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of (iatnijjath, tr Hytrin? 1003 Jlxe Scut JPu University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey NEW JERSEY SCHOOL OF OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE Volume III 1983 e COLLEGE OF MEDICINE DENTISTRY OF NEW JERSEY NEW DOCTORS NEW JERSEY T New Jersey School of Osteopathic Medicine THE CLASS OF 1983 VIKKI ELLEN ANGERT Brooklyn, N.Y. SUNY-Albany, B.S. Internship: JFK Memorial Hospital ROBERT ARMSTRONG West Caldwell, N.J. Wilkes College, B.S. Internship: Allentown Osteopathic Hospital Though long hours, scut work and study are necessary to make a doctor, it ' s family and friends that are necessary to keep us human beings. MICHAEL J. BAUM First Anniversary Fun in the Sun JOHN F. BERTAGNOLLI, JR. Blackwood, N.J. Rutgers University, B.A. Internship: JFK Memorial Hospital To my ancestors, especially Mom and Dad Mille Grazie a te! Does it really matter? Grandpops MICHAEL ROBERT COHAN Millburn, N.J. State University of New York at Albany, B.S. Internship: JFK Memorial Hospital As I approach the achievement ot my dreams, I realize I could never have succeeded without the encouragement, support, and most of all the love from my family. Without them, not only would success have been impossible, it would have been meaningless. I share the attainment of this degree with my family whom I love so much. May there never develop in me the notion that my education is complete but give me the strength and leisure and zeal continually to enlarge my knowledge. Maimonides II An osteopath should be a clear-headed, conscientious, truth-loving man, and never speak until he knows he has found and can demonstrate the truth he claims to know. A. T. Still I never let my education interfere with my learning. Samuel L. C lemens WILLIAM T. COX St. Albans, West Virginia Colorado State University, B.S. Internship: Eastmoreland General Hospital MERRILL RUSSELL FARRAND, JR. Ramsey, N.J. Davidson College, B.S. Internship: Osteopathic Hospital of Maine - 3k With loving thanks to Mom, Dad, and Pam; Without each of you behind me, I never would have gotten to this day. I love you all. Now trumpeter for thy close, Vouchsafe a higher strain than any yet. Sing to my soul, renew its languishing faith and hope Rouse up my slow belief, give me some vision of the future, Give me for once its prophecy and joy. Walt Whitman The Mystic Trumpeter The attainment of this degree is dedicated to the memory of Philip Goldhammer 15 THOMAS EVERETT HACKETT Allendale, N.J. University of Rhode Island, B.S. Internship: NRMC San Diego, Ca. That Man Is Best Who, Sees The Truth Himself; Good Too Is He Who Harkens To Wise Counsel. But Who Is Neither Wise Himself Nor Willing To Ponder Wisdom, Is Not Worth A Straw. Hesoid " Are you sure this is your house, George; To my family and friends, old and new, who were there when I needed encouragement and who at times believed in me more than 1 believed in myself — I want you to know that you have my unending respect, gratitude and love. You have helped me to attain the dream and goal of a lifetime. I pray that I may be at least half as good a physician as you believe I can be, that will be twice as good as I have to be. 17 DOUGLAS R. LEDER Margate, N.J. Rutgers College, B.A. Internship: Southeastern Medical Center 21) JOHN JACOB McKINNEY, JR. Middlesex, N.J. Seton Hall University, B.S. Internship: JFK Memorial Hospital I am only one, But still I am one. I cannot do everything, But still I can do something; And because I cannot do everything I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. Edward Everett Hale During this most memorable time in my career, I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation and love to my parents who have been the major influence on me not only in medical school but throughout my whole life. Thanks to my dearest loved ones and closest friends, who, too, had more faith and confidence in me at times than I had in myself. To those with whom I have shared my four years at NJSOM, the memories will speak for themselves and hopefully never drift as far away as we will. I hope you will all remember me as I hope to be remembered. Most importantly, I give thanks to Cod for richly blessing my life with the opportunity to serve my fellow man. ALAN L. MOLOFF ELLEN MARIE O ' MARA Roseland, N.J. Fairfield University, B.S. Internship: Lancaster Osteopathic Hospital The more one accomplishes in life, the more one is appreciative of the people close to him. For it is those people that not only make accomplishments possible by their continual support, but make it meaningful. In dedication to my fa mily, I love you. 24 RICHARD M. SCHER Westfield, N.J. Rutgers College, B.A. Internship: JFK Memorial Hospital We are going, heaven knows where we are going, We ' ll know we ' re there. We will get there, heaven knows how we will get there, We know we will. It will be hard we know And the road will be muddy and rough But we ' ll get there, heaven knows how we will get there, We know we will. We are going, heaven knows where we are going, We know we ' re there. 25 CAROL J. SCICUTELLA Union City, N.J. Rutgers College, B.A. Internship: JFK Memorial Hospital would like to thank my family for all their love and support. They ' ve always added hope and encouragement When I needed it most. Previous ambition . . . Shopping Bag Lady! To make it to the end and still remember The patient ' s position The most important part of becoming a physician. We laughed and cried and hopefully we learned. 26 GARY JAY SILVERMAN Burlington, N.J. Duke University, B.S. Internship: Phoenix General Hospital »3. I T ► ' if 1 si I shall pass this way but once; any good, therefore, that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again. MATTHEW SMITH Cherry Hill, N.J. Dickenson College, B.S. Internship: Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine STRATFORD. NEW JERSEY OfiOB-4 ROBIN PLUMER SMITH Cherry Hill, N.J. University of Rochester, B.A. Internship: JFK Memorial Hospital Saving up our honeymoon ' til new year ' s eve 1982, we delighted in a Caribbean cruise, during which I decided upon one of my future ambitions: to sail again, but as ship ' s doctor! Ray ' s induction as the first (and only) male member of the NJSOM Spouse ' s Assoc., on June 28, 1981 at 11:47 A.M. Snuffy Smith, my beloved singing poodle nee schnauzer, who endured with me from Anatomy through Zplasty, with unending cheerfulness and adaptability! He deserves the D.O. (G) degree . . . VVhere it all began, the long move to Piscatanay from Rochester . . . then on to CTierry Hill . . . then to? We hope to catch up with ya all again some dav . . . Best of Luck (ALOHA). li aming the Truth behind orientation day ' s " Bi Lie " : " Be sun- to budget your time during med school for our personal life and hobbies ... 2« MARC S. TUCKER Iselin, N.J. Rutgers College, B.A. Internship: Metropolitan Hospital Parkview Division LIFE IS SHORT, THE ART LONG. TIMING IS EXACT, EXPERIENCE TREACHEROUS, JUDGMENT DIFFI- CULT. HIPPOCRATES this event with my wife and two families (old and new) and friends!!! WHAT WE ANTICIPATE SELDOM OCCURS, WHAT WE LEAST EXPECT GENERALLY OC- CURS. 31 BENJAMIN DISRAELI PATRICIA J. WALCYK Englewood Giffs, N.J. Cornell University, BSN Stanford University, B.A. Internship: Metropolitan Hospital-Central HARVEY MORTON WIENER Trenton, N.J. University of Rochester, B.A. Internship: JFK Memorial Hospital 4 Thank you Mom and Susan, and those people whose opinions I have respected and followed. Your confidence and belief in me will always be cherished and I will always be your source of pride. I am proud to be your son and I will carry your legacy always. I dedicate this to you and in your memory. 33 Richard Middleton, Ph.D. Associate Dean Basic Sciences Benjamin Cohen, D.O. DEAN I v Robert L. Thompson, Ed.D. Dean Student Affairs BASIC SCIENCES Gary Bailin, Ph.D. Biochemistry Leon Dickson, Ph.D. Biochemistry MEDICINE Andrew Pecora, D.O. Chairman Department of Medicine Gerald Scharf, D.O. Associate Dean Clinical Sciences James Giudice, D.O. Pulmonary Chief of Medicine Louis Papa, D.O. Cardiology 44 Harvey Rothman, D.O. 46 Hematology-Oncology Thomas Scheurman, D.O. Pulmonary Robert Gordon, D.O. Stanley Schiff, D.O. Cardiology 47 SURGERY David Silverman, D.O. Chairman Department of Surgery Richard Citta, D.O. General Surgery Russel Danner, D.O. Anesthesiology Saul Bresalier, D.O. Ophthalmology 51 PEDIATRICS Thomas Santucci, Jr., D.O. Martin Finkel, D.O. Chairman Chief of Service Department of Pediatrics OBSTETRICS GYNECOLOGY Michael Grossman, D.O. William Gall, D.O. Frederick Steinberg, D.O. William Croff, D.O. 54 PSYCHIATRY William Ranieri, D.O. FAMILY PRACTICE Richard Leedy, D.O. Norman Rudin, D.O. Marvin Herring, M.D. Chairman Charles Kastenberg, D.O. 56 Richard Singer, Ph.D Merwyn Landay, MBA, DDS Jay Yanoff, Ed.D. OSTEOPATHIC SCIENCES Eleanor Masterson, D.O. Chief of Service PRESENTS ACT ONE: THE BASICS 60 My neck feels better but I can ' t move my right leg 63 ACT TWO: MAKING MAYHEM 64 ACT THREE: ROAD TRIP 68 Is this bus to Baily ' s? 69 ACT FINALE: FIRST OFFSPRING 7(1 FUTURE DEAN " FINIS OCTOBER, 1979 CLASS jvioiyi s jRESTAURANT r R Y 0 U R L U N CHi S P ECLA L DINNERS (XTOBKR, 1980 BEACH PARTY CHRISTMAS 80 BLOWOUT HAPPY HOURS: A FRIDAY TRADITION TALENT NITES H6 HALLOWEEN BASH STEINER ' S 95 JOHN F. KENNEDY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL James Fitzpatrick, D.O. Chief Resident Internal Medicine Jerry Snyder Chief Resident Obstetrics-Gynecology THE CLINICAL YEARS: THIRD YEAR 101 THE CLINICAL YEARS: FOURTH YEAR OUT-TAKES 108 The subspecies McKinnius must eat its own weight in food (preferably baconcheese burgers) in order to survive. Order now and as an extra special bonus we will send you . THE CHIEF EXTERN Yes dear, a loaf of bread, a pound of sugar, and toothpaste . I ' ll ask you again, who ' s the best at OMT? CODE BLUE - The Nursery OBSTETRICS GYNECOLOGY FAMILY PLANNING ENDOCRINOLOGY JF KFNNEDY MEMORIAL HOSP U M D N J NEW JERSEY SCHOOL OF OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE 4 THE 20 THE NJSOM CROSSWORDS ACROSS 1. " I can ' t, the JETS play this Sunday " 2. " FOKE EM " 3. Begin ' s right-hand man. 4. Our blond bombshell. 5. " I ' m not hungry, I ' ll just pick (off your plate) " 6. Transfer from Mecca. 7. " Interesting case! " 8. " Wanna piece of candy, little girl? " 9. " Does it really matter? " 10. journal Man 11. Half of America ' s favorite couple 12. She ' s setting up practice, where? 13. " I can ' t go out tonight, there ' s a test in 1990! " 14. " By the time I get to Phoenix " 15. Class Calendar; Shorts in January. DOWN 1. NJAOPS Cover Girl. 2. What a rich carpenter uses. 3. " Hi Guy " 4. The Hirsute one. 5. " YEEHAH! " , Rodeo Tractor-pull regular 6. Can ' t decide what name she wants 7. Do it in a Toyota 8. Tan of the year — voted class minority. 9. The Contented Student 10. " WOOF " 11. " It really doesn ' t matter " 12. The " Chief Extern " 13. MSD ' s Dancing Bear ACROSS 3. The soft spoken medicine man. 6. NOW! Even though it ' s not an emergency. 7. Used to be a college. 9 What we lack on night call. 10. " Vivian will be back in fifteen minutes " 12. What you would culture for O P on " el Toro " . 13. How one signs out of an Osteopathic hospital against doctor ' s orders. 15. Great whooping cough imitator of all times. 18. Orifice usually " deferred " during H P ' s. 19. Savior of " the Hoover Kid " (Hint: favorite procedure: Circ Turp). 23 " Look Jack " and " So this Yahoo ... " 24. Smokes, chews gum. and drinks coffee at the same time. (Hint: " Shoot Babe " ) 26. What the night extern sprints for. 27. Always on the phone. 29. Another mild-mannered medicine man. 32. " Do you agree with him? " 35. Loves to spoil your dreams. 36. MAMA ' s hubby. 37 Best known for diagnosis of " happy puppet " and " jumping French- man of Maine " . 39. The smiling Pediatrician. 41 What phlebotomists at JFK don ' t draw. 42. If high blood pressure hurt, no one would eat salt. 45. Family practitioner turned surgeon. 46. " What problems do you have? Never mind, we won ' t change them, anyway! " 47. The first tube usually pulled out by patient. 48. Thinks everyone should be a surgeon. 49. What our class definitely is not. 53. Punishment for boycotting Biomechanics Exam. 54. Hates ACCUTANE. 55. Who really runs JFK 56. Found in every old army hospital (Hint: a Pyle) 120 19 □ a a o a ea aanannaa a iaaaa m nana a □ a a □ □ si □□□□□ saaaa aaa a □ a a □ B iHEiaanna a anaan □ an a a a a anaaan sa a HQ B ffl anaana iaaaaaaaQan a a a a a □ a aaaaasiaci a a □ □ a □ a a □ aaaaa a a a THE SOLUTIONS DOWN 1. Wolf Man 2. Partner for MD-URO 4. D.B.-.M. 5. Where the angiocath is supposed to go 6. Our puppy ' s favorite job 8. Short, but Tanner 5 because of his beard 11. Dr. DO 12. Cowboy hat that improves vision 14. " Let ' s have a birthing experience " 16. Will probably develop arthritis from carrying that heavy brown brief- case 17. What nobody but students use on Progress notes 20. Taught us that Osteopathic Medicine is all that it ' s " cracked up " to be 21. Move up real close to see the fundus, like this. 22. Is that pronounced " shoo " ? 25. " I can teach a baboon to cut " 28. Distinguished host of " Brown Bag Lunch " 30. Our " Dad " at school 31. " This room is a uterus the wallpaper is endometrium " 33. Scut puppy ' s nightmare 34. The only " gin-acologist " on staff 38. " How do you feel about that? " 40. 1 cc. 1% lidocaine with decadron 43. Trains kids to sink the Tidy Bowl man 44. Ray Nitschke fan. Never Wrong. Favorite saying: " Everybody go long!! " 50. What we were never able to feel as first year students 51 Where everyone in North Jersey thinks our school is located 52. Hurry and Probe Rearrange all circled letters to arrive at BONUS answer: 57. BONUS clue: " chief " of all departments in Piscataway CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1983 DR. MRS. LOWELL ZEID CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1983 WILLIAM A. NICKEY, D.O. STEPHEN S. LEVIN, D.O. MICHAEL H. BRODER, D.O. PROFESSIONAL RADIOLOGY ASSOC., P.A. DOCTORS METZMAN, KUPERSMIT, WOLK, ALLEN CHASE DR. F. KENNETH SHOCKLEY DR. JEROME R. PIETRAS UROLOGY ASSOCIATES, P.A. UROLOGICAL SURGERY 40 E. Laurel Road, Stratford, New Jersey 08084 783-5500 1 803 Springdale Road, Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08003 424-3630 BEST WISHES ROY SALOMON MSD 122 CONGRATULATIONS to the " CLASS OF 1983 " The Lanciano Family GOOD LUCK TO CLASS OF ' 83 Dr. and Mrs. David Silverman A 0? CV .0 X x ,° V 0 «sF ,6 ' s d ' v r v KT O " .6 f J? O . V vX X N a? $0 4 4T 9? J? x X s (Jo ■ c " o bofsford an osteopathic institution genera nospifal serving the community X s r ' »S ' o$ vJ 0 0 " O s ' . P ' eT x f 5P x " x P x S v rX r s r o ' J ;. X _c J i " (is ° ci f 65 ■ " -y ' 124 Quality In Education Dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in education, Memorial General Hospital affirms its commitment to the provision of guality health care. With a medical staff attuned to the importance of the learning process, our interns and residents are assured educational programs of the highest caliper. It ' s Important to You . . . Serving our patients and enhancing the educational process through internship and residency programs in: ■ anesthesiology ■ general practice ■ internal medicine ■ emergency medicine ■ proctology ■ radiology ■ otorhinolaryngology facial plastic surgery Amid a modern 201-bed hospital . . . It ' s Vital to Our Patients MEMORIAL GENERAL HOSPITAL An Osteopathic Teaching Hospital 1000 Galloping Hill Road Union, New Jersey 07083 201-687-1900 MEMORIAL EN! HOSPTAL Victor J. Fresolone, President Anthony LaFalce, D.O., Vice President of Medical Affairs GRAND VIEW HOSPITAL A place to learn A place to practice GRANDVIEW HOSPITAL • Dayton, Ohio • A 452 bed Osteopathic Institution with an excellent reputation in the community Our hospital is approved for 26 internships, 53 residencies, and clerkships in all areas of medicine and surgery RESIDENCIES Anesthesiology Family Practice General Surgery Internal Medicine Medical Diseases of the Chest INTERN ROTATIONS CLERKSHIPS Neurosurgery Nuclear Medicine Obstetrics and Gynecology Ophthalmology Orthopedic Surgery Pediatrics Pathology Radiology Urology Cardiology Emergency Medicine Family Practice Gastroenterology General Medicine General Surgery Neurosurgery Radiology Urologic Surgery Nrun li nv Nuclear Medicine Oncology Otorhinolaryngology Orthopedics Pathology Pulmonary Medium ' Obstetrics Gynecology Proctology For complete information, write or call: H. Lauren Vogel, D O , Vice President for Medical Education, Grandview Hospital, 405 Grand Avenue, Dayton, Ohio 45405 • 513 226-3247 125 SANDUSKY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Osteopathic 2020 Hayes Avenue Sandusky, Ohio 44870 Modern 136 Bed Facility Serving an area of 100,000 8 AOA Approved Internships Available Residencies Available in: General Practice Opthalmology Externships Available In: OB-GYN, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, General Practice, Emergency Room, Opthalmology, ENT, Orthopedics, Pulmonary Medicine, Pediatrics, Anesthesia and Radiology Contact: Director of Medical Education Sandusky Memorial Hospital 2020 Hayes Avenue Sandusky, Ohio 44870 419-627-5000 Corpus Christi Osteopathic Hospital FULLY ACCREDITED AOA-APPROVED FOR SIX INTERN POSITIONS 10 BASSINETS STAFF MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE 126 ROBERT R. TAMEZ, ADMINISTRATOR 1502 TARLTON ♦ CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS 78415 ♦ AREA CODE 512 884-4592 " LET ' S KEEP OUR COLLEGES SO DIFFERENT THAT THEY WILL HAVE NO APPEAL TO THOSE WHO WANT AN M.D. DEGREE " A. T. Still, D.O. DELAWARE VALLEY MEDICAL CENTER An Osteopathic Institution WILSON AVENUE AND POND STREET Bristol, Pennsylvania 19007 (215) 245-2200 SERVING LOWER BUCKS COUNTY, 30 MILES FROM PHILADELPHIA, PA Externships Approved for Intern Training Residencies: Anesthesia Emergency Medicine General Practice General Surgery Internal Medicine Obstetrics Gynecology Orthopedic Surgery Pathology Pediatrics Memberships: American Osteopathic Association American Osteopathic Hospital Association Delaware Valley Hospital Council Hospital Association of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Osteopathic Hospital Association Raymond L. F. Kipping, Jr. ADMINISTRATOR A. Archie Feinstein, D.O., F.A.C.O.S. MEDICAL DIRECTOR DIRECTOR OF MEDICAL EDUCATION 127 MOUNT CLEMENS GENERAL HOSPITAL 1000 HARRINGTON MT. CLEMENS, MICHIGAN 48043 (313) 466-8000 294 BEDS ■ FULLY ACCREDITED ■ EXTERNSHIPS AVAILABLE ■ SHORT-TERM GENERAL FACILITY ■ 17 MILES NORTH OF DETROIT ■ APPROVED FOR RESIDENCY TRAINING: 26 Positions ■ APPROVED FOR INTERN TRAINING (ROTATING INTERNSHIP): 18 Positions ■ MT CLEMENS: MACOMB COUNTY SEAT ■ MACOMB COUNTY MEDICAL RESOURCE COMMUNICA- TIONS CENTER (MRCC) ■ MACOMB COUNTY EMERGENCY RESOURCE COORDINA- TION CENTER (ERCC) RESIDENCIES ANESTHESIA PATHOLOGY INTERNAL MEDICINE RADIOLOGY OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGY and OROFACIAL PLASTIC SURGERY SURGERY ORTHOPEDICS OB GYN CHARLES H. WARREN Administrator EDWIN A. DOEHRING, D.O. Medical Director DOUGLAS L WOOD, D.O. Director of Medical Education 128 Voluntary, Osteopathic, Non-Profit Organization EXCELLENT PROFESSIONAL OPPORTUNITIES CHECK ON US! Modern 195 Bed Facility is Affiliated with Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine Abundant educational, cultural, athletic activities Write, telephone, or pay us a visit Contact: Andre V. Gibaldi, D.O. Director of Medical Education Brentwood Hospital s AOA Approved Internships AOA Approved Residencies In: Anesthesiology Family Practice General Surgery Internal Medicine is Orthopedic Surgery , Emergency Medicine ! I fl i I i ill] i J L J 1 1 J i ' 1, rcntwooil Hospital 4110 Warrensville Center Road Warrensville Heights, Ohio 44122 (216) 283-2900 Friendly People. Progressive Atmosphere. ( Quality PatientCare. 212 beds 16 basalnetls, AOA approved full service hospital Rotating Internships, (14) Residency Programs In: Internal Medicine. (2) Onhopedic Surgery, (2) Clinical Anatomical Pathology - pending, (1 ) Anesthesiology - pending, ( 1 ) Approved for clerkships OHIO PA. Columbu Warren is located in Northeastern Ohio midway between Cleveland and Pittsburgh and is the county seat for Trumbull County Within a 15 mile radius the population is appro 440,000 Contact Department ot Education Warren General Hospital 667 Eastland Avenue Warren. Ohio 44484 (216) 399-7541 FELLOW- O.C 00 BROWNING RD MEDIC ALCENTER ROUTE 38 AT BROWNING RD PENNSAUKEN, NJ 08109 (609) 665-2111 THE KENNEDY PROF MALL 40 E. LAUREL RD SUITE 103 STRATFORD. NJ 08084 (609) 783-1010 FREDERICK L. COLE, JR., D.O. PRACTICE LIMITED TO ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY 123 E. Main Street 40 E. Laurel Road Moorestown, N.J. 08057 Stratford, N.J. 08084 778-1483 784-4444 129 John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital The Major Teaching Affiliate of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey- New Jersey School of Osteopathic Medicine Cherry Hill Division Cherry Hill, NJ Washington Township Divison, Turnersville, NJ A modern 627-bed multi-hospital system combining the advantages of a sophisticated teaching hospital with the intimate, caring atmosphere of a community hospital setting. Approved Internships: 40 Approved Residencies: • Internal Medicine • General Surgery • Family Practice • Obstetncs Gynecology • Pediatrics • Anesthesiology • Radiology • Urological Surgery • Orthopedic Surgery • Proctology • Pathology • Otorhinolaryngology — Oro facial plastic surgery Approved Fellowships: • Medical Diseases of the Chest • Gastroenterology • Cardiology A. R. Pirolli, President Johw F. KENNEdy MemoriaI HospiiAl Corporate Offices: 1 13 East Laurel Road, Stratford, NJ 08084 (609) 784-0202 Dwain Harper, D O., Vice President Professional Affairs 130 FACULTY OF DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE Andrew A. Pecora, D.O., Prof. Chairman James C. Giudice, D.O., Prof. Gerald Scharf, D.O., Prof. Assoc. Dean of Clinical Affairs Louis A. Papa, D.O., Assoc. Prof. Raymond A. Adelizzi, D.O., Asst. Prof. Stephen L. Burnstein, D.O. Asst. Prof. John C. Chiesa, D.O., Asst. Prof. Stephen J. Daly, D.O., Asst. Prof. John W. Fitzharris, D.O., Assit. Prof. Lloyd J. Forman, Ph.D., Asst. Prof. Nathan Freed, D.O., Asst. Prof. Joseph M. Pitone, D.O., Asst. Prof. Peter Vasilenko III, Ph.D., Asst. Prof. Russell Griesback, D.O., Assoc. Prof. Clinical Med. Thomas A. Cavalieri, D.O., Clinical Asst. Prof. Robert Gordon, D.O., Clinical Asst. Prof. Harvey P. Rothman, D.O., Clinical Asst. Prof. Thomas J. Scheuerman, D.O., Clinical Asst. Prof. Stanley Schiff, D.O., Asst. Prof. Clinical Med. BEST WISHES FROM OKLAHOMA OSTEOPATHIC HOSPITAL REGIONAL ORTHOPEDIC PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION Ninth at Jackson Tulsa, Oklahoma 74127 (918) 587-2561 John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital — Cherry Hill Division Practice Limited to Orthopedic and Traumatic Surgery SEYMOUR G. KAUFMAN, D.O., F.A.C.O.S., F.A.O.A.O. CARL MOGIL, D O., F.A.C.O.S., F.A.O.A.O. I. DAVID WEISB AND, D.O. ELLIOT L. AMES, D O. Cherry Hill Medical Center Bunker Hill Medical Center Cherry Hill, N.J. 08002 Ganttown Road, Suite 203 665-2000 Ext. 266 Turnersville, N.J. 08080 663-7080 589-6500 " PEOPLE CARING FOR PEOPLE " 131 BY APPOINTMENT Telephone: 665-2131 589-0561 UROLOGICAL SURGERY DR. JOSEPH M. DeVIVO DR. HARVEY J. YORKER DR. ANDREW S. BLACKSTONE OFFICES JOHN F KENNEDY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, Cherry Hill Division, Chapel Ave. Coopers Landing Rd., Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08002 JOHN F. KENNEDY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, Washington Township Division, Hurffville Crosskeys Rds., Turnersville, New Jersey 08012 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1 983 MT. HOLLY FAMILY PRACTICE ASSOCIATES, P.A. George Chatyrka, D.O. Charles Kastenberg, D.O. Robert Sacks, D.O. 132 ASSOCIATES IN GENERAL SURGERY P.A. MICHAEL I . ABRAHAM, D.O., F.A.C.O.S. LARRY W. COHEN, D.O. JOHN F KENNEDY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Cherry Hill Division • Suite 201 Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08002 (609) 665-2017 (609) 665-2000 METROPOLITAN HOSPITAL Central Division Room 424 Philadelphia, Pa. 19106 (215) 238-2298 — (215) 238-2299 (609) 767-3234 Family Practice DR. JOSEPH BERGER D.O. DR. HOWARD SHELDON D.O. Professional Association 14 Estaugh Avenue Hours By Appointment Berlin, N.J. 08009 Telephone (609) 783-2244 LOUIS C. HAENEL, D.O. Internal Medicine Endocrinology and Metabolism Office Hours By Appointment 19 East Laurel Road Suite F Stratford, New Jersey 08084 RICHARD J. NAFTULIN, D.O. MARK J. REINER, D.O. Orthopedic Surgery Browning Road Medical Center Route 38 and Browning Road Telephone: Pennsauken, New Jersey 08109 (609) 662-2400 COMPLIMENTS OF: Our Best Wishes to the Class of 1983 Dr. and Mrs. William F. Ranieri Medical Inter-Insurance Exchange of New Jersey Two Princess Road Lawrenceville, N.J. 08648 (609) 896-2404 DR. STEPHEN G. PAPISH FAMILY MEDICINE Mon., Tues., Wed., Fri. 10 A.M. — 2 P.M. 4-7 P.M. Sat. by Appt. 1180 Route 46, Suite 104 Parsippany, NJ 07054 Telephone: 335-6900 Diving Medicine Aviation Medicine MARGATE MEDICAL ASSOCIATES P.A. Family Practice 9400 Atlantic Avenue Margate, New Jersey 08402 (609) 823-4343 Dr. Dennis L. Piccone Dr. Lawrence J. Anastasi A. M E. — 2nd 3rd Class 133 D William Adams Executive Director P R Vinieratos Associate Executive Director Louis Lang. III. D O . Director ol Medical Education 7950 66 Street North Pinellas Park. FL 33565 (813) 546-9871 Extension 100 MetropoUtan GeneraL HospiTAl • AOA approved for eight ro- tating internships • Externship program with housing stipend (special- ties general practice) • Alcohol drug rehabilitation unit • 154 bed accredited osteo- pathic hospital • Active emergency room, in- ternal medicine surgery departments • Growing community near beaches 4 Let your fingers do the CURING! Best Wishes Class of ' 83 Eleanor Masterson, D.O. Compliments of Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. F. Meoli 1334 S. Hancock Street Philadelphia, PA 19147 (215) 467-8122 SK F THOMAS MAYEWSKI Senior Professional Sales Representative SMITH KLINE FRENCH LABORATORIES a Smith Kline Company P.O. Box 7929, Philadelphia, PA 19101 Regional Sales Office (609) 654-7987 Best Wishes Class of ' 83 Dr. and Mrs. George Piper Telephone (609) 778-4700 WARREN I. BRANDWINE, D.O. Obstetrics Gynecology 3820 Church Road Mt. Laurel, New Jersey 08054 134 SAG I IMAW HOSPITAL r !!T2!!!!!!!!! serving a progressive, thriving community Saginaw Ctvtc Center Immediate opportunities are available in: • Anesthesiology • Dermatology • General Practice • General Surgery • Gerontology • Obstetrics Gynecology • Orthopedics • Otorhinolaryngology • Rehabilitative Medicine • Thoracic Surgery Saginaw Valley State College 1981 Statistical Report: • 7,509 Admissions • 1 1.000 Emergency Room visits • 2,294 Operations performed • 7.1 Days average length of stay • 1,786 Radiology examinations • 105.923 Laboratory procedures • 85 Physician staff members; 62 board certified Become a part of our medical team and our community. Our staff of 85 physicians serves approximately 450,000 people in this recreational, cultural, agricultural and industrial area of scenic Michigan. We offer a continuing medical education program with fourteen approved internships and thirteen approved residency positions. Residency Programs: Anesthesiology, General Practice, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Pathology, and Radiology. Visit our 203-bed, modern acute care hospital and talk to us about our guaranteed income practice opportunities. Excellent House Staff Physician Benefit Program: • Generous stipend and fringe benefits • Five-day expense-paid leave to attend an educational seminar • Flexible scheduling • Fourteen internship rotations Telephone or write: E. George Textor, D O . Medical Director, or Piorville ft Schock. Ph.D., Director of Medical Education SAGINAW OSTEOPATHIC HOSPITAL 515 n. Michigan Avenue Saginaw, Michigan 48602 (517) 771-5459 Specialized Services: • Anesthesiology • Cardiology • Emergency St Diagnostic • General Surgery • Gynecology St ( bstetrk s • Internal Medicine • nephrology • nuclear Medicine • Oncology • Ophthalmology • Orthopedic Surgery • Osteopathic Medicine • Otorhinolaryngology • Pathology • Pediatrics • Proctology • Radiology • Urology 135 DesMoinesGeneralHospital Our comprehensive internship and residency programs can provide the continuing education opportunities you ' ve been looking tor! We re a 250-bed. osteopathic hospital with both primary and secondary services at the intensive, acute and ambulatory levels Founded in 1916, the Hospital ' s educational programs are recognized for their excellence — including a variety of subspecialties in Internal Medicine and General Surgery, as well as outstanding programs in Radiology, OB Gynecology and General Practice. Applications are available upon request Des Moines General Hospital 603 East Twelfth Street Des Moines Iowa 50307 For more information, contact: James A Kingsbury, Executive Director (515) 263-4470 Milton J Dakovich, DO, F A C O I Medical Director DME (515) 263-4466 Osteopathic Physicians Family Practice David S. Steinbaum, D.O., FACRh Howard M. Levine, D.O., FACGP Steven M. Levine, D.O., Diplomate ACGP Martin S. Levine, D.O., Diplomate ACGP 339-2620 Hours: By Appointment 789 Avenue C Bayonne, N.J. 07002 BEST WISHES CLASS OF 83 AL BELLI TOWER MEDICAL ASSOCIATES, RA. Internal Medicine 202 Washington Medical Towers Turnersville, New Jersey 08012 (609) 589-0300 Alfred M. DiPiero, D.O. Peter A. Plumeri, D.O. Mario L. Maiese, D.O. Gary A. Agia, D.O. 136 NJAOPS Headquarters Building 1212 Stuyvesant Avenue Trenton, New Jersey CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES New Jersey Association of Osteopathic Physicians an d Surgeons Community General Osteopathic Hospital Community General Osteopathic Hospital successfully combines the best of two worlds. It offers quality metropolitan care in a suburban atmosphere. The Hospital boasts an array of modern facilities, but still manages to deliver health care on a very personal and individual level. Opportunities exist for residencies and internships in: • Family Practice • General Surgery • Internal Medicine • Orthopedic Surgery • OB GYN in this 178-bed, acute care, nonprofit health care facility. Please write, call or pay us a visit. We ' d like to meet you and introduce you to Community General Osteopathic Hospital. A great place to learn! Contact: John E. Dougherty, III, D.O. Director of Medical Education Community General Osteopathic Hospital P.O. Box 3000, 4300 Londonderry Road Harrisburg, PA 17105 (717) P r 7-7415 137 BEST WISHES from Dept. of Obstetrics Gynecology Ronald Ayres, D.O. Daniel Belsky, D.O. Martin Cassett, D.O. William Croff, D.O. George Dainoff, D.O. Andrew DeMasi, D.O. William Gall, D.O. Richard Glick, D.O. Michael Grossman, D.O. Allen Kline, D.O. James Lavis, D.O. John Litz, M.D. Louis Manara, D.O. William Morris, D.O. Nicholas Ruggeri, M.D. Edward Slotnick, D.O. Frederick Steinberg, D.O. Richard Tucker, D.O. S .W. Hoive , D .O. Kenneth P Malehiodi , BEST WISHES Auxiliary Student SO bed full service hospital serving historic Southeast Ohio AOA 138 CONGRATULATIONS, ClAtl of 63 ! SET YOUR MILESTONE WITH CIS... Michigan Osteopathic Medical Center Acute Care Hospital Michigan Osteopathic Medical Center Child Youth Mental Health Hospital In late 1982 Michigan Osteo- pathic Medical Center set a milestone for osteopathic medicine. We opened a 240- bed Acute Care Hospital and a 60-bed Child Youth Mental Health Hospital. Both are on the same 35-acre medical campus in Detroit. Michigan. With the opening of the psy- chiatric hospital for children and youth, MOMC is now the only osteopathic institution in the world offering mental health services for all age groups. We also operate a 56- bed Adult Mental Health Facil- ity - the first to offer an Active AOA-approved residency in psychiatry. The Adult Mental Health Facility is the base teaching hospital for third- and fourth-year clinical psychi- atry students at the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Our tradition of providing guality health care goes back many years. Our forerunners - Art Centre and Zieger osteo- pathic hospitals -opened in the mid-forties. These hospitals merged in 1978, forming MOMC. Today we are a hospital cor- poration on the move. We have facilities which can help osteo- pathic physicians realize the full range of their professional talents. You can set personal milestones for your own profes- sional development through intern and residency programs which place MOMC among the foremost teaching institutions in osteopathic medicine. Our 250-member medical staff is organized by clinical depart- ments and by services. Resi- dencies are offer .-d in the following departments: Anes- thesiology, general practice, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pathology, psychiatry, radiology and surgery. For information on how you can fit into the picture at MOMC, write or phone Raymond A. Gadowski, DO., Vice President Medical Education, Michigan Osteopathic Medical Center, Suite 610, 7430 Second Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48202. (313) 874-9100. Corporate Offices: Suite 610 • Mew Center Building • 7430 Second Avenue • Detroit, Michigan • 48202 • (313) 874 9100 Michigan Osteopathic 1 r Medical Center 139 PROFESSIONAL PATRONS HrknalH A Rarnno HO PA L7 0 11 d 1 (J r . Do I (Hit , U.KJ., r.t . rvciy iiioiiu rMiueiizzi, u.kj . riuyu r it;iiyt;i, u.kj. Oclctlli oubbllldll, U.KJ. i»iorns i v iiniz, u.kj. wiiuam vnensKy, u.kj. 17 1 S . L IlMdl CdIiyt:lU Oc I 1 oo 1 1 U t . r. A. vJdiy rdCKlIl, U.KJ . F ariri i li ollrt ll II r. i»idi i ut i ltmj, i v • V7 • OltpiltMl DUI libit II!, U.KJ. Allan f nlHhorn D O I l-» ovmr Ainor ■ 1 | | v-ziicirics oitiintjr, L .v7. Or Rprn rH R rhpll PA Oaiiits i i n. )a n 17. vy. Rnhprt fl RinHpr D O IlUUCI L VJ. OH lilt: I, U.KJ. rAUsA O. l Y ldCd IU»I IK, U.KJ. Marvin E. Herring, M.D. Joseph M. Pitone, D.O. Jerome R. Pietras, D.O. Stanley Bergen, M.D. F. Kenneth Shockley, D.O. Alfonse Solimene, Ph.D. PATRONS Parkview Hospital, Toledo, Ohio Dr. Mrs. Thomas Cavalieri Warren Wolfe, D.O. Richard Simon, D.O. Carl R. DellaBadia, D.O. Carol A. Venuti 140 CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF ' 83 Dept. of Pediatrics UMDNJ-NJSOM Thomas Santucci, Jr., D.O., Chairman Martin Finkel, D.O., Chief Mark Jacobson, D.O. Ronald Marino, D.O. Michael Musci, D.O. Thomas Santucci, Sr., D.O. CHIPS " ijlg j puchomw o v • circuits ELEPHANT ENDORPHINS (N -RtliULflPl - BARBtCUt - CHEESE -SOUR C REAM ONIOW FLAVORS We want to express our deepest gratitude to all the advertisers and buyers of this book. THANK YOU The Editorial Staff EDITORIAL STAFF Michael R. Cohan Editor-in-Chief COPY M. flicker M. Cohan E. Kass PHOTOGRAPHY M. Cohan M. flicker E. Kass Marc S. flicker Managing Editor BUSINESS M. flicker M. Cohan E. Kass LAYOUT E. Kass M. Cohan M. flicker Ethan B. Kass Creative Assistant This book represents our four year experi- ence together. We hope it is as meaningful as our memo- ries. 142 With thanks to Tom Hackett John McKinney. With very special thanks to Lawrence Cohan. LAMENT OF A MEDICAL STUDENT Enough of hypoxia and hypertension Dilated pupils and colonic distension. Ecchymosis, cyanosis, chondromalacia patella SubQ emphysema and infectious rubella. Apnea, embolus, and good old MI Code Blue ICU, they don ' t want to die. Punctum lacrimale and bisferions pulse Terms that want to just make you convulse. Meconeum aspiration and encoparesis Medical school is like standing in feces. Vasoconstrictors and beta blockade For recurrent vomiting: p.o. Gatorade. Tourniquet, tamponade, intravenous infusion PCP I ' ll bet gave him the delusion. Trembling deleriums and ventricular fibrillation These terms alone could cure constipation. Anaphylactic reactions from something that ' s toxic Frothy red sputum, he ' ll soon be anoxic. Rectals and pelvics, we probed every hole Hemoccult positive, stool black as coal. From the ER, to floor beds, and onto the morgue Check this one out, his eyes have been gorged. Coma, and Glasgow, and brain tumor city So many tragedies, God what a pity! Alcohol and cars, they definitely don ' t mix Her bones are splintered, just like toothpicks. Lung, breast, prostate, and pancreatic CA I think I ' ve had enough for one day. UTI, hematuria, and acute renal failure If the distal tibia ' s fractured you ' ll just have to nail her. CBC, NG tube, SMA-12, and a Foley Fill every orifice, is there nothing that ' s holy? AHEC, and clinics, and immunizations Xylocaine, curettage, and cauterizations. Tagamet and Maalox for reflux that ' s sour Insulin pump, oh no, blood sugars every hour. The first H P ' s we did with such care But looked at on charts, ever so rare. But it was difficult ever to get in a rut Because we all loved doing that scut!! If HBP hurt no one would eat salt Who cares what the cause, it ' s the extern ' s fault. Draw stat blood cultures, I ' m giving you warning Aw stuff it, they ' ll still be septic in the morning. I can ' t believe we took such abuse After all statistics will someday be of use. The next delivery is yours (one of the greatest of all lies) It ' s too short, now too long, don ' t you know how to cut ties? Follow the resident and intern maybe Now I know we must ' ve been crazy. But know before I faint away, A syncopal episode some would say. Goodbye to the days and nights of no REM Adios, au revoir, NJSOM. John McKinney 143 WITH EVERY END,

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