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Articulations University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey School of Osteopathic Medicine 1986 6 11 STUDENT NEWS UMDNJ SOM Students at Annual J F K. Five Mile Run On Wednesday night, September 19, members of the third year class of SOM were present at the annual Kennedy Memorial Hospitals Five Mile Run. This grand event was held during National Osteopathic Medicine Week at Cooper River Park in Pennsauken, N.J. The run is just one part of Kennedy ' s annual celebration of NOM Week. Members of the class of ' 86 were on hand at the event to administer health screenings. All participants in the race were invited to have their blood pressure taken before the race, and then again after the race. This prac- tice was met with much enthusiasm by all those who ran the five mile course. Free blood pressure screenings were also offered to those who came to watch. Some students manned the water s top at the 2.5 mile point, and were a welcome site to the runners. This also ensured that medical staff was present at the start, middle and finish line of the race. All in all, the event was a huge success with over 150 runners and a large au- dience to watch the run. SOM students, along with the many other employees and House staff of Kennedy Hospital, ran in the race. The Third year class took blood pressure screenings and performed OMT. Graduates JANE ELLEN ARONSON, D.O. B.A. ' 76, Hunter College THE LITTLE PRINCE Antoine de Saint Exupery " All men have the stars, " he answered, " but they are not the same things lor different people. For some, who are travelers, the stars are quides. For others they are no more than little lights in the sky. [• ' or others, who are scholars, they ire problems. ...But all these stars are silent. You--you alone--will have the stars as no one else has them- - " THANKS FOR HELPING ME THROUGH Sheila Mac Charles Elaine Caren Pat Mom David Pops Aunt Ivy Uncle Norman Eric Arthur Bob Ken Ellen ET Roberta Linda Michael THE VELVETFUN RABBIT Margery Will iams " What is KKAL? " asked the Rabbit one day, when they wore lying side by side near the nursery fender, before Nana came to tidy the room. " Does it mean having things that buzz inside you and a stick-out handle? " " Real isn ' t how you are made, " said the Skin Horse. " It ' s a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but RKALLY loves you, then you become Real. " " Does it hurt? " asked the Rabbit. " Sometimes, " said the Skin Horse, for he was always truthful. " When you are Real you don ' t mind being hurt . " " Does it happen all at once, like being wound up, " he asked, " or bit by bit? " " It. doesn ' t happen all at once, " said the Skin Horse. " You become. It takes a long time. That ' s why it doesn ' t often happen to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you got loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don ' t matter at all, because once you are Real you can ' t be ugly, except to people who don ' t understand. " is 19 PETER P. BARCAS, D.O. B.S. ' 78, M.S. ' 82, Seton Hall Univ. Standing at the crossroads Tryin ' to read the signs To tell me which way I should go to find The answer and all the time I know Plant your love and let it grow Let it grow, let it grow Let it blossom, let it flow In the sun, the rain, the snow Love is lovely, let it grow — Eric Clapton Following the shadows of the skies Or are they only figments of my eyes? And I ' m feeling close to when the race is run Waiting in our boats to set sail Sea of joy — Steve Winwood 20 THIS PAGE IS DEDICATED TO THOSE I CHERISH To my mother and father — Thank you for your love, support and guidance. Because of you my dream is now a reality. I love you dearly. Donna. Mary Jane, Lorraine — Talking to you made even the worst days better. Thank you; I love you. ROBERT F. BAUMANN, D.O. B.A. ' 81, Rutgers University « 4 i To Julie — Thank you for the love, understanding and encouragement you have given me. I only hope I have made you as happy as you have made me. I love you. 21 DAVID A. BOLLARD, D.O. 22 REFLECTIONS Hello Mom and Dad — Just got accepted to osteopathic school . . . What do you mean, " What ' s an osteopath.- ' . . . It ' s, ummm . . . Trish, it ' s the first day — there are so many people, small groups, shared feelings? I don ' t know if I want anyone to know me, it ' s scary . . . First Anatomy test — what do you mean 30% of the class fail this course? . . . First Biochemistry test-boy, they ' re not tooling around here; this is pretty serious . . . What do you mean I have mono? . . . Histology? ... I think I need help . . . Hello, Jane . . . This is rough — I ' ve got to get my act together . . . Hello, Joe? . . . First year Christmas party . . . Debbie M.: yeah, it ' s me — remember I said I wanted an intellectual challenge? Well, this is the biggest challenge of my life, but intellectual.- ' . . . Okay, John, I ' ll do it . . . NOW, I ' ve got the hang of this . . . What do I want to go into? Anything but OB or Peds, I ' m not your stereotypical woman, you know . . . Gatherings with Eric B., Bob W., Mike S., Steve R., Steve R., Sue W., Jane A., et al; thank you . . . We need an H P partner? Thanks Dan Chu . . . So you think you ' re living with a fanatic, Janice? You know you ' re beginning to sound just like me? Scary, huh? — just pour some more Opici ... By the way, Michele G., the dress didn ' t work, maybe I should bring back that tie . . . Oh, I ' ve decided what I want to go into, OB or Peds . . . You ' re right, Nancy R., you do come into this world alone . . . Board time, already? . . . RMS, see you at the Arts Center ... A new move . . . Goodbye, Joe . . . Stratford, Huh? . . . Hello, Joe? . . . Hey Kelly — hey bud — remem- ber I ' m different, too . . . Debbie S., Club 24? Who ' s a sap? . . . Yes, Sandee, we should go to Philly . . . Mom, Dad, Trish, Tommy — now I ' m an osteopathic physician and I — yes, I know you know. ELIZABETH A. BOYLE, D.O. B.A. ' 81, Rutgers University 23 JOSHUA D. BRODY, D.O. B.A. ' 81, ' 82, Univ. of Delaware From Life Magazine for March 12 , 1896 LINES ON AN X-RAY PORTRAIT OF A LADY She is so tall, so slender, and her bones — Those frail phosphates, those carbonates of lime Are well produced by cathode rays sublime, By oscillations, amperes and by ohms. Her dorsal vertebrae are not concealed By epidermis, but are well revealed. Around her ribs, those beauteous twenty-four, Her flesh a halo makes, misty in line, Her noseless, eyeless face looks into mine, And I but whisper, " Sweetheart, je t ' adore. " Her white and gleaming teeth at me do laugh. Ah! Lovely, cruel, sweet cathodagraph! Lawrence K. Russel From Photography Magazine 1896 The Roentgen Rays, the Roentgen Rays, what is this craze: The town ' s ablaze With the new phase Of x ray ' s ways. I ' m full of daze, Shock and amaze; For nowadays I hear they ' ll gaze Through cloak and gown — and even stays, These naughty, naughty Roentgen Rays. " Josh and Amy on their honeymoon in Toronto at the Ontario Science Center — July, 1985 24 WAYNE R. CARLSEN, D.O. B.S. ' 81, Fairleigh Dickinson Univ. Thanks to: — Holly for her love, patience and encouragement. — Mom and Dad for their prayers and confidence in me. — The Tompkins family for quiet Sundays — a respite from the storm. — The Schmidts for all their help — and for " Sammy ' s " . — Kari, Craig and Debbie — the brother and sisters I love more each day. Leisure time activities: jogging, the spa, dining out, sleeping in, Harrison ' s Favorite sayings: " Do you know what we have here? An attitude problem! " ; " Lunch, anyone? " Favorite thing: A week in the Carribean with Holly Least favorite things: finding the on-call schedule in the mailbox; a month of surgery 25 PHILIP C. CASEY, D.O. B.S. ' 80, Mt. St. Mary ' s College M.S. ' 82, Fairleigh Dickinson Univ. Thanks to my folks whose love and support made my dream a real il Thanks to Kathy whose love and support made the nightmare a dream. ' Work Study Jobs ' " Sex Week field trip " " Thank you for sharing that. 26 ARTHUR L. CHILDS, D.O. B.A. ' 82, Rutgers University Love when you can Cry when you have to Be who you must 27 1 DANIEL Y. CHU, D.O. B.A. ' 81, New York University without having two great sisters around .. .Thanks Pauline and Terry for your love and understanding. 2K Jacob H. Fox, farmer and rancher, self-taught anima doctor JAMES F. CLAIRE, D.O. B.A. 73, SUNY Stonybrook Ruth Fox Claire, mother, teacher, medical office man- ager, comforter of troubled folks. We live as best we can and we dream: Grandfather Claire came over from Germany and got his start in Vaudeville dreaming of Shakespeare and fine language spoken with stunning clarity, and dreamed of teaching this art of communication. My lather dreamed of bridges and highways, arteries for commerce and people, clean and harmonious cities of beauty, dignity and brotherhood. With something less than a sixth grade education Grandpa Fox dressed with his hands, nurtured his land, lost it and began again. At night he read his medical books, learned to doctor his livestock and helped his neighbors ' animals too. Something must be said of my mother ' s mother and the many generations betore her — Christian dreams of spreading William H. Claire, father, civil engineer, city planner, author, community activist, retired U.S.A.R. Lt. Colonel the Word of God in the exuberant Heartland, and her missionary dreams of bringing lost souls on far off continents into the Fold — thwarted by tuberculosis she turned her hand to teaching school and raising children My mother had her dreams too though they yielded to the dream of raising strong and happy children. She dreamed of a deep and abiding love, found it, and lost it again. Lives and dreams are tenuous things, strong and evanescent. Without intention the dreams that came before churn and change in me and go beyond as my dreams. For me this day is a commencement; for my grandpa, perhaps, a sort of arrival, for my parents and my wife Alicia the accomplishment is theirs as much as mine; for my brothers and many friends who in their prayers have made my dreams theirs, thanks . . . it is good to dream in common. 29 ' DONNA M. CLERICI, D.O. B.S. ' 81, Villanova Univ. 30 31 DANIEL PHILIP CONTE III, D.O. B.S. ' 81, Boston College What we see depends mainly on what we look for. — John Lubbock Your guidance directed me when I was confused. Your encouragement lifted me when my spirits were down. Your love strengthened me when I was hungry. No man could ask for more. To my family — Mom, Dad, Stacey, Jamie, Uncle Ken, and my grandmother — Pep To Dt. Giampapa, Thanks for the boost of encouragement. 32 PATRICIA A. FALIVENA, D.O. B.A. ' 75, George Washington Univ. SHARI FALLET, D.O. B.A. ' 82, Barnard College " Youth " is a teat of memory. It is a record of experience, but that experience, in its facts, in its inwardness and in its outward colouring, begins and ends in myself. — Joseph Conrad J5 EDWIN B. FLANAGAN, D.O. B.A. ' 81, Rutgers University 36 ANTHONY P. GIOVINE, D.O. B.S. ' 81, Rutgers University 57 RICHARD W. HENNIG, JR., D.O. B.S. ' 79, Muhlenberg College So where does the power come from to see a race to its end . . . from within. — Eric I.iddel Pam and me My object in living is to unite My avocation and my vocation As my two eyes make one in sight. Only where love and need are one. And the work is play for mortal stakes, Is the deed ever really done For heaven and the future ' s sakes. — Robert Frost Thanks to my friends . . . Steve and Peggy Rioux Steve and Debbie Ruffenach Gerry and Elaine Monticollo Mv tamilv III ROBERT P. HOGAN, D.O. B.S. ' 82, Lebanon Valley College 0 UL 4 " Stop daydreaming about success. Go out and obtain it. " Anatomy Dinner Fortune Cookie STOPPING BY WOODS ON A SNOWY EVENING Whose woods these are I think I know, His house is in the village though; He will not see me stopping here To watch his woods fill up with snow, My little horse must think it queer To stop without a farmhouse near Between the woods and frozen lake The darkest evening of the year. He gives his harness bells a shake To ask if there is some mistake. The only other sound ' s the sweep Of easy wind and downy flake. The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep. Robert Frost To my Parents, Family and Friends... As a world famous novelist said condensing pages of meaningful dialogue into one simple expression of deep gratitude and appreciation for boundless support, encouragement and love . . .THANK YOU. . . To Dan and Brian... You have given me my most precious honors. You are my joys and very sustenance. To my Mother. . . You are my constant inspiration. For the unconditional love and never ending spirit you have always given me, I dedicate this degree to you and my beloved Nana Lee. BARBARA D. IANNI, D.O. B.S. ' 78, Fairleigh Dickinson Univ. DANIEL J. IANNI, D.O. B.A. 78, Rider College To Mom, Dad and my family. Who gave unyielding support in all my endeavors and made my medical education possible. To Barbara. . . ROBERT B. KELLY, D.O. B.S. ' 80, Rutgers University 15 RICHARD KOSTICK, D.O. B.A. ' 80, Fairleigh Dickinson Univ. SNOWBALL My constant traveling companion — from Kansas City to New Jersey and back again — the best traveled hamster in the country. 46 RICHARD J. LEWIS, D.O. B.S. ' 74, Monmouth College I may have taken all the tests and put in all the on-call time. But I COULD NOT have graduated without the help of A LOT OF VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE. To all of you, a very sincere, heartfelt, THANK YOU! JOSEPH B. LIOTTI, D.O. B.A. ' 81, M.S. ' 82, Rutgers Univ. Yesterday ' s a memory. Today is just a friend . G. Lightfoot . . . and we are always what our situations hand us . . . B. Joel This degree is dedicated to my Mom and Dad for their never ending support and encouragement. Of course there would not be a degree without the efforts of my partner, wife and friend, Linda. Her patience and understanding have made this possible. Special thanks to Pauly and Greg. AYE, norflcowse cartain. F0P1WE FARK, MR SC UJ... WARPfACTOR captain ' P0W6R 1 m ermines I HM VT WO VT TAKE M0R6 IHKQ ' THIS ' povieR, scorn ' PUNNING 5TEWY AS SMOOTH, SHE GOES, SIR. MR.CWEKOV. mSONflT)N CWPTAIN...THe I.R.S AUPTTDR WHOSE fl(TONlM£NT WE ' RE SET PRESENT! SKIPPING RHASERS IS ABOUT TO INTER- ON KJLL, cm mesnip... m sptxk. LINDA RAWLINS LIOTTI, D.O. B.A. ' 82, Rutgers University LOh J-t sts iaJC do — -fa £c ' heri -fv ho tL my la nel bUhtn " ftx ' nf S JQ core) J find- l c ovc fh pL± is sr us u)i ie S c i j a.-f-Ms ftiC ra ' id t0 S -£rjef io«J - v ' Qur o vt put endurt. rvuq i O-t . 77: L o-fri This degree is dedicated to my family and Father James — for their unending love, sup- port, patience and faith. A very special triend (9 MARY MERITZ, D.O. B.A. ' 73, Temple University 51 RALPH W. MORALES, D.O. 52 ALFRED W. MURDOCK B.S. ' 78, Wagner College III, D.O. 54 BRUCE M. NECKRITZ, D.O. B.S. ' 80, Albright College Such is the constitution of all things, or such the plastic power of the human eye, that the primary forms, as the sky, the mountain, the tree, the animal, give us a delight in and for themselves; a pleasure arising from outline, color, motion, and grouping. This seems partly owing to the eye itself. The eye is the best of artists. Ralph Waldo Emerson, from Nature 55 56 GREGORY H. PHARO, D.O. B.A. ' 82, Temple University YOUR APPOINTMENT IS FOR Monday at TEMPLE UNIVERSITY ROOM NAME f lu ' ' DATE OF BIRTH BIRTH WEIGHT DOCTOR J y — -— f ,4 •a.m: TIME P.M. LBS. __OZ. LENGTH IN. Burlington County Hospital Mount Holly, New Jersey JEFFREY D. POMERANTZ, D.O. B.A. ' 82, Lafayette College FAMILY PRACTICE SAMUEL SHEM LA WS OF THE HOUSE OF GOD I. GOMERS DON ' T DTE. IT. GOMERS GO TO GROUND. III. AT A CARDIAC ARREST, THE FIRST PROCEDURE IS TO TAKE YOUR OWN PULSE. IV. THE PATIENT IS THE ONE WITH THE DISEASE. V. PLACEMENT COMES FIRST. VI. THERE IS NO BODY CAVITY THAT CANNOT BE REACHED WITH A 14 NEEDLE AND A GOOD STRONG ARM. VTI. AGE + BUN = LASIX DOSE. VIII. THEY CAN ALWAYS HURT YOU MORE. IX. THE ONLY GOOD ADMISSION IS A DEAD ADMISSION. X. IF YOU DONT TAKE A TEMPERATURE, YOU CANT FIND A FEVER. XI. SHOW ME A B MS WHO ONLY TRIPLES MY WORK AND I WILL KISS HIS FEET. XH. IF THE RADIOLOGY RESIDENT AND THE BMS BOTH SEE A LESION ON THE CHEST X-RAY. THERE CAN BE NO LESION THERE. Xm. THE DELD ERY OF MEDICAL CARE IS TO DO AS MUCH NOTHING AS POSSIBLE. QJ €€SPORT HOSPITAL 1500 Fifth Avenue • McKeesport, Pennsylvania 15132 Telephone 664-2131 Area Code 412 SINCERE THANKS to my premed advisor, who said I should have considered another career — you made me deter- mined to prove you wrong. to NJSOM for giving me the opportunity to be- come a physician. to all the individuals who have written count less letters and given guidance — your help is sincerely appreciated. to all the patients I have had and will have the privilege of knowing and caring for — you are my true teachers. to the friends I have met in school — you grew with me and understood when no one else could. to my family — for supporting, encouraging, and believing in me from the very beginning. to my wife — your caring, understanding, and loving have made everything in my life full of hope, happiness, fulfillment and premise. to Stanley Kaplan — you did not help me much on the MCAT ' s but you gave me a wonderful wife and family. STEPHEN R. RIOUX, D.O. B.S. ' 81, M.S. ' 82, Penn State Univ. 60 But what would I have to do? Cover myself with the protections of some powerful patron? Imitate the ivy that licks the bark of a tall tree while entwining itself around its trunk, and make my way upward by guile, rather than climbing by my own strength? No, thank you. Dedicate poems to financiers, as so many others do? Change myself into a buffoon in the hope of seeing a minister give me a condescending smile? No, thank you. Swallow insults every day? Crawl till the skin of my belly is rubbed raw? Dirty my knees and make my spine as limber as an eel ' s? No, thank you. Develop the art of sitting on both sides of a fence at once? Pay for an ounce of favor with a ton of flattery? No, thank you. Use owmen as stepping-stones? Make headway in the sea of life with madrigals for oars and the sighs of old ladies for the wind in my sails? No, thank you. Have poetry published at my own expense? No, thank you. Attend councils held in taverns by imbeciles, trying to win the honor of being chosen as their pope? No, thank you. Work to make a name for myself with one sonnet, instead of writing others? No, thank you. See talent only in nonentities? Be terrified of the gazettes, and constantly be thinking, " Oh, if only the Mercure Francois will say a kind work about me? " No, thank you. Be always scheming and afraid of schemes? Like paying visits better than writing poetry? Make humble requests? Seek introductions to useful people? No, thank you! No! No! I prefer to lead a different kind of life. I sing, dream, laugh, and go where I please, alone and free. My eyes see clearly and my voice is strong. I ' m quarrelsome or benign as it suits my pleasure, always ready to fight a duel or write a poem at the drop of a hat. I dream of flying to the moon but give no thought to fame or fortune. I write only what comes out of myself, and I make it my modest rule to be satisfied with whatever flowers, fruit, or even leaves I gather, as long as they ' re from my own garden. Then if I should happen go gain some small success I ' m not obliged to render any of it unto Caesar. In short, I scorn to be like parasitic ivy, even though I ' m not an oak. I may not rile very high, but I ' ll climb alone! — " Cyrano de Bergerac " NANCY A. ROTHENBERG, D.O. B.S. 79, College of Mt. St. Vincent M.A. ' 80, Long Island University 6] STEPHEN J. RUFFENACH, D.O. B.A. ' 78, Rutgers University 62 63 GLENN H. SEGAL, D.O. B.A. ' 82, Rutgers University 64 Experience Magic Illusion with TRICKY RICKY Birthdays and Special Occasions (No w performing with live doves) 609-66 7-302 9 ERIC SCOTT SEIGER, D.O. B.A. ' 81, University of Delaware DEBORAH JEAN SEYTHER, D.O. B.A. ' 82, Rutgers University Capture the moment , carry the day Stay with the chase, as long as you may Follow the dreamer , the fool, and the sage Back to the days of the innocent age -Dan Fogelberg 66 67 STEVEN B. SHERY, D.O. B.S. ' 82, Rutgers University 68 DWAYNE W. SIU, D.O. B.S. ' 81, University of Oregon 69 MICHAEL D. STAUDER, D.O. B.A. ' 81, Univ. of Notre Dame And he said unto them, " Within each of us lies the power of our consent to health and to sickness, to riches and to poverty, to freedom and to slavery. It is we who control these, and not another. " A mill-man spoke and said, " Easy words for you, master, for you are guided as we are not, and need not toil as we toil. A man has to work for his living in this world. " The master answered and said " Once there lived a village of creatures along the bottom of a great crystal river. The current of the river swept silently over them all — young and old, rich and poor, good and evil, the current going its own way, knowing only its own crystal self. Each creature in its own manner clung tightly to the twigs and rocks of the river bottom, for clinging was their way of life, and resisting the current what each had learned from birth. But one creature said at last, ' I am tired of clinging. Though I cannot see it with my eyes, I trust that the current knows where it is going. I shall let go, and let it take me where it will. Clinging, I shall die of boredom. ' The other creatures laughed and said, ' Fool! Let go, and that current you worship will throw you tumbled and smashed across the rocks, and you will die quicker than boredom! " But the one heeded them not, and taking a breath did let go, and at once was tumbled and smashed by the current across the rocks. Yet in time, as the creature refused to cling again, the current lifted him free from the bottom, and he was bruised and hurt no more. And the creatures downstream, to whom he was a stranger, cried ' ' See a miracle! A creature like ourselves yet he flies! See the Messiah, come to save us all! ' And the one carried in the current said, ' I am no more Messiah than you. The river delights to lift us free, if only we dare let go. Our true work is this voyage, this adventure . ' Richard Bach, Illusions 71 JAY A. STIEFEL, D.O. B.A. ' 82, Rutgers University EVOLUTION OF A PHYSICIAN ' 72 Snuffed, maybe in Beiruit 007 heat seeking missiles for the old warlords I ' ve been warming up my army suit again with stories coarse stories how our humans get taken by making love to metalic fission crucibles and nationalism claiming their souls now somehow less valuable lack courage to stay the evil gene which requires the behavior of blind folly sucking belicose missilephiliacs if only to follow death into the vague pages newspapers call heroic Actions [uniquely human we even whore for the pleasure of vague warrior kings the only flesh which could ever save our spirits our species. LAWRENCE P. STROHMEYER, D.O. B.A. 76, Univ. of Hartford B.S. ' 81, Montclair State College LP Strohmeyer UNIVERSITY OF HARTFORD h STUDENT 1972 1973 K , When 1 1 m Weak and Lonely here ! s when I become a sentimental fool not when J ' ve written subtef uge but only when my heart lonely because of mortality reaches for you and like you when you feel the same near gone madness 73 74 Internships Residencies ' 86- ' 87 Jane F.llen Aronson. D.O. David Goldfarb, D.O. Jeffrey D. Pomerantz, D.O. Monmouth Medical Center KMH-UMC McKeesport Hospital Long Branch. NJ. Stratford, NJ. McKeesport. PA Bruce A. Aronwald. D.O. Joseph A Haydu. Jr., D O. Steven R. Rioux, D.O. Humana Hospital Interfaith Medical Center KMH-UMC S. Broward. FL Brooklyn. N.Y. Stratford, NJ. Peter P Barcas. D.O. Ricahrd W. Hennig. Jr., D.O. Jasper J. Rizzo, D.O. KMH-UMC Lehigh Valley Medical Center KMH-UMC Strattord. N.J. Allentown, PA Stratford, NJ. Robert F. Baumann. D.O. Robert P. Hogan. D.O. Nancy A. Rothenberg, D.O. KMH-UMC St. Peter ' s Medical Center Downstate Medical Center Strattord. N.J. New Brunswick. NJ. Brooklyn, N.Y. David A. Bollard. D.O. Michael T. Hymanson, D.O. Stephen J. Ruffenach, D.O. Kennedy Memorial Hospital KMH-UMC KMH-UMC Saddle Brook. NJ. Stratford, NJ. Stratford, NJ. Elizabeth A. Boyle. D.O. Barbara D. Ianni, D.O. Steven R. Saslow, D.O. St. Michael ' s Hospital KMH-l ' MC KMH-UMC Newark. NJ. Strattord. NJ. Stratford. NJ. Joshua D Brody, D.O. Daniel J Ianni, D.O. Glenn H. Segal, D.O. KMH-UMC KMH-l ' MC KMH-UMC Strattord. NJ. Stratford. NJ. Stratford, NJ. Wayne R. Carlsen, D.O. Robert B. Kellv. D.O. Eric Scott Seiger. D.O. KMH-UMC Faston Hospital Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital Strattord. NJ. Easton. PA Pontiac. MI Philip ( Cases. D.O. Richard Kostick, D.O. Deborah Jean Seyther, D.O. KMH-UMC Baptist Medical Center KMH-LIMC Strattord, NJ. Brooklyn. N.Y. Stratford, NJ. Arthur L. Childs. D.O. Richard J. Lewis. D.O. Sandee K. Shaller, D.O. KMH-UMC KMH-l ' MC KMH-UMC Strattord. NJ. Strattord, N.J. Strattord, NJ. Daniel V. Chu. D.O. Joseph B. Liotti, D.O. Steven B. Shery. D.O. Monmouth Medical Center KMH-l ' MC Metropolitan Hosp. — Central Div. Long Branch, NJ. Stratford, NJ. Philadelphia, PA James F. Claire, D.O. Linda Rawlins Liotti, D.O. Dwayne W. Siu, D.O. ( ooper Medical ( enter !■ 1 111 I X ' KMH-l MC University Hospital Camden. NJ. Stratford, NJ. Newark. NJ. Donna M. Clerici, D.O Paul A. Lucha.Jr., D.O. Michael D. Stauder, D.O. KMH-l IMC Metropolitan Hosp. — Parkview Div. KMH-UMC Stratford. NJ. Philadelphia, PA Stratford, NJ. Howard S Cohen. DO Marv Meritz. D.O. Charles J. Steinberg, D.O. KMH-UMC KMH-l ' MC Baptist Medical Center Strattord. NJ. Stratford, NJ. Brooklyn, N.Y. Daniel Philip Come III. DO Ralph W. Morales. D.O. Jay A. Stiefel, D.O. KMH-UMC Walter Reed Army Med. Ctr. KMH-UMC Strattord. NJ. Washington. DC. Strattord, NJ. Ralph G. Del Negro. D O Wa t ne P. Mucci, D.O. Lawrence P. Strohmeyer, D.O. KMH-UMC Humana Hospital KMH-UMC Strattord. NJ. W. Palm Beach, FL Stratford, NJ. Patricia A. Falivena, D.O. Alfred W. Murdock III, D.O. Robert D. Weitz. D.O. St Vincent s Hospital Overlook Hospital KMH-UMC New York. N.Y. Summit, NJ. Strattord. NJ. Shan Pallet, D.O. Bruce M. Neckritz, D.O. Raymond D. Wolf. D.O. KMH-UMC KMH-l ' MC Orandview Hospital and Med. Ctr. Stratford. N.J. Stratford. N.J. Dayton. OH Edwin B Flanagan. D.O. Scott R. Pargot, D.O. Riverside Hospital KMH-l ' MC Wilmington, DF. Stratford, NJ. Anthony P. Giovine, D.O. Gregory H. Pharo, D.O. KMH-UMC KMH-UMC Stratford, NJ. Stratford, NJ. Dear Graduates : Your graduation will engender varied emotional responses. Your supportive families will sense fulfillment: years of sacrifice are now rewarded. Their devotion and dedication can now be transferred to another cause. Your faculty and administration will experience both the exhilaration of a job completed and the sadness of relationships now ended. In August, a new class of energetic and idealistic freshmen will renew the natural cycle of a beginning and an ending . You, the graduates, will be joyously freed from the constraints of the past four years. However, anxiety may soon follow because a routine has been disturbed and a future may be undefined. Fortunately, relief will be felt because you join a family as well as a noble profession. This day will be remembered by all as a time of pride and purpose -- renewal and rededication . Happiness to each of you, Robert M. Fogel, D.O. Acting Dean 78 You are entering a most nobel profession, for healing the ill, promoting health and maintaining wellness are attributes tor which you are to be admired. Your graduation represents just the first step in your life-long and continual quest to becoming a truly outstanding osteopathic physician. Always remember that your education never stops; medical knowledge is multiplying beyond belief and our personal interactions only grow better through experience. I wish you well through your exhilerating and exciting, sometimes frustrating and scary, career. Jay M. Yanoff, Ed.D. Acting Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Over the last four years you have been challenged by a vigorous curriculum. This has been an arduous task which has tested your endurance, as well as your intelligence. Hopefully, you have been diligent in your studies and sincere in your commitment. Today you are but neophytes in your chosen profession; but tomorrow when you look back on this chronicle of four years of your life, will you have fulfilled your potential? B " v I wish you all happiness and satisfaction in your service to man and society as osteopathic physicians. Thomas F. Santucci, Jr., D O., F.A.C.O.P. Acting Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs Congratulations on your achievements and best wishes fur the future. Please recognize that although most of the functions of my office are " behind the scenes " — supporting the faculty and staff in their teaching, research, and service functions — they are aimed at erecting and maintain- ing the superstructure of our school for your education. Matthew Freund. Ph.D. Associate Dean tor Research Biomedical Sciences 7g Congratulations to you who have survived the hard struggle. I send each of you my very best personal wishes tor your new career which is the realization of the dreams you have nurtured for so long. By selecting osteopathic medicine you have chosen the road " less travelled by, " as Robert Frost wrote in his poem " The Road Not Taken " : " I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence; Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less travelled by. And that has made all the difference. " I hope each one of you will be part of the " difference " which the D.O. offers to patients in a health care system filled with much uncertainty for the future. Robert L. Thompson, Ed.D. Associate Dean for Student Affairs Admissions Mark P. Jacobson, D.O. Assistant Dean tor Student Affairs Not pictured: Tom Walsh Director of Fiscal Affairs 80 83 Andrew Pecora, DO. Chairman Protessor John Fitzharris, DO. Asst. Prof. Head. Div. of General Medicine. Chief of Service, C.H. Raymond Adehzzi, DO. Asst Prof. Head. Div. of Rheum. John Chiesa. DO. Asst Prof. Head. Subdiv. of Gastroenterology David Condoluci. DO. Asst Prof. Head. Subdiv. Inf. Dis. Robert Gordon. DO Clinical Asst. Prof. Head. Pulmonary Medicine, Stratford 84 Russel Griesback, DO. Assoc. Prof, of Clinical Med. Head, Pulmonary Med.. Cherry Hill Louis Papa, DO. Assoc. Prof. Head, Div. of Cardiology James Giudice, DO. Professor Chief. Div. of Int. Med.. Strat. Nathan Freed, DO. Assoc. Prof. Head, Subdiv. of Hemat. Oncology Joseph Pitone, DO. Assoc. Prof., Clinical Med. Sec. Head of Nephrology Gerald Scharf, D.O. Peter Vasilenko. Ph.D. Theodore Weinberg D.O. Silvio Zappasodi. D.O. Professor Asst. Prof. Clinical Professor Asst. Prof. 85 86 Charles Sterner, D.O. Chairman Professor Eleanor Masterson, D.O. Clin. Assoc. Prof. Chief, Strat. Nejat Guzelsu. Ph.D. Asst. Prof. Michael Sutula, D.O Clin. Assoc. Prof Martin Finkel, D.O. Mark Jacobson, D O. Thomas Santucci, Jr.. D.O. Asst. T ° Chief. Stratford Asst. Dean for Student Affairs, Acting Assoc. Dean for Clin. Asst. Prof. Chief. Amh Ped Affairs; Chairman Professor Robert Nagele, Ph.D. Asst. Prof. Etienne Phipps. Ph.D. Instructor Coterminus Leslie Tadzynski, D.O. Asst. Prof. Donald Light, Ph.D. Prof. Chief. Div. Ben. Soc. Med. Mark Lewis. Ph.D. David Rissmiller, DO. Asst Prof. Clin. Asst. Prof. 90 William Ranien. DO. Acting Chairman Assoc. Prof. George Piper. D.O. Assoc. Prot. c Chief Robert Steer. Ed.D. Assoc. Prof. Louis M. Gallo, DO Asst. Prof. Frederick Meoli, D.O. Acting Chairman, Assoc. Prof. Chief. Stratford Charles Nutinsky, D.O. Asst. Prof. Richard Liszewski. D.O Assoc. Prof. Chief, Wash. Twp. ■ mm 0 1 1 Peter T. Stein. Ph.D. Professor NOT PICTURED: Josephine W. Ashtnead. M.D. Asst Prof . Path.. Ped. Stephen Hosmer. D.O. Clin. Asst. Prof.. Ob Gyn Michael Miller. Ph.D. Asst. Prof., Anatomy Salvatore Caradonna. Ph.D. Asst. Prof., Biochem. I is Johnston. Ph D Adj. Prof.. Ob Gyn Robert Pearson. D.O. Clin. Assoc. Prof.. Ost Sci. Carolyn Crawford. M.D. Clin. Assoc. Prof., Ped. Thomas Lavrence. M.D. Clin. Asst. Prof.. Psych. Elyse Perweiler. R.N. Adj. Instructor. Med William Croff, D.O. Clin. Asst. Prof., Ob Gyn Charles DiSanto, D.O. Assoc. Prof.. Family Prac. William Gall, D.O. Clin. Asst. Prof.. Ob Gyn Robert Maurer. D.O. Asst. Prof., Family Prac; Director of Alumni Affairs Michael McCormack, Ph.D. Prof. Chief. Div. of Gen.. Ped. Lydia McMorrow, Ph D Asst. Prof. Coterm., Ped. Elis Priori. M D. Clin. Asst. Prof., Med. Philip Slipyan, M D. Clin. Assoc. Prof.. Ob Gyn Lynne Stein, M.D. Clin. Asst. Prof., Psych. 91 CLASS OF 1987 Paul Abend Kristin Albert Janet Bancroft David Beatty Sandra Benanti Jodi Benett Eric Berman Patrick Boland Thomas Brandeisky Robert Busch Scott Callaghan Anna Collado Hildalberto Curnow Edward Deal Eugene Decker Gregory De Meo Alan Deutsch Mari Di Pasquale Omar Estivill 11 Mitchell Faktor Daniel Ferrante Robert Goodwin Howard Heidenberg David Hirsch Seth Jaffe John Kollar Arthur Kuper Leland Lee Brian Longendyke Anthony Macasieb Robert Mako Anthony Masciarelli George Mc Cullen Joseph Millin Robert Mills John Minor Gregory Novotny David Orr Ann Peterka Robert Ponzio Theresa Redling Kenneth Saluck Catherine Schiano Janice Siciliano William Smolinski Neil Speth Patrick Sterling Sara Sterner Gabriel Tatarian Michelle Tomlinson Craig Turner Eric Uhrik Frank Vassallo Craig Wagner Brad Walfield Marc Yallof 92 CLASS OF 1988 Houman Ahdieli Anna Alberici Timothy Allen Sylvia Barak Gary Brattelli Gary Brunvoll Teri Chapman Susan Cislo Maureen Conti Lawrence Davanzo Annabelle Dimapilis Elizabeth Edge Jose Flores Roy Frieband Debra Fullan Paul Grena Susan Himchliffe Brenda Holcomb Margaret Hurley Robert Innocenzi John Juhl Richard Kader Richard Kardell Laurie Kearse Sara Lee Douglas Leonard Philip Li Vincent Luvera Silvia Menendez Stefanie Miller Loretta Mueller Michele Nitti Hang Pak Athanasios Papastam elos Alexander Pendino Lawrence Pollack Felix Ramirez Elaine Rancatore James Rogers Thomas Sprague Charles Staubs Mark Stone Samuel Streit Lance Sweeney Carolyn Taylor Bruce Tenner Sirike Trumees Andrea Weil 93 CLASS OF 1989 Carol Ash Jerry Baratta Deborah Bayer Felix Brizuela Gregory Broslawski Elizabeth Burns Susan Calandra Charles Clinch Charles De Berardinis Micheline De Santi Monica Farinella Flise Feingold Nelayda Fonte Paul Frascella Glenn Goldstein Jack Gould Susan Green Willa Greenberg Carolyn Hans Tiffany Harada Richard Iannacone Ronald Iannacone David Kaderis Richard Kardon Karen Kowalenko Susan Lage Lisa Lindquist Richard Lucarelli Kevin Lukenda Vera Masutti Barbara Matakevich Deborah Meiss Jose Meneses William Morrow Karen Nowikas James Ofeldt Michael Peters LuzMarv Pineros Marilyn Pinheiro Steven Pouls Pamela Raring Jeffrey Rednor Mark Risi Filomena Scavina Joseph Schulman Paul Scibetta Philip Scribano Scott Shreve Kenneth Simon Catherine Trader Mark Tuccillo Brian Van Grouw Lydia Vender John Villa Debra Werner Joseph Zuback 94 Graduation mm 96 98 99 100 It THE OSTEOPATHIC OATH I do hereby affirm my loyalty to the profession I am about to enter. I will be mindful always of my great responsibility to preserve the health and the life of my patients, to retain their confidence and respect both as a physician and a friend who will guard their secrets with scrupulous honor and fidelity, to perform faithfully my professional duties, to employ only those recognized methods of treatment consistent with good |udgment and with my skill and ability, keeping in mind always nature ' s laws and the body ' s inherent capacity for recovery. I will be ever vigilant in aiding in the general welfare of the community, sustaining its laws and institutions, not engaging in those practices which will in any way bring shame or discredit upon myself or my profession. I will give no drugs for deadly purposes to any person, though it be asked of me. I will endeavor to work in accord with my colleagues in a spirit of progressive cooperation, and never by work or by act cast imputations upon them or their rightful practices. I will look with respect and esteem upon all those who have taught me my art. To my college I will be loyal and strive always for its best interests and for the interests of the students who will come after me. ANNUAL COMMENCEMENT 101 ARTICULATIONS STAFF S9 Shari Fallet, D.O. Editor-in-Chief portraits Photography by: Kim Sokoloff Shari Fallet Other photo contributors: Arthur Childs Donna Clerici Joseph Liotti Linda Liotti Paul Lucha Jasper Rizzo Jay Stiefel Raymond Wolf Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mark Jacobson Publications Representative: Walter T. Cichy Of ML R OuA fou i fa 7oQ€TH€A - r feM OQK St P a Joshua D. Brody, D.O. Business Manager Special thanks to the following individuals for their help and support: Amy Brody, Walt Cichy, Rachel Fallet, Dr. Mrs. Fallet, Terry Karam 102 PONSORS PATRONS Robert Pearson, D.O. Robert L. Thompson Mr. Mrs. Wallace E. Stauder Sanford J. Paul, D.O. Robert J. Senese, D.O. Peter J. Waldman, D.O. Robert L. Barracella, D.O. Mr. Mrs. Robert Carlson Mrs. Herbert M. Brody Alex S. Macaione, D.O. John H. Hayes, D.O. Allan Goldberg, D.O. Dr. Mrs. Eugene Segal John Fitzharris, D.O. SalvatoreJ. Milazzo, D.O. ' 85 Dr. Mrs. Charles W. Callahan Jr. Dr. Donald Barone Charles Steiner, D.O., F.A.A.O. Joseph Berger, D.O. and Dr. Stanley S. Bergen, Jr., Howard A. Sheldon, D.O. Beth Scott Salvin, D.O. Charles Jay Steinberg Mr. Mrs. Gennaro Ianni Harvey Rothman, D.O. Jack Jenofsky, M.D. Mrs. Eleanor Morales Richard Dittrick, D.O. Robert D. Boyd, D.O. Joseph Krotec, M.D. SPONSORS Mr. Mrs. RJ. O ' Neill Richard L. Rothenberg Mr. Mrs. Jasper Rizzo Dr. Perry I. Barr Colonial Radiology Associates, P. A. Dr. Mrs. Michael C. DiMarcangelo Marvin Philip Backal, D.O. BEST WISHES TO GRADUATING SENIORS Steve Burnstein, D.O. BENEFACTORS David J. Houch, Sr., D.O. William H. Claire SELECTING A MEDICAL EDUCATION PROGRAM CAN ' T BE " A SHOT IN THE ARK At Memorial General Hospital, our success is translated into an unceasing quest tor excellence in education, medicine, nursing and patient care Working closely with a medical stall at- tuned to the importance ot the learning process, your skills as an osteopathic phy- sician will be enhanced through participa- tion in carefully-designed educational programs, daily interaction with the exper- tise of ancillary stall and concentrated ex- posure to advanced technological re- sources With a medical education program con- sisting of 300 teaching beds. M G H in- vites you to shape your prolessional goals amid the setting ol a modern and expand- ing community hospital Residency programs are provided in • Anesthesiology • Radiology • Proctology • General Practice • Internal Medicine • General Surgery • Emergency Medicine • Otorhmolaryngology Facial Plastic Surgery COME TO WHERE THE BRIGHTEST LEARN FROM THE BEST. MEMORIAL GENERAL HOSPITAL 1000 GALLOPING HILL ROAD • UNION • NEW JERSEY 07083 201-687-1900 Victor J Fresolone, President Anthony N La Falce, D 0 , Vice President of Medical Affairs Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1986 from University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey School of Osteopathic Medicine Department of Pediatrics Thomas F. Santucci, Jr., D.O., F.A.C.O.P. Martin A. Finkel, D.O. Mark P. Jacobson, D.O. Leslie A. Tadzynski, D. O. Jane L. Coleman, M.D. Thomas F. Santucci, D.O., M.S., F.A.C.O.P. Robert G. Nagele, Ph.D. Michael K McCormack, PhD. Alice Lazzarini, M.S. Lydia F. McMorrow, Ph.D. Etienne J. Phipps, Ph.D. OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE " . . . to promote the public health, to encourage scientific research, and to maintain and improve high standards of medical education in osteopathic colleges. " Constitution of the American Osteopathic Association Kennedy Healthcare Foundation MEETING THE HEALTH CARE NEEDS OF NEW JERSEY Over 500 physicians serving your needs 24 Hour Emergency Services Comprehensive Medical Services Cardiac, Respiratory and Surgical Intensive Care Units Family Centered Obstetrics Nurse Midwife Program Special Care Nursery Pediatrics Cardiac Catheterization Lab Psychiatric Services — inpatient and outpatient Complete Diagnostic Services Kennedy Memorial Hospitals-University Medical Center Kennedy Memorial Hospitals- University Medical Center The major teaching affiliate of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey ■ School of Osteopathic Medicine Cherry Hill Division Chapel Ave Cooper Landing Rd Cherry Hill 08034 609 488-6500 Stratford Division 18 E. Laurel Rd. Stratford 08084 609 784-4000 CT Scan Osteopathic Sciences Department Comprehensive Clinic Services Community Education Programs CPR Training Surgical Services including one day programs Genetic Counseling In vitro Fertilization Program Body Sculpturing Four Facilities Serving North and South Jersey: Saddle Brook, Cherry Hill, Stratford, and Washington Township Washington Township Division Hurfville-Cross Keys Rds. Turnersville 08012 609 589-3300 Kennedy Memorial Hospitals at Saddle Brook 300 Market Street Saddle Brook 07662 201 368-6000 Corporate Offices 113 E. Laurel Rd Stratford 08084 609 784-0202 Pontine Osteopathic Hospital 50 N Perry St. Pontiac . Michigan 48058 A 308 Bed, Acute Care, General Hospital SERVING OAKLAND COUNTY MICHIGAN SINCE 1953 American Osteopathic Association approved tor training in 20 Internships and 45 Residencies In 12 different specialties: General Surgery Emergency Medicine Radiology General Practice Pathology Dermatology Pediatrics Otorhlnolaryngology and Oro-Faclal Surgery JOSEPH L TERRITO, D.O. MEDICAL DIRECTOR DME 313 338-5392 Anesthesiology Ophthalmology Orthopedic Surgery Emergency Medicine JACK H. WHITLOW EXECUTIVE OIRECTOR PONTIAC OSTEOPATHIC HOSPITAL TELEPHONE 201 - 964-6600 orthopedic Surgery AND Sports medicine CLIFFORD A. BOTWIN, D.O., F.A.A.O.S. DIPLOMATE-AMERICAN OSTEOPATHIC BOARD OF ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY CLIFFORD A. BOTWIN. D O.. P A OFFICE HOURS 900 STUYVESANT AVENUE By Appointment UNION. NJ 07083 TOWER MEDICAL ASSOCIATES, P. A. INTERNAL MEDICINE 1 WASHINGTON MEDICAL ARTS BUILDING RDl , EGG HARBOR ROAD SEWELL, NEW JER5EY □BDBD (6D9) 5B9-D3nG ALFRFD M. DlPIERD, D. □ . PETER A. PLUMERI, D.D., F.A.C.P MARID L. MAIE5E, D. □ . twit € 0 te )fo€i£fiic f def icufe fa out many hea t i tieeth . Reed k Carnrick Piscataway, New Jersey 08854 1 1 1 CONGRATULATIONS AND SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1986 UMDNJ-SOM Department of Pathology Robert M. Fogel, D.O. Robert S. Csere, D.O. Richard M. Frankel, M.D. William A. Grimsley, Jr., D.O. Irvin Lock, D.O. Joe Marwah, Ph. D. Larry L. Wyatt, D.O. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ' 86 from Herb and Norma Weitz BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1986 from " the Flanagan family " BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1986 L. Haenel, D.O. SUN COAST HOSPITAL 2025 INDIAN ROCKS ROAD =r P O BOX 2025 LARGO. FLORIDA 34294-2025 (813) 581-9474 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class Of 1986 from Dr. Mrs. Fallet and family NEUROLOGY ASSOCIATES OF SOUTHERN NEW JERSEY, P.A. SOUTH JERSEY MEDICAL CENTER Route 70 and East Gate Drive Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08034 " J Sun Coast Hospital, one o( the nation ' s larg plele osteopathic general hospitals and teac a hospital which receives no tax support or subsidies it is gov erned by a board ot trustees who donate their time and talenls The medical and technical staffs of Sun Coast Hospital rep- resent all maior areas of professional skills PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Qnrtopedic Surgery Otolaryngology |ENT| Palhologv SPECIALIZED FACILITIES Alternate Care Center CAT Scanner Chemical Dependency Unit Day Wger, Emergency Room Radiology Departm Respiratory Trserap Telephone Sun Coast Hospital, 586-7111, 1o request a free physicians directory which lists all Sun Coast Hospital physicians and their specialties OOH " PEOPLE CARING FOR PEOPLE " THE FUTURE IS YOURS... and OURS A challenging and fulfilling future lies ahead for those who are striving to earn their D.O degrees. The past contributions of Osteopathic medicine have been many, those in the future will be even more significant. Growth also has been the constant of Oklahoma Os- teopathic Hospital. Opened with 75 beds in 1944. it now has 533 beds and is the largest single site Osteopathic medical center in the nation. Beyond that, OOH has state-of-the-art facilities in intensive care OKLAHOMA OSTEOPATHIC HOSPITAL NINTH at JACKSON • TULSA. OK 74127 BEST WISHES F. Kenneth Shockley, D.O. and Jerome R. Pietras, D.O. UROLOGY ASSOCIATES, P A. TRI COUNTY SURGICAL, CO. 112 Pavilion Avenue Riverside, NJ. 08075 609-461-6176 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS of 1986 Dr. Mrs. Saul Bresalier " We wish you all the best of luck and success in continuing your medical education and ca- reer. " from UMDNJ-SOM Department of Surgery Phone 346-7090 COMPLIMENTS OF UMDNJ SOM FACULTY PRACTICE DEPARTMENT OF OB GYN Kennedy Professional Mai Suite 225 40 E. Laurel Road Stratford, NJ 08084 REGIONAL ORTHOPEDIC PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION John F Kennedy Memorial Hojpilol Cherry Hill Division Practice limited to Orthopedic and Traumatic Surgery SEYMOUR G KAUFMAN. DO.. F.A.C.O.S.. F.AOA.O CARL MOGIL. DO. F A. C OS.. F.A O A.O I DAVID WEISBAHD, D O BARRY S GLEIMER. 0 0 P O BOX 4350 CHERRY HILL. NJ 06034 665 - 2000 EXT 266 663 7080 BUNKER HILL MEDICAL CENTER GANTTOWN ROAD, SUITE 203 TURNERSVILLE, NJ 08080 589 6500 TELEPHONE: (609) 435-6000 OFFICE HOURS BY APPOINTMENT RICHARD C. SIMMERS, D.O., P.A. G. LEE LERCH, D.O. PEDIATRICS AND ADOLESCENT MEDICINE 619 LAUREL ROAD LAUREL SPRINGS, N.J. 08021 Best Wishes to the Class of 1986 from The Department of Psychiatry UMDNJ-SOM 115 NEW JERSEY ASSOCIATION OF OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1986 1212 STUYVESANT AVENUE TRENTON, NEW JERSEY 08618 ETROPOLITAN HOSPITAL THE SAL ANC f D APPROACH TO HEALTH Grand Rapids, Michigan Offering: Residencies internships Externships Robert Bowman, D O information Director of Medical Education 1919 Boston SE Grand Rapids, mi 49506 (616) 247-7078 116 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1986 LET US HELP YOU FULFILL YOUR COMMITMENT TO PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION! Known by the quality of our intern and resident training program. A fully accredited, progressively administered, well equipped 360 bed acute care teaching hospital. Our Southeastern Michigan community of 45,000 is conveniently located to airports, colleges and universities, downtown entertainment, sports arenas and miles of lakes, woodland and ski slopes for all seasonal pursuits. Besides the active informational training sessions our program provides, we are approved for residency training opportunities in the areas of: Anesthesiology 3, General Practice 6, General Surgery 4, Internal Medicine 4, Neurology 2, Obstetrics-Gynecology 4, Orthopedic Surgery 4, Otorhinolaryngology Oro- Facial Plastic Surgery 2, Pathology 3, and Radiology 4. Our Intern benefit package includes: An annual stipend of 16,000 Moving allowance Health insurance for spouse and children Dental and Optical insurance Malpractice liability Meals and uniforms. For more details apply in writing to Dr. Calvin Kay, Medical Director; Norville H. Schock, Ph.D , Director of Medical Education or Mr. Allan L. Breakie, Executive Director. 6245 N. Inkster Road Garden City, Michigan 48135 1-313-421-3300 AGAIN, BEST WISHES AS YOU EMBARK ON YOUR CAREER 117 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1986 and Associates in General Surgery, P. A. " GOOD LUCK BEST WISHES ' " Dr. Craig D. Burrell, Vice-President External Affairs, Sandoz Corporation 118 DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE Andrew Pecora, D.O., Professor Chairman James Giudice, D.O., Professor Chief of Service, Raymond Adelizzi, D.O., Assistant Professor KMH-Stratford Div. Andrew Alloy, D.O., Clinical Assistant Professor Robert Gordon. D.O., Clinical Assistant Professor Kevin Barber, D.O., Assistant Professor Russell Griesback, DO., Associate Professor of Thomas Cavalieri, D.O., Assistant Professor ot Clini- Clinical Medicine cal Medicine Carl Hock, PhD, Assistant Professor John Chiesa, D.O., Assistant Professor Thomas Morley, D.O., Assistant Professor Anita Chopra, D.O., Clinical Assistant Professor Louis Papa, D.O., Associate Professor David Condoluci, D.O., Assistant Professor Joseph Pitone, D.O., Associate Professor of Clinical Frank Corbally, D.O., Assistant Professor Medicine Stephen Daly, D.O., Assistant Professor Elis de A. Priori, M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor H. Timothy Dombrowski, D.O., Clinical Assistant Harvey Rothman, D O., Assistant Professor Professor Frederick Schallar, D.O., Clinical Assistant Professor John Fitzharris, D.O., Assistant Professor of Clinical Gerald Scharf. D.O., Professor Acting Dean Medicine Peter Vasilenko, PhD, Assistant Professor Lloyd Forman, PhD, Assistant Professor Theodore Weinberg, D.O., Clinical Professor Nathan Freed, D.O., Assistant Professor Silvio Zappasodi, D.O., Assistant Professor Compliments of Associates in Radiation Oncology, P. A. Department of Radiation Oncology Cooper Hospital University Medical Center Paul E. Wallner, D.O., Chief Robert A. Lustig, M.D. Elida Rouby, M.D. Dov Giorshein, M.D. Jeffery S. Wenger, M.D. an osteopathic boteford I J-5 hospifal -general serving the community As a means to build upon your academic achievements at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey School of Osteo- pathic Medicine, consider the Internship pro- gram at Clarion Osteopathic Community Hospital. With full AOA accreditation, we can offer to you: APPROVED ROTATING INTERN TRAINING IN EIGHT AREAS OF CON- CENTRATION SPECIALTY COVERAGE IN OBSTET- RICS, INTERNAL MEDICINE, SURGERY, PATHOLOGY, RADIOLOGY, PEDIAT- RICS, ENT, OPHTHAMOLOGY AND ONCOLOGY COMPLETE EDUCATIONAL SERVICES EXCELLENT PRACTICE OPPORTUNI- TIES IN A DEVELOPING, FAMILY-ORI- ENTED COMMUNITY Our new 96-bed, acute care facility is equipped with a fully monitored, computer- ized eight-bed ICCU; " SURGICARE " outpa- tient services; Cardiac Rehabilitation pro- gram; Histopathology and Cystology services. For more information, contact our Medical Education Department. Clarion Osteopathic Communitv Hospital COCH One Hospital Drive • Clarion, Pa. 16214 814-226-9500 We at Botsford General Hospital invite you to meet our staff and discover our modern 300-bed hospital facility, including a new 5QOOO square foot Education and Adminis- tration Building which houses an excellent medical library We are currently putting in piece a five-story expansion to our existing facility which will bring our bed complement to 336. Become acquainted with our outstanding programs of osteopathic medical education, fully approved by all required accrediting agencies, and developed vie our affiliation with such schools as Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine Our experience teaching and training spans over 35 years Interns and residents rotate through Botsford General Hospital, located in the rolling hills and lake country of southeastern Michigan, and an inner-city hospital only minutes from the vibrant Detroit city center and Ontario. Canada The House Staff consists of 30 interns and 63 residents Wb presently maintain residencies in Anesthesiology. Family Practice. Gastroenterology. General Surgery. Internal Medicine. Medical Diseases of the Chest. Neurology. Obstetrics Gynecology, Ophthalmology. Orthopedic Surgery. Otorhinoleryngology. Radiology and Urology. Our Obstetrical Service approximates 1 400 deliveries per year and includes an Alternative Birthing Unit Additionally, we have an active Ambuletory Surgery Unit with e caseload approximately 35CO per year, a Critical Care Unit, our Emergency Service has more then SO.COO visits per year, and we maintain a new service In chemical dependency Our annual total caseload is approximately BO.OOO patient days, and we are still growing For mora Information write: Vance O. Powell, Jr., O.O. Director of Medical Education Botsf ord Oanarel Hospital 8B OBO Grand River Farmington Hills, Ml 4B024 or phone: 131 3) 471-8S22 ■

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UMDNJ School of Osteopathic Medicine - Articulations Yearbook (Stratford, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


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