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mwmm of southed ummw SCHOOL OF OE IISm FORWARD . . . Located in an ideal climate, the University of Southern California is situated within a stone ' s throw of snow-capped mountains and balmy deserts in the winter and a re- freshing surf and mile-high recreation areas in the summer. It is no wonder that South- ern California is one of the greatest expanding areas in the United States, and it is the use School of Dentistry which stands out as a leader in the field of fine Dentistr) . We invite you to be our guest as we take a bird ' s eye view of this institution . . . its fine administration, student government, modern facilities, students and extra-cur- ricular activities. We gain a much better working knowledge of Dentistry by actually doing it rather than just theorizing about it. Therefore, we shall go in quest of knowledge as we con- duct our tour thru . . . Pre-Medication . . . Anesthesia . . . Preparation . . . and Final Check. IN MEMORIAM. . . I DR. FRED KLINE 1869-1953 Dr. Kline started his long and fruitful career in Hamilton, Ohio on the 23rd of No- vember, 1869. He obtained his M.D. degree from the University of Cincinnati in 1891 and went on to get an A.B. degree in the Ministry at Hiram College in 1899. After marrying in 1901, he spent much of his time teaching as well as acting as a Medical Missionary in foreign lands. In 1941, striving to help others with his knowl- edge. Dr. Kline accepted a position at the U S C Dental School as an anatomy in- structor. The time he spent at our school will long be remembered by all those who knew him and his endless patience and tireless efforts toward a better understanding of Anatomy. We will never forget how simply he could explain the complex and intri- cate mechanism of the brain and CNS. . . and how he would proudly show that he could still kick higher than his head. Dr. Kline retired from S C in 1952 — still an active and ardent student as well as educator. His death in 1953 leaves us with a bright spot in our memory- — -when his eyes welled up with appreciation the day he was presented with the engraved gold watch and a standing ovation from our class. Here was a man who never lost that human touch and who is still extending a helping hand. THE BEAN My congratulations to the members of the graduating class of 1955. June of 1955 has brought to you the objective toward which you have exerted your energies for the past four years, the right and the privilege to practice Dentistry, a profession regarded in high esteem in the field of health service. It is a distinct privilege to be a professional person, to contribute to the health of the community in which you will practice. In every activity of your existence there will be penalties and rewards but professional life holds more promise in its possi- bilities for happiness than can be gained in any other pursuit. The dentist of today has in his keeping a treasure house of opportunity on which he may draw for satisfaction and solace. Concurrent with these privileges you have the responsibilities of serving your patients to the best of your ability and being a good citizen. Only in this fulfillment can you compensate for the efforts which have been expended by your faculty to make a dentist of you. Your professional home is U.S.C. We sincerely hope that you will make a point of visiting that home on frequent occasions. QX iUMcu R. W. McNulty OFFICERS CLASS OF ' 55 kr ' 1 -4T€mool STUDEST BODY i REXY SENIOR YEAR PRESIDENT: DANNY MEREDITH VICE PRESIDENT: JOHN GORRIE SECRETARY: WELDON CRONKITE JUNIOR YEAR PRESIDENT: ERNEST HORANY VICE PRESIDENT: GENE CAVADINI SECRETARY: GEORGE VANDRUFF S0PH03M0RE YEAR PRESIDENT: DOUGLAS SMITH VICE PRESIDENT: BILL MOLLE SECRETARY: RICHARD SAMUELSON FRESHMAN YEAR PRESIDENT: BOB BURNETT VICE PRESIDENT: DON COUCH SECRETARY: EUGENE OLSON GOD CREATED THE TIMELESS SANDS WHICH ARE EVER CHANGING UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF GENTLE WINDS WHICH PUSH THEM ON AND ON — WE LIKEN OURSELVES TO THE CLOUDS WHICH ARE EVER MOLDED INTO NEW FORMS AND FIGURES IN OUR EVOLUTION THRU KNOWLEDGE TO A HIGHER CONCEPTION OF THE HEALING ARTS — Through the courtesy of ARIZONA HIGHWAYS -■ i r BMB i N twi ' »Jjiiiiiii " i ' " ' ' ' i ' ' ' ' ' - ' ' V -A V • pRe- MEOICATION t XMAS PARTY. . . 1951 J BRASS J Goody, Look what I found ' Do ovah! Peace and quiet " Who cut this prep? " ' You cahve fish? " Lunch Scabs It t « !1 The head bone is connected to the neck bone 7 i ANESTHESIA i IV t3 f LUAU TIME 19th HOLE PRePi Rf ' ° I W a» ' - At Hl B B 1 1 ' ' 1 1 m ' 1 i " i ■ " B «_ ■Bl l3 J ,4. B H ■ L ■ ■ ■ IM 1 TT ■ - ■ ii ■ hi 1 1 ■1 W ■ ■ J " n a s M ■ 41 " 1 1 B : hll M M ry.v 3r H ■ B 1 1 ■ B B ■ ■ ' M 1 II ■ B fl ■ B ■ B ' ■ m m B ■ " r « B ■ ■ w Iw u . 1 V7 ■BB if 1 1 1 " zjflrjr: TO T r 1 1 1 ■ ■ B " 1 " Mill t A R p E r T E R B . B H fr ri. f7 " v O 1 1 1 LI 1 1 n CVJ 1 t!- . ■ ' ■ ' ' i+r B ' ■■ ' Ill 1 1 w i B ■ 7o ' • " - 1 1 1 1 1 ' 7V ■ . BHH ' ' ' ' 7r Q. 1 M 1 ■ ti - ■ - ■ n ■ L " 1 1 H ' B B 9-) I — P ° LLL B B ■9 1 1 1 B .p jmm. ■LJ " 1 1 ■ " 1 ACROSS 1. " PLAIN PIPE RACKS " 4. RHYMES WITH SKUTTLE 7. ZIP MANAGER 9. POOR MAN ' S CULBERTSON 11. NORMA ' S BOY 13. DIVER 14. BABE 15. FRENCHMAN 17. HOT ROD 18. " BONE " 21. GOLDEN ONE 22. WHO ' S WHO 26. 88 27. BURN ' EM UP BARNES 28. JOSHUA TREE 30. ILLINI 31. RHYMES WITH SOUSE 32. POLITE 34. ROUNDY 37. SMOOTH TOOL 38. SNOW SHOES 41. ARGO 44. LET GEORGE DO IT 47. SAILOR 48. WESTWOOD " WET BACK " 50. LONG JOHN 51. SECRETARY 52. SELLZ TWIN 53. SAN DIEGO KID 54. S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A. 55. SNUFFY 58. OH HENRY 60. BIG LOU 61. SAUERBRAUTEN 63. LESS HOME 64. ALOHA! 66. WILMINGTON FLASH 67. CARTOONIST 71. IRISH PAISANO 72. MILK BOTTLE INSPECTOR 73. LOVER 74. STAN GETZ 76. POTATO PICKER 78. P-51 JOCKEY 79. FORTUNATE PIERRE 81. BOOGIE 82. YOU ALL 84. JR. VEEP 85. TRANSISTOR 86. GUITARIST 87. MacARTHUR ' S MAN 89. " SWEET ANTOINETTE " 90. SOAPY 91. MAN IN THE RED SUIT 92. MOOCHER 93. " NO TICKEE NO LAUNDRY ' 94. DELT PRESIDENT 95. DYNAMITE DOWN 1. HOT DOG 2. ATWATER 3. REX ' S MAN 4. 2000 LBS. 5. WHAD ' JA GET? 6. ELBOWS 8. MOD 10. HARDWARES 12. MORTICIAN ' S HELPER 16. 2 TONS 18. BROOKLYN 20. PHILOSOPHER 23. " BE-GOONIGER " 24. SKELETON 25. ONE TON 28. PRO FOOTBALL EXPERT 29. BORDER BUM 32. " CARNIE " ORGANIZER 33. DEACON 35. BRUIN 39. A.T.E. PREXY 40. SMILES 42. FREEZE 43. COFFEE HEAD A5. LAB TECH. 46. OWL 49. SILENT MAN 52. " THE MONSTER " 56. GEORGIA PEACH 57. CONSTANT HANGOVER 58. PAISANO 59. BARRISTER 61. HAPPILY 62. EXACTA 63. MUSIC MAKER 65. POTATO PICKER 67. BLOOD AND GUTS 68. " EL TROJAN " 69. JERRY LEWIS 70. 6 BEERS 75. BLOODY 77. NAILS 80. HAWAIIAN BLOCK BUSTER 83. UNITS 88. CHOP STICKS JOE PRoPfE craDEIi " ' I ' ll do it, but I don ' t believe it. " " N.U.G. has nothing to do with the hair line. . ' s f W N Here comes a lecture on the Gizzy simplex " I ' m just here to help you boys. " ' See Dr. Lott on that. " .oS Uoo bammef head i dorrf have i ioogli Ujeri+ -fo School . . . ( °J1V ' (jJolWrux Man of Distinction " APpoiiNi imENT - Dehtuee j Cooo oenTisTpy 1 — " You ' ve got what? " " Why all the fuss? " v - v ' r " We want to find out about the candy bugs. K The Crew TSeao-l-T -Vc h r n e on 4h ' s. denjove FuUs+rap (jdSsuru See f H Vi aue +W-.6 -Riah-1-.. . fl y oo fA ' ix t-ori oroond +W£ nu + Hrojoj P h_3 o RKa o) Oh, you! Look! This horse needs a Class III foil! Whod ' ja say, Rex? don ' f like -f ua mean — uou oi I 5 (jy ' S ana Fancy Dan in action " Old editors don ' t die . . . " He just told Rex that Foils leak 3we. " P -•- h a-t- r r- - an rsiMUPXr) ■a Foil o " - AXvj " ' ' Those crazy coffee breaks! U) " JSj« Grin and Uarre+ t r«. - n C) 1. TvAiNV. T ie ej?H »t Ve O TOO LOt JQ ' ' n So you went to the golf tournament? We laugh even if it isn ' t funny 1 I She ' s a peach. Are th ey in there again? Stampede at noon I Wr ' m Those double clinic lunches Big dealers from Vegas " I don ' t want buck teeth. ' Whad ' ya mean I can ' t open? ' Gee, did I give him NPC or Tri-Chlor-Acetic . . . ? Teh! Teh! Teh! O-o-oh that was a lousy lecture! 3B I SB B El C3 D □ n mBSSBDmn qq msmamaa □„„„„ Last ditch stand with Frank " I can ' t find that receipt. " — ' y RT o For toopi - TKp I e lec-|-ioP oa seJ by oP io ' -« ' - " ?TPess oSJ -Hie - » ' TVvf U t OF - - " I ' ll tell ya what I ' m gonna do. that ' s all you guys AS THE STILL WATERS REFLECT THE LOFTIEST HEAVENS, SO THE FRUITS OF OUR EDUCATION SHOULD REFLECT THE HIGHEST IDEALS OF THE PROFESSION . . . Through the courtesy of ARIZONA HIGHWAYS kM i ' -I ' ' Sv ' m v i - JK — ■■• ' . ' y ' . ' ' !!i ' , ' i y ' «» ' S cwecK - OUT FRED LEE ADELSON, B. A. Cleveland, Ohio San Diego State DELTA SIGMA DELTA ALPHA TAU OMEGA LAMBDA DELTA DELTA BLUE KEY Fred spent most of every semester trying to stay in good graces with his girl friend, Gloria, in San Diego, and with only two weeks remaining in each semester, managed (only God and Amodei know how) to complete his work and come through smelling like a rose. Being very practical minded, he can occasionally be seen sitting in a dental chair at the clinic cleaning his own teeth while looking in his mouth mirror. He carries this same ' intestinal fortitude ' over to the Delt house where he is house manager and to Blue Key where he served as president. For his leadership ability, Fred was the only dental student to be selected in " College Who ' s Who of 1954. " At present (if Uncle Sam doesn ' t take him), Fred plans to associate in San Diego. ANDREW E. AMODEI, B. S. Monterey Park, Calif. Pasadena C. C, U S C PSI OMEGA, ALPHA TAU EPSILON Andrew " M.O.D. " Amodei was born and went through high school in Providence, Rhode Island. Two years as an army cook preceded his pre- dental work. This experience accounts, no doubt, for his " money belt. " Andy ' s unyielding attention to detail, combined with his ability will hold him in good stead as a dentist. As a freshman Andy won A.T.E. honors for his technique superiority. Good luck to another paisano in all of your efforts. E. THOMAS ANDERSON Twin Falls, Idaho Idaho State College, Long Beach City College Compton College The Ex potato picker from Idaho, came to dentistry by way of the Navy and aircraft industry. Beginning at Lockheed as an aircraft mechanic he enlisted in the Navy where he served during the late unpleasantness and aboard several aircraft carriers as an aviation machinist mate. After the war he returned to the aircraft industry where he worked on secret guided missels for Northrop while he was taking his predental. E. T. as he is known to all of us is a quiet easy going guy who gets the work done without any muss or fuss, but a nicer guy we could not find and he will be a credit to dentistry wherever he goes to practice. E. T. became interested in dentistry when after the war he worked as a lob technician. -ire ' Wappy r Fe ' -i Happy I lomtwT A. STEPHEN BALENT Sun Valley, California Los Angeles C C XI PS! PHI, TAU ALPHA EPSILON The greying dad of the class was born near Pittsburgh, Penn. and finished high school in 1930 at the dawn of the " Great Depression. " With no job nor school, he " hoboed " a couple of years before joining the Pineapple Airforce to get his three squares a day. Steve spent the war as an aircraft service representative or feather merchant in the U. S., Greenland, Iceland and Scotland (where he met his wife, Euphemia) . Now they have two little bundles of heather, Stefan and Stephanie ( that figures) . He is best known for his corny jokes and per- sistent questions in class. Steve says that he will probably go into dentistry after graduation. THOMAS BAN Los Angeles use ALPHA OMEGA Tom is a boy who loves his card games and considers himself an A-1 penny logger between classes. He is a very good golfer and finds time to play a few holes when he can. An accomplished guitar player, he is always willing to give a couple of solos at a party if coaxed, and if not coaxed, will do so anyway. Despite all of these extra-curricular attributes, he is a good student and is always willing to help a friend in need. Tom specialized in three-quarter crown foils on ower bicuspids. On three foils he specializes in over condensing incisal margins. After a whirlwind courtship in his Junior year, Tom married his lovely wife, Gilda, during the summer of 1 954. Tom ' s future plans include a two year tour with the Navy. He will practice in the Southland upon parole. Nj«- r- VA ce o or r 4Vw ■fevjJTTeC. RICHARD 3AUER, B. S. Glendale, California Glendale C. C, University of Oregon DELTA SIGMA DELTA, SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON, ALPHA TAU EPSILON Affectionately known as " Slimy, " Dick evolved a sensational idea in his freshman year. Halfway through the year he said " somebody " stole his wax teeth carvings. Everyone felt sorry for him so each of his friends carved a tooth for him while he " scabbed " on his bridge. Very clever! Dick calls Glendale home where he harbors his wife Marilyn and son Rickey, Jr. They say that he got into ATE because he could pack more foil into the distal of a cuspid than anyone else in the class (24 grains yet!). Dick served as president of said organization quite ably and after graduation, like any true blue American youth, plans to sail away and fight our country ' s battles. RICHARD V. BENNETT La Jolla, Calif. San Diego State PS! OMEGA Dick, who apparently works on a forty hour day, has financed his education by being a one- man commercial lab and one he can be justly proud of. Some who have seen the ease and speed with which he handles this sort of work believe he was born on a lab bench. Dick also finds time to hunt, fish, and swim. He is an expert at all three and enjoys them with his lovely wife, Lorraine. Dick ' s skill and speed have made him one of our finest operators. His personality and ability will no doubt put him in good standing wherever he chooses to locate. ROBERT BERCU Denver, Colorado University of Utah, U S C ALPHA TAU EPSILON This ex-captain of the Army Air Corp thought there must be something in life as thrilling as flying so he chose Dentistry. (Don ' t get him started on his War Stories.) Thinking that USC would be a good place to hide out from all the girls who were chasing him, this mature, dapper dandy enrolled. Bob has nearly as many angles as Bill Molle — and loves to work in crown and bridge cause he and Dr. Avak are drinking buddies. He ought to do well in Dentistry because he is an excellent stu- dent (ATE), sharp operator, and with his gift of gab will be a shining star in the firmament of Dentistry. H. LYNN BROWN Los Angeles use PSI OMEGA, LAMBDA DELTA SIGMA The solid, quiet, middle-of-the-road citizen, Lynn slowly but surely pushed his way thru our school. Seldom was a nasty word spoken in the flatiron building, but what Lynn would admonish, " What a raunch! " A staunch Mormon, Lynn ' s honesty and good nature were always respected by his more raucous classmates. The " Deacon " tag materialized in our junior year, when Lynn began arbitrating close calls among the local society of penny pitchers. Before long he succumbed to the sport and excitement of it all, and began throwing his own " coppers. " If ever you want to see stars in his eyes, just ask him about Arlene, his wife, and their three children. He is justly proud of his family. In all seriousness, Lynn will unquestionably be a fine credit to his profession and a reflection of all the good things in a man. GENE BUBIEN Kenosha, Wisconsin UCLA PSI OMEGA, THETA DELTA CHI Four years ago, waiting in line to pick up our equipment, we heard a dull rumble coming up the stairs behind us — " Here comes an introvert, " was the consensus of opinion — as Gene hove info view. Butch haircut — Balboa Blues — Saddle shoes: Sowed off — broad shouldered — loud mouthed — bookie — that ' s Bruin Bubien. Encased in that vibrant little frame is a heart as big as his voice. He is always willing to lend a hand. The only guy to graduate without doing any scabbing, too. Summers and Co. will be ably assisted by this mighty midget as he desires to make Pedo his life ' s work. P- S. — Secret Ambition — To be Dean of the UCLA Dental School after he and Mac have raised a dozen little Bubiens. ROBERT F. BURNETT, JR. Glendale, Calif. Glendale C. C. PSI OMEGA, ALPHA TAU EPSILON The personality kid was a born politico. Bob was elected to three presidential offices: freshman class, student body, and fraternity and carried out all duties with assurance and purpose. His early experiences as a dental technician made Bob a marked man in those bloody first two years. He all but carried half the class thru the prosthetics lab with Meredith tugging away at the other half. We all thank you again. Bob, for your efforts to unravel those first mysteries of dentistry. His lovely wife, Timmie, presented him with a son toward the end of our Junior year. A prouder father and more devoted husband cannot be found, but those bleary eyes at the time showed the strain of parenthood. JERRY MIKE BURNS Carlsbad, New Mexico use XI PSI PHI, PHI KAPPA TAU Mike " El Trojan " Burns, a twin, hails from the land down under (Carlsbad, that is). He entered the Air Force and after touring the South Pacific, ended his flash military career as a West Point Plebe. He rocked the Pecos Valley world by enter- ing use in ' 47 and Mike ' s been here ever since. While making like Joe College, he ' s been active in his social fraternity, Trojan Knights and Squires, Rally and Homecoming Committees, and the Zips. Jimmie, his high school flame has blessed him with a bundle of joy for each of his dental school years. They are Marti, Jaime and Leslie. If he can dodge his creditors, he hopes to practice in Southern California or else go back in chains to the Land of Enchantment. TOM CANNON Sadorus, Illinois Pepperdine, U S C PS! OMEGA After a 4 72 year hitch in the Medical Corps, and pre-dent, Tom entered dental school. He could always be depended upon to give a helping hand. An expert on casting inlays invested in chalk and a real terror at the technique building, he also managed to crack the facing of his bridge the day before it was due. Rumor has it that Tom was responsible for the flaming paper plane during one of Dr. Seoul ' s " Mickey Mouse " lectures. This caper precipitated a reign of terror resulting in the forced vacation of his sophomore class. His wife, Gertie, and daughter, Marilyn, have good cause to claim him as " their man, " since Tom will no doubt be very successful in practice out Lynwood way. DALE CARPENTER Alhambra UCLA, Pasadena City College Dale is a Native Californian; born in South Pasadena, reared in San Gabriel, educated at Pasadena City College, UCLA, and known as " Lucky Thirteen " in dental school. He may be thought of as " The Quiet Man, " reserved and sel- lective in his speech. But get him unwound some- time! His dry humor is unpredictable, but thoroughly enjoyable. He likes yachting, motorcycling, and sports cars. For a hobby he sings in a barber shop quartet, and is a member in good standing of the S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A. He also designs and makes custom jewelry. All in all, he is a talented artist in his own right, has a flare for clean but adventurous living, and is a fellow one can be proud to call his friend. PHILIP EUGENE CAVADINI, B. S. Burbank, California Glendale C. C, U S C XI PSI PHI Off of the Burbank slopes there came to USC a gifted fellow, known to his classmates as " Scaba- dini, " who was always willing to stop whatever he was doing to throw a monkey wrench into some- body elses work. This likable guy was elected by his classmates as vice-president of the Junior class and also by his fraternity brothers as vice-president. In the summer of his senior year Gene married a DH by the name of Janet (Keith Tuttle ' s sister). After a couple of years in the Navy, he plans to associate in Burbank. With all of his ability there is no doubt that " Geno " will go far in Dentistry. 5 DAVID CHAMBERLAIN Orange Cove, California Reedley J. C, Fresno State College XI PSI PHI, SIGMA NU A country boy who made good! This exemplifies our good friend and colleague, Dave. After settling down to big city life, dentistry is fortunate in getting a neophyte of Dave ' s caliber . . . conscientious, hard working and Hyper. Dave has had to work at odd jobs during his stay at Molar Tech, but that hasn ' t stopped him from being active as " House Mouse " at the Zip house. He ' s an avid supporter of all social and sports events (this takes very little provocation). Dove plans to practice close to his home near Fresno and at this stage of the game is still a frisky young bachelor. Here is a guy that should go a long way. RALPH LAVERN CHRISTENSEN La Mesa, Calif. San Diego State College XI PSI PHI Another exponent of the wild blue yonder and known to his classmates as " Chris, " this likable fellow has spent a most adventurous four years at the SC " Molar Mill. " After encounters with lost wax teeth, dropped Freshman bridges. Biochemistry, and finally Perio bouts with Dr. Reeves, " Cold Steel and Sun Light " Christensen has decided that oral surgery is his field. Along with his natural ability in Dentistry, Chris is blessed (?) with that wonderful knack commonly known as " Boogy-talk. " He really has something to talk about now that he pulled the rug out from under Rex and Cobalt Charlie ' s cavity sterilizing " technic. " We ' re all certain of his success in Dentistry. V ROBERT CHRISTENSEN San Bernardino, Calif. SAN BERNARDINO VALLEY COLLEGE West Virginia Wesleyan PSI OMEGA " Stone Face " Christensen readily admits being one of the most disgusted members of our select group. Bob can be found crying in his beer along with the rest of his cohorts at the " 901. " Always a pidgeon for a card game, he likes nothing better than to bait Horany or Dahlberg into a phoney six no-trump bid. During football season, Bob ' s " Yellow Monster " can be seen hazily thru a cloud of oil fumes roaring towards the coliseum for a pro-football game. Bob is sure that Endodontic is not his fort e and is entertaining the idea of a Naval career to get away from this " Veil of Tears. " ELMER K. CHU Kaunakakai, Molokai, Hawaii use Elmer was the original Hawaiian block-buster when he entered our institution four years ago. But carrying those fly-weight operative cases up and down the stairs at the clinic has trimmed Elmer down to a neat 180 lbs. so that by the time Elmer gets through at this place, he won ' t even be recognized by those hula dancers who are waiting for him with open arms. Elmer has really been a solid mainstay of our class for the past four years. His even disposition and genuine interest has been an inspiration to many of us. It is easy to see that he is a lad who is going to be a credit to our profession when he gets loose. So good luck, Elmer. It has been great having you with us. (JLXi Warno DONALD R. COUCH North Hollywood, Calif. Los Angeles C. C, Los Angeles State PSI OMEGA The Brown Bear was gifted with a pair of hands incapable of roiling a snowball, but with the uncanny ability to produce beautiful results. As a freshman, Don was elected vice president. His masterful direction of the Xmas play produced a " hit " long to be remembered. Socially well adjusted is the consensus of opinion. The cry of: Why can ' t I have Martinis — by fire light — on a bearskin rug — and the Romeo and Juliet Overture for Mood music? The answer is — who ' s house manager around here, anyway? Don ' s future plans include Ortho school, a trip to Europe, then dentistry. We who have associated with Don know that this North Hollywood lad will have little difficultly attaining his desired goals. WELDON O. CRONKITE Long Beach, Calif. Long Beach C C XI PSI PHI This tall gangly Oklahoma transplant is only one of the many ex-flyboys in our midst. Bud was in the " heavies " and a charter member of the " 901 " Club we have often heard him defend the honor of the boys in the " heavies " down to the last glass. " Cronk " is the only guy in our class who has six extra weeks in Surgery, which proves that he knows what he wants. Bud has been pulled thru school by his wonder- ful wife, Virginia. Of course, he has occasionally had an eight year old chair assistant named Mike. In addition, they have a fourth mouth to feed by the name of Chad. Good Luck, Bud. yo„ -3 ..U as ui , JOHN P. DAHLBERG Seattle, Washington use PSI OMEGA Jack (alias Fast Jack) was born in Seattle, Washington; explaining the webs between his toes. Jack migrated with a flock of ducks to Southern California and got his wings clipped by a " Joe Dandy " as he flew past 16th and Los Angeles Streets. Jack, attended University High and S.C. for his pre-dental, where " Fast Jack " completed the pro- gram in a record time of three years. In dental school " Fast Jack " took to dentistry and the diamond technic like a fish to water. He set the pace for the class in our first two years. At the end of the sophomore year Jack took his marriage vows with Mary Louise. Now after two years of marriage and the clinic he is still gaining in his ability to make a success out of his profession and life. EDWARD DEEB, B. A., M. A. Burbank, California UCLA, University of Oregon XI PSI PHI, DELTA CHI Ed was born in Lebanon under the cedars in 1 927. He migrated to the USA at the age of eleven. He first tried to enter via Cuba, but the motor launch broke down. His second attempt was more successful entering by way of Italy, France and thru Ellis Island. The Deeb family settled in Ken- tucky and remained there for seven years. Ed came to California in ' 45 and received his BA from UCLA and an MA in Psychology from the University of Oregon. He then decide to take up dentistry after spending one year in a counseling clinic. " Points " Ed has been high man in the amount of work since he began at the clinic. He has written articles on psychology as it applies to dentistry and will add much to our profession in the future. DAVID EDMONSON Ventura, Calif. Ventura College, Univ. of Calif. DELTA SIGMA DELTA, DELTA TAU DELTA The big southpaw from Ventura suffers from an acute facial erythema whenever caught pulling a boo-boo by his classmates. For instance the time he went to lunch and threw a towel over his desk without turning off his Bunsen resulting, he thought, in the total loss of his wax-up. Fortunately, it was strictly a put up job. V e don ' t suppose he ' ll ever know who gave him that hot foot in the middle of one of Dr. Darley ' s " allow me to digress for one moment " sessions in the prosthetic lab. His talents in technique are matched only by his game of basketball and finess on the row. He ' s one of the few guys who can take time out for sun and still stay in the point race. Viva la roho! EARL W. FEATHERSTONE Salt Lake City, Utah U. of Utah XI PSI PHI, SIGMA PI, LAMBDA DELTA SIGMA Earl is a man of boundless optimism; who else would get married the week before finals and plan it that way. Of course, some guys will do anything for a clinic patient! He is the relaxed type of student especially with the shades down during lectures. With his easy going approach to clinical work, " Featherhead " produces very beautiful and precise work with the aid of his " favorite " operative instructor, " Curly. " Earl intends to return to Utah where he will associate with his brother Lee ( ' 50) . 4 y JBf Ik h B JTv. CHARLES FORBES, JR. Long Beach, Calif. use XI PSI PHI This misplaced southern gentleman from Okla- homa found some solace and a feeling of loyalty to the confederacy ( " suh " ) in moving to Southern California. This boy was weaned on hominy grits and black-eyed peas and if his humor is insulted by being thought of a " dam-yankee, " he ' ll likely say, " that ' s ridikerlus. " True to the southern tradition, his chief talent is that of a gracious efficient host and in buttering up " little ole ladies " for " big ole tips " at Yosemite. As a naval reserve officer he beat the Army out of a good foot pump dentist. He started his motor running when he started school and that foot has thumped overtime ever since. Whenever he sets up practice, his success will be due as much to his diplomacy, tact, and blarney as to his precise and meticulous craftmanship. EARL M. FOSTER Almena, Wisconsin use DELTA SIGMA DELTA Earl hails from the cow country of Wisconsin and graced Uncle Sam with his presence in the Air Force during the war. He doesn ' t talk much about his experience but rumor has it that he was count- ing natives in Borneo. Being a proponent of the " marry a school teacher and loaf " plan, Earl settled down with a lovely girl named Marge making Van Nuys their home. As everybody should be famous for something, Earl ' s greatest claim to fame is his ability to make that pulpal floor shine and to ask questions five minutes to the end of the hour. Earl ' s ability to " handle it " has long been known. JOHN FRAME Westwood, Calif. Brigham Young Univ., UCLA DELTA SIGMA DELTA, PHI DELTA THETA Perhaps due to his tender age, it was not until his appearance at the clinical level of his dental training that he really showed promise. We don ' t mean to infer that he had no aptitude nor ability during his technique days, but that he just didn ' t quite demonstrate his " all " in those early years. It was as though he was " endowed " with the ability all along and didn ' t feel the need for sincere application until he had a squirming patient by the canines. Once he had the patient in hand he attacked each case with the same frenzied en- thusiasm he formerly demonstrated for women and skiing. Johnny has one incurable fault which can only be rectified by a conscientious assistant. That is his infalible ability to lose instruments and equip- ment. There never has been nor we doubt ever will be anyone who has gone through dental school with as little of his own equipment. However, he manages exceptionally well and probably always will. VIRGIL LEE GALEY Los Angeles Pepperdine, U S C DELTA SIGMA DELTA, DEL TA TAU DELTA After a year at Pepperdine College, where he played Frosh basketball, our hero spent three years at SC. " VIrg " found an outlet for both his cool basketball ability and his warm temper on the class and school basketball teams (whether at center or forward) . Virgil is a family man with a beautiful redhead by the name of Sally and a fine young son as a recent addition. He was one of the two selected in our class for the Navy Senior Dental Program and so after the Navy is finished with him in three years we see nothing but success for this man. He has an unusual amount of both ability and drive, and that ' s a tough combination to beat. But; I ' ve (soa) iCALED A 4 SC kl-CO THtRE, THERE, MY LITTLC r- AN — vVE ' l-l- Sive you CREoiT- FOR those; ;ro cases you s y KAN OUT. 3 PBDPHY3 ACTUAUUY COKIPLETEO NEAL H. GAREY Los Angeles San Mateo J. C. XI PSI PHI A real home town boy this Garey, he took his predent at San Mateo J. C. after attending John C. Fremont High. During the war Neal was with the Army Air Force and practically became a citizen of Italy after spending over two years in the sunny country. With a fine wife, Vickie and a daughter, Gretchen, Neal has really supported the S. C. teams, traveling each year north to the bay area for the annual Cal contest and defending our honor with the vim and vigor expected of any loyal Trojan. The quality of work turned out by this quiet man is only excelled by the manner in which he goes about it, always ready to help his neighbors who get into a problem that Neal can usually solve. An office on the Lido Isle yacht landing is the ambition of this lad and he will probably be there before long. JOHN GAWLEY Chapleau, Canada John Muir J. C, U C L A XI PSI PHI John was destined to come to California from the time his father caught sight of the L. A. City Hall while making one of his airplane trips into the Canadian wilds to attend the dental needs of the back woods population. Long John was born in Chapleau, Ontario, Canada, and it took only two or three long steps for him to reach the hill top in South Pasadena where he now resides. South Pasadena High, a brief encounter with UCLA, and a round or two at John Muir College served to put John on stool 32 in the school of dentistry. Attention to detail and a determination to do nothing but first class work will put John well up in his field . . . probably orthodontia. LE GRAND GOODSELL Weston, Idaho East L A J C, Georgia Tech. L A C C ALPHA TAU EPSILON One of the most industrious workers in the class, LeGrond has lived in the L. A. area since 1923 coming from Idaho. Attended Eagle Rock High School and we won ' t mention the year that he graduated. Seems that Lee almost missed the den- tistry boat by taking a course in electrical engineer- ing at Georgia Tech, but gave it up for dentistry. During the four years in dentistry he has supported his wife and a fine family of four children by working and managing the hardware store in the worlds largest country store in El Monte. But during this time he has also won A.T.E. the hard way and always turned out the finest of work. During the first few weeks in the clinic Lee did not know that class 2 foils were verboten to juniors and without knowing it he turned out an A class 2 foil that put some of the seniors to shame. JOHN GORRIE Los Angeles Santa Monica C C, Los Angeles C C DELTA SIGMA DELTA I As a Roman at L. A. high, John cavorted on the B basketball team and made his letter as a casaba- man. However, John ' s secret ambition was to get into dental school so he could learn to play bridge. But he had to sit on the bench for two years (seat 4 34) in the technique building until he developed the proper finess. Facing many new social obligations, he found that his wardrobe situation was getting rough. Then along came the job at Groman ' s Mortuary and all problems were resolved. After six month ' s at the " Mortch " John was able to re tire with one of the finest wardrobes on campus. During that six months the vice squad had to close down a lot of funerals when the guest of honor showed up in the nude, but as they say on Bastille Day, " c ' est la bare. " His even disposition, sense of humor, and good looks should bring him a successful practice ... in the navy. JON GRANT Detroit, Michigan L A C C, U C L A The " Westwood Wetback " who after waiting out many lean years for UCLA Dental School to become a reality, begrudgingly traveled east to Figueroa and became a Trojan. On Christmas vaca- tion of our first year, Jon married his UCLA sweet- heart, Nina — and the two of them to this day have withstood all attempts to make them Trojans. After our first issuance of equipment, Jon ' s enterprising mind saw an opportunity to serve his fellow students, as well as Mrs. G. After much research work, Jon presented an insurance policy to the students to protect their equipment against Fire, Damage, thieves and neighboring students. The plan met with wide approval and Jon — with $ $ in his eyes could see giving up Dentistry and just spending one visit a year to sell insurance to incoming freshmen. After the higher math was finished he found that only one policy had been sold — his own. Really though, his Dentistry is much better than his insurance policies. ED HAMMER PSI OMEGA, ALPHA TAU EPSILON Ed, after leading the Marine Corps to a smash- ing victory in the Pacific, returned to his former life as country gentleman, establishing himself in Santa Ana. Ed and his wife, Maxine, have three boys: Rick, Danny, and Tim, with the newest edi- tion being a girl, Mary Angela. Ed will have one of the largest practices in Santa Ana, what with four kids (who think their dad is the greatest ever) spreading the word. How can he miss? Ed ' s achievements in school have been political as well as scholastic. The office of Student Body 2nd Vice in the Soph year won Ed membership in A.T.E. Attendance of at least one lecture per sem- ester, systematic study the morning before finals, have put Ed high among those who regularly receive the " Purple Shaft. " Tecuu oot .L -g LOUIS HERBERS Los Angeles Los Angeles C. C, Los Angeles State PSI OMEGA Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Lou and family just nosed out the Okies when they rolled into the Hollywood area. Louis ' three years in the Navy were spent as an " Airdale. " Speaking of flying, a little T.W.A. hostess, (Barbara) clipped our boy ' s wings in the Senior year. Now an occasional round of golf and romance by firelight are the order of the day. Lou has found his niche in dentistry. He loves it, and is steadily improving in his ability. A charter member of the Noon Bridge Club has found Lou in many a heated debate with Jack (Goren) Dahlberg. Lou will be well-remembered for his stellar performance in our Christmas play. By the way, Lou, did you ever join the student A.D.A.? DONALD HOLM, B. S. Long Beach, California U. of Calif. DELTA SIGMA DELTA, SIGMA CHI We hope that by the time Don has spent four full years in dental school that he will have claimed use as his Alma Mater. He ' s been trying to live down the fact that he graduated from Cai ever since he left Strawberry Canyon. In the technique building and clinic Don could always be found diligently attempting to set new records in achievement (except after an SC victory over Cal) . This erstwhile " Digger O ' Dell " has been quite active outside of school being, of all things, an assistant at " The Mortch. " After graduation Don plans to practice in Long Beach. What could be better for a " Beach Bum? " We ' re confident that the profession is fortunate indeed to have him as a fellow practitioner. ERNEST S. HORANY Cushing, Oklahoma use PSI OMEGA, ALPHA TAU EPSILON If there ' s an elbow in your side or you find yourself being knocked over as you walk along and you see a round ball-like figure bustling away — that ' s Ernie. Hornie ' s personality is bubbling to say the least. His being elected Junior Class president vouches for his popularity. The first two years of school found him holding his own midnight oil cram sessions for the benefit of a select group. For business and pleasure just bring out a deck of cards and he ' ll fleece you out of your last buck. He ' ll probably get a deck of pasteboards for a diploma. All in all, he is a great guy and if you wont to meet a perfect host and hostess, just drop in and see Ernie and his wife, Mable. They are terrific! VICTOR ISRAEL Los Angeles U C L A, U S C ALPHA OMEGA Vic is a real native son, (many think of him as just a real native, period). Vic attended UCLA, State College, and USC after graduating Fremont High School. He had decided his talents were too big for just one university. The Islander, as he is known to his friends, spent his summers working at Catalino as a waiter, life guard, and occasionally as a beach comber. Vic ' s hobbies are many and varied. They include Georgia, boatin g, water skiing, Georgia, a quickie hearts or spades game, soft shoe dancing, and Georgia. Victorio is a charter member of the American Loggers Association, which is the western branch of the National Stick Ball League. He is also a self-recognized expert on giving infiltrations on upper first molars. Vic, who might be called the Ramar of the Jungle of the Class of 1955, plans on a two-year cruise on one of Uncle Sam ' s banana boats, and then practicing in this area. Good luck to you Victor, you are one of the best . DONIVAN E. JACKSON Los Angeles U. of Oklahoma, USC DELTA SIGMA DELTA, ALPHA TAU EPSILON The man who has gained the reputation of " Mr. Boogie Talker " of the class of 1955, Don is also a fast worker. During the freshman year his wife, Ruth, presented him with a boy . . . the third child in 30 months. Whenever you find a crowd of students it ' s sure to be Don on his soap box conducting a one man discussion concerning anything from Western Mon- golian diatomaceous earth to Perry Kay. For his clinical aptitudes during the junior year, Don was elected to ATE and also received the coveted Epsilon-lota-Tau-Tau-Tau-Sigma Award from his brother Delts. Don being an active man academically and socially has made many friends while in dental school and will surely be capable of talking his way into success anywhere. HUGH TOLAND JONES, JR., A. B. Glendale, Calif. Pomona College, Glendale C. C, USC DELTA SIGMA DELTA, ALPHA TAU EPSILON " Bud " is widely known for his ferocious temper of which he has absolutely none. Probably no one was better able to internalize his problems than he; but what ' s an ulcer or two! Many years from now he ' ll pick up his copy of El Molaro and reminisce of days gone by. Pleasant thoughts of graduation, skiing trips, sailing, a June wedding, leaving parties early, etc. will fill his head. Perhaps he will regress further . . . dirty oculars from the microscope, Julies, missing oculars, Julies, missing microscope, Julies, missing slides, slide box upside down, replacing 100 slides, Julies. Further yet, the carving exams associated with memories of songs garnished with great harmony. It was these songs which inspired him to do his solo rendition of " Sweet Antionette. " Seriously, Bud is one sharp lad as can be at- tested by him being elected Secretary-Treasurer of the Student body, and in spite of his Delt brothers his future will be one of success and happiness. HERBERT KABRIN, B. S. Los Angeles USC ALPHA OMEGA, TAU DELTA PHI Herb Kabrin, or Herbie as he is known by his fellow classmates, arrived at USC with a smiling face and a lot of ability. His abilities wer e readily shown in his freshman year when he started and directed " the Grand Society of Yodelers and Sing- ers during Wax Derbies. " His singing triumphed as he quickly learned that he could drown out the class ' s protests with Kt resounding rendition of " Sweet Antoinette. " Seriously, Herb ' s friendly disposition, as well as his smiling face and his good natured wisecracks have always been a lot of help during many grim situations. Herb is one of the unmarried, and his ability to turn up at all the school functions with a good looking gal is often astounding. One of these days some girl is going to catch Herb at a weak moment and tie the knot. He ' s a good catch, girls! LEON E. KARNER China Lake, Calif. Bakersfield J C XI PSI PHI " Whispering Earl, " who emerged from the howling desert winds of China Lake, plans to prac- tice supersonic dentistry with his dad. Leon has followed in his father ' s footsteps further by becom- ing a loyal Zip. When he isn ' t reading late at night or going to movies his favorite past time is telling off instructors at the dinner table and getting away with it. Leon ' s warmth and good natured humor have won him many friends and made clinic life much more pleasant. With his academic and clinical ability his future is assured. GEORGE KAWAHARA Los Angeles UCLA Through the years in dental school, George has done much to lend his aid and advice to the older men of our class. An enthusiastic student and a superb operator, George has shown especial pro- ficiency in the field of occlusal equilibration and the class V inlays. George has also distinguished himself as a great practical joker. Nobody can tell when he is going to switch a lock or " fix " a game of cards. A rabid bridge player himself, George can always be found at a bridge table during the noon hour. George ' s big grin and " devil may care " attitude have won him many friends in the class. We feel that George has proven himself to be an able student who is capable of upholding the name of Kawahara in the dental profession. SHIGERU KAWANAMI Los Angeles UCLA use ALPHA TAU EPSILON At the age of four months, Shig deciding to donate his talents to the world at large, packed up and left his native Japan. After a long period of shiftlessness, he arrived at the doors of USC and promptly astounded everyone with his personality and ability. He is the only guy to ever remake everything because he didn ' t like it and no class- mate had a larger scab box. If ability means anything, Shig will be around long after the others have gone. He has somehow managed to evade the fairer sex but no handsome brute is safe forever. However, golf has not evaded his attention and he is gradually lowering his score. With success coming naturally, Shig will be warmly received wherever he goes. WILLIAM W. KEESECKER Raton, New Mexico New Mexico A M XI PS! PHI An easy going and likable fellow, Willie is probably one of the most versatile men in our class. During his hitch in the Army, he served in Germany as an infantry man but his unusual digital dexterity soon won him the position of sup- ply sergeant and idol of the gold bricks. During his pre-dental days at New Mexico A M, Willie further demonstrated his versatility by working at various jobs including the pari- mutual department at the race track. We know him to be a frank and straight for- ward fellow whose enthusiasm for Dentistry is exceeded only by his love for beer. Still single but quite available, he promises to give all interested women an even break. As for the future he isn ' t certain where he will establish his practice but admits that he can be had if California wants him. WILLIAM KELLOGG Anaheim, Calif. Occidental College DELTA SIGMA DELTA ALPHA TAU OMEGA ALPHA TAU EPSILON Bill learned early in life about the subject of pounding gold foil and decided to put it to good use. He appeared to drift leisurely thru his seasons at the " sash and door factory, " with an easy- going natural ability. He further proved his ability by announcing he hod acquired a snazzy convertible and also a mate by the road of matrimony. We understand that he has established his dynasty now, again proving that easy going look hides a lot of creative ability. Bill captained the school ' s basketball team which won their league competition and also man- aged to do an excellent job as president of the Delt ' s, so you can see that here is a man who Is destined for success. ROBERTS. KILLION National City, Calif. San Diego State College XI PSI PHI Coming from 13 miles north of the south border, Bob swears that L. A. smog is just too much. After three years in the Navy he will migrate back to the " heaven on earth " climate of San Diego. The big question about Bob ' s future is whether the Navy, graduation, or Lucy will get him first. He ' s been going with this nurse ever since he began dental school. Bob wanted to take no chances about which service he went into, so he entered the Navy Senior Dental Program (one of the two in the class so honored). " Speedy Gonzales " is one of the fastest and finest operators in our class and will surely do the same after his parole. f RICHARD T. KUMASHIRO, B.S. Honolulu, Hawaii use Dicl , it is said, was born in Honolulu back in the dark ages, and he plans to return there to open his practice. Dick and his beautiful wife Doris are the proud) parents of a cute little 3 year old daughter, Sandra, who arrived in the middle of Dick ' s freshman exams. Over the years, Dick has proven to be a con- scientious student whose excellence in the various; fields of dentistry is accentuated by his superlative) achievements in prosthodontics. A man amongst men, an expert on sports, a{ master golfer, and a true gentleman, Dick is a sure! bet to win many friends and be a great success ini dentistr y. We wish Dick " Aloha, " and he in turni invites us all to visit him in Honolulu. ( ARNOLD LANDSMAN Los Angeles UCLA ALPHA OMEGA Arnie was born in Los Angeles, Calif, on Feb- ruary 17, 1930. Being a native he attended Los Angeles schools. He graduated from Fairfax High in 1948 and went on to UCLA to take his pre-dent. Arnie has a very lovely and understanding wife, Miriam, whom he married the summer before he entered dental school. Arnie likes golf, fishing, piano playing, and eat- ing charcoal broiled steaks. Of all the hustlers in school — Arnie can claim No. 1 rank. Besides pushing foils and inlays, a stray bottle of perfume or panda bears can be purchaser from him whole- sale. He has enlisted in the U. S. Naval Reserve and after graduation will honor Uncle Sam with his talents. He hopes to set up practice in Downey, California upon parole. Good luck, " Be-gooniger, " the best to you. EDWARD LEW Long Beach LONG BEACH C.C. UCLA Eddie or " Ball of fire on wheels " as he might be known exudes enthusiasm about all of his inter- ests- — the main two being dentistry and women. Ed is a product of Long Beach where he aspired to gymnastics in high school, spending more time on his hands than on his feet. After graduation, he will spend some time in the armed forces. Ed at this time is uncertain whether to be in a specialty or be a G.P., but will certainly practice in the Long Beach area. He was made an honorary member of the Acad- emy of Prosthodontists for his brilliant paper on a method of occluding the upper first molar with the lower central incisor. His hobbies are winning at tennis and losing bets on UCLA. Ed ' s boundless energy makes his success certain. jp C SilLiBl u DALE LEYHE Atwater, California Glendale City College Dale is the boy of the class but don ' t let that fool you. He is a very deep quiet thinker who seems to have a knock of doing nothing yet accomplish- ing a lot. His home is in Atwater, and he attended Glendale C. C. where he was an outstanding student. Dale seems to bear out the old adage of being dumb like a fox, for no matter what comes up, he seems to have the answers and they gen- erally are right, for like Dragnet, he seems to get the " facts. " He is one member of the class that always does his part and a little more. The kind of a fellow that our class can be justly proud. FRANK WM. LINDELL Rockford, III. Monmouth College DELTA SIGMA DELTA Bill, or Frank, which ever you like to call him, graduated from Rockford High school but we don ' t know just when. He has kept his " secret " well for the past four years. When it comes to being a friend. Bill is just about the answer to " What is ai friend? " Never too busy to give help even when! he might need it more, we will remember Bill as the helpingest guy in the class. The only time he can remember being visibly mad was in the Army when the barracks which hei had just cleaned was messed up by a Bird Coloneli and Bill threw the Bird out! It seems that Bill couldi never get promoted above sergeant after that. He has never been one to scab, preferring rather to spend his evenings waxing up a denture, grind- ing in a facing, polishing a casting, or scrapingi calculus off of stray dogs. He and his wife, Betty, have two fine children,] Greg and Jan, and will probably settle in south- west L. A. to practice. " Does that high shine blind you, wild eyes? " CHARLES W. LOCKWOOD San Jacinto, Calif. Riverside J. C. DELTA SIGMA DELTA, ALPHA TAU EPSILON Old " Hang-loose " Lockwood was probably the only dental student to tell everyone (including instructors) what he thought of them and get away with it. We all admired Chuck ' s ability to utter a truth and not mince words. Needless to say, we ' re not sure Chuck will be with us long, however he told Woody that since he can ' t take it with him, he isn ' t going to go. Before coming to SC, Chuck was student body president at Riverside J. C. He did all right at dental school OS well, being elected vice-president of the student body. Chuck is really a fine athlete. Unfortunately he showed his best form leaping over the back fences of sorority houses and it couldn ' t be observed by all. Chuck was married last year to his high school sweetheart, Jannette, a real doll, who we think will have Chuck well shaped up by graduation. t JOHN T. LUNDGREN, B.S. Provo, Utah COMPTON J C, use PHI KAPPA TAU, DELTA SIGMA DELTA, ALPHA TAU EPSILON Born in 1930 in Provo, Utah, a disaster Utah will long remember; he was wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a tabernacle. At a very young age he discovered the possibilities (romantic) in or- ganizing " Carnies, " bazaars, and ice cream socials. He has continued this activity until the present. Johnny carried a chip blower full of water at the technique building at all times and was mighty fast on the draw. Later he turned to the specialty of sterilizing posterior teeth with silver nitrate . . . with a chip blower? Besides being editor of this book, which proves his ability, John has a ready smile and a wonderful disposition that will carry the " Happy Swede " to great success in future years. KENNETH GENE McCAMISH Whittier, Calif. use LAMBDA CHI ALPHA, DELTA SIGMA DELTA " Ken Bone " first saw the light of day in 1929 in Lo Habra. After graduating from high school, he ventured into the big city by stage coach from (ugh!) Whittier and spent 3 years trying to con- vince Bob Rutherford that he " had it in his hands. " Thru some blunder in the dean ' s office. Ken re- ceived his acceptance and decided to forsake his wetback friends in Orange County to be a left handed spastic toothcarver. He says that he was inspecting fruit in those orange groves. " Bone " bit the dust during the Sophomore year after a whirlwind romance which started during an Easter vocation at Balboa " with the boys " (those Alpha Gams!). He and Jeanie now have a roly poly little boy by the name of Mus . . . er, Brian. " Max " is going to attempt dodging the draft another 2 years after graduation under the ruse of twisting wires in the orthodontia dept. Lots of luck to a fellow who always has a good word or a friendly . . . " Heir! Heir! . . . for everyone. RICHARD MALM, B.S. Inglewood, Calif. • use BETA THETA PI, DELTA SIGMA DELTA Dick is a reversal of Hie old adage " was ac- cepted in dental school, " actually Dicl accepted dental school and the life it offers with much the same ease of a one-time freshman named Rex. A real individualist, he seldom had the usual difficulties that most of us endure and consequently he earned the lasting title of " Golden One. " The last of the " staunch bachelors " took the fatal step in his junior year and has since been snickering as each of his married friends, who said otherwise, have been blessed with offspring. However, what ' s the old adage about someone laughing last? He took a very active part in school affairs, such as washing out old Petri dishes and embalming cadavers in " the morgue. " Truly, the " Golden One " will go far. THE OWL 1 GLENN MANN Orange, California Fullerton J. C, USC XI PSI PHI Glen, Glenoid, Roundy . . . call him what you will, but they all mean one swell guy. He attended Fullerton J. C. previous to making SC his home. One might think he hates prosthetics the way he burns his fingers with a wax spatula, but this isn ' t the case as he excels in all branches of dentistry, particularly in surgery where he is way ahead of his field in replantation. Glenn finds the ZIP house advantageous especially during finals. He married his wife, Mary, in August of 1953 and names the piano and hunting among his other hobbies. After graduation, Glenn is set for two years in the service and then hopes to practice in the Santa Ana area. EUGENE MANUSOV, A.A. Los Angeles (Brooklyn) L ACC ALPHA OMEGA Gene had a good start in life; he was born in Los Angeles 25 years ago, but suffered a tremen- dous setback — his family moved to Brooklyn where Gene was exposed to the questionable atmos- phere of avid Dodger fans. We hear Gene won a jitterbug contest while in high school, probably exhibiting manifestations of first symptoms of Cali. forniaitis (shaking the dust of Brooklyn from his shoes) . " I will return " Manusov, landed on the shores of L A C C where he proceeded to capture an AA degree in preparation for entrance to S C. Although not yet married. Gene is far from a confirmed bachelor. He has several hobbies, but claims jitterbugging and necking as his main extracurricular activities. Gene is also president of the American Logger ' s Association and has claimed to have paid his senior year ' s tuition from money won from Ban, Landsman and Israel. Gene is also an adept car- toonist as evidenced in El Molaro of 1954 and 1955. We said A plus, Frank JOSEPH MARCUS, B.S. Los Angeles U SC ALPHA OMEGA, ALPHA TAU EPSILON Joe was born in New York, but showed his in- telligence early by moving West. While at Dorsey High School, Joe played varsity basketball and was an honor student. He attended U S C on schol- arships as well. For the past five summers Joe has spent his va- cations as assistant cook in a boys ' summer camp; and if you noticed that cheerful salesman at Pep Boys, that was our boy. Wedding bells chimed for Joe last June. His pretty wife Mimi, who sat for eight sevriton fillings at one time, works as a beautician. Unfortunately Joe is, as yet, no prettier. Joe served his fraternity, Alpha Omega, as Presi- dent, secretary, and program chairman, and was active in many social events. CURTIS A. MARTINS Los Angeles Compton J. C, Los Angeles State PSI OMEGA " Curtains " was born a few blocks from campus, is and always will be a die-hard Troian fan. A conscientious hard-worker at trying to find time for a volley ball game or a trip to Vegas or a course in muscle building. Built tall, handsome and rugged. Curt devotes much time to running the girls crazy. He ' ll make a fine dentist for he always has that Palm Springs vacation look which he acquires at Hermosa Beach — somehow squeezing in the minimum requirements. A fine operator, good mixer and honest disciple of dentistry. He will not only be a successful dentist, but a credit to the profession. With Curt ' s zeal and Navy ' s help he may yet make Admiral of the Dental Corps. X Bo — xr ou Tv ST — DEK « ST f M1 E I td ' S-rPiuei.-re.wsioto ( THIS OLINK. if JOHN MELIDEO Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Glendale C. C, U S C Mr. Prosthetics, the familiar name for John, while most of the class was working on their 4th and 5th unit John had checked in 17. It seems that some of us have the knack for it. Besides being an ace in dentistry, he was a journeyman tool and die maker before coming to dentistry. During the war he became a citizen at large in Italy, the home- land, being an interpreter in the first Mountain Division. John took over the title of " Master of the Fix " from Joe Downey and we predict that he will have all the prosthetics and real estate in the valley sewed up before the rest of us are getting our units paid for. John and his pretty wife Pat have two boys that have now become the center of attraction and are forcing dentistry to give way a portion of his time. ROBERT L. " DANNY " MEREDITH Washougol, Washington Palomar J. C. PSI OMEGA, ALPHA TAU EPSILON Danny comes to us from Wastiougal High and Palomar J.C. During the war Danny was a Dental Dilley in the Navy, but found one of the nurses he could not resist so he married her. He always felt funny with being an enlisted man married to an officer. (He says he still gave the orders). Danny, an excellent operator and technician, has one fault and that is he never has his own instru- ments but we forgive him and always know where to find ours. (We think he still has not unpacked his freshman issue). One of the better lab men — we always went to Danny for help in lab prob- lems — Danny will give a good account for himself and his profession. Bon Voyage. " Who was that call for? " { • WILLIAM H. MOLLE, ! L B Ogden, Utah Loyola U. XI PSI PHI, ALPHA TAU EPSILON Big Bill, although born in U ah, was raised in Los Angeles and attended Loyola University, taking pre -dent on a music scholarship. After the war (which he spent in the counter intelligence corps and the Coast Guard) Bill returned to Loyola. He worked on the police dept. at night until he re- ceived his law degree and then hunted Communists for the F. B. I. But his first love, dentistry kept calling and at the urging of his wife, Barbara, he quit to finish pre-dent. He ' ll long be remembered as president of the Zip house and as the guy who always had a deal cooking. Being a skilled operator, Dentistry is certain to profit from Bill ' s many talents. VINCE MONIOT Van Nuys, Calif. UCLA, L A C C DELTA SIGMA DELTA Good old " 67 " is one of the rare persons who can worry themselves into getting all A ' s. All through his freshman year he worried about flunk- ing out of school and then came out with the kind of grade card ninety-nine percent of us dream about. During the final sophomore operative exam Vince was so nervous he couldn ' t get his carver and wax pattern to shake together. Luckily, " Mol- ly " was sitting next to him and was able to make his hands shake in unison. Vince will always be remembered as the one who soldered a copper pan on top of his trusty old bunsen so that he could easily heat his com- pound as he took his 100 or more impressions while trying to make a P.J.C. Needless to say, the " Tonopah Kid " has it. = Kv V eVe _dU- ' D.« -W RICHARD MOOREHOUSE Long Beach, Calif. Long Beach C C XI PSI PHI This " Hang Loose " fellow came to SC by way of Long Beach City College. It was soon discovered that it is hard to shake this guy. For example when Dick was at the wheel of his old Hudson on a hair raising ride to Blue Jay during the Zip pledge ditch (Freshman year). Among the several incidents, a blow out at 70 MPH and a fuse to the headlights blowing out at 3:00 A.M. on a mountain curve were the more outstanding. Dick was removed from the bachelor clan early when he married his wife, Joyce, during our first summer vacation. His natural manner with children should ensure his success in orthodontics. He ' s planning to take the post-graduate course after a two year hitch in the Air Force. DOUGLAS HENES MORGAN, A.B. Glendale, Calif. use DELTA SIGMA DELTA, DELTA SIGMA PHI BLUE KEY Here is Mr. " Hot Dog " himself. Doug has had more contacts on the " Row " than the number of teeth Ben Svaboda could remove on any given day. With his many v aifing lists, he has been run- ning the largest lonely hearts club in California for the past four years. Being a perpetual student he earned his bache- lor ' s degree in biochemistry and served as presi- dent of his social fraternity and Blue Key. This erstwhile Casanova has chair-side manner to spore. But when it comes to guts, Doug wins all as demonstrated when he raised his hand during a Perio lecture and askedj, " Dr. Reeves, isn ' t this kind of a nebulous course? " " I don ' t want to set the world on fire, I just want . . . " VICTOR A. MUELLER La Jolia, Calif. San Diego State PSI OMEGA, SIGMA CHI This poor man ' s Gregory Peck probably has the easiest going disposition in the clinic. When the Dean said " now boys, you don ' t have to attend summer school, but we think it would help. " Why Vic said, " Great, " and got himself a job! Vic will be remembered for his brilliant even-par round which won him the Senior Golf Tournament. A cooler round of play you ' ve never seen. At present he ' s single but there ' s one girl that has her eye on him. If he ' s not careful he ' ll end up married. Vic plans to practice dentistry in San Diego with his father, and we know that area will be richer by one fine operator. JOHN NERAD Wilmington, California Pomona College XI PSI PHI John is one of the mildest and most even tem- pered fellows in the class. This good looking, soft spoken lad from Wilmington has the definite dis- tinction of being the only one to understand Dr. Bavetta ' s Biochem course. It is a matter of record that he pulled half the class through this " enjoy- able " course (he ' s the guy that first made the distinction between a vitamin and a hormone). John is always ready to lend a fellow student a helping hand and a witty remark when in need. He will be a great asset to his chosen profession. t. hrnk ihei-e is. je.riA unusual here ' . ome+hin (jL tflllOTVi. ARTHUR NEUMAN Alberta, Canada La Sierra College Art is the original gadget man of our class, really a displaced physicist (he has a degree in Physics) who migrated south from Canada. However he walks like he ' s still got his snow shoes on. Did you notice? ? ? He does walk a little like Dr. Lott. This quiet fellow has a wonderful family and was really surprised when his wife was " Queen for a Day " . . . That ' s all he mumbled about for days. His prominent forehead (really a receding hair, line) reveals what a good " egg " he is. When kidded about this, he usually replies, " Well, grass doesn ' t grow on a busy street, you know. " His work has always reflected his conscientious attitude in turning out fine dentistry and we know that these same qualities will assure him lasting success in his private practice. HENRY OKAMURA Los Angeles, California U SC A native of Southern California, Hank will prob- ably settle around here with his attractive wife, Kazue. Hank is a calm, cool and efficient operator and was one of the boys who really sailed at the technique building and clinic. Henry is a good student and does nice work, specializing in por-cast crowns on non-English speaking European women. This boy will always show you a .good natured smile and follow any poke of fun with a " don ' t get hot. " We predict a long and fruitful life for this shrewd character and since he is a friend of every- one, we ' ll wish him a goodly portion of rewards, ' cause for sure he ' ll always be in the win, place or show position. they are wise EUGENE A. OLSON Coalinga, Calif. Coalinga J. C, San Jose State College PSI OMEGA Gene spent his younger days in the vast Fresno grape lands. He ' s a quiet fellow but his work is meticulous. When everyone else had a big mess around them. Gene would be quietly working away on a clean lab bench. In fact. Rex will have to do some looking around to replace Gene as his lab man. Last year Gene took up skiing. From the fish stories I ' ve heard, he is quite accomplished in the piscatorial art. He is strictly the outdoor type. You will frequently see him getting even with his wife. Donna Lee, in the dental chair, but she doesn ' t seem to mind. Fresno is going to have a real " hot shot " dentist in their midst, come 1955. FRANCIS J. ORSI Alhambra, Calif. Pasadena J.C, UCLA PSI OMEGA A true Alhambra man, this frustrated one really likes women, parties, skiing, prosthetics and women. If you ask him, he ' ll tell you, " Prosthetics is such a fight. " Frank and Don Ratley teamed up our first sum- mer, to have a ball in Europe. He still talks about those tight sleeping bags!!! A two-year veteran of Pasadena City College, Frank will be service-bound after matriculation has methodically mauled him. That poor nurse — what will she do without — Frank??? Riding in a car pool gets tiresome, that ' s why Frank is counting the hours until his S.C. days are over. Being unpredictable, we can say Frank will certainly hold his own as long as his skis, telephone numbers, Acrylic jars and flasks hold out. Good Luc k, Paisano!!!!! KELLY C. PETILLO, JR. Los Angeles Compton J.C, U C L A PSI OMEGA Spent his younger days chasing around with the big car drivers of the 30 ' s (namely his dad). He took his pre-dental work at UCLA. When he got to SC, he really knew his biochem and all those who sat in the near vicinity shared his knowledge. He takes sloppy notes but when test time came around they proved to be quite accurate. it ' s heck to borrow equipment from Kelly, because he could never locate it for you. He ' s a good little athlete (another Benito Hogan) but since skiing at Alta he ' s learned to respect that deep powder. C ' J " t EARNEST R. PLEASANT Los Angeles Pasadena C. C. PSI OMEGA A Manual Arts graduate of the late thirties, Ernie ' s activities before Molar Tech, included a tour of duty as a hot pilot in the Air Force. Ernie took his pre-dent at Pasadena C. C. and now calls Temple City his home. Dottie Pleasant and his two children are the only things he doesn ' t have No. 77 marked on. Ernie " Time is Money " Pleasant must have been making money for the school this last year as he was the first guy on the floor and the last to leave. His chair was always hot, as were his handpiece and stopwatch. Among the other nice things that con be said about Ernie is that he is about the most pleasant guy around (o-o-o-hl), which should lead him to loads of success. (x3 ' JlWt DON RATLEY, A.B. Inglewood, Calif. use DELTA SIGMA PHI, DELTA SIGMA DELTA, ALPHA TAU EPSILON What can we say about Don without overwork- ing all the superlatives. One of the top men of our class, both academically and clinically, he has a rare combination of youthful exuberance and sound, mature judgment which will carry him far (away?) in life, both professionally and socially. Most of us have envied Don throughout our four years of blood, sweat, and tears for his ability to get things done. He did all this, managed " Rat- ley ' s Chinese Hand Laundry, " and worked part time as a YMCA Secretary organizing " Y " clubs in the Venice area. During the sophomore year he and Dr. Snyder were among the first to finish their bridge and P.J.C. which naturally left Don with considerable time to work on his skin diving equipment or to go on a weekend of skiing (or was it " sheing " ?) . We won ' t be too surprised if his continual search for methods of doing better and faster dentistry leads to some revolutionary development, possibly in- stead of cavitron, . . . " ratholetron. " JAMES R. RAY Las Vegas, Nevada use PSI OMEGA Father of the 2nd section, Jim has given all of the youngsters helpful advice on everything from Pedo to the sex life of the bee. Jim has always taken a genuine interest in others even when his own plight was at times precarious. Jim and Tom Rouse acquired quite a reputation in the technic building. They never knew how they were ever going to moke it. They kept the second section in crocodile tears about their hor- rible plight. The day of graduation will probably find them worrying if their diploma will be a blank. Jim and his wonderful wife, Sue, have three children. All of his family are his greatest boosters and will undoubtedly push him to the top of the heap in no time. iPP " " THOMAS R. ROUSE Sacramento, Calif. Sacramento J. C, U S C PSI OMEGA Thomas comes to S.C. from Sacramento, where he will no doubt settle down to a long, successful career. The son of a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, the quality of his work, indicates that he certainly has inherited a great deal of his father ' s skill. He is the father of a fine son, Ricky, whom he hopes to see enter the old S.C. Molar Mill along with the Class of 1970. Working under the strain of the usual financial upheaval faced by most of us, Tom ' s determination to succeed and his rare sense of humor have seen him through. How can we forget his definition of rugae for Dr. Darley as — " that which is very difficult to construct in wax and very easy to remove with pumice. " BO T. SAKAGUCHI North Hollywood, Calif. U C L A, U S C Bo T. is certainly one of the livewires of the class of ' 55. When anyone gets in trouble or needs a hand, a gentle hint to Bo will get assistance whether he feels he has time or not. Bo comes from a family of M.D. ' s and D.D.S. ' s so it follows that he should also be a professional man. Education started for Bo when he and his family lived in Burbank — then on to North Holly- wood. Soon Bo was at that school on the other side of town before seeing the light and coming to use. Never in the history of SC has anybody encoun- tered more of a rah-rah boy than Bo. He says UCLA stand for " Ulcerative Chronic Localized Alveolitis. " RICHARD SAMUELSON Burbank, Calif. Glendale C. C. PSI OMEGA The pride and joy of Kay and Bobby, is culminating a childhood dream and ambition in attaining his D.D.S. Dick will always be remembered by those of us who have worked close to him for that classical quiz by Yo Shibuya, " Isn ' t there anything sacred anymore, Dick? " As Soph Treasurer, Dick handled our funds (or was it " Palmed our funds " ) and did an admirable job. Shortly thereafter (mere coinci- dence) he and his wife, Kay, were able to make an addition to the family. Going by the size of Bobby, Dick had better follow the straight and narrow from here on in. His only vice or deviation from accepted norms is his fanatical passion for " Champagne Music, " by " Dizzy " Welk. CHARLES E. SCHOENBAUM Culver City, California use DELTA SIGMA DELTA Pete, otherwise known as " Fortunate Pierre, " is the tennis player of the class of ' 55, A while back he was in the city finals of Culver City and the only reason Pete lost is because the other guy won and the officials were not " Delts. " Pete and Dick Shepard are commonly known as the Sellz twins of Culver City. One is rarely seen without the other. In fact, on almost any sunny weekend, the " rare pair " can be seen in the midst of a hot game of volleyball at Hermosa. During the war, Pete was one of Uncle Sam ' s Sailor boys and while traveling under the banner of the U. S. Navy, he completely scuttled a little gal by the name of Carol, and they now have a son by the name of Ricky who is almost big enough to whale the tar out of the old man. RICHARD SHEPARD Culver City, California use DELTA SIGMA DELTA A confirmed " beach-rat, " he is of a peculiar specie that would prefer to inhabit the waters around Catalina and during the spring season of " angling " may be caught in the surf around mid- night at the full of the moon. He attended Hamilton High where he extin- guished himself as a student; then to Europe with " Ike " to make it safe for democracy. After his re- turn, he established his own business. Soon, how- ever, he saw the light and forsaking the material things of life, entered dental school. He " scoffs " at the idea of money as a goal. His aim, as he so aptly puts it, is to render a health service, regardless of which of his five convenient offices you choose. Incidentally, his avocation is orthodontia, further evidence of his aversion to things monetary. YOSHINDA SHIBUYA, B. S. Los Angeles Morningside College, Iowa Yo is a man of many facets. This individual has so many talents that it is rumored that dentistry is only a hobby to him. A saxophone virtuoso, Yo leads his own band. Yo and his band have also had bit parts in movies that have lasted up to several seconds. Yo Yo, as he is called, is a local product and at- tended Belmont High in Los Angeles. He received a B.S. degree in chemistry before coming to dental school. Since entering USC dental school, Yo has earned a reputation for neatness by never failing to lose at least five points on all prothetic set-ups. The Navy will have first call on Yo ' s services upon graduation as he is in their ensign program. During his junior year Yo succumbed to the charms of Betty, and married her, and since then has been happy in the triad of music. Dentistry, and Betty. RAY SLATON Los Angeles USC PSI OMEGA Ray Slaton was born in 1923 under the sign of Gemini, the twins, the gods of intelligence. He was graduated from George Washington high school in 1941. In December 1942, he entered the service where he fought several heroic battles on such home front grounds as BIythe, Sacramento, Merced, Salt Lake City, Carlsbad, Springfield, Mo.; San Antonio, Montgomery, Ala.; and Wichita Falls, Texas. He was discharged in December 1945, unscathed except for a marriage to Norma Eileen King in January 1944 on a three-day pass. He entered U.S.C., majored in pre-dent, (com- merce was full), and somehow wandered into the dental clinic where he can still be seen wandering about. When he graduates, he plans to go to work. This, Norma has decided. He plans to locate in the Los Angeles area. DOUGLAS A. SMITH Inglewood, Calif. U. of Redlands, UCLA PSI OMEGA We will all remember Snuffy, as the grade hound. He just had to be top dog of the class. No one will forget his battle with Don Ratley for the coveted honor and those little moments when the entire lab knew something had gone wrong — for he had a remarkable way of expressing his disgust. During our Soph year Doug was elected (Rep- resentative) President. During our freshman year no one could figure out why Doug would not date. We all thought it was only the desire for grades, but as it turned out Doug had his gal already picked out. He and Marion were married during our first vocation. With all his octivties Snuffy has still maintained his top grades. Watch this guy when he hangs out that shingle. RALPH S. SMITH Pasadena, Calif. Pasadena C. C. PSI OMEGA Ralph " Cowboy " Smith really feels this business of dentistry. He gives the impression that he has been doing it for twenty years. In his spare hours Ralph occupies himself as a " Wire Bender " for a certain ortho-dontist. Who else in the class hob-nobs with " Wild Eyes " Ingraham in Colorado during the summer. We have it from good authority that Ralph spent several hours over a hot cocktail explaining to Sexy-Rexy the technique for finishing a gold inlay. Ralph and his lovely wife, Betty, reside near the campus. They are destined for a good measure of success in the future years of dental practice. i) 0030 I o f ames HOWARD D. STEPHANS, JR. Manhattan Beach, Calif. El Camino J. C. PSI OMEGA The Monster (alias the Animal) and his dirty little car as well as his unlimited repertoire of dirty jokes, sayings, and slogans will long be remembered by all of us. Howie has proved himself by facing the same problems as the rest of us plus raising a fine family with the most able assistance of his wonderful wife, Libbie. This Beach Bohemian never faultered once under the pressure as he is the number one man in the " Hang Lose Gang. " On the social side, parties were not complete without Howie and Libbie and none of these parties were equalled by some of the wild ones at the Stephan ' s Pad. We know that Howie and his anti-ulcer attitude will be a sure success. MMMMWjIlliiliili III mm " " ♦ B . : m WILLIAM H. STRUVE North Hollywood, Calif. Pepperdine, U S C PSI OMEGA, THETACHI At the beginning of Freshman Year, the Fat One was a victim of circumstances — he sat next to " Monster. " Only a matter of time before Willie ' s innocent mind began to show tinges of gray. After P. G. courses at the Stevens ' Clinic for " Bigger and Better Things, " he soon showed improvement — almost an " Operator " now! Having more trouble with his love life than dentistry, he was elected membership in the exclu- sive " 901 " Club. His famous battle cries, " Put it in the over, Herbiel " and " I ' m going to flip this pad! " were heard every afternoon at the Club. A hot inlay man, " High Shine " will store his assorted polishes to concentrate on Oral Surgery. The Fat Boy ' s hilarious sense of humor and wit have made him one of the best-liked Boy-dentists in our class. ROBERT W. SWAN San Marino, Calif Pasadena C. C, U. of Wisconsin DELTA SIGMA DELTA " Swan Babe " is one in a million. Although he ' s one of our younger classmates, he is without a doubt one of the kindest and most sincere. Once at SC " Swaner " really came alive. Way back in our freshman year he was heard to cry Ihe now familiar, " Saddle up, " and he ' s been " slap- ping leather " ever since. Bobby is very versatile and has accomplished himself well in many sports and hobbies. His favorite hobby being his machine shop in the garage and his favorite sport is women. After much prodding and embarassment on his part. Bob will render forth profound statements of sage wisdom to the cheering thousands. He is an excellent operator. This plus his sincere interest in the welfare of his patients mean a wealth of success. All of our best to you. Bob. you ' ve c e- en+r ' -Hi a l " ijoa box vm, -Ke fa •f- a e Kr, ' 4 poltths. " h FHl JOHN W. TILTON Lemore, Calif. Pacific Union College PSI OMEGA Anyone driving back and forth from Glendale to S.C. has certainly noticed a shiny black ' 50 Ford blast past them. That was the screamin ' demon " Hothead Tilton, " who holds the world ' s unofficial speed record for the Glendale to S.C. run (time: 20:5237 minutes) . Probably nobody will ever forget the day he strolled into the Fixed Bros, office after getting his famous " butch " haircut and Jane politely referred to him as " No. 9 bur, The Roundest! " Among his many friends and admirers are his lovely wife Dell and their two fine daughters, Peggy Jo and Potti Ann. As far as future plans are concerned, he ' s considering several oppor- tunities. We will probably be able to find John and his hopped up " Cad " up in the San Joaquin Valley area, both chalking up the highest records. ELVERNE " AL " TONN lodi, Calif. La Sierra College, College of Pacific PSI OMEGA Al came to us from Lodi, the land of the Flame Tokays. While attending Lodi Academy his ambi- tion to become a dentist caused him to pile up the required G.P.A. It ' s said that a couple of airplane rides to see Dr. " R " helped him immensely. During our first semester he and his gal, Ann, eloped to Las Vegas to tie the knot. They now live in Glendale where she works to keep the wolves away. Almost any morning about 7:30 you can see Al speeding along Hoover. So far his riders haven ' t been late — just scared! Meticulous Al has the most beautiful set of notes ever compiled. His dental work is also of the same caliber. We ' re sure Al, that everything will turn out great for you. GERALD TUCKER, A.A. Los Angeles Los Angeles CC ALPHA OMEGA During an interview with Jerry, or as he is af- fectionately called by his friends — " The Silent Man " — the following pertinent information was devulged. Jerry was born in the City of the Angels way back in 1929, and since that time has spent all his time in the Southland, except for occasional trips up North to root SC to victory ( ?) . After graduation from high school Jerry spent his predent life at LACC where he sweated out an AA degree. Asked about his favorite hobbies Jerry is positive that sleeping rates high on the list. Of course, there is daydreaming and occasional goodly amounts of griping. Jer is extremely shy of women, but if it ' s true that gals go for shy men — then he should marry a dandy, and we ' re sure he will. KEITH NEAL TUTTLE Long Beach, Calif. Long Beach C C, U C L A XI PS! PHI This " Don Juan " of the Zip house has never been known to be seen with the same girl twice. Keith is a tall thin resident of Lokewood who is sure to be a success in dentistry. He is a sincere student and a talented operator. " Cuttles ' " biggest goof came in his sophomore year when he washed the bicuspid preparation of a finished bridge down the drain. He ' s a loyal Zip even to the extent of marrying off his sister, Janet, to a fraternity brother. Uncle Sam will direct his efforts upon graduation, after which he ' ll probably hang up his shingle in Lakewood. V Biiiiiafl I I AL VALDES Los Angeles use PSI OMEGA, SIGMA NU Unique, in being rudely dragged away from the front lines of the Korean skirmish to attend our school. " Gawd the power and influence of that man — McNulty. " He rolled into school two weeks late with hot carbine in hand only to replace it with hot handpiece for the next four years. He has used this two weeks late alibi ever since. As a sophomore Al achieved fame as " Soapy Valdes " when Dr. Ho inspected the sophomore bridge. Al used so much soap filling in margins of his bridge that Lever Bros, declared a special dividend that year. When not missing lectures Al could be found haunting the female houses on the Row and Julies looking for foil patients. CLARENCE J. VANDRUFF Hominy, Oklahoma Compton College PSI OMEGA George is one of the many Okies in our midst. He arrived in L.A. late one night back in 1942 and is still looking for the way out. Nobody has yet been able to figure out why he was tagged with the handle " George. " After a stretch in the Navy, George went through pre-dental at Compton J.C. Upon entering our Institution (?) he was one of the most ardent sup- porters of Fixed Pros. Lectures, Dr. W. W. Woin- wright, and the Pros. Lob Technicians. Weekends, George con be found racing to San Diego. Rumor has it that he has a " Queen " down south, but he insists he visits his old Navy chief. A regular guy and hard worker, George will be a real credit to his school and an asset to society. HAROLD P. WALLING Orr, Oklahoma Pacific Union College Hal was christened in Orr, Oklahoma in 1925 and as soon as he could reach for the steering wheel of his family ' s Essex he was stirring up the dust for California. The Army life didn ' t change Hal apparently, except to stimulate his interest and efforts toward humanitarian dentistry. He has helped reduce the spastic inclinations of fellow students with his wit and humor since joining the " Line Up " in September of 1 951 . During our career at the Molar Mill we could always see Hal with a red-hot Exacta in one hand and the Thunderbird brochure in the other. It is rumored that he is initiating a nationwide Thunder-dent Society. Hal is nine years married to his wife. Dean, who incidentally is going to be half owner in the sheep- skin, so it is rumored!!! Boy, can we handle it! ARTHUR WEISS, A.A. Bronx, New York UCLA ALPHA OMEGA, PHI SIGMA DELTA PHI ETA SIGMA, PHI SIGMA Art was born in 1929, in the Bronx, New York. He made his first mistake by not staying there. He attended Fairfax high school — this was his second mistake. Art attended UCLA where he was a member of Phi Eta Sigma, the freshman scholastic honorary society, Phi Sigma, the biological honorary society; and Phi Sigma Delta social fraternity. Art met his wife, Gloria while attending UCLA. He is affectionately known as old " Blood and Guts. " Every morning his face is one bloody gosh from that sleepy attempt to shave and every nite his ulcers are popping from a pleasant day at the molar factory. Art enjoys tennis, sailing, and lying about his work. He does two things exceptionally well; one is smoking other peoples ' cigarettes, the other is drinkina coffee. SPENCER WILLENS, B. A. Santa Monica UCLA ALPHA OMEGA, ALPHA TAU EPSILON Spence was born in the little pueblo of Los Angeles on a sunny June day in 1 927. After grad- uating Los Angeles High School he put in a hitch in the Navy. He attended UCLA where he was a member of Phi Sigma biological honor society. He graduated with honors and a Bachelor of Arts in bacteriology. Having attended UCLA he will give use and 14 points on any given day. Since 1951 dental school has drawn his time, effort, eye sight, health, and hair, leaving our hero bloody but unbowed; well bowed just a little bit. He has served his fraternity as vice president and as parliamentarian. His hobbies are swimming, watching TV and drawing. Spence will probably practice in the Los Angeles area and is soon to be associated with a swell girl. Harried Mohr, who will help him to the success and happiness that his personality and ability will claim for him. RICHARD WINOGRADE Los Angeles use ALPHA OMEGA Dick made his entrance in Chicago, Illinois, on July 28, 1931. Doctor and Mrs. Winograde brought their clan West, where Dick attended Los Angeles High School and the University of Southern California. Dick has driven and raced his M.G., Jaguar, and speed boat at the drop of a flag. A good swimmer, he was a member of the USC varsity crew. This Frank Merriwell-type enjoys all outdoor activities, and some indoor ones as well. He is a recognized expert on anything with moving parts, from racing engines to fast blondes. Jokes, scotch and bourbon are the only things Dick likes well aged. This is well attested by the fact that he can get straight A ' s on clinics with " pink eyes, " and that Calso look. After a " Hard " night EDWARD S. YAMADA Sacramento, California USC This versatile gentleman comes from McClatchy High in Sacramento where he was outstanding in baseball, basketball, football, and track. His ex- cellent record there was followed by 3 years in General McArthur ' s headquarters in the line of army intelligence. Among his most ardent admirers are his charm- ing wife, Florence, and his wonderful children, Barbara 9, Rodney 4, and Corrine 1 Vi . Ed ' s vibrant personality, effervescent spirit, and enviable workmanship leaves only admiration in the eyes of his colleagues. Ed was a leader amongst his classmates through dental school and can be counted on to show the way in his chosen profession. Ed ' s only defect is that he has not yet learned to play pinochle, or break 90 at golf, in spite of his pre-dawn efforts. WILLIAM YEE San Francisco, California use Prior to his entrance into the USC Dental School, Bill was an ace poultryman on Grant Ave. in San Francisco. Bill attributes his success in carving amalgams to daily dressing of chickens and other fowls. As he puts it, " Carving amalgams is like pulling the guts out of chickens. " Bill ' s other interest in life is found in the game of bridge. The thunderous roar in the locker room at noon is none other than the voice of Bill Yee. His famous " Live a little " bid is familiar to all the regulars of the bridge game. If you ever go to Bill Yee ' s home, you will meet his wife Mildred, who has the same exuberance for living as Bill. And let ' s not forget five year old Bruce with his many " uncles. " Hot doggin ' with the big boys WHEN THe ■SKAOe )S MERLE C. ZAROW Chicago, Illinois L A C C, USC ALPHA OMEGA, ALPHA EPSILON PI This big bodied, blond laughing boy presents 229 pounds of action. He will be long remembered for his questions in lectures, skill in the disection room, and ability with a vitalometer. Merle was born in Chicago on August 13, 1929, and attended Dorsey high school. He went to LACC and USC for his pre-dental work and was a member of A E Pi social fraternity as well as A O dental fraternity. Merle is married to a very attractive blue eyed blond named Eleanor and we feel certain that his success and happiness will dwarf even his large frame. DENTAL DOTDLE W ' f ) )Sli Gt ADiE Card Aptcr 2 trTlNQ AN P ON f " DIAQNOSIS. THE -DEANJ C080LT HARtie " E ' VTTiN?) LUNCH Your eye? DUrikic The TuMOie T lKJftU HokakT t QucK " DoiNJ A K jcrr CANAL xWr.xVAx;; Brack err XA i-e i -r vx ., NO COf MtMT 3 it XkiorahAm- Clas TI ro i_ " " D? ' 3«niTv - t " Va C c« rtN x ak o e pl-astk - tip " T «. " RolS»NSfcN- ' ' ' ' E1.-rR.ACT TrtEJtV p U ' » AFTtR A il.»N»C DENTAL Class PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY-TREASURER GRACE YOON DARLENE OLIVET JO ANN WILCOX First Year HYGIENE oniu id The 26th graduating class of dental hygienists has come to the end of a long course of study. A few subjects have been chosen to describe the individual personalities of this class — Embryology (birth date and place) Dental Orientation (home) Marriage and Family Relations (speaks for itself!) Extra-curricular Activities (favorite pastime) Psychology (pet peeves) Practice Administration (offices held) Clinical Analysis (future plans) Officers SECRETARY-TREASURER VICE PRESIDENT PRESIDENT MARION ANDERSON HELENE EPPERLY DORIS FRAGA Secoiui Year CURRICULUM: BEVERLY ADAMS EMBRYOLOGY: Born alive in February 18, 1933. DENTAL ORIENTATION: Two heroic years at Harris Plaza, planning menus, and teaching tooth brush technique to room mates. FAMILY RELATIONS: Parents and brother, bird dog and bird — (in cage). EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITY: Conducting Surgical assisting classes in her spare time and sacrificing moles to further cause of science. PSYCHOLOGY: Complex about always being " first " due to being D. H. 1. CLINICAL ANALYSIS: Plans to revolutionize Dental Hygiene by inventing a tarter magnet. CURRICULUM: BARBARA ANDERSON EMBRYOLOGY: November 27, 1934 in Glendale, Cal. at 8:00 A.M. and has been catching up on sleep since. DENTAL ORIENTATION: Manhattan Beach and Harris Plaza where she was most expert and experienced in handling difficult kitchens. FAMILY RELATIONS: Parents and little brother and Collie dog who produces large number of pups. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITY: Ring on left hand and a blond dental student all point to the inevi- table; Barbara plans to fill the pockets of the man who wears the pants. PSYCHOLOGY: Mental block about being " Little Girl " of the D. H. class. CLINICAL ANALYSIS: Between catching up on that sleep she works at keeping her eyes open. I I CURRICULUM: MARIAN ANDERSON EMBRYOLOGY: April 25, 1933 ... a native of smogland. DENTAL ORIENTATION: Dark corner of D. G. house where she practices scaling on a bootlegged mani- kin. FAMILY RELATIONS: Parents with father receiving due credit for finances. CLINICAL ANALYSIS: Will no doubt be asked to help teach senior D. H.s next year the art of prophy giving. PSYCHOLOGY: Mania against conceited boys and dirty shoes. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITY: Always seen at football games and rallies, and a loyal member of Amazons who represents the Dental Hygiene class at all school functions. PRACTICE ADMINISTRATION: Secretary-Treasurer of our Senior Class. CURRICULUM: LORENA LEE BERRY EMBRYOLOGY: February 6, 1933 in Ontario, Cal. and followed parents at young age to Whittier. DENTAL ORIENTATION: The Chi O House where despite noise and much chaos she manages to study and arrive on time, bright eyed and sparkling. FAMILY RELATIONS: Mother, Father and respectful dog. CLINICAL ANALYSIS: Saving slowly to afford a husband and other luxuries of life. PRACTICE ADMINISTRATION: Hard -writing secre- tary of Alpha Kappa Gamma. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITY: Letters to Japan and endless notes from A. K. G. meetings. PSYCHOLOGY: Writers cramp!! CURRICULUM: JANET CAVADINI EMBRYOLOGY: February 20, 1933 in Ogden, Utah. DENTAL ORIENTATION: Long Beach. FAMILY RELATIONS: Two senior dental students — husband. Gene and brother, Keith. CLINICAL ANALYSIS: Practice Dental Hygiene in Long Beach until husband is out of navy, then out to Burbank. PSYCHOLOGY: Phobia against 8:00 classes. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITY: Drinking coffee. I CURRICULUM: HARRIET CLEO CHRYS EMBRYOLOGY: January 28, 1933 in Los Angeles. DENTAL ORIENTATION: Tremendous castle with plenty of room for people and parties. FAMILY RELATIONS: Mom, Dad and famous older brother and various animals. CLINICAL ANALYSIS: Follow big brother ' s foot steps around the world to romance and adventure. PRACTICE ADMINISTRATION: Retired past presi- dent of the Alpha Kappa Gamma pledge class. PSYCHOLOGY: Interruptions; always interruptions!! EXTRA CURRICULUR ACTIVITY: Can be found where ever there is a party, a conversation or excitement. I CURRICULUM: CAROL COOKE EMBRYOLOGY: January 15 in Chicago, Illinois. DENTAL ORIENTATIONS: Commutes from Glendale and all points north. FAMILY RELATIONS: Husband and one daughter, Kathy. CLINICAL ANALYSIS: Initiating the " Cooke Method " of brushing teeth. PRACTICE ADMINISTRATION: Chairman of class flannel board project. PSYCHOLOGY: People who raise the class average. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Inspired wit and remark-maker of class and our star of television! CURRICULUM: PATRICIA ANN CURRY EMBRYOLOGY: January 4, 1933 along with two brothers in Sioux City, Iowa. DENTAL ORIENTATION: Santa Monica, Cal. and part time in her brakeless, batteryless car commut- ing from home. FAMILY RELATION: Four red headed brothers, harassed parents and easy going dog, Joe. CLINICAL ANALYSIS: Heading for the beach towns after graduation, with volleyball on the beach between patients. PSYCHOLOGY: Waiting on her eccentric and indi- vidualistic car pool members has already driven her crazy! EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Distracting traffic policemen between here and home, and shoving hands through plate glass windows. CURRICULUM: ANITA DIAMOND EMBRYOLOGY: May 16, 1932 in Long Beach and has since moved to Long Beach. DENTAL ORIENTATION: Semi-private room in huge, echoing apartment shared with five other students of human nature. FAMILY RELATIONS: Active mother and father, good looking brother and handsome dog. CLINICAL ANALYSIS: With this inheritance hov could go wrong? PRACTICE ADMINISTRATION: Reigned as a princess at the Home Coming festivities, and pledge mother of Alpha Kappa Gamma. PSYCHOLOGY: Uncontrollable laugh which pops out at the most serious of all moments. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITY: Must spend hours cultivating that impromptu punch line technique. CURRICULUM: ROBERTA H. DUNAH EMBRYOLOGY: August 5, in Pasadena and reports she is in her early twenties. DENTAL ORIENTATION: House with 27 inch tele- vision and ultra modern self decorated kitchen in Pasadena. FAMILY RELATION: Husband, George, and a small cocker spaniel and a roving cat. PRACTICE ADMINISTRATION: Hard working Presi- dent of Alpha Kappa Gamma, " Our sorority. " PSYCHOLOGY: Impulse to leave keys in car!!! EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Composing mes- sages for the bulletin board and appropriate sub- versive remarks during lecture. CURRICULUM: HELENE EPPERLY EMBRYOLOGY: October 4, 1933 in Whittier, Calif. DENTAL ORIENTATION: Member of University Hall crowd. FAMILY RELATIONS: Mother, Father, one brother, one sister, four nephews, three nieces and diamond on left hand suggests a wedding in 1956. PSYCHOLOGY: Complex about wearing head-dress to bed each night to correct malocclusion, and phobia over resulting name " The Metallic Smile. " EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Posing for pictures in bath tub at University Hall. PRACTICE ADMINISTRATION: Vice President of Class. CLINICAL ANALYSIS: Plans to marry Ken Steele and raise three little steeles; Amalgamated, Stainless and Rusty? p RKR« or Vv O ' • • CURRICULUM: INA CLARE EVANS EMBRYOLOGY: March 25, 1932, Safford, Arizona. DENTAL ORIENTATION: Soroptimist House. FAMILY RELATIONS: Parents, and surrounded by three brothers and two sisters, and usual family dog. CLINICAL ANALYSIS: Back into the wild west and perhaps a husband? PSYCHOLOGY: Has a fixation about checking out patients all by herself! EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: On rare vacations, rounds up cattle, and runs family ranch (with help of many brothers and sisters.) CURRICULUM: DOROTHY FOLLANSBEE EMBRYOLOGY: August 3, 1931 in Los Angeles, taken home to San Marino. DENTAL ORIENTATION: Alpha Chi Omega House on the wild and wooley row. FAMILY RELATIONS: Parents, sister and niece. CLINICAL ANALYSIS: Possibility of marriage to handsome " Fiji " fraternity man and work in Pasadena. PSYCHOLOGY: People who forget to brush their teeth before dental appointment. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITY: Busy in Orthodontics having lower teeth straightened — all before grad- uation. Qe -V ok.V. y.x o. o.- =, ' Bee»fvVo X. - »- PC aLcVi; ae_ CURRICULUM: DORIS LEE FRAGA EMBRYOLOGY: February 1, 1931 in Lemoore, Cal. ( near Fresno) . DENTAL ORIENTATION: " House mother " to ten lively girls at Soroptimist House here on campus. CLINICAL ANALYSIS: A certain chemical engineer, is included in this plan plus working for many dentists and eventually into the schools. PRACTICE ADMINISTRATION: President of our Senior class plus Soroptimist House leader. PSYCHOLOGY: Thinks that Lysol should replace Metaphen immediately. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITY: Who has time for extras? CURRICULUM: JOAN GREEN EMBRYOLOGY: In Iowa City, Iowa which accounts for the corn! DENTAL ORIENTATION: Member and leader of outstanding University dorm, especially valuable to the Freshmen. FAMILY RELATIONS: Right now, 14 guppies and prospects. CLINICAL ANALYSIS: Can ' t decide between school system and private office, but it will all be in Pasadena. PSYCHOLOGY: Biggest headache — -those thirty freshmen she sponsored her senior year. (Just think of the experience, Joan!) EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITY: Taking bets on Carmichoel (THE CAR) Will he moke It or not? CURRICULUM: CHERE HARRIS EMBRYOLOGY: May 1, 1928 in Oakland, Calif. DENTAL ORIENTATION: Pasadena; works her way through the morning traffic to school every day. FAMILY RELATIONS: Parents, and three older brothers. CLINICAL ANALYSIS: Reside and practice dental hygiene in Pasadena. PRACTICE ADMINISTRATION: Vice President of Alpha Kappa Gamma. PSYCHOLOGY: People who drive with their horns. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Taking lessons at the School of Driving! T)ea+ . COuI flm Q CURRICULUM: NANCY A. KONIG EMBRYOLOGY: August 10, 1931 in New York. DENTAL ORIENTATION: Migrated to Long Beach at age six. Now, the chief baby sitter and boarder of home near campus. FAMILY RELATIONS: Parents, and the middle child of three. CLINICAL ANALYSIS: As a result of two years in training at the U. S. C. dental school, Nancy plans to become a dental hygienist! PSYCHOLOGY: Undeveloping developer stains from uniforms. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Katie, a 150 pound great done, taking Nancy for walks. 00 H FPc ' - CURRICULUM: WILMA " BILLIE " LOWMAN EMBRYOLOGY: New year ' s day in Everett, Wash- ington. FAMILY RELATIONS: Lives with small daughter, Anita, and large zoo consisting of: four cats, chip- munks, hawks, owls, parakeets, and various other creatures. DENTAL ORIENTATION: A large house in Eagle Rock. CLINICAL ANALYSIS: The crystal ball reveals an increase in family size. PSYCHOLOGY: A professional attitude must over- come irratic impulses!! EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Supplying food for members of her family. CURRICULUM: SUSAN MacLACHLAN EMBRYOLOGY: September 30, 1933 in Glendale, Calif. DENTAL ORIENTATION: Somewhere near U. S. C. campus. FAMILY RELATIONS: A husband named Bruce. CLINICAL ANALYSIS: Slavery, in a dental office cleaning teeth. PSYCHOLOGY: House-keeping and studying com- bination is almost too much for a new bride. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Practicing prophy- laxis technique on husband. «S ' ' _s.l ' ti5v o JVa aVcV, -V-W dc VJ •Mi v. CURRICULUM: MARILYN M. MIERS EMBRYOLOGY: October 11, 1931 in San Diego, Calif, and has lived in La Jolla for 18 years. DENTAL ORIENTATION: Wildly redecorated apart- ment, near school with another D. H. FAMILY RELATIONS: Mother, sister, nephew, and very soon a husband! CLINICAL ANALYSIS: After marriage, she plans to go to work cleaning up La Jolla and surrounding beach areas, and raising a football team complete with coach! PRACTICE ADMINISTRATION: " Roving " reporter for senior class. PSYCHOLOGY: Dental students who have forms of refined sugar in their lunches. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Hours spent on composing challenging questions to confuse in- structors. CURRICULUM: STELLA M. MONTGOMERY EMBRYOLOGY: January 28, 1933 in a trailer. DENTAL ORIENTATION: Harris Plaza, and a mar- velous desert town, the name of which, no one can spell! FAMILY RELATIONS: Parents (both graduates from the School of Pharmacy at U. S. C.) and one brother. CLINICAL ANALYSIS: To be a beach bum in the summer and a ski bum in the winter; cleaning teeth in her spare time. PSYCHOLOGY: Misplacing her retainer. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Buying bathing suits and waxing skis. CURRICULUM: DARLENE OLIVET EMBRYOLOGY: 1933 in Los Angeles. DENTAL ORIENTATION: Morningside Park. FAMILY RELATIONS: One husband, Jerry. CLINICAL ANALYSIS: Practice dental hygiene in Inglewood area, and run an efficient household. PSYCHOLOGY: No television or up-to-date maga- zines in the Women ' s Lounge. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Watching T. V. until the wee hours. CURRICULUM: VIRGINIA PAPPAS EMBRYOLOGY: June 13, 1929 in Los Angeles. Actually christened " Virginia Papavasiloponlou. " DENTAL ORIENTATION: Los Angeles. FAMILY RELATIONS: Parents, two brothers, and one sister. CLINICAL ANALYSIS: Practice dental hygiene in Los Angeles. PSYCHOLOGY: Trying to fix long hair so it will look short. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Carving wax pat- terns to keep up her digital dexterity. CURRICULUM: HELEN L. REES EMBRYOLOGY: January 29, 1934 in Williamsport, Pa. Migrated to Altadena where family now resides. DENTAL ORIENTATION: One bed in Alpha Delta Pi house on " the row. " FAMILY RELATIONS: Parents, two brothers, one sister, and one nephew. CLINICAL ANALYSIS: Live in La Jolla with a couple of sorority sisters. Drive a new convertible, go water skiing, spend six months of every year in Europe, and . . . oh, of course clean teeth! PSYCHOLOGY: All that time spent trying to charm histo instructor out of a microscope was to no avail. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Acquiring a sun- tan for the winter season under a high powered sunlamp. CURRICULUM: VIOLET SHIMADA EMBRYOLOGY: June 13. DENTAL ORIENTATION: Los Angeles. FAMILY RELATIONS: Husband and three children ages 11, 12, 15. CLINICAL ANALYSIS: Working to earn well de- served luxuries of life. Interested in public health and progress in preventive dentistry. PRACTICE ADMINISTRATION: Historian of Alpha Kappa Gamma and responsible for most of the lovely table decorations at sorority and class parties. PSYCHOLOGY: No time for complaints. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Studying and planning nutritious meals for her family. © © oo ooo o QOOG o o oo OG 0 O © ©o O ooVvv ovfV)SW CV.S Se ' i. ' fv eA-Vv i». lit mtHik CURRICULUM: BETTY L. SIVERSON EMBRYOLOGY: June 1, 1933 in Whiftier, Calif. DENTAL ORIENTATION: Gamma Phi Beta house on the row, where she provides mood music on a harmonica. FAMILY RELATIONS: Parents, and a diamond on left hand hints her a husband about August, 1955. CLINICAL ANALYSIS: Work and help husband finish college, then two years of removing deposits from shieks in Arabia! PSYCHOLOGY: Suppressing gum chewing urge. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Studying up on the Arabic language. CURRICULUM: JANICE STOLPESTAD EMBRYOLOGY: April 21, 1933 in Michigan; moved to Arcadia. DENTAL ORIENTATION: Alpha Delta Pi house. FAMILY RELATIONS: Parents and a swimming pool. CLINICAL ANALYSIS: Many plans, clean teeth in San Francisco or Pasadena (save rent expense) then travel Europe and live in Connecticut for a year. PRACTICE ADMINISTRATION: Corresponding sec- retary for Alpha Kappa Gamma. PSYCHOLOGY: Patients who insist on talking with mouth full of instruments. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Reading travel folders. 5TRKCH. U)°v5Wa CURRICULUM: EVELYN WALKER EMBRYOLOGY: November 10, in Kansas in the middle of a whirl wind. DENTAL ORIENTATION: Los Angeles. FAMILY RELATIONS: One sister, one brother, a German shorthair Pointer, and one husband. PSYCHOLOGY: Those who know too much ... no doubt last years bacteriology partner. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Watching after the poor motherless lambs to see that they are not led astray, and conducting classes on " how to get c husband. " CURRICULUM: MARCIA L. WHITE EMBRYOLOGY: July 24, 1932 In Santa Barbara, Calif. DENTAL ORIENTATION: An unusual elevated apart- ment with ice box in living room, surrounded by candles, rare empty bottles, and ivy plants. FAMILY RELATIONS: Parents and small English Austin convertible, with ability to park on left over scraps of street. CLINICAL ANALYSIS: Devote life to saving childrens teeth and come home to a luxurious apartment with electricity, heat, deep freeze in monsterous kitchen and wall to wall carpeting. PRACTICE ADMINISTRATION: Royal custodian of Alpha Kappa Gamma. PSYCHOLOGY: Finding dimes for the milk machine. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Those dancing lessons that take up all of study hours. f cm 6orr i l G rff I CURRICULUM: JOANNE " JOSIE " WILCOX EMBRYOLOGY: November 7, 1931 in Hammond, Indiana, and followed her parents out in her kiddy cor to Arcadia. DENTAL ORIENTATION: Lovely, spacious University Hall with home on weekends to ease indigestion. FAMILY RELATIONS: Parents, a Hawaiian Ti plant, and a ' 49 Plymouth. PRACTICE ADMINISTRATION: In her stronger mo- ments, she is Treasurer of Alpha Kappa Gamma. PSYCHOLOGY: No snow on " them there hills. " EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Keeps those fifty cent movies in operation, and for exercise, zooms down the hills at Sun Valley. StaU UUNOfiRtrt EDITOR: JOHN LUNDGREN COMPOSITION SALES BILL MOLLE, Chairman MIKE BURNS DON COUCH DON COUCH EUGENE OLSON LOU HERBERS ADVERTISING FACULTY ADVISER KEN McCAMISH, Chairman DR. JOHN KOSER ART COPY SPENCE WILLENS, Chairman DICK BAUER EUGENE MANUSOV JON GRANT BILL MOLLE ERNIE HORANY DOUG SMITH DOUG MORGAN HANK OKAMURA PHOTOGRAPHY PETE SCHOENBAUM DAVID CHAMBERLAIN HAROLD WALLING KEITH TUTTLE DENTAL HYGIENE MARILYN MIERS MARCIA WHITE ;4c i MdecUfemeat4 Bob Gaugenmaier of Riccobon Co. Bill Retchin of S. K. Smith Co. John Bugle of Murray Gee Co. Art Alworth of University Press Parker Son Co. Dr. John Koser, Faculty Adviser Delta Sigma Delta Wives ' Club Psi Omega Wives ' Club James E. 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Western Ave., - L s Angeles 6, Calif REpublic 0271 p fict pattnm TRUBYTE BIOFORM® TEETH THE FIRST VACUUM FIRED PORCELAIN TEETH Reproduce the Lifelike and Beautiful Qualities of Healthy Natural Teeth and TRUBYTE® DENTURE VENEERS .. .Reproduce the Natural Color of the Living Tissue and the Anatotny of Natural Gum Contours Never before has it been possible to produce so lifelike, so beautiful, so natural looking dentures-and by such simple and easy to use methods! Now, for the first time, you can offer all your denture patients a com- pletely new concept of denture service — the modern esthetic denture with faithful reproduction of anatomy and amazingly lifelike simulation of natural tissue color, plus the inherent advantages of the beautiful forms, natural shades and greater strength of Trubyte Bioform Teeth. Ask your Trubyte Dealer or Dental Laboratory to show you the new Trubyte Bioform Veneer Denture and make your own comparison test! THE DENTISTS ' SUPPLY COMPANY OF N.Y. York, Prn7isiilvania 0iafS30 O-uUS ' fO 0-uUS60 When a patient asks about a toothbrush . . . In addition to adequate professional care, a simple suggestion, such as changing to the riglit toothbrush, often helps patients with serious gum dis- orders. Reports from professional men also in dicate that the right brush is equally important as an effective preventive measure. An Oral B can be prescribed for this purpose because the 2500 softer, smal- ler, smooth-top filaments are designed to be gentle as well as effective. These features make it possible to clean teeth without abrasion and massage tender gingival tissues without injury. Your patients will appreciate the Oral B be- cause it ' s both safe and pleasant to use. Write today for a supply of convenient prescrip- tion pads which have been prepared for the many doctors end hygienists who wish to prescribe the Oral B. 0%alS 448 SOUTH MARKET ST. • SAN JOSE 13, CAIIFOKNIA •••and be sure: ZxclMiioeUf. 1 Uie Cental Pialeiiian MULTI-FORM The new impression paste that makes either mucostatic or pressure type impressions. Never sticky. Rubs right off. Economical too. S fu nt REBASE MATERIAL The self curing plastic that assures uniform per- formance, maximum accuracy and uniform fit. Requires only one appointment as the material sets in minutes with no warping or dimensional changes. !u t f€€le ' ftt PLASTIC CEMENT The modern, improved medium for all cementation. Non-shrinking plastic cement adheres more efficiently to tooth structure as well as fusing with plastic filling material which makes it especially useful as a base under such material. Surgident plastic cement also prevents leaky margins, will not wash out, fuses to acrylic restora- tions and bonds to metal, porcelain, Vulcanite as well as tooth structure. IMPRESSION MATERIAL — pioneer reversible hydrocolloid that gives you a perfect ,, impression every time. Molded in five convenient sizes for the Hli ™ ' ' ' ° " applications to restorative dentistry, here is the ultimate ' ■ ' jl in accuracy for every impression from full mouth to the smallest inlay. -lOVt XI4TAL DEALER WILL SUPPLY YOU LTD. West Les Angelas 25, Calif. ORDCO GUARANTEED DIAMOND INSTRUMENTS THEY ' RE TOPS IN DIAMONDS O ROURKE DIAMOND COMPANY FACTORY GENERAL OFFICES 11423 VAN OWEN, NORTH HOLLYWOOD PHONE: STanley 7-5446 LOS ANGELES . MEMPHIS . OAKLAND . DETROIT . CLEVELAND • ST. PAUL . SEATTLE Congj atulations To the Class of 1955 As the Official Insurance Representatives of the Southern Cahfornia State Dental Association ' s various group insurance plans we invite your inquiries. The S.C.S.D.A. ' s Approved Policies are handled exclusively by our office. • All Risk Professional Liability • Fire Insurance on Equipment • Group Disability Income • Group Surgical Hospital • Group Workmen ' s Compensation May we send you the past issues of The Counsellor which discuss malpractice prevention techniques? KEELING COMPANY INSURANCE BROKERS 3558 West 8th Street Los Angeles 5, California DU 8-1391 " Specialists in Professional Protection " COMRATIILATIOBIS . . . ALWAYS SERVING USC ( onarat illations and l Dest ot cJ wck TO THE CLASS OF ' 55 O. SUTER DENTAL MFG. CO. Manufacturers of Quality Instruments for Over 20 Years LET US SERVE YOU 632 CEDAR ST.. CHICO, CALIF. Congratulations, Graduates! WILLIAM B. JADDEN, CL.U. ( MKplete ti4u% x tce " P ' lo fUMi yi tAc ' De Uc Suite 51 2, Statler Center Los Angeles 17, Calif. MAdison 6-5881 Best Wishes 816 So. La Brea Ave. Los Angeles 36, California WYomlng I 194 ( Oit V Xcd XOM . . RICCOBON STATIONERY SUPPLIES PRINTING ENGRAVING OFFICE FURNITURE n r 2920 SANTA FE AVENUE • LOS ANG ELES 58 , CALI F ?y m ' M ma cmae je ia (? i The Dental Perfection Company staff are specialists in converting products of the sea into materials which Dentists regard as the standards of the profession. For that reason- Over the years the name " DP " has become a synonym for dependability. In your new practice, you can depend on DP for impression materials of outstandmg dependability and accuracy-and for many other " Products for Progressive Dentistry. " for you in your new career is our sincere wish ! You are always welcome to call on us for any service we can render. ci€5ir»tii.l f3er ' fc;c;tioi cso. 543 West Arden Ave., Glendale 3, Calif. your professional skill merits the finest equipment... RITTER STOOU RITTER STERILIZER The Ritter CENTURY Motor Chair and Insfru-Matic Unit The Ritter Company presents efficient, modern dental equipment, designed to help you make maximum use of your priceless skills. Smooth op)erating, automatic features of Ritter equipment are planned to con- serve your physical energy, allow you to treat more patients. A touch of your toe and a flick of the switch, quickly bring the patient and the instruments to re- quired positions. Your selection of Ritter equipment will create an excellent impression among your patients as your practice grows steadily larger. Best of all, the Ritter Professional Equipment Plan makes it possible for you to start right with Ritter, with a minimum monthly investment. There are other services available to help you build a successful practice, such as Office Planning and Statistical services. See your Ritter dealer for additional in- formation and literature, or write to us. Remember, your professional success is our most sincere concern. Ritter C mi|Kwuj ' yic. RITTER PARK • ROCHESTER 3, NEW YORK Once again it was a pleasure to send you the Dental Students Magazine. We hope you enjoyed it and know that you will be equally as pleased with the many services of our laboratory. Quality Workmanship Personal Service Reliability Precision equals The Finest in Prosthetics Emphasis on Meeting your Most Exacting Requirements % t I Ma HOYT E. OENTAL LABORATORY 3612W. Pico Blvd. -RE 1-3161 Los Angeles 19, California Branches — Redondo Beach South Pasadena Sherman Oaks Looking for a Northern California Location? THE L. D. CAULK COMPANY 441 Sutter Street San Francisco offers the following Complete listing of desirable locations and associations Complete plannin g department Write for additional information i onarutututions to the Clad A of- 54 Doctors locating in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Nevada, we extend to you the most complete stock and efficient service from the finest suuply house in America. The Western Dental Supply Co. Member American Denial Trade Association 230 East South Temple Salt Lake City, Utah SWISSEDENTURE . . . professionally acknowledged to be the most valuable contribution to Prosthetic Dentistry in the last quarter century. Swissedenture is always either masculine or feminine . . . the only prosthetic restoration created with minutely detailed consideration of the S.P.A. Factor (Sex, Personality and Age of the individual patient). In your future practice, Doctor, remember that name . . . SWISSEDENTURE. C " JUAt44- aX4U INTERNATIONAL 373 No. Western Ave. Los Angeles, Calif. Phone HOIIywood 2-6421 J Cjcmi Moratory is (m Mjunct to a Qood Practice CAREfUL JUDGEMENT SHOULD BE EXERCISED IN SEEKING THE SERVICES OF A LABORATORY TO ASSIST IN THE CONSTRUCTION OF PROSTViETIC APPLIANCES. TO DO THIS MEANS CONSERV ATION OF CHAIR TIME FOR THE HANDLING OF MORE PATIENTS THE OUALIFICATIONS OF A GOOD LABORATORY ARE THE ' RD STICK OF DEPENDABILITY 1. QUALITY WORKMANSHIP 2. COMPLIANCE WITH PRESCRIBED INSTRUCTIONS 3. SERVICE 4 KNOWLEDGE OF MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES 5. BALANCED TECHNICAL DEPARTMENTS 6. PROGRESSIVE TECHNICAL STANDARDS 7 RELIABILITY Accrediteo by the Southern California State Dental BUTTRESS, DENNER (5 RICE DENTAL LABORATORY DU 7-3241 3923 W Sixth Street, Los Angeles Zenith 324 D 1 J Rmz OUR PRODUCT SERVING use DENTAL SINCE 1920 i flVirmMnrrtiiifiririiiTrmiiiiiM I II :(H S ' V ■ " " tj - -;- ' - -i-- ,iHj; w m m i .: Mm tm», 3 ' tm , t m vi m, ' i»-mmv ' « . " ' , " ' ■: -t Si--, ■ - mi «itumitf xfi ' • -«: t» f« tev

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1955, pg 17

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