, D.D.S. Dr. Charles E. Stuart William H. Struve, D.D.S. Dr. Gus Swab Terry T. Tanaka, D.D.S. T. E.Tate, D.D.S. R. James Teal Phillip J. Tennis, D.D.S. Roy C.Thomas, D.D.S. R. L. Thompson, D.D.S. Robert R. Thompson, D.D.S. Aaron G. Todd, Jr. Richard K. Toguchi, Jr., D.D.S. William Utiey, D.D.S. Valley Dental Supply Dr. A. J. Vance James D. Vander Heide, D.D.S. Robert V.Walker, D.D.S. Dr. AArs. Robert C. Wallin John G.Walters, D.D.S. Lawrence J. Warner, D.D.S. Ralph Waugh, D.D.S., M.D. Dr. F. Glade Wall Herbert A. Wasserman, D.D.S. Jack A. Weichman, D.D.S.) James D. Zidell, D.D.S.) N. Weisser, D.D.S. Leon Weissman, D.D.S. Robert W.Weldon, D.D.S. Bob Gloria West JohnO. Whitaker, D.D.S. Vera R. Wiesley Dr. Mrs. Kenneth E. Williams Wilshire Dental Laboratory W illard B.Wilson, D.D.S. Leslie A. Wingfield Dr. Allen K.Wong Dr. Andrew King Wong John King Wong, D.D.S. Jack H. Wooding, D.D.S. Charles M. Woodward, D.D.S. Robert L. Vessey, D.D.S. Claude L. Yeoman RoyT. Yanase, D.D.S. Daniel R. Young, D.M.D. Dr. Ronald J. Zamarin Dr. Mrs. C. Frank Zavala T. E. Zundel, D.D.S. 253 EL MOLARO STAFF Editor: Gerald L. Chapman Assistant Editors: Jack Moses Jim Eckhart John Faris Business Manager: Calvin Lau Senior Class: Jack Moses Junior Class: Steve Hook Sophomore Class: Bruce Jones Freshman Class: Bob Girardi Senior D.H.: Cheri Murrcll Junior D.H.: Marsha Nebelsick Photographers: John Faris Paul Johnson Stan Farnum Steve Fisher Bob Girardi Jim Shenberg Marsha Nebelsick Cheri Murrell Gary Found Eric Takata Advisors: Dr. Levin Miss Isabel Boland 254 255 256 I

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