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THE LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL THE COLLECTION OF NORTH CAROLINIANA C378 UZdl2 UNIVERSITY OF N.C. AT CHAPEL HILL 00030654934 FOR USE ONLY IN THE NORTH CAROLINA COLLECTION Form No. A-368, Rev. 8 95 KORTH CAROLINA COLLECTION SEP 12 19o5 DOCUMENT impressions 1984 University of North Caroiina School of Dentistry T ' t ' -4i ' i p IMPRESSIONS OF THE University of North Carolina School of Dentistry Volume One 1984 DEDICATION The premier issue of Impressions is dedicated to a rather large group of talented individuals who have forged a path before us and set a standard of excellence for all to follow. While perfection is an ideal to be attained, it is seldom achieved quickly but, rather, must be laboriously sought. Criticism and complaints, while necessary to make problems known, are no solution in themselves. Though dental school is incredibly stressful and strenuous, it is continuously evolving. Therefore, we salute those alumni who have not only scaled, assisted, taught, labored, and 99 ' dl themselves to freedom but have, in the process, brought about improvement and have left somethingi behind for us which was better than they found it. ' Our dental school has come a long way in 32 years. While saluting those who have brought the school; to its present condition, we recognize its shortcomings. We challenge students, faculty and staff to not i give in to complacency and tradition, but to constantly seek change for the betterment of the institu- tion, for yourselves and everyone who walks in behind you — be they students or patients. Though step 99 indicates completion, we seethe school at an earlier stage-an impressionable stage. That ' s step 49 isn ' t it? Impressions. I 2 I Dr. John C. Brauer, who was the Dean of the School of Dentistry, Jniversity of Southern California at Los Angeles, at the time of his flection, was appointed Dean of the new School at U.N.C. When fr. Brauer arrived in Chapel Hill in January of 1950, he established Itime table of nine months Ganuary-September, 1950) in which to iterview and select the first members of the clinical faculty; to esign a four-year curriculum leading to the D.D.S. degree; to Iterview and accept students for admission to the first-year class; I nd to provide adequate facilities for the teaching of pre-clinical purse work in the first two years of operation. Two World War II ‘uonset huts were procured and one of these was redesigned to low for the teaching of the preclinical technic courses. The ?cond quonset hut was modified to permit conduct of laboratory .rocedures and instruction in human anatomy. HISTORY C»Z i(Z Prior to June 1954, The State of North Carolina did not have a dental school to educate dentists to serve the citizens of this Commonwealth. North Carolina had to rely on its residents being accepted as students in the dental schools of other states. Fortunately, there were a number of graduates from various schools who elected to become residents of our state and to practice here. But, there were relative- ly few dentists to serve ou r people when compared with other states in the Union. Because of this situation the dentists of North Carolina, with the continued leader- ship of Dr. Henry O. Lineberger, Sr., initiated a comprehensive survey to determine the dental needs of the state. Considering the facts revealed by the survey, the General Assembly of 1949 authorized the activation of the School of Dentistry at the University of North Carolina. During the first year of that four year period of time, the Dental Foundation of North Carolina was established. Initial funds of $100 100 were raised, literally in a few days, from the dentists of the North Carolina Dental Society and friends. 1952 saw the completion of the first School of Dentistry building. In 1953 and 1954 graduate programs in oral surgery, orthodontics and pedodontics were initiated; in 1953 Continuing education courses were offered in Endodontics, Pedodontics and Periodontics; the first class of Dental Hygienists enrolled in 1953 and graduated in 1955; one textbook had been published, another one was in the process, and yet another one was on the drawing board; a correspondence course for dental assistants was being offered and claimed more student partici- pation than any of the correspondence courses offered by the Univer- sity at that time; and, a new concept in dental education was created in the Intramural (private practice) program for faculty participation. Closed circuit television was installed in 1956 by funds from the Dental Foundation of North Carolina. This system pioneered audiovisual services in dental education and was one of the first in- stalled and utilized in a dental school in the United States. At the same time a research laboratory in the school was equipped, and air con- ditioned, by the Dental Foundation of North Carolina. A program for dental assistant education was offered in 1957 funded by the Public Health Service as one of five in the United States. The original School of Dentistry building was air conditioned in 1964. 3 A portion of the first dental class and faculty. Can you First clinic patient, Ella J. Smith of Chapel Hill with (l-r) Dr. Walter Hall, Dr. Cecil Ha recognize Dr. Jack Shankle, Dr. Roger Sturdevant, Dr. Cecil Dr. Roger Sturdevant and Dr. John Brauer. Lupton and Dr. Clifford Sturdevant? Construction was begun for the Dental Research Center in 1965. This 45,000 square foot facility was made possible through initial, substantial funds contributed by dentists in North Carolina The school ' s first dean. Dr. John C. Brauer, resigned in 1966 and Dr. James W. Bawden assumed the leadership of the school. Within a short period of time the Dental Research Building was completed and dedicated. Within weeks ground was broken for a new dental school addition of over 100,000 square feet. During the late planning of this new facility, construction money became a problem. The dentists of North Carolina quickly came to the rescue and pledged $35,000 to insure the architects fees, in the event the state legislature did not approve money for the fourth floor of this facility. However, the people of North Carolina through the legislature provide«i the total additional amount for the construction of the fourth floor of th new School of Dentistry wing and the pledges were not needed after al It is meaningful to note the intended support by the dentists of Nort Carolina during this financial crisis. Prior to the construction of the Dental Research Center, the origin building was bursting at the seams and research space was borrowei wherever possible on campus for temporary use. The new Dent; Research Center was soon filled to capacity and became one of fiv regional dental research centers in the United States. 4 fter the new School of Dentistry wing was dedicated and occupied in 1967, space as absorbed quickly and within a year walls were being built to utilize the lacious waiting room areas for faculty and student needs. In 1969, a new undergraduate curriculum was introduced which differed eatly from the traditional curriculum, followed previously by this school and ost schools. Modification and evaluation continues, all of which is an effort to iprove instruction and educational opportunity. The old dental clinic was completely modernized in 1972 through gifts from private donors and the old pedodontic-periodontic wing has been redesigned as a modern 19 chair endodontic clinic, the most complete endodonic clinical facility known anywhere. The dental hygiene clinic in the early 70 ' s. 5 The fourth building has now been completed in the quadrangle between the old dental building and the Dental Research Center. This additional facility provides faculty offices, student lounges, student locker rooms and space for badly needed seminar rooms. Since it has been completed and occupied, the first floor of the old building may be renovated for oral diagnosis and oral surgery. The third floor of the old building has been completely redesigned for a student clinical laboratory, faculty offices for the Department of Endodontics, expansion and modernization of the Orthodontic Department, and lecture hall expansion. In recent years, through the work of Dean Raymond P. White and the present Dean Ben D. Barker, the school has continued to grow and to change along with the field of Dentistry. Following the Fall 1982 dedica- tion of the top two floors of the new wing, the school has begun quite a facelift with new dental operatories in DAU clinic, the Removable Prosthodontic clinic, and the Periodontics Clinic. I n addition there are new units in the Pedodontics clinic and major renovations in the " Jr. -Sr. " laboratory, of Lecture Hall B, the Main Clinic reception area, the Institutional and Professional Relations Offices, the LRC Laboratory, the Administrative offices and seminar rooms and, most recently, renovation in the Removable Prosthodontics Pedodontics reception area, the women ' s staff locker room and the screening clinic. A renovation of the main clinic equipment is in the works for the summer of 1984. Prior to the publication of this yearbook in 1984, the only student publication in the school of Dentistry was the " Bits and Burs " newspaper. The School of Dentistry, voted number one in the nation for two consecutive years in the early 70 ' s, has achieved international acclaim and probably possesses more diver- sified programs for undergraduate, graduate, dental hygiene, dental auxiliary teacher education, dental assistant education, dental research, and extramural programs than any other school of dentistry in the world. Acknowledgements: portions of this text are from the 1969 dedication bulletin of the Dental Education Building and from the summer 1975 edition of the Dental Alumni Association Newsletter. Photo credits: Institutional and Professional Relations, the Learning Resources Center and the Impressions staff. A bird ' s eye view of the campus prior to the construction of the Facult Lab and Office Buildir 6 Table of Contents Administration 9 Departments 15 Students 41 General Staff 73 Organizations and Activities 81 ADMINISTRATION 9 L Office OF THE Dean Bill Inman, Director of Budget Administrative staff: The Office of the Dean, seated (l-r): Pam Andrec Diane Deaton, standing (l-r): Ann Carr Hughes, Katie Wagstaff, Brerx Wheeler, Frances Nettles, Rita Bobbitt [1 10 Dr. H. Garland Hershey, Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs Administrative staff: (l-r) Betty Cates, Carolyn Andrews, Paula Hendricks. i Bernie Machen, Associate Dean ) F. Webb McCracken, Assistant Dean for Administration 11 Office of Predoctoral Education (l-r) Carolyn Harris, Administrative secretary; Marcia Lawrence, Administrative secretary; Brenda Rogers, Graduate secretary Carol Mooney, Registrar Dr. Ken May, Director of Student Affairs and Admissions 12 I- Terry Minor, Continuing Education; Sue Pendergrass, Secretary; Ed O ' Neill, Director; Prissy Allen, Dental Alumni oc., A.G.D., " Bits and Burs " advisor; Charlotte McFall, Dental Foundation Institutional AND Professional Relations Xdmissions missions staff; (1-r) Annie Lou Wright, Barbara Cassell 13 Learning Resources Center Dave Raney, director (l-r, standing) Dave Raney, Tom Edwards, (l-r, foreground) Terry Ratliffe, Brenda Mauer, Bill White, Pete Bedick, Ramona Hutton-Howe, Warren McCullom, Terri Volz 14 DEPARTMENTS ACAMMC AffAmi m SMOOimCS AOMMfmAfrvi A fA«S A 15 Dental Ecology Dr. Donald W. Warren, Chairman Dr. Roger E. Barton, Acting Chairman Dental Ecology Staff; (l-r) Laura Kimrey, Administrative Secretary-OFCDP; Kathy Kelly, Dental Assistant-OFCDP; Hov ' ard Stone, Jr., Dental Technician-OFCDP; Lynnell Cox, Dental Assistant-OFCDP; Darlene Brinn, Secretary-OFCDP; Margaret Bynum, Departmental Secretary; Janice Welch, Secretary-OFCDP; Linda Ford, Secretary; Jeanie Poole, Clerk, Dental Hygiene; Shirle ' Caraway, Secretary, Dental Hygiene; Lucille Brooks, Secretary, D.A.T.E.; Martha Barbour, University Administrative Manager (missing: Robin O ' Hare, Jessica Coutu, Helga Pinkerton and Katherine Farrar) 16 i BLOCK, M.J. □ALSTON, R.M. DRAKE, C.W. BOHANNAN, H.M. BRODER, H. MILONE, C.L 17 Endodontics Dr. Jack Shankle, Acting Chairman Clinical and Secretarial Staff: Sharon McBane, Margaret Farrell, Dental Assistants; Lynne Karasek, Administrative Secretary. (Absent: Gloria Paten) 18 Graduate student Steve Wheeler hard at work in the Dental Research Center I ints off for no lead apron 19 Fixed Prosthodontics Clinical Assistants Debbie Fisher, Faye Talley Dr. David Koth, Chairman Secretary; Mary Catherine Mowery BRANTLEY, C.E. HAYWOOD, V.B. HOLLAND, G.A. MURRAY, H.V. RICKS, R.M. 20 F;ed Prosthodontics Laboratory Staff: Sherry Montague, H. B. Oliver, Jackie Maynard, Fjgh Norfleet, Larry Strayhorn, Jim Lee 21 Operative Dr. Ted Roberson, Chairman Secretarial Staff: Barbara Hutchinson and Sandra Daughtry SHUGARS, D.A. LUNDEEN, T.F. SLUDER, BRUNSON, D. HEYMANN, H.O. WILDER. A. STURDEVANT, J.R. WALL, J.T. SOCKWELL, C.L STRICKLAND, W.D, STEWART, LK. 22 Intal Auxiliary Utilization: (Desk) Kelly Smith; (seated) Linda Stewart, ociate Director; Dr. Doug Strickland, Director; (standing) Tina Hodgin, ■ ' ■lyn Rigsbee, Cindy lllar, Kelly Truitt, Mary Braxton, Donna Howard, sent: Pam Fields DAU Secretary, Susie Schwentker D J Laboratory Staff: Steve DeBlanc, Sharon House, Barry Lee. 23 Oral Diagnosis 24 LOME, B.A. TURNER, S.P. TYNDALL, D.A. WHALEY, K.C. Oil Pathology Laboratory Staff: (l-r) Dr. Burkes, Karen Parker, Jonna Hslep, Karen Burns, Dr. Jacoway. 25 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Chairman, Dr. Ron Baker Secretaries: Mandy Hollowell, Sylvia Riley, Rose Phoreman 3e, Cynthia Harrison, Myla Fowler, Sara Lenoir Rigsbee, M. Davis, Siry Walker, Linda Thorpe 27 I llil.l- Orthodontics Dr. Bill Proffit, Chairman Secretarial Staff: (l-r) Nancy Arelland, Debbie Sparrow, Sandy Svoboda, Doris Ray I Clinical Assistants: (l-r) Jenny Leuter, Cindy Blake, Bonita Ray 28 laduate Students; (l-r) (seated) R. Soltmann, L. J. Bailey, L E. Stevens, R. E. Boyd, Andy })wn (standing) L. J. Leonard, J. P. Devereux, Holt Eoushee, D. H. Schellhase, A. J. i inski, R T. Bronsky, A. M. Stush 1 29 Pedodontics Dr. Ted Oldenburg, Chairman Administrative Secretaries; (l-r) Carolyn Gravely, JoAnn Blalock, Janie Womble, Sharon Reed 30 fdodontic Residents: (l-r) Johnny Johnson, Roslyn Crisp, John (iristensen, Phil Parker Pdodontic Assistants: (front row, l-r) Cindy Moore, Hygienist; Robin k Jford. (back row, l-r) Lynsey Matthews; Vanessa Nunn; Kris Knecht, Sjpervisor; Margie Wooding; Gai Martin; Pat Pulliam. Lab Technicians: Madelyn Bircher, Jeter Johnson 31 Some patients like to sit in the dentist ' s lap. Periodontics Dr. L. H. Hutchens, Jr., Chairman p j A i Kathy A. Dodson, Administrative Secretary; Jackie Terrell, Secretary JEWSON, LG. MCFALL, W.T. MORIARTY. J.D. SIMPSON. D.M. " Dear Father, preserve and vvatch over these pockets. Amen. " 32 j. AHHQUNCtUtNTS, [aimc I odontic Graduate Students: (l-r) William Morgan, John Lanz, Paula i rman, Timothy Wahl, Susan Banta, Randolph Oliver, Deborah e, Jeffrey Iglhaut John Jordon, Lab Technician 33 Removable Prosthodontics NELSON, D.R. PALIK. J.F. VON GONTEN. A 34 Administrative Secretary, Mrs. Morris thodontic Graduate Students; (l-r) Stuart Prymas, W. R. Gielincki, Bob Holmes M B Iding, B. Soucy, Dave Felton Don ' t uvCE I duate Prosthodontic Assistants: Kay er, Cindy McVey Lab Technicians: (l-r) Dexter Poe, Clarence Williams, Perry Jenkins, Bill James, Donna Champion, Ed Harper, Collins Clarkson. 35 Dental Assisting D.AXE. MORR, D.V, SAMS, D.H, SCRUGGS, R.R. WHITE, V.P. Mary George, Director of Dental Assisting and D.A.T.E. programs 36 Lucille Brooks, secretary, D.A.T.E. program )ENTAL Hygiene Jeanie Poole, Appointments clerk 4:hleen Morr, Director I MORR, K.E. TAYLOR. M.S. J intal Hygiene Faculty JENZANO, J.S. MAURIELLO, S.P. HOLLAND, J.C. TIMKO. D.A. WARREN, D.P. 37 Dental Research Center Dr. Philip Hirsch, Director BANES, A.J. COFFEY, J.C. JOHNSTON, M.C. KUSY, R.P. Faculty TURNER, D.T. CRENSHAW, M.A. DREYER, D.A. HANKER, J.S.1I MECHANIC, G.L. PEACH, R. TAYLOR. D.F. TOVERUD, S.U. LUNDBLAD, R.L. h i MINKOFF, R. C Peach at Mission Control [ NTAL RESEARCH CENTER STAFF L; Jeannie H. Ambrose Blanche P. Holloway V|.llace W. Ambrose Barry j. Horton cjlie A. Atwater Kathy H. Jennings Pjiny P. Bailey Sabine Kelischek Aiirtha N. Ballenger Patricia L. Keller b jise M. Bennett Catherine Lane J( n B. Berry Martha W. Lisk jfry W. Biggs Warren B. McCollum L da S. Brezin Rhonda G. Mercer C)ria S. Chandler Oliver G. Monbureau H ' bara J. Clark Natalie B. Moore dithia B. Coffey Sarah G. Smith T Dmas G. Deaton Donald B. Spillane K hleen L. Dittrich Gynthia A. Suggs Eli R. Dorgan Jack D. Voigt L inie W. Edwards, Jr. Dyal J. Weaver d|raid L. Featherstone Betty W. White jcj n R. Hagaman John Q. Whitley, Jr. B nda R. Haithcock Renee B. Williams Toy Hatcher B ' tye S. Hilliard Peggy F. Yates " Where ' s the Beef? " " Don ' t knock it, it makes a great cup of coffee. " 39 Now tell me what this thang is here. 40 STUDENTS A 41 Class of 1984 Class Officers: (l-r) Janet Arnold, Vice President; Charlie Nash, Treasurer; Dan Pender, President; Laura Parra, Secretary Steve Baker Raleigh N.C. State University 1 fmm Candy Alderman Statesboro, Ca. University of Florida Janet Arnold Elberton, Ga. Florida State University Rick Bateman (Maryanne) Raleigh UNC-Chapel Hill 42 Cary Applewhite Oanice) ,, Greensboro, Davidson College UNC-Creensboro Ken Auman Asheboro UNC-Chapel Hill Keith Beasley Favetteville UNC-Chapel Hill ( j Gary Beavers ■ Greensboro Tim Bridges (Donna Jo) Shelby UNC-Chapel Hill John Bishop (Cynthia) Charlotte UNC-Chapel Hill Phil Brintle (Norma) Mount Airy Guilford College 43 Chris Bouldin (Sara) Fayetteville East Carolina University Jim Buckthal Clinton UNC-Chapel Hil Ayden East Carolina University Jay Coyle (Mary) Charlotte Wake Forest University Artie Cooper Charlotte UNC-Chapel Hill Buel Combs (Jan) Burlington UNC-Chapel Hill Cam Cole (Patt) Fayetteville Pembroke State University Scott Davenport Charlotte UNC-Chapel Hill 44 John Dean (Karen) North Attleboro, Ntass. Brandeis University Sam Evans St. Pauls UNC-Chapel Hill Rich Dest Charlotte UNC-Chapel Hill Kary Dodd Pilot Mountain North Carolina Central University Bruce Feldstein (Kimberly) Maplewood, N.J. Rutgers University Claude Dowd (Linda) Fayetteville Fayetteville State University Steve Felts Greensboro UNC-Chapel Hill 45 Kevin Finnerty Bayonne, J.N. UNC-Wilmington Martha Ann Keels Floyd (Richard) Chatham Hall, Va. Duke University Martin Cambill West Jefferson N.C. State University Lawrence Gaskin Greensboro Hampton Institute Henry Fries Maplewood, N.J. Rutgers University Jeff Greenhill (Beth) Durham N.C. State University d Bill Curkin Vanceboro East Carolina University Todd Hamilton (Betsy) New Castle, Pennsylvania UNC-Chapel Hill John Highsmith Asheville Davidson College Michael Holesh Charlotte UNC-Chapel Hill Jennifer Hunter Asheville Elon College Jane Holt (Vance) Reidsville UNC-Chapel Hill Mark Hyman Greensboro UNC-Chapel Hill 47 Emmett Jones (Melissa) Jacksonville UNC-Chapel Hill Bill Kallam (Robin) Reidsville UNC-Chapel Hill Doug Kellogg Greensboro Emory University Jeff Kennedy (Becky) Swarthmore, Pa. Duke University Jeff Kenney West End University of Miami Lynn Lewis Jefferson UNC-Chapel Hill 48 Pam Linker Kannapolis UNC-Chapel Hill Dan Makely (Vicki) Raleigh N.C. State University Frances McClure Reidsville UNC-Chapel Hill Henry V. Murray, III Chapel Hill East Carolina University Dave Mandalinich Parma, Ohio Ohio State University Bill McDermott (June) Sanford UNC-Chapel Hill Recruiting Pedo patients. Charley Nash (Cynthia) Winston-Salem UNC-Chapel Hill Nick Nawfel (Penny) Waterville, Maine University of R.I., University of Maine 49 MMMPH ... at least he didn ' t stuff his Coke can in my mouth when I asked for the chair. Beth O ' Neill (Jeff) St. Petersburg, Fla. Duke University Steve Patty (Dia) Burlington UNC-Chapel Hill Laura Pittman Salisbury Emory University 50 Dr. Auman told you to do what?? Laura Parra Ocala, Fla. UNC-Chapel Hill Dan Pender Pikeville East Carolina University, UNC-C Tom Pezdek (Nancy) Chocowinity N.C. State University i -Demetrious Pourlos (Susan) Charlotte Appalachian State University Ron Schwartz Rochester, N.Y. Cornell University Greg Shell (Dawn) Moreanton UNC-Cnapel Hill Richard Redding (Eugenia) Greensboro, UNC-Greensboro, Old Dominion University Paul Richmond (Dina) Salisbury UNC-Chapel Hill Fran Sciolino (Danielle) Durham UNC-Greensboro David Scurria (Mary) Columbus, Ohio Miami of Ohio 51 Keith Taylor (Ellen) Charlotte Clemson University Veronica Siafacas Winston-Salem Duke, N.C. State University Albert Tuttle (Dana) Burlington N.C. State University 52 Bruce Sinden Morganton Wake Forest University Johannah Tyson Durham North Carolina Central Univers Kevin Upton (Mitzi) Wake Forest UNC-Chapel Ftill Cathy Watkins Gastonia UNC-Chapel Hill Tom Vinson (Debbie) Murfreesboro Chowan College, N.C. State Univ. Phillip Woods Burlington UNC-Chapel Hill George Walker Kernersville Duke University Brad Williams Wilmington UNC-Wilmington Henry Zaytoun Raleigh UNC-Chapel Hill Chris fools Pam with his ventriloquism act. 53 1 Wally Schacht 2 Bill Straka 3 Toni Mascherin 4 Bob Machlus 5 LaRosa Pinnix 6 Hayden Patino 7 Joe Hendrick 8 Michael Chou 9 Kenny Holton 10 Eric Rivera 11 Kenny Morgan 12 Bobby Ziglar 13 Scott Menaker 14 David LeMay 15 David Clontz 16 Debbie Hensley 17 John Davis 18 Harvey Ham 19 Ralph Leonard 20 Terry West 21 Dinah Vice 22 Angie Prentice 23 Keith Shell 24 Roland Jones 25 Sue Minneman 26 Rouse Wilson 27 Mark Stephenson 28 Jim Baker 29 David Feeney 30 Blaine Kennington 31 Becky Tate 32 Juhnie Park 33 Amy-Jo Fischer 34 David Burton 35 Jeff Morrison 36 Don Bland 37 Hillary Rogers 38 Mark Chintala 39 Ria Harris-Collins 40 Dave Robertson 41 David Jarvis 42 Jim McKenzie 43 Jeff Rickman 44 J. B. Godley 45 Gregg Gilbert 46 Bill Coco 47 Billy Williams 48 Ed Hickman 49 Barry Belton 50 Tim Burgiss 51 Kelly Surratt 52 Barb Oberlander 53 Kent Moore 54 Scott Francis 55 Rick Dimsdale 56 Gloria Nichols 57 Nancy Hart 58 Debbie Anders 59 John Romulus 60 Kevin Arthur 61 Chris Reese 62 Bill Long 63 William Litaker 64 Jon Lindsey 65 Mike Hamby 66 Todd Martin 67 David Heath 68 George Kostakis 69 Michael LaPointe Absent: Beth Bjornson Jim Dadouris Dave Darab Joe Devlin Lois Knauff Kyler Morris Joe Petrone Marvin Robinson 54 55 Four extraction credits short of graduation 56 Todd consoles his patient, ' Are you sure you ' ve never had this reaction to Xylocaine before? " 57 Class of 1986 58 or 1 Philip Jiamachello 26 David Howdy 51 Thomas Drew 2 David Boyd 27 Alex Rossitch 52 Chris Brown 3 Coleman Burgess 28 Michael Jackson 53 Mark Parris 4 Bill Burrow 29 William Brown 54 Mac Summer 5 Quyen Chang 30 Ted Morris 55 Alston Daniel 6 Rick Dadouris 31 Sandy Tarlton Absent 7 Becky Jackson 32 Bob Kent David Andrews 8 Scott Rehm 33 Lynette Maxwell Tim Brown 9 Michael Hasty 34 John Robertson Mary Bullard 10 John Hooker 35 Jeff Loft in Joe DAngelo 11 Vance Knight 36 Mark Davis Brad Lreeman 12 Michael Cherry 37 Sherry Cunsett Sharon Hill 13 Bill Hawks 38 Ted Vossers Gale Hounshell 14 Jerry Reeves 39 Mike Toulou pas Jerre Kennedy 15 Walter Scott 40 David Moore Karen Kenny 16 Dave Cianciulli 41 Bob Hollowell Doris Knight 17 Smoak Ackerman 42 Mark Bowman Ken Merritt 18 Jan Ellis 43 Clay Sanders Mark Meyer 19 Doug Jewson 44 Greg Valeriano Tony Molina 20 Darrell Current 45 Trip McClendon Mark Moore 21 Lauren Patton 46 Michael Gordon Jim Sciote 22 Toni Powell 47 Jamie Maddox Bart Swarr 23 Ken Washko 48 Chip Temple Jan Tardell 24 Jeff Leal 49 Hal Mohorn Vic Turner 25 David Price 50 Bob Schiffel Kirk Wilkie 59 " You mean it ' s electric? " ' That ' s okay, now TWO INCHES DEEPER. " 5:01 p.m. Friday. 60 t ' ned down the lead in Flashdance for this! " ' h; do you mean you need one more monkey? I J Loose Prosth. Class of 1987 1 Tom Leech 2 Marie Kelly 3 Tom Cox 4 Suzanne Posner 5 Carol Richmond 6 Ray Ferri 7 Kim Perry 8 Karen Hoffman 9 Gil Pettit 10 Sarah van Venrooy 11 Fred Vohwinkel 12 Claire Wilson 13 Mary Walton 14 Kevin Hendler 15 Debbie McCormack 16 Karen Barwick 17 Bert Pearce 18 Harold Speight 19 Tim Grinder 20 Hal Taylor 21 Mark Casey 22 Donna Hager 23 David Guarrera 24 Barry Farzelle 25 Robert Ogden 26 Jim Sutherland 27 Bob Miller 28 W T. Rhodes 29 Greg Griffin 30 Gaye Obermayr 31 Gary Starr 32 Cindy Nichols 33 Lynn Styers 34 Anne Whaley 35 Alan Bortz 36 Jim Graham 37 Arabella Malone 38 Celeste Hunter 39 JeffEfird 40 Mike Iguilzi 41 Steve Smiley 42 Wendy Willoughby 43 Gary Rusch-Behrend 44 Sharon Nicholson 45 Ed Geisel 46 Halina Meson 47 John Hoskins 48 Terry Thompson 49 Nona Breeland 50 George Simmons 51 Craig Gillikin 52 Michelle Anderson 53 Curtis Newsome 54 Robert Gaskin 55 Dave Lambert 56 Todd Crowley 57 John Wood 58 Roy Gaines 59 John Yeager 60 Bob Gentry 61 Dan Nichols 62 Alan Grant 63 Rick Van Gurp 64 Ron Nason 65 Dennis Ross 66 Jim Hughes 67 Mike Kania 68 David Stroup 69 San Zwetchkenbaum 70 Mike Kirsch 71 Chris Nevant 72 Vincent Allison 73 Max McGee 74 Robert Grander Absent: Chip Clayton Michael Graham Bennett Houston Mark Icard Stacy Smaltz Karen Wall Debbie Warren-Hicks Joe Wells Robin Wiencek Fr ' ihman Clas Officers: Front row (l-r) Debbie McCormack, Treasurer; Ray Ferri, Pr )ident; Tim Grinder, Honor Court Representative. Second row (l-r) Tom Leech, Secretary; Arabella Malone, Spurgeon Representative; Max McGee, Vice President. Atent: Bert Pearce, Carol Richmond, Sam Zwetchkenbaum. A 63 " I ' m glad I sent off for those Playmate microscope slides! " " Move these three molecules of wax from thj disto-linguo-axial line angle coronally and ther etc. . . The DTH: an oasis of relaxation. " Guess who just checked off my wax up, fa-la-la- la-la-la-la-la-la-la. . . " 64 Arabella Malone bears down on 50.000000 grams of stone. 65 Dental Hygiene II Dental Hygiene Class of 1984: Front row (l-r) Fran Whitesell, Wanda Cole, Dyna Lyall, Ann Moore. Second row: Jenny Smart, Tonia Hayes, Michelle Miess, Cathy Prevo. Third Row: Michelle Hairston, Angela West, Priscilla Saunders, Cheryl Hutton. Fourth row: Valerie Holmes, Pam Hall, Jackie Powell, Joy Peeler. Fifth row: Wendy Donaldson, Cathy Allred, Karen Austin, Jan Stoughton. Sixth row: Elizabeth Exum, Priscilla Harper, Rebecca White, Mica Ellis, Dee Faulkner. Dental Hygiene Officers: Front row: (l-r) Jan Stoughton, Social Chairman; Mica Ellis, Spurgeon Representative; Priscilla Harper, Treasurer. Second row: Michelle Hair- ston, Vice-President; Ann Moore, President; Fran Whitesell, Honor court representative; Cathy Prevo, Honor court representative. Absent: Michelle Miess, Secretary. 66 }ENTAL Hygiene I Class Officers: front (l-r) Jeanne Jones, Honor Court Representative; Diana Babson, Secretary Treasurer; Melissa Smith, Honor Court Representative; Beth Flocco, Social Chairperson, top (l-r) Tricia Gray, Vice President; Shirley Jernigan, Social Chairperson; Donna Bradshaw, President; Beverly Hester, Spurgeon Representative. t: (l-r) Priscilla Gerald, Revonda Dellinger, Angela Bradsher, Robin Johnson, Lisa Weaver, Kathie Whitesell, Barbara im. Top: (l-r) Henri Parham, Diana Babson, Shirley Jernigan, Debbie Brown, Beverly Hester, Liz Bradley, Jeanne Jones. •nt: Kathy Angle, Tricia Gray, Susan Evers, Lynne Moody, Lorrie Cleary, Donna Dejong, Cheryl Bland, Toni Hemphill, Melson, Beth Flocco. 67 D.AXE. D.A.T.E. class. Front row: (l-r) Joan Laylon, Bonnie Tolson, Judith Steele; Second row: Priscilla Levine, Constance Lady, Melissa Crowley, JoAnn Gallo; Third row: Debra Ascolese, Wanda Barnes, Phyllis Holland, Pamela Machnik; Fourth row: Cynthia Chappelka, Alison Larkin, Cynthia Ellis, Eileen Albrecht. 68 :ental Assisting rill Assisting Class of 1984 (l-r) Front row: Kim Pridgen, Patricia York, nie Lashley, Lisa Wood, Wendy Jones; Second row: Laura Bowen, Susan C ' ane, Matisa Bolen, Teresa Roberts; Third row: Jennifer Scarborough, nie Burke, Wendy Molton, Sara Edwards; Fourth row: Lori Stephenson, ’€ Bullock, Laura Grissom, Sharon Lynch; Fifth row: Catherine Beck, tSmith, Kim Wiggins; Sixth row: Sharon Stanley, Phyllis Blalock, Regina lil, Sandra Clifton, Brenda Yancey; Seventh row: Angie Knight, Judy 3rd, Joy Shields, Lynn Snuggs; Eighth row: Ronda Helton, Tina Cola, [e ioles, Trenette Oxendine. Absent: Tracy Saunders, Lee Ann Couch, Medlin, Dee Dee Russell. Dental Assisting Officers: seated, Matisa Bolen; (l-r) Phyllis Blalock, Patricia York, Jane Boles 69 70 Happy Hour. 72 GENERAL STAFF i 73 Dental Data Center Data Center Coordinator: Doug Sturdivant Maintenance Maintenance: Bob Jessup and Ray Womble Mailroom coordinator: Betty Blacknell 74 •ENTAL Supply I supply staff: Lib Dodson and Vic Blacknell Electronics Electronics and audiovisual equipment: Ron Goldstein DUSEKEEPING ?keeping staff: (l-r) Front row: Isabel Atwater, Russell Garrett, Louvenia Thompson, Manzie Smith, bodard. Second row: Annie Mae Coleman, Geraldine Burnette, Velma Cates, Lola Gattis, Rufus . Back row: Larry Baldwin, George Thompson, Garland Evans, Alfred Foushee, Glossie Johnson, Kelly, Melvin Penny. 75 Appointments Student appointments: Marti Parker, Paulette Smalley WAir N6 LIST Main Clinic Supply Switchboard Main Clinic Supply: Debbie Marlow (left) and Brenda Jackson and Betty Brittain (right) 76 ;:reening Desk Radiology r?ning Desk; Carol Hayes, Betty Jo Thomas Leslie Gaddy tests a new clinic uniform. Greening Assistants SJ ju» CXSS n Radiology Staff: Ava Fogleman, Nancy Atwater, Martha Landon. Assistants: Edie Foster, Ginger Cole HARTROOM lajroom; Sharon Winters, Jean Cross 77 Hospital Dental Service Hospital Dental Faculty: (l-r) Dr. Phil Webster, Director; Dr. Glen Minsley, Dr. Gene Sandler, Dr. Mike Hairfield NCMH Graduate Practice Residents: (seated) Diane Grumpier, Cynthia Hodge (standing, l-r) Tom Gilbert, Mark Sivley, Gene Glover, Dave Hunter. bsenf; Debbie Seaton, Michael Givens, Bruce Barker. Staff, assistants: (l-r) James Ragland, Betty Moss, Rende E ans Melissa Rudnicki 78 iLM Facial Communicative Disorders Program f. (standing, l-r) Dr. Roger Dalston, Speech and Language Pathologist; Laura Kimrey, Administrative Secretary; nald Warren, Dental Ecology; Dr. Ron Strauss, Dental Ecology; Dr. Dave Felton, Prosthodontics; Kim Urich, Social Worker; lliam Trier, Medical Director; Dr. Hillary Broder, Psychologist, (seated, l-r) Dr. Camilla Tulloch, Orthodontics; Dr. Dave , Plastic Surgery; Dr. Diane Dilley, Pedodontics; Dr. Mike Hairfield, Hospital Dentistry. r) Darlene Brinn, Janice Welch, Howard Stone, Jr., Laura Kimrey, Kathy mnell Cox i 79 Dental Faculty Practice Assistants; Front: (l-r) Susan Gray, Pat Shaw, Carolyn Lamar; Second row: Susan Roberson, Linda Byrd, Debbie York, Beverly Brittain, Virginia Johnson. Back row; Deborah Baker, Sandra Brown, Terri Horton, Deborah McGuire, Denise Repass, Amy Kirch- gessner, Susan Vollum. DFP reception staff; Marie Roberts and Nan Carroll Insurance Microbiology Lab Microbiology Lab: Sue Hilkie and Dr. j. J. Crawford Insurance staff: Susan Dark and Jackie Sowter J 80 ORGANIZATIONS AND ACTIVITIES i Of Spurgeon Dental Society Spurgeon Dental Society Officers 1983-84: (l-r) Barbara Ingram, Secretary; Kent Moore, President; Ted Vossers, Vice President- Bob Hollowell, Treasurer Members, Spurgeon Dental Society A.A.D.R. American Association of Dental Research Represen- tative Gregg Gilbert with 1983 award winning table clinic. Determine Effect of PHt j on Protem Sjrntfiewt of Normal CtnjivAl Ftbroblacti NEW EVIDENCE EQR the pathogenesis OF phenytoininduceo GINGIVAL OVERGROWTH. 82 ! S.D.A. iHcan Student Dental Association 3;sentatives Dave Darab and Dave tialinich iA.D.S. igcan Association of Dental Schools 31! tentative Bill Straka S.A.D.H.A. Student American Dental Hygiene Association: (l-r) Rebecca White, Jeanie Jones, Dee Faulkner, Angela Bradsher, Barbara Ingram G.RS.R Graduate and Professional Student Federation Representatives Bob Hollowell and Debbie Anders 83 ¥ Q Psi Omega Officers: Front row: (l-r) Mark Stephenson, Janet Arnold, Toni Mascherin, Jim McKenzie. Back row: Don Bland, Billy Williams, Kenny Holton, Tim Burgiss, Scott Francis. ■ji ISkUL 1 1 L ' Psi Omega: Front row: (l-r) Sherry Gunsett, Vic Turner, Scott Francis, Tim Burgiss. Second row: Joe DAngelo, Bill Long, Don Bland, Emmett Jones, Veronica Siafacas, Jane Holt, Kevin Finnerty, Mark Stephenson. Third row: Dave Robertson, Janet Arnold, Jim McKenzie, Toni Mascherin, Ria Harris-Collins, Hillary Rogers. Fourth row: Billy Williams, Kenny Holton, John Romulus, Mike Hasty, Ted Vossers, David Moore, Ed Hickman, Paul Richmond, Dr. David Dobson. 84 ti irl 3V iigma Delta: Front row: (l-rt) Sam Evans, Amy-Jo Fischer, Lois Knauff, Jennifer Hunter, joe Petrone, Charley Nash, )avis. Second row: Mark Bowman, David Health, Kan Auman, Jeff Rickman, Bill Coco. Third row: Jeff Gaskin, Tom lim Buckthal, Scot Davenport, Albert Tuttle, Cary Beavers, George Kostakis, Dan Pender. A 85 M S.N.D.A. Student National Dental Association: Seated (l-r) Johanna Tyson, Sharon Hill, Jennifer Hunter, Kim Perry Standing (l-r) Marvin Robinson, Eric Rivera, Walter Scott, Curtis Newsome, Sharon Nicholson, Hayden Patino, LaRosa Pinnix, Vincent Allison, Kary Dodd, Robert Gaskin, Jeff Gaskin, Philip Woods Below left: AAAAAAAAAAGGH! Eric Rivera participates in free SNDA screening for local child- ren while Marvin Robinson (below right) looks for a volunteer. S.H.A.C John Hooker ' 86 and Carol Richmond ' 87 get early clinical experience at SHAC. 1983 SHAC coordinators Barry Belton and Don Blatf ' 1 xB 86 HAC Coordinators: (l-r) Dave Cianciulli, Michael Cherry, Mike Hasty PRESSIONS ::ture selections were made by Susie, our impartial judge. IMPRESSIONS STAFF: (l-r) Mark Stephenson, Barbara Ingram, Scott Francis, Doug Sturdivant, Rouse Wilson, " Susie " , jim Faker, Bob Hollowell, David LeMay, Mrs. Leonard Jewson. {Absent: Ken May, Charley Nash, Kenny Holton, countless others) 87 The Odontoblasters Dental Wives Dental Wives Officers: (l-r) Mary Gray Leonard, President; Denise LaPointe, Treasurer; Mary Ann Heath, Vice President. 88 89 We Wish You A Rainbow! Elizabeth O ' Neill Greenhill and Jeffrey Mark Greehill FROM THOSE WHO LOVE YOU Warmest Congratulations To Our Son Dr. George Steven Felts and to his friends of the Graduating Class of 1984 BEST OF LUCK TO ALL George and Grace Felts " Pity the fool that doesn ' t bring a button! " r ) i 90 To Our Son DR. JAY J. COLE CONGRATULATIONS Thank Heavens To Our Son Your Mother and Father and Future Associate Gregory K. Shell Congratulations to our Daughter Class of 1984 Priscilla Sam and Decie Harper Dr. and Mrs. John Shell Morganton, N.C. 91 Congratulations — Best Wishes To Our Son and Brother Dr. Kevin P. Finnerty and the Graduating Class of 1984 All Our Love, Mom Patricia Bill and Liz Mary and Joe Joseph and Ava James and Carolyn Dot and Ron Anne Daniel Bernadette and Joe 92 Congratulations To Our Son Dr. Francis J. Sciolino God Bless You and Good Luck Instructor: " Lord help me. " Student: " Lord help me. " Patient: " Lord help me. " Congratulations To Our Daughter TONIA HAYES Upon Her Graduation, May Success, Good Health and Happness Fill Your Future Love, MOM DAD Congratulations Good Luck and Success To Our Son Dr. Bruce Feldstein All Our Love, Lillian and Leon Feldstein I just found out the only reason you ' re here is a clejzal errorf ' 1 r-4 93 " Yes, the chartroom-North has migrated again. " MR. AND MRS. ROBERT W. MAKELY PROUDLY CONGRATULATE TTTEIR SON Dr. Daniel R. Makely YJe Wish You Health, Wealth and Happiness through all your years Dr. George L. Walker Congratulations and Best Wishes Dr. and Mrs. W. T. Walker To Our Son 94 Good Luck and Success To f Our Son Dr, L Richard “Rick” Bateman Larry N. Bateman Mr. and Mrs. Harvey T. Skaggs Good Luck and Success to Dr. Catherine Ann Watkins Your Grandmother and Your Great Aunts Christine T. Watkins Aline and Mable Todd 1984 CONGRATULATIONS -BEST WISHES TO OUR UNCLE DR. KEVIN R FINNERTY KRISTEN, JILL, SEAN AND CASEY " Yea, I bet your car broke down. " 96 May Your Tomorrow Be The Best iWe Ve done our homework for itomorrow. , Times change . Needs change . That ' s I why your gas company is constantly [Studying new and better ways to serve [its present and future customers . G-as has been proven to be the most efficient, most economical energy [there is . More than half of all the icountry ' s residences and commercial 1 businesses now use gas . American [ industry and agriculture also depend [heavily ongas . Andabundant supplies [Of gas are available to give us the 1 efficient energy needed for today and tomorrow. PUBUC SERVICE COMRANY 1 OF NORTH CAROLINA, INC. " You want how many charts? " Congratulations HYGENIC Sr. Dr. May surprises Carolyn by walking on the wall. manufacturers of • DENTAL DAM, CLAMPS ACCESSORIES • CUTTA PERCHA POINTS • PAPER POINTS • ENDODONTIC FILES INSTRUMENTS • DENTURE OPERATORY RESINS • DENIAL WAXES • DENTAL TUBINGS THE HYGENIC CORPORATION 1245 HOME AVENL AKRON, OHIO 44310 TELEPHONE 216-633-846 ' 98 to the Class of Striving to better serve the dental profession Merchandise • Teeth • Equipment Office Design • Service • Practice Counsel Thompson Dental Company Since 1899 Charleston, S.C. ■ Columbia, S.C ■ Greenville, S.C. Charlotte, N.C. • Greensboro, N.C • Raleigh, N.C Congratulations CLASS OF 1984 WE HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON. Dental Alumni Association Dental Foundation of North Carolina, Inc. School of Dentistry Continuing Dental Education AHEC Continuing Education 100 The Jelenko System Products - Pro5rams - People . . . designed to serve the dental profession and craft in the tradition of excellence you have come to expect from Jelenko. JELENKO denial healih products 99 BUSINESS PARK DRIVE ARMONK NY 10504 USA 101 Healthco helps you succeed in the business of dentistry. Healthco is a full-service major dental supply dealer offering the most to the dental profession. Let Healthco be your personal counselor. With our years of experience you can relax in the knowledge that you are dealing with a staff of experts. Healthco dental dealers throughout the United States and Canada, provide much more than just merchandise and equipment. Listed below are but a few of the areas in which Healthco can be of assistance to you: • Provide you with personal Healthco Field Consultants • Help you select a town through Market Analysis • Counsel you in Associateship, Partner- ship, Group Practice and Institutional Employment • Help you pick a location and type of building • Counsel you on building, renting, or leas- ing your office • Help you sell or buy a dental practice • Design your office with our expert space planning specialists • Help you determine concept of operating • Furnish specs on dental equipment, par- titions, electrical and plumbing layout to the contractor • Help you get financing with Healthco Professional Services Corp. (HPSC) • Help evaluate your Personal Financial Analysis • Help you determine office policy • Help you hire dental hygienists and office personnel • Set up your billing and collection system • Provide you with Practice Management counselling • Set up an Inventory Control System • Help you buy merchandise economically — Custom Acquisition Program (CAP) • Furnish fast, reliable service technicians • Give you specially prepared monographs: Where is the Best Location for your New Dental Practice, Safeguards for a Successful Dental Partnership. Considera- tions in Setting up a Dental Practice, and Associateship vs Individual Practice • Help you decorate your office • Help you select dental equipment best suited to your needs. ■Healthco Dental Supply The practical way to run your practice Healthco Dental Supply 1500 Blue Ridge Road Raleigh, N.C. 27607 (919) 828-1482 (800) 662-7656 (NC) Healthco Dental Supply 406 West 32nd Street Charlotte, NC 28206 (704) 372-8850 (800) 432-7758 (NC) (800) 438-6094 (outside NC) 102 L On Behalf of the UNC Dental Parents, Congratulations to the Dental Class of 1984 for the fine work 1 ' and excellent scholarship I you have completed. I I We are sure that the knowledge acquired in your years at the I UNC School of Dentistry i will afford success in pursuit of your professional career. We wish you good health and happy life. UNC Denta-l Parents 103 TYTIN amalgam restoration after IVi years. R r the fcvTKXis frish that!; long-l Ws easy enough to see the TYTIN finish. But there ' s something you can ' t see — the ease with which TYTIN mixes, pacb, and carves. Get the amalgam that gives you everything — great workability, durability, and an enduring luster. TYTIN — from S.S. Vl ite. S.5.WHITE PEmW LT PRODUCTS ■ EQUIPMENT health chemicals ® S.S. White Dental Products International, 1983. Three Parkway, Philadelphia, PA19102. 105 Freshmen complete first checkstep: Find mouth. r. 106 JcK Rental H T » ' .SW " ALL ABOARD! Next stop Operative and Crown and Bridge. " " What do you mean, no doughnuts??!! " Just another day in jr-Sr Lab. Vanessa teaches the Cookie Monster how to brush his gums following his full mouth extraction. 108 " It ' s still working " Impressions photo staff; " 43 rolls to go, huh? " 109 A Phil Woods, Doug Kellogg, Toni Mascherin and Don Bland of Overjet. Exotic dancing tonight???? I ' ll be there! no Awards Banquet — March 29, 1984 PPRECIATION AND TEACHING EXCELLENCE TO STAFF AND CULTY A Linda Stewart (Teaching) Cynthia Chappelka (Appreciation) Sara O ' Daniels (Appreciation) Margaret Farrell (Appreciation) Lynn Saunders (Leadership Recognition) HI Donna Warren (Teaching Excellence Faculty Appreciation) Kathie Morr (Faculty Appreciation) Jeanie Poole (Staff Apprectiation) HII Joyce Jenzano (Teaching Excellence) Jan Holland (Faculty Appreciation) Jeanie Poole (Staff Appreciation) A.T.E. Darlene Sams (Teaching) Pam Klute (Appreciation) eshman Class Dr. Duane Dreyer (Faculty) iphomore Class Dr. John Jacoway (Faculty) Dr. Heruy V. Murray (Faculty) Dr. Dave Brunson (Faculty) jnior Class Dr. Ed Kanoy (Faculty) Sara O ' Daniel (Staff) Inior Class Dr. Ed Kanoy (Faculty) Dr. Donald Nelson (Faculty) Dr. Frank Brantley (Faculty) Sara O ' Daniel (Staff) Margaret Farrell (Staff) Brenda Jackson (Staff) Research Fellows (Recognition) David Darab Gregg Gilbert It Henry Zaytoun ! Tom Pezdek I Kenny Morgan Kent Moore (Martha Ann Keels Floyd ;Eric Rivera :iBill Straka Vjo ' s Who (Recognition) (Ken Auman i_ Ifan Arnold ■ pames Buckthal m John Dean 4 Fodd Hamilton |i [ohn Highsmith ft [eff Kenney » Dave Mandalinich n Fran Sciolino A V ickye Secrist « ’eter Bronsky If Timothy Wahl ft nn Moore t Hary Catherine Prevo j| ERICAL COLLEGE OF DENTISTS ; ■ (en Auman “I FRIEDY GOLDEN SEALER AWARD • ’riscilla Ann Saunders D ALUMNI AWARD ' 1 dary Catherine Prevo SI VIA PHI ALPHA MEMBERSHIPS ' " ' 4 4ttm Kathryn Moore oy Lynn Peeler ran Scarlett Whitesell )oima P. Warren (Faculty Category) ERTA BEAT DOLAN SCHOLARSHIP onna Faye Brandshaw usan Poole Evers X JICAL ACFCEVEMENTS AWARD FOR DA I ngie Knight CE ' VHT KNUDTSON ACADEMIC AWARD 1 rankle Biurke RICAN ASSOCIATION OF ORAL AND vL! ILLOFACIAL SURGEONS teve Patty AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ORAL MEDICINE Kevin Finnerty UNC AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN ORAL PATHOLOGY Dave Mandalinich AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ORAL PATHOLOGY Jeff Kenney GROVER C. HUNTER AWARD IN PERIODONTICS Pam Linker AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PERIODONTOLOGY Dave Mandalinich QUINTESSENCE AWARD FOR CLINICAL ACHIEVEMENT IN PERIODONTICS Candy Alderman PIERRE FAUCHARD ACADEMY AWARD Demetrios George Pourlos ACADEMY OF GENERAL DENTISTRY Janet Arnold D. A.T.E. ALUMNI AWARD Priscilla Ra)rve Levine DENTAL ECOLOGY AUXILIARY ACHIEVEMENT DENTAL HYGIENE Fran Scarlett Whitesell D. A.T.E. Cynthia Ellis C. V. MOSBY SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS 1st Yr. D.D.S. Marie P. Kelly 2nd Yr. D.D.S. JohnT. Vossers, III 3rd Yr. D.D.S. David P. Robertson Scott H. Francis David C. Feeney David J. Darab QUINTESSENCE AWARD FOR RESEARCH ACHIEVEMENT Martha Ann Keels Floyd TABLE CLINIC AWARD Gregg Gilbert DENTAL ECOLOGY COMMUNITY ACHIEVEMENT AWARD TO GRADUATING SENIOR Charles F. Nash SOUTHEASTERN ACADEMY OF PROSTHODONTTCS James S. Baker DENTSPLY INTERNATIONAL AWARD IN REMOVABLE PROSTHODONTICS Demetrios G. Pourlos AMERICAN COLLEGE OF WOMEN DENTISTS Janet Arnold AMERICAN ACADEMY OF OPERAHVE DENTISTRY Candy Alderman AMERICAN SOCIETY OF ENDODONTICS Albert Tuttle AMERICAN SOCIETY OF ORTHODONTICS Heruy Zaytoun AMERICAN SOCIETY OF DENTISTRY FOR CHILDREN CERHnCATE OF MERIT Martha Arm K. Floyd ACADEMY OF DENTISTRY FOR THE HANDICAPPED Mark Hyman MONTE MISKA FIXED PROSTHODONTICS AWARD John Highsmith INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF DENTISTS Jeff Kennedy RECOGNinON OF OKU Jan Arnold James Buckthal Todd Hamilton John Highsmith Martha Ann Keels Floyd Jeff Keimedy Jeff Kenney Pam Linker Dave Mandalinich Steve Patty ALPHA OMEGA FRATERNITY AWARD James Buckthal DWIGHT CLARK MEMORIAL AWARDS In Dental Assisting: Phillis Godwin Blalock In Dental INgiene II: Becky White In 4th Year Dentistry: Dan Pender RICHARD HUNT AWARD FOR TEACHING EXCELLENCE C. Frank Brantley EDITOR ' S NOTE This is of cou rse the first yearbook ever for the UNC School of Dentistry. I hope you enjoy it. The staff has done its best to cover the activities of the past year in the school and to photograph everyone who works, educates, is educated or lives in the school (or all of the above). I will, however, apologize in advance to the scattering of people who blinked, balked, frowned, oversmiled or perhaps were overlooked by the camera for whatever reason. I hope there will be a lens prowling after you next year. I wish to thank a number of people for its success: Prissy Allen for resources and ideas, Joel Sheer for direction. Dr. Dan Shugars for motivation, LRC for film developing, Alisa for your encouragement, ideas and patience ( " I ' ll be home real soon " ), the Len Jewson family for motivation, a place to work, meet and eat, Doug " Flashdance " Sturdivant for staff support Dr. Ken May for faculty supp ort. Rouse and David for endless darkroom hours ( " how many more rolls????? " ) Bob and Barbara for layout after layout, Mark for photos, photos everywhere, Chaz for fun and flair, Scott and Kenny for taking care of business, Ken and Kent and Spurgeon Dental Society for financial support, Dental Alumni Association for supplies and financial support. Dr. Mike Peele and Jeff Kennedy for cartoons, James LeMay of Moo U, for cover graphics and many hours of work. Thanks to the many, MANY others who have given of themselves in the past year and indeed to the hundreds of you who have given us the encouragement and faith to see this project through. NOTES FROM THE BUNCH We realize that this Yearbook will be improved for years to come but that there always must be a first. We hope that financial growth and your support will bring a colorful, hardback Annual in future years. Our final suggestion is that " Impressions " be the annual project of the Junior D.D.S. class with strong aid from all areas of the school. It ' s been real. IMPRESSED? Thanks to Beth Flocco, D.H. I, for suggesting the name " Impressions " for the Yearbook, to Wallace Ambrose, D.R.C., and TimCrinder, D.D.S. class of 1987 who gave us the same suggestion after we had received Beth ' s. Thanks also to the other entrants and the Dental Alumni Association for giving us prizes for our " Name the Yearbook " contest. Thanks also to Scott Francis, Ken May, Doug Jewson, Donna Warren and Ken Auman for helping select the name. -JE- IMPRESSIONS STAFF 1984-84 VOLUME ONE Editor Jim Eaker, Class of 1985 Layout Editor Bob Hollowell, Class of 1986 Associate Layout Editor Barbara Ingram, DH class of 1985 Photography Editor Rouse Wilson, Class of 1985 Associate Photography Editor David LeMay, Classof 1985 Business Editor Scott Francis, Class of 1985 Sales Chairman Kenny Holton, Class of 1985 Copy Editor Charley Nash, Class of 1984 ADVISORS: Mrs. Leonard Jewson Mr. Doug Sturdivant Dr. Ken May Susie, the Wonderdog PHOTOGRAPHERS Mark Stephenson Rouse Wilson David LeMay Eric Rivera Beth Bjornson Doug Jewson Learning Resources Center Dr. Leonard Jewson William Brown countless others. . . . CARTOONISTS Jeff Kennedy Dr. Mike Peele Dental Alumni Association Files COVER DESIGN James LeMay, NGSU (Moo U.) School of Design PRINTING Sheer Associates of Chapel Hill SALES Claude Dowd Mark Davis Ralph Leonard Doug Sturdivant Cynthia Chappelka Debbie McCormack Susan Jernigan Amelia White TREASURER Bob Hollowell LAYOUT Mark Davis Bob Kent Chris Brown Sandy Tartlon Hillary Rogers many others. . . . ■f. i I I ( 1 i . A i» I Bridgeport National Bindery, Inc. JAN. 2008

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UNC School of Dentistry - Impressions Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 55

1984, pg 55

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1984, pg 123

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UNC School of Dentistry - Impressions Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 107

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UNC School of Dentistry - Impressions Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 117

1984, pg 117

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