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Articulations University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey SCHOOL OF OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE Volume IV 1984 The history; of science, and in particular the history of medicine is not simply an account of discoveries. Its purpose is to explain the development of the scientific spirit, the history of man s reactions to the truth, the history of the gradual revela- | tion of truth, the history of the gradual liberation of our minds from darkness and f prejudice. from " The History of Medicine " George Sarton 1941 2 It is the mind which is really alive and sees things, yet it hardly sees anything without preliminary instruction. Charcot FACULTY Robert Rhoades, Ph.D. Anatomy 4 Richard Schimmel, Ph.D. Physiology Alfonso Solimene, Ph.D. Anatomy The human body is a circle, of which each part may be esteemed as both the beginning and the end . . Pi ... Of the knowledge of their parts, their sympathy and communication . . . . . By the affection of one part, the whole body may become affected . . . Hippocrates n 1 When entering a laboratory, leave theories in the cloakroom. Why think when you can experiment? . . . exhaust experiments and then think. Claude Bernard d. 1878 Cogito ergo sum (I think therefore I am) Descartes d. 1650 CLINICAL SCIENCES What is the object of medical education? It is to enable the practitioner, on the one hand, to prevent disease by his knowledge of hygiene; on the other hand, to divine its nature, and to alleviate and cure it, by his knowledge of pathology, therapeutics and practical medicine. Thomas Henry Huxley 1876 9 FAMILY PRACTICE Eugene Mochan, Ph.D., D.O. Edmund Erde, Ph.D. Marvin Herring, M.D. Chairman Richard Leedy, Jr., D.O. Norman Rudin, D.O. William Vilensky, D.O. You will see, then, that a distinction is drawn between the Art and the Science of Medicine. The Art in its Hippocratic sense has reference among other things to the practicing doctor ' s ability to inspire confidence in his patients and their relatives. This requires on his part an understanding of human nature, abounding unselfishness, unflagging sympathy, and observance of the Golden Rule. Harvey Cushing 1940 10 MEDICINE Generosity he has, such as is possible to those who practice an art; discretion, tested by a hundred secrets; tact, tried in a thousand embarrassments; and what is more important Heraclean cheerfulness and courage. So it is that he brings air and cheer into the sickroom, and often enough, though not so often as he wishes, brings healing. Robert Louis Stevenson Andrew Pecora, D.O. Chairman Raymond Adelizzi, D.O. Rheumatology Andrew Alloy, D.O. Gastroenterology Kevin Barber, D.O. Nephrology Donald Barone, D.O. Neurology Stephen Burnstein, D.O. Rheumatology Thomas Cavalieri, D.O. General Medicine John Chiesa, D.O. Gastroenterology David Condoluci, D.O. Infectious Diseases Stephen Daly, D.O. Cardiology Alfred DiPiero, D.O. Rheumatology David Elbaum, D.O. Cardiology r John Fitzharris, D.O. General Medicine Nathan Freed, D.O. Hematology Oncology James Giudice, D.O. Pulmonary Robert Gordon, D.O. Pulmonary Russell Griesback, Jr., D.O. Pulmonary Thomas Scheuerman, D.O. Stanley Schiff, D.O. Pulmonary Cardiology Alex Macaione, D.O. Dermatology Harvey Rothman, D.O. Hematology Oncology Theodore Weinberg, D.O. General Medicine 13 OB GYN Daniel Belsky, D.O. Chairman Stephan Hosmer, D.O. James Lavis, D.O. am Louis Manara, D.O. 14 Obstetricians should have small hands for the easier introduction of them into the womb when necessary, yet strong and the fingers long, especially the forefinger. He must have no rings on his fingers, and his nails well pared . . . have a pleasant countenance and be as neat in his clothes as in his person, that the poor women who have need of him be not affrighted at him. Some are of the opinion that a practioner of this art ought on the contrary to be slovenly, at least very careless, wearing a great beard to prevent the occasion of the husbands jealousy that sends for him. Francis Mauriceau (1697-1763) 15 i ■ 1 OSTEOPATHIC SCIENCES Charles Steiner, D.O. Chairman Eleanor M asterson, D.O. Irvin Smith, D.O. The human body is a machine run by the un- seen force called life, and that it may be run harmoniously it is necessary that there be li- berty of blood, nerves, and arteries from their generating point to their destination. Andrew T. Still 1892 PATHOLOGY Robert Biondi, D.O. Herman Hurwitz, M.D. 16 PEDIATRICS Thomas Santucci, Jr. D.O. Martin Finkel, D.O. Chairman Our days, Our deeds, All we achieve, Or are, Lay folded In our infancy. John Trowbridge Ronald Marino, D.O. Michael Musci, D.O. Richard Simmers, D.O. G. Lee Lerch: D.O. Let the child free and he will reveal himself. Maria Montessori 17 PSYCHIATRY William Ranieri, D.O. Chairman David Rissmiller, D.O. Milton Metzman, D.O. Chairman Joseph Mobilio, D.O. George Piper, D.O. Science does not know its debt to imagination. Ralph Waldo Emerson RADIOLOGY Steven Allen, D.O. Paul Chase, D.O. Marvin Kupersmit, D.O. Je le pansais, Dieu le guerit. (I bandaged them, but God he healeth them.) Ambroise Pare " The Father of Surgery " 1583 SURGERY Richard Berjian, D.O. Chairman John Barbagiovanni, D.O. Anesthesiology Andrew Blackstone, D.O. Urology J Saul Bresaiier, D.O. Ophthalmology Richard Citta, D.O. General Surgery Frederick Cole, D.O. Orthopedics Richard Liszewski, D.O. General Surgery 20 Frank Marruchello, D.O. Anesthesiology Frederick Meoli, D.O. General Surgery ADMINISTRATION Benjamin Cohen, D.O. Dean Robert Thompson, Ed.D. Associate Dean for Student Affairs 22 Mark Jacobson, D.O. Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Gerald Scharf, D.O. Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs Jules Heisler, Ph.D. Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs SECRETARIES Vivian Phillips Jeannie Pritchett Linda Barczak Debbie Hill OFF THE CUFF am not for myself who will be for me? If I am only for myself what am I? And if not now, when? Hillel STEVEN LEE ATTERMANN Maplewood, N.J. Union College, B.S. KMH-UMC that last page? " GRANDPA, NANA, MOM, DAD, MARYANN With love and thanks to my family who made it all possible with their help, encouragement and moral support. ' The early years " 27 JOSEPH C. BENEDETTO Port Reading, N.J. Rutgers University-Newark, B.A. KMH-UMC i am a little church (no great cathedral) far from the splendor and squalor of hurrying cities — i do not worry if briefer days grow briefest, i am not sorry when sun and rain make april my life is the life of the reaper and the sower; my prayers are prayers of earth ' s own clumsily striving (finding and losing and laughing and crying) children whose any sadness or joy is my grief or my gladness. aroun d me surges a miracle of unceasing birth and glory and death and resurrection: over my sleeping self float flaming symbols of hope, and i wake to a perfect patience of mountains. i am a little church (far from the frantic world with its rapture and anguish) at peace with nature — i do not worry if longer nights grow longest; i am not sorry when silence becomes singing. winter by spring, i lift my diminutive spire to merciful Him Whose only now is forever: standing erect in the deathless truth of His presence (welcoming humbly His light and proudly His darkness) ee cummings LINDA BOYD Howell, N.J. The American University, B.S. Memorial General Hospital MATTHEW J. BURDAY Cherry Hill, N.J. Kcnyon College, B.A. KMH-UMC CHARLES W. CALLAHAN, JR. Cinnaminson, N.J. Rutgers College, B.A. Walter Reed Army Medical Center In addition to the grace of God through Jesus Christ on which we are truly established, at this time in our lives our relationship, our marriage hinges on Linda ' s unselfishness. She must bow so often to the tremendous demand of time and energy this thing God has called me to do requires. People talk about the sacrifices I have made to be where I am. I have sacrificed nothing. God has called and I have followed happily. It is those around me who have sacrificed, principally Linda. She endures so much. I truly believe that this struggle through Medical School is primarily hers, for she must live with less husband than she deserves. I rejoice in the wife you have given me Lord. She is without question the most wonderful woman alive. Journal entry Sept. 17, 1981 King of the Road Juvante Jesu Soli Deo Gloria EDMUND J. DECKER Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Kings College, B.S. KMH-UMC 33 and then along came . . . 34 STEVEN E. GERSON Fair Lawn, N.J. Muhlenberg College, B.S. KMH-UMC T JOANNE KAISER North Bergen, N.J. Saint Peter ' s College, B.S. KMH-UMC Thanks to my family and friends whose love and support helped me attain my goal. Love, Joanne JOHN NICHOLAS LARSON Salem, Mass. Cornell University, B.A. KMH-UMC A grandeur in the beatings of the heart. William Wordsworth 1770-1850 Poverty is no disgrace to a man, but it is confoundedly inconvenient. ■ CLINTON H. LEINWEBER Fair Lawn, N.J. William Paterson College, B.A. KMH-UMC RONALD ROBERT MAJKA Clifton, N.J. Fairleigh Dickinson University, B.S. Fairleigh Dickinson University, M.S. Saddle Brook General Hospital ROBERT DANIEL McARDLE Rahway, N.J. Rutgers College, B.A. KMH-UMC To know ourselves and our world, and in such knowledge to urge and take wise action which will benefit men; this is our purpose. MITCHELL S. MEDNICK Spring Valley, N.Y. S.U.N.Y. at Binghamton, B.A. Wagner College, M.S. KMH-UMC JOSEPH L. MILIO Tcaneck, N.J. Michigan State University, B.S. KMH-UMC He was alone. He was unheeded, happy and near to the wild heart of life. He was alone and young and willful and wild-hearted, alone amidst a waste of wild air and brackish waters and the seaharvest of shells and veiled grey sunlight. James Joyce IRA PHILIP MONKA Lake Hiawatha, N.J. Rutgers University, B.S. Humana Hospital South Broward To all the people I love, thanks for helping me reach my goal. GERARD M. MONTICOLLO Colonia, N.J. Temple University, B.S. KMH-UMC " THE BOYS " BRIAN JOSEPH PAHLOW Somerville, N.J. University of Vermont, B.S. KMH-UMC THIS DEGREE IS DEDICATED TO MY FAM- ILY, FRIENDS AND MOST ESPECIALLY TO DIANE. WITHOUT HER, THIS WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE NOR WORTH THE EFFORT. EILEEN EBERT POOLER Potomac, Md. University of Massachusetts, B.S. Saddle Brook General Hospital To my loving husband, family and friends Thanks for your sup- port. Eileen 51 ROBERT ANTHONY RESTIFO Palisades Park, N.J. Saint Peter ' s College, B.S. KMH-UMC DAVID M. RINGEL Rockaway, N.J. Michigan State University, B.S. KMH-UMC TODD SCHACHTER Roselle, N.J. Muhlenberg College, B.S. KMH-UMC i It is an old maxim . . . that when you have ex- cluded the impossible, whatever remains, how- ever improbable, must be the truth. — S.H. MARTIN STEVEN SCHNIER Wayne, N.J. Lafayette College, B.A. Saddle Brook General Hospital Two roads diverged in a wood and I — took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. Robert Frost 55 DALE LOUISE STEINBERG Brooklyn, N.Y. Livingston College-Rutgers U., B.A. B.A. Rutgers Graduate School, M.A. Humana Hospital South Broward JEFFREY PAUL TENNER Englishtown, N.J. Monmouth College, B.A. KMH-UMC m DARRELL LLOYD TROAST Pompton Plains, N.J. Washington Jefferson College, B.A. KMH-UMC SANDRA ASTRID ZABLOVSKY Wood-Ridge, N.J. Seton Hall University, B.S. B.A. KMH-UMC Persistent hiccups The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep. Robert Frost Much love and thanks to all who ' ve supported me with love and confidence — friends, Rich, and Ema and Papa. i ANDREW TAYLOR STILL 1828-1917 The Many Faces of MAXWELL BUNDY PlSCATAW y It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us . . . Charles Dickens fi.3 LECTURES AND LABS 64 Experimental science has three great advantages over all other sciences; it discovers truths which would never otherwise be found; it examines the course of nature and it makes possible knowledge of the past and of the future. Roger Bacon 65 TALENT SHOW Carlos Santana i i 69 Those questions on the last Anatomy exam were fair, right? FOOD FOR THOUGHT thou to health and vigor wouldst attain, Shun weighty cares — all anger deem profane, From heavy suppers and much wine abstain. Nor trivial count it, after pompous fare, To rise from table and to take the air. Shun idle, noonday slumber, nor delay The urgent call of Nature to obey. These rules if thou wilt follow to the end, Thy life to greater length thou mayst extend. Code of Health of the School of Salernum Men pray to their Gods for health; they do not realize that they have control over it themselves. They jeopardize it by their excesses and so their greed makes them traitors to their health. Democritus 460 B.C. HELPING HANDS Blood Pressure Screening National Osteopathic Medicine Week Sept. 13-17 The physician ' s art consists of three things: disease, patient and doctor. The doctor is the servant of the art, and the highest duty of the art of healing is to cure the patient. The art of healing is the most distinguished of all the arts. Hippocrates HOSPITALS ;ennedy memorial hospitals Never seem more learned than the people you are with. Wear your learning like a pocket watch and keep it hidden. Do not take it out to count the hours, but give the time when you are asked. Lord Chesterfield 84 A patient is a mobile painting which must be forever observed. Dr. Jean Nicholas Corvisart Medicine . . . the only profession that labors incessantly to destroy the rea- son for its own existence. James Bryce 1914 85 MEDICINE IS A SOCIAL SCIENCE r EXAMS " Let ' s see ... 1 if A, B, C; 2 if A and C; 3 if B and Z...Z...Z... Those who do not know the torment of the unknown cannot have the joy of discovery, which is certainly the liveliest that the mind of man can ever feel. But, by a whim of nature, the joy of discovery, so sought and hoped for, vanishes as soon as found. Thus, even in science itself, the known loses its attraction while the unknown is always full of charm. Claude Bernard 0JECKER IKES THE RESSURF Honey, guess what? I passed! " You actually knew that Diphyllobothrium latum is the wor ld ' s longest parasite? " 99 CALL Life is short, and the Art long; the occasion fleeting; experience fallacious, and judgement difficult. The physician must not only be prepared to do what is right himself, but also to make the patient, the attendants and externals co-operate. Hippocrates 101 r GRADUATION DINNER 104 I Is this how Christiaan Barnard got started? THE NATURAL? 106 r The Bad News Bears go to Medical School r r GRADUATION r AND % , ; -. : v?s38 DENTISTRY OF NEW JERSff . ' -- - MAY 23, 1984 1 I do hereby affirm my loyalty to the profession I am about to enter. I will be mindful always of my great responsibility to preserve the health and the life of my patients, to retain their confidence and respect both as a physician and a friend who will guard their secrets with scrupulous honor and fidelity, to perform faithfully my professional duties, to employ only those recognized methods of treatment consistent with good judgement and with my skil l and ability, keeping in mind always nature ' s laws and the body ' s inherent capacity for recovery. I will be ever vigilant in aiding in the general welfare of the community, sustaining its laws and institutions, not engaging in those practices which will in any way bring shame or discredit upon myself or my profession. I will give no drugs for deadly purposes to any person, though it be asked of me. I will endeavor to work in accord with my colleagues in a spirit of progressive cooperation, and never by work or by act cast imputations upon them or their rightful practices. I will look with respect and esteem upon all those who have taught me my art. To my college I will be loyal and strive always for its best interests and for the interests of the students who will come after me. 118 r Steve Attermann Editor-in-Chief Dale Steinberg Layout Editor Chris Chico Layout Editor Joe Benedetto Linda Boyd Photography Editor Copy Editor Joe Milio Managing Editor Special Thanks — Cover Artwork — Clint Leinweber Artwork Calligraphy — Chuck Callahan Faculty Advisor — Mac Keiter Graduation Photography — Larry Regan General Assistance — Kathy Fitzpatrick 119 Osteopathic Medicine " . . . to promote the public health, to encourage scientific research, and to maintain and improve high standards of medical education in osteopathic colleges. " Constitution of the American Osteopathic Association 120 LOUIS C. HAENEL, D.O. Telephone (609) 783-2244 Office Hours By Appointment 25 East Laurel Road Stratford, New Jersey 08084 botsford J Ja hospital general rrtg the convrwl, 121 We at Botsford General Hospital invite you to become acquainted with our modern 300-bed hospital facility, located in Farmington Hills — a family centered com- munity surrounded by the unparalleled natural beauty of southeastern Michigan. Medical practice in the areas of Anesthesiology, Family Practice, Gastroenterology, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Medical Diseases of the Chest, Neurology, Obstetrics Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedic Surgery, Otorhinolaryngology, Radiology and Urology is available from our distinguished staff of 262 licensed osteopathic physicians. Teaching and training experience with our interns and residents spans over 33 years in fully approved and accredited programs developed via our affiliation with such schools as Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. □ur Obstetrical Service approximates 1 500 deliveries per year and includes an Alternative Birthing Unit. We also have an active Ambulatory Surgery Unit with a caseload over 3000 per year, a Critical Care Unit, and our Emergency Service has more than 25,000 visits per year. Our annual total caseload is approximately 1 00.000 patient days, and we are still growing. We are a truly comfortable, modern and professional hospital, centrally located, and ready to serve you and your family. Friendly People. Progressive Atmosphere. ( Quality PatientCare. it, 212 beds, 16 bassinells, AOA approved full service hospital Rotating Internships, Residency Programs in: Internal Medicine. Orthopedic Surgery, Clinical Anatomical Pathology-pending Anesthesiology - Approved lor clerkships L»he Erie U ' Ck.HarJa WAR REN . jQ Young»lown PA. Pltti irgh Columbut J Warren is located in Northeastern Ohio midway between Cleveland and Pittsburgh and is the county seat for Trumbull County Within a 15 mile radius the population is approx 440,000 Contact Department of Education Warren General Hospital 667 Eastland Avenue Warren. Ohio 44484 An Osteopathic Community Hospital FREDERICK L. COLE, JR., D.O. PRACTICE LIMITED TO ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY 40 E. Laurel Road Stratford, N.J. 08084 784-4444 123 E. Main Street Moorestown, N.J. 08057 778-1483 DEPARTMENT OF OBSTETRICS-GYNECOLOGY R. E. Ayres, D.O. D. H. Bclsky, D.O. M. Cassctt, D.O. P. Chan, Ph.D. W. Croff, D.O. A. D. deMasi, D.O. M. Freund, Ph.D. W. Gall, D.O. S. Hosmer, D.O. J. D. Lavis, D.O. L. R. Manara, D.O. W. Morris, D.O. E. Slotnick, D.O. R. Tucker, D.O. F. Zarghami, M.D. 122 Kennedy Memorial Hospitals University Medical Center The Major Teaching Affiliate of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey- New Jersey School of Osteopathic Cherry Hill Divisiot Cherry Hill, NJ Stratford Dp Stratford, NJ Washington Township Divison, Turnersville, NJ A modern 627-bed multi-hospital system combining the advantages of a sophisticated teaching hospital with the intimate, caring atmosphere of a community hospital setting. Approved Internships: 50 Approved Residencies: • Internal Medicine • General Surgery • Family Practice • Obstetrics Gynecology • Pediatrics • Anesthesiology • Radiology • Uroiogical Surgery • Orthopedic Surgery • Proctology • Pathology • Otorhinolaryngology— Oro facial plastic surgery Approved Fellowships: • Nephrology • Medical Diseases of the Chest • Gastroenterology • Cardiology • Hematology Oncology A. R. Pirolli, President KENNEdy MemoriaI HospiTALS ' UiMivEitsiTy Medic aI Center Corporate Offices: 113 East Laurel Road, Stratford, NJ 08084 (609) 784 0202 Mark R. Russell, Sr. Vice President Dwain Harper, D.O., Vice President-Professional Affairs .Si 123 TOWER MEDICAL ASSOCIATES, P.A. Internal Medicine Washington Medical Arts Building R.D. 1 Egg Harbor Road Sewell, New Jersey 08080 (609) 589-0300 Alfred M. DiPiero, D.O. Peter A. Plumeri, D.O. Mario L. Maiese, D.O. Gary A. Agia, D.O. f AMPICILLIN 250 mg. and 500 mg Capsules CLOXACILLIN SODIUM 250 mg. and 500 mg Capsules AMOXICILLIN J mg. and 500 mg Capsules DICLOXACILLIN SODIUM MONOHYDRATE 250 mg. and 500 mg Capsules OXACILLIN SODIUM 250 mg. and 500 mg. Capsules THE Major Generic Manufacturer of Antibiotics in America! • Finished dosage form and bulk for • $20 million comprehensive product alj 5 products liability insurance • The assurance of Biocraft ' s high • Proven bioequivalence for every quality standards product • Competitive pricing CALL TOLL FREE (800) 631 -0165 for further information The advantage of a brand name for you. I S v vlf The economy of a generic for your patient. El If ? wlWf 92 Route 46, Elmwood Park, NJ 07407 BEST WISHES FROM MS. LISA BLEIL MS. ANNE CHAPMAN MR. ROY SALOMON M.S.D. WOLFE-SIMON MEDICAL ASSOCIATES, P.A. Family Practice Telephone (609) 667-1654 Office Hours By Appointment Daily Warren Wolfe, D O , FAAFP Richard M. Simon, D.O. 511 N. Kings Highway (Cor. Chapel Ave.) Cherry Hill, N.J. 08034 DOH PEOPLE CARING FOR PEOPLE " THE FUTURE IS YOURS... and OURS A challenging and fulfilling future lies ahead for those who are striving to earn their D.O. degrees. The past contributions of Osteopathic medicine have been many; those in the future will be even more significant. Growth also has been the constant of Oklahoma Os- teopathic Hospital. Opened with 75 beds in 1944, it now has 533 beds and is the largest single site Osteopathic medical center in the nation. Beyond that, OOH has state-of-the-art facilities in intensive cate. OKLAHOMA OSTEOPATHIC HOSPITAL NINTH at JACKSON • TULSA, OK 74127 Warren I. Brandwine, D.O. Obstetrics Gynecology 3820 Church Road Mt. Laurel, N.J. 08054 (609) 778-4700 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1984 DR. MRS. LOWELL ZEID Kennedy Obstetrici and C ynecofoay, Ronald E. Ayres, D.O. 19 East Laurel Road Suite E Stratford, N.J. 08084 Phone: 783-2800 Ganttown Prof. Plaza Suite 5 Box 426, Ganttown Road Sewell, N.J. 08080 Phone: 589-2290 COMPLIMENTS OF PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING GROUP 1007 Livingston Ave. No. Brunswick, N.J. 08902 800-932-0853 " ... CONTINUED SUCCESS Best Wishes Class of 84 Dr. and Mrs. Morton Abend and Family Al Belli, D. O. FACULTY OF DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE Andrew A. Pecora, D.O., Professor Chairman James C. Giudice, D.O., Professor Gerald Scharf, D.O., Professor Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs Louis A. Papa, D.O., Associate Professor Raymond A. Adelizzi, D.O., Assistant Professor Stephen L. Burnstein, D.O., Assistant Professor John C. Chiesa, D.O., Assistant Professor Stephen J. Daly, D.O., Assistant Professor John W. Fitzharris, D.O., Assistant Professor Lloyd J. Forman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Nathan Freed, D.O., Assistant Professor Joseph M. Pitone, D.O., Assistant Professor Peter Vasilenko III, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Theodore Weinberg, D.O., Clinical Professor Russell Griesback, Jr., D.O., Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine Stanley Schiff, D.O., Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine Thomas A. Cavalieri, D.O., Clinical Assistant Professor Robert Gordon, D.O., Clinical Assistant Professor Harvey P. Rothman, D.O., Clinical Assistant Professor Thomas J. Scheuerman, D.O., Clinical Assistant Professor Andrew M. Alloy, D.O., Clinical Assistant Professor Kevin Barber, D.O., Clinical Assistant Professor Frank W. Corbally, D.O., Clinical Assistant Professor David Condoluci, D.O., Clinical Assistant Professor CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1984! DELAWARE VALLEY MEDICAL CENTER Serving Lower Bucks County, 30 Miles from Philadelphia, PA Externships Approved for Intern Training Residencies: Anesthesia Emergency Medicine General Practice General Surgery Internal Medicine Obstetrics Gynecology Orthopedic Surgery Pathology Pediatrics Memberships: American Osteopathic Association American Osteopathic Hospital Association Delaware Valley Hospital Council Hospital Association of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Osteopathic Hospital Association An Osteopathic Institution 200 Oxford Valley Road Langhorne, PA 19047 Harry Glass, D.O. President BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mr. Gary Steinberg ADMINISTRATOR With Our Best Wishes To the 1984 Class DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHIATRY UNIVERSITY OF MEDICINE AND DENTISTRY OF NEW JERSEY SCHOOL OF OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE William F. Ranieri, D.O., Chairman George E. Piper, D.O., Chief of Staff Joseph N. Mobilio, D.O. David J. Rissmiller, D.O. Donald W. Light, Ph.D. Mark H. Lewis, Ph.D. Etienne J. Phipps, Ph.D. BEST WISHES AND SUCCESS CLASS OF 84 JAMES W. ZICCARDI, D.O., F.A.C.C. PROFESSIONAL RADIOLOGY ASSOC., PJ DIPLOMATE AMERICAN BOARD OF INTERNAL MEDICINE AND CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE PRACTICE LIMITED TO CARDIOLOGY (609) 646-2300 Drs.: Metzman, Chase, Kupersmit Allen, Wolk 24 CENTRAL SQUARE NEW ROAD AND CENTRAL AVE. LINWOOD, NEW JERSEY 08221 ELMER M. EVANS Hospital Representative Lederle Laboratories A Division Of American Cyanamid Company Res.: 1857 E. Tulpehocken Street Philadelphia, PA 19138 Tel: 215 549-9616 130 (609) 227-4039 (609) 227-4040 312 S Black Horse Pike • Blackwood OPEN SUNDA Y FREE DELIVERY I DR. F. KENNETH SHOCKLEY DR. JEROME R. PIETRAS UROLOGY ASSOCIATES. RA. UROLOGICAL SURGERY 40 E. Laurel Road, Stratford, New Jersey 08084 — 783-5500 1803 Springdale Road, Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08003 — 424-3630 Dr. Joseph Berger D.O. Dr. Howard Sheldon D.O. Professional Association (609) 767-3234 Family Practice Hours By Appointment 14 Estaugh Avenue Berlin, N.J. 08009 REGIONAL ORTHOPEDIC PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION Kennedy Memorial Hospitals University Medical Center Cherry Hill Division Practice Limited to Orthopedic and Traumatic Surgery SEYMOUR G. KAUFMAN, D.O., F.A.C.O.S., F.A.O.A.O. CARL MOGIL, D.O., F.A.C.O.S., F.A.O.A.O. I. DAVID WEISBAND, D.O. BARRY GLEIMER, D.O. P.O. Box 5009 Cherry Hill, N.J. 08034 665-2000 Ext. 266 663-7080 Bunker Hill Medical Center Ganttown Road, Suite 203 Turnersville, N.J. 08080 589-6500 SANDUSKY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL (Osteopathic) 2020 Hayes Avenue Sandusky, Ohio 44870 8 AO A Approved Internships Available 2 General Practice Residency Programs 2 Ophthalmology Residency Programs Modern 136 Bed Facility Serving an area of 100,000 Externships available in: OB-GYN, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, General Practice, Emergency Room, EENT, Orthopedics and Pulmonary Medicine CONTACT: Director of Medical Education Sandusky Memorial Hospital 2020 Hayes Avenue Sandusky, Ohio 44870 419-627-5000 131 TTBncg DBcgsil Hm Mcgdlrkssifl Ed]m(ssi(tQCQ)m GRANDVIEW HOSPITAL A place to learn A place to practice GRANDVIEW HOSPITAL • Dayton, Ohio • A 452 bed Osteopathic Institution with an excellent reputation in the community. Our hospital is approved for 26 internships, 53 residencies, and clerkships in all areas of medicine and surgery. RESIDENCIES Anesthesiology Family Practice General Surgery Internal Medicine Medical Diseases of the Chest INTERN ROTATIONS CLERKSHIPS Neurosurgery Nuclear Medicine Obstetrics and Gynecology Ophthalmology Orthopedic Surgery Pediatrics Pathology Radiology Urology Cardiology Emergency Medicine Family Practice Gastroenterology General Medicine General Surgery Neurosurgery Radiology Urologic Surgery Neurology Nuclear Medicine Oncology Otorhinolaryngology Orthopedics Pathology Pulmonary Medicine Obstetrics Gynecology Proctology For complete information, write or call: H. Lauren Vogel, D O., Vice President for Medical Education, Grandview Hospital, 405 Grand Avenue, Dayton, Ohio 45405 • 513 226-3247 132 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1984 SAUL BRESALIER D.O., RA. FELLOW — O.C.O.O. SECTION HEAD OPHTHALMOLOGY UMDNJ-SOM Browning Rd. Medical Center Route 38 at Browning Rd. Pennsauken, N.J. 08109 (609) 665-2111 The Kennedy Prof. Mall 40 E. Laurel Rd. Suite 103 Stratford, N.J. 08084 (609) 783-1010 Telephone: Office Hours (609) 435-6000 By Appointment RICHARD C. SIMMERS, D.O., RA. PEDIATRICS AND ADOLESCENT MEDICINE Cedar Lane Professional Building Suite 4 1230 Black wood-Clementon Road Clementon, N.J. 08021 133 BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1984 FROM PAUL ZACHARY HOECHST-ROUSSEL PHARMACEUTICALS YOUR CLAFORAN REPRESENTATIVE Hoechst Paul P. Zachary Professional Representative Hoechst-Roussel Pharmaceuticals Incorporated 611 Bell Road Mt. Ephraim, N. Jersey 08059 (609) 933-1026 134 BY APPOINTMENT Telephone: 665-2131 589-0561 UROLOGICAL SURGERY DR. JOSEPH M. DeVIVO DR. HARVEY J. YORKER DR. ANDREW S. BLACKSTONE OFFICES KENNEDY MEMORIAL HOSPITALS— UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER CHERRY HILL DIVISION Chapel Ave., Cooper Landing Rd. Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08002 KENNEDY MEMORIAL HOSPITALS— UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP DIVISION Hurffville — Crosskeys Rd. Turnersville, New Jersey 08012 135 CONGRATULATIONS to the " CLASS OF 1984 " Dr. Lanciano Family DesMoinesGeneralHospital Our comprehensive internship and residency programs can provide the opportunities you ' ve been looking for! We ' re a 250-bed. osteopathic hospital with primary and secondary services at the intensive acute and ambulatory levels Founded in 1916 our educational programs are recognized for their excellence - including subspecialties in Internal Medicine and General Surgery, as well as programs m General Practice, Radiology and OB Gynecology A limited number of positions are available Write for your application today 1 Des Moines General Hospital 603 East Twelfth Street Des Moines. Iowa 50307 For more information, contact: James A Kingsbury, Executive Director (515) 263-4470 Milton J Dakovich, D O . F A C O I Medical Director DME (515) 263-4466 136 PROFESSIONAL PATRONS DR. MRS. JOHN H. HAYES FLOYD KRENGEL, D.O. JOEL S. MAYER, D.O. ROBERT S. MAURER, D.O. STEPHEN BURNSTEIN, D.O. JOSEPH MASTROMONACO, D.O. EDWARD MASTROMONACO, D.O. BERNARD GRABELLE, D.O. BARRY HOFFMANN, D.O. R. MICHAEL GALLAGHER, D.O. ALEX MACAIONE, D.O. BERNARD BARBELL, D.O., P.A. F. MARRUCHELLO, D.O. STEVEN LIAKOS, D.O., P.A. MARVIN BACKAL, D.O. RICHARD A. SMIALEK, D.O. HARVEY ROTHMAN, D.O. ROBERT J. SENESE, D.O. DONALD A. BARONE, D.O. ALLAN GOLDBERG, D.O. CLIFFORD BOTWIN, D.O. SEYMOUR SCHLOSSBERG, D.O. MORTON ABEND, D.O. JAMES P. SHINNICK, D.O. D. ORLAND, D.O. ROBERT J. FUREY, D.O. DAVID S. STEINBAUM, D.O. HOWARD M. LEVINE, D.O. CHARLES STEINER, D.O. GARY PACKIN, D.O. STANLEY BERGEN, M.D. WILLIAM D. HILTON, D.O. 137 An exceptional opportunity . . . An internship or residency at Michigan Osteopathic Medical Center ' s new 240-bed acute care hospital is a valuable learning experience. • Surgery • Medicine • OB GYN • Anesthesiology To obtain an application or more information about our programs, contact: Raymond A. Gadowski, D.O. Vice President Medical Education Michigan Osteopathic Medical Center 2700 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Detroit, Michigan 48208 (313) 361-8000 In addition to twenty-four internships, the following number of residency training programs have been approved: It Psychiatry 6 d Psychiatry 2 rology 1 ■ | jj [jk Michigan Osteopathic 1 pr Medical Center 5 • Radiology 2 • Adul 6 • Ophthalmology 1 • Chil 5 • General Practice 3 • Neu 4 • Pathology 3 • EPfT Applications filed with AOA pending approval as part of consortium. " CLASS OF ' 84 BEST WISHES AND CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WE ARE PROUD TO HAVE PLAYED A PART IN YOUR CAREERS UNIVERSITY OF MEDICINE DENTISTRY OF NEW JERSEY SCHOOL OF OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY Richard A. Berjian, D.O. Assoc. Professor Chairman Norman J. Doherty, M.D. Associate Professor Richard F. Liszewski, D.O. Associate Professor Frederick G. Meoli, D.O. Associate Professor Robert L. Sonn, D.O. Associate Professor Shekeeb Sufian, M.D. Associate Professor ■ WERE LARGE ENOUGH TO SERVE i_J _J Saddle Brook we ' re small enough to care E General MM HOSpitcll a Teaching Institution Located in Suburban 300 MARKET ST. SADDLE BROOK, NJ 07662 . , , BERGEN COUNTY CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1984 Approved for Internships Residencies 182 Beds Open Staff Residencies Available in Practice Locations PEDIATRICS JOHN W. POLLINA GENERAL PRACTICE Executive Director SURGERY (201) 368-6000 139 Diving Medicine Aviation Medicine 1 LET YOUR FINGERS DO THE CURING! Margate Medical Associates P.A. Family Practice 9400 Atlantic Avenue Margate. New Jersey 08402 (609) 823-4343 Dr. Lawrence J. Anastasi Dr. Dennis l. Piccone A.M.E. - 2nd 8c 3rd. Class BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1984 GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 1984 ELEANOR MASTERSON, D.O. JAMES McMASTER, D.O. Medical Diseases of the Chest and Internal Medicine 50 Cooper St. 609-845-0256 Woodbury, N.J. 08096 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1984 NEW JERSEY ASSOCIATION OF OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS 1212 STUYVESANT AVENUE TRENTON, NEW JERSEY 08618 140 At Memorial General Hospital, our success is translated into an unceasing quest for excellence in education, medicine, nursing and patient care. Working closely with a medical staff attuned to the importance of the learning process, your skills as an osteopathic physician will be enhanced through participation in carefully-designed educa- tional programs, daily interaction with the expertise of ancillary staff and concentrated exposure to advanced technological re- sources. With a medical education program consisting of 300 teaching beds, M.G.H. invites you to shape your professional goals amid the setting of a modern and expanding community hospital. Residency programs are provided in: • Anesthesiology • • Radiology • • Proctology • • General Practice • Internal Medicine • General Surgery Emergency Medicine Otorhinolaryngology Facial Plastic Surgery Geriatrics COME TO WHERE THE BRIGHTEST LEARN FROM THE BEST. MEMORIAL GENERAL HOSPITAL 1000 GALLOPING HILL ROAD • UNION • NEW JERSEY 07083 201-687-1900 Victor J. Fresolone, President Anthony N. La Falce, D O., Vice President of Medical Affairs 141 BEST WISHES The yearbook staff wishes to thank everyone who helped support our CLASS endeavor and made OF Articulations 1984 possible. 1984 BRIDGEWATER FAMILY PRACTICE, P.A. FREDERIC STEINBERG, D.O. PRASANTA CHANDRA, M.D. JOHN SCANCARELLA, D.O. LAWRENCE FERRARO, D.O. OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY 762 ROUTE 202-206 NORTH BRIDGEWATER, NEW JERSEY 08807 NOTE: DUE TO DIFFICULTIES BEYOND OUR CONTROL, THIS ADVERTISEMENT HAS BEEN CENSORED. IT WAS 1984. BIG BROTHER WAS WATCHING. —EDITORS 142 BOOSTERS ABE, LENA. JENNIFER. JUSTIN HORN A FRIEND A FRIEND A FRIEND ALAN Z. GARTZMAN. D.O. ALBERTA FLYNN ALEX CELLUZZI ALFRED MURDOCK ALFRED SORBELLO, D.O., ' 82 AL NICOLOSI. M.D. A MEDICAL FRIEND ANNA BALDINO. D.O. ANNA CAFAGNA ANNA PRESING— DIETARY ANONYMOUS ANONYMOUS ANTHONY DIVITO ARLENE SHIELDS, R.N. ASHLEY ANNE ZIEGLER A TRANSFEREE BARBARA DOUGHERTY. D.O. BARBARA MIDURE. R.N. BARBARA PARRILLO. R.PH. BATA MAX BEN LAZARUS. D.O. BETTY AFFRUNTI BETTY HILL BETTY KEPTO BILL LEEDS. D.O. BOB KAREN KROHNER BRUCE MELANIE ZIEGLER BRUCE WISHNOV, D.O. CARMELA BOMBARA, R.N. CAROL J. SCICUTELLA. D.O. CAROLYN INGEMI CATHY KOEHLER, R.N. CATHY VANDIVER. R.N. CELESTE LISTA— CAFETERIA. CHERRY HILL CHARLOTTE MASHBITZ, R.D. CHERYL MILLER. R.N. CHRIS CHRISTOPHER CHRISTOPHER BARONE, D.O. CINDY BORGSTROM. R.N. CLIFF STRAUSS, D.O. COLLEEN ROGERS CONNIE CHRIS DANIEL CHU DAVE WAYNE DAVE KAUFMAN, D.O. DAWN ZAPPASODI. R.N. DEAN AMBROSE DEBBIE HILL DENNIS SOLOMON, D.O. DIANE, FRANK, DANNY PEDEVILLANO DOM BARONE, D.O. DON SOUCIER, D.O. DOROTHY (GRANNY) KUCHLER DOTTY DOTTY LLOYD DR. IRVIN SMITH DR. MRS. SAMUEL RINGEL DR. PRESIDENT GOMEZ DUANE SOSSONG EDITH CURRY EDMUND DECKER EILEEN HILLIS, R.N. ELAINE RUOCCO— CLINICAL DIETICIAN ELAINE SHORT ELAINE WOLK, M.D. ELEANOR ROMEO ELEANOR TOWNSEND— DIETARY ELIZABETH ELLEN DESSNER EMMA FAGAN FABULOUS GILES FRIEND OF A FRIEND GAIL GERMAIN, M.C.A.T. GAIL HANLEY GEORGE CRAIG GERRI BUZBY. R.N. GET PSYCHED GINNY JONES GLENN DUANE, 86 GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK ED DECKER GOOD LUCK! MELINDA NEMIROFF GRACE DANIELS GRETCHEN HOHENBERGER HARVEY GREEN HARVEY WIENER. D.O. HELEN OGG. R.N. HOWARD SCHACHTER INEZ SAUNDERS. L.P.N. INNELLA JANE STAWICKI, R.N. JANE VOTTA, R.N., C.E.N. JAY MELTON JEANNIE PRITCHETT JEAN ODONNELL JEAN YUDIN. R.N., G.N. P. JIM MCMASTER, D.O. JOAN BOCCHINO, R.N. JOANNE GRAHAM. R.N. JOANNE PETERS, R.N. JOANNE TULLY JOANN RICHICHI JOAN RICH JODY ROSS. PH.D. JOE JO JO JOEL YAFFA JOE TALVACCHIA, D.O. JOHN BIRMINGHAM, 85 JOHN DONNA CHICO JOHN LARSON JOSEPH BOTTALICO, D.O.. ' 81 JUDY SHUBACK JULES HEISLER, PH.D. JUST A FRIEND JUSTIN KATE HUMPHRIES KATHY DELUCA KATHY FITZ KATHY SAPONARO, D.O. KATHY WILSON KIM JONES LANE SHIMA. D.O. LEAH BROWN LEANNE CHAIKA LINDA BARCZAK LINDA JENSEN LORI A. SAMILSON LOUISE ALEXANDER— MED. CRISIS G.C.C.C. LYNDA SCULLI MARC MAYER, D.O. MARGARET BROOKS MARIAN CALL— DIETARY MARIA S. KUO— ECK MARY KUREK— DIETARY MAY GOD BLESS EVERYONE— M. ROSS M. DUOME, PH.D.— DIR. CRISIS SERVICES MICHELE SCHMIDT MIKE. BARBARA. BRIE-ANNE. CORTNEY ALYSON MIKE COHAN, D.O. MR. MRS. ALEXANDER SCHACHTER MR. MRS. BENJAMIN PEREZ MR. MRS. C.R. RESTIFO MR. MRS. HENRY GERSON MR. MRS. HERBERT ZABLOVSKY MR. MRS. LESTER TROAST MR. MRS. SEYMOUR SCHNIER MR. MRS. STEWART TENNER MRS. ELEANOR THOMAS. WEST PAVILION MRS. ROBERT J. KAISER MRS. RUTH SAMILSON MUCOUS MAN NADINE JACOBSON NANCY HENCEROTH-GATTO. D.O. NANCY M. MORSE NEIL SOIFER, D.O. NURSERY HUGS KISSES! PAM STATESIR PAT BROWN PATTI STEFANICK. D.O. PAULA OGDEN RALPH AVEDISIAN, D.O. RAY WEIAND. ' 85 RICHARD LELAND RICHARD, MAINTENANCE RICHARD MCCORMICK, D.O. RICH GWEN EISENMANN RICH MCCORMICK, D.O. RICK SCHALLER, D.O. RITCHIE PAROTTA, D.O. ROBERT BARRICELLA, D.O. ROB GIBSON ROBERT MURPHY III RON SOUCIER, D.O. RORY MAXWELL ROSE CARTER R. SCOTT SMITH. D.O. RUSSELL S. GOLKOW. M.D. SALLY SCHRAEDER, R.N. SAM DEL MAURO, D.O., 82 SAM ZAPPASODI, D.O. SARAH SHARI TENNER, R.N. SHIRLEY KRAWIEC STELLA ROGERS STEPHEN HOEY. D.O.. ' 81 STEVE MCAULIFFE. D.O. STEVEN DINSMORE, D.O. STEVEN SHEPPARD. D.O. STRATFORD P.T. SUE VARLEY— EKG TECH SUSAN SUSAN LAWS-MOBILIO, D.O. TANTI DARARUTANA. R.N. THE O R. GIRLS THERESA VINDICK THOMAS MORLEY. D.O. TIM DOMBROWSKI. D.O. TONY CERONE. D.O. UNCLE STAN VALERIE BURNS VERONICA L. MAJKA VICKI WIENER. D.O. WELLS T.V., STAT WILLIAM DOLORES ZIEGLER 5111. 5111 143

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