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UMDNJ School of Osteopathic Medicine - Articulations Yearbook (Stratford, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Cover

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OF ART AND SCIENCE an artist who practices Without people science well — I am nothing while others I am told — choose but. to invent and I would rather to discover be nothing rather than than what to create . . I am told yet. (to be) that brings no loss In this profession But . . . (the loneliest of professions) there is we survive a balance because and we our clients do tend to judge (sometimes) each other by how well We work hard we pivot with no one to guide us The art and our is so only leadet boundless is GOD — so 1 and even choose it — he will not the science let us is forever know the answers changing so one We swing can never back and forth be (too) wrong between two manmade mediums In practice of art and science . . . we come close we make ourselves to being the happy one (and only) by which of |ust think . . the two I have held we claim a heating heart to profess in the palm ot my hand Speaking and may have for myselt changed (a) life I am L KENNEDY MEMORIAL HOSPITALS-UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER Stratford Division P TninTnjn " " " " ninnmn lininiimni,,,,. KENNEdy Memorial HosditaLs IMvim ' tv Midlc»L TM M»J» ItACMWO AFflUAn Of m wvitsm or mcdkiw aw ocktotwy Of HVM JtRSCV KENNEDY MEMORIAL HOSPITALS-UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER Washington Township Division WiHIIIW l " M! .. fellill.lHlf. KENNEDY MEMORIAL HOSFTMLS UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CEKTER CMCMV MILL WVISKW KENNEDY MEMORIAL HOSPITALS-UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENT Cherry Hill Division 3 5 6 9 10 14 I like others will change the sadness from pain into joyness from relief and probably do so by just the way I speak or look into a pair of eyes I AM an artist that is why I choose this struggling life( style) 1 will be questioned and accused and envied and hated bul I Will still maintain the created symmetry Colleagues may choose only science and actually cure the ill, bul never will they know the true answers because (as I have said) GOD will not tell . . . The artist who works without a brush but with a scalpel and a syringe and most of all a pen Yes, the pen the instrument which is the link of art and science Now, I know 1 will always study and practice no matter how poor the future, for this artist can never quit as long as there is the profession with its pen, GOD and his answers, and people Robert G. Busch 29 The Graduates 51 Kristen Jane Albert David Beatty 55 Sandra R. Benanti I shall pass through this world but once, any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer it nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again. Eric J. Berman 38 Best wishes for luck and health to all my classmates Tom Robert Busch " rnnm II i keep having this thought of the medical student who is obsessed with Gross Anatomy. He studies the subject at school and at home until early morning. He is completely fascinated, and soon hopelessly compulsive. Then, one night, in a quick act of despair, he takes the scalpel to his own flesh. He atteapts to dissect his own arm in order to elucidate the orientation of its nerves and vessels. As he scrapes away the tissue he feels no pain. He is excited as he watches real blood drip froa his extremity. He continues in blood soaked pants and sleeve --- until his roommate enters the room and gasps at the horrid sight. But the student doesn ' t quit, he just sighs with relief. He is releaved to see that his parts match the illustration of the atlas. Then there is pain. Finally the realization overcomes his. He faints to the floor. As I keep having this thought, as compulsive as that student, 1 also wonder if I will go that far. To attain more than knowledge. To be more concerned with " how " rather than with " what. " Scott D. Callaghan 1, July, 1988 Residency in Neurology Medical College of Virginia Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, Virginia Special thanks to you, Helen. I could have never done it Thanks Mom and Dad. without you. 12 Beto Curnow A mis querides Padres y tia Gracias a Dios y Ustedes, he llegado A donde estoy. Thanks to my wife, Linda, for her loving support and under- standing. 1- IS Mari di Pasquale Prayer From My Wife She prayed to fern and stream and to whatever conscious force felled death — She prayed to her children ' s eyes and the music of lutes. At night, she turned to love, the flowing stars and the softness of the moon. And soon, an energy (blue, bouncing, bright), myriad swimming lights, steering her dream. Omar Estivill Robert S. Goodwin Howard Heidenberg jvyjlfit Hov yje. curt alL m a feurru £o jjrsdiut-tt. But Jooyier [|?aji arty is realize, w will be UKjnj bacK avid rmtwbin ra ffecje tfit ood old days ' . ' fteiweevi (Am tiw 3 , -tAere wnyuj laxly ntomncj fhmi U1LL5 and tapers thai Waki u$ up. During thtsi mmrdj, I hope I can Tmmbtr tht kMt$ " tff vA no om ttedL m antjtfuno " , thi tcmt it nu (LdutssioYi tkfarview whtn I fttuL {fiat I WM cL to kip peopk.,. 1 dtdtcatt Kits pcujt fa Jiwfity, for xfczn ' k W toej flj " vttlL % the jood jowi , ikMiIti jtr pkuitij both ywtktr and jritwi J)ad, wj great is t olM I ($ ha $ fdkr and 7WI {fiat t M art. — 1 Seth L. Jaffe With my deepest love and appreciation for being ifS S S with me and supporting me during the last four s ' pf jj ||fl | jj Ml ft S J R» Love, 007 INVESTMENT TREND LINE as. John Christopher Kollar 57 Arthur Kuper Leland Lee Brian E. Longendyke To my family (mom, dad and Tom) whose love and support have made a dream come true. To my friends for making my four years fun, and memorable And, especially to Elisa whose love patience and support has made my life complete. I love you all. 60 George Reynolds McCullen Robert D. Mills John Ellis Minor I share this page with my wife and parents so as to give my corner P Thank you for being there with your love, caring and support. 69 Theresa Redling Catherine Jean Schiano I ' ve saved the summer and I give it all to you to hold on winter morning when the snow is new. I ' ve saved some sunlight if you should ever need a place away from darkness where your mind can feed. I know no answers to help you on your way the answers lie somewhere at the bottom of the day. But if you ' ve need for love I ' ll give you all I own it might help you down the road ' till you ' ve found your own. Janice M. Siciliano Sara Jane Sterner Craig Steven Turner Marc Scott Yallof Together So come me And sit down next to me. Let me wrap my arms around you, Your body next to mine. We won} mind the cold And won ' t care about the dark. It won ' t hurt you. It cant. Ill be here Next to you. And well have each other Well need nothing more. Who cares what they all say I don ' t And if I though! you did I Tien I would not be here Next to you I ' d be somewhere ehe All alone. So sit beside me, 1st the warmth be our uide And leari us together Until the day we depart For things more profound. At least , we had each other, At least for a tittle while Untitled . . grant me my plea That I may live on still more And when the time is indeed here, I will go ' With something left behind Jar people to know ' Ihal I was here. I shall pass through this world " but ance. If, therefore , there be any kindness I can show, or any good thin£ I can do, let me do it now; let me not defer it or neglect it, for I shall not oass this way a .ain. ATTENDINGS AND RESIDENTS 93 JUST JGKIN S SECTION ' , IS NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY I WHY I ' M A DO - The dog ate my AMCAS application - Had influenza during ail eight MCAT exams - Had a goober hanging from nose during entire RMS interv 1 ew . - Drank heavily while writing personal statement of AMCAS application. Pat lust drank heavily. - Had Hepititis during all four years of college with acute exaserbat ions during each set of finals. Sounds unbel leveable I know. - Had an Acute Gasous episode while leaving RMS in ; view I was so close - Granada sank. - Didn ' t believe in the germ theory in college. Still do believe in the germ theory. - Had a 1.5 cumm GPA . - Filled out wrong application. Thought AMCOMAS was AMCAS - Stupidi ty . - Didn ' t cheat enough in college. - Knew an MD once. - Told the truth why I wanted to become a doctor during RMS interview. - Too much personality? - Not synical enough to become an MD if you can believe that - Needed something to bitch about. PRE-BOARDS Scott D. Callaghan Curriculum Vitae ; Kindergarden (certificate) Elementary (certificate) High School (Diploma) B.S. Zoology(can get alot of jobs with this degree) Ph.D. tract (unfinished due to boredom) Killington Ski School (I nstructor ' s certificate) Kitty Hawk Hang-glidding Schbol (Crash landing certificate) UMDNJ-SOM (Ost. Student)what is aiOst. Status: unknown Miscellaneous ATLAS HOLDS THE WORLD Atlas on my shelf atlas on my desk atlas lies in front of me and underneath my head Atlas is all pictures atlas reads so fast atlas gives me Orientation and that ' s all that really matters Atlas holds the world and tilts it to one side atlas takes me from here to there in body, world and light At last I see it atlas showed me how at last I have opened up my eyes to the importance of Orientation SOM GRADUATION PARTY RMS-SOM GRADUATION PARTY COME A TIME Come a time and date we will have our way Keep that time in mind and I will never have to worry about the future Remind me anyway Paul I. Abend Humana Hosp., Fla. Lindenwold, New Jersey 10 Overlook Road Thoracic Surgery UMDNJ-RWJ Summit, New Jersy Neurology Union Hospital Scott D. Callaghan Family Medicine and Rehab 112 E. Yorkshire Avenue Mitchell J. Faktor Northfield, New Jersey 42 Glen Avenue Kristen Jane Albert Atlantic City Medical Center Lakewood, New Jersey 4 Black Oak Drive Neurology KMH-UMC Ocean View, New Jersey Otorhinolarngology Monmouth Medical Center Anna A. Collado Anesthesiology 2818 Heath Avenue Daniel Ferrante Bronx, New York Christiana Hosp. Janet F. Bancroft KMH-UMC Delaware 147 Edison Street Ob-Gyn Ob-Gyn Clifton. New Jersey KMH-UMC at Saddle Brook Beto Curnow Robert S. Goodwin Anesthesiology 218 Wade Avenue 12314 Mt. Pleasant Drive Lindenwold, New Jersey Laurel, Maryland David Beatty Atlantic City Medical Center U. of Maryland Philadelphia, Pa. Internal Medicine Dermatology St. Joseph ' s Hospital Edward R. Deal David Mark Hirsch Jodi Alisa Benett 24 Maplewood Drive 4929 Woodland Avenue 105 Harrison Road Maple Shade, New Jersey Drexel Hill, Pa. Wayne, New Jersey KMH-UMC Mercy Catholic Medical Center KMH-UMC Internal Medicine Physical Medicine and Rehab. Ob-Gyn Gregory W. De Meo Seth L. Jaffe Eric J. Berman 4504 Fox Run Drive 7 Coventry Square 210-B Princeton Road Plainsboro, New Jersey Bridgewater, New Jersey Haddonfield, New Jersey KMH-UMC KMH-UMC KMH-UMC Ob-Gyn Orthopedics Pediatrics Alan Deutsch John Christopher Kollar Patrick James Boland 507 Trent Court 6 Spencer Court 103 Trent Court Lindenwold, New Jersey Wyckoff, New Jersey Lindenwold, New Jersey KMH-UMC KMH-UMC at Saddlebrook rv ivi n - u ivi Neurology Cardiology Radiology Thomas E. Brandiesky ivitiri ui rajuuaie 34 Westminster Place Arthur Kuper KMH-UMC 37 Holiday Road Manalapan. New Jersey KMH-UMC Otorhinolaryngology Edison, New Jersey KMH-UMC Psychiatry Leland Lee 2207 Sandra Road Voorhees, New Jersey St. Barnabas Medical Center Robert G. Busch Omar Estivill 707 Kingsrow Apts. Livingston, New Jersey Surgery 102 Brian E. Longendyke 686 Millbridge Apts. Clementon, New Jersey KMH-UMC Internal Medicine Anthony Macasieb Perth Amboy General Hospital Internal Medicine Robert M. Mako 18 Mako Court South River, New Jersey KMH-UMC Radiology Anthony Masciarelli 17 McKee Road Gibbsboro, New Jersey KMH-UMC Internal Medicine George Reynolds McCullen 102 A Avon Road Haddonfield, New Jersey KMH-UMC Internal Medicine Joseph C. Millin, Jr. 2 Willowbrook Lane Linwoodk, New Jersey Bryn Mawr Hospital Gastroenterology Robert D. Mills 261 Ridge Street Newark, New Jersey St. Michael ' s Medical Center Internal Medicine John Ellis Minor 320 W. Branch Ave., Hidden Valley H Pine Hill, New Jersey Presbyterian Hosp. Therapeutic Radiology Gregory Novotny Atlantic City Medical Center Internal Medicine David A. Orr 49-08 Fox Run Drive Plainsboro, New Jersey KMH-UMC Internal Medicine Ann-Judith Peterka Clifton, New Jersey KMH-UMC at Saddle Brook Ob-Gyn Robert James Ponzio 3910 Boulevard Avenue Chelsea Heights Atlantic City, New Jersey KMH-UMC Orthopedics Theresa Redling Morristown Hospital Internal Medicine Jeffrey Saluck 1752 Fireside Lane Cherry Hill, New Jersey Humana-South Broward Family Practice Catherine J. Schiano 30 Crafton Avenue Staten Island, New York KMH-UMC Family Practice Janice M. Siciliano 510 Grassmere Avenue Interlaken, New Jersey- Jersey Shore Medical Cente Internal Medicine William Jay Smolinski 802 Millbridge Apts. Clementon, New Jersey KMH-UMC Internal Medicine Neil Speth Santa Barbara, California Internal Medicine Patrick M. Sterling 16 Filippone Way West Paterson, New Jersey KMH-UMC Sara Jane Sterner 1717 Merriam Drive Martinsville, New Jersey KMH-UMC Family Practice Michelle Tomlinson Woodbridge, New Jersey KMH-UMC Family Practice Craig Steven Turner 100 Wedgewood Drive Cinnaminson, New Jersey St. Mary ' s Hospital Emergency Medicine Frank A. Vassallo 215 Quail Run Apts. Lindenwold, New Jersey KMH-UMC Family Practice Craig Robert Wagner 27 Van Ripen Rdl Wayne, New Jersey KMH-UMC Internal Medicine Marc Scott Yallof 3 Queens Place Old Bridge, New Jersey KMH-UMC Internal Medicine SM 1PROI LOSE IT ALL Lose it all gain it back Fight fot what is owed Wait for time pay for time Fight for what is owed Reach so high never cry Dream — you ' re all alone Poems by: Robert G. Busclt BE CAREFUL Be careful what you say never say too much don ' t lead any one to any ideas . . . forget about what they say Never write about your father never write about your mother be careful what the readers think but don ' t let any one down When you count to yourself count like this: 3, 81, 2, 101, 642, 34, 7, 420 .. . when you count out loud count like this: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 . . . and so on Don ' t be late because some one is waiting (or they may be disappointed) be prompt because you can ' t afford to waste their time — don ' t be early or you ' ll waste your own Don ' t talk about your wild ideas no one will understand just walk around with over-confidence and they ' ll wonder where you ' re off to Keep it clean never curse comb your hair tuck in your s hirt Be brave be strong do what is right then say good-bye to every one 104 UNION RADIOLOGIC GROUP, P.A. N.M.R. C.T. Invasive Angiography Nuclear Medicine All Routine, Contrast and Joint Diagnostic Radiologic Procedures M. Abend, D.O. M. Jaspan, D.O. S. Zinn, M.D. J. Goodman, D.O. R. Class, M.D. M. Kessler, M.D. GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE GRADUATES to SPONSORS Charles Steiner, D.O., F.A.A.O. Stephen S. Chankin, D.O. Gary S. Packin, D.O. Mr. and Mrs. W. Brandeisky PATRONS Clifford A. Botwin, D.O., F.A.A.O.S. Donald Barone, D.O. Alex S. Macaione, D.O. Sanford J. Paul, D.O., F.A.C.E.P. Dr. Stanley S. Benger, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Robert Thompson Frederic Skinberg, D.O. Allan Goldberg, D.O. Dr. Edward L. Lundy Dr. and Mrs. Michael C. DiMarcangelo Dr. William Vilensky Mrs. Dermitri J. Floros Mrs. Stella Charmel Mr. and Mrs. E. Longendyke John Fitzharris, D.O. Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Smolinski Joseph J. Smolinski Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Faktor Berlin Family Practice Assoc., P. A. In appreciation of the men and women of science and medicine who share a commitment for the advancement of health care. PHARMACEUTICALS Meeting the challenge of science and medicine today 110 CONGRATULATIONS To The CLASS OF 1987 From The DEPARTMENT OF PEDIATRICS UNIVERSITY OF MEDICINE AND DENTISTRY OF NEW JERSEY SCHOOL OF OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE Thomas F. Santucci, Jr., D.O. Martin A. Finkel, D.O. Mark P. Jocobson, D.O. Leslie A. Tadzynski, D.O. Jane L. Coleman, M.D. Joseph V. Salvia, D.O. Cornelio F. Mojica, M.D. Frank A. Briglia, M.D. Josephine W. Ashmead, M.D. Robert G. Nagele, Ph.D. Alice Lazzarini, M.S. Etienne J. Phipps, Ph.D. Lydia E. McMorrow, Ph.D. OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE " . . . to promote the public health, to encourage scientific research, and to maintain and improve high standards of medical education in osteopathic colleges. " Constitution of the American Osteopathic Association IN 1860, WE GAINED THE TRUST OF THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY. NOT A DAY HAS PASSED THAT WEVE TAKEN IT FOR GRANTED. Reed Carnrick Piscataway, New Jersey 08854 Riverside Hospital An Osteopathic Community Hospital Examine The Potential For You At Riverside Hospital • Fully accredited, progressively administered, 97 bed, teaching hospital • Offering, a full service, supportive atmosphere for the osteopathic physician •■ Excellent practice opportunities in the area • Located in the Washington-New York corridor, Wilmmgton has a full variety of cultural, educational, and recreational opportunities • Combines the science of medicine with the art of caring • AOA approved for 6 rotating internships •■ Renovation and expansion programs in progress For more information, Norval R. Copeland - Executive Director Call or write " Raymond F. Roonev, D O. - Medical Director Riverside Hospital 700 Lea Boulevard. Wilmington. Delaware 19899 (3021 764-6120 113 ••• •• — — METROPOLITAN HOSPITAL THE BALANCED APPROACH TO HEALTH Grand Rapids, Michigan Offering: Residencies internships Externships For more Robert Bowman, D O information: Director of Medical Education 1919 Boston S.E Grand Rapids, Ml 49506 (616) 247-7078 40 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATING CLASS of 1987 UNIVERSITY OF MEDICINE and DENTISTRY OF NEW JERSEY SCHOOL OF OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE The New Jersey Association of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons 114 Kennedy Memorial Hospitals University Medical Center The Major Teaching Affiliate of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey- School of Osteopathic Medicine Cherry Hill Division Cherry Hill, NJ ■■ i ww - Washington Township Division, Turnersville, NJ A modern 607-bed multi-hospital system combining the advantages of a sophisticated teaching hospital with the intimate, caring atmosphere of a community hospital setting. Approved Internships: 50 Approved Residencies: • Internal Medicine • General Surgery • Family Practice • Obstetncs Gynecology • Pediatrics • Anesthesiology • Radiology • Urological Surgery • Orthopedic Surgery • Proctology • Pathology • Otorhinolaryngology— Oro facial plastic surgery Approved Fellowships: • Nephrology • Medical Diseases of the Chest • Gastroenterology • Cardiology • Hematology Oncology KENNEdy Memorta! HospiiAls Univfrsm) Mi dicAl Center Corporate Offices: 113 East Laurel Road, Stratford, NJ 08084 (609) 346-7900 ■1 A. R. Pirolli. President Richard E. Murray, Sr. Vice President 115 uMiujuii i nii . imiw » mK com to wmm nr n THi- is GSPITAL UNION HOSPITAL 1000 GALLOPING HILL ROAD UNION, NJ 07083 201-687-1900 At Union Hospital, our success is translated into an unceas- ing quest for excellence in education, medicine, nursing and patient care. Working closely with a medical staff attuned to the importance of the learning process, your skills as an osteopathic physi- cian will be enchanced through participation in carefully- designed educational programs, daily interaction with the ex- pertise of ancillary staff and concentrated exposure to advanced technological resources. With a medical education program consisting of 300 teaching beds, U.H. invites you to shape your professional goals amid the setting of a modern and expanding community hospital. Residency programs are provided in: • Anesthesiology • General Surgery • Radiology • Emergency Medicine • Proctology • Otorhinolaryngology • General Practice Facial Plastic Surgery • Internal Medicine VICTOR J. FRESOLONE, PRESIDENT ANTHONY N LAFALCE, DO , VICE PRESIDENT OF MEDICAL AFFAIRS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1987 ASSOCIATES IN RADIATION ONCOLOGY, P.A. DEPT. OF RADIATION ONCOLOGY COOPER HOSPITAL UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER CAMDEN, NJ. 08103 Paul E. Wallner, D.O. Chief Dov Gorshein, M.D. Robert A. Lustig, M.D. Jeffery Wenger, M.D. Elida Rouby, M.D. Albert F. Sccriato, M.D. " BEST WISHES AND GOOD LUCK " Frederick G. Meoli, D.O. Louis M. Gallo, D.O. Richard F. Liszewski, D.O. Charles L. Nutinsky, D.O. 117 In Loving memory of Frank P. Schiano whose spirit continues to help guide us to appreciate the simple and ordinary blessings of every day life. To my daughter, Catherine Jean Schiano, and the class of 1987. " The glory of God sleeps everywhere. May He awaken in your hearts a life of wisdom, grace and happiness. " With congratulations and much love, THE SCHIANO FAMILY MOM, JOSEPH, FRANK AND BARBARA f t DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE Chairman Andrew A. Pecora, D.O.. Professor Division Heads Raymond A. Adelizzi, D.O., Assistant Professor Thomas A. Cavalieri, D.O., Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine John C. Chiesa. D.O., Assistant Professor David V. Condoluci, D.O., Assistant Professor John W. Fitzharris, D O.. Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine Nathan Freed, D.O.. Associate Professor James C. Giudice, D.O, Professor Louis A. Papa, D.O.. Professor Joseph M. Pitone. D O., Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine Faculty Andrew M. Alloy, D.O., Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine Kevin G. Barber, D.O, Assistant Professor Anita Chopra. M.D., Assistant Protessor of Clinical Medicine Frank W. Corbally, D.O., Assistant Professor Stephen J. Daly, D.O., Assistant Professor H. Timothy Dombrowsky, D.O, Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine Lloyd J. Forman. Ph.D., Assistant Professor Robert Gordon, D.O., Clinical Associate Professor Russell Griesback, Jr., D.O., Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine Carl E. Hock, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Thomas F. Morley, D.O, Assistant Professor Elyse Perweiler, R.N.. Adjunt Instructor El is Maria dePriori, M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor Harvey P. Rotman, D.O., Assistant Professor Frederick A. Schaller, D.O., Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine Theodore Weinberg, D.O., Clinical Professor Silvio J. Zappasodi, D.O., Clinical Assistant Professor BEST OF LUCK! Mark L. Belafsky, M.D. Robert B. Belafsky, M.D. Scott L. Bush, D.O. OTORHINOLASYNGOLOGY David J. Hock Jr., D.O. GENERAL PRACTICE FAMILY MEDICINE 1504 Blackwood-Clementon Rd. Blackwood, N.J. 08012 609-228-0144 119 CONGRATULATIONS 1987 GRADUATES! Paul L. Coniglio, D.O., P.A., A.C.G.P 330 Parsippany Blvd., R.D. 1 Booton, N.J. 07005 Albert J. Belli, D.O. Internal and Pulmonary Medicine 8 N. White Horse Pike Suite 111 Hammonton, N.J. 08037 120 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ' 87 DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHIATRY UMDNJ — SOM Richard C. Simmers, D.O. G. Lee Lerch, D.O., P. A. Dominick A. Barone, D.O. PEDIATRICS AND ADOLESCENT MEDICINE 619 Laurel Rd. Laurel Springs, NJ. 08021 (609) 435-6000 Donald J. Frachtman, D.O. Dean Ambrose, D.O. 361 N. Main St. Glassboro, N.J. 08028 (609) 881-8618 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1987 from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of UMDNJ — SOM 9 GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1987 Cherry Hill Orthopedic Surgeons, P. A. Richard J. Naftylin, D.O. Mark J. Reiner, D.O. Andrew J. Gelman, D.O. PROFESSIONAL RADIOLOGY ASSOC., P.A. KMH — UMC STRATFORD DIVISION STRATFORD, N.J. 08084 122 TRI-COUNTY ORTHOPEDIC PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION Kenneth P. Heist, D.O., F.A.C.O.S., F.A.O.A.O. Roy L. Gonn, D O. John K. Mariani, D.O. BEST WISHES from F.K. Shockley, D.O J.R. Pietras, D.O. R.I. Barsky, D.O. UROLOGICAL surgery CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1987 Sincerely, Barbara and Sonny DeMeo BEST WISHES FOR CONTINUED SUCCESS Lonny D. Matlick, D.O. OTOLARYNGOLOGY HEAD AND NECK SURGERY L23 TRI-COUNTY SURGICAL CO. PHYSICIANS SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT Charles Ostroff 112 Pavilion Ave. Riverside, N.J. 08075 (609) 461-6176 (ft RUSTIC MATERIALS CO. INC. 51-R Hurley Pond Road Farmingdale, N.J. 07727 Stone Dust, Gravel Fill Sands, Crushed Stone, Clay Plants in: Wall TWSP Belle Mead Richard J. Redling (201) 938-4424 Louis C. Haenel, D.O. 25 E. Laurel Road Stratford, NJ. 08084 J 4 % 124 9

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